ID   AC157328; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 206694 BP.
AC   AC157328; AC107831;
DT   14-FEB-2005 (Rel. 82, Created)
DT   22-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-230P11 from chromosome 9, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-206694
RA   Cotton M.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-230P11";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-206694
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-FEB-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-206694
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-206694
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 330e5044840b5a4d81e6e5a6012032a7.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456149.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000032307; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000032309; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000032311; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034838; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034839; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034819; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034748; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034749; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034811; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034812; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034521; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034522; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0035330; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0035331; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033843; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033844; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034492; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034493; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034651; mus_musculus_dba2j.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034593; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034734; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034735; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034636; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034637; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0035352; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0035353; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033547; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033548; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033955; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0092965; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0092968; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0092615; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0092617; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0091944; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0091947; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0091996; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0091999; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0093280; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0093282; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0092033; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0092037; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0091037; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0091040; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D3Z2G9.
DR   GOA; D3Z647.
DR   GOA; Q3V492.
DR   InterPro; IPR000608; UBQ-conjugat_E2.
DR   InterPro; IPR001810; F-box_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR016135; UBQ-conjugating_enzyme/RWD.
DR   InterPro; IPR019494; FIST_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR036047; F-box-like_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1926014; Fbxo22.
DR   MGI; MGI:1933833; Nrg4.
DR   MGI; MGI:2388672; Ube2q2.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z2G9; D3Z2G9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z647; D3Z647_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RE18; D6RE18_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; I6L9B2; I6L9B2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3V492; Q3V492_MOUSE.
CC   On Jun 8, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:59276214.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0230P11
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..206694
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-230P11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          84175..84179
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    103404..103415
FT                   /note="Unresolved homopolymeric repeat."
FT   unsure          159318..159332
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    185148..185166
FT                   /note="Unresolved homopolymeric repeat."
SQ   Sequence 206694 BP; 58841 A; 42983 C; 44290 G; 60580 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttaa tagtgcccat ttccactcac tgaagtatgc agagttggtt gctaatcacg        60
     tcttccacag atgaaactgg tcaaaggacc caggtttgta aatgagtgta gacttacagt       120
     ccacaagcag gcctctgcct agccaagagg tgaacaccca ccccggcctg gctaggcccc       180
     gcccccgccc cgcctcactg gccccgccct gctccctcca cctcccttca ctgtccttcc       240
     ctgaaaggac tgaactggag agtccagctt ccacgttgtt ctagtgccac ctgcaggaca       300
     tgtcggggaa tcgcctgtct tgccacaagc catggttttg actaaccctt gagcgtgggc       360
     caagctcagg ttttggagtg agctggaatc ttcaatgagg tggacccagc tgaagacaag       420
     aaaaccaagc tctttttacg cacttgtatt catgttttat gtcatgtttt atgtaatttt       480
     ccagaaggca aaagaagtct ttaagtgcac aggattttga tgcccatgaa gcaggtccaa       540
     gcagctagct gcctccaatt tgtttcccca tccttaacaa agatcttaga aggggaggaa       600
     agccagcaag ctgaggagag cagagtggcc tactaacctc tctctctctc tctggaatct       660
     gaacggggag tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttta gatttattta tttattatat       720
     gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagataca ccagaagagg gcatcagatc tcattacggg       780
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaacttc agaccttcgg aagagcagtc       840
     gggtgctctt acccactgag ccatctcacc agctcgaacg gggagttttt gtgaaactac       900
     tctgatttga gcagtatttc aaaattacaa aaacaaaagc cccatacaaa tctattattg       960
     gcccatgtga ggctgagttg tgaataaaga caaggtcttt tctttgacgt ggaattatta      1020
     atttagaaaa tctcctatag tcactaaatg accccagact atgataattt ttgataaaat      1080
     ttgtcagaac agatctcagg ggcctcaagg ttcttgggtg gtgcagacag cagactactg      1140
     gctggccgtg tctggaaatg ttgtttacaa aatgactggt ttgcaaggtt tttatatcct      1200
     tactaacatt tacccggcct ggaaacctgt ctcccaagcg gctcttagat ttatgccttg      1260
     ataataactg ttacattgca ggagtcattt acaccttagt gagaatcatc tcaaattccc      1320
     atttctccca agttaggtta ccaggagagg atgggagggg agaaggtgac aagaatgtct      1380
     ttgctcttga aatctcactt gtctttctaa ttccctggca atggtgtgaa tttcagtcta      1440
     aatgcccatg tagggccccc ccttaagata gatttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttgagac      1500
     agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggatctcact ctgttgacca ggctagcctc      1560
     gaactcagaa gtctgcttga actcggagat ccgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga      1620
     ttaaaggcgt gcactaccac tgcccagcta agacagatat gttttgcctg tactaattca      1680
     caagacagag ctctgggagg gactgggacc ggggcctgga ggtaacagga aaaggtttgt      1740
     cttagggaga cactgtatat tcccgtgctg ccggcttgga gcagtagaga cccacaccag      1800
     tcacctccat gggtgtggct ctgccatcaa gaacttcccc atcacaggga gctttagtgg      1860
     tattttgagt agatttgatc aattgctctt ttcctagact ctgggtcttc aagccagaca      1920
     ttttcagtta tatactcaga agctagaggt gtatttccag aggctcagag ccaaatggga      1980
     ttcactgcga gcttccccag agttcctgag ggcagcagcc cagcctgagc agccctgaca      2040
     tgcacaccct tctcaggcca tgccccaaaa cacctactct caagcttggg cacctggagg      2100
     ggcacaagtg ggaaaggctg tgcccaatgt cccttgctaa ttctctcagt agacaagtcg      2160
     ttgtgccagc tgctttcctt catgaaaact gatcaaacta aggccccttc ctaaaggaca      2220
     ggctgaaact gaccagcttc ctgcttctaa tggagggtgc tctccctggt ggaactgtac      2280
     cagcctctag tcaaagacga tccttctgag tgccacaaga ctcatctgag gattgtttcc      2340
     cctcacccaa cacaaacagg aagtttaatt caaataatac ctagaagttg agctggggct      2400
     atgcctcaga gggtaaaagc actcatatga acctgagacc ttgagttcag atcccagcaa      2460
     ccacagagag aaaagccaag cattgtaacc tggtactagc atgttcagag ataggaggca      2520
     cactggagta tcagggaaaa atacaggaca cggtagagca ggacacacag tggcatcctc      2580
     tggcctccat acacatactt gcaggctctt acatatgtac atgttcacca catgcgtgtg      2640
     cacacacaaa aatcatgccc agactgcaca tgtatgccac atgcacgcac acacatgcac      2700
     acaaatcatg cccagaagga gctgatggtc ccgtcctgac tgcatggaaa ttgagctgtg      2760
     gacagctgaa gctagttaga gcttccatta tcacacacca ccatgcagac cagcagcccg      2820
     agcaagctgc acatgaatgg tactagccaa tgcatggcac cttggtctgt gtgcaagtgc      2880
     acaaatgcat tgagggaaaa tctagaaata aacaatttta ctcttagctg ccctgtaggt      2940
     ctttgtatca ctttgttgaa gttcagctta actcctgtag cctttttggt cacttttttt      3000
     ttttgagttg ataataactc tgtttcagta ccacatagaa aagaaaatta taagctgatc      3060
     ttcttgacag acatggatgc aaacattttc aataaaaatg ctggcaaact gagttaaata      3120
     tcacagcaaa aagatcattc atcatttgag actatttgag ccgaaaatct tctttttgct      3180
     atactgggaa tggggattgg gggtagcagt cacaggttga acccagggtc ttctatatgc      3240
     tagaaaagct ctcttttggt cacgttttta acttacttgt tttgtgtgag gaggtgagtg      3300
     tggaggtcag aggtcagagt gtggaggtca gagagcagta tgtgtggagg tcacaggaca      3360
     gtgtgtatgg aggtcagagg tcagagtgtg gaggtcacag gacagtgtgt gtggaggtca      3420
     gagtacgatg tacaggaggg gccagttctc tcctctgcca ctattgtttt ataaaaacac      3480
     aaaccccagc cattcggttt taccaaatga aggcagactc tgtggagaaa gcctgctagc      3540
     tcagagaggc agagaaagca catagcttgc cctcctactc taccgatgtc ccagaaggaa      3600
     aaggctctct cttcttctcc acactctctt aaatcccctt catctcaaag accctctgtt      3660
     tatttacatt cactccctgt cagctggttg cttgatctgc ctcttgacct agagttgact      3720
     tcatttagct ctggagtaaa ggtgcatgct agggagccat gccaaaacaa ggttttttca      3780
     gtaagtaaca caatcttggg gttcacagtg tgatcaaata tcttgcaaca taccacatag      3840
     gtcctgagga ttgagctgag gtcgtccggc ttggcagagg atacctttgt ccatggagac      3900
     atcctgctga ccccatattt gatttgattt tgtttttagt ttgaacagtt taggataaag      3960
     aggcctagac agtttcacca agtctcaggc ctctgacaat cttagttagg acatagactc      4020
     agataaagct acaatcctgg gcaggattgc tttagacaca gcatgaacac ctttctagag      4080
     gccttcaata agaggacacc gaggatggtc ttgggagagg agccttgact ccagcctggc      4140
     tgtttgttgg gaatgcctca tatctgctgt cacacctcct tagatttttt tcttacatat      4200
     acttaaaccc gaggttagct ttcccacgag acaagtacct gtttgtattc catttactat      4260
     agaagctcta cagcttgggg gtatgggagg tgtaaactag gagccatttg cagcaagtgc      4320
     atcggctgtg ccgacttgta tcgcctgtgc aaatgtgact tcaagcagtt gggccacttc      4380
     tccctgccta gtgtccctag tggagctgtg ggtgtcataa gctgagagct aagccccatt      4440
     ttccctatct aggagagaga aaagctaaag agagtgcaga ctcagatgta ggactgcaga      4500
     atatctgccc tgcttccctc tcccagggct gtgagtcacc cttccagggc ctgcaacact      4560
     gcctctgcag gcatggaaag gccacactcc acaccctcac tctcagttgc tggcatctcc      4620
     agctgagcca tgttaacagt agtactgggc atgtgaaaga ggaaacataa acccattact      4680
     tgtcatcttg aatctggggc aagtgggtcg gggttgctga ggaggttgag cattttagtg      4740
     gagacccctg gctggccttg aggctcatgt gtgtcccaag tattcaccaa atgacttggt      4800
     gctcatccac cattctaatt gagtggggca tcccgtacgg tgctcaggct gtcaaccttc      4860
     atgtctgggc ttgctccatt cctatactgc tgactgctat gcttagcctc tgctacatta      4920
     ccctgggctc tctcagcaca aagagaaatg aggcaggacc ctagcctgaa ggaatttgct      4980
     gggtggtgca gggggcaaga atgtgagcag agatttccaa aagtatgcaa actgttccag      5040
     agaatctgga gtccttggtg gaacagggac agagtcagaa gtcggaaaag atgacaggac      5100
     aagaatagca agtccagaag caaacatgag tctggagtat ttacattaca gccggagata      5160
     aaacccctaa gaagagggca agatagtcca gtcagcaaag tgtatgctgc ccaagcacag      5220
     ggacctgaat tagaccctcc cccttcccag aactcacata ggaagcctgc tggcatggca      5280
     catgattggc cctagggctc ccagccaatc cacttgccta attggtgagc ccctggccat      5340
     cgagagactc aaaagatgta ctgcatccaa ggaacaacat acacagggtt gacctctggc      5400
     ctccacgtac aaacacacac aaacacatgt gtacatgtac ccacgtacac catgtgcaga      5460
     gtcccccaaa agatccttga gaagagaaga attattcagt acattctact taacagcctg      5520
     gaaagaaatc aagctagaat catcattgtc ttaagctgca taccccaaat taaagggttt      5580
     agctgatata gaactataaa cccactacca atcaacagaa ggggaaaata aatgtttatg      5640
     tgatcttcag ggtgataaga gaatttttaa gctaaatact caaaacaggc attataaaga      5700
     aaattaagcc attgccactt tggtttttct cagcatctct tctgcctttt ttttctggtg      5760
     tttttgaaac atatagtttt gacttttatg taatgaaatt tattaatgtg catattctat      5820
     aaaaatactt atcaaccaat aggaaagatg aatatattaa tgagaaatgg atcaagtaaa      5880
     gggatcaaca attcagcaaa gaagaaattg acaaacatac acactctcat acacttgaat      5940
     acacacacat atactcacac atttacatac atacacacac acactcacat actcaagcac      6000
     acatacacat gtatattaca cacacacaca cacacacata cacacacaga ggcaatgcag      6060
     tacagtgggt agaagcattt gttaaacaag tgtgaggatg tgaatttaaa accccagggc      6120
     cacggaaaag ccagatgtgt aatgtaagtg tcagcaactc cagagctcct gggaagatag      6180
     tgggcagaga gcaaacgcca aggtcctcac aggccaggga gcctggcatc tgtggcagca      6240
     aacagcatac aggttctgtc tcaaagtggg aggtgggggt gcacattgaa agttaccctc      6300
     gggctggtga gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacccgactg ctcttccaaa ggtccagagt      6360
     tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatcctt aatgagatct gatgccctct      6420
     tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaataata aataaatctt      6480
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agttaccctc tgacctcatc atgtcttctg      6540
     tagcattgct acacacaggc acactcgtgg gtatgtgcac atgcacacac acacgcacaa      6600
     acacatacac accaatgtac atatagtatt taatttcact agtaataaaa aaggaaaagt      6660
     gggggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtaag agcacctgac tgctcttccg aaggtccaga      6720
     gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggttc acaaccatct gaaacaagat ctgacactcc      6780
     ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctacag cgtactaaca tataataaat aaataaatct      6840
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaaa agtgtcttag gttttccatt gctgagaagg ttcaccatga      6900
     ccaagtcaac tcttataaag gacaacattt aattggggct ggcttatagg ttcagaggtt      6960
     tagtccatta ccatcaaggc acaaagcatg gcagggtccc agcaggcatg gcactggaga      7020
     gggaaatgaa agttctattt cttgttctga aagcaaccag gaaaagactg agtcacactc      7080
     accatactta ggccttcaca gtgacatact tcctccaaca aggccacagc tcacaatagc      7140
     gccactccct gagccaagaa tattcaaaca caggagtcta ggggggccaa accctttcaa      7200
     accactacaa aaagcaagtc taatgcttaa gagggtttga gaaaaagaac tttcatccca      7260
     tgttatacag atgtaaatag tagcagcctg tactggctat tcagtcaaat atatgaactc      7320
     taactagtaa ttactaataa ttgttatata tcagagaaga cttaagtaga cgacgtttgt      7380
     tacagtatag ttaatgatcg cctaaacaac aaaacaatac atccattcca caaataaggt      7440
     aaccaaggta accattgagt gcagtgggca ttcagttcac aagtcctgtt ctgaacagcc      7500
     ccagcttcaa gtgtgcttgt tctgaccctc aactctcaga gcatgcccag tttcctagat      7560
     cccgctaatc tgtactaaga tataaacagt ataccttttt gtgatagtct gtatatcctt      7620
     ggaccaggga gtggcaccat ctgaaggtgt ggccttgttg gaataggttt gacctgatta      7680
     gaatgggtgt gtcactgtgg atgtgggtat aagatccttc ccctagttgc ctggaagtca      7740
     gtcttttttt tttttttttt attacgtatt ttcttcaatt acatttccaa tgctatccca      7800
     aaagcccccc cccccactcc cctacccacc cattcccatt ttttggccct gtactggggc      7860
     atataacgtt tgcctgacca atgggcctct ctttccagtg atggccgact aggtcatctt      7920
     ttgatacata tgcagctaga gtcaagagct ctggggtact ggttagttca taatgttttt      7980
     tctccgatag ggttgcagat ctctttagct ccttggatac tttctctagc tcctccattg      8040
     ggggccctgt gatccatcca atagttgact gtgagcatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc      8100
     ccggcctagt ctcacaaggg acagctatat caccgtcctt gcaacaaagg cttgctagtg      8160
     tatgcaatgg tgtcatcgct tggaggctaa ttatgggatg gatccctgga tatggcagtc      8220
     tctagatgga ccatcctttt gtctcagccc caaactttgt ctctgtaact ccttccatgg      8280
     aagtcagtct tacactagca gcctttggat aaagacatag aactcttagc tcctcctaca      8340
     ccatgcctgc ctggatactg ccatgctctc accttgatga taatggactg cacctctgaa      8400
     cctgtaagcc agccccaatt aaatgttgtt ttttataaga cttgccttgg tcatggtgtc      8460
     tgttcacagc agtaaacccc taactaagac agaagttggt actgggagta gggtattgct      8520
     gtgataggcc tgaccatgct tttatttgaa agaatgtgta attttggact ttggatttgg      8580
     aactcaatgg aatgctttaa atggggctta atgtgtcatc ctagtaggaa tatggaagac      8640
     tttgttgctg ggagtaattt gaactgtgtt gacctggccc aagagatttc aaaggagaag      8700
     aatttcagta tgtggcataa agactgttta tgtagtattt tagtgaagaa tgtggctact      8760
     ttttgccctt gtctgaaaag tctgcctgag gctaaggtga agagacttgg attaattgca      8820
     ttgacaaagg aagtttcaaa acagcccagc agagactttg ttctgtggtt aagtctcaca      8880
     aagagacgtt tgaacaagca tagcaagctt agaaaggcaa aatataaaat atatggttcg      8940
     agtattaaag gcatacgagg aagtgaaatg gagcaaaatc ctgtgttcta gaaaataaca      9000
     gattaaggga gtgggacctt ggggcaagac cctacccagc tgaatttaaa accaggcatg      9060
     gtgatacaca cctttaatcc catgagacag gcatgctgat ctctgcattc aaggtcaatc      9120
     tacagagcaa gaaccaggat agccaagctt aggcagtgaa ggatttagaa aacataaagc      9180
     tagtgataat gtaatagtac aaggggatca tgttctagtt cccgtaaaac atcagaactc      9240
     ggcagcttca gccatgtggc tctggctcta gagttaagaa tggaaggaac tacttgattg      9300
     atgctggtta gctggagcta aggaattagc agtgattaag aagagaccag catcactgag      9360
     gtgaaatctt ctggaaagtg ttttctggga gcacaaagaa gctgtgttcc agagataccc      9420
     aaggttgtat ctcatgctgc ggctggactt ggtaatgtgt aagaatcact caggtggtac      9480
     tgctgtgaag gaatgaaggg atcatggaga gaagctgagg cttagcactg tgagaggcca      9540
     gggaaggcca ttggagaagg tatagcctca gctgtagttg atggcccagg actggagggg      9600
     tcatgcaaag gatttgagac ttggcacctg tgagaggcta ttggtgaagc ctagttggag      9660
     tggaacaccc cagtgtattg gagatgtcag taccatagga tgatcaccaa gaacagcagc      9720
     cgtactggag tggatcaacc tgagcttaca gtgctacaga gggcagagct ggaaaaatga      9780
     tgccagccct taggaggagt ccaaaatatc aagtggaatc ccagacactg aaataagaag      9840
     ctgtaacatt gaaattgcct tggagactca aagatgttaa agatgccaga ggcatgggat      9900
     acatgctgag gaaagctgct aacagggagt ggaaccagcc caggagaaag cagtttgttg      9960
     cagtcaacaa agatgaaaaa ggagtggaga tctgaagacc actttgacat cagccatgga     10020
     gatgcagagt ttggagtttg cccagctggt ttcctgcctt gctttgggga ttacagttaa     10080
     ttaaattgaa ttaatctcag aagagacctt gaactttgga cttttaacat tgttgtgact     10140
     gctatagact atgaggactt tgaaagttgg actaaatgca tttttgcatt atgctatgtt     10200
     agtatggccc ccatagactc atgattttga acaagtctat ggggaccagg gagtggaatg     10260
     tgatggtttg tatatccttg gaccaaggag tggcaccatc tgaaggtgtg gccttgttgg     10320
     aataggtttg acctggttag aatgggtgtg tcactgtggg tgtgggtata agatccttac     10380
     cctagttgcc tggaagtcag tcttacacta gcagcctttg gataaagaca tagaactctt     10440
     agctcctcct acaccatgcc tgcctggata ctgccatgct cccaccttga tgataatgga     10500
     ctgcacctct gaacctgtaa gccagcccca attaaatgtt gttttttata agacttgcct     10560
     tggtcatggt gtctgttcac agcagtaaac ccctaactaa gacactttta gaaataagta     10620
     ttttgggggc tagtgagatg gctcagtggt caagaacact ggctgctctt ctagaggtcc     10680
     tgagttcaac tcccagaaac cacatggtgc ctcacaacca tctgtaaagg gatctgatgc     10740
     cgtgctctaa catgactcct acatttaaaa taatacacat aaattaaaaa aattattgca     10800
     aaaagaaaac acaaagcttt cttttctgga agatataggt cagagagcta gatgcaatag     10860
     cttattatag agtaatttta taaaaatagc cactgtctgg tggctcaaga acattttatt     10920
     cttctaaggg ggttagaaaa atcaggagtc agggctggag ggatggctta catattggag     10980
     tactttctgt tacacagcca cagacatggt gctcacaact gtctggaact ccagttccag     11040
     agcatctgat gcacccttct ggcctttgca ggcactgtac atacgtgatg cacatacata     11100
     cacactcaag aataggcata ctgtaaaata agatcaagtg tcccctatct atcttcaaaa     11160
     gtatttactt acttggggtc tttctgacat attccagcct aaattgggag atccttacag     11220
     atttctatgg atctggcttg actcttttgg cctggaggta atctaagaga caggaacccc     11280
     caaattccaa ggactaacct gcagttgaat agtacagcca gcatctacct aggccaactt     11340
     agacaagcta cctactattc ccaagtctct attatccatt aaatgggtgt aattgccaaa     11400
     tttctttttt aaatgattta tttattttgt gtgtatgtgt tttgtcaggc acaccagaag     11460
     gcatcagatc ccatggacta cagtaataga tggttggggg tagtcatgtg ggtgctggaa     11520
     aatgaactca gaatctctgg aagaacagcc agctctctaa agcactgagc atttcttcag     11580
     cccctgcttg cttgcttgct tgaatttact tttttaaaat ttatttactt ttaaagtgtt     11640
     attcccttac ctggtttccg gggaaacctc ctatcccatc ctccctcccc ctgcttctat     11700
     gagggtgttt ctccacccac ccatccactc ccacctccct gccctcaatt cccctacact     11760
     ggggcatcta ttgaaccttc ataggaccaa ggacctctcc ttccactgat gcatgacaag     11820
     gccgtcctct gctacatatg tggctggagc catgggtctc tccatgtgta ctccttggtt     11880
     ggtagcttag tccctgggaa cttggggggg ggtctagttg ttcttcctat ggggttgcaa     11940
     gccccttcag ctccttcagt tctttctcta actcctccat tggggacccc cccccacact     12000
     aaatgcaatg gttggctgcg agcatccgac tctgtatttg taaggctctc cctgcctcat     12060
     ttcttaggac agaaagggga aatacctaca gggcaatagt accacctcag cacagagcag     12120
     gctcatctgt tccaggcctc tctctcactt gctctccggt ggtaaaccca ttccttttta     12180
     taggcagctg caaaagagtg ttcccaacag gctagtactc agattgtatc ttcatgctct     12240
     gtagttttta ccttgcctgg gggcacttga accagaccca ctgactgtta tgggcgttga     12300
     ggaagagctt ggacacacac caggttatct aaatgctcct ctgcggccag tgttacctga     12360
     gccctacttc ctcttgtgca aagaatgagg ccagaccagt tccttcccaa gccttccttg     12420
     gggctcccta gagaggaatg ctgtttccat ttggaaaaga ggctggccca cttgatgcta     12480
     agttgaatct aggcagctag ctgggcagag gttatgagac atcctctcat tattcaggga     12540
     gggacaagat gttagcccgt gcccattcag agttaatagg ctgctagtgt ggggcactaa     12600
     aggtatttag ttgctgttgg ctatccccag ctctggctag catcctcagt aaggcagcct     12660
     cagaaggcac cagatcttcg cttcagcctc cacagtcact gcacacaaac tagtttatag     12720
     attcctgtag ttttatctca tttcatttat ctgacaactt ggagtttgta ggtttgcctg     12780
     aagaatactg ccatgacaat ttgtggatgg ggatgatagg aagagccaaa ttaggcaatc     12840
     acatgaaaac tgctcaggct ggcaaagggg cctggaattt atgggggagg ttcctgcccc     12900
     aggtctgatg gtggtggtat acattctgaa aaatgctgga ctgggagagg cgccagaaga     12960
     gtttcatgga tgcttcatcc cttcacggtg gaaggcctca gtgggagcag cagtcctaac     13020
     agaaggacag agagtacact gtccacagac aggctgagga ggctgagttc tgctcactga     13080
     gacagcatgg ctgccattcc tgtgatagtg agagtatcca gtcactgtta gaactgtaga     13140
     ggggaggcgg acccacagag tccattgata cattagtatt ctgtccaacc attataagct     13200
     ataactttct ataaggagga aacgtcttac aggtgccaga aagctcactg aaactgacac     13260
     aggggaatgt ccctggctca ggttctatct gaacactgaa agcagtggac tcaaggggac     13320
     tggtacttag aagaaggggg acatgctggc tctcatatga ccttggatga gtcagcctca     13380
     taaaggacag ggaataacca aacttttgct tctttgcctg gttgcccttg atcttgctgg     13440
     caagttcatc tatcctgctg ctgagccatt ccttcctggt tttagaacct atttctttgg     13500
     gattcaaatg aatactgaag accagctgag acatccagcc tcatggactg aacaactgct     13560
     gtgttcttgg cctttctgtc aggacacagt attgttggat tagtcagacc acagcctgta     13620
     agccactcta ataaatcccc ttttgataat atatatatac acacatatac attcatatac     13680
     atataccacc tatattgttg ggtctgaaac tccgaaacaa cccaaacagg cacaagagtc     13740
     cagcaaagca agatctttat ttgaattagg cagcaaaaac tgaccagtca ggggcaacag     13800
     cacagactcg ggagctaact gtgttgcaca cattcatctt agtatttaag cagataacaa     13860
     aaatatcttg tactcaggca cctactgatt gatcagggct gcagaaccga cttgggagct     13920
     ggactgtgac cccctgagcc acgttgttat agagtttgta agcttgaacc ccacaaacat     13980
     ctgtaccatg ctatagttac aatttttcat cagtcagaat aatttgttct ttagtggtta     14040
     ggaacaacca ttacgttttt ggggaacaaa agaataagga gaaaattgga tagccatatg     14100
     gaaaggtccc ctagagtcta ggaacttgaa cttaatttta tcttatcaat ttagtatgat     14160
     aaaatattta atatgatcaa attgagtctg aaaacaaaat ggcagtactt aggacaagtc     14220
     tcatttgttt gatatatata tcagtctgtt ctttcaagca gtggttttta tcttaacact     14280
     atgacccttt aatacatttc ctcattctat gatgacccca accataaatt attttgctgc     14340
     tacttcataa ctgtaatttt gctactgttg tgaatcataa atatctgata tgcaggatat     14400
     ctagtatgcg acccccatgg tggtcaggac ccacaggttg agaactactg ctctagagac     14460
     tcctgactga agcatagagg gtgcaaataa ggtttatctt gtgctctgat agaatggctg     14520
     catagagaac tatgtaagaa aggattctaa aatagaccag gcttactggt gcactattct     14580
     gtgattgatt agcaatgcct accatgggca taggcttgga gacaggagta tgcaccaaac     14640
     atctgccagc tctagaaaaa aatgccagtc cccacttctc cagagctggt atgcatcact     14700
     ttgactagct ttttttgtgg ctgctgaggt cccaaactca ggtcttcgtg tttgtgtggt     14760
     actttaccag cagagccaac tccttcccaa actagtgagc aaattttgtt tgtgtcttct     14820
     aagtgccaga aatctcactg aacttgcaac aggagttttc ctggctcagg ttctatgcac     14880
     agctgttctt ggaagggctg tgtatttgtt tgcttggtac cgagaattga acaagtgtgt     14940
     actctgccac caagccatag ctgcagcccc aggagggttc tttaaattgg agctttagga     15000
     aagtaacagg aggaaacagt tattacagat gatgttttca gctttactga aaattctaaa     15060
     atagttcata atttctggca gagatctttg aaagcagata tttttttccc actttactaa     15120
     cagagaactg gatttgagta gtgacctggt tcatgatgga acctcattat tgatacatat     15180
     agacacattt taatatattc tgcggtggtt tgtgtgagaa tggccaccat aggctcatat     15240
     gtgtgaatat ttcccaaagg tccattatgt taaagacctg gtccctcgtc tacagtgttt     15300
     tggggagaca taaaactcta agatgggggt gggtagtgga aggaagtttc gtcaatgcag     15360
     atatgtcctt gaaggagata tgtggtttgt cctccctgtc tcttttgctt cctgactacc     15420
     atgaggtttc ccgactgaaa cctacaaagc tctgagccag gatgaacttc ctgttttttt     15480
     aaggtgatca tctccgggat tttactataa cttgacaagc tgggatggga agatgactca     15540
     gcaaagcgcc tgccagtccg gcattagggc ctgactttgg agactccggg acatgtatgg     15600
     cagctcatgc ctgtaacctc agccttgagg tagggtgagg gcgaagagtg acagacttcc     15660
     tcaagctcat tggtcagcca acctagccaa atggatgggt gtcaggtccc atgagtgagt     15720
     ctgtctcaaa aactaaaggt agagaatgct ataggaaaac acctcgcact ggccttgggc     15780
     ctccacatgt gtgtggacat gcagtcatcc cttcctcacc atgcacacaa ataaatacag     15840
     gggaaaaaat ggaaggctga ccatcatacc actacgacca ttttcaagtg tgcagttcaa     15900
     tggtataaaa tacactaaaa gtgctaagca aacagtttct agaatcatct tcaccatgca     15960
     aaactaaaac tacctactaa ataactcctg agccctcttc cctgacctgc cagacactct     16020
     gtttttctgt gtttgactaa acatctcaga taaggtgagt cagacaggat gtggtttttt     16080
     gtgagtatac ttacttagtg tggtatcctc aaggtctgtc cctgttgtag tatgtcacaa     16140
     tcctttcccc ttttatggac aaataacatc ccattgtatg aatgaatgcc tttgtttctt     16200
     catccatcgt gggtacccag attgcttcca tcttttgagc atatttttaa aagatttatt     16260
     tatttattta cttatttatt tatttattta tatgtaagta ctctccagaa gagcacatta     16320
     gatctcatta cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtgggtact ggaaattgaa ctcagaactt     16380
     ttggaagagc agtctaacca ctgagccatc tctccagccc cttttgggca ttttgaatag     16440
     gccttttaca tcaagagaaa ttataagcat taatgtggaa ctacaaggcg ctctgctgtg     16500
     agggtgggtg tgccacgctc cctctgccag tcccttgtgg tacagttttg tttgtttcat     16560
     ctttgtataa ccccacagta tagccatgca gcccatctcc ccagctgttt cctgggcttt     16620
     ataaagaatg tggtcctttc cttccttggg gagtttgcct ttttcaccta ctgccattgc     16680
     taaggtttat atttcccact atatttcatt atattttcat tgctgtgtga cacatcagag     16740
     tgcacagagc ccaaggccgc tcacactgac atttgggtat gagttggtgt agccactttg     16800
     gaaagcagct tgccactact tcaagaggtc aatattcctg tactttgtac cctggcagtg     16860
     tctctcttaa tggagaagct cctgcctgtg taaaacctga gatgtgtttg cagaatgcca     16920
     ccagcagttc tgatggcagc atcaaaatca ccaagcaaga gcaactgact gggtggtcgt     16980
     gcaacagaaa ggctttcatc cctgtggtgg tttgcatatg ctcggcccag gagtggcact     17040
     atcagaaagt gtggcctttt tagagtaggt gtgtcactgt gggtgagggc tttaagaccc     17100
     tcattctagc tgcttgaagc cagcattctg ctagcaacct tcagatgaag atgtaaaact     17160
     ctcagttcct cctgcaccat acctgcctgg atgctgccat gttcccacct tgatgataat     17220
     ggatgggacc tgggaacctg taagtcagcc ccaattaaat gtcctttata agatttgact     17280
     tggatgtaat tcacagacca tatgaagctc aagaagaagg aagaccaaag tgtggatgct     17340
     tcagtacttc ttagaagggg gaacaaaata ttcaccggag gaaatacaga gacaaagtgt     17400
     ggagcagaga ctgaaagaaa ggccatctag agactgcccc acctggggat ccagcccata     17460
     tacagttgcc aatcccagac actattgtgg attcctggaa gtgcttgctg acagaagcct     17520
     gatatggctg tctcctgaga ggctctgcta gagcctaaca aatacagaag cagatgctca     17580
     cagccaacca ttagactgag tgcggggttc ctgatggagg agtcagagaa gggactgaag     17640
     gaaaggaggg ggtttgctgc cctgtgaggg gagcaatagc atcaaccagc caaccctccc     17700
     atccacccca ccccccagag ctcccgggga ctggaccact ccggccatac atgtggcaga     17760
     ggatggccta gttggacatc agtggggagg agaggccctt ggtcctgtga atgctggatc     17820
     ctccagtgta ggggatgcca gagcaggaaa gggggaatgg gtaggtgagg gagcacccta     17880
     atagaggcaa gaagaggggg gagtggtagg gggattttgg aggggaaacc tggaaagggg     17940
     ataacagaaa atatccaata aattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga cttgacttgg tcatagtgtc     18000
     tgttcgcagc agtaaaaccc tgactaagac aatcctgttg cctttccttc agtcatgcaa     18060
     tgccagcatt attcctgtaa ttaacttgag agcagatgtc ttgtagccat tgatactttg     18120
     gtgacagtcc tacttagcta caggacaatt gttacagacc caaacaggga cagggaagat     18180
     gagcctcccc agggcccact gagcaagcag ccaggtcatg gggaggggcc acagagatcg     18240
     agagaaatgt gtacctgtgg gaaatagaca cgttgcaagt cagtcttcac aaatacttca     18300
     gtcactcagg tgagtccaag tggcacttgt cacctcaaaa tgctgtgaag tctattgggg     18360
     taaccgttta cgcagcaccc agtgtacctg acagtgtgct gtcatattga ttttgttatg     18420
     tcctcatcgc tgtgcaagag ttcatgacag tgcaccgcaa caggctatgt tatctccatc     18480
     catagacgag gaagtcaaga ctcagcatgg tcaagcaact ccttaagagt cacacagctg     18540
     gagaacagct gactccgaaa ctgctctacc ggtaaaagca atcattgcct gagagctcgg     18600
     ggcaagctct ctcccagtaa atctttctct acatgctcta aacatagcaa gccctcattc     18660
     ttcatacagt gaacaaaacc agcagctctt ccttttcaga gacaatttta agggcagcct     18720
     ctagggcaat gttccaagcc agaagaactc tcctccacat caggctctgc aggagggccc     18780
     tggtgtgtcc atgtatggaa ggattcccca aggtggcctt ctggcctcca gcactgtcct     18840
     cagatatggg tcaaaggcag cacagcacag cccgttcaca tccattgcag gagcccactt     18900
     ggcctttcaa ctagttttca aagacgccct gagcagcagg cgatgtggtg atactgtctg     18960
     actccattga gctcctaagg tggacaaccc ctccgagtct cagagctgag cacgccatct     19020
     gtacatacag ccccgggcca tgtcccagac cgtcttctgg ttaaacacat gttatccctc     19080
     tgcttcgctc tcacagatgg ctggagctgc cagaggtccc tgaagatgtg cagcctgggc     19140
     ctgtcttagt tacatcaccc aagagatgcc tgtaggtgac tccatttcct tcccttggtt     19200
     cagtgactcc ctttagagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtccc     19260
     aatgaacagg cactgctggc tacaggcaga ttattagctc acaatctgct ggcaaaagat     19320
     gttcacgaga aagccacatg ctgcctcatc tctggagtga catcgtgtgg cttctgttgt     19380
     acaaagatca ttagggtttt gttcttgttg ttctcaatct aatctaattt caatggattg     19440
     tataagtaga attcttccaa actcacagtc acctacttta gacatagttg aaaacacaca     19500
     ccccaatttt gtatagctga ctctagattc tataatgacc aagggcatag gatctgggct     19560
     cagatacggg ctcagcacac acaggctgta aaatacacaa cagcttatgg tcttagttgc     19620
     ttagtgtgta gcagggatta ttaactgaga caggtgtgaa aaatcagcac actccctggt     19680
     tcagaaagcc acaagcatga tcactaccat tctgacaaca catacattag tgagacagaa     19740
     aagtactcat aaccacagct gaatgtgtgt tcacggtagg aggagcatac atctacatgc     19800
     tcttgcctta gctcaaagcc ctgttctagc aaggctcttg aactcagtgc tcagtttgca     19860
     ttacagcaca gctgtcacat ggcctgataa ataaagttga cataacaccc tgctttttaa     19920
     aatcattttg ttcgtttaca tttcaaacga tatccccctt cctagttacc ccttcacaaa     19980
     ccccccatcc cattgtccct tttccccctc ccctttgcct ctatgagggt gctccttcac     20040
     ccacccaccc actctcacct caccgctcta gcatcctcct acgctgggga atcaagcctc     20100
     cataggtcca atggcctccc ctcccattga tgtcagataa ggcagtcctc tgctatatat     20160
     gtatctggag ctgtgggtcc ctccatgtgt tctcttgctt tctatgtatc agtttcagca     20220
     gtaaccatgt gtcagggtca agaaaagcgt gcttcaaggg ctgggaacat ggttcactgg     20280
     gtagagtact tgctatgcaa gcataagcgc ctgagtgtgg atctctgtca ccagtaaaga     20340
     cctggacatg gagatactca cctggaaccc cagcactgca ggtgggtggg tgaagacagg     20400
     atgatctcag agcctcactg ctcagccaga ttaaccaatt gttaaggtcc aagttcagtg     20460
     tgagaccctg tccccaaaac taaggaggag agttatagag gatggtacct gcagtcagca     20520
     caggtgagca catctggata tgcacaagtt cacacatgca taggcgaaca cacacacaca     20580
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaaca cacataggaa gagcatgcct     20640
     taactggtcg aaatgaacag tccaacttgg ggaagaacat tgaattatca tgttgaaatg     20700
     tggaactgtg gaatgtttgt gccatctcta tgaggtcagt gactgccctg ggttaagaga     20760
     tgagcatctc accaggtggt ggtggtatat gctgctaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcaggt     20820
     agatctatga gttcaaggtc agcctggttt atagagcaag ttaacagtca gggctacaca     20880
     gagaaattct gtctcaaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgaggg     20940
     ggcggggatt aagtggtgcc atcaccagtc accaagatgc ccacactggg agagatcaac     21000
     tttgaatcag gtcacaaaga aagataagga actgctgggc aagataccat gctttcgaaa     21060
     gttcccttgg gctcagcaac ttgagcaggg acacgggagg ccaaggcagc tgccacctga     21120
     attaactcag tgccttgatt gagcagggcc acagaaagag cctgtcactt gaattggctc     21180
     agtgacttga gctgggctgt agaaggagcc tgccacccaa atccaggcct ctattccatt     21240
     tctttcttga aatctgatct ttattatcta atccaagata caaagtgaaa attatcgagg     21300
     atcctcaata ggggctggaa gagtctgtgg agcccagttt ggtgctcagg accatgtacc     21360
     aaagctgagt gtggatgggc aagatggctc agcaggtaaa ggctccctga gtttgatccc     21420
     tgggtcccac atggtacaag gagagaacca gctcccacag gttgttctct gactttcata     21480
     ggagtgacct ggctggcacc tccccaaccc ctgtatacaa acaaacaaat attttttaaa     21540
     acttcaaaag taggtatggt ggtttgaaaa tggcccccat aaactcatag ggagtggcac     21600
     ttctggaggt gtggccttgt tggaggaagt gtgtccagca ggtgggcttt gaggtttcag     21660
     attctcaagc ccagtcagtc ttcctgctgc ctgctggtcc agatatagaa ctctcagcta     21720
     cctctccagc accatgtctg cctgcatgct tctatgcttc ctgccacaat gacaatgaca     21780
     atggcctctg aactgtaagg cagccccaac taaatggttt cctttataag agttgccttg     21840
     ggggctggtg agatggctca gtgggttaga gcacccgact gctcttccga aggtccagag     21900
     ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatccg taacaagatc tgactccctc     21960
     ttctggagtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat aataaataaa taaatcttaa     22020
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag ttgccttggt catggtgtct tctcacagca atggaaaccc     22080
     taaggtttga tgggaggcta agactagggc agtagaaaca ggcagattcc tagggctagg     22140
     tagtgagctc caggccagtg tgagaccctg tcaagaaaat caaggtgtac tgagagagag     22200
     agagagagag agagagagag agagggagag agagagagaa cgagaacata tggagctgga     22260
     ctgcataggc tctaagcctc gttacagctg ggtgaatgca ggctgttccc ccaaactttc     22320
     tgtgcctcag tttacccata tacagttgga acaaccacag cctctcttct gaagcattac     22380
     tgggagtact gaaggactag tttacattct gagagcccag actttctatg ctaccgtcac     22440
     cacagttaca gcatccagat tgctctgccc ttgacttttc ctctggcttt gtgttggagt     22500
