ID   AC152500; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 170235 BP.
AC   AC152500;
DT   12-NOV-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   13-NOV-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 12)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-555P14 from chromosome 10, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-170235
RA   Schreiber E., Haglund K., Lewis S.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-555P14";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-170235
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-NOV-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-170235
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-170235
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-NOV-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 6f4c8aa80e70f14d49f635d74bf0c3fb.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456156.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000004929; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000004937; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000043670; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000048240; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0017530; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0017534; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0017508; mus_musculus_aj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0017470; mus_musculus_balbcj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0017474; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017293; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017294; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017297; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0017924; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0017928; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0016860; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0016861; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0016864; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017265; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017266; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017269; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017371; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017372; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017375; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017365; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017366; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017369; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017442; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017443; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017446; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017391; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017392; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017395; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0017965; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0017966; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0017969; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0016641; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0016642; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0016645; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0016920; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0016921; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0016924; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC152500.7:1-170235; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000005057; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000092285; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000099462; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000126317; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000144640; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000219401; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000220317; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0026361; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0026367; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0026376; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0026333; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0026339; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0026348; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0026301; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0026307; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0026316; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0026307; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0026313; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0026322; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0026110; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0026116; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0026125; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0026802; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0026808; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0026817; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0025681; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0025687; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0025696; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0026038; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0026044; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0026053; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0026163; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0026169; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0026178; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0026158; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0026164; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0026173; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0026273; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0026279; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0026288; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0026155; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0026161; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0026170; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0026841; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0026847; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0026856; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0025389; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0025395; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0025404; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0025639; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0025645; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0025654; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D3Z0Z5.
DR   GOA; D3Z483.
DR   GOA; G3X9Q2.
DR   InterPro; IPR001440; TPR_1.
DR   InterPro; IPR001567; Pept_M3A_M3B.
DR   InterPro; IPR001770; Gprotein-gamma.
DR   InterPro; IPR001806; Small_GTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR005225; Small_GTP-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011990; TPR-like_helical_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013026; TPR-contain_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR015898; G-protein_gamma-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR019734; TPR_repeat.
DR   InterPro; IPR020849; Small_GTPase_Ras.
DR   InterPro; IPR024079; MetalloPept_cat_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR024080; Neurolysin/TOP_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR032374; SGTA_dimer.
DR   InterPro; IPR036284; GGL_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1098703; Sgta.
DR   MGI; MGI:1354165; Thop1.
DR   MGI; MGI:2183442; Diras1.
DR   MGI; MGI:95787; Gng7.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P6P1; A0A1W2P6P1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P7I5; A0A1W2P7I5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z0Z5; D3Z0Z5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z483; D3Z483_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3X9Q2; G3X9Q2_MOUSE.
CC   On Nov 11, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:66841650.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0555P14
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..170235
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="10"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-555P14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          114506..114579
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          114580..114710
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          114711..114837
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 170235 BP; 39095 A; 44094 C; 45122 G; 41924 T; 0 other;
     gatcctcagg gtaagccaca gagccttcct gtctccccaa attataagga tgtctaaatc        60
     acccaattgt ttacagaata ttaataagga ggaaaataag tctatccatg tccaggtcag       120
     aggtgatttt ggaacttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tgtttttttg agatagggtt       180
     tctctgtgta gccctcactg ccctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcaaactc       240
     agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccaggccc       300
     ggctgagaaa ggttctcttg caccccagac tagacatcaa tctgctctcc tgagccctcc       360
     agtcctgagc cacctcacta catggcttat tcacttcttt cttgtttcta tttagacaca       420
     aagtgtcact gtctaaccca gactgacctt gaactcatag aaatcctcca gcctccactt       480
     cgtaagtgct cagatgacag gcatgtgcct gtaatatcca tggcagaact tttttaaaac       540
     cataatattt ttattgattc tctgggaact ttccatcgtc tattatatca cattcacttc       600
     tcagtccttc catgtccccc tttctgctcg tgacctcctg aaaaagtaca aataaaccag       660
     gtgggggtgg aatctctgag ttcgaggcca gccaggtcta cagagtgagg tccaggacag       720
     cctgagatac cagagagagc ctgtcttgga aaacaaagca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaagt       780
     aaagtaaagt ttaaaaaaat aataattgaa aagaagtcca agccgggtgt ggtgacacac       840
     gcctttaata tcagcatatc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcga       900
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gatacacaga gaaaccctgc       960
     cttgaaaaac caaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaagaa gtccagaggc      1020
     tggagaaatg gctcagtggt taagagcact gactgctctt ccagaggtct tgagttcaaa      1080
     tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatga gatctgatgc cctcttgtat      1140
     gtctaaagac agctacagtg taatcacata tatatatata tatatataat aaatcttttt      1200
     tttaaagtcc aatttgtgtt atgtatatat tcactggagc atggccagac ctcagaggcc      1260
     tggccctgag tgtcaggctc ttatggagaa gtttgtctgt agtgtagtgc atccgtagag      1320
     ctcctgactg ccatagaatg aagtcctggg ttctaagcta aacaccaaga aaacaggagt      1380
     agctgttgct cagtggttag agcactcatt atccttacaa ggatctgggt tcagttccca      1440
     gcacccacaa ggcagctcac aaccctgtgt aattccagtt cctgggactt tgctgccccc      1500
     tgcagggacc gcatgcacat aatgtgcaga gggaacaaga gcatcttagc cgggtgcagt      1560
     gacacatacc tgtcatagca tccctgtcac aaagctaagt gtgtccctgg tcttcagcag      1620
     taagagggca gtaccagtga caccagagct cctgcagcat caggcagagt tgggatggca      1680
     tccggtctcc gaggaccttt tgcttggcaa caggtttcac tgtaaccttc atgccccttg      1740
     actgtaaagc aatcactact gatggtagga agacacccag ggctggggcc agtgaagcat      1800
     gaacaggcag aggggcctga ggctgccctc tgtctgattt tatattatca gcaacagagg      1860
     accctgggct tccatcttag agaacacagt tcccctggca catggaccct ctcatatctg      1920
     tcctcaccct ggctcctgga gaatcttcta gagccattcc tagcaaggga ctgatcctac      1980
     agggaccatg ctacaatacc atcctgtggg ccccgtctgc cccacagacc tctaatgtga      2040
     ccctccaacg tccaggtgtt tgcacaggct attcctggat gtgaacccac cttctctctt      2100
     cctgtgcttc cttgcttacc ataggtacaa gtactggcta ccccactgtc cctcaaactc      2160
     ctaatactcc tgcctccacc tcctaagcac tggggtgaga ggtatgggcc tccacactta      2220
     gttctaagat gaacattttg ggagaacatt aaggtgatct actggggtcg ggagcaggaa      2280
     ataatttctt tttctttctt ttcttctttt tttttttttg gtttttcaag agacagggtt      2340
     tctctctgta gccctggctg tcctagaact cactttgtag accaggttgg cctcgaactc      2400
     agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggagtgtag cactactgtc      2460
     cggccaggaa ataatttcat agttaagtcc tcttcccaga cctagcaccc aggggccaag      2520
     ggatggctta gctggttacg tgcttgtagc atgaccctga gagccagagc tccctcagag      2580
     caggggtggg ggtgggggac acaccacaca ccttcctgga acaggactga ttaaaaacgc      2640
     acgaccagac agactgggat gaagcctgat agagttaccc aagagagcag agtcccctgt      2700
     ggccacccag tcacacccat cactatcaca agggagttac tcacaccagg ggggaagggg      2760
     agactcttca tcctctggtg ggacagctca ggtgagcaga taagtgatga gggcccagaa      2820
     cagcggatat gggtgtggcc tggcaggagg agccagggtg agtcaggtgc tctgtccctc      2880
     acacagtgca gtctgtcctg acacacccag catggtcagg accaagggat caagctgcca      2940
     gggagggaca gagacagccc ccaagcgtca ccatcacaag acagtggctg tgaatttctt      3000
     gcagacgcgc cttgtcataa agtagccagc gaagaacaga cctggtgaat tatgaattaa      3060
     ttactaactt ttgtagtatt agggatgaag ttctgtatgc ctcatggcaa gatggggtaa      3120
     aaattcatga ctcagcaatg cccccagccc ctcactgggg gattccagga gaggctccac      3180
     ccatgaccac acccccaggc cctcactggg ggtttctagg cagggttagg gctatgctat      3240
     tgaggtacac catgcccctg gctcttttcg ctttaatttt gtttattttt attaggtttt      3300
     tgttgttttc gggttgtttt gttgttgttg tttctggttt ggttgagttt tgtcattttt      3360
     cttttttgtt gtttttgttg tttgcaagag agggtttctc tgtgtggctc tggaacttgt      3420
     tccgtagacc aggctggctt tgaactcaga gatttgccgt tctctgcctt ccaagtgctg      3480
     ggataaaagg cctgtgcctc cactgcccag tgactagtgt ttttgttttc ttttctttat      3540
     tgtttgagac agggtctcac tacctagtcc tgactgtcct ggaactcact gtgtagaccc      3600
     tgctgccttc agactcacag agctccgact gccctggcct gcctttttat taagggagag      3660
     ccctagcaca caggaagatt taaagtcttc ctgtctggtg ctctggagaa gctggtggag      3720
     aagctgggaa cacagactct gccagccggt ggccattctc tggccagtgt ggcaagaatg      3780
     aaatcacttg tgatcacaca ttctggccaa gtcaaacgct accctaggaa gcagacacgg      3840
     atgcccttgg ggactgagag aactgcagag gccaagggcc attcaggagc ccacaggaca      3900
     ctgaggtgtg ggcctgcgat gcgctctgtg tggagtcttg gactctgcag gacactgagt      3960
     actgtccccg gcctctgctc attccaggtt cctgccgaat agacgccaga aagtccattt      4020
     ctcctgacat tgccctgggc accctaccca ttcactgaag tcctaccaac ttccatgcta      4080
     aactccttga gaggtcgcaa agccctttga gccctgtccc atcccatccc ttcctctact      4140
     cctttcttcc ctgtgctaat tctggctctt tttccctgtc acctctttcc aggcctcaat      4200
     tcaaatgtct tttctcagag aattctctcc atcccttcac ctcaggctgt gcccagggtc      4260
     tcagccctgt gctgcacccc cttctgatgc agtcagtggt tgctaatgtg ttttcttgct      4320
     gcctaggtgt tcgcttatac cccctccccc atagactgtc atctcaaggg cagtttctcg      4380
     ctcctcttcc ctcccccttc ctcgtgctcc agccacagaa cagtcctccg tgctccttca      4440
     gtgcccgaag ctccatgctg ccccaggctt tgcacaggtt acctcttcag cctaaagcgc      4500
     cttccagctg ctcttctcag ttgacccagt ctcccttcca ggactctggg tgaccctgag      4560
     tccttgcttt ggagtcattc ggtatcttga tggcatttct ctctcaagtt gtactcatct      4620
     ctctacccaa ctcagtccag gacgctcgta gatcgattgg ccatgcctaa accagtagct      4680
     ggcacatagg agctcctcaa tgagcaagta tcaatcgagt gtcaaccgta tacccccccc      4740
     cccattctgg aaaggagcag ctaataatga cctatagagc ctatcctggt cactgagtga      4800
     ggaggctgct gtggctggag caggggtgca actgggggtt acaggagtaa agggttgagg      4860
     gcgcagaaca agggagacag caaatgaaag aaaagcagga agcagatgga catggcagac      4920
     aggactttga gggctgtgca ggagttggca gagagtttgt ctaacatgca cactgagctt      4980
     gtgccgctcc acatcagcca ggaggtgaag gcaggaggat catctgtagg tcaagttgtc      5040
     ctctgaaaag agtgagtggg actgggctgg gccaggaagg acacacgaaa gtgatggaac      5100
     agaatccatc acagggacag gacaggtggc ctaatgcagg tgcaaaggcc ccggggtagg      5160
     gaaagtgcag tttgtataaa tatttgttgg ctaagtgcat gcagggcggg tgattccaga      5220
     aggaactgat taacacatgg gacagtgggg gatgcgctgt gcagcagtgg ctcctgcttt      5280
     gctcctacag ggttagcggt tgtcaccttg catgacggca tgaattccat gcacctatgg      5340
     tcgctatttt tctctgtcac aagagctggc aacctaccca aggaccctgg gttttgctgg      5400
     agatccaaca tccggtgacg ctagacagaa acagtagctg taagtagggg agaggtcaca      5460
     cagacccgac accccagact ttgctctttg ctccctggaa aaagcacaaa acagaaagat      5520
     aacagtcgtc ccaccctccc cctgccacgg ccactcacca ttggtccgcg gtcctgcctg      5580
     tctcccagtc aacagcagga gctgggctgg gagctgctgg cctgtatttc agcatctttg      5640
     ggaggtggag acgtggcaaa ggctgtagca ggcggtgaca gggacccgaa aagaggctgc      5700
     cacaggcacg ggactcatgg atggggacat agcggctgga aaggtgaggg gccacggtgg      5760
     ggacgctgag ccgggggggg ggggttggca gcctgatagg accccatcat actgctggga      5820
     agactgagac tggaaagggg gatcacactg agttcacata gccttccagg gacttcagga      5880
     cagtttgatc caggcaccaa tatctcctct ggaattaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc      5940
     tggcctcgaa ttcacagaga tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtactggg attaaaggtg      6000
     tgagccagcc tctctacttg ttgttataaa catatatgtt aaaaatttta actatagtgt      6060
     atgtgtgcca tagcacagga gccatatgga tttctaaatt tttggtttgt tttgcttgtt      6120
     ctttgttttg agtcttgcta gtggtagacc aggtttacag actcttggtt accccagtcc      6180
     aaccctgctt acatttcagg cagattcaca gagacccagc ccgggggctg aatggaagtc      6240
     acatttggcc tggaaggagc tggggtgctg tgtataagaa cagagtcctc tctctctctc      6300
     tctctcctgg atctagatgg cgtcccctgt ctgtgctatg gcgcccttgg acagcatgga      6360
     ggtccttgac ctcctgtttg atcggcagga cggcatcctg agaaacgtgg agctggccga      6420
     gggctggatc ctcgccagag aggagcaggt gagggtcccc cgggagattt ccagctacag      6480
     ctggggtggg gcacaggacg tgccactgaa ctgggcagcc tgtaaccctc acacatctgc      6540
     ttaaggcaga ggagggaggg agatcagaga gagagcatgg tactcaccca gagtcacata      6600
     gccaacttcc acctgcgttc aaattcaaac tcagaacaca gtctcctgtt catatctttc      6660
     cctgtttatc ctttaactgc catttcatct cagatgctca gggagaaaga atgactccct      6720
     ctctaagaca cagagagggt cagggatttg cccggagtca cacagcaatc tgaataaaca      6780
     tgtgtcttgc tctctccact cccattctag aaagttctac taaattctga ttctgatgaa      6840
     ttcctaaatt gcatcctggg acctggagac tctgacccca gctctccatt atggtccccc      6900
     gctgacagtg acagtggcat ctctgaggat ctaccttcag acccccagga cacccctcct      6960
     cgtagtggca ctgaaccagc caacacggta gccaggtgtc acaccaggga gcaaggcaag      7020
     gggccctgcc cctcctatct gcccagcacc ccatgccctg agcctccaag gacacaagtc      7080
     caggagtcct cagtggccat tgacctgggt gagtatgagg ctaatggaaa ccctggggca      7140
     ggggacaccg aggggccagg gaccctggga gaggagccca ccagctcagt cctgagacac      7200
     aaatgccctc agatgactca gacaacaggc agccggggtg caaagccaga gggcggcctg      7260
     aatctgggtg cctccaactg tggctaactc agtaggtgct caataaaagc tggggagatt      7320
     ccggagccct ggcacaggta cagattctgc cccgagaagg acaacttatc agaggctacc      7380
     tcacagatca ataatgattt acttagggga cattgatcag cacccctagc caggcagagc      7440
     ctcagctaaa gatacaggca gcctctggct aggctccacc cctgaccacg cctccagttc      7500
     tgtatgaaga tttgcaaggt gagcattcgt cccattggca aactaataaa gtccaggctc      7560
     agggcaggga agcccatttc ctaaggtcac acagctctgc gaagtctggt gctgttaaac      7620
     agcatggcca ccaagaggtg caagttacgt atgacacaaa cctcccagtc ctgtaccgct      7680
     gggtggcaga tactctgtta taccagctgt tagttcctta cagaatcctg ggcctctata      7740
     gcccaatggc acagactcac aaggtaggat gagtgtagca gaggggaaac tgaggcactg      7800
     gacacattcc cttccattca ggccatggtc ttgtggcacc tgccttcagt ccctgcactt      7860
     gggaggcaga ggcaggtctc tgggtttgag gccaccctgg tctacagatc aagttccagg      7920
     ataaccaaag ctacacagag agaccctgtg ttaaaataat aggggaaaag gcctctgttt      7980
     ttgaagctgt ggggacttgt tggagctggc cactgagact gaaccaccta acttcctctc      8040
     tgtcccttcc ccacctggcc agacatgtgg agcacagata ccctgtaccc ggaggagccg      8100
     gctggctcgc cctcccgctt caacctcact gtgaaggaac tgctgctgtc cggtggcagc      8160
     ggggacttgg taggcatccc catgtctccc ggttgtctca ggtcctggat gtcaggagga      8220
     acctcccatg tctaccttgc acaacctggg acccagaggc ccaaagagga cctgggtgca      8280
     tctcagtccc agtcagtgca tccgagccct gagctgacag gcgctctctg ataaagaaga      8340
     gagagacaga gacagagaca gagacagaga gagagagaca tagagagaga gagagagaga      8400
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga ttccggaata gaagctgaag gggaaggggg      8460
     ttccacggta aggacacgct acctgccagg agagagggtt aggccagaga ctactggaag      8520
     cagaggtagc gttcacctat ttaggtggtg atgaggcagg accgctgcgt ctgtcaatca      8580
     agcgatcctc tccaccctga gctctgccct cacccccccc cccccatttt actttttgga      8640
     gacttgtgtc ttgctaaatt tcctaggtgg gtcttgaact tgagttcttg ctatctcagt      8700
     agtcctgggt gcttgggtga ctggactgtc tcttcccatg tgttcacatg tttttagttt      8760
     tggagtctgt gtctctgttg aaagcccctt cgtttccata gcaacagcat tccttggctg      8820
     cctcccagct gctgggacct gggagtgggc actgccagga gctggtgctg acagaggatg      8880
     agaagaagct gctggctaaa gagggggtga ccctccccac ccagctgcct ctcaccaagg      8940
     tatgtgtacc ccggggtatc tgcacacatg ttgactggaa cctattgcat gtgactgggt      9000
     ctcattttat agccagggct gttctcaaac taatccccta cctccacttc ccaagtgctt      9060
     cagggacagg catgtacccc agtgcctgga gtacgtgcct ggggatagaa ccactgtgtg      9120
     gccctggctg tcctgaaact cactctatag accaggctgg cctcgagcac acagaggttc      9180
     tcctgcctct gcatcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggtgcgc accactacca gatttttttc      9240
     ctgctttcat tttatacagg tagctaaggt gctgctccta ggtagtgcca ccaggtggta      9300
     ctgtggcctg agacactgag ccaagatggc agccacacat tttctcagtg tggggtctcc      9360
     actgtgggca aaggaaagca tcagagcatg cacaaggccc tgcgttccat ccccagcacc      9420
     acagaaacct ggctgtgtgg cacatgcctg tcaccccaac actcaggacg gggaggcaga      9480
     agcatcagga gttcagggtc atccttggct atctatgagt ttgaggctag cctgggctac      9540
     ataaaatcct gtctcctgca aagaaacatc tctggttggg tgtggggttg gagtcagcag      9600
     aggctgacga catgcccctt cctctccagt atgaggaacg agttttgaaa aaaatccgca      9660
     gaaagatccg gaacaaacag tcagctcaag aaagcaggaa gaagaaaaaa gaatacattg      9720
     atggtctgga gaaccggtaa ggcaggccat gggctgtaca ctcctaatag aaaccggggc      9780
     agagataggc agcctaaaaa aaattggggt tgatgtccca ctaggagaca cacacattgt      9840
     tcaaagactg ctaggggtgg ctaggcatcg acttgtttgt ttgtgtgtgt gtatacacgt      9900
     gtatctgcac tgccatgctc ctgtggaggc tggagggcaa cctatggtca ctggcttcct      9960
     cctcctccta taggggttca tgggagtcaa acttgggtca tccaggcatg gtgacaggtg     10020
     tctttgctgt ctgtgcccac cgagctgtct ctcaggcctt tggtggtttt gagtcctgta     10080
     gggaaatggc accgagaaag gaaaggttgt gtgtgacctg ctcagcactg tggggtcagt     10140
     ccttgcctct gtgacacctg tggaaaacgt gagagcaccc tcggggagta ctcagcgcac     10200
     aggagagggg gacatgcttg gcaggctctc tcaccgtcag ctgcagagat gacggttagc     10260
     aaagtatgtg ctgttcaagc atgtggaccc gaggtcagtt tgagcatctg cacacagaag     10320
     gccagcatgg tcctgccata ccaacactcc agagactgag gcatcgtcgg gacccctggg     10380
     gttcactggt tggccagtgt agcttagtga ctccaggatc agtgagggat gctagtatca     10440
     aaagaataag gctcactggt tacaggttct tgctgctctc tcacaaggac acaagtttga     10500
     ttcccagcgt tggatgttca cagcccctgg gatgccagtt gcaaggaata taactcctat     10560
     ttctgctgtg gtcacctgca ttaatgtgca catacacaaa cataaacaaa atagggctag     10620
     agagatggct cagcggttaa gagcactggc tgcccaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct     10680
     cacaaccatc tgtaatgggg tctgatgccc tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga gagcaatggt     10740
     gtactcatat acatacaata cataaataat ggtcgggcgt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc     10800
     ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttttgagttc aaaatacaaa acaaaacaaa     10860
     aaaaaaccca atacataaat aaatccatat atatacctgt gcatggagcc agagagacag     10920
     ctcagtggtt acaccaccag ttgcttttgt agaggacctg ggttgatttc ccagcactca     10980
     cataggtggc ttacaactgt tactccagct tcatggtatt cagcgccacc ttctggccac     11040
     atgggtgaag catgcacatg gtacttgtgt atgtgtgcaa gtgctctcat acacacacag     11100
     gccaacaccc acacattcat atagataaaa atctaaacat ggtggcctaa accttttttt     11160
     tttttttttt tttggttttt cgagtcatga tttctctgtg tagtcctggc tgtcctggaa     11220
     ctcaccttgt agaccaggct ggccttgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccaag     11280
     cgctgggatt aaaggcatgc gccaccaccc ccggctggcc taaaccttta atcccagcac     11340
     tggagagtca gagaaagagg atctctgtga gctctgaacc agaaagggca ttataaagag     11400
     agacacggtc tcaacaacaa caataaatat taacaacaat aacaaaaaaa agaggaaggt     11460
     gacacttggt gtcacctccc ctcctccaca ggcatgcaca cactccagaa cacacaaaca     11520
     actgttacag atgcagtgtg gcctcaggct gtcccttgtc ctttctggat ttggggtccc     11580
     tgtgtataaa tcaggaggcg tccatggggc tgtcaggtga cagaaatgtt ctcagtgtca     11640
     ctgggtcctt gttcttacag gatgtcagcg tgtactgccc agaaccagga gctgcagagg     11700
     aaggttttgc atttagaaaa gcaaaatttg tgagtgtgtt gattggggct gggggtgggg     11760
     tcttcccaaa gaagaacaaa aagatggccc cgtgcctgtt agatggcaag tgactagacc     11820
     tccgtccacc atagggcatt tggactcggg actttgatgg gtactcgagg gttggctaga     11880
     gaggaactgg catatacgaa gtctgggctg agagaggacc agctgtagac atatcggtgg     11940
     aaacatcatc cttagtacag agggcacagc ctgtgcaaag gtcctggggc aggatcagag     12000
     aaactgaggg gcagagagtg tgtcctaggg aaggtggagt ctgtacacca tcaagtcttg     12060
     ggattccaga aagggcaggg aaggaagatg ggagactcca agggctcaac ctaaatgtgt     12120
     ttccctgcaa ggtctcttct ggagcagctg aaacacctgc aggcacttgt ggtccagtca     12180
     accagcaagc cagcccatgc aggcacctgc atagcggtga gtcctgcctg cagccactct     12240
     tgggaacccc aagactggtg gggtccttgg tctcagttga atgacgtgtg tgtgtgtctt     12300
     caatagcagg agacagatac aggggggatt gtgtcaagtt acaagtcagc ctggctataa     12360
     agcaagtctg ttccaataat caacatgtat atctaaaaaa atttagataa aagaaaaagt     12420
     ctcagcctcc tcctgagacc cacactctga tagctggacc ccagcttccc tgcctgtgac     12480
     cccaccccat ctccggcagg tccttctgct gtccttcgcc ctgatcatcc tcccctccat     12540
     cagccctttc aactccaaca aagttgacag ccctggagac ttcgtgccag tgcgaggtag     12600
     gcagtaccag ccttcggatc cccagggtga gggtgaggtg ccaggggcag gacagtggtc     12660
     tgctatgcag ggccttggct tccattccca gcatcataga taccaggggt gatggtgcag     12720
     gcctgtcata cagctctggg aaggtggagg caggggatta cttcagagct atccttggct     12780
     acataggaca acttgggcta agtgagaccc ctgacaaaac atgtcaacac acacacaccc     12840
     ctcaaaacca aaagcccata ccatatcagg agacttgagg cggatggctc agagagtaga     12900
     tacttgccac taagcctgag aactggagtt taagtcccag atacacaaaa cggtagagaa     12960
     cagaatgttg ccaaactgtt catacaatga gtgtcacaca acccagggga cacagttgcc     13020
     actacatcct gcccacctag ggcaggtgag actccacaaa gctgaggctg tgcctcatgc     13080
     ctgcctcttc tgactcccta gttctcccca gtgttttcca gaaccctcca caaccacgct     13140
     gcatcccgcg tggctcccga tgtcacccca ggatctgagg tcccaggacc ttggcccgac     13200
     gttggtaccc cccacaaagg cccttcctcc ggtggtctca gtgcagactg gggaaatttt     13260
     ctggaaattc caatgttgga caacctgaca gaagagctag acaactccac cctggtgctg     13320
     gccaactcca cagaggacct gggacgggcc accctgctgg actgggtggc ttcagaacca     13380
     ctgctcagtc caggccgggt tgggctggag ataccagggg agatgtggct gtcctgggta     13440
     ccaaggtggc ttagggtccg tctggtgcaa gatgcattgg gggtgctgtg acagactcag     13500
     acagccctgg ggacgactgc ctcctggaga agctgacccc caagtcaggg ggaaatgggg     13560
     tttccaggca cagagacatg aaggccctgg ggtagaacag gaaccagagc cctttaccca     13620
     tacatgcaga cagactgaca ctaacacctg aaccctaacc tccaaccatg gagctcctac     13680
     tctcccctga ccaccaggaa gatgcagagt ctctgggacc tgggcttccc aaatcaaggt     13740
     ttagcccaca aacttccatc ttcctctttt ggagagaggt cttcctcttg tagaccaggc     13800
     tggcctcaga tttacagagc tctacctgct tctgtgtctc aagtgctagg attaaaggtg     13860
     tgagcaccac ctccttttct aagactttgt gaccttcaat aaagtatttt gacaaaactg     13920
     gggctgcggc tcagtgggta aaacctttgc ctagtttgta tgaagccctt tggctccatc     13980
     cacagcagca taggaaccag gcacagggta tacacctgtt atcccagcac ggggaggtag     14040
     aggcaggaga ggaggaccca aggttcaagg tcaggcagat gtgggcacac acctttaatc     14100
     ctagcacctg aaggctgtat gcaggtagat ctctgagttt gaggccagcc tggtctacat     14160
     agtgagacac ggttcaacaa aacaaaacaa ggggctggcg agatggctca gtggataaga     14220
     gcactgactg ctcttctgaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtagctcac     14280
     aaccacccat aatgagatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaggtcag ctacagtgta     14340
     ctcacatata ataataaata aatcttaaac aaacaaaaca aacaaacccc caaagccagg     14400
     cagtggtggc acacaccttg aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatttctga     14460
     gtcccaggaa agccaggcta caaagagaaa ccctgtctca aaaaaaaaac aaaacaaaaa     14520
     ccaaaacaga agtgagttga gcagagtgga gcctggaggg catgagctct ggcctgtgcc     14580
     tccaggaggg tcttggctgg ctgcccccac ccccttgcac tgattttatg gtgaggaagc     14640
     tggcggtgag ggggatgatt gtgtctggtc ttatgggcag ttcacaacag ccagtaaaca     14700
     caggaggaaa agggggcagg aggaataaga gaactcttgt gtcatggatg gcggccatgc     14760
     ttcaaatgcc agcactcaga agtcagaggc aggaggattt ctgtgttcaa ggtcaatctg     14820
     gtctacaaag tcagaacagc cagggctaca ctgagaaact gtctagaaaa ctcagagaca     14880
     gtcttggggt ggataacagg gctcgtaagg atgattgcag ggcaagcatc aattaggacc     14940
     atagtttgaa tcccagtaaa gcgagctgga ggcagggcct gcctgaatgc agctgcagcc     15000
     ttgccagatg tgtgtgaagg gtgggtcctc agcctaagtc tgcacgagca gtcagtgctc     15060
     ctaaccactg agccatttct cagcccccgg ctgtcccgtg tggctgtctg tgcacaggag     15120
     gccaggaggg gcacctgacc ctctagagag agtaggtaca ggctggtgtg agtctccacg     15180
     tgggtactga gattctgggg cctctgtggg agcagctggt gctgtagcct ctgggccatc     15240
     ttctgagcct gatggcctca cctattcacc taggacagtt aaccagtgag ccccaagcat     15300
     ttgcctgccc tcgcctcact ccagtgctga cattacaggg gtcacaaccc taacaactgt     15360
     tcccatggtc ctggagactc aaactcaagc ctgaaggcct gtgcaggcag caaatgagat     15420
     gtctgtcagt cccacagttc cttgagccac acagcctaca atagcctggg gctgcccatc     15480
     ctggtgcatt tagagacctc ctcccatacc ggatgggcgg gtccactgtg tctgaaggtg     15540
     tggctgttgg tctgtggact cgaggcatat tgattagatg attgggacct tgtgttactc     15600
