ID   AC151293; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 196596 BP.
AC   AC151293; AC107649;
DT   27-AUG-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   25-NOV-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-128F3 from chromosome 17, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-196596
RA   Lin L., Kozlowicz A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-128F3";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-196596
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-AUG-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-196596
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-NOV-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 7386b847a55ee1bd9024d32a1b336e7e.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456179.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024070; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024084; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0024048; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0024049; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0024005; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0024006; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023974; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023975; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0024007; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0024008; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023771; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023772; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0024451; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0024452; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0023251; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0023252; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023745; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023746; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023874; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023875; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023840; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023841; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023957; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023958; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023868; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023869; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024496; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024497; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022997; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022998; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0023318; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0023319; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000118768; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000118991; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000119284; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0048634; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0048642; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0048611; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0048619; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0048572; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0048580; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0048572; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0048580; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0048318; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0048326; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0049066; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0049074; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0048389; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0048398; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0048241; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0048249; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0048345; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0048353; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0048312; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0048320; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0048458; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0048466; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0048317; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0048325; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0049162; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0049170; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0047981; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0047989; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0047621; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0047629; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0R4J0G6.
DR   GOA; D3YU02.
DR   GOA; D3Z6I0.
DR   InterPro; IPR000719; Prot_kinase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001849; PH_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR002219; PE/DAG-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR007484; Peptidase_M28.
DR   InterPro; IPR008271; Ser/Thr_kinase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011993; PH-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR015727; Protein_Kinase_C_mu-related.
DR   InterPro; IPR017441; Protein_kinase_ATP_BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR020454; DAG/PE-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR037457; M28_QC_like.
DR   MGI; MGI:1917786; Qpct.
DR   MGI; MGI:1922542; Prkd3.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0R4J0G6; A0A0R4J0G6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3YU02; D3YU02_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z6I0; D3Z6I0_MOUSE.
CC   On or before Nov 24, 2005 this sequence version replaced
CC   gi:45752988, gi:51511052.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0128F03
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..196596
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-128F3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          51213..52789
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
SQ   Sequence 196596 BP; 58835 A; 39270 C; 41329 G; 57162 T; 0 other;
     gaattccaga ctctgtcttg caaatacctt taagacagac cgcacactcc taatccccaa        60
     acctaagcac actaagtgtt ccaaaagtgc gggcttatcc ttacttgctt ttctcccttg       120
     tttccatgaa gcagagtcag gcaggtgagt ttgctctgct taattctcct ggctgcctcg       180
     gttgtctgca ccttcctgga agctggcacc tgcaagctgc ctcccttgtg gaactcaagc       240
     tcatctcaag tgagaagccc ccccccccac tacatcatct accccatctt gatacactgt       300
     gattttttta ctcctggaac atgtcctgaa acacaaccat atacttggat aaatacctgt       360
     attcacattc aacatgtatt tgcctaccag agagccagaa atctttgtcc agtaaagagt       420
     aggcatccag gtagcccaac tgtggctcat ctgtcttcat cacacaggct ctcatcactg       480
     ttcccctctc ctctcaaaca ctgatgtgtt gcctaagaga gatacaactg ggtaagacca       540
     tctggatctc actttcttat aggtactcca gcttaccagt gacttggggt agctcccata       600
     gagcatgggc agatcacaag tagaaaaaaa aacaagatct ctccttagga ctctctcccc       660
     agcaaatgct cccactctgt aaatgttcct ttggtttgga gtctattctt tctattgggt       720
     aggtgtaggt agtagaaagc tcccaggaca ggacaaggtt ggctgtctca ggggacttta       780
     tagacttaag actaataatt tttaaatttt attatctttt tttccacctt aagggttgaa       840
     tcaaaatacc ttctaaaatt ccattttttt ggggtgtttc attttttaat tcattctttg       900
     aggatttcct acatgtacac aatatatttt gattatatta aatcccctac ttccttcctc       960
     caactcttct cagagcccta ccccactgag ttcacttcca aactttgtgt tatcttttca      1020
     tagaccaatg aatccaactg gtttgtgtgt gcatggatat aggtccatcc acaagagcat      1080
     gggcaactta ccaggggccc tgcttttctg gaaaaaaaaa tattctctat cacggtggcc      1140
     ttcaactgcc aaagctcctc atctagaagt aagggtccct aggctgaaat aaaattttat      1200
     ttttaggggt agaaaatacc cagttctggt tactaagttg agccagtttc attgctaagt      1260
     cttagagcat gcatcctgcc ctccaagcat aagcctcggt cactcaggta cctaccatct      1320
     cccttctata ctcgagtcac actatgatag tctgcaactg cctctatcca ggtgactggg      1380
     aaggtctgga gcttactcaa gccctctcta tctctcctgg agtcggccat agggacctgg      1440
     ctagcagcct aaggatatag gttctctttt gtttcagcca cactagggcc acctggtcta      1500
     tcttccctct ttccaggatt acccaggatc agacattcct cattttccat ctctcatccc      1560
     catttagttt ataaaaatct ttattcagtt ggtgaaaggg atagaaagta gagaagactt      1620
     agtaaaaact atctggtaga acacattttc ccaaatcttt aattcagttc taaagtcttc      1680
     aacatttgaa aagtgaaaga caataaataa aagtcaataa atgtcatcca ggaatggagt      1740
     acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacataa ttcatacata      1800
     tacatatgta catacataca tacatacatt catacataca catctgtact acatatatac      1860
     atacatgaat acatatatgc acacacacac acacacacac acacagagga tcataagttt      1920
     cagtgagcat tgaaatggtc ctaatgcttt caggctgagg acttggacag atgcttgact      1980
     aaaaagaaag aggttggcag agtgttatag ccatcttaac tccttctaaa tatcagttaa      2040
     aagttatttt tgtagctata tagatagcac agcccataaa aaacaagtta gcaaggcata      2100
     caataccttt ttaatctacc ccagcccctt ccaatccagc tttacctcct tctaaatctt      2160
     ccaccaccca ccgctgtcca tcatcatcaa caacaacaac ccacataact cacctcaaaa      2220
     ggattaagag ggatgatatt ctgaagccaa atatgagtga ctgtgatcag agaagtgggc      2280
     tagactaatt tccatgttcc aatgggaaac agttccatta agattctata ataaatagaa      2340
     taaagaaagt catggatcaa acatcttaaa acgcattggt ggaaacattg ggtaggtaag      2400
     ttaaaaacaa aactcaagat ctctgctatc agcttctaat gacactttta gccttttgga      2460
     tagtgggtct agctatctgt tcacatattc caaaggattt atcatgtggt ctcagaggct      2520
     ttagctctca tacagaggtc aataaatgag tttgaagagc tctgaagatg gcccaagatc      2580
     tgactttgga cttgtaacat tccgaactct ctataatctt tggaagtttt aaccaattaa      2640
     ttggccttca ttggaaggtg cagcttcctt tcaaaataat agttacttcc attcatacta      2700
     tcaactcaag taccagaagc atgggagtga gcgatgtgcc atccatgtct atgtatgcca      2760
     acacatttct gcatcacctg tgaagccagt tgcttcattt ctaccctttg ttctgtcttc      2820
     agcccagcat gaataacacc ttttttgtat ctcctaggtt cccatagaca gtactagtaa      2880
     cctactctgc tttccctact tgaaagtaga ctctgcaaga aggaagccag tgtctgatcc      2940
     ctcttctccc aggagtctag cagctacact tgaagactgg gtaacatttt cataagcttt      3000
     aatctaaaga ttagccaggt cttacggata cactctcagc agctttgtga tctaatctct      3060
     catccgtatt gatagttatc aaggacttga ctaattcact atcctgtgat gcaatgaaga      3120
     taggggaaat tcaacaatat taacttctta attcaggtca ctgaattaaa agtttaagat      3180
     gtctgcaaga cagaagtacc ctatcagact tacatacctg tctcattcat ttttacatgt      3240
     gtaaccttca aatcaattat ataaactgaa aaacatacaa atctaaatgg aattttactg      3300
     gtttttaaaa aaacactatt aaagtaaatg aatggatctt tgtttcctca gaaactaggt      3360
     cagttggcca ctaacacata gaaagtggaa aaaaagaggc agaagtcaaa actggctcag      3420
     accactcctg agtcacttgc ctctggcaat gctctgtaca tgtgtgccaa agtgccactg      3480
     tcctcatgag gaggaagcag ctgtaccttc tcctgccaga tggccagggc aaagtccaaa      3540
     ctaagaaagc atccatgact tagggcacgc atcccggtgc cctgactgga gtctagagga      3600
     cattcatgag aaaggacacc tggtaggtaa taattgccag ctggaatctt ttatttctct      3660
     tttaatattg acctagtacc agtgtgcctg gtcccaaacc cacagtagga tattgtgccc      3720
     tcctgcttga cagcaaatgc attcaaacca cacctacact ttaaaaagtg aaataaaagg      3780
     tttttcttaa atttatactc ccatcaagtt gtttttactt tcctttacta ccagatttta      3840
     aaactttttt tgctctgtct ctgaataaat taaagctaag gttcacttaa gtcattatcc      3900
     cagggatggc atttacaaaa gttaacaact gaaatatcat taacccagat ggaatatgca      3960
     cggcccggag tggcagcatc caggcagagg cagtgaggct gtgcacgggg ctccagtgaa      4020
     catcggtccc tcgccagctc tccagggttg atcagtgagg catccagtct aagcccagga      4080
     catgagtcag agcttcctgt ttccctgttg ccttacagtt cttgccccaa gtcttcaacc      4140
     ccttgttctg gcttagaaaa cctaagacaa gtcatcctta cccccatgct cctggcttcc      4200
     gctgaaatcc aggctccacc tctcccctaa gaaatctcag accactcaac tacagggagc      4260
     tgttgaagca tatgttctaa aaagatacat tgaagacctg acccatggac ttccaaatgt      4320
     agctctgtca gtaggacagt cgcatgtaac ataatgatga ggctatactg taatagaaat      4380
     aattctaata gaaatggttc cttctaagaa aagagaaact ggggtacaca cataatatgg      4440
     ttccagaaca gaagcaggga ctagtgcaca gctctaagac ccagaaagca tgggctgcca      4500
     gagcagcgag aggaaagaga aggcctccaa ctctttagca ttcagaggaa acaaggctct      4560
     gcccaacctt atagttgaga ctttcagcct ccaggcctgc aaatgaacag aattcatttg      4620
     gatatctcag ttaatttgca aaacccttta caattgaata agaaaagcaa ggcctctctt      4680
     ctttctttca caactagctt cctccagctt ctaatggtcc tttgttttgc cctcacagaa      4740
     tctcagactc tcaacctaaa acacacctct tttgtatttt gagatgcaag ttagaccttg      4800
     ggatgggtgt aatgagaaac attcccaagg catttgaaca catggtcccc agttggtggt      4860
     actcttcagg gaggcagagc cttactgaag gaagtccagg catgtcacta gacatggctt      4920
     ggggagctta cagcctcacc ccgtcttcct gttcactctg tcttctacat gtgggtgaaa      4980
     atgttgaagc taatttccct ggtccatctg cctgctgcca tgcctccact gacctgattg      5040
     gtccccttcc tgaatcatat gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactct tcctcccata      5100
     attcactttt gactatgttt catcacagca acaaaaagta actggtacag agctaaaagg      5160
     gaaagcctgg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg tttaattaca atgtaacaca tttgacagcc      5220
     ccatgtgatc ctcttagaaa tgcattgcac cattctttag aatactttac ttgagggaac      5280
     aagtcataac aagccaaatg ctgtaattct tctgtagaca ttcaacacta atgtttctgg      5340
     agacatttag ctttctctga cttttgtaca tatttcattc agctatgcaa ctgcatcatt      5400
     tagatgtatc ctagacataa ttttataaaa ttaaaaaaat tttttatcta gtggatgtat      5460
     gtgagtgggt gggtaaaagt ggtatgtaat ctatagataa ttactactaa aggttagttt      5520
     gtacacttat tcacagcatg agaggtctga aagtttaatc tgcacatata acctattcca      5580
     gtgatctcgt tattcccacc aggtgacaat aagaccacta ccacaattga tgagccaaat      5640
     ttgaagcaag cttcgttaag tactgcccag gatgatggac agttggccag gttcataccc      5700
     aggattccca gagaattatc acaaattaca gtctggtgct tataaaggca aaacccacaa      5760
     ggctatgtac ttcccacttt cgtccaacca ggggcaagca cacatcctga catacttcct      5820
     gcctacatac tacatgcatg atctgtaaga ctctagtaag cctttgctta cggggacccc      5880
     ataattgaac aacacggaac cgttgcaaaa agcaagagaa atttattgtt ccaacacatt      5940
     gggattgccc tgcgcatgga gaaagagaat gaccagctcg tctgggaagc ctttctacag      6000
     ttctcaaggc agcagccatt aggcacaatg tgattggcag aacagcgtga cttttaagct      6060
     gattggtgtt tagggaatga ggtaggtcag gaaatgtggc tgcgagttcc gttccgggcc      6120
     tcccctaccc tcctgggtcc ctcctccctg tggtctgagg aatgtaatga gcccctccgt      6180
     tccccaaccc tcctcagtcc ctcctccctg aggtctgagg aatgtaatta gcccctccct      6240
     tctggagggg aggagggctg cctatgttct ttatgacctt tctcttccag gaggggatgg      6300
     gtccagcgga attttctaaa gttcctgagc tgacatcttc agatcaagca cgtcctgcgc      6360
     acttggatca gctaaccttg tttatggaag tgaaaacaca aggcttgtta tcttacatgg      6420
     gcaacagtct tcagcattcc cggaagttat ctacccttgg gtaaaagagc ctttaggcat      6480
     ttttgttttt atacatctct taagtacaat acctaaaact taaaatataa ctttagccct      6540
     cacaatctct aggttaattt atttgctctt gtatcagcaa aaaaaggtgc atgttttcat      6600
     aacatgtaat tataaaatat atgcatgtct attaaacatt aaagtatact aagcttagaa      6660
     ttttaatgaa tgaaactgaa actaaaagtg aataataact cttttatttt cacaagaatc      6720
     attttgaaaa tctcacttta ggttccatta gcatatgtga tattgaatgt tgataaagaa      6780
     taaaatattg agttacttca gcagttagcc agaatacttg gaagtattca aaagctataa      6840
     tagtatataa taccatgtat ataacccatg aaagtagaag caaaaccata tgggggacta      6900
     aagggcaggg aggaagaaga aagtggacat gtatggtgga atactctcaa aatacataat      6960
     agacttgtat gtacatgtcc tatataaccc aataccatgt gcattgaata tgcactaggg      7020
     acaacatatg caattaaaga taaatagctt ttttgttgtt gattcttttt ttattagata      7080
     tattctttat ctacatttca aatgctatcc cgaaagttcc ctataccctc ccctcaccct      7140
     gctcccctac ccacccactc ccacttcttg gccctggcag tcccctgtac tggggcatat      7200
     aaagtttgca agaccaaggg gcctctcttc ccagtgatgg ccgactaggc catcttctgc      7260
     tatatatgca gctagagata tgagctctgg gggtactggt tagttcatat tgttgttcca      7320
     ctatagggtt gcagacccct tcagctcctt gggtgctttc tctagcatct ccattggggg      7380
     ccctttgttc caccctatag atgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtatttga caggcactgg      7440
     cagagcctca tatgagacag ctatatcaga gtcccttcag caaaatcttg ttggcatatg      7500
     aaatagtgtc tgggtttggt ggctgattat gggatggatc cccgggtgga gcagtctctg      7560
     gatggtccat ccttgcatct tagctccaaa ctttgtctct gtgggtattt tgttccctat      7620
     tctaaggaaa aatgaagtat ctacatgttg gtcttctctc ttcttgattt tcttgtattt      7680
     tgcaaattgt atcttgggta ttctaagttt ctgggctaat atcccctcat cagtgagtgc      7740
     atatcaagtg acttcttttg tgattgggtt acctcactaa ggatgatatc ctccagatac      7800
     atctatttgc ccaagaattt cataaattca ttgtttttaa tagctgagta gtactccatt      7860
     gtgtaaatgt accacatttt ctgtatccat tcctctgttg aaggacatat gggttctctt      7920
     cagcttctgg ctattataaa taaggctgct atgagcatag tggagcgtgt gttcttatta      7980
     ccagttggaa cttctgggta tatgcccagg agaagtattg tgggatcttc tggtagtact      8040
     atgtccaatt ttctgaggaa ccaccaaact gacttccaga gtggttgtac aagcttgcaa      8100
     tcccaccagc aatggaagag tgttactctt tctccacatc ctcaccagca tctggtgtca      8160
     cctgagtgtt ttatcttaac cattctgact ggtgtgaggt ggaatctcag ggttgttttg      8220
     atttgcatta ccctgatgat taacgaggtt gaacattttt tcaggtgctt ctcagccatt      8280
     tgctattcct cagttgagaa ttaattgttt agctctctac cccactttta atggggttat      8340
     ttgaatttct ggagtttagc ttcttgagct ctttgtatat attgaatatt agtcccccta      8400
     tcaaatttag gattggtgaa aatcctttcg caatctgttg gtggcctttt tgtcttattg      8460
     acagtgtctt ttgccttaca gaagctttgt aattttatga ggtcccattt gtcaattctt      8520
     gatcttacag cacaagccat tgctgttcta ttcaggaatt tttcccctgt gcccatatgt      8580
     ttgaggcttt cccccacttt ctcctctatt aatttcagtg tctctggttt tatgtggagg      8640
     tctttgatcc acttagactt aagctttgta caaggagata agaatggatc aattcccatt      8700
     cttctacatg ataactgcca gttgtgccag tcccacttgt tgaaaatgct gtcttttttt      8760
     tcactggatg gttttagctc ccttgtcaaa gatcaagtga ccataggtgt gtggattcat      8820
     ttctgggtct tcagttgtat tccattgatc tatctgtctg cagtttttat cacaattgct      8880
     ctgtagtaca gcttaatgtc aggcatggtg attccaccag aggttctttt attgttgaga      8940
     atagtttttc ctatcctagg ttttttttat tattccagat gaatttgcaa attgctcttt      9000
     ctaactcagt ggagaattga gttggaattt tgatggggat tgcattggat ctgtagattg      9060
     ctttcggaag gatagccatt tttagtatat taatcctgcc aatccatgag catgggagat      9120
     ctttccatct tctgagatct tcaatttctt tcttcagaga cttgaagttt ttatcataca      9180
     gatctttcac ttccttagtt agagtcacac caaggtattt tatattattt atgactattg      9240
     tgaaggatgt tgtttcccta attgctttct cagtccgttt atcctttgtg tagagaaagg      9300
     ccattgattt gtttgagtta attttatatc cagctactgc actcaagctg tttatcaggt      9360
     ttaggaattc tctggtggaa tttttagggt cacatatata cgatcatatc atctgcaaat      9420
     agtgatattt tgcttctttc tttccaattt gtgtcccctt gatctccctt tgttgtcaaa      9480
     ttgctctggc taggacttca agtcctatat tcaataggta gggagaaaat gggcagcctt      9540
     gtctagtccc tgattttagt gggattgctt ccagtttctc tccatttact ttgatattgg      9600
     ctactggttt actgtatatt gtttttctta tgtttaggta tcagccttga attcctgatc      9660
     tttctaagac ttttatcgtg aatgggtgtt ggatcttgtc aaatgctttc tcagcatcta      9720
     acgagatgat catgtggttt ttgtctttga gtttgtttat ataacggatt acgttgatgg      9780
     atttccatat attaaatcat ccctgcatcc ctggaataaa acctacttgg tcaggatgga      9840
     tgattgcttt aatgtgttct tggatttggt tagcgagaac tttattgaga atttttgcat      9900
     cgatattcat aagggaaatt ggtctgaagt tctctttctt tgttggatct ttgtttggtt      9960
     taggtatcag agtaattgtg gcttcataga atgaattggg tagagtatct tctgtttcta     10020
     ttttgtggaa tattttgtgg agagttggaa ttaggtcttc tttgaaggtc tgatagaact     10080
     ctgcactaaa cccatctggt cctgggcttt ttttggttgg gagactattg atgactgctt     10140
     ctatttcttt aagggaaatg ggactgttta gatcattaat ctgatcctga tttaactttg     10200
     gtacctggta tctgtctagg aagttgtcca tttcatccag gttctatagc cttttctagt     10260
     aggacctgat gatgttttag atttcctcag gttctgttgt tatgtctcct tttccatttt     10320
     tgattttgtt aattaggata ctgtccctgt gacctcaagt tagtttggct aagggtttat     10380
     ctatcttgtt gattttctga aagaaccagc tcctggtttg gttgattctt tgaatagttc     10440
     tttttgtttc cacttggttg atttcagccc tgagtttgat tatttcctgc catctactcc     10500
     tcttgggtga atttgcttcc tttcgttcta gagcttctag gtgtgctgtc agactgctag     10560
     tgtatcctct ctctaatttc tttttggaca cactcagggc tatgagtttt cctcttagga     10620
     ctgcttttat tgtgtcccag aagtttgggt atgttgtggc ttcattttca ttaaactcta     10680
     aaaagtcttt aattttgctt ttattgtgtc ccagaagttt gggtatgttt tggcttcatt     10740
     ttcattaaac tctaaagtct ttaatttctt tctttatttc ttcctttacc aaggtatcat     10800
     tgagtagaat gttgttcagt ttccacgtga atgttgcctt tctattattt atgttgttat     10860
     tgaagatcag ccttagtccg tggtgatctg aaaggatgca tgggataatt tcaatatttt     10920
     tgtatctgat aaggcctgtc tgtgaccgat tatatggtca attttggagg aggtaccatg     10980
     aggtgctgag aagaaggtat atccttttgt tttaggataa aatgttctgt agatatctgt     11040
     aaatatttac agaatctgta gattctgtaa ataaaaatgt tctgtagata tctttcataa     11100
     cttctgttag tgtccatgtg cctctgtttc gtttgtttcc aggatctgtc cattggtgag     11160
     agtggggtgt tgaagtctcc cactattatt gtgtaaggtg caatgtgttt tactacagtt     11220
     tctttaatga atgtggctgc ccttgcattt ggagcttaga tatttagaat tgagggttca     11280
     tcttggtaga ttttaccttt gatgtgtatt aagtgcccct ccttgtcttt tttgataact     11340
     ttgggttgga agtcagtttt attcgatgtt agaatggcta ctccagtttg tttcttcaga     11400
     ccattagctt ggaaaattgt tttccagcct ttcatctgag gtagtttcta tttttttccc     11460
     ctgatgtggg ttttctgtaa gcagcaaaat gttgggtcct attgtgtagc caatctatta     11520
     gtctatgtct ttttattagg gaattgagtc aattgatgtt aagagaaatt ttaaaaaaat     11580
     aattgttact tcctgttatt tttgttgtta aagttgggat tttgttcttg cagctgtctt     11640
     cttttaggct tgttgaaggg ttactttctt gctttttcta gggtgtagtt tccatccttg     11700
     gtgttttccc tttattatcc tttgaagggc taggttcatg gaaagatatt gtgtgaattt     11760
     ggttttatca tggaatactt tggtttctcc atttatgata attgagagtt ttgctgggta     11820
     tagtagcctg ggctggcatt tgtgttctct tagtgtctgt ataacatctg tccaggatct     11880
     tctggctttc atagtctctg ataagaagtc tggtgtaatt ctcataggcc tgcctttata     11940
     tgttacttga cctttttccc ttactgcttt taatattcta tctttattta gtgcatttgt     12000
     tgttctgatt attatgtgtc tggaggaatt tcttttctgg tccagtctat tgtagttctg     12060
     taggcttctt gtatgttcac gggcatctct ttctttaggt ttggaaagtt ttcttctata     12120
     attttgttga agatatttgc tggcccttta agttgaaaat cttcattctc atctactcct     12180
     attatccata agtttggtct tctcattgtt tccaggtttt cctggatgtt ttgagtcagg     12240
     atctttttgc attttgcatt ttctttgatt gttgtgccca tattctctat ggaatcttct     12300
     gcacctgaga ttctctctcc catctcttgt attctgttcc tagggtttct atctccagag     12360
     ttgtgtcact ttgggttttc tttattgttt ctactaccct ttttaggtct tgaatggttt     12420
     tattcaattc catcacctgt ttggttgtgt tttcctgtag ctctttaagg gatttttgtg     12480
     tttcctcttt aagggtttct acctctttgg cactgttctc ctgtatttct ttaagtgagt     12540
     tattaatgcc cttcttgatg tcctctacca gcatcatgag atatgatttt aaatatgagt     12600
     cttgcttttc gggtgtgttg gggtatccag gactggctga ggtgggagtg ttgggttctg     12660
     atgatggtaa gtggtctttg tttctgtaag taagattcta tgtttgcctt ttgccatctg     12720
     gtaatctctg gcgttagttg ttatagttgt ctctggttgg agcttgttcc tcctgtgatt     12780
     ctgttagcct ctgtccacag acctgggagt ccagctctct cctgagtctc agtggtcaga     12840
     gtactctctg caggcaagct ctcctcttgc agggaaggtg cacagaggtc tggtgttcag     12900
     acctgcctcc tggctgaaga tgaagacccg aaacagagcc tgttccagaa gatgtgtcac     12960
     ttctgcagtc cacactctca cctacacaga tttgtctctg agggacccag gactcaagat     13020
     ggttccctca cctgtacagg cagccggagc cctataaata gctttttaaa gaaatgttat     13080
     agaactagct atagggaatg ctctcaggcc cttcaggccc taggccttgg actcttctct     13140
     cactagtaca aacactctcc tgccaccatc tcttgtgtta catatctcca aactacagaa     13200
     atgaacaaaa tagagatttt accatgtcag ttccaaaaga acctcaactc gctaactgtg     13260
     gtgcctctta gcacaccaag gcacatgctg gtctccgggc tttctcatca ggctctctca     13320
     gtatcacaga tacctatgac agaatttgtg ctatcatcct ggctcttctc acccttgcct     13380
     gcaccctaaa tttctccagc acatggactt cccttcccat agcttctcat ttctatataa     13440
     ctccgccagt tcagccacat cctttctttg tgtcttggtc tttctctttc attctccctg     13500
     tctctttcct catggtccaa ttctgtctaa tggccatgtt caatgtacta ttttctctgc     13560
     ctactctggg ctctttcaga tgccttcaga tgtaccttct ctcatatcta caataaaaac     13620
     cttctgctca accatatctt ggagtggtca tatcctcact ttatacaacc aacagaccat     13680
     agtttcaatg acagatatgt agaacaccat caaattttaa atttcaaaac tatatggaat     13740
     ttcaacgaat agaaatagta ggaaaatagg taaagattag agaaaataca gtataagagg     13800
     taaggttata gtcttagcct accttgagac aagagagatg attcaagaat gttgagtcat     13860
     ttcttaatat ccatacacaa acagaacact ttcataattt gacatatgtc atacatacct     13920
     atgcaaattt cataaggtca ttaatagtct acatacatac agtaggttta ggtcatttct     13980
     tagcttacgc acacaactaa tgggctcata tgtttaggat atgccatata agcattatgt     14040
     aaatatctct gtgtctaact ttctgcattt actatgtttc ttttccagat attagtaaga     14100
     cctttgatta gagactttga tgatgacagt ttacacacta ggattatagg cctctattgc     14160
     agctctcgtt tgctaagtgt ttgataagca ccttgcagac attatctcac ccgggttccc     14220
     aggcttgtgc atccttactc atgaacagta attataacaa ctacccccac gaaatggtta     14280
     ttaccaccaa tcggctcatc caggatcatg caagaattgc gtgccagaga caagacaatc     14340
     aaactgctat ggacttcacc actcctgtac catcaggaac aaagacctcc tcactccact     14400
     tgaaatcaaa aatgacattc aattgccttt tcaacaactc tagtcatttc tttcagtctt     14460
     cttccatctt ggcacatcag ataggaagaa aaggtgctga gcaatgatct actctgttct     14520
     tattcttttt ctcttaacat ctttaactgt tctttattgg gactgaaaag acccaataaa     14580
     tcacactgat tctcctagca gaattcagaa tgtattgaga gagacaaagc agcaaagcag     14640
     atggggtata tattagcaca tggggcatgt gttagcacat ggggtatatg ttagcacatg     14700
     gagtatatgt tagcacatgg ggtacatgtt agcacatggg gtatatgtta gtacatgggt     14760
     atatgcacat ggggtatata ttagcacttc cattcttatt aaggctgtgg tgattgaaga     14820
     atgagagtgt ggcttccaga agcctgtagg acctaagggt ctgttaggga aattactccc     14880
     aacaccactc ttcatctagg gatgaaaatt gatacctact ctggttttca gaaatgagtc     14940
     ctttcacatt attccaaata ttaatgattc tgcaaatatt aaaaaaatac aataaaatat     15000
     taataatagg ctagctatca tttatatgaa cttaagtcta tgcactatga agtttctaga     15060
     gaaaaactaa agtcctccac ttaaattccc ttataaatta aaattgtaaa cagtgaacag     15120
     tccaaagaga ttccagacta aacataattt attttactct aaatattaaa atacaaagga     15180
     accctacaaa ccttactttt aaggcaaata tggaggtttt gccataaaga tagtattaat     15240
     atgtacttgc caaatataat tatatatgtg ttgccataaa ggtaatatat gtgccaaata     15300
     tagatgtatg ttctcatatt atgcaatata ttttgccaaa aagatataca tatatatgtg     15360
     tatacatata tacatataca tataaacaca cacgcataca cacacatatg catatacata     15420
     ccttttgtgg aaatatacat gtataccatt tgtgacctaa agaaagtgta tggtacaaag     15480
     ctgaaaaaaa tgcattaagt gtttcttcaa atacatagca gctgagctgg aaagagtaaa     15540
     aaaaaaaatt tcatggtcaa aagtattttt gaaaggcata gaaatcttca agacaactaa     15600
     actctgaagc caagagatac tctttagaca cctgtagtca cctaggactt cagcttagac     15660
     aactaataaa atatggcaaa gttaaactct gaggaaaatg aggtgtcagg ctgaggagtt     15720
     ctctaaaact cagacacccc cacccccacc ccaaagagag tgctgtgaag aaacaagtct     15780
     cacaaggatc acccagaaag gagcataact attaattata gacaaagaag gaagacctgt     15840
     gttttccctc tgagggttaa tgtccaaaaa gtgttcacaa attgagtctt cagctggaaa     15900
     ttatactgtg attatggccc aaaaagcccc aggttgggat tttagtttaa agtagtccca     15960
     agttggtagt gtcatgagta acacagaagg accaagtgca aactcacttt taagaaatgc     16020
     agaggcatgg ccaaggcctt aaagaatttc catggataaa agctctcaag agtatgaggt     16080
     catgcttaaa aaaaaaactc atatatatat atatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtatacatat     16140
     atatatatat atatatacat atatatatat atacatatga aacaatatga ctaaaagaca     16200
     acatgacgtt ggatagaaaa aagcactgtg caaactaaac catgtagtta tcataagtat     16260
     tggagcaatc tgataaatta tattaaacat gtttatggaa tgatcaagct tgaaactata     16320
     ataaagtaaa aacacagttg agacttagaa attagaattt aagtttttaa caattaaaac     16380
     cagtcctaat taaagacata tgattaatcc taagactatc aaaccaggca tgataatgaa     16440
     tgtctgtaat cccagaactc tcaaggctga gaggaagatg aaaagttcag ggttcccctg     16500
     ggaaacacag tgagttcaaa agcaacacgt cagatcaaac acaagctcca aagaatcgtc     16560
     atacactgga aaacctggaa catgtatcca cagtggtcat agccagacaa agaagtgtaa     16620
     atatgcaagc ctaagagatg tgagggatca gaaatagatc cagggcaata agacggtctg     16680
     cacagcctga taacttgagc ttgacccatg gaaaggtgaa aggaacagaa cagactccac     16740
     aaagcaatcc cctgacctcc acacacatta catacacacc cttacactcg catgtgcgca     16800
     cacacacgtc acacacacgc atacacgtac aatagtcatg acgaataaga atttttagag     16860
     ctaattcttt tgtattttga gattatataa ttgcctcatt tcccccttcc cttcagatta     16920
     ataacgtttc ctctttaatt gttgttgcat gcgtattcct aagtgtataa atacagcctg     16980
     ctcagtcctt atacttgctt gaataaatat gttttcaggg ctgatcgctt ggaattagat     17040
     acctcgttgc ggtcttctct gcggaagacc atttccccta ctcctctttc actcctggtt     17100
     gcctataatt ctttgtggac agttgagacg tcccgagctt cccatatgcg taggttggca     17160
     tatctattgc tgttgtccgt gttcagctca tgtttgggcc atcacgttgc tgagacgtgg     17220
     atgtagcttc tgatattttc aggcagcaca atctcacagc aaacacccct gattctctgg     17280
     atcttatctt tcgtctcttc tctcctttct tcttcctttt cttctccttt ctttcttcct     17340
     tcgtttcttt cttaattcta ataccaatta atgctgctca tttatgcgtg agtgtggagc     17400
     catccattga aacataggaa actaccactg agagtacact aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac     17460
     aaaccacatg attctctgcc tcctcagagc atgcgctaaa gctcctcact gagggctact     17520
     gcctagatag cacctttctc attgaagcca gaattgtggc tggccagatc tggtacagat     17580
     cttgtgcatg caccaaagct gtgagttcat gagtgtaaca gtcatgtcat gttcagaaga     17640
     cagaattgta aagcacttgg tcctgtcttc tagccctttt cttctttctc ctcttccagg     17700
     atgttcccta agccctggcc ctgggggggg gggggggctt gtagttctca ccgctggggt     17760
     gcacaaactc tgcttgggca gaggaaacga aaaggttaga cactaggctg catttcaccc     17820
     cacacttcca tggatgtcgg aatcgtagga agcacccatg gatgggagaa ctcaggctaa     17880
     gatgggaccc cagcctgggt gagaaacaac ccaggctgag gctgacgctg gtgttcccta     17940
     actccagata cccagacgcc actgggaagc atgaattagg aacaagggtc tgtgggccag     18000
     caatgacaag tgtctaggaa tgcaaaaggg ccttctgccg agatttagac ggagtggctc     18060
     tctatgacga agcaaccccc ccccatggca attcttgatg agagagacag ttcttgcttg     18120
     tccaaattgt ttattgacag tgaaaatgaa tgcatcatac aacttaactc gggtgaacca     18180
     cattgactac cttttgcagg atggaatgtc caagaaggga agctcgttgg ctaaactcgc     18240
     ggggctggcc catctagata cctcaatggc atggagaact ctgtgctgtt tcactggtgg     18300
     tggcgatctt caagtgggat gttatgctta tgtgctccag gacaagaact gggtcaggag     18360
     cagatgaaac aactacagtg tcttagctat gagaatacca gggtttctga atgtgttcaa     18420
     caatctttcc agtctttgtc tggcaacacg gttccacttg ccccatagga gctgatatgg     18480
     gtatcctact ttgaactgag cactcggctt ctctgtacct tgactaattc tacatctatg     18540
     tactgatctc tgtccactga aaaaagaacc ttctctaacc aaggttgaga acatcgcagt     18600
     tctctgagta taaatgtaaa aacattaaga cagcaactta acaacataaa ccataggaaa     18660
     ataacaataa cacgttctac tatgggacct atgagttccc tagtcatggg cttttggcca     18720
     ggacttcaat acccgggatg aaattctttc ttgtaaagta ggcctccaat ccaatcagaa     18780
     agtggttact tactccatgt ggtgtgatgt ctctcatagt catggtcatt tgaacccttg     18840
     gttcctggtt ggtggtgctg tggagcacag gataggtggt tcagatttgc ctgggaagta     18900
     tgccatgtgg tttaaagtta aattttccct ttttctagtt ctctctttct gcttcatgtt     18960
     tcaccttctg cgtgagctct cagcttcctg ctccagccac catgcctgct gcccgctgcc     19020
     tgctgcctgc tctccttggt ctgtcattat gaatgctaac cttctgaagc tgtaaagcaa     19080
     aatcaactct ttcttctatg cattgcctgt ccatgtctta tcataaaacc agaaaagaag     19140
     ctagtataca ccataataga cacacccatt acactgatgg gtgtacctga caggtaagtt     19200
     ctgtggaagg cagaattaag ctctgggtga aaccattgat gtctttttcc ccccagtagc     19260
     ctatgtagaa ccttccagca ctgtgaaagc taaccagagg aaagaagttt cccaatcagt     19320
     ttgagagtga tttgtctctt gcagatagat attgtgtctt cataagtaag atattactta     19380
     tcacattaga caatacagca tatttatata ataaataact ggtacctgga gagataattc     19440
     ggtatggcca ggcaagctga cataggagat ataaaatgta tgataagaga ggttgaaaat     19500
     attggcaagc ctttaattaa agcagaactg gatccagatg tgaggagttg tagatcagca     19560
     gggttgaagc tacagtacag cggggcttgg gcgtaacctt ccacaaacca agaatcatgg     19620
     aagcccaggg gttgacttca cagcagagga gatcctcaat aaagagttta tttaaaaaag     19680
     ccttaaactg tagtattgcc aataccacag tgaagctgag ggcttcttct tttttactgg     19740
     aggttataat tttattccca ctattgtgag ttctcttgct tagaagaaat cccagacaaa     19800
     ccaacaaagc tagcacatgt caagaaaaat tacccaaaac ttagcaatga gccaagcaaa     19860
     cagagcattt ctttcttcat actggtcagg aactgcttga ctatctaaag ggatatatct     19920
     gcatttaact ctctacttac tctcagtcaa aagtccacat cttgttgtgt gctaatttac     19980
     atctattcac ccagccgtga agaaaatttt aaaagtcata gttttatcat tctatggatt     20040
     agacatgatt tttgcatcta acccagcaat ctcattgtaa cattctttta agaaatgctt     20100
     gtgaatacct agtttctctg ttagctcaag aaccatttta catgctgccg tgtttccaca     20160
     cgtttatcat ctttatggat catggtttta aaattttgaa aaattatact ttgatatact     20220
     gaagtcagag aataaaatga aatcttggga aactgttaaa gttttcttta cataaataaa     20280
     gtttcagtca tgctttaaaa ataaagagag gtgtcttggt tattcattat aactacatgg     20340
     taagatctta tttatgaaga caccatattc tatctgcagg agacagagaa attaagctct     20400
     tccctctggc tagctttcct aatgctagaa ggttctatgt ggtctggtag ggaatatata     20460
     tattgagata tataccccaa acatgttttt cccataggcc tagtatttag tgtgtagtgt     20520
     ttaagtgtgt aacatttatg gtttcaaggt tcatgaatgt gtatcacatt aaatgaaaaa     20580
     tgtctttatt atataaggtg ccagaaagag aagaaggcat ttttaatact gtggcaaaaa     20640
