ID   AC154221; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 157332 BP.
AC   AC154221; AC132883;
DT   31-DEC-2004 (Rel. 82, Created)
DT   30-OCT-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-373L7 from chromosome 13, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-157332
RA   Van Brunt A., Levy A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-373L7";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-157332
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-DEC-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-157332
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (15-JAN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-157332
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-OCT-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; daa250b49e835b6b8268a4bfa4f42a3b.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456164.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000050244; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000057554; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000095105; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020230; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020231; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020232; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020186; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020187; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020188; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020161; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020162; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020163; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020169; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020170; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020171; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019973; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019974; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019975; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020616; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020618; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019511; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019513; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019940; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019941; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019942; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020057; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020058; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020059; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020042; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020043; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020044; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020131; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020133; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020078; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020079; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020080; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0020644; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0020645; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0020646; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019274; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019275; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019276; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019571; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019572; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019573; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000143693; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000144283; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000179308; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0036308; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0036309; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0036315; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0036231; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0036232; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0036238; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0036202; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0036203; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0036209; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0036234; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0036235; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0036241; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0035998; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0035999; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036005; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0036716; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0036723; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0035940; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0035947; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0035909; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0035910; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0035916; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036054; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036055; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036061; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036035; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036036; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036042; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0036192; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0036199; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036042; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036043; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036049; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0036754; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0036755; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0036761; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0035608; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0035610; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0035616; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0035446; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0035447; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0035453; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; G3X9B1.
DR   GOA; Q5D0F1.
DR   GOA; Q8C6H0.
DR   InterPro; IPR000488; Death_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR001079; Galectin_CRD.
DR   InterPro; IPR011029; DEATH-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011989; ARM-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR012954; BP28_C_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013320; ConA-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR016024; ARM-type_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR022125; U3snoRNP10.
DR   InterPro; IPR030638; Galectin_8.
DR   MGI; MGI:1928481; Lgals8.
DR   MGI; MGI:1931001; Edaradd.
DR   MGI; MGI:2442524; Heatr1.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3X9B1; G3X9B1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q5D0F1; Q5D0F1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8C6H0; Q8C6H0_MOUSE.
CC   On Oct 29, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:57863215.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0373L07
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..157332
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="13"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-373L7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    79319..79344
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          135266..135267
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    136675..136929
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   misc_feature    136930..137188
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of genomic DNA"
FT   unsure          138298..138304
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          138496..138766
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    141473..141631
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of genomic DNA"
FT   unsure          141628..141784
FT                   /note="Unresolved inverted repeat."
FT   misc_feature    141632..142169
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   misc_feature    142854..143467
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          143168..143855
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
SQ   Sequence 157332 BP; 44623 A; 34674 C; 34509 G; 43526 T; 0 other;
     gatccgacac cctcttctag tctccaaggg cactcgtaca tacatggcat acacttacac        60
     acacacacac acacacacgc aaatccctaa aagaatgtca agcttggcct gagaatgcag       120
     ctcagttgtt agagtccttg cctagtgagc caaagtttgg tccccagcat tgcataaacc       180
     actgtgatga tacacgtccc acttccagca ctcgggggta gaagtagagg atcagaaatt       240
     caaagttatc cttagctaca acgtgagttt gaggccagcc ttccatatat gagaccctgc       300
     ttcaaaaaga aaacagaatg tcatgcaagc catgtgtgct gctccgtgac tgtcacccca       360
     gcatttacct tgtgagcgtt tctaattata ataggatcgt gaaatcagca gagaagtact       420
     gaaagatgtc cggaaattaa ctctgactat aagtgtaaga tgacttggat ctgtgttgta       480
     caaagaaagc caaggattat tctcagctac agtacaaacc agcttattga aaggtagctt       540
     atagccagtg ggttctactg aaacatagat agataccctg gaacttcaca gaggtgaggc       600
     caggggggag gaggtcactt tatgaccaac tgattaatta ttgaaagctt agtcatcact       660
     ttttaaatat tcgatcattt ttaatcacat gtctctgtgt gaggtgtgca cgtgagtata       720
     ggtgtttgta gagacctgag gtgtcagatt cccccagaga cggagttgct agacatgggt       780
     gttgggaact gaactcatgt cctctataag agtagtgtga gatcttacct gatgagccat       840
     ttctccaccc catcatcatt aacccttaag agctttctgt cctggacacc catattaaag       900
     tgaactgctc gggaatgagg ttggtttcct attaaaatgt tgaaatctgc ttagctatgt       960
     ttcccaaagt atttttcttt aagagaaatt tccatctgta aaggtctatg atgaggccat      1020
     atataggatg cattttattt gggtgcagta gtggagagtc aaacgaaagg gagggactca      1080
     aagtcacact ggacagccgt atacacaggg acagatgaca cactcctggg gacccatacc      1140
     agagtgtcgg gcaaaaacac ggcatgcaat attagcacag tgaggttttt taattagtta      1200
     gggcttgaag ctgtgctagg atgtccaacc tgtgcctctt aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa      1260
     caaacacctc tgtacaaagt agccacctac ttgtgtagca ctttgtaata atacagaaaa      1320
     tctggccctc ccgaacagta atttatgtga tgctgccccc tgctggagga tacagagtct      1380
     ggcttggtta ggcgccttcc aaggaggccc cactaagaca gaaagagaaa gggtatgttt      1440
     tctctgtgac ttggcagacg aaggcactat acagtgatgg aggctcatgt ctccaggatg      1500
     tgcccagcac agtggcctgg tactcatctg tcagcactga tgcacttgcc tcctcgggtc      1560
     tcttgggtct cttcctctcc cagttaagca cccaaggatg ctgggatgca gcagtctcat      1620
     ttacactaca aaaagacgtg cttctaaaga caggattaac aacagaggcc aaacagattt      1680
     ttctcttctg gcctctccta tgtaaggcag ttaagcagat ctcatttggt tttgagcaaa      1740
     gactttcccc caggtctttt tttttttttt tttttttaat caaccctatt gtccctgctt      1800
     tataatttcc ctcccatttg aagccgtgat attgctgtct acaccacttg ctcagagcga      1860
     gctgtatgca tatctcaaat cgtcttcctc ccccggccaa cagtattccc ctctctgagc      1920
     tggcagcaaa catctgcttc gtgttgccac gtgtacacac agaaacaaca atgccatcga      1980
     tgtagcaatg ccaaaccact ctgccccggg tgctacaaaa ccaaaggcag agagaggcac      2040
     acacctccgg aagcacactg agagatattt gcagttttgt cgcctgcctg ggactcagac      2100
     cccaccctgg gactcctggg cccttggtta tagatgcaca aggaaggggg gaatcttagc      2160
     tttgctgtgt ttagagagaa tcaaagccaa gatgctgggc cgagtgctgg ggctattgaa      2220
     gtctcagcat cagtggatgg agcaccagtg ggttcccaag acctagactt gaaggacctt      2280
     ggtggaacag ggtgtgcttc cttccggagg ctgtggaggg ctatggctct gggagggaat      2340
     ccctgggtgg tcacgtggac tgaagaccct ggagtggtca gtgatacaac tggaaatgaa      2400
     atgatggaac tgcccagatc tcttggacat ggaagaggat gttgcatttt gtgtgaccgt      2460
     ccagtctgtc ctctgcagca tccctctggg aacttacgca gacatttcag cctgcgaagg      2520
     caaagcttcc gaaagccctg cttcctcgga atgccatccg tacaccttgg tgctatcctt      2580
     ttgaaactgt ctacattttc acctcctctg tgattctgtt tttggaaaga ttttataact      2640
     gtaataatgg gtgctacaac attaaagact gatgtcaact gcagttctag tgggtgcctc      2700
     attttcttga aatgtatatg catttctggg aaggggcgtt ttgcatgtac gcgaatgcgt      2760
     gtagaggcag gaggacaccc ttggatgtca ggcacacaaa cataccattc acagattttg      2820
     agacaaggtc tgccattggc ctagaactca tgaattacac caggctagct ggccatgaga      2880
     cccaagaggt cttcctatgt ctggctcctc agtgtgaaaa taacaagtgt tatttgctca      2940
     gcattttcac ataggttgtg tgtcctcatg cttgaataaa aggcactttc ttgactgggc      3000
     catcccctaa tacctacttt gtatggactc tagcatggtc atcagctcat aggtcctgta      3060
     gcccatcatc tatttctgtt acttgagtac tctgtggttt tctgaaatga gtcccagatg      3120
     ctgaagatgc tgagacaaac agcccaacca ttcactccag gagctgtcga cagacagtca      3180
     ctgcaggtaa gggctgataa gactagggaa tgtgggcaaa ggtggtccag gaataggccc      3240
     aagatgcgct gagcaggagg aaaagcgagc agttagcctt ccgagagggt ctccagtgta      3300
     ctgtgtctgt atgtgaaggg tcatttcact attcctacct gcttctcccg acccagtcca      3360
     tcctctaggt atctgtgggt tgccctctct gacaggaaca cttcagactc acctgttcca      3420
     tgactaatcc tcgcagcttc gtgacctgct ggagttttct gtgtcaatca tctaccagca      3480
     gcttcagcat ccttaagact cttcttcctg gtctatttcc ctctttgggc tgtttttgtt      3540
     atcactgtct ctgtgtatgg ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtac atacaagaac acagatatac      3600
     atgagagtac atagtatggg ggtatacatg cctgtggaag ttactggcca atctccagtt      3660
     ctccagcatc tcctctggtg ccacccacct tgattttttt tgagacagga tctctctctg      3720
     gcttggttct caggttttgg actgaggtga ctggctagca agccacacac acacacacac      3780
     acacacacac acacggatgc ccatgtttgc ctagagtcac taggatcccc acatctctcc      3840
     acgcagtgta tctagctgct ctgtgttgga aactgcccct ttcaattcac ttcgctccac      3900
     atctcatctt tcacgcacgc gactgctcga gccacccaga atcaaaacca aacaagttgt      3960
     tacctgcttg aattcctcgt tctgccatct catccaaaca taaccatctc tgtcagttta      4020
     aacgaggaga ctctttgtga ctctaccttg aaattatcat ggcatttgaa aatagcatta      4080
     gcaataaagt cttatcatgg ctacttaatt gccgttcaaa aactcaatat aaattgaaac      4140
     ttaaaaacac tcaaggaaaa aaaatgcagt ctgagctaaa catggccaga agtctgttca      4200
     aatccatgat gatccacctc tggttctact cctgaaaaca gacagttctt ttacaccaca      4260
     cttgacagaa aacacataac cgacattgtt ttacctgttc ctggcaaagt ctctgaactg      4320
     ggaacaagtg ggtaatcaag gagatggtga gttaatgctt agataccagc ttgggaagat      4380
     ttcagaggag atggggccag attccttcac gcaccattca agcaactgtc aactctagag      4440
     agccaattcc ttgttgctcc caaggagcta gtccagggag atcccggccc agggctgccc      4500
     caacacacct ccccagaatt atcaagtcac agcttgtttt cctaggcagg tttcacctgt      4560
     tgcaaccagt aaagagacac tttgaaaaat gcatgccagt atgtttgcac tagaaagatt      4620
     tttaagaaat actaacttag ggcagtgaaa tggctcagtg agtgaaggta cttaccacca      4680
     ggcaggataa actgagttca agccccagga ctcagttggt gagaggagag agtcaattcc      4740
     cacaagttgt tctctgagct ccacataggt actgtggcat gcaggtgtga aatacataag      4800
     cattaaaagt cattgaagtc attaaaaaaa tactaactct atgctgaatg tcttaaaatg      4860
     tcagtaactt cataaaaaga ctcctcagaa ctgtacctcc aatgacatgt gtgtgtgtga      4920
     gactgtgtgc acacatacga gcatgcctgc atgcatgcag gtacacaggg taaagatgat      4980
     taatcctgga ggaccctcct tcccccagca actctttctc tagaaggctc tgcctcccaa      5040
     aggctccaca atctctccaa agattgccac tacctggaga ccaagagtcc taacacatca      5100
     tcttttaggg gacatgtcac attcaaaaca cagcaaactt acacttttca cctatgatct      5160
     tgattcagct aatgctcctc catttcaagt tcactcacac acacacacac acacacacac      5220
     acacaccctg cccagaggca cacatattta aagcttgggg gaggggaggg agaaggaggg      5280
     agggagggag ggagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagcttt      5340
     taaagatgca tgactttccc actgatcttg gctttcatgt gggtgactca ggccctcaag      5400
     cttggagtga caggcacttt accaaaggag ccatctcctc agcccattaa ggagtctagt      5460
     tctagatgct ggagccagcc agccgtgtgc agtaatcccc tctctcaaac cttctctcat      5520
     cctgaaagaa ctcacaggag agatgagtct ggatccgtca atagacacag tcaatagatc      5580
     ctgactcatc cggccattac taggaactgc taagattgct acccatacca actgccggaa      5640
     gtgccaagag tcagcttagg ctagaacttt accctaaatc ccactccaac aaatggccct      5700
     gttttcagaa acagtgcagc ttctgctacc ttcaccattg cctcaacttc cagaaggtcc      5760
     acagtcagtg gctaaggaat tcctacagga ggggcaactc ttgggatcta cccttatgat      5820
     acacagtttg atggggcaag agcccaaatg cagcctctga ttctaggtgg tggtgataaa      5880
     tacacgcagt tctgccttaa atgtctagaa agttaggtgt gcgtttgata aagctggctt      5940
     gggttttcaa taaaagataa ggaggaatat gaagatgggg aggggggagg atagagggag      6000
     ggagggggca gggcgaggag agggcaggaa gagaaggggg agaggggaga gggaagggga      6060
     gaggagagag aggggagaga ggaaggagag ggggagggag gggggagaat aaataaagcc      6120
     agtgaaatgg ctcagcaggt gaaagtccta gcaatctgtg tttgatcaat ggaaccccag      6180
     taaaggtggg ggagagaaca actgcacaaa cctttcctga agggctacat gggcaccttg      6240
     gcaggcgtgt acacacacac accatacaca gagatagtaa taaaaaacaa ccaacctttt      6300
     aaaacactga cccttgggct aaatcattcg gatgattgtc attctttgca aggttcactg      6360
     ttagctgggt ggagtagctc acagatataa agccagcact taggagatac ttagtgagtt      6420
     ccaggctagc cttggctaca gaatgaaact ctgtgtcaaa caaacaaaaa agacaatcat      6480
     ttccctagaa gccccacctc cggacacaca gccatgtctg acagtttaga tcctaacctg      6540
     acctgggcca ccagcttctt tccatagcat tagtcacagc tttctgatgc attttagtct      6600
     acagattaag aaaatgaaga tatgctgatc acatgaggac acagatgatt tgctgccaag      6660
     tcatgagatt caacttcctc tctgctactg ttgcaggagg ccatgcctcc accatcagac      6720
     taacacagac tagtctggtg attatccatt tagtcaaagg tttcttctgt tgtacagact      6780
     ccattctaag taataactag gcaatcataa aaatatatgt ctgagagaag atcgtagaag      6840
     aaacactgca tgaaacgggt gtttgtatca actgaagaca gggaaaacta taggtaagct      6900
     tcagagaaaa caaattcata tatcctctgc aataagaggc ttgcagataa tgcttgccca      6960
     tcgagcacag ctagttttcg cagatgtaac tctgtggaaa ttagaggaag atggacctca      7020
     agccaacccc agcccaggga agcagcacgg gaaaggtgtg tgctgcacac gctgggttct      7080
     ggctgccatg ccctccttca gctagctgtg ttcctgggtc atggggacac aggtaacccg      7140
     ccaggtttaa aaacaaaaca aaacagaaaa ttaaacagag ctgctttgct ggcgtgagcc      7200
     tatagtttca gctactctgg aagctgaggc aggaggatca caaattcaag gctagcctgg      7260
     gctacagatt aaattcaaag ccagtctgta caacttattg agagtgtctc aaaatagttt      7320
     ataaaaatga aaacaagggg ctggagagat ggctcagcag ttaagagcac tgactgctct      7380
     tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatgtgg cttacaacca tctgtaatga      7440
     tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatgtggc ttacaaccat ctgtaatgag atccgatgcc      7500
     ctcttctggc atgtttgaag ccagctctag tgtactcatg tacataaaat aaataaatct      7560
     tttttaaaaa tgaaatcaag tccggggttg ctaatgatat agttctgtgg tggagtgctc      7620
     gcctagtgta agcaaggtaa tggtataaat ggtcagggag ttggggggga gggggagaga      7680
     gtggggtgtg gtgggtgtaa tggggtgtgg tgggagtggg gtggggtaga ggtggagtgg      7740
     tgggggggta gggggtgggg atgaggtggg gatgggaggg gtgggggagg ggtggggtgg      7800
     ggatgggaca gggtggggag cagtttcact catccccatt acttcagact tacacagatt      7860
     cattattccc accttccagc tcttggttag aaactttgcc atctcctcct tacactcctt      7920
     agacttcctt cctggacctc tgacttttga ttcccaaaat gtggttccag atcctgctca      7980
     catcgttggc tttgatcccc tctcagctcc agtgtgtggt ttccaagtaa cagcctttta      8040
     agtctctctc tgtctcagca tccttcctgc caccatagcc tggacacttt acttattttt      8100
     atttatcttt tatttttata tatttgtatg catgtgtctt agttagacac catgacgaag      8160
     gcaactctta taaaggacag catttaattg gggctggctt ccaggttcag aggttcagtc      8220
     cattatcatc aaggcaggag cttggcaggc atggtgcagg aggggctgag agttctgcat      8280
     cttgttccga aggcagacag gagaagagtg gcttccaggc aactaggatg agggtcttat      8340
     agcccacacc cacagtgaca cacttcctct gacaaggcca cacctactcc aacaaggcta      8400
     cacctcctaa tagtgccatt ccctgggaca accatattca aaccaccaca gcatgttgtt      8460
     tctccatgtg agtacaggac cctgtggagc agaagagggg gtcaaaatcc tagaaatgga      8520
     gttacagaca gttgtgagct gccatgtggg tgctgggaat tgaactctgg tcttctagaa      8580
     gagcagttag ctgctgagcc ctctctccag tcatttattt ctttgttatc taatgattta      8640
     gtgtgtatgg catgtgtact cctggcaatc ataggtcaac aacatgcaga agtagagtct      8700
     ctctccccca catgggtccc aggagttgga ctcaggtcac caggcttggc agctaaagtg      8760
     tctttaccca cttggccatc tgctggtctt taagtgaatt tgcaaaagtg gcctgtcctc      8820
     tcctccctct cacaccagga tgtgctgcct tgacacaaac ccccaaaaca tgacgggggc      8880
     aacttactgg ggtcccaacc ctgcaaatca gtaaactcag ataaatcttt ccaagttaat      8940
     tgtttcaggt ttttgttatg ataatggaaa ctgaggggga ggcaacttct cctgaaaacc      9000
     gctaatgaaa gaggcaaaat ccagtaccat aaccccctaa taaactttac aaagtcgatg      9060
     gaagtgacaa tgtttcctcg tggaagaatt cctcccaagt aagggtggga gaaacgatac      9120
     attaaaatat cactgttttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt      9180
     ttggttctta ttgaaaatga tgctaagcag tggctatcaa cagctagaca ttaaaatcat      9240
     ctgatcaaaa gctggagtgg aaactgaggc tggggtgtat ggcagtccat aggtcgagtg      9300
     ctgcccacca tacatgaagc cctgagtctg atccttagca ctacataacc caggggtggt      9360
     gttgggcact ctcaaagtca atagaggcag gatcagaatg ccgaggatat cctcggctac      9420
     atagagagcg aggccaacct gggctacaaa aaactgtaaa caaacaaaca aaacaaaaca      9480
     gaaccggtgg gcactttgta ataggtggat cagtctagaa gcaagattca ggtttgattc      9540
     tcaagacaga tgaagaaaca tacactacac gcctcctgag aaaatgcgat tacaagttcc      9600
     ggcccccgtg aattctgtct agagagtgtt gaaaatggag cctttctgaa cgtgtgagca      9660
     taagaagtgc ttctgaagct tttgtggatt tgtgaggtgg ccagtagtgg gcgtgaagta      9720
     ggaggggctt gtcagcgggt gagacctgtc tgcaatcaga caggcaacac cgattgctgc      9780
     cacagctggg cagtgagtgc acggacactc gtcacgctat acatagctaa taatcgagtt      9840
     ttgaaaagag ttcttggagg gagctgggga gattgctcag tggttaagaa tgcttgttgc      9900
     tctcacagag aaccagtttg gttttcagca tccacagtag tgggcttaga aacttttata      9960
     attttaaccc cacaggatct gacgccctct tcaggcctca gggggcacct acacccatgt     10020
     actcatacac acagacacac acaaacacac acacacactc atacacacac acacacacac     10080
     acacacacac acacacacac acacagagag agagagaaat ataaaataaa aaatgctttt     10140
     gtatttgaaa aatcaccttg agttctgatc tactttaagc tgccactgaa tttattatta     10200
     atgtatcact catcactgta atgagctgta taaacacaag ctagaagcag agtaggacag     10260
     tatgtcatcc ttcaagatat gttgctttca tttactcttt tcctaagatc tctcccatta     10320
     ctaagattct actattttat gatataagta gttctagaag cttgcttctc tcagcccaaa     10380
     cattaagacg tgggacatga aacctgtaga acataagagg taagctttgt gaatctgttg     10440
     aacagaggct tggctagaca ggaagagatt caatgttcct gggtaacgct gctcaagtgt     10500
     gagagacatt aggtcaaagt gaaagaattt ggggccaggg agacaggtgt cagtacagtg     10560
     cttcccacac ataaccatct atgtttgatc ttagtatcca cataaaaagc taggtgtggc     10620
     agagtgtgtt tgtaatccca gcactggaga agcagagaca ggaggattcc tagagtttgc     10680
     aggccagcta gtctagcgaa acccaaaagc tccaggtctc agtgagatgt cctgtctcaa     10740
     aaaggaagat gggccgggcg gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag     10800
     aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag     10860
     gacagccagg cctatagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaaatc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     10920
     aaaaaggaag atgggtgact ctgcagtaac gatacccagg ttaacctctg gcctctacac     10980
     acatttggtt gtcagtcaca tgatggtaaa tgtttcacat ctggctttta agagaaaaaa     11040
     atcctgagaa gcaagacaag tgagacagca caaattggct ctcctagctg gtctgagtag     11100
     actttaatct tcattaaatg ttcatggatg tctggctaca acctactagt gagttttaca     11160
     aataatgtag tggattataa atggcatttt aaactttaac attttttatt ttttgtgttc     11220
     tgcctacatg taggtctgtg caccattcgt gtccatgaat agtatttttt gttttgtttt     11280
     tttgtttgtt tggttgattt tggttttttg agacagagtt tctctgtgta gccttggctg     11340
     tcctgaaact ccctctatag accaggctgt ccccaaactc aaagagattc acctccctct     11400
     gtcttctgag tactgggatt gaaggacatc actgcccagc ctatgaatag ccttttaaaa     11460
     aactggacag aatattccaa actgattctc cattgaaaca tatgaagtca gagcagaaac     11520
     acttatgcaa gggtgggcat ctctccagcc ccagtgaaaa gctttcctta ctcttccact     11580
     tgctcgattc tcaattcttc ccagctaagt gttttgcgag tttatgagcc ctcttcacag     11640
     ggcttctcca gctctcattt ctacacttct ttaaagtcag tttccagtga gcccggcagc     11700
     tacacaacac gcattgatcc tgttcctgct ctttgacccc tcagagcatt cagaaacctg     11760
     gatgttctct gttttggata cccatagcca ttcccagcag gtcggtctct aaagtctctc     11820
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcccttaa tccccctctc ttttcctgac     11880
     ttttctccca ggctctggcc aagtctgttt cctcctccta tctgcactcc taaaggacct     11940
     cacttccaag ctgtcatccc ctcttcctcc cacccatcag cctcagcatg ctgatcttta     12000
     ttttcagagc acacagttgc tctcagcagc tccgggattt tgtactagct attcccacac     12060
     cttggaatgc atccagctct gaggtgaatt tattatttta actctgtaaa gaaggggtca     12120
     actcaggcaa aactgaagat aactcaactg ctcttcattt tgaataatgt agcactcaac     12180
     cgaagcctgg ggagcccttc tttagaggca ttacagtagg gttgggaatg tgtatggcag     12240
     attccctatt gaccaagcca gctccgtcag tcaacaggtt ctccagggag ggagtcggaa     12300
     ttaaaaagaa aaaagacaac aagacaacac tgtggcatga ccccagcgag ttctgaggct     12360
     gagtcaggct tataatgttt ttccagtctg ctttgatacc agtttaagta catgcaaaat     12420
     aatatcagtt ctgggtcaag gacaagcagg actataaaca caaacagtca aggaacaaag     12480
     tcctgtgatc aatgtttcca ggcaggggct tatcaagatg accaagatat ctgagcctac     12540
     ttccctctcc tagcccaaag tcacattctt gactgaagcc tacttctttg ctctagccca     12600
     aaacgatatt cctgcctgag cttacttctg tgtcctggcc caatgtttaa ttcctgcaaa     12660
     gtttctagaa acgggctcca aaagctctcc acaccctatc tcttacaaac cccagaaagt     12720
     gtagtgagaa gcctaccaca cctagtaata acaacagagc taagacaaca tacatcaagg     12780
     gttaactcca gctattaaag tagaatcttg aggagttaat caaaattaga aaatggacat     12840
     gaggaaggag aaaaagtaac gaatcagaac acgaggttgc tgctaagagg ctttaaaaaa     12900
     ataaaataca agttcaaaac aaaataaaac acacagccag agaaaaagac caaatggcta     12960
     tgtcaaacat gtcctttaaa aacaaacatg gctaatatct agaaaagaac ataaccttga     13020
     ggccattagg acatcaaaac taggtagctc agtcagccat tctcagcgcc ctacagtttt     13080
     atttaagttt gttcgtacaa atacggggca aaccgtcagc agtgcagcgc cctgactatg     13140
     cagctcagtg cttattgacc atctactctg ctcagaactg agcatcagtg tctaaactgt     13200
     ttcctaagga agcgttccct gtagtaaact ccagcacaga ataagcggcc aatcacccag     13260
     tgttgacatg ttctggctac tgctcacagg atggggtttc ttgcagggac aaagaagaac     13320
     gaattcctcc acacacaagg ctagttattg gcaatgagtg gctgctaaat ctgattggct     13380
     cacaacattg ttcagttctg acccaaggct gcaaaggagg caaacccagg agtaccccgg     13440
     ccacaccccc cacgattatt ctttaagtgt atttttaaca cccttgagat caggtatctg     13500
     tcccagagtg accccgaatt ccttaagttc tccagtatga cattgaactt gtggtcctcc     13560
     tgcctccacc tcgcagggct ggaactacag gggtgcaccc cgaccgattt gtgcagagct     13620
     gggtggaaat caacctgggg gcttccagca cgtgaggtga gccacacccc aaccccagcc     13680
     agccactccc acagccagcc ataggtctgc gtgtgtgaca ttaagagccc aacagcccca     13740
     gctcgcagca ctcggacgcc ccgcccctgc agtcgttctc gcggaaacgg ccgcgggctg     13800
     accccgccct ctgcctgtgg cggctccggg aaccggacgg cgtccgtcag gggacacaag     13860
     tcggagcaaa gcgcttacta ccaccggggt gagtcctggc gactgcgggc tcagggacat     13920
     cgggatacca ctgttcccgg accggaatcc gagtgtggac acggcatccc gccgtctcct     13980
     ccgtgacaca tgcacggggc accggacacc gggagcgatc gtgggttgag gcttgtactg     14040
     ggaccgtagt gtcgggacaa cgctgactgc tgcggtgagg gctctccgct cggcggctca     14100
     cctgccaggg aaagggcgag catcacctgg atccccaaga atgacaggcc cagggacagt     14160
     tgacagctgt gtcacactcc gttattccag acacgcactt tagcatgctg cgtcattcta     14220
