ID   AC156633; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 175422 BP.
AC   AC156633; AC117761;
DT   03-FEB-2005 (Rel. 82, Created)
DT   22-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-421P3 from chromosome 9, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-175422
RA   Zheng X., Cotton M.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-421P3";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-175422
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (02-FEB-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-175422
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-MAY-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-175422
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 26c627a8ddd331f7156a05a14def43d8.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456151.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000032549; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000032553; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000032554; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000090639; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035196; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035175; mus_musculus_aj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034878; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034879; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0035688; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0035689; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034190; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034191; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034847; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034956; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034957; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035084; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035085; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034995; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034996; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0035710; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0035711; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034310; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0094451; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0094453; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0094112; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0094114; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0093433; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0093651; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0093653; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0093473; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0093475; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0094778; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0094780; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0092511; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0092513; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9Q035.
DR   GOA; E9Q2Q7.
DR   GOA; E9Q939.
DR   InterPro; IPR001156; Transferrin-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001806; Small_GTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR005225; Small_GTP-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR018195; Transferrin_Fe_BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR019009; SRP_receptor_beta_su.
DR   InterPro; IPR024156; Small_GTPase_ARF.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR029785; ICA.
DR   MGI; MGI:102964; Srprb.
DR   MGI; MGI:107283; Rab6b.
DR   MGI; MGI:5141890; Gm20425.
DR   MGI; MGI:98821; Trf.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P830; A0A1W2P830_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q035; E9Q035_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q2Q7; E9Q2Q7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q939; E9Q939_MOUSE.
CC   On May 6, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:58418564.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0421P03
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..175422
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-421P3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          47874..47941
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          75022..75044
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          76380..76436
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    88085..88099
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   misc_feature    90149..90337
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
SQ   Sequence 175422 BP; 45263 A; 41673 C; 43354 G; 45132 T; 0 other;
     gatctgaagt aggattgggc ccccattcag gactggcatc gggaagggca tgttctgcag        60
     ggagatcttg aatcaatgtg ggaaacagaa taaagccatg gagaatttgg agacttggat       120
     gtagttgggc caactgattt ttttatgcat atttcgagta agatgtattt ctgacctgca       180
     tattgacact tttaaactta atagtagtga aacgatcccc agagactttg gtggctgaac       240
     acttcgctgg atgaaacttc aggaggattt ctgtggcttt ggcataccac gcaatatggc       300
     acatgaagac ttaataaggc agtcaatgtt tttacgatct ttgatgacca ttaaatctct       360
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cacacacaca       420
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga gcctttgaca gccaaagcag taacgatggt       480
     tctcatgaat gtctgtttct gtcaaataat gaggacggat gaaatctgga attagagtaa       540
     acttagaaca aactctattc tctgggactt ttatttcccc ggagagtccc tcaagtcgtc       600
     atcccctgcc ccctgctcca gttcactcca ttctcccacc acagtcctac ctattcatac       660
     tcatacgacc atggagcccc cgcaagccct gaccctgagc acacagcgac agcctcacct       720
     cttagagctc taggcagttc tggctgagga tcttcctgcc cttgaactag ggccttagtc       780
     tacccagaag ctgtattaca gtgccctgtc agggtcctca cctgtcttgg ggtgtccttg       840
     gggtacttcc taaggcaatc tacccacctg cagtagctag attgcatacc cccctcccaa       900
     acttccctgt gaactgtgtc cctcacttgt gagtgctgcg acaccctggc ttcccattgt       960
     gccctcttct tggttcagag gcccctggtc tccagagaac tttttccaac acctctccat      1020
     ccccctgcca tgccaactct gagtttccca tttaaccttt actctctgtc ctttgtgtgc      1080
     ttggcactat tttttttttc cagttacggt gaaatgtgta acgtgaagtt tgcccttcta      1140
     ccactgtaag atgcgtgctg gtggggctaa gtcaaagcca cccgcctcca ggacattctt      1200
     atgtgaatcg atcctatgca atgtcttcat tcgtttctcc cttagccctt gacaaactcc      1260
     ctgtctttat gatttcagcc attttagaag cctcccatta agggagtcag gcaggacttg      1320
     gcattttgtt tggcttcttt cacttagcac agtgtcccca aggctcatat atgttaccat      1380
     acagcagaat ttgcttcctc tttaaattga aaaaagatcc tattgtatgt accatgtttg      1440
     acttaattac caggttgttt ctatttcttg gttttcacca acaatggtgc cataaatatg      1500
     ggaacattaa gatctcttca gggctgaaga gattgctcaa tggtcaagag cactgactgc      1560
     tctgccagag gtcctgagtt cacgtcccag aaactacaca gtggctcaca accatctgta      1620
     atgggatccg atgccctctt ctgctgtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttatacacat      1680
     aaaataaata aatctttttt taaagcgggg aggtggatct aaaagaggaa gaaaaagaaa      1740
     aatccagcaa gggcagtggc cgtgcacacc tttgatccca gtagttggga ggcagaggca      1800
     ggcagaggca ggaggatctc tgtgagtcag gacagccagg gctatacaaa gaaaccgtct      1860
     tgaaaaacaa aagcctcttc aagcctcagc ttcatctcga ttattacggg actcattgca      1920
     gagtggctgc agcctttcca acgcttcgac agcagtgccc aggggtctct ccgtctcagg      1980
     atcctcacca acactcgctg ttttccggct ttttgatgct tgccatcctg tgggacatta      2040
     catgctatct catcgcttcc tgtttctgtt ggcaaagcaa tactgtagtt gcttttttct      2100
     tttttttaaa taacccaggg gcccttgtgg gttggagact aggtaagggc catgcctttg      2160
     tccctctgtc acctgcatga ggaaaaggcc ttctctcaca gtcactagcc agatggctgg      2220
     gagactaaag aggatttgaa tcttggtgtg actgtttttc aagaggcagg cttcacccac      2280
     actgctagtc agaggatggt gtctcagata gaggcacatg ccttccgtga ccaagcaggc      2340
     acagggacaa ctctttcttg gcattatcat ttgatttcag atggccttta aaatattctt      2400
     gaatagataa tgcacaccac aggacactca ctaaaggcga ccaaggcccc tgtctccgtt      2460
     aaagtcatct gcattctgtg ccaccaatga gccttggcta gtggttgtag taacagtttg      2520
     gtttgttgag aggggtacat gttatgtgga ccaggctgtc ctctaactgg taatccttct      2580
     gcctcagctc cttgagggct gagatcccta gtgagcccgc catgcatggc ttcccagagt      2640
     acttgatagt atcacacctg gccttcgtcc ctctgtttta tctgagtctc tcagtggcca      2700
     ttaaaggagc ccttttgctg gaagtttgca catgggtcta gtctagaccc tggcattgag      2760
     aacaggaagt gatgggattc ggccatagga ggcctgtgtg gacggggaat ggggcatcag      2820
     ggaaggcgga gcccctgctc ctgccctacc aactattcca tggccccaac cttttctctc      2880
     cagggggctc aggggccctc tcactcaggg ccacatctct aggaagatcc taagtaggaa      2940
     ttaaactgat tccattcgtg ttaatgaaaa ccccacagag gacggctggt gacgtcagag      3000
     gcttccattg gccagaatga agcaggaata aaaggaatct ggaaaagatt ccctcaaacc      3060
     cctctaggcc ttggaaagct gacaacgctg attgtttggt gtggggcaaa ttgaaaacag      3120
     aggcacagaa gcagctgcca agcctggcaa agcctacagc cgcaggaacc acagtgtcca      3180
     aaggccatac tgggatgact ggagccctcc cagaagggcc tccaggggca gcctcgctcc      3240
     ccaatctgta atatgacagg gtctccaaat ccccttgttt tcagagtctg ccgttcttct      3300
     cttggtcccg gccaaaaggc ccaagaagca ttaagagtct atgattctgg ggggctgccc      3360
     aggtgtggtc aggtccctaa atacctttgg cagccagtcc ttcgccatgg tgtggtgctg      3420
     ggagcattca gaagtgaagg atcaggggtc aggatgcagg gaaggccaga gccaagccca      3480
     gcggtgacat agtcctttgc tgaggagaac tctgggttta gcctgtggat ctcctcttcc      3540
     agatgggtgg cgctttcctc caggactgaa atacggatcc actatgctca accctctgcc      3600
     agcaccagaa cagagggaga aatggttgtg ccttctcctt cctgggcaga gctgctcctg      3660
     gtgcaagaac cgccatcctc cttgctctcg cctcagtctc tgtagcaagc aagtcttcgg      3720
     ccaggcaatc agaggactac tcctctagga ccatgtccca ttttcctaac cctggccctc      3780
     tttcccttcc tctgggatat ggaagaaagg ctagaacaag agcgggatag aaggacagat      3840
     ggtggaggcg ggcagccagg ctgatggtga ctactgggca tgctcattgc aggaaacagc      3900
     agccactttc agaccgacct ctgtcagaag catttgccag gcctgctccc cagtaagtgc      3960
     cacagcaccg tgcccgatac ccagaaggag accagcagca tgtggagcct gatggtggtc      4020
     gctcagctgc tggccggcgt tgggacggtg cccattcagc catttgggat ctcctatgtg      4080
     gacgactttg cagagcctac caactcgcct ctgtatatct gtgagtctta agcttcagcc      4140
     gggctgcgag gggtggggat caggacctgg tgcagcacct gctaaagctc ttggggatga      4200
     agtggggtct gattcacttg gcccacaaca tggtggatga caaagaccca ttgttaatgc      4260
     cagttctgct tccttccact tggctggacc tcaagtggct aacccaagtc cccaggcttt      4320
     tacttagagg acggcactaa gattttttgt gtgagccttg tgttttgagg ttaggtgagc      4380
     tgatgtagat caccatttag ccctgttttg agcctttgac atcacagcat gatattggat      4440
     tctatcaagt tcacactaga aaaccatgca attgaggttt ttttaaaaaa tgcaacaaca      4500
     acaacaacaa caacagcata atgctttaag tttaaatttg gtattggacc acgttcacaa      4560
     ctgtcctgga gaccatgtgg cctatgggcc aggtgttaga cactctgtag atcctcaaca      4620
     aattataggc tcttctaggt gatataccaa tactccgagt tgtggacagg ttagcatgca      4680
     tgaagaaggt agcagatggc caactggtac ctaatccctt cccttagaga gaaagccaca      4740
     tcgagctttc tcagggtcac agcctgtacc tttgactcca cgtgcacccg tcagagccac      4800
     cagcaccgtg cacacacaac actgtaacta taacacagaa tccgcgtgat gctgtaccca      4860
     tcctggattt aaactaatgg agagtaaata aataaaagta gatttgtgct cttgtaaaaa      4920
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagatacc attgaggaaa gttcattcca ggccagcaga tctctctggc      4980
     aggtgctgga ggagccgcag gcttggttct gcaagccttg gcatccggcc cttccttatc      5040
     tgcaggagct gtaataggct tgggcttcag gaggagttac aggcatgggc ttgttggtcc      5100
     caggggacag cgagtggcac cttaggaatc tccttcagtt tgggagacta gggatgctga      5160
     actcccccca atgcccctca ctcggctttt tatcccttgc tttaatttcc agccatctta      5220
     tttgctatcg ccgtgtttgg gccggctttc gggtacctgc tgggctcagt catgctgagg      5280
     atcttcgtgg actacggcag agtggacacg ggtgcgtatg cagaggacac tcattcttac      5340
     ctatcacccc tttactgatg cttctggttt agctcctccc ttgtggctgc ccatagagag      5400
     cagcgatgga gctctcagcc catgtggggc cctgccctga ggtgcctgtc actgagtgac      5460
     tggacactat tttgctactt tcttcctcct tctgtgtcca tgtctgatgt caaggaacac      5520
     agagggggct ggagtgcagt gggacagatt ttcaggggat cattgctgtt tgtagaacag      5580
     gcaacccact ttgttgatgg cgatgtcctc cggctcctaa gaattatggg acctcctttc      5640
     ttagggctcc tcaaaagtaa agtgtagctg ggcgtggcag cgctcgcctt taatcccagc      5700
     actcgggaag cagaggcagg cagatttttg agttcgaggc cagcttggtc tacaaagtga      5760
     gttccaggac agctagggct ctccagagaa acctgtctca aacaaacaaa acaaccaaac      5820
     aacaacagta aagtgttctc aagcttagtg gttacgagtg caggtgagga tggcaggcac      5880
     acaggtttgg aattgactaa tggacaagag atttggtctc ctgatcagtt agaggaagtc      5940
     agatgtgtgt aagtcttccg ttactgggat gctagaagag cctgtagaat ggtggcggca      6000
     aagtgtgtag tagtgtatga accatgtcag ccctctggag accagatcat ttcaccaatt      6060
     attcctgcca agagctagag aggaagcaca gcagtgggag ggttagcatt tgccttctgt      6120
     gcagaggctg gggtgctctg ggaagaccag aaaggcctgg agagggagag ctgtcccacc      6180
     actgtgggaa gaaagtcagt aaaacacccc cctgaaccag agttcccttt cgagtcaggt      6240
     cagagagatc gggcattcag ccaacagaca cttctatccc tcggtttctt ctcagctaca      6300
     gtgaacctga gcccaggtga ccctcggtgg atcggagcct ggtggctggg cctgctcatc      6360
     tcctcaggct tcttgatcgt cacctctttg ccctttttct tctttccccg agcgatgtcc      6420
     agaggagcag aggtaagtgt cccagggccc aggactccat ggatgtagcc acgtaagcaa      6480
     tggacacggg cttggaaaag aaacagctgg gaagctgcag tggccttggc aaactggggg      6540
     aaatgaaaag aggtcttagg acttagggtt catcagaggc tgagaagagg tacccctcag      6600
     caccttctta tcaggctgtc atctcgaaga ccggagggtt gcaaaggaac atagtttgga      6660
     aatccctgag ttcatctaag ctgggctaaa gagttaagaa gcaattcaca gtgctcaatg      6720
     ggatgtagag acagcgagac aactcaatcc ttagaaagcc ggccatgcaa acgtgaggcc      6780
     ctgagcttaa gccacacacc gcctcttttt tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaagcc aagcgtggtg      6840
     gtatataatt gcaatcccag agctgggggg ggggggggtc agataaatgg aagtattccc      6900
     taaggcttga tagccagaca gcctaggtgg ggagttccag gctacttaaa gacctcttta      6960
     aaaatcaata tgggggctgg agagatggct cagcggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttcca      7020
     gaggtcctga gttcaaccac agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg taatgggatc      7080
     tgatgccctc ttctggtgcg tctgaagaca gctataacta tatattcttt aaaaaaaaaa      7140
     aatcaagatg tgtggtgcca gaaggatgac acccaaggag gttggcccat gacctccacg      7200
     tggacgcaca catgcatgta cacatgtgga cacacacaca cacacaaaag ctgagcaggt      7260
     agtgaggcac agttaacttg gacatttagt ggagtttact aaggtttgag cctgaatgcc      7320
     tggtgagaag ggggcgtcca ctcaaggtgt aagtgagggt gtggggcaag gatgggctga      7380
     gaaggagcgt gtctgggaca gggttgtatc tgctagggaa aggaacctga aagatgagac      7440
     taggaagcag cagagaggag gttgagcgga gcctttatgt tacactaaag ggtctcacgt      7500
     tttctcctgt ggtttctggg cactgcagtg actgtgtggt cccatagtga caatatggca      7560
     gttggctgag attggggctc atgaaagaat gaagattgga gacctaagag gctcaagaga      7620
     aagaaggaaa acacagttga gggtcagggc agtggccatc agagagatgg gacaaagtcc      7680
     tgcctggagc ggtagtgcac agacttggct gtggataggc gttggagctg ctgttttgtg      7740
     tctatgactt aagacagaaa gggccccact gtgggaaatg gagctgtgag cagaggtcca      7800
     aagcttatcc cggggaagca tttaagaggt tatgggtgta ttttgatagg ctaagagttg      7860
     gacagctctg agcttgaaga ctgttccact cgtaaacttg ttgaatgatg ctaggcaagt      7920
     tgctttgttt ttaagcttcc tttcttgtaa agttcttggg agtaattaaa gaatctgtct      7980
     gggaaggaag ttgtgaggga agaggcgatg gatggagagt aatgggcatg ttgcccagag      8040
     caggagggct cagttaatgg gagcatcaaa aaatgcttat ggtaaagccc tggcctctgt      8100
     ctatgcagtg gcttggagag agccgagggc tctgactgga gctgctagct tcagagactg      8160
     gcgagggcac tgaggtaatg tccccagaat gattagaaca gaacctaggg taggggtttc      8220
     ttctggactg agtagaaagc agggtcccag agaggacaca gaaaggggga gctgagaact      8280
     gcagacatcg tagatccctg tgtcctagaa gctagccatc tccaggatct gcatatggga      8340
     cacagtgtag tcataacgca gacaagggta gggtccagga tgatgctttg ggcatcagtc      8400
     atgggaaagt cagatgaaat aatatgccca taggtatagt gggaggcatt ggcacagatt      8460
     caccctggcc tccagccaag gcaccaggct cctgaaaaac acaggtggta tctgcttcaa      8520
     gggagcatcc tgcagatgcc ctcccccaca cacgtgtggt cctcacgccg ctgagtcaag      8580
     gggctcaagg atgggccatt aacatcacca tgtttgctac cttcagaggt ctgttatcgc      8640
     agaggagacc atgaagatgg aggaagacaa gtcaagaggc tccctgatgg atttcattaa      8700
     acgtaactga gcgccccagc agcctcgggt gggctggttc tgggaggcag caagccaggt      8760
     acagggtaaa gggcaacaag agacaataag taaggcccgt gactgcctca cctcccttca      8820
     gttcggaggg atcctgccaa ggaccctggt gaccggttct ttacaggaac cagtaaatcc      8880
     cacttcaggc agagccagtc accccctctc aagtctcccc ttctgctctc tctctctctg      8940
     tcttcctata gtggtggaag ttgtgggagg agaccttccc cagggtgagc agtgtttcta      9000
     tttacccacc accagcatcc tcttagtcag accacaagcg tggtgagcag gaatccaagg      9060
     accctgggct gacttctggg agtctgggtg tctctgattc tgccccgagg aagagaggaa      9120
     gctgtccttg tggatgagtc agggtgacgg caaggctcta ggaagcctgt gatgctcttg      9180
     ccaaggcctg cctcctgaca gctgtttgcc cgcagggttc ccccgcatct tcctgaggct      9240
     gctgatgaac ccactcttca tgctggtggt cctgagccag tgcaccttct cctcagtcat      9300
     tgctggcctc tccacgttcc tcaacaagtt cctggagaag cagtacgatg cctcggcagc      9360
     ctatgccaac ttactcattg gtgtgtcaga gggcactgca gggcctgggt ggtgccctag      9420
     ggaggaactg ggtactgtac agtccatcca gagataactg agagccagac cggatgcagg      9480
     caggagacag gagggcttgc cggagagaaa gaattttaag agcatttttc ctggttggcg      9540
     atctagagtg attttggcag gattctgaga ctcctattct atttaggagt gggtgaagac      9600
     taggggctgc tttccttccc atcaagaggg taggaatctg atatcctccc aactgacctt      9660
     atcaggggta acagaggaga gagggaacat ggagcttgag atatacataa cacctcttag      9720
     gagttgcctt ctccaggaac ttgagtcttg gccctgtgac acgtcagcct cctttacacg      9780
     atggcagtgc agatgcttag cccccaccca cccagactaa tgaacccaga ttctgtggca      9840
     ggggtgctcg tacttcttgc agtagatgct aagaaccact aatgggggtt ctaccaagtg      9900
     cctaaatgaa taactgggcc ccatctatag gtgaatttga ccaaagattt gacaagataa      9960
     tcagggcatg agatctgggg tgacttccct gtttgcgctg aagtcctgtg tagcctttag     10020
     ggatgctatc atttctccag ccttcagtgt cggatcaggg catcgccacc caagaacgat     10080
     ctacttcctt attgttgtca ttgtcttctt gttttcaatt tgtttcttcg aaacaagtcc     10140
     tagaatagcc caggctgact ctgaacttgc taggtagctg aggatcacct ggaattcctg     10200
     atccccctgt ctccacttcc caagcgctgg gttataggtg tcagaagttg actgcctctt     10260
     tgctttttga tcaggctagc caaccctcta ctaaagtaaa ttctcgggat gtacccagca     10320
     atcacccaac agttagtgat attcggtagt cacccatcgt ttctttacga agctgtgctc     10380
     cttccctgtg gttcagctca aggctcccag gctgtgcatc cagcccctct ccttctcacc     10440
     taggtgctgt gaaccttcca gctgcggcct tggggatgct gtttggagga atcctcatga     10500
     agcgttttgt tttccctctg caaaccatcc cccgagtagc tgccaccatc atgaccatct     10560
     ccataatcct atgtgcccct ctcttcttta tgggatgttc cacacccgcc gtggctgagg     10620
     tctaccctcc caggtaatgg acagccggaa tccagccact gtatgtctct cttctctgcc     10680
     ttttacctcc tccgtcctgc tcatttgatc tgatgtctca catggtgaca caggaagcca     10740
     ggtctcaaat agtgtgttct attatgagat gagattagcc agccagtggg gttgggctta     10800
     gggtttggtt ttgtaagaag ccacagaagc tagccggctt agtgtctgga tgagcctaag     10860
     ccatagaagc caggaaataa gcaatggtta atgccagctc tgaaccagct agagctagag     10920
     tctcactgag atgtcgaaga aagaggagaa gagacttgaa aaggtttaga gatgaacaat     10980
     taaaatggcg acacactgta aaaaacaagg gctgcagagg caggggcagg tcaaaggacc     11040
     agtctgcttg cttaaagcag cgtgagacgt aagcgtaggg caagctttat cttcagaaag     11100
     agtgttacaa ccccatgagc aaggaacatg ccactcccca cctcctcccc cctcccccac     11160
     aaacccaccc caggtaacca ccttgaaacg ttttcttttt ttgaaaggaa aacatatttt     11220
     ctttatttat atttcaaatg ttatcccctt tcctagtttc accccctcct ggaaacccct     11280
     atcccgtccc ccctcccctt gtttctgtga gggtgttcat aagggaaatt ggtctgaagt     11340
     tctctttctt tgtttggtct tcatgtggtt taggtataag agtaattgtg gcttcacaga     11400
     atgaattggg tagtgttctt tctgtttcta ttttgtggaa tagtttgaag agtattggtc     11460
     ttgggtcttc tttgacagtc tgatagcatt ctccactaaa tctatctggt cctgggctat     11520
     tttggttggg agactattaa tgactgctat ttctttaggg gttatgggac tgtttagatg     11580
     gtttatctga tcctgtttta actttggcac ctagaaaatt gtccatttca tccagatttt     11640
     ccaattttgt tgaatataag cttttgtagt aggatctgat gatttttttg atttccatgt     11700
     ctcctttttc atttctgatt ttattaattt ggatactgtc tctgtgccct gtggttagtc     11760
     tggttaaggg tttatctatc ttgttgattt ttctcaaaga accagctcct ggtgttgttg     11820
     attctttgaa tagttctttt tgtttccatt tggttgattt cagccctgag tttgattatt     11880
     tcctgccgtc tactcctctt gggtgtattt gcttcttttt gttctagagc tttcaggtgt     11940
     gctgtccccg ctgtcgttga aactttttct tgaggacttt gcccaaaaca tttgcaagat     12000
     ttggagactc agaacctttt aaccccagca tagtctcttt ctcgtggaga gcaacatctc     12060
     caaatacacc aacagcatca ggcaaaaaca tagtgtgata tgacctcctc tgtagctgac     12120
     agatgacaga ggaaagcaga acaaaagagg ggaacattgc ctcgagtgag ggagtgagaa     12180
     actcaccacc gttctgcagg ctgactgggg acccagagaa gctggggacc cagagaaacc     12240
     tgaaagcttg gggtccttga ggtggttttc agtgggagtt tggtcccacc tctgtcacct     12300
     gcctggcctg agttctagat atgacactct ttgttgctat gaggaagtta tccgtaaaca     12360
     aaaaggccct tccattgtga tgtcccataa atgccaacat ccactgctac tgtttatcaa     12420
     tgcactactc agccatcaga acttccccaa agaagatcag taagaacagc catcgaaatc     12480
     cacttcgatg aagttctggc ccaggatagg aaggcgaatg gacagaccca gatcagtgaa     12540
     tccatttgtt tcaggagatg aacagtctat aaaaacctca gtggcctcca aaggtctcag     12600
     ccagcaccta gctgggccat aagagaaggc aaatgtttct aatgacttca ctgtagcgta     12660
     gaccacttcc ttcaacagag cttcaggctg tcagtcattt taactctgac agtggcatgg     12720
     gtgttttctg gctagacctt tacaactgag taatgggtgg gtttgggttc ccagggtcag     12780
     gagaatggag agggccatga tgtccaaacc atggcagact cacagccggc tcccaccggc     12840
     tccgttcaga ttctgggaca gcactggcct aagacaaacg ggggtatgca ggcacatcag     12900
     ccaggccagg acctcgtgct gggctggagt gtggtgctgt ttcttggtct tgctttgttt     12960
     gattctcttc tcttcctgtc tcgcctggca gcacaccaag ttctatacat ccgcagcctc     13020
     ccgcctgccg cagggactgc ctgtgcccag attccgtctt ccaccctgtc tgcggagaca     13080
     atggagtcga gtacctctcc ccctgccatg ctggctgcag cagcctcaac gtgagctcag     13140
     cagcttctaa gcaaccagta aggacaacga cgaagggggt cacaggggtc gacagaacca     13200
     catggagctt tggggctcag tgtgtcacct caaaaaccgt tccttggccg tcagtatcag     13260
     cgtcttagcc ccctccacca tctctcatcc ttctctgccc cggggtcatg accagatgcc     13320
     cacagcccaa agtcagttaa agattggctg gagaccaacg agttcattct tgggaacttg     13380
     gcaaaacaac agaaacaagt ccgagcagtc gctctcagcg gaaacttgtg actgatacta     13440
     atggctccct gtggcagggg ggaacttctg ggttctgggt tctgggttca ggccatatta     13500
     cagagtcaca tggcctgaga gcagagggtc ccctgtgact tggaccttag aggccagtgc     13560
     tgggagcagc agtcgtttca agccctcctc tcccaggagt gccacagagt tggcctgaag     13620
     ccatgaaatt aagttcaaat ctaggattag aaacaaaatc tctcttcacc tggtcttcaa     13680
     ggccatgtgt ctccttctta gacctagacc tatggggact tgtctgacaa tatgtgagga     13740
     cagtgacccc aggccttctg ggatcaggaa acagcaaatg cctcctccag gtttgtctct     13800
     tagtcagaaa tccatgtgtg cagccaccat gtcaaccaaa agccctggtc tcacagttta     13860
     catccagtcc gataaatgca cacgataaat gctgagggac ttcctgaggt gacttaccct     13920
     tgagcaaaga ccagaagaat cctatggaaa cctggaagcc cattgcactc gagggaagca     13980
     caggtgccag tgcaccagag aagctgagga aaggcctggt cggcgctaag cgacaagtgt     14040
     cacagctatc gggacaaggg atcaacaggt ccagagctgg gcagggccag gcaagccaga     14100
     cttaggaggg agattatttc ccctcttaac tccctctgat gagaacaatg gaacgtctat     14160
     gtcattacta taggatgccc ccataggaag aatgcacctg tgtgtcggcc atgtgtgttg     14220
     gccatgggcc aggctagccc ccacttacca cctcttgcga ggtcacagaa aaaagcttcc     14280
     cctgtctgtc actatgggca aaggcccttg gctctcaggt agagaagggt gaggagctaa     14340
     gacaagatgg ccccttagtt tgcctcttaa ctggaagagt ggtggcttct gtggttttct     14400
     tatctttatt tactctccgc tgactcatct acttccagaa ataatcttga caagcttcca     14460
     ataacagcac aagtacatca agacaaaatc cattaccatg atagcaaggg aaaaaataat     14520
     aaattataag ggggataaag tcttagtatt ttaagatcca gattgcggga ggttacggca     14580
     atatcgtgtg ttaggaactt ctgagcttga gggccacagt cccactgact gacagaggga     14640
     ggcctcctct agctcattag ttggctcagc cccataacag ctctgacacc aacgtcatca     14700
     taggctgggc catcagccac tgcaaggagg gaaggcaaag atgaccagat gaacggtggc     14760
     cgccaaatga gtcgaacagc agtgttgagc cacatagaat tatgatgagg cagggtcctc     14820
     ctctgggggc tcttcttagg tcaaagtaca cctcttcagt ggggagtgct acagagcatt     14880
     caagagactc tgttattgtt tcctctactc ccggaacata ccttctccca taacaacttg     14940
     cgcaaccact agagcgggct ggaccgggag gagagctccc aggttccagg cgctgagctg     15000
     atgagggtgc tttgcctggt gatgggatct tgggcattca gatgttggaa gactgcagga     15060
     gttcatccca tgctggactc ttggtgaaga ccatttcttt ctttttttta ttttaaagat     15120
     ttgtttattt attttatgca tgtgagtgca ctgtcactct cttcagacac accagaagag     15180
     ggcatcaggt ctcattacag atggttgtga gccaccatat ggttgctggg aattgaactc     15240
     agaacctctg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt aaccgccgag ccatctctcc agaccgtgaa     15300
     gaccatttct aatgtcccca aagtgaaaga gccaggaccc catggggcac tctaaaaccc     15360
     tcatctgacc tcttcagtct ttgaatccta gcttttcctc catccctgga gggctgaagg     15420
     gagggcagag ggattcgttc atattagagg gaggcagtgt ggatatgtga aacatacaga     15480
     ggttaaatca tgacgtggcc cctcctgttc ttcaagatct atttgaactg tagctgtgtg     15540
     actggaggat ccgcatcggc caagacaggc tcctgcccta catcctgtgc acagctgctg     15600
     ctcccgtcca tcttcctcat ctcctttgtg gcactcattg cctgcgtctc ccacaacccc     15660
     ctctacatga tggtcctacg gtgagtgaaa tctctgagcc tctggctgct gcttccacac     15720
     cctctctttg acagtacatc ctgtctccta ctcagagtct ctcctccctt aactggggag     15780
     tcttaacagc aacctacaag tgtctaatgg tgagaagaca ataggtacac tgatggcagg     15840
     agttccctgt cccaggagga gctcctggta gggaagcctg gcccaggctc ctagtatcca     15900
     tgaaacatag gccctgttgg cacccccatc tttatttgtg ggaagttaaa tcatagcccg     15960
     ggatggtgga actgtcgaaa ggttgagccg caggttcaag acaggctgtg ggtaaagatt     16020
     cacttgttct tcaatattaa aagaggagaa atcagcaagt cagaaactga ggaaagttcc     16080
     agaagcaaag cgaacactgt gagaaagggc tgaaaacgtg aaatttgcag gagactgggg     16140
     actcagtgct cagagtggag ggacaaggga ccaggaacca gggtggggtc aagagaagtg     16200
     tctggttttt aatagagagc gttccctctt ctcattctac caagaaggaa aatgtaagaa     16260
     aagaaaaaga aaaaagaaaa gaaatctcac ccaagttcat ctaaccacct cctgcctgcc     16320
     tctctgacct cccatccagc cccatcagct tacttggaaa gcagagaagg agaaacacaa     16380
     aggttgaaaa ctccctatca gattaaaagt ctctacttga gtgtcttggg tgttgcctga     16440
     cctcatgact cccagtttcc ttgactatga aaggaagata gtgataccca cctccaagtg     16500
     tgagtgtgag caattacaag gtcaatcgct tcgtaaacag aagctcctct gctgggcgtg     16560
     gtggtgtcat ctataaatct agtgcttgga agtaggagaa ccaagagttc aaggtcttct     16620
     ttgcctagat agtaagttac aagccagcct aagcaatatg agaccctacc ttacaaggtt     16680
     ctcaatgttt gagtaacaat ccctttgggg gttgactgac tctttcacag gggttgccta     16740
     ctacgaccat cagaaaacac agaatttaca ttacaattca taacattagc aaaattaaaa     16800
     ttaggaagta acaacgaaat aatttagtgg ttgggaggct caccacagca taaggaactg     16860
     tattaaaggg tcgcaacctt aggaaggttg aagaccactg ccctacctca gaaaagacat     16920
     gggggctggt gttctccata ttgattagga cctatctctc cagaaggcta agcaatgagg     16980
     aaggaccagc tgccatgtca ataatgtagc ttagtaacag agcacttggt tagcacatgt     17040
     attttactct atccaagtct agtctctttc cattcatccc agaacctcaa actactaaat     17100
     agtaccatga acattcagga ttacgtcctc ccaacttagt caaatccctc aggatacatc     17160
     ttcatggata caccaagaga tttgtttccc aggtcattcc agatccatac gttagcaatg     17220
     aagattggcc atcgaagtca tccattatgg atcgggccat tggagacaag ctgatacaga     17280
     gggaaagaac atccattcaa ctggaattcc aggcactgtc cactgggaga tcccacatgg     17340
     tccctctttc tcctacttga actccaaaga gcctcccttc actgggtcat ccccctgggg     17400
     atgtctctca gatgccgact aactttggca atggttgtaa gataatatgg aatgatctgg     17460
     aggccacttt tgagttcttt tccactctgt cctcggctcc aaattctttt ccaaatgata     17520
     atcacccagc caggagtatg tggtgtgaaa acgtggagaa gccagagtct ggtcacacag     17580
     caggcgcttc taccactgct ctgagctcct caaccctgtg tgtcagatgc caaccccctt     17640
     ttcactctcc agttgaggtg gcagctctct agggagagct gaacctcttt acctggcttt     17700
     gccatccccc tcttgaagga gaaaaggtag aaagcaggac cacgcacaga atccacagga     17760
     cccaatgcaa atgaaactgt aaagactttg gcttgtgaat catttaagaa ctccaagaca     17820
     tacgtaaacc aaagctgggc ctttctgacg gcagcatcct atgcagctat tcaagtcaca     17880
     ccttacaaag ctggcccagg gcaaggaaat gtttcagatc tgcacagaag ctgatagccc     17940
     agggccctct tttcctggta caagatattc tgtgggtgtt gttcagacct gctgtctaag     18000
     catccagcca gaaattcctt tctacttggt ctctcttgcc tgctttcttt ccaagaagtc     18060
     tctggacagt cctgaaaaca atacagacta ttggttctca aacccaagtt tacatccaac     18120
     tctcctggaa tatccacgtt tttgatagat gccaggcgga gaatctgtat tttgaacgta     18180
     gcctgggcgg tgcctctgat ccagcaacag tgctttgaga acgatgggta taacaggcat     18240
     tcagcagata atgcgcatca tccatgtgtc tggtcagact ccatgaggac cagtgctgac     18300
     ctgctctgag tctttctacc ccctacacct cataccctcc aggtgatgct gcagtctaga     18360
     gtcctactgg tgctaacttc ctgttttcct tttcagtgtg gtgaaccagg atgaaaagtc     18420
     gtttgccatt ggagtacagt tcttgttgat gcgtttgctg ggtaggtgat ttaggccctg     18480
     gaccgtgggc atctaaaagc catgtggggc ggggcagggt ttggagaagt cccagttcat     18540
     cttggctgca tattcctaac agcaagaaga accaaaccct gacagatgac agtttgcctg     18600
     attgcttgag atcggggaag attctgtcta cagtattcaa gccaaattta aattatgtaa     18660
     gaaaaagaaa aggtcatagc tgagagtgct gaatacagag ttaaaggcag gtatttttaa     18720
     atctgtctcc aagaatccgc cctaggaaac aagaccttgc attcctgccc tagacagagc     18780
     agtttctgag ctgagccctg gcttccctcc cattttccaa acctcagtcc tctgccacgg     18840
     ttcagcaaat gtctcttctg tcaggggatc ctgcctccaa accctgtctg tcctcaagta     18900
     gcctggagcc cccagctcaa cactcaaaat actcaagctg tgcatacaca taatcagcag     18960