     aaaaaaatgt acaagggtcc attgagattc agggaatgtt acagaagaat gggcagaaag     20700
     aacataaggg ccaaaggacg ggagtatgca gagtgaaaca ccattttcag gatataatgc     20760
     agccaataga ctcatgagct cacacctgct gtggttgcct ggacaagtgt taatcaagac     20820
     tggccattaa cattccagca tggcagctga aggagctcac aagccccacc actaactgga     20880
     agccattgac acaggatggg ttgctagggg aagaagtcat tttcttaggc aagtgtggcc     20940
     actgacagat ttcctgtact ctgatgcccc accaccacca tgtgcatatg ggaagaacta     21000
     actggattgt acattacaag aacttttttt tttcttttta agaaaaagat attctggcat     21060
     agtggtctgt atctttagtg ccagaggcaa gtggatccct gtgagattga ggcaagcatg     21120
     gtctacataa caataagagc cagggctcca tagttaaacc ctgaatcaga aaggaaggaa     21180
     ggaaagatgg aaagaaggaa ggaaggaagg agagaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa     21240
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaaagaaa tggacatgaa     21300
     gatgatagga aggagatatg ttggtgggga tccagatgga gtgggaagaa agaatacaga     21360
     aggaaggcat ataatcaaga tacattgtat acatgtataa aattgttaaa gaaataaaaa     21420
     cttattattt taacaattat tagaggtaag ggatatacct aacagaaaaa aaaatgacaa     21480
     gccttgtaaa taactagtct actattaaag aaaagactgt ggcattacag gtgaggttgt     21540
     ggttaaagac tataacttct aatagattca ttatttccat actagggttg gatatatttg     21600
     ttagacaaga ggctcctttg gtgagaactg agagctgtac ttacctgtgg ctaaaacaat     21660
     atgtatcatc tggaaaagca gcaacaggaa attctcctct agagcctctg gcctctgcca     21720
     gttagattga cagtcctagg catgaccctg cctattaagc aggtcttaaa tctaaaaggc     21780
     agctgagagg tactggaaga tctaagtgct atgtcatcat cattggagat atggtcatat     21840
     ctggccactg ttacagatga atgctttcag ctgcatgtaa ctactgattg ctttccttag     21900
     acaattcctt ctggtactga gagatattcc tcagaaggct tctgggtgag atatagtcag     21960
     attcctccag gtcctgtttc caaagtgtgc ggtgtcttaa gcaataaggt cttatcttca     22020
     ggttctaaga agcaaccaag ggccgtagca atagcctgta ttattttgga gttttcttag     22080
     accctctcta gcaacaactc aaagggaggt ctccttttct gccactagag gagagtaaaa     22140
     ctatattata tatgcagaaa gtgttaagga gctaccaaca gtttgaaatg ttctctacat     22200
     actcctattt tgaaccgttc attcccagct tgtggcagta ttttgaaggc agtggtctag     22260
     gtgatagaaa tagcttccta gacaggcctt caaaggcaac gcctctgcca cagctccttc     22320
     tgccatagac ttaatacagt cttggcttca ccactataat ggtggaaatc tctatgaaat     22380
     tgtgaattat gatcaatatt tcttccatac attgtcctat taggtactat catagcaatg     22440
     caaacataac taatcaagct tgcaccagag ataagaaagt cattgctaga cggaacctac     22500
     atgttccttg gatactgtac tgctttgtgg gaagattgtg gaagaatttg gagacattgg     22560
     ctaagaaagt tatagacttg gggggagggt gtgggtggct tttgggatag cattggaaat     22620
     gtaaatgagg aaaataccta attaaaaaaa agatacaaag aatcaaagaa acctaaaaaa     22680
     aaaagaaaga aaagaaagaa agaaagttat agactgttgt tagcagagct taaagggttg     22740
     ttctgggagt ctggaagacc agaatgagga gagtaaagac tatgttcttg aggtttcaaa     22800
     gaggagcaaa aattccatca agaactgtaa tcaacagggg gacatttgtg ttaccttctg     22860
     gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aaaaaaacaa caacaacaaa aacttcagtt     22920
     tgttcatatc ctgaaatttt tcataaggct gaaatggaag tagtattgca cagggctgtg     22980
     atgtgtggct actgctcact gcttttagcc agatttataa tgagaattta gcacaaaaag     23040
     ttaaacagaa gggagaatga gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag     23100
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaggaaga ggaagaggaa gaggaagagg     23160
     aagaggaaga ggaagaggaa gaggaagagg aagaggaaga ggaagaagaa gaagaagaag     23220
     acgacgacga cgacgacgaa gacgacgaag acgacgaaga cgacgaagac gaagaggaaa     23280
     tgtgagtgtg gttaaaattg tagatagcat cctaacccga ggaaatagta gataaagtag     23340
     cccagggctg tcacccagat accagaaggc agagtgtgaa cgcttatgta gcatctgtga     23400
     agcctttggc tctatactca gaactataag gcttttttaa aaataaaacc ttaagttgtt     23460
     gaatgagtgc tagagacaaa gcacagttag gtgttagaga gatcaatgct gtaaggagga     23520
     gcccagcact gtacacgggg ctaacagtaa agggcaagac cctttccaac aaagacccac     23580
     ttcatgaaag acgtaaaact gtaaactcat tttcaagaca ttcatttgaa gtgaaagtac     23640
     cagaaaaaaa aaaatcctga cacaagagag tcttcagtgt ctcaggtttt gcaaggatgc     23700
     agaataccac agttacatag agacttatac cagggatcat gggggaaagc caatgagatc     23760
     agagaatatg taataggatc agattctctg aacttcagag agtctctaaa gacctggatt     23820
     gagctgtaga agtcatccta ggttgaaatg gacacccaga atataggaga tgccaggaac     23880
     atggaatatc tactgaagaa tgctgtttct caagtgaatc tggcccaaga aagaggctgt     23940
     gtatgatgca aataacagaa atataagagt gggattgggg tcaggtggtg ttggcgcatg     24000
     cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggcggagg caggcagatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct     24060
     ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag agctacacag agaagccctg tcttgaaaaa     24120
     ccaaataaaa aaaaaaaggg gggggtgaga ttgggatagg aatgtttgct ctgtgctatt     24180
     gtacatttga tttgtataac caaagaaatt aaaataataa aacactcaaa ataaaatata     24240
     ggagtaacgt ttacaacctt aaccgaattt agcaatagat tcttagggca gtgtatgagt     24300
     taccttttgt tgtgataaag tatcatgtcc aaggcaactt atacaaggag gagtttattt     24360
     ggtttttttt ttggttccag aggaataaca atgtattata gcaggaaggc ataccaacaa     24420
     gtggcaggca tgacagcagg aacaggaaac agaatttcca tctttgaatg cagtcataaa     24480
     gcagatagag aaaactagaa ctagaacaag gctttaagct ctcaaagtct acccttcgtg     24540
     gcttgcttcc ttctataagg cattgtagtc tcccctcccc cagcctgaaa cctgcttgct     24600
     caggggtgga gcttcccgct caatcgttct gccacgccct ctgctggaac ctgccgcttt     24660
     gctgttcaga gtcatacacg tggtcaccct gctgctggac tccaagatta tttggcggga     24720
     atctggtccc tccccctcct tcataactga gtgtcggaaa taaaatattg agctttgatc     24780
     agaatgcctg tcttagctgc atcattttct ctcctcgcct agcccttctt ctcttccagg     24840
     tttccaaaat gcctttccag gctagaaccc aggctgtgat ctgctggccg gacacaacaa     24900
     ggcatcacct cctaaatctc tctaagcaat gctactagat tggtaccatg tatttaaata     24960
     caggagccta tggggtcatt cctcattaaa ccaccacagg cattaaaatc ataaacaaga     25020
     aaaataggtg ttagccttta ttcaaattct aaaacctttc tatttcaagt attgtcaata     25080
     aggggaaagg agtctgggaa gatgactctg ttggtaacgt gaaccaacgt tggtatagca     25140
     cacaaacatg aaaactgagt tcgaattcca tcacccacat ccaaaacgct ggggctcagt     25200
     aacaaaagcc catattccca gtactgggga agcagagaca ggaagatctc cagggcttgt     25260
     tgaccagata gtctacccac actgcaagtc ccagcttcag tgggagatcc gatctcaaaa     25320
     cctacagtga aactgataaa gaaaagcatg cacatcaacc tctggctccc attcacaaag     25380
     cacttacgca cacactgcac aagaacaatt cattataatt ggggggaatc cctcaaagat     25440
     gagggcaggg gagcatttgc aactcatcaa cttcagaaaa tatattcgga gtaagtaagg     25500
     acgcattact gaacaatgga aaaagaccac atagcccagt taaaacaagg gcacataggg     25560
     catggtggtg cacatcttcg atcccagcac tcaggagcca gaggcaggaa gatctctgtg     25620
     agtttgaggc cagcctgagt ataaatgaag agtttgagga cagccaggac tacatagtaa     25680
     gatcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaaac aagcaaatat     25740
     agtaggcaat attacacatg ataatcacat ggtgatgcca atctcacagg gaaatactat     25800
     ttctgatcta ttaggacagc tgtcattaaa ataagaggta gtgatggatg ttggtaaaag     25860
     tgtggagaaa ctaaaatgat gcgtgtttta gaaaacagtt tgataatttc tctaaaacac     25920
     tcaactgtta accagattac caagcagttt tacttttagg tatatccaaa aagcctgaaa     25980
     acatgtatgt atagaaaaac tcagaacaaa tgttcaagat gctaaatgga caaaacataa     26040
     aaatgataca atgtccatca actggtgagc attttatata attacaatgg gaaattgttc     26100
     aacaatgaaa aagaaagaaa aaaaagacat tatttggctg ggcgtggtgg cgcacacctt     26160
     taatcccagc actcgggaga cagaggcagg cggatttcta agttcgagat cagcctggtc     26220
     tacaaggtga gttccaggac agccagagct acacagagaa accctgtcaa aaaaaaaaaa     26280
     aaagaaagga aggaaggaag gaagaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga     26340
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     26400
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     26460
     aggaaaaaag aaaaagccac tgatacatac tacatactac actatataca tactacatac     26520
     tatactatat acatactact acattctaca actatatgct tggtaaagaa gccagacatt     26580
     aaagatcaca tattttacca cttcatgtga attacatgtc caaaaatgga ctatttctag     26640
     agatagaaga actatctgtt atgtaagaga ggactgtaag taacaacagc cagcaaacag     26700
     gcaaaagaga actctttgga tgatataaat gtctcttaaa acaggaattg ggcttcttct     26760
     agtggcttgt ttccaccagc caggccctac cgcctacctt cacaaccttc aaaatatgag     26820
     cctgtgggac ttctcagaga taaaccacag cattccacct cagggccaaa ccgcatgact     26880
     accgcatgat ggaaaataca ttcagtctaa ctttaaaagg gttaacagtc ccagcattgt     26940
     acaaaaagcc caaagtgtct tctgagacac aaggcaatgc cttagctctg agtccctgta     27000
     aaatcaagaa gaaagttaca tgctccaaac ctacaacagt acagagtaaa cactcccatg     27060
     ctaaaggcag gaatgggaga ctagcaatga aagggcagac cacacaggtt gcacaaatga     27120
     acagatatac taagaaatca tgaaatgaac aactacaatg agtggatttc tgctatgcat     27180
     gtgaataggc tacttatgaa taatttaaaa gacatctagg tttataataa cattgtctcc     27240
     ctgttattta ttgaatatta ttcctttctg ttagctccta gacagcaatt tcggcacagg     27300
     atgtaacact tatactgtca atatcttgca gtcacctcca ttctgtgagg caggtatagt     27360
     tatacccagc cttctgagga agaaactgag gcacagagct taaagaacct ggtcagtctc     27420
     agagaccgtc tgtaagcagc acaactacaa gtcaatttca ggtctgccta agcctaaagc     27480
     acagaaccag gcctgaacac cctgctgcta ggctaaagaa tgaaccaggt atcagctaat     27540
     aatatttttg ttctggcaaa aaaaaagggg gggggagagt ggttgcctag caacaaaggt     27600
     caaaatttcg aaacacattt tctggtctct gtaaggccag tcccagggtt tgaagacctt     27660
     tgttgctgtc ataagacaag tgacttgaac actcagctca catgggtcaa cctattctct     27720
     ttagccaagg cttctaattt gtccagtcag tcccagtgca aatgaaatgg gtgtctacag     27780
     ttggtatgcc cacgtgaata tcccaggaag atcttataaa cacaattctt agaaacccat     27840
     gtccaggtgg ttaataaaga gctttggtat tgtagattta ttttttttta acaaagatgg     27900
     ggaaattgtt aaagtcatac acttcaaaga taagtgtgct tgcgcctgga gatagggctc     27960
     agcagttaag atcattgtat gggcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca     28020
     caggggctca cagctatcta taatatgatc tgatgctctc ttctggtatg caggtgtaca     28080
     tacagataga aaaatatatt ttttcttttt ttaaaaggta aatgtccgga tctgaattct     28140
     gcttcagcat agcatgcgct catcaaattt ctcatcgttg tgacaaaaca ccataaagaa     28200
     acatcttaag ggagaaaaaa catgttgaac tccagttgcc agaggtgttg gttctccgtg     28260
     gcacagcgaa ggcgtggtaa aagctgagta gacacacctt ggcagtccag gaaagccagc     28320
     agtagcttgg cttgctattt ctttcctctt cttattccat ctgggccttc agaccgtggg     28380
     acaatgtcac ccacactcag gttcatcatt ccctctccac taagccatcc tgaaaatgtc     28440
     cttacagata cattaagacg tgtgcctcgg tctccccggt gactctcaat ctaaacacat     28500
     caacaacagc gattaaccat ctcaatactt gtaccatgtt aacaagttaa cctctccaag     28560
     actcagtttc cttatttaga aaggaggctg tctaaaatag atatctctat aaggttatca     28620
     atttttaatt ataggatgct tcaagaatac actcattagg caaaagcgaa tgtctttccc     28680
     ctctccttgt gcgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     28740
     gtgtgtgtgt atgatgcatg tgtacacatt cctagagagc cttgcaggct gtgctgactg     28800
     actgtatttc tctcagtagc aggtcagcac cacataggct gctgggttgg atacaatcag     28860
     caacacatag aaaagaaaaa tagccaagcc ctcgggcact cggggttgtg acccttggga     28920
     gagacttcaa attttatatt tgaactctat tgacttacta acaatgcatt ctcccacagc     28980
     ccttcaaaga tgatcctgaa aataaatgga taaagagctg caagaagaaa catgaggcaa     29040
     agtcgacacc tactggcagc ctgaggttca tgcagaaagc agtcatcccg gagttcagtt     29100
     gccctaaacc cagatgaacc ctgaatgcga attgtcaccc ttttatgtgt gaagtctact     29160
     gtcaaggaaa cagagatctg gacaaaggtt tatatgcaaa acttcatcag gtattgttta     29220
     tttatgaaag taaaatatta gaaatactga gggagattaa aataaataca ctctgattta     29280
     ttcctgcaat ggactaccat ggagccatta aaaactgttt tcaaatcatt tattaacata     29340
     caatgttctt taaaataatt caagaaagga tattatatgt gcaaagtatg gataggataa     29400
     tgattgacag taaaatttat atgaatagga aaagattata tatatattct atgtatacac     29460
     acatatacac atatatatac atatacatat gtatatattc atatatattc attcatagga     29520
     agaaatctaa gaaggccaag agctcagagt ccgagtgctt gtctggcatg tacaaggcct     29580
     gagtccaatg catatctctg caaaaggaaa agaaaagagg gaatggaggg agagaaatat     29640
     tactgttttc ttatttctat acctctatac ttttcaaact tactgtaata actgcattgc     29700
     tttagaaaat attaaagagc aataaataag aacttttcag ccgggcgtgg tggcgcatgc     29760
     ctttaatccc agcactcggg aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg     29820
     gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccagg ggtatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac     29880
     caaaaaaaca aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaaa caaaaaaaca aaaaaaaacc aacaaaacaa     29940
     aactttgtga agcaatcatt tcaatgactt taaaaaaaaa aaagaatagt agctataaaa     30000
     aacgaaggag cggtggtgtt aaagatccga ggtggactac tggagctccg cctcgggagc     30060
     tgcctcagag gggccaaaca aaagcggagt ctggtcctca tggccgtgct aactgcatct     30120
     tgacttccta atttagcaga caaagttaga aagtaagggc agcaggagca gacacgcaag     30180
     gcagcatcag tattgctcct aggaagcccg cccagaggat gttctcagat gctagtggca     30240
     gcctattggt atcacctgtg tggagggttt tcttctgtcc ttggctgtgc gtaaaaagtc     30300
     tgctcaccag agtagattaa tccaactctg tctcttcggt gaatgtctga ctcatttctc     30360
     ccccggagta tttcaaggtc ctggctctta cacacaccag caagtcacta cactcctctg     30420
     atctttacca gtctcattgt taaacgtgac aagagcctcg cagctgactg tggatgccac     30480
     ctttatataa aataccgtcc cttgaaagta accccaacca aaatgctaac caaaactaca     30540
     attagattct agaccacccc tgtcagaatg gttatcacta aaatagcaac cgaaagctga     30600
     caagcatggt gtagagggaa agtgtgaagt tctctgacca ttcgagacat caggaggtgg     30660
     ttcctcagta attcctaata tagaattact atatgatccc agctatgttt tcttttctag     30720
     aaatgtaccc aaaggagact aaattaaaat actacagaac cacttatctg tccatgtata     30780
     tcgaaacact atttactatc gccaagttat aggaccagat tacaatgttc atcgatagat     30840
     gaatagtaaa gaaaatgggt ataaataatg aagccatgac atcttcagaa aaaatggatg     30900
     gaactaggga tgataaggga aataggtcag ttacagaatt atgataaata tttcatgttc     30960
     ttcacatgta gagtgtgtgt gtgtacatgt gtgtagggag agagggagta gactagaaga     31020
     gggaagggga acgagagaaa taagaaaggg cagagaaata catgagacat gaaagaggaa     31080
     gggacaagtg ttgaggggaa aagggggaga gagttgtgtg tgaataagaa caaagaatgc     31140
     agtgtgttta taaaattcat attgaaaccc attcctttgt tatcacatga aaattaacaa     31200
     acaggaaaga aagcagcctt gtgtaaggtc atactcgtga gcatccttca tgaataatta     31260
     gtgccagaca ttctcacacg ctgtttttaa aagtgttaat tcacctaatt aaaaccctgt     31320
     gagtgaaatc ccaatatcca catgagagaa aggaaatata gcctgatcaa tgttgaatgt     31380
     gttttatatt gaagaatcgg gatttgaatt cagccacaag gccaaaggta aagcccttga     31440
     acactactca gagtggccac atggctttta gggctcaaca aatccctgca gagaatgagg     31500
     ttgcagctga ggatatcgtg gcccagaaaa acactgtgat tggcccagac aactaacaag     31560
     aaacaccgca gacttcactt ccaaggacag tgaggcccct gccccatctt aagccaatgt     31620
     ggttccttgt tccggagcct gcactggggt ttctgcttcc atttagcacc acttcccttg     31680
     tctggtaacc agaaacttga agtccaccct gttattcaat ggtcaaatta catactctaa     31740
     acggtacttg gtgaaccttt gaacttctgt ggaaactgaa ggtccgcaca atcaagtttc     31800
     caccaccgta gggaacagag aggggaagca ggacatctcc tgtaggaagg ggccacagtc     31860
     atgaaataag aagtctctcc aagacacagg caaaccccag cttcggcatc ataatgagat     31920
     ctcctggggc cttttcctct ccagccacca tatccacaag gccaagctct acctaagatg     31980
     atatactggc tggttttgtg tgtcaacttg acacaactgg agttatcaca gagaaaggag     32040
     cttcagttaa ggaaatgcct ccatgagatc caactgtaag gcattttctc aattagtgat     32100
     caagggggaa aggccccttg tgggtgggac catctctggg ctggtggtct tggttctata     32160
     agagagcagg ctgagcaagc cagggcaagc aagccagtaa agaacatccc tccatggcct     32220
     ctgcatcagc tcctgcttcc tgacctgctt gagttccagt cttgacttct tggtaatgaa     32280
     cagcagtatg gaagtgtaag ctcaataaac cctccccggc cccccaccca acttgcttct     32340
     tggtcatgat gtttgtgcag gaatagaaac cctgactaag agaaattggt accagcatag     32400
     tggggtattc ctgtgacaac ctgaccatgt ttgggggagg actgtggaag gactttggaa     32460
     ctttgggcca gaagatccat ttggtgttaa gagctctgtg agatgttgtg taggagcttg     32520
     gaagataatg ttgagaacag tgcagaagat ggaggccagg cttgtgaaat ttcagaggga     32580
     aaattaaaga ctcttttcag ggccattgtt attttgtgaa gattctgtgg ttctaattag     32640
     ctggggctga agaatcagct gtgattaaca agataccaga actactaaag tgaaactttt     32700
     gtattactgg gactattgat gctggttaga tggagctaag aaattagcgg tgattaagaa     32760
     gagaccagca tcattgaggt gacatcttct gggaagtgtt ttctgagagc acggtggctg     32820
     tgttccagat atagccaaga ttgtaccttg tgctgtggct ggacttggta atgtgaaaga     32880
     gtcacccagg tggtactagt tttgaaggca tgaagtggtc atgaagagca gctgagactc     32940
     ggcaccgaga gaggccatgg aaggccattg gtgaaggtgc agcctcagtt gcaattgatg     33000
     gcccagaact gaaggggtcc tgcaaaggag ttgaggcttg gcaccatgaa gagagcctat     33060
     gagaggctgt tggtgaagcc tagttacagc agaagacagc agtgttttgg agatgccagt     33120
     accacgagat gaccaccaag agcagcagca gcagtggagt acaggcatct ggagcctgga     33180
     ggacgatgca tgtgctacaa aggacatggc tagagaagtg ttccaagccc ttggaggagc     33240
     ccagaagatc ttgagttgga tcccagacat tggccagttg gagtttaaga ttctatagtt     33300
     ctggttagct ggggctaaag aaagctgtga ttaacaagat accagaacta ttaaagcaaa     33360
     acctttgcgt tactgggact attgatgctg gttagctgga gataagaaat tagcggtgat     33420
     taagaagaga ccagcatcgt tgaggtgaca tcttctggga agtgttttct gagagcacag     33480
     tggctgtgtt ccagatatag ccaaagttgt accttgtgct gtggctggac ttggtaatgt     33540
     gtaagggtca cccaggtggt actggttttg aaggcatgaa gggatcacgc agaacagctg     33600
     aggctcagca ctgtgagagg ccatggaagg ccattggtga aggtgcagcc tcagttgcaa     33660
     ttgaaggccc aggactgaag gggtcatgca gtgttttgga gatgccagta ccatgagatg     33720
     accaccaaga gcagcagcag cagtggagta caggcatctg gagcctagag gatgacgtgt     33780
     atgctacaaa gggcatggct ggagaagtga cccaagccct tggaggagcc cagaagattg     33840
     tgagttggat cccagacatt ggatggttgg agattgactt ttgcttttga ttgtgactgt     33900
     gctctgatat tttccctctt gaaggaagaa actattttag tggagcccac agttaaaaga     33960
     cttttaatta taaaaagact tcagatttta aaagagatca atattttaaa gagattgaaa     34020
     atttaaacat ttaaagttat ttagagcttg gggatgaata agaatgtaac ggttgaggct     34080
     tagtagtgat gtgtttgtgt gtcaagttga caaggggtca attgtactgg ctgttgtgtc     34140
     aacttgacac agctggagtt atcacagaga aaggagcttc agttgaggaa atacctccat     34200
     gagatccaac tgtaaggcat tttctcaatt agtgatcaag gaggaacggc cccttgtggg     34260
     tgggaccatc tctgggctga cagtcttggt tctataagag agcaggctga gcaaaccagg     34320
     ggaagcaagc cagtaaagaa catccctccg tggcttctgc atcagctcct gctttctgac     34380
     ctgcttgagt tccagtcctg gcttcttttg gtgatgaaca gcagtatgaa agtataagct     34440
     gaataaaccc tttcctcccc aacttgcttc ttggtcatga tgtttgtgca ggaatagaaa     34500
     ccctgaataa aacaaacgcc aagttgggga agtcagtgag ggacagggtg atgagaattt     34560
     aagtcaaggt tctctgtcca gaagcagggg ggtgaaggca actttgagca ttcctgaagg     34620
     ttgaggtctt gaaacagctg acgtgctctt catccaccac taaaggccat gccgccactg     34680
     ccctgcgtct acagtgcatc aaaaaccaga agtaattcac ctacacattt tctcctggaa     34740
     gttttcacgt ttccttcctt tttaaaaaat atgtccatgt ttgggaattt tttaaagtat     34800
     ctctttccat tatgaaatat tattagcctc ttggtaacta atgcaaaagc aaagcaaaac     34860
     aaaaaagaca ggcgcgtttg cacacacaca cacacacaac tagaacactc taagtcgcat     34920
     ctgttcatag gatctaccta aggagggtgg ccaactgaca ttcactgaga ttatttcctt     34980
     tttaccaacg acaatgcgac agaccccaga aggctactgg gtcaccatta tgacctacag     35040
     tgtccattcc aatctcaaat gcccacgtgg ctctactgtc cacctttcat ttgagtccca     35100
     tgtccctaat tccactgcaa ttaactcatt tatctagaaa gttctcaaat gagcaaagca     35160
     aagacctcca ctttagcagt gtttacattt atttttaaaa cgttcaaatt ttaaaaattt     35220
     tgtttttatt agtgattcat taaaatttaa tttccaaatt aaaaaaaata aaaataatta     35280
     agtaaatcat gcagtatttt agcaggtgat taaagaaagg atagaacaca gaaaaatcaa     35340
     ggtctcaatt ttaaattcag ggctcaggga agatttagca gcaagattac gttttctgac     35400
     aaggctcaga agaagaaaag tcaagaagta tctttctggg gaggggactt ctctaggcag     35460
     aggaaatagc agagtgttag ggcacaaggg gttgagtcat cttaatggaa atgtctagaa     35520
     aagtaacttt cttcttgtag gttttagaaa aagaaccaag aagttagggg aatttatatt     35580
     tatatagtta tatttagtga tttttaacaa ctctcttggt taaaaatata taacatcata     35640
     agacataaca gtaacaaaca aatgtattat ttgttgtaag aaatttttct aaagagggat     35700
     gttaggcaat atttgggacc tttgctccca taccaatagt ttttattgtt gtgcaggtga     35760
     ctctcctccc cattttagtt tttagcctgt attcccagga aaccttaatg actcctataa     35820
     ttagggctcc cagaaagcct tgacgtctga tataattgga gcctaatcac ataccaggag     35880
     tgactggaac taccaaggag tgaccttggc catctccttg cttgaaggac tattaacact     35940
     tagcaagttc agttgtcatt gttttaagta gacacatctg gagctctgac gttggcagtt     36000
     tagctaaaaa catagtgtac agcatcacac tctggggaga ggtgaattta aattacacat     36060
     acggaatgat gcaacaaatt agtactatct gtgtacatac tgtaaaacta gtaggccttg     36120
     tcagattcca ggtaaacctt agagaaaact taagacagct ttaacttatg tagcatggag     36180
     tgagatatag atatatatat atatacacat tatatatgta tatgtgtgtg tgtgtatata     36240
     tatatatata tatatctcat aatcatcatt aaatctatgt tcacttttct cttctggtcc     36300
     caggtgcttt gggacatggg ttaccacgaa gacatgacca aatccaagaa ccacaccaca     36360
     cacaaccagc tcccacaaat ggcacagaaa tggcatcaag aaaccccagt cacaaagata     36420
     tgaatctctt aaggggactg actccaagtt cctgagaaac atgcgctttg ccaagaagca     36480
     caacaagaaa ggcctgaaga agatgcaggc caacaatgca aaggcagtga gcacacgtgc     36540
     agaggccatc aaggcctttg tgaagcctca ggccatcaag tccaagatac ccaaaggccc     36600
     cacctgcaaa ctcagccatc tggctttcat cgctcacccc aagcttggga agggatttga     36660
     agccacatgg ccaagggtcg taagcactgc caaccaaagc ccagggttca aagcaaggca     36720
     gaggtcacag ctccagctaa ggcccagctt cagctccagc ccaggctccc aaaggtgctc     36780
     aggccccttt gaaggcccca tagaaaaggc tcctgccagt gtgaagacag atggactgct     36840
     gtgacatacc tacctacaca ctgtttgcag atgagcagtg tcttatgctg ctgcttttac     36900
     aaataaactc gaggcaagat ctgattatat atatattcac attacctaac aaaatttaac     36960
     tggaggagcc ctactaaaac tacgaagttg gagttcttgt tgagacactt tggacagagt     37020
     tccttttgcc ctttccagta taagcatcct gttagctggt tttaatatag aaacctatat     37080
     attgtttatg agatcaacaa tagcagcctc tattgaaaat agtttacatt ttagctgttt     37140
     ttaagtaata gtatcttttt cctgggcttc ccagtcaaat taaaattgac cattttcaaa     37200
     tatattatcc atatccatat ggatctctat aagactgaac ccagggatct ccacttcatt     37260
     agccagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtagatg     37320
     gaggcagaca acctggaaac cctaacaagt aactgaagtc aaaatcaaag caagagtacc     37380
     cgggcttgat agggcagaaa caaagacaga ccaaaggcat gaggttaaaa ggtccctaaa     37440
     acaaaagaac catcctatat catttaaggg aagcaggctt ggaaacctgg tagaagtgca     37500
     ggcaccaagc ttgaggtgcc aaactaatgt caaataatcc agtgtagcta gagcagagtg     37560
     aacagtaaga aagacttaga tgaagtccga gtatctgaat ggacagatca caacgagtca     37620
     aaaggtcact gtacagacac tggcatttac tctgaataag caactattac aggactttga     37680
     gtttgagact gccatgatgt gacatactct cccaaagggt ccctctgttg cacgaggtag     37740
     agtctaaggt gacagggtag aagcaggagg agttcataag aagttctcac agtaactgga     37800
     gcacaaggtg atgaaacctt ggaccaggat gtagctctga aggtatcaag agggtggacc     37860
     agactctagg tgtgctctga agatagacct ggcctgccca tttgctgact agttgcgtgt     37920
     ggggtgtgag agagaagtca acaatggctt taatggtatg ctgaggtgca gggagaacaa     37980
     attatagaca acaaaggtgg agaagattag gagtttagtg gggtgggttg agctccccaa     38040
     gtggccctgc tctaccagta ggtctgtatg aaatctacag gcagttagga gagttgcaat     38100
     tgtctttgaa cccatgatta ctgaaggcag gtgaatttga tcatgtgctg agacagtgta     38160
     atgaggacca agtgctaagc cctactgtct ttcaacatcc ccaagtctgg agatgaggag     38220
     aatgcagcaa aagagatagg agacaagagt cagatgggtt ggagaagaac aaagcaaaga     38280
     aagattctcg tttcagtaat tgtgtggtga agggcattct attctctgat aacatctgtc     38340
     ctacttccct ggctcaaggc tcacagattt tgcaaccctg aacatttctt gttttcctct     38400
     taactccatg cccaatcacc tccagtcttc cctatgatca ctaaagaaca ggttgagcct     38460
     tgatactggg gagacagctg agatggacag atttggtata actcatgtcc agagggggag     38520
     ctgtatataa aaatataaac cacagagtgt accccccccc atgcaacact atcagaacac     38580
     agaatgacag aatgcccctg tgacaaaata tcaggatgtc accagtgttg agttcagcca     38640
     tatgtcaaag atgggacact gaactcaatg aagaaacctc cagatcacag tttagagtat     38700
     ctacaaaact gagatgagag gcctgttgcc cctagacagg tcctgtccaa tatccttaca     38760
     agagtttctc taaggaggta gaaatgtgta ggaatcagaa acacagaaat aatcttcaaa     38820
     gtttcaactc tacaattgga cttgtaaact ggaagttcaa cattctctaa ctttaatctc     38880
     ttaattaaaa aagtggttgg gggcagttgg ttggttggtt ggttggtttg gttggttggt     38940
     tggttggttg gttggttggt tggttggttg gttggttggt tgggggcggt tggttagttg     39000
     gttgggggca gttggttggt tggtttggtt ggttggttgg ttggtttggt tggttggttg     39060
     gttgggggca gttggttggt tggtttggtt ggtttggttg gttggttggt tggttggggg     39120
     cagttggttg gttggtttgg ttggtttggt tagttggttg gttggttggt ttggttggtt     39180
     ggttggttgg ttggtttggt tggttggttg ggggcagttg gttggttggt ttggttggtt     39240
     tggttggttt ggttggtttg gttggtttgg tttttctaga caggctttct ctatatatgt     39300
     agctctggct gtcttggaac tcccttcaca gtccaggctg acctctaact cagaaatctg     39360
     tgtgtatctg cctcctgagt agattaaagt tatacaccac caccacctcc tgcctccaaa     39420
     gtattttctg cctatgccta taatcctggc tcttgggagg caaagcaaga gactatgtga     39480
     aggaacactg ggccacacag ggtggtgcaa cccagtctag gttacctagt aaggccctgg     39540
     ggttttgatt aagttgggga ctcttttttt ttttttttac ctgcatgtat gtctgtgtac     39600
     ttcgtatgtt cctggtgcct atggaagtca gaagagagca taaggttgtc tagaactgga     39660
     gttataaaca gctgcaagcc accatgtggg tactagggac tgaactcaag tcccttggag     39720
     gagcggtcag tactcttact tttagagtca tctccccagt ctagagaccc tgcatttttt     39780
     taaatgtttg gaataagacc tgctatcttt ccatttcaac tccaaataga gcttgttgga     39840
     aaagggaaga ggggacagga aaggatgatg aagacagaga aaacccactt ctgctacatc     39900
     ccactcacag gaaggaaaaa ggtccggaac cagaaggcgg gcagcattga ctccaccccg     39960
     ggagtttcct tcctgagagc tagctgtggg agagaggcaa gaagatgagt cagaaagact     40020
     ccccttgagg ttttaaagat gcccacgcaa attttcttag actgagttct tggctgccag     40080
     aggaaacagc ctaaaccaaa gaccttgctg atacacagaa gccaaaagga gggcaagtaa     40140
     gtctatgtta gggagcagag aacaaggttg cttgctcaaa gcctgaaggt gcttcaattt     40200
     cccttcccac ttctccttcc tctgtgaact tctaaccttt ttctcctacc caaggaaagg     40260
     gactctggcc agcctgagtg tggcctgcag gccttgcctc ttctcctttg ttccctctgc     40320
     cttgctaaaa accactagat tgcattctta aagccatcca ccaaggtcta ttcctttatt     40380
     tggccacttc ctcctccaga ggctgattgc caaggtccag ccattaaact attgaagtcc     40440
     agcaatcaaa agcccccttt ggctcacgta attaaaatta aaaacttcat cctaacatgg     40500
     ggtttcccat tttaccttta taaaacctcc atttttctat gggccacatc taagggcagc     40560
     gtccatctaa aggtagtcct ttgtcccact ctggaaaaaa tcctgcccct ctcccttgtt     40620
     tccttcccct ctccctcttc ctctgactcc tgcctttatc tcttattcct ggcactctgt     40680
     ccctctggga aaaaaataaa tttcctttga gtggagaacc tagtcttggg ggtcctgggc     40740
     caataccatt ccttgcacca agtgtgtgtc ttatccagaa acatctccag tgctgagcag     40800
     tactctgaac tctgttcttc ttgacacttt atcatttgat tttattattt tttaagacag     40860
     ggtcttaagt agtccaggct agccacagac tcagtatgta gctaagtagg actctgtttt     40920
     tttgtttgtt ttgttttgtt tttcgagaca aggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg     40980
     gagctcactt tgtagaccag gctggtctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgct tctgcctccc     41040
     gagtgctggg attaaaagcg tgtgccacca cgcctggctt aagtaggact ttgaactcca     41100
     gtttttctcc tgactccaca gcccaagttc cggacttaca agtatgtgtt accatgccca     41160
     attccacatt atttcacaca gatatctttt atctttcttc tctggcattt ccctaactgc     41220
     catcctcctg aaagagagat ataagtcagg tagtttctgc tacaggatcc cagattcagc     41280
     tggaaactga aggccagatt aaagcattga gcttagagta aggaggtcag gcaaagccat     41340
     ctgacaaccc aacactctct ggtgtataca agccttgctc tgtggctcca tcccctagta     41400
     cttagtttca accatgttgg tggatttgat ctcggtagtt atcaaaccct tttgtctggc     41460
     tggctagaaa ccaaaatctt gcttcctttt tgttttgctt cttctaataa cttcgttctc     41520
     tataaccttt ggggcactga tctgaaggct caaagtcagg caagtgatgc gaaatggaga     41580
     tgcatataca acaaaaagca ctggactgga tgaacctctc aaagtctgat gcaggtccca     41640
     agtcgttata gggcataaat ttatttgagt tttcatggat caatcagggc acaggacaag     41700
     cctccattgg ggaccagggc tatgatcact ggagcttggt caggtagttg cccaaggcag     41760
     ccagtagacc acaatagcat agaaaaagac attgtctaac ataacagtaa aggcccagtc     41820
     taatgatagt gacttttgca ccaagagttc aaaaccagga aataaattac tctattttct     41880
     ataaggtgac ttctgataat ggggtggagc attttaaaaa gccatgaagg caacaaatta     41940
     catgtagggt gaatacctaa acattttttc catcaccaaa tatttattaa acatctgctc     42000
     tgtactaata tttctataag ctattgggaa tagaataatg actataagca tgacctgcca     42060
     tccttgctca aataatatga tggtccttga ggaagatttc cccaaaagtg atagcaactt     42120
     ttaataaatg taaggaaaga aacaagctga atgtcaagag atgcatatat gtatatacat     42180
     atatcatgta tatgataagg agataggaag gaagtcttct gtgaaaagac aaagacactt     42240
     agttggaagt aatggagaat tgtgtataga ggagaacact gtccagaaac ccctttatat     42300
     caggcaagag cagagcaagt tcaagaacag caaagaaatt tgtggagctg ccatacagag     42360
     aggaagggag aaagtgagtt ttgagtgaaa ctatattaca acatccctat taactcttag     42420
     ctcagtttaa tggtaccaag ggtgtcaggc aatatagtgc tgaggtccta tgtagtactc     42480
     atgactttaa aagatttctc tgattattac atggagtaca gatgaaaaag gacagagtgt     42540
     tcacaaatcc aactgggagg atcttcttgc tgtaggagac agatgagaaa gaacaaaact     42600
     attctcaagg gcagatcaaa atccaggcag gccaagatga tgggctctaa tgagaccaaa     42660
     gattagtttg tattgtttat gtgacttaca ggtgaaccat agcatctgga ggtctaggat     42720
     taggacagac acgttttcct catgtgtaaa atccatccaa caagtgttta atatgtatct     42780
     attatgtgcc aagtgctaga ctgctcacca aagcttcaaa aggcaatgaa acaaaaccct     42840
     ggctcttctt gtgagctcac atcctagaga tactaaatca aaaggcaaag tagtaacatc     42900
     cataagtgtt attttaaaaa gaacaagaag gaactggctt gacatgagca acctccattt     42960
     cagttgttgc ttagggctgt ccaagtgact cccaaaacaa taagttattg ctgttacaat     43020
     tagttgcctc tcggggttga agctaagccc ctattgttga agacacaatg cacttcagac     43080
     ctaggactcc gaagacacac tcctgattca tcctgaaagc ctctttcctg tgctctaact     43140
     tttgtagcac cagaatgtac tgcatctgct gccaagggaa gaaggcaata cttctatcca     43200
     gctatgaatc acagcaatga ccagcatgga aagttatccc taagggtgca atagtggcac     43260
     ctgtagatgg tgtaaccaac agctatctaa ttggacttaa ggcccactca gtagtaggga     43320
     aatccttccg gatattacaa actttgccaa ctacgtggga ttagtggggt gatgaatctt     43380
     aaaagagaat ctaccgctac caatctagtc aaccagaaaa attcctaact gcattctaca     43440
     ttttagcctt acacccgcag gcaagagtaa ttcactcctc aaaaaagaag ttcctcttta     43500
     cagcaagcag acatcacctc agaaaaccac aactggtcag aattcaaaaa tcaatggtct     43560
     gtatggtcat ctacgaaata actcctggac ctaaggctca aggaatatca cagaatacgg     43620
     gggcaggaga gtgtagcatg taagagataa aagaccagga agtctgctgt gagcttttgt     43680
     ctgctagaaa tgacatgaaa tataaaccca tgatacctca gcaatataac tggttaaatg     43740
     agacctaaac aatgacaata tcaacagaca ttctggggta atctcacagg ctctcactcc     43800
     cagacaaaaa agctacagaa ctactagtaa ctgctgacag agcaagagtt agcctctccc     43860
     agggatgagg cccctaattt gttatccagt acaaggtggt cagctccaaa attatagaca     43920
     cacaagcaac aaagatggac tcatcaggtt gtatgcattg acagagagag agagagagag     43980
     agagacatat atatgtatgt atgtatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     44040
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagac agacaggaca cagagagata aaatcaaaga     44100
     aaaggccatc aatctgaaaa tgagtagagg agaacctggg agggattaga ggaggaatag     44160
     gaaaataatg taattatact ttagttttta aaaagaggaa ctgcctagca ggtttggttt     44220
     ccttagaaac caaagtgtaa gaagaaaact taaggctaat gcttaaaaga gaaggtgcag     44280
     tttcagggaa gtaaaagtga aaggagtagg aagccgagga ggaaagagag gaaagaaaat     44340
     gcaaggggtg tttccaaggt gtccagcttt gcaccagggt ctccatatct gtctcttctg     44400
     gaaatgctgc tcctcggagc agacagttgg agggaggtca gcagctaagc cttggtatct     44460
     tcatatagct catctattta agtgttttat taaaggtctg tatgtccaag ctgtgtcacc     44520
     tttgggcagc ggctggagaa accagagcct tcttcagtct tggttaagtc caatttggag     44580
     cacactgcac tgctgaagga aaggtaagaa tgtagaataa aaaaatccaa aagctgaagt     44640
     caaaaattgt ggtgttgatg atctctaagg ccagttttca gcttcgacaa agtcagattc     44700
     aatccctgac taatgatatc aactcagctc tgcccctgcc atggtctgac aatgaccttg     44760
     atggatgacc caggttactc tacatcagct tgataatatt tatgaacatc tgagggatgc     44820
     tatcaaaata ggtgtttttg aagttaagag acaaaatact gaatgaacta ggaatttgaa     44880
     cagaacttct ggactaaaac tctcatagtc aacaaatctt tccctcctga gctgactgac     44940
     ctcagtcttc agctttctag tctaccagac tagaaatggt gtctggacaa tgtctcctcc     45000
     atcactgttg acttctggtg gcagggaagt tcacctttct gggtacactc ttcagagtcc     45060
     tacattttta aacctctaaa attagaatgt tgaaaactag tcaactttcc ttattgatga     45120
     tgtcatgaga tgatgcatag agatagaaaa attccttctt gtgcaaattg tcctatatag     45180
     tcaaatacct tcatgttcca acacatacag aaagggggga gaggaagaga gggagaaaga     45240
     aaaggaagag agaggggggg agagagagag agaaagagag agagagggag agagagagag     45300
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag attccctacc caagtgcttc tttctcaaga     45360
     tgaaaacact ctggaagctt tttctgatgc ttttataacc aacctaaaag tagctctgtc     45420
     atatatcgat aaattcaagt ccttaaaatt caatcatagc attgacagag aatgctctaa     45480
     tttctatgta tttagaaaag gagaataata acaacaacat cataagtaag cctatcaaaa     45540
     aggatgacaa caagttgctt tcattagcat ccttaaaaga gttcgttaga tgcttaacta     45600
     cctttgtttt atataattag tctcactaaa aagaaataaa actgagattc ttctcggtga     45660