     tcccaacgtt aaacacgggg aaacgcaatt tctctgggtt tgggaatcgt cctaaaccta     14280
     agccacggct tgttgtgact gacggtgata cgtgtctgga gacttcggag agtagttatt     14340
     taatgccaac ctaggccatc ttgatctctc tccgggaaag atatcaatta tggatgtggt     14400
     gatggcaatt ccttgtctcc tttttgctct agttcgtgct tcctggattg cacagaacag     14460
     aattaaaggc tcagaggatt tgaataaaat gagttagtga cagatactag gtaggggtct     14520
     agggtggttt ttaggggtgt aaccaagaga gatgcaattt tcttttctcc ggtaaaataa     14580
     gagatttggc gagtgcctat tgtctacagc ctggcggaac tgtaggaagt aaaagacagg     14640
     aaactctagt ttcattttct ggcttggttc tggtttgagt catcaggact agaggtagta     14700
     aatgattcag tgggcagggc gcagtgccga gggggcgctc ttatctttca aaaccgggct     14760
     gatgcaaaac attgcatttg gtattccccg gagtaactct gccaccccca ccccaccctc     14820
     aacttactta atttggctgg ttgaagaaga gcaatgtttt ctagcaataa tagctaacac     14880
     atacagagct gttttctgct atttaaacta gtacaatcct cagggcaatc ctatgatgtg     14940
     attcctactt gttttactaa taggaaaagt taaatgaata ttgtcctggt ttcaaagcac     15000
     tgcttgagtg atatttgtgt cttggttttg tgttatttcc tagcttgtat tttatttgta     15060
     tttactgctt ttgatttgtt tggttttgca gtgctggcac agaacccagg gcctcatcac     15120
     actaggcaag ctctctattc agcccttaaa cattatcttg agacaggatg ccttagtctc     15180
     tattctcctg ctgtgaagag acaccatgac catagcaact ctttaaaagg aacgcgttta     15240
     actggggctt gcttatagtc tgagaggttc aagtccattg tcaccatgac tagaaagcac     15300
     gtggcatgca ggcagacgtg gtgctggaga agcagctgaa agttctacat ccggattccc     15360
     aggccgcagg aagggagagg cactgggcct ggcttgggct atacctctta atccttttaa     15420
     atagttccac tctttggtga ttaagcattc aaacctatga acctatggga gccattctta     15480
     tgtgaactgc ctgccacacg ggatctaact cacctaggct agggtccaat tgttcttcct     15540
     gtcgcaggct tgctcacaag tggcttcgat cacaggtatt gtgccaccac acttacagtt     15600
     ttagtatttt taacaggaaa cttcatgtaa tttcctcctt acatattttt taaataattc     15660
     ctgcactgat cacttaaaat tatttcattt aaggccaggc atggtggcac atgcctttaa     15720
     tcccagcgct tggaatgcag aggcaggcaa atttctgagt tcaaggccag cctggtctac     15780
     agagtgagtt ccaggatagc cagggctaca tagagaaacc ctgtctcaga aaaaaaaaat     15840
     tatttcattt ctaagtatgt tatgaagact atatggtagg actttggtta tactaacact     15900
     tatttggtaa ctatccgtaa agtaatataa tttacataga aaagtttgat gtagagaaaa     15960
     atcacgcatg gctgtttttc tatattgttt ttacacagga caagttttta ctttgagtaa     16020
     tccttaaatg aagagtgggt aaagtgtgta tacggaagag agactccaat caacaatatc     16080
     aataagttga aaaagaaaaa tgttgtcctt aaataaccta caaaatatca tctataaccc     16140
     ggtaacagat ttttaccttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgcc tgtggtagga     16200
     ttgacaggaa atacactcaa gttgtaatta tcactggggc caggcatgaa cacacagttc     16260
     agttagcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tgtatgcata aaccttgacg     16320
     ctacaacaca cacatgaagg gaaggtctgg ggacaactct tgggaaatta tattctacca     16380
     tttgggtctg gaagttgaac tcaggtgatc agatttggca ggaggcacct ttacctgctg     16440
     agctatggta ctggcttcct tccttcccct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgccc atctgttgta     16500
     tagacgctag cacctatgac ttcatgattt gggtggatga tagcactagg ccgcactgtc     16560
     cgtccaccca ccactcactg tccattcact tgtcagtttt ttctgattgt ttgtttggtt     16620
     ggttggtttt ctctgtgtag ctctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc     16680
     ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa ggtatgtgcc     16740
     ctccccctgc ctggctgctt gcttgtttta agatgtggca ttgccatgtt gtccagtctg     16800
     acctcaaact tgaaatccac ttgcctgaaa ccccagtact gggattatag actggtgtgc     16860
     tcctccacac ctggcttttt gtggtgtttt tgaaatgaga actgtacaca agaagttaat     16920
     gtctcagact tctgctctgt tttcccaaca ctgcttggaa gtgtagcaga ggaaatgtgg     16980
     agagccagag gcaagagagc tgagcaaacc atgttgtcca gtttaggctg ctggtgggag     17040
     tctgactgac tgctagaaaa cgcagtcaac atcctggcct tctggaaagc tgtcaagagc     17100
     tttctggttt tctgtgctgg ctagcctctc tagatgtgcc aggtttcctt ttgccaccac     17160
     tgttgttaga gacctgacat agggccactg gtttttggtg acgcccctag gagactcttg     17220
     ggcagtagaa ttggtgaaag tcagtgaact ggctgcgcct gttgacaacc tagctgtgat     17280
     ttccctccat aacttccagt accacagtga aagaaaggtt taacaaccat gtcaagcaaa     17340
     ctgaattttg gggagaaata gccttatgtc acagtgggtt taaaaacggt ttacaaaatc     17400
     tgacatcagt aaagacattt aaagtgattt gctgtatgtt gtagctaaaa acatctcaag     17460
     gtttcaaggt tgtggactgg aaaaaacaag actaggctta tgtggtgtgt gtgtgtatcc     17520
     atgcatgtat gtgtaggaga gagtgcatgc atgtgtatat gtatgtggtg agtgtgtgtt     17580
     tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatcc atgcatgtat gtgtaggaga     17640
     gagtgcatgc atgtgtatat gtatgtggtg agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttt ctttttctgg     17700
     acttggtgga agacaggagc tgcttcccat tcatttgacc tcatgaaggt tttaatgttc     17760
     tcagtccaga ctggcgaaag ctctgtccat gtaaacactt cttggtacag atgaagtaca     17820
     cactgtaact ggtggtatct tttttttttt ttttactttt ctacttagta tatttctttc     17880
     attcgttcca ctgaaataat ttgaaaaatt aaaagccaga gtcacttttc attcagattg     17940
     agtgagtagt ttgaagacgt cgccgtcact cggtaccagg agtgctgtgg agtggcatct     18000
     gtgggctctt cattgtcctt gtcttcccgt gggttttgta gtagttgttt tccaggaact     18060
     cttggttttg ttctgttgag ataacctggg cacctgactt cgtagctgag gttagcctcc     18120
     ggcttacatc agtctttttg cctcagcttc caagggcaac ttgagcttcc acacccaact     18180
     tgtgggaact taagcccctt tgatatccag caggccaaga agctagtaga cacgagtctg     18240
     cgtcagtctt attctcacaa accacgcatc agcatctcat cagcattacc cccagctgga     18300
     gctgagggat ggctccttct ggaaccagtt ccctgaggcc ccacctgaga gtcaccacac     18360
     agggcggtac cggctcctag ctgctgagtt attgcagcca aagggcagag agcaactctg     18420
     cctgaggaag aaatgccagg gcagagtcca gcagaatcca gcacatgctt cagggccttt     18480
     gagatcctcc acagtgacag taatgtggag ctggtcacag aggggctgcc tgcttcacat     18540
     acaggagcac tccaggcacc tagaagggaa gctcaggcgt tgtcctgttg tttagggcga     18600
     taagagcctt cttggagacc ccagtgaagg cctcaaccag gagtcagcct ctccagggag     18660
     gctctctgcc tcacgcttgc ttcatctcca tcagtacctt tctcctcgtc tccagttggc     18720
     tctttacgta tgagttgaga attgggcacg gtgactgact ctaatcagta cttaggaggc     18780
     agagaggcgg gagagtcaga agttcaaggt catatcttat tagtccacat ttgtcactgc     18840
     atttgcttat ggaaatatat ttctaacatg tcattccctt agataatccc ctatgttggc     18900
     accattactg agcaattgaa gcctggctct ctgattgtaa tccgtgggca tgtccctaaa     18960
     gattcagaaa ggtaagatta ctgtgtgggg tggaaggcca gctgtctctc cgtgactgga     19020
     gaggacattt tgatgctctg aggcctcatt gcttcactga cagccctgct ggggtgtgag     19080
     aagaaggagt gatagggtga aggctcctgg aatgttttgt tttgttttga gactgggtct     19140
     ctacatagcc ccagctgtcc tggaactcac tccttagaca ggatggtctc aaactcacag     19200
     agatctgtct gcctctgcct cccgagtact gggattaaag gcatcaccac catgcctagc     19260
     tggctacagg aatcttttat atcattgctg taagtctgat ttagaataag cagatatact     19320
     gatggaaaag gaggttgttg cataacagga tgtctcagta cagttttagc actgtcaatg     19380
     tctctcaaga cagtctctcg gtggtattgc tgagtgtctg ctttgggtat aataaactca     19440
     gggtgttact tctcttgttc ctgagaaaaa caacataaga aagacagatt tattccattc     19500
     agctcatgat gtgagggtac agttcatccc gttggggaat gtctggcagt aagagcaact     19560
     ctgcagtggt attcagtgtc ttgaggcagc tgattgcatt atgtccatac acaggaagta     19620
     gagaggtcaa tggctggggc tcagctcact cattctgttc tttgtattca gtcaggcact     19680
     ctagtctttg gatgctgcag tctactttca ggctgggtct tccctcctca gtcaaacctt     19740
     gatggaaatg ctctcacaga cacaccaggg gtatctccta ggtgaccccc aatttgtttc     19800
     aaattgacta ggaagagtag ccatctcaga tcatgtcagt cagagctgga tgtagttctg     19860
     agtggctgac atgattggtt taagtgatgt gtggaaatta tcttacagag accccttgag     19920
     tgtacccttg ggagaaggcc tcatgatcag gaccctcacc aaaactgtag gctgactttc     19980
     atgctttgag aggctggtgg tatatgcata gcagggctga ggtgtggtgc aggagtggct     20040
     gagaccaggt ccagcttact ttgaacagac tcctggacca ggagtctccc tggcatctgc     20100
     cctctgttcg tcagcagatt tgaacaaaca cagccaaggc cagcatccaa gacagacagg     20160
     agagggacat tcctattctg ggtccatata agccagctca tgctgtgggg ctctgttact     20220
     gaggaagaag aaagggaaga tgggcaggct gccctgtagg tcctgtggat aaaggaatgg     20280
     ggtgctgggg tggggaggtt gggggtgctt gtactttccc catggctcac ctccacaggc     20340
     tcacatggtt ctgttctgcc ctcgcccaga ttccaggttg actttcagct gggcaacagc     20400
     ctgaagccaa gagcagacgt ggccttccac tttaaccctc ggttcaaaag gtctagctgc     20460
     attgtttgta acacactgac acaggagaag tggggctggg aggagatcac ctacgacatg     20520
     cccttcagaa aagaaaagtc ctttgagatc gtgttcatgg tgctcaagaa caaattccag     20580
     gtagatgttg agagagaaag ggagtgtggg agcgtgcatg gggccatctc cgagtctact     20640
     gaaggcatca atacattact ccatccagat ggaacagata aaccttaggt cttacttctt     20700
     ctaggagcgc taaattctgg accccacagc atcgtgtcac tgttagggga gtggattata     20760
     aaagccacac ccaaagcata ggaaagtctg catgagcaat ctgtgagtgg acagggctct     20820
     cctcaaaggg gtgtgcccag tcctacagca agctcctgct gtagggtcct gggggccttg     20880
     tgaacacagt gacttattgg ggctgcagtt tggctccaga ggctcccaag agtgccaata     20940
     atccccaagt ccacagaagg cttgtaaagc agagatcctg gggccccagg agtgtgtgcg     21000
     catttggtct aggtccttgt gggacattgc tctctggatt ccccctgcgc tcctcagttt     21060
     gctgttctat ggcctcagtc ttggtcagtc tagctgtacc cactattgtt gccctgggtt     21120
     tgttgtatgt ggggattttt aaacctcact gagcggtcct actgtgggct ctaccgtggg     21180
     ctgctcacgt ctccctcctg gactctgaca caaatgccct ggcatttgga ggtactgtgc     21240
     agaggactca cagatagcct cctatcatcc cacacaacct taacccactg agtgagaatg     21300
     ttcccaccca gagataagaa atctcagata agccagacac actctgtaga ccaggctgtc     21360
     ctagaactca ggaatctgcc tgcctctgcc cccgagtgct gggataaagc actcctgctg     21420
     cttggctgct gcatgctctc acttacttag tgagctcagt gccttcttgg gttggaaccg     21480
     aaagtaggca gagcaaactt gcatcttagg cttccaaacc tcatggatgg cccttgggtt     21540
     cctgagcatg gctgtctcct gggcacacac agatacatac atgtggaaca cacaaacttc     21600
     caagtgtgtg tgactgcaga gatgacccag tcactcagtc agttcagaaa agttcagaat     21660
     ttctgctact gtggtggctg ctttcagcca caatgtgagc agagacctat gggaagaata     21720
     aacctgagga gacatcccat ccatccatcc acttgttttt gtggtgctgg agatgaaacc     21780
     cggggcttca caccgtaggc cagtgttctt tccaccacag ctccactccc acgccataag     21840
     agacacttcc gttggataag gagtggtgtg tcaccgggct ctgagggcac tgcctgctgt     21900
     gtgtctccag gtggctgtga acggaaggca tgttctgctg tacgcccaca ggatcagccc     21960
     ggagcagatc gacacagtgg gcatctacgg caaagtgaac atccactcca tcgggttcag     22020
     attcagctcg gcaagtgccc ttccacacac actgggggtc cgtcacacca gatggtggac     22080
     atttcctttc atttacatcg tccatttagg tagaaaggaa tataaatatt tcaggctagt     22140
     tgtgttctgc ttttgttgtt tgtgggacct caaatctcaa gtgagcctac cagatggcta     22200
     atgtgtatct cctgtccctg ggagggagta aatatctctg taagacggtt ttctgtgtat     22260
     ttgaatttaa gtttctggga cattgctagc ttgtttccgg tgatgggagc agtttaattc     22320
     tcaacagccg tgcccaggtg ccatattctt attagcgtta ggtcttgttc tcctagactc     22380
     ttgtcagctt gggggacccc agtgttaagt tgcattttaa aaaatcataa ttatcaatag     22440
     ttttccatgc tcagcatcac tgatcatttt tttatgttca atattttaaa aaagatactc     22500
     tgagggatgt taaaattaat ctatgctctt ttgcaggatt tacagagtat ggaaacatct     22560
     gctctgggac tgacacagat aaacagagag aatgtaaata ttctataatc cagcagttta     22620
     aactgttctt agttacagtc agtggaagga gggctcttct ttttctttaa ttatggtgtt     22680
     tcctgtatgt gctcatatgt attcaggtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgcatga gtgtccatgg     22740
     aggccataag tcaacactga agtcttagtc aattgctcta catcttgtaa aagttatttt     22800
     gcatgtgtat gtctgcagta tgtatatgca ttattatgtg tgctgatgca tgtgcgtgaa     22860
     agccagaaat agacattgga tgtcttcttt gattgctctc caccttttga ggcagaatct     22920
     cttagttgaa ctcggagcgt gccaattcag ctagtctaag tagctggctt gctctagaga     22980
     tcctgtcatg cactaggact gcaggcaggc atccatgcgt gcccagcatt tatgtgggtg     23040
     tcgaggattt gagtcctctt ggttgccctg caagtgcctt agcctctgag ccatctctcc     23100
     agttctttta gcttgttttt ttgagacacg gtctctcact gagcctgttg gctagactgg     23160
     ccggtcagct agccactggg gtcgtccttt ctccgtctct ccagtgctgg agttacacat     23220
     gtgaagctcc catgcttggg ttttacatgg ctacgtagca agaacagtac caacagaact     23280
     atctccccag cttcccaaat taagttttta gtgtgaggtt agggtagaag cagtcagcta     23340
     agagccaaga ggcacactgc tttatggtgt tgggcctggt gtttttgttg acatgtggaa     23400
     tattagttta aatgactccc actaggccgt gtgtaaaaag cactctgtct ccctggcttg     23460
     ttgagaggta ctagcaggaa gcgtctgtaa atactgacca ggtgcacttc agatgaatga     23520
     atgaaacgag aacagtttta cagttgacac cttgctgttc ttaagaaagc aaggcctgtc     23580
     tacacatctg tgcctgcagg caagacaaca tgtcagtgtt tggagagttc ctggggagga     23640
     caggcaagct gtgcttgaag ctcgcatgta aacctttgaa taactgtcag tttgtgggtg     23700
     atagcgtggt cacatgagga tgcgggacca cgttgctctt cataagcccc taggtacctg     23760
     tcatgaagca cagtgcccgt gtcacaccaa ggcagagagg gcattagtac atgacgccat     23820
     agcagacggc acacctgtcg actgcccagc aggtagttct tctcactttt cttttttctt     23880
     ccaccagata caaaagccag gcaagctcca gctggtgagt acttttgctt ggttattaca     23940
     taggaaatat tttgtaaatg acctagagca cgaacagctg aacctcgaag gcagctgctt     24000
     cctttccaca cttgattgta gaactgtttc ttgtaatgtg gtggtagaag agacatttct     24060
     aaaattgtgt agtatgatct attttgtgtg cctggcactt taaaggaccc tatgcccttc     24120
     agtgttggtt gcctcttgaa attctgagaa aaggggagga tataaaaagc cagcagaggt     24180
     tgagagagag taggagggtt taagagatgg aagagtaggg tcagaaagta ggagaagaaa     24240
     agacagtgat agctgagcca ggagaacctg agctgagcca gagaagatac tgtgaagaga     24300
     cagttaggag aagaacccaa gaagaacaca cacaaaatag caaacagata aagaaaagtt     24360
     acaaaatcat atccagagct gtctatacca acagcataga tgctactgtc actcaccaaa     24420
     atcctacctc ccagcatccg tctacatttg tctaaggttt gaagagccaa cagtttaact     24480
     ctgtatagaa attaagttat ggaaccctca gcagcctccg ctgggctcag aaggaagatg     24540
     gctggggtgg ccccgaccag agcggatccc agcctctggt tgggcggggt tcctttgtcc     24600
     ctgttcctaa atctgatagg ggactaatat ccaatatata caaagagctc aagaagctga     24660
     actccagaaa ttcaaataac cccttaaaaa atggggctca gggccgggcg tggtggcgca     24720
     cgcccttaat cccaccactc ggaaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc     24780
     ctggtctaca aagtgagctc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa     24840
     aaccaaaaaa aaaggggctc agagctaaac taagaattct cacctgagga atactgaagg     24900
     gctgagaagc acttgaaaaa atgttcaaca tccttaatca tcagagaaat gcaaatcaaa     24960
     acaaccctga gattccacct cacaccagtc agaatggcta ggatcaaaat tcaggtgacg     25020
     tcagatgctg gttaggttgt ggagaaagag gaacactcct ccattgttgg tgagattgca     25080
     agctggtaca accactctgg aaatcagtct ggcggctcct cagaaaacgg gacatagtac     25140
     taccagtaga tctagcaata cctctcctcg gcatataccc agaagatgtt ccaacttgta     25200
     ataaggacac atgctccact atgttcatag cagccttatt tataatagcc agaagctgga     25260
     aagaacccag atgtccctca acagaggaat ggatgcagaa aatcatatcc atttacacaa     25320
     tggagtacta ctcagctatg aaaaacaatg aatttatgaa attcttgggc aaatggatgt     25380
     atctagagga tatcatcctt agtgagataa cccaatcaca aaagaagtca ttagatatgc     25440
     attcactgat aagtggatat tagcccagaa acttagaata tccaagatac aacttccaaa     25500
     acacaagaaa atcaagaagg aagactaaca tgtggatact tcattcctcc ctagaatggg     25560
     gaataaaata tccatggaag gagagacaaa gttgagctaa gacgaaacga tggaccatcc     25620
     agagactgcc ccacccaggg gtccatccca taatcagcca ccaaacgcag acactattgt     25680
     atacaccagc aagattttgc taaaaggacc ctgatatagc tgtctcctgt gaggctttgc     25740
     cagtgccagg caaatacaga agtggatgct cacagtcatc tataggatgg aacacagggc     25800
     ccccaatgta ggagctagag aaaataccca agagctgaaa gggtctgcaa ccctataggt     25860
     ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccagtacccc tagagctcgt gtctctagct gcatatgtag     25920
     cagaagatgg cctaattggc catcattggg aaaagaggcc ccttagtcta gcaaacttta     25980
     tatgccccag tacaggggaa caccagggcc aagaagtggg agtgagtggg taggggagca     26040
     gggcaggggg agggtataga ggtcttttgg gatagcattg gaaatgtaaa tgatgaaaat     26100
     acctaataaa aattttttta aaaattaagt tttgggctgg agagatggct cagcggttaa     26160
     gagaatattc tgactgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatagtg     26220
     gctcacagcc atctgtaatg gaatcagatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagtgac     26280
     agtgtaccca tatacatgaa ataaataaat ctgtaaaata aaaaaattaa gttttaatta     26340
     actattatat gtaacctcca ttcccagctg aaacccaagg cagccccttg cactggattc     26400
     tcagaggtgt cctcaggcat gtgtctgagc cacttatgtg ggttgctggt cccattagac     26460
     agaatgacct taggcccacg cactgaaagc tctgctggca tgtcacatgc aggtggtgtc     26520
     aggtgcgacc catgccacaa ttctgttttg tagtgtaaaa caatcactgt gtgtgtgtgt     26580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcacgcgtgt gagtgtatgc atgtgtgctc     26640
     agtgagaccg tgctttgcag gggacccagc tgagatgaac atagccatag caaagggtct     26700
     ttcctctcct gtggtccaca gactcagccc tgccttcatg atgttgggaa ttctcccaca     26760
     agagcctttt ctgaagctgc ctcattctta ctgtggcccc ttttcagagc ctgccatttg     26820
     aagcaaggtt gaatgcctcc atgggtcctg gacgaaccgt tgtcattaaa ggggaagtga     26880
     acaccaatgc ccgaaggtca gtctgctgcg gcaccgctgc cttgtgcgct cggggtgcgg     26940
     tgggcagtgt cggggcaggg tcccactgaa gagcttcttg ccgagttggg actgagggca     27000
     gcttctggct ggggcccctc ttggccaggt aggtaaaaat tttgtccacg aggcccttct     27060
     tgcctaggat aacctcagtg ttaccaaact tggggtcaca gtccataccc aagaagccaa     27120
     gttgagcttt tgatcctcaa ggagccaatg aaaatagcca aattaatagt gaaaaacaga     27180
     gaaaggattt actcaacatg gccacaatgg gaagagagac agaggtccag tgaccccccc     27240
     ccccacctca agtccgtcct caaggtcctg tggtaagatt gaagtttaga gtgccaagga     27300
     tctgtacatc taagcagtcc cagtgaaggt gtggtcccac tgggcttctg tgtcacctgc     27360
     ttaggtgctc tgacaagttc cctctctgat tggtgctgtt tccttccaac gtgagattcc     27420
     tgggaaaccc ccacttctgg aggccattgt ttcaacagtg atagataaag ggcacgcgtc     27480
     tctctttaca atatcttcat ttctgccagg ccagatacca ggtcctacga tacaggacac     27540
     catgctttaa gaatcttttc tgagccaggc agtggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac     27600
     ttgggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctaag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt     27660
     tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaacaaaac aaaaagaaag     27720
     aaaagaaaag aagggatcat gtggaactga ttggagaatg cctgcctttg agagaccctg     27780
     agtcctgtgt agcctgaagt actcatgggg tccacctagt ctgagccccc agttgctgtt     27840
     gagctgagcg ttagtgctga ccctagactg ttgcacatga gtcagcggca tgcagattta     27900
     gagcagagcc ggaagtccct cctccctgtg tccatgcgca tgtacgtggt ttgaagttag     27960
     aactgcagtt taagtctgag cttggttttc tttctcttaa agctttaatg ttgacctagt     28020
     ggcaggaaaa acaagggata tcgctctgca cttgaaccca cgcctcaatg tgaaagcatt     28080
     tgtaagaaat tcctttcttc aggatgcctg gggagaagag gagagaaata ttacctgctt     28140
     cccatttagt tctgggatgt actttgaggt aagattatgg tttgttttgt tttgaaatgg     28200
     gacaggaaaa tgagtcctga gaacacagca gaatggaatg aatcttgaga acacagcaga     28260
     atagctttta cttaaataaa acccaatcct ctatgtaggc aatatatgct gctgttcact     28320
     ggcgatggag gctgtaatct gagcatgggc cattggtgca aacagcagga ccagtatact     28380
     tgacatacca gaatatttga catttcccgt agtgacaaca gctttgtagc cccaaggaat     28440
     tctggcagga accttgtcac tgtataggaa ccacagatat acttttattg gtgtcttcct     28500
     ataattttcc ccattttttg aggcacatct cttacggagc ctggagctca ccaattggtt     28560
     aggctggcca gcaagccctg ggacccacct gtccctgcat ccctgcactg ggaataaagg     28620
     taaatgccac tgcacccaga gttttccctc actcaggtcc tgtgcaagca ctttatctgc     28680
     tgagccatct cctcgtcccc acgtatgtac ttctaagtgg atctctgggg atcccgaaat     28740
     tgcatgcttg cactatccac gccctccaca gttccagatg gcagtctttc taagagctgg     28800
     tcctgttggc aggtagtcag tacagcagac ccttggaccc agaaggcatg cggtttctag     28860
     tccccagagc gtattgtgtt aacacatggc tcttcccaaa gcctttcaga gtgctttcta     28920
     attagagtaa catctccttg ggatatgcat gctaggtggc tggctagact ttctctctgg     28980
     cttaggcctc ctctcatggt cttttaagac tattaattta ggttaggctt tacttttttt     29040
     ttttttgaga cagtttctct gtgtcatcct gactgtcttg gaactggcac tgtagaccag     29100
     gctggcctct aactcagaga ttcgcctgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctgtg atcaaagata     29160
     tgcaccacta ctggtcagca ccattttaaa ctcatgtgct ctaaactcat tccctacctt     29220
     gttaatgctg tgacccttca atacagttcc tcatgttgtg gtgacccccc aaccataaaa     29280
     gtatttttgt tgctatttca taactcattt tgctactgtt gtgaaccata atgtaattat     29340
     gatcttaggt gataccctgt gagagggttg ttcatggggt cacaacccac aggttgaaac     29400
     ctgctcgaaa ccattggagt tctcaaggac tcatcatatt ggttgttgaa gcatggacag     29460
     ccaaggtgct cagaaggttg caatttgatg taacattatt tccacgttcc agggtgaagg     29520
     ggctcccgag tgcttggagg gttgactgat aaggattagc catgggaagc tctttgaagg     29580
     tgcgggtgct ggttgtgaaa tcagaaggct gagcaaaagc tggaaggaca ggcttagggc     29640
     aacttgaacc agtcactggg agtgggaggt atggctcagg gttggtttgt ccttggcaag     29700
     ggacagtgta tatgggataa cctagggtgc acgggatgga gacagagtac ctatggaagg     29760
     aagctggtcc ttgtggctga gaggaaccca gtagtataac tgggtctcaa tctaggatgc     29820
     tgaaataaag cgataatagc aatcaaataa tggtgaaaac cagaaaagtg aaaatttaaa     29880
     tatttacctc caatttgaca gacaagttag ataatgctat taagattaga taaagcgcct     29940
     ggcatggtgg tgcacgcctt taatcccagc atttgggagg caggtggatt tctgagtttt     30000
     tctctggatt ttctctcaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agagctatac agagaaactc     30060
     tggcttgaaa aacaaaaaca aaacaaaaca acaacaacaa aagattagat tagattagat     30120
     tagattagat aaaggagggg ctagagagat ggctcagtgc ttaaaagtgt atactgctct     30180
     tgcagaggac ctaaattcag tttccagtca gcattcacac tggacagttc acaattatct     30240
     gtaatttcag ctctagatct gatgcctgca ctcctgtcca cataccacac atacacataa     30300
     ttaaaacata attttttttg gtttttcttt tttttaattt ttaatatttt ttattacgta     30360
     ttttcctcaa ttacatttcc aatgctatcc caaaagtccc ccataccctc ccctccactt     30420
     ccctacccac ccattcccat ttttttggcc ctggcatttc cctgtactgg ggcatataaa     30480
     gtttgtgtgt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggccg actaggccat cttttgatac     30540
     atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctccagggt actggttagt tcatattgtt gttccaccta     30600
     tagggttgca gatcccttta gctccttggt tactttctct agcttctcca ttgggggccc     30660
     tgtgatccat ccaatagctg actgtgagca tccacttctg tgtttgctag gccccggcat     30720
     agtctcacaa gagacagcta tatctgggac ctttcagcaa aatcttgcta gtgtatgcaa     30780
     tggtgtcagc gtttggaagc tgattatggg gtggatccct ggatatggca gtctctagat     30840
     ggtccatcct ttcgtaacag ctccaaactt tgtctctgta actccttcca tgggtgtttt     30900
     gttcccaatt ctaagaaggg gcacagtgtc cacactttgg tcttcattct tcttgagttt     30960
     catgtgttta gcaaattgta tcttatatct tgggtatcct aggtttgggg ctaatatcca     31020
     cttatcagtg agtacatatt gtgtgagttc ctttgtgatt gtgttacctc actcaggatg     31080
     atgccctcca ggtccatcca tttggctagg aatttcataa attcattctt tttaatagct     31140
     gggtagtact ccattgtgta aatgtacatt ttctgtatcc attcctctgt tgaggggcat     31200
     ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctattata aataaggctg ctatgatcat agtggagcat     31260
     gtgtccttct taccggttgg gacatcttct ggatatatgc ccaggagagg tattgctgga     31320
     tcctccagta gtactatgtc caattttcta aggaaccgcc agactgattt ccagagtggc     31380
     tgtacaagct tgcaatctca ccaacaatgg aggagtgttc ctttctccac atcctggcca     31440
     gcatctactg tcacctgaat ttttgatctt agccattctg actggtgtga ggtggaatct     31500
     tagtgttgtt ttgatttgca tttccctgat gattaaggat gttgaacatt ttttcaggtg     31560
     cttctctgcc tttcggtatt cctcaggtga gaattctttg ttcagttctg tgccccattt     31620
     tttaatgggg ttatttgatt ttcaggagtc caccttcttg agttctttat atatattgga     31680
     tattagtccc ctatctgatt tagggtaggt aaagatcctt tcccaatctt ttggtggcct     31740
     ttttgtctta ttgacggtgt cttttgcctt gcagaagctt tgcagtttca tgaggtccca     31800
     tttgtcaatt ctcggtcttt acagcacaag ccattgctgt cctattcagg aatttttccc     31860
     ctgtgcccat atcttcccca ctttttcctc tataagtttc agtgtctctg gttttatgtg     31920
     aagttccttg atccacttag atttgatctt agtacaagga gataggaatg gatcgattcg     31980
     cattcttcta catgataaca accagttgtg ccagtaccat ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt     32040
     cttccactgg atggttttat ttttttggtt tttcaagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct     32100
     ggctgttctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gttggcctcg aactcagaaa tcagcctgcc     32160
     tctgcctccc aggtgctggg attaaaggca ttcgccacca ctgcctggca aaactaacat     32220
     aaatcttaaa aaagaaagtt agatggagcc cattccagac atttttttcc tgtgggcata     32280
     gagccgaaag gctggctcag cctaggagac agagagatcc gtcagtacac ttcagattca     32340
     tatcccctca gtacttggac tcaacagtgg gttccctcat gctgctctca gtctcgcaca     32400
     gtaacgctct ttgggtcaaa cttgtgactt ttcagtacat tttcctgagg ttcttgcaga     32460
     tctttccact ctgccattct tttcaaataa acaagatctt gcacttcaaa tgtccttagc     32520
     ctgattctct acgtgcgtgt tatatatagg tgtgtgcaca ggcctgcgct accattcatc     32580
     tccttattct ttgagacaag aactcactga atctggagct aagttggtag ccagcaagcc     32640
     ccaatgatcc tgtctgtata ccccatctac catagctaca ggtgcttggg cagcccactt     32700
     cttacttggg tggcaggatc caaagtcagg ccctctcact tgctcctaca gcaagtgttc     32760
     ttgtccactg agcactctcc agcctcactc ttttaaaaat agtcactttg ggggtagaac     32820
     ccagtgcctc actggcaagc acactgaatc actaagttac gttggctttg gcaaacatct     32880
     cactgcagac actgtgtctg tggagcccac aaagcatcag ctgtactgta ctcaatgttg     32940
     ttaggcctgg cataagtcca gagcagttcc aacttagagc cagcacattc tatttttctg     33000
     gctgttctga agtcacttag ggaggacctc tgccattgga ctaggccaac tgcaggtcag     33060
     gcgccttctt gtttttggtt tggcagggat ctcacttgtt tagatgaagt gtttatttga     33120
     tacaacagag ggaacttgct aggattgcag ctggcttcct gctgtgtcta taccctcttt     33180
     ttcctgctga gtcacaacag gagactatga tttgagactt atcaaatata cttcatgaaa     33240
     gatcccttcc agctagttga acttgggatt ttctcccatt ctttgagaga tatctcaagt     33300
     aatatttact tccaattccc tgtatagcat actttgattt tgatcaatta agtgacatgc     33360
     tctagctccc cttattctga cttcctgtgg tagctttttc cattgctgct acacaaagat     33420
     tagaccctta ctgtgcttct ttgcaggttc aagtttgcca ctcatctaat ctctgggaat     33480
     ggggcaggtc caaggccagg ctgtgttgtc ttctgatgct tcactgtggc aaggaacact     33540
     gtagggccac caaactggcc ttttaggagt gcacagcaaa gtgcagggtt aggtttctag     33600
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagacag aagagtgtat gtatataggg     33660
     aggggcagag gacagagagg gagtaaccag aatgtctgga tgatataggg aagaccctct     33720
     gggggaaggc tatgccagcc atcccctgta acagataggg actgagggtt gctgggagga     33780
     cctggagacc aggtgcactt tgatatgtta agacacctta ggccctggcc ctgggtttga     33840
     aacataacag gatgaccgag tactgctctc ttcaccaagt gtcccaagct gctggaacct     33900
     tgtccgtcga tgtggttaag acctctagca ctgaggcacg gtgttcaggg ttcgagactc     33960
     tgcttctcag taaaggggtg agaaaacggg cagcgaccag cagctttctg ttagttccca     34020
     aataggaaga gagacacttc ccagtcttct gagaaccagg agcagaacgg ggatagggac     34080
     tactgaggga agggcctgat aagacacaag tgggctgaag cagaagatgc caccatgata     34140
     tattggggat ttgggttttc tttaaaatca ctcagaaggg aagtcaatgg cagaagcctg     34200
     gggaaacgtg tccaagctca aagcaaacca aacagttttt ctttggaccc tttgtcagta     34260
     taaagaaacg tgttttaaaa tgaaaggcag ctactgatgg cacacctcct ttcttttcag     34320
     atgataatct actgtgatgt ccgggaattc aaggttgcta taaatggtgt gcacagcctg     34380
     gagtacaaac acagatttaa agacctaagc agtattgata cactatcagt cgatggtgat     34440
     atccgtttgc tggatgtaag gagctggtag ctaccatgac tgccaaaacc cccgaaatac     34500
     aaaatggctt atccggtact ggccatgtca aatgcatctc gctttcacca tattgtttat     34560