     taagtccttc tcagttactc cttgtgtagc tcaaatttta tatttggtta attccaggat     22560
     acagtaaaac ttcaagcccc taaccaaggt gtcccatgaa tggaccagac tttccccttc     22620
     cgtcatttgg cttctgtggc tctgtatagg ccattccctt tgctgatagc cctgccccca     22680
     ctctgtccag cttatctcct ggccactgtt ctcatctctt cttcatctct tagttcatca     22740
     tgttgcctag aacttcactg caccccttgc caccctgcct gaacgcccag gcccagggag     22800
     atagggttcc aggacctcac tgccaccagg tggtctattt tcctgttacc ttgggacact     22860
     ggctgtggct tttatgtcct cttagatgtg acttcttctc tcattctcct tcctctcctc     22920
     tgtcctggag gctggccaac tcgtctagac atcctggaac acataaccag aagaaatata     22980
     acgtagagag aatgtaatta tcaaaactat tcatgttact cggtgaaagt gcacatggta     23040
     ataactgtgg ggacttgcca tgacttcaca gctaagaaga ccttgtcatt ccacagtcac     23100
     cgtcatacca aagcatcatg aggttctaca gttgcccata ctaaaagctt gcacatgctc     23160
     taaaaaggca atgtgtgtat caatacttga catttttata attgtttgtt ttgttaattt     23220
     atctaaccta ggttggagtg acaaaactga taactaaagg gtacacacac acaaatatat     23280
     atgtatatat atatatatat acatatatat atatatacat atatatacac acacacatat     23340
     atatatacac acatacatac atatatatac acacacatat atatacatac acacaaatat     23400
     atacatacat acacatatat acacattcat atatatgtgg taagtgaaac atttttaaaa     23460
     attatactgt gttaataagg tacgctgacc ctgtcctggt tagttttttg gtcaacttga     23520
     cagaagccag acttatccgg gaaaaaagaa tttcagttga gaaagcacct ccattggcct     23580
     gtaagcacat ctttaggcat tttttgagtt gatgtgggag ggcccagcct tctgtgggtg     23640
     gtaccaaccc tagcaggttc tataagaaag caagctgagc agtatacaga gcaagccaga     23700
     gagcagtgat gcttcatagt ctctgcttca gctcttgcct ctgtgttcct gccctggata     23760
     ccttctttgg cttccctcag tgatggttat aaactgtaaa tggagataaa ccctttcctc     23820
     cccaagttgc ttttgggcat ggtatttatc acagcaacag aaagaaaatt aaaacaggca     23880
     tttgtggaag atatgtccta agcaatttta gaaagcttgg actattcact tgtaaatttc     23940
     taaatgatgc aaataatact gctttcaaaa ttcatcttta atctctgtca ttagctgaaa     24000
     tgaacagttc ctcctatgaa atcatagaat ttctgggtct atccatttct tgtgtgaccc     24060
     ccctcctttg atatgagaat ccagtgcttt aaaatcgaat atgttctatc aattgcacaa     24120
     tgtgtttggt gtgaactttt tatacatgtg acgtgcacca acctctctgg tgactaacag     24180
     acctattcta ccagctattt gaactgggag aaggtctgtt tttcaagttt ctagtctttc     24240
     cttttttcct acaaagatca ctagttacgc aagaccttaa gccaaaaggc aagatggtcc     24300
     acaccctgga agtttcgttg ccagatgaaa cactaaggtt tggtgctaac attcaactct     24360
     aagtgcaacg ttcccttcat cacccaccat ccttcagcat gtaagcaaag cagtctgtgc     24420
     tcagcttcct acgacatcac atgaaaatgt ctccaaatga acacctgagc cagcctttgt     24480
     gggtcttttc ccatgtcacc tatgatacca aatgcttctg tgtgtgtgtg ggggggggag     24540
     gtttagcacc acgactttct ttgtgaaggg gccacatgcc ctctcacctt ctgctgcaag     24600
     caccttagtc tttgactatc atttctgtgg cattatcaga ccattttcct acatagaatc     24660
     cagctatatc agctgacaag gtcatgtact tggatgtctg acaatggccg actacttact     24720
     gtgttctatg tgtctgtttt tgattaccat ccacatcctg tcacccacct ctgcacagca     24780
     cactttggat gataccactc tatctggttc ccttctcccc agcttcagcc tgcatgcgct     24840
     atgcctctcc tctgctctct ctaggtccct gctctctccc tcctctccct catgtcactc     24900
     tcacaaccac aataaaagat gctttgttat catttatgga cttctttttg aagcaaggtc     24960
     ttactatgta gccttggttg gcctataact cattatagta gatgaagttg ggctctagtg     25020
     gtagcgcgca cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaagcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg     25080
     agaccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag agctacacag agaaaccctg     25140
     tctcggaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaagaactc tgcctgtctc     25200
     tgctttccaa gtgttgggat taaagatatt aaaggctgtg aggtatacac atgcatgtgc     25260
     atgcgtgtga aagccagagg ttagcttcac gtgtcttcta tgtcacctat tacatcaccg     25320
     tcatcatcgc catcaccatc accaccatca tcatcttttt tgagacaccc tctcttactg     25380
     aatttgtaac ttgacaattt ggctagactg actggccagc gaggccttgg tgttcctcct     25440
     gtctccactt ccccagtgct gggactacag atgcacactg tcacactcag cttttcatgt     25500
     ggttgctggc aattcgcact cacgtcttca tgtttgcctg gctagttagc tgtttctcca     25560
     gttctccata attttacctt gggtttttaa taaagatctt gagttatcct aagattggta     25620
     tctttgttct ctttgaacat gcctttgata gaacctccca gtgtagcact tcagtcatcc     25680
     cagagaagac agaagataca tgttaactgg ataaataaca gctatctgtt ttgaaggaag     25740
     tcaaatgaag aaagagcaga cagatctagg gactcccaag gtgtcctgtt tgctctgaat     25800
     ctggagtcct tggcagagac attactgcct tgtgtaatgc agttgtgtaa gtgggaataa     25860
     ggctcaggcg ttggaaggac acagcccctc cgaatcatag ggcttgaggt atgggctccc     25920
     caatccaggc attccttgct taaacaatgc acgcagtctt gggtcattcc atcttagatg     25980
     gtgatgtatt acatgggatt ctctgaggca gccttctgcc actcagaatt tgtgggaaaa     26040
     tgttattctt gtttgcaggg tgatcttttc ccacacattt tctctttggc ttcctgggta     26100
     gaagaggaga gtccttactg ccattgtgag caagtagtaa tgtagtttga aggaccacag     26160
     cagttctggg agaaatgctt ctgaatataa ttgtgtcgtc tctgggaggc tcactgcctc     26220
     tctgtgactg agagcagccc tggggagcgg atgggggtgg ggaggaggca ctgggaacaa     26280
     tttctctctg gctggagctc tgcatcactc ccacagtggt gtactgatct cagaagtggg     26340
     ctaggaagcc aggaggagga gagtagtgtg aggaaaccaa acaactgtca gtaccttgtg     26400
     attcagacct tccagttgta gagggagtga tttgagttga cacgaattcc cagaatgcct     26460
     gacacaccca caagcaagcg ggccccaacc catcccagga accttctgtc ggccagctga     26520
     gagcttgtgt ggcttctctc agcaccatgt tctgctctac aacagcatgt ccccacgaga     26580
     tcatcagtga gagtttgttc ctgtggaaaa tggttcagga ggcttgcctg atactaaccc     26640
     cttaattttc aatggggaag gttgtttcag gagaactggt gtcctgtctt tgctggaagc     26700
     ttgacacacc ttagcttctc ttatttctta aattactcaa gcagattggt cagcggttgg     26760
     cttggtggca atgacaggaa tatttacttt gtaagcctgg gagggcacag gaaggtctgg     26820
     agaaacacct ttccctgcgg ctgctggagt cagcactaga aaggaacact ctccgtatct     26880
     gggaagctaa atatattact gctgaagatt acccaggaaa tgataaagtc agggttagag     26940
     tccatgttgg atggctgcta gtcccgtgta actttcagta tgctctgtgc cacccagcat     27000
     aaatgtctct ctattcatcc atttgttcat ttattcattc actcattaac tccatatttg     27060
     ttgaacaatc ttagttggcc ctatgatatg agcatataga tctagagcca taaatgagat     27120
     agacatgaca tttaagtgcc ataagacaca ttaattgggg aattatccaa taaacgatgg     27180
     caaatgtggc tccttgcaag aatccgaggg ggccaaagat actggcaagt ataaacctaa     27240
     cctggccctg ttgttgttgt tgttgttctc ctcctcctcc tcttctcctc ctcctccttg     27300
     tcaaggagat acaagctagt tatatggaaa gacagcctca attaggaaaa tgcctccgta     27360
     agattgcctg gaggcaagtt tgtagcacat tttcttgagt cctgatagat gtgggaggag     27420
     ccagcttgct ggggctggag cctgggttat ataagaatgc aggctgagcc aggttatagt     27480
     gcacactcat gcttttcatc ccaggaggca gaggcaggca aatctctgtg agttcaagga     27540
     cagcctggtg ttttcggagt gagtagaaaa gtcagtgcta gctacatgtg ggacttgttt     27600
     ggaaaaaaaa caaaacagag aggatgggca agagagagcc atggggaaca aggcagaaag     27660
     cactgttgtt ttacagacca gttcttgcct ctaggttcct gccttggctt cccctgataa     27720
     taggctgtaa cctgtaagcc acaacaaaaa acaaccacaa aaaactgcta tcttaatggc     27780
     catcaagccc caggactcca actgtctcgg tctccccaga gctggactta caggagtctg     27840
     ccaccttacc tggcttgctt gtgtgtttgt tttagtttcg ttgttttgtt ttgtattttg     27900
     agacaaggtt tctctgtata gtcctggctg ttctgggact cggtttgtag accaggctgg     27960
     cctcagctca cacatatatg cttgcctctg cctcccatgc catcacacat gggttctcct     28020
     atcaaactca ggtctgcatg tttttacggc tgtaatcagg tttgcatgct tttatcagcc     28080
     ttgactggct gagttatttt cccagctcct cccatcccag tcttcttttg agtgttttgt     28140
     gtggaacagc tcagaagtca aaaaagaaac aatgtaatct gttttagcca acactgagac     28200
     aggcccctgc ccgccttccc tttcttagga catttattac aaaaggaaat attttctatg     28260
     tctttggtgt gtgtgtccat caacgcatag tgttttgctc aaggacccaa aaaccattac     28320
     tttgaaacgt atccatcaga acggacaggg aaaagtggat cctaactttg agagtggcac     28380
     catcgcatcc ctgcaagccc tcagcaagct cttcccctag gaccagttca ctcccctgac     28440
     cctccttctc aacctgacct gtcaccgatg cacacactgg aacggagctt ggccctttcc     28500
     cctgttgtca gaagttactg aatgaaaaat ctgttctcct cactttaact attgtctggc     28560
     tttatttaat cactgtcaga accttcccca gatacaaaga ttatttaaag aatggttggc     28620
     agccgtgagt gatgcaaaca tcagtaatag gtttatttgt tctttttttc tcctttattt     28680
     tccctttgtg acttgtctct ttccaggaag gacacagtcc agaaagagta atacaataag     28740
     gcccaatggg aagccaactg tcctgagagg gagtctgttg gttagggaac atgctgaaaa     28800
     caaagcacct aaaatagagt actgacattc gagagcttct ttctctctta catagtaggt     28860
     aggaggtgag ttcagcagga gaagggcagc tgtgatccca ctctgccacc atggaagtga     28920
     taacgtcttt tccaggtgta cccccttgtc cacatcttag ctattgggcc ccactgatag     28980
     tggtggctca cacctttaac cccagcactc aggagtcaga ggcacgcaga tctctgtgat     29040
     tttgaggcca acgtggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ttagggctac acagagaaac     29100
     cctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aacaacaaac caaaacaaac     29160
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaacaaaaaa cccaaacaaa caaaaaaacc aaccaactaa     29220
     caaaccaaca aacaatctcc tcaaaaggga aacccaggtg caattggcat agtgaatatc     29280
     caaaacagaa cagaagtatc ctgggggagg ggggaatgaa attggggtcc aaagggattc     29340
     tagaatatta ccagttttat cagagagacc atatttgtat ttggaatcct tgttcaatgg     29400
     cttacttctg ggacagtgcc gactaagacc aaatctggga tcctttgaaa ttcagaggga     29460
     aactacacca cataactgtt gcatttagaa agtagaagag aagtcagttc ttcaaccaag     29520
     acaaagtatt tctccctggc cttctctgtt ctctgccagg aagcactact aactactggg     29580
     catgccttct gtccagctcc tgtggcactt acgtttgctc tgttctcaca cctgtgggct     29640
     ccttgaccat ttcaaccctt tgagctagca aattccctca cgcattcttg gaactaagca     29700
     tgtctggatg gtggaaaata tgaattctgt ccaagacctc ttgacacaca aagaaatcaa     29760
     gtatcagaga atgtgactgg ccacatgttc ccgggagagt aaccccggaa gccagctcag     29820
     tgccattctg gtattctgcc atgagcagat tttgttttaa cctctgagtg gagctccagg     29880
     cttttagctg gagcgtgttt gtaactggta aagaggcctc caccctgagt gggctgtgtt     29940
     gtctaccctt gcccatgaga tttgaaggac tgtgctcatc actatttaat ttttcatact     30000
     ttgtaagatg agacctaaat gtaaccaggg agataatcta ttgatttcag gctattcaga     30060
     atcctataat gcattcattg attatggaaa atgcaaacag aatcaagctc ttgtttccat     30120
     gaatttctct tggaaatcac accccttgat gacccgaatc tgatcccaga ggaggaagac     30180
     ccccttaagc caaagtgaaa gcaccaagac acttactcag cttggtctgg ggagaaggat     30240
     tttttttttt tttttctgaa acagggtacc atttaacatt tgtgaagcat cagtgaattg     30300
     gctgtttgtc tagaagcctg gtgttcaggt gtttgtaaat caagctctga atcacttcta     30360
     tttcaagagt ccttttgtga ttagaaaaca gatcaaatca aaccaggagc tggggaagta     30420
     gctcagtgag agtcaagggc tcacagtgta aacatgagct cccaatttga tccccagcag     30480
     tcacataaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagatgcct atagtggtac aagcctataa     30540
     ctccagagca ggggaggggg gggggcgtgc aggaagatct cccagctttg ctgaccagcc     30600
     agttcagctc aaactctgag cttcaggctc agtgagaaac ctaaaataca aacaaacaaa     30660
     aataaagttg gggctgggag gtagggcagt gacagagtgc ttgcctagca acttatgagg     30720
     tcctgggttc aaaccctagc aaaccaaaca gatatgtact gactttttaa attttctttt     30780
     caaaattctt ccatgactga catctctcta tcttaaatat gtagagacta gtttaaaatt     30840
     atgtatttag gctactgaca tgtatctatc caataccaat attttggaaa atataaataa     30900
     gcagatagaa aattgaaata gcctcaagtc actgccagga aatgttcatt attaatatga     30960
     tggtgcatcc ttccaggtac ttatacagcc tggataaagg ccctcagtta ttccactggg     31020
     tagtccaaaa tgtttgaaat gtccagttct aagacttgga atcctatttt atcttttaca     31080
     atgataaaag tgcttttcta tgcacagaca tacatatttt gtgtgtgttt tatatgtgta     31140
     tgcttgcgtg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cagtctccta     31200
     tatagaggcc agaagtcaac attggctgtc ttgctgaatt gctcttcatg atattttctg     31260
     agacagggtg tctcactgat tcagttgacc tggctggcca ggaagcctaa gatccttcca     31320
     tctgcctctc caggctgagg ttatagtttt ctgttaccaa gcccagtttt taatttttaa     31380
     aaatattcct tgccctatgt tcctaggtgc agacctgaga tacaaagtct ctatccggag     31440
     atacaaagtc tctatcctga ggctccccct cacccccagc acaccacagt cagcatctct     31500
     ttaggctgtg tggcatcact gctttcctgc cggtcttcca tcctattcac tattactctg     31560
     aataaaactc tttctggact atcatcaccc ctcagattca gcagctctgc cccaggcacg     31620
     tccctagagt tggcaggata ctttctgatc tcactgctgc tcgctctgct tcagcttctc     31680
     tcactactga cgtgggctga tccaaagtct ctgagaaatt gtttgtttgg gctggagaga     31740
     tgactcagcg gttaagagca ctgactgctc tcccagaggt cctgagttca attcccagca     31800
     accacatggt ggcttataac catctgtaat gggatccaat gccctcttct ggtctttctg     31860
     aagatagcta caatgtactc acacataaat aaataaacaa ataaataaat cttttaaaaa     31920
     attgtttcaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa aaaaaattta agccgggtgt ggtggcgcac     31980
     gcctttaatc ccagcactca ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gacgccagct     32040
     tggtctacaa ggtgagtgcc aggacagcca ggactacaca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa     32100
     accaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtt tcaccagagc atcctctctc tctctctctc tgcctctctg     32160
     tctctctctc tgtctcctct tctctctctg tctctctctc tgtgtgtctc tctctgtctc     32220
     tctcttcccc cccccccccc cgccgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     32280
     gcatatgcat gtagaggcca gaggacaact gaagtagaaa caacataagg gttctttgga     32340
     aagttagtat tttgctgggg caaacacatg aaggaatgtt tagctgaagc agacacaggt     32400
     gaaaggatgt tcggctaaag caagcatgtg aaaggacatg tgatgaggga ttcttttcta     32460
     acaacatgca tgcattggtc tgccttatat ctcagagttg agctgcattt gtcgagactc     32520
     cataaagaag cataccaaaa aacttctgtt agtgcgctgc agtttcttgt cacttcagca     32580
     gacttgggtt gattggtaga gtgatgtcag ctgagacgga cacacatgct gaggcaagac     32640
     acttggagga cacctgatgt tggagggtat aaataggact tgaagggcag aggcagaggc     32700
     tgagctaggc ttgctgacag agctagctgt gcaacacttg tgggtcttga gtttttcgct     32760
     gatttttgct tccttgagag aggcatagct gagaacttct ggtgttcctc ttggtccttg     32820
     ctgctggcca ctgctgaggc tgagtccgag ttggctctgc tagtcagtgc ctcggctgct     32880
     gattcgtgtt tgctatccca gctctaccaa attggactgc tggtgtatct gtcaagtgtt     32940
     tgggcgtgga tcaacctgct gcctgctaac ctgtgaactg aactgctgat ttccagacaa     33000
     catggacggg agttgctcca aagaaccttt ctaaacaggt ctacttcccc cctatccttt     33060
     cttttccact acctctggtg ggctacaagg gaggttaaag tgtttaagaa ccatgattaa     33120
     aactaaggtt tgaaaaaata agatacagac aaacctcgct gttgttcatc aggagttgtc     33180
     attatatata tatatttaat atataatata tatatatttt aatagtcttt cattggcctg     33240
     tggctagctg gtgaccccca gagatctgct tgccccaatc ccctagtgat gaggttacaa     33300
     gcatgcacta ctacatttgg cttttaaaaa ctatgatttt gggggggggg ggcgttggtt     33360
     tcctggttag ctttctactg ctgtgataaa acactgtgac caaaagcaac ttagggagga     33420
     aagggtttac ttcagtttac aatttctagt ccattaccca tggaaatcag gaaaggaagt     33480
     caaggcagaa tcctggaggc aagaaatgat gcataagcca tggatgagtg ctgcttgctg     33540
     gcttgctcct cctgcttgct ttctttttct tttcttttct ttttcttttt tttttttttt     33600
     tttttttttt ttggtttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt atctctggct atcctggaat     33660
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg gtctcgaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcctaagt     33720
     gctgggatta aaggcatgtg ccaccacctc ccagctcctc cttctttctt ataccactta     33780
     ggatcaccag cctaagggtg ccaccatccc tagtgagctg gattctccca catcaatcct     33840
     tagtaaagaa aatgcccagg gaaaggcaaa tcaaaacaac cctgagattc catctcacac     33900
     cagtcagaat gtctaagatc aaaaactcag gtgacagcag atgctggcga ggatgtggag     33960
     aaagaggaac actcctccat tgctgatagg attagaagat ggtacaacca ctctggaaat     34020
     cagtttggtg gttcctcaga aaattggaca tagtactacc tgaggaccca gctataccac     34080
     tcctgggcat atacccagaa gatgctccaa tatgtaataa ggacacatgc tccactatgt     34140
     tcatagcagc cttatttata atagccagaa gctggaaaga acccagatgt tcttcaacag     34200
     aggaatggat acagaaaatg tggtgcaatt acataatgga gtactactca gctattaaaa     34260
     actatgaatt cagccgggtg gtggtggtgc atgcctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag     34320
     aggcaggcag atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtttac agagtgagtt ccagggcagc     34380
     cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaccctgt     34440
     ctagaaaaaa caaaaacaaa aactatgaat tcataaaatt cttaggtaaa tggatagaac     34500
     tagaaaatat cattctgagt gaggtaaccc aatcgcagaa gaacacacat ggtatgtact     34560
     cattgataag cccaaaagct tgaataccca aggtacaatt cacagaccac atgaagctca     34620
     agaagaacaa agtgtgggtg cttcagttct tcttagaagg ataataaatt actcacagga     34680
     gcaaatatgg agataaagtg tagagcagag actgaaggaa aagccatcca gagactgtcc     34740
     cacctgggga ttcatcccat atacagttat caaacccaga cactattgtg gatgccaaga     34800
     ggtgcatgct gaaaggagcc tgaaatggct gtttcctgag aggccctgcc agagacttac     34860
     aaatacagag gcagatgcta gaaccactgg actgagtgca gggtccccaa tagaggagtt     34920
     agagaaagga ctgaaggagt tgaaggggtt tgcaacccca taggaagaac aacaatatca     34980
     accaaccaga ccccctggag ctcctaggga ctaagccatc aacaaaggag tattccagct     35040
     gcatatgtag cagaggatgg tcttgtcatg catcaatggg aggagaggtc cttggtccta     35100
     tgaaggcttg atagatgtcc cagtgcaggg gaatcgaggg cagggaggtg ggagtgggtg     35160
     ggtgggtgga ggaacaccct catagaagca gaggatggga tagggggttt ccgggagcag     35220
     gggaaaccag gataggggat aacatttgaa atgtaaataa agaaaatatc caataaaaaa     35280
     gaaaaagaga aagaggaaaa aaaggaggaa ggagaaagga aaaagaaaag aaagaaaatg     35340
     ccccacaggc ttgcccatag gccaacttag agggcatatt tttctcaaat gaggttcctt     35400
     cttctccaag gacgatagct tgtataaagt tgacaaagca agcaagcaag caagcaagca     35460
     agcaagcaag caagcaagca agcaagcaag caagcaagca agcaaacaac tctaaccagg     35520
     acaaggggat ctgcacatgc tactgcatgt gtgatgagga tggagaagtc agctttctct     35580
     ttctggtttt acacaggttc taggaattga actcggcttc tctggcttca agtccagcgg     35640
     gggctttcac ctgccgagcc attctgctgg ccagtgcctg gcgtttttct cttcggggtt     35700
     ctgggtacca aactcaggcc ctcatgcttg ccaggagagc acctgatcca gtgagctctc     35760
     tccccagccc ccatcaggac attttcatcc ctatgccact atagtttgtt cttatttgtg     35820
     cttcttcctg tctcccacgc agctctcctg gccccctccc tctccccttt ttactttcat     35880
     gacacatatt ttattacctg ccgcccccat ttcaggattt ccccctctcc ttccccaatc     35940
     ctcctacttt tatgtcttcc attctcccca gtcagaatga ctgagctgta gaacctcaca     36000
     gatggttata agctactcca ctgaattagg ggtagggcac tatggaaaca ggctggcact     36060
     tgtcacataa gcatgaagac cttagtttga tccccagaac ccatgtaaaa atctgggcac     36120
     gtgatagaga caggagactc cttggggttt gatgggcagc ctagaagaac ctatgtgtaa     36180
     gccccacacc agtgagacag tgtatttcaa aaagtaagat ggacatctct gaggaatgac     36240
     accgaggttg acctttgtgc accacccccc aatgaacaca cacatacaaa ataattttta     36300
     aaaattaggg gcaggccaga tttagagaat ctgggtttat tgcctcccct taatggctat     36360
     tttgttttct taaaccagga ttcattcttt ttgtgtagta atgccaaact aattgtaaaa     36420
     ctagtgaccc tcaccaggtg aaactatagt ttctggcatg tatgccaggg ctccaaaatt     36480
     tagtcacaca tgacatctca gcttgatcga tctcctggcc cctgactgga ctgtagccag     36540
     gagagatatg tactggcagg gttcttgaaa aggctccgaa gtcttgcaag gagaaagagc     36600
     taatgtatcc ttcctgtctc tgatacttca tctctatgtg cttgctttca gcctgacaaa     36660
     ctaatctgag gttttgatga cattattaag caccaagcca accaatcctg gagatgggtt     36720
     tgcttttgga tatctcatga catgaagcaa tgtatttctt tattgtttac gctattttca     36780
     acctctctcc tgttatttgc agcatggtac accaggagac agtgttttgt tttggctctt     36840
     tttttttttt ttatgtgata gattaagctt ctttaattca gataatctac ttatctcttt     36900
     atgcctctta gggcttggtc cactttgatc cattcaacag aataattgtg agattaatac     36960
     ttgtatatat ctctaagata taataggtaa gattaatcac aatacaggag ctttttatca     37020
     tcttatagca tttagagata atcaactgaa acctgttcca tgagacccag ttctgaccag     37080
     aatgccccct gccctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg ccaatctttg tttagagcag     37140
     ctatgtctgt taggctcctg agtaccaggg accagaaaaa ggaaatgact ggtcacatct     37200
     gtgcttaggg cagcagtcac gcctgtgcag tgccttactt ctagctcgag gcccaggtat     37260
     acggtgctgc aactgtaaat ctccattaag tacaaggttt attggtgaaa gtatttttct     37320
     ggaaagataa gttgcaactt ttcttgggtt ctcagtggaa tctgggcccc ttctgaaagc     37380
     taagactcac cataacatgg tacctcacaa atgaaaacaa aacaaaacaa acaaacacca     37440
     aaaaaacccc aacaacaaaa accccaaaca atgtctcccc atgttgttct gttgtaattt     37500
     taggaggtca gaatcaggta cctcaagacc agtgtaaagg gagaaagcag gttccctcac     37560
     agaatataag aatttcaaag cctagtagta tatgccttta atcctagcac tcaagagaca     37620
     gaggcagctg gatctctgtg agtttaaggc catcctggtc tacatagtga gttcaaggac     37680
     agccactgct acatagtgag cctatttcca aaaacaaacg aatgcattcc tagtctggcg     37740
     gtggtgcagg cctttaacct cagcattcag aaggcagaca gtccgatctc tgtgagttcg     37800
     aggccagact ggtctacaga gagtgcgttt taggacagcc agggctacat agtgaaaccc     37860
     tgtctcaaaa acaaaccaat aataataata aaagaatttc aagatggtga cagcagggca     37920
     ctaaaccagg cccgggagcc ttactaagct aggaaccctg ggtactacat aggtgacatg     37980
     tctagaaagt tggtcttgcc tctggaaaaa tgtagtcctc tagttatttg tgaacgaacc     38040
     taggttattc cagaattgtg ttaagtgctg gggaatcagg taagagcaag aatttattaa     38100
     atgacacagg tgtcattagg cttttcctcc cctcaatcct aggggtgctt ctctgaatga     38160
     gatttcagtg ttaagcagag acaacagaaa gaagcaataa gttaacctag gaaagggata     38220
     catggtatct acatggttac tttagcttag ttggtcagga aggatcagtc tgacacattt     38280
     gagatgtgac ttcaacaaac atggtccatt ctgggaagtc cagcagaaac tcaggacgca     38340
     gagtatccac attagcgcga gcacataaat gtttacgtga aagattgaaa tgatgatggg     38400
     aagaagctgg caggctctat catcgtcttc ggcaaatggg agcgaaggag ggagtacaag     38460
     tctggagaga aggacctttc gggagtcaca cttagaaaag tggtgggtgg ttcagcgcgg     38520
     agcgagagca acatacgtga aggtgctagg cgcacacctc tcatctcccc atcccggccg     38580
     cgcccaggcc aggtgagtgg gtggccggtg gacaaccacg cggaggagca acctccaggg     38640
     gcccgcgcgt ttcctacccg agccgacgtg gccggcgcga taggccgcgc acgtgtctgg     38700
     ccagaggccc cggtgcagcg cagaggcgcg caggggagct caggttcatc ctcgtgcggt     38760
     gccgccggcc caaatcctcg gggcgagcgg cgggtgctgg gcgcggagcc ccggtgtggg     38820
     gcggaaaggg gctgggtcat gagaggaggg ggcggtcggg agcgcgcgcg gagctcgcgg     38880
     gcgcgcgccg gggcgggggc agccctctcc caggcggcgg tgggggcggc gtcgctgttg     38940
     cccttttaag ccgcggggcc accgcctcct gcgggtggag tcggttacaa aggcagcagc     39000
     cggcccggct cccgcacgct cgctcgctcc ctcgctcgca cgcccgcccg ccgaggcctc     39060
     gcgctcctcg ccattttcca gccgcgctcg gacgcgggtc gcggcggcgg ggagaggcgg     39120
     agccgcgaga gcgcggcccg ggccggcccc gcggggcggt cgcggccgtg acggcggctc     39180
     ccggccccgg ctccctttcc tcacccctcc cgctggagat gaggggaaga tgtccgtgtc     39240
     agggctcaag gccgagctga agttcctggc gtccatcttc gacaagaacc acgagcgatt     39300
     ccgcatcgtc agctggaagc tggacgagct gcactgccag ttcctggtgc cgccgccgcc     39360
     accaccgccg ggcagctcgc tttcgccgcc gccgccgctc acacttcact gcaacatcac     39420
     ggtgaggcgc cgggtcgtag cccctcgggg ccgggcgggg gcggacctgg gcgccgcagt     39480
     cccgggacaa agggcgcctg cccgggagac ccccggtgtc ccgggcacgg ccggttggcg     39540
     gctgggccct gggcccggcc gggagctcgg gctgcctggt cgggaggagg tggaggcgcg     39600
     tcgcagcacg gcgcgggccg gctttgctct gttggcccct cgcggccccc gtcgggcccc     39660
     gaggtcgcca tggccgcccg cagccggcct gctctgggga ccgcggctcg tccgtgggct     39720
     cctgtcagtc gctcaggtgg aaaggctctc aagtatctgt tttagctact cgttttccca     39780
     tcgggttcca aaacccacgt ccttgcttgt tcaaccagtt ctcgtttgtg ttttggtctc     39840
     cgaggacaaa cgaacactga aagcctacgt atttaaggaa aaagtttagg acgcaacccc     39900
     gggggatggt gtggaaccat cgtttagccc tgacctggct ttgcgcttac gtgttttgga     39960
     aaagctcatg gaaccttcca cgcggcaggt ggtgtggtga gtgtgcaagc tgtcccacct     40020
     gtgccctgtg cggaagcctg gacgttacca ggaggggaaa ggagatgctt cgcagtttat     40080
     taccggggaa gatcaagtgg gattggaagg ctggagaaac acgtgggaag ttacttttct     40140
     gtttaaggga aatgctcttt agaaacattc agttggtaaa attatcagat tgtaagtgaa     40200
     ctctctcccc ccccccccta tcgaagtgta ttatgaggct gactgttcat tgtgaaattg     40260
     atctcatgtg cagaaaatac accttattac aactggagtt aaggtggtag tttttatatg     40320
     gctaagattc cttctgttaa gtcagccaat agataacccc aagtgtggtg ggaatttcaa     40380
     aggccttaac tttatgatag ttatcaaact ctattggaga aggtggatag tgttagtact     40440
     attaggtact gctatatctg gcaaaagaaa aaactgcagc agtgtgcttt agtgaggagg     40500
     gaattcactt tctgaatatc ttgttaagct gttgtgggta ctagtgtttg agaacttggc     40560
     aggccagtgc ctatacagag aactcagact tcttggagcg ttttatatag ctgcgacaac     40620
     tactttgatg ttatgaaatc taaagggagc atctaatttt gcgtagggag ctgtgttgac     40680
     tagttttctg ttaacttgac aagtaataag agagggaacc tcaattgaga aaaataacac     40740
     ctcaagattg gcctgtaggc cagcctatgg ggcattttct tcactaatga ttgaggaagg     40800
     gctcagccaa ttgtggtggt ttacccctgg gtagttggtt ctgtgatggt gggtatgggc     40860
     tttttaatca gcactgcata ggcagagagg cagagaggga ggcagagagg caggcagaga     40920
     gggaggcaga gaggcagaga ggcagagagg cagaggcaga gggagggtct ctgaggccag     40980
     cctggtctac agagtgattt ccaggacagc cagagctata cagagaaacc ctgtcttgga     41040
     aaacaacaac aaaacaagac aaaaaaactc acaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa     41100
     aaccccacct aagtaagaag tgtcctcacc ccctgacttc tgcttcagtt cctgctttga     41160
     gtcttgccct gacttacctc agtgatggag tgtgacctga gagttggaag ctgaagttac     41220
     tcttctccca tcccccaagc cctttcccag tttgctttca gtcatgatgt tttatcacag     41280
     caatagaagc cctaagacag gaactgaagg tgtgcctctg agaaagcttt gagtagttga     41340
     atgggtgagt acaattttgg aaggctggca taagcgaggg tgttccagac ctaggaaact     41400
     ccacccagat gaaataccga ctcttgagaa ggatgatttc gtaggagtgg acagttaatg     41460
     ctaagacttg aaaagtccag gcttgtaggc tggtgaagat tttccaaata tggaaggcag     41520
     aaagtagtag tcagtgaaaa ggatggtaag tagactggcc tggacagctg gagggttatt     41580
     caggtagaac ttggaggtat gggaagaaaa ggaacaactg acctacatga taggacactc     41640
     aatttataga ctgggaagcc acacccttat gttgataagg tgagaaatgg tgtctgcttt     41700
     cagaactacc agttctttac agtggtgtgg tattagaaaa tgcatgaatg tatggttttg     41760
     gttattccca tgagtgttag gtgatggtgt tggtgtgctg gcatttacta ccaggggatg     41820
     caggcagtca gccatgtcaa agaattatct gacctaaagt gccagcagca tcccatgggg     41880
     agaaccattt tgaagacaaa taggtcagac aaaggataat gctggtgagg attaggtagt     41940
     ggcaatgggg atggagtaag aaaagactac taaactgggt gaaggatgtg tttacgtgtg     42000
     ctagtgcagt ggtgctgcta gcaggcatta tcacagttga cctactaatg attgtggcca     42060
     gacacgatca gaagacaatt acaaattctc taggtgtgta tgttagcttt attgtggaaa     42120
     actaacaaat atacagagca gaacagagag acattgtgca cccaggctca gctatgataa     42180
     acttttggcc aatcttattt catgtatatg cctattggat taatttgaag agtagtctag     42240
     acatacaatt ttttctataa agatttcagt atgtgagtat aaaaggtata cttttaaaat     42300
     atgttttgat aatgtatagg gcctgctttt ataggtgtaa tttgctcaga agggaaaaat     42360
     gttggaattc aaatacaagt gcctggtcta ctaggtttgt gacctgctat tttgcacaaa     42420
     gttgtaggtc attagtgtag tgggcttaag tcgttcttga acttttcctc tttacatagc     42480
     agtatttatt aagctctctg tacaccaggt ttccaagctc ccaagcaaca tgtgaatggc     42540
     atcgtacttg tggaccagct tctgaatagt cctctgagga cactgctcac tttcttccta     42600
     accttctata tcagctgttc ttcctcagtg ggacgagctc ctgcctctcg cctctgccct     42660
     gtcccagcct gccttttcta tggttgattg ccttttaaga ctttctgtgt cacgcgcagt     42720
     tcataataac atttcccctt tttcctttta gttcttgtga tttctgcttt tttttttctt     42780
     ccatgtttac tcataattct gattatcttt tctccaagtt gtaatagtgg cagaatatta     42840
     tataattata aatttgtgcc ttatattttc tttcagttca tacttgttct attgactata     42900
     tggccactgt tgtagttata tttgaaggga agttttcctg ccttgaaaga tagctggtaa     42960
     gaatttctca gacagtatca tgggcagtaa agagatactt aaaaggtcat tgtagatttg     43020
     ataggacatc tgtaggaaga ccagtgtcag aattaaaacc acaacatgag tgtctgcttt     43080
     cctgggccag ggaaagtggg ctggtttggt ttattttttc catcctgttt tataaatttg     43140
     ttgtactctc gaatatgaag ctcacagagt ctttatttct tgttttctgt ggactcatga     43200
     aagattatct gttacataaa cgtacgcatt gctttttcca tttcagtaaa caggcctggt     43260
     tgccagtctt cactaacatc tagttgttat aatcacagtc caaagcaaag cagcttattt     43320
     taataaccag tatggccatt ttgggagcta atatgtggct tttttttttt tttagtcatt     43380
     ttaaaaatac ttaaggtagc agttccatta ctccttttgg ggggttgggg ggtgggggac     43440
     ggtttgttga gataggatct ctctgtattg ccttgactgg cttggagctt actctgcaga     43500
     ccaaactggc cctgaaactt catgactatc cttagagtgc tgggattata gtccatgtat     43560
     ctggctccat tccttcttgt atagacttgt tggaatttta agagagagtg tgtgtgcatg     43620
     ttcatgtggg tatatgtgtt tgtgggtaca ggtagaggtc agaagtcagc tttgggtggt     43680
     ctttttcagg agctatctac cttttttcct ttgagaaagg gtgtttcatt ggcctggggc     43740
     tcatcaatta ggttaggtgg atagccagtg ggcccaggca tctgcctgcc attacctcct     43800
     tgctacttgg cttaacagag tgtgccacca tgcctggctt tctttctatt ttaaacatgg     43860
     attctgaaaa acaagctcag gttgtcaggc ttgtgtagta agcactttat agtctgagct     43920
     atcccccccc cttgtttttc gttctctctc tctcttcctc ctctctctgt ctctctttct     43980
     ctcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg tgtgcgcgcg cacgtgcgtg cgtgcgtgcg     44040
     tgcgtgcacg cacgacatac atgtgtttat aagaagacca gaggccaacc ttgagtgttt     44100
     atacttagga gttgtatacg ttgtgttttt aaatttttta tttagttttg ttggtgtgcg     44160
     tacatgttca tcatatagtt aggcatcagc catggtgtgt gtgtataggt cagaggtcag     44220
     tctccactat tcttgtcttc tgcttttttg aggcaaggtc tcattgtttt catttatttg     44280
     accagtcaat aatacagggt cagactcctt gtggttgtct gtccttctcc atctccattt     44340
     taatgcattt aaggtctttt acctttttaa aaattttttt aaagaatatt ttcactactg     44400
     taaggccaga taattggcct tggtagctgg ctagtcactg tctccccagc actgggacta     44460
     tatgaatgta ccactatatt ggctctctgt gcattctgag attcaaattc aggctcttgt     44520
     gctttttgca aacgttacca actgagctgc ccatcccccc cccccccccc ccagttctcc     44580
     ccacctattt ttttagagtc tcatgtatta tagttcaggc tagccatgaa cttactttgt     44640
     gaatgaaact cctgatcctc ctttctcccc tctgtgttct ctttcacatg cccaggaaca     44700
     cctggagact cttggtacta agttgctgtt ttagagttaa aacaaaaaac aagaaacaaa     44760
     aaaactccca caggaagtat aaattggtat taaattgaaa ctttattctt tgttacttgt     44820
     atacataaat tatttcttaa tgaatgattg tcaggctagt tttgatgaaa tactttttgt     44880
     ttagctaatt tctattcttt gttattaaaa aacacctttc ccaaaagcaa gctactaaat     44940
     taacaaatat tagcactgaa tctgggaggg agaactttaa gcattactta atatttagga     45000
     tcttaaataa tttcttttat tgtttcttca taaaacagtc cccctttgcc ctgggatgta     45060
     ttggaaagct tcttgtcaac agtattgtac tatactgtac aaatgggaaa gtgataacct     45120
     ttacttaaaa atactctgag ctggtagttc agtggtagag tactccactt tgcctagtgt     45180
     atgcaagacc cagtacaaag gaaggaaata aattatctgc tttgtaacat cttttcttgg     45240
     caaataaggc aatgctgtta acttcatgct ttgcttttct agtctgtgta ctgatacaaa     45300
     gtcattcggc tgaagttgta caaaggaaat tatgaacaaa atgaccacag agcctaagga     45360
     tctttattta gcttattctc cagtgacagc ttacctttcc aaattgaatt catggagaag     45420
     ctgttggaaa taacagcgct gatgtgttaa gatcctaaat ggtactttca gattagaaag     45480
     actcattgtt ttcatttatt tgaccagtta ataatacagg gtcagattcc atgtggttat     45540
     ctgtccttct ctatctccat tttaatgcac tttcttgaga gaaatgggat tatgaagagg     45600
     cttgggtttc ctttttatga atgatggtat acgttagtaa gtttttggtg atgtctgcag     45660
     ggtgggagtg ttaaacttag acctggcaag gagtagtgtt ggataagtgt caggtaatcg     45720
     agggagggag tagagacaga atgctaacta taaaacatta caggagagaa acacaacaag     45780
     gcttgcccct accccaaggc ttttgtaata gtggtctcta atagcttcta aagataatta     45840
     tgaaaaacaa tggctaatca gagctacaga aatcatccag gggaatttgc agcctagttg     45900
     attcagatca atttcattat tttatctgcc ttagttcatt ttagaaaaat attctgagta     45960
     tatgtaattt gttctctacc ttagctagtt aagcaacttt tcgaatatga tgcagagttt     46020
     gtgttgaaag ttttttccag tagtgtggtg gaatgtattt tgtaatattg aaaacaaaac     46080
     attgttgcga aaaatttaga aaccagagaa gcaaaacaaa acaacacaac ctctctaatt     46140
     atactactca ctgctataaa ttttggatta gtatctttct agtcattatt cccctctgtt     46200
     ttatgcggtt ccccccctcc cctttttttt ttcttttttg gggataggat ctttctgtaa     46260
     agtcctggaa ctctgtgtag accaggctgg tcttaaatga acagtcctcc tctgcctctt     46320
     aaattttggg gctaaaggca tatgccatca catctggcta ccattttgaa aaatgataaa     46380
     tgggattgtt ttgtcatatt cttctcactt aacagtgttg tgactctgta tctttcgttg     46440
     tttgctcttc tatgatacga taaatccatc tagcgagttc tgtctcctaa tattggccat     46500
     gcaggtggct gttgcatctg ttttcctatt ttaagtagca ctctgagcat cagtagatgg     46560
     aatcctagtg cacataggaa atgcccgtga agttttccta taggttgctt ttaattcttg     46620
     ttgcagattt ggtttctgaa ggtagaacaa attatattgt actatataga aactttgctt     46680
     tcagcttcca gttttatcag atgggtaaaa atgttagcac tgggtactga gtgagatcac     46740
     cacagtaaga caggaggtat agttatctat agccctctga cctcatgcgt tctcgcagaa     46800
     cgctgagtac tccacactag ccagaattta cctgtgaccg accccaactg tcccacaaca     46860
     ggacagtcag agagaagact ttgtggctcc ccccacctga aagctcatta ttgggaatgg     46920
     ttagaatgtg ttctggctag tttcatatta gcttgacaca gggtagagtt atctaaagag     46980
     ggaacctcag ttgagcaaat gaaaacataa gatgggactg taggcaagcc tgtagggcat     47040
     attcttagtg attggttggg aagggcccag ctcattgtgg gtgttgtcat cctgggctgg     47100
     tggtcctata aggaagcaga ctgagcaaac caatatgtag cacccctcca catcctctgc     47160
     atcagctctt gctcccagat tcttgtcctg tttgagttcc tgccttggct tccttcagtg     47220
     gactacaact caggatatgt aatccatata aacccttttg atcatggtgt ttcatcacag     47280
     tatttggtca ggttttgtgt caagggaggg aggtatcaaa accagcccca aaggaacatg     47340
     taggttaatg gagaatggag aaaaggaggt gttttttttt ttttttccca ggaggaaagg     47400
     ctaggggatt tggcaggaga gaagttggaa agttcttaat atttttggga gtcaggactt     47460
     acttaaactc ttaaatatat cacaggtcta aggaaacttc atttttatca gctatacctt     47520
     tgatatttat cattaaaaat taaaacagat atttaaaaca ttaataacta atactgcaag     47580
     tttctttgat acttgttctg tcatttgctt ctgcactttt acatatatac ttaaatatat     47640
     ttatatgtat tacaatatat actaattcta tgtatttaaa atatattttt aaaaaacatt     47700
     tttatagtat atggattgta aaactatata ttctaaaaat ttttgtttgt ttttgctttt     47760
     gtttttgttt tttgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg actgtccagg aactcataga     47820
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatttgcc tgcctctgcc tctcaagtgc tgggattaaa     47880
     ggcgtgcgcc actacgcttg gcctaaaatg tattttatgt gtatgttttg tctcttatgt     47940
     atgtctatgc accatgggca tggcctggtg cccgtggagg ctggaagaga aggtattatt     48000
     atatttgctg aaaatgaacc accatgcggg ttcagggaat tgaacccagg tcctctgcaa     48060
     gagtagtcat gctcttaacc tcagagtcat ccctccagcc cagttgtttg atgctttaat     48120
     tgaagtaatg tgaacaaaac ccaacttcga tatctggttg aaaaaaatta attttaatag     48180
     caatagccac tttagataat tggactctca atgtccttta gtgctgggaa ctgaacctag     48240
     ggccttcagc atggcaggca agtgttctga ccactgagct gcttcccagc tgggaatatt     48300
     tttgagtgag tggggggggg gcggcggggg aagactttac aaaaacttga tctttttctt     48360
     gcatgatatt atagcatcat gcattgatca ttgggaaata tttagttgat aaatcttcta     48420
     aaacattgat aagttttact atccaacatc aaaatacaat ttcactacca gtctcctcag     48480
     aatactttct gaagctacag gctcacacta gtgggtacaa gtctttcaaa gtttgaatgg     48540
     ttttctctaa agtttgactt ttattattgg tgaaatatac tgacttttgt tttgaaaatg     48600
     acactctgtc tcttattttt gagaaaacat cttccagaaa ctcaggttgg aataagcatt     48660