     aaggatcaag actgacccca ccggcttcct tctgctgtgg ctactagttc ttcagttgta     15660
     tgcatgtgct cactgtctga tatttgagca agtcagagga ggccagccct gctacacaag     15720
     gaaggcccta tctttttttg ttatgcagaa ataatagaag ctagaggttg caatactgta     15780
     cagagccagc agatggcagc ccctcaccaa gtcttgctcc cacccattcc ctagagaggt     15840
     ccagaaagga gctggtagct gagaacagac acagtgaccc tgagtgacac attgcgcagg     15900
     tgaccctggc accagttctt agcaccctcc aacggctaga ctatcacatg tcacaccatg     15960
     atgccagtga ggaagtagct ggccaagcct ggggcagagc agtacagaga gaggaccagg     16020
     cagggtgccc ctgtgtggag tttaatgtcc aacatcaggt tggggagggg ctagtgcaag     16080
     gagaccactg ggcagcctga ggccagggga cctggagccg gggtgggaca aggatggaaa     16140
     cttccccaag ctcatctgta cgcccaaggg ttgctgagct gcccagcagg ctgggctaag     16200
     gcacagggcg gcgagctggg gaccggtcag cacgcaggcg cctcgctgcc ctccacctgc     16260
     agacccttgc tcaggaggaa ggcgtcctgc ttggggtcgc ggcccaggaa ctgcttcagc     16320
     atggcgctgg cgtcctcaga gccccctggc ctcaggatgc tggtcctgta gtccatgcca     16380
     acctgggaaa aaggagatgg gtcacagtgg gcagctggag tttcactgac ctggggtcaa     16440
     aagcctcacg cccctcacac cattctcccc gcagctggct gtggccaggg cccctgcatc     16500
     atagctcacc ttggggctaa gcacaccctc ttgcttgaag cgtgtgtgga acatgtccat     16560
     cgagtacact tcgctccata agtagccata gtactgagca tcatagccgc cagctaggtg     16620
     gccgaaagtg gctggcatgt tggtacctgg gcagacacag ggcgcaatga ggggcccatg     16680
     gagatacttt gagggtgcac agcctccacg ggtaaggcct gaatctcctg cagccccccg     16740
     ccccccaggg tggggaattc tcagctctct gggagctggg atggtggtgg ccctgcagtg     16800
     tgaacattac ctggtgtggc tggcaccccg aggatctctt ggcagagccg ggcatattcc     16860
     tcagccgggt ctgcgtctgt ctgtgtgtgc aggacctgat ccaccttggc aagcacaatc     16920
     tgccgcaggt tgaagagacc ttggggggag gtcagaggtc agcctcaggc tgggaaagca     16980
     ctgcaaaggt tctcacctgg ctgagcaacg tggctgcagc agcacggctc acctgcattg     17040
     gcctggcgag acttgatgag cttctccagg aggtcctgag gggcctcgct gcccgtgcgg     17100
     tagtgctgag acatgcgcat caggggctcc ttctcccaca cccagttctc cagcatctgg     17160
     gacggcgcct ccacaaagtc ccgctccacg tgggtcccac tgaacatggc aaactccgcc     17220
     tagaccaggc acggcagatg tcagctccct ggcttctgca cactggatgc cagcagctgc     17280
     tgaggccaga ggctgtgcca cctccctggc tccttttctc cagtctcaca ctcaataagg     17340
     ctctgctcca gcctccctcc tggacaaact gtccccaaag tcatcctggc atgcaagtgt     17400
     gggtgagatg gcactgtgac agatggtagg tcactgtcag acacagcata ggagggaaga     17460
     ggcaggtcag gtcagtgggt caatgctgac aagcctgatg ctggtggggt ctgcacacgt     17520
     aaggcacaca cacacatgcc ctcacaccaa gttagcaaat ataataaaaa caatttctgc     17580
     agggcagaag gcccagggct ggcgaggagt gatctcgcgg gcccagctca cctgcgagca     17640
     cagctggtgc atgacgtgcc cgaactcgtg gaagtaggtc tccacctcat catgctgcag     17700
     cagggatggc gcgtcaggtg tgggcttcgt gaaattggcc accatggctg cgacggccag     17760
     ctgccggctg ccatcctgcc gtaggcagcc aggctgcagg ccaaagcagg ctgcatggcc     17820
     atatttccct tccctgggga tcgagatgag gtcagggcag agacgagagg taccggggca     17880
     tccagagcca atgttcagtg cctggcagtg gatccggggg ctgcaggccc cccccccaca     17940
     gcaggagccc caagctgccc tggacttcct actcctctgc cccatgcctg gcagggcccc     18000
     attctcacct ggggtatagg tcgaggtaga acttgccgat ctcctctcca gaggcggcgt     18060
     cccgcactga gtagagccgc acgtcctcgt gccaggcagc ggcaccttcc tccagcgtga     18120
     aggtcagccc cagcagctct tggtagatgg ccagcagccc acgtgtgacc acctgcatgg     18180
     ggaagtactc cttcagcagg ttctggtcca cacgatagcg agtctcctcc acctggttca     18240
     tgtagtagcg catgtcccat gcgtggatgc gcccgtcgaa tggcagtccc cgcttggcgc     18300
     actctgcctc cttcagctcc aggatgaccg cgcgctcctg ctcacccagg ggcttcagct     18360
     tctgtgccag ctcatctgca gagacaccac cgtcaccctc cgccacccct gcctgctgcc     18420
     caggaaagag gacaacacac acccacatgc aacaggagac ctagctacat caccatccag     18480
     aaccccagga gagagagcca ggggggcccc tcactgccag ggcaagggcg tgtggaagga     18540
     agcagctgga cttgggctgc aggctctgcc cctgacacgg tcatgacaat ggccttccag     18600
     gctgagtggg tgaggcaaag atgggagtcc atggccagag tagagtggct acctaggaag     18660
     gtggctactg tttgactggt cttggccatg ttcatctcca ggacgtagtc cgcgtgtgtg     18720
     tggaacccca acaggctgga cttctgtgct cgcagggaca ctagctcctt cagaatggca     18780
     cagttctcct gcagggacac aggcatggcg gctctagctc tgcactaccc caaccagagc     18840
     tgcaggtgca gaggttggct gtcctggggc tggttgtagg ctgcagcaac ttgatcacac     18900
     acagagtggc acagcagaga gtagagacaa gcccaggctc catttgagca ccgcaagagc     18960
     aagcaatgga agcctgggct ggggaagagg tggccagagg atggatgagg actggccagg     19020
     acagcatgcc cagcaccaca caggaactca tgcacccagg tgggcaggag acctcacaga     19080
     ggcagcacca gccacaaatg gggagcttgg gaggtcaggg gagactatag ggtgaggagt     19140
     cttgagcagt tgggtcggtt aactgacagt aattattcct cccgtgcctc tgggaggtag     19200
     agcccatggc cctggatccg aggccacagc tcagtcagcg tgttaagtcc cagcccgttc     19260
     tgtttggggc agggtcagga aagtggggga cccaggctcc aggtactcta aagccaaagg     19320
     aagtaaaaac aggacccatt ccctgctctg ccctgctgca gctcgggcca cttacctgca     19380
     atcccttggc tgacacaagg ccagaacatg gtaccaccag ggaatgagcc acagtgtctc     19440
     tcctgctcaa gagctaagtg ggcactgccc gttccaaggc caacaggggt ccctgtgaca     19500
     gcctgagcac agggccacag cgggcagctg cagcaagaca gtctgcaact gcagcaggat     19560
     gtcccagggg aagacagcac gcgttgggga cagcgagcag tgtctacagc cccacctcct     19620
     tgcagcgaca gttgaaggcc tcctccaaca ggcgtcgtgt ctccggcaca tggcacttct     19680
     tcaacagcgg gaagtagtga gggtacttga gggtgacctt cagcttgccg tcctctgcct     19740
     tctccagaga gctcagaaag tcctccggga gcccacctgt ggatgcagcg gacgctgctc     19800
     agcccggagc cttgaagtca ggccagcagc tctgagcttg gaacctgaag ggaacctccc     19860
     agggctgtag gtgaccttgg caggatatcc ccagtcagca agtgaggatg agtgctgagc     19920
     agggaatggg cctcgccaga gatgctgggg cctcagacca gagagtgaag gtaccacagc     19980
     catagagcga aggcccacac agcacacagc cgtgctgatg ctccaaggtc ccgactccgg     20040
     gctgagactc accaccccta ctcctaaact aaaccccaca gtgtggctgg gtgcctgtgg     20100
     ccccagacac ttgctcacag aaaacggcaa ggacaacacg gctgccccag ctcagggatc     20160
     tgggtcagca gagcccagct ctgtctgcag tgtccttggg agctgtgcga acatcattcc     20220
     gtgtactcac ccagctcctc tcttgtgaag ggcaggaagg tggtgtcctc gttgaggttc     20280
     ttgttgaagt cgatgcacag caggctcagc ctcttcttga tgttcttgat cttctgcaga     20340
     gacacagcag tgtggagggc gccaggctcc gctgcacccc aggcgcctcc agacttgtgc     20400
     cctctctccc aggcctccca cttggggagg accctcagcc tgagctctgc gctctactga     20460
     cggggatggg gctatctctc tgtctgctaa ggacaggtct aaggtttgac tacaaacagc     20520
     ccactgatgc gatttcaaac agacagggag ttagatcggg ggttaccctc tgctgtgctg     20580
     aggaagagca ggagaactga ccatgggcca cagccagggc tgcaggggtg acaggcaggc     20640
     ccttgttgtc agcacatgga cagtacagct tcaggaactg cagaaccaac tgcccagaag     20700
     acaacattga aacagctgct ggggaccaca tgtggcctct aggggcccct gaggtctctg     20760
     tgggtaggga cttaggctgg ctgagaatca cagggaggat cgagcttccc ttagcctctg     20820
     tactaagtaa aggtcgtggg ctctgatatg gtctctgggg cgtgggatcc acgcatgcgc     20880
     atgccttccg aggcatacgc ccagcagagc acctacagtc gctgcacttc ttgtgtttat     20940
     gcggcacaca ggccacctgt ccccagccat ctctgtgcat gttgtaccag ggccgggaaa     21000
     gcaagcatgg ggacccacat acgcagccca gcagagctga ctcagtcaag cacttgggta     21060
     ggaatcgagg gcagctggga tgctctggtt ccacggctcc gccaacctgc ttccctaggc     21120
     tcaggcccca gggaggggac acagatgttg ttggcaggct gtgactgtag cgcatttggg     21180
     acagggcaca ctcacctctt gtgtgtcctg aggtaagtgg aggccgtttc tccggcccag     21240
     cttgatgagc cgctccaggt agcgagctgc ttcaggcttc agggaatctt tcggggtttt     21300
     ctcctggaag taggcaccaa aagctccttt caaagcccag tggggaggaa gcctgtcccc     21360
     tttcgtggct ctcacaggag gggcagtgca cacacagtgg ctcaaaacca cccatgactc     21420
     cagttacagg acaggtgaac acacccatgc gtagacagag aaacatacag ggaatgaaga     21480
     aacaccttta aaaacattaa ctcactttga ccttctgtgc attggtgttt gcctgcatgt     21540
     atgtctgtgt gagggtgttg gatctcctgg aactgcagtt acaggcagtt ataagctgcc     21600
     gggtgggtgc tgggaattga ctcaggttct ttagaaggac agccagtgct ctaaccactg     21660
     agtcatctct ccaggcccca aagacaaaca tcttaaaaca aacaaaatcc cacaatctga     21720
     tcaagagata ggcagcttca agagtaaaag agattgaagc caagcccaca agccagagtt     21780
     cagtccctag ggccacaaac cacagaagga gagaaacact tccaggggcc cctccccagt     21840
     aaagaagcca atgttcaaca cagccaggca tggagccacc cagaaatgcc agctcccaga     21900
     ccaagaggga ccatcctgtt cctaggcagt acaggctcca gcaacacctc tgtccagtga     21960
     cacagaggat gctcagtgct gatggcagac ccctcagatg tggacacggg gggccccagg     22020
     acacagagac accgacctgt gactggagga ccaatgatac ttggaaacct gagccagcag     22080
     gttttctttt tgtcatggtg ggatgtaagc aagcagccta gctgagccag gccctggctc     22140
     tgtggggagg ccctgggcag aactttgcta ctgagaacac cagcctgctt tatttattgc     22200
     aacaggttct caggtagccc aggatagctt ccaactcagt gctggctgag aggcaggcac     22260
     catgacatcc tgttttctcc caagtggccc tggttgccct ataactctta atcccgttgc     22320
     ctcagcctgc caagtgttac aatgacactc ggctctgcat caatcttgcg tcggtgtgac     22380
     cgttacagct atttccacaa caacaaagac cttgacctcc ctgaggcccc agcgtgctgt     22440
     gactgcacag ttcggggctt cgggctgcat cccccacatg cacagcctgt gtggacagtg     22500
     gcatcaaagc tggcagcagg aagatcccac tgtccacccc accccccctc cagccctccc     22560
     tccgccatgc acacccaccc acccacctgc agccacacga ccctctggta cacgtcctgt     22620
     ctcatgctca tctctacatc aaactccgag agcttcttgt cagcctctgt gctggctgca     22680
     cggatgtcct tgcacgggga cacgtgttgg gggaagtcga gaatgttcct ctgcactgag     22740
     gtgagacacg gggacaaggt gagaggcgca caccccctgg ctgatgccaa gacaccgttg     22800
     cgcactgcca gctttcagcc cagagaggag catttggtga cgacacagtg gaggctcagt     22860
     actgcaaagc atacactggg acaacggctg acccgtcaca cttgggcagg cagggaagct     22920
     gaggcaggag gagtatgctg aatttggggc cacacaagtt tgaacattac tacacttgcc     22980
     ctgcgatcca gtcccctccc caggcatgga gccaaaagca cgggtcacca tcaaatcttg     23040
     tgcatgaccc acagcaggat tcacaacagc cagaagtggg aaattagttc ccacccacaa     23100
     tctggagtac tatacagcca tgaatagaag cggagctctg actcagagcc taggtgcaaa     23160
     gggcacagtg cgtggaactg catgaaagaa cccagaggca agaagcagac gtgtgggtgt     23220
     gcgggaaggg aagtgtgaag ttgctaaagg atggaggctc attctgtatg ggtaacgcca     23280
     gccagtgcag gcaggagcac agaggacaca ggcctccaca cagtacatgt gggctgactg     23340
     aggagctgaa gggggcagcc cacactgctt tcttcttctt cttcttttct gttttagaac     23400
     aaggtctttc tataccctag gtgaggcctg aacctatggc aatcctcctg cctcagcttg     23460
     cagagtgctg gagtcacagt atactggggt tcatcttggt tttctttctg atctttccag     23520
     gccccacagg gaagggagga gcagggatgt caaaggatgc aaggctagac caaagggctc     23580
     ccacctgaga ccaaaggatg caaggctaga ccaaagggct cccacctgag accagaggaa     23640
     gaaagactag accaaagggc tcccacctga gaccagagga agaaaggcta gaccaaaggg     23700
     ctcccacctg agaccagagg aagagaacac tacttgtcgc atgaggggaa actgaggctg     23760
     gggactggag acttcaaccc tcctggctga agcttgagca gatggagagg aagtcagctg     23820
     tacctcaggg gtgtgtaggg gctcccctgc agcccaagga ggcccaggag gctgatggca     23880
     ggaccatgtg gcccacagct ggggagaggc ctcagtagcc tgcgcatgcc tctcctggtc     23940
     cacctgggac atggcagccc tcagacgggg cagcctggca cctggctttg ctgtgtctgc     24000
     tgggcctgag gcggaagctg aagtgctggc aacacccagg attgtgttac agaaacacaa     24060
     tcacacaggg gtgacacggg atataaaaag ggagatgtga gcagcccaag gtggccccga     24120
     ggctgagaca ggaaaagcta ccatagatac cagatctccc agtgtcagga atgctgtctc     24180
     ggtgacagga aggaagtaga cccgacgttg agagtgtcct ttgggacact gaggcagcag     24240
     gatgactagg actcagaact gtctcacagg cacagagagg gtgtctcaaa acaaaacaaa     24300
     ggctggtgag ctgccacaat gggtaaaggt gtctgtcacc aggtccaaca acccgtgtgg     24360
     tctctgctat ccgcactgag gtgaaacaat gcaccacgca ggagcctgag catggaaaac     24420
     tgcaaatttg aggccagcct gacaacacct taagacctgt ctcagaagag aaaacaaagg     24480
     aaccagggag gcaaggcggg tcagcagaga ccactggctg cacccaagag gactagggct     24540
     ctgctcacta gcgcctctaa ctccagctct agggggccca tcgccccctt ctggccatcg     24600
     tgagaactgc acacacatgg atgcaggcaa cagagatcca cctttctctg actcacagtg     24660
     ctgggattaa gatacgtgcc acaaagcctg gcctaaaaat tagcaaaccc ttcaaggaag     24720
     gaaaataaac tcagacaagg cctgtttggc agctcgtgta ggagctgaca cctggtaaac     24780
     agaagccaca gatgccacag aggattagat cacctgagcc ggctcctctg gtgcagggag     24840
     gagccgtgtt gagtggatgg ctgtcactgc ctgcgctcac ctgtgtaggt gacctccacg     24900
     tcagccagtg ccttcagtgt gctctcatac gacacatcct cgaagttctg agcacccact     24960
     cggtcgtaca cacacttggt ctgctcgatg agctgcgtgg ttagagccct gatctgctgt     25020
     gcgctcagat cccagcgaag atgattcacg gtggaggctg gggatgctgc atccaccacg     25080
     tccccagcac aggctgtggg aatagcaggt gacagtcggt ctcagcaggt ccagagcaag     25140
     tggcccagga gagcctgtat accagcctcc tcccagaacc cgctgaagta gcgatgtcat     25200
     gagcagggtc tgtgtgtatg cagggccagc acagagccat gccccagccc ttcattgtgt     25260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcgc atgcgtttcc ttagacatgg accatgatcc     25320
     cagagtttat cctgtgacta tgtccctacc cccttactgg gggattttgg gtggggcttc     25380
     accctgacca gcctctcacc agaaaatctt tgatggtctg ttactgctaa gggaccctgc     25440
     tgctttggca aaggccctcc tggaagtgta agcacaggtt ccagacagct ccacccttac     25500
     aaggtctctt aacttcgcat aaaaaggaga atccagaacc actcactggg agaggccagc     25560
     ccaagggctc catcagtctg ccttcttact tccaagtcat tcagcagtat gtcatgtatc     25620
     taggtgtggc cctctacatc cctggtgctg ccaagctata attaaagcca tttctgccca     25680
     tatcgggcct cactgacaaa ggcaggtgtg gaagccggac cggcaagcga cattctggga     25740
     taaccaggat gggagcagct cacggacagg tgcagtggca ctagcagctg ctggcactga     25800
     tcccacagcc ccagcaacac ttgttcgaca ctggcatgca aggcagccag gcagggccat     25860
     ctcgctcctc gtcccatgca gaatggctgt ataattgaca gccatgtaga atgagggtgg     25920
     gacagctcat ccccacagag agagcagact ttcatagtgc tctcaagcct ttagcagaca     25980
     tcaacgcagg ccctgaagat gggctggcaa ggaaaagaaa aggggctgcc accaggacat     26040
     ggactgaata ggagtaatgg gagcttgttt tcagtgctca ggaggccaga gcaagaggat     26100
     ttcacatttg tggtctaaat ggagaacaca gggcaagcac gttcaagcca aagaaaacaa     26160
     aaattcggac tgaagctgtg gctcagtggg cagcacacgt gcctagtatg catggtgctc     26220
     tcattccatc accacagcat acaaatcagg cgtggtgggg ctgcctacca tcctagcact     26280
     taggaaactg agcggggagg aggagaaaga gttcagggtc acccacagcc acacgtatta     26340
     agtatgaggc caacctgggg tacacgggat gctgtctcaa atgaaaagcc atggttgggt     26400
     gatggtggtg cacaccttta accccagtac tgggaggcag aggcaggaga atctctgtga     26460
     gttcaaggcc agcctggtct gcagagtgag ctccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa     26520
     agcaaaaata aggaggatgg gcagccactg aggaagatac cccctcccca cacagacacg     26580
     cgcacatgcg aaacgaaggg ctttgtatta caagtagggg cagagccagc catgagaaca     26640
     cagagtgcaa agatctggag aactaggatt gcagcatctt tctgcaaaca tctggattac     26700
     tgcctccatt tcagggcacc tcaagttcct gaggtgcaag taattccaat tattcctgtt     26760
     cccatgatcc tgatcatgac tggggggatt atctgcaggc atgagaaaat gtatgggtgt     26820
     gagctccaga cgccaccccc cccccccaag gccgctctca gatacaggaa ggtcacacac     26880
     agggcccttt gggctgtttc cctagtcctc tgttcatggg ttaagatagg atcttgccag     26940
     attgtccagg ctacccttgc aatttctgga ggtgggatcc tcctagtctc ggtctcccac     27000
     acttgggaag agaggctggc actggctctg tttccttctc tggattaagc aagtccaggg     27060
     gacccaagat gactaagcag ctggaggtga ttgctgccaa cgcagacgat ctaggttcaa     27120
     tccccacaac tgactaggtg gaaggagaga actgattccc gcaagctgtc ctctgacctc     27180
     cacaagcaca ctaaataatg tttaaaaaaa aatccaaaca agtcttcatc tttttgggtc     27240
     acagtcatgt ctacaactga cgggaatccc tgcctggtag ctccaccata tgggatgccc     27300
     cacacacata cacagcagac ctggcaagag aaagatgggt ctcccaacca gccctgccaa     27360
     agtggggtga ccatagccta agcccctgtg ttgctgactc aagaggctgg agagggagct     27420
     ctgtgatcaa gcgtgcttgc tgcgtttggt tcccagcacc cctgaaaggc agctagctct     27480
     caaccacctg taactgactc caggagcaga ggatgggcca catttttcta gccatcatga     27540
     atactacaca catgtgcagg tactcacaca cagacgtaca aacaatagtt aaaaataaca     27600
     aatcctaaaa atacaaaaga acctagttgg aagtattact aggtcctctc tagatgctag     27660
     atagcacact gtcctggcac cgaggttccc aggccaccgt ctccagcagc cttccaggaa     27720
     ctagagcctt ttacaccatg tgtgggtttt gctcatcgcc ccgttggcag tccatcttac     27780
     cctagttaga atagcaggga gcatgagaaa agtattcttt taaaattcag tttatcaaga     27840
     ggttgaagtc atgggaaagt tagttcattc attttgcaga cgaaggggtc agggtcggga     27900
     atcccaaagg ttccatctgc ccgaaggagg agagaaaggg agggcctggg cgaggggcga     27960
     ccggtacctg cggggggctt catggcggtc ggctgcgcgc gaggcggcga cggccctcct     28020
     ctggtcctca cgcctgtgcg gtccggatct cctcggagct cgcctcacct gagccagttc     28080
     ctctgctgtg gctctcagac tgaggcgccc gccgcccgcg agctccgagc acgctaggaa     28140
     ggcgcgtgcg cgcgaaggca gctggtcaac gcgagtgtgc atgcgcagga acaaccagtc     28200
     tggcgccggt gcatcgcggt tccgcccaca ttatcccgag cttgccctgt cagtggtgcg     28260
     attttgcgca tgcgctgaac acagtggagc ccgcaattgg ctgtcatagg tgagtgaggc     28320
     ggagccttac gcaccctcgg aacgccagga tgctgtttcc atggaaacct aacaccctct     28380
     ctgccttgcc ttttctgtga ggatttcact ctatacaggc tgtgtgcgtt tgtgcttggt     28440
     ctgttcgttc aattcatttc tttttgttct tcagccagtt cctcatgact ccaccttctg     28500
     agttctgaga tgaccagagt gctccagcat gcctggcttc cctccctctc tctctctctc     28560
     tctctctctc cctccctcca accttctctt ccttctttcc ttcctttttt tgacacaaag     28620
     tttcatgtag cccaggctgg tctgaatttg ctgacaggcc tcaaattcgt agcaatcctc     28680
     ctgccccagc ttcctgggtt ctgggaatgc aagtgagaac cgccacgggt ttttgcttgt     28740
     ttgttttgtt tttgtaagct gagtgtgctg acttatacct gcaatttcag tccaagtaaa     28800
     acaaaactga cccaacctgc aacctgcagg agtagcctgg actatatacc ttgtctgaaa     28860
     aaacatgaga gatggctctg tggtcaagtg tagttgataa tcggtgtact gcaaaagcca     28920
     gggctggccc ctccttcctg caccagcctg tggcacgtta agatgcctcc taggagctgt     28980
     tggcggctcc tgttaaaatg ttggcaccat gacatctcct cagcctggag ctgtcacaag     29040
     aactgtctac agtagtgtat cacctttccc aacacaacag aggttgcccc tcaagaacac     29100
     ccctgcagga gctgtcctac aggaactgtc ccacagtgat aggacctcat ctccagcctc     29160
     cttgagcagc ctcacagaga tggcgcctca gcaaaagttg gctgtggcct ggaaggactt     29220
     tcacactaac ccatgggcct gatgcagggt aaagagggtg agggggaaaa aagtcaccaa     29280
     tccccgaaca ggaaaaccca ccaatccctg agctcctcaa gctcaggact tgaaattcca     29340
     ccaatcgtta atctggaaat ctctgccctg aaaagccctg cctcctaaga aattctatgt     29400
     aagccccgcc ctttgtctaa ttccctaatg ttttactccc aggagaagag ggaagattca     29460
     tctctccaca ccctgaaccc accaataaat ctcttacatg agattttctg cttggtgtga     29520
     ctttctcatc ggaagagcca agaagaagcg aggtgaagag agggtggggg gtgggagagc     29580
     ggggtgcggg gaaacaaggc tcctgagctc ctcagctcag ccggggatat cctcccctgg     29640
     gaactgcaac acctctgctg agagggctcc ctgcgtggtt cctgagctcc gtgtctccgt     29700
     gtgcccttcc atctgagcag aaacatcgac agtaatagca caagtccaga agactggact     29760
     tcagatcccc acaccacagg gccgctcaca cctccagggg accccatgtc ctcttctggc     29820
     cacagcaggt gctgtgtaca tatggtgcac acacatacat ttaagtgtat gcacacaagc     29880
     acataagcaa cttttaaaac ataggatagt ggagagacag catttatttt aacacgcatc     29940
     tcaaagtaca gttcctgtag ggagaagcaa tagtcactcc tggtccaagg tccagaaatc     30000
     tgctcgaaat tactcagtct aggatctgcc caggaaatgg cctctccaga gtcaagactg     30060
     agggccttcc tggctcattt gactgacata atcaagataa tccccctacg ccgggcagta     30120
     gtgacgcatg ccttttatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagtttg     30180
     aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca gggcagtgag ggctacacag agaaaccctg     30240
     tctcaaaaaa aaaaattccc cacaggcaat caaagaagcc atcttccctg tggttctaga     30300
     tccaaccaaa gagacagttg acactggtca tcaatggtgc gtgcctacac ccaccaccac     30360
     cctgccccaa aacaactccc ctgccccgga agatgtatct gcaggcaaag cactcaccgt     30420
     gttgggaagt ttgaaccccc agtacccaaa aaagctggca gcaggaggag acaggagagt     30480
     tctgaaggag caagtgccca ggctagacca gcagaatctg caggctcttg ctttaatggg     30540
     agattttggc ttgagatcca aggtggaaat gaatgaggaa ggcactggac ctcaatctcg     30600
     gtctaccaca gacatgtcac acaaggcaca tgcacacgcg tgcacacaca caacactggg     30660
     acagacagaa atgtgacctg gtggcaaatg cttttatccc gagccaagtt gcctctgatg     30720
     tgtgtgagca tgtgcttgtg tgtgtgtgtg cctgtgtgtt tgtgtatatg tgtgcatgca     30780
     tgcacgttta aatgtatgta cttgggtgtt ttgtcgattg tgccacctgc atgcagtgtt     30840
     cacagcagcc caaagaaggc atctggaatc aaaattaaca aatgagcccg gtgtggtggt     30900
     gcataccttt aatcccagca ctcgggagcc agaggcaggc agatttctga gttcaaggcc     30960
     agcctgctct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctca     31020
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagagggtg ggtggatatg ggggactttt ggtatagcat     31080
     tggaaatgta aatgaggtaa atacctaata aaaaatggaa aaaaaaaaga aaaagaaaaa     31140
     aaaaaagcta ttacagaatt aataaatggc tgtaaagtgc cttgtgggtg ctgggaattg     31200
     aaccctggtc ccctggaaga ctagtcagtg ctcttaacta ttgagttatt tcttcagctc     31260
     ctgctatgtt gttggtttca gacagggatc tcgagtgccc aggtttacct ggaatttgct     31320
     aagagggtgg ccttgaaccc ctgaccttcc tgcctccatc tccagagtgc tggatggcag     31380
     acatttacca ccactcctgg tttctgcagt cctgggaatg ggctttatgc atgcccagag     31440
     ggtgctctac ccactgagcc cctagccaac atgactagag aattcaacac tgatggtcag     31500
     gttttgtatc agactaggga gttctcatta cttggggggg ggggttgaat aaaaacggcc     31560
     ccctaggctc ataggtgaag ggattctggc tggcccaagc atggtaaaca tagctctggc     31620
     aggccttgcc cttctccccc attccctctg ccttgctaaa caaacaaaca caaccaaaac     31680
     aaaacattca attatattcc cctaagatcc atgcccctta tttgacagtc ttatttgaca     31740
     gtctctcttc ctggggctga ctaccaaggt ccagctatca aagtgagtat tgaagtcaat     31800
     aaatggaaag gcccctttgg ctcacctaat tagcgtgcaa ttaaaactaa acacttcatc     31860
     ctaacacagg gttacccctt gtacctttgt aaacctccac tttcccaagg gctacctctg     31920
     tctcctctcc atccagaggc tgtcctttat ccctctcaag gagcaaacat ccctgctctc     31980
     tctcccttgt tcccatcccc ttcttcctgg tcctctatct cctgtctttg tcccttatcc     32040
     ctgccctttg ttcctccgag gcaaataaat ctcctttgtg ctgggaactt ggtcttgtag     32100
     catcttgagt gacactaggg ttccctacaa gaggaggcag tattaggagg tgtggtcttt     32160
     gtattgctct acagttacct agcaacagcc aggtacaagc ctggttgaca taggacctgc     32220
     caccctctct ctgatctgtc actcactctc ccctaacccc cccccctctc tctccacttg     32280
     ttcccagctg gtctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccttct     32340
     ctgtcccctt tctttctctg cctctgcttc cttttccact accccccttc ccacattcca     32400
     aaataacttc attttatact agatcctggg agtggggggg tggggtgggg gggtacctcg     32460
     gcatgggccc actgaggcac cctgtgagac tgtgataggc agcctatttt ggttgaatga     32520
     ggcagaaagg cgagccacgt tcccagaatc aggtgcctat ccataattct gtgactcagt     32580
     catgcagaca atgtcccaag cttctggcat tctggctaga ctccacccct acagttacct     32640
     gactatagca ggtatgctcc tccccagtta cctggcaaca gtaagatagc cccatacact     32700
     ataagaatga ctgcttggcc cctcctcgat ctcttaatct ctcacctttc ttactctcta     32760
     gccctccttc tctctctctc ccttcccccc acctccatgt ggccatggct ggcctctctc     32820
     tttctacctt ctctcctttc ttcctgcctt tctacaataa agctctaaaa ccatagactg     32880
     tctctgacca tcaaggcctg ctatacttga acgataggat gggctttctc ctaaggagcc     32940
     atgtctaact tcccaccaga aggtcatcct gtgctccagc cacagacctg accaaggact     33000
     ctggcctgag tgggaaccat ccagcgcccc ctctcccctt gccctctcct gccttcagga     33060
     gtgccgccct ggggccccta ttctgttctt agctcctctg ctggatggga tgctggaggc     33120
     tgagaacctg gtgcctagga ctgccccttg tccaccaccc gccatgtggg gtcagtggct     33180
     taacacagac agacgcccac ccggggccac atggaaagcg tgtgcagtcc tcccatgtgg     33240
     gaagccacct atgccattac aaggtggtgc tggctactgc tggccaccac tcataaggtt     33300
     gggtaaacaa ccaatgtgta catatgcagt aaagtttttt gctaagacac tgcctggcct     33360
     atgaggttct gtgaggtact gagagtataa ccaatcagat gtgagacatg caaatgaggt     33420
     atgataatga ggttctgtga ggtactgaga gtataaccaa ttggatgtga gacatgcaaa     33480
     taggtagtaa atgcataacc aatccaggtg tgagacacgc ctctcctagg cctatataag     33540
     cagcaccagt tctgggcccg gggttttttt tgcctctgca atccagctct cccaataaac     33600
     gtgtgcagaa ggatcctgtt gtggcgttgt tcttgctggc aagtcgggcg ctcacactcc     33660
     cgcatctgcc agcccagagc actggaactc tggtgggtca cagtttctct cccacgcccc     33720
     tctttccctc acacccacgg ccctgcagca cccctcccac ctcaccatgc caccgcatta     33780
     caaaacaaat cagccttgtt ggaagaaatg tgtcactagg gatgggcttt ggaggtctca     33840
     gatactcaag ccaggcctga tgtcactctg ttttcctaat gcctgctgat ccacatgtag     33900
     aactctcagc tccatctcca gcaccatgtc tgcctgtagg ctgccatgcg tatgtgctcc     33960
     catgataatg gattaaacct ctgaatctgt aatccagtcc caattcaatg atttccttca     34020
     caagagttgc catggtcatg gtgtctcttc agagcaataa aatactaaga tgtcactatt     34080
     agttttcttt gtgtgtatgt gtggtgagtg gcatttgaga tgtgacctca ttcctcattc     34140
     tgtagctcct gcccaatggt ccttctgcct cagtctcccc agtgctccta tgagccacta     34200
     tgtgggactc ctgtttttca ttgcttgaga ttttttttta agtatagatg ggaggagagt     34260
     taagagggta gtagaaacac acacacacac acacacacac acagagctgg gggtggtggt     34320
     ggtggtggag agaagtagag gcaggccatg agtgagtggc aggggcagga ggggggcggg     34380
     agggaatggg ggaaagttgg gaaggagcga gaggacagac agcaagaagg caacagtgag     34440
     agcgagaatt ttaattttag ttcagtattc atgtgcactg tcccctgtgt ctgtgtgtct     34500
     gtttttattt cttccagatt tttccatttg ctggcagtga gggaacagag acacagccac     34560
     actgttgtta tcatgtgcag cctgaggaga cacctgatct ttctggactt ggctacagac     34620
     tacagagtgt tcgcgacttg gatgaggaaa gaattttgtg aggggcctat aaatgaatta     34680
     ttcctcttta aaagaggtta tttatttatc ttatgtatgt gcatacactg tcactgtctt     34740
     caggcacacc agaagagggc atcaggtctc attacagatg gttgtgagct accatgtggt     34800
     tgctgagatt tgaactcagg acctcaggaa gagcagttag tgctcttaat cactgagcca     34860
     tctctccagc ccaaattatt ctttatataa atgttagtaa cgaattaacc cagtggctgt     34920
     atttctttac tttatacatt cctcaataat cacatagaaa aaaccattta tttaaaactc     34980
     cacttcagta tctgagcagt tcaatcatct gccttagttg tctctgctaa ctcggctgcc     35040
     tcccaggcca gcccacagta ctggcatgtt gctattgctc tggctcttag ggcttcaggt     35100
     gtgcctccat gatctcgctc ctgacccctt ccttcaccgc tctaaatctc ccatcctcct     35160
     cactgatctg aatctccttc tctcctctcc ttcctctggc tggccgatgt cccaccctat     35220
     tttctcttct gcccagccat tgggtgatca gcatttattg acaaggcaga gaatagatgg     35280
     gaagaactgt ttacacaaac ttgagacagg atattcttgg tataagcatt acaatgccct     35340
     gtcccaagat tgaaacaaga taagagagca gagatcagca tttgagtaac acaagagtaa     35400
     agtttatata atgcacaaga acactagtgg ccagttcctg aagcagagtt tgccaaggtg     35460
     atttgagata ggccatcatg gggcaagggg gagagggagt caaaaccgaa gcaggccaca     35520
     cggatacaca gtcaaaagca gagagacaaa cgcagtgtct ttcccagcct gttttccttc     35580
     agcatctctt ttcctgggga tggtgccacc cacaatgggc ggggccttct catgtcactt     35640
     atgtttggtt ttttgttttt tgttttttgt tttcccctga gacagggttt cgatgtatag     35700
     ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc cttgaactca gaagtccttg     35760
     tgcctctgcc tcccaaacgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgccac caagcctggt gtcacttatg     35820
     tttaatcaag gtcaccccca caagcagacc aacttcatct aggcacttca tggagactct     35880
     tgctaagcga ttctcggttg tgtcaattcg atagttaaaa ctaatctgat gagataaaga     35940
     tcagaaatca caggttgtaa gagggtttca ttatgtcagt accctttccc tgtaaaggga     36000
     atttttggca agatttctag aaaacagtat gttttcaccc tggaaagaag aaaagtctta     36060
     aagagttggt aattgccctg gaattctctg atagagaatg gcatcagttc ctgtgaaggt     36120
     ggcaacatct tctctcctct cacgtccctc acagcttttc tatcctgact tattgcacac     36180
     ctcacatccc taaccaaccc aggacactaa gtttggtaat tataactacg ccatgtcaaa     36240
     ggtggggtgt gtgcagagga ttggcaggat cacagcatat catatcagca cttggacact     36300
     gatgcagggg gatggacaga gttcttgctt ttcttttctg cttccaagac agggtttctc     36360
     tgtgtggccc tggctgtcct ggaactcaca gagatcctcc tgcctctgcc tactgagcgc     36420
     tgggattaca ggcctgtgcc accatggccc acctggaatt ccataaattt aaggtcaacc     36480
     tgagctacat agtaagacat ggtaaaatga aaataggaga gatagttcaa tggttaagag     36540
     tacatattgc aaactgggta gtgcagtttt agcccaacct tgcctacggt atgagaccct     36600
     gtctcaaaga aaataaaaaa agtagagtac atacagcttt tgcagagggc ctgaattgca     36660
     ctgcacccaa ctctagcctt ggggattcca tgccctcttc tgatttttat aggcactgta     36720
     ttcccatgca gacacccaca catagacatc cacataattc aaaagtaaag ataagttggt     36780
     tttatttatt tttatttatt aatttttttt ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat     36840
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gagcaggctg gcctggaact cagaaatctg     36900
     cctgcctctg gctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg ctaccacgcc cgacctgttt     36960
     ttatttttat ttttattttt ttatttattt ttggtttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt     37020
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcgctctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact catcccgagt     37080
     gctgggatta aaggcgtggg ccaccacgcc cggctcctgt ttttattttt tgagacaggt     37140
     ttttctgtgt agctttggct atcctttgta gacaaggctt gcctcaaact caccgcgatt     37200
     cccccgcctc tccagtgctg agattaaagg cgagcaccac cactgtctgg ctgctaatct     37260
     ttgtttttct tttaggcatc agaaagaagt tggggtgtgc aaaagataag tttgtaaata     37320
     ggttttaaat ataaaaataa gtgaagtaga ttgtttagtg gttaatcaca cttactgctt     37380
     tcacagaaag tgggatatgc cagtttccaa gatgggcgaa gtggatgaag agttccgggc     37440
     caggctgggc tcgtagtatt gtcattttaa aaaaaggaaa aagaaaaaaa aaattacgaa     37500
     aacagggggc tggtgagatg gctcagcagg taagagcact gactgctctt ccaaaggtcc     37560
     tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tccacaatga gatccgatgc     37620
     cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacctac atataaaaat aaataaatct     37680
     ttaaaaaaaa aaattacgaa aacagaacca aaaacttcat agcatcagtt agtggctttg     37740