     attgctaagt tgagctcctc caacatcaag tcctactggt gttgtcaggt ctggccatgc     34620
     agtacattca gaggaacaga gccggggcaa tcacagctca ctgccagaga ggctctgcac     34680
     actgggtccc tcttataaac cacactcagc aaatatttaa gtgcctaata tactacatat     34740
     actagctaat agggatggca agcatacttc ctttgtatat tctctgagcc gggcacagac     34800
     atggcagggc ccagaacttg tgtggtccat gttttctagc acttcgtacc agtttctggc     34860
     ctcctaatgt agggtcttct tgctggcatt gcattaaccc cactaggggc ctttgcagtt     34920
     aaggtcagaa aaatatacta atggatggca aacactactt ccccagcaac ccttttcata     34980
     atcagcattc tatcatatct cataattgaa gactgcatag catttactta gctctcaccg     35040
     ctttaaactt tataaaatgt atgatgctga acacagcaga aaaactgagg ccaaaaccct     35100
     gaattatgac aaaacaagtg ttctgctcca agcagatttc tgctggttga ttggcgctca     35160
     agtccagggt gtgtgggtac ctgtggcaaa gtaaggcaga agttggataa accgtgtgtg     35220
     taaaaccctc ttggacgtat atataaaaca agcactatca aagcaaaccc aggggcgtag     35280
     tgtgaaaggc ttagttggtg tggagactag ccctcgtgcc tttgggtctg aagatgtcgg     35340
     tctgcagcag cagcgaggtc aggcacatta aaccacagga cagaattctg ctggggttta     35400
     ggagtattca gccaatctgc ttagatatat gcacttgtgc atatgaaata ataccatcag     35460
     cagtcttact caaggcagca actgctagtc cttcattttc atgcaaattt attatgttca     35520
     ctcttcaata tggggtggtg ggtggaactg ggtaatttgt acggaggcca ggaggctcta     35580
     gaattctcca gagttatgtc ttcataaaga atgagtcttc ataaagaatg cactactgag     35640
     atattggggg ctcaaaggca ctcaggaaaa aaaaataaaa gcctattcat acaacagctt     35700
     attttcattt ctatttttac acaattaaga ctgattctaa gtagattcag tcttaagttc     35760
     ttagattttt tttttttaaa aagctgctgg aatttaggtt gtgagacctt ctgttgtata     35820
     ttccgaaatt ctatctctaa actgcaaaat gcctttttgc ttgtcctaat tctgcattaa     35880
     agttttatat taaattggaa tgaatactct ctggaatagt ttttagaggt tatagatgca     35940
     aactggtttg attctgttgg aactctcatt ttcagtctta cctaacagtt ctagacaaag     36000
     aacttcaaaa ccaccaccac cactagtgtt gctatccttc ctgtgtcctg tcggtcagct     36060
     gagggctgtt tccttagcag cgtacgaccc accccccccc atcccacccc aagcccccac     36120
     acacagaaaa gatgaatagc ggagacatcc acagccctga gtcaaactgc atggatgagc     36180
     tgctctaacc tactccaaat ggctgtcacc agaaactcct gctgaatgct gctgtgtgat     36240
     gccattttct tgagaccact actgtggatt gtagtactgc taacacctat accacaaata     36300
     tgaggtgctg caaggaacag tgacagctcg tgcttcaggg aagcactagg cctcaggtac     36360
     tgaaattaaa catgcctgtc tcatctgaac accactcagg ataaagacaa ataccagttt     36420
     gtataaaaat accatccggt ttactcctta gcaactctgt acaaaaggca ggagaggatt     36480
     ctgtggtatc ccagacaggc agggattttg taaaaacatt aagtatcggc agatgtgaaa     36540
     gtaccgaaag taacatggca ccacaccccc attaaaacat gagaatgagt gtgacttctt     36600
     cccagagcac aggcggtggg cagatgcgct ttctgcctca gaagtagctc tgcagcggct     36660
     ctcccagcac ggcctccagc tgctggatgg tcttctggca ctgatgctcc acttcttcac     36720
     actcgtctaa caacgaaaac cagaattaga agtgggctgc ccactgtcct gcctaattac     36780
     cactgttgtg tcaaggtaca ggaagcacct agcaggctgt gacccgaggt gctccccaac     36840
     tgtcccccac tcctcacagg catgtacttg ttcttggatg ccacaagaag gggccacaca     36900
     ttcaaattca agctctcaag ggaccctgca ccccagaagc tctccaagac acccgacacc     36960
     agacataaaa gggtatgctt ctggtcagat gcagaagcaa ccccaattca tatgcagagg     37020
     caggtcaatg aagaattcct gtttaaacca gcctcacctg cctcagtgct attatcaaag     37080
     tcttagaact ttctaacctc tcctttctta gcttctctta aaacaggcag tgtgagccac     37140
     tgtgagtatt gagtaagatt atgtcagtgg taactgagca tcagcaagta taccccctca     37200
     ttccagtgca caactgactg cccgtaatga catagacact gactcctgta aatatctgaa     37260
     gctatttcct atgtgagtag tacaatctca ggggctgtga ggtgacagct tcctgacttg     37320
     tatcagacag cctgtggcca caatattttg tcagtgttag ctgcagactt accttccatc     37380
     agctctgcta ggaaaggaat ggactctggt agcagaacaa tgtaattctc tctcagcttc     37440
     tcagccagtg ccaagacagt aatcaaggct gcaaaccgca cctggaagga acaggagcag     37500
     tcatcaagaa tgagaccgtg tcgtctgtcc ctactgctgc tcactcctgt gaggcctgac     37560
     ccgcatgcag atggtgcttt gtacactgag tgctctttta caccctcact gtgatcactc     37620
     agtgtctacc acaaaaagaa ctactatgta gccatttgag agctggtagt ctacataaca     37680
     gtttttcaaa ctgtgttcta gcactgtagc tctttaaaat gtgaataaaa accaaaccaa     37740
     accaaaccaa accaaaccaa accaaaccaa aacagaaaaa ccacagagaa gccagtaaga     37800
     tggctcagtg ggtaaaggtg ctgccaccaa gccttgtggc ctgagctcaa tcctcaggac     37860
     ccacttaatg ggggaagaag agaactgact cttgcaagtt gtcctctgac cccccccccc     37920
     aacagcaagc ttatgccccc accctaatac ataaatgtaa aacaaaacac caccacatgt     37980
     aaacttcagg gagtcctagc ataggcctag gtggaggcgg tttgttgggt tgcctagact     38040
     gtgccaacct ggtgatgcag cacctctggc agtccctgaa tgaccgagac tcccactagg     38100
     ctagtttcct tccagcactg aacaaaagct taggtgtttc tctccacaca ccttgcctat     38160
     cataagcaat gcaagtagct atgaggtatt aatagcaggc cactgaaaca aaatagcccc     38220
     ctttctaatt tggagtaatt ttcataatta tatttaatca agattttcct aacagtaatc     38280
     aagataaaat actaaaattt gtttctgcaa ccatatgata aatagcttta ctgtttttaa     38340
     ctcctagaaa tgtgatcaat tgaatgactc cgactttggg ctgcttatca gtgaggctct     38400
     ttcttttttt caaagataca cacacacaca cacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca     38460
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caccattgct ctccagacac accagaagag     38520
     ggcatcagat cccattacag atggttgtgt gccacaatga ggttgctggg aacttgggac     38580
     ctctggaaga gcagttggtg ctcttaaccg ctgagccaat ctctccagtc ccccagtgaa     38640
     gctcttattt gatagtttga tagtggtgat ttattaataa aacggctaga aaattccagg     38700
     taaggaatgt taacttcact caatgtacca cggcactcat ttctaaccag tggtatttag     38760
     tatgctaatg ctcctgccta ctttacctag ggcactgtga aatatagcta tttatgagag     38820
     cctacagaag aaatcaggaa ttctttactg tatatacgtg tgtgtggtgg ctgagtgtgc     38880
     acttgtgcac acatgcatct gaaggtcaga ggccaatttc aagtgctgtt cctcaggtgc     38940
     cacactttaa ttttttccag cgaatctctc agttttgcat gtaactctca gatacatgcc     39000
     agcatgctgg ctttcttttt ttcttcctta aatgatttac ttatgtttta tgtgcattgg     39060
     tgttttgtct gagtgtatat ctgagtaaag tgggcaaagc cattggaagt ggagccataa     39120
     aaagttgtga gccaccatgt gggtactggt aattgaactt gggtcctctg gaagagaagc     39180
     caactcccaa gtgctgagcc gtctctctag cccctagcag gtggctttct atgtgaattc     39240
     tagaggtcaa actttgttca tatgcttgca caacaggcac ttcatcaact gaatcatctt     39300
     cccagcccaa gagttcttta tgaaagctag aactccatat tatacagcag ctcagacctc     39360
     tagtagtgcg ggcctagggc caggctgtcc ctgtcagtac cccggctgac atcatgactc     39420
     caggtgggca tttaggcaac acccaccagg ggaatgcggc atctgagact gactcccagt     39480
     gctcacctta ggggaagagt ctcttgtctt cagcaaaatc tggtagttca ggggtttcca     39540
     catggagtca tctgccatgg ccacagagaa ctgtgcgatg cagggcacca ggtacttggt     39600
     tacccgttcc tgaaaccttt cttctcctcc aagcctgttt tccagctggg aagatacatg     39660
     ggctgtcagc attaacaggc tcaaaaagta agttctcccc atactaatct tgtctctagg     39720
     gccaacttct tccctctgga tctcaaacag ctgcaaaagc ccttagcacc aacttctccc     39780
     tctggaagac ctggggtggt ggaactttcc tgtgggagca gccatgctca gcgaggctcc     39840
     tttaacaata gttaacaaac cttttcaatg gataaactga caatgagatc ttatttcttt     39900
     ccttttgaaa ttcccaagta aaactcaatg aactccacaa taaagacaag tcaaacccat     39960
     ggaaaatcca tttttgagta acattttcct taaaggatcc gtctcctgaa aacactgtat     40020
     gactaagcct tgtaagctat catgtcacat atacaaaccc tgcagagacg gatccaggag     40080
     gcctcagtga cagaaggcct tgcagtgggt tacctgatcc accaggggca tcatcagggc     40140
     ttctgctctc tccctactca tgaaattctg ggtgtcaaaa aggaagacct tatacaagca     40200
     gttcaagata aactgcagca acaagcagca cttttcaggg tcacgttcgg agtcaaagaa     40260
     ggcttcgtct gtatgcaggg aaagagtaca aatgcaaaac actcagtcct ggtgcttaga     40320
     gacactgcca taactacagc taggagactg tgcgaatgac ctagaagctg taaatggtac     40380
     aacaccaaac aatggtgtcc acagatgggg ctctccttta gagctaagac tgtggtgctt     40440
     aagttgagca agttcagata attatcagca aaggacagac cgatccaaac ctggggagga     40500
     acccatgacc ttacctatat cagggacaca ctctaccact gggctgtctc cagtcccaaa     40560
     ttatacagct actaccaata atgagtaata atgcccactt taccctttct cttatgtcga     40620
     ttatttgttc taacataata gaaaatatgg caaagtaaaa gttcaccatc cttacaccaa     40680
     ggattgtaag tcttttctga gctctaggtc ttgtctacgt gcctgtgtca gacacacgga     40740
     cacgggtgcc ttggcccaaa ggagctacca acctgttttg gagatgttta cttggttcaa     40800
     ggtatcagca aaaggtttca ccaagtggcc agcaaacaga gtgaaaaggc ctttcaactt     40860
     ctcagcaatg cagtcagcca gattgtaaaa tgtcaacagc ctgtccttcg gcgcatcttc     40920
     tgtcttggcc caatcaaaca gctacaacca ggagagaaca gtgacatcat ctactcaccc     40980
     tgccagtgac agtgagcatg acatgcaggt aagaaaggct caccttgaag aagagaggcc     41040
     tgaatgtgac ctctgagagc ttcaccacca tggccactag acagtcaatg atccaacctt     41100
     ccgttttccc aacttcctct agatcgtcct gaaaagaaag gaactaattg gcatggactc     41160
     aatgttttgg caaggacaaa tgctacactg ttaaaaatta atctggctct tgcacagata     41220
     ggaaatgaca gcttcagggc ctggggagtg gggaccagct cacctctgaa tgctgtgccc     41280
     ggaagtccag ggcttccagg aaaaatgtgg tcagctgaga ctggtgagat aagagctctt     41340
     ccttcttcat caccccaatg tgctcttgta agatgctcat aaatgggccc atgtgattct     41400
     accgtgaata cagcagagaa tatgtttgcc ttgtcttaga gctcagtgca tcctcacaga     41460
     agtgaacgat gctatgctcc cagacacgaa cactgagcat tcagcaccac cttcccgctc     41520
     cagagatcaa cagttaacac tcaccttcca gttcttctgg atctgtttga aagtcttgct     41580
     aatggctggc agtaggactc gaggtgagag ctcagtggcc agggtctttt taagagctgt     41640
     caggcgaatg ttagcctgtg aggcagaacc catttctcta gtgattttct ctaggtgaat     41700
     cacctgcagg aacatgaaaa acagtgactg agggcactgg actgtgctgg caagcacact     41760
     cacaggatga acaaataact cttctaaagc aaactgatta tctgcagatg aaactgagtg     41820
     gatgactccc ctgactggaa gccgatgaag aaggtgaatg tcgagcgcag gagtacagag     41880
     aactctcagc ccgatcgatg gctttcctac aactcaggtt cttgctcact aaaagcagct     41940
     gaggaagact ccatcagctt agcccccttc caagagacag cagctttgag cccttgctga     42000
     agacaatgaa tgtcaagtca ctggcaccat ggcagtcaag actcagcttc acacggcaag     42060
     gaatcacaaa ccagaacact agtaacctgg tcaaggagga ctgactttca tggctatttt     42120
     cagctaatgc cactcgctca cagtgtgctg acaggcaaca gctcacctgt aaaggaagaa     42180
     gcccactata tgaaacacct tacagctaaa gacgctttcc catcaaagcc acagccatac     42240
     taatttccta aataacagcg ggcaactctt cctgccaccc tcaacgatct aaggtaaata     42300
     aaagctgtac atcacacaca gctgaaagaa agacacccta ttttgcctgt tggttccatg     42360
     atgaagcaga gatgacaacg aaagagaaag aggtacatgt tcaacagaca cacacctctg     42420
     tttggaaaca agaatcacat aatgaatcat aggaagagcg agccagtaag atgactgagg     42480
     ggtgaaactg tccccctggc caccctgagc agcaagtcac aataaccaaa cccacctggg     42540
     tcagaaggcc ttccaggtag gggctgatga agtgtggcag agtctcaacg actttgtgca     42600
     gggcagccag ggcgctgagc aggcagacct cactgtggac caactcactg gtgctcttca     42660
     tggctgtcag cagcgaaggc atcaggctgg caagaaggaa caagtgtgtt agagcagctt     42720
     caagccacaa acactgaaga agggagctgg ggacatgaag aaaaactctc agccagctgt     42780
     gtttgctaca caacactgta acccacagta tgcagaatac tgcctgtaca ttttctacta     42840
     ctagatccaa aaaaatcctt ggtgccaaca gtgctgacac atggtagccg tgaaaaggaa     42900
     tgtcttcaat ggctgaacat gtgcagagca caacaaggcc tataaagaga aacacggtgt     42960
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt agaggatatg gccctgtatt acagatggca     43020
     gggttttaag attagtaact tgttacaatg ctagcaggct atggtcagag ccaaatgcag     43080
     agtcaggagc gcccagcttg cctctgccac agcaaacggc tgctctggcc atgcttccgc     43140
     tgctccctaa gcactgcgac tctggaaagg aagaacatcg ccaagcaatg tctgaaggtc     43200
     acaggaaatg gtgcactttc cagagcaaag aaaagatcaa ttctttcact actctatttt     43260
     cctttacttt ctattcaaga agccgaagcc ctgaacgcat tccttcccca tttccgttgt     43320
     agtggctcct gttcctaggt acctgggcag ctgggggatg gccagcgctt ccagagtgga     43380
     cgtcacctct gctatgcaca gcagggcgct tcccaggaca ttcttctcct cctttttctc     43440
     tggttctatc agctttactg cagtgctgag aactggtatg aaaggctctc ggttctgtgc     43500
     cccgaagttc ttgcacagga gtttcagggt gtacagcgct gtctgtctgt taattgcctg     43560
     ttcatcctct gcctcccttt tcttatgttg cacaatggcc agaaggactg gaaccagttt     43620
     gagaaagcgg tggacctgaa gaaatggaag ccaaaacaac ctgtaatcag agctacaaga     43680
     agggccagtc ttctttccca tctcccctgc ttgggtctga gtcccaagtc acacaaccac     43740
     attcaagcaa ctgttcttcc cccaccccca gtgtagagca gtcagctagg gtcttggtca     43800
     tgctacacag taatccagcc acagagctcc agcttcagac ttctttttac tgttaagact     43860
     gaccctgaac tcactagaca gcctagacgg ggcgtgaact cgagagcctc tcggtctcct     43920
     cagtgccact gccatccgcc tctcttactg ctaagcatat gcacaaactg tctgaccaac     43980
     tgctgatcca tacagtgtcc cggcgagaag aggcaaatat gcttcagcca gggctgcctg     44040
     ggtcacagca agcagaagtg cattaggaat tccatcctca gatcttcctt agcacatctc     44100
     tagcatgagg agccacagcg ggtgtcttgc tctctcacac atcacacaca gtatgccaat     44160
     ccagatcata agagccttcc atttcccatg gtgtgccaga gaaccgtggg cgagctaagc     44220
     agcagaggaa gccctgcagg cttgcaatag ggccctcact taccattttc ttcctccaga     44280
     atgtgtgctg ctggagcttg ttattcaaaa gatccagcgc cttccgacgc acagacggca     44340
     gggggttgcc caccagccct ctaatcacag agatgaatgt ttctgtgggc agcaaggcat     44400
     tgacctacag agaagggaac attgaacacc aaacaaaaag gagaactcaa ctctgtaaga     44460
     cagactttat gattttaaca gacagcatat ccatgtagcc caggctagcc ttgaattccg     44520
     atttgagagc tgggactaca ggcatgtccc acaagtcacc atggccagct cagactctta     44580
     cttattataa accctgaggt ggcagacatt tccatacatg tgctctcaca tacaatagct     44640
     ctcaggcagt tattactaac cacaaataaa accaaaacag caacactaaa aggaagctaa     44700
     ctactctagg ccatgtccta atttcaaggc caagcatgta aatctaatac atctaattgg     44760
     cctttttata ttatcccact tcaatgatgc agaacactat atctacacga tcaattatta     44820
     aattcatcac atttattgag gcacactttc tcatcattgg tagggaaaca agtttgtttt     44880
     tagacattaa gagacttgaa caaggaaaac gtgagctttc ttacatcaag aaaagttatt     44940
     acttagtgta ttgttaaagt gcaagcttga gttaaataat tttacaatgg cataaaaagt     45000
     agtaacaaac agggtagtta aggggagaaa cgaaagccca gaaaacctac cttatccagc     45060
     atgtcgtaag ctttgctgag cagcgctcgc caaaacttcc cagtcagttt gtctgcattc     45120
     ttttccatgg actgtgctac cgtgttaata tagctgagaa ccgtttctaa cagactaaaa     45180
     gaaacagatc cacaaaaggc aagtcagtaa attacttcag acttacctca gaagttacag     45240
     gagggaaagg agaggacggg tcagcactgg ttatcctgcc tggaaaacca gtccgcagtc     45300
     ttccctctgc cttggagcaa aatattcagg gcaaaggaac gaacttgaca gacttgagag     45360
     acaaaaatgt ctgcagcaag aatgacaaag cccgggtgca gagcagcagt gaacatggcc     45420
     agactgtgtg ccattgttac agtcactctt cctttgcaag ttgaacttat tcccgagaaa     45480
     tttaaaaaag cacaaacata cccctgttca agtccgtgca ggctcttagg accaccactt     45540
     cctacaacct aggaattaaa gaagctccat gagaacggta tgaggtcgtc tgaaacagac     45600
     tgctatcaca aatctgaagc tcttgtacca tcgcaatttc attagatgca gatctccctc     45660
     actggctgca accagttcat tggatttata gtatgtgttc agcatggcaa gattcagaaa     45720
     aacatcgatg tttcttttat aaaaagcctg cccctgtgag ctcatacagg gtattaaatc     45780
     aagcattatg aaaacagata tggcctatca tgtaattgct tcctgcttct tcctgtattt     45840
     caaaccacca aagaaagcct gaacctgcca ttaagtttct aaatagcaca tacatcagat     45900
     accctcctca cacccccatt cccccaaggc agggtttctc cgtgtagctc tggctgtcct     45960
     ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc     46020
     caagtgctag gattaagggc attcgccacc actgcccggc ccttacatca gatttttgag     46080
     gccaggatat ggaaacctat cttgttctag ttctttcagt ccagtaatac atattgttcc     46140
     tctgtaaata tatttaatca ctttccttta ttgctagata atttatgtcc gtttttctct     46200
     acacatagat tgaataccac tccttaccct aaaatgcttg agatgagacc tatttcaatc     46260
     tggatatttt tattttgaaa aatttgcaaa taatgatagt taggatggga cacgtgtata     46320
     aacatgatag taccttataa gcctgaaggt aatttcacga catgtttctc acgtgcttct     46380
     gttttttgac cgtgacctga cacgaggtca ggtgtgcaat tttccactta cgctgtcaag     46440
     cgagtggttc gaaatggctt tacaagtttg gtatttagaa gcatttgtca ggttgaggtt     46500
     cgggacgttc tcctgcactt acaaagcttg ggaacatctt gataagtctc ttaggcacct     46560
     gggcaagctt tcctcacctc tgacctgcga gcacacacac cacccgccac tgcacgtctc     46620
     ctatccttgc acctgttggc atcaacagtt ttcccatttc tgctacttgg atgaacagca     46680
     aagccgcgtc ccacttagtc tgtgtttcta ggtttgctca ccagggccct tgagtcctat     46740
     caagtattaa gtagccattg tggttcctct tcatcaaaac gccatccttt gccagtgttg     46800
     gaatggaaac tgatgaactc atgagacgca gtgatctaag tgatcctcgc ctgcagcctt     46860
     ccttctgctc gtttactgtg acgtttgttg actcaaaatt tgaaagaaaa atcatttctc     46920
     ctttgatgac aacactgttc tcctggattt tcttttaaaa agctctaggt gttgcttttt     46980
     acatcaaagt ttttcctcta cctaaaatta tgtgatgtcc atggtgtgaa agcagagtcc     47040
     ctttcccccg gaaatagaaa cacaccatgc cagcattaag tgcactttct ttgtggcttt     47100
     gtaaaccatc tgccaccccc tcccccccac acctaggtgt gttctcagcc tggtggtcag     47160
     tcacactgac ctatctgatc acggttctct accatttggt ttaaccctca gcacatcaac     47220
     atcattttta aagaagttaa ctggggaagt gttaactttt atgttaatct aaaatctttg     47280
     aacagttgag ttttgttttt aaatcacttt acttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     47340
     gtgtacttat gtgcatgcta cagtgcacgt gtggaggtca gaggacagct tgcagaaatg     47400
     ggttctctac ttccaatatt caggctcccg ggatcagact cgaaccacca ggcttggcag     47460
     gatgggtata cccactgatc catccaggca gcccaaccgt gtgtctttgt atgcaagaac     47520
     actgtctgtt cttcaagtat tcttttgtgc tttttaaaag aaattagtgg agcagtgtgg     47580
     ctcacacctt taatcccaga acttggtagg cagaagcagg cggatctctg agttccggga     47640
     cagccaggct acaccaagaa ccctgtcttg aagagaaccc tgggaatcct attataatat     47700
     ccttagcaat gtttcattag gctgaatttt caatacctca tttatgttgt attgcttgca     47760
     aagatttttt ccctataatc taaaagtagt aacattttat aatggcaatg tagctaacac     47820
     gccatctcta tgaggaagct gcagagctaa tggctaggtc taagagactg ctgatcctct     47880
     tttttcctgg ttctcacttt ctttgcttgc acagaagtgg taacagaagg cacctgtgtt     47940
     cctgtcttct ggagaggtgc cgacacttca tccttgctat aaaccatagt ttcctacgag     48000
     agcttcatca ggtggctgtg ttgttcacaa tcttccctcg gaaccaggtg atttatccac     48060
     tcaactggca gacactgggt tgggagtgct ctgcggttgg cataaactat gctatcctcc     48120
     atttgcctgg agatgactgg tggtacacat gctcacgtgc ttccaatggg gctatgctgc     48180
     ccgagaatgt catcactggg tctcaactct gggagacagg gtccaacagt gtgcatgtga     48240
     agtgcactgt ttttcactat ttttcaaggc atgcctcaca gttccataag acatttgatg     48300
     agctatgttc ttgtgagtct aagacactgc tttttttttt tagccaaaac aagatcaatt     48360
     cttatcataa acatgcttaa agaacacatt acctttttga gaaaatgatt ggaagccagg     48420
     agttgggaca tgaaggacac tgacaaatac ttaaaatgcc gaagctgctt gcttgtgtga     48480
     gcgtccacct taaaaactgg caacatttca tcttgtactt cactcttagt agatactgtc     48540
     ttggaggtgg cttctgaaaa acagcaacag accaggtaac tttatccctc tccagccact     48600
     aatctgtacg atgtgcaaga gcagcacggt gagcaggatg ctatctcaaa gagaactgtg     48660
     ctgggctagg aaccagacct gtccttagcc gaagcagtga cagcagaatg tttaccaagg     48720
     aagcagccac cccacaagcc tgagaagagt gagtcaaagc agaaaagaca acaacacggg     48780
     aaagtggaga caatcagacc ttctagatct gggttgagat cctgagggct ggagcccaga     48840
     ggctgaagga gaacatcgcc actcaaaatg cttatctaaa agctgaagat gtgtatctca     48900
     gaactttaaa cttcagatat agatgagaga gtgttagaga tacagtggtc agggtcattt     48960
     atggatgcac tagggttccc atctgctctg ccgcagctct gttagatgag agcccacccc     49020
     tgaccggggc ttaccttcct tttcctctgg cagcttttct aggtagtgga ggatatgcat     49080
     caagctctgg acctgatgct ggacactgaa ttcacaacag actgaaatcc agaactcagt     49140
     atctgcctct aaaatagcat cctgtttgga aagaagggga aaggtgacaa caaggcctaa     49200
     caagtccatc agtaagcaca aactaaggac acgctcagaa cacaccctgc agcagtaagt     49260
     gcctttccct gtagctgtca gcagatgaga aagctatgaa ttccttcagc agtagagatt     49320
     caggagcgct ggctcttcca aacaattggc cagtcctccc ctcacatagt gcctccacag     49380
     gcagcttgca gagaccctgt ttcaatgccc ctctctgctg ggcagagaac caccagtggg     49440
     acttcagact cgtttcttag aaacagaaag tcaagggccc ttagaagatg tttggttgct     49500
     agagatgttc tgggttgctg ggcagtagtg gcacacaatt ttaatcccag aaatcaggag     49560
     gcagtggcag atggatatct ctgtggaggc tagccaagtc tacagagtga gtcccaggac     49620
     agtcaaggat acacagagaa atcctgtctt gaaaaacaag caaacccttt ccttcccgat     49680
     ctgccattgt gggtggagcc gctgccacaa tgcagatttt tgtgaagacc cttacaggga     49740
     aaaccatcac gctcgaggtt gaaccctggg acactataga aaatgtaaag gccacgaccc     49800
     aggataagga aggaattcct cctcatcagc agaggctggt ctttgctggt aagcagctgg     49860
     aagatggccg gactttgtct gactacaaca ttcaaaggga gtccaccctt catctggtgt     49920
     tgagacttcg gggtggtgct aagagaagga agaagaagtc ttataccact cccaagaaga     49980
     ataagcataa gaggaagaag gttaagttgg ctgtgctgaa atactataag gtggataaaa     50040
     atggcaaaat tagtcgactt cgtcgacagt gtcctgatga atgtggtgct ggagttttca     50100
     tgggaagcca cttggacagg cattgctgtg gcaagtgttg tctgacttaa ctgcttcaac     50160
     aaaccagaag acaagtagtt gtgtatgtgt taataaaaag aaggaactca cacttaaaaa     50220
     agaaaaagaa aaacaaacaa acaacaaaag atgttctgtg tctatacatt ctgaaagcta     50280
     actcacctcc ccccacccac ccaaaaaaaa agccaccccc aaaaccaaga aacaatcttg     50340
     caaaagcttc tgggtgagca ctgtccaact gcacactaag cagtgctctc gtacacttaa     50400
     gctggccagt gtcacaaagc ccatgtgact ctcaccaccc cacctgactg atgtatgctc     50460
     tgaccttttc tccataagca gccaccagca ctgttttagt gacatactgt tcaaaaagca     50520
     ggacgaggag aatccacagg aatttttttg cacttagcgt ggtgactagc tgaacaagga     50580
     tgggcaggcg cctgtgttct ggcacatgtg gaagtgcgtc cacaaagaca ccgatgattt     50640
     tcaccacaat ctgttcaaca ttcctagtga cttctacaga gtctccagta tcagactgca     50700
     aaagatcaga cagggatgtg aggaggcaca aataaccttc aaaaccagct ttcagaggga     50760
     ttaggtctct tagtgacaac tcagtgagtg tgtatcttat ttcagccata cttctgtata     50820
     aatcgtgtcc tcccttttgt cagttcaaat cctgtttctt atgaactttt ccggttgttc     50880
     tagaccatgt agatgtttcc ttactctcga ctctttagca tttacttatt catttcgcac     50940
     acaatgtagt gtatacacat agacgcatac atcaggcact cgccctatag ctgccaatgt     51000
     attgaacaca ggaagcacca atctaacacc aagagttaaa aggggacagt gtgaatctct     51060
     tatcctccga acagttgaaa gcatggtaaa tgatattcac aagtgtgagt gtggggtaac     51120
     aggtatgctt gaagctcctt ctcacatcag gtatctttac ctggtaagga caagtcctgg     51180
     ctctcagacc atgcttagaa aactcgtgtt aacttgcctg ctgacaaatc tgacattgca     51240
     gctataaaag ttcctatctc ttattttctc tttattgtac tctcaatcta aaagcttcat     51300
     tatcaaatga ttaaacagtc aattgactca tcattatgag gtcaaaacgc ttccatggct     51360
     acactactag agttcagtga aaccacattt aacatatttg atggcagtac cagaatatgt     51420
     ggtactgcca tttgctggct tcaccactgt aaagctctag acaaagaacc tgagtgcttc     51480
     caaactggca tttacatgaa aattgtacaa attcaaaata gtaacaatga tggtggcatg     51540
     cagacagctt acctgaataa gtgctggaat gaccattttc actgtcttgc taataacttg     51600
     aaaactataa gcatcatcta gacgcatgac attggctccc atgaatgtaa aaatagacat     51660
     gatgttgtga agaactttat cctgaaataa attacagtta tcaccatttt tctctttcaa     51720
     ataccaaaga gttatttaaa actcaataaa aaatttgaac tattcttcct caagaacagg     51780
     caaagggctg ttcaacagca gagtgcctgc ttagcatgca caagacctta aggctaatgt     51840
     cctacaccac cagaaagaaa aacaagtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggaaata     51900
     aaactgggta gatcccccat gctggctgca gcaatggatg ggccagccgg agcagggagg     51960
     gagagctggt agactgacca gctcagatac ctctcaggcc tagatccagg tctttgaatt     52020
     gatccaccca acatctaccc catcaataaa ctatcagagt gtctgaaggg gccaatccta     52080
     cagattcaaa actactggat ctccatgaca cagaccaaca agatatatct aagaggagtc     52140
     cggtgaggct ccagtactga cagtgtagca gaagccagag gcctcagacc agaccagtga     52200
     gtcagtgcaa agaacatttg caagcaacgg agtgcagaca aaagggacac actatagctt     52260
     ccacaatgag cttttgcgag ttcttttctt ctccttttgg tggggaggtt gcaaggctcg     52320
     agggtggtac aaggggactg gagggtaagt agaactgggt acatgaagtg aaattcacaa     52380
     caaaccaata aaaagttaaa ggtggcggca gaggtgggga atctcaagtt tccaaacata     52440
     caaatggtca acatacaaaa gaatgttggg aaaacagata aacataaaag cagcagcatc     52500
     caagactggg ggactgatat caaagtgaca acaaggcacc ctttgcatcc accacagtgg     52560
     ctaggagctg tactactgga tggatgtcac ttgactttca tgaggtacat gataaccaat     52620
     ttttctgtgt gtgtctcgtt tgtttagtat cttctgggga ctggcaagct ggagtttcct     52680
     ggagagtatc agggtgtcag ataatgcatg aggagccaac cacatgttgt ccagctgaag     52740
     ctccatcaca tgccagtgag gaaagttact gttcttttta ccgactaact caagcttcct     52800
     tttctctttc tttctttccc caacactggg aatcacacta gatctaacct ttgccaggca     52860
     aaagctcttc cactgagccc taaacctcta cacaccgatg cattgaagaa gagacctgaa     52920
     acagccactc gggtcttata tctttcactt accggaaata ttccagcaac agtacccaaa     52980
     agtagcaggg catggtggtg agtctgcggc atctccgaga ggcggatgca ctgcactatc     53040
     agctccacgt tgaacttctc ctcatccaca acatctacag tggagggaag gagtggctga     53100
     tagactcatg cgcaagcagg ccgtttcctg cccttcccgc ccaccaagca cataccttta     53160
     ggtattctgc caccatctgg ggagagtttt tggcagatgt tgagcaaaca actcagaatt     53220
     aactgcttag tgtactccat gttcccctgc tctgatgaca aaggctctaa acaccttcag     53280
     gagccccaga agagaaatga ttgggaattt agaagttaat acagtcacat taatgactac     53340
     tgttcaaaac ctattcaata aggaataaag aaaacactac tattgcacag tctaatagat     53400
     ttctaactct agttttgttt ctcatacagt caagtacatc aagtggtttc tgtccacaat     53460
     ttaggtactc ccactaacct actcgcaatc tcctaacgac gtggagaatc acggcacttt     53520
     tccaatgaca acagactcct cagctcagtg gcacactcta aagctatgtt ttctaatcat     53580
     ttacaactat gatagcagac gtcacacagc atccttaaaa tacacatgag tggctaagac     53640
     acggccctgg aagttaggta ggaaagcagg tagatcgatg aagtcagtta ctacgaagct     53700
     caggaggaag ccagcgtagg aaacccgtaa tgggttactg aacccaggct tcaatattta     53760
     atgacagcac tttaacttcc tttattggac agacgatctg aacaagaaaa atgtccccaa     53820
     agacaatgat aaatcaacat gggcaaattc ttaccacccg cttgtcccca agaccagatc     53880
     cacgcgccat tacctggaca gcaagttgaa gaggggtggg atcagtatct gagggcactt     53940
     gagcttcttc ttgtgctgca gcaactccag gatgagggtg actctttgcc agtaagggcc     54000
     ctccacttct tggacagact ctacatcttg tgactttctg ggaaacagag ttgacaatgc     54060
     aaacactatt acccctgttt atgcaaaact ggtgagtatc tagaaaccac aacaaaagcc     54120
     tgagcctgag gtacaagacc agaccccttg gtgtattcaa agctcttact tctgttgcat     54180
     tttctgcctt ctcgtttgct gaattgtgcc caaagattta gctttatctc gtggctccag     54240
     ttctattctg atttgttcag catcgacaga aatctgaaat attgaaataa tggctagtga     54300
     tgtgagtcac tggaacaaga gtacagcaat agttgtaatg taattatcaa ctatcaacat     54360
     taaaataaaa caagaaagtt gggtgggggt gacgtacacc ttttatacca gcactcggga     54420
     ggcagaggca ggcggatctg agttcaaagg cagcctggtc tacatagtga gttccaggac     54480
     tgccaggaat ccacagagga aacccatcaa tcgatcaata gataaacata gctgcaataa     54540
     gcatcactgc acaggtcaac gaaaacattt cagtctacat ttacgtcatt gtgccacttg     54600
     aagtctgcct agtccccaat acaagcacta caaacgccat cttatgtgtt atttaggatg     54660
     ctctcaagta cgatgctgag cagattccta tggtacttac gtgctgtcac taggttcaga     54720
     aatatgtaca acatcaatta catttgcctg acagtcaagg ttgagcttat ctttagctga     54780
     tatggcatgt ttgagttcaa atcccaacaa ccacatggtg ggctcacaac cactcataat     54840
     gagatctgac gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagtcagcca cagtgaactt gtgtataata     54900
     ataaataaat cttttaaaaa aaagacattc attaaaatac aactatggac tgagtagtaa     54960
     atgataccaa ggaattgcta tcaatttttt caggtatgtt gtagttacgt tagacaatgg     55020
     acatttttaa aaggtgaaaa tgtaaaaagt acatagggat ggaaattaaa tgttttagac     55080
     ttgctttaga atattttctt ctgcaaagaa aaagaggaga aaaagctgtt aaagactgag     55140
     agctaaatct gtatattaca ttttcatcat tatttaagct aaatatttta tgtgtatggt     55200