     agacctacag ggagagagaa ctcccacggg agcaggaggc atctggcttc cctgagtgca     19020
     gggactgcag ggagaggaga cacacagtag gttccttccc agctggccaa ctctcatctg     19080
     cccgttgaca tccatggcac agtcatgcat tagactgaac cccaggcact gatgtggagg     19140
     tcttgctaca atggatgaac aaaagtataa agattgaatt taacagagga tctttgtact     19200
     aagaatttca ggggtgggga ttttgaggtt ccgggcagaa ggacttgagt tactatcaat     19260
     gtgagccttc ctactttaac cactgacacc ctctgcatta ttatacaggg gtgcaggtca     19320
     catcttgccc tgccatggct tccattagcc ttccagcgtg cgtcatcatc ccagctgaag     19380
     tcagatgggc aggtgcctat gcagggtctg agccagcatt ttcaatggag tttcttagcc     19440
     gcaagccatt tatcctatca tgaagcgtct cagttccaaa ggacccttaa ccctctaaat     19500
     gacaaccgtc acattcctgg aaccacacag gggacacagg gtatcttgtc caggttgagg     19560
     ctggttcatt agcacagctg cttgtattta tttatttatg acttaccatc tatagctggt     19620
     ttatcactta ctccaatgcc ctggcgggga aagagccctg gcattcctcc cagaggacct     19680
     tctgccctgc ttctattggt gacttagaga atggcccctc tgccccgctg ctccaagccc     19740
     ttgctgcttc ctctttccca cctgagctca gctaactctg tggaccacag ttggaaaaca     19800
     caggcctaga ggaaatccac tggtcactta agaacacagc ttcactctgg gttagatgaa     19860
     aagactgcct atttataaac cccagcaggc tcacagtcac ccactgagat gtggttgaaa     19920
     actctccttg acttcttttc tatttaggga tgggtcacta gggccagttt ccagccactg     19980
     ttcacctgga aactggagtg tgagcagggg ctgaggggct gctcttggga atttctctat     20040
     gtaggtaggg aacaggactg ggttgcctct ttcttccaga aacaggaact cacagggtgc     20100
     tagagtgtct ggtgttttca gcaccgcgtt tctgagaatg ggatggccca tctgcaacgt     20160
     aaatcctgga caagtccacc ctgatccact gactgctgga caagtccact ctgacccact     20220
     ggcggctaga caagtccacc ctgacccgtt ggctgctcac aacgtggcta gcaccactga     20280
     gtttggtggg gttgggtagt gggcatctaa aatattcatc acccagtaag gtgttgtgcc     20340
     tgctggactt catcttaaca ttcagatgct aggatgattt ggcaacctgt gtttctgagc     20400
     aagacgggga actaaaggtc tccaaagggt gttgtccgat ctagtgggct agtttggagt     20460
     gggagaagaa cgtgggattt gaacttcagt gaacccttgg gtcctcttgt tcgcttgcac     20520
     tttattccag tgactccacc cacccacaga ggctggggga gtccttggag gcgttagcac     20580
     tctcgagatg gaacttctac ctggggccag ccttgagctt gagaacagtg ctgtgtgtct     20640
     gagctgactc caggttgagc ccgtgattca ttctgccctg aaagaatgga ttccctttta     20700
     tctcctaagc cttctggtga aaggggaact cttgctgagc tttgctgcag ctttctgctt     20760
     tcccgagtca ctgtgattcc gagggcaatg tgtgaaccgt gccattggtg tggggggctc     20820
     ggacatctct gactgcagat ccaagccacc cagacaccct gaattctctt tccctttgtt     20880
     gccagcctgg ctgccatctc catcccttta tggcctgctc atcgactcct cctgtatccg     20940
     gtggaactac ctatgctcag ggagacgagg ggcctgtgcg tattatgaca acgatgctct     21000
     tcgaaacagg tgagagctcc cacatacaca ggtgtctagg agattaggtc tgttgtccca     21060
     gcacgggggg gggggggaaa gccctttttt taaacctcat ggatgtggtg gaggctgtca     21120
     gctttctaag gggcaaaata ggagggaatg tctctataga ttctgccatg gacagagagc     21180
     agaggctacc atagcaggca tttggggacc tataaggagc cattcaggtg aggagacaca     21240
     gggtctgctt tgaggtgtcc cccaaagtac tgtccctcac aagcctactc atagcagcag     21300
     acaatggtca ccaaagttaa aggtgtacct ggagcctgag agagatttcg aatatggaaa     21360
     agataccagt cactctccac tgctcagaga atggggaaca cagcacggcg cccaggagag     21420
     gtccaaagaa gcaggagtcc aacctatgcc tgtgagccaa atgcagccat ctcttctgtt     21480
     gctgccgttc catcatctag aaatggtgga gaaggtgggc ctgcaggggc tagaaatact     21540
     gaggacggat agaaaaggcc aggttagaga aggccagcag agaggcagct gaaagataca     21600
     gaccctctgg agacagctgg gacagtagtg tcacctctgg ccatcagtga tgtcacagga     21660
     gagcagagga tcactagcgt catgtgtctc tccacagtga ccacctgaga agtgacagct     21720
     cgtcacctga gtaacgatct tcacagcttc tagtgaactg tgaaaacaaa gatcatcttc     21780
     ccgctgcccc tgggcctcac catacctgtc tcttcctgcc tcataggtac ctgggcctac     21840
     aggtaatcta caaggtcttg ggcacactgc tgctcttctt catcagctgg agggtgaaga     21900
     agaacaggga atacagtctg caggagaatg cctcgggcct catctgacct tcagctggga     21960
     ctactgccct gccccagaga ctggatatcc tacccctcca cacctaccta tattaactaa     22020
     tgttagcatg ccttcctcct ccttccctct ctctctccct ctctcttgcg cacacacaca     22080
     cacacacaca tacacacata cacacacatg cgccagtgcg cgcacaaaag agagagagag     22140
     agagagttag ttcactcacc ccttgtctca ccggcctctt cctcctaaag tctcccgcat     22200
     ggttcttagg gcctgaaggg tcctgagctg aatgagcgct ggactgaagg gtctagtttc     22260
     tcagagtcct tggaagggat cctctcctca gccctgggtc ttccactgtc cgtactaagg     22320
     cagcctctgt tctcaccagt ctctcaggaa cacttcagtg gtgggagaaa tgggagcctt     22380
     gacttccgtg ccaggcagcc cagctcctct gtctctgccc acacccaaca gagaggcagg     22440
     ggagcagcag gtggttgttt cttagcagct accactgggc taagggagct tggctgtggc     22500
     cgctttgcat ctggcttcag tctagcatgg aacccaggag ggacctatct ccctttcctt     22560
     tcccactttc tgccctcaag gctgatttgg aaaccaccac tttgggaagt ataaccctct     22620
     ctgtatacta ctccctggtg tcagagcagg aacgaaggaa ccagcaaggc taggtcatcc     22680
     aagcactgtt cctaggaacc tgaggcctac cctcaggtca gcatgtgctt ccttctgcct     22740
     ttcaaaccaa caaagcccat gtaaggagcc catgtaagga ggacccagtc tcccaccctc     22800
     acagtagaga caaggtcttt cccccttcag agacgcaaat agccatcttt accatgcccc     22860
     ggaaacaaaa gagtgacctc acatgggctt tgctgtctgg acttcagctc atgtgcagag     22920
     gagtaaaggc ggtgaatggg gggtgtgatc ctgagatgca gtcagaccaa ggaatggagc     22980
     agagtggatg ccacctgtca ctgtgccaga tggcaagttg cagcccacaa agagagtagc     23040
     cgggttgact cgcttgcaaa cacattgtct tcgttggcat tttctcagct tttcctcact     23100
     acctctctgg atgtggaggt gggctccttc tgtgggcctg ggctgggggc caccactgcc     23160
     atgcagtgga gaggcaaagg cagaggccca ggaatgaggc cttttctcaa cgattctgtt     23220
     tatcagagaa ctggcttggt gtttgtcagg gatgctgtat ggttctctga gagctcccct     23280
     ggaaaacctt acctccattc gcattgggat tgctcccaga gagcgctcgg tgggcagcaa     23340
     gaacatgctc acacacttgc caagcatatc cagaaccaaa aaggctggcg gaaaagatcc     23400
     tggtctgact gcccatgcac accctgaggc tccagcaggt tgactgtgtg cctgagctgg     23460
     agatctggct caccgtgtcc ccgaagcagc taggcaattg acattgccct atgtgacatt     23520
     taagtgcctt tcagaaatgc cttatatggt gagaagccaa atggtttatg tcggcgtggc     23580
     aaaggtcctg tgagactgaa gccttcaggg agcctttgtt actggcagtg ttctttctga     23640
     agccaccggg ctcatttcca cagatcttat taaggaggag gctccacaca acctcacggg     23700
     ccagtttcag catgtggaac ggttctgctt ggaacctgat tctctgcaac taaccctggg     23760
     cttactcact gcagtttaac cagattctga aggcatagcc ttccaccaat ctcgcaaaca     23820
     atgaacgtca accttccgtt cccggaagat cagctgtccc cacaagtctt tattctatta     23880
     tattgctatt aatatattat aattctgttc tgggtgtaag ttggttgtaa atttgtgctg     23940
     tcctgggtct atcagagaac agacagaatt tgtgccttct agacaaagaa gtagccatgc     24000
     tttaaacttt agaggcctgt agccaagggt gttagagacc atgttactct caagccacct     24060
     gcctggtgct gagcaggtcc caggcattgc tggttgctgt gtggggcctt gtgctttctg     24120
     tgcagaccaa tgtcaaagac tcatgctctt gggaggccca gtcaccgtcc ttgagttcat     24180
     atccagaagt gggctcagtc acaaacacta tagccatgaa tatcacagtc ataattgatc     24240
     atttactact attcagcaaa tcttgcctct caaatgccag aggggcttta aagatctcac     24300
     tttttttttt ccaattaaag agcaaattgt cacagacttc catgagtgta tcatgctcaa     24360
     gattgctgtt aaaatacagg aacacctggg ctggagagat ggctcagtgg ttaagagcac     24420
     tggctgctct tccagaagtc ttgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacagcc     24480
     atctgtaatg ggatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgcaggt gtacatgcag atagagtact     24540
     catacatctt tttaaaatgc aggaacacag ccgagcagtg gtggtgcaca tctttaatcc     24600
     cagcccttgg gaggcagagg caggtggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga     24660
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agagccaggc tacacagaga gccctgtctt     24720
     gaaaaacaaa agaaacaaaa aatgcaggaa cacccttccc aaagcctgag gcccctttct     24780
     gtgactgtaa aaggagtcct gaaattccac cttccaggaa gatgaaggta acccctgagc     24840
     cctgtgtgat gtgggtcacc catgcataga gccaaatcca ggcaaattga ccgtaaggat     24900
     taaccaccaa aggtgccttt atatgtaaga aggtcatagt aggtctttga tctcttctcc     24960
     ttgcttctct gtggagctta ggaaccctgt agagtctggc tcggggacag agttccattc     25020
     ctgggcacag ccagagctat cattctctgc tgccccaccc aacctaggaa atgcaccatc     25080
     cagcctcaca aagaagaaac caaagaaaca ggaaataaag ggtttgccat cctttggaag     25140
     ggagcgatat ctaccaagtg tccttgagtc caaagcctct ggcaggaccc tcgtcccagc     25200
     ctatgatggg agccacacta gtatgtctga aaatgtagaa tcctaggcat gtggagcatg     25260
     cctttaatcc ccgtacttgg gaggcagagg caactgggtg tgtgagagtt cgagaccagc     25320
     ctgatctaca tgatgagttc caggacagcc agggctacat attgagacct tgtcttaaaa     25380
     aaagagaaag aaagaaagag agagagagag agagagagag agaaagaagg gagggaggga     25440
     gggaaggagg aaggaaagaa agaaagaaag agagagaaag agagagagag aaagaaagaa     25500
     aaaaaaggaa ggaagaaaat gaaaatgaaa aaagaaaaag aaaaaaagaa agagaaaaag     25560
     aaaggagaac tccaaaatca aggaagcagc cagcagagag ctttcacaga aagcccaggt     25620
     ctttctggct gccccaagcc cctctcttct tataagtcat tctgaagtta gggcaagcct     25680
     tgggtaatga gaagcccgcc tcttttccca ttgaagttca ttggctggtg agaagaaaga     25740
     ggagggatct ctttagggtt gtgtaggttg ggtgatagag gttgggagac caggtgatgt     25800
     ctcaattatt tacattctag tcaagcatcc caagaacatt gtaactattc atcaaacaaa     25860
     atccagtgag ccctctgggt accacaaggt aaagaccaga cgtggagaaa agggacagag     25920
     aggagaaaac ttggagaagc agagccatga gattgaagca cagacctttg gggaaatgtc     25980
     ccatctggta actgcttatc atgttctcgc ttaagaaaca aagccatgtt gtatttgcct     26040
     tcaacacttt caaagatgga gagatgcagc taagctgggt cctgaattac tgtcaacttg     26100
     atagtaaaat attgtattac agcttcccag agagattggc agtggtatgt gtatgtgtgt     26160
     gtgtgtgtgt gggggggtaa tccttgcaaa tccagaagaa aaaaaattcc tatctttccc     26220
     agccacaggg actaaacatt ggaggtaaaa atgtccattc cctgccaaga aggccagatt     26280
     tgctaacctt tcatcggtga ttaaatatgt aaacaggtcc tgggcaagcc cttggcaaat     26340
     cattaatgag agaaagcctt cctctcgtga caggcccggc ccatttatca acctccacac     26400
     ccattcccag ccctgtttgg tggccacagg acacagggct ctctaccttg acaaagtctc     26460
     tgctccttag gcacctgcta cactttgata acaataataa aatgtacata gttcgctaca     26520
     gtttgccaag ccatgcattt atttactgaa ctcctcaaac cacccagaaa taggcttggc     26580
     taggcttcag tcacatgaca caacacacct ttatctcttg tttgcacaaa gcccgtggct     26640
     tgtttgggtg actctccagg gcagtggctt ccaagggtgg ctcagaatgc cagctatttg     26700
     gacttgaggt acctctgttt catcaatcca caattaatga ggcaggaaag gaagctaaga     26760
     aggtctcgcc atgggaagca agtgttttgg ccagaaggcg catagtcttt ctgctcccag     26820
     gcgcttggcc agaactagtc tcacggcatt atctaactgc tgtacagatg gagaaatata     26880
     atcctctgtg ctcagagagg agaggagcag acttaggcaa gtgctagaat cttccaccat     26940
     ggggagtgat tctaggtgaa ccaatatgct ctctgagacc cttcagtctt gtcaggctgt     27000
     tggaagaggg atgaatacag tcagagggag gaagcatcca cagcggatcc ctagaggaga     27060
     aaagatgata tctcagcaaa gccaaggctg ccttagagat ggaaaagtgg agaggacagg     27120
     cccagaagag gcagagctga tggatcagag gtttagagat gcagggtcag gaaaaaggtt     27180
     ctctttagtt gacaaagact taggcaaagg atgagaaggc ggaggagcta ggggggatga     27240
     cagttgattg agcatgcccc ccaaggggcg gggcttatct cgaggggagg agtctcaccc     27300
     agagcttctt cctgaatggt gaggccatca ggaccatcac atcgataaat gaggtcccct     27360
     ccggttgtca atcacatttt atttgtttgg tagctggtgt gtgcaagaac ccgccatgac     27420
     acatttcctg accttgcagc gtgtatactt tgacctaggg taggaacttg accaagtgct     27480
     gtggattcca ttgggaaatc agagaaggga ccagggctgg tttcgagggt caagagtgta     27540
     gggagagagg acagctaagt tgtgaacaaa ggtagaaagg cgagcaaacc tgtgcacatt     27600
     ctgagaatcc cctgatcagg gaacctgaag gagaacagga gtaaggctag aagggtaggg     27660
     tctaggctta gcgggggccc cttaggcgtc cttcgggact ggcttagacc agcccattca     27720
     aagcctggag aatggcctta gagaccagtc aaccagtccc agaagggcgt tcctacctca     27780
     aaatacagcc ccgggtccct gagagggaac tgctacaccc cagagaccag aagagccgtc     27840
     ctcctgagca gccccagcca aagttggctc cactatatgt cctctctctc tctctctctc     27900
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcct ccccgcagtg tgggaactgg agtcccaggg     27960
     gtgtaattga aagccaaatg gggcagctta tttgaacagg ttttctgttc aggctcctaa     28020
     acttctcttt gcactgtggg tttctcagta cagcatttca aatgtataca gcccctaaac     28080
     cttagaagtc tcaggtgggg caagcatttg actgaatgtt cttaactttc acaaacacca     28140
     gcttacagaa gaaaaatgga ggtgggagtg gggtggggtg gggtggggtg ggcccatact     28200
     gggaaaaggc atttgaaact ccagaacagc tccagaagtc gggagtgaag atcagagaac     28260
     gccaggccct ttgtgctttg cgcttctagt gagatgcaat tatcagacgg ggagtttgga     28320
     gtgcaactgg tctcgcttcc agcagggtcc agaccttatt cttgcagtgg ccggcgctcc     28380
     ggggcactgc tgtcgtagtc tgccactagg cggcgccgct caccagcgcc gcagtgaggc     28440
     agcgccacag cgggatcacc gcatgcagct tggcagagag ggcgttgctg aggccaggtt     28500
     gctcgctgct cagggcaccc ctcaaataca ccgccaccct ctgacacttc aggctcccca     28560
     cccaagcatt cttacagacc ctgtgggcac tcccaggccc tgcgaactgg catgggtggt     28620
     cactctgctc caacgtgggg cccctcccat cctggggctg tcagcctcgc catgatctta     28680
     caggcttaag tattcagtgg cttcagggaa ctcagtcacc ttccacctcc gccttctagg     28740
     tctccggtat ttaccagtgt accccttggg cctcaggaac gtgcctctga aagaaatctc     28800
     tcataatcgc aggcactgcc cgtcttcaga aaaggtctct gtgccccagt caccttctag     28860
     ggcattcgga aaaggactga gctccctagg gccaggataa acaagactaa caacactctt     28920
     gctccttgga agcaaaggca gaagtagcca ggaaagcttt agaaactgac gcaccctcct     28980
     gaccccccag ggttggctga tcaattccag gttcagcaga gcttgaagga gaccttgacc     29040
     gacaccagca tcccgatgca ggggaaactg gattctccac ctcttgcctt aagcctccct     29100
     tccttgactt ctctatgtca cccattagca ttccagcctt aagtgattag gccaaaattt     29160
     tataaacaag atgaagacat atttttaaag cccgttcctg gcaatgtacg actaacatca     29220
     tttcaccgct tatcgttccg tacattttat aaatgtagat gagaacacaa ccaccgtggc     29280
     cattaaagtg taaaacagtg taactcccag caactaggtg gatattgggt tgagtacagt     29340
     ctctgcccat tttaccaccc tgcccccttg gtataagtta acctaactta ttcgaaagct     29400
     caatgtaaat ggtattttgc aatccatcct aatgtttttg agatccattg cttgtgcctg     29460
     tggttattct tttttttttt tttttaattg ttccgtgaca ctctcttggt tgaatatgac     29520
     acaaattctg tatctatcca tcaggttatt tagttagatg tcaggccatt ttttttttat     29580
     tatgatgaat aaaattacta tggagattcg tgagtgagtt ttttgtgagt ttccatttct     29640
     gttggagaca tgtccagaag tgaaaaagca aagggatagc tcataggcta tcagagatta     29700
     actctttcca aagttgaatg gcttagcatc tcactagcga tgcagaagtc tcttagtgtt     29760
     tccaaaagga gctctgttga ggtttacgtg gggtgcagtc atatccacac attcacagtc     29820
     ttctgtcaac ttgtttggat aaatgtatgt gtttatccta gactgctgta gcaccacaca     29880
     tgggctcatg tacttgaata tgtacttgaa cccccagttt gtggcactgt ctggggagag     29940
     agctcagcct tgctggaaga agtgccctgg ggaagccaat tttttcagcc tcaccctact     30000
     tccacatccc tttctttcta cttccggttg ccactgaaat atgatttcta agatttctcc     30060
     tccagctccc agtcctgccc acctcccccc caaacagtaa tggactctcc ctaggaagag     30120
     tgaatcaggc ttcgtattca ctgagctatt acatcataag tggttttgta attcatattt     30180
     tatactcttt cactgtggat gacctgagac acctggaaga tccctggtcg tcatcctcct     30240
     tcgccttttt tttcttgtcg gtcctcacat taccctttca gggagttgtc ttcaaactca     30300
     tcaagttttc ttctgcaccc tgtaaatata ttcttgcaac cacccacaca tatgttcatt     30360
     tttgttttat gtttctcagg gctaaaaata ctgtttcttt ttttatcact tccataatct     30420
     ctctgctgag tcccggttta ttgattcaga ttgtagtcaa agactggaag gtctttgaac     30480
     tatttatagg agctaccttc aactccctgt ctgctcaggt agacatctgg gtcatctcat     30540
     accttggctg ctttgatttc tggactctgg ccacatttcc ctttttattt gctagtctag     30600
     ttctttttaa tataccctgg acattatgag tgatgttctg tagaggctcc agatcccatt     30660
     attgttccat ttccctgatg tttgggatgg aacattaagg ccttgcagat gtgagtcaga     30720
     caatcagcca ttgaccttca tacccaatcc tctgttatta tctcctaagg aaccatggtt     30780
     catatatata tatacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catatatata     30840
     tatgactgat cacttaggac agtggttctc aacttgagga tcacggcccc tttggcaaac     30900
     ctcgatttcc aaaaaacatt tacattatga ttcataacaa cagcaaaatt gcagttatga     30960
     agttgaagta gcaacgaaaa cagttttatg gtcagaggtc accacaacat gaggaactgt     31020
     gtgaaagggt cacagcatca ggaaggttga ggaccgccga cctaggggat gcttatttga     31080
     ttcactttgt caccaagagt cagcaaaccc taagatagtt atcagattac ccagccttca     31140
     gatagttaac agattaccca gccttcagat agttatcaga ttacccagcc ttcagatagt     31200
     taacagatta cccagccttc agatagttaa cagattaccc agccttcaga tagttatcag     31260
     attacccagc cttcagatag ttaacagatt acccagcctt cagatagtta acagattacc     31320
     cagccttcag atagttaaca gattacccag ccttcagata gttaacagat tacccagcct     31380
     tcagatctgt ctcccttcag ggtctcctgc aggcttgaat gtagggattt tgaggcgggt     31440
     ctagagttga cacccagatg catctgtccg tgctagcatc ttaaggcttt gaggttgtaa     31500
     tgagacaggg actggagaaa tagctggcat tggggtcaca actgaccacc cttctaccta     31560
     tggaagggag ctttctttgg gctcctacct gctttgtctt cctaaagagc agccaagaga     31620
     cacccaagaa gactttcagg atcacataca tgatccacgt gtgtctgtct gttggacctg     31680
     attctgttac atggatatgc agatggacta gactagccca aatgcccaca ttcttctgtt     31740
     gcaggaaata ctaagcttat tgaaatagga gctgaacatt ttccttttgt tttgtttctt     31800
     tgtttgccca ggtacatgag gattcaccaa aggtgaaaga gccacacacc gagtcttatg     31860
     tctcttcaat ggctttgtag tcacagtgtc tgaaaatgag tcacacagtc ggaccccgat     31920
     tgcttgtctg cgtttacagt tgtctgaaag atgggaagaa ggttctcgaa ttctgctttt     31980
     aatttgttgg actgaaaacc caagacctca gaaatagttt cctacacaga gcaaagtagc     32040
     aataaccata aaaatgattg gtcagttaaa ccttattgtt tgcgtttcca ttgctttgat     32100
     aaaaccctgg gacaaagagc aactcaggga ggaaagggtt gattttcatc ttactatcct     32160
     catcgtgatt tatcgccgga gggaagtcag agtaggaacc tggaggtagg agctgatgca     32220
     gaggccatgg agaagtgctg cttcctggct tgctcccatg ccttgctcaa cctgctcttt     32280
     tatagaagaa ctcaggacca ccattccagg ccacaatggg ctgggccttc ctaatcacac     32340
     tagttataat gctgccaatg cataaacaca cggcatcaca ggtaaatctt gcaagtgttt     32400
     tgtagagtga aggctgaaac acagaacaca gaaacaacga ttccaaaaac agacaaacag     32460
     caagatggaa gaggttaaat tcagaggaag aaataatagt ggccgggagg aggaaggagt     32520
     gttgattgta gcaatgttca atttcttgac ctcatggtgg gtacattgtg ctgtaattca     32580
     ttccaacgtg cattcttacc ccttgttctt ttgtgtattg aacttcccag tataaaacat     32640
     tacaatgcca tgcatatgcc tcagttggac acgataatag ttgccccata agcccaggaa     32700
     ttaaacaaag aatcgtcttt gaagtcaaat tcatacctaa tattttctac aggtttattt     32760
     aattaggcgt tttgatggat ctcagattat agtcagcact cggggttcta ttatattaat     32820
     aacatgcttc agattttgga aagaaatgtt ttcatgttta aaatgtcctg agtagtgagc     32880
     actctccatt gtggaattca ttcccctttg tctccgttta tgaagttgtt tgaatgtgca     32940
     ctgctaagag tgcgctccag gggagtgcct gctctgaact tcattttccc tagacatggc     33000
     ctcgagccaa aagtctgatt tttttttcat actgaaatct aagagaaaag tgacatttct     33060
     tccttgcgtt ctcagtctgc tgtcatgagg aggaaacaat taagttgtaa cactaggcat     33120
     aatttataat tacacactag cctatattgc ttgaagctca tttggaacag aaaatattac     33180
     agttagtaga tttttagccc caaacatctt tatctatttg cctcacctca acagagtgca     33240
     gtatttactt attagatgaa agcttaatta ttattattac tatatggctt aattttacac     33300
     ttgcaaagta cttattccaa aaacggtttg gtttgtttct aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa     33360
     acaaaaaagg ctctatccat gagtttaaaa aaaaaataac tcatttaaat atgcttaccc     33420
     acatctccaa gcttaaaacc cctgttttca ctcagctttc tatggggttt ccaagatggc     33480
     cgctcacccg ccccacccct ggctgaggag acacaaggaa ggcagaggaa ggagtgtgcc     33540
     catcgcctct gctgtgagga ctgcgagtca ggaagctcca aaccactctg gtgtttatct     33600
     gtgttgccac agctttgggc tgataatctg ccagggctta gtgggtcaga ggtggggtgt     33660
     caggtagaaa ggtgtgatgg ttttcatctt gacaggatct gggatcacct aggggacaag     33720
     cctctgggcg cagctctgca ggatcatgta acctctgtga cagcaagcag ttgtgttgga     33780
     ttaactggtg tgggaagaca tgggcattga gtgagcagcc tcgttccctg gggtcgggtc     33840
     ctgggcattg tgaaaaggag cagctgagtt gagtacaagc tctctgcctc cagctgctgg     33900
     gtcatcacag ttccttagtt atcataaaag agatgccatt tttattttaa agtgagtctg     33960
     ctataaattc ttacctaata ataataatgc tcttaaggag ggaagtttac tattgctttg     34020
     tctttcagta ttgaggtcaa accttgtgtc tttaccaccg agccacactc atagccccct     34080
     ccccccctcc atgctattac acttttttac tcctcagata cttagtttat aaactctgtg     34140
     atcggagctg agacgaaagg atggaccatc tagagactgc catatccagg gatccacccc     34200
     ataatcagct tccaaatgca gacaccattg catacactag caagatttta tcgaaaggac     34260
     ccagatgtag ctgtctcttg tgagactatg ccggggccta gcaaacacag aagtggatgc     34320
     tcacagtcag ctattggatg gatcacaggg ctcccaatgg aggagctaga gaaaataccc     34380
     aaggagctaa agggatctgc aaccctatag gtggaacaac attatgaact aaccagtacc     34440
     ccggagctct tgactctagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg     34500
     aaagagaggc ccattggaca cgcaaactgt atatgcccca gtacagggaa acgccagggc     34560
     caaaaaaatg ggaatgggtg ggtagggaag tggaggggag ggtatggggg acttttggga     34620
     tagcattgga aatgtaattg aggaaaatat gtaataaaaa tattaaaaaa aagaaaaaaa     34680
     taaactctgt gatcaatcac atcaagacga gagggaccac aaccaaggat tccttgtcga     34740
     gtgattagag aacaaattca agaccctggc ataaatatgg tgaggggcca gagagtttat     34800
     aaagtgttcc cttgtacata atcttttttc cgtagcaaat atacaaaata aagctagcac     34860
     tataattgtg gtttctacag cctcaaagtg tgtgtgcgcg tgcacgcact tgtgtgtgtg     34920
     tttgcatggt gatggtggtg tggtggtggc agtattggtg gtggtggtgt tagaatgtat     34980
     gaaactgaac ccagggtcac actatacact aggtaagcac taccactgag ctgtaccccc     35040
     agcccagccc ccaaagccgc aaaattaatg actagattcc ttctagaatt aacaaagaag     35100
     cctagagtta aagtgcagaa agttagaaat cttaagaaaa caaactactt ccaggttatg     35160
     acataattaa aataaacaaa gaactaatat ttcccatttt gtcttttata taaagaaact     35220
     cagtgtgtgt ttgtgtaaat gtctctttta tttcctcaga tgaaaggatc agaagagagc     35280
     tgtacccaag ctatgtgcac acacaagttg ggctgagccc agagtgtttg tttctctgtt     35340
     gtaattatcc caaggcctag acctggaagc ttctagcctc catacaactt cattttccaa     35400
     gctgactgat tcaatccagc ttctcttggc ttctcactga atttctctgt ttgaccttgt     35460
     actaactttg gcaatatgtt ctaatcttct ggctccttct catgttctgg ctagttctgt     35520
     cttcacctgt ctagcttgtt ctctctgcca cctgtctttg taaagcagtc ttgctaaaac     35580
     taccacacac aaacaccatc cacctttctc tcttgctgct cttaagtagc ctctctttcc     35640
     tgtgctggtc ttgtgtgagc tgggtgtatc ctatctccga ctcattctat caaatctctc     35700
     tctggttcat cactttgtct gcccctcaat tagacattac ttcctcaatt agacgttact     35760
     ttcaaacata gctgctcctg tctacaaact aaccttacct tcattttgag tgattaaatg     35820
     tgtacactaa gatctgtatt ccaaccagat cacatagacc tagaaggtcc ttggatgtgc     35880
     tcccttgcca gagcagccat gttgctggat taaaattcct ctacaggtgt gtaacaacaa     35940
     caactactac tactacaaca gctacaacag cagcagcagc agacctgatt agtataaatt     36000
     attcacacac tgcaacaatt ggggtggaag tttctgcata tgtcaagcaa tgcagattta     36060
     cctggtgttt tgctgaagca aggcccatgg gaggacgcgt gatgtttgga gagagtataa     36120
     ataggactcg gtgacaatga cggtgccctt acatagctag ctttgcaatg cttcattggt     36180
     cttgcgtctt tatcctcgtt catcttccct ttgttgagag agacacagca gagaacttct     36240
     cctggtgtcc agactggtcc tgttcattcc tccctctggc tcatgctgat tctgtggagg     36300
     cctggctctt tctgttgctt tttctgtgcc actgctgctg attcatgttt ggtatcctga     36360
     cactactgaa ctagactgct ggtatcctga caaacgaaga ttggaatcac cccccagaaa     36420
     actacttcta aacaggtcca catcccttta tcctattaac ctagaagggg ggtcaaaatg     36480
     tttgagaatc cttattagaa gtaggttttt taaaaaaaaa tctaagccta cagttgtggt     36540
     ctaaagtgaa ggttttgagt atcaagtttc caaaaggtgt acttctgatg gttaatttag     36600
     atagtcaaca tagttggatt aatagatacc tgaggtattg agatacactt ctggttgtgt     36660
     ctatgagaac tttcctagag agcactgaag agagatggcc agacctgaat gagggcctct     36720
     caagattcgg ggtcctagaa caactaaaaa gaaaaaaagg aggaggagaa agaagagaaa     36780
     gaagagaagg aggaggaaga agaggaggaa gaggaagagg aagacaagga agagggggat     36840
     gaataggaga aagaggagga agaagaggaa gagaagggag gagaagaggg ggaagaggaa     36900
     gaagaggagg aggaagagga gatcagttga gcactggcat tttccctcca ctgttttctg     36960
     gaccactgag aagctaaatg gtgagaggtc acgggtggag ttatgctttg cctgtcattc     37020
     acattttgcc tgtcctggta gactctatac cctcaaacca tgaaccaaaa gaaatgaatt     37080
     ttctctcaag ttgttttgtt gtcaggcatt tggtcatagc aacaagaaaa ataagtaata     37140
     cactagttta aaaatcatgt tggtctagga aatcaataac ccgtgtcaac ttatcattaa     37200
     tatcccatta aaggggtaat atattacttt aaaataaccc caaacttaca aacataaggc     37260
     attcttcaca aatgtctcat acttttgtag ccaatgtata taagagcaat aattattatt     37320
     aaaatatgca tattgattca ttttcaaaaa actgtttcta gtcattattt ttggtttgta     37380
     ttatgaaaag ctgcaaaata aatgtttgtt cttattttgc cagatcataa ataattttcc     37440
     ctctttcttt gccatttcca aaatagataa cttcacacaa gagtgtaata ccaggaagga     37500
     gaaaaaaatc ccactgacat ttttaacttt gtttattgaa tatctggcca acatttcttt     37560
     tgaacttctc atcagtctgg gtttttaaac tcagtgctga aacactttct ggcatgatca     37620
     agcctaattt tatttatagc tagctgagat tgtttttgac atatataaaa tattcaaaat     37680
     attcttattt cagattcagt tcaaacattt aggccgcaag tggacaatat ttttcaaact     37740
     aatttggaag tcctcgaaca tatgaaaata tcagatgaaa atatcatatc tcttacgcta     37800
     catgagttac tgaaactttc aacagtacct ataatttttc taacatttag atcaatcatt     37860
     tatgatatta tgaagaaggg aatctactct acagaaatct tcagttaaga agattaattt     37920
     tggccgggca gtagtggtac acacctttaa tcccagcact taggaggcag agacaggcgg     37980
     atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca     38040
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aagaagaaga agaaatcttt tctagtcaaa actacaactt     38100
     agatcttggg aaatatatta tatatttaat tctaatttca ggataattcc actacttctt     38160
     attacctgaa attagtttgt tagcaagttc agcattagtt gaaaatatct acaatttttg     38220
     tctcatttgg ttttgtttgt ttgtatgatt gtagtttttt aagacaaggt ttctctgtgt     38280
     aggcctggct gtcctggaac ttactctgta gaccaggcta acctcaaact atcagatctg     38340
     cttgcctctg cctcctgaga gctggaatca aatatttctc atacacagga atttcgtttt     38400
     tgtatgctgt agcaagtttt agttgctctc agtatgacat ttgtacataa cttcctctaa     38460
     ttttttaaat tgtgtgtgtg gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt     38520
     gtgtgtaaca gagaggtcag tcaacattgg atgtcttcca tgatcaactt ccattttact     38580
     tttaaaacag gtttctcact gaacctgaag ctcaccaatt tggccagact ggttgtccag     38640
     caagcaccag gaatctacct gtctccaacc cctccacgct gggtttacag gcatccgtag     38700
     accatgccca tctttttgtg ggtgttagga tcaaacccag gtcctcacgc ttgcgcagcc     38760
     agcactgtac agaccgagcc atctctcctc ccctggtttc tttttctttt gttctggtga     38820
     tagtactctt gtccccctag attctcattc atactctcat tttatactta aagctttttg     38880
     cactcattcg ctccttaatt aattaactac tgtgtgtggt gtgtgtgaga gcgtgtgtgt     38940
     tgtatgcgca gttacatgtg cctatgtgtg tcatctgaag tcagagaatg aggtcaggtg     39000
     tcccgctgtc actctccatc ttgagatttt tgaggcaggg tctctcactg agagaccagg     39060
     ctggctgaaa acaagcccga gtgagcctcc tgtctctaaa cgaacacagt gaaggatttc     39120
     caggctcaag tgaccacatc tggcttttct tttcttttct tttctttttt ctttttcatt     39180
     ctttttcttt ttcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagggt     39240
     ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctgtcct ggaactccct ttgtagacca ggctggcctc     39300
     gaactcagaa atctgcctac ctctatctcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggtg     39360
     tgcaccacca ccactcaacc acacctggct ttttgatgtg gtttctcaag cttgcccaca     39420
     gagcaagctt attatccatt aagccatttc cacggtccct aatctgttac tttctaaact     39480
     agaaaaataa tttcattagt aattacaact tatatgagtc ccactgtacc tatattatct     39540
     gaatataatg ttgcaccatt atactgatgt ataaatatat aaataaattc acgctgagtc     39600
     aatccattag cactgactag aaacacgaag tgcttatgca taattataga aaaccctgtg     39660
     acacaaggat ataatgttac gtaatgcaat ataatttgtt agagcaaatt atagtccata     39720
     aaaattataa agttgtggtt tttttttaaa gttgtgtttt aaaaagaaaa tgtcttatac     39780
     tgttttggtg tttaagttgt gatatcgcta tttcatattg gtgtggaaaa cacactctta     39840
     ggaaaacagt ccagatgctt cttcaagtta gcatgtgaca gagaagtcta actcctgggc     39900
     actcatgcta ctggcctgaa ggtgtatatg tatatgtata tgtatatgta tatgtatatg     39960
     tatatgtaca tatatatgtt aacgccaaga ttggtacatg tatattgatg gcagttttat     40020
     ttataatttc cacaaattga aataataaaa ctgtatcata attgacaaat aataaaatat     40080
     gacaaatagc atatctaaat aatgaatttc tgcttacaat ataaagaaat aaacaattta     40140
     gtaattccac aaactggaca cagcttaact aatttttcta agtgagatag aatagatccc     40200
     aaaggctatg tattgaatgc tcccatttgt atgaccttct gggaagcaca aagccgtagg     40260
     aacagaaagc aggtcagtag tgtgtgagtc tggagaggag ggatatgttc agtgttatga     40320
     gctagagaag ggactcccag gacggttctt tgtgatgctg taatagtggg taaataactc     40380
     aaaatctgta ggaattagta caataaatag ctttactgta tgaaacgtca tgtgagacta     40440
     ggttatcaag tgaacccagg gtgggatgca ggcagatagg tgaatccagc tctattataa     40500
     tcagtggcat aactacttcc tattttattt ccctgttact gtgataaaaa tactctgata     40560
     aaagcaatgt aagtggtaaa aaaaagtttg tattggctag tttttttctc accttgagcc     40620
     aagatgggtc acgaggaaga ggggtcccag gagaaaaaat ggttccatca tattgacctg     40680
     taggcaagtc tgtgtgggca ttttcttggt tttcttgatg tgggaaagtc caacccactg     40740
     tggtcaggcc acccctggac aggtggtcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     40800
     aaagcaaagc aaagcaaaag aacaataaga atctaggatc agcaaactgt gaagagctag     40860
     ccagtagtca atattcttcc atggcctctg cttcagtttg tgccgccagg ttcctgcccc     40920
     gacttccctc aacgatggac tgtaatctgc aaggtgaaat aaatcctgtc cttctaaagt     40980
     tgcttttggt gatggtgttt attacagcaa tagaaaccta accagaatgg gcttcatttt     41040
     agctcacgat tccaagaaaa gtatcccaaa ggccaaacaa aaacaaaacc aaaaacaaaa     41100
     caacaacaac aacaaaaaac cctcactcat aggaagctct agcttgtgaa gattcaaatt     41160
     catttaaagc aagaaagccc aacttcaaag agttccatgc tccttgaaag caactgccta     41220
     ggaaaatgtc tccccaaggc cagcacacaa aagccaatgt ggccgtgtag ttcaagggta     41280
     ccaggatcta tcccaagcta gtagcagaat ctacagcgtg gagaatataa gatgtagaga     41340