     attcagattt gtcttgctga aagcagctag atcacgtgac agactccata ccacgtggtc     37800
     tgccttggtg cctcaggggt ccgccgccgc cccaccgtgc tttaggcctg acccgcttgg     37860
     tgactgtcag actaacttcc ggttttcctg atgcctccag agggcagttt ccataacaac     37920
     cagcttgtga cccccctctt cgcgtgacgt cacttctgtt ttagagcgaa gggtgcactt     37980
     gagcgcatgc gcaaaaggaa acctacacag gaaatggttt ttttctgcgc aggcgtcttg     38040
     gtcctgaggg cggagcttgg ctgcgccgcg gtgcgcaggc gcagccgtcg gtgggtcggg     38100
     tcttcggtcg actgagaggt gaggctgggg gctccgccgt gccccgtatg ggcgtcgggg     38160
     gtctgtgggt ttagcttcgc tgtgctcggg agcccctggg acaaaggtgg cttgtgatcc     38220
     ggacttctgc tctcttcggg gtcacgtgag cgggcggcgc agagaggaaa ctgaggcaga     38280
     cagcgtccca acccaccccc acccctcgtc gctttttctc acgaaaaggt cagcgtttag     38340
     gtgtgtgtgg ggcggatctc agttttctcg gggcccctaa ggtctaagac cctcttacat     38400
     tgccattcct caccctggtg accttgctta gcctgttgcc tgcccacagc ctcagttttc     38460
     ctcttctgta caatggacgt tgtcaccatt gtctgagcag ttgtgggtgc tccttcccat     38520
     tgggagggtg tgtttgattt tggtgccaaa ggtaggtagt gtgtgggttt gaagggcaga     38580
     gggccagctg tgcatgctag ggcaaatagc ttgacctctc tgaggaggag ttttcttaaa     38640
     acaatggtaa ggcaggtgtg ctgacacatg ggcagaggca ggagtatcgt gggacttcca     38700
     tgctagcaag gactacatac tttgtctcag aaaacgaaac aaccaaaagc aaagactcga     38760
     gcaaatagtc tagaactttg gtccacaacc tataatccag tctttcaatt gagaggggga     38820
     gacagctgga tcgcggggag tgagttcagg cccagccttg gatacctaac acggtggagg     38880
     tagctggacc acaacgtgag accctgtctg aaaatgaaat cgacataatt aatagtttgt     38940
     ttgttttgag acaaagtctt tatctgtctc tggctgtcct ggaactcact atgtgagcca     39000
     ggctggcctc agcgccacct ctgccaggac tgtaggtgcc accacctcat ctggcatcat     39060
     aattaacgta aaaaggatgt cagtctgggc ccgtttagtt gtaagctggg cttgctggct     39120
     gtcatcccag cttgtaggag gctgaatcgg gaggatggaa gtgaagttca aggctatgtt     39180
     gggctacatg gtgaaatcct cttgtctcaa aagccaggtt gtagtggtgt ccgactttga     39240
     tcccagcact caggaggcag aggcaggagg agctctcaga gttcgaggcc agcctctggt     39300
     ctacagaatg agttccagga cagccaggtt gcagagtgag accctgtcct gaaaaaccaa     39360
     aaccaaaaat gaaatgttag caacaacaaa aacaaagaaa gtcagttgaa attgttatgt     39420
     ctctgtgtct gtcacctgga cattaattgt cctaaggtcc attagcagag gtctgttagc     39480
     ctctgtggtg gctggtgaag gcacacgttc cccaccagtt gattgagatg actttcctgt     39540
     tttgtccctc tgtggtcatt tatttgatca gtctttcctt ttattggtca ttctcatcca     39600
     cagggacagt gtatggggat gtttgtgatc ggtgtgactg aaggggcttc tgatgtgaca     39660
     ctgacactgg gtgggggtca ggaacattgc ccacagaaca gtgcttctgt tggggaaaca     39720
     actcagtgag caacatgctt ggcatgaggg tctgagttca attccctgtg gattccccat     39780
     ggaaaaagct gggtgagagt gctgggggca cttgtaattt cagtgtgtgt gtgggggagc     39840
     acaagatagg cagataccgg gctctctgca tagcctgcct agtcccaaca tcagctccgt     39900
     gtcccaggga cagacactgc ctctaaaaca tgacatgctg cctggaggga gtatactcac     39960
     tcttgatcta cctttagttt ccacatgtgt atggacacac acacacacac tacacacacg     40020
     cacactacac acacatacac atactacatc acacattcac tcacatatac acacacagac     40080
     acctcacaca tacacacacc acatactcac atagacacac attcacatag acacacacca     40140
     cacactcaca tagacacaca caaatacatg cgcgcgcgcg cgcacgcacg cacacaaaca     40200
     cacacacaca cattgatgct actggtagcc gataatgaag catgccttta attctagcac     40260
     tccagaggca gacatgggcg gattgcctta agtttgaggc tagccagctg tgcatactgg     40320
     gctctggtgt taaaatggaa tccgagccca gtggctcctc accgctgagg cctctgtata     40380
     ggttgtatgg gtcccgaggt tgtgtgtgca tcccatttct cggggtaagg gattgcctac     40440
     tggattaagt acctggagcc gctgtctgag gtcccagctg gtacttcatg gcagggtgtt     40500
     ggcaccacaa tgaaccatac tccaagcctt cttggtgttt cgttttgaga cggggcctcc     40560
     tgcatcccag ggcttcctgt gtgccgagtg acactccacc cattgggact tggcccaggc     40620
     agctacactg gagtcctcag cacagagttg gactctgtgg ccgagcccgg cacttgccac     40680
     actgacctcc agagaagttg agaggttgga gggaacaggc agagccagtc tgcagcccag     40740
     gccaccttta tactggtggc agtcctcctg cttcggcctc ccacgtgctg ggtggcagct     40800
     gatgctcggg tctggctggg cttggagggt gctgtctaga gcgtgccctg aagtgatcct     40860
     gcactcctga gtgtgtatct aggaagttct ggtcgtaccg aggatttagg ccaagggttt     40920
     atcatagtgc ttcctggcag agagtgtgac tcccatctgt cacctccagc ccacgtcaca     40980
     tacctgccac cctgtgagca agagtctctg tgggaatcag ccctatatct ttctgtttga     41040
     cgcaggggct catgtactcc aggctgccct ccaactctgt agctgaggtt agttagccct     41100
     ggactcctag tcctcccgag tgctgggatg acaagtgtgt aggcatgctc tgcttctata     41160
     tgtttatttt tgttttgttt taagatttat tcttgatttt gtatgtgcgt gagagcgagt     41220
     gcatgcatgt gcacatagag cctatggagg ccagaagagg gtgtgggtcc tctggaactg     41280
     gagttcaggt ggctatgagt agctcatcta ggtgctgaga actgaacccc ggccctctgg     41340
     caaagcagca gtgctcctaa gcagtgagct gtccctacca cctgctctgt tttctgagac     41400
     aaactcagtc tgcagcccag gctggctttt aacttccagc agcatccttg agtgcctaag     41460
     cctcagcccc tgctctgtta ggtttttata aggagggggg ctgtgtttcc caagaggctt     41520
     ctcatggctt agaggcccac cttctcagct tggctctgcc accactgtgc tgtggatggc     41580
     agctggggct caggctcagg aggtgactgt ccagaatgct ctgggtttca cagactgaga     41640
     tgaggcctga ggctctctga ggtttgggag cagggtaggg ctgggggtgg agccctcagg     41700
     ttttcagtct gctgtgtggg gaggaggcca gcctaaaact ttggggtttt ggagttcccg     41760
     ctccctctgt ccccatgcag gtgcacgtga gggtctgcca aggtctttga gggctgtgtg     41820
     ctgtgacatc tgcttgcctt gcaagtggat atggactgcg gtttggggag ttgctgtgta     41880
     tggaaggagg ctgggtgggc ctagacaggc aaggcggggc ctatagggtc tctggggtga     41940
     agcccttcat tttgtggtct cacttgtctt tttatcaact ttgtcctgga caggggccta     42000
     gggaaggaca ctcgtgagtt gtgacaggcc tagggaagga cactcgtgag ctgtgacagg     42060
     cctagggaag gacacccgtg agttgtgaca ggcctaggga aggacactcg tgagctgtga     42120
     caggcctagg gaaggacact cgtgagctgt gacaggccta gggaaggaca ctcgtgagct     42180
     gtgacaggcc tagggaagga cactcgtgag ttgtgacagg cctagggaag gacactcgtg     42240
     agctgtgctg ggttgggttt ggacttgcat aagctgggat ggaacttgat ttgttgaacg     42300
     ggctaatctc agactttttc agccttttcc cttcaggcag ggcacctctg tctctgaaac     42360
     taggttggtg gccagcaaaa cccagccatc ctcctgtctc cactcatgca cctggcacgc     42420
     aggttactga tctgttcata cagccacagc tagcgtatag ggtgggtgct gggggcctga     42480
     gtcagggcct tccacctgcc tagcagggtc agttacccac ttggccacct cacctgtccc     42540
     agggtttggg gtttgattga gacaaggaca gtaaatctga ggctgggtgg ccacactatg     42600
     tcagaaagag tggaaggggg aaagaggtgt gcagacagct gtgaggagct aagtttcctc     42660
     ctatataggg gaactctggg acccggtcct gttgccccct cacccctgtg ccccacagac     42720
     caaaccatgc ctggctggtg ggcagctata ctcataaagc ccacactgtt ctgagataat     42780
     aggcctttga gacttttgtc ccttagccag aaccttccca aaccctgcgg gcccgggatg     42840
     tgagaactgg ggcctcatga ccacagagag aggtcaatgg atgtcggttg ctggacaccc     42900
     ccaggggagg cgattcatgc cccaagtgtc agtggttcac agctgggtgg ggtcttgtca     42960
     gggccactgt tcccttttga gtggtgacag tgcctgtcag tagctggccc acagacccgt     43020
     gctgtcacag aggacctgca catcaggtct ggtactgcag cagaaagttc cacccttttc     43080
     ccgaggacct ccacgccctc cgtggaggat agatgttctc tgatggggca tgcatccctc     43140
     atcttagccc actccagacc aggagctccc tgctcagaca tcacccaggg ttccctgact     43200
     ccacctagcc ctgggttaga gtgtatcact gtgcctagct tcatacatcg gtgctaggga     43260
     tttgaactca ggtcctcatg tttgcagagc aagcactgtg ctctctaagc catcttccag     43320
     ccctagttat ttccgtttgt gtgcatgtgt aggtgctgtg ttgctgtctg tgtgatggtc     43380
     agaggacagc tcaggagtca gctctctcct ccatgtggga cccagggatg gaactatgtt     43440
     gccaggcttg gggcaagctc gcttacccac taagccacct ttctggccca ccggtcctat     43500
     ttttatttat tcatttgttt gtttagtcaa ggtttcacca tagcccagac cagcctagag     43560
     cttgtccccc tgcctcagct ccagagtgct aggatgatgg gtccggcatg cctggcaggc     43620
     tcatgaccag tggatgcttg tgtggagagg gttcctttcg gaggaactga atgaaggtcc     43680
     agctttggcc tctgacttca gcccactacc gtcatttgat ccctgggttg tgtccctggc     43740
     agtccatctg tccttacaac gggaccctga gaccaggtct gagccagctg tactacatag     43800
     agcagttgcc ccttggtgct ggcgggagga tggagggccc tccgggtgaa agaacagagt     43860
     tcactcttgt aatctcagag cctgggtggg tgcttctgag gggagcgact attgcaggcc     43920
     caccccatct gtgtctccat acagtggtcc ccatgagaga gggtttcaaa tatcttcatc     43980
     atattaatgt tttgaggata gggtcccaaa gttggtacat gctagacaag aactagggac     44040
     tgaacagcac ctcgtgacct ctgctggatt tcaaagcttg tttatctgtg tgcctgtatc     44100
     tagagcagag ggtgtaagat ccctggggct ggagctgcgg gtgctaggaa ctggcggtgc     44160
     agatcctctg caagggcagc ttagcctctg agcccttccc cactcttgcc cctgtacctg     44220
     cctacttgtc atgagccagg gtctccctgt gtagctgtgg ctggcctctg actcccggca     44280
     gtctgcttgc cttggcctcc ccagtgctgg gaatagatgt gcactagcac acacaatgcc     44340
     agtccttact ggtcaactca gactgacctt gaactcagca ttattctcct gcctcagcca     44400
     cctggggacc agggatcaca ggcctgtgct agtgcccatc taaatttttc ctttttgggt     44460
     tttaacttga atcaagaccc atctggtcac ctctgtgaag actctgtctc caaaggtctc     44520
     tggggttcgg ggtctctgtt aagaagctta ggggacactg tgtggcaggt gatatggtct     44580
     gcttgtggga tccacggccg tgggtaccag cctgggagca gccctccata atgctttctt     44640
     aatgtgtgtt agcttgagat cggattctgc tgctctcagg tattggtcca aggctgcttt     44700
     ctagaatgtt cttaggtgct aggtgagggg ctgaaagcat ggcaaagtgg tagtaactgg     44760
     tgcagttggc atgcatgtcc tcaagccagg gtgcctgggt cacacaagca tgtctattgg     44820
     tgattggcca acaccccacc acaactcctc cattccaggg tgctcaggac aaagggaatg     44880
     gcggaggtgg cctgccgtgc atgggggagg gacaggcaca gggagcatgg gacacggaag     44940
     gatgtgcctc acatcaccac ctccattcca gaatcttacc cagcacctgt gaatactgct     45000
     ggcttcacgt ctgcctccag gggaactcag gatggggtgc tgagctgggc tgtccccttg     45060
     ggtggctgtg aagttcttca actctactta acaggcacca caactgggct ctggcgtgga     45120
     gcagaggtcc acagcctctc actattgtct ttgagagtcc catgcatgct ggcctctcca     45180
     ttacatgcag ggctatggtg gctgtcatgt gatcgcatgc taggtgccaa aactttaggc     45240
     caatttcttc tgtctagact agagaggcca caaatctgaa ctggcatggt tcgagcttcc     45300
     aggtgtcttt ctttctgcct tctctcaact ctgtcctgtg gtgtctgctg ttgtacaggg     45360
     gtctaaacac tctctgagag tgtctgtcag tgccagtcca cccctcatgg ctccctctga     45420
     ggctcaggga tgcggccttg acactgtgcc cactctgact cacctgctgc ctctgaaagt     45480
     tccctgggct gaagtcactc tgacgtggtc aggagagcca ccgtcaactg tccctctaga     45540
     gtccagaact gtccttgtgt caccacatag tgcaccttgc agaccagggc tgtgagctgc     45600
     agcacctcca agctttgggt atagggtgga tcgaggagct ggtgtcctca aaaccttggg     45660
     atcccagaat atagccctgc tcatcgtgca ctgtggcact gactggctgg tatgctgcaa     45720
     aagggtaaat tgaggaaaag agtgccctga ggcaacactg tcagctcaag gcatgccctt     45780
     ctccctagca ctgtggcaga caggtctgtg gttccatgcc caggctatcc ccacctgtca     45840
     tgggggagga agaaaggctc tgcacggtgg ccctaacact ggaacagacc agttctcctg     45900
     gactctggta gtggtcgggt ctgggaccca tgagtcaagg acagatctcc tccatctctg     45960
     gctcctcacc tagtactttg tgctgttccc acagatcctg agcaagcagt gtcacctcac     46020
     tagtctcgag atggacaaca ggaagcgcct ggcctatgcc atcatccagt tcctccatgg     46080
     ccagttgcgg cacggtgggc tctcgtgtga cgcccaggag agcctagagg gtgagtgtgg     46140
     gctgctgccc tgccagcctc tgctagggct caggatgcca cagatgcagg aggcaggcgg     46200
     cttctgaagc tgagagccgt ccttcctgct tatgtgtgtg aggggcctgt tacatctggt     46260
     ctgtttaaga ggcttctgga agcttgagtt atttgcttgc tgtcgtagcc agctttcctg     46320
     cagcctggca gtttgtctcc aggaattgca gatccacagt gtggatacca gtttgcagaa     46380
     aggaggctgc cccaggccac agggacacta acctctccac agtggcttgt gctgatagtc     46440
     caggtcagag ccaacccctg cattgtaacc ccaaaggaca caccacctca ggccccatgt     46500
     gtctgccctc ttactgtcag catagcaggg gcagaccagt gagcatgtgt gtctgagagg     46560
     ctgactgcag gggactgaga aggactgagg tacagggcca ggtgttaagg cgtttggaga     46620
     ctcactaggg ctgtgctggg gcctgctggg aagagcactt gcccagctcg tgtgaagtcc     46680
     cggctcaaac caggtatggt cgtgctcacc ttttatccct gcacccagga agtgggtgca     46740
     ggtggatcag ggtttcttgg acatgcttgc ctatgtagag agttcaaggg taccctgggc     46800
     ttacatgaga gtctatcgca agaaaaatgg aagatgtcag agcttcctgt gggctccagt     46860
     gaggtggggc ctcccatgag ctccagtgag actggcttat ctcatatcct gcacagttgc     46920
     catccagtgt ctggagacag ccttcggggt gacgctggag gacagtgacc ttgctctccc     46980
     ccagaccctg ccagagatat ttgaagcagc cacttccagc aaggtgagcc tgggcttccc     47040
     ttgactgtgc ccacgatggc agtgtgccgt tctgtgctga ggcttgacag cgctctgagc     47100
     tgtgtggcat cctgcaaggg caggtgtggc agggtacagt gagattgttt cacccccagc     47160
     aggagatgcc acaggacccg cgggcccctg acaggacacc accctctgaa gaggactcag     47220
     ctgaggcaga gcgcctcaaa acggaaggtg agggagacag atgtccccat ggggtctgtg     47280
     caaagtgctg tagggatgca gcccagatca gccaggtccc attggcgggg gcggggctgg     47340
     ggagctgaag agatggtgtg gcagttagag gcttcctgca ctctcaggca gctagctcag     47400
     ggctggttct aagcccaggt ttggggcatc tagtgccctc ttttggtgtc tgtgggcact     47460
     gcacctacac acatacacac acatatcccc cactcagaat aatatatatt tatgctttaa     47520
     agtggcagac ttaggcaaat ctctgtgagt tcaagacaag cccagtccac atggtacatt     47580
     taggccaccc agaactacat cataaaactt tgtccccaaa acaaaacaaa aaatattttt     47640
     aaaaattaaa agatcctggt ttggtggctc aaacctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcat     47700
     aggcagatgg gtctttgtga gattgaggcc agcctagtct gcagagcaag ttccaggaca     47760
     ggaaagacta catagtgaga ccctgtctca aaacaccgaa gccgaggaaa ataaagcttc     47820
     atggcctgtg tggatgacgc agctcaggaa acacccaacc cacgcgctca ggcagactcc     47880
     tggtcttgat tgcaggccac gtgtggctcc cagaaggcag gtggtcttgg catttaaccc     47940
     aggctgaccc tccctgtcca tggctctgca tgggatgtgt ttggctggaa aacaagcttg     48000
     tgtaagctgg attcttgtta ttgtcaccag atgcagcatt ggaccaccat ggaccctgct     48060
     ctgccactgt gcacctggca cacacaaagc tggcatctgt ccccaatacc acattcacca     48120
     ggcttatgtc acatctgttg tccccacatg ggagaggcag ggagggtcaa gagctggtta     48180
     catcataagt tggaggacag cctaggattc atgacccctc acctgaagaa aaaaagtccc     48240
     agtgtgacct aaggatcaga tcttcctttg ggaatcttag accagaggag ataggtgtta     48300
     tatgggcagc atgggccagc ctgggctcct ctgcctctct ctctctctct ctccccccct     48360
     gcaggtaatg agcagatgaa gctggagaac ttcgaggcgg ctgtgcacct ctacggcaag     48420
     gccattgagc tcaaccctgc caatgctgtc tacttctgta acaggtgtgg gtggtgtgga     48480
     gggcactggt gagcgatggg gtggggtgtg gactgtgcat ggtgagctgc gtgcgtgtgg     48540
     ctctgcctga agaacggagg tcaggtgtgg catggtgctc acataggacc ctgagctgtt     48600
     tagtcagccc tgcccagcag acaaatggac agtgcagatg cactgtcctc gtggctctgg     48660
     ttggcatgca ggctgctctt cagctgccat catgtccttc agcttgcttt ggtgtaggag     48720
     gcagggtttc acggagccct acacacctgc caagtcccgt gtgggctgtg agcttctgag     48780
     gtccctgtgt ggtgggctac agtatccacc ttctgccaca gaccagctcc tggagaggcc     48840
     tcctgtggag ggcccgggag tccccgactg acagtttcct ctccccagag ctgcggccta     48900
     cagcaagctg gggaactacg tgggggccgt gcaggactgc gagcgcgcca ttggcatcga     48960
     ccctgggtat agcaaggcct atggccgcat ggggtgagtg cagcgatcta ttgtgggcca     49020
     cactgtgtcc tcagacctgt gtggggctgt ttcccctgcc tgtatggggt ccttccctgg     49080
     tgtggctctc tgtcctccca tgtgacctgc gtggggccct tcccctgcct tcgtaggccc     49140
     ttctcctgcc tgcgtggctt tctgtcctcc catgtgactt cattgttttc cccagcctgg     49200
     acagggtggg ttggcactag gtcccatcca gctcgcatca tggctcccct ggcacactct     49260
     tgtccccagc cttgcactat ccagcctgaa caagcatgca gaggctgtgg catactacaa     49320
     gaaggccctg gagctggacc ctgacaacga cacatacaag tccaacctca agattgcaga     49380
     gctgaagtta cgggaggcgc caagccctgt gagcccattt ctcaggaggg ggtgacggga     49440
     ggccaggctg gagcccctgc tctgagagga ggctggggag ggtacctggg atgcatgcga     49500
     ggatgacgct cagaggctaa tgctgggtcc tcagatgcag ggcagagcac tgagccatgt     49560
     gggtcactca tggagctggg gacacgcagc agggaccttc tgcggtctgt gaagtggtaa     49620
     taagtatgac ggccacagac gtggtgctgg ctgcccagtg tagtcacagt gacaggcggg     49680
     ttgttgggcc ctcctggcag caccctccgt ggggagtgta aggtttccta agggcagcca     49740
     gacgtcttcc cccagagtgg ccagcctggc tccagatgcc attaaccaat acttttcctg     49800
     cagacgggcg gcgtgggcag cttagacatc gctggcctgc tgaacaaccc acacttcatc     49860
     accatggtag gcgcacccca tcagctccct tgccacccag gccaggatcc ctgccacaag     49920
     tctgcctcct ggtgaggcat ctaatgagat gggcccacag ggagtgagca tgcctgtggc     49980
     acagcactcc tgctggagtc cctgcaaggc tacagctgtg tgaggccatt cctggctgtc     50040
     tcagcatgct ctctgcactg tggtcaccgc agcatcagct agtcagtgct ggttgaacgt     50100
     ccttgctgag tgcgttattt ctgcagcagg gctaacagag acagctttat gggcacatcc     50160
     ttaggagtgg ggtgtgacta catggggcct tctctgtgtg tgactgagca tcatttgtgc     50220
     agtccagggg cttcctgggt tgcaaacttg gctgtttgca aggccaaatt cagttaggca     50280
     tggtggtaca ggcctgaggg ccactggggc acagagacaa ggatggccag ttcaggccag     50340
     cctgggttgt atactgacct gtctgacaca gcagggactt gggcacggct ctggtgtcct     50400
     gtatgtagag tgtgaggacc agagcccacc tcagcattgc agaggaggag ctagtgtcca     50460
     ggagagccaa taggagtaga gggcacagct gcccagggtg tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtg     50520
     tttctgcctc agggaggttc ctgacacctg tgccttctgt tctctttagg cttcgagctt     50580
     aatgaacagc ccccagctac agcagctgta agtgaccctg ctctggtcct tctgtaccta     50640
     gaacacaaat gacagggaca ttcgtctgtt tcttttaact tttactttgt gtgtggatgt     50700
     tttgtgtgtg tgtaagtctg tgcactgtgt gtgtgcagtg cccaatatgg ccagatgaag     50760
     gcatcaggtc ctctggaggt ggagttagat ggctgtggct gctctgtagg gcatgtgaac     50820
     ctggtctttc ctgagagcac ccagagctgt aactgtggaa ctattctctg cttacttatt     50880
     aattaattct tatttttaaa tttattttga tgaaagaaag ccaaagtttt tttttaaata     50940
     ttaacgtttt gaggtagggt cccaccatgt acctacaact ggcagaactc tgtgtagacc     51000
     aagctgacat tgaactcaag agtgttggat gaagtcacct aggccacagt gtcacacatg     51060
     caactgctac tactgtcttg agagccttct gtccccatga gccattatcc agtcctctcc     51120
     ccatatttat gttctgtctt tacagtgtcc tgttgtggac atttctcatc atagtcaggc     51180
     attttgggtc tggctctcac attgacacag cattcttggt gtccctttgt gttacagtgt     51240
     gtgtcagcca tgttcctgct caaggatttg taatatttca gtgtgtcatg agctgtttgt     51300
     cctgactact gtgaatgtgg tggtgttagt cttgttccca gattgggagc tttggggcag     51360
     ctcctgctga accagggcag ctctgtctcg ctaggctcag ctctgtcttg ctgggggcat     51420
     ctctgtctct ctgggggtgg ctctgtctcg ttgaggaatg aatagcgggg ttggttttcc     51480
     tctccagctg tacagggttt tctcaacacc agctttggta ctcctggctt gttctccacg     51540
     gggtgtccaa ggtctattcc acttcctggt agctccccac agtccttagc ttagaacctg     51600
     agaaagaagg ggacgtgagc atgggtcatg ggaggtggag ggcagtggct gtgggcctgt     51660
     gctgagtctc ttctcctgca gcatgtcggg catgatctcc ggaggccata accctctggg     51720
     cacgccaggc agcagtccgc agcagagtga cctggccagc ctcatccagg cgtgagtact     51780
     gctcttgctg gctctggtgg ctgggaaggg gctggcactc acgagtgagg ggtgagcgag     51840
     gggggcccgg aggaggggaa ggactgggag gatggcctag tggaggggcc cagaggcgtg     51900
     gggaagtaca gtctatctct tgggtatcca caggggccaa cagtttgcac agcagatgca     51960
     gcagcagaac ccagagtttg tggagcagat ccggagccag gtggtgcgca gccggacacc     52020
     cagtgccagc catgaggagc agcaagagtg acaacggtga ggcccccatc ggctgtcctg     52080
     gccttgcctg tcaggaccta taagaatgct tcctgtctaa tgtggcaggg cattttctgt     52140
     ccagaatggc atggtggctc cacctttacc attttgtcat ttagaaaata tcttcattta     52200
     tttatcttat ttattttatg tgtatgagta cacttcagat acacccatta cagatggttg     52260
     tgagctacca tgtggtttct gggaattgaa cttaggacct ctggaagaac tatggagcca     52320
     tctctccagc cccattttgt cattttttaa tctcagtaat gcaggtgaac ctcaaggctt     52380
     tgtatgtgta ggctctcctc cctgacctca ctcccagtcc ctcagggtgg gctgggggct     52440
     atctaggtga gggttccacc cctgaacctc attgggggaa tctgcaggac ttgacctttg     52500
     aacacactcc tagacttttt ctaggggagt tctgtggtgg ggctggaccc ctgatcatgc     52560
     cccggctctg tttttattct tatattcatg tgcttgtgtg cgtggacatg tacaatcatg     52620
     accggcctca ggtgttggtc ctcagcccac cttagggaac tgtctctggc ctggagcttt     52680
     gttacgttat ccaagctgct tgcatgggtg gtggtttcca gggatgccct gtctgtagtc     52740
     cctgcccccc ttcactggat ttactagctc attccgatgc ttgactattt aatggttcct     52800
     ggagactgaa tgcacttcag gaagtgagca cttcaacagt cgagccgccg ggcgtggtgg     52860
     cgcacgcctt tgatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc     52920
     cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gctccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc     52980
     gaaaaaacca aaaaaaaaca aacaacaaca aaaaaaaaac agccatccca gttctgatgt     53040
     ttagttttgt attgttttgg gttttgtctc aagttgccag aactgttcct aaattcttga     53100
     tgctcctgcc tcctcctcta gagtgctgga tgacaggtgt gtactaccac atttggatat     53160
     caaaagtttt actgaagccc caggtgcccc tcactggctc ctcgtctggc tgtagctctc     53220
     actgcccgtc ttctgtctgc aggtgacccg agtgtccctt cgctccgcgg cctcctggtg     53280
     ttttagcatt ttctccgtcg ggcagctcga gagagaaact ggacctgcat gttaagacgg     53340
     actcgtcccc accttgtgtt ttccttcatc cctccccttc ggttttgtac tcttactggc     53400
     cccacacctc cctggaggag tctacagaag acgacacacc agcaccagtt cctccagcca     53460
     cctaggagct gcagggaggg gtggggtgag tgtgagtcac tgagtgacag cctgggccct     53520
     caggtctcag gccccaccct gccgggttcc tcctaaaggg acttgagtag ctgactctca     53580
     tccccactgc cagccccagc tgggcaccag cgtcccacac cctcgcctgg ttgcaggtcc     53640
     cagcaggtgc ccccgcctgc cttattccag tggcctgtgc cacataggac tgaggcctgt     53700
     gacttctgcc cagcgtgtgg accatccgtg tctctttcca gcttcccctc catctttaca     53760
     gccatcagcc aatcctaact ttgtgtccag tccagcacca tcctcagcct gggcagcaga     53820
     catagacatt gacccatctg tgtcatccta tccttgatct catgggaatt caatgtctgg     53880
     ggttggcagg gagtttcggg gtatcggccc tgaagcagcc accagaacca tctttgttgg     53940
     ggtcagtctg agtgagggtg tggatgttcc cacacacatt cttggcccta ggagcaggtg     54000
     atgagatcac aggacagctg aacccttggg gggtcatgat ggcatcaggc tttggcagat     54060
     agtgtcagag ctgtgtgtgt ggtaggtagc cagtaggaag atgggccccc gagggcagca     54120
     gcgccacctt gggcacagag tgcctggaga ataaagacag tgatgacgct ctgcctctct     54180
     gcttcctgtg tcagcctctt gagcccctct gagccccact gctctgagag ctaacatacc     54240
     acagcgggag aggcggtctg tctggcctgc aggatgcagt tgctgtgggc tccagtgagt     54300
     gtggcctgtg caccgcatgg gaaaggaggt tcccaccctc cctgagggcc aggccatgca     54360
     gccagcaagc cgcccccctg ctagttccct gctgagggcc agacagcagg ggacatttag     54420
     gattcagtga gtacatcttg tccggtttcc atagatgaca ggaagatcat gtgggctgca     54480
     ggtctgtggc tgtgagggct caggctcact ggggcaggca atgagagggc acccagcttc     54540
     tggaaccagt ctctcaattt ctgtgtggcc agagagaaag gccttgacct gggtgtgtag     54600
     tctaaagagt ggatatccct gggtgtaact gcactcaatc cccagtgttg gtgaccatct     54660
     tccttcttgt taacgcaaat acttggctgg ccatgtctgg ggtttgtagc agggagaatt     54720
     gtgggtaaca ggcaccccgg agcttgaggg tgttggcctc catctatgtg cctgttaccc     54780
     agccagacat acatgtgttc tctgaatcag aaaccataac tttttaaggt tttgcatgcc     54840
     cttaacccca gcgttggtga ggcagaggca ggtgaatctt ttgagttccg ggtcatccag     54900
     ggttacacag agaaaccctg tcttttaaat cgggggtggg gaggagcatc agtgccacag     54960
     ggtgtgtgtg tggtcagtcc tctcccagtg atggaactta ggtcatcagg gttagtgata     55020
     agcgccctta ccagccgggt catcatggtc ggcccaccct tgaggacttt gtcccaccta     55080
     tgtggagatc ctcatttggg aggggaaaca agaaatagaa catactcaaa tgcaagctgt     55140
     ctcccaaagg tggcccatgt gtctacaggc ttgccaggtg actgccaaca gcagcatctt     55200
     gtctcgaaaa gacttgccaa cagatgccaa gctaacttcc ggttcagcct ctgcttagaa     55260
     ctctgcagcc ccacagtagt tgggtttctt ccctgagaca tgctctttat gtagagccca     55320
     ggctagccac gaactcagga gtcctgttcc aacctgagtg ctgggatgag aggcctgaga     55380
     cttcaggtcc aacattgcaa tcacagaaaa gctgaaccac aggtcagggt tcaggtgagt     55440
     tatactagca ctcgggagaa gttggagaac caggagttca aggccaccct tatcaggatt     55500
     ggctcaccca gcaggtgctt ttggactgga caggtgtggg ctctaacagc tttgtgacat     55560
     ccttctctgc tgacaccttg agggtccctg tagtggctga cctctcatgg gatccagact     55620
     gccttgggaa tacaaattgt cacgggaact gggccgtatc tagggatgcc tggctgacac     55680
     tgagtccctt cctgcagtgg gtataggccc cagagacaga agggcccaga catcttggag     55740
     cacctgtccc attcccagca tatcagaagt gttgggttgg gtttagtttt tcaagacagg     55800
     atttctttgt gtggtcctgc ctgccatgga actcattctg tagaccaagc tggccttgaa     55860
     cttagatgca tataggcata aaaatttttc aacctgtcct ttagcccact acccattaga     55920
     gatagtggaa gacaaaagtt attaggacat gggtgaagtg gacctgttta gaaatagttc     55980
     tttgattgaa agtccactaa tttgttgtca ggataccagg agttcagtcc acatatgaac     56040
     cagcagctgc agtctagtct tcttgagggc attgaatccc atcatagatg ctcatgagtt     56100
     atgcagctcc cggggattga actcaggacc tctagaagag cagtcaatgc tcttaaccgc     56160
     taagccatct tttcagaatt ctgacgtttt gttcttagtg cttgcatggc tcttcacaac     56220
     tgtaactcaa agttccagtg ggtgtgatgc tccccgtggc ctcctgcagc actgcatctg     56280
     gtgcacagga acacccacgc agtgcacagg aacacccatg caggtgtaaa gggagtaaat     56340
     tgaatcccgg cactgggaag gcacaggcag gtgcatccct ataaattcga ggccagcctg     56400
     gtctacatag ttctaggaca gccatgctac atagtgagac cttggctcaa aggaaaagaa     56460
     agactggtgg tcacataagc ctctttatgt ctctgcccct ttgacaaagt gtttcaaaaa     56520
     tatgaactca accgagagat gttgaggctg ttccaagtgt ggccagcagg ggtctctctg     56580
     tgccttagcc tccaggcctc cggacaccct gcctgttctt gcaacatcag gacaaggtgg     56640
     gcaaagccac agcttcgcca tcagtcctgc atcctagaaa cactcccggt gcccagacat     56700
     aagctttgcg ctcttggagt aggttatcct tgcaggaatg agaaaacgtc cctctagcct     56760
     gaagtggctc agctggccac ccatgcacaa gtcacagagg gacccctcac aggacctggc     56820
     tggcacaggc tcacaaactt tccctacagg agctggggcc tgcggatgaa tgtgcacagt     56880
     gctgcctgca aggtcattct cagagctgtg agctcctttc gggaggttgg ttcccacccc     56940
     cctccctgtc ctgttcaagg tccaaactac tgagccagct tcactcttgc catctcagca     57000
     ctagggaggc tgaggcagga gaatcaactt tcaggccaga caactacaga cctaagccct     57060
     gtctcaaaat tcaaaagagt tcaacagttt gcatgcttac tagtggctag actaagcttc     57120
     cttccctccc attactattg tctgtgtaca tttgggggtt gtgacgataa acattcatgt     57180
     gacagtactc cttacatttg ggatcctctg cagatctgca gccccagcca aaagaagggc     57240
     agctttcctt gtgctgcctt ttcctggaat gttctggagt gacagcccct gcgtattctc     57300
     tgtgtgtttc gagtcatttt gagtattgca tactcttcca ctgtatgaat ttaccacagt     57360
     atttttttta tctacttctc aatgaatatt agggttttca gcttgagaac tccatagttt     57420
     atatatattt taatataata tatttttata catatggtag ttttgtctgc acatcacttt     57480
     tctgcccagg accacagagg ccagaagagg aggtcagata acctatgact ggagttatta     57540
     atggtggtaa ggcaccatgt gactgctgag aattgagtcc aattcccctg caaaggcagc     57600
     catgctgcta accactgaga tgtctctaga accagttata tctatagaag agttattttt     57660
     ttttatttga gtgtgtgagt attttgtctg catgtatgcc tggtggcatg gaggtcacca     57720
     tccatcgtca gatctcctga atctggagtt atggatggtt gttagatgcc agtttgtatc     57780
     tttttttttt tttttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gcccttacag gccctgactg     57840
     tcctggaatt cactctgtaa accaggctgg tctggaactc agaaattccc ctgcctctgc     57900
     ctcctaagtg ctaggattaa agaagtgagc cactactttc cccgctcagt ttgtatcttt     57960
     taaaaatctt tatctatgtc ccaatttgta gtgcaggctg gcctcaacat ctcaaatgtc     58020
     agagcttctg ctgtgaacca actcccaact ccctttgttt gtttttctgt cttagagttt     58080
     catggctgtg aacagacacc atgaccaagg caactcttgt aaaggcagac acttcactgg     58140
     ggctagctta caggttcaga ggttcagccc attttcatca tagcaggaag catggcagca     58200
     tccaggcagg catggtgcat cagcagccaa gagttctaca tcttcatctg aaggcagcca     58260
     ggagaaaact gaaatttcac actgagcaag cttgagcata gaaaatctca aaacccacct     58320
     ccacagtaga aattccccca acaaggcacc acctcctaac agtgccactc cctatggcca     58380
     agcattcaaa cacgtgaatg tactgggacc atagctattc aaactaccac agtctttcta     58440
     tgtaatcctg aatgtcctgt aacttgctat ataaatcagg ctggtcttga actcacagag     58500
     atctacctgc ctctactctt tcctgaatgc tgggagaaaa ggtttgcact actatacctg     58560
     gttgatccca gcacttatga agtaaatgtt gtaattgtta ttacttctac tacttcatgt     58620
     atgtttgcac agtgggggta cagcacatgt atgtgacatg tcatgtattt ggaggccaga     58680
     gaacaattca gagtctgtac tacttttcca accctgcatg gtcccaggca ttgcaatctt     58740
     gtgagccaag ttcctttgat ccactgaccc atctcaatgt ctccctagcc cttccctgta     58800
     gggcatcatg tggttttgcc tggccttgac cttaggaatt aaccgaagct gacctcatct     58860
     tcctgcctca attttccaag tgctaggata tgtttatttt agacctgtta aaaaagataa     58920
     gttggttgtg ttatcccagg acttgagagg cagaagcagg cagatctctg aatttgaggc     58980
     cagcctggtc tataaagcaa gttctatgac agccagggct acacagataa atcctgtctg     59040
     aataaaacaa aactaatgaa caaacaaaaa atttaattag tttaggatat ttgatatagt     59100
     gacttgatga actcagccat aattcatatg atgctgtcag ccatgtttgc ttcaaatctt     59160
     tgagtgaata tatattagtt tctattgact agatacacag agctgtggct gcgccatagg     59220
     atgagtatac actggacgcc catctgtact gtctgttagc caggaaggag aaagtcccca     59280
     ggcgtcactg ttcttcacac aatggcttca aatctgctgg tttagaaatg acctttgctg     59340
     ggcttggtgg tgcacatctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggattaatg     59400
     agttggaggc cagcctggtc tccagagtga gttccaggac agccaaggct gtcctgagaa     59460
     ccctgtcttg aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa gaaatgactt ttatctggaa acaccccaac     59520
     tctccaacaa aattcaagca gatctatagt tagttaatcc aaacaataga atactattta     59580
     acaattagaa aggaggactg aacacagctc atcagttaag aagactgact ggctgctctc     59640
     acagagaatg caggtttgtt tcacacattg tagctcagga ccacctgtga ctctgaccca     59700
     aggtcatgca acactttcct ctgacctctt tgggcaccag agacacacat ggcacttaga     59760
     catgcaggca aagcattcat acacataaaa tcaaaccaaa taaatcttta aaaaaataag     59820
     ttatttactt atttagatgg acaatggtgg cgcatatttt ttattctgag cactctggga     59880
     ggcagaggca ggcatatctc tgagtttgag gctagcctgg tctacagagt gacttctagg     59940
     tcagccagaa accctgtctc aaaaaccaaa taaataagtg aaaatacgag aagctcatgt     60000