     gtttaatacc attagtcctt ctatcagtag aagatgaaga tgagttacat acctaatgca     45720
     tgcatctatc attgttctac acttcttgtc tctagcaaga tcatctagtt tgggagatag     45780
     atgtgagata gatttttaac aaggaaagga gcccaaatgc tcctgcaggc atcataggaa     45840
     cagcagtaaa atcgatggct gggagtcagc tccctcagtc gccatctcta catcgattgg     45900
     tccagtaaca taaatcacaa catgtcagtc ttgcttagcc aaacccacaa ctattaaatc     45960
     catgcgtgcc aaggaccttt tgtgccagca gtgttaagtg ggtgagaggc agaagcattt     46020
     cctgggttac ttataagtga tgttgttcat attttatcag ttttaaattt tacttttgct     46080
     acttgcatag tgtttgtaac gttgaggttt ttttgggggg ggaaggggct aggttttgct     46140
     ttaagctact ttgctttctc ttcttggcaa gtatgtgatc ttaatattga ttctcaaata     46200
     gtctaaactc tccactggca aatttgtata tatcaggaag ttgggccatg ttccatgtgt     46260
     tgcctttgaa atatgagcac aatccagtga cttcacattg cgtgagcatg ccaaccaaat     46320
     tgaggctgag ggattcagcc acgacaggca gtcctttcat ccagcctgtt tcaaaactgt     46380
     cacaaattat tgctgttaga tgtattgcca gaattctaga gcaagttttc atgggtaaga     46440
     ggatttgagg agtatctgct accacccttc tacacaatta gctaaccaac atctctcctc     46500
     cctgtgacag tgactttata ccatggcttc tgcttcatgc agcagaacaa tcattttact     46560
     ttctgaaggc tgaaagataa accgtgggtg tcagagcagt aaagcttaag acggaaataa     46620
     gttaaaccac ttcaaaacta ctcttagagt ttcaggctat atagacagta accccgaaac     46680
     tgagagaaac ctcaattttc ttaccttcat ctttgaaacc tcacatagac aggcagcctg     46740
     agtgtgaaga atacccatgc ctttgtggat agaaaatgca tgtaacagcc cacatcacct     46800
     tggctttaag ttactgaatg gtttccctca ttttcccttg attcccgtga tctctgtacc     46860
     ttcattcccc aggtttagat cgtccaaagg gactcagatg ttctcttcat cagagcagaa     46920
     tataaccaat tctcatatta aaggatgaaa gaatcaagaa ccctgtccat agccccttta     46980
     agtaaatgaa tttccagttg gtttggtggg gcaaatgatc agcttttcac atgatttctg     47040
     ctggagcacc gtgatcaatg cgtttctttg atgcctgaaa gaagcttcac aaaatacact     47100
     gtttaaggag ctggagccca ggctgcaaac atggtctgct ttgttcttct ggcaactggt     47160
     ttctgtctaa aacatttctc cactgtaagg atctgtcttt tctccaccag caacagccct     47220
     caagctacaa taacaggctc gtggtttttt tttttttaga taccaaagtt atgaatacac     47280
     ttttatggat attttccttt gaactcactt ctcttgaagc agaaaaatag ccatatatat     47340
     aacactcgta ggcaaaacat acaaattgtt ccgctaaggg ttgtaaaatg ttccgaaatg     47400
     cacattttaa aattccaaac ccaggatagt gtgtatgtag cacttccgtg acagctgtgt     47460
     ttctcaaaaa gtaacgtttc tgactggcat ggatgacaca aaacatatcc ctgccccaag     47520
     tgtctctctt tatgacctca tgattgctcc tcttagattc acatagactc ttggtgaagt     47580
     aaaacagttc aaagcaagga agcaagcctt cgctgcgtta agctgcttaa gtgtttgctc     47640
     tcccgtatcc catttcaaca tatcctccaa ccccctctaa aataattcca tgaatgccaa     47700
     ctcaacagat tatagtagat ctcctattaa tttcactctg ccttaaaagg agcttaatca     47760
     cttcagttta taattctgca cacagcaatg ccagctatca ttcagattcc tggtgagact     47820
     tattttcctg ctgcctgtta ttgcttaaac cacgaaccat caacgcaacg atttattttc     47880
     tgatgttaaa aaaaaatgtt atcttccaca aactcctttt aactattttt ctgtcatatt     47940
     tcttttttaa aaaattaatc tggaaaactc tgcttccttt aatcctgctt tgtggcttag     48000
     atttcccagt cctggagcca ctagagttga tatcagtttg tgctcaggct gatgcaaaaa     48060
     tagccttagg tgtggcaggg aaataaatct gcagagatga catgcctttg atggctaaca     48120
     ctgtgaagtg agtcttagcc acaaagggtt tgggaaatgt gacccaggct gagagaatgc     48180
     cctgtgaaat gttcaacatg cagctgtcac tttatctaac atgaacaata ttgtggaaag     48240
     ttctagacca cagaatgtgt gtgagcttta aggtcagatt ctaaacgtct gggttcatat     48300
     tccactgtgg ccatatactg gttccatgat tttgaagaat atacttaact attctatgca     48360
     ccataaaata acggtaatga taccacctat ctcttgaggt gacatgagga ttgcgttggt     48420
     gaacacatgt gaagtacatc tagcattttc tgtcgcacag aatcatcact cagtaaatat     48480
     ttgttcccga tagggaggta gctcagctga cagagtactt gcctaacgta ccagaagcct     48540
     tgatgttcca tccccagcgc cttagtaatt acctgcaagg gagtgtgtct ataacctccg     48600
     cctgtaatat caggtggaaa taggatagcc aaaagtccaa ggtctcacct acacagtgag     48660
     ttcaaggcca aatgaaacta tgtctcaaca acaacaacaa gaaggttaag tggggctgga     48720
     ttgcccagtg gttaagaata cttgttctgg ccaaggatcc aggtttggtt cccagcacca     48780
     gcatggtagc tcaccaacat ctgtaacagt tccagagaat aggatgcctt cttctgacct     48840
     cccagagcac caggcacaga catggtgcac acgtacatgt ggcaggcaaa cagttgtaca     48900
     gatcaaataa aatacgtaaa gtaaaaaaat aataaacaaa tttaaagtta tgttacagag     48960
     gcacaacaca acatcactta taacctttga aacagcattg taaaaggaat tctagaaaag     49020
     tttgatggtg tgaaatatga aattagaatg ttttatatat tatagtgatt atatcattgt     49080
     gcatcattat gtaatcatgt aactaaaatt atatacttcc tcttcctacc tagaacttat     49140
     attttagcaa gtaaagtact ttccattact tccactgtta ttaaacttaa aaccaaaata     49200
     tttccgaact tagttcatgt cactctctac ctacccttag aagaataact attcactcca     49260
     tttctgccct gaacataggg aacagtggcc cccaactaac ttcatttata tgaaatgatt     49320
     tatttcccta agtgtccatt tgattgagat tgttatttat agaaaattgt tttctacctt     49380
     tgaagataat ccaggatgcc tatgtatctc aaaaaaaaat tgctattatc tcccaaatcc     49440
     aaacaccaga aaaactactt gcaaaaaaag tgtcacagtt taagtgctac tgttatgatt     49500
     ccttactgtt aactcttgag gctatactcc gtgctctttt tctcttttta tctcaaccca     49560
     agatgcaaac agcagataca catcttataa ttagattaga aagggaaccc ccaattagag     49620
     atatagtttg attctcccta tataagaaat aagtgaaata ttgggagaga ctaaacaaag     49680
     aggcaatagt tattctgtta atgcaatggg attatatttt gtatcctttt ctgaaggttt     49740
     tgtcaccaac tctatcatct ttacaaaaaa aaattatagg tataaaaatc tagaaaactg     49800
     gaccatgcat taaaacagac actttctcat ttatggacat gaaaataaat tcacaatatg     49860
     caatttaatt cagactttaa tttccaaagc tttttttaaa gaaacttaaa ggctgtcaaa     49920
     gtatatgcct gtgttttatt acatattata taacacacta tataatatca catataaaac     49980
     taccactata ccatacagca tcattgtatc taagtattgt ttacaaatct atggtattgg     50040
     taaataaatc taactttatg ttaaagtttt aatccaaaag aattttaaaa attattatta     50100
     ttttatttct ttacatgttt ctttctcatc tctagaggaa aattagtgaa ggcatcatag     50160
     aattctacag ttcgctgatc acatattcaa aaacacctac agaatgaatc tataggacag     50220
     aagtctacac acatttatct ggaagcagat tgtataaatg gtgtcttgaa gttgctgtag     50280
     aagcaattac cagaaactaa atccaaacat tacaagtgaa gatattccaa cacaaagact     50340
     tgaatgattt tgttgagatt gtcaatggtt gacgcatgta gattttcttc attgtcatcc     50400
     atggtgtgcc agacttcagg gaaaggagaa gctatcaggt gaagaactgg gacacctgtg     50460
     ggagagaagc aactcgtgaa tgagtaagaa ttcccagggg ggtgaactag aaagttacat     50520
     ttgcaggcaa agaaagatcc atatccttta agccagtcga taactcctgg tttcacaagc     50580
     acatctccaa gcgtataggt acctcaaggc ttgtcaatca aacatcaatg aatccagtaa     50640
     gggatgataa gtcagccaag tgcctgcaaa gctcgtattc aaggagtgga atggcaagac     50700
     catgcctatg tggattttat attctagtga agaaagaaac gggcacatac gaaacataat     50760
     catagactgt gctaaagttg ttcgaaaaca acaaaacaag atacagggat caagatggag     50820
     ggcaggcaag ggaattgaat gaatggggag ccatttaaaa ccagggaaga gcctctccag     50880
     aagctaatat ttaaagagtg gtacaaaccc aacagaaagc aggccaggca aagacctagg     50940
     aatgagcatg gtgggcacca atattcctgc atgtaaagag catgaggctt gtgctgagca     51000
     gggagcacaa gacagccagt gtggccaaat cactgaaaga agtgagaagc caaggaagag     51060
     atgattttga aacagaatca gaaaatggaa gtcttcttag gccatggtaa agactttctg     51120
     tcttactcta taagacagca aaccaggaca tttaaaacag taagtattag cataatttga     51180
     ttctaaaaga taattctatt ttatgtgtgt gtgagagaga gacagagaca gacagagaga     51240
     gacagagaga gacagagaga gagacagaga gagacagaga gagagagaga gacagagaga     51300
     gagagagaca gagagagaga gagacagaca gagagagaga gagacagaga cagagagaga     51360
     gagagagaga cagagagaga gagagagaca gacagagaca gagagagaga gagacagaga     51420
     gagagagaga gagacagaga gagagacaga gagagagaca gagagacaga gagagagaga     51480
     gacagagaga gacagagaga gacagagaga cagagagaga gagagagaca gagagagaga     51540
     gagagacaga gagagagaga gacagacaga gagagagaga gacagagaca gagagagaga     51600
     gagagagaga cagagagaga gagagagaca gacagagaga gagagagaga cagacagaga     51660
     gagagagaca gagagagaga gagagagaga cagagagaga gacagagaga gacagagaga     51720
     gagacagaga gagagacaga gagagagaca gagagagaga gagacagaga gacagagaga     51780
     gagagagaca gagagagaga cagagagaga gagagagaga gacagagaga gagagagaga     51840
     gagagagaga gagagacaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     51900
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga cagagagaga gagagagaga     51960
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagacagaga gagacagaga     52020
     gagagacaga gagagacaga gagagagaga gagacagaga gagagagaga cagagagaga     52080
     gagagacaga cagagagaga gagagacaga gacagagaga gagagagaga gacagagaga     52140
     gagagagaga cagagagaga gagagagaga gagagacaga gagagagaga gagagacaga     52200
     gagagagaca gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagacagaga     52260
     gagacagaga gacagagaga gagagagaga cagagagaga gagagagaca gagagagaga     52320
     gagacagaca gagagagaga gagacagaga cagagagaga gagagagaga gacagagaga     52380
     gagagagaga cagacagaga gagagagaga gacagacaga gagagagaga cagagagaga     52440
     gagagagaga gacagagaga gagacagaga gagacagaga gagagacaga gagagagaga     52500
     gagagagaga cagagagaga gagagacaga gagacagaga gagagagaga cagagagaga     52560
     gacagagaga gagagagaga gagacagaga gagagagaga cagagagaga gagagagaga     52620
     ggagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     52680
     agagagacag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     52740
     agacagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaagc aatagtaaaa     52800
     tttagagacc agtgtggaag cttcctaaaa gtcactgagt taattttaga ctttcacatc     52860
     gcaatacagg acagctttct ctattttaat aatttatttg tttttatttt atgtgcattg     52920
     gtgttctgtc tccatgtgtg tctgtgtaag gtgtcaaatc cccggggacc agaattaccg     52980
     aaatctgtaa gctgtcacat gggtgctggg aattgaaccc aggtcctttg gaagaacagc     53040
     cagtgccctt aactactgag ccatctctcc atgccccagg acatctttct taccaaccat     53100
     gccacatcaa agttgaatga agagcaagaa aatagcttaa ctttatgcaa ggcaaggcag     53160
     gatatcagaa gattctggga ttttctaact atataacaga tatataaaga tatataaaga     53220
     tgccatcaag atttcaaaat gtctctcatg aggaaagaga agccatgaac aaatgacatc     53280
     atggccaaac ggattgattt attgatttaa tgattcctat caaactgatt ggtttattat     53340
     atttaatgat tcctatcact cctagattgt tacaaatcag gggaagtggg aattattgtg     53400
     taagtccagt gttgtatata agattcaact tagatggtca tctttaaaac ttaaatacgc     53460
     aagacaagga aaggaatatt ccatgacgca tattcttcca agtcaatgaa caataatggg     53520
     ctctatcatt tcatctgata atccaaagaa aggggctgat aaagaaatgg tctttatgtt     53580
     tcattttgtt ttgtttgtat ttattagctt taatttttta tacaatatat tttgatcatt     53640
     ttctttcccc ttcctcagca tcttccagat ctccccacct ccctatcctc ccaatttcat     53700
     accctctctc tctccctccc tctctctctc cctccctctc tctctccatc cctctctctc     53760
     tcctctctct ctctctttct ctctctctct cctctctctc tctttctctc tctctccctc     53820
     tctctctcaa tcaaaacaaa aagacaaaaa ataccaaaac aaaacaaaga gatagcaagt     53880
     gaatacacat tcgcacacac atgcatatgc attagctcgt gtatgcacac acatacacac     53940
     acaaaattga ccaatggagc ctgctctgga gtgtggttaa tatacccagt gtcactctac     54000
     tgggaaaaaa aaatcccctc tctcagtggg tataaattgc aaatagattc ttggttaggg     54060
     attggacttt ttagttaggg gcatgttctg gtaaagagat gctaaagtgt tacaagctgc     54120
     atctgaatag tacctttcat cagtataaac caggtgaggg tgtagctaga tgtcttcctt     54180
     attatttaat ttggtttaat tatctaacat ttatcttata gatataaatc cataaagcac     54240
     atgttggcca aaacttattt atagcaaaat aagtatgttt ccttttaaag ataggctctc     54300
     attcaaatta atccagtgcc tattttagat cttttaaaat acttttatat aggtcaaaac     54360
     attaattata taaatttaaa tcattcaaac ttaaggaagt atgggcttag tgatccaaag     54420
     tacactaata ttattcatgc ttaatttgtt tcttaaatat atgcagcagt tggagacctg     54480
     gaaattttca gttttaaaga acgctatcta atggcactaa gttgctaggt aaagtttggg     54540
     gaacagggag attcttttta cattagacaa tggtaactgt ctcataactg gttaaaatga     54600
     ggagaataaa tgactgttga atgttaagct atgatgtaaa ttagacattt atatcatcta     54660
     acactcagta agcatcaagg aaaagggaca ctaaagatgg gagaagcagg gggatggatg     54720
     ggagaatggt atgaaatgca agtacactct tgaactcaca acagccatga cctttatgag     54780
     atctttgtaa gattgggccc acaacaccat atcatggaga gcagaagatc tcatgaggcc     54840
     tcacccctct ctgaggattt gcacataatt attaatggtt ggtgtgggga ggggggaaga     54900
     gacatatact tctgtggtga acctactggt aaggtaccca tacttctgta aataaattct     54960
     catctgttct cctgtaagca gacctaacaa acccaatata gtactcaaag tcctagccag     55020
     agcacttaga caacaaaagg aggtcaaggg gatacaaatt ggaaaggaag aagtcaaaat     55080
     atcactattt gcagatgaaa tgatagtata tataagtgtc ccaaaaattc caccaaagaa     55140
     ctcctacatc agataagcaa cctcagcaaa gtggccggat ataaaattaa acaaatcagt     55200
     ggccttcctc tactcaaagg ataaacaggc tgagaaagaa attagggaag caacatcttt     55260
     cacaatagtc acaaataata taaaatacct tggtgtgact ctaactaagc aagtgaaaga     55320
     tcttaatgac aagaacttca agtctctgaa gaaagaatca aagatctcaa aggatagaaa     55380
     gatcttccat gcccatggat tggcaggaat aatatagtta aaatggccat cctgcagaaa     55440
     gcaatctaca gattcaatgc aatgcacatc aaaattccca atcaattctt catagagtaa     55500
     gaaaggacaa tttgcaaatt catctggaat aataacaaca acaacaacaa caacaaaaac     55560
     caggatagtg aaaactattc tcaataaaag aacgtctggg gaaatcacca tccctgacct     55620
     caagctgtac tacagagcaa tcgtgattaa aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aacaaaaaaa     55680
     aactgcattg tactggtaca gtgacaggca ggttgttctg tgggatagaa ttgaaaaccc     55740
     agaaatgaac ccatacacct atggtcactt gatctttgac aacggatcta aaaccatcca     55800
     gtggaaaaag acagcatttt taacaaatgg tgctggtcca actggtggtt agcatgtaga     55860
     agaatgcaaa tcaatccatt cttatctcct tgttcaaagc tcaagtccaa gtggatcaag     55920
     gacctccaca taaaaccaga tacactgaaa ataatagaaa agaaagtggg gatgagtctc     55980
     aagcacatgg gcacagggga aattttcctg aatagaacaa tagcttacac tctaagatca     56040
     agaattgaca aatgggacct cataaaattg caaagcttct ataaggataa aaacactgtc     56100
     aataggacaa aatggcaacc aacagattgg gaaaagattt ttaccaaccc tacatctgag     56160
     agagggctaa tatccaatat atacaaagaa ctcaagaagt tagactccag agacccaaat     56220
     aatcctatta aaaatggtgt tcaaagctaa acaaagagtt ctcagctgag gaataccaaa     56280
     tgactgagaa gcacctaaag aaatgttcaa tatccttagt catcagggaa atgcaaatca     56340
     aaacaaccct gagattctac ctcacaccag tcagaatggc taagatcaaa aactcaggtg     56400
     acagcagatg ctggcgagaa tatgtagaaa gaggaacact cctccattgc tggtgggatt     56460
     tcaggatggt tcaaccactc tggaaatcag tctgacagtt cctcagaaaa ttggacatag     56520
     tactatctga ggacccagct ataccaatcc tgagcgtata cccagaaaat gctccacatg     56580
     taataaggac acatgctcca ctatgttcat tgcatcctta tttataatag ccagaagttg     56640
     gaaagaaccc agatatcctt caacaaagga atggatacag aaaatgtggt acatttacac     56700
     aatggagtac tactcagcta ttaaaaatga tgaattcatg aagttcttag gcaaatggat     56760
     ggaactagag aatatcatcc tcagtgagat aacccaatca caaaagaaca cacatggtat     56820
     gcgctcactg ataagtggat attaacccag aaattcagga tacccaagat acaattcaca     56880
     gaccacatga aattcaagaa gaaggaagac cacagtgtgg atactttggt ctttcatggt     56940
     ctacaaagtg aattccagga cagccagggc tatatagaga aatcctgtct caaaaaacca     57000
     aaagaagaag aaggagaagg agaaggagaa ggagaaggag aaggagaaga agaaggggga     57060
     tcaaactacc catgggagga gttacagaga caaagtatgg agcagagact gaaggaaagg     57120
     ccatccagtg actgtcccac ctggggatcc atcccatata cagtcaccaa acccagacct     57180
     tgcagacagg agcctgatat agctgtttcc tgagaggctc tgccagtgcc tgacaaatat     57240
     taagtggatg ttcacagcca accatttgga ctgatcacag ggtccccagt gaaggagcta     57300
     gagaaaggac ccaaggagct gtaggggttt gcagctccat aggaggaaca acaatatgaa     57360
     ccaaccagta cccccagatc tcccagggac taaaccacca accagagtac acaaggggac     57420
     tcatggctcc agccgcatat taggagagga tggccttgtg ggacatcaat gagaggagag     57480
     gcccttggtc ttgtgaaggc tggatgcccc agtgtagggg aatcccagga caagggagca     57540
     ggagttggtg ggttagtgag cagggggagg gggaatggga tggggggggt cagaggggaa     57600
     atggggaaag gggataaaat ttgaaatgta gataaagaaa ctatgtaata aaaaatgaaa     57660
     aattaaaaaa agagagggca aagggagagg aatatgatca aactatatta tatactgtag     57720
     tctcccctcc cccagcctga aacctgcttg ctcaggggtg gagcttcctg ctcattcggt     57780
     ctgccacgcc cactgctaga acctgcggag ccacacacgt gcacctttct actggaccag     57840
     agattattcg gcgggaatcg ggtcccctcc cccttccttt ataactagtg ttgcaacaat     57900
     aaaatttgag ctttgatcag aatgaatttg ttttagctcc atttcttctt tcgccccgtc     57960
     tagattcctc tcttacagct cgagtagcct tctcagtcga acggttcatg ttgcgagctg     58020
     ctggcggccg caacaatata catctataaa aatgtcataa tgaaatacta catacaatta     58080
     acatataata aaaaagaacc agaaaaagaa atgtgaaaat aatattttta aaatttcaaa     58140
     atgcacataa aatataataa ttacagtaga cacagtagag aaaacacaat gcacaacaat     58200
     acacacacag ttaccttttc ttaaaaatgg aatgtggtca tcctggataa tatttccata     58260
     gccaaaattc tgaaaatact tcctctccaa agaatgatcc ttgagtaatc ccaattcata     58320
     gagttccttt tctgtggaca gcaagatgaa catcagtaga cagtagatga acatctaatt     58380
     ttctctgatc aagactcaga atacatcctt atttagggag cttgaaatct tatcacacat     58440
     ggaattcttc cctagatctg tatcagtaaa catagccaca tctatgacag taagagtcta     58500
     agctgcacct atctatactt tggagtagag gagaatagag acagagaggc acacatgaca     58560
     ttgacagtgc tggtgaaaac ctctaagatt ccagcttcca gtttgaacca gtgcccagag     58620
     caaacctggg gcgctggctc actacccact cctacaacac ccagaggaag ctcaactccc     58680
     aggtgccttg acacaccaag gatcacagga aatgcaggga caaagaatgg aatcagagac     58740
     tgggggaaag gccatccaga gactgcctca cctagggatc caccctatcg gcagacacca     58800
     aacccaacca ttattgctga tgccaagaag ggcttgctga caggagcctg gtaaagctgt     58860
     cccctgagag gctctgccag acccttactg atacagatgc ggatgcttgc agtcaaccat     58920
     aggactgagc atggagaccc caatggagga gttgggggaa ggactgaagg agttgaaggg     58980
     gttaacaacc ccataggaag aacaacaatg tcaaccaacc agaaccccca aagctcccag     59040
     ggactaaacc accaaccaaa aagtacacat ggggagaaca catggctccc actgcatccg     59100
     tagcagagga ttgccttatc aggcatcagt gggaggggag acccttggta ctgtggaggc     59160
     tcccagggta ggggaatgct atggcagagg ctggagtggg tatgcaggtg ggggaagcac     59220
     tcttatagag gcagaggagg gaatgggggg gttgtggatg ggacactggg aaggggagta     59280
     catttgaaat gtaaataaat aaaataacca attttttaaa aagattaaaa gagaccaagt     59340
     agctaatgcc aaaaaaagag tagatgctca ctagaacaac tgagattgag aaagagaaag     59400
     agaaaaagga gtcaaaggtg ttggaaactc agatgcagat gttcatagat ccaggtggtg     59460
     tgtggcgaat gcccatgtag agatgtgggg ggcttaaagc ggaatatgcc aacagagtag     59520
     gatgaagtat atcaactggc cactctgtgg gaaaagacta ctgtgacctc tatcagtgat     59580
     tctcaggatg cggttcctca tcaagagctt cagtatcacc tgagaataac gcagagatgc     59640
     aaatcagctg gtactacctc tggcttaatg aatcagaaat tcggggtacc ggctggtaat     59700
     ccacgcgtta gcatgaaccc aggggattct gatctgtcct gaagtttgag aaccactggc     59760
     ctacacagtc cctcactcct ggtgtcttgt agcacataag tcgtgtatat aacccatgtg     59820
     ctgcttgata caaaatggca agatagcatc agatgacaaa acaaggaaat aatgcccagg     59880
     atagctggtc atttttgtga ttgttaaatt tctagggtaa aactgtatca agtaggaaac     59940
     aagtataatg ggattttaag aacactgaga aagccccaag taccacaaaa tataatattc     60000
     ttatctatca atacttatat ttccttaacc atcatgtaca tttttcttat acaattaaat     60060
     agttaaaaat gtaaattcca caaacgaggg cagtgcaatc ggttttaatc acagtaaggt     60120
     acaatctgtt gatgtgtgcg tttcagagaa aggaagtaag ggaagcacac agagtccttg     60180
     ggggagaaag acaaagggag aaaacagaag cagacaaatt tgagatggaa aatgaaatga     60240
     aattccagag taccttttgg catcatttct aaaaatatat acatgtagta ttttgacatc     60300
     tgcctttcaa aatagaattc cacctaagaa actaaactgg gcctgctgaa gaattaggaa     60360
     taataaacaa attggtaggg gaagacaaat gccagcaagg tatgttaact atttaaattg     60420
     tacatttaaa ccataaattg tgagtttgca ggtgtagtgc ttgccagcag gaagaaacag     60480
     ccttttgctc tttagtaact gggatgctta ccaattgctt gaagtctatt aaaccatctg     60540
     gtagtcttgg ggaaaaaatt agggaatgtt ggatttgctg ctccaattaa atctagtaag     60600
     accaacagat cctacgagag aaaaatattg ctttgtcata gtcacccagg catgtttcag     60660
     acccatcaag aaaaccagtc aaagctaaca cattttaaca agcgagaatc acacggagag     60720
     ctttttaaat ggaaaggggc ttagtggcat tgtttgctaa ccatcttaga gaacattgta     60780
     gaccttgctt acataacatg gacaaatggg gattttttta tgcatcaaag gagcataact     60840
     aaggataaac tagaaaggga gatttgatgc atattttaca gtttgagaaa agatcacatt     60900
     tgctgtatgt ccacgtggga gttcaaacct gtctaatcta tgccgttgta attaggcatt     60960
     tttaacttta atctgtaatg attggtgagc ttgggagcat aagctataac tcacacagcg     61020
     tgtaaggaaa catcccttta aaggaaacta tatgcatcgt gctactgggg cgccatttcc     61080
     ttcagtaaca aacaaggagt tcagtccagc tgctctctaa agtctcctgg ttatagcctt     61140
     cccaactaga ccaatttctc ttagcttggt ttagccacaa agcatcagct cgcttgagaa     61200
     ctccattcct gaagaccccc gcctagataa aggcctcctg acttagcaaa gttagcagaa     61260
     tacatactgt gtgggtaact gccgactctg aagcctgatg tatacgggaa aaatgttatc     61320
     aggtttcaag attccagaga tatggtatac atgaatgata tatacgtaca tgtatgtata     61380
     actgatatac atactcattc atttgggaaa aaatgcttgt ttgaaatagg aacatattca     61440
     tgagattgga taagtctctg agaaatagat gagcctttcc atcactgcgg atcgtatatc     61500
     tggactgata agtaactgct aattatctgc atctcttctc atttgtccaa gcccctctga     61560
     gttgctcagg cacgagtgaa tgagtgaaat gatgaccaca tgcttttgac tcatagtgag     61620
     ctgtccgcaa acaaaagaaa gtcatgctca catgaggagc gttagggaat ctagaagaca     61680
     ccagttgctc atttgagtca tagggcgaca aagagcggga atgtgtgaag gcagggtgga     61740
     gggtttagga agagtgtcag agacaaatga cttcccgagg gtagcataag gttctaaact     61800
     gggagtggtg tggacttggt gacagagtga agatccagta tgggcagaga gtcactgaag     61860
     ggaatttact ggtaggccac aggagaacgt atggaggtcg gatgctgaaa ccactattta     61920
     gtaacagcag aattttaaga catcttcaaa atgtctctac cctcacatca taaatgctac     61980
     atcaacctac cacataaaat taaacatcag tatactgcag tcaatatact gctttaaaca     62040
     catggggaat tcctctttcc tccctgtcct ggggttccca gcctcctctg cctgaaaaaa     62100
     ggtctctttc tctccacact acccagtgtt gaggggttgg gagggggcgg tactctcact     62160
     aaaccataat gaatctaatg ccttcttaat ctgattgtca catcatttta attaagctca     62220
     gccaaacaca gcttctaaca cagaaccatt ctttttaggt ctgggattcc tcaaaactcc     62280
     agtgcttgcc aaggaatgtt ctaccataaa cagtgctccg aggatttcga ggcacgttta     62340
     ggtctttact tggtcttagc agccttgcct ctggagacag ggactgagct acagagccaa     62400
     ggtaattact cagactaacc atgccatcca gttggttggt gcctcttgat ccaggagggt     62460
     gagggcttga tgccatcttc tgagctaagt gccgagaccc atacagagaa tcttgagggg     62520
     accagtgatg aaaagcctct tcaccatcaa agaaaattag ccggagtgag agatctggct     62580
     tggaaccaga gacatcctgg taaaacacaa agaacaattt gaaaagtaaa acaaaaccaa     62640
     tggaaactaa cttcaagcaa ccacaggaca tattgacctg ggattgtctc cagagagacc     62700
     tatgaacagt atatcttcaa gatgggttca tgatgatcat cagtggaaac aaagagcaaa     62760
     taggctccag tcaattaaaa attcacattc tttcctagta actgggccaa aaggcagatg     62820
     ttccaagaag cgaagaggtc caggcaaagg aagatgtgcc agaagttact tgacaccagt     62880
     tccaacccaa accccatcat actgcttcca aaacaaaagg tcttgcacgt actccctaac     62940
     aagctgttac actgtaggac tgctgtgacg agcactgtga cctgccactg aattctccct     63000
     caggtggatg ggttgcccca gttgtagcct ctcctgggat gaacctccca tgactaccta     63060
     gtcagacacc tgagcctctc cataggccac cacctccaca gctctccaga gttagctgag     63120
     gctgctgtaa aacctgcact gcagcttcat ggctcactcc tcctaatcct gtctcatccc     63180
     tctccctgcc tccagagttg atccaaggcc actccctaat cactgacctg aatgggacag     63240
     gtgatgttcc acctcccaat gtgcttccct ggaacccaac ctaaaacaac tgggtacctt     63300
     ctcctcacct taccggactt ggaaattcgt tattggacct aagttcaaga gtctgcccta     63360
     ggaacaatgt agggacacaa acagaataat tatagtgttt ctcttaagag atcctataca     63420
     tttggcaggt taggagaaag agaacaaata cataagtatg gtttgtaata tgccaagggg     63480
     ctcaagtgtg aagcttgcat ccattgaagg ctgggaggaa tgactgactg atggagccct     63540
     tgggacatca agcaaggctt tgtgagagac actatttgag aaaaccgaaa agctttacag     63600
     tttttaatcg ggctatgact ctccggtaca gatagtcctt ttggtgttca aatcttccaa     63660
     gcccacttaa tctcacctct tcacagctac actcctataa tgaccccgtt tactccagtt     63720
     ttgaccaatt tctggtaatc cttctggtcc ttcccctaag tacactgtca gctccttggc     63780
     ctctcttcat aatcacactt tcatggaaca aaataataat aacatggagg gccattctct     63840
     acctattctg tgactattct caagatgcta aacccggcta gaaaaaaaaa atgaaccacc     63900
     atgctatttg ctaacttaaa atccacgagc acagatttta atacagcctt tctgtactgt     63960
     gctgtataca cacagaacac agttgtgcta tattttctgg gtttgttgac tgaccctgag     64020
     tattccacac tttccctttc cctagcctgc agctccccag cccacccatc cgcactccca     64080
     agtgatgccc ttgatttctt cttgccagtc tccttagatg ccagtctccc cacatatgca     64140
     ctaaattcca tctcctcttg tctgctcaag ggcattgctt tagcatacgc catttcttcc     64200
     acatcaggtg ttctgccact gctcgatagt tctgcgggtt tgctatcttt gttaactcac     64260
     tggaaggatt ttatatatgc agtgttcctc agtcttattc ttcagctcca ttttttaaaa     64320
     ttctcggtgt tgaaccagaa gcctgaacca tgcaaggcca ttgctctacc aaataaatca     64380
     tgtccccctg aagtggtaat aaattaattc tctccaaaca tcccagcggg tgcgcacaca     64440
     cttcttccta ccaccctaat gttgtggaat tgcaaatgaa agacacacac acacacacac     64500
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacca caacagcctt ttattttaat     64560
     atgtcttaaa cagctcaatg ctgggcactt ccaaacctcc ccacagctaa cacactctcc     64620
     cctccaatat tcctgaatta tcacttgcta aaacctatgt tatattctgt cctggctgcc     64680
     acagacccag gcctgtagtc ctcctgggcc atgatctctg actcttacat gttggcagtg     64740
     tctctgtctt tctgtcctac acttctcaag tggggacctt ctccatcctc agcagtggtc     64800
     attctcttcc tccctcgagt tccttgcctg gggaatctca aagtcccgcc tctgtctccc     64860
     agcccagcca ttggcagtag acatttgaat ccctgtgtaa tttgggaagc cataatgtaa     64920
     gcattaaatc aaatccacaa catctcaccc tttttgtcca ataaaaaggc cttctctctt     64980
     agatatacat tgaacatagt tataacagtt atgtaaacta taataataga tataataaca     65040
     acacctagtc taccaatttt gtcactttta ggtacatcac tggaacgtct atcttaactt     65100
     cccccaggct ttctaggagg tctgttctta tgcctatcct tcaggcttca tctcctccat     65160
     ctactgaaac ataagtgtca agcacaccta cgacctacac atcaataaat ccaaagatca     65220
     gctctcagtc tttatcatcc ctgacttact gacagcatcc agcataactg atgctctgtc     65280
     ctgggtaaaa tccttccatt tgcctcctag aagaacacgc tctgcctccc tcattcagga     65340
     gatggaattc aatgcatgcg tggggagctt agcagctaat gagactggca agaagaagtc     65400
     aaggctattc cttgggagtg aggatgggca aggtaaggaa ctgcaggtta gggagaggaa     65460
     gagtgtgaaa cactcactgt gagagtgaat ggaagaagaa aatacagatt ccttcatgcc     65520
     tcctccctct taatatcaaa gagcactagg gcttgatgcc taattttttt ctcatctctg     65580
     ctggcatcta tccttggata cctattctga atagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     65640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttct cacatctgat ctccagacca     65700
     acacatcagt tggcaaacta acatctgagc atgcatgtat ataacacatg ccacaatgtt     65760
     gcaggcccaa cctcattgtt ttctagcttc caggatttct actaagtcca gcaccacttt     65820
     cattcttaca gctttttata tgacctggaa tgatcccatg aaaaaaaaat cattttattt     65880
     tgtttttttt ttcctttcta aaaaggatat attacctact tcagagtcca gtgttcttag     65940
     tgcctttctt gaaaattgta cttttaattt caaatttcca agagctcttt gctatgatga     66000
     gattactctg tgattgaaga ctgctttatt ttatgaatac aagttctctc atctctaagg     66060
     attttaaaat agcatcacgc tatcttctgc tgccctggca gtatctaccc tacccctcca     66120
     acttcatgtt tcaatttgca taattagttt ttcttccaca atggaaacta tactccaata     66180
     gctgaccacg cctggtattt gtttgtactg aagaacaagg tactaaaatg ttcactgaag     66240
     acacaaattg gttggctcta atgtagtcac tttagagcaa tctggtgtct attcagtgtt     66300
     ctcatttaag gttgccaaat gtctcccttg gcatccttgt ctgtggcatc tgcattctct     66360
     ggacacagat tctccagtcc tatgtctgct actggctttc tggtgctagg aatggaagaa     66420
     agcctgaaga ccccactgtc caacatgata tttacctaat ccccttgatc tccctagggt     66480
     tcctcatcac ccttctttaa agcttgtcct cccaagtcca aaataccctc tgtttaattt     66540
     cttttagaat ttcctgagag ccagcagaat gctcacctcc ctgcctggca tggattcaaa     66600
     atctatacat ccatacgttt cttatacaca tctgtgtata cacacacaca cacacacaca     66660
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caccgcctct cttctgcctt cctaatgtgt     66720
     caatcctcta actacctccc cttaggatat tgtcaagaga ctatcctgta ctttctgaag     66780
     gattcccatt taactaactt ctctccactt tgctgtgaca tccacttgtc tccatattgt     66840
     gtttcccact aacacacatc cgctagtttc ttcaaagaca gagtttccct gttgctttag     66900
     agtggtacca gataaaagag aaattagggg tttgaacagt ttgtctcttt gtggattgtt     66960
     ttgttttgta tccctggctg gcttgaaact ctaatctaaa ttaggctagc cttgaatgcc     67020
     tcccaaatag attacgaaat ttgatacttt ggattccata atagctgagc ctttataata     67080
     tcatcaacca aaccttcaaa gccatcttgg tggcacattc ctgtaatccc agctacttag     67140
     aaggctaaag gaagattgca agttcaaagc ttttttagac taccaagagg ccagcctaac     67200
     caacttattt agatactgcc ttaaaatttt atatatatgt atatacatat aattataaaa     67260
     tataaatata tttatataca taaaatataa ataatacaaa aatataaata tattttataa     67320
     tacataaatt ataaattttt atgtatatac atatacatac atacacacac acacacacat     67380
     atatatatat gtatatatat acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     67440
     acacacacac acacacacat atatatatat ggctggggtt gtaggacagc aatacaacat     67500
     ttacctacat gcaggaggcc ttggcttcaa cccaatcact gaaaagaaaa atactaaaac     67560
     tgccaggccg caaagatcct cctggtgtcc aggtataaag ctaaattagt aaaagttgca     67620
     gaccatgatt attttcctgc cagctgtaaa aagaaacaaa agagcagctt gccacaaggg     67680
     acttcgaatc agtattcaca ggagtctaaa taaattaatg ctgagaatgg aatgaatgaa     67740
     tgtaagtcat ttcgctacct ttaggtgtca tctgactgct gacttttcag tgagatccgt     67800
     gtggccttat gcctgaagga aatgaaaact acctcttatt gtctctacct tggacatgaa     67860
     caaaaggtct ctggccgggc ttggtcggaa ggcatctctc tgctttgggc atgcgcagaa     67920
     tgctttggta ccaagcactc tggttccacc tcttgctccg tggctgtgct gtctcatttg     67980
     gagcagtaca tttatttgtg acaagcagaa atgtgtcttt aagtctcgcc tcgcccgccc     68040
     atgtctttct gttaggaacg ttaagtataa aacaccaaaa gggcatgccg gcttgtgaat     68100
     tccctcagga atggttacca gttcaaagca gggcagggcc tgaaacaaag ccatcccaga     68160
     aggctcagaa aaacaacaca gctgtgaaaa ggatattaag ggggtacaaa caatccttgc     68220
     tttcttcaaa ttcagcatat ccagcaaaaa cagaagcaca tatctctatt acttccatta     68280
     caagataaac ccttcatttc tttacactta ttgtatcaaa aactaaaggc ccggctagtg     68340
     gggaggcatt tgttgcctgt gaaccaagtt tttgtattca ctttgtcatg tttacttggt     68400
     tatgagcagt atcagaataa aatgtcctca tctaggctag catttccctc ccacttaccc     68460
     ccaccctacc ccgtgcaccc ttaagaacac agagacagaa atcaaacctg ggagtcccaa     68520
     acgcattctg agctgcaggc ataacagaag ctctgctaca ctgtgtaaaa ctgagccctg     68580
     attcacagct acaaccatag cacacttctg cttttcatct tggtatatct gaattcccca     68640
     cacactgaag atctcccata atgcaccccc ccaactccag agcccacctc tctcccagca     68700
     ggaggtgatg atgtttctca gctgtgtaaa caagaagtaa gcatgacttg atagaaaaca     68760
     taatccacac acatatgcca tcaccagctt ccctcttatt tcattatttg caaaaaaaaa     68820
     aaaagttatt cccaatttaa tatataacca ggtatgaata tatatcagtt aatgaaccca     68880
     cccttatcta tctgtgaatt attgcccatg gtagatactt taaatcatgt gctcttccaa     68940
     ataatacttc ctccatttca tattttttaa caaattattt tgaagtgcac cccaaagttt     69000
     tgctttccaa atgacctccc cactccaagg attcccaaat tcatggagtt gatgctgtct     69060
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttattg ttttacccta ggagtcaaca agaagagagc     69120
     agataccttc aaggaatgga gtttcttgtc taaggcacgg gcaagttcca acatcattgc     69180
     acatggcaca gctgaatccg tggctcccac aaacactctg ctgtcccatc gaggaaaata     69240
     tttggagtcg tagtggcagg cgaggaccag gtgtcgtttc gcttccgggt taagagtgct     69300
     gatgatattt gagaaggacc gatagccata gggagtccta ctcaggaagg tgtcaacttc     69360
     cacgacccac tcagcctgaa gtctctgaat tcgttgcatg atgtgctgag caaaaaacaa     69420
     ataaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaatggttt tcattggtta gctgtgtctc tacatctcga     69480
     atgtgatgcc ttcttttgct gctgttggaa caacattcag gccaggctgg actgaaaaat     69540
     ggcggcatga tcaggcccca ggctagcaca gaatttatgg taatcctcct tcctcctcat     69600
     tccaagcact aggattaacg gcagacatgc cttgcatgtt tactgatagt aataacgtta     69660
     ctactagttg ttatttttag ttagtagcag cttctcgttg aaaggagaga ctagtctccc     69720
     ccagtcctaa cctttcgcct acttattcat cccgttcagt tgtcaatatt taccaacact     69780
     agcaacctga tggggatctt tctacagact tctctttgat tgtgcaaacc tcaccagcat     69840
     acaagcgcgt atatttgaaa gaggagtgtg ttcttttgca gggaaagcag cctactttac     69900
     ttaacaatct gtcatgggca catctacagc tcagggagca agttcagctc agcgccccta     69960
     aagactactt ctaacatttg taacaagccg gggtgctctc tttgagaaag taagcatagc     70020
     agatctgtaa acctccactc caagctttcg aagaatcaca aatggcagct gtgggcgtat     70080
     gtgcacgtgt gccaagtgca cagaatgctc tccaagccct gaaatgcttc cagagtagta     70140
     ggggaaacat atgagcaccc acctactgag ggctgtaggg aaagtcccca tagcaacgga     70200
     tagatgggta tacggtcaga ccctacccac agtaagaatc aataagcaac tctcatccca     70260
     gctttcattt tgtatccaag gtaggtccag atctgaagct cagagaaatc tctcagcact     70320
     gcctcatgga cacattggac cttctaggca gcatggggac agtagcagga atcgggaaga     70380
     aaggcccacc atgacagaga ctgacagtgt cttccttagg gatgtaaaat gtgtgacctg     70440
     agaagtttgg aatgagcttg acactgtctc actctgctct ttttttcctg tccttatttt     70500
     tccttggact tgttcctcac tccatttctt tgtttccctc cagtgttgtt tccatctttg     70560
     taaggtgcct tattaaaaca cattcctaaa cctcagatca caaatgagcc attagaatca     70620
     ctgacagttt gtcccaccat taacatctag acaggaggga ccttgagata aatgagcaaa     70680
     taactcacaa tagctggaaa caaatgggag ggttttgttc ctcccaaaga aatacaggat     70740
     tttctattct ggccaagtct tgtgtggcct acagcctgct gatgtaacat gacacacagg     70800
     cccagagagc tttgcacaaa ttccagcagg aggcttccaa ggagagggga aacttacaca     70860
     gagtgggtgg aggctctgcg gcacaccatc gaccctgaga aagccaaata gacagatccc     70920