     ctcttgatga gcagcggagg cccggcagtg tgtagcaggg ccggagaccc taaatagagg     41400
     tactaaaagg ccattgtata gagttgtgaa aattaagccc cagtgttatg gaggcctcct     41460
     agggtatcag aggtcagaac taagggacat ctgtcaagga gatctgcagg catggagagc     41520
     aggtggcctg ggggagactc tgtgtgttct acaggtgaca gagtcagagg agtgaagcga     41580
     tggagccctt tgatgcccag ttgactacgt taccagctcc agatgctgga taggaagctg     41640
     caggatctcc tattcatcct gctggatttt agttttgttt tggtgtaatt gtactctgct     41700
     atgccctggt tctcccattt ttaaatatat ttactctgtg ccattatata ttggaagtat     41760
     gaacattctt atcattatta ttttatagga gctgacagtt aaaagacttt ggacttttat     41820
     ttattttttt aaatttatca tatgcaagta caatgtcttc agacactcca gaagatggca     41880
     tcagattttg ttatggatgg ctgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga     41940
     cctttggaag agcagtcggc gctcttaacc gctgagccat ctcaccagcc ccgactttgg     42000
     acttttaaaa tactgaagtt attaaagact atggggacct ttagtgtggg gatgagtgca     42060
     tctttcatgg tcttgagcct gtgaggaagg gaaatggaag ggcatattag ttattttcct     42120
     gttgctgtga taaaacacca taaccagaca gacctgactc acaaaaagaa agagctaact     42180
     ttggccttcg gttccagagg aagagcccat aatgacagag gagacatgca aggcagctga     42240
     tggccgcagc tgtggagaag gtcacatctt caaccacaag cagagagcag aaaaccaact     42300
     agaaatggga caaggctata aactctgaaa gcctgggaca tctgacatac tccttccagc     42360
     aaggctccat catccaatga ctccataatt tcccaacagc tcctccaacc agggaccgaa     42420
     ccccaactgt gtgagactgt gggggacatt gctcactcaa accaccacaa aggttatggt     42480
     ttcaaagtga tgtgtttgat ccgcttcccc caaggcttac ggaaacctcg tggaagagga     42540
     aggagaaaga ctgtaaggtc cagaggccaa aaagtgtctt ctgtatatgt caggaccaca     42600
     gaatttataa gctcagagca gagcagctgt ggtagtccac acaagactca cacaagagaa     42660
     acgaacaaat aatatcaata tatcaaaagt gcattgttta ggatgatcaa ggcaaccaat     42720
     agacctctag atagaatact gggggcaggg aagaagacag ctataacctg ccaaaatctg     42780
     gaataggaga catatcacta gacagtttat agaattaaaa gattaataag gcaacattac     42840
     aaatagtctc tctcacacac aagttgtgta gcttaagtgg aaaaattcct ttaaagacac     42900
     tgactgttgg tgatccatca agaaagagaa cagagaactc aaaaagtcta atatttactg     42960
     aagaaactga attggtattt ttaaatctcc ccataaagaa aaccaagaat caacggcttc     43020
     attcaataat tccatccaac ttaaaattgt ttcactaaca aattatctta gctgagcata     43080
     gttgctcaca cttttgatcc cagcactcgg gaggcaaaca cacgtggatc tctgaatccg     43140
     aggcctgcct ggtctatgga ggacggccag gtctacacag agaaatcctg tcttggaaaa     43200
     ccaaaactaa caataatttt taaaagtaca taaaaagttt aaatatttac gtgtgtctat     43260
     gtgagtatat acctgtgagt gcccatggag accagaagag ggaatcagag accactggtt     43320
     ctggtcatga gctgcctgat gtgggtgctc agaacagaac tctggtcttt ctgaagcatg     43380
     ggaagtgctc ctaaccactg agtcatctct ccagcccttc cgttcaacat ttaagaaaca     43440
     attccaattt tacataagct cctgccacaa atgggtgatg cccgtgtact tcctggctca     43500
     ttttctgagg ccagcatgac tgttatccaa accaaatgat gatattaatt tttgttgttg     43560
     gttttgtttt gtttttgctt ttattggata ttttctttat ttacatttca aatgttatct     43620
     cctttcctgg tttcccctct gaaaaacacc ctcttcctta tcccctcccc ctgctcacca     43680
     acccacccac acctgcttcc tggccctggc attcccctac actggggcat tgagccttca     43740
     caggaccaag ggcctctcct cccattgatg tcttactagg ccatcctctg ctacatgtgc     43800
     agctggagcc atgagtccca ccatgtgtac cctttggttg gtggtttagt cccagggagc     43860
     tctaagggta ctggttagtt catattgttg ttcctcctat ggagctgcaa accctgtcag     43920
     cttcttaggt cctttctcta gctccttcat tggggaccct gtgctcggtc caatggatgg     43980
     ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt atttgtcagg cactgaaaat gatgatatta taagagaaga     44040
     aaattgcagg acaacatcac tcacaatcgt agacaaaaaa aaagtgccaa cattttagaa     44100
     tgccaaattt aatatatata aaagaacaac ttattatcat tgggtaaggt ttatccaaag     44160
     aatgcaaaga atgcaggcat ctgttgtggg tgagggaagg aagaaactac tgtggtccac     44220
     accatggcac acctctcagt agtaatggag tagactactg atacaaacag gaactcagaa     44280
     tctgtccatg gagttatctc aggtgagaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaccc agcccccccc     44340
     ccccccccgc cccatgttcc gtacaatata atttcgttca gattcttgag tctaaggaaa     44400
     tgaaatagtt cagtgattga gagtgaggaa gggataggtg tgaggaaggc aggagcagga     44460
     gtgttcccat ggtgatggga ctctttgtac ttgattgtct atatacgggc tcgacaatga     44520
     acttgataca caagatacta ccatggtgga agtgggtagg gcaggttaga taaagtaccc     44580
     acgggtctga ctttttttgc aacttcttgt gaacccatag tgacttccaa atgaagagaa     44640
     atctgtagtt atgtttttat gtaaatagct gttgggagcc gcccccacat tcgccgtcac     44700
     aagatggcgc tgacatcctg tgttctaagt ggtaaacaaa taatctgcgc atgtgccaag     44760
     ggtattttac gactacttgt actctgcctt tcccgtgaac gtcagctcgg ccatgggctg     44820
     cagccaatca gggagtgatg cgtcctaagc gaagaataac tcctccttaa aggggacggg     44880
     gttttccgcc attctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     44940
     tctctctctc tcgctggcat ctctctggct ctgcgcgccc tgcgctcgct cgctgcctaa     45000
     agatgtaaac aatagagtgc gctctgcgct ggctcctaaa gatgtaaata gaaggggctt     45060
     tcgcttttgg ggcggagggt ttgcgctcct agctcctgaa gatgtaagca ataaagtttt     45120
     gccgcagaag attctggtct gttgtgttct tcctggccgg gcgtgagaac gcgattaaga     45180
     aatagccaag ggcaaatagc caagcccttc ttgaagaaca tgaagaaaca tgggtggtgg     45240
     ggtagctata tgttccgaca gcgatctttg gtgtaaagat aacaacatac atcaggtttt     45300
     agcccttgat gtatttcctc tctgcagagc tttggaacct ttccgcaggt gcaccaggag     45360
     acaggtagag aacagtccta tctgcaccat ttgcaaagca gaaagaaggc tgggtgctct     45420
     ttccatggtt aatttcctgg ctctgctaag gtaccgtggt tatgtaagat gttatcgtgg     45480
     gggctgttgg atgaagagac acagaaactt cctgtactat tttttgaaac ctctatgtag     45540
     tctaaaacta tttcaggctt taaaaactgg acacattttt actgaaaatg gtttcaaaat     45600
     tggggcagac gatggaatgc taagcagaca cgggaaccaa aggctctgct ctatgcatca     45660
     acaggaatct tgggagtaca gcgagaaggg aagagcaagt cagaagacag ggtttgaaat     45720
     atgaattcaa aagactcaag agaaatgaaa gtgttgagag tttgggtttt ctgccttggg     45780
     gaaggaggaa aagggggagg ggataaaaga agaattagaa gacaggtgtg tgttcactgc     45840
     gatatgatgt ctttccatgt tcctcatcca gagaacacac tcatcaggaa gggcagaaag     45900
     atgccatgca gaagaaactc tttctagtga gactaccaaa aagaggctta tagtggctct     45960
     ttttatctat cacatgggaa atgcctgata tcccaggaca gaataaagat gatcccttcc     46020
     cctaagagac aaaggaatgg caagggtaag ggagagactt ggaagagagc agaagcattc     46080
     taaggttagg attcacatac agcatgaaga ccatgctgtg tagctctgcc cagactgcag     46140
     gagccaaccc agccgactga accagtacag atgaggaaat gctgggtgga aggtgtgaca     46200
     ccccccaacc ccctgaatgc cttgacctcc acaggcaggg aggggtgtgg cttaggagta     46260
     gttctttcac tgctggagtg tccaacttct agctacggag acacaacatt gcaatctaca     46320
     aacttcacaa tgtaaaacca ggcaatggga tcaacaacaa taaacaaaaa cttgccccaa     46380
     aaaatgtaga aacccatcca gtatctcata atgttctaca taagattaca atattgtgtt     46440
     gtgctgaatt caaagctatc ctgcaaggca tatggcctgt ggacagtggg tcggacacac     46500
     ctgccaaaac tttcctcagc ccatgctgga tcccgagaca gcaacacact cggggcaaaa     46560
     gtagggtgga gtctgagtta tcttagtctg gtgcccaatc tggcatgctt atatgctcag     46620
     agggatgacc tccgactcca gggacttcaa accgaagaag accacaagaa tagaacagtt     46680
     actctgattt gagagtagtt ttagaggtta attcgagcat tcagcaactg tttcctaaac     46740
     tctaggtgaa gtggaacctc agctgcttcc atggagtttc ctgtgagggc tcaatgtgcg     46800
     gtgggagact ctagtgggta cattcggggt aaattcataa gtgtcccctg ggaaatccgt     46860
     aggcacgggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat ttcactcctg gcttgctttg     46920
     tgtaacatac actacacatt ccaaacagtc ccaaacaaac attccctgaa tggccagaga     46980
     aggtcaagac cagcaagtgg ctggagagga agaggggagg ggctttgtaa agcctcaatt     47040
     aacccgatgc cttagagtgt actgcttggg gactgcgttt aaccttagtc tggcgtctac     47100
     tccttgctct cacgctactg tgtgtgccct gcaaacttag aggtcgctct cttatactct     47160
     tgtagctcat tacccgaata aacctaacta gcagggcgca ggagtgtggt tgggctgacg     47220
     gtctcaggat caaaagaggc agggcattgt ctttgggtta gtggagctgt cttctaccag     47280
     gcaggttagg tttcaaaccc tagtaggcat atcctgtaag ggtgtcttct ctctcactgg     47340
     ccagctcctc tggggacaac cacagatccc ctccgcatga agagtctgag cctagctaga     47400
     taggaggtaa gctagaggcc agcaggggcc accgaggagc cataccccag gtctgagcca     47460
     ggtatccgca catcttccta ctcaccacca caccacacac tgaccctttc ctatgttccc     47520
     gccctgtctg accatctatc tgggtctgag acggaagaag ggaaccgcat ttaggtgtca     47580
     aagaccagaa acaaatgtcc tcttgaccaa gtcctgtctt ttttttttcc ccctaggtgg     47640
     gtgggtgaga cagaagcagc agggcagagc aagacgctcc aaagagggca cctctcttag     47700
     gctcaagagg aggtggctct ccggagccgg ctgcccgggt gggggctgga tggcgcacgc     47760
     cccccaagcc ccgcaaaccc acgggctccg catgacatca gaggcttggg agcgcgcaga     47820
     gcgcaggcgc gggcggagca ggcgggcggg agggggcgcg tggcgctgct cggagagcgc     47880
     tcctccgccc agctcggtcc ctgcgccccg ctccgcccgt gcctcgctgc ccgcgccgag     47940
     cttcgggcgt ccacagcgcg cccgtcgccc gtgcagccaa cgccacccag ggctgcgccg     48000
     cgcaccccgc ctcctccctt tccgccgtcg ccgccgtcgg acacgcagcc gcaggccggg     48060
     gcccggccgc agctggggag tcaggggcgc gcgcagccag cccttccccc tccggctccc     48120
     gcaccgctcg ccgcctcccc tcgccctcct cctctcccct ccctgctcct tcaccgcttc     48180
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cgcccggccc cagctgccag caccatgtcc gcagggggag     48240
     attttgggaa cccgctgcga aaattcaagt tggttttcct aggggagcag agcggtgagt     48300
     actcggctta ttctctcggc tcggagccga gtcttttccc cacgccgccc attcagccac     48360
     cccactaggg accctcccag ccctggctcg ccaaggccct tccacgcccc ggtagaggag     48420
     agggatgcag atggggagat ggggctggct cgggtggggc cgggctgggg aggaccaagg     48480
     gggaaaggaa gaaggtggtt ctgggggtca agggatgagg gtgagtgtga gatctgggta     48540
     cgggtacccg gtgcaggtgc gtccgggagg accgagggcg gcggctggct cacccgctct     48600
     aggcgccggg ctcgcgggct cgctgactag ctcgcactgc ggcacaggct gcggagcact     48660
     gtgcaggtgt ctgggtgccg gcgagggtgt gggcgaaggg acaggagcct ctcttgggag     48720
     aacgaggtgg ggctgggagc tggttgcccc caccccaagg ttgcgcccga ggggctccct     48780
     gcggaccctg cctggaatct agggaaagga cgcgtccagc tctggagcag attgctgctg     48840
     ggaaatgggg aacacgacac ctgtcccttt tcgaaaagag tgggtgcaag tggtagggta     48900
     actgggcact tagcttctct ggcttacatc cgactgggca gaaggttcta gactcactgt     48960
     ccttcactaa tgtgttagcc tctttggggc ttaggggtgt ggatcgtgag agtgaagatt     49020
     cttcccatag caggtgactt gggggatggt acagaggcgt ctcatatctg tgagcttggc     49080
     actgggcaga gaaaggccta ggcgacacgc cctgcctggc ttccctgccc cctctagaga     49140
     gcatcagtgg agccggtgga ttctcccacc ccccatctcc cagctcaccg cccttcttgg     49200
     gggaggggag gtcaccgtgg cagccagcca gagcctaagg agggggagag taagggtttc     49260
     tttgctgccc aggagtctcc cctcccaagt atctgacacc caggttggtc caaggtggga     49320
     agctcagaca gaagagcagc gacccctctg atacctgtgg gaaggagtac ctccttgaga     49380
     gcctcggtcc aggagtcaca taaccagggg gttacagaca taagctgggc ttctgagcat     49440
     ttctgctgga agagaggggg atcccggggg gggggggggc gggattccca gctctagctc     49500
     tgtaaaccag ttctgttagc tggtttggag gccaagagga ggaaggccgt gggaggacct     49560
     ggtgggccca ggcaccgtgc agctatgacg tgtgcgtgtg ggctgtggag gtcacatggc     49620
     cacctcctgt ctgctgatgc tcagtacctg agctggaggg ttgggagccg ggtggaagtc     49680
     ggggttgcct gtcccggaga gctgggtttg ggacatttca catcgtaccc agctcagcta     49740
     ggtagccagc tggatctgat tccctgtgct ttgtagatcc caagtgtcac aaaggacacc     49800
     tccgttcctt gctgtgtgga aaggattttg ggagcacctc agccctagga gggagcctgc     49860
     aggtgcacag cagccttggg gggtgggggg ggctctcaac tgtgttgtca tttgcctgat     49920
     tccaggcctc ctggacactc agtttctgtc tctgagtagt gggtagctgg aagcagccct     49980
     tatgcctcat gtttccccca gtgcctggac tatgctggag ttcaaagaat atttgttaat     50040
     tctaaatctg aacacagttc cataaagaat catatgtggt gagtttgaat gaaactctgg     50100
     gctcccttag caactgctga tgggtggaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     50160
     gccaccccca gtgagagttc tgccaacccc tccaggtctg gagtcacaga agtgagagac     50220
     agcctttcct cacatgctca tgtggagaga gagtggggag gtcttgccca gagacccact     50280
     gtgagttgtg aacactttgg gagcaggaac ccccacttcc attttcccgt ctgccatttt     50340
     taactagagt gtcattggga aataagatga ccttcaatgc ggaaagccaa gtctggaacc     50400
     tctttgagag gatttatggg ctcagttagt tggttgtggc ctggtggaat gcttggctaa     50460
     ttggttaggg gcaggattca taggcccttg gaacataatc catcattgtg ttattagtga     50520
     gttgtttacc gcgggtgtac agagcttgtg gtgtctgtga gtctcagaag ttatgtgtat     50580
     tccggagcct agtaggccgt ggctgtaacc ccttccatct tacctcctga cagtttgcat     50640
     gccagcatcc tctgcagcct gtgctgtgga gggcggctcc tgacatctgg tccaaaccct     50700
     acccaagctc tcccttcctg tgtgatcacg gagacccctc acgttccata ccagggcact     50760
     tgagccaact ggaatccgag gcctaagctt ccctatagag gccagctaat ggagatgggg     50820
     gagggaggcg ataaaagagg ttgaaaggac acaaccttct cctgatctct attcctgaca     50880
     ttgtggtagc atccctctag gcttgtggac agagacagct ggattctaaa gaggggtacc     50940
     aggcttggag caggctaagg taggagatac cctggaacag ataatcatag gtaggcatga     51000
     ggccttcaaa ggtaccgagg aactggttca ggtaggaagc ctttgagtgc ctgctctccg     51060
     gaacgcgcct ctcgcctgtg gactgtagtc tgactggcag tgcctgtgtc acatggagta     51120
     ggatcctggc caggtgctgt ggacttaggg tgaggtgttt ccttgcgtca ggtaggtcat     51180
     gcaatgctgc tggccttcag gtcgctgtgt ggcgcctccc gattagccct aacacgggtg     51240
     gcagtggtgg cgaacccaag agggtggtgc acgccagact ggtgtggagc atctgaaaaa     51300
     gacaggcaaa gtctgaggga gagtgggcct gcgaggtgtc catctttctc ccaagttatc     51360
     agagcctccc aggggatctg gaccttacca gacacatcct ggtgtgtgtg gtgaggaggg     51420
     agggaaggaa gagtggacag acatgggggg aggggggctg tctgctttcc cgggctgagg     51480
     cagtaggcca tccgtctcta taggcctgag tacaaggagt aggggtagat ttcagagaaa     51540
     cccctctctc cttggcccag ctctgcagaa agtgtaggta gaggcacgcc tgtcaggagc     51600
     gactctaacc ttccgaacgc tacagccctc taatgcagtt tctcgtgtcg tggtgactcc     51660
     cagccataaa cgcgttttgt tgttgcttca taactgtaat tttgctactg ttatgaagag     51720
     taatgtcaat atctgatata caggatagct gatacgtgat cccaaggagg tctcgactca     51780
     cagatttgag aatgatggga ttgctggcac ccggttgaga ccgtcctata catcctcttc     51840
     agctaagggt taagaaacaa ctgtccacag actgagccct gtttcctgca accaccccat     51900
     gcagcacaaa ccgtcctgtc ctagcttggt ggcaagccca ctgtcccttt tagaagcttt     51960
     tctcctttca acttccaggc ttgtcacatg gacacagctt tgattctttt aatgaacatt     52020
     aaaaaaaaaa acccaaaacc ccacaaaact ggttatgtgc agtcccatga cgcctcttct     52080
     gtctcagcta ggtaaggatt ttaatttaag gattttaggg tgagttttaa gcaccctaag     52140
     tgggtgacca aagcacgttg agaggattgt gtctgagtca tctcgctccc tgctcccgtc     52200
     tgtgggctgt gcgtgctcac cgaggatctt gattcgaaaa cgatgacatc tttgatgtga     52260
     gagatttgct gatggcctgt cagcagatta acagtgaagg gaggtgaggc agctttgtgt     52320
     ggtgttcctg gcacctggca ctctctcagg ccagattctt cttatcgggg agttgacagt     52380
     tgctttgtct tgttttgttt ttccagagaa ttgcatcatt atgccatggt catgcccaag     52440
     cacctgagat tctcaaaggg ttccccaact cccttaatat ctctgaagaa atatggaggt     52500
     ggagtagggg ctcctgtact accagaggtg gggaaggaca cggcagacca gaccagatct     52560
     cttggaggct cagactcaat ccccatggtg ttctgtgcct tgctttctca tctcggtttt     52620
     tttccctcac cttctaattt ctctctccca tccctctctc ttgggtgcta gtacaagaga     52680
     gagaaccttg ggcgttgcgt atagacctac aacccttgat tttttttccc tatgtttaac     52740
     aaagtgcgtc ggaatgacac agacagtaag atgaggctgt ctgtattcct tctgttacta     52800
     taatgaaaca cccgagtcag gccagcttta taaggagagc agatttgtgg agctcacact     52860
     ctggagggtc aaggacaggg tgctggcatt ggctccattc tggttgaggc tctcataaca     52920
     gatgacatca tggttgggga gtgattctga gggcacgagg tcatattacc acaggaagtt     52980
     agataacttc acaatccttc cccaacactg gctccaaggg atcgaacccc tcttagcagg     53040
     ttttcaggct tactctttgg gggaggggtt aggtgaaggt caggggctag gaagatggac     53100
     aagggtctta cacaggcctc actggctttg aactccctgt gtgaatgggg ataaccttga     53160
     gttctcctcc tcctccacct cctgagtgcc agggattgaa tctagggcct catgcatgcc     53220
     agatgaagca ccaaatcccc tggtcccgcc tcttaaagga cccgctgcca catgaggact     53280
     gagccacatc cagaccagag acttaaaggt taaccctcga gagaaaaatg ttgttattta     53340
     taatcctcaa atgctcataa atcattttaa aatagaacaa aataacttcc tgtcctttgc     53400
     ttccatagtg cacccctaaa accagtctgt gttgccctga cattgcagac catccttaac     53460
     agacctgaga gaagcggcct gtaggttacc tccacctggc tctccccacc caacttccgc     53520
     acccagtgcc tttcactgtg gcttgacaca acagggctcc ttggtctcaa tatgatgaca     53580
     ttgttggcca caactgtctg gggagctgaa aggtttcgta gaacagcaaa acataaacag     53640
     gattgaacta ctgtgctgga cactgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtggtcct     53700
     ttgttgtttc ttgctgtgca gaagagatga tggaggagcc cttgctggag gttgccaagg     53760
     agaaggacca gacacgccct gagatgggca gctcttttgt tcgagccaga aagacaagct     53820
     gctgggaaac agctccaggc agggcctggg acttgaagtc ccaaggggac tgggaatggc     53880
     aggcgctttg tttctagagc cagggagcct cccccccccc ccccatgttg gcttacttcg     53940
     aagggctcct gaggaggtct gtattatagg tctgggcttc agaaatgaaa ttttcttcat     54000
     tatttctata acttctgctt gaaacttaag agcgatcatt ttaaagagta aaatttttgt     54060
     tgaatacttc ttatcacttt aataaagtag cttattttta gaagaaaaac atatttatcc     54120
     tgttctcttg gtaacgagac cagtgggagt ccaggtaact ggggctacgt acctcggcct     54180
     agcatcgtat ccagggagtg atgtactcaa gggacaggcc tgggtcctga agagtacagc     54240
     tgacagtgtg gccctgaagg cagagttgat tctttaaagt ggtctccgag aaattcactg     54300
     aagggctggt tgcccgtgtc cttcctctgt gaacctcagg tcaatgcccc gggctctcca     54360
     ggggcacttt gtaccttcct ggtcactctg tgataatcat gcactgattg ctattttgcg     54420
     gttcgtgagg ctgcggcttg gaaagagctg gtcctgccta ccattagtgt aacaaattag     54480
     agcttggagt gccggggttt gggggacagc tgagtcagga gagtgcctgc cttgccagca     54540
     tgaatagcta gccgagcttg agccccaaaa ctcacaaaaa aaagtcgagt gtggtggcag     54600
     atgcttttaa tcccagcact ggggtggcag aggcaggtgt atccctgtgg cttaccagcc     54660
     agccaacctg gtctacgagg tgagctcaag gcctccgggt caatgagaga cgctgtttca     54720
     tgaacctttg gatcaggtca ttatccaagg cagggccagg agtggggaca gaagaatatt     54780
     gaggacttaa aagcagagtc tgccatgaat gaatgactca gaacacctgt accaaacact     54840
     ttgctaaaga ggaaccagta gatcaccgtg tagctccact gaccatgaag gatgctggag     54900
     ccaaccacag ggaggacagg ctttggggaa ggaggcaggc aagctcccca cgaaggaggc     54960
     tggcagccct ggcattgtgt ggcaggcagt ctgtctcccc acacaaggaa ttgcttactt     55020
     tggatggcct ggagagaacc aatagagaat cagccttcag cctacttcta ctggggacat     55080
     gctgctgggg actgttccca acaaggggaa aaccagtcaa atgtggacca agccctgctg     55140
     ggccttgtct tgctcctggg actgccgtgt cctggaaaca cagatggttt ttgccacctg     55200
     ttaaatgagc ccctgctcca ctctggctcc caaggctcct gggtacagtg gtttcttagg     55260
     ccagatgtca ttcagtgctg gcattaagca agatgtcagg cttataatga tacttcagcc     55320
     tggagatgag catgccgctg gcgtgaggtg ctgcggagag gctctcccga tgtgtgcttt     55380
     ggtccatcct gtacttcctg tcaccagaag gcacttcttc cacatacgga tggccttaga     55440
     ggaaggcagc aaggaaggta cacctcccag gcactcggtg ctcagcacag ggagagagcc     55500
     agaaccaagg tgggtggtag tgaccttgcc taagctcctg ctccgaccat cactgtgccg     55560
     gacctcctga gtcctgggca tctggcccga ctcacccccg tcacttgtct gggtggtgtc     55620
     tggggtgcag tagaaccgtg cacactcgtt ctcctcagct ggcatgacct tgctggaatt     55680
     tcacaaagat caaacgcatg aacacacagc atgcaggtaa agctcgagta ccagctggct     55740
     ttgtcaataa aattgtgacg gagcctccct ctccccctcc tcaccttgca gctgttaggg     55800
     aaggagtaga gatgcatgaa gcatttctgc aggtaggctg cacctcgcag ccccgggaca     55860
     gcacatccca gttgacagct gcagagatgg aggctctgag aggaggggct tctgtgtgcc     55920
     cagcagagcc caaaggcaga ccccactccg caggagagag actcaggcct ctggctcagt     55980
     gcttgcttgc tcctgctcat cgcccgcaga ggcgggaggc agcactgata taccagtttc     56040
     cccacgtgag ggctacccat accctcatga gcacctcatt ctcactggca gaccacaggg     56100
     gcagaagctg ctctggtgtg acctagaccg ttcagatcag cctaaggtaa gcgggaagaa     56160
     gccctggtcc ttataaatag gaagcattag attcagaagc agagctatgg ctgtggtctg     56220
     cttgagcaag tcgttttatg gtgagtggga aaggcctgta ggcatgggga tgcggcagac     56280
     acaagggccc cctctgtgcc aaggcaggag agggcttagg gcccctgaag aactgaacag     56340
     gttcagggct gctgggactc tagtgccctg caggtgtggg agagtagcag gtataagggt     56400
     tgaacctaca gaagatggca gggccagccc gaagaggcct ccttgccttc ccacacttgg     56460
     tgtctgagcc tttcctatag agagtggtga cccctggagg ccgggacagg ggaggcccat     56520
     gctcatggat taggagacaa aggcagagtg tggcatattt gagggtccaa gtgactgacc     56580
     tggggtcaga cagggggcat ttggggaagt gtaagcccag cttctgcctg gctctctggc     56640
     ctactcagtt gggtgggtct gttctctcag tttggtctgc agagacaaga ctcaagacaa     56700
     tgagatgaat gagggaggga ctcccagctt tctccatact gccctcagat gtcctagaac     56760
     cagcccctgg gagctccccc atctacactg cctccacagc aacctggggt ccctggatgc     56820
     tttggccttg gtgacatggg tgtgacagtc tgcagcagtc cttccagact tccctctgcc     56880
     cgttgctctg gcagatgtgg catctgatgc agtgacgatc gggctctgat tagcctcctg     56940
     ccgttcctcc tcttttgggg gcccttgcca cacacgtcct ttgccttctc ctgtgctgct     57000
     ttcctttaag gttaggagat ttggtcgcac agcgcagatg aagagaaagt gctgttgtct     57060
     gccttgacga ctgaaactta agcttaaact ggctgctcca aaagccaagg tgtttgagag     57120
     ccagggacca gagtgagtgg aggcagagga ctgccactct tgaacccacc cctagctgag     57180
     aaagagcagc ctattgggat caaatgagaa caggttttca gatgacccat gacctctgct     57240
     ctcttccctt cctgcctcag tagtcttcca atgcaacgga gcaccgcctg gtatagcttt     57300
     ggcagcatgg ctgtagttct gattggttca tttacaatga cagcatctca tagtgacact     57360
     cgccccttta gcagcaccag atctatcatc tctgtggtca gggtgggtga ggactcttct     57420
     ctgtgctggt gttcagcagg ggaaagaggg acaactttgg ccccttccag cctcccctgc     57480
     aggtgtggga gctggagacc catccctggt tctggaagag attgctgtaa ctgtgaccag     57540
     cgcactaaag ccaagtccca ggggacagtc agataagctt ctggctcact ctgagagtcc     57600
     cagtgaaaca tcccaccttg accctgtggt gagcaggaag taggtcatag gacagagcgg     57660
     tggagccatt taggacacgt ttctcatttt tttcccctcc tgtccagtat agtgagcagc     57720
     cccggaggga gccacaggtg tagccagagg gaagagagac cacgggtgtg ctgagtcagg     57780
     gagagtgtgc ttcctgcttc cagcacaggc caggctctgc ggccacacta ggtgtgcctt     57840
     cagggcttgc tggcttcctg tgaggcttcc agagccaaga tgcttggtgg ttctaacgat     57900
     gctatccatc ctgggattct gaacaaagtc cggttaaaga ctggaggttc tgtcaaactg     57960
     atgctgattc ctgggctttg tatgttgtga ctgtgaaggg caagaagagg agtggggcag     58020
     caatggaaag gaggactctg cctggtgctc cctggagcac ccccactgcc tgagcactcc     58080
     ctgtgtgtgt tgcaccgtgg ggtgatgcta agcctcatct ctccctcctc caggggtctg     58140
     cgctgctgcc gccgtgaccc tgcagatgta cacttatctg gccactgtaa gagaatgctt     58200
     ccaaattgtt tttaaaccct cggcatatcc tgtgtgaagc cctagaacct gtaaagttct     58260
     gaattctgcc tcactgggtt cccttcccct tctctacacc ctaccataac actgcaggcc     58320
     actgcccaga tcacaaggag caggaggcct gacaaggcac ctggccagtc tcccgtcctg     58380
     aacctttcct aaccacatca gaaaaatgcc agagccccac ctgtagagcc aggaaaagtc     58440
     tgctcttctc tagctctgag aacagaagag atgctagagc tggcatcatc tggtgtcttc     58500
     tggttggggg gggcgggtat ggcatggggg tctgggcaga gggtgaccag tgcctggacc     58560
     agtagaccct tcagagaaat cctccattct gccttcatcc cagcaggctg ggagaaatat     58620
     ctgctggtta ggagaacttg ttccagggga tcagtccaga tcacagcagt aggaagggga     58680
     agggaaccac ttggtaagtg gaaggcagcc cgttactgtg agccccatgt tctcagatgt     58740
     ccttctcctg agtgcagata ggacttggga cttgctgcta gcccgtacag tatggcaaag     58800
     gtcgcgggag gtcactcatt taattgtgtc attgggaaag gtaacaagat atttgtccct     58860
     ggatggtttc attttattta ttaattaaaa tttactctct aacaattcca catgtgtatg     58920
     cagtgtactt tattcataac cacttacttt cccaacttca gcctccccct ccccccctca     58980
     ggaccacgcc aggtgacatc gtcccctgct cgccactata tttttttgag gcagggtctc     59040
     ccagtgaacc tggagctcac tgattggcta gatttgctgt tcggtgagcc ctgggcaatg     59100
     ttctgccttt gcctcctgtg ctatgattta taggccaccg atagcttttc acacgggagc     59160
     tggggatccg gtctcagatc ctcatgctgg tgtggcaagc cctttctcca ctgagccatc     59220
     tccccagccc ttcttggttg gtctattaga aaactgtccc tccgtgcttc ggagaaataa     59280
     gctgccatgc tttggataag tgtgtgtaga gaggggctgg aaactgtctg tggctgacct     59340
     cgaacaagaa agtgtctcca gttttataag cttggaggag gactctaact tcggaagaga     59400
     aatacggtct ggcagacacc atgtttgtga tcccgtgaga cccgaagcag aaggtccttc     59460
     aacccatgtc tggactccta gctggcaggg actgagagat cataaaagtt cactgtttcc     59520
     agccattgta acaattaccg atggcagtcg gcacacagaa atagatagtt tctacagagg     59580
     agagaaagat cttagggtgg ggagatgcct ttatcagaga gggagtggca ttctcaggag     59640
     ggacccctga ccagccctga gtcaagcagc tacccaggcc caacctgtga acccctgatg     59700
     tgtgatctgc ttatgttctt catgtgttcc tgtcttagtc ggggtttcta ttcctgcaca     59760
     aacatcatga ccaagaagca agctggggag gaaagggttt attcagctta cacttccaca     59820
     ttgctgttca tcaccaaagg aagtcaggac tggaactcac gcaggtcagg aagcaggagc     59880
     tgatgcagag gccatggagg gatgttactt actggcttgc ttcccctggc ttgctcagcc     59940
     tgctctctta tagaacccaa gaccaccagc ccagggatgg caccacccac aaggggccct     60000
     cccacccttg atcactaatt gagaaaatgc tttacagctg gatctcatgg aggcatttcc     60060
     tcaactgaag ctcctttctc tgtgataact ccagcttgtg tcaagttgac acacaaaacc     60120
     agccagcaga gttcccaaat aaaccttgat tcgtggcatt gttccctgtc agatgcagga     60180
     ctagaacatt ctgtagggcc tctgtcatgt ccttgtgttc tgaccccact ctgatcgatg     60240
     gccctcccag gaaccaggtt tattgtccct taacctctct gctgaccctt ggcacttccc     60300
     attgcatgtt tacagtggag ccttaacaag tgaagtcttc ctggtctggt gacaccttgg     60360
     tgaccttgtg ttttttattt ttattttttt ctttttgtga tttttcaaga cagggttttt     60420
     cttgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggttggcc ttgaactcag     60480
     aatctgcctg cctctgtctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgtgctac cactgcccgg     60540
     cgaccttgtg gtttcatatc agcagcaagg acaagagtaa aaagaagagc ttcggagggt     60600
     gggtctcagt tgttcattgg aagagacagt gcctgcatgt ggccctggtt agacaggtgg     60660
     cttctgaggg tgatttctcc gttgtgcatt ggaagagatg gtgcctggat gtggctttag     60720
     ttccgtaccc cccattcctt cctctggctt cacaactctc tggtaagatc tgcatcagag     60780
     tcttctgtgg tttgggccat tatggggctg cttttaggaa tggctcctta gagaccttga     60840
     gcttacagag tcagaagaag actaaacatt tgctctggtt ccccgtttcc ccatccagtc     60900
     tagtgccgga caagcaacca tctgagttcc acaaaactgg aggagacaca gcgatccttc     60960
     ctgtatccca gatggccgtt atccactcac aggcccaggg ccctgaggtc tccagtgtgt     61020
     gttccttcct catggtactt tggcaggagg cctgcctcta tgcaggtgtc tgaggagcag     61080
     gagatggtca attttgtctg aatgggaggt ctagaagttt ctctcttgct cttttttttt     61140
     tttttttttt aaagatttat ttatttatta tatgtaagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac     61200
     actccagaag agggcgtcag atcttgttac aggtggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg     61260
     ggatttgaac tcctgacctt cggcagagca gtcgggtgct cttacccact gagccatctc     61320
     accagccctc tctcttgctc ttgtgttccc ctttatagct ggcttgagca aggtaggcct     61380
     gagcctctat ccacctcctc ctgggccagc tgaatgttga gctgctgtgt gagggtctgt     61440
     aggaggacag gagaagaagc aagggcccac agaggcagca tcagaagcag ccccctgtct     61500
     ggagactaag agcatcccag tttgcctctt ggcacgatgc tctacccctg taccacagtt     61560
     cctttgagaa gggagtagac ttctgggaag gtgtttgcca gcatcggtct tcaggtccct     61620
     tccacatccc tgagcaagct ttatcccatt gtcatgtcaa agtcgtgacc ctagtttgag     61680
     gagctttagg tagtcaaaag tctctctgac aacttaggat gcatagccat ccatgcactc     61740
     tgtcctccat cttgccacct cacccctttc ttgtattcct cagactttta gcatccacag     61800
     caccagcctt gggaagaaaa gggtgaatat gcccattact ttgccaacat tatggctgga     61860
     tgagccaaga cacctattag ataagctata agcttgcaat agcaggaact tacattatgg     61920
     ctggatgagc caagacacct gttagataag ccataaactt gcaatagcag gaacttccta     61980
     agggggcagt gggaatatag cattgctatc tctcttctct gcagtatgtt gtgttcgtgg     62040
     tgaaccagtt ctgcaccgca tggatgtgtg gacacagttg gcctggaggg gctggctgga     62100
     gttgggctga gcctcagagc agttgaatgg gagcacattt gcccattgca gtgtgacttt     62160
     tcctgggaag cccagggttg ctatgggtac ggtggatggg gacctgccag tgtggtgtgg     62220
     ctggcactca gatgttttta cttggcccca gaaggaagac accataccac tctgaaattg     62280
     ctatgagtgt gcaatgcaat gaggcagaaa ggattcagac ctgggtaggt cagctgggag     62340
     ttctgcagcc tacagagggt gccaagatct cgggagggtc ttagaaaccg tgaaggtgat     62400
     gtccttgatc atcagtccca gtagcgagaa gcccagggaa gtcaagacgt ttccacatcg     62460
     acccattgta ttggccatat atgtgcatac actgtctgta tgtgtactac atacatctca     62520
     aatgtgcata cagcagtggc accctgtgat aagagctccc agcagccact gacctggctc     62580
     agtcctgttc gtctatgagg cttgaataaa tgtacagtaa tattccagtt ccttaggaaa     62640
     atttcatatt catcagggga tatgcagtcc ttaacagagt gaacagttct ttcagaggac     62700
     ccaggtttgg tttccagtgc ccacattggg tggcttatga ctactccagg ggttctgata     62760
     cccttactct ggctccgggg gttctgatac ccttttctgt cctcctcagg tacttcactc     62820
     actttgagta catggcccct cacatacacg tgtactgaaa catgtactta aaaataaaat     62880
     cttacaattt ttatattcag cagcacattt gtttaatcag acagaatgca ccatttccta     62940
     aatatatcgg gtatctcaga gactgtgtgt atataagcat atatgttaca tattaatata     63000
     taatatttcc cctttgctgt tcattttagc atacttttaa gcttataaaa aagttacaga     63060
     aataatacca aagcttcccg cctgcctttt acccaggact cccaattttt taatttttac     63120
     aactctcaca gagttctcca gacttttgtg agatagatat ttctctctcc attgaatgtc     63180
     tgaggaagct gaaacccaga gaaggtggta actgacataa gatcacacag cagaccagag     63240
     gcagaggcaa gattaaaacc caagcccgtt ggtccttaga gcatctgtgt gagcaatgag     63300
     gctgtgtgac tccgttgacg tctcctcttc tgccctgtgt ttcttttctt gtacagtaga     63360
     tctgcgagca gtgagttatc tcatctcatc tgtctttatc tcacttacat ttctgaaatg     63420
     gttttttttc cccctggggg tagaatctgg ggctgccgat attttgaaga tgccccttgc     63480
     tcactctgtc atggccactg gagccctagg ccagaggcca actctgaagg ttccagtggg     63540
     ccaggtccct gtcacttact ccaaagaagg caggtgggat ggcggagatg cagcaaggaa     63600
     ggatgttagt cagcactgct gtgcggggaa gcagcctttg ttaagcctgt gcagtctgtc     63660
     ttctggggac gactcgggct ttaggtttaa agagagggag attgggagat acataagtaa     63720