     gcagtcatcc tttcaagtaa aagtgtctgt ttcacgtcag ttcatttcac gtcagttcat     48720
     ttcacgtcag ttcatttcac gtcagttcat ttcagatgga gccacacatg cctactctca     48780
     agtgtgctac agtgactcct gtgtgctccc cgcgccatta ccatagtatt aaaaaggctt     48840
     atacggtgta agggacagca catcactggc attctgaagg aacgcctggt ttctttttca     48900
     cagctcggtt catttaaaca ctagcagggc aagattccag cagaccactg ttaagacctt     48960
     cacttgtggg aaggtagcag cactttccag tagagtaatt cagtaggaag aggatcattg     49020
     acattttagt cttgtactga ggggtgcaag gcctttgaga aacattgaaa tgagtgctta     49080
     gacttgctgc ctatcctgcc ttttcatgta caggatttaa gatatataca gatctcaagt     49140
     gcaactgatt tcccttccct aaatttctct taacatgggg caaagcactt cattcctctt     49200
     taagctcatg tttcttcatg cagatattta ctagataaac acaagtctgt acgatgagct     49260
     tctagatggg tttttatttt gtaaaagcta aagcaagtgc aaaccccaga cagtaggttc     49320
     ctaagctagg atgaaggatg tggagatgaa gataccctgc taagtgcctt tctttaagaa     49380
     tggggttaat tctgaaggtg ctttaccttt cagcctgtga agagatttgg agccagtaag     49440
     aaagaaatac aaagataagc caaccagtgc tggacaggta catggacacc actactgacc     49500
     actaatctct gtagtttttc cttaagattt agtaaaatgt tttaaaaatt tttagtttct     49560
     gtgctattag ttctgttttg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgcgtg     49620
     tgtgtggagg ggattatata tgcaccatat atgtatataa tgagattata tatggcatta     49680
     aagaacattg ttctttaaaa ctatttgtgt agtgcagttt tctactactt aaatatattc     49740
     atcagctagt atctaccaat gatgtctttt cccagattcc tagtaaaaat cagaataaag     49800
     gaacaacaac agtaacaaca acaacaaatg cctgttagtg agtaagagca tgtaatgctt     49860
     ccttaattca cttaaaacaa cagcacttcg ttttaaaaga tgcatattat tagtagcatt     49920
     tctcagtagt tctttttatg gtaggatatt gtaattctat catgtttgag tttttttttt     49980
     tttttttttt ttttttttgg tttttcgaga taggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct     50040
     ggaactcact ttgtagacca ctgcctgact taattctatc atgtttgact ggcaatagat     50100
     gtatttctct gtaacaaaaa cttagaaact tacttatttt gcttaattta tcttatgtgt     50160
     agaggtgttt gaccacatgt atgtctgtgc acacatgtgt gcagtgcctg caaaggtcag     50220
     aagagggcat caaatccccg agaactggag ttataggtat ttgtgagcac caaatctggg     50280
     tcccctgtaa cagcaatcaa ttctttactg ctaagccatt agaacttttt aaaacatgtg     50340
     tatatgtttg ctctcatgag ttatgtgtac catctctgtg cagcagccta cagaagccag     50400
     aggttgttgg atttcctgga actggagtta gagctggtgg tgagctgcca tgtggttgct     50460
     gggaactggc cctgctcctc tacaagagca gtgagtactc tactcaccga gccatggctt     50520
     cagcctccta aatttagaac ctttaagaac aaatgttact cttggtttct gtggatcaga     50580
     gtctgtgtac cacttactta ccttggtttc tctgacctgt ggtcttccca gtgcaggaaa     50640
     gtgttggtgg aggctacagt ggtcagaagg atggaaaggg agagaaccgc ctccaaggtc     50700
     tctctcatag ttgttggcag gatccttctc ataggatgtt agccaaatct gagaaccttg     50760
     gtttaatttt tagagttctt tttcaacttc ttgccatgca gagttctcca taggtggcag     50820
     ctgattttct tcacccggat taattgcaag accaggagat aagcaagaca gatcttaact     50880
     tttttgtaac tcgattttag aagtggtgtt ggtacttttg ctgcatttag acatgagtgg     50940
     cttagtccaa gaaacaggat tttttacaag acatgtgata ccaagacatg agaattaact     51000
     ggggccaact tagaggtttc ctggcagagt gttgagatct ccattgacat tttcttcaga     51060
     taaatgttgt aaatatctat attaggagaa aggctaactc agaaggccac ccctgtggca     51120
     agtgaaatct aaggattgtg gtagccctgt gctgccgttc actctgctcc tagcacctgt     51180
     tatagttaaa aagcagtctt taaggatttt ggtatagttc agtggtagag catgcaccta     51240
     tgcatgacct catgtttgat cctcagagcc ccaaaaacaa aacaggagaa actaccacca     51300
     ttaagaaaat gattaggcag catcaaatga aggtaatctt atttaatgtg tctgtttcca     51360
     agaaattata ttctgaagcc agctagcaat cctagcactt aggaggctga ggtaggagga     51420
     tgtgcagatt tgagtctaca tagtgagact atatctcaaa gaacgaaaga gaaataaaac     51480
     aaagaaatca actacattca ttgttacagt ctaagaaggg atggaaaaac aaatggatta     51540
     gtccatcctt tagatattat ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     51600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg tgttatacac aatgagtaca ggcctagagg tgccatatcc     51660
     cctaaagctg gagttacagg gagttgtgag cctgctgaca tggtgctgtg gtgaagtgaa     51720
     ctcaggttct ctggaaaaac agtccatgtt cctaaccacc agtccatctc tccagcttac     51780
     tttttgaggt agggccttta tgtctgtcct atccctcgag ctcacgggct tcctacctag     51840
     cctttgaggt ggccaccccc aagcctggct caatgtagtg aattttatac aggtgaagga     51900
     gaaagaaaac cttgaagaag tttctataat tattttacat tgaaggccag aacgctgtaa     51960
     gtagagggtc ttggaaaaag tacgtaatgt ttagcatgtg tgaggatttg gagacgttcc     52020
     ttggattatt tttttatagt tcaggactag gtatctagtt agaaatgtag cattattaaa     52080
     aggcaaagct actgttcaaa atctaggctg aactttaaag ttgggatttt ctttttaatg     52140
     tcactttgag agattattat gattccatat tttaaagctc tgaaaaacaa aaggtaaaag     52200
     ctagaaaatt tgggtcatga tagacatgtt gttgcaagtc tccagtggtg cttgacatct     52260
     cctcccctta gataattttg gttttaatca ttttgctcat tggttaaagt attattgtct     52320
     gcttttaaac ttacagattg tataacatgg actacgcaag attaagttgt taaacttagt     52380
     aattttaatt tttaaattcc acagaggaat ctggtccctc tccacatgaa tttcaatgtt     52440
     gcctttcttc ttttaatgaa ctttatgcag atcataatta cctgcccctt agtggtatgg     52500
     tttagttgca tctctgggtt ggtctatttg taatatgttt cacctagttg tctttgtaac     52560
     aggaatctta cccatcttct tcaccaatat ggtttgtgga ctctgatgac ccaaatctga     52620
     catcagttct ggaacgctta gaagatacta agaacaacag ttcggtaagg agatgaacca     52680
     gactttcctt tttccttctc atggtcttat gcagaaacat taaatattaa gcagttatat     52740
     gataaaaaat ttatcatact aaaatttact ccatttattt ccttttcctg ataattttcc     52800
     atcccttcta agatcgtaat acaagttgtt atagcatgat taataatgac aattttagca     52860
     aggttacaga ccttttgaag tccatctccc tctttctaca tgtacattct atttacatta     52920
     ggaattgaag ttcttttttc cccccttcat tcttgccatt aaacaaagca aacatttttg     52980
     atagactgtt gggtgaggtg agaaaggaca aagatggtaa gtgaggtaac ataggatagc     53040
     atcaggattt ttttttaact tttttttttt taattatata tataagtaca ctgtagctgt     53100
     cttcacacaa ccagaagagg gcatcggatc ccattacaga tgattgtgag ccaccatgtg     53160
     gttgctggga attgaactcg ggacctctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta accactgagc     53220
     catctctcca gcccaacatc agtgtttgtg ttagggaatt cctttgctag ttaaggccca     53280
     caagtctgca gtaaaagcca aatttattga aaaggtttgt tggtttgttt gtgatccata     53340
     gtcatccccc tgtgcataca ttccaagact cccagtagaa gcctgtgggt atctctgaac     53400
     tgtataaaaa catgttttct tcaggacact gcatatgaag agattaatag tagctagtaa     53460
     agtagaacca gtgacaatgg gctccatgtt aaagaactat aaacattgtg tactttcagt     53520
     tggtttatgg ggaccttgat aaaccctgga aagcaatatt tatctctggg ttagaggggg     53580
     gtgctttgta aagagatgta tctttctagg ctgggaagat ggctcaggag tttaggacac     53640
     ttgctgctct tacagaggac tttaggtctg ttcccagcac ccaagttgca acagcttacg     53700
     agtacctgta actctagctc tggggatctg atgcctctgt tccctatagg cactgtactc     53760
     aggggtacaa actacacaca attaaaaaat aaaaatctta taaaaagtat cctttccttt     53820
     ttttaaatat taaaatgttt tattctttga ttgtaaatat ctaagtaccc attgtaagaa     53880
     aactattaag ttgtagataa aaagaggaca tttagctttc ttataatttt ctacctaata     53940
     taaccactgt tgacataatg gatattttct gcagtttttt ctttgttaga aaatacatat     54000
     gctatttcat atgtttttag atagttgggg tcatgtctgt aatcttacac cccttttgaa     54060
     cttactgttt tttccatatt agtaaatcct tatagaacat aattgttctt tgtagatgtc     54120
     atgatttttt aaaaatactc ctcttaaact catataaact gcaaaaaaaa atgagctgga     54180
     gaaaaacaat taatttgttg aagatctgta ataactcaaa tgctgcttat taccaaatag     54240
     aagatacaat gatattttat tgatgattgc aacaaattaa acacctaggg taaatttaaa     54300
     tatgggagac ttatatgaag aaaacaacaa aattttgcac caaagaatgt agacttagat     54360
     actgtggaca gacagatgtc tgaggtgtga caaatgccac ttatcctgtg tcctaatatc     54420
     tataaatcta atgcagtgtc actgaaaatg atttatttat tttggtgttt aaagacaggg     54480
     ttttgctata tagttcaggc tgtcctggaa cttgcaagcc tcttgcctta gcctttccag     54540
     tactgggatt ataggctatg ccgccatgcc tgagagccat catatttgtt tctggtattg     54600
     tcagaatgac tcaagaataa gtaataaaat acaaaagttt aaaaggtaaa aaatttgccc     54660
     aaacagtaaa tgaaataaaa tattaactat tagaactaga ccaacaggca atagaaattt     54720
     agaaacagcc atgcaaatga caatttagaa taagtaaagc tggcgtttta acccaggaag     54780
     gaagaatctt tctatagata attttagaac tggccatttt gggaacttag actctttagc     54840
     tctttgtctt gtcaaggtaa atggtttaaa catgttctta aaattaagaa cactggggct     54900
     gctgcagtgg ctcagcagat gaaagcattg cctcaagatt gatgacctag cttgggctcc     54960
     aggacccaca tgggagagag agagagaact cttcctacag ctgtcctctg actgccacac     55020
     tgtcatggca catggcatcc ctcgctctcc caacctccat aagtgtaaag aagttctaaa     55080
     acaatgaaga atataagttt caaaagtttg taaaagagtc cagatcttaa gagccatgaa     55140
     actcggagta attaaaccca gacaggtaca tgtttcattt tcagcagact ggtgatggga     55200
     aagacagaca gacatagctc tctagctgtt cctccttaaa ttgcttatga gttaggccta     55260
     ctggcacagg cccataatcc cagctacttg gagttaaggc atggatattg caaggtcaag     55320
     gccagtctgg tcaacagatt gagatcctgt ctcagaagtg aagatagggt tgaaactata     55380
     actcattggg agaatgctca cctactttgt gcagggtcct aggtataatc cctgatacta     55440
     aaaaaaaacc ccaaaaaaca aaaaacagaa aacaaacaaa aaaaaaacct gtgtcaagtt     55500
     aaatggaata gggcttatat tggatctaat tatagaaagt aagtacattt acctgaagga     55560
     aagatacact ttcactctga tagatagcct ctgccgattt ctcatagcct ggtttctaat     55620
     aaccttgttt tgttttgact ttttagttta cttactggag tagagaatct gccgttgtat     55680
     agacatttct tagctgtcca gtccagtggc tcctttttag tactaaagca tttttccatg     55740
     gttgaaattt tgttccatca acatgtatta cttaatgccc accaataaag agctggttaa     55800
     gttactccag cttagtaaaa aaagaatgca gccagccctt ttccatagta cacattgcaa     55860
     gatataagta aaaaacaagg catagaatat tgtgtaatct gtcctctttt gtatacagta     55920
     ttgtacaata catattaatg atggcttagc tgtgcttgca ttctccttcc tgtaaatgta     55980
     ggaagctgtt aacagaacac agaaaaatac tttaagagta tcgattgact tctctgaagc     56040
     tctgtgataa atgatgtgta ttcaaagcca aggtttgtct gtcctgtgct aattgataac     56100
     ctagtgggga cctctatgag accaccattc cttggctctc ttactatctc gtcttggtct     56160
     cctctgagat gctcttcctt ggtatgtctc tttattatct ttttattctg tgttttctct     56220
     gtgcaagctc ttttactctc attacttaag tcatacttta tttattgcag agatccctaa     56280
     atctgtatct ctagccagaa tgtatcttca gaggttgaaa cccatacact tatgttattg     56340
     atcctctcta tctaggggat cttgcttaga tgtgccatgg gatgtgcttg tcagtttcaa     56400
     tttgtctcca tcttgttttc cctcactaat tctctccgtg aaaacgaaac aatgatactg     56460
     gtcatctgtg cctggccctg ggaacttaag agttcttttt tatacttctg ttccccaaac     56520
     cataaactct agtaactacc aaaaacttgt tcacttacct aaatagttta gaccctccct     56580
     gtgatctgag tttcttccac agtccctgaa gaggagggaa gtgttaaaag ttaaacttcc     56640
     tggaaaatag actccctgtt tttcctgtgg cttggtatgg agccatcata ctgctatgac     56700
     ctatagcact gctgcagggt cctgaggtgg gatccgcggt cagggctgtt tcctggccat     56760
     cctgtcatct catgaagtac ctacctacac acacacatcc acagacgtgg cggccctttg     56820
     tttccctttg agcacgaggg catttgtttg atctaattta gtgcttagcc ttcctcatgt     56880
     ctacttggaa gggcttgctt gttctttgct ggacttaacc cattctaatc ctgttcctgt     56940
     tttcttagtc ctccataaac ctgcttcttc ttcatgtctt ttcttcatca gagacactga     57000
     gctaactatt cctgcccagt gaagtaagtt gccttatcag ctcccatctg agtcttaaat     57060
     attgcttatc ttttatgttg aggaaaaacc ctacataatg aaaagtatgt ttgcacagtt     57120
     ttccttgttt gcttccttaa agtaaatata cctacaaaaa tttaaaatgg aaatttaaac     57180
     agctattcta atatggcagt tttgctaatt tttttttctt ttcttttgga gaggcttaat     57240
     tttaattact ccttactgtc atgagacagc cttcatttct gttttgcaga tggcagagac     57300
     taaagccagg gtttaggtat atgcaaggtt atttattcta ggctgagtct actaggccac     57360
     aattgcctta tggttttaaa tgaatctgat tgttgcaaat gtaattttat aatccatatg     57420
     caacactttc tttagttttt tggtagtctt acgaatgcat taatgttctg ttgtttaaaa     57480
     agctgcaagt ttctaagatt agttagcaac tagacactag gcagtgtctg acccttcctt     57540
     ctgtgccttt ttgttggtgt tacctactag ataccatgct ataaggacat actaagctgt     57600
     aataactttt ctaaaatcgt gattttctta caccagcagc tctaacacgt atcagagact     57660
     gcttccatct atgggctgca gttagcagga gcgcattttc ctttccttct ggattgacta     57720
     acagtagttg tagcattatt caatgtcgtc taagggctct ttaacataat gcttatttac     57780
     tgaaatatgt tttgtagctc cgtcagcaat tgaagtggtt gatatgtgac ctctgcagat     57840
     tatataacct tcctaagcac ctggatgttg agatgctaga tcaaccacta cccacgggtc     57900
     aggtaaagta aacgttctct agtgttgaag agctgaactc attgtcttaa ttgaaagtta     57960
     aactaggata atttaaaatt attatacagc ctatttggaa gttagttttg tgttcctagt     58020
     aaattgcctt gctttaggtg ctaacacagg cttttcattt cttggggttg tttgtatttt     58080
     actgtaatag gtgagcactg ctctccgacc cctccatttt gatttttgtt aaaatcaaaa     58140
     tgatttgtgt gtttcttctt tgactggttg tttagtcagt ttagtccttt gacgtaccat     58200
     gtctaaaagt ctgtctgtgc ttcttaagat gaaatgcaaa gttagctctc ccaagccatg     58260
     gaaatttcca ccagttcagc aatcatccat gacatttaga cttacctaat tagctattag     58320
     ttaactgact ttttattaca ataaatgagg atttagctct tatataaact acctacttaa     58380
     ccacctactg cttctaaagc attgcttagt catgaacgat cagtgctgtg aggactttgg     58440
     ggagccatgt tttctgttat ggcatttcca tacctgtgca ttcttttact tctcagggtt     58500
     ctttttatag taatacttcc cagtttataa atgtcacatg ctctttctgg gatcctctgt     58560
     ctatggagtc cctgtctctt ctgcattaat tagtctttgt gagttctcgg atggcctgta     58620
     cagttgtcac cttgagattt ttcttttctg ctatcctaga gcgaatctat tgattcctgg     58680
     atctcatgtc atctctattg gctttctttt ttcttgttcg tctctattta ttacactgtc     58740
     ggataaaggc cgaagcatga aggaatggca tatttcctga gttagctttt gaaaaacctg     58800
     gttcagagtt ggtgttagaa caagcccgcc cacactggtt ccaaaatgtg gttcttgttg     58860
     ccatcttcct agtctttgac cacttctcac ttgtacagag tagtcggtcg gagtggtttg     58920
     tcagcactgc aggtattcta aaagcagtgc gcagtgctgt acatgggagt tgtgtggcct     58980
     cagtatcagc tgctgttgtg ttctctttca ctcagtgttt gagtgaataa taaatctagg     59040
     ctgaaatttt tgcctaagaa tttcaaataa ctatgctgtt gtcttctagc cagtggcgta     59100
     gctgaagctg atgccacccg gaatcttatg tatgattttt ctttggaagc ttcagggaat     59160
     ttgtgctttc tttggtgtaa tgcactgcag cagtgtcctt aactcaggat cttttctctt     59220
     tcattgcgct ggacgttgag taaggctgtg tccctttcca aatttgagtc ttgagttttg     59280
     gtacatattt ttgtgtgtta actttgcttg tctattttgt ttgttttgga gtttattaac     59340
     tggacttttc aattttgttt ttacgttttg gagacatggt cttgtacact ttaggcgcag     59400
     atttcaaaaa ccatatgtag ctgaggctga tggttgtctt tatcctgaat gctagaatta     59460
     caggctgtat cgtcaatgct gggctgcttt tagattttta gacctcttgg tttgagtctt     59520
     tacatctatt gtattatatt ctttttctta attttatttt atttttattt gtatatgcgt     59580
     gtgtgtgtgt tggtatgaac gttggtggca cttttatgga ggtcagagaa caacttgcag     59640
     gaattggttc tctccaccat ctgagtccca ggatcaaacc caggtggtca ggcttggcta     59700
     caggcacctt tatccactga accaacttac cttttctctc tttcttttaa aattttgctg     59760
     tactgtcaac ttttttctat ttcacacgga caataataag ttttaaggtt ttaaaaaata     59820
     tgtgtatgag tgttttgcct acatgtatgt gcaccacatg caacagtaga gaatcttggt     59880
     agtccctgga agtagatgtt gttagctgcc attaggtgct aacaatcaaa cagtaggctt     59940
     ctacaagagc agcaagtgct cttaaccact gagccatctc tttagccctg aagttttgtt     60000
     tttattgtat atgtttaccc tattttctca gaacttaatg gcttagagct ggatgtggtg     60060
     gcacacggga ggctgaggcc agcctgtcct acaaatgaag actcagtctc agaaccccca     60120
     aacaggctgg ggatggatgg tagtactcac ctttaatcct ggcacttgag aagtagaaac     60180
     agacgcatct cttgaatttg gagccagtca aagctgtact gtgagaccct gtctcaaaag     60240
     attaaaacaa aaaaatctta atgccttaaa atagtaattg ttgcgattgg atggattagt     60300
     taggcttagc tgagtatcta ttggtttcat ttggtgactg ttgtgtgcag tcaggtgcac     60360
     actcgcgata gtatggctgt ggacaactag tgtgatcttt atctcgaaca gctctcaagt     60420
     gttcacacat ggcttccttt ttcccccact cttcatgtat ctggcatctt tagtgtttct     60480
     ttgcctggca ttttttctgt acatgacatc atcctgaagg gcctcttcat aaggcttctg     60540
     tttcctcaga atttcagtca gaactcttca aggatacaag aggggaagtt gctgggcatt     60600
     tttttttttc caggacaggg ttgctctgag tagtagccct tgctgtttgg caactcactc     60660
     tgtagatcag gctggccttg aactccttta tctaccaatg cccagcttaa gttgctgggc     60720
     attcttaagg cttaaacctg gagcacgcca gtgaggggtt tgtgagctga atcattctcc     60780
     aagccagcgc aggttcactg tgggctgtga gtcctaggct ttaagcctgg tggtgtgatt     60840
     catctggagg agggagtcat gtccagtctc ggaatgtgag cctgagctta agagctctct     60900
     gattgtccct tcttcctagc attctgtaca ggtcatatag atgtggtaga atcataaacc     60960
     agcttattgt ggcactttgg cctgtttagc atctgtattt ttttatttgc tatatatttt     61020
     ctcagtttca tcttgtcttg tatatattgt aaagcctgtt ctcaagtatt tttgtgtcct     61080
     atctttactc atttgtattt tgatgttttt taaacatacc tttcttcatt tgtgccaaat     61140
     aaatgatgtg gagttccttg tagccaacac ttgtcacctg atagctttag ggggagttta     61200
     tgttgattcc caaccactct tccccctact tttccacttg ttagtacagg gtaaaagatg     61260
     gctccagttt ctctgcagat gacattttgt ctgacagata atctcctggg ttctacttaa     61320
     ggaggtgggg aatgcagagc atttgagggc tgtgtggtgt gtgttgcagg caggcttttg     61380
     gttagtctgt aggtttccat cctgcctgct gctcctgttg cagtgtattt ggtgtcttga     61440
     gtctggagcc tctgaattga gggtgctttt tgcagatctc tccttggtca ctgctgtctc     61500
     ctgacctgta cttgcacttg tgagcttcac tgatcacagc tcctatttac agtcatctaa     61560
     tggaaatggt gttttattgc tcctcataag tcccttttgc ttttcaaatt tttgtattta     61620
     taaaatgttt attcttttgt aatttagtgg agcctaaaga aagatgagaa aaatgtttaa     61680
     tttttctaac tgttcaggtt ttattttcta gagggtccat ggttttgttt tttacttaca     61740
     atatatcctg aacttgaagt ctgtcttgtt tttcctgggt gtagattgga caacagtgta     61800
     gatatccaag ttaatttgtg aattatgtaa gaaaaatggc ctgattttga atcatccttt     61860
     gtgttttggt aattaatatt gttaggatag atgtggtaat tttttgtttt cacttagagt     61920
     ctaaggttgt tgaatggttt tgtttctttt ttaggctctt gtttcacttc tgcatcaagg     61980
     ttctgactta ggaagctttg ctgtctctcc agccctcaca atgtttctct ctgccctgga     62040
     atttatccag taggctaggc tggctgtcca acaagcccca gggatctgcc atatctgact     62100
     tgtacatggg tactaaggat ctgaattcag gtcccatgtt tactgcctga gcccctcctt     62160
     tagatcttca tagctagcca tctgtcctta ctttcctctg actttatcct tcatgcgtgc     62220
     ttacttctgt atagtttagt gttgcctgta ttgagcttta agagtcacac tatatatatt     62280
     ggcatgtttt ctttgcagtt ccttttttat tgctatgttc atttcgttgt tcaaaaagat     62340
     gagaatgccc attttccact tgagtgttga tagataatgg taggctgttt ctagtttttt     62400
     gatctttttg tttggtttgt atttctgtta agagtcctac tgtggatttt cttgtttgta     62460
     tttctggata ctcttgtgca gtcatttctc tggggtacat acttaggggg ttgctttgct     62520
     aggattatct ctctctctct ctcagaccta agagttatct agacagaacg gtacaatact     62580
     tttcaggtga ctttgggtta ctcttgtttt tgtcagtaca tgtgaccttg caagtgatgg     62640
     actgacccgc tgctgtcagt gctgttactg ctactccctg ggggatccct ccagagtgta     62700
     ctctcgtctt gatttcctag aaaggtttgg tttatggaga taggtatggt atgcatggag     62760
     agtgttgtat acttggtgtc tgtttttagc atggaaagtg tgttggtgcg gagaacccac     62820
     atatacaagt gtgtacacgt acagagcttc tgactgaatg gtgccagttc cagagttcta     62880
     agttccttag tgggtgttac atttagtgtt aatagataca actccagtgg ctgtgtgatt     62940
     cctctttctg tgtatttcat tttcctgtct gatttttctc tgtaactgtg gtctctgttt     63000
     tgtttctcag tatttctttg ggggtagcca gaaacactta ctatcctaaa ctcctcgcag     63060
     agcttgccac catgctcttt gccttgcata tttttcctct tgttctccag atgaatgtta     63120
     gacctttgtg ttcctgtctt ccaggtcctt tgaatgcttt gttcagagga gactgctggg     63180
     tttttttttt cttttactgt ttttcttcaa atgtttcttt cttttttttt tttttttcct     63240
     tcaaatgttt cttatttcct agagctgtct tgcccttttt atagtaactt gttcttgttt     63300
     tgcgggtgca gtagcttctc aacaggcata atgattccag ttagatttta gctctgtctt     63360
     cttcactagt tgtgcttcag gccatgtgtg tggcttttct gtgtggtacc ctcagggtct     63420
     gttttcttca tggtacttgg tcatttgctt gtttctagga gaggtatggt atcagccagt     63480
     accagttttg acagatttct gtaggatgct tgtctctgtt gtccagtatg tagacctggg     63540
     ttctgctgaa gctggagggt ggagcttgtg cggcttccaa cttcagagtg tgttaggaga     63600
     tttcattctt gggttgagtt ataataaaga ggtttttcct tttctctttg gttctactgc     63660
     ccatcagggt agatagggtt cctatagaat agaatggtcc tttaattaga gcaactttcc     63720
     agcagttcat tcagttgttt tcctgtggct ttctcagtca ggacatctaa aactttagca     63780
     accataggat ccatctgctc tgtctgccgc tgctatagtt gtgggtctgt atattgtttt     63840
     tctatagttg tgggtctgta aattgttttt ctaggtagca atgtcattta ttatcaaagt     63900
     tcgtcacctc tcctcccaac ctctgttttg gttttaagac agggtttcta ttctcagctc     63960
     aggctgtcct agactagaac tcactatgtg ggctagctga ccttgaactc acagcaggcc     64020
     tcttgagtgc taggattaca ggcctgagcc actgtgcttg ctttcaatga gcttttgaaa     64080
     agaagctagc cttgcttgtt aaaatgaagg ccttaggact tcatgagcct aattggcttt     64140
     gtgtttttgt caaattactt atcctttggg gaagggtatt gcttaccttt ctcatttata     64200
     aaatgttagg cagggacgag tctgatggtc acagacatag gctagagctg catgtcagaa     64260
     tcacctaaaa tgctttttaa aaaacttaac ttttaaaaat taaaatataa ttatattgtt     64320
     agccttgtcc ttcaaacacc tccaaagtac ctgtcttgct atctttcaaa ttcatggcct     64380
     ctatttcttc acttgtctaa caaacacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacccagtcc     64440
     atgtaatata actgtgtggt cttggtgtgc cctccgttgg ggaggactac ttctccgatg     64500
     aggaggattt cttctccgac tgttgcacag cccgctctgt gtttgcattt cattgttgtc     64560
     attcttgttc acatcttatt tagataacca tcatggtgag acttcagact tcctcttcct     64620
     tcctctggct cttaaaatct tacggcccat cttctgctat gagcctgaac cttagatgta     64680
     ggagttgtgt tgttagatac atcagttggg gctggacact accagcccac ttattctttg     64740
     tgttttgatt ggttgtggtt ttctgtaata gtctctaact cttgcattga aatgcatttg     64800
     aagagagatt ctctggggta gttagcatct caacaatgct ttttaccctt ggtgcagact     64860
     tgtgtttggg accttgggac tgcttggtag ctgtgttatt tctatttttg aaaagatacc     64920
     aaaaataatc tggtttagaa atacagaaaa gggtaaacta caataatttt gggaactgct     64980
     tgcttttctt attttgtccc aggaaaggaa taagtgatta gagagatgca gattttagaa     65040
     cgagtctgag cttacatgta cctgacagat ttttccagct cactgatttt gaagagttaa     65100
     tgataatgaa ttaatgaggg tgttttgttt tgttttgtta ttaagacttg tgctctcaga     65160
     gcatctaaaa acaggccttg agactcctaa gatcctggtg ttctgatttg atctctgagt     65220
     cctagtttct tgatgtttta gatattctgg gtcccaaact aaacctacct ttatgaatac     65280
     agatatattt cccatattga gagatggcaa actttgctct ggcaagagac ttcatgtgcg     65340
     actgtaaaat cccacgtgac tgctgtgtgg atgagtagca agccctgcct taggagaggt     65400
     gcttcacagc agatagactg gctctcagtc actctcaagt acttacttct ttataacatc     65460
     tcaccattta aaatgcaagg cagatgaatt tatagaaaaa tcaatggttt tttggagggg     65520
     ggtgttaatt gggtagataa ggaaagaata atttggatca tttattagag tagaacatat     65580
     aagtaaaaaa attaaaatta ggttatcttt agtttttaaa tttcttttat atttgattcc     65640
     ctttgttctt aaggcatctg ctacattgga ttgacttgaa attatttaat aagctctgct     65700
     catgggactg tagtgacagt gactaatagt ggccagcttt cctatgtgct ctgtatagcg     65760
     ttggcacagt ctttctctgt ttcagaatgg gacaactgaa gaagtaactt cagaagaaga     65820
     ggaagaggag gagatggctg aagtaggtat ttatgtaaga atagtacttc atgaatatct     65880
     aatggtgttt tctcctttta attttatttg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     65940
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtaggtgtt cgtggcatgt agaggtcaga gggcaacatt tgagagtcca     66000
     ttctgtgttt ctgccatatg ggttcaagaa ttggactcaa gccttagact tagactccgg     66060
     ggaacttccc tttattggct gagtggtcca tctcactggt tcacatctca tgaatacctt     66120
     aatatttgat cattttagta atcctttaat cttctttttg aagtaatatt agtgttgaat     66180
     aacaaaaaca tttggtattt caaatgagat atactttcta aaatctggtt ttgtttctaa     66240
     ttaacaatat gcctttgaac aaattttttt tatttgaggg cagtaaaaat tgtttacatt     66300
     taataatagt attttgctta taatttggtt aattttagga aaaactacta agtttaaagt     66360
     tttgtgttta cagttgggga gatggctcag ttggtaaagt gctagctatg caagtacggg     66420
     tacatgagtt cagatctcta gcactcatga ttagaaagaa agaaagaatc aagtgctgca     66480
     acttacatct gtaactccag ctctggggag gtagagacag aagggttcct gtgactctta     66540
     gttagagcca ggcagctaga cctaggttca gaaagagatc ctgtttgaaa aaaataaggt     66600
     agtgactgag gaagactcat ttgttgtcca tacacacatg aacctaacat aggcaggcag     66660
     acagacagac agacagacag acacagaatt atgtttgaat gaaaggtaag tttgagggca     66720
     tcacagggac tggactgctt gctagaagac attatctctt attgaaaaaa catctaaggg     66780
     ctttctgtta gtctgctttg tgctgctaga attagaatac ccaggactag gtcatttata     66840
     ttggtatagt tttgagagct aagaagttta gaatcgggta tcttgtgagg attttcatgc     66900
     tgtgacctca aagaatagaa agggaaagga caggagaact taggcatata accttttgcg     66960
     cttcctttat aaagggctta attccatgat caaggaagga aggctcatgc ttaatcatct     67020
     gttaaaggcc ctatttttta aaaatctttt ttgttttgtt taagatagga tttcctttgt     67080
     gtagctctgg ctgtcctgca aggttgctct atagaccagg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat     67140
     ccacctgcct cttgagtact ggagattaca ggcatgagcc accaatgcct tttaatattt     67200
     ttaattttta tactttaatt ttttaattga aatagaatga tatcactttc cttttcctta     67260
     ctcttcccag ctaccttccc ttgaaccctt cccatgtccc tcgactccca agttgatagc     67320
     ctctttttct tcattgttat gtatgttaaa tatgaatgaa caagtgagtg tgtgtgtctg     67380
     tgtacacata acctgctgtg tctggttttg cttttgtatt tggtttcaag cctgaccatt     67440
     ctgcaatcga taaggaagct ggctcatccc tgggagaggc tattttttcc taaatttttc     67500
     taaaaagtgc atgccctcac tagttctagg agagctgcca agtctcccgg taccaggcat     67560
     gactcccctc ctgttgagtg ggtctttagt ccaattagac tgctgttgct gccaccaaca     67620
     tctgagtgcc acctcctgcc ccttgatgca tatctgccat gatgaaaatg gcggttcata     67680
     agtgttaccc ctggggggac tgctcccttc cttagcagct tgcatattat ttaactgcag     67740
     ctgtggagct ggacaggaca gaagccttca ggacagatcc agctcagatc atcagagtcc     67800
     tgtcttaaga gtggtgacat tagcaatagg gatggtcctt gtcttaatac tatcataaca     67860
     ccatacctga tttttggagg ggaacattta aataacaagt tttgtagcaa ctttccaagg     67920
     cattaagata attgtcagtt accaatagat ctttaggctt ttgaacattt gaatttaaat     67980
     tcaggttttg aaataaagat ccaaagctcc attgaccaga taaaatgcat aagaatttca     68040
     tgatctttag ctttaagaaa attgtttttt gttttgaatc ttataattat attcagactt     68100
     ttaccttatt ttgtttgaaa aaaaaatctg tttaaaatgt actttgagaa tgggtcaaag     68160
     caaaaggagt catttgtttt gtgtccagga gtagaataac tcttaaaatt ctttaatcgg     68220
     agcgacttcg gtggatgggc tgtatgcttt acggttttca tgaagtttaa tttaggagga     68280
     acaaattgca tgagaagatt aagcttcccc agcctggctg cagtgaaaca gactttgtgt     68340
     tcagtttctc tgcttttctt ttacttctca tgagattgac aaggggcagt gatacttagg     68400
     gaagtaacac agaagactct gcaattttac tagaactagc gtggctgacc ggcctgagtg     68460
     tagtgtgctt caggcactta agcagaggag aggaggctcc tagaatacac tggaagggaa     68520
     aagcagagtt agagacaaca tgcttgttgg ataaggttgt tggtcatata agcagaaaat     68580
     ggtttgctgt ggatattgtt ttcggaagat gaggtacatt caggatttgc tgactaaagt     68640
     gcaggtaaag tgtgtggatg gagatgactt gaggttggag gaggagatac aggttaagga     68700
     gacgttattg aaattctgaa gaaaacaaat acaggacagg agagaagtct tcataacatg     68760
     aagccctgtg tagaatctgg ctaagaacac agtgtaattt gtgaaaggag acctgctgag     68820
     ttggttttgt attgaaggta gtcattgtcc ttcaattcag attgcatgga aagtggaggt     68880
     agtgggtaac tccttcagag atcttgctaa ttgaaactta aagcagtact aagatacttg     68940
     gaaaagccag taccagatag cttgggcata gatttgtgtg tgtgtaagaa caaatgatac     69000
     aggaaagaga atggtctgca aaagatggtc tgcaggtgtt tttcaaattc tttttctaaa     69060
     aactgcccta aagttgtttt taaaaaaaat ctcaaaaaat tagcactttg cgtttcggtt     69120
     cttattctga gagcatggag attctgtatt tccttgtttt catttcaggg tttttattga     69180
     tagaaaaaaa ttatgctggc tgtgtgtagc ttgattggta atgtgcttgc ctaagcacgc     69240
     acaaggtcct ggccttgacc cccaagcacc acacagaagt gagcatgtgg cacttactta     69300
     gaatcctagc acaagagcta ttcagtagga gtatcagaac atcaggatta tcttcagcta     69360
     catagggcat ttgagccagc ccatggctac ataaaacctt gtctcaaaaa aaaaaggtga     69420
     tttagtatcc taatgacccc ataatggatg atcctttgaa ttaattggtt tttgtatctg     69480
     tagatttttt ttgtacttat cagaacgaga tgggtataat tatgcctaaa ttattgttca     69540
     tatttcttag aataaaactc tagctgggca gtggtggtgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact     69600
     tgggaggcag aggtaaacga atttctgagt tagaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt     69660
     ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa acaaacaaac aaacaacaaa     69720
     aaaacaaaac ccaaaaactg taaggtcagg tttctagaac aaagtatgag taattaaagg     69780
     gtcactaaat tgtttgaaaa gttcctcata attggagatt tttaaaggtg gcagatttga     69840
     taatagtcac aacttaatga ggctgtggga tctgctttcc acagaacata aggtattaaa     69900
     ggagaaaacc ttgtgagtgg agtctggggc tttcctcctc ctcctcttcc tcctagaatg     69960
     gatgcatcct ttcttgcttg tgcttttaaa attttattca attttttttt ctgactagaa     70020
     accagtgaag aagagaagca ttaataagcc ttttattctc tttgtaggat atagaagact     70080
     tggatcacta tgagatgaag gaagaagaac ctattaatgg gaaaaagtca gaggatgaag     70140
     ggattgaaaa agaaaatttg gcaatattag agaaaatcag gaagactcaa aggcaagacc     70200
     atttaaatgt aagtgtgagt aagtatctag aacctgaatt tcgtgattac ataattacag     70260
     atcgagatac caatctcagc tccctttcca tccttgactt agtaatggat ttggtcattt     70320
     gttgacctac gctgcttctc ctgattgttg acagccactt tctaccctgt tcatctgttc     70380
     ttcacatctt gaaaacaaac tgctgtctct gtataagaat cctgtgttgg ttagttgtaa     70440
     ttgtcaactt gtcataacct tagaattatc atgggaagag ggatcatcta cattgcattg     70500
     gcctgtgggc atgtctgtca aggaactgtc ttacttactt aactgatgca ggaagactca     70560
     gcccactgtg ggtgacacca tttgctaggt aaagagtctt gaattctgta aagaagacaa     70620
     aagctgaact gcagtcaagc aagtgggtag gattgtacat gttcatttgt ctctgccgtt     70680
     gtctgtggat gtggtatgac tatctatttg aagttatttc tttgactttt ctgtagtgat     70740
     ggactgtaac ctggtattgt agattgaaac aaaccctatt ctttccctaa gttggttttt     70800
     tgtcagggtg tttttaatca cagcaacaga aaggagtaga aggacctctc tctccttcat     70860
     cctgttgctg ctgtacttac tcccgtacca taggttctgt tgtgttcaga ttcagcccct     70920
     gcaaactatt actctgcctc tgctctccct taaacccgac ctctgtcttt tgcaccctaa     70980
     ccaactcaaa agtaactttt ctctttaggt tgactcatcc ctgctcctta cccccaacag     71040
     agtctgaact atgtagctat ggctagcctg gaactctgtg tagactaggc tgccattcaa     71100
     ttcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgtcgcctaa gttctaggat taaaggtgtg tactacctac     71160
     catgctagat gatttaacat actatttatg agaagaaaca tggcaatata agatgcatag     71220
     tttagtgaaa aacatgcatg tgtggctttg gattgttcaa ctttaaaatg tagtcagaca     71280
     gtatatacct tttggaagtc ttgtgaaaaa tgaaaatggg ttggtagggt atgtcaatgc     71340
     caatatgcat tggcagtctg gttgtctgac acttcctacc ttgttttaga gcagcttatt     71400
     aagctctata aagtcagggc cagctgcttt gttttaggca aacacagtga atggattgtt     71460
     atacaagtta atgtcaagaa tgaattataa caagtaaatt cttttccttc cttcaatcat     71520
     atttaataca ctattttaat tggcaagtct tttgttgcag agaactttaa ccaagcccat     71580
     atcttgatta ttaaagtaag ttttgtagca cctgaattaa tactttattt gctgtgtctg     71640
     atgatggact tcagtttgta tggttatagt tagaacatct gcaagctatt ggatactctg     71700
     acatagaata aggctaagta ctttatatta ccttcccatt tcatcttcat agaatcttta     71760
     tgccattgtg ggaaatagac attcttcata tcttatagat acaaaaacta gggctcttaa     71820
     aaacccagtt taagggctgt gagatggtac agtggctaaa gtggttgcct ctcaagcaca     71880
     agcgttagga ctggtatttg aatctctaga ccccacataa atgctgagcg tttgtgctgg     71940
     ccagcctata cttccactgc tcaggaggag gagacaggat cccctgagca agctggctaa     72000
     ttaaactaaa ctgttattca gtgaataagg tggaaagcaa ccaaagatga tgatctactg     72060
     cccacatcag ccttgggcct gtacatgtgt gggtacatga gtgagtctac agatatgcaa     72120
     atacacatgt ataccacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     72180
     cacatatata tatatatata tatacataca ttaaaaaatc tgactaggtt gcacagctag     72240
     gaaatagatc tttaaaaacc tttaaactca gagtagtaca accttcaaac tttgattttt     72300
     aagaaaaaat actcttattt tgtatgcatg tgtatggagg agagggtgct tgtcacagca     72360
     cacctgtgga ggtcagagga caacttgtgc tgaagttaat gctaaaatgt tatagtgagg     72420
     gtcttgtagc atttttagaa gttgtagttt ggaatagact catactgaac tctaaactgt     72480
     cagagtccat ggtgttctgg gcatactatg aggcctcccc tcaggataga aacaagcaac     72540
     acatgtcttc agttttctgt ttttcttaac atttcatagt cctttaattg cacttcttga     72600
     tttcttaata ctgagtggta gtcattttta caatgttact gtaaaatttt acatcaggct     72660
     ttgatacctt aagcctttaa ttattaattg tttcagggtg cagtgtctgg gtcagtacaa     72720
     gcatcagaca gactgatgaa ggagctcagg gacgtctaca gatcacagag ctacaaggca     72780
     ggtgaggccc tggctctgct ggccatttgc ttctttacat ggaatgttgt ttctcttttg     72840
     ctttgctttc cttttgggga gtgatggggg gaccatttag cgcaaactgt ttttgaactc     72900
     actatttttc tgtttggtca tgatggggtt agataatgtg gggccaccac accaactttg     72960
     tgtcatttac tgtaatgtag gtagacagag ttggaaattt ttattaatgt tattttagag     73020
     atgtgaaact caggtttaac gaaattctaa aagataaaag agataaaatg agtttatctt     73080
     tttgtttgta tttttgcttt tttagacagg gtttttctgt gtatccctgg ctgccctaga     73140
     acttattctg gcctcaaact caggctggcc ttggactcag agatccacct gcctttgcct     73200
     cccaagtgct ggaattaaag atgtgtatca ccactgctca gtgacttatc ttttgtattt     73260
     aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaattacag gggctggagg     73320
     gatgacttag tagttaagag cactgactac tcttccacag aggtcttgag ttcaattccc     73380
     agcaaccaca tggtggctta cagccatctg taatgggaac tgatgccctc ttctggtgtg     73440
     tctgaagaga gtgacagtgt actcatatac ataaaataaa taaatctttt taaaaaatta     73500
     cataactttt ttttgccctt ttttctgata aagatataat atatgatttt tattttctgg     73560
     caaaagcatg agtagtacta cttttaaaag taagattaat atattttgtt gtacaaggaa     73620
     aacttgctgg atttattttc atagttttct tattttgaaa cagaacttac aatagaggtg     73680
     gtattctttt taaaattggt agatttcatt catttcacaa ttccatgaaa aaaaattatt     73740
     tttcaagact gtagctgtag ctcttgggta gaatacttgc ccagtgttct gcctacttga     73800
     catggggccc tgggattcaa tcctcaaaag caggaatttt ttttaaacag atagtaagat     73860
     ttgtgtattg tagagcctga ggaaaaatac actgctgtag tgttaataaa aataccaatt     73920
     taggaataat ttattaaaaa gaataatata gagttgttta aaagattaat attaagagct     73980
     ggagagtagt taagagcact ttgtgctttt ggagaggata caaggccagt ttccagacct     74040
     cgtgtcaagc ggctcacagc tgcctctaac tcccagtcta gggtatctga taccctacgg     74100
     cctccatagg cacatacaca ggtggtatat atacatcgac acagacacat acataatata     74160
     gtacaaatac taaaaagaat aaatttacat gcatgctcta aaaatgggga cagtagaaaa     74220
     aagatgtctc ataaagtgaa gcttaaagta atatatatag aaggatattt tcttagaagt     74280
     gtctatatac attgaactgt tacttgcata atgtttgttt ttcagtgaaa gtgagtacta     74340
     aacagttttt taaaattcat ttaagtatct tttagttgat agctttagtt attttgatag     74400
     tgaaaatttg ctgttattga ctgtttagta tatttagagt tagcttacac cagagtaatg     74460
     gaaatgaaga gtaaccagtg tgccctatgt ctccataggg atttattcag tggagctaat     74520
     aaatgacagc ttatatgact ggcatgtcaa actacacaag taagtacctt ctgtgctagc     74580
     taccctgttt tttacaatga aatgttgggt tctctttcct tttttgcctt atcagtctca     74640
     tagttttata ttctgcatgt gcctgggcag cactgctgga gaagttgtta agttaccata     74700
     gagagctcat tctgagcctc aatggggaga gtcagacaac ggggaggagt ggataggcag     74760
     gaagtgtttg gcacgcttat gagagtgtga cagtttacaa acaaaatgta ttcagatagc     74820
     atgagcctgt gatcctgttt atgtttgaaa taaggagatt tagatagtac atatagaaga     74880
     attatagaaa aaatgttttt atagtgattt acttttggtg gtattattgg cggtaaattt     74940
     cttttcttaa acttcttggt taaaaatata attttaggaa aggaaagcat caaaatgttt     75000