     tttgttgtgt gtggctggta gactttaacc cagacagcgc tctgcatccc ttaccttgct     70980
     ttacagctgc tactctacag acatgctctt tttctattca tcaaaagaaa cgcttagagc     71040
     ctttccacaa ccagctccct tattttgtta ttccccacaa gtcctatact gtgcttttgt     71100
     tcacagtgtt ctaccgcagg gaacttgaat tgactgtagc agaaaatggg agttaatgtg     71160
     atgaggatac ataaaatcac atgacacaga tcgttcattg tttcactatc gagggagatc     71220
     gctgtgcatc tacgacgagg ttttctaaag aagataaaaa aatgagttat ccctagactt     71280
     tgtttaactc cagcacatct ggagtccaga tgataaactg ctccataaaa tggcttctta     71340
     ccaccgatgg tagccaggga gatgcactga gattttaaag gatctgttga aggttatctg     71400
     ctagcattgt gcagaagttt cacccagaac ctcattcctc aactcaattc ccccaccctg     71460
     ggcaatgact cctaacattc ctatgtatac tgacttccac gaaagatatc accaagagcc     71520
     ccaaacagct gtctctgaag taaccttttt gtatacaaaa taaatatttt catttatctt     71580
     agtaaccagg atgaaattag gacaccagta ctcagtggtg tcttgagctt tcagatttat     71640
     ttaggctcca tgtctccacc agaaggctct gaaggagatt tcccaaacca ctgcttttta     71700
     tcacaatatt cctaaagtct aagcagcagt tcacgcttga ctccgaggga tcaaaggttg     71760
     ggcctccagg cgtgatgagg ggtcaggcta gagagactac catttggcat tctgattctg     71820
     ggtgaggcag tagaggaagc tattctgggg taacgttagt acttggtcct aggtgtgatg     71880
     gggttatgcg taaattctaa ttttgggtat ctgagaaatg gtgctgtcag ccgcagatca     71940
     ggattgctct ggggaagtag actctccagt gtgtgcaact aaatctgcaa atgcactgtt     72000
     gtgagggtcc tggccctgcc actttttcca gttaactctt ttctagacta tctctacaca     72060
     aggctctggg gatccaagct gaccatactc cacacagggt tctccattgg taactgtaca     72120
     ccaacaataa caatacctac atacctttca cagaaattca gttttgactt tccacactct     72180
     gtgcatccct gatttctcta gcttgtctct cctagaaaag gatcttgact gtccctcatg     72240
     aaaatttgcc atccttgtga ctcagtttac tttctatgtc tacactggaa atcactgaaa     72300
     tgcccacaag tgaatgcctt caatatattt ttttaataaa taagttattt ctttagatca     72360
     aaatttaaat tcaatagtca ctttgggctt tgttgctcaa gggtcataag tgtaaatttt     72420
     aagacacatc tgtccaaaaa tactttctct ccaaaagcac tcatagagat atgcatctac     72480
     cctgtgactg caaagtcaac ctacaacttg actttggatc aagtcctcag gattccagag     72540
     ccaaaagtct tcttaagtca tgactgcgtg tctctgtgaa ctacagagta cctgacctag     72600
     ttcccaagag gcctaagggg aacaattttt gttattgggg ctgcttaaat ttggctctga     72660
     atgaaaggct gtgatcctac ttgagtttta catcgatgta aaaccctgag tatggtcccc     72720
     tcataataat tgtctctttt tcattttcaa atgaaggagc cttttctctt ccacaactta     72780
     agggacatca ttctagatta gtgatagcaa ttttcttatt aaaaataata agactgaatc     72840
     tcttaggtaa aatttctttc gtattattta ttttataatt tatttattct tatcaaaaag     72900
     aggaaaaagc acgtccatgt tgtgttagcc atattctcac cgggataggg tcagattccc     72960
     agtggccagc aacccagggg aggatgagtc tttctctgcc tgtatccctc cccagaagcc     73020
     ataacttaag agaaccaaag gttgttgggg ggggcagggc cagctctccc ataagggcca     73080
     gggttaaata aaatttctaa catgattatc ctgttatcat ctaccaccac atcagtcagg     73140
     ccacatacag gcagtcctgc ctagggccta acacattcta aaatactgtc aatacatttc     73200
     ccctttgctt ctaccccttc aagacagtgg tcaatgctat tgtagacttg gtcattatgt     73260
     ggatatttat cttcgaacat ttaaaaagtt ttttttttat tttgtgtatg catgcgtctg     73320
     tgtatgagtg tgtgcatgtg aggccagagg tgttgagttt ctctagagct agagttacaa     73380
     gcagttgtga accactcagt atgggtgcta ggaaccagac tgtggtcctc tgcaagagca     73440
     atatgctctc ttaactgttg agccatttct ccagccactg aatgtatatc ttttaaatca     73500
     taacaatacc tatatactga ttatgctata tatccataga agacaaagtt tcaacaatgt     73560
     tcactatgtt tatggccttt taggaataag gaacttgggc ctcatgtatg catatgtgta     73620
     tctgcatgta aatagccttc tgagccaaca gagtaagaaa atgggaaagg ttggatcaag     73680
     tatcatagcc cggattgttt ccaggtgagc tgaggacttt gagaagcaaa cattctgaaa     73740
     ctttcaagaa aattcttaga acatggggcc ttgggaaaac tgtgcaataa atattgtgta     73800
     cctcactctc cagtgtgcca tgggaagatg cagagctgaa gctattagct tcatttatcc     73860
     ttgatctaat ttctctcaaa tctctagtga ttagaaaatc aagtagaact gagttcaaac     73920
     tgctataaca cacataactg caaataaatt aattcagata actaagcctt ggatctcttt     73980
     aaataagtat attgggatag gaatgtagca ttgttgtgga aactaaatgt gctattatgt     74040
     gctgtccgaa agttgaccat ccaggatgga tatccaggca tggtaattca caactgcaac     74100
     cctacatcct gagagaatca aacacaagga acacctcaag tttaaggcta ccctgggcta     74160
     catggtaagt tctaggccag cctgggttgt agagtgatac tgtttatcaa aaaaacatat     74220
     atgaataaaa agaaagaaaa gaaggaaggg agctaggaaa ggatggaagt tggccaccac     74280
     catcatcctc ccccttttcc tcctccccct ccctcctcct ccccttcctc ttcttccttc     74340
     ccctcctcct catcaccatt cctcaatgtt tctgaaggct aaaataacca agtttgttag     74400
     agctttgttg gggattggtt ctaatgcttt gaattaacct cgcccctcaa atcggaaatc     74460
     tgtgtgtcca aatactgaag gtccttgtcc ccaactggtc ttttgatcaa tcaataaaga     74520
     gccaacagcc aatgcctggg caagtggact gaaaccagac ctttagattt gcccagacta     74580
     gagattggga gagaggaaag ggcagaaatc accttgatgg ggaagaggaa agaccagacc     74640
     caaaggccca ctgacatatg agaatcatgg aaagtggcca catgacccac ttccccaaat     74700
     gtgttggggt agcagagatg aaatatagac tttaaaagtt gttaactcag gagtacagga     74760
     gaggagtgtt tgctagcagt gggaaggatt agaaatgctc agccattaag ctagtcaagg     74820
     catttaaaat taactggggt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct     74880
     gtctgtctgt cttccattca caaatccaga tagctcttgg gtgggtgcac atgtgcgacc     74940
     tgtcgggagc acagaacagt tagctaaact caccacaaca ggcctcatct gaggagctat     75000
     tcagatggga agaaggaggc taaaaaaagc caacacacac atctgtcaag ggtacacttg     75060
     cagggcagag ctacacagta gaaaaataag agctgtgagc tgcatagatg aagcatgcag     75120
     gtctctctag acacagcagt agttgccaat gtttttgtct aggaagttga gcaagtagaa     75180
     tatttaggaa gaggctttga gaggccggtc ctattccttc ccaagctccc ccttgaatga     75240
     gattagtttg gaaaaaagca gacattgaga ggtaagattt cgtgttgctc aggcagattg     75300
     acaaagaaat tcaaagtcta gcccatctta tagcttccct ctacatcact gtcctccaaa     75360
     cagcagtggt aaaatcaata aacctggaaa taaaaataga acttacaata tctaaataaa     75420
     ttacagataa taacaatgag tagtttttcc aaaaactttc attgcagcta aatacattgt     75480
     taaacatcct tgtctgtaaa atccaccatg tttttactgt gggtcaaagt agatgtctga     75540
     gaagctcaac tgtagacaga agctaatcat tggcctcagc caagaaaaca atttccctca     75600
     agaggaaaaa ggctgacagt tcggtgactc acacttgccc tggaactgct aagcaagcac     75660
     tgtgaaaagc tgttgaagtt tggattctag gggtcacaaa aaatggttag taagctagga     75720
     atgtgtcctt gaagtgacca agattggggc cttagtatcc tgaattattg ctgctatagt     75780
     caggacaatg atgtcacaca taaacataaa ctgattttca gtaaatgtgt agcaatcaac     75840
     tcaaaataga cacttactct caggtgtatg tctttcttgg ttacctctgg tagtgtgtag     75900
     tgagataatg ttatacatga ctcagaactt tagccaccat ctcatccctc aagggaaagc     75960
     aaagtattta aaacctttag gtgtgaactc tgttcttcct cacctgccga gcagaatagc     76020
     ttccgggcga tccaggatat cgttctatca gcaatggtct caagtcgttt tgccacattt     76080
     cagaaatgct agtgccttct gcaacttgct gaagagatga agaattcaaa tgtgctggtt     76140
     ggtggtggtt ctgtgatcaa ataaaaagta cttagctcca attgtatgtg tttaagactt     76200
     agcatggtac atttgtgatt agtggcttta aaaacttcaa aatagccggg catggtggcg     76260
     cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggta tatttctgag ttcgaggcca     76320
     ccctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaat cctgtctcaa     76380
     aaaaaacaac aacaaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa aaaaaacttc aaaataaagg agaaggttta     76440
     tgtcatatga ggtaaagggc tcaactataa aattgtcccc ttgaaatgtc tagattttgg     76500
     cagcttgttt gaaaaacaaa attgaaagta tgctttcatg gtaagtcaca caactggtgt     76560
     aacttcagat aaattttctg aataattgtt ttgtaaaact gaggtttaaa aataacagtt     76620
     ctgggctggt gaaatggctc agtggatgag cacttgccaa caagtttgaa gagctgagtt     76680
     ctatctctgg gacctacatg gtgtaagaag agaactgact ctagcaaatt gtcctccaca     76740
     catacaccaa ggtatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgta     76800
     atttaaaaaa ttaataacaa ctatacagag taccaacact gaggaggcag aggcatgaaa     76860
     attacaagtt cagcgccagc ctggactaca cagaggaacc ctgttgtgga gagccctgga     76920
     gctaattata tttgatgtta agtccattct cctgggagtg tcttccaacc aggaatgagt     76980
     cagcactcag gtgatttcct gtaaacctgc ttcccacctt aatttgtaaa ataaagaaga     77040
     gctgatgatg ggaaggtgga gcaaaaggtg aggggaggga gagaaggaga aaatggaaga     77100
     gggagaggat gcagaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga     77160
     ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aagaggaaga ggaagaggaa gaggaagagg aagaggaaga     77220
     ggaagaggaa gaggaagagg aagaggaaga ggaagaggaa gaggaagagg aagaggaaga     77280
     ggaagaggaa gaggaagagg aagaggaaga ggaagaggaa gaggaagagg aagaggaaga     77340
     ggaagaggaa gaggaagagg aagaggaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga     77400
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaaa     77460
     gcagagcaga agcacatggc ctggagaaac cgcaagttct acggggtctc atgtggaaga     77520
     tggtagtgta gcagtagatc tgcccaatct aggctcacag catgtaatca tattaattga     77580
     gttttgtttt cattgccagg cataattggg ttggagattt accgcaatag aaccctatgt     77640
     caaaacaaca acataacaac aacaacataa caattttgag attattatct gaagaaaatg     77700
     taatatttaa aaagctgaag acagcaaaga aacacactgt cagtagagct gttttataac     77760
     aggcagagag gcacttcaga acggcaaggc agggaggcct aagcaagacc tccagctgcc     77820
     atgtgcagac gccatgacgt cagccagttc tctagttgtt ctagatctgc actgtccagt     77880
     acaggagact acgagccatt tgtgactatt aagacttgaa aagtagaaaa tcgaggtgtg     77940
     cttcaagtgc aatgtataca ccaggtttgg ggcgtttgga tttgtttttg tttttgtttt     78000
     tgtttttgtt ttttgagaca atgtctcact gtgtgtcctt ggctgatctg gagtgcatta     78060
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcc atctaccaag ctctgggatt aaaagcgtgt accaccacat     78120
     ctggaaaata catcactttt aaagaccttt ttataaaaat agaattatgt catttatatt     78180
     tctctgggta tgtgatgaaa cagtttttac tatgctataa gtgaaatatt tgttaaaatt     78240
     aattccaacc ttaacctctt aatgtagata ctagaatatt ttaaatttca ttcttggggc     78300
     tgaagagaag agcactggct gctcttatag aagacaaggt tttaattccc agcacctata     78360
     tggtggctta taagcgtcta aaccttcagt tctggcagga cccaatgcct tcttctggtt     78420
     tctgtatgta tcaggcacac taatggtaca ggcatacatg cagacagaat gcacacacat     78480
     acattgtgct ggctgatttt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt ttgtttttcg agacagggtt     78540
     tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc     78600
     agaaatctac ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctggggtgct ggctgatttt atgtcaactt     78660
     gacacaagct agagttatct gagaggagga acccccccaa ctgggaaaat gcctccacaa     78720
     gatcaggctg taggcaagcc tgcaggacat ttttgtaatt agggattgct ggggaagggc     78780
     ccagcctatt ataggtggtg ccatcctttt gctggtggtt ctaggttcta taagaaagca     78840
     ggctgagcaa gccacaagga gcgagccagt aagcagcatc cctccaaggc ctctgcatca     78900
     gctcctgcca tgtttaagtt cctgccctga ctatccctca gtgatggact gtcacctgaa     78960
     agtataagct taaataaacc ctttcctccc tccccaagct gctttggtca tgatgtttca     79020
     tcccagccat agtaagccta aggaggatat acataatata aaataaaaac aggccttaaa     79080
     aacaaaatga taccaggctc gatgcctaca cactttgggg cttttcctgt ctcaatctct     79140
     catctctcac actctgcctg gctcttgcat ggattctgag ggttcaaact catgtcctca     79200
     tgtttgcaca gcaagcactt ttacgcactg agccttcttc ctggccctca atttctatca     79260
     gtgtgtaccc gggatgaatg atgcccctct caatgtgagt ctgacaattg taaagctggc     79320
     taaataggaa ctcttttcca tcatcaacct aattatctta tagtctatta aggttttaat     79380
     actctttagt acatttacat attaaaataa aactttaaaa gctcagtaga cctaatgttc     79440
     aaatgtgtat cctgaatatg accttacaca tgctgaactt gtcttaggac acccaaaatg     79500
     atgaatcagc cattcattac aagttcatca gacactccta gggattgtgg cacttctgct     79560
     caaagggaaa tgaatggttg ctcaaaccag ttcttcccta aggagaatga ggagaacggt     79620
     ggtagggaca ttctttggaa tgcaaaacag aaattgggag actccgccca tcctgcagtt     79680
     ccttccagga ttagtgttta ctggatacat taaataatca tgcaggtaat tcactccaca     79740
     tgaaccaccc acacggctaa tgaaacactg tagaaatact gactgctgct gcctcgttgc     79800
     ttagatccct ctagactttg aaataacgca gtgtttctct ccagtgttta tcatgcaaag     79860
     agcacaggct attggatcag atacagcctt tcaacttagc acccaccact agcagtaact     79920
     ctggctatgt tacttaacct tatcaaggct ccatttcctt gtctgaaaaa tggaggtgat     79980
     agtacctgca cccgaaggta cttaggacta aacgagccaa agcatacaga ttgcctagta     80040
     aatacccagg gtgctaattt cccccatcgt acagtaaact agtatagaat gtgagacctg     80100
     gatatgtcac ttagagataa ctagtccaac cccctgacct ccaccaatgg gaactgaggt     80160
     ctgtaaaaac caacggtaga gagttaaagg taaatacgta aagtaaatcc cggcaggagg     80220
     atttctaacc cagcattcag tgttctgctt catttcctca cttctgcttt actcttgaat     80280
     attgataccg taactgaatg tattaaggtt ttggttttgt tcttgggaat aatacacttt     80340
     aaagcatatt tctaggggac agggagatga cacaatgggt acagacagct actgtcaagt     80400
     cttgggaacc taagttcaat cccttgaacc cacatggtgg aaggagaaaa ccatctcctg     80460
     catgttgtcc tctgagctcc acataggtgc aatggtacac acacacacac acacacacac     80520
     acatacatac atacatacat acacacacac agacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     80580
     acacagacac acattaagaa gtatatttct ttcaaatgtc gttccctggg gaaaaacaga     80640
     tttgactaga aaccatagac ataaactcat aagatgacat gccatgagag tggaaaccaa     80700
     acagggggag gggggaggaa ggaggagcaa aggggtctct gagtgtgtct gggaggaaca     80760
     cttgcagagc accggaggta gactatgctt aaagtatatt acacacttgc atggaaatgg     80820
     ccttatgtag ccctatgcaa cagatagata tattttctaa acaaacttct actgaagcct     80880
     ttaaattcct tagtgcctcc aatgtctaag tcctcgtgtt agaattaaac agcatttgaa     80940
     caagaaagct gaatctaaag gggaaaaaag tgtgaagtgt gagccaaagt aaatgggggc     81000
     agaaaggggg atctgcatgg ttgttccttc ccaacaaatg cctgtgtgtc tctcccactg     81060
     ccttgcaagc cccagcatga gctgcaggct cccattcatc ccactttggt caccctagca     81120
     cccagccact ttgagatcta ctccttaggg tctcggcacc tcagcaatgc agtctgccct     81180
     tcaaactgtt tccgtgtctc ttcaccttca aaatgcctgt cttcttcatg ctcctgcctg     81240
     aagactgttc tcgggtgtcg tgtttcatat ctgtatttca cataagtcag gagctccagg     81300
     aaagctagaa ccctctccca gtttcctgcc tctctccaga gtcgcagggg tgtggctcac     81360
     attgagcacc tggtaactac tgggtaattt caagtaatgg agagacaaac taagtatttt     81420
     tctaaaactt ctgcagctat aaacgtgttt atataataaa ggcgtaagag tcacacctct     81480
     gtcttcgtaa atactaaact agctgaattc atagacaggc ataaaagcca gaagagacat     81540
     gtggctgcct ggcacaaggg gacaagacat ggcctggttc caggtggctg cctgttgcaa     81600
     ggggacatcc tagttccgtg cttgtcagct ttgcttcttt taaacttctg cacaatgctt     81660
     cagacaactg acagctcctt ggcttggccc agggcagtaa tgatgacaga tgtaaacttt     81720
     catgtcagaa tctgtttcag gggcacgatg tgtctctgtg gttaaaggta ttcactgttg     81780
     aagcccgagt ccaatcccca gattctctat tgtaggaagg aactgactcc agcaagatac     81840
     cctttcatat tcctccttct acccacactg cataaataaa tgaattacta ttctctctta     81900
     cacaactatt ttatcgatgg cttctttcct attcgctgcc cactgtgcca accccagagc     81960
     caacctagtc actgtgggct gtgttcttca tgtccacagt gaaaggaaat caaagtcatg     82020
     tttaaataca tgctttacag gaacttggaa aatctcacaa gacttcagaa aagcaagaat     82080
     gaaataaatc agccttcatg atctctctat ttgctccttc ccaagttgct ggggcacagt     82140
     gccattcaat cacagtttaa gaaaggaaag gttcagtttg ctcagtttga aggctctttg     82200
     atacaaagta aatgtgcata gagcacagcg ataaatgaga cagctgctca tggtacagcg     82260
     cagttcagtt cggaggcaga gagcgatggc tgctgctacc ttgcttcttt ttgccattta     82320
     gccatcttaa ctgagactct agcctatgca cgtggaggat gtgtcttccc acctctttaa     82380
     cccaatctag aaagtctccc acagacgtgc acagagggct gtctcctggg tggttctaga     82440
     gtcttgtcaa attggtgaac ggtatctaag tatcacagtc tccagcagca aaagatactg     82500
     tgtctgaaag caacatgtca aaggacattt tttaaattct tagtagctga tagtgagtga     82560
     agcggacaga cccacgggtg cttttgaata agcactatct gctcttcaac ctcctgagct     82620
     aaacaacaaa aatggttgat ttcataagtg cacttcaata aagagttcct tcccccttct     82680
     ttctggacca gatctgaaaa atcacagaaa tatcaaactt cctagttagt gaagagtatt     82740
     gaaagcagag caactaaatt cagttgtaca agccccttga ttcacaaaaa gctcttacag     82800
     aaaagcatac agcttgcata tgctaaacag catacagtca atttacaggc agtgtttctc     82860
     aacctgggtc tcgaccccag tctggaggtt caattgacct tttcaaaggg gtcacctaag     82920
     atcatctgtg tatcagatat ctgaattaca actcaaaata aaaggaaaat tacagttatg     82980
     aagtagtgac gaaaataatt ttatgcttgg gagtcaccac gacatgagga acggtatcaa     83040
     ggggtcacag ccttaggaag gttgaaaacc actgaagtaa agggctctta ctctcagaac     83100
     tcactaagta caaaacctgt ttcaaaacag gaatgagtaa gacagaagtg ggaaggatag     83160
     gctcagagga cagtacctgg ccccaaaaca gtgccgaagc tgaatgtggg ggtgcacacc     83220
     cgtgattccc agcacatgag agccagagac aggagaatca ccccaagtct gaagccagcc     83280
     tgatctacac agtgagctcc agccctacaa cacggcggta tagtgatact ctggccccaa     83340
     acaaacaaaa caaaacagaa taaaggccaa gggcaagtgt aaatcccagg cttgctctag     83400
     gtgcatttca attgaaaggt acttcagcca tttctgctgg tgccaacgtt ctcagaggaa     83460
     caaggctctg ttacacccag ggccttgtct tttcatccag gcagaaagga caatgaagtc     83520
     tgctccaggt gacaagaatc agctgaaaca aacctgtgaa ccagatatcc tgaagcatct     83580
     cctgtctaat cacacggccc aggcatttca ttacataatt tggagaggcg gccttgcctg     83640
     caggcgaaat ggagaggcca aaacactgcc tgtaagggag accattgcag aaatgcagct     83700
     gatccaagct tcctttatga acattccaga cagtcctcag attaaacttt tgctacctgc     83760
     aagttccact ctgccagcag tgactgaaat gtgtgcaagc catggtcagc acagacacag     83820
     cacggaaagg aactggaaac tgaccaagat tctgcctttc tgtccagtgc acacaggctc     83880
     gcttcttaaa aatcagggcc gagagggaag tacaacagag agaccccagc tcctcattga     83940
     acagttacgt cgaagaaaag tgccctaatg tgtaaaatgg gtgtcactgt ttctaaacca     84000
     caggatagta gagatttcaa gatgacagtt ggcttttttc ctgccctaga ggtcttcacg     84060
     agcctctctg tccctgcctt ggagtcgcct ctttccactc acaggtggct gggtggccga     84120
     gtgaggtaga gagggggaaa tcttatggac atttggaata gcaagtggtt caaaaccaga     84180
     gaaacgtgaa gtgtcgcaga taactgttta cagctctcct gggcccttcc gagtctttgc     84240
     ctctccacct ctaatgcgac ttgaattttc ctccttcaac attgtcacag taagggaaaa     84300
     ttcttcccgt caaaatacat tatgtctcag ctttattgat agagatttgc tagcaacctc     84360
     aatgttcaag atgaagaaat aaatcatcaa ctgatgatag ttttgcaatc atcaagttat     84420
     gttttcaggg gattttaccg gcttatggta cgattcatga cactattaat catattaaac     84480
     tgcatgtgca gtgctgactg caaaatacta atgtatgctt atttttcaat aattaacatg     84540
     cattgagcct tcaatgtaag ctagacactg tgctgtttta caaactcatt cagtccctat     84600
     aacaagctga aattcaatca tcattactca tctctataaa tctgtgtgtg tgcgtgtgtg     84660
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacatggg agctggcaat aagaagaccc     84720
     aaaaagatta aaaggaatta tctggaaaat gagattgtag gtggtgtcct tttttttttc     84780
     tttttttttt ttagaataca ttgttctgtg tttttgaacc tttctagagt gagtacatgc     84840
     taccttcaca actagaacat gacaagtgaa gctgcactgt ttagctcagc ggagctaaca     84900
     ttccttttca aatgtaggca gcgtctcgac agccagcagt tctcatctaa aggagagctg     84960
     atttaatgag atttaaaagg gaaagaaaaa acaaaaccac taaaccagaa ataaataaat     85020
     aaataccact aaaccagaaa taaatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     85080
     tagatagata gatagataga tcagggacag taaccagata cagatcaact ttcagcataa     85140
     tgataactcg aaaactggaa gagagaggcc aaggaactag gaatctgggg gtgtgggaag     85200
     aaatgatgcc ccctaacata tagatcccac acatacattc acacacacgc gcacacacac     85260
     acacgcacac acgcacacac gcacacactc ctgggctagc tagacactct tcctcagcca     85320
     gccagcattt atctaccttt aaaaaaggag aaaataaagc agaactggga agaccagggt     85380
     tcctgatttc cactttataa atggcgataa gcacactctt tcccggtacc gtgagattca     85440
     catgacgtgg ttctatctat ctgacaactg gtaccttcgt gtcaacaccc ttccgcatac     85500
     acacatacgt gggccccgtc ggaggtgtag tcatttgttt ctatgaatgg tttctaggct     85560
     tcgaatcact gaagcgtggt tctaacgaca gccataaact agggtcgatg tgctttcaca     85620
     cagcggatgc tactccaaga gacacgcctc tatttctaaa caaggcaatg gatttcagaa     85680
     ctgatgctct cgttatcgta cttctcctgt tggcagacca gtataccaag actgtgcctt     85740
     gtctgattaa aacagtcaaa tgtcataaaa ggcaggaagg cacatttgag tataggctga     85800
     ttcatctccc aggctgtaaa gtgtagctgg ctgcccagaa gactttatgg agacctttaa     85860
     aactaggaaa gcaggaggag ctattaactg agagacgtca tggctgactg tcatccactc     85920
     ctgccatttg agagtgtttg ttttcccagt aaaacaactg ttagaagctt cttaagacat     85980
     ttctcaaaag ttaaatctga atttagttta aaacattttg agaataccac aagaacacgg     86040
     ctctcggaat caactgacca gaactcaagt gggttcagag atcagagagc ctgtaggagt     86100
     ctgacctggg tcctccacat acatgttaca gttatgtagc ctggtgttct tgggggattc     86160
     ctaacagtgg gagcaggagc tgtctccgat tcttttgcct gactttggga ccctcttccc     86220
     attactgggt tgcctcatcc agccttgatg tgagaatgtg tgcctggtcc taatgtaggt     86280
     tgtaacgtcc tgtttggtta acatccctag gaggcctgct cttttctgag gagaggtgga     86340
     ggagagagtg aatccagaag gaaagagggg agcagaggga ggggaaattg cagtagggat     86400
     taatatatga gagacgaatc aataaaaagg aaattttctc ttaaagaaaa agaatcacag     86460
     gatgttctcc cacctagaaa caaccctggc tgctacacct gcccacagac agaccccgag     86520
     tggagctcag cccctgacaa tatttctcat ccattaaaat acgttttaaa gacacatttg     86580
     gccttgtgcg acactctggt tttaaagtcc cttctcggtg cttgacctcc caggtacccc     86640
     aaagcagtgc aggagaggat tctactcaac ggcttgagaa gtacttccca gcctctgggg     86700
     gaagccgttt gactcattct ggagagactg aagttgtacg gtgttgactt cccacaccca     86760
     ctccagactc cccgtgtaaa tggggatctg ttgtgagtcc tgaaaagaag ttggctatgc     86820
     ttgagctcac ctgaagtggg ccattcatac actagtgcat gaaactagct gggaatgagc     86880
     atgttggacg tgcagaaacg ctaaaagcac ttaaagtact tgtttagtaa tgtcgcgcgc     86940
     aaggttctat ccctagactg atgcttttcc tagtttcttt aaagacatgc cattttattc     87000
     ccaaaccgtc atcgtttgca cagctcgtag caatttcatg atttcaaaac tgttgcacaa     87060
     gaaaaggaag taattgtgaa tctattttct tcacacaaag cgacttggca aatcattttt     87120
     attctgaatt ccttaaatga gatttccaca actgaattca tttatctgaa aacagcgtgc     87180
     gtctctttta aatatttaac aatatgctgg cgctgagtcc accaggaaac tcaatcccca     87240
     tgtagcatcc ttgaatgctg tagttgggca tccatgggga cacccctaga cgcgcggtct     87300
     aggcatccag gagcaagcgc ggggagcgcg gagctcgcgg gtcgcgattg ggcagtggcg     87360
     cccccatgtc cctgttcttg cacagccagc gagacatact tcctgtgcct atcagcagca     87420
     ccaccacccc ccatcagagc gcagccaaag ggaggcgggt gacatcactc agcccccagg     87480
     cgacactagc gcagccccga gaccagccct ggcgcccaga cttgggagag agagcactgg     87540
     ttcccaggag ttgggtgagg acttggtgcc tgagcagggg gacagcatcc ctgacccgcc     87600
     tcccgctagt ccaagagaag gtggccgagt cccaggtcct ggcaccctcc aacgccactc     87660
     aagttcagaa cgcagcagtg gcccctcacc ttctcctgcg tccaggcagc ggagaccaga     87720
     ctcagattcc cagctgtcag agacaggacg gtcgcctgca gtagcagcag gtggagagtg     87780
     cccacgacga gcttgtcttc gctgcctgcc atctctgcaa gagtgtgtgg gcgtggattc     87840
     ccggggccgc cagcggtcac gagcccggga acgcgcgccg gtcgccctgc cttctccctt     87900
     ctccacccct ggattgattg tgtctgcctc ccagtcgcct cctgtggcct cccgctgtgc     87960
     agcgcaagca caaaccagca gtcctctccc agaagcctgg aagccagggg actgagcttc     88020
     cctgggtgac aggagctttg gaatccaagg gacaaagaaa acacttcctt attttagaaa     88080
     ggatggaggg aaaaaaggaa gggagggagg gagggagaga gagggaggaa agaaggaagg     88140
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     88200
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggacaa ggaaaagcct tcctgtagtc catagatacg aaaagagttt     88260
     accaggccct gggggctata agtggttttc tgcacctatt caccatgaca ctcagacaaa     88320
     atcaatattt gtgcaatgct ctgtacaagg caccgtccca ggttctaggt ggtctgagac     88380
     ctagaggaag ggggcgctgg actggaaggt tctgggaaaa gtgttcgctc tagaacagtg     88440
     gttctcagcc tccctaatgc tcagaccctt taatacaatt cctcatgttg tggtgatcct     88500
     caaccataca attattttcg ttgctacttc ataattgcag tttttactac tgctatgaat     88560
     tgtaatgtga ctatctgata tgcaggctat ctatctgatc tgtgacccct gcgagagggt     88620
     tgttagatcc gcaggttgag aaccgccact ctagaagcta ccatttttat cttgtgtccc     88680
     ttttctcgaa aatagttatc tttcctttaa gagacagccc actgtatgcc caaactgaca     88740
     ggtaaggttg aaataattac tgaaatatgt gagatttaaa atattacagt tgtcccaaaa     88800
     gtaattattt cttatgactg tctctaaaag gaaaagccca agtaaaattt tagggagtcc     88860
     tcttcttcca ccagcctttt cactgggcag tcaaccaacc acaaatcaaa agcaacgggg     88920
     tttgtatcag tgctgtacac gaacatccac acccacacac catattcttt aaagaatgta     88980
     atacttattg catgtcatca aacattataa gcaaattagg aatgatttaa agtctatggg     89040
     aagatgttca ttttatatgt aaatttatgg catttctata taagggatac agtgcatgtc     89100
     cttggattat gatatggaga gggtaatact aaaaaccatc tcctgcaggc aaccctaggg     89160
     gctaggtttt ttggtttttg gagttttgtg gggttttttt ttgcatcata aatcattatt     89220
     atctagataa tcccatctta caaataaaaa caagcaaata agctgactag atctgggtct     89280
     catgtaaagc acatgtgtat agtcctcagg actgcaggag aagtgggggg tggggggcaa     89340
     tcagagctga cagggtagtt cagtggtagg gtactttaaa cctcggtttc aattctcagc     89400
     actgcagaaa agaaaaaccg gggaaagggt atatttagtt cataggtttc tggcctaaat     89460
     tgtgaaagtg gtttcttctt ccacagtgag gatatgagtt tcttctgccc caagtcagct     89520
     cccagctaca cggaattcct agaaaaatca gaacaaagac aaagacacac agaattattt     89580
     tctaaagacc aaagttaagg gttttgaaat ctttcagaaa cacaaacaca cacacacaca     89640
     cacacacaca cacacagagg cacacagaga cacacacaca gacacacaca caccccttcc     89700
     taggcttggc tactaggtgt tttaataaga gctggaaaca cacacactgt cctgcccccg     89760
     tctggagctg caagggaaaa cagaatgaaa gtatctcttt gctataacta ttcaggtctg     89820
     gggtttgagt ggcagtttaa atattatctg ggcctcacac aggattcccc atgggatcct     89880
     aagacctctg gtgagtggaa cacagcgcct gccccaatcc aatcacgcgg aacctgagac     89940
     tgtggtaatt agggaagcag actacccgga cctaacctgg ggcacaagtc ccttccgctc     90000
     cactcgagcc ccggggtacc ttgccagggg aggcgcccga caccagcaag ggcccacaca     90060
     ggattccaca cgggatccta agacctctag cgagtggaac acaacttctg ccaggaggcc     90120
     agttcgaaca ccagatatct gggtaccttc cctgcaagaa gagagctttc ctgcagagaa     90180
     tactctgccc actgaaacta aggagaaagc taccctccag gtctgctcat agaggctaac     90240
     agagtcacct gaagaacaag ttcttaacag agacaactat aacagctagc ttcagagatt     90300
     accagatggc gaaaggcaaa cgtaagaatc ctactaacag aaatcaagac cactcaccat     90360
     catcagaacg cagcactccc accccaccta gtcctgggca ccccaacaca accgaaaatc     90420
     tagacccaga tttaaaaaca tttctgatga tgatgataga ggacatcaag aaggactttc     90480
     ataagtcact taaagaatta caggagagca ctgctaaaga gttacaggcc cttaaagaaa     90540
     agcaggaaaa cacaaccaaa caggtagaag tccttaaaga aaaacagaaa aacacatcca     90600
     aacaggtgat ggaatgaaca aaaccatact agaactaaaa agggaagtag acacaataaa     90660
     gaaaacccaa agcgaggcaa cactggagat agaaacccta ggaaagagat ctggaaccat     90720
     agatgcgagc atcagcaaca gaatacaaga aatggaagag agaatctcag gtgcagaaga     90780
     ttccatagag aacatcgaca caacagtcaa agaaaataca aaatgcaaaa ggatcctaac     90840
     tcaaaacatc caggaaatcc aggacacaat gagaagacca aacctacgga taataggaat     90900
     tgatgagaat gaagattttc aacttaaagg gccagctaat atcttcaaca aaataataga     90960
     agaaaacttc gaaaacataa agaaagagat gcccatgatc atacaagaag cctacagaac     91020
     tccaaataga ctggaccaga aaagaaattc ctcccgacac ataataatca gaacaacaaa     91080
     tgcactaaat aaagagagaa tattaaaagc agtaagggag aaaggtcaag taacatataa     91140
     aggaaggcct atcagaatta caccagactt ttcaccagag actatgaaag ccagaaaagc     91200
     ctggacagat gttatacaga cactaagaga acacaaatgc cagcccaggc taatataccc     91260
     agccaaactc tcaattacca taggtggaga aaccaaagta ttccacgaca aaaccaaatt     91320
     cacacaatat ctttccacga atccagccct tcaaaggata ataacagaaa agaagcaata     91380
     caaggacgga aatcacgccc tagaacaagc aagaaagtaa tccctcaaca aaccaaaaag     91440
     aagacagcca caagaacaga atgccaactc taacaacaaa aataatagga agcaacaatt     91500
     acttttcctt aatatctctt aatatcaatg gactcaattc cccaataaaa agacatagac     91560
     taacagactg gctacacaaa caggacccaa cattctgctg cttacaggaa acccatctca     91620
     gggaaaaaga cagacactac ctcagagtga aaggcaggaa aaaatttttc caagcaaatg     91680
     gtctgaagaa acaagctgga gtagccattc taatatcgga taaaatcgac ttccaaccca     91740
     aagttatcaa aaaagacaag gagggacact tcatactcat caaaggtaaa atcctccaag     91800
     aggaactcac aattctgaat atctagctcc aaatgcaagg gcagccacat tcattaaaga     91860
     cactttagta aagctcaagg catacattgc acctcacaca ataatagtgg gagacttcaa     91920
     cacaccactt tcatcaatgg acagatcgtg gaaacagaaa ctaaacaggg acacagtgaa     91980
     actaacagaa gttataaaac aaatggacct gacagatatc tacagaacat tttatcctaa     92040
     aacaaaagga tataccttct tctcagcacc tcacgggacc ttctccaaaa ttgaccatat     92100
     aattggtcac aaaacaggcc tcaacagata caaaaatatt gaaattgtcc catgtatcct     92160
     atcagaccac catggcctaa gactgatctt caataacaac atgaataatg gaaagccaac     92220
     attcacgtgg aaactgaaca acactcttct caatgatacc ttggtcaagg aaggaataaa     92280
     gaaagaaatt aaagactttt tagagtttaa tgaaaatgaa gccacaacgt acccaaacct     92340
     atgggacaca atgaaagcat ttctaagagg gaaactcata gctctgagtg cctccaagaa     92400
     aatgggagag agcacatact agcagcttga caacacatct aaaagctcta gaaaaaaagg     92460
     aagcaaattc acccaagagg agtagacggc aggaataatc aaactcaggg gtgaaatcaa     92520
     ccaagtggaa acaagaagaa ctattcaaat aattaaccaa acgaggagtt ggttctttga     92580
     gaaaatcaac aagatagata aacccttagc tagactcact agagggcaca gggacaaaat     92640
     cctaattaac aaaatcagaa atgaaaaggg agacataaca acatatcctg aagaaatcca     92700
     aaacaccatc agatccttct acaaaaggct atactcaaca aaactggaaa acctggacga     92760
     aatggacaaa tttctggaca gataccaggt accaaagttg aatcaggatc aagttgacca     92820
     tctaaacagt cccatatccc ctaaagaaat agaagcagtt attaatagtc tcccagccaa     92880
     aaaaagccca ggaccagacg ggtttagtgc agagttccat cagaccttca aagaagatct     92940
     aattccagtt ctgcacaaac tatttcacaa aatagaagta gaaggtactc tacccaactc     93000
     attttatgaa gccactatta ctctgatacc taaaccacag aatgatccaa caaagataga     93060
     gaacttcaga ccaatttccc ttatgaatat cgatgcaaaa atcctcaata aaattctcgc     93120
     taaccgaatc caagaacaca ttaaagcaat catccatcct gaccaagtag gttttattcc     93180
     agggatgcag ggatggttta atatacgaaa atccatcaat gtaatccatt atataaacaa     93240
     actcaaagac aaaaaccaca tgatcatctc gttagatgca gaaaaagcat ttgacaagat     93300
     ccaacaccca ttcatgataa aagtcttgga aagatcagga attcaaggcc catacctaaa     93360
     catgatgaaa gcaatctaca gcaaaccagt agccaacatc aaagtaaatg gagagaagct     93420
     ggaagcaatc ccactaaaat cagggactag acaaggctgc ccactttctc cctacctttt     93480
     caacatagta cttgaagtat tagccagagc aattcgacaa caaaaggaga tcaaggggat     93540
     acaaattaga aaagaggaag tcaaaatatc actttttgca gatgatatga tagtatatat     93600
     aagtgaccct aaaagttcca ccagagaact cctaaacctg ataaacagct tcggtgaagt     93660
     agctggatat aaaataaact caaacaagtc aatggccttt ctctacacaa agaataaaca     93720
     ggctgagaaa gaaattaggg aaacaacacc cttctcaata gtcacaaata atataaaata     93780
     tctcggcgtg actctaacta aggaagtgaa agatctgtat gataaaaact tcaagtctct     93840
     gaagaaagaa attaaagaag atctcagaag atggaaagat ttcccatgct catggattgg     93900
     caggatcaac attgtaaaaa tggctatctt gccaaaagca atctacagat tcaatgcaat     93960
     ccccatcaaa attccaactc aattcttcaa cgaattagaa ggagaaattt gcaaattcat     94020
     ctggaataac aaaaaaccta ggatagcaaa aactcttctc aaggataaaa gaacctctgg     94080
     tggaatcacc atgcctgacc taaagcttta ctacagagca attgtgataa aaactgcatg     94140
     gtactggtat agagacagac aagtagacca atggaataga attgaagacc cagaaatgaa     94200
     cccacacacc tatggtcact tgatctttga caagggagct aaaaccatcc agtggaagaa     94260
     agacagcatt ttcaacaatt ggtgctggca caactggttg ttatcatgta gaagaatgtg     94320
     aatcgatcca tacttaactc cttgtactaa ggtcaaatct aagtggatca aggaacttca     94380
     cataaaacca gagacactga aacttataga ggagaaagtg gggaaaagcc ttgaagatat     94440
     gggcacaggg gaaaaattcc tgaacagaac agcaatggct tgtgctgtaa gatcaagaat     94500
     tgacaaatgg gacctaatga aactccaaag tttctgcaag gcaaaagaca ccgtcaataa     94560
     gacaaaaaga ccaccaacag attgggaaag gatctttacc tatcctaaat cagatagggg     94620
     actaatatcc aacatatata aagaactcaa gaaggtggac ttcagaaaat caaataaccc     94680
     cattaaaaaa tggggctcag aactgaacaa agaattctca cctgaggaat accgaatggc     94740
     agagaagcac ctgaaaaaat gttcaacatc cttaatcatc agggaaatgc aaatcaaaac     94800
     aaccctgaga ttccacctca caccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaatt caggtgacag     94860
     cagatgctgg cgaggatgtg gagaaagagg aacactcctc cattgttggt gggattgcag     94920
     gcttgtacaa ccactctgga aatcagtctg gcggttcctc agaaaattgg acatagtact     94980
     accggaggat ccagcaatac ctctcctggg catatatcca gaagatgccc caactggtaa     95040
     gaaggacaca tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa     95100
     agaacacaga tgcccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tctacacaat     95160
     ggagtactac tcagctatta aaaagaatga atttatgaaa ttcctagcca aatggatgga     95220
     cctggagggc atcatcctga gtgaggtaac acattcacaa aggaactcac acaatatgta     95280
     ctcactgata agtggatatt agcccaaaac ctaggatacc caagatataa gatacaattt     95340
     cctaaacaca tgaaactcaa gaaaaatgaa gactgaagtg tggacactat gcccctcctt     95400
     agaattggga ataaaacacc catagaagga gttacagaga caaagtttgg agctgagacg     95460
     aaaggatgga ccatgtagag actgccatat ccagggatcc accctataat cagcatccaa     95520
     acgctgacac catcgcatac actagcaaga ttttatcgaa aggacccaga tgtagctgtc     95580
     tcttgtgaga ctatgccggg gcctagcaaa cacagaagtg gatgctcaca gtcagctatt     95640
     ggatggatca cagggctccc aatggaggag ctagagaaag tacccaagga gctaaaggga     95700
     tctgcaaccc tataggtgga acaacattat gaactaacca gtaccccgga gctcttgact     95760
     ctagctgcat atgtatcaaa agatggccta gtcggccatc actggaaaga gaggcccatt     95820
     ggacatgcaa actttctatg ccccagtaca ggggaacgcc agggccaaat agggggagtg     95880
     ggtgggtagg ggagtggggg tgggtgggta tgggggactt ttggtatagc attggaaatg     95940
     taaatgagct aaatacctaa taaaaatgga aaaaaataaa tatctgggcc taactaatgt     96000