     gcaggcttgg ttaaactggt ctaggtgatt atatcagttc tggctctgcc agctgactga     63780
     agtccttcaa ggaggcttcc aagggaaggg acactgcagg caggcattct gtccccaagg     63840
     tatccaggtg gtggcaggtt tagagccgtg agtggctact ttctggtacg ttgtgtttca     63900
     ttcactttgt ttggggtggg ggagtagagt gtcttgaaca gaactttgac aggaagatgt     63960
     ttttatctgc atgctttcag gcttgaagag agcgagatac gtcactgacg tttgcgcaga     64020
     ccgcccctga gtaactaaca tgcctatgtg cagagttagg caaagccgga acttgagtcg     64080
     gagcaggacc tcactgtgta agagaccagc ctacttctgc ctccagaggg ctgttgggat     64140
     taaaggcgga caccagggta ttcaactctg accaagttta agaccaaaga ggaagatgtg     64200
     aaagtgaagg cttttctcct gctttagttt tagtctagtt tttgcctcct ggggccagtg     64260
     aggagccaag tttcttggta aacgcagttt ccacctgcct gttgtatcgc ttcagagtaa     64320
     caaggactct catagttctc tcaggtttat tgttattttt gtttaaatag ttacctttaa     64380
     agccacttaa atgacaaaag tcttggtatc tgcccacgat tgtcgattgt ccttaactct     64440
     cttttgtgtc tgtgtgtttc tacctagtgt catttcctgt attcctgaag aatttcccag     64500
     aacagttttt gtcatgagga tctgctagtg ataaattctg ttagcttttg tatgttttta     64560
     gatagatagg taggtagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     64620
     gatagataga tagatggatg gatggatgat agacagagag gcctctttat cgtgccattg     64680
     cttttaagga tattgtccct aggtatagaa tcctacgtta atatttagtg taagttttta     64740
     ctttcagaac tgtttttttt ttaaacctta ggactgggaa ttgaatcagg gcctagtgaa     64800
     tgttgagcac tccgttgtct tcttgcttat atcgatttag ggaagagctc tgctgccccc     64860
     ttgtcttcgc atcttggtgt caccgtccag ctggcttgag caccagaggc atgattggac     64920
     aggtcagagt ggaaggctgg agcctcagac ttggagcagt agccggagtc ccatagggga     64980
     tgtgccccac cccccagccc aggccctgtg tatactttca gagatgtctt agggttttgc     65040
     tgctgtgaac agacaccgtg accaaggcaa gtctttaaaa gacaaccttt aattggggct     65100
     ggcttacagg ttcagaagtt cagtccatta tcatcaaagc aggaacatgg cagtgtccag     65160
     gcagagctga gagttctaca tcttcatctg aaggctgcta gtggaagact gacttccaga     65220
     cagctagggt gagggtctta aagcccatgc ccacagggat acacctactc caacaaggcc     65280
     acatttccaa atagagccat tccctgggcc gagcacatac aaactatcac aagaggtttc     65340
     tgctaaccac tggctctgtg cagctgggaa atggagcttc ttggtggact cttctccccc     65400
     tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tccccttctc     65460
     tctctctctc cccctcccca ctcctatctc acacttcagc ctttgagacc tccagtcaca     65520
     gatagagaag acactggaca ctgccctaca gctagctccc tggtattttg ttcatgttga     65580
     ttcttttata gctcatcttt gatagtgttt atcactgttc gaaagttcat tgctgttctc     65640
     ttctgtgatg tgcaatcatc tttgacatca tagttttcac tgctgggatt ttgatttgtg     65700
     tctttaaaaa ccttttcctt gtttctgttt aattttttgg acatatggaa tgcagcaata     65760
     acagtctcat acgtaatgtt gaaagaccct cgtttctggg gagactcttg ctcaagtcct     65820
     gggatgagct gacgccccaa taactcgaga gaaaccgttc ttgatgcaat atcacaggag     65880
     gtttatttat cagcatgctg aggctgagct cgtaacccac acaggggcag aggagatgac     65940
     ccccagcagt tgcagtcgag ggtttttaaa gaataaactg caaggtgagg ggaggatagg     66000
     accacaaaga atggggaagc tgagtaaaca ctgaaaaatg gggatggtga attacggctc     66060
     atctctcacg gaaaggttac aggctatctt tggcaaacat tcttggtccc ttacactatg     66120
     ggtcaggcac ctgggtgggt cacccagtgg tcatcattct ctcaggctga aggcgaaaga     66180
     acaaagaact ccatgctagg cttcgtttct agggagtcta agaaacacat tgagttgggg     66240
     gtcttacaat gtctttatct gctaattcta ctgcatcagt ttgggtttgg ttccagctga     66300
     tttttgtctc tccttttttt ccccccaaaa aaagatttat ttatttattt actacatgta     66360
     agcacactgt agctgagttc agacactcca gaaggaggct tcagatctca gtatggatgt     66420
     tattgaacca gcatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactccaga ccttcagaag agcagtcagt     66480
     gctcttaccc gctgagccat ctcaccagcc tttcttctct ccttttatgt tcccattttc     66540
     aggcttcttt gcatgcctgg agttttgggt tttttttttt taaggtttta attttttata     66600
     tgtatgggtg ttttgcctgc aggtatgttt gtgtaccaca tgtgtgccca ggacccagaa     66660
     gatagcgtgg aatcccctag aactacagtt aaagatattt gtgggttcta ggaattgaac     66720
     acaggtttcc tggaagagca gacagtgctc ttagcctccg cacaacctct cctggtgatt     66780
     ttctttttta aattgttcag gtttattaat tagaaggtgc catatcctga ctctgtcttc     66840
     aacaattata ttccaggctt cttttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     66900
     tcttttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt tttttttttc ttttggtttt ttgagacagg     66960
     gtttctctgt atagctctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagactaggc tggcctcgaa     67020
     ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaagtcgtg tgccaccatg     67080
     ccagtcttat tttcgagagt tatgaacaat cttttttggc acagggaagg aattatctaa     67140
     gtaattaaat aagggcgggt actcctggca cactgtggtt ctaagcctga gaatacaact     67200
     gttaccctca tgctggctac cccggctctc ctctgccttc ccaccacagt aagcaagcag     67260
     ccagacctta gttctgtcct ttggcttcag gactctgggc tgatgggagg aagtgggacg     67320
     tcactaagat tatgaagccc tggggtaaga ggattctgcc cacagcagta aaggagtctt     67380
     ttctagaact tccatcccac agtatattaa agtcaatttg ggtcttaaag accatttggc     67440
     tcagcctcaa tggaatacca atgagccaag gcaaagccaa gacgtgttca gggcacattg     67500
     gccaacttag gcctccatca tttgacaggc agctctggct gggtcttgat gattgagcaa     67560
     gtcactgtta tatcaatgaa cccatctcac tcatgaacag tgcctttctc agttctggac     67620
     tgtttgtccc acatgtctgt tgtgggacac agtgtcttta tttcggtaac ctgaggcctt     67680
     actctgcaga gccaccttca ggcaagcccg tcctgtgttt ctagttcctg gtttcccttc     67740
     tttagccctt gaccatgtga tgtccccttc ccttttgttg tccacgtctt tcagtcactc     67800
     agtcctgtac ctactaccac cctgtatgcc tcctgacctc aggtgataga ggttggggtc     67860
     ggggctctat gtcattccct gaccttgaac tgagaaagcc tcaggtcaga gctcaagacc     67920
     tcttcctgat cctggcctga ggttggcttt ggcttgtttt agtgtcgtag ggttaaggaa     67980
     tgggacactc ctgtagctca tgcaccccaa atcattcatt ctcacagtgg ggctggccag     68040
     gagtaatgcc cgaggtctat ttaggattag gggagaagaa gaaatctcag ttaggtctgg     68100
     gtgggcaggg atgatttggt gtgaaatctc ttgaggctgt ggggaaggag agatagaagc     68160
     aaaactaacg gcttgcgagc tcccagaggg ctttggaggg taaagaatgg actcagaaat     68220
     gtgaagtact gcatagtagt ctgtgtgggt actcacccca cttgatgctg ggtctccagc     68280
     gcttgcttta tagcccccaa gtttgtacct ttgactggca tctccccatt tcctccgacc     68340
     gtgtgctcca gcaatcacct gcaattcttt gtcctctgta gattgaacat acaggtgaga     68400
     ccatgtggct gtgctgtgtc tttttgtgtg cacagtattg tcattacaaa aaaagggtat     68460
     cagtggccca tgcacacaca taggcatgca cgcacacaca tataccacag gcacacgtat     68520
     acacatgcca ggaaggaagc tgtgttgtga tgaatacatc agctggatta actgccatat     68580
     ccctgcgtac atatctatag agagagggag ttctgtcaga gcatcacctc ctatatgtta     68640
     actctttata gcattgactc gtcagctatg cctccgtaca cctgggggtg gggaaagaat     68700
     ggcagctgga gaacacacgg atgagcatca tgcaggaagg tggcagagcc ctccctctgg     68760
     gcagccggag gcccgggttg ggcacctttg gaagagtctc acctacctca gcccttgggc     68820
     agctcttccc tccaattaac tttctactga aggaggagcc actggaaaag aagcaagaca     68880
     gccaagagtg tatgtgtaaa atgggaaact gaggctgggc ctcccaaggc actgtctggt     68940
     ggccgtgtgc aggcttagca atccattgtc attatgtcac agagctttga ggagggtgtc     69000
     tggaagactg accacagcat acctcaggct cctagacaag ggaagcaggc ttgtctgtag     69060
     tattagactt tgtggggaac aaggaacttt tattttgccc ttctggtttc tgccttatcc     69120
     tgtctacatg gctgaagagt gggtttcttt tttatttgac agcattttat ttttaattct     69180
     tctattaatt catcatcact attgaaatta tgtatatgtg tccaagaagg ccagaggtat     69240
     cagatcccct ggatctggaa ctggagataa aggtagctgt gagccaccgg acatgggtgc     69300
     caggaaccaa gctccggtcc tctgcaagag ctgtaagtgc tcttaaccct agagccatcg     69360
     ctccagctcc tgagagttga attctgtgtt gctaagctct ttctttggat cccctgatcg     69420
     atcctgctct ttcttgctct cacagaaggg ctgtaatcct cagggattgc aatggcttca     69480
     aggtcaacac ccagtcaggg ccacatagga ggccagaact cccttctgtt ggcctggatc     69540
     cccacttctc cagccagcac agaggatggt aatgaagaga catctgagtc aggacaagct     69600
     tccagaacac tgggcttaga ggaagtgggg ctgtgggggt ggggtgggcg gggagactga     69660
     ggcaggaaca ctcagaaggg cagaggctca ggcatggcca gctctggctg gtatggaagg     69720
     gcctaagcca cacttgcctg ccccatgcct tgctaccctc agcctccctc tttgtcctgc     69780
     cccccatccc cttgttccat ctttactggc cccctagtga ggcccaggca gctgagcatc     69840
     cgctggtgga gggaattaac atacttaatt aaagtgtcca cgaagagctt tgcatacttc     69900
     ttaattactg tctgagtctg tggggggaag gtttggaatg ggattttttt tttcacctgt     69960
     ttccgaattt agctgacagt gagccagctg ggccctgagg gctcaggtgg gagctgtcaa     70020
     caccgctttg agctggggtg gcagagcagg gtgtggaggg gaatcctggc cccaggcaca     70080
     tttgcctttc cgcagtcaga gagggctggg gtttctgttt ctttaaccca gaacaaaagg     70140
     agacaagact cagacaatgg tagctggtgt cttctcagct cctctcctcc tcatagggcc     70200
     tgagtgcaca ccacaccgcc acgactgggc caatttcagg gtgcctgttg tgcagaggtt     70260
     tcagggggtg gtgggggcat cttttgggag tgctatgaaa cagtgacacg gggtcaggat     70320
     ggccctggcc tgtcacttcc ggtttcaggc ccaggctgtg agtgagctct gtccatcatc     70380
     aggaggacta ggctgaattt tatctctgtc cagtgctgca gagcagtcag ggacagtaac     70440
     gtgagcttga gttgatggca ggctgcaggc ccaggctctt gtaggtggca cagctttggg     70500
     caggctttgg cagattttcc atcaaatgat ttctgcaatg gtttcttttg ccctctcact     70560
     ccccggccct aacagcagtc tctccaccca cattcacact cacttggaga ggagagtgag     70620
     ggggaggtgt gtccttcaca aagtgagaca gcagcaggac gtgggtctgg aactcaccat     70680
     ctattcagct ctcatcctgt gagccaggcc caagccacac ccagtgtcct catgagtact     70740
     gactcgggca tgccacccgt ggcacagtgt gggtggatga cgtgaggtga agggtaaccc     70800
     catcacccag ccctcagatc ttcaccactc cacaccaaac caggtgtcag ctcccctcag     70860
     agaggatgtg tgctaggacc gcccagccca gtcacagtgc agcccctccc tgaagcttgg     70920
     caggtcaggt atttatggcg gggtgtagct ccacgtggcc agggctgttg ctggagagca     70980
     gcctgcttcc tcactaagaa ctgggctcac aggatgaacc tgacatagtt ggcacccagt     71040
     agggggtcag cgaatgctga aacttcactg ttttctgcat ctacttggaa accaccagag     71100
     cgtgcacaag tcactctgtc tggaacttgt gctgagatgg gtcccagagc ctgtgggaag     71160
     ccagtggagt gcatggaccc cagggagaca gacaggcagg tactgggagc gggccatcaa     71220
     ggctcagcgt tcagtctatc tagcagctgg cagtagtgcc gtggtgtgtg gaagtgagcg     71280
     cctcacagcc tgtgggtatg cgtgagcctt gtcccacagc tcaggagaga gttctgagaa     71340
     aataaggttt tgtgggaaat atgcataaat cctttgctcg tgagattgaa tgattgctgt     71400
     aatatttact tcctggacac agtgcttcct tgtgtgtcct ggtcgggtcg ttattatacc     71460
     ttcatggtgc tcagaatcta agctcagtac ctgatcgagc cttgttggct gggattccag     71520
     ggatggtcac aaagccaggt gacctgagac atcctgtgct ctcacttgac tctgacctgc     71580
     caggggtcct gtcacctcct atgttagatc acaccccact gcccctgcgt ccttctgaat     71640
     agtccatctc tcaccagact tcagccccac ctcctgggtg gcttctgtag ccagtctcct     71700
     ggagcagtgt aagagttcct tttaaaagct cggaactggc tgggcgtggt ggcagcactc     71760
     gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctagtctaca aagtgagttc     71820
     caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctctgtg tatctcatgc tgtggatcag     71880
     accacccaaa actcagctgc ccagagatag ggagggtagt cacccgagtc tctcgagttc     71940
     ataactggag caggacacag cggggtaggt attagctctg aacatacagc attgtgagtg     72000
     ctagagtcct cggaatgaga aggcccacgc actcacaggt gacttgggat gggagatgtc     72060
     tcggtttctc gtcacaggag caccagagtg gtctcaccca ggtgggctgg cgtgagagcc     72120
     cagttcaggg tgtatagaca ggagcacact cctggcaggt gatctgccct ttctccccag     72180
     tgacacacag aaccatttgt gtccccagag taggaccctc cagacgcagc ccctgacgga     72240
     tgccgggctt gcattgtgag ggcatatgga gtggggaccg tccctgtggt gggaatgttg     72300
     aaccaccatc cctgggtaca tccacatcct gctgaagcct ccttgggcgc tcgcgatgcc     72360
     ttggatgctt cagctatggc tgccacaccc ggcagcgaag ccttctcatc tgccccttgt     72420
     agctccacat ccggtgccaa aggtgaggtt ttgtttaaat cgatcctgca gcttcatgga     72480
     gcttcctgtg tccctcatgg gaacagtgtt tttatttctt tcttcacaca ctgtctgcct     72540
     ccattattct ccccctctcc ctctctcccc ctctccctct ctccccctct ccccctctcc     72600
     ctctctccct ctctccccct ctccctctct ccctctctcc ccctctccct ctctccctct     72660
     ctccctccga atttgctagc tcttccccgc tgccttgggg tcttggtccc accagcagct     72720
     ttgctgacag accccaggat ctgctacttg ccaagacctc tctccaggaa ggaggcagag     72780
     tggtactcac tccttcactg cctgttcact tggagacctt gggcatggtt ttttcttttc     72840
     attaattaat taattaattc acttttcatc ctgatccccg ctcctctccc tcctctcctc     72900
     ccagtcccac cctcagaagc ccccccaccc cacccccgtg gttactaacc cacacatcag     72960
     acacatcagt cgcagcagga ctaagcgcat cgtctcccac tgaggctcag ctattaaaaa     73020
     caaagatatg gggctggcaa gatggctcag tggttaaaag cactgactgc tcttccagag     73080
     gttctgtgtt caattcccag caaccaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatggga     73140
     tccgatgccc tcttccggag tgtctgaaga cagctccact gtactcatat gcattaaata     73200
     aataaataaa tctttaaaag aaataaaaga aagatatggt gcatccatat gaaggcaaat     73260
     aaatggagct agaaaatacc atcctgagtg aggttacccc agacccagaa agacactcat     73320
     ggtctgtact cataagtaga tattagccat aaagtacaga gtaaccatac tgtaatccac     73380
     agaccttaag ctaagtaaca cggagggctc aagggaggat gtttgaatct cactcagagg     73440
     gggaaatagg catcggagat gactagaggg agggaacctg acctcggcta tcttaatgca     73500
     tagcatggag atggggattc aggggtgggt ggcctgcttg tttccagtaa agcccagccc     73560
     tgctgtgctg cactgtgtcc tgagccttgc cgccagcagt gccagtgcag tagagtgacc     73620
     ttgaaggcag agcccggtgg aaggctggct ctctgaaggg ttcctgcagg aattcaaagc     73680
     tgaggttcac cagcatttct tgcccctcct ctcattgcca attctggtgt gtgctgacca     73740
     ccgccatccc tctcagcaca ctgcccccca ccctcgccat gacctctagt aaggcctaat     73800
     gaggtctgtt tccagattcc agcaacttct acccagggcc gttgtcgagg acaagaaagg     73860
     gacagggcag gaccttctgt cctccggggt ggggtgaggt aggccgagaa ctccccaagc     73920
     atgccccaca ggcatgctgt cctgtaatgc tgtggtggag gccaacgcga gtgaacagag     73980
     ggactgcctt atactctgct caggcctctg gaggttccag gagacagaat ggagggggcc     74040
     ttttcctgca gttcctggtg tctgctagtg ttttcagact ttgtgtccag agccaggcag     74100
     tccagtccct tgcagactgt tgagcccaga gacctcagaa gccaggatca gggcagagac     74160
     cctgcggttc caaacttggc cagcatgggg ctgcggaaac aaattgatca gaaataaaga     74220
     gcagggataa atgctctggg aagcatgagg accacgggaa ggatgaggcg tgcaggggtg     74280
     tctccaagaa aagaagctgg aaaatgttga ggggctcccc aacacatcca tacttctgac     74340
     caactatttc taaatccagg gggtccccag tgctccttag gttcaagaac ggaaactcag     74400
     gaagccagtg gcgggggtga ggggcaatgg agagatggct cagctggtca cttgccgtgc     74460
     agtcatgaag acccgagttt ggctcaccag catccacgtt agaagctggg tgtggtgatg     74520
     ctgcacatct gcaaccacag ccgtggaggg gggagggtgg gagagacagg cagatccctg     74580
     gagctagcca gcctcaccat tcagtgagtt cccacgcagt atggctgtgc cctctcctca     74640
     cagaatcaca gctctccccc ttcaaggcat atctcacaac ccaggaggct atgcagggcc     74700
     tggctgtctg gaattctttg ggatttcaaa aacaggcaga gctggttgag tgttgtccat     74760
     gtgatggaac tcagtcccca gcctgccttc cttccctggg ggttggactg actctgggcc     74820
     ccagccctct ggtcttagga ttgacagccc catcctgaag ccacctaggg aaccaccacc     74880
     tcattaatat aggctcaggt agagtgacta gggcttagga caaacagaga tattcctgtt     74940
     gtgccccccc accccccacc tccgccctca attccaatcg cagcattttc cgtcctcacc     75000
     ccaagccgag gaagagtcag tttcttcatt acacaacctt agtggtggtg gttttgtttt     75060
     tctcctgtca tttgtcattc tggaaattac ctctgctatc ttaagtgacc tgacacctct     75120
     tgctctttag catttcctgt gtattgttcc tcttatgacc ttctcactaa ttaacattct     75180
     ctgatgtctt tgttgtgtta taacgaggga ggtccagagg agtggtgacc acctcaaggt     75240
     ggtcatgacc acctcaaggt gacacagcta gtaagcgccc cagtaggatt ttcacctcag     75300
     ctgggctggc catgaggtct tctggctgca gctcaaacct agtctatcgg acaggtgact     75360
     gcctctcctt ggccactgtt ggctgtcagg aatgactaca cttgtctgtt acgtgctgtg     75420
     cacaatagat tcaaacccag cagagagctt ttctatggat cccattggat tgaccggcat     75480
     gccactagtc ccagcctggg gatggcctgc tagacagtgg acagggcaga aaggccttag     75540
     ggacctttgc cttccctgtc acgggtactt atctcctgca ctcgcttctg aacctctctg     75600
     gactgtggct gagtcctggt ggggcagagg agagaagagc tccgagtagt gacctaacaa     75660
     atgtcccttt atattatcct tcctcccctc ccagatggcc tgaagtacag cagttggcat     75720
     tcttgtcact gctgtgtccc aggggacctg cacggggttg tgtcaaaagc caagccctgc     75780
     agtttgggaa attagcagca tttatggctg tcccaagaga ctcttggcat ctcagccaaa     75840
     ctagcaagtc ttcagctggg gacatttctg ccccagtaag ggagtttacg gactgcagtt     75900
     gtcacagtat ttgggggggt cctgttgtca attacgtagt gggatctcga ggtgctaatg     75960
     acccagcatt gagctggaca gtcagacaca ctctgtgggg aataggcttg cccttgagag     76020
     acctgagaaa ggtctgcttc cctgcccctt tctcaccagg gtttaagttg aataaatggg     76080
     aatcaaagaa agtctccctt gagccgatga gtggtcaggt ggtctatcca ggggggcaca     76140
     ggcagccatg agaagagcat tctgttggga tctcatgtca gctggggcct ggggtcaggg     76200
     cagacctgga cttgggtggt agagggtgaa gaaagggtag gccgccacct cctccgtggc     76260
     agcctgggga ctgacgagtg tggcccccta gagctcacat cagcaccttg gcttgggctc     76320
     tttctcctgg ggtctgcttc tctgctttct gtggtttcta tgagccagcc tttcaagtgc     76380
     gcgtgtttag aagaccctag ccataggctg gtcttacggc tgaacctctc tctcctttct     76440
     gccttgcagt cgggaagacg tctctgatca cgaggttcat gtatgacagc ttcgacaaca     76500
     cctaccaggt aagactcccc acttcccatg ctcccccccc ccacctcccc tgcctctgtc     76560
     tctgcctgtg gaccctgtct ggagagcact gccagctgtc tccagggagc attgagctca     76620
     gagtgggtgg ggccactgca gctctctcag gcaacttacc gattggaagg aatgccatgc     76680
     ccttcctggt aacctggcct aggccggaaa tgagctcaga gtctagatgt tgaaaaggaa     76740
     acttttattt tttaagggag aaatatcaaa accagagaag ggatcttttg aagaggcagg     76800
     ttggaagcat tacagagttt ggttatgtca aggggcaggc cgaagaggat aagatgaagt     76860
     gcaggggcag ttggagaggg tgcagctcag gagtggtcac actggctgga cttgacatac     76920
     acataaccca gacagaccac gcacggactg tcacacacgc tcagtccgcc ctcatcccct     76980
     gctgctgaag cacacgctgc cacagagagg cgtggacgct tagttgaccc tgccctgtgt     77040
     ggtcaggaga ctgggcataa agacatctgt ggagcctggt ttgggaatgg tagcctgggc     77100
     tcagtcacag gcccataggt gaccccaaac cgaattcatg aggggcagag acatatctgt     77160
     ttggtatcag tggtggtggt ggacagggca ggcagtacac gtgagtttcc tcacagctaa     77220
     agcattttgc caaagttgtt atccctacca ccaccttgga ctgtctgtcc acagttagtt     77280
     caccagttca tttctctagg ctagggtcct gtgagatact agctcccaga caatgttagt     77340
     agctgttact tggcaaaggg agtgtgtggt ttcacaagca gagctgggtt gtttagactg     77400
     ggggggggtg gtggggggaa tgagggtggg agtggaaggg gactgctctc gctcagcact     77460
     gaatctcagg gctccccctc agcccagggc ttcagtctgc tgaaagcaga tgcagtggtt     77520
     gtttgaatgt agaatccctt tgtcaacaca ttctcaagga caagtattta tagattcact     77580
     ggggcagctg ttccaaggtg ccgctctccc cgctgctggg tgtggagcag cccacgagtc     77640
     tccgatgctt gtccgtccgt cagtgcccta gtgcagtcac ccttgtctca gatgtcctct     77700
     gaggaccccc tttctgtttc cctcaagttc ttattccact ctgcaatggg tggactgaaa     77760
     tcctatatca cgtggactcc agagggattg cctacgggga aggacaggag actctgggtg     77820
     cgtcagaggg tgtacgtggc tttgggacat tgatgccggt catactgttg tgtcctcccc     77880
     caagccagga ctttgcgtca ctttggtctg actgtggagc agaggtgaca tccctaacag     77940
     actcccctcc tgaaagaaag atgaaatttc aagacctgta agtcatataa agtactcaga     78000
     aattgctggt tgtttgtgag cctagaggct gcctggggct gaaaataaag aaaaacaaac     78060
     ctgggtatgc cacatagtta aaacattcct gggaacagct taacctataa gataaagaag     78120
     actgtgagga caagcagggc tatcttgtct gggtcaacac cacctggccg gaacctcccc     78180
     tctgtctact gctccttgac gccgggtaaa gtcatacatc aactggttgc tatgtgaaca     78240
     aagataagcc cccagcccac agaaacaaag tcctgatgcc cttttgctga catgtaatct     78300
     ttctgttaat gtttaaataa gccaatagtg tgtctctatg ctgaattcca cacccctaag     78360
     ccccttaccc cataaaaacc cctagcttct gagcctcgtg gccgacatcc gttatctcct     78420
     gtgtgggatg catgtcggtc cggagctcca taattaaacg tcctcatgta tttacatcaa     78480
     gatggttgtc tgttcgtgat tcttgggtgc acgccgaatc gggagttgag tgggggtttc     78540
     cccactaggt tctaacactc ctaaagtctc cttgtgctct gtgtgtgcac atgcacacgt     78600
     gtgaatgtgt gcacctgcgc acatgcttgt gtttttatta gttgactttt ccctttttga     78660
     cacagagact cctgtggctc cagctggcct tgactcttct gggtagctaa gaatgacagt     78720
     gatctctggc tatttctgac tactgcttga ttttttttta gcgatcttcc tgtttttcct     78780
     atggcaccgc attgagattc ttagcagcag tggacaaatt acctttgaaa ttttatctcc     78840
     cttcttccca ctgtcaccct cattgcctga cgcttgtcac tcaaatcagg ctttacttgt     78900
     tcctgtcact gtgtggtggc tggcgatggc ctagcctgga catcagctcc tgtcactgtc     78960
     ccagctccgc tcgctctgct ctgaaaattc ttccaatgcc tgaagcgtgg caaatgtttg     79020
     ccctgagaac agagccccac ctcttgcatc agttcccatg agcctttggc tgtagcgtgt     79080
     gatcctgaaa gctagttggg cccctcaagt ctagggctac tcctctgccc ttctggttct     79140
     cacctgtgtt ttgggatgtg ccaagtccag gatcttcttg gagacatcac tgtacaaggc     79200
     ctggctgaag atggtgccac aggtacctac gggcacagta atggctgctt gcctcagttg     79260
     actggtgcca tcagactgag cgcctcccag gaccactgtc atggtgagtc aacggagatc     79320
     acagaacaga tccgatgccg ctctccccat gcgtgggaga attgtctgac tcggtttctt     79380
     tacatcacca ggtggaaatc ctttccttaa gccctttaga gcagtaatta ggctgagagg     79440
     ctgggctctg cttctctccg tcattcatac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa     79500
     agacatacac acacacatat acacatacaa agacatatat ataaacacac aaagacatat     79560
     acacacagac acacaaagac atacacacac atatacacac agacacatat atacactcac     79620
     atatacacac aaagacataa atacacagat acacaaagac atacacacac atacatatac     79680
     acacataggt acacacaaag acatacacag acacacagac acacacaaac tcacacacaa     79740
     agacatacac acagatacat acacagacac acacatacaa acaaagacat atgcataaac     79800
     acaaagatac acacacacag acatatatac acaaagacac acagatacac aaacacacac     79860
     acacacacac acacacacac agacatacac acacacagac acatgattgc ttgttaatcc     79920
     tctggagatg gaggaggaca gactttgttt attttctttt tctgagcata gcagcagagg     79980
     tgtatgggaa atagataagt ccccagggac ccgagaagat gaaatgtatt ttctctcagg     80040
     ctgtcccact gcacaggagc cgtgcttgtc accctcccac caatatcctg tctgtcccag     80100
     cagcagtaca gcatggcaga gtctaggccc actcagtcag ctcccaggac agtgttccct     80160
     ctctctcctc atggctccag accctgtgct cccctcccat tcactcatcc tgacaaaaga     80220
     cagctgtgtg ctgtagtaca tggcctgaca gaaggtagca gaaggcagcc tggcccaccc     80280
     tcagcggggc acagagggca gggcctatcc tcagccacgg ccagtgccac cttgatgtag     80340
     agctgagtgt gcaagaggcc ccaaagggcc accatgcggc cctgagtatg gtaggctggg     80400
     gtcctcagct gaacctctca gaaggttctg tttgtggccc tggtgagctg gcacttctac     80460
     agccctgggg gacctttgag aagcatgtct tcgttctcta cttacctggc agttacacac     80520
     atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac accccttatt ctccgctaac acatgtactc     80580
     tagtctctca ccgccctgcc taatcacacc atacaaactg attcacttat acagttttca     80640
     cttggtggaa aaccaagtct caagcagagg aaattttgtc tgtggtgatt ccttcatgta     80700
     aaaccccagc taagaggtag tatgttttgt aatgtggtag catgatgcgg cggaagtggg     80760
     tgccttagcg ggcccatgtt gaggtacccc caccaaggta ccagccagac aatgggtcta     80820
     gtataaaatg aagtttattt ggggcatgag aggaggctgt ggagaggggg tggaggcaga     80880
     gaaagaggac agagaagaac agaaagagag gagagaaaga agggaagagg ccagcagaga     80940
     acatgcaggg agagagaaag gaggagagga cagaagcggg aagagaggtc acacagtctt     81000
     tttatagcca gctgggctca tacctggctg ttcctaggta actgttgggc agagcctaga     81060
     agaaatgcta acgaggtttt cttaaaactc tatctaggga aaaaaaaaat ctgggcatat     81120
     cttgtaataa gaggtggttc ttgctgtgcg ctcccccacc cataccagca catacccagg     81180
     aaacccctgt gggccctggg agggtcagct gtgtgaagga gccctgctaa agggaggtgt     81240
     ggtcctctga aggtcactcc tggccgaggc tctccagggt gctctttcca gcctgcaaag     81300
     ctggcagctc aggccttagc gtcttagaga actgagaggt ggtaagaact taacactgag     81360
     gacccatggc ccctcctgtc atccacacca agttagaaca gcacagatct aatgggctgc     81420
     ctcagggaga gaggcgccca caggccagga gggctcttct cagaggacac ttgtgagatg     81480
     ggaaggtgtt tcagactctg aagggggttc ctaagaagca aatgctggtc tttctggcag     81540
     gctcagatct cctgagatct cttgccggca gctgatcctc gagccatggc agtctgttct     81600
     gccctgaggc ttcccacact cagtcttggg gccgccgcca cagcaaatta ccacacactg     81660
     agtagcttca aaggaacagg agtgtattct gtcctcacct tcctgggggc ctgagggtgg     81720
     aacacataca agagagccct gagcttttgg gggttggggg gagggcattc tccttgctgt     81780
     tggcttctag tggcctcaga tgctctttgt catagggctt caagatttcc atctggccgc     81840
     cctcttcatg agatctgagt agataaggtg gatggatagg tgtggattct catctgggcc     81900
     cttgaagtgg acgcagcatg catctgtatg catctgtatg catctgtatg catctgtatg     81960
     catctgcact cggggagagg ctcctagtca cgtcacctca cgtggtgcct gaagccttgg     82020
     atttttattt ctgtctcctg ccttgtcctg attacgtgct cttgccgtgg ccacagagac     82080
     ttctccctga cacagtgcgg taactggcct cttacctgac aagcgatgct tcctcttcaa     82140
     ggtgaataca tatatgcttg tacacacata cactcacatg cagatacata catgtgcaca     82200
     cacatacact ctcacacgtg cctgtgcaca cacacgcaca catacatatg catacacatg     82260
     gcacacacca gcacacacac atttatgcag tgcgcacaca cacacacaca cacatatacg     82320
     ccagcctttc ctgaatactg aataaagctt ctgcgtgcac tcgtgcctct ctccgctgtg     82380
     gctgcatcaa atcctcctcc tctcctatcg gctccactct tgtcttccgg tggccttcct     82440
     gcccactcca gcagccatca gtcgctggct tgtctggccc acacacccta gggaccacgt     82500
     cactaacact gtttttcaca ggctcagaca ctactggagg ggagggtgaa tgggcaaaga     82560
     cttggttgac cacagtgata cttctcatga tgtgagcacc atgaccaccc agggaccagg     82620
     tagcaaggtg ttttctgtat tagtattatg atgaacagag ccaattacat gtatgcacgt     82680
     atgtatatga atatatgtta ttgtacacgt acacacacga ttacaaattg gacagccatt     82740
     cttcatagag aagaaagtaa ccacgggaca gattgtgacc ttgaaaagcc aggtgcctgc     82800
     cctgtgacct tgggagccag catctcctcc tccagggcac taactgagca gctgtcattg     82860
     gctggcagtg acccggccct acctgttccc aagaggctgt gagctcctct ctacaaagca     82920
     accactttct tggctgagtc tttaagttta ccaggctcat ttgcatgcta atttgcataa     82980
     ctttacccag atacttcggt ctggtggttg gctgtgcctg agagaacagc agagtcattg     83040
     tcaggggctt gtcatgccca gctgctttct gccatttacg gatgcttctc tccagcgccg     83100
     gccggccggg ctcaaaaaga agacgcacgc acatacttgc cttttcattc tcttcccctg     83160
     aagaaataaa tgctggcgtc aatttatgct aattgccatg cagatttcct ccggtagact     83220
     ttattgctgt atcttgtcag aatgtggatg caaatttata tttcataata aatgcacaga     83280
     gctaagaaga tttcaacaag tgccgtaggg aatatcttgc tcagagatct tcttgctcgg     83340
     atgtgctggt ggaaggtctg tgcagaggaa tgcaagtacg ccaccgtcga cacccctgtc     83400
     gatactgtgt aatgccacac tcaaaggaag ataaccgttg ggaggaaatc tgtgcttctt     83460
     aatattcttt gcatgtgtaa aataaagtgg ctgctatttt tcatagtcag tgagtgccgt     83520
     ttgccagcgc aaaagaataa attagcattg ccaggttcgg ggccacgtat aacagtagac     83580
     tacacctccg tttccttcag agaagacatc acgcaataca ggcagagaag gcacagctgt     83640
     gtgaggggat cacggggctt ctagactgac agaggactcc caggcacatg cctgtttgta     83700
     tctcttgata tctcatcccc tgtgggcatc taccatcgga aatgatttgt ttcatacctc     83760
     ataagataaa gaatagaaaa gctaccttga ctataactcc ttggcacagt gaaagagcgg     83820
     cgtgcctctc ctcggctcca ccttcctgaa cctttgctga agccctggga atcccagatc     83880
     cttgggatgt cgatgaagaa taggacagca aaggttcctg aggggctggg ggtgggggtg     83940
     ggggtctgac agattaggaa agaaacagtt cctgtctctc cactgcagga ttcaacagag     84000
     cctttaatgt gccaggagag tcactcactt gcttgctgtt tctgctcatc ctgagcagag     84060
     actccgaggc cataccgcat aaccagacag acaccgggca gtctccatgg cttggctgtg     84120
     ccgctttgcc tggagagccc tgggtcagct ggttcctggt aacaattgct catttctgtt     84180
     gacatagcat atgacagaat gaagtgcctt cacagagtct taactccttt ggtccaacag     84240
     tccttagagg gagctctggg atcttcattt gagaggtgag ggggttgggg gctagggcta     84300
     ggctgggggc taattggact ccttagttca gtatgcacga gagcttgggt cttcagttat     84360
     ggggcacctg taaatcccag cacagggagg tagaagtgtg aggataagaa gctcaaagcc     84420
     acccccagca acaagctaaa ggccaacttg ggagctgggg tacagtagat cctttcacaa     84480
     ggcagaaaaa caagataaat aaataagcgc aaagagcaac aaagaaaatc ccactggcgc     84540
     ccactggaca catgacccac tactgatggc atgttggcct ctctggggcc agctgtagcc     84600
     tgtcctgagt ggccctgata tacacagcct gagtgcgctc cctttccaaa gaacccgtga     84660
     gggttcctca tcacctgggc cgcagggcag cgctggggct gtgtgtatca gaaatcctgg     84720
     cattaatcct ggaataacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     84780
     tctcatactc ataccagtct cacgcaccca ttcatgcctt tgtacaaata cagtgtaaac     84840
     ttgagtgtgt tccattccca cgcacatata aacacacatc caccaatgca taactctcct     84900
     gtgtgacctg tgttgacccc tgagaggagg ctggtccaga ggagtcacca aggatccctg     84960
     ggcctagccg aatagttagt tgttcttgct atctggtgtc tccttcctcc aatgttcacc     85020
     tgaagtggga gtgtccttca tgaccaagac tgcaggtgca aaggaaaaaa aaaaactagc     85080
     tctgcaagcg agggcactgg gctaagtgtg gcagaaatac cgcctggggc tcaacatttg     85140
     atcccaggtt tcctggtgga caggagaaac tatatgcttg ggtcttgtaa atataaatac     85200
     aagaagtgtt caggtttgtg ttctgatcag atgttgctac cctgtaaact aacccacatc     85260
     acccacaggc tggtgtgttt ggatgctggg tcaccagctg gtagggatgt ttggggaagt     85320
     tgtgagatta tatttagacg acgagatgta gtggaggaag tgtgtctggg gaaggcagag     85380
     ctgcagtgga ttccgtttat ggcctgcctc cagtcctgat cctctgtggt ggaaacagcc     85440
     tcacgctccc acccgccatg ggcaggagct gctctcacct cccctaaagc catcaaaata     85500
     gagccttcct cctgtcagtt ctttctgtca ggtattctgt ctcagcaaca gaatagtccc     85560
     cagtgtctag ggtttcctgg ggccagccta cagagatgta cacacatgaa gtggcttggc     85620
     aggtagactg gctggtagta gtgtgaacgg cgaggtggac tcctcacgtg ggcagtctgt     85680
     gcttctgact caccggcctc taaaatgtgc tgcccgccta cccgcctcac ttcctgctgg     85740
     caccatattg tactgtgtag acaaacacct gagacccgtg gcctccacag tcagagctga     85800
     cacaggtcag agcctgtagg gtggtactga ataacaattc aacagtgctc tcagacagag     85860
     cccaggagct ccacacactg tgctccggcc atcccacctc ctgccttgtg ggaatgccca     85920
     tcagtctgga tctagcgttg tggctctcca cttgggcagt atgagtgatg gtctggtact     85980
     gcctgctttc actagttggt gtggtgtggt tgcggctaac tttctgtagt ctgctccaaa     86040
     agagtcagcc tatattagct acttttccac gagtatcacc aagcacccaa cagaaacagc     86100
     ctaatgtaga aaaggttgat ttgggcgtgt gatttcagag atgtcagtca gtcatggtag     86160