     ttcagttgtt tgaaaagtta tgtgtatcta actgttgttc tttggaatga ccattaattt     75060
     cagatttcct ttgttcccaa ggagctagag agcccatagt gacacccccc acccacccca     75120
     ccccggactg tggcacactt tagaacttct gtttagaact taccttggag gctctgttgc     75180
     cccttttgga ctggttcagt tggagcttag taagaaaggt ttctctaatc ttgtttgaac     75240
     tggcttttgt tttgttattc ttagggttga ctctgatagt cctttgcaca gtgatcttca     75300
     gatcttaaaa gaaaaagaag gcatagaata tattttgctt aacttctctt ttaaggtaag     75360
     aatattgtaa tgggattcat gtccttctaa tgggagtatg taagtgactc agctgccttg     75420
     gagaacaatt tggtaggatt tgagttcagg attttttttt ttttcctttc cttttctttt     75480
     tttttgagac aggatttcat tgtgtagtct cagactcaca gatctgccta cttccctcca     75540
     actcccaagt gttggaatta aatgttgata ctgagtttgg ctagttaagg agttgttgag     75600
     gtgtatactc cacaaaagat gaatgcttag acacctggaa acacacaaga atgtgtagag     75660
     aagcatggtt tgtcataacc acaaccaaaa caatccagtt atagtaaatt ggagaatgtg     75720
     gcatccataa gagatattga caagataggt cagtcttcta tatagtatat ataagtagaa     75780
     gaaattagac ttagactttt agccattttg tgtagttcca tttatataga attcaaaaat     75840
     tgtaaaatta gttttgtata gggcatgcgt tttgagtgca ggcaagggaa atttggtcct     75900
     gtaaatgaaa cattcttagg tgttttaatg gtctttagcc acaaaaactt ctcttgtact     75960
     aaaattcaat ggggccggga accctgctaa aactagaaaa aacatttcta ggtagacttt     76020
     ttaggtacga aacagtgaga aaagaaagct caaaagcatg aagtcagtgt tcatacctgg     76080
     gcaacaggac cagaagcgaa ggtgtgatca ccataaagag ttactgagta gacagagaca     76140
     tctgtaggct tcctgttagt cacgtgggta tcctgtttac aataattgct aaagtttccc     76200
     tgtatattta tgtccctttt ggaattactt agtaatttga agctgttaaa aataaaggtt     76260
     aaaaaagaat agcaatgggc tctagataaa atgttagtga tttaatgtat ataatatggt     76320
     aagatctaac gattggacat ctcaactaga ttgaggtgct ttgaggcttt ctgttgaagt     76380
     ggccagggct gctgtggtga gctgaggagg agattagggc agtgtctgtc cacagacagt     76440
     agtttatcag agtgactttg atatcctcgt gctatttaag ggcttggatt tacagtcctc     76500
     tctggggtaa aagggctttt caagaacata ctgaaaagtc ttacaggctc tgggatgtgc     76560
     tctttgtgct gtaaaccagc catagggggt ttttatttga gggcatagtt ggtctgttcg     76620
     gcttcttgtt ttgttttaaa cagttagctc cctttcgttg gcactggttg atagtacata     76680
     gttgatctct ggctgactag ttggaggctt ttacttaatc ttgcaaagaa atgatgcaga     76740
     gcttgtatat atggctttgg tgctacaggt ggcacaggtg gatataagat gtttgaaagg     76800
     aagaaaacat agacatttgt cttagtcagg gtctctagtc ctgcacaaac atcatgacca     76860
     agaagcaagc tggggaggaa agggtttatt cggcttacac ttccatgctg ctgttcatca     76920
     ccaaaggaag tcaggactgg aactcaggca ggtcagaaag caggagctga tgccgaggcc     76980
     atgaagggat gttccttact agcttgcctc ctctggcttg ctcagcctgc tctcttatag     77040
     aatccaagac agccagccca gagatggtcc cacccacaag gggcccttcc cccttgatca     77100
     ctaattgaga aaatgcctta cagttgtatc tcatggaggc atttcctcaa ctgaagctcc     77160
     tttctctgtg gtaactccag ctgtgtcaag ttgacacaaa actagccagt ataattgacc     77220
     ccttgtcaac ttgacacaca aacacatcac tagtaagcct caacccttac attcttattc     77280
     atccccaagg tctaaataac tttaaacatc ccacagtctt tacatattct taaaatttca     77340
     atctctttaa aatattcatc tcttttaaaa tccaaagtct ttttacaatg aaaagtctct     77400
     taactgtggg ctccactaaa atagtttctt ccttcaagag ggaaaatatc agggcacagt     77460
     cacaatcaaa agcaaaaatc aatgtccaac cttccagtgt ctgggatcca actcacaatc     77520
     ttctgggctc ctccaagggc ttgggtcact tctccagcca tgccctttgt accacacgcg     77580
     tcgtcctcta ggctccagat gcctgtactc cactgctgct gctgctcttg gtggtcatct     77640
     catggtactg gcatcttcaa aacactgcat gaccccttca gtcctgggcc ttcaattgca     77700
     actgcggctg caccttcatc aatggccttc catgacctct caccgtgcca agcctcagct     77760
     gttctttgtg accccttcat gccttcaaaa ccagtaccac ctgggtgacc cttacatatt     77820
     accaagtccc gttggagcag gagtacaacc ttggccatat ctggaacaca gcctctttgt     77880
     gctttcagaa aacacttccc agaagatgtc acctcaatga tgctggtctc ttcttaatca     77940
     ccgctaattt cttagctcca gctaaccagc atcaatagtc ccagtaatgc caagtttttg     78000
     ctttagtagt tctggtatct tgttaatcac ggctgactct tcagccccag ctaaccagaa     78060
     ccacagaatc ttcacaatca aagcagcaat gtccctgaaa agagtcttta attttccctc     78120
     tgaaatttca caaaccagat ctccatcttc tgcactgttc tcaacattat cttccaagct     78180
     cctacacaac atctgacaga gctcttaaca atgaatggat cttcaagccc aaagttccaa     78240
     agtccttcca cagttctccc caaaacatgg tcaggttgtc acaggaatac cccactctgc     78300
     tggtaccaat ttgtcttagt cagggtctct atttctgcac aaacatcatg accaagaagc     78360
     aagctgggga ggaaagggtt tattcggctt acacttccat gctgctgttc atcaccaaag     78420
     gaagtcagga ctggaactca ggcaggtcag gaagcaggag ctgatgcaga ggccatggag     78480
     ggatgttctt tactagcttg cctcctctgg cttgctcagc ctgctctctt atagaatcca     78540
     agacagacag cccagagatg gtcccaccca caaggggtct ttcccccttg atcactaatt     78600
     gagaaaatgc cttacagttg tatctcatgg aggcatttcc tcaactgaag ctcctttctc     78660
     tgtggtaact ccagctgtgt caagttgaca caaaactagc cagtacaaca ttaaagaata     78720
     ttttcttctt agaatttgta aaaagcttta ttagttgaat cccagggcac agcttatgga     78780
     gaagcctcta ggctctgaag tagaattact ttctggaatt tctgaaactg aaggtagttc     78840
     tcaatcagtc aaaagaggtt ttatagttca tttgggatca tatatttaaa taaagaccta     78900
     ttttaataat aattttgctc taccaagctt tgtatccatg cttttattat actattaaat     78960
     tatagataga tttaaaagta gatgaaagtg tcactgagtt ggcatcttgt atggacaggt     79020
     gttttcattt tctaacttgc agtagaaatg tcgcactgga caaacccatc cttcgctagg     79080
     agggctggag agtgtgctag tcattttcca cttgttttct tggaagtaat tggatgcgac     79140
     atgtttagtt ctatcttgcc tcaaaatgag tttttaaaaa ccattacttc atgttgtttg     79200
     aacataaaaa ttggacataa tttttgttag actctcttgg cctgccatca tcaggagcag     79260
     gaagcctttc cccctccagc tgctgtagga agttagaagc agctttcctt acctggccat     79320
     cagggaacta atgtctaaca ctcttgcctg ctttagtttc tgtctgtgtg acatcggatg     79380
     actctcacct ttttagggct ggagtgaggc agggtctctg actaacctgg agttctccag     79440
     ggtgtctaga ctggctggcc agtgagctca agagaccctc ccgtccacgt gtcctcagtg     79500
     ctggaaacac aggcctgtgc cagcaaacct gactgtcgtc tttggttccg aggctggagc     79560
     tcaggtcatt ctgcttgcac agccatctcc tcagcaccac ctctgacttt ttgaagcagc     79620
     ttacccattg tattgaatgt tactattgtt gcttaccata gtataggtga tctttctact     79680
     tgtctttttg tgttctatct ctcttccccc atcctgtttc ctattggatt ttcttaggac     79740
     tcccatttcc tgccttttaa cttagtaggt atatgttctc ttactcatgc tctatatatc     79800
     tttgaattgt caaagtccaa tattcatttt ttgcctttgt aatgtcatag cctttagcag     79860
     tacttctcaa actacctaat actgtgacct tttaatacag tttctcatgt tgtggtgacc     79920
     ttcaaccata aaattatttt tgttgttact tcataactaa ttttgccaag ttatgaaaca     79980
     taatgtaaat atctgatatg catgttatct gttatgtgag ctgggttgag atccaccgcc     80040
     ttaggttctc agtacatgca cttacagtct ttacttggac tctgagacca gccaaactta     80100
     ttctctcagg ttatagctag cattatcttt tttttttttt ctgccaaact attgttaagt     80160
     tttcttttta gtatggcttt gcagatggga aaatgcatat tttatttctg ctttatttct     80220
     ttttctttga gacaaggtct tgttctgaat cacaggctgg tctcaagctt gttaccctct     80280
     ggtcctgctt cctggctgct ggggttgcag gtgtacactg ctctgcctgg ccgtaattgc     80340
     atttttgagg aatatagatc tttaggtttg caagttgtca actcctttca gctccttgaa     80400
     gacagatatc tttcttagca ttgaagattc tagactttcc tgaaagtgct tacagtggtc     80460
     aagcattgag aagtctttgg agaattctca tccatttttc ttgccctctt ctctcttcta     80520
     agactcagac atgtgtgata aagattgtgt cattattttc tgcattttct acctcttgta     80580
     ccttttgggg tctttcccaa attcattctg gttgtttgtt atttattttc ctatttattg     80640
     aatctctgta ctgcagtttg ttgacatagt ctcagttgcc cattgggttt agttcctgct     80700
     gctgtggctc cagatcagaa tctttatggg ttctgttgta atgatataca gttctgctgt     80760
     ggtttggttt catcttctct tccttccaga tgttcagcag ttttgcaaca tgcacctgtt     80820
     gactctgtct cattgtggtt gtcctgttgg gcttacatct aagtcttagc attgatggac     80880
     attatgtgtg aaaggctgca gaggagggtt tcagtattgt ggaagggatt agcatttgcc     80940
     ctgccagggc cacagactgg ggatacctag gcagtcagtg atggagattt ctgagagcca     81000
     gacttgactc cctacaaggg tagttggccg ttggtccccc gtggcccatc ctgacgtgcg     81060
     gaaggcccca ggatgtggcc tctgctgtgc tgcagctcca gcttttgcct ccctggctgc     81120
     aagtctgcat tctgttgttt gctaacctct tccattcctc ttctatagtg gaaagaaaag     81180
     gcctctccca ggcttgacca caccatgctg ctcagtgtat ggtgtgagtg agtgagtgca     81240
     gctctgcgct gttctgtccc ttatttgatg gctttgctgc tgttgcttgt ttctcatctg     81300
     tcctttgata ctaatttcac tttcatgact aggtaataaa agaggataca tttctttatt     81360
     gattatttga aaaccttcta gataatgcaa aattaaaaat aatgttctta aaattgatta     81420
     aacttacttt ttttaggata attttccatt tgatcctccg tttgttagag tggtgttacc     81480
     tgttctctca ggagggtaag tttacatatt tacttttttt gtgatagtat gtgtcagagt     81540
     cctttgcaga actgtctgga gcctgggagg tcaggattgc tggacttgac acaggatttt     81600
     gtgtcaggta ggttgaaggg gcttgagaac ttacctttct gagaagttct caactgaaac     81660
     tgatagtttg gggtccacat tcacaaccac aggtacaaat tacttactta taagcagaca     81720
     tcctaatgga gtttatttat atgtgttgac tctttagaga tgagtttcag ctgagtgtac     81780
     ctgcctgtaa tctcagtctg tcagaaactg atgcaggatt gtgagttcca ggccagctag     81840
     agagatcctt ccaaatctgt atctggatgt taggtaatat ggtcagtagc tatcaaaata     81900
     ctgtctttaa aaatgttttt caaatataaa ccacgcttga ggatttcagg aaagtttccg     81960
     ttactgtggt tctcacaggc ctgtgatgct gagtgtggtc acagtgataa tccggtaacc     82020
     cgaggcagct gtggagctca tctctgcata aatagttact taatacaatt gactggtgat     82080
     tgtcatacat ccgtactgaa ttttgtcctg cttctttttg tagttatgaa gctatgggag     82140
     gcatgacaaa gatcaagtta attatgatat attatacaat cccccatatg ggcttcacta     82200
     aactacttgt aggggagcag gggcgatggc tccgttgctt agagtagttg tttctcttgc     82260
     aaaggactca aagtcagttt ctagcaccca tgtgaagtga cttacggcta cccagtattt     82320
     cagctccaag gggtttaatc ccccttccgg cctctgcagg cacacacata aatggaaaaa     82380
     aaaaaaatct tttaagagtt ctcaaatcct cagctaattc tattttgtga gatgagttct     82440
     actgtaataa taaaatctaa aaacattgcc cataagctga taattcatgt atttgagaca     82500
     gtagtagtga ctcctaaaga aagactttag atcttctcag aaatagtctc ttttaatata     82560
     tagatgtaca aaacaaatat aactataatt ttttgttttt gtttttgaga tcacaacctg     82620
     gtaaaatttc tcaatatagt gagaatatgt gtggcctgat gttgggaagt agagtatggc     82680
     acaactggcc atgtgtctgt aaagcccagc aggaacaggc ctgtgtttgt gacgtgttga     82740
     gccatttaga tgtctacagt actatcacgg agtacttctt taacagatga cttaggtggt     82800
     ccctgcagcc tgctcctttg ttacatcttc cagaaagtta tgtggtatat taggccttat     82860
     gaacatcaag ctcaatgata ctcattccaa agggacttgt tgaagacttg gtgtgaattt     82920
     ttccccccca caaagtcact aaataacagc tcctattctg ttttccacaa atcacttaat     82980
     aacttctaat tttttgtggc ctgttggcat ctcagaagat ggcatcctct ggtttactgt     83040
     ttgggaaatg ttgctctttc agaaacccaa aatcttgagc gatcctcagc aaggctgaag     83100
     tgatccctta gacatcttgc ttctgctttt ggcaaacagt tacaacgctg atcacaaatg     83160
     ctgttaggct gagtgggaaa tcacacactc agagggcaca cacaaagatg tttcaagttg     83220
     tcaagtttca tttcgttacc tttaaacatt cccgcatgct tctgggttag gcagtgaagg     83280
     tagtttttct atcataaagc ccatggctat ttttggaagg agaatattag gtaacctagc     83340
     caaatattta catacacaaa ataaacatag ggtggaaata tagtgaattt taaacttttg     83400
     tatcccttcc tcagaacacc agccctttcc tagccaagtg taacaacatt aatttttttt     83460
     tacagtttag tgttgctata acattgtaaa ttctgtcaca agtatttttt ttctcctttc     83520
     tctggtaagc atatttaacg gtgaatattg gatttatctg tcattaactg gtatgtagga     83580
     aaaaggaaat aattttttaa aatgttctag gaatggaaga gatggctcag ttggtaaaat     83640
     gattgctgag aaattaggac ctgagttgag atcactagac cctacataca gtctgggtat     83700
     gatggcttat tcctgaagcc tgagcactgg ggatgtgggg aaaggagaat ccttgaagct     83760
     gtctggctag ccagactagc aaattggtga gaggttcatt gagataccct gtcttaaaca     83820
     gtatgatggg tagctggggt tacttctagc ctccatagtg tatgtaacag acacacacac     83880
     acaccacata tatacaaaag cgaggaaaag cacccatagt gatgggtccg acctaaagac     83940
     tatagatgag atcccattgc cacaggatca agtgtcagaa gacctaatgg aaggaggagg     84000
     aaggtgggaa agcctagtga gggaacacca aagtagcttc tttcatagcg cagctacaaa     84060
     acgaagaaaa actattggct gatctcaaac aacaatctca gaatcagaag acagcttaaa     84120
     ttttgtataa atctatagaa atggaggcat gttaaggggg tatgtgggct ctattgtgcc     84180
     atctcaacaa aacactgaag attgagactg tacagctgtc tgcaactttc agcagagttg     84240
     tcagccttgc aacagaggtg cagagaaagc tccagagact gaataacatg agtgtgtggc     84300
     cattaagaaa acagattctt ttgctcctgt tctctgggat gtttggagcc aagtttttaa     84360
     tttttgacat cagaaaagtt tagtattctg ttcaacttat ttgacaagtt gattatatta     84420
     gagtaatgac tataaacatt tgaaattggc cgcagtctta tgtctctaac aacagttttt     84480
     attttggtat attatcttct aattttgtgt gagtactgtc ttagtaatgt acttaagtat     84540
     tttaaggagg attttgtatg cttgctttcc tttttttaaa ggtatgtgtt gggtggagga     84600
     gcactttgta tggaacttct cacaaaacag gtaactcttg tgtacagttc ttagccttag     84660
     tggactattt tcctagataa gatggattct aagaggaaag atcttacatg tagtagcacc     84720
     tacttttata aacaagttca aggtaaagta gtaagttgtt gttgtacttg gagcttgttc     84780
     catgctggaa cagccattga gagtgatgtt aatctgaaat tataatctcc tcagtggcat     84840
     ttagaacagg gggtggtttg tgagattata gaagtggccc agtgtttttc ctgtcactac     84900
     agatttgtta gcactgattt gctgttgttg gggtcctcct ctgtgatgtt ttactaggtt     84960
     tttctgaatg ggaattgtga agactgctga gtttagatgc accttgttct tcccacaggg     85020
     ctggagcagt gcctactcaa tagaatctgt catcatgcag atcaatgcca ccttagtgaa     85080
     aggcaaagcc cgggtgcagt ttggagcaaa taaggtactt gacgaagaac tccacagacg     85140
     tgctggggtg cccaggctag catgcctcac atctgaggca tcttcctgtc ttgattctat     85200
     ttttaaaatt tatttttgtg tgtatgagtg tttgcctgtg tgtatgtgtc tgtactgtat     85260
     gtgtgcctgg tgccctttga ggtgagaaga gggcattgga tgaactatag ttatggacag     85320
     ttgtgagtca ccatgtgggt gattagaatt gaactcaggt cctcttcaag aaaaacactc     85380
     ctaactgagg agccttctct ccaggccccc atcccccatt gtagtttttt tttttttttt     85440
     tttttgagac catttatttc tattcttttt tatttggttt tcttgtttta gaaaagtgta     85500
     ggtagaaaac atagatgtgt aagagaagat actcattaca gttccttagc cacattgtct     85560
     tccatagtca cagtcatgtt tagagtctga gcttattatg gctaaatata acacgctaag     85620
     taaaaagctt gggtggactt tgagatttct ctaaactgga accatgttag catcgttaat     85680
     tttcagccag tgtgtacatg ctggactcta ttctaatcta catcggtaac cacttcaacc     85740
     ctttcataac ctaagagaaa tgttctgttg tcttcatttt atagataagg aaactgaggc     85800
     acacagggtc tgataactcc taaggtcaag gactcaagac aagggtttca gttgggcagg     85860
     catagtctaa gcacttattc actgagctgt gtgctgaatt tacttctttc tgggtgagat     85920
     tgcagttatt catagatatt catgatgtgt gttttgaaaa aaacttctgt gatggaaatc     85980
     aactttgatc tgatactttt ttgtatagtg aatgtttccc ctaaagttct ttgtaaaatt     86040
     tcattgctta ttcaggtagt aagatttata gttatatttt acttcaaatc atgagattga     86100
     gattatttta gaatgttaat ccacagaaaa aggaaaatgt aaaagatcat gtgaaaaatc     86160
     agtatttggg ctgatagtgt tgcttgtaac agctgtttgt ttatatggaa caaaaatgcc     86220
     atttgtttaa aatctaaagt taggcagctc accaatgtcc aataattcat atcaaacaag     86280
     catttactta tttattttgt tcgtttgttt gtttttgaag acagggtttt ttttgtgtag     86340
     accagtctgg cttagaacac acagagatcc acatgcctct gcttcctgag tgctgggatt     86400
     aaaggcatgc gccttcacca atgaatgggt cagaccaaca tttcttaaca gtatatatga     86460
     ctctattttt ttatcttaat gtgtcaataa aatgatcatg ttgtataatc taaaactttt     86520
     ttccccttcc cttctccctc ctccctcttg ctctggcctc gctcgctccg gcccatagtt     86580
     tttttgtttg tttgtttctc attacggatg gttgtaagcc tccatgtggt tgctgggatt     86640
     tgaactccta acctccagaa gagcagtaag tgctcttaat tgctgagcca tctcatcagc     86700
     ccaatctaaa acctttttaa tgttaaaata tttgctcatg caaagttcct aaagtaaata     86760
     atatcacaaa aacctgaaaa ggtgacttgt aattttgagt acctagaaat aaggcactga     86820
     catgttcttc agtgctttct tcctgggatc tatttatata gagaatttga tgttaaattt     86880
     tacatgtttt ccattttaaa agaaaattag aagggcatag aacagtgatt tttgtttttc     86940
     ttctttcttt ttgggtaatt gaaatctacc tgtataccgt gcaaactttt cttctcctga     87000
     gaactgtgta tcaactacag aagggcaggg gaatttaagt tctctatagt ttgaaattct     87060
     agaaccacca gtattatttg ttccacttca attactttaa atctgcattt tttttttatg     87120
     atgtgtagtt ttcttggcaa gtaagaaaaa gcattatact taagatgcta agtcaggctg     87180
     ctgagtactt ttgtatattg aagtacgctc atacattgct taattgtgga tatctttttg     87240
     caattttgtt atataaacta tagcacatac ctaagatggc tgtaaagaca tagcttatag     87300
     aatctttgag accatcatcc tgtatgcttt catggttgac agaagtgact ttatgtggtt     87360
     agtacagtag aaggtgaatt cagggagatt tttaggataa aacctcactc tttttttttt     87420
     ttttaattaa aaaatatttt cagctaagaa agtggaaact ttgtacaata taatagaatt     87480
     cctgaattac atactctgca ggggatagtc ttaagtatta acttaaaaaa aaatactaca     87540
     aaagtctgac atggtgattc atatctatag ttctagcagt tgggatgttg tgccaggcta     87600
     ccctgggcta tggagtgaaa ccctacctca aaagcactaa aatcgccggg tgtggtggcg     87660
     cacgccttta acctcagcac tcgagaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgag ttcgaggcca     87720
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagc tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtcttga     87780
     aaaaccaaag ccaaaccaaa ccaaaacaaa acaaaaacca ctaaaatcct aaacaatcaa     87840
     aaaagaaagc tgaatggtga gagggctcag tgggtaaaca catttggcac caagccagag     87900
     agagaccctg agctcaaacc caatgggaga accaatttcc aaggttatct tgaccttcac     87960
     attcacatta tagtacatgt ctctccctgt gttcccacat acacacataa aataaatgca     88020
     acaaaaaggg aagatacagg gcttgagtag atgactcagc ttttaagaac agttgctgct     88080
     cttacggaga atctgtggca accagtttac agttgcctct agctcccact gcagagggat     88140
     ctgaggctct gggcatctgc actcatgtgt acatactcaa cataaagaca tatatacacc     88200
     taattcaaaa taataaaaga ccagcaagtc aattcatgag atagaactgc tgccacacag     88260
     gcccgatgaa ccaagttcag ttacagtgga agatcagaca ggcaaatgct aatagccatt     88320
     gttactgatt aggggacttt taaatacaag tagggttaag ttaaaaatga gattgatatt     88380
     ttgtgctcta caaatttctg tcatatattt attactttag aatattttaa atatttacat     88440
     ttgattttag tcaaaaagcc aagatgcaat atcttaaata tattgtcagt tgttggttaa     88500
     aagtaattaa gagtgcttgc cttttaaaaa gctgaattaa ctgatacgca tgctggaaat     88560
     ctgagttctt ttcagtagac atgattgaga ctgggttggg ttaatggtac tgagaactgg     88620
     cagctttgtc caggcaagag cctatggaga gatggaagta cattcttgcc atcagctccc     88680
     ccactccccg acagtgagaa caaggagtga gaacaagtca tggagttaga aggatgtagg     88740
     ccagggtgtt tcctgttcaa ttactaggaa ataaagtctg tagcattaac ttggggctat     88800
     acaaataata aattctttca gagtataggc ctgttcatag aaatagttcc cagcacttgg     88860
     agagcttagg agggaagatt gtaaatttga ggccatgtgg gctacattgt gagactagac     88920
     ctaactgggc tctataagga gaccctatct tcaaaactaa aaactgaata aagcaagcta     88980
     atgtgttaaa catgcatgtt acagagggac catctgtcaa tgatagtgaa gtcctagaac     89040
     acacagcctt ggggcagtgc tgaccctgtt tctgcaatca ggataggagc cttctgttgc     89100
     tgccacctac tgtagaactc ttcgtaatgg ccacaagccg gggagtgact aatccctggc     89160
     cctgtattca taagtgagtt gtgctgccaa atataggagc ctgattctcc acaggggcta     89220
     ttctgatccc atgttaactg tattctcagc tctcaccaga agcagactaa tcctctagag     89280
     aaaagtgttt ctaactgaag cttgtaggct tcccaaggat taaaatcaaa caaataggga     89340
     gttcagttaa agatcacaac taggccaccc aggcacagaa atgacagaaa tatgaatgtt     89400
     atatacatgt ccccaaggac tggttcttga aatatcagat ctcaagatag gggtaaggga     89460
     tagctgaggt tgtagctgag tggtaaagtg cctacttagc atgtgttcaa tccccagcgc     89520
     ctcaaagcac aaagcagaac aaaataaaaa ctgcagttat tgaaatgcaa taaaatagtt     89580
     atatgaaatg tcagaggaag aaaatagcta agtaaatggt catatgttat aacccctgca     89640
     cttagagaag atggagacag taggatcaga agttcaaggt aatgtttggc tacatagtgg     89700
     gttcaaggcc acagtggcct aaacgagatt ctatctcaaa aagccaaaga aaagaaaaca     89760
     tttaaaaatg gaaccatgaa gccaggcgta gtggtgcacg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg     89820
     gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtttacagt tccaggacag     89880
     ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtcttga aaaaccaaaa aaaaagtgga accatgaaag     89940
     actggaaatg aagttgagag atctgaagaa tccatacaga atagcttaaa actggggaga     90000
     aaaccctcat aaatgcacag ggaaatccag atcaatatac caacaaagga agggctgcat     90060
     atgttgtctg ctggctaaac cagctgatct ctgctcagtg tgagatgtcc tgtgtcttat     90120
     ccagacatac ataagaaact gaaaaagttc acagcaaggc agacaacata aaaacagtgc     90180
     tatctcccaa aactatataa ttcaatgtaa ttaagttaaa agataatgaa gattagagta     90240
     caaatgaact tggaaattta agtgtatttc taagttatag taaaaagaac atgtaaaact     90300
     aaaaataatt ttgaactgta atggcaatag taaatttctt gaaaagaaga tgtttaaagt     90360
     tgttgagtaa agacaaccca taatgctgaa aaacataaaa gaagacagac actctctgat     90420
     ctagttaaat aaagcttacg taatttaata tgccagaaat atacaatgtc ctgtggaaat     90480
     tcagactttc agactgttgg tcaaatagga atttgaaaat aaaattctgc agtgtctgag     90540
     atagcagcaa caatgcagtc agacactaaa ggaggctccc agcagcagga aaaggaagga     90600
     catgacacct gggccatgaa agggagaggc tggacgccat gaaggtacaa gggtagggaa     90660
     ggtgagggag aggagagtct acaaatgcac accttgttcc aaaatgctga gagctagttc     90720
     cttgtatgct gaagtgcaaa gtgaaccaat aacaatagat caaaatccaa ctcattgata     90780
     gagaggagtc aaaagggaga aattagcaaa gatgtaagga gcagtctaca gtcctgacct     90840
     ggaggtcagt catcagctgt gtcaactgtc cacagtaaca ggttccactt aggagagtgg     90900
     gtgcagtgtt tcctgatctg agagtatgtc atgtgtattt tgttaggttt agtctatctc     90960
     tctttctctc tctctctccc tctctccctc ttccccctct ctcttttttg ttgttttcaa     91020
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctat cctggaactc attctgtacc ccaggctggc     91080
     ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgcgcc     91140
     accacacccg gctctttttt tttttttttt ttttttttta ttaaagattg atttatatat     91200
     gtgaggacac tatagctgta cagatggttg tgagccttca tgtggttgag ggaattgaat     91260
     tttttaggac ctctgctcac tccagtcggc ccctctcgct cagtccctgc ttgctcaggc     91320
     ccgatatatt tattattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctga cttcagacgc accagaagag     91380
     ggagtaaggt cttactacga gtggttgtga gccaccatat ggttgctggg atttgaactc     91440
     aggacttttg gaagagcagt cagtgctcca acttgctgag acatctcacc agccccatct     91500
     atttctcttt tacttttctt tttgtgtaaa taaattagtg tgaattgatg ttttgtctgc     91560
     atttcttctt tgtgtactgt atacatgttt gctgcctgca gaggccagga gagtgcatca     91620
     gatccctgga actggagttg ttatccactg tgtgggtgct aggaattgaa tcttggtgct     91680
     ctagaagagc agccagtgtt ttttaaccac ggaaccatct ctccagccca tgaaattaat     91740
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattat tattattatt attttttttt tttggttttt     91800
     ccagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct     91860
     ggtcttgaac tcagaaatcc acctgtctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcatgc     91920
     gccaccactg cccgacccat gaaagtattt ttttttaaag ttttatttat ctattatagg     91980
     taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacactc cagaagaggg cgtcagatct tgttacagat     92040
     agttgtgagc caccatttgg ttgctgggat ttgaactctg gaccttcgga agagcaatcg     92100
     ggtgctctta cccactgagc catctcacca gcccgaaagt attttaaaaa tatctttgag     92160
     atgattattt tttgtcttag gtgcctgcgg caggaaatag ggtctatagg aaatagggtt     92220
     tgttgacaga aataaaaata atagctcaca aatgcatgga gactggctca gctgaactga     92280
     atagtagacc agcaggctgg aaccccaagg agaatgtggc tcaacagagt tgaggggctc     92340
     ctgggaggct ttttggagga gctcacagat ggatggcctt gcagcccatg tggagacctg     92400
     agcaaggcct cagtgtagca gaggcttagc ctttggtgca gaagcatcat tccaggtggg     92460
     ttttgctcat acttggccag tacatagttg gtctttggaa aacatcctgc acatgaatgt     92520
     ccttgcaaaa gcgtctagag aagtgtacga gaaactagta aatgtagctc agtatagggg     92580
     aagcagggac aggaagggat tggttgttgg gagactgtct gtacattttg tgtcttctgc     92640
     acttgtcttt gttgtagacc aggttgtatg atgtgctgct gtagatgggg tgacctgtta     92700
     cggagagcgt gtctggtatt tattatttga agttaagaag taagccattc aaacttttaa     92760
     ggcaaaattc aatctgaact tggcttctta gagaacttac cttcttactt tagccaaaag     92820
     aggtaccttg gtggcaatca tggacattct tacatttaaa atatttacaa atactaaaat     92880
     gtacaagtat ttacattcat ggtgcctgaa gcttggtgtt ttcttatctg gaatcatgat     92940
     ctcatagact tgtcgtttgg atgaagttag aaggaagagt tggggtttta ctcatccacg     93000
     tgtgtttcct ttgacttact cagacagtgt ggggagaccc acactaggac tataaactct     93060
     catgcttgac cagtggtagg aagactttaa gacaacagtt tggaagcttt ggggttttat     93120
     tgaaatacaa ttttggtttt gttattctta taaagttata ctaagtatgg aaagtaacac     93180
     aagttgtctg aaaaatgaaa atgttctttt aagcatagta atgatgcatc cagaaattta     93240
     ctctgctttt cattggcctg cagttttgat ttaataatgt atatttcttt ttcagaatca     93300
     gtataatcta gcacgagccc aacagtccta taattccatt gtacagatac atgagaaaaa     93360
     tggtatgttt aattcaataa gtacttatta tttatgaagt tacatatagc acattgatgt     93420
     ttgccttgtt catttttgtg ttaatttttt tatcaaatac tgttaattac agtgaggaga     93480
     aaaacatttt ctatatttgt aatcttctaa caaatcttaa cactctttct atcaaaagct     93540
     gatgccctga attccttgac ctaagtgcct ttgagtcatt gccaagaact taggttaata     93600
     gataaattcc tttgctcact tggaatatac tctgtaagaa aggagttgtg ctagcagctc     93660
     tgtatagggg ctctcctgaa gcagagctaa tgtaaaagga ccacggacat ctgcttctga     93720
     aacattgtca gatgccttcc tacctcatgg tcaaacctat aaccctacca ggcaaaaaca     93780
     ctggacttct gagatagagc tttactgtgt gtgtgtcatc tggttcttga ttctcttttc     93840
     ttgtttttgt ttgacttttt aagacaagac ctcattaagt ttcaggctgg ctttgaagtc     93900
     actctgcagg caaggcttga acttgagtcc ttttgcttcc gtcttcccag tagctgggat     93960
     tataggcctg taccacctgg cctagcttgg aagacctact tgcaagtgcc atttatgtca     94020
     ctccctagct ctgtggcttt aagcaagtcc tcagatttat ttagaagaga aatctgtttc     94080
     tgtgtgtatt tgccactgca cacactttgt aggtgctgag agtcaaactc aggttgtctg     94140
     gcttgccagc aagtaccttc acccattgag acattttgcc agcctctgtg atctctttca     94200
     tcccgagttt cctcatctga aggtggcaaa gtgtctgtta gaaaacatga agaaaaagaa     94260
     tagtgcctat gcagagcact gtgtaaccaa gagccctgaa taaggaattc attgtagtag     94320
     tgaaagggaa actaatgctc ttctgtgcag agtggaagga gcgctacctt agggcagtac     94380
     tgtagtacat gctcctacct ctgctagagg tgtgttagtt gggctgggaa cttaccatgc     94440
     atgaggccct aagttctcag aatgcacatg aaaagccagg cgtgacagtg gatgcctctg     94500
     atcccaactg tgggaagcag agaaggaaag aggcttgggt ttgctggcca gccagtctga     94560
     atctttgcac tgcaggttaa gaacctgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     94620
     agatttgagg aagacacggt atgttgccct ctgtgtacac acttaattag gcgtattagt     94680
     ttgtaagttt agatttgtgt cttacacttt attttatttt aatgacaaag acaacttgtc     94740
     acttttcccg tgactccctt tagtaatagt attcaaaatc aaatcttgaa acttcaaagg     94800
     aaggtcttaa aatctgaagt taagcctagg cttgtatagt agtcatttct agtaagtgca     94860
     tcagatgagt gtgtcctagt gcctgctctg ttccaggcag gactgagcat ccaggtgcct     94920
     ttctgtgaga gctcactttt gtggagcctg agcaagcaga cacacttccc ccttttggtt     94980
     tctcaaacaa accctacaat tggtgttctc aaaatgttta tagaaaatgt atttgagtga     95040
     gacagagagt tttgcattga tgggagagca gtggattcgg gtccctatca tgagtaactt     95100
     gatgtgtagt catacattat aagattacta actctgatga actgcctcac atagctggaa     95160
     ttttaatgtg atgagagcac tttccctacc aatgcttttg tttgtttgct ttaaattctg     95220
     gtcaccagga ttttgtgtgg gggatacttt gagtgaggtt tgcttttaaa tacaaaactg     95280
     agatggaagg ttaacatgta gctgttagtc cataatgtca ctgtcagcta ggagtaccat     95340
     tcatacagag atgctgaaaa tccaagcatg cgttagtcat aagcagtaac caaatcagat     95400
     ataaaatgtt gtttagttaa taactaaaca agtgtaagtt tctacagtag gattaaacaa     95460
     cacagttacg aatagagctg gacctgatct tagtaatgcc tttttctaac tgcttcaaga     95520
     ttgatgtagt taaccttttc ccattttatt tcaggctggt acacacctcc aaaggaagat     95580
     ggctaactac attgacatat gtctggacca atgttgcttt aaagaaaatc gttccaacgt     95640
     acagacataa gcttttgagt gcccgtataa cagcagtacc gaagatatta gctaatagat     95700
     catttagtgg ataatctgtc aactgacatc cagttacagc cttttcattt tgctcacttt     95760
     aggtatcttg gactgagcag tggggccttt actgtatttt tcctgataag tacacacaat     95820
     agccactccc taccacctct ttcttgaaaa gtgaaatctt ttaagcaggg aagtgagcat     95880
     ccgtttactg cagctgtgat ttttacagta acctttctat attgagccta tggggtatga     95940
     agatttgcaa aatcttgttt gtttagagcc aataaaagtt taactgatgg tcaatactgg     96000
     tttagaaatt ttaggtcttc taaaccatag ctttttcagg tctgaaataa ttttattgcc     96060
     aaaattatga caggaagcct cctcattaaa ttgttacact ttttcacggt tgtgtgaaag     96120
     tttgaactaa tctaaaagta tgatcgtaat tgtaccatat tagcgtacag caaaacgagg     96180
     cagccacttg tgagcagtaa tttccactgg agcagcaggg tcctagtgga ccaaacctgc     96240
     ttcctgttgg ttcagcattt cttgtgagga agagccacag tgcagagcct gaagttctaa     96300
     agtatgaggt cattttacct ttccatttat tagcggggtg ttgcaattga cgataaacta     96360
     ataaacttat ggaatggttg gcacaaagac agactctttg agcaaaatta tgaaagatac     96420
     ctaaattgga gatccttaaa tttttgctgt agtcatgcag tggcttttac atcagaagac     96480
     cagtaggagt tcagcctgtg ttaattcttt tttaaaatgt gacacagatc aatgtacttt     96540
     gcatttttat tacctttcct gaatcaatcc tctttggttg gtaatagact tttttggatc     96600
     catgtttgat ttgaatctag ctacttaagc acttttaaaa gaaacctcga agcacactcc     96660
     tgcacgaccc agtacagagt taaacggctt ttcttatata tttgatttga gatttttttt     96720
     ttaaactttg caaaccacat ctaggagatg tggcacttgt gcattttatg tgtggtgtta     96780
     gtttctcttg attctgttgg ttaagagggc agaaaagata tctggtattc ttggtcactt     96840
     ggttacccta aatatatgat tgccagtggc tcagatgaca agtgacaaga cagaattctt     96900
     caacacatta ttaagttcct tatgcctaag gcaaaatctt gaatacatta ttgaattcta     96960
     atttcctaat ggctagcaga ttgacagctg cacatttggc atgctttggg gttgggtttt     97020
     tttttttttt tgattttatt tttcattgca gatttatttg gcaatgtaca gtaaattttg     97080
     taaacttgca tcaagtttat gaataaagaa ccatttaaaa atcagtttgt cacctttccc     97140
     tcttatgaga tgctataatt caggcgtcta taggctctat attgaatttc tagtgtaggc     97200
     tgtttaaaga gaagatgggg tgtggggagg tttcagaagt ggagatgaag atactgagag     97260
     ggatagggaa cctagaattg gtgtgtacac acatagtgta ttcagttttt ctttaaccat     97320
     tcccttactg cgttctttaa attcaaatac atgtgggttt ctagtgctgt tttaattaat     97380
     gtctctaatg ttcttagggt actattagca cagttcctct tgtacactca aggcctctat     97440
     acacaccact atctgtagat ctcatcagaa tctcagcaga aggaaagcct tttctttcct     97500
     tgactgaaat tcctgtgcca gtttcatgtt tggtttgaat gttatgtctc catgtacagc     97560
     ctccctactt cattcagaaa cagttgtttt ttctgaaggt tgccttagct gaggaaatgt     97620
     tcagaagtcc tcctcttaaa catactgacc cttggtgttc attccctagt cgtcataaca     97680
     tgttcccgca ccccaccccc accccaacca gtgcctggtg agaagagtgg agccacagag     97740
     cagtttggaa gttctagaag taggatttag ggctcctgga gagcccagag ctgctggggt     97800
     tttttattaa cgggaagcat tgaagttttc acacattccc agtgtatcgt ggtgttttgg     97860
     agactgtatg atgcgtccat gtttgctact taagtcttaa ggtttccaga gtaaagtggc     97920
     tgctgcttgt tgagggcttg ttcatgtttt tttgtgttat cttacatatt ttgcagtagg     97980
     gtctagattg ttttcggctt ttgaccctcc tgcctccagc ttgctagatg caaacatgca     98040
     tcatcttgtc cagctcaaaa tgttctaatg ggttatcaca gtgtaaaaga tctagaagcc     98100
     aaaacaagaa gcaccaggtc aggccaagta gctggggaca aagtgcccct cagtcaggag     98160
     acaacctatt cagttgaaat gaagcagcct ctactgttct ttcatttgtg gttcgggaat     98220
     gtatggtgtt gggcttcatc ccctgtgatt ctgtatgtag ccctgcaggg aagagccagc     98280
     aggagccaaa gaataatggc tcctgtgtga aaatatctat ctggtttggc atgtgctttc     98340
     tgtagcaatt aatagtgcca aagaatggcg agtgctattt atgtctactc gcttaaaact     98400
     taagacctaa cgagttaacc agattgacca aatagtgttt gcagccggct taaacgccag     98460
     gctgcctccg gtcccttccg ggcggaactg tgcaggccgg tgcaccgccg cagcggcgtg     98520
     tccagtaccg gaagcggccc accggaagtg gcgcgcgcct gctcagggag ctcgggttgt     98580
     aggtggtgcg ccggccgctc cggtacccct gagactctgt agggccttcg ggccggtagg     98640
     cgaggaatgg agccggcagg cggcggtggc ggcgtctcct cctccacaga tccgcgaagc     98700
     acctacgtgc tgagtaacct tgcggaggtg gtggagcgtg tgtttacctt cctgccggcc     98760
     aaagcgctgc ttcgggtagc cgggtgaggg cgaatggggc gggaggagac cttcgtcccg     98820
     gagggtggcg gggtcgcctc tgccgggacc tctgcccggg tttcctagtg cttagctggc     98880
     gctgcgaggc tgctgacggt gggaaccggc cgcccggcgg caaccctttg tgcttttgca     98940
     tccccagagt atgccgcctg tggagggagt gtgtacgcag agtgctgcgg acccatcgca     99000
     gcgtgacctg gatctccgcg ggtgtggctg aagcgggcca cctggaggga cattgcttgg     99060
     tgcgcgtggt agctgaggcg cttgaggcaa gtatggagtt atgcgttgga cagtcacttg     99120
     caggactggt gggccatctt ggagaacttt ttaaaaaatc aagattgtga tacatatcct     99180
     tgctttcgtt aactcggaga acctatgctc gtattctggc ttttgtagta aacgtcaggt     99240
     tttgtagggg cgtactgcgg tttagtcatt attagatgtt gggcaattga agtatccagg     99300
     tgtccactat tacaaggccg tacagagcct tccttaactt gcctcaattt tgcaatgaag     99360
     gtgttgggta tcgcttgccc agggtctcac actagaaccg gaagaactaa aacttctacc     99420
     taaatacgta aaccacattc cttttctcat ttttgtccct ggatccagga gagtcagtgt     99480
     tcagggaggt gaagacagat tatagagctg atagatagtg aatctccagt atctcactga     99540
     gtggcagggg ccctcgtgag gaaattgcca atttgatgcc ctattatcgc ttagtatgta     99600
     taataggcaa ataggaatgt tctacttaac cacaatatag tctccacatt gggaagttat     99660
     cattgatgta tgtgtcgatt cttttggtgt tgagtttggt tttcaacttg atccagaaag     99720
     agggaactca agttaagtgc ctgccaaaga ttgacccgtg gacaaatctg taggccactc     99780
     tcttgattaa tgtttggtgt gggagccaaa gtgccccagt gcttttctta agagcagaag     99840
     gatttgattc tgttcccaat gagtaactga aaggcgcgct cctttggttt gtatgtttct     99900
     ccaacctgac tttctgtacc agccccaaca cttaagaaaa ttcaaggcac aagttgagtg     99960
     tgactgggat ttattagatt tttttatccc attaccttaa attccttgat ttaagaggtg    100020
     tctgccagaa acttctgcct ttaaattttc tgtcctgttg cagttaataa gtatttgtct    100080
     gtagagaagc tttgaaactt acttttcatt ctcttccact ttgttcacac agcactcata    100140
     catacgcttg gtctcttgtg tagagctgta cctgttactg ttagactctc cttggtactc    100200
     acacagtctt tgtgtggcta gtgagcactc aagccagttt tattgtctct tagggatgac    100260
     ctttcttttg gcaccagttg tcttcagctt gtatttcacc tgcttcattc aagaacttag    100320
     tagtttcact aatagtcttg gtttctttta gtggagaatg gtatttaatt tagactctaa    100380
     ggtcagtact gtgtaagtct actcactgtt ttaagggttt gcttcctcta gcctagacag    100440
     gaatatgtgt gtatgtatat gcatatgcaa ttgttctttg gtattgtcag ggtagtcgat    100500
     gcaccatatt gaattccaca gctgctcaag ttccttataa agtggtatag tattctgtta    100560
     acctatattg cccaccctta tttaaattca aatttctaga ttatttatac ctcatataag    100620
     gtataaatgt agactatatt aggaaataaa gacaaaaaag tttgtaaata tagcatagat    100680
     tcggcccctc ccccatttta aaaaaaaata gctgcatttg actcattgga tgaagagaga    100740
     ggtgatgact ttatgtgtgt ctggagctgt atctctgtca gtgcatgggg acacatgagt    100800
     tgccttaggt acatccactt cctctatgtt catatttaca cctcccttat cgtcagtgag    100860
     aaacttggct cagagttcct cccacccacc ccttctcctc tgagaggggg cccctccata    100920
     catacctccc ccaaccccca ccccaaatac catcaagtct ctgccagatt aggtatttcc    100980
     tctcccactg aggccagact agctagcctt ggagactgag ctgcatgcag tctgctgtgt    101040
     atgtccagcc atgtatgttc cttggttggt ggctcagtct ctgagagctc ccaggggtct    101100
     ggaaacctgg cgcactcgtg cttccccctc ctctctctgt gtgtctgttt gtctgcctgc    101160
     ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc ctgcctgtct gcctgtcgtg tatctcaata tgtatacgtg    101220
     tgcacatgcc cgtggaggcc agaagaatgc attgaatccc ttagagctga ttgtgatcta    101280
     tatgaacttt gtcctctgaa agagcagcag tcctccgaaa tgctgagcca tctctccaaa    101340
