ID   AC151286; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 178835 BP.
AC   AC151286; AC130664;
DT   27-AUG-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   17-DEC-2005 (Rel. 86, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-368B8 from chromosome 17, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-178835
RA   Thane N., Cotton M., Kozlowicz A., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-368B8";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-178835
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-AUG-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-178835
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-178835
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (15-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-178835
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (16-DEC-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; fa8318c6bae47433bd36778b59493efe.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456179.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024109; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000071033; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0024115; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0024116; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0024075; mus_musculus_aj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0024044; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0024045; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0024076; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0024077; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023841; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023842; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0024521; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0024522; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0023321; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023814; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023815; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023943; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023944; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023909; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023910; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0024027; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0024028; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023937; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023938; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024566; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024567; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0023065; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0023066; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0023386; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000072671; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0048744; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0048771; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0048746; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0048773; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0048489; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0048516; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0049238; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0048570; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0048597; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0048416; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0048443; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0048518; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0048545; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0048487; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0048514; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0048635; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0048662; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0048491; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0048518; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0049338; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0049365; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0048169; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0048196; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0047792; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0047819; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0G2JE40.
DR   GOA; A0A0H2UH29.
DR   GOA; A0A140LI71.
DR   GOA; E0CY11.
DR   GOA; Q9CS84.
DR   InterPro; IPR000152; EGF-type_Asp/Asn_hydroxyl_site.
DR   InterPro; IPR000742; EGF-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001791; Laminin_G.
DR   InterPro; IPR003585; Neurexin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR013320; ConA-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR027789; Syndecan/Neurexin_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR037440; Neurexin.
DR   MGI; MGI:1096391; Nrxn1.
DR   MGI; MGI:3641943; Gm10308.
DR   PDB; 3BOD; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 3MW2; X-ray.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9CS84; NRX1A_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0G2JE40; A0A0G2JE40_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0G2JE65; A0A0G2JE65_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0H2UH29; A0A0H2UH29_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LI71; A0A140LI71_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E0CY11; E0CY11_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H3BK41; H3BK41_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H3BK93; H3BK93_MOUSE.
CC   On Dec 16, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:70887900.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0368B08
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..178835
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-368B8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          18044..18128
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          18935..19102
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 178835 BP; 53700 A; 32159 C; 33333 G; 59643 T; 0 other;
     gaattctcta tttagctctg tactccactt ttttttgttt gttttgtttt ggttttggtt        60
     ttttttcgag acaggatttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaattca ctttgtagac       120
     caggctggcc tcaaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag       180
     gcatgcgcca ctaccgcccc tctgtatgta ctccactttt taatagggta tttggttctc       240
     tggagtcttc catcttgagt tctttgtata ttttggatat tagccctcta ctgcatgtag       300
     ggttggtaaa tatcttttct caacctgggg gttgttttgt cctattaata gtgccccttg       360
     atttacagaa gcgtatcaat tttataaggt cccatttgtc gattgttgca taagccattg       420
     gtgttctgct cagtaagttt tcccttgtgc tcaagttctt gaggctcttc cccactttct       480
     cttctgttag attcagtgta tctggtttta tgtggaggtt tttgatccac ttggacttga       540
     gctttgtgca aggagataga tatggatgaa tttgcattct tctacgtgca gttaagccag       600
     tgccaactgg cttgaaaatt gttgaaaatg ctgtctttta tccactgaat gattttagtt       660
     tctttttcaa agatcaagtg actataggtg tgtgggttca tttctgggtc ttcaattcta       720
     gtccattgat ctacttgcct gtttctgtac caataccatg cagtttctct atagtacagc       780
     ttgaggtcag ggatggtgat ttcccccaga cgttttttta ttgttaagaa taggtttcac       840
     tatcctaggt tttttgttac tccaaatgaa tttgagaatt gctctttcta agtctatgaa       900
     gaattgagtt gaaattttga tgggggattg cattgaatct gtagattact ttcggaatga       960
     tggtcacttt ttactatatt aatcctacca atccatgagc ataagaaatc tttccatctt      1020
     ctgagatctt cttcgatttc tttcttcaga gacttgaagt tcttgccaaa gagatcattt      1080
     acttgtttca ttagagtcac accaaactgt tttatagtat ttgtgactat tgtgaaggtg      1140
     ttgtttccct aatttatctt agtccattta ttctttaagt agaggaaggc tactgatttg      1200
     ttaattttat atactaccac cttgctgaag ttgcttatca gctgtaggag ttctctggta      1260
     tcatttttgg ggacacttat acatattatc atattatctg caaatagtaa taacttcact      1320
     ccctccttgc caatttgtgt tcctttgatc tccttttttt cttgaattgc tctggctaga      1380
     actttgagta ctatattgaa taggtaggga cagagtgggc agtcttgtct atccatgatt      1440
     ttaatgggat tgctttgatt ttttcccatt tagtttgatg ttgtctcctg gtttgttgta      1500
     tattgctttt attatattta agaatgaaac ttgaattcct gatctcttca acactttcaa      1560
     catgaatggg tattcttgtt gttattgttg ttgaaggctt tttccccgtc taatgagata      1620
     atcatgtgtt ttttttttct ttcagtttgt ttatgtagtg gattacattg atgggtttcc      1680
     ctatattgaa ttattcctcc atccctggga tgaagcctac tgatcatgat ggatgatggt      1740
     tttgatgttt tcttggattc agtttatgag aattttattg agtatttttg cattgatatt      1800
     cataaggaaa attggtctgt agttctcttt ctttgtttgg cctttttgtg gtttaggtat      1860
     cagtgtaact atggcttcat agaaataatt gggtattgtt ccttctgttt ctattttgtg      1920
     gaatagtttg aagagtattg gtattagttc tttgaaggtc tcattgaatt ctgcactaaa      1980
     accatctggc cctgagctct ttttggttga gagacttata atgattgcat ctatttcctt      2040
     tggggctttg gggctgtcta gatattttgt atgattctga tttaactttg gcacctggta      2100
     tctgtctagg aactcatcca tttcatccag gttttctaaa atgcagttga caggagatgc      2160
     tggcaaggat gtggagaaag aggaacactc ctcctttgta gagattgcaa gctggtacaa      2220
     ccactctgga aatcagtctg gcggttcctc agaaaattgg atagagtatt acctgaggaa      2280
     ccagctgtac tactcctggg tatataccca aaagatgctc caacatataa caaggacaca      2340
     tggcacacta tgctcacagc agccttattt gtaatggtca gaagctagaa acaatccaga      2400
     tgtccctcaa cagaagaatg gatacagaaa atatggtaca tatgcacaat agagtactat      2460
     ccttagatta aaaacaatga ctttatgaaa tccgtaggca aatgaatgga attagaaaat      2520
     ataatcccaa gtgagataac cagacacaaa aaaaccacac atggcatgta ctcaaataat      2580
     aagtggatac taacccaaat gctcacaatg catatgatac aacctacaga ccatatgaaa      2640
     cgtagaagga aaaaagatta ggctatggat gcttaagtcc tacattgagg ggtgggggac      2700
     aagggagaaa gaaggaggag gaaataagca tcagaatctg gaagagacat aagagatgta      2760
     cagagggtct ggaaatcgaa aaaaataggt agcagggggt aagggagatg aggaactggg      2820
     gatagctaat ggagagtcca gacaccagag aaatgtgagg ctctgaggac caaatgggac      2880
     tgactttagg tgtaatgcac agataagggg tagataaacc ctctggagac cacctccact      2940
     agacagtcat ggtctctgat tgagggaatg atccaccaac caatctcaaa ttcccccccc      3000
     cccagaaatg ttcttgttca aaggaagaat ggggacaata tatggaacag agactgaagg      3060
     aagggataac tggggaatgg ccctacctgc agatacatca tgtctgcata caccaaaccc      3120
     aacactgttg ctgtggtcaa gaggcacttg tggataggaa ccaagagtgg cagtttctgg      3180
     ggaggtccag ccagccactg accaatgtga ggcagatgct tagttcagcc tgatggctga      3240
     actcagggaa cctggtgggg gagctggcag aaggactgga gtagcagagg gggactgcaa      3300
     ccccattgga agaacaacat aggctggtct gaccacctag ttctcccaga gactagacct      3360
     ccaagcaagt atacctacag tgatctttgg ctctagacgc atatgtagca gaggatggcc      3420
     ttgcacaact gcaagaagaa tggaagagct tgatcctggg gaggttttat gccccagagt      3480
     agggggatgc tggaatgatg gggtaggaga gtgcaagtgg gcagggggag cactcttata      3540
     caggcaaaag ggaagggaga gggaagatgt gggatggggg tggaggaagg gtaattggga      3600
     agtgggatat catggtatga ggagttggtg gaggggataa ctgggaagta ggatagcatt      3660
     taagatgtaa atgaatgtag tggttaataa aaactaaaaa aataagttca tttccagaag      3720
     tccacacttg aaagtggcag gcaaaggcac tgagtgtaga atggattggg gaaagagcat      3780
     caaagaaggt atgtgaacag gaggagaagc aaacctaaag agcaggttac agtgtgtcac      3840
     tcatcagcaa gaacaacaaa tcccaattag aatttctcac agacttactt tagaaactgc      3900
     tattttttat tattattatt ttttaaactt tttttttttt acagtccagg ctttatcccc      3960
     cctcccattt caccctctga ctgcttcaca tctcatacct ccttcctccc aaccccacct      4020
     cctagaggtc cccacgcctc acccacacac caccagacca ccccactcat ggggggccac      4080
     aaatctcttg agggttaggt gcatcttctc tcagagtcag ctggtttatt ctgcctggtt      4140
     gatggctcag tatctgagca atcttggggg tccaagttag ttgacactga tggtcttcct      4200
     ctagggtcac ccttatcctc agcttcttac agctttcctc aaattcaacc acaggagtca      4260
     gcagcttctg cccattggtt ctgactcttt cagctgattg ttaggtcttg ctgaggttag      4320
     tcatgatagg ctcctttttg tgagtacacc atagcatcag taatagtgtc aggccttgag      4380
     gccttccctt gagttggatc ccaatttgag cctgtcactg gacctccttt atctcaggct      4440
     attcttcatt tttgttccta caggtctttc agacaggagc aattctgggt cagagttttt      4500
     gactgtggca tggcaacccc ttccctccac ttaatgccct gtctttctac tgagggtggg      4560
     ctctacaagt tccctacctc actgtagggc atttcatcta atgtccctcc ctttgagttc      4620
     tgagagtctc tcaagtccca ggtctctggt acattttaga gggtcccccc acttcctacc      4680
     tcctgtttcc ctcatcgaat catgtcctct tcttctccct gtcttctttc tcacccatgt      4740
     ctctccctgc cccctcctat ggttgttttc ttctttcttc caagtgggat taaggcatcc      4800
     tcacttgggt cctttggctt gttaaccttt tagagttctg tggacggtat tctgggtatt      4860
     ctgtgctttt tttttggcta atgtccactt gttaatgagt acataccatg tatgtccttt      4920
     tgagtctgag ttacttccct caggatgata tattctagtt ccatccattt gtcttaaaaa      4980
     ttcatgctgt ccttgttctt aatagctgag tagtatttca ttgtgtaaag gaaccacatt      5040
     ttctgtatcc cttcttctgt tgtcagacat ctggattgag aatcagctat tcttacagaa      5100
     tgattttttt ttaactttgt gagacatggt agaatacaca agtatacctg cagcatgcca      5160
     ctaatgagat gctctagtag gtgtgtcact taggactcaa cctctattgt caaagaccta      5220
     cccatgtgct ttcttcactt tagctgatac tataataatt atcatcaatg atttgtagcc      5280
     atctagaaac ctcattctgc cttttgattg ctgaattagg cactcatgtg aaagcagtct      5340
     aatttactat attgaaaata ttttcaagta gtacagaagt atttaacata ccctgcttgc      5400
     ttagctgttc cagacgtaac tagagtgttc ctgagaaatt atgggtctct ttttcatatg      5460
     taaatcttag tggccttatt tcagtttata gctttgtcca gagccctaga aatgcttaca      5520
     tatcctttca ttttataatt tacctaattg ttgcatttaa aataaggctt acaaattagc      5580
     atgctcaata actatcaatt aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatttctgtt aactacaaaa      5640
     ctcttattca cttgaggaaa atctgttaca tgtttgagtc accattgata tattccctaa      5700
     ggtgatttag cagaggtgaa tcctacttct gaccttctcg agcagtgatg aattgtttgg      5760
     acaaatgtga aattgcctca aatttatatc taaaacaatt accttgcata ttttttcaca      5820
     taaaaatgat acaatcgtga aaactcctca cccctaacat ataacataat taaacgaaag      5880
     aaagcatttg tcttagttac agtttttatt gctgttatga aaaaccatgg ttaaatcaac      5940
     ttgggttttt tccattttat acttccaggt tacagtccaa cattgaggga agtccaggta      6000
     agaattcaag gtaggaacct tgaattgaaa agagggcata agaggagttt gctaacctgc      6060
     ttgctgccca tggtcttcta agcctgattt cctatacaac caggaccatc ttctttgggt      6120
     ggctctatcc ccatagcgtg gcctacacat cagtcatcca tcagtacaat aacccacagg      6180
     tttgcctaca ggctaatctg atggcatgaa tttttcagtt gtgtttctct cttcccagag      6240
     gactcgagct agtatagaga taataaaaac caaaccaaac caaaatcaaa accaaaacca      6300
     atcaataatg aaatatctaa ccaatacaat attagtcctt aaaaacagca ttatgaaatt      6360
     gcaaaattga atgttacatt tgctagattt ttaagggaaa ttcttagaaa aatgtctact      6420
     tgtgagctgt aggcattaga tcatttactt tgaggcaaag attcaaagag gtcaggggca      6480
     atccaacatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttactttact ttattttatc      6540
     ttattgttgc tcacacttgt gtgctctagc ttcatatctt tgactgtgtt gattaatgtc      6600
     tcagcttcac ttttgccatt ggtgaaatga gaggacatct ctcagactgg tagggttgat      6660
     gcaaggacca aataaattaa tccagtattt acaaccatga ctggtaattg tataactgac      6720
     aattaacttg caatagtcct tactctgtct tacaaagcag ggtactttta tcctcacttt      6780
     acttatgagg aacctcgtac tcagacattt aaaaaaataa tcaaacaaag caaaacaaaa      6840
     cataaaccca aaacactgta tgcatgtatg tatatgtata tatatatata catacatatg      6900
     gttttatata tacatggttt tagagtaaat taatgtttat cactaaattc tactgtgatg      6960
     tttctttcat tttaagtagg ctttgacagt ttctctacca tatatttact ggaggactaa      7020
     aataatgaac ttatgttcta tgttatggac acagtagata tttatgtttt aatttgtcat      7080
     tgtggtactg agggagatat tacatacaag gctctgtgcg tgtttggtaa attctctacc      7140
     actgactaca tcattcacca tttaaaattt tattttgatt cagagtcttg tgaagttgta      7200
     caagatcgaa tgaagcctgt gaataccttt ttctctgtct ttccagtaac tgaaattaca      7260
     tgtatgtacc actttgtgta gtcacaaatg caaatttatc tacttattat tcgtctgttt      7320
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttgagacagg atttcactat ttaaccctgg ctgtgttgtt      7380
     actcaaaacg aggctttgaa tctgcagatc cacagagatg tatcctgact gctagaatta      7440
     aaggtgtcta acagggaaca ctttacatct cataatttca aagatgtgtt gttacatagt      7500
     tttgtccttt aatttattac agtttgggca catttaatga gtactaagaa ctttttttgt      7560
     tattgttttt taatctatac ataaagcata aaatgctaat tgttttgaaa ttatttttcc      7620
     atcagaaacc cacataagac agatggaaga aaagcatgac ttggtagaaa tagctttatg      7680
     tctaagataa aaccaaaccc aaacacccag gtctgtaatg cttgctcttc aggaggctga      7740
     agtaggagga taacgagtcc ctgtgattca tcaccatcct ggacaacaga gtgagaccct      7800
     gattcacaat ggaaaggaaa tggaggctgt ggtaaactgc ttgcttggca cctataaggc      7860
     ccttggttct gaccctgtca cagtgaaaac aactaactga acagtcagtc gaaccttggg      7920
     taataaaagt gaaatagaca aagcaaagca gtgattcagg ccatagatat gttgggggac      7980
     acatagtatt tctgaagctt gcaggtgaaa tgcagagaga agtgttttta acatcagtgt      8040
     actccttagg tctgttgctg agtctaaatt ttcactgagg aatgttcaca gatttaagac      8100
     tttctgagtt gggcctttga atgcatagtg ccccttccat ttctggttca tccccatttt      8160
     gctgagctgt tggagtcatt gctcccaaga cacaggaaca gcaagcacat caggaaaagg      8220
     cccatgtcaa gctgactcca ttgtactcca tgtccactta taagtcactt gagtaactga      8280
     cttttctgac acttagctat acttttaaca tttcacttgt gacttaagta cacatgaaca      8340
     tttaagcaat tcaaaagaaa gccagggctt tcagaatgcc agtcaatgag tcagacagaa      8400
     tagacttggg tgggagtcac tcatcaaaat agctagcgaa ggcttaaaac aaaattaaaa      8460
     ctacttttgc actaatttac tcactgtatc tttacattaa ctgggaacta tgattatacc      8520
     cattttatag attaggtact agggtgtcat atggctaagt gtcatgtcaa agtataacta      8580
     gaatataatg aaactcacac ccacccaatc cgattctaat ttctacatat gtcttcccta      8640
     gatgatactg cttttctgag ttcattaaaa gatgtgtaag tctgaggtta cttagatatt      8700
     tgaacaaaag tagcagaagt gtaaacatgc taatatttag gagagagttc tggtttttct      8760
     ggatggaaaa aaaaatcttg tatgtggaaa tctcaattct cctgaatttg cctagctctt      8820
     acattcttgc tttaaagagt ctgaaggcag aaaatagtct tacctcagca tttgaggctg      8880
     aggctatcaa gtctatgata ccgaaataaa aatatctggt atttctactc taaaacaaat      8940
     ctgtggtgga aatataacgg ggatagaaat gtaaatgtcc aaaggactca atgcgtaatt      9000
     taaagccaca gattccagac ttctatccac tttgtctgca agctctctta gagttaactc      9060
     ttttctcacc aggcacagaa atgcctactg agcatgcctg attacacagt aacagagact      9120
     cacaccactc tacacttttt tccaggtttt accggaggct aaaggaagga agagataggg      9180
     gcgcaggggc gggggaagag tttaatagat agagaacttg gttcagctca ggatgccctc      9240
     agcggaggca gagaatggaa agctggagga cccataaact gtcaggaaag caccttggga      9300
     gacgcatgag tctggtctcc agtttgatgc aatagcctgg tgggttgctc ttaaagtctt      9360
     ttatcacagt gtaggcagat ggctcaggca gggctatagc aaggggtggg gcaggaacac      9420
     tgagtattgt aggaagccag tgcaggtgtt gagtcctgcc tgcccctgca ttcttcaaag      9480
     agcctctagc tttgcaaaga ttcagaacag gagatccagg tgcacacaca caaccagagc      9540
     tcctcttagt caccattccc tcggcttcag ctccttccct ttagctgcgg ggtccttttc      9600
     tggcatcttc tcaggtaccc ccgcccaatc acggctaaat cccggagaag tggaatctcc      9660
     acaagatttt cgtgggtcta taacaggggc ttgggcatgc tcagtaggct ctctctctct      9720
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcggaat      9780
     gggggggtgg ggtggcgaat gactagttag aagtgcttgt ggcaagtctc cgccctaaga      9840
     ttccccctgc aaggggaaga tgccaaggta gagacacctt gttctcagca tctgaacttg      9900
     gaaggggctg cagctgccag ctgaggccac cctttcccca gccagagcac gggccggccg      9960
     ctctccatgg tactgcggag agctcagctc cgcccttctc tttcagaagg acagcacccg     10020
     gcgtcacgta acccagcctt ctcgggcttc accaccgcct cttccttccc tttttccctc     10080
     tcctcctcct gctccccctg ctgctcctct ctgttccatg ttcttccctt cctcactctt     10140
     ggagatagac gctcaagcct gacgcctcgg aaaaaggcag cagcagtcgc cttatcctta     10200
     gacctcagga aattcgcttt taccgatgca tgcttcaggt tctggctcga gctaagggga     10260
     ataaccaggc aggtaaagga gctcaatttg ggcgcggggg agggggaggg gagatggggc     10320
     gaggcaagct ggagaaggat atctttccct gttgtaactg ggccaggatc tgccacaatt     10380
     acagagggaa ggatgggtgg tgggagggtg gaggagtgga gattttggtt gttttgcatg     10440
     tagcctttca aatggcaaga tgagatggtg gaactaggta gtaacttaaa ggctgaatgc     10500
     agtgatttat catccaaaga aagaaaaggg aaaggcagtt agaaaacaaa acaataaaat     10560
     atatctacat ctcttccttt ctcttccttc atgagcagac ctgactgtgc ccacccttaa     10620
     tttgtgcagt agacttcagg cttcaagaaa ctgcactggt gttagagatg gtgcttagag     10680
     actgggcggg aaagccaggg agaattttgg gtgtgcattg gtattgagat actttgcaaa     10740
     agccacagcc aaaaagataa aacttgtata ttaaaaaaaa acatagattt cagagtcttt     10800
     atggagatat atattgaaag gtttcttagt aaggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     10860
     tgtgtgtgac tgaagacatg gtaaaataaa ggcaactgca gctaatcagc atacagtatt     10920
     gatctgtcca gtgacttggg aatgaatttt gttctagaaa cagtagaaaa gattaatgag     10980
     gctgccaggc agcttttgaa ttagagcgct tcttgttttg gctgcagtat ggttgttttt     11040
     cagatccctt tatttcatct tctaatttgc gaacttacca ggtctttctg ggcacctagg     11100
     gagaatccat tttctccata tagatataga tactgtctct cacacaatga gcttcctcta     11160
     ggaactggga gaaccagttg acctcccttg tgataagaat atatatatat atatatatat     11220
     atatatatat atatatatat tcttattagt tttctccacc ttacctctat cctttacaaa     11280
     atggtaaaga tgtgcattag aggaggaggg cacaagagag taggcaaaaa ggtaatgtga     11340
     tatatgtaaa attaatacaa taataatctc caatagtcat ctaggtagcc tgtctttatc     11400
     ccttccccct ctctacacat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     11460
     acacacacac agtcacacac acatgtagag agggggagag aaagagggag agatagaaga     11520
     cacacagaga cagagaccga gacacacatt ttcagattca caagctgaga atggcctcaa     11580
     agcactattc ttctgataga ccagacttat tttgttaaat actgaacatt tatcatattt     11640
     ctcatcctcc ttaaacacga aagtatactg aataatacgt gattattgat cattttttaa     11700
     aagcaccttt tgtgggtttg gcacaggagt gggcaagata taacttgtaa tggctgatgg     11760
     tgagaatgta tcagtcataa taaatagtca actgagattt tttttaatac catttgataa     11820
     ggagcagtgt atagggctgt gaggtatatg tgctgtgtct gtgaggtgtg tgtgtatgta     11880
     tgtgttgtgt ctgtgttgtg tgtgttattt ttgtggtggg caagtgttta aagaagaacc     11940
     agtcatcaat ttcatctggg gaggaacttg aagtaggatc ctctagcttg atggctctca     12000
     gctgacacct gtaggggttg ctctgaactg aagagaaatg atttcagttc ccaccagaga     12060
     ggagctgcca caatgcagtg ccataaatta ctgctagttt cagcttgtag tggaaaaaaa     12120
     gtgttaattg gctagtgagc tgtgtccaag caataaattt ggagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     12180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtgt aggagatact gagacatggt agggtgacgt     12240
     gtttgcttgg aatggttgaa taatatatat tttttatttt aattgagtta tttagtttta     12300
     aaaattcaag cccctccttg aagatttata tttctgtacc ttagattaga gttgaataaa     12360
     aggaagtgat ttaatggcag agtgagtgat tcaaaggtat ggctttaaat tctagcatcc     12420
     tgcagccata acagctgagg tgacatacat gccaactgtt gtgaccacac aaattctaat     12480
     ggctgacacc cagataagga cttgaggagg aatctgatca ccatactgtt aggcagaaga     12540
     ttcgatactc atttctgaat ggactcatat tatggtagta aggacataaa taaatactgc     12600
     aaaaattgtc atttagatgg tttttttata taacaacatt gtatatttga ttaaaaatga     12660
     ggaatatatt ttcttgaaaa tttaaagaag ccactatatt cttgttgtct gggagacaag     12720
     taaaaatgta ggaattgcta tacagatata caatagtatt ttcctgctga aagtttgatg     12780
     tattttacct gttgtaaaat ttgttattaa aggaggttta aataagttgg attatctgta     12840
     catgtaacta acatacagtg caagtagaaa acctttacaa aggttttcca tttctctcct     12900
     catacatttt agaaattaag tatttcttgg gcaattggga agaataccat aatcaaaatg     12960
     tttttaaaaa tctggtcact aatgaacaga tatggtaaac ttaaggttgt aattgcttat     13020
     tctaaaagtg tgacaatact tggaaacatg aagctttact gtacacacac acacacacac     13080
     acacacacac acacacacac atgcttgcac gcacgcatgc acgcacgcaa gcaccactat     13140
     ccacctaaat taattccttg gtttgataaa accactgttt atttacctgc tttcctagct     13200
     gagtaatgat ttgtataata ctataaataa ctacaggccc taattcttat ttcaattttc     13260
     tacagatttc tgagttctta taaacgtcaa aataaaatca aaatgcatca ccaacataca     13320
     accaactgac atgctggagt cttagggtgg ccttgcagag acagaaaaaa gaagagtttg     13380
     agggattgat ttcaccatct aacagcttct ggctacttca cagcagggtt tgagacctac     13440
     ctacagggct cctaaacata aagcgaatca gcctgggagg gcatgcacag gaaatttggc     13500
     cttggcttta gtggtgctgg aagcccatga tatgacagaa gtaggcctct gaagctattc     13560
     tggtgtctca ctctgtcctt tctccttctg tgcttggagc caacatctgg aggggcctcg     13620
     aggcctgcca agcagccaaa gatcctggct cagtgttgac ttcgtgttcc tctccgagaa     13680
     aagtgtgttt cttccgattc tgctctccta ctgctggcac cgcgccggtg gtactttgaa     13740
     ggttttggtc ctgggatagt tgaagtacct gttggtgcca cagatgccct cacttaaaca     13800
     tcatcggatg caaatggatc agtgatcgct cttgagcctc ggtggccctc tttttcagaa     13860
     cgttgcctcc aaagtgtatc ccccctttgg cctggaagtt ctgcagctat cccataggac     13920
     tggggtctcc gctttccagt tggaaggaga ctactgggag agaggaaggg gctgctggaa     13980
     gagaagaaga aggaaaaaag agctgaagga gggtgcgccc ctcccactgc cgcctccccc     14040
     ctccctccca ctcctctgcg gacccccatt tctctgtgaa ggtgtccagg accgcttcga     14100
     ccctgtcgcc cccggctccc ccccgccgca ccccagcccc gagcatgggg acggcgctgg     14160
     tccagcgcgg gggctgctgt ctcctctgcc tgtcgctgct gctgctgggc tgctgggcag     14220
     agctgggcag cgggctggag ttcccgggcg ccgagggcca gtggacgcgc ttccccaagt     14280
     ggaacgcgtg ctgcgagagc gagatgagct tccagctgaa gacgcgcagt gcccgcggcc     14340
     tcgtgctcta cttcgacgac gagggcttct gcgacttcct cgagctcatc ctgacgcgcg     14400
     gcggccgcct gcagctcagc ttctccatct tctgcgccga gcccgccacg ctgttggccg     14460
     acacgccggt caacgacggc gcctggcaca gcgtgcgcat ccgccgccag ttccgcaaca     14520
     ccacgctcta catcgaccgc gccgaggcca agtgggtgga ggtcaagtcc aagcgcaggg     14580
     acatgacggt gttcagcggg ctcttcgtgg gcggcctgcc acccgaactg cgcgccgcgg     14640
     ccctcaagct cacgctggcc tcggtgcgcg agcgcgagcc cttcaagggc tggatccgtg     14700
     acgtccgggt caactcgtca caggccctgc cggtggacgg cggcgaggtc aagctggacg     14760
     acgagcctcc caacagcggt ggcgggagcc catgcgaggc gggcgaagaa ggcgagggcg     14820
     gcgtgtgcct caacgggggc gtgtgctccg tggtcgacga ccaggccgta tgcgactgct     14880
     cgaggaccgg cttccgtggc aaggactgca gccaaggtaa ggcctgcccg accccgcgga     14940
     gcctcggcct gggctgggag ggaggccggt gcatggggcc ttcctcctcc ggaagcctct     15000
     gggtgaaggc ctgtccctcc ccaccatgct gcctccgtct gcagcctctt agggggcaca     15060
     ccgactacat ctccagaggg aggccgtgtc catgtgacct cctcccaaag gacaaaatcc     15120
     cgcagcggaa cattggcagg tccctgtaaa tcctttggcc actgcctacc taaatggtcc     15180
     tctactgccc tgtaccatca gtagccatag tatccagaca ttgactataa ggttgttgac     15240
     aactgtccag aacatgtgtt tgactgaaca tgtgtttggt gagaaaacta gatggagagt     15300
     gagcagctgt gggcttgcag tagagctgtc catatggtta ctggtcacag cacactcgac     15360
     aggccatagg gcccgggtgc ctttgcaaat ccaagacctg accctggtgt ggaagagaga     15420
     ttttttcttg acgaacagga ggctttttag aaactattgt ttcccatggt tctgtcccaa     15480
     tcccaaattt gtcatattta agaagaattt tctgatttct ttggtttctt caagtgtgag     15540
     atagctcagc taccattgag gaatgttaga gatgagacaa tgtattcctt gattaacaag     15600
     tgcttggtaa caaaatagaa cagtttatgt gttgctggat caggaagatt aaacaggatg     15660
     catgtgagcc atggtaggag atttttccaa ggatagtcag ctgatgacgt tcatctaagt     15720
     agcagaagtc gaattgtttc tgtggtcctt aagggcttaa aataaacaaa gtacatctaa     15780
     gcattatctt caccacttta catctaaaat tctgttttct atgtatctct tccatgttat     15840
     ttatttactc atttatttat tcatttattc atttatttat tatgacagtg accaaggaaa     15900
     atataattgt atgactacag gaaaacctct aaacagaaag tggtattcct aggatgaaac     15960
     atgaatgtgt tagaggctaa gcaggatggg tggcttggta cgttccatta ggtaaaatca     16020
     gggcagccag tgcccttata gttgtagtgc aaagataaat tattttttct gacttgaaaa     16080
     gactgggaca aaaagctctg tgtggctgta ttttattgtg taatgtatgg tattgttttt     16140
     gtttttcttg gttttgtttc tttcttactt tttaaatttt ggctgatact gttgagagaa     16200
     gcaagccttt gtaattctta ttagacttgg cagctctctc ttttggcctt aaaagaaagg     16260
     aagacatgat gaaatttgta acagcttaaa cagcaaaggg acttagttag aggggaaaaa     16320
     tgttattcag gagtggtctg tagcttccat gggaacagtg atgggttggc caagaattat     16380
     taactacgct ttgttttcat atgggtttgt gttaggtatt ttggtataag gagttagaga     16440
     tgaccctgtg tcccacacta tactttcagc tctgctggtg aatttccatg aacataaaat     16500
     cagatttcat gtttttaaaa aaatgacaca gaacaattct tttcctctac caaatctagc     16560
     tgacttgtaa atcatgacta tgataactat aagagatcaa ttcagttgta caacttgaag     16620
     ctgcctacat ttatactgat taatagagaa tggcaaatat tatttttatg gaaaaaaaat     16680
     acttctctag gcatcctaat tccactttaa atgataaaga aggcaactta atgaaatata     16740
     actttctttc ttaaattaag aaacaaacat gacacaatga cagcttgtac tgtgtgggag     16800
     agtgttttaa atgaatttta aaaatatttc tatgcatttt aatgtaggga accaaggatc     16860
     atgcataatc agaaacagtt aagagtgaag aaagcctgca aaaaaagtga tgttaaaaag     16920
     aaacagaaaa agatgcatcc aaaatacatt ttgttttggc aaaggcatag ctatttctgt     16980
     aaggtgcatg atttgaaatt aagaggagga atattgggac attataatat ctgatgccta     17040
     agaaaactca tcccaaggaa gtcagtccat cagcattgtt ctgaacattc attcattttg     17100
     aaaatttaag ctgaaagaga atacactcac catggcagga aaacaaaagg ctgaattcct     17160
     ttcattgtta gagaaatggg aggtggaatg actatggcat agtctgtctt cccagaagta     17220
     ttggcttggc ttggcttatt ttctctgttt catgtatgtc aagtgactat tgaataatta     17280
     attggaatgg atgcctctcc caacaccaat catgcatgac aactggggga gatgatttct     17340
     attcagatca agtgtaaaca aagctctgtc tgcattcagt atttaccctg attactacgt     17400
     tctctataaa cccaattaaa aaacataaat aaatattcct tacagaccgt gttcaggaaa     17460
     tattacagtt aagctaatat taagcacaaa gttaaagcat atcagtcact acaatccttt     17520
     tatacttagt tttggaattt cattttattg tagtggcctt ctatttgaaa caattaagaa     17580
     taaaaatatg gtaacgatat ctagtgataa caatctggtt ctatcctccc catctagaat     17640
     gtctgatata atctgtacct atgacttccc agaatatttt tgttgaatga gttctgtttc     17700
     atccttgctg tatttacgtg gcttaataag atttattgat ttttctacat gattatgtac     17760
     tgttggagag aaaacaccag aaaagttatg ctttgtgctc aggttaatga cagagcctag     17820
     aacagatcat aatcacctta tttccaaatc atgttttttt tctcatgtac taagttttac     17880
     atccttcagg tttattctct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc     17940
     ccctccccct ccccccctcc ccctccccct ccctctcccc ctccccctcc cactcccccc     18000
     cctctctctc tctctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tggtgggagg     18060
     aggattaagg tgttttccaa agaacaaaga ttcatataaa acgaccacag aaactgatat     18120
     cttatgcacc attgatgttt ctgactctga acattagcct cagaactcaa ctacttaaca     18180
     atgtcaccct tcttgaatga tggatgctta tggggcacat agttttttcc attggattat     18240
     actcatctaa gtgcgtcagt gtcattatta ttttataagt tcctacttaa gcatagtgat     18300
     agatttctag gagcttcaaa aacttagaga acttcatgac caccaatctt aaaattaagg     18360
     ataaaatgac aatcaataag acagtaaatt gtatctgtga tccccagatc taagtaagtt     18420
     ctagacattt taggatcaca tgttaaaatt tcaaactagg ttgtgattct attttctttc     18480
     agttttctta cttaaattaa tataaagaca cattattgct taatataatt gggcatggca     18540
     gtgtggtaaa taaatgtctt tagtgaagta ctgcttcaat tagatctttt atgtaattta     18600
     ttgaaaccag agatttgatg atacattcat atatgtgata atacatcttt cttttatata     18660
     aagaatagat tgactgcttt gcacatccca gagcattagg cttatgcaat gtaatagtga     18720
     gtacacttag aagtagatct tacctcatca gccatcctat attctactga ggagtcatac     18780
     tattatatat tatatatatg tgtgtatgtt tatgagtcta aaatagggac atatttatta     18840
     aaatggctac aagatgtgtg gaattttaaa aggtgaacct catccacgat ccccttgagg     18900
     tgtggtcatt aaacttaaag ctgaagtgtg agaggtactt gctgggtaaa catggaaaga     18960
     cgtagttgag ggaaactcag aggtactgaa atctgtatag aatgtggcac agtccatgcc     19020
     acttgcagga gccctctttg aatgaaactc tcagtccata ttcaagaaca tagtagagac     19080
     aggccttgcc taggtttgct gaactattca aatattttaa gcttcataga cacaagaata     19140
     gagcacagga gatgaaaatg gcagcctcaa atttctgttt tactaatgat atgtttatga     19200
     aacagattga aaggggccaa aggaaattaa aactcaatta tgtttgtcac tcagcagcag     19260
     ttgttaagca cccacaataa gatgtagccc aaactattag agaaagtgga ggggaaaggt     19320
     gcttgactgg aatccttcaa atcataagca tgtcttaagc aacttggaat cttcgagggc     19380
     ttagttgggt atagagagtt aagttcattt attatttagg acactgttat ccacttgtaa     19440
     aatcatgatc ctaactgtat aaattatcag tgtgtttctc ttggctattc caatgaatgc     19500
     cataggcttc tggaacacag cagcaatacc atattgtatc actctccaag aacgatacat     19560
     tgtagtcatt ttgtcttttt aacaaaaagt agcacatact ggctgtctgg tgctacactg     19620
     taaaccgaat ccatttacaa tggaatgtaa ctatgtataa tatttctaca gtttcaacag     19680
     gagcctaaaa tgtttataat ttttttaagt taagttgtaa acactgaaga gaatgataca     19740
     gagaaattgc cagaatttta tttgaggtct gccatttagc aggaagattg gttacctaag     19800
     ttgaaaacct ttgactagga caaaggtcat gaatagactc cttttctgtg aaacatcctg     19860
     gatatgtctt actatgggac agtaaaacat ttctgtttac ttacaagtat aaaatgatct     19920
     caacatagtt accattctag aattccatag gtccatagaa ttagtttgag ttttctttgt     19980
     ctgttctgtt gagtgatttt agtttagggg ctgaattgct tatactttct ggtttgcctt     20040
     tccaaacatt acaaatgtaa aagctcaaga ttttctgttt ttcaacgtag gatttggtat     20100
     aggatcagaa tttgcttcac atgaccattg tgaaaattaa gctgctgtct gtaaagagag     20160
     aatggtgggt gacagagctg ggcagtgggt ggtatctgct tgcttctcct tttgtttctg     20220
     tcaggaccac cagccttctt gtcattgagg ccatttttct tgaaggggac ttgcacacga     20280
     aatctgaatt acaaaacagt aaactttcag cgcaagaata aaggaaataa tggagataat     20340
     aagattttgt ttctgtttta tacagttgct ttaaggttgt gtcttttaaa gctgtggttc     20400
     aaaatttaaa aaaaaaatct tagaatttat cgagtcataa aattctaaat gtctgatacc     20460
     cttcacataa cgccagcact ctgcctcaat cctgtactta aatagcactc tttccaactt     20520
     accatttgtg taaagttgtg cttggcagag gctgcagctc aagagccaaa gacttttagc     20580
     ttttgcgaac actgggttgg attcccagga gttggccaaa aaaaaaaaag caagaaatta     20640
     attttcactg tctttaacgt ctatagtatt attatttatc tataatagga gccttttaaa     20700
     tggccagcat aagcaattgt atcaaattta taattttttt gattttcatt taaaaataaa     20760
     tttagttata tatttgctga aggcaggcta ctaatatatt tgagatttat aatttttaaa     20820
     tttaaaacag atgttatggt tatcactaat aaattatatt tttattcata tatacgaacg     20880
     acagtgtaat tctgttccaa tttggccttc attaaacaaa atgtgacaac tggtgagatg     20940
     gctcagtggg taagagcacc cgactgctct tccaaaggtc ggaagttcaa atcccagcaa     21000
     ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atccgtaaca agatctgact ccctcttctg gagtgtctga     21060
     ggacagctac agtgtactta catataataa ataaataaat aaatcttaaa aaaaaaaaaa     21120
     aacaatcaca tcattggaca aaaaaaccta ctgggattgt gttaacagtt gagtcatttt     21180
     cagttgtatt gagggaatta gaaggtgagt ctgacatgtt ccccagcagt caccggccac     21240
     ctctgtttct cccagtctgt gtctctccca gctgtctctg gttgttacag cgaagcagag     21300
     ataaataggg atgaagaatt atatttggcc gcagtcaagc tctgtcttat aataatgaac     21360
     ttactgttaa agtaactgta caaacttaca gaatacccat aaacattcct agtacaattt     21420
     tgaacaactt tttatataaa catgtatttt attaagatat tatgtaaatc ctagtcggcc     21480
     atcagtggaa agagaggccc attggtcttg caaacttcat atgcctcagt acaggggcac     21540
     gctagggcca agaagtagga gtgggtgggt aggggagtgg gggggagggt atgggggact     21600
     tttgggatag cattggaaac gtaaatgaag aaaataccta attaaaaata ataataataa     21660
     gatattatta aagtgtacat gtattattat gcacttctga atgttctatg gctcaatact     21720
     tttccccctc cttacttaga agtacaagaa tggatatatt tgcatagttt cttgaacagt     21780
     aaatttcaaa agctctaatt gggtgatgaa aaaaaatgtt ttgctgtcca ttttctattg     21840
     agtttttcca cgactctgtg gttttgtctc tactgtcctc agtatagatt atgaatattt     21900
     ctactccagt atagaaatgg agataggaag atgctttctc agatttcgtt actgccttat     21960
     catttacata gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc     22020
     gtgcaaacag aacatgattt aagatatgaa gaaacaattt tagttgagac tttgccttta     22080
     aataagcatt aaattaggat aaggccactt atgttctgtg gtttaggttc taaaaagcct     22140
     catagtcagc taaaactttt atggttccag ctgacctacc atacagagtg tgtgagagtg     22200
     gttgatttgt gatttagggt ttgtatgatt tagggtttct tacaatactc taaatctact     22260
     cagtgtgctg ttggtaggat gtcatattca aggtcaaaaa ttaagtacta ctttagtagt     22320
     atcactttag gtttattttg atattctttt gatcactgat gcccagattt gatggtattc     22380
     ttctactgca cattgatata tggcgaacat agtaacaatt ttagttttct tgtttctctt     22440
     gtgtaaaatc taaaccaaac acatataact taggacaaaa actcatacaa ataatattat     22500
     aatcccattt gtatggagag ttaaagaaat acaagtaatc tataatgaca gaggtcagaa     22560
     tagaggaact gacgagtgat gttgacagag agtggaactt tgggcctggg tggtagttgt     22620
     ttgggataca taattgtgag gattatctga ctatacacag aagatttgtg tattttactg     22680
     tgtgtaagag caaatcaact tcaaagaaat tccttcaaat taaaaatgat tgcttcttga     22740
     tgaaaaccag tacatttata aattatatat taacactaag atataagata atctttagag     22800
     agaattcact gtacaaaatt ttatgcaaaa tatccaatgt ttgtaatata aatgaaaaca     22860
     tcatcttgag agcagacaca tttatggata aataaatttg gaacaaatag agttctctgt     22920
     tttaaattcc ttatacaacg ttgaattatt tttcaatttt tgatgtttta ataatattta     22980
     gaaatacaat acacttttaa ctttgattta tagtgtttaa acatgtatct acccattaca     23040
     attgatcagt gtaaaccttc caatgtggac aacccaaatg ctaaaattgg caagtgctga     23100
     taactttgaa tgagcccagt caatacttaa gtgagtagat attggaaaac acattactag     23160
     atagtctaat caaattctca caaatcctct aagtctataa ataaccatgc tctccaaaaa     23220
     tgctgtagac taattactta aaatttggta gttcaaaaga gctgcagata ccttgtaaac     23280
     atgagatcag cttaaaattg ttctgttgcc ttcatagtac ttataattac tttatttcac     23340
     tttagtgaaa tcattttata ttgtgttcta tccaccttac cttgcttatt tcttcaacag     23400
     tattatttcc ctagctttat aacacttcta ttttacttat gagtcaagtg caggctagag     23460
     cccaatatgg agttgatggc tgggttgaaa tctgagtcag gggctcaagc aggcagctct     23520
     gcaagtgcat gacaaagtct gtgtattcac taatcaaagg gttaaaggtt cttgggacag     23580
     ttgccaagta ctttaagtga ctgtttcaca attaggtctt agacttgcag cttgtagcag     23640
     acttacaatt agcatttccc aatatgaggg cagaactaaa agtccatgga gtgtatttgc     23700
     tcctgttgtg gaccttctaa tagtaggatg tttagtgtgc tgactaaaca ccagtcacca     23760
     aaagaaaaaa tttcatatat tacacccaaa agacactact ctgtcatttt gagttacaaa     23820
     gaatgaatct ttacaaacta cagtatagtg aatttcttcc agttttaatg tttgggaaat     23880
     aaaatttgaa attataaaag tccattgtcg tttggtacaa acgtaagcac atgaatcaac     23940
     caagtcccag gtacttactg agttggacca cagttctgct aaagatacag gtattggata     24000
     ttggagaaag cattgctagt tagtccattt gtgtgcaaag acgggagtta agtgaagcta     24060
     caaagtataa aactagtgat tctgttgaat aaatgagttt ggcttcatca ctccttgtct     24120
     agcagtagtt ctcagagtta caaagacata tcgtttatgc tctttctggt agccatatga     24180
     agctattatt agaaggaaat aggaggaagt tttagctcag aagcaaagtg atgacctgga     24240
     ctgttgtgtg ggatactata gttggacagg gacttcaccc tatgacaagt gctacttcta     24300
     gaacactaca tagttacata gtttgattcc cagaaagatc tgaaaataca aaggtcagaa     24360
     aggaagatgc caaatggaac tctcacttca cctgcgtttt gccaccatga atgcatttcg     24420
     ttaatgccag gcagtgaatt ttgtgtggat gttcacctga agcagaagca gcactgatca     24480
     aaactcagaa acaattattg ttcatcgcct cacaatatct gggcctctct gtagaatcag     24540
     cttagcttta atgtttctta gacactgcta gattcagcag aacaaacaat cttagttcaa     24600
     gagaagcaag gatattaaag agtcatgttt ttcttctagg taatgatgtc tctctacaat     24660
     taagcatgcc tggattctcc ttagggaagt agctggcatg gcagcatata actataatgg     24720
     ctgcttggaa ggttatcatt tttctacctt cagttctttt cctttaatga aagcttgaat     24780
     tctccccaca atgaatatta aaatttaaaa ttatacatga tgctttatat actaaatgct     24840
     taatttactg attacattat gaagtatgaa tttatatact gtattccatt atccacattg     24900
     ttcaattaaa tgtgtaataa gagaaattta taaaagatta tttggatcga gtacaagaga     24960
     gtattgagag gtttaaagaa agtgagactt ttattttgct ctgtaaatgt atatgtatct     25020
     ttacattgca tatatatatg tatatatata taaatgactt gtgagaaagt gatataatct     25080
     gagcaaaaat agtttgtaaa atcctaatat ttacatgaaa atcatccaaa aatacatatc     25140
     attaaattat aatcatctat atggccaaaa acagttttgt catagtttgt ttgttttttt     25200
     tttcctcgca catgatctta ggaaactaag aaggtcattc ttaatttaaa atatttggtt     25260
     tgggccaaat aaatggaaaa atgtgttctg ttacaagctt gtttaaatgt gagaacagga     25320
     aaataagtgg tgggtaaatc tttccaaagg gatgtttaac agtagcattg agtttagata     25380
     gacaactgtt tatctcaaat catttaaaac cccttatttg aactaaataa taataaaatt     25440
     tccttttact tctcttataa tgtaattatt gtacttctcg atgaacattt aatatggaaa     25500
     cttcttcact atggagttga cgatagcgca aaacaaatgt gctttataca gaccctccaa     25560
     aactatcttt tttatcaagt actgcagcta ctgttacaac atcctgtaat tatgacttta     25620
     cttgccttac acttgctttg cgccttgatg tccctacact gacctgtgga caggctctct     25680
     gcccacacac ttatctttgc cctctttacc cgttggagtg gccaggctta tgtttccttg     25740
     aactcaggtt acagctgctg cctacattgc agactctctc tccttaggct ctcctgctca     25800
     gtggtccttc tctggtggtt cctgcacact gagcctgctc acggtgcatc ctccaaagtg     25860
     tcccccatgc tgagacttag taggcacctg cttctgccat agtatactgc agcaccatgt     25920
     gagggccatc tctcatattt cacccctttt atgagctttg ccattattct tctgggaaac     25980
     ataactgggt gaaaggggct ttgtcactag cataaattct tcctggaaaa aggaaaactg     26040
     agagggatga aaaatcgttt tgagttaaaa acaaaagaaa taaataaaga agcaaagtat     26100
     tcaagaaaac catttctgga tagcttgtcc tattcttggt ttctttgctc acatgattta     26160
     aagtgtatcc tcacctttga gccttctatt ctttcattct ttacaattga aaactcttta     26220
     ttaaaatgaa attatatcca aggaggtgaa attttagccc ctagacattt ttcacatttg     26280
     tgctcctagc aacagaaggc agggtgtttg gaagcaaact ttaagcattg aaaaccaata     26340
     caagtctaaa aaagcaaagt ataaaaaata tgagcaaaaa tcactaatat tcatagtgta     26400
     gggatattga caagggtgtg tatcagccat ctaggggtat tattaaagat tttttactaa     26460
     gctaggtgtg gtggcgcaca cctttaatcc cagcactcag gaggcaggca gatttcagag     26520
     ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgaat cccaggactg ccagggctac acagagaaac     26580
     cctgtctcaa aaaaccaaag aaaagaaaaa agagatttat tactaatagt tgaagaatag     26640
     ggtgtaggtt ttgaaaaatg caagtactgt aaagagaaat gtggatcctt taaaaattag     26700
     ttaatgagtt atttccactc ctattgagga cactgttatt ttaaattatc caaatcactg     26760
     gattttttca atatgaaaag aaaactgttt gcagtaagct attaggagtt tatagaaact     26820
     gagtagtata cacactcaat tagcaaatac tgagttttat tttagcacaa atgtgaatgc     26880
     aaagaaagtg aagaaacaac agggtttagg tttattctgg gtggaacagc atgttttgat     26940
     gcaaccagga attgaagtcc ctttctgatg gagggggctg gctgaagcac ggcttcatac     27000
     aaagcagtga aagctctcac agagatgagt aatgatggga gaagctgata ggaagtactg     27060
     ataggaagct agtcttgtgc tcttagtgaa caacttcact tgatggcatt gatacagtgt     27120
     tatcttaggc tctcattctt gaccatcaaa tgtgttgtag cctccttatt attttcctta     27180
     tcttacaatt ccttatccat cagccaaagc tgttcctcca atgtcaaaat gaccctttcc     27240
     attagttaaa gggaaaagca ccagttcata agaatgtcag gcaaacactt ttatacattg     27300
     ctgtctgtat ctgcccagtc tctttctgga cagttttctc ccatctaaaa ccttgtgacc     27360
     caagccaatc acttttgatg atatgagcag tatttacatt tatgtcttag agaattcctt     27420
     agtccttttc tttccaaact tcatgatttc tatgtaatct ctgttgaata aaattttacc     27480
     aatcacacat ctgttatgct ctttgtgaaa ttcatcctga aaccccttcc tggtcatttc     27540
     cacttcagaa gaacttttgc tgctttgtat agtcggagtt cttaagttca gtgcagttgt     27600
     tacaataatt gatcgtcttt cctatttttt ttcaattgtg tctaaatctt ctgagtaaca     27660
     cttatacctt ccaactaaca tagcttgtcc cacagtaggg atctcaataa atgtcagtaa     27720
     tctaattagt tgcaagacat tatggagata ctattaaaag ctaaggtcaa gtagatcaaa     27780
     agagttgttt aaagagaaat ccaacaatgc gtgaacatat aaagggaggc ttaacctcgg     27840
     taagggaaga catgcctatt aaagaaagga actaaaccct gtatagctgg tagcaattac     27900
     aaagagcacc atcacaccca atatgggcag tggcgtggga ataccgactt tcttagtcat     27960
     ttgcacatag ttggacagaa tgtaattgtt ataatgcttt tgagggactg ttgggttgtg     28020
     attatgaaaa tacgtatcct ttaaggaagt gccaccagaa acttttctct ttcatttttt     28080
     caaaatatta aagcaaattt ataaatatat agcactcata cttgttgcat actgggcttg     28140
     gctaaataaa cgtgatagac tatgtctgat agactatgtc tgactcatta cctaatataa     28200
     atacatatat aaattaccat aatttaaaaa tatattagtg agtataatca aagttatatg     28260
     cattaattat ggtgaaggag gtaaatgact tatgaagatt agtgagttga ctataaaata     28320
     atctatgcaa attgttgcaa aaatgtaata cagaagtaca atccttataa agtgaggtct     28380
     tctgttaggc tccttttaaa taccagccac tgtccatttc agaagatgat acccaggctg     28440
     tgattctcca aggattttta tcattgtgct gaactgaaca aattgtttta gaaagaatgt     28500
     tcatgttgtc agaacagaac acgacatgaa ctttgcagaa tggattctga agcatgacat     28560
     aaaggagaat tttagagttt aaatcctgta taatttggat ttaaaaaaaa aaatacttgg     28620
     gtccagaata taacgcactt gcctatcatg tgcaacacca ctgcacagaa gtaaagtgaa     28680
     ctcagcttgt acatgcatgt caggttgttc atcctctcaa taattagtta aaggttacta     28740
     atgaaaggca gggtttggag cctggtggac agtttccctc agcggctaat tatacccctt     28800
     ttatatttct gccattgaaa tccatccatg tcttaaatca gagacagctg agtgggcaga     28860
     atatggtcaa gttgattttg taatagggca tattattctt gcaacatctg cttaccaaaa     28920
     tgaagattct gaaatatgtg agacgttcca aatgactgat agaatttcct tatttccttt     28980
     atatatattt atgtgatcaa taattactta attggcgctt tagtttattt gcatgtgtgt     29040
     ctgaataatg gaaactgata atgctaattt ccatggcaag ctgcaaatgg atgaccaagc     29100
     caaacacttc ctgttccttt taagctccac catgatgtct agactttgag atagctcatt     29160
     tatattgatt aaccagtgtg tataagctga tttccctgtt cactttccag tttgctagtg     29220
     tgtgtttgtc atggaatgtt tttcatctct aaacccaaat gacacttatt tcttcttcaa     29280
     aagtataact gatgtgaggc cttctggatt attcacaact tagatatcca cagaagtcac     29340
     aaaatcatag agaagaaatg cagatattat ttgatttaat cagatgtata tacatgtgtg     29400
     tttaatctgt aaatatagta attgaagata ctagcatagt taactgactg gttctagcat     29460
     tttctttcaa tctacatgct cttctttatt ggatcttggt ttcattaact gtatatctca     29520
     aactttattc taatttaccc aaaatactta atattaaatc cgtgtgtcct cttgtagcaa     29580
     atggatgtaa tattactatt aaattaaaga cattatttgg ggggggtgtt gagaaagggt     29640
     ttctctgtat agctctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctagaact     29700
     cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgag ccaccaccac     29760
     ctgacaaaga caatgttttt ataagtataa atattttagt acatatttag tatgataaaa     29820
     taataggatg gtttttatca ttgcaaatat ttattcagag ttattttggg ggctggagtg     29880
     ccaagtttga ttcccagaac ccacatcagg atacatacaa ctgtctgtag cgctagtttt     29940
     aggggatctg acacctattg gtcttcagaa tagcaggtat gcccatgata cacagacaca     30000
     tgtgcaagaa agacatttat atacataaaa taaaatgaaa atttctttta atgatggggc     30060
     tatgtgatct acataatgta tcaggttaga gcaatcaaag gagaagagaa atggtagaag     30120
     tgaatctacc aaattaaatt ttgtgaagca gatagagtaa agcatacaca cacacacaca     30180
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caaagagaga aagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     30240
     gagagagaga gacacccagt gtattactct ttgcgagaca tgactcatcc attaaaattt     30300
     taatatagtc taaaactagc atgtcttagt actttgccct ttctttgata tgtttttatg     30360
     cttaccaagc tcactttccc ttttagtttc aatacagtta tttttgcagg gaaaaaaatg     30420
     ttctttaagg taggaaaagt gagtccttgg gtcattgtca agcctttcta tgaaaatgag     30480
     tttatatcag cacttatagg tgagtgggtg gaaatgatag ccaggtgttt tcattccaaa     30540
     ttcataaaac tatgtacaaa ttaccttcgt gaaacttaat tttctaagta tccaaacata     30600
     cactgacaaa cattaaaaag aaggaagcaa tttttgattc attttgaatg acttgtgctg     30660
     gaagcaagga tttatgttat gaatattttt tgacttacta aattgcagtg cttttggaat     30720
     tcatagttag atccttacag atgctcaatg tttgttggtt ttgtttcaga ggctgcacat     30780
     tatagatgat caattgtcag tgcaggtatc ctgggggtaa agggaagagg tgggaaggca     30840
     gacctttctc ctcctctgcc ctcctcctct ctcttcctct gccttcctct tctgtccctc     30900
     ctcctctgct ctcctcctct ctctccctct gccttcctct tctgtccctc ctcctctgct     30960
     ctcctcctct ctctccctct actctcttcc tttgcctccc ttgccctcct cctctgccct     31020
     tcttccttca cccctccact ctgccccttc tcctctgccc tcttcttctg cctttcctcc     31080
     tgtggtgctt tcagctgaag acatcagttt agcaataacc tgaatacaga tttgaatgaa     31140
     aataaaaagg aatttactga gtagtgaaaa cagacttgaa atccaagtta tagaaatcat     31200
     aggtgtttag agttttacta atctgtccac tacagcagtg tctcttttga aacaaagaca     31260
     cttctgtttg gaaaagttaa aagacttttt catgtcacag aagtaggttc agagatacat     31320
     caaagacatg ggctctgttc aaatttcatc attccgtttt taggtatcaa aggaaatact     31380
     acctcagaag tcatttacac atatgatgta atagttccga tgacgcatct ccctttggtc     31440
     tctttctgtc ctccttctgg cctgatttgc ttacttcctt ttatgtgtaa gtcgaagata     31500
     ccttcagatt cccaacaaag ccccttacag gacctggaaa atgaaagtat tttactgata     31560
     gaaactcact ttaacaaatt catcattatg tgaatcttac tcaacatctg caggataagg     31620
     aagatgattc ggtattccag gaaaatgttg tcagttgatg aaaagtgact ttcctagaag     31680
     catagcacct caatagtaga agcaattgtg tcataaaata cagaacttag tttgtctcta     31740
     tcttatcaga gtacattaga aattctgtat aggaagaaaa agcccttaac tctcctgggt     31800
     tctgagacta ctgtaaaata aactaacaag agaaaaagaa cgcatatcaa tttaacacaa     31860
     gcctttcaaa catggaaggc tttagaaggc ttgaaaacct gtgtagtttc atggtatatt     31920
     tgatgatgac tagatagctg tggagaaata ggacgcggaa gatagaaccc taaagcagtg     31980
     gctatcaacc ttctcagtgt tgaggtcctt ctattgtggt gaatccaacc acaatatgat     32040
     tttctttctt gccttataac tgtcattttg tcattgttat caatcgcatg caaatatcat     32100
     tgttttccta ttgtcttaac tccttactag ttgagaacca ctacctctta atatcaaact     32160
     tcagggaaac atctttgatt cagaattttc tctgtgacct ttctcataga agcaagttca     32220
     gtaaatccct ttctccagtg ctaaggagag cagccctcac ttgagggtca ggtgacctgc     32280
     ccattacaat ttaatatatc tttcataggg tgtgttatct tcttcaggaa agcaggtcag     32340
     gaggagttgg tttcattatg ttgaagtggc atatttgggg ggtgaatgtc cccaaacaat     32400
     gtcattatta aatataaagt tttagttttt catatcagat atgaaacagg cctgtactct     32460
     ctgttgacag aaaaacagct tgaacagtag agaatttctt ttttataata ggttctgcgc     32520
     ttaaatttta ataaagtaaa ctacaaatgc tttgtctgag ggcattgttt gaaaaaaatg     32580
     cttaattgat ctttctttag gagagctcac taaaactatt atgcaagatc aaagcctaag     32640
     tgaatcattc attacagttt taataaatgt gtggatctgt tttttttttt atgtacagaa     32700
     tagtgctata atgaaattaa ctttgcagat aaaagacttg caggagctcc tctgtcaaat     32760
     ggatgctttg gaaagacacc aaagaggtga tactctaagg ttttattttt tgtttttgct     32820
     ctggtttgcc tttgaaatct ttgttcattt aaattttcag caacacaatt gtctgttcta     32880
     ggaagatgac ttattcctta ttttcctgaa tccacaatga actagcttat ggccttggga     32940
     ccatatggag gtggtaaact tgatttgagc tccactttgt ttactacaca aagcattcat     33000
     tcaggcaaga aactatgcaa aacaaagcat gaagaagatt gaaccgcaat ttgggaaggc     33060
     attattatca tttatttcgc tttgcatttg ctgttgattt tgctgagctc tcctactgta     33120
     agctctgtgt tctagcaagc gtcggcagac ctctgttttt tatttttgag ctgtaactta     33180
     tgcctggcct aacaaggatc cgaacctgaa cttggccatg acatggaaat agaaacattg     33240
     aatataatta aacaatagat aactgcaaaa ctatggtttc tcttatttct tgtatttcat     33300
     aaaaaatgac cattggttac aacatttaat aaatgatctg aaaatggcca aagaaaattt     33360
     aaattactga atcaggtaaa aaatttttga aaaactaaaa ttttattgtt ttgaaattaa     33420
     tataaaaagg aaattaaaat ccctcaaaga aaagagtgtc ttgttagtac tatttttaat     33480
     cctgtaccag gatccattcc tttctcaagt gtaagtccat ttcttggatc cttttatctt     33540
     tttccagaaa tcattctgtc atctctttta ttcaccttac tattttatct ataaatagta     33600
     gtcatgttag gaacttctgg gaatgtaagc actaaatgaa atattctttg gaaaagtatt     33660
     tcttagctct tggactaagc tgaataatgt cataggtgct taggacagag ccctgtaaaa     33720
     tgaagctctg tgtttatggt taagctctgg cagggaggac agtgataatg aaataggatc     33780
     atgtcataag gtacctgata tcagaatgtg gcaaggtctg tgtatgagga agatgaaagc     33840
     tcaggaggga ttgcaataag tcctctgaaa gcgatatttg aggggcacca cactaaggac     33900
     acatacattt ctgacataag cctgagtgtg gggcagaggg tctgacaaag ctctacccct     33960
     agccttggtg ttgaacaact aaagtatgag tcacatagag tttttgaagc agagctcatg     34020
     ttctatctaa agtcattgat gccagattaa gttgaatctg ttaattcaca agaaaaaaaa     34080
     aaactgtgtt cattctcatt tatttgtcct aagtcagacc atgtacaaga ttcggccagt     34140
     tcctggtaca caaatcaact tgagaccaga acttcaacat atgaaatatg agattatgca     34200
     taatacatga atataaaata atttatctgc atttactaag tacctaatac atttacaaaa     34260
     ttaaatctta cttatgaaaa gctcatttgc tcaatcctca aaaaaattat atttaaccag     34320
     ttgacagtat gctttaagta cagaagaaaa gctttgtttt cgaagggttc acattctagt     34380
     cggagctttc ttttgtgcag aagcttataa aacactttgg atatcattgc ctcacttaca     34440
     ggatggcaaa atgtttttaa gtcatcagcc tcactgtacc agagtctatt cttctaagta     34500
     tcatatgtat attgtcatta ttatcacagt caaatatgtg acaaaattta ataagcctaa     34560
     atgcatatca ttaggggatt acaatcttag tagcattttt atatactatg tccagcccaa     34620
     gttatatttt tggaaatcta ttagaatcaa gcatgggaag gagtgaatat gaacgaatat     34680
     ctctagcata ttaaaatatg atctgctagt aggcacgtcc aaaccgtttt gacaagtgca     34740
     ttaatgtaaa agacattcaa gtgtgaaata tatttcttga atactacatg agaaatggct     34800
     cctacatttt atcatcctat tggtagtgat attctagtta ctctaagaga tcttaatttt     34860
     tgatcagctg aaaggttgat attacttctt tttgtatacg tatgtgtgat atttagtaac     34920
     tgacagttat ttacaagcag cacttcactg ttaaacttac tgaggtttgt ggactccata     34980
     ccaattgaaa gtgttagcac taacaatcaa tgggtatgct tgcatgagga ggtttagagt     35040
     gctatgtgca ttttcaaagg caatccaaca gatttttgat tcaatagact ttggtacata     35100
     ttatggtagc tactgctgat actaaccctg tttccatttc tggggcatag tggctttcct     35160
     agagaacttt taccctctat tcttctcttt ttgttccctt ccatttccaa atttagaaat     35220
     cctcatgaca tttaagactg tttgtctatt gtatgttaac ctcttcagaa aagtgcagat     35280
     tatttaagtt atatgaatga aattattttc attttaaata ttgaagattt gaaaataatg     35340
     ctctgagaaa ttttgattac aaaataaaat caagaaaact tgtagtaatt ataatggttt     35400
     cctattacca atatattgac agtcattatt ccagtacctt gtaactttta agcttcaggg     35460
     acaatataat tggacagaaa tgttcattga gaaatctcag tccttaagtg caacctacag     35520
     agtaaaattg cgacaaggag agactctgct ctgactcact gcatcacttc ccacccatga     35580
     gtatgtggaa cctggatcat gtaatgatca tcatgtggaa gaactctaca aactgtgggt     35640
     ttccactgcg agtttcatct aataacaagt aagctagaaa gggagaaagt atggtgtagg     35700
     cagtcctagg tcaggctgaa tgcagctctc cacattcgaa tgtatcccta tccataagac     35760
     agggttgctc cagtagctcc ctctcagact tgtactctag ctctcgactc tcaaaactat     35820
     ggatttgctg ggaactggaa gtctggttaa tttgaatgtg gactttgaag tcaggttttc     35880
     ttgatttata ttgtagagcc tttacacatt ttctccatgg cactgccagt gttaaagacc     35940
     cagcaacata tgctttcaat ttgtttttct gggtagaaca taacttatgc ttcccaaaaa     36000
     atatttaatt tgtttgaaag ggaaacttaa gcccaccttc tccaattctc attttggctc     36060
     tgattctgtc tatgcatatt tgagaagaca gtgtgagttg acaatttctt tcatatgaat     36120
     attattcagg aagcatatat ccatgcttat cattgtacga caaaatagtg attaaaagta     36180
     tccaggccct gtccccgctg acatcccatt catcatcttc acacagtagt gattgctctt     36240
     cccacatctt cattttagcc acaggagctc taagacacct ccttccagaa catgttccct     36300
     attcattaga aaactcatac atattccaca tatccaagtc tttcttcctc tatttagcaa     36360
     tgtttggcat ttcaagaccc tagtctcata tatatatata tataccaaaa taatctgaat     36420
     tttttatgaa gcaagtggag atcaaagcaa gcaggttcta tagtagctga acaatttctt     36480
     agtcatacaa gagttattgc tgtgtacgtc tgtgcttgct agcatctgag agagcagacc     36540
     tgtctgtttg tctgttgcat gtttgtctga agaatgagct actgctttgg gtgttgcact     36600
     tagtaaaacg attattgaca tctaatattc tcacattttc aaatgtagtt ctcccatgtt     36660
     cagatcctct gaacttttac ttcatgtctg tcaactggtt cactgtgtgt ccttggggta     36720
     gtcactctta ctctttcaat gacttcatct gcaaatcaag aaggttggct taaatgacct     36780
     ttctgattct ttctagcttg gccagccatt atttttcagt tgcgcatttt aatcaattcc     36840
     tggagcaaca cacatgtctc tcccaaatta atactaattc atgtattgat caatcatgtt     36900
     gactccagtg tgaatgtttc catccatgca tttctttgat aaaatagtgt tttatattta     36960
     agattttcgc cctatatgtc tcccaaattg agtacaaaca ttttcttcaa gcctgagtaa     37020
     atggcatatt taaaatctga aagccttgtt gagaatgaat tttgaagaaa agaagggaag     37080
     gctccacaag acacattacc attatattta ttatcaaata gattcccatt actctgtgtc     37140
     ctgtgtttcc tgtaactctc atacgggtga gtttgcagtc attattctta catataatct     37200
     tagtcccaat tttgaactat actttaaaga acttacttgt aagctatatt atgcaattta     37260
     tatcatcttc aaattttaag aattatctgt tcatgttatt gaccatttct tggatccatg     37320
     acatagggct aatgcagtct caatcagtga actgaattta gatcagaatt ttgtcttatg     37380
     aaaatgacat tttaaatgcc atttgtctga ctatgatgag atttgttgtg gaatggataa     37440
     aaacttagat cattgccttc acattttggt gtacatgtct ggttctatcg ttcttttgaa     37500
     gaaaggattt ttaaaacctt catattttat ttattaattt tgtgtgtgaa tgtgaatgtg     37560
     ctaaagcatt taataacatg tctctgcaag ttagaggaca aatattttgg gtttttttcc     37620
     ttttactgtt gaagttgatt ctgtcttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gattctgtcc     37680
     ttttaccaga cattgaactc ttagttcctt ggaggcgact gcttttacaa aattgaagat     37740
     attaattcaa ctattaagtg taagagaaat ttaagtatgg gttatctttc ttttttttta     37800
     attttttatt aggtatttag ctcatttaca tttccaatgc tataccaaaa gtcccccata     37860
     cccacccacc cccactcccc tacccaccca ctcccccttt ttggccctgg cattcccctg     37920
     tactggggca tataaatttt gcgtgtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtga tggccgacta     37980
     ggccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctagag tcaagagctc cggggtactg gttagttcat     38040
     aatgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct     38100
     cctctattgg gagccctgtg atccatccat taggtgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt     38160
     tgctaggccc cggcatagtc tcacaagaga cagctacatc tgggtccttt cgataaaatc     38220
     ttgctagtgt atgcattggt gtcagcgttt ggatgctgat tatggggtgg atccctggat     38280
     atggcagtct ctacatggtc catcctttca tctcagctcc aaactttgtc tctgtaactc     38340
     cttccaaggg tgttttgttc ccacttctaa ggaggggcat agtgtccaca cttcagtctt     38400
     catttttctt gagtttcatg tgtttaggaa attatatctt atatcttggg tatcctaggt     38460
     tttgggctaa tatccactta tcagtgagta catattgtgt gagttccttt gtgaatgtgt     38520
     tacctcactc aggatgatgc cctccaggtc catccatttg gctaggaatt tcataaattc     38580
     attcttttta atagctgagt agtactccat tgtatagatg taccacattt tctgtatcca     38640
     ttcctctgtt gaggggcatc tgggttcttt ccagcttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc     38700
     tatgaacata gtggagcatg tgtccttctt accagttggg acatcttctg gatatatgcc     38760
     catttttaaa ataaatattt tttgaggtcc agtaggtaaa ataattctag gaactaactt     38820
     caaagtagtt gtttgtgaat gtatatatgt gcgtttatta gggagagtag tcatatgcta     38880
     cataatgttg tttttgtcaa taatagactc cttgtacaat agcattccca tgtgagtatg     38940
     ttacttagtg acgcactggc cttgttctat gcaagcacac gcttatgttc acacaatgtt     39000
     atttcctagt gatgaatttc ttagaccata ttctttcgtt aagcaacata ctactaggta     39060
     taagagcaca ggctttcaaa tcagagtgct ctggtttaac taacacaatg atccggttct     39120
     ttgacttcca cctgagtttc ttcatctgtg agcagataac taacagatcg gcttgaatgg     39180
     ctatggaaga taatgcttag aatgtagctg tcacaaatag catgacaagc aaaaaaaata     39240
     ataaaagcct tgttctttgg gttttattat tgtaaatatt tcgaatggaa atggatattc     39300
     tttgagtatt taactacagt aagaaaatgg aaattataaa ggaattaaaa taccatctaa     39360
     ataatgaaaa tttgcaaagt tacagagaca ggttagacag taatatgtca tcatctcgta     39420
     atctactgtg gtctgagcat atgatgggtt gagatggggg cttgtatagt acaataaaaa     39480
     ccagaatatg ggaataaatg acttatagaa tagtttctca tttgacaagt catttttcag     39540
     ttttcatcct ttaataactc cttaagcaat gcatctctct aacaaattaa tatttactga     39600
     catattgatt gattgtttca gctttgcacc taaacaaaat ccacatctaa gagctgtgtc     39660
     tctagttgca tatgtagcat aggacagcct agtaggccat caatgggagg agaagccctt     39720
     tgccttgtga atattacata ccccagtaca ggggaatgcc agggccagga agtgggagtg     39780
     ggtgggttgg ggagcagggc agggggaggg tatagggggc tttggggata gcatttgaaa     39840
     tgtaaatgaa gaaaatatct aattaaaaac atagtggtac atggttcact gacttctaat     39900
     cttactgcta gggagcagaa ataggaggtt ccctgagact cagcagttta ggctactcag     39960
     tgagttctac aatccaagag accatgtctc aaacaaagaa acaaaagtgg tggtatgtga     40020
     agaataacac cagagtttgt cctctggctt ctacatatgc ttgtacacac ccacacactt     40080
     ttatgcaccc atacacttgc attacccaca cacttgaatg tactcatgca ctggcttctc     40140
     ccacacactt acatgcaccc atgcacttgc atcattcatg cacttgtatg cacccacaca     40200
     cttgcatgta cccattcacc tgcattaccc acacacttgc atgcacccat gcaccggctt     40260
     ctcctaaaca tttgcatgca cccatgcact tacatgtacc cattcaattg catgcaccca     40320
     cacacttgaa ctcaagagtt tgcatacagg aattcacaca catgtgctaa cacacatatc     40380
     ataccctaaa atttgaaaaa atgtttaggg ttctttaaca tattcataaa cctttcttct     40440
     tttcagtgaa taagttgcca ttgaaaggac aaagaaaggt tgttttctat gtatttatca     40500
     gtgatgaaaa ttctgtgtaa gagctggtgg tataggtcag aactgaagtg attgacccat     40560
     ctggtccata gcattacaag ggtaaaataa agtatttagt aaataatgtg taatggaaat     40620
     aatgaaggat ggcaagatgg gatatcaagt aaactttacc atctggaatc taaaatttgt     40680
     tcacattgta cttacattgc atttttatca gaaatggaaa acattttgca atgtgctgtg     40740
     aatattttaa aatggatttt atagaaagtt tgagcagtag cctggaaata gaataaaaaa     40800
     gattatgatt gggaattcga tcctgattca cagaactttt aatgattgaa acatgtgata     40860
     gtcactggct aatgaggggg atgtatacaa ggttcagatg atataaatat aaatttgaag     40920
     gcacatttat ctttatattt gttaatttac ataatttctt aactcataaa attaagcaga     40980
     ataaacaata ccataatttt tagctcctga aaagtcttgg gggcagttgc cctctagtgt     41040
     aagggtatga gtgtgaacac tgcacatagt gtgagggtat gattatgaac actgcacata     41100
     gtgtgagggt gtgagtgtga gcactgcaca tagtgtgagg gtgtgagtgt gaacactgca     41160
     catagtgtga gggtgtgagt gtgaacactg tacatagtgt gaacactgct cagactgttt     41220
     aggctttctg ttttcaccca tcaaaggcag gatgggactg tgtcttccaa tcttactatt     41280
     cagtgattat tttctcttat aaacaattaa atgttaacta ttttccccca tggtcataac     41340
     tcacctttct ttcttattaa tgaatccctc cttatgaatg ttaaaatact ttatgtagaa     41400
     taatgtctcc ttttaggtct gttctttggt agccatattt atttttctca tatatggtat     41460
     tttagaaatc ttcagaaaaa gcttagttca tgtaattctt agtggcaaaa aaatgtggtt     41520
     attctttcaa tttaagaact tgttaaattt tacttcttgg tgtacctata agcctgttga     41580
     taatgtctaa agatatctat tccattgaat gccatatgct acattgactc atcggccttc     41640
     actagtaatc catccttttt atagtcccct gtcatctatt ctggtctcaa taaagaagcg     41700
     tgcagagttt cttagtcata tagagaaaac ctattagaaa ataaacttgg ttatttctac     41760
     atgagtatcc caacacaaaa ggaattggag aggaggcaaa gtatattaat tttctttttc     41820
     attaagcctg ctactaaatt tcattttacc tttttaatct tcatgaggtc ctcccccaat     41880
     tttttcagac cctgaaagct tattttcata acaggaagtt tgctggttac agtgagctgt     41940
     gcttcttatg agcatgaatc ttgtcttgaa tccttcaaac tcactagtgt accaattcag     42000
     atttttatat gcctactgta tgctaactga taagagagtt aacattttaa aatcctattg     42060
     tttgtagcta aaaaaaaaag ctttgaggat tgaatatttg gttttaattt gtgttgaata     42120
     tttggtttta atttgtgttt tgtattgcct gctgtacgta tgtgtgccct tggacaggtt     42180
     atttacgttc tgttacattc agtttatctt ctaaaaatag aggtaatgct catatctact     42240
     ttagtataca cacacataca catatgcatg ctgtgttata ggctttagta tacacacaca     42300
     catacacata cacatacaca tatacataca tatacacata cacatacaca tatgcatgct     42360
     gtgttatagg cgttttagaa catttatcat aatagagaag tttggtgggc aagcgccact     42420
     agtcactact catgttggtc atgcatcatt gtgtgctaac agcactggat tcagctatca     42480
     gctcataagg aatgataagc ttgttaagat ctttgtgagc agaacctgaa tcaggttgcc     42540
     tttgtctctt tgcttcttct tttcttcctt ccattttctc tgtggacaga tttggtcagc     42600
     catcctcaag acgatggagg gaagccaagt ggtttctaaa tttcaccttc ctttctcttg     42660
     cttgtgtgct aggctgttag cttgaaggat tataggcaaa tacatttaat ctattttttt     42720
     cttttcaatg cagtgatata agtaaaagta gctaaaaatt ctacaagatt actccatata     42780
     tttcagaaca tttgtaacat ggggaagcat ttttaacggg cttttaaaat taaatctaaa     42840
     gttgcaggaa tggggtcaat aataataaaa aaagtgtatt gcatcttttc cttttactag     42900
     cttgtattgt gaaagctact ttatttatta tggtcttccc attaactcac attcccagga     42960
     tgtcagataa tctattttct ggaaaattgg agcatagtca atagcatact acattccggc     43020
     ccattttcta gttctttcgt ctttaagtgc aaaggatatg ttgccacatg aaaaacctac     43080
     ttaaaatggg gtgtgtgatt taataaagag aacttcagat aggagtgaag gcaggaagac     43140
     cgatctgctg agggattgat tatcccatag tcattgcaag aatgtcctaa tattaagtgt     43200
     attatccaga ctgtgcctca gaaagcctgc tccactgtgc tgcttgttgt aaggagtgcc     43260
     cttttcattc gtgtccttgt aagaaagaag ctgtggctga gtttaaactg ggaaggtagt     43320
     atcaaagtag aagaggcgaa aacaaagcca aagccttgct tgctactcaa tgaactaatc     43380
     tgaaaccacc aagtaaatga agtttcttct gtctccacat agcaaagcat gcgtgtaaat     43440
     atctttcttc aaatgttaat tattgcacat aaaatttata gccttgtacg tgtgagcatg     43500
     tgtgtgtgag tgtataagtg agtgagagaa tatgtgtgta cgtgtatgtg taatatgtgt     43560
     gtatgtgtgt cctcatttgg gtggagacca ggcagtgatg aatgactgtc ttctgaagtt     43620
     acttctccac cctaattttt gagacagggt ctcacactga gactatatat agctcattgg     43680
     ttggctagag tgcctggtca aggggcccac agaatcctca tgtttacatc ttccaaaggc     43740
     ttgagttaga ggaacaggat gctcaatgtc cgaagatttt tatttttggg ggagagggag     43800
     tggcagggtt gtttgttttt tataattcta tgtatgtatg tgagtctctg tgctggtatg     43860
     tgtatctgta tgtaagtatt atggaggcca atggtgttca gtcccctgga actggagatg     43920
     caggaatatg tgatctgcct gatgtgagtg ctggccatca aactcaggct ccgtaaacaa     43980
     atactacaca tgcttgactt ctgatccctc tccacagccc cacactgaat ttttttagat     44040
     ggatggtggg aatgaaatgg aaatcctcat gccttcattg aaaacatttc agttactgag     44100
     ccatttctcc catcctgagt taaagattta tgatgtttct gttggtgcta tgatgcccag     44160
     aaaaaaaaaa aagattctta aaataaccta aagtcccaaa ttctaacaca gtggtgaaat     44220
     tactatgatt atttcagaaa atacatatca gaaaaatgtt tgtaagaaga actaaaatct     44280
     ttggaaacca catggccttt atatgtgtaa aaataacatt atgcagaaaa aaatagttca     44340
     gattcattaa aatggtacaa gtggatttca gagaatcatt aagaaatagg caaaagacta     44400
     accagtaccc cccagagctt gtgtctctag ctgcataagt atcagaaaat cgcctaattg     44460
     gccatcactg gaaagagagg cccattggtc ttgcaaactt tatatgcctc agtatagggg     44520
     aacgccaggg ccaagaagtg ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag gaggggggcg gtatggggga     44580
     cttttgggat agcattggaa atgtaaatga agaaaatacc tcataaataa ataaaaaact     44640
     tacctagcac ctaaagatat ataggtgtca tctctgaagg actgtcattt tcttagggaa     44700
     aaaaactaat agtagatgtg ttacctttat tcattagact tattattcca taactattac     44760
     tggtattgca tttaaaacct tttttttcgg ttttgattta aaaaacaaat caattatctc     44820
     aatgttctct aagaaaaata aaagaaaatt ttcatactgt aaaaaaaaag aaataggcaa     44880
     aaggaggaaa tgtttgcaat cttattataa tagacttaaa tcataaataa ggggattcaa     44940
     tatcctgaaa tatgaagata aggaaaacag tatcaaaatt attcaaagac ctaagcaggc     45000
     aacttcctaa agaagatata tagatgtttt cttagggttt cactgcttaa acagacatca     45060
     tgaccaaggc aactcttttt tttttttttt ttctggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt     45120
     gtagctctgg ctgtcctgga actcattttg tagaccaggc tgtcctcaaa ctcagaaatc     45180
     cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtactgggat taaaggtgtg cgccaccaca cccggctcaa     45240
     ggcaactctt ataaggacaa catttaattg gggccggctt acaggttcag aggttcagtc     45300
     cattatcatc aaagtgggaa catggcagca tccaggcagt catggtatag gaggagctat     45360
     gagttctaca tcttcatctg aagactgtta ggaaaatact ggcttgcagg cagctacaat     45420
     gagggtatta aagcccacac ccacagtgac aaacctactc caacaaggct acatctccta     45480
     atagtgctac tccctgggcc aagcatatat aaaccatcac agatgtcaaa tatatatacc     45540
     taaatgtgct caacctcatt tgtcattaga actaaataga gaactactgc aagcagtcat     45600
     agtaccttta ttttgacatc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaaaa     45660
     cagaaacaaa aaacaaaacc agagtactta aggaaaatta agagttattt tattctaaag     45720
     ccattttgag tgaccatgga ctgggagcat agatttaaga taacctacac tttccagatt     45780
     ctaacatgga accagttcta gtaagttttt atagtttaac agaacaaaga aatgcataag     45840
     ttgaaaatat attcctggat acataaaaga agaggttata gcaatatgat ggaagctatt     45900
     taataggctt catttgtgat ctgctgacat tcttagtgtg tgagtaggca gaacccacca     45960
     ttatgttagt tctgacacag agatggccca gaaattgcta ctcaaaccag cctaagatat     46020
     gataattagc ttgtggaact gcactatccc aacttctcaa cgtcattgaa cttttcatta     46080
     tttgatcaat cattgctgac acactgcttt ttcgaaattc tcccttatac ttcgaatgat     46140
     ttaactaaaa ttgacggtag atggttggta catttacagt gcaactgaaa ttctcatgta     46200
     ttgctattag aaatgcgaac tgatgtcact ttgggaagct gttcagcagt ggctaataaa     46260
     agtgcatata ctgccaagaa ttcttcatta ccgaagacag tgaaactgct cctcctaact     46320
     ccatcatcct aactaagaag ctgtaatcaa ctgacttatt ctgagttatg tctctactaa     46380
     aacttctcaa aacatctgct ttataaagga aaaataatta tttagctatg attgtggata     46440
     ttccagagat gatacttgca cactggcagg agcagcccag ctgtgtctaa agcacaatga     46500
     agtacatatt ggaaacaata gtgttcagaa aaaaaaagcc agaaggctga gatagcctct     46560
     ctttgtaaaa acccacctcc acgggaactc cctaacgctt ggagaccacc attaatcttt     46620
     actaaggtta ccatacccat aacataatcc actaaggagt tgccttaaca ctgtcacaat     46680
     gaaggccaag tttttataat atgaaccatt ggagaagcac actttagctg tgtccaaacc     46740
     acagaactaa tgtttagtga tttttttgct tggtttatta tgtctgcttt tgactcggta     46800
     acatctacaa acaacacgca tattcattat tcactgagtg aatcatcaaa ctagagcaca     46860
     tacgcagtct gtagtggaag caaatccagc cccgatgtgt gcaatggcac aggtgagcct     46920
     cacgtgcttt atgcgtgaaa ttaactcgca ggtctatgca ctgtgttgtt ccattcgtgt     46980
     ggttctgtcg aatagagaaa accatgggga aagggaacaa cgctggactg ccaggtgtgg     47040
     cctcctggga aagcgttcat ggctcagccg ttaaaagcta ggctcacaat catgtctcaa     47100
     ttgtagaagg gttctggttg atggagcaag gaccgttcct cactggagaa ctctgagaga     47160
     actgaagcct cctcagagcc atttcagttc cctgtgtagt cataagtagt gtatgtactt     47220
     ttatgaagtg agtttctgga cgtaaaccta tggattttca aagttgaata tagtatagta     47280
     aacttagaca caaaaacaga tctcatggag aatacggcat ggccatgctt tagtttaact     47340
     cctctggttg ttgctgagtc agagcatcct gtcctgcatt ttaaccacat ttatttattt     47400
     atttatttat ttatttattt ttactttgca atttgtctgt gtttatgctt acttctgagc     47460
     ttttcaaacc ttttcatgaa ctatttggta ttttgctgct tatacatggc ccacatgtga     47520
     atcattagaa agcacacata tgcttgtaga ctgcagtttt cttttttgct tttgaacttt     47580
     tcatttattt cgttttttat ttgatctaaa ctgtcagtcc tttagttcac ttggttgtat     47640
     ttctcagtta ccaccagctc ctaagtttgg cacattttat ctaaccgatt tttgaactga     47700
     tgaatttttt tgtggttgtt gattttttta ttgtactgtc tttccctcac gccctaacac     47760
     accttagtaa gttctttccc attggcattc ctattagcat tctgaattgt aacacacatt     47820
     aagaaaagtt ttattccgtt tccttctgga tgcagaattg cttgtgcaaa agtccagaat     47880
     ccaaaatcgc tggtttaagg tatgttttcc catgaatttc tgctagtgaa tattgattat     47940
     cagtctgctg tccccatggc ttccttctaa taaaagtaac tgtaattccc ctatcctttc     48000
     aatctttgaa tttacagaaa aaaatgttga aaattattca atttttgaaa taaattatct     48060
     tggtcattgg aaatgtttta ctaagattca taagtattaa tttttttcta taaatattgt     48120
     taagttttag tgaacctaca aacagaattt gaacaggctg tatggaaaaa ttaattttgt     48180
     ctaatgtgtc ttgccttttg aagtctaata tttatttagg tggattagaa tcccctgaat     48240
     taaatctgtg ttttgtcaac tttccctcat ttgtgctttc catgtctctt gtcatgtgta     48300
     ttgcttcctg agtgtagttc tcagctcaat cttccaaggt attctctact ttcaggcata     48360
     tatttttgtc caatctaata aaagaatttt ttgaggatat cttctacttt ttaaattttt     48420
     tacatacagt tcttctatct tctattgaga gacttcattt atttcttcaa ttgatacatg     48480
     tgtttgttat tgcctacttt taatttttac atctgttttt ttttttcccc aatgtgaatc     48540
     tgtttaggtg gaattgctgt ttcattttga ttggtgattt tctttttaaa aatgtaaaac     48600
     ttatgagttt tctgtttgcc tcagtatgag agtacttcat gggtgtcgtg agtgctgact     48660
     gtcagtatat atgttgctct ttttttaaaa gaaattctat gttatagtgg ttaaggaact     48720
     gggtgctcta ggcagactaa tcttcttttg aaattagtga ttatctactt tatcgtgtta     48780
     agagtttaat tagaaaatac atataaaatg gtagaaagca gtgcttggaa tgtaataaga     48840
     gtagtaatat ggcagaagat gacgagggtg aagtgatgat ggtgaagatg gtgaggaaag     48900
     aaatggtatt ggaaggccag ttatgagagt aacttcatca gaacaaactt ctagtgtact     48960
     ggatctagtg tactggatct gcattgtctg ctttgcctac acagtgcctt ttcagcacaa     49020
     gtcaggaaaa ggagaggtgc tactactgct ataatttccc cagagcacca cctgtttgaa     49080
     ctttcatgct caagtttacc acactttggt cttgtgtgta ctgttgtctt ggtgatcttt     49140
     tgacttacat ttgagttaga ctataagact agtcatatct tgctctcagt ctcttttgtt     49200
     tcatgattat tgtctagatt ttttcaaaat agatttgtca ttacatggca cttagaggga     49260
     gactgacaaa tgttgagccc ataatttggt tctaatttct atagttttat gggaaaactt     49320
     aagtagaaat aattgtataa ctgaaaagtt tttaaacgta tgcatacagt atagaaagag     49380
     tggattttat agacacataa aaaataattt tatacaaagt agagatcaat cacttttaaa     49440
     ggccttctct gatctcattc ccatcaccat ccccactgca gagctgcatt ttgattgaaa     49500
     taaggttgaa attttagtgt ctttatctgt atgaaatgta caggtaagag acttttctct     49560
     tttaacacag actattaggt gaaaggggaa agaaattttt aaatgtttta gaaatgcata     49620
     gccttcctat cccaggtaga gcctatagca taacctttga ttctacaggg aatatcaaag     49680
     tcatttcttt ttcattccct tattctggga attaaatatt ctgtacataa caggcaaatt     49740
     cttgataaag tatttgtata cagttgtaat tgacagatat ttttctgaaa atagacagca     49800
     aatattttac attacatatc ctttatttta ttttctacaa atcttaagta ttcattctct     49860
     ggtagagttt cacacaaaaa taggttgata tagataaaga gaagactcta ctgtacctgt     49920
     ttgcctaata gttttccaga ggtcttctgt tagtatgaca gtgatgttgg tgtctttgaa     49980
     tttggtaaag tatgatacca tggtcatgta ggactggact tcaacatcaa cagcagaaat     50040
     aaatgcactt atatgtgcct gccagtggaa tcaaagccat tttataatta gtacacatgc     50100
     tatgattttc aaattattga aaatgcacta ttgatagaaa acatctaaac atcaattcag     50160
     aaacatgtaa atgattttct tgcccaattt gcaatttaaa tagcttaaaa acatccagtc     50220
     tttaaatgaa tctttaattc tctttgtagt ttgtatttgc cgtttaatat atatatattt     50280
     cattttggaa acaggatttt aaccaacata tatatgcagg tactttgata atacttacta     50340
     ggtgtttatc tttacaagac actttcttaa ataaaaggta agctcatgat agttataaaa     50400
     ttcgttttct ttggtaatgt tcattgtaaa tgatttaagg gttaaagtat attgcattgg     50460
     cataaataca ctgctattat atactttaac tagttttttt gtttctattt tcagattggt     50520
     aataaaaaaa tggcagcagc aatagctggg gagaagagag agagtcaggg tttagatttc     50580
     cctggcttgt taccaagagg gaggaagaga aagagatctg ccatgcttta ggaggaatgt     50640
     ggaggagagg agagtgacca ttggaataga aggtagagca gagaaaacca gagccgcgtt     50700
     ctaaagaggc caagagatca cagcccagag ggctgctcaa ctgggtcaag agcagccaag     50760
     acggcacata gaaattagtg tgtaataaca gggttataga tagagaataa attctaactg     50820
     catagaggtt aggaagctac ccagctactg atctgcttat ggaatattaa aataaaaggc     50880
     tgtgtgtgtg tttctcatct ggaacataaa gggtctaagg tgggaagaaa ccctgtgcca     50940
     aactttatta aaatattctt actagagatg tctttctgtg agcatgtaaa aaggaaaaaa     51000
     aaaaaaacaa aaaaaaaaca acaacaatgt agaagcaatg caatattgtt cacctttgag     51060
     gattaagagt attttttaag gtgggtttca gttgaactcc attactgttc actgtccact     51120
     gtctctgaag cactcctgat ggggtaatgg cctgtgatct tactaagact atggcaagcc     51180
     cagcttggtg gtaggttagg gtcaaccctt agcctagatt cagaataggt tgtgaccttt     51240
     ctagtgtgac gttcaaagga gttattcatg aaagcaaatc aggagtgatc ccaggacctt     51300
     gcttgcttta ggataggctt ccatttccaa gggtagtaaa attgcctcaa gtgttgtatt     51360
     cctagaggtg agtaacttct cacatttgtt taatttttca gaaattctgt tatagtttat     51420
     aacagtattt attagaaaca ttgtcaagaa atagtaccca accctgcaat aagctggtaa     51480
     gctaatttga aaggtttcct ctacacattt ttgcccgttt tatgtctgtt gtcttaagtt     51540
     ttatgtactt tacaattaac gtccatgaaa gatgataatg taaatattcc ctctcccaac     51600
     tctttccata catagacatg cacatgtgtg cagatatgca caggcgcgtg cgcagacaca     51660
     cattcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cagagagaga gagagagaga     51720
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagttatctc tatacaaatt cttattaggt tcttggcttt     51780
     agaaatgtct gcccctagaa gaaaatccac tttgagctca gagctatcaa agacattgta     51840
     aagtagatct tcccctaagc cccccccacc atctaactgt tctttcatta aaaacttttt     51900
     tatcagctca tttctgagaa aaaatggcaa aaatagaaac tgtctcttaa aacgtaacac     51960
     aacagacaat tctaatgaga aaatattggc ttccttaaaa gacaaattag gctttttttt     52020
     ttccatcagg aaataagcat aagcatttat ttcagaaact catttctcct ttatgatgta     52080
     tctcacctct aagtcagggc tttgatcttc cctttcgggt aatcacacag atgagatgct     52140
     tgtggttgct ctttgatgtt taatttgatg tttaatttaa tgctgtgccc agaactatgt     52200
     gtaaaactgt ttggaatcat ttcttagaac aacgggtcat tgacatatac aactttttgc     52260
     atatgtaata tttgtagatg taaaatcata gaacaaatgt ggggaaaata tggtcttggc     52320
     tgacataaat agattatcaa aaattctgaa gagttctctg gggtactatc ttcatcttta     52380
     ttataatgtt tatgagtctg tgatatataa agtactttgt tggtattctc agattttgtt     52440
     catgtagtaa agggaaaaca tccagttagt cttatcttca aaattactta agttttatgt     52500
     actaaatgat tagtaccatg gtgctttcat gctcatgaca atcccatgat tcttaatcca     52560
     ttaatatttg ttacctactt aaaagacaag aagtatagat actctttagt ggattagtct     52620
     tagtaagaaa tcaggatatc cagccatgtt agagtcatgc aaatagaagg aaaactaaga     52680
     ataatacatt aaagcagatt acacaaggtt cacaattatt tgtagtttgc cttgtttttc     52740
     tttttatttt tctttttttt tttgattaca tatttttaag tttctgaagc atttacagag     52800
     aacaaacaaa atattgttca aagtgtgtga tttctaaacg tgaaaaaact tgagttaaat     52860
     caggagtaac atgtttaaaa caagtgtgta tgttctccac catgtttcag taacatgact     52920
     gaagttgtaa ggaaatggaa agttcctttt cacttgtgtt aagttgtact ggttgtttac     52980
     tgagaaacct ctttatactt gaacagaacc gcttttgaga ctgtgcagtg tgcttactgt     53040
     gagaccatgg atattcataa gcagtgaata agattcgctg ccacttataa ttgaaattta     53100
     gtgtaagggg tttatgatct tgtatatgag tttccacatt gtaggaatag ccttgagaac     53160
     actaaagtaa gctttggtaa actctgtcag tgtatgaaat aatttatggc tgaaaatata     53220
     atcaccacta gtcaatcata gaggaagtaa ttatttttct tatatgctgt acatctgaac     53280
     acatattctg atttcattgt gaataactgg ccagttttca aaaatgagaa aacctggagc     53340
     ctagagaagg tccaatgtgt ttgttaaata cgactgtagt gtgtactgta ctggcatgga     53400
     attgctgtca acttgattgt ggttgagaaa gttctgcctt cttacagctg ttgtaaatat     53460
     tgcatctatc aatctcaact ggagaattaa ccacacaatc ttttctcata atggaaggga     53520
     caccttttat tgatggccat ataagattat gttttgagct ttacaaattc tatgtggtat     53580
     ctagaccgac atgcaagtag gcatttacta aagcaatttt ggaaaacccc atgatacata     53640
     tgacttatat aggtaggtat ttataatgta gttctataga cttaatatat gaaattatag     53700
     tttaaattta taggacatta tctgaagttt ggttagatac atcatcatgt taaactaaca     53760
     ctggcaatgt ttaaggtcac atgtataagg aacgcatcca gggatgaaag ccaaaattaa     53820
     acagtttctc aagaagtcgg gctccagaaa accaaacaac cctattaaaa atggggtaca     53880
     gagctaaata aagaattctc aactgaggaa taccgaatgg ctaagaagca tctaaaaaaa     53940
     aatgttcaac ctccttaatc atcagggaag tgcaaatcaa atcagatttc acctcatagc     54000
     agtcagaatg tctaagatca aaaactcagg tgagagcaga tgctggtgag tatgtggaga     54060
     aagaggaaca ctcctccatg gctggtggta ctgcaagctg gtacaaccac tttggaaatc     54120
     agtttggcgg tttctcagag aattggacac agttctacag gaatccatca ataccactct     54180
     tgggcatata gtcagaagat gttccaatct gtaataagga cacatgctcc attatgttta     54240
     tagcagccta atttataata gccagaagct ggaaagaacc tagatgtccc tcaacagagg     54300
     agtggatata gaaattgtgg tacatttaca caacggaata ctactcagct attaaaaaga     54360
     atgaatttat gaaactcctg ggcaaatgga tggatctgga ggatatcatc ctagatgagg     54420
     taacccaatc ataaaagaac acacatgata tgcacgcact gataagtgta tatttctctt     54480
     tattagatct ccaaggggca agtacaaaat ccgttaagtg atttaattca atttgattat     54540
     taaatgggcc taagtcttcc ctagtaatta aaggaaacct atatttatta tttattttct     54600
     catctagctg ttcttgtagc aaatgtttat taacatgtgg agaacccaat cttagtactc     54660
     taaacaataa aatacatttt aaatatagta atataaacca ttatgaaagt tagaagaaaa     54720
     gcactcaggt ggttgataca accctttttc tgaattgtga tatagtcatt aatagtagat     54780
     tgaacagaaa tttgaaaatt aatacagatc acacaaatgc ttaattttgt ttagaaatgt     54840
     attattatta ttattatcaa gaaaataaaa tatactatga agtagtattt aaaattccat     54900
     tccatttaaa aacaactcta tgtaatatta tattacagta ttacaacagt tttcacagcc     54960
     tcgtcttcag aatgattggt aacaatattt aacaattttg gcatctcaaa tgttggtaac     55020
     attgtttttt tcctatacat ttttcaatgt gtttaaaata aaagtgtttt gagaaactct     55080
     tataaaacac ttagcaacac ataggatatt atttttctgg taagaaaaga tatgctttgc     55140
     ttttatgtct ggccacagtt gacgaaatga cctgatcaac ccgaatgatg caacacaagt     55200
     gtggttgtaa aaagagactc aacttttcta gctttagctg ttgttttgtt ttcctctgga     55260
     tctgctacca tattgacatt ttttgatggg ggaaaacaaa agaaaacaac aacattgcta     55320
     ataatgaacg atgtttgaat taggcagtat gtgctttaaa gatttgtaac ttattttttg     55380
     atagaggcag attgttaagg gacacaattc ctttggattt aaacagatag gtttgacgtg     55440
     atggacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaccatagc atcactcaga     55500
     ccccagcaag tatggcagca ggggacatgg gtagcaccac aagcaagctt aagttccttt     55560
     caagctgtat agtctttctc ctgattatac aggagaaagt ttttatatcc attatcttta     55620
     atttcattta aactttaaat tttcctgcaa acagtaagca attttatact ttatttttct     55680
     gaaacacatg tagataattt atgcatacgc ttatacatgt agatatactt caatgaattt     55740
     atgtgaatta gagaaaaagt tgacataaca gaatagttaa aatgtcataa attttgtatt     55800
     actattataa cattgtatcg gctcatattg aaatatgact gaatgcatta aatgccttgc     55860
     atgcaagtat aaaataacac ttcctttttg ctgtgtaaaa ctgaacaaaa atccaatctc     55920
     taaccccaaa atatgaatat aattatgctt ataaaatagg tacagagaag gcactttcga     55980
     tgcacactca ggatttcaac ctctctttct ctatatatat ctggtagtgg ttttttggta     56040
     gttgttgttt ttttttaatt aaatataaat tacatattca tatttaatta tatgtagtta     56100
     cataatcata tatatatatg tatatatata tatatatata catacataca tacacacata     56160
     tattacttat tcactttata tccttctcac tgtcccctcc tggtcacacc gttcaatgat     56220
     tcttcccccc ccccccatca cccttccctt ctgctctgag tagggagggc aactcctggg     56280
     tatcccctgg ccctggcaca tcaagtctca gcaaagatat gtgaatccac tatcactgag     56340
     gccagacaag gcagccaagc tagaacatat cccatgtaca ggcaacagcc tttgggatag     56400
     ccctagctcc agttgttcgt gacccacaga agaccaagat gcatatctgc tacacatgtg     56460
     ttgggagacc tatgtctccc catgtatgtt tttttgttgg tggtttagtc tccaagagcc     56520
     ccaaggatcc aagttagttg actgttgatc ttcctgtgga gtttctatcc ccattggagc     56580
     cacaattcgt cctcctagtc ttccacaaaa gtccccagtt ctcagcacat gtatcatttg     56640
     tataaagcaa ggctattaat ttctttgagt ttatttcata tgcagccact ttgatgaaga     56700
     tgtttttcag ttgtagaaat tctctggtag aattttggaa ggcacttatg tttactatca     56760
     tatcatctgc aaatagcaat acactatctt cttcatttcc aatttttgtc tgcttgacat     56820
     ctttcaattg ttcaattgtt ctggccagaa atttaagcac tatgttgaat aaatagagag     56880
     tgggcagctt tttcctgtcc ctgattttag tataattgct tgaagttttt ctccattttg     56940
     tttgatgttg gctactggct ggctttctat tccgttggtt gtttaggcct tgtattcatg     57000
     tgccttgtat ccacgatctg tcgaatcctt ttaacatgaa caggactttt tcaaagtttt     57060
     gttttttcag catctaatga gttgaccatg tgattttatt tctttcagtt tgtttatgtg     57120
     gtagattaca ttgatgaatt tttgcatatt ggaaccatcc ctgggatgaa gcctacttga     57180
     tcatggtgga tcaagtattt gattgatttt tcctgatgag tattaagtgt cctgccttgt     57240
     ttatttggat taattttgtt tatctatttt actagatgtt agaatgttta ctccagcgtg     57300
     cttcttcatt ccattttctt ggttatttcc agccctttac tcagaggtaa tggctatctt     57360
     tattcctgag gtgttttttt tctttttaca gcaaaatgat ggatcctgtt tttatattca     57420
     ttcttttaac ctgtgtcttt ctttctattg ggtaattgag tccattgatg ttgagagaga     57480
     gtaacgacca gtgattatta tttcctgtta ttttaatatt ggtaatgcta gtggggaggg     57540
     gcatgcatgt gtatgtgagt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtactt tcctgtcttt gctcctgtgg     57600
     aattacttat tttctgagtt ttcttggatg catttaggac tcattaggtt ggggttttcc     57660
     ttctagtatt ttctataggg ctagatttgt agatagatat tgtttgaatt tggatttctc     57720
     ttgaaatatc ttgttttttc catatatggt gattgagagt tttgctagtt atagtagtct     57780
     gggttgttac ctgtgctttt ttagaaattg aaagatatct gtccagaccc ttctagcttt     57840
     tagagtctct gttgagaagt cagatataat tctgataggt ctgcctttgt atattatctg     57900
     gcctttttcc cttgctgctt ttaatattct ttgttctatg gattttgtgg tttgattatt     57960
     atatgccggg atggttttct tttctggact actccacatt gtgttttata agctttttat     58020
     aagtttatag gcctctcttt ctttaagttg ggaaagtttt cttctatgat tttattgaaa     58080
     atgttttctg ggccttggaa ctgggactct tcaccttttt caattcctat tatgctcatg     58140
     ttaggacttt tcatggtatt ccagatttcc tgaatgttta gtgtcatgtg tttttttaga     58200
     tttaacattt tctttcactg ttgtgtcttc tattcctgag attctctctt tcatctcctg     58260
     tcggtgattc ttgaacctgt agttcaagtt atcttcccta ggctccagga ttccctcagt     58320
     ttgtgttttc tttattgctt ctatttccac tttcagatct tgcactgttt tatttattac     58380
     cttcactgtt tagttgtatt ttcctgtgta ttttccaggg atttgtttct tcttcaaaga     58440
     cttctatcta tttgactata tgttcctgta tttctttaag ggatttattc atgtcctctt     58500
     taaaggcttt tatcttcttt acaagatgat tgaatttaag gtcaatattt atttatttat     58560
     ttatttattt atttatttat ttaggtttta gtcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg     58620
     ggtgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct     58680
     ctgcctcccg attgctggaa ttaaaggcgt gcaccgctac tgcccagcaa aggtcaattt     58740
     cttgtgcttc agttgtgtta ggatatacag agctttctgc agtagggcag ttgtgctctg     58800
     ggggtgtcac cttgccctga tttttgttta ctgtgttcct ttgagggtct ttaggtatct     58860
     ggatgacttt ggtccctgga tgttcctgtt gtaatagtta ttgggagtgg ggttttaacc     58920
     ttgttggtcc tggaatggca ggcctctgat gggatccttg atggtatagt tatatatcag     58980
     caggtctata tggttcagga tccacaattc tgattaaggt gggcagaaag gtgacaggag     59040
     aatggtggtc ccccctggga tggcaggctg ctcaaggcag tttggtgtgc ctcagatgaa     59100
     gattatatgt ggtagtttta atgataatga actatcacac cattactgat gggaaaaaag     59160
     atattgagct tcacaaatta ctgcttatgc cattaactat gatatattca taggtctatt     59220
     atgcagtttt tgaaattaag aggagttaat tctacaaata ttaagttatt ccttgaacat     59280
     ttctaatggc ctgttaaata attaacttca atctgaaagg cacatttgac ctttgcttag     59340
     cttttttttt ttaatttcca gagcagttaa tggaatttat gtagtattct agactgtttt     59400
     aagtgggaat ccaaagcatg tgcaggaaag catgctcaga aggacatttg agatgacatt     59460
     taattgacgg ctgttgtggt gtgctttctt catctctcac aaatgcattt aggcttacaa     59520
     ttcctcattg tatcagtctt atgacattat agagaggaag ttattagatt tcgttcctat     59580
     taatatgaac attaaataac tggtctaaaa tttttaattc acatggtgct taggttttta     59640
     tcaagtacca tggaaattgt cttaattttg caagatgcaa aattaatcta tgtaccattt     59700
     catataatga agggatatct ggaatactaa ttaaatagaa cattttcctt ccaaaacata     59760
     aatgaagaat aattttatac tcaaagaaac ccagaatgat atatggaagc tattaagata     59820
     aaccaatttt taatttgtga gttaaatact aaaggaaact tttaaggaca cagcttccaa     59880
     aatgtaagaa aacctagggt cctcttaggt atgcatctac cttgagatat agaggtgggc     59940
     agagttcctc tgtgcactgg cttatactat aacacaaaag aaaagacaca aacaaaaatg     60000
     ttcacatgga agaggtctac catggtcacc cctttcctct ttagaacata gagatgccac     60060
     agggtagcac aaaagacaga agcatattga ccttgcctca aattagggaa agagatcata     60120
     gacagatctc ttatcaaggg gagatatgga caaaatcttt attacaaaat gtggttttct     60180
     cacactgctc ctaagccatg ctttttcatc ctgttattca tgttgccttt tcgatcatga     60240
     accatcgcat agacagtagc atggattctt tgtcttgagg tattgactca tctctctggt     60300
     tagcacttag gttggctctt ctatgtaatt ttcacactgc tttacaactg tgcataaaac     60360
     atgatggtgt tctctgagtg acagtcatga atctttagta ttgtgggagt ttagaggttt     60420
     acaattcaca ttgccatata aatccaggaa gatgttaaat tcaactacca aaatgaagtg     60480
     gcacaaaaca gaaacagtta tacctgtcca catatgtata taacattggc agaaaatgga     60540
     gaagctgata ttttacagat tagatgtgag gaaggctgat aggctcctga tcttttagct     60600
     tctatgtcac tttaaacacc cacatgtaat gatctgagag aactaagttg atccaaaaga     60660
     gatttcttct aggtctggat tgagaataag aacgtgagtg tgtagtctga tgaagaacct     60720
     ctaagttccg aaaactaaac agtcagcaga tatggggcag cctttaccag gtgaaatggc     60780
     tcttacattc ttataaatat atcattcttt gcagttactt aagcacaatt tctgtcctca     60840
     tttcttcatt cctgctgagt aagcttgaaa aagcacaagc ccagatactg gtgccttttt     60900
     gcctttcagg actcagatct gccgagcata tgtcccatag atgggagtga attacagtca     60960
     caatgagagt aatatggtat ggaagctcat ttccttttcc tgacctggca ttttgtacaa     61020
     aaagtcctta ttaatcatca tagcttttat tgaaacagtc taatggtatt cacatggtga     61080
     gggaaaaaat gatagtttga atagcccagc aaatttctac tggagggctt tgtactgctt     61140
     tctctagtca ctgctaggga aactggaatc attctgaata gaagaaccct gtctcttctc     61200
     caatgagtag gagtgtcatc tcaggagtgt ggtctatgtt cttcattctt tctgtatgct     61260
     cacatcaagt ggcatagttt cagtatacag gaccaagtgt tttcaatgga aaactagaga     61320
     cccacaatag ccgtgattct acccattatt tcctggattc tgaaaataat agctgagata     61380
     aatgacaaaa actttacaat gctaaaatta taaattaacc tctatgatag attcattagg     61440
     cccatccttt gtaattgtat gaagttaatt aagataatgt ttccttatgt ttccactaaa     61500
     ctttgaaaac ttcagaaatc atgcaaatta ccagtgataa aatcattatt catggttata     61560
     gcttgagtgt gtgcttttcc atatttaact tttttatctc ccccaagtgc agagctaact     61620
     caaggatcta ttggaagagt agatgatttt actctactgt atgttaattt ttcttcatgg     61680
     gggaatgtta attcctattt ctatctattc ttaatatttt catccagaat aatgctgtga     61740
     aatattagaa taaaacagac aacatggtta aaatttaggc atgatattaa tgacttgata     61800
     aataaacgat gagccaaaag gacatattcc tgagtgagat gacaggtgcc tacaaatttg     61860
     aagatgtagc tttgatcagt tctgggtccc agactgtgga ctggtaccac cagatattag     61920
     caccaatttt ctctatttaa tgaatcaaag ctccccatca cagatatttc cagggtgggg     61980
     taatgggact tttagttgac taccaaagta aaggactaag tttattatag tacagcaatt     62040
     ggggactatg attttaggac tacagtttga aaactattag ccctgaaaaa ttggccatta     62100
     actaataaat atctagcctg ttattttagg tgtatgcttt agatatgatt tagagagtgt     62160
     ttaccactat ttttggtgat aacatgtttt aagacgtcat aatatgtact cacctttttt     62220
     attggaacct caaatactga ggttcatttc gcaaataatg actgtgagaa atatatattt     62280
     gcatagcttc gatcaatggt gtattgaaaa taataggtac agtgagcact aggaatggat     62340
     ttttaaatat aaatgtaaat gagataaagt aatcatccta taaactggct tatctgtatc     62400
     tatatgatgg tggacattta tgtgagtgtg ttgctattct ttgcaatagt ttcatatatt     62460
     ggaaaacaac aacaaaaaga gccaggaagc taagtaccag cactcatccc tttctgcccg     62520
     ctgactgtga tgcgcgctca agctcctgct ccctcatccc tttctgcccg ctgactgtga     62580
     tgcgcgctca agctcctgct cccatcattt ccccaccacg atggcttgaa gccttgaaag     62640
     gagacccaac ataagtcctt ccttccccac ttaagttact ttggttagat attttctcgt     62700
     ggtaataaat aaaataatat taaccaaaat atctcagact gacaaaatag tattacatgt     62760
     tctgtctcct ttgagtatct ttgattttat ataaatacat atatgcacat atacacaaaa     62820
     tatcatatga aagtataaat gggagtttct tggggaagga aggagactaa caggaagtga     62880
     taggacattg ttcgagtaca cgatatattt aaatgaaaag acattttatg caactagtca     62940
     ctgtgtacgt caaatatatt gtgataaaaa taaaggggca gtaacagcaa gatgaaagtt     63000
     gtatgcttgt gtgtgcatcc atgctttgtg tgattgaggc cgtgcggtga cagtaggcgt     63060
     gggaggatgt ctgaaactta acatttcaag atgtttaaaa tgtaaagaag aatggagtgt     63120
     tttcaagaaa aatttactta gccctgcaat actatattta ccaggtacag aaatttaacg     63180
     gctgttaggg ttatattatt ttctatatct ttacttcttt ctcactagtg cattctctgt     63240
     ctattacgcc tttatacatt aggcattgga accatggtat aaggtacctg ttccttcttc     63300
     tgagtatatt caaacatgtt aaactagcat aaaatacaaa tttgtttttt tctatatctt     63360
     gagaactata cattttgaat cagtttttgt acatcctaat gaaacattat aatttttcaa     63420
     atatttttat ttgaattagg gaaaatcatt atactaataa aatgacattt agaacaagca     63480
     gttactagaa acaaagataa tgttgttatc aatcagttgt tccttttaga cttacagaga     63540
     tttgagacat tcaaatatat cattctattt gatctataaa ctccaaagca taaccaacat     63600
     attctagaca tctagatgag gcattcgaga tacaaatatg agaagtataa tgtaatatta     63660
     ttttgaaatc ttgttttgaa ctaggcactg ttcaagtatg gaattacaga agcaaagttc     63720
     atcaaaacaa taaatgattt ctcatcgtac aatttctacc ttactttgaa ataccaaatt     63780
     tttaaattta ctactatgct aattggtggt gagtgatcta tatatctcta aatggttcct     63840
     tatgaagact gacactagaa agcaggagac aactgtgtct atgagagaaa atgtccctta     63900
     agtgaaaata tgtgagggat agggacagga agtgggcaag gcttgggctt ggtatgttcg     63960
     tggacattgc aagaacaaaa gtaggaaaag aaagtgagca aattaagtta gaactgacaa     64020
     aagcaagagc cagagcaagg cattcagagt atccttagaa gctgaagagc aaagtgtggc     64080
     ctagcagtca taaagttcag tttactgacc ttaaagaatc agtaaaggaa ttggagcaat     64140
     aaccaaatgt ctcaagccta gaagaaaata ggaagattcg attgagacaa gggacataga     64200
     acaagaaata ggtagccttt aaaatatgag atacgacagc atttttgaat gttcatgaga     64260
     atgagctaac acaaagagaa cttattactt aatgaagaga ttcatctttt ctacagtaaa     64320
     attcctgaat tgcagacagg atatgtaatc taagcaagcc ccagaagaac cacaaagtct     64380
     ggtgggtaaa gagttaactt gccaaccata aaaaggagag agaacagggc aaaggtcaca     64440
     ggaagatggg ctagcagtgc tggtggtcag agaactgagg catcacagga catcatgtgc     64500
     agcacttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tgcttgattt ttctgaaagt tgataatatg     64560
     tgaagtagat acttaagagg tagtggagaa aaataagttt gtgataactg tcgttatctg     64620
     taatgaacag ttgaaagcat taaatgggtc tgaattgcat atcgtatttt ctcagttgga     64680
     tcattttgca aaaatgaaaa agtcataaag agtttcatgg caggagttag acaatggagt     64740
     tatacagcta aagtttctgc tgtgttctgt gtcttttttt gtttgttcgt ttttgtttgt     64800
     ttgttttttg agacaggatt tctctgggta gcctttctgt tctgaaactc actctgtaga     64860
     ccaggctggc cttgtactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggttaaag     64920
     gcgtgttcca ccactgcctg gcctgtctgg ttcttttaca tccacccatc agaagggttt     64980
     tttctttttt ttaattacaa acatatgtgt tatcttcatt gtattttaaa tctgtaacct     65040
     aatgatttct gtagaaataa tttctaagac taaaaatgcc atgacccagg agttccttga     65100
     ctgtttttca agtggtacaa tcattggtca tgagctccaa gaatagctgt tgtcatcagg     65160
     ccaagtcaac cctttgatat tttcatttca taatttcagt ctaccgggag acaacagaac     65220
     aaggcaattc taaatgtaag gacctcaaaa atgattcaca ccatcccaca ttatcaaaga     65280
     tgaaaagcgt acagaaggaa aactgactca atattcaata tcaacatctt cagtgcaaag     65340
     aatggaaagc cccatctctt ctacccctct gtaccaacac cagccattta gcagttattt     65400
     atggtaaata atctgtttga aacacttccc ctatttttga ggactactaa ttactactgg     65460
     ccccctttta aatctattac attctcacta tgagtaaaat aacttccctg aaatagagta     65520
     ttggtcatga gattagctgt ggaggtgatc aaaacagtaa agtgggaaac aggtatccaa     65580
     actcaggcag gtgttttgca ttgcacactg gaatatctat ggctcaccat atcccagtgt     65640
     acactctctt ttgcggttga gaagaaatgt tccaaagtct ctaaacatta ttaggagagg     65700
     aaactctctt tatcctgttt tgatctgaga aatatgtgtg cttgtgttga aatattaaac     65760
     tgaaccccat taaaatgtat atatttgaag ctaactaaaa agtaaagata aactatgaaa     65820
     agactatgtg gtggcaagct ttacatgaga agtagtatat tagaaattta cctggattgt     65880
     gtggaacata aatttaagtt gttaggcttg atcataaaat ttagatggta aacttaacaa     65940
     aattttctcg agaggaaaat gttccaggaa atgcagactt gaaatgattc tgaatagatc     66000
     tgctgtacaa tgcctagatc tcattcaaag gtttggttag gtttcagggt ttgtgtctcc     66060
     atttgatttt cacagattca aattaattat gtatttgttt attatttgca aaaaggccag     66120
     aagctcatct gtagttaaaa tgcccgacag gatctaggag aaactaagga caattaaaat     66180
     atatatttac ttgaaatata tgtttaaatt taataaagtg aataacattt accaaccttc     66240
     tccatgttgt ttgcactttg aactgatttc caattcatca tcacaaagaa taatggttta     66300
     tttgcccagg gaaaacaggg tctcaataat gtaatggata tagtgttgca tttctgtagg     66360
     aagaggtgcc acacattttt aacaataaaa agaagcctca cttgttaatg cagaacttta     66420
     ctgtacattt ccaaacaaaa tgaagtgtaa agaccccacc ccaaccctga tctaatactt     66480
     tgcattcgca taaattcatt tctccctgcc tttggccagc cgggctgctt acatagcatg     66540
     tgagttgctt ctattaaatg ctattgagca aatcacatcc tccatgctta tcaaatgaca     66600
     ggcagtggaa tttggtaatc ataggaaaac aacttctagt tgggcttatg aaacgaggag     66660
     agccctagat tgcatttgac tttcaaatgt tgaaatagag ctgagaacca tgctctttct     66720
     cagagaaggt ctggcctttc ctcaccaagc ctaataaatg cccaagggaa agaaataata     66780
     agccctccca ttattgtcat gggaaaacta aagtagcagg ctagacctac aggctacatg     66840
     aatgctactc actgtagatg ttgttagttt ttatttattt ttttaatgtc tattgggaga     66900
     gggggagaca cttaggtggc gccatgaaaa cggcttaatt agcttatcag tagctctgtt     66960
     aagactttcc accacctgac cctacataat agctgaggcg cacacatcat gctttctctt     67020
     tcatgtgtgc aagatgcaca aagactttaa aaccacagat tttgtgatgc tgtcttaatt     67080
     ttcaaacagt attttgtagg atcttcaaac agctagaata agcaaagaaa aatatttttt     67140
     taattgtgta agttttatat ttcacggttg tcaaggcaaa cattatgaaa agctgatgat     67200
     gaagtgtcat gtttcttgta ttataaatgt ccatccaccc ccactatttt agtagaaggt     67260
     acaaatttag agcaacattt tataggagat aaggcagttt gtccagaaat gtgtcagcca     67320
     cttcactggc ctctcacaca atgttccaaa agaatataat aggaaaatgt atgtttatgt     67380
     gaaaatataa aactcaaatg aacaccaagg agaattttaa taattgaaga aaattacact     67440
     gagagccaaa cttgtctgct gtttcataca aaggttccct attggcttta attgcctgca     67500
     tcatcaccat ttctgcatgc cacttattat cctccatcaa aaatcaagaa acttttcaac     67560
     gtctatacga ttacagagaa ataaaatcac ccaccccctt ctttgagaca gggtctcccg     67620
     tctgtcatga aactcagtat atattcaagg ctggctttga actcagagtg aactgcatga     67680
     agttagtatg ccactaagtc cagaaaaatc aaaaatttaa agctctctat taaatgttat     67740
     ctgagccaat aacaaaccat tctaaatctc tttaaaattc agcttttaat catataagtc     67800
     aatgaaaaac actagttgga aatttataac tattaagcat aaataaatga atataataca     67860
     aaagcattcc aaagactttt ctccaccagt actgaaccaa acgaacacat tttcagtcag     67920
     ttcccaacca ccactgtgta aaactgtatt gcatttttaa gcattaatgt agctaatttt     67980
     ctccatgcat acggcccagt gcaatgcgtt gcctttcaaa agctgagctt aaaaatcata     68040
     tgattaaaaa tgaatttaac cagataatta taatttcctc tgtaaatata tatctcatac     68100
     acacacacag aatttctcat agttaacata tatacctatg tttaaggata catgcatgta     68160
     tattcagttt tacacttcct ctatttttat ttttaaattt atttttcaca gttttaatta     68220
     aaataaaatt acaccactta caccatccct ttccttcttc ccatcactga cttgcctttt     68280
     ccaatctcaa attgatgctc ttatatctcc tctttatatt tgagttccat caattctacg     68340
     gtaattacat aattcctttc tcttaattga aatctccatc atttactgag aagaacatgg     68400
     atccaatgtg tccatagttc ttcagattta aattggaagt tagggttttt ttttattaaa     68460
     atacagtaat atgtgttcaa ttaaaaactc ctttggccac acactatttt ttttacagtt     68520
     catttctgtg gaatagatgg aatattaaat gctcatatga atttcaatgg gaattattct     68580
     ctaaagtgaa cataatggaa tttggaaata agccatattt aataactgac tgtataatta     68640
     agtttttatg tgaggatgta cctcatgtta aaatacctga atttaagcac ttataaatat     68700
     cttctgcatg ataatttcta aaaaattaga ttaaatgaat tgtcagtcaa atttttgtaa     68760
     aattaatgat cctgaaatgt attttctaaa ggaaagttat gacaccagtt ttaccagaat     68820
     gcaaaatttt ttgagacttg gtggctaatc acatatttgg atatttgtaa ataggcttgt     68880
     cgcaatacac agtacattgg agagaaagga gtaaaagttg tatcctttag ctgaaaatgc     68940
     agtctacctt ttgtgttctc catcctcaag gagaggaaga gcagaatgtc actttgtttg     69000
     ctgtaagcaa ctgacaggag aaagctggga atcatgattg atctaatggc cattggttca     69060
     ttataaaaat ggtctctagg aactaagtct ctctagactc tcacattcat caggcgtctt     69120
     gtgacgtcgt aacattggcg gtgactaaca gcttgaggcc tttttctgtt tcatggtctg     69180
     attgtgacgt cataacattg gcggtgatta acagcttgaa gcctttttcc gtttcatggt     69240
     ctgattgttc tactgacaag aatactttca gtgtatcaga agctcagatg acagggattt     69300
     tgtaatgatt cctggctaaa taccataact ggacttaaat ttctccactt cctactcttc     69360
     tgcagagctg gcaaatataa tatgctgatc accatattgc tgtattactc atcagagcaa     69420
     gggaaatgac atatttcgtc tactattatt tgagataaaa ttaaactgta atgatgtgtg     69480
     attcatggat gtaataattc attaaacaaa tatttattta gcaatttgca aggaattata     69540
     tatggctaag agaaggaaac ttttgctttg ttaaatattc agtaaataaa gaaaacctct     69600
     attcagacac agccatcttg gaaagataca agcagtatat tagtcttgta gaggctgtgt     69660
     ttaacattag aagtctgccg atgagccatt cttgtatttt acatcgtagg ggaaatatat     69720
     cataatttgc tctcttcagt gaggacatga cagcttgtgt cttcctcagt cagacagtct     69780
     gcagcatctc cattactaat ggtagctgaa gaatttctag tgcctggtgt atgtgactac     69840
     agaattacat ctcaagtctg tttgatttca tcaagtagga aaacaatacc tgcaactact     69900
     ggaggacagt ctgtgggtga agctcacttt gccatcgtaa gggaagatag atggagtatc     69960
     tctttccagt atacattttt ctatatgatc actattgaat gttttcaggt atagagagag     70020
     gaagatcaga gggaacaaaa agacaggaag aagagacaag catgataata atttttctat     70080
     atgatcacta ttggatgttt tcaggtatag agagaggaag atcagaggga acaaaaagac     70140
     aggaagaaga gacaagcatg ataataattt ttctatatga tcactattgg atgttttcag     70200
     gtatagagag aggaagatca gagggaacaa aaagacagga agaagagaca agcatgataa     70260
     taatttttct atatgatcac tattggatgt tttcaggtat agagagagga agatcagagg     70320
     gaacaaaaag acaggaagaa gagacaagca tgataataat ttttctatat gatcactatt     70380
     ggatgttttc aggtatagag agaggaagat cagagggaac aaaaagacag gaagaagaga     70440
     caagcatgat aataattttt ctatatgatc actattggat gttttcaggt atagagagag     70500
     gaagatcaga gggaacaaaa agacaggaag aagagacaag catgataata atttttctat     70560
     atgatcacta ttggatgttt tcaggtatag agagaggaag atcagaggga acaaaaagac     70620
     aggaagaaga gacaagcatg atccacaggc accacaggca gcagcattcc agcagatatg     70680
     cgaaaacaaa aattgagagc ttaaggaata cgtcccattc aagtgaaacc agaagaaagg     70740
     aaattatgaa tttgcaaaac attatttttt gcagttccag agataaatat tcttttaaat     70800
     accgttaata taaagataat agacatgctt ttttttggga aaagtgatta tttgtataac     70860
     tctctttagg ctataattgc ctggtaacaa gcctaaaccg ccttatcttt gcacaggtct     70920
     ggcccagacg cagtgctttc tgtccctctc agaatttaag gggctaagta catgtaacac     70980
     actcaatgat ttctattctt gtggtggttg tttgtttaaa tttatgttta ttgaaattct     71040
     tcatataata ttttctcaaa atattgcttt gtagggggag tttttacatt attggtgctt     71100
     tgcttgtata atgttatttc tgattttgtg ctcttttgat gtgtgtatat gtgtaagtat     71160
     gtggttcttt ggtttttctt tctttccttc tgttctttta tttttaatat acctgtttgt     71220
     tttctaaagc aagaaataca gtagagttgt gttgggcggg gtaatccagg aagaaatgag     71280
     agagaaaaaa acagttattt ctgacaaact ctcaatagat ggaattatag gaatctttaa     71340
     cttgtggttt ggaaaaataa aattatttga ggacagaaac ctaatgagat aatttgggaa     71400
     ttgaaggttt tttcataatt ttcataattt ccttgcaaaa ttactgttta taaaaacaca     71460
     aagattgaac actgtgttta tagaacaagg gtagtttgtg agataaaact aaaggtgaag     71520
     tcaggcttaa cacagaaagt agatgcaagg cagagagagc taaggaggac tctggacaga     71580
     ggatctcatt ccttgaccat ggttatattt tggagtaaag gaagccagtg cttaactttt     71640
     tggctgagtg gacataaaga ctgtgctgtg aattgctggt ttaactccta acagtacaca     71700
     caggaatcca tctgtgaatt gtgcgcagag ctcatctagc aactctttaa agggaaacag     71760
     cggcctcagg agaccctgaa agataatcag atttttaatt aaaagtagat atgaaaaatg     71820
     gtgatagagg gaattgtaaa ctgaagggaa atttgctttt tgttagcact aactacagat     71880
     atatctcagc tctgaacaga acagaagtgc agaatacatc ccgttgttta atcttacaca     71940
     ggtacaagaa acactagaaa gaagtcaata gctacttgac atagtcaatg atattctcaa     72000
     aatcacttat ttctgagaag atattttaag gaaaaatgct agctagctct gcaaatacat     72060
     aagcttttac tgtacctttc ataaaaaaaa aaatttcctc ttccctgttc tccttttttc     72120
     cctcctttcc tcttcctcct tgtcctcctc catcaagccc actctataaa ttatctttaa     72180
     ccacaatgcc aatagaaaac cttctacctt ctctgattca acaaatggta tgtataagaa     72240
     taaactgtgt taagccgatt gtggaggtac attcttttaa tcccaacatt tgtttgataa     72300
     aagcctgatt acatcataag tttctttctc actgtgttca ctcaaggata tgttgggcct     72360
     caacaccaca ggaccctgaa cctgattact attcagacct gtttactctt cagctgaaag     72420
     tagcatctga ggatgtcact ggtgacactg tgcggtgtga ctgactacat ttacatagat     72480
     ttccttcaaa taaagtaact ggatctaagt actctatcat ttcttttccc attcattctt     72540
     ctagaattaa agtttctttg tcgctctttg tgtgtaaaat gcatgttgta atgtttattt     72600
     ctttggaaac catatgatta catctactgc tatccttgta ctaagtatag cgcagttaat     72660
     ttaagcaaat tgtggttcct atctactatc tatctatcat ctatctttct actatctacc     72720
     tatctatgta cctagcatct atttgtctat tatctattta tcatctatca ctgatcatct     72780
     atttgcctat atatagttat ttgtctctat ctatcatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     72840
     tctatctatc aatctatcta tctatcatct atctaatcta tctatcatct atctgtgatg     72900
     tttttcttaa ggaagtgtct agaagtatca gcatcatctg agagcttgtt ggaaagagaa     72960
     agcttagagc agaccatatc aacttaaaaa gtctacattt atcaagatac tctgtaacta     73020
     taatctgtat tcactgtagc atagttattg tgaattgtga tgtattatat ctggctgaac     73080
     tgtttcaatg gaaagtaaca aagataaatc acagtgaata tgcccaatac tttttttttg     73140
     ccagtaagca ctgaaaaaca aacttgtctc catgtcatca cctttgtata tcaggcacca     73200
     ccaggtgctt atctgtttgt tgaaacatac gatttaatac ttacagggta taaatacaat     73260
     caaatagtgc cctctaaaaa ttataacatt gccactgatg tcattaaatt ttattggtta     73320
     ttttatttgt ttacatttca aatattatcc cccttcccgg tttcctctca gaaaactccc     73380
     tatcccatct tccctcccaa ctgcttctgt gagggtgctt cccccaccca cctacccact     73440
     cctgcctcac catcctaaca tttccccacc cttgggcatc aagctttcac aggaccaagg     73500
     gcctcccctc ccattgatgc cagataaggc catcctctgt aacatatgca gctggagcca     73560
     tgggtccctc tatgtgtatt ctttggttaa tggtttagtc cctgggagct ctggggggtg     73620
     tggttggttg gttgatattg gtgttctccc tatggggttg caaacccctt cagctcattc     73680
     agtccttcct ctaactcctc cattgtgctc cccatgctca gtcccatggg tggaagagcc     73740
     tctcaggaga catccatatc aggctcctat cagcaagcac ttcttggcat gagtaagagt     73800
     gactgagttt ggtggctgca tatgggatgg atccctaagt aggacagtct ctggatggcc     73860
     tttccttccg tctttgctcc actctttgtc cctgtatttt ctttagacag gagcatttct     73920
     gagttaaaac tttgagaagg gtggttgacc ccatccctca aatgggggct gtgcctaacc     73980
     tctggatatg gtctctaaca ggttatctct tcccttcact gatgggatta ttaaaaggga     74040
     cattgtttta ctacttttat atgagttgga attctgagtt ataattcaaa gtttgtgctt     74100
     gtcctggatt tttttcattg attgtatttt ttggtgtggt ggaagttact tttcatttat     74160
     ttatcctctc atcctctcat atgttatatc ccaaccacag tttcctcctc ttccttcctc     74220
     cccctaatcc cccacctact cctccctact catccactct cttccttcag aaaagggcaa     74280
     gactctcagg gatattagca aacatggcat atcaagttgc aattacatta ggcccctccc     74340
     ctcatagtaa ggctggcagg aggaggataa aggtcccaaa agcaggcaaa agtgtcagga     74400
     ttccttgaac tctacctaat gttaagcacc ggatccctgt atctttttcc atcagctgct     74460
     ggatgtagcc tctatgatga caactggact atgtaccaag ctttgaatac agcatacagt     74520
     gtcaggatga agtttccaca caacttatat gtcaccttta ccactgattg ctaacagaat     74580
     ggattgtagg tgaaaggttt tgtggctggg ttggtgtccc aaactcttca ctaggaatct     74640
     tgcttcgtta taggagaaaa cagaggtttt gttgttgttg ctgctgtttt ttttttaatt     74700
     attgaataaa catttataca cagatgtgaa catactgaaa attacattta gaagaaatat     74760
     ataatctggt tttttgttct tcaatatcat gggtaagtga gacagaatta gaaatttgct     74820
     gcaaagttat tttcacagtt ttttattgtg cctgaaagta tttatctatc tatctaaatc     74880
     cataacaggg tcaaaaattc aggaattggc cacattaagg atgtaaaaac tcattagttc     74940
     ataaattgac cagattccac aggaagcagt cagagagaaa tcctctgtct taccagtatg     75000
     aactgttgca ggtatttctg ttaagtctta atggatatag ttataatagt tgaaaatgac     75060
     ttgatgattt attatttatt tcagtttata ttttcataat aagccgttag tgtactagag     75120
     acaggcagac atctaccctc tgtgttactg tatctacttc tttatcaaca acccaagtta     75180
     taacttttgc catattccat ctgggcagct cttacctcca attcaccaga ccccaaagcc     75240
     atgtttttat cattcactta ccctgtggtc ctcctctgac ccaaatcctg ggaaccaaca     75300
     ctctacctat ctcacttcag cctttctggg gggcaagtta catagtgtca cttgggtcat     75360
     gtgagaatct cctcttccct gggtgcaacc aggatcagta tttagcatta caatatagag     75420
     caacagacca aacctcaaca atcccccctt ttttgtctaa atacaaaggc tccttttcga     75480
     tataataata aacaacagac aatagaaaca ctcatgaaac aattattaaa attattaggt     75540
     atgagctaag ttggtttgtc cagtctgttt gtatttggaa atctaggtga acgtgtttca     75600
     ttatctatcc catcttggcg agtttagagt tcagcattta aataacttta tatcctaatt     75660
     tttatcctaa tttgaaatat taaagtaaaa ttatcttctt agatctaaaa catcttccta     75720
     aatgctaaac aacctaaatt taattgtgag actgtaacta tttagtcttc aatcctatca     75780
     gagatttgag aaggaatata tcctttcaat ggcatgaatg gaaatttaaa ttgtagtttg     75840
     attatatgat caacaaaaga ttatgtatct atattttagg attatggttg gtccaggttt     75900
     tctgagcctg ggcttatggt caatgttaag gttcatcttt gctgctacta acaggatgtg     75960
     cccatttgca agtaatctga ttgtaggccc atttcttttc agaacaagac agtgtacatc     76020
     aaattaaagc agagttctta attcttggta tccattatat ttcagaattt tcagagcaga     76080
     aattcaatgt cacataaatt ctaatgataa cagtagaagc agaatagttt tatttcttag     76140
     actagttaaa atggaacctc tcaaatacag tcttccaaaa gtcatctgtt agtttcaaat     76200
     aaaaatgaag ttcagcactg agtttgcaat cacctgagtc aagagaggaa gctgagttat     76260
     aagtgaatct ttcatcttta atgtatgtgt gtatagcatg gcacatgtgt agtatgcaaa     76320
     gggcacttaa gggacttcct actctccttc cacgtatgac accaggagat tgaatttggc     76380
     ttgccatcct tggcagtgag taccaatacc tgctatgaca tccttttgcc ccatgaatct     76440
     atttcagagt gaacactgga gatagtttca tagaaaacag tcacgaacac tcagtaggta     76500
     gcagcctcct gatacacact acaaatattt tggagatgtc ttctcctacc atatgagtct     76560
     gtttatttag gttaaggaag gaaatggttc accctttgta aaaatattgg ggttttgttt     76620
     tatttgaatt attttttaca aatataaata cagcaattct aacccaattt ttttccagaa     76680
     aaatataaca atctataaga tttatatcac attatgaatt agtagggttt agaatgtaat     76740
     ggtttaactg tagcagacta agagtagagg gaacctccca aggaaagagc actgatgaaa     76800
     cctgcgagct gagaggagtc tcagtaaagt gctggcaagt gactttccct ttaataatgg     76860
     gaccaagaga ataataatta tcaggttgtt ctggtgaact ttgtgctttg ggtactaact     76920
     gaagagttta ggtaagtgta gaaaataaca tccaaattag aaagaaaaat taaaactata     76980
     tatgttggca gatgatttat atactaaatc ccagaaaaag aatcgtgact tttaaagtaa     77040
     aaacactagc ttcttgtgca tatgtatatg tgcatctgtg tgtgtatatg tgtttttttc     77100
     tctatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgtctgtg tatgtgtgtg tgactgtgtt gtgaagctgt     77160
     gaagaagtgc aaggccttaa gcatgctagg ctagtgtaca ttcgctgaat tgttttacca     77220
     gcccttatac taacttatga gagcagaaat gaaggtgcta agaaaccact tgcagaagtt     77280
     tagtctgtct gagattttct tacacatatc tagcagaatg ttgaatggcc aacagcagct     77340
     tgtcgttgaa cctcaaagta tgaaatgtgt tgctttgcat ctgccttctc tgttgtacat     77400
     gggaactctc tgttcttttg accttgatcc ttgagtgcca ttctttccaa tcattcccag     77460
     aaagcagtcc aatttctagg actgatacat ttagaaaata caaaaacaaa aaaacaaaaa     77520
     aaaaaaaaat ctggcctaga aactaagaat ctgagagtaa ctgaacaaga aaagtaaata     77580
     cagcattccg ataagatccc tgttttgtaa aagaaataca caggctgttt cctagccaag     77640
     gacaagactg ctgcttaagt gtttcacaac agttaacccc tttattgctg aaacattctc     77700
     tactgctcaa aatgggtatt ataaatttgc tgtgatctac ctaggcttca ggtccaaaat     77760
     gatagattaa attgcctatt gttttaagtg tcatttaaaa ttaaattatt cttcaaatgg     77820
     gaaattatca gaaaaaaata attcacaaga agagtcaaac acataatttg agatgaactt     77880
     tttcttttcc aacattgaaa cagaagtcga ttccttgatt ttcatattca aaaccttaat     77940
     tatttcaaca gttctgtgca taagagagaa cttagcaaga agttgccact tagttattgc     78000
     taatattgca tcaggtatag tgtgaatatg tactgtttta atttgttgca tgcattatgg     78060
     ttttggctaa gtaatattta tttgttgtgg tggctgtttt atgcatagta gaataactat     78120
     tgtgatacct ggcttctggc tgatggacac cagcactgtt tctccctatt ctgatgtcag     78180
     aacacctcgt ggggcatatc tttggacagc tgagaatttt ccaatgttac ctcatgtttt     78240
     ttaaaaggtt tacttatagt ttcacatata tattgataaa atacaaagcc cagggaggcc     78300
     acgtttttta ctcagacact tatctgatgc atgaagttgt catgcttgcc ttgaagaata     78360
     gatgcaccat cttgaccaac aaaatctcct gttttattcc cctccctccc ccctctctgt     78420
     ctctgtctct ctctctctct gtctgtctct tgtctctctc tgtctccatc tctgtctctc     78480
     tctgtgtgtc tctctcttgt ctctctgtgt ctctctctct gtgtctcctg tctctctctg     78540
     tgtctcctgt ctctgtctct ctctctgtct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     78600
     ctctttctct ctctctctct ctctgataga agttcttact atgtatccct gactagccag     78660
     aaactcacca caaagaccaa tctggcttca gcatttcaaa atccaccacc tctgcatctt     78720
     gtgtgctggg attaaaggca tgtacaacca tgtttggcta tattcttcct tttgatgaag     78780
     taatggagat ggtaagaaaa aagacactag actttaaaga aagccagtga gcactgctct     78840
     gctcctagtt cagaaagtgc tagaggcatc ttgttgacct catagtatag tccttgtctg     78900
     tcatgtaccc tgttaatttc ctgttgtgtt gtagtaaact tgtgcatcag agtggctctg     78960
     ctgattgatt ttgggaagag acctcacaat aatgtccctg aattcctgtc ctattaatgt     79020
     aaatatgagc tgataaagtt ctggagatgt tctgtatgtc tacaaatacc actttggatc     79080
     tgatgatctg tggcaccatg tgcgaagtac atacaatatg ggccatggtc acctgtaaat     79140
     atcagattat cagattttaa atctgattta agcctagagt tttgactaat tttagtttta     79200
     tataccagtg tttctttccc ataagaggtt actgaacatt ttctcatcaa acacttaaaa     79260
     tcggtggaag gcaaaaaaaa aaacatttct tatcagcact gctttcctgc aagtcatttg     79320
     tgtgtttcaa taaatccaac ttttacctgt tgaattctgg agaaatcata agcccacagt     79380
     ttagtctgct actacaaaca tgaataagac actatagaaa ttatttacta atttctttaa     79440
     gtattcactt gttcagttat tatcaattcc tggccattca ctagatttct ttcaaagttc     79500
     taggtggaag tgaactattg cattttctat aaaaatgatc ttgggagata taaaagtcag     79560
     tgtcttcacg caatgaattg ctctcaaatg tgatgtcgca cactgtctag ctgcctggct     79620
     attcaccaac tgcttaatct cttcctgctt tttctttaaa catacaaata cataacctca     79680
     tacacatata aatgggacac tactctttca cagttaatga tctttatcca tgatcttctg     79740
     gcagagacta tatgaacttt taaggtatga cttatcagtg aaattcactt gccaactggt     79800
     atatttttaa tatctttttt ttaaaaagca tactttaatt ttctctttct atgaaatatg     79860
     atgactaggt agaatatctt tctaaatact gtgacatcac tacttatgga gtttaactca     79920
     cttatctgta attagtccta gaatttcact gaagaatggc acagggcttg tggcagaaag     79980
     agataggcca tgcttctctt ggcttttttt atgagcagcc ttgtgaattg tgattttttt     80040
     tatcctactc aaaatgtgtc tattatataa ttacatatag tctttgcttt atatctttta     80100
     tggggatcaa ttcaggttag catggagtct ctgtctctgt ctctctctgt ctctctctgt     80160
     ctctgtctct ctctctgtct ctgtctctga tggttactga ttccttactc ctagtttacc     80220
     tcctttgtcc tctcccacag ctgtccttta ctgcccataa tgcaccaaaa ctataagtag     80280
     gtagccatta ctcaatagtc atatgttttt cattatttat ctcaaatcac tacctactgg     80340
     ctcctctata tctcaggaat actttcatct tgacctggtc agatgaccct ctgtaaggtg     80400
     taatagtctg gctttgccat caggttcttc attttgttat ttgtgttctg acattgaatc     80460
     tggttttagg tactaaaggt ctttctctgt gaacgcacat ttaacagaaa cttcaactct     80520
     gccttggttc tcaaaacaca aagaagagaa gctcaccttt gtatggcagg ctatgtgact     80580
     acacctattt gtccaggtga tggtccgtgc tttcttggat ctctgcccac tgtgtttctc     80640
     tcttctcagc cttctcaaca aattactcca cagggttgtg cctgccatga cccaaatcca     80700
     acccgccatt cttctgcccc ataaactgtt aaaccatctt acagtcagct ctgtgggcag     80760
     cattcatatc agtaacatgc tgactgtaaa ctgtgcagta aactgagtgt tgatggcaaa     80820
     caagaaatag tctggaagtt gaatctccta aacgtagtac ataaaattga aattgaaatt     80880
     ttgtgatatt taatttctac aaaagtcatg cttatcatat tactcttaaa taacaccatg     80940
     ttttattttt attacagaaa taataaattt ataagactag tgtttagttc tcattttaaa     81000
     tttggtcctt ggtcaattat tacatctaag gctactcttt gttgatttta tgtactactg     81060
     aatatggaaa ggaaccaata aggaagatta cagactttaa ctcatacagc tcccaagtat     81120
     ctgcagggag acagtgtatg tctctgttag ttctttttcc tttataaacc gtgataactg     81180
     aggcctgctg tgaaaactgt tttactaacc acacaggacg gtgcaatgtg aagcataagt     81240
     tgctgttttc ttctggaaga ttccatcttc atgggtcagc ttctctttaa agacaatgtc     81300
     aagtgtgaaa ataaggtgga agctctgttg aactatgata caggagatta aaaaagattg     81360
     gactgaagaa gagatttgga gacaaattga atgctagtct ctttcacaat gcatggtttg     81420
     gagcatgttt ctagaatcat cttagagaca tttgttttaa actagttttt catactcatt     81480
     ttaaaataag aaatctgtga tagcacaaag atgtctgata tgtctaactt ggtagctctg     81540
     agacccaaat ttgtgtattg gatgtagcga aagcttaaga gtatactttt tcctcttttt     81600
     tattagatat tttctatatt tacatatcaa atgttatccc ctttcctggt tccatttcga     81660
     aaacccccta tcttcctccc ccccccagcc ctccactcaa caacgtaacc actcctgttt     81720
     cctggcatta gcattcccct atactggggc acagaacctt cacaggacca agtgcctctc     81780
     ctaccattga tgactgacta gaccatcctc tgctgcatat gcagctagag tcatgagacc     81840
     taccatgtgt tttctttgga aggtggattg gacccaggat gctctgggag tattggttag     81900
     ttcatattgt tccacgtacg gggctgcaaa ccccttcagc ttcttgagta ccttctctat     81960
     ctccttcatt gtggacccta tgctcagtcc aatgtatggc tgtgagcatc cacttctgca     82020
     tttgtcaggc actggcagag cctcacagga gacagctata tcaggatcct gtcagcaagc     82080
     tcttgttgcc atctgcaata gtgtctgggt ttggtggttg tatatggaat ggatccccag     82140
     gtggggcagt ctctggatgg tcattctttc agtctctgct acacactttg tctctgtaac     82200
     tccttacata ggtattttgt tccccctttt aagaaggatc aaagtatcta cactttggtc     82260
     ttcctttttg agtttcatgt gttttgcaaa ttttatcttg ggtattctga acttctgggt     82320
     taatatccac ttattagtga gtgcatatca tgtgtgtcct tttgtgatcg ggttacctca     82380
     ctcaggatga tatcctccag attcatccat ttacctaaga atttcataaa atcattattt     82440
     ttaatagctg catattattc ctttgtgtaa atgtaccaca ttttctctac ccattcctct     82500
     gaggaggggc atttccgttg tttccagctt ctggatatca taaatatggc tgctctgaat     82560
     atagtgaagc atgtgccctt attacatatt ggagcatctt gtgggtatat gcccaggagt     82620
     ggtagtgctg tatcctcctg tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaactg cccaactgac     82680
     tcccagagtg gttataccag tttgcaatac cttcagcaat ggaagagtgt tcctctgaag     82740
     atttttttct taatgagaga attaaacatg aagggcaaag gaaatctgta gtcttttttc     82800
     tttttacgaa gtacctctca tcctagagtt tgatattgtt agattgtctt ttcatgccta     82860
     aattaatttg ttagttgtat ttatagttat aagtatgaaa aaatgtactt ttactaggat     82920
     ctcagaggtg gtccatcaac atgtttataa aggacttgtt ttagtgtcct aaaatgaaag     82980
     tcataggcaa gataatctag ctagaataat tgccatagat catacaacag aacttaaaaa     83040
     ttaatatagt tctatagtaa tgatataaat gataatgaga agaatgctat tattagaaag     83100
     ttctatgtat cactgtaagc aaatgctcat gtgtgtgggt attgggaaga ctaatgatgt     83160
     agtcagatgc ctatgtctaa atatagaagc ctcaaggctc tgaagacaca tttctacact     83220
     aacacaggtg ggcttgttga tgactcacat catgagagct gctatgttga tgacatagta     83280
     ctttggaaat tgtgaagaca ctcttggtaa atttttaaat caaaaaatct ttaagccagt     83340
     tcagatttac ataatagttt ttgtattcct tcatttaacc aacaggaaaa aatgtgtctg     83400
     aaatacttgg tgttcattta ctcagtgtta tgataaatat attgttattt tggatgagtg     83460
     tctagtgaac caattgaaag catcatggag cctactggac tgcactgtgc attgtaggat     83520
     gtctataact cctgaattct gctcactggc tttcagtgta accctttccc tgtagaatcc     83580
     cagattcttc ggttgtttta ttttctcttt catatataca tgtaaataat ttaaattatt     83640
     tttctgtaca tattaaaaaa gatttccttt ataaaatatt gttagtgcta atactaacat     83700
     aaaacaataa cagcattata gacagtgctt attgtttcca aaaggtggtg tctgttcaca     83760
     taaaatcaga aatgctttgg ggcaggttaa tgttttcctt tgtgcagtat aacaatatta     83820
     cctgctactg ccatgaaaag aagaaaacaa ttttaatgag aaatattttt tcagtcccaa     83880
     ataatgaatc tccacctctt ctgctacatc cttccctcta cataaatagt tagatggtag     83940
     gtataaataa tagataaaac aagtgacaga cagacagata gacagatgat agatatattg     84000
     attgacagaa aaaaactgat agataaatag gtagaaagat gataaataga tataaagaaa     84060
     gatacatgat tgatacatat gtgatagttg atagatggat ggataaggaa atagatagat     84120
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat gatagataga tagatagata     84180
     gatagataga tagatagata gaacttttgc taatggtaat cgtttttcct tttagacttt     84240
     gcttactttt attcttgaag agggaaaact catggctaac tcaccttctt atgatataat     84300
     aagtgtattt atacaatgac agctggcacc agaattgtca aataaggatc caagaaactt     84360
     gtgagaacat ggtctataat ttgatatagt ctatgtcttt taattttatg ttgctgcctc     84420
     aaaatacaca tttccatatt tacaattgca tagcttttct gtactgatta tttataaatc     84480
     tgatcttatt ctttggcatg tttagatgaa tagattgcag aggaaaaata atagaacata     84540
     gctatgttct cacactactt tgagaaaaat aataaattga aaaacatgtt ggagtatttc     84600
     tgttgctaca aaaagtctgc taggagctct ttctggcatt gttattctta ttagcatatg     84660
     aataccagta gtttggggtt gtttgtttgt tcatttattt tgcacatctt tgttttaatt     84720
     aattgccttt tactttacgt taatatcaat gtaagctaaa agatatctaa aggaagggat     84780
     aaatatcgat tgaattgtag tgtgttttgt tttgtttttc aaagtcttcc cctgcacttc     84840
     tccacttaag gagatacagg tgtaatataa ataaactata tcatatcaac agaagcccct     84900
     gtggctctgg gaaaatctga catccacaag tgcagcatcc agaaggttga gtgcatgcca     84960
     tgtttgggcc attgtggtgg aagctttcca gggaggtcgt tgtcttttga gttccaaatt     85020
     tttccaagat gtcaaaagat tctttccctg cagaaatagc gagaaactaa taggaaaata     85080
     aaggtttggg taggaaagaa atