ID   AC154504; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 234665 BP.
AC   AC154504; AC118930;
DT   31-DEC-2004 (Rel. 82, Created)
DT   22-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-92H14 from chromosome 14, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-234665
RA   Hlafka M., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-92H14";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-234665
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-DEC-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-234665
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-MAY-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-234665
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; b003a7b4d6069040c44a8a3edb2a4f63.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456171.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021952; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021959; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000114942; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0021409; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0021410; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0021370; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0021371; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0021345; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0021346; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0021374; mus_musculus_balbcj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0021812; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0020670; mus_musculus_casteij.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0021119; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0021240; mus_musculus_dba2j.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0021221; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0021315; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0021316; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0021250; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021836; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021837; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0020413; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0020414; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0020722; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0040138; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0039401; mus_musculus_casteij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0039320; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0039431; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0040172; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0040180; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0039014; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0039022; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0038796; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0038804; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0R4J254.
DR   GOA; G3UX04.
DR   GOA; G3UY78.
DR   InterPro; IPR000719; Prot_kinase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008271; Ser/Thr_kinase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR009060; UBA-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011989; ARM-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR014877; CRM1_C_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR015940; UBA.
DR   InterPro; IPR016024; ARM-type_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR017441; Protein_kinase_ATP_BS.
DR   MGI; MGI:1354386; Lats2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1888526; Xpo4.
DR   PDB; 5DLQ; X-ray.
DR   RFAM; RF00302; SNORA65.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9ESJ0; XPO4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0R4J254; A0A0R4J254_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UX04; G3UX04_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UY78; G3UY78_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UZ29; G3UZ29_MOUSE.
CC   On May 21, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:56900130.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0092H14
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..234665
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="14"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-92H14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    114410..114512
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          116565..116632
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 234665 BP; 61490 A; 49312 C; 51879 G; 71984 T; 0 other;
     gatcacctgc tgtcgttgcc agtgtggacc gcaggagagt agtgtggagg tggcatgata        60
     ggaggccctt gagtcacgct ctgcagcctc tgcctttgaa aaacttcaag gaatctggtc       120
     aacgacttag ggtttctctc aggaaggttg tttcaaagct ggggcctgtt gtctgctttc       180
     cacactgaga tatagttatg tgttcctaga cgggctctaa ccatgaccag ccatgtgatg       240
     agctgaggcc cagggaccct ccccagagct gagctcaggc cagcaccagg cctttgaacc       300
     taaaacaacg agctatataa actgctcctc acagcagcct tccccagcca ctctgccatg       360
     gtgatgaagt gtccaccatc acacacacca ggagcacact gtgggaagac agaacagata       420
     ctgatctcaa cctctgatca aaagtcccca gtgacatctg gtggcatcca gtgatctcgg       480
     tatcattgtc tttaacagca acattaactt gctgacctaa gcatttttaa attttattaa       540
     ttttatgtat gtgagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacact ccagaagagg gcattcaatc       600
     ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg attgctggga attgaactca ggtcctttgg       660
     aagagcaatc agtgctctta cctgctgagc catctctcca gccccaattt aaacattttt       720
     aatgtgttta tttggccaat agacactttc agctttatcc cagaacttct tgacatcacc       780
     ttaaatctct ctcaacttcc ctgctactgc acaagaagaa attccagctc attcctcctg       840
     cttggcccaa gctctcctgt caaagagaaa agcacaggag agcacagggc aaggccagcc       900
     agattcagat tgtcattctg agcgccatga tgggcactgg ctcatcatca tatagcaagc       960
     tatatcaggt tagataatgg gcaatctctc tctctctctc tccctctctc tctctctctc      1020
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctttctc tctctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttcac      1080
     taagtttcac taaggctgtc tgagacgatt tgggtcacaa gttgaagact gtgccaacaa      1140
     agcaagactc tgtgaaagat tgtgagatgc atctctgttc accttcgtta tcctccaagg      1200
     aaactccctg gttccaagga cacagcctct ttctcagaga ggagcccagc ctgctcacct      1260
     cccatgggcc ctcctctgcc ttgggcatac ctccatgttc aaggcgctgg gacctctcag      1320
     cagccacttc tccttttacc aaaatgctta gaggcagcct ctgcaaggct gcttggctac      1380
     actattgttt ttgttttcca agagtatttt gttgttaatt tttccgtgta tttattaatg      1440
     tgtgtgcaag ggtgctatgg tgtgctcgta gaaatgagaa acaagctttc cagagtgggg      1500
     gggggggcat gtagaggaaa agggagaggg agaagagggt cagttttctc ctccctgtct      1560
     gttctggaac tcaaactcac attatcaggt gtattacttc tctagtgcta tgataaaaca      1620
     accaaagcaa ctgaagggag aaagcattta tttggggtta tggtgaggga taagagctca      1680
     ccatggcaga gaaacatggt ggcgagaggc aggcatggag gcaggagaag caggggaaca      1740
     ctgtaaccat aagcaagaag cctgatgcct tcttgtgtgt tcatgcatga tccatgtgtg      1800
     ttcatacatg attcatgttt gttcatacat gatcacattg tctttcagtt aaactggttc      1860
     cttttatgat caagtgtgtt taaattttcc tttttttttt tttgaaacaa acgcctaggt      1920
     aagtattgga atctatacag tccaggcagg tcttgtggcc attctcctgt ctcagcctct      1980
     taagtgctga gattacaggt ttgtgccatc atatccaact aaaaattttc tcataaagta      2040
     ttattagttt tctgttgttg ttatttagtg ttggggttga atctatgacc tcacatattc      2100
     taggcaggtg ctgtacagct gctcacagtt ttggaagacc ctgaggagag tccacaggct      2160
     ctgcaagttg ctaacagagc tcatggctgc tcaaagggtc cagcctggga ctccatagag      2220
     atttattcag gaacatgagt gccgtgagaa gcatgcccag gtcctcgtcc tcgccagtca      2280
     gactttgtaa tcattctgaa gtgaaaggag ctgaggggag ggggctgtgg agggcagcct      2340
     gatagaaatc aacacttgct ggaggagcca gagcaggaga ggaggcatct ggccaagtct      2400
     tctgtcacct cctctggcct ctgcaaacct cccatctggg tctggtgatt tgctaatatt      2460
     tcattgacac actctgctgt gaaaaacagt cttcaaattc ctcagttttt agatgaatct      2520
     cagtgttttc cgtggtataa aaacaaaagt agagttactg caaatgtact gcacagttct      2580
     cagtaagact cagtcttggc ccattgtata gaaagtcaca gtaaactctt ggtttggtgg      2640
     ctgaaaagcc aactagaagc tgcttcaagc tcaagatgag cagtgctttt aatttaaaga      2700
     aagaagagta gaaggggagg gggaagaccc tgatgagctc atcaagacgc tagctttata      2760
     gtaaaggcga tttatggttt ttatgtcctg agtaggtttt ttattcttat tttattttat      2820
     ttttatatct acatgggtga tttgcctgcc tgtatgtctg tgtgaaggtg tcagatcccc      2880
     tgaaaccaga gttgaagaca gttgtgagct gccatgaggg tgctgggaat tgaacccggg      2940
     tcctctggaa gaacatctag tgcttttaac cactgagcca cctctccagc cccttctttt      3000
     tttttttttt ttagtgctaa aaatgtttaa tattgttaac ttgattcaca cacacacaca      3060
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacttttatt gaaaatactt ttaaaaattt agactaaatt      3120
     tatttattta tttagatgtt gttgctggga attgaactca ggacgtctag aaaaatagtc      3180
     agtgctctta accactgggc catctttcca gcctgaagac actttttttc ataccaattc      3240
     agatcccagt gtttcacccc agatcctccc cacctctctc actcatccaa ctccaagcct      3300
     tctttccctc ttagaaaaca agcaaagaga agagaagaga agagaggagg agagaagaga      3360
     aagagagaga gagagagcaa gcacaagaac acacatgcac accataaaag cacaaatcca      3420
     ggagctataa tatacaaaga ttaaaaaaaa taatgtaaga tacaaaatgc ccaaacaaag      3480
     cagcaggaga gacaaaagga aaaaaaaaat ctctaaaaaa taccattgag ttcgttttgt      3540
     gttggacaac tactgctggg catgaggcct accccaaggg agtttgtatg cccagtgaga      3600
     ctccattgga gagagctgat ttttttcctt tgtaagtggt tgtcaggtgg agatagcttc      3660
     ttggttaggg atggaagccc ctgtccactt ccccccctca gtgatgggac accatctggc      3720
     ttggacctgt gcagaccccg tgcatgctgc cacagtctct gtgcattcat aagtgcatca      3780
     gtcctgttgt gtttggaaga ctttccttgg agtcatctat cccctttggc tctttttatc      3840
     tttctctctc cccttctaca gagttccctg agccctgagg agaagtgttt aatgaagaca      3900
     tcccacctag gactgagtgt tccaaagtct ctcagtctct gcgagttgtc tagttgtgga      3960
     tctcatactt cttctcatct gctgcaagag tcttctctga tgatggacga gcaagacgtt      4020
     gatctatgag cacagcagaa cgttgctagg agtcatttta ccactacgtt cttttaacag      4080
     aacaatagtt tttaggtttc ctctaggccc aaggtctatc tagtctcaga ttcttggcca      4140
     tgggagcagt gtcaggtatg ggttccacct tatagtgtag gcttaaatct aagcagatag      4200
     tgatcagtta ctcccacaac atttgtggcc acactgtacc agcatatcat gcaggtgggt      4260
     caccattgta tactgcagag tttgtagctg tgttggtggt tgcctttctc ctctggtagt      4320
     gtgcagagaa ccttcccaga caagggaaca ctagtcagta gggatgaggc ttctagttag      4380
     gcaccagttt gatctctctc tgttcaacga gatataagat atgtgagtgt tgtctccaga      4440
     aatagggact taccaccaag atgtagagag caaccaatag ccttggtaat tgtctgtgat      4500
     gtcttagggt ttgcatgggg tccctttggc caacaaccta acaagatgta acccatacca      4560
     aattctggag gtttttacgt ggtagcataa gatgcctaac taggcatcat ctcctctata      4620
     atttggtgac tccatttaga atccttttat ccacgtatct attaggaagc ttctactgtg      4680
     gtagatttcc atgtggtttt tcaaaaagcc attagtgtta gttttccttc cccatgtttt      4740
     tcctaaatat tctatttctc cttccttgga aaatcatccc ttcctgctag ctccttactc      4800
     tattcctaac ctctgtggtt atacaggttg tagtatgcca atcaaaggcg taagtgctaa      4860
     tatccacata taagaacaca cgccagtctt tgtgatctgg gttacctcaa ccaggatgat      4920
     tttttttccc tagctccatc cattgacttg caaaacttat gattttacgt ttcaacagct      4980
     gaataatatt ccattgtgta actgaaccac atatccatta tctgttcacc agttaatgga      5040
     cagctaatca ttgttccagt ttatggctgt tatgaatagg gcagcaatga acatggttga      5100
     gcaagtgact ctgtactagg acaaagcatc ctttgggtgt atgcccaaga ctgatgcagc      5160
     tggaccttga atagatctac tcccagcttc ctgggagcca ccacagatgt cactcctacc      5220
     agcaatggat gagagctctc cttcccctac attcttatct acatcgctat catatgttta      5280
     attgaccttg ggcattctga ccagggtaac atgaaatctc aaagtctttg atttgtgttt      5340
     ctctgatgac taaggatgct gcacatgtct ttacatgtcc ctcagccatt tgtgtttcat      5400
     tttttgagaa ctgtctgttt agttctgtat cccatttttt gtttgttttt tttgagacag      5460
     ggtttttctg tgtaaccctg gctgtcctag aactcccttt gtagaccagg ctgaccttag      5520
     actcacagat atctgtctgc ctctgcctcc ctaatgttaa gattaaaggt gttcaccatc      5580
     accacctggc ctgtacccca tttttaaaaa gtgggttact tgttctcttg atgtccagtt      5640
     ttcggttttg ttgttattgt tgttcatata ttttagatat taactctgta ttgagtatgt      5700
     aatgggaaag atctttttca agtctgtagg ctgccactac gtcataatga tagtgtcctt      5760
     tgccttacag gagcttttca gtcctgtaag atcccattta ctaactgttg atcatagcgc      5820
     tgtgctaata gtgtcctgct cagaaagtct tcctgtacta atgaaatcaa gactatgcct      5880
     cactttgcct tctttcagat tcatggtacc cagctttatg ttgagatcct taatccattt      5940
     gaaatatgag ttttgtgata actattgacc tatttgcatt cttctacatc cagtcaccta      6000
     gtttgatcag cactaactat ttgttgaaga tactgccttt tactgagtgt gaatttctgg      6060
     cttcttgtca aaaatcaggt gttcatagct tgtggactta aagtctgggt cttcagttaa      6120
     atgcaacgag ccaatgccaa gctgttttta ctactacagc tctgtgatac aacttgcaac      6180
     agggatagtg atgccttcag cagtttttta ttattcagga ttggtctagc tattctaaaa      6240
     tttttatgtt tctatatgaa gttgagaatt gtcttttcat ttctgtgaag aattgtgttg      6300
     gaattttgat ggggaatgca ttgaatctgt agattgcttt tggatagaat ggccattttc      6360
     acaatattaa accaactaat ctagtgtggg agatctttcc atcctctgat aacttcttca      6420
     atttctttct tcactgtctt aaaattttat tatacaaacc ttccactagc ttggttagag      6480
     ttaccacagg attttttttt ttaaggctat tgtgaaaggt agtgttgtcc tgatttttgt      6540
     ttttgttttt gtttttttgt ttgtttgttt tgttttgttt tatgagacag ggtttctctg      6600
     tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gaagaccagg ctggtctcga actcagagat      6660
     tcgccttcct ctgcctcccg gagtgctggg attaaaggca tgtgccacca cacctggcta      6720
     aggctattga tttttttttt tttaattctc taaggtattt gccattcatt ttctttttta      6780
     aaaagattta ttcattattt attatatgta agtacactgt agacgtcttc agacactcca      6840
     gaagagggag tcagatcttg ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt      6900
     gaactccaga ccttcggaag agcagtcagg tgctcttacc tgctgagcca tctcaccagc      6960
     cccggctatt gatttttatg ggctaatttt gtatcctatt ttgctgaaag tgtttataag      7020
     ctacagaagt ttcccagtgg aatgtttagg gtcaattata tatactatca tatcatcttc      7080
     aaataaagat actttggctt cttcttttcc aatttgaatc cccttgatct cttcagttgt      7140
     cttactgctt aagacttcaa gtaatatatt aggtagatat ggagagagtg gaaattcttg      7200
     tttctgattt tagtggaatt gctttgagtt tctctctctt tacattgatg ttgcccgtgg      7260
     gtttgctgta agttgcagtt attatatcta ggtatgatcc ttgtatccct agattttccc      7320
     tgacttttaa catgcagggg tgctgaattt tgtcaaagaa cttttctgca tctgatgaca      7380
     tcatcatgtg gttattgtct ttcagtctgt ttatgtgatg gcttacattt attgatttat      7440
     gcacgttgag ccatccctgc atctgtggga taaagcctac ttgatcatgg taaacatctt      7500
     ttggctgcat tctcagattc tgtttgcaag tattttattg agaatttttg catttatgtt      7560
     cataagggaa attggttggg ctagagagat ggctcagcag ttaagagcac tggctgctct      7620
     tccagagatc ctgagttcaa tgcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg      7680
     caatccgatg ccctcttctg gtgaagacag ctacagtgca ctcatataaa caaaaacaaa      7740
     aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaaaaagga aattggtctg taaatttttt ctttgttgga      7800
     tctttgtgag acatacatag gacaactatg gcctcataga aagcattagg caatgctctt      7860
     ttttgtttcg attttgcaga ataattttag gagcactagt aatgattcct ctttgaagat      7920
     ctggcagaat tctgcgctga atccatttgg ctccgagctt tttacagttg gaacattttc      7980
     aatttctgct tttattttac taaaggttat agatctgttt aagttgctca tctgatcttg      8040
     atttaacttt gataggttgt atatacccaa aatttatcca tttcctttag gttttccagt      8100
     ttgatagagt acattggttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttaagattt atttattata      8160
     tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cctcagatac ttcagaagag ggcatcatat ttcattacgg      8220
     atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc gggaccttcg gaagagcagt      8280
     cggcactctt aaccactgag ccatttcacc agccctgttt ggaccaaagg gagaagaaac      8340
     ccagcagggg aaattccaaa ttcccatctc tgagcctgat gtcagagggc ttgttagatg      8400
     gctcattcct ttccagcctt gcttgctgct acactatcac tatcactgct ctgatttggg      8460
     gtggttcagc cccctctgca gctttcctag ccagatatcc catggctctg gcctctccaa      8520
     tgtcttaggg tctccaaggc aatccaggct tctttctttc tttcacaagt tgcaggatta      8580
     gctgggtagc atcttgccct gaagttacca ttccttctat tccttgtagc atcaggctta      8640
     tttccttctt cttttaattt ctggtcttct tgagcacagg acttagctcc attacacttt      8700
     ctggtgctcg ttttctcctc aaactgtgca ttttgtattt ctgtttgccc tgcttatacc      8760
     ttttctttgt ccattggcat aagggtgacc actgataacc acacaacaca gtcaatacta      8820
     ggctgtctta aaatctcctc tgccaatgac actagtccaa gacttttcag cttagcttct      8880
     ggcagacttt ttggacaaga acagaaagca gacacattct ttgacaaaat attacaagaa      8940
     tggactctac actactgtta gtgttcccta atgaaacacc ttgagctggg ccaccttagc      9000
     ccacattgcc taaactttag tgtcttccac actcctacta gggtggctct gcttttaact      9060
     gctttaattt gctttagttt aactgctttt ctagtccaga gtcccagagt cttctacagt      9120
     tcttcaacag acagcatggt cagccctatc acagcaatac ccaacttctc ataccaactt      9180
     ctgtcttact tagggttagt attgctgtga ggagacatca tgaccaagac aacttataaa      9240
     taaaacattc agttggggcc tttgttacag tttcatcaga gggtcagtct ctgagcatca      9300
     tggcagggaa catgggagaa ggcaggcagg catggggcta gagcagtagg tgagaactca      9360
     catttgatct gtagggatgc aggtgggggt cagaggactt tggaaacttc aaaatgttaa      9420
     ttccacagat gcacagggaa agaccactga cccaagtcct ggccaaattc attaaagcaa      9480
     gctttttttt atatattcat gtacatgggc ttctctccct aaggtagggt tcaagtgatg      9540
     agcattggac atggggaaga taagggtttc taataggagt aggtgacatc caactggtgg      9600
     tggtgggggt gggatttgaa agacaaacag gccaggctac agaagcagaa cagaagcaga      9660
     acacattggt catagcaacc tcctgaaaca aagacatggt tgcaaggtgg tcacgacaag      9720
     gtggttatga taaggtggtc aggacaacgg gtggttatac aactctttga agcaaaagca      9780
     tggttgtcat ttcctgaaac aggcagtcca gaaccatttg tagttaaggt gataggtgag      9840
     gcatagccca atcctggaga aacagattta gtcatgacta ggaatgaatc tagtttgtct      9900
     ttactctaag accaagcttt ggctttgaag atcaagaagg aggcaggctg gtttatcatc      9960
     cctctcccca cgctcattgt ctgttgtgtc cctgtcaaat ccttgaaaga gtctcagtat     10020
     cctttatctg gggggaaaca aagtgtgtaa tgcatccaaa gatgcatggc cccttcacgg     10080
     tgcacctgtt ttgtctgtat aggatgaatg ggtctttatt ttgtcttctt tgttagggag     10140
     tttccttttc ataacatccc agccttcttc tgtaactgct tatcagctaa aatcaggatg     10200
     ctattgtcag ggcccaggaa ggctggagtg ttagtcaagg gccaggaggg attagggcca     10260
     tggggtattc aacgggagct tctgatttac tgacccagct cagggagcag taacatggcc     10320
     tggaccggct cacatccgtt ttcagcaagt ccagggctct ctgggtttgt agaattacct     10380
     ggggctgatg tcgtgtagac tacctttgga gcagtttgtg gtctgtggct ggtggctgga     10440
     cggtgtctac cagtcaaata gaactctacc aagatagata tagaccaggg acagaagtta     10500
     ccattaaaga acttaaagga aactttagat gtgaaacctc cccctcagga ataggcagta     10560
     ggtggagggg gggcagggag cttaggctgt tgattggcag gagcacttat ctggagtcca     10620
     cttgacctgt gagaggtgga tctaagtctt atgacttttt ttttaactcc ctgaagctta     10680
     cattaccatt gtttgtaatc tgtattgaaa tccatattgt agaaaaagca gctaactggc     10740
     atctgtaaaa cagctggagt aaactcacac ctttgagtca tagtaaaagc atgaacattt     10800
     gttttgtttt tttgttctga gagctggata tataaattgg gcagagatat ttatagcatg     10860
     atgagaagaa gcatctttaa gtctatattt aaaagacaac tagaaacaaa tttatatttg     10920
     ctttatctta cttatatttg tgagtacact gtagctgttt tcagacacag cagaagaggg     10980
     catcagatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggac ttgaactcag     11040
     gaccttgaga gcagtcagaa ctcagcaact ccccagccca actagaagaa atttaaatct     11100
     tgagcttatg actgataaca gtgttttacc agcttattag aactttattg atcaatgtta     11160
     aaattttgaa gctctgaaat atcagtataa caatatcata gagacagaaa gaaatttgaa     11220
     atattctaac tttacaagtg gttgattatt gagagcagcc attgcaaagc aacttccttt     11280
     aaataaagga atagtaaaag ttacattgaa acctgtttgg tgaggctctc cctccttagg     11340
     cctggctggt gctgcctgag ttccctcagt ttgttagccc actcatctcc ctttccacag     11400
     ctccctcact ggaccgtacc tcacctgtgg gcaactgtaa ctgcaggctt ttctatatcg     11460
     gtcccagttc ctgaataatg acacagagag tctatttctt tataatgctt ttggccttcc     11520
     agctaggcat tgtttcccac tagctcataa ctcaattatc ccgtttatac taatctaagt     11580
     tcagccgcat ggctgaatct gggcacctga ctccatccca gaatttctct ctgtgtctgg     11640
     aagccccatc ttactattct gccttttgct gtcagccatg ggctttctat tttagtcaat     11700
     cagcaagtgg cttaggcagg caaggaagga cagaggtgca tcttcccaag tgtacaaaga     11760
     catcacgcca acaggcaacg gcagcaagtc aaacggaggc tttctgagct atagattttc     11820
     gctgttctca gtctcttgtg gtagtctcag tttttagcaa cagcccctct caggatggta     11880
     cttagtcact gtcctctgtc catacaatat gactacatgg gatttttctt ctaggcagca     11940
     ctcacagctg gaggaaagtt cactatctca ccagtccccc accccacacc cccaaccaga     12000
     tttaaggttt tgaaggatat aggcttttcc aaaaggcatt gtagtctctg ggtagctctc     12060
     aacgggactg ccactccttt cctgactcag cccgtggctg ttgtgaggtg tcatggcaac     12120
     agcacctccc ctccagcctc cccaagtggc tctgcagtga tggtgcctca gcccaagggc     12180
     tagatgcagt ccattctcat tatggtggga agcatggcag tgagcaggca gatatttatt     12240
     atcttagggt tttactgctg tgaacagagc gaggcaactc ttagaaggac aacatgtaat     12300
     tggggctggc ttacaggttc agaggttcag tccattatca tcaaggtgag aatatggcag     12360
     tgtccaggca ggcatggcgc aggaggagct gagagttcta cagcttcatc tgaaggctgc     12420
     cagcacaata ctggcttcca ggcagctagg atgagggtct taaagcccac acccacaagg     12480
     acacatctac tccaacaagg ccacacctcc aaatagttac cactccctgg gcaaatacaa     12540
     accatcacat tccactccct gccccccata ggcttgttca aacacacgag tctatggggg     12600
     acatactcag ccaaagcata atttaaaaaa tacattttgg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg     12660
     ggttagagca cccgactgct cttctgaagg tccagagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg     12720
     tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa cgagatctga ctgcctcttc tggagtgtct gaagacagct     12780
     acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaataa attaaaaaaa aaaaccattt ggtccaactt     12840
     ccaaagtccc catagcctat agcagtctca tcgatgttaa aagtccaatg ttcaaagtct     12900
     cttctgagat ccatccaatc acttaactgt aatccccaaa gcgagacaag aaaccagctg     12960
     ggcaaactct aaactctgca tctccctgtc tgatgtcaaa gcagtcttca gatctccact     13020
     tctttttcat ctttgttgac tgcaatgaac ttctctcagg ctggttccac tccctgtcag     13080
     cagttttcct tggccggtca ggacactggc atctttaaca tcttgggtct gtctccaagt     13140
     caacttcaac ttcataggtt tttgttccaa tatcttggat ccacacatga tcttctgggc     13200
     tccttcaaag gacttgtgtc acatctctag ctctgctctc tgtagtactc taggctcttt     13260
     ctgactccac tccactgctg ctgctgttct tggtgatcat ctcatggcac tggcacctcc     13320
     aataagcaag gatttttgac tacaactagg cttcaccaat agcctctcat aagctctctt     13380
     catagtgcca agtcttgatt tctttgcatg accctttcag gcctggacta tcaaatgcaa     13440
     ctgaggctac accttcacca atggccttcc ctggcttctc acagtgccaa gcctcagctg     13500
     ctctccatga ctcctttgta ccttcaaaac aagtaccacc tgggtgacac acattcccaa     13560
     gtccagctgt atcatgagtt acaaccttgg ctatctctgg aacactgctt ctttgtgttc     13620
     tcagaaaaca catcccagaa gattttacct cagtgatgct ggtttcttct taatcactac     13680
     taatttctta gctccagcta ttcagcatca tttgtcccag tagtcctttc tattcttgat     13740
     tctaaagcca gagccacatg gctgaagctg ccaagttctg ctttctaggg ctggaacatg     13800
     gctgctctta ttctgttacc atctttctgt tttctgactc cctcactgcc taagtttggc     13860
     tgtctgggtc tgcagattta ccttgaattg agatatctac atggctgtct cctaaatgtt     13920
     gggattaaag gcatgtacca ccacgcctag acttacgtac ttcttcacct agaacttgct     13980
     ctgtcccagg ctggtcttga attgagaaat ctacttgact ttgtctccta ggattagaag     14040
     tatataccac cattcctggg cctaagctct tcacggctac tgttgctcaa gatcctgatc     14100
     aaaagcctgg gtcttccagc ctcaagatct gggtcacacg tgtaccctgc atttctggct     14160
     tgtagtttat tccagattaa aagtccaaac tattccttgt tcagctgtaa acacaaacag     14220
     taagcttggc tgggtgggat cttttcctga gatcactgtt cccttaatct ctttatctcc     14280
     ttgaacatag gcctcttccc atgggccaag actactcaaa ccagcacatt atatgaatca     14340
     ctttcaacaa tataatcatt ttcatgatgt tcttttccat ctcttacttc tattgtcatt     14400
     ttcaaatagg gataatttca cttctgcctt tcctatttat atcgctttga tatctttctt     14460
     ttgtctaatt gtgctaagac tttggactct gtattagtaa gaggggagag actgggcact     14520
     tgtgactcac acaaattcta gcgttatttc cctactaggc aatggttagt tgcatgtctc     14580
     gcacacatgc cctgtgttgc agtgagtcag gcccctcctc ctcatttctt tggggctttg     14640
     atcatgaagg gatgctgatc ttgtagaagg acttttgtgc accactaggg tcagcatttg     14700
     aagctttcct gctgcatctc cttctacaag ttttatagat tcaggttttg ttatttttga     14760
     atctgctctg tctctcattt ttaaaaacaa aagcaagaca ttaacaacaa caacaacaaa     14820
     ctttaaaaac ccaataagaa aaatgccaaa acaaaataaa acaacataga gtctgctttg     14880
     ggttgaccta gtcctcctgg gtatgggtat gggtatgtcc tagaatgtga ttgatagtct     14940
     ggtttaactg tccaagactg atgcgtctct ttgggaccct atgtgactct aaatgactct     15000
     gaaagttgtt ctttttatag ctggaagttg gtattgggct gttgacagtg actgcattga     15060
     ttccatagat tgcgttgggc gtatgggcat tttatcaata ttaaatccaa gtctgtgaat     15120
     atagatctct ttcctatgtt tcaagcatcc aagtctttct cctccttaaa catattccta     15180
     agtactttag tctttttaat ttttaatttt taaattttat tttttattaa agatttactt     15240
     taatcgtgtg tatatacaca tgcatgcagg tgcctgcagg gccccaaatc ttcagattcc     15300
     ctggatctgg acttagaaat ggtttcgagt tgcctgatgt gggtgctgag aactgaactc     15360
     cctggaagag cttcacacgc tcttagctgc tggcccattt ctctagcccc ttcttggtgt     15420
     tttcctaact tcattttcat cattagtgta cagaaataca actgaattgt atttggatct     15480
     tatcttttgt aacttcatct tatcttttgc agctttaaaa ataatctata ttttagttct     15540
     aacaggatgt gtgtgtatgg tctttagagt tttctacaat taaatcatgg tgtctacaac     15600
     aatctggaat gcagttgatt tacccagtga cattccattg gagaaatctg atttttttaa     15660
     ctcctaggag gaaccaattt gcaaacagct tctgggttag gtgtggttag gttagagtgc     15720
     acctcccttc tcaatgtccg gatgtttatc tggtttgaac ctgtgcaggt cttacttgtg     15780
     ttccacagcc tgggatgtga ttgacatacc cagcgacatt cctacaaaca cattcttttt     15840
     ttccaatgaa gatggttatt ttctctgact agaacttcca tgttgaacag aggtggccag     15900
     agcgagcgtg catacctctc tggttattga tcataaaatg aagacattca ggtatttttc     15960
     tctaggatgt tcactgtgca cttttcaacg gtccttccaa tgttgccaag gtcagcttgc     16020
     ctgcgtttgt tgagttgtga atggcactta ccagtgacat tggccaaagg tggtttgttt     16080
     ttgtttggta gcatctttgg ctttggtgtt ggggtcatgc tgacatcata gaatgaacct     16140
     tagagcgttc cttcctctac aacttgaaag gagaaattta aatgtagtag aggggctgga     16200
     gagatggctt tgtggttagc cacataggct gctctgccaa aggacccaag ttcagtttcc     16260
     aggaccagca cagtggctta acccactcac aactccagtt tcagaggatc agatgccctt     16320
     cactggcctc cctgggctca agtatgcatg tcatgcaagc tcatatatgc acataaaaat     16380
     aaaaaataaa taaactaaaa aataataaac ctgtcagaat tcaccagaca agacatctgc     16440
     ttctgggttt ttgttgctgt tgtgggtgtt ttattaccaa ttcaacctct ttattaatta     16500
     tagacctgtt cagatatttt atttctttct ggttctgtct tagaaaactg catctgttga     16560
     aattccccct tttctcctga agttatctag cactggtgta aactacttat agaatgtttt     16620
     tacaattttt ttttctgtgg tattggctac accacctcca ctttcatatg aggctttggt     16680
     tattagagtg tgtgctcttt ttatcttact tagtctagca aaagtctagc cagctttccc     16740
     tttccagaac ctcttagctc tgttgacttg ttcctggtga ttgtcaattt tgtattactt     16800
     ctattctttt tcttttgtct ttttttttct ttttctttat tttatgtatg agtacactgt     16860
     cactgtcttc agacacacca gaagagggca tctgatctca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca     16920
     ccatgtggtt gttgagaatt gaactcagga cctccttaag agtagtcagt gctcagctgg     16980
     gcagtggtgg tgcacgcctt taatcccagc atttgggagg tagacacagg cggatttctg     17040
     agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tactgagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa     17100
     accctgtctc gggggtgggg ggagggaaga gtagtcagtg ctcataacca ctgagtcatc     17160
     tcttcagccc catacccata tttcttctgg agtcattatt tccttccaag acccctcttc     17220
     cttggctgat cattctagca tgttgagtgt acagtctgtg gtaagtctgt ggtaccagcc     17280
     cacaccattg tagtcgttcc ttagcattgt ttgtgctata ctacattagt ctgatctgta     17340
     tttctattca tcttgaggtt agttttgtag tttccctttt gacttcctct ttcacccaat     17400
     catttccaca cctccaggag cttgctagtt tctttccgtt gatttctagt tgtatcctgt     17460
     tttgtttaaa atatgtactt ggtaggatct ctgtcttcta aggttggttg aaacttgttc     17520
     tgtgacctaa cctgtgatgt tgaatagagt ggccagggtg attatgctca tcttgtcctg     17580
     gtgatgaagg ggaagtacct tagtgtcctt cccgtgactg tgataacacc atgaccacaa     17640
     gcagtctggg gaggaaaggg ttcatttggc tcacaggtta cagtccatcc tcaggagaag     17700
     ctgagacaat ggagaggtgc taagcaatcc aacccgctcc tctcccagga agaatctctg     17760
     ggctacagtc tccttgttgt atggagccag agctgcgctg agggtagtga ctatggtcac     17820
     agaatatcgt gacttttcct actacttctc tataagtggt tctgcacttg ttcagggtgc     17880
     aggagtctct cacctagttt cgaacttctc atgaaaagaa aactgtgtat ttagcattgt     17940
     tggaagtgta tatccaagag aggaagaatt ctggtctttc ttttccactg tcttgctgac     18000
     atcctttgtc tgattaattt caatgtaatg atttgggaca gcaggttaga tacgaacttg     18060
     gaaccttgtt tggccactgc cttgctgtga gatgttaggc agatccaaag ctccacactc     18120
     gggctagaga catactttga gtagttgctg ctcttgtagg ggatccggat tcagtagcca     18180
     tcacccacat gacatcttac aactatctgt aactccggtg ccagggaatc caaagccctt     18240
     tctggcttct gaaggtacca gggctttcct gatacacaca tatacatgca ggcaaacatt     18300
     catgcacata aatataaatc ttttaaaaag gctttgtgct taattttaat ttgtatcaga     18360
     tgctgtgctg gctagtttta tgtcaagttg acacaagcta gaatcatttg caaagaggaa     18420
     ccctcaactg agaaaatgtc cccaccagac tggcctgcgg gcaagcctgt gttacatttt     18480
     cttagttggt gaaagatatg gaatgactca gtccattgtg cgtggtgcca tccctgggct     18540
     ggtcccaggt atgtataaga aagcaggccg agccctgaga agtaaaccag aaagcagctt     18600
     ctaccatgac ttctgcatca gtttctgcct ccaggccctg ccctgacttc cctcagcgat     18660
     gaactgttac ctggaagcat aagctgaagt aactcatttc cttcacaggt tgctttcggt     18720
     catagcaata aacaccgtat ggcagctggt atttatcaga ttggccattc cacagggcgt     18780
     ctctgaatcc atgatgagaa aaacccttta aggaatttac accgggacct catccatcct     18840
     gagcccaact ccagttccag aggctctgat gcactcttct gacttaaggg caacaagcac     18900
     atgcagcata catacataca tacacataca tgtacacaca tgtacacaca tacatacata     18960
     catacatgta catacatgta catgcatata tatacataca cacatgtaca tacatacgtg     19020
     tatatgcata catgcacata catgcgcaca cacatacatg tacatacata catacatgta     19080
     gacaaaacat tcacacaaac agaataaatc taatttttaa aaaatcttaa aaccaaacca     19140
     aactaccaac aacaaaacac cacaaggaag ccaagagcag tcatctctga acgtgtcgac     19200
     tgatcacaat taaaaataaa agtttccgct cccgaagcct gtcctgccac ctgaccccat     19260
     gaacctatta agaaagaaga tgaagagaac tgagctctta ggtgtctcag ccagctttcc     19320
     atcaaaacaa caaaactggt ttcgttagct tagacaaagg gtttctgtag ctcacagttg     19380
     tatttcaccc aaaaccagaa atcgcaggca ctgaacttca gggggcagcg ctggatggca     19440
     gagaccaggg gcctgtggca gagacaaact tcatgtcttg tggaccagga agcagagaga     19500
     aagagaagga ggccagggtc ttggtctcca gtgacccaaa ggacctccta ttagtctcta     19560
     cctcccacag agtccaccat ttctgagtag tgccaccaat gggacttagc atgtggacct     19620
     caggggaaca ttcggcatcc aaatgataat acgtggcact aggacaccca gctcaaattc     19680
     ccagatctga cctccatctc acttcctttc atatgccctt ttccagtctt ttaaaaacag     19740
     tggtggggct ggtgagatgg ctcagtgggt aagagcaccc gactgctctt ccgaaagtcc     19800
     gaagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacgtggtgg ctcacaacca cccggaatga gatctaatgc     19860
     cctcttctgg tgcgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac atataataaa taaattaatt     19920
     aattaaaaaa taataaataa aaacagtgat gatgatagtg gtggtggtgg ttttattggt     19980
     ttttcaagac aggatatctc tgtgtagccc tggctgatct gtaactcgct ctgtagtcca     20040
     ggtctgtctc aaactcagag attcccctgc ctctgcttcc tgagtgcttg gattaaggga     20100
     acgagccacc acaccccact taagtttatt cattcattca ttcattcatt cattcattcg     20160
     ggtgtggaga gagcgctcat gctactgtgt gagctttgga gcagaagacg gttggttctc     20220
     tccatcctcc ttgtgggcct gggtgtgaaa cttgggttat caggcttggt accaagcacc     20280
     ttcaccaact gaaccacctt gccagccttt accaatcttt taaaaataag tctataattt     20340
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttttccctga tcagaaaggc aacacatgtt cttgaaagtc     20400
     ttcagataaa gaaagaggtt ggagaggagg cctagaggtt tcagaacact tgctgttgca     20460
     ttgtgagaac aggagtttgt attccagctc ccgagtggca cacacacaca cacacacaca     20520
     cacactgtca tattaaacct tcccatggtg ttttcaaatg actctagccc tcttaagtct     20580
     ttcttctgcc tgcctgtctg cctgccagcc atctgctcat atgtctaccc agggtagctt     20640
     tagtgcagag catcctgtgt ggcctttagc cttctgctca cagtcttagg aaacagtttt     20700
     gtagagctgg aaggttctgt ttcctgacac gcccatgtca catcctcctc ttgctttgtt     20760
     cttcttcata tttttagctg gaaccaactg catttcagcc atgcgaagtg cccacaaaat     20820
     acaaggtgaa aggctctgtt cgtttaaata actttcgcgg cttctagaga agaatctgat     20880
     tttccaaggt gtttttttaa aaaatatgct tcctcacaaa ggaaaaagtg aaaatcagca     20940
     gctgtcatga atactgtgca agtggctctt ctcagagggg ctaagaggtg ggggaggtga     21000
     ggattctgac ttcctgtgat gggagtcctg acttcctgtg atgggggtcc tgacttcctg     21060
     tgatgggagt cctgacttcc tgtgatgggg gttctgattt cctgtgatgg aggtcctgac     21120
     ttcctgtgat gggagtcctg acttcctgtg atgggggtcc tgacttcctg tgatgggggt     21180
     cctgacttcc tgtgatggag gtcctgactt cctgtgatgg gggtcttgac ttcctctgat     21240
     gggagtcctg acttcctgtg atgggagtcc tgatttcctg tgatggaggt cttgacttcc     21300
     tatgatgggg gttctgattt cctgtgatgg aggtcctaat ttcctgtaat gggggtcctg     21360
     atttcctgtg atgggggacc tcatttcttg agactgatga acttctagct ccagccttaa     21420
     aattcaggaa ttcatatgaa gttcctgctt ccatactctc ccgatggcaa acagctctcc     21480
     cctatcaccc agagcttgag agtgagcggt cagtgaagct gctctagggc ttgctgtggg     21540
     gcagtttatc tcttgaaaca tcttctttcc caggctgctc tcccttcccc acacaccttg     21600
     ccttgaagag aatgaagatt gcttggaaac tgccctgcta agaagccaga aaagatcata     21660
     gcagcctgtt tctttgtttc taagtgagat actaccagag gtccaatgca aaaattgaaa     21720
     tttcttaatt aacttttcca cagggaaggg gccatggtag gcacagaatg aggagctgtg     21780
     gctggcattc tctctcttcc ccctccccct ccccctcttc ttcctctccc tcactagcat     21840
     cactgccagt accactgttc tctgtgctgt actgcctctg ctacaggtat ggtagttgct     21900
     caaatccacc ttagatatat ttctccccag agaaggatta atgagaggac tttgaaccct     21960
     gtaattctgg tcccgtgtat gtaacatctt ctgacaggat cccctttaat caacacaggc     22020
     aagcatgtca ttagatacac cttgttaaga acaaatagca tggctaagct agacaaatgt     22080
     cttagcctta catattttat gtcttattag catatgctaa ttatgcacaa taatgcttca     22140
     ttatggtttt attacatgtt gtcttagtca atgtttccat tcctgcacaa aacatcatga     22200
     ccaagaagca agttggggag gaaagggttt attcagctta catttccaca ttgctgttca     22260
     tcaccaagga agtcaggact ggaactcaag caggtcagga agcaggagct gatgcagagc     22320
     cagtggagag atgttcttta ctggcttgct tcccctggct tgctcagctt gctttcttat     22380
     agatcccaag cccagggacg gcaccaccca caatgggtcc tcccaccctt gatcactaat     22440
     tgagaaaatg ccttacagct ggatctcatg gaggcctttc ctcaagggag gctcctttct     22500
     ttgagataac tccaggtttc atcaagttga caaaaaacaa aagaaaacaa aacaaaacag     22560
     ccagtacaca tgtatataat gtgttgcgag aaatattaaa aagtgatccc gccaactttc     22620
     cacgctcctg cttctctcac ccctaactcc caggtggggc tgggccgagc tcctgctagc     22680
     ccctgcagca tctggcttgc ttgtcccagg agccactagt tccctctctg ctaaaatccc     22740
     cagtaattgg tggtcccata ttccagtaac caaattgaaa caccaacctt gcagttagaa     22800
     atcacaatac ccagtaagcc ggtagaatta aaactcttag agcttgtagt taaccaatca     22860
     gatttatgta tcaataaact cacaatttgt aggatgccaa tacaataatt tcagagccaa     22920
     ttgataatga tcaaagcttt attcaattaa tataaccttg tgatatcatc gcgtcaacct     22980
     ccattctcct ctcccctgag agactctctg tccctgcaac ttttagctcc tcctcttttt     23040
     tccctgtcca atcacagacc tcctctgcac taaagtaatt gggtagggaa aatcctgcaa     23100
     caatagtgca tttcggtcat attaaaccca tcactgtgac tctgtttctt gcatctgact     23160
     cctgataatc cccgccctct agccctcatt cctcgttcgt gtcctttgtg tgtgtgtgac     23220
     tcgatgaatt ttctttgggt ttctaagatg tgggcacctt accagtggct tcacactgaa     23280
     aaagtctctt gagcccccat caacattctt tataaacgct gcgggagggt tagccccaca     23340
     agtcccatga gcagctacta tgagttcact cgtgtaagag acatgtcaca cttggaagtc     23400
     agtgtcccac ggtgctcccc actctttcct ctgcctctcc tttcccttgg agtagttgac     23460
     gtggatgtcc cactacagct gtgtgctcaa catttctttg ctttcagtgc tctgaccagt     23520
     tatgggtcta tgcagttact gtaatcactg taaaaagaag tttctggaac caaagccgat     23580
     aagagtacta atgtgtgggc agaaacagtt tggattaggt gggcacatta tttccattga     23640
     taatgacaat ggcagtgctg tgccaggaaa tgttcgtgaa ccccgaaaag accaccaagg     23700
     agctgattcc aatacaatcc cactagggtt tctttattca agttggacct tgggctccct     23760
     gtcaaccctg acacagcagg aaggtagagt cctgagccta gttttagcca agcatgtata     23820
     taggcaagaa ggggctatct agcccgatac cacatctgat tgggaggcca ttatggcctt     23880
     taacataact gaccagtgct ggaaacctga ttggtggttg ttaggaagtg aggtgtctgt     23940
     caggggcggg cttgtaacct ggaggtgcag atttgttggg gaataatctg gaaactggtg     24000
     ctagatgcag gttttgttga aggggtaacc tggaaactgg tgataggtac tagcctgtca     24060
     gttaactcga gttcagcctt aggtcaggtt ctctaagatg gagtctgaac ccagaagatc     24120
     tggtccctca gcaggggctc cctaccctgc cctacagtct ctccagccat gggcttttga     24180
     ctgagtttac agaatgcaac atgagttccc acctgtgcag tgggcatcca attgccccat     24240
     aatgtacttg ccgttttcta ccatattcat tctctctctc cccagtcaag gagtcattct     24300
     ccactcctag gccttttttc tggtttccag ggctccatgc tcacactcac cccaatgtaa     24360
     atgcacatgt aagttagaat ctatggtttt cacatgagaa agaacacgtg gtgcttgtca     24420
     atatattttc cagttccatc cattctcctg caaattcatt ttcctcaagt tgattacaat     24480
     ctatatagag cacactttcc ttacccattc atcagttgat gggaatctag gttagttgca     24540
     tgttgttgct tttgggaata gagtatcact aaacagagct gtgcacttat ctctgtggca     24600
     ggatatggaa ccctttgagt gcattcctag gagtgggaga gctgggtcgc ctgggagttc     24660
     tagtttacat tgttgttgtt ttgttctatt ggtgtgtagg tgtatgtctg catgtgatta     24720
     tgtacacgag tgtatgtctg catgtgaata tgtacatgtg tgcagtggtc tcagagccca     24780
     gaatcccctg gagctgcctg atgtggggat gctgggaacc aaactccagt cctctgcaga     24840
     agtagcagtg ctcttacttg ctgagttctc tcccacactc ctaggttgtt tgtcttgttt     24900
     tctgtttggt ttggtttggt ttggtttctt acaaaccccc acactgactc catagtggct     24960
     gctctcattt acatttctac cagcagtgga tatgttttct atttctccac atcctcacta     25020
     gcatttgcag agatctttct ttctctcttt cctttcttcc tccaatgtat agtttggaga     25080
     actttgtcaa agatcaggtg gtcgtagctg tgtgggcttc tgtctggccc tctgtcccac     25140
     cacctacatc acctgttctt tttccctgcc ggtattgttg ctgtttgact atggctccat     25200
     tgaataactt aaagctaagg atgatgacac ccggcgttac ctgtttagct cagggatgct     25260
     ttgaatgatg cctgggtctc ttttgtgctt ccatatgaat tttgttcttt tctgttttga     25320
     atacagaaat gcattagaat ttgtataggg attatattgg attgtagcta gcttttgtaa     25380
     agatggccac tttcacaatg ttgattcttc tcatctgtga gcacgggagt tccttccttc     25440
     tctagtatct tcaatttcct tcttcagcat tttagtgtgc catagaagtc atttttgttt     25500
     ttttgtttgt ttttcataat tcaagtgtga tgtttaattt atttttctct tttttcctca     25560
     acatactgtt ttttttttaa atcagttatc tggggatttc atataatgca ctcttgtacc     25620
     attcttccca ggtccaccct cccacccttg cgcattcccc cttccctcca aaaaaataag     25680
     aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaacaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaccactat gtccaatcgt     25740
     attgccctgt gctcatagca gcctggtcaa actcccagtg gccagaatct taaaactgag     25800
     tccagggctg gagagttggc tcactggctg ctcttccaga ggttctaagt ttgtttgttt     25860
     gtttgttttt taatagtttt tttttaaaga tttatttatt tatttatttc atgtatgtga     25920
     atgtactgtt gctgtcttca gacacacctg aagagggcat cagatcccat tacagatggt     25980
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg     26040
     cttttaactg ctgagccatc tctccagccc ctaagttcaa ttcccagcaa ctatggggtg     26100
     gctcacaacc atctataaca ggatctgatg ccctattctg tcatgcaggc acacagaaag     26160
     aggactcata tactatgtaa ataaaacaaa caaagcaaag gaatacattt agccaagcat     26220
     ggtgatgtaa gcctttattt aatcccagca ctcgggacgc agaggcaggc agatcacagt     26280
     tagttagttc tatttggtag tgaactgggc atcagacact gcctctctcc tacctggtgc     26340
     acttagtaat gcctaccctt cctctcttcc ctccaggcca tgatgctcat gggatcacag     26400
     ttgacagtca cctgatgcac ttaatgtcca taggcaccag tccgaagtga ctggttttcc     26460
     tcatattgcc ccaaattacg cagcctttgt cttaaaggaa taggtagtta aattgtacag     26520
     ttgctttatt tccaacagct aagtgctaaa gatttattta tttttacgag tacaccgtag     26580
     ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcatc agatcccatt acaggtggtt gtgagccatc     26640
     atatggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc tcaggaagag cagtgggtgc tagtgtcacc     26700
     actgagtcac cactccagcc cttccacagc atttaaactg atcccattgc tcccaggccc     26760
     cagagtcccc caagccatac tgtgagaggg tctctcattt gttggtaaga gtatctttcc     26820
     atttcaagca gttcaggggc aaaatattcc gtggttacca tagtttcctg tattggacca     26880
     ttattaaggc ccccatctac atgttataga caagatttcc tttcctctgt attaaaggct     26940
     ggcttctgtt tatgcctcac cctcgtcatt tgtccaggtc tgggaacaca ggaggggctg     27000
     ttcagcaaaa gtctaatttg tgctctttcc ttctgtctgg tttcagacct gggccaagag     27060
     actgagttgc atattttaca tcccaaagca gaccaggcct ccaggttccc ccagcatccc     27120
     tcagtccctc cctggcacag cctgccccca gccccgccct tccctgcccc agccctgccc     27180
     ttccctgaga agctcctccc gatacaatcc agacattttg gtctctccca ctctctcttc     27240
     tcctcttctc tttctgcacc tgtacccctt tctttctccc tgccttaccg cctccccttt     27300
     ccccatgata acttccccgg gcttgatcct tggggccagt gaacttgtcc actcgagagc     27360
     agcttcccaa taaacctgcc tttaatataa tccgatcggc ttaaattggc tcatttcact     27420
     ggcagtggag aaatagccta tcaccttttc cctgccagcc ctaagaaaga gtaagttagc     27480
     cctccatctc cttcctccac catcaccagc tcctttcctg ctaacttaga gctagtgcag     27540
     aagctggtgc tcagcttggt cctcacacct gaagggcagt gttccctaac acatcctaaa     27600
     tgtgggcagt gccctcatgg cctggagttc ctagatggcg taaaaaaaaa aaacgagaga     27660
     gggagcagag aaccagcatc cccagctgtg gttcactgtg accagtgtct ccctcctgtc     27720
     atcatgtctt cccaccactg tagagtgttc ttcaactgtg agccataagt ccttccctcc     27780
     ttagccactt ttgtcaggtg cctagtcaca gcaacacccg ttctacataa cactctgtct     27840
     gcgtatcaat gcacacagcg tctctgacca gcctgagaca ataaagaagg cttctctcct     27900
     cctatctgag agccactcca ggtctttccc tccctggtac ttctgcaacc caaaccttgg     27960
     atttgggaaa acacaatcca ctttcacaaa atccagtatt gcctggctgg tctcaaactc     28020
     ctgatccttc aaccctggcg tcccaactgc catgcccaat tccctgttgt tttatcttaa     28080
     ctgtgtattt tggttgctta gaaatgttaa agttgccagg cgtggtggcc cacaccttta     28140
     gtcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcagatg gacttctgag tttgaggcca gcctggtcta     28200
     cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaccaaac     28260
     caaaccaaac caaaccaaac caaaccaaac aaacaaacaa agaaatgtta aagttgtatg     28320
     catttaccat tcaattagaa aacttcaggg tgggggtggg ggtgggggtg ggaggaaaac     28380
     agcagtgaag ccaagcccca gaggttgaat acactctgcc ttttcttagc gtttgtccta     28440
     ttgccatcaa gcacccggta gtttagagtt gccttcaacc aaatgtcagt taattacaca     28500
     gtcacggaat ctcagtactt cacacttatc caatgcagtt cagtgaagtg gatggtgctt     28560
     ctgataacac aatagaaatt agatactcgg gtgaaattat agttctctga ggctaatttg     28620
     ggggtgtgat ttttaaatgt gtttccaggc ctctggacct gtgtttgaat gacttgagct     28680
     gtcccagcac tgaccccgca tgaggtctgt gctccttgct ggcgttctct ccacagtagc     28740
     tccattcaag ctgtaggttc caactgggcc ctcagttact gtgcgatgcc ttctgggcac     28800
     ttgaaccttt gtttgtattt tgctctgagc ttcttggtgg gttgctctat aaaaagcatc     28860
     tgtcattatt tcttttctgt gtgggactcc ccctctcccc tcttcagctt attccattca     28920
     ctctgttcca gttcaatgga tccctctggc tgacattcag tcctctccga tctgactaaa     28980
     tgactaaaca cctaccgaaa caaagtcttg caccagcaga gggttctggc cattgccagg     29040
     aagatagcca cagtggctct catttgctca gtggacccag gaaggcaggt tcaaatatga     29100
     aacctagttt caagggagcc tgggcaccaa ccactgtttt gtctgctcta ttttttgaca     29160
     acttgtaggt aatgacttca ttgcaaatta acgttcagtg aatgatccat tgcaaatagc     29220
     tgccagggaa ttctgggggc cttacccctc atgctggcat gtgtcctcag tcagcccact     29280
     tggcacagac cacgatgcct attagatagg agggctgttt cctggagaaa aagggcaaat     29340
     tcctctcagc attccttgtg gtgtgaggaa tggcttctca gaaggaagga attgcaatca     29400
     tccgaccagt ttgcttcacc cagagtctca atttcctgac attctgcaag tttttcaatg     29460
     acacatactg tgagcatgtg cactggagaa gttgggtgct gcccgaagca ttctgtaaac     29520
     accatgctgt gggaactcct gcccaaaggg accctgaggt gtgagttccc acacatgtgg     29580
     atcattttaa tgtaacctaa gctggccttg aactcacaat cttcctgctt tgacctcctc     29640
     agcattatag agattctagg cctacattat caggcctggc ttggactgga cgactcttag     29700
     caaagtacag gacaagcaga ggacttgctt gtctttgatc agttcagcta acgatacaat     29760
     aatataaaca caaacctatc aaggaaggaa ggaaagaata aaggagagag ggagggaagg     29820
     aaggagggaa ggaagaagga aaggcaggaa agaggaaaag gaggagggag gaagagaggg     29880
     agggagagag gaacggaagg aagggaagga ggaacaggag ggggtaagaa ggaaaggaag     29940
     ggagggaggc aggaagggag tgacataatg ttatgggttc ccaacaggtc acattgtgta     30000
     tttctagtct aacctgtgcg tcctgtttcc tatctctgca tactagttat ccgtgaacca     30060
     gaaccccaaa tttcagatcc tccacaacag ggttctcctc ttgccaaaca aaatacttgt     30120
     caggactaaa aatggtttaa aattaactcc ccagctgcag tcgtgacgtt cagttggtgg     30180
     tgttcctttc taaggctcgg gaacttccat tcaaagtccc caaattcttt agcattcctt     30240
     ggcatgtaca gcttgtagga tttaatatag cgtaatagac ttatttaaaa aaaaactatt     30300
     caaaagctac aggatgtttg ttgtaactgt gccttactta aaaatcacca aaattgccct     30360
     tttttagagg ctgtgttcat aacttccaag aacacgaagc tctgggctgt aattggcagc     30420
     acatgggcca tcgccttctg tacaattcca tttcctcctt caaacttgct gctaataatt     30480
     tgattcataa gactgactat tcacggaaag tttctaacct cccttctaga atgttctttc     30540
     agctctcaat gctaagcttc tcttggatga acggtttact caacacctac tctccaccag     30600
     gggtttctag cttgacctct tgacactaga gacagctgtg gatctctgct ttacagatga     30660
     gaaaaacaac atcctagaag ctaagaactt tggtcaccat tccactactg actggttgtg     30720
     ttggctccaa agctgggatg ggtggtatcc ttctagacat gcctgcctct cagactaaag     30780
     gtcagatacc acatgcctcc atccaaggtc agggcggctc ttattgaaga gggtggcagg     30840
     aaattttata tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtatgtgtg     30900
     tatatttaat gtgtgtatgt gtgtatatat agaagagggc atcagatcat attatagatg     30960
     gttttaagac actatgtagt tgctgggaat tgaactcagg acccctaaaa gcgaagccag     31020
     tactcttaac tgctgagtca tctctcgtcc agggaggaag tatttaaagg tgacataaat     31080
     gaggttgttt ttttttgaga aaagagagaa aagattatta agaacaaaag ccatacacgt     31140
     ggaaggcaag ggtgctgttg tacaaatgaa tcctggtatt caggaagctg gggcagtagg     31200
     gttatcttaa atttggggcc agtctgggct acaaatttat acttttgtcc caaaaagcca     31260
     aaccaaacaa acaaaaatcc atatggaaaa tgacaacttt cttgggcaac tgacctgacc     31320
     atgagcccac actactggcc ttatcgatcc ttcagcagcc tgctcatttc accaactgca     31380
     tcactctcaa ctctgccgcc tactctggtg acctcgccat catccaggtt catttctacc     31440
     cctgcccaaa aaaagcatag cctcacagca agtccgggct ggaggcaggg acccagagga     31500
     acagaggcac atgcctctca cagctggcct ccaaatggat gcaagagtcc agcagcagct     31560
     ggcagagggg aaggccactc acaccggctg ggcttcctag actctccatt tgtccattcc     31620
     ctttgttcag tctgctggct tggcccatgg ccctagagaa gctgcaccac ccacttttgc     31680
     tcctaaacta ggcagttctt ctaagaagtc atctccagtc cctctgctgc tgtcccagac     31740
     aaggtgacct ggggtcaact gagtttgagg gatggaggga ataagactcc agaaacacgc     31800
     aaaggccttc agaaagaaag aatggtgggt ctagtgtaca ccatcaccag atgggtgttg     31860
     aagtctggtt tgtacatgtg gtggagggtt ttttttggtt ggttgggtgt tggttttgtg     31920
     tgtgtgtgtg agtgtctagt gtgtcatgtg tgctggtgct tgcagaggta ggaggaaggt     31980
     gcaggatcca ctgagctgta gtaagagctg cagtaagcct tctcaatcaa ccgactggct     32040
     gtttctttgc cccctgttca cgttcttact cagatcacta gagcctgggt aattaataaa     32100
     gacattcatt ttccacagga gtcttgaaaa accatagaga accagtatct gtccagagcc     32160
     tcttactgca tccagcctgg tgaaggggaa ttatagtagc ctgctgtact tgatataagc     32220
     tagaggtacc cggaggaaaa caaaatgaga aaaaccaaaa tccatgaatt gaggaattgc     32280
     ctacatcata ttagcctata ggtctgtgag gatccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct     32340
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tcctctggtt tttaaagacg tggtttctct gtgtagccct     32400
     ggctgcccta gaactcatcc tgtagaccag attggcctca aactcataga tctgccctct     32460
     tctgcttccc gaggactaaa ggcgtgcacc accacagcca aactcttttt tttaaaggtt     32520
     tatttattta gtgtatatga gtgttttacc tgcaagtagt atacctgtag atcacctgta     32580
     tgcctggtgc cagcaatggc tagaaaatgg gattggagac acagatgctt atgagccatc     32640
     gggtgggtgc tgggaactga acctggattc tctgcaagag cagccagtat tcctaaccag     32700
     tgagctgcct cttaggtttg tgggggcatt ttcttgatta atgattgatg cgggaggatc     32760
     tagttcattg tgcagtgcca tccctgagct cagttgtata tgaaaacagg ctgaagtaaa     32820
     ccacggaagg cgggccagtg agcagtgctc ctccatggcc gctgcttcag ttcctgccca     32880
     gtcccttctc tgagtccctt catcatggac tataagctat aagagaaaac ctttcctccc     32940
     caaatggctt ttggtcatca tagcagtgga cagcaatgaa tacccctgaa gatacaggat     33000
     ccctttcctc ttatctttaa gccaaaggac tcggtcctct tttccttatc aaactcaaac     33060
     ggtttccaaa ggccccacca ctaaatgcca tcaccagatg catttggaac taagtttcct     33120
     gcatggagct tttgtgaaga tgcatccaaa tcatatcaac agggaaccct ggggtttgac     33180
     aataggcttc accctgccct tgaaggctgg tctcattact caacaaggtc ttaagagtgg     33240
     tggtgtagca gatcagcctg aatttggctt ttatattcgt ctcatttcat cagtatagta     33300
     atttacacag aaaaaaaagt tttgttttgt tttatttttt caaatttgta ggctaaacat     33360
     ttgtacagta gtctgaaccc acaatttgta cctgggcacc tcctgggcta tatggtaatg     33420
     taggtatggg taggggatgc tagagaaaca agggtcactg atcccccttc ctgctctgcc     33480
     tcccctgaca acactgtgtt ggtcctgcct cctcagtgac tctccatccc agtcagagtt     33540
     tttccacgcc tgctggcact gctctggagc agaggttgac aacttttttt tttttttctg     33600
     taaagaacag acagcaaata tttagggttt tattggccac atatgttgca atagtgtctg     33660
     ctgtaaagag aaagcagcca caggagatga gagatcgaat gtgcacgacc atgccccagt     33720
     tatggcttgc atcataggca ctgcaatatt gattgcacat cctgcccatg ggtcatgaaa     33780
     cgcttctctt cttttgattt tcttctctca ataacttaga aatcttaaca taattcttag     33840
     cccatatgct atggacaata aaacagacaa tgggccagac ttgctccatt caccctcatg     33900
     atgggtgggc ctgtgttctt ccaaagtgca tatgttagca tcctaaccct tagtacttca     33960
     aaatatcacc ttatttacag atagggtctg tgtagacgca gtcaaactga agctatccgg     34020
     gcaggccctg atcaagcatg actatgtcct aataccaagc atatgcagac atgcacagag     34080
     ggccagtcat gtagagaaac acaggtggtg gccacagaca agataaagac tacccaagtt     34140
     tgaataggat ggcctccata gactcaagtg tttaaatgct tggccatagg gagtggcatt     34200
     cttagggggt gtggctttat tggagtaggt gaggccttgt tggaggaaat gtgtcactag     34260
     gggtggggtt tgaggtctcc catgcttaag ctatgcccag tgtggcacac aatctcttta     34320
     tgctgactgt ggatcaagat gtagaactct tactcttagc tccttctcca gcaccatacc     34380
     tgccttcatg ctgccatgtt ttttcccacc atgatgataa cggactgaac cctcttatcc     34440
     catatgctat ataaaacaga caatggacca gacttgctcc attcactagc tccaatcaaa     34500
     tgttttcctt tataagagtt gccttggtct tggtgtctct tcacagcaac agaaacctaa     34560
     gacaccaaga ctatgtggaa tgagagaaga ggctggtgct cagcttgtca gcaccatctt     34620
     ctccacacct tgctgatgaa tcttcagcct gtgtgaattt gagggacatt ggtttctgtt     34680
     gctccagtga ctcggtctgt ggcacagatg atcttttttt tattattatt atacttgact     34740
     cttttttttg attgattgat tgatttatta tatgtaaata cactgtagct gtcttcagac     34800
     actccagaag agggagtcag atctcgttcc ggatgattgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg     34860
     ggatttgaac tacggacctt cggaagagca gtcgggtgct cttacccact gagccatctc     34920
     accagccccc ggcacagatg atcttaacat gtgatgggat gatgtcccca aaaccaccag     34980
     gagctgaaag taccaggaag tggcaagtgc atttactatc ccaagtcagc aaacacggca     35040
     gctcagcgac acagcagttg tggcactaac tggtctccgt gattttggga ctgacctgga     35100
     gcctcagatg tttatcagta catctgactc tgcttatgtt agaagtacat ttccacttag     35160
     ccgagaatga cctattttgt gagttttggg ctctgtgtgg agatggagca tcttggtgaa     35220
     gagcaaacac accctgtctt cacagaacat accctttatg ggaagatcta ggcctacatg     35280
     gaataatcat aaagaaagaa gtgcggtgag aagcagtact gtgtgccaca cagagagaaa     35340
     caagaaggaa gagtactaca gggagtccca gagggttcac tcaattggtc cttagtgtag     35400
     cacaacaagt acgtcatggc agatgtatgg acgagcttgg ttcacttccc atcagctggg     35460
     aaaaaggcat gccggaggca ctgggggccc tgctccctcc tcttcgcttc aggtgatagg     35520
     gttttttaaa aagttgtttg ttgccgggca gtggtggcac ttgcctttaa ttccagcacc     35580
     tgggaggcag agaggcagag aggcagagag gcagagaggc agagaggcag agaggcagag     35640
     gcaagtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca     35700
     ggactataca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaag aaaccaaaaa aacaaaaaca aacaaacaac     35760
     aacaaaaaaa caaaaacaac cccccccaaa agttgtttgt tttgtgcttc gttttgtgtt     35820
     ttttagacag gctctcttgt agcccaggct aggcaggagt taaggctgac cttaactcct     35880
     ggttctcata cctctgctct ctaagtgctg ggattacagg tgtgccccac tgtgtccagc     35940
     tttgtagctg atggtggtgg ttgtggtctg tttgtttatt cagggtctcc attacccaga     36000
     cctttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg aatttttgtg ctcaaggaat     36060
     cttcttgcct tagcagcttg agtagctagg gcatacacta ccgcctcgtt agcttttaat     36120
     ttgacggtac ttaaccacag agctatgtca tctcttctat ccagtctgtt tatatccccg     36180
     ctgctccaac atcctgccta ctctttcaga gtccattctc tgcatgcctt aaataccaac     36240
     tttcctcctg actttgtttc agcccctttc cctttctaag tagctttatt tcaaattctg     36300
     atcctttctc tcacttctgt cctttggaaa gggattagtt ctggggcatt caccccgcct     36360
     ggttccaact cttcttggcc ttccattatc cataatcaaa tacagtttgc agcaactgct     36420
     tccttttgct tcggaatctg gcagccaggg cctcacaggc ctgcttccac ttctgccctg     36480
     gagtcgactt atcacggtct cctcctggct ttcttctggc catgtttttc gagcatctaa     36540
     tgataacaca cttcattttt ctttttctga tctggtatct ggtagataaa gcaaaaccac     36600
     ttaaagtaac agtgagcaac ccaaacagca gctcattcac agttctcctt acattcggag     36660
     ttaagaatag atcacggaac cggttccttt acagtcgatt aattatacag ttaaatcttt     36720
     ttggtagatt taggttgtct gcttcctccc aagtgactcg gacgtgttta ttttgttaca     36780
     gaaatcgatt gtgataaaac aaaagccttg gacttattct tcataaagtt taccaatatg     36840
     tgatacaaaa tagtacgtta aaacttttag caggtgtggc acagcacaca cctatagacc     36900
     agcaagcaca ggcaaggggg tttgagggag aagagttcag gctcacctac atgagatccc     36960
     ctcccaaaaa taaatgaata aacagatggt tttactgagc cagctgcttc taccagcaag     37020
     tagctccagt attcaggaga ctgagacaag ctgtttgggc ccagaagttt gacaccagat     37080
     tgggccagag atactacttc attgttttat gtttttgtcg tttgtttctg agactagatc     37140
     tttctatgta accttaactg gcctggagct cactatgcag gccaagctgg cccaaaaatc     37200
     acaatgacca cctgcctgtg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgtt ccaccaaacc     37260
     tggcctggtc attttttgtt ttttgctttt tccaatgttt tctcttatgt atgtctgtgc     37320
     acctcttctg tgtctggtgc ctgaagagac cagaggttag taccagatcc cccagaactg     37380
     gagttacagc cagttgtgag ccatccatca ggtgggtagg ttccctggaa gagcagccat     37440
     tgctctttac cactgtgcca cctccctggc ctgttttgtg gttttgtttt tgttattatt     37500
     taggtacggc ctcactggcc tggaaatcac tctgtagacc aaggtggtct tgaactcaca     37560
     gagatcctcc tgcctctaaa ggtatgtacc tacccttgag ccttgtttta catttttgtt     37620
     gttgttgcta ttgggttttt ttttttttaa gaattattta ttttatgtat gtgagtacac     37680
     tgtaactgtc acaccagaga gggcatctac tcatgtaaag tcagtcagta ccaggggagt     37740
     gcaaagcggg acggatctgt taggggactg tctcccttac caatctgtct cttagtaata     37800
     cgaactgtca aaagaatcgt ttcaatcaga atgtgattcc atcttcatga gattgctgct     37860
     gtgagctttc ctgggaacaa gccttagctc attgagcaag gctgatttat gcaacctcat     37920
     atattatcac tcgtctgaga agcacagagc ctatttggaa aatgaaaata cctgagcatg     37980
     actggaggca tccagacaag caggtctgtg aggtcctggg tcctgagctg ccccaactac     38040
     acacaggaag cttgtgtgca ttttctaggg cagtctctct ctgtaatagc tagaagtaga     38100
     gctattacaa attatttaaa atcaaggaag agttcacact ttaaaactac aaggcaagtg     38160
     tgagagctga tatcctaggg atttagccct gatatccaaa ctatttgatt gctgagaaaa     38220
     aaaaaacaac ttaaatgtgg ctaagggcct cagcgggaca gtgcttaaaa ggccctggat     38280
     taagatgcta attggcttct ctttttattt cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttccttt     38340
     cctttccttt cctttccttt cttccttcct tccttccttc ctttctttct ttctttcttt     38400
     tttttttttt tgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagctctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt     38460
     agaccaggct ggccttgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctggggtt     38520
     aaaggcatgc gccaccactg cccatcctaa ttggcttttc tttaattttt gtcttagggt     38580
     tttactgcta agaacagaca ctatgaccaa gacaactctt atagggacaa catttaattg     38640
     gggctggctt acaggttcag acattcagtc cattatcatc aaggtgggag catggcagtg     38700
     tccaggcagg catggtacag tagaagctga gaattctaca tcttcatttg aaggctgcta     38760
     ccataaaact gccttcaggc agctaggata agggccttaa agcccacacc cacagtgaca     38820
     cacctactcc aacagagcca caccttctaa tagtgacatt ccctgggcca agcatgtaca     38880
     aaccatcaca ttttaaaatt ctttttaaga attatttatg tatatgagta cactttagca     38940
     agtgggcatc agatcccatt atagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga     39000
     actcaagacc tctggaagag cagccagtgt tcttaactgc tgagacatct ctgcagccct     39060
     gtttaggctt ttctaaaaaa aaattctttt cacatttgtc tgtcgtctgt ctgtctgtct     39120
     gtctgtctgt ctctgtgtgt gcccaacact gcagtcagtt ctctctatcc accatgcaga     39180
     tcccaggaat gaactcgggt taccaggctt gctgttagcc ccttgcctgc taaggcgtac     39240
     accagccctt ttttgcttac ttgctatgag gcagaggatg accttgaatc cagtgcctct     39300
     tgcttttctg tcccgtgtgt tggggttact ggcctaagcc accacaccga cagccagact     39360
     taataggaga gaagaaaagg agcccattgc ctaactgaag acaacggagg cggaggaaaa     39420
     gccaacggaa gagcgaaaat gtttcccatt tctcctctac tttcttctgt ttgtcaaacc     39480
     atggggaggg tcctctatcc accaagtaac tctctgcaga tagagtgccc tataaatact     39540
     tcctgttgtc attggggtta agagtcaaat tctgcagctt gaaggctggc ctattttaga     39600
     tgtcattggt ttataaccat cgctaactcc agccccaggg gatctgttgt ccctcttcag     39660
     cctctttggg cactgcatgc acatggtaca tagacatact tgcaggtaaa acacccatac     39720
     atatagaata aaaataaata agctgggtat ggtggcacat acctttagcc cacgcactgg     39780
     ggaggcagag gcaggtgact ctttctgagt ttgaggtcag cttggtctac agagtaagtt     39840
     tcaggactgc tagggctaca cagagaaact ttgaccagaa aaaaacaaaa taaaataaat     39900
     ttttaaagtt ttaaaaatga gctcaaggca tcatggaaac atattggcta actagcaaag     39960
     gtgatatggt taagtcccaa agctttgagc tacagtagcc aacgatcaat agagaaggag     40020
     ttccctggag ctgactcaga tatagataat attccattcg tgcatttata caggtctctt     40080
     gatatagtct aagctggcct aggactctca atctccccac accagcatcc tgagtgctga     40140
     gattggtggg tttgcaccac cacacttgag cagaaatggt tcatgcttaa actttgatat     40200
     ttgacacagt aaagatggct ttaaagtata tttgatgtgc ttgtcagtta ggaggttctt     40260
     tatagtttcc tgttgtgcag gaagctgtag cctggttaat gagagacaaa acatatgggg     40320
     gaaaaccaac tgctaatgag atgggtcagt gtggcgtgcc tcttcccagg catccaggcc     40380
     ttctgccatc tgatcctgct ctacattctc atgactgtct agaaagaaag ctttgcaggg     40440
     agacagatcc gatgagtctc catcacactg gtgacaaata aggaaacaag aatgtgcctg     40500
     aagaccagcc cctgctctcc agacacccac gccttgaagg agactaagtc aataatcagg     40560
     atttctgtac tcagaaacat gagcaaggtg tcagtcttgg tggacattct ctttgggtgg     40620
     acccctagac tatcctatct ttacttcagg agcctcactg gagaattgac tcccagtgct     40680
     agcaaggtct atgacagctg tctctgcttt ggctgaaact aagagacagg gctcttgtgt     40740
     gcctcttttc ttccctctgt agacatttct tctttcagtc acagctgggg gacagcttag     40800
     tggcacagtg cctgcctagc tagtacctgc gaggccctgg cttccatctt cagccacaga     40860
     acaacaagct aagaacacta taaatgcaca ggggttaatt tggcttgttt ctgtatttat     40920
     aagtacattg taatcatgac ttcttgcgat tacctgaaga gagccttgta attcagtgct     40980
     cctaagctct gcagttagat ctacctagat tcaaatctca gctctttgat cccgggcaaa     41040
     ttacttggct ctctgtactt caaggtcttc ttctatcaga aagggttaat aacatggttc     41100
     ctctgaagac tgtgtgagac aaagtgcacg tctagaccat cactctaggc tacgacacgg     41160
     cacacacaaa taacatatct atctatagat gctggttttc ttactaaata tgctgctgtg     41220
     ctcacctggc cttgtgttct ctctcccctc agctacacac atcacgcaaa tgtacttatt     41280
     ttgctaattt aaaaatattt gttgttggtg gctatcctac tattgatgta ttgatatatc     41340
     aaaagttata agacaaaaat atcacctaga atcactatga ccagatacta tactttaaaa     41400
     attattatta ttttaaagac agggtctcac tgcctcaaag ctggactaga attcactatg     41460
     tagcttcaga taaccttagc cttcttatcc tcctgctgac tctcctgagt gctgggacta     41520
     tgggaacact ccatgatgcc tgacttgatc gactgtcgat cagttccctc atcaaagccc     41580
     tatctaagac acttatttcc aatttgtttc tagtctcaga tgcgcgtatt taaaaacatt     41640
     ttaaaaatta aaggcataag tagtgtagca tcacctttgt ggctcacagc cacccccaac     41700
     tctggttctg agggacccga tgcccctttc tgggttccat tggcacctgg ctcacatgtg     41760
     gtgcacctac ctacattcaa gccaaagact catacacata aataaatcta aaaaaaaaaa     41820
     aaagaatgtt gacagtttac cttcagattt ttaataaaag cagcaagcac tgtagattaa     41880
     cttaaaacat tagtgttccc tcctctgtcc aatttccatt ccttctaaat gggctatggc     41940
     tatcatggtt gtaaatgggc tatggctatc atggttgtaa atgggctatg gctatcatgg     42000
     ttgtggtatg taagagaggt gagtacagag tccaaagcct gtgtttattt atggagatgg     42060
     tgtcatgaca tatgtacagt tctgcagttt gcttttgttc accccacatt ggttctgaat     42120
     tctgtctgta atcatttgtc ctttggcaga aataaagccg gcctctttac ttagcttctc     42180
     tctctctgct cctgctgtcc agctgtcctt ggcttttcac tattataaat agtgctgttg     42240
     caaagagttc ttgcttattt gtttgtttcg ttgtttttgg acagggtttc tctgtgtagc     42300
     cctggctgtc ctagaattaa ctcagtagac caggctggcc tcgaactctg aggtcagcca     42360
     gcctctgcct cctcagtact gggattaaag acatgcgcca ccactgtttg acaaaaagaa     42420
     agttattttt gttcttttaa aaaaaagatt tatttttatt tatgtgtgtg tctgtgctaa     42480
     gcatatgcac atgtgtgtgt gcatttaccc acagaacaag gcattggatc ccttggcact     42540
     ggtgtctctg tctctctgtc tctctctccc ttcctccatc cctccctccc tctgcacccc     42600
     tactttcccc ctctaccggg tttctctgtg tagccatggt tgtcccggaa ttctctctgt     42660
     aaccagattg accttgaact cagagatcac ctgctttcct gagagctggg attataggtg     42720
     tgcatcacta accggcttcc ctaacatttc ttagagcaag agataggaac ttttaacaca     42780
     cagtgaaggt tgccagtgcg cttggggaga tgggggagga agttcccagg tgagtgctag     42840
     actcctcttt tacagaatat tacttgatgc attggtttct catcacggtg caagatgtca     42900
     gtgtagcaca cagggtcagg ctgactaaag aaaatgaggc taatctgcaa gaggcttaat     42960
     tattaaagtt caaaggacaa agaaatgaga atctctggaa gaagccttaa gggaattaga     43020
     gaggtggggg tgggggtggg ggtgggggtg gtggtggtga ggggcagtcc aggactaaag     43080
     tctgttgagg cagttaaaac agtcctgaca agggttcttc tgacaagaca gcctgaattt     43140
     ggcacaggag agggggctcg acttccttcc cgaggacaaa aataaaaact ggtacaaatg     43200
     atcttcactc ttgtgaattt cttccggaat tgaaacttca aatgtcacgt ttgctaatta     43260
     aagaggaagt ctggttgact tttaagacta ttagtcccca ccatcactta ccacagatcg     43320
     taagttggtg gggagtgtga cgttagacag ccaatagtaa acgaaagact ttgcttccac     43380
     gctgttattt ctcagcgtct gtccctggac caaatcccca aatggaggat aaaggagtgg     43440
     ccgaagtgta aacgccagtc tcctcggctg gttcgtgcaa tactgatgtg ttttataaaa     43500
     ccataaggca ctttcctaaa acgtgcccag ggagggagct ggttagcctg cgtccggtta     43560
     agcccaggct gtcaggcgtc ccggtttatt atttgatgcc cgggtctcag cagccggctg     43620
     cactttccgt ggctggcacc ggggcctgtg aacttacttt tctcacccac tggtacgagg     43680
     cgtttaggga aaccggcgct cccgggctgg gggcttccga cgcgagccca gcgcagggca     43740
     ggtggccgcc cagccaggcg gcgcaggaag cggcccgtgg ggcggagcgg gcggcgggta     43800
     gcaaggccgc gggcgccccg cccgggctgg tatgcggccg ggagtgacgc gggaggaggg     43860
     gtcacgtgac gcccgtggaa tgccaacaat gtagcgaatg tcccgctcgg gtctgcgctt     43920
     cggaaccgcg gcgtgagcgc cccgggaaga tggagccgcc gccgccagcg ccgccgccgc     43980
     ttccccgggc tcccccgacc ctccggggtc agcaaccact gccgccaccg gcgcccggtc     44040
     tcccggcgcg cgaggtcccg gagccgcggg ccaggacgcc gccgagggtg tagagcgctc     44100
     ccggaggtga ggggccgcgg ccgggaagtt tgtcgggaca gggctccgcc cggtcccacg     44160
     ggcgagctgc cctgcgggac agggacaacc cgtccgctgg gtcccgggcg ggtgcggagc     44220
     agcgggtggc ggcggcgggg cggctttgtt gtgctcgcgc ggcggcgtcc ggaggcccag     44280
     accccgcgtc ccgcggcgcc gaccccgccc agcctgggcc tccgtgcgcc gcgccgtcca     44340
     ccacgcgcgc tcgcggcctt gcgcgctgca cctctggccc tcggcggcgc ggtgcccgcc     44400
     cggtgtccgg tgtcccgtcc ccggctgcgc cgtccggcgg tcggtgcggg gcggttgcgt     44460
     aacgtctctt ttgagccgac ttctcccggg ccggcctccg ccgcgactcc acggcctgag     44520
     tccgtagcgc tggtcacgca cgagcctcgc ctgcgtggcc cgggtctcgc ccgggcgact     44580
     tcggccacca gcggcgtgca ggaggcggcc gggtgaaaac ttatgcctgt gagtgtgagc     44640
     gggagagaac tggacgtgca gattttgttg acaaaaaagt ttgagcgagg acttttcacg     44700
     cctttaaatt tcccctgctt gcccgtaatg tagccgctta ttagggaatt tgtaccaagt     44760
     cttgctccat atttttagtt taaccccagg ttaggtcagt aaatgatgct caccagtttt     44820
     gagtgctaaa tctggagaca aggctacttt ttgtgatttt tcttttctcc ccttttagca     44880
     actgttgtaa taaggcgcta acaaaaaaaa aaaaatcttc cagcatagga atgcagacgc     44940
     tgcttagaaa gcctgttttt aacttaacta tagttaacaa tacattacag tattcagcct     45000
     ctcgtaaaat tttggttatc caggtataga aaacgctgtt gaacgaattc accatggttc     45060
     ctttgaaatt gcttaacttt taccacactt caaaatgtca gcttcatatg gtaccaacag     45120
     aggctgctat acagaattac agaatccgaa gttttgaact gagagttttt cagcttcgcc     45180
     atctagttgg aatagtataa atgtaaattg gagctgtggg ttatttcttt ccttcgagaa     45240
     atcacggcct tggtgggagg gactttcagt ggtgggaggg actttcaatg atgggcgggg     45300
     aacacgttta caataaaatg ccttgttatt ttaaatgctg tgttgtaaat agcctgccct     45360
     aggcccttaa aacccactgg agagtagaat ggaggttgga gctggtaaat ccacactaaa     45420
     ctcgaacgaa agctattggg gaaccatgtg ggggagggta acgcgggggt gggggttttg     45480
     tgtttgtatc gggaaaccta gaccaacaca acgttttgta tttatttcat gcttgtaata     45540
     gcgcgaaact tttaagtaat atttcgtact atttaaaaat agtatgcttg aaggactaca     45600
     gatgataaat ttaatgcatt tatgttgtct tggctgtgaa tgtgctgtac aaatggttga     45660
     tatgttccag tccacagaag gagcggttca gcttcgtgga agctgtagaa attaccagaa     45720
     atctcagtcc ttctaaaaag ctcattgctt ggtgtgttct ctggagcagc tggagttgag     45780
     ggatgtgtaa aggcacaact gttgtgtcac cctctgagga gcacgcaccc tcagagtttt     45840
     caggacttgc ttgggctgct aatatccctg aatgttagtt aactgctctc tctcaatgct     45900
     tttaagccca atgctacttg atttgttgtt tcatcttgaa gctataataa aacagtaatg     45960
     ttggaagtag agataattgg tggagatact aaaattagga gagaaatttg gcactgctta     46020
     atgcttgccg ttcacttggc aagtacttta tgttggttaa tgtctagact gtgtcgattt     46080
     cattgtgaga gtggtggatt tttttttttt gtaaagttaa ttaacaagta ctttttgttt     46140
     gtgtgccaat atttgacata cataggattt tttaggggga gaggaaaaat ggaaagtgtt     46200
     atatttcata gcaggacttt gcatttcttg ttaattctga ttgctgatac ctttgcagtc     46260
     cctgccggtc tctaaaacag ttagggaggc atagaccttg aagaatggaa gttggctttg     46320
     agtgaagtag gcctgggttt agaatgtgaa cccctctgcc tgctgacagt tatcagaagt     46380
     aggaatgctg agggctaaca ctttccatta ctaattaact ccatcctacc cccccagtct     46440
     ttctcctgtt ttatttattt cataaacatt aaaagtcccc agccccccac ccccggcagc     46500
     actgtctgac tgcctggata cattcttcac tcctgtgact ttatacagaa gttggagtct     46560
     cccaagagta gctccacact cctccatcag ctgtagccct tcatcttttc ctgttggtgg     46620
     ccttagatct aaaagaatca tgcttttgca ttaaaatagg ctggagagtg catgagcgcg     46680
     cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     46740
     cacacacaca cacgtacttg agctaggttg atttcccctc tggggttctt taatagactg     46800
     tacatcatgg gggacttgga gagggctggg ttcagaggag gcaaagcttg ctcagatgtg     46860
     gactgccaat ggaggtggtc tgtgttgtcc tcttcagaga cttgctccta gaattctgca     46920
     gggaacgctt gtctactgtg atcactgcac acagactcac caaggtctta cgatgaccgg     46980
     attattggac agtggggaag cagtgttttc ctgaatctct aagaagacag tcactgcttt     47040
     ccttggggag atcctcctat gaagggcagt ctttagcctg ggactttctg gggtaggcag     47100
     gactggggtg gtacatgtat gttgtgattt caataacaac tggaggtttt ggtctaagag     47160
     atgctgtttt aaaatgtgcc cccctcccac cccccaaaac atataaacaa atgacaggaa     47220
     atgggaacat catggcaagc atttgccagt ccagtgcaga agagccgagg cagggggatt     47280
     gtgagtttga ggccagcctg ggacacacag accacgtcga agacaaggct ggcaagataa     47340
     cccaaatcta atgacgggag tttgagtccc tagaacctac atggtagaag gaaagaactg     47400
     actcctgcag gttgtcctct gccctcaggt atgctgtgcc attcatacac atacacaaac     47460
     aacaacaaaa ccccagtgtg tacaggtaca ggttttggct ggctcactag ttggtgtttg     47520
     atgtgtttgg cagcctgtgt gggactggaa agcaggagag taagaactcc ccacatgtgc     47580
     tagcattctg ctggagctgg gtgggtaggg agcctgaagg aatgaatgcc taacatgctg     47640
     gctcagtggt tggtagcttc ccagctcaga agaggacttg gtaatgggct ctcattttgc     47700
     agtttgtttg gggtcttggt tttgctttgc tttgaggtag ggattcattg ggaagccctg     47760
     gctggcctgg aactcactgg ctggcctcct gagggctggg cttacaggtg agttacttag     47820
     ttgtttctgg ttttcagttt cagtgtcttc tttactctaa aatatattta aatcagttat     47880
     tgccaaaact ttcaaaagct ggacttactt attttatttt cccaagggtc atatttataa     47940
     acttattgat gaaggaaaaa ttcccatctg ttaggtcttg ttaaaatggc gtgggagtca     48000
     ctcggtgtag ctcatccccg gctgtaggct tcatttgact gatgagtgtt tccatgaaga     48060
     atttcattta aaagttcaag tttggctatg aaactaaggt ttagtcttca ggctaaacct     48120
     taaaatacaa ggtctccaag ctgagacaag aacttttctt ctctatgaca ctgaaagtct     48180
     gcttctttct agatgattct gtctgtcaag gaccagggac accagtaggt gctgtttaac     48240
     ataacctctt aaaaagacag tacctggggt gttctaggac cagcacctcc tacaaaatgt     48300
     gggggagaga tggagagaaa atcaaaaccc tgaaggagac caggtggtag ctttctgagg     48360
     tgtcactgaa gcatcctcct agcctgtgct tcaaatggct cttgagtctg gagagggcag     48420
     acagaaccaa agcacttgac ccttccaggc ccctgctgag ctccactctg acacagaaag     48480
     gtcttgactt tttctgctct ggtcaactgt ttatattttg agacacagtc tcatatagca     48540
     caggctgacc ataaactcag tgtagccaag gattctgaac tcctgctctt ctgatgcacc     48600
     caacttcatg gggttggttt tgtttgtttg tttggggagg ggtgggttgt gcaataggag     48660
     ttgccatggc tagaactcag ggcctccagc ttgctaggtg ggtgctgtac actgagccac     48720
     actgccagtc ccttggctgg ttttatgact ggagtgtttg gagaacacac cgggacgctc     48780
     tgtggaagtc ctcctttgtg catttgcgtg tctgagttag agtgacagag gggtgggatg     48840
     gtttgtgagc cacccctggg gtttaaattc cagtcagagt gggactttgc ctgactatta     48900
     ggtcccagtg tctagggcca ggaatgtcat ctaggaacca tggtttagaa agagaaatat     48960
     tattcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtcggtctg tctgtctgtc tgcaagtatg     49020
     tccagtttag ttccatgaca ttaaatgtat tcttgtcacg gtggcagata gcatttgtct     49080
     attacctcag ggcatcaggc cgtcacttcc tgtttctttg cttctgatta gtctctgttc     49140
     tgtccctgga tttgcttact ctaggtatgc atcgtgagcg gagtggtact gtgtgctttg     49200
     tgagcagcta cttcattcaa cacatgtctc taaggccatc tgtctacctt gtggcctgta     49260
     atgggacttc cgtgttaaga ctgagcagta gggcgtggac atgggaggct ttgcagtggt     49320
     cttgtgagaa ctgtccttag tcaatttttt tttttttttg cttgtttgtt tttgttttat     49380
     tttggtttgt ttttgagaca gagtcacaaa atgtatctct ggatggtttg gaacttgctg     49440
     tgtggactag gctagccttg ggattaatca cagagagata cacttgtttc tgcctctggg     49500
     attaaaagag tgtgccacca tgcctggccg tattttgttt ggccattgga gtcatactca     49560
     gagaaagggc attgctgtgg atggagctct ccctgcccag accagttctc tgtgctctac     49620
     agtacctgct aaggatgtag gaggactgct tttgaatagg tatctcctgg ctgaatgtgg     49680
     ccatatgtca ggtcctagag ggggtgaaca gagtgctctg cctgtctcag acagcttgca     49740
     gaaaagccca ctggtccatc ttgtaggcag atactgcact ggagtaggtg tgtgggagtg     49800
     acagttggtc ccttaggttg ctgtccaggg ggagtgagca gttctcagtg agtttgttct     49860
     cagtggagta taggcctgtg ccatttagaa gagaggaaag acctggtgct tttaacttgc     49920
     atgggatctc agagtctact ctgccctggc tgttgggcca tggtcacttc tgtgtgcagc     49980
     ctggtgcctg cttgcaggac tgtcttcagt gggcttggaa caccactgga ttggcatttt     50040
     ccctgggact tttctccttt tcagaccatc ctcccaccct gactgacaaa ggaggcacat     50100
     atggacacac ctgcttccat gttcattgtg gcatagtttt tgcttcaatg ctgaatctgg     50160
     gcctgttctt gtctcctgcc ctgattaaaa ctttgcgcct acttgttgtg aacacttaga     50220
     tgtgtatcac tgtgatacac tatagccctg tcttgaaaac atcaccagtt ccaattaggc     50280
     tgggccactt atctttatct tctagatgct agcctgggtt agagcccaag gggtttttag     50340
     tttttggggt ccccccccac ttttctttct tttttttctt ttaaagattt atttatttat     50400
     tttatgtata tgagtacacc attgctctct tcagacacac cagaagaggg catctgactc     50460
     cattacaaat gtggttgctg gaaattgaac tcgggacctc tggaagagca gttggtgctc     50520
     tttactgctg agccatatct ccagctttcc catttttttc aaaacaggtt cttggctatc     50580
     ttagaactca ctcagatcag gatagccttg aatttagaga cccacttatt tctgcctctc     50640
     tagtgttggg attaaagaca tgcaccacca tgcctggctt ttttttttaa atcaactttt     50700
     cattaacaca tttcacatag gtcttaaata attgattatt ctgtctgctc tcatcttaac     50760
     gtttatgctg cacagtcaca ggctggccat tttttaatac ctagtgagag agacaccttg     50820
     tatagatgtt cagtttgtat actggtccaa agtcctacat gtatgagggt gggattcata     50880
     tcacaaatat aaccattcat taatgttgag cgtatttgaa gactctggac tactctcaga     50940
     ggacctggac agcaaccaat caccatcctt gatagtattg tgcacatttt cttcagagtg     51000
     tgcgtgatca ccctcttctg ggacatgtgc tgagacgatt cctttttttt tttcctgtcc     51060
     ctggaagttg gtccagtttc tgccatccct ttggtttaga ctcttcctgc ccgactgtac     51120
     caggttatgg cacgtggtat cagcgttggc tgtatgtggc gggttgtgct taccagacct     51180
     ggaaaatgcc cagggcaaga gctgatgtgt aatgaaatga agtgcatccc ggttccctcc     51240
     tcacagctgc catgcgctgg ccaggactgg agggaagcat tggtgtggga agcaaggcct     51300
     tggagcagac cgatcaccac gtctcctcct cctcttcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct     51360
     tttcgataga gaccctgagc ttgtgccagc atgacctgaa agccaccatg cgttagtgct     51420
     tggagatctg cacaggagaa gagtaccaag caatgagtga tggctgctgc cacccatgtc     51480
     atggacaagt gagcaagaat catgccctag gtagcaaaag agaagccagg ggcctcataa     51540
     tcccacaaga aaaggacaga agcccgtcaa gctgtcttag tcagggtttg actgctgtga     51600
     gcagacacca tggccaaggc aagtcttatg aggacaacat gtagttgggg ttggcttaca     51660
     ggttcagagg ttcagtccat tatcagcaag gcaggaacat ggcagcatcg aggcagacat     51720
     ggtgcaggag gagctgagag ttcttcttca tctgtaggca gctagtggaa gactgacttc     51780
     caggcagcta ggatgagggt cttaaaagcc cacacccaca gtgacacaac tactccaata     51840
     gggccatacc ttctaatagt gccactccct gggctgagca tatacaaacc accacactga     51900
     tcctaggtat tgggtttggg caaggggtgg tagtgacatg ccacctgatg tagccattga     51960
     ctctgagcat gtgagctcct tgtgaatgct gtcagcctaa tgatgtatgc actaggaaaa     52020
     gattgcccat ggtccccagt cctctgtccc agcgtcctcc gaaacagcgt ctgtttcaga     52080
     acaaattcca gggtaagctt ggatggcttg agccaccagg gcctcctttg ttgccctgtg     52140
     accaggcctt ggcgctggga tgcacaagta atatggctta acatgaaata tggtttaaca     52200
     gaactttgta tcgctgcttt cttcatagcc ctggtcttgc ctagctgtgt gaaagggcta     52260
     gtagacctct ctatagtctg cttacatcct ttggtggtaa actcttattg tcacagacca     52320
     taccttccca aaggaatgtt ccaagaggaa cttctatcct ctgtcctgat gaccctatgg     52380
     catgtgtgaa tagatagcta cagtctggtt aaatgcctga gactcttatg ggcgctactt     52440
     gtacctttaa gcccagacca ctggtttgtg taaccaggcc ttggagccct tctttgatcc     52500
     accccagcat ctgtggacag gagtgctgca ctggctctag tcagcctctg gattcctggc     52560
     caggaccctg cttcttaccc agcttgtgca catttgccaa aggcccttct taatggagtc     52620
     ctgttgcctc tggtttgttc ccagtctcca ggaaagcctc agcctcactg ttgaaagccc     52680
     tgtggaggag actgcattct tcctccagct ggaattccac tcccacccct ccccaggcag     52740
     actccttatc tcttcagttt ctctgacctt cccctccatc ctcccatcct gggcttggat     52800
     tcccctcctc tggggcctct cctctgcagc tcatttgctt accttactta ccctctgcct     52860
     cacttcactg taaattgctg aaggtgagat tcttagtcac tctgtcagtg cctgagactt     52920
     cctaggcatt cgacccatgc ctgtgatcta agctgtgggg aggctgagtc aggaggattg     52980
     tgagttccag gcttaccttg cctatatagc aaggccttat ctcaaaaaaa gatgccacca     53040
     ggggctacag agatggctca gaggttaaga gaacttgcta ctcttttaga ggactagcgt     53100
     ttcattccta gcacctacat gggtctcaca gtcaatcata actccagttc cagggagtcc     53160
     aatgtcttct gactcccaga agtaccaggt gcacatatca cactctcaaa ataaagactc     53220
     ctcccccttt acagagtaga gggtggaatg aatgcatgat gtcatgtccc tttcttatat     53280
     gaatgtgtgc ctttattctc gctgcatttg acaagtacct gctgtgtgct gccccacaat     53340
     gaggggctgt aacctggaat actgagccag gcagagcctt cctcccctaa ttgcttattg     53400
     tcaagtgttt atcaaaggtg tgtttacagt tctaattttt gaaaggaagg gaagaaaatg     53460
     gaagctttag aaattgtgtt tttatgtgac ttctgagtgg aaaggaagta atcctttgcc     53520
     agttccctag ctaaggagtc actcccagga ttctccacat gtgctttgca ggctcttaga     53580
     aaccgtcctg cttttgttgg aatgtgagcg tatggttgta gaaatctagg tctttcagaa     53640
     cagatgatca gtccaggaag tccctagaaa tgagtgtggt tgcaatatgc cccgttttac     53700
     atcagttagg cagaactcta ggcttctggg ctgtagccaa tgtggggcct ggggctcagc     53760
     tgcctgctct catagctcac tatctatatt tctttacaca accatttcag cgactcaaga     53820
     gtactagaaa ccatatatta aaatgtagat tccatgttgg gaactttagt cgtctcctcc     53880
     tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctctgcc     53940
     atcccctcct cccctggtct acttcctttt aatgggttct tgtcagttgt aatgagaaag     54000
     tggatagtta aaacagtgag gaccactgtc cccatacaaa gcacagtcaa tataatgtca     54060
     tttctaatat ttcctgctga atgtggttat gtaacaacat gtaagttaat tcatagaatg     54120
     cttaggacag tgtctagctt gtagtaggta ctgggtaatg ttccttacct gtatttttgc     54180
     cccgtgtgaa gaagtctgtg aagcagggta ttgttttgtg gttttggggt tctttactgg     54240
     agctagaagt cccaattctt tgcctatctt tagagagtgc tcttttgggg gtcagttttt     54300
     ctttgtttat tgaaactcta aagtctatcc tttgaagtca gatttctacg ctctttatag     54360
     tgagagggag tcagagggaa gagggtaaag actgggatga tctggggcgt gtcagcctgt     54420
     ctgtcctatg gagggccctg caggtgaaga ccatgtgtgt ggtgagggcg cagggaaggg     54480
     tgccaagctc tcactgttgg gaatatggat gcttcttggc tcatgtcttg ggtgacctct     54540
     tgatgaatgc atcgtaaagt ggaaaaatta taaggagaaa atatatgcaa tccacaaacc     54600
     ctacagctca cagctcagca gcacgaatgc tgcagagtat tgtgctcttc tcttgtcatc     54660
     ccagggcagc tgtggacact ctagagcatc atcagagcat caggccacac cctcgaaagg     54720
     tagatagccc gggggagagc ccagttggtc ctgaggatag tgtctcccag tgcctttgct     54780
     ctgctttatg agagttgaag actctaagct tgacttggaa tggaaaactc tctctagtac     54840
     ttgctcactc tttttaaaga tgcatttatt tcatgcatat gagagttttg cctgcatata     54900
     tgtttgtgac tggtgcctga agagggcatc agattcccta aactggagtt aagatgtttg     54960
     tgttgtaccc tgtgggtgtt aggaattgaa ccctggccct ctggaagagt gacatgtgat     55020
     cttaatggct gagctagctc tccggccctg ttacattcat tctcagggta ttgtggggaa     55080
     cactttcaac tgtagtagag agtaccttca atatggcgag ttttggatct gttttattca     55140
     gaaaaattgg ggaggcttca tcaggaaaat tttcacaccc tcaggtgggt gaatatgtta     55200
     ggtaaagcct caggcttagg gacagtggtg tgaatcagga attggttgat attagggaca     55260
     agccagaaat ttactgggta tgtttaaccc taaatcccca agctgtggtt tccagaatta     55320
     catgatagtg agttgttgag acgcccgccg ttgccctggg tggtggttgt ggagacactt     55380
     ggctgtaggc ttcctgttaa agggaccttc ctgggacagc tccagagcca agtagcccat     55440
     gacacttctg aaagccatat actttttctt tactctctag ctggaatatt tccaaaatca     55500
     ccatgcgttt ctggaaagta gctttaacat tatgtgaaat ccaaaaataa ccacttttgt     55560
     cccattttct ttttcagaga gtgatggtct tcaaaatgaa aactctggaa aattttaggt     55620
     tctctttagg aactacaaaa attgaaggac agcaattttt tgaaaggaag ttgttctgaa     55680
     agcatgttta caattcactg acactgttga ctgttctctt taaaataata agacgctttg     55740
     agaagattgt atttatggta aaaggaaact ggactaacaa tgaggccaaa gacttttcct     55800
     gccacaactt actctggaaa tagccggcag cgattgcaag agattcgaga ggggctgaag     55860
     cagccatcca aggcttccac ccaggggctg ctggtgggac caaacagtga cacttccctg     55920
     gatgccaaag tcctggggag caaagatgcc tccaggcagc agcaaatgag agccaccccg     55980
     aagtttggac cttatcaaaa agctctcagg gaaatccgat attccctcct gccttttgcc     56040
     aacgagtcag gcacttcggc agctgcagag gtgaaccggc agatgcttca ggagttggtg     56100
     aatgcgggat gtgaccaggt gggtccaggt gccagcgccc ttcagcagct ctgggcaagc     56160
     tctgaactct tctcacactg cccttttctg tatcccttag ccagtggctg ccttctctcc     56220
     aagggtctta ggcacttttc cttcttgaaa ttgttccttg ctgctttttc attcattctg     56280
     ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctag aacccagggt cctgtgcatt     56340
     tgaagcacac gcttctctgc tcagctgtgc ctgcttccag ttctattctt agcgctctcc     56400
     ttgggacctg cttgggatta ttccgagctt ctgtggacaa gagactggct tctcttacct     56460
     tgtttttggt ttgtattttc atttccttcc tgaacgagtg ttatttatat ttaacacgca     56520
     tgaactagtc tctcttttct attgtttttg ttttcttaaa attttatttg ttgataattc     56580
     tatacctgtc cttattctga tttcttattt attgattttt tttaaaaaaa gatttattta     56640
     ttttatgtga gtacatcgct gtctttagac acaccagaag agggcatcag atcctattac     56700
     agatggttgt gagccactat gtggctgctg ggaattgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagca     56760
     gtcagtgctc ttaactgctg agccaagtta acttgcagtt aacttggctc ttgcaggcat     56820
     tattcagtgg agttaccttt gcacggcaaa gcattttgag tgatgtatgg cctgccatag     56880
     cattggaggc tgacagcagc cacatggcct gtcttactgt gagagtaaga cagctctggg     56940
     tgcaagagcg gctttcaggg ccaacagcaa atcttaagat ccttcctact gtaaatttgc     57000
     aagcaaaaga ggcaatcaga gcctgaagtg gaagagaaac aagtcaaaca aacaacccag     57060
     agtacaggtg ggctcgcatt gaagtaaaat ccattagtgg taatagcaga gcgagaaaag     57120
     aaaaggaact gagtgcttct ctagtgcagt gaaatgcaaa tacaggaaag ctaaagcacg     57180
     ggcccatcca tgcctaattt atgttaattg ctagcagaaa ggccttccat ttaccatagt     57240
     caatgctccc gaaataattc tgtccctttg cagtctagtg ttcctttaaa acttaaaaca     57300
     gctgcaccct tcttccctcc agctctggaa agagtgcatt cgctttcaga aggttctggt     57360
     aggaaagtca tgttgtgaac acagacacca ggaggggagg gctgacagtg ccctggagct     57420
     gtgtgtggtg gactgaagct ctcgttagaa tctgtgcact aggggaaaca cagtcttctc     57480
     ctcccgcctt cttgggcctt agaacattag atgcaacttg gtccttccct agtttgactt     57540
     aaattgccct ctctaggttt tctgtaatct tgcagagtac catgtttccc cgtggggcat     57600
     ggtggtggcg gcccatgatt ttttccacac actatttctt tttgagctag gttcttgcta     57660
     tatgtccaga ctggccttga actctggagc tcaggtgaac ctcctgtttt gctcttctga     57720
     tcttaactcc acaagtagta tcacccatgt acacacacat gtgcttttct atattgtttg     57780
     tggtatgact agttgaaaat agttacttga ctgcttgaaa tggtcatttt ctttgttttg     57840
     ttttggtttt ggtttttcga gacagggttt ctctctgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc     57900
     actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc     57960
     tgggattaaa ggggtgtgcc accacgcctg gcggtcattt tcttttaaaa gtcatattaa     58020
     ggtaaatttt acattttaaa tgtgcacaat ttataaactt acagccccat taattttcac     58080
     acattaatta cagccgtatc tagcacatat gggtactttt taaattaaac tgtttaaaat     58140
     ggaagtatct ggaaaaagtg aatgacgtta ggatattttc aatataacag cgttaagtgt     58200
     ttgccaaatg atatactgcg tacataagat gtgtaacttt tgcaaacaaa tcacatgaag     58260
     ccttataggc aggtaactag gtttatgtta tagaaggagc tagctgttct ttagctagag     58320
     attgaggcct tggaaggtga ggttccactt gcacaaccgc acagtctgca gcgctggctg     58380
     catgtaggta gcatttctct gggggcctgt attctctcct ggagctgtag tgggtgacag     58440
     gcaggtggaa cccctgcatg gtgagggttg cagacttgtt gggagacagg aacatgcact     58500
     tggggtacag aggtgttgct tggagacagg agggtcttcc ttatggtata catgtggagg     58560
     tgctgctggg tgacaggcag gacacctgcg tgggttgcta ggtgcatgag gttcaggggt     58620
     attgctgaga cggtagacgg cttctgcatc cttcatgtgg ggtcattttt tggtttcctg     58680
     ttctcaggga gcctgaggtc ttgagtgtag ctcctggtgc agacccatgg cttctggcag     58740
     tcttagaata gcaccttccc caggttgtgt cccttaggga aagatataga tgagaaattt     58800
     ctttccgata ggagtactag gaaatggctt tgcctccctt gaggaatgct ctttgctacc     58860
     tggtccctga actgacctgt ggtttgtgct tgtctaacca gcctgtcctt tgtgtttcca     58920
     tgtccttaac agttccttgg ccctgggttt ctgtgtcaac tgtcgttttc ctaacctacc     58980
     ccatatgtcc tcaagtaatt caggtcttta atggaaccag ggcagagaga atgtagacaa     59040
     actgactttc ttcaccgcac acaggcagtg gtcaggatgt gcctttttgc aggccggctt     59100
     cctgacaata ggctcagtgc gggtgagcga gatgctctgg gaaattagct aaggaagtca     59160
     gttcatgaca ttcgtaagcc atcaagggaa gaatgtgaat tttcctcagc agtcacgcca     59220
     gcttttggca gcactacaaa ggggtggagc ccccattcac taggcagtca cctaggcgtg     59280
     agtgagctgt gtgagacagg ctgtaggccc agttttaagc tacagtgagt tgaggagagt     59340
     cagaaagggc cccacctgca gagcacttgg ccagatcgtg aggagctgtg tgcctgactc     59400
     ggactccgag tggaggcaag gagttctggt ttgacttggg atgcttgtca ccaggctcag     59460
     tgctggatga ctgttacttc tcagtctgtt ctgtgtgctg tgacttctcc cttttgtccc     59520
     ctcatagcct gctgagggtg gcattttgct ggcggagtat acagtccctg ccagcactgg     59580
     tatccccact actccagcta caatcctggt cctcagcatg ctccaacagt ctattctcct     59640
     cagggacaga tttctgtcag tttgctggct tggggccttc agggttgtat tttatagctc     59700
     cccccttctt cctgggggga tcctggtgtc tgtcaagctt gctttgtttc agcagcagcc     59760
     tttcctaaag tccccatgtg cctttgagct gttctctttt gccctttata gcaatttgtt     59820
     tccgactcac agggcactcg atttgggagg cctgcgatgg caggcaggct gtggtactgt     59880
     ggtttcactt cccctgctct gaggcctggc tttcaagagt ccttccagtg ctccacagcc     59940
     tccagctgct ggttaatatt tgccaaagca gatgtgagtc atactggtcc aggcaaaagc     60000
     ctccatcgcc tcccccaaca tcaaatgagg gatagtccat aatccacaga gcacttcttt     60060
     atgaagtgta tctgattaac ctgaagagag ccatagagag ctagatgtgt catgtatacc     60120
     tgtaatgcag tgctgagcct gagtcctccc tgggtgatgt agggagaccc tgtctaaagc     60180
     aaggaaaggg aaacaggagg aaacaatgtg caaaggacta agccaagctg ctgtgcgtgg     60240
     cgttcgttgt gacaggatct gcctccactg aatctcttaa gtacaggtat tggccagtgg     60300
     gaggacagtg gatgtagatc tcagatattt cctcctcctt ccttttttct ggaacgggac     60360
     ccgcctttca acatgaacct cccctgaaat actagtaagt ggggaaggaa gaaagcttgt     60420
     ttcagtttgc actgctggtg acaggaaatg gctcacaatg gtctttgggt gggacagctg     60480
     tttgcctcgc catcttctcc tcctcgtctt cttcctcttc cccccccact cctcctcctt     60540
     ttcctcctcc acctccttca atggctttca aattatttgg cctgaccaaa aggtaaactt     60600
     ggtgaaaaag gattttaggg tagcaccgtg gcagagtatg tgcctagcat atgcaagggt     60660
     caccgtggca gagtatgtgc ctagcatatg caagggtcac cgtggcagag tatgtgccta     60720
     gcatatgcaa gggtcaccgt ggcagagtat gtgcctagca tatgcaaggg tcaccgtgac     60780
     agagtatgtg cctagcatat gcaagggtca ccgtggcaga gtatgtgcct agcatatgca     60840
     agggtcaccg tggcagagta tgtgcctagc atatgcaagg gtcaccgtgg cagagtatgt     60900
     gcctagcata tgcaagggtc accgtggcag agtatgtgcc tagcatatgc aagggtcacc     60960
     gtggcagagt atgtgcctag catatgcaag ggtcaccgtg gcagagtatg tgcctagcat     61020
     atgcaagggt caccgtgaca gagtatgtgc ctagcatatg caagggtcac cgtggcagag     61080
     tatgtgccta gcatatgcaa gggtcaccgt ggcagagtat gtgcctagca tatgcaaggg     61140
     tcaccgtggc agagtatgtg cctagcatat gcaagggtca ccgtggcaga gtatgtgcct     61200
     agcatatgca agggtcaccg tggcagagta tgtgcctagc atatgcaagg gtcaccgtgg     61260
     cagagtatgt gcctagcata tgcaagggtc accgtggcag agtatgtgcc tagcatatgc     61320
     aagggtcacc gtggcagagt atgtgcctag catatgcaag ggtcaccgtg gcagagtatg     61380
     tgcctagcat atgcaagggt caccgtggca gagtatgtgc ctagcatatg caagggtcac     61440
     cgtggcagag tatgtgccta gcatatgcaa gggtcaccgt ggcagagtat gtgcctagca     61500
     tatgcaaggt cctgctccca gcccttcata agcccagtaa gcaaagaaat aaaatgactg     61560
     aggcgataaa ggattttcta ctgtgtcatc cccgctcttg ggtcttctct ctactagata     61620
     aggtatgcct cttcatggac gtttagcaaa tacagaaagg taaaagacaa gagttgattg     61680
     cctgctgtcc atcccagtct tagccaggcc caaccctgcc tttagctttg gagattagat     61740
     agattcaggg tcctgtggct attgagagat tgccggtaat tttatggaca tggatatgac     61800
     cactctttaa cattttgggt ttaaatattt ttctaattta aaaaggcatg tattaagcag     61860
     tatatgaata tactagatat gacttttttt tttttggttt ttcgagacag agtttctctg     61920
     tatagccttg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggccttga actcagaaat     61980
     ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtactggga caaaaggcgt gcgccaccac cacccagcta     62040
     acatgactgt ttttttaaca gcaaaatatg ttctcattgt atgtaatagt ttgtgagcag     62100
     ctctcttagc acccttggat cttttcatgt ctggaaacat tccccaccat cctcagaagg     62160
     gcgctagaga acctgtagcc ttaggctgcc cctgtgccct ttgtcctgct ctggtcctgt     62220
     ggattttgtt ctctgacttc ctggtgctgt ccccccaccc caccccaggc tgtcttcagg     62280
     cagagtttct aatgaccctt tcccccaacc tccatttaaa ttagatccct ttttttctca     62340
     ccctgtaatt ccttcttggc atttatcaga gcttgttgct aagtggtaga acgttgtaag     62400
     ccatagccca agaccaaaac atttttttct tagccaccag tttctggaac tcagagccaa     62460
     gcaagcacaa aaatagccat aagcaagtca aggggcagac attttgacat gaacattttc     62520
     atgtcattta atgccattct aaaacatgac ttttaaagct tgcattgtag tctgttggtc     62580
     acataactgt cccttatttt atcatgaaaa gctggagcga gcatcttctt catgaatctg     62640
     aatggatgat tctccatgag ctgagctggt ttcctcagtg taaatcttag gaatggaatt     62700
     actaggtaaa tgacagtttt ttagttttta cctgtattgc tgaattgata attacgctta     62760
     ggcatgcaat cctgctcacc tggactaaga aacagccctg ggatagttgt cctttatgtt     62820
     tgatactggt gtgaatatgt gcaagcagca taagtaggtg gaagttatta gaggctccca     62880
     ttgggtatca gaggctgacc tgctcctgtt cacgcaggaa ggtatctctc tttcctctcc     62940
     agtgggtaca attgtgatgg tgcaagtctt agctgacttt agaatcccac tctgtcaatt     63000
     tacatatttg agagagctgg caatggtcag ggagatgggt gagacctgct tgttggggag     63060
     aagccagtaa gacactctgg agccaatctt ttccttcccc gctgcagcaa ccagggtccg     63120
     gaggttgctc ctcacagctc ctcactaagc tgagaccgga acctctactt taagcagcct     63180
     tttcccctga tcccagccct cagtacaaat gctatccttt tctttgtgtg ccacaatgtg     63240
     aagtttgcta gcaatcacaa atagatttac ttgaagccca ttttgtcacc ctgaagtttt     63300
     ctatctcaat tatgtggtgg tcagctggga tcccaggctc taacacaaat gtaactcaga     63360
     caggaatcat agcagcctgc caggaggggt cttggggaag gctctgcatt ccagtcttgg     63420
     gtttgcaccg cctgccagag acttttaaaa actttcagtt gccagcaaac cattttgtgg     63480
     atcgagagta gggaatgggc tggagagatg acacagtcaa gagcactggc tgcttttcta     63540
     cagaactggg tttgatttcc agcgcctgta tggcagctca cagctatctg taactccagt     63600
     ttcaggggac cagcgcctcc ttctggcatc ctcaggcact gcatgcaccg tgcacaggca     63660
     aacacgcagg cagtgttcag atgttctgag tgttccttat gtctttactg gggtgtggga     63720
     aactcttgga gactctgctt tttaacccat gtccctcagc tcagcgctgc tctagcccag     63780
     tctccctgtg tcgggaacaa ggtgctcagt tgtagtcaga attctggaat ttggtttctt     63840
     taaagaacac agatatactg taagaatatg tttctgtttt catcccaggt atgagatatg     63900
     gggctgcttc agactgcagc tgactatgat ttgccctgtg ctctagcagg ggagtgattt     63960
     tgccagctgc agatagtttc tgcaattgtg tgagatttgg aattctggga acttttaaga     64020
     gctagggccc cagaagtggg gctggggggg gataggtggt tgtttggttg ttggttgttg     64080
     ttggtcatgg tttgttaaat agtcacatac aaagaagaaa caacaagaag aaattaaata     64140
     ttctgatggt gaagatcaaa cttgccccca aggaacttga tgtccgtaat cagcagggat     64200
     taatcaacaa taatgtcgcc ccctttctga ctcctgactt tatttaggga tctctttcct     64260
     ctctatacct gtttctgtct tatctggtgt tagggtgttg gaagcgtgga agagaagaat     64320
     ctacaaagta acaaagacag gctacactgg gtgatgcttc aagtgtcagg cagacaggct     64380
     gtggaagcac tacctgcact cgctggccat agatgcccaa ccccagggat actgccatag     64440
     atagaaaagg gtagctggag tgggcaggat gtggctgtca tgcaaggaag tcccatgatg     64500
     tctttaagaa cttgggtgtc atccttcaca agtggtgttt ttgtttttgt ttttcatcca     64560
     gctatggaag aaggtagggc agcaagagct ctttcttcaa gagttccctt cctaggctgg     64620
     ggcctgggag ctgaggagcc tcagcaatag gcccatcagc cagcagaagg ccattcctgc     64680
     caaaactgtg ctgccagtta ggaagaaaga gattggggct cttattagga gtctgtggta     64740
     taactacatc atctggcatg atcaccagaa agagtcttgt ctctagatta ttgagttaaa     64800
     tactcttgca tcatgagcca tcttgaggag taggaaagaa tgccttcctg cacaggctgg     64860
     cacatggctg gagcatggtg gcaaaaccca gtgccatcgc catattttgt taattacaaa     64920
     gaccattgtc ctctgaccag ctttcagggt tctggtcccc tttggaatca catgaagatt     64980
     tcctcaaccc taagatctgt gggttggatg ggtatacatt tcactggtta tgatatgaga     65040
     agaattatta atcatatgat agacatggaa gttgttttgt acaaaaataa gtgattaaca     65100
     acaaaaattt tatcccagcc agcaagtaaa cattcaatgt aaatgtgaca caatgtcatt     65160
     tggtttttat tcagcaagag agccttggct ggtgacaagt gacatctggg agttctcaag     65220
     aatgtggcag agtagaacag agtgaacccc tcgtcagctg tctctttagt gtcttcgagg     65280
     ccgctccagg aagctttgtg gctgctgcct tctctctttg cctccagcct tctgttctgc     65340
     ctggctgttg cttcctggtt ttctgattta ctttggaaat gttcagcaag cagcagtagc     65400
     ctcccccagc tggaatgagc cagtaagtct tgccctgtcc ctctttcaga tgccaatgat     65460
     ggcttcaggg cccttcccta gacaggaggc tctgctacct ccgcctctct ctctagtgcc     65520
     tctcctttcc tgcaagtccc ttttgccccc ttgccctcta tggcccagga acgccctggg     65580
     cactcctcct gggtctggat accctgtttg tttttggcca gtgtgttagt gggcactttc     65640
     ctcggtgcct gctgcttttt caaagtgctt tcaaccgtgt gttgtcactg tagatctctg     65700
     ctctgcatct aggttctgtt gccttgaccc agtaactctt ccagcaagct tccagatgca     65760
     gcatccagca cctcatgtgg gaccctgtcc ctcttcctcc tcctatctga tcccacttat     65820
     ccggtagact gcactatttc tcatgcatca aatgtgtttg cctttttctc cctgtcacca     65880
     agctgtgtga ccttatcctt tctggctttc ctcatattgt cactccagct ggagtgcaac     65940
     ctgctacttg agctacatag tcacgctccc actgccctgt ggtctctgcg gccatttggc     66000
     tcagtgtagg ctgggttcag tgcaggctgg cccctcagct ttctgaatcc ctgttttgtg     66060
     agagctgttc atggcatcgt ggtaaatctc tgcaaggtat caccatttca acccagtttg     66120
     tccacagttg ctaaactgca tggtactgga gctacagagc tgtgaagggg agaggggaag     66180
     ggagctattt agggtggggg aggaagaggg gaacgaggac gtcctcctgt ttattacaac     66240
     ataacatcct caggaggaaa attgaggcat caccagccca ccacccatag acagttactg     66300
     ttgcttggtt atgtgaatgc ataactttgt tttacagaat ttcagaaagt cagtagcata     66360
     gtgaagcccc atgcatccgt cggctcgggt tttaagcagt gtgtcttctt gttatctgtc     66420
     tctgggagtt ttaaaaacaa gacttaagtt gaggtacagt gtctaggtgt tttaagacca     66480
     aatactggcc tgatgcccct cataaacact ttaggacact actctctaag tgacaaaaga     66540
     acacgcaagg ctgtgtgtgg gctgggatgg ctccatgggt caagtacgtg tgtgctagtc     66600
     tgtagacctg gggttgtata aatttagccc tataataaat tgttttgttt ttagtaaatt     66660
     cttgctttct aattgaattc tgagtatttt acacttggct cagaaaatgg ccttttggtt     66720
     tatctaccaa tttacatacc tgctaaccaa aaaaaaaaat cttttccaag tcaaaactag     66780
     cccacatctg ctgtaatgga ggccacggaa acgggaaagc agtccagaca gccggcacag     66840
     cgacagctac tcactttggt ttagtggtag aaaggaagag aatcttgcca cttaacagag     66900
     ggatggtggc ttcgaaagcc tcattttaaa cttttattta tttttatttt atgtgtatgg     66960
     tattttgcct gtctgtgcca ggccagaaga ggacatcaga tcccctggaa ctcatgttac     67020
     agatgggtat gagtcaccac ataggtgctg ggaactgagt ccaggtccct ggaaggacag     67080
     tctgtgccct taactatgag ccattttatt ttgttttgtt ttaataccaa ggctattata     67140
     tatcccaagg tggccttgaa ctcacagaga tatgtttgcc tcagcctctc aagtgctggg     67200
     gtgaaaggcc tgtgtcagaa atgcgtcttc ataaggaagg tatcagtggc tgatcgcctg     67260
     tgttccaggc tgtggaagat cttgaaccgg tcaacagtaa gtacagccga taccagctca     67320
     tatgtagtac ttgtaagtgt ggcagtatgg acatgcatgt gccacacgtg tggagagggc     67380
     agaggacatc cttgggtatt agttctcatt ttcccttgct tgaggcagat ttctttattt     67440
     ccagatgcat attcctggtg cgtgtctgtt tctggagatg ctcctgtctg tccctcccat     67500
     ctcccaaaca gcagcacctg gattacaggc acacaggctg ctacagcttt gcagtgtgtg     67560
     cgaattcaag ctcggaccct cacacttgta cctgaagcac ggagccagcc gtcttctcag     67620
     ccccttatgt ccataatact agggcttgat tctgaacgtg agaggaaatg tggcacttgg     67680
     ctttctgaac ttggctgatt ttgctccatg gatgacctca aattgcatcc atggttacag     67740
     ttttttgtca ttcttacaaa tgtgactttg tccttcgata tggcctaata aaacgccttt     67800
     gtgcttacct ttgtgttttc tttgtttatt gatgggtact aaggctggtt ccatcacttg     67860
     gcttttgtga atagggcatc tgtgagcgca gttatgtatt cctgttgtgt gtgacttagg     67920
     ctcctcaggt aaacccagca gcaatagggc tgaatcatag ctatttgtaa ctttttggag     67980
     aatttctaca cttacttcca gaggagctgc ataagtttag gttctgtcct tttcctttcc     68040
     tttcctttcc tttcctttcc tttcctttcc tttcctttcc tttcctttcc tttcttttcc     68100
     tttccttttc ttttttcttt cttgacctcc cttgcgcatt tgtctttgtt ttctttatgg     68160
     tgcccaccct gatgaggtga gaccggacta gagagcattc atgttccttg acaactgccg     68220
     ggacacacac acacacacgg gacgacatgc tcagaaaacg ttcagtccgc ttcctccttt     68280
     tttgactatt tggctttgca ggtgttcaga cttttgtttt ttttagttct taatagattc     68340
     tagaaattaa attcctgtct aatgtatagc tagcaaagcc ctttttcccc atgttgtaag     68400
     ctgtctagac tctgttctga attacctttg ctatgcagaa acctttggag tccacataat     68460
     cccatttgtc aattccttct tggcctgttg gagtctcgtt cagaagaccc ttgtgtttgt     68520
     ccacatctga aaccgtttta tcctcgcaat aagtagtctt agttcttgca ttaaggcctt     68580
     cgatcttttt accttcgccg agtaaaaggt aggtgtggtc tcactcctct gtgtggatat     68640
     ttggtgccca gctgcctctt ctccagtata tttttgagac acctttgttg agattcgata     68700
     gctgtagctg tgtggatgcc ttttcctctg aggtgagtcc tttaagtcct ttattctgtt     68760
     gtattggctc gagtatctga ttcttaacta gctctgtgga tctagtacta tttgaaatca     68820
     aatgctgata cttctaatat tggttttttt ttttttctcc tcatggttgc tttggttata     68880
     tggggcattt tgtgcttctc tacaaatttt agggtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttccccc     68940
     tctgttcctg tgaggaatgt cagcaaaatt ttgatggttt gtggtgagta ggacattttt     69000
     gggactagag taattttcat agcattctgc tagtccatgc atatggaaga tctttacatt     69060
     tttttcttca tttttgaaaa ttttcatttt acctacttgc ctagctttat tctaaggttt     69120
     tgtgggttat gttttgtttt taggctgttg tgaatgggat ttctcctgat ttccttcttt     69180
     taagatttat ttatttattt atattatgtt tgtgtgtctg cttgtctgta tttgcaccac     69240
     acgaatgcag tgtccctgga gcaccagaga gagcatcaga tggggtggga ctggggttca     69300
     gcttgtgagc tgcctgattc gggagtggat cctgagcctt ccctgcggaa gctggaagag     69360
     ctctccacag accctggtgt tgttgccttt gtatctttgt gttgggtttt gttttgtgtg     69420
     ttcagtttgt atcctgcaac tttgttaaaa gtgttcacag atctgagagt tttctggagg     69480
     ggtctccagg atacccctgg agtataatcc tataagttta gaattatatt atctacaaat     69540
     agtgataatt tgacttcttc atttcctgtt tatagccctt tcattctttc tcttccttta     69600
     ttgatctgtc tacatagtca agcactttat tgtgtgaggc cagtgagaat gatacccttc     69660
     cttatctcct tcctgatttt agtgtaatgt ttgctatagt ttgtcatata caacatttac     69720
     tatccgggtg ctgatattcc ttctagtcct aatttcttca gggcttttat cataaaagaa     69780
     ttttggactt tgtcacagtc atttggccat ttctgagtct cttgaggtga ttttcccagg     69840
     cgtatttatt tgctgttttg catgtgttac tttgcatatg ttgaaccagc cttgcatccc     69900
     tggactgaac tgacttgatc gtggtatgtg attttctatg cccattagag aaatggatgc     69960
     tctgttttct gatcttgttg agaaaccctg tgtggtggag cagactggga ttgtttttgg     70020
     tggagaagga ctgtaacagt gtgaattgct ttggttttca tgaaaaataa aaatgcaagt     70080
     gtcagttcta gataaaaaca ctcattttct ctgtgtagga gagtggtgtt gtgctcaaag     70140
     ctgggcctag tgaatagttt cgtcacttac tataaccatc ctgatgctct gacttctggg     70200
     aagtctagga gccaaggatg actgtgttgg cagctgcagt acgtactttc agtggacaga     70260
     atgcctaaca aagacatctt aaaggaggaa agatttataa tggttcacaa ttgtagaggg     70320
     tagtctgtca tggcaggaga gtcatgacaa gtagcttgga accatctctc cttttgcttg     70380
     gtccagagtg cagagtgagc agtgttgccc acatttcggg tgggtcttcc cacttcactc     70440
     tgtccatcca gtctagaagc tccctcatag acatgtcctg agagctgttt ccatggcaat     70500
     tctaaacccc atcaagatga cagtgaactg cacagcacac cagtgttgta tgtaggacat     70560
     ggtgtgtatg gctttttctc ttatgtgccc cagtctctct gagtgctggt acaaagctgt     70620
     gttttctctg ttctcgtcct tgggaagctg cacttgatag tgccaggcaa ggtcagcagg     70680
     taggacttgc ccctggtaaa cacagctatt tgaatgtttg tggagttgct ctgggaagtt     70740
     tcccggtttc tctgtgatgt tcactgttct tgtgctggct ccagggcagc agcctttctt     70800
     tgtaggtcag tgagagctgc cctgggtagc ccagcctctc tgcaggctgc tgttgtttcc     70860
     taggcattag atagggtgag atgtaaaatt tcattacaga ggagaacttt ctggatgctt     70920
     ttaaggaaat taacagtaca aaggagaaac aacttttttt ttttccaaac ttctggtttt     70980
     gaaaaccaga caattttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgc agtcccctga atctgcatag     71040
     gagtgctatt taggagacat ttacaagtta ggtgtcttag ggtttccatt gttgtgaaga     71100
     gacaccatga ccattgcaac tgtttttttt aaatgtactt atttcatgta tatgagtaca     71160
     ctgccgctgt cttcagacac cccagaagag ggcatcagat cccattacag atggttgtga     71220
     gccaccatgt gcttgctggg aattgaactc aggacctctg gaagagcaga cggtgctcct     71280
     aatcactgag ccatctctcc agcctaccat tacaactctt gtaaaagaaa acattgaatt     71340
     ggggcaggct tacagtttca gagggtcaat ccattaatgt cttgctagga agcatggaag     71400
     tatgtgggca gacatggtgc tggaggagct gacagttcta catcatgatc cacaggctgc     71460
     aaggagagac tgtgtaccac actgggcggg tttgagcata tatgacctca aagccagcct     71520
     ctacagagac atacttcctc caacaaggcc acacctccaa caagactgtt cctcctagct     71580
     gtgccactcc ctgtggacaa gcattcaaac acacgagtct gtgggggcca tgcctatcaa     71640
     accccacagt gggtattatt aaagccaaag ttagtttgct tgtcatccat cacacgacag     71700
     cagtttgtca ggacttgtga agttgtggtg agtggtgagc ataccgtggc tatgatgcag     71760
     tccactgttc ccactgttct tgatggtgtg tggctgtttc cctcagttcc acctcaggag     71820
     ttgtgtcctc tgaagtcaga tatccagtat gttctagagt cctggtccct tctgtatctg     71880
     aactatggaa tgtcttgcag ggcaggattc tcaggacagc cacaaagctg ctcaaacccc     71940
     aaccagctct cctccaggca ctgatacatc tttccacccc cgtcctgtca tctgtgccgc     72000
     tgacctggac tgtccctgca tgtggagaag gaaagtggtc ctttccagcc actcagcaat     72060
     ccgaacttca ggctctgcag agaactggtt ccaagactcc ttctcttatg agtaccaaac     72120
     tccatgggca tttaagtcct ttgtataaaa ctgcagtaac agggtgaggt tggatatgcc     72180
     tgtaatttca gctttcagga ggctgaggca ggagggtcaa gtatttaaag gcagcctgca     72240
     ttatgtgaca atactttgtc tcaaaaacaa gaaggcagaa caccagagtg ctcacacagt     72300
     atcttcacag aaccaattca cacacccctg tgaagtttat acagtctttc caagatgttt     72360
     ggtgtctgtt ttcatacaac aatcacatat gtagttgtta gactgtattt agagaatgag     72420
     aataacaaca gacgtgtggg cgtgactagt acaaataatt catttttgaa ttttgttttt     72480
     gacaggctat agtccagttc acaatcctct gccttagttt cttgagaggt gagatcacag     72540
     gcttggccac cacacccaga tattttttaa tacgtgtgcg tgcgtgcgtg cgtgcgcatg     72600
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tacacatgag tatgtgtgca ggggtgtgtg     72660
     ccatgcatgt tcatgtggaa gtcatagacc aatgccagac atcttcttca gccactgtcc     72720
     ataccagttg ttttggaata aggtctttca ctgaatctgg agctcactga caggataggt     72780
     tgtctgttca acagactctg atacctgttt ctgccctagc atgggtttgc aggcatgtgc     72840
     tactgggcct aacattttac atggatgcca gggataggat acagcagttg aggcctgcaa     72900
     gggccatgga gcaccacggc atgtgtacct cagcctgaca gggctgcacg ccaacagaga     72960
     gcattggtgt gaaaccttcc tagtaggtgg tttcatagta gagattgtca ggcacagtcc     73020
     ctgttccagg gcacttcttc ctgtcatatc aggttcataa gctcacgctt catcttaggt     73080
     cagcattcag ctaaagcaac catggtagca gcaggccttc aaagggttgg tttaacaatg     73140
     gtctgatgtt ttcagtggtc agaatgttcc agtactggcc tttgtttcat ataaatggcc     73200
     tggcatgaca aaatgctctc ctgctgttac ttagctgtgg agaacaaaaa ggaaaaccct     73260
     tggatctcag aagtacccat ctgtggtggc tttaatgaga agggccctct tagggtcatg     73320
     tgtttggatg ctaggcgcat agttgatgtc tgtgtgtggt agcttagatg aaacctggct     73380
     gccttaggct tgtgtatttg aacacgtggt ccccagttac tgtctgggga ggtcatgaca     73440
     tggagctttg ctggctggct ggaaatgtca ccttgagagt ttatagcctt acccccattg     73500
     ccagatggcc tctgctttct tctgttatta tggggtcctc ccttggcact gtaatccaaa     73560
     ataagatctt ttcttctata agtcactttg gtcatggtgt taatcataac aacaggaagt     73620
     aacaggacag aaaaggacat accagcgagt aaatagatca ttccaatata aacactacag     73680
     gcacccatag atggtgaagg ccagggacag taactgataa agccgtcctc tgtgtggtgt     73740
     gaccaaggga ccacttttcc cttttgtgtt tttcattttt tttttttttt tcaagacaac     73800
     tctgtatagc cctgactgtc ctgtaactca ctttgtagac caggctagcc tcgaaacctg     73860
     atccacctga ctttgcctcc caagtgctgt gaataaaggt gtgagccacc actgcccagc     73920
     gactttgttt tcttttagta ggcttttcct caagcacatt aattactacc tgggtggatg     73980
     gggataaaca tacagcccag gagctgctgg ccacccagca gcccctctgt ctgtgcagcc     74040
     ccctctctca tgggtctgac ccagctaagc aggcaagaag tactaagggt cacacgatcc     74100
     cccagcatta gaatagagtg ttgtgtgcag agagattctg tcttctacca attctgtatc     74160
     ctcattgatg gtattactat aggtgggaag tgccctgccc agtttgatta gtgggtttgc     74220
     atgaaagaaa tatagctgaa tacagtgcag aggctctacc actgagctat aacctcagcc     74280
     caagttacag ctgagtaagg tcactcatgg aaaagatgtt cctccttgaa ctggctgttt     74340
     tatgataaaa atcaatactt agagcaactc tcgcactcac ctcccaccca tgtttctggg     74400
     tctagtgcta atgcaggttt tgttttggtg gttttgtttg tttgagacag ggtttccatg     74460
     catcgtccag gcataactga actctgaatc cttgtgcctc agcttcttga gtgcagcggt     74520
     tgcatgtatg tggtgccgtt cctggctctt gccactttga aatgtggctt gtaatgctca     74580
     tttccgagga tgctggcggg gtttggcgcc tgttgcagca tgagcccctt gctgctcagc     74640
     cttgctcatc ctacaggcct ctcagtccac catttccttc ttaagttttc aagggcttag     74700
     actctgctca ttgactacat ggcaagggtg taggatggat tttctaaaat aatgctaagg     74760
     tagcactaga taggatattt catacaagag ttggacgctt cgctaacaat aataaatata     74820
     gcgctctgtc ctgtattttt tggctttgaa cttgacaaca gccagctagt attttacccc     74880
     tggatcttcc agacctagaa aaaatacata ataggtgtta aaattcctgg agcatggtaa     74940
     aggctcacta ctagcagaga ctggaccacc ctgccgtcac tcctcacagg gaggcctctt     75000
     agctgaaaga gccatctcag aagatgctgt ctgcttggac acttgccctg tgaggtttca     75060
     tcttagctgc cctcctttaa tgtgagtgtg tgtagtggcc acattaaaaa taggagtctt     75120
     ggagctggga aatggctcag tcagtaaagt cacgcttgct gagcatgtgt gaatgcgtgg     75180
     gacccaagtt cagatttcaa gcatctatgt aaaaagctaa gcatggcagt atgtgcttgt     75240
     aatccaagct cctggggctt cctggccaac caatccagct aaattagcca gctccaggct     75300
     aggaaaacca tggtggactg caatagagga agagaagatg cccaggatcc ctgtcctcta     75360
     cacacgcacg cgcacgcgca cgcgcacaca cacacacgca cgcacacacg cacaccaaaa     75420
     caaacaagat ataccctcac aatgccctgt taggagaaag tgcagctttc ctgtgtgtct     75480
     aagcccttgg aacaggccag taggagatat agggactgag ccagagctgg cgcatgctga     75540
     ctggggcttg tgaaaaggag cggatgcttc aaaaagtagc taagagtcaa gaggcagaga     75600
     gcctcccggg tctggcctgc ttgatgcttc accagtgtgg atctctgtgg aactgccaca     75660
     cagccactga caaattttta atgataattt tacaaaagct ttctagaagc ccagtgatgt     75720
     gtggtgttcc tatttcaagt gttttaaaga actttgcttg tcaaagactc tggattgctg     75780
     gcaatttttt ttttatctct aagcagaact cgagtttttt tttgtttttg tttttaaagt     75840
     aactgtcttg aattgcattt aagataagca taagtcctta gagatcattt gtgagaagaa     75900
     aaatgtcatg tagattgcaa gagcagtttc tgcagaactc cttagaggag agggtggcag     75960
     cagagcaggc ccaggagtaa agtccttcat gatgctgagc caggggagca gtcttgccta     76020
     ccgacctctt ggagctgacc gtgcagacgt gagctgagca gaggggcact gcagtggctg     76080
     gcaccctccc ttctttctcc ctccctcctt ccaacttgta actgacagtg gctgtaaact     76140
     cagtttctgg cccaggtttt tactgtcact gaaggaccca gctggtgctg accgacgaca     76200
     gtgactttgc cagtgtttat gaaagcagta agagtaacag aacatctcac gtgtgcgtgc     76260
     atgtgtgcgt atgtaaacct atgcatgtgg aagccagagg acagcttagt tgtccctcag     76320
     gcctcatctg cgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttgtgtct gctcactgtc     76380
     ctgaaacatg ctggccccgg gtcattctgg ccccgggtca gtggtctgtt ctcccctggg     76440
     ctggaatgtc aagtcttgtc tctacacctt gctttgctag aaggagtgct gggatttgtt     76500
     tgtttggttg attggttgga tggttggtgt ttgtgggtgt tttgcctgcg tgtatgtgca     76560
     tcacctgtgt gcctgcagag tccatcagat cctgctactg agagcagatc ttctggaact     76620
     gagttacaga cagttgagcc tccagatggg tgctgggaat caaatggaag tcctctccac     76680
     gagcagccaa gagcagtcaa tgctcctaac cactgagcca cctctcaaag accttaaaaa     76740
     gaagtgctct gtggcatgtg ttacagagct gtgctcttca cagcccttct catgcccact     76800
     tcttatcaag gctgttcacc catcttgtgc tttggcttgc tattacagag acaaaccaca     76860
     cctactttgt acagtaggac tttgtacaac tttcttcatt gtgtggtagc aattattctg     76920
     taatgatggg tgtggccaac gcagctgatg agctgtggtg acacttgcac cactgtgatg     76980
     aactgtggtg acacttacac cacttccctt cttcagttgt cacactgaag aacatttaag     77040
     tggacaagtt tccattgtag acaggagagg tacacagtct gtctctgctt gtgtgaggca     77100
     gtcaccaaga gtggccatgt tatcttgggc tgtggggttt attttgcgta tctttaattt     77160
     ggggccagtt ctcctttttc cattgtgtct gtgtgagccc tagccttgct gctgctcgcc     77220
     ggcatcctga atatttgcca gtgtgatggc cgctcacagg catcgctcct gttttgtgaa     77280
     atgaagtttc gtgtttacta acaacatgca atttcttgga ctatgtgggt tttgtctgtt     77340
     aggtcctggg attgaatcta gggccctgta cttgctgggg caggtgttct ctcactcagc     77400
     tccagccccc attcagactt tacctgtgtg agcctagaaa acaactagtc aggctgaggt     77460
     tccgtctctt ggcttggaaa gataaatgtc cacaattcag agtacagagc acagggacca     77520
     tgctcacagc tcctggttct tattgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgtttt tggtggtggt     77580
     ggtggtggtg gtggtggtgg tggtggttct tcaagaccag gcttctccgg gtagctgtgg     77640
     ctgtcctgga actagttctg tagatcagtc tggctttgaa ctcacagaga tctgcctgcc     77700
     tttgcttcct gagtgctttg ctcagttcct aggtctaagc atgccttggt ctcgagtcat     77760
     tctgaggggt gctgccaccc aatgggagag accctaattg tctaaagcaa cacgagctag     77820
     accaagagtt tggttggttt gttgggactg accagaggag gccccagcag agtctcagga     77880
     gactcatatg gacctgtagt tcagggtgtg gacagaccat ggcagctgga tacagtggta     77940
     agcctacttt ggtgtcgcac cagcctgata gtacagctgc tcacctctgc cctcctggat     78000
     aactctccac agagtggtga ggttgttcgt tttagttgaa gatacagaag cacagctctc     78060
     acctcaaaga agtaaaaacc atgtgttctg gagccagaac cagagtggcc atggccctga     78120
     gcagagagtt aggctcctcc aaacacatgt gcagcttgat aatgctggct tgaaggttta     78180
     tgggaaccaa ataaataaag tcacaaacca aggaaacatt aggtgggcag agcaggaaga     78240
     tctcagccat tgaccttaga tgccatctga gcattcttag cctttggatt acaggaagtt     78300
     tggtgtctat ttgtacattc caaggggatt tacctcgtag tcacaaaggt gttagccata     78360
     ctcaggtgga caaggagtgg caactaaggg gaattacaca tagtgtaggg tatggcatgg     78420
     gtgctggatg gcttttaagg ggatgggtca ggacagggga cgggtgagaa gggactagag     78480
     ttccaacagc agcagagact acttgtgtgt gcagtggagg ggtgctaatg gtgcctttat     78540
     ttactaagcc ttatttcctg aacatagagc taatacagaa ctctcaggac agtctcatct     78600
     cgtctcccca cccaggaatc cctgtccctg agcttatgtt ctttctccac atatgaaagt     78660
     cctcagtgta ctttggatga aaaactagag gccctgattc aaatagtggt ggctgttgcc     78720
     gtgaggaaat gtgtaggcgg acctacacgt gatgatcgtt attttgtaag aggttctctt     78780
     catcctggtt cacatgcatc catcacaatc catcactctt aggccccttt aacttcaatg     78840
     ctttcatatt ctgtgtttat acgcatcagt ttgggctcat gtcacagtgc atagcatgtc     78900
     acagtgcaca tgcacaggtc aggacaactc ttaggagttg gtctctcttg atgccttgtg     78960
     gggattagac tctggtcgtc aggtctttgc actagcatat ctgcccgcag agccatctca     79020
     ctgccccagg ctcattattt aaaaagccat ttatttacct gtctctgcta ggagtaggct     79080
     ctgcctgcct ctctgctctt gagaacccac catgggtcag ggtgtgtcct tcccggtgct     79140
     ctgtcagtca gtcccttaac atctcttagg atgaagcttg cagatccacc caccccctgc     79200
     ctcctgcctg gcccaacccc acccacaggc tgggctctgc ctctggtgct ctctccctaa     79260
     tttgttgtta ggttttctct ggtaggaaag cctggtgtct gagtacttgg caggtggttt     79320
     ctagaacttt cctgtgctct ccttttctat agatctgtgt tccctgtgcc tgggatgcac     79380
     ctctccagct ctccagtgct ggctgcaaaa ggcttcctgc tggtctctgt gcctgaatga     79440
     agattctgcc cccccccccc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagagtt acttccactg aaagtaaggt     79500
     acatgatcac tcactctgta gatttcgtat gtttcctttg gggctttttc ttggggtaga     79560
     gggcttgttt tggtgagtca cacacattag tttatagaat atctgaggcc ttgaaggagg     79620
     gatatctggt tagacagata agaaaggagg tagatcccag tgggtgagac ttctgtgtct     79680
     tctcaggtga gttggtgtca cctggagctg ttagagctga ggacttcctg cttgcagctg     79740
     tgacggagaa ctggttgcac acacacaggc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     79800
     acacacatgc tcacacaccc ccacccctaa gagttccact tgcttagacc atggcaatga     79860
     tgctttagaa aatgctgcaa ctgtgactgc tgggtactgt taaagcccga ctctcccttc     79920
     tcacctgagt tggtttttac ttcataaaga ctgaagtgca ttttttcacg aagattggat     79980
     attaataata gagtttgaca taccttttaa aaatataatg actctgaagt aaagattagc     80040
     ccagttaata ctctagagct cgtaaagaca cagattgcta atccctgagc gctgtttaca     80100
     ggtggggtgg tagaaagctc tggctgtcct gaaactcact atggagatca ggctggcctc     80160
     tgcctcacag agatctgcct gcctctgcct ccagagtgct gggattaaag gaatgagcca     80220
     ctgtacctgg cagatgaaaa tatttttctg aagagcaaaa tttgagttta tccaggtgaa     80280
     aacttaggtg ataaaatcat tcaaaattca aggtcagcaa gtggctgtgt tttccagatt     80340
     acacacagag aaagcagtgg ttatcagtta ttggcaccat ggaataaact atcctgtggc     80400
     ttaaaagcag cagtgattcg tccttgctta tgactctagt ttggctaggc cccgccaaac     80460
     agctctgctc tctgtggcat ctgctgaatg ttggggtgga gctccgtcca ggctgctctg     80520
     ctgaggctgg gcgcagacag tagctccact cataggtcac tgcagcatgc tggcggggtc     80580
     aactgggtgc ttagctatat ggacccaagg agaggaaacg gaaacagcca ggctttgtga     80640
     gggtgaagcc cagaactgac atcgcactgg caatgaatag gcttcatgcc agtctattgt     80700
     ttggagcaaa tagaaggccc tcggcttgtg cagacagagt aggggcgggg gacagggagt     80760
     gcgggcacgc atgtttggtc actaacatag ccagggacag aagaatagaa atatagaccc     80820
     acaactcctg gagtatgcgt gtagctgtgt agaaactact aggggttgtg ggcaagtttt     80880
     ccatcaggta aagcctgagg ctcttgtatc tgcccctggt gacggagttt ttctttattc     80940
     tgtcaaacat ctctggaggc ttatagagtt gaaaggagct catccagttc actgttaatc     81000
     tggagaattt gggatcatcc ataagtagga gataaaaata gcacaggctg tttttattat     81060
     agcaagattt gatgcacgct aatgttctta tcttcaacaa aaaattaatg acttcaaact     81120
     gaaaccgatt cagctgactt cttttactct ttccacttaa gctctgctcg aaagcctact     81180
     gggttggcgc caggagacag tgagtgttcc caccctgttc acattgacct tctgcaagtg     81240
     tctgatgata gaattgtgat tgtgggagct tctccatgcc tgtgctgtgt acaccctgag     81300
     agtccatgaa taattagtct tctccacctc tagaaactca ggctgtttct aactctgccc     81360
     gctgctcctc tttgaggcgc agatagactg tgacgggtgg cattatgaga tgggcctttt     81420
     aactatggct cagttaaagt ggcctgaaag taaattccaa gaagaaaaat tttaatattt     81480
     tttaagttac ttagtgtatg tgttagggta gcaagttcct gtgtggaaac agcctgcctg     81540
     agctggctct ccttccactg tgtgggttct tggcacagtt cagatggtca gtcttggtgg     81600
     catacccttc tcctattgag acatcctact ggcataactt ttcattcttc ttcttttttt     81660
     tttttttttt tgcagcttta ttttatgtgt gtacatgtat gtctgtacac cacatagtcc     81720
     ctggtgtcag gagagagagt agcagatctc cctagaactg gggtctctga tggttgctgg     81780
     ccactgtggg gatgccagga agctaacccg gtcctctaca agagctacaa gtgctcttac     81840
     atacctagtc agctctccag ctcataacta ttcttaaaaa tatttgcttg aaagtgtttt     81900
     ttgttttgtg attttgtttg tttgttatta ataactttat tggtgctgac aagctggaag     81960
     gtgccgtttt tattagtgtt tggtcatcgg cagggttgcc aatttttcct gttggtctag     82020
     ttttaaaaca gatttcttcc tcaatcccca ctaagttacc tttgaaaata tattttcctc     82080
     agcaatgttc agcatagagc cccgaggcag gctcgaaggc tgatctctgg actgaattgc     82140
     tcctatctgg cgcacagggg tgggtggagt agcagctccc tttctgtctc atacaccaag     82200
     gctgcgtctg ttcctaggct tctggctttg ctggaacacg ttctcagggc catgctgagc     82260
     tccaggctct ctctataaag cacaaaggct gggaagatgg gtggatatcc tgagtttcac     82320
     agtcccctgg ggccgtattt ctgtttagag ctgacaattg tcagtgggag gccctgaaac     82380
     actgttcctc tgtgcttcca gaaggttcct ggaagcaact tcgagaaagg cagcagtcag     82440
     cctgaggagg acagcgggtg gagcgggaga ccttggccgc tgcttaagcc tctctggcac     82500
     cctcccctcc gccccggcct ggggagccac atgcttctct ttgttctctc catgaaatga     82560
     aatcctttag gctttgagac aacattcact atggcctgca gacccagccc cttcagccag     82620
     tcgctcccct ccttggactg aaatcacaag ttgtgtgaga gactccgacc agcagccata     82680
     gactgatgcg gtcacgggaa gacctagcaa ggccagagca ctcccatccc taggttttca     82740
     gccaaacctc agggctggaa cgttaaagca tgggctatgg ctttgctaat gtttgaaaaa     82800
     tgcttcctca cccggatggg tgggagagga tctgcatagg aaattctttc cttcatacat     82860
     aataaattgt cactgaattt aaataactca cagtcacaag ggatgctagt aaaaccatta     82920
     cactttatag caactgtcag cccagtccct gcatggctct gagctaggtg aacctggaag     82980
     aagagattca ctcccacagc ccttacttgt gtgcacagag aaagtgtggg aagtgagcca     83040
     caaaagaaga gtactgtcac tggcgcttcc agcgtggcgg gagcctctgg tgggttggtt     83100
     cctgtcctgt gggtaggcag actgacaggc agaatggtga tgcagctgta gcagagaaga     83160
     ttctctcagg cacaagctag ccgtgaggtc ttgctggagc atccagaggg cacctgagcc     83220
     tgctgcccaa cacccagtac acagcaatca ggggctggac ctgcaggaca agggaatgaa     83280
     gaaatgacac ccagccagac acagcgaaac agaaaagctg acatgggcag atctggactc     83340
     tcagatggag aagctgcaga gtgtctattg tgtacagttg aacagagagg ttattggtac     83400
     agattataag gggcaggttt agctaatatc agtaggagcc aactctatag gggagcagtg     83460
     ttcaggcagt cttcatgcgg ataggagaag ctttggtgaa aattctctgt acacacttta     83520
     acatccacac atggatccag ggagaagggt ttgccatctc tacaagccta gcctgggctt     83580
     gaggtacccc agagaaaacc agagataggt attaaggcct ggtgagggga gcgcaacaca     83640
     ttgtttatgt agctatggtt aaaaggataa aatatgaagt attagaggta tttgataaca     83700
     aatgcacata aattatttaa ctgtcatctt tatattttct accagagaca tataagatgc     83760
     ttctgagaag gacagcagct gatgttgaaa tggtcctggg acacagggac accagtggcc     83820
     cactcaatcc cagagcagcc ctaggtagct cattcctcag atgagcagat atgctcagac     83880
     ctggtagaag gtttgagaaa gatgcacaga tagatgctag gcagcagtag agtgtgcaca     83940
     ctcatgcact gactcccact ggtgcaatgt tctgagaaag gaaggggaga ggtcaggtta     84000
     ctgtgctggg ctctgccaca ctcgggtctc aggagacttc tcgccatgtc ccattgtgac     84060
     tctacatgta ttgtccttga cacttagacc tgtgctcctg gtagacttag aaacagattc     84120
     tagacttcct ttagctctta actaaagagc cgaaggaggt tgggggcgga aattagtagt     84180
     agagcattgc cagagtgtgt gagggagggc ctgggtccca ccctgagctc caccaaagca     84240
     aacgccagta agtatttgga tttgtgcagg agtgtacatg agttagtgtt tagagactac     84300
     agatttgcta cccatcagcg atggacacat atgcaaaggg cagaactgaa ggttttattt     84360
     atgaacatgc tggttcatga atgtcacttg gtcttatgat ttaaaacatg cctgctcttc     84420
     caagtcttcg tcccaggttt catagactcc acctgtctca gtccctagat cggaagcgca     84480
     ggaagctcac ggatcttgaa gtcagtgggg aatttggctt catacacagg tggcaagctc     84540
     ttcttggtgc ttttgcttcc ctggctgctg gcagggcctg aatggaagga gcttaggcag     84600
     gtaacttaac ctaaagagac agccagttca cactaagcag ctggactgtt agtgccaaac     84660
     ggcctgtggt taggggcagc tccacttggc acatttttaa tgggaacaaa aggctccaag     84720
     tggtgagctg agatgcagtc ttgagagtgt gtagacatga cctcatcgca tagcttggcc     84780
     atgaagtagg gaaggtgagg tgtcatcacc aggctgcagg tgaggtgggg aatgcttcat     84840
     gtctgagctc tgctgctttc ctacccggga atcccaggtg gtgaaccttg gtcccgccac     84900
     tgtttcccag cctgcttctt cagctctcac tccagcccct cctctttgta gtggttccca     84960
     gacctccgtc agttcatctt gcttcctttg acctgcagtc tgtccactcc caggtctggc     85020
     cgtgactttc tggtgtgtcc tgtctcagtt gtcaaacagc caggaacaga acatcattta     85080
     atggtagatg gttgcgtggt tctaggccct gtggagtggg tggatgaagc tatgagggat     85140
     gtggggtcca gactctgaca gagttcttac aagtcttcct cccccaccag atagagtttc     85200
     tctctgtagc tctggctggc ctggaacttg ctctgtagac caggctagcc tggagatcca     85260
     cctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaccccac catgcccagc tgttttctcc cagtctatct     85320
     gtttatttat ttatttattt attttggttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tatagccctg     85380
     gctgaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aagtccgcct ccctctgcct     85440
     cctgagtgct gggattaccc caccatgccc agctgttttc tcccagtcta tctgtttgtt     85500
     tatttattta tttatttatt ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct     85560
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaag tccgcctccc tctgcctcct     85620
     gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcaccacca cgcctggctc ctctcccagt cttaaggaag     85680
     tggactggga taaatggcca ggtgtcatca ggcctggcca ggaacagtga gggtagtact     85740
     tctctgttct gcagctagac tgactactac taaccagccc tccatgtccc ctactgccta     85800
     ccattctcac caaaacctac cccctctcag tgcttcttct cttagctgcc tggccatgtc     85860
     accttctgct tccttcatct ctgccccaga gtgcctgaag ctctgcaccc cgtgttgccc     85920
     ccagcttcat cttcagatta tgtgtgtctg tgtttgaaag ttcccttgat attacaaata     85980
     ggcaaagcca gtgatagccc aaccctaggt gggggttccc tgtcctatta catgcgcctg     86040
     ggtgttgccg ctaccctcct ggtgtgctcc acctacagct cctttctgtc tagcccatca     86100
     gccctgagta actgtctcca cttggatggg ctttccacct tttccaagta catctgtcct     86160
     tgaaaggatc tatgctttcc ctgggtagac gggaaccatc ttttcaattc acggtaatgt     86220