     ccctggttct tatttttagt gtgctagccc tgagtgtggt gtcttttttc catgctgtct    101400
     tgtgtgggtt ttcttctttg ctcttttgga ctcttggact cacacccaga cagctggcta    101460
     gcatctcgct tgtctgttgg attactgttt ctctctgata cattgatcaa aacccacagt    101520
     ccttattgga gcatcatgta cagtgaggaa gcttaaatct gcagtttggt aaaataaatc    101580
     attaaattat aaatcacaaa gtaccttcaa tgataagaaa atcttgataa aggggctgga    101640
     gaaatggctc cgtggtgacc gatagttggc ttctcttcca gaggatccaa ggtcattccc    101700
     agcatcaggg gtcacagctg cctacagcta cagctggttt ctgagggcac acacacacac    101760
     acacacacac acacacacac acacactcac gacgtacact tagacatata cacataaaat    101820
     aagaattttt taaacattga taaatttgag aaatagatta ttaagttata ttaggatagt    101880
     ctagattaat acaaaggaag cgtcataaat aagctaggat gttaaagttt tctgtgggga    101940
     aaagaatcca tgtgattagt tttttaaatg ctcttttaca tgtcctgtcg ttttcatctt    102000
     tttactgcag taggcattat tctacatgtg gtagtggctg ttatagacag agagtcttag    102060
     atgttaacgc aaatttttgc tcaagctagc aatgtggctt tgacctctcc aagccgtgag    102120
     ttctttttcc acaaattgaa aaagaacaat aattcccttg tacccttaaa gggttcttaa    102180
     aaggattaaa tggcaaaaag ataatgcata taacatgtta cttatggtat aaggctatat    102240
     attttcaatg gatattaagg actcttgtaa tatcactatg aaagttcaaa tagcttttaa    102300
     aaaattaaac tcatggtgag acagaaacat ggcgactaag tcatctatgc tgttttctct    102360
     gtgttttcca gaccaattgt ggactgagta ttttaataga tacaaggaaa gttgcttaac    102420
     ttcctattag aaatattttg aactttttaa agacagcttg tcatttgtaa ctttgaatag    102480
     tattgtccta gctgccttat gctacagtga atgtctcatt ttgaggcttt tcgtagtcag    102540
     ttcccagtga gaattagaga tgaagcttgt gtttgtttaa atgtaggaag ctcaagaaac    102600
     taaatacctg ctttgtgaaa gttaccttct gttgatggca gaggcaggac caggccctga    102660
     ctccttggat cagcaggcat tacagacaga aataactcag tgtcagaaag aagcccaaga    102720
     aggtctagtg gctgtaggta ttggcaggtc tgcatagctg tagctgaaag gcaagcagtc    102780
     tgagtgttgc tgttatttta tcaaaaggat tggaaaagtc ctgtggaatt ttaaattgtg    102840
     gcaactagtt agattttcta gaaatgacag gtgaaatcaa ggtcttacca ccccaccctg    102900
     cagggtgtac tgttcagtgc gtttcatgag tttatcatga ccctctctga aactgtctgc    102960
     atctcccctg gttaccaggc agtgatgttg tgctgctctt cactccattc ctggaggaaa    103020
     cactttcatt tagttcagcc tttgagacct gtctgccatg tgaggcttag gaaagccagc    103080
     agtctgagga ggctctgctc agagttgaga ctacacaagc aggcagggct gtaaaggatg    103140
     ccgcatggag gtacagatac acaaggtgag aggtttgctc tgcagtgcct agcagcaagg    103200
     gaacttgttt gtaccagtgt gagcaggtct gaaatactga actgaggggc tggcatggaa    103260
     ggccccatga ggggtgcagc cccctctgac aagaatcttc ttactgtgac ctctgctcta    103320
     aaagatcagt gagctttgtg aaaatgaact caagctgata agagttggag caacaggtga    103380
     gctgtgaggt ggggggaggg cctggggggg gggggagggc gtccggtgac cttggactgg    103440
     gatgcctggg aacacagaag caagcactga ctcacaggat cccattcttt tttttctttg    103500
     cagaatgttc gaatcttacc acagacagtt ctctacatgg cagattctga aactttcatc    103560
     agcctggaag agtgtcgtgg ccataaaaga ggtagctatg gagacaagag ttgggtgttt    103620
     ttgctgttgt ttatttctgt ttttgtcatt gtcctcgtcc taagagcaag ccttctgaga    103680
     cttgggcact gctcctatac gaatgcctgt gtctgctgca gactgatgtc taacctcatt    103740
     gtacagatgg atggatggaa tgaggctttt caaaaagatg ttttttcttg ttttgaaata    103800
     ctttaatcct ccaggtatac ttctctttat taaaataaga gcctgccttt ggttatccaa    103860
     gcctgctcat gtatacagta gtactgcgag gttttattac caaagctatt tactcttggc    103920
     ctgctaaggg gaaatacgaa ccaagaatcc aagatggacc ctgcagccca gactttgatt    103980
     tggaccttgt ctgacttgaa tctaaatgac gggaatcaag tagtagtcat gttgtgagat    104040
     caggtggatg gagaggtcca gaatatagca cctctcaaac tcagtgctaa gccagagctt    104100
     atgctagagt ttgaaaaaaa gaggcattaa aatggagaaa actcttaccc atccacccat    104160
     ccatccattc attgtttttt ctttgagaca aggtcacatg tagcccaggc tggcatcaaa    104220
     actcactcac tgtatagcca gggatgcccc tgaactcctg atcatcctgc ttccacctta    104280
     cagtgctagg attgcagcgt gcgcctgctc agggtttatg cagtgctatg gctgatgatt    104340
     gaacctgggg cttctggcat gcattctacc aactgaccta catcaccagc ctcatagcct    104400
     gttttattgt taaatatagt tttggttttt ttaacattgt caaatttgac atagaagctg    104460
     catagtattt aacagttgtt caactgtatt gttacagcga ggaagagaac tactatggag    104520
     acagcatgtg ccctggagaa gcttttcccc aagcagtgcc aagtccttgg gattgtgacc    104580
     ccgggaattg tgggtgagag aaacttaaca gttcttttct tgtcttggtt tgatgtaggg    104640
     tcccaaagac tggtgaagta tttatagctg agaagtacct ttgcatttcc gatcatctga    104700
     aacaatagcc ttagtcatcc ttgcagtggt gtttgttacc ttgtacttaa aatctctcaa    104760
     gtcgatgagg gtcatagttc agttctccag gcagcctaag agcaaagtgt aatctctgtc    104820
     ttctcagcca atcacaggga ggaaggctct cattctacct cccccagatt aggaaagacc    104880
     tgcagccagt ccagtctgct cagctctccc actcttgttt cttgcaggtg ggagcgactg    104940
     agagtggcag gtttgtgggc cttatctcaa ggcttgtttc tctgcatgtt gccaacatgg    105000
     cacatgtctg ctgttagtgt ttgtattgtt tcctgttgat ttagccatgg tgcagtggtt    105060
     aaggcatgcg ggttaggatt ccagctgtac gtactactta gtgcgcctgt gttactttgg    105120
     acagcttcag tttcttcatc agtgaattgt gtctttggag gactatgaag atgtagtgac    105180
     gtaacacttc tgtggcattt agaacaaacc atgcagcaag aagatgttag ttagcgattg    105240
     ctattttctg gagctctaaa cagagcttgg tgaagtgcct gctgcacaag cctgaagacc    105300
     ctcgccaccc ctgggtcccc acacaagtgt cctgaaacat ttttgcatgt cctagtcttg    105360
     tgcagtgaca caaagggctc caggtgtttg cagatgaata ggagctgttg tagctgctca    105420
     cacgctaata aagcagtcag tggctgtgca gtggtttcct ccagtctgaa tggcatcaag    105480
     tggctagaag cctttctatc attactgatt aagtagctct cattcctcac atcttagtct    105540
     gtccttacat ccactgttgc tttcctagac acagtcaagt tcctcctttt taagttttct    105600
     gtttcaggaa caggggcagg aaagaaaggg ccagcctccg gtggcaggcc tgagtcccct    105660
     gtgagtgggt agcagttgca gctttctctt tgttgctgcc ctgtcctgaa gcagctttga    105720
     tttttgtgtt gctttaagtc ctcatgatct tatgctaagg gctaaatatc accctctgct    105780
     ccaaccaggg tgtggcctct gctgtttgct gggagctttc ctttcctctt tgctggttgt    105840
     gttgatttaa ataagaaagg ccccatagcc tctcggaatg cctggtctcc tgggagagga    105900
     actgtttgaa aggattacaa ggtgtggcct tgttggagga agtttgtcat tgaggatgga    105960
     tgggctttta ggtttcaaaa gcccatgcct agcccagtct ccctcaatgc tggtgggtct    106020
     gggtgtagtt cacagctact cctccagcac catgcctgtc cgcctctgtg ctcccagcca    106080
     tgatgataga ctaagcctct gaaactataa acaagccccc agttaaatgc ttccttttat    106140
     aaaagttgct ttggtcatgg tgttactcca tctttgaacc ttagtagttt ctttattctt    106200
     tcctgacaat gtcccagaac tcctcttctg acttgtgcgg ttagtcttgc ctgtcagttc    106260
     cagaatggtt gcccattttg tcttttagct ctttcactca acataaatgt ggttttgaga    106320
     ttcatttatg ttctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctaagtgc atgcgtgagg tcagaggttg    106380
     tcaggcatct tcttcagttc ttttgataca gggcctttca ctgaacttgg gcttgctgtt    106440
     ctagctaggt ttcttttttc tgcttcctct agacccttgc ttgtttgggg ttaggtgtgg    106500
     ggagacttcc agactctggt cttcatgcct atacagcaga cacttaacca aactgatccc    106560
     tgtccccagc cctccatttg aagcattttc tgtgatataa gggacaagac ttatttccta    106620
     ttctgctttt catggactgg gtttctggtc ctaggtatcg tgaatgacga tgttgctttt    106680
     gtgtaagttt ctctgaaact taagaagtga acttgctcgt ttttagcact gatgtatatt    106740
     taactcaaaa agaaactgct agttttgcaa atttctgcca cggtgtactc agtgagcaga    106800
     gtctgagggt tgcagttgct gcaaatcctt gctactcgga tcacagcttg tggcaatagc    106860
     ctggctagta tgtgtgtagg tagatagtcc tttgagtatt tccttggaat ctctctaatg    106920
     accagctgct ttgaatacct tttgtgtgct tactaggtac ttgtatattg acttgtgatg    106980
     tggctggctt actctgctgt agttttaatt tggaccgccc tgcatcttct cacacagtta    107040
     gacactgttt aggtttccct cctaggcttt gtagcagagt agctcatttg ctgttgcaac    107100
     agaatacttg gcagatgctg tctgggtggg gaacttgctt agttctctct acaagggtgc    107160
     atccttgtag agagtcatgt gagaggcttg agaaggccgg tcacactgtc cttattgaag    107220
     gagcccagtg tgactgctcc agcttggctg taggactcca ggctctgggg tggtgctgcc    107280
     caagtgcaag gtctctctta ttcccaacct aatctaggtc cctcacagag tgcccagagt    107340
     cgatggtggt tctaaatctg tcaggttaac caccaagaca ccatcacaag ccttatcaga    107400
     aacttgcatt tttctttcat gttttaagct cacagtatat gggatttgtc ttctgcattt    107460
     ttttttcctt tgaatatccc ccaccacaac ctggtttgag ttttttatag aaacttaaca    107520
     cttaaaaaga tttatggcat cttgcctgca tgtatctctg tgcacttcat gcatgcctgg    107580
     tgctcatgga caccataaga gggtagcgga tctcctggga ctagagttag acttggaact    107640
     gaaacgaggg cctctgaaga acagcacttc tgatgaactt ccctttcatc tggactccac    107700
     agctgctcag tttgtaaaga ttcctttctg aacacacttg aaagtgtgct gcaggcattg    107760
     ccaccctaac attgccagcg agctctttct ctaggagaag ctgtttgatg gcctgccctg    107820
     cggttgggag gatataatgg gctgatgatg tctcttacta agtgtagttt ctatgagatg    107880
     tcctcatgaa actctctttt tctccctagt gactccaatg ggatcaggta gcaatcgacc    107940
     tcaggaaata gaaattggag aatctggttt tgctttatta ttccctcaaa ttgaaggaat    108000
     aaaaattcaa ccctttcatt ttattaagga ctccaagaat ttaacactcg aaagacacca    108060
     gcttactgaa gtaggtaagt tactgttatt tacaggttga tttgtttggt ttgagacagg    108120
     atcttactat gtagttctgg ctatccttaa actcactcag agatcctcct gcctctgcgc    108180
     cctgagtgct gggtttaaaa gtgcatgcct acactgacat tgttaattac tattacttgc    108240
     tcattttgtt gattacctta ctctgtttta gttctggcca gctaggctgc tgttgacaag    108300
     gctgtggatg aggggtagaa ttggtttcta gttattttat ttgctatgaa atcctagatg    108360
     actagagatg aacatttttc taaatattct gccaataagc ttgtatgagt gttttgtttg    108420
     catgtatgta agtgtatgta gcatatgtgt gtctgctgcc catggagagc agaaaaggac    108480
     atcagattcc ctggaactag aatatagaca cttgtgaggt aaggtccaag catgcatgca    108540
     tgcattcaat tgtaattgaa tttcaaaaga gttcttgatc ttcagtaagt gattattgat    108600
     aattttgtct taattttgtt atttaaagct gaaaaactta agctcttaaa aaatttctag    108660
     taactattta ttataaaagt ttttagaaga aaaagtagag atagtcatga agttggtata    108720
     cagttaagat tacaccagag tttgaggaag caagcgtgat tgcagtaggt caggaatcag    108780
     caaggcgcaa ggcagtgtga aagctcttca tcatccacac ctgcagaggg catggttggg    108840
     cttaaagtac cactgctcat aaaagtttct tagtgcaaac tccacatcta tgtgtagatg    108900
     ggctagccag aagacatatg cctctgttac acagcggccc tcagactgtc acttcccaat    108960
     cttctctaat ccctttagtg ttctgctttc acattgttta tatgtaagtc acctcttgag    109020
     ccctgtacct agtctgggca gctagttttg ctttacagac aaggaaatgg gtttggaaaa    109080
     gttaagaagc tttgtcccag ctaaaagact agctatagaa aaatggtgta acgacaaagg    109140
     aaagatgggg cttatgcatc aggaaggata ctgttgagaa tggcttctcc gctgttccca    109200
     gcagtgtaga caggagagga agagctgaag ctgggagccc tgcaaatagc ctcagtgtgg    109260
     aagagggttg cacaggtaca ggcatcctgc tcctgtagtg taactgttta aaatagaaaa    109320
     acaaacaaac aaaacaaaaa caggtgtggc ctgcaagggc tcaggcttgg aggctactca    109380
     ggcaggtgca ggtgtggaga cctaaggctc gtattgggtt tgtgtctcag tgtctcttca    109440
     cactgacttc ttctgaatag ccatgtcatt gccccaaagt agtcatttcc ctggaagtaa    109500
     caatcttgtt tctaaaatag acttgactct tgctgctaca gactttttcc ttctcagaaa    109560
     attggttcta caaaacaaca ggttcttttc tcagtgtgcc aggctcgtct gtaagaaggc    109620
     ggagccttga gagctggctt gagatgtagg gtgctaggag gtgctgtcgt ttccactgtg    109680
     cgcacctgcg gagcagggtc tgaagggtta tttgttagaa tcatcttgtc agaagcagtg    109740
     gggtggaaac actgctccac actgtgactt tcaggtaaag ctaacctaga tttcagcaca    109800
     gagagtaatt ccaggatgag ctagtgcaaa gtagagtcgg agtttattaa aaggaggttt    109860
     tcaataccag tttccgcaca gggttgagag acactcagaa agtgggctct gcagaggagg    109920
     gccacatgtc gtctctacag gtgctctgcc attagagttt agctggactc tggatggctg    109980
     ctggggtgca gggcgaggta acattgggta attaaaactg gaggtctctg gcgtgtgtgg    110040
     agttcggtgt tgatgtgctg gactcttggt ctgcagggcg ccgcctcctt cccctgtggc    110100
     ctgcttcact ctggcttagt gagtggcctg gctgctttgg aagtcgtgtg gctgagttaa    110160
     gtgggattat cctgttcaac actgactggt ctcaatgaat gaaaagaaag taccagaggt    110220
     tcagtggaag ctctggggag agatggccac tggctctcgg agctctgctg cctgccagtg    110280
     atgcaagctg ctttaagacc acatctgaga agataagctc gaggtcactg gtgtgcgagg    110340
     aatgaagatg tggagctggc actgcagtta ttcacttcaa catgtctgtg tatagcactc    110400
     tgcaaaatgc ccttgcttat gtgaggcata ttacattcaa atagccatag gttttattaa    110460
     tggaaaaatc ataactaagg cttgagtgag taatctcagg ctctaagaat cggagaactg    110520
     agcacttcag cactgcagaa cacactggga gtgccagtca acaggagcaa cagttcatgc    110580
     tgtttaaggc tgtctctgtc cctcacttct ctgcaggtct tctggacaac cctgaacttc    110640
     gtgtggtcct tgtctttggc tataactgct gtaaggtggg agccagtaat tacctgcatc    110700
     gggtagtcag cactttcagc gatatgaata tcatcttggc tggaggccag gtggacaatt    110760
     tgtcttcact tacttgtgag aagtaagcct gagtactttg ctcttccccc gtgggtaaat    110820
     agaaatattt gatttcaggt cctcaatact tttaggtttt taaaaaagaa attagaggaa    110880
     tcaagcagag tatagtgttg ttatgccttt aattccagta actctgagta ggcaaaaaca    110940
     ggtgagtctc ttgaattcag ggccagcctt atctatactg ctgacttcca ggccagtgat    111000
     gacctgtctc aaaaaaaata caaaagaaaa ggaattgata atataccaat tcattccatt    111060
     ttactgttgc caagatgctc actaaacata attctgctgg caggcaaaga actaaacttg    111120
     gatttgttgt tttttaagaa tgtcagaatc aggctctttt agcattaccc gttgatatat    111180
     tttagagctc tggtccttgt gttgctcctg caaatgaaga aatcatttga gtaaggctaa    111240
     aataaattaa tacacatggc ttttacttca gtagaattga gtgtaactgg gcagtagagg    111300
     tttcatagaa acaaataagg aagactgagt ttttaaggga aaggggaatt ctaaggtgag    111360
     gttgaggcac cttgttgtaa acagtgttcc atggcccttg tgtggaagtc atcttaaatg    111420
     agctgagact agcctggtgc tgagatctct gcatatgctg agtacacaca ggagggacga    111480
     ttgcaaggag gtgggcagca aatgagcaga agtcccacag ttggaccctg caagctcatc    111540
     tttctaagca attacttgaa gattgagttc ttatgtctaa agcaaacttc agcctcttaa    111600
     agacatctct gtggttcaca aattatcctg gttagactat aaagttgtta catgggccag    111660
     gtcttcatgg aaaaacttgt caggctctaa ccacttgcat tggaggcagg atctctctgt    111720
     ggcatctcta acctttttcc cccagagagc agcagcttat gggtatatta ctagtattcc    111780
     ttggtcttcg tttttgggaa atgtatacca gattttattt tgcgtgtatg tatatgcccc    111840
     agtgatgctt gatagctttg tttcttgtta ccccagagaa ctttgcccat tctatagagt    111900
     cagttgttga taaatgtcat agggacttaa ggtgtatgtt tcttcccagt gagtagtcag    111960
     tataagtttt ataacttaat gcattttctt ttgtaaggat aaaagtccca ttcattaaaa    112020
     aaaagtctta acagggctga tgcagcactt gtcacaagaa ctgacaacct cagttcaatc    112080
     cttggccaca caggtgacaa gagaaaggac tcctgagcgc tccatccaaa tgctgtctgt    112140
     gtagactgag cacatgagtg caggtgcccg cagagaccag agaggttact agtctctgga    112200
     gctggagtca caggtggtta ggaatcgcct gatgtaggtg ctcagaacca agatgggagc    112260
     ttctgtaagg gcaggagctg ctctttccct gagccacctc tccagctatc cctaccccaa    112320
     gttgtgaagc tttaaaattc aaatgagtca aatttcaggc tcaaagcaat aaaccagcag    112380
     ggaagctgaa acctgcagag ttgaaattac cctccatgat tacattttta atatatcttt    112440
     ttcataattt aacagtggat gggctgaagt ggaggaaggt gcatgctttg cctaggtatc    112500
     gaggggtggg acgtcagtca gtgacagtgc ttgccaacac ctccactgca aagccatgtc    112560
     tatgtgcacc tacctactag gttccgttta gaatggtcag atagcgagtt actgggaact    112620
     actaatccag gaggagcttt tgtatagtgt atttgtgcct gaaaagggca gctgcttgcc    112680
     ttttttgatc tgccctgttt tttaataaca gtttaatttt actccttgtc tgagagggat    112740
     aaacctcaga ccaaagctta ggttgccaaa ggcagcagat cttttcccct tagtcagtca    112800
     ggaggtgttg atggttttct gtttctattt ccaggaaccc tctggatatt gatgccacag    112860
     gtgtggttgg actgtcattt agtgggcacc gaatccagag tgccacagtt ctcctcactg    112920
     aggatgtaaa tgatgccaag accgtcgagg ctgctatgca gcgcctcaaa gcagccaaca    112980
     tccctgaaca gaacaccatt ggcttcatgt ttgcatgcgt tggccgaggc tttcagtact    113040
     acagagccaa ggggaatgtt gaagctgatg catttagaaa gttctttccc agtgtcccct    113100
     tatttggctt ctttggaaat ggggagattg gctgcgaccg gatagtcact gggaacttta    113160
     tactgaggag atgtaatgag gtaaaggaag aggacctgtt ccatagctac acaaccatca    113220
     tggctctcgt tcacctggga acctctaaat gagccgcctc gctgagagca cctttcacac    113280
     catgtaactt tgggggtttc tcttttttag gaaaatggaa actcgggatc caaatatttt    113340
     aagcaaaact agctatgtgt gttttgtagc tttgggtgac gctctgaggt cactttggga    113400
     tgattttttt aatacataga tgaaggacag cattaacatt gtaagcacac aagtcaagaa    113460
     gtgaggctgt ggttaggcgc aagcaaagct gccggggctg aactgcccca gattctgtag    113520
     ccactgcata agcgccctgc gaggttgagg gccaccagga aggtggaggt ttaaatagtg    113580
     cttgatgaac ttttagcaga atcatgactt aagaaaggag aaaattgcca ggcgtggtga    113640
     tgcgcacctt taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttggaggc    113700
     cagcctggtc tatagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acagagaaac cctgtctcga    113760
     aacccccaca caccccccct aaaaaaaaga agaaaggaga attaaagaac tggtttgaga    113820
     agttttgcag aagctgtaac aaatattact gactttttac ttttctgatg aacagtctgt    113880
     tttgttactg tataaagtcg ttctttttgt gagttagctt tttcctcttc atagtaaaga    113940
     gactgcaagg gaacagcctt tatcacacag ttctgaaaat catcaccata ttttgtttgt    114000
     acaccaataa aacatacttc ccactcaact ggtgttgtaa ttattgctgt tgataagagg    114060
     atgaaggata taactggctc ttaacagtaa cccagactga gggggaggtg tgtaagcagc    114120
     agcccctcag tatccacgtt tacattgcac actttactca tgcctgcctt cccaacaatg    114180
     gcgtgacctt tgtttgctct gttcttattg cttggaatat gggcaggtca ccttggacac    114240
     tgcagagatg tcagtactcc attgtggtgg ggatcacaga gggatcctgg gtctctttac    114300
     actgtgttgt tggcccctca cagtggaccc aggctgcctg cttctagctt gtgttacagg    114360
     cagaagttaa catggacttg ttgcaggatg ttcttacaag gtaacatttc tgtattgttc    114420
     aaaggtttgt actaatagga caatagatac tttataaata aaatcaaata caggtattaa    114480
     aaaagtaatt gctggtttgt cacaaaaaaa caaatgccta gaaatgccaa ctgctgatac    114540
     ttaacgaagc tgcaaaaaat aatcacattt ttttaaaaaa agtgatttga gcacagtagt    114600
     gaaggcatgc tcacatactg agctgtcatc tcaagcaagg cttagatcta ccaacaaggc    114660
     ttatcaattg ctgctttctc tgtatacgaa caatgaaaag tgcttctggg actctggttt    114720
     gttagacaag ggttgcctca agaatgcatt ttcactccct tgatccaagg aaagtggaag    114780
     tggaaccttg aagccgaggt atagatatcc agaaccatta cctgtacaga aaagtacagg    114840
     cggcctgcat tcacggtgta attcaggtgt gccactgttc taatccttcg ttaattgctt    114900
     aatgtggcag agaactgaat gctgctggaa tagaaggtat tgtcctctta acagcccatt    114960
     accagctttc tatgtgtgaa tgcttgtcct tcctcacctg cccaaaagag tctctgagat    115020
     tatcatgtta aaaacctcct taaaggagat tttgtggccc tcttctgagc caaaggggtg    115080
     gatcaggcgt tgtcctgctg ctgaccggaa tgtagctttt tgtagaataa aggctggcag    115140
     ccagtggctg gacaggaagt ggaaggtggg gcttcctggt agggactctg ggaaaaagaa    115200
     agggggagag aggatacaga ggtgactatg ggtttggaag ggatagctag ccatgtgata    115260
     ggacggggct agatggttga gataacttac atgaactaat tgaaagtctg cctagctaag    115320
     gcctaagctt taagatatta aaaggtctgt ctttattttt gctgaagtgc cacctgggtc    115380
     atccaacaaa caggcataca aaggcacaga gaaatgagtt ctattcaaag ataaatacca    115440
     gcaagatgac tcaacagatg aaggtgtgct tgccccccag acacagggta agtttgatat    115500
     ccaccgccca cacactggaa gaagagagct gactaatgaa agttgccctt tgacctctgc    115560
     acacatgcca tagcatgcat ttgagagttc aaacacagat aatcaaaaaa gaagcaacat    115620
     aagctggcac aacttactag agacttcagt acacccacag gaacatggta aaggacagaa    115680
     tctgtgtcta caaaaaggaa ggaaatgtga agagacaaac cccaacccct taagagaaaa    115740
     gactaacaaa agacctcctc accaggagct ttcagagagg gacaatgagg aagaaagcta    115800
     aaagctggaa tcagaaaagt ataaacagga acagatgaac ccagcatgaa gaaattgtgg    115860
     gatagagata caagccactg cccaatccaa cattcgtgtt gtcaaggaaa gacatttggt    115920
     aaaaaccatc cttttgttat taaaaataat gaattagaag tagagggaaa ttacctcaac    115980
     gtaaaagcca ccatgaaaat gcccacagtg aaatcacacc cactggagaa gtagagaaag    116040
     cgccagatgc actgttgcta ggcaacatgg ctagagccac taagcaagta aaaggaaagg    116100
     catcaagctg gaaagaagta aaattatctg ttcataaatt atatgatctt atacccagaa    116160
     aagtaaagat tccacaaaag actttcagaa ccaataaact aactacttac agtagcaggg    116220
     tgcaaggtca acacaggaaa ccagcgtcat ttctgtatgt gaacgatgaa caatcaaaca    116280
     gtagagcatc aagaagagtg agatcctggg actgccatag aaatgatggg acacatccat    116340
     gatgatgggc tggaaaattt aaatgttagc actacctaga gcaatctaca gagtcactgt    116400
     aatccctatc caaaccacca catcacagtg cagtttttta ttttctggac agaaaaatgc    116460
     accctaaagt tcagatccaa tctcagggga cttggaatag ccaaatcaat ctggaatatt    116520
     aacctaggat acgtcatctg gttgcagaac agagtgactc ttgcaccagg ttaagctgat    116580
     ggaacaggaa tccttagata agcaacatct gtatcatgaa taatttttga caaaagtacc    116640
     aagactattt tcaataagga agagacaatc ttcaagaaat gctggagttg gaaccttaag    116700
     taataccatt atgaaaatta actcaaaaat ttaacaatag tagcttaaaa aactatacaa    116760
     cttttgggaa atcaggataa tgaatttttc aatgattttg tggagtgtta ccaaatattt    116820
     agggatcaaa aaatagatct aaacagaata attaaaaatt aaaattttgt gcataaaata    116880
     tatcatactt aaagaacaaa aaggttatac atagaattga aaagcatatt tgcagccttc    116940
     aaatgaggac ttaatttcca gaatacaaaa ccaaagtgta acaacacaca cacacacacg    117000
     cctaattaaa aatgacaagg gacttaaagt ctccgaagaa gatacatgaa tgactaacaa    117060
     acagtatggc agtatggtca acttcactga tgcaagggaa atgcatgtta agccagtgat    117120
     agaggacaag gtgtgtatgt ctccaagtat tttctgttgt atgttttgtc ttgttttgat    117180
     gtaggggtga tacaaatggg aacctgaaga agtacaaagg ttcaatgtgg gatgatgaaa    117240
     acgttctgag cagagataga gcctatggcc atacccaggg tgaatgtgct tcattgccct    117300
     gagctatgtc cttcaaagta ctttaagcca gtaaacctcc ctgtgtagcc cttgccctgt    117360
     gagctgcagc ttctctccta tacaggctgt cttgactggg gccacttacc aaccctgtgt    117420
     ctaagacaag gggaatgaaa gcattacctt ctctcgtcgt atggtccaca gtccgccttt    117480
     gtaggtaatg atgcccttca ctggggatgt atgtcttcag tgttctctgt ggcctgtgga    117540
     gagtaagata tgaggcttgg acacttggtt ttctacacac acatacctac ctgccctctt    117600
     atctgcacac ataaacccac aacttccact tgtggcagga gacttggggt gatcgtacct    117660
     cagacatcca tacccacagc agctgtccca cagtacctgt gcacagagtg ccagcagccc    117720
     cattccagtc tctcaagtgc ccacctctgc cttcctgccc tttttctgct gcctaaagtt    117780
     ctaataagcc taatggtctt tctgggggaa aaaaaatcac aattacaaaa gctgggtgag    117840
     aggaagaacg ccaaggtgag tcactgacag caaagacagc agcaggtgcc aaacatggga    117900
     gaaataccaa actcaaggac cggagactcc tgagggttaa gctctggcca gaaatcccca    117960
     gggacctgtg ggcagccatg tgcagtaggg aacattggag gccagccaca cagcccggca    118020
     acgcaaggct agtaactagt tcagtcctca gacctcagta ctgccaggaa cagaactgat    118080
     tctaatactg tcctgtgacc tctgcacacc cctctcttaa aaaaggaagg atgggctggc    118140
     aagatagctc agcgggtaag agcaccagac tgctcttcca aaggtcttga gttcaaatcc    118200
     tagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccacct gtaatgagat ctgacgccct cttctggagt    118260
     gtctaaagac agctacagtg tacttatgta taataataaa taaatctttt taaaaaaaaa    118320
     aaaaaggaag aaaaagtaag agttggaatc caggcacatc tgggtttaaa ttcttgctct    118380
     atgagtatct agataaagat tctttatctc tgaccctcaa ctttcctgtg tgtaggaagt    118440
     gccactgacc ccagaaggct cttacaagtt gtggggtttc tctttctctc tctctctctc    118500
     tttctttctt tctttttttt ggtttttcaa gagagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt    118560
     cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc    118620
     tcccaagagc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc accactgccc ggctgttatg ggttttctaa    118680
     aacagcaggt gaggaagctt acctagaagt ctgcattccc aaacagcaag gatgtgaagc    118740
     tgcctgttct ggttgctggt ggactgaatc aatggcacca ccgccaggtg gtgtctatca    118800
     ctcacctcta cgttctctga cctttatcag tttacagcac gggtctgagc tgaggctgtt    118860
     gagcatctcc tcacgtctgt accaggcttg ccacatagat ctcatttcct tctctgtgtt    118920
     cccgccttag atactaacgt ttggccttag aaaatgcctg gtcatatatg ctaattttgt    118980
     aagctgatac tcaccctatc ccagcttttg gttgttgtta tggtctcata gtatttttct    119040
     tccattaaaa aaaaaatgct catttcttcc cagcatggcg ggttactcct gtagtaccag    119100
     cacttgaagt tttaggcaaa cttggggtat acagttagtt ccagggcatc ctaagctata    119160
     gagtacaact taatctcaga aataaacaaa atcctaacta atatataaaa acaaaatttg    119220
     aatttaagat tctccccagt ttagggtatg atggaaaagc tgcaaaaatt gcttcctatt    119280
     ctttttaata tttttaaaaa tatggcatgg ggcaagttat gtatacacgg agtcagaggc    119340
     ataggacccc ctggagctgg agttacatgt ggttgtgaac tgctcagcac aggtgctggg    119400
     cactgaatag cgtgtgcttt taaccacaga gccatctttc cagcctcttc tttttctttt    119460
     tacaaatgtg tctttgtagc cgggtgtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcactcggga    119520
     ggcagaggca agtggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg    119580
     acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aactaaccaa ccaaccaacc    119640
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaat gtgtctttgc acataggaaa gggctaaaca tgctttatct    119700
     gtgcatagtt tataaaaggc aaaccactac tgagttttac tgatccatca actactctga    119760
     tagaccatat gcagagagag agagagaggg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    119820
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag atgcccacag ggtcaggact catgccagag    119880
     tgctgcttct acacacgccc cttccattgg gccccatttg tgttcaccaa accctgcagt    119940
     tttcttggag gactttggtt ggttcaccat caagcatttt atcaaggagt gtgactgcag    120000
     atattattgc tacagagtaa gcaaagggca actcaaacca ttagttagag ctgccactaa    120060
     gcagtaaggg gcacgttccc tcagcatctt gagactgtga tcattttgag cacatggaag    120120
     ctcaaagcat catctgataa catcttccac tctggttgac tttgttgtga aatgtgtaac    120180
     agaagttacc attttagcca ctgtcaagtt tagtgatatc aaaagtcaca gtcacataaa    120240
     aggagtcacc atcatctcta gaaacttttc attattccaa actaaaattc tatatattaa    120300
     agaacagctc tctccatggt ccctggtaca acaacagtta cattttctgt ccctgtgcat    120360
     ttgggtgctc tgggatctca ctttagtgga gttacacagt actcatttga gtcttgcttt    120420
     tttcacttag cataacatct tcagagtaca gtattcttcg tatatagagt cttcatatta    120480
     tagtatcaga attgtattcc cttttaaggt taagtaatgt tccattatat gcatccactt    120540
     gttttatcca ttcatagatc agtggacatc tgggttgttt tccatctttg actactatga    120600
     atgcagcttc taagaatgag ggtgtacagg tacttgctca tgtgtgtaac ctcacactag    120660
     tcaactgtta gataaagtgg caactctatg gtttgtttaa gacatgtcac actgtgtatc    120720
     tgggtgactc taacatctca tattcttacc agcaatacac atgggttcca atttctgtac    120780
     atccttgtca acacatggtc tttagcagtc accgtcccaa tgagtgagga gtccacacac    120840
     ccttttttat gtcccctgtg actagtgatg ctgaacactt cacaagctcg tggagaaatg    120900
     tctgtggaaa tcctctgcca atttttgaat tgggttgttt ctatttttta cgatctattt    120960
     attcaggagt atttcttgtt attaatttta agttgctatt aaaacaatac ttatcatgat    121020
     gatcacgtgt atcacacatg ttgctcacac ttgtccctta ttacctttga ctgattgccc    121080
     cctgccccct ctttactgcc tcctatagtg ggatgagtcc cgagtcctgg cagagtagcc    121140
     ccatcttgca gtaagatgcc atttcaaggt tctgtgtgcc ggactgcagc agaaaagggc    121200
     tatcctttgc agaggtggtc agtattactg acagcagcaa gcacccttaa gggttctgta    121260
     agcatctttg cagagtctaa cttgtctgtg ccttgttgcc tgaacctgcc gtcacctctc    121320
     ctgacttaac actaggtagc actctgagcc caggtttgta ccgattctgc tgccaactga    121380
     gaaccatcca gagcaggagc tccgtgagca ggccttgatt cttggtgtgc ttcgagtcac    121440
     ctacaccctg taagaaagcc taccgaactc atctctcctg tccagctgaa actgctagaa    121500
     tctctctcag gtctgtctgc tcttgcatga gctaaataga tgtttcttta cattttccca    121560
     ggggagtcac acacgcttca aagacagctc ctgtttcttt ttatacatac atatgggtac    121620
     atgaaataaa ttctctaaat taagtcctag tgctgtgtgg attgaaaggc cttttctcct    121680
     gttttgtgga ctgactgcct ttccgtagac agttgtatca actgtagtta taataacttt    121740
     tcatttgtag atatgtagaa atgtcttagt tgactgcgtt ggtgttattt atatccattg    121800
     tagggtactc ctcctgtttt ccttagagtc ctataactgt gggtcatctg tgtcgtctct    121860
     catccacttt gcgtccatct gtgcccaatg ctagtgtgca gcttcctctt tcaatgcaca    121920
     cagacccagc cctggcacgg ttagttaaaa gtcagacttt tggcaagata taacccacaa    121980
     cttacaacat tcagcttcat atacagttca ctggcttaaa gtcaacagtc tccaagttgt    122040
     aaccatgaac cagttttaaa ccggtccctt accctggaaa tacttttcag ggctctctgc    122100
     agtcactgcc cgttcagggt ctgaacggta ggaagccact cttttttttt tttttttaag    122160
     atttatttat ttattatatg taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagactctc ccgaagaggg    122220
     agtcagatct cgctatggat ggtcatgagc caccatgtgg ctgctgggat ttgaactccg    122280
     gaccttcgga agagcagtca ggtgctctta cccactgagc catctctcca gccccaggaa    122340
     gccactctta acacaaaggc aaatgcacct agcaggctct caagtcctac ctcacagcac    122400
     aactgagtca catggcagtg aatgtgactg tgctgtatgg ctgtccattt tacaggcaca    122460
     gcaatggact tctgggcgat ttccactcgt tggttacagg gaggaatgct gttgtgaaca    122520
     ttcggtttct ttatacaaac ccaagttttt gtgtacttgg gtagctgact aggaggggac    122580
     ttgccgggct atacaaatgt gtcttaataa actgtccagc cctctagtcc cagcaccact    122640
     gaattgcact ttcccatatc ccagacttag aaatcacagc agagttagtg cgttaattgg    122700
     tattgtattt tggcttttcc atctgctagt gaattacaat gtcatgtact ttgcacatgc    122760
     ttatttgtag tctctcctcc cccagcctga accctgcttg ctctggggtg gagcttcctg    122820
     ctcatttgtt ctgccacgcc cactgctgga acctgccgcc ttgctgttcc gaagccatca    122880
     cgtgctcacc ctgctactgg actcagggat tatttggcgg gaatcgggtc ccctccccct    122940
     tccttcataa ctgactgtcc gcaacagtaa aattgagctt tgatcagagt gacttttgac    123000
     ttggctccgt tctttcttct gcccgtctag ttcttctctt tcagcccgag ttgccatctc    123060
     agttgaacca tttgttgcga gctgcaggcc ggccacaaca cttattgacc atttgtgcat    123120
     tttctttggt aaaatggttg cacttcagtt ctctcatttt ctgttactga gtttagatgt    123180
     ttccgttgaa tgagttcttg tgtatattat accatctgtc agatacatgc tttgaaaata    123240
     ttttctccta tttgtgcctt acatttcatt tttacagtgg aatcattgga agcatgggga    123300
     tttatcattt gcacacagcc cagtctatca agtacttaac caatcgtgcg tcccatactc    123360
     tatctttgcc taaaatgagg gcataaagag tttctccttc gaggtttata tgttagttct    123420
     taaattcata gacactgtga gctatttgtg tctaggggag aaatgaattt atcttcttgc    123480
     atgtggccct gtgactgtca cggcatcctg tgatactgct gtgtgggagc ctgtgcctag    123540
     agagctcaca ccagcactat gctgtctaaa ctatgtcaga tttgccataa gctggctctc    123600
     ggtagtttga gcccttcaat gtgctgttaa atcactgctt ccctgtctga ggccctgcat    123660
     agtcccagtg tgtgtcccag tcaccctgtc agctatcaca aaagcacctg ctacaattta    123720
     ctgggatgta ctgtctctag gaaaattcac agtaaggaga actgacatct gaatattata    123780
     ctttccaaag ccaccatcag cacagaaatc cccgcgatta gctgggtctg ccttctgtta    123840
     gaactactgc agacttcttg gtgcagacct gtatttgtta tgtttctact ggtgtgataa    123900
     ggtgctgtgg ccaatgtaat ggacagaagg aaggctttgg ttggcttata atggttccag    123960
     agggttgaga gtccagcatg gcagggaagc atatcagcaa gctgcagaca tgttctctgg    124020
     aacacagctg agagctcaca tcttgcccca taagcaggag acagagaaca cactgggaat    124080
     cgcatgaatc tttaaaaacc tcaaagcccg cccacagtga cacacctcct ccaacaggcc    124140
     acgcccacta atccttccca ggcagttcta ccaccttggg gccaaatatt caagcgcatg    124200
     agctcttggg gtcattttca ttcaggtcac cacaggtctt ctaccacttt tgttagctcc    124260
     atccctgtat actctgagat gctgttacaa aaaaagtgtt gtttttaaag cttttatatc    124320
     tagcagtttc taacatatgg aaacatattt tacctcttta aattaacctt gcaacatcac    124380
     taaactacca tcttgtctta tattctgtac tctcttcagt atttcataat gagtttatca    124440
     agagtgattg ttgcttcagt agaaatttgg tataagttca agtacttggg cctggactgt    124500
     cattaaagaa aagtttctac acaaattcaa tcaatgaatg tagtactatt tgaattatga    124560
     ttaatttttt taacttttta tatcactctc cagattttat ttttttgaaa cagggttcat    124620
     tagagcccag gttggtctca ttgtagctga ggatattctt gcacttctga tcttcctgtc    124680
     tgtaattctt ctcaggggct ggtattatag gcatgcataa ctgagtctgg ttttatgtaa    124740
     tgctgaggac agaaccaggg catcttgcct gctaggcagg cataccacat gagagctgca    124800
     gccccagccc ctcaagttag ccctttcttt ggtagttttt cttcttcaaa gggtttgtct    124860
     gtttaatcta aattatgcca gagcttctcc tattgccctg tctgtaatat tgctagaaat    124920
     gctacttaat cttgttgttg atattgctaa ttcctgtcat ttttcccctc tccttgatca    124980
     ttagtagttt ttgaaatagg gtctcctact gagcctgggt ctgattcagt aagattatga    125040
     ggccagcaaa ccccagagat cttcctgtcc ctggctgttc tcggagtagg attatagaac    125100
     cctgctatca agcccagcat ttaaaaaaaa aagatttatt tcattttagt gtatgtgcat    125160
     ttatgtgtac atgtgcatgt gtgtgtacat tcatgtgtga ccatgtgtgc atttgtgtgt    125220
     atgcatgtat gtacacacat gtatgtgtgc atgtgtgtgc acctgtgtac tcatgtgtac    125280
     acatgtgcac acatgtgtac tcatgtgtat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc acgtgtatgt    125340
     gtgcacatat atgcatgtgt gtgcatgcaa agatgcaact gcacactgag aacagaggtt    125400
     aactgttgct tcatgtggtt tgttcatttt tcattctttt caagtaagag aaaggaaatc    125460
     cagtgcgtgc tgtcttattt tgctcgaaac ctcaagaagc ttgaaaacgc tgacttgcta    125520
     cagttttccc taaggtaatt tccctgcctg gctcccagca cagcccacat cagagtggtt    125580
     ctagaacact gttcctcaga tctgctgtag cacattacag ctgagtgcat cacttcaagt    125640
     gctgaaattc atataacttc acatatttat tttatgaaaa aagtattact tctgtcacac    125700
     tgctaataaa aaaaattaat cctctgggca gtggtacctc gtgcctttaa tcccagtact    125760
     caggaggtgg aggcaagcag gtctctaagt ccagcctggc ctacagagtg agtttagcca    125820
     gggtacagag agaaatcttg tcttaaggaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa cacagaaaag    125880
     aaaaaagtat tctcttgtga aaagtaacaa ctagcccgaa atccaggggc aagtcttagg    125940
     ccacccttct ttgaatggct gtgaacatag tccatacaca caacagcaag gatctcacct    126000
     gtgcccttaa ccatcccatt tggactttac tcactgtgac gggttctggt attgtttgtc    126060
     tctaccaggc tgatctcaca ctggactgaa ctggccctct gaaggtggcc cttcctggca    126120
     tcaaagagaa gagaaataca gatgaaaaat gggtaacttg aaaacatgtc agaagaatca    126180
     gaaaggaaat taatcttgaa tatttggaag tacattcttt cttcagcgct acctaatgtc    126240
     gtagagctgc cctaatgttt aacaagcccc gccccccccc cctcccacac acacacactt    126300
     tagccaacct gcccgcagag gtggcggtgc gactctggat accgctaagc tgagcctgca    126360
     agcatggcat tgatgctgag tcttagggag tttctgtaaa gaggttactc ccaccactgt    126420
     ggacccattt atgaaatatg ggatagcttt agtgaacaac tctagttcat ggtgaaagat    126480
     cctgagagag agtgcaaaat tatttaagcc tctagacttg tgtccaaaat agacctcact    126540
     aatggcaggg agtaaaagtt taacttgccc cattgttcca ggatgtacta accacaaagt    126600
     agaagtttaa cttgccccat tgtttcagga aatgtttgta cagaatactc caaccgttcc    126660
     ttgaacccgt tatacttccc aaatgctata gcccaatgcc aggtgtttgt ggtttctgcc    126720
     tttataaacc tcttacccct tgagctcggg gtcgactcct ctacccctgt gtgggatatg    126780
     agtcgccccc agtgcactgg cctttcctga ataaacctct tgcagtttgc atcaagattt    126840
     gtctctgtct gtctgtctgt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    126900
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcggtctct cagctgggcg gtggtggcgc atgcctttaa    126960
     tcccaccact gagaaggcag aggcaggagg atttttgagt ttgaggccat cctggtctac    127020
     aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ttgtaaaaaa aaaaaaagat    127080
     cgatcggtct ctcgtgagtt cttgggcatc gcgtcatcct gggacttgag tgagcccccc    127140
     cacccccgtt tgggggtctt tcaatggcaa taaaaatcat tttgaaccta agcttcatca    127200
     gctttgggtc atctgattgt aaccttatat aggctataat ctgtcaccgt gtgaattaaa    127260
     aaaaactatt ctaaatatta aaatgaaaat tgaaatgtaa aaaattgctt tttttttttt    127320
     agtatttcaa ccccaatgta ttgatttatg ttagtgaaaa caaattaaca tcatctcgcc    127380
     atagcaaaac agcattttct aaaagcacac cggcccttaa tcctaaaatg ccagtcttag    127440
     acagggtttt agcacagggc tcaggggaca ttttgaacct cgtcattcgg gtaacatcct    127500
     cttctaagtc acagaaagcc caaggcctca ggtcgcagca ctttcagcca ccaagtggtc    127560
     agaaccgata gagaacgatt tgttttcgtg actaaacatt ttcttctcct ctgggctagc    127620