     taagagggtg ggtttttttg ggggggcgtg gtgcgctcat ggacagttct tacaatctta     96060
     cactttaggt cttcttgttg ttgttgttgt tgctgttgct gttgttgttg tagtattaag     96120
     aacaaaccac tatcaacagt tcttagtata cttcctctct gtaactaagc caaccttgag     96180
     acagtgggtt tcctgagtgg ttaaaaaatg aagaagctgt cttgtttact ttattgcctt     96240
     ttatgttttc ataatacaat gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaggta     96300
     gaagtaccaa gcctatatga aagaaaatat ttactacaac agcatactaa gtaaaagcca     96360
     tgcaaaataa aactggaatt acttgaggta aaatgtttat acatcacttg acgatggttt     96420
     ctttcctgag ttctctgagc tgggttatat ttttcagtaa agtgttcttg cagtttggca     96480
     gccacaggaa gcagactttg aagctgttga gaaagtaaga tgtgtttagg gagtaccctt     96540
     gagacagact cacatgggag gaacaggaga gggcagaggg ggaccctggc acattaggga     96600
     gccatggaac tgaaatagaa gtcatggttg ccaagggtca aatggcttgg gcttcatcca     96660
     cccatctcaa tggagggaat tctgcaagag actctgcagt caagaaagct gcagccagca     96720
     gcactctcac agctggagca gaccttccct aaagggagat ctaagcagca tagctctata     96780
     cacccaaagg tgttcaagtg cacttgaagc aaatatcgaa acttataagc attaaatatt     96840
     ttatgtactg actgattttg atcaactgag tttttacaca ggtaaaaacg tttcttgcta     96900
     tttcccatga ctctacaaat ccctaccttc cacattcaca cctcttgatt cctttggagg     96960
     ttggaatgaa gtgaacttta ctgatggtat tcaagacaat agagctccct cgccccgtcc     97020
     ccttctcctg ggggtctagg acagaagcta taaagaaaga gtgctcagtg tgttgggagc     97080
     ggagttgtga caggagttcc tcgtcaatca aggccctctc tcttcttctt gttcttgctg     97140
     gggtgggtgg tctttctctt tgaaagttgt gtggaccatg aggtccaacc ccctgttgct     97200
     ataactatat ttgttgccat atcatgaaat tggctttaca acattgtcat tgagagcaat     97260
     gccagcccca gcatcaaagg tggaagagta catattactg ttgaaaacac aagcaacaac     97320
     ctgtcctcag catagcccag gatacccttt aggggaccct ccaatgcctg tttcattctt     97380
     ggcagctgtc accagatggt gtgtcatatc cacgatggct acactgagga tagaaacatg     97440
     gaaggccatg ctgagttccc tgttcagttc tgggatggcc gtgcccatag gttggcagtg     97500
     tctgtggata cagggatgat cttctgggca gatccagagc cattgtccca cagcttccca     97560
     gaggggtcat cccaaatatt ctgggtggcg gtggtggtgt ggactatggc catgtattcc     97620
     tccatgatgt caaagttgta atggatattc atggtgggca ggtgggggtg ctaggctgtt     97680
     ggtggggcag aagagatact actgataatc ttggctacat tgtcacactt cttgtggttg     97740
     gtccttgtca catgggggca ccagcagaag ggatggagat gaatatgctt tgggccccac     97800
     ccttcaagtg agccctagcc ttctccatgg tggtaaagac accaggagac tccacagcat     97860
     ctacagcacc agcatcaccc cacttaatgt tggtaggatc tcactcctag aagataatgg     97920
     tggccttgct gttgataaca cacttcctgt tctcggtctt tactgtgctg ttgaacttgc     97980
     cattggtaga gccataccag aacgtgtaga gtgtgtggct gaggtcaatg aaatggttgt     98040
     tatggcaact acatctactt tgcaagaact gaaggcaggc ctggtgacca ggccccaata     98100
     cggccgaatc tgttcacacc aatctttcct attttgttgc agggatgaat ctgctacagc     98160
     acaagaaaat gtgctgtctc tgggacaggg atgggagaag tagagagcct ttcttgattc     98220
     ttacacacga aatgtttttt ttctttcact gttcttcact cattcttcca ttcctatttc     98280
     attctagaaa cttctgagaa cccttaatct ttgtactgtt tttctttctc tctctctatt     98340
     gtaatttttc ctattttcaa actcttccca tggaaaatta ctagcaagct ttatgtttta     98400
     aacactgaag atgctgtaca taatgagacc tttcctcaaa agcagaaata aaaataatat     98460
     aagaaataca caaatattta aatacataaa aataaaaaga gattctgtag tcatatcttt     98520
     tactgcagtg cacagaatta aaaagaaagt aaggggaaga aaaatgaaaa ttaaaacagc     98580
     tggtattact taagaatcca gcagtaggga gtaaagagac agctcaatgg ctaagagaat     98640
     ctgctgtaca accatgagga ctatagatcc cagcaaccac gtaataagca ggatatttcc     98700
     ccaagtgttt gaatcctact tcaggctaac cggagtcaag gggactattg gggcttgttc     98760
     aaagagagac acttcctcaa ctgaatagta gagtcataga agaagctatc acatactctc     98820
     tgccacatac aaacaagtac acacacacac acatttaaat aaataagtaa atataaatct     98880
     tttttaaaaa ttgtattgat gatacaatag gaagtacctt tttttttttt tttttttttt     98940
     ttttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccttga ctgtcctgga attcactttg     99000
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat     99060
     taaaggcatg cgccaccacg cccagctcag gaagcatcat ttttattaaa tctcagcttc     99120
     taagtgcata tcttttaagc aacagctata atgatgatac attaaagtat acatttttaa     99180
     acataaactc tgaccagctt tcacatacat atacacctga gttcatagcc agaaaaccaa     99240
     atcttttcta tctcccaaat ccccctttcc ttggtaatct atccctgcgt tacttgatcc     99300
     cagacaaccg cctgtcagcc actctgtctt ccagagtcag tgcgcactgc agatgcgact     99360
     ttgcattacg agctgatggg tatgagaatt tcagcttctc cacattccca ccgacgctcc     99420
     atgtggccag cctctaattg taaccataag tagatgcctg ctgggactgg gtcctctctg     99480
     ttctgcttct gcttcgtttt ctgttccatt cgcttctgtc ctgatcttta ttattacttc     99540
     cttccttctt gttttggttt ggctttgata ttcctcgctt tttatttatg ttctggacag     99600
     tgtaagttta aatcagtaac ttacaacatt tcaattttct agcaagagga ctttggttat     99660
     tataattcgc ccttaaatgc tacttaatta tgtttcacat gtatcactct ggtgactttt     99720
     tcttttcatc cagatcaatt acttcacggt ttgcctccga tgtatttctt tacacgatgc     99780
     atgtatgtgt atttgccaca tgcatgcagg tgtccatgaa ggccatagag aatgtcagat     99840
     ctcctgaagc tagagcgttg gtgagttgtc ctatattggt gctggcaacc aaactctggt     99900
     cctctggcca aaccactggc tgtctcaaac cactaagcca cctctctcca acctcctacc     99960
     catgcattat ttaaattatt attattatta tttacatttc aaacagttaa agattcccct    100020
     tattgatttc acatttaatt ctatcatatt cagagaatat acaaattaag gctttttggt    100080
     ttcagttttg aggactgttt cacaacaatt aaagctatct ttgtaaatgt tccttgtgtg    100140
     ggtaaaaaga atggtgtgtg ctactgttat aaggaagagt gttctattag tgcaatttag    100200
     gtcaaggtgg ctgatgtgtt gccaaaatct acacaataac tggacctctg cctgcttgtt    100260
     ccaccaatta ctcaaaaaaa atggcactgg aatatctaat tacagttgtg aatttgtctt    100320
     tttttccctt gcagctctat aaattgttat attattcatt tctaagcttt tctggtgagc    100380
     atataatatt caaatacaag tataatatcc ttttaaaaat tatccctttt ctttgttaaa    100440
     tgactccatg attggtaata ttttttgctc tggaacctat tttctacaaa tagtaatata    100500
     attctttgaa gtttcttttg atgagtatta atacggcgta tgttttcatc tttatacttc    100560
     cttttaagaa caaattttgt agaagcataa tttctaaaaa aaaaaattat tctatgggct    100620
     ggagaaatgg tttagcaatg aagagcactg gatactgttc tagggggaca cagctttgat    100680
     tccaagcacc cacagagcag ctcacaacca tctgtgacac ccagagcatc tgattctttc    100740
     ctctgtaagc ccccagcatg agtgtagtgc atcgacatac acgcaggcaa aaatatacct    100800
     gcacattgag taaaataaaa ttgtattaaa tttgtattat tgggaggcag atcatgttgc    100860
     ttttgtagag gttctttgtt tttgttttgg gggtgttggg ttttattttt gtttttgttt    100920
     tggggttttg tttgtttggg ggtaggagtt tgtttatatg tgtttggctt tataataaat    100980
     cttagaattt gttgcataca ttttttcgtg tatcacaatc ttaaagagtc actgatgtgg    101040
     tcatatgtgg accacaacag acttctatgg ttccactttt ggaatgccat ctttgtatta    101100
     ttttaatcat gttaggtaac ccacaataga ctgtcttttt accaagcaat gacttttaaa    101160
     gagtgctaaa aggagtatgt ctgagtctct tataaacata ttaacactta acagtttctg    101220
     gttaccgtcc tttcattgta tatatgtata tagtcacctg gaaaagtttt cattgtgcct    101280
     gaaatatatc tttgatcttt cttgtgtttt agatatgata gcaactggtt ctctctttct    101340
     ctatatgttg aaaaagtctt tttattatca ttaattttta gtatttttcc ctgagtatag    101400
     gatctgtgtt gacaattttt tttcagtgtt ttaaatataa tgctgcagca ccaccatctt    101460
     ggtttgtttt actttgaagg agaattttgc tatcagcctt atcttcttga cactgtatat    101520
     aatgttttac tttttaaacc tgctttttaa attttctttc tttttttctt ttgtatattg    101580
     ataccactgc tgctgctgtt gacttttttg aattattgtt gtgacagagg ctctctatgt    101640
     agcactggct gttctggagc cctggaattc tctatgtaga acaggacggc cttgaactcc    101700
     taaaaaattc ctctgtgtct ggcacctgca ttctggaatt aaaggacaga tgcacaccac    101760
     catgctcaac ctgtagcgct ctctttttta aattatgctt ttaaaattta tatatgtata    101820
     tatctgtgtg tctgcttgtg tgtgtgtaca ggagcacaca ggtgcataag aaagtcagaa    101880
     gagggagtta gagctccttg gagctagagt tatgggtggc accctatgta gatgctgggg    101940
     acctaactct tgtcccatga ggagcagcaa gcactcttac aagttttata tttaattgtg    102000
     taattaatta gtagaatatc ctttgtgtcc ttgcacttca gatatactga gtttctttgg    102060
     tccatgggtt ttatgttttc acaaaatttg gaaaataatt ggctataacc tcttcaaata    102120
     tgtttcttct ctccctattc atgtgcacat tacaccatcc tttggaatct ccagttatgt    102180
     gtgtagtaat ttgtttaagg tttcccagta ggttcttggg tgctatatgt tgttctgttc    102240
     tgtcttgttt ctttctttgc atttttgttt ctttctttct tgtctctttc acttttattt    102300
     tatttctctt caagtttgcc actcttttat tttgcaatgt ttagtctgct ctttgtctca    102360
     ttaatgttat ttttttttca tcccagacat tcctctatat gattgcttta gatccaattt    102420
     agaccatcat gtctttcctt gtgtgttcat atattttctt ctgtcttctt agatgcatgg    102480
     actatagtta taagaagtgt ttatcctcac ctgctcactt atcatatgta tcatctttat    102540
     tggtagtatt tcttctcctt aatgtgccta ttcctttgca tacctagtaa tttttaatac    102600
     ataacaggca tagtaaattt attttttttc atgctggaaa tttgttttgt acttctttga    102660
     atagttttca tctttgtact agaatacgca ccgttgagta agttggaaac attttgatct    102720
     tgcggagaac tgcttttaac ctttgctagc caataggcga gcagtgagca atctggggct    102780
     catgtcaaca accattgagg tacttttctc ttcaacattc taattcctta tttggatatg    102840
     gctgtttttc caatgaactg aagaaacatg aaatatttct gactccatca gcacccagaa    102900
     cgtgttactc tgctccactt catagttctt tctcctgctt tgagcagtat ctttgtatgc    102960
     gctgttgatc agtacacagc tgaacccttg tagaatttaa aaaaaaaaat ctttgctgat    103020
     ttccacaaag ctcctatccc tctcgtcaac tttcctttgt gactctaacc acctgacttc    103080
     cgaggtactc agctctgttt tttcatcttg tggagaccat ctgtcatgtg tctcttgtct    103140
     agaattcccc caactgcact gactcctgag aagtctcgag ccagccagct agggaagcat    103200
     cgagctcatc tctctccatt cccactccgt cgcttcccca tggtgggtat cttcaggtac    103260
     agaagcatcg tttctggata ggttcttttt caagatgaga tgataaatcc aggcacatcc    103320
     tgactggcag catccctttt tatacactgc atggcaaacg ggaagtagaa ataaaacatt    103380
     tctgttacac gttgaagggc agttcttatc tcggctctgc cattgttcga ggtgcattgt    103440
     gaaccattcg cttcttttcc atgaaatacc actttctagt tgaaagaaca atggctgata    103500
     aattatgagt attcagactt gagtatttgg cagacatttg gttgaaaatg aataaatgga    103560
     gcctatactc tcgggataat aactgacagt ttttgttgcc atgataatat tggatcttgc    103620
     aagcaaaaat tagatctggg gagctttttg ttgttgtttt tgctaccgta agctcaatag    103680
     tttccttttg cggaacattt ttttcctgat gaagtcagtg gtttgaaaag cacaattata    103740
     atatataaat gaaatgctca acatttgaaa tgtctgtata cttcagagaa tcaatattta    103800
     tcagattcca aatcaaccat gttataaaat cacaaagaca agatccattc aaagtaaatg    103860
     ggaccaggag cttttacctc taccagagta aagaagttta cccatttggc ttaagattct    103920
     aaatgacaac tgacgtttag gctgtacttg tcatatttca attgaataat gatgattttc    103980
     aatagttatc tgaaaattct gttaaaacag ttttccttct acacatgtgt gaggggccgg    104040
     gtttccttaa aatacttcaa caaataagag cttgaatata tcagtaaata tcagaatcta    104100
     gctgtcttct aaaaagttag atactaaagt tttttttaat tgtattaaac aatgccattg    104160
     ctctttcaaa accctttttg tttcggaaaa tctacttttt ttttcataaa aatgtgctgt    104220
     gtaacatgta atgcttccct tatttttaat aaatccatgt tcaaatatta ataaagtatt    104280
     cacttttcag gacaacagct attgacagac ataatccaca tgaataaaag ctacttatgg    104340
     tcctttgtat tgttattaat gttagggccc ttgagaccaa agcgtttaag aaccattgtt    104400
     ctcaaagcta ttttacttgg gagatgttat acattaagcc actagtttca actgtggata    104460
     cacattagag ctgtttgtag tgtgtggtct aaaagccccc taggtggttc taacgctcag    104520
     ttaagactca ggagcacagc actgagccac gtgctttgag agacacatta gcaaaagtgc    104580
     catcatcaga ctaatcacaa tattagaaag catagtagtt acttagtaag gccctgaggg    104640
     taaaagtaaa aatattgaaa gtgggccatt cgtgaacgaa ttatgaaata agcaacttag    104700
     atcctaaagt tccccactca gtggctctgt ccctcaccat ttgtgcccct gctccaacct    104760
     caaactgaag catgcccccc ttttatagtc atggggaatt aaagaagccc atatcatatc    104820
     tctacccaaa tctgtccact gtgactttca ataatgaaag ggaaaataaa ctatttcctc    104880
     tggcagtcca gtgaggtgtt ttggttttgg ttttggtctg gtttggtttg ggtctggttt    104940
     ggtttggttt ggtttggttt ggtctggtct ggtctggtct ggtctggtct ggtctggtct    105000
     ggtctggttt ggtttgattt ggtctggtct ggtctggtct ggtctggtct ggtctggtct    105060
     ggtctggtct ggtttggttt ggtttggttt ggtttggttt tgctgttcct tggaaatctc    105120
     aggaatccag gtttcatgtg aatcttcccg atacctttcc taagatcagc tcaggatgga    105180
     aactgaagtc aggacaaggg gccctttgtc tctggttttc ctatttcctc tcttctaagt    105240
     ctgttagaat gttcactctt ctctccaaaa ggggagaatc agactccagt accctccatt    105300
     ccttctgttt ctattttgag acaggatctc accatagagt cctagctaac tgacctggaa    105360
     tttgtgacct agactaggct agccttaaac tcagatatct accagcctct gcctcctgcg    105420
     tgctaggatt aaaagaatgt gccactatgc ttgactttac atgcacaaat attgagtttt    105480
     caacaagatc tcttgcatct ttttataact gttgcttttt ttaattaaat tttccctgag    105540
     ggctctgaaa actaaaaata ttcaagatta aaagaaaata acccctaatg aggaattttt    105600
     atgcactcaa caaaatgagc ataaacagaa ttaaagatga aaaactaaag gaaaactctg    105660
     tttctcacag aacagacagc tctgagatgc acaaggtcaa gattatcaag taaagttaca    105720
     attaaatggt tgtcatggga agaacccact gtatttatat atctggcaca aatatgtatg    105780
     tttacaaata cttatatatt gactttattt caattacact atatatgttt attatcctca    105840
     acatgtagta gaatttggtg ctttgccatc ctcttggccc caaaaggatc ctctttctct    105900
     ccctctcccc cttctctttc tctctctata catatataac acatatatac ctacatatgt    105960
     gtatatatgt aatatatgtg ttataagtat atatttatat atgtatttta attctatata    106020
     tacaaatata tattgtatct tgtgggatcg atggaataac aaaaccccaa tttctactac    106080
     gttgaagata atacatggac gaaatggaag ttctatttta agaacttacc tctagccagg    106140
     aatagtggca catatctgta atttcagaga gactctacaa gttcaagtcc aatttgggct    106200
     gcataaaaag ttccaaccta gccagatctg caaaaaaaga atttatttac actcagtttt    106260
     atgatataat tgaaaatatg accaggggtg ttaggtgtat ctacaaaata tgcatttaaa    106320
     gacattttaa ctctgaaaat cagaatatca gtaatatcat cattttcatt gtgaatcaaa    106380
     aatatattaa aacacaaaac agttattttt caaaggccaa acagagctaa ttaatctact    106440
     ttagtctacc cttctcttag actattttct gttgtatcaa aatcctcaag gctgagtaac    106500
     tctaaaagaa aggaaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga    106560
     aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga    106620
     aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagac aagacttcct caaggctgag    106680
     taactccaaa ggaaaaaact tcttacagtt tggaagacat cttgtccaca tcacaaatga    106740
     cattatgaga ttgtcccacc agaggaagaa atcagaatca agacagaaac ccagagcatg    106800
     gcaagggctc actcaccagg gtcccctaag aatgatagag aagggctggt acagtgtata    106860
     gtgtatagta tatagtgtat agtgtatggt gtgtggtgtg tggtgtatgg tgtgtggtgt    106920
     atggtgtatg gtgtgtggtg tatggtgtat gtatcgtgta gggtataggg tgtagggtgt    106980
     agggtgtatg tagggtgtat ggtgtatgta ggatgtagga tgtagagtgt agggtgtatg    107040
     tatggtgtag gctgtatggt gtatggtgta gggtatatgg tgtatggtgc agggtgtatg    107100
     gtgtagggtg tatagtgtat gcatggtgta gggtgtaggg tgtagttcat ggtacagcac    107160
     atgctcagca ggtgcacggc cttggatttg accttgagca ttacacacaa acaaaaacaa    107220
     agcaaaagag tcatcctaga ctatagcaac tccttcccag gctactacct tcaccggagc    107280
     ttaattacct cggacttggc ctgtttctta aaggtccact acctctcatg ttgtcacatt    107340
     ggtagcaaat cttcaataca tgaattcttg tgggaacaaa taccatccca aacaaagcaa    107400
     cccttcagat gagaaaactt aagaaatcat taaaattcaa gtttaatatg ctgaattaag    107460
     ctttgacttg gagacatctt tggaatgatt ttgtttccag gttttaagca gagtatttat    107520
     ttttgcactg tcttcactct tttttaccaa gtagcgatta tatctgttag aagaggggca    107580
     aaaacaatat atttttttaa attcatatca aaatataact taatctaaag tcagagctga    107640
     cacactcagc tcccttttgc tttgaaactg tttgggcatt ttctaagaaa ttatattcta    107700
     ttcatctgtg ttgtaacact atgacaatgt gaattttttc tactgatcag gctacaaaca    107760
     atataatcag tctttattga aaaaaaaact cccttccatc ttatattgtt gggataatgt    107820
     taactgtgat tattaattat ccccttctaa cttttcaaag aacactcttg ccatgagtaa    107880
     tgttcaaggt atatgtatga aagcagaaaa agatttattc aatatggaca catcaggaag    107940
     agatctaatg attacccagt tcccctaccc ccatcacaca gttccgtcaa gggtcctcaa    108000
     gtgagtctaa ataatgatct gtacatctaa gcagtcctgg tcaacatgcg ttcttattcg    108060
     ccattgatcc atccttggtc tcatcctata atgtggatgt aacgacagac aatgcaagga    108120
     gggactcgaa tcaatgtgaa cgcacttcat tagtgccagg tagccgggca tgagagtgtt    108180
     ctccataagg gttcttggct tttggaagaa ctgacacatg caactctgtc ttcttggatt    108240
     gatacaggac ttcattacga aacttagact ggttccaatt ttaatatctt cctatttcag    108300
     cttcccatgt gtggttttca tgcaaccact tccatgtcca acatagttct gacaacttcc    108360
     ccatgtttct gaacaatatt ctctgaagac attgctgatt aaccatcagc tggtttgttc    108420
     tccatcgtcc cacaatgcca ggaaaagatt tttcctggtt agtctgattt gatcccacat    108480
     tgtggggtgg ggtgagggaa ttagtgacag atgtcaagaa gttcatgcca acacaccatt    108540
     tagtcccaat ttaagcagta gctcttaggt caaaccaact ttaagtatgt tctccttgtc    108600
     atttaggtaa tgtcctaaca tctcaaaatt ctcaaaaata ctgagcaaaa gttcaggttc    108660
     ctttctcaga agctgatttt caagagatag actttcctga gaatccaaaa caaagtccaa    108720
     cgtatttctc tgtttcccaa gtaaagataa agcagttggc tgaagagaaa agatgggaaa    108780
     atgtctctgg aataaaatga ctcaggaagc agctgagact cccatctttc ctctccaccc    108840
     ttggtctgct caccccaaca tgtgtcttta caccttcatg gccatcattt tgctattgtg    108900
     ctagatagtt ttgtgtcaac ttggcataag ctgaagtcat ctgagaggaa ggaaccacaa    108960
     ttgagaaatt gtctccataa atcaggttgt agtcaagtct gtaaggcatt ttcttactta    109020
     gtgattaatg tggaggacac agcctattgt gagtgggcca cttttgggac ggtggacttg    109080
     ggttctatag gagagcagac tgagcaagcc atgaagagca agtcagtaag ctgagtcttt    109140
     tactgcccct gcatcagttc ctgtctccag cttcctgccc tttttgagtt tctgcctaac    109200
     tgtacagaag tgtgagtgaa ataaaccctt tcctcctcaa gttgcttttg atcacagtgt    109260
     tttgtcacag caatattaac cttaactaaa tcagaaattg gtaccaggaa tggggtattg    109320
     ctgtgaagaa ctgaatatgt tgtttgggga ggactaagga aggaagaagc tctgaatttt    109380
     gggctagaaa atacattaag agagtttagt gggctgttct ataggagctt gggaaccaag    109440
     aaggtagaga gcaatgtgga ccatggaggc ctcgcttatg acattacaca gggaagttgg    109500
     agagggaagt attaaatgtc atttgactta gagtcatgcc tgttcctgta tgtaccccct    109560
     tcacagttca aagaacaaat tgagcatcaa aacctccata tggagttgct ctagttatgg    109620
     caaggtagcc actggacaaa aattgcccta attcaactac atatttaaaa aaatactatc    109680
     caggaaagga cacacaatgc aggatagttg acagcctagc tctgccaata cagagtaaac    109740
     aagtccttca tagttcctgc ttcatttcaa ggtctgtcag atggttctgg gccagaaggc    109800
     tgaagacaga tgctctgaca ttttgaggaa taggagactg tccaggtagt taactgtctc    109860
     cataatttgt ttaagtttta gaagctatgt ttttgtgctt cctaaatatt cagataataa    109920
     tttaattcat tctcggactt ctgacagggt tgaagactag ttatagtctc ataatcaaac    109980
     ttaagttgtt tagcattgag gaaggtaata cagatttgag ccggcggtgg tggtgcacgc    110040
     ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggtagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg    110100
     gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaactctgt ctagaaaaac    110160
     taaatatata catatatatt ataatgtaca ttataatgtg taatattatg taattataat    110220
     atgtaatatt ataatgtata gtattataat aatatatatt ataatgtgta gtataatata    110280
     taatacatat atgttatata tgtatatatt tgaaaggatg attttcagat ggtaatgcaa    110340
     gttaaaatca aaacttaagt atagaattgc aaactcttta agttaggata gatggtagag    110400
     taatttatct aattgacagg tatgatggac tggatgtcta ttatatatca tactttgtaa    110460
     tttacataat tgttatagtt atgctccatt tatgtctaag agaagagcct tttttattgg    110520
     actgaaaggg tgagatgttg ggaattggtt cgaatgcttt gtcttaattc agctgccaga    110580
     atcacatggg aatctgccag gttccctgtc cccaattggt ttatgattaa tcaataaaga    110640
     gccaacagaa gattgccaag cagggtgaaa gaggcaggac ttttaggatt cctgggcaag    110700
     aaatgcagag gaaagaagaa tcggaatctc catgactcag aagcagagag atcagattta    110760
     agacttgcag gagagaaatc atccagccat gtaggtgcaa agggaaagcg gccccatggg    110820
     agggctgccc agaaggaaac aagacagcaa agataagata tggatttagg aagcattaac    110880
     tcggaaatac cggaggggac tgtgtgctag ccacggggag gtttggaagt gctcagccat    110940
     tgagctagtc aaggcatatc aaaatacaaa agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    111000
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttc agtttcattc gtgaatccag agctcttggg    111060
     tgggtgtaga gatgtgcttc caccctccag gagctcagat cagattaaag gtcagctatc    111120
     cagggaagtt tgagagtgtg ttatagatac tgtcagtgcc tttgctattt tacattaaga    111180
     atctgtggtt ctggtcagct agggctgaag aattggctgt gcttaacagg agatcaagat    111240
     cactaaaatg aaacctttgc taggacaatt gatgtcgctc agcgagggtt gggaaatttc    111300
     tggtgattac gaagagacca gcaccattga gggcaagtct tctggaaagt gttccggtgc    111360
     agcacacaga agctgtagcg aacagtatgg gagtacctat actggcagtc aaacttgacc    111420
     tcgtgttaag tgtctcctag gtggtgctaa ttttgaagga tgaagaagag gtcaatgggg    111480
     aacagagagg tcaggtgcag ccactggtga agattcaagt agcagctgaa gccccgggat    111540
     tgatgggggg cagggggggg tcacagaaag aagatgaggc ttggcaccat gaagagaacc    111600
     caaggggaag caattagcaa aagtgcagcc cagttgctgc aggaaacccc aggattttgg    111660
     agagagcagc cacagacagc agaagccatt gagtggaact ggcttgatct gtgctatggt    111720
     aagtcctctg ggggagtcca gaagattatg agtgagctct ggacattgga cactgagtta    111780
     ctgatgctgt tggagcttgt tttgttctgt tcaaactgta attgtggcct ggttcttcct    111840
     acttggaata agaaaagtat ttatttttat tttacagtag accacaattg agagactttt    111900
     tgaactttta aaaagatttc gaagtaagaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaatt tgggttttca    111960
     aggagacctt ggatttttaa aggtaccaaa cttttaaagt gtttgggttt ttaataattt    112020
     tgcattgtga tatttattaa tatgagatct tgggggaatg aacaaaaaga gaaaaattat    112080
     tgttaaatag tgctgcgttg gtattttgtg ttgaagggtc agttgttgaa tgtggggtca    112140
     catcctgtgc cacttaaagt ttggccactc atcctcaata aacaattaaa agagccaagc    112200
     tgaaaatgga aagaagaagg tttactcaag gtggacacag tgggaagagg gacacgccct    112260
     tccccactcc tgcccctcac ccccaaggcc ttcttcaagg gatacatatt tttaaaagct    112320
     tgtatttgag atgcaggtta agtctagaaa tctccagtga aacaggaaga aagtctctaa    112380
     aattgctttc cagaggtccc caaaatagaa tgctaagaaa gtaaataggt actaggagag    112440
     tacctagctg tgtaacacat gcttagcatg gaactctggg ttcaatccca gaacaaaact    112500
     aacaaataaa aatgacacga attcacagag atagcaacag tctttaaaaa taatgtttgt    112560
     tttaccatat atagtagcaa cataatacca taactcaaat tccacctcta aatcacacac    112620
     acacatatgt atatatatgt atgtatatat gtgtgtgtat atgtatatat acatatatat    112680
     acatactaag ttcatatata cactaagttc atatacatat atatgtaatt tttatctaga    112740
     cttgggttta aatttagact aatttcatgc tagtttgttt tatttaaata tctataaaca    112800
     ttagtgaagt attttgagtg tttctgtaat cctaaaacag cagatgttgt ggtcataaaa    112860
     ttatttttga agactagttt attcatacta catgattcat ttcataaatt agatgaacta    112920
     atccattttc agtttaatgt tttttgaaaa agcatttcaa cagagctgat catcaaccag    112980
     agcattccca aatttctacc ccctaaagaa gaagcttaaa atttcagggt acaattatag    113040
     caagactaat ccccttctgt cactgacaaa gctttgtctc agatacatat cacacagaac    113100
     atgtcagttt caacctagaa atttggacaa agcaaagtaa tttgcttctc cagcaatctg    113160
     gaagaagagg caagcaggtc tctgtaggtt ccaggtcagc ctggttacac agcaaatttc    113220
     aggacagcca gataacccca atgctatgga gggtagagaa aggaggacct ggccaccaat    113280
     gtcattccag gtatagtgag agatcctgtg tcaatgtaac aaaacagaaa atgatgtaaa    113340
     agggtacctg atatattcct ctggcctcta catgcaggta tgtacataaa cacacacaca    113400
     cactctctct cacacacatt cacacacact cacacacacg ctcacataca cacacacatg    113460
     aataaatact gtgattttaa gaaagaaaat aagacaatgt ctcagacaga aaatgggtgc    113520
     cattatatat aaaatgaagt aaaaattatt attcaaggtt tttacaggct gaaaatatga    113580
     gaggaatatg aaataataga caagcagcat gactactcgc atatctgtag gattacttgt    113640
     gtttaccaga tcattcagtt agtatacagt agtattattt aaatatatgc ataccttctc    113700
     aatataaatc tagttgtgtg acccttaaag acaagacaat attctaaaag tatagtgtta    113760
     tgtgacttca tcactccaca aacatcagac ttcacaagtg tagttggtac tacaaagtac    113820
     acttatacgt ttgttttggg tttgtttgtt tatttatttt tttatgattg atttttatgt    113880
     gcactggtgt ttcacctgca tgggtgcctg tgtgagggtg tcagattgcc ctgggactgg    113940
     agttatagat agtttgagct gtcgtgtagg tgctgggaat tgaatcccag tcctccggaa    114000
     gagcagccag tactcttaac tgctgagcca tctctccagt tacccacatg taagtttata    114060
     ggtctggtat gcttggtatg tcatatttct cctagggcta tgataaacaa aaccaacagg    114120
     acactcagtc cagcacaaga aaaaccaaga gacactgtaa ctatgagaca cacgaggttg    114180
     ccatcagcaa aacacaatgt agcgctttat agtaagcttt aaaaaaatac ataaatagaa    114240
     ttattgcact ccaaaataat atcagtgatt ggcgcttagc atttatgagt tcttaggttc    114300
     agccctcagc accaatgggt tagtaaacaa ggaacaagca aggatggtga atgcagaagc    114360
     cgtgacacag agcttattgc tatcccttag ttatcactaa gtttcacgca ctgtacacga    114420
     ctccatatgc ttttctttgc tgtcgctgac agcacaggcc tgtttatctc atcatggtca    114480
     catgagacga acttctcttg cagtttcaac ctctctcgct tcccttctgc ttataccttt    114540
     ttacacttct ctatactata ggtcagtcta tatttcagtt aataatttca acaagagcta    114600
     tttccccctt cagatcaaat gccttgcaca aatgtttgag acgcataagt gattctcaaa    114660
     tgtttagggc atcaacaaat caaaggctgt gaagtcttgg gggggggggg gacaaaacca    114720
     aacaggctaa atcaaaacca accagacttc agctaagcct gccatcgtca ttaaaggaac    114780
     tgggacagtt taacatcaag ttaaataatc aaatgtgtgt ctgtcgatac ttgaaagttt    114840
     ttaagtttga ggtataatca gagtacaagt taaaataaaa catacaagtc attacagtct    114900
     gaatatagta aaaataaaac ccaatgaatg tatttattta tctactcaga gattttatag    114960
     tccaccaaaa caccggcagc cagcagcata gacagcaacg gttctggcca cccgagggta    115020
     gcaatgggac cttcctttga tgaaacagaa aggaagtcct tctacatcct gggcctcttt    115080
     agctttttgt tgtcctttaa aactgacacc cacagaatca agttcagcaa ctcgtttctc    115140
     cgacaagatt tttttaaaaa gaaagagaga gagagagaga acaaatgaac aaacttcttt    115200
     aatatgactt atattggtat cttaagtggt acctgctgtg tattttctgc gagctggcga    115260
     ttaaaaaaaa aaatgctttc tgagcatttt tccacttaat ccttgtgaca acttacaggg    115320
     tagagtcaac actcactcca gtgaagtgtc acttggttgt gtgacacata ccaaggcaga    115380
     ctaatcacat gtgtactgct ttcttcagtc aattctcaca agaatcctat gatgtataaa    115440
     attatttccc ccctcatttt gagcaaaatt aattctggat aagattaagg taaatggtag    115500
     aacgtagact tgactacact caaagtccca ccccaactcc ctccactcag gatattctga    115560
     gttttttcac gtggtgagaa agtctggact tctatggttt cgtcagtcca gacgtgataa    115620
     gcctgtaata gctttgttct tttcagtttg gctcttgggc tgtaactagt tgacactatt    115680
     tcacaacaga gctttttatt aaaacccagg actccattgt ctaaggggac ttgatgttaa    115740
     ttccactttt aagaaaccca taagcatcta cacattacct gtctgtatgg gaaagccaga    115800
     aagacaaacg gaaatccctg tgaaagacga caagataatt acctgtctgt atgggaaagc    115860
     cagaaagaca aacggaaatc cctgtgaaag acgacaagat aattgtgtcc tttctcccat    115920
     tacctgaatt ttaacttgta agaaaaagat agaaaaccta ggtgtaacat atgactatct    115980
     ctccctttag taattagttt ttcctagtct tcttatttgt caaatgatca tatatgctct    116040
     tttatgatat gctcttataa atacgtacac tgttatcaat gttattgtat ataaaattaa    116100
     atgaaaaata taaagctaat gaaagtattg ttaataaaaa taggtaatat agaataaaca    116160
     gagaaatcta tataaaaaag aatgactata tttgactcag ggctggtatg caattaatgg    116220
     tggtattatt accagccttt gaatcctatt aatttggtcc ttgttagaag agggtaggga    116280
     actattgcag ggtttagcat ttgatgtttt aggactataa gctaaccaat ataatcacga    116340
     taatgaagaa aaagttttct agttcagcta aaaatttact aaacccttgg aactaatgaa    116400
     tgtctttaat cccaacagag gcaggttcat ctctgagttt gaggccagcc tgatctacat    116460
     agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gggaaaccat gtctcaaaaa caaacattta    116520
     ctaagccccg tgctaagtga tgaatgaata acaatgaaac gtgtttttcc acaagttcag    116580
     gagaggccag ggcagatcca taataaagac gcaaagaaat gtggtaagtg acccgagagt    116640
     tgtctatggg acaatcagga gacagagcaa ttacagcgtg caaaatcaga gatgaagatg    116700
     gatttaacca gcatgaacgt aacagttcga gctagtctag gacagactaa taaaacatct    116760
     attggagtaa cctacactga cattgttcta ggataactgt aatggaacca ggtggggtgc    116820
     taaaagactg taactagtgt gtctaccaat aaagagccta cagcaccccc ccccatgatc    116880
     attttattaa ctctgtgttg atgcttgaat gctatataaa ttttcagctg tgttccaggg    116940
     tcatggaaaa aaaaaagacc caaacaaaat gagtttccag tagccatgta caataaatca    117000
     aacccagctg aagttttaaa ataatggcta cttcctctag caagtcctca gcaagtggtg    117060
     gttttctgca tttaggattc taaatcagga agctctgctc tctcaactca taaccacacc    117120
     gaccctcttt gcttgtatta ggttcacaca tgtaaatgat tatctcatta aggacaagag    117180
     gggacattaa acgtgaggac aggaagattt acaaccaaag ccagtgaagg agaagataca    117240
     aactcctgtt tccattaaaa acaaaaccaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaacccg    117300
     agaagtcttg aacattcatt gaacattcag actgtagttc tcttagggat aatgaacact    117360
     ccttaagaaa accaatgttc atcccttagg acagaagaga acatgcagga aaattgtggc    117420
     ttatgttcag gaaaggcaag atttcaggtg agaagacagt agcctcaaac gacctgttga    117480
     aagatttaac tagagaaagg aattcaaaag cgaaacagtg agaattcagc tcaatgaaat    117540
     atttatgtgt aaagtatgta tttcgcataa acacttaaat ctctgtagag cagcagttta    117600
     gttctttgag aaagttacac ctatgaaaag taactgtttc ttaagggcca cagcagaaaa    117660
     tggaagtcta gagttggttc aaactgaatg caaattgctc tgatgagatc ctgcgagtct    117720
     tgctgagaga agatattcct ggctgggcca aaacatctat tgtgaagaag agagaaagag    117780
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagag agaaagagag aaagagagaa agagagaaag agagaaagag    117840
     agaaagagag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    117900
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    117960
     agaagagagc agttaggcaa gggaacgctt aagaagaggg tacactggaa tgaatctgct    118020
     tttaatctta aagtaaaaga atcacaaaat atatttaaag agtctctgtc tctctccctc    118080
     tcctccctcc ctcgctccct gccctccacc accaccattt tgatcatatt cacaacccat    118140
     accctactca attgagcccc ttctgaactg ggccctttcc tttgacacct tttttgttta    118200
     gttagggttg cctgcattag tgtgagtggt gtctgggtaa gactttaaga acaaagatgt    118260
     aatcagattt agattttagt ggatgttggc agtttccgat tccagagaaa tgtccgaaat    118320
     gtcctcccac cccttaacgc tccctgtaga aaaagattat acacagtttt gttttaaaag    118380
     cctcactccc taggagacga ggctgcagct agtagtatgg tcagtgcttt agctcttcag    118440
     tgaccttgtg agtgggttcg gtctcccatt tctatccctg ggggggcagg gagaggtctc    118500
     acttatttca aatccaggac tatccattaa tattacagat tctgtaccca gattaattct    118560
     cccctatgtt ctcaaaagct gccccccacc ccgctttctg catccagacg agtggccttt    118620
     atgacaatat attttacttt gaagatataa aacgtcgacg tggaagaact atctagtttt    118680
     tgtgtcagtg actgtaccgc gcagatgttt ctctttcatc aactatttat aatttaacac    118740
     acagggcttc ttctctctga ggttccatga ctgtcgaccg ctcttttggt agagagggca    118800
     acgcaccagt gttaaggtgc acaagaggaa acacaggcac gtgcaagcgg cgtctccaag    118860
     ttttgctgtg gcgccggtga aggactgtgt ctgtgtagct ctgggtgttg ggtgacagct    118920
     gcccccggga acgccgaaag ggacaacttt ggaaaggagg gtcctccact ctggacgctg    118980
     cgttcaggtg gtcacctctt gtcaccgact gccagcgccc gcctaggggg acagcaaagt    119040
     gagaggttcg agtacagcgc gtccttccag tcgcgctcaa gcccgcgctc cgagcgcccg    119100
     gtggggacct ctgcgggttt gcagagcctc cgcgcgcccc ctcggagcca gacccaccaa    119160
     ccgcgcgcgg cggggaacta cagctcccgg caggccccgc gcgggccgcg cgcccccgcc    119220
     cgcgcgcccc ggccccccgc cctccggcct cgagacggga cgggagggag ggcaggagga    119280
     aggggcgcgg gcgggcgggt tcgtgcgagg cgcgtgaagc ctcgctggct cctgctccgg    119340
     gacgcggacg ctggcgcgcg ccgactttct ccagaacagc cgagcccgcc tctgtaagta    119400
     gtcgctggag ggagcgcgga gcagacaccg aaaaaagttc gcgccgccgc cgccgctgcc    119460
     gctttgttct cccgacccgt cgggctgagg tggcgcggcc cctcccccac cgcatgcggc    119520
     ggccgcggcg acggcggcgg gactcggacc cgcgcggggc tgggcggcgg ccgcggctgg    119580
     gcgggaagtc ggggcggtgc tccgcgggcg gccgggggcg ccggcgcggc caagttccgc    119640
     ggtccgcgcc gaggccaagt tggagtcgcg cggctgctgc tggtgaccca ccgcgccctg    119700
     gccctcgggg acccgctttc tcccgagccc cgccaactaa tcctgccgcc ggcggcacgg    119760
     tgcagtgagc cttcccggtt ctttgctgca cttttcctgg tcctggggct ggaaggggcg    119820
     agtatccggg gtttggagga tagtgacccc agtttcctga ctgcctttag gcttgcctgt    119880
     tgcagcctcg ctccaagtcg ttctcattcc ctgggggagc ttcgccctga gttgaaacat    119940
     ccgcgagtgt ggagcaataa aatagtaata ataataataa taataatgag cacacacgac    120000
     attacttgat tgcgtgtcgg gtattttagt tcacatcgtc gaaatcagaa gtataggccg    120060
     tgctgtcagc aagcacgaat ataaatcagg ctacaggcga cctgcagact tttccgtaca    120120
     cagattgatg gcatggatgt aactgtccct tcaaccacgc ccgtccccac aggaaatatg    120180
     actatcggtg tcatctttga ttaaagagga taagtttcaa catgaagtac tactttgtag    120240
     gacagggcct ttaaaacctg taggcacaaa tgaagcaaca gtttgagata ctttcatcca    120300
     tgtcctagaa aaacgttatt acactaaaaa gttactttta ctctgtacct gatgttgcag    120360
     ttttagcagt tttgattttg ttcagctgga gtttaaactt ttaatgccag gcgggtagac    120420
     aagcctacgg atttgcttca agaaagcatc cctgaagttg ccagactcag ttctgagtaa    120480
     catttgctct agaagaacat ttcctctccc agttataatc tggggtggga taaaacagca    120540
     gtttagccag aaagttgttt caagtttttg caaatatatt atttttaaaa cgtctcacgg    120600
     gaaccgttac aataggtttt gcttcatagg ataggtttat aaatgtcatg ggcctgagaa    120660
     tatgggtttg gaggcatctt tgataagcca gggcagttca catttcagga ctgttaagac    120720
     taaaagaatt tttcttaaat gtgtttggca gtttcataca ttctgatgcc ctacccctca    120780
     ctctctctag taccccctac cccctcacca atcccttaaa gaggttttat agccatgagc    120840
     ctttaatctt gcacattgta taagctattt tatcagatga cctgtttaaa atagacattt    120900
     ctttctgttt ttgtgttgtt tgtcatctaa acactgctat acacaccaaa agccacagta    120960
     agttaaactt taaaagtcag aggagttgaa aacacctcat acataaagat agagggaaag    121020
     agagttgtta aagtgtactt tccacagaag ggacagacag ttttcaacag aattctaaag    121080
     ttggcaaaaa tactaaccat agcggagttc actgcttgtt tttaaagaca ctcattcagg    121140
     atttgatgta taattactta catataattt gattaggcac ataattggat ttaataatca    121200
     catctcttga gtctcttggg ttatgtaatt caaacagaac ttgcctcttt gaagcagtca    121260
     ttttaaaagg aaaaactggg atgtggtact taagaaatgt tttagtttta atttcgatgt    121320
     agataaaaca ttttctctgc tcgtgtggtg aacttacagt ggctgcacat gagaattgtg    121380
     ctttggcaat tagccaatca gatttcttag aaactacggg tgcagggctg aagatatatc    121440
     aagcttatcc atagcttcgt attgctttgc cagactgatg tgccggtacc tggatacacc    121500
     tctcagtgcc tgcgcagaga agctgcctgg tgtgccctct ctctgttctc caacacggtg    121560
     gaagggcaga gagtgaaccg ctacccggag aagtagactt gtagaaggaa caatttagca    121620
     gagtgctaag ctcttagaaa gacagtcttc tattaatctg agggaatgtt tctggaatat    121680
     gcaattgatg gagagactgc cacagatttt tttttaatct acaaatatac ctgagttttt    121740
     tgtatactgt acaagcatta agcaaagtca gacctttttc gaggtaaagc gtggatattg    121800
     acttcagtgt actggcatgt cactggaaaa gctcccatgc ttctttacat gctcacacag    121860
     tacatgccat acacatgtgc atatcctcac gagggtcagg ataaaacttt attaccattc    121920
     cttgtacaca aagtgaaatt aaacctggac aaccctttac ccctgggagt cacgtaaaca    121980
     tggtattaca aaggaaaagc attttttttt ttttactctt catgttaaca tttgcagaat    122040
     gcacatagaa ggttggttac cctaaataat gagagcccct ccttgtagta tttaacgtgt    122100
     cttgttctct ggaatcctct tacttgtttc tttatagaga ccttccctga gaccccactg    122160
     gaattaagtc tccctggcat atgctctgtt gtatctcata ggttgtaatt acctagctac    122220
     ttatgcaaat gtttgtttaa tgtctgtgag ttccagagag agcagtggcc atgtctcttt    122280
     ctactgctgc tgtgaaactt cagtgtcttt cttagtcctc tggcaagtat caaggttgaa    122340
     tgaaactcct gctggtagag cttctgaaga gacttggttg agattggcgc ataatgtatg    122400
     gcaatgaagt gacagggcag ggagggaaaa ggtagatcag cttgtgacat taccatgaaa    122460
     tataacagcc cagttacccc agtcacctgg cctccaaggt ttttgtttta ctttgtttgg    122520
     gtgcactgag ctcaaaatac tttttgattc cattcagtgg tgacagaatt tgtaagttca    122580
     tttgaatgag atatgtgaca acggtctaaa agaatggtgg aaaaaaatgc caactaaact    122640
     taataaattc ttgacaacta gacaatactg ttctggctta gagactctca tagctattag    122700
     aaacaacata tctaatacac aatttatata tcaacgagat gtactatttg ttaacttata    122760
     aactgttttc tatttgaagc ataaatacaa agaaattaaa cagcacacca aagtttatat    122820
     aaattagaat tgttagattt cttacagatc aaaccaattc cataaacaaa accaggagag    122880
     agaagacaga tgggatgagt gggtgggagc tgttaagaca ggttcttaca tttctattca    122940
     tgctgaagct ttaaaaaaaa cacttttata caaaattata tatagtttat aaggaatgtg    123000
     tgtctctagt aaattaatca agtgtgttat tagattgtta ctattaatta acctcaagtg    123060
     gtataataaa aagtagactt agtagaatgg caccttttat ctaattgctg taaaacttct    123120
     gaatggtctg agtgctacag taagccagat gctgtcatta gtaactggca ggtgccgtcc    123180
     ttataacccg ggagtcccac aagtgttgct gccagtttct ttgtacatct ctcaagtaaa    123240
     gctgagctaa aaacagctct gccttaatac ttcttcagat atttgaggac cactcattct    123300
     gattggcata tgcggcgtag cacatgccct tatcttcatg gttacctgga tgtttgcagt    123360
     tgttttcttc ccaaacctaa aaatctgtaa ctctaaagat atggattata gaatgaatag    123420
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctttctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    123480
     tctctgtata ttctatccat ctctatatat gtatgtatat ttgaatgtac agtctatagt    123540
     agcataggct aacaagtgtg catattaatg ctatggcttt ccaatgtcca gaggttttag    123600
     gattgtctta gttctttgag tgagcccttt atattcacag cacttacctt aagcctcaga    123660
     tacacagccc accctcatga atggcttcca gatcagcatc tcccctcatt ctgatgttgc    123720
     acatttaact tggaatttat ctctgttgag tttcacttta attttaccac ctctgctcag    123780
     ttttgttcaa cctgaagatg acataagcag attgtctttg tctttaccat ttcacatctc    123840
     atggaaagac agagctgaga gtggcttggg aacatttccc caaggactcc acacatgcca    123900
     gttgacatac agcagattcc ttaccacact gatgcccagc tcaaactcag cgcggttaca    123960
     gagacagtag ggaaatgctt tgactaccgt ttccgtgaga ttgtagcagc cttgagtgag    124020
     taacctctga actttccctt tctcaactct aaagcggctg gttgtgcaga ttcatgaggt    124080
     gcgcctacgt ggggttgaga ctcgtgtctg tcagatccca gatagtaaga gttcagcgaa    124140
     ggtcactact tacttcctcc acttgagaag tctagacttt atgaagttat acgtgtgatg    124200
     gacttagcat ttcttgttct gcttgaaatt aggctgatat gaccattata ctatcctcta    124260
     gctattcaca aataatttga ataacaatct gactaaaggt tttctttact tttttttaaa    124320
     acaatttatt tatttttatt ttatttacat tggtgtttgc ttgcatatat gtctgtgaga    124380
     gtgtcagatc tcctggaact ggagtttcag acagctgtga actgtcatgt gggtgctggg    124440
     aattgaacct gggtcctttg gaagaacagc taaagctcta aacctcagag tcatctctcc    124500
     agcccctggc aaaggatatt tagtttcttt ggtagtttct agattgtgct tatctgcttt    124560
     ttggtgctct gcacttgaag cagccctgcc catcccaggc cgtggtctct caccctgagc    124620
     tctttctgca ggttattgca caatagtcat ggttaaactt gctccctgct gtatgggatg    124680
     agctgcatcc tggcccagag acttgcactc acacaaagtt ttagaatccc agcattgaaa    124740
     aggtggagat agaaagactg taaatttgag atcatccaag gctacatgag tttgaagctg    124800
     acctgggcta catagttaga ttcaaaagaa aagacattaa aaaataaagt catttaattc    124860
     tcttgtattc acaaagtttc agttctctga gttagcttga aaactgttgg gagactatta    124920
     gtgcgataca gtttgagcaa ttctttctgt gtaattgttc accctcctct ctaaactgtg    124980
     attctcagtt ccttgttatc tttaagaagc aggagttact gtgaaaacag tactggtaag    125040
     aaagcatgag acttgggttc taatccccac tctgttcata gccatgtgat actaggcaca    125100
     ttgttctagc actttgtgct ttggtcttct catctgcaaa aaggatattt ccctgttaat    125160
     tgaaaaaaaa gtatcatgag gcatattagt gaaacattac catcaaatgc tataaagtag    125220
     gagtttgaat tctagccatt tgcccaaatg ttactatcag tgcttgtatc tttaagttat    125280
     tttagactca ttttattctg aattttcgca tttgtatttc tgtatctctg tgttttgttc    125340
     ttcatttcat acatctcatt cgttttaatt taactccata tactcatttc cactctgcac    125400
     acacttcgaa tgctttgagt tttcatcatt gtaattattt atgactacaa agaatttaga    125460
     aggattcatc tcttgtgagc cattccattc agccatgaag ggttatgcct ttttcttttt    125520
     ctttttttcc ctttttcttt tccttgtcct tcttcttttt ctttttcttt ttcttcttct    125580
     tttccttttc cttcttcttt ttcttttaaa aaaatttctg gactgtgtct tcctaaaact    125640
     taggatgcac agtttgctgg tgtactttcc cagtgttaga aatcccttaa cgatgatgag    125700
     ttcacgttct cctgggcttc atagtttatc agcagtcaca gtcggtcctt gctgactcca    125760
     gtgtatcccc atttgcttct ttaggcttcc ggaaggcatt cgtcaacaaa gcagtccaag    125820
     actcgtattt tggcagaata gactcttttg gaggaatgag agaagtggag aaaacctagg    125880
     gcctttactt gctactaagt ctagtgtatt ctcactagac tcttaatata taaaaacata    125940
     aaagactact taagctttcc tgtagtggga agttattctg tatttctaaa gaggcttgtg    126000
     tcatatttta tgtctgtgat gtttgtttta cttctcctgt tttgtctctt ctgtctttct    126060
     cagtgtctta tcataattga gttgtgtagt tgtggaataa cagtgtttga tcttcataaa    126120
     tttaaaatac aataacttac agctgggtgc aatggtatat gtcttagcct caactacttg    126180
     ggaggctgag acaaaaggat cttgagaaac aggagttcaa ggccagtcta gaccacatag    126240
     tctaatctta tctccaagaa agaagaacat attatttaac ctggccctgc tccccaacga    126300
     gttagtggtg aggggcgggg tattatttta agtggaaatc tctctctgaa attataactg    126360
     tagtaaaaaa aattattgtg atagctaaac ttaaaataac tacctattgg attgtattca    126420
     tgaattgtaa aaatatgacc caaagttatc actaaaaatt gtagggattc ttacatttta    126480
     aactgatatc aaatgcatat aaaacattaa aaaacccttt aatttttttc ttctaggttg    126540
     acagcatttc agaaggcacc agcttttctc tctggatcca ttcatccaaa gaaatatgtt    126600
     tgtactattt ttacaagctt tttattttta cttcatcaca gggaagttca gtcccaagat    126660
     ggaaatgagt tcctatgaga gggtaaacta aggtgtgacc atttgtggtg tcccgtcaat    126720
     ccctgaaggc atagattatc tgaaactact tttaatcagg aagatttcat atcttgatac    126780
     agatcaacta ttctgtttgt ttttctgaaa tgaaaagcaa aagacaagag cagatttaga    126840
     agaagtgaag atgtcttgta aatattcagc atgaactctg ttcttccgac gatgatggtg    126900
     atgtgaagtg ggggacagat ctgggtgtgg tcctaaagac aagattcttg atgggactga    126960
     taccgacagc aataggatct tttgagtatt caactcggag taacagaatt tgtcatcaac    127020
     ggcatgaatg gctcagccga ggaaatagag cagctttcat ctaaatccaa gcgtgtcgtc    127080
     attttttcac tgctattatt ttgaaaactt cttcaaaacc atttaaaaag cattgacaac    127140
     taattttata gatcaaagaa aggcagatgt ctgcaaataa ttcccctcca tcagcccaga    127200
     aatctgtgtt ccctgcaact gtttctgctg tgcttccagc tccttctccg tgttcaagtc    127260
     ccaaaacagg actctcagct cggctctcta atggcagctt cagtgccccg tcactcacaa    127320
     actctagagg ctcagtgcac acagtttcat ttctacttca gattggcctc acacgagaga    127380
     gtgttaccat cgaggcccag gaactgtctc tctctgctgt caaagacctc gtgtgctcca    127440
     ttgtttatca gaaggtactg tgcaagctgt ttatatcagt gatgttttcc taattaatat    127500
     tgtttctcac atgtctctat aatttatgca taaaacaatg agagaacaca tttggactca    127560
     tcagtaattt atgttctgat tatgagcatt ctgggcagta ttctaataga ctgtgagcca    127620
     aaaagtctga aatttcagta tctaaagaga acctatatcc cagtttaaaa atatcactta    127680
     ccccaaaata gtgtcatttt atatccaggg gttatctgac atttcattta atctcagaga    127740
     aaagggccgg gaaatagtag gcataagaca ttcttactag aaaggtgggc caccatagct    127800
     gccgaatcca gtgaccaact gaagcttggg ctttccaggt gtccgtcctt tgccctcatt    127860
     tatcccttga cttcgatttg gatgctgata atctctcata gaggaagttc agaatctatc    127920
     taaactgcca tttattatag aagtactctc ttcctcttaa acaggcaaat cactttggaa    127980
     tatataacag gttgttcaag gtggttgttt attgtataag cacctcttac cttatcctgt    128040
     gccatttttc ccagttattt atttatttat tcattcattc attcaatcaa tcattttaca    128100
     tcctaatcac agctctcccc cctcacacag cccctctctg tccctcctcc ctttctccgc    128160
     tgagaaaggg gaggtctccc tgggtaccaa cccatcctgt cctgtgccat ttttttaatg    128220
     aatcttggct cagtagataa tatagtatga tttctactta agaattattt atatggatta    128280
     tattaattga ctttattttt atccttaatg gacaaccacc tgcttcagac agacttggct    128340
     gtttgcagac cttccctctt ggggactgtg aaagtggcgc aattcataat atccttgctt    128400
     cccaagcatg aggcctaagt tcaaattcct gtagcaccca cttaaaaagc taggctcagc    128460
     agtaatacac cttagtccca gtactgggga ggtgaaggga gacaggccag ccaggaggtg    128520
     aaatcagtga gttccaggtt cagtgagaaa ccccatctcc accgataagg tgaggaatga    128580
     atgaggaaga gacacaaagc cagccactga cctgtgtaga cacacaggca cgtacattca    128640
     cagatgtgtg cgtatagaga catgtagtct cagtgacaat gataacattg aatttcagct    128700
     ctacatctct tgttgtattt cctatgtttt atatggtttg tcattagctt ctaacttaaa    128760
     agtagtaatc caaaaacatt atagtttgtg ataatggcct atgggcctgt gttttagcag    128820
     tgacttgctg gtgtaaatat ggcctaatgt aagagtgact ttagatctgc agcattgttg    128880
     acttgttttt acatgttatt acttactgta acatttaatt ttgagataga gttactactg    128940
     ttgttgccca ggctggtctt tggactctgg ggttctcctg ccttagtcat tatcccgtgc    129000
     tacagtcaca gaccaccttg cccagaacta cctttcagtg tcttaggttt tatagccctt    129060
     tcattatatc cctcataagc tttttacaag tacttttgta gctattttgt gactttttaa    129120
     actgaaaggt gatgtttaaa cttaaggata acttcttttg agagcataag aatgtgtaat    129180
     ctatgttcag tgaaacctac tgtttttttt tttcaacatt tagaattttc agcttttgtt    129240
     ttttaattga taaaatatgt atacatatat ttatcatgta tagcatatta aaatatggac    129300
     acattgtata gtggctacat gagctagctg atttatttca gatcatttac ttacttggat    129360
     gaatttattt acttcacaca tttatataga gacatattga ttctccgtag gattgttatg    129420
     gaatcagatc tattatttac aggatgacac tgggcaagag attttacttg tttgaataag    129480
     tttccagatc tgtccagtca ttgaattggg tagtttctag tctctaagta tagctgtgag    129540
     gtttaggtct tctctgtagg agacagatac acaagagagg agcttgaatg gttggtgaga    129600
     aatcttaaag caccagctta gattcgggga ttttatagat atgttcatgg attcctaact    129660
     catttgagat ttgaaaaagc tgtcaacatt tcttaccttc tctcttaact tagagatcat    129720
     gctttctagc catgcattta gtttcttgtg tatgtatagt ttcaggttct gaaataatta    129780
     tttgagtggc acttgagtga ttatttcgaa cctccaaaga aagatgttat ttaatactca    129840
     taatttatgt accagattat ttttcaagtt agtagtgatg gtaattcctc tgtaaagaaa    129900
     tgctttagat tttaaaataa gattgcatac attaataata attataactt caatttgttg    129960
     gtttgtcagt ttctgttcaa gcatctttat acatattata ttaattttca cagctgcact    130020
     atgtatgggt caccacaatt atcaaaaagg aaatagaagc acggaaaaca taagttactt    130080
     tctaaagcct gtgataataa gagttcagag cttccatttc taactgttgt gttctagaca    130140
     gatgctttga ttttccatta tctatcattg ctcatttgtg aaatgccttc cagtaaagag    130200
     actgtacagt cagtaactgt agaatccagt tcccttaaag ctaactggcc ttgaagcctt    130260
     cacaacaaac tgaagtaatg gttccatagt agctggcatt taaaattcta gaaaagtgac    130320
     tggcacttga tggttttatt tataatttgt tgggaactaa aaaagggggc cttgggaagt    130380
     gggggcgggg ggaagaccca taccctgcca gagttttacc tattctctgg tctgtcaggc    130440
     atgggagagc tgctatacac tttccactca gtcctgggtg ggcattcaag cactcttcag    130500
     gggggtggcc aagggccagc ccttcctggg aaccccagag ctactttgct aaagtcacca    130560
     gagttgagga gagagggatg aaggaagagt ggttcccaac acttgtgaga gtaagtgcag    130620
     cagatcttga ctggagtacc ggaaggcctt ctaacgggag gttagaaacc ggctcattag    130680
     gagaaagcct tttccatcct ccaagtgcag tgggccttga tgagcagaga cagtctatga    130740
     ttttagagct ttattataga aaggcagggg aaaagagaga agggagggag agagggaggg    130800
     aggggagggg agagggaaga cagaggagag gagaggggag gggaggggag gggaggggag    130860
     gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag    130920
     gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaagacag aggaggggag aggagaggag aggagaggac    130980
     aggggagatg agaggagaag acagaggaga ggagagagag gagaagacag aggaggggag    131040
     gggaggggag gggaggggag gggaggggag gggaggggag gggagaggag aggagaggag    131100
     aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag agagaagaca gaggagagag gtgagagaat    131160
     aaaggagtga gagctaagag agccaggtgg ggctgaacag ccctttttat ggtcttcact    131220
     gatgctaggt aactggggag gagtttagcc tgaaggtcag aagcttgggc cattgcctat    131280
     gtgactactg accatgcttc tcttgtgggg gctgtgggag tggtaactta ggcaggagcc    131340
     agagttccag gagcatgagg gaacgccaac cgtgtcatgt aggtgaatta tgacttcagg    131400
     gttcagacct cacctcaact ggagaccagc ctgcaattcc acacaataat tatttggtag    131460
     tttgatctca tggacattat ttgttgtttt agtttctatt cttgataaac tctcttatgt    131520
     agaaccttct aagaaatagg ccagtagtta cattttaggg attagatgga ctagacattg    131580
     tccctgccct taaaagctta tattatagtg agggaaccac attcactagt atcagatatg    131640
     agaagtagca tgagatattg aagtaaaaag tgtatgttgt aggctgatga agaatgtaga    131700
     aggctgaagc catacagaaa ataatattaa acctggaagt ctggcaacaa aataatgaga    131760
     tgaggacagt attccagaca gaaggattga gataagcaga gacgggagaa ggaacatggt    131820
     aagtgttggg gctagagaga tgtctcaaca gttacaacag tatactgttc ttccagagga    131880
     cctaagtgtg attcccagca tccatatcag gtggatgaca accacctgta actccagctc    131940
     tggggaatct gatgtctctg gcttccatga gcacccccac acatgtgaca tataccagac    132000
     agacacatga ctaaaaataa aataaaagaa atagaagtgc tgacatttag taagtgccta    132060
     cttggtgtca ggagattcag atgcacttaa tccacacagt agtctggggt gcatctgaaa    132120
     caatgtgcat gagattcatt tgggaattct aaggagtatt attttgattc agtaggtttg    132180
     tgtgggtaca tatttctatt aatggtaatg gtggtggtcc tttgttgtag attctatcta    132240
     aagtactttt ttggggggat ggggaaatag ggagctgtgc taagacacca tgaccaaaac    132300
     aaaactatta aaataaagca tttaatttgt ggctcgctca tgattccaga gggttaggtc    132360
     cgatgaccat catgacaggg acatggcacc aggtagacag ggacatgaca ctggggcatc    132420
     aactgagatc tcacatcagg atccacaaca caaggttgag agagctaatt gggaatggca    132480
     tggttttttg aaacctcaaa gttcacccct agtgacgcac ctctttcaac aaggccacac    132540
     ctcctaatcc ttcccagaca gttccaccaa cttgggacca agtgttcaaa cttgagcctg    132600
     tggaagccat tctcatccaa atcaccacag actcataaat atactgagtt acacaggtgt    132660
     agtgatcttc atttaataac aaaggaaact cagatttcag aaaagaataa tttgctgaaa    132720
     atcagagatc agacaggcct gtcttaactc gaagccttct atgctcctct cggcacctgc    132780
     tgcctctcct cagcaacaga aactttcata ctgaatcctt cctagagtag agatttgcct    132840
     aaggtgtttg tatagcaaag tgagtagatc atttctgcct tgaggagctc acagggggct    132900
     gataaaggta aaggtctttg ctgccaagct caatgacctg agtttgttcc cttgaaccca    132960
     tatggtggag tcagaattga ctctcagacg ttatcttcca acttgcaaac atacgcatgc    133020
     acaaataaaa taaacattaa aaaccttaaa ggtattttca agatgagtta gatgaagttg    133080
     tgggtacatt gagtcgaact tagatcctgt tactataagg acgtgcagag tgactgccag    133140
     cttgaggggc tggaagcgtg acgtcgttgg tacctgagat tcttttggta gggggatggt    133200
     gtcacttact ttcatcaaac tctaataaaa taaggttcct gtgttctaga aatttctagg    133260
     aggactgaag aagtattctt gtacttcagg gttgtgcagg gatgtacatt ggaactattc    133320
     tgctctgcct gactgtgggg aggagtttct tctaaaaaac ttcacacctc tatagttgtc    133380
     ttgttagcaa acctggcaag gttagaaaag cttgaaaagg tctcttagtt tggaggtcct    133440
     gagaagagac ctttaacagt gagataaaca cacaaggcca ccaccctact ttaaattagg    133500
     aaagaacttc ctgaattatt tttacatttt ggacatactt gagattttga aaatagatat    133560
     ttaatatagt actcataaaa tgtagatccc atctctacat tcacttttcc agttgggaat    133620
     atattaacct cagaataaaa gattataatt gatcttaaat aaaagattaa tttgaaaatt    133680
     tgtaagattt gcaatagtga ttacaataat gattacaagg taaaacaaga ttatttgaag    133740
     tgtaaaagct atcaaaaaag aaaaggattt tgttggtgag cagttgtatt gatgtactgc    133800
     tataacaaag catacaagag tacagactgc tgtcatatat gtgtacatcc aggcacatat    133860
     tcagaaacaa ttgaatgttt taaaaacagt gatttttgta ttcccttatt ttctagcatc    133920
     tttggtcaga aatgtgggat gcacatacac tcgtgccatg tatattattt atattttctc    133980
     ttgagctatc ttgcaagata ttgtttctaa agatttgttt atttgtttat tctctctctc    134040
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tgtgtgtgtg    134100
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcttgga    134160
     atccagaaga gggcatagat tcccccagaa ctggaattac atgtatattt gtgctgccca    134220
     atgtggatgc tggaaactga acttgggttc tcttggagga gcaacaagtg cttctaacca    134280
     tagagccatc tatttagtcc cctaaatact attttttaaa agacagattt gagataaaaa    134340
     tttacctgta ataaattcca tcacttttat gttcatgaga ttgatcattt tcaacagttg    134400
     catacagcta tataattctt ctaattcaag ctataaatca tcccagatat actcttgtat    134460
     atgtgcagtc tctttccccc cacttccagc cctaaccaac aatactctac attctttcac    134520
     tgtaacttaa acttctctgg gtgttcttat agataaatga gatcatcttc tatgtagtgt    134580
     tttggaactt aatattattg tattgtatca tatgtaagtg ttttgaaaat taatattatt    134640
     gtattgctat agttctttat gttgctgaat tagtgtgtta tattggctat gccttaattt    134700
     ttttgttcat tgatgtatac tcgaactgtt tgcaggtttg gtggttatga gtcaagttgt    134760
     tgtcagcctt ctcatacagt ctcaattata agctgtaaat acatgttggc ttttgtatgt    134820
     ctaccagaag tataatggcc gggtgattta gtaggcctgt gtttgtgata cctcaccaga    134880
     ctgatttata aagatagctg tgcactttcc ccatcgacaa gctccatagc cttgctcata    134940
     cttgatatca gctgcctttt taatttaccc agccaggttg ctgtatgtaa tgtatgtatg    135000
     aatgtaatgc ctcctccttc tgattttaat ttgtatgtcc ttgcgaatat atttgaaatt    135060
     gatgttttct tacatgaatt ttaaacagac tgtatgctga ttagtttttt gtcagttcac    135120
     ccaaactaga gctacctggg aagagggcac ctcagttgag gaattgtctt cttcagattg    135180
     gcccacaggc acctctttga ggcattgatg agtaactgat atctgagggc cgagcctgct    135240
     tgaacaggta gttctgggct gtataagaaa gaagctgagc aggcatgagg aagcagtagc    135300
     agcctccctc cctccgtggt cccaccctga cttctctcag tccacgacga ttgtcatctg    135360
     taagccaaat aatgtctttc ttctccaggt tgttttttct cagggttaca ctagagtata    135420
     ttgttcatct tattactgag tgtaaaagtt cttcctacaa ccctgaaaca aattgatttg    135480
     atttttaaag agcagataac taaaacaagc ttataacata tcttttgcct taacattttc    135540
     ctgtgctttg aacatttgaa atttacccaa cagttttgaa ttacaaagta ctgttgttaa    135600
     atatgttcac acacactcag cacattgttc actagatctc agacggaaaa gaatttacac    135660
     ttattttcct gtctaaccga ggctttgtgc ttgttgactg tcatctttct catcttctcc    135720
     cctagcctct ggtagtctgt tctctccctc tgagggattt tttttttttt agatattttc    135780
     tttatttaca tttcaaatgt tatccccttt cttcatttcc cctctgaaaa cctccctatc    135840
     ccatccccca cccccttgct cactaaccca cccactcctg cttccctgtc ctgccattcc    135900
     cccagtgttt gagtttctat atgtaagcaa gaagatggtt agcattcatc tctgcacttg    135960
     ccttatttca gttcctgtat aatgttctct gatctcatca gtgttggagg ggcacagtga    136020
     tgctgcctcc gaattcacac tgataacctc atcctaacat ggtcacttgt aaagatccag    136080
     tgtctgaggt gatgtgtgtg gctgttgggg tgggaatgct aacatgggga gtgtgacttt    136140
     caagttaact ctgtagatgg tgtgacatta aggttagaat tcatctgtat gtgtgttacg    136200
     tgtacatcat ttttctagga ctgtattaga aattctatcc tctctacaac gaattactca    136260
     ataccctttg ttgtaaatca gttgactata cagattttgg gcattcctaa acattgaata    136320
     cttaccagtt tcatattgtc ttgaattctt ttgtttacaa acaaaacaaa taaaaatccc    136380
     atgaagtcta atgctgaagt cctcaacttt gtctattttt tcaagaatct tttgtccatc    136440
     tgatcctttg cctttccata taaattttaa aaccagtttt tacatgatgg aaagggcttt    136500
     ttgaaacctt gtagatatta ttttcagtca gagctttatg ttttattgtt ggtacaacct    136560
     tttctttata agttttcatg tgttacatgg aaatacaggc ttttatgata cgtccttatc    136620
     tttcctaaac acatgtaact ttgttttgaa gattctttag ggttttctgt tggattattt    136680
     tgtctttagg gaatcttgct gtttttccac gtagtgtttc attcttcttc tggcttttgc    136740
     ttttgtattt ctttgctttg gcagtgagga tttccagcat aatcttgaat agaagtgcat    136800
     ttgcatcctg tgtgcatttg aaaaagggaa atctttctgt ctttgaccaa tcagtatggt    136860
     gtgcgtttgt gaaggtgtcc ttcatcaggc taaggaggcg cgccctcttc caggtggtgc    136920
     agactgtgtc taggaaagtc tgtagtgctt cgctgctccc tgacagcctt gcgtttttct    136980
     cttagtctct taccatggca cattacctta gctgaatctt tgaattcctg gagcaaacca    137040
     catagtcacc atacattatc ttttccacag ttcttctaat ttattaatat tttctttact    137100
     ttttctgcct ctgttcatga gagatactgg cctgtagttt aaattcttcc cgtgtctttg    137160
     atttgggtgt cagcagaatg tggcttgagg aagggtgcta cgggttgaac agggtctcga    137220
     gatactgata ttcgtggact ttaccattga ggtgctgtcc cttcctcagg ctaatgttgg    137280
     cttctcaaga tgaaaatgtt actcttcatc tacttgctaa atacatttaa ataaaaattt    137340
     taaatgaaat taatattgtt agtgttaatg cacttgacta gtgaaaccat tctagaccag    137400
     gatttccttt gtgctgtttt taactaaatc tttgtaccta atagacatga actatttaaa    137460
     ttactatttc tttggtgaag cttggtgtcc tggttaggtt tttgtgaact tgtcacaagc    137520
     tagacttaca tgtaaagagg agcctcagtt gggaaaattg ccttcatcag attgcctata    137580
     ggtaagtctg ggacattttc ttgattaatg attgatgtgg gaggatccag tccactgtga    137640
     gcagtgctgc ccctgggtgc atttctgggt tgtataagaa aaaaactgaa gctgggcgtg    137700
     gtggttcacg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggtggatt cctgagtttg    137760
     aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtcttggaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    137820
     aagaaaaaga aaacaaactg aacaggctgt gaggaacaag ccaataataa gcatcatttc    137880
     tccgtgcgct cagcttcagc tcctgcctcc atccctccat gatggactga ctgtaagctt    137940
     tacagtgaaa taaacccttt cttcctcaag ttgcttctca tcatgatgct cattacagcg    138000
     atagaaaaca gtcgatacat tagtgccttg agtataaaaa gaaattaatt ttagttttca    138060
     gagtcattag taaaagttac acattgtatt ttgctaatgt ctctctaagt ctgtagtatc    138120
     tccagtgagc cactcattcc tggtactgat cagggctggt tcttgttaat tttttatttc    138180
     tcttgatttg tttggctcat agtttaccaa ttttgctttc agtgaactag cctctattaa    138240
     attgattttt ctgtattatg gcctgcagca ccagtgcagg atgggtagaa acagacgggt    138300
     cccagggact cactggccag tcatgttcca tgttcatgta gagatgcaca cacacacata    138360
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca gagagacagc    138420
     acataatttc agtttgttta ttttataata tataattctc catagactac tttgtaaatg    138480
     ttacatgttg tcttagttct tattgaaata tcacaatcaa gacagcttac aggaggaggg    138540
     gtgtatttgg gtcttggagt tccaaaggga taggagtcca tcatctctgt ggcaggagca    138600
     tggccactgt ggccctggag cagcagctga gagctcatat ccagatccac aaacaggaag    138660
     gagcagggag tgcagtgggg gtagcaggag gaatttgaag catcaaagcc accctgtgat    138720
     acaccttctc caataagacc atacttccaa atccttccca acagttccag caagcagatg    138780
     ggcctctggg tggagaggaa gatggggaga atctgggagg gggaaaaaca tgatcgaaat    138840
     gcattgtatg aaagaaatgt tataacatta cttttgtaca tacatctctg attttttatt    138900
     tgttggttta tttttatata tgagtaccta tctctgtgag tgtatgcgac agtgcgtgtg    138960
     taggtaccgt caggtcagga gaggacagtg gcattgctgg agctggagtg gttgagagat    139020
     gcctgacata ggttctggca atcacactca ggtcctctga aagagtagca agtactcatt    139080
     actgctgagc catcaatcta actcacattt tagaatttta agcaaaagct tttggtatat    139140
     ttactcagtt ttcaatatat ttttctttat ttgaggtaat tatatcttgt tctgaagttt    139200
     tggtattaaa acaacttttt attagtgttt tcattgtgat gtcttttctc atgacgtgtg    139260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata tatatatata tacacacatt cattgtatac    139320
     ttctatcttc atttataatt tcatgtaggt ttcatagttg attgtatgtt tcaagtttat    139380
     tcagtcaact acttgtgtta agatcactca tgtttaatac aattttcaat atagattcat    139440
     taaatatata gatttctcct acttacaaag attttgctta ggacttctct acttcataaa    139500
     aaaagggcag tgcgtataca gtagaaatta tacttcaaat tttgaaagtt catggtacag    139560
     tataacactt tcacaagact gagtgccgac agctactagc cagcctaaag gcctgtactg    139620
     gtaacaacta gtttcctaga gtgtactcag ttgttaaact atgtgtttgc tgggctaggt    139680
     gaattaaata cattctcaat ttattattcc caggctacta gaagtgtgct ctgatgtgcc    139740
     ttatcagtca agaagcatcc gtatgacaga agtggctgtt cttttaatat gtgttccttc    139800
     tgttctcggg gcctcttctg ccttctttta gttatttcca ttttctctcc tcccctgttt    139860
     tggtggtggt tgttttatct ggtttggttt agtagtttct aaaagttcct tttagcattt    139920
     gccctagtgc aagggtcagc catctacatc ctttgaccaa atctggctat cttagtttca    139980
     tttcctgttg ttttgatgaa acaccttgac ttgtggagga agggtgtatt gcctcacaat    140040
     ccaggtgaca gtccatcatt gtgggagagt caaggcagta gaaacttgca gcgtctggct    140100
     acgttaccac cgcagtcaag acagaaagca gtgagttaac actgcctgca gtgcccagct    140160
     cattttctcc accattactc aacccaggat gccctgccca gggaatgctt ccacacactg    140220
     tgtgtgctct ggccttgcca cctcagttta atcaagataa ccccccataa ccagctaatc    140280
     tagatagtcc cttattgaga ctcctttccc gggtgaatgt agattttatc tagttaacaa    140340
     ttaaaatcta accatcacac tggcccgcca cctacttctc tagttctgtt gaaacacagc    140400
     attacattca tttacataag gtctgtagca gaggttagta cagcagatac catatggccc    140460
     tctagacctg aaatattatc tggtatttta cagacatctg aatttttttt taaattttag    140520
     ttgagatact acaaacattt ttaagttagc ctagaatatc ttgtgtataa tgcagtgtgt    140580
     acgtcagaac tttgtatttc tatccttttt atctgtgcta ttattgtcgc atattttgtt    140640
     tctacatact ttcagttctc attattcaca tagtaaggct gcacaaagtt actacaaaca    140700
     acgaattagc agatgcagtc ctgatgtgct aggggaagtg tagggtaggt ttctatatgc    140760
     ttttcttcac aatgcttttg tcagccagga aataacatta ttttatgtat gtttctgcct    140820
     aaagttactt tatttaacat ctactgtgaa ttgttaattc ttctcaaagc ctagaatgcc    140880
     tacctgaata atacagattt aactcagcca gtcttcagaa cctctagtct aatgcaaatc    140940
     aatacactca gacaggtaaa tgataatagg aaatgctttg aaatacttaa attgtgtatt    141000
     tttatatgag gttgacatct catttcctat tccccagaga agggatgctt tttatatttg    141060
     tgtaattcaa aacttcaaca acagttattt ctaggttaat aagatagttg aatctagatg    141120
     gaaaataaaa gctagtgact gctttctgtt tggcagtcta taaagagcta gatagaatga    141180
     tgctgttgtt agttgcttag atttccatta tctactattc actgcttcag ttggatgaat    141240
     ctttgtgctg ctcttactgt gttagtcaca gtgctagatc ctgtgtagac tcccaaaatg    141300
     gaaggctttt tccctccccc aatcatgtta cataaaagat gagcaaatgt cagattaagg    141360
     atcactgtct tgtggagaat taggagagcc tgttttaacc ttcgtttttg tgctgtccca    141420
     ccatcctctg cagtcctcta cctggagaaa tagacctcag gtgtggggaa tgccatgcta    141480
     ttgttctcca gtggcttgta gcgtgggtaa agcaaaatgc tgttaacatc tttggcagtc    141540
     agcaagtaag cagaaacgag tcatttaaac acacacacaa actcttcttt ctctttcgtg    141600
     gtcaaataaa taaatttttg tgactgtgat tcctagtagc actataaatt ttatgtaagc    141660
     ttgcccagtt actcaagaag ttcatggtga cctcttctcc ccctcactcc tagcagttag    141720
     ctagacaaac atctgtggtt actagcaagg aagcaggtga cagaaatatg tgattgcttc    141780
     tgtaagccat tattacttag aaaatacagt gatgactccc aaggcatatg tgtggtcagc    141840
     attcctaagc ttcagacaca tactggctca ttgattagga ctttgtgctc atagccccac    141900
     tacttggacc atcttccctt ttcttaagta ctggcagcct agataccctg cattttaatg    141960
     ttcattgctg attgcaattg ctcttaagct tggatgtacc tgtcatatgt ctttaagctc    142020
     tatgaagtca gacattatct agccacaata aacaaatatc caaatatttc ttagttgact    142080
     aaaggaagaa actcctgaaa aaacagcatg atgttctgtt tcaaagcata ggtttttggt    142140
     caaattgagg ttcatctcta ccacttatga gttatgtggc cttggtttct tatgtgaaga    142200
     gtgagattga aaatattaac tcatttatgt atgcatatat acatgtatat gtatcttaga    142260
     tgtttataaa atcctttgcc ctttacctaa catacaatag ttacctagta aatgctaact    142320
     tatcaatggt acttactaat ttgatcttaa ctgtaaaaca aaggtaactt ggaaccagta    142380
     tgtagaactg atcagtctac caagttaagt tcatgtcaat tctgtgcttt atttaatgtc    142440
     cacatgtcag agtcttgtgt tatatcctgt agaagataat tgcttccttt gggtataatg    142500
     tcagccctat aatcactgtg ctctgaaggc tgatgcagga ggatcttgaa tttgaggcta    142560
     gcctgggcaa acataatgat gcactctcag cagggtgggg gaggaaggaa aggggtaaaa    142620
     aaaaaagaat tattcagttt tctattagca cttcaaatgc tccttttact ggtgtggaaa    142680
     gttacagagt ttgctgatat cacttgtgta acttatttaa ccttttattg agctacatgt    142740
     gtgagctcgt gatttattag aaagagttca gtgtattcct cagaaggttg gtttgttggg    142800
     ttattttaga ttaatggtga caatatgtga gtttagaatc tcataatttt gagttcagct    142860
     gagttagcta gtcagttaat tactatggtt gagcagtagc taagtaaatg cttttttata    142920
     aaatttctgt atacttagga ctattatcag atacagtgaa atcaagatat tctagtgttg    142980
     actttacatc tcccatgatt aaactaccag gaagaacctg tagaaccaaa agggatagta    143040
     acaattaagt gagattatag aaggccatat tatattagaa gagggacggg aaaaccaacc    143100
     taaagtgcac aaataattcc attaaggcaa aaggagtcaa atggggctgg agaggtggct    143160
     tagctattag gaacactggc tgctcttcca gaggacggat taaattccca cactcacatg    143220
     catggttggc agctcacaac catgtataac tccagtctca ggggatccaa tatcctattc    143280
     tgatctccaa gaacaccagg cacacatgtg gaacatagac agacagacat gcaagtaaaa    143340
     catccatata cataagataa aataataata gaggaaaggg ggatagagaa atggtatatc    143400
     agttgagagt atttgctgct ctcccaaaga actagagatt atttcccaat atttctagct    143460
     ctgggaaatc tgacaccctc tcctggtttc ttcacagacc agcacacata taatgtacac    143520
     acacacacac acacacactc attcaagcac ttcatacatt cacacacact taaacactat    143580
     atacctgcac atacactcaa acactataca tacactcaga cacacgtaca acaaataaag    143640
     taataatgaa tctttaaaaa tctttttaga aaagaatagg acttagtgat aattatctca    143700
     agtataataa aattttaaac tttaaaaaaa aatattttta ggtctggaaa gatggctcag    143760
     tggttaagaa cactggctgc tttttcagag gacccagttc aattcccagc acccacatgg    143820
     aagctcacaa ctgtctgtaa ctccaattcc aagggatctg acactcacac agaaatacat    143880
     gcaggcaaaa caccaatcaa tgcccattaa aaagtaaatt gttaaaaaat attttaaagt    143940
     gtctttttaa aggtaatatg aatgatttat ctttaaaagg gacaaatagt atataatttt    144000
     tatttaagtt aaagatctta ttttttttcc tgtgtgttat ttgttgtttt ttcttttgtt    144060
     ttttgggtcc cccctcgaca ttgttcgtta gaaatttatc tgatgttgtt ctaaagtcgt    144120
     caagagcatt aatttcaaaa atctgaaaaa tagaaaggga gatgcagcta ttggtgtttg    144180
     gtgctactga agcaggagtt agggagtctg ggagacattt attttaggta tgtgctgcaa    144240
     aggagtcacg caaaaaaaaa aaagaagaag aagaagaaga aaagaaaaaa ggaaaacctt    144300
     ttgaagggaa tcgtcttccc ataaattgac attggaaaac ctgttttaag tgcaggtggg    144360
     acttaatgct gacctctacc cagtaagctc cagagggagt aagttaaatg tgcaaactgg    144420
     ggtcaaagga gcatgaatat aaaacggagc tggctgagtg ctctgtgcca ggataactca    144480
     ctcttaggtc agcaaaccat aatgtcagct ataaaaataa taagacaaaa agcaacgtgg    144540
     aaaacacagc aagtgtgata agatcagtgc cctcccccta caaagggctc acatgttggg    144600
     gagaaacaca ctgaccacac taaacactgg ggcagatgac acatttcaca gggtgattca    144660
     ataaattcat aaacaagcac agcagaacat ggttaaggtc gagtttttaa aggactacag    144720
     actaggaact gtgtgtgcaa ctggagtaaa gacagaatag tttctggcgg catactgaag    144780
     agtgtggttg aatctcatga agtacaagcg attcacagac tgtgctaagc acaaacctgc    144840
     ttaaacgctg acagactata tcagcatcaa cagcaagatt ttttttttct cccaagaaat    144900
     ccctttagct agtaaatcat ttttagttga gttttgttta aaacttagat atgaccaaaa    144960
     gaggtcactt tttgaatttc atccaggttc atgacacatc ctgagggtgg ggtgaggtgg    145020
     agtttctttt gttgttgttg ttagcataag ccaaaactta gcttcctttt ttttttttaa    145080
     gctttgaaag tcttccaacg tattacattg aggtcagtgc tagcttcttc gtgtctttcc    145140
     tcagaaatac cttactctca gtaaacattt agtacagaac acattttatt tgcttttata    145200
     ctaaaaacaa ggtcatgcaa atagtgggca ttttccttct tctgtgtaag aacatgtgta    145260
     tatatggggc gctggcgatt gaacccaggg ccttgtgcgt gctaagcgtg tactctacca    145320
     ccgagctgcc ctcaaactcc tagattccta gtgattcata gtttacaaag caaaatgaac    145380
     acgagtgtga tttctacctt ctagggatgt atatactgaa gagaaggtgt gtttgcagga    145440
     agccccaggg aagtcgtggg acccggaaga cagtcagacc ttagaatgca gtctggcagc    145500
     agtagaagtg gggctgagcc aggcgaagtg tgtcagccag accagctgag cgtcacatta    145560
     caagcctatg ataaaccttt ataaagagtt gttgtgatta aaaagaaagt tcttagtgca    145620
     gtcctgggcc ataatgctca gaaaacatac ctgtggcttc aaagactcta aatttagaaa    145680
     gatccttggt tctatagatg ttttaaaact ttagtgaaca tcaaagttgc agcatttagt    145740
     tgccgtatgt caacaaaacc atatatacat acatattttt ttaattttag ttctgacgtg    145800
     tttatttaaa ctgggagagt ttattcacag tgtctggtat gtgatgacta cctagtggat    145860
     gttagctccc atgtttactt gatttcatat tgataagagg cttaaaaaat accctctaaa    145920
     gctactcttg ctattagttt gttgaatgaa aaaactagat gtaattggaa tgagaaagga    145980
     agttggtaga aagcaattca tttgagttat aatggcattt agtaaaattg aaattctgtc    146040
     tgtttttagg tgatttaaaa tacttggctt tagttttgat catttaaata ctagatctga    146100
     agaccaaata ttcagtgtac ttgaggggtg atttggtctg tctgaatgaa tggatccatt    146160
     gtctctgtag acatgagttg gttgtaattt tcagttctgt catagcggat gaaaacccca    146220
     gctgtgtctt ttgttttcta ggacagagtt gtcattctgt gttgttttct ttccccattc    146280
     tctctactac agctgtgttg cagtggcttg gcgacattct aatctttctg agatatatat    146340
     atatatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat gtatatacat    146400
     atacatgtag atacatacac acatattatc taggttaaat agtgttgggc agtcattact    146460
     aaatacttaa actgatgatg ggaaagttaa tttgctgtac attcaggtta caatcttagc    146520
     taaaagaggg aaagtccaag cattaaagtt aaagacaatt cagaactact tacaaaacaa    146580
     gcggagaaag tgtattttaa aaagaaaaag acttctctgg tttatgtcag acgtgtgggg    146640
     ttaagttgag cacgtgaact ggagacctgc ggagacctgc ggggaagaat cagttcaggt    146700
     ccctggtgag tccgttctcg ctgactcgtc tagactagtg actttggctt taaatgaaaa    146760
     ttatcattgg aattcttccc tatggttgag cgctttccag aattggtgct aaatgaatgt    146820
     tagtcttgtt tctacagaat aaccaacaga atttttaata agtgctagtt aaataactaa    146880
     gctctgggtt ctccgggagt ctgaggaaac ctggaaagag aacatcctag catgtgttta    146940
     ctgtcattcc gaataagtct taaagatgta ctgtaaagat gtacttggtc tcaagtttaa    147000
     aaatcaattt agtatcccat atatgcattc gtgtgtcagc ctctaaaatt agtatacttc    147060
     actcacttat atgaaaacaa aaatatatgt gtcctaaaac tccaagggtt tctcattttt    147120
     atactacctt ttaaaaatgc ctaatgatag gtaaataatt cactcagata atattgaatt    147180
     ctgatgttgt ttgttaacat gcaaatgctg tcttgccaag taaaataaaa gtttcgtaag    147240
     cttcctacct tatctgacat tccactgaca gaagttagtt ggcatgagat ttttatgaga    147300
     caagtttctc ataaaaactt tttgtttcgc cacagttggt ctagaactgg gaaaagcctt    147360
     cattttgcac aaggcagggg agttattgac cgaagaaaat aataaaataa aataaattga    147420
     gaagctactg aaagagtgct gttaggaacg ggccaaatta aagacttttt tttttaattg    147480
     ctttaaaccg tcgttcctta gctgtccttc atttccccct ctaatcaggg ctgaggcagg    147540
     gtaaggaagg aaacacaggc tttgcggttt taggaggtta ctagctcccg tccaccttcc    147600
     ctgcactcta aaccctttca tcctagagca gcagtgctct ccagcctgag ctttaaccag    147660
     caactgggca gatagttcca tgttggagct gacctgtgca ctctgccaca ccatgtgtac    147720
     ctactaagtg ttcacaaacc ccagttctgg aaacgagaaa tgcacaaaga cccagctggg    147780
     agctctgagc tcactgtagc ctgggcttgt tactgagagc tactaaccat gtacccggat    147840
     gcgaccctgg gaggcctgag ccttgtccca agagcccttg ctctcctcca tgagaatggg    147900
     gtgtttagaa ggtgtatagg ccatttcttg ggggcatctt acgtcttaag ggtacataga    147960
     aagtagcaat ggcgaggcag ttgtccctct gctgccctgt gaaggagaac agcagatttg    148020
     caaatggaag caagagtttg tgtgcattta tttttccaga atatattttc cttttaaaat    148080
     tatacaactg agtggagagt ggccttttcc tttattcctt attctgttgt tagaaaaaca    148140
     agccattatc tttgaaatgc ttccgctttc tgtgtatttc actggcaggt tatttttgat    148200
     agattttgaa atataaagtg cttttgtttg tggtttttaa tgtttggttc atgccttttt    148260
     tttttttcct catgtggtcc aggccaacct ccaaatccct gtttatccaa gggtgccctt    148320
     gagctttgaa tcctctgccc ccagcattag aagctgggat tacatgtgtg tacctctgcg    148380
     cttggcttgc ccatgacttt gccatagccc ctatgtactg agaatcattc tggaagaggc    148440
     aaaaataatt ttgaggaata gttgagtttg gagtttttga ggatcagtga actattaaaa    148500
     ataggcaaaa atataaataa tgaattctta tatcttaagc ttatgaaaga tggtcagcct    148560
     tgtgtaatgg acatatacaa ttcagggcaa gggaaatgac tccatggata aagctttctt    148620
     ttccattttc atgtgtattg tgttcgtgtg tgtatttgca tgacttttgc atgtgtgggc    148680
     ccaagtgtgt gcagatgtgg tacacatgtg tgcacatgca tgtaaagacc tggggttgat    148740
     gtccaagcca tccacagtta gtcttgtgct ttccttcgtc gaggcagaac ctctcctgtc    148800
     agacctgagc tcactgatat gactagtctt gttagtcagc ttgctctggg gacttcccat    148860
     ctcaccttcc aattgtagaa gaccgtcaga cacaccttgc atttacatgg gttctaggat    148920
     ttgatctctg gtcctcttcc agcctgtggg tccagcactg aaccctctcc ccctccccac    148980
     aaacttaata ttttgcatgt agacatataa cctgatatag cctttgtgaa gaccaattgg    149040
     tcagtatcta agagtttcat atatatgtat actttgactt aggtaatact ctgagaaatt    149100
     atctccatgc atatcatcta gaagtagtaa aagtataaat atgtggtact caccggctgt    149160
     tgttgataat aacgaaatat ggggagcagt agacagacgc taatgttcat ggcacatcca    149220
     actcatcaga aacccaagtt ctttatgtta cagtaattgg tttaattttc atggttactg    149280
     ccaagtatgc tctattttac aaatagaaaa ccatagttaa ggttttacag ttaataagat    149340
     ttgaattcgg ggcgtagggt gatggcttag taaactactt gctatgtgag tgtgaagacc    149400
     taagtttcat ccccagacca taaaaatctg gggacactca ttcttgacag agtatagtaa    149460
     ggatgtcact ttacctgtgt agcctacctc ctcaaaaccc caagcccagc ttgaaatgag    149520
     ataaacatca gaaagttcaa ctagtgaggc atcctataaa actcacagcc agtgagcacg    149580
     tcctcccaaa actgcaaagt gtgagaaact gttggatcta agaaaggcag ctcaaggtcg    149640
     tatagattca tggttggtcc tggaaaggag aaaggacatt agatgaaaac taaggaaatc    149700
     taaacaaagt atgacatttg ctataaatgt ataatactgc tataaagtgt taatgatggg    149760
     gagactgggt gaatgggaac actgtgtaat gttgtctgaa ttttttgaac acctaagatt    149820
     attattttta aaataaacta ataatcataa tgaataactt taaatttttt atttatttaa    149880
     tgtatgagtg ctctgctgct aatacatcca caggccagag taagcgcatc agattccctt    149940
     acagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggtgtc tgggaatcga actcaggacc tatggaagag    150000
     cagccagtgc tcttaaccgc tgagccatct caccagcccg tgaataacat tttaaagtaa    150060
     ttttaatgct caggcatcca tttgagaaga acgcctgaac atcatttgtt tataatactt    150120
     ttatcatact gagctccatt cctccccctc agtctttcag atccatcccc acctccctac    150180
     actcccaacg ttgggtccag tttttctttt aatcacttga gtccgtttgt gctactcata    150240
     cactcctgga cgtggaacct tgaggcctta ggcatgagca accgtactag gagccatgcc    150300
     cttaaacagt aactctttgg ctgaagagat ggctcagcgg ctaaagagca ctgactgctc    150360
     ttcctaaggt cctgggttca aatcccagca accacttggt gactcacaac cacccgtaat    150420
     gagatctgac accctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagtcagcta cagtgtattt atatataata    150480
     ataaataaat ctttgggctg gagcaagcag ggactgagtg agtgggggtt gaccagagca    150540
     agcaggggcc ctaaaaattc aatccccaac aaccacatga aggctcagaa ccatctgtac    150600
     agctacagtg tactcacata tgtaaaataa ataaataaat cttttttaaa aaaacaaaag    150660
     aaaacactaa ctctctgtcg cctgtccata gcttctgggt tagggatgca ggttccatct    150720
     tcactgctct gtgctggctt gattgtgttg cctggcttga tcttgtgcgg gttttgtacg    150780
     ggctgccata gcggctgaga gttcatgggt acagaggtcc tgtcattcta gaagattgtt    150840
     tccttccagc ctacgtcagc ctctgctctt gcagtctctc ctgtgacgtt ccctgagcct    150900
     ggccttactg agaggaagtg cgtttcttta gaattttaat atggctgtca tgcgggagca    150960
     gagctgagtc acattcttac ttttgaagac ctgacatctg aattttaaaa ctcatgagca    151020
     gcaaatatgt gtgtgttcat ttccttagca ggttgtttct gcttattttg tgtgttgttt    151080
     agatgtttta aaactgtgct tgtagttaat ttcctgtttc tttgtagatg gttatcttta    151140
     acataatcaa gcctctgaac ctcggtgttt ttttaaggtt gaccccagtg agtccctgaa    151200
     cttcactgac aatatttaat ctttccttac ttatcagtct gtttctgtta ttttggttct    151260
     gacatttgcc ttcagataat ttctaactat cttaacaaac acacgtatat gatattttaa    151320
     tatgtatcag gatttttttc ataagccaga cattacacct tttcctccag tccagtggtt    151380
     ctcaaccttc ctaatgctgc gaacctttaa tacgttcctt gtgttgtggt gacctcagcc    151440
     ataaaattat tttcgtcact acttcataac tgtagttttg ctactgttat gaatcataat    151500
     gtaaatatcc atgtcatcaa ctgtgatgta aactgtgttt tccgatggtt ttagatgacc    151560
     cttagagtta aaactcacag gctggaaacc actgcaccag tcatccagtg attgtcagat    151620
     ttatacatga gtattctgtg aagatattta cttatatctt gaggtgactt ttgactgtca    151680
     tcaccagcat ctttcagcct cttgacatac gagtgtttat tttaaataat tatttgtaat    151740
     attttctgca ctcttccttt tacgagtgct agggtatttg tgtattcatt tatctgtgtg    151800
     gtgctgaggc ttggtgtggg caatgcaggt gctggaaaaa cactgggcca cactgtaccc    151860
     cagctcatgc tcctggtacc cattagatag catgtctact gcgctgttgt ttatgtcttc    151920
     tctaggctat acatttattt aaatgttgct ttccttcttt cactggtggt tttagttaat    151980
     ttttttcaat tactacaagc tgagacttgt cttgactgat tatgtgaggc tagtgaccag    152040
     gtggctaacc aactattttt ttccagttcc tttctatgta attcagatct ggaaatgctc    152100
     tcctgaccaa ggcttcagtc tctctccagg gatttgctca gctcttgtcc tgccccagtc    152160
     ctgagtgctg tttttagaag acagcttggg tctttaccat cttgcctttg gccattgtct    152220
     cttccctctt agaatataaa atattttgaa gtgttagcat tcaccaatta cagtgctagg    152280
     aattagacac agtcatcagc aaattcagtt gtgaccccct ccctgtaaag ccagcaggac    152340
     ggtgtcccgt tttctaacca ggactgatag agtgtctcgg gtattatttg cccttattct    152400
     agaatttgta tttcatttgc catttactgt cctgcttttt aatatctgtg cttatttcca    152460
     tctttttccc tgttagattg caaacttttg gaacgctttt ggaaaataca gattgttttc    152520
     tcattacaac tgctaaatag ccttgtattt agcaaatatg ccagaaatgc tattttaaaa    152580
     atcagtttta ttctttcaaa tattggttag agattttatt ttcttacgaa ggtgaaatat    152640
     gacatttttt taatattaag ggattgtgca actaagtttt aaagctgttt taatctccta    152700
     tttaatcatt taacttagta aatttttaat tagaatttaa acaaaatata attttttatt    152760
     tctgtctttt caattaaaaa taactaccat gttagattta cattaaaaca tagtttgaac    152820
     tataataaat attattgaca actcagataa ttgaatgtag agttgatatt ataaattcta    152880
     agtatttcta tacttcgcca ttatttgcca tgttttaaaa ataaaaataa acctttaact    152940
     ttctaaataa gctactgttt tcaacttaaa ataataattt tataaaatag tttttagaaa    153000
     agatttgaaa actttgagtg ttgtatgagg tttttctagt aggaaaaaaa tgtacaatag    153060
     taagataata aataggaaat tccggacggt tactgtgtcg gaagcgtcgg ccataggagc    153120
     tgggactgcc aagagtgggc tataaagttg tcggctttcc ccagggggct gagtaagtaa    153180
     gaaagcatgt cagatcacac ggtcaagtgc tacactagga aaccaaggca gtgtctcttg    153240
     ttattcctca ccaagtcata ccaccatatg aagtacgtga gccatgttgt ctacaacacc    153300
     cctgcgatga gcatgtttac agtttgctgt gactgattca tgtcagatca ctgagcgcaa    153360
     gccagtgaca tacgatattg tttattaaag gacagctgtg gtgttgtctt ctgagaatca    153420
     aggaatttcc tataacagca tgttctaagg cattagtaaa atagatgaca ttttttatat    153480
     tgttaattga ttaaaaatga aattattttg gaaaacaaat attaaaaatt tctaatattt    153540
     catcatgaat gattgtgcat gcctttaacc ccagaaatcg agagggtgcc cagcctctgt    153600
     agcaagttct aagccatcca agactgcatg ctgagaccct ttcttaaaca aacaaaaact    153660
     tttaactcta agctacttcc ttcaaaatat aggacacaca tcttcataat ttgttccaca    153720
     tatgaatgtc ctaagtatta taaatgtaga ttcgttagaa ttgtacattt cgggcatatg    153780
     tgagaaaatc gtcaagcctc tgtttagagc actgctgagc cctgtgtttg taactgcagt    153840
     gaatggacct aaaattctag atgcttgaat tgaacttggg actctgtgac cactgttagg    153900
     gaattatttg gtcttcagct agtcctgaca tgaggtaggt gtctatttca gtgctattca    153960
     ggatagtagc tacagcgaca gtggcggtca ggtacttgca acgtgggtag tgtgattaag    154020
     gaagtatatt tttaatttta attgttttag aatcagataa ctatggtata gagctatgct    154080
     atagcaaata tttaagataa tcagttttat agagaaaaat aatattttgg ctcaatgtta    154140
     gaggctccag cccacaattg gttgattcca ttgcattaga aagcacacca tagcaggagc    154200
     aaaactgtcc atcctccatc agagagcagg aaagagtcca gaagacacag aggtgtacag    154260
     tcccctttaa gactttccct gtccccagac cccacatact catggcacat aagggctcca    154320
     gaacctccta ggacattacc acatgaacat tttacacatc aaatccagag aatagcagtg    154380
     gctgatcatg tattgagcag tgcagctctg atgagtggaa ccaactactt acctcctcgg    154440
     gataaaaaca gaaccagtag aaaacgatgt tgtcttatag caattagaaa tctgaaattt    154500
     gtaagacaca tgtgttttaa ggtaatgatt atttatttgc aaatttactt ttctgttttt    154560
     gagctttaaa attaaccagg atatttgagt acaaggttca ccttttaaat attaaaagag    154620
     ttgttagtca ctagcactat gtcaagacac ttcaaaattc ttttgtagac tatttgtaac    154680
     agcagaaagc tatggaatat tgatgcagga ctgtttttct tcagtttcca gagtgtggat    154740
     tctttggcat gtatgataaa attcttctct ttcgccacga catgaactca gaaaacattt    154800
     tgcagctgat tacctcagca gatgaaatac atgaagggga cctggtagaa gttgtcctgt    154860
     caggtaagca aatggcccct tccccctgtc tcttctccca cagagtggtc cgctgcgctt    154920
     ggctttggca ctgggtagtg gcttgcttct ttaacgtgga gtcatggttt ctgcacgctt    154980
     ttcactttca ggaaggtgat atagcactat gagaaagtag aagaacaaac tgaattactt    155040
     aagtgttttg aagcttgagg gattgccagt taaactgaaa agaagttctt tttctgtggg    155100
     tcaaaatcat aaaggaagat tatggttatt tctcttccca tttctgttaa aagcatgaaa    155160
     aagaaaacta aggttccaca aagagaatct agataaagag agaaatatga aagacttgga    155220
     agagaacgtg gcagtgctgg ttccctgtgt gatttaaaaa ctgcctcttc ccttcctgat    155280
     cccagtggac attgcccgtt tccgctcctg ccttgcccct cttgccattc ccgttcccta    155340
     actcccacca tttccactta cccaacatca agtgggcagg gtggtcagtg agtagtgtga    155400
     gggccagagg aatgccacag gcaagattag aatgctgata agagaaagga agcaagcggt    155460
     cacagacacc caccgcctgg ccgctctgcc ctcccgcagt cttgtagcct attgagatcc    155520
     tttctggcca tggtgtctcc ttactgttcc taacagctcc catctgtgtt tctgattctt    155580
     acatctccct ggccccctgc attgatcgtt ctacaccaca gcccccaggc ttcccctcca    155640
     ctcacaggag actcgtgtgc tggtctcctc tctggtcaca accgcaagca ttcattcttt    155700
     ctcgctggga tgctgtcatc aaaccgcagg cgtcactggt gacgttcggg tgaagtgaga    155760
     gagtagggtc tgacccactg cttcatggct catggagaaa agcaagtcct gctcatgtgg    155820
     acgcagtgtc tgtttttgca gaaacaccgt ggcgatgagg ttaagttcca tagcactttt    155880
     atttttacgt tttacttcag tgttttcttt ctccatgtag cctaagctaa gcagttttta    155940
     atgggctaag gaagatataa taagtagctg tttgccatct tgttatgaga ccatgcctcc    156000
     agatttccaa cttggcttat ttgggacata actcagtgaa agctgctgga cttctaaaag    156060
     aactgttttt taaaaccata gtactggacc agaagatggc tcagcaaaaa aggcctctga    156120
     tcccggggca cacatggtag gaggaaagaa ctcatgccta cagggtgtcc tctgacctcc    156180
     acgcatgcca gggcacttgc tcctccctta acacgtgaca caataaataa atcttttttt    156240
     aaattaaacc ttgtaaagca cagtttaaat gctaaaatta atttattttg tggtcagata    156300
     aaactttcag agaagttacc ttgtattttc atataaatgg atatggtgac cattcctaag    156360
     taatttgcaa ttattaaata tacttgaata cttttgattt tatttttatt ttttttaaag    156420
     ctttggccac agtggaagac ttccagatcc gccctcacgc tctctatgta cattcttaca    156480
     aagcacctac tttttgtgat tactgtggtg aaatgctctg gggactggta cgtcaaggat    156540
     taaaatgtga aggtaagtgc ttttaaattt gtgtattaat ttgaaagagg attttacgtt    156600
     cgcatttttg aattatcatg aaagacaaaa atcatagttg gtgtctaggt aataaggatt    156660
     tagagttgcg gagatgagga ctccggtctt tcctttgcct ccacctactg gttcttttag    156720
     gcaacttgat cgacctctct ggagactcct ttctctgtga agagcgctct acccatttca    156780
     taaatggtta aataaggtaa cgtgaataaa atatttgaca caaaacagtg gcttaataac    156840
     tattagccac ttattattat agagttttaa tatactttta acttcttctg tacagtggta    156900
     aatttggcaa gttgtaagtt agaattgcta gggcatagca aatcatgaga catagtttga    156960
     ttaagaagca gtggagggtc aattaacttg ttttgtaaag taccagcagg gaaatccttt    157020
     attaaggctt tgcaggccgt ggtctctatt gtgtctaact ctgctgttgg agtatagaac    157080
     taaccgtagg aaccggaaag gcggctcatc agctgagaac actggctgct ctttcagagg    157140
     acctggtttc aaaatccagt tccacacggt gccttgctgc atgtaactct taatccctga    157200
     caatctcatg cccaaggcac caggcatgta tgtgctacat atacatacat gaagacaaaa    157260
     cattcacata tagacaattt ttaaaaagcg ttaaaaactc aacagttaac cgtagataat    157320
     atgtaaataa gcagcagact gttgcaataa aacatattta taaagtaagg gagctgtctt    157380
     agttggtaaa gtgcttacca cacaagcatg agggccagag ttcagtcctc aggaccctcg    157440
     taaaaagctg ggtgtggtga cgtgtattgg gacgttagga aacaagggga tccctagggt    157500
     tctcttacag ttccaggccc cagtgagagg tcctgccccc aaaacaaggt ggatgtctcc    157560
     tacgctcaga tacaaatacc tgcgcacact tgacacccat agaacttggg tgttatatga    157620
     ttatgtgaat tataattgca taatactaat actccatatt attatttgtt atcattttat    157680
     acttacgaac accgaaattt gaccatataa ttttctcatc attgaagaac atctgtttca    157740
     cacaggccac tgtttgccat ccgatagtgc gtgaagccag tagtggctct taaacttttg    157800
     ccaagtgtta tagagcatgc tttgctgggt tccacctcca cagttcctga gtctgtagat    157860
     ttagggacga gcctaatagt ttatgtttcc aataaatttc caggtggtta tgttagctat    157920
     cataagtcaa gattcactac tctagttaaa ttaacttttc taaataaact tttctacata    157980
     ctattcctag tcttgaattt gttatgttcc acatcacctg tgatcttagt tattaattaa    158040
     cgttggtatt gttgctggtg aaaataaaga agtactgggt tttatgtgtc atatttcaaa    158100
     tagttacatt caaatttttt atattttact cttaaaatat atttaggctg tggattaaat    158160
     tatcataaac gatgtgcctt caagattcca aataactgca gtggagtaag aaagagacgt    158220
     ctgtcaaatg tatctctgcc aggacctggc ctctcagttc caagacccct gcagcctgag    158280
     tgtgtgcccc ttctcagtga agaggtttgt attctcaggt cgtagaaagc attttacaat    158340
     ttattcctag tgattttaca aggtatatga catcctagca cagtaatgtt cctacactta    158400
     aggtacatta aatgtaataa tgatgacaag gcttaccaat agcagtagat tgtattatgt    158460
     cccttgggat tgcactgtga tagcctcctt tcactatcct ggcacccagc atccatattt    158520
     cacctaatct tacatgtaat cgatcataag gccagatttc ctaatacaca actccaatta    158580
     tgtttctctt cagtagataa ctatgttagg gatctccaga ggagcaagac ctatacagtg    158640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtg    158700
     tgtgtctgtg tgtgtctgtg tgtgtatctg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtatc tgtgtgtgtc    158760
     tgtgtgtgtg taaatgacag aatttattat atcagcttat atgatcagat tctcagaagt    158820
     tccaaaaaga atcatctata ggctgcaaag caggaaaaac taatagctac ttagaaccta    158880
     gaagcctcag gatatgaggg actgctgact ggaattgcac tggagagctg ctggtaccag    158940
     tctgtcttca aaggttgatg cgtgtggagt ctgacatgca cagtgatggt gggaggaaac    159000
     agatctcaac taaagattag cacagtatgc aaaatggtca cctttctgtt cttcattgca    159060
     tcggcaccca cagcctgctc agtggtgtca cccacgttca cagcatgtct ttccctctca    159120
     ggtatttctc atcattgaag aatgtctgtt tcacacaggc cactgtttgc cactggaaag    159180
     tgcttgaagc cagtagtggc caagttgctt tgctctgctc cacctccaga gctctgagtc    159240
     tgaggtagca cttacctaga cctacagggt agcctatgtt tttaaatgcc atcacacttt    159300
     tgaaaccttg tttgtgagtc taacattctg ccaagtgttt gggtactaga ttatagaaaa    159360
     cgaggaataa atttcgaaaa ataaatacat aaacaagtag ataaataaga gccaagatgt    159420
     aaagctctgc tgaggaagga gttaagcttg aaaacaggca tattgggagc aaacccttaa    159480
     gtgtaactga ggctgccttt gtctgcgcgc acaaggctac ttccatcatg gtcataaaag    159540
     acagtgtgaa gagctttacg aacatagaga aattctcgct gtaaaattca gtctgtgact    159600
     cactctgctt agcacagtac ttggtattta gttaatataa gtgactgaat gagcgtactg    159660
     gttctcaaaa cgtgaggtgg atcactagat ctgttatcta cgtgactctg gagacagagt    159720
     gcttaaatgg ctttccagag ttatagggca gaatagtaag aaacactcaa gttaaattca    159780
     gatcttctta tttttaaatt agttactttt ccctagtgta ttgtttattc caaggataaa    159840
     tacagtagat tcatgtgctt aggagtattt gaaatggctt acatctgtaa attgtaatct    159900
     tgccatcagt tggttttaaa gccactgtca tttatatatc actgctctca ggactcctgt    159960
     acactagtac agtgcaaagc tttgggctat tgtccattta ataaaatcct tacaaattga    160020
     gatagccaag taaaaatgta tgtaatcctc ttctaaaaat tctcctgttt gtacaccact    160080
     tagatttttg aagtagaaaa agaaaggcaa tcccaatact caagcaaaga tcatgagttc    160140
     taggccggtg agaccctgct taacaacagc agacacccaa gggagagagg agaagaggag    160200
     tgtgtgtata gaggttgaga aggagaagct gtgtatagac ataggcaagg ccttgggaga    160260
     agattggtag tagaacattg gtgtgtctta cacactgaac cacagaggga acctatcagg    160320
     aaagaagtat attgctttgc gagccccacg aatggtgctc tggtggcagc tacccacggt    160380
     tgcttggtac tgcttggaaa aggcagagga aaggagaagt actgccgtcc tatagtattc    160440
     acagggtatt ggttctagaa ccttcagcag ataatgaaat ccattactgt tcaactcctc    160500
     tatagaattt ggcaggatat ttggatgtaa cctacataca tctcttgaat actttaaatc    160560
     atcactagat tatttgtgat ctcaatacac tgaaaaatag aattatcatt gtgagtatga    160620
     gggtgatcag ctataacatc tgtcaccctg ctgatcacca gtgttgatct agctgatctg    160680
     gcccatgagc aaatatgtat tccttcttcc ttcccgaatg tgtatcctgc atgaggtttc    160740
     tccaataaag ggagaccaac ctctgttggt ggagagtaag agagagcagt tagaaggtaa    160800
     agcaaccctg aagctgaacc aggagtggtg aaggggctct cagagtcctg tcttaccatc    160860
     atcagaggca caccatcatc ccagttttct taggggaatg aggaatacgt ttctaaaaat    160920
     ggatgggtgg gtgggtggga aagcaggcag gcagatggac agacagacag agatggatag    160980
     atggatggag agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    161040
     atagatagat agatagacag acagacagca agatataaag cctcactgag taaggaaata    161100
     agcttggaaa caggtatgta gggagcagaa cctattaaca taaccctgag gttgccttca    161160
     tctgtgtgta caaagctatt tctatcatga tcataaaaga cagtgtaaag agataaaaga    161220
     acagaatttt tattgaattt ggttagaatg aaagcaataa gatttaagga tccacaactt    161280
     agtactgact atttgaaggt ggaatggttg aatattcctc tcagtgtatt tctgagggac    161340
     cataacagga cagaaggaca ctagaaggaa agcatcaggg gggtctgagc cagtgcacaa    161400
     aatatctcat agattctcca gtgttgatta aatgtgcaga gttggtggtt ttttaatgct    161460
     tttatttcct ttcgaagagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    161520
     gtgtgactga taattggcaa taatgttaca aagttttgtg aggaattgat tagcttacaa    161580
     ctaagctaat tggaaataag ttactttagg aaattttctg gctacacatt aatacagaaa    161640
     aacaattaag gtaatgctaa tttgcaaata gaggttgtaa aaacaaggtc agagttttca    161700
     ctcagttctt gtgtggatgt cagtggtccc attttaacca aattctcttg ctaaatctac    161760
     tgacctcctc ccttctgctg ctcagtaagt ctgccatagc tctcctgcca gcatcactga    161820
     caggcagtca ctgtgactga ggggtcaggg cacactgagg gaaggaaaaa ataatctgag    161880
     tccactttca tatttagatg aggatagaat ttaaataact ctgtgactgc taccaccaca    161940
     gaccgacaat tgtacctggc acacatggtc tgtcctatgt ccctaatgcc ctgataccag    162000
     caggatataa acaaaggtac tactggccac tggcaaataa aaacgttaca ggggtgtcct    162060
     ctgtattgga tgactaatag ctaaatcagg tttactgtgc cttgtataat ttgaacttga    162120
     gacaggccaa atatagtaga tggaggagca ggaaatgcag agtaaactga gacactgaga    162180
     ataaactcag agtgctgcct ctgacagtga agacaaggac tggagtgtca tcctgtcagt    162240
     catctgggga ggtgtccaga cgtcgcagac gtcgtgtctc caaacatggt tatgtttaga    162300
     tcaccttcca gatatataat agagcactta gcatatagta atcactgaat gtacattcag    162360
     gaaatggaat aagccacact gaactggcct ataacttagt ctgattattc ccttcatttt    162420
     tgtcttccac catttagttc agatttctac aaacatattg tagtatttgt ggggaattgt    162480
     gaaggaagtc ttgtcccggc tatttgcagt aatgcggtgt gagcagtgac aggcatccct    162540
     cagtctggtg cttttcttgt ggttaactgt gtggtcagct ttgctatgaa gtcattgcca    162600
     gggtttggtt ttattgtaaa atgctaaatg tgcctctcat acaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    162660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaga gagagagggg ggggggaaga    162720
     gagagagatt gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagatt gagaacgtgc    162780
     atgcatgcac ataggggttg agagatggaa aaaagaaaac tattaagtag gttgaggaat    162840
     ctccttttgg tggtggtaaa atgagcatca ttgtaaagga aactatagaa agtgctgttg    162900
     gtagtactgc ctacctaagc agcaaagtca atcagaaggt ccaaactata gaacaaactt    162960
     taggccagct cagtgaagcg ggagattgtt aagtctttgg ggtttcctca tgatttgacc    163020
     tgtgtccaca ttttcattcc atcttctcag caccagctat gtcttagtca aggaccttct    163080
     cttcttaaag ggtatgtttt gtggccctct gaaaatgtag agaaataaac caaatggcta    163140
     agctaccatg tgaattgccc actgttaagt caaatgagta cttctatgca gtagtctggg    163200
     gcctgcgttg tcactatctt cttaaaatca ttactaaatt tatttattta ttccctttac    163260
     aacccaatat cagcccttcc tctcctccca ggaccccatc acgaaagaac tcccctgaac    163320
     caccccccct tccccttctc tcttgagaag aggaagccct cctctgggtg tcaaacacca    163380
     ccagccccct aacccctacg ttgcacatca agttgctgtg ggactagaca catcctctcc    163440
     cattgaggct agacaaggct gcccatttag gggcgtggga tccacaggct tagggacaac    163500
     ccctgctcca gttgttgggg gatctgcatg aagaccaagc tgctcatctg ctacgtatgt    163560
     gcaggggcat aggttcagcc tgtgctcgct ctttagttgg tgattcagat tctagaagcc    163620
     cacaagggtc gagattagtt gactctgttg atcttactgt ggagtccata tcctcttctg    163680
     gtctgtcaat cttttcccaa cccttctgta agattcctca agctccatct agtgtttggg    163740
     tgtgagtttc tttgcttcat tccattggct gctgggtgga tcctctcaga gaacagttat    163800
     gctaggttgt ctgcaagcat aacggagtgt caataatatt gtcagaaatt gttttttgcc    163860
     catgggatgg gtctcaattt ggggcagtaa ttggttggcc attccctcag tctctgtact    163920
     atctttctcc ctacatatct tgtaggcagt acacattttg aaggctctgt ggatagattg    163980
     ctgtccttat ccttccactg ggagtcctgc ctggctacag aaagtggcca cttcaggacc    164040
     catatcccca ctactaggaa tctcagatag agttatcccc acagaccctc tggacctctt    164100
     cccatctccg gtctctggca catcctagat attgtctcaa tcacagtgat attttctagt    164160
     tccatcattt ccctgtgaaa ttcatgatgt ccttgtttta atagctgagt ggcactctgt    164220
     tgtgtcccac tatcttaact ctgtgcttct ttttcaacgg tgctaaaact gcaatctgct    164280
     ggtggttttt ctgctctctg aaatgattct cctctcttcg tacttgtgtt aggaattact    164340
     caaattcttc aaaagtctgt acttccctca cataaatgtt ggtaaattaa gtccaaagga    164400
     agctgctgag acccacagtt taaatgttga ctttagcatt ccagataaag aacatgtgct    164460
     cccaatactt tgtaagatta gcctatactg acagaactta cttgttctag tcacatactc    164520
     accaagagcc cagtaagaga atcccgtcgt ggagtggtcg tccgatctgg atggaaaaga    164580
     tggtaatgtg cagggtcaaa gtccctcaca catttgctgt ccactcttat ggccgcccga    164640
     ccatatgcca gtactgcaag cgcctgctga aaggcctctt ccgccaaggg atgcagtgta    164700
     aaggtagggt tgcctacgct tctacaattc atcggtattc tttagagtaa atacaagttt    164760
     aaagtatcta agtttcagta gcatttacta tgaaaattgt tcttgtagtt agtttttaaa    164820
     aagaaagggg ggaaatatag acacacaaat acgtacatac acgttccaaa ctttatctcc    164880
     agtgttctgt acttctaaaa agaaataatc agagcaacta tatgagagat catggtacta    164940
     tttttcattt aaattaagta taagaccaca tatttgtaag attattagat tatgcgtgaa    165000
     gtatgaggag gaggagacgg agctaccagc gtctttgcat cgtacaaatg gcattagctt    165060
     cactacatag atgaagaagc ttacccctgg ttgggctaag tgactgaaag gttggaaaac    165120
     tattaaggcc atcagaagtt gaaaccaaac tattgcctaa gacttgagtt cttagagcaa    165180
     gacactgttt ttgagtgacg taaaggaagt gtaaccatat ctgattttac tggtttaaat    165240
     cataagctgg atatttatat tttagattgc aaattcaact gccataaacg ctgtgcatcc    165300
     aaagtaccaa gagactgcct tggcgaagtt actttcaatg gaggtaaaat tatttatatg    165360
     tatatatata ttttttttta acttttataa aagatcagaa aaggtcataa ctctggtaag    165420
     gctgtttgca tattttattt actggccttg tttgcgattg tcttctgact taataactga    165480
     gcagaaccca gggatcagtg acacagcacg tgagtagcta acgccttccg tctctctttt    165540
     aaccatcttg ctacttgggc ctccaggacc cagcggtgtt gcatattgat ttccagatca    165600
     cttttaaagt ttggccgtca tctttattct ttatttattg acgtttaaat gtaagaccaa    165660
     ccctctgagg tgattctgat aaatgcctaa ggtacaaatc cattaaatag tttgcctgag    165720
     aattagggcc aagaagtgac agagctagaa tttgaatcta tgtctggctc attagtctgt    165780
     ctttttctct caaataatct atcactctct tcctaaagat attaaaaata agttattact    165840
     ttgttttgga aggaaagagc ttacagcaca tgctgtaagc ttccaccata attttccttt    165900
     acagtttata tggctgataa aagtaaatgt aaggaggttt ttaggaatag gataatggtt    165960
     gaaaattgaa ctccttaaca ttaattaaca ttttctgtat attttctcat ggttctcagt    166020
     tgtcttgggt ctgcttagac tgatattaag taccataggt ggggtagttt ataaacaaca    166080
     gaaatggagt cccatggttc tgaaggctga gcagtccagg atgctagcag agtctgagtt    166140
     tagtgagagt cggaagacgc cattcaggcc catggtagca tgctaacgtg tgaagaggct    166200
     ctggggacac taatacagat cgtaggagca gagccttcag aacctgatcc tttcaaaggt    166260
     tccagttctg agtgccatta ccttagaagg gagatttaat aggcagaatg tgggtaaaaa    166320
     tagttattaa caccattggt agaatatgac tagtgtttct aacgtgcctg aagtcttttc    166380
     tagctctgta gtttacactt ttgtatgtgt gtgctttcct acctttcagt aaatggatat    166440
     gaaatactct gtattcattt taatgtacac ttttctggtt cctcatgagt ttggatacct    166500
     ttcaaatgtt tgctggttat ttatgtaccc accccacccc ccactacgtt gctccttcac    166560
     atgctttact tttgtgataa tttgacatac taagcctttc ttcatttata gaggtcattg    166620
     taacttggta tatttttagc agcttggctg agatatagtt tgcttgttct ctactttgcc    166680
     cacttgtatt cacaaagtta tgtggccatt actctatcta atgttaggga ttttcattct    166740
     cccaaaaatt atatacttca tattcccacc ctattctcat tttattagcc tctagcaacc    166800
     agtagacaac tttctatttt tatgtctttc tattttagac attgaacata aatacattca    166860
     taataatcaa tatggaggct ggtggctgtt tccttttact tagcacagta ttttcagggt    166920
     tcaaacgtat tgttgccttt gccagtattt agttcttctt atggacaaat aatatggttc    166980
     tcggagaaat aagtgcattt tatttatgca gtcaccagtt agtagatttt tgtgatgtac    167040
     ctgcctttgg ggttcttagg gataatgttg ttatgcacat tttagtatgt cttctctgtg    167100
     gacatatggt ttcatttctt ttggatacct agtatgtagg aggttggcca acttgataac    167160
     tctttattta ccattttgaa gacctgcccg acttccaaag ccactgtacg ggtttacagc    167220
     ccaccagtat ttaagtaaat gttttgtctt ttattattga actgtggaat ttctacaaat    167280
     attctgaata caactccctt atctaatgtt tttacatata ctttctcagt ggtagagcac    167340
     ttgcctagag tttgcaaggc cctggatttg atccccagca ctccctcact ttgaatctca    167400
     aggatatttt ctcaagtttt aaaacttttt ttctagttag ttttaagact ggtctgctta    167460
     ggtgcattac tattctatta aaccttccta gagccgtgca gcgtggggac tgatgcagac    167520
     atgcccatgg atattgacag tagtgatgtg aacagtgatg gcagtagggg cttggatgac    167580
     tcagaggagc cgtccccgcc cgaagacaag atgttcttcc tcgacccgac tgatctcgac    167640
     gtggagcgag atgaggagac tgttaagaca atcaggtaat gcattacgct gctaataaag    167700
     gccacggcag gtcaggagct ccattcagga aaggtggcct ttctttaaat gtaattttaa    167760
     atgtaattta aaatctaaat aaatcatggt taattattgc atgcaccaca gtatttctga    167820
     aataaattct attacctttg ctatcaactc aaggtagaaa gcaagagaat ctttacattc    167880
     ttagaaagaa aagaactttg tttaaataaa gtctggataa aatagctcac tgtagagcaa    167940
     ctactaaagg tgccatatga attcattgaa gcagcctgtt tcttcacacg tacaggtaac    168000
     caggtggtcc agcagtgaag agtgcatccc tgagatgcgg gcacacacac acctgcacgt    168060
     tctctccagc tctttagaac ctgattgcat ttgttacact gtttaatttc cttaatacct    168120
     ataagtaatt tcccttagca gtattatttt ctccaatatg atcgactgat tttgaaattt    168180
     gagccatgtg aagttgagta aacatgtttt gccttatgaa tttatttttc tgcctagggc    168240
     aagaaaattc ctcaacagca aactcaaatg accttgcagg ctccaaatca tctggctgga    168300
     agattctttc tgttccatcc atcatctccc catcccctcc ccatcccctc ttgtgtggcc    168360
     atgtccttcc tgaaggatca tgacaaacac cattagttac agtactatag tagtttaata    168420
     agttcactac atgtcagtgt aacagagcta atttattttc cttttaagtc actgtcttct    168480
     taaaatactt tggaaaaata ttagctcagt tatgttttag aaactgggtg aggtgtgatt    168540
     tttttttaaa ctagatattg aaaatattga tcataaattg taaatatttt ctagtccatc    168600
     caccagcaat aatatcccgc tgatgagggt ggtgcagtcc atcaagcaca caaagaggag    168660
     gagcagcaca gttgtgaagg aagggtggat ggtccactac accagcaggg acaacctggt    168720
     tagtaccaca ggcgtgtgtg catgtatgcc tggaagctgg gtgacggctc tgctgtgtgc    168780
     actgtgacgg ttaagatagg agtgaactct gtactgacat cgtatccact acagcagtgt    168840
     gcaaaagcta tgctagaatg atcgtcaaga ctcaaaagga tcatcagagt aatggtcaaa    168900
     atatgattat gctaaagatg gaaagaatta aaattgcaca ggaatagtca tctttggtaa    168960
     ggtaggaagc aattgtcttg gtgtgtatag acagcgtaag tgcacctatt ctcgcagatc    169020
     agggcagcga agaggaggca ttgtaaagtt agagtaggac agcagaggaa gaagactcag    169080
     cagagtggag tagctgagag tactggctgc agagccagcc tgtcgtaagc ctcttagcaa    169140
     aactaacttt tctttatgcc tcagtttctt tgtctataaa gtctgtatag tagtagtaac    169200
     tttgtcatac atccaagtga gataatatat atgagaagaa cttagggcaa tatttagcat    169260
     atagtagcag tcagtaaatc agtagctgtt aaaatttgct gaatattttt agtaagcctt    169320
     tttagaatac tgtgaagtta gactgtggca gtatttagat ctccctggaa aagttccttt    169380
     gagcaatgga cggcagttga cagagaaaaa ctcacatctc gtcaaagcac agagtggttc    169440
     ccatggaata ctcagcccca aatgagacag taccaccatg ttatacctcc tctcacacaa    169500
     ggctcaggga ccactgtgaa agaggcagag agactgaggg gcagagtcgg ggaggacccc    169560
     agggaaaccg tcttctggac gtgacaagac tgctgtgaac tcagcagctg tggcgtcgcc    169620
     gtgacagtgg aaaggggctc agacgctcct gttcctagcc gagggcttcg ggaggacaga    169680
     aagttgatct tctttaagag taaggctccc actgggtcag ctatgctcag atggcccaca    169740
     cccaggaatt catgactggc accaactgga ccctgggtta ttctttaaag agggacacaa    169800
     actttgggga ttagtgtgag atctgggcag agttagggga aggaatgggg ataaaattat    169860
     caaaatacat tggacacatc tataaaatgc tcaaagaata aaaatatttc aaaacgtatg    169920
     aagtgtttaa tatatttagc tggtttcagt aaagttttac atggtgacag cagtacagat    169980
     tacagctata tattttttca tttgtttata acccatgtcc tttcaacagg aacataaaag    170040
     aaatatacac acatatgaga atttagttgc gtgtctcatg atgaataact caataaatac    170100
     tattagggta accaattagc catttggggg ggaaatgacc ataacgtaaa tcgcatttca    170160
     catggaacaa aactaaatga atcaaactat ttaaatggtt tcacgttaat gcagtgggag    170220
     aaaccgaaca gttactttat aaagattccg tgttggacag gggagaacca tgaaccaatc    170280
     tcatggaaga aagtctgggt ttggcaaacc caaaaacaag acaaatgaca aactggaaaa    170340
     agtatttcaa cgtatgcttt cgataagaac taatcaagaa tttgtgaaaa agccaacaaa    170400
     ttgataataa aagatcacaa cacaataaaa acgttaaata atatgaaaag agagatcaca    170460
     gaaaaaggaa ataaaattat tcttatacat aaagtgtggt tttatttata ataaaaatat    170520
     caacttcaac ttgcactgat ataacaggtt gtttgtttgg cttttgctac atcagagatc    170580
     aaaacgttta gagatctaag tcagtgattc tcaacttatg ggtcacatcc ccttctggag    170640
     ggtgagtgac actttcgcag aggttgccta ggaacatcag aaaacagata tttacatcat    170700
     ggctcataac agtagttata aagtaccagc taaataactt tatgtttggg ggtcaccaca    170760
     gcttgaggaa ttgtagcaaa gggtcagagt gttaggaagt tgagaaccac ttgtctaagt    170820
     agttacccct gcggctacat caccccaatg gagaagacca tgaattaggt caagtcttaa    170880
     tttaacacca tcaaaacagt ctttttatat ctttttaatt ttttctctat ttttgagaat    170940
     tatatatata tatatgtgaa gtatcgtaca tgttccattt ttctccatgt ccccccagca    171000
     catcaccctt tcaacttcac atcttctatg tatgtgtgtg atagccactc acttagtgag    171060
     tactgcagat aaattcccag tggaggatga aaacctacca gtgaccactt cttaaaaaaa    171120
     aagaatgatt ctccctcccc cagcagttgt ccactgttag tgactcctca ttaagggatg    171180
     agacccaaag attatctact ccacccatgc caggattttg tctggcttga tcatgtatag    171240
     accataggta accacggcta cttatataag ttcattccct gaagatggca tttcacagca    171300
     ccctccccat ctggctctct ctgcctcctg tgtgatgttg cctgagccct ggtggtgatg    171360
     gcataagtat cagggtccca tttaggactg agcactgagt cttgttctca gcacattgac    171420
     caattatgta gctgtccaca gactgctgtc catgacccaa aaaaacaaac aaaaaccctc    171480
     tgatgtagct cgattgcagc gcaagcctgg cagctcctgg agctagggga actgcagaag    171540
     tatggctctg gggctctgta tccaggaact ggatgaatag ggatggttgg ggcctcagaa    171600
     ccccttgcct gtctgtgctt ggggagcagc tctgtttatt ttttgacaac atccagaaat    171660
     ttagcataga agtaaattat ataaatctat gcatgtgaat gaatgatgta cagctacttc    171720
     tgtgtaccta cataaattcg tatgaaagga ccccctaaaa cctaacttca cttgggtaac    171780
     agtaagaaat gggatataag tcaatgtggg agtgatacac ttcagtagat tcccttttta    171840
     tattttgaaa attttaaacc tcattgttta aactactcag aatagaagaa tggatggcaa    171900
     agggaaagtg caagtaggaa ttacttttga gccacctttt ctgacttctg ttttcaatag    171960
     agaaagagac attattggag acttgacagt aaatgtctaa cattgtttca aaatgaatct    172020
     ggatcaaagt attataaggt aaggattttg cattttataa aatgttaaaa tattgtgata    172080
     ctgatttttt tttgtttcgt aaagttttgt atggttaact tcatttttat gtaaatgtac    172140
     ttattatgac tgcctaatag aggtcatcgt taagtccttg ttgaagcaac tgccctccac    172200
     ttccatttta cacacacaca cactacacac caaaaaaaat aaataagttg tctggttttg    172260
     gcctattact tggactaaac gttaaataat aatttaggcc aatgtatgga cgagaaggaa    172320
     tgcttaagca actttattta tttttatttt atgcatattg gtgtcctacc tgcatttatg    172380
     tctgtgtgag ggtagcagat cctctggaac tagaattaca gacagttgtg agctaccatg    172440
     tgggtgctga gaattgggcc taggtccttt ggaacagcag ccagtgctct tgagtgctga    172500
     gtcacctctc cagcccccag ccattatttg tgcttgctca gcttaagggt tatgcttcca    172560
     gaagtgtggt cacaggagat gcagctaatg agtggtaccg acagacgtta gtctgcaggt    172620
     gttggatgtg gaggcagact atcctgctag atgcttttct tccaacatcg tgaagacctg    172680
     ctatagcatt tcattgtgta gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtacatgcac ttgcacctgt    172740
     gcacacacag tatctatgta ggggcagagg cagatgccag atgtctcttt cgtttgtccg    172800
     tccgtctgtc ctttcttttt ttcttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct    172860
     tccttccttc cttccttcct ctttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    172920
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttctct tttttgaagt    172980
     ataaggcttt gttttgtttt ttgtttttgt atgtgtgtat gagtgttttg cctgaatgta    173040
     tgtgtatgtc tgatgccctt agttacaaga atggggtatt gggtcccctg gaattagtat    173100
     tacaggtagt tgtgagctgc cacgtggatg ctgggaaacg gacccaagtc ctctgcaaaa    173160
     gtagaaagtg ctcttaacca ctgagcctct ctcaaccccc acccacccac ccacccacac    173220
     acacacacac acccacacac acacacacac acacacacac accttatttt ttggaataag    173280
     ctcactgttc tggatagact gtctggccag tgagctttcc cagatccatc tgtccctgcc    173340
     tgctacccct tagctctggg gacctgacag gtccacatgg ttgtaagcac tttacacatc    173400
     tcccatgccc cgagtctaac actccgtgac ctgcctctag cattactgaa cagtcaagtc    173460
     atttaagaca gacataccat aatacttggc tgcctaatcc atatgctgta tagtgtgttg    173520
     gacttagtgg cattcataga aatgcttatc tttgcttcta gtgtatttta gaaataaaga    173580
     taagtgttta ttcatagttt ttcagtgttc aactttttta ctacaggaaa ttccactttc    173640
     agaaattctc cgtgtatctt caccgcaaga tttcaccagc atttcacaag gcagtaaccc    173700
     acactgtttt gaaatcatca ccgataccgt ggtatacttt gttggtgaga acaatgggag    173760
     cagctctcat aatcctgttc tcgctgccac tggagtggga ctagatgtgg cgcagagctg    173820
     ggaaaaagca attcgccagg ccctcatgcc tgtcactcct caagcaagtg tttgcacttc    173880
     tccggggcaa gggaaggacc acagtaagtg gaagcacatt ggtggcttcg tttcatttta    173940
     aacatttgca gatacacttg tgtggctgtg ctatttcatt ctatctttaa tgcttaagtt    174000
     ttgtctttaa ttgccaatac cattagttaa tacctttatg aagttatgct gagtatcatt    174060
     catatacaca tatgtgagag agagagagta tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    174120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttgg ctccaggata tatatattca    174180
     cagctagcta ccttcatctc cttacattta aactctgcat ctcccagcct gctgtcagat    174240
     ctgaggtggg taattttttt gctgttctat aatagtagct actgtggaat tgttagcgtt    174300
     gagtggatcc agtctgtaag acaaagaata gtaccacagt gcttagcagc ttagtgtgta    174360
     tgaattgctt tttgttttgg gatttttgtg tgtgtgcgtg tgctgacata aagtatcatg    174420
     tttacagtat actcataaaa tctgataggt cagaatgatg ttacttttaa atgaattacg    174480
     acagaaattt aaaaatattg aagtggccat ggtggtacac gcttctaatc tcaacactga    174540
     agaggcagag gcaggtagat ctataagtta gaggccagtc tggtctgtga gtatcagcca    174600
     gggatatagt gagatcctga ctcaggaaaa atggggtttg gggtggggga gagaatatta    174660
     aagaatacta ttattccaac aaaactttaa acccaaattg aatgaatatt tatttaatcg    174720
     ttaaaaaata ttagagtcta atacagcttt taccttattg gaattatatc catagagaat    174780
     tatagagaaa catcatcatt ggacaaatat atttatatta aaataagtat cagccacttt    174840
     ccaaatgcaa tttatctcag cttacctgta ttattttatg caactgtttc atgcattacg    174900
     ttaggtctaa aactaaaatt caagagagaa atgatagacg ctacttaggg gagatgagta    174960
     cttgactgtt aagcagcagc agatgcaatg cagggacgaa atcaggaagg ttttactgta    175020
     gacactgagg tgtggctagg agaagcaggg cttcatagta gaaaacttga tttggaattt    175080
     ggcctgcagt caagggtagg ataggcagag gtaaataaaa ggtagaaggg gtagtgctgc    175140
     ttttgttggg gagacaggtg taatcacgag tgtgaaggct ggagtcatgt gcagcctttg    175200
     gtacgcctga ggagggatgg gtgggtggat gcatggctaa cagggtttac gttctgggca    175260
     gtttagacag cactagcatt tcatcaaaac taggagcctt tccccagaaa cattagagac    175320
     atacatgcac attttattct taacttccaa aggcttgctt aaaagtctct aaggcagaat    175380
     cctagagtaa gaggggagat gagggaaaat gcacacagtt gctgctcacc atgctgtgtg    175440
     atcttgggct ccagtgttct gcatccaaag tgggaggaat aataaataca cacagtgcac    175500
     tgggcagcgt gcccaagact taactgatat tcccattttg tctgaaactg agagaaatta    175560
     aagctggatg gatccagata gaggaggcca ttgagagaaa agaaaataat gaaactagga    175620
     aacaaaccac tagaaaggca ttggcaggca cagtcatttt gctggtgtgc ttttccttga    175680
     tcagtcttaa atttttaaat tacttactgg tgtactggta tgctccttta attgcagcac    175740
     tccaggaggt agagggaagg tgatgtcttt gagtttgaag ccaacatggc cttcataggg    175800
     agttccagga cagcctaggt tacatagtca agactattcc ctaaaaaagt agaagatttg    175860
     gagctgggca gtggtggcac acgccgttaa tcccagcact tgggagacag aggcaggcgg    175920
     atttctgagt tcgaggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac    175980
     cctgtctcag gggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agatgatttg aatgacataa aatatttttg    176040
     aagtggctta atatttttaa ataagagttt ctcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaca cacgtgtaca    176100
     cctgaggaca agaccagagg agagtatcag gtccttttct attcgctgct gattccctgg    176160
     agagcactga aatggactag actttggcta gactgactag gcagcaagct ctcttaatcc    176220
     tcctctctct gcaccgcaca aagctgcaca aggccagact tggcctttta aaacaggtgc    176280
     tggggattaa acttggatcc aaatgctttt gcatactaag ccgttcccca acctgaatta    176340
     ctatttgaaa tgaagaattt gcttatatta gtgctgtcct gtgttttagt atgtgcagtt    176400
     gtgaaggaat catcatggtt cgtttctctg ggttgtctta atggcttttt ggtcttgttt    176460
     ccatatttcc cttttcttat tgctttcttt atttaccaca gtaactcatc aaaactttgt    176520
     gggactatgt catctgactt gaggcaatcc ccgggataca tgagggtcca tcccatctca    176580
     gtcctgtctc tgccttcaag agaccgttgt cagccacttg ctatagatgt cttaactggg    176640
     gaaggacttg ggaggatggg agtccagacg aactactaca ttgttttatt tttccttttt    176700
     cgaagtataa ggtcatatac tctgaggtct ttttttataa attcctttta cctactctta    176760
     atacatagaa ggcatatttc attaccactg tgtaaattta tctaatttaa actttttaat    176820
     gaaagtaatg aattcttttt tttttaatgt gcatgggtgt tttgcctcca tatatgtctg    176880
     tgtaccacat atgtgaacga tgcccccaga ggccagaaaa ggacatcgga tcccctgaga    176940
     ctagagttac aaatggttgt gagccaccca atggatgcta gaactcaaac caggtcttct    177000
     gaaagatcgg ccagtattct taaccactga gccatctgtc ctgatacatg ctttttgtgt    177060
     tttaaaacaa tataagcagt atagatacaa atattacagt cctcgctccc gagcctacat    177120
     cactcactca ccagaagtag catttttagt ttaattcaaa cactgctaca ctggaacttg    177180
     ctttttcctc ttttgttgaa tgcagggcct catacttcac acatagtagg cagatgctct    177240
     aatactgagc ccttagtagg acattatgtc acagatctat gctgtttatt aaatatttag    177300
     agtattattt gtgtggatgt gtcatatttt atttactcag tttcttgttg atgggttagt    177360
     attgtatata acattttaat gcatatatta tctatattga tgtaatttta agtttgataa    177420
     gctatggatt tccaagaaat aatattaagt catatactaa ctattttgtg tttttcttat    177480
     attccattct atgtacagaa gatctggcta ccagtatctc cgtgtctaac tgtcaggttc    177540
     aggagaatgt cgtaagtaat aattacatcc catgtgcgca gaccgaataa ttaaaataag    177600
     ggaattaatg tgaaaatctt accaggatta agtttatatc cccaagtgtg ggaacaggac    177660
     caagggcaga aggtgagagg tgatggagtc acacgatgaa ccccgaatcc tgggagtcag    177720
     actctggaga gcagcatcag ggtgcagagc tgagtttatt gtgcagcact gtgcagtaca    177780
     cataagctta taggcagtgt gtgagccaat cccaagcccc taaatcctcg gccaatcata    177840
     tctgaccata ctgtcaccat gctccagtga aaaccctgcc tgatgaggta actcagaagg    177900
     agtgggggga gaaccgtcac ctgttagaac ttctatgaag acagggacgt agcctagcca    177960
     ctgccctggc ctctgttctt ttggcaaatt taaatctaat gcagtgttcg gcaggtccag    178020
     actcttcaag gagtcgcagg aacatgtggg aaactcagac atcgctcctg ctgagcaact    178080
     tccaccctgt gtggaacgtg catgcgtgcg tgcgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgca tgtgcgtgtg    178140
     cgtgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtacg cgcgtgtgtg cgtgctgtct    178200
     ctcacgagct tggtgctcac tgactaggca gttggccagc agcctcagga tcagcatctc    178260
     gcacctgcct gcattggaat tagaagcatg aagcaccaca cacttctttt aaaactaggt    178320
     tctgtatcaa actaagatct ttgcacagca agcactttac aagctgagct atcaccctag    178380
     cctaatgatt ttgttgtggt tttgttttta tgttttaagt cgaagatagc agtcttgtgt    178440
     ttggtaaaac ttagttctta atttttttat aggtcagtac tgaatatgaa atttattttc    178500
     aactcaaagc atcttttttc cctgaagggt ttttggttgg ttggtttggt tctattttga    178560
     gacaggtcta tgtagaccag gctggccttg aactcacaga catgcctgtc tatgcctaga    178620
     aggtaggcta gaattaatgg catgtgtcac cacacccagc tcctaagggt attcttaaag    178680
     aataaggtat ataagttata tataagttgc atattgaatc atagtgtaag gccaggctaa    178740
     ctttctctaa aatccaaaaa gcctttgctt cataaaatat tttgtgcttc ataaattttt    178800
     ttgcctctaa catgaaatta aaactaagtg tttgagtcag cgacgttgct gtgcttgctt    178860
     gatgaagaac actgtgcttg cttgctttct ctaggacatc agcagcgttt accagatctt    178920
     tgcggacgag gtgcttggtt ctggccagtt tggcattgtt tatggaggta agcaatgaca    178980
     gcctgttaca tacatatctt ctaacttgta aactctgacg acagctgaca ttcttttagc    179040
     tcacagttct gttaagtgct ctcctcctca atggctggtt catatgctcc caactaaaac    179100
     caagtctctc ttcatttcca tagcagaact aagagtggca gggtcaggag attacttcta    179160
     cagtagtctt catgtcttct tgcagcagct cgtacgtaaa gatgtgtttg tattggctta    179220
     tgtgcactgt tcactgaagt atgtttccca ctagtttcca atgcacggtc agcattcatc    179280
     ttctcaggtc tgaagaactg aattcttgct ctgtcctgcg gttaagaaca ctgattaaac    179340
     catttagcat ctgtatctca aaatcttgac agcggcttaa tgaaggtagt aaactgagtt    179400
     gcactgcaca taggcttact ggacttaatt acaacaaacg tgcccatgac ataactgtaa    179460
     gctgtgaccc cagataggat gtgaaccctt gaccccacct tcagtcctcc ccttctttca    179520
     caccactctt ggagtgagcc tttcagagca tcagcaccgc atgttagtat taggacattc    179580
     agaagcctgt ggtccgtgtc cattgttctt agagtatgca ggctgctaca gtctgcttat    179640
     gtaacctcca gtctaattac agttcatttt ttatttcttc aaggcgtgct tgcatgcctc    179700
     tgtatttgac ctctgcacct ttctccgtcc tttagttagc atgtgtttgt ttccagcctc    179760
     aactgaagga ccacctctac tgcactggtt ctcagccttc ctaataacat ggccccttaa    179820
     tacagttcct cttgttatgg tgaccccccc caaccataaa attatttttg ttgctacttt    179880
     ataactgtaa ttttgctgtt atgaatcata atgtaagtat ctgatatgca aatgagccca    179940
     atgaaaaggt cgttcaccac cccccagagg cgtgtgccca caggttgaga atcacctctc    180000
     tatgtgtttt ctgaccatcc tattgctcat ctgagtatct gcattgtgct tcctccatgc    180060
     ccctgcctta cggtgggcat cctcctgcca gagagcctgt aacactgggt ctctctcatc    180120
     ttcctgcgga actctgaggg tagccttgag gatggctgtt ttgttttcca agtatctgct    180180
     tggaactgtg cctcacccag aaaaatgtgt gggttttaca catgcacaca tctgtggttt    180240
     gcaacttcag atttgttagt tttatactag tgaggtctct ggaagacctc actgagggaa    180300
     gggtaattgg tctgaagtac cagacaaccc ctgtcgttta aagcagtcag gattttaggg    180360
     ctgtgccctt gaaacagttg taattttcaa gttaatcaac aggtggagag caagtcccgt    180420
     gtgttaaatg gaggtaagaa tgtgcctgct gttcccacct cttcaacggt gaccccactt    180480
     agttagtcca gcgtgactcg tttgtttcaa tgggtgaatg agacactgtt atgtacttac    180540
     cttataccta gaagttgaag gtctggagct tgagagtctg ctgtacttaa ccacgctgct    180600
     gacttggtga acctagacta aaagtcacta gtacatcatt tccatcttga cagactccga    180660
     agacttggtc agggcgttta aaaactgtca cttatttact atgatctgtt acttctcagc    180720
     aagcaggcca tggaggtgtt atgccatttc aggtcatgaa attgccttta ttacaggcag    180780
     tacaatagag gaaagcatca tgtttcctag aatgtggaaa agaacatgaa cagaagatgt    180840
     aagaataaat aaataaaact tcagtctgtg gataagttgt caacccagct tttctgttat    180900
     atgtgagctg ccagttgatt cttttctatt ctttgacagg aaaacacaga aagacgggaa    180960
     gggatgtggc tattaaagtg attgataaaa tgaggttccc cacaaagcaa gagagtcagc    181020
     tccggaacga agtggccatt ttacaggtag gacttaacgg tggctcccgt agcctggagt    181080
     ttgatttgtg agacttcgaa tgaatatttc agatgatgca gaaaggatag gtttgggggt    181140
     cttttggatc ttttgcatac tgaagattat aatgtataaa agtttaaaga cccaccctgc    181200
     tgtgatttta cttttaaagc tagtttgatt caaatctttt ttttcctgag tgaaatctct    181260
     aaaaataata aagggaattc agtttaaatt cctttagaga tactgatcct tctgctgtat    181320
     ttttatcatg tcattatttt actcatcaga ttttcagata cgatgtaaat atgctagtta    181380
     ctctaaaaat aaacactaat taaagcgaag tgtgcctcta gcagtaagat gttgttctgt    181440
     taattcaagg tctctgcgct gcgtttcttc agtaaaagtt tggtgctgtt tagttttgtt    181500
     tggttgggat ttttgttgtt ttggttttgt tgacaccaag ggttgctggg tagcccaaga    181560
     taaatcgcat gctcctggtg gtcctccggc tttaaatctc ctgagtgctt gattacagat    181620
     gcaccaccat gctcaactta ctaaagatat gttagcagat gtaaatcaca taaagcgctt    181680
     gcattgttct tttgacctaa tatttttatc ttctttgtga gtttaagcaa atgtcagtgg    181740
     tacatttctt acattattat tgctggtaag tagcaactac ttcatgtttt cagaggaggg    181800
     ataatcagaa gtcccctgat cagtcggtcc ccagctcaga tcaagcctgc ttccagcaaa    181860
     gtcagcgtta ggtagaatat taatattatt tacataggct ctgtataaga gtgttgttag    181920
     ccgggtgtgg tggcgcacgc ctttaacccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt    181980
     ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gactacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg actacacaga    182040
     gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaat caaaaaaaaa aaaaagagta tattgttgat gtttttcata    182100
     tttacttttg aaatcttgtt tgctgtccaa ctaatacaga agacaatatg aacataaaga    182160
     tcttcatcta ggtattaatt tctctttggc tttgatcaca aacagcccta gagtgaatat    182220
     ttaacttggg aacttaaagt tactgcacac agtgaatagt gcttgtttgt atcagtgtac    182280
     aattaggtat tttaggttgt ctctagatac tcagctttca ctaaaacagg tatttgaggg    182340
     agggagttcg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtc caaaattgtg actttggtta ttccttgaca    182400
     gtgtataaac tcagcaaaat ctatatgtgt agatagttta aagatgaact ttaacatgct    182460
     ttaaatggga gatagagtgt agtgtgaact tgaaacacaa gtactttgta aaacaaaatt    182520
     tccacataat accttattta ctgattggta cacgctaggt atgtcggtca gtgtcacgta    182580
     ccccatggtc agtgtttgga ccagttgtgc ctttctgtta atggtctttg tctaatacaa    182640
     aaggaagggt gagagttaaa tattttcctt tccttctgta tcttcatata atcgttgtag    182700
     tcttttaggt ggtttcatgc taagactagt tttctactga agttgatcac ccaaacaccc    182760
     ttccacttct gcagaatctg caccatcctg ggattgtaaa cctggagtgt atgtttgaaa    182820
     ccccagaacg agtcttcgtg gtgatggaaa agctccatgg agatatgttg gaaatgattc    182880
     tgtccagtga aaagagtcga cttccagaac ggattaccaa attcatggtc acacaggtat    182940
     tttcattata ccttgaaacc agtaaaccta agacgagtca acagccccat tttgatatat    183000
     tgggaaacta aggaatggta gccttaataa aagtgaaaca ataatacttt tagctacatt    183060
     tgactaaata tagtagagtt ttgaaattat tatacatttc aagaagtcgc attgggattt    183120
     agctgatttt ctaggcattt aaaaaaaaac cctttgcagg agtaggatta cttttaaatt    183180
     ctatttttat tttatgtgta tgagtgtttt gtctgcatgt atgtacatgt gtgtggtgtc    183240
     agtgtaggtc agaagaacta gagttcaact atcttgtgtg gactggggac tgaagttggt    183300
     cctctgcaag gacagctgat ccccccaccc tctgtaccat gcatcttctc tccaggttgt    183360
     aggtcagcat ggaaagtcag gggttcaggg tggttttaat acctgtttgc catcttactt    183420
     tgctctcagt tgctcctcaa atccttctcc ctaacagata cttgttgcct tgaggaattt    183480
     acatttcaag aatattgtgc actgtgattt aaagcccgaa aatgtgctgc ttgcatccgc    183540
     agagccattt cctcaggtga gacattctca gaactggatt tagaagcatt tctaaattaa    183600
     caacatttgc aaaatttcct cctgatacgg aacagagctc tgcatacaac cattgtagtc    183660
     tctggctgcc agtctgaggc agcagctaaa tcatttaaat tcagacttta ttatattgct    183720
     ggtatgtatt aacacttttt cagattaaat aagtctcaag aaacaaactt tgaggtttct    183780
     ttggggtggg gctgagttct aattatgtat atgagactta cattcacacg tttaagctct    183840
     tcaactctct gaatagagaa gtcaccaaat tcagttatgt ctcagtaagt tttactcata    183900
     agacatgtat catatgacat atactagaaa cagcaagcag cctttgaata tgcctccaac    183960
     tctgttctct agcagttgtc tgcactgtgt ctgtatagac accaaacccc cctcccagtt    184020
     cctaaatcac tttgtcagtt agagcattgc ctctggggag gacttagcat ttggctgttg    184080
     ggcatagctg caatcactag taaccaaaac aatctaaatt gatgcaacac agtcagtgtc    184140
     ctgagctttg ctaagcccat catacttcca gagaacatgg tagtggttgt ggtcatgttc    184200
     atatgtaacc ttattcaact ctaaaccaac tggagtagta gtctgtcagc acagaaagca    184260
     cttacagctc agaggttctc gactgttcat tatcatctgt aagtcttgtt tacttacctg    184320
     ctgatccata acatcctgcc aacagatact caaagataaa gcaaaatgaa ggagtcttcg    184380
     aattactgta gtttattttt catgtagcaa aacgtttgaa tacttttata tgtctagaca    184440
     cttaggattc aaaactgaaa cacaatttta cagaaataga aaaggggtat attagtcagg    184500
     gttctctaga gtcacatgga atatctatat tttaagagaa tttcttgtga tgacttgcag    184560
     tctgtagtcc agctaacctc aaatgggcag ccgtgagtag gaagtccaag aatctagtag    184620
     ttgctcagtc cctcgaggct agctgtttca gctggtcaga gaagtaggtt ccaacagatg    184680
     tgctggcagg taagtgcaag caggcaagaa gagtgagttt ttccttcttc cagtgtccct    184740
     atgtaggcct ccagcggaaa gtatagccca gattaaaggt gtggattgga acttgatttg    184800
     tcccaggttt accctgaatt cagatatctg tctgcctcaa tctcctggga ttaaaggcgt    184860
     gtactacgtt gcctgagcct aaatttttca tggccaacat gcctcaagat gtccgggtca    184920
     gaagcctatg tcttccagcc tcaagatctg gatcataggt gtgccctcca tttctgggtt    184980
     gtagtttatt cctgatgtgg tcaagttgac agccaggact gttccagggt aacagggggc    185040
     tcctcaattg aagatcagca tcctccatcc atttcatcag gacaacaaaa ctgaatcctt    185100
     gttccatgac tccatagaga acaaattgtt tttaaaataa gtgctaggat agctcttcat    185160
     actgctgtag tctcagagct acaaatggat ctgcctgcct ctggggagat ggcggttcac    185220
     ttggcctgtc tatagctgtt cgtgtatagt cggcaccttt gcttaagtgc actgagcata    185280
     gctagggaca ggtattgata catagtttga taagctttga catattcaat ttccaggtga    185340
     agctgtgtga ctttgggttt gcccgcatca ttggtgagaa gtcgttccgg aggtcagtgg    185400
     taggaactcc agcctactta gcccctgagg ttctcaggag caaaggctac aaccgttctc    185460
     tagacatgtg gtcggtgggc gtcatcgttt atgtgagcct cagtggcaca ttcccattca    185520
     atgaagatga agatataaat gaccaaatcc aaaacgctgc gtttatgtac ccaccaaatc    185580
     catggcgaga aatttccagt gaaggtaaaa gagaattaag tttcaggttc tcacctttag    185640
     tctgaaatct ttgggatcaa aatcatcccg tctcttcatc tccctgagtc agtaccagtc    185700
     tttgggcact ctattgtatt tagtttatta ttattattaa tttttattct tgagacaggg    185760
     tctcactttg tagccctgtc tgacctagaa ctcaccatgt agaccaggat ggccttgaac    185820
     tcacagagat atatctgcct ctgcctctga agtgctggga ttaaatgtgt gtgccactgt    185880
     gcaaggccaa gtactctact tttaaactgt tttgtctctt atttttctca aaatgtttgg    185940
     tcttggcagt aacccaggcc ccaccagcct catccagaaa ctactaaagt ggccttttag    186000
     ctgtgctgcc cactcgtctc tctgattgtt cagtcactgc tactggatcc atctgcagaa    186060
     acacaagttt catgtatttg gcttcccttt agccacacct gctataggtt tctgatgtgg    186120
     cccttgttaa agaacctttt gggcctcacc tcccacttct cacacaaacc tagttgtgta    186180
     ctcctagact cttttctgtg ttttgcatgt ctttcctcta gccaacaacc tctcctacaa    186240
     gcctcttacg attcttcaaa gcctaccttc tgagtggcct gtgtgtcctc ctgacctacc    186300
     cctcccctaa gctttaaaga tcttcttatg ctaacacttg agcattttgt cttaaggata    186360
     tgtttggcta actgattatc ccagtcttca gaatagcatt gtaaacccct tgagtagaca    186420
     tgtttagttt atgtacttta tacctagagt gaccttttgt atctgcaggt ctttttttcc    186480
     agtccttccg atcccttccc agaaagcttc atgctatagt tgtcatgact agtgaaggct    186540
     tttcagtctg tcatgcctcc ttctgtacat gtcaagaatg agccagggct gtcggcatac    186600
     actaggaatc ccacgattgt ggaggtttca aagctttgta caagaccttt tctcagggaa    186660
     ggggtgggga ggaaaagaca gggaaaggaa tgcagttggt cctgtttaat tattgatgga    186720
     gtacgccatt gcccccaacc tgtttgctaa aaccgacagt gggaactttt gctgttggct    186780
     ccacttcatt ctgaggatat ttgtacaaga agggtgacga cgtctgccac gttttcacac    186840
     cacgcaaggg agagctttgt gattatcatt gcaagaggga aacctatctg gaaccagtct    186900
     gctttgttca tcctcaaatg acagtaatga atacttagaa cccatgtgct aaacacatcc    186960
     taagctttta tagtaagctg actgcacctt cccaacagtt tcattgtgta gatgaggaaa    187020
     tcaaggcaca gcacgggtta gcatagacca tgtcatcctg tggtgtagca caagtcagcc    187080
     tggcaatctg gcgtcagggt atgcgtgtaa ccacgctgac tgccacctca gtaacggaaa    187140
     aagttgtcat taatacttat tacgggccac ttctgtgtgt tcagttctgt gtactggaga    187200
     agcagatttc gtccatgcca tctttacgtg agtccatctg ctcccctgca ggcagaatca    187260
     caggtttggg ttcagtaccc caaaactcat atatataatt ttgcttttca tctagcaatt    187320
     gacttgataa acaacttgct tcaagtgaag atgagaaaac gatacagtgt tgacaaatct    187380
     ctcagtcatc cttggctaca ggtaaaagga aaaaaaaaag tactctgcat cgtcctctcc    187440
     tgtgagtttg tcttcaccga tgaaaccagt ctaggagcaa caggttcagc atggcctggg    187500
     ataatctagg cctcggtggt cattatcgtg ccatggcgtg ggcctctgga caagggctgc    187560
     ctgtcactca agtcagtgtt gacaagcagt taaataccca ggaacagaaa caatgaatta    187620
     attagccttt cataagtact tagctgattg ggtatttttt aaattaacat ggtatactgt    187680
     tcagtatatt ttactttaaa tgtccactaa aagtttttct ctgtttggcc ggttcctcca    187740
     tgagttatta cagacatttg ttccaaaacc acaagtctgc acttgagagt gtgcagaaca    187800
     gctgtgcaac tacgttgtag gaaatggaga gtggggctaa cactaaacaa gtcacttctg    187860
     ggctgctcag cacattagcc tgtaatggac tccgatttct aagattcacc ttcaacgttg    187920
     cccattcaga ataccacagt tagaacttag gaagaggagt ggccaattgt gtgactaagg    187980
     ttataaacaa gaaggggctg tcggcatact gtctatttta tggttcacaa tcattttctt    188040
     ttcctaggat tatcagactt ggcttgacct cagagaattt gaaactcgca ttggagaacg    188100
     ttacattaca cacgaaagtg atgatgctcg ctgggaaata cacgcataca cgcacaatct    188160
     ggaataccca aagcatttca ttatggcccc caacccagac gacatggagg aggatcctta    188220
     gttgtcagtg cgccgacctc aataaggaag gatttcactt caagagcgga tactttgctg    188280
     catggctggt ggcctctgca ggctaccatt gcaaggcggc agcaccgtga ggaagtagaa    188340
     ggacttgtgg catcagttct gtagctcata acgagtaggt acatgaaggg aaactgagta    188400
     ataaagtcaa aatggaactt ctataaattt ttatagcata agcaataact ggttctgtaa    188460
     tttttcctaa tccttcacat tagcacaatg tgagttagca cttaatttat ctcttttacc    188520
     tctccttttc tgttattaca tcatttgttt taaaggccta tgactgtcta gttattgctt    188580
     ataaggttga ttactcaaca ggtttgcagt taagcagtaa ccatgaggct aacagcatac    188640
     agcttgctgt aaggaccttt agtgtttgtc cactgtcgga ggcattgctt cctccttcct    188700
     ggacccgata agcagaccat tgtactgctg gccttccggt ggatgcgtct ttccatatgg    188760
     cctgtatgac agaagagttg tcacattttc catgttataa cagtcactag gataatcgaa    188820
     caattggtgt tacaaatgaa tagaaatagc tggtcatcac tcagctctgc ctctgaacac    188880
     gtatgttctc aattggcacc atcatgttac agtatgccac agtcggtggg cacaacgctg    188940
     catttaacta atttatcctc acctggagtt gaataatgta tagacaaaat cacatactag    189000
     agagggaagc taacacaggt cagtagatgt cactgttatc tgtttcctct tcccttggcc    189060
     tttggatggg gtttccaata cctagtgttt ttaaattagc attgtcgttt gagcagtttg    189120
     gaggagtgac tgaagtcaaa catgaaaact tagtttattg aggtgggacc taattaccag    189180
     tagagcggat ggagaaggag taagaacgtc ttacacttca gctccaacag ccagctgttt    189240
     tgtagtagtt attaatacaa ggtcagtatc cctatctgag ctgctctaca ccaggaaggt    189300
     ttcactgcca gatactgaaa tgtttgcaca ctctactagt tgagcatccc tgacctacaa    189360
     atccgaaatc ctccaaattc aagaaacttt ggagtccttc agatttccac attagtgata    189420
     ttcccacctg tgctttaccc aaagagaaaa agatccagga ccatcctctc acaagaaata    189480
     tagtagctgt ttgtttcttc attcctcact agtcacaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaacaaaaa    189540
     caaaacaggt ttttcttgtt gtttttcctt ttctgtgctg agagcaagaa tttggaatga    189600
     gaaagcctgg gtttaagcct aagtgtcttt actctgtgga tctgtggggc tgagcagata    189660
     acattgtctg agcatttgtt tgacttagtt tctcagtctg tagagtagac accataaatt    189720
     cttccttctg ccttcctcca tgtggctgtg aagattgggc tatgtgacca cttgtgacaa    189780
     tctggaatgc cagggttgtc gcttaccacg ggctctgaga tagcaaagga aaaactgtgt    189840
     gtgtgagcag accaaaacta agtgccatcc cagatgagaa tgcagctgca gtgatctgtc    189900
     taaaattaaa aatgttcttg aggtgacaga aacagcaggg gtgcccggtt gtaaatgttt    189960
     atgctttgaa ctgtcctcac aatagtcaca tgactaagca cacttaaagt tgaggcacag    190020
     ggttagttgt caaagtgcat tgagtttaaa tatggattta aacccaggcc tatatcccca    190080
     atccctttac ccgtcccagc cattgacaat gtactgtaca tctgtaagaa tttccagaag    190140
     actttccaaa ctgtctctgt aattgttttc atacagtagt tgtgaagagt aattttaaga    190200
     aacttctaag aatggatttt tccatttctg ctaagtctgc ttgaccagta tgtacaaggt    190260
     ggaactcgtg tgtgtcacta ggcagcccac ggtggtttta ccatgggagg tgagaactaa    190320
     ctgaaatgac tgctggtttg ctgtacttct gtaatcagac tttacaagcc atgacattaa    190380
     ttgcactctg tttttgtcaa agccctgtgc tgtttaaaga gagactgtaa aggcgctgtc    190440
     acggtgcgga gttgagtaac cactccactg tttaacctgc ataacttttt gtcattgtct    190500
     taaagccaag ctgtgtttgc atatatgaaa gtaattgttt cttagaaaca tgtgacaatt    190560
     ttcaaagtag tgtataatga cactgtttag tacattttat attttttgtt acatcccact    190620
     ttttgtaaat attctcaaaa cttgataata aaatgtattt ctctatcacc atactttcct    190680
     atgtgaaaac cttagaccat ctctagtata aggatctcaa gagagttgta tttggttata    190740
     atattttccc cgggcctgag taacaggagt ttttttgtaa atatagccaa tgctacatga    190800
     gcacatatat atttatatat cctctgtgaa agacaaccct ttaaagtcat ttcaggtgta    190860
     tactgcattt gagataatta tctagagggt tcatttattg gaatacaata caaagaataa    190920
     tgataattaa atatttgagc gactatccta ggtattacta aaagacttag aaaaatcaaa    190980
     ggtctcatga aaaatcaaat ttctagaatt tgagactaga aagcactact agactcttcc    191040
     ctcttaatta taaaaagtga aaccaattct gtatgtggga ggagccaact gtcagtattt    191100
     acttctttca aatgttctag cctggtcctt gtggggggga gagggacatg aaacggtggc    191160
     tttagagata gaaaagaaga acagagcgat gaggaatggt ctaaggctgg gagcataagc    191220
     ctggggaatg ggctcagaag ataaagtccc tgctgcataa acagaagagc tccggctgga    191280
     gagatggctc agcggttaag agcactgact gctcttccga aggttcaatt cccagcaacc    191340
     acatggtggc tcacaaccat ccataacgag atctggtgcc ctcttccgga gtgtctgaag    191400
     acagctacag tgtacttaca tataataaat aaatcttaaa aacaaagaca gaaacaaaaa    191460
     acaaaccaga agagcttcag attggctccc cagcgcccat ggggttacat gcctgtaacc    191520
     cagtgtgaca ttgctacaga aggggcaggg atgcaatctt tggtcaaatt aaggaacttt    191580
     gagttcagag atgctgtctc aaaaacaaag ttggacagca atggagaaaa aaaaaatacc    191640
     cgctataaac cttcacgtgt aaatgcaatg ccctaaattt agtcacaggg tacgtataaa    191700
     aactgtaggt gctgtggctg aagtgtgcat acagcatagc acaccaatta aatatggcgt    191760
     cattccttct tttcttacag accaagacac agaatgttaa tgccattctc agctaagcag    191820
     aagcagcaac agagaaataa gtgatggggg ctggagagat ggctcagtgg ttaacagcac    191880
     cgactgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccatggc taatcccatg tccacctaag    191940
     cccctcatag gacttgctgc tgctaaccac gtccccagat gcccattcac cgcattaata    192000
     ggaaagttct acagacaact taattcacag ctaaaattgt gtatttatct gagaatgagc    192060
     tcagcttagg aagttgctcc tcctggagag ttaacattac tcttaatttt tatttcagta    192120
     aaagtcagat ttggtacagg tttttctaac tatgactttt atttcttacg tctttaatat    192180
     ttgtgttacc actctttacg ttcatccata gaggcattgg aatccttccg aatcctgctt    192240
     ccagagtgga gagctgccga ctccttccca gttactcctc cttcacttgt gcacagaaca    192300
     ggaaactaag tctatactga cgtactcagt taattctttc ctttagcaaa aacaggatct    192360
     taactctaga aacgcacatc tgacttcttc catttactaa ccctaagaga gccttctacc    192420
     agaatacact gactgctttt gccctttaaa aatacccaga tctgttgact tgaaatagcc    192480
     atttacctta tctccagttt ctaacaaacc aatcagtgct catatgtgtt tttaaaaatc    192540
     aaatagaaat acagtaagtt gataaggaga caatttcaca ataaatcact ttactgggtt    192600
     gaaaacaatt ataccaagag ttagttataa cctttgacat tctaccattt tgattgtatt    192660
     tatataaaca ggctattttt tgtttgtttt tggttttttt ggtttttttg tttgtttttt    192720
     cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct    192780
     ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctaggatt aaaggcatgc    192840
     gccaccactg cccagcataa acaggctatt tttattgact gaaaagagat actagtttga    192900
     aaacttatgt tacttcaata tgcaaagtga attttgttta ttttgatttt taaggcccac    192960
     tgaggaataa aagttcaagc tgaagtatca ctgccaaaca agttcatcaa acccagctac    193020
     agaggaggag ggggtttttg actggcaggc attcctttct tgactccccc catgaagtct    193080
     ctgatgaggt agcaaggcaa agaagtgaaa tctttctccc atcttctgag gattcattaa    193140
     catatcatac cctccaagta gctgctgctt cgcagatggc tcacctgctt tatccaagag    193200
     aacctgagcg gaaagaaagg cctttaagga acatcaccag aagaaaagca ttccccagca    193260
     caggactaat gatgtaaatg atgcagtaca gcaattcccc agatgggatc acagtgtcct    193320
     ctaactgtag gatgctgtga tccaaatgta tacatctgca tcgttagcag atatcccagg    193380
     cgatctgctc cgtaacaaca gaggagtcat gatttcatac ccatgaacgt ggttttcttg    193440
     ggcgtatcag cctcacatag aaacttggca agctgtgcac accccagtcc ttacttgtgc    193500
     aaaattacac ctgaagcctg ctcgctataa gagcattaac gccagtgtag ctcaatttaa    193560
     ataatttccg aaattaagag gtttagtgtt actgagataa accactacct tcagccggac    193620
     atcaatgccc atgtttttta aaaatgttcg ctgttccact ggacccagag aggctacttt    193680
     tccttgtgcc attctgcgca ggtaactgaa gtccacatca gctgtcaggt ctgctgttcc    193740
     aggagcgatt aagacatcgt gaagctggtg tccataaaac cccttgagga taaagaacag    193800
     tttttaaatt ctgttttagt taacagtatt gagagtaaag aaaggatagc ctactaatcc    193860
     attttttaca ttgtcagtgt taagaaaaat tatatcctaa gtctgtggtt taaactctac    193920
     tccgtagcat tctttcttca aacaaagtaa cacatggcaa acccagtaga atatatgaag    193980
     ttggggtgcc taacgatgtt gcctttaaca tagagctagt tagtgttccc attaatgctg    194040
     tgggcaagtt ctggttatca aagcctaggt agttcagttt acaaagcctg agaatacggt    194100
     atgtgctcca tccagagctg cactaccatt atcctagagg aaaggctaga gaacagtctc    194160
     ccaggtaaga attccatttt ggtttggttg gtttccattt cacagtttct ctgtgtagcc    194220
     ctagctgtcc tggagctcac tagaccaggc tgatctcaga aatccgcctg cctctgctcc    194280
     caagtgctgg agcagagcac caccacacag caaaaattcc tagcagtaat aaagttagaa    194340
     agaaccaatg agccaggtgt cttggcacag gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag    194400
     gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgggttcc aggacagcca    194460
     gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa atcaaaaaaa aaagaaaaga aagaaagaaa    194520
     gaaagaacga atgaacgaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    194580
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaacga accaatgatc tagaaaacaa tgtttaggaa    194640
     ggtaaaagaa aatatctgga aagaaaaata tgttaaaaca atttgcagta gctaggttga    194700
     acatgcaaag tagctttctt tttttttaaa tgaaggcagg gttgaaacat taatgtgaaa    194760
     agactctttc caaaatttta tattattcca atgcttccta ggctcgatgc caatccaggc    194820
     tctgtgctaa gaatgactgt aagatctgaa ataatgggta gttaaaacag cataattaac    194880
     atttaatttt aaaaaaatga atgcaacaaa attagatacc ataaaagcta agctaagatc    194940
     ttacaaagag atgctgataa agcctgccct gtatgacaca tactgacaca tactctcaag    195000
     gtgtctgtct ttgtgccatc gtgaccgtaa tccgcaatca gggctgcacc tccagttgac    195060
     gcaatgcgct gggacagttc ttggatgata accccagcat cgggacatac ttccacatgt    195120
     tccctccttt catcacgctg gtaagggaag agttagttag actcactgct cactcacaag    195180
     agctgcctcc ttagggtctc acacatttcc acagtgaaca ttttcttagt tgtaatgaat    195240
     tcagcttgaa tatggtctgg ccagtgtttc acacgatgcc cttttcagta tacagaactt    195300
     ggttctttca aggtggacat taagtttgaa gacatgaaga acatgaaggt atgttttcaa    195360
     aacctgtttt taaaactgaa aacttgagga aattcttaac taagttctag aaactaaatg    195420
     tttctctggg gtggagaaga ggcaataaat gaaaagctta gttattcctg agaaccaagt    195480
     ggtatttggg gacctttaaa catagccctg gagctaaagg gatggctcgg cagttaaaag    195540
     cagtagactc tcttccagag aactttggtt ctcttcccag cgccatatgg gagctcacaa    195600
     ccagtgtcag cggaaccatc accctcaaac aagcatgcag gtgaaacacc gatatagtaa    195660
     ataaaaacaa atctttgtgg tttcatgtaa gttaagtgca gtcccaaggt agaaagctct    195720
     ggggaccatt tctttaaagc aagagaaaac agcagttaat ctgttcccag tgtggggtca    195780
     aaggtaggtc tgggttcgac tataacccaa cagctgtcac tgatgacagt aatgaacaca    195840
     gagcacaacg tgccttcacg cagagagcat tccctgttaa gaaaacgatg gcatcattcg    195900
     tcatcaggga atggaggagg cacttggctg agaaagtgct tcctacatag caagatgaca    195960
     catgagagac agcgtagccc atagggtttc tggactgcca ctgtgactgc caccacaaag    196020
     tgcctcagtg ctgtgctcca gcttcccact gggagaacta aactggcaag tgagaaaaca    196080
     gactggacta tcctgcagca acataagctt agaagaaaaa ctcaaattca tacttgaatg    196140
     aaggcttctg caggggtcgc acaaggcgcc aagacgaacc tcagtttatc agaagcttgt    196200
     gggtcgacat caacaaacac ttctctccat ccgcgtggtg ttttctaaac aagatacatg    196260
     aaaatacgca tttgcaagca cttaaaactc gatgccctaa tgaaggaata acaaatagag    196320
     ctattggaga agcaagcagc atagggctgc acagagatgg agtcaaaccc agcatgagca    196380
     agcaggcgct actgctgtga caaatgacta cattacagga gacttactct tagccttaga    196440
     ggttgctgtg gatacagcct atcactaaac tcaaattctc acacaaagga tacaggaaat    196500
     tcaagccttg taacttaagc acgtgtcggc aagtcctcat gacacggtca ttcccatcac    196560
     agactctctc atatccatac ccaaaactaa gaattc                              196596