     cactgccctc tcctgttgtg tgttcattct gcaaacactt ttaggggaca gagctgtatg     86280
     gatgtggaca gagctccagg ggcttcatga cgactgtctt gggcaactcc ttaactgctg     86340
     cagatagcag aggacgttgt caacaggagg cattcagtaa atgtctcata aatgtgccca     86400
     tccatgcatt tccagggatc ccagagttag cacagaggtg aactgggatc tccttctcta     86460
     aggtaacctg tcttcgtagc ttcagtctgg atccaccaag ccagtcacta aagttcctcc     86520
     ctccctccct tcgtttcttc attccttcct gtgagtgctc tgtctgcatg tatacctgca     86580
     tgcccgaaga aggcatcaga ccccactata gatagttgtg agctaccacg tgtttgctga     86640
     gaattgaatt caggacctct gaaagaacag ccagtgtgtt atctccccag ccccatcact     86700
     gaagttcttt aaagagcctg agtctctttc aggccaacta tcagagaccc cgaacattct     86760
     tgacacaagc tcttatgtca aggtccatgg tgtaatatgt gcctatgatc ccaacggcca     86820
     tctcagcacc tgatagggcc ccagcagcca caaagaggag gcacaggtgg ctttgtggta     86880
     gtgaagaaga tgatgatgac gacgacgatg acgatggtga cattccttgc ttccttccta     86940
     ggagatggct ggcagagcgc tcaagcagac gggcagtagg agtatcgaag ctgccttgga     87000
     gtacatcagt aagatgggct acctggaccc caggaatgag cagattgtgc gagtcatcaa     87060
     gcagacctcc ccaggtgagg ctactataca gtgtgtcata ggaaaaggct tgtggtctga     87120
     gagcaggaga cctgcacaaa gaaccagacc tagtcaaccc tggaatttaa cctaggtgct     87180
     cacatgcccc gcccccatcc ctttacagca gcctgtgtta ctgtctagag agttcgtgtg     87240
     tctgctgaat atttccatct ttcagggaaa aaaagagtta agagttgaaa ttttaaaaat     87300
     cttttattgg gcttaaggtc tttgaaaaga gaggcttatc aattccaaaa tcacattttt     87360
     tttttctcac attcagtagc aggcagctct caaggcctgc agctgtgagc agtgtgtcag     87420
     ctttggaagg gacaggttgt gatggtcctc tccagagatg gagtagatgc tctgtggttc     87480
     ctggggcatg atgatgggtt tatgtactcc ctgctccgtg gaagccctgc aggaaaggct     87540
     tcccgtggta aacgaggaca ttgtaagggc ttcccgaggg tttgcgttgt ggtgggggct     87600
     gcacagttct ggtttcctga gacaagaaat tccctcacca gctcctagct ggttcaggag     87660
     tctgtcctga gaatggtgct gcagggaaca ggcccagctc cgtagccact gtctgccttc     87720
     ttgtttttgg tgtgttgtgc tggccacatt tgctcagccc aggcaacaca aagccctcca     87780
     tcagctgtaa ctcctgttca gtgccaaggt tgttgggtaa tttctgtcag gtgtgtgtta     87840
     gcggtggggt ggggtggggc ggggcttatc cctacgagtg gataagaccc cgcctttgga     87900
     cttgaggatt cagggccaga tctagcagag cggaggagtc tgtaggagat gaaaggagcc     87960
     tttgttcttt ctaggcagct gctttaaatg aggagtttca aaatggagaa gtcgggataa     88020
     ggaagcagca gccgtctgtg tgtctgggtg ttggtcaaga gagggactct ttgtagattt     88080
     ttttaaaaag gaatttaaaa aatattttaa ttttgttttt aatgggaaca gtgcacttga     88140
     ttgcaaatat tttgcagggg cagaattccc cctaaggctg gagtcccagg cagttgggag     88200
     ctttctgacg tggatgctgg gaaccaaact caggttctct gcacttttac cttccggagc     88260
     catttctcca tctcctctcc atcattctgt tctcacttaa tgttgggtat agatcacttt     88320
     gtccttaaag aaagaaactg ccaggcagtg gtggcgcatg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg     88380
     gaggcagagg cagaggcaga ggcagaggca gaggtagagg cagaggcaga ggcagaggca     88440
     gaggcagagg caggtggatt tctgagttcc aggacagcta gggctacaca gagaaaccct     88500
     gtctcgaaaa actcaaataa ataaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaattaaa agaaagaaac     88560
     ccaacagagc cttaatttgg aaaataaatg aaaggaaaat gaatatttgg acagtgagta     88620
     cagttctgcc ctttgttagg aaaagtagac tttctaaaca tgacactacg gggcctagca     88680
     aacacagaag tggatgatca cagtcagcta ttggatgggt cacacggtcc ctaatggagg     88740
     agctagagaa attacccaag gagctaaagg gaactgcaac cctataggtg gaacaacaat     88800
     atgaactaac cagtacccgt gagctcttgt ctttagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc     88860
     tagtcggcca tcattgcaaa gagaggccca ttggacttgc aaactttata tgccccagta     88920
     caggggaacg ccagggccaa aaagggggag tgggtgggta ggggattggg ggggtgggta     88980
     tgggggacct ttgggatagc attgaaaatg taaacgagga aaatacctaa ttaaaaacaa     89040
     aaaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa catgacagta agtagacttg gctcctccca aataactgca     89100
     tgtcatggag aaaaccgtgt tggctgtcca ggtagtccct tagcatggct gagcctgacc     89160
     ttaggagcca agtcgtttaa ggcactgtac cccctctggc ccatacatag ccttcccatt     89220
     tgctctttga ccttcagccc catgacccat tttcccctac cttgtgtgcc actttagtgt     89280
     gacaagtttc tgctggtact ggacataccc tgccgggaat cttgagaaga ccttgtatat     89340
     ttgccgagcc ccaaagatga ggctactctg ggaatcaacc tgcaagtagc agcccaccat     89400
     gtgctctgag gctgacttct cactctttcc tctctaggaa agggcctggc gcccaccccg     89460
     gtgactcggc ggcccagttt cgagggcaca ggggaagcac tcccatccta ccaccagctg     89520
     ggtggtgcaa actacgaggg ccccgccgca ctggaggaga tgccgcggca atatttagac     89580
     tttctcttcc ctggagccgg agccggcacc cacggtgccc aggctcacca gcatcctccc     89640
     aaagggtaca gcacagcagt agagccaagt gcgcactttc cgggcacaca ctatggtcgt     89700
     ggtcatctac tatcggagca gcctgggtat ggggtgcagc gcagttcctc cttccagaac     89760
     aagacgccac cagatgccta ttccagcatg gccaaggccc agggtggccc tcccgccagc     89820
     ctcacctttc ctgcccatgc tgggctgtac actgcctcgc accacaagcc ggcggctacc     89880
     ccacctgggg cccacccatt acatgtgttg ggcacccggg gtcccacgtt tactggcgaa     89940
     agctctgcac aggctgtgct ggcaccgtcc aggaacagcc tcaatgctga cttgtacgag     90000
     ctgggctcca cggtgccctg gtctgcagct ccactggcac gccgcgactc gctgcagaag     90060
     cagggtctag aagcctcgcg gccgcatgtg gcttttcggg ctggccccag caggaccaac     90120
     tccttcaaca acccacaacc tgagccctca ctgcccgccc ccaacacggt caccgccgtg     90180
     acggccgcac acatccttca ccctgtgaag agcgtgcgtg tgctgcggcc cgagccccag     90240
     acagccgtgg ggccctcgca ccccgcctgg gtggctgcgc ccacagcacc tgccactgag     90300
     agcctggaga cgaaggaggg cagcgcaggc ccacacccgc tggatgtgga ctatggcggc     90360
     tccgagcgca ggtgcccacc gcctccgtac ccaaagcact tgctgctgcc cagtaagtct     90420
     gagcagtaca gcgtggacct ggacagcctg tgcaccagtg tgcagcagag tctgcgaggg     90480
     ggcactgagc aagacaggag tgacaagagc cacaaaggtg cgaagggaga caaagctggc     90540
     agagacaaaa agcagattca gacctccccg gtgcctgtcc gcaagaatag cagagatgaa     90600
     gagaagagag agtctcgcat caagagttac tccccttatg ccttcaaatt cttcatggag     90660
     caacacgtgg agaatgtcat caaaacctac cagcagaagg tcagccggag gctacagctg     90720
     gagcaggaaa tggccaaagt aatttctcac ccccttctta ctgcgttccc agctcccctt     90780
     tcctatgtag cagccaccgt cagcacgcac ccatctcaga cacggggtga agccaagctg     90840
     cagtgcgtgg ccccccttct tcttccccca ccctcagatg aggaccctgc taacaagtca     90900
     atcagcactc gtactgatca gtgtgctgtg tccttactcg tggagaaagc acatccagga     90960
     tgggcttctg tgaacattct ggaaggatga agaatgttgt catagtgaga tatgttagag     91020
     aaatacacag tatcattggc tcagtaatcc aaattagtga atagtggttt gggttagcct     91080
     ctgtgagaca gtgtctcatc cgcagccccc actgaatggg tctcccagtc ctgccagcgt     91140
     tgtgggtgtt cccagtacct acctctggat gtagctgtta ttttgggttg ttttgttttg     91200
     tttgcttttg gtactgtttt tttttttcat ccttgcactg tgtgtgttgt tttgttttat     91260
     tttagatttt ttttttcacg tgtgtgagta ttttgcctgc gtgtttgtct gtacacttac     91320
     gtttgtgcct gtgaaggcca gaggaaggca ttgggtcccc tgggacagaa gtcacaggca     91380
     gtggagctgc catgtgagtt ctgaggatgg aactagatgc tctggaagag cagccagtgc     91440
     tcccaaccac agagccagct ctccagccct agtagatgtt ctcagtgttc cggagttgac     91500
     actataaagt actatagatg gtgcttttta atcacatttt aaatatacat cacagtaatt     91560
     ttacatcaca taaattagtc atttcagagt ctaggactta agtttgtgtt ctcatttcct     91620
     gttggcccgg agtcattgct tgttttctgt tttcctattt tctttgaact actgaaatac     91680
     taactagatt atggattcta gaaatgtttt ccacaggact ttttttttct tctggttatc     91740
     agatagtctt ttattgaaat attttcttgt tgcttcttaa ctagctgggc actccactgc     91800
     accactgttg atgtcatcta tgatgtcatg agggtggcgg ccatccatat tgcagcccac     91860
     agactgtgca gtacccagga tctccttgat agttccagaa agttctctag ccaaagaccg     91920
     gtgtctcatc tgccgggcaa tgttgacaat ctcatcaaaa gtaatgttcc cactgtgttt     91980
     aactgcagaa agaaagcaca gggcctttta cagcttcccc tgtcttctga gatcatggtt     92040
     ccattttacc tatcgctagg ctgttcccac gctttcggca cagagccatc cacatgtagg     92100
     acagccctgt ttcctaaaag ctgggctcac tgtcagctca ccactggatt gcaccagcca     92160
     acaatactgg tcaggtgcag tggcgggtgg ctggactttt tttttttttt ttttttttta     92220
     agtagtagtg gttttccttg ccttttagaa tgtaaatcaa ctagaaaaag acttttcttt     92280
     ggatttcata tttgcacgta tgtagatgaa tgttccatat agaggtagat gtcgccatcc     92340
     ttatgtagag actgaggctg tctggtgttt cttgtgtagc ctggtagacc tagtctcttc     92400
     cttctgaagg gtcctcactg cttgaaggca gccccgcccc atgcactcgg ctgctgtggg     92460
     gtccctgtaa caggcctttg attttccttg tgtacaggct gggctctgtg aggccgagca     92520
     ggagcagatg aggaagatcc tctaccagaa ggagtctaac tacaaccggc tgaagagggc     92580
     caagatggac aagtccatgt ttgtgaaaat caagactcta ggcatcggtg cctttgggga     92640
     agtgtgcctc gcttgtaagc tggacactca cgctctgtac gccatgaaga ctctcaggaa     92700
     gaaggatgtc ctgaaccgga atcaagtggc ccatgtcaag gctgagaggg acatcctggc     92760
     tgaagcagac aatgagtggg tggtcaaact ctactactcc ttccaggaca aggacagcct     92820
     gtactttgtg atggactaca taccaggcgg ggatatgatg agcctgctga tcaggatgga     92880
     ggtcttccct gagcacctgg cccgcttcta cattgcagag ttgaccctgg ccattgaaag     92940
     tgtccacaag atgggcttta tccaccggga catcaagcct gacaacatac tcatcgacct     93000
     ggatggtcat attaagctga cagattttgg cctctgcact ggattcaggt ggactcacaa     93060
     ttccaagtac taccagaaag gtacagcttc agacctactg tgtgcacctc ctatacacac     93120
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacactttg ttattgtaac ttggtggggc     93180
     atacttcctt ttgtaaagga atgggagagc atgcatgagg ccagttgctt tgttagtgga     93240
     ctttcttact gtattttctt gaccgctaaa ggctttgatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatcacc     93300
     acactgccct attaaaaaaa actttgagcc gggcgtggtg gcgcatgcct ttaatcctag     93360
     cactcaggag gcagaggcaa gtggatttct gagttccagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg     93420
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgaacccccc ccccccaaaa     93480
     aaaaagaaac tttgaaaaat aaatctcaga gttcctggag tcgttgctca gtaaacgata     93540
     cttgaccgcc atggagaggg cctggggtcg tcagtggagg ggaatgtgtg ctgacaggaa     93600
     ttggccagaa tcatgtttct gtttgaagct atggcttcgc ttcagtgttg aattcatgct     93660
     cttttctgtc attccccctt ctccccggta aagggaacca catgagacag gacagcatgg     93720
     agcccggtga cctctgggac gatgtttcca actgtcgctg tggagacagg ttaaagaccc     93780
     tggagcagag ggcgcagaag cagcaccaga ggtgcctggc acattctctt gtcgggacac     93840
     caaattacat cgctccggag gtgcttctcc gcaaaggtat gccagcccac cgccctcctc     93900
     ggctcactgc ccagttgtaa gtcaatgtgt gttactacat gtttgcacct gcctgtgagc     93960
     ttaaggtttc cctagcaaca aggctccaac ctcttacttc tgagctggaa tggcctttgc     94020
     ttcaccagga ttaacccaat atttcctcac cctgtacccg ggaaccttgg gctttttatc     94080
     tcagatccaa gggaatgact ctcacgctaa ctggcttttt cagggtcagc taggggctag     94140
     aaagatggct cactgggtgc ctgtgcataa gacacaggtt taatttccgt cagggaacac     94200
     ctacatcgtt gttcgtaact gtctaactcc agttccaggg gatacagtgc actcttctgg     94260
     catcgacagg cactgcatgc acacagtgca caaacagaca tgttagtaaa acacccataa     94320
     aaatatatta attaacttaa aaaaagtaca gagtgaggtg atagaactgt ttgggctgta     94380
     gggccactgc cgtccctggc cacagttttc aagctctgct gacctctccc ttgtccgggc     94440
     tgggttactc catgtctggc acacaaacta attctccctg ttgggcccaa aaaacctaat     94500
     gggcattaga ttactacttg ttggtgaaat tggtttcctg gataggtggt tggacacacc     94560
     atctgtttcc gaactatagg aacctcactc aggggggtct ttgtggtctg tagtgacagt     94620
     gggtgtcagc ttaaccttgg ggttaatcca gacatagaca gtcttttgtt tatattgtac     94680
     tcatgtcttt agacctagtc caacctggtt cagagtgaga tttttcatca gcatggtggt     94740
     ctgatacagg ttattgatcc tctcagcttg tgtgcacaaa ggtgtctcct gaaagcttat     94800
     aaatgctaat tctggtgcct agtagttctg tagcctgggg ttgttctgca gtgctaggag     94860
     gggctgatga agacagagtc caaagcttta accagctgct tctattcgag gttgctaaca     94920
     agtggctgaa gagtaggccc agaaggaagg gtgggaggga gagcatcagt ggtcagtgca     94980
     gctttcctca gcctcctgta gacagcctga tcaccacagc tgggagtcca ctgccacagg     95040
     gcaggggctg cctaccgttt gtttattttt gtttttgaga cagagtttct acctagtctc     95100
     catgttcttc agcatcattt taaactgatt tgtaaacttt cctgtgaagc catctgcttt     95160
     ttgcacctgc cacataacca ggagtagagc tttgcccaac ctgagttcaa tccctgattc     95220
     atccatatgg tgggaagaaa gaacaactcc cacaaatggt cccttggccc ccaacatatg     95280
     ccacagcaca cacgcccact caaagtcata tgaaactcta gctgctaagt cctgtcttct     95340
     tacttactct aaaagcatcc tgtgtttatg aagaccagtg attaaaaata agaaagccca     95400
     cgtgtctgtt gcctgtggta tctgttagca ccttgtgtga gcccattgga gccgccattg     95460
     gagcccctgc ctgagagcgt gcttttagta gcacagggct gcctctgagc tttctcactc     95520
     cgtcctccca ggatctgagg gagccgctct gagtgacgag agcgctgtct ttcagggtac     95580
     acgcagctct gtgactggtg gagcgtcggt gtgattctct ttgagatgct ggttgggcag     95640
     ccgcctttct tggcccccac ccccacagag acgcagctga aggtaagcgg cacagcgtgt     95700
     cagtgtgtgt gtgtgtccag atgatccgtg tgcctttcca gagccctcgg acagtttcgg     95760
     acctcttgca acacatagac tagagatggc ggttatttat tgtggggttt tccaaagagt     95820
     ctttattttt actatacttt tgaatttttg ataagaaggc aacaaagcta gacatgagtt     95880
     ttattatatt tgaacacctg taattttatg taaaccactt gtggctctct ctcgccctct     95940
     tgttatttcc aagcaagaat aacacgcagt gagatgcagc ggcagctgcc gtcagccccc     96000
     tgcctcgctc gcctgccctg cagagcacca tcatccctgt ggctgtaatg accagctcgg     96060
     tggtcaggct caggctagct gtgtgcattc ccaggactca cggaaagcaa ccggatctat     96120
     cagccagccc ctaagcggct cattctaggt tcacagccac tgcttcccga gtgtgtgact     96180
     ccttattcag agttgagctg aaatcggaac tctttggtta gtggatttat agaagcacag     96240
     tcctagggag gttttttgtt tttgtttttt aatccagatt agtctatggt agagcataag     96300
     aaactttgaa acagtcggtt ggtggtggtg ctcaccttta atcacagcac ctaggaggta     96360
     gaggcagatg gatctctgag ttcaaggcca ccctggccta aagagcaagt tctaggacag     96420
     ccagggctat acagagaaac tattctgggg ggaaaaaaaa aagaaatttt gggctggtga     96480
     gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacccgactg ctcttccaaa ggtccgaagt tcaaatccca     96540
     gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccacccgt aatgagatct gatgccctct tctggtgcgt     96600
     ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaaataaa taaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa     96660
     aaaaaaaaga aattttgagt aaaaactcag ttcaactcaa tgatacaatt agtttttgcg     96720
     ttttctgctt actaggtaaa ttgctgaacc actcactatt atacctgcat aatagtaagc     96780
     cagattattt tttattgtgg taaaatagat gtgacatgaa atttacattc aattattttg     96840
     aagtgtatga tctgttgcct taagtgtgtt ctcatagggc tacacaaacc atttctgggt     96900
     gttctcatct cacccattaa acaactgctc cattgctctc cccggccgct tgtgccctat     96960
     ctcagaagtc aactgggtgc ctcccagatg tgcagttggg ttcttatcta acttacccgc     97020
     cgcctttcac ttagcacgat gtccgcaagg ttcatcctgc tgtgtgtgga tttccttcct     97080
     cttgagactg aatggcagct ttttcaagct gggccccgtg gtttgatgat cgttcctggg     97140
     ttagtgggtg tctggatgtc tcctgccctt tggtgactgt gtagtgctgc tgtgcacctc     97200
     ttactagtgt gcctctgcct cggcctcctg agtgctggga ctgcagaccc acatcaccat     97260
     cggcgggccc ctcccgcttt ggaatagccg ttatcctcag gcgagggtgt gctgtagggc     97320
     accactgagc atgtgttctt attctcatgt gctgtttgtg tgcttttaaa aattcagatc     97380
     gggctggtga gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacccgactg ctcttccgaa ggtccagagt     97440
     tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccct aacgagatct gacgccctct     97500
     tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaataaat aaatatttaa     97560
     aaaaaaattc agatcatttg ttggagttct cgatgcactc tagatgttaa gtccttcaca     97620
     ggcgtatgct ttgcagaccc agtctgtttt atgggtagcc gcttccctct tagtaacttg     97680
     agttaatgaa gtgccagttg tatacccctg actgacctcg aactcacatg gttaccacca     97740
     tacatggcac ggcagtttat aatttccatg aaatccagtg tactctttct ttcctgctgg     97800
     tgtcttggta ttcaggaaga cctttgtcac attgtatagt tttacccctc taaaacattt     97860
     actgtaggtc aaaccctcat tcagcagtca gttatactct ctagttccac actgggccta     97920
     agcctgaaca acgcagacaa ccttaggttt ttcttcacag tatacgtggc ttcatgacag     97980
     atatttttaa tgaccatcca gatgggttca aggccaactg gggtcagtta ctgaaaagaa     98040
     aagaaaaatc ccaggcgact ccctagcctc agtaaatacc gaattgtgcg ctgtggtggc     98100
     ccaacaaaaa cccattgcca tagctgaagc tatgagaggc tcacacttgt tatagctgag     98160
     gtcgaggctg tgcaggctca agacttagat cgatggggtg ctaacagtgg ttctgctgcc     98220
     cacaggtgat caactgggag agcacgctgc atatccctac gcaggtgagg ctcagcgctg     98280
     aggcccgaga cctcatcacg aagctgtgct gcgcggctga ctgccgcctg ggcagggatg     98340
     gggcagatga cctcaaggca cacccgttct tcaacaccat cgacttttcc cgtgacatcc     98400
     gaaagcagcc tgcaccctac gtccccacca tcagccaccc catggacacc tccaattttg     98460
     acccggtgga tgaagaaagc ccctggcacg aggccagcgg agagagcgcc aaggcctggg     98520
     acacgctggc ctcccccagc agcaagcatc cagagcacgc cttctatgag ttcaccttcc     98580
     gcaggttctt cgatgacaac ggctatccct tccggtgccc gaagccctca gagcccgcag     98640
     agagtgcaga cccaggggat gcggacttgg aaggtgcggc cgagggctgc cagccggtgt     98700
     acgtgtaagc ctcagttaac cacaactcga ggaaacccaa aatgagattt cttttcagaa     98760
     gacaaactca agcttaggaa tccttcattt ttagttctgg taaatgggca acaggaagag     98820
     tcaacatgat ttcaaattag ccctctgagg accttcactg cattaaaaca gtatttttaa     98880
     aaaattagta cagtatggaa agagcactta ttttgtggat acccatcttt ttcttactaa     98940
     attataagga ctgactgtga gaaaccatgc tgctgttatt tccatgtgtg ttgtatctga     99000
     tagcacttgt ccacagctag aaaaggaaga gctggagagc gtgaggcaag acgtctgtgc     99060
     aataagagag gatgaggcga cggagctctg ctcaagtcac gaggaccgct tatctacaca     99120
     gtggcttagt tttgtatttt cccacatttc aaattgtgat gtaatgtttg aaagctgctt     99180
     ttgtattttc tcctttgcat attatagttc ctagaaagag tgagcagaga gctggtgggt     99240
     gtgactccgg tgtctggtgt ggagagtact gcatgagcag gggtttctag tataaaatac     99300
     cgtatcttgc cattcacagc aggtcctgtg aatacgtttt taaatgaggt attctagaca     99360
     gtgtgctgat aatgtattgt gtggatgtgt gttaaagaaa tgcatatgta taactgaagt     99420
     gtgatttttt tttaatgtgt gtgtgtcttg gatatgactg agttcttcgg gaggcaaatg     99480
     taaacatttg tcatatataa aacacatcaa aagggattaa gtcagctttg ccaaaacatt     99540
     gacataattc tagcgttttg tccatttccg tagtcctgtc tgctgtcagg tgtggctgtg     99600
     ggagctggac cctgctattc attctttcac tcacagggtt cccgcagcca taggtgatgt     99660
     aagggtcctg cttcctgtgt tctcagccaa ccaggaggtt ctgtgaaacc cagttctttg     99720
     ggcctctttc acatgagagg tgtctgtcac atctcaatgt gacttaatac gtttttctaa     99780
     ctttgtaaaa agaaaaaaag attctttgaa gcaacattgg agtacaaaaa caagccatac     99840
     ttttttctta gacatatagg tgtgtatata actatagata aacacacaaa atagtcctta     99900
     tttcaaatta gtacgcttcc tacttaaggt gatttatatt tgagtacatt cagtttcttt     99960
     tgcttttcaa ggatggaaca catcccattt tcattatgct atgccaaatc ttctcaccaa    100020
     ggttcttagc acagtgcacc cgttacttag tattatctag gcagaaacac ttacaaattt    100080
     atctatgtct aagaaacatt cctgtgtctg gtttacattt gtatgaatgg catattctga    100140
     agtctgctgt gcttgtattg tgacttacag tattctcgct attttgtagt aatgccgtgt    100200
     tatttacagc gctctgacat agtttgatgt ggtaggttct ttctcaggaa ctcaatttaa    100260
     ctattattta ttgatatatc attgcctttg aaagcttcta ctggcacaat ttattattaa    100320
     aactttaaag cctagtctct tcatttgtgg tgttttgttg gaatttgtga gatattacat    100380
     aatcagcatg cccggggctt cccacacttc cctgatgatt tacctacagc caggtacaaa    100440
     cagtctaaat caacctgaga tcgatagtat aacagaatct gtaaaatggg gataaaatat    100500
     atctgcttag ggttttgaat ggattgagat tcaaataaac acaggtggca ggtgataaac    100560
     tcaagggtga acggctgcaa ctccacctgt gtcgtcatga caaccatgga agagggacag    100620
     gagtatgtgg tgtcccctca agctattggc acagtgagga gtaaccttga cccagggatt    100680
     aacccttact ggattcattc acagtattgg aggaagtaga gagtgggtga ggtgtagcag    100740
     gaagcccggg gtgcatgcca tgccctggcc ctggccattg tagggcgagc tgttctggtg    100800
     agtggtgagc ctcacctcag gccctcacat gggatgtgct gaccacagaa tcttctgtcc    100860
     tctaccacag ctttacctgt cccaccaggg gaacggtgac cgacagaagc tcggcctttt    100920
     gttggaaata gtgactgggt gattggttta gtctttctat tcataaatct agtcatacgg    100980
     tttaaaaaaa aatcattatt tcccgataga caatggtcat acttgtgcat cctgggagaa    101040
     gtgcagaatc aggagaaatg tacagtacct cgggaggata ctgagccttt ttcaccagtt    101100
     atcttggcaa tgggttgttg aggtgatttt ttttttttgg ctgcaccact ttgacctcac    101160
     catgtaaccc tggctgtctg tgaacttgct atgtagaaca ggctggtctc aaactcacag    101220
     agatggcacc ttgctctggg attaaaggtg tatgccagcc aggatggcct ctgttgtttg    101280
     agaaccttgt atacggattg attcccacag tggctataca gacttatgtt cccaccacca    101340
     gaggataagc atctacatcc gtgttacccc tcaagctatg gatgctgtga ggaaaaactg    101400
     gatgatgggg ctgtaaccca ggggtggtta aggtgcagaa tgcatttttt aaaagtaatt    101460
     gttggccagt gcatctcttc tttgtctagt ctgtttagta gccatttatt gactgtatga    101520
     ttggcttttt gtcctggttt gtgtatgctt ggcccaggga gtggcactat tagaagctgt    101580
     ggccctttta gaataggtgt ggtcttgttg gaataggtgt gtaactgtgg gtgtgggctt    101640
     taagacccca gtcctagcta cctggcagtc agtattctac tagcagcctt cagatgaaga    101700
     ctcagctcgt cctgcaccat gcttgcctga acgttgccat gttcctgcct tgatgataat    101760
     gaactgaacc tctgaacctg taagccagac ccaattaaat gtcattataa gagttgcctt    101820
     gctgggcgtg gtggcgcacg cgtttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggtggatt    101880
     tctgagttcg aggccaacct ggtctacaaa gtgagtttca ggacagccag gactgtacag    101940
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagttgcc ttgatcatgg    102000
     tatctgttca cagcagtaaa accctaagac acttttaatt tattttttga tgtttaatgt    102060
     tgtatatcct cggtattaat ctagtgtagt tggcaaggat ttctttcccc atcctgtagc    102120
     cagactatct tagttatctt ccgttgtgat gaaacgcttt gatcagggca gcttatagag    102180
     gaaagagttt attagggctt gcagttccga ggagtggaac cttggtcaca ggagtgggat    102240
     gctgaggagt cccagcttga gctgcaagcc tgaaacagaa cgccttccaa atggccttgc    102300
     ctgaaagagc ccatctttag tgacattcct cctccagcaa ccatacctca gactctcaaa    102360
     cactacaagc tggggacgga gcactcaggt gcctggaaca cctaagacag ccttcctgtg    102420
     ctccatgaag atccttgaca gagactgacg gctttgtgcc tttttagcac tcagagctgt    102480
     cagccttcag acccaggttc ttcaactttt tgaaatgtac tgctatagtt taccggtttc    102540
     tttcttttct tttttctttt cttttctttt cctttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt    102600
     ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcctcttct tttcttttct ttcttttttc tttttttctt    102660
     tttttgatag agggtttctt tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca    102720
     ggctggcctt gaactcttgg agatccatct gctgctgatg tccgagactt taaagtgtgc    102780
     ccccacagcc agactatttt ctttgacctt tattctgtgt ttttagtgct tgttcccgga    102840
     acagtggatt tactagacat cttccactgt tcttatattt atacctgtgt gtcaggaaaa    102900
     caaaagtgat tttctcgttt gttcttaccc cagatctgtc gacacaggag atgtctgtga    102960
     ccttggaagg tagagttcca taatgcatct ttggctttga tgagtttgtt tagtagtgcc    103020
     tatcaggttt attatgaggg atattacaaa acatgcagat acgccaacac tgacagaagg    103080
     tatgggaggg gagggccttt agaggtttta cgaggatttc gttccataga tatatgtatt    103140
     tatgaggttt ttattgctgg gataaagata tgaccagaag cagcttggga aacgcaaggc    103200
     aggaggagcc tagaggtggg aagcagagca gcaagcatga agggatgctg gcgtggtctc    103260
     catggctcac gagcctgctt tcttttgttt ttaaacaggg tctcacagta tagcttctgc    103320
     tgagctgaaa ctccctgtct aggccaggct gtccttgaac tcagataccc ctgcctctgc    103380
     ttcccaaggg ctgagactaa aggctttgcc accacactag gcattcagct gctttcttag    103440
     acacacaagg actacccacc tcggggtaac accacatcct ggagtgctgg gctctccgat    103500
     ataaatcatc aaccaagaaa atgccctata gactagtcta taagccaatc tgatggacgc    103560
     gttttctcaa ttgaggcttc tcttcccaga ggactcaagc ttatgtcagg ttgattaaaa    103620
     aaacaacaac aacaacaaca aaaactaacc aggatggcat gagcgattcc tggccacaga    103680
     ggtcaatgta tgcctcagtg cctctctctt ccccagagct gagaagacag agctgaaaag    103740
     tcccaacctt ctaatctgcc ttggtctttg acatgcgacc agcccacatc ctctgcctag    103800
     gagctgtcac gaacgaatga actgttaata gacagagcgg gatgtcttgc ttcaattagt    103860
     gcaggggttt ggggagttgt actggctaga gctgtgtcat taggaagtca ctgttagatg    103920
     tattagttat atgtctcact actgtgatca tgacggagaa ggcgaggtgg caggggtgtg    103980
     aggtaccctc cacaggaggg aggaagagac tagacaggaa gtgtccccct ataaaacttc    104040
     aagtgtccac aacctcccca cacaatgcca ccagctgggg aacgtgtgaa cctgtgtggg    104100
     acattttata atgcaagcta caattaaaat cgtgtgtttc agaataatca caacagcgtg    104160
     ccgtccctgg ctctttttat atcacgttct ggaagattcc cttgacttta tcattcaggg    104220
     gttgtactgg ctggttttgt gtcaacttga cacaggctgg gattatcaca gagaaaggag    104280
     cttcaggtgt gaggaaatgc ctccacgaga tccagctgtg gagcattttc tcaattagtg    104340
     atcaaggggg aaagccatta taggtgattc gatccctggg ctggtagtcc tgggttctat    104400
     aagaaagcaa gcaagctgag caagccaggg gaagcaagtc agtaagtaac atccctccat    104460
     ggcctctgcc tcagctcctg cttcctgacc tgcttgagtt ccagtcctga cttcctttgg    104520
     tgatgaatag cagtatggag gtgtaagcta aataaaccct ttcctcccca acttgcttct    104580
     tggtcgtgat gtttgtgcag gaatagaacc cctaagggtt gtattagact tttgtttgag    104640
     ggataggcat tttgttgttg ttgttgttgt tccttacagg tcattctcgt tcgctaatcc    104700
     attcactttt gtctcatccc tttattgctt gtctgtctct ccctgggatt attatttcca    104760
     aggtgttctc tacttcttcc acagttgtgt ctccttcctc taagttcttt ctaaaagctt    104820
     tgcattgctt tatttcgttt tcccactttc atctgaggtc tcctcacacg actctatctt    104880
     acttgcttga aataatggca tgactaagat atgattcatg tattacaaaa tccacttgtt    104940
     taaaagtgtc cagttctgta ggtcacatct gtaatgcact tcagagactt aggcaggaag    105000
     gtcatgaatt ggaggctaac ctgagcaata gtgtgaaaaa aaaaatcttg tctcaataaa    105060
     acaaaacagg gggccagaga gttggctcaa ttaagagcac tgactgcttt tccagacaac    105120
     cttggttccc cccacccctt cacaaaaaac ggctccagca tgtatggagg tttacaatag    105180
     tttgtaattc cagttccaga agatccactg ccctcttctg gcctcaaaag gtactgcatg    105240
     caggtgatgc acagacatac catgcaccat gggccaacac ccatgcacac aaaataattt    105300
     taaaaaatta aaacacagcc atggaaagaa agaaaaaact atacaatttg gtaggtttta    105360
     gcatatgtct gtagctgcat aatgaccata attttacctc tgttccttca ctcccctcta    105420
     tggaccacct cagaggaggc taagagtcta ttctaccttt ggtctctatg gatctgcctc    105480
     ttctagacaa ttttatcaat aaccttaagt actatgtgac ctattgtgtc tggcttcttt    105540
     cacttacaaa catgttttcc aggtttatcc acactgtagc ccctgccctc acttcattgc    105600
     tatgccccgc tttatttgtg cagtcagtca ccagttggtg gactcttgga tggtttccac    105660
     tgcgggtctt ctgtaactag tgctgcttgt gagccgtctt tatttagctg tgttttcatt    105720
     tctctggagg gtaccctgag tgtgacattg ctagatcaaa tggtaagcat gtgtttaagt    105780
     ttttgaggaa ttggcaaact gttttcccaa agcaaggaac cagcctccat cccaggaatg    105840
     caggacagca cggtgttctc tcaacctgca ctgacactct tcttatctgc cttctttcct    105900
     taagccgtaa gtggcttggg agtgtttctt cattgtggtt ctgatgtgca tttccttaag    105960
     gactaatgat attaagctac ttttcacggg cttattggtt ttatatcttt aatgagaaaa    106020
     tgtctccaaa tccttcacct ttaaatctaa ctttattttg ctcatggctt atgagagggg    106080
     tttatatgtt ctctgtacaa gtgccttatc acgaatatgg ttttcaagta ttatttccca    106140
     ttcccgggac attttggttt tccagttctt tgatattgtt tatgtgttgg ctgttctgca    106200
     catatatgtg cacatatatg tgcacatgta tgtgcagtgc ccacagcggc tggacaaggg    106260
     cactgaatcc tctgcgactg ggattgtgga tggttggcaa ctaccttgtg tgtgttggga    106320
     actgaacctc agtcttttgg aaaggcagcc agtgctctca accactgagg tgtgaggttt    106380
     tgtcttttac tgtctgttat aatgctaagt gtgggccccc aagacctgag tctccatgta    106440
     gcccctatga ccctgccccc aaggtaattc tgattggtga ataatgatgc caactgagtc    106500
     aatagctgcg cagaagagat ataggtgggg tttaggtttt gtgggcttgg gggcagagga    106560
     ggacctcgag ggaaaaggat gtgcaggaga ggaaaaggag aagctgcctt gtgttaagcg    106620
     tcaagaagcg tggccccaag ggctggccaa tcggagctaa gagccgccca ggtgaaacag    106680
     caataacttg gggttctcca taggaaatag attctaacag cgtggagggc aggcagctgc    106740
     ccagctcttg tgttaaggct tattgtaaag agaaaggctg agagtgtgtt tttttttaat    106800
     ctgggaattc aataatcaaa aatggggtag aaacccctgg ccgagactta aacactgagg    106860
     cgtccttcct gccctaatgt tcagtgtctt tttgcttcct tttcttttct cttttctatt    106920
     tttccctttc tttccttttc tttttactgt cttgtcctat cctgtcctgt ccttccttcc    106980
     ctccctcctt ccgtctttgg agataaaaat taacctgtgt agcccttggt gtcctggcct    107040
     caaactcaga agtccacctg cctctgcctc tgccccccaa gtgctgggac aaaaggaatg    107100
     cgctaccacc agccggctta atttttaatt tttgagggtt tttgtttttg ttttttttat    107160
     tttggttttg ggggtttgga gccagagttt ctctatgtag ccctggctgt cctagaactc    107220
     actcacaaca ggctggtgtt gaactcaaga gattcgtttg catctgcctc ccaaatgctg    107280
     ggattaaagg tgagtgtccc cactatccag cttgatttcc agtttctaag aggtgtcttc    107340
     tcaagaataa atattttcaa ttttgatggt ggatattttt ctttgcaata ctggctctat    107400
     gactaaacca tgttcccatt ttctgaggta agacccctcg cagcccaggc agccttcagt    107460
     ctgatcctcc taagctggga ttaaagctgt gcatgccagg atgtgtctaa taactgattt    107520
     cttcagttgc ttgttcttgg tgctgtgcct aagaagcttg tacttaatcc aacatcagga    107580
     aaacagcact cctatatttt tctccaagta ttttctaatt taaccccaac tgttgggcag    107640
     atctgtgatc cattttgaat atttacgggg tgaggaggct ctaatttcat aagcttgagc    107700
     tgaccagagc tatttgtcca aaagactatt ttcttttaac ttttgctgta gatattttgt    107760
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttggaaacaa ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg    107820
     aactcactcc gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat tcacctgcct ctgcctcccg    107880
     agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcaccaccac gcccggcgct gtggacattt ttaatcccaa    107940
     tccagggttt ctaccccgct tttgaccagt tatttcctga taaaagatat acacaacctt    108000
     agactcaaca actttttatt gaatttttgt gattttccca tcatgcaccc caaccccact    108060
     catctcccgg tccctgtgta tctgtcccct gcccttataa taaataggga aataaaataa    108120
     aatagaataa acaaaccttg tcgtggacgc tgcagtgtgc cacagtgtca catggtacat    108180
     acgtctgtcc acacttcttg tatgtgttca ctgcagagtc actgcagagt cactggtctc    108240
     ttttgaggcc tctggcttct gctatacctt aacactgtca agtctcgaat tgagggtcca    108300
     gaaataagca tctgaattga tagcctattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatacag    108360
     cgcatgaacc cctcggcttc gcttgctctc ccatctctcc atcacacttt catccatccc    108420
     agtggcaccg gcagcagggt gtcactgtcc tggcttccac ggactattat ttttaaagtt    108480
     ttcattagca atattaatta tatgtaataa tgggtttaat tataacactt tcatggtgca    108540
     tataatgtat ttttatcatg tttacctcta ttaacgcttc tttttaaaca ggaaagatta    108600
     aaaataacag aaaatcaatt taccagttca gaatattgct tactcaacgt tccacctgga    108660
     accttggatc ctggctccat ctgaagtact taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata    108720
     ggctatcaat tcagatgttt atttctggac cctcaattgt atataagtgt ccttttgcca    108780
     cctgttcttt ttgtcattgt ttcaggattt ttttttcggg ggggggggag ttgtttatta    108840
     ttgtcgattt ggtatttgtt tttgtgtttt gttttttgtt gtttgattgg ggtttgtttt    108900
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgttgtttc atttttgaga caaggtttca ctctgtagtc ctggctgacc    108960
     tgaaatttac catatagagg atcaccactc ctatctgcct accttttttt tttttttttg    109020
     agattgggtc tcattactag ttctggctga ggctgtcctg gaacctgttg tataaaccaa    109080
     actaggcttg atttcttgga gatctgcctg tctcttctct atctacttct acttaaagca    109140
     ttaggtaacc cagaggctcc acttgaagtc tgtgttttta atcacactct gtttagattt    109200
     tgagacaggg tccttctctg agcctctgac ttctatctgg aaggatcctt ttgtgtgtct    109260
     accctcctcc atcaaatcct ggggctgtag gctcatacca aggtgcctgc ctttctacat    109320
     ggatgcaagg accctaactt aggtccttat tcctatgcat caagtgcttt actaagccat    109380
     cttcacagcc cttactgtac tctcctttct tttttttttt ttaagattta tttatttatt    109440
     atttacatga gtacactgtg gctgtcttca gaaacaccag acgaggacat cagatcccag    109500
     atggttgaaa gccaccatgt ggttgctagg aattgaacta aggacctctg gaagatcagt    109560
     cagcgctcct aaccgctgag ccatctctct agccccttac tgtactcttt tttttttttt    109620
     tttaagattt attattatac ataagtacac tgtagctgtt ttcagatgca ccaggagagg    109680
     gcgtcagatc tgtactctta aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa aaccctttcc ttttcctgga    109740
     tttcatcctc ccttatccag tcaattcatt gttaaagcca gggtgggaag tgggagggta    109800
     tttgagttct agtgacttgc ccaataggaa atgaagcatc cagagttagt tctttctaga    109860
     aattgctggg agtgggcgcc acctggtggc caagtctatg taatgaggca aatgcttagg    109920
     gctgctggac tgaagtaatt tacaaagtat caaaactgtt cagtcagtac acagcttggt    109980
     ttttattttt tagatatttt cattagcata tagtgactat acaaaacaat gggctttggt    110040
     ggagcatgtg gctcacacct gccatgtcag tactcagaaa gctgaggcaa gagatggctg    110100
     caagttcaag ttcagccttg gggaatcctg cagaagatgg agaagaagga ttataggagc    110160
     cagagaggtc aaggacatca ggaaaaacct acggaatcaa ctaaccaggg cccaaagggg    110220
     ctctcagaga ctggcatgac aaccagggag cctgcatggg actgacctag gcctctgcac    110280
     atgtgtaaca gttgtgcatc ttggtcttca taggacactg ctaacagcag gggcaggtgc    110340
     tttctctgac tctactgcct aactttggga ccctttcctc ctactgggct gcctctctag    110400
     cctcaatagg agaagatgca cctcatctta ttgcaacttg ctatgccagg ctagttgata    110460
     tcaatgggat ggggaagggg gaaggacttg gaggagaggc aacagtaacc agagattgga    110520
     gcacccaccc aacaaagact agaccagaga tcgacatcag gaaatacctg aaatatccta    110580
     actccagatg cctagatccc agcgtgaaac caggaacatg aaaagccaac acaatatgcc    110640
     ttcaccaaaa gccagtaacc ctattccaac aggccttaag aaaagcacaa gacgggggct    110700
     ggcgagatgg ctcagtggtt aagagcaccg actgctcttc tgaaggtcct gagttcaaat    110760
     cccagcaacc acggtggctc acaaccatct gtaacaagat ctgactccct cttctggagt    110820
     gtctgaggac cgctacagtg aacttacata taataaataa atctaaaaaa agaaatggct    110880
     tttcttatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agcacaagac aaggacttca aaatagcaat    110940
     catgaatatg ttcaaggacc ttaagaggaa tagatcccta gtgaagtctc tgaaaagaca    111000
     gttgaatgaa ataaaacaat tcaagacata aaagttgaat ttaacgaaaa aaaaaaatag    111060
     aatcactaaa gaaaactgaa accagggctg gtgagatggc tcagcaagcc agtaagagca    111120
     ctgactgctt ttcagaaggt cctgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggcttacaac    111180
     cacccgtaat gagatccgat gccctcttct gatgcatctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt    111240
     atttataata ataaatcttt gggacagagc aaatggggtt gaccagagtg agcagagctc    111300
     ctaaattcac ttcccaacaa ccacatgaag gctcacaacc atgtacagtt acagtatact    111360
     catatacata aataaataat ctttaaaaaa aagaaaagaa aactgaaacc aaaataaaac    111420
     tagaaatgaa agatttagga agtcaaacaa aatgctcacg agtaaatctc accaatggac    111480
     tataagatgg agaggccagg tatagtagtg tgtaccttta atcccagcat tcagtaggca    111540
     gaggcaggta actctctcta aactataagc cagcctagtc tacatatgca gttccaggac    111600
     agccaggagc aacatggaga aaccctgtct caacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa    111660
     acgaattaaa tgagaacaca gcatttcaaa cctcccggga catagtgaag gtggtcctaa    111720
     gaggtaaact catataggac tacaccaaaa aaatgagaca gagagcatac tggtaactta    111780
     gtgacatagc agagagctct tgaacaagag atatgctcaa aaagagtaga tgacaataaa    111840
     taaactgggg ccaaaaccaa tgaaatagaa agaagcaaaa aatacaaaac aacacaaaga    111900
     gtcagtgaaa caaagatttg gtttcttgag aagatcagta ggactgacaa acctttactc    111960
     aaaagacaga aggagctggg aggtgatggc gcatgcctcc tatctcagca cccaggagac    112020
     agaggcagct ggatctctga ggtcaagggc cagcttgatc ttacagagtg agttgtaggg    112080
     cacaagactc aaattaattg aggtgaaaag gggaacctta tttcagatac caaggaaatt    112140
     cagaaaatta taaggacata ctttaaaaac gtgtatatca ctgtactggc tagttttgtg    112200
     tcaacttgac acagctggag ttatcacaga gaaaggagct tcagttgagg aaatgcctcc    112260
     atgagatcca actataaggc attttctcaa ttagtggtca aggggaaaag gccccttgtg    112320
     ggtgggacca tctctgggct ggtagtgttg ggttctataa gagagcaggc tgagcaagcc    112380
     aggggaggca agccagtaaa gaacatccct ccaagggctc tgcatcagct cctgctgtct    112440
     gacctgcttg agttccagtc tgacttcctt tggtgatgaa cagcagtata gaggtataag    112500
     ttgaataaac cctttcctcc ccaactgctt cttggtcatg atgttttgtt caggaataga    112560
     aaacctgact aagacaatca ccaaactaga aaaattaaaa agaaatggat atatatatat    112620
     attttaagga tttatttatt attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacacacca    112680
     gaagagggag tcagatcttg ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt    112740
     gaactctgga ccttcggaag agcaatcggg tgctcttacc cactgaacca tctcaccagc    112800
     cctgaaatgg atatattttg atacaaacta accaaagtta aatcaattta aacagaacca    112860
     taacctctag tgaaatagaa gcaataattg aaaatgtccc aaccaaaaaa gtccagcgtc    112920
     agatggattc agcacagaat actatcagat cttcaaagaa ttagttccaa tattcctcac    112980
     actatcccac aaaatagaaa cagaaggaag attaccaact cttgtttacc aagtcagcaa    113040
     taccctgata cccaaacccc acaaaaactc aaaaatgaaa gaaaactata gaccaatatc    113100
     tcttatgaac atagatgtaa aatgctcaat aaaatacttg caaactgaat tcaagaacag    113160
     atcaaaaaga ttatccacca taattaagca ggcttcatcc caggaatggt tcaatttatg    113220
     caaatcatta aatgaaattc aacacataaa cagactgaaa gattacaact acctgatcat    113280
     ctcattacat gcagaaaagg ccaatgacaa aatctaacac ccgtacatga taaaatcctg    113340
     acagactagg gatacaagat acataactca atataataaa ggcaggttac agtaagtcca    113400
     cagccaaatc aacctaaatg aagagaaatt cacagtattt cttaaaggaa taaaaaagca    113460
     gaagaggctc cgagtggggg atggtgcacg cctgtcagtc tagcatgtaa gatgggaagg    113520
     caagaggacc aggggctcaa gctcactcct agctacatgc tgagttccag gccagctgag    113580
     gttatgtgaa actgtcaaaa caaaacaaaa cagaacaaaa aatcaacatc agctcccccc    113640
     ccccacacac acacagatgc agtgtggcag gtgcatgaga gaggggtggg ggacaaggga    113700
     gggagagact gagagaggga gcagagagag aggcagagag agaccaagag agtgcagcag    113760
     cagagtgagg gtatttgggg gacagagaag cagctagttg gtgataggct cacaggaatg    113820
     gccataatga aggggaacaa atgagaacaa agtctagtga caatgaaata taaatgtcat    113880
     aatgaaaccc tttacttttt ttctacagtg cccccctccc ccagtttttt cttcttattt    113940
     gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agtctggcta tcctggaact tactcggtag accaggcagg    114000
     cttcaaactc atagagatcc acctgcctct gtctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcaggg    114060
     gctattacca tccagcccag cccctgaaac ctttttaaag gtcatcaaaa aataatgaaa    114120
     taggatgtaa aataataata atacaattaa acaaaaaaat ctgttctcta atgagataaa    114180
     caagatgggc aaacccttta ggcaaagtaa tcaaaagaga gcaaaaacca aaaaccataa    114240
     aattagagat attacaacca gcaccaggga aattcaaaca gcagagaatg ctgttgctat    114300
     gcttttgcaa gggagagttg cgtgtatcaa aggctatcac atttcttggc atgttgtttc    114360
     cttggaaacg gaggcagtta aacaagctgc ttgaaaactg cacttttttt cctagtgatt    114420
     cctttttatg tctctatttt ctttttttta atatttttat tagatatttt cctcatttac    114480
     atttccaatg ctatcccaaa agtcccccat accctccccc ccactcccct acccacccac    114540
     tcccactttt tggccctggc attcccctct actggggcat ataaagtttg tgtgtcaatg    114600
     ggccactctc tttccagtga tggccgacta gaccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctagag    114660
     tcaagagctc cagggtacta gttagttcat aatgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagatc    114720
     cttttagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct cctccattgg gggccctgtg atccatctaa    114780
     tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc cggcatagtc tcacaagaga    114840
     cagctatttc aaggtccttt cagcaaaatc ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt gtcagcgttt    114900
     ggaggctgat tatgggatgg atccctggat atggcagtct ctagatggtc catccttttg    114960
     tctcagctcc aaactttgtc tttgtaactc cttccatggg tgttttgttc ccaattctaa    115020
     gaaggggcaa agtgtccaca ctttggtctt cgttcttctt gagtttcatg tgttttgcaa    115080
     attatatctt atatcttggg ttatctaagt ttctgggcta atatccactt atcagtgagt    115140
     acatttcatt tgagttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttggtttttc gagacagggt    115200
     ttctctgtat agctctggct gtcctggacc tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact    115260
     cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg ccaccacgcc    115320
     cggcgtcatt tgagttcttt tgtgattggg ttacctgact caggatgatg ccctccaggt    115380
     ccatccattt gcctaggaat ttcataaatt cattcttttt aatagctgag tagtactcca    115440
     ttgtgtaaat gtaccacatt ttttgtatcc attcctctgt tgaggggcat ctgggttctt    115500
     tccagcttct ggctattata aataaggctg ctacgaacat agtggagcat gtgtctttct    115560
     tactagttgg aacatcttct ggatatatgc ccaggagagg tattgtggga tcctccagca    115620