     tgattggtga gctggttccc acctctctcc acccccatcc caaacactgg gggttcaagc    127680
     acatgcagtg acaccccgct tttatgtggg tgccggggat tcaaactcac aacctcgtgc    127740
     ttgtagagca agtacgtact cactaaacca gctttccagc cgtccatccc ctcactttca    127800
     attttttgga gttgtatccc aggctggtct agaacttggc aatcttcctg tctacttctc    127860
     ccaagtgctg gggtcacagg catacactcc atgcctggct tagttttact cttagaagaa    127920
     tatttcctag ctcagaaaca ctgtacaaag ttagtagacg acagcacaca gcctttgtct    127980
     agctctcatg atcagtaacg gccaggttga ttctgcctgt gaggttaggg cacctgtcat    128040
     ctctgctcaa gttgtcatta aaaatgcaaa agaggatcta agaagagagc tcacttggta    128100
     aagtgcctgc ctcgaaagca cgaggagagc ctggatcgga tccccagaac ccacatcatt    128160
     aagtgtgtgt ggtggtatat cctggtgatt gagctctggg aaggcagaga caggcagacc    128220
     cccggggctc actggccaga cagtctacaa cacctggtaa gtccaggcca agcaaggtag    128280
     atagtgcttg gataatgaca gctggtactg tcctctggcc tgcacacaca tgtgcaggta    128340
     cacgcacaca tacatggaca catatacata gaaaatatgt gatttcaagc acatttcagt    128400
     ctgatctgaa aactattttg atatgttatt ttataagaca attgctatct taaaattaaa    128460
     ttatatcaat tttctaaatg ttcaggtttc caaagtctaa cttttatgac taggaagaaa    128520
     acttatgcaa aacaagacat ataattaaaa gggtgactac agatagtttt ttaagaatcc    128580
     acgctcagcc aggtgtggca gcacacacct ccatcatgac acctgggagg tgaaggtgtg    128640
     gaagatacat agcaaagtca ttcttggctg catatactgc cacatatatg tcacatactg    128700
     ccacacatat gccatatact gtcacatata tgccacacac tactgaatat atggcagcat    128760
     gtgacatata tatgtcacat actgccactc atatgccata tactgccaca tatatgccac    128820
     atactgctga atatatgtca catactgcca catacatgtc acatactgct gcatgtcata    128880
     tactgccaca tatgtcaata ttgccacata tatgtcacat actgctacat gtatgtcaca    128940
     aactgccaca tatgtcacat actgctgcat atatgtcaca tattacacac atacaggaca    129000
     atgtgtttat tgttgaaatt acacaccact tctttagtct tccttttagc atctcacata    129060
     tgtcctggag ggtcagttcc actcgggccc ttaggaagaa gaattattgg ggaataactc    129120
     taagttctac acaatcacaa ttatctccat ttctcctcca ttcttaaaag gtgtgttctt    129180
     caccactgca gaggtttggg gtttctgggt caccacatct gagaacactg cagacgtcat    129240
     tgctgcccca ggcccctgag tgctcaacat acttcaccac tgggtgtggg aagacttgct    129300
     gtcttgtcta cttagcgatt ttctccttaa aatcactgtt ctgtagttct ataaggctgt    129360
     gctatgcacg tgttcttcca taacctgcct gacacctgct gaatctgtgg gtgacttgac    129420
     attctgaatg tctcagctaa caccctcttc aaacactgcc tctgtcccaa gtcttttctt    129480
     cccaaactcc agaaaaaaaa catgaattag acatagtcac tgtttgctgt gcttcttggt    129540
     cgttccttaa tattctatgg ctcttttttt ttcttaagtt tggggtactt tttcattttt    129600
     catctctcct cccgtgttcc ttgttttctt ctctctctcc tctctttttg tgtctgcctt    129660
     ccctccatcc ctccccttac catttcctgg agctcttttc cctcttgcat ggcaaccaac    129720
     agcacttatg atggcagttt tgtagcttga gtcctcacaa ctatgtttaa cacaaccaat    129780
     ccctgtgcta acccataagg accatatact atgaataaga aagcgtttgt ttttaagtga    129840
     ttaaactatt aaggttacat cattcattct gcagggccca catggtccaa ttaccactca    129900
     aaagcccaac atttcaaaca ccattaacaa agggctttag ggaagttgtt tctagtacat    129960
     gaaatctgaa gaacaaattc aagccgttgt aagttagaag acttactaca cagaatagcc    130020
     caatcaatag aagataaaaa tcaatgtcca agtcaatatt catgtaaata atgagaaatt    130080
     agaattagtt aagctgatct ttttcttagc atattttact ggaaaacata cacagaggga    130140
     tcattcagtt tttccaaaat gtttttcagt gaagggcaaa ctaagatggc tcatttaata    130200
     ctatcataat atgctaccct aaactcagta gattaaaatt ttctttctca cgattttact    130260
     ggttgacagc tgaacttttt tttttccttt ttctaacctg ggtgccctct gtgtaattgc    130320
     aggcgaccag tagataatcc aagccaacta aaggttcgaa cgagcaagat gtctagggtg    130380
     cctcactcaa atggccagct gttgctgctg gctgggaacc cagctggagc ggcttgtttt    130440
     ccctgcttag gtttgttatg agatagtctc tggttctaag atggagcttc tagtccattt    130500
     aaagtctgtg ttcttaacta tagcatttac aacaatcgta gtcatcacag tgcctgccta    130560
     aagaaataaa ctatttctta tcacagttcg atggcttgaa cccaaaacct catgcctgct    130620
     agacaagcac actatcactg aaggacatag accagtgctg aactctaacc ggtgctgcct    130680
     gagtagcagg gccacacaca gtaagacaag gcgtgcgagc aggaatggca gatcacctgg    130740
     gaaacacagc ctggtgtaat gagcttgtaa ctctttgtat ctgaagcatt cagatgcaaa    130800
     aattatgaga taacatctac taaatgatac tttgaaataa aatgtgcagc aacacatctt    130860
     ttaaaggaac aaagtccctc cacattttaa tcagggttta tgagatattc ttgacatcct    130920
     atccttggga tattaacttc tcaagccaac ttggtttatg atgactatca actccatttt    130980
     tacaatcaca cgagagaaac cagtgcccat ttaatactta ttaatacaaa tactaaacta    131040
     aattccccct tttaaaaact ttttccccct aaaacatgaa ggtcaattga aaggaatcaa    131100
     taaaagtact ctttgatata cagccttgca acacgtaatt tttccttttg tttctcttag    131160
     gagttaccag attctccaat ttaacttttt ggttttttat ctgtctctct agatttaaat    131220
     agtccataaa tgtaggtggt gtttctacct tgttggctgc tatgttcgtt gtgccctgcg    131280
     catggtaagg tagacatccg ccgggcacct taggcttcta aagcaatggc acagtcactt    131340
     tgtttttcat attcaaaact tactaagaaa catctcaccc aaatcctcaa gtgacttaag    131400
     caccgcacgg tggtgagcgt gggtccacct agctcagagg tatcaaggct aggtggaccc    131460
     aaagaaggag gtaaaactgt ttaagatgcg ttcaaagcga cttattagtt tataacaaaa    131520
     ttgtattaga gagataatgc cagatttaaa acagtatctg cggaaacact agaagcaaag    131580
     agcagcatgt ttcttagagg ccgctgcttt gcgcatggct tccctctttc tgagggccag    131640
     ttccgcttca gttacctgca caggaagcag agcgccgcga tggtaagagt gaggaggacc    131700
     gccagcacca cgaaagctgc cgacagatta ctttcgcttg ggatgctgga gcttgggaga    131760
     aaaacctctt cgcagcgtgc tccggtgtaa ttttcaatgc acctacagaa taaaagttta    131820
     gataaagatc acacactgat gtggacaaga ctcagtctcc ggctggaagg aagggaaagg    131880
     tctctgcttt tcagattgtc aacgaggcgc agacctgctc gatgtggtgc gcttagagcc    131940
     acggctacag acaaatgcat tagttcacac ttgcctcctt cccttagagt tcttcagcag    132000
     cttagagtct ggagggatca ggtaccactc agattccaca agccggcagc gctaatgtct    132060
     tctgggtttg acttctctgc ctgccaactt ttacagaagt gtcttgcaat gttgttcctc    132120
     taggtgtcct caacctcctc ctccagtgat cctcctgcct cagcttttca agtagctggg    132180
     actgcaggta tatgccacca aggcttaaag tctacatttc cagggggtaa ctatataact    132240
     caacttcatc tacaatttat ttgattatat cttatataga tgtatagatg attacaactt    132300
     tttcctcaaa attactactt cttccaaacc ctgagttact cgatattata tctcttccgt    132360
     actgttcaaa aaatgccttc ttaaacttcc gccaacttca ctaacagcat ttctattttt    132420
     cttcagagac aacatgaaaa agcaaagaat accacaagaa gcagtctttg atatggccag    132480
     ttagctgttt ttccatggta acatgttcaa aggattactg cacattaaga agaattatgc    132540
     tctttggagt cccacccatt tatattacag ttgaatgtaa aataaaatta atttagctgg    132600
     aaatgttggc acgcatctgt tgtcctagaa cttgggaaac tgaggcagga agatcgactc    132660
     agattcaagg ccagcctggg ctacatggtg tgttttaggc cagcccatcc tggagtgtca    132720
     aaatataaaa acaaagtttt ctttttaata tgagcatttg tctataaagc agaagttata    132780
     taggaaattc acaatgtatc tatactaaca atgctatata aaaacgagca tgtacacaca    132840
     cacgtacata ctttaagcta ttttttacaa aaaaaaattg taaaggttgg ttttataaaa    132900
     ctagttttcc tcctcgcctc ttttcagagt tggtgagctt ttagatgttt attctctctg    132960
     cctcccacac tgtgctaatg acgacagcag gcctagaggg ctagatatga gctaatgact    133020
     ggtttaacaa ccaaccagac aggagaacta gcagcttaca tgtgcaaagg acagttctgc    133080
     acagagagtg aactttaact gaccaaagag cattataatc ctaatgccac cctgttgcag    133140
     gcaggaggtt actgctgttg gctttgtggg gacttcaggc aacacaataa tccaatcaca    133200
     ctactgcact gagtggtttg tagagacaag gacagggagc ctaagggcag atacaaaata    133260
     acacgtgaga tattcgggga aaaatcatag ttacttacag tgtaaacatt aaaatactat    133320
     cttgctgggc atggtggctc acgcctttaa tcccagctct tgggaggcag agacaggtga    133380
     atttctgcgt tcaaggccag cctgatctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca    133440
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaaccaaaa caaaaaacaa acaaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa    133500
     aaaaaccaaa ccaaacaaac aaaccaaaaa aacccccaaa aaactatctt gtctatgggg    133560
     ctggagaggt agctcagtgg ttaagagcac tggctgctct tccagaggac ctgggttcaa    133620
     ttctcagcac ccacatagag gctcacaacc atctgtaatt gcattccttt cttttggtct    133680
     ctgacagcac caggtatgca tgaagtccag acagacagac atgcagacaa atcaatcata    133740
     cacataaaat aaataaacga ataaaacatg aaaggattgt cattcccata ggctcaactg    133800
     aatacacatg agaggaaagg agaagtgaaa gttaaactga atccatggtg actctactga    133860
     gcttatctcc ctacaggaca gcctgtccct gcagcttctt cctaaacaca ctacacacac    133920
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acagacacac attactcgat    133980
     gtatgtcatc accacacaac cctgacagat gctgcctgtt gcacctcggc tcagatttaa    134040
     gaccagagta cactgtaaac tgcagtgttc ttaatgtgca tgcaaagttt tctattataa    134100
     aaacctaatg gcttaattat gggaaacaaa ggctttgata tattcctctt ctcattcctt    134160
     agtatatctt tggattatat tgtcagaata tttgaattta aaattgctat ttaagttgct    134220
     aacttttttg tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttccaagac agggtctctc tgttgtagcc    134280
     ttggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct tgaactcaga aatctgcctg    134340
     cctttgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgtgccac caccgcccgg caagttgcta    134400
     acttttaaat taaaaaataa ctaaatgaat tttggcttgg cattagggca gaatgtctag    134460
     tagtttctga aatggcccta atatgcttct gctgttccac actatatatc atggtgaagg    134520
     aggatcataa aatacccatc agccctgtaa agtgctggag atgcttcctg gcattcagta    134580
     tcaaatatgt aaatttgctt ttatcactaa taaatataac taatatcacc aacaaataac    134640
     taaattattt tagcaaagaa ttgttttaaa aataaatgtt cttaccgtta tcagtaaatt    134700
     tctggcatgt attccaattt tatacacatt tataatctgg ggtcaggaga ggtttcttag    134760
     gtgaaaaggg tggagggtgg aaggagttga taaatcccct agaaagaaac ccagtgggcc    134820
     tgtctcagcc aatacacaca gtgcaaaaca aacacaggaa aggcagcttt ccaaaagata    134880
     aaaccctact ctgcattcac tcctaagagt tgttccagat gcacaaaaat ataaataaaa    134940
     actctctcac aattccctta agattatttc tggagcagag actgtaggaa tgaccatcca    135000
     gagactgccc tacctggggc tccatcccat atacaaccac caaacccaga cactattgtg    135060
     gaggccaaca aatacttgct gacaggagcc tgatatagct gtctcctaag aggctctgcc    135120
     agagcctgac aaatacaaaa gtgaatgctc acagccatcc agtggacaga gcacagggtc    135180
     cccaatgaag gagctagaga aagtactgaa gaagctgaag gggtttgcag ctccatagga    135240
     ggaacaacaa tatgaaccaa ccagtacccc cagagctccc agggactaaa ccacaaacca    135300
     aggaaaacac atggtgggac tcatggctct agctgcatat gtagcagagg atggccttgt    135360
     gggacatcaa tgggaggaga ggcccttggt cttgtgaagg ttctatgctc cagtataggg    135420
     gaatgccagg gccaggaagc aggagtgggt gagttggtga gcaggtggaa gggtaaggga    135480
     taggggattt ttggagggga aactaggaaa ggggataaca tttgaaatgt aaataaagaa    135540
     aatatctaat aaaaaaagag attatttttg tatttaaata gaattcaatt accataaatg    135600
     ccttacaaag gtgggtactt ttctttgttt tgttttaaaa ttttttagcc actgaaagaa    135660
     agcctggcgt agtccaggaa tggtgtgggt gcagctcatc aatcagagga ggattgaagc    135720
     aaacagaaag aggcaggaga gagaaacgat cagtcgagtt ctctaccatc cacatctggg    135780
     aaaaagtaac acgctggtgg cagttttaag caaaataaca tcaaaaaatg ttgttattct    135840
     ttacctcatt aaacctgaac ttggagaaag gaacagacac attgtaccat gtggctaacc    135900
     tacaagtgaa ttttgttttt ccaggtaatt atcatataaa taagggaaca ctgcccatcc    135960
     gatggtgcac ataaggagtc tgctcccggt aacttatgaa aatgttacgg cttcagctgt    136020
     aacacagatg ttacatttca agcaaacgtt aagtcaggga tggcagagta gagacagcgg    136080
     acatggagtc gagctagcgt gagttgaagg tcaagtgtca cggaggcact tgcccagagc    136140
     tgagcagcct ctgtctttat gtaagtaact cttgctaaag tattcctggc ctttgcttct    136200
     ctacaggctg tcaagtccca aaaggttgtg tcatctaatt tgatgaacgt caagagttaa    136260
     cacactttcc tggaactgaa gattaacgac agaatgtgta cagttgccca gtgatgcctc    136320
     agaatccatg ttgtacaaca attttctagg tgcactgaag agtttcacca gaagctttga    136380
     agccacgttt agtgtacttg acatgagaaa agttcatctg attttagtgt tcaggaaaag    136440
     tagctatgat actgaaggtc ttcagcaaga gtaaaggaac caaactttaa cttgtgagac    136500
     aggaggattt ccatgagttc agggccaggc tggaatattt ggggtgaccc cctttaaaag    136560
     caaaacaaac aggaaccaag ccacaggaac caagaagttg tgaatcctga acagatgtgg    136620
     ctgtgttcca aaaaatgaac actggacttc aggctagaga aaactaggta tgtagctgtc    136680
     atgtggcctg atcttgctgc gtgccactta agctctacga catgaagcca aagtggtaac    136740
     ccctgcctta gttctttcac ttagttattt tcatgattgg tcaagacatc tgccagtgcc    136800
     aaggacagca cgatgctgtc caggtgagag aagaacatga gtagtctctt ttcaaatgcc    136860
     aggctccagg taagaaactt aggaggacca tggcggctaa taaagatgct actattacta    136920
     ctataaaaga atcactgcca ccaccaccac ccccaccacc accaccacca ccaccccccc    136980
     cctcaaaaac ccctcaactc cagcgccatt ccacttggac agagctactc aggaaggaac    137040
     aatcctaaca cggtgacccc agagctaacc caacttcacg aaccccatgt gacaatcaaa    137100
     gttaagccta aatctcataa aaaaaatgag aacaaaccaa aaataaagcc tttacaagag    137160
     ttcaagaaaa tatactgaca tggtttggat ccacttagtc caaggctaca ctgatataca    137220
     aacacatagc caaaatccta tcaaatggca cagatagata tgcatagacc aagaactcag    137280
     agatgactgg ctggcaacct ttgccactct cattacctgg tgccataaaa gcattgaaca    137340
     tctctagctt gattatgcct agagatattt agtcaatacc cactcttgta aaaatagcta    137400
     tttatgtcaa gtgtgtgaca tttgtaccgt tgaggactga taattatgag tacttcaagt    137460
     ggcttagcct gatttaaatc tagttaaaaa gcaaatttta gagttcttca cgattgactg    137520
     ttagccagca aactcatatg tgggatgcgt ttcagggagc aacagtccac acggagaacc    137580
     atccgcattt gccatcaggt gagttactgc ttatgggggc ttggaagttt tactttaagt    137640
     aaatcactga aaacttcaag gacctgctga aagtagccaa agtccagcaa aacacagaag    137700
     tgctgtaagc acgaaacaag caagtcataa gctctaagca caacctttgc caccgagtgt    137760
     gcacaggccg gtctgccccg atgaaccctc agagaggagg acccagagaa cgcttcacaa    137820
     actgagacaa acctgagaca aacctctgtg attgttagct ctccctcccc cacaaaccat    137880
     ataatttatt gaagtctcag tctctgcctt ctccattttg cttacctcaa aaagatgttt    137940
     aaggagaaaa ttctaaaagt caccccctga aataaagtct attacttctt aaaaggttgg    138000
     gaaatgaagt aaaactaaaa ataaaaagta tgcatactag gtgctcatgc ctacaacggc    138060
     agcattcaga gcggggatgg ggtggggatg gagatggggg gggggataca gagttcaagg    138120
     gctgggctgg agatagctca aaggagaagg gcaccattgg ctgctcttcc agaggacccc    138180
     agttagatcc ccagaacccc cgtggcagtc cacggccatc tgtcactaca gttcctcttc    138240
     tggcttcctc aggcacggtc catggtgttc agacacatgc tgataaaaca cccacacatg    138300
     aaataaaatt ttaaaaatct gaaaaaaaaa gttcaagggt gacctcagtt atactgtaaa    138360
     gtttgaggtc atcctgggct acatgagact cagcctcaaa caaaaaaaat agatgtatac    138420
     ttttcatcac ttatatctta gagacaatgt gtatgtagac atatatatat atatatatag    138480
     tatttataca gaacaactgc tgtcactttt tcttttaagt aatagtttta gtatagaaaa    138540
     tatatttaaa aataaataat atataagtgg gccttccaac ttgagagatt ttccctgttc    138600
     atgtctttta agggttctta ggaacatcta gaaagactgg agtagctaaa ccacagtttg    138660
     aaatgcacag tgttaatgct ggcatcttac cttcccaggg tgcagggaaa atctcatgac    138720
     ccaacttgga ataagacaaa gagaagccag caacagttca cttcctgaca aaagaagtta    138780
     agcattagat ctatgcacaa gtcacggctg ctagcattgc tgtgtagaaa gtaaggctta    138840
     tagataatga ggcttttttg ggaggtgtca ccaggcaaag tcagagggtc tgaagactta    138900
     tgctcttaag ttttgttctg aacactgagg tcgagagaga tgcatccgta gtttctgctg    138960
     aggacactaa tgagggagtc tgtaatcaga aggaaggtga ctaaaataaa aagcattaac    139020
     aaaatgcata aacggagcag ctgctggatg catttgcatt tggtctatta taagcaccga    139080
     ggttgttatt tctgctccat aaaggtgttc tagagatcag cctaattcca gatgtttaat    139140
     aaagcttatg acgtactgtc aaagataaaa gcaaaggggg ttcagctgta tttaatagca    139200
     gaggcgtttt ggctgttttc cttaaaatac aaccttctac taaatttaga aatgcaaagg    139260
     ccgaaactta tccataaggc atgccaaaaa ctgaccttat aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa    139320
     caaaacctta acattttctg tggttaataa agtgagccac aaagttctga aattcccttt    139380
     aaaaagaatt tggtaaaaca tacggtggtg tggtggtttg agtaagagtg gcctcaagaa    139440
     taagctcata tatttgaatg cttagtcatc aggagtagca caacttggga aggattagtt    139500
     ggtgtggcct tgttggaggt agtatgtcac tggcatggac ttcgaagttt caaaagccca    139560
     aatacaggcc caggctcagt ctctgtccct ctctctgtgt ctctctctgt ctctttttct    139620
     gtctgtctct gtctatctct ctgtctctct ctctctctct gtctctctct gtctctgtct    139680
     ctctctgtct ctgtctctct cttcctgctg cctgctgatc tggaagtaga actctcagct    139740
     gcttctctag cccatgcctg cctgtgtgct gccatgcttc ctaccatgct gctaatggac    139800
     taaacctctg aaactagaag caagctttag ttaaatgcct tcttttataa gagttgccac    139860
     agtcacagtg tctctttata gcaatggaac actgactaag tcatatgggg gccaagaatg    139920
     ctgagacaaa acaacaatct acaagtaaac aagatgatgt gccaaataca gcaatgctgt    139980
     agatgtagat ttcctacatc ttatttttga acaactagtt ttccacagat tgcatttgtt    140040
     ttcctaaacc ccactgtcta cacagaactc agtctgtaca gtcacctagc aaatgtttct    140100
     atctgcccaa gaataccatc gctattgctg cagatgggac atggtgctca gacacagtca    140160
     caaaagcagg aagccactct ggttgggtct tgtgatcaca cgaggaacct actgttcgcc    140220
     aggatcctgg tgaagccaga gttcacttag tcactatggg caactgttcc accaggtaat    140280
     gctttgccaa gttcagctcc aatcacaaag ttgaatgcag tgtatttgtt agctctgatc    140340
     tttggataag tcacaaggct gagaggaaag caggacagcc cacagggcct cagccagcta    140400
     gtggtgcagg taccgataaa gacaaacctc tcctctactc ctgctgcttc aactctgtaa    140460
     gttctggtca gaagttctac ttggctgctt ttgtgtctaa atgaccaagc tgatcaagat    140520
     gccaaaggct acaaggctcc tgggtagatt gcttttcaga gaaagacttt gacatcatcc    140580
     acaaaacacg ttcccagaca caaggcaaac atcgccttct tattatccaa ctccatagag    140640
     gccctgtcct ttcacctttg agctacttta caactctgta aaccataaac cttgggagaa    140700
     tgccgatgca ctctgcttgg tatgggacaa cagattgctg tgtgggccca catcaatttc    140760
     atgctattta catgtgtgca cagtactgaa tttttctgag tctccttgta aataagcaat    140820
     tcttcaaata caatcctaat acatgctcat ctttttttat ttgtgaaaat ctgattttct    140880
     cttttataaa ttttaaaacg tttagactat ttgctgaaat gctcagtaga ctcgttaggt    140940
     agagtgagat caactgaggt gtcacagaag cctgtacact gggccttata agccggagag    141000
     gactgcatgc caggcctgtg ggctggggca gactgcacac ttgagcatct tctcctagtt    141060
     tcagaggtga atccaaggga gcagaacttc agattggctg gctcccttca tagttctgga    141120
     cttcacattc tctatcattt atttcatggg tttcgttctt ggttctggtt cacttgggtt    141180
     taagtttgct tccattagta agatcatgag gaaggccctg gctcaactct ccagacattt    141240
     aagcaggtgg ctaacactca agattatctt cattgggaga gagaggagat gacgtggaga    141300
     taaagaatct atccacagag gagatagtta gagtataaaa tcaaattcaa ggaactctat    141360
     gctgcctgat gtatatactg aacagcccta aaagtccgtt gtaggacaat aagaaatata    141420
     cctagtatta taatatctta aatatcaatg aattaaatta aattattatc atcaaaacca    141480
     agaaacattt taagaactca agttatatta acagatcttt gttagaacac tgcttgctgc    141540
     agctgtggct cagaggttaa gagcactcac tgcagatgca aaggaccctg gttcacatcc    141600
     cagcaagtgc tgggtggctc ccagcagtct gaactgtcat gtcgggcagt ggtggcacac    141660
     gcctttaatc tcagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttt gaggccagcc    141720
     tggtctacag agtgagttca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccatg tcttgaaaaa    141780
     caaaacaaaa cacaacaaca acaaaaagaa cactgactgc cctgagtcca attcccagca    141840
     actacatgct ggctcagggc catctataag agggctctga tgccctcttc tggcatgcaa    141900
     gtgtacatgc aaagtactac attttaaaaa attagcgggg ctggagagat ggctcagtga    141960
     ttaagagcac tgactgctct tccaaaggac ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccatatggtg    142020
     gctcacaacc atccaaaatg agatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga ggacagctac    142080
     agtgtactta gatataataa taaataaatc ttaaaaaaga aaaaattagc ttaattttga    142140
     cttaataaaa acagatggtc ttttctctga ttaagaatac tgagtgcact gtgcatacat    142200
     tttatctgac ctaggtctat tttccctaaa cttatatggg ttcactgatc aaataaacta    142260
     ttagttctta catattgtta aaaaatttaa ggatgttgtt agacagtggt ggtgcatgcc    142320
     tttaatccca gcacttgaga ggcagggcca ggtgatctct ataagttcga ggccagcctg    142380
     atctacacag cagttccagg acaaccaagg ttacacagag aaaccctgtc ttgaaaacca    142440
     aaccaaacca aactaaccaa acaaaaccgg aaaactcaag aatgtaaaac tgttcaacta    142500
     aatcattatt ttgatgctct acttaaacca tagttatttt atatcattta tgctttataa    142560
     tagaattttt aaagatatct taaaaatctg aaccaattaa attgatttta aatagggtag    142620
     gaccactgaa aggttaatca ccaagttgaa tttgtactta gatttctgtt tcttgcataa    142680
     ggaattttca ttatattaat gaagattttg cctctttagt gggttatata aaggctgtga    142740
     gttgtactga gggcacagct cagtggtgcg aacctgctca gcatacagga tgctctgggt    142800
     tttatcccta gtatcattta aggggaagag aagcaaagtt agagtaagac ccatatctaa    142860
     aaacaatgca aaaataaagg tccaggaaga tggctcagag cgtaaaggca cttgctgtaa    142920
     aacttgatgt cctgaaccct gtctccagaa cgacatgaca gaagcagaaa tgatgtctac    142980
     agttgccttc tgacctccct acataagctg taccacacac acacaccata aagaaatgta    143040
     aaaaaaaaaa attaaacttt aaaaagtaca tatgtagcgg cagaacgaac ggtgtgtgat    143100
     gtgtctgcga cttgtctact gaactgtctc ttacgcttta cagtcccaga tgaccctgaa    143160
     cctagttttc cttgtgaaac agacatcagt tacttggtca aaagctatag ctgatgcaag    143220
     cgaggagact gctaagaata acagagatgc atgtgagggc acacacttct gttttttaaa    143280
     aaaaagtagt tttgcttgaa agtagcagtt ctcagctttt ttcttttcac ctcaaagcca    143340
     aaggtgatga ccttacatgg gtcaaaactg ctatactgga aacagaaaca caatgaagaa    143400
     tattgattca tttgaaatac aaatgatgga tacacataca tacaaataac agctcagcat    143460
     tattgactaa gagactgttg ccaggggtta actaaggtgt ttgaatatga aaagatctgt    143520
     tttggaaatt ttggaatttc attttcttat catgtaaagt gtgttcttgg ttctcggttc    143580
     ctccctggct gggtttacag agcagatgaa attctgttct ttcctggacc agaccagaaa    143640
     gcagtgactc agcatctgcc caggatgtgt ttctgtgcct gatgctgaag tttgcatcct    143700
     ggattactta tgggaagaaa aatattaact caaaaagaaa gaggaagagg agggagggag    143760
     aggcagggac caaggttctg tatagctatt ctttctactt ttattttaaa tgttgttgtt    143820
     cctctgagga gagagacagc caggaaccct ctctcaacca ccgtgatgct ataaccaaat    143880
     ggcccaacct cttcaataag gttttaattt tactttccca aaactgaatc ttgaacacag    143940
     aaaaaaaacc cctcaaaata tcatttatac cccaaaaaga tacttcaaag tcactgtcat    144000
     ttcattagag aaataaagac agtagttaga ataggaactg ctgtcattta cattagagaa    144060
     taaagacagt agttagaata gaactcatca cattaaaatc tctggatgct tctggaggtt    144120
     tctcaacata tttgattcca tatgtttgta tgtttgcttg tttgctttaa tatgggatca    144180
     tgcctttctt gaacagttgg gctagtgtga tcctcctgag ttgctatggt cactagcata    144240
     taccatcatg cccagtcacc ataaaagatt ttaaaataca gatcaaaacc catttgaaaa    144300
     agttattcaa tatatgccgg tagaggattt tgtccttttc cattgtgata ttaatgacca    144360
     caggaggaaa ttaactatag ccattatttg ctatataaaa gactcatgtt tccttgttgt    144420
     gcacggtgtg tgtgtttgtg tgcatgtgtt catgtgtgta ggcatgtgtg caagtgtata    144480
     cacaggacag agggcgattt gacgtgcttt tcttgatcat attttctgaa cctggaggag    144540
     gtcaccaatt agactagaga gaccgagcag agtgctccca gggtcctcct ctctctgcct    144600
     ccaagctagg agtacaaaca cctggctttt cagctggcac tgagcattag acacacagca    144660
     aagtgcacca cacacattct atactcagag acatctccaa cacagtttct gttttaattt    144720
     gatgtttggc aaagtctctg agttgcatag gaaataaatg acaagtatgg cttaattctt    144780
     caaagaatag attcttggga acaagattct aagataatgg atattaatag aatgttcact    144840
     cataaccaaa ggcctgagtc aggatttccc gtcatccatt gcgcttcaga ggacaacaca    144900
     ggaaagcaga ttggtaaccc caaatcgtga cgagcacgga aatgtatgaa ctatggaggg    144960
     acaattgtta caggtgcttg cttagattac tattcatatt ttatgctatg ttctttttat    145020
     atttaaaaaa atcttctctt cagaagatat ttatatacta caaaaattca gtaaacattg    145080
     ctttcataaa ctgaaactaa aatttgaatt atctgatttt tgttgatttg aattatctag    145140
     tgtctatcca ttcttacaga actatgctgt ttttacttgt gggtcctaca tctaaccaag    145200
     cctactcagg acaaatggct tggtccctgg cttacggtcc ctgaagaatg tccttggcta    145260
     ccaggccaag cacctcagga aactggatgg ttccaagtca agaggaactg gcttaaacgt    145320
     ccatactacc catgaaatct gggggatagt ttcttaggcg tggtttcctg tcctcttgac    145380
     agccaagagg cctggggacc ttcattccaa gactcttagg aaatgtctca gagcaaagtg    145440
     agtgttgtaa ctttcataga ctcattgcta aatggctaag acttgtaaga acaaactcat    145500
     ggtggtatca acacacttcc tcactcacgt aagcctacac cagcacttct ttgaccagga    145560
     ataactgaga agcccagcat aggctgtaaa ccctagctac tcaacaggcg tgagcaagac    145620
     tgcaagttca aggctagcct gaccggggca aattgttgaa aacttgtctc aaaataaaaa    145680
     tattttttaa atttaaaaac attttttaaa aatcacaaac aaaaagcctg ggctggagag    145740
     acagctctgc agtgaagtgc actggcagct cttgcagagg acccaggttc agttcccagc    145800
     atccatgtgg tggtgactca caaccatctg taactccagt ctcaggggac atgtcatgca    145860
     cgtggtgtgc atacattctt atagacaaaa cactcacata aagctaaaga aaaaaatcta    145920
     aaaataaata tttaaaaaag cctttttaaa catgcaaaaa ttaaacatta gaaaccaccc    145980
     aaattaccta atctactggt tctcagcctt cctaatgtcg tcgtagtcct tcacactttt    146040
     tgatgtcata atgttatttt tgttgctact tcataactat aattttctac tgcttttaat    146100
     tgtgatgtaa gtctctgtgt ttgatgatgg tcttaggccc ctgtgaaagg gtcatttgac    146160
     cccaaagggg ccatgaccat gttgagaact gcttatctat cagtgaatgg ggtgatgaac    146220
     agaatagata attctcaaaa gaagatgcaa atcaaccaat gagaactcac caagtgttca    146280
     acatccataa ccatcaggga aaagcaaatt aaagctgctt tgagacccac tccatcttga    146340
     tcagaatggc taccaccaga catcaaggaa acaaacgatg acaaaggcca aagaggacgt    146400
     ggagaggaag aagttcactg atggctaaat cgtgaccttg tgaagccatc acaggaatca    146460
     gcagtagggt cctcaagaaa ctaaccactg agctactgtg ctctcagaca caccacttct    146520
     ggacacatgc ctgaagacac tgatacacat gtatccattc cattgctatt cacagtagca    146580
     tggcaatgaa atcagcctag ctgtccatac acagacaaac aaacaaacat aggatttata    146640
     cacaatagat atcctgacat ttgcaggaaa gtgaatggaa ctggaaacta ttatattaca    146700
     caaaactccc cacatccaga aaggtaaata tcacaactgg tctcttattt gtatgtgtgt    146760
     atctattagc atacatttgt ttgttctagt gtgtggatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    146820
     gtgttagtgt gtgtgctcat gtgcatgctc ccatggggaa atgatcctga gagaagagaa    146880
     tttatgtaac aagaaagcag aagtggggat aactggaaga aaaagagagc cagctggagg    146940
     ggtctaggga gcacgggaca cagcagtgca gggaggagca actgaggaca aagcatgaca    147000
     cacatgtgtg aggagtgaga atagaacaca attctgcatg ccaatctaga aaattagtaa    147060
     ttttaaaaca ttgagctgga catggtggca cacgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca    147120
     gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttctaggcca gcttggtcta cagagtgagt tccaagacag    147180
     ccagggcaaa cagagagacc ctgtttcaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac    147240
     ctagtaagat agtcagctga taaagacaca gctaaacctg acaacctagt tagttccagg    147300
     aacccatata ggaaaaggag acaactgact cttacctgtt ggctctacat gtgtgccatg    147360
     acatgtgtgt gcaggtacac atgtgcacgc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    147420
     aagtgtaatt aaaggggata tatcacatgg ttgttgtgat acatataaac aagtcctagt    147480
     tcatatctcc agcactgaga aaaatgagtg acttttgagg ttactaaaat catgaacaag    147540
     atatttataa aaattatgaa agaatttggg atgtgtaaaa acttaaaaaa aaattgctgg    147600
     gatccaggca cgtgtcacct atagtcctgg catttgggag acctggggag aagcaccaag    147660
     ggagttcaaa cccagcctga gttactggaa cctgtgactc acaggaagta ccaggtgtcc    147720
     acgatgggat gaggaggctc aatgtgctat ctcacaagtc tgtaatttca gaccatgtac    147780
     agtattgtaa gggacctttc ttacagaaat ccaaatatat tttatctgtt gggacacaag    147840
     tgattagtga cctgcaaata ttgttcaatt atctatttat cgggtctttt cagaattcct    147900
     aatatctctg tatatatctg ttgcttgaag ttttgagcta tttatgatat cttattgatt    147960
     tcctaataac taattagtta tcaatctttg gaaagttcct ttttatatga atatgctttt    148020
     accttttcaa aaaatatttt taaaggggtt ctgaacctgg aaaattctta cccctgattg    148080
     agctgtcagt ggagaggaga gagactatac acatcacatg gtatttggtg atttcatgat    148140
     ttttcacagg tttctagcca tcccaccaag gattcgcaga aaacagattt caagcattca    148200
     ggaacacact gcatgagaac ttaggaagac aaaagtcaca ataaaacaaa ttaccctgga    148260
     ttaagttaaa aaaataaata aaactagtaa aagaaccata cttttgaagt tcaattacca    148320
     cactcccttt aatgagtaag gatagaaaat taaaaatgca aattctttca gaattacaaa    148380
     ttctacaggt taattttctg ctatatatac acactgaact agggcagtat aataatctca    148440
     aaagtaaatt tcaaaaggga tatcaaacaa taaagcaatg aaatttgtat cttatgaaga    148500
     accaagtggt agtctgatat aaatcccgtg tgaataggcc cgacaaagtt cacatcagcc    148560
     ttgatgtgat cgacaggaga gttggggcca ccatttgctt ctgctctccg ttcacctgca    148620
     ggacctgagc atttagggga tgatattaag ctacatggag gcatttatac tttagggtaa    148680
     ttggaaattt tcaaaaagaa tgcatattat aaggggaaat cattacctaa aaagagacca    148740
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa aaaaaaaggt atgtttctgg tacttcacag    148800
     ctggtctcta agagcaacca tctatttggg gggtgggggg ctgggggact gcctgtagta    148860
     tgcacgctcc caattacagc cctgggtgta catagtaaac aggtacgtga aggagaaaga    148920
     aaaactgcct gaaacaagtt actgacatct ggagtctcac agtcaccttg gggcgcgtca    148980
     atggaataaa ctccttcaga aacactgggt acaccaaggt gcccaattgc acgaatggtt    149040
     taagtaggca atgtcttaga aacaaatgat aaaacctaga aagagataat ataaagattt    149100
     ctttgttgtt gccagagcat gaatgcagaa attatacatg ctaaattaca cactctacca    149160
     atgagctatg tcccagccca ataatgcaaa ttttgataca ctaaattctc atttaattct    149220
     gaaattatgc ataaaactat aataaattac ataaatacag aatgtttgaa aaagttctgt    149280
     agataaaggc aaaataatta ttccatcttc ggaaatttct ttaagtttta gatagttata    149340
     atttttttaa gtatgtaaga agctaaaaat ataaccagat atctaaaagg tttgccatag    149400
     tttctcccta ttgtgttaac agccctcagt tggagttcag aaacaatagc ttgcttttat    149460
     cccagacggt aaattacagt aagttctttc aagcacacca tgttcctgac agaaatgctg    149520
     acactgttaa ccgtgggaca gccctgcatg actacactta ggccggaaca gcgttagcct    149580
     gcgtgtgtgt cagcaaaatt tgtcataagg ctcttttctt ctctccaatt tgagcagatt    149640
     tcgatgtctc catttttttt tcctctgggg gagagtgtct gttttaatga catttattta    149700
     aatataaaga cttaaacaca caattttatc tcaaatacta tttgtcaagg tcaaaatcac    149760
     caaaattaaa ctctgattta aaagactaag tttttattta catttcttgt ttatttttat    149820
     tacatttcct atttgaatta taactatttt aaatcagtaa aattctgacc aaagacacaa    149880
     aacaaatgcc cccacagtaa tgccagtaac tttcaatttc attgtttaga ccttaactca    149940
     tagaaaatgt gaatacattg catatgcttc aatttagcag tttttaatgt caaatttgtt    150000
     gttttattaa tttttcatgc ctcttgtatg tgaccttttt gataatctta ctgtgtgtgt    150060
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtagcccc tatgcagctc cagctgggaa    150120
     tcctcctggc tcctctagaa cacaggatta cagggccatc ccccctccat ccccatcccc    150180
     accttctgta cttggcctta gcaatttctc attaagtgaa caagaccaca agagtcatgg    150240
     ttgaaattta cctcaaatgg ccatttgggc atcttaatct agctcaaagt ttatagccaa    150300
     cgtatggaag actttcagaa ccaatttgtt aaaagaatta tcaaggagtt gacttattga    150360
     tatagggtct cactgtgtag cactgactga cctgggactt gctatgtaga gcaggctagc    150420
     cttggactaa cagagtgcct ggctctgcct cctgagttct gaaataaagg ctattcttag    150480
     tctaatttat aatttttttt cctgaaaaaa aattgtaaaa ataaagggta tctgactttt    150540
     attgatttat taatattttg cttttatact attttaatat tttttacttt tatgttcaaa    150600
     atgatttaag agaattttgc ttcgtacaga cggtagaact aattccagaa caaaacctaa    150660
     aaagaccacc tggggagcct actgagaggt tcttatccta gaaacggaca gatttctaaa    150720
     atgtctacac ttgagaaaga gtaaaaagga agacagactg ctgaagatga tgaaaaacac    150780
     taacaaaccc tgaacagtta gaactgacat tatttgctgt aatcaagtaa agcgatccaa    150840
     caggaggaga aacacactca gtatggatac caggtacgac ttagggcgct tccaagcaga    150900
     cagcaaagta ccccaaaatc ttgttcttgc tcgcccactc attcaccttg tatttctctg    150960
     ttgtcacctg agcccattct ctagagggac tctggacatt ctattacaga gacaactgga    151020
     ccaggtccca tgccccagat cataccctcc gaggcttcat ctagtctatg tgctaatgca    151080
     tgtttaatta atatttaata atgccaaaag gattagctcc caaagatcga aatttacaga    151140
     aaataatcaa gtttcacaaa cctaacttgg tgatggttaa ccacgtcaac gggactaggt    151200
     tgagactagc ttaggagatt gggacaggta cacctctcag tatacccgtg agagcatcct    151260
     ggggagtatt agctaagggg aagacatgcc cggagggtgg ttggcattat ctgataggct    151320
     agaaggccca atgcaatcaa aggggaagga tgtttctttc tgcaggcatc ctttgtgtcc    151380
     tgtccatcat ggtgggctcc ctgctcccct actatcacct acagtgaggg accaagatgg    151440
     ctaaggctat gccaaacaac tcctcctttt aaacagtttt tcttggccac tttatcatag    151500
     tgataaaaac ttacttcaaa caaaaactct caaataatgc ctgacgatat ttatctcatt    151560
     aaagagaaat tgaacaattg ctgaaagaat tagccttatg gaaaacatta tagttaacag    151620
     tatagataat taggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctgatcta cagagtgagt    151680
     tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaagcaaaa caaacaaaca    151740
     aacccagtat agataattaa ggctcttcct aataaagcac tgtcataaaa ggagagacat    151800
     ttcatatcct agcttgaaaa gttagccaag gatagagaat ctctatcctt gaatctacca    151860
     atgcaacacc tataacctct cattgaatat gtatatctta gacaacaatg ctccttaaga    151920
     tgaattttta aagattgaaa atatggcaga agcagctaca tgcctctcta ttttcattat    151980
     ccttaattat tttatctaat cacagaattg gtcgtcatgc atggggctac acaaattaca    152040
     cttctctgcc ccacctctca atgaaatagt catggaacat gtaggttcca gccaacagga    152100
     tatgaagaaa aaagtgataa atgtccttca aaggttagac tttctccctt tccttgttac    152160
     actgcttgaa aagtcgtaat ccaaagactc taaaatgtgt gtgagaaata tcaggagatg    152220
     caaagatgaa gctgaaatca caaagagttc catggactag tgaggccagc gggcaccact    152280
     aagagtgctt cccaccaggt atggtggtgg cctgtgcctt gattcccagg tcttgagaga    152340
     aagagagaga gccagggatc tctgtgggtt tgaggccagt ctggtctaaa tagtgaattc    152400
     caggccagcc agagcggtgt agtatgtatg cttgtatgta ccatgtctta gacagacaga    152460
     cagacagaca gatgataaat agtagacaga tgtcaggtaa tcagatgatt gatagataga    152520
     tgataggaag aaagaaagaa agagagagag agagaaagaa agaaagagag agagagagaa    152580
     aggaaaagag aaagagagaa agagagaaag agagagagaa agagagaaag agagagagaa    152640
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaaggaagga aggaaggaag aaagaaagaa    152700
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaggagggaa tagatgatag gaagaaagaa    152760
     agatggaggg agggaaggaa ggcaggcagg caagcaagca ggcgaagcag cgcattttga    152820
     cgtgcaggaa ctaagtgtca tgtttgcagg gatggaagca gaagtggaga gacagatggc    152880
     acagatgtgc aagtgactcc aagatgcaga ggatgttgag tcctctaccc acgggcagca    152940
     gtggtgtggt cgctggaagt cgcttttgct ccagtatgta acctccctac cacgctcagg    153000
     caggcatgag atgtcctatc ctccagtcat ggcccgtgat aacattcctg aagtgctgtc    153060
     taccatagag gcttggtgcc caaggctatt cctgggagca ggtcatctct gtctagcatt    153120
     cagcttcatc ccagactttc aaaagaaaat tcagtataga ctgcattgca tacacagtga    153180
     gacacactcc catttaaagt tttacagagg taaaactata tgccagacaa gtactgtaca    153240
     agcaggcctt tctaggacag ctgtcccaag tccgttgcat tcgctctatt ctgtacacct    153300
     tgactaatac acaaaggaca gcttcatctg ttacaaggta aatgttaatt atagcaatac    153360
     tgagttatcc tgtcctctgt caggctggta aagtccaaac taaggacgat ttctgcttgg    153420
     taatgaggca gttccatatg tagttggtaa ggactcagat accttgtcaa gcaattggac    153480
     aatgtctacc agaattacaa atacatatat cccctcctgc gaggccagct tcttgaaatg    153540
     cgcttgcatc tgtaaaatga aaggttatct gttgtggtac tgtctgcttg aaacgaccgg    153600
     aactagtgtt attcatgttc atttaaagaa actgactgca ctgccagtcc ttcaagattg    153660
     ctgccaaccc aaggcctggt ggatggtttt gtaggtatag aagcctgcta ccaatcctga    153720
     caacctgagt ttgatcccca gaacctacgt ggtggaagaa gagaactgac tcccacaagc    153780
     tgtcctccat gagtgcacca cgggatgcat gtcctcgcct tccatacaga cacaaaataa    153840