     attttgccag tatatacatc tgtgtaccac ctacatgcct ggtgtttgtg taagccagaa     55260
     gaggatgtta gatgccctgg aactagagtc acagatcctt gtgagtagca acatggtgct     55320
     gggaatcaaa cccaggtcct cctctgggag agcaacaagt actctcaact actgaagcca     55380
     tctctccagc cccgacttct attattctta ttgttacata cataccgcgt ctgttatgtg     55440
     tatgcacatg ctccgttatt gttacataca taccgtgtct gttatgtgta tgcacatgct     55500
     cagtgtgcat gcatgtggag atccagcatg gatagcacga gtcttccttg attgttctcc     55560
     accttattta ttgaggcagg gtctgttacc tgaacccaga gcttaactac acagcgagtc     55620
     taactagcca gcttgcttta aagaccctgc ttttgtcttc taagtactgg aactagaggt     55680
     ggactaccta ccatccacac ccagatttac gtaggataca aactccagta ttggcacttg     55740
     tgtggtgatc actttatcca ccccccctaa cattctctac tgtagtcaat tcaagaaatg     55800
     aaataaccca ctccaatgac ggctagattt caatgtacat acaaacataa catgcagagc     55860
     tccaattcca tcttatacat cacatatcta tttaagtaaa ataaggtcat cttgcgcaac     55920
     atcaagcccc tcacaattcc ccattccttt catgaagcag gcaggtgcac ctaatatgag     55980
     taagatccaa aaataagaca accatgagta actctctgaa aatatacact tcatatctaa     56040
     caacaaacaa caaacactgc cccgctttca gtttgtcctg cttcttgtat ggaaatgcgg     56100
     cctctcagct tctgatttca gccacctgct accgtaccgc ctttaccatt atgcactctt     56160
     gttttggagg catttgtgct gttcttaatc ttgttcaaag acgcttccta tacggtgggt     56220
     aatggctatt acaaacgtcc taaccgtcca aaacactgag aggaagtggc tgtgaatgtt     56280
     cagccagatg ggacacctat actgacccgc ctcacaccaa accaggacca ggactatact     56340
     gacccgcctc acaccaaacc aggaccaggg aacactttgc tagagtaggc agacataact     56400
     gaagaccaga aagagagaga agaatgctgg gtttatatgc acaatatcac acctgttaaa     56460
     atttttagca tgaatggagc aggggctcct gaggctccac tcctggctaa ggagccattg     56520
     acagcaaatg gcttctgaga gaagggcgcc actcactggc aggttgctta tgccctggtg     56580
     tatgattcca cacatatcca cacatgagca acactagtcg gacttggtgg attgtttttt     56640
     tttttttttt ttttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctgactgtc ctggaactca     56700
     ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatctgcct gcctctgcct ccccagtgct     56760
     gggattgttt ctttttaaaa ggaggaattg aagctggaaa ggagatatac tggcagggga     56820
     tagagaggga gggaagcagg aaaagtactt ggatatgatt aagatgcatt gtacaaggta     56880
     tgaaaatttt aaagaataaa tttaaaaatg aaaaaaaaaa tggtgaagac ataagatttg     56940
     ggttttgaac ttctctagta cataattttc tttgaatctt gttaacagtg aaatctgatc     57000
     ccaaaggaac actgtaaaac acaggtcata tattttgtca actggaaaga ctaaacatgt     57060
     acaaattaca aagtttgcaa ctcaccccct taaaaacact gccgaccgtc tgaacacagt     57120
     gtgcgtcttt gcagttcact aacaagtcaa acagcacaca caggagcttc tgctggacct     57180
     gtccatctga cacagcggca aaaaacggct ttgtaatcta ggagcaaaaa aaccccagag     57240
     tgagaaaaca actttaacct aactataata caactggtgc tacatttttc catttcaaat     57300
     tcagtgctta aaaaggggag gatgtatttc ttacatgcat acgcacaggt ggagcgaaga     57360
     gaagaacttt tgggaatccg ttctcactga gagctctggg gaatcactca agttgttgag     57420
     tttgcatgac aagcatcttt acctgtggag tcatctcacc ggcttttaaa tgcaatcctt     57480
     tctaatggct tgctgcaact tttgtacagt aggtaaaata tacctatgcc tttagaagca     57540
     ggttcaacat actaataact tacaacttct tcctgcttgg ttaagcttgg gtttctaaag     57600
     gaagccactg accttttcga gagcagtgat ccgaacagtt ggcattcctg ggtgaagctc     57660
     ctttgttgtg tgcatagctt ttatgaacag gtctagactc tttgggtctt tctgtaagag     57720
     tgaagctgaa tactcattgt atttccccag agtgagatgc aaaacaacag cctcatcttt     57780
     caggacagct gtgggctcct tctccacctt ctctaggagt tgttccacca taggcagcag     57840
     ctgggcaagc accatctaaa gacagagaga gaaggttgtc agactcatgc cttgctcagg     57900
     gctagccacc tgacagttct ctaagacact atggttgtga ggacagaaaa tatgacctaa     57960
     aacatgagta gattaacaga tcaacatttg ctaaaacact gcattcccct caaccatttc     58020
     cagtgtgata tgaccaatat gaactcaagt gaattcatat tatatgtagg tcatattata     58080
     ttcgtattat attaataaaa gccaaggctt cagtaattaa accaaaggtc agcaaatcat     58140
     agcttgtcta acaaagtcag tgatgcccta tctttttaaa ctttaattga caacagccat     58200
     atttatctgt ttgcacgccc tctgcggctg ctttcctaaa agtggcagat ctgagcagct     58260
     gcaaagaaag atggtccaca gagccaagac ttgtttcttg atttctagag tactgcctct     58320
     aacccaactc cttaaacaaa agtctgtgta ctcaagctcc ttatagaaca cggcataatg     58380
     tgagcatata atctagcaca gctttccaaa acttacctct cagttaatta cagtaataat     58440
     gctgtagttt tttttaggaa ataaggacaa gaaaaaaacc ctgcctgttt actataaaca     58500
     taatttttct cccaaacatt tccaatttga gcctggttgt gtcagaagac atgaacctca     58560
     cagacaggag tatggaccat attcatagtc actcctttat acaagaagtt ttgtcagctt     58620
     ataaatgtcc ccagtgacaa ctcagggctg ataactgata caattgaata tataatcaat     58680
     taatttatat tccactttac ccattttaat tctctgaata ctgtagtcag ttaagagcaa     58740
     tgggaaacat gggcatgtga ggcagtgtga agaaggcact tagagctcca ctggtcagag     58800
     cagacactcc cttcacatca caggcttcct agtacacaat gcagcctgtg cttttccctc     58860
     cagaaaaata catgaagcca tatattttat aagtaaggga aaagttccaa tttcagagac     58920
     tacaaatgtt cctttgtaga gaatttctcc ttgaaaaact ggacacaaat caaagcctat     58980
     ctggagtaaa gctgatctcg ataacacacg taatgttaaa gggaatgggc atttgtgata     59040
     tgcgcttttt gcatcctgta tctttttgtc ttctgtatct cttccttcag attcgtgaag     59100
     aacatcatcc ccctgggagc acgtggttac ttccgcctac atgacagtta cacctcaggt     59160
     cacacgggac acacagtcca tgcgttctgt gaaaatccct cctacctcac tgttcacacc     59220
     ttggagtact ttcatcaagc cttttgcaat gtaagatggg cagccataca cacagtgaag     59280
     aaggcttctc agggtttcag acaacttctg atgtgatttc tgtttctctt cattctgtag     59340
     ttcatcaaat agtgtagcca aatcctagga taccagaaag aaagaaaatt gtattaaaaa     59400
     gggaacacaa actttcagga ctaaattatg gaagattctt ttcaaatgat gtgacacttc     59460
     ttacgctttt ttaaatttct cttcaataaa gtcccaacta gaaagaatat cagtatccaa     59520
     aagctagctc actttgaaag cttcaacatt actctttcac acaagaaaag gacggcagaa     59580
     ttgaaacagt ctatggcctt taaaaaaaaa agggatcaaa agcctgtagt tgctgatgca     59640
     aattatttaa attagtggat tagcctccca aaatccctac aaggtacagg aagagaaaac     59700
     ttctcaacct tctttgacag tggtctacct gaagcacata ggtagcgtct gaagtgatct     59760
     cttctgcctt aggaatgagg tgatctatca ccagctcaaa ctttgagggt acccctctga     59820
     gggcctggag acactggacg gcagctctgc ggacttcttt gatatggctt cccagattga     59880
     ggagtagaga catcaccact aataccaaag gggaaaggat gtgtcagtga gcaaaactta     59940
     aatagtgtca aaggtacaca gtgataggtt tccttctagg gctgggagca aggtcagtgg     60000
     cacagcatgc atcaggcctg gctacaccat ctctagcact atcctcaccc tggcaacaca     60060
     aaaggttccc tctcagactc cctcttcttc tttttttttt ttttttaaga ttcatttatt     60120
     tattatatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacactcc agaagagggc atcagatttc     60180
     gttacagatg gttgtgagtc accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactcggg acctttggaa     60240
     gagcagtcag cgctcttaat cactgagcca tctcatcagc ccagactccc tcttctgaag     60300
     ctattcgttg cctaattatt tcagaaaaat tagggtcacg ctcctcaaag catacaaatg     60360
     agtccagaaa atctactctc accatgtgcc accacaccta gctttttttc ttaattttta     60420
     aattatattt taaataaata aataaaaaca agaatatttt ctatatctct atgtagtagg     60480
     ggtgcaatca tcactgactg aatgcacagg tcagaggaca actttgaggg gttagttttc     60540
     tccttttgct atgtggggac tggaattaaa tttaagtcat aaggcttggt ggcaagtgcc     60600
     tttatccttg tcaccatctc ccctatagaa tgaactattt aagtaaatta tgttatctct     60660
     atacaatcaa gtgcaagatt gtataccaca cttcctcaca gagtaagatg tctaaaatgt     60720
     attaagaagt taaatgtgac ctgttgtacc tggagatgca gtagatgcca gcttttgttt     60780
     atactgtgta ttctgagaag aaagcatcgc agagcctatg taaagagctt gagtctgcag     60840
     ctctgacttc acagtgcagt taagtggatt tgaaaggcta gaaccatagg tccacaaaac     60900
     acaaaagaac ttgaacaact gcagaacatc ttgtagatgt acctaatgaa aagaaagcaa     60960
     aaacaaacaa aagaaaacaa agtgaggtct agttcttact cagatatgct gtccctggac     61020
     cttttcacta ctgtacaata accacacagg aatgagttga tgaatcactt cttcaatatt     61080
     ccgaactcca acctgttagg acggatgtcg ctgaagaatg acattcaaga agcctcactc     61140
     taactttgca gttgaaaata ctgaacaaca acaacaaaaa aagacaggcg cattagctaa     61200
     aggtcaagac taaagtggga cctggaaagc tacactaaaa gctctcgaag gagttagaga     61260
     tggcgacaat gctgaaagac acagaaagag taagtcagac aaggacaaga acacgctgct     61320
     tgcatcatgg aggcagtaaa gcccacagaa gcttcgtgag tgacactgca tctcctaacc     61380
     accatctctg aacactcagc cagtttactc atctataaag gatattcaaa acaaaaacag     61440
     actgagttgt tttgattttt aaacacaaca gctcatcaat agggatgctg caatgctact     61500
     ctatactcaa catgctacct ggctgtaagt actagactgc tctcgagggc atgtttatca     61560
     gcacacattg ttcactgccg caaaatatac tttattatta ggctttagta ctaaaataac     61620
     ctacactacc tatagcagaa atgcctgtga ggagtgagcc aagtaccttc attataagcc     61680
     taatcagaac cctgaaatgc atggcatcag aaacctccag cagcatctca aagataccaa     61740
     tgagcaggtg caggtagtgt ctgctgtctt catctagctg ctcgggattc caccacatgg     61800
     cacctgaggg gacaaggggg agcttgtcat tcaagtgaag gtgaaccgtg tatggtgtta     61860
     ggaacgcagt accgcatcac actgaagact catgaccatg ccttacctgt aggaaaagat     61920
     tttggagcct tcattgcaaa aataaaacat ttcatggaaa atacaagtaa aatggcgtcc     61980
     tccatgacaa ccctctgggc accgtggagc tcctgcacgt aacgcaccca cagctcctcc     62040
     ggcaatcctc tgttcaacat cagttccagg tgccactctg aggggatttc ctgaaacatg     62100
     aatggaaaca gaagctagct catcctcaga gttccaaaca ggtgctctat gactgcaacg     62160
     gatacgcact cctagtcggg agtgtcacac tggtgtgtgt gtgcatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     62220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtgg acacagtgct     62280
     acagctgaaa agatacattc ctcataaagg gcattaatag agcaatgtga aacaacctgc     62340
     tgcctacact gaacaaaaca caccactcta cactgctggc ccggaggaca agcacagctc     62400
     cagttactgt acctcataaa aaagtcagtc agacgttaag agaggctcac tggagccact     62460
     ttttaaagtc taaagaagca tgctaatttc acataatttt agttaacaat ggctacagct     62520
     agaatttata aaactcctga gagtatacat aaatatgagt tgtaattctc ttagaaaatc     62580
     ctgtaatgag cagccctttg aagtttagaa gataaataaa agaaaaatac tgatgcaaac     62640
     agcggtatta aaacaaaagc ttgctacctc aaaatgggac actaggaact ttagtaacac     62700
     tgtccaggac aacagtgggc cagagacatc tgaacctact ggaatactca atgattttaa     62760
     atatctacga tattctttca ataaatacta ggacaagttt tgtgtggacg tgaatcagtg     62820
     gagtagatag gaaggaaacc tggattatgc gctgataaaa cagcagaaga gtccaaccct     62880
     cagaaccctg tgattcaagt acacttcctg gaaaagcacg agagtgcttt gtcttgatac     62940
     ccacggctaa cattctgacc agcacttccc acttccccaa ccagagccag acctctgggc     63000
     ctcagtttag ctgtgaccat cagaccacag tgttatttta cccaacaccc aacttcctgc     63060
     agacaccgca ctccttacca cagcagtgat gacgcttttg agcttcctta tctttttctg     63120
     caataaactg aacactctta gagcaaacgg gaagcaggtt tcttggaagg atgagcagca     63180
     agagatcagc acagacacag tcacgtgaaa cgccactttc tgcttcaggc tgtaagactc     63240
     cttttcccca gcacagacta gatcttcgac cttgagaaat aagcaccctc tattactagt     63300
     tagtcagtct tctatctcag gcctacctag gtactgtgta taaagtaaga cgacagaaag     63360
     atcagtaaac actgattgct aagccatgat acaaacttag aaattaaaat ggacaaaatt     63420
     acacttgaca agtttatgca tttaacccac agacctaaga atacaaacaa caaaaatcag     63480
     taagtcagac acctaatacc attaaaaggt ttactaaagt attttctttt aatttcattt     63540
     tgctatgtta acaatgaaaa gacttcaata gtctaaatat aaataggaaa aatgagatta     63600
     aaaagaacaa agtattctca ctagtccaaa agtgatataa aatattaagg acttcagata     63660
     atctgtccaa catgctaagt tagccacagg tggtttatac aagcttataa tcccagcact     63720
     tgggaggtta aggcaggagg atcagaaatt catcctgggc tacacagtaa gttccaggcc     63780
     agcttgagct ataactctca gccatggccc caaaggaata cacaaaatta ctcttgtatt     63840
     tgtttaaagc aaaacagggt gtaagaaagg aacagcagca aaacttcaga aaagaagcca     63900
     cgtagagcag aagtgggagc ctaataagcc tgaggagcag aaggcggagt ggaggggagg     63960
     ggtggcaaca taccagcttc aacactgtag agcgctctcc taaacttaaa ttgctgccca     64020
     gcagctgaac catcttctgg tttcctacac caattatttc tcttgatttt ctgcttttaa     64080
     taacattttc aagagctgta aaaaaaaagg tttgaatact atatcactgt atcactggca     64140
     tccacataaa gtattgggga aaagtaagac atttagataa aatatttact agttctctac     64200
     caaggcttgc cttttatttt tacttttaat ctaatttcaa attttcttat cttctctata     64260
     aaatttatat ctgttttata aagttgttcc aggccagctt gagttataac tctcagccat     64320
     ggtctcaaag gaataaataa aattcccttt gtatttgatt aaagcaaaac agcttttaag     64380
     aatggaacaa caacaacaac aacaaaaaat aataagaaaa gagggctgat gagatggctc     64440
     agggggtcag agcactgact gactgctctt ccaaaggtca tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac     64500
     cacatggtgg ctcacaacca actgtaaaga gatctgatgc cctcttctgg tacatctggc     64560
     gatggctaca gtgtacttat ttacgataat aaataaatct taaaaacaaa aaaaaagaat     64620
     ggaacaacag caaaaagtga ggaggggaaa agccttgtag aacagaagtg ggcgtttaac     64680
     tatgacttta acaactgact ttcttacctt ctttccagcc tcttaataga ggatgcagag     64740
     aacaaattcc tgattttgac aaatgtatag caattttcat atcaggagac tctatatcat     64800
     tactagtaat aaccataaaa ggcagcaact ggacaaccac ctgatttgcc aactggtcat     64860
     ttttacttag tatctcttct ttaattagta tgtttgctgc tagctcaagc accctgaacc     64920
     tggaagacat gaaagtacct ttgattcaga cacatgttca agtcagcaga attcattatt     64980
     atactgttct ggatcaactg gtgacaggtt gtctagtctc ctagacaaaa atattgctca     65040
     gagatcacca agatacaacc tcaaatccat tccaaaaagg agttatctag ccaataactt     65100
     tgtcctgtca aatatcttaa aaggaaacaa acaaaaatca aaaatctgaa aaaaaaaaaa     65160
     aaacaaaaac ttctaactgt aacaaaatat attaaatcag acatctcagc tccactggac     65220
     agtagaaatt cactcatgca ttaaaaaaag aaataaaaaa taaagcatat cccagggctg     65280
     gagaaagaat ggatcagcta agaagactac actggctgtt cttctagaag acctgggctg     65340
     ggtttgcaac actcacatgg taatttaaca tgcagtagta ataccacctc tggggactcc     65400
     aacaccttct tctggcttcc agaaacacaa ggtatatatg aggtgcacat aaatttatac     65460
     agggcaaacc cctatagatc acattgccaa agaaacacat atcctctctg ggaaatggag     65520
     agctagtttc tattaaggta gatcaacaca ctccactggc tggccctgaa ccagcacatg     65580
     ggcagcacaa actggactta gagggttata aaggaagaat ggaagacaca aaactgagag     65640
     gaggtaaggg ggaaaggggt ggatctagga ggaattgggg tacatataat ctaaatacat     65700
     cgcacccata tgcacctgag ctcaattccc agaccatggg aaggtgaaat cagagaacgg     65760
     actcctcaaa actgtattct aacctccaag ggtgtgcagc ggcatatgca cacacatgta     65820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacagc gagaactttc     65880
     ttaaagctct gttctacagt catgagcaaa ggccgatcac aaagtcactg acaccattgg     65940
     tcagaaagga agagcagcag agagaactcg agaatgtcac tgactgacaa gagcatgaca     66000
     cagaagggaa cacgtaccac ccctcgttct ttgaaaggtc tgctctttga aagagattca     66060
     gaagacttga aaccgtctct tctacaccaa agtgttgttg gaaaatctag aaagggaaaa     66120
     ataccatgag taaatattga aaatctttct aattagtctt ttcaatttca ttttagaaac     66180
     actactattg aaaagactaa ttagaaagat tttctccaaa gattccaatt taactttttt     66240
     ctatgagaac ttttctctca gaacttttct tttcacttag gagaacaact tctcaaaaat     66300
     tgctttcatg acccaatttg ccatggttga cacaaagctc ttactgcaat attaagaact     66360
     cacaaagcac tcttcctttt tgtagtactt ccctacccag caaattgtgc aatctaacta     66420
     cccctgtgag actcatcacc agacttaagt ctacagtcag tgaactaatt tccaaaccca     66480
     ttcccatctg aagtcaagga ccatgtaaga ggaacaagaa agcattgaca aataaaacgt     66540
     gcacacccac aaaacgttta ctcacctcaa aagcactcag agttgctaaa acaacatcca     66600
     cattatcatc gcctaaccgg gttagaatag cttctttaat aaaagtctca tcaatgccct     66660
     cctgagcaag agaaaagcaa attaactgtt gcaacaaaga agctcacaaa ccttcacacc     66720
     ggaagagaca tctcagaaca ccagtgccga gagcaggccc agctctgaga acacaacaaa     66780
     agcagaacta ggccatcaac accaggcctt ctgggattgg tgaccactac agtcctcttc     66840
     caggctccct gaacataata tatacactct aaataccatc ttttaattag ggagttgacc     66900
     ttaaaaatag ctcagacaag ccgggcatgg tggtgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactccgg     66960
     aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag     67020
     gacagccagg actatacaga gaaaccctgt ctctgaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     67080
     agctcagaga gagatgaagg tccttgagat ggctctgtgg gcaggtgaag gccctcgcca     67140
     ccaagcctga taccttaagt tcaatctcct atatccacag gatggtgctc tgacccagaa     67200
     gtttttctgt gacctctgtg cacacacctg tgcatatatg cacaggcact aaataagtaa     67260
     ataaataaat gtaatttaaa aaattaacta taccctttaa aatataacaa tataaaaaca     67320
     caaaataagg gctggagaaa tggctcagca gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttccagaggt     67380
     cctgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt gactcacaac catctgttaa tgggttctga     67440
     tactctcttc tggagtctga agacagcaac agtgtactca tatacataaa ataaataaat     67500
     cttaaaaaaa aaacaacaca aaataaaaaa ctctataagg cagatattcc aaagaaacta     67560
     aaaaatggta aaatttgaca atgcaattat acaacataaa ttcttgatag aaatcccaat     67620
     ttcttactct aaaattagac tagttactct aaggtggaaa aaatctaaag taaaagctgt     67680
     tggcacaaac ctttgatgtt ttcatgaaag tttttaggtg attaacggcc agaagtctca     67740
     caggagccag tgggtgattc aaactgagca tcaaagaggt gtcagaatcc tccaaaaact     67800
     gtaggaccaa cataattaat ttcactgaat ctgagtaata cataaccaaa aatgaaaaca     67860
     ccctacgctg cctagtgtat tgtacaacaa tcataaatgc aggaacagaa aattacattc     67920
     atttctaaaa cttagccaac acgcatgagt taaaacacag gaagacatac atgttgtaca     67980
     tgatgcgttc tgtgtactta tgtggacagg tgtatgggtt cactttaatg aaacagtatg     68040
     ataaagtagc tcagcacttt tcatggatgt ttaattccaa gtgagatact aaactggtac     68100
     ctcactgaag acagaacaca gcagctaaca acaaagacat gttccagccg gtggcagctt     68160
     agctgaacat ggaatcaggc gacaaatgac agctacctat ctacttgatt tggaaatgca     68220
     acagcacgga aactaatagc ccaacttcag gagaaaaact gcatatttca ataaaataat     68280
     tgttttgaag gctaattata agaacttctg cctaaacatc aaatttctag tatttaggct     68340
     tgaatcacca gaatatttct caagatctat tatggttgta atcatgtgac tgcaggccct     68400
     gcactggtag atgcacgcca agagggacaa ggcatgctgg gagcctgtga agctaccctg     68460
     tggtgactta accaacatca tacaaaattc ccaatgtttc cctgatatta cattctccag     68520
     ttatgatttc taccctattt ctatttctag cgactatcaa actgtataca tcctcagctc     68580
     tttgaagttt caaagaggga ggaaagcaga aatttctgcc tgacactgtc cagcaatccc     68640
     tgtcgtaacc gtgctgcgga agaacaactt acctgatact tgcctccact cgtagagaga     68700
     gaaatgaact ggtggaacag ctcctgcttt ttaaggcctg tgatctcctt caggtgctcc     68760
     tctaacacag catccaacgc tctggggtat ctaagcggga gtcacacgtc atcagtcctc     68820
     ctgacagagc tgctaaccac actcaaacac gtgtacagaa cacatgacat tttaaaagtt     68880
     acttagagtg aaacgtaatt ttaacacatg ctatatataa aggctaatat tgatcaagtc     68940
     tgtcactatg aagacaataa tatctctagt ttaaaaaaat tatattgtcc acaaaccttc     69000
     tacagtccta tttccttttg tctttcaata tatctcataa taaatatact gtccctttct     69060
     gaaaaggaaa aaaataaaaa caaatatcca caacccattg ctttaagaca caacttgcaa     69120
     gttatttctt tgaagaacag tcaataaaca ctgaagacaa cattcacaac acttgactta     69180
     cttgctttct aaaagtctga tgagtggaag aaactgctca ttaagcaaag ccactccatt     69240
     agcctgggtt tcctcctggg aactgtatga aatatattct tcaaaaagat ggctgcaaaa     69300
     gaagtggaac accagcaaaa tgggttacca ttcatggaat ccctgctatg tgctaaacgc     69360
     tttataaatc atgtctctaa taatcacact tccataggaa agaaattata ttgattttgc     69420
     tgatgaaaaa actaggacat aggaaacctt ccaatttgtc tgaggtcaaa cgcaaagcaa     69480
     cactagtgac cctttctatg taagaaagag taggacaggg ctttaaggtt taaaggctgt     69540
     tctgactcca gagtgtaaag taagcctcca tgaacacaaa ctgcaggcat tccatttctc     69600
     acctaacaca gtggcaaaaa cagaccctgg aggactggct tccaaatcac ctctgaaact     69660
     atagtggtat tagccagatt ccaacctgca tctactacta tacttaagca ttccattcac     69720
     cacaaagcac cgtccatcaa ataggaaatg aaaggggaga cagaaatgcc tttcagagaa     69780
     aaggaggaaa taattcccat tgcacaccta ctctcaatat gaagattcta ggctttgatg     69840
     tgctatttca gactctacag cccatttatt aagagaacaa cttaaacact catcaactta     69900
     gttacaactc atatgtagct agcctcctac cttctcattc ccttctataa gcttttgcat     69960
     tttatgctat caactgttag actcaatacc tacaatttgt gcaatgatat agacagtgca     70020
     aaatacgtta aaaagcattc tagaaactca ctcccggggc tggagagacg gctcagaggt     70080
     taagagcact gactactctt ctgaaggtcc taagttcaaa tcccagtaac acacatgggg     70140
     gctcaaaacc acccataatg agatctggcg ttatcttctg gagtgtatga atacagctac     70200
     agtgtactta catataataa ataaataaat aaaacttaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaactactc     70260
     ctaactcctg aaatgtatac tcacccataa atatgcacat cagaagcatg ctgaacaaac     70320
     ttacctagcc agtaggtggt ctaagttgtt cgtcagtggt atttttataa gtatttcttc     70380
     taagtggttc ttgtagatct gaccatcaat cccttcagct tcttctcctt aatatgtaac     70440
     agatgaaaac tgaattaggg atattctttt tgacatgctc ataattagat ttatttacag     70500
     tgaaaaactt tactactaat aacttaaaaa catagatacc agaatctagc ttgtaaacct     70560
     cttctctttg tgtaaaaagc tggctttatt tatgtatatg acgatgtgcc tatgtggagc     70620
     tcatgcaggt gcctgcagag gccagaggac atcagatccc ctggaactgg agccacaggt     70680
     aagaatgcag tcccctgtat gggtgctggg cacttaacct gggtcctctg caagggcagt     70740
     aagcactctc aatagctaag ccatctccct agccttcttt tacttacatt tgaatatatg     70800
     ttttgactct tgagtaattt acagttttta aactgtttct gtgtatatta ctctcatttg     70860
     tccttcacct cagattctcc acacttttag taagtataac catggcacag gtatcaataa     70920
     aaaaacaagt gcaaaaatta tatattgctt cctcagatca aactaaaagt tagtgacgct     70980
     aggctataac ctagatttct gagaacaaac aagttaagtt tttgtgtcaa tgcctcctga     71040
     ctaaaccaag gttgccgtct tctagacttg actgaaataa aagctttaag ctggggccta     71100
     gcaaacacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctattggatg gatcacaggg cccccaatgg     71160
     aggagctaga gaaagtaccc aaggagctaa agggatctgc aaccctatag gtggaacaac     71220
     attatgaact aaccagtacc ccggagctct tgactctagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg     71280
     gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg aaagagaggc ccattggaca cgcaaacttt atatgcccca     71340
     gaacagggga acgccagggc caaaaagggg gagtgggtgg gtaggggagt gggggtgggt     71400
     gggtataggg gacttttggt atagcattgg aaatgtaaat gagctaaata cctaataaaa     71460
     aatggagaaa aaaaaagctt taagctaaga ctgggttgtg caaatctttt ttacatctga     71520
     ctccaacata attttaaaaa tgcttttctt cgtattcatc atatttaaga taatttagaa     71580
     taatttttgt tagtattctc taagcagcaa cagagccaag tatttacttt cttttctgtt     71640
     tattgaaata aagagaaata acgcaaatta atcgttttct ttcataattt tgatttttat     71700
     gcatgaaatc ttggcttact tctggaagct ggatatttac tgtgaatgaa acactagaga     71760
     ccaataagta tctagaaggg aaacaaaagt tcacttgggc aaattctctc atttcttcag     71820
     agcctctctc agtaacagaa tcctgagaaa tttctcagaa taacaagtcc cccgtcagtg     71880
     aacctgctcc caaacccaaa gattctttca ctcattagac aagttacaca gaaactactg     71940
     aattagaaga aatattaaac agttaaatct accaacaggc gtcccacttg aagataattg     72000
     acaggaagct ttcagactca aatgaaaggc acacacctgc aatgtgctga acaacagagg     72060
     ccaccagatg gggaagcatg cagcgcagga gagggctcac atcgtagctc tcggagatcc     72120
     cgtgaagtag ccctataagg tctggaacac cacacaagtg aaggaacggc ctttcaagga     72180
     gcaagcatac acaacagcaa caaattagac aagtagcatt ttaaaaagca cacttaccaa     72240
     accttattca aatcaacttt actggcctct aactatacaa taatacgtac tttactggcc     72300
     tctaactata caacaatacg tactttactg gcctctaact atacaacaat acatacttta     72360
     ctggcctcta actatacaat aatacatact tttccccaag gttctctggc ttctgtcgct     72420
     gtaagagaat tatcaggcaa cctaatccat cattgacctg agaaggaacc ttggtcagtg     72480
     ttttgatgag ctgggatgcc agtgacttca caaaggtatc ttccatcgtt actttcacag     72540
     aaatctgaca gattatcatg tatgtcgcag ctctataatc tggtaaagag gatttcaatc     72600
     cctaaatgtt tttaaaatat aaagaaaatg acaaaatata aaattatgtt cttctactta     72660
     acatgtttat taactacaac aaattagaaa tgtcaatgtt tgccctgatt taaatgttaa     72720
     acatagtaac tacacatact gaaacattac atgctatagc agcgttatgt acaatcctta     72780
     tgtttccatg tataagataa aaacaaaaac aaaaatcaaa ttctaagcca gttgtcatag     72840
     cactcagggg ccaaggcaag atgaacatga gtttaaaacc agtgtgaacc acacagcaaa     72900
     agcctcgaaa aacaaaacaa aaaccctaag gctggcaaga tggttcagca ggtatagaca     72960
     cttggtatca tgcctgatga cctgagctca atcatcaggg cccacatgcg tgaaaaatag     73020
     aacaagccct cacatgctgt cccctggctt ccacaccagt acccacatgt acaaacaaac     73080
     aaacaaatga aaaggataag ccctttaagc aaaatgtaat tttaaaaata ccttaacaaa     73140
     tacatacatt gcacatttta aaggatcaat aaaacgtaat atacactgac aaccaatgac     73200
     tctctagagg tggaaaaatc aaggtgttca cctccactct tatatgggca cagggatgag     73260
     acaagtctac aggatgagaa gggacctcag gaaagcctcc taactcagac atcccaacag     73320
     aggcaacaag ctctgcctga cctgtgagct cgtgtcttcg gaagggagtt gttcatctca     73380
     tccctcacgg gggtaagaac tatactgaat taaagctagt aacctgaggc ccgagaagga     73440
     aaagcagagc ctctgtccag agtctggaaa gatgtcagtg ctgaaagaac aggtaagtga     73500
     gagcctgtgc tgaaggacag tctatgacta agaaaataaa tctagatgca gtgagagcta     73560
     acattcatta ctagacactt attcaagaac tgacgagtct tttaaaccga aagattgaat     73620
     cttatcaacc attcaaaaaa aacaatcaat ctgaaaacac ttatttctcc atgaaatttt     73680
     cacaagcaag caaattcctt tagaaaatga tctacttgac ctaccttttg gatgtatgga     73740
     aagagtttgg cgactacatt gtctgatagg ttctcagcgg ccactagagc agacacaatg     73800
     gtggaggcat agaaggccaa gagcactctc aaccgggtgg agcttccagg atcctcagcg     73860
     aaggcctgga acagagacca cagcacacgt cggctctcta agtatcacac acagcactga     73920
     gaatgacttg cctgacaagc ttcctgacag tttcagatag tttctactta ataatcacta     73980
     tagctggaat ttgacaacca atagataaat tttttttaat agaaaatatc tccggtgaaa     74040
     agactgattc ttcacctgct catgtacccc aacttcttcc aagttccacg gaacacattt     74100
     cctttctcag agtaagcaat cactttatga gtccacacac tcgacaactc actcacggct     74160
     caccttcaca gatctcgtca ctaggctgca aataaaatcc atgaatccaa ggtctttgta     74220
     gcaatgggtg accaaagttc ctctagctaa aggtactcca gagtgctatt attaataaaa     74280
     agaacaagtt attagaaaca tgtggcagct caccaacaca gatacaatct cccctcataa     74340
     ctggtggtga tgagattaat acataaaccc ttagaaactc caaagagcag gtgacaatga     74400
     aggcaaaaga attcagtata aaacactcag catgtgctgt ttatgtatgt atttaacccc     74460
     aactctatag ctctgcataa ttctactagt aggatttggc ttttttgcca acatgatatt     74520
     gttccatgtc tgcctcacaa tatccttttt tttttttttt ttttttctcg agacagggtt     74580
     tctctgtgta tccccggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc     74640
     agagatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggactaa aggcgtgcgc caccacgccc     74700
     ggctcacaat atcctaatag cataaataga cccgagccaa actatattgc tactaactac     74760
     tactgcacat ggtctgtgaa taaacattaa caaaacaatt aaatgaagac tgcaagtaac     74820
     cttgatgggg agaatgaggt ttagagacct ggaaagagtt agtgtctaga taacggagcc     74880
     gtctgtggaa gaccaggaga aaatggctgg atgttcagtt tgagcagctg ctttctcaca     74940
     agctgcacgt tttgaactcc agttagtccg accaatttac atctagagtc tgaaattttc     75000
     tttttaattc aaaactgggg attccctccc tccttccttc tgactgctga gttcacgacc     75060
     gctgtcatta gctcctggtg caggcccaca gtctgctagt ctgctctctt cctcatcagc     75120
     tccgctccca gccccatcag caagctcaca tggagtaaag gtcctgccta tgacatacac     75180
     tactttcttc tagtctctgt tacagacaga tctcgctagg ctttcttctc aggtaactat     75240
     cctttcattc caaacacttt ctcaagttta acaatatcct gatgctcttc aagtaatcct     75300
     agtcccttta atttgtgtaa gtttttcaaa agttccactc cttccatctt ttaaaaaaat     75360
     ttctttcgca ccaaaattac tgatgcagag taactgtaca aagaataggg ctcatatagt     75420
     aaccgtgcca acttcagtta taggaactct agcaagtagc ttaaattttc tgagtctgtt     75480
     cttgcctgta taaagagttt atgaggggct ggtgagatgg ttcagtgggt aagagcaccc     75540
     gattgctctt ccgaaggtcc agagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca     75600
     tctgtaatga gatctgactc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac     75660