     agaacagagc aaagcagttt gcatcatggt gaccaaaaag cagagagtcg gagcatgcaa     86220
     gcaagggtct ggataaggac acactagtga cttacttcct ccaactagcc cccatctcgt     86280
     atgccttact atgtcccaat aatgccattg tcttaatgaa cccatcaaag gattgcgcca     86340
     ttgatcagac cagagctctc atgatttaat tgtctctgga aatgccatta cacacaaggg     86400
     cgggtagaca gatagacaga cagacagatg gagaagtaca ttatttatct cctaggtgtt     86460
     tctcagtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttatcat ccaaaggctt atgttttgaa tgcttattcc     86520
     ccagcccgtg gcactatttt aagagactgt gtgattttta agaggtggga ctctatctgg     86580
     tagaagtaag acactggggg tgggagggtg gacccttgaa gattatgccc aaccccttct     86640
     tcctatgttg ctctcctttt cccggcctgc tgtgatgtga acagctttgg ccacattctg     86700
     ctactgccag atagccttcc caagcaggtg ggaccaaaca tccatggact gaactctttg     86760
     aactgtaagc cagaagaaag tcatcccatc cttgagttct tatttccatt gagtattttg     86820
     gctgcagtga ttcaagagtc tatactaatc tacttaataa acttaaccac catacctggg     86880
     cagtggtggt gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggagac agaggcaggc agatttctat     86940
     gttcgaggcc acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccaaggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctca     87000
     aaatgaaaac caaccccccc ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaaa aaaaagccaa acttagccat     87060
     cactcagcgc acaaaggcca tctttatgtc ctcatctgaa gccatgtcct agtagcagag     87120
     aaggtgtggg gtggtccttg tcaccctgct gactcactat cacaccctgg gaaagtcatg     87180
     tctctagtct gaacctctag tttgtcatct gctgagtgaa tatatgttca cccatatacc     87240
     ggctactcca cttgttaaaa cctgcctcag ccacgcacac agcctttcta catctgtcca     87300
     cattcgctaa gtctgacctg tcctgagtat catccacata ccctgccccg gagcctgctc     87360
     cttccccttg catatcttcc agatatacac aacagttctg tgtatctttc ttacatctgt     87420
     cccatctacc agccaggatg atctttctag agtgccggct attaggaagt ccttctgaag     87480
     tttcacttca tccagttccc tggcttcctc aagtccccta cagcagccat tggccccaac     87540
     tgttttccat tttctgaaag aactacctgg cttcattctt cagggtgctc tctcctacaa     87600
     cactctcttt actgccttta cctgtgtact gaccctctcc tgtgcccgta gtccttgcag     87660
     aagacccagg tcctgtcacc accatttcct ttcaggctaa ggatcgtctt taacatagac     87720
     tctttgtccc cgttcattta aaaggtgctt ttagtttatc tgcacatgaa cattttttgc     87780
     tgggttttaa attctagctc cacttgctat ctgtcatcat tatcttccct gctcttccat     87840
     cctcgggtac caggtgccat tttcctctgg ctggtctcaa gattgtatct ttggtttggt     87900
     cctcattgat ttgactctga tttttaaaag cttttctggg ctggagagat ggctcagtgg     87960
     ttaagagcac tgactgctct cccaaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg     88020
     gctcacaacc atccataatg agatccaact ccctcttctg gagtgtctga agacagctat     88080
     agtgtactta catataataa ataaataaaa tattttttta aaaaaagctt ttctgtactt     88140
     cttgtcaatt gtggtggctt catgttctgt ccttcacgtt gtgttctagt tggtatgata     88200
     ttatatactt gtgtatgcct atgtgtgtac tgtacatgtt cttgtgtgtg tgaatgtgtg     88260
     tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgaa gaggtacatt tctcatggca cgtgtgtgga catgagaaga     88320
     caacttgtgg aattagtttt cccatttcta ccatgagggt tcctgggcca aactgaggtg     88380
     gtcaggcttg gcagcaagca cctttacctg ctaagccgtc ttgctgaact tgcccatctc     88440
     tgtctttgtt atgaacataa ccttctgtag ttgggcataa taaatattgg ttatcttaaa     88500
     atatttcttc ctactttcaa tgtccgaatc atctcaggat tgatcctcat tttccttgtg     88560
     tatggcttgc gttttcctgt cacctcatgt gtctactcgg ttgagattac atcctgcgcg     88620
     cgcgcgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtc     88680
     tggattctgg ttgcagcttt gagtcctgct ggttctttgt tttaaaccct gattctcagc     88740
     tctgtcccct gtgctgggca acaaccctct cttccatctg tagtcttgtt ttgcttctgg     88800
     ccttgggcag attgcttggg atcttctctg gccatccagt attggacagc atttctatag     88860
     agacttcaga gccccttctg tggctttctc atgtctagga tttttctgta cttctcgtca     88920
     attgtggtgg cttcacgttc tgtcctctcg tgttccagtt ggtatgactg actgggtttc     88980
     ttcatgagtc tgagttttta ccagcacttc ctggtgcctt cctcgcctgt tttttctagt     89040
     tgattcagag ttaatagcat caatcatcca gagggctaga tgacctcgga tgatgagaac     89100
     cagagtccac ctcactcctc caagatgctt ctcctatccc cactattccc cgacttctgc     89160
     ctactggaag gtcctatgta ctgaggtctt gcgtatccac tccacatatc catcagacac     89220
     cgagcaagcc aggcctgctg ctctgacctt catcccttcc acgctggctc ttcctctcca     89280
     tttgctgtga gtgacagttt ctgtatgtgt cttctcctcc aagtaggaag atccttaggg     89340
     gcagggactg gggatttttt tttttacaac acacagtagg tactcaaggg tgaagtgaag     89400
     tggtttgact taattattta caccatctgc cacgaagaag ctgcccaggg aagaccatga     89460
     ctgccacctt ctctgaaaat ctggcctccg tgggagacac aggctccagc tggcagcggt     89520
     gtgggccagc tgctgagact catgtctggg aaatacatgg tgcccaggag ctagagctat     89580
     gttctggtca tggagaccca gccaagtctc tctttcaagc ccttttccct atgtcctttg     89640
     agggctcact ttatttattt ctactaaaat gcaaatgaac tctctcttaa gagggctctg     89700
     cagagctgtt atggccaatg attaccgctt tctgacagtc gggagccaga caggatttga     89760
     ctccagggaa acacagtgac agcttggaaa atggacttct agaagccgca ggactacagc     89820
     tcaacagccc aaagcagagc ctttgacgtc cgggagagct ggattcagat ctcaggtctg     89880
     ctacccagcc tgggtgacag accttggttc ggagtgagcc tggttccttc cctgtgcata     89940
     gcaactcatc cactggtgtt atctccatct cccccaccct cttgttatca gtctgtggcc     90000
     ctggagagca cagcctcctc agagctggat cacagcacag agcagtttat ctgcacgctt     90060
     cgctgagcaa gtcactgctc tgagaacttg tctgtgattc tgacacgcag agcctgtgct     90120
     tgtgtctacc tgagtgggcc caggagtcgc agtgtttaag gaagctcctg gggtgacact     90180
     gaagcacatg atccacatgg tacatgctaa aaccccccac atggttgacc agaggcagag     90240
     attagggagt ctgagacatt tcctatttgg tagagaaggt attgaatagc ctctgggcta     90300
     tcccaagtgt tgataatctg atttgcggag aagcatctca aattcataag tactgattat     90360
     ggaagaacat ttcacaggag ggacagcatc aggaaagaga tgcagaagct gacatgggaa     90420
     gggcctgtag actgactcag tgggtaaagg tgcttgctgc caagcccggt gacctgaatt     90480
     tggtctccag atacatgtgg tggaggacca gctccagcaa actgtcccct gacttccaca     90540
     caaaagccat gcatgcatgc atgcacacac acatacaaag tgaacaaaaa catgcagaga     90600
     aacatgtgtc ttagttaggg ctttattgct gtgaacagac accatgatca aggacaacat     90660
     ttcattgggg ctggctcaca ggttcagagg ttcagtccat tatcatcaag gcaggagcat     90720
     ggcagcatcg tggtgcagga ggagctgaga gttcatcttc atctgaaggc tgctagaaga     90780
     ctgacttcca gacagctagg acaatggtat taaagaccac gcccacagtg acatactttt     90840
     tccaacaagg ccacacctcc taatagtgcc actctctggc ccaagcctgt acatgacatg     90900
     tgaattctaa acagcattat tccttggtat aaagtcaagc tggttatgag gagtacaagg     90960
     ttataaaaag ccagtggtga ctcttgaaca gtcaaccaca ggtgcttaga ctgtttcctg     91020
     ggagctgtaa ggaggaacaa agtcaggatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     91080
     tgtgtgtgta atatttatat tgtatataaa tatataatac atattatata tattattagt     91140
     tttgtttctt aagattcatt tatctttatt tcatggttga gtggtttgcc cccatgtaag     91200
     aaaatgcacc atatatgtga agtgctggtg gagaccagaa gaggccatta gattccccag     91260
     aactgctgca gaccctctgg gccctttgtc tgcgtggaac gggtctctct agtcgcgggt     91320
     aggcaaagca tcgaatgaat tgacagacag atgcacacag gagaggttgt gtagaatctg     91380
     aatgtaatgt caaatccagc atcagacttt ttatacagaa gacaataagg aagttgggtg     91440
     acattcctgc acggtaaaaa gaggttactg gattcttaca taaaacagag gaatgcaaac     91500
     acagaaggtc taacaggaac cacctgggat agaattcatt gttaacaact gggatcaaca     91560
     agggctccac ctaagattca cttaatctta gaagcccagg gtcaagggct tcgtgccctt     91620
     gccatagttc ctattttagt ctattgtata gtccaccttc cccttaggcc attgtaaata     91680
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     91740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgggtg taactcagct atagtcttag aagccaggtg     91800
     tgaggtcttt actcttctag ggcaagggct ttcacaccca agtcatggtt ctaactaggg     91860
     agttcctttc tagctaacca tctcatgaat aatgcaatac tctaaaacca tagcccgatc     91920
     tacttcctaa accattgtaa attcctgtat atgggtgcga cttggctttt attctaagtg     91980
     atagtgtaat accagaggct atttctggat gtcactgaat agcaatattc ttactgaact     92040
     tctagcccat ggtcttgctc aaggacgttc taagactgtt ggaacactgg cggaaggctt     92100
     tagctatgtc agaattcaat cttaaaaagc acttataata ggataatact aaaagagagc     92160
     acgtggatcc gtacactaga ctaactcggg aatggaaaat taatgtatgg gttagagaga     92220
     acgccagact ccaggagtgt ttccgtgaaa ctcttccgcc tcatgagtag cttccaaacc     92280
     tctcggcttg tcaaactgac tcaaccggag tgcgtggcat agaacaagct ctatggagag     92340
     ttgtaagctg ccctgtgggt gctaggaact taacctgggt ccttcccaag agcagccagt     92400
     gtaattaact gcagagccac ctctccatat ccctaatgtc attggtttta aactcaaaac     92460
     taaccttgcc tgccacatga aggttgctta tggggcagtg gtgaggacag ggaacccagg     92520
     gaagatgcta ctgaggttac tcccgtggga ggttcagtct gcacgaggga gcagtgagat     92580
     cggtgagaag gggtgaggat gggagcaggt gaaaccacaa gaggtggcac cgtcatctct     92640
     gccttccctc acccctgtct tgatggtttc agaatgtcct cagagttctt gagactcatt     92700
     cccacatcta ttttcttctt ttaaagccta gctatttgtg tcatctaggg gtctgttcct     92760
     cttgaggttt tttttttttt cctcaattat gattcaaatt tcttctttgc ataggtggtc     92820
     tgtttttatt ttgtggacag gataatttaa atgcatagct ttctttgctt ccccagagac     92880
     tttaatccct tcattgttca ccagcttgtg gtctctctta cgtgcttgta cattgttgtt     92940
     tcttgaattt tttttctaaa aatcagaata gcctgatcca atctgctcag ctctcaacaa     93000
     aagaaaaaca gtgacatcag agcttaagag caaagatggc tcagacaccc agaggtgatg     93060
     cccatgctgt gctgtacaga tgtaagaaga tacacattag ttgaatgaat tacatttttt     93120
     atgttgttgt gattaagtta cctgacagaa acagtttatg gaaagaaaga gttttggttt     93180
     ttttttgggg gggggggttg ttttttttgt ttttgttttg ttttgttttt tgtttttttt     93240
     tttggctcat ggtttcagaa gagttcagtc ctcatggcag ggaagacaca gcagggttca     93300
     cagcagtgcc agcttgtggt gggagctcct cagaccacag tagaccctga agcagagaga     93360
     gcaagaacca gctataacct ggggtccgtg tcagacaccc accctaaatg tcctgtctcc     93420
     accagctagg tcctgcttcc caaaggttcc aaactctctc caaagaacac caccagctgc     93480
     agaacaaaca ctcaaaacct aaacctgtga gagacttcca gtcaagccat aacattccat     93540
     cttggttgcc aaaggctcac ggccatctta aaagacaaag acacacttat tccaatttta     93600
     agacgttctc acagtctcaa cattgaccaa tagtctaagt ccaaagtctc cactgatggt     93660
     caaaacagtc tgtggtctcc tggaaataag aatgtgttca agattagaaa aaaaatagga     93720
     gaccaaaagc caacagggga aacacttaag tcttctacct ccgtgtccag aatctgggca     93780
     catcatttgg tctcacacag agatgttcct taaaaatcta ggtgctagtc tctgtgaccc     93840
     cataatttac attctgcaca cctgaaaact agcaccagat aggtaagtca aaagtcagct     93900
     gccgcaggga ccccttcgat tatggctgct tttggcttct gagtacctga gaagctgaac     93960
     caaaacctag aaaaccatct tcttaggtgg ccccttccca tcggagcacc ttggtgactc     94020
     ttcaaaatac attcaccttc tgaaggaaag tattttaagt gattaattga ttcgtcttct     94080
     atttcatacc ctggagccct cagaatgggg acagattctc agctcacctg ctctgttgcc     94140
     cccgtgccag gtgagcatca gtagcatgcc gtgaccccta gtctcttatc cacagcttta     94200
     aacatcttct cctttctttc agggccaaat tacacatctt gaaacttctc tgcattttgc     94260
     ccccagtctc actgtgaagg tagctaaaag taaccagcca gaaccatact ggtagcaggt     94320
     tgacctctgt ctgggttgct ttgcattttc tccattacct ttgaagtagt ccaccacctc     94380
     actcaaaatt tcaggtcatg ggtagaatgt aaataaattc tttgtcagat tccagtggcc     94440
     tctagaagcc agtgaccagt ggagtccttg ttttgcccag agatcacgtg ggtatggtct     94500
     ttgctgctca tattgttgtt agtgtttgat cctccaagtt ctcaagggaa cagtggatct     94560
     ggggccttag agtccacatg gttaaactgt tgcaagccag tttcaaaggc ttagaaacca     94620
     cctggtaaga ttagccatct gaatgttgcc actttgctgg gatccgctct ctgcttctca     94680
     ctttagcatg gttctgagag aaacaacttg aagaaaacac tctttctggc tcgtggtttt     94740
     tcaaagggct tcagtctatc cagcagtagc agcatgaagt agaggcacct cacgccactg     94800
     aggcagatca ggaaagagcg aggacagagg ctttgtgtaa ccttcaaagc ctgcccccac     94860
     ccaactgctt ctacaaggta tgtcccattc tgaaaggttc caccgctctc caagttaaca     94920
     ctgtcagctg gagaacaagc attcaaaaca cgaacctatg ggatgtttca gattggaacg     94980
     gccagaatga gtctgagaga gtgacagcta tgcgattagg gatggctctt aggtagtagc     95040
     ttgaagatca gatagaggtg ggaggcagct gtggggagag gaagttggtc cctctcggcg     95100
     ttggctcatt gctgtctcct tggtcagtct gtttcgtgag gcttaataga gatatagtct     95160
     gtggctcagt gagctttaac gatgataaaa gtcactgggc tacgtgttgc tgcggcttga     95220
     tccagtggca tgactcctcg tcatattatc taatgatctc tctctgcgcc atggcagcga     95280
     agtgtcttac atgtgcacac aatgggggaa aaggattgtc gccgttacag taacatccct     95340
     gtcgccaccc agctgccgac cttaggggat aggattttcc atggtccttc actctgttga     95400
     tccaggttag ttacgccgta ctgacggcgg cttgaacaaa gtagaaaatg agatctctgt     95460
     tacttgtagt actgccgagg tgactctctt cacagtccag gagtcaggct ccgttgaagt     95520
     cttcctgccc tctggtcctc agctggacga gccacgatca cccgccccac gagtctgcat     95580
     tccacgcagt gggaaagggg gcagcttagt ggggcgcact aacccaggaa gggctcattc     95640
     cggatgatca tcacctacac atcctgcgat cagaactcag ccaccctgca gccaaggctt     95700
     ctgggaaaca tggcctttga ctggggcagc tcagttgtgc attttctaaa ttctgtattg     95760
     agggatgctg gcagcctctg cctctgatcc tgagcccagg catctggtct tgcttcaggg     95820
     gtcactaaag aaggagtctg gtgtcttcaa ggatcctgtg gcacatagaa aagttgacat     95880
     ttctgcctgc ttggcatatt cctggtcttc gagcgcgcat cagttttaga cttagttctc     95940
     atggctgtgg taggcacttg gggaagtcag gcaggaagct ggaagcagga gttgaagcag     96000
     aggccatgga ggaacactgc ttacaggctt gctcctcaag gcttgctcag cctgcttgct     96060
     tgtagcatct agaaccacat gctcagggcc ttcctgcatc agccatgtat caggaaaatg     96120
     cctcccacag acgtgtccac aggctagtct agtcaggtgg agccagctga gagcccctct     96180
     ttctgcaaac ctttctgtat tacaagaaga tgattctagg cacagggtgg agcacgcgac     96240
     tggagccatg ccctggatgt ctagctgtgt ctgagggttc gttatcactt agtggtgttt     96300
     gctctgtttc acaccgacag tatcttggct cctgcttgta gacatggggt gcaggtaagg     96360
     accagagagg ttgtctacta ggacagaaga ggtgccaggt ggcacaggag tgtgggtgac     96420
     atcccttggc ttggcagcat gaggagcaaa agagctcttt gggcttcagg cattgtggat     96480
     ggtccacagt accccatcca aggcagggca cgatgctctc tgtccccatg cagtgacaaa     96540
     tcctacccaa ccctgcctcc ccgagaacaa tgccgaactg aagtccaagt ccaagggaga     96600
     gtctaggagc tcaggggatg ctggaggcag gtggggactg cttcctgtgc cccatgctct     96660
     ctcacccttc tagaggcacc gttctctctc tctgcgtaga acatgctctg caaacaaaaa     96720
     cctgatctca ccatcatttg ctcaatctcc ttcctcagtg gagggacttg gcttgagtgt     96780
     cccctctgtt gtctgtgcca tttcctgggg tccctggcct tctggctcct ttgtgtgatt     96840
     cctttttcat gttgaccttt tggtgttggt ttcttttttt taaacaggca accatcggga     96900
     ttgacttctt gtcaaaaacc atgtacttgg aagaccgtac ggtgagttcc tggtcttaga     96960
     actggaggac aaggagggca ttgtcgggct tgttccctag agccctcact tgagcactct     97020
     tgggagtctc tgccaagacc aggagggagc tagcagtgcc atcatcgtgg ggtctgggct     97080
     tccaaccccc tctaccactc ctctaccgat gcctctgttt gggccttgta ggttcgactg     97140
     cagctctggg acactgctgg gcaagagagg ttccgcagcc tgatccccag ctacatccga     97200
     gactccacgg tggctgtggt ggtatatgac attactagta agttggagtc tgtgttggaa     97260
     ggagggggct cttaggaccc agtgtgaccc tgaccagacc tgtgtgtgtg tgaatgtgta     97320
     cgccagcgtg tgttcagtgt ggggtagtgt gttatcttaa actgtagtgg attcatcagt     97380
     gtccttcaaa ctcctgtgac agattcgact gcataataca gggttgatcc tgcttggggc     97440
     acgggccccc cggggtgggg gaaatggcag gtgttcacag ggttagctct ctgtgtcctc     97500
     cctggccctg gctggcatgt gtgtgccagc tttccccagg catctctcga ggcagtccct     97560
     cttgtataca cggtttttga aagggctgca cagactcagt gggggaccag acattggggc     97620
     aggccttatg cagagcccag gtacccccaa atcatccaga gcaaagattc tcaacctgtg     97680
     ggctgacact cttctaggat caaatgactc tttcacgggg atggcatacc agatattctc     97740
     cgtatcagat acttacattg cagttcataa cagtagcaga gttacagttt atgaatttgt     97800
     tactgtagca acaaaaatag atttatggtt ggggctcacc acaacatggg caactgtgtt     97860
     aaagagtcat tgcattggga aagatgagga ccactgagct agagatgagc aactgtgtta     97920
     aagagtcata gcactgggaa gattgagaac cactgaccta gaggaacaca cctgggaagc     97980
     cccaggcttt actcccagag tgctctgagg accctgacat cacatgcggt tgtgcacgcc     98040
     tcactgccca gttctgcctt gcccctctgt ctacctcctc ctctctgagc atatgctcct     98100
     tacaccccct agtgaggtgg gagttgtgtc acaggctggg gagagcagcc acctcccccc     98160
     cacccccagg tgctgaattt ggatgtctga gggagatgac cctgaacaca ggtgacttgc     98220
     ttctgtgttg atatgcctct agggggcgct ttatctgcct acccttccct gcagggttgc     98280
     aggttctctt ccccagctag cctggccttc ctcaggctcc tctgaacatc actttggggg     98340
     gacaccattt cctaggggcc gccatatgct cccttcacag gtccgcggct cggccaggcc     98400
     atggccagct gtgactcttg cgtggtctct agagtcactg ttctgtgtag aaattgtgac     98460
     agcctagctt cctaggtacg gtgacttctc tccctagggt ggctgagcag tgctggaggt     98520
     tctcccagta tcacagggta ggaggccatc tttccttctg acccctccgg ggacctcatt     98580
     cccactctgt tcccactttc tgcctccaga tctcaactcc ttccagcaga cttctaaatg     98640
     gattgatgac gtcaggacgg agaggggcag tgacgtgatc atcatgcttg tgggtaacaa     98700
     gacggatctg gctgataaga ggtaggcaag cactggagtg tggaggtgct atgactaacg     98760
     ggcccatgct tcctcgcccc tctgtggctg ttcctgccca ggtctgagat gacagggcag     98820
     cgaggctgat ctccacgcac agggcccccg acacgcctgt tagcccccat acactgcagg     98880
     cttctcatct ctgattttcc tcagctcagc aaaggcaggg cagggcctgt ctgcacaggc     98940
     atttctatca tggtcccaaa gtagcctgtg acacagcttc tgtccctggg aaatcctggc     99000
     gttgacatgt gaggtcctca ggtatgagcc tgaattatgt cagccgagta ccgactttgt     99060
     cccctgccca tgcatcctgg tttatggctg gatctgggca tggagtattt ttggaaaagg     99120
     tttctccgta gctgtcccct gatgtcactg cccattaagg tgtcattagc atatatgtcc     99180
     gctcttggaa ccctgtgcta actgggacag aaaagccgtg tgtcgcggtt tctaataaag     99240
     catgtggctt cttgcagcag ccctgccgag gggggaggga aatggtctcc tctgcagagc     99300
     agtatgggcc aaggcgagct acttttaatt ttggtgtttg cattaggaaa tgggggctga     99360
     ggcttcactc caagaaaggc tgcatgtgtc caggagatcc tgttctaacg actgctgaga     99420
     aagccgtagg gggcgtggct cagtcgcaga gcgctcgcct ttccaagtgt gaagctcagc     99480
     atcataaagc caggcatggt ggcatatcct acagtccctg ctctagggag ggacatatca     99540
     tactgaatca gtagttcagt gtcattcgtt gttacatcac aaatccaagg ccagcctggg     99600
     ctacataggt aaaaggtaga aggtagcctt gcttcctagt tcagaagatg tgggaaaatg     99660
     tggaaaagac ttggggttct ctgtgcccag gtgccacatt cttgctagac agactatagc     99720
     aggcctcctg gcagggaccc ctgggcagga aacctgtctt cacggctgac caatgggcct     99780
     ggcagtccct acagttcttt atcgcaggct gcctcctcta cttctgccag gggttgcctc     99840
     tctgccccct gattttcctt ctccccttca tttccaggca gataaccatc gaggaaggag     99900
     aacagcgggc caaagaactg agcgtcatgt tcatcgagac cagcgcgaag actggctaca     99960
     acgtgaagca ggttaggata cagctggctt gctcgggact ggaggccctc ccctgaggtc    100020
     ttccttgctc tgagtggcta gcgactagga tggggcagac agccagtgca tatacttata    100080
     gctctgggca gtgggggatg gcactggctt ccagcgctgg taaagctggt ggcgtggggg    100140
     gtgggggagg cactccgcta gggagccgcg cagaccctgt cagtcactag tctgtctcct    100200
     cagccatcat caggtgtggg tccctggagc agcgtgtgtg aatgaaagtc cagcatggac    100260
     ttccacctgg ctgaggaagc tgtggttctt agcatctcat ttcacttcac atgcaaatgt    100320
     aggatgttga atctgatcga cacgttgggc ttatgtcttg tacttggcaa gaacccgggg    100380
     ccatgaaggg taactcagaa atggagcaaa gagactccct tggcagtcgg gaatcatggg    100440
     agggagccaa ggtgtggctg ggacccacag gaccagagta gttggtgggc ggagcttagc    100500
     agctcagccg acctgggctt cagaaaaatc ccacaggtat tgtgactgct ccctcatctg    100560
     taaccagctc ttcagtgatg aatactgaca gccagacagc ctcagtgtta gcagtgagtc    100620
     ctgtgactgt cccactggca gaacttcaca gtatgacagg gatcccacac ttcacagtac    100680
     tggatctcag catcccacta gccgttagac cacctgtaat cctgatgtga acatgtatgt    100740
     ttgtaaggag acacggatgt cagcgtggct cagatttatg atccttaaat atttgggaag    100800
     ttttattcag aagcaaacgg tttcctttat catccattat aacttgacta catctgaaaa    100860
     aaacgagtcc accggcttca gcagtgtgaa aggaacccat ggctcaaaca aggtgaagaa    100920
     cccctgtctc ggagcaggag gagggtggta gcaaggagga aggacatcct aggcagggct    100980
     gatgggcgta gagcctggca gcaaggtgcc cgtagcacgg ggagggaccc tgagtaagga    101040
     acgtggcttg atgccgccgt gtctgctgcg gccctcgact gacttcccag gcatacctgg    101100
     gcaccacttg gcttttgaga gagagtgatg gttcacttca tattgatagt gctgagatta    101160
     aggttgacaa aggagctaga aaggacaaag taggaggggc actgtggcca tattagggaa    101220
     cccccggccc cagcttccgg aacccagtgc ccaattggag ggcccttcag ctccattcac    101280
     tccagccctt tccaagcctc tgtatcagat gtgagcctaa ccacctcaga gaggagaaaa    101340
     agaggcgggg gtggggtggg tggtgaggcc gctgctcttt gggtccaatg acatcatggg    101400
     aaatcgaagc cgaggacagt atcaggcatc catagagcag gaggcatctt caacctgctg    101460
     ggccaaggtg agactggtcc cttcccccat cctggaatga tctggaatct gagcaagggt    101520
     ttgagcaaga gttaagtctg gtgggtttga gctgctattg caattgctac aggctatgca    101580
     gctcacaggt aacggaacct tcttcctccc tgctctgaag gctgaggact ccaagatgaa    101640
     tgcgctggga gatccagtgc cttgcggact ctgctccctc atatttggca ccttccagtt    101700
     gtttcctcac atgaaaggaa cgtgaaggct ccctcagctt ctcttccagt caggagggct    101760
     ccttaaggca acacctcctc acaccgcctt gctaggagtt agattttttt tttttcattt    101820
     gtttagttgg ttttgttgtt cgtttggttg gtttgctttt cagtttttcg agacagggtt    101880
     tctctgcata gccctggctg tcctggaact tactctgtag accaggctgg ccacaagctc    101940
     acagagtgct ggtgttagag acatacacca ccactgcctg gccaggagtt aggttttaac    102000
     ttatgaactt gggggagacc cagacatcca gccaggctta gaatcttctg tgctcttggc    102060
     ttctgcttgt acttgttact ttcaagatgt cacctctgcc actgtccatc tattaggtgc    102120
     ccctgatacc ttctgtcctc gtgcacactc aattaggtag acttgcacgt cgacccacac    102180
     tccacatgct tgcttctccc acacccactt tctcatatac acgcagaaac atggcattta    102240
     ccatgataca cacacataca tacacactta cacccaaaaa cacacttaac tttttatacc    102300
     cactctacaa acaatatcag gcataccacg catagcacac gcatgtagca caccacattg    102360
     acacaaattt tcacatcctt cactgtggct atggccctgg ctcccaggat ctgtgtccct    102420
     ggggagagtc gtttgtctta cgtaaggcta gaaactggtt ttctacacct agtccccatg    102480
     tgagagtgat ggacagacac ccactgaagg gcctgcttcc tgtggcctgg atgatttctg    102540
     tagcagagca ggtcccttgc agtcaccctc atgacccctg ctgactgcct gtgggccagc    102600
     ctgcctctag gaagagcccc agctttgctg tatgtgtgga catgtgtttg tgtgcaggtg    102660
     tgtgtgggca tgcatgtgtt tacttacacc tgtggcggtc acaggttaac ttctggtgtc    102720
     attcctcagg tgtcatccac cttatacttt gagatagggt cttcgacttt acctgaagtg    102780
     taccagttca gctagccagg gagccctggg aacctgtctt tgtcactcca tcactagaat    102840
     tataagtgtg tgcggctaca tgcagctttt tacgtggatt ctggggactg gatttgagtc    102900
     ctcttgcttg tgtggcaagc actttgtctc cctagcccct gttccctctt cctattaaca    102960
     tcctgagtcg ctccaggacc aacattgaga ggggctatgg tgatggcaga ggacttagaa    103020
     caggcctgca ctctggggca gtcagtgggc agtcagtgga cagacaggcc accaatcctc    103080
     aggctccgta cacgaggaga gcagtacagg gggagaccag gagagggaag gagggggact    103140
     gggcaggcct caccctgcat ctcctgcctg cagctcttcc gacgtgtggc gtcagctctg    103200
     cccggcatgg agaatgtcca ggagaagagc aaagaaggga gtatcctttt cctttatcat    103260
     gtgagtgaaa agatggctcc ccaagcccgc gagtcgttta gttcagtaag cagatgaaga    103320
     ccaccttgcc tctgtcgcag ccctccctgg tctgatgcag agagccgggc cacctctttc    103380
     agtagccaga tgggctccac gttctctgag ctccaaacct tctctaacca aggctgcctc    103440
     ttctttctta gcagtgagga gagacaaggg ctgtgcagca gtgggggatt ggagggtggt    103500
     ggctctgtgt tgctttgtag tgaacactgc gtgtgtttcc tgagtcccct ggagatccca    103560
     gacaaggaag cttccatgca atgagcactt gatttcaacc tgccaatgct tcctccatct    103620
     gcccactgct ctgtggggaa agcttgccca acactcatcc agtataacta aaaacctcgc    103680
     ttacacccag atgatgaatc tgaggtgcgt agagcaatcc aaggcccgct gtgtgtgtgt    103740
     aagtcaggga attagccttt acactgagac ttcctgcata tctaccccta ctccgtcctg    103800
     gagggttgtc tctcaaggat cccagcgagg cagagattag tagcgctgta ggtggctgag    103860
     gacattgccc acaagcaggc tttctttgaa gtttatcaga tggccctacc tgagcaaaaa    103920
     cccacctgca gagtcaagaa aggagcagga ccgatgggaa gccaagaggt gtagtgaccc    103980
     tgtgcccact gggagggaca gatagcctgc ttttatcctg tccactccaa aggcaaagct    104040
     gacatactag catgcatggc ggtcattcat tcatgttctc cccgaggccc cggtggcact    104100
     ccatgcagga ttcacagttg ggtcccccag gctcccactt cagcatgaca actaacgtgg    104160
     cgtcctagtg aacctagcga cccgcccagc tttagggaga agagcgctgg gcagatggca    104220
     agcagatcac acagggcact gtttgcccag ctgtggggtg cccccatctg gcagatgcag    104280
     ccatccgtac cactcccagg tgctcatggc tggagcctcc tatgaggcaa gactggagca    104340
     gcctggagca gactctatag acagcccagc aggggacagg tggaagcagc tgccacctca    104400
     gcttggtgct gagccagcac ttgtgttgac tgatggttca aacccagatc ctgtcatgat    104460
     gtgttaggga tcatgcttgg gattgcatca acatgaggaa caagcacaca gaagtgccac    104520
     ttggtgatat atgaacggtt ctcatgtggc cttactcctt ggactggtgt tggggggggg    104580
     ggtgcagagc ttctgtcttc tgcttccagg tccctagagg gtgtctgcac ttcacatctg    104640
     ctctgcacag gaagcctgcc cagggcctgt ctagcaggtc cccttaccca ccctccagcg    104700
     cttgatctct caacaaagtt gagctaaggg accacagaaa gatagggcca cagccctttg    104760
     ctgtatccac acacacaggg cactcctttc tggaacaagg gtttcgtgtg ccaaataatg    104820
     acagtaactt ggcagtaact aatagatttc tccaccaacg aaatgaacca attcaagcca    104880
     gatcaaaagt gtaaaggcag gtttattgag aggcagctgt ccgacgaggc acacttggag    104940
     gtcagtaaag tcacacgtcc aggctaaagc aagggagtta tgtgggtttt aggcacagag    105000
     tgatgacgtg tgagctagga gctgggatta tgcctgtgta aagtagagaa gctgtgtggg    105060
     cactcactgt gcgtggctgg aaacagagac agggagaggg gttgtgttag cctggaattt    105120
     tcctcttgca gggccgggtt gggggaagaa caaatggggt ttcttagctt gtgcaaggga    105180
     tatgcagggg ctccaaccaa ccttcctgac ctctttgggt agaaggaagg gcactgattc    105240
     agagctacat cctgctgcag agggagagag tcgggagtca gtgggtccga gttcctcggc    105300
     aggtatgagt gcagaaggat ttggttgaca gttactcggg aaactttgag aatccgttct    105360
     gggagaaagc ggaggatgca aggtgctagg aggaaaaaaa tagattaata ccacggccct    105420
     gtgaacgggg ctagctaggt gcagagtgaa gactgccagg aagaataaaa cggagactac    105480
     cctggttgtc ttggcagggt tcttcagagt ttgtgaggtg actcaatgtt agcctctact    105540
     aggccaggtt tgctggcata acaacattct tttcccaggg acatacaggt gcctcctgag    105600
     ggatgagcct gctgtgagga ggaccaatgc tcctcacagg ttttgcatgg ccacgtgaat    105660
     tgatctcatg ctggaggagt ggccaccaag ttgttgatgg gcttttgggg acagtcagac    105720
     acctctctga tctcagccac ctgtatccca tgccccccgc agtggaggtc acagcagcaa    105780
     tacctgttac tactgtgatc tgtgtgggca gagggcacct gagattggaa agagctggta    105840
     ggataggaga gcgtggctgt gtcagccttt ccataaagca tctggttcgg tactggtgtc    105900
     attgggatac acagagagga aggatcacca ggaggcaagc tttttgctat agagccgctg    105960
     caccgaagaa tcccctgctg tgcctgggga aaaaaacaaa gttgtgttag tagtattgca    106020
     aagggagcca ggtccagagt agcagaaatg gaagtgagtg tctggaagag gagtgcggct    106080
     tgtatagtga tagcctttgg ttggagggtc agcccttggc ctcacgaagg gaccagcaag    106140
     ggaactgctc tcagaagagc gcagcccaga gcagcccaga gagagcagtt gttgttgtca    106200
     aagactttag agaggttaag taggattgct ccctcctgga tgaggcccag ccaggggaaa    106260
     ggttcatttt ctttagtttt tacctggggt tgggaggagt ctctcgggtg tgattggagg    106320
     gactcctgtt gtggtgtggt cttggtgagg tttgccggga gctggaggga agagggtctg    106380
     gatgtcgggt ctccagattt ctctctgttc acatggttac gaggatgttt cgctctgata    106440
     gacttggctt attaccccga gcccagcggt cattccaagg atctcagacg ctaatatagc    106500
     tgtagtttag tggggaatat ccagccactg ggcaggctca tccctgtcca tgctctcagc    106560
     agctttcttg tctgcaccct cctcggatgt tcattttaca agggccccat gagcaacccc    106620
     cttgttcttt gaccctttgg gaatgacaaa cttcctccat ctggtggtcg tgggtaaagc    106680
     attcatagag gagcaatact ccctgtgcat ttaaagaaag atctgggatg gaaataccat    106740
     cttggcaccc cttagaagga cagtctgttt ggcccgcgat gtcgttgtgg gtttcaccgg    106800
     cttgatcgca gaacatggaa gcaacagcag tatgttggag ctgatttggt ctcacctagc    106860
     tggacaacca ggcaggggtg tctcggtgtc tggcacctgt ggcagcagag aaagggtgtg    106920
     acccaggaaa aggaagaggc aaatagagtg aatgttgtca cgtttgacca ttcagacctg    106980
     gttttgagaa tccctgtaga acctgagagc ggtgggtgcc aactgctaaa cagaccagcc    107040
     atcttgggct ggggcctttt tgagccgaga tagatggtgc caacactgat atcctaggag    107100
     tttggcagct gagggagtgg tgattaccat gtagagtccg atccactgga gctctaaaga    107160
     tttggaagac agttgtttga gaagcacctg gtcccctgac cccgggaaag ggacaggggt    107220
     gggcagtggc tgagtctgct gatattgggg tagggagata gttgtcagtg tgtgagccga    107280
     taagggagca cgggagggat agggtaagta gctgggggag tccgggcccg cggatgttgg    107340
     ttgaggagaa acagccttcc gtgcatgagc tcagaaggac tgaggcgcgt aggagaatgt    107400
     ggggtagctc agaggtgaga acacttggga gaagggaagg ccagggtaac ctgggctcag    107460
     gtgagagttc tgagttgttt gataaggctc tctctacctt tctcaatgac tgggtggcac    107520
     ggaatgtgag attttcgggt tcaaggcatc cctggcatgc aaaactgagc tcctgtgtcc    107580
     caggagctgt cacatccgct gctcccctgg aggtggggag catttggatc caccctgtaa    107640
     aagtgtcaac gagggttagg agacggcaga gtcttttctg ggcagacatg tgtgtgaagt    107700
     cagtttgcca gtcttgtcct ggttggtgtc cttggagctg gtgcagggtc tggcgtatct    107760
     ggagagcccc ctgtgagttt gtcttggcac atgtttgacc ggaaggatga ggctgtaaaa    107820
     tatgggctca aaggtcagtg gagtcagtgg ggaggggcag ctttagaaat gggaacagag    107880
     ccttgggtct gatgtgtagg ctctggtgga tgtctgagat aatagaaggt gccaatttga    107940
     gggggagaat aaagctgtta tttaggcaaa gccatccatc ttttgtctgt gtggcccctt    108000
     tgttaaggaa tctggcttta tcctccatct gacactgagg tttgtaggaa gatcgtagga    108060
     agaggatgtg ccccgtgcgt ctgtaggagc taggagccag acctcagacc actgagtcag    108120
     ccctggaatt atccacaggc tctggatctg tggaggtctg gtccctccct tactcctgcg    108180
     ctgacttatg gccacctctg cagggagttg gagggctcca aaagcttggc tataagggga    108240
     ccacccatgg tgtcaaggaa ccccctttcc ttccatagga cagaggggct gtgagctaca    108300
     agaaaggctt actttgagtc agcattggct cattgtcctt tgtcaacatg gagtgccctg    108360
     gttagagcaa tgagttcagc cttttgtgaa gagaggttcc actgcgagat ggttcgactc    108420
     agtcatttca gctgaggtga ccaccgcgta tgccgtctgg tgggtcctga gttatctcta    108480
     agggaacttc catccacaaa aagggtgagt tgtgggtctg tgagaggctg gtctgggagg    108540