     cacatacatc agggtaggct catgtgttag tgtgctgtgc atggctcttt tgatacagtg     60060
     tctcattctg taggccagtc ttggaagaca gagtacatgg atcttctgcc tcagcctcca     60120
     gagtgtgctg ggatgacaga catacatcac catgtgtaaa actatagtgt tctgtaaagc     60180
     tttgatctgc agtgaatgaa gcgtctttgt catctttgtt gtctagcaca gtaaaagcac     60240
     ggtttacaca gcatacatat tgtgtgaggt gctctagata tagcaggagg ccaggtatgg     60300
     tgactcacac ctacaatcca agcgctcggg aagctgatgc aggaggattc tgagctttct     60360
     gcatgccacc cagcctgggc tgctcagcaa gaccgtagct caaacaaatg aatgtaaaaa     60420
     taaggcatac tgtgtagtat ctgtaggctc tactcaggtg ccatgtcact tcaggagaca     60480
     tttcctaggc tgcaggtatg ggtagaatga ttacattgtt agtaactgta gtgattgagg     60540
     ggcacagtag acctcttgag cttgaattta ttctggctat caatagatat ttggtggacg     60600
     cctgtatctt cttaagccgc gaggaaagac ttcaagaatg ttccattcgc tgtaggaaat     60660
     cgcttcctgc caagcctcca gccacactca ttcagtacca cgcgaccctg gacagctccg     60720
     ggatggaggc cctacttccg gaactatgtt gccaagtagt gttttctatc ggaatcattt     60780
     ggtagctgca ctcatgttta gaaaggagaa aactgctttc cggagccagt aggcgttgca     60840
     gaaggattgg cagcagcatc gaccaatgga ctatgagttc tgtcgagtgg cactgacagt     60900
     gtccaataga cgctgatgtg ggcggggcgt aggtagcagc tcgcagcccc gggggtctcg     60960
     gctggtccgc tgcggcgggg tccggaccgc ggggcagttg gcggcaggtg gcactggctg     61020
     gaggcctgag gagctgtcag aggtacaaga ggggtcaggg cgtggcctgg gcgtggcggg     61080
     cttggggcag ggcggagccg agggccctgg ccgaccgtgc ctgcctgttc acagagtctt     61140
     tgcttcagtg tgaggctgag tggagcacac agtaggcgca caataagtga ttaaggaaag     61200
     actgagcttg tcgcccgcca gccctgcccc gactggcccg attttgagag cacccgaggt     61260
     atccctacct gaccctgtct tctagcatca attgggcgcc tgttgtatgc actttgcctt     61320
     gtgttcacag cagtggaggg aaggacttta agggagttat ttttgttgtt aattttttaa     61380
     aaaattatag taattatgtc ctttataata ttcctctaga atattttaat tttaaagttt     61440
     aacttaattt taaccttatt tatttcatcc taattttctt tcgtatttta ttttcatttt     61500
     tttttttgtt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt ttttgttttt tgagacaggg tttctctgta     61560
     tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc     61620
     gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc gccaccactg cccggcctat     61680
     tttcattttt aaaatttact ttccttcttt tttttttcga caaaatttac ttttcaaatt     61740
     tattttatgt gtctgtgttt atgcacatgt gtgcagtgcc caaagcggcc agaagagggg     61800
     aatagataga tctttctagg ctagaatgga accttggtca tctgcaaaaa cagccagtgc     61860
     tctcaactgc tgagagtgtc tctgctgcta ctatcttatc ttattatttc atttctttat     61920
     ttatatttct ttccaagtca gggtttctct ttgtaaacct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt     61980
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagtaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg     62040
     actaaaggcg tgcgccacca ctgcccggct gtattttctt tttaaatttt gttgtattac     62100
     tttattctga agtagggtct tcctcactgt ccaggctggt ctcaaatgtg tagccgttgt     62160
     cccgcctcac cctcctgtgt actaagatga tagtcacatc ccttcagacc gtgtatgtgc     62220
     acacgtgagg agcctaaact tccatatcag tgtcttcctt gatcgctccc ataatttaac     62280
     attttacata tatgtgtgtt ttgcttcttt tcatggctgt gcacctgttg ggaacaaaat     62340
     aaagggggac cctgggggcc ctggggaaaa gtgggggagg aaaaggggtc taacgtcctg     62400
     ctagggttcc tgtgctctgg gcaggcagat gcaggcagag ctgccggacg cttttccaca     62460
     gggcccaggg tgagcatgcc tgactcattt aagagcttta ttatagaaat gcaggggaga     62520
     gagagagaga aagggagaga gagagagaga gagagaggga gagagagaga gagagagagc     62580
     gagaaaggga gagggagagg gagagagaga gagatttatg gtcttccctg ttgctaggta     62640
     actggggagg agtttagcct gaaggtcaga agcttgggcc attgcttaca tgactactga     62700
     ccatgcttct cttgaggggg ctgtgggagg tggtacctta gtcaggggcc ggagttccag     62760
     gagcatgagg gaacacctac cgtgtcattt aggtgaatta taaccatcgg ggttcagacc     62820
     tcagtttgac tggagaccag ccttcagttc cccacatgta ccccttatgt gcctggtgcc     62880
     tgcagagacc aggaggggca ttgggtcccc aggagctgga tctacaggtg ggttgtggtc     62940
     caccatgtgg gtgctgggaa ccaaatccag gtcctctgga aaggcaccca gtactttcag     63000
     cattgagagc ctagagctgt tgactgggcc agagtggctg gacagcatgt ccctgtggtc     63060
     ccctttctcc acctccaaag ttccaggaca acccagatat atacagtccc tttggtgcag     63120
     tagaagggac agggctaggg cagggacagg atgccgctga ctgcagaggg tgagccgggg     63180
     tgtgttcagc agcacgaggg aagcagcttc actcctaatg aaccatgctt tgtgaggcag     63240
     gagaacacgt aagaacaacc ctacattttg gccaccacat ccactgagcc agctgccacc     63300
     ttgcacctgc cctgcaccaa gcctcaaggt gggtaccagg gctgcagctg ggagcaggag     63360
     tcaggtggtc tgcaggaggc cttcccaggg acaaaatata aagatacctg tggaggatcc     63420
     agggatgtgg ggtggggtgg ggcagggcgg ggatgctcca ggcagacgaa gtagtctgtg     63480
     taaaaaccct ggggctggca cagtcttggc aatcaggact ctggcaggct ggtgtgagtt     63540
     gagttgagtt gacaccagtt atgtaaggcc tatccttggg gtaacaggtt gagattctct     63600
     gtcagggcag caacaccatg agagtgctct agcaccaatg ggatcattcc atgcttgtgt     63660
     ttaacctgga agctactcag ctcaggtggc taccaagcag ctgtcagcac ggaaccagga     63720
     gctaaatata ttcagcttcc tgtgccctgc atgaatgtgt gtctgtgtgc acgtgtgtgt     63780
     gaatgtacat gtgtgtgaat gcatgtctgt gtgcatgtat gtgagtgtgt gtctgtgtgc     63840
     atgtgtgtga atgtgtgtct gtgtgcatgt gtgtgaatgt gcatgtgtgt gcatctgtgt     63900
     gtgcatgtgt gtgaatgtgt gtctgtgtgc atgtttgtga atgtgtatgt gtgtgaatgc     63960
     atgtgtgtgt gcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgaat ttgtgcatgt actgaaagcc agaggtaaac     64020
     ccccagtgtc ttgctcagtt gctctccacc ttagttctgg agtcagggtc tcaggaacct     64080
     ggagctccct ggttccttgc agctggctgc cagcaggccc tgggtagcct cctgtctgag     64140
     gtcctgcctg cctgcaccac ctccctagcc ctgtatcacc ttcagttgta taagcgtgta     64200
     tgcccatgtc tgtgagtgac tcccagagta gactagtagg ccccgtgtgg ctgactggtc     64260
     actaccactc cttagtgact acacagctaa catgtctgcc ctgtcctcac agcttctgag     64320
     cagagccatg aatgcctggc cctgcgactg gggccggtag cccccacagc ctttggcctg     64380
     tgactccatt tgtgctttgg ccctgtgtga ccctggcggc caccatgacg aagcttctgg     64440
     tggccaaggt cctctgcatg gtgggcgtgt tcttcttcat gctgctgggc tccctgctgc     64500
     ctgtgaaggt catcgaggct gacttggaga aggcgcaccg ctccaagaag gtcctgtccc     64560
     tctgcaacac cttcgggggt ggcgtattcc tggctacatg ctttaatgca ctgctgcctg     64620
     cagtgaggga caaggtgagg cctcagtggg gagctggggg gctgaggggc tcaggtgcat     64680
     gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt gtgaaggcca     64740
     gaggttggtg tcttctgtag tcctgttcac ctcgttttct gggacagggt cttattgaac     64800
     ttggagttta ctgaggcaga ggaggccagt aagccccagg gatccctctg cttctgccct     64860
     ctgccctggc ctgtgcttac aggcatgtgc caccacaccc agccttccag atgggttctg     64920
     gggttacagc aaagcaaacc agcatctccc aagctcccgt ggattccaac acagataccc     64980
     gaggaagaca gggaggagaa agcaaattgt tgtgtgacct tgtgtcagac gcttccctgt     65040
     ctgagcctta tctatttacc tggcactggg gctatcccac aggtgagccc agtgggtagt     65100
     gaatttcaga cagagcagtt gcccactcca gagtccacag gccatgtgca atggctcctg     65160
     ttgcttcctc tccatcggct cttgctacaa catatattgt ggcatagcac cttgacacag     65220
     cttgggtgtg tctcctcaag cttcctgtgg gccgagcagg agtctgggca gagcttcctg     65280
     gggtcctcag ggacccagga gacagacacc aggacacatt ctggccactt gccagcccta     65340
     ggtccctgtt ttcactggct gtggttggag aggccccagc ctatccccat cagtgtggct     65400
     gcatgggtca tgagcagggt ggaagacagt gtaacctcct tcaggggaca gttgtatctc     65460
     agactgtaga ggtagtgagg gctgccagct ctgcatatgt gaagggagtc atgttagacc     65520
     tgggtgggcc tggtctcccg gcagctgccc tggccattag ggacttggag accttagtcc     65580
     tggagctaga aaagcctctg tcaaggctgc agtgactggg ggttggggca tccttgccag     65640
     aagtgagcaa ggattcctgc tgctaggatg ctggtgagac cccagctcac cacaggctac     65700
     agtggcctcc gtctgtgccc atgaggagtc tgaggtgacc aggtcttgct ctgcagctac     65760
     ctgccacagc ctcaggctgg aacctgggcc cttggtggcc ttgctctcca ctctctgccc     65820
     tcgggtgtac atgtgacagc tcacccaaca gggctgggct tcagacatcc tttgcagcaa     65880
     gcacagttca cagtgctgtc tctcatgact ggaatcatct cttgagacag cccaggcaag     65940
     ccagccagca gccttgtttc tcagcacagt tttcccttct attttataag tttctgatac     66000
     ctgtgtgtgt gtgatgatca caggctttct ggagttggtt tctgccttcc atcatgtcgg     66060
     tcccaagggg tttgaactca ggttgtcagg cttggtggca agtgccttga cccatgagct     66120
     gtcttgctgg cctctctcct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     66180
     ctctctctct ctttttcctg ttaaaaacgt attttggaca atgctgggaa tggaagccat     66240
     gcaagacaga gctgtgcctc tcagcctcgc tctggccctc tctgctttaa ccttggtatg     66300
     acttgggctg tgtctttttg ttgtcctatg gagacaggat ctctctgtgt ggccctggct     66360
     tgcttctgag tgctgggatt agaatcctgc atcatcatgc cctgctctct gtgctgtgtc     66420
     attgcttgag gtggggtctc cttggggcca ggtaaccctc gggctcgcaa cccttctgcc     66480
     ttagtctcct gaagtgcccc tgcctgggac ggaggcctgc agctgaccta gccttgtgtc     66540
     cacagctgca gcaggtgctg agcctgggcc acatcagcac cgactacccg ctggcggaga     66600
     cgctcatgat ggtgggtttc ttcctcactg tgttcgtgga gcagctggtg ctgaccttcc     66660
     gccgggagcg gcctcccttt atagacctgg agaccttcaa cgccggctca gatgcgggca     66720
     gcgactcgga gtacgagagc ccgttcgtgg gtgtgggcaa ccgtagccac agcctgtacc     66780
     ctgagcccac agcgcacacc catggcgcgg ggctgcggct gcgggaactg ggccgcccag     66840
     ggcctctgcg gctgctcagc ctggtcttcg cgctgtctgc acactctgtg ttcgagggcc     66900
     tggcgctggg gctgcaggag gagggtgagc gtgtggtcag cctgtttgtt ggcgtggcca     66960
     tccacgagac gctggtggcc gtggccctgg gcatcagcat ggcccgcagt gcggtacccc     67020
     tgagggatgc ggccaagttg gctgtgaccg tgagcgccat gatcccagtg ggcattgggt     67080
     tgggcctggg catcgagagt gcccgcagcg tggccagcag tgtggcatcg gcgctgctac     67140
     agggcctggc cggtggcacc ttcctgtttg tcaccttcct ggagatcctg gccaaggagc     67200
     tggaggagag gagcgagcag ctgctgaagg tgctgttcct ggtgctgggc tacgccgttc     67260
     tggccggaat ggtctttctc aagtggtgag ccctgaatcc ctgaaggaca cagagcacgt     67320
     cccttgacaa ccacgctcat gggccatggt tcacacacag aggcctcccg ggctggtcac     67380
     cggtctctgc catccgccag aatctggccc tacagacact gcttttaaaa acgtcttaaa     67440
     gttctctacc aaagcctgtg tggccatgtc acctcatatc ccgtcacccc tccagttttt     67500
     gttgtcattc ctgagccatc aagaatggag cccagggtgg ggactggcag atggggatca     67560
     aagtgacctc agggaccctg ccatgttctc tgtggagccc aggccctccc tgccactgcc     67620
     acccgagttt ttctggttgc tcctgtgtga caggtgacag tttatgaaag gaacagtaca     67680
     tgtgggtcac atgagcaagg ggacagccca gactgtttgc ctggccctca ggaacagccc     67740
     ttcttgttct cttgctctgt ggtgtggcga tcaccagagt ggaggggcct cctctgcaga     67800
     gggcatagca gtgagactcc agggccacat cctgacaggg acaactccca ggatgcaggc     67860
     aggagcaggg gaaactcagc agctggcaac gttggtgcat gtcaccatgg taatgccagc     67920
     atcttgggac agcctgagtg aggactctct ggggacataa gcctgccaca gctcaccacc     67980
     ttccctaacc tggggtctgt gtagcaggct tcacctcagc actgccttcc ctccgttagc     68040
     tgaatgtcag actcctccct agtgccctgt cgccatggcc aggtgaccaa aatgacttgt     68100
     cgagtgtgcc cctacccagc gacactcaga tgatacaagg cacaaagaga catggccttg     68160
     gggacagctg gggcttgggc attgtcctca gagccccaat gcctgggctc ccttagtgct     68220
     gtaatacacc caggttcaca cgccgcttgg cacacattca gaaccccggg ctcccagtga     68280
     agggcccact ctgccagtgg ttgaagcctc tgctagcagt ttctggggtt ctttcccgag     68340
     gagccccatc atgtagatgt ggtgatgtac ccacagtgcc acctgggctt actgtccttc     68400
     tatcctctac ttaactatgg gtgggtgggg ggcatccaaa tggttctcca gcttcccttg     68460
     gccccaggtg ggccccacgg ggccaccatg cccctgcagg tatgggctca ggtgacaaag     68520
     actaggccag ggtaggaagg tccttagtct ggccatccca acagggagtc tgcacctccc     68580
     acatgggtgc atacaatggc attctctcct ttccagcacc aactgctctg cccctgggga     68640
     cagcagcagc agtggatctg gaccctcccc attagatctc ttgagtctct gagagtcatc     68700
     ccaagtgcca gctcactggc aactgggggc ctctgtgtct cttactgaaa gttccagttt     68760
     agctgacagc ccttgcccca gctgcaggag accctgggcc atgctaggac ctgtgcagct     68820
     gtcaggagga atgggcatgg aggagaaatg gacatgccgg gatgctgcag gggccaggcc     68880
     acccccaccc cactgcctcc tgtgggggac acagcaggaa cacagctaga caggaggaaa     68940
     gagggcggtg cgggtggccc agcttcactg ctgatctgtg tgtgtaataa cagcatgtca     69000
     gcttctccta tggcttgttt gtgttcctgt aatagaagtt attagtgcag gcgggatccg     69060
     gcacagccag ctcctggcat cctgccctca ttgcactgca ggggcctgac cgatctttgc     69120
     cctgcatccc acctgcccaa ggaagctttt cagcttggta ttcccccacg gggcgagggt     69180
     gttgtctgtg gggcaccccg ggctccacgt gcaccttccc ccactgttgt ctctggagtc     69240
     cacctgctct gagccaggag ctccatgaca tgtgtcccag atgtcatgca tagtcctcct     69300
     ggggaggggt cccacctgta agtcagcccc caatgatgag agggatgaca ccagaacacc     69360
     acagcatcat tagtgaacgc tcccacagaa gggaaatcca gggacgctgt cggtgaggag     69420
     caagcgtggc agacctgagt gcgattccag gggctcacgt gctgacagaa ctgactcctg     69480
     cactgtcccg atctccacgg gtgcttagtg gcacacatgc acacacttgt gtgtgctcgt     69540
     cccacacccc ctgatatgtg taataacagt ttttaagcta gccatggtta cccactccgt     69600
     taatccatgc actccagata caggtggatt tctgtgagtt ccaggccagc cagggttgca     69660
     agtgggccct tttgcaaaat aaataaacaa gtgaagattt aaactattta tttatttgtt     69720
     ttttttgaat ggatgttttg caccacatgg gtctctagtt ctctaggaga ccagaagaca     69780
     gcatcatatc tgatctccac agaggccagg ctgctgaggg ctgtatggtg acatgctatc     69840
     tcaaactaac aaacaacaaa atactgggct ccagagtgcc agcccatggg ggtttctttg     69900
     tttggctggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat     69960
     gcacacagtg cctgtggaag ccagaagagg gcatcagatc ctctggaact ggagttacag     70020
     atagtttgtg agccaccaag tgggggctgg gaattaaacc tgtgtcctca cctttaatcc     70080
     cagcactcgg gaggcagtgg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccaacct ggtctacaga     70140
     gtgagttcca ggacagccaa ggctatacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa caaaaaacaa     70200
     aaaaacccaa aaaaacaaaa aaccttgtgt cctctgcaaa agcaggcagt gttgtaactg     70260
     ctgaaccaac cccaagcctc accttggttt ttaagacaca gtgtcagtat catggagtgg     70320
     aagatttatc tagaccactg ggtcagcagg aatcctcctg tctcagcccc tccccatgct     70380
     accacagcag gattgagcca ccccgctagc tttgggtgtg ggttctgaga atccatactc     70440
     tgtgtgtttg caagtacgta ctttacaggc tgatccaccc tcttaaaggc ctttcctcat     70500
     ccacctctgc tgctggggac aaggcatggc ttttaaaaga ggcaatgggt gtgtgggaca     70560
     tgacagacag actagcgctt cagaatgcag tgcaggctga ctcgtctcaa gtccctgagt     70620
     cccagttcct gcggatttgc ccagttcagc aaggcagggc agagtacagt gtccccacac     70680
     aggcgctact gcaagaggga gacaggaact aaggttgtct tcagtggctc ctgatgccta     70740
     gagcctggcc tggcatctat aaatagcatc agcatgtggc caggctcctt ccagtgagtc     70800
     agcctgggct ggtgcctgaa ggaaagccag ggagctggtc agagctgtgc tgagagctcc     70860
     cccagtctct caggggaccc aggcacccat cacagacaaa ggaagcctgc ctgctagccc     70920
     caaactccca tcccaattct cagtactcaa gaaatagggc ctcattatgg gtttctttcc     70980
     agctactcgg gggagtgagg taaagctgta gcctggggca cttttttagg acagggtctt     71040
     ccagaataga gctctggctt cccactagac tgactccatc ttgaggcagg gtagggggac     71100
     tgagccacct tctgaaggac tcccacaggg ccagactaag aaggaggtaa attcatcagg     71160
     caacagcttg aggcagccta ggatgaatgg gcacaaatag caaagaaaga gctaggccag     71220
     ccatggagat cctgactcca agttggcatg ctgtgctgta acgccaggag aaggggccat     71280
     gttagaactg agcagggagc cgggcggtgg tggcgcacgc ctttagtccc agcacttggg     71340
     aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag     71400
     gacagccaag gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaag     71460
     aactgatcag ggaaggagtg ggtgagcctg ggggaccagg agagggaaga ggatggcctt     71520
     tagctggcct aagtggaaga ggcaagaggc cagcctggtc tacagagcaa gcccctacca     71580
     caaacaaaga tactttaaaa tcagtcttca gagagctggc tcattaatta acaactgttc     71640
     cagaggaccc aggttcgatt cccagcacct gcatgttggc tctcaattgt ttgtgactcc     71700
     agctccaggg gacccgatgc cctctttgga tgtctgaggg catcaggtat gcaggcaaag     71760
     cattcataca cagaaaatac aaataaatct aaaaattaaa acaaaattta agtgacattt     71820
     tctttatcag tttctgtgtg tgtggaaatc agaggacaat tagttagagc tgggtctctc     71880
     agctgggtct ctctgttcac cacgtgggtc tcagggagcc acccaggctg tcaggcttgg     71940
     aagaaagcac ctctaccttc tgagcgctct cactggcccc aatatttaat gatacaaagt     72000
     aaacttttgt tctgttttcc ttgcagtgtg tgggtggagc cagggcgaca gcaggcttgg     72060
     caagatggct tccctagacc acataccaga tgaacatcgg gggtcttttt ctcttttcct     72120
     ctttttgttt gtttgaggca gggtctcaca ttttccagaa actatgtaga ggctgacctt     72180
     gacctcctgg tcctcctgct ctgcctccag tgttgggatg cgaagtcgac atgtcaggct     72240
     gggcctctgc cacgctcagg atggatccca tagctgccaa ggaatcgatt ggccctccaa     72300
     gctacaacac caataatagg gttcttagtg ttttgtcttt tattcctctc tttctcccct     72360
     tcttcccgaa cccttccttc cttctcccat aggggtctct actctgtatc tcagaatggc     72420
     tttaaactca tagccattct cctgcctccg gctcccgggt gtggctgaca tcttaatcta     72480
     tgaaggttta tatactcagc tcacaccctc ttccatcacc tccttctgcc cgtcgctgga     72540
     tcactctgcc cccccccccc aattccagtt ctcccttttt gcagttgggg cgacccctga     72600
     ctattggtca ccatgtcttc aggacctcac acgatgggcc ctgtcaccca cccgcgttcc     72660
     ctaaggtaca ggtagccacg tggtatgcgt gggtgtgggt gtcacgatgc ccagagctct     72720
     gcatgccccc ggttgctgat ggacacccag ggcgggcttg gcggtgacct ggggctgcag     72780
     ctgcccgggc ccgggtcctg gcaggcgggg cgggcggggc gggcggggcg gagcgcagct     72840
     ggggcgggga catcgggact gcggcggcgc ggacagcagc gcagcggcgg ggaccacagc     72900
     ggcccaggta ggcggcgggg cagccgcggc cacagagggt ggggaggggt ccccaaacca     72960
     ccatgatccc tttgttccgg ccccaccctc ccgggccacc gcaccaggct ttgcttgtcc     73020
     ccgggagtcc agcggtcacc atggacagct cccggtcgcc ccacccctac ctgaccacgc     73080
     agagcatcac ttgggacctt ctgggccctg gtcccctcat acataccctg tgcgaactgc     73140
     ccgctgaggc ccaggtcctt cactgccccc cacagagctc tgcaccctcg tgaccaagcc     73200
     cctctctcaa gactccttcc ctcctctgag accctgactc ccaggaagcc ccattccctt     73260
     gagtccctaa aactgcccgt tcatcatcat acccctagcc tgcagcccct aaatcagcca     73320
     cccccattag tcagtgcccc tgcccccaga ctctcccccg ccaaggccat cctggatttt     73380
     tgcacctgag gtggcttcag ggtcccaggg ccctgccctg tgctgctctg tggactgaga     73440
     ggtttggggc aggctggccc agggcttggg tgactcagac agtgtggcca agcacctcag     73500
     agccccctgg gcacagcagc tgagcagggc ccagctttaa gtccctctga gtcataccac     73560
     ctcttagaac gcgtgacctt gagcagagct tgtcccactg caagttcagg gccctctccc     73620
     tgatccccaa aagagggaga tctggattgc acaagaccct ccttgtcagg gggcccaaac     73680
     ctcagcatcc atctagtggg catccctact gggcactgca gcccctggtg cccactaccg     73740
     agaagaagtt gcattgaggg gtgcatgccc cacctccatt tgccacctta gatcccctct     73800
     gggcagtagg gtggggtcac catgcatctc ctcccattac ccaccaagaa aaatgttaag     73860
     actgctgggc tggggagcat ccccacgcca gcactccagc tcttccccag gccaagaagt     73920
     accctgtgta gagggctgga acacttcaag taagtgtcca gctcgagagt ttctggtgtc     73980
     actagtgttg gctccagttg ttgtgttttc cttttattta ggcacattcg ataattttga     74040
     atatggcttc aaaccccatg ggggatgctc gtccccaccc tggaacccca gcttgccata     74100
     acttcggggg ctccttggag gctggacctg aggcacttac ccctaaccat attcctgatt     74160
     ctctatctca ggcaaagcct aggtgtgtgc catcccataa aagagaaaac tgaaccccaa     74220
     ggacatagtc accccttcag tgtcatagtc cctaagtcta actccaggga gtcctcaacc     74280
     atctccatat gtgaaccatg ctgaggaaaa gaatcggaag ggacagcagt agtggggaca     74340
     gacctcccta gtgtcccctc cacacagtct tcccctacct ctcctaattt aggagtcctc     74400
     atactgtgtg accctctgag agccatgaac ttctctgagc aaagacagga gagaaatcct     74460
     gtcccagcca ggagttctgt tgagaacaca gtggcctgag caggaagcca aggcatgggc     74520
     atagggaaca gggagccccc acttagcttc gaggctttct cggcttggcc tgggctgtga     74580
     gtcccaggaa cctctgcttc aggatttacg cgtgcgattc ctggatgtcc tcaatgtcag     74640
     agtcagttag gaggctgttt catgtggcag gttcccaggg ccaggatgga agcctgtctt     74700
     caggacacgt agggctgaag cactgtgttt gtgtgatggt tgttttcagg tctgatatct     74760
     gcttaccgtc ttgtttttct tgttgctttt ttttgttggt tggttgtttt tgttttgttt     74820
     tgttggagac atggtctcaa tgttcagtct agactggcct ctgaccctag gttgtatttt     74880
     ttagacagaa tctcactctg taacccagag tagcccatac ttcactgacc ccttgcctca     74940
     ggctccctgg ctctaggatt atggctgtgt accaccacat ctgatttttc acaatgtgat     75000
     tctttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg ttttggtttt ggtttttttg agacagggtt     75060
     tctctgtgta actctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac     75120
     tcagaaatac acctgcctct gcctcctgag tgctgagatt agaggagtgc gccaccatgc     75180
     ccggctggga ttcttttcta tgtatttttc ccttctgttt atgtgagtct gaacaataca     75240
     tgtgtgcagt gccttcggag gccagaaggg ggcgtaagat ccctggtggt tgtgagccgc     75300
     catgtgcgtg ctgggaacag aatcaggtct ttgtgagaac agcccatgct gtagtcacaa     75360
     gagcagactt ttcaataccc accctgtttt tttttttttt tgagacaggg tctctctctc     75420
     acacataagg atggggcagg aagatggcaa aatgcaggga gtgaggcgct tacactggtg     75480
     cagagctgga ggctgggtgg aagtcaggtc tgaggtggga cccagagtgc tgacttgagt     75540
     gtctttgcat cctggcctca tcagcaccat ctctcaggct cagcccggcc tctgctccgg     75600
     gcactcctgg ccttatattt gtcagaaagg gcagccaggg cagctgcgag gaccacttgg     75660
     gagatacttg ggtggcatgg aggcaggacc agcaccactg tgacccggcc attgggacag     75720
     ggagctatcc tggtctcata aggccttaca tgtttcaccg tcctttctcc aacagggtcg     75780
     gtctggggtt ctagctgccg gccctgtcct ccaagccggc tccggagaag atgccagaac     75840
     agagcaatga ctaccgtgtg gtcgtgttcg gcgcaggcgg cgtgggcaag agctcgctgg     75900
     tgctccgctt tgtaaagggg acgtttcgtg acacctacat ccctaccata gaggacacgt     75960
     accggcaggt gatcagctgt gacaagagcg tgtgcacact gcagatcacg gacaccaccg     76020
     gcagccacca gttcccggcc atgcagcggc tgtccatctc caagggccac gcctttatcc     76080
     tggtgttctc ggtgaccagc aagcagtcgc tggatgagct gagccccatc tacaagttga     76140
     tcgtgcagat caagggcagc gtggaggaca tccccatcat gctggtgggg aacaagtgtg     76200
     atgagacgca gcgggaggtg cacacgcgcg aggcgcaggc cgtggcacag gagtggaagt     76260
     gcgccttcat ggaaacctca gcgaagatga actacaacgt gaaggagctg ttccaggagc     76320
     tgctgacgct cgagacgcgc cggagcgtca gcctcagcgt ggacggcaaa cgctccagca     76380
     agcagaagag ggctgaccgc atcaagggca agtgcgcgct catgtgagcc cgccagagcc     76440
     agcttgagtc tcccgggctc cttctcccct ccctcctccc ttccctcctc tctcctctta     76500
     gtattcctct cctccccacc tcctcctctc tcctcctctc tgctcctccc ttctttgctc     76560
     ctgctccttc tccccctcct tccttccttt gccttgcccc tccctcctcc atctctcttc     76620
     cctcttcctg tccccaccag cctacagtaa ggttgggctc catccctgcc tcttcacacc     76680
     tccatagctt catcctttgc agacctctcc ctctatatct ctttgctccc ccacccccat     76740
     tctatctgca ccccacaacc acacactgga ggtttgatcc ctgtggatct gaaaacaggg     76800
     acctggctaa ggaactgctc atcccagtca ggcccagaga ggttaccttg cctctccatc     76860
     tctgtccctg tgtgcccagc catgcccact gtccctgtcc ctcacattct atcactgtga     76920
     cctctgggga gtgcccattg acctcatctt ccttcactaa tatcttattt ctttcacctg     76980
     atcctgtcct ttccccgtga cctctgacct gtggccttcc ctgggtccag aacacccctg     77040
     tcctctcctg tctgcacacc agggtggatg ggcccgaggg ctgggcctca ggcaccaggc     77100
     aataaacaca gggcctgcag caatgccctg gccaccccga gtaccacctc tggaatagca     77160
     gacgcccaca gcacaagccc aggactgtcc cttcagggga ggcacactgg aaccctgaac     77220
     ttggagtgtg gagtggctgc ctggacactg cccacctgga caccagcctt ctgctgagat     77280
     agagaccttg gcacagtggc acctcgacag ccaccccgac tgggggtttg gggtgctgag     77340
     ggtggggtgc ccagctgaga gtctatcagc aaagtccctg tgtgcggtga taggactagt     77400
     ggctgctgcc ctagggctct gacagaatct gagcctcttt gctggtcatg tgtactctgg     77460
     agactgtccc ccatgtctgc cctgagttac ggagcccctg tggtatctgc gagactgtcc     77520
     aggagacttg agtggctcct gggcctgtgt cccacccaga tgagggtgac ttagaattct     77580
     gtgtttatgt gcctgtgtgt gtggatgggt gtgtgtctgt cttgggatgg ggtgttcttg     77640
     caccactttg tgttcttagt gagaccacag tgtaagtggc cgtgtgtgtg tgtggggggg     77700
     ggcacctaga cattgtggtg tgtctgtatg gctctgtgtt ttcaggggtg ggtgacacag     77760
     gcctgtctga tgagcaccag gtctgttcca ggctgtggca agctggctcc tggctcagaa     77820
     gtgacaaagc tgcagtacag aggcctcagt gtgaggtcat cacctcacag tggctacaga     77880
     ccaggctgtg gcctgagtga gctggaacct ctggggtggg gacgagaaag agagagggag     77940
     agagaggggg gagagtgagt gtgtgtgtgt gaagggggag agtgtgtggg ggaagagtga     78000
     gagagataga gtgtatgtgt gagagggagg gagagtggga ggtagaatga gagagagtgt     78060
     gtattggaag ggagagagag agtgtgagag agtgtgagag agagacagag acagagataa     78120
     aggagataaa gagagacaaa gacatggtca caaagagaca gagaagcaga aagaaggctg     78180
     aagccagatg accaagtagg ccggacccca ctgtgttccc ttctgtgtgc caggcacagg     78240
     gagagccaca gcctgaagcc tgagtctgag catagctgag ccctgacctc tagccagccc     78300
     agggccccca cagctgccac ctgctcccaa gccccgggag tggctcctgg ctggacaggg     78360
     ggtcacagcc ctttctcagg gacacaccct gatagcacaa tctctgggcc accccaggct     78420
     tctcctggct ggccttgccc atcctgggga gaaccgggct gggtggcagg ggaggccgga     78480
     gcccaccctg gctgctggcc aacctgccca ggcatctctg gtgctgggga ccccgccagg     78540
     cctcgcttgc tgtgacccac ccctgccccc cgcatgtggg agccccatcc catgtggggt     78600
     ctgtgtaccg ttctctcgta gaccttgtct tcctgcaata aacacgtgga tcctgcctcc     78660
     cctgtgctgc atgtggcttc tgtggggctt taagctgcct gctgcagctg agggtgggaa     78720
     atggagggtg ggcgtggggg acacggggag gggggattgc agtgggtgtc acagccaagg     78780
     tcacagccaa gcttactggg ccatgaacag tgtccattcc ttatgtgggc cttgctggcc     78840
     tccctggatc ctgccccagg ggctcagtct tttactcagc ctctctctga ttcccgccca     78900
     gtccttcaac ttcccaggct gccctctgcc atttaaagga cagattggct gagctcattc     78960
     attcactcac taattcattc attcacccat tcactgtgtg taaaaggcac cacagtacgc     79020
     ccagctctga cctggagccc aggttcggcc acagtgtgca ccggccaggg tgcctgcctt     79080
     ctcagcccct ccaccttcag tcatgtacaa ctgagcatgg ccacccctgc ctcgaatccc     79140
     agcatgggag gctgcatagg gaggcacatt gccaggaatc ccaacagaaa caagggctgg     79200
     aggggtggcc caatggttag aaatgcttgc agctctctca gagaaccaac gttcaattcc     79260
     tagcacaagg aaacaagtca ggattcctgt aaccccagcc aagggagcca agaacaaagc     79320
     aacaccctcc ttttagccta ggatagaaaa cataagaccc aggttcaggg agagaccctg     79380
     cctagaagaa ataggcagag ccaaagagga taacagcacc ctgcattggc ctggccatgg     79440
     cgtatcagcc agtgcccaca ctcaggcaca aacatacgtg aacaaacaac aaacaaaata     79500
     aaaatttaaa cctcacagaa ccagagaaat aaagaacaaa aagagagaaa acaaaaacaa     79560
     aggaaaaaaa aacataaaaa atacctacat cctgggagtg tggtcatgga tggtgccccg     79620
     cctagaatcc tccaataagc ggcgatgagg gcgtggtcag gatggaactc cgcctaaaat     79680
     cctccagtga ggggcgatga gggcgtggtc atgggtggag cctgcctaga aatctccatt     79740
     gaggggggtt gagggcgtgg tcaggatgga gctccgccta gaatcctcca gcaaggggct     79800
     ggagcctctc ctaggtcata tgaggccatg gactccatgc ccagaaatgg aaaagaaagg     79860
     ctgcatttat ctttcgtata gtaataggtg aaatttggct gtgtctctcc tgatgtggat     79920
     gaaaccctcg atgccgtttc tgtcctgtat aacctgcatg tgatgtctca tgtacaaaca     79980
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga gacacatgcg tttggaggtg gagcagccag     80040
     tcctcctggc tacacagtga atctgagggc agcctggggt acatttgtga gaagctgtct     80100
     caaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaaa aaaaaccaac agtttgtgtt     80160
     agtttaagac agtcccactc tggagctgga gagatggctc agcggttaag agcactgact     80220
     gcttttctag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc aggcaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg     80280
     caatgtaaaa agggacctga tgccctcttc tggggtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact     80340
     cacatacatt aaataaataa ataaatatct taaaaaaaaa aaaagtccca ctctgtggct     80400
     caaattggcc tgaaactcac agcaatccta ctgcctcggt ttcctgactg ctaaaaggtt     80460
     atgtgtgcgt gattatggca tacatgataa tatttattta tctgattgtt tgtttatttg     80520
     tttattttgg gttttttttt tgagacaggg tttttctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa     80580
     ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcaaac ttagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag     80640
     tgctgggatc aaaggcttgc gccaccactg cctagccatg atgatttttt taaacattta     80700
     aacatttatt tttctgtcta tttatttatt gtgtgtatag gtcagaggac agcacacagc     80760
     ggtctgtgtt ctaccatcat gtggctcctg ggactcaaat tcaagtcttc aaacttagcc     80820
     acaagtgcct ctgtacatca aactgttgct ggcccagctc aatttttttt ttgtttgttt     80880
     gtttttaaaa gatgcatact ggcttttaag acaacaagag tcatagaaac aggctggctt     80940
     gtggcagcca aacctttaat tccagcactt ggaggtaaat agatgggtga atctctgtga     81000
     gttggaggcc agccttgtct acacagtgag tcactatttc aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac     81060
     agggctggag agacaacacg gcagtagaga acactgactg ctcatccaga gaactaggtt     81120
     tcatttccag cacccagtcc caagggatcc aataccctct tctggactct gcagaccact     81180
     tgcatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg gtgagcacac agacacatgc     81240
     atgcacaaca tctttacaca caaaataaat acgaacagtt ttggaaaaaa ataaaacaaa     81300
     acaatgtaaa tcatggaaat gaaagagtct aggtaggtca gggtgacaag gtctggacct     81360
     aggggaaggg gatgtgccca gggcgggcag ctccagcgct ccccctggtg gcctctgggc     81420
     tcagtgcggt ctcctgaatc tacttagact caattgcatg ccacaaaagg gtaatttttg     81480
     tggatcttgt tttgaattac atttgggaaa tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca cgtgtgcatg     81540
     tacacacgct ccagtatgtg tgtggtagtc agaggacaca atggtctagc cttactggag     81600
     attagattct ctcaggctct caggcttgga ggcagatact tttcctgttg agctacaaac     81660
     ctcttagtgt ttgtatttat ttatttattc atttatttat ttattcattt atttatttat     81720
     ttatttaaat tttatgtgca cgggtgtttt gcctgtgtgc atgtctgtgt gaaggtgtca     81780
     gatcccctga aactggagac agttgtgagc tgccatgtga gtgctaggaa ttgaacccag     81840
     gtcctctgga agaacagcta gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc gactctccag cattagttag     81900
     tttttgaaac agggtctcat gttgcctaca atggcttcaa actcacccat gtagcccaaa     81960