     acaaatgttt taaaaatcac atacataact aaatacagta aatgatactt gatgataata    153900
     attaactatt atgtggcttg gtatttatta tactatttct gttaactact attgctatat    153960
     tgcagcatta taaagtgctg tctacctgtg aagtttccta ttaagaagtg agctctgcta    154020
     caccagcagt gggtttgcag acccgtgttt tgtacaccat gtaagcctgc tgtgttgctg    154080
     tgttgagtga cctatattgc accactgttt gcataagtac tttatcatgt tgggacaatt    154140
     tcagaatggc ttaacgcgtt tatccaaaca catcccatca ttaagtaaca tagggcagtg    154200
     atgtgcaacc atttatgctg gaagcttcta aagttgctca cacgggaaca gagaatagac    154260
     acgtgacagg aaagtgaagc tgggcatagt atacctatca ctattcaatt ttttttagcc    154320
     ctgtgaattt attatcaatt ttttaaaatg acaatagctt ctgggacccc attaaagcaa    154380
     tggcaggaga tggttgctaa agaacaaaca taatcagagg aaactgcgtc ctgagacttc    154440
     tgctcattac tctgccagac gctggttata tctctggaca aacacaccct tagctatctg    154500
     tgttctgttt gctgcagtag atattgacac tgagtaaggt tcatgatata ctgcaagatc    154560
     caaggaacca accagtgacg tcacttttaa tctgaataaa caaatctgtt ggcatgtgtg    154620
     ttaacttctg ggacagagac aatggagagt ctgtctacat atgggaacaa acagagcctg    154680
     ttgaagagac tagagatatg actttcccac ctctgcctcc cagagtgctg ggatcaaagt    154740
     tgttcccttg tagatactgg ttatctgtga aatcccagag tgccagccag caaggtggct    154800
     cagtggtaaa aggtgcttct ttcaaagtct gatgacctac ttgatcccag gaacctatgg    154860
     tggaaggaaa aaactgactt ctacaaatta tcctgtgatt tccacctatg ctatggctat    154920
     gtgcaggcac acacacaaac tcactcacaa acacacacac acacacgtgt atacacacac    154980
     acacacaaat ttaagtgtaa gaaaagtctt agaatagaaa atattttaat tgtgctgact    155040
     tttgggccat tgattatgtg tgtgtatata actatattca aatatatcta taaattatgt    155100
     attatatata aatatatatt tgaagaagca atagtactac atgtatgtat acacacacac    155160
     atatacatat atgtttatgg ggcatcttct taattactga ttggaataaa agtagtcatc    155220
     tccctgtggg tggtcctacc cttgggcaca tggccctaga ttgtacaaga atgccaactg    155280
     aataagctgt atcagtaagc agcactcctc atggcttttg cttcagttcc tgcctccagg    155340
     atcctgcccc aacttccttt caagatgaag agtaaccttt ccttccaaag ttgcttttag    155400
     tcattgtgtt tatcacagca acagaaacct aacttagtct aattatgctc tcaggaagaa    155460
     gacacaggct cagtgcctgc aggatatctg cagcaatatt gtattcttta attatagatg    155520
     tcagcaattt tatttattct ttcctgggtt ctgaagcaga agtatttcca tgagtttggg    155580
     gccagcctgg gctacaccgt aagttccagg ctagcttggg atataatatg aattcttgtc    155640
     tctaaaatac tttgtaataa gagaacatat tttatggcaa gggtcagaat atgtattctg    155700
     ttaagaaaaa gtggatactt taggtattgt ggttcatagt gtctttagca gtattcgaca    155760
     acatagcaaa gcaagtacag atgatatgta aatgagtgtg tctgtttata aaactattat    155820
     aaacattgag attagaattt catatagatc acctatgtca aaaaatagtc tttaaaaata    155880
     ctttcaaatg taaacccgtt attaactcat attctctaaa aattggtgat gggggggttg    155940
     tccatgtgtt gctaatcttt gttctgtaaa attgcaatca caagtttact aagggatttc    156000
     ttagcccagc ataaattata tctttgcaac tgtgtcataa acatttaata gaatgtagat    156060
     tttaagttct gttggtagca gtttggtcta gtggctggtt ggaagtagtt cttgggatat    156120
     tctttttttt taatttttta attaggtatt ttcctcattt atatttccaa tgctatccca    156180
     aaagtccccc ataccctccc ccccattccc ctacccaccc actcccactt cttgcccctg    156240
     gcattcccct gtactgaggc atataaagtt tgcacgacca atgggcctct ctttccactg    156300
     atggcctgct aggccatctt ctgatacata tgcagctaga gacactagct ccagggggta    156360
     ctggttagtt aatactgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag atccttttag ctccttggat    156420
     actttctcta gctcctccat tgtgggccct gtgatccatc caatagctga ctgtgaaaat    156480
     ccacttctgt gtttgctagg ccctggcata gtctcacaag agacagctat atcagggtcc    156540
     tttcagcaaa atcttgctag tgtgtgcaat ggtgtctgcg tttggcggct gattatggga    156600
     tggattcccg gatatggtag tctctagatg gtccatcctt ttgtctcagc tccaaacttt    156660
     gtctctgtaa ctccttccat gggtgttttg ttcccaattc taagaagggg caaagtgtcc    156720
     acactttggt cttcgttctt cttgagtttc atgtgctttg tatcttgtat cttgggtatt    156780
     ctaagtttct gggctaatat ccacttatca gtgagtacat atcatgtgag atcttttgtg    156840
     attgggttac tcctatcaac agctgtgaga gagccattga aatctctgat tcgtggattt    156900
     atctgtttgc ctcactgatt ttttcaatta tttcatgcat tttcaatttc tgttgctagt    156960
     ttcacacata tctgtgatta ttaccttcct aattaacagt tctttcgtta taaaatattt    157020
     ctctttgatt aaaaacaact aagaactaga agcagtggac gtgtgcagta aaacaggtcc    157080
     aggcagacgg aacacattgc cgcacatctg aactcatggc ggctgggact gcagacctgc    157140
     acaaggttga gccaggccag atcccagcat gcaccagtga ggggctcgtg tggccccatc    157200
     cctagctggg aagctattct catttggtgg ctactgggga gagagacctg tgattttctt    157260
     cacgatatga tccctgagag gctgcccatg cttcaggtgg gcccatgccc attcccatgc    157320
     aggcaacata aaatagactc agtgggtttt aaattgtgag aagaacacat gaaatttgga    157380
     gcgaaggtga tggaggggta ggagagagac ctgggggggg taggagagag acctggaggg    157440
     gtaggagaga gacctggggg gggtaggaga gagacctggg ggggtaggag agagacctgg    157500
     ggggggtagg agagagatct ggaggggtag gagagagtcc tggggggggg gtaggagaga    157560
     gacctggagg ggtaggagag agacctgggg ggggtaggag agagacctgg aggggtagga    157620
     gagagacctg gaggggtagg agagagagac ctggaggggt aggagagaga cctggggagg    157680
     gtaggagaga gacctggggg gcggggtagg agagagacct ggggggcagg gtaggagaga    157740
     gacctggggg gcggggtagg agagagacct ggaggggtag gagagagacc tggggggcgg    157800
     ggtaggagag agacctggag gggtaggaga gagacctggg ggggtaggag agagacctgg    157860
     aggggtagga gagagacctg gggggcgggg taggagagag acctggaggg gtaggagaga    157920
     gacctggagg ggtaggagag agacctgggg ggtaggagag agacctgggg gggtaggaga    157980
     gagacctgga ggggtaggag agagacctgg aggggtagga gagagacctg gaggggtagg    158040
     agagagatct ggaggggtag gagagagacc tggggggggg gggtaggaga gagatctgga    158100
     ggggtaggag agagacctgg gggggtagga gagagacctg ggggggtagg agagagacct    158160
     gggggggtag gagagagacc tgggggggta ggagagagac ctgggggggg gtaggagaga    158220
     gatctggagg ggtaggagag agatctggag gggtaggaga gaaaaggcac tgcattagat    158280
     cacaacatta cacacattta taaactcaca aacggtaaat acatcaaatg acatctcctt    158340
     atccttcctg tcaggtgacg ctctgcttga gggccaccac ctccagtgct gttctcatga    158400
     ctcccctgtg gcctcctgtc tccatggttc aactgtttct ctttcccctc atccattact    158460
     gtgtcttatt agaatctctg gtcctctcac ctctctcctc cctttcccca cagccctcct    158520
     cccacgagga tgtgtgcgtc tttgtttacc aggcatgttt agcctattta cggttaacaa    158580
     cgtccatagg ttgatattgg tctgccctgc atgatttcct tttgcaccat tcagctgctc    158640
     ctgttaaata tccatgaacc ttacagctag gtctgtatta tgtccctgga gctgaaatgt    158700
     gtatccttaa cttgtcatat aatcttccca ccctgtcatc aacacctgct cctctgtggc    158760
     ccacagtcat ggggcatgcc ttgacccagg gtgttccaca ctacattttt ggtttaaata    158820
     gtcatatata tcttacctat gttgaaacat aagagtttct ggtatgtatg tacactttca    158880
     ctcttgttaa gtgcccttcg tgcctctctg tagactcggg cactgttttc cctcaatctg    158940
     cagagttctg ctgttcctct agtgcaggct ggccgtcaat gaatgatctt cattttcata    159000
     tacccgaaaa atatatctat atcttgcttt cattttaaaa gctttgttga gatatatcat    159060
     tcctataaca tataatccac tcaacatata tggttcaatg attttagtat tttacggggt    159120
     aattacctaa ttttaggatt ttttaatccc atctaaaagt aagagaaatc catgagcggc    159180
     cacccacccc cattttctag ctcactgcta acttctaagt tctaactgct aactaagtta    159240
     cctaacctaa cttctctata aagctgcctc tgcaagatgt ctgccattaa gttccggatg    159300
     tggtatttgc ctgcagggct ttaccaagtt ttaccagggc ttgtcgggga gcaaatggcc    159360
     attgaaaagg agaaacacac atggagacag tcccttttcc acacgcctct ttccttttgt    159420
     ttccacctac ccccagttag cgttgggtgc attgttacat tctcagagct caacatttct    159480
     atgtgaaagg actgggaaca actccatcct ttcctaagga acaggtttaa accagaacgt    159540
     gttgtgatag tgctccagca ttaaagaacc tcgtgggatt taagaattga ggtccttctc    159600
     tcaggctgaa gtagaatggc cactatccat atgaacagta ttgctgaaag ggaagctgta    159660
     gaagaaaact gcacaaaggg aaataactca ggctataata gccatttctt atacttggac    159720
     tgtgttcaga ttgactctta ggtttaagca ggaaactgat gtggtatgcc gcagtatttt    159780
     gaaccgaagg atataaggtt atttaattca aaattaatta caaagttaat gaaacagagc    159840
     cgaataaatc aaagttcatt taaataatgg agactggctt agtatacatt aatgctcata    159900
     aagaaagagc tgaataccta gagaagttgt tggttggcaa agaaacctaa gtatgggaaa    159960
     tatcagtagt gtgtatttaa gtactgtcaa acagaggcag gtctggacag gcaacatgat    160020
     gccattgcag gctgattgat gtgagatttt ttttttcctc tcatggaaat aaatgcatca    160080
     tggaagttat acattcaaat tagatcgttt tcttgttccc ccaccagtca ataatgtcca    160140
     aaaccaaatg ttctgattac aaattcggtt tcctatctac gttagtccgt agggagagaa    160200
     aatgcctggc tctcatgtta gttataccca ctataaacca gtaagttagc aagcttattt    160260
     tagacactag tttctgtaag cttagtcagt gtatgtctga tgatgagaga tgaggtccac    160320
     gtacagtata gaaatattat ctgtcacacc ttataatcct tgtcacggta ctctgcaaaa    160380
     ccattagttc cctagactca ttaatactac tagtttatgg agtagtgaaa aaatttgttt    160440
     taactacaag agtttgaggc tcatttttca tattttaaaa caagttttgg tgggtttttt    160500
     tgtttgtttt tgtgtttttg agatagggtc tcactaggta gccttggctg tcccggaaca    160560
     atgtagacca ggctggcctt tgactcagag agatccatct gcttttgctt ctcaagtgct    160620
     agaattaaag gtgtgtgcca ccatgccctg ctactttgtt atgcttaact atataggaca    160680
     aagaagataa agataataac gctggaaaac gagtagactg aaaagttagg gaaataaagt    160740
     aggttaatta gttgattagt ttagagaact ggctcatagt ctctcattca aatcttctta    160800
     gatgcagcaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaattcatt cacaaaagtt aaaaatgtgc caaattagtt    160860
     cctaacaact tacttaagtg gctaattatt tatgtagatc acttatttgc atgacagcac    160920
     tggatcttag tatgcttatg atggtgatat ttacttatag tcttatgggg atccgatgaa    160980
     atagttatat cagaatatta aggtaaatgg ggtctacttc aaacctcaga agtcttccaa    161040
     tgagatgcat tatggaagct gcttaatgag gagccataaa tacccgctct gcacacttcc    161100
     atctgacccc caggattgct gctgctatat ttggagctcc acttcacaca tattggttga    161160
     gacaatttgt aaaaaggatg agataggtgc aaaacagagg gcactgtctg tcaggactct    161220
     tcaggctccc caacccccac tggccacttt tctcaatttc atactctatt agactaaaaa    161280
     gacttgagat gctccggaga gccgattcgt tcctgggaga aggaaactga ggtaagtaag    161340
     agtgcaagca gctcaatgac acccttgtac aaagtcaccg agacatctga cggagtaatt    161400
     tatccaccag tttccccagt ggaaagcaac acaatttaaa attttttggt accagttcga    161460
     cttcatgaga aatttgaaaa catattacat cacaagatat ttgtgtggct ccctcttatt    161520
     atcggcctga ctagatttac agtcaccatg gaaacacacc ttcagggtgt ttccagaaag    161580
     atctgcctga agaggaaagc cctaccttga atgtgggctg gggtcgcaga ccgaatagaa    161640
     aggagaagct gaacattgac ctcgttcctg tttcctgagg gaggatggaa taggaccagc    161700
     tgcctcatgc tcttgacaaa ccagaagtca aaactaaccc ctcctcctgt catagctaac    161760
     ttcacctgtc atcctgctgt aacccagtgt cactcaggaa gagggaagtt tagctgtcta    161820
     tcgacttctc tattgaatta gtttgtgaga atgtcaaggg gaggggcacc ttctcaattg    161880
     ctaattgaca taggagagcc cagtccactc agagcagcag catccctgag caggcaggtc    161940
     agcaggcagg acaggctgct gagcaggcca gaggaaatga ctcactaagc agtgttcccc    162000
     cagggtctct gtttaagctt cagcctttag ctactgacct ggctttccta gatcgtggac    162060
     catgatgtac cagtgtaagt caaataaacc ctttccttcc caggtttatt ttgaccatgg    162120
     tgtttatcat agcagtagca aagccacaga actcccttat gttgcttttt gttgcctgga    162180
     aggcaaactc tcgaacactg gtaggttaat ggaacaaaag cttttccggt tcattatcca    162240
     gtctaacgcc caatcccatt tggctgtctt ctctacctcc tggttctgct tcctggaaaa    162300
     tatggctctt gggtccctgg gaagaataaa cgaggcctag agtgttttag gagctggctt    162360
     tacaaaccag acttgccagt ggctggtgtc ccctttgttg atatccactg tgaggatctg    162420
     ctgcatggac ccaaggtatc tgcacaagac taggaactgc agaatagacg agtctgtact    162480
     ggccactaag agcctctgct acagtgtgta gaacagaaaa tggtaaattc ttccttgagc    162540
     gtttttataa aggatagaaa gctttgggtg agttgtagta gtgagttcac actactgata    162600
     ctgcagtagt gagttcacac tactcatttt gaccctatct ggtgaaaacc caactactat    162660
     cagaaatttt acaaactata aaagacttca acaaagacgt agggcattca ttcattccaa    162720
     aggtaaccat ccaataactg ttctacagct gttctatata gatttgaaga acaaagccga    162780
     taaaaacata ttcctctgtg gaatgtatac tctaccttat gagttcgaaa ctaaagacta    162840
     aacaaacatt atgtagttta tcagtaacag tgggagactt ggagaaccag agtgggagaa    162900
     ggaaggtggg cctcagcttt ccctgagagg gcaataaaaa cgtaaagtaa gcaaggggcc    162960
     tggccttgaa gaaaccgcag ggaaagcgcc cagcgcagaa ggggggcacc ggcagaagct    163020
     gagcagtcct agcgcaggga acagcggggc agctactgtg gctcaggaga tgagaaggaa    163080
     gacaagaaca agacgcaagg cctgagcact ggagaaggct gtgctttgtt ggatgttgcc    163140
     ttttacctga gaaagaccca caagagtcct aagcatagaa ataacctact ttaacttact    163200
     ttttaaactc atcgagaaaa ctgagtttaa tcgtaaagct caaagtgtat ggactaagct    163260
     cccttctggg atgtttaaac atctatacca tgttgagggc atactgaagt actcgagaga    163320
     ggctctggac aaaggcaaac acacttttca atcctggata agaagcttcg cattataaac    163380
     aaataaatgt tccttcagtg aatttaacgc aattaaaaca ccccccccac ccctccaaaa    163440
     ccatgttctt tttcttctga acagataaat taattcccac gttcagatgg aaatatcaaa    163500
     aggcatgggc aggggacagc cactagactt attgtatatt aaatttacta taaaagttca    163560
     atagctaaga gaaattacta cctactggca cagaaatgta ggcttctgtc cacatgggac    163620
     tgacgtgcca atgggaagtg ggacagcagg aacagaaaag ctggaggacc agagtcccca    163680
     gcctaccttc aatctgttct ctccaaaacg ctcctcctga cttactccct gctgtgcgct    163740
     attaacaggc agagcgagct aacctaggcc cttgctttgt gagggctcca aataccagtt    163800
     tcataatttc taactctaga actgagagga aacatttcta ttgttagcag cacaaacaca    163860
     ctaagtaacc attttaaagg agataaactt agatccttaa ccacataaca taaaaaaccc    163920
     aaatatttaa agagtcacct gacacaaata cgtgtgaatt aattccttat aaacttagac    163980
     ctaggagggc atttctcagt atgactgaaa ctcgaagagc tttaagaaat aacagaattt    164040
     gacttcaaga aaacaaagct cccactggaa aaagtaaaca ggttaggtta aaaagaataa    164100
     actataaata attttcaatg actgatgtca ggaaaaaatc caaatttaaa atggaagtct    164160
     tatagggaaa ggaataaaaa ttctaactgt gaaaataaac aaatatgtta taaaatattt    164220
     caattatgct taaacaatga tatagtcaac ttaatttaga attaggaaaa tataacttaa    164280
     aaggattccg agatactttt ttttttttta gatgttttta tctatcagat tggcagaact    164340
     ctagaagttt tccagggtat atatagatga agaaagaggt acccaaagac ctttttagtg    164400
     ggagctcaac tatcatatca aaagctctct ggagagcaag gttgtaacac attaaagtca    164460
     caaatgtatt tatcttcagc ccagcaatcc cacttccaga aatgcatttt acaggatgag    164520
     tggataaagg tgctctttaa atgctaccga gcccttggtt cacatggtaa gcatggagat    164580
     gggcgatggt aaccgcacag tactgagaag acttaatatg ctgatgtgta catttaaatg    164640
     tgcttaaata gtaagtttta tatcatatat atggtacaat aacattttga aaaaagtctt    164700
     ttggaaataa agattagact ttaaattaat ctgagtgaga ggctagagct gggattgaga    164760
     gagtattaga gtccagttgt ccaattatgg gatgcaaata cacagactgt cagaaaagac    164820
     agcatgcaaa cagactgaga agagaaggaa ggtttcaaat caatgatcca atctaattaa    164880
     ttaattaaaa aaattaaaat aggctgggtg gtggtagccc atgcctttaa tcccagcact    164940
     tgggaggaag aggcaggcag atctgaattc aaggtcatcc tggtctattg agcaagtttc    165000
     agaacagcca gggctacaca gagaagtcct gtttttaaaa aactaactaa ctaactaact    165060
     aactaaataa ataaataaat agattaaaaa tgaaatttta aatgccatct aaaacaccaa    165120
     ccaaaactat taaaatgcct attttaaaag caaaaagagt atatgcaaca atactacagt    165180
     aagactataa gacaggtatt actgaagaaa acttagctag gatatataac atgtatagaa    165240
     atcagaagtc ttcaacttta ttatcaattt tcctcatata tgatctaaag attcaatctc    165300
     atttaaaatc ttatgggctt tttatttttg gttttgtttt tttgtttttt ttgaagttga    165360
     aaagatgagt ttaatgttta tctttgacac atgataaacc agatgaagtt tccacattga    165420
     gctgaagcct agctgcaaag gatcccaatc agtaagagtc agcctatctt actgttgttc    165480
     taaccccctg ccagaagtat ctgtagattc tctctactcc aaaggcctta tgcctctatg    165540
     gtttccatat atgtctgaca caaaataaaa aagtgaacag gcatagtgat atcccagcac    165600
     ttgggaggca gaggtgggtg gatctctgtg agttcaagac tagcctggtt tacttagtga    165660
     gacctgccta aaatacgtaa gcaagtaaga aggcagtatg agtagtcaag ggaatctgat    165720
     ccaaactgag tatctatata gaacaacaac aagcccatct tacgattctt agggacttgt    165780
     ttgtttgttt gtttgttttc tgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctagaa    165840
     ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcaaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccaag    165900
     tgctgggatc aaaggcgtgt gccaccactg cccagcccta agggactttt aaggtacatt    165960
     gatcagccaa aacattcttg aaaatgaaaa ctggagaatt ctcctttcct gaattaaaaa    166020
     ttaactataa aactacaata tcaaatactg tgataagggc tggcaggttt gctcagtgga    166080
     caagggtggt ttccattgag cggggtagca tgagtttgat tcctagatcc cacatggtgg    166140
     aaagagccaa gtctgacctc catacatgcc atggcatgca cactccctcc catataaata    166200
     aatgttaaac aattaaaatg tgataaaaat gtaagtgcag gggactggag agatggctca    166260
     gtggtttgga gcactggttg ctcttacaga ggacctaggt tctagtctca gcattcacat    166320
     ggtggcttga gaccatctat aactacagtt ctaggggata ttatacttct tttgatcttc    166380
     tggggcacta ggaacacatg gtgcacacat atacacacat acagtggtgg tttgaatatg    166440
     cttggccctg ggagtggcac tatttggagt tatggccttg ttggaagaag tgtgttactg    166500
     tggggttggg caatgaaagc ctcctcttaa ccacgtggga gtcagacttc tcctgtctgc    166560
     ctttggatga agatgtagaa ctttcatctc gccccacgcc tgcctggatg ctgccatgct    166620
     cccaccttga ttataataga ctgaacctct gagccagtaa gccagttcca attaaatgtt    166680
     gttctttatg gtatctcttc acagcaatgg aaaccctaac taaaacactc agatacaaga    166740
     aagacattta tacacattta aaaaatgaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    166800
     cacatatata tatgcagact atcaaccaaa tgaagcagaa ttacagagct cagacataac    166860
     tcttcacata ttgggacaag acatcaagac aattcaatga agaaaagaca gttttcacca    166920
     catgatgcta gaaaacctgc acaggtacat taaaccaacc aaccaaccaa ccaaccaatc    166980
     aaccaataaa ccttatctca taccaaacac aacgattaac ataaaataga tcaaaggcct    167040
     aaacacagat ataaacattt cagaagaaaa caagggggaa gcttcatgat aagggtctgg    167100
     caatgaattc ttagaatgac aaagacaaag tacctaattg tggcttaata aatcatgcta    167160
     gtgtgactct ggggcgacag gtgcttagaa agaacccaga aggcttcatg gggcgtggaa    167220
     atctatgtac tccacacaca gaggagtaca gcatctttgg caggagaagc agcatggagt    167280
     caggcttagc acacgtgtta tacagtctaa ttagatgtac gtagttcaag gtcctggaac    167340
     taaaggcaag taggcagcta ggcatggtac tagcacatgc ctggatccca gccagcctgg    167400
     gttatgtaag aggagttcta ggccagcctg ggttacataa gtgcagttcc aggccagcct    167460
     gggccagtgt gagatcttgc tacaaaagaa aatgaaaaaa caaaaaaaca aaaaaacaaa    167520
     aatccaaaaa acccaaaaca tattgaaaaa accccaaagg aatctttaaa gcaagagacc    167580
     acaagggaag atggttacaa accaatctaa aattttagta atataaccaa aaaaacaaaa    167640
     tttgattaac tcttattaaa agaaaaacat ttcagactga attttttttt aaaaaaagct    167700
     tactcttaat aagcttttaa aattaagctt acatttaaaa taagttgaag agaaaaaaaa    167760
     atctcctatt caaatactca ataaaggaca actagtttac ccaccctaat gtcaatgaac    167820
     tatatgtgca aagacagaaa gcattattag ggacaaagaa ggtcaatatc atacaatgat    167880
     gaaagggaca tttaccagaa aataatccat tatacattta tatggactta gtaatattat    167940
     ttcaaaatat tttaagtaaa aatgagcaga aaccacattg aagattcaaa attacagaag    168000
     gaacttttgg catagctctt tattgagaag tcaaacagat aaaaacacag gaaggatttt    168060
     agagaagcaa gaagcttggt ctaatggaca tgtacagccc tggacccatc actaagaatt    168120
     cacactctcc tctagtacag gctgaccact tcaaattctg cccatgaacc aggcttcgag    168180
     gccagtttta ataaacacca aggacagagt ctgccatcat ctcccaggcg ggacatgaac    168240
     ctgcagcgat cctactgcct tcagctctga gtactgagct gccatgccca agtggtactg    168300
     aggaattaac atcagctgtt caatcaaaat gttagcttaa gatcatttat ttaaaagtct    168360
     agcaagttaa attccataaa gaaagccaga gtaggttctg agaaagttca acacagaaag    168420
     atgtacagac aagaggagaa agtgccactt acggtatgca tggggagatc atgtcagagc    168480
     tgcgaagtgt atttagacat ggccactgta gcatttcaat tttttttttt taaataattc    168540
     acttacctgt ttccctaaag aatagtgatc actgattcag acttaaaatt atttctaaaa    168600
     cttcaccatg gacgatggat cattcagtct acaggtagtg agatagacta ggggctattt    168660
     atattttaat aaatagtata gagtatataa atgaccaaac atataaagca ataactttcc    168720
     cgcatttctg tagaagtgca cagggagaac tcagctctgg tctgtggtgg ggttaaggat    168780
     cggggagaac gtagccttga aatattagta ggttttgaat gtggctacat acagagaaga    168840
     gacagaacag ttgtaaatat taggtaatca gcgtaatgta aagtgtatct aatgcaatca    168900
     gttgcttcta gatcaagcac tgaccgagct tgaggcaaag gccacgaaag taggcttggt    168960
     tccaaactgt aaaaaaagcc ctaaaagcta agcaaaacag taaggtttta cttcatagag    169020
     agtcagtgtg caactgtaga ttctgttgtt gaagttttct tgatttcgca ggtacagaga    169080
     tgcaaaaggg gctccaggag ttagtttggg aattatttct gttagacaaa cctggggcca    169140
     ggaaggtctg acagtaaaaa acagaaagga ctggagagat taaagagata gagcaaagaa    169200
     gaaatccaaa gtgacaactg gctgaaccag aaaaaccagt cagaaatgag tctgggttta    169260
     tccatgacaa gatgattggg aatacaggga atagtatgga cgggatggaa catgaattta    169320
     tcaccctcag atattgctat ttcagtctat aataataaca actatagagg tcctaaggtc    169380
     attgaaagga aattattttt taataaaaca atacatgatt taaaatgtct gtcattgaaa    169440
     ccccctgaac ctttagaccc tcagtctccc ctgtcctccc acctcaccca gctctgaccc    169500
     ctcttctcca gggtgttgaa cagctcttgg ttacatggct tactcgttgt tagggccaac    169560
     ccccctgact tatggctaca cacttcggtg gccagctcta gagtcttacc ctctacccat    169620
     cacaagctca gagtgtgctg ttggctattc atcaactgct gttcaaaact ggaaacagaa    169680
     ggaactagac acattcttaa atttagtgtt taccagcaaa ctgcctgttc actttcattg    169740
     agggtaactt ttcaaaaatg tactaaagac acatttagcc aagtaaaaaa gctgcaggca    169800
     gccaggctcc cttcccattt tagtgactct cctgatcctg cattcttagt gctgtctttt    169860
     agcttatttg gtgcagagac agctcgatgg ttcaaatatt ctgaccacga tgcaattaat    169920
     ttatacatta agggattaaa accaagaaat aatatccata ggttaaagaa aaagtcacaa    169980
     tggaaaatct taaacttgga actgaataat tagaatttgg aggatgaact atgatgtcct    170040
     ttaaatctct tacaacagta gttcctaact attggaagag aaggttaaag actatttgga    170100
     tagcttgcat ttaagcattc taaattaaag caaaatgtct tgtttgagct ttctatccta    170160
     gcgatttctc atgatgtttt ctaacaatgt tgaccagatc attttccctg aactgctaaa    170220
     attctaaaat tcagaagggt ctctcgagtg agttcttctt cataatcggc ctaagctcgt    170280
     aactaccaaa ccaggtttga aaatgaccac cacatggagc cttttctctg ctgccttgtt    170340
     ctgttctctt ccagaagcta actgtcctgc atcgagagac cagaacatcc ccgctcccct    170400
     tcatcttata cggtccacct tcttttcaaa tccaatgatg aaactgaaat caccctctcc    170460
     cccgggccag gccgcggcac tcacctacag aatgggctgg ggatagtagg gatcacataa    170520
     caaatccccc cattgaggca aaatgacctg tgcctgggac cacagggctg ctcgtgatct    170580
     acaacacaca tgcacacgaa atagacaccg ttaacgcttt tctgaggccg cctggagttc    170640
     aaacgtctca tctatgaacg aatcagcatt tggttttttt acaaaagtga actctctttt    170700
     cacaaagtga aacaatttta ttccttattt cattggcaac aggatctatc ccttaaaagt    170760
     cattctagcc caaggatatg gctgctgaca ataataagtg tagaagctat gtaacagaaa    170820
     taagaaatct tcaccgttaa agaacagtct tactacaaaa catgcctgtc ccttgcacag    170880
     cctgtggatt ctgtagtatt tagatacttc ctagacaaag ctgtatttat atctttattt    170940
     tactgtttat gtctcactca ctcattcata tatatatata tatatatata cacacacaca    171000
     cacacatata tatatataat tggaattgta gtggggaaag atttagataa ttgaaataga    171060
     ttctgatttc taaaaacact tttacatatc aatgtccaaa aacaaaggaa caatcacatg    171120
     agggttgatt tgagggattc ccgtgctagc tcccctcacc ccaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    171180
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagccttga aaattcagcc tgttgcttag atctggccgg aaggacagac    171240
     tactgaggaa agaagtcacg ttttctctct tgctttcctc tttgcctgct tttcttccag    171300
     cttcactttc tctttcacct ttgacatttc ctttaccagt cttcatcaac tactatttac    171360
     atgggaaaat tgagactttc tccttaaaga gaacaccata gagctttaaa ctgcatgttg    171420
     ctagtttgtt tctacctaaa acatgatcta gagtcatctc atgtgaagaa gaaaatggca    171480
     gtatttcctt ttgacatcaa cttggcatta aaaaacaata tgctgttaaa aaaaaaaaca    171540
     aacttgctag tattttgact tctaaaatat tgatacctat caacatataa ttgcaaggag    171600
     ctagaaatct ccagtctgaa tttgaaaagt ttaaattttc cttttacttt agaaacaaga    171660
     atttcaggtt gcgactatga atgtatcaaa aaaaaggtat ataataccga agaagaagaa    171720
     aaaacactac aaagaatgta gtgttacaga aacaaaaatg aactggttca aacgtttttt    171780
     tttttcagat tcccttttct tttttataca aagccatgtc ttaataaacc aacttctaac    171840
     attactcacc taacctgaat tactacctct tatgctaatt ttattctgat ttcattcact    171900
     tagaatttga gaagttgata tcagatagaa agctagaatc tgtcactttg taagaagaaa    171960
     aaacccaata aaacaaaaat aaaaaataaa atagatttat gttatatagg tcttttaaag    172020
     ctaaactaat gtttttggaa ggctttgcat gggaaacaat atagctttat attaatatac    172080
     attggtcatt ttcttactaa ataaactcac acatagacaa gaagtatgaa cttacaagaa    172140
     attacctgtt ggcatcttaa tttttaaata gtttcattct tgatggaaga attaaggttg    172200
     aaaatcagca cctaaaataa tttaaaattt atattttaag ggaggttatc ctgtttggag    172260
     gacattataa tgcgccaaat gttccattag caaaactcta aaatgttgaa aataaaacac    172320
     acatggcagt attcgagcat cttagacata cagacaatgc tgaaacatga acagataaaa    172380
     agaagatcga cattaaaagg gtagtgttgg gtgagaacgg tggcatagcg tcttggttga    172440
     gaacaccatg gagacgtgca gacacacgct caactgagcc acctccagcg acatctgtgc    172500
     ttttaaacca cgtagcccgc agaaacctaa tttccacaac gaacccatga cctcccaaat    172560
     tttcaacttg ttgaaaatgg ccactctata gaaaaacctc aaaaaaggat ttaagcactt    172620
     cggttacagc ttcagaacct gcacaagtgc gtgtccacgt ttggtaggca gaagctacat    172680
     agtctgcctg ccaatcaatt gacaaacgcc cttccttaaa atggtgtctg agatttggca    172740
     aggcagtaaa tgagacacac ttatgagaga agtttgctac tgtaacaaac aaaggcatta    172800
     agagcagatg aaggatttag ccttacattg ggattgcaag ctcttgtcat agtacaaata    172860
     ctataatgaa agttcaatct accacttcat ataagaacat tcaaaattaa agtcttctaa    172920
     aggcaatctc ttttacagac aagcagagag aggagaaaga ggtgaggaga ggggagagag    172980
     gggagagagg ggagagaggg gagagagggg agagggagag cgcgcacagt aaatgtataa    173040
     tcactggctc attttttttt tctccttttt ccccaaataa acagggctta cctcaacaga    173100
     aatttatatt cccataaaaa aagaaaattt tgctagacat gcagcgtttc acaagtgttt    173160
     gaacactgag gacttcagca actgtgactc gaactttaca acgtgtcaaa aatcggattt    173220
     atgtcacttc agtgtgggcg aggtcaaggc agaccaaggt gtgagcagag gtcgcaagca    173280
     gccaggggaa ccacgcccac acagaggtca ggagcagcca agggagtcac gcccacacat    173340
     ttccaaaccg caaacgggta ggatttcact aagaaaagga gctgcggtag gtggcacccc    173400
     taaagcgcgg tccaagtttc aaagttatga aataagccac gttctttaga gcccttactt    173460
     atctctgcat gtcttggtaa ctgatatgtg ttaggtaagt atgtggaaaa acagcattgg    173520
     tgtgaaacta atgcaccaca gagtttacaa aataatttct cttatagagt aagtaaaata    173580
     tacaaataat gacttgaact tatcagactg aacgaagcaa tagttgaaac ggagctcaca    173640
     tttatcgtgg cacctctagc gatgcagcta gtggatctga tgatagaagt tctcaggaga    173700
     cctgtgacac agctctctta agcgcgcctg tgtaagttct gtcgtgtctg ggaaacgact    173760
     ctccttggag tcacccatta cctctggctc ttagaatcat tccttctccc cttctgagaa    173820
     gatccctcag cctcatatac actaagaaaa gttaagttct aaaagtcatg ttttaaaatg    173880
     ttaacatgta aatctgttta aatgaaatat gggtttcccc tttagataaa agtatactaa    173940
     gcatttagat ggttttattt tccaaaaatc acaattcaaa caaatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg    174000
     tatatatata tatacatata tatatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta    174060
     aaacatgctt ttgactatag atttattttc attgctcata ttatctccca catcaaatga    174120
     aattctatag atatagttag cacatatatg cataatatat gtgtatatat acatatgtac    174180
     ataagttatt ttagcacaca gtatttgaga ctgaaaataa gatgataaaa ataaccttta    174240
     tttattttat ttgaactagg aaactattat gctgccaatt aatatagaaa tgaacactaa    174300
     actgcacatg gggatcatgt gaacttaagc cattcaagat gcatttatta agagacatgt    174360
     tatgatgatt tgtactgttt tttatacatg agaaattaaa aaccggggga gctatgtgat    174420
     tccttatttt attatttaag acagagtctt gaaggaccca tagctccagc tgcagaggta    174480
     gcagaggtgg ccttgttggg catcactggg aggagaggcc cttggtcctg tgaaagctag    174540
     gtgcccagtg taggggaatg ccagggtggg gaggcaggag tgagtgggtg ggtaagcacc    174600
     ctcatagaag tagaggaagg ggggatgaaa taggggtttg ggaggaaact ggtaaagggg    174660
     ataacattta aaatgtaaat aaagtaaata tccaataaaa aagaaaagac agtctttatg    174720
     tgtagcccag gcttgcctga agtttatagt ccttctgcct tagttttcca aatgttgggt    174780
     ttgtagatgt gtgctaccca gatatacgtg attctaaatt taaaaaaaaa aatgaaaaga    174840
     ttttcaagct agcatttcac tgaacgaaag ccttggtact taagaaaatt tctccattta    174900
     actgtgaaca agtgtactaa gcagtggata ccttttaaac aaatgccccc tactgttgga    174960
     cactggatga aaaacagaac aagtaactaa gtaaactctt tcactgactc atctctgtgg    175020
     tttggatctt aagtgtgctc acacctaaag cacacgtgtt gaacagtttg gttcctatct    175080
     gaaggcactt ctgggaggta gtggagcttt taggaggtgt gacctagtgg agggtgttgg    175140
     gtcttttgag atgggccctt aaactaggat actaggaccc tgacccatcc tgtgttttct    175200
     agataccaca agatgaagag cttagctcat actctttgat gtgacgttct gtctagcaca    175260
     ggccccaaag caatgaaacc aactagctat ggaccacagc tgtggtccaa aataaacctc    175320
     ttctccttcc ctttactttc tcagggtttt tccactggga cagaaagctg acacaaaaac    175380
     tcatataaag gagattttta cttagaacaa ggataatttc atgtggttct atctaagata    175440
     cttaacaatg cctgttatgt gtgatatttt aatatttaac ccagagtctt gctgtgtagc    175500
     ctaggctgta ttccactata caagcataca cacaacaaaa acaataatgc tagttaacta    175560
     ataagggaaa gtgaaagact ccaagaagtg ttactgttca catgtaacct tgggaataga    175620
     gaaacatttg caagcagaga tggatgaaca taccacacgg tgttcaaaag cacaaagaga    175680
     gaagaggcaa ggtggccggc ttattgttag taggtcacag gccaagatgc atgcagggca    175740
     cagaggtgaa ggtgtacaga tttttaggag tgtgagatag cagaaagaag gggaccaggg    175800
     gcgacgaaag cagaatccag acataaacat catctgaaag gcaacaggaa ggccatgaag    175860
     agcttttggg aaaggaattg catggccata gctgcatgct ataaagctta ttttctgata    175920
     gtatagaaaa cagttggtat gagaaaaaaa gtttggaact tattaaagaa gtgaaattac    175980
     gggtctacac aaagaccttt acacaggtgg ttagaacgca ttcagtcttg ctgtccccca    176040
     actagaaaca atctagatgt ccatcgctga caatccacag acgctggaag caattggcgt    176100
     gcccatccac tgacatacag ataaacaagt cgtggtgtgg ccacacaatg gaatactgtt    176160
     tgacaacaat gaggaattaa ctagtcacat gtgttaaaac actgatgaac ttcagaacat    176220
     gttaagtgaa gacgtgagtc ctaagagagt acacatatga ccttacttac atgaaatgag    176280
     taacagctgc ctgggcctgg ggctggaaac ataagggacc tttatagaga gaattgttcc    176340
     aaaattgggt tatgggaatg tctgtacaac tcttaaatgt aaaaatgcca cacaaagata    176400
     tgtgtatttc tactgttgaa aacaaaaaga atagagaaat atattccatg agtaagataa    176460
     tgatttctat ttaaaacaca tttaaaaaat atttttattt atgtgtaagt gtgtctctaa    176520
     aagtgtatgc cattcatggg cgagtacctg cagagtctag aatagttgtt ctcaaccttc    176580
     ctaatgcagg gacccttttt tagtttggtt tctcatgtta taggaatgtc aaccataaaa    176640
     ttattttgtt gctacttcat aactataatt ttgctactgt tacgaatcat aaatatttga    176700
     tatgcaggac atatgatata tgattcctgg gggagaagtg tgacccacag attgagaacc    176760
     tctggtctag aaggtgtcag atcccctgga gttagattaa cagtcagttt tgagcttcct    176820
     aacacaagag ttgggaacca aacttgggtc ctctggaaga gcagcaaatg atcttaacgg    176880
     catctctcct gctccctaga tacactaagc tttaagtgac atgaggacac gcagaaagag    176940
     aagtttgaaa atccagacac tgcactcagg aaaacaatca cattataaaa gggtgctctg    177000
     gacttgaagc catttattat gcacatgctg tgtgacacaa aggccgggga ctgtctcaaa    177060
     taagatacca catctaagcg ttggtggttg gaggagtgct aaggaaacag aagaacaaga    177120
     aaaaagccat agcctctctc cccagaggca agctcttcct agcatgtttc cgatgtgaat    177180
     ctccataatt cagcacatag tcctcctttc tatatttatt attctagaca aggtctatgg    177240
     ccctgccata gatgtagtct cttaacatta gctcctactt ctttaacttt ctttatttca    177300
     acatttaata agttgtatac tttatttccc ctcttggcta cacttgtagt ttcaaatgag    177360
     atagatggtc tcttggtatt tgccagggat aagttccaga acttcttgca aaggccacaa    177420
     tctatgggca cttgagggga cacctttcct atatgcatgc atatatatct tctccagatc    177480
     acttataatg cctaacctaa tccaatgtca atgctacata gatagtggga ctaggatact    177540
     gttcaaaaaa ataagtctct gtatgttcac tacagacata acttctcttg agcatccaca    177600
     ggtgtctgag ctctccagtt gtggacccct ttggatatgg acggtaactg cacctctaca    177660
     gctttatcag ctggggtcag tacacaagct gacttttgaa atacttattt ttcaggacct    177720
     gtaggtaggg gtgtgtagtg tgtgtgtgtg tataccacat gtgtgcttgg tgtctgtggt    177780
     ggtcagaaga gggcatcaga ttaccctgaa attcaattga tattgtaacc atagacagat    177840
     ggctgtgaat cattatgtgg gtactggaac caaacctgag acctctgtga aagcagtgct    177900
     cttaatttct gagccacttc tccagtccca caagctaact tcctattgtg caaagtaagt    177960
     aatggtactt actgtcttct ttttcccatt tcccatttct ttatcagtca tgtcttgacc    178020
     cttacaccat gatgcttttt ttaaaatatt catattctga tctataatcc taacgaactc    178080
     ttttatattt tacctccagt ttactctaaa agttgggaaa caataaaaag caagtgcatt    178140
     attaagccta tttaattagc attcctgaca gatctgaggt atgcaggaat aacacacctt    178200
     tttctcccca aacagtcttt tcttgccctc tgtaggatgg tttaacacca ttctatattt    178260
     tatttgcatc ttatttgcct ttttatagga ggggggctaa atgttaacca tatgatagtt    178320
     aaccttaacc accagaaata ccagcctcgt agttgtgtta tccgaggcat tttccttaga    178380
     caccatctct tccaaagctc tcccctaccc tgtattgact gacttccccc tagaattgct    178440
     actgaatgat caagctggca ttccaaagtt tcttttcact gggttggttc ccacatcctt    178500
     gatcccctat cttcggtttt gtttgccctc ttattggctg gaacctgtca cccaactttc    178560
     tataacagga tgcagtgcca aatcggagtt cctgtatgtg aatgacatct ttattttgtc    178620
     tttacacagg atagaattga gctggtcaca ctgatgtaca ctgaaaaaca attcccaatt    178680
     tggatgctgt atcgttatct ctcagtgtct ggcaacggag agcatggtgt ggtgcctgtc    178740
     taatccttaa aaccctgcac gttaccagct ctctcttctc ctgggaggtt ttctatttct    178800
     gccaaaggtt ccaaactttc atgagactgt tacctaaact tatccttggg aaggttttcc    178860
     aaagaatgct agatagccat gtgggtcctt cctagctgaa gcctctccat ccattattgt    178920
     tttgctaact tttctctgta tcacactacg gtgtagttta gatttaggga attctagggt    178980
     taatcttcct tacatctaca ctgttttcta ggccattttc agacatcagt gtctgagggt    179040
     ttttcagctg tacgtggtta aattcttgcc tttgacttag tgatatattt aatcaataaa    179100
     gagttcttca ttcacttatc attctccatg gctgtaatta aaagacagaa tagcttctct    179160
     aatctctcac aatgtaccag gtaaaaacat ctttaggact ggaaacgtgg ctcagctgtt    179220
     tagagcactc actactcttc cagaggtcag agttcaaaca ccagcttcca caccaggcac    179280
     tcataaccac ctataagccc ggctccagtt acactcaaca cacatatgcc catacataca    179340
     cttaattaaa aataaaatct tttaaaaaga aaacatttct aggtgctgtt tggtttcctt    179400
     tgttttataa cttccagggc cagtgtttat caggatcttc tctaatcaat attgcttttc    179460
     ctcaactatt tgagaaacct tgattgctca tacattttag ctgtttactc ttggttgact    179520
     ctcctagata agaggtgtgg attcctctga cattgtgtaa gtactgcggc tttccagcag    179580
     acctcatact ctgatgggaa taggtactct gtgtacctga gtggaacatt tgactgggag    179640
     gtttgttttg ggggaagaac tggccaggag cccactggca gactgcagag ctaaaacttc    179700
     tcttagagca cagtataaat ctattacata cccaagccca gattgttttt gtaaaatgcc    179760
     tgatcttgag tgttacacac acacacacac acaagttgga attgccctgg aactatgact    179820
     taagtcatag acttaagctg gccttagact tgtagcaatc cccctgcctt agcctcccaa    179880
     gagctatgac tgtagggaca tcctctgtaa ggagagtagt ctggtatata agtccaaaca    179940
     gaaatacccg acagttttaa aaatatttta aggatcataa acaaacactt aaaatcacac    180000
     agaaaaaaat cacacaaact gctctagttt gaatgtgtgt aaccccttga aaaagtgtgt    180060
     tgaaacttaa cttccaatga caacaggtta aaaggttagg cttctacaag gtgattaggt    180120
     caaaaggggc cctacctcac gaataggacc aaggtcttta taaaagaggc tccagagctg    180180
     gagagatggc cagtgcgttc tgttcttaca gaggacctga gttgagctcc cagtacccac    180240
     aatatggaaa tgcacaactg taactccagt tccaatggtt ccaatgccct ctcctggtct    180300
     ccataggtac ctgcatgtgt gtgtatatca cacactttta ttattgtttt taaagagcct    180360
     ttatatatca tgaagcctta tcacccccgt tccctcatgt tcctcctctt tggaggactt    180420
     ggaaacaagg caccaccata gaggcagaga atagtcctca tcagacattc ctacttgcac    180480
     ctgacactgg atttccaagt gttcagagct gtggggaata ctgccatgtg ctgcctatcg    180540
     acaggaatat attctgagag atgcatctgc cattggcttc atccttgtga gatcacagaa    180600
     gatacagctt gccgtggatt tggcgataca gcacacccat cactgtgtat ggtgcagtat    180660
     ggactgaaat gtcattgcct agtatgtagt tatgtctgtg gcactgtcat tttgttatag    180720
     caatgtgaat tgagacagaa ataagtttat atggtttaaa gatcttaaaa catctactac    180780
     ctgaccgttt acagaaattt tgttggccct ttagagtaaa cacactggaa gtcctagctc    180840
     cttagatttc ttcagctaag gagatttttc tcctggagca gactccctcc tcactgcttc    180900
     ttcaagggag aagatactga cggggccctt cttacagcgg gtttgcatgc tgactgcaac    180960
     tgctacccgc caactgcgtt caatcttgtt tcctttgccc aggtcttgcc tggtaggact    181020
     gagatgggat cctctgggga ctggaggatg ctaaggcatc aatgttgcct gacagtgcag    181080
     cctgaacttg gctttcaatg tcacaacatc acctttccat cttccctaat actgtgatta    181140
     tctgccagca agtaactttt aaatttcctt cctttttcaa tgttgtttta agtttaacca    181200
     tcatgtaggc cgaaacaagt tcaaaactaa catacctcat taacatactg gaagtagaaa    181260
     gacatttcac cttatatctt tgcttgtttt gtttttttga gacaaggttt ttctgtgtcc    181320
     ccctgactgt cctggaactc agtttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccacc    181380
     tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcaca accaccgccc agcctttgct    181440
     tttaatagtt acagaataga aatattttat tgcttggtaa aaaaaattta aaaacacatt    181500
     ctctaatttt aaaatactag gaaagactgt gtctcagtta gggtttctgt tgctgtgaag    181560
     agaccatgac cacggcatct ttgaagaaaa aaacatttca tcagggctgg cttacagttt    181620
     cagaggttta gtccattatc atcatggcag gaagcatggt ggtgtgcagc cagacatggt    181680
     gctggagaag gagctgagag ttctacgttc tgatcctcag gcagcaggaa gtgagtgcca    181740
     cactaggcct agcttgagca tctgacttct caaagcccgc ccccacagtt acgcacttcc    181800
     tctaacaagg ccacacccac tccaagaagg ccacacctcc tattagtgcc caccctgcct    181860
     atggggtcct agctcttata taccctctga aaactcccca gaattctaaa ttccacagaa    181920
     actatctaca gctggcaaag ccatgcctct gctagagcac gacagctgca gcagacagtc    181980
     caaagcatcc ccaaatctcc acacctggga tcaaaacaaa aacactttct tatatttctg    182040
     tgtttttaaa gaaaccaaaa ttgcagagtt ctcaccacat agtattgctt atgctccttt    182100
     gccaagtgtt cgttcactgt ctgaatattg gtccatttct tgcactggca cacttctggc    182160
     ttttctagtc gctctgctga tctgtttatc catttaagcc atggtgtctt gattacatgt    182220
     acaaatggta aattttgaat taggtggtgt aaatccaatg tctttctgct tcagcactgt    182280
     gctggctatt ccgtgtccct tacctctcca ttagacttta gaactagctt agcagttttg    182340
     taagactaac tgattaggaa ttctgattga gactgaattg aatctgtaga ttgggttgag    182400
     aaaaaaatga catttcaaca aattgaatct actagttctt ccttgtgttt ttccatcaga    182460
     ttttagagtt ttatccttgt gtatactttg ctacttatgg ctgtgtagtt catatcttgg    182520
     ggagttaatt taaatacttt cccttcaatt tccaattcta ttcgtatttg ttcaatgcca    182580
     gtaagaggac aattggtttt tacagattaa tcttgtatcc tataaccttg ctgtaattgc    182640
     ttactgggtg aagagcgtgt ttctcttgga atacctacag agaatcactc tgtgcacaaa    182700
     gatggttaac tcttccttct caatttgtgt atttatttct tttcttctct taatacatta    182760
     gctagcacat tcagtactgt gttgtaaaga agaggtgaga atggatcttt tcatattcct    182820
     ggtatcagca aaagattttc tattttctca ccatttaaac aggtgcaaag tggtgggtgt    182880
     tttgaaggtg ttctttatag ggctggaaaa aatgtccatt ctacttttgt taaatctttc    182940
     tcatgaatgg gtattgaatt tttgtcaaat gtatttattg atgctaccat atgattttcc    183000
     taataatctg ttgaaattat agattacaga aattcattgt agaatgctgt acacacagcc    183060
     tcatataact ggcataaatt cctctggtta taatttatgt ttctttttat gcattattag    183120
     actttagtac attgagggat tctgtgtctc tgttcatggg agatactgga cagaagtttt    183180
     cttctctgga aatgtgctgt tttgtcataa ggttctaagg acctcataga atgaattagg    183240
     aagcactgga agtaggaaat ctctttggaa agagactgtg gagaattggt actgtttcct    183300
     tcttcgtgtt tgctaaaaat caccagtgag tgcatttggc ccagtgtttt ctatattgga    183360
     tggttattaa tcaccagtac aacttcctca acagagacct attcggattg tctgtttctt    183420
     cctatgtgag ttggatcgta ttcttcaaga gactgattta ttccaccatg gttgtcaagt    183480
     ttgtagcata ttattattat tttactgtct atacaattta tgttatctat cttttttttt    183540
     aaattgaact tggacttttc tttttttatt ggatattttc tttatttaca tttcaaatgt    183600
     tatcctagtt tctcctccga aaatccccta ttcccccccg ttatctatct tttgatgtat    183660
     ttgtgtacat gttagtgcat actagcgcat gcatgtgctt gtgaaagtag gtatacacat    183720
     gtgtatacat gtaggtagag gtcacaagcc aatctctgtt tgcttctgga actcaccatt    183780
     cagcttgggg gacaacaatc ttcagggatt ttgtattttc attgcaaaaa ttaaaggggc    183840
     actctacacg cccatctgtt catgtgggct cagtgctttc aatttgctca gaagcacttt    183900
     ccagatggag gtattgcccc tgctcctctt taatctttca tattggcagt atacatagta    183960
     aacagttaat ataatgacag tctgagactt tccccccact gtggacaatg gacagattgt    184020
     tcagatagaa aatcaacaaa gagggccagc aagatggctc agtggataaa ggtacttgtt    184080
     gccaagcctg atgacctgat gttgatttca gaaacccaca tagtggaagg agagaatcaa    184140
     cttctgcaag ttgtcttctg acctcttcat gtgtactgtg ccatgggcat acacaccacc    184200
     tacacccccc aaatacataa tacatacata cattacataa atacatgaaa aaagaacaat    184260
     aaacaatgga tgaacaaaag atgaactggc caagtatgat ggtgcctcta atgccaacat    184320
     ccaggaggta gaaacaggaa gactgcacac tgaggccagc ctgagctaca tagtagcact    184380
     atatcatctc aaaggacaaa caaacaaaag taatgaacta taaagaaaag aatgataaat    184440
     tggatttgat caaaataaaa actgttgttc tctatacaga actattaaga caaccaaagg    184500
     tcacaccaca agctgggaga agatagaata ttttctatta tatatctagt taagcactta    184560
     catctaacat gtatgtatgg tgagttccaa aaattcagtg gtaagacagc tcagttttaa    184620
     aatgggaaaa atgtgaagtc attttaccaa ggaagctatc tgagcagctg attaataagc    184680
     acatgaaaat gttcaaaaac acagtcatca gacagtggtg actttaaagc cagaatggag    184740
     cccatagctc tgctggaatg catagcagta aaagtctgtc catatcaaac atgcacaagg    184800
     acatgactca gttctcgctc tcgaggggag tatgtagtaa ggagctaacc aaagactgaa    184860
     acttcttata aatttaagca atcaactact atgggaggaa gctaacagta tggatcctta    184920
     tggactttgc ttcttagaat tcacacctgt ccaaactttc cccctaaatg tgattggtta    184980
     ggacagcatg attgtgggga attgggctat gcacagacag gctggtctcc agctgagctg    185040
     aagtctgaac cctgggactc tgtggtgata attcatctac atgggacaga aggagttctc    185100
     tcatgtctct tggaactctg gctcctgcct aagttaccgc ccgcccgccc cccccccccc    185160
     ccccccagcc tcacaagaaa agcatggcta gaagtcacgc atgcaatggc ccaagcttct    185220
     gaccttcagg ctaaactcct ccccagttac ctagcaacaa taaaatagga cataatactt    185280
     taaaaagggc tgttcagccc ccgcttgctc tcttacttct cactctctta cttcttactc    185340
     cttactctta ctctctctgt cttctctcct ctctcttctc tgtcttctcc tctcctctct    185400
     cctcacctct ctccctttta ctctttctct ctagcctttc ctctctctct tttctacctt    185460
     ctctctttcc ccctgccttt ctataataaa gctctaaaac catagagagt ctctgctcat    185520
     caagatctgc tgtactcact ctcaccatgt tgggaacctc tcttccctca tccctctctc    185580
     ccataacccc agtgacttta gcaaagtagc tccaggactc ccaggtaggg ctgccccttg    185640
     cagctttgac ccgaagagtg ggtcagaggc ttagatgccc acccggggat gagtggaagg    185700
     tagatagtaa ccctcccatg cctgactgac cagagcatag gtagaactct ggcggggtgt    185760
     gggtcttccc cttccccctc ttccccaggg tccctccccg cttttagttt ccaacacatg    185820
     atcagataga tttccaagtc tggaatttag gcataatggc ttctttcttg gttacatttt    185880
     tttttcttct ctcaggctgt tttattctga ggaaagccag atgccttgtc acaaggctat    185940
     taccagcaag gaatgttagg aaatagagtc tagctcatgt gatccctgag acaagcatgc    186000
     tctactctcc ttgattggct ctaagctgga accatctggc tgagtcatcc cagggttcct    186060
     gatctcatga agctgagaga tgatgcactt tggttgtttt cagcctctgg gtatttgtta    186120
     tgcaacatta gataactaat gaacctggtg tacgagtcag ttattgcatt cccatatact    186180
     taaccgaggg aaactttttt ttttaaagca agtctgcata aagagaagtg taaatgaatg    186240
     gtcaggaaat cgttattcac aaattgccta actggaaaaa cccaacatgt caatcaacag    186300
     gagaatgaat aaacaaagtt gccacgttca cacaatggaa cactgaagtc aataaaaagg    186360
     aacaaatgga gacacacaac atggaaaagg ttcaaaaaga ctatgagaga aaggagccat    186420
     atatacatat gtatacacat atacgtacac atacacaaac ataaacatat acataaacat    186480
     atacctataa cagttaagtt attgagatta cacacacaca cacacacaca tagtatatag    186540
     catcaaaaca tttctaaaat aaggaattgg aatgttgtga tggttctcag actccagcat    186600
     gtaccaaaaa tactggggga gccattaaat aacagaatag catccccacc catcccacga    186660
     tcttctggtg ttgaagttct gtgaggagtc tgagaagctg tgtttgtgaa gaattcccag    186720
     gctgtgataa tgccatttga acctgttagg tggactgcag ttttgaatgt ttacagcact    186780
     ccatgctgta tggcatcttg tggaattaac atcagagcat gaattctgag ggtgatgtca    186840
     gaaagatggc tgaccaaaaa ttcctatcat ccttactgct gccccacacg aatccaaata    186900
     atgaataaag aactgcatgt caaccaaaat aactaaagaa caatgaacaa tcatgcggca    186960
     gtggcagcgg cagcaacagc aatcctgcag aacacagaaa cccagggcac tcacctaggg    187020
     aagggaagga aaccctgtgc ttgtacccat caccctgtct gagtcagcct gaaagcagga    187080
     agcaatcccc ttaagggaca aaagataagg aaacgcatcc agcagcccta ttaccatggt    187140
     ggattatcta ccaaagactc tttcagtcct tgggtaccga ccccgtgagc gaaaagtagc    187200
     tgatgctttg cttcatctct caatttagtt ctgagctgta ccatctagga actagagcca    187260
     ctccttaaac atgtcccgtt cctggtgcaa atggccattg ctgaggctcc ggatgctatg    187320
     cccgccaagt agtacttcaa cctaaatgga actactgctg tgccctaccc tggggccaca    187380
     ttatggcaga gctctcggtc ttccattttg ataaccaaca catcatacct ccagggctga    187440
     actgagatgg ttcccaaccc cacacagcac ggagcatcag acttccagag ctactgctcc    187500
     tccagtacta ctgctgggcc agcacctggc cacccaagga tcccacgcct cttttacaca    187560
     tgaatagaag catcggcatc tcaagagcac tatacataat gcatataata taatgcagtg    187620
     ccctccacca aagatcaaga gactccactc acctaagaca tcacattatc tatgacatcc    187680
     attcatcagt tagtcataac ttcattcaag cattcataac ttccccaata cctgaactag    187740
     cccctccctc atggtcctag ctgtgatggc acctcacttc tctggagaag gaggtttctg    187800
     taccttcagg tctattccac tatacccagc cccacaaagc cagggctact gttgtgattc    187860
     aatagccatg gggtctaaag tcacaactcg tagtaccttt actctgttga agctggagct    187920
     gcttacgctc tgtcagcgct gggtcccagg ataggtgccc tgatccctga ggcctgacag    187980
     tccaaatcat tctttccact gggccagtgt caatgacagc tgagcctggg cctgcacaca    188040
     ggggtggaca tcagtgcagc agatcctggt ttaatgggag aattatattc acttgtgtac    188100
     agaaagtgag tggcattata cccgaagtgt ggccaggaag ttttgtaaga ccctgagccc    188160
     aataacctga gtctacagcc agctgcctgc atcctggatt ctgatgtggg tgcctgtgag    188220
     ccataaatcc acaaaccaga agtgacactc tcagtaaaca ctccctgcac tgagaaagaa    188280
     acagaaggat cccctgacgc tcttgtcctg gtagtccatt cagctaccat gatagccacg    188340
     aactcctcca gcttgtacca ctgacacaac cacaatgtaa gctacaccgt ttacaactga    188400
     agccatatgg agcctccact ccttcaccca tatggaccca agaaagcctt gcccaacttt    188460
     ggtgatttct gacatccatg tctactgcag ctctgctcac aatagccacg atacagactc    188520
     acgtcatgaa acagagtagg ggaactctaa ggaaaaataa gggaccaggg gctcagaggg    188580
     aaaagttctt gtcatgcaat tgtgaggatc aggggattgt atccccagca cccacttaaa    188640
     tgtcattggg cctggtagct tgcctgtgat tccagcacat gggaggtgga gagaagggat    188700
     tcccagagca agcgagctgg ttagctgaac aggcttgatt agtgtgctct ggagtcatgt    188760
     gagaggctct gcaccagtgt ggaagatgca caatgataaa gttacataac atcaaattct    188820
     ggcctgatta cacacatgtg cacatgtgtt catgtgcaca cacacatatg tggacatgca    188880
     tatgcatata caacacaaat catatacagg ccaaaaaaaa aaaaattaag gaaagatacc    188940
     agtgaaagga gaagggctgt ggtaaggtaa gaacaacaaa taatgatgtg tgtgtgtgtg    189000
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgaaagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    189060
     agagagaaat gtcattgaaa cccattcctt tgtgtgctag gaaaaaaaaa acaatgggaa    189120
     agagaatatt caaaagaatc tgctaaaaac taaaattaag gaacaaattg ggtaaggaca    189180
     tgagatacaa agtcaatgca cagaaatcaa ctgaacctat tggtctccaa agatggccag    189240
     tagcagtccc ctctgcgtct gcatgtgcca gtcgctccat aactatatga agtctgttct    189300
     cattcttgaa actggaatgc ttagtgactt ctccaagcaa taaaaataac agaagtaaat    189360
     tcagggttaa gccttaactc tatgttttct ataaaaatta taatagatct tatatcaaaa    189420
     tgtaaaagct aaatctattc agcatctaaa aaaaccaaac caaacaaaca aaaaaacact    189480
     gtcaaggaat tagctcacaa ctttgaataa agatgcctca ggatacaatc agcattagct    189540
     actaaagaaa aaaatgatca ttcagatatc aaaattaaga ggtttttttt tttttaaaga    189600
     tgaattcaaa aataaaaggg ctaaccccag atgaagacag gacatttata tcacatatat    189660
     ctaataaagg atgcatactc aagtgtttaa agaggttgag agatggatca gtgggtaaga    189720
     gcacttgctg ctattgcagt gggcagagga cccaggttca gttcccacca cccatgtggt    189780
     ggcaacacaa ccatctgtaa cttcaatgta gggaaactga caccttcatc tggactttat    189840
     gggcaccagg agcacatgtg gtgcgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    189900
     atatatatat atacacatat atatatatac acacatatat atatatacac acatatatat    189960
     atacacatat atatacaccc tcatatacat caaataaata tttttaaagt atttaaagac    190020
     ttttattttg tttttcaaat atgtgtgtgt gtgtacgtgt gaggtctggc tatgtgcatg    190080
     taatgcaggt gcctattgag gccagactca tcagattcct tgagctggag ttgcagagag    190140
     ttgtgagccc cctgatagcg atgctgggtt ctcccatttt ctaagttctc ttaattctta    190200
     agtcatctct ctagccctaa aagcattctc ataagtgaat aaggggtggg gggaatcaat    190260
     tcaaaattta aaaggggcaa aagaggttat acttcatcaa agatatctca gaagccaata    190320
     tgtgtataaa aaggtactta gtctcattag ctttaagaga aatacatatg aaaactataa    190380
     ttaaacgcca ctatgtgacc ctaggctggg caacattaac aggactgcta atatcaacat    190440
     ttaacagttg gagctttcag actggcggca atattaagca actttctaat aatgtttaac    190500
     attcaccagc ctatataact tgccttacgg taaacccaag agaaatgaga gcctatattc    190560
     accaaaagac ttatcccaga aggtttacag catgctttgc aatggtcata aactatgata    190620
     tacactggaa ctatggaata atccaggaat gtcaccagga gtgggtgcac aaactgtggt    190680
     acagtcacat catggagtat ttgacaattt gaaaaatcaa taaagattgt agcttggctg    190740
     gtaaccagca gctctctgat tggattgaag gccccattcc acaagaggga atcacggctg    190800
     gcactgagga cccagccaac tactcaaagc taggacagtc atggaacttg gaggggaacc    190860
     tacaaccaca actttagtaa aacagcatca ttcccaacag agtataaatg tttgtcctca    190920
     ttaccacagg tgagtgcagc tatcactgct catcaaagaa accttgcaac agacagggac    190980
     cattacagaa acccacagcc aaccataatg tagaaataga gatcatatgg tggcctgtcc    191040
     caattgataa atctaacaca actcctgcac ctaagacgta gggattgttg cagaagaggg    191100
     aggagagatc ataagagcta gaggaacagg aagtgtactg tgaaattgtg tctcctagaa    191160
     atgtcagaga ggccacacct atgtcatttc actattatgt ctgcctggat aagaccttaa    191220
     caatgagata accaatggat atgctaacat agaaggggac agctcaactg tagacaggtg    191280
     tttgtaggga acgctgagag caagagaaat aatcttcttt agggaagagt tcccccttcc    191340
     cagccccata tcaattatcc aatatcaggt ggtcagctta agagtatatc atacaagtaa    191400
     cagtgtacag gctgtgcggg ttgtatttgt gtattgaggg aaatctatgt gcatgtgtgt    191460
     gtgtgtgtgt tcaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtaa caacatttga    191520
     agacaaggaa gccatgaata caaagggtga ccaagggggt ggctggaggg aagaaaggga    191580
     aaagggaaat gatataattt caaaaagtaa aattattatg aaggaaagag cacaggtgag    191640
     tttttgagat ataatgctaa gctaataaaa tcatgcttat taaacaaaaa tgattcaact    191700
     tatctaccat tcaagaacag aaaaaagtaa taatggttgc cttggggagc agactagagc    191760
     ttcctgcagt tatggaatct tttgtacctt gagtggccat cacaggaaaa cactaagaaa    191820
     catagaggcc acacactgtt gcttccagaa agagaaaact tactagtagg tcgtcccacc    191880
     aagatcttta aaactccttg ccgaggcaga gaaaaggtat tttacaaaac acctacaaag    191940
     tggtcatgga agccaggtgt tgtgctgcaa cctccacaac cccagcactt tggggagtag    192000
     ggcaggagga ttaccacgag tcccatgaca gcttgtgaga tagaatgagt ccctgtctca    192060
     aacactcgag agaatattaa ataaagaggt aatgagttgt accagtgttt gtatactgtt    192120
     cgttcctgtg tggaagggtt gggatacagc acagtcacac ggatggggag gactgtaact    192180
     gcaacggact ttatcgttcc cagcctcatc tgtaccacag ctccacagtt tgtggggttc    192240
     tgctttagaa tgtcaagagt tgcttttaaa tggtaatgat tatcaaccac tggcatttgg    192300
     cttcttatat gcacgtgcat gtattatgcc atcatttcta ttgtttcggc agagcaatca    192360
     aatccatcca tgcgcccttg taagtcactt taagcagtga cctgaatttg gacagtgtgc    192420
     actctcaggt gggctctgat ttgctctagc cctctaagca ccgtagggca ttcccctgag    192480
     atgaaaacag tagagaccag tgtccttgca tcgcacattc agactgctaa ggaaagctaa    192540
     cagaccactc tttggggttg agatcctgtt cagcagccag tagataagca aatggagtta    192600
     cagtgggcca gaattccatg actgtaaacc aaaactaaat tgctctgtca gactttctgg    192660
     gaagtcagga gaatgacaac agctaaaccc aaacagagca gttctagcag acatgggaag    192720
     gaagcctctc ggctttggcc ctcacaaaac taacttgggg ttagcaatct attgtactga    192780
     gttctcccct tatttctgcg caagctagtc tttaaaccag aatgctctgc tgtgatgatg    192840
     gagtgccttt acatgagaga cagcccaatc caggactcat ttaaaaacaa acaaccccac    192900
     aaaaacccca ctagggctgg agagatgact cagtagttaa gagcactggc tactcttcca    192960
     gagggtccag gttcaattcc cagcacctac atggcagctt gcacctgtct ataattttaa    193020
     ttccagggct tctgacaccc tcatacagat atacacacag ggaaaatacc aatgaacaaa    193080
     aaataaagat aaactataca tttaaaaaga gcataaagac gaatcattct ttaaatgcgt    193140
     tgaattcctt aaagacattg gtgctgccct gatctcttag aaggcaagcc tgcactgtga    193200
     gaaagcccac gtgtaagtaa agaactgagt aaaactgcca tcttctcttc cagcagctgt    193260
     gggtgtggcc ttctgttccc atgggactcc agtttccaag gaaaatgtta ggattgccac    193320
     ttaacaaaac ccaaggtaaa gtaggacctg gacactgaaa aatatcaagt ggaagaaaag    193380
     aaattctctg cttggactgg tgcagtttcc tgaaggtgtt cacgagaggt ttaaaatgaa    193440
     gtctgggaag caaggaaacc tgactaagcc tgctgctcat caagtaatta gtaccgcact    193500
     aagcatggcg agtacaactt tgaaaaataa tgacaatacc taatttacaa gtgaggagac    193560
     taatacacaa aatgattaat tgctaaaggt cacagagcct ttgaggagta acatgtgcta    193620
     cacaggcaca tgcccccagt gtgtgtcacc tctcaacctg tcatcttaat ccaataatca    193680
     cagcctgttt gtttgctttt aagtcagact ctagtaaata gtaaaaatag aggctggaga    193740
     gatggctcag tggttaagag cactgactgc tcttccagag gtcctgggtt caattcccag    193800
     cagccacatg gtggctcaca accatctata acaggaatct gatgctctct tctggtgtgt    193860
     ctgaagagaa caacagtgta ctcacagaca taaaataaat cttaaaaaaa aaataacaaa    193920
     accatattta aatcaggaac atagcattgc acagagaagg aatctagtct gaatggagct    193980
     gggttttgat gacacagagg taatgataaa acatcttaaa gacaaggggg agggacagga    194040
     gaaaggtggc aggaatacag aaagtgaaca tcacagaaag cagagcactc gcgctgccaa    194100
     ccggcgatca gcaacatgag actcaggatc ttcccacaga gaccaaagtg caagggctct    194160
     gccatcaggt attggctgta tagcagcaga ttgttgtgct gtgctgcctt agggttttac    194220
     tgctgtgaac agacaccatg accaaggcaa ctcttataag gacaacactt aattggggct    194280
     ggcttacagg ttcagaggtt tagtccatga tcattaaggt aggagcatgg cagcatccaa    194340
     gcaggaatgg tgcaggcaga gctgagagtt ctacatcttc atctgaaggc tgctagcagg    194400
     agactggctt caggcagcta ggacaagagt cttatagcac acatccacag tgacacccct    194460
     actccaacaa ggccacactt ccaaatagtg ccactccctg ggtcaagcat attcaaactg    194520
     ccacatatac cttagtattt tttaggcatg aacttttgtg agggaggatg gctggtggca    194580
     tccttgagac atagccttga ggtgttagaa ttatatcact ttttgttttt tccaaccttt    194640
     atggtcctag gctgaggcca aatggagata tggaggtggg gctctagggt ttagtcaaga    194700
     agataatctg tcatctacta aatgtcaatc aaatatatat ttgaatatat ttatatatta    194760
     aatatataaa atatatatta gaagattaga caatgaatct tgtgaaaaga tcagaaacag    194820
     atgcttttgg ctaggctcag tctacagtaa tcactggagg aaggctctgc tgagcctcca    194880
     ttatgcctgg atacctacag aaaggcttca gctgcgtggt caccaatgac catttgatga    194940
     gcaatgagac ccttactgag ggcagcagag aacaaaagcc accagcagag gtgcaggtgg    195000
     catagggcct cccccattgc tctgcccctc ccctggcccc ccataccaag agcttggcta    195060
     aggctgagat ttagaacaac tccaatgtgg tggtcagttg tgtgcaagga gtcacagaaa    195120
     gatcacaaga acctgatgcc cagcatgtgg gcgtggctga caaagaggag gagactgttg    195180
     ctggtgacag gaataaagtg agcagggagg agacctgatc aacaccttca gtgtgaaggg    195240
     aaaaaaattt ataggagacc cagaaagcca accacctcgt gaaagatttg aaaagccact    195300
     tgaagggtga aggtggtgaa ttttcaattg atggacatta ttgaacggcc catctgaggc    195360
     cgaggtgacg tgggaagggc acaaggaggc tgcggataga ggatggactg aggcgatgga    195420
     ttcgatcctc gtggcaaatg tgaattgtta ggtacagtgg aagtggtaga tctggcctga    195480
     agctggaggt ggtggctttc acggactggg gaactgtcag agattagtga actgatttgg    195540
     atcaatcaaa tgtaactgag gaaacccaga ggcagacagt gaaagtaatg acagcgaagt    195600
     tgaagagatt gaggaagagg atccacaaga gatgccttcg gataagtggg aagctatttg    195660
     aaataaagac tgagcaaaag aagaattaaa tatctgaaaa ccaaatgaag gtactgatgg    195720
     acaatggaaa agggcatttg ttctgcataa gtaaaaaaaa aaagtgaaga ggttcgtgtt    195780
     gcagattcgg ctgtggacct tcatttctgg aagccagcaa atgatataaa gtctcaagtg    195840
     gagatcaatt acggaggccc tgggacaggg aagacgaggg catgggtgtg gtagtcatcc    195900
     aaaccgtggc caaaggactg atgattcaag tgcttctagt cctgatgtag atgacccaga    195960
     ggcatcccag ctctggcccc actggatgct gtgatgcagc actggttcct ttgtggaccc    196020
     tgctcaaagc ttttgcatgc ttaaagatcc caaatgacta gaaattaaaa agaaagaccg    196080
     tcattcacac cattcacacc tagagactga atcttatctg ttttgaaagc aaacctctct    196140
     agctacacag aagtaacaaa tgttagtttg tacttagaaa tgcatggggt agctgggacg    196200
     tttccataat ttccagagat tatgcattct tcacgaatac ttttatattg ctgcttacaa    196260
     atatgcattt ccaaacttga aatttaggtg ttaacagtgt gtaccagtta agaagaggag    196320
     aggaggggga aggggcaggg ggaagggcag gaggagggga gagggagggg aaggttagat    196380
     aaggacactg tggtggtttg aatgagaatg gctgcctgct cccaaaagcc cacaccactc    196440
     ccagttagtg ctaccctcct gtctctctcc ctctttaccc ccatcagcca tttcccatct    196500
     tcctctccct cttctctcac tatgttgcat ccaactcata gggatcctcc tacctcaccc    196560
     tcccaaatga cagaattaca agtactcacc actaggccaa gtttagaacg cctaagattc    196620
     tttaaaatct caaagataca atgtatctta gtcctcagtt ctctaaggat aacatattaa    196680
     aaaaaaaaaa gttcacttgc agtccatccc cttaaaatgg agaccaaagt ttcatttgta    196740
     gcaattagaa ttataaaggt catttcacct tgttcacaga ttttagttat aattacaatt    196800
     atttgctaac cctgagaaat gaacaactca ggcaggggtg tggcttagta ggtcaaactc    196860
     ttgagatcct gggtttgctc ctcagccctg catgagtggg aaggagagtg gggagggtaa    196920
     agaaaagtga actgaaaccg agcagtattt gggcatagct tttcctacaa aattatttta    196980
     aagtgggcag gagagatggc acagctgtta aatgagaggc tcacaaccaa aaagacacac    197040
     gtttatataa gcagaacttg cctatcttgt caacatggta ttttcatgag gttttacatt    197100
     aaacaaatgt cagattattg gcatttttct caaggtctgt ttttacaaaa acaactattt    197160
     ttcatacagg agtctttcta ctacatgtat gtatgcatac tgtgggggtg ggggtgggga    197220
     gggtgcccaa tgagggttgt gtccctggaa ctggaggcac agatggttgt cagcagccgt    197280
     gtgagtactg gaaactgaac tctggtcctc tagaagagca gtcagtgctc ataactgctg    197340
     agtcacctct ccagcttcct gactgctttc catttgatct ctactgccgt tttttaaaaa    197400
     gaggcaagaa agccactgtc gttctgttgt ttctcttaga cttctgcggc tgtactctgc    197460
     cagatcctca gttgtcatta gtttgtaatg tcagtccact aaagccactt tatcacctat    197520
     cccacatctc ttcaagacac acgatcatcc ccagatcctg catgttctat aggaatactt    197580
     aggagggtgg agatagaaga ctgtggagaa atatagtatg tcccttcata aagggctgaa    197640
     gcaatggatg tcagctgtgg gaacagaaag gcaccagaga acagcagtgg acaaaggaac    197700
     ggaaaggtct tatactagca agtataggcg agatttgtac gagaaaccaa gaaccctgac    197760
     tgaaacatag caagcaagtg gcgagccctg ctctgtgggg ctggacccag agagaagcaa    197820
     agccctggtg agctccccag gtgcagggca tggcatgcat gtgcaaggta cagcatcaca    197880
     aaatagttta aaacaggagc ctaaccccaa aggaccttgc ctctttatcc caagtgacca    197940
     aaatcaagaa aaacaactgg tactataaaa tttaattttt acctagatgg ggagatgttc    198000
     actcatccat ccagacacaa cctcctggga accacatatg ttttgaaagg acgccattcc    198060
     ttctcaaggg gctgattcag ggaatttgcc tgctgtgttt ctatctgttc tttaagggtt    198120
     tttctttttc tttttttaag aggtaatttt tctttaatct ttctacttct ggtctggtat    198180
     atacactatc cctacgcttt gtgcttgtca ccagcactcc ctgcacattt cggcagcctg    198240
     gacggagaac ttcctctttg cttccagtct tagtcagggt ttctactgct gtgctaaaca    198300
     acatgatcaa aagaaacttg gggaggaagg gtttatttcg ccttacagct tgtagctcct    198360
     ctttcaggaa agttagggca ggaacctgaa ggcaaaaact gatgcagagg ccatggagga    198420
     acactgccta ctggcttgct ccctatgact gcttagcctg ctatcttata ccatccagga    198480
     tcaccagcca agaggtggca ccacctactg taagctgtga ctttccacat aaatcaagaa    198540
     aatataccag agacttgcct tcagggcaag ctggtggaag cattttcttt aagtgagatt    198600
     ccctcttcca aaatgattct aagcttatgt catgttgaca taaaactagc caccatgcct    198660
     tctgtcttag ggtctccatt actctgatga ggcaccatga ccaaggcaac ttttataaag    198720
     gacaacattt aattggggct ggcttacagg ttcataggtt cagtccgtta tcatcaaggc    198780
     aggagtttgg cagcatctag gcaggcatgg tgtaggagga gctgagagct ctacatcttg    198840
     ttctgaaagc agctagggga agactggctt ccaggcagcg aggctgaggg tcttaaaacc    198900
     cacattcata gtgacacacc tactccaaca aggacacacc tcctactggt gccacgccct    198960
     gggtcaagca tatacaaact atcacacctt ccttagcctc tcctccatcc agtacttgta    199020
     gatgccagcc gtttggccct tcgactactt aggattcttg agctgctctc taggaagccc    199080
     ccaaggcctt cacctgtgac tctgcactgc tgtcacccaa gcttaagtaa gtagttcctg    199140
     cctcctggga aacgcctcac ttcccacttg cagcaaaata accctagcca tagttatcct    199200
     tgatagtgtc tgaaggcaat ggacaaagag tagccttcta tagtccactc caattcttcc    199260
     tgggagaccc ttcattttct gggtggcaca gatgacagtt gtagttcatg cacatggatc    199320
     tgtgcctact gtaaggaccc ttctgccagc cctctccttt tcctccacca caacgtctgt    199380
     cacagctctc tcaagttggg aggagcctga gcatgtggct tatggtgttt gtgcttgtat    199440
     aggaagtccc agtcagactt cctaaatcaa gagacctact agtaaccagg ctttcatttt    199500
     tctccaagac agtttgagtc cccttcactt tcagtcatgg ctgagttgat agttttagtc    199560
     tgtgagcttt cccttcaagg tcaatctagt ctgacccgtc aggttggttt ggatccagag    199620
     agaaactgta tcccaccttt gggaattgga gagagactat tctaagagga tgcctcagtg    199680
     gaattggtgc agggagtctt ggtttcactc tgctgacagg agaggtctgt tgccctcaaa    199740
     ggtaaatgca cagccatgga actcgtgtga caagccctga gctttctatt ccttctgact    199800
     cacccctggg atgctgtctt aagaactagt ctaaatttga ttctcagact ctgaaaaaaa    199860
     aaaaaaaaaa ggaagaaaga aagaaaacaa tttcttccac agcaaaactt gacccttaac    199920
     acagttccag atcaataatg ctggctgcct tggggcacat tgagctatta cttcatcctg    199980
     ccattagatt acgttgtttg taatttagga aaggactctg agatttctta taaccaagct    200040
     ttcgagactg tcacaagacc acagatgcaa tagggatgtg ctatgtattt tactagattc    200100
     tcctgaactt tgcattttcc tcaaactcag ccacagctga cacccttcat agcttcttct    200160
     ttgtacatat ccaggcttaa cttccagctt ctctactgca ccttcccctc ccccacatca    200220
     tcctcttcag cttctcctcc tctccttcct cctccaaaga tctctttcca tccacacccc    200280
     tttttatcca gacacattct cccatcatgc acttgctcca gaaactcaag gaagagagaa    200340
     agccatccca ccccttcaga ggacagcttt cctcttttgc aaggcagcta ataaggattg    200400
     cagtgccagc agctacacat ccctttcccc atgcccagtc tgtcccaaat ataatccata    200460
     ttaggatctt tcagccctga tcccttcatc tgcactagcg aattcagagg attcattgtg    200520
     gcttttgatc caacatagca acacatctac attattctaa ttatctgtgc acccatgaac    200580
     aattaaaaac tactgcttct cctgcagtaa aaatttctct ttggtaccat tcagttacac    200640
     accccatccc cccaatctgt cccaaatata aacccaatca ggacctttta gcgatgatgc    200700
     ccagttccat aggcattcaa aggctcgctg agcttttgag ctaggctaac agtgcgtctc    200760
     catcactcca accacctgct gcattcatgg agaagctgca tctggtactc agtatgtgcc    200820
     tgatgaggtg tgtgctcacc atccagttac agccaggcca gtttccatag ctattgctgt    200880
     tatgagcgtc caatggccac atcagcgctg ctgcaggaaa tgacaaggat gggctcactg    200940
     agataatata attagctatg tattagaggg aattaaaatg ccagtatcaa actcattaac    201000
     tacaaaaact tgtagaacac aacacagaaa gctgccaaga atcctggtcc ctttcaactt    201060
     aagcaagccg aaaccatgtg caagtgcacc aatgtggacc ccagtagata ggaaggctga    201120
     gccatcctga ccgtgtatgt tataagccaa acttctccag agaggagaca acagcttcaa    201180
     tactccaccg gggactcaga cttgtccccc gctttattag acacagccta catgttctaa    201240
     agcctagaaa agacctcaag aactagaaaa gccaaactgg aggaggcaag gttaaacatg    201300
     acacgctatc tatacagggc tgcagattcc atgtctagct caggaaatcc tagagcgcca    201360
     cctagtgtct aaacagttcg ggctaaagcc ttaaaccagc ctctggtcaa aggactctgc    201420
     tgtatcttgc aatctggcag cacattttag ccagaagtgc ctaaagcttc cagagtagaa    201480
     gcctcctctt agcctatgtc caatctgcaa agtgggggcc catcaaaagt aaatgtccct    201540
     ctcttctaca tgaggtaagt ctgacctcca accaaggcca ctatgattag gttaaacctg    201600
     aaaaatgcca agtatacatg actttattcc taaactacaa agatcataat gaaaaagatt    201660
     gatggggggc tgagactata aggtttctgt attttctatc tccatggaga tgaactttag    201720
     gttgccctaa atcttggcca tgggccaaga ttacattact tattgataag ggagtaactt    201780
     ttttcaccct agcaccttct atggttagaa ttccagtgcc caattctctt caccagaagc    201840
     tccatccatc ccctttccac tcctcttgac ctgtaccata ggcaacacct tctattcatt    201900
     ctcaagtcct accatgctgc tctgtttact tctggggtag agatacaatg tctcgacttc    201960
     agagccactc aggcgttttt tttttttttg gaggtcccct cccccatcct gtgatagtct    202020
     ggagctgtct ggggccaaag atccctccct agagtctact agagcatcat ccaaaacact    202080
     cctctgtggt ctgagttact tccatccctg aacactaaca gtcactccct tctcaactac    202140
     cactgatggg cccagcagcc tcccctgaac ccccccagtt actgaaggct aaagcataaa    202200
     aagctcacag cttctcattg ataaatccct ggcttctgtg ctcatgtaac tcttcataca    202260
     acactcttac cttggcagta aagaagtcag atagacccta caggttggtc tatgactgtg    202320
     ggccacaatg aggctgtaat cctgatctaa ctctagttcc caatccttat acctcattgg    202380
     ggcaggttcc caccacaacc tcctggttca cagtgttaga ccttaaagat gctatgttta    202440
     gtattcacat tcgcctaaac cctcagttcc tctctggctt caacgacagg acatttctac    202500
     cttgcttcac cttttcacaa tttagattaa ttgtggcaca cttatatact gctggtggga    202560
     atggaaatta gtcaagcctc tgtgaaatca gtatggaaat ccttcaaaaa aaaacctaac    202620
     taaaaatagg actaccatat gacctagaca tagcacttca ggtctaaatt agcatacttc    202680
     ggagataccc aaacatctgt atttattacg gcactattca caatcacaga gttctcagat    202740
     catctatgga gagacagtgg acaaagaaag gtggtatata tgcacaacag agttctattc    202800
     atttgcagaa tgagattcta gccaggcagt ggtggtgcac gcctttagtt gcagcactca    202860
     ggaggcagag gcagatgact atgagtttga ggtcagcctg gtctgcatgg agagtttcag    202920
     gacagccagg aatctcacac agagaaactc tgtctcaaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa    202980
     acaaaacaaa acaaaatacc aaagaaatcc tatcatttgt taacaactgg attgaactgg    203040
     agatggtcat attccacagg tgaaccagac acacacacag ataaatattg tatgctttct    203100
     catttgtgtc ctagaattca ttcatatatt catacatctg ccatgaaaac ggagaaatgg    203160
     atggagagag accagtggag agagggcatg tgaagggaga gaatggggag aggtgagtac    203220
     tagtacttga atgaaaccat ctacatgaaa cccaacactg tgtactcaga aaagcccagc    203280
     gtttgctccc cccaccgctc tccccttccc tatcctctga acaccctcct gtgccctcaa    203340
     agctcacagg catccttgca gagcttgact gctttcttct aattcaccag ctcctttttc    203400
     tcacgcccac ctcagcagca gcagccaagg cctcctgctt gccagccctg ttttatccct    203460
     caaactccag ttaacagtgt cctaaagtta cttctgagtt ttcttcttcg tgtatgtttt    203520
     tattaattca gtatgtgagg gagtgtacac gtgtacacat ttgtacacac atgcatgtgc    203580
     gggtcagagg accactggct ggagtactcc tttaaccatg tggatgtcca gcttgggggt    203640
     aaaaacgtga gggtaaaact gctgactcat cttcctctgc tggtcctctt gggttttaaa    203700
     attctcctac ctatgaaact atagatgtgc agaagggact cgagtcctct ggtgaccacc    203760
     taaaggtaaa gcaaatggta gcctgtgggg agacttgacg ttgcagctgg gttggcagct    203820
     caatcacgtt ggctaaggga gcgacgctag ggaaggtagg ctcagtgtag gctatgctaa    203880
     agagatgggc agaataacta ctcctttagt gagattctgt attttttcct tcccagaatt    203940
     ctctgccccc agtgcagggg ctgaagggcc aatataggaa tataagtcgt ccactcatac    204000
     tcccaccttg tcttcccctt tctgagcatg tatgttttcc ctaacatttc aggctctccc    204060
     cgaccaatac tttggatatc ctttcccttt ctctgaagct ccgctccctg ccctgtggct    204120
     gcttgctggc catgtgtctg acctccatgc tggcagctct tccttctctt ctccaggcag    204180
     ctgctttact gtacacctgc cctttagttt gccttttaaa cgctgataaa attatccttg    204240
     tgtttccatg tgcatctatt cttaaatgcc tttattaatg agactgagaa ccccaaaagg    204300
     gacccggatt atagcaacag aaagacaggg aaatgattct gtatatattc aggcttttgt    204360
     gtcacctttt tctgttcact gtaacgctgt gataggcaag gcagagaaaa ctgggctttt    204420
     cttctctaca gtctagccaa aattaaacaa atccaactgg ttttaccaag ccctggctcc    204480
     caagtgtttt ctaggtttgg tggtttgatt tgtttttttt tttttttcag taagcatggg    204540
     aaatcactga gaatacctac cacacatata gaagtaataa tttttaagaa accaatcttt    204600
     atttggcaaa aattcagaca ttaactgaat tgggggagaa aacctggggc agtgttccag    204660
     aaaaaaattt cagatagaga tgcgcgttca caaggaccag ttgcatccaa cccatccctg    204720
     ggatgactgt ccttcaggat tccagctttg gcgggcttcc tctccttcag atctgaaccc    204780
     atacattctc taaagtgctc atgtttatta acaactgttt ctatggcagc agagtcctct    204840
     ttttagggcc caggggtggg agctatttat aagccaaaga atgatagcat gcaccaatag    204900
     cagctattag tgatgaaatc cttttgggat ctctcataaa taatatggta acaagacaaa    204960
     atatattcaa tgtgcatatt gtttatcaaa accacatccg gattctaatt ttgtctccca    205020
     tcttggtcta ctgactacat acatagaagc ctaggtaaca gttttatcac tcatgaatcg    205080
     atagttttga cccctggaat ctacattatt agctgcactg agccatggac ctaaatgaat    205140
     cctctctgta acaggtttct taccccgtta gacagaaggc aggctttgcc gtgtacaagg    205200
     tttgccattc cacgaggtct tttgaataga aagagttggc ttcccccatg caacaagccc    205260
     ttcccatccc agaatgtact ggcatagact ctatttttaa aatgcgtatg aaataaatta    205320
     aacaattttt attctattta gcaactcgca aaagctactt tctttcatgt agattgtacc    205380
     atctaaaata tattaaaatc agccattcaa agtgtgatag ttcccaagca aacttcaact    205440
     catactctcg gcatataaaa aggtacgtag cataggtata acatttagag cacgcgctct    205500
     ggatcaagaa ggcgagagga agcatcctag ttctagaaac gactccaccc catagtgggt    205560
     ataacagtgg gtagcagagc actgtgagcc ttccctcact atacaggaga cagagaaagg    205620
     ggatgggata ttcattcagt ctgagactcc ttaatctgaa ctccaaaatg ctgtagaagc    205680
     tacaggtttg gggggcatca tgccagcact taaatgctgg gtattagatc ttgaaacatt    205740
     tcaaattttt aggttagagc tatttcacca gcaaatttta tgcaaatatt ccaaagtttg    205800
     aaaaacttca aaatctgaaa cccttctggc cctgagcatt ccagattaaa aaaataataa    205860
     taataaataa ccttgtctac ttcaaaggag cacagaacac aaagtgaatt tacacaagtg    205920
     aagcacctgg agagcaaggc caccgcccag acaaggctaa actgtgaatg actgcatttt    205980
     aaacatcata aaaatgatgt tataatgatt aactttattc taaaatcgtg taacacatat    206040
     ttccccaatt aataacccat cgagaatcag tgtccaagct ggcttctata taatttatat    206100
     actcttaaac tattacctca tagcaaactc tcttcactgc caggactaag tcttgagtta    206160
     ttcaggcttc catgtgttag ggacagaagc atcacagttc tcccagagcc cactacaccc    206220
     tcagggctgc ccctcaccca ggtctttcta gaggcctatg tctctgaagt ctagaaactt    206280
     agtttataac caacacccac ataggatgtc tctcttaaca ttatccttga tataaggatg    206340
     tcatggaata aaatgaatcc tctctgtgac atgtttcctt ccctgttaga cagagggcag    206400
     acttggtgat gtagaaggtt tgacattcta catgggtctt ctaaatagaa acagttggcc    206460
     tcgcccatgc agcaagaccc tcccatccct caatatactg acatgaacag tacattgact    206520
     tcatgtgtgt atgcccttct cgggcctaaa tagttaccaa ccttgttggt atacagaact    206580
     gatgattctc gtttgttttt ggttctgttt tgctcatgtc tattattcta acagacctct    206640
     atcttttgct gaagtctctc tccatgcaga tgctatcaca tttccactga attc          206694