     atataacaaa taaatcttta aaaaaaaaga gtttatgaga ctccacgatt ataaagagta     75720
     tgatgtaaaa tgtgttgtct aatgtctaaa cactagatgg cattgacaaa gagtttcagc     75780
     taggaaatca atggcatgga tactactgac tgtccccagg atcagtaagg gcttgacttt     75840
     tcctaaacca aattaagttg aactcaaaat tccccatcca ttctcttctg ttctgattgc     75900
     cagctccact gccatctgtc attagctctt ggtgcaagca gatctgtgag tttgaggtca     75960
     acctggtcta catagtgagt ttcaggccat gcagtgtcac atagagaccc tttctcaaaa     76020
     aagaaaagtt cataaccagc tgacatatag tgagccccta cccccaaaac aaaagtactt     76080
     aagcaactaa ggaggaaggg ggtggatcac tctgagttga ggccacctag gacttcacag     76140
     tgagaccctg cctcaaaagg aaacaacaac aacaacaaca aaaacccacc aaagcaaacc     76200
     aaacatgaaa ccttaatcat tatttataat aagcatgtac atgaatgaat atgtcattaa     76260
     acaatgttac cttaacagga gacagccaaa accatttgtg tttcggatta ctaattttta     76320
     gaagctgtat cacccgcaca aatacccgtg tctcatggta cggcagaaca caagcaatga     76380
     gactatctgc attgtaaaga tggatgtgga acctaagaaa aatatgaaac aattaaatca     76440
     gtacaaaata caaaaatcac aaaggtcctt cttttatatt ctttttcttt tctttttttt     76500
     tttttttttt ttttttgaca aagtgtcact ggatagccct gcctggcatg gaatttgcta     76560
     tgcagacaag accaggatag ccaaactcac agatccccct gcccctgctt ctcaagagtg     76620
     tatcaacatg tctggaaggt gcctgcttct aaaaggtgca aatcctgtct caatgaacta     76680
     caaagagcta gggccagtat caatcacaac aagatgaaca caagaagccc tacattttgc     76740
     attcaagtta gagtcaatgt ggtttgaatc aatttggagg cagtaacatt ttgaatgttc     76800
     agtatcaaaa tttataccct attcactttc tttcaacttt aatgaaactg tgtagtcacc     76860
     actaagtcac agaaagctag caggctaaca agacaataaa cactgagctt cactgagctt     76920
     ctctgtgcta cagtcactgt ctacagcttt tcttagctat gtttccaaaa ccaggttttt     76980
     ttgggagggg gtgggggaca gttgggggtt ggagggattg ttgtttttca agacagggtt     77040
     tctctatgta gccctgatgc tctggaacat gctttaaaga tcagtctggc cttgaactca     77100
     gagctccgcc tgcctctgat cccaagcact ggaactaaag atatgaggca ccatagccag     77160
     caaaaaagaa aaaaaaatta ataagatcac attaatttat tcagatagaa aatgacaaat     77220
     aaattaatgg aaaaggaaaa gatgacaaca tatataattt gtatatgaac ttgaaaaaat     77280
     tttttgtcag tctctctaca ttaaaaatgt ttaaagattc tcctattctc ttgcatgcac     77340
     ttaaaaaaca ccatgtatta ttgcccacgt gagcctgtgc agcacatgca tacccttgcc     77400
     cacaaaggtc agagggcact tggacctgga gttttacaga tagctctaag tggctctgac     77460
     gtgagtactg agaacccaac ccaggccctc ttcaagaaca ctaagcactc ttcaccacga     77520
     gcaatctctt aaacccctac atggacttta atagtagcag accttgcctt ctatctactt     77580
     tatacaagct ttggtattaa ctaaaacact acttgaatga agctttcctc aacaaaccct     77640
     ggcatagcta cctctctaaa tcttgtgtaa aactttattt aggtatttat ttaaaagata     77700
     gcaaccaagg aaaacctaca gatatatata tattttttta tcactttaac atttgctgaa     77760
     taaaggttac atgaagaagg gctgtagtga tggctcagcc atctacagga tttgttgctc     77820
     tcgcagaggt cagagtttgg ttcctagcac gtatagtgct tagagtacaa ggcctggtac     77880
     ataaatgctt aacgcgcaca tcactaatac cacgtgattt gggttgatat tttaaaagac     77940
     attctttaca cctagcgagg taagaaggaa ctgtacgttt tgcccccatg ttaacggatc     78000
     tgcaatgtga agctgcatca gctcctgagt actgatgcag ttaaggctgg tctggtagca     78060
     cacacttata accacactac tgaggacctg ggaggcaaaa agaggcagat ttataaatct     78120
     gaggcaaact gatctactta gtaagttcca ggccagacag gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagta     78180
     agtcaaaacc cagcttgagc caggtgtggt atcgcctcta atcccagcac ttgggaggaa     78240
     gaggcaggtg gatctctggg tgtgaggcaa gggtggtgta cacactgagt tctaagacag     78300
     ctgagactac acagagaaac tctctctcca caaacaaaac aaacaacaat aacaacaaac     78360
     gagagctcta taataagacc ttatccccaa aacaaaacta gccaaagaca atgacatact     78420
     tctcagactt ggggaagaag gtggcagatt tctgtgagtt tgaggtcaac cagagataca     78480
     cactgagacc atgtctcaaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacccccta aaccctaaac     78540
     acactagaca ggaactaatg gcaccctatt caagaagagc atgttcactt gacattctaa     78600
     acatcatgtt aacctttgaa atttgtgaaa gcaatctagc ttaccaagtg ttggcaacta     78660
     atgaaggttt agctacctgt gaatcagcca ttccagacac ttctgcgctg gcttgaggag     78720
     gaaataagga gacaagtgaa ggaggaacga tgaaatgttt tcatccagct gcttgttcac     78780
     tgctttggtc tggacgctgc gctccaagcc ttttgccagc tggctgaaca atggcgcttc     78840
     aaactgttca aaggcagggt caatcccaag aagctcctcc aggccagtgc atcctaggag     78900
     gagagtcacg tgtaacttct ttgtaggcaa acccaacaga tactctcctg ttctcctcac     78960
     ccccaagctc atgaactctg ttaccatgtg ttagacactc tcaaacactg gctttagttg     79020
     ttaacatata ggataaatct gacccccact cactaggaga aaagaaagta cttcatgaca     79080
     agaactccac ccgagccctt ctttttagtc attaaaacta catctagttc tgaaagtctc     79140
     ctctcacacc acagtcattg tctcggtttc tttacttttc ttccttttta catattagtt     79200
     agtttgtgaa atttcagata ccattattta taaatacatt cacacatcta gcagtattgc     79260
     tgtttcccac ccccttacca agaaaacaag gtactgctcg ggaagcgaac gggggggggg     79320
     gcaagaaaat acagaacctc cccccccccc aactccccga tatcatgctc tgggagcttt     79380
     gctaagtgaa aggtggctca ccgatggcaa aggcggtgtc cctgtcgatt gtggccgcct     79440
     ccttggggtc aaataacaga gaggcaactt cacgtctcga taggaggctg ggatcagttt     79500
     gagggagggc gagtcgctgg agctgctggg ctaaggacgt catcttgcac ggaggcggat     79560
     gtctcaaaac accggctaag aacgaacagc gtgaaaagtt tttaggaaac gtcaggcgcc     79620
     ttaacagatg gcaggccagg gctcatgctc tggcaataca gcgctcagtc ctttcgagga     79680
     cacagaaact tgcttccccg accctccagg acccaccaca gcaattgcgt taactacgcc     79740
     tccgcagcac cagctttccc cagctctgca ccacgacctc acggcccacc cggccacccg     79800
     ttccaagtca cggccgcgcc tagccgcacc gtgctcctcc tcaccctgaa ctcggaatat     79860
     cagcaggatt agacagctaa caactcctca gatcagctcc cacatggtgc cggcactgtc     79920
     ccggaactct aaagcacgcc tcataggaac ttccggcttc tcactacggc aagagaaaag     79980
     ggacaccttt gtagaaaacg caatacaacg gccccgcctc cgtgactcta agttccgcct     80040
     attcaggcca gccatttaat tccccgccta ctttcccctc taagggcctg aacctcaaag     80100
     ccccaccctc cgctcgctca tccagttaag ctccgccttc catccgcacc tctttccaag     80160
     acaccacatt tattccacgc ccctccttta agctccaccc tcacgaaaat gtgctaagcc     80220
     acgcctacag tacctccccc ttctttccag aaagccacct ataagtcccg cccctccgct     80280
     ccttggtgct acagctcgct tctctaggta cccgacgcct cgctcagtgt tgctatgtgc     80340
     cttcaggctt aggtctggga ttctttttcc ccaaccgcct ttgggagctt tacgggtgtg     80400
     tagcaggaac cggtcattca cgagatactt atccagcctg cgaggggctg aagcgcggga     80460
     agccgcgttt ctaattctaa tgctacccga ggagggcaca aacctaacgt gagttgtagt     80520
     tctcagtgca atctggttgc tctgtaagta gtaaacactc gctgaacgca gttactgaca     80580
     accttatcac ctttgccttg tctgcagtcc tagggagtgg tgtttttctt attctgttat     80640
     tattattatt agaaacatga cattttaatt tttttaagtg aaaataactt ttttcaagat     80700
     gggaggtggc ggctcacttc tttaattcca gctcgaggga ggcagaggca gtcagatctg     80760
     aattcgaggc aagcctgatt tgtggagtga gtttcagaat atccagagct gcacagagaa     80820
     accttgtctc aaaaacaaac aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaat acacaaaact tttttgtttt     80880
     catattctgg ttacagtttc gttccacaac tcttcccaga tcctccaaca cttccccttc     80940
     cacccaaatc cacaccgttt tttctctttc ttatttaggg tacaaacata cgatgatgac     81000
     gacgaaggcg ataggcaaaa taaaaacaaa catcagaata agacaaaaca aagagaagaa     81060
     aaaagtgcca aagaaaaagc tcaagaaaca catatagaaa gagacatacc tgcttataca     81120
     cacagaaagc ttataaaaat gcaaaaccag aaacggagat atatacgcaa aggacctata     81180
     aggaggggaa aagatgccct gacaaagaat tatgaggcaa aaaaggtcca aaaatgctac     81240
     agagttagtt caagttagct catcttacat tgtccatatg gtaattggga cctagcctta     81300
     ggtttgcaca gtgagttagc tccactgtag aaaactgatt tgtgagtgat tgtcagtggg     81360
     agatacctct gggttaggga caggggcttg tgtccttcct ctctcagtgc tgaaagccca     81420
     tctgctccag acctgtggaa gccctgtgcg tgcgtgctgc cacagtctct tctgctgtgt     81480
     ttggaaggtc ttgctttcct ggtgtcttcc atccccactg gctctttcta tctttttgtc     81540
     ctcctctcct accgtcccct ttggcctcct ttttgccttc ctgagggagt gggggggggg     81600
     attagatgga aacatcatat ttacgactga gtatttgagg tctctcattc tctagacatt     81660
     acccagctgt ggctctctgt atttgttctc ttctgctgca ggaggaagtt tctctggtag     81720
     cagctaagca agaaatactg atctgagtat agcagaatgt ctttaagagc tgtgtgtgtg     81780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatt taaaagtctc     81840
     atatatatac tattgtctaa tatatatatt agttccctag cctatctggt ctcagattct     81900
     tggccactaa gcagtgtaag gcatggaatc catctcatgg actggccctt aaatccaacc     81960
     aggtattcat tggttactcc tcaactttgc gccatcattg taccagcata gcttgcaggc     82020
     agctcactgt tatcgatcaa aggtttggta gctagattgg tctttacctt tctctctagt     82080
     aagcatgcag tgcacctccc aggaccatta acactagtca gtaggtgtga aggctgtttg     82140
     taggcaccag ctcgacttct ccacgttcga tgaattgtgt agatgttgtc tgcagcaata     82200
     tggccttaca gtcagtttgt ggagagcaat caacagcttt ggcaatagcc tgggttgtct     82260
     ggagatgcct atggggcccc tttggctaac aacttgattc gatgtaaccc attcctggga     82320
     ctggagactt catttggtaa cgaaagacat ccaattgggg ctccattttc ccatgatttg     82380
     gtaattccac ttggatcacc ttcatatatg tctatatttt agaagtttcc atacaacccg     82440
     tcaaatggcc cttagtttta gctgtctctc cctgtatttc ctccctcacc cctttcttct     82500
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgatc ctcctgttgc aatcccatcc caccacattc     82560
     ttccataact gtctattcta tttccccttc ctagggagag ccaacctacc ctcccccagc     82620
     cccttacttt atacctaatc tctatgtttg tatagatggt agtctgctta ttgaaaaatt     82680
     aacagttaac atccacatat aagtgactat ttaccatttt tgtctttggg gatctgggtt     82740
     atgatttgtt ttttctagtt ccatagatgt tcctgagaat ttcacggttt catttgttta     82800
     accactgagt aatgttccat tgtataaata tgtcacattt tctttatctc attcattcat     82860
     tgataggcat ctagtgtagt gataagtata gtgtagtctt tatgtctggc tttaagtaaa     82920
     atgtatggta aagcctttga gtctggcttt gagagaaatg tttcagcaaa gcctttatgt     82980
     ttgagtcaat cagtagaggc tgagaaattg ttttgagact gtttgaacct tgaagcactg     83040
     ttgtctctct ggagggtctg cacttggtgc tatatgagag cactaatctt ggtcctgaag     83100
     acagtcctgg caaacctgga attcttactt ttgattatgg attgccatga tcaaaaggga     83160
     ctgaaattta tataggttgt ctgttctcat gggcagcaag ggcaagataa cttcggtaac     83220
     tggagctttt tccagccaca attcaccttg tatgatgttt gaataaagta actggagtga     83280
     gctagctggg tgtcagtctt ttctaagaag gctgaatccc tttgctcctt cagaaaaatg     83340
     aaggcttagc gtctttttat ttttctggcc ttgaactcag aaatctgcct gcctctgcct     83400
     cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccactgcctg gctaaggcta agtatcttgg     83460
     tgagcttctc tctctactgt ggtacccatg accaacatca aacaataatc tagtctgttt     83520
     tccttttctg gctattataa gtagatcagc aataaacata gttgagcaag tgtctctgta     83580
     gtaggatatc aagtcctttg agtatatgcg caagaaggtt ataatcgatc ttggagatag     83640
     atcgattccc agctctctag agggctgtca cactgatttc catattggtt gtgcaagttt     83700
     acactcccac cagcaatgga taagggtccc ccttatttca cacgcccccc agcatgagct     83760
     atcacttgtt ttattgatct gggtcattct gactggggta agatgcaatc tcaaagtagt     83820
     tttgatttgc atttccctga tggctaagga tgttgagtgt ctcttagtgt ttctaaagct     83880
     gaaaattccc tctttcaagt tctgtgaaga attatgttgg aattttgatg gagattgggt     83940
     tgaatctata ttgcttttga tagaacaacc atttatattt atgactttaa gaattctctc     84000
     tttagatctg tactccattt ttaaattgtt tttttgtttg tttgtttttt gtgtgggtgg     84060
     gtgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttc aagacagggt ttctctgtat     84120
     agtcctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatctg     84180
     cctgcctctg cctccagaat gctgggatta aaggcgtgca ccaccatctc ctggctgggt     84240
     tgttttctta atgttcaggt ttttttttaa gttatttatg tattttagat atatttagat     84300
     attagcactc tattagacgt gtagttggta agaatctttt gcagtctgta gcctgctgct     84360
     ttgttcagat tgatagtgtc ctttgacata cagaagcatt tcggtttcat gtggtctcct     84420
     tgtttttctt agtgcctgtg ctgctttcag tgctctgttc agaatccctg taccatgggt     84480
     tcaagactat tccccacctt cttctctcct cccagatttg gtgtatctgg ccttatgttg     84540
     aggtctttga ttcacttaga gttgagtttt gtgtagggtg gtaagtatga atctatttac     84600
     agccatccat tttgacaagc accatttgtt gaagatgttg tcttcccccc cccccagtgt     84660
     gtatttctgg cttctttaac aaaaatcagg tatgcacgga gtgtgaattt atgtctgggt     84720
     cttcaattcg attccattga tcaacgtgtt cattttgggg ccaatgctat gctgttttta     84780
     ttactacagt tctatagtac aatcgaggtt agggatagga agacctccag ccgttctttt     84840
     cttattcatg ggtgttttaa ctatcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag     84900
     tgtgtttcca cataaagctg aaaattcccc ctttcaagtt cagtgaagaa ttgtgttgga     84960
     attttgatgg agattgcgtt gaatctgtag attgcttttg ataggacagc cattttcact     85020
     atgtcaatcc taccaatcca tgagcaaggg agatctttcc atcttctgag atcttcgtca     85080
     atttttttct ttggggactt ggaatccttg tcatacaggt ctttcacttg cttggataga     85140
     gttacaccaa ggtagtttgt tatttgtggc tattgtgaag ggtgtttctc tgatttcttt     85200
     ctcagttcat ttgtctatag gaatgctatc tttgtgtatt aaaaatgaat gtatcgccgg     85260
     gcggtggtgg cacacgcctt taatcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg     85320
     agttcaaggc tagcctggtc tacaaaatga gttccaggac agctggggct atacagagaa     85380
     accctgtctc aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaacaa aaaacaaacc aacaaaaaaa     85440
     aagaatgtat cctgctacta ctgaaagttt atcagcttta agagtttctt catagaattt     85500
     ttaggatcac ttatatatgc aacttatatt ttcatccaat aatgatactt gatgtttttc     85560
     cttcctattt gtatctcctt tgtcttattg ctctagctaa gacttcacat gttatcttgt     85620
     tcctgatttt agtggatttg ttttaagttt ccacttaaga tgatattgac tgtgagcttg     85680
     ctgttaactg cctttattat gttgagggat gtttcttgta tacctactct ctccagtact     85740
     tttatcatga agaggtgtta aatttttgtc aaaggccttt tctgcacata atgagatgat     85800
     catgtgtttt ttttgtcttt cagtttgttt atatggtgga ttgcatctat ggatttatgt     85860
     atgttgaacc attcttgcat tattggtgtg aagcctatac gatcatggtg gatggtcttt     85920
     ttgatatgtt catgtatcta gtttgcctac ctgatccctg gcctggccag tgggtttcca     85980
     gggagtcttg ggtcagacaa agggatgggt aaggaaggaa ggttgtagaa ggtctgaata     86040
     gtaccctggg aatcaatatt tttcttttaa accaaacctg ggccagaaca ttgcctgggg     86100
     aggtaaaagc actcaccacc aagcctgacg acttgagtca gatcctggga cccacagcat     86160
     agagggaaag aacgtactct cacaagttgt cctgtgacac acatataaac agtaaacgtt     86220
     tttaaaaggg acctagttga ggcataattt agaaacaata catgcaccca tttcagtgaa     86280
     accatttggt gaccttagca aatggacatg caggtgtgac tatgtcccca gtcctaacag     86340
     aattttagca cccctacaag ttatttctct gcagtcactg tgatgacgtc aacacggcct     86400
     agccccagga gtaccaggta accaccacca aacctgcttc aatgtcactg tggcaaatga     86460
     tatacactgt ggaccacaca ggtgaggatg gaggctctgc catccatttc tctccagaga     86520
     tggggctcac cattgcaata gcatcagact ttctgtactt gtctccgact ggaaatgtgg     86580
     gaaacacagc tgctctttta aaggctctct tggcaaaggt cctgcatttc tctcctttgg     86640
     attaacatag tctctcatcg ttagcttacc ctggttaaag caaacagtac agaataaaaa     86700
     ccacctttca tgtatctctg cagacagtaa cctatgtcta catgaggtgt tcactgcgga     86760
     gaacaacaaa agaagtcaaa taccgattat ggtgacaaat ttttcataaa attatttaag     86820
     taaacatgaa gttttagtcc ttgataaata ttctcttagg aaatatatcg caatgataaa     86880
     ttagttttgt tatttaatat tgagacatat gaattattta atatggctaa atatttttta     86940
     actgccatat tctgttgttg agaattttac actaatgtct gagtacattc ataaccataa     87000
     gctgaaaata cataaggaaa ttggaaactg gatgtttggg actttttaat aatttaaaaa     87060
     atatttaatt attaataatt tatttaatta aataattctg actatgcctg aatctgttat     87120
     gaaaggaagg gtgactagtc ccccagtcct ttcttctcac taagagcttc ttattaaggg     87180
     cctccctgaa gcctgacgcc atgactggaa aagcactacc ctaggaacat ctagcctgtc     87240
     ttctaattgt gaggacacag gagaagagct gtttccaaaa ccctgaaaca catacccagt     87300
     tatttttaaa cttttattta tgtatatgtg tgtgactgca tgtgtgttca tctgtgtgta     87360
     tgtgtgtgta tgtatgttga tttttttggt ttgatttatt attgcttttt tgttttgttt     87420
     tgctttgctt tgttttgttt tgttttttgt tttcaagata gggtttctct atgtattcct     87480
     ggatgtcctg gaactcactc tgtataccag gctggcctcg agctcagaag tccacctgcc     87540
     tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgtgccacca ccacccagca tgtatgtatg     87600
     tatatgtgtg tatgtttgtg agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     87660
     tgtgtgtgtg agtgagtata tgtttgtagg gggaaattat atgtgtgtgt ctgggggtgg     87720
     gtgggtgtat gtctgtatgt ctgtatgggt gtatgtgtgg gtgtggatgt gtgaacactc     87780
     tctcgacagt gtttgcaagt gccaaggaca cagaaggaag gctgtcaggc ttggcctccg     87840
     acacttgatt acccacccaa gtttatcttt tgttgaaaaa agaaatggga ttagctggac     87900
     acagtgacac ttgccagtaa tcccagcatc ttgaaggtgg aggcaggggg tcaggaattc     87960
     aagaacttca tcatctacac agaatgttca aagccgtcct ggggtgcacg agactggatt     88020
     tattagcaag acagggtttc tctatataac cttggttgtc acagagatct gcctgtctct     88080
     acctcccctc cagagtgctg ggattgaagg ccaccactgc ccatcgagac tgttgttaaa     88140
     aagaaatgaa agggagagaa atggaaggga aaggagagga gggaacatga aggaagggaa     88200
     ggggtgaggg aaggaaaaga gatggaagag gggaggggag gggggaaaga gaagaatgag     88260
     ggaggggagg ggaggacaga cgggggaaag gaggtacgga tgtcatcagc aaaataaact     88320
     caaaatgcaa cgtctacatc tggccacata ctcgaaagca ctttgaaaag tgcttgaaaa     88380
     cgggggaaaa aaaatacagt ggttcatata tcaacaaaat atcatggtct tagaagcagt     88440
     ggtttaaaca agatcttagc aatgaagccc agggatatca ttttaatagc tctgatcgct     88500
     tgttgctgtg tgaatttctg aacatcaata aaaagaattg aatggaaaag ccaaaacaaa     88560
     tcctttctca actttaggaa tatttaacaa aacaaccccc cctgtcttat gtagcccagg     88620
     ctggccttga gtttttgatc ttcctgcccc aatttctaga gttctgggat taaaggcatt     88680
     ttcaacacac ccacataata ttttactttt aaaataaata ttttaagttt tgagtttgtt     88740
     gtttgttttt caagaaaagg atttggaaat acacaattga caagaagcac ctgttatact     88800
     tctgaagacc agcaggtgac actaaagtac ctctccctgg tcttccatgt ggaacataga     88860
     attagaaatg tatatactgt tgcctaaata ctgattcatt aaccctgaac atgttgtaaa     88920
     aattttctaa aacaatgttc aaatgccatt tagagagata caggatttaa aaaatgttta     88980
     gtggttctca gctgttgaga agcattcagt gatctgctta taaactcatt aaattagcgg     89040
     tatgggtagc ccaagtctct tctcttctct ctgcctcatg ctacgcttat tttgttgaat     89100
     atttgccact tccgatattg aaaactgaca tagattttag gactagaatc tacagataat     89160
     aaatggttta ttttatctgt attgcatatc tttaaaagtt gagtacaggt ctgaggagat     89220
     ggtttggtag gtaaaaaatg cttactgtgt atataagagg acttgagtct aaattcccag     89280
     gacccatgtg gaaaaaaaaa aaaagctgtg tatggtcttt caagcctgta acccaggaca     89340
     gagtcagtgt agacaggaga atcactgggg cttgctggct gccagcctag ctccagattc     89400
     agtgagagac cctgtctcaa gggaataagg cagaatgaca tagcaggaca ctggatctcc     89460
     tctctggcct acacacacac acacacactc acacatatac acacaaacat atacactcac     89520
     acatacatac acactcacac acaaacacac aaatacacac atgcatatac actcgcacat     89580
     acacaataca tacacacata tacacacata catatacact cacacaaaca cacatatact     89640
     cacacacaca tacacacata tacactcaca catacatgca cacatacact cacacacact     89700
     catacacaca catacacaca tatatacaaa ctcacatata cacagtcaca tacacacaca     89760
     tatacactca cacatacata cacacaatat actcacactc atacacacac acatacactc     89820
     tcgaatacac acaaacacac ataacaggtg tgaaagatat gcatctttgt acatatcatg     89880
     tgcatactaa actagaaagt gtttaagtag cttgacagtg gtggtacaca cccttaatcc     89940
     cagtactagg gaagcaaagg cggacagatc tctgtgaatt ccaggccaac ctggattctg     90000
     agtgaattcc aagacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa agcagaaaaa     90060
     gaaaaaagaa aatgttaaag aaataaagta tataagtgat atttattatt tactatttaa     90120
     taatattact gaaagtaata ttccttgttc ctgacaaaga cattttaaga caatatcaat     90180
     aatgttttag gcattaccac cctttaggaa acaatttgga aacatgtgtc tggaacttga     90240
     tatatgtgca ttccagttaa tgcactcatt ctatttctgg aagtctttaa caagctgaca     90300
     ttccagagcc aggaacagac cattatcatc ctattgtgtg ggatggcaga cttttttttc     90360
     ttttttaatt ataggggttg aagagagggc tcagtggtta agagcactag ctactttttc     90420
     acagaatctg ggtttgtttc ccagaagcca catagcagct cacaaccttc tgtaactcta     90480
     gttccagggg aatccaacac aggggatctt atggcctttg taggctcccg gcatacaagt     90540
     ggtacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgcacc acaaagacaa     90600
     aatgctcata cacataaaat aaaaacctac agttatatat tgttaagtat aaatataggt     90660
     aatagaaata catatttctt ttcttttttt ggatgggggc aaagctttac tatgtagccc     90720
     tgactgttct agaactcact atgtaggcaa ggctggcctt gaactcacag agaaccacca     90780
     gcctctgctt ccccaagtgc tgagattaat ggtatgtacc accataccat gtgtgtgtgt     90840
     gtttcaaaaa ctgtagtttg ataactttaa acaaaagcaa ttaaaggtat ttttcttcct     90900
     tttttttttt tttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca     90960
     ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aattctgcct gcctctgcct ccggagtgct     91020
     gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccacgccttt aggtattttt ctaagttatc caagcatatc     91080
     aataactttt tgtatattgt gtcattttct gttgtaaatc aacctctaag attttaaagc     91140
     ttaatatgca ctgttaagtt tttcccctta aacaactaca tgtaagaaac ttactagaga     91200
     caacatacca gcacttcaat agagcatttt tcttctcacg atatgtgaat ggcatgtctt     91260
     tctgaggaga acagttgcat cctttgaaga aggctcttag tgctgggggt cagttttcta     91320
     cggataagga gccagggagc ggatggcatc ctgctaaaga caggatggga aacaccacag     91380
     taacagagtg cttgcctaac atgtgcaaag ctatgggttt aggtgtgctt gtgtgcatgc     91440
     atgcatgcat gcatacatgt gtgtgcacat gttaaacatt gggaaatctt acattcagta     91500
     tctcagagaa gcttcctgaa aaaagaaaaa aaaacagtat tgtacaggca aaattgttaa     91560
     gcttgttttg ttatttattt tgtgtgcatg ggtgtttagc ctgtgtgcat atcatgtgag     91620
     gtacctggtg gcttcagagg ccagaggagg tcattagatt ccctggtttg gagttataga     91680
     gtaagccacc acgtgggtgc tgggaattga accggggtcc tctggaagag caatcagtgt     91740
     tcttacctgc tgaaccatct ctccagcata tattattttt aattatgtgt gtgcatgagg     91800
     taagactgtg cactgtgtgc atgtgagtat tagtgtccaa ggttcgagac atcagatccc     91860
     acatccagcc tgtctcaggg agctggagtt gcaagcaact gcaagctgtt ccagttgatg     91920
     ctgggaacta acccagatct tcttcaagag caatacatgc tcttaacttc tgagctacct     91980
     ctccagccct gaaaggactt ttatttttgt aaattgccac ttcatttggg taaggtggtg     92040
     catggcttta atcctagcac agatgaagca gggacaagta ggtctctata gctctctgta     92100
     ggcttttatt tttcaaaagc tacttaataa gggttcttta accctttaat gatttagcct     92160
     accttctagc ccaccaccca ccagaggtag tggacaggaa aggtaaacag ggcagaggag     92220
     gatgtggacc tgtttagaaa tagttcattg aggctattcc agtcttcatt gtcaggatag     92280
     cagcagttca cacagtgaac ttgatccact tgcaggcaat agctgttcaa tctagaagaa     92340
     atcgaaaggc tcttccaatc cccccgagtc caagaaagtg gcaagaagct gccggagcac     92400
     caccagaagc tctttggtgg tgtttctctc tacacagtca cgacaaaaca atgatcattg     92460
     aagaaggcaa ggtgaaccaa tgccacagca tcgtcagcga agaccaaagt atggcaaggc     92520
     cacactgtat cagccactgt ctgttgggtt atatttacac cctttccaaa catcatgtgt     92580
     tctctcaagc atcttcccta gcaaaagagc acacaccctt ttttcaggca gcttccagga     92640
     aaacaccaca tttctgttct cagtaaaaca ttctcccacg tgtctgcttc agcaaaaaac     92700
     cctctcataa gacagtttcc agaaaaacat tacatgacac aactgagtct ccaaagaaac     92760
     cagaaatttc cacttcaaat ctctgtgaat tcaaggccag ctaaagctac atagtgagat     92820
     tctgttttaa aaggtaagaa agtaaataaa taaattaatt tttcttattt tttgtttgtt     92880
     taaaagatag atttatttat tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtg ttcagacact     92940
     ttttcttcac tctctggccc tgcctgctcc cgccccactc actctggccc aaagatttat     93000
     ttatttatca tatgtaagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac acatcagaag agggcatcag     93060
     atctcattat gggtggttgg gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctc     93120
     cagaaagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccact gagccatctc tccagccatg tttgtttgtt     93180
     tttgattttc aagatggtgt ttctctgtct agccctggtt ctcctggaac tcactctgta     93240
     gatcaggctg gcctcacatt cagagatccc tttgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta     93300
     gaggcatgtg ccattactgc cctgctgaca aatcactttt tagaagaaaa atctaaagat     93360
     tttatgtaaa gatttctaaa actctaaaaa gataccagaa aagggaatgt gaaacaaaaa     93420
     ctactgggaa ataagaaccc tctgagagct attgaggttg tcgctctctg gtgcctgtac     93480
     ttataggaga gggctggctt catggaggga atcaacagac ctgtaaatcc aactgaaagc     93540
     tcagagacaa tgccagcagg gcccatcaat caaaaccatc ttctcctggc agacttccca     93600
     taatgatgtc ataatctttt ctctcccttt aaggctaatc agaagtttga tcagcattag     93660
     aatgggccta cacatccaaa ccttagccag aagagatggc ttcctaggag cacttactaa     93720
     catttataac caagtctttg gcaagtgatg gattttgcaa catacctctt cagtgtgata     93780
     cttaggtttg tgttgctcca tagtaagcag aaaagaaggg atggggataa ttctctctct     93840
     ctctctctct ctctctctat ctctatctct tggggtgttg atggtgggca aggggggagg     93900
     gggtgataaa agagcttcat ttgcccaggc tggtctcaaa ctcactgtgc agctaagtga     93960
     ggctggtttt gaactccgga ctctccttgc tctacctccc aagtactggc actccaacaa     94020
     gtacagacct gggtatttgt ttatttttaa tttaactctt cccatactct gtcccctttc     94080
     cttaaatctt cttttgtcta tggaccccgt gtctcagagc tcctgcttgg taagtcattc     94140
     tcttagcata gtaatgtgac cacatcccat ggctgtgatt ttctttcagc tgccagcata     94200
     ctgtcttttg cttctttgtt tagcttaatg atgaatttac ttcttgttgt tgttttgtaa     94260
     ggctgtcttt ttatgcatcc taggctggcc ttaaaatcat gatcccactg cctcaaccat     94320
     ccaagttctg ggattaaagg catataccac cactgccacc aaaaagtagg tttacctttt     94380
     agtcactgtc ttagtcaggg tttctattcc tgtacaaaac atcagaacca agaagcaagt     94440
     tgggtaggaa agggtttatt cagcttacac ttccacattg ctgttcatga ccaaaggaag     94500
     tcaggacagg aactcacaca aaaaaagaaa gttagctgag tatgcctcta gccagcaaac     94560
     atagttctct atggtttctg ctgtacttct tcagctataa agtgagttcc ttggtcagag     94620
     ataatggaac atcaaacagg tctgtatgac cagccatttt tagtgaaccc tggcctaaag     94680
     atttcagaaa aaactaaaag ccatcagcac tatcatagca ttccttctgt aatggtttgt     94740
     atatgctcag cccagggagc ggtactatga gaaggtgtga ccctgttgga gtaggtttgc     94800
     tactgtgggt gtggacttta agaccctcat cctagctgcc tggaaatcag tattttgcta     94860
     gcagccttca gaggaagatg tagaactctc agctcctcct gcactatgcc tgcctggatg     94920
     ctgacatgtt cctgccttga tgataatgga ctgaacctca gaacctgtaa gccagcccta     94980
     attaaatact gtccttataa gagttgcctt ggtcatggtg tctgttcaca gcagaaaaga     95040
     aaaccctaac taaaacatct ttttcccctt tagcacatgt cactcagcac actaaatgta     95100
     ctaccagact tgtttaccat ctgtccctca atacaaaata taagctctat gcatgcagag     95160
     atcaatgtct gcctttttct gtgtcacttc tgcagtttct ggaacatgta ctgatatata     95220
     tcaggtagtc aataattatt ctttggattt catatcaagt tgacaaaagc attttatttt     95280
     tccatagtac aatccctcga tactcttccc agattgacaa gatggcacta aattacagag     95340
     atgactcaca attctgtatt aatgcttcag cccttttagc aacaagcagc aagttcttga     95400
     tgctaggaga gtaagacaga aggagctaga aaaacagggg ggatccaatg cacagtcaaa     95460
     gattccacaa gttcatttag aagtcaattg attggacctc cttaagttac tttcagagca     95520
     ctgctgggta caaaggggaa acttcagaaa agcctgagaa gactgcaagg tgccagaacc     95580
     tgaaaccaga tctgccccat gagaaaggct aggcctggaa ggacaggaac aggtcctttg     95640
     aatgccaagg gcattcagtg catctgagga tatgttgtac tgaagacagg gacatcagag     95700
     agggttatag agggcccaga ggaaatgatg taactctgtg aggaagtaga catcaagcac     95760
     tcactatcta agagtgacga taattagaag ataagcttgt caaaaacacc aaaaagagac     95820
     ataaagagag gatgctaagt atgtagctca gttggtagag tgcttgccta gcatgtatga     95880
     gactcagaat acagtcccca tccctgcatt taacaggcat gttaaatgca cacctaaaat     95940
     ccaacacttg ggagttaaag acaggaggat ccaaagttca agaacatctt tagctacata     96000
     gtgagtttaa ggccagcttg ggatacacgg aaccctaaca aaaaccaaaa acaaacagaa     96060
     caaaaatata tgaggatgag ctagaggata tggaaaattg ttatatataa agtttatata     96120
     tgtgataaat aactcataat gagaatattt taaaagttgt tccaaaacta catatattta     96180
     tatgtgttac agttttactg ctgagaacag acaccatgac caaggcaact cttagaagga     96240
     caacatttaa ttgggctggc ttacaggttc agaggttcag tccattatca tcaaggcaag     96300
     aacatgtcag catcaaggca ggcagagctg agagttctac atcttcatct gagggctgtt     96360
     aatggaagac tgacttccag gcagctagga tgaaagtctt aaagcccatg ccaacagtga     96420
     cacatctact ccaacaaggc cacacctcca aatagtgcca ctccttaggc caagcatatt     96480
     caaaccatgg cagtatgtgt atgcaatata tgcatgtgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta     96540
     tgtatatgtg tctatatgca agggggtgta gtaaagaaac tacaaaatgg ctactctgtt     96600
     attagggtgg aaggtttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gtcctggtgc tggtatttta     96660
     tttctttgtg tacattaggc catgaattcg tatggaatgg gctccaacag ctcaggctct     96720
     tttccgttag tcctcacaaa gtgtgcttct ctgggtggca caggctggtg cttcagctgc     96780
     acccaggtgc ccttctcttt ggcttccttt ttcttctggt ccttctcctt cacctgcttc     96840
     aggaagctgt ctctgctctt tgagtgcttg atatgctcaa tccatacgtt gatcctcttg     96900
     gccagaattt tgcccttaac ctgcttgtta acaatgatgc ccacggcatg ctgggtgaca     96960
     ttgtagactc ttccggtttt gccgtggtag cacttatggg gcattccttt ttgaacagtg     97020
     cccgctccct tgatgtctac aatatcaccc ttcttgtaga ttcgcacgta tgtggccaaa     97080
     ggaacaatgc catgtttcct aaaaggccta gagaacatgt accaggtgcc tctcctcttt     97140
     ctctttgtgt tcgtcatttt ggcaagttac tggaagatgg ctgcggcggc agggtggaag     97200
     gttttattgt gagtaagaga gagacagcat ccagaggttt ctggaagagt ccagagcaga     97260
     gaaaataaaa aaccagactg gacatggcta gggctaggaa agtggggcat ggaaagatat     97320
     gaggtacaaa gtgggtgagt agctgtgggg agggaagtct gtgagctaga gcaggcctgg     97380
     gagtatagga aagaagtggt ggggctggtg aatagggact acaggagcct ggaggctaga     97440
     atggacttcg atgtgctgat aggcaccaca gttatatgtc attggagagc catatatttc     97500
     ttctgccaga ggcgaggaaa gtgattcctt ttgtcagtta gaaaaaagtt cctggggaat     97560
     gttggctttt aacaaaccac cagaaatcct tctatagtcc attttgagct cagttctgca     97620
     tacatgcatt tcccaagacc taatcaaaca cgctcatttc tacaccagaa gaaaaatgag     97680
     cacaaacctg aactgtcatt aaagcaacaa cagtgatgtt atccacatta ggggtagcct     97740
     atcaatcaaa gccattgtga ggtttcgcca cacagtacca gcaaggctga tacaagagag     97800
     actgtcaggg tctgagggtg gacctcagtg ctcatctagc atgcatgaga tctttagttt     97860
     catccccagt aggggcagag agaaagagag gacaggagag aggaagagac agacagacag     97920
     acaatcatga ttaggagcta ggcatagtgg ctcacatctt tcatctcagc actctagaga     97980
     cagaggcagt agatctttgt gagtttgagg ccaacctgct ctacatataa agttccagac     98040
     cagccaggac tgtacatagt gaggccctgt tcaacagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaccaaacc     98100
     aaatcaacca accaaaacaa aaaagcaaaa acaaacaaaa aacccaccta atatactgct     98160
     ggtacaatat tctattagga cagatacacc attaaattat tttacaatta tttaaactct     98220
     caggtgcact gttcaaacag aaatgcccaa gaagacccac aagagcatcg tttgtaacat     98280
     cttaacccag agccaagcca gatgtccagc agatggatgg acacatgtgc tgggagtgcc     98340
     actcattgga atcctgctca gccatgaacc aagtcttgct ctgcactata aaaagacctt     98400
     catgagcatc ctggtgagca acaggtgcca gagacagaag aatgagcatg ctgtgattct     98460
     acacatatca tgtggtcaaa ggttgctggg attagtgcct cttaggggaa ctaacctgtg     98520
     caaaaggggt aagaagatac tgggcagggc gaggggtttc tgggctcatc tgatagctta     98580
     tctctagatt tggatgataa agtgttctca ttttgtgaaa aatatcttca agctatgcat     98640
     tctactcttc tatacacaag gtatatacta atagaatact atttttttat ttaaagagaa     98700
     agaaaacaga gccatcctta agcagtgcat tgtaaatagc aagactcaga tgccaggaag     98760
     aagatgcagg aatgaaaagt agcttcaggc aaaagtgacc cacaagagtt ccgaagtacc     98820
     atagcccagg gaaaatgaca ccacacggga gaacggagca aatggcgtta gcaagacaac     98880
     cagctcggtc gtagagctgc gtctaccatc tactgctcta tccctgtccc tcaacagcac     98940
     agcttggatc tcagctacct tggttgcaaa atagaaataa tatcgagctc ccaagatttg     99000
     tctgatatgg agaatgagtt taccaagcat tagctatggc aatagtcact tcaacagaag     99060
     tgttggtccc atgaacaata tggaaaccca taaacacaga acaggagtca aaggtaaagc     99120
     tgaagacaca ttaagaggag ctcaagtatg tttctgattc ctggacttac gatgctccaa     99180
     gtttaggaca gagactcagc aaaggtatca ggacagagga gaggatgggg aaagaagcat     99240
     gccaagacaa gaaaaattat tatgtttcat atttatgggc aactcacagg agcataagaa     99300
     ataataagca gttgctgtgt taggtttgga gttggtttgt catgttatgt tgggtggtta     99360
     atgttgtcag cttgacagaa tcacctggaa gatgggcccc tggctgtgct tgtggggtac     99420
     tgtcttgatt gtgttccact gaggtgaaag aagctgccca ctttgggtgg catcattccc     99480
     tggctgggaa cctggatcat acaaatggag agaagaagct aagccatggc atgcattctc     99540
     tgctcactct tctgactgtg gacataacac gaccagctgc ttcaagctcc tgccttgctg     99600
     tgatgaactg gaccttgaaa gtgtcggcta aaacaaaccc agtctccctt aagatgcctt     99660
     ttgccagggt gctttatcta agcaacagaa aggtaagaca gcttccatag ttaactgcca     99720
     tcaaaatgag cagcttccag tgagcagctg ctaaggaaaa ttcagcacat gtgcaatggc     99780
     tgtgagtcag ggaggaggag aggttggggt gagagggcag aacagtgaag aagaactgaa     99840
     cattcgaagc tggaagaagt gcagcaagtg ttggctggcg gccctaagtc ctgtactgta     99900
     tcagactggt gcctgatata ctggtgaact ttgcaaggag atttccagca caatgtggaa     99960
     agtacgggtt gccacattgt tactgcccat gatacgataa aggagagaga tgtgctaaag    100020
     aaagaactgc cgtgctactg tgatcagtac ctgacaagaa tcaacttaag ggaggaaagg    100080
     tttgggctcc ttctggctta catctgaggg gatacagtct atcacgtagg ggaaagcagg    100140
     gtgacaggtg gctccacagt ggcaggagca ctcatctagc actctttacc tcttcacatc    100200
     ttgccagagc aggaagtaga aagtggacag gaagtgaggc tgagccaaaa taattctcaa    100260
     ggactaccct aaagtaaccc atttcctcca atgagcctcc atttcataaa tgcccttcca    100320
     aaactgtcac tcactgggat ccaggcaccc aaacacgtga gcctatggga gacattccat    100380
     attcagatca catattgtgc taaatgaaac aagccagtca cagaggggaa aatattctgt    100440
     gaccccactc acaagatcac ctgcaggaat cgagtctatt gagagaaagt aggtgaagat    100500
     tgggggttgc agggtctggg gaggaaaaag aaatgagtta atatttaagg attcattcat    100560
     ttattttatg tgtatatgtt tgtgcctgta tggatttata tgcaccatgt acccaaagga    100620
     gcctgcgggg gccagaagag agcattagat tctctagagc tggagttata gatggttgtg    100680
     agccaccaac tgggtgctga gaaccaaact ctggtcctta gggctcttaa ccactcatga    100740
     accacttctt cagctcatgg tatggttttt ggttttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    100800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt ttttccgaga cagggtttct ctttgtagcc    100860
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct tgaactcaga aatccacctg    100920
     cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgcgccac tacctaccca gctcatggta    100980
     tgtttttttt tttttaaaga tttatttatt tattacatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt    101040
     cagacacacc agaagagggc gtcagatctc gttacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt    101100
     tgctgggatt tgaactctgg accttcggaa gagcggtcgg gtgctcttac ccactgagcc    101160
     atctcaccag cccctcatgg tatgttttaa tggacactaa attttggttt tataacacgc    101220
     aagttttaag ataggtggta gtaatggata cacaatacga atatacttaa tatcactgag    101280
     ctatgcttga aatagttaat attttattat gtacatatta ctacaattta agaagttaaa    101340
     atttgataga aatagcagga acacacatgt aagtggtgtg atggcttgaa tacagagaga    101400
     gagctgggac gagaaagggt tacagacaca gctgtatggg caagtagacc cagattataa    101460
     aagggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtcacagtga    101520
     agtgtgcact agatactatg cattgtagaa gcaagacgga ggcccaccga aatggctgca    101580
     acacagagaa tcaaaaaccc atgttgctgt ttctgcagtc ctataggctg gatcacagcc    101640
     ttctacacag ccaactctac tctaccagct agcctcccat ggccaaagaa gaaactggaa    101700
     agtcttggag gttagatgat gtggggaaca aagacatggg atctcaaaga ggaatgtctg    101760
     agaaaggaga tagggaaagg gagaatacgt gtaatgatcc caagactgga actttctaga    101820
     cacggctcac ttggtgggtg caggccctaa gagctgcagg ccagcctcat ttcccatttg    101880
     tctctgttct ctgatcctcc aagatgaatc catcagagcc atgagcacct ttcccctctg    101940
     ataaggcctg gtcaccatac cttcttgacc ctgatggagt gtgtgtgtta gttagttata    102000
     tcacagaata tctgacagaa gcagcttaag ggaagaagga ctttatttga ctcacagtgt    102060
     gagagggtat ggttcaccat agtgggagag acatgctggg attcagggtg gcaggagtgt    102120
     tcaaaaagta ctccttacac gtcagaaagc agagagcact aaggccaggc atgaggctag    102180
     ccaccagcac agggacattc agctcttcta tcagctcagc cccaacatcc caaagcaaca    102240
     ccaccagcca gagaccaggt gtcccaccca acacatgggc ctgcggagga catttcatgt    102300
     tgaagcctgt ctgaactgcg agccaaagta aatccttccc ttaagttgct tctgtgagtt    102360
     atctggtctt agtgataaga agagtggctg acacacttct ccttgccttc agtggtgttc    102420
     tcatggcaac ccgtttctca ttgtccctag cagccagagt caatcctgca ctgtactttc    102480
     actgtatata attccctctt agcctcccta cccagaccag ggagacctgg agaggacagg    102540
     gtggaagata aaccatggag gggcaaagaa tcacaaatga ttttctcgtt atcttgtgga    102600
     atttattgtg aaacaagaca acattgtctg ctgaccttaa gcaaatgtct ggcaaaaata    102660
     tccatgggcc agggagatgc tcatcgggta aaggggcttg ctgccaacct tcatggcctg    102720
     agttttattt cagggaccca tgtgatgggt ctcttgcaag ttgtcatctc acctccatga    102780
     aataaataaa taaatgtaag tttttttttt tttaatttaa atgtatcagt catgagcagg    102840
     gaaatagttc agtgaataaa ggcaccggtt gctaagcttg acagcctgat ctcaatccag    102900
     gattggatcc gcatgatgga agggagagaa tggactacca caatttatcc tctgacccat    102960
     gcctactgtg gtgtacctgc atgtgtgtgc acgtgtgcac gcatgtgcac acacaaacac    103020
     aaatcagtga tgtttttaaa ttattccttt agttatacaa aaattataaa caaacttaca    103080
     gaatatatta attttttagt gtatttcaca gttctttgtt ttacacacat acacacacac    103140
     atgcatacac acacaatttt attttatgca tttgggtatt ttgcctgcat gtatttctat    103200
     gtaccatatg ggtgcatgac ccctacatag aacagataag ggtataggat ctcctggaac    103260
     tagagttatg agccaccatt tgggtgctag gaatcgaacc tcggccctct ggaagagaag    103320
     cgtgttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctttctct gttttttttt    103380
     tccatttttt aattaggtat ttacttcatt tacatttcaa atgctatcct gaaagtctcc    103440
     tataccctcc ccctgccctg ctcccctacc cacccactcc caattcttgg ccctggcgtt    103500
     cccctgtact ggggcatata aagtttgcaa gaccaagggc ctctctttcc agtgatggcc    103560
     gactaggcca tcttctgcta catatgcagt tagagacatg agctctgggg gtactggtta    103620
     gttcatatta ttgttccacc tataggattg cagacccctt cagctccttg ggtactttct    103680
     ctagctcctc cattgggggc cctgtgttcc atccaataga tgactgtgag catccacttc    103740
     tgtatttgcc aggcactggc atagcctcac aaaagacagc tatacaaggg tcccttcaac    103800
     aaaatcttgc tggcatatgc aatagtgtct gcatttggtg gcagattatg ggatggaccc    103860
     ccaggtgggg cagtctctgg atggtccatc ttttcgtctc agctccatac tttgtctctg    103920
     taactccttc tatgggtgtt ttgttcccag ttccaagaag gggcaaagtg tccacatttt    103980
     ggtcttcgat cttcttgagt ttcatatgtt ttgcaaattg tatcttgggt attctaagtt    104040
     tctgggatat tatccactta tcagtgagtg catatcaagt gagttctttt gtgattgagt    104100
     tacctcactc aggatgatac cctccagatc catccatttg cctagaaatt tcataaatta    104160
     attgtttttg atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtaaatg taccacattt tctgtatcca    104220
     ttcctctgtt gagggacatc tgggttcttt ccggcttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc    104280
     tatgaacata gtggagcacg tgttcttatt accagttgga acatctggat atatgcccag    104340
     gagaggtatt gctggatcct ccggtagtac tatgtccaat tttctgagga accgccagac    104400
     tgatttccag agtggttgta caagaagcta gttctcttaa ccactgagcc atctccgcat    104460
     cccctagttg tttgttatat taacaactaa tgtctgccta ttaaagagaa ggtgctagac    104520
     ccctaccttg gttcgcagaa ttctaggagg aaatggtgct agtagaatgc tattgtgtgt    104580
     cttccataaa aacagttcat gtaggaatcc ctttatgttt tcccctcttc cgcaagacaa    104640
     gcctgcaaat actcatgtgt ttgactgcat gaggtgactc ttgatgtgta ccctctcact    104700
     cacgtagtca ctctcatatg agccttcttt ggaaagattt caggtctatg ttagtagtga    104760
     actatgacaa tggacatacg ttggctcgtt ggctgtgtgc aaatgttcac gacaagcata    104820
     ggtagctgtg ctgtgttgga caagtttgcc agaacaaatt caccctttaa atgcataagc    104880
     attctccccc ccccccaaaa gcatatttgc tacatcaaat gttgttgatg caagcattac    104940
     ttcactttcc ccatgatgag gcttgctaga aaggacaccc caagcagaga atctcacacg    105000
     atttcccagc atcctcagca catgacatca gcatatgcat tcaggccatt ctcttcagct    105060
     tatatagccc gggccaccgg catcatctga ggttacaatg tcactcaggt ggctcacgtc    105120
     accactttcc attccctccc actgctgcag tctcatttta gcctcgggga tcacgaggca    105180
     tggagtgtcc agaatgtcac ttgtggagat aacattactg tttgccccta ctgtccagtg    105240
     accgtgctcc agcaccaagc atcacgtgct gtgcgtgtga ctagagagga ggatgtaagc    105300
     agagggcttt gcttggggct gatgtggcca acagaaaatg caaacaaggc agtttcttgc    105360
     gctcagcggc aaacttggca tatgtggctg tccctgcaac aaatgacaat agtatttaga    105420
     tactcaattt ccaagcatta ggaggtctgg tgcttggagt tctcacccgc tgagtggcgg    105480
     aagctggaat ggcaactccc actttccccc caggaacatc tctcaaggac taccacttcc    105540
     atttcatggc ttttcggttt cagcctcata aacctcccct cagagggaaa tacaaaaata    105600
     gaatcagaga gacaaggaga gaaggcaggg caacagaatg cttcttcaga gccccatgga    105660
     ctgtttggaa tttcctttct caataatcca caggatcatc aaaaataggg tctgtctgct    105720
     ttccacagct ctgcaaagtt ctaggtctgg accctcctaa ctcagccatg ccgctggggt    105780
     ggtggggagg gcccactggg caggggtcgc ttgcaagcac agctgctcct aagctcagga    105840
     gcttagcctt gccagccgtg agctgttgcc aggtttctgg agtgttagaa tagtaaacag    105900
     ttgtttctca gaaacagaga tagggtgatc cgcagcctca catgctaaat ttaaatttca    105960
     ttacgctctt tcctaacaac agggatcagg gcttttcaag cagggtgggg tggagggagc    106020
     tgtagctcta gagggttgga agaaggaacc actaggtgat tcagtttcgc caaatcccaa    106080
     aggatgcttt gctcatgtgc tcactgtgtc cctgacattt tgagaggagc ctagaggctc    106140
     tcagggaaaa aatcagactg ggaggtgtca caagttcttg gccattagcc ccggtgctgc    106200
     cccttgtgaa ctttctcaca gttagcagga agcagccaaa gggctgagaa taaagccgaa    106260
     taaagtgcac ataattaaac gctgacaaga gcccggctgt aaactccgat gtcatcagcc    106320
     atgtcatcag aacagcgatg gctaaggaga tgaaagggac tggaggggct gcagacatgg    106380
     ctccatcagt aaagtctctg tcacacaagg gcaaagtcct gagttcaatc tctagaaccc    106440
     acataaaagt catggtacac atctgcaatc ctagctctgg gaagagggga gacaagggga    106500
     tccccagagt ctgttggcca gccagtctag ctaattgggg aactccaggc tcaaggagag    106560
     taaagtagtg atcaaccaaa gaagataaca gatgtcaaac ttggcctcca tacgcatgtg    106620
     tatacatatc tgtgcacaca aagtcaactg taaatataca cacaaacact acccacacat    106680
     acacacaaaa aataaagtga ttgtggtagt ttaaatatgg ctgacccaca cagtggcact    106740
     attaggaagt gtggccttgt tggaggaagt gtgttatcat gggtgtgggc tttaagaccc    106800
     ccatcctagc tgcctagaac tcagtcttgt cctgtttgat tttgtaacaa gatgtagaac    106860
     ttccagctcc tccaccatac ctgcctggat tctaccaagc tctagccttg atgataatgg    106920
     actgaacctc tgaactggta agccagcccc aattaaatgt tgtccttata agagttgcct    106980
     tggtgtctgt tcacagcagt aaaatcctaa ataagacaaa gttgatacca gggactgaga    107040
     tgttgccgtg atatgcctgg ccaggttttt gtttggaaga atgtggattt ggaccgcagt    107100
     ggaattcatt aagttgggct aaatgagcca tcctagtaag aatatggaag cctgttgctg    107160
     tgagtgattt gaactgtgca gacctggtcc aagaagtttc agtggagaag aatttcaata    107220
     tgtggcatag agattgtttt tgtaatattt tggtgaagaa tgtggctgct tttggccctt    107280
     gtctgaagag tctacatgag actaaggtga agagatttgt attaattgca ttgacaaaag    107340
     aagtctcagc agactttgtt ccctggttaa gtctcatgaa gagtattttc aacaagtgta    107400
     gcaaagttta gaaaggaaaa atataaaata tatggtttga gtatcaaggg ggcaccagga    107460
     agtgaaatgg agctgaatcc tgagttcaag gatattaaat cgaatgaagg gagtagtgac    107520
     cttggggcaa gattccatcc agctaaattc aggcccaggc ttggtactct aagtctttaa    107580
     tcccaggagg taacagcaag aaagtttctg agttcaaggc ctggctggtc cagagcaagt    107640
     tccaagtaca gaaaaattta aacccaggcg cagtggacca cacctttaat cccagtgcgt    107700
     aggaggctgg tatacacatc tctgagttca cagtcagtct acagagcaag ttctaaggcc    107760
     aggcaagctt aggtagtaaa gggattgaaa aacagaaagt tggtgctaat gaaatataac    107820
     aaaggggtga tgttctagcc ccagtaagca gcagaactca gcagctttgg tcatttggct    107880
     ctggttttat attcaagagg agaatgagac tactgggaca attggtgctg gttagctgaa    107940
     gctaagaaat tagtggtgat gaagaagaga tcagcatcac tgaggtgaaa tcttctggga    108000
     agtgttttct gaaagcacaa agaagctgtg ttccagaggc agccacggtt gtacctcgtg    108060
     ctgcagctat acttggtaat gtgtaagagt cattcaggtg gtactggctt tgaaggcatg    108120
     aaggtgatat gaagaacagc tgaggcttgg cactatgaga ggccatagaa ggccattaga    108180
     aggtacagcc tcagttgcat ttggcagcct aggactgaag gagtcatgca aagaacttga    108240
     ggcttggcac catgaagaga acctatgaga agctattgat gaagcctaat tgtagcagaa    108300
     gactccagtg taatgaagat gccagtacca tggaatgagc accaagaaca gcagcagcag    108360
     tggaatagag tcagccagag cctagagtgc tacagagggc aaagctcctt cctttgaagg    108420
     agcccaaagg accatgtgtg gatcccaaac actggaacaa gaagctgtaa cactgaagtt    108480
     gtcttggaga cctcaagatg atcgagatgc cagagccatg ggatatctac taaggaaagc    108540
     tgctaacagg gagtggaacc aacccaggag aaagaacttt gttgcaatca agaaagatga    108600
     aaaaggagtt ggaaatctga agactgcttt gacaacagat atggacatgc agagaatgga    108660
     gtttgcccag ctggttttct gtcttgcttt ggagattaca gttaagtgat tgtagaatct    108720
     tggagactga attttgaact ttcaacattg ttgagactgt tatagactat ggaactttgg    108780
     aaggtggata actgtatttt gcattttttc tttctttctt tctttttttt ttttttgaga    108840
     cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggttgccc tggaactcag tctgtggacc agtctggcct    108900
     cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaaggcctg ggatcaaagc cgtatgccac    108960
     cactgcccag tgcatttttt ctatggctag gtataacccc tatagattca tgtgtttgaa    109020
     catgcccatg ggagccaggt ttgaatatag ttggcccagg gaatggcact attaggaggt    109080
     gtgaccttgt tggactaggt gtggctttgt tggaggaagt gtgtcatcat cagtgtgggc    109140
     tttaattagg accctcatcc tagctgccta gagctcagtc ttctgtttgc ctttgtaaca    109200
     agatgtagaa ctctcacctc ctccaacacc atgcatgcca ggtctctgcc atgctccagc    109260
     cttgatgata atggactgaa cctctgaacc tgtaagccag ccccaattaa atgttgtcct    109320
     tataagaatt gccttgatca tggtgtctgt tcacagcagt aaaactccag ctaagacagt    109380
     gataaataac aactttataa aacatgaagc ttggagcaaa gcctgagggc agaagtaggg    109440
     acttccccgg accacccaca tctccgctta tcctgatgct tcatgccctc ccttacctga    109500
     gggcttggga taaggacttc ttgaagagaa ggcgaagcac aaaatgcaga catttgtttg    109560
     agccatgaca tttgaactat taaagcaaag aagggggaaa aatctccaca gagaaataca    109620
     gacctgccag gaagaatttt cttagttctg agaccagcac ttcaacattt agttacataa    109680
     ataaatacaa agtgaaaccc caaagtggaa atgggggcat agcagatact cttttctttt    109740
     ttttttaata tatacctatt gcttcatttt ttttgcccat tttttattac atattttcct    109800
     caattacatt tccaatgcta tcccttactc ttttcttttt attaaattta attaatcaat    109860
     ggatggatgg atgaagtgtg tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    109920
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gatcaggatc tatgttgaaa    109980
     ggagttgaga tgtcaaagac aacctgagag agtcagttct ctctttccac tatgtggatc    110040
     ccagggtcta gctatatatt ttttgagtca tggtctcata taatctaggc tagccttgag    110100
     tatgtagcca aggatgacct tgaatttctt ttttaaaaag atttatttct ttattatatg    110160
     aaagtacact gtagctatct tcagacacct tttcttctct ctctggccct gctcgctccg    110220
     gcccaaagat ttattattta agtacactga ctttagacac ctcagcaaag gacatcagcc    110280
     accatgtggt tgctggaatt tgaactcagg acctttggaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaac    110340
     cgctgtgcca tctctccagc ccaaccttga atttctaatc ttgtctctac ctccaaagtg    110400
     ttgggattac aggtatgtga catcacacca ttttatgcac tgggtggaac aaagggcctc    110460
     ctgcatgctt gataagcaac tgagctacag ccccagcttt cctggatcat cttgatataa    110520
     atactaggct actgtttgcc tttgcccatg tgttacttta cttatcactc tgacaaacac    110580
     ttgacaaaaa aacacttatg ggaggaatgg ttttgttcag cccatggttt ccagccactg    110640
     ttgtggggaa cacatggagt tcacggcagc tggagtggga agtggataaa tctcacacct    110700
     ctgcagatct ggaagcttac aaatagacca gaacaagagg ctggtataat ctctgaggat    110760
     cagcctagca acctacttag caatgtcccc aaagagctgg ggacagagtg ttcaaacaca    110820
     tgaatcttca ggagtcattt caagatgaaa cagtaacctc cattcttctg ctcttctgat    110880
     gaaaccaaca ccaggtttct actatgtttg aatagtaaag agttcatccc aacacaggaa    110940
     aggaagagag agaacaggaa gccagcccgc tttccagtga tgtacttcct ccagcaaggc    111000
     tctacctctg aaagactcca tcaccatcac aaacaggcaa ccagctggga accaaacatt    111060
     caaatgcatg agcctatggg ggactttcct cattcaaacc accatgatct cccaatgaac    111120
     acccatcttc agatatcgat taccattggt ggcaacagat taagaagtta aatatttatt    111180
     taatccttac agcccattaa ggggtgacct actaaggcta gtcaatttag ggtttatatt    111240
     gtctcaatta ttttgaaaaa tagttgatac cactttgttc tagactaagc atggtcattt    111300
     ttggaaagag cagagtttgt gagaagtgtc atttttagct ataatataaa cagtattatt    111360
     ctcctcatgc tttgaccttg gcacctgcct caacttgagc atctatagac aaacaatctt    111420
     atctcttact atttcataga acgcttttgt taccaaacat acagttctcc aggattttgc    111480
     ttataggagt tgagggactg tgaatagtaa atattgagga tggactgata gagtctagat    111540
     ttaccgagga gacaagcctc taggcaaggc cataaggggt tatctaaatt aagataaccg    111600
     aggtgggaca agccatcgta actaagagtg gtacctttct gtggactggg gtctggacta    111660
     aaggaaaaaa ggagcaagta agctgggcac cagcacccat ctctgtctgc ttttcaaatg    111720
     caatgtgacc agttgctgta agtttctgct actataacac cctgccatga tgcatcagta    111780
     tgaataacta tatgagtcaa aataaaccct tctttcctaa gttgcttttg ctggatgttt    111840
     tgttacagca ataataaaag caaataatgt agcaccctgc agtttcatgc tgttctgata    111900
     ccaaacaatg ctagcccaga cccaatgatt aaatgtacaa tcccacaagc tggtgaccct    111960
     catcatatgt cagctgtaag cctcagtttg tgagtcccac ttctacccaa tggctccaat    112020
     agatttcagg tgctatatga ttgaattgtt agttttaaga tcagtattag attggtgtag    112080
     tggttaatcc cagcatttgg gaagtagcag atgagtctct gtaaattcaa ggataactgg    112140
     tctacccagt gagttccagg ataaacagag ctacacaata agaccatgtc tacaaaacca    112200
     aacaaaatat aacaaaacca aaacataact aacaaaaaac ccataaaaca aacaaaagat    112260
     tggtggaagt tactggtctg ctaagtagtg tgttccaaag gctttccaca gtctcaaaaa    112320
     cactagttta gtggcagcag ttgagagtgt gtggacattc agaacaacca agatggcttt    112380
     ggttctggat cccggtgagg tgattgaaag acctctgaag ggagaccctc actcaagtct    112440
     caggataata gcggaccccc aagagctcac gagagaacaa acttgatgca aaccacacga    112500
     ggctttatta ggggaaagcc agagctctgg ggacgactcg tatcccatgt aggggtagag    112560
     gagtcgaccc cgaggggaaa ggggtcccag tttttatagg ccctcagggg ggaaaggaga    112620
     aggagggagt aggggatttc cagatcttaa caatgtctat tctcaagaaa tgggtatggg    112680
     aggagtacaa ggaaagagtc tggtgcaggt gtagcaactc aggattggcc ccagctgtgg    112740
     ttgctgggga gattttctga ctcttcccca gctaccaata tcacaaacac ctggcggtga    112800
     ggtgcagcag tgggcacaca cctgggttca aggaacggtc agaacattgg cagacacacg    112860
     ggttcaagga gcggccagag cattgtgcac ctctttctct aaatcagtga agctagttct    112920
     gctaacaatg aaatctattt tgccaatttc agggcttcgg tgacctttta cattctgtca    112980
     ggatctttca gtaatggttg gttttcattg tgtatttgac tgggtttggg aacacttagg    113040
     agacacactt ctgggtgtat ggacacgttt ccagagaagt ttaactgaga aaggaagacc    113100
     cattttgaat gtgggcagca ccatctcgtg cctaccctac cctgatagat aatatcttct    113160
     aactctgagt taagataaac cctcagttaa gataaactca ttcagataag agttctttgc    113220
     tctttaaatc ctgtcataat tccaccaaga tgattgtgca gcatgtggtg acacccccaa    113280
     ggtgatgtgc aagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatga tcacgcagtc    113340
     atgtatatat gtgcaccaca tataagcttg ctgacggtgg agccagaaga gggtgagtta    113400
     tatacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggg tactgaggat taaatccagg tcctctggaa    113460
     gagtaacaag tgttcttaac agctaagcca tctctccact cccaacatgt gttaattctt    113520
     gacaatagcc tgtagcagct ttctgaaagg agacagcagc tacgtgacag atctgtccaa    113580
     gttctctcca actgtaggtc cttagggacg gcagcctctc tttaaaggct gcacagttcc    113640
     agggcacacc atttgcttca gggacattgc agctttatat agggatgatg acaactttct    113700
     ggcttgtggc tgtgaagcat cctaagaaag gagattccta ctctagtaac actgtctccc    113760
     ggatccatca ctagtgcttt tctggtagtt tccccagggt agatgaaagc taacgtcctt    113820
     ccctctctag tctgataata ccccattatt ccagcagtct tggctagaat caaaatctcc    113880
     cccacccact agcatattca ctagtggtca atgtgtcctg gtgactcttg gctatcatgt    113940
     cagattcttc cacattccat ttaataaatg ttaccttggg taatggctca tgcatttcct    114000
     gtcccttcta ttattttggt caaacttgtc tatgttgcct atgtccatat gtaaaattct    114060
     aatcaccaga gagaagcaat ataagtggat tttggcttta tagttcctta tgctgtcgac    114120
     actcataacc aacgggctat ataaaaccaa gtgctattat cagctctgac tgaagggaaa    114180
     acaagccaga gatgtgtgcc agcataggaa aacccatcct aaaaaaagat atggatgtct    114240
     tcagtttgct ggtaagtctc tccaatcttg actgctcacg tcagctcagc catgctgcga    114300
     gagtttccct tggtgtgttt ctaggttaag cactgaggct cttgactctg aagaacagta    114360
     ttggatccag gaaagagaga ggttgggtgg acagtgttct acattcaatg aatcagaggg    114420
     tgaatcccct accttcaaat atatactatg acttcctggg gggtgttctc ttttaaaatg    114480
     cagacatctc tgctagaaat cctgggaaaa aggttgctca gatactgttg gcagaggaca    114540
     tgaagggaga tgggtccatt tagtatttac agggacagag agatgaaagg ggggggggcg    114600
     ctagatcact aaatcacatt ctgttttgct ttcatccagg gcttggcctg gtagattagc    114660
     agatagctaa gattctggtg aggaaaagaa ctatttccaa ggaagctggt ttctttgggt    114720
     gtagaagtag cttgaatgtt cttagacata tttaaggttc cttttgaaaa taacgttttc    114780
     ctttagggtg atttttcttg ttgttgttga tggttttatt gttgttgttg ttttggtttt    114840
     tgttatttgt tttgttttag tggttaaaac taccaatagg accagttatc taattgtcag    114900
     ggctcagtgc aaaataaaaa tatagactgc cttcctctga aggatttaat gattcagaag    114960
     tttaagggtg agatggggag gacgcagtca ggagggtaag gcaggaagat acaacctggc    115020
     ttataaagtg agttatggga gaagcctggc tctagagtca ggccctgggg gtgaaaggaa    115080
     gacttcaagt cattggttac agtagagtgt cctgtgtcac tggaatggag ggatctgtgg    115140
     gcccgcacca gctgcacaca caagggatac ctggaacaag agtaagcaac ctaaggcgtc    115200
     cctcctttga tcagtttttt ttttttttcc tccaaaatct actgactctc aaggcagatt    115260
     ccaggacagg agtatggacc agatggggaa cttgacagaa gtgctcagtt ttggttgggg    115320
     tcctaaaatg attgccctac aaactggagg gctcaagttt agctctccag cttacacata    115380
     tataaaagcc aggtgtgaac atgaccagca agatgaccca agaagcctac tgcacaagct    115440
     ccgtgagtca aggtcattcc caggaaccca cacaaaggtg ggcttctaaa tccccgcccc    115500
     acccgcctct cccagcctgc agtaacatga gctggctgat gggtgggcca agctcttttc    115560
     ccccaacttt gcaaagtttc ctctgacctt cacacgccca aaccatacac aggaacacta    115620
     acaggaataa atgtgtagca aaactgtgga cacctcctga aaaacaagag gttgatctct    115680
     ggcctccaca cgtgtgtgcg ctgccaagca tgtgcatcta ctcacacaca tgtggtccct    115740
     tacacatatg cagctataca taggaagata tctacttatg tcttagtaag tccacttcct    115800
     ctttcccttg ggatcctgtc tcgtgttcaa gtttgacaat ctctgccata ggcaacaatg    115860
     aacgtgatgg atttcagaat agaatcaggc ttcggtatca catggcctaa ccagaaaaag    115920
     atgcctttag ctatgaggaa actagagcat gtcgaggcag agggggtggg gtggggtggg    115980
     atttgtagtc agctcttctt cctaccgagg agaaggtacc agtggtttca tttgcaatgg    116040
     ctaaccactc atagtcactc tgcctgcaaa gccagatcat atcccacttt tagtgttccg    116100
     tgggttgaca ggtggagctg ggatttaaag gcacagttcc taagtcccct ctccaccccc    116160
     ctcacccagg taacctgcgc tggctaacag gtgggccaag ctgcacacca ccagcttttg    116220
     tagtctcata tgccagttct agggagccag gctggctatc atagtaaatg acccgttcag    116280
     agtggagtgg ctcatttaag gttggggagg cccaataggt ctaatacttg tcttgcaagt    116340
     atgatgaacc tgagttctac ccacaaaacc catggtgaaa ggatggatgg gactggagaa    116400
     atagctcaaa tggggggctg tggagatagc tcagcagtga agagcactga ctgctcttcc    116460
     acaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtagtggga    116520
     tctgatgccc tcttccgggg tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttacat atgataaata    116580
     aatatttagc cgggcggtgg tggtgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg aagcagaggc    116640
     aggcagattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgaattccag gacagccagg    116700
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agctcaaatg ggaaaggtgc    116760
     ttgccaccaa ctctgattac ctgggtttga tcctggaatc aacatggtag aagagaattg    116820
     acttctgcaa gttagtaagt tagtgtctga tctacacata tacacacact aaataaataa    116880
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaatgt acaaacaaac aaaaacaaca    116940
     aagaaccctg cctggcaagg tggcatgagc ttataatccc agagctgaag aggaaaggtc    117000
     agctgggtcc ccagatcata ctagcccatc agtctagcct aatatgtgag ctctgggcca    117060
     gtaagagact atgcctcaat aaagaaagag taaaaataaa gtcaaacaaa gatgtctggc    117120
     atctgaggtg caggatgcat gagtttgcac acctgtgcaa acctcccctc gcgcccccac    117180
     caccaccaac atacacatac actcaaagtg gccgatttgg tggaaccaca gggatttagg    117240
     aacatgttgc tttgaagagt atattcataa gacacgttga acttgacatc ccatggctca    117300
     catcttgaga tagtctctgc cagtgcaggg gggtaggtca gcggggggga cgggggacgg    117360
     gtggggggta ctctgctctg tgggacacct gctgctttgc agccccatgt ctgcctcttg    117420
     cattcctgtc aagaagtcac tttgaaggcc ttggccatgg cttatcattt tttccattct    117480
     caggccaagg ctatttgtag tccctccacc tgttaccata tgtgttagtc cgaaaaaggc    117540
     cgagggcagc ttcattaata gcctaaggcc agcgcaaact ctccgagaac actgtgcttt    117600
     ctttgagggc tccatcccat ggaccctgga tgagtcttca cagattctca gctgtgctgg    117660
     ctgccttgag ccagatacac agcaagagag tgcgtttagc tcaaggcctg agtgagccat    117720
     tcccatttgt aaggaggaat gtgtaatcac ttactaattg cataatatgt taacgactaa    117780
     agaagtcagt gcaagtagcc ggtaaggcag atgctacagt agcgtgctat caaagaaaca    117840
     gctataggaa aataattttt aaaaaaagca tgccagacta caaatgagag gaaaacctga    117900
     tttttttttt tttggagcgt cacatcatag tagaaaatgc tttaaaaaaa tcaccaatga    117960
     aacaattaat aagggacatt gtggtgaatg ttagtcagca aaaatgaaat gtaacaaata    118020
     tttaagaata aaacattaaa ctggaatatt tctaaaagat acagtagggg aaaatctagg    118080
     cgatattagc tttgaggatt cattttagac agatcaccac aactgtaaac aactgaagag    118140
     aaaaaataag ccaggcttta ttaaaattta agcacctttg ttctgtgaaa ggcacagaga    118200
     agatgagcca gcaagtagga aaaaatattt gcaaagtgtg catctcaaaa gcaggtgggg    118260
     gctgtggtga tggctcagcc tgtaaaggca attgctgcca ggcctgatgg acctcaggtt    118320
     gactcccagg acccacaggg taggaagagg gactccactc ccacaattgt cctctgacct    118380
     ccacattata tgcacgcatg cgcatgcgca cacagacact tgacaacctg actgtgatcc    118440
     ctgaaactca tatgatgaaa gaacagaatc aattcccaga aaattgtcct ctgacttcca    118500
     catgcatatt caccccacct ccaaaacaca ctcacacaca caataaatga acaaatatat    118560
     aaatgtaatt atttggagaa ggatcaggta acattaatcc tcacaaaagg cttacaggat    118620
     gctagaactt caagcagtat tagagatttt tttaaacctg acctttttct tttctacatg    118680
     tatggatatc tagcctagcg tggtaccaaa agctgtctga aatctcgcca ccagaaggac    118740
     cagacactga gtcagcctgg ctttaatgct aattctcttc tgccatcaga tcctgtctct    118800
     cctactcctg gttagagctg gaagacgccc cttaaccagt tagccccaga atccttatct    118860
     ttaaagtgag agctgcatgt gtccccaaga ttcctctaat ataacctaaa atttatagct    118920
     ctgctgctct ttgaatgcaa aacgtccccc ctccccgact cacttgaccc ccagatagtg    118980
     gcacagtttg aggaagctgt ggaaccgttg agaagaataa tctagttgaa ggaagtagat    119040
     tattgaggtg tttggtgagc ctagaggctt acagcttggc cacagttata gctggatctt    119100
     tctcatcctt ctggcccact gggaagtgga gctggcaact tcgggctcct tatgagctgc    119160
     tattgccgca aatgctgccc catcttcccc gctttgaaac cacgaattag aagaaatcgc    119220
     cccctccccc catattgttt ctgtcaggtg ttttgtccca gtgacaggaa aattacaaag    119280
     tatcttgctt tctaacacag gaaaaggata gtgaatggca aatgtagact acttgggtgt    119340
     caagagaact ttggacccaa ggcagttaac ccaagtgcaa agtgccattt ccatgaagta    119400
     caaaatatat aagattgaac aaggtgaccc atactaagaa aaccactgca tgttctccct    119460
     catatgtgga tcctagccta tgccatttat gaacactgta aatgtggata aagtaaaatt    119520
     tagaaaggag tctgtgagag ggtgatataa ggtcatgggg aaaagacaga atacacatgg    119580
     gtttgaagta gttgtacctg tgcgtgcatg tgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgtgat ggggaggtca    119640
     tgaaaaaggg acattgagtg tttttctcat tcattgacct tttgaaggaa acaattggtg    119700
     ttgtcattga tttctcttct cctcctcctc tccctccctg tccccctcta cctcttcctc    119760
     ttcccccttc tccccctcct ccttcttttc ctcctctctg tccatgctgg atatgtgaat    119820
     tcaacttcct gtatattgaa gtagttagaa acatttccaa atttccaaaa catgtgttat    119880
     cctttgaagc agtggctatt agagttggat gctctttgca atcccatcag ccattaagat    119940
     tgaacaaggc gacccatact cagaaaaaca ctgcagttca gcagaaatta gacatgacta    120000
     ctagccactg gattcatttg tcccattgac ctaattagaa acagtgattt gtttaaaaaa    120060
     aatctgttaa tggggaaggg gttttgtaac ctgaaatctt ctctctctct tttcttctgt    120120
     tttaaaattt aatgtgtaaa ttattgtctt agtcagggtt tctattcctg cacaaacatc    120180
     atgaccaaga agcaagttgg ggaggaaagg gtttattcag cttacacttc catactgctg    120240
     ttcatcacca aggaagtcag gactggaact caggcaggtc aggaagcagg agccgatgca    120300
     gaggccatgg agggatgttc ttcactggct tgcttcccct ggcttgctca gcctgctttc    120360
     gtatagaacc aagactacca gccctgagat ggtcccgccc acaaggggcc tttccccctt    120420
     gatcactaat tgagaaaatg ccttacagtt ggatctcatg gaggcatttc ctcaactgaa    120480
     gctcctttct ctgtgataac tccagctgtg tcaagttgac acaaaactag ccagtacaat    120540
     tatattgcta tactttatat ataaattatg attttatcct taaagataca attccaaatg    120600
     ggactatacc ctgtccactg ctagaagagt cctcctgatt tcatatccta gcaagccttt    120660
     cgcttctgag ctcttgccat gtcttccatt gaagtgtctt aaggactaaa ttataaggga    120720
     gacttggaat gtggttttct gtcactagaa caaccacttc aaaccagaat cattgtatat    120780
     atctggatct ttataattgc caaatctccc cagaagaaac tttaatagcc ctttagtgtt    120840
     ctccagagtt ctcttaccac ctggcttctt tccacttaga accccaggtt attaggagag    120900
     atgctgaaag ggatacacag tgtaactgac ctttttgaaa gatgtgtttg aggattcctc    120960
     ttggagaagg gaaatggagt tgctaagaat tttatcattt ttgagagtac tcatatacct    121020
     gtatacaaat aaaatatgga caatgaaagc atattatttg aaagttattt ttaagattat    121080
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataagcac actgtagctg tcttcagaca    121140
     cagcagaaga gggcatcaga tcccattaca gatggttgtg agttaccatg tggtttctgg    121200
     gaatcaaact caggacctct agaagagcag tcagtgctct taaccactga gccatctctc    121260
     cagcccctga aaattaattt ttaaaagata ggggaaaaaa agactaatca gagggctggg    121320
     gttgtgtgtg ccagagagta ggaccgtgct aacctggcat gtaagaatcc ctggatttga    121380
     tccccaacac ttcctaactg gaaggggcga cacatgcctc taacccagca ctcgggagac    121440
     agaggcagga ggatggagag ttcaaagtta tactcggcta catatgtgtt ttgaggcttg    121500
     tctagtatac ctaagatttc ctgacaaaga acaacaaacc agaaaaggag ctggagagat    121560
     ggctcagtag ttaagagtac tggctgcttt tgcaaaggac ccgggttcag ttcccagcac    121620
     ccacatggca gctcacaact atctataacg ccagttccag ggaatctaac accctcttct    121680
     gaactctgag gatactaggc atatgtgtat ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    121740
     ctctctctct ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca cacacacaca cacacacaca    121800
     cacacacaca caacacacac acacacaaag agaaagagag agagataaag agaaagaaaa    121860
     gtaaaatttc agacctcctg ccaaagagaa gcagctactc ttcctgcatt ctcagtggtg    121920
     tgttctttta taattagaac aagtaataac agttttttat ctccaccagt gacaatcatg    121980
     ccctgagcat gcagttccac acatgtgggc atacatgaac aacctgtact caatgatcaa    122040
     tctcatctct accaggccag atgctctctg acccaatccc tcattcttgc cgacttgcta    122100
     ttctggttaa ggctgggctg gtcatggttt gatgggaaac gaatgccctc acaggttcct    122160
     gtttgaacac ttagtcctta ggtagtggtg cttgttttag gagacaatgg gatgttgagt    122220
     tggtggggtc tagcaaaagg cagtggatca ctaagggtgg gccttgaggt ttataggcca    122280
     gtgatgcttc tagtccactt tctgcttctg atctgctacg atgtgaacaa gtggcctcat    122340
     gttcctgctg ccacaaccac aagccactgt cgtgttttcc ctaagatgaa ctgcactctt    122400
     acaccatgag cccaaataaa cccttcttcc actaagtcag tttcttgttt cttgggtatt    122460
     gtcatggata agaaaatact ccctcaatta cacttgctca tggaggatag acaggtttct    122520
     taatacaggg tgcaactact gaagacgtct acactttgta ttctgtctca cccaacactt    122580
     ctgcatggtt ccatgtgagc tcctttccct gggtcatctc aaggagtgct gacacccact    122640
     gggcatgtca aaaatttaga agggaccttc ttctgtcttc ctactcctgg gtagaatcaa    122700
     tcaaaacatc ttttccttct accttccaaa tgtcactcca gacccacttc cttccctcca    122760
     tcctcttccc caccctccta ggatgttttg aaagaattat tctagttact acccatgtcc    122820
     tagtcaaaat tacaaaatac aatatgtagc acttaatgtt agtctagcca acaatggact    122880
     acatagccta tggtggccca gtgagattat aatagagcta aagagttcct atatcctaac    122940
     tataccatat attataaata cctagctatg cttactgtat actccgagca tgcagtttca    123000
     tgtaatgtgg gtatacctga acagccttac tcaatgatct ctctctctat ctatctatct    123060
     atctactaat attagataga cagagagata gatattctac tatagccatt gtagcctaac    123120
     acattagtgg tgtgtgttgt agtgatactg ttgtaaataa tgtcaagaat aaaacataca    123180
     attacaacag aatgcaacac ttgatagtaa atggcaacat tcctggttta tgtctttccc    123240
     actctgtgat ttcttttgct gttcttattt tagggggtac ttctatttac aggaaaatgg    123300
     ttccctgtaa aacagtacac tgtgttatgt agcagcaaac tcatgcatct tatgctcatc    123360
     ttttggctgc acaaggaagc caagctgagc cattgacctt ggccatctgg gcccgtggga    123420
     tgtactccta tgacaaccac acagccgcag aaatcatgtg cagatcgttt tctcagcaga    123480
     tccccaagta aatattcctt agcgaggtga ggctaggtac aggtctttga actcttccct    123540
     tccttcctcc ttcccttttg ttattacgct cagtccttta ccttctgact ccctgccttt    123600
     cacctaccta cattttttcc attttataaa aacctaagca aaatctcatt acctaggaag    123660
     taagctacaa acaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaaagcta ccacgtccat    123720
     ttcaggcatt gcccaaataa agcaattgcc acaaatatat ggtgtggtag ttttaatgag    123780
     aagtggaccc ctccacactc tcaggaattt gaaaacttag tgttacatta gtgaccccat    123840
     ttgggaaggt ttaggagtta tggccctact gcagaaagtg tgtcactaga ggcagactga    123900
     gcttagaagc tttgtgtcaa tgctttcttt cttttttttt ttcttgagac agggtttctc    123960
     tgtatagcgc tggctgtcct gggactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa    124020
     atccacctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc tttcgccacc acagcccagt    124080
     tctttgtgtc atttctaatt tgctcccagg tttgcacttt cagttcaaga taggagctta    124140
     gcttctgttc ctgctaccaa gcctggtgct tgctgcctca atggactctt atccctctgg    124200
     aaccataagc ccaaataagt ggccttttct aagttgcctt ggtcgtggta tttatcaagg    124260
     ttatcagaac agtaccgaat acagagggtt ttgagtgaga acagtaccga atacagaggg    124320
     ttttgagctt agtggtgcat cggtttagcc ccaagctgga aggaacaagc atactctcct    124380
     aggctgtcct gcccaggctg gatcttggac tgctgcagca aggacaagtt ctcctctgta    124440
     gagattcaag tttgccaaaa tggccaacca aggaaataga tgggtcagat ggagatgaag    124500
     agttcaaaag ctttggtaga tgtaagcaga ttctagaatg gacatggcta ggggatacaa    124560
     ggaattcagg aacccaggac gtggagctag tatttggatg gactgagaaa atggaggaga    124620
     gttctggaag tatctggcat agacagacct ttgctcagat gctaaggaca cctgcagaaa    124680
     cgatggcagc atcctttgtg aagaatctat tggttcagac agctatccag gcataggaga    124740
     cttgacagct aatgtttgct gccagcatgt cacacctggg aatagagggc ctcttggtag    124800
     gtggattgcc tctagcagtt gacctgccgg catgtctgtg tagcattttc ttcattgcta    124860
     attgatgtag agactatgaa gtcagtaagt gttcctccat aattcctgcc ctgacttcca    124920
     tcagagatgg actatgatca ggtgtgtacg caaataaccc ctttctcctg aagtttcttc    124980
     cgaatgtgga ccattatcaa agtacggaaa gcaagggagt aaaggattta ttctatggtg    125040
     tgggttcttg gaatatcaat ccatcctggt ggggaaagca caggggtggg ggttggggca    125100
     ggcagtagct tgtactctcc tgtattgaca gcctgaagtg gggctgcatt atagccttca    125160
     aagcccgccc ctccagtgac tccctccctc cactgagact acctcatgcg ttttctccaa    125220
     acggtatcgg gtgggggcca agtgcttgaa caaatgatga gcccattggg catatttcac    125280
     aaaccataat tgcctgtttg ggatggcaga atgcctccaa ttcacagtca catccaaaaa    125340
     ggaaatctcg caatagtgaa cattgtttta agttttacaa aaataataat ttatgcctga    125400
     atattcatag agaaaaatct agaggaattc acaagcctct cttaacatcg aatgtttgta    125460
     gggttaggga aagcgttcca tccaagcata caattataaa caacaacaac aacaaacaaa    125520
     acaaaacaaa aaaccagaca aattaaagaa cctccaaagg cactgaaaat cgggcctgca    125580
     caccacccac ctagacattc tcgctttaaa aaggggatct gtgaacccag aagtaacttg    125640
     agaaaaatca taaacatcgt caacagaaaa gagaaggtgg gttgatgtgg cgaaggctga    125700
     ggaaatgtca agggtttcct gttgttttaa ggttgtttta aacagcgagg aacaataatt    125760
     gaattggttt tagcttttgt tactttaccc acgctctttc cgggtttggg aaaaagaccc    125820
     aggtgtcttg gctgatgggg agttcaatag aagccgctgt gggtggatga aatcccaagt    125880
     gcaaacgtga actactcaga tagatgcttg ttccgttctt gataaaaaca ttgtttgctg    125940
     agctggcagg gccacagatg gaggaagaaa tgttgccatg tagtataaat gcagctggct    126000
     ctcaccacag aaaacccagt agagatagtt ttaaatcagt ggtgaaatgc cggcacctgt    126060
     ccacccccta cctaatcacc ggggtttgct gacgagtttg ggatattttc ttccaaacac    126120
     tgatttattt ataaatagat ataattttat taaatcaccc ttctttcctt ctttacttat    126180
     tccctctctc tccctcactc cctctctgtt ctttatctta accgcaccct cccctttctc    126240
     tttcttttga gacaaggtct cactcaagct agcctacaga tcactgtagc ccaggttggt    126300
     ctggagccca tggcaatcct ccagcatcag ccctcaagtg ctgagtttac agacatgagc    126360
     taatatatca gacttgatgg atataatcaa gtgattgtgt gtctgacata tatgttcata    126420
     tgtgaacata tgagtgatat atacacaaaa ttacttttac aatttacttt ttatttctaa    126480
     atcactgatg tctaacttta gagattttct attttctata aattccttaa ttggcccttt    126540
     tcatgtaaat atttgtttta tttgttgtgt ggatttaaaa aagagttcct ggcagggcat    126600
     ggtggcacgt gcctttaatc ccagtagaag agaccggtgg atctctatga gtttgagacc    126660
     atcctggtct acaaagcaag ttccaggaca gccaaggctc tgttacacag agaaatcctg    126720
     ccttgaaaag ccaaaacaaa caaacaaaca ataacaaaaa ccagagttcc tgagtcaaag    126780
     ggggcaactg gaatctgtaa aacaatcctt tacaaaaagg ttgtgtggaa actacattat    126840
     agaaaaatta gctatacaaa cagggagtgt gtctagaaga caaagaaagc agtgtgacat    126900
     ggatattgac tgtagatgtg ggttttataa taatctgttt catatttgat cagtgacttt    126960
     gggcatgtca tgttcagcac ttctccagtg tcagcttacc gcattaataa gctgggagtc    127020
     acagctcctt cctcctaggt ggcagcaagg gttaaatgag atgacctatg taccccctta    127080
     ctctagtgtt caacacataa ggagccacca tgtgggagct gggaactgaa cccacgagag    127140
     caacacgtgc tcttaacttc tgagcgatct ctccagccct acctttgaga tgttatattg    127200
     tatttctgtg tatgtttctg tgtacaggtg cacacaaggg gctgttagat tcctgggatc    127260
     tagaggtata gctgtttgtg agctatctga tatgggtgct tgggacggaa ctcgggtcct    127320
     atagaagagc agtaagtgtt cttaatcccg gaaccaggcc caggcccagg ccatctggtg    127380
     tttgttaagg aagcacacaa tcctaggcac agtccttcat ggtgcggaag tcaaggcagc    127440
     aggagcttga agcagctgct tacatgactg cattacagtc agaagagagt gatatatgca    127500
     tatgggtaac cttcactagc tcttaaatgc ctcagtttcc ctggatccga aatctgctac    127560
     tgcggatcaa aagatcttac tgaagaagaa agaataagtc agttaggata tgagttaata    127620
     taccttagat agtcagtaac ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ggttggttgg ttgttttttt    127680
     gagacagggt ttctctatgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta taccaggctg    127740
     gcctcaaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctccccagt gctgggatta aaggtgtgca    127800
     ctgccacgcc cagctagtaa ctcttaaact tagagttttt cttaggaagg agaactgcaa    127860
     aatggcagtg tagagggaac cgagaaagga ggcagggaga acctgggaga gacaagagtg    127920
     ggcttgagac actgggagaa ggaagccttc tgggaacaca tgaggctgaa attaggattt    127980
     gtgtacacgt taaagagtgt ttcagaggag tgaggagaca ttgcaattct tcaatcatga    128040
     tatttaaatt ttttaattac attttaatct attttctcat gtgtacacat gtatgttgag    128100
     gtcagaggac aatgtaaaag agagaatcct ttttaccatg tggatcctgg gaccaagcac    128160
     aggctgccag gcttgacagc agtgccttca ctctgaacca tctcgttaac ccaattgtag    128220
     aatgttctat caccctaggt ggtgacttgg cagttcgcct aaataaaaac ggcttgcagc    128280
     tatgcctgtg gaaatacaga agtgacttct gtttgtctct tcctaggtcc taactatacc    128340
     ctctggctcc ttaacagtgt ctaacaacag ccctggggtc agggtctagg tttcaccaac    128400
     tgtatcagtc aggattctcc agagtcaaca aaacacctac tactgtatga gagatcctta    128460
     gggtcagaga atgaatggct gcttgcaggg ctatgggcag gagaaacagg agctcaaatg    128520
     gaggaactgt cacctagagg gatcaaaggt gccattatag tcagtggctg aagctctgga    128580
     agccccagag agtcactgac atgagcccct gttccaaggt tggagaatca caaaacagaa    128640
     cctacactag ctcgagtgtg cacacgtaca tatgtctcca tcttgtcctt tccccttctg    128700
     ctctggtccc agcctcttgg atgatacagc gtctccactc agttttgggg ccagatgcta    128760
     atctgtgcac atagaagatg tgggctttac taattgtcta gacatcccta gacaatcaag    128820
     ctgacaacca atattaaact acccatctac agctagttgg atgattgtgg gggaaattga    128880
     ttaatttgtt tatgtttgat ttctgtccta tgtaacctgg gttggttatc ttactgaaac    128940
     gataaagttg tgagattaaa ctagttaaca tccaacacat tcccagatga actagttaac    129000
     atctaacaca ttcccaggtg aacgtggcac aaaatcagtg ttcagtatgt gtcaactata    129060
     cttattaatt aaaacaaata caaaacaaaa gacactggac agggcttagt aattaagagc    129120
     ccttgattct gttctagggg tcttgagtca gttcccagca cccacatcag gtagttggtt    129180
     tacaactgcc tgtaactcca cctttggttc aagcctggct ttgggacagt agctggagcc    129240
     cagacttttg ccctaaaggc ttagcttaca gatatcagat gcttttggta tgtggaggtg    129300
     agtgacgtca ccaggggtcg tgttagaggg tagagctttt ggagctttag acacgggcag    129360
     aatgttaaac acaggaattt atgagacata ctgaaggagc taccatctgt ggggtgaacc    129420
     catccaaaca gagaaataca gggttggttt ttttttcaac agctttgttg agatataatc    129480
     agtgtaaaat gaactctgca tatttaaaat gtacgatctg ttaaattttg ataaacacat    129540
     gcacctgtga agtcatcagt aaaagcaaga taatgaacac atctgccacc ctcaaacatt    129600
     ttctttaaac ttttaaatta tgtttacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    129660
     cacacacacg aagaggtaag acaaattctc aagagtttgt tttctcttcc cacctgtttt    129720
     aggagcaggg tctcacttgt ttttgctgag atgcatatat gggcttccag ctaattctgt    129780
     ttccatctcc ctgtaggaat gatgaaaata tagatgcaca ccactgcatc tggcttttcg    129840
     tgtggtttct tcggaattga actcaggtta tctatcttga gtgtttcgtg cttttatgtg    129900
     ctcagctatc tcatgcccct gttgttgttt ttgagacaga gtttctctgt gtagccctgg    129960
     ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggg tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc    130020
     tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg tgccaccgtg ccccgctctg ttgtattatt    130080
     ttaagttccc accacagcgt gtgagagttt gcatgttcct gatgactgcc gccattgagt    130140
     atctgctaga atgttagatt gctgttagca cccctctaca ctgtctgtct ttatgtggat    130200
     ctgtatatta gatgtactgt ttctctactg ttgcgtccag tctctgtatg cagcccaggc    130260
     tgtcctagaa cgcacttggt cgataagact agcctcagac ttgcagtaat ccccctgccc    130320
     ctgactccca agtgcttgat cacaaccaca tgccaccaca cccagctata tgttggatat    130380
     aaatactctt ttggttttta catattactg aattcggttt gctctcacct ctggaatttt    130440
     ggcacgttgg gtggtgaggg gacttgtggt aaataattcc ttttttgaga ctctccctgg    130500
     tttaggtgca aagataatgc tggtctcata aattagagag ctgttttcta ggaaaacttg    130560
     tgtagaatta tgtttgttat tttgttttta cttttttaat tgtctggtgg atcttgcaga    130620
     agaagccatc taagccggag atttaatacg gtagactttt gtatattgac cttgtagtat    130680
     cctgtatccg ttagaagcca cctcaactag ttctggtagg ttctttgaag atttcatcag    130740
     tgtttctaca taaaagacca cagtttcagt tttagtcttc ctttccacaa taaatgaccg    130800
     atcttttctt ctgtttggtt gtctggctag tgcctccagt gtaaagtcga atagaagctg    130860
     gcaacagaca ggcctattag tgttaagggg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgct gctactatta    130920
     ttagtaaaga ttctctttac tgggctcaga aaagttcttc ctagtttctt tcctaaagct    130980
     ttgtctatgg taatactgag ctctgtcaaa cgtggctctt tcgtttgttt tctcaatcat    131040
     atgattttcc tttattcacc tgttaacatg gcagattaaa tttattgatt tttaaaatat    131100
     taaatccata cttcacttat ggaataaatg cattttaatg atcatggatc cagattacta    131160
     aaactgtgtt aaattttctt gaaggacttt gggggcatgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt    131220
     gtatatatat atatccatac tttggaggca catatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    131280
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtacata cacattatgt ataatagtag gttatataag ggcacatata    131340
     tacacattaa tacagtattg agcaatttag ggacatgtat gtgcagtgct gggttatata    131400
     agggcaagta tgtaatgtct tttgagttta tttgtcccat agtttcccat tctccccttt    131460
     gcatgctctt cttattagcc ccttcatccc ctaggcagtc tccctctact ttcgtgtcct    131520
     atatgcatac acagctttat ggatttatgt gaaatctggg atttacagat gagaggagac    131580
     atatgatgtg cttttctggt gtgcaagtgc ctttgtgatg atgtgctgat gtgaaatttt    131640
     tcaaatgtac acccaggact gagatagttg ggttttatgg tagatctatt tttagttttt    131700
     ctgaaaaacc tccatactta tttctacagt ggctgaaatt ttgcatttct accagcaata    131760
     aacatacaag ttctcagatc ctgtcttagt cagggtttct attcctgcac agacatcata    131820
     accaagaagc aagttgggga ggaaagggtt tattcggctt acacttccac attgctgttc    131880
     atcaccaagg aagtcaggac tggaactcaa gcaggtcaga aagcaggagt tgatgcagag    131940
     gccatggagg gatgttcttt actggcttgc ttcccctggc ttgctcagcc tgctctctta    132000
     tagaaccaag actaccagcc tagagatggc accacccaca aggggacttt ccccttgatc    132060
     actaattgag aaaatgcctt acagttggat ctcatggagg catttcctcc actgaagctc    132120
     ctttctctgt gataactcca gcctgtgtca agttgacaca aaaccagcca gttcagctcc    132180
     ttatccagtt ttctcttctt aggctgtcat tggttacctt atggagcaac ttggaaacca    132240
     ttccctcttc ttcaggttgt attcagtcta tattacagat gggttctttt tggttttcat    132300
     gactcttggt actgaacctt gggcatacta ggacactgtc cattggccta tactctacca    132360
     gtcccacctc accttggtga atatcaaatg tttttaaaat gctgtagaca tttttgtgtt    132420
     tcatttgggg acatggttaa atccctggga actattttat tctttcttat ttctcttttg    132480
     aagtttttca gtacatttaa tcaagaacta atttattgcc atttctgagt tctcggatgc    132540
     tctgtgaccg tcagtttttc actctgactg tgtaaagcag gaaccacttt cactggccct    132600
     ttttgagcca cagtacccat tccttctgat cctgattgga ctctagggga ctctgtgaat    132660
     ctccagggtc ctctgtcttc tcaactccct ttctgcaatt ggtcttgcaa attctagtaa    132720
     ccttctattc tcccactgcc ctccctccca gtttaggaag tccgatgaac tgtgtctgtg    132780
     ttcccttgaa aactgtcctt tccctgggca ggaaatttat gctatcacag ctttaatggt    132840
     tgtttgtttc ctgccttttg gtgatcgttg tagttccttg acagagagaa agccttgagc    132900
     gctgcctctg cttccatggt tcttcaccca gatgttgact ttttgtatca tggctctttt    132960
     tttttctttt gatctggaat ctgaagtctg cggttaattt ccaaagacaa gcactgtagt    133020
     actttgataa acttgttcaa agagttggtt ttaatctaaa gagaacttta aaatgtaaaa    133080
     tacgaaaccc cagttttgat cttcagcatc acatatacca gatgtagtgg tacatgtctg    133140
     tgatcccagc attcaggagt tcaagaatat cattggctat gcagcccatt ctagactaac    133200
     ctggcattag taatgatggc gttactgagg agaacaacca acaataggca aaagctaagc    133260
     ttgcctgtgg tgagaattaa aagaaaaaaa aaaccagtaa tacattgcat ttgttgattg    133320
     tgtgagtttt tctgcaaaaa acagtagatg ttgaaagaat ttggcgattc taagtctaca    133380
     cagtttctct tgcaacctgg ctgcagattg gtagccttgc gccacaaata gtactgtagc    133440
     acctgctggc agcggttact aaattgggat ataaacttaa ctggggggac cctatcctct    133500
     cagatgtttt gggcacctaa tgctgtattc agcttatagc aggtggttgt tacaggattg    133560
     acttgaaatt tcagccctct gctcccatgg ctctggcttt acttccttgg gtgacataat    133620
     ttctagggac ggctaagcag gtctggtgag agcagaagtg cagcactgcg gggagaaacg    133680
     gaaatgtaag gagaaactgg ccaccggcct gtcattgtca gttctctgaa tttatggctg    133740
     gcaggtgagt actagacgct tcctgctttg gcttggttac tgacattttg atacatttgg    133800
     tttaagttac atgccttgag tccttcaggt gagggcgaga agccaagaaa gagggtattc    133860
     aggggttttt aaacggaggg agaaagaatg gaatgggaga gaagactgag gattaagaga    133920
     gggaacgatg aataaagaga ggacaaagaa ggagggagac actttagaag aactgaaaga    133980
     agggaaggag gaaggaggtg aacagggagt agaggagagg tggagaggca gagaggcaga    134040
     gaactgaaga ggaggaaaag aggagaaaag aaagacaaat agaaaaagag gaggagtggg    134100
     caggagaagg aggaggggag gggaaagggg cggaggagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    134160
     tgtgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaggt gggagtggaa gtgggagtgg    134220
     gggaggaaaa ggagggatga gggagatttt tcagctagct tgtggacaca cgggaaacat    134280
     gactttgcag cgggtctttg gaacccttgt gtgtgctgtg agaggtggga ccggatccat    134340
     atgtgtcctc tccctagttc taagcttcca accctcccta ctttcctctg ggttgctgtc    134400
     cgaggtgccc ctaggtcatc cctggaagcc agcagagagc aggggtgggc ggagtcaagg    134460
     cagtggaacc tgagcggggc tctccagcca gccaaccaca cgtgttggag acggggagtg    134520
     ggtggggccg gcagcacgtg actctcagcg ggctattaat ccgcgcggcg ctgcctgcag    134580
     gcgtgctggt acttcgccgg agactccgcg cccaggcgtg ccgccccagg aaccgcgaga    134640
     aggtcaccgc agcccgccgc ctttccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat    134700
     ccatccatcc attcatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccattt ctccgtccgt    134760
     ctgtccatcc cttgcgctgt gctcgctccc cagccgcccc agccacccag cgccatgaat    134820
     cagatagagc ccggcgtgca gtacaactat gtctacgacg aagatgagta tatgatccag    134880
     gaggaggagt gggaccgcga cctgctcctc gacccggcct gggagaagca gcagaggaag    134940
     gtcagcaggg tccctcacgc atgtctgtgc ctgggtcgtt gtggggtggg ggcgtctccg    135000
     gctgtgacca ctagaagagg ccccctggtg gaggctcttg ttcccccagc ctcccaccgc    135060
     accatcagaa aggacagcac acccagagat aggcaggaca cctggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    135120
     gtgtgtgtat aaaagttaac ataagttgga aaacgaatga tgttcaaaag actgttagac    135180
     tagaatctga gagtctcagc tctccttttg ccatgacctt gccctaaagt tattttgtga    135240
     cagaccctgc tgtcttcatt tgccccaaga ctgtctcctc actaagacac aaaatgaaaa    135300
     cccactctat ctcaactttc ctaggtctgg cccaaagata attcgaaaac tacttattaa    135360
     acatgttagg ctccttagag agggatgctg tagaacccta gacattcacc tacaaagtaa    135420
     aaattatttc acactctatt tatagttcat tgaggtaagc acacagggat gaaggagaca    135480
     gccagcttcc aagagctccc tccccatctt ggtgctctat ggggcctaat ggaacattcc    135540
     attattcagg gtttcttctt gatcctcttg gctaaaacaa ataggggtgc tcaccaggag    135600
     gctaagttcc acctctgttt gactgggcac agagcctggg tggttaggca agtcaacaga    135660
     ctaactcaac attctgacaa aagccagttc cccaagccag tgcctcatgc cttatcttct    135720
     tactttttct gggcatgagc aaggtggatt tcccttctaa gagcctactg ttaggtggat    135780
     gctaagtgtg agtgtcagtg tgcatgggag tttccatagc tgctcctttg agtgattgtg    135840
     tgtcagtaag tgtataatgt tggaaatcta tggtgatgtt aacaagaaag aaaaaggctt    135900
     catgcttgca ttcattatca aataaccacg cactactttt atatagtatt tctcttttct    135960
     tgtctactct ctcttaaatt ctcagtagca gctctgtccc tgctgttgct ataaccctct    136020
     gatgatgcta cttttccacc cccaccttgc ttcccgagat gtctgccatc actacctttc    136080
     ttgggaacaa gggatggaga ctgatacatt tagaaataga gtctaattaa agggcttacc    136140
     aagagggatg cccatggccc tgagggttac acttgtgcca tctggatgta accacttggt    136200
     aagaagttga agagtggttt taattacagc aatgagtgtc tcatttcttt ttaaacattt    136260
     tttcaacaag tttgattact tttttttcat ggattaaaaa agatctctgc ttctgtgttt    136320
     ttgctttgaa gattgttcat ttcttatgga aaacaataat aagattagga atggaacaag    136380
     aagattaccc atcatttttg aaagccaaag tctgagtcta gaagtttctg ttgattctaa    136440
     gaaaatacag tacaaagaag gtatagacat cctcagtttc tgaggccatg tctttactct    136500
     ttgtgagata tttaatttaa aaaacatatt tgcagggctg gagagatggc tcagtggtta    136560
     agagcactga ctgctcttcc agagggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc acatggtggt    136620
     ttacaaccat ctaatgacct cttctggtgt gtctgaaggc agctaagtgt actcatataa    136680
     atgaatgaat taattaatta attaattaat atatttttaa aaaacaacat atttgcaata    136740
     tttttgtgta agtggcattg tcctaatttt tttaggattc ctctatgacc aattaataca    136800
     attattagta ccacataaag tatgttattc aagagctgaa atttgaattg acccagttta    136860
     aaaaatgctg aaaagtataa aacgatcatt tttttttctc cctaaagata agttgagctg    136920
     aatgtagcat cacatgttca taatctcagc acacaagagg ctgggccagg aggattgccg    136980
     caagttggag gctagcctgg aacacacatt aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaaa agaaaaagaa    137040
     aaagaaaaaa ataagctagc ttaggtgtta gagatgccag gggaagctaa gccccagctt    137100
     cccagaacac aaacctgaac ggatgtgccc acagcccttt ccacttttgg tagagaatct    137160
     actgcagtca gtgaaattgt gtggaaccat gagctcagtg aggccagaga agtggcctct    137220
     atatttgtcc tatgagccac tgttggaacc cggaatggac aagatgccat tgtttctatt    137280
     gtgggccacc ttctctgcac ttgccatttc agtgatatgc cgggtatgtg atctgtcaac    137340
     agatgctggt ggctctccgt gacgttggtg gcacgctaat ggatgtggtg cctaattata    137400
     cccacagttc agaggcttgg gactgtggta atccctccct gccccttggt gtggaatgct    137460
     ttgctgcaga aggcctcagg aacagtagag tgcttttttt aaaggtcact caagagatgt    137520
     tagacttcgg gtgtatgcgt gtgtgtgtgc tggcaccccc acattatcca tagggccata    137580
     ttgggtccct gaggtaggct ctacatgatc tataaagaag attgtgtttt aaatttaact    137640
     acaactcaag gagaggtgaa cagatcctgt agtgtcagag atggaatatt taaaatagta    137700
     atgaaggcta ggagtgtagc tcaattggta gaggatctgt catctagaag gtcctaggtt    137760
     cgatccccag tgttacatag gtgagtgtag tggtccatgt ctatgatccc agtacacggg    137820
     aggtggagaa aagaggatca gaaattcaaa gtcatcctta gctgcaaagt gaatttgagg    137880
     acaacctggg atgtctgaga ttctgtctca acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacagg    137940
     aaacaggaat agatcaggtt tatatctgga attagagaga aactttacag cacagtttag    138000
     ggattctcat atccatagta agttaagctg cttctagggg ctgtcaaaac ctttaacact    138060
     gatggtctcc catgggagtc tagaaacagg ctttctctgg agcaaggagt gtgctcagcc    138120
     ttaacccttc cctggggaag cctaggcaga tggagacttg tcatagcagc aatcctgagt    138180
     gaacctgtgg cttcatacct gctaggcaag tgctctctca ctgagctaca tccccagctg    138240
     tgaaatgtat gattgtctga ggtttttctc agggaggaaa ggaactaatc gtttggacaa    138300
     atgaacaagc ttgtggattt tcatagactc aggagaccct gatggtcctc aactctgctt    138360
     gattctttct ttctgttgaa cgtcagttga gtccctgtat ctttcaaacc tcaatgtgtt    138420
     catttatgag acaaagatta aaattctttc attcatcatt gggttgtgcc tcagtcaaga    138480
     ccttaaactg agttagggtg aaggagattt atatgcaata cagtgaacca tagtgttgaa    138540
     tactactgtc agccttgtaa ggtgatgctt gttaatttta ccagttggtc tgatagtcat    138600
     cagcactcta cttaaacttg ggagggagcg tgaagtacaa gagtcaatcc ttggcgattg    138660
     ggatgtgcta tttctgatag tagcaaaata tatacaacat gagttgggca gaaaactcag    138720
     tggtagagca cttgcttagt atgagcaaaa ctctaggttc tatccccagc accacacata    138780
     cacataatac acatatgtac acacacacag acatacatat atacacacat atacatatgc    138840
     acatatatat atataaacac atacatgtac acacagatat tcacatatac tcgtacacat    138900
     atacatacat atacacgaat acatatacac acatacatac acacatatac atatatacac    138960
     atacatacac atatacacat atatacatgt acacacatac ataaatacat acatgcatac    139020
     atgcatttgt acacataaac acacacatat atatatacat acatgtgcac gcacacacac    139080
     atacatactc atacatatat acatacacat tcccccatgc atgtgcatac atgcccccgt    139140
     actcagacaa acacaaaccc agaataaaat atatataata tacgtaagcc accttatttt    139200
     cacatttatt tgtttaaaac ataccacttt aactaattgt aaaaattgaa catttattgt    139260
     atatgtgtag gcacatatat accatggctg tgcatgctac gaatattaga ggatgactgg    139320
     tggagtcagt tctctgcttt tatgatatag attatgggga tctaactcag gttatcaggc    139380
     ttggggacaa ggacttttac ccactgaacc atgtcactgg cccccaactt ttacagtttt    139440
     aaggacacaa ttccgaggtg ttctgtacat aaatacacat tactattata cactattaac    139500
     tgccaagcct ttcctatcat ttcatccaga aacgctcagc ctttctatgc ctgcttccca    139560
     tgctcccttt ccctggagtt cttttaaaga ttagatttgc atgtgtgaat atttagggca    139620
     taataattgt ttaatatcaa atgttggaag ctcatctaaa gcttaagact cataggaagt    139680
     gaactgagga caatcattgc agatggagga aaagaaactg cagagtttac agaagggtag    139740
     aagttgaact gggcggcgct gaagtcatta ctgttggctg agtggagaag ggagagaatc    139800
     agcccttttg agtggggaaa gggtataaag ccctttggtg ggttttggag gagagataag    139860
     gaggggacaa tcaggggaat tttacccagc tctttaacat taacgaggca gtttctctcc    139920
     agtatttcat ggagagctcc tccctttgta gagcaacagg gaacaacttc aggggtaaac    139980
     atgcagagag gggttagaaa caaggggcca cagcaacttg gtcgttgaag tctagctgtg    140040
     tactcttgag ctcattgtat gaggaagtgt gaaggcagac acacttccat agctgaagat    140100
     gcccagacaa atgtagagaa aaggctggag agggaaaatg gggtcatatg gatggtagca    140160
     gtcctccggt gccagggtga ttgtggactt cattcttttg gtgacagagc ttccaaggtc    140220
     tgaactagga ggagtcttgc atacacaagt gtcctgtttc cgggttgatt caggttggga    140280
     aggtctgagg tgaaggcctg ccatggggcc acagggatat agagtggtga gggttagaat    140340
     gggtaaatgg atacattgtc ttggaaggtg tccactagag agacaggagg agggatgtta    140400
     gaaaggacat cataaccacc tgaacagtgg tagactgttg aacgaatctc cttgagcaga    140460
     tgtgatcttc ccagtgagtc ttgctgcacc tacgactgga gagaggcact gacagtagct    140520
     gcatctaatg aagagcgtct ctttagcaac cagagaagac tgtctagatg ggaagctact    140580
     tagagcatgt atcaaattca tggacagctg tgctcaaagt ggctggcccc catgtctaag    140640
     aaggagaaat ttgtagtcta acatggccag ggaatggttt gggagtggaa ggataaagaa    140700
     agaggtgagg acagaatctt gagaagttta ggaagctcac acaccccacc taaaggaagg    140760
     gttgttagaa ttacaacctg agaggtaaac ctagtttacc tgagaggttc taagatgtcc    140820
     cagttcactg tttgtttgtt ggtttgtttg tttgtttttg cattcaaaaa acattcattg    140880
     ggaataggat gtgctctgtc ctttcagtca gattcaccaa gaaacgtgag ccccaaatac    140940
     ggtttcctat gcatgtggga ggaggaagag aaatcttaac tgggaacctc aattagctca    141000
     gcatcagaga gctgtcagaa agccctgcag ttggttgctg cagctaggag acacccacgg    141060
     aaaaggcgaa ggctggagtg ggcggggagc caccgtgcct tgcagaggag ttggtatgga    141120
     acccgttgga ggatagtcag aactctgcct ccgtttccct gggaacggga ctagttcttc    141180
     cagaaagaag agaaagcaaa cggtggggag gtaaatttaa atgctacact ctgccgattt    141240
     caaagacagg agctgtacag tgcaggaagg tgcccttgtg tgtgtttagc tcgtgcaggt    141300
     gcgcttgggt gtgcgtgtct ggggagcagt taatattagg tttcttctca agtctctttg    141360
     caccttatgt ttggagacag ggtctttcat cagtgagaga cctgaagctt actgatttag    141420
     ctagagtgcc tggcctgtac caaagaccct ccagcctcag cctccccagt actggtttta    141480
     cagacacatg cctctgcagc tgacttttcg tgtatatgct gggcacctga actcagatcc    141540
     tcatgttcaa gccgcaagct ctttactgta ctgagccctc ttgccagccc tagaatgtgg    141600
     tctttccaga gaacccacag gaaagtttta gtatagttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    141660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcgcacacac acacacacat gcacatctga gcgtgtgctc    141720
     tctcaggcat atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    141780
     acaattcccc tagtgttcta aacaggaaac tggcaggtat gggcacctca accctgaagg    141840
     tgagcagatg ataaacgcat gtcattctgt caccactgat tactggacct caagctgcca    141900
     tctgtctcct acatgtgttg ttgtcctttc agtttccatg aagtcacttc ctgaagttct    141960
     ctggacctac tctttcttgt cctgtttgta aattctttat gctttccatg ttccctgcct    142020
     agtggatggt agtgggctca tgtacaggtg cctttccctg tgctctggca agagtggtct    142080
     tgaaaagaca tgagcctagt tgagctgtct tccttataag acctcctcct cttcctcttg    142140
     ctcctcctct tcctcttgct cccttttctc ctccctcctc ctcccctttt aacactactg    142200
     gaaactaaac ccaaggcccc cacagttctt aaaggtccgg ttgcttctca ttgtgtctca    142260
     tcggctcctt tatcttacat ttccccttcc cccttccccg cttctacgag tcatattccc    142320
     cctgcacccc acacacaccc tatgccagca ttcccactct gggacttctt tcactggatc    142380
     cacagagaga gcttgctcac atttgttcaa tgaatgggtt atgaaatgtt tttctaaaca    142440
     acattatgaa ctaaccagta ccccggagct cttgactcta gctgcatata tatcaaaaga    142500
     tggcctagtc ggccatcact ggaaagagag gcccattgga cttgcaaact ttatatgccc    142560
     cagtacaggg gaacaccagg gccaaaaagg gggagtgggt gggcagggga gtgggggtgg    142620
     gtggatatgg gggacttttg gtatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgagctaaa tacctaataa    142680
     aaaatggaaa aaaaaatgaa atgtttttct gaaaacagtg aatataatta gctttcaaat    142740
     taaaaataat agttttaaca aaattttgag gttttaaaag ttatatgtat gtaggggtac    142800
     aggggtatgt gtgtgtgtgt acacagtttt ccttggaggg tacacggcat tcatttgatc    142860
     ccatggagct ggagttacag gtggttgtga gaactttgca gccctcccca ctctctgttt    142920
     tttgtttttg ttttgttttt gcttttcttt acagctttat aactctttca gctacaattg    142980
     attccaacta gccttgttct gtactggttt taaagctcta aagtggggcc agtaagatga    143040
     gcagtggtaa agcactggtt gtacacctgg tgacctgagt tggatcccca ggatctgcac    143100
     aggccaaagg agaaaacttc tctcagtaaa gttgtcctct gatctccact tgcatatgca    143160
     cagatatcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacca ccaccatacc    143220
     atatcatacc catgcataac cccccccacc atatcacact caccacagaa acaaaccaca    143280
     caccatacgc atatactcca caccacatac acacacacat acaccatacc atacacatgc    143340
     ataatccccc caccatatca cacacacacc acagaaacaa accacacagt acacacacca    143400
     cacacacaca ccataccata catatgcata ccccctacca tatcacatac acacgcgcac    143460
     acacgcacac acgcacacat gcacacacac acacacacac accacacaac acataccaca    143520
     catacaccat acacacacac accatacaca tgtacacata ccatacacat accacataca    143580
     cactcacaca caccacacca taccatacca caccacacca cacataccac acatacacca    143640
     tacacgcaca ccatacacat gtacacatac catatacaca cacacaccac atacacactc    143700
     acacacacca caccatacca tagcacacca caccacacat accacacata caccatacac    143760
     acacaccata cacatgtaca cataccatac acacatacat accacataca catgtacaca    143820
     taccatatca cacacatacc acatacacac acacaggttg ggaagaggag ggattagcaa    143880
     gaatgggagt tggatagaac agggcaatag aggctgagta tgatcaaaat acatagagcg    143940
     ggagagagga cttagtgggg aagagtcctt actgctcttg ctgaggaccc aggttcacat    144000
     cccagcacct acatgctggc tcacaagtgt ctataactcc agcaccagcg gatccaaaaa    144060
     cttctgatct ctgtgcactg cattcctgtg atgcatagaa tacatgtggc aaaatactta    144120
     atgcataaaa atttaaaaat atttttaatt gtatatattc aaaaatgtca tacaaatccc    144180
     attattgtat ataattaata tatgctaata aaatatattt tataaaagaa aaagaagagt    144240
     agataaagtg ataccatcta gattaggaga tcctagagcc acacgcgcct tgctgcatat    144300
     catgtcttag gccatgaagt tatcctgact gagttatcat tattcatttg ttttgcggag    144360
     gggaaaaata gatgtgttca tcatgggtct gtgcaaattg ctgtatgcag tgatcgcaga    144420
     gtctttgtgc tgcaggggct ggaaagtgag gagcatgaag ctgggaacag actgtcagtg    144480
     actgctacca tggctcagtg gaggggcatg aggttgtttg ggcaagtggg agctgttctg    144540
     tagagagaga ctgtagttga gttctgtgca gacaatggta actgagacca cggggatgga    144600
     tacaaaacct catctttgaa agtcacaagg aatcgtcaga ctaggaggta gaggcaggag    144660
     ggtggagccc aaagtcaccc ttatgtcctc actgcagtcg aggccagtct gggctgctgt    144720
     gagctactgt ctcagaacag cagcaaatag agttttcaag tactttgtga tcatgacaca    144780
     agatgggaag atagtaattg ccaaggtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    144840
     tgtgtgtgtg tagggggtgg tgatcttgtt tttctctaga gatattacat atgaattagt    144900
     tggaagtaat catctggctt ccctaaactg taaactcttg tggttcaagt ccattaagcc    144960
     actttcccca tattgtcaga ctatattcag agttcacctc cagaccacaa agacagccac    145020
     accagaccac aaagacagcc acaccagatc acaaagacag caggctgaag aactgtgctg    145080
     tgaccgttct accctgacct ccaacagctt cattgctcat ttcagggagt gaggggagtg    145140
     tggggggttg ggagacatta aacttatggt tgtggattga gggatgatca aggccagaga    145200
     gatgggtaca gggttatccc caggcaggca gaggtggaga ccaaggtggg ggacagggga    145260
     ggccatagaa tgaactaaga atagaggact ctgggggtga gtggacagca acagagtgcg    145320
     gaagccatgc tttctgggta aagatatgca tgggttctac agcttgggcc tgtgtgaatt    145380
     tgtcaaactg tctttgaatt ttccttctgg agaaattgtg tctgagtctt tggttccatg    145440
     gaatggaata gttcttaatt tgtgagacaa cttacccttt caaagcaagc taaagcggtg    145500
     agggattgag tctctgcacc ccaagtgtgc gacacaaccc tttctgccct gagaatggtc    145560
     atgggtaggc tttagtgagg gtgatgccat aaaaatttgt gaggattatt gaagaaaata    145620
     gttttgtttc atcttaacat atgagatata gagttaaact tcaacatcaa ttttcatctc    145680
     tttctcaata tagatatata tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctata tgtatgtgtg tatatatata    145740
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tatatgtata tagtgtttga    145800
     agcagagttt cagcatgtag actgtagtgg tctcgaactc ttgccccctt ttgctccatc    145860
     ttccaagtgt tggaactata ggcatgtgct acaacgtcaa actccccttt tcaccattta    145920
     aaaaattaag gagatggatt gtccttatat aggtatttta agattaaaga gacacaactg    145980
     ttttgcatat tggataattt cagtcatgaa gatggtaaat gaagcaaagt tttttcagct    146040
     cagagattca cctgtagaga aaaaagtata tatgtgtata tatgtatata taccacacat    146100
     atatgcatat ggatatttac atgcatacac acatatatgt gtgtgtatat atatatgtgt    146160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatgaaaac    146220
     gaactcattg tacctgcagg gtggctcagt gggaaagaca cttcccacta agagtaacaa    146280
     tttgagtttg ataataggag agaaacagtt cccaaaagtt gcaccttgac tcccccatgt    146340
     agtgctatag catacagacc tgcacataaa tacataaatg taattttaaa gttgttttta    146400
     aaaagaaaca aatacacaga agagagacgc tggaaagatg caggctgtgg gtttgcattt    146460
     tgcaccctga tctgttctgc agtttcaggt ttatgcagtt tgacgtgatc ggtgatgctg    146520
     ttgaatattt tggctgtgta gcttagattt ctggagaaga aagactcttt tcctttcttt    146580
     cagtatgaca gtaatcccca acttgaaaac aaagcccaag cagacagtaa aagtgatatt    146640
     ttaatgtatg gattttcttt tctttttgcc aatgggtttt aaaaggtgtg tgtgggaagg    146700
     gatttttggc acatctttcc tggttcccta aagccttcac catacgaaga ggaggaacaa    146760
     ctgttatgag aacttctaaa caccatttta accatgtata aatcacagct cggtttccca    146820
     aaaaacgtgc aagacaaatt ttatcttcag tttttagtca gagatgttga gttgcctccc    146880
     gagtggttat tgaaggtggt gaaatggtga ctgggaaatt cacatagaat tttgcctgaa    146940
     tgaaaagatg tattttatct cacaattgaa attttgtaaa agaacagagt tgctggtcac    147000
     ttgatagcac atttttggtc tataagtggt aaatctagat tcacatccag gcttcttaac    147060
     agtaaggtag acagaatgga gctggggagc cagagagatg acttggtaag tcatcttagc    147120
     cacagcataa gagtactggc tgctctcaca aaacacgcag gtttgattcc tagcacgcat    147180
     atagcaggtt acagccatct ataactgcag ttcaaggaac ctggaacgct ctcctggtct    147240
     ctctgggcac caggcactca agtggtaccc agacaggctt gcaggcaaga tacccatgca    147300
     aattaaaaga catttaacta gccttgtttt tgttgctttc tgcttaggtc tataaccaac    147360
     aacccagagc aaaagtgtag aatgttcgct ggggttatat agcacagttg gtatcctgcc    147420
     cgcctccatg cacgaagcca ccgatttgtt ccctagcaca ctaggaaccc actggatggt    147480
     gtccataatc ccagcactta ggaggcgaag gcaagagaat gagacattga aagtcatcct    147540
     cggctacact gagagttcaa ggccagcctg agcatgtgac tcatacttgg tcaaaaacag    147600
     actagtattc agcatgtgtc tagtttttca cttatctgaa aacttccacc tctgtaggaa    147660
     ggcccatgtg tctgaatttt tcagtttcta aacttaccaa ttaggaccat ctgatgagaa    147720
     caaaagtcct gcattttaag ctctaaggct ttcctcccgc aaaactcagt ggttgctttg    147780
     tccaacagca atgccacagt aggaggaagg gaccccagga aaagccagcc agcctcttgc    147840
     atagttttca aggctatcct gcacacagcc gtgtgtgggg ctgactgctt ctgtgtttga    147900
     cttgtttcct gaagaagcag aagcttttct aagcacttga gcacatgtgc acagtagggg    147960
     gagccgtatg aagttcgggg ccatggagat ggctcggagg ataaaggtgc ttgcccctga    148020
     gctggatacc ttgagtttgt ccttgggacc caaatagtgg aaggagagaa cgcactccta    148080
     aatgttgtcc tcagactcca cagctgagct gtgctgtgtg tacagccata cccaatgaaa    148140
     ttgtcaaggc tgattcccaa actgcgtgtg catgtgcgtg tgtgaagaga gagaatttga    148200
     tgcagagact tggacacatc aggtaagctc tctaccatct gagctgtgcc ttcagccccc    148260
     tccccacccc cacttttttt ttgatagcat cttgctatgt acccaggcta tttttgaact    148320
     caaaattctc ccatctcagc ctcaagtgtc ggggttaaag actggtgcca ccatgcctgg    148380
     ctcctaactc agcgagatac tgctttgcta ctgttgtctg gtgtcagggt cctcgatcag    148440
     taacacagaa cgaccaaggg gaagcagagt atggtgcatt caaagcccag aggtgagatt    148500
     agagctgtcc tcccacagat gttctgcagg aacacatttt gaggtcagag ctccctggaa    148560
     attcagcctt aagtgttggg aatgatagta cagagagtca cgctatgttt aagtaaacct    148620
     ttcccttact tatttgactt cttgttatga aaattttcaa aactatgcag agagaatgaa    148680
     atacatgcat ctctctcatc atggggaaga gccaaatttc acaaataggg gctgtctgct    148740
     tttaaaaggg aaatagatat ttatggtaat aaatacttca taggaaaaca attagatgct    148800
     aggtaatggg cactggtggc ttacccaata tttattgttc attttatttt tactttgatt    148860
     tttttttttt ttttgcagta ctgggaattg aatcaagagc gtcacccact gagctatatt    148920
     cacagccccc cttttacatt atattttaat acagtgtctt aataagttgt tcagactagt    148980
     ctggagctca ctctgtacct caggttagcc ttgaactctt gattctcctg cctcggcttc    149040
     ccgagtagat gaaagaacag gtgtgtgcca ttcattaggc cctgctgctt tctcctggtt    149100
     tggacgtccc ccctcctcct gaagatcctg tattgctgct gggcttcctc tgtgctctgt    149160
     cactacccct aagtcccaaa ttctaatttc ttatgctttt gacatgactt tttattcatg    149220
     gaaaaaaaag aaggttccta agacctacca ttctagaata gcctatattt tgttttattt    149280
     ttaaaaatta ttttatacgt ttagctgctt tgcctatatt catgcccatg tgccatgcgg    149340
     gtgtctagtg cccaaggagg tcagaagaag gagttggatc cagttgaact ggagttgtac    149400
     accattagaa attgccaagt ggatgctggg aactgaacct aggtcctcta caggagcagc    149460
     cagtattctt accagccgag cacctctccc gctgctacca gctaaactct aaaatggttg    149520
     ctattattac tttgtggtcg tgttatatgc tgtgtatctg gtttcataag tgtttattct    149580
     catacttcag acagtttgac tttaatctgt gctaggcgtt aaggatgctt acttgtatat    149640
     ttgaagagct aaaagttaaa tattacttaa atatatgaac cgggaggcca gagagaagac    149700
     tgtggttaag acacctgctc gtcttcctga ggacctgagt tcaattctga gcacccattt    149760
     tgggtggctt tcagtcacct gtaaccccag ctcaagggga tcagatgccg tctctgtctt    149820
     ttgcctcagt caggcaactg cccacatctc tctctctctc tctcacacac acacacacac    149880
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacca taaaaatctt tagataccta aatcaatagc    149940
     aaagtcagac atcttgcttt gtttttctaa tagttaaaga attttctcag agttacagga    150000
     ttcatttcta agtttggatg cttaaaaatt gacagacaaa cggggataag tatatttact    150060
     gtgtcctcaa atcatgtgta aggaggccct ttccccttaa ttccctaatg agacacaggt    150120
     tgggtgtctc tttaaggcct tggttaggaa acaggaaaaa gcgtgtcaga gatgcctggt    150180
     gtgtgacagt ggcctctatt gctagagctg gcatctggta actggagctg taggattcca    150240
     gaggatttct cttcctcagg ccttcatccg ggcctggtgg tgtgtgcctg tgggatcagg    150300
     agctcaaggg catcctgagc cacgtatcaa gtccacggcc agcctgggct gcgttaagac    150360
     tctcaaaata aagaaagaag aggcatgctt agaaagcgag ggtttctgga ttcaaactag    150420
     tttgggaata cagacgagct gtaccataaa tgagtttgca taattacaga tagacaagga    150480
     agggaaaatt gccaattgag gctaacgaat tttatgtcat tttgaggttg gaattaaagc    150540
     tcagttggta gattggccag ttgtacatga aaccctgggt ttgatcttca tacctcataa    150600
     aagcaagcat ggtggtatat gctgcaacct ggcaccctag gaggagaagc aaaagggtta    150660
     ggggtctggc caaggccact ctcggctaca cagggaattt aatgccagcc tggagataag    150720
     agaccctcaa agtttttgcg ttttccaact ccatttttcc cccttccact tggtgctgac    150780
     tttaaaccag ctcagggcct gatatatcca aggcaagtgg tgcaccccca agatataccc    150840
     cggcactcca agttaattta ttatttttaa ctttttaaat ttattttgta tttgtgtcta    150900
     tgtgcaccct cttgtactat ggaggtcaga ggacagcttg taggagtcag ttctcgtcac    150960
     catgtgagtt tcaaggactg agctcaggtc aacaggcttg gggtaagcat ctttacccac    151020
     tgagcccagt aacttcctgg ccctccaagt tagttttcta agatatttca aagtgcgtgc    151080
     ataagtaaaa tgggttcatc attaaacaca aaggtaagaa aaagttaaaa cgcacacatc    151140
     agagagaagc tgaaaacatt tgtctcagtc tctcagagac tgctgtgagc aatggtgcgt    151200
     gggcctgtgt ttatctgttt tatactgcag cgtggaattg tctgaaatgg ctaaagccat    151260
     gaaacttcat tctgcacttc catgagtgtt tctaggaaac tttctttaaa attaaaatgt    151320
     aaaatattta atgggtaagg gtgttttgcc tacatgtagg cctgtgcagc aggttgtgta    151380
     cctggtgcct gtgaaggcca gaagaagcca tcaggttgat ctggagctgg agcgacagac    151440
     tgttttgaga caattgtgag tgttggggat tgaacccagg tgacttggaa gagtagtcag    151500
     tgctcttcat ctccaagcct tctttccatc ccttagggaa ccttcctagt gaagaaatcc    151560
     cagcccggct acctgctgtg cggcagagtt agcaggatgc tggaaatgcc caacttccct    151620
     gtgtttttgc catatggtaa gcgtccctcc atatgtaagg aaagctgtgt ctatacctgc    151680
     ctgaggtttg gggccgcaac gcagacaata tgctgtattc cagaaagctg cttccttcca    151740
     aatgagcgct ttcatccctc tgtgtagaca gccacttatt tgggtccccc ccaaaatagt    151800
     aacagtatgg tgaacttgaa ttaaagaata tttattttgt tgtctgtgtg gtgcaagctg    151860
     tttccgcagt tgctggatgg gctgagaggg gcgggggaac atcagtgtgc ttttctttcg    151920
     cttcacattc atcctgggga agagactgag ctaagtacaa taaactgagc aacagttggg    151980
     cctgccctgc cagggaggtg cttgtcatgc acagctcccg ggctcttagg gaacaagcta    152040
     ttttgggaag cgtagctcag gattgatcag atggagcctt aatatggttg tttaccagta    152100
     agtccttgga ggaattcttc acccgtcgca tgccagaatg ggaaggcagg tgtgacccca    152160
     cgaaacacca agctagtagt tgagttgggt ttatgggtga acccaacact aaagcgtgtg    152220
     tgaccaggcc ccagtagttt tcctgtgacc ctcagtgcta gctccacacc cccagcccct    152280
     taggctttta cagagaacat gcaatggact tttcatggtg aagacgcttg ctttgcttag    152340
     tttaacatac gttcctagcc gtaagatagt tggggacgga tacacagttc ttgtcttcat    152400
     tgttggactt gacagttaaa aggaaaggct gctccaagat cacctgtgac ccttctttag    152460
     aatagagact tcatggggct ggggtgtggc tcagagacag aacactttac ctaggcgtgc    152520
     cagggtcctg gattctgtcc tcagcactga aaaaaaaaat cactggagtc acagaagaga    152580
     tgatacatat atgagcttat agctttttta tgcttactta ttcatttatt ttgtgtgtgt    152640
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt ttacgtgcgt gcgcgtgcgt    152700
     gcacttgcaa gcaggcacac ttgttcccgg gcgagcatat ggaggtcaga ggataacttt    152760
     caggagtcag ttctttcctt ctaccatgtg ggacctggga gccaaactca ggttgtcagg    152820
     cttggtggcc agccccttta cctgctgagc tatgtcacca gcctctgatt tttttttttt    152880
     tctaattaaa attctgtttt gaagccaggt gtggtggcac atgagcagga ggatggatct    152940
     ctttgagttc agggccaccg agggcttcat actgagatcc tgactgctct ctcagaggac    153000
     gcaggtttaa ttcccagtac ccacatagtg gttcacaact gtatctaact ccctcttctg    153060
     accttcatga acatggggca catacaagac gaacagacat acaggcaggc aaaacactca    153120
     tatccataaa ataaaaaaaa taataaaaaa attaaaaagt tgttttggga actttaaggg    153180
     ggttccttga gtgagcatgc atttcgagcc agcatatttg ttctcacgag atgcttaaca    153240
     ccatggtggg gatggcaggt agagagagat gagcaatact ggctgaaaag caagcctcag    153300
     gagtgtgaac agtggacttc tgagaagcag tgttgtggga attctcctga gcagggagga    153360
     aattaacaga tggaaagtgc ttagcctcac agtaatgcac ggtctttatg aggcagtgag    153420
     ggaacatgga gacgcagacc agcttgcact tactcctggc tttttgagac tggcctcatt    153480
     gtataggcta gaacacatgt atagcccagg ctagcctgga aatcactgtg tagtccagac    153540
     tcggccttga actcccaatt gtccagcctc tgtcctttat ttcaggatgt caggcatgca    153600
     ccaccatgcc tggccatgtt gtcttttaag gggaagtttg acatgggaaa aggatgtaga    153660
     gaaccataac tgaggagtta tcggctttgt gggacagaag aggtgtactt tgatgtgaga    153720
     tcaacagtag atgacttgtt cctgtattaa ttgctgttta ccttcatcaa aatcaatcaa    153780
     gtttaagttg ggggaagtgg atcattggct aagagccctt gatgtgcagg catgaggatc    153840
     caagttcaaa tccctggcat ccatgtgaaa gctgagttct gactgcacac ctgtaacccc    153900
     agcaatgtgt aggggtggag atgggagggt tgctgggcct tgctggctgt cagcctagct    153960
     ccaagtttag tgaaagaccg tgtctgaaag gaacaaggaa aagagagatg gagcgggaca    154020
     cccaacattc tcttctgaca gacacccctc cacacacatt aaccggacat atatccatct    154080
     catatcttta aaattagggc tcaaggggta aagagcactt gctcttgcag aggaccaagt    154140
     tccaagttca gtttccagcg tccatgttga ttggctcgca ccaccggcca ttctagctcc    154200
     gcatgcatac acatcctcac acagacacag acacacaaat aataaaatag atcttaaaga    154260
     aggattgtac tttagactgg agtagtgagt gtttagcttc tgtctgcaca tctttacaag    154320
     aaagactcta ttaatcaaga ctgttctttt ttttttgagg gggggggtta agacagggtt    154380
     tctctgtata gtcatggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc    154440
     agaaatctgc ctgtgctggg attaaaggtg tgcaccacca tgcccggcaa gactgttctt    154500
     aaataaaacc atattggggg gggggaatcc atgttaaaga tgttcactgg ccttgaacta    154560
     gtggcagtcc tctgcctcag cctcttaagt tttttgatta caggtgtgat tcaccatggc    154620
     cagcttagac aggcaagttc ttactgctgt catgtctgct gtaactgttg aaccttctcc    154680
     ctacccccct tttctggttg ttttgaagaa gattcctaca tatcagagag gtcattgctc    154740
     aagtcctcat tcctccaggc tagatttggc ttttatgaaa aatccgagca gcagcagctc    154800
     ctgctacact tcttagcact tgcatttctg aatttttgag cagcctgtgg gttagacaga    154860
     aggcaggctc atgaatctgg cagttgaagc ctcaagttct cagttcagaa tttctgatta    154920
     aggccaggtc tggataagac tgtctttcta agtgcttggg gagccatggc tagcctaccc    154980
     acttgatcac ccatgagtgg attctatttt tacagacccc attcagtgga gatgcctgct    155040
     atttttgctc tctccctctc cccgtctctc ttccttctct cctctctctc agcttacata    155100
     ttctttctta atgcctgtaa ttctgcattt aagcttggca taattttttt taatgtagaa    155160
     cttgtacaga tacatgttct taccaatttt taattcagac aaaccaaaca aacaaaaaac    155220
     aactttatta caccttgaaa gtttgccgag taagatcata atcaggaaca aattttcagg    155280
     cgtggtggta gctcatgcct gtgagccaag cattggcaaa ctggggcaag aggactgcaa    155340
     atttgaggcg agcctggagt acagagagaa actcgtctca aagaagaacc atgggctagg    155400
     ggtatatctc aggcggttag agtgcttgct ttgcatgcag ggggccttga gctccagaac    155460
     tttagacgtg ggattgactt aaatcccagc acccactcag gaggtggagg aagcaagaag    155520
     gtcaagggtt aggtttggag tacctaggga atttgagacc agcctgagac cctgtcacaa    155580
     acaaaccctg aacaagaaat ggttgtaacc tgccaccatc ctccagtgac taccccagct    155640
     gagatcagta agccctgctt ttctgcactg ttggtttcac cagcatctcc tgagtgcttt    155700
     tgaatgaaga tggcaggctt ctagaagccc tcgagacctt tgttggtatt tctatcctga    155760
     agacttaggg ggtctgatat cagaggtgaa tatctcctgg gttcaggcaa tcttaaatca    155820
     cagctagggg tcacttctct gagacaactt tccctacctg agcaagagtc taacgtggct    155880
     tgattcatat tcattcattc attcatacat tcatacattc aaataatcat tcattctctc    155940
     catccatcct cctatccttc cttcccttcc ccctctttct ctccctgact tcctttcgtc    156000
     ctctttcttt tataagacag ggtctcgctg tagcttaggc tatagtgaga aattcactcg    156060
     gcagtcaggg gtggctgacc tgtgcttccc cacgccacag tgtctaacag gatcttggga    156120
     gataagcaga gatttgtggg cagagaatgg aatggctgcc tactatatag ctggatgcct    156180
     ggctgtgtaa attacgagag catcatgggt ctcagtggac ttcagggcat cttggtggtt    156240
     gatgataatt gggacattag ggttaatgtc cctgatgtta tacatccttt gctttcattt    156300
     acctcttttc accccaggga tgaaacccag gaccctgtgc attctaaact aaactaaagc    156360
     accctcctac taagctgcat cctgctttgg tgacatttta agattctatg aacagtagaa    156420
     aagtgtacag ctttgaagtc atggtctttt tttctcagtt gtatgattat tgagtctcat    156480
     ggttaatgtt ttgtctctat tgagagtgca ttctagaacc agagacttct tgaataaaat    156540
     agaagccagt gaaacacttt ccttaatatt ttccaagatg gtggagtgtc tggatattta    156600
     tgtatttatt ttttgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagaga gagactctct ctgtagattt    156660
     ggcagccctg gaacttgcta ttagaacaaa ctggccttga acttgaagag atccccacct    156720
     ctgccttcca aatgctggaa ttgctattag aacaaactgg ccttgaactt gaagagatcc    156780
     ccacctctgc cttccaaatg ctggaattaa tgccactaca ctcagctgga tatttaaatt    156840
     taaggccaca ttagcttctc ggggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    156900
     tgttgctaca cttttgtgca tgcatgtgtc tggaggccag ggtcagtctc agccatctct    156960
     tttgcagcta tgctattggc ttctgtcgtg gctttccagg tcctcactgg ctggggctag    157020
     cactgtagca ttcatacggg ccacacagtg tcactctctg tagtgtatgc actgtcaagg    157080
     ctttctgtca ctgggtcagg gagcttcaac atgaggcggg cccttctcct tgcagcagcc    157140
     agtgactgac tgacagggtt tccatcctca cagggcaagg ccacctactc tctgaaaggg    157200
     cagagtgtcc ttatcaacgg cagtgctaaa cagacatacc cgtttaagag aactctgccc    157260
     tcccacctct accttcaaag atgctgaaca cacgggcagc tctctagaac ctttctttct    157320
     gcaatactga tc                                                        157332