     ttactatgtc caattctgag gaactgccag actaatttcc agagtggttg tacaagcttg    115680
     caatcccacc aacaatggag gagtgttcct ctttctccac atcctctcca gcatctgctg    115740
     tcacctgaat ttttgatctt agccattctg actggtgtgc gatggaatct cagggttgtt    115800
     ttgatttgca tttccctgat gattaaggat gctgaacatt ttttcaggtg cttctcagcc    115860
     atttggtatt cctcaggtga gaattctttg tttagctctg agccccattt tttaatgggg    115920
     ttatttgatt ttctggagtc caccttcttg agttctttat atatattgga tattagtccc    115980
     ctatctgatt taggataggt aaagatcctt tcccaatctg ttggtggcct ttttgtctta    116040
     ttgacggtgt cttttgcctt acagaagctt tgcagtttca tgaggtccca tttgtcaatt    116100
     ctcgatctta cagcacaagc cattgctgtt ctattcagga atttttcccc tgtacccata    116160
     tcttcgaggc ttttccctac tttctcctct ataagtttca gtgtctctgg ttttatgtgg    116220
     agttccttga tccacttaga tttgacctta gtacaaggag ataggaatgg atcaatttgc    116280
     attcttctac ataataacca ccagttgtac cagcaccatt tgttgaaaat gctgtctttt    116340
     ttccactgga tggttttagc tcccatcaag tggagatcat aataaaaaag ttgtcgaaga    116400
     tcaagtgacc ataggagtgt gggttcattt ctgggtcttc aattctattc cattggtcta    116460
     cttgtttgtc cctataccag taccatgtag tttttatcac aattgctctg tagtaaagct    116520
     ttaggtcagg catggtgatt ccaccagagg ttcttttatc cttgagaaga gtttttgcta    116580
     tcctagattt tttgttattc cagatgaatt tgcagattac cctttctaat tcgttgaaga    116640
     attgagttgg aattttgatg gggattgcat taaatctgta gattgctttt ggcaagatag    116700
     ccatttttac aatgttgatc ctgccaatcc atgagcatgg gagatctttc catcttctga    116760
     gatcttcttt aatttctttc ttcagagact tgaagttctt atcatacaga tctttcactt    116820
     ccttagttag agtcatgcca aggtatttta tattatttgt gactattgag aagggtgttg    116880
     tttccctaat ttctttctca gcctgtttat tctttgtgta gagaaaggcc attgacttgt    116940
     ttgagttaat tttatatcca gctacttcac cgaagctgtt tatcaggttt aggagttctc    117000
     tggtggaatt cttagggtca cttatatata ctatcatatc atctgcaaaa agtgatattt    117060
     tgacttcttc ttttccaatt tgtatcccct tgatctcctt ttgttgtcga attgctctgg    117120
     ctaggacttc aagtacaatg ttgaataggt agggagaaag tgggcagcct tgtctagtcc    117180
     ctgattttag tgggattgct tccagcttct caccatttac tttgatgttg gctactggtt    117240
     tgctgtagat tgcttttatc atgtttaggt atgggccttg aattcctgat ctttccaaga    117300
     cttttatcat gaatgtctct attttcttgg aaggtattat taactacatg gtcacttagg    117360
     aatatgacat attttgtaac ttttttatta tgttcaagtt ttcattaagt gctacctctc    117420
     tgcaggctga aatatcacaa aatagctaaa cactcttaaa tggcatagtc tgtcctttgc    117480
     tgattaagca gtgtggtttt tccgtatttc atgttaatgg aacaaaataa tggtgggcag    117540
     tgttattgtg aagcgttatt ctgagcaccg tcttacacat acggaatgcc tgaaattgaa    117600
     gccgaaatgt ttgcagaacc tatagggggt gtagtgtgta tagaagttga tcacaaattt    117660
     tggtatgtca aaagaataaa gcaaataggt ttatctactt tggttacaca ctttaggtca    117720
     ttatgattta ctttccaaat tttaattttt gtaccatttt acccccaggc tttggacctt    117780
     tggagaaaga attaacatcc tagaaagaat agagaatttc ttcatatcca attctccatt    117840
     ctgaataaag ataaggattg tcctgattag ttttatgtcg acttgacaca agctaaaagt    117900
     cctttgggaa gaaagactct cagttgaaaa aaaaactgcc tctataagat tgggctgtgt    117960
     acactcctgc aaggcatttt ctttgttagt gatcaatgca ggagggccaa gcccattgtg    118020
     agaggtataa accatgggct ggtgggcctg ggtgctataa aagcaaacaa gctgaacaag    118080
     ccatgaggag caagccagta agtagcaacc ctccatgcct ctgcatcagc tgctgcctcc    118140
     aggtctctgc ctaggctgtc tttgatgaac tgtgatgtgg aagtgttagg aaaacaagcc    118200
     ctccctcccc aagttgcata gggttgtaat gtttcatcac agcaacagaa ctctgagaca    118260
     ggacagtcag acaaggtgct tgcaatagtc tttgataaga agacttgagg gtttaggggg    118320
     tgtagctcag tggttcagca cttgcctagg actttggact tgatctcagg caagacaaga    118380
     aaccaacaaa ctaaacccca aagtgggact taagctttgt tgggagaaaa gaaagatgtg    118440
     aatcttttct agaggcaggg atcctgccat gggtgaggaa tatggttctg ggtcgaatgc    118500
     tcgccttgtg ctagtgtgag tgaggatgac cccattgggt tataggtgtg aatgcttagc    118560
     cacgagggag tggaactgtt tgaggattag gagatggagg actgggctgg cgagatggct    118620
     cagcgggtaa aagcactgac taatcttctg aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac    118680
     atggtggctc acaatcatct gtaatgagat ctgacgccct cttctggtgt gtctaaagac    118740
     agctacagtg tacttacata taatagttta aaaaaagaaa aaaagaggtg gaggactgct    118800
     ggagtagatc tggctttgtt ggaggaagtg tgtcactttg ggtgggcttt gagttttcaa    118860
     aaacccacac caggctcagt ctctatctgc ctgttgtcta tggatcagga tagaattctc    118920
     agctacttct tcagcaacac gcctgcctgc ctgctaccat gctcccaacc atggtggtaa    118980
     tggactcact tctgaaactg taagcaagcc ctcaattaca tattttttct ttctataatg    119040
     tacttatttt tatgtgtgct gatgtttata catatgttta tgaaagggta ttgtattcta    119100
     gaggtacaaa cagctgtgaa ctgtcatgca ggtgctggga attgaatctg agttctataa    119160
     aagagcagtc ggtgccatct cttcagcccc acatactttc ctttctaggt cttttatcag    119220
     tcctggtgtc tcgtcacagc aataaaacag tgactaagac agtgttccag cactgcaaaa    119280
     catttataag ttaaatctca atcttcgtca agcatttcag tgatcagcat taagaactag    119340
     gtaacacaac ggcagaacta taaatgtaac ttttattggc caagtgtaat tgtcatcctg    119400
     gaggcttact gctgactaag ctcatccttt ctagctcttt ctgaactctg gctggctggt    119460
     tcaactccgc tgttctggcc caaactcctc tccaagctga cagattcaaa tggctgctca    119520
     gcttctgact gaagtactct tcttggcctc aaatgaaccc tggcaatctg ttctaatctt    119580
     ctgtcttctc cctggaacct taaagaaaca taaatacagt cccccaaact gaaaagcatc    119640
     ccgagacata tacgtgaaat tagaaagtaa cagaaaatag gagataaaag gattatcgcg    119700
     tggatagttt tattcgaatg tgcagtggtg ttttgccctt gtgcatgtat gtttgaggat    119760
     gtcaggttcc ctggatctgt agttagttat gacagagcac tcaggtcccc tggaagagca    119820
     gctaagtgct cttaaccact gagccatctc tccagcccca gaatggacag ttggaacgtg    119880
     aagttctcag atctctctgg ctttagcagg ctgtgttgtg tgtgttaggg aggggttaag    119940
     tgggagctgc tggtttctgt agctgcagtg ttcttggggt taactgtatt tcactcagtg    120000
     atatccctgt tcctaaaacc tggagtaaga taaggacttg tttccatcac tagtattcca    120060
     tcacctgttt tcatctatag tattggagtg ttcctagcca ttgctgcaag caggtttgcc    120120
     tttggctttt ctcagtcact aaagacattt tgggtttgac aaatcggaga actgtcagcc    120180
     cttgagccag ctatctatat cctgtcatct tatcagtaat tcctccttat tctctattgc    120240
     tgccaaccat ccaggctctg gactctagca tccctctttc aatggtccct tttttgcctt    120300
     cagcactgag gcacttttca gttccagcag taccaagtag tttgtgagtc agtctagttt    120360
     ccaggcccgt ctttaataaa cttgccatga aatagaattg tccacttgaa ccacacatac    120420
     caccatcaaa tagtaatttt tttttacctg ttgttacttt tctgttgcta tgataaaata    120480
     ccatgataaa gagcaattta gagaagaaaa gtttattttg gcttttcaga aggttggagt    120540
     ccatcatgat gagaaagaca tggccacagt caatgaaagt atggtgccag gagtaaaaag    120600
     ctgaattacc atatttcatc cacacttggg aagcagagat atgaaacagg aattgggaga    120660
     gactataacc ccctactcct agtgaagtaa ttcctctggc aaggcgccac cttcccaaac    120720
     agcaccacca actagggacc aagtgttcaa atacatgaat ctgttggggg cggtttttat    120780
     tcaagccatt tcacttccat aatacagcac tgttgtgagc agggtcctta cagcatggag    120840
     ttcttttaaa gtcgttgaat aactattatt aactcataag tgaaataaat cccagcagtt    120900
     gggaggcaga ggcaaagaac ctagtttatg gagaatctgg aacccagctg tgaagtgtgg    120960
     attcgggtgc agagtgatac aactgctgta catatagaca tgcacacaca cgatgggaga    121020
     ttagttagcc tcctaagagg aaggaagaac atactctaca agtatgttag tcttgagggc    121080
     atcacacaga taatttgact tctttccaat gtagatgtct cacctattct tccctacttg    121140
     ctccgaagat gcctttctgt gttgtactaa acataaatac aagacaaatt gcatttacag    121200
     atttcataca ttcaatgcta aaactttttt gtgtgtgtat acatgaacac tgcatccatg    121260
     tgagcaggat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatacacat atatatatgt    121320
     atatgcacac acacacacat atatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgactgc agtgaactgg    121380
     acctatgtac tataagagaa gttagaagtt aagtgttctt ggttgctgag ccatcccctc    121440
     agccccctgt tttattttac tttttttctt tctagggctt gaattcctta tagatgcaag    121500
     gcaagtcctt tatggactga gttatcttct attctggttg tttctctgtt gctttgtgaa    121560
     aaatcatgcc cttgacaaag gtgtttattt cagcttatgt ccatcactga gaagccaggg    121620
     caggaactca aggcagagac tgaagcagag accacggagg aattcaactt acacacttgt    121680
     tctccagcgc ttgctcagct tgttttctta taaaccacga tcatctatcc caagggtggc    121740
     accacccaca atagactagg ccctcccata gaaagcacga attaagaaaa tgcccacaga    121800
     catgccctag gacaacctgg tggagacaat tccttttctc agatggctct agtttgtacc    121860
     gagctgacaa aaaactaagc agtacatttc ctcagctcca cagaaatgct tttatcagtc    121920
     agctttgcac aggttactag tgggaaaaat acaagctcct ttcgcttata gttttggagg    121980
     ttcaaagttc aagactaggt agtggtggat gttgttaggt ctctgtgaag gtggtgaatc    122040
     acgacagaag tgcatctcag agtgagcagc agtcagactt caaggcaaag tggagaaact    122100
     ggcaacattc tacatcctag aaagttttgt tttgtttttt aatagctgag tgtagtagct    122160
     cacaccttta ctcatggtac tcagaggagg agaaagacag atctcttgag ttcaaagcta    122220
     acccagtcta cagaggttta ggatagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tcttacaaac    122280
     aaaacacccc aatatagttg gaaagaagca atcaagatga tacaaaacta attatttaaa    122340
     atgttagggt tttatattct taagatttat ttataaataa ataaatacgt aagtacactg    122400
     tagctgtctt cagacacatc agaagagggc atcagatctc attacagatg gttgtgagcc    122460
     accacgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcag tgcacttaac    122520
     tgctgagcca tctctccagc ccccaagaca gggcttttct gtgtagtcct ggctgacctg    122580
     gaacttggtc tgtagaccag gatgatccca aactacctgc ccttgcacat caaccattaa    122640
     tcaagaaaat gccccacaaa tctgctcaca ggataatttg atgaaagtaa tatttcaact    122700
     aagaaatatt acttaatttt caagattaaa gacccttgtc cagatgtctt agtcagggtt    122760
     tctattcctg cacaaacatc atgaccaaga agcaagttag ggaggaaagg gtttattcag    122820
     cttacacttc cacattgctg tttctcacca aaggaagtca ggactggaac tcaagcaggt    122880
     caggaagcag gagttgatgc agaggtcatg gaggaatgtt ccttactggc ttgcttcccc    122940
     tgacttgctc agcttgctct cttatagaac ccaagactac caggccaggg atggcaccac    123000
     ccacaatgga ccctctcacc cttgatcact aattgagaaa atgcctgaca gctggatctc    123060
     atggaggcct ttcttcaagg gaggctcctt tctctgtgat aactccagct tgtgtcaagt    123120
     tgacacacaa aaccagccaa tataccaggt aagtctagat ttgtgtcaag ttgacaaaaa    123180
     ctaactagca cagtgtatgt tacggatgca tgaaggcaga caagtgcaga ggtcagaggg    123240
     caatttacag tcagttctct ctatttgcta tgcactttag gattgaagtt aggtcctcag    123300
     gctagtactg aaagttcttt tatctgctga gccatttggc tggcccctgt tcacacaaat    123360
     ctcaacagga aaaccaccat taacagcact tcaactaatt ttgtcatctg gtaatgaaat    123420
     gaaagacact tttatttctc aagcaaaaaa aaaaaaatct cattaattta cttctcaaaa    123480
     atagtagaga agtcaaaaaa atccaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaccgattgg ccatgccttt    123540
     aatcccagca ctgaggaggc agagggcagg tggatctttg tgtttgaggc tggcctggtc    123600
     tacagcgtga atagaaaaat cctgttaaaa acacaagaaa aggggctgga aagatggctc    123660
     agcggttaag agcactgact gctcttctga aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca    123720
     tcgaggctca caaccatcca tagtgagatc tgatgccctc ttctgtggag tctgaagtca    123780
     gctacagtgt atttacatat aaaataaata aataaaggca ctgagagtgg gtggggtgaa    123840
     gagaagaatt tacatttgtt tcaatagaaa caatagtaat agagagatag cttagtggtt    123900
     aaaagcactg gctgcaattc cagaggactc aggttcagtt ccagcaccct tacaatcatc    123960
     agtaactcca gttgctgggg atttgacact ctcacacaga catacatgca cacaaaacaa    124020
     tgcacataaa ataaaaaata aatcatttaa aaattaatgc aattctattt cgaagacaca    124080
     aaacctcaaa ggggcggagg gcagacttac aaatctctgg gaaaaccagg aagtctacag    124140
     aaggaactca aaaacgtgga ttttccccag aaagcagaac aggcagtcaa caaaactcag    124200
     aaaatggagc tgtcaggtcg aaacatacaa atacttcaac tagaccacct tttgaacatt    124260
     gaactagctg atgtcgggat cactttcctg gacgtagact ttgaaaaaca aaaccttaaa    124320
     gaaccggaga gaagacagcg cgttgaagtt actgtaacgc acctttcctc gcagattctg    124380
     tacttagcat tgctattata aactcctgaa gtccaaagct ggcggcagct gagcccttac    124440
     tgacttcagg aagccaagtg gttagggaga gggtttcaaa aatcaagaaa accaagcatt    124500
     tcgtccacgg atgccctttt ctcacagcgg aatgaaccgc ggagcgggag gcatgaattc    124560
     tgggcgtaga cgcaccctta ggagagcgct tccaaggcta agagatcctg ctccacaccg    124620
     gacagcctat gggagcgaga ggaagctccc gcacgggcag gacacccaaa ccttaacccg    124680
     cagctaacgg gctgcgcggc tccggtccag gacctcgcgg cccgcaccca gcagggaacc    124740
     acgcatgcgc aggccccaga cccgcgcggg atgcccggcc gcggctgaca gagccaaccg    124800
     ctcggcctcg cccggtgccg gctgccgccg ccctcctccc agcgccgcga ccgggctcac    124860
     gcttgtctcc ttccagctgc tcaggaatcg gcggtcccgt caggccgctg ggggcgcgac    124920
     gccgacggct gctgcgacag cccgggaggc gcgagaggcg ccggggtcgc ggcggcgatt    124980
     ggccggccgc ggcgcctgct cccagaatgc agcgcatggc gcgtcattga agagagacca    125040
     tgatggcggc ggcgctgggg cccccagaag tgatcgctca gctggagaac gcggccaaag    125100
     ttctgatggt gaggacgccg ggtccggaga aacgggggat tagtgggact ccggctggct    125160
     ctccctggtc aggcctgctg tccgctgggt tggtggccag gaagggcctt gggatgaacc    125220
     ctgaagtgga ggtggtggtg gcgtggcgca ggattctcca tcctactttc ctcttgcctt    125280
     ggttctttac tttctagtgc tgtctccttc cctgaccgcc ttgttcctcc gcctggcact    125340
     ggggtgtagt ggtgtaagat ggagagtttc ctgtgccgcc agcttcgctc catacctcgc    125400
     taggcagact gggtagcaga gcaaggcaca gggtgaaccc cgcaggactt gggttaggga    125460
     acattcttgg gactgtgtgc atgacgctgg ggagttgatc ctgttaggag agggatggca    125520
     tagtctgggt gctgttagca accctcgttc tcttgtggat cgggtcccct agctctttgc    125580
     ctgacatgca gactgttctg ggtaaccgca gcaggcggca cgtggacgga ccggccggag    125640
     ggagagaggc taatctttag gaccaaggtc gttggggcaa aacttggttc aagacctact    125700
     ctttgtgggt ttcgcgtttt ggaaaactga ctctgtggca ggttcccagg tacttattag    125760
     ctgaagtcta acaactacca cgaaatagtt tggtgagggt gtttgagcag gacgagtcgg    125820
     tattataaac aggatttcac atagggagca aaagtaagga gaaggatact gtttcgttac    125880
     ttagtaaact gtgtgtctta tgcttgctgg ctcagcctga tttctttctt tcgttctttg    125940
     taaattatga cgattgcatt tgtagggttt tttgttttgt ttttaaaatt agatgtccat    126000
     tttattactt gaaatgattt agacatttta acaactaaat gcagctagat ttctttttta    126060
     ccctacttta aggttactgt caaggattct gttggagcat cctatttaag gatattttag    126120
     ttaaggcctg gagagactgc tcagtagtta agagcacgtg ttgcttttcc agaggacctg    126180
     agcaggttcc caggtcaggt agtcagtagt taccaattgt aactccatta agttttgtct    126240
     tcacatacaa tataagatgc tttggctttt agaaagtgag aagagggcct agagagatgg    126300
     cagctcaggg attaagatca cttgttgctt tagcagagga ccctgctcag aacccatggt    126360
     gatttacaac tgtccttgac tccagtttca gggtatccga tgacctccac gggccatgca    126420
     gataaaacac ataaataaat cttttaaaaa aacatgcagt aaaatcttag gtttaataaa    126480
     agtttacgaa aatccccaaa tacagcaccc ccgaaaatac ctgatttcct aggaaatagg    126540
     ggtaatgttt ttaattaaat tccaagaact caacagtgct ctagtattga aattgatagg    126600
     ttaattgatg gtgttcatca tcggcctgat gggcatgaaa aacagtacta gtattctgtt    126660
     gagtgctaga tttgggttct atattatgaa ttcctgtagc agctttgtac tgtggagaga    126720
     aactgaggtt caaagcagta ggtcacagca aatttagtga tgaaactgat tcattactta    126780
     gtttaccaga ttcccatttc agaatttaga actctttact ctgtagcata gctaggttag    126840
     acctcactat gtttgtagcc catgctggcc ttgacatttt tgtggtcctt catcagcctt    126900
     cagagtgcta gaccacaggc acgcgctaaa tcctaacact tcttaactgt taatttttta    126960
     ttcaacatgt tgtttttctc aaaatcagca tattaattat cctacaaggg tacatttaga    127020
     atcagtcctt ttaaggttat ggagtaagat gtcaaacata aagtataata tggacctaca    127080
     gggtgacggg tataaagggc ttagtgagat ggatcactgg gtaaaagtgc ttgccaccaa    127140
     gcctgggacc tgagttggaa ccccagaagc aacatggttg gaaaaaaatg atttttgtct    127200
     gacaggtatt aatagggatg ttttctgtaa acactgcttg ctaggaaata aatgtaaagg    127260
     tagacgagct agaatggtga agtgctgttg taacttagtc atgataacca aataaagtca    127320
     cataactttc tgagaacatt gtggaaatgg gaaactgttg ttttgagaca gtgtctcatt    127380
     tttagtctta gctggcttgg aatggaggtc tgtaggtcag tccaagcgtt agaatgaaag    127440
     agtgtaccac cacacctgac agtggggcgt ggggtagggc aggggggctg ggaatggctt    127500
     tattttgaga cagggcctgt tctggaactt cctttgtagt ccactctagc cttgaatttt    127560
     ctgtctcctt gcctcagcct cctgagtgct gggattatag gaatgtacca ccttaccttc    127620
     atggaaatgt atttaaatac gcttcccaaa ttcatttttc aaaaagattc aggttgttga    127680
     cttttgcttg aggatggtag ctattttaca gagtaaaacc aatcatactt cctatgctga    127740
     cattctcttc attgagagtt tttttttttt ttggtttcaa atttaatcag gctacctaaa    127800
     tgtagtcttg aaaacttgat attgaaaata tatattatat cacaggttat agcagaaatt    127860
     atagcagaaa tatcaagctg tattatttta aagtaactca attcacaaat atttcccacc    127920
     catttcccct tcttatgtac actgcgtaag tttcaatatg ctttgccctt tccactgtct    127980
     cttacaacac atactctatg ttctttccta cctacttact tactggcttt tatgatgcat    128040
     agtctatggt ttttcctatt tactttactt atccattcat ttttatatca atgatgatat    128100
     actatgagta ttatccccga cttaaaatgg tctttagcaa ttacttctga acagtaacag    128160
     ctcaagctgt gcagaagtgt ggaatatgag gcaattacaa ttccctacgc tgctcccacc    128220
     acccttcagt gagaactgcg tcttgagtct ccacatggaa catctctagc attatagaaa    128280
     catgtacaca ggcctaccca ctgtggtggc tcatttgttt aattctagca cttagggagc    128340
     agaagtagga ggatctctgt gtttgagact agtcctggtc tacttagaga cttctaggac    128400
     agccaaggct acacatatag tgagaccttg tttcaaacaa aaaaccctaa gaatcaaaat    128460
     aaaacagaca gcaaacaaaa aatatatcaa gaagaataat tatgaaaata accaagaacc    128520
     tttttttttg tttttaattt taagacagtg tctctctata aaatcctgcc ctgtcctgga    128580
     actcactgta tagaccaggc tcaccttgaa ttcacagaga tccacctgcc tctgcctccc    128640
     aagtaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcatgtgcc accacacttg gccaccaaga acatttttaa    128700
     agcaaaaatg aagggtcttc agacttgatg tgccacttac taaagtgtgt atagaaacta    128760
     ccataaatga actgttagtg cactgtcata gaaaagaata gaaagttgtg ccaggcagtg    128820
     gtggcacacg cctttagtcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggtggatt tctgagatcg    128880
     aggccagcct cgtctacaga gtaagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg    128940
     tctcgaaaaa ccacaaaaaa gaaaaagaaa aaagaatagg aagttgtatc aggatggtcc    129000
     aaagcaagta aataggacgg tgcttccgac tgtcaccatg aggggaagta gactctgcta    129060
     atagaagtag aaaatatgac aaattgtggt aaaaggttgg cactgagttc cagaagcctt    129120
     aaaaattcat cttttttttc tcctgctatt tcacttgtag gcatttattc agtctataca    129180
     agtaaactgg tattctatga tagttaatga aattttatag aattaaaaaa accataggtc    129240
     taataatatg taggttttta aaaaatattt atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactatag    129300
     ctgttttcag acaccccgga agagggcatc agaccccatt acagatggtt gtgagccacc    129360
     atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc tcttacctgc    129420
     tgagccacct ctccagcccc tgttttggtt ttgttttctt tctttttttt ttttttttgg    129480
     tgggggtttt gggggggagg tgacacagtt tgagaccaga tttttttatg tagccctggc    129540
     tgtcttggaa cttcttaaat agatcaggct ggctgcaaat tcacagagat atccatgtgc    129600
     caccacaccc agcttgactt tttttttaat ggaaagatct gagtggacat ggaaagatgt    129660
     tcaagataag tgaggtaaag gtgcagaaaa aaatttgtcc tattttattt tattttattt    129720
     ttttttaaat aaaacatata gcaggatgtg gtggttcatg cctttaatcc cagcactttg    129780
     ggaggtggag agacactgga tctctgaatt taagcttagc ctggtctccc actgagagca    129840
     gtagttcagt cttcttaatg ctgtgactgt ccaatacaat acagctcctc atgttgtagt    129900
     gactcccaac cataacatta ttttcactgt tgcttcataa ctgtagtttt gctactgtta    129960
     tgaattgtaa tgtaaatatc tgatatgcag gatatctgat atgacccttg aaaaggtcat    130020
     tgaacccccc ctaccctccc tgtggttccc caggggtctg gaaccacagg ttgagaacca    130080
     ctgacagttc tggggcggcc agagctacat agtgaccctg tctcaaaaaa tccaaaaaaa    130140
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaggtgatg gaagaggaag aagaggagaa ggaagaggag gaggacgaga    130200
     aggacaatga cgatgaccac atgcatgtat ttgggtctcc ataggacagc actggaaggc    130260
     ctgcactaca ttgttcagag tgacagtgga atgtgattga tgtggcaaga gccttcagtt    130320
     tctcttttaa tgtgtaattt gaaaatttta tagtataaaa cattacttga ctcataaata    130380
     atctttgaac tcagttcccc tgcaagagca ttacatgctc ttaactgctg tgacatctct    130440
     ttagcccccc ccccccgaat taattttttt agttgataat ttatgtattt ttttggggtg    130500
     gaaccaggtg atgtttgata catgaatgaa tacatgtaca tatatattat gtaatgttca    130560
     aatcaaggtc ttttatctta aagaagattg attacaagtg tgtcatagtt tatacgaagg    130620
     ctgggtttgc agtattggat ttgtaggtca ggttactctg tctccacaga tctgtgtaac    130680
     tgctgctagc ttagcataat ttggtcaaca aataaagaga aaatgttttt ctttctttct    130740
     tttttttttt tttaagattt atttttattg tttatttttt tatatgtaag tacactgtag    130800
     ctgtcttcag acacaccggg agagggagtc agatgtcatt aaggatggtt gtaagccacc    130860
     atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcagaacc agaaccttcg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt    130920
     aaccgctgag ccatctctcc agcccagaaa atgtttttca agtgaggaaa agttaatgga    130980
     aaggcaatag ggacttactc tattcagttg taattgtgag aaaagttagg tcacctctaa    131040
     ataacagtcc ttaagagtag agcttttcaa agtttagact gtacagtcag tcttggggtg    131100
     actgcaaaca tcccagattc tcttgtcttc tgtagagaag tcctgattaa gtagacagta    131160
     tttcattcta gttcctggtc tttaatactg aaacccttta gatctagaag ctcagctgag    131220
     ttcttggcct actttacatt ccagctatga aaccgttccc accaagtctt ctttctctac    131280
     cataatcttg caaggcccag tacaaatgga aatgttaaaa aggagaatga aagtactgcc    131340
     gaaggttgca aagtacaaag cattttcttg ttaaatattt tattataaag caggtggcag    131400
     ggggtggctt agttgctgaa gtacagactg ggcaggcatg aggagctcta ttcagtttcc    131460
     cagaggccag atgcagaagt gcaggtctgt gactctcact ggggagacac agacaagcaa    131520
     gcctggagct tgccacccag tcaattttaa cagtagatga gctctgggtt caaaaagata    131580
     cttgtctcaa acaggacaag atggaaagca gcagaggaga acaccatcct ctagtccaca    131640
     gaacacctgt acgtgtgcat aaatgagtac gcgctgtaca tggatatgta atagtaattt    131700
     gtgaggaaga taagtcacag aacatggtat tttggtatca caatgtttaa gaaataatta    131760
     ctattattta tgtatatggg tgttttgcct atatgtatgt ctatgtacca tttgcatgct    131820
     gaggtcagaa aggagtgtca gattccctgg aactggagtt tacataaggt tgtgagccta    131880
     tgtggatact gagaattgaa cctgggtcct ttgggagagc agacagtgct ctttacactg    131940
     gggcatctct ccaggcttca cttttttttt ttttaaattt aaaaaaaaaa tttttttttg    132000
     agacagggtt tctctgtata gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg    132060
     cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcatgggc    132120
     caccacgccc ggctcactat ttttgtataa tgtagttgat gtgttgtctt gattggttat    132180
     gtttttctat aaatgtatta attttttttt ttggttgtag tttgtgttgt tgtttttttg    132240
     agataagatc ttcctggctg gtctggaact ctagagatga gtgtgctatg tgttgttttc    132300
     aaaattcttt ttgcaagttc atctttagtc agtagggttg acagtgacat cagtggcttt    132360
     tgccaaatat aagactacag tttttttctt gtagaaagat atttctgctg atgcatctat    132420
     tactacagct gctgtatttt aaagttagta acattagagt agttttctag ttaattattt    132480
     tgaagtatta aatacattta gagctgatga ttcttacaga tttaaaaatt tttttttaac    132540
     tatacagtct atgtacgttt gaagttagtt tagatgtaaa tgtacatagt gtttctgttt    132600
     ttcttctgac agttgttatt ggtagtagtc ttacagtaca ttcttaagag actcacttca    132660
     tgaggtatag aatttaaaga ccctgattat gcactttgct taatctttta tcttcattta    132720
     taagaaaata attttgaatt ttttcctcat tagaaattag gtcatataaa atgtttatat    132780
     taaaatatca ccttagtctg gtgggatagc ttcagtggta gagctcttgc caagtgtgca    132840
     tcaggccccg tgtttaaaac taatttcttc cttttagtta cttgcttttt tttttttttt    132900
     tttttttttt ttggtggaaa ttcagggaag ccacatgtgc cattgcaggg tggtgctggc    132960
     taccgctggc caccacgcat aagtttgggt aaacaaccaa tgtgtacata tgcagtaaag    133020
     tttttcacca agtcactgcc tggccggggc atgataatga ggctccatga gctactgaga    133080
     gagaataacc aatcagatga gagacatgca aatgaggtat gataatgagg ctcagtgagg    133140
     tactgagaga gaataaccaa tcagatgaga gacatgcaaa tcatgcaaat gaggtataat    133200
     gaggctcaga gaggtactga gagaataacc aatcagatga gagacatgca aatgaggtat    133260
     gataatgagg ctcagtgagg tactgagaga ataaccaatc agattagaga catgcaaatg    133320
     atgcaaatga ggtatgataa tgaggttcag tgaggtactg agagagaata accaatccga    133380
     taagagacat gcaaatgagg tggaaagcct aaccaatccg ggtatgagac acgcctctcc    133440
     taggcttata taagcagcac cagttctggg cttggggtct ttttcgcctc tgcaatcaag    133500
     ctctcccagt aaacgtgtgc agaaggatcc tggtgtggcg tctgctttgc tggcgagtcg    133560
     gcgctcacaa gaaccagtgt tcgtaggatc tctgcttgct cccgctcaaa gattattatt    133620
     atacataagt acactctagc tgtcttcaga cacaccagaa gagggagtca gatctcatta    133680
     caggtggttg tgagccttta tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct ttggaagaac    133740
     agtcagtgct cttattaccc actgagccat ctctccagcc ctctagtgat ttcttgaagt    133800
     gattctcttt gttctataat ttattgaccc aagttcactg agtgtggctg acagttttta    133860
     tccgtggtgc tcaggttctg gttagggtta gagtttaggg ttaggctctg gtgatagata    133920
     ggcaagatgg tttcctactc taggttcctg catagtctgt gtatgaagta ccttagcatg    133980
     tcactgctgc cagtcaggcc taggtctcat ctcagccacc tgagagacct tggtgcccca    134040
     gtttaccctg aagtgtgtaa gttcctaagc acttcaggac agcaatagtg atgtcctttt    134100
     gagagtgggg ccctatgtga ctatagaatg cctgcccctg aagcctgcat tagctcttgc    134160
     attactgagc catccatctg tcaccattga ttggcactct tttagagcct tacttgttta    134220
     tgttcgttga cctaagatgc ccctctctga cttttgccta gttaacacac tcaattactc    134280
     tatttcttag ttcctgtagt ttattttggc ctagactaat gcttgtttgt ggtcccaccc    134340
     ccacccccgg ctgccacttt ggtaacattt ctaagcatgc agtgatacac agtgagactg    134400
     ctgactgctg tagctagcag aaagcccctg cagcattaag gggtcatgtg aattgctaac    134460
     tcacttttgt cctgcagcat caagcttatg tagggtcaca tcatgtgcat tttagatagt    134520
     caatcatttg aggtagaaat atttgagcag agtgtggtag gggacggcag atagtgctgt    134580
     ggagagtctg gagacagact tctcagattt gaacagaccc attttcctac caaagggctt    134640
     tggataagtt actggtttgc caagcttctt agaacacttt tccctctgcg agtctctgtg    134700
     gctactctag ttttcttagc tcttcttgct gttttccatc ctaacacaag gcgtttcata    134760
     aacaattcat tctgtctaaa gagtgttctt cacatatgtt acttgatcaa tactgacctc    134820
     ccttgttaga ctcttaatat atttagtttg ggactttgct tgcttttctg tgatagttat    134880
     gccttgcatc tggcacaaag cttgtcttag agtagttgct ttaggataat tgaatgaaga    134940
     aaatgaataa tgggggctgg tgagatggct cagtgggtaa gagcacccga ctgctcttct    135000
     gaaggtccag agttcgaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc cgtaacaaga    135060
     tctgactccc tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttacat ataataataa    135120
     aataaataaa atttaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaatgaata atgaaatgca    135180
     gagggagtag catattgtga cccagagaaa acaggcagct gtggcctgtg ctcagtcctt    135240
     tcaccaccat aattaccttg agtttgtaca ttggtgggac ttaggagttg tagagggtgc    135300
     tgagattctg aacaagattg gggtggggaa tatattcatt ttaatttttt taatgccaaa    135360
     ataattgatg gagaaatgat tgtatgtatg tttgtgagtg tgtgtgtgag tgtgtgtgtg    135420
     tgcgtgtatg gagaaggtga ggactgattc ctcaagcagg cttagacttt gttttctcaa    135480
     tgttcatctt aaaaattaat aaatactatt gtaatccaca atacagccat gtttaattat    135540
     gaaattattt actttcacct atcaggtgtc atcatagaga agtcacactg tgtgtgtgtg    135600
     cgcatgtgtg tgaaagtaca agtggaaaag ttattgaagt catggtgatt aattaaaagg    135660
     aagtataata aaaggtctac aatatctatt tttgttttgt tttgttctaa tgatgatctg    135720
     tgatatttag caagttagtt agccttcatg tctgtttttc aactacagta gggtaatgaa    135780
     tgggactgat gacatggctg agtggctaag aacaggcact gctcttgaag aggacctaac    135840
     ttctagtccc agcacccatg ttaagtgact cacaacctcc ttcaactcca gcactaggga    135900
     tcctatacct ttggcttcca agggtacttg tactcacatg cacccccaca cagagacata    135960
     attacaattg aagtaaatct tacaaaatta aataaaacag ggagtaaaat ttttagaaag    136020
     agtaaaccaa aattgtttaa gaagtctttt cacaggctgg tgagatggct tagcgggtaa    136080
     gagcacctga ctgctcttct gaaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct    136140
     cacaaccatc cataaggaga tctgactccc tcttctggag tgtctgaaga cagctacagt    136200
     gtacttacat ttaataaata aatctttaaa aagaaaaaaa gaagaagtct tttcactgct    136260
     ttgacaactt gtgttttctt cttaacattt tattaaagtt gtgtgtttca gttttgaatc    136320
     ttaaattctc ctatataaaa tggatttatt actttgtaca atgtatataa agatctgatt    136380
     ttatctcttt tcttttcttt tttttttttt aaagatttat tttattattt tatgtaaata    136440
     cactgtagct gtcttcacac actccagaag agggagtcag atcttgttac ggatggttgt    136500
     gagccacatg tggtttctgg gatttgaact ctggaccttc ggaagagcag tcgggtgctc    136560
     ttacccgcta agccatctca ccagcccctc tttttttttt taaaggggtt gtttgtttgt    136620
     ttttgtgagg cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ttggctatcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc    136680
     aggctggttc agagattgac cttgcctctg cctcgctagg gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg    136740
     ccaccaccca gccctgggat aagttttaat gttgtgtgca tttgaggtca aattctggtt    136800
     atgattctta ctagcttggc aatcatgggg atttaacaat ttctagatca tagtttctcc    136860
     attttaaaga aggaagataa ttcctacaag gatgttcctg gaattaatga gttaatatat    136920
     gaaaagaatt tggccttctg cctgacagtt ttataatgat tgtaatatta tgactattac    136980
     ttacagttta gaacacattc attgcttcct aggcaaagag tggaaggtct atagaatggg    137040
     gtttggaatt ggtgaccgtt ctgcaggacg gcttagcagc atggtaggta gtaggagcag    137100
     ttagagtgga ttgctggatg cagggcttat gaactctgtg attgatttcc tgcctgtctt    137160
     gtagaatcgt gtaagtgcat tcctagctct ggcatgatgc taagtatagt ccatgtcaaa    137220
     tacatttaaa tagaagccat tcaaagactt tgagccctct cccccataca tattgagcac    137280
     actaaaacac tatgcatgtc attttacccc agcattagta aataatctcc agaattccag    137340
     tttctgattc tttggttttg agtcattgta gggttgttgt tggttttttt gtttgtttgt    137400
     ttgtttttac cagattttgt aaactgataa ctgcttgtct gtgttggtgg agttggggaa    137460
     agaaatgtca atcttttggt gttgagtttt gtgagctctg ggtcttctga tagcctatat    137520
     ttgtaggaac gcactcagat ttctcctatc ttgaccttta ttttcctgaa gattctaaga    137580
     ttagtctctt gcatcactga tctctgcttc catctctcat tgcttccacg cctgatacct    137640
     tttattccgt atgtgaagtg tgagttttac tgttgttgtc gtcaatgaga gaaagtaaat    137700
     agctgctgaa aggtctcttg ttaccattct ttactgatct gtacaggcca tttaaaacgt    137760
     ctgaattggg tccttgagaa ggacttaggg gaggtctgct cttcaacttt gagctatcta    137820
     aggactttgt tcagtgagaa tcctttgcac acactgcctg aatttgattc ctagttcaga    137880
     ctcctatcct ggtgtgtccc tgagtgttaa tgacactttc tgtagcttag tttctttgtg    137940
     aaacagaggc aacaggcatt agtttcttta gacatccagt gaatgtctaa aatttgtagt    138000
     tactattagt tcttcctgta tagttttcct cacatatggt gacctatgat gacatgtact    138060
     ttataagtta ggtccagaca taagcaataa taattataat gagatagaga agttatgaca    138120
     gtgtgctgtc ttaaaattgc tagcatcata acattgcttt tgtgttttgg acttattgtt    138180
     caggaaaatc aattttgctt gaacataaac actggcatac tgtgacattt ggtctgatta    138240
     ccaagatggc tgccaggaga cgaatgagta gtgcatgtgc taggcaaagg tgattttgca    138300
     tctctggctg gatggaaggg tctggcacca gaattcatca cactattatt cagactagca    138360
     catagttcgg agtttatgag ttgtttattc ctggaatttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    138420
     gcgtgtgcgt gtgtgcgcgt gctttttttg tttgtttttt ttccagacta caattcattt    138480
     ataggtaagc aaagaactac aggaaggtga agcttagagt atggggttgg ggtggtggtg    138540
     ggaggtgtac cattgcatct tcctcaaagt cgtcaggatg agggcggtta tagctgcttt    138600
     cttctgctgt cccttgtggt aatgcgtgcg gtgctaagcg tctctccatg ctaggtccgc    138660
     ttttcagtaa gtgctgctgt tttgtatggg gtaggttcta gggacttaga ggtgagtaga    138720
     acacagtcgc tggtgccaga agcctaaaag gcagaggaag gaaaggagca gtgtttggta    138780
     actgctacac agagaaggag ggtgagggac gcagtgaggg acgggcgatg caggaaggac    138840
     tgacgatggt tttagaggat gaggtgggat ttctgaagga aagcacatta ggccaggact    138900
     acttggagaa ctttgaggag aaactctgta tatttatcat gtgcacacct tgaatttaat    138960
     ccaagtgcac aggcatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaggcacac    139020
     agacagacac acacagacaa acacacagac agacagacac acacacacag acacgcgcac    139080
     acagacacac acacacagac acagtgtgtt tttttacttc taacttcttc tgtttcctgg    139140
     tctctcttcc tctctcctaa gtgttttctg ttgctctctc gcctattacc ttaaggtact    139200
     gaacctgaag ctcactgctt cagctaggct ggccgatggc gagctcccag gacctgctcc    139260
     ccatccctct tcattcccat actgaagtta caggtatgcg tagacatgct cagtttttac    139320
     atggatgctc aggtcttcgt gcttactcat ggagtcatct cttttttggg attttctgat    139380
     ggagataact tgtcttttgg aaatcattgc caaatcattt taaagtactc ttacagttgt    139440
     tgagactgtc tatacttcta gtccccaggc tgctttggaa ttcttgcact caggttatct    139500
     ttcttccttg cctggcaagt acctgggacc acaagtgcgc agaactttca agaaagaatt    139560
     tacagttttg gatttgggaa tctaaagcat attctgtcct gccaaatgtg ttcacctaat    139620
     gattttgtat ggataatatc taaataggta cttaattaat aacctttaaa ttatatgctc    139680
     tgcattagta tattcatgcc tttacttttt ataaagtgtg tgtgagtagt ggagtatttt    139740
     tgcaccatta gctgtagagg gagtttttat ttatagagta actagcatta ggaataacga    139800
     gaggaaggat gatccagact gcccaggtaa cccagtgttg atttctatat gcagcctgtg    139860
     agtggatggt gtttactaat ctgtagtgtt aaaaacacaa ccaattctct tctcctggag    139920
     agaataaaga gtttacagat gataggacaa aaatttctag tgtagatagt tactcccagt    139980
     attttgttac taaaacctaa tttaaaatat taaagaattt gggggatgca gagatggctc    140040
     agtgattaag agcattgact gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaatttcc agcaaccaca    140100
     tggtggctca caaccatctg tagtggggat ccaatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac    140160
     agctacagtg tactcacata cataaaataa accttaaata aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaga    140220
     agaagaagaa cttaagtcag ttctgtaata caaagttttg tttttctctg aagggctgta    140280
     gagggtgctc taaccttagg gataatgtgc actggcttta actagctata gaaattcaaa    140340
     gggcagagtg tcagtgttta gagactgata gcacataata tgttagtcta ttcaattgaa    140400
     aaaatgtgtt tcatctttaa gattttttgg tataagtaaa attatactct tctctttttt    140460
     ctttttcttt tttttcttcc cttttccttt cctttcccct ctctctccct tccttccttt    140520
     cttcctttct tccttccttt ctttctttct tttttttttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    140580
     tttctttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc cctctctctc tctctccctt    140640
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctgcaat    140700
     aatgtctcac tatgttaata tgtgtcctag gctaggctca aacttagatc ttcctttcaa    140760
     ggcgtgtgcc accgcatctg gcatggtggt ctttcattat attgatcaga ataataaact    140820
     gttatcttcc ccaatctctt ctctttcccg tgggccttat atcaaaagat agttaaacca    140880
     tgtaatggag atatatttgg ctaagtcttt tttagtagag aaataaacct tgtaatagga    140940
     atatatttta ttttagctaa aactttttca gtagagaaat agctttggga gacaagttat    141000
     tgtaacaaag gggaatttaa atttttgatt gaatttatta tccaaagaat ttatataatg    141060
     ttccatgaat tctgaacttt taacatttac agctttttgg caacttggat tgaatttctg    141120
     cacagtagag agttttggta tttggaattt gttaagtcag tctgagcagc agattctgaa    141180
     gcaaaggatg ttgaggttac ccgatttctt cataaaaatg gtatatctga gtgtctcctt    141240
     ttctaaatta taggcagctt taaacagttc tgagacaaag cttgtttctt tgttttttcc    141300
     tgaaactgta ttttatatat ctattttgaa gttctgtcct taaacactaa gcaaatgctt    141360
     tacccttctt ccctctcccc agagtgaaaa gctgttccct gcggtgggga aaggactggt    141420
     ggtgtgcagg gtttctcatt tggttgctct gtctttgttt ttactctcaa ggcaccacct    141480
     tccatggtca gtaatgagca gcgccagcat gcagagcaca tattcctatc atttaggaag    141540
     tccaaatcac catttgcagt ttgcaggcat attttgggta agttttcact ttaaaaatat    141600
     tttcacataa ttagagctgt ttttttctat catgaatgtt agttattata aatccgtttt    141660
     aatacaagct ggtttgtgca gttagtcatt ttcactaaga atttttctat tgcaattggt    141720
     atatctaaag tatcttgtaa aaccagaaag gaagcttagg gagaaggacc taatacttct    141780
     ttttttttct cgattttcaa atggcatcat tctaggaatt gtaattaagt tccctagtgc    141840
     ttgcttgaaa gctaacattg tttaggagaa ggtctgtatt ttctctcttt tagttctttt    141900
     tcattttttt aattggtttt atactcagct tccttagcca aattagtcac ttttgggaag    141960
     gttatcaata tagataaata aaggagtgat ttgtatttat gagttgttat gtctaacaca    142020
     tacaggagtg gtttcttaca agacagttac aggactgata gttgtcttgt ccaagctggc    142080
     atttcctgag agttgtatat aatgttgcca ttcgcctcgt ctatgctttt ttgatagtaa    142140
     taaaagggga gatttaattt tgtttgtttg tttgtttctg ttttctgagg gaggttgcag    142200
     cttgttctgt agaccaggct ggcctctgcc tcctgagcac taggattaaa gggatgtgcc    142260
     accaacgcca gcattgtttt tattttataa cctgattgct gttggccttt ttgtttagtt    142320
     ggaggtatct ttgttgctca ttcttaaggt ttttacattt ttttgagtca atttatgact    142380
     acaaaattga ttacttgata ggaactaaaa cacctgacca tttattctta tgattttgat    142440
     agggtttatc tgtatttccc agtattctgg tttctataca gaaataagct atgttgatga    142500
     tcatgtcttc taaaatgttt cacatatcag gcttataaag tgagtggtct taggttgtag    142560
     tggaaagtgt tttgttgaac tatgagatct ggctgccagc ggtgcttctg cccattgtca    142620
     acttgaagag gtcagcctct ctgagcctct gtcatctttg caatgaaaat actaataaca    142680
     tttgccttca tggtcatgag catagctatc ttaaggtttt gggaggtgcg tatgctgtca    142740
     tgcataaaaa agcatttatg gacaataaag gaaacataac cttatattac tccacttact    142800
     agttttttta ttattatttt taagatgatc atctaaaata catggctgtt ttagctgtct    142860
     cactcagaag agcttacctt taaagcagta gttgtaacaa ctacctcttc aatgcaaaat    142920
     taagccattt taatggattt atggttgagt tttatacttg aatgtatttt tctgttacta    142980
     agacatttgt tcttgtgctt atacagcata tgtaattaat attaaataaa aggaagagct    143040
     aaaacatcag cctaaagact tcaaaaggaa taacacctca tctttaccct gaaattattt    143100
     caaattaaca gatttgagag actgttgtgt ttaactatta acgtaaaata ctttgagttt    143160
     aatggcaggc aactcacctg cctcgtctag ggttccccag catttcatct gactttctgt    143220
     tgaatgcagc tgtgattgtc gactgtgcta taagcattta ttagcgatta tttgcttata    143280
     gccctctcat ttctcagtgt gtgtatttat gatgtacggt agctttcata agggcagagc    143340
     ttgtctggac actgtaaaga gccgtaccgc tgtttctagt tgtgcttaat tcttagttgt    143400
     gctttcaaag tcatctcggg tttcaccggt taactgcttg aaggatggag tacacagcaa    143460
     catgcactgt catgagtcta ctgcgaagct ctgggttacg ttaatgtttg catctaaact    143520
     tgaccaaaaa tcttttttaa ccccttactc agttgccacc agcacagaag ggcaaattcc    143580
     tctaagaaga cttctcattc aagtggcagt caatcacaac tcagaatttt cacattctta    143640
     tctagggatt agatgtcatt ttgtagcatg tctgggagat atattctgat aaagggtgag    143700
     gtttctctcc gatgcatctc ttttctgtcc tcttacaact tcctcctttt tggcttcagt    143760
     tttatgagtt tttcatttac tctcttttct ttttcttatc ctatttccct cttagttttt    143820
     gcttctttgc gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgcat gtgcatgcat gtacacacag ttgtctgact    143880
     gtctcttgtg tgtgcacacg tatgtacata ttgcatgctt gtgttttttt gtcatgagca    143940
     cttttagact atttccccta agacgtcttt ggcacttagg aacttactgg ttttttaggg    144000
     ttaaatgttt gttttgtttt gtcttaaagg acagacaagc ctgagtttaa ttcttgctaa    144060
     agacataacc aagaaataag gggattggct tattactacc tctgaaatca cctctgtact    144120
     gctcctttgc cttctcaggg agaaatgggc tctactcgct catcttaggc agccagcaca    144180
     aaatgaaaca aaccagcatg ttcagttggg ttagtaaact tgcttctgca tctaaaaaat    144240
     tgtcattggt aatgctgtca atcttatctt caacgagcct ttactattcg tcagtagatg    144300
     taggtgtcct tatgggaaat agctggtatt tcagcactta cagtcctgtg gtttgaatag    144360
     aaacctttaa ggttagactg cagtggctga tcatctatct atagtaggct tgcttttatt    144420
     tttagaacac cttttaaaac ttagtttccc tttattatta attttacttc agttttttct    144480
     aaaggatgct atcatgtttc agagaaaata tttgtttttt atttcagaat aaaaacaact    144540
     tatagttcta taatcattga agttactgtg gtagcaaaga aggcattctc caaagaagtt    144600
     tatcatagca ctgtggtagc cagcagcagc tcttcctgga gggatgtgag aaattgtagc    144660
     tgagctgtga gttagtgtca gtcctcttga tggcagagag tgagactgag gcctgtgtga    144720
     acgcagaagc tctgctcctg agtcctggcc agcgtgcaga gtgcttccta gcttctatta    144780
     cacatatatg ctctgtgtga atgtactctt tgaaggctaa tagtagtgtt tatcagaaaa    144840
     gataatactc atttacgaaa ggtcctacgt ttcagtttgg aatttggctt tcttttcggg    144900
     attcctctat ccttagagat agcttctcct agtaagttag atcttccctt cctgccacgg    144960
     agaggtgggt gctgaagaaa agctaacaag tgtctcttga caactttcaa gtgtcattct    145020
     tgtataagac agaaagaagg ctaggataga agcacactta atttaaagta agtgtgtctc    145080
     agtgctcagc tgacagaagg tatcttcttg gtcttgccca tgcgagtgtg tgcttagcaa    145140
     ggattagtgt tatttaggta gccatatgat atcacatttc ctctctgttg ggcagcagtt    145200
     tcttcagcta taagacggtg cagttgtata agatgatctt tgctgttttt aaccttctgt    145260
     gaggccttca tatttttgcc ttcttagaat ctgttaagaa tttcattgta gatggaagtg    145320
     aagacaaaca acatcctctc aaaaggaaat ctgtggtgag attatacaac tcacctttat    145380
     cagacagtcc tatttcttct taagggagat agatatatcc tgtttctggc taaaattgtt    145440
     tgactctcga taaaactgcc taccattcca tccttacttc tggaaaatta aaaaaaaaat    145500
     tatagtaagg tcacattttt aaaattagtc acttattata ttgtaaagtt ttaaagtttt    145560
     tgtgacttcc aatcattatc ctaatcaatt catgttaacg tagcaaggac taatcaaatc    145620
     ttagaaacag aaagcccgga ttggttcttt ctacttttgc tgtattcaaa cctcctgtct    145680
     gcaatggcat gctcttatgc aggtacaccc atatcttcac aggtaatgtg ttaagaacat    145740
     tggtaacgtt tttaatgaca tgagcttgag ctagaaactg cccagctata ctttgtgctc    145800
     acttgattgt tcaaaggcac cattttaggc ctaaacttaa tttctcatgg ctttccgata    145860
     ctcatatcca gtgttcttgg catataatct ggcgtctaac cagactttat taagagtttc    145920
     acatggttat ttttagacct tcagagaatt tctacttttt cttgacttca ttttggctgt    145980
     ttcttccttt tgatagtgct gtttaaaaac tatagcaata tacactaaca gaaaaaatag    146040
     aaaattaata tataaagtat tttttcaggg tgttaatttt ctattttttc ctgattcagg    146100
     ttttagctca gatactatac cttgccaggt aggctgggtc tttctaagtg tagcctcggg    146160
     attttactca gtttgatcag tactgcaatc agaaaattaa caagaacttc tcaccttgtg    146220
     taaatatggc tcattatatt tgagcatttt gaagcaaaga acttggatat ggttgtttat    146280
     ttctgaactt gctattgagg tttgtcatcc tgctggatgc ttacttattt aaaagctcca    146340
     atattttagc agcatggctc atcacaaata gtaatgttca aagatcagtt taataagatt    146400
     tttccaataa aaaattcccg ttttgcacag tgtgagaatc tcttagtcca ctttctgatt    146460
     gcttcatatt tttattttta ctttttaaag ctgtgttatt ttttagttct tcatgctttg    146520
     gaagtaacag ttgaagagag gtgaggaaag tttgtgaaaa ttgtgatcgg tgattagctg    146580
     ccacctgcct gaggtgtctt ctgagaggaa ctaacctctt tgtggtgcta gagcaaggtc    146640
     actggattaa aaccagatca ggtaaccatc ttattccttg tctgaaaagt tctgtcttaa    146700
     aatttaataa atgcaaagta cacatggtaa catgaactac tgcttaaaga gagtttttaa    146760
     ttttctcccc agaaaccagt aaagtggact atgtcctttt tcaagctgcc acagctataa    146820
     tggaagcggt tgtccgagag tgggttctct tggaaaaggg cagcatcgag tcactgagaa    146880
     cattcctcct cacctatgtc ttgcaaaggc ctaagtgagt acctggggtg gcaccgctaa    146940
     aatacaggag gccctctgat ctgtcctttg agacacccct tcttttcagt ggtgatggtt    147000
     atgggcaagc tctgtgctgg agctagtagt ttgaaaatct atgcacaatt gtagcttgct    147060
     ttcatactcg ataaaaatca taccttttac ttacatttct aatcctaaag aaatacgtga    147120
     tactgttctt gttgaacttt caagaatttg attataaatt aaagttaact tttgactgtc    147180
     aaaacttaca ttttcttgct cttagatgat tggtaggata gttttttctt ttaatatgtt    147240
     tagaggaagt ttagcatggg ctgagtatta taagatgtag ctgcgtagcc ccagaaagga    147300
     agaggaagaa actaaaccac caataagcca aatgttacat agaaatgttg catacatcta    147360
     tgcatagaaa cgtcacatac atctgtgcat agaaatgttg catctatgca tagaaatgtt    147420
     acatacatct atgcatagaa aacattttag aaggaaaaac actaaattct ttctttactt    147480
     tgaaaaagat caaattttga gtgaggtaaa gtgaattttc tttaatgttt aaacattctt    147540
     acaagactgt acattttttt ttaatgggaa taacacagtt ttgctatatt ggatggttgt    147600
     attgatctgt actggtaaaa taatttcaaa taagttttga taatgtgttc ttacagttaa    147660
     agaaaaattg agagaaatct tcatgtttat atttatataa taaaggaact aaccatgttt    147720
     atctgtaaca atacttttag aaagattagg ggcttgggta tgtagctcag gcttttttgg    147780
     tttatattgt tattttaagc taggaatggt aggtatatca tgcctctaat ttcagcattt    147840
     ggaaggctaa tgcagaagga atgctgcaag acaaagctag actggcctga agtatgaaat    147900
     tgtccctaga aactagaaga agaaaagaaa agaaaggaaa agaaaagaaa agagaagaga    147960
     agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaatatct gctacaggag ctggagagat    148020
     ggctcagtga ttaagagcac tagctgttct ttcagaggtc cagggttcaa ttctcagcac    148080
     ccatgtggca tcttacaact gtctgtagct cctgctccag ggaatccagc accctcacag    148140
     atacacatgg agtgaaaaca ccaatgtaca taaaataaaa attaactaat taactgaaaa    148200
     aagagaaaag gaaaaaggtt agagagatgg ctcagcagtt aggacactga tggtactcac    148260
     aaccatctgt agtgggatcc gatgccctct tttggtgtgt cggaagacag tgacagtgca    148320
     ctcatataaa aaagagaaaa atgccactag tagctttagt attaggcccc tatgtctgaa    148380
     gaacactctt tgtggtaaac acaaccccag gcctggttat tgtcagaaag cctctttatt    148440
     ttcttgggat tttgttctgt ttttactttc ctagaacagt gatttgatga tactttttat    148500
     gtatttgagt caactctcat acagagcgat tttcctaagt agtcagggta cattacaata    148560
     gaatttctgg cctccttgac agcctttccc cactccattc catgaaaccc agaactcttc    148620
     agagctgggg tagatgtaat gtgatattgt atatgtataa tataatgtgt atgtaatcaa    148680
     gcagtgtgta catatgcttt cttatgctat caagattaat tctattctta aatcattttg    148740
     attagagttg tgttgaaata gttgaaatgg ttgtgttgaa atagtttatt tcttttctca    148800
     acttgatgta tatgttagtg ctgtctgtat ggtgttaggt ggtagaacca aagctcttgt    148860
     gcctgctacg tgtaagtact gcctcctccc ctacactatt ttggaaattt cttaaaactt    148920
     tcagcaaaga tggcatagta gcacagcgaa cacatactcc tttcttggta gctgctcagt    148980
     taacattttg tcacatttga gcaaattgcc attcatacca cagtgctttc atcaaatact    149040
     gagtatacct catactatca atattctaga cctaattgtc atatttatat tattactcaa    149100
     tattattctg attgaatatt tgagttcttc aattatttta ctaatgttag gtatattttc    149160
     cagccttagg ttatttttct tactaatgta cagtctgtct ctttggctct gttaatgttt    149220
     gctttctata tttaggtaaa atatgttgtt tgtctttcag tccagaatgt aactacagat    149280
     agatgttata tcctgttatc atgccctttt aattaaaaat attttatgtg tatggatact    149340
     ttaagttttt ttaaagattt attcatttta ctttatatgt atgaattttt ttgtttacat    149400
     gtatatctgt gtaccacatg tgtgcccata gagatacaaa aaggcatgaa attctctgaa    149460
     actggagttg tagagatggc tgtgagcctc catgtgtgct aagaactgaa cccatgttct    149520
     ctgtaagagc agtcagtgct cttggctgac catctcccca actcctgtgt atgagtattt    149580
     tgcttgcatg tgtatacatg caccatgtgc atgcctggta ctcaggtcag aagaggtggt    149640
     tgtagatagt tgtgagccac tgagtgggtg ctgagaacca aactgaagtc ttttataaga    149700
     gcagcaagta ctcttaacca ctgagccaac tccctagccc ctgtcacatc tctttaaagc    149760
     ctgagtaatt ctgccctgat tctgtcttta attacatggg cattcttatt ttatagaatg    149820
     ctctctgatg tagattagag tcaagtagca aatcttgatg tactatacaa ggaggactac    149880
     acagctaact tagatggtac agtctagtgt acatagggct tgtgtatttt ggatccttaa    149940
     ccagtacaca tataggtttt ttttttctta cctcctaatt gaggtaaagt ttggatctgg    150000
     tttgatacag tgtgcctcct tttctagagg caggtagcat attagtcaag aaaggaatgt    150060
     atgtgtgaat tcataatcat tctgccacat tctgtaacct tgctcaattc atgttaatca    150120
     tttttaaact aactttctgg taattaattg agttaataat gtctcttgaa catgttaatt    150180
     tacagaaact cttaaataaa acccattaaa tgttttaatt ttctagttct tgccaataga    150240
     gatttttttc ttttagctag ggtctcactc actatgaagt tctggctggc ctaggacttg    150300
     ctctgtggat tagactggca tccagaggtt cactggcctt tgcctcccga gtgctggtag    150360
     taaaggcaca cactaccaac cctggcccaa aaatatgaag gaatattttg actttagtct    150420
     tgatataggg acacatgctt gaagttatta ataaatgctt tctatatggc aaatccttag    150480
     ttttacatac actagtgtgc ttagagtggg gtggttgatt ttcaggatag cactaagtag    150540
     tagtaacaga taagtcatgt catgtgctgg tgccttggaa gcctttagta ataactttct    150600
     ggagaaagtg acatcacagt tttggcagag ggaatagaag tttgtagagt tggaagcata    150660
     aaagtgttga gccagggact gaggagttcc atatgcctgc ctactgagtg tatggaaagg    150720
     gtgaggtcag agagcagagt ggcgcttggc tgtcgcagac tttaaaagca catgactgta    150780
     tgtataactg tgtccaaact gggatacctt tgaaagtaaa agaaagcgcc attaataatt    150840
     acttgggaca ataggacatt gggactcttc gaggaaagct acaattggtc ttgttgcccg    150900
     cggtaaggga tgtagcttgt cccgagggca caggtcacat cgttatgaca tttgagaggt    150960
     tgtattataa ggttggtgtt tttggatcct aaccttttaa gaagaggttc tgaagtcatt    151020
     taaggcctgt gatataggcc ttacagagtg cttggctgga aatgagtgtt tgtactgtta    151080
     tccagaggtc acacaccttt tgtagatctt ggagtttact cattaaacag caagggttga    151140
     ggtaccgctg gttggagatg gatgtcaaat cagaattatc ttaatcttag tgataccccc    151200
     acctaagtac tcagtgagga actgacttag catgtcttga acactgccta aagtgtttag    151260
     tatgtgtcta gtgggcacaa tcctagggtt gaacatgttt tgttgtttga cgtttgtttt    151320
     ttttttaaaa acatggtctt gtggtatagc ttagcctggc ctgaaattaa ctgtgtagcc    151380
     tagattagag tgaaacatta gtttttacag taatcctgac tattgtctcc attttaaaga    151440
     agagaaaact aagattttat tttgggttgc acaggtagta aataacagct gaccaagtgt    151500
     ctgagtcttt ctatcacttg gtagattgta ctcctttcag ggtaggtgat attgttagaa    151560
     gcttctggga tagtgagaaa cttgtgagtg tttatattag atataggtaa atgttttcac    151620
     aatttttatg ttttgcagcc tccaaaagta tgttcgggaa cagattctat tagcagtagc    151680
     agtgattgta aaaagaggat cattagataa gtcaattgac tgcaaaagca tatttcatga    151740
     agtcagccag ttgataagta gtggcaatcc cactgtggta agtatgataa ctgcttatat    151800
     ctataaatat tttttatttt gcctatcacc aattgtattt tggcaatagt agtataaaag    151860
     aaaggcatgc aaactaatgt gccaagcagt ttttattagt tcagacattt cttctgatct    151920
     tcaagtgtat gtgtgtaatg cagatatagt atacttagca tttttacttg tctgcttttc    151980
     tctgttgcca ctgtgctcat aatcatttta atcaattgta aagcgtgatg agttatcaca    152040
     ccatgacatt ctttttctgt gtgtagagag accaggactt agtttatagc tctagctggc    152100
     ctggaattca cagagatctg cctgacttgt gagttctggg attaaagaca tataccgcca    152160
     tccttgtttt tttcatattt ttaatcattc ttttgaacat ttgtccaccc agttttaata    152220
     agccttggaa agtaccaata attatagaag tggttgagtt aaacataaat gttatctggc    152280
     ataataagag tcattaacta caccttgact tccaggtgtt tctgtctggt gagcagatgc    152340
     caggccattg accacattac tgaaaggaac atagcttctc tgccctgtcc acatttattg    152400
     tgtgtctagt tgtagaaatt tcttaccaga ggctgtgtta ctgaccagct ctgattcctg    152460
     gggtgatccc tgtagagctg gagttagtag tacctggcta ttctgattct taggtatcaa    152520
     atcttaaaat agtctcagta ggtttttagc tgtcacaatt aatattttaa aattgcttga    152580
     gcgattgatg tgtgaggcta tataattttc agggaccctt ctgtaagagg tataacactt    152640
     atttattagt cgtggtgggc cttgaaccca gacccttgca gaggcaaggc gagtgctgtg    152700
     ctactgagca ctgaagctgt ttctgtttta gtgtggagct gtgctagtgt tcgaatggtt    152760
     ttacagtgac agtcagagca cttgcatgga cttgatagcc ttctctttca tgggaatgac    152820
     catgtgtagt ctgatggtca gtgtgccctg gatgtcctgg ttgagtcact gctccccttt    152880
     tagatgttgc tttggggcat cctgttgcat cttgatagtc tgacctgtta gagtggacac    152940
     gattgaactg gaacagtgcc attgagacct gcggctaatg ctctctggat tagattgttt    153000
     ttcccgctag ggctttagtg caggggtttg cagcttgccc ttgtcctctt gtgtctcatg    153060
     gaccttacat gggttttgaa gcaattagct gttgtggagc aacttttttt ggttcatact    153120
     tagttaccgt tctgccaaat atacactgta aattgtctgg gcattaattc tttagtgtgt    153180
     aaagcagatg tccttgtgtc atctaagagg ctgctcatgc agaagggttt taccatctcc    153240
     ctaggagcct ctcaacccat tctttgaaaa atttgggaac ataagttcta ataaatcacc    153300
     ctatattcta agtgttgaaa catagaagac aatatctact agtgaaaact aattatttgt    153360
     atatttaaaa catatgatca gtgcactagc tttcctttaa gtgctttaaa gaatgactat    153420
     gattgtggtt tcttccagat cacttttgga acgtttcata actgtaaaac cttgggagag    153480
     tatatttgat tacagcgcct tgctttatca ctgtgctagc tttagccttc ataaaccttt    153540
     ttttagttta ttttcatttt tttattgaaa atagactttt ttatatacta tattttgctc    153600
     aactcctccc atatcctctt cgtccaccca aatttacaca ctttctttgt gattagaata    153660
     caaacaatta tgtaaaaaaa tttaataaga taaaacaaaa gcaaaccaga ataggacata    153720
     gaattttttt agggagcatt tctttgacgg tctagctttc catgtgccgt ggtgtgttgt    153780
     tggtgcaatc gcacatatac aattaagaac tatgtcatct catgctcacg gttgtgagca    153840
     ggctgttctt actcctgtgg ttgtgatggg tactatggtt atttcatctc agctgggaac    153900
     tgtcaggcct actgtcactc actagtttga gaggaacaag gaagctctcc ttcctagaag    153960
     aggagctgag gctgtttttt aggctgacat acaaactaga aattcaatct atttcatgtt    154020
     tgcttgattt cctttgaaag tagtaagcct atgttaaatc attctgaaag atagttaagc    154080
     ttccctttcc ctctttttca tgttgggtag aagtgggtgt gaaatccact tgtctaccca    154140
     gggctgcccc tggatgaggt agccacgcta atctccctta tcgcaaagtc tcattgatgt    154200
     tttcttagaa gagcagctgg aggtctgttg tatagtatgg caacctttca tacagtttat    154260
     tcttggtaat aaagatcctg aggcaagagc caggctattc taagagacag tcctccccct    154320
     gagcaagagc gttctgtttt gtcagctgga gttactatct tgtgcttgta aagtgggaag    154380
     acaatggggg ggggggttct tttttttttt ttttttaaat cttttttccc ccaggagcat    154440
     gaaatgactg gctttgttga gaaatgtgaa tgccactgta agaattttaa gaattttaag    154500
     acgaagacag agttttaaaa attgtcagcc agtgaataaa catttgcatt tctagtactt    154560
     caatgaaaga agctatacta tttatgcaaa cagttttcct ttgagagcag atgtcatgca    154620
     tcccaggttg acctaaaagt ttggaatata gctatggata cctcagcctt ctgatccttc    154680
     tgttgtcttc caagtaccaa aattgtagtc atgtaccacc aacactcaac tttacaaatg    154740
     cctgggacaa ctcagctaca atctcagctc atgaagactt ttttaggggg ggaggggtag    154800
     gattgagacc ttattgcctt gtcttctatt tgctttatca atctaaattt ataaacagca    154860
     aaaatgggag tgggtcatga gggatggatt actcagggtt taagggcact ggttttctag    154920
     aggatctggg attggttctc gagcacttgc atggtggctc acaactgtct ataactgcta    154980
     ttctaagaga tttgatgcct tctcctggtt acatacatac atacatgcaa atactagtac    155040
     acataaaaaa taacctttta aaaagtagga aatttaatat atttattttc tatctcctcc    155100
     tgtgtcaaca gtgctaaata caaataactg aagattcact gattcaagca atatctaatg    155160
     atcctcttct aagtgataat ttatcttgta gttctaattt tggcagtcaa gaggtaggac    155220
     ctaaacaacc caattgtatg ataattacaa aaatactacc ttctctctac cttaccctaa    155280
     ttgttgcatt tactcagtac ttacaaaaag tcatttaatt tgaatgtaga ataactggat    155340
     taggtaggca aagagtagat gagattttta tccggatgat aaatcaagtt aaatggtaag    155400
     cagaattttt tgaattcaca tttttctgtt tccctaatct aaacagtagg tttcttgtat    155460
     tcctaaggat ttctacaggc tgtttttatt gataatgtat ttcagaccca ggcacaatag    155520
     actttgtaac ttggtttcta aatggttacc agataaggat gacgggtgaa gagctgcctg    155580
     ctggtgtcct cttgccagca gcagtgagcc attgactgcc acaaaggcca cttgagaaac    155640
     cctgtgaagt ggacataaat cagccggtgg cgtggggatc tgatagcgct ttgtttctcc    155700
     aacaacctgc ggcctttctt gagtggcttc caagcagtca ccattgtcat ataattgcta    155760
     taaaagggct tcttgtggaa aaatatatag agggtataag ttttatttga aacacttttt    155820
     gtttttgtac ttacaaaata acagatatga acttattctt tatgatctta gataactgaa    155880
     gcattcttgt gataacctct taaaattctg aaaatttgtg cttaatgttt cagtcaaagc    155940
     cctccttggt atgaaaagct cctgtttctt agtccatttt catcagattt cactgaaaat    156000
     tctaacgaca gcttttgtca ccctcttgag tatctgatac cctcttgagt atcagagtta    156060
     ctctctatag tatagaatgc tgtctagccg tgactgacaa agggcaggga tagcacttga    156120
     aagtgctggt ggttggaggg ggagtaaaag gcactgcact tgtgtcccct gagcactgaa    156180
     tgcctgagca agcagacagg agccttctcc agtggtaagt gtcccaggca cacttgacgg    156240
     ttcttagctc cggcagggaa attctttctt ggagctgcgt tttgctttgc tttcctgtct    156300
     ccattccaat ataatgaggg taacttcacc ttcagggggt tttgttgtca gttaagtact    156360
     gacagagtag taggaatcag tcttagccat ccaagctgtg cttaattaac tcttgtgaag    156420
     agagagagag acctgctttg ttgatagata gcagagtatt ttgctttgtt cctttataat    156480
     cagtacttaa tgtactttct ccaaggaatg ggtcttttta tttggtatgg tttagttaga    156540
     atagtataat tagagtttat ggtgctaatc tcgtatctac acaaattttt caaattgaac    156600
     ttttttatag tatttaaaaa tatcgtacta aattttagtt ttctgaaaag tgatgagttt    156660
     acgtgtgggt caaaatagca tttgctatct acatgctata taattatctt cacatattac    156720
     atttctaagt gatgcagtga aatgcaaaac aatttttact taaagatttc tatttgtttt    156780
     aaaactaaag cagaaaaagg aatatgaagt atataaattg ggttttgtta ctaatgtgta    156840
     tatatgtatt aagaaactaa agagctatat ataaataact tacagtaata atccccagac    156900
     aataagacta taggtaattt tattttcttt taactttttt taacctttta ttttttccta    156960
     agattaaggt ctgctatatt attttcatag gctgagaaat gcttatgttt aggaagctaa    157020
     atctgtgata acacattttg ttgttgatgt tcgtgtattg aaaataaggg ttagagggat    157080
     gcccctcctc aggagcctct ccctccttca gaagctcttc tcgcttttcc taataaatgg    157140
     acactcatct gaagggtggg agacggggag ggaggaagac tctgctcact tgcctgtctg    157200
     gctactgtgt gcgtcctgtg cgagcgtgcg tcctgtgcga gtgtgcgtcc tgtgcgagct    157260
     cgctttgttg gatagcagtg tttttgatgc agctaccgct gttggctccc tgtctgctga    157320
     gctgtactgt ctaaaggaaa ccttgttgaa agcctcggtc acccaacaag gttcactaac    157380
     tttgccttgt ttgtatcttt atcttttcat ttgaccatga atatgagctt ggaaaatatt    157440
     tatttcatag aagagcaaat ctttattgtg aatatgttct aataattaat taggcattgt    157500
     actaagaatc tgaatatgac catagtttca aaatatgcca ctttaagtac ccagaaatca    157560
     acctgtggta agtcgtaaat tacgtatgga aaagtattgt agcgcattat ttgtaagaat    157620
     gttgacagtt tgcatttaac aaatgcttct ggattttcaa aagtgaagtt aatatgtaaa    157680
     ttgtattcag tgatggatat ctgagattag ttttcttgat ttagacatgt tttcaaattt    157740
     tttatttttt tcataatata tagtcagtga gatattaatt agaaaggatg gatgagaagt    157800
     aaggctaaga gttacagaat acaggctagt aaaattgtct tcagaattac agaatctcag    157860
     aagttattag gtcttatgac ttaatgtctt tttccaaact gtattaattt aatataatct    157920
     tattacttta tttagtatat ttcccctaag tatacaaaaa ggtatatatg tgcatttatg    157980
     catataatga cacttaaaga tgtatgagat tattttaatg tatctgtgaa gtattgatgg    158040
     ctagtgcttt aattttcttt ttagcttttt ggggaatatt tttgaggcag agtcagacta    158100
     tatcgttttt taagctggtc tcaaatgacc cctagcctta gcctccgagt aatgaggatt    158160
     tggaggactg tgcctctgtg cctggctgat tgacacttta atctccactt taaaaaaaaa    158220
     aaaagccatt ttaaagtgag gattacttaa cttgataaat gtttgaaatc cctgtgtaca    158280
     gtaaagacag ggacaaattg ctctctatat gaggtgcttg tgtccaattt ctcagactgt    158340
     tttcctgagt cccacagagg tatttaaaga ggcacttatt tttctgaaga tttggggata    158400
     agtgaacttt tgtattaaaa aaactgtata ttttgaagta aacgagtgtg gcgggggagc    158460
     agggctaagt tcatttctga tgaggaacac ttgtctaaag attgtaatga ccttggttca    158520
     accctcaggt acagccagta aatattaaca aaagtgtata tgtgtgcaca aaaactaagt    158580
     taagagtcgc catagaattt tcattattat agaaggcacc tttaatagat actgtgaatt    158640
     ctccacaatt tttgaagttg cttacctgtg cttattttga ttgtgattaa gaggtgaaca    158700
     gtacctactt tctttaaaac ttttaaaaaa catttttaaa ggaaaacttt aaaaagtaaa    158760
     agtagtatat tgtttatcca tgtaactatt acttacctta agcaagcatc agccctgcag    158820
     gtctttaggg acttcacttt atgtgtattt gctaagattc gccaaactaa agcatctgta    158880
     aggtcaaggt actaacatca gaagcattct gaacaaagat acagttggtg gggtgggtcc    158940
     cactgtgttc agctgttgtg taggcttgca gaaatagtat catcttgact ttaatctttc    159000
     ggttgttcag aggtagtgtg catatttctg tttaacccct ggaaatgtgc caaaataatt    159060
     cataacctta tctccatcct tgctaccttg actctaaaca ctctgtgatt aataagcttg    159120
     aggagttagt attctaagtg tacctagtgg acccaatgaa aaggaaaagt ttctttcttt    159180
     gatttaaaaa gtgttgaggt actacctgct tgctattttg gggactaaag tctgcgttac    159240
     ttttcatctg tttgagaaca cattttacat tcatcagagg aagagtcgga ggcatgaggc    159300
     taagtgttga tggcctctgg tagtcatcta ccctcttcta gtcacagttc tttcaagtgt    159360
     aaaaatgtat gaatcgttgt gtatattaaa tgaaacttgg catctaacaa ttatttaaca    159420
     gccatttaaa atatcagttg ccctctagga ttgagtagaa tcttgtcctg ggttccagtc    159480
     ctcctaatgt cagcattttc cacactactt gaaaaggaga gccagtcttc ttagtcacat    159540
     gcagggttct gctgggcagt tagaggctct gaaactgtaa cacagaaatt atgtttgaac    159600
     aaaatatatt gaaacaaagc tttgaaaaaa gtaatgactt aaaattattt cttattgatc    159660
     tagcaaactc tggcctgttc tattctaact gctctattga gtgaattttc aagttcaagt    159720
     aaaactagca acattgggct gagtatggaa ttccacggta actgcaagcg agtctttcag    159780
     gtattggtac ctttgtttta tgttttaatt attgggcagt ccatttttta ttcggtttgt    159840
     tcccaatgat gagagcattt gttttagata tttgagtggt agcttatgcc tgaagactta    159900
     cgctgagatt tcataggata tagtaaattg gtaagtttga tttctgtaat tgataagttg    159960
     aaattactca gttctcatct ttaaacaaca aaaaagataa cattatgata aatactcctt    160020
     agcttattgt tttcttatca agttttgata taaatatttc aattgatagc attctgctgg    160080
     ctttaaaaat aggactggca cagtgccaaa gaaggtcatg tatttaaaat gttattgcag    160140
     atggtgtggg ctctttgtct ctcgagtgta ttgtttggct ctgcagtaaa gttatgtgaa    160200
     ggcattggct taagtcctga ggcgctgcac tctagcaact ggctctgcca gctctgctgc    160260
     agtcacattc gctctcaaag gttctcctgc gtggaggggc atttagatta cagttaatgg    160320
     tgtcacttga aagcacactg atgttagaaa cctcaaaatg gaaaccattc ttaaggaagt    160380
     agtactatct aatggaaacc ttaaggttct tatttgtttt atgatgctaa aaaggaatgt    160440
     gctttgataa gcgtcatgca aaactgtgtg atttattgtc cataggaaga agaccttcgg    160500
     cagatcttca tgttaacagt tggagttctg caggagttca gcagacggga gaacctcagt    160560
     gctcagatgt cctcagtgtt tcagcggtac ctcgccctcg ccaaccaagt cctgagctgg    160620
     aattttctcc ctccaaatta tatcctttta acagcgagag gggttgagct catggtgact    160680
     ttgtagaaat ggaatcttga agcttagtta gtcctggaca tccttagctt ttttgtgtgt    160740
     gaagcattct gttgagtgga gactttattt ttctttttgt agaaatggag tgttattata    160800
     ccatagtaca gtaggctgta gaaaggctaa agtcattttt actatgtttt gaagaggatg    160860
     gaatgtgtga tggcagttgg tggctaaagg ctgttactga ctgaggaaag aggtggtaag    160920
     cctgggaagg aaaggacaga gtgtgcaaaa tgcagtttat ttctccttgg atgtgtgatt    160980
     aaattagatt gttttactga ctttgcttag ttagaaggac tctggttttg cccttatgct    161040
     tattgcttca gtgtgtgtgt aataagttag tgataggctt tcggttcagc gcatctgctg    161100
     ctgagtgtct tcttgtacct tggaattctg tggtgcctct tggaacattg ttcagtcagg    161160
     cagatctagg ttcaagcctc agttgatctc cagcaaattg ctgaaccttt ctgaatctta    161220
     atgtttccaa acagaaaaag gatgttgact aaattataca gtatagttaa cacgtgcaga    161280
     gtcagctgct gttaccgagc ttgaatctgc cagttcctag ggctctggaa gagtttgttt    161340
     cagaggaaaa tgctattcct aagaagataa gaaatcttat cagagcttta ggatgagact    161400
     cacctttgtt ccaatagact caagatctgc ttctttcata catataggtt tgagacctgt    161460
     aaaactggga ctctaaaggt gtgtggtaag ctgtgatttc cattgtcaag ttactatatt    161520
     tatctactag aaaagtaact gtaaaaggca ggtggtgtga gagaaaggga gccactgcct    161580
     cgtcagagca ggaattctcc aggcttcttt gccaagggca gtcacattgg agtgacgctt    161640
     gctactgagt taatcacact ctcctttatg cctgtccttt ctctttcacc cgttaaccaa    161700
     ttttacattt ttaatatata aatttgagtc tatagagttg taaggggcac atacatcctt    161760
     tcgtttttgc tttgagtttt tgagagaact gatttctata gcccaggctg gccttgaact    161820
     catacagtct ccctgcttca gctcttcagg gttagggttt taggcctggg ttgccatccc    161880
     taagcacata ctttgttaac ttttcatttt tagaagattt ttcttctttt tttttttttt    161940
     ttttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg    162000
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat    162060
     taaaggtgtg tgccaccacg cccggcttaa gatttttctt ttgaatgtca cattgcttca    162120
     ggctacattt tctttccttt ctgccctctc ttttgaggta agacaacctg caaatctagc    162180
     agtctggtct tgaactcatg aatttttttt tcttcagtct cctatattgt agaattatag    162240
     gtatatgtta ccacatccaa cttctttttt ttttgtttcc ttttgttttg tttcctttta    162300
     attttatacc tttatttact tttattgtgt gcatgctttg ctttgctttg catgtgtgtt    162360
     tgcgtgtctg gtcacatttg tgcctggtct ctgcagaggt cagatgaggt taatcagatc    162420
     ccctggaaca ggagttacag acagctgtga gcccttgtgt gggtcccagg tatcaaaccc    162480
     aggtcctctg taagaacagc cagtgtgctt ttaactgctg agccctctct ccagttccct    162540
     gttgtgttta ccaccttagc aggatttttt tgtgaagaga ttagactagt tcttgcccca    162600
     acatttttag tttaaaaaac aaaacaacaa aaaaacaact aaaggggcaa tcactgagcc    162660
     tgtgtgggtc tgcactaggt cctctgcagg catattatgg ctgttagtta gcttggtggt    162720
     tttgtgggac tcctaatgat gggagtgggg gctctctgac tctttcacct gcccttgggg    162780
     tccttttcct actactgggt tgcatcatct agcccagata tgagggtttg tgcctagttt    162840
     tattgtaact tgtttttgtt gttgttgttt tgacttttca agatagggtt tctctgagta    162900
     gctctggctg ttttggaact ggctctgtaa cctggctgac ctggaactca cagagacctg    162960
     cttgcctgca gggattaaaa gtgtgcacta ccaccaccac ccagcagtct agttgtagct    163020
     tgttatgctg tgctttgttg gtatccttag agacctactc ttttctgaag ggaaatgagg    163080
     agtgagtctg gaggaggagg aggtggtggg tggggtggga ggagaaactt atgtcagggt    163140
     gtattgtatg agagaaaaat gtaaaaaaca aaacaaaaaa atcagagtgg aaagatagct    163200
     tagtagttag gagcactggc tgttcttcta gagaaccagg gttctgttcc tagcgcacaa    163260
     ccatctgtaa ttcacttcag aggataggat gtcttctggc ctcctcaggc accagccacc    163320
     catatggtcc acagacaaaa caccactgta cataaaataa ctttttataa gaaggtcatg    163380
     tgtgatagca cacacctgta aacatatcat tcacttgaga tgagaggagg aggattgcca    163440
     tgagttcaag gccagctaga gttacatagc aaggctgagt tttaaggaaa ctaacaaaaa    163500
     caaaaaagac attgaaaaga cttggaacag atttaaaagt accagtccat atggagctat    163560
     caaaacatta attatgtatg tagtaaaaat taacaaaaat tacactgcat atatcatagc    163620
     caattctaaa tgttttaggt gaaaatatag ttggcaggga gttactattt tgaaaagaga    163680
     aacagtttcc taagagtttg gaaacaaagt ttgtctgaaa gatacacact cataaaatat    163740
     tttgtgaagt ccttagacaa agcattggaa aacaagctgt agtgttgcca gaggacataa    163800
     ctcctctaaa gggcatgagg gctgctgggt gagctgtgca gcctgagacg ggaagttcaa    163860
     ggctatcctt ggctacttga tgagtgttgg gccagcctgt gaaatatggc acccaaaaga    163920
     ggggctgggt caggagagac tgatctatgc tggctgctct tccagaggat tcaagtctgg    163980
     ttcccagcgc cgagattgga cagctcataa ttgcctgtct ggctccaggg gatctcacac    164040
     ccccctctgt cctccatgga tacccataca catgcacaga cacacataca cgtaaattaa    164100
     aaataaaaga aagaaaaaaa tcagacatta gccttggtct cagttctcct gcctcagcct    164160
     caaaagttct ggtatgtacc gccatgcctg gctcagaata tttttctact tcatacttat    164220
     aacttagtga atgtttatgt gtccagtgac tggtgtagtt ccatatattg gtaagctaga    164280
     ctatagtata gctgagtact cttttgagtg atagagggct ggagatatgg ctcagcagtt    164340
     aagagcactg actgctcttc ccaaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc    164400
     tcacaacggt ccataatgag atctgacgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagctacag    164460
     tgtacttaag atacaataat aataaatctt tttttaaaaa tgctgggcag tggtggtgca    164520
     cacctttaat cctggcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcagg tttctgagtt tgagtccagc    164580
     ctggtctata gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggttacag agagaagccc tgtctcgaaa    164640
     accccccccc cccaaaattt tttttgagtg atagatttcc gtttagaaga acttggcagt    164700
     gacattaaat gaaggtacag tttgagcgtt aattagtgaa acccttctta agaactcaat    164760
     tctgactgag ttatattttt gacagttgct tggagagcca tcaatagtgt tcaattggta    164820
     ggggaaaagt tggaaaagta tgtagatttg taccatagag tcaaatagtg aagcttaatt    164880
     aacatgggtg ttgattgctt ttaaaaaatg attatcttat aggggaaaca aatagtagca    164940
     aataggccct ataaaatgtc ttagtctatc ttgtgtaaaa tgtgtgtgat catttaggat    165000
     gatactatga tgtgtaattt tcttaatata tttagttttt atctttttat ttgatgtatt    165060
     atctgtataa actgataata taactgcctc atggtatggt ttttattgta gatataaggg    165120
     agagactcta aatgttcaca ccagtattct ctatgaagtg ggaacagctc aaaggtccat    165180
     cagctgataa gtgaataaat aagatgtgtg gcatattatt gatacattat ttgttagtta    165240
     aaataaatga agtacttaga catgctaaca caggtaaact ctgaaaacac tatactaaga    165300
     aagagtactg tgaaagcaac catttagaga aaactttgat acatgattgc atgcatatgc    165360
     agtgttcaga ataagcgaat tggagacaga atagataggg gttacctaga gcactggtgt    165420
     gtgggaagac atgggagatg gctgtaaagc atatcaaact tctggggtga tgaatagttc    165480
     taaaattaga tgtgctcatg gtacataact gtgaatatag taaaccgatt gcatcactga    165540
     acaaatcgta tagtgtgtca attatgtctc tgtgaagcct ttacaaatat ctggcatgcc    165600
     aaggttcatc gggctgcctt actgatgagt tgtcatcatc tccctgtggt ccctcagtag    165660
     aattgtattg tagggaatga gttggagtga agatagaact tggggagtca ttcctgtaat    165720
     atgggccatt gaaattaaga tagtggtatc agtccggcaa agaataacaa agtcatgcat    165780
     ggttttagaa agcacgaaga agccaaagag acggagaaga ccagctggcc acatgggaga    165840
     agccggtcgg gagaactagg gaagaaaaga taagtttcaa ataaaggtag tcagaatcta    165900
     cttcgaaggg tcacttggag atggttttca gttacatctc atctcgttta gacttaattg    165960
     aactcatgga aatgtgtttg agggagaggg cgaaactgta tttcgctgga gtcacaccta    166020
     gtgagtgaag agtatcagtc agctgtgctg accctagact gtgcgcttga gtcagggtga    166080
     ttcattttac acttgaagta ttggagagga gaatatttat tgtccaaggg gaaaagagaa    166140
     ataggattta gggaagacga ggtgctgtaa tgtttggcca gtgatataaa tgttaagata    166200
     gcataggctc aagctgagat catgaggaag gtaagaagcc atgttttgat gtggggtaca    166260
     tgacttcatg atacagagtt ttgttaaatt tggttgggtc agctctgtct aagattgctt    166320
     gaaactggag gaacacaata tagaaatctg atagaatgtt taaatacagt tataaagcag    166380
     tgttgtgtag tattttcttc agtccactga gtaattagtt tcattcccac tgtcttttgt    166440
     attgctgtct gatgtgatac attggaagtt ggtaaagtga ttaatcagta tttgaaatta    166500
     tgtgtgcatt atccttttca ggagtgtttc catattccag aaaaagtatt taaaaagaaa    166560
     cagcagagtt tctgactctg ggccattgtg gggaaagagt cattgaagaa cagactctag    166620
     tctttcagtg cagtgagttg tgctgactgt atgtgtaatt gttcagaaga ttttgtttag    166680
     ttttgtagct cttggacatg ttgttcctgc ctgccttccc tcctgccgtg atgtaccctg    166740
     ttctctcttg gttctagatg gtgctgtact acactgtact tctatgtcat tgccatagag    166800
     ggggacactt agagtgcagg aacatggagt gacagtgctc agaggcagag aaatcaaggt    166860
     ggcctaagac gcttgctgtt tccaaaagat aagacatttt atcttctttt tctagcttca    166920
     catggtgttc acatagtatt ttgtgtagtg taagttaagt gcaagaatag aagggatgga    166980
     ataaatacat atttttaaac ccagtgagtg aacttgcttt cacagcatga tcaaactgct    167040
     taggaaacat aggtcaaagg cgtctgggcg gctgcagcct gttggtggcg gcgctgtttg    167100
     gtacccgtta ccttttggat tgggaagttc attcattcag gtgtaatttt aggcaaatat    167160
     ggtttaccta ctataactat acttcttact ggaaagtgat tcatttaaaa tacttaacat    167220
     ttgtaaggaa ttctgtctgt tgggttctta attgccagcc taggttattt tgcttcattc    167280
     tccatgaatg ccacagcagg gcagtcacag tgtgtgctct gcagcttaga gtgtagtgtt    167340
     gcttaatttg gaaagtgatg gttgtgggga tggagctgct ctctggatta cataggtctt    167400
     ctctgcctta ggtttgctga ctagtgaatc ttaaggcaag aaggactcca tggagagttt    167460
     ggattgttga tttttaaact gaatcctcct aggtctttct gtgcatttaa cggaggcagc    167520
     agggtctttg ttatttttag aaagctgtta agtagaaagc acatcacgac cctgtgaatt    167580
     tagccccttt gaggactaat tgaagcaatt cttgacatac ttagtgtatt attagcagat    167640
     ttgggttctt aattgcactg gtgacataat aatacaaccc tgttgccatt aatggaagat    167700
     tactagttca ctcagctgaa catccagagg cagttttaca tgttctggta gtgcccttgg    167760
     tagcgttgta tatttgttta gataaagatc atgttcccac tgagaagagg ttcagtgatt    167820
     agggttagca tcctcatcag caccggcttt cttatgtctg tggccatcct tgtccgtgtt    167880
     tccctagtgc tgaggttaga agcatgtgct ccccgattat gtggtggtgg agattgaacc    167940
     cagggctgcg tgctcacaga atgatcactt taccaacaga gccacatcct cagggttttc    168000
     tcctttcact gtcacaataa agtggacaag agctaatttg tttatgtaag tactcattta    168060
     ttttctaact acagctctgc cctgtgggtt gaggtggatg tacatgctga gctcaatctg    168120
     ttattcaaga gcttgacaca gaagacttcg taggattagc cagtgagagc cactagtagg    168180
     gagggattaa acttgtcctc tggctcttgg cgggtgtttg tcttggtcct gaagttacag    168240
     attcttcaga agtctgtgaa gtgttttggt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttttaat    168300
     ttgagaggct ctttatggag aggggcaggg aatattgaat tagtttctgc tccaagctac    168360
     agtagaattt acatgcagtt ctgactgatt ttccaagaga ttaagatggt gttgaacttg    168420
     gaagcctggt tgagttttaa cacctcagtt ctgccctgtg ctagaacttg gctgggagtg    168480
     agtgggtttg tgcttagtat ggtgacaggc agggcctgtg cactgggact ttgtcatttg    168540
     gtcaaacctg aaaaagggaa ggttagatga ggttgacaca attttcaaag tgatgcagac    168600
     ttattaaaaa acagaatgca gttatcttgt tggttgcaaa tgaattatat aaaatgtaaa    168660
     ttatataaat atttaaatat atagaaaagt atttaaagtt atcactcaga aaaatttgga    168720
     atttatacag gttttttgtt gttgttgtta aagtatatac aaatatttaa atatatagaa    168780
     aagtatttaa agttatcact cagaaaaatt tggaatttat acaggttttt tgttgttgtt    168840
     gttaaagtaa tagctattta ctgttgtgat tcttttgctt catgagatct gccttctgtg    168900
     tattgcatag agtgaaaatc actgatcagt cgatagcaga ccactctctt gttgatgaca    168960
     tgtttttaaa agataagaaa atatagtatc tggaaaccag aacatatttc agtaagaacc    169020
     aaagctttgc aatcttgtaa aagagcaact actgtttatt gaagctattt ttagtgaact    169080
     ttgctttaac attaaggtaa cgtcttaatt aaaagtactt tattgttgta gtttgagaga    169140
     gaaagggagc atgagcacct gctgtcttgg cacagagccc aagggccatg ggacttgtgg    169200
     ggtcagagga cggagctgca gaatggcttt ccttctacct ttaggcgggt ttcagggatt    169260
     gaattcaggc aggcagcaga tgtgcacagc aagcactttt acttaccaga tgtttgtgcc    169320
     agcactcaac tgtttgtttg ttgttgtttg agatcaggat gtctctagcc cttgctgtcc    169380
     tggagctcac tgtgtagact tctgcctccc gggtgatggt ttacaagcat gtgccaccgc    169440
     acctggctct gccgttttta ggacattgtt gtaagagtag aaaagttaga tttctaaatt    169500
     ctgactaaca attttattta ctttttgggg tttttttttt tgtttgtttg ttttttaaac    169560
     aaaattaaaa aattgaacta ccttcgttct ttacattatt ttgatatgta tggtctgtct    169620
     ctatatattt tgatgtctag atctgcatgt atgtgttccc ctcacagtgt catgtgatct    169680
     ctagactgac gagggcatca caccatctca gatcgtgcac tatttaaaca attgagtata    169740
     tttcattact gacctttcac ataataaaaa tacctttaat aaaatggcgg ggctggtgag    169800
     atggctcagt gggtaagagc acccgactgc tcttccgaag gtcaggagtt caaatcccag    169860
     caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta aggagatctg acgccctctt ctggagtgtc    169920
     tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa taaataaata aatcttttaa aaaaaaaata    169980
     aataaaatgg cactaaaact aaaaaagata aatggctgct ttctgtttca agagatataa    170040
     agccttgatc tctttcccca gataatctgt tctgaacact aacgatcctt tacctgcttc    170100
     agtgtgaatt tcaaaagcat atgaaaaact agccagtaga ctgttgttgc aataaacagc    170160
     agatatcagc tgtgagtcct tcagtttgtt tttctaaaag gtaatgagac tgaggtcccc    170220
     tagtgctttt gaggaaagga accactttcc attggtcatt ggctggtttc tctttgtcct    170280
     gtcctggctt cctttcctta gggtttcatt ctctgtgtcc acaagggggc ggataaagga    170340
     agagggaaat actaagtgag cctgttcagg gtttcacttc agttagtcag ttaggagttt    170400
     gagaatgaca tcagaaagaa gcagtgactt cttcttaggg ccactcagtg ccctccgtag    170460
     ccctcttcac agacaagaag cagtctcata aacaactgac ttttaaagga tggtttccaa    170520
     agcagtgtta cctaccttca gttttttctg taaataattt ctctctacta aagaatgagt    170580
     tgggtataag gaaatggcag catttgaatg tatgtctgat ttctttgcgg agtgtcatct    170640
     tagattgaga tttctcactg aatgatgtga atattgccta gttcagtctg cttcacaaag    170700
     aagtgcaaag aaggcatcct tctcatttct taaaggctta gttactatgg cagtgctact    170760
     gagtacatta cactcatcaa catctacaga cacatactta ttatgatggt taatttattt    170820
     gcagcaaatt tattcaattg aagcatattt gatagtgaat acctcaacac cttatatact    170880
     gtttgagtct atgggaatgt tactttctca gtgtattatg tgtttggggg cggtgtatgc    170940
     tcatgtatat taatgtgtgc ctgctttttt ttttgcagaa tgtcatctta gatgcctgtg    171000
     ttgagatttc tcactcaatc tcaatatttt gtatatgtat atgtctgtgt agaggacaga    171060
     ggacagcttc tgtagtcatt acttgggaga tagggtctct tttcactggc ctggagcaca    171120
     tcaagtgggc cagatggctg tccagtgagt cctggaagat ccatgccttt ctacctccct    171180
     tgagtctatg ggaattttga ataaaaatgt gttttctgtc aactgcttaa ttgtttgttt    171240
     tgacttggtg ttggggtact gtgatctcaa tttttctgtt ttagtatgga gcttagttgc    171300
     tctttcatgt tcttttcctg tgaacatact tcttttggaa aacttctgtt tttccctata    171360
     gtctatatga aactcatttt gtgtatatga ttttagctgt ttaaaatatt gggtaaagta    171420
     gtggggcaaa tttaccaaaa ttgattcttt aggcttagtt tttgatgtct gtttttaaag    171480
     tcatttttcc ccctttctgt tgcttctatt aagatctctg gtatggcaca tgtaaggatt    171540
     aaacccgtta cctaacattc ctatagcatt ctttttttca gcacttaatg ccttttattc    171600
     cttagcttca ggcacgaatt atgtagcata tgtgaagagg cttaaactgt ttccattgca    171660
     ttctttctgg ctggctgctg ttatatttag ggtatactta tagtttagac aaagtaagaa    171720
     tgttattgtt gttgaccttg acactagata actgggcaga cattatatag ctatgtttga    171780
     atcctcacaa aatgtgctgt tgaagccaac agagtcctgg cgggaggctc ttctggacag    171840
     cagagttatg gagctcttct tcactgtaag tcctcgtctt caactctggc tagctagggg    171900
     catggtgaga ggaagggaac gcctttgctt ttcttaagca aaacagggca ggttttcccc    171960
     atgtggtttc tcttctcaca actgacttac taaaagaaat tatatgacaa agttgttgct    172020
     gatgtacaaa tactatctca ttttgaaggg cttagatcct acaacaaaac ttcttggact    172080
     ttgtaaccac tctttacagt cttaaaaacc cagcacttcc tgctagcttg tgttgtgtgg    172140
     gttgcatggc tattgttacg taacattagg aatccaaact gacaaaagca aaagaagatg    172200
     acagtacaac aaaaatatag catgttctca taataaaagt aaactcagtc tggctgaaaa    172260
     cttgaagaaa tactttcttt cactaaaaat atcaacaaga aaccattata acataaatac    172320
     cttcaacgaa caaatacttt gaaatgtgta gtgaaaacaa ctggcataaa ctgggttttg    172380
     gttttgtttg ctttatattt tggcaaatct gtctagcacc tgctttaata aaaggtaagc    172440
     agatttccct tttttatatt tcattcagtt ggtattttaa atcgtgacct taggaaaagc    172500
     tttctgtgtg tgtgtttgca gtgcacaggg aagagcagaa atgctttagt gctcttaaga    172560
     acacagtctg cagcagctag caagttgacg gatccctaga ctgcatttta aggactgttc    172620
     cctagtgagc tgtatacata agacctgagc tacattaata tttaagggta gtttatctta    172680
     aatatttcaa tttaattttt tttttcaatt taattttaaa gtggcctctt agtatcatct    172740
     agctacaaga agcaagcagt ctattcccat gagtgcaagt gagttttaga attaaaaaaa    172800
     ttacatgaat atgtttgttg ttaattttta tttacagtga cttgcacaga ataaaaatca    172860
     ataaaatcta gataaacacc aattaaaaag ataaaaataa ggaaattttg tttaatctga    172920
     atcattatag ttttttatct tttcatgtgt tttgaactat gaaggagcct tttgtgacca    172980
     aagcaattat atttcagtac tgtggtatat attttaatgt ctaaaccatg tttgtccacc    173040
     cttaggcata cacaaaacac attttctgcc acggtgtctt gttctgtagc tgtggagatg    173100
     gcaccctggc tggctcttct gtgtgcctga tgagcactgt gccaccaggc cttggctctg    173160
     cccttcctaa ggcggttcgc gtttcctatg gcaatcttca gtctgagcat tcagtttcct    173220
     ttttaaaacc agagggggga gcatctaaaa ccataaccaa gatcaaacag tacttgcaag    173280
     taaattttaa ggaccttgtg gggcatctca tctgacagga attgttttga tacaagtcca    173340
     agttcaagtt ctgtgtattt gctcgacaga aagtaggtcc cactccagca gtttgtgaaa    173400
     aggtgaaaaa cttgctggcg tacagcaagc atctccacta gatctgaaca gctgtctaga    173460
     cagagcagac agctgcttct gtcagctgtg aactaccaca tgcaaagaac tgaatttaaa    173520
     agttaaccct tttctactgt cattttagta gtttatgagt gtagctattt gcatttaagc    173580
     aatttataaa cagttttaat ttgttgtaaa aaatgactta atctttctat tagtttttca    173640
     agatttgcct tcatttatat gaattaatta ctcagtttaa tctttccttc cattagatat    173700
     cattatgcta gatttcagta gataaatgta ctgatgcatg gggtgaagac ttaaatttct    173760
     tgatcatatc tgaaatttta aatggttttg gttacattct gctccttagc aagttacaaa    173820
     gctgtcagcc ccccacccca ccctcctttc agactttcct ggttgtgact ctagtgtttg    173880
     ccctccgtgt ggacactggt gttcccagct ctgctttgct tctcacaccc tgcacactct    173940
     ctcagactca tgctaatctg catgctcact gggtgctgcc gtgtgggtgg cacacgggcg    174000
     cctgatgttt aagcacactc tctccttctc tatgcgtatt tggtgaatgg cctctctctg    174060
     tttgcctccc tgggtgtctt gcgcctcccc ttgcttcctt tctgtacaga ggtggtagat    174120
     ctgtttttta attgtgtgat attgattgaa atccatgttc agttatgaga gaatgctttt    174180
     gcaatgcaac agaccgtgag tctatatcac aagaattaca tgtttaacat gagtttatgt    174240
     ggactctatt ttatgaaaca agttaaccct tggtcccaga acagtttttt tattttattt    174300
     taaattgtga atactggctc tctcgttaag cacattcatt cttttgtgtt tttgttatag    174360
     tctaggtatg aatggacatc tggctcctat gtggagcaga ctgtgtgatg agtgtctctt    174420
     gttccagttt gcactgtaga tgttggtaga atctgaccct ggacatctca gtgaactttt    174480
     gattagcatt cagagcatga agacacagat ttaactgtgc tttcaagata aagagcttaa    174540
     aagcatacaa tctagagttt gcagccaaga tgtacatagg attctgtgag ttgtactttg    174600
     aagttactgt ataaagccta aaatacatta gtatataggt tgaaaagtat ttttgttcca    174660
     gaccaaggat tagcaaactc aatgtgctat cagggccggc ccacagtaaa tattttaggc    174720
     tctgtatata atatggtcgt actcaaatct ctcattgtag taggaacctt aaattaaaaa    174780
     taaacaatca aggaaagctg gtattccagg aaaactttgc tgatggtcat taaaattgaa    174840
     tactttgtct aatcttcttt tgattttttt ttcccctctt tctctcactt tataaatatg    174900
     agaaaaaccc tgctctaacc tctatatcta accagatttg gtccatgggt cagtggcttg    174960
     acaacccttg ttctagacca gaatataata tatgttaagc cttttagtaa gtcatttaac    175020
     tatcattttt agatatagta tactggttta aatttcttgt cttgacctta agaaacctag    175080
     aggctaagat tagtggaatt agttaacgag gaaatactat gttcaccatg tcctgtactt    175140
     taccagtgaa tacatttaaa aaatcaaaca aaaacattct ggtgtcaagt aattcataaa    175200
     tgattgacag agtcaaagac acattacttg aaacaaatag agaacagtgg ttcaaaaaaa    175260
     gaaagggttg gagtgcttca gttcaatgcc tgtgggaaga ggcaagtggc tggccggtat    175320
     tgtacgtgga ggtgaatagg aatagccact ttataattcc tttccggcat ttcctcttct    175380