     ctgaactcaa acttggggca gtcctcctgc ctcatcttct caagtgctgg aagatagccc     82020
     aactctgcat ctaccaggtg aaccacaaac agtagtaggg tctggggaca gcctggatgg     82080
     gatgtgccag ggaagaacac tgaagaaagg ttctgggctt tctctgaata taaagtgcag     82140
     tgtttgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtgagcaca cgtgcatgtg tgtgcctgtc tgtgcatgtc     82200
     tgtggtgggg gcattcatat gtgtgtgcat gtatgtgtgt ggatgtgtgt gtggatgata     82260
     gccaggttcc ttcaggaatg acaagagtcc agggagccga gccagtagat tgtctgtcac     82320
     agaatgtcag tccacaccag aatcctgagg tcacccaccc aggggctgca ctggtctttc     82380
     cctgggatgg ctgttacctg cagggatgtt ccagatgtct ctgaggtcac caagaaaact     82440
     tgtagagaat gcagacccat gggctggggc ttccagcatg agtccctggt gccactgccc     82500
     ccactggaga gtcaaagtca tcctctcctg catggtgagt tcaaggccag cctgggcggt     82560
     ttactgtgac cctgtcttaa aatatatata tatggctgaa gttataaccc aagccaagta     82620
     ctgcaaaagc caaaaaaaaa cccaagtaac agagagaata gaaaaaaccg gagatgaaca     82680
     tcagaataca gaaatgataa acaagcaaat aaaaaatcag tatttcctca ctatcctggg     82740
     tctctgctcg ggattcaaac tcgttccttg aaaaccacaa gggagcttcc tgtccctggc     82800
     tcccatgggg ttttttgact ggaccttgct gttctgttag atctgggctg agatggggag     82860
     tttgatcggt gttttcttac tgctaaaatg atgctcagcg gaagatgaat attatcacaa     82920
     tatgggatac aaatgtatgc aaacgtcata atgaaactca ttataccata caataaatac     82980
     acaccaataa aataaactcg aaaatccaaa caaaacaaag cctgacttag tacatgccta     83040
     acgttaagca gcttctcctc agagaggccc ctttgattgc accattgatt gccaatcttt     83100
     agacgcataa ccccgccctc cagctagtga atggcccgtg gagacgccat tcctgggttt     83160
     ggcccgccca ctcgagcccg aagccccgcc ctgcccccaa ggctaagcct accagactgt     83220
     cggccctagg ctcctcctct ggaccaacct ccgccacctt ggcttctgat tggtccgaat     83280
     gctacagagg ctccgccctc atcgcgggag accccgcccc atggaagagc cctctctagg     83340
     ccccgcggtg cgttcggctg tgcggctgct gagacactgg ctggaggcag gtgagctccg     83400
     catgctgaag agactcgggg tgtatcgggg aggagtgggc tgcctcagag aggacggggg     83460
     cagcccagag aagtggggtg aagtcagaca agagtggggt gcagtcagag agagttgggg     83520
     tgcagtcaaa gaggagtggg gtgcaatcag ggaggaatgg gtggcaatca gttatggagg     83580
     agtggggtgc agtcaattag ggaggagtgg ggtacagtca tacaagactg agtttggtgc     83640
     agtcagatac gtattgggta aggtgacagg agtgtggtgt agtcagggga gtggcgtaca     83700
     gtcaggagaa gtggggtaca ataagggagg agtgaagtga agtcagacaa cagtgggata     83760
     cagacagaga agaatggagt tcagtcatgg agaagagggg tgcagtcagg gaggagtggg     83820
     gtgcagtcaa ggaggagtgg ggcactacct gtttgctgtt tggttgcaca cagtaccaac     83880
     accttggaga caaagacata gagcaggggg aaggtacctg tgtgtccctc tcagggactc     83940
     agggtacata ggcttagatc ttggggtgca caaggctcca gtgttgactg actgtttcag     84000
     aaacttcctg tgggagtgtt aggggcaata gtgttaaggt gtgtgggcag ctctccactg     84060
     cgggggtggg atggggtggg ggtaggggcg aggtgggaga gagggtgacg gtggctggct     84120
     gggggacctc ttgttatagc actgaaactg ttgccaggtg tcagggaacc aggcaccaag     84180
     ttcaccggtt tgcagctgca gacaggtcta gtgctctcag tggctttggg actctgcttt     84240
     gatctgttag ctgctgtccc tcagtcctca gtccccccta cctcctcatg agggcagggc     84300
     agctagccct gggtaggctc cctgcagtat ctgccaggga agatatgtgt taaggccatt     84360
     ctggtgcaag ctgtcacaga aagactatga ggaacccccc ttgactccca ccatcctggg     84420
     gtgcaaatga gaatctctac cccggtggtg gcaggcgtgc tctcccagtc cttaggaaac     84480
     tgaggcagaa aaatggaaaa tttgaggcta gcttaggcta catagtgagt tccaggacag     84540
     ccacgactgc agagtgagac actgtctcaa aaacaccaca gtcagcttgc agtttagtgt     84600
     aagattgtct ctgaacttgg gtgactctgc tgtgcaggga acactgggta acatctaggg     84660
     acatgtgtaa ctttctcaaa tcagggagga ggtcctggca tgcagtgtgg agcctaagac     84720
     tgcacagtgc cttgcagggc ccatagtgtc ccacagacaa tgaacaggcc cagtgtccac     84780
     agcccagagg tgtgaaaaac tgcctgagat ctatgcagcc aggttggaag gatgtggact     84840
     gggatagagc ccggggtgga gaacctgcct agaatccccc agtgaggcac tagggttgga     84900
     agccatgtcc atcctcctgc ctcaggctct acagtgctgg gattacaagg tatttgttag     84960
     gatgcttagt tcttccaggt ggctcgttct gttctgtttt taagacaagg tctcctgtag     85020
     cccaggctac ctccaactct ctcctgatcc tccagtctct gtcttgagtg gcaggacagg     85080
     tatgggtcac cacacttggc cctgtgaagg ttgctcatac tccgatttct attgctttgc     85140
     ttttcttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc ctttctctct ttcttccttt     85200
     ccttcattcc tcctcctctc ttcttcctcc tttgaagacg gggtctcatt gtgtagccta     85260
     ggctggcctg gaactccccc tgcctctgct tcctgagtga gcttaatgga gtgactttca     85320
     cactcagttc tgtgtgactt tgaaattgtg agtgattgag cctgcatcgc ccgcacccac     85380
     agtttgtttc gtgaaggatc ttgggggtcc cctagtgagt ccagtgtgcc caggcgaaga     85440
     acactcagtg gggcggctaa tctttgtctc cacagcacag acttgttttt tgctctggca     85500
     caccaagtag taacaggaaa actgcccccg cccgccaagg tgttgtcgca ggtttttaat     85560
     ttgtgtctag aaatagtgac tggaatgatg ctcactgggt tggggacctg tcccagcatg     85620
     caccaggccc ccggtgctgt ccccaggacc tcaagaatat atcataatct caggagcagg     85680
     tggatctctg tgagtttgag gccagcttgg gctgcacagt gagaccctgt cactgtgggg     85740
     attggtggag accttggaac tttctagaaa gaacagctac cacagccact gtggttgaca     85800
     caggctgaaa gtccagactc ttttgtttcc tctctggctg gtgtgactat atgacagcgg     85860
     cctggtaggt caccgcttac ttgcctttct tccgtggaag attgtcccac gcctgagccc     85920
     tttcatggct gacctgaccc tggcaattcc aggttcttgt gacaccaagg ccaggaggga     85980
     ggacttgttt ctgttgcctc ctgtcccact cccacactgg gaggcaaaag ccgccatttg     86040
     tgactgagta ggagacacct cagcctgctc cctatctccg cccctcatcc ccatggtctg     86100
     gccgctttct ccctggctcc tgggaaacca gtcctgtcat agtctcctct ggtgggggtt     86160
     ggtgacaggg tccgcgatgg gacatcggag agccttctca aacggctgcc aacttcttcc     86220
     tgagaacttg ggaaagggga taatctgatc gattttcatg ttttaaattc gggtctgatt     86280
     tgcatatttt aaaattcaac attttaagca taataattta gggttttcct gagctcatct     86340
     ccgggtgcag ccatgatcca tagatgacag gctaatgcca cgttctccgc cccgcccggc     86400
     ccccgcccgc ccccgccccc gcccagcgcc cacagatgca cttccagact ctcagttctc     86460
     ctgatttgga cattcccatc atggagtctc aggttgtgcg accttatgcc ctggtctctc     86520
     actgatctct gtgtccttcg gttcctcaga gcctggctct tgttcactgt tgtgtggtat     86580
     tccaatgtgt gggctgacca tgccgtattt acaccatcca tttgtagaca cctggactgc     86640
     ttctgacttt tttttttctc tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgttctgga     86700
     attcacggtg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa     86760
     gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg cgccaccacc gcccggctgc ttctgacttt tgttgtgaat     86820
     tgttgcgttg aagtgagctt gtcctggtca tattggctta ctgtactgaa cttaggcttt     86880
     cttctttgtt ctttttgagg gcgaaggtgt gagtttatcc attctcctcg gcgggccctt     86940
     ctcatcccaa agcccccaag ctcagagcct gtcctcttgc tgggtctagc cggttaacaa     87000
     ctgacacaca gatcgcagat cagtttccta ctctcactag gacctcggtg gccttcctga     87060
     gaaccctgac taacacccca ctgcctcttc cgtgccccat ccccagccaa gcagagcttc     87120
     ccgctcctct tgctctctgc tctgagggca ttccttcctc ccagcccaac aaaggcacct     87180
     tgtgagcctg ctctcaaccc caggacccgt gccaagtccc agatcatgtg attggacggc     87240
     tgcatgcttg tgtggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gggtatgtgt gtgtgtggtg     87300
     tgtatgtggt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtggtg tgtttgtgtg tgtagtgtgt gtgtatgtgt     87360
     atgggtatgt gttgtgtggt gtgcatgtgg tgtgtttgtg tgtggtgtgt gtgtgtttgt     87420
     gtgtgtggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg tgtgtttgtg tttggtgtgt     87480
     gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtggtatgtg tgtgatgtgt gtgtggtgta tatgtgtggt     87540
     gtgtgtgtgt agtgtgtgtg ttgtgcatgt atgtgtgtgg tgtgcatgtg tgtgtggtgt     87600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatga tgtgtggtgt gtgtggtgtg catgtatgtg tgtgtatgtg     87660
     tgtggtatgt gtgtgtgtat gatgtgtggt gtgtgtggtg tgtgtgtggc atgcatgtgt     87720
     gtgtggtatg tgtgtgtgta tgatgtgtgg tgtgtgtgat gtgcatgtgt ggggtgtgtg     87780
     tgtgtgtgtg cacacctaag ggacacacta ggtatgtggc attgacttgc ctgtcatccc     87840
     agcacttggt ctctgaggca gggggatcat gagttcagtg tcagcttgaa ctagaatggt     87900
     aagaccctgt ctgagaaccc agaagagaga ggctccatgg gtcttgcacc agcatgaaca     87960
     ttgaattcaa atctcaagaa ccttcctaat aagccatgca tggccacgcc acccgtgacc     88020
     tcagcactgt gagagccaga gacaggagga gcttgctgaa gtccagcctc gctttaggct     88080
     cagtgagaac gcttgtctca aggcaaaaag gtagagatag aggaagatac ccagcatcct     88140
     ccgctggcct ccatacgtgt gtgcaggccc tgtgtgtata cactatatac acacatgcaa     88200
     agcaatattt ttaacccaat aaaataattg ctttgggaca gagaggtggg tctgggttct     88260
     cagggggcct ggggcccagg aacaggacca aggaggagtt tgagatggag tactacttgg     88320
     ccaggtaaaa gatgtggcta gagccccctg agatttccag tctccttcat gtcaactcaa     88380
     agtggtcggg tatggtacta gcatcatgag ttggggtatt ttgaggcact ttcctgggcc     88440
     tagttggtgt tgattttcag cctgatactc ttccattgtg tgtggagccc tggttgtgtg     88500
     ggttcgctca tgcatttgag cttgttttag ggccgttcct tcctgcaggc tattttgtcc     88560
     ccaccccatg ctggaaccat gtatacagga ttggttttgt ttattttttt aagtgtgagt     88620
     gcttttatct ttcttggtct gagaacactg aaggaagtgc ccagcggggc cattagccac     88680
     catcaaaccc acagattgca tcttctgtac cccttggagt tttctttgta catcagtggg     88740
     tcttttgagg tggcttggag ctttggggtc tctgtaaaga tgggaatgga tgtaacccag     88800
     gctgtccacc cgagtctcaa cctcaggctc gagttcccct ctgtcctctg tgccctactt     88860
     ctgtggagcc agccagctcc agatgtctgt ctctgcttgc attgtgtccc cgtgatgaga     88920
     gtggctatgt ggcagtcagt gtgtcctgct gcaattttgg cccttgtggc catgcatagg     88980
     actctcctct ccagtgtccc tcaagttaga ggcttgtagg ctttgtacca gcaaagcagg     89040
     tcctgaggtc tggtgagacg gcccagtgca taagggcacc tgactttcac atgtgaagag     89100
     ccaagttcaa atcctcagca cctgtgtaga ggctgggtgt gaacgcacag gtctgtgacc     89160
     ccagcattag aagggggtaa gacaggctgg agaggtggct cagtggttaa gagcactcac     89220
     tgctcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acagccatct     89280
     gtaatgggat ctgatgcctt cttctgatgt gtctgaagac agtgacagtg tactcacata     89340
     cataaaataa attttaaaaa attcttagaa ggggagctca ctggctggcc agcctggtgg     89400
     agagacccag gctacttgac ggtgtgacct catgagagga aatgtccaag caggagactg     89460
     cagatgattt cagggtcact ggaaggaagt tgacagggaa gtgaagagga ggcctgagga     89520
     gatggcgact gtgctctcag gaattggatc tgtgagggca agatagaaag gaacgaaaat     89580
     atatgatagg tttcatggcc caggccttca ctcccagcac tcgggtggca gaggtaggcg     89640
     ggtctctgag tttgaggcta gcctgggcta ttctaacaga ctgaaactgt gcccctgtaa     89700
     taagcttata tgactattgt ttatctaatg tgttaatatt tattaaacca gtgacaggat     89760
     taagggaccc agtggcagaa gctgtaactg gtctcagctg actcctttag aaactggagg     89820
     ggctgtcagt ggatcctgtg ggttctagag cagggaaggt gacctggtgg aggctgaggg     89880
     acatgatgga aggcctggac ttcggctaag gcctaaggct gtggcatgtt aatgcctggt     89940
     gggcatctca ggccctgcag ggttctgagc actgactctg ccttcaggac ccactctgtg     90000
     ccaggagatc cccagagtga caacaatatc cctggtcaca catctatagg gacaggctca     90060
     tccttgatcc agaaggcaga ccaggatccc gggcagcctg gttaaaggag taattaagtg     90120
     gccctgtttc ctctcgggca gtgacacaga tctgtccctc tcttcagagc tgtcagtgat     90180
     tcaagaatga gagactttgg gtgctttggg gacatcaatg tgagatctct acgtctgagt     90240
     gtgtctccct agtgtccctt gtgaaaatca cccccttcag ctgaggagcc acagtctcag     90300
     ggatgcagga tcggcactgt cagcactctg cggtccccca gagctgtggg gctgtgggca     90360
     tctacccagg aggggcacca cgaaagaccg tggatggaga ggatacaggg ggcttagtgt     90420
     ggattagtca ctgtgccaag cctgagacag acagctaaga ggtctcctcg gggcttcagg     90480
     actctcagtc cgttggcttc tattccttca cagcccactc cctccatcca ggctctgcct     90540
     cctgacagcc tatttggcta tgatgggttc gatgggttca cccatggatg aagtgagcgc     90600
     tgtcctgtta cctgccctca gcgccaccag ttcgagaaca agttatctac acatgagcct     90660
     cagtgggtga gggggaatct ccaaaccatg gcatgatgcc ctatgcagga tcacaatctg     90720
     agggcgggca aaactgcaga aatgtatttc ctcagtttga aaggccagga atggggagtg     90780
     gtcagaggtg gagccccagc ttagaatgcc ccagtgagga gctgggggcg tggtcggggt     90840
     ggagcccttg cccagagtcc ctaggtgctg gtctgggtcc gggtgaagca ctggcttagc     90900
     atacctcagg gttttcgggt tatggctgct gtaatttcta tttgtgggct ccaggctgtt     90960
     tttcagtcac agtctcccct actgttctgt ctgtctgtct tgttatacag attgctgcca     91020
     gttagtttag gactctccaa actgccatga tgttctcttc ttgagtctat gaagaccctt     91080
     tttccaaacg tgccgacctc tgaggtgtct cagaatagtc tcataatatt taatagttaa     91140
     attaacccgg tgtctccgcc ctgggcactg tagacactac actgttccaa gtcgttcttt     91200
     gtggctgggt ttggtagtgt acatctgtca ttgtggcaca tgggccatgg aggcaggagg     91260
     accagaagtt taaggtcaag ctcaactaca tagccagctt gaggccagcc tgagctacat     91320
     gagacccact tagacttgct agtgttttct ttgtgttttt tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt     91380
     tttttcctga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga     91440
     ccaggctggc ttcaaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa     91500
     ggcgtgcgcc accacgcccg gcgctagtgt tttcttgagc tcagtgattg cacacagcca     91560
     ggttccgaca gcccaggcgc ttgctgcttg aatggatgac ggcacagcta aattgggcat     91620
     gttgtgttcc agaagggtat ggccacattg gttgtgtttt gggggagggg atgatgtgtt     91680
     tcctctgtgc ttgtgactat gtctgagaat ggttcattga aagattctgt aaatggtttg     91740
     cagctgcgca cagtctgacg tagtctctat agcacgttct acgtgtgata gtgtgactgt     91800
     ccccaagtgt gtaaaactcc agatttttaa aaagtctatt ctcatctcaa ccagacgggg     91860
     aggtgttagc atacttctgt tttaagagga gtgtcacagt atatataaca gcatggtgtc     91920
     attttctaac caacagagtt ctcaaaaatg ctcaattttc aagcctggct aagtagagaa     91980
     actctctgaa gagtaaggct actaagtaag gacatgtggg cagctcttta tgtattctgg     92040
     actgccacta aggattgcag tctcacaagg gtggatctga atgagagact gtatcagtca     92100
     gccagcactg tgtaacagca ctgtcagcat cccactgaat gacagattgt atcactcagc     92160
     cagcactgtg taacagagta ccagcagccc acatttaaac atttgttgcc tattgtagca     92220
     tgctctcttg ggttaggact ccagtacagt tagcaggtct gtttgagctc tttggggttg     92280
     ctggataggt gttgggctgg ggtgatgtca tggcatccag ggggaatcac tggagaggcc     92340
     caccctggcg agctatgata tgacagacag cgaggcctct cgatccacag tattggtgct     92400
     gtgtgttaca gggtgttagc tgactcatac gagcctgaga gccaaatcta ccctcgaaaa     92460
     acacagatct gaaaaggttt tgaaagacct ggatttagaa tcgctatcag ttcttctttg     92520
     ggtgccccgc tgatgctggg ccagttttcc gtgtagccag gccgcacaat tgggctattg     92580
     tgtgtgacca gagtcctcca atgcttccag aaatgtcaca cgatgttgtt ttcacttagg     92640
     aaggattgct caaggtgatt atttagaggg aagttcacca gttaatttat tgaactctcc     92700
     tggctttaag aggtgagcat acaggaagtg agatagagtc tcttataggc tggccttgaa     92760
     cttctgatag gcttgcttaa gcctcctgag tgctggctgt tgcatgtgca ccctgtgtct     92820
     cttacagcca attacctgtg ctctggagca gggtgaggga caggggctgg gtgtcttgag     92880
     ataggacaag aaaggacagc cacctggatg gcatcttttg gcggtgactt tcatcatgat     92940
     gagcccataa catccctgaa cctcaaatgt cccaggtgaa aaagaaagag gtgctttgga     93000
     cctcatgtgg agaattggga ccccaggcaa cacatatagt acctgtaggc caggaggcat     93060
     tgggtcccct ggaactgagt tacagtcagt tgttagcgat gtgttggtgc tgagagccag     93120
     ccgaactgga tcctcttcag gagcaatcag tgttttggac cattgagtca tctctccatc     93180
     tctgcctggg gctgatctca agttcatggc cctggggcca ggccactctg tccctgcagg     93240
     acagatagcc ctccaacagt agtttctaga cctcagagga gtgctggaca gcggggccca     93300
     cagtcaactc agcaggctgg atgtgaaaga catatacacg tgcacacagt ttcctgctgc     93360
     tcaagattag agcccacagc ctctggggtg acgggaggct tgacagactt cttctctcca     93420
     gaaatcccaa ggtggctgtc aggatcgcat cgcacgtcaa gccctggaaa gcttggtaac     93480
     ataatgctga gtgttgaaac ctcagacaca gacagactcg gattgccaca aatggagtat     93540
     ggggcagtgt cattggcctg gctaagaggg ggccaggaac tgtgctcaca ccctgcagag     93600
     cccaagagga ggagggaccc cagggaacgg tgactctgca acgagagagc cttttgtgga     93660
     aaattagctg tgtggagcca gggccagtag ctcagtcctg tgagtcccca gtgcaggcac     93720
     aggtcatgag cccccctgga cagaccagag tgtgaggggc aactcagccc atcactgtta     93780
     cagtggagga caggagctgc tggtggatct acttgtctga gaccaagcaa agtccatttt     93840
     ggattttgtt gttcttgttt ttttgagtca gagtttctct gtgtagccct agctgtcctg     93900
     gcactcactc tgtagaccag gctggccttg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc     93960
     aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcaccacca ctgcttggcc cattttggat ttttgagaca     94020
     gggtgtcaca tagcccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcaccatgg agcacaggct gtccctacat     94080
     tccttcgtca ttctgagtgc agggtgacag gcaggcgcgt gccgtcacac cgggtgtata     94140
     tgctgcaaac ggatccggct ttgtgcttca tgagctgaga gtgccatgct ctcactgagc     94200
     gagctccagc ttcagctcct ttgagaaaac ttgagttttc catctgtctg tctgtctgtc     94260
     cgtctatctc tcaggggctc ttaactcact agcaggccaa gctgtgtact ttgcctggag     94320
     atcctcgtgg ctttggtggc aaagttcctg tttctcatct ctcctgaagt gaaggacatt     94380
     gtgccttggg ggctgtaaca ggagcaaacc aaaggccaca tgtgacctgt gggcactgag     94440
     ttctaatcag atccacacta ttgaatacag tggctctgat gcgtttctgt ttgcttccaa     94500
     tgctaaggtt tgaacccagg gcctcatgtg tgtcaggcaa gcactccccc acctcaggag     94560
     acagaggcag aggcaggagg atctctgtga tgtggagtcc aacctggttt acacagtgag     94620
     ttctaggaca gccagggcta cagagtgaga ccctgtcttg gagactgaac tgaactttag     94680
     tcatcagact tggcagcaag cttttttctg tactgagccc tcttgctggc cctcttccac     94740
     tttttctttc tgacacaaag gctggatttg aactctctct gtgttgaggc gagccttggg     94800
     cttgtcaccc tcttatttaa gatttaagaa gctggggttc ccagtctgcc tcattcggct     94860
     tacttattgt aacaagcttt gtttttattt ttaaacagag tcttgctatg ttacccaagc     94920
     tgacctcata ctcccagcaa tcctcctgcc tcagcctccc cactcctccg tgctaagatt     94980
     ataggctcat aatccattcc agaagcttct ttctttcatc acttctggtt ttctttccac     95040
     ccgtaaagcg gctgctgact ttcagtccag ccccagctgc acgctgtacg ctgtacaagg     95100
     cccaggagtc aggctcatgc gtgagggcac cgtgctgtcc ccagccaccc tcagtgttcc     95160
     ggaagcttcc tccagcacag cccccttgca tggggggcca tctcccctac ctgtctcctc     95220
     cacggaccca cccctctcta atttgcatat tctgttttta gtatcttctc tggattttat     95280
     ataatagtgt cgttaggagg ctgtcatggg aaccaaaggc tccggtttca aagtctcctc     95340
     tggaagcacg gcgtctttct ccatttcttt ttaaatgaat tttacatttt ggaatagatg     95400
     gacaataagc taattgagga gcgcagggca aaggcggctc catgactcag gtctcaggat     95460
     ggccggtccc ctctcctctg gacagtaaag cagctcactg acagtctttg atgtctgcct     95520
     gatccaaggt catagcctga ggcaggagag tgctaaggag gcctgagtgg aggtttcaga     95580
     aatatctgct cactgggagc tcctcaatat tctccagtac tgaccttgtt ctacgaggcc     95640
     tccacccagt gaggggctgg gtcccggctc cgctgtgagt tctgctgtgc gtggggggtt     95700
     agttctaccc cagcactaca gcgggacacc aaagggaacc aggattgatg ggagcccaga     95760
     gccacagcca ccctgaagat aagccagggt gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtgttg tatctgtgtg     95820
     tgtgatgtgt gtgtgatgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgatgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtggtgtg     95880
     tgtgtatgtg tgatgtgtgt gtggtgtgta tgtggggggg tatatgtgtg tgatgtgtgt     95940
     gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga tgtgtgtgat gtgtgtgcgt gtggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     96000
     tgtgtgtgtg tgagtgagtg ttcaccattg ggcatttttg caaggtgact gtgggtcccc     96060
     gtgtgcctct tcctttggac acagcttctc tacattcagt tgtctcgctc tgtttctgct     96120
     caggccttgg tgagtgcctg ggtcagagga cgactcctgg ggccaattct ccctccacca     96180
     tgtgagtccc agagattgaa ctgggtcatt cctcaggctt ggcgccccct ccccgccccc     96240
     agccacctgc aagctgtctc cacacaccag tcactgtgcc atatcacacc aggggaactc     96300
     ctgccatgga gtttgtgcaa gccggggact tgccgagcac ttgcagggtc cgggccgccc     96360
     ccaccctgtg tgcctggtac cccagggagg ccccatcttg tctgtgtgtc ggactccatt     96420
     gcctcccagc taagaggaga cgactgcacg gatcctgctg gccacaggcg caaggcgggg     96480
     accggaatgt tcaagaacaa tcaggaagct ggccaccgtg gaaatgtcac tccagcgctc     96540
     tgggagctga ggcaggagga ttcaacctga ccacagtgcc cgcaagaagc ataaaatact     96600
     ttgaatggtt ggcgttcagt ccttaagttc aactgttctg ccctgaccac tcagggctgt     96660
     gacacagcca gctccaggtc ccctctcccc caacctcagt cactcagcac cctggtccct     96720
     ggtgcttcaa tgctctcttg cctgcacccc gcaccccatc cagagtggaa ccgtcaccct     96780
     ctgctccctg ccttggcaat cagtgttcct gggtgacata tttagatggt tgctatggtg     96840
     atgatgttga cagcttcatg tggcacaaaa gaagggcccc gctttgctat atcgagcctg     96900
     caggagagcg gtgcctgagc cacgtgccca tgtcagcgtg ggaagggaag ggggctcaga     96960
     cagcccatcc cacccactcg ctccctgcgg aggagctgcg acctgctgga gaggtatgcc     97020
     tgtcaccttg agagatgtgc agggaagaac agtctcacct gagggtgact gtgtcttcca     97080
     ggggacactg ggccatgtct ggggacacgt ggctgcccca gctcaggaag cgcctggcat     97140
     atggggttgg gggcttctgt tgagcatctt cagggcccag agcacccact gaagatgacc     97200
     caggaccgtg tgcatggcgc ccctgggcta atcatttgga aagccgagag tcctagtttc     97260
     ggctcctgtt gtctctgtga cacaagcaat ttatgggacc gaggggtttc ctctggccac     97320
     agttctaatg tccatccagg cggggaggac gtggtggagg gaggtgggcg tggcggcggg     97380
     aagtgggcgg ggttctcagt cacgaagcag agagaggtga tcactctggc tcagcttaat     97440
     ctctcctgcc tcctcagtcc aggacctcag gttgtttgac agcctcacca agtcagggtg     97500
     ggtcccacgt cagttaacaa tgtgtagact tcctctcaga tgggcttgtt tccttgttga     97560
     ttcactgtca ctgtcaaggt gatggtgaag attaacacca agatcacact gagacaagaa     97620
     gataactgag ctcgagacta gcctggattg catagtgggg ccccggttcc aataaaccaa     97680
     cagatgcgtg atcgatgggc cttcctacaa atgaatagtt atgtgcgttt ctctatgaca     97740
     gcctattccc agggtgcact gggcagcgct ttttgttcgt tgttttgaga cagggtttca     97800
     ctgtgtagcc ctggcagtcc tggaactcgc tctgtagact aggctggcct ctgtagacca     97860
     gagagcctcc tgcttctgct tcctgagtcc tgggattaaa ggcgtggggc accgctgcgg     97920
     ccaccaccac ccggcttgtt cgagtctttc aagtaccttg tccgtttagg tatcactgtc     97980
     agttgatggg aagatgaaat ttggggccac ggctgttggg acttaaatca gctaacaatg     98040
     tacttatttt tttttaatgg gtctgactgg gactggtggc aatgcgcagt gttctaaaag     98100
     cacatgttct tgcttctgaa ctggagttta gtcactggct cccacaagga gccctgacgt     98160
     gtgtgacgtc attccccggg gctctgatgc ccccttctgg actttgaggg cgctgcatac     98220
     acttggccaa tatatgggca tggctgtgcg tgagcacgtg tttgtaagac gttttctcat     98280
     ggtcacctcc tcatgactgt gcctgctcat tgtccacgac gggaccccgg gtgatgtcgg     98340
     ggacacgcgt ggctgttacc ctaggcgagg agtgggtgga agtcctggat gctgcggcca     98400
     cggtgtccac cctggggatg atcctggagg atggggggct gaggggagtg tcttagtgta     98460
     gctgcggggt ctcatgctcc ctccagcagc cctcattcgc caaaacgata ctctcctgcc     98520
     cactgcagac aagagcagga aggggtcacg agtcagagcc tcgggaacaa ggagggttgt     98580
     cagtccggtg tcattctcag ggaggccaag gagacctgga gtcctctgag actgatgaga     98640
     ataagcatgg gcaagggaga cgcccccccc cgaaggttct agaagaggct ggagccaagg     98700
     gatccagggc accagggcag ctctgcgacg cctcgacctg cacgcgggcg ttcttggcag     98760
     agtgaacgct gctcctcgcc ccacatagag ccaggccaag gacagggcgc ctagggggga     98820
     ccccgagtta attatttagg aatttttttt ctgctcagca taggcaccag cgcacacccc     98880
     gtgtttacaa gaccccagct tctgagataa actccctgtc cacacagcat gcaccccaat     98940
     tcctcctaga tgacgctgtc cagtttgtgt ctgagcatgt gtgaaactca gtttcctgaa     99000
     gtgtgattgc gggacagctg gatggcaggc acccagggcc cttccgtagt gttattttat     99060
     agatgctacc atcgaaatcc actttatctc acggaatctg gacctctaaa aactcagggg     99120
     gcttgttgct ccagctctgg cttttcatca ctgggctagc ctcggagccc gaaggttccg     99180
     gccgtttcct tcagcgacgc tgccacctgc aggcagtagc ctggatcaca gctgcctgtg     99240
     acaccatgca aaaactcagg aaaggtggtg tttgggtgga gcactatccc agaatgcacc     99300
     aggcccgggg tagccccagc gccacacaag cagcatagca tagcgaggca aaaaaaaaaa     99360
     aaaaaaaaaa agtgcaggtg catagcccag gcaggaggat tgttagtcag agctccgtag     99420
     tgaaatcttg tctcaataaa ataaaaataa aataaaataa gggctggcta aagggctcaa     99480
     cagatgaaaa cgtcttgctg tcaagcctga ggtcatgagt ttgaatgtca gaatcaccac     99540
     ccctctcgat ggaccgatag atagacagat ggacagatga atgtacaaaa aacaaacagg     99600
     aaaatagtgt tggggataca ggggtttgga gaaataaacc cataagcgtc tttccctatg     99660
     aatcatgttg ggcaagtgca gcatttattt tgctcccact gtatacaatg tatacaaagt     99720
     gctttgtaga aatgacctgg ttcaaatcct caaagagtct gtgagtgctg agcgtgccta     99780
     tggctgggga tcttcccgcg tgtcccgcaa gagtggcagg agaggcgcac tgtgaacctg     99840
     agccaagtgc caagccttct gactcggcag ccccaagatg gacagtcccc tgcctctatt     99900
     cccctgatcc tctctccagt tctgcagaca aatgtctcat actcacccac tcccacccgc     99960
     gatttccctt tcaaatgcgc gggagattaa ttatgaattc cgcctcatcc ttttagcaaa    100020
     ttgctgttcc cagcaagccg cccacacggg aaccgaagcc cacagtttgt cggggcctca    100080
     ggagcagctg gttgagggtt cctgtcgctg cctgagccag acgtgacctc ccatccagag    100140
     acccagacac tagcctggca ccctgcggtg cctaattaat ggacagtgtt tctcttttca    100200
     gggtgtgaag cctttctatt ggaacctcag tgctgggacg gtgggacggt gcaggtaggt    100260
     gctgtgctcg cggcattgaa gactgggtgg gagaggggcg tcaaggtggc tgtgggggcg    100320
     ttgggctgtc caggatcatg cagagatcat gcaggatggg gtctcgatgc ctggcaacac    100380
     ggcgtggatg ttctgaggga ggccatggtg ctgtgtgggg tgatctcgac ctcagacagg    100440
     gtcagggtgc aaaggttaca gccatgcagt cagtctctta gctgtcttgg ttccacccca    100500
     agatgctttg ggcccgcatc ccgtttccca cacctatttt ggcaccccgt ttcccacatc    100560
     ccatgttccc tgcaccccat attctgaact catgggttga ggctccttag acctaaaagc    100620
     tggatgtgtt cagtcgtgat gtgcctttga gatttggctt tgttttctgg gtgtgtgagg    100680
     aaacctgcaa gattgatact ttgaggagaa aaggtttcgt tttgactacc agtcctgttg    100740
     aaaacttgcg aggttagtct gtttctgtgc ctgtgtcaaa gtgcccaagg ctgcagctgc    100800
     tttagaaggg aaaaggtttg ctgaggctca ggatcgagta tgagctgcat cgtcttaatt    100860
     gattcctgtg actgttacaa actgcctaag gctggagcca ttataaagaa aaaatttgtt    100920
     tggactctca gttcagaagg gagggcagtg tgtcgtgttg gaagatcacc tggcaacaga    100980
     ctgaggccag gcctgggctg ttaatgtttt gttttgagaa agtgtctcat tatgtagtcc    101040
     aggctggcct ggaacttgca gaaaccctct tgcctctgcc tcttgaatgc tagggcctgt    101100
     gccagcacag ccttccttga ttgtggccac aaattctctc tggtagaccc ttgagtgttg    101160
     gaattgaaca aatgcccacc atggggcata agaaatggct cagtggctac agcactagct    101220
     gttcccatag agagcccagg ttcaagtccc agcacccaca catgggctcc caactctatg    101280
     actccagctc cggaggaaac aggacgaccc cttctgggtg cttcggatac tgcacacata    101340
     tgtagggaca cacatttcat tgaagatata aaaaagtata agaatacttt cgtctgtatg    101400
     tctgtccaaa tgttaagagt atattagaag ccacgtctgc actacttgat tgtgcgactc    101460
     accccaccag aacataacca cacaagggct tgggattggg tgcagtcacg cgctcttgtc    101520
     tcccaacacc cggaagtgga agcaggagga tctggagttc aaggtcatcc gcagcttcaa    101580
     agtgaattgg aatctgagac caacctgggc cacctttctc tctaaaaaat aaaggaaaat    101640
     ttaaaaggtc agctcagcat ggtggcgcat gcctttagtc ccagcacctg ggaggcagag    101700
     gcaggaggat ttctgtgagt ttgaggctag cctggcctac ccagtgagct cttatctcaa    101760
     aaaacaaaac attaaatttg gcttttatat tgtcagggta ccccgtgtga catcagggca    101820
     catcgtggca ggcatgatgg agaagccccg atgtggggcg gacatgaggc tgtgggtgtc    101880
     acttagggtt cagtgtgccc cacagagaag cctccagggc tgagtccctg accttgggga    101940
     cctaccaagg agctcctgat atgaagactt ttctgttgca gaagaagcag tctttctttc    102000
     aggagctcca cacagagtgg gctgaaagat aactcctgaa ttttttattc tttctttgtc    102060
     tttttttgtt ttgttttggt ttggtatttt gagtttgttt ttcaagacag ggtttctctg    102120
     tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagc ctggcctcga actcagaaat    102180
     ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcaccacctt tgcctggcct    102240
     ttttgatttt tttgagacag ggtttctatg tagtcctggc tgtcctggaa cttgctctat    102300
     agtcaaggct ggtctctcaa ttcagagatc ttcctgcttc tgcctcctga gtgctgggat    102360
     taaggtgtgc acaaccacac ccaggatctt taattttttt attttaattt tatgtgcatt    102420
     gctgttttgc ctacatttgt gtctgagtaa gggtgcctgg tcccctggaa ctggatttat    102480
     gggtgtttgt gagctgtcat gtggttactg ggaactaacc aagatacact gtgagagtag    102540
     ctggtgctct aaccactgag ctgttagttc attccagtgt cggcacttta aaaaattact    102600
     acatgtattt atgtgggcac gtgcgcatgt cctgaagcat gtatggaaat ttacgggaca    102660
     atttgtagga gcctggcctc tcctttcccg atggggagtc gaactcaggt cttctggctt    102720
     gatgaccagt gtatttattg ctgagccatc tccctcatca ttttgtgcaa gtttggccgg    102780
     gatagcaaac aatgtctgct gttaccacgt gtgaccacta gggggcagga gagatccgtg    102840
     cgtttctgca ccgcagcaca caggggaggc gtcaatgggt tgtgtatctc atacaaagct    102900
     tggaaaagga aaagtggagg ctgactccgc cgtccacgat cctggggtga caatcaccac    102960
     tccatgcccc ccaaccccat ggacaaaacg aagctcgaga acatgtggca ggatgtgggt    103020
     gggaagctcc tgtcacaaag tcagcggaca cagtcagctc agcaccctgc agacccaggg    103080
     atgtcaggag aaaatagcat ggccacagag ccgctcggga acccttctcc ataaaacctt    103140
     gacgctcggg ggatccacgt gagctcggag ccccggagca gccccagtac aaggtgtttc    103200
     ttcaagttcc catttttctt gcaatttggg gacatttttg ctgggaacat gactggtgcc    103260
     ttttgtcagg aaccgccctt gtgcaggtgg ctcaatctct ggcttccaca cacacacaca    103320
     cgcccttggc tgctcaccct ccgggtctgt tccaggtgtg ttaaaattgt gctgttattg    103380
     ggcctctgtg gacaggctgt cctgggaaca caccacagag atacaggtct gtggtgcttg    103440
     gctcacaagg tcatagcagc tgccagaaca ccaaacatgc ccagtgcttt gtcacagtgt    103500
     gttcacattg tgtctcagca ggagtgtccc ctgatgtgac ctagaggctt ctccttgcac    103560
     agtctgcagc tcagaagtcc agaaacttct cagagcattg aggacttcga gtgtgacatt    103620
     tactctgaga aacaagatgt gttagtgtga tcctacccca cgcttcaggg gatcctaggt    103680
     gacatctagg gacatgtgca gctgtcactc tgggagtgct tctggcatgg gggtggagac    103740
     tgtagaagct gttgtgttct gtagggtcaa ggacacccta cagaggacaa ctttgagtag    103800
     tgtctccagc acctggggac actgatgctt ttttttgttt gtttgttttt gtttgtttgt    103860
     tgttggtttt ttttttgttt tttttttact ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagacct    103920