     ctgggttggg gtgagcgtag gtcctccaca gctctaagca agagtgggaa ggcacatgga    108600
     ggagggtgga ccaggaggaa cagctgctgg gtgtagagca gggctagggg ccaaggtgac    108660
     ctgggagttt cccaggaata acagataaaa gggttgggcc catgagggtc tgaggagaga    108720
     gaaagaaggg tggctcagga gatcagagag gcagcgggta gagtatacag taataggctg    108780
     gagtaaggtg atcttgagtg agttcagcca ttgctgttag gtctcgcaga catggctgcc    108840
     atcgcacaca gtagggtcca gttgtttaga tagcagagca gtggctgggg ggactggaga    108900
     gatggctcag cggttaagag cactgactgc tcttccgaag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag    108960
     caaccacatg gtggctcaca actatctgtg atgggatttg atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc    109020
     cgaagagagc tacagtgtac tcatatgtat taaataaata aatctttaaa gaagaagagg    109080
     aggaggagga agagcaatca atggctcagt gagagggccc agtgggttgg actagggccc    109140
     cagcccctcg tcagtaaaga ggtgatagga ctgagtagag tctgaaaagg ccaagactga    109200
     ggctgctaaa aaggcatctc agagagtagg gaaaatgatg gtgagctata gctgagtggg    109260
     tgaggggccc actgggggcc cccttgactg cctggtatag tggcttagcc atattagcta    109320
     aatatgggaa tccagggtct aaagaatcca accaagtcca aaaatgaaag aatatgatct    109380
     gccatagttt ggggctatag atctctcaga acccgcgctt gttgagggtc ttagagcctc    109440
     ggctaagttg aacaccaagt atatattaca gtgggagagc atagttgagc tttagatggg    109500
     gagacttgat cccgggtaga caaggtagtt tagaaacaag aagttggccg tctgggacaa    109560
     agacagggag gggctacaaa gtaataggtc atctacatac tgaagacgtg tatttagcat    109620
     taaggtctaa ggagagagcc aggcagtggt ggcacacacc tttaatccca gcacctggta    109680
     ggcactggag ggcttacgga gagggagaat ggaagagttg caagtcctat agggatcaga    109740
     agtccctgac acgcgaggtg agtattgatg gacttgagac agtgacgatg gggctcagaa    109800
     gtggggagct ggggtctgaa aggggaaaga agaggggtaa aactaggacc ggctggtggg    109860
     gcggagcgat taccagggtg gagatatacc atacttgggg gtcaacaggg tctggtagag    109920
     tacatccagg gtagtctggc gtagggatct gtgaggcaac caaaggaaga agaagatgag    109980
     agtggggaga ggttgtgggg attcagagaa gtggctgagg atattgtggt caagtaaagg    110040
     cacagggcag acaggcatga ctaggaaaga atgtgtaaaa aatggtcagc caaggatata    110100
     ggaaagtggc atagtcggca tgaaaggagg ggatcccatc catcctcata gcagaaactg    110160
     atgaaggaac agcgggatcc gagtgggagg tcaagacaga gaaggtagcc ccatgtccac    110220
     ccggaaggtc atggcacatt accctaggat ctgcaagagt gacaggagcc ctcgagtctg    110280
     ggtgccatca atcctgtgcc aggccgagga gccctaaggc aggaagagtt tgtgctacct    110340
     gcactgatgg ctctggacct tcgtgacctg gcccagagga caagcccaca ctggggcatt    110400
     ctgacttcca gtggtagggc agtgagcaga cagcatgggt tgctgagggc tggggcagtt    110460
     gtgggatcag tggctttgct ggccgcattt gaaacaggcc cttgttggag ttgacattga    110520
     cgggatgggg tctgcgggat tgccagtggc ctcaggtcag ttgccaagtc ttaggcttgg    110580
     agtgcaacct tttgctgtag ctgagcctgt cgggaagact cagttgcctc cccttgggca    110640
     tcgaatacct taaaagccat ctttaccaat tcctgtacgg gggtttggga actatcttca    110700
     gtctctcccc gccccctccg aatatctgaa gatgactggg aaataaaatg ggtagccagg    110760
     actgtagccc ctgccgggga ggcctggtca aggcagatgt gtagaccatg gtttgttgta    110820
     accagttttt taatggccag gatttcatta gcttcctgtg taattttgca gagattgcca    110880
     aaagtcaaca atcttatttg agaccatttc cattccctga aggagacaat ggaccgtact    110940
     ctaatcggtg gtcaatgtga cctggctaat aattccactt aggctctgtg gtcagcaccg    111000
     ttgtgtcact cacagggact gtattgtcca ctaggtggcc ctggtctgca tactgtctgc    111060
     ctgcagcctg aacctgtcca tgttcctcag gagtgagggt agagcctgaa tgacataaag    111120
     atcgtggagt taggtcatag tcctgacaaa ggaagcagaa ctctttaata taggcagatg    111180
     ggatggcaga gaaggggcct ctccactttt cagtctggga gaagtcttga agggagaaag    111240
     gaacatgaac tcccacagct gtttctgctc cggccacctc ctgggagggc agaagagctt    111300
     tggagtattg agactgcata ggagaggcta caggggaggg ttcaggggaa gtgagccagg    111360
     gagtgcatgg ggatcagggt gtgggttgac ccctaggtgg agcctgtgtt ggtaatgaag    111420
     gaggagggac aatgggagga gagaggaggg gagggacaag ggggacaaga gttaggggga    111480
     ggaagttaat tgtccttggc ttttgtctca gagggagggg aagaaaaagg ggtgggtacc    111540
     agggagaagg ctagccaata ggcgggttat caatggtgta ggaaggagga aggaaggagg    111600
     aaggagcagg tatagggagg aaggttggcc aatagactca agcttatggt gctataggag    111660
     tgggagtagt agacagggct ggggaagggg ttggtgtgcc catgattcaa gtggtcccgc    111720
     cagggtaaag ggtgtcttgt agtccaagtc cccagatgaa tgtgtgtctg gaggtgtcac    111780
     agccttggcc aacaagactt gagccattga acactgacta cagaagggcg gaagtgcagt    111840
     tcccaaaaca tttgtacata ggggagctca ggccatctgt ccatatgcca gcagaaaatt    111900
     tcaagatcat gaaggatgtt aagtcagtag tacctcctgg tggccatttg gactcactgt    111960
     ccaaggcgta ttgtggccaa gccacagaat gaagaggaac ttagggtcca agacagcccc    112020
     aacttggata aattgcataa ccgccaccac atgggctact gaagattggg tttaaacttg    112080
     gcgttgtctt ctcccggact tgccaatgat gcagcgaccc atatgataga ctgggatcga    112140
     agagtgtggg gtggagaaac cttggaaagg acgtctctga atccaaggcc tccctagaac    112200
     aaaacgaatc caaagcctgc ctggaacaaa gactgagtct ttgctctgaa tggacaggct    112260
     tgtcctggct cggccgagac ttgtcagggg atccctagct tggtcctgaa cctggaagag    112320
     gcacccggta cctgttaggc tgtggctggg aagtggctct cattgagtag agagagggag    112380
     agaagtggtc cccacatggc ctgaggcctg acccactgga ctgggggccc agcttctccc    112440
     aattcttcag aatcataata ggtttctcca ccaacgaaat gaaccaattc aagccaactc    112500
     aaaagtataa aggcgggctt attaagaggc agctctccaa tctcataggt ggaggtcagt    112560
     gaagacacac atcagtcagg gctaaagcaa ggggagttta ggggcacagg gagatgatgt    112620
     gtgagctaag agctgggatt atgcctgtat aaggtaaagc atattagccc agaattttct    112680
     tcttgcaggt agggttggag ggaaaagagc aaacagggtt tcttagctta tgcaagggat    112740
     aaccaggggc tctaaccaaa tagtaaccat gtgtcccaag gagagagtgt taggattagg    112800
     cattgggggt accttggtgg gtctgggcca aggtgtgctg ctaagagatc actctacata    112860
     gcagacctca cacacaagag gtttatggga gaggggaggt aaaaggccat cttggagttg    112920
     agatataaga aacagacaga gagactggga aacagaatta acaagacaca cagagagagg    112980
     aagatcaggg atggcttgag acttaaaggg tgtgtgtgtg tcacataggg gaaataagca    113040
     gccataggac ggtagaaatg caccacacct ggccacagcg ggcaatgaca taagctacta    113100
     gctctgagtt gctgaaggac aagctggtgg ggctcctgat ttatagtatt cctccttctt    113160
     gtttattata aaaggcaaga aaagaggaag gggtcgtggt aaggtggcaa tgggggtgcc    113220
     tatgcttttt agactgctcc ctgctatctc agagcatgga tatctttggg gacccaagaa    113280
     aactggggtg ctggccaact cctgagagtg ctggccattt ccctagctgt gtaggctctg    113340
     tgggaccatc tggggctagc aaagtgcagg cctagttgaa gcagtctgtg aggctggacc    113400
     acctggggcc agccactttc aagctatcct agatgctgac tttgagttaa catggggacc    113460
     tggcaggatg ctgggacaga tacatgcagg agaaaatctt ttcttaggtg tacatttgaa    113520
     acttttagac ccagggtcct ggtagttggg agaggggagt ccccaaaacc aaggaaaggg    113580
     gatcccaccg tcagaaataa gtggacagta ggcaggtagg ggaacaggct gttgactgac    113640
     agtacttatc tggagtccat tcaccaggag agaaggattc atcctattcc ctgaagctta    113700
     cgagaactta aatttacaaa aagaaagaag ttttaggcat gttaccattg ccactgtttg    113760
     taatctacat tgaaatccat attgtagaga acagactcgc ctttctgtca tagtagaagc    113820
     tcaggatatg attctgggag gacaagctgg gggagggcag ggaccttctg tggagcagca    113880
     aggccaacac acacttgatc ttgatattca gtacaagtac agaccatgaa agaggggctt    113940
     cctccctctg tccggaagac tggatgtatc tatcagacag acagttttat cagcgcaata    114000
     aaaagcacct gtaagtctat acttagaaga cagccatagg aaatctaaaa ccttgagctt    114060
     gtgactgtta taaaagcagt agtgcttttc cagagctaga ttgatagctt attagaactg    114120
     cattgactcg ggttaaaact ctgggttttt gaagtctgaa tacaaccata gcacagcaaa    114180
     ggaaagaaat ctgaagcatt tttttttaat atataccttg ttactttctt acgcctttac    114240
     aaattgcatt tacatgcctt agaaacacct cctcagaccc tcagacattt gcttagatcc    114300
     tcagagctta agctttaaac ttcacacctt ttgttcctac ccagccgtcg actgagaaca    114360
     gtcctcggaa agcagaaata gtggaaagtt acactggact ctatcttgtg agtttgactc    114420
     ttttctgagt ctggtaacaa ggcacactgg gtctcaaccc agtaggagct ctaggacagt    114480
     gaagcctggg gcctgatttt tacacctgaa gacaactgag cagcgactga agccttggtt    114540
     gctgctgtta acaatttacc aagctgtcac tagccgagtc cttggtgcca gagctctgaa    114600
     aaggatagat ttcatttgag ttaagtagga agtaaggcca cgtagcttcc gaatcaatta    114660
     aaaatgacag agacttacca gctacctgga cagtcaccct agggtgtctc tgtggtcatt    114720
     ggggacagag gtctcagggc tgtgtcagac ttcacctgcc aggctcagaa ggtcctgaca    114780
     gattgtcctg tggagtaaga acttcggggg gcacttgcct accttgtcta ggcaaaggaa    114840
     ggcaatctgc tccctagtgt cttacttgtc ctcaggttgg acagtagcat cctagcagca    114900
     gtagaagtga ggggcagttt tgggcccagt gtccagcctt gccacattta aagcaagctc    114960
     caagtgaagg ttcttctgtg cccatcatct tctttgaagg agcttagggg tgctgccagg    115020
     agctgtcata gcatgtctct ctagcatgaa aacctttttt aaaattatta ttaatttaca    115080
     atgccatatt ttgcagatct ctgaagcatt tgaggaccat ctattagtat aaatgattta    115140
     gtggtcaaag gttctccgag aggcatcgca aaggggagtg aggaggtaaa tgacacaatt    115200
     cccatggtga cataaagggg gaggtccaag gcctaaggta tcccaaggac ttaggcacaa    115260
     gttgaacagt gggtcacctc acacagttct aggaccaggg ctaaaagccc aaggaggcac    115320
     gggatgcctg gtaccaggac tttctaatga agccagaaga tgaaaaccat actcaaaaac    115380
     aaagcgtcat ccaatgggag tgatcagggg tgggttgctc tgccagagac tctgccagtg    115440
     gacaggaggt atagctccca gttgagtata tacttgatgt gtctgaggcc ctgggttcca    115500
     gcctcagtcc gagtaagtaa ataaaccaac tccaggtggg aaggtcacgt agctgtgggg    115560
     ttctcccagg cccctcagcc tcctgtaagg atgatgggtg aagtctgatg ctgaagttag    115620
     gtggcacgtc cactggacct caagcagtgc tagggacaga gttcactgcg acctgaagag    115680
     gctccacaaa ggaacctggc ttagaatgag gccacttaga ggcagagata gggagggggc    115740
     ctgaatgggg caaggctgtg tgcggtactt ctagatggaa tctgttgagg aaggggacag    115800
     tcttgattgc tgggacctcc atgtatggta ggggggcaag gatcatcaaa ccagagctga    115860
     ttcatgggaa aagactggat gctagtatga gagatcttgg atgctgtgcc tctgctccag    115920
     gcgatgggtg tcactgagcc ggcttaggga tgccattctg ctgagcaagg ggtgaggtgg    115980
     ctcagagggg cacctgggaa agatgagaag accccagtga ggcctgtgct cgggaccagc    116040
     agtgaaagcc aggacctgga gtgtcctggg atcagtgggg accaccacag aaccacagtt    116100
     agcagagact agcatcacgg tggtctagga agcgtttgta gagatgtagg gagcagagga    116160
     aaaggaccat gggatgggag agggcaaagc tgagctgagg gggaggggga aggaagcaag    116220
     tttacttatg tgtactctcc agtggcatca ggcatgtggg ggtaagtaca cacacacata    116280
     ccagcaaggt agcactgtat gtttttctgt aagcacacat acaagataga aggtagggag    116340
     aaaaatcaaa ctgaaaatat ataccgtgct gtgtgattga cagaaagcat aaaatactgg    116400
     ctgcaagcca agtaaaacag ccaaggcaaa gagacaatga aattcagggt atgttatgcc    116460
     aaaagaacct catatgttac ccccaaagac gggacacaga gacatcctta gaatgctagc    116520
     agcaagctcc attgccaccc caccccactc agcccagcca aggatctggg tggggctgga    116580
     gagcatccaa gggcttggtg cacagtagtg gtgagatgtc ctggctggag gcaacgctaa    116640
     agtcttgtac aatcagttag tctgggtttg tagccagaga tgatgggaag gtacaggctg    116700
     ccctgcactt tgcatccgct cctctggtgt tcttggcaag tgtgattcag cccccagccc    116760
     ccagaatgct gtagaaaggg gctgtttagt ccgtggatgc agcttctcac tgtaacggcc    116820
     ttgagaagta aggaccacca cctcacatcc tcctgtactt tatgatatgg acactcaatt    116880
     ctgatcctgg ccaggggact cttccctccc aggcgctttg ggggagggcc agccgttaac    116940
     cagctggttg ctaaccatct attgctagat gctggagttg aagcacagtt tatctgtcac    117000
     cggaggaagc ttctagccag actctgcctg gcctctctct gtgtggtgtt gatagtgaga    117060
     tcacagcccg gttcacactg ggtcgacagt tttgaggggc ggggtgcagg caggtagaga    117120
     caggagagaa acgggtggga agcagttcct tcctactcca gccgagcgaa gagctgaggc    117180
     tgtgggtttg cagagagaga gcatggcgtc ttggtgagcg gcacttcttc cttagcccgc    117240
     ctcctacagt gattgacatc aagctggaca agcctcagga gcccccggcc agcgagggcg    117300
     gctgctcctg ttaatgcacc gcccactcgg cttcctcagc gccactcact tgttttgcct    117360
     cctatagctt cctaacgggg tgggaactga gtttatcaag actggaggat ctttcttttc    117420
     tctctctctc tctctctagg agtagggtgg gacatgggga gggaggctgg gcatcaggga    117480
     ccacgtcact cttaacagct gttacctaaa caactatttt ttggtttggt tgtaatatat    117540
     tgtactttat taagattgcc aaaaactgtt aaaatttaaa aaaaaaattt aaatcatgtg    117600
     tatacaactt tttgccagat tagaaaagta gtcattttta tttgaaagaa gtgctttttt    117660
     gtttgtttgt ttttgtatat ttgtaaactt acagagaacc tctccacaca cttcttcctt    117720
     cctgttctct tggaactgtg tgtcacctct attttcctcc tacccccgcc ccccccagcc    117780
     cagaaaatta aagcaattaa ctgaacagta gtaattacat tctagttctg ggtcacatgg    117840
     cccaaaccaa ccaaacccgc actccacagt caaatccaac tttaatctaa caaaacagcc    117900
     tctgaggggg tattgtcgag ttcttccctg gcagagtggg acacattggc aggcccctga    117960
     gaggagatga aggcccgtgg actgtagatt cagcagcagc tccttggctg cttccgcctc    118020
     ttctccttcc ctgaaaaaaa taaccataga gccagaaagc acaggcaaca gtgtgttctc    118080
     tgggctgacc cggtgacaga cagcaagaag ttactggaag gatggggtgc gcttggcagc    118140
     tgagggctga ggcagtgtgt aatctactgg cccaaccatt gacacacatg gttaggctga    118200
     ctcgccaact caatgtgtga tgctgggtgg ctcagggaca ctgaagccta gggcacctgc    118260
     catcactgca actaccattg aggaagtgag aggagtcggc catgactccg gacactccat    118320
     gttgtcagac ccttggatac taatcttgcc gaacgttgtt ctggaaaagc tgattccttg    118380
     atgtgtcctc acctctggcg tggtacgttt gaaatctttg tatgaatacc tttgggagtg    118440
     ttggcagctg cactgcacgc atcttggagt cactgtgggg tttccagaag gctgctgccc    118500
     cagggtactg caacttgccc cccagcaggc tgtccttgct atttccactc attccccaga    118560
     ctgaagacct tcagagtctc ttagcagagt gctcttctca aagcagaata gctcttatat    118620
     tctaaacgct cccggactca ctgcccctgt ctgcctttgg gcaggcctgg ggcagtgact    118680
     ctaatcagag cagcctagcc ccatagcatt ggctcttctt tcagactgct ggtgggcaga    118740
     gtgaattgcc tccacaaggc agaactccaa caaggaggtt gggatgaatt atggaatctc    118800
     tcaaagaatg agttcaaaat ggcagcctgt gtggcagggc tgattctgtg agtgggcccg    118860
     tcatgcgact ccatcctggg agactgtgtc aaagccggtt ctgatgatga agagaggaag    118920
     caggaccgcc ctgggtacct cctccagaag gcaaggacca atgtacgagc ataatcgaaa    118980
     cgtcacgtgt ttagttttta tatgtgtgta cataattata catagagata gacttgtgta    119040
     tacacccttc gcgcgcacac atacacacac tcacatcctc acatatacat gtgctcagtg    119100
     tatatcctcg tctctcccgc tcacaacttg gaacttacat tgtgattccg gtttttggaa    119160
     gttcaaaagt atgcagtgta ttgaaataag aaataactca atattgtcaa ataacttgtg    119220
     gttgtcttgc cttcaataaa atagtgcata gatgtgttaa actacaagca aaagtagtcc    119280
     acagaactac ctttaccact gctttttgta cctgtgtgca caggtgtgca tgccgtcgtg    119340
     ggccagtgtc ccccactgtg gacaccccac ccatgtggtg cttgttggaa gaaagcatac    119400
     ttagcccgtg gtgacagcag cctggttggc agtgaggggc tttgctggtg gcctctggca    119460
     gagccccact gacagcactc tctactggct ttcactgaat gaatgtaggg tgaattttaa    119520
     ccttctggac actgaataac ctttcttgta ttcctgtaac tcgaattaga aaatccgttc    119580
     acttctcttg tgcacacagt ctaagacatc atggcctgct actagaaaca gcaggtacca    119640
     tggcagatgc catttctggt cgatctggcc taaggagccc tgccttccta gcttgtacac    119700
     aaaaccccct ccttgagttt agactctccc agccctgcgg cccctgagaa ttagggttct    119760
     gccccattgc tcccccactc cagaggtgcc ctggccttat ttcctcagcc aagctaccca    119820
     tctccttccc aaaaggcaat caaggcagcc aggccccaac agaactaact gtagtggacc    119880
     tgggctttcc ccctgaccgc caccaccatc ctacttgtac gtaggatcca atcaggttct    119940
     cataaagaca tcctgaaatt atctgtgccc ccatctttgc taaattcaga tcagtcagag    120000
     gacaaaatgg agggttcctc ttagggcatg atcccaatgt cgtaattcag ttcctctctc    120060
     tggacactgc ctggcctggc agatgggcat ggccctcctc cttttcttta agagacttga    120120
     aagagagttg tcagcaaaac tgtgagcagt gcagagattg tgaaagggca ggtagtgtaa    120180
     gtagtattgt tgtggagtca gaggttagaa tgctgggtgg ttagagcctt gctgctgcca    120240
     gtcactgctc cccgttgcca tctttaaaca tttcgcaata tctcaagatc caggaaggca    120300
     tggccatgtc agttcaatgt ctcaggcaac aaagacaagg gttgcaaggt ggtagctagg    120360
     aatatagacg cctgggccta gtctctgtaa cccagtggct aaccagtgtc agagatctaa    120420
     gcagggctgg cttcagcctc ctgtaggcag ggcagtttat cccttttcca tatggatggg    120480
     ggagaggctg tcagcaaagt ggctgaagag agctaagtta gagctaccca agagccagcc    120540
     agcaggagtc tgtgtcaaat gctcagggct cgatgctcac tagtttctaa actacctctc    120600
     ccccaagaat gggaggcacc atcaccttgc cacagcactg ggagccaaac ccttcctgtt    120660
     tcacgggtgg gagaaccaga acagaaaagg tcacctgcaa gccagagagg atcagaacta    120720
     gtgttggcat tcttgatccg ttgctgacct tgcggtgtcc agacaggact gctgtgctag    120780
     cgtcccttaa gccatctcta ctccatggct agtacctaag ggtcttccca gcctggctag    120840
     ctagagagaa gataggtgca ttttgggctc tcactgtaaa gaagagtggt ccccaaatct    120900
     acttgcattg tcttgtgtac acacacacac acacacacac acacacccca gtagtcaggg    120960
     taccctttta atttttgttt gaaatcaact tcttcactgt ttggaaatct tgcagtttca    121020
     atgtgcacac tccttggact ccagaccctg tctgattgat actctctgca gggtataatt    121080
     atcaggaaat ccacgcagcg ggagttcaga tgggcccttc aggaggcagg aagcctccat    121140
     agcaacgaag gccagcctgc cattgtgatg tgttgacttc tcacctcacc tgtcctttaa    121200
     agtgaggagc agagggcggc atttctatct gtactgggct cagaaggcac agtggccata    121260
     ttgactttac attcaactgt gtaatatgtg gaaaagactc agcatgttgg tcaaacaata    121320
     aactgtccta attctcgaca caaagctcct tgttgactct ttctaagtgg tgtcgttata    121380
     tattggggct taaaagcggg tttcctcaaa agcccatcct ctcctgtctg ggtggtctat    121440
     cacctccaca gagcccttcc ctcttgtcat tgctcacctg ggctttccac cagttctaaa    121500
     agaaaactat ggactagtga gattgtgttc acaagccttc cttacctgtc tgggaagctc    121560
     cgggagggac caggacttgg gagtgtattt accatctgtc ttagtcaggg tttctattcc    121620
     tgcacaaaca tgaccaagaa gcaagctggg gaggaaaggg cttattcggc ttacccttcc    121680
     atactgctgt tcatcaccaa aggaagtcag gactggaact caagcaggtc agggagcagg    121740
     agctgatgca gaggccatgg agggatgttc tttactggct tgcttctcct ggcttgctca    121800
     gcctgctctc ttatagaacc caagactacc aggccagaga tggtcccacc cacaaggggc    121860
     ctttccccct tgatcactaa ttgaggaaat gccttagagt tggatctcat ggaggcattt    121920
     cctcaactga agctcctttc tctgtgataa ctccagctgt gtcaagttga cacaaaacta    121980
     gccagtacac cgtcactccc acactctact tgacatggcc agggattagg aggacagaat    122040
     gcagggagga actaggtttc ctatcctctt ggtttccaga ctatcattta aaaggtaaga    122100
     acggaagagt aattctgatt acctttaaaa tgacgccaac tgtgaccacc cgcagcttct    122160
     cccacaccag ttagggaaca gtctctgaga ggttcctcag atctggacaa cctccaacct    122220
     agctgttgcc ctcagccaag ctggctctca gaacaattcc tcagagtgct ggaagtgcca    122280
     ctcttcaagt ataataataa acgattctga aaattctgga acactccagt ttgccgtaat    122340
     tagaagctct gactgtccct gccgctgcct tagatgggca tctagtctta aggtgcgagg    122400
     cgagcaggtg caggaatggt gaagggtaga aggctgagag cctgagaaaa tgactatgtg    122460
     gcctagagag taaaaacagc cagtccttcc ccagcacagt agtggcgggg ccacaaggct    122520
     tcacgatact gagagaatgg ttgttctctt caagtgaggt gtgagcacgg ctgctcaaag    122580
     ttccggaaga cttgaggagg tactccagac gggtacacga aatgacactg actgctctgc    122640
     aataaagtgc aatatggcaa agtcagggct actgggtgac tttcctaatc actgcaagag    122700
     tggccactgt ttgttaagct cagatttata gatttcaggg aaaccttgta gccttgaaaa    122760
     atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaccc    122820
     tgaatgcgta cacaaataca catctttttt ccaggtcagt agaactaggt atctacagga    122880
     agagaaacag cctacccagg accccatgta gcacagggca gcgggcagca gagacggggt    122940
     aagagtggac tgagccagct gaactttggc aagtctttaa gaagcagatg gaagcagcag    123000
     gctctggatg gaatgacgcc agcaggacac ggttgtagtt gccggttaac cttactcaga    123060
     tggacccggt ggctgaggca gcagcacatt ccttgctacc tgcaccaacg tcctgggttc    123120
     ccaaatgaaa gcctgatatc ttaaaatgcc tcgagcagct caatggctgg gctactccca    123180
     agcctccaca gagctaacac ctcccctgat attcatgagt tattgcttat taaaatctgt    123240
     gttttatctt tgctgccccc tagacccagt tgggggttgg ggggcctggg gccactcttc    123300
     cccagctctc acgtgattgg tatgctcttt tctgcacctc aggcctgggc cttacttctt    123360
     tcctagcatg gccactatat cttcctcctc ctcccatgtt caaagaaccc agctgcctgc    123420
     aatggcatag actttttaaa tttcctttaa agcaaatacc atcatttctc ctttctaccc    123480
     ttaaaaacaa ttaaatcgat ttttatccat tctcccttct gtggagatta acatctctgt    123540
     ggttacatat gtcacctttc tcgtataact tgaattaacg tcttttttat gtatttaact    123600
     ttaattaaaa tttccatttt tgtatggacc tatatttagg cttatctttt taaaacaatt    123660
     ttatttttta tttaggcttg tctttagcct gtcttgtctc agcagaagct tttagtatct    123720
     gtggcttaag ctctctttgt agcagcccag aacaggagtt tctggctgaa tctttagccc    123780
     actgcccatg accctgggtc agcctgggtg tgtcctagcc ttgagccaca agccccagaa    123840
     tcatgtgtgc caaactagca tgaagcaaaa ccttagtttt gaaccttggg gaggaaccac    123900
     atgactcagc tcagctcaga aacattctcc ttgcctcata atcttaaagg gaggcatgtg    123960
     tattcttggg aatctctaac ttttaaaagt gagtgtaagt cccacattgg gtgacaccgg    124020
     ttgtcaattt tactcaaatc tacgagcgcg cttgatacct acaccaacat tctgggttcc    124080
     caaataaaag acacacacat agccttatat tttattgtgc ctgaaatagc tcaatggctg    124140
     ggccactgcc tcccctcccc tctgatagaa cagctcacgt caggaggtgc tggaggccct    124200
     gggaagcagt ggcaggggcc aaggcctccc gagagaccac aaggcaccta gcagtgagaa    124260
     gctgcttctg ccgtggctcc atggaagagt ccagacatag aatctttgct gcggctgcct    124320
     gtttagagct ggcttttaca gcagcccaca gcaaagccag acccatgcgt tccaggtagg    124380
     cattctacta acctggttcc cagccctgca cagcttacct tttgctcagg acacaggcta    124440
     taaataaata aataacattt atccttgctc tccatccttg tcactttttt gatgtactga    124500
     ttctcccact aagtaaaatc actttattat gcagacaaaa gggaggccag cgaacacatt    124560
     ttctaactga aaggtttttt tgatgagcac ctactgtgat gtgaacgtcc ttcatcgtgc    124620
     ccttcccatt tgtccgtgac caacatgaac agcagtgtgc aaagggcagt aagaatccta    124680
     gcagcaatac tgcctcccag tgagaactga gtcatctcat ggcttatctg tcctgtgctg    124740
     tgctgtatct gtctcataca ccataagcaa ggccagtaga tattttagga gtggggagct    124800
     gagtacttga tgggaatcat ggtctgggac tctattatca gcccaggtga cccacaggga    124860
     ggccatgtgt cagcaggcag aggcttgggc tggtctgcac agagaacacc tgtgtgttta    124920
     tcctgtccct ctcactggtc caggccagcc cagagcgcca cacatattcc ctgagcactg    124980
     cacctgagtc aatgctctgc ctgtctcttt agtgtggctt tagtgaagcc tgactctgag    125040
     tgtgagacga gaccaagagt ctcatatatg cagcgatctg taggctcagt aacctggagc    125100
     tggggttcaa ttctagctca ggttcccact tgtactcatc atttgactca atgctttcag    125160
     tatagtcatt tatcaagata ccagtcattt ataaaagcaa tgagaacaca aatgttgaag    125220
     acagcatcac tttaaaaagg taacattttt taaagcatca tgaataaata tgtatttaaa    125280
     atgcacagtg gacatcttca gtttgtattg ttccatagca ctctagctgg ggtgacacaa    125340
     caggagctga tcaagtagca caggggacag cctgggctca cgcacgcccg aggcagcagt    125400
     gtgctgtctc cctgctctcc ccagtggagc ctctagaaca ctaacctagg agtgtctggg    125460
     gatttggctc ctagagccac cttgtgaggg tgactcttcg gggttgcggc agcttttgaa    125520
     cctagggtgg tgtggggatg gtcaccgagc ccgtgaagga cacactgtca gctagggtgg    125580
     tgtgggatgg tcaccgagcc catgaaggac acactgtcag ctagggtggt gtgggatggt    125640
     caccgagcct gtgaaggaca cactgtcagc tagggtggtg tgggatggtc accgagcccg    125700
     tgaaggacac actgtcagct agggtggtgt gggatggtca ccgagcccgt gaaggacaca    125760
     ctgtcagcta gggtggtgtg ggatggtcac tgagcccgtg aaggacacac tgtcagctgt    125820
     gcctgtggct ttgaagctgt cttcactgta gaccttcaca ccccagactc cactaagaac    125880
     tgacactgta ttatgcctac accaggggca actgcaagtt cacttattcc acaagcaggc    125940
     agatctggtc ccaggaaaag ggaccaacac agaggcagga gacaaggact tctcagatgc    126000
     gaccctactc tcaaagcgat gccctctctg ttatgtctca cactaacatg atgctacacc    126060
     taacacctag caaagggaga aagaatatgg gaattaagaa aggactagct gagaaaggag    126120
     ctgacggggg tggggtgggg gtggtacaat tgtttcaaga actcaagaaa tgcttcaacg    126180
     acatgccccc tctttatcag tccacaccac caccgccctt tctcaaactg cagggtcagt    126240
     ctcacatgac caacgcttgt ggccagcgat gctcctcagg caatcttggc cagccacttc    126300
     tccaagtcct ggatgtcagc agagccagtg tcccctcgtc cacccttggc actacactcc    126360
     aggaactcca ctttgagtgg caactgggaa aattcaaatt ctttgccttt cttccccaac    126420
     tgagcaggtg cggtgctgga actgtccagt gtgctgggag ccgcggaccg ggtgactcgt    126480
     aaggtgttgc tgggggcaaa gggagaaaag tcagacgcaa caaagcccaa aatcctatga    126540
     gctcctaaat caaagggata gcaccagtcg gtattgacac tgctggcttg tcctttatgt    126600
     ccatggatca ctgtttcaga cagacaccag tgggttagga gacccaggtc acaccagctc    126660
     tttgaagcct ctacctactt ctaagctctc ctgaatggcc ccactgtatt ataaaactca    126720
     tggttttgaa acttcagaaa gggtagatag ggagccttgg ctatgaagct cacacatcca    126780
     cagacttccg tctcatctgt cctgtatctg taagcaggaa aaccttccca aactgtcact    126840
     gtgctgccag ccgctggccc tgtagagcac acaggcagca tgcttgctgc cttcctgctg    126900
     gggacatttc ataaatacta catctgacta aatttacaag cagggcatgg tgccacacac    126960
     ctttccctaa tttgtgaaaa accttaaatg gctataaaca cccacgtctt ttataattct    127020
     aataatccct ttaacacata ttccatacta ccccagctac aactctgatc actcgatcct    127080
     aagctgcgaa tggactccga cggtcaggac gccacccgga gcacagcccc acttacagct    127140
     ccttctcaag ctgctgctgg atcaacttcg ctgattttgc cattgcgata tctgggaagg    127200
     aaaagaagag cattattcta gtttaaacca ggatctgtct cctccctgga cttccagcac    127260
     agaaagaaaa ttcccaatta taccaactag ttcaccccac attcctttgt tgaaacactt    127320
     tttatcatta ttcctttctg tcacagtaaa tgctgtattt gcaggttttt aaaaaatgtt    127380
     ttaaaacata aaatacaaca aaatattgtt ttagtgctaa tgaccttaaa actaaccaag    127440
     cttaagtttc ccacacctta caagcccttc aatatgtaac ctgtcctgtc cattgaaaga    127500
     aagcaagcat acgtgaacca tgactgacat ctgaggagaa ctttcaacac aacaccacat    127560
     taacccttaa gaaaagatga tggctagggc tagagatggc ccaggggtta cagcactggc    127620
     tgctcttcca gaggaccagg gttcaagtac cagaacctgc atggccaact cacaactgtc    127680
     ccagcagatc caaagccctc ttctaatctt ctcaggcacc gggtatgcct gaggttcagc    127740
     cctgcacacc cccccccccc ccccgcccca catacacaca aaacaaaaat acttttacaa    127800
     aagatgctaa gagctgcacc attcatcagg tattaggaaa tgtagccgtg aaggagttcc    127860
     cgaggaccaa ctcctgacgt tactccgcct ggccacagag ctgatgccca gccaacctga    127920
     ctgtgagcgc tggggtaaga gggaacagtg gcgcagcctg tctggaagga gaggcccaat    127980
     aatcccccca gaaccgatag tactcggtct cacaaattaa catttggaaa agtaagataa    128040
     tttatcttta aaaagcactg tatcatgaaa aagatataat atcaacagag cccccagctg    128100
     ccagtccttg ggacaacctg gtaaaagacc aggaaagtaa tagaaacaat tttcagattt    128160
     aatcccttaa ttaatgctta attccagccc tttccccatg ctcagaaata acaacggcgg    128220
     gtaaatgaac taattcccaa cagcaatcct caacggttgg ctgcctttgc caggaagcac    128280
     cttgcttatt gcaggctatt aataaggacg gtgagttctt cagagccatg ctgtcgatga    128340
     ggacctggta cagaaattcg gccacatctt tcacctcccg ctggaacgcc gcactgtcca    128400
     ccacaaacac cacagccctg cagggacagt taaagggaag gacacatgag cacacacggc    128460
     aggcaggagc cacaagacag acccctggtt tctccactca gccctccacc acagcacaca    128520
     tgcacgcatg catgctttga tttaagtaaa aaaagaaaac aaaaacaaaa catgaagaag    128580
     ctaaaaggac acaagaaatg acttgggctt tcaagggtca gaaaaccatc tgacagatct    128640
     aggcgatgaa cacagggcag aatgtaccca cagtgggaga acaaagaggg agacaaaaga    128700
     aagatgtaaa aatctcgaga agagcacaaa ggcagggtga acgggggagg ccaggccaga    128760
     ggggaaggga tgaggacact gccctgtgaa gcttgtgctg tgaagactac tggggcctaa    128820
     gtggaagaca gaacactctt gagggaactc aaggattgtg actatgtggg acctgacctc    128880
     agacacagca gtgacaccat caagtaccag aggtactgca cgggagcctc agacatcagg    128940
     tcctggggca gagaatgtgc agtggctaac agggtctgga caactggacc aaaccttacc    129000
     caaagcctcc aactctaagg cagtgaaatg gaggctgtgg ttagaaaata gttttaaaga    129060
     cgttaaaaca cccggtctcc aatggctgta gctatggggc ataagtggac actcccttgg    129120
     aataagagcc ctaagcaaga gattatataa aaattggggg ctggagagat ggctcagagt    129180
     tcttccagag tcctgagttc aattcccagc aactacatgg tggctcccaa ccatctgtaa    129240
     tgggatccga tgccttcttc tagtgtgtct gaagacagca acagtgtagt catacaaata    129300
     aaataaataa aactttaagg aaaaaaaaag ttaagaaaac aattttggac catattcatc    129360
     atcaaccccc gatggtgcta acaaatgagg agagcggtgt ggagctggcc gctcacgccc    129420
     tacactaaca aagactacca gtctcatcga tggcacccat tctcttagag gaggagttct    129480
     ggatcaaaac agaaattaaa atatgcaatt ataaaagaga ttaaccagca cccccaaaac    129540
     tggactttag agcaatctac aaagcacatg tttatgggct ggacatgtag ctcagttagc    129600
     agagtgcttg catagtagaa tatatatata tacatatgga tgtatatgta tatgtatatg    129660
     tgtatgtata tgtatccatc ccatcccacc cagcattgaa ccaaagtgat cacctgtaat    129720
     cctagcactg aggaggtaga ggcaggagat caaaaactca agttcatttt tggttgaaca    129780
     gtgagttcaa ggtcaggctg agctacatga aattctgcct ccaaaaaaaa tcataatgta    129840
     tgtttaaaat tattttagag aataatacta gaagcaagta aaaagaaatg ggtggagttt    129900
     taaagggtat tttaaaaaag aacacattat aaaaatagta aataaaatta gcaacacagt    129960
     ggaaactaaa caggttctct cagctgaaaa gaacacggca aactaggcag cggatctgag    130020
     gggctaacac tctgaggggc aacactcgag agagaaggat gtgtcagata aactacgcaa    130080
     gagctagggc agagagaacg gcccatgctg tgacaaatga ggcagcaggc acagggtcgg    130140
     atgaatctgg cttgatgttt aggctaatct ttctcttgag gctcttctac ctgtaaatat    130200
     ccacttgtgc cttgtagcgg cgaggcatgg agaccgggtg tttcagtttc tttggaattc    130260
     cgttccagct acggtctcca ttagattacc tttgagtggc aagctgtgca cagggtgact    130320
     ggtccagctg ccccccaggg cctgcactta acagatgata acacccttct gtgtagggtg    130380
     ctacacttga attccaaata ccagaaaccc aaagacagat gcctcagagg gaaatgacag    130440
     ttacactggc actctgtaag agcagatgtg gagtcggcgg tctccaggga ccactcggag    130500
     ctgctaccca ggacctcaca tgcaactaag accaaggacc atgaaaaaaa aagaggccaa    130560
     ataaaggttg ctttccgtga aagacagcca acaacttcac gacacactca tcctctagaa    130620
     acatttctag cagatactct gaggaaaaca gaacctgaaa ggaaggagca aaatttggca    130680
     aagagcaaag aaatcaaaca tcagggagcc tcaaaacaca ggtgcttgtc atggtttata    130740
     aaaaagaaat gggtcctggt tagatactgt tttttgtttt ttaaaatggg gcaggaatcc    130800
     acagaaagaa aatataatat actttgaaat ccctagatgg aaaaacaatc ttaggtcaca    130860
     aggaagaatt ttttttttaa atgtcacatt ggggtcatgg taagagttct tgttgctctt    130920
     gtagaggacc caggttaggt tcccagcacc cacatcaggc agctcactac tgcttgtaac    130980
     tgcagtccag ggggcccagc gtcatgttct ggtcctttgg gtacctgcac acacacagtg    131040
     cacaaacaag aacaggggca tgcacctaaa ttttaaaaag aaatcttaaa aagaaaaatg    131100
     tcatatacca tagtaaaagt gttttcgatt taacagtttt atgactgaat gaagtttgtt    131160
     aacttaggtt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttggtttttc aagacagggt ttctctgtgt    131220
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta aatagatcag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa    131280
     tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgcaccatca cacccggctt    131340
     attaacttag ttttatcttt atatgctgaa tattctattt atccaaaata cttggaaaaa    131400
     agtgtaatta tactataaac tctaaaatat ttgcaagtga caatggaaaa aaatttttta    131460
     aaaagctgtt cttgagacac tctgacaaat taatacaaat acaaattttc cttacttttc    131520
     ttaacaatgt tagacagcaa acatgaagaa agcatttaaa actacaacat acaaatttta    131580
     ggaaagaatt taaaaatcaa tgacatgagg acttacacta aaaatagttc ttgaggtatc    131640
     aatttagtgt gatttaagaa cagacatgca gcctctagct tttggctggg ttatacgagg    131700
     gagatagtga ggaaggtctc tatacggttg ttcctatgaa gtggacagct ccatacccac    131760
     cagcagaaaa gcacctagta aactattagc tccatagctg cttgcactac tgcaggggtg    131820
     aggggacctc tctgtgccac gtggtactgt ggcactctgt tctgctgcac ttctgatcca    131880
     gactctggtt agcatctggg ccagacccag gacgtgagta cagctactgg tgcttcacag    131940
     gactcaagcc aggcctttct gaggatacca gctgtgtgct agccatgcaa actaacagtt    132000
     atgccaaaga actccagcta gcatgcctga aggcttaaga atctacaata agagccgagc    132060
     atggtagagc acactgttag tgccaggaac caagagtcag gaggcagtag caggcagatc    132120
     tctgagttgg aggctagcct gatcaactga gggagttcca ggatagccag ggctacacag    132180
     agaaaccctg tctcaaaccc tgacccccca aaaagaatct actatgagag aaatataaca    132240
     aagcgaagca aacaataaac ccctttgtcc tgctatcatc agtaattctg aatgtcagat    132300
     tcgtccctgt ggggtcaaaa ggcatgattc tgcgtagaaa aatggggcag agtcaggtgc    132360
     tggcgggctt tccattttca tttgtactcg atttccaatc caaacacggg aggtaaagcc    132420
     caatagagcc aagcctttct ttgggcaact cccagcagct caacttcaag acaattagaa    132480
     atcaatctct tacagttttt tggacaatgc tagcatttat atgctaaaaa agaaacaaac    132540
     aaacaaacac acatacacaa gggaatttct tattgatgac caaaaataaa taaataaata    132600
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaggtga aaagaaggta agaggaaaga aagccttgct    132660
     agttatggtg acacatacct gtaatcccaa cacttgcaaa ttcaaggttc tttgtttggc    132720
     tatatagcaa gttcaaggtc aacctgcagt acctgagact ctatcttgaa aagccaaaac    132780
     caagcaggtg gacaggaaag aaaagccact tagtttgtat aagccaggag gctggaatgg    132840
     aaaaagctta cagttcaggg ccagcctggg ctacatgggc tagagagata ctgccacctt    132900
     atcaaaacaa aagaaaaagc caggcgtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcactcggga    132960
     ggcagaggca ggcggatttc taagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagctccagg    133020
     acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaccccc ccccccccca aaaaaagaaa    133080
     gaaaaccaaa aagagtatga ttaatgtttt gagtttagta tcttctggga tccatcctag    133140
     ccttacaatt tccttttcca gattgtaata gccttaacat gtcattaaat ctattttcag    133200
     agtcagtggc tagagagatg gctcaacagt tcagagtgtg ttctgctctt gcagaggatc    133260
     tgagttcagt tcccatgttg ggaagttaca accaactgta accccagctc caggggatcc    133320
     aacaccctcc cttcctatgc tgtacctcac acaagtgcac ataccctgcc ccacatacac    133380
     atagttgaag tttaatcatg ctagtagagt gacaccccct gcgcaatctg aaaagccagc    133440
     cttaagcagg ctcctacgtc ttccgagttc tagcacccca gaaatggcca ctccaaggtt    133500
     catcccatac cagtgtcaaa agtcttggca gaggaaccag cgtgagcgtg cgcatggacg    133560
     cagtgcagac ttgaagggac ccatgtcact tcatccctga cttacctagc tgaagactta    133620
     aagcgatcta agagctgaaa cctcaagctc tcatgcccgg ggaggtcgat cagagtcagg    133680
     ctgttaccct gaggacagca agagtgacat cacatcacca ttcggtccag ctccaggttc    133740
     acatagcata gatcttcacc atcagatcag cacactggag ctgagctcat gaatcaagca    133800
     aatgtttact gcaggcagca agtcagatgg atttctgttg aggatgtctt aatagtaaac    133860
     acaggtgaag gaagggtagt ggcttgccta gtatatgtga ggcacagaaa aaaagtttta    133920
     atcccagcac tcgggaggca gaggcagaag gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta    133980
     cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccggagctat acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaacaaacaa    134040
     acaaataaat aaataaattt tttaaattaa aaaaaaaggc actagacatt aacaaggctc    134100
     tgggtaataa aaatctaact atgggacggc ttctaaagag aagtctggct agcagaggca    134160
     gaaaaagaca actactttta gccaaatgat tgtcctgtgt ctacatactg cctccttata    134220
     cccgaaaaag acccagtact tactgaacct catagtaatg ttggacagac agaacctaaa    134280
     aataaaatgt cttataccct gtacgtaagt tacgaggatg ggtgggcagg actaaatctg    134340
     ctacctatat tatcgagggc agatctgttt gttatacaga atatgttcta cgtaaaatga    134400
     agctacacaa aaggtaccta catcttcaga ctactccatc caagaaggtt cttccttgac    134460
     aagccacagt gccccagtaa gctttgttaa cttgacacag cttccagcca tgcaagagaa    134520
     gcctcaacag aagtccctcc atgagactgg cctgtgtgca tgtctatggg tcattttctt    134580
     gagtccaatg tgggaggcgc catgtttagg caggtagtcc ggagctatga agaaatctag    134640
     ctaagtgaac tgaagagtga accagcaagc agcatttctg catggcttct gctgccagga    134700
     ccctgccctg aattccctta acaatgaact acatcccggg agtgtaaaca gattaaatcc    134760
     tttcctcccc aagttgcttt gggtcagcaa cacacatgac agtagaactt agtaaagaag    134820
     agtgtcagat tctagaacat tccagatacc tcttaccctg ttattgttga ctttgtatat    134880
     ggcagaacta tcggtaatgg aagtctgtgt gtctctgtac tggccagtta gcaactgtaa    134940
     acaaaacaaa accaagacag acaaatcagg gtaagcgagt tacaataaca ctgaatgcaa    135000
     tgtaaaaaat gacattttca ttctgtggag agtaaggtca aatgaacgaa tgctacttga    135060
     aacagctgaa aacgatcata ctgctttatt tttaacttgt agaatagtga ttaattacag    135120
     ccgggcagtg atggcacacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaagcagagg caggcggatt    135180
     tttgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag    135240
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa ccaaataata ataataatta attacaagct ttattccttc    135300
     tttttgcagt gccatcagaa agtggcaccc tgggcccaac attattagta ttatttttaa    135360
     acaacagcaa ggggccaaat tactgacctg taaagatttt aggcaccaaa accaactcaa    135420
     ggcctcagga gatgttcagt ggacataaca cttcctgtgt aaccttgatg acctaagttc    135480
     agcccctctg aacccacata aacccagatc tagtagtaca cacattcaca agcccagtac    135540
     tcctatgggg aaaatgggag ggagacagga caatctccag aaattcatac tagcttgcct    135600
     ggcacagcaa tgagagaaga ccaacacttc tggtcctctg acctccacag atgtgccaag    135660
     gctcacacgt accagccctt acacacatga atgaacacac acacacaatt aaaataataa    135720
     tagctattac tactactact actactatta ttattattta taccctccaa aggaagaggg    135780
     taaattctcc atagtaaaac atgttcagtt aaaatacact ggcttacata aaactaagtg    135840
     ttagtaaagg gaggcctctc tagcttaaga ctgtcgaagg agggtaattt ttgtcatgat    135900
     tgtgataatg ctggattgct cagaactagc catgctggga ctattttaag tcacagaaat    135960
     cagcaaaagt tattgggctt cctttatcct ttattgattg tttaaagaaa gaataagaac    136020
     gcaagctaca cttaagaata tatgtctatc caggcagtgg tggcacaggc ctttaatccc    136080
     agcacttagg aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcaa gaccagcctg gtctacagag    136140
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctggaaaaaa acaaaatcaa    136200
     acaaacaaac aaaaaaatgt atgtccataa ccattatatt ctgagtagcc caagaaactg    136260
     gtaatgcatt ttttaacagg tgtatgtaca ctgaaggttg gttgatgtcg ggagtcctta    136320
     atctttctcc accttattta tttactgttt ttgctttttt tttttttttt ttttccctga    136380
     catagggttt ctctgtgcag ctctggctgt cctggaactc attctacaga ccaagctggc    136440
     ctcaaacttg aagagatcct cctacttctg cctcccaagt gttggcttta aaggcatgga    136500
     ccaccaccac acagccagcc accttttgtg aggctgtggt ctctcactga acccggggag    136560
     aaaaccaact agcatgggtg gtggtgagcc aaggaattcc agggatccat acctcctagg    136620
     ccctgggatt gctgacaaga acttctggac ctggctttca cgtatgtgcc accgatccaa    136680
     actcagaccc tcattttttt gccaggcaag aaaacagact gagtcacctc cccatcccca    136740
     gaccacgtat tctaacagca tcgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    136800
     ttttacaggt tttcctagag tcttttttat ataactccca gggggctgga gagatagctc    136860
     agtggttaag agcaccgact gctcttccga aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca    136920
     tggtggctca caaccatctg taatgagatc tgactccctc ttctggtgca tctgaagaca    136980
     gctacagtgt acttagatat aataataaat aaatcttaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaattaactc    137040
     ccagggctgg agactcaact aagttggata agatcccatc ctgcttctag caaagggacc    137100
     tgaattcaat tcccagcacc cacatcaggc agctttgaag accgactcta caaaatctga    137160
     cacatctggc ctctacaggt acaggcactc atgtgcatat acccacacac atacatataa    137220
     ttaaaaagaa aaaaaaatat ttttaaaaac atgtcctaaa cttgctgtac caaataaact    137280
     gcaagatgac agggctacgg aaatgcctta cccatccctc ttaagtctaa ccgaggtgaa    137340
     aatcaaagca ttaccctgac aaacagcaac gttttcccag agtcacagag accaacgaag    137400
     agaacagctc tctgactgct ctttcggctc cagatgaact tccagaacac tgcagagaag    137460
     agaaaggcag ccttcatttt ctaaagacat tattagtagg catttacgac aaaaaaacaa    137520
     agcgtccatc tggactactt tcattgtcac acggattaga gtcagttttg ttaggaactc    137580
     acggagcgcc agccactatc aactgtaaac cttttcacgt ctatttccct catccaaatg    137640
     tggagactaa aagtatacac agaatgatgg atctgggaaa aattagtggc ttgctacatt    137700
     tgattggtgg atttctactc taccttagta ccccagtatc tcagagccca gttcagacac    137760
     aagtggctca aagttggaat gaacgatggc ggccgcagcg ctcaagcgca cagggccgcc    137820
     tcatgtaagt cctgtcccaa gacccaggtc acttcagcgt cccctttcca cactgctggg    137880
     tctggaagac gagtagtaga agagggaacg cagccgtccg cctccctggc ctgcggcgcc    137940
     gagccaccct gccctcgccg tgaatgccgg ccgcctcacc cagcgtcagc agcaccgcca    138000
     ggagagccac cgccacggag agcagcgtcg gatccctctg ctgcagctcc tgtcgtaagg    138060
     agtcgaggta aggctggaag gcgccaccgg cgccatcgcc aactcgccgg gtgttcgccg    138120
     aagccatgaa agaggtgtgt agtcttcccg ggccgccaaa gttacgtggc tctaggctcc    138180
     acgccgtggt ggggcgcggg gcatcacggg agttgtagtc ccttaggggt atctcggcta    138240
     agtgcctgat gggagttgga gttttttggt ttctacaacc cagttagcga gtgtattcat    138300
     atcggcatgc tttgagacat gtatagcttt gtggaatttt ttttctttgc attttaattt    138360
     tttatctttg gagaatttca taaatgaata tgatgtcttt tggtcaaacc cacccctcta    138420
     ctcccatttc atttcgattt ttgaaagaat gatgactttt agcaaaatta acggctacaa    138480
     aacttcattt gagggtgagg atttctactc ggccgttaca tgggatgaaa tttatgagag    138540
     attttaccac agtatgatgt gaccgaagat gtgatggagt cacagagaat ccacaaagac    138600
     acatcaagtc ctttatgagg tcagagaaaa gtagctagag atggacctga atcttggagg    138660
     atgcattaac ctataccggc aactaaagaa aacagaaaaa gacgcacgga agagaagctt    138720
     gagtaaaagc caatgacatg tgggaaactc gggaattctg tgtcctgcat tgacacgtcc    138780
     agcacggaaa aaaatgactg cattttaaaa agcaatcagg aaaatcagtg ctcgggagga    138840
     tgtggaggtg tcgacgatag attgatcatt cccacccaaa ggaagcaggc ctactcaacc    138900
     aggtaggcca tttgagaggc ccagagtaga caacattttt cagtttctca agaggactta    138960
     tttataaaag atcttcatgg gaactcttct acttaagatt tcatcgggta atcgaaacat    139020
     ttaaaaaaaa atgtgagctt caatttaaaa atatctctgc gagtcagaag tggccaagcc    139080
     tcgagggcca tttgcagcct ctgtcattaa gtagctgtca ttattttaaa gtatttaagt    139140
     acaggtctgc ctgggagatg acaggaaaag tcgatgtcac ttaaaggcta aacaaattca    139200
     ttaaaatgtc gcactgccac ataaaacccc aactcctgca ggtaccagga agagaggaaa    139260
     tgagacattc ccttcctctc tagtgtggca gtgagtgatt gggtaggaaa tgaaacaaag    139320
     atgttaaagt ttgagtttgg aaggttcgca atgtgatttc gatttccata catcctcaaa    139380
     aggcagaggg caggtgagaa gaagcccact cgagagggcc actccgttgg ccttaccatc    139440
     gccagatact gagtcgctgg ctacaggcta tgtataagaa tgattagatt gtccatggaa    139500
     gcaaaagtgg cagaaaggca gctggaaaag tttgtaggaa tcagacctgg gagtggtttt    139560
     gtgtgctatg ctgaagaact cagagtttac tcatagtata acaataagct gaaggtgaca    139620
     tggataattg gcagatctgt ggagaactgt gactggagag agaaaagact gaggctgggg    139680
     gaatcaatgg gagtctcttg tcgtatttag gcaaaagata cttggagtct aacacaggat    139740
     aaaagtgtga aatccggggc tagagagatg gctcagtggt taagagcact ggttgctctt    139800
     ccagaggtcc tgagttcagt tcccagcaac cacatcaggt ggctcacagc catctgtaat    139860
     gggatctgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg cagacagcta cagtgtgctc acatacatta    139920
     aataaataaa taaacaaaca aacactgaaa gtgtgaaata cagggtaaaa tttctgagat    139980
     atttagaagt taaaatatgt aggttgtaat gactataaaa tatatagttg ctgttgttct    140040
     attactgtga aaagacacca tgaccaatac agaagaaagc atttaattgg gagctttttt    140100
     gtttgtttgt ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgccc tggaactcac    140160
     tccgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg    140220
     ggattaaagg catgcaccac caccgcctgg cagaagaaag catagaaagc atttaatcga    140280
     gagcttcctt atatttcaga ggctgagttc atgagtgtcg cagtagggga tgtggcagca    140340
     ggcaggcatg gcactgacac agtagctaag agcctacatc ctgattcaga ggcagagaat    140400
     aagaaactgg gcctggtgtg ggtgttcaaa acttcaaagc tcactccagt gacacacctc    140460
     ctccaacaag gccacacctc ctaatccttc ccaaacagtt tcaccaactg gggaccaagc    140520
     gttcaaatgt atgaagctat ggagatgttc tcattcaaac cacaacacag cctaacctac    140580
     acagtaaatt ccttggctac atagtgtgag attttgtatc atcctttgtt ttggtaaatc    140640
     tccatcccaa atataccccg gcgatgaaaa cacaacacag ttaatatgaa tacatgctgt    140700
     gcacctaggt tgggcagatc taccactaca ctaccatctt ccacatctat gagacccctt    140760
     agaacttgca gtttctccag gccatgtgct tctgctctgc ttttcttctt cctcctcctc    140820
     tacgtcctct ccctcttcca ttttcttctt ctctctccca cctttcactc caccttccct    140880
     tttatctgcc caatcatcag ctcttcttta ttttacaaat taaggtggga agcaggttta    140940
     caggaaatca cctgagtgct gactcattcc ttgttcgcag cccctcacag gagaatggaa    141000
     ttaatatcaa atataattag ccccagggct attcacaacc atcctttcta acaaaaaaaa    141060
     agttgttgga cgaaagattg ttgtcatcat atgtaaaaag aaaattgcgt acctatatgt    141120
     atacaaacac atacacaaaa taaaaattaa tatttaaaaa atgacttgaa gagacatttt    141180
     ttcccacatg ttgcaaacta tcaggaggaa tgtgaagtgt gcttaatgtc tttagccagt    141240
     gagaaaatga aaatggaaac tgctatgaga tactacctga tactcattaa gatagtcact    141300
     attaaaaaag tcagaaatat accaaacagt gctgagagga aagggaaatc tgttacactg    141360
     ttggtgggaa tgtagcttac tacagccatt atggaagaca gcataaaggt ttcttaagtt    141420
     aaacaaaaaa agaacgggtg gtaatgaacc ctgaaatcct aagtactcgg gaggtgaagg    141480
     cagaagggtc aggagctcaa gggcatcatt ggctgcacag caagttcgag gccagtttgg    141540
     ataaaatgag aacgtgtctt aaaatgcaca cacacacaaa tacggatgtt cgcatgcacc    141600
     atttgtgggt ttagggaccc acagaggtca gaagaggcat tggatcctct ggaaatggaa    141660
     ttagagagat ttgtaaatat tttattttaa tgatgcatgt atgtgtaggc gtggggggtg    141720
     tgtgtgtgag tctgtacatg tgagggtgca ggctgtgggc tctcatgtga gtcctgaggt    141780
     ttgtaaatgc tctcagatgc tgagccgctt ctctggccct cctcgggtct tcaatacttt    141840
     tttataaaaa aagtataact taaattttta aaaatatttt gttttaatta tgcatgtacg    141900
     tatgggcatg tgtgtctgga tgactttgtg cctgtgagtg cagtacccag agagtccaaa    141960
     ggaaggtgtt ggatcccatg agtttgaatt tcaggtggtt gcaatagtgt agatgccagg    142020
     atctgaatcc cccacaccct ctacaaaagt ggcatatgtt cataagtgct gagtcatctc    142080
     taaattctaa gagcggcttg cctagtatat gtgaggcaca gaaaaaaagt tttgaggcag    142140
     gcagtggtga agcacgcctt taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcaga tggatttctg    142200
     agttcgaggc cagcctgctc tacaaagtga gttccagggc agccagggct acacagagaa    142260
     accctgtctc gaaaaaccaa aaaaaagttg ctgtgtcatc gtactgttga tgggccctag    142320
     aaagtcctgt tatggatgct ccctctaggt ttgtctgttt gttcgttggc tttatttagt    142380
     ttgtgatgct gaggagcaaa cagagcaagt aatgtcactg agctattcct gtagcccctg    142440
     cctttgattg gtggagtttc tgatttctgt aatattctaa actgtagatc cacaggttgt    142500
     agtgaaggga caatatgaac cccgtttgtc ctcattttga ggaccaggcc tgattaaaaa    142560
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagccataa ggcaccagct tcgggaagag actctaagta tcagaaacta    142620
     ggccataaga cagcagctct aggaacagac cataaaaccc agaacaagat cataaaagcc    142680
     cctcccaaag aacagcctgg gataaccaca aaacggggaa atatctcaga atgagcgatc    142740
     tgtgctggac agccctattt tatggttgga cactcatcca taggaatgta gaccactgac    142800
     cacctgtaac ctctagctca cctgtaaccc accagtgaaa tcttacatta cctaatcctt    142860
     ccagagagtt tcctgccccc tctaagaagg cctgcatgcc tttatctagg ttcgacattt    142920
     caaagactgg ttgacctctt catgctggct gcctctgcag aataaatgct cttttgtttt    142980
     tgcatactga gtctggggtc ttccttcagc ggttttcaga cccttacata aggaggtgta    143040
     gatggaggat gctggagact tgggtctcaa gtataaatat gagtacccca aagttgttgg    143100
     cattgctaga agggaatctg aaaagagagg ggaacgctgg gtccagagga gaattcttaa    143160
     gatacccaga ttggtaggat aagctcaggt catgagtgaa cacagagaga tgggaatcaa    143220
     agagaatgac catgtcagag agggaaaacc atcctaagaa agggagggta gttgggcgtg    143280
     gtggcgcaag cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg cagatggatt tctgagttcg    143340
     aggccagcct gctctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag cctgtctcga    143400
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaca aataagaaag gaaggaagaa agaaagagag agaaagagag    143460
     aaagaaagag agaaagagaa agagagagag aaagagagag aggagagaaa gagaaagaga    143520
     gaaagagaga aagagaaaga gaagagagaa aagagaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    143580
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaaa ggagggtaga ctccctcatg    143640
     gaaaagctgg cgagtagcag caacttctgt cagggtgaga ctgtagagcc gatgactagt    143700
     ctctgtttgt tcagccaact gcttattact aatacatggg gagaaggaga cgtagagcct    143760
     gaaccttcca ggaaagttgg ctgaggagtg gaggcatggg ggtagaaatt agacagggaa    143820
     tctgtctaaa agtcactgtc agtgttaatg ctgagctctt gagccatcct tctataaagt    143880
     actcttttta atgttcattt cgtacaaatt agccaaggcc ttgtagggtg gaactttctg    143940
     atttcctagc atgggccctt actgacttag cggactgcaa agctagcctg aatacctgcc    144000
     gcctacagga ctgtaacact agagggcgcc atagacatgc ccgccctccg cagctcctcc    144060
     ccaccctcac atcctataca ccaaagctcc caacacttct tcgaccagca ctcgaagagc    144120
     ttcccctcgc ctgcccatga cgtctgccca tgacgtctag ctgactggtg agaaagaacc    144180
     tcgcccacgg actgacaacc aattgtttgc aatattgtcg ggctcgcagg gagatttttt    144240
     tttttttacg caaagctgat tcagatttgg ttttggacca tggctgttcc atcgcaatga    144300
     attaatacaa gttctgtcaa ctttctcagt actcactagg gcatctattt gtaacaaatt    144360
     cttctttctg gcatgtgcac atgtgcacat acgtacgtgt gtggtcatac agtttttttg    144420
     ttttttgttt ttgtttgtgg gtttttttgt tttgttttgt tttgtttttt gtttgtattt    144480
     tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccttgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccgggc    144540
     tcgcttcgaa ctcagaaatc ctcctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac    144600
     cacgcccggc taagattctt atttttgatc ttttatttta tgtgtatgtg gttgtgtgag    144660
     cttatgtgcc tcacatgaat gcaggatctt gcggagcaaa agaggcatcg gatcccatgg    144720
     aactggagat acagacaact gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc    144780
     tctgggagag cagcctgtgc tcttaacctc tgagccatct ctccagcccc aactacctga    144840
     atcttgagct caggagacaa ggttcagttt atatgatatt tagtcagatt gtacaaagaa    144900
     atcctggtga aaatatctag aaaagaatgg agtttgggaa atataaagtc agcagtcgtt    144960
     tttattttgt gctctgtgta tgtggtaagg cacagcagcg aagactacac cagttagccc    145020
     caacccctca gggcatgaag accaagagaa gcccatgggc cacgggaggg agcatctgtc    145080
     tccaccacag tggcaaccca cctcttggat tttaatgttt gtggaaagtg caggcttcca    145140
     ggagtcctgg ggagagaaga aagatatagg acattgagaa tactcttact tttatgagct    145200
     gtttagcaga atgaaaggaa cctgaatggg caattcagta tcacataaat tgtgccaagg    145260
     ctcattgttc tgctagactc atgcatgctg tgccccatcc ctcccatccc tgcttcccta    145320
     cacagctcct gagcctccca cggggagggc tccacacaag gatagagaag ctgtcatgtg    145380
     actttcctgc cctacaggca tccccaactt tgcttttaac cagtgaggct ctgaacttga    145440
     attcacataa ggagaagccg cctaggaagg cccttcttcc ctgagaatgc gaggcagatg    145500
     gtagctggca gtccccagca acgtctgagc tgggtctaag gatggagtgg agaaaaacaa    145560
     agctagactg gtgttctctg gagcatacag gtaagggaaa tattaacttg gattctgtca    145620
     cactaaacct caacaatcac attgctcaca ctagaattcc atgtggcaac ttgtaaaaca    145680
     catatatagc atagcttggc acagtgcagc acagtgtagt atagtatagt atattgtctc    145740
     cgaccgtcag atctagggat taaactcagg tcatctagct tgtgccacgg gctcttttcc    145800
     ccactgagcc atcttaccaa tccacatggg gcaaccttga aagggccatc accccagagc    145860
     agcacagtct ccgaggctgt atctccagca caataactta aatgaaggcc aagactcacc    145920
     tccaaactcc agtgggagac tcaccactgt atatcccatg caccccctcg cactttacaa    145980
     atgttttcag gtgtccccgc taatccccaa acagatggta aaatatattt tatcctattt    146040
     caattcctgg aatatggcat tgcagatgct gcttagcaac ttcctagcta gccagaactt    146100
     atcattattg aagttcccta gaacagagct gtctaaaagg atgttctatg aacagagctg    146160
     tctaaaagga tgctctgtga taattcttct tgctatggct actttcaatt aaaattgtag    146220
     ctgggtggag tgaggatatg atatctagat ttaatccagc tgtcacctga acttgctctg    146280
     tcacaccttg ctagccattg ccatattgga cagggacctc taataagttc agtgcccctt    146340
     tttatcttct taggaattgt gtgcatataa ttcgtccact gccttagtat cctgggtctg    146400
     cgacccctta acaatatgtg catataaccc acgtggttgt atatgctagg ttttgccttg    146460
     ctcacgtggc tgtttcctaa gggtttgagt tcttgtaact accattccag cacccatcgc    146520
     tgggtttctc tgcgacctct ccacagggtt cattctactt acgtgaggtt gagcacttcc    146580
     tcatgttacc gacagattgc atgtactccg ctcctaagta tttttcaggt gtggtaccct    146640
     ctggaagttt aacgaaacat ttggtgtcat ccctgaacag aaggtccttg gtggtggact    146700
     tgaacaaaca gaaattgccg gtgcagtcac ttcccccaaa taaagtctgt caaatgagca    146760
     gaaaatagac gtgaacctat gtctcggact ggaaacacct gcaggaaact gaaaggtcca    146820
     agccagccct gggaacaaca gaaagctaca gaagatattt ataattgaca tggcattttt    146880
     ttaaaaatcg acacaagaaa cagaggtata aaacgctgta gaaaggttaa acatttcaca    146940
     ttgagtttct ttaaatattt ggtaatgctg ctatgaaact gttagtgatt gtaagactgc    147000
     ttgactcaaa tctaatgtca aactagaaac accactgaag attatcatag gctttggaag    147060
     gaacttttca aagtatgcta gcctatttct tttaaaacta atgacaaatt aaaaggcagg    147120
     cagctatacc agaaggaagg gtaatttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtagagt    147180
     ggccctaggg ataaagtgtt ccagtggccc ctgtactcgc tgccccccaa ggctggccct    147240
     gacaggattt ttctgagagt aagagtcttg tattttccag actgttaaga atatggtgca    147300
     actgatacaa gcaagagaag gagtagtcaa ttccggtcct taagactcat acgaaggaac    147360
     attagaaatt gttttcagaa aaacattctc gaggaaaata aagtcccgag tcaagatcca    147420
     gatgagctgg aaggcagatt ctaggctcgg aggggttatg ggtcaagtgg gaatttgtct    147480
     gtcctgacta ggagttccac aggagcagag ccaggtctga ggaatccagt cccagctagc    147540
     acactgtgtg ccctccctgt aaacacacat tccctaagac gtgtgcatgc accactttat    147600
     ttatttattt ttttgttaac ttagaaacat gtgtgtatgt ggtattattt ccatttaata    147660
     cgtgaagaaa ccgaacgtgg acattttaag ccatgtgcct aagatggcgt ggaccgaaag    147720
     ctgccgagct gagatttgaa ctcagatatt ctgatccacg gtctgtagag tccaaattct    147780
     agtttttaga aaggaaatgc tcactccgga gctccgttta actccgaata gcctgcccct    147840
     gctaggaata aacggtagca gaccctgggt agttcatacc tcctggctag tcagtacagc    147900
     cttaacccgg gctgccttct cttttcgtga gaccacaaca tggtttggag cttgggccag    147960
     gtggcagctg gcaaaatctt tcacaggctt cctggtgcca tcagggcaga gcaactcgaa    148020
     gtcttcctgc ttcagattct tagcccattc ggcagggttc tttcctgggt agagaaaagg    148080
     ggtggatccg ccaggtggaa ccgttgtagt cactgggatg tcactgaccc acaggtgtat    148140
     ggaaggcgtg tgccttctgt ccagcacaag cccatgttta aggttatggt ggtgttagga    148200
     ggagaggatg gtcgtgttca ttacaggtag cactcgattc acaagagctt tttagtgacc    148260
     actctcctct gacctgccct ctcagccaaa tgaaaaaaga gccacaagcc aggcagtggt    148320
     ggtgctcgcc tctaatacca ggacttggga ggcagaggca ggtggatttc tgagttcgag    148380
     gggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg    148440
     tcttgaaaac aacaacaaca gcaacaataa caaaacaaaa caaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa    148500
     acaaagaaag aaaaaaaaaa agccatgttc tatgggtggt ttttttttaa agaaaaagaa    148560
     aaaaaacttc tattaaattc caatgctaaa caacaacaat gcatttattt aaataaataa    148620
     ataaataaat aaagcaagca agcaagcaag caagccaggt gtgctaatgc atgcctttaa    148680
     tcttagcact tggaaggcag aaacaaatgg atctctgtga atgtggggcc agctggtcta    148740
     cacagtgaat tctaggttaa cgggagatac agagtgaagc ctgtctcaga caaaatcccg    148800
     agaccttctg tacttctagc tccatcaagg agcggggaga aggtggtgct ctaaggcagt    148860
     ttccccgcct ctgtgctgcc ctctcagctc tccaaacgga agacccgccc ggaagacgct    148920
     ctcatatcga tactcatcga tattttcagt ttgacttcat gctagtccca ggagctaatg    148980
     tcctatctca gctgcttact taatcttttc tgcattctct ttgcaacagt taaccaaccg    149040
     aacagtcgat ttaaagacct ccgccctttc ggaggttttc cgcggttcct ccgggcattt    149100
     tttattgcca gttttcattt ctcgctcata aagcgggatc gtgacctctc tcgattcatt    149160
     cactgtccgc tcagcttttc ccgtaattga acaaatactg tgtgagacca gcgttatcat    149220
     attttaaaat tattccctca caaactaaac accctcactt ctgcgttcct ttactcccaa    149280
     tgttttctct ggcaccaagc ctggaaatca caagttgtgc ttccacgcat gcgccttgtc    149340
     ctcatttacc tatatacaag tctgtgtgat gttacaagcc tacatttttt ttcttagcag    149400
     tagatcttaa cacatatgaa cttctgtagc tctcagctac ttatatgcgt cacagtttct    149460
     tctgcaccat tatgcaaatc aaggtaattc tttaaaatca ttggatctta ttctatagtg    149520
     tgacaataac acagtgtttt taaaccattc ctccattaat agatatttgg agtaattata    149580
     cttttttttt ttttgccact acggtaatga tgagtgtcta ttgaatatga atgtgcttat    149640
     gtagatgtag aacagttaat tcagcttaat tttaatataa tcaaattgct tccaccaccc    149700
     tacgtggtaa agacttgatt aagcatgatc caggccttgg gttaatttcc aagtactaag    149760
     gtgggctgat ggagggacaa tgggagggac tggcagagga ttataacaag gttctctaga    149820
     gacagaagct atggaaagag aactaggaag ggcttgcatt tgtgccaact gagcttgtcg    149880
     tgccagcatc ctgtgcataa aaatagcagc ttgtcagtct gaggagctga ggagatggaa    149940
     ggtcaggtct cctacagcaa ctgtaaccag gaggttacag gtgttggagc ctttatgaag    150000
     agtggagagt caaggcctag aaatcaaaga cttactcaga aaagcacaga agaaatcaaa    150060
     ggtgacaaag aaccaagacc aggatgacac ttgggtggca tgaaagaaag cctttaaaga    150120
     aagtttaaaa atcatgtggg gaacaaggga gggagagaag ggagagagaa aggggggact    150180
     gagagagagg ggagagggag gaagagagag aacaaggtag gaagagggga gagagggagg    150240
     aagggataga gagaggaaag gagaaggaga ggaggaggga gagagaggta gggagagaga    150300
     aagagataag cagaggggag agaaagagag agggagggaa aggggaaaga ggaagggaga    150360
     gagaggtggg aaggggagag agaaaatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtaagagag agagagagag    150420
     agagagagag agagagaaca caatcaaatc agttcgttaa ataaattctt agtgtcttct    150480
     gagtgcagtc tcaggtgctg ggaggataaa gaggaagaga aagagcccag tgattgccca    150540
     cagccaaagt gcacacagat actttgtagc cacatagaca gaagattctc agcagagtgg    150600
     gtgtgccgcc tgggaaggcg tctcagaaga gctggtgccg agagacagtc catcctacat    150660
     cagttgccca aggcagtgaa gagaacagac ctgagagctg acagggcagt ggttaatggc    150720
     cggaacggca gttcctcagg agcccttggt gacatacaag gcctggcgtg ctcatccttc    150780
     ctgatactca agcccatctt cccaaccttg ccatcccacc tcattcctta gctagcattc    150840
     catggcccgc aagagctatc tcttcatcgt ttatctagtc tgggttgcat catggattct    150900
     tactttaatc tatggtttgc catctgttac tgttaacatt agtttcatgt ccaacatttc    150960
     cagacatggc actgggagat gctatacact ggctccctgt gctgtatccc atcctccttt    151020
     gcacacggca gtgcaagcag cttcccacgc atattcaccc tgccccagcc ttgcagggac    151080
     ccttgccata gggatcactg cagagcaatt gcttctctct ccattgaaca tacaagttga    151140
     gaattagaac tctcgagcct gacggtttct gcacagctcc tatggagcca tccctgagtc    151200
     tcagcaaatc ccagtgaccc agattctgga gggaaccaac agaagagagc gcacacatac    151260
     cttcggtgtt atccaggaca gtctggtgtt tcacaaaggc tacatctcct ttctcaacga    151320
     gacacctgaa caggtccaga tttggagaag agagaagaca ggaggtcaga ctggcacctg    151380
     tcattcagag gcaccttggg gattcaggtt ggtcacctga tgtcatcaag tgttagggcc    151440
     actcgttcta tcactcaaca acatgcagaa taaggaaagc aaaaggcccc aagttgctgt    151500
     gcagtcagtc ccacaagctc agctccacac accatgcttt tttttttctt tattctttgt    151560
     gggtgcgaga ggaaggcgta tatgcacgtt catgtgagta tgtgtgcatg tgcacatgtg    151620
     tacatgtgtg cagaggtcag aagtcaacat tggacatctg cctttatcat tccccacctt    151680
     actgtttgag acatacatgg tctctccctg agcctggagc gcctcagttt ggctaagctg    151740
     gtggctagtg agctccagag acccacttgt ttctcctcca tcccacactc gcaagtgctg    151800
     aggttaaaga catatattcg tgcttggttt ttatgtggat tttagatatc caactctgtg    151860
     tgtgtgtgtt ggaaaactca cctgaaagcc cctgtgtaac cattatattc ctctttgttg    151920
     ttcggagcac atttgagtgg gccaatacac aggtcacaga gggtggaatt cttctcatac    151980
     ccgggagcgc agccttgact gaaaaattca tctggacaga agaacaagaa aatgtcagct    152040
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt taattctagt ggcttaccta    152100
     acccctgaca ggctatgaaa taattcactc tgcaacctgc cacccaccaa cccagaacca    152160
     cccagactat aggtctttgg aggaaacttc tcaaggttgg gaaaggattt tgtgagcatt    152220
     ccacttcagg gtaaaggaga cccctggagg actgtgatgg taccatctct agcctgtaga    152280
     atgaagaaat ggaatttcta aggttgtacc attctttctt tctttgtgag tttccccttc    152340
     cctgccattc attagaagag ctacactaca cctcagaaat caagagaggg ataggagaca    152400
     gcctctgccc atcagctgct tctatggatg tgaaaatata aggaggctca gggaagcaag    152460
     ttcaggagcc tgtgctttct gcctgtcacc ccaggtgtcc tttgtttctg agacagcaga    152520
     gcatctctgt gcagaaatgt gtccccatct cccctccctg catattctaa ggtcgcagag    152580
     ttcatagtca tgtttacagt tctatcattt ttaaggagtt gcccaaattt agaggcatca    152640
     ggaaagaaga tctgaggaag ccaatatgaa gcaaagccat ggccaaaatt ttctgttggg    152700
     atcttctact cagaaacata aggagataga aacagcctca ggtagaggac atagtcaact    152760
     gaagaatcct cagggctgag cagggactcg gtgagatgac caacacctta agggacccag    152820
     gaaacggcag cccacatagt catatcacag aaccctgatg gcagagattg cttgatatcc    152880
     acccaatgtc tgtttccctt tgttcctccg taacaaaaat ctaatttggt ttatagtagg    152940
     tacatgtagg taggtgtctg acaggacacc taagttctgc acaatggcaa gttatatgca    153000
     aataattgct ttcaagtcca gaaggctctt ttcaagcact gaccatagtg ggtgtaaatt    153060
     tccacttgtt ctccttgcct gaattgtgac tgcccaggca aggttgcttt gaacatggaa    153120
     gtactatgat ggaaatcgtg gaccggaaag aaggagaagc tctcaagacc ttatcagccg    153180
     tggactgctc acctctgatc tccatcatgg gagaggcaac taaatgtata tctactgacg    153240
     ccatcatttg ccactgagac aatcatcctg actccatggc tcagctccgc acccctccta    153300
     gctttttttg ctatttcctt gaggttcatt tttgtgaaac tcacttttat gaaccctgag    153360
     cccaccgcct ccctcaggac cctgtttttc tgcacggctc ctcccaagct gccttcccag    153420
     ctctgctcac cgaatttgca gtggttgatc ctgttgtaca gcatgcccat agggatgttc    153480
     caaccagcgg ttctgtctac cccagtgtgg caggacttct tgcctttcag gttgttccag    153540
     gtgatgctag tgtccgatgc cttcaccaca gccacggcat aatacccttt aggaaagata    153600
     cctgaaaaga acaattaata tcgctggggc ctcccaaagt atctgcttcc aacagaagcc    153660
     actgtctccc taggacagcg aggatgtcct aaatagcatt gtgtcgtgaa aggaattcca    153720
     caacatctaa ctccggtgaa gaacaggaca gtcttgcagg aagaatctta aaagcaaagt    153780
     actaagatca catggtgccc cgtgattatg tccatattaa aaatgctttg atgtattgat    153840
     ttaaaaataa aataatgggc tcaggaaatg acttggttgg taaagttctt gccatgtaag    153900
     cagttcggtc cccagaactg atgtaagata aaagccaggc atggtggcat gtgcttataa    153960
     tctcattact aggaagatgg gtacagacaa attcctgggc cttactagta agccagctta    154020
     acttactcca gaccaacaaa gatcccatct cataaaacaa agtggatgac ttctgagaaa    154080
     ttccacttga cgttgacttc tgacctctac atgccccatc acaagtgtgc acatgtgccc    154140
     acatatacat gtatacacat aaaatagcaa atattaacat ataatcatta ggaagaaggc    154200
     taacatacag cccttacctg tatgcataag gttattgaag ttaaaagcca gtaactcact    154260
     ttccaaatta ttaaatcaaa gacatgggta cagaaaagtt aatggaactc tggcattttg    154320
     tatatgaaca tgtattgggg ttaatcaggc cagattccct ctgataataa gaatatgatt    154380
     ttataccagg ataaacataa aaaaggaaat accaacaaca cattggttgt aattttctat    154440
     agcacaaatg tgacctcagt tggggctgga acacctgtga ttctgttttc tgttttaatt    154500
     aattcaatat actttctcca attgaaaaca atctgtggaa taataatggc tccttctaga    154560
     tatgctaaaa actgggaggt taagtttagc tgcagggaca agactacaga attgtacact    154620
     catagttctg tggaatacaa cctaaggaga ctgaacacta ggactcaggg tcactttggc    154680
     atttgaattc ctgtttgctc tggtgccatc ttttcagatc cactcctaat caaagcctta    154740
     gtaagagatg ggctagtctg gtttcctggg cccagcctgg atggaattcc atgcacttag    154800
     acatcagcat tttgaagtgc tccattcagt cctgcaagga ctacatagac aaggtctgtg    154860
     ctaactctca tctaaaactc tgaagacttc ataggattca aaatggtagg aagcaatggg    154920
     aagaacctag attgtcccca ggatcagttg acaggggcaa gaaatcctag ctttgtcaac    154980
     agatgttcta gttactgctt tgttcaaaga tttgtttgga gaccattcat aaattctcaa    155040
     cccttgggtt ccctcatgca tccttataga gacaatacct acatattaac aggagatgag    155100
     taaccctgta tctgagtcac cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctcctgatca    155160
     attactattc tttcatctca ctttgccttc taaaattggc tttctccatt gacttataaa    155220
     tttgcctaac cacttctccc aacaatgaga atttaccttc ctgtgcccga gattacccgt    155280
     ttcaactcac cttgttgtga tgggatggca caattagagc tctctgaaag agaatcaaga    155340
     aaccattaaa catttatgta taggatagaa aacccacacc tttctcatga ggcaactaaa    155400
     actaagaggc atggataaga ccacacacac ctctgattta caataatgtc aagactctcc    155460
     agatgttgag agttcacctg gctgttgacc tctgggactc attcacaaac tgcatttcaa    155520
     gtgtcttgct cactgtgtac caagcccaca gtgggatgtt gactgaactt atttgtcctg    155580
     ctacaaggta gcaggaaaag tgagccttct ggatatcgca agactttcca gacttcctat    155640
     atgtcctctg taattggatc ctttttatac cagaaatctc atctcaggga ctgaggatcc    155700
     caccactctc atcctttaag atgactgtgg agattctagg tgagggcgtc tcagagactg    155760
     agaaaaagct catgcaagga gcattttatg gtggctgtgg gataaattgg gctgtgattc    155820
     tccttctacc atggctcaga aagaacacag aggcactgtc ctcactcacc gtagtactct    155880
     gccatgacag gcactagacc acactggcct gcaatgtagg catgtcctcc atccaaagtc    155940
     atggcgtccg cttctccgtt ctgcaaagac acaggaagac acagcaaatg aagagttgct    156000
     atttcctgtg ccacctgccc ttttagactg gcctcttgaa ggcccctctc agcccaagtt    156060
     ataaagccaa gggcaacagt agatgttggt accggacccc tgatgatcag tcaggcacgc    156120
     ccagatgtta gtgtattttt atataaactc tggttctgtg ttagcaagct ttgtatgaag    156180
     ttggtttgat ttttcttgcc ttgactcaga caaaacaaga aaatggtctg tagctaaaag    156240
     aatgtagtat ctgaaaatgt agatagaaga atggggttcg cagtcagttt tgctttctga    156300
     tagatatctt agaaagcaca aaagagtcaa ctcaaagaat aggcaactgg agaggctcca    156360
     tagagcacag aacagaggca ggggtgtgag agcttggagc ttccttgccc tctccaaggc    156420
     tgccaccctg cagaacctca gtgtattctc tgaggcagaa acgccagggt tcgaaagaca    156480
     caagaaaggc tcacaagaca cgatgaggtg ctaaggtggg gtgtgctaag caacccacac    156540
     agcacactct caagaagagg gttttctctg agtcacggtg atgacaaggg gtgctgtttt    156600
     tcttcgttct cgggctcagg atttagaaaa ttctctacag gcaatttaaa aatgctatct    156660
     cgatcaatga agtgaacatg tacttgcttg cgaaatcaaa acggagccct ttccacactc    156720
     cccagggcac atcctgagcc caaaaggcac tcttgtcatg gtccagtgtc ctttgacagg    156780
     agatggctca gtttaccctt ctactgcgct aatgtaaagg gcatccttca gagctgaact    156840
     caaaccatga gagcaaggag tctggaaagg ggatttccat gcaagagtta cacttgctaa    156900
     ctcagcgggc cagcaggcca tagtgttggg gacccaccct gagaggcagg agacacgtac    156960
     cacaatcttt tcaatgcagt cctcagtggt ctctgctgac tcacactcta tctttccctc    157020
     actgatgatg ctccactcgt cacacttggt tctctccagg tgactcagtg cacaccactt    157080
     cactggcgag ttgtcgatcg agccctccgg gcctgtggta ccagaagaag agccggggct    157140
     caggtaagaa aggctgcagc agctgtctgg tagatgtcaa tgctgctaag tgctttatgg    157200
     aaatgatgag ctaaataaac agatcccacc aaggaactcc taatcgtcta gggaagcaga    157260
     tgggacacag cccaactgta gttgatttca tttaagttca gcttttcttc cgaggtaaga    157320
     tttagttttc tttaatttta atcacgtggg gtgcgtgtgt gcgtatgtgc gtgcatgcat    157380
     gcgtaagtgc atgaatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtat gtttgtacat gttagtacaa    157440
     gtaccctcag aggtttgact ttggttttca ctactgtagg actttgattt tttttttgtt    157500
     gctgtttttc attctttcat tttgtattta tctgttcagt agtgtgacta tctctcaaac    157560
     atttgtcctc tccctgacct gaaattcctt ccccaaacag cagagtctag tatgtgttta    157620
     taagttaggc acccagccga gtctgtggct ggttgtctaa tacataccta ctgagtgaat    157680
     aaattattag gcaaaccccc agtcctccag tgaaacccag ggccagatca aactccctgc    157740
     atctccagct ttcattacgc ccatgttgac cacaatattg gcaagagata tacagtctgc    157800
     agaaacatgg agttatttac tttctaatag tctaattggc ttcataaagg gcagggggct    157860
     accctaattt ttgcagagga atgatactag tatgaaccca ggtcatttta aatgtgacca    157920
     gcctttaaag cacttggtga cctctgggtc ctctcatggt tgatgccagc cagcatcagt    157980
     ctagccctag gctcacaaac aggatggaaa tgagaacagc aggagaagct gtcagtcccc    158040
     agaaagacca tggctgcttc ttgaccttac caggttcccc acattcctgg ggtcacctag    158100
     ttttccctga atacttacac acgccttcct gctgattccg aatggcagtg acatagttat    158160
     ggccaaggta cagcctgtag tccatccttg gggggaccct taacagccca aaggcagaat    158220
     ctttaaacag caggtctttc ccaagaggag agctgaacag ttggaagtct tttgatttgc    158280
     ctttgccaaa gtgttcctgt ttccagaagg aaaaacaaca acaacaaaaa caaaacaaaa    158340
     caaaacaaaa aaactataaa aacagtggag tgaacaggga attagggagg ttaaaaagaa    158400
     gaacaagaac tgaagagaac aagagaaact tcaggaaact gatcttaaaa gtgtgggaaa    158460
     cttggaggta ccaggagaga agttattcgg gcatgttctc catcacccag cgcctctttg    158520
     tccgggatcc tgtaaggacc atcccacatt ccctctccct gtctgcctga gtagttaagt    158580
     gagaactagc tgagaacaag tgaatctagt gcagaggctg gcatgagtag gcttgaccag    158640
     aggaaactgt gttaaccgac ctcagccaag aggcagggga agtcagttcc tctgcagtct    158700
     gggtgtgtgc gcgtgtgcct ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgcacgcgc    158760
     gcgtgagcga gtgtgacgga gattctcttt ccttctggga ttctctctgg gccttgaggg    158820
     cctaattcag atggaaaggg tatcattggt caaaaaggtg gtggatgttg ataccagagg    158880
     agacactggc tactctatga ggatgctgga gaggttggtg acccggctgt cttagtgtgt    158940
     ccagatgtca aagagatctc tgcacagagc ggtaagcagg acagaggatg gcggtaaaat    159000
     acctgtgcca ctttgagaat ctcccagatc aagtcttcct tgccattgtt ttttcgagcc    159060
     acaacagcat gagaagggat ccgagccagg tagcaatcct catactgatc cactggcttg    159120
     cgggtattgt caaggcagag cagttcatat tggtccctgt cagccttctc cggcaagacc    159180
     tctaaggagg gaaagttcag tgagcctgtg gcaggctgaa cccctcccca tttttgaagt    159240
     cctgttagca ttgaaagcat gaactgaaag gtctagaggg atctctgagg gtcaaggaat    159300
     atgcaggaag gtgagcctat gaccagttaa agacacagag gcttctgtag gccagtgaag    159360
     caatggttgc ccccatcccc tgactccaag ctcagcaaga ctactgacag gcaaggtcag    159420
     ccaggccaac ctccaaccct tggctgtgac acttcttccc tagagggaga gccattgtgt    159480
     ggtttgagtg ttggaaagag acccatgaat cttggtagag acccccaaag taccttcctc    159540
     tgcatatata gagactcaag cagcgggaga gagaccctgc atgctcaggt ctggccacta    159600
     gccatgaaaa ggatgacaag gaaccggcca gagtctttcc ccatcactca ccaaatatgg    159660
     ttgtgtgctt gacaaaggcc acatccccac cgccatcttt cagacacctg tgggaaagaa    159720
     gcccatgaac aaggagtccc agaaggtgga ccctgctcct ggtccagatc acactgtcac    159780
     ctttcagaca aggcctgagg ctgagtggcc ctcatagtgg agacagctct ctagggtggg    159840
     atgctgacat ccacagtacc actgggatgg gggatgtgct cacgtacccc aaagtggctg    159900
     acaggaggtg aaaataatgt aaaaatcttc agatccttag tatggaagat gacagtattt    159960
     ctaccctggc tatgtggatt tcagggtatc agaagacaaa aaagagagag caagaaattg    160020
     ggcataaatg acacaaaatc ctattcctaa gaggctactt gcaattgatg ctggcttcag    160080
     aaaatcaggg ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttcaagatag tgtttctctg tgtagcctag    160140
     ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc    160200
     tgcctcccaa gtgctaggat taaaggcgtg tgccaccact gcctggcgaa aatcagttgt    160260
     ttttgttttg ttttgttttg tttttgtttt ttgttttttt aagggagtat atcaaccata    160320
     tttcaggacc agtctcatgc ccaggagtag ttggccaaca cacacacaca cagaggactt    160380
     catgttttgt tttgttttcc cctgtgtact tttggtttgg tttaatcttc agtgttggtg    160440
     tgtgtgtgta agaaggtatg ggggtgcagt gtcctctggt atggtgatag agacccaggg    160500
     gtaacttagg cagagctggg tggtaagaag ccagagaaac ctctgtagac ttaaagacag    160560
     atggtccatc tgtagcatca ttccaggaga acaaaggccc aagagggacc ggcacagcgc    160620
     ctcattgtcc ttaccaaccc aaggctcatg gagccataat agaggctcac atgccctgcc    160680
     tccctcagag tattttatgt ccactggaca gttttatata tgattaaaat atattatatg    160740
     taaaaacata atttaaaaag ccacatgtac tgctggggtg gtgcggggca gcgtctagta    160800
     tcctgagcat ggtctactgt gaggcactcg gggtatgtag gtcccttcag atgctaccca    160860
     gcccactgag aggagacgcc agccagatgc ggaagctctg aggagagagg actgccagaa    160920
     cagggcttga actttgacat cagatggaag gggacatagg ttaccttggc cttgagagcc    160980
     ccaggttgta accccgcctt cctgggagga ccttaagcca cctgcatgct tttaggtagg    161040
     ttggctcagc aaagagcccc catttgagga cttttggcac tggccaccac agagtgtcaa    161100
     ttccactcac ttgaatgcgc ctacgtagcc aaagaatggt tgagtggagg agcagccaca    161160
     gcctgggcac agttgacaca gtttggggaa ggccactgga tctgcacagg ggacacaact    161220
     gcccgagaag aaactggaca cagctgctcg atacaaagaa atggacaagg cataataagc    161280
     ataatgccat cacccagcct gggctggtga aggaaggcag aggcacagtc cctgcccagc    161340
     acagtccctg cccagccttt catgtactaa gcagggtttc tagacaggaa taagttaacc    161400
     cctgctcttc agttaccctc ccggggacac aagcagtact tcttgctaaa caaggcttgc    161460
     cctagacttt gcccactctg tttccaggtt tttttttgtt tttgtttttt tcaagacagg    161520
     gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtccagga actcactccg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa    161580
     ctcagaaagc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg agccaccact    161640
     gccaggctcc agatctttca aagggtgcct ctgggggctg tagtacagcc tagagaggtg    161700
     caggacaacc ttatgaccag caggtggaac caaagcatcc tttaacggag cagaggtgtg    161760
     tgtggtggtg ggggtgatgg gggttgaggg tgtgtgaggg actgaagtga atatggaaat    161820
     ccactgtgga cccacctgcc ctttcattcc tcctcaggtc agcctctgca ggggtgttgg    161880
     gagctcacaa caacaagaag gttcaagttg ccacttctaa ttgtttccct cttcctccac    161940
     ttccttggag ttcagcctac ctgcctgact aaccaggact gtgtggcccc agcagtacag    162000
     gatattcaga atagaaatgg cggcttacct ttctcaagag gactgcgggg ctccgacagc    162060
     ttacagaaga gcaagccaat ggggatgacc cagcctgcag accttcccag gcctgtgtgg    162120
     caggacttct tgccttcgag ctggttcagc tggaagtctg ttcccttctt taccacagcc    162180
     acagcgtagt agtaggtctg tggatctgaa aggggacaat gtggagggag gactttgaca    162240
     tggcccagag aagcactgct tgtcagtgct ctgtcctgat gaaggagaga gagagaccca    162300
     ggggtaactt aggcagagct gggtggtaag aagccagaga aacctctgta gacttaaaga    162360
     cagatggtcc atccgggaaa acaaaggctc aagaggcatc ggcacatggg tcatgagcgc    162420
     ctcattctcc ttaccaagcc aaggcaccag gaacatgtga gagccacaac agaggcattc    162480
     tctgtctccc tcaaagtatt ttacatcctc taatatggtg acagggacca ccagagctat    162540
     ctcagaagag cttcttggac tgctaagctc cctccgggca ctataggggt gggttttctc    162600
     ttgtccatgg cgcctgaggc tctggggagc ttggacactt ccccagatcc agtgaaggcc    162660
     aagctggacc ccagcctgct ctccattgag gatgcctgac tcagaaggtc cataccagcc    162720
     tccaaccagc ccaaagtcct caagatgtct ccatgtgtgc ccggagggct agaagatctc    162780
     attccccatg gactccccaa agaaaaggct tcctagcgtt tctaatgtcg gctacctgcc    162840
     tacagaatga gatttaacat ctactaaacc acggtccccc tcctgggtat tctgggagaa    162900
     ctcacgttcc actgatccat aaaactccgc cgccacgggc ttcaggttgt tcggagtcag    162960
     gccggcatcg tacacccaac ccccatccaa ggtcatagca tcggcttcac ttgcctagaa    163020
     gagagcgagt cccaaagact tattgcaagg aaggcttccc tacaccagaa caagtgggaa    163080
     ggacctggca gcgctccatg ggtctcgggc tagaaaatcc caagcacaag cacatccagc    163140
     cctgccggtt tgggttgatt ccatctagag gaagaaatgg agtctttttt ttcctcactt    163200
     ttccctgatg atgtgcccag tacctggaca aaatgcggat ttacccatcg gcagtggtcg    163260
     aggcttggtc tggcaggctt ggtagggggg aagggtctct ccctcttcag aggtgggcac    163320
     tgctattata ccagaggctc tggcatggtt gtagtggagc acccagggtc tgtgggtggc    163380
     tgggttctta tatctgtttc catgctcggc cacacagtgg ggtttgtcat tcagagaccc    163440
     tcgtgttttg agagtccctg taagctcctc tgtgggtgct gtcatggagg tgaaaaccct    163500
     gaaggtgctg tctttgtttt tttttttttt taaagattta tttattatta tatctaagca    163560
     cactgtagct gtcttcagat gcaccagaaa agggtgtcag atctcattac ggatggttgt    163620
     gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctt cagaagccca tctcactagc    163680
     ccagaaggtg ctagtcttaa cactgaaaag cttactgctt ttccctatag tcctgggccc    163740
     ctgaaacagt aggagctagc atgccatggc cacctacgtg tgcggccaca cccggatgga    163800
     caggagaatt caagccttgg aatgatcctc ttcctgccac tcttggtata attgtctact    163860
     tggacacctg acagtcccca ccccccagtt caattttttt ttttccacaa gtgagtcaaa    163920
     ccagaggcgt ataggggcta ccgttcccgg cagcaggact tacagaaatg gccttgatgc    163980
     aatccggata ggaggttttc ttcacacagg caagccgggg gccatcaggc ggaaggacgg    164040
     tcttcatgtg gtcacggaag ctgatgcact tggtattctc gtgctctgac actgcgcacc    164100
     atttgaccgt tttgtcaggg acagccagac acagccctgc aggagagaag gcggaggcat    164160
     aaaggacccg ctccccgtgc ctggggagag aacgcaccac tttacgaagg gtcttaatgg    164220
     ccacctctcc tctgttccac cctcctctca tccctggtgg cagtcatgac agagcacagg    164280
     gctctgctgc actccgatcc tgggaacaga tgaatccgtt cgccccaacg gtctgccatg    164340
     ttcccaccta accctgggct gcttagagag atgctggggt agctgaaggt gacaacctgc    164400
     tcttcttttg ccttggctga aggtccacat caaaatgtga acttcagtgg gcaaacacca    164460
     tcctcagcca ccttcagaca aggctctaga caccaactct aggaaaggca taccgtcttt    164520
     tagaaatgag aaagctggcc ttgggggagg aagcaggttt gtcctacgtc atcatgtttg    164580
     ttagcagccc agacactagg tctgatggcc aggccccagg ggaagataac gatcttagaa    164640
     gctttgcgtc tctctgagcg acagtttgat cacgagttca cctgtgatac tcttcagctg    164700
     tcttctgttg agaaaaggct aggaactccc ttctatgcag caggcttctg tttctaccaa    164760
     accttccctg gatgctttac cccctttggg ccgccattta gagaatcagc tgaagacaat    164820
     tacgtgtatc acgatgtgtg tatgtgctta tataatcggg ctcccatgtg gtgtgtgcat    164880
     gtgcagatgg gaacacatgg ggggtggggg tgggggacaa agggcaacgt gcggtgtctc    164940
     ccgctattac tctctgcctg atttttttgg agacagtgtc tttcactgaa tctgagcctt    165000
     gctggttcca ctagattgtc tggccagaaa gtccctggga tcttcctgtg tttgcttccc    165060
     cagggcactg tgggttccct gggatcttcc tgtgtctgct tccccagggc actgcggtac    165120
     ccagcttttt acatggttgc tggggttctg aatttaggtc ctggtgtttg catgctaagc    165180
     atctgcccag ttgtaccatc tccccagctg ggtcaccact gaaatccaca cgatggagag    165240
     atgccgtctg tgggacctgg cactcctagc tcttgtcaca tcccttccct ttcgggcaat    165300
     tcagcagggc tgacttactg actcagcaag cccacaaatc actaagcatg gatcggggtg    165360
     ggtgaggcca atggacctca ggatggatga ggaaggacaa cagggagact gatcgtcccc    165420
     agctccttcc ctttagttca ccgtggccag agggatagac gacctctcta gcctcttcaa    165480
     actagttcgt ctaacttgta aattttgacc ttggtccggt gtcactgtgc atagccacac    165540
     aaggtgtcct gagctaacaa gcacggaagc ctgtttcagg ctgacagttg ttagggatga    165600
     caaatcactc aaactagaca gccccaacac tgtgacaaat gctaactaca gtccaactgg    165660
     agcaggcatt tgggtctttg agaccccccc cccctctggt gaggagtcag caggatgcag    165720
     gactgggacc tgtgacctca ccctcacctg accctcccag gcatgtgcgg taacaagcaa    165780
     gacccgtcgc aggagaaata caggtatgat ttgaacccca gaattctggc ttcaaatccc    165840
     acaccctagt ctaagccacc agcgccaaag gcatccaagg aggcatcaga caaaggagag    165900
     atagcaggat tagatctcag gaagttgtga ctaccacacc atgctgtttg gactatactg    165960
     aggccccggg atagcgcctg ggtaaactgg ttaaaagttt tctaacatcg cgtataccat    166020
     atcttcaaat tactggacat aggggagaca gcgtgatgag gatagtgaaa ggtagagact    166080
     gaatcagagc cccagatgca tgtggatcca cgttgttcct acgctatgga agatgaagat    166140
     accacagaga agaagcaagg ggctggaagc tgggacttcc agctttagct cctaagggtt    166200
     gcatacatag ccagccagtc atcccctgca cgcacactca cccagggcag cgcaggccag    166260
     cagggcaccc acggtgagcc tcatcctctc ggtgtgtgtg tggcgaggag cggggagtac    166320
     agaccgaccc gcttctgcgc cgcctgcccg tggcccgctc gcctttatgc acggagggag    166380
     ggggccggct gggcgcaatc tttgacctct tgtgtttgcg cagtccaatt gcccaatcac    166440
     cccgcatcca cccccttcct ttcttgccct gatgatcacc tcatttcctg agctgtggga    166500
     cagaactgcg catggaatcc actaccacga caatcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    166560
     cacacacaca ctcactcaaa aagcctgtgt ttagaaggaa gctaaaagca gaacccactc    166620
     tttgttatca ctgcctggag cagcatggta cagctgcttg ggcgggagtg gcttgctccc    166680
     gggtgccagg gcttctactt gccaacagct tcatcaacct tatagggggg cgggggggga    166740
     gactgaggct tgagcggaag ggaaactgcc taggacggca gactagaacc ggagaaggaa    166800
     cctaactggg aaacttggct caggtcagag aggcagcacg ccatgatccc agcaacagtc    166860
     cgggggcagc tctccctccc tctatccctg ccaggcctgg cctgctctgg agctgaaagc    166920
     ttcctgccct tgagcttctg gtgagacaat ccgggctaga aacagtcaca gggacaagaa    166980
     actctctccc actgccagga agtggtcaaa ctgtgaggct cagaacaaag ggccagtgta    167040
     agcataaaga ggatgcttcc ttttttttgt tgttgttatt ttatttattt acatttcaaa    167100
     tgttatcctc ctctgaaaaa aacgctctat cccattcccc ttcccctgct tctatgaggg    167160
     tgctccccca cctctcaccc cctccacccc aacttatcta cccactcctg cctcaccttc    167220
     ctagcatccc cttacactgg ggcatccatc cacaggacca aggggctctc cttctattga    167280
     tgccattaat aaggccatcc tctcctacat atgcagctgg agccatggga cggtccttcc    167340
     atgtgtactc tttggttggt ggtttagtcc ctgggagctg ggggggggtg tctggttggt    167400
     tgatattgtt gttcttccta tgggtttgca aaccccttca gctccttcag tccttggcct    167460
     aactcctcca ttggggtgct agtctgatgg ttggctttga gcatccacca gtctgatggt    167520
     tggctttggc ttccttggca tcctgatacc cctgattaag tagtcaccaa actgctttga    167580
     ctgcattcat cacagaaacg tttcgcttgc accctccata cgtgccgccg tttcaactct    167640
     cactagagtt gtgcatttca atcctgtaca tggactggaa gattctgaaa tgatgaagtc    167700
     aaaaaaaaat gggcatttga aaatgtccct ctgggtatat caccaagtgt actatcccag    167760
     gctccatata cactcaggga aaggtcaagg cgaatcacca agggaattta gggttttcaa    167820
     caaccgtttc ttactggatt taatcagggt cctgtcctct ctggtccttg gtttccttgt    167880
     caagtctgca ggatgttgac gctctgattt caggctgcgg aaagagcccg gtgaagctct    167940
     cagcacatct cggccatagg tattcaagag gagccgtggg tgaccagaag ctctctggtg    168000
     tggaattaaa cacacaactg gggacatgtg cagatgtgtc ttgggccacc aagaacactg    168060
     aacgtcatgg cgccagcctc tcatcttcac atctcctgta gacattcaca gacctgggcc    168120
     tcccgtgcaa gcatgtggca tgtacatccc catggctagc cgggtcctgt caacccctca    168180
     gaagagtagc agacacagga ctctgttgct gtccttctcc tgtgcaagaa ctggtagcct    168240
     ggacgtctgt agcaggagca ggaaggtgat gtgggtctga ttctctgttt agttgacaga    168300
     gaggagctca ggccagactt ggtcggtcaa catgctaatt tggctgcttt ggtttttgtg    168360
     cactggcact tatgaaccca aacacaaagt gacttttccc attgtaatcc cagtctctga    168420
     caggaatgtt ttaaaggtac gtgtgtgtat gtcctgggat ggttagagag aaagttgtgg    168480
     tatgtccaag ggcaagcaca catgtgtcat atgtcacagt gcgaaggtca aaggacaact    168540
     tccaagagtc agctctgttc ttccactgtg gaggaaggtt ctggagatca aattcaagtt    168600
     atcaggttga aactggttag cctgctgagc catctcagcc caaaggtcaa atgttctaac    168660
     ctaacacacc catgtaactg gacatatgaa aaacttaaac atggaaacaa aactgccaaa    168720
     aaaccaggac agggacagag tgtcgcaagc attcagaact cctttccttt gtcagtcatt    168780
     tgctgagagg acccccatct ccccccaggc ccctcagaag cttcatatca catgttcctg    168840
     tctggcctgt ggacccaggc gaggaaacag ggccaaccca cacgctgagc accagtgctg    168900
     gctggctaat cttttgcaat agcagaaagt atcactgggc cattacaata aatggtgtcc    168960
     ctgagaaagg agcactttgg agaccatcgg tttatagcag ggacactggg caatatgtac    169020
     atcactaatg aggaagagaa gccacagttg ctctgtgctc tgtccccctg accctcttgg    169080
     gggtccttat gcaggaaggc tatattccca ctgccacccc acagccggcg ttaggatgga    169140
     gtctggattc actggacacc tggaggcagg agacacccag cagagcgata gatacacatc    169200
     cagcggatgc cttggttagg ccctgcagcg agcttgcagg ggctgccagg aagcaggaag    169260
     caggggggag gggcgttgtg aggtgttgaa cgtataacac aaacttaggg aagttcagag    169320
     gagggcatgg aatacaacta gaaagtgact ctccctgcct catcctctcc catggacaca    169380
     taatgagtct acctcaagct attcctccag ccacaggctt attagcaaag tgtctggcct    169440
     cactgggtcc tcaccagacc agccacctca aggtcttact tcagaaggat cccctgagtt    169500
     caatcccaga ggggcgcata gcccatggag aaagttccag tttgacatca gtatctagag    169560
     ctaccgtgtc atccacacat acctggtaga gaggtccgtg ccattgggtc ttaatcagga    169620
     gaagccccgt gtctgccatt cttcagacaa tgtttccttt tgaggtgtac gtgtggatac    169680
     aaccctggtt atattgactg ctcaggccta tgtgtctccg taggaatgga tgtgttggga    169740
     tgggaagttg gcatcacagt gctctgtgtt cttgggggct gcaaacatct gtgtctgtgt    169800
     cttcacttgt gtgtttaatt attctaaacc agagaccctc tggatactca ctgtccccct    169860
     gagcacctca ccaatggctg agactttcag cggggcttca ccgatctctc actacagccc    169920
     cgggattggt gcttacgaac ctccgtctag atatgagaaa gaaccacaaa gggatgtggt    169980
     aatgccagca tacaaaatca gacacactgg ttgtaggtga acttctcaac cagggacaca    170040
     gctttttcca gcaaagcagg acttacagag gccgagaagg ctcatctttg gtcacactga    170100
     gaaggttaca ggcaaggatg gcctccagct ctgccttttt ttttttttct ttcccacagc    170160
     cattccctca cctcaaccac ctctgctgcc agttctgccc tggtcagcct gggaaaggaa    170220
     tgagtgccgg gccacagaac atccgatggg ggctgcctag attgtgccct gttgaaagga    170280
     agcgtggttt tagcctcttg cacgttccag actctgttct ggggcaagag tctgtggagt    170340
     tgatcgacag atgacgtcag catctgtgct tccagactta tccagtctgt taaaacgagg    170400
     tctcctagtt cacaagcttt gggagtacaa ctcagaactc ctaatgttag ccttcttcag    170460
     accacagggg cttaatattt gatatctcta tttagaaaga gaacaagagg agaggagggg    170520
     gcagatggga aggggagagg ccaagagggg agttaaaggg ggcttcttgt ttcatgccaa    170580
     cctacaggag gccgcagtca tgtaccacaa agagagtaga acctctcatt tcaacaacag    170640
     agctgacttt ctggtagaaa caactgaact tgtgtctacg tgcaggggag tttggggtgc    170700
     tgcccggaat ggggtaggca ggaaggcagt gggcctctga accaatattt gctgtttaca    170760
     aatgttgctc aattttcata gaaactgagc aaacaaagaa cttctgtctg cttcaagcat    170820
     tcctccctcc ctcccttcct ccacccagtg cagtgtcctc tgacccaccg ccagagcctt    170880
     ctctgaaatc tcagtctcag cagtcttggg gaagtagtaa cctggaaccc ctccccaccc    170940
     ccaaggcctg tcactgccag cctgctgggt cccagagagt atgtgaggca ggtggaaact    171000
     ggggcagggc ctcgatggga aactggcgtt cagatgtggc aagcaacact gtttccctgt    171060
     ctcttcctcc ctctgtctac cctccctctc agaagtccga agacaatgga aggcttttat    171120
     tcttttcaca gccaagagca cacatagtag cattctcgta aacagtaaca gtccactgcc    171180
     aggtgggctg aattcaatcc aacatttaag aaaaactgca acagtcttac acaggcttcc    171240
     tgggaactaa gtctaggaaa gtccgaacta atgttttgag gacagaatgt atactttgaa    171300
     aggaaaaaaa aatcaataaa tatatcacaa caaatacaaa atatcttctg agaacacaga    171360
     tgcaaaaatg ctatgcaaaa aaaatttcat agctgggcag tggtggcata tgcctttaat    171420
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggagga tttcgaggcc agcttagtct acacagtgag    171480
     ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtcttg aaaaacaaca acaacaacaa    171540
     caaaaatcac aagtagggtt gagaagtggc ttggttggta gagtgctcgc ttagtgtggc    171600
     cgaggccctg gatttgatcc ctagcaatgc ataaatgtgg gcttggacac acaccagtaa    171660
     acctactatt catgttaacc ttggctacaa aatgagtacc aggccagcct ggcccgtaca    171720
     ggaatatcta aaaaaaagtc acaaagagga tccactaaaa tatagcaaag ataataaaca    171780
     gttactctca atttgactcc tccaggaatg caaattatct tttgaagcat caatgtaatt    171840
     gaataaatta gtataattgt ggaggaaatt aataaccaca tctatcacta tcagagcatc    171900
     atttgatata gcttaacatc cacacttaat gaaagatctt agcaaacttg ctcctggatt    171960
     tgatgaaggg tatttaatag agatctacag atatcctgct ttgtggtgga atgtgacatg    172020
     aaagctttct ctttgagagc aagaacaata ctaaaacatc tactgctatc atctccgctg    172080
     aacgtattag tggcggcagg tctgagccag acctctaggc aagaaaaaga aataggaagc    172140
     aaaatgactg aaaagaagaa acaaacaaaa cctcttattt ttatagatgg cttaattgca    172200
     tatgtataaa attctaaata catttatttt gctttgtagg ataaatgggc taagaaacat    172260
     cagaatggaa ggtaaattat acaaacgcaa ctcattgcta tatacaaaat ctaaaaacga    172320
     aagaattcta cctaaaggac aaacagaggc atcgggattg ccttgcacag aatgattaag    172380
     tcagtgagga aaataaactt gaagtgagcg ggaaaactaa agtgtgcagc gtcagagcca    172440
     gaattaggaa agtcgtcgct tctctccaaa ctggtctgta gatgggggtg gggcatattg    172500
     ggagttagag gtttaatccg ggatggggca tgagaacagg gcctaggagg aagtgatggg    172560
     tagttaaact aagggtgtgt ggaaaacgct atgtagaacg actactttgt aagccaattg    172620
     aaaacacatg actttctaac aaggagtttg ggaacaggca ccctgctttg gtggacaatg    172680
     cttctctcca gatgatggct gctattaaat gaagatctca ttgccaagtg tgggatccct    172740
     ctcgatgaat tatttggtca aaaaaataaa aatcccccaa aacagcacgg gctgttgcca    172800
     ttgcttttga tcgtacacca taaccagctg gtaagaccct cctgctgaaa atattttggt    172860
     ttcaggacat agagaaaata agctgaaatt ggcctgaaaa ctgtcttcct gctggctagc    172920
     tttcactgtg ctggagggtg ctacaaaggc cactggggga cgaaaagtca tcagtgtggc    172980
     ttacctagca gtgaaccctg aatgctccaa tattgaccca ctaggcaaga tgcaccccta    173040
     gtgtaatggt gccattaagg ttatggtggt aaccagctcc tttcagattg gtttgaagcc    173100
     tccaccgaag ggaattcact cttcatgttg taaacgtggt ccaagggtca gaaggttgca    173160
     ggctatcgtg gggcatacac tgctgctgct ttcctacatg aacatgtcaa gctgtctttt    173220
     aaggcctgcg agatggctca tcaatcaaag gtgcttgcag cctgacaaca ggagtttgat    173280
     ccccaggacc caaccggtgc aaggagagaa tcagctccta caagctgccc cctgagcatc    173340
     acaggcaaga cttagaatgc acatttacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    173400
     acacacacac acacacacac actggatgga tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg    173460
     aaattttaga aattaaaaag cagagccttg ccttctaaac agtgatggtt atccccaaag    173520
     gttagttagt gctgctctct cccttggtca gaaaagcctc ttggtacgcg gagcagcagt    173580
     gaatacagag actcacagct gattaaagtg ctgagcgtat gggactgttg agtggtcagc    173640
     cccaaatagg acatttatat caatccctcc ctcaaggctt agggaaaatg gtgaaacggc    173700
     ctagactgta gtagccaacc actggagagg ggaggctgcg aaacactgtc tcctggagat    173760
     gacatggctg ctgctctcat gaactcacca aaactgtggg tacctgtgtg ccagcagcat    173820
     cagtcaactc cccaacagcc agcactagtt agactcgatg tgtcacaaaa taacagtaat    173880
     aataacccta acaccaatag aagacgtgag ggtgaggata tgttgggggt ggtgtccgtg    173940
     ctgtgctgtg ggcaggggag tgggagagag gaggttggag attgatatta tcagatacac    174000
     tgtatacctg tatgggattg ccaaagaata aataaaagag attactttaa aaatgactta    174060
     tagattccag cacgtgaaat gtttgcatgt ctttgatata aaatgaccat atatttccac    174120
     aggtcacata caaatacaaa agtctccatg cgtttgctgg ttgtacaagg caaggcatac    174180
     aagataagaa tagattgcat ttagggcttt tttttttctg acctccttgc ccaaccctgc    174240
     accaagatct atagtataac caattcaggt ggtgatggtg catatagtaa cataagttgt    174300
     ttctagagtg ctcttgtact aaaggcagtg aacaaaaaag acacagtcaa ccacacaccc    174360
     tttcaaaaaa tattttgtat actttctgag attataatta cattattcca cccttccctt    174420
     tcctctctcc aaactttcca atgtaccctt ccttgctctc tttcaaattc atggcgtctt    174480
     tttttcattg attgttgtta catatatacc tgtgtattca cctgtattcc taaacacaca    174540
     catacaggct gcctagcctg tataatgtta cttgtgtatg ttttcagagc tggctgaaca    174600
     tttggtattt gataaccagt tggtgtgctc ttccctgggg aaggctattt ctcctgctct    174660
     cagcaatcct tggagcctag agctctttgt ataaggttga ggccttgtgt gagcatgtct    174720
     cttgttcttg tccttgtttg gctcactcaa gctcgttctt aagggtgtgt acctacacat    174780
     caccgcaatg gctagtcgct attctcactc ccacttccta cattaagaag gaaaataaac    174840
     tttagatttt acttctgggg tttgaagtcc ctttcagata ctttcccttc cttcacatga    174900
     gagttttcaa atatccacaa aagtgagtca gtaacatagg aaacgcccac agacaacccc    174960
     cagttccaac aatgctcagt gttttgtcta ttttctttca cccgtcttcc cccttccccc    175020
     ctcctttttt tttctgaagt gacaattatc ttatttcccc cagtatgcga tatatcttta    175080
     acacacagga aattttgcat aacactactg acatctatag aaattgatgt tgatgctcta    175140
     ttaccatcta tttgctactc tccaacatga ctttgttatt tctttgttat ttgtgtctgc    175200
     atgtgtgcac atgtgctcgc ttgcaagtat ggaggccaga ggacaatttt cagagttgtt    175260
     cctctccttc cactgtggat cttgaggttg gactcaggtt gtcagacaca aagggaaggt    175320
     ctcctagttg ctgaatggtc accagctccc ttattgctca gtcaatctac aaatgtctat    175380
     gcgggtctaa aagcaaatta aactaggagc tcaaagtaga tc                       175422