     attttaatgt caggtcatag aaatgaagta tttaatatct gaaaatttag gagtattgaa    175440
     ggaacactat tctgagaacc ttttctttag attaaaacac tgggtagtgt ctgtgtatca    175500
     gtatttcatc attaaaataa ggtctagttg tatgtttaaa tgggtctatg tattaagtgc    175560
     acactgtatt taaaaaacat tgagtactaa tagtgatggt atgatataaa atgaaatgta    175620
     aacaggttag accgtcttgg aacttaaaca tgtgttccct gtccacgagt ggaggatatc    175680
     taggggtggg tgataggtac atttgctggt tttctaagtg tgcaactgtt tacttctact    175740
     aagacagcat ctatatactg gattgaactt gtctgctaac tttagaaaga agctgtggcg    175800
     gggcatagtt agcataatac agatgactgt cgttgttgct gtttttagca gaagcagtat    175860
     gtctgactgg ctagcatctg tcttctctcc ttgtcataat atgctggaga cagttcaatt    175920
     tgcaaaatgt aggtagctct cagctaaaag ttagctgaaa tgcctaaaat catggtctat    175980
     gatgtcaggt gaactgaagg gtgatttttc aggattggtt taactgaaga gttaattttc    176040
     tagaaatgac cagctacaga gaatttttct cttacctcat ttgacatggt tctcacgtga    176100
     cccctacaaa agaagaattt gtttttatgg attagtaatt ctttctaaca ggtacatcga    176160
     aaaatcagag aagattcaga tatggcacag gattccctgc agtgccttgc ccagttagcg    176220
     tctctccacg gacccatctt ccccgacgaa ggatcccagg ttgattatct agcacacttc    176280
     attgagggct tgctcaacac tattaatggg taggtatgct tttccttttg aactgaaaag    176340
     ggaacctttt ttgtagtatt taatacaaag ggggggggga aacctaagga tttttggctt    176400
     ttcctgtttt gtgttttgaa gtagaattgt atggctaatt tgaaattaat acagagatgt    176460
     gcctttagaa atgaatgagt gataatattc ttgtgtttga aagtgtagct tattttgtat    176520
     ggcttaatcc tcattacttg atttgtagaa ttgaaataga agattctgaa gccgtaggga    176580
     tctccagcat tatcagcaat ctgataactg tgttccctcg gaatgtttta actgccatcc    176640
     ccagtgagct cttctcctcc tttgtgaact gcctcacaca cctcacttgt tcttttgggc    176700
     gaagtgctgc gttggaagaa gtggtgagtg acttctaaag tctgtctgtg tctgtttccc    176760
     gtaggaaatt ggtgctactg ttagaatatt gtctcatgac agttatttta actgaggact    176820
     agtagctgtt gttaaaatta cactttgtgc atatattagt ggcagtgtgt atggaaacat    176880
     gacctttgaa atttgtggat ttaaattagt cttggaaatt atcattttga gataattaaa    176940
     attcaatgtt ttattaaatt atattgatga gaccatttta aaagtgtttt acaagtactg    177000
     ttaaataact tcatggttgc atgtaattat gtataattaa attttatcta tgctattagt    177060
     atttttaatt aggacttagt tggaaattat gtaatatgta ttgtttaata gtgtattttg    177120
     gtaaactgac ttatattcaa attaagatgt aataatacta atgatttttg ggagatagaa    177180
     acacattttc agatcctttc caatttttat ctttaacttt agaaaataca caaaaactcc    177240
     atgacagcag ttactttgta acagttatca tgataaagaa ctatagtaat attggaaata    177300
     attgacttat ttctataaag ttgttactta gttgttgaaa ttgatttttc tttctttttt    177360
     tggttataaa ttgaaaggag atacctctta gagtttcatg ttaaattctg agcaatattt    177420
     ggcaatttgt aaagcttcta aagtgttagg gtctgggagt gattgtagtg tgtaattagg    177480
     ctctttatag acatcatgtg aaatttgcac ttctcaggct agttatttct gttctaagca    177540
     tattgaagtt aaatgtctta gcttaaaagc ccttcctcag gctcagactc agatgtgaag    177600
     tttgatgtaa catggcttcc ttgtgtttct tgattttcct cttttgagtg agatggagtc    177660
     aggatttggt atattgaaca tctgtttaga cacacaaact acctttagct tctcaaagag    177720
     ggttcttaga tttagtagac tggctagaat atatgtaata tttttgattt aaagattata    177780
     tctttgaaat ttatttgagc atgaagcttt ctgtcagttt gtcatagaaa tgttggaata    177840
     taagctaaat ccactttcaa agaagcagat atttcttagt ttctctcaga agccatgcta    177900
     actcaaagtt agactatacc taataggttt tgttaaagca aacagctgtt tatgtctttt    177960
     aattctcaca gtttatctgt ttatttttaa gggcaactgg ctaccactta tataggacag    178020
     caagagaagt tgtctgcagg tttgcattaa ttgtggaagt cacattaggc aggcctaggg    178080
     aagttgaagg ttggggattg tccctgtcat gtggcttgca tgaatactaa acagatttcc    178140
     ttaaaaggca gttaaatctt catgttttat catcttgtgt atattggaga atattcagct    178200
     aatagctgaa ggtcacaaac aaatgcagcc agagcggatt ggatcttctt acttacatac    178260
     gccatctttt gttttcttgg ctaccggata caagttataa tgcatagttg ttgtactgag    178320
     atggaaaaca aataatcctt taaggaaatt ttggtaaaat tgagtgtgta aataaacagc    178380
     ttaggaagct ggagagaatc tgaagggtgg tctcaggctg ttgggagccg ttttcaactt    178440
     cattaagcat tcagaagttt ccttcttgga caaatgaagc atacagttct ttgtgatgcc    178500
     tgcaacctgc cccattttgt tttgtggtgc ggtgggtttt ttagagagtc tgggttccat    178560
     tctgtgtttc ttgcctttac ctctacccct gagtgctgac gtaacagatg tgtgctgtct    178620
     tacctggctt ctttctggcg tgaaaatgcc tatttaaggc cagcctgtgc tccatgagac    178680
     tctcataaaa gggacttttt aaaattggct ttgaagtgga gagcagaagg cagtggttaa    178740
     gctgggagat gatgttgttt tggtgtaact tgatcttttg ttgtgcatgg ttagcctccc    178800
     tcccctgtga ttctgatagc tgaaaggcac acactgtgga tatcctagct cctccccact    178860
     caccatgctt gcatttcttt tcttgtagga aaagctgaaa tgaaacatgg gaatattgtt    178920
     taagctttgt atgttgaaag aatatttctt tccaaaaata atgatgattt tggctctgta    178980
     agagtatttg gaaggaaatt tgtaactatt gcatcttaaa tgaagattat taaagtaata    179040
     acttaagaat gacttgcaaa gctgagtgtg tggtgcacgt ctgtaatccc atgcttgaga    179100
     agcagaatgt gccacagagc tccagggcag ccagtgccac acagaaaaat cctaccttga    179160
     aaaagagaag aaagaaactg ttttgttata tttaactcag gttggatcac aaatcatact    179220
     atgcaatgtt ttgtgacttg gatgttagtt aatttttgtg ttctaaatgg gtgttttaag    179280
     tcttttaaga aagcagggga agtattgtgt ccttagagta cagcttattt accatctcac    179340
     tgttctctaa tatgatattc tttcttattt taaaatctct tatttatttt tattttatgt    179400
     gcattggtgt tttgcctcta tgtatgtcta tgtgagggtg tcatattcct gggaactgga    179460
     gttacagatg attgtaagct ggcatgtcat tgccagaatt gaacccagcc agtagaagag    179520
     cagccaagtg ctcttaacca ctgagccatc tctctagccc ctctgtctta aaaaacaaaa    179580
     aaattattat tgccatattt aacttaaatg atacaacagt aaaataacaa cataaaagat    179640
     atggtctatt cgtatgtttg ttggtattag attgaacaat gcaaattttg tttgtggtat    179700
     gctattgtgt atgaggttgt gccagtaata agatatgatt aaacattgtg aaatacttta    179760
     ttcacacatg ctttgcctaa atgtaaagaa taatacagag ggaacagctc cttatcacca    179820
     acgcagacta agtacagtgc caagtgtggc acgatggctc ctgttggtac ccccagcact    179880
     caggaggcta agacagcaag atggtcagct tgagattagc cagggtttcc cagcaaagaa    179940
     acagtgtgtt gatagagctc ctttctcaca caggcatctg tcccctcctg ctcctgtgat    180000
     caggtttctg ttataaacct tggttctgcc aaacagtctt ttcatcatgc ttgcaagtag    180060
     atgctgcgag tgaatatccc agctgctata catggcactt tctttctctc tgtcgtctgt    180120
     gctagttgac tttgtttcta ttctcaaagt tcttataggc tggaagcagg aaattctaga    180180
     gtgcagtaag gctaaagaac tccttagaag ctatcctgaa aaataaaatt ctctgtgaaa    180240
     ttaattgttc acatcaattt cattgcatat ttttatgtat ataaaccata cttacctagg    180300
     aaaatagtct gggggctgtg tggtggtttg attaagaacg gccgccatag gctcatgttt    180360
     aaatgcttcg tcctcaggga gtgctgctgc ttgggaagaa ttaagaggtg tggtcctgtt    180420
     ggagaaagtg tatcactgag ggtgggcttt gaaaaggcat taaaacgtcc aagccaggct    180480
     tggccctctc ttcccactgc cagtggattg agatgtagaa ctctcagcta cctctctagc    180540
     accatgtctg cctgtgtgct gccatgttcc ctgccataac aatgcactaa gcttctgaag    180600
     ccccaattaa acgctttctt tgtaagagtt gcctattggt ggtaatctct tcacagcaac    180660
     agaacacaga caagacaggc taagagtagc tcagagtgag cttacccatc atacctgagg    180720
     ctctcagttg aggcactgtt actatgaaaa taaagtgggc agggcaaatc aaagacgttt    180780
     ggtattccat agaaaatgtt ttctaggcag gcagatacta gtccctagga gtcagggcta    180840
     gaagacctgt atgaaattaa ggtcagcctg atctacataa caagcttaca gggctgcata    180900
     aagagatctt ctcttaaaaa agaaggaagt gctttctgat ttcatggacg actttggaat    180960
     tggcagtggt tatttgctca ctgtggggga aagtacagag ggatgggttg tgcatggtat    181020
     cattactatt agggatagat gtggagttgt ttgcagataa caagcaagtt tgtaacaaca    181080
     agcaagttag tctttattag tctactttca aaatatctga tattatgttt atatagatgg    181140
     gtagcaatgt aaacactata tttaataatg cacctctagg ttcagagtga aaacacagga    181200
     tgatctcata cacttttccc tccttatcat catctgctcc attaagccta tattagagtg    181260
     gtatctgtgt tattgctgta cctgcattga ttcatggttg tcactcagag tccatgggtt    181320
     ccgcggggct catttctggt gctctaaatt tgtgttatta ttattactgt tgttattatt    181380
     agacagtgtc tctctatata gtcttaactg ttctggaact tgctatgttc accaggctag    181440
     agctcacaga gatctacctg tttctgtctt tacctcccaa gtgctaggtt taaggcattt    181500
     gccaccatgt ccagcctcct ggtggtataa gttttttgga tttggacaaa tgcataatgg    181560
     catatatctt accctataga gtatttgcct tctgtaaaaa ttctgtgtgc ttcgtctgtt    181620
     cattcttcta caccaggcta tggcaactac tgggtgataa catcattctc cctgcctctc    181680
     ctcctcctcc tcttcctcct cctcctctct ctctctctct ccccctcccc tccctctctc    181740
     cctccctcct ccctcctccc ctcccctctc ctttcttccc tcctctcctc ctttctctcc    181800
     tctctctctc tgtccctgcc tcccaaatga tggaatttga atgtgtgcac cacatattga    181860
     gacatactac tcttatggtc tctataatct tcccttccca gaatgtcctg tatttggaat    181920
     tatagaatga tgttgggctt tggtcactga aattattttc attgtcagaa agggaccaga    181980
     tcagaacaga atcctgtcat ttcactattt tggggagtat atactcaaaa ttattaaagc    182040
     ataaatgtcc cttttttctg tgtctgaagc tctgcatcct cacttctctc catctccagg    182100
     ctagttatag gcagagggag cagtgctgat aatcatgttt tgatttctac tcccctcttc    182160
     atattcaaat ggagtaaagt ggggtcaagt aggtcccata agctctaagc ccctctccaa    182220
     agcccttctg gcactaggcc tgacagtgct cagagcatga gcacatagag tctagattgg    182280
     tccccttagt catctgtcca catgctgcca gcaggctctg gatctgggcc agagtggcca    182340
     tggaacagag ccaaggtgtt atgaaaaagc actagcttgg gtttcacgtc tctgggatta    182400
     gactggaaga tccagttgcc aattgtcatc aaccagattt ctcacacttt gcctgatgag    182460
     ttactttatt agtgtacaga gggaaccaaa actttgtttt ttctaagaag ctcagtcttt    182520
     attttaaatc accatccagt gtataaggtc ttgtgtattc tacttgagat catcctaata    182580
     gcagggttaa acggaggcat tatggagaat tcctttaata atacgagtac aaggttttaa    182640
     attttttaaa aagactttta cattttgatt cgtgttttaa atatgtactt agaaaaaacg    182700
     atagtaggtc tttaaaatat cctgtttttc tttttgagac tagatcagag ggtgctactc    182760
     ctaagtcctt ttagatatgt taccagtctg tttgttttgg caagataaac tgttaagact    182820
     tgacaaatga tgtctgcaaa gcacacgcct tgttaagtat ataaacaagc cacagatgtt    182880
     tctatgggaa gaacggatcc tattcacttc aggattccaa tgttagctct tcgtatttga    182940
     ggaaattata gaaggaatag aaccattgtt cccattgttt ataaccaaca ttgtgctttg    183000
     gttttcatct gtgttttgtt tttccttttt taaaaaagca cagtgtatat taactataaa    183060
     gagtaatttt cacgtgtgta tgtaacatac ttggatcatg ctcatctgag ccactgccat    183120
     actgcacagt acaggcagag acagaaacag aaacagactg tgccatgtgt ttttgttgac    183180
     tgtactttca tgagcattac agttactttt taaaaaagat ttatttattg tatatatgtg    183240
     actacactgc agccgtcttc agacacacca gatgaggtca tcggatcccc attacagatg    183300
     gttgtgagcc accatgaggg tgctgggaat tgaactgagt tgcagacagt gctcttaact    183360
     cctgagccat ctctccaact cctacggcag ttttttgttt ggcttttttt ttttcaagga    183420
     tttatttatt attatatcta agtacactgg agctgtcttc agacagagcc agaagagggc    183480
     gggcgtcaga tctcattaca ggtgattgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact    183540
     caggaccttc ggaagagcag tcagtgctct tcaccactga gctatctcac cagctctagt    183600
     tttttgatac aatcaagagg aagcttgatc gccgtcctcc tcctgaggct gtctgcatag    183660
     ttcttgcctt ccatcttact gtgtgtgagg ccgtagcttc tcaggtgcaa tggcattctc    183720
     tacatcagcc cacttcctgg tctttgcagc tttttcagta cagtggtttt tggttttttt    183780
     ttttgggtgg gtgggggttg tttgtttttt tgtttttttc cagcggagta ttagatcaat    183840
     ctaaggaggg attttagatc acaaatagct ttatagtctg ttatttgtat gtcttaacta    183900
     ttcttggaaa ttccttcttt atgtctcagt ggtgtggttt tagtatgaaa ttttaactga    183960
     gaaatattag ctactcgtga acaagaaaga atgggaaatg aaaattacaa ataatcacct    184020
     gaatagttca gatcatgaca gtctctacac catggggtga gaggctcaac tgggtgagga    184080
     gaggcctggc ttcctcttgg tttcttacct gcttactctc ttttctttct ttctttcagt    184140
     atgtcactgg ggttttatcc tagtacaaga aaaacaaatg tgtaagaatt atatttattg    184200
     gtctggagag atggcacagt ggttaagagc actggctgct tgctcttcca gaggtcctga    184260
     gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggtgactc acagccatct gtaatgggat ctgatgccct    184320
     cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tactcagatg aatgaaataa ataaattaaa    184380
     aaaaaagaat tatacttatg ttatatattc tattttttta acttatcaaa aagctaatac    184440
     tacttttatt ttaaaaatat acattccaca aagcactaaa caattagtct tttaaaataa    184500
     acattaattc catattgcca aagaatagtt tcttttcaaa ttacggaaat tttagaaggt    184560
     taataaatgc ttaataattg gaaatactat tttttaaaag cattttaaag attgtttttg    184620
     cacatagctg catacctctt gcaatgccca ttttatttct ctagatactt gtttaatgaa    184680
     tcgtcttttc ttttagcttg ataaggatga catggtatac atggaagcat atgataaatt    184740
     gctggagtcc tggctaactt tggtccgaga tgacaagcat ttccataaag gctttttcac    184800
     acagcatgca gttcaggtgt tcaattccta tattcaatgt caccttgctg ctccagatgg    184860
     cacaagaaat ttggtaagtc ctaagcaagg tggaatgaaa aattactata ggctctgtct    184920
     gatcatattg gacaacatca aacactagag atttggcata ggttccctca gatttgctga    184980
     gaaacatgtg gtcccttgta tctgccaatt ttcatatgtg gctgttaatt atagtcattt    185040
     cccttttaat tttccaatta gccactctgt ctttccaggt gtctggtaac atcctatatt    185100
     gagtaatatt caatgaacta gggaatcata agatgctaga ctgctttaat gacaagtgac    185160
     agtccctagt ataagaggta gattgtaggt atatagctag ctattagcac atgcacagag    185220
     aagcatttcc ttccttcctt ctcctcaatg ctattctcac cctttgagct accagggctg    185280
     ctagcagtgt tagaaaggag tcctagaaag ctgcacctga taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    185340
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagctgc acctgtaggt tggctctgtc cagctcttcc    185400
     tgaagccact tgacagggtc acagacacac aggccttatg gaatgtggtg ctgtatttcc    185460
     ttattgtttc tcttcctttc accaaataga cagccaatgg tgtggcctcg cgtgaggaag    185520
     aagaaataag tgagctccaa gaggatgatc gtgatcagtt ttccgaccaa ctagccagcg    185580
     taggaatgct gggacggatt gctgccgaac actgtatgcc tcttctgaca aggtacacac    185640
     cgaccgggaa ccccctggag aagggtttgc tgctcacagt tccctgagag ctttgaacat    185700
     gcccacccct gtccagcacg ctggacccag tggacagaag catgttatga ttgcattctt    185760
     tggcttatac aattggagcc caggcactac agaatagatt gcaagaatta tggaaaacaa    185820
     agcatgagaa gtgacttgaa ataaccagtt tcagccgggt gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa    185880
     tcccagcact tgggaggcag aagcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaggctag cctggtctac    185940
     agagtgagct ccaggacagc cagggctata tagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaccaaaaa    186000
     acaaacaaaa aaagaaataa ccagtttcaa atgcctatca tataaacctt gcttgtttgt    186060
     aaagtgttat tttacttctg tgtccttaaa tatacattat gtttcttcta gtgctcttga    186120
     gaatagttgt acgttaatat ttttaaatat atgtattttg tgctaacata ttagcttatg    186180
     ttgtttagtt atatggaagt tatcagttgt cctagatctt cctatcctgc acttgattaa    186240
     gctattgttt ctttcctctt ttagtttatt agaagaaagg gtaacaagac tccatggcca    186300
     gttacaacgg catcagcaac aattccttgc ttcacccgga tcaagcacca ttgacaacaa    186360
     aatgcttgac gatctttacg aggatattca ctggcttatt ctagttacag gttagttact    186420
     ttttcctcct actgtagttg ctgtgaaatc atttaaacct aaaagaagcc tcctatatta    186480
     aaaagaataa tttagagctg ggtgtggtgg catatccttg taattccagc ccaaagagaa    186540
     gctgaggtag gaggattgtg gttttgaagc cagtttgggc ttcctagcaa gaccccgtct    186600
     caaacatcaa cagtatatat acttcatata tagtgctgga tgtcttggat acagatactg    186660
     tttgaaatag agcaatagac aatttttaaa caccactggc tatcatgtat tcggacctgt    186720
     atatgccaag tgtttccttt ggatcacatt gtagcccttg gaattagtag tgttctgtga    186780
     tgttaaccat cttcatcact gtcaccatca tcattcccaa ctaacagatg aagcagctga    186840
     aagtataaga agtggtcata ctgcagttaa gtttgaagcc agaatgcaag tctaggcact    186900
     ctgaccttta gggtcttttt ccttgaccac tgaccctatt agtgattctg tattgtaatc    186960
     aaggaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaacacttga cctttaaaaa gttgtatatg aataaattcc    187020
     tgatataata gcagaattcc cattaactta gcaataaatt tctcaagtct tcaaagccta    187080
     catgtcacca tgctttgtga ggttgatgac taaaccattt gtccttgatc tttgctgtat    187140
     ttttgagggt tttagttttc taagaaattg acagttgctg cacttcatct tgaaattagc    187200
     aggttaacat tttaatttac ttttacatca acctatgtga tgtatataaa tcaaaactga    187260
     aagcatttat agtgcacttt ggtaaataga tttgttaagt gttcattttt aatttttttt    187320
     aaactgaagg ctacctctta gctgatgata ctcagggaga gactccgcta atacctccag    187380
     aaataatgga atattccatt aagcattcat ctgaagttga cattaataca acacttcaaa    187440
     ttttgggatc tccaggagaa aaggcttctt ccatcccagg gtacagcaga acagattctg    187500
     tgattaggta atatgaactc tatagctgcg ctcttgtaat ttattgtctc ataacctctg    187560
     agttgatggg tagatgactg gaggggtagg cgcgctgcgc tgtgaattgg atacatgaaa    187620
     gaaacgagaa cttagagcag cctcgaaacc caaggatggc aaggcacgct agcaggatgg    187680
     cagggctatc ctgtactgaa gagaacaaat gtaaaatgaa tctgaatgca agacttggaa    187740
     acagcattca ctataattta ttaaggatgt agtgtttgcc catcagtaag cagtaaagat    187800
     gtatgtgtag gaacccttca tgagggaaaa cagtttttag aaaccaggtg agccttaaca    187860
     agtatgtatt gcttatgaaa gtggaagcta tatgccagtg gcttcttaag gaaaactgtc    187920
     attattatag aaatagttat cttaaatatg tgaaacttga gagccctgtc aacagtaatt    187980
     acaaggcagc aagcctgtct ctgagaagat tcgctatttg tcttcctatt agtaaaggca    188040
     gtgttttcat taattcttaa ttgtgaaact gaagggggta aatctgaatt aattatattg    188100
     ttaaaaattg atttgaaaat ggttttaagt tttatttcat tgtctttgag tctcagttgc    188160
     cttggagata gtagacacga tgatagcatt ggtttgtcag gtactcaagg gtttgtctta    188220
     ctttattttt tcaaagcaaa cataaaagaa catttaggcc tctgcaatag aaggtacagg    188280
     gtttttgttg ttgttatgtt gttgatttaa ggtcaaatat taagctgata ccaaggaatt    188340
     gtttgggact ttatctcctt tatttgtaga ttcttttgtt tgccataaat ataagaaaag    188400
     gtttctttct tttgaggttc ctgttgtgat tagattttgt gatttctgct ttggtttgta    188460
     tcctggtgaa tgtaatttct gagctctgcc ataggtgtgt tgtcctagtt cttgtagcag    188520
     gaaccattag gaccatttcc tttattctag agtgagaaca aatcattttc atattttaga    188580
     acacaaacta tggagtgtta gaatagctag gtttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttttatctaa    188640
     agaataaaat tgatttgata cgtgggagaa acaacctttg gtatactaaa aatgtagttc    188700
     atatttctta aagaaaatga atctcttttc ttaagaattc tttattgagt accttcatgg    188760
     gttgcaaact ttatgggcac ataggataca ttcatgacca aagcaagcaa tatctactcc    188820
     cgcattagag ttcttgttaa gggagagctg gccaacaagt gctggactgt gtagaagaca    188880
     gaaagtgctg tggatgaaga gccagctggg gcaggcacct gaagcacaga ctcctgcagg    188940
     gcttcttgca gccttaagta gcgtgactca cagaggcttc atgtaaatga ctcctgagcg    189000
     agggttaaag ttgttgatag gagagtcttg aatgtgccca ggaaaagaac attccagcta    189060
     gagcaaaaat aaaataaaat aaataaaata actaatgcaa aggccctggc catacttggc    189120
     atggccaagc agctatggcc agcatgctat ggtggaccaa gctgagagaa atagaatttt    189180
     aaaggagatg gaattgtaga aataagtagg aggaaaagtt aacctttatg ggttgtaaga    189240
     catctttgct tgaagaagat tggggtgctg ctgttagttc tgaatagagg atcaagtcat    189300
     gttcagggct ttccctgatt cccactctga ttaccagtat aatgagtggg aagtggggaa    189360
     accgcctgtg ggtctggtcc tggttaccat agttatcagc actatccaga ctaggttaca    189420
     gcagaaggtt gtgagacttt agggcctgac tcatcatgct gacttttggt ttattacagc    189480
     caggatgcaa atgtaatacc agactgattg ggaagccaag ggctgctgga atataaagtg    189540
     ttcaacacta taacttgact aggatattgt actgaccaag aaatattaac aactaaaaag    189600
     tatttgactc agttgtttct tcaactcaac ttttggatgg gatataagga tgggacgcct    189660
     aagacagcag agtgtttctg gagtattagt tcacctgatc tactggcaga gtacttggcc    189720
     gactgctact tggcagatga gaggaacaaa ggcattgtgg ggtagagagg cactgttatc    189780
     ataggagagg agaggtcaga gaggcaggag aggggtctgt tgggttcttg agcaggattt    189840
     gcaggaggga agtgcgctgt tttatggagt cttgtggaag gtggcgttac ctgacaggct    189900
     aagttgggaa gcagttcatt ttcagtctta gggagacttt aaaaactggc ccttgggttt    189960
     gagagttctc caggctactg ctgatttctg ggcatggtat agatgaggga aatgaggcag    190020
     gaaggttctg aagaactgcc tggcctctgt ttctcctgcc ttcttgcctc tcttccacca    190080
     gacaaaaaga aaggctcagc ctcacccagt gtgtctggac tggcatgtgt atgggtgccc    190140
     aaagactacc aacgagaaag aagggcagtt ccaggtcact tggtgttggt ggctaggtag    190200
     ccaacaacac agtccattgc atcacacaac actgggaagg gcccagtttg gccaaatgga    190260
     atgacttgat tttgagtttt tgcatataac ttaagtaatt caaataacaa atgaccttag    190320
     agtttgaaaa atagcttctg ttttttaatg ggaacaagtt tcttgttttt tgtttttttc    190380
     tccagtgctt acatctcttg agaaagaaat caacctttgc tgcactttgg ttcattctgg    190440
     caatgagtaa tatttacaag taggaaattg ggctgacaat atagcttagt ggtagaccac    190500
     tttgcctagc atgtataagc ttctaggttg taaccctagc agtggggtaa actgttttat    190560
     aatttaaatt tgtgatacat tttgttctat agtatgctct taagtataac aagagtaagt    190620
     cagtccagaa gacctttaat ttctaaaggt cttcttacag ttttatgatc attgaaaata    190680
     cacaaaaagt gtaatatata aatgtactat agaaaatagt gcaattctaa aataatgttc    190740
     tttggggaaa taaagttcaa ataaagaaag taataggtgg tagcagttgt caacactaca    190800
     aatattgaat tgtagtgcat acttttaaag taccaatata accattttat ttcaaattct    190860
     cttaggcttt taaattatat ttaaaatagt ttaatattac aggaaaaatt tattacgtca    190920
     ttattgatga acatgaagtt attgggattt ctgttattct tgttcacata gactctgaaa    190980
     tttagaaagc ttgagcactg gttcatgcag agcatgtatg tgagggtaca gtgggtataa    191040
     gatggacact tctgatttaa agaaagttca gagaggaatc ttccataaag ataggaaata    191100
     gtaagcagac agatggggac agaggaagcg agaccagggc agccatggag ggagctcctt    191160
     caaaggggca gggtggtcaa cagcaccaag tacttcttgg tgagagatca gtcaataaag    191220
     aatgtccatg ccatctagtt tgattacagc cttcttgagg gcaagaagga atagagcaga    191280
     ggccagacca cagtgattag agtcctagtc tggtcactga tactcattac aacctgttct    191340
     tccttggttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgct aaagttgagt taaaaataca    191400
     tgatttctgg tatgtccctt tcctattccc ctaacatggg aataggcaat atgttattac    191460
     ctacttaggt aggtaatcat tctaggaagg tttttgtttt aagatgccat taagaatcaa    191520
     gattatgaga caatatgcag gaccatgaga tttggagaca aggcttagta cttacaacat    191580
     tctaataagt caattctcca gtcttaaggc ataacaggac ttgtcttttg tgacacaaaa    191640
     actgtaaact gtctactgga ggagtgatgg aaaatttggc ttatactctg aacatttggt    191700
     tgtatgtgtt cctccattct gaatgggaga ctcctctgta gacagtgatg ctgaggttta    191760
     catctgcagc tacagcctga gcagagggtg cttctcatcc tcctgtgtcg ttgtcttgac    191820
     tctacaagat cagaaatgat gtggggacaa ccccactgat gaaattttca cacagcctgg    191880
     tataaagaaa caaaagggat ttttataggg gaaaagaata gggttagcaa cttctgtttt    191940
     ctccccacag gctgttgtct gctgtgctaa gagtctcaga agttgaatct cgagcaataa    192000
     gagcagatct cactcatcta ctaagccctc agatgggcaa agatattgtt tggtttctaa    192060
     aacgctgggc caagacttac ctcctggtag atgaaaaact gtatgatcag gtgaggacat    192120
     aaaaccagta gtctttttgg gtttatgatg atggcaagtt tagaggtagg atgattttgt    192180
     ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct cacatatgaa agcaaacctg ttagctggat    192240
     ttgctgacat gcctttagtc ccagcgcttg ggaggcagag ttaagtagat cattgagttc    192300
     taggacagcc atagctacac agagaaactg tcttaaaaga aaactagaga aagaagagga    192360
     ggaacaggaa caagaggagg aagaagagga agaaggagaa gaagaaaaga agaagacgac    192420
     agaacctgtt taagagagac agctctgata taaagaagtg aaaaggatta agggcctcac    192480
     atgctggtgc tttacttttt cagagtatga tgtttgattc tattgatttt agccagtatt    192540
     aagatacttt accgttagaa tagtatgttt ttatattgtc tttgagatgt gcacgtctat    192600
     ttatttcaac tatgtcactt ttcagtttgt taataactac taagactaaa actgacagaa    192660
     aatattagtt gaaaaacatg ggtggattaa ggataatctt tttgattcaa caaatgaaaa    192720
     atgataaaac taatgtgaag ttagagcctc ttcagggttc gatgctaatt tctttgttga    192780
     ttttctgtgg attattattt tttttttagc tgatttttct aactttagaa attcttacct    192840
     ttcctcttaa gataagtttg ccattgagca cagcatttgg agcggataca gagggttccc    192900
     agtggattat cggctacctc ttacaaaagg tcatcagcaa tctgtcggta tggagcagtg    192960
     aacaggacct cgcgaatgac actgttcagc tccttgtcac tttggtagaa agaagagaaa    193020
     ggtaaggagt gagggggagc agggacttcg gtttctcttg agtgactggc aagtggttac    193080
     aatgtcaaag tccaagtaag atctctattt tcagagtagt attttaaaac ctcttcatag    193140
     tgttgttaca aatgcatgtg ggagcttagc tttctctttt attgatggat aattgcactg    193200
     gctgctagca tcggaaaacc tgttttaaaa acactttcag aagctggaaa gatgcctcaa    193260
     agcttacata cactggctaa gctgggtggt ggtattgcac tcttttaacc ccagcactcc    193320
     ggaaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgtggg ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta cgaactgagt    193380
     tgcaggacag ccagcaccac acagaaaccc tgtatggaca aacagataaa caaaaccaca    193440
     aaaaaaaaga acactagctg ctcttccagg ggatcctggt ttgactccaa catacatctt    193500
     gtagtttaca actgtatgtg actttggtcc caaaagatct gggcatcttt ggccactggg    193560
     cacacacaca gtgtacacag acatacatgt agccaaaaca cactcataca cataaaataa    193620
     tgataaactt ttaaaaacct actttcatga ttagtattct cattcgatat atttcagtgt    193680
     acctctcaca cacaccttcc tgcccctcag agggtgtacc cttggcagtc ctggaactca    193740
     ttctgtaggc caatgtggct tcaactcaga gatctacctg cctctgcctc tcaagtgctg    193800
     gcgttaaagg catgtgccac catgcctggc tcagtgattc ctatttattg gtgagaacaa    193860
     agtaaaactt ttaatgcttt ctatagcaaa ttgtggctgt attttaattt ttcttattgc    193920
     ctaggaattt gattgttgtt tatgctattg ggtgtgactg ctgttctgag cattgctcat    193980
     aaagatctca cttgagcatg agattcaggg ctgttctagc tccttgttct tccatgtccc    194040
     atgttttccc tggggagtct gactacctac cccaagtaga gaggacagca acagaccagg    194100
     ggacaagccc agtttgctga agcagtgaat ttattagtgt gggtgaaggg ttacttacat    194160
     ggcagctgca tcactaaaag ttgcccctct gcctccagtg gatggctact cataagtgct    194220
     catcgctggt gctccttgca caagttgccc ctccgcctcc agtggatggc tactcataag    194280
     tgctcatcgc tggtgctcct tgcacaagtt ggggcagcct tagcaccagt gagtcccctt    194340
     agtcagcagt tggtcgccac tgatagaacc taggagatgg cttccttaga ctcagacctt    194400
     ccctgatcct ctcccacctt ccacgaggaa atagctgaac agccattctc attttacagt    194460
     cagaaaatta atgatgaaaa gaaattgagt aaaaaaaatg tcatgttttt gagcaattac    194520
     tggatttatt tttttttaat tttttattag gtatttagct catttacatt tccaatgcta    194580
     taccaaaagt cccccatagc cacccacccc cactccccta cctgcccact cccccttttt    194640
     ggccctggcg ttcccctgta ctggggcata taaagtttgc gtgtccaatg ggcctctctt    194700
     tccagtgatg gccgactagg ccatcttttg atacatatgc agctagagtc aagagctccg    194760
     gggtactggt tagttcataa tgttgatcca cctatagggt tgcagatccc tttagctcct    194820
     tgggtacttt ctctagctcc tccattggga gccctgtgat ccatccatta gctgactgtg    194880
     agcatccact tctgtgtttg ctaggccccg gcatagtctc acaagagaca gctacatctg    194940
     ggtccttttg ataaaatctt gctagtgtat gcaatggtgt cagcgtttgg atgctgatta    195000
     tggggtggat ccctggatat ggcagtccct acatggtcca tcctttcatc tcagctccaa    195060
     actttgtctc taattactgg atttaaataa agaccagtgt aactcaagag tccatattga    195120
     gcttatgata ctattcttta aaatttacat tcagggctgg agagatggct cagcggttaa    195180
     gagcactgac tgctcttcca aaggtcctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggtagctc    195240
     acaaccaccc gtaatgagat ctgatgccct cttctggtgc atctgaagtc agctacagtg    195300
     tacttacata taataataaa taaatctttt ttttttttta atttacattc agagggacag    195360
     aactggtccc tcaggagtta agaggaccaa tgtttgtttc ccagaatcca cagagtggct    195420
     cacagctgcc tgtaactcca gctcaagagg atctggtttt gtcttctggc tactgcagac    195480
     atctgtgcat gtgtcacaaa tggactcaaa tatccacaca caaacaaatt taagaattac    195540
     atccagtcat acccatattc tcagtagtac taaggaggct gaagaaggaa ggttgcaaga    195600
     atgtggtcaa cctcagtaac atagaaaggt cttgccgcct tagcagatgt taaatctcaa    195660
     tgccatgtac cctcaaccct cctttccttt tattgtgtga gttgcctgca tgagttcaca    195720
     tgcaccatgt gtctgcaaat ggctggagag aaaactgatc cccagaaact ggagttatag    195780
     gttgttgtga actgccacgt gggtgctagg aactgaaccc aggtccttgg tagtagtcac    195840
     ctttaaccat tgtgccatct ctctggccct gtccagtttt tattttttta gtgtatatat    195900
     atatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtacat acacatacac atatatatgt agtgaacata    195960
     atataactta tgttttatta cttctaccta aagggcaaac ttagtaattc agtgtgaaaa    196020
     ctggtggaac ctagcaaagc agtttgcaag ccgaagccca cctcttaact tcctgtccag    196080
     tccagtgcag aggacactga tgaaggctct ggtcttagga ggctttgcac atatggacac    196140
     agaaaccaag cagcagtatt ggactgaggt aaaagttgct tctcttttag ttcttctttc    196200
     accttacaga tattagaaga gtctggaagc aaacccttca gcagtagctt tccttacatt    196260
     cttccccctc atccaccatt ggaagcttat gtgataagta ctgtctcaag gcttattcgg    196320
     ccctacttgt ctgacacatt gactattagt aatggtttct gtgtttcagg tgcattttcc    196380
     caagccagat gcgagcatga attggtgtgt ccttttcaaa ttcgaagagc atggtggata    196440
     gcaaggagct agagcacttg ccttagcttg ccaaggcctt gttgtcagtc tgtccccaaa    196500
     agtgaaagaa actgtgacag gaagaaccac agacatgctc tgtcttgaaa agatgaaaat    196560
     taaagtgcat tttgtttcct ggcacttctc ttaccattgt ggcctcagca acagattgtc    196620
     gctgccttga atttaggagg ctacctgtgt gtccaaagaa ggtgttcata gagttctttt    196680
     taagatctac aaagacgagt ctgtggcttt tggtagtgag tgacaacctt tggcatttct    196740
     gttgttcaca ggttctctgt gtactctgca tgcagatttc tcagtgtata ccatattgac    196800
     tgtactggag tggaacacac ttcattatga ccaaattctg atttacttta tctcaatcag    196860
     ctttgctcaa atgaggtcac tttctgagct tctaattcaa ccatagtttg ggcaccttct    196920
     gtgataattt atttcctaaa tcaaatgtat atgtagaggt ctggcctctg atccttttgt    196980
     ctagagtgtt gttaattcct gtaaagttaa gggtacacag caggcagtca tttatgtttt    197040
     tatagctaag ctaaaacagg ctgactttta aatccccctg tgctgccggg gtccagagaa    197100
     atgattggtg gttgagaaca caagctactc ttcttgagta cacaagttcg tctcctagta    197160
     tccactttgg gtggctctca gcttccctgt aactccaggt ataggaggcc tgatacctct    197220
     gtttctgtga gcacctgcat gcatgtgaat atacctacca catacaaata taagcacata    197280
     tccagaaatt gaccatagtc atttttgtca gtttgtctca tcactaattt ttgagataag    197340
     gtttctcact gtatatgaaa ctctgagttc agcaacccca gggctcatct tgtctctgtt    197400
     tccctgcact gggattatgg gcagtccgct tattcatgag tgctggggtg tgaactcagg    197460
     ttgaacactt tatgtagtga cttggttggt tttccgttct attactatga aaacacacca    197520
     tgcccaaggc aacttataaa ataaagagtt tgattctggg cttgcttaca gtttcagaga    197580
     atgcctctaa ccatggaggc agagaacatg gcagtaggca ggcaaacatg gcactggagc    197640
     aatagcttac atgttgaaac aacaaccatg aggcagagag aaactaatta ggaaagatga    197700
     cttacctctt ccaacaaggc tacaccttct aattcttaac aaaaagttcc accaactagg    197760
     aaccgagtat ttaaatatga gcctatgggg tctattctta ctctaactac cacatgtagc    197820
     gagtacttta ccaacttaag acatttcttc agccctagaa atactcttaa cacccggagc    197880
     aggactgatt atctgaagtt gtgttctgtg ccaagaatta tgggggaagg ggaggaccag    197940
     acaagggctt tataatttaa ctgtattaca atagaaattg acaaactggc tcacagaccc    198000
     aacatggttg ctgtgcttat agataagcct tcactgagtt atcactgtgt tcatatagca    198060
     ctgctgaagt gcacggtata cagtacttac tctctgaccc ttgatggaga aaaactttga    198120
     tgattcccta ttgagtagtt ctgatttttt ttttcatttt tataattctt tggccaatca    198180
     cctggaaaaa cacatacaca caccccttta tgaagcagag gcaagaggat tcaaacacca    198240
     attggaagct agtcagggat gcatagtgaa actattaaaa aatcaagtag ggggctggat    198300
     ggagagatgg ctaagtgggt aaagcacttg tcccaggagt aggaggatga aggttcagac    198360
     attcagcatt gcataaaaag ctgggtgtgt gtgaaggttc acttaaaacc ccaacacttt    198420
     taagacagac agagtatccc cagggcaaac tggtacctag actgaccaaa ttagcaagct    198480
     ctagattcag caaatacctt acctcaataa agtggatacc taatgccaat acacatacat    198540
     gtacagtaaa actagaaaga attatgagag aataataaaa tcccccaacc ccaaaaagaa    198600
     cttagaatgg gatcaaaaga gccatatttt gtgacttggg tgtcgtttct ttgtgtatag    198660
     cacacactat gatgatcctc agtatggaca acatatctca aacctgtcat tcctgcttgt    198720
     aggggtcaga gataggattc ctgagcaatt gagaccagcc tgttctacct agcaagaccc    198780
     tgtgtcaaag atttaaggga taaagagctt actggttcaa atagtccttg ttttgtgtgc    198840
     tccttctgcc ccagtgagag tattttgggg aacatagtca tccaagtggg aagtttactc    198900
     tgtgatgcct ccgcaggttc tgcagcctct tcagcagagg ttcctgagag tgatcaacca    198960
     agagaacttt cagcagatgt gtcagcagga ggaagtcaag caggagatca ctgccacatt    199020
     ggaggccctg tgtggcattg ctgaggccac ccagatcgac aatgtagcca tcctttttaa    199080
     ttttttaatg gacttcctta acaattgcat tggtttaatg gaagtttaca aaaatactcc    199140
     agaaactgtc aatctcatta tagaagtttt tgttgaagtt gcacataaac aaatatgcta    199200
     tcttggagag gtaagtttta ttctgtcagg attacaaatc tctgaagcaa tgatgttcca    199260
     ttcttttctt catatttaat gcatagttat gtttctccaa gatagtcaag ctgaatgaat    199320
     ataattctta cttcaaaatg ttagtgttat aggaagacta atatgttaaa tatagctgta    199380
     ttataagtat acttttatta ttgatcttta attgttttct tgttgttgga gctttttttg    199440
     ttttggtttt gtgataggat ctccctgtgt agacaaggtt gtcctcaaac tcacagagct    199500
     ccatctgcct ctcccttttc aagagctgag attaaaggtg tatgccacca tgtccagctc    199560
     cttttatcat tgttgatggc agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgcatg ctagaagtca    199620
     agggtgggtc tctaccttcc tttctgagac aaggacttac tgaccctaca gcttaccaag    199680
     ccaagcaggc cagaagggct ctcgtctcct cccccttgtg taggatccta accgtgcagc    199740
     agcactgggc atcgtttgcc aactctaacc ctttgtgttg ttaatagtaa cactgttgta    199800
     acttgagtag attcacactt tgactcatct actagatcct accaagtaat accactcctc    199860
     atgttttctt acagtccaaa gctatgcatt tatacgaagc ctgccttact ttgttacaag    199920
     tgtattctaa gaataactta gggcggcaaa ggatagacgt cacggcggag gaagagcagt    199980
     accaagacct gcttctcatc atggagcttc tcactaacct tctctcaaag gagttcatcg    200040
     actttagtga cacaggtaaa gtctcttgca gtgatccctt cctttgttgt tattgttttt    200100
     cttaaaacta caggttattt tcttccagta aaatcccgtg aggaagatca tttttccaaa    200160
     caaatggaag taaatttctt tagctgaagt gaaggtagag atgaagacct ttctcttgtc    200220
     tacttttgaa atgtgaatat caacttcgta tttgttgttt tcttttttaa tataaaaaat    200280
     caatttattc tgcaactatc acacacatct tttatctaaa agaaaattgg cgtctgcctc    200340
     cgttttctcc ttagttatat agttcttgat aaatgccaac tgctgctatt cccacaaggc    200400
     catgcagcag gtttcattgc cgctctcact ttactgatga gggaccagca tagactggtt    200460
     ggcttactca cccacatgct tgtagctagt acgtttgagt tcacattcaa atctctgtat    200520
     gtgtctctag gccctggtct ctagagcagc cgttttcagt cagggcattg agtcttcttt    200580
     agcagctacc ctgcatatct gctgcattgt aattaataac agtaatcaaa attgcagtta    200640
     tgatgtagca atgaaataat tctttggttg ggggtagcca taacatgaag aactgtatca    200700
     aagagtcaaa gcattgagga gcattgcttt agaagggtat ttcattggct tttctgtgtc    200760
     ttctgagatg attgcccaat caaactcagc atcttatgga tatagcatgg aaaatccaat    200820
     ggagtaggaa gtactggact ttagacttga cagtcaattc ctgcagtcct catgtttaag    200880
     gtatctgggg ttggagctcc ctggatcttt cctccataac actgggccat tagggtccca    200940
     cagggctgga gagatgactc agccattaag aacactgtct gttctttgac ggaggatccg    201000
     ggttcaatct ccagcaccca tatggcagct catcactgcc tgtaactcag gagatctgac    201060
     accttcacat agatacacat gcaggcgaaa catgaatgca aatgaaataa aaacaaatac    201120
     attattttta aaaataacta tacttacaga caagaggttg gtcagtcagt agaactcatt    201180
     agcgcagctt atctctgctt ccttcacatg ctactgccgg acttccttgt ttgttctgca    201240
     gatctgttct cagagtaaca ggcagaaaga agtgtagctg ctgtcccaac acaagaggct    201300
     gaggggctct ttctccccag tgcctttaaa tgcttaccct tgccttcagt gcaaggtttt    201360
     caaagtctct accctcacta gttagcttta acaacctgct aactttatct tcaaacctga    201420
     tagaagtggg ttattttata aacgaaaacc ttgtatctag tattgccttg tattgtgcat    201480
     tcatggtcgg agattttttt tttctttctg tcgaggttct ctaagctggt accatagcag    201540
     cctacattag tcacttgtcc agttctttag aattattctt gccctgttga ctttgttgat    201600
     tcatttttct tgttcactgt ccaccctgtt agattcatag gattatccaa attagctggg    201660
     gggtactgaa gtaagacact aatgttaact ttgatttcaa gaatgtcttt tgcccgtact    201720
     tacacactgt tattgtatcg ggtactcaga ttctccaact atagtacaaa aggacagtgt    201780
     gggctgggag tatcagattt ccctgattat ccattaatgg acttcttggg tctttaaact    201840
     tgactctatt catgttgtca taaggaaata ttagctttgg agatgtaagt tacgactgca    201900
     caagtatgct ttttattttg atagatgaag tgtttagagg acatgagcca ggacaagcag    201960
     caggcagatc tgtatcggca gctgatgtcg ttttatatgg agtaaaccta attctgccct    202020
     taatgtcaca agatcttttg aaggtaatta aaataatatg aacataagaa tattaacatt    202080
     tctatttcta tatttctact acagtcaact gtgcttacct cttagtacac aagccctagt    202140
     cctgtgtgtg cagatagtta gtaacttatt ttatcaggga ctaccacaag aaaacagttc    202200
     tgctagcagt tttaactctc ttcaaatttg tcattgtttg taaacttcat tcttggccaa    202260
     aggagccagc gatttggaaa gccacacttt ttccaagccc ttccatgtag aaatgtgata    202320
     gcagaaacca aggtaaatgc aagtgatttt ttttgggggg gggttttttg cacattacgg    202380
     ctgtattgtg ccttggttct atcgttagtt agtgtaaggt aggtggcact gcagttgcat    202440
     tttcctcagt ccagaaacac tctgggggag aggaggttgt gtgatacaca ttatcacaga    202500
     aggctaaggc tagaaggagg agaagggtgt gtgtgtctat aaatgtatcc tgtgcacatg    202560
     tgcactaact ggatctgata gggtgggggg gacagaggta gttggcggga gatggagaca    202620
     aaagacttag gggtaacttt aggctatgct atgccctttc ctccctgagg aatgtctatt    202680
     gggcaatgcc tgccaaccca tgaaccaaga gtttttgtaa ctactcttag gatgggagac    202740
     ttaactcagc tttgtatact ggtttgcttt tagtgttctt ccattctact aagtcagcca    202800
     ttgtaaacat ttggtgcaca ctttctctgt ggttagacta gattgcctgc ttgccttcag    202860
     ttcttcaggg ttgtccaagt agaaagatgg aaaaggactg acaactctac tttatgaata    202920
     tcgtttatca gtttaacata ttttctaaca cacttaagtg ggaatacaca taaccaaagc    202980
     ctttgttccc cagatcattt agttgttaga ctgctttgtt tatttgttca gtgtcagcat    203040
     agaataccag gacttttctg tatctcccat tagcctctag gaagagaatt ctttctacta    203100
     tgtatttttt tcattaacag ctactgaaag attcccttta ctgtaatgta ttttacattt    203160
     ctgcaggtct tgatgttttc tatattttgt atacatcttg aaaattgtta tactggttat    203220
     gagcttgtta gttttttgtt ttatgagaca gtattaaaca aaaatattta atatttcttt    203280
     ttcagtttcc aaccctttgt aatcaatatt acaaactgat cacatttatt tgtgagattt    203340
     ttcctgaaaa gataccgcag cttcctgagg atctgtttaa gagtctgatg tactccctag    203400
     aactagggat gacatcgtat cctttaaatg aacattgtta ttaggggagg gaggtttttg    203460
     tttttaaaat gattgttttt cttttatagc tcaatttgta actgctttaa ttcttttcct    203520
     tttttttttt tttttttctc ttcttttttt aaattttttt tatttttgag tcaggctttc    203580
     tctgtgtagc ttggttgtcc tgaaattcac tctgtaaatt agactggtcc taagcctacc    203640
     tggtgctgtt tcttttcata catctagtac ctggccctct ggtcattcct tcgttaggtc    203700
     gtgtgatgca ttgcagttgg ttctctattc ttaacttgct gacattataa tgtcatcatt    203760
     tgtataatct catctgcaga aacaagctag ttattactgg acctgcaaac tctcagaggc    203820
     catcttgtgt ggaaatactt cttttctaac tcagtggaga cactgcaatc tggcctaccc    203880
     cctatcatct gtattcctag ctacaaaaag tcctatgtat aatatagctg tcattttttt    203940
     tttttttttt tttggtattc tttaaagtca ggtatatgtg atatagttcg atctttgacc    204000
     attgtgttca gaatgagttc agaagtatgc cagctttgtc tcgaggcctt gacaccatta    204060
     gctgaacaat gtgctaaagc acaagaaacg gattcaccac tttttctagc aacacgacac    204120
     ttccttaagg taagatgctt ggtggataag tgggagattt gtctacttaa ccaggctgag    204180
     ttaagtactt gcctgcatgc caactaacca ggaagctgcg gctcagtcta ggctcagtta    204240
     tagaatacga gggagctttt taatttatcg gtatatgggt gtttgtctgg atgcgtgtct    204300
     ttgtatcaca tgagtgtctg atgcctgtgg aaatcagaaa aggtcattag acccaccctg    204360
     gatctggatt tacagacagt tgtgaactac tgtgtggatg ctggagatag aatcaggtcc    204420
     tttggaaggg cagccagtgc ttttagcccc tgagctatct tgccaaaccc atgaaactct    204480
     tgagtcaaat gaaaatgtac ttgcattctg ttagagaaga gaaaatactt tattcactgt    204540
     tttttgtagt tgtgtgtggc tttttgaggc agggtttctc ggtgcatctt tgcctgttat    204600
     gggacttgct ttgtggacca tgctggcctc ttaactcaga tttgcttccc tctgcctcct    204660
     aagtgctgag attaaaggtg tgtgcagacc aatcccctgt tctcttccac ttctgttttg    204720
     gctttttgtt tgtttgtttt gttttgtttt aaggcagggt ttctctgtag ccctgactat    204780
     cctagaactc tatagaccag tctggccttg aactcataga cttccacttg cctcctgagt    204840
     gctaggatta aagttgtgcc ccactactgc ctagcccatt ttgtatcctt gaatgatgct    204900
     ataaatatta cgaggaattt gatattttta atttagatta cacagaaaat aacatctgtg    204960
     tgtttttcat ggattaaaaa aatgatttaa taattgatgt gttaatgtaa gaaatcgact    205020
     ataaccccga tccttgtttc agaccagaaa gggactagag atttaaataa ttactctggg    205080
     gctgaagaga tagctcagtg gttaagagca ttgactgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttca    205140
     attcccagca atcacatggt gactcacaac catctgtaat gaggtctgat gccctcttct    205200
     ggtgcgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactc atataaataa aatgtcttta aaaataaatt    205260
     attattctgt attttatgga tgtatctcat tatgtacttt cagctggttt ttgatatgct    205320
     ggtcttgcaa aagcacaaca cggagatgac cactgcagca ggcgaagcat tctacacatt    205380
     ggtgtgtttg caccaggtat tgcaccccct ttgcacacca gcacttgtgg attcagggac    205440
     acctaagccc atgaccccag ggacgtttct tagcttcctc atgtgctcta ggcttatgtt    205500
     ttatatttat aggcaatctg tttgtcagat caaaagatcc cgtctctgtt aggagccatt    205560
     ctctgatgcc gttctcactc aaaagcttgg ctttaatcac ttatgctagg agccccgtgt    205620
     gtgtacacga gagagtgagt ggtatctttg aggaattcag atttcataga gtggcaggtg    205680
     aatcagattg ggagcagatt tgccttcata gaatgtaaag atcagagtat tattttattt    205740
     agtgatttgg aaacaatgtg gttttgttgt tgttgaacct taaagatcct aaaacatcat    205800
     tgctatggga ttaatgtaac agaagcacac tagcctccta attctgaaaa actgcctatc    205860
     aagtatataa aagaacaaat tggggaagtg tgtggcttaa ttttcccctc ataccttagt    205920
     atgcccaagt gataggttgg agaagctttg ctctcctcaa agtagggttt tcagatccta    205980
     actcacaaag cccccttctc ctagacagtg ttattatttt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt    206040
     tgttgttgaa ccttaaagat cctaaaacat cattgctatg ggactaatgt aacaggtccc    206100
     ccaggccgga agtgcgtgct gtgctcttgc ggcaactact tatgagtatt cctcctttca    206160
     gctgtgtgtt ccttttcctt ttctgtccat ttggttacta aggcaccatg ggcctgagag    206220
     ggtggctcaa aggatgcttt aggtactgtc accaagcctg atgacttgag ttcaatcctt    206280
     agtcctgtgt ccatggtgga gggaaggtgc caactatgca aggttttttt tgcacacaca    206340
     cacacacaca aggaccaact ccaaacacct ataacacata cccataagta aatgtcaaaa    206400
     atggtttgag ggttttggtt tggtttgttt gtttgggggg ggttgtttgt ttgtttggtt    206460
     ttggtttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agctctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta    206520
     gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta    206580
     aaggcgtgcg ccaccaccca gctgtttgtt tgttttgttt tgtttttttg aaagacagaa    206640
     aaaagagagt gggcacttta gaacagctag tgtgattcct gctgcctggc ccagaagcag    206700
     tactgtttcg taacagtcag aaggttatct aagcttatgc tggccttccg agcaggcctg    206760
     tcctttgcac agggtggttc aggcagcccc tctggctctg tgttgtagac agtgggatgg    206820
     ggattgggaa actataccct acctctcttt gctctatatt atatctgatt ttctcatttg    206880
     gatgttgtga tgttctgaga agctcatgaa aatttaatgg cagactagct ttttccatag    206940
     tgcttctctg ttctaggtca ctttccctta agcctctgca cactcacctg tttactagtg    207000
     ttatgagagt ggttaataaa aatagaagat gccaccactg cattatccaa agccactgct    207060
     acattgctgg cttgggattt tcaaagtgtt ctgcctctac tttgagagag ctctcaaccc    207120
     ttctccacgc ttctgctgcc ctcagaactg ggagaacagt gtatttgcca ctagagaact    207180
     gttcacctta acattccaag cacaggagtt atgaacaaat gtatatgacg caaggccgca    207240
     aagctgggac catgtgggtc tggagccaga atgtctgtac tcatgtgatt tttcagtata    207300
     ttactcaatc tggtagagtc tttatctgta aaatgggaat attaatagtg tcaatctcat    207360
     agtagcatac atattaaatt aattagcgca tagataaggt gagaacaaga cctaaacact    207420
     gaactgttgg aaagagtttt tgtctgccct gcctcagcac caaccccaca ttcctgctag    207480
     gatccgccaa agaaaacatt gttatggctg ccttgtttct tctgcaggct gaatattctg    207540
     aactggttga gacattactg tcaagtcaac aagacccagt catttaccag agattagcag    207600
     atgccttcaa caagctcaca gcgagcagca ctcctcctgc cctggaccgg aagcagaaga    207660
     tggccttcct aaagagttta gaagaattta tggcaaatgt tggtggtctc ctttgtgtaa    207720
     aataaacaaa cagagctata agcttaactt agatcctttc tgcaaagtgc actgaattgc    207780
     tgaaagttga cttgagtctt gtcctgttcc tcagttcgtt tgaccatttt ggatttggaa    207840
     agcctgagac tttgatgtgg agttccgtga aacaggagag gtcaacttga aatcagcttc    207900
     gtcattaggt gttagccatc atctgccgta tacttgtctt ctagattctg aatggtgatt    207960
     tatatttttc aaaatgcaat tccatatatg tgcaaacaga tatgggcacc atgaaattca    208020
     tattcagtgc cttttcccct tttgtcaaag cataggtggc tatccaaagt tggtatgttc    208080
     tcggcattag ttttcaaaat gtccatggat ccctcgtcat ctgaggagct gattgtagga    208140
     gggattcttg ggccctactg tgcatcatta gcatatttgg ttgttggact ctagagtaac    208200
     cattttaata agctccttcc tttcattacc ctaaaagttt taattcaata caagagatgc    208260
     tgaaaccatg taacaggttt tgtgctttcc aacatttccc cccttcggtg attataatta    208320
     cgcaggaaga agatccttac aagtgtttgt tggtttcata gtcctccctc tccccacttc    208380
     ctccctttcc ttccctttca gcctcactgt tgcaggtttt gtgtaattat ttcaggtttc    208440
     taatcagact gtgatgcctg aacttgagga aaatacgtgt atattttcgt tccgtaaaga    208500
     tgactttagg aactgtagcc atttcattgc cttaatttta agaggaaaag acaaaccaga    208560
     tttgttttag agagaaatta agtcttgaca cttaagagtt ggctttgggt attagctgct    208620
     atgatcctct tgcccctttg attatgtatt tatgtttatc agtgagtgga agagcatccc    208680
     agcgtggttg tctttctcag tgtgtttctg tccagccaca cagcctgtat ctactctgaa    208740
     tggcttgctt aagcaataac tttttaatgg gtgtgaatga ctaattcaca cagactattg    208800
     cacattgggg catcaggggc aataattatg ctgaagtggg cgctatcctc gtgtcacagg    208860
     agccacacta actcaatctc aaagacttaa acatttaact ttagctaggc atggtggtgc    208920
     atgcctgtat tcctggcatt taggaagctg agtatgaagg tcaggctagt ctgggttaca    208980
     atgtatgatc tatctttaaa aaaagaaaaa gaaaaattct ctttagatcc tctggctttt    209040
     ctaatcagga tttttatatg ctcccgtgct cctcttaatt tttgtgtcag ctttaattat    209100
     gaaaatgaaa gctcatttat aaacagcagg cctctgacac agtcacacag tgcagtggca    209160
     gctcgaggcc tctgacctag gtgcatctga gactgccatg caagggcagg ctcctctgct    209220
     gttcttgacg actccctgct aaaccatctg tcaagtactg tcctcctacc tgaactgcac    209280
     agcacgtgca tcttaatagc tgatgctctg ggaattttgt gtaactgtag aagcagagca    209340
     tctaaattac atcctatacc tgtgatgcta ggtgtgcgag gatgcgaagc ttagggccat    209400
     acatttttga gaatcctttc ttctaagttg atcaccattt agtaacagta tgtatggaaa    209460
     aaaatatctc tactgcaaag aagaaatata attctacatg ctttgtattt taaatactta    209520
     gaaaggttgt ttttaggtgt tttttttctc tttaattgat ctgcagcagc aatcactcat    209580
     attttgtatt gttcttgatg tctgtgtttc ctcagcaggt gtggtttctg tgtacctgtg    209640
     tgtgtatgaa gggtgtgggc cttttgacag aaggctttga gatccaacta aatagatagg    209700
     tcactggcca agacaaagca gagatgtgta gggaaggatg ctttggtaag tggcaaggca    209760
     tctatctgtg tataataact tgtattcaga cagaactata tttattacat ttgacaagat    209820
     cctaggatga tatactccaa ttctgttaca cccctgttga tggaaggaag atttatttta    209880
     gatgggacca aataatgctt aaatgatcac cagaatgttg attagtggca agatgaggga    209940
     aaaagacccc actgtatttt agataatgag aatgccactt aattgtccca ctcagatctt    210000
     acagggcatt tgtgtgtttg ttcactttac tgagtgttaa gtttgatctt tggcccagtt    210060
     ttgttttctg ctttgtttcc tagcgctcct tggacttctg aactgtatta gtgtcccact    210120
     tcttttttct tgatgctctt gcccaagtgg gtattgaggc cactgacttc atgctcatga    210180
     actagttttt ccaattcaaa ctgactgtta agttactgga aaatgttttt aaaacaaaaa    210240
     attatgtgcc ctttttaaaa atacatgtta aatggacact gtcaagtatt tgattttttc    210300
     aagttttttg ttcatacagt accttttagc ctttattttt ccacactttt gttcacctta    210360
     tcccagttta tgattttggt catttgtttc ccagggcaca atcaatcact gaatcatctg    210420
     cacagtcaca ggaggttgtc tgttaacact ggtgctaatg tagcagctcc tgcgatcgcc    210480
     cctttaggtc tctggaaaga aagggtaatt tgacaatgtc cttgtgttga gttggtggct    210540
     ctttggatat ttgacagtgt ccttttcgaa ctctgattct ggtggaagac tgcgttatgt    210600
     caacctgact gtattgcttt tgttggatag aaatgacatt ttgtaattct ttccctaaat    210660
     ttaacttaaa attttcaaat ttattgtatg gaaaatatct aatgataatc attttagtct    210720
     gttcagatga gaggttgcta ctctttgtca caatttcact taaaaacaga tctataattt    210780
     ttccccactc aacactcttt ttgaagtcaa gtctatatac tcagctgtca attatttctg    210840
     ttaatacttg tatgaatccc tcaaatactg aaggaaagct agctcttagt tttgataatt    210900
     tcagcttgga gcttcctaag ggataggtag tgttgattga accctaaaaa tatttttctt    210960
     tgttatattt ttacatatat tttgtttgcc atctctgttg tcagaggtga ttgtcattgg    211020
     cccttcctag ctctgtcttg caagtcatta tcaatattgt tttctgagta aaacatttag    211080
     catttcaagt ctgaaggaac tgcagtgttg tacagaggga ctctttcttt ctaagaaaga    211140
     gtatggaact cattcggata tgagggaggt ttggtttggt tggttttcga gacagggttt    211200
     ctctgtgtaa ccctggctgt cctagaactc agtctattga tcaaactggc ctcaaactca    211260
     gaggtccacc tgcctcctga atgctgggat taaaggtgtg tgccaccata ctgctagata    211320
     tgtttttaat attataattt tctaccaaat accatagatg actgggtatg taatagtatt    211380
     ttaaattatt tgaaaatata agtggatgtt ctctgacttt ttctaaaaac actgcatttc    211440
     tttaaaactt ggcttcctag aattagaaag gaaaatgtcc aattttaaca tcttgttgaa    211500
     ttcaagttga tttaaaggcc catggctcaa gttgaacttc attttacctt aagcataaaa    211560
     attgtgaagt gttcctggtt gattataatg ggaaaccatg acctatgtag ccaaagaata    211620
     tatttggttc aggtaaaact agacgattaa taatggacat tcatttttgc tagttttgaa    211680
     gatggatgaa gtttctgtcc tatagatgtg tatgtggaag tctctgtaaa gactgagata    211740
     ttcagctgtg gtgatgattc cctcctgagt gggagttgtg tgactggcgc tagtcagctc    211800
     cctgtaccca ctgtggcctg ctcttcacct gttcccagaa cttcccggtt gtgggaaggt    211860
     ttggatctct ggtcctgttt gcatctttag gcctcttatc tattaggagc tgtcaggtgt    211920
     gttctggcgg ctgatttccc tagcctgaag aaatttacga tatctgcact atgtacctac    211980
     tggggggggt gggggtgggg tatctgacct caagtgtgct ctgagcccag gttttctcgt    212040
     gtggtgtctt ttaccacgaa attatgacac attgcaaatc ctggtattgt gatcttattc    212100
     tctgtacaaa gaaagaagct ctatgccgtg agctgtggtt taatggtcac agaatgtcag    212160
     cactgctatc attcagcacg tgtaacattt ttaaatttat aaatattaaa attttaaact    212220
     tacactaaga cttttaagtt ttttttgtta aaagagaccc agggagtgta tactgtttaa    212280
     atatttacct ctattaatat aactaatgaa ggcatttaat ttttcaaaag ataactgcag    212340
     tatgatttta gggaataaac caaggctgtg tgtagagcca gttataacct gaatatcaaa    212400
     atgataaaac tttatttgta ttttttaatc catctatggg cgttaaaata tgttttcact    212460
     aaatattttt attacatttt tggtttgacc atgtgtgatt tgttcatggg tattgtctta    212520
     atgttctact gctgtggaga gacaccgtga ccagagcaac tcttacaaaa gaaagcactt    212580
     aactgggtct ggcttacagt ttcagaggtt cagtccatta tcatcatagt gggaagcatg    212640
     acagcataca ggcagacatg gtgctggaga aggagctgag agctctacat ctggatcacc    212700
     ctgcaagcag ctggaagaga accactaggc ctggcttggt tttttgaaac ttcaaacctc    212760
     accccaaata atacacttcc tccaacaaag ccacacctcc taatcctttc aaatagtgtt    212820
     actccctggt gtgcaagtgt tcaaatctat gaacttatgg gggagggagg cattcctatt    212880
     caaacaacca catttcacta cctgactcct atagtcttat agcaataata ataagcaaaa    212940
     atgtgttcag tccaacttca agtcccatag tctttaacag tttcaacact gtttaaaagt    213000
     cccaagtctc ttttgagact catagaactc ttaaatataa tcccctgaaa aatcaaaagg    213060
     cagaccatat gcttgcaaca tacaatcaat cgcacaggat atacattatc atcccaaaag    213120
     ggaggaaatg gaacacaggg aggaaatact gggctaaaag agaacagaaa ccagctgggc    213180
     atactccagt ttctgcatct ccttgtctga tctcaaagca ttcttcagat ctccaactct    213240
     tttcagtttt gttggttgca gcacctctgt ctgtctgcct ctggctcaca cctggtctgc    213300
     agctttctca cagctctgac attaacatct tggtgtctcc aatggaatct aggcttcacc    213360
     ttcacagctt cacacagtgg cctccctggt tcctctgcag gagttggaag tttagctggg    213420
     tgtggttttg tcctcacttc ctttattcct tctggcgtta ggcttttctt taaaatatgt    213480
     tgttgaacac tgaacttagc tctactacac ttcctgatgg tccttttttc ctcaaactgt    213540
     acattttgta tttttcttgc tcagcttgta actttttgtt acagatctac ataaaagtga    213600
     cacatgacag tcagtactag gctttcttga aatctctttt gcccatacca gtaatccaga    213660
     acttcaattt aacttcaggc atgtattcat gcacgagcag aaagcagcca tgttctccaa    213720
     aatatcataa gaacagtctc cagaggctgg gcagtggtag cacacgcctg taatcccagc    213780
     acttgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgagga cagccaggac tactcagaga    213840
     aaccctgtct tgaaaaacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaca gtctccaggc    213900
     tacttactaa tattctctga aaccttgcgc cgaggccatc acaaactaca ctcggcatca    213960
     ctctcttcca tgccctaggt atggcctgtt aagcccactt aaaactgctt tcagaatcca    214020
     aagtccacca ataagcagca tagtcagtcc tttcatagca ataccccact tctggtacca    214080
     gtttatgtct tagtcagtgt tctgttgctg tgaagaaaca ccatggccac aacaactctt    214140
     gtaaagagga aagcatttgt ttaggcctgg ctcatagttt cagaggttca gaggtccatt    214200
     atcatcatgg ccgaacgcat ggtgctggag aagtagccga aagttcaaca tctggatcag    214260
     caggcagcag gaagagaacc actgcagttg gcttggaact tttgaaacct cagagtccat    214320
     ccccagtaat acacttcctc catcaaagcc acacgttatc atttcaaata gtgccatccc    214380
     ctgatttacg ggcattcaaa tctttgagtc aatggatcat tctcattcaa accttcacaa    214440
     acaagtactt agggagactg agattactga aatgttactg gttggctatg aaatgatatg    214500
     tagacactac actgggtata cattgctaaa atagtttatt tttaagtggg tgggtctcta    214560
     tgtagagtac ctaaagagga agttgaacac acacccacac cccagagctc aggttacaag    214620
     catttgtgag ctgatgtggg agcagtgtgt ggggttttgt tttggttttt tttgtttttt    214680
     ttcatcttcc tcctatacat tgccttggtc atggtgtttt ggttttttgt ttttatttat    214740
     tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcacaca ccagaagagg gagtcagatc tcgttacgga    214800
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca ggaccttcga aagaacagtc    214860
     gggtgctttt acctgctgag ccatctcacc agccccgtag tgtgtgtttt ttaacatctg    214920
     agaggcaaga ggaggatgtt gggctgttac tgcacttaga tctgggctgg cagccagcaa    214980
     tgcctaagtg atccttttat ctcccctcct gtaagtgttg ccagggttac agatgtgcac    215040
     agccacagga ggctttatgt gtgggtgctg ggaactcatg tcctcctgat gtatgctgaa    215100
     ccatctcgcc agccccagaa gctaattttt ttttaaggga gaaaatatat acttagcata    215160
     atcatgtttc ttgtgtttgg agttttgttt ctgtgtatta aaggtagaac catatacatc    215220
     agcaagaacc gtccgagggt catgaatgga tgggatcttg tgccttctgt attatctaag    215280
     atgacatttc cattaaactt tactttagaa ctggagacaa agggcatagt tggtgacatc    215340
     caagagggaa gtttgtgggt gaaattccac acagtgtatt tgacataagt ctgagcacac    215400
     acgtcagcaa cctactgagc tcttctgtgc tgagtgtatt ttaactgaga gccccgactc    215460
     ggttaagttt ctggtggttt acagaattga taggaaacac tgctgtcagg gctggaaaga    215520
     tggagagaaa acacttgttt atgcagaaga cccaggtaga atctcagcac ccatataatg    215580
     gctcacaacc atccataact ccagttcctg gggattcatc atctcctggc ccctgaatgt    215640
     atatggtata tagtgtacat gcacacaaaa caccacagaa taatgaaata ttttttaaaa    215700
     aagaaaaaca tgatatcaat ggaacttagt agggatgagg tattttattc tcgttgtggt    215760
     agtgttctta aagatacttt ccccatagtg tttatatggg tgtttacaag agtgtatatg    215820
     caccatgtgc gtgcctcata tcttcgagac agaggacttg agatcccttg gagccagagt    215880
     tttaggaact tgagtcaccc agtgggaact gaatttaccc tctagaagaa caataaccac    215940
     tgtgccattt ctccagcctc ccaaaatgaa actttaaaac agtgaaaaat agtattggat    216000
     gttcactaag ttccatgtta actatttata aggctacatt cactttactt ggtaaattat    216060
     tctaacaaag gatcaacatc tgacagtcat tatctattgt gtgcgcacag acctcagtca    216120
     tgtatgaagg tcagcacttt ccccactgag gtctccatag acagtcctta acatttttac    216180
     aatggtagat gctactcttg tctcttcttt caaaacaacc atgttttcag tcagctgtct    216240
     tggtccactt gtgctataca agagggtact tgagttgatt agtttaaaga acagcattgt    216300
     ttctcatggt tctggtggcc agaaagtcca agatgaaggc atgagtgtct agtgaaggct    216360
     tttttgtttg tttatatagc tgaagttgga gagggaggga gggaggaatt gcaagcaata    216420
     cctgtcccgt tcctttagaa ggggactaat gtcatcagtg aaggatgacc ctttaggctt    216480
     catcacctct taaatgcctc acctcagaat gctgtcacat tggccacttt gaattttgca    216540
     ggctatcatt gaaagcaaag tatttctgtg cacctgatgg tgtttctgag agaaaaaaat    216600
     ccgattccca aacttgactt tactgccaac actaacttat gactagttca tatcaaatct    216660
     tattttgttt tgattgataa ttctaattat ttttaatttg tgtgaagtta acatcttaat    216720
     aggatttcct tcaattcagt ctagcatctt gttggactag aattctagag atctcacttt    216780
     gcttcatatt tagggtgatt tgaataattt tgtggtaaag ctctcaaatg gtgaagtcca    216840
     gatttatgtt tcagtaatat gtgatatatt ttatatatat atatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    216900
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atattttttt taaagggcca agcattgtgg aattgccagt    216960
     cctttctact tcaaaggtta aagctggaga ctcaacttgg tcccaacaca aaaaataaat    217020
     aagaaaaaga aaaactcagt tagttagtta gtctgttagt ttgttgtttt tatgagacag    217080
     agtcttcgta tgtagtcctg ctctccataa acttgtgtag tctaaacctt aagctcacag    217140
     agaattacct gtctcccctg accactaggg acccaggacc acatatttct atcttaagag    217200
     atcttccaag gtattctctc agcaccatta ctaaatataa aagaaataat tccttaatta    217260
     aaatgtgggg ggctggtgag atggctcagt gggtaagagc acccgactgc tctttcaaag    217320
     gtcctgagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta atgggatcgg    217380
     gcttcctctt ctggagtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa taaataatta    217440
     ttaaaaaaaa atgtgatttg aaagcatctt ttggatccaa tttgactgaa aaactttttc    217500
     acttcaataa agactagttt gtctttgata ctaattttat gatctgtgag aaacatttaa    217560
     ttacaatgta tacaggccag ccagaactac atcaagaaac tcttgttgaa aaaaaaccaa    217620
     aaaggtagag ctttcttgtg tcttcagaca ctttaatatt taaaaatagc atataattga    217680
     atacacgaag ataatcattg tggcatacat acttaaaagg aatggaagct ttaaaaaatt    217740
     aggtgcaaaa tagtttgctt taaaacaggt ttttttgagt cttataagta gatggtttct    217800
     tccttttcaa tagttttttt ttcttgattg ccattttgat aagttacact tgatttgatc    217860
     tatttggttt aatagagtag tcattcgttt agagaaatcg aaatcaaaat gaagtatggg    217920
     tttctacaga cgaaacacta ctgtatgtag aaattgtgac agttcattat caagctgctt    217980
     tttgagtggc gtcagcatct gagcggtgat ttaaagccct tcagccagat caggaaatcg    218040
     ataaagagag aaccgaacag caggaacata gtgaagtttg cctgtccctg ggaaagaaaa    218100
     gattacatgt gatttaagaa ttgccgaatc aaagggagca ttagttttga ttaaggaaaa    218160
     ctgtgtgcca gctaccatga tagattggta aaatatgtgt tcatatactg tgaattcaac    218220
     actgaaagct ctgaaagact aattggtttg aaaggtttaa gactgactcc aaagtaccaa    218280
     acagccagac taccgcaacc taattaaaac ctgggttgta gaagccggaa gctgactggg    218340
     cgggactaga cgctcattgg ctcccaccgt ctggtctgca ccagcgcaaa cgcggaggtc    218400
     cccgccaacc ctcaccccac ccccgcactg tgacgactgc gcatgcgtca gtggtgagtg    218460
     gcggccacgg agtgtggcgg cggagggtca agggatgttt tgggtgggtt ccgaaccggg    218520
     tccatactga cccttggaga ctttcccagt aggggcctcg tctctgcggg gtccttcttc    218580
     ttggacatct tgagccggaa acaagtcctt agtggtccgg tcggaatggt gcctggggaa    218640
     gggatatata tgcatggaca cgaggaagcc ttgagcctta gcatggggtt tggctggccg    218700
     ggctgttcat ccaaacttac cttgttgtgt gtttgtggct tgctttctct gtgcaagttt    218760
     tatctcaggt catggtggga tttattattt tgagatggtc tcactgtata gccaggctgg    218820
     cctcgaactc agactcattg atccctcatt tttcccgtgt caccacaccc aacaatcttt    218880
     ctttaaataa taaacagtat ttaggaagtg aaggacttcc ctcaggcaga gacttgtatg    218940
     aaaatgaaag cacacgattt ttatacactc gagatgcaca ggcagacaga tctctgagtt    219000
     caaggccagc ctggtctaca gagaattttc ctggacagcc aaggctacac aaagaaatcc    219060
     tatcattcat tcataggtag atagatagag caagttctag gacagccaag gcaacacaac    219120
     tgtcttgaat caataagatt acttagagaa tatctgccag gcattgtcat ctacagagtt    219180
     cacgctcagg gaacaaacaa gttgagaaca atgtcatttc tagtgactgt gggtgcctgt    219240
     ctctgagccg caggttgagc atacttgaca ggtcattcta ttcgcctact agtacagcta    219300
     cccttcctgc agtttactaa cgactctgga aagaaacttt gtttcattct ctttctgctg    219360
     gcttaaactc tcttgaccta aatatcttgg agaaggtact tagatactct gacatacagt    219420
     attgttagtt ttttgttgtt gctttcgtag atctgatgca tgggaataga agtttgtttt    219480
     gattttgggt tttttttttg gggggggggt tggttttgtt tttttttgtt tttccagaca    219540
     aggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg    219600
     aactcagaac tccacctgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcaccacca    219660
     cgcccgacta gaactagaag atttttatag aaatgaagaa tccctgctgc tgctgccgct    219720
     gctgaccctt tccccacggt agtcccatct tcctgtaacc ccatttccat ttttcctatc    219780
     aaggcaaggc cttgacttta tttcccatca ggttcttccc tgttgccctt aggtgctgag    219840
     ccacatttct gacatagagc aatagctgtc ttgccatttc tttgtctctg gggtttctgg    219900
     acctctgcac taaggatatt ttggacagat ctttgaagta gagggttgtc ctatgaactg    219960
     tagaaagttc agagtcatag ctgacctttg tccactggtt gccagcaatg cccttgatta    220020
     tgataaccaa aaatgtttcc agctgtttgc aagtctttct cctagaagaa gagtgactcc    220080
     tggctctccc atgagaacca ctgatctaga atatgagcca gtaaacactc caggtcagtt    220140
     taatatgaca cagccctttt cagacctgct taacacaatt tcacaaacct acttaaaaag    220200
     caatacaaaa cagccacaca gcgtaacaca cctcaggagg ctgagacagt gggatcatga    220260
     gtttgaggct agcctaagct acatagtgag ttccaggaga gcctgggcta catagtgaga    220320
     ccctgtcttc tgtatttctt ctcccccacc cccctcaata tggttagtaa tgacaggaac    220380
     ttctgtcttc caccactacc ttagtaaata gaactttacc aagcatagtt ctcacacaga    220440
     gaagtaacca ctgtataatc ttatggcttt tatgaacttt ttttaatctt cacagttttg    220500
     acctttattt aaatgaagtt atttatattt tcttcgagga gtactaggga ttaaccctgt    220560
     ggttttgcac aggctagcaa gcactctgcc actaagccat agctcaaacc cttaatattt    220620
     taaattttat tacagtatat cactgagttt tgtatatgta tattcatatt tctgtataca    220680
     tgtgtatata ggataaatag atttttagaa agaggacaac gaactatgat gggcaagagt    220740
     gctatgaatg caaaaaatga aaacaattta gccctttttc tggaaataaa tgggattaaa    220800
     aaatacagca acatataaaa aaaattttac actcatgatc ctcacctaag aaattttttg    220860
     tcacataggc ataaaaaaaa aatcaaatca aacatttact gatagtaacc acacatttta    220920
     tttatttttc attgaatgcg tttgggtgct ctgcctgcat gtatgtacat atgtgtgcca    220980
     tgtgtgcgcc aagtgcctgc taagcccagt agagggcatg ggtctctgaa actggaattg    221040
     caggtgcccg tgaatcagca tgtaggcact aggagctgag cccggggcct ctgcatgagc    221100
     agctgtgctc ttagccactc agtcatctct ttagcccctg ttagcttatt ttaaagcaat    221160
     tctttggtgt atatgtaatt ttattattaa acataaagac agatttgcat accaatagat    221220
     gtacttgatt ctttttacat aatgaattat ggttgaatat ttactatttc aggctgtaga    221280
     gtctccaaca tttccgggag ttggttagct ttttgatatg attgtcatta ataagaacac    221340
     ttcaaataag tatgctctat gagtggtagg tgtctcatta gtgccacttc ccaagtgtta    221400
     attcccaggc aaaattcatt aaatgactct ttatgaaact taagtgacca gttacaacag    221460
     cattttttaa aaagtttttt tgggggtttt ttgttttgtt ttaggttttt tttttttttt    221520
     tttttttttt ggtttttcaa gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc    221580
     actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgc    221640
     tgggattaaa ggcgtgtacc accaccacgc ccagcttaaa aagtttttta attgccagag    221700
     acaatttttt aaaatgctat gtcctttgtg ggtgtgtgca gtgtctgggg aggccagaag    221760
     aaggcactgg gtcccttgga gctggggtta cagtcatcag cctcccactg tgcgtgctgg    221820
     aaaccaaact cagatcctct gtaagaacaa acagtatgtg ctcttaacag ccgaaccatt    221880
     tccccagcct cagaaacagc aggttttaag atcaaatact ctaatgcagt acaatctaaa    221940
     actactaatt tgatacttca atgctgagga atgcctgtag gaaaatacca agtctgtttt    222000
     ctgtggttcg ttgttttctg taagagtaga aaatacagac aacacagttc atgacgtgtc    222060
     gtgtgtgcag agccaaggct gtagtgatgt gtcgtacagt gcttcgtgaa acgacctcag    222120
     actcaccagg tgctgagtgt tcagttaagt tttgcttgct gcatatctag taacctttca    222180
     ctgatgctaa cactccccac ctccctctgc acgtttagct atgaaacctt atgtatgagg    222240
     tcataatcct cagtttaaga agttaattcc agcccttggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt    222300
     ctgagttcga ggccaacctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga    222360
     gaaaccctgt cacgaaaaac ctaaaaatga atcaagaagt taaggaacat ctaggctatg    222420
     tatgtataca caagtttttc aaggttttgg gcaccattca tgtggtgtgt agactatgtg    222480
     aaggcaaaac gtctaaataa aagaagaaaa gcacgtaaag aagtatggat ataaaaaaga    222540
     cttcctgttt gtagaagtga aaactgcatc aaagatgaat ctgctgagat gctttagtgg    222600
     gtaaagtttc ccgtggacaa gtctgttgcc ccgagtttga ttcccagaac gcacaaggcc    222660
     aaggcttttt atcaaattga tacaaaacta aaaaaccctg cagatccaag agcctcagta    222720
     aacccaaggt actaaaaacg tgtagaagaa agtgcaccgg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg    222780
     ggtaagagca cccgactgct cttccgaagg tccagagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg    222840
     tggctcacaa ccatccctaa cgagatctga ctccctcttc tggagtgtct gaaaacagct    222900
     acagtgtact tacatataat aataaataaa tctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    222960
     aaaaaaaaag aagaaagtgc accaaggcag aaataaatag gaagagatct taaagacaca    223020
     gggaaagaaa gacacagaag aatatgagag agcgctttta ttagagctca ttgtgtgtgc    223080
     acacggacat aggtgtggca ccaggcatat gtgaaagtca gagaatcact ctccaggaat    223140
     gggttccttc ccagacctat ttatttgtgt gtttgcatgc tttttgagac agtgtctcca    223200
     tgtaaccctg gctggtgtgg aactagctat gtagacttgg ccaagtgctg ggactaaagt    223260
     ggtgtgcccc atgcctggct atctcctacc ttctttcagg gtttctgctg catccactcc    223320
     tatccctgcc ttctatctct taccagtact ggggctggga tatcatgtaa gccaccctat    223380
     ctggtcggtt ggttggcttt atttgcattc tatgtgtatg agcatttgcc ttaatagatg    223440
     tctgtgcacc acatgcgtgc ctggcgccag tgaaggccag gtgcgggcat cacatcctct    223500
     gggactggag ttataggttg tgcactgttg tgtgggcgct gaggatagaa ccagaccctc    223560
     tggaagagca gtcagtgagt gctcttgact gctgagccat ttctccaacc cttcatctgg    223620
     cttttgtaca ggaattccaa agactgacct caggctacca gggttgctca gcctgtgatg    223680
     tcacctgcta agcctttcct ccatccccgg gagttttaga tatgtatgct ttctgtttaa    223740
     aattcacttc tcactaggca aaggtgggca tgcctttaat cccatgaggc ctggtctgca    223800
     tagcaagttc cagaacacct ggggctccat ggagaagaaa aaaaaaaaat cccattgtta    223860
     tttggtgggc ataggaaaca agtccataca acatatgttc ttgcactgca ggtcgcagac    223920
     actttgtgaa atgagtgagt cagaagacga cgacataccc cagctctctt cccatacctt    223980
     agcagctctc caggagtttt atgctgagca gaagcaatcc gtcaacccca gaggggatga    224040
     taaatataac gttggggtaa tagaggagaa ctgggtaagt gagtgcatac aggttgagaa    224100
     gtagcggtgt ggtgtgtgca gttgtggcgc ttgtcttccc tctacctgct gtcactcagg    224160
     agctgagaac tccaggaagc aagggcagaa ggcagacagc agatggacgg acgtccttgg    224220
     acagggtgca cagactgtct tggctctgac taacaggcta gctggtgatc agagaagggg    224280
     tttgcaggta gtggaacagt aaggtcctgt ccacaaggca caccctattg gttttcatag    224340
     acccccaaca ggttctatgg tggaaaaaaa aaagaaggat catttcagta aaaggtgtag    224400
     ctgaacctac gtgtacaatg gaaagttgat gagagagttt ttaagaatag gttaatttca    224460
     gccgggcggt ggtggcgcat gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat    224520
     ttctgagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc tggctagggc tacacagaga    224580
     aaccctgtct cggaaaaaca aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aagaataggt taattttata    224640
     cacttgtatt ttgtagccat ataaaaagta ggcatggggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg    224700
     gtaagagcac ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt ccggagttca aatcccagca accacatggt    224760
     ggctcacaac catctgtaac aagatctgat gcgtgtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact    224820
     tacatataat aaataaataa attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt aggcatgggc caggcaatgg    224880
     tacttgcctg taatcccggc acccaggagg cagagggagg aggactcaat agcctcaggc    224940
     cccacttcga atacataata agtttaggga cataaaaatt aatttttttg tctcaaaaaa    225000
     attgaaataa aaaaagtaga aatttacaaa ataaaactat ttcgggaaac ccctaatcca    225060
     agtattttga agttatcagc cgagtagcaa ggtctcccat ttgtctgctg actgaagtaa    225120
     caggcccatc ctttcctgtc actttgtaag tggagggagg ttttatgtcg tttgtttgtt    225180
     tcaggtttta cgtttgccca gctgaggtcc tttaaggtgt atcacagttt tctgatcact    225240
     cataagcccc acttaaaact acggtgtaaa aacgttcccc ttctgtacgc cacgtgttcc    225300
     atctaacgaa gggcactttc tcatgacctc cttccttgta tatttttatt tttttgttca    225360
     aggatggcct tgaactcctg aattcctgat ctcctgcctc tacgggcaag ttctggggtc    225420
     acagtgtggg ccacgtcacc tgacttagca ttgcattttc accttttagc ttgatctaca    225480
     gataagtagc ttgcatttga agtattattc tttaggtggg ctgacttttt cttcagccta    225540
     atctttacat acttatgcaa ttcttttcag actctaaaag taacatatgg ccgttgtaga    225600
     aaatatatca agcatttaca aaagctagtt tgttcccggt acttacttac ctaatttggg    225660
     gactttagtt tgttgataaa cagtgaggaa atatcccaag ggggattgtt tgtttgtttg    225720
     tttgtttgtc ccagcaccgg ggaggctgag acgtgaagtc agcacagctg tcccacactg    225780
     ttcgagcaca gggagctgag tgcttctgtc actgtcgtct gtctctcagt tttaggtttt    225840
     gctctctgtg ttgcattctt gggggcttcc tgcgttatga ttaacttttt gtcttttcct    225900
     gtgaaaatgt ttaggcaaag tcttaaactt acggaagctt ctctggccct atttggaagt    225960
     cttccatatg ccctggggat ggttacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    226020
     acacacacac actcccggag caatctcaaa cagtataatt ggtgcagggt caacagagac    226080
     aattgacaaa ctctgactgg ccaggagaaa aggttacagg ttcaaggcct ccctttacaa    226140
     taggctgagc gctctctgaa aatgtagttt gggggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtaag    226200
     agcacccgac tgctcttctg aaggtccgaa gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc    226260
     acaaccacct gtaatgagat ctgatgccct cttctggtgc atctgaagac agctacagtg    226320
     tacttacata taataaataa ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaatgtagtt    226380
     tgaagatagc tggtcataca ggatatgacc ctggaggaat agaacccagt aaatgagata    226440
     gattaactaa aataatcttt gccttcttta tagagcaggt gatgaagcaa tatggtataa    226500
     ggagttaggt gttagtattt attcataaaa agactggttc ataaacattt tgtttgtctg    226560
     gaatgcttta aaactgcaaa cactgccagc ctaaaagcag gctgtcataa aataaatgtg    226620
     tttgctttga caaaaacatt ctttagattc tttgaattgg agttaaaggg ctaatactaa    226680
     aaataaaatc tgttctattt atattttcta attgtgactg aacttgtaaa cctggacatg    226740
     taatgaaaaa tgaaacacat gtccagagac aatgatataa tttgtactat ttggataatc    226800
     attagtcggt ctgtgttctg taaaacctgg ataaagaagc aacctgatta cagtcagtca    226860
     gagctgcagg attccgcaga ccaccacacc tgacttcttc cctcccgatg cctgcctgcc    226920
     tttctttctt ccttcctttc tttctttctt ccttccttgc tctctctcct tccctccctc    226980
     cctccctccc tttcttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ttttgagaca gggtttctct    227040
     gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa    227100
     tccggctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgggccacca ctgcctggca    227160
     atgattccta tctcctctca aggactaccc tgtcaaaagg gccagaactg tcccccatca    227220
     aggctggcct gaattatacc atgagacccc tcccccacat ctcaaaaaca aacaaaaata    227280
     accaaggatt gggaatatag ctctttggta aaccaccgcc tagcacatat tccatatatg    227340
     tatccctatg ttccataaat agcaatgcac acacatgcac atatgcacac agagacacaa    227400
     gaaaattctg gatatgggta gtaaagaaaa tccaggagga gagtttatta gtaaagtact    227460
     taccatgcag gcacggagac ctgagttcaa attcagcact catgtaaaca gcgggagtca    227520
     gtgatgtgca cttgtgagcc cagcagtggg gaggtagaga caggaggatc cctacagcct    227580
     acagccagct agcccaacca cactgctgag ctccagggct agggagagat ttctcagaga    227640
     aataatagta aggtgactga aggagacccc agtgttacgc agtcatggac cacacccacg    227700
     agaggtcctc agaccttcct gaggaagagc aggtcttcct agaaccttag ggtcagagcc    227760
     acatcgcccc ctctcaaaac ttggttagaa actagaactc tcgagctgga cacaatggca    227820
     cgtgtctgtt accgagcaca gggagggtgg aggcagaagg gtcaggagct tacggttatc    227880
     ctcagcagca caacaagact gaggccagtc tcatcgctac cacccaaccc gtaaaatggg    227940
     ctgtgatggt ggctgccttt aatcccagca ccggagaggc tagagcaggt ggagtgttga    228000
     gttccaggcc agccagggct ctgtctcaaa agaaaagata ataaataggt aaaggaagga    228060
     aggaagaaat tataaatcta aaactactgc aaatatgttg ataaaaattg tattcagcta    228120
     agttgtcagt caagtgtgag aacagagatg cagtttagac ttggagcact tccaacagaa    228180
     agccagctct agcaagtaat gaaggaaagc gcgtgtgagc tctgctctgg cagggaagac    228240
     atgaaccaag gaaggtcagt gtgagctcaa gggaggaggt tttctgacac acagagcagg    228300
     agacgtcccc aaacaaccgt gacaccaagt cctgggaagg ggccttctga aacctgcaca    228360
     gcagtggtcc cagtttcgag aggagagaga gatagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    228420
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagcacgctc cagggagtaa ggtagaatga    228480
     tggaggaccc cacaggaaga gagtctgttc aaaggcccat agaaggctga gactgagggt    228540
     caggacaaag gactgcacac acagctcgtt ggtggagttc ttgtccagca tccatgaaac    228600
     cagactcagc cttagtactg cacgagaggg tcctgatggc tcacacttgt agtccccagc    228660
     gcatgggagg gggaagcagg aggaagtttc aagccacata gggagttcaa agccagtgtg    228720
     ggatatgtaa gaccctgact gtaataaaga gagggaggga gagagggagg gagggaggga    228780
     gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg tggtaatcat gcatgtatat taactaggac    228840
     aaaccagtaa tcacactgga aaaaaccata ctcttagtat tttatgtggc tcaacactac    228900
     tggttccagt tatccaaaat gtggattcta actgcctcag gagatgaagg gagaggattg    228960
     tgtgagggag caaagtgcat gctgtaggaa cagatggatt ggagactgac cctaagcata    229020
     gtgacagagc tggggggcaa aagggtgaca aaaccaggaa ttgaagatga taggttctga    229080
     gggatggggc ccaaaagcaa ggagatgtgg ggtaagaggc ttaattttca ttgtaaatct    229140
     agaagtctgg ggggagaggt gatttgctca taaagctgtg tgcctttagt acagaaatag    229200
     ggctttggtt tgccactttg gaggcaggat taaaaggatc aattgttctt gagtagggga    229260
     aggagagaaa ggaaaaagaa aatagaatga tattcttctg gaatgtcatg gaaaaccaaa    229320
     ccgtaggcca ctggtggtat gggacgagga agggtcgttt gcagcctccc tggaggcagc    229380
     tcctgtgact cagccgtccc ctgcctctgt gatgtggtgg ggtcaggctc cataatgtcc    229440
     cctgcccagg agtgttcctc cggccgtcca tggagaatcc atctggatgc agacatgaat    229500
     ttatgcattc atggaagtgc atatgcacac tctgacttcg gaagcattgt gaagctcgtc    229560
     tttacaagtt aatattcagc cacggctgtg caagctgaat gggaaacaca taagcatcct    229620
     ggtttcttag tcagaaaatg ttgctgattt aaagaattct gcgtattttc atacaatttg    229680
     caattttgaa tagcaaattt agctgtcgta attttgaagg ctgccttgtt ttgagtaata    229740
     cagaccgtga ctagtaaacc cttcagataa acctagcact gaatacaaag cactgaattt    229800
     aattccaagt ccaaaggaag aagaaaagca tttagcccgg cctgatagat agctcacgct    229860
     tgtgatgtca gctttctggt ctgacttttc tcctcaatgt ttccaaggct tgtctacaat    229920
     gtagcatggc tggaccttgg tctttctgga tggaccacag tccactgtgg gtacacactg    229980
     cctctttagc acagcccact gtgtgggtgc acactgcctc tttagcacag cccactgtgt    230040
     gggtgcacac tgcctcgtta gcacagccca ctgtgggtgc acactgcctc gttagcacag    230100
     cccactgtgt gggtgcacac tgcctcttta gcacagccca ctgtgtgggt gcacactgcc    230160
     tcgttagcac agcccactgt gtgggtgcac actgcctcgt tagcacagcc cactgtgggt    230220
     gcacactgcc tcgttagcac agcccactgt gtgggtgcac actgcctcgt tagcacagcc    230280
     cactgtgtgg gtgcacactg cctcgttagc acagcccact gtgggtgcac actgcctcgt    230340
     tagcacagcc cactgtgtgg gtgcacactg cctcgttagc acagcccact gtgtgggtgc    230400
     acactgcctc tttagcacag cccactgtgt gggtgcacac tgcctcttta gcacagccca    230460
     ctgtgtgggt gcacactgcc tcgttagcac agcccactgt gtgggtgcac actgcctcgt    230520
     tagcacagcc cactgtgtgg gtgcacactg cctctttagc acagcccact gtgtgggtgc    230580
     acactgcctc tttagcacag cccactgtgt gggtgcacac tgcctcgtta gcacagccca    230640
     ctgtgtgggt gcacactgcc tcgttagcac agcccactgt gtgggcgcac actgcctcgt    230700
     tagcacagcc cactgtgtgg gtgcacactg cctcgttagc acagcccact gtgtgggcgc    230760
     acactgcctc tttagcacag cccactgtgt gggtgcacac tgcctcttta gcacagccca    230820
     ctgtgtgggt gcacactgcc tctttagcac agcccactgt gtgggtgcac actgcacctt    230880
     tgtaactggt tcttcacatg gcaggctttt ggcttgtttg tattcttgac agattttcag    230940
     tactttgaaa taataatctt ctagaaccta gagtcccata tataccaggc aaacactgac    231000
     ctgtgtccct agacacaggc cagattttta aatcaaagac tcagtttgca tgacagctag    231060
     gtcttgttgg ggaaaagagg tggagaaatg ggctgaccac agagggaaac caaactgctt    231120
     tttttttcac attaacacca tccttcactt ataaatacat aagtaaggac caccaaaact    231180
     ttaaggaaag tcacagtcag gatgaaatca aacatcaaaa ctaggggctg gagagatggc    231240
     tcagtgggta agagcactga ctgctcttcc tgaggttctg agttcaaatc ccaccaacta    231300
     cagggtatct cacaaccatc tataatgtta tccaataacc tcttctagta tgtctgaaga    231360
     gagcaacggt atactcacat acataaatta aataaataac tcttaaagaa aaaaaaacaa    231420
     caataaaacc agcgaaacta aagcaagtca caaccttaag gaacaaaaga cagttaactt    231480
     gggaaacatg gaggaggtga agagagagga agccttggaa accaccaacc agtcacagcc    231540
     cctgcccctt gccccttgcc cctgcctctg ccccttgccc ctgcctctgc ccctgcctgg    231600
     atctgttcag ttggtggtcc actttaggag ctgaatccgg ttcaggttgg gtatgctctg    231660
     ccatcagggg agccttggct ggtgttagct ctgtaatatc agcagccctc gtactcaggg    231720
     tgtagcctct gttggtgcac tggggaactt tactgatctt aaataactta aaagaaacat    231780
     gaactgatga caagttaaat atctgtgcag tatttaggag gagtgagttg aaagaagttt    231840
     atttgagttc tgagatggtg tcacctgtcc ctgttacagc agctgagcca gttctggtac    231900
     agtcaggaca ctgctttgcg acttgcacgg gaagcgatcg atgctgctgg agaaggaggc    231960
     aggtgagatt cagattctat ttctttttct cttctcgttt gaggaacaca tggaaacaat    232020
     catgtcactt aggaggcaca ggtatataaa tgaatacttt gaatgtcctt cctaaatgag    232080
     atagtttctt aaaagtctga agtacaatat gtaaatgttg tcatgcggtt tgccactcat    232140
     ggctcactaa gaactactcc atagctaggc agtggtgagg gagaggatct ctgtgagttg    232200
     aggctaggct gttctacaga gtgagttcca aaacagccag ggatacacag agaaaccctg    232260
     tctcaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa ccccagatgt tccagtacta agtataagga aatcttttca    232320
     ctgtagcctc tctctgacag caccccccca aacacacata cacacacaca cacacacaca    232380
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cccttctctc tgagacaggt actcatatag ttcaggctac    232440
     ctttataggc ttttagagca aactacaacc ttgacttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg    232500
     gtttttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag    232560
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccat ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa    232620
     aggcgtgcgc caccaccgcc ggcctaacct tgacttctta aggggaaaaa aatattccta    232680
     gggccaccct ataatttttg cttcagcttt tcctgaggac tctcctggcc agcatgctgg    232740
     ggtcttccca cctcttatgt tctaggttac acatttccta agctccagtc cctggtttac    232800
     agcttcatct atgtgggtca cacccatggc ttccacagaa gaggtgtaca gaagtgagct    232860
     tatcagacaa tggttttgat ttcctctttc tctgaaccat aatagttttg ctgactgtct    232920
     aattctagct tttgaaaatg tttttaaatt gtcaagaaac ccatccttca agctgggcat    232980
     ttgaggaggt cggaggcagg cagctctcaa gaccagcctg gtctatagtg agtgttccag    233040
     ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaca acaacaataa aaccaaacaa ccaaaaacaa    233100
     aacccctcat ccaaaaagaa aagagaagaa atccagcagc attttgagtg tttgtaggaa    233160
     atgtgcttcc tccatctcca tccccatcct tggcttgtgt agaagtttcc ctcattccag    233220
     gttctcaatg tcttgatgtg taactttcct ctggcactga ccctggggcg ccccaaagta    233280
     gttctttcat tcttgtttga tttgaagata tcttaaatta tttctctaat ttcccccatc    233340
     actgctgctg ctcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctg tgtctatgtc tgtgtgtcta tgtgtgtgct    233400
     tctgtttgct ttctattcct catcctggaa cttctgttgc ttgaggatgg gacttgatac    233460
     atgatcctgt tgtcctcccc actgtcctca gtgacctgct ttctccagct atacccctct    233520
     actaaagtat ccactcagtg tccctcagaa taccaccctg actggatact aagttctcag    233580
     ctcctgagca gggcctccct cctcggcacc ttctcagtcg acgctgaagt gatttttccc    233640
     gattatttga tattggatat ctattagatg ttaggtgttc tcctggcacg tttgctgagc    233700
     cctgcctctt ccttcatacc taagggtggg tgggcccctt ggtatgccta agggtggacc    233760
     tcatctgttc tgtttagcct gaggagtaat ttcaggatct accagtgagt tgccgtcgca    233820
     gtccctcttt gtgctgtggc atctgtagcg aggggatcag gataaactat ttcccagaaa    233880
     gcttctgagt ctgtccagtg tgctggctgg aggtccagca ggattcccct aactcctgcc    233940
     tgaggttaca cacatctggc gctggtgttc tagacccttc taacttctct tctccctgct    234000
     gtggagctgg gatcggagcc cagagccttg cttagctgca tgctcttcca ccagcctcat    234060
     ctagctctct cctaattccc acagagtacc atgctgtctg tgctgggcac ttccctccca    234120
     agcatccgcc aagctgcaga acatgcctcc aggtctctcc agtgtcctca ggacgtgggg    234180
     atgtgaaaga gaatcctgtt tcttaaatag gtctttcaac aacttgtttt tagctccacc    234240
     ttcactcccg ggtcttgaat ttcctaggtc tgtgttaccc tgagcccctt ggggatgctt    234300
     caatgtaagc catggactgc ccagctcccc tggctgccaa tgccaggcca actgagccaa    234360
     ctgtctgttc attagcttcc taagcacagt gctttacctc ctgtctactc tcagctcttc    234420
     accccctcgt ctgttccctt tgctctcaga aatgtacgcc caaaacaaca aaacaaaatg    234480
     tgacagactt ggatgaagga atccatccta atgagtgtgt tccctacatc tccttagcaa    234540
     gtcttggttt tctgtttttt gatttttttt tttttttttg tcgctgctct ttgttttttc    234600
     ttagcttctt ggctttcagt cgctgataag tacttgagat attgactcat tcaggtggtt    234660
     tgatc                                                                234665