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc    103980
     tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcaccacca ctgcccggct gggacactta    104040
     aacatttact ggagtagaat atgtcaccgg gacaggggac tgaccctctt ttctctcgtg    104100
     gcttagtgtg tgggtttcca tgtgagcagg acctcagtgg gagcaggtgg ttgggtggca    104160
     cagagtctcc agggtccctg ggaaccccta agccaggaca tctgtgctga ggacaagcta    104220
     tcccttttgc ccatcagaat tggtggagac tattgcaggg acacagaccc tgaccaagaa    104280
     tgacccagcc ccaagcatcc acagtgccgc tgaccatgga agaagaagcg tctgtgttgt    104340
     ttgagactcc gtttcctata gcctaggcaa gcttcagata ctctttatgt ggctaatgac    104400
     gacatcgggg ctcttgatcc tcctgtctgc acctcctgag tgctctgtga cacgtgtgta    104460
     ccaccacatg ctagggacag agcccagggc ttcatgaatg ccaggcaact gagctacaag    104520
     taccccacca accaagctac aagcacccca ctgactgagc tgcaccccca tctcaggatc    104580
     actgtcttta ttttctacaa tgccctctgg tccccttcca agccccggca agcagctcac    104640
     tccttgaaac gccatgcacc caatttacca tttgaaaatc gagatccaga gaaatctgca    104700
     cagaaagagc tagaagtttc ctctgcagtg gatgctgttg ctaagcaacc acctgaagca    104760
     tcagcttccc ccagagtggt gctgatgcag gaataggtca ttcttggatt tgctgggccc    104820
     cagcctctgt tgactcagtg cacatggggg tgacagtcat gtacgatgat gtgtcagggg    104880
     tggtggagac acaggggagt cagcagaggc tagatacagc tcacctgcag tgggtggaag    104940
     gcatcccaca acaccccagg tccacgccag tgtctgcaga gctggaccct tgccttgatt    105000
     taagattatc cttatttgtg tgggggaggg ggtgtgcagc acagacagag gccagaaggg    105060
     gcgtcatcgg gtcccctgga gttggagtca taggtagttg tgagtagcca tgtgggaacc    105120
     tctgcaaaag caggcagggc ttttgtcctt attttctaca atgccctctg gtctccttct    105180
     gagcccctgc aagcagctca ctccttgaaa gcccatgcac ccaatttacc atttgaaaat    105240
     cgagatccag agaatccagg ccccctcagg catttatttc ccaagccagg aaccccagct    105300
     tgggtttctt acattactgc ctcttgggtt tagttcacag cagctgctgg gtccccacct    105360
     ggataacaca cctggttgca tccatcctga tgtgccacca acctcttacc ttcccctcat    105420
     tgcccatggc tcagggacac ctatactcca ggcacctgag cacagacagc ccagcctgca    105480
     gcctgcatag gtgtctgctc catcccagtg tgtgtgcatg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    105540
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcc tgcgtgcagg tgtgtgtgcg catgcgcttg tgtatgttgg    105600
     gggctatata tgtgctgggc ctctgtcccc caggtgcctg atctttattc caagttatcc    105660
     atgaaagagg aattctcatt acgagctggg aatgaggaag tggctcagtg tgtggagtct    105720
     ttgctggctg ggctagtatg aagacgtgag ttcaaatctc cagcatgaat gtaaaaagtt    105780
     ggctgcagct agaacctatg gtggtcccag ccaggaaagg tggaggcagg aggattcctg    105840
     ggatcctggc caaacagccc agcttaacag atgagcccta ggctcgctga gaccctgtct    105900
     caaggagcaa cttgaagttg ccagctgagg tgaaggagag aggcttggac aggagcaagc    105960
     ctgctgtgtt aaggacagtg gatggagccc ctgggcagca tgcctgccac accacaagaa    106020
     gaggtaaaga tttcatgagg cttccctggc tgagtcagct gtgagcctcc tggtatgcca    106080
     catgctgtcc ccatcactct gacacattgt gctgaatcag gactgtgctg agcacacagt    106140
     ccccacaacc caggagccca gcaaccctgg agcccaggag cccagcaaca gcaggaggga    106200
     cagaggacag ggtagggtag tggtgaacat ggggccttga agtcagaggc tctggctttg    106260
     ctcagaccag gtggcacggt gactcctggt tgtgcctcat gtgtgggacc cacttagtat    106320
     caagggtagg atgtcttgga ccctgcaggc tgctgagcag ctccatcagt gtgtcagcca    106380
     cagcgtccct agaagtcctt ctggagtccc ctggtaggag gagtcaacct gggtcagacc    106440
     ccggtgactt tcctagagaa agtgaaatta atattctggt cctgattggg cagagggagc    106500
     catagaggat tctatgttag aggaatgtta gagaaaccta acattcctgg ctgaaggaag    106560
     tgaaggctca gcgtggttaa agatccttgt cctagatcct cagattactg gggacagaac    106620
     gtgccctccc ttagccctga cctgtgggaa catcgagtca ccttgaactc acaggtgttg    106680
     gctaagcttg ctggctaatg tgctaaggtg aggcatgtgg ggtgcttaat cagcaaccag    106740
     gatccatgtt tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttttttt ttcaagacag agtttctttg    106800
     tgtagccctg gctatcctga aatagctcta gagcaggcta gcttggaact cacagaaatc    106860
     cacctgcctt tgcctcccaa atggtgggat taaaggtatg tgtcagcacc acagggtttc    106920
     atatttctct tcttaaattg tttttagatt gatttattta tgattgtata caacggtctg    106980
     cctgcatata tgtctgtagg ccagaagagg gcaccagatc tcattatagg tggttgctag    107040
     gaaatgaact caggacctct gtaagagtag ctcttaacct ctgaaccatc tctgaggtat    107100
     ctctccagcc caacgtttct ctctttaaat ccatgataat acacacaaaa cataaaatgt    107160
     ctcatgcaca ccgtgtctta gctcaggagc tcaaagctta tccataagga tgtgtctgct    107220
     cccagggttc tctctggaac gttccatttc ccagcaccga agctccgtcc tcatctcaca    107280
     ctactccgtc ttctcccgcg tcttgtccct gagtctgagg actcccggga tgtcctggga    107340
     gtggatccca ggtgtgtccg gctcctgctg ctgagcttcg tgtccttgaa gtccctccat    107400
     gaacaagtgt cacgtagctt cttttttctc atgaccaagg agtctggtgg ggatggactg    107460
     tgtctgttga tggacacttt tggctctggt ttctggcttc caggaagcac attgctatgg    107520
     agatgcaacc agttgtgcaa gcccctattc ccagggccct tgcagatcac ctcctcactc    107580
     atctcgatac ctgtgctccc tgaacactag accctgtgtg ggggtggctg agcctgagaa    107640
     tacatcggta gaccaagatg ctgcttgcca cccccgctgg cccccacagc tgtgtgaaga    107700
     gcagtgaact tcacacttca atagctgcac ctggcgtgtg aagccacgga tgcacttgta    107760
     gccagggacc cggtcgccct cacagcccag gcccagctct cagcacccct tcccagaatt    107820
     gcctgggaaa ccagtgttcc ctaagtatgt ttggttccac agttctgcat gctcaattct    107880
     ccccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccttcctc    107940
     tcctctcctc tctcacacag atgaggttga actctttttt ttttttttaa aagatttatt    108000
     tatttattat atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga gggagtcaga    108060
     tcttgtcaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gacttgaact tcaaaccttt    108120
     ggaagagcaa tcgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca ccagcccgag gttgaactct    108180
     tgatcctcct gccttgttgg gatgacatgc ctgctttaag cccttggggt ggaagccagg    108240
     atcatgtgag tgctggagca acctctaccc acagagcaca gccccgggca gagcatgggc    108300
     ttggaaggaa tgggtccagc tctgctgtga gttatggtgt gtggagttaa agatcaataa    108360
     agcgatttta aggaaatgaa actcaatctc tgggcacagt tcctatagaa cttcaccttc    108420
     atcccatctc ctgtgcccag tgtctctcca cctcctcctc tgtggacgct ctgtgaccac    108480
     agacctgagc caaccacagc ctgccccatc aggacagcct cagtggtggg aactactcaa    108540
     gccaccagat caacaggatg tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag acgattgaga aaatgatgca    108600
     aattagagag acgtgggcgg ggctcggagg gcagagcacc ttccaagcag gcaagggggg    108660
     cctgggcttc acctgcatca ccacaggagt cagggtgctg gggaggtcag cttagagtca    108720
     tcctctgctg aatggggagt tcaaatccag cctgggccac atgagaacct tgtctcaaaa    108780
     gaaagccata cggccagagg ttcccacagc agctggactt cttaatctgt gtggacagcc    108840
     acctgggagc ccagggctcc cctactgcag cagctggctg tgtgcacagc aggtttcctt    108900
     gctgaaactt ggcaaccttc ctggctcacc tcaacttacc tttaggtaaa ctcaagcccc    108960
     actcctggtt tctctccccc tcctccttct cagtgggtag agtgctcccc tagcatgcac    109020
     gaggccctgg gttctgtccc cagagccatg caaactgggt gtgacaggac acacctgttg    109080
     ttctagcact tggaaggttg gacgcaggag ggttaacctc agctacgtga gaccctgtat    109140
     cagaagtgca caacggaact gggcagtggt ggtacatgcc tttagtaggc agaaggaggc    109200
     agttctccga gttcaagtcc agcctggtct acagaataat tccaggacag ccaggaactt    109260
     aacggctcaa gaaaccaaaa aaggaggagg aggaaggagg aggaagagga ggaggaggaa    109320
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    109380
     gaagaagaag aaacaaacac agatgggcct tggttctgag atctcagagg ggtcaggtgt    109440
     ggtcctgagt aataaatcct acacagagaa gcgtggcttg atcttaggag atatgtgagg    109500
     tgactgtggg ccacagattc tcctaggatg aatggaatcc tctagacaaa gggttaattc    109560
     agtttggggg gattgtgggt ggtgtctggg gacacgtgtg aaggtcccac ttaggagctc    109620
     tttgcacgaa agacatcaga gaccgggcta agcatcctgc tgaccttgaa ctacttatcc    109680
     tcctggctgt ggatctggga tgctgggatg acagggatgt gccctgccac tcctggttta    109740
     tgcaatgctg ggggtggaac tcagggcttc ctgcactctg gacaaactcg cgctccacat    109800
     acggagcaac ggctccaaaa tatcgttctt catttgcaac actaaattgt gaaatacgtg    109860
     gaggtttttc tcttttgata ctccccttgg gttccacaca gccttggacc tctaattgtg    109920
     ttgtgttgaa tccaaaggtg gagtgtggac atggccacca gggggcagca cacgccaccc    109980
     ctggccttgc tcccgccggg tccctgcagc ctgagtccca cagtctagac gctggctggg    110040
     cggaattcct ctcccctgaa gtcagccttg tcatccctcc ccagcctgct gtctggccat    110100
     gcattggctc aggaggtctg gggagccctt ggggagactt caggtcaggg gagccccacc    110160
     ttctgcaagt tcctgtgtga caggaggacc aagatgtccc tgtatggggg ggactaggct    110220
     aggtggactc tcaggctccc tcaccggcca caggattggg gacaggctga gtttctgtcc    110280
     tgacttcagt tttactgttt agaagcaggt gtttgtggaa gccctagcca gacagaaacc    110340
     aagcctgaga gacaaatctc acaactacct tggggcctgg cccgtgcaaa caggaaaagg    110400
     tttgatgggg ctgtagtgtg gcttcatagt gactgctgcc agtgagggag gctctgggtt    110460
     ccaaccacag tgccttgaaa tccaaaacaa tgaaagaaag ggaaaggggc acttcctaca    110520
     gggccctgga gataaatagg gacattgcat taggtaggaa agcccactac tgctgaccat    110580
     gcccccagcc ctctttttac tttatatttt ttaaagactc atttatttat gtatatgaga    110640
     ctcttgtttg cacgtatgcc tgcatggcag aagagggcat cagataccct tctagatagt    110700
     tgtgagccac catgtgcttg cagaaactga acataggaca actaattaac cactgagcca    110760
     tctctccagc cctctttact ttttgagaca gtcttgtctt gtctctttcc tttcctttcc    110820
     tttcctttcc tttcctttcc ttttctttcc ttttcttttc ttttctttct tttttgagac    110880
     aaggtttctc tgtgtagccc tgtctatcct ggaactctct tctgtagacc aggctgccct    110940
     ggaactcaca gagttccacc tgactcttcc tcctgagtgc tgagactaaa ggtgtgtgaa    111000
     gtcttactct gtagctctct gggaacttgg gtgtcctgat ccctcagtct tcagagagct    111060
     tgggtagaca tacatgcctt ccctgtgcac cacaccctaa ggacctgaga gtcaaagcag    111120
     tcatatgtga gagactctag tccccgagcc tgagccccag tctccttctg ttctgacccc    111180
     tgacagggag gtacagggca gacacagccc aggttacaga ggcagctgga ctccgatgtg    111240
     gcccttggcc aggtggggca gagggaagtg ctcaccggtg ctgtctccaa agctgatagt    111300
     gtcctaagga ggccttggca ggctcccaaa gcttcatggg aacactgcaa ggtcagaaat    111360
     tcttcacggg atcaccctac cttcatgttc tttctagtca tgttctgtaa gagccgggcg    111420
     agcagatgca tacttgtgat cttagcaatg aaaatacaca ggcaggagga tcaggagctc    111480
     atggatagcc tgggctacat gggtccatga agtaacatca acaacaaaaa caacaacaat    111540
     agtaaatgta ataaaataac agcagacttc aataagatac atttccctta gtggtgcagg    111600
     ggtcctcttg gtctatccca agactctctg cctggccttg ggagggtagg ggtcatggga    111660
     ggctcaaccc agcctgtgtg ctcacacaga gattcacaac aggcaaacgt ggggaaggcc    111720
     tgggcacagg cacagggtgc gcatcatgca gtattatgca gccataaaca ggagcgatgc    111780
     tctgataaca ggacaatgtg gcaggacctt gggagactct gtgacaggaa atatccagaa    111840
     caggaaaatt tggagacaga aagtggattg gtggttgcca gggtttgtgg gactggatag    111900
     aggcggagtg aatgctacga agtttttttt tttttttttt ttttggagat gggtattcta    111960
     agactggagc ttgcacaagg ttgggaatgt acttaatacc actggctcgt gtgcctacaa    112020
     atggttcagt ttatactctg caaacttaaa ccaaaaccga aacaaaaaaa ttcacacgaa    112080
     agaaactctt ctgggttgcc cccaccccct gccccagggt ggcacctgag attacgagcc    112140
     tgggctggct gagtccctgc agggacccac tgcagtctgc agggaccctg agtctctgaa    112200
     cctccctggg gcggcagcgt ccagccctgc gggtgtccct tgtcccatag gtagcgtggg    112260
     gacaggtgca cctgctcgga cacgtaaacc agctgctgct ggattaagca actgcgtcac    112320
     gcagggggag agtaacaggt cgctccgggg ctgtccggtc ccgggtgcgt gagcactggg    112380
     aagcctcgcc gtggccccag atgccggatc tggcggggaa gagcggagtg ggggaggggg    112440
     tcacctgacc cggctggggt gcggatggga atcgctgctg agtcactggg gactccgggt    112500
     ttttcccggc tcaggctcca cctccgggca tccgagaacc tatttgccct tttccagatt    112560
     tcataaccga agcctcctgc caggtgcttg tcaccggtgg cagcgagaag gctccgccat    112620
     cctattctgt tctccattgc ccccgcaccc cagagccagt acccaccacc tctccccaaa    112680
     tgacagtagc cccgtgccgc agctcctaga gcctggggct gcaccaagcc ccttcatgct    112740
     gggcctgggg gcccttgctc taacagcttg tggctgacat ttaaagggaa gaagtgacag    112800
     tgacagtagc cggacgtggg gtccacccgc gcagcccacg tgccctgtca ccctcctggt    112860
     aatgctccct ctcagcgctt gagcgagcag tagccttgct tgcagagtac ctgagttcag    112920
     ttgccagcac gcaggtcagg ggttggggac cgagaacttc ctatggtccc taacagatgt    112980
     atgcctccag ctgggacata cccccacaag accccacagt ccaaggaata cggtcctacc    113040
     ccatgactct gcagccacac ttgctgcatg tgtgtgtgtg gtgggtgtct ggatggtagt    113100
     gtatgggcta acctaagtct gggggaggtg tgtgggtggg ctaacctaaa tactctcaga    113160
     gcagtctcca tctttgccct tagaaacaaa gtcatcacag aagcaagtca ctgcttcttc    113220
     ctttagtttt aagtgacttt gttttatttt tattttttag tttttttgta acagtgtgtc    113280
     atgtaaccca gactggctac taaagtcact gagtatctga tgaatgaacc tgagcttcta    113340
     atcctccagc ctctacctcc tgaatgctgg gatgacaggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    113400
     gtgtgtatgt gcgcacactc gcgcgcgcgt gtgccatacc caactgcctc gtcatatttc    113460
     ctaagaactt cagtaaatat atttccttag gatttttgtt attgatttgt tgagattttt    113520
     acatatgaca ggcatatgac actgtggttg atggttttct tctagctttt tactggtctc    113580
     gctccttcta ccatctgagc ccctcctgtt tgaagccggg gatataaggt tccccttcat    113640
     tgcttcttta ggtgaaaatc tttagcgagg agttgaggga gagagacaaa ctcagggtca    113700
     tagctgtggt tctgcgtaat ttctccctgg aaaataataa cttttgtgag aagtggaaac    113760
     agggacaggc ccctgaggtc agcgcctgac ggaaaggcag ctgtgcttct gtgagtcatc    113820
     ttctaacttc cacaagtgca cacacatgta cacgtgcaca cacacacaac tatacacata    113880
     caataacaca cacgcatgta catatactca cacatataaa catgcatgca ctcttgagtg    113940
     tgtgcacaaa aggtatggat acacatttgc acaaacacgt gcacacatgc attcacgcac    114000
     gcgtgtgtgc gcgcacacac acattttttg agatggtgtc acatatattc ctaactggct    114060
     tacaatttgt ggtgatcctc ttgcctctgc ttctctaagt gctggaatta gccatcacac    114120
     ctggctgatt taaaagaaaa aagtccaaac ttctgcaaac actaaagcaa ggaaggacac    114180
     agtgggaaat cctcagagca gctcggggtc agacaggagt tgtgactttt taaagtgaca    114240
     cagaggtcaa gttggctacc ccagtggtcc tcagagatgc tgaagcttcc tgtacccggg    114300
     caggtcccca atcctgcatc ctgccgtgca gcaggatggg ggaaggttgg tttttatcct    114360
     ccctttgcct tggcattgag tgcagaggtg agctacactt tgagaagctt cctgtctgtt    114420
     ctcaggacct gtgtggttgc taggtgaccg aaggcgtcag agttccttgt gatctcactc    114480
     agctcagaaa aagtagagat cgatgtccag aaacaataag aatcagtgct ccacaaatgg    114540
     gtcgcctctg ttcatgtgtg caagtgtgga tggaagaacg gatatgtgga tggatggatg    114600
     ggtgggtgga tggatggatg atgggtgggt ggatgggtga tgggtgggtg gatggataaa    114660
     tggatgaata gatatgtggg taggtggatg gatggatgga tgggtggatg cactggtaga    114720
     tgcacagaca cacagatgga tggcaagaca ggtggatggg tggatgtata gttggattca    114780
     tgagtgcatg tccaggtcag aggacacttg gcataggttt caggaatcaa ctttaggtct    114840
     tcagattcct ttgtagccaa gagttcccaa agcacagcct ggatcagcag tctcaaagct    114900
     gagataagat gatccgagct catgaggacg agtgattgga aaggcctgga tgggtgcgtc    114960
     ttgtttatat ggacaggttc tttctgtgtg gctgtcacca ctgtcaccac tgtactgtac    115020
     tggtgctcgc tctgtggaat ccatggagct ccgcctgcgc tgcctccaag tgctgggatt    115080
     gacggctgtg ccaccaagtg cactgccagc agcttcccta agataagatg ttatacgttc    115140
     ttacgttcac acaatcattc ttgctgtctg tttcaagaat ttaaaccaga ccaaagttct    115200
     ctctttgtcc cctggccact tctgttcctg tcctggagtc cacacagtgt ggcccttgtg    115260
     tttgggtgcc actgatgcag atgtcctcaa gacacactgt gggaggaact gggtgacact    115320
     ctaagtgact gaggtagaca tggcatcagg ccctgtccat ccttgtcaca ggccccacat    115380
     aaaggtagaa gagccaattc agatacaagg ctggagaaat ctgagaagat gcagaaaccc    115440
     gagatctcgg ggctggtgtc cccgtcacac ctgaacaaac aaacctctaa atctatcagt    115500
     caatcaatca atcagaaggt tgggctggag ggtggccatg gaagagaaac tggcttcctg    115560
     ggaaggtggc atgtgctaca gtgcagggca ccaacaacca acctaggcta aagaacacag    115620
     agagcccaga tgactgtgtc acccaggcca ccatgtgggc cggtcactgt gaactcagtt    115680
     cccacagaga ggccaaggag agttacgtca tcagaggagc gaaggtcagg ggagggtgga    115740
     gaagaaatat ggtttctgac ttgagaaagc accggagggc aacatccagc cttggcctcc    115800
     ctgggctctg gtcccctttc tcagcagagg gggcagaggg ggcagagggg gcagaggggg    115860
     cagagggggc agagggggcg gcaagcgctt tgaccacccc agccccactc catgcaagtc    115920
     tccagctgtc ggtctcgaag gcaaacaacc cataatacct gtaccctccg cacagccggt    115980
     ttattttgat ctctgtgact ttctttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctccct    116040
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tcctttcttc cttccttcct tcctttcttt ctttctctct    116100
     ctctctttct ttctttctct ctttctctct ctctctcttt ctttctttct ttctttttct    116160
     ttctctctct ttctttttct ctctctctct ttctttcttc cttccttcct ttccctcttt    116220
     ctctctttct ctctttctct cttcctctct tcctttcttc cttcttttgc ttagttttgg    116280
     tttgttcttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gctctggctg tcctggagct ccctctatag    116340
     accaggctag ccttgaactc agagatcctc ctgcctcggg atgtgtgtga cattctactt    116400
     tgtggtcctc tctcccttct cgagggatct gattaatatg cacagtctgc tgccctggcc    116460
     ttcagtggcc ctggcgcagc cccaccggat gtcttgcagt gcatggcggt tggaactgtt    116520
     gtgccacaga ccttagcttc caggaggcct ttaacaagcg gcctttacct cttctgtccc    116580
     tgtttgtcta gcttgtatct ccccctcttg tcctgttacc gcagctggca cttccagact    116640
     agtacctcat ggaggtggag gaggaggctg gggcccttag gtgagcagac ttagccgcta    116700
     gcacctttac ccagtgaacc atctcactgg cccttattgc cttttcttgg tgagaatctg    116760
     tcctggctgc cctgggccag tgattgtgga ggtgtagggc tggtggtgac tcctgagtca    116820
     ttctggccac tgtttacagg gagtagacag ggacatcttc ttgcttgtcc cacctactgg    116880
     aggtggtgtg aacacctcta ggtctcaccc agccctggtc tacacaggct ccagttgaca    116940
     tgcctctgtt aggttttcta tcactctgta ctccaagctg atctcaaaga agatcctcct    117000
     gcttttgcct ctgatagttc agaaaacagg cacacaccac tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg    117060
     tgcgtgtgcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatacacaga ggacagatga    117120
     ggacatcttg ttccctgcta tgtcgctgtt catcttattc ccatgaggca gagtctcatg    117180
     agtggagttg agcaggagtc agcagcccag ttttcctcct gtctacccca cacagtgagt    117240
     ggcgtttagg tatgcacagc cccatgttta acgttctgtg gttgtagagg atttgaactc    117300
     aggtcctcat gtctgtaaaa gtacagggac ccaagccggg cgtggtggcg cacgccttta    117360
     atcccagcac tcgggaggca gaggcaggtg gattgttatt agacgcgttc tcacgaccgg    117420
     ccaggaagaa caccacagac cagaatcttc tgcggcaaag ctttatttct tacatcttca    117480
     ggagcaagag tgtaagaagc aagagagcaa gaagaaagag agagagaaaa cgaaaccccg    117540
     tccctcttaa ggagcattct ccttcgcctc ggacgtgtca ctccctgatt ggctgcagcc    117600
     catcggccga gttgacgtca cggggaaggc agagcacaag tagtcataag atacccttgg    117660
     cacatgcgca gattatttgt ttaccactta gaacacagct gtcagcgcca tcttgtaacg    117720
     gcgaatgtgg gcgcggctcc caacatctcc ccctatcctt ttaataagag caaataggcc    117780
     acccatatta atgagagtgg agatagaggt caaatcccca gtgtgtaggt aaaggagcca    117840
     tgtacaggat tagctcttag gctcacaggc ttttacccag agcaaccctg acctgctccc    117900
     gtgtcgtttt gcctggggga agggaactag gacactgaac cttcatgaaa gatgacatgt    117960
     ctccctagaa taggctcata tatgccgcag agcctttcca ttgcagtgct tagccgtgca    118020
     actctctcgg gctgctgaag cacactcact ctatcccgtg caatgagtct agcctcatgg    118080
     gatataagag ctgagtggcc agcgacctat tgcctaagca tagatatatc atatatcagg    118140
     gggagctcca tgttctagtc ctgcaagcgc ctgggcaata accaccttgt ctctcctagt    118200
     ttaggcctta agcttacaga ccaatcaaag aagcaacact aatccacagc aaagtgtatc    118260
     tccaaataat attaatccca cccatttttt aaagaaagaa aatgctgagg agatccaatt    118320
     gggtaatcct ttggtcaggg acaggtccaa gcgcgtggag ttgacctgaa gtctcaattc    118380
     ccgaaggatc tgttcaaatt cagccatcca attctgtaac atatactgaa aaagactttt    118440
     tgacaaatta gctgccctag taaatttaac atactgaatg gaaataacac acaatcccgg    118500
     aaacttttgt tcacatccct gctgagttat ttgtcataat acatctagtt gtatctggac    118560
     aagatctatg agttgattaa ccagcatgag acctctctgt atcttgacat tagctgaggc    118620
     ctgttcatct atgactgtag tcactgaggc tgacaaagtg ttaatggtgt caatcatctg    118680
     gacctgtcca gacagagcca aggctgtctg aattaaggcc aaacccagtt cctagttagt    118740
     ggtaaaaaag caggagaata cttgagcatt atacatcacc gtcattggga gtggaaatgt    118800
     cgacattatc ccccaacgct gctctctctt tattattgac gccctggaca tcaccaagac    118860
     gagggacatt agtattccct tggtcagtct ggatttttcg ggtgagtctt tctggtaccc    118920
     aaaatgggtt gtcttcattc tgtgggaaaa cacagatagc tcccctggat cttatcaaga    118980
     taggatccgg gccataccat ttattatcaa ggacattttt ccatttaacc atctcattgg    119040
     gcctatctgg ctctgaacaa tgacgttcag ccgcagtatg gccatgaaca tcaatattta    119100
     aaaaattgag tgtaaagagt gccaaagaca ccgacactct tggtgctcgg ggtacagtct    119160
     cctcaaaagt tcccctcttc tgttttataa gataggcttt gagggtgcga tgcgcacgct    119220
     caacaatacc ctgaccttga gggttgtatg gaagtccagt caggtgggtc acgtccatct    119280
     gacggcagaa ctgttggaat ttttgagacg tataagctgg tccattatca gtcttaagga    119340
     gtctgggttt cccccaagca ctccatgcct caagacaatg ttgaatcaca tgtgaggctt    119400
     tttctccggt taacggagag gcaaacatga tgccagaaca tgtgtcaatg gacacatgga    119460
     gatattgaag ttttccaaag gaagaaacat gtgtaacatc catttgccag acctgtagag    119520
     gtcgaatacc gcgtgggtta attcccacat gaggaactgg caagaactca cagcagcttt    119580
     gacattgagt aacaatgtca cgggcttctt ttcttgtcaa ggagaaacga ctgcgtaatg    119640
     tttcagccgt cacatgaaaa ttgttatgaa aatttcttgc agcctctacc ggggatgata    119700
     gggcagcagc caccacttta gtggccttat ctgccaaatc atttcccaga gccatggggc    119760
     caggtaggcc tgaatgggct ctaacatgag taatataaac aggagatctt ctagataaca    119820
     aaactaattg tatctgctga aaaatattgg caactctact ggaaggctta atcactccag    119880
     ccacttctaa aagatttact gcatttacca cataacagga atctgacaca atattaaggg    119940
     gttctaaaaa ggtttttaaa acttctaaga ccactaaaca ttctaccact tgaggtgaat    120000
     tttcattata ttgtttggat accactttac cattagccac ataggcacct atgccagttt    120060
     ttgatccatc agtatatacc acaatcccat ttttaagtgg gtttcttact gttatttgtg    120120
     gaaacacaac agattgattt tgggcaaact gtaagattgg atgttttgga taatggttat    120180
     ctatttttcc tgaaaaggag gtaactaaaa ctgcccaatc attagatgcg gctgccaagg    120240
     tttgaacctg tgcagcggta taaggtacaa ttaaaagata tggactttgc ccaaagtggg    120300
     tgattgctgc ttttagacct ttaagggcaa gctgtgcaat tgcatcagga taccaatcta    120360
     ttattttagc tggggatacg tttggatgga tccacaacaa tggcccattc tgccacaaaa    120420
     ctgcagttgg caattgtgct gtcttaaaga cacacaaact gaaaggctgc gaatcctcaa    120480
     tacgttgtaa ttgtgcattc tgtaaggcct tttccacttt ttgtaaggcc tggttagcag    120540
     ctagagtaag agtcctaggg gaggagatat gaggatctcc ttctaaaata ctaaacaaag    120600
     gccttaactc agcggaagga atctttaaaa aaggtctaag ccaattaata tctcccaaca    120660
     gcttttgaaa atcatttaag gtatggaggt gatctcttct tatctaaaca tgtaaatatt    120720
     gatttctctc aaaggaggaa atatgcgtga catccatctg tcagacctgt aatggcctga    120780
     cgccacgagg gtttacccct acgtgagtag ataaaatttg acaacaatct aaaggcatta    120840
     ttaagtaatc agaatcactt tcagtagaac caatccctct ggcagctcaa ggaataccag    120900
     aagaagaaaa aacagccatg taggcttggc aaaattatta ttagttgagc tattctgtcc    120960
     ctttgtgata tagaaaagac aacttgagga caagaacaga gaacctgaag ttccccttta    121020
     caattttgat ctacaactcc agggtagaca ataagacctt gtaggctgca agagcctgcc    121080
     tctgtcatta ttgtccagtg gcttcacctg ctcgggagag cgccttccag gccctaatag    121140
     ccttttcatt tgattcagaa ctactaaaaa ctggctcctt gagctcatct agtgatgagt    121200
     ataggctcct tctcttagaa gcctccgctg attgatcttt tttcttttct ttttccttct    121260
     ccttccttct aatctctccc caggtattct tacctgacct aaacttttcc tcaggttcaa    121320
     gacccttgga aaggcctgta tacttatttt gtgaaccata ttttctcttt gctcctactc    121380
     tctctccccg ctttacttct gatagattgt cctgaatttc atctagaatt tttagccctg    121440
     ccttaatcac ttgataacat gtgaaaagga acaaaagggc ttctaacact agagaaagtt    121500
     taaggccaag catacctcgt aaagccattt tccactttac ttctgataga ctgtcctgaa    121560
     tttcgttaga aagttcaagg ccaggcgtac cttgtaaagc tattccccac tttacttctg    121620
     atagactgtc ttgaatttcg ttagaaagtt caaggccagg cgtacctcgt aaagctatac    121680
     ttactggtat ccaccgttcc ccagctgaaa agttctgaat tcatacagtt gaatccttct    121740
     taacagtctg ctttacggga acctttatta ccgcgacccg cagttctggt tctggaatga    121800
     gggatcttcc ttgcgccagt cccgagtttt ttctcgtccc ggaattcggc accaattgtt    121860
     attagacgcg ttctcacgac cggccaggaa gaacaccaca gaccagaatc ttctgcggca    121920
     aagctttatt tcttacatct tcaggagcaa gagtgtaaga agcaagagag caagaagaaa    121980
     gagagagaga aaacgaaacc ccgtccctct taaggagcat tctccttcgc ctcggacgtg    122040
     tcactccctg attggctgca gcccatcggc cgagttgacg tcacggggaa ggcagagcac    122100
     aagtagtcat aagataccct tggcacatgc gcagattatt tgtttaccac ttagaacaca    122160
     gctgtcagcg ccatcttgta acggcgaatg tgggcgcggc tcccaacagt ggatttctga    122220
     gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagcaag ttccaggaca gccaaggcta cacagagaaa    122280
     ccctgtctcg aaccgcaacc acccccccaa aaaaaaagtg cacggaccca ctgagacatc    122340
     tccttggccc cttcacatgg tcattcttga ttccaacctt ctcttgggga caaatcactc    122400
     actgtagaca agaacacacc cccacccctc aattaggagt tttcttatgt ctcctaggaa    122460
     gatctggcag ttctgtattt gggtgcgtcc cgcctgaaaa gtgcagtcca ctgtgcgcat    122520
     gcgcagtgtc aagagtccca ggcgacagag acacacctca gttttaatta gtcttgcaat    122580
     tccctcgctg tcaatcagta acttgtgtga agatactctg agcgcacgag tgaactccgg    122640
     ggattgacct ttctactgct actatctgtt aatgatttcc taatttcaat ttccttctag    122700
     aagttcccgc tggccatctg ctgcaaagaa ggctatgtcc attccttcat tcacgctcag    122760
     atgtgtagac gtttgcatga cgttagtact ctagttgtct ccaatgagta tggagttacc    122820
     tcctagtttg ttttggctat tatttttgca gtgatgggag agggacctgt catctctcac    122880
     gctaatatag agtgcaaccc ctgaccacgc ccccaggccc ctcactgggg gatttgggtc    122940
     ggaggtccac cctgaccacg acccagcttt gccataattc tgagctctgc attgtctggc    123000
     aaatgtctcc tgtgccagcc ctgaaatagt ttagggaaac agctacctat ccttttccca    123060
     gtcacatgca ctgtaaaatg tctgcatgga cactcccatg catgcagctt tttggaggaa    123120
     agtcaaatct ttggctataa aatctacttc ggtgtcaact atgtgctgtg gatgtacgag    123180
     gctgccccat aatatcagtg ggccatctct ctagcccttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    123240
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttctcc ttcttctcct ccttctcctt    123300
     ctccttctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctccttc tcttcctcct ccttcctcct    123360
     cctcctcctt cttctcttcc tcctccttcc tcctcctcct tcttcctcct cctcctcctc    123420
     cttcctcctc ctccttcctc ctccttcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc    123480
     ctcctcctcc tcctccccct cctcctcctt ctttctcctc cttgatagga tttctctgct    123540
     gggattaaag gcctgtgcca ccactgcctg actgtgtgat ttccttttaa cacaacttct    123600
     ccatgaagcc cagctatgct atcctcctgc ctcaccctcc cagtgttggg attacagact    123660
     gggtcccaag agctggttaa gagcactgac tgctcaacca tctgtaatga catctgacac    123720
     cctctcctgg tctgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac atatcaaaat aaataataaa    123780
     taaatcttta aaaaaagaat gggcctgagg tacccagcgg gacgcgggac ctcccccagg    123840
     ggcggggggt gggggggaat ccttcccttc cctcccagac attctcgctg cctgtcgcaa    123900
     gtgtggaaaa ggtagagtgt caaggtttca tttgattgta caagatggtt gtaactaaga    123960
     gtgtgtatat gtgtggaatg tgctgtgtgt gtgctgtgcg tgtgttattt tgtgtgtgtg    124020
     tgttgtgttg tgttatatgt gtgtgtaggt ggatggatgg gtattcatgt ggatgtgaga    124080
     agacaacttt ggtgggagat ggacctctat ttccactatg tgtgtccagg gatgaaactc    124140
     aggtagccag gcttggcagc aagctctttt atctgctgag ccatcttggt agctcaagaa    124200
     ggtacacaac ttattccgtc agggtggtca gcccatgatt cagagcagag cagaagggcc    124260
     ctgccaggtg actccatgac cctgtagatg agactagagg accccacaac agctggcaac    124320
     ttggccttga gctcaaatct cttgactgat tggcctcctg gggctgctga gtgtctccac    124380
     acttcaccct cccctccaga cccacaatcc tgctgtgtga gaactctggt gtttctctcc    124440
     cttcctagga aacctccagt cttttacaag tgagccatgg tcatgtggga cctgggagtc    124500
     ttgtgtttag aaaagacagt gaagagactg cgcaagtggg ggatacctca ggtcatatga    124560
     acctgtgact cctgtgaaca gaagcattgg gcttaggata tcagggcacc tgcagcccag    124620
     ggacacttag aggcctgaga ggtgggatgg agacatgccc caagtagtgc gtgtgtgcgt    124680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc atgcatgtgt gtatgtttgt gtgcatggtg tgtgcatttg    124740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtataattt gtgtgcatgt attgtgttca tggtgtatgc atgtgtttgt    124800
     gtgcatggta catggtatgt gcacgtgtgt gtatatgtat gtgtatgtat gtatgtgtgt    124860
     atgtatgcac atgtaagcat ggtttgtgca tgtatgtata tatatgtgtg tgtatgtatg    124920
     tgtgcatgta catgtgtgta tgtatgtgtg tgcatgtgtg tgtatgtatt atgtgtatgt    124980
     gtgcatgtgt gtatgtgtgt ttgagagcac actgctctac actttgtttc tgtgcacact    125040
     ctcccacctg ctgctgcctt gttagtgctg ttcctgagtc cagcctgatg gccaggtaag    125100
     gaggtcatac tcacccacgt gcctcaagta aagctagctg tgcagcagcc agtgtcccca    125160
     ggaggtaacc ctgcttgata actgtcactg gaacctgctc tggcatgagt gtgagtcctg    125220
     ggtgcctggc tgtagcctga aacccaggga gccacacaga gcttgtccca ggagccaggc    125280
     ggcagaggag aaatttgcat tcttgggatg tttttcctta acagttccgc tgcctcttaa    125340
     ccgttccagc catttcttga cttcaggcag aggagccaca gatgggccag ggacattggc    125400
     tccctgccag ctggaggttt ttcatgtgtg ggagtcagtc caaggtgtga atccttcata    125460
     tcacagccgg tagacaaagg ctggagactc tgttcccccc tcccagctgt atgacccgaa    125520
     tctcttagag cggggtccct cccctcgtgc atgaagatgg tggagttcca gcatgggtct    125580
     gcagggccca gggcacccca tagagaacaa ccccaaccaa tgtctccagg gtgccaggcc    125640
     catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gtgtggtatg tgtgtgtgtg    125700
     tttgtgtgtg aggggtgtgg gggggctcct gattggacct attgacctca ggctgtagcc    125760
     cagacagaaa actgccagtt gcctcagaca gccaaggcaa gggtgacaca cgtgtgccac    125820
     accagcattt tgaaggatga tgtccaagga ttgtaagtcc aaggccagcc cagatcctca    125880
     gtgagttcaa aataaagagt aaagagggct ggtagctgtt tgcagtgaag cactcagagg    125940
     caaaggcagg tgggtctctt tgtctcaagc caacctgttc tacacggcaa tttctaggac    126000
     agcctgatct acaaaaatga gactcttaaa agggggccaa gggtgtgtgg ccaggggtgg    126060
     atttgttagc tgtaggagag tctgactttc atctatgtcg ccattagtaa aaataaaaca    126120
     aaacgaaaaa accatcctgc tgacctgtcc tgaggcttcc cacctgtgag gtgacaccca    126180
     ggcttttggg acaattaggg cggtcctggt gacttcagaa tgtgtggatt tcacccatgc    126240
     tgtgcagttg tgtggagaca gtggcagccc tggggctttg cctatggtgt cccatgtgcg    126300
     tcaggaggtg acctggctga ctgtcgctgg ctagccctgc ggcacgtcac cggagcctga    126360
     gggctgggac tctgtctgcc tagggcagca agagcacgta tgtgtgacac acagacgtgg    126420
     gtgtgctgcg cggtggcttc gagtggctgt gcgtgcacac gtctccggct ggctctgcct    126480
     ctcctgggca gttctgtttc ccagaagcct tccagatgca tccctgatcg aggccaaatg    126540
     aaaataaatc aaagtccctg cctgcttctc tttcctgctt gaaggctcga ggtgaccttt    126600
     gtcctacttc agcaagctgg agccatttgc gcagaggcag caggccaccc ctgccccagc    126660
     ccactccaag ggctcccaga tcctgagctc cttcagcaga ggagggtgca gggctgggga    126720
     aagtgtgagg ttttctggaa gttgagaaaa cagcccagct tcacacaggg aaactggcag    126780
     ttaaagtgag tgagtgcagg gttccttatg acccccaccc ccactccatc ctactgtatc    126840
     ctcagaagaa tgggaagcca gggtgggagc aggtgtttgc acatgtgtct tcacagctga    126900
     gaagtggaaa caacatccac tcatatggtg gtatgtccat acagtggaat attactcagc    126960
     cataaaaaag agaagggcat tctgctgctt gctccaacat agatgaccct taaggacaca    127020
     tgctccgcga cataggttca tacctgtcac ccttgcactg agaattcaga ggcaggagga    127080
     tcaggagttc aaggtcattc ttggctacat agtagcctca tcactaggga agaactcaca    127140
     gcttcccact tgtgaggctc tgccaagcaa tcggtaaccc cagcaaaggg cagcacacac    127200
     cctcagagag ctcgggctgc cgagaagcag aggcctggct gtctccaacc gacatctgtg    127260
     caggctgtgt ggggcaggct cctgggaaac aagcacacac tggcgctgac gctgtgggag    127320
     cccaagctgt gggctacatc tgctagatct ctggaacttt ctagttcttt ccagactgtg    127380
     ctacattgct gctcaccctg caggcagatg tcatcttctg atcactcccc tcaggtcaca    127440
     gcttctaccc agatttgcag ccgatccagg acccggctgg tgagccccta tcttccactg    127500
     gcttccttgt aacgagcctt cccctcccca catgtcaccc cttccttcca ttccagcttg    127560
     aatcctccca gagcttcatt tgaccttgac ctttgctgca caatattctg tcaagcagcc    127620
     taaccaagaa ctaaagattt tgctttaaat ttttcatctc atttatctct ctctctctct    127680
     tcttttttcc gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agctctggct gtcctggaac tcactctaga    127740
     ccagcctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctttgcc tcccaagtgc agggattaaa    127800
     ggcatgcgcc accactgccc ggctcattta tctcttttgt gtgtgggcat gagccagggc    127860
     acgaatctgg aggtcaaagg acagactgca gttctctctt ttcaccactt agacctggga    127920
     ataggattca ggtcatcaca tggggttggc cacaagcctc tctcaccact cagccatctt    127980
     gccggcccca gaggacatag agcttgaagg ttttgccaga gtatgttcag tcacatcgga    128040
     aacccaatgg ctcttgccaa cctggttgct tgagagtcaa ctctgtttac ttatgcttat    128100
     ttcattattt gtttctgggt tgtttcaggt tgctagcctg agctagcttt gaacttactc    128160
     tatagtacag gctagcctcc tactcacagt aatccctctg cctcagcctt ctcagtgctg    128220
     ggatgacagg tatatgctat cacacctggc ttagttggaa cagcttatgg acatagggtc    128280
     tgttcaatgg caatgcaatg ttctggaatt agtcaaactt tgttaaactc tggcaggatg    128340
     ctacctcact cactgaacgg cagctgggaa gacaggcgaa ttctgcagaa atgaacttgc    128400
     cttgtgtaaa atggctccac ttctggaact cagtgggcag gacacttggc cagtgtgcac    128460
     gaggtcctgg acttcacccc tggtacccag aaaccaagcc tgggagtgac acccagcatc    128520
     ccagcattcc tgaggtagga gcagatcctc agctgctcag agttccaggc cagcctgggc    128580
     tacatgagat tctacccacg aaaggtggca gcccagctgc tctgggtccc aggagcctca    128640
     gatgcccaga tctaaaaccc ctcaggttct ctggggtttc tctcacatct ggcctcctcc    128700
     tgagaagaca cgggagaagg cttgggggtt tcccttgcgc ttgctgagat gctgagacct    128760
     gggctggctt ccttggttgc ttctgaggga cagaaaaaag agaagtggga actctttgtt    128820
     ttcagatcct tccaggaggc tactaggtga catcaaagtc tgggctcttg gagactttga    128880
     ggtggagact gagaggggag caggcctagg caacctagaa atgtcaccca gggagctgtc    128940
     ccccaagagg agcctgggcc tgtgggtctg agctgagtcc ctgcttcctc ccactgcaag    129000
     ccgggagctc tccctgcact gtggctgcca cgtgcctgca cgcacaccaa gttcccaaag    129060
     ttccaggctg cttagggtca gagcaggtct ccccctgtct tagcttaggg agagagtcga    129120
     cactggcacc cctcactcat tcatgcaagc aagcacccct gtccgtccac cctgtatcca    129180
     aagcagagtc gtggttgtca aaaggccaaa ggagaatatc tgaagattct ggatcgccct    129240
     gtccactact taaaggggag cgaggagcct ggcatcatgg tgcctatttt ccatggctgt    129300
     actccggtca tggtaggagg gccccacagc agaccatgtc tcagaccaca agcagtctca    129360
     gtggccttga aggtgctggt ggaagctgcc acggccaact cgctcaactg ctctttggtt    129420
     ccccttggtc tctgtgaccc tcacagcagt gactctccct ttttctctct tgcttgcctg    129480
     cttttctcca gtaggatagc tttattctgc agcccaggct ggtttcaagc tggtggccat    129540
     cctactgcct cagcttcctg agtgagggaa tggtaggcag gaccttctgt gctgaatgct    129600
     ccttggtggt gatgtggtaa ttttgttaca attgtagcaa actttgtgtc tcttagtgat    129660
     ggttataatg tctggctctg ttttcttttt cattattgct cagggtcttg ggatgtgtcc    129720
     tcgggtactg aagaggcact actgtaacag ggatcacagc aacattagtg tcctggtgca    129780
     tgctgggaga aggtactcag aacctggagg agcaggcatg tatgagctca tatgtgcgag    129840
     tcgtgggacc tggagttggg ctgcttgcct gtgaggctct catttctacc tcaaacagct    129900
     ctgattttac agctccacac agccacccct ggggactcga acttgtgtct ttgtccttgc    129960
     aaagcacgtg atcttaccca ctgaaccaca ccctactgag ggtgactagg acacaggtgt    130020
     gtgtgctttt aaaatgtgtg acattatcca tcacaggaat agcttctctg aatttgcact    130080
     tcaaaataaa aaggtgtgtg aatggatggt gggggtgtgg tggcagacat ctttagtccc    130140
     agcactctgg aggcaaaggc aggcgagtct ccgtgagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacag    130200
     agtgagttcc aggacaagtc agaaatacac agagaaactg tctcaaaaat aaaatgagaa    130260
     gcagacgttt ggggggcgtg ggatgagaaa tcaccttcaa gcatctatgc atctctaaga    130320
     tgaggtacag atgacccaga gcctcagccc tcagccctca gccttgactc tgtgtgactt    130380
     gtcgtacctg agtgatgtct gtataaacat gtggccatgg agaaggtgga gtccaggagt    130440
     cctgctcagt gcccgggacg cccagagcag agggtccagg cctcaggctt ccttcagcct    130500
     ccttctccag tagagaaggc tggactcagg ctaagcaacc acccattgtg tgggtggaaa    130560
     aacccctgtt ggttttgtga gaacagctac tgtttgtgaa ggaagagggg ctgaggtggg    130620
     tggcaggaat cacagggact gccccagtca gagggcagca gcctcctgcc tcgtgagcca    130680
     ccagcctagc ctgggcagga agtccagcct ggattggcct caccagggac agcccactgc    130740
     agaagcagcc tcaaagatgg ggattccccc aggagtgatg actgtcttct aactgcctaa    130800
     tctcaccagg gacctcagct tgggtcaggg aatctgccaa ctaaggcccg agctgaagga    130860
     caggacccct attcccctgc tctcccctca ccagcccagc tccacccagc gtcctgcaca    130920
     gcatgagggg caggcagccc ttgagcccaa gttcaaggcc agcctggggg ctgggagaca    130980
     tctaagttgg taaagttctt gcaaacactt tatgtaacct cagagcctgg gggatggggc    131040
     aacaggaccc tagagcttgc cagctgctca gcctagccca cagtctcaat aaacaagatg    131100
     gccagcagcc aaggagtgac ttgggttttc ctttggtctc tacatgagtg tgtacacaaa    131160
     acacagctaa taagaccgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttcatg tgtttgtgca tgtgtgtgtc    131220
     atgttcatgt atgtgtatgt gttgtgtgtg ttcaagtgtg tgtacgtgta ttatcatgta    131280
     tgtacacaag tacgtcttca tgtgtgcata aacattcatg tatgtgtata aatattcatg    131340
     tgtgtgtgta tttgtgcatg agtgtgtgca tgttcatgtg tgcgtatgtg tcacgtgtgt    131400
     ggtatgcata catgttcatg tgtttgtgca tatgtgtgca tgttcatgtg tgtggtgtgg    131460
     tatgtgttca tgtggtgtgt atatgtgtgt gtgtgctcat gttcctgagt gtgttcatgt    131520
     ggtgtttcta tatgtgtgtg tggtgtgtac atataccaca gcttgccaga cagatagtcc    131580
     acagtcagca ctcccctaaa gggtcccact tccctggctc tccacccggc ccgctctagt    131640
     cccagtcacc tgtcagctgt gggtcccagg tcacaagctt taacctaact tctagttctc    131700
     cgcccctcca caagtggctt acatcaaagc agccggcagc cggcaaccct cccaaatgtt    131760
     ccatgcacac tcggggccct ggaattttgt tttccttcag ccggtgcacg tgcctgtgtg    131820
     cactctgacc ttggctggga ggatccagtg actgacgtgg aatgatacaa gttggaagac    131880
     aaaactgaga atgtaagtgt gcccgtctgc ggagggaggt gtcactcttt atctttgctc    131940
     cttcgttcct ttgtcttctt tgtttatgac aacattttac acagcccagg ctggaccaca    132000
     actcatgact ctcctgcctc agcctccgag gcctgagtgg cattacagtg gggtggtggc    132060
     agtgcacgcc attagtccca gtattcagaa ggcttgagtt ccaggccagc caagtctaca    132120
     ccgagaaacc ctactcctaa aaaccaaagc aagcaaacaa acaaacagat aggaaaagaa    132180
     aaagaaaaat ggagcccgct agtgagttgt ttggtttgca gtgctggaaa cagaagccat    132240
     ggcttctcct tccatcatga cccatgagga tcctcttgtc atctcagaat aggcgcagag    132300
     ctaggagttc aaatccagat ccctgcaggt cagctctgcc ctgtgcgggt aggtcctgtc    132360
     ctctctactg tgtaaggatg tggccaaagc agcaaaggct agaagcctgg ttcagcagtt    132420
     acagccctgg ctgttcctgc agaggaccca gcactcccgt ggcaggggct cacaacagtc    132480
     actccagttc cagggtgcag acagacatgt aggaaacacc caaatacaca aaaagtaaaa    132540
     taaataagtc tctctctctc ctttttaaaa cttttatctg agtcatgtct gattcagtag    132600
     tttatctttt tttaataatt gatattttgg ccgggcagtg gtgatgcacg ccattaatcc    132660
     cagctcttgg gaggcagagg ctggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga    132720
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacaa agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa ctgaaaaacc    132780
     aaaccaaaaa aaattgatat tttgtctttt aggccaactg tttaacttgc taggatacag    132840
     atgtaccact tttttttaaa aaataaaatt attttatgaa ggagcctctt tagtgcagta    132900
     ggtagtgtct cagtctcata aaattatact atgtgtgttt tgccttcatg ttattctgta    132960
     aacctaagtg cagttcctga gtggcaaagg ccagaaagag ggcatcgggt tctccaaagc    133020
     tggagtcaca gagggctgtg aactccatgt ggatgtgaga actgaggtca ggtcctgtgt    133080
     gagatcagag tggtcacaga cgcagggctg tctctatgtg catgcatgga tgggtgggct    133140
     cacaaactgg agacccatgt tttgagggag gtgactcagg agactactct aggcatcctc    133200
     ctgtctcaat ccctgagcac agatcccagg tctgcactgc acaacccaga tgtttatgtg    133260
     ggtttgaacc tgtgactgcc tggtcacaca gcaagcattt taccccctag catttctcca    133320
     gtcctttact tgttttgtgt ttattattag agagagaacc tatggcctca ctcatgctag    133380
     gcaagcctca ctgagccaca cagcccaggg tgttcatgag actcttacag ttcctccccc    133440
     gaaggaacag atcccagccc tggagggcac tgtggggact ttcatgttcc cacagaatag    133500
     gagcagccac cagaggccag tacttcggca aggtgttcca ttctctggtt gggctgtcac    133560
     ctcccacaca gacaaatcaa ggccatttgt gtgccctgag tggcaccagc tgagctccat    133620
     cccaggcacc tggccgtgag agcccccgtc ctgggataga caatggatct ggggacagaa    133680
     tcagctcagt gaagcagaat tatcaatgaa ctctctggag ttgggggggt gtttgtccct    133740
     gccattttcc ggtgccagct ctgaatatca gcttttagaa tgtgttggag ggggagctct    133800
     gtaaacatct acatgtgaaa tctgaggctt gggatggcat gccccttccc ataacaggta    133860
     gattcaaact gagctggggc catcacacca tccacggcat aatgtctcca cgtggttctc    133920
     tgcagagcga gacaaggggt ggaggcagag agaccaggaa gtttcaggct catggctctg    133980
     acaagacagg aaggggccac aggccaaggg atgtgagacc tgtgaatact gagataggcg    134040
     ggagcccctg tggagtctgc ctgatctttc ccacctgggg ctggtaccca gggaagctgg    134100
     gccatgctct gatgcccagc aatactgagt caagtacttt gtcagaattt cttggaggga    134160
     tttcttctga ttgtggaaaa gtaatatccc agaggctgca gagagacgga aaggtttcag    134220
     tgtcacttat agaagttcat tgagtcccca cacagccctc tcctctctcc aaccaaccct    134280
     cccttccttc agcccaggag ctacaggctc acgagaccca ggctgccctg tgccctggca    134340
     tggatccagg gtgacagcat ttcctcagga ccgggaagct gagagtgggt gacaggagcc    134400
     acggggctgc gtgttctggc ccagccccca tacccaaggt tacaaactct cacatgatca    134460
     tggctaccct ccacacacac acacagccag agaggaccaa aggccaccac ccactgcccc    134520
     cagagtgcca gatgggtaaa cagtgctcct ttctctccag ttcctgtcac taaggtgaca    134580
     gccccgtctc tgtcagcaca agtcagctca ttttggggct ctgcactggg agcagggccc    134640
     gcctgaacta tctgtttttg cctctcgtgg acattttact catagctatt ctttggccct    134700
     tttctaaata tagccacaca gggacccatt taccctgtga acaaaggggc cacggctgac    134760
     agagagtcac aagatgctgt ttttcatctg ggtcactggt ttccctcgga aatacacccc    134820
     caagtcctgt tgtgaggtca cacactgtcc tcacgtggcc agccccacgc catgaccctg    134880
     agaagctaca agcttgaccc atccatctta gggagggctc accagggaat cccaacatgc    134940
     atgcattcct atggttggac agagggtgtc aacctctgtc catggctctt agctctctct    135000
     agtgtccact atgacaggag agcctgctgg gggtcagggg acacaatgag ggtccccatc    135060
     acagctgcca ggagaagcac agaggagcag tccttcagag gcttgctcaa ggccaagggc    135120
     agcacctgct gtgaccatca ccttctctgt ggagacaaag ccaagctgag atcccctggg    135180
     tgctagggac attatgctat agcattctct acgggggtgg gggctgcacc cattccatac    135240
     caggagctcc ccaaatgtca cagtcacctc catatgggag cccctaggcc aagactcact    135300
     gaataaacac agaccaggcg aagccaaaag aacagtgcaa acagttgcac aactaaattg    135360
     gaaaaatcaa ctagggttgc acgggtgggg agaggagacg gcacagctgc catagaaagc    135420
     agtttggcaa tctctgaaaa aaattaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agccaaacca agcataatca    135480
     atcacgtgac ccagcaactt gaaattcaca cacccacctc ccccatcctg ggctccttcc    135540
     tgtgtacatg ccccatggac atgcattcat caccaaggtc ctggtgtata cagctggcat    135600
     gcaattgtgt tcaagaccct tgtatatata gtggtgtgac atcgttgcag agaccttgtt    135660
     ttcagaattg gtgtgcagtc atcactggga cccacccctg tgtatacagt ggtgtgcaat    135720
     catggctgaa acgatttttg tatacagtgg tgtgtgttag gctgcacagg tgcagggggg    135780
     ctacagccag gctctatgag tagcacttca gcctggtttg tttggcttct gatctgggct    135840
     ctgtaaacac agctcctttc tgaacaccat gtgctgggag cgagcaggcg tcctgcgtct    135900
     gcctcctgcc catccggcct cgcggtttgg ttgtgttttg tgtttgtttt ccacttattt    135960
     cttaacttat tttttggcag gcaggaggag aaaccaggga gggaaaaagt gagccggatt    136020
     cctggatgtt aataggaaga taggagtgag acatggttct ctaggaggct gaggagaaaa    136080
     ctgaagttca aggccagact gggccgctta gggacgcctt gtctcaaaat aaacagtaaa    136140
     agggaacgtg gtcagagagg agtccctgcc tggaatcccc agtgaggggc tgtgggggtg    136200
     gccaaggaga gggtccactc cttacacgct agatccagcc tagaatccct catgtccagc    136260
     tcccccccca ctcccccctg ccccgccccc cacccagtca tatccagcct ccaactttca    136320
     ccgacccagt ctggacgtta atttttcttc ctgaattaga cagagttcat ttccaatcca    136380
     gtctttagac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgcgtgcgc    136440
     cgtctcatgt agcccaggct ggcttcacac tcactctggg tgaccctggg ttccatcctc    136500
     ctgcctctgc ctgcagaagc tggccacaga actcggtttc tgtggtgcaa aggatggagc    136560
     tctcaacccc agccacttcc gtctcatccc ttcatgaaca cgcgggggtg gggtggggct    136620
     ggcacagggg gcaccaggga gtccctggga ccacaccacc ccgaggccct gatcttaatc    136680
     ctttcctttg ctggtttctg gctcccgcac tggaaaggga caggcagaca cacagcctgg    136740
     ttccctccta ttcccatatc caggccctgc ggggagggag gtgggtatct tcccagctga    136800
     gacctcccca gggttggctt ccttctccca cctggggacc cttgtctctt tcccccaccc    136860
     tttccccagc attccccaca ttccggtccc ctgacacagg attccaagct ggcccgggac    136920
     tttctcagca gcagagaaga ctgcgggagg ggaggggcgg ctgtgctttc ccagcctgtg    136980
     ggagtggcgg tgtcccagct atgagagcta tgcccggcat gcacaggttc tccagcattt    137040
     ttggatctga atgtcattgt ttcctaaagt ggattgcggg gggggggggg ggcgcggacg    137100
     ttaatggccc cctcagctct actttagagc cattgtagcc tggggagata gcccaggcta    137160
     tatcacactg cactgactgc ttcagcagag gactccagtt aggttcctaa acccacatgg    137220
     ggttcacaac cctctgtgac tccaagctcc gggggcgggg gggggggggg ggagacgccc    137280
     ccttctggct gctcttggaa gtacacaagg cattgtgtga gttttaggcc aattgtactg    137340
     cagaaacaaa atttagccag gtgtgaacca tacctttaat ctccttagag gcaagaggat    137400
     ctttgtgagt tcaaggccag cctggtgcct ataaaacctt gtctcaatca atcatcaatt    137460
     aatgctacaa agtgcacagc ttggaagaca gccatgtggg taaaggacct gagttcaatc    137520
     tcagagctag gtcaacgctc ccagcctagg ttcacgcagc attgatttaa ttccagtttt    137580
     gtttttcttt tgagccttgg tctcactgat gatcccaggc tggcctcaaa gttgtgacag    137640
     tccctctgcc tcagcctcca gatttgggta gacaggtact gcagagggtg gatggagtta    137700
     ctcatggctg gtgctgggct cagtgcagag cacttgcttg gcatgcttaa accctgggtc    137760
     tatcccagca ggtcaggagt tcaaggctat cctcagctac ttagggaatt tcaagccagc    137820
     ctgggttaca tgagacccca tctgacaagg aaaggaaaga gggctggtga gagggctcag    137880
     tggtgaaggg gcttgttgcc aagcctgata accagattca gtcctcctca ggacccactt    137940
     agtggaagga aacaacagac tccccaaagc tgcccttcga cttccacaca tgtgcacttg    138000
     taaagagttc cgggtctgcc gagcttcaga gcaaggctgt ctccacaaac acacaatgag    138060
     ctggtgacag tgtcaggcaa agaactccaa gctacatagg aggctgaggc aggaagattg    138120
     cttcaatgca gaagcttgag accaaccagg tcacagaaat ttccaccacc ctagaccgtc    138180
     tcttcattat tgttattgtt gttgttattg cttgagccag agtctcatgt agccaaggct    138240
     agcctcaaac ttcctatgtg gacaaggata accttgaact cctgatcttt ctgcttttgc    138300
     ctcccaagta cttggataac aactttgcaa ccccatgccc catgctgtac atggaaccca    138360
     gggattcagc atgctgagca agcaccctgc ccactgagct acaagcactg ccaactgaca    138420
     tacaagcacc ttgcccactg agatacaacc actacccatt gagctacaag cactgccaac    138480
     tgacatacaa gcaccttgcc cactgagcta caaccactac ccactgagct acaagcaccc    138540
     tgcccattga actacaacct gctcactgag ctacaaccac tgcccactga gctacaacca    138600
     ctgcccacta agctacaagc accctgccac taagctacaa gcactgttcc agctgagttg    138660
     tcttccccat ggctctggct gtgaacatct caccatattg cgctcacaac accagcacat    138720
     tccagaacat gttttcattc tctgtccaca aacaggtgac ctgagctcat cacctgacca    138780
     ggttgtgcaa ggtgatgatc tacaggtatt ttcctcaaag tccacatgcc tcagaaagag    138840
     gtcatggatg cggggttcct gtcttgggtg cagaaggaca agcgtggacc tgttgctcca    138900
     actcaaagcc actgttttct ggttagagaa ggcacgattt gaatctgggg tatgggagag    138960
     gggattccag agtattatcc aaatccatgt ctgcatggac ccgtgacaaa gccaggttcc    139020
     tggtggtacc ctcatcatgc ccagagacct ggtcatcctg tggactctgc catggagtta    139080
     tgcaacagga gttcaagggg agacatttct attgatttat aagcagtctg cagtgaagta    139140
     tcccagggtg cccttgaact cctgatcctc ctgcctccac ttccccagtt ctgggatggc    139200
     agaggttcta ccacaccagg tatatgcagt gctgggcatg gcacctaaga tttcatttat    139260
     ccaggcaagc acagagccac aagcactata gcaactgagc tttaagcact caaccaacag    139320
     agctacaagc accctgccta ctgggctcag tttgggccct gacttttccc aagtccccct    139380
     aggcccatct gggtagtagt gacttctccg cacagcctct ggacagatca gaggagaggc    139440
     ctcaccctgc acatggtttc tcaatagaaa gcatcaaact ggcccggcca catttgcagg    139500
     aagcactggt cacccagctg tcagcagcca cctctgctcc aggctgtgct gcatctgact    139560
     cctgacctgg atctacacag cacatctttc tctatggtgg ctgtggctgc tcaggtcccc    139620
     cttccccaca ggatgttcag agatggagac tctccctgcc agcattcagt cctctatctt    139680
     tcttccactg tgtctcccct tgaatccaca cagggacttt gtatatagtt tattatttat    139740
     tttgtggtga ctaggtctca tgtagcacag gctagcctca aactggctat gtagctgagg    139800
     gtggtcttga gctcctaatc ttctgctggg tatgctctac cttgcttatg gggtgatctg    139860
     atgggcctcc tgtgtgcttg acaagcactc taccaactga gctgcaagca ccttactcac    139920
     tgggctacaa gtactgtatt ggctgagcta caagcacctt accaactaga ctatgagcaa    139980
     gctgtgtcag ttgagctgca ggcactgtta cagaaggtct ctggtgagga caatgacttg    140040
     gttggaggtg gctctgaccc atcaagctct tggtgctgtg aagtcaccag agttcacctt    140100
     gtgaacctcc tcttcaccta cagggttgtt ggggtcacag ggtttctctt acctgggagt    140160
     cctccaaacc cagagtttgc cccaggcaac agcaggtggt gctcgggagt caggccagca    140220
     tgctctgcac tggagggacc cctgcacccc gctgccctct tggtccatgt taccatgatc    140280
     aatggcccag gcgaggtgaa gggcagtggg cagggggtca cggtgctgta ggtcatagtt    140340
     ggctgttgtc cacacaccca ggcctgtgaa tttgtacctg ccaaagtaaa accttccaac    140400
     aagcacactc cagtcaatct ggtactgcat agtggaggct aggggagctg gtcttcctca    140460
     gctacatgcg catgatgaga acagcccagg tgacgtgaga ctcacaaaac agcagagcag    140520
     gagctaaaga gatggtgtgt ttatatatgt ttgtgtgtgt atatgtatat gtggatatgt    140580
     gtataagtgt gtttatgtat gtatatatat gtgtatatgt atatatgtgt gtctgtgtct    140640
     gtgtgagtac atgtgtatat atatatgtga gtgtgtgtag gtatacatat gtatatatgt    140700
     atgagtatta tgtatatgtg tgtatatatg tgtatgtata tgtgtgtgca tatatacata    140760
     tgtgtgtgta tgtatgtata tgtgtgtata tgtgtgcaca tatatgtatg tatatattgt    140820
     tatatgttgt atgcatgtat atgcgtgtat gtctgtgtat atgtatatgc atatgtgtat    140880
     atgtatgtgt gtatgtgcca cagtatatgt acagagctca gataacttca ggaaatctat    140940
     cctcactgtc cactctgtgg gtcccaggga cttgagttct caggcttggg cagggcacca    141000
     ttggctgctg agtctctggc ctgtgccttc tgtctttgat gtcctgttgc ttactcatga    141060
     gaaaaagcga agtgtgtgag tgtgtgaatc gcagcagcag tgtcatgctg ggataatgag    141120
     gccagaacct aggtagtgtg agattccagg actttcaacc tacaaggaaa cgaaagctga    141180
     atccaaggtc actgaggtca ctgccataac acagggcagt gcagtagcaa gggcgacaga    141240
     aatggcccct gtcctgtggc tggtgacgtg gccacgtgtc cttctaaaac tgtccactgt    141300
     gaacctaaaa ggttttcacc attaatagaa accttgtcat caaacagagt ccaaaagggt    141360
     aacgctcagt gggccatggt ggggcacacc tttaacccca gcactcagga ggcagaggca    141420
     agtggatctc tgtgaatttg aggccagcct ggtcttcaga gtgagttcca gggcagcaca    141480
     aagaaaccct ttctcgaaac caaaaccaac ccaagcacaa accagcacaa aggccgttgt    141540
     gcaccctccc ctttctccgg tgtcttattg gcttttgcta gtggttgtgg tagtggtgtt    141600
     ttgtttttga tgtggtctca tgttgctaag gctggccttg aactcacaat gtagtcaagg    141660
     ataagcttga attcttgatc cttcaacctc cacctcctga gtactcgggt aaagcgatgc    141720
     acctccgtgt ctgccttaag agcatcctgt gtgaacggcc ccggccagtc tctcctggtc    141780
     tccttggttc actcttcctg tggccagtga gcaccccatc atttacttat ttatttaggg    141840
     attttgagac agggcctcat tgtgtagtca tggttaccct agaacttgcc ttgtagacca    141900
     ggctggcctc tgcctcacca gtgtagttgg gataggctat ataaagctgt gaacactgct    141960
     cagctgcata gagaaccatc cagaaccatc cacagagcct aggtacagct gcctgatgcc    142020
     tctgctgcac tagaccccca aatcatccac ccagaggacc ccagatccct cccctcttgg    142080
     catgtggggt tccatggctt tagtttggct ggtgaccggg ttgcagggtc tcttgagatc    142140
     tgtggaatca aaaagagaat gcctggtccc ctcaggcacc ccaagatttg tatggccatc    142200
     acaggggagc tcctgtctgg agtggcggag gcaggcacca ggcatagcat cctggtaact    142260
     ttgtgaattt cttcacattc tctgcgtgtc tgagttctat gttacttcta tcgctgtctc    142320
     ctccatgctt tgttctgggg tggccatttt catcctcccc agcacacggg aggtgtaatt    142380
     atacctctcg ccacatgggg agctaaaccc cagtcctggc ttacaactcc tgcaggatgc    142440
     tcagagcttc tccaagagca agggcttctc tgagaggcct tctccccaag tcaccacagg    142500
     taattcctga gttctcctgt gctgcccgga gagactgcgc tgtggttccc gtggacacgg    142560
     ccgggagctc tacaggcccc actccaccca caagcctttc ccccagggtg gccacgtgtt    142620
     gagcctcatg gtgagctgcc tgtgaggaat gagcctagct gactcacatc tcagggtttt    142680
     agctacagtt gattccctta ctacctgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgggg ggggtgatga    142740
     gggggcatgg cttggacgtg agtcagggac tggctggtga cacagttctc tgcagaatca    142800
     cagcttgggg tcagcagaca caatgaaaag ccaaaactgc ccaccaggaa aatcatggaa    142860
     aacagaaaca tgtccagaca catatgtgga caaatgcagc catgtccata gtgatgatat    142920
     gcagaggggt gtgtgtgggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtacatga ttaaatactg gccaaggatg    142980
     gaggtgtggc tcctgagtag agtaaagccc tgacttggca tgcacacagc cacacacaca    143040
     tgatcacaga aatgcccgtg ccctgtgcct gtctgaagac atcctcacac acagcacata    143100
     cctgaagata gactctgaca cactcccact tgtatctgtg tatgctgatc tctgcacaca    143160
     tgcctgcact cggatgcatc tttagtggac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    143220
     acactcggcc tggtctgtgt tctctctacc cagctatatt tagctcagga gaaatctcgg    143280
     gctgaagtcc atgcggtttc catgtcctgc ctggaagccc tgatgagtga tttctctgca    143340
     tcccatgctg aggcccggct tctctgtccc caggagggga gctggatgtc agcccacaca    143400
     ccagagagcc aggcaggctg aaggattttt ttgttatgat cattaattga aaactgatta    143460
     ggggacagga gtgcatccac ccttcccagc agccttctca aacagctgga tttctgtgga    143520
     caccaggact tcaagatggc gtcgctcatg ccattgaagg agaagtggct catggaggtt    143580
     aaacctggag agctgccaag ctggctatcg atacgggatt tcaccccagt ggcgctgcag    143640
     gagcctttcg gagagggtat gaccggtatt acgagttcgg aaaggcagcg tctgtctcgg    143700
     ggattaacat ggtactggca gcctgtgtgg ttttcagcta ctgcatttct tacaaggaac    143760
     tcaaacatga gcggtgacac aggaaccact gaagaggggt cactatggag ggcaccgcat    143820
     ggctgagcaa agcccctacc ccgctctgat ccaggaagag ttcatctggc caaaccttca    143880
     taccctgact gagaactagt gtctgataaa aggtgactga atggttcagg taaaaaagaa    143940
     aaaggagggg ctggtgagat ggctcagcag gtaagagcac ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt    144000
     ccggagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catccgtaac gagatctgac    144060
     tccttcttct ggagtgtctg aagacagcta cagtggactt acatataata aataataaat    144120
     aaatcttaaa aaaagaaaaa agaaaaagaa aaaggaaaag gaaaaggaaa ctaactagga    144180
     acattgttaa actagatgtg gtggcttatg ccaagctgag gcaggagaag ggccgagagt    144240
     tccaggacag actgagctac acagggagac tctgtctaaa caaaacaata ttcattgtct    144300
     gttcatggca agctgaaaca aaaaatataa ggcggattcc actgagcatt accaaatgtg    144360
     acacttgata acctacaggc aagggctggc aaaagggctc agctggaaaa ggtgattgca    144420
     gcaaagactg atgacctgtg ttgtcccaag gaaccacaag gaagaagata gcgggacttc    144480
     tacaacttgt cctctgacct ctgcacgggt gctgtaacac atgcaaatgt gtgcacacac    144540
     actcacacac atgcaaacag gcatgcacat gcagatattt ttaaacaata aagtgttatt    144600
     actgctgaga gggctcggca agtgaagcac ttgctgccaa gcctaaggag atgggctcaa    144660
     tccccagaga gaaccaacta ctgcaggctg tcctctgact tccacatgca ctccaacacc    144720
     cccaacacta aatacataca tacatacata catacataca tacatacata catgtaaaag    144780
     aggagctggg tgtggctcag caggagggag tcacttcgga gccccctctg ccacctggac    144840
     tatctgaaga gtccctccag cggtggcctt cccagaagtg aattcggttc gcccagccca    144900
     tccaggtagc ccagcccatc caggtagccc agcctatacc cagatcactg gtttcactgc    144960
     catctgggga ggagcctctg cttgaatcct ctagcccagg acagatagac aatctctagt    145020
     tgaattatca tcagtccctg gcctgggcct tggtggtcac agttctctag acccttttga    145080
     tgagtgaatg tgtgattgta tgactggcta agggagagac ccgtggcgag gctgggatga    145140
     ccctgagtgg accagtggct gctgtccctt gccactccgc ctgcgggaat ggacagcagc    145200
     aagtgctgct tcccttactc tgagaggcca gcggggttcc gggtcagggt tcccagggtc    145260
     taagcagcag gttcacgcca tgccatctgt gccctccagc tctctagacg ccaggtccac    145320
     gctcatggcc gatgatgtca ggtactaaca acgtcgccca ggcccggaag ctggtggagc    145380
     agctgcgcat tgaagctggg atcgaacgca tcaaggtgag ctgtgtgggg ggaggggggg    145440
     cgagggggac ccggtgagtg agcgcctgtc cttagccata gattctggct gtgtaacctg    145500
     ggacacagcc gcccaagaga gccacagccg ctctgttggg cgggacagag cctggggtga    145560
     acgtggcttt ccacatcagg ccggttcagt gtcttcctct ggttaccaca gatgcaagca    145620
     gaagatatat acacagagga atggcgcaga tgggggtcta actgcttcca cagttgggca    145680
     aggttttcat ttcttgcagt gacaaggaaa tgaaacaaaa cattccattt caaaaagatg    145740
     aaatcaaaag aaaactgtgt agccgggcgt ggtggcgctc gcctttaata ccagcacttg    145800
     gaaggcagag gcaggccaat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc    145860
     aggacagcca gggatacaca gaaaaaccct gtctcgaaac ccccccccca aaaaaaagaa    145920
     aaaggaaact gtttgatctg tgtggtaaat aaagaaaaag gggctggggg cgtggtcagg    145980
     gcggagccac cacctagact cctcaaggag cccagagggt cacttgaaca tggaacattt    146040
     gtactctaag ccacgccccc agcccctcat tggggggatt ctaggcgggg ctccacccag    146100
     accacatgcc cagtccctgt gggtggttcg caatgcttgt tagacatcct catggtcttt    146160
     tgggaccata agcccacgct aagatctctc aagggagcca tcacttcatc ccatctcttt    146220
     atctacttcc tatcttggat tggttcattc tagaaatacc ttatcatgga gggagtatat    146280
     actatgtggc ttctgtgtct gactatgact gaacacaagt tcctcaaatt ccctttatgt    146340
     tgtagcctgt gtcagggcct cattcgttat catggctacg tactattcca cagcatgtgt    146400
     accacagcgt gtgtgtgacc ttctctgggc tctccctgcc ttatggctgc tgtgatctgt    146460
     cccatctgac ctttcctttc tcctccttgt gctacacagg tctccaaggc ctcgtcagac    146520
     ctgatgggct actgtgagca acatgcccgc aacgatccct tgctggttgg cgtgccagcc    146580
     tctgagaatc cattcaaaga caaaaagcct tgcataattc tctagttctc tctctttctc    146640
     tctctcttcc ccatctctcc ctctctttct ccccaccccg gaggtattgg tccaattttt    146700
     cctgtaagga aaatatttga atccttccca ctttgaattc taaaggaaca aaaaccattg    146760
     tgaatgccgg gatcttcctg acctagctgg agtttatgaa cccaggtggg gctctgactg    146820
     tcgcctggcc taactgagat gttagcctcg tcacccccac cccctctttt caagagtcac    146880
     tactgtggcc catttttaaa gctcccctta gttgccttgg ggaaagggct ccgttgataa    146940
     acgggattgc cttgcaagcg tgaggaccct aggtgcggcg cggtcctcag gtcccacaga    147000
     aagcatgcag gtgcagtgtc acaaggttgt atgtacttca gcacttggta ggcaaggcag    147060
     aagggtcccc agggcttgag ggactgccat tctagttgtc agtaaactcc agacagagga    147120
     ggacacccag ccttgacctc tggctccacc cgcgcggggc acacacaatg caccctgtgc    147180
     tgccctgtgt ccttccagag tggccctgtc atgtacacag tgacgccatt tctccagaga    147240
     catggcccat tccagagacg ggcatctggg tctccattca aaggaagctc ttgctggtat    147300
     gaccgagtgt gtaattttgt ctcctaagcc tgagatccac gtggtcattg gtggctcccc    147360
     attttctccc agttacacag ttatccaggt agttgtgagg gcagaaatgc agattagtta    147420
     tctctcgagg tgatcgagga gtgacggggt tctccgtccc acatcgtgac tgtggctcca    147480
     gatccccctg cctccttcct aggacaaact attttgtaac tagctagaat ccaagcccct    147540
     cagtgtgggg actgtagccc tggtctgcac tcccagattg ggggattcta ggcagggctc    147600
     cacccagacc acaccccaat gaggatttgg ggactctagg cggggctcca ccccgaactg    147660
     cgacctcagc cccttactgg ggcattctag gtggggctct acattgacca ctcccccagc    147720
     ccctcactgg gagattgtag tctggggctc caccctgacc acgcccctag acccttgttg    147780
     gtagattctc cacagcattc tacccctgag ccaggcctct tctctttcta ttttgtgaac    147840
     agagccctag agtccaggct ggcctggaac aggagatctt cctgcctctg tctccagagt    147900
     acctacatga cggtcttgtg cttgcatgcc tggcattgga ttggactgaa gaaaacatgc    147960
     cctctgtctg taacagtgac agtggcaggt atagggagga cacgacttgg gtgtgccaat    148020
     gcggtgtgca gccacacaca gaggcagcct aagcatttga aagaccccag ctgcctcttt    148080
     ctcctgccag atcagtatgg gagcaaaccg cagaactgaa gccagtctag ttgttccctg    148140
     tatccctggt ggaaatctgc tgccaaaagc ctgggccagg ctgatccctg ggcaaagtga    148200
     aaggggtgag cacagttagc tcatcttcta gccagttagg catgacctac cgcctaggta    148260
     aggtggcagg ctcccccaaa tccatttgat ggaaacagga aaagaagtct ggggtgtgac    148320
     taaggggagg cattgcaggt gctaagagcg cccccctccc acttccccct ccatgggctg    148380
     ggtcccagag agcacagacc aagggtctgg cttctgtgca tcagctccca ttactggtca    148440
     gagagggcca gcaactttgg tcagcctgac tctcagaacc tggcttgagt cagaaaagcc    148500
     agtttccccc accctcaaac tacagccacc ttgcattagg ctaggaacca ggtcccagga    148560
     tgtgtgtccc cagctacact ggcaaggaga aaggaaagct ggaaatctgg ggaccagggc    148620
     tgcagagcac ccacccagca tgctggaaag ctgggttcca ccccaagctc gaagtaacca    148680
     ggcacgggca ctggggtagg cagatcagga cttcagggtc ttcctcagct acataatggg    148740
     ctcaaggcta acctggacta catgagacca tgtctcaaat tcagtgcact ctctcactct    148800
     ctcacatcac gacagcagat gcctgcctgg ccagcctgtg tgtggtcgga gcattttgtt    148860
     tctctcctct gggacaaaaa actcaaatct gcatctctgc ccacacttcc agttctccct    148920
     ccctaggtga ctcacaggcc aaggacaaag tgacttcttg ttcccaagga aggtaggacg    148980
     tgcttggctg atgtatccag gatggacctt gggccccaat agcccttgtg tgccctccta    149040
     accactggag ccctgcctca gcttagagat acttagggaa accagaacac aacagagcca    149100
     tcaggagcca agattggggg ccctcacctt caatcccaac acttgggaga cagaggcaag    149160
     gggatctccg tgaattcgag gccagcctca tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg    149220
     ttgtagagac accgtctaaa aacaaaataa aacaaccaaa actgttagac ctgctgcagc    149280
     ttgagccacc caggagggac ttccaaccta aggagaaggt tggtgggcat gggggggtgt    149340
     atcctacaca gaagccatat acactggcca gatgtcacat ggcactttcc atttccgtcc    149400
     ccacttcagg gctggctcct ccccctcacg ctccagggct ggctcctacc ccttcagact    149460
     cctccccctt ccctctgctt tgtgaagctg gttggttttt atttctgatt aaaaaaaaaa    149520
     ctttttcccg tgtgccacgc ccactctccc agtgttacta ttgtgtggaa tgaggtcaca    149580
     ggagagtgac tcctccataa taaaagcctc gattttcctt ttgtctcgac tctaaattat    149640
     ttttctctcc cttgcctgga tggctcagat aatgtaaggg acagtggcca gccttccaca    149700
     cccccttcct cagggactcc atcggacacc tgggatgagg gaggagtgag gctcaggccg    149760
     ggtggactgt aggtctgctc attgaactgt tttattttga gacaagcatc tcacatagtc    149820
     caggctggcc tcgaactcat tgtacagtgt gggctagcct gaccttcctg cctgtaactc    149880
     ctgagtactg gatgacaagt atggccagca tagttgggtc cccaaagtgc taggagtggg    149940
     agccaggtat ttgttcatac tgggttagtg ctccacccac tgtgctccac cctggccttt    150000
     tgttttgttt ggagacaggc acactgttta cctgcctaga gtcacccagt aaggggctca    150060
     gaacatgggt tagtgaaaga aaactcacac tacatgtgca aaggccctgg gttcaatccc    150120
     agcaccataa aagatagaag acctttcatt cctaaacact tgtgcgatca gaggttcaac    150180
     acaggcatcc cttggctgca gtccaggcct gcagggactg tccaggaaga acctgcagtt    150240
     gttccctcac agtagcctga ggccctgcat tccttggctc aaagccccag cctcctcctt    150300
     tggagccagc agggcagtat cttccagtct gtctgcctgt cacctatctg cctccttctg    150360
     aggaccaaac tgatgcagca agtcctggat aatccaggac agcccccagc tcgggaccct    150420
     cagcttgatc tctgtaaagt ttctcctccc tgggagatga cgtgtcacag atctgagggt    150480
     gcagataagg tggtctttgg ggcttgtagc agcccccatg cctgactgcc acagaacttg    150540
     agtttgaggc agacatctat tggacccaag gttcagggtg aactaggaca gcgaggaggg    150600
     agggagagcc gactagaaag ggtgtgttgt tgacttagcc accacttact gtggcctgtg    150660
     gtttcgtctg agggaccatg gcctgacaaa ctcacctggg catcgatctg ggatcccagg    150720
     ggaggaggag gagaggatag cttccaggct ccactttgca caggggtccc tgtctgctct    150780
     gtgagtggaa ggctctcctg tataagaggt cacagtgtga gacatcagtg acaaccccca    150840
     cccccaaata gagtcagcct tcccaggaca gtgaaggctc aggaggaaaa aaaagagaga    150900
     acaagacagt tttatggaag tgtctggtgt gtgtgtgaca gtggcagcag cagcatccct    150960
     gaaccaagtt aatgcgagtg aatcacaggc cacaccccca taggctctgc agtcccacac    151020
     accctccaga acagcttctc agaggcccta aaggtcctaa agggctctgt gtaagctttc    151080
     ccgtgaaaga ggcagatcaa gccacaagac tcaggggcag cacatgggga gggggtggtg    151140
     tccaaggcag gaggatctgg agtgcaaggc tagcttgagc tacagaatga gtccctggtg    151200
     ctggcgaggt ggatcggcag ttaagagcac tgactgctct tgcagaggtc ccagtttcaa    151260
     ttcccagcaa gttacatggc agcctacaac cccctatgac ttcagctcca tgggaatctg    151320
     acgccccctc tggcctctgc gggtactgca ctcgaacgca gtacaaataa ctaaaagcaa    151380
     gagaaatgtt tcttttaaag gaatgttctg agtggctctg gttctagaga caaaagctgg    151440
     aagcatctca ggtattcggc cacaggtgaa cagggaaagg aaacgttcat accaaaggac    151500
     acaactcagc cctgggaagg aacgtggtgc gagcacgggg gtgactcgcc agcactacac    151560
     tgagtgaagc aagctttgca cagagaacaa tgggagttca tggacaacag gtgaccctca    151620
     gtgagggttg tgatcatcag gaggacagcc tcaaacacac ccacatctaa ataggaaagc    151680
     ctggggcttg gtccactcac ataggagcaa agaacctggc agggggcttc tgagccttct    151740
     acatcatcca ggccctgaag gtcaccgctg tttttgctgg ggaaatgtat gcaaatggtc    151800
     tactggacaa gtgtgggggc ttaagacttc atctcagtgc tcaggaggtg gaggcggttg    151860
     cgagcattgg ctgccctttc agaggaccca aattaggtcc ccagagtcca catataactc    151920
     cagcggcagg ggatgtgatg tgcccttctg gcctccaaag gcacccacag gcatcttcac    151980
     agatacacct acaaatgcaa ttgaattgaa aacagttaag caaacagggc caaagggaca    152040
     agggggtgca ggcactcact gccaagcctc agggcctgag ttccatccct gggacccatg    152100
     tggtagatct gactcctgca agttgtcctc cgacctcctc acttaacacc atggcctgtg    152160
     tgcctggctc ccacaagtaa ataaatgcaa tactgttttt ttgttgttgt tgttttgttt    152220
     tgagacaggg tatctctgtg tagccctagc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agcccaggct    152280
     ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt    152340
     gccaccactg cccgtctatt attaattatt attattaatt ttctgaagga attctgtttg    152400
     ttttctctgt ctaactctgg ctgtcctgga ctcagagtgt agctctgcct gtagttgcct    152460
     ctgtggtgca ggaacaccaa gtgtgcatcg ccatacttga catggtccaa ggagtttctt    152520
     gagattcctt acaggagcat aggccactca ggcagctgcc ctacaggaac atcggtctct    152580
     agtggcataa tgaccacctc ttggatagtt gtgccacctg agttcccaac ctcaaagcca    152640
     cagtgtaccc cttgtgcact ctggcaccca tacatcaaga gtggctggaa gagaggggca    152700
     gcccacccca cagatgatga tcctcacagg acatcaatgg gttaagtgct tgtatgcaag    152760
     catcaattct gtgttctgtg aaatgccttg tgtcaataag caatgaggag aaagattgca    152820
     gaagacactc tggcccccac acaaacacac caaggcaagg ctgagctatg aggcatgctg    152880
     ggtaccactc agaatgccaa cgccacctct gcagacccag cgtggtccct accacacatg    152940
     tggatggatc cacacaggga gggtgtgata gcccctacaa caggattgaa gtaaggcacc    153000
     ccagaatcat aagctgttcc ccaaatctaa caaggcctac tgtagacttc cagtttcctc    153060
     ttggaaggga cagaggtgag agtcctgggc cagctttcct tgttatcctg ttcctagcta    153120
     tgtatgtttc ctctctgcaa ggggacatta tggaaattac acatttcagg ttcatgtggc    153180
     ttgcaagaca tttacaaagc tcaggctcag ggcttctgtg agcaagaaac aattctgtga    153240
     gcgagaggag aggagggcac cccacacccc agaaactcag ctctcgcgag tccttaccca    153300
     tgtcctggcg actgttaggt gatcagttcc caaatcaccc aagctcctct aagcagcccc    153360
     aataagctca ttcggttcac acacaaataa agaaatgaaa aatgaagaac taaaaaataa    153420
     aaacattttg aaccaaggtc tcctgttttg ctgactgacg ccgaactcac tacatagact    153480
     agcatgggct tgatctcaca gagatctgcc tgattacctg attacgtatc ccaagaaaaa    153540
     gtacttttaa ggacataggc ttcttaggaa cagtcagtac aggtccaggt gactctgaca    153600
     atgacctggt cagttttcgt catcaacttg acacaatgta ccatcacctg ggactgtgcg    153660
     gacggtgctg gtctgtggtc ctgtcagtga tggatgctct tgatgacatt aactggtgtg    153720
     aggagacccc agcccactga gggcagcacc attcttacgc agccttgaac agtatgaaaa    153780
     aggaagaatg agtggaggat ggactggctg ctctgactcg atggttgctt cactttcctg    153840
     ttgccttgac aacttcagtg acagaccaac cagaacccac aaccaaataa actcactctc    153900
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgttgctt tttcttaggg    153960
     tcatttatct ctgcagtaga aattaacaca ctacctgagg attcaggctg atgatgaaga    154020
     tccaaagaga tgagggaaaa actttccctg taaagggaaa ggtcatgtag gaaggaatgt    154080
     ggagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta cacgcacgca    154140
     tgcggtcgcg cgcacttgcc ctccagaaca agtgggaccc taaccttgga gccagcaggg    154200
     tttactgtgg aaagaatgat ggaacgctgc ctgctgatga cctaaggatg cacccactta    154260
     gtttcatcgg aatttatcat tctgggacga actccaagct caggatggga aagaaatgtg    154320
     ctcttgttca tgtgagactt acaccaggcc agccagtggg atgtgggggc caagctgtcc    154380
     aacaggtgtc cgggatcgga agccatctga ctgctcctct caggctgcag tcaccatgac    154440
     ctttcttcat acccaaggtg tttttctgta cttcaacgga tgaagcccaa ggccttgtac    154500
     agacacaggc tctacccatg ctcccagctc ctcactggtg gattctaggc aggctacacc    154560
     cctgggcagg tgccctctga gtccagaaac ggtggatttc ctggagctag tctggatgct    154620
     tgaaatcaaa accttgtcct cataatgaca ggtgagggtc actgctgacc tcagctcctc    154680
     ccccatacct ctcagctcct cccccatacc tctcagctcc tcccccatac cttttgttgc    154740
     tctgtctgta agtctgtaac tatctgtaac ctgcacgagc tcgtgagctt tgcccgtgtc    154800
     ccttccttgc ttgccctgta cttatcccca ggttctgact ccttcccttt tctgaaccct    154860
     gctcccccca ccccccccac acacaccatt ttcacattta gatttcatat acaagatcaa    154920
     acacgaggta attgtttcct ggctctggca gtgaccccac catcatccac cttccctcac    154980
     cctgctccct tctaaagccc aaacctagcc ggtcttccta ggcttcatag tgagtttgag    155040
     ggagccctgg tgaggtaaga ttctgacttc cccatctgac cagcagcttc ctctgcactt    155100
     ccggccgttt tctctgaaga tgctcctgtc tcctgccctg ccaggcctca gggcgcggga    155160
     ttcacctctt tcctctgaaa gagtctggct gggcctcaga acctcagttt cctgatcctg    155220
     cctgatcttg cttccgggag gacgccaggc tcagagcagc tgaggggcaa gttcagaggt    155280
     cgtaggtgtc cctggcctag ggacagtctc agaagggctg ggcagattag actttgctgg    155340
     cagaaaccag ggctcaggga ttctcctgca ctgctgctgc accatggatt ttacgtaggt    155400
     gctgtgggtc tctcgtggca attcctttac tgagccatat tattgcctgt gcccaaatta    155460
     ttatttataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa tgataatagt gataatttag    155520
     ttccacacag ggtttctctg tgtagccttg gctgccctgg attcactctg tagaccagac    155580
     tggtctcaaa ctcagagatc tgcctgcctc agcctctgaa tgctgagata aaaggtgtgc    155640
     accaccatgc ctggctgaaa ttctgatttt ttaaaaaaga tttatttatt tattttatgt    155700
     atgtgagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca ctccgagaag aagacatcag atcccattac    155760
     ggatggttgt gagctaccat gtagttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctc tggaagatca    155820
     gtcagtgctc ttaaccactg agccatctct ccagcccccc aaattctgat atcttcatga    155880
     ggtcatggtg gcacacttgt catccaagca ctctggaggt agaggcagga ggatgaccac    155940
     aagttgcagg ccagcggcgt atacataata ttttccacat caaccaggga tacatatgaa    156000
     gactctgtct taaaacagaa caagattctg ttattctgag cgtggacact gaggagtagt    156060
     ctgaaaccac tcactgcaca gtgagccaga agtcacaggt ctctgtaagt ccaaccctgg    156120
     gctacagcat gaccaaggca gccctggcac aaggtgtaag tcaccaccaa tgtcaagcca    156180
     ggagcatgtg ctggtctgtg tgtcaccagt cataagaccc tgggagccca gtccatggcc    156240
     tcagtttcct gggctgtaat ctgggttctc ccccatcaag ctttcagaac agaaggcctg    156300
     ggcctcatcg gatataaaac cagagatacc agaaggagct ccttagctgg gcttgggtac    156360
     ttgggtactg acactttata gagtactaag tgctaggttg ctaagtacta gtacttcagc    156420
     actgggtgcc tgaacttgcc tccttcctaa gatcctggct cagtcctctg ggtgaatctc    156480
     attctaagtt ctctaacaca tttgttcaca aatcctgttt gccattgtga ttcccaggtc    156540
     atatcctgaa aggaagccca gagaggtaaa gaaactgtcc ctaggtggcc catcacttag    156600
     atgtagtatg aacagaaata agatcatgtt ccctctaccc caagaatctt ctatgcctca    156660
     gtttgccctt accctgtagc ccacccgtgg ggacaaggta ccctccccca gccaaaggag    156720
     ttattaggca ttcttaacaa ccccaaaatg aggtgaaagg ttacagccag agaagcctgc    156780
     cctgacctgg aggcagatgt tagttgtggg gtgtcacaga ttcctggagg tcggaaggcc    156840
     ttgctcactg agatcctaga catgccattc ccccatcaga gaccagggga atgtccctac    156900
     actaaggctc ttggcaggtc agagggttag aggggcaatg cccactctgt gatgggtgag    156960
     acaagccctg ggcctgccag ccaggaagaa gaagaggagg gggagaagag ggaggagaag    157020
     ggggggggag gaagaacagg ctagccaggc tgggtggagg gatccccaaa gcagctaaat    157080
     ataaccacgg aaagtacgat gtgtctccaa atagaaagca gccagtttgg cccaggagaa    157140
     ggccaggcag gctggagaga gcagagggtc tgagagaggc accttcacta agattctccc    157200
     tccccctctc cttcctcttg tcctatatag ccttcctccc caggtccacc tgtcatctag    157260
     gctgcacaga gggtagggac ctcagcaaat gaagcaaccc tcctcccttt cccccaggtc    157320
     ctggctggcc tcaagattgc tgacctggga actgggagga cccaagccat ccaggctaaa    157380
     aatagctctc accgcctccc aggctatatt tagagtgttg tctgctgtgg agtcagcggg    157440
     agccagtggg cacaccccag ccgagcaggc cagccgggtg tgctggctcc catgtgggca    157500
     tggcctcagg ccacagcaga gggcagggat gccgagcagg gagcacttgg ctacaggttt    157560
     ggtgcctgtt gtgctgtgtg tagctatgct acccaaagaa cttttctgag ccaacttgtg    157620
     ccctagagac tgagtgtgac cgtaggagag ggggctgccc tgcacagagc tttgctgtgg    157680
     tcttttggaa acagactaaa ctctgactca ctatgcaggg aggatgacct tgaactcctg    157740
     accctcctgc ctctcccaag ccctcagaag gaagcctggt ggcatgctct gaactacaat    157800
     ctcagtactt ggtgggggtg gggtgttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgttgt    157860
     gttttggagc ggagggtttg tatgtagcct acgtggcttc aagctcacag caatcctgct    157920
     tcagcctcct gagcagttgc agtgcgacct gtatcactat gccttcaggt ttaagctgtg    157980
     ctggggagag aactcagggc tagttattcc atggaggcgc tggacccagt tttacgggct    158040
     agggatgaat atatttccaa ccatgagctg gtaaggtagg caggacccag cttcagtttc    158100
     tccatgcgtg aaatgagggt cgcatagtta aaagcacttt ctacaagtgc atacgcaaaa    158160
     aacacaaagg aaagcccacg gacacatttt atttcttttt tccatgtgct cggcctgcgc    158220
     agaatcaaac gtaaggctga tgtcattgga gctcggctcc agcgtagccc acgcaggacg    158280
     gcgccaccgt cacgggtgat ctcggccagg gaatcccggc gcgggtggaa acccgtgacg    158340
     cccacacagg tcttccggct ccaggagcag tgggcgtggc cgccagcctg ggcgtggcct    158400
     cgtcctctac aaatggcaaa tccagtgtgc tgctcccgga gtgcctgcct gcatgccctg    158460
     agtgcgtgca agcaactgtg acttcatggc atgcggggga tgatccagct tgatatgcat    158520
     gtgtgagatc agggtctgtg cacccgcagg ctgtgcgcgg actgagggac ctgaatctcg    158580
     ggctgcagtt cagtggatac taatccctga gtgcctttgg tagtgtcact acatatactg    158640
     agcctggtgc gtgcctgtca ccccagcaca aggataatga aggcgggagg gttaggagtt    158700
     caaggtcatc ctaggctata cagtgagttt gaggccagcc tggggcccca aagtatcctc    158760
     tttcctgact ggacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacgcct    158820
     cgcacacaca ccctgcaggt gcctcagtcc tgtgggcacg gggccgccgt gatgactggt    158880
     gggctgtggg cggactgtgg cgggctatgg gcggggccgc agtggtgact ggcgggctgg    158940
     gctgtcctgt ctccccacca gtctgggatc taattaccga cagggtgaga caggctggct    159000
     ggaaagatga acacatccta gtgtgtctgc agcctgtctg ggtctcccta gcccttcagg    159060
     gtcagttcca ggggctgttg gggagaagag agcctgggtg gggtctggga tggccttggt    159120
     gtggtcactt gggtttctat gtgggtcctg gacggtgggg gatggctgag tgagtgatct    159180
     gcgctcctgt ccactgtgtg tgtgtccctg gcagacagat gcatggagca tgctgctgat    159240
     tgatggcaga gagagccaga acagcctcct gcaccacacg ttagttctct gtcgcccaca    159300
     agcatgctgt gtgtggcact gtgcatgttt cccaaaagaa aggaaattta aaacaatttt    159360
     aaggtaaagg aagaaagaaa gaaaaggtat tcttttatct gtaaggatgg actgcacaga    159420
     gccaaccctc cttcaatccc cactctctgg attgcagctc ctcaccccct tccacatctg    159480
     ccctcaagtc ctcactgcct acatcccagc agggttccca gaagttggga cagagatgtc    159540
     ctcccttctc tgggccttag tgtctccact gtggaaggag aggaggcttc tgagggtacc    159600
     tagatgtcag ttccccagga cactgcccct ccccagttct gagccccact catgtccatt    159660
     gttttgaagt tttttggaat gttctgcaag caaaggaaat ctaaatcatg aaaatacttg    159720
     cagggaatgt ggggcttacc acactctaaa tgtccttcca taccaggcct gggtgcctgg    159780
     cggccttggg aagaggagac caaggaagag ggaaggggca cccaggaaga gaagcaggat    159840
     tgagcaggga aggtcctgat tcgttaaccc ggttctagtt tctgccagtg agagatagtg    159900
     taggtaggtg cttacgtgct cagactgtcc tttttcttgt ttgtgatgta caagtgcctg    159960
     gtccataatt actgcacatt tacaaactga aatgtctgtg tatttttgca gcggttcatt    160020
     aaacaaatat ttactgagtg ttaataagcc atccagagtt gggtatctgc aagtttctcc    160080
     caaggacaca aatgtctgtg cctgggtagc atgcagtacc ctggggacag ctgttagagg    160140
     catgcatggg agagcatcag tactacggtg cagagcgcag cgaccccacc ctagcagacc    160200
     cctcaagtgt acacgctcag ctccaacctc ggtatctctt gtgcagacct gctcaggctg    160260
     agctggtgcc tcttggatgc ctgcctgcca gccccgccca tccccgagag tgccccaggc    160320
     caggtggggc tgggcaggcc ccggaaacct ctcccagctg ctgtgcccag tttcagggaa    160380
     gccaaggact ggcacactgc ccatggagac tgcctgccct tgcacctgcc tttggcactt    160440
     cctggaagaa cccttaaggc ccaaccccca cccgcagctt agcgtgtcta aagccacctc    160500
     ccaggcctcc ctggccaagt ctccaacagt aagatgcttc cctcagagtc agaacccgtt    160560
     tcatgcaaag cagagcccct gacaacaggg cccagagatg tgaagctgat actggttgtt    160620
     tctatttttc ctcctaagct cgggggcagt tggcccgtgc aaagcacatg catgcttcct    160680
     gagcagccag agtggacaga gacctctcca gttctgtcct ggtgcacaca ctgaggcttt    160740
     tacagatgag aactggttca gacaggccaa tgtgtgaggc tctgctgatg gctgtttagt    160800
     tctgctgtgc ccagcaacca acagagctcc taaatgtgtg tgtctgctct ctcttggggt    160860
     ttgtttatac acatggatgc ctgcaccaca gtaggtgcgg tgtgtagcat gtcagtgtgt    160920
     gcacacaata ggagctgagc gtggcataaa ctgcaggcaa caacgaagct atgcacgggt    160980
     ggccgggcaa gcgtgtacac actgggaaag ggctgcacac acagtaggtc ctgcaatgct    161040
     cagcaggcta catacacagg ctttttcagg aatccaagaa acacagtagg ctctctaagt    161100
     actctgcttc cgatgatttg tcacttcaca cgttttcagg agctgaacac tgcaggctct    161160
     gcaagcattc agggactgca cccagtaggc cttacatttg ctcaggattt gcccagaata    161220
     aattgttgca ctctgcatgc atgttatagg ttgtgcatga acactaggat tgcacaagta    161280
     ggctttgcac cttggatgcc ttaggtacca cacacagtag gttgtgcatg agctcagggg    161340
     ttgcacatgg gtcctgcaca agctgagagg ctgcacatag taggttctgt ccgtggtccg    161400
     cgctcaggag ctgcatacag taggctcctc ggatggcccc agggcaggct aagctgttgg    161460
     ggctggagcg cttggccaga ggctgttcct gagctggctc tctgcccagc ggtgagcgcc    161520
     aagcagccca gggaaggcgc cgttcacaaa gggagggtct gtgcgaacgc cccgcctccc    161580
     gccgccgggg cggacccccc acccccgcgg gccgcagaca cccggcctgg cgggcaccag    161640
     agaaaggctg gcaccgtgct ccggaggggg tcggcggcgt gcgttcaggg cacacccgag    161700
     acgggcccta gagtgggtcg gtgtgacccc aggttgggga gccagaaggg cccaaacgcc    161760
     tgcagagtcg cccactagca ccgtctgtga ctccagcagc cgcctctgtc tccaattatc    161820
     caatttaagg accagggaac ctgggactcc tgcctgctgg ggaggatggg aggggcgcct    161880
     ggggtctggg tcagcgcccc actccacccc cagagtgtct ggcgagaggg tggggtggct    161940
     agaagccata atgagggttc tggaaacaac tagctttttg ctgagcgctc tgcaagccat    162000
     ggagttcacc ttaccaggtg ggagggccct cgcactttcc cttttatggg tggggaaact    162060
     gagtcacagc tggctgggct ccctgggctc aagtaacccg tcagcgtgag acaggagtaa    162120
     cgtcaatcct tggccttcgt cgttttttgc aggggggctg agttctgacc ttccaggcag    162180
     ccttggagcc agcagagaag cacttatggc acgcttgctg tgtacacgaa gacagcgtaa    162240
     acgtcactcc ggcgtccttg tgatctcaaa tttgcccccc ccccccatgt tcgtgcgtgc    162300
     gcagtccagc ctggagcgca cactccactg gagcacacga gggtcttcgg tttctgctgg    162360
     ggaagattct cactccaccc actcccaggg tcctgggaac agcagagtcc agagaggggg    162420
     tggggtggga atcgcgcagg gaaagaatag ggccagcaga gagaggaaac ccccctgtgg    162480
     attctgcaat gtggatctgg ttgcggggag ggggggtcga gtccaagtct tctcggcccc    162540
     tggtggaggg gtggcgttta ggctgtgtgc catgggctgg gcggggggtg ggggggggag    162600
     gctgtgttgg gtttttggag gtgatcctgg gttgctagag tctctaggga gtctgtgtga    162660
     tatgactttg ggcttgggag caagaatcac ccagattggg ggaaccccaa ttcgtccaaa    162720
     tctatctgag ctcatctgct tccttcccct aggccagccc ctagggacgg gttgagcaat    162780
     gaggctcctc tagtggtgcg gtactagggg agaaatggtc tcctttgtgg actgggcaga    162840
     gccagtttga tgtttccaga actgagaggc agggagaaaa gtcagaactg tctggggctt    162900
     ggtgacacac aggcctggga tcccaggatc tacagggagt tccaggcctg tctgaagtca    162960
     ttaaaaattt aaggacagga tgggagagaa agctcagagg gtataggggc ttgcagccaa    163020
     gctcatccta agttcaaact ccaagagcca catgctagag ataaccagtt ccctcaagtt    163080
     gtcctctaaa ctccacgtgt aatacataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa    163140
     ataaaataaa tttcttagga aaaataaaaa gctaaacagt gacagcacaa gtgttccaaa    163200
     ccagcactgg gatctctgag agtgtgagac cagcctggtc tccacagagg agtccagtcc    163260
     agccagagct acaccgtgag accctgtctc agatacaaaa taaggggctg gagactgctc    163320
     cacatggtgg ctcacaacca gggcaccaga acacgcaggg tgcaccagat tctagaccag    163380
     atctagacag gttctgctgg cactgatact cgcacccaga agcccttggc caaggcccgc    163440
     cccctttcta gtgcggcccc tccccttctc agctcctgga cattaaagat ggcatagcca    163500
     accctgttgc ttcttgtgac ctctgtgtta gctgtatgtt cccagaggag caggaaaggc    163560
     ctggcacaca gtcagagcta cataaatgca ggtgacacaa agaatcacgt cacagcaaag    163620
     gagagtttga tgcataggtg actttctgtg tcccagcctc aggacagact gttttgtccc    163680
     tcagggattc acgttagcct gcagcatgtt atgtcctcac caagtcttgt gacaccactc    163740
     agttatggag ccctgacctg tagaggtgac cagtcaccag tcacaggacc ttgggcaggt    163800
     ggctccatct cctccgattg ttaccctaag aagtagggac actaatcatg gtgtctacct    163860
     cctggggatg tcctgaacag tcagtgaatt aaagtagaat aattgaaatg ggctgggggc    163920
     gtggtcagtg gtgagccctg cctagaatcc cccagtggag ggggcgtggt cagggtggag    163980
     accccacaag aagaccccat tttcaggcct tgaatttttc tcgctccatc ccctagcacg    164040
     acccgcactt catatcctca ccccgcaaac catgtgagat gaaatattct cagctatctc    164100
     atatgatttt ccccaacatc tctgcatatt tgatctgccc tgcgcttgcc ccagcctggt    164160
     cccttacggc tcacaggggc ttcactgtct gtgcctggaa agcgaggttc agggagcgag    164220
     ctcctgtgta gtgtccatcc gccaccatgg atctgtaaga aggttgtatt ccacaggata    164280
     caggtctgcg tgaacataca cctgcttgta caagcacgtg ctaacatgga ctgcgtgtgt    164340
     cacagacagc cagctcagag aggttgagca actcggccaa gaggaacagg agtaaaacca    164400
     ggaagtaact cggtgcaggg gctggtgttc ctacaactaa gtgctggggg actgcgtgtg    164460
     catgcgtgcg cgtgcgtgag cgccacgccc atctgcctga agtcctcatc gccaagtttt    164520
     tcctgcttaa cgtccaataa cacacccacg tttcctggca cacgatgatg tccctaaggg    164580
     gatcagcagc ccaggacaag accaaagctc gatgacctgg gacagctatc cttgctgact    164640
     ggatggagtc tcctctcagc cggctagagt tttcccctcc cccacccata attccagact    164700
     gcaagccaag ctctgagctc cagtatcttt ttctgggggg aaaatgaggc tggagtagtt    164760
     ttgagtgtgg aaggaagacg ctgggctggt atggctgagt cagcgaacca ggtattcata    164820
     gcgatttctg ccaggaagac ttcagaactt tggaatggag gacatttatc agagggagaa    164880
     actgagacaa ggcaaaaaag tgttaggtgt cttgtttgtt taaggaggcc gccaggttag    164940
     aaaagggacc gcaggttaca agcccttaag ggaagagcta acatgtacct gcctggggcc    165000
     actgcctgca ggcagagact gggaactcga gagtccacat cttgaccacc agtggcccca    165060
     tctcacccca tcccctcaaa cccacccctg ccaattctct cactccttca ggctccagcc    165120
     tgatcatttt ctcaccctaa tacctctgag cggcccccca aggtgaccct ctcccctgtg    165180
     tctcactcca agactctcca gtctgtatgt agcctaactc ttaatctccc ctcactcgct    165240
     cctccccgcc cccatggcta gtgctctagc aagcccaaca ccccagcttc tctccttccc    165300
     taccccacac cctgcacccc agataccctt cccctcctcc aaaccctaca cccggtctct    165360
     ggggactccc ctccttgggg ctcccccctc gcgtgtgact cccagggcgc ccccggggat    165420
     tttctccacc cacgagggtt ttggtggaaa ggtcgctggt aaactgaggc tagcgaagca    165480
     ggggagccct gggatgggcc gggtagtttc gttttggaga gagatgcagc gggtgccaag    165540
     gcttccaggg tgtttcctac tgttgatttt aagcttgggg aaagaatgaa aaagcatttt    165600
     tttccctttg tgcatccaca gagcccatcc caggaacaag agacctaggg tgcgtcccca    165660
     ggggaggaca gggatcatcc cccacccccc agaggccccc agctgagccg cctcaggcgt    165720
     tctcaccacc tctctggtct ttcaattgag aggtggcagg tcagtagggt ggggacggag    165780
     attgcagtcc tcttcccgac gttctcagac ccgggctcca gcacggtggg taacagtggg    165840
     ggatgggccg ccaggtttcg taataaaccc gcgtcttaat tgctatgaag ctggagttgg    165900
     gtggtggcgc ctacagcaga cggcagcagc gtctagagct gctgagctca gagctcctaa    165960
     caagggttgg tggcccatgg cgcgacacag ggtaggcaga aggggccggt gggagcgggg    166020
     gtaaaataca acgagaacac gaaggcttaa cgagtttatt ggaatgtctc tgtagtagaa    166080
     atttttaaaa atatgcaagc gatctgtctt gctcagcaca atattaaaaa tagatgtgct    166140
     gtagctgcga agtcccgggc tcgagtcccg ggtcccgcgg cgagggtcgt cgccctccgc    166200
     tgacttatgc acagttcact gtcccgcagg gtgggggacg cctcacccca cccctgcggc    166260
     ggtgtccaga ccgtctgcgg ctgcgagcag aggctggctg caggactgcc aggccttggc    166320
     tctaaagtct cagtctcctc ttgcctgagg tgccctcctt ccgacctcgg cgaccacctg    166380
     tggtgctgct cctggctcca cagcccagag ggcgggcggg cgcacgtgcc cctctcctca    166440
     tctcagtctc ggtgactccg cccctcccag aaggtatcac gggtagggta gcctttgagg    166500
     gattgttctg ggggatgagg gggctgtcaa atatgtattt tatttacttt ttttagggga    166560
     cagcaactcg acagttgctt tagatgtttg gagtgggtct cagcgttcct ctagagagat    166620
     ataggggacc cattggttat tgcctctgct ctcttcacag taactggcca cctccaccaa    166680
     gccttggctt ttccaggaat ctgtatgaca gttctgttgg agggagaaaa agaagggttt    166740
     agtgggagtt ctaggagtta ggtagggagc ctctgttcag cgccaggggc cctactgggg    166800
     aaaaacaggc tggctcaaaa tagctgccag ggtgactagg cagcccacgg gacatgccaa    166860
     gcatggctgg gcactgagct ggtgctggac cagccagccc agctatgttg acaaacacgg    166920
     gacccaggtg accaggacgg gtgggtgggg cggggagaga gagagacaga gacgtggggg    166980
     gggggagggc tcaccgtgac caggaggcag tgcaggtctc gggcttcggt tgtgcccaat    167040
     gtctccgccg gctcccccag gagctgcgcc agcctctgca tgcctgatac ccggacgatg    167100
     tcaatgtcat tgtcgcagca gaacgactgg atcagggtga agtgaatctg cagagcgata    167160
     tcatcctcct cttcttcgtc tatggccagg aggcacaaga ccacgctgtc ggggtccctg    167220
     caggagagaa ggagtgtcag ggggtcgtca gaccaggagc gggtgtcacc gtgcacgggg    167280
     tgggataggg ggatatgagc tccaggaacc gcaggcggga agggtggaca agacccatcg    167340
     tgcatcagga gtgtatataa gaacagcccc ccagccgcag tactgcacgg gtgctggggt    167400
     ggccgactat gcaaatactg atggcggtgg gggaggaagc acatagtcca aagttactgg    167460
     ggttgccttg tcaaaacaaa aaacacaaaa cctcaaactt gcgaagtcag ggttctgcag    167520
     cgactctctt tcctcctccc caaaaaaaat tctctgagaa atgtcgccct ccactcccca    167580
     aaaccgagag cgctgggaaa gtcccccaaa gccccgagcc ctatagggat gttggagcgc    167640
     gcgtgcatca gaggggcgcc cccacccacg cccgagaaag gggggtgctg actcacacat    167700
     tcatcagttt ggccgcctcg tacaccccca cggtgaggcg atcctgacgc tgcgcggcca    167760
     ccagcagctg ctccaccgcg gcagtcaccg cctgcatcct aaaaggccaa atggggagat    167820
     tagccgatga cagccccgca gacctcaggc ggcgggcgag aagacctcag cctctgttgt    167880
     actcacttct gaaccgcgtt gtcgctcgcc accagctctt ccagggtcat gatgcagtca    167940
     cactccacag cggaccccca cggaagatcc ccaagagcaa agtacaagtc cagatacgaa    168000
     cccaagaggc aaaaaaacct tcccgtgcga ccagaagtgt cggaggcctt ccggaggcgg    168060
     tgggacttcc cttcccaaga aaaaagtagg ggtaaaaaga agattgcaaa atccccctcg    168120
     aaattaatcc aagaagacag agatgaacgc agacccaggg ttgctgcgga gtgagcgcgc    168180
     gggcgctgcg agcggtttat atgacttccc gggtggaggc gtggccactg gaggcatgcg    168240
     ctttccaccc attggtagat gcacaaaggg ccgagtatcc cgcgctgaga ttggctggag    168300
     atggaaaggg cggagctcgg agctccggcg gccccacgtg ggggtcaggg ctgggaggag    168360
     cgtgaacgcc agcagcggcg acagctagaa aagccagaga gctctagaga gagagctcta    168420
     gagagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccac agaagtttct ctcctgattt    168480
     cccggcagcc gcgctacgca ggccgcgcgc ggggtttcca gcgcgagagg ctggcctgaa    168540
     ctttcgggga gggctgtctg gaatcccctc gctgtccccg gagagtccct agcctttccc    168600
     aagctctgaa agaagggatg tgcatgcgcc aggaggctta ctaagtgttc tgccggcctt    168660
     gtagagttgg agagtgttta aataacgtct agggtataca gtaaacgttt ggtaagtttg    168720
     aggacggtgg gatcctctcc ccaaagtgag aactaccaag gcaccctagc atcgccagca    168780
     cgaaggtgct ttgagaacgc tcagccctct aaggccaggg tcgcgggagg agaggcacac    168840
     aggaagcttc ctagtggtcg tggtaggtgg cttggcggtg ccccaggggt cctggctgca    168900
     gagcactaag ggatcgcagg gggagagatc cggaaccctt tctccctcct cccggcaccc    168960
     cgagaatttc acgtgtgcac gggaggcgca ggtgaagagc cctccagacg ctctgcggag    169020
     tgaccctgcc ccctgccggc tgcctcaccg tctatcctca gatcgattcg ccacacttaa    169080
     cccctgaggg ggaagccaag tggcaaaacc cgaagggtac tgacccgggg agaggtgact    169140
     gaaaggcagc cgctcttatg tccctggcat ttttgtagtg cgtagcatga agcacaagcc    169200
     ccttcttcca cgcgtgtcat ttatctttcc aagatttgtc aggcaaagga attgatatct    169260
     gcattatgca aaatggaaac tgaggcttcc aagggcgttc caagccacag cttgagggct    169320
     ggtagtcgac agcaaggaca cgagcgaggc agatagaccc gcgtgggatt ctcccacggt    169380
     gcacgggggc tcccggtgaa tcaccctgag tcgcctcctc cgccagcctg ggtcctggcc    169440
     tcggccgcgc ggctcggttc cccggatccc cggatccccc gatcccgggt ctggtgacgc    169500
     atcctgcttc ctccgcgcca cccacccagc atgcgaaatg tccctggcgt gagaggcgcg    169560
     gcggcgacac ctggtggcct catgaggtct ctgctcacgc agcttccgga aagggagggg    169620
     gagagaacac ttggaatgat tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacagat ttctctgtat    169680
     agccctgact gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact caagagatcc    169740
     gcctgcctct gcctccctag tgcttgctgg gattaaaggc gtgggccacc actgcccagc    169800
     gatttttttt ttattaattt ttttttcgat gctggtgatg aatccaggac ttcgtgatgc    169860
     ctagcaagct catcaccaat atctacatac cgctatagcc caacctggaa taatctatac    169920
     atacagtatt ttaaatatca aacatgaagg gcaagacatc ctccacagga tggagggttc    169980
     gagctgactc ctgcgaattg tcttctgatc tccgtaccta ctccaaagtg tactgtgtcc    170040
     tcacacacaa ataagtaaac tttactagat gtgtatttta atagtctaaa ttggctgctg    170100
     gactgtagca atggttcaat ggcagagcac gtactgagca tgtgtgaggc gctgttttcc    170160
     acccctgtac cacacgaacc ctatggtggt acacatttgt catcccagcc ctaggaagga    170220
     agagaccgga agatc                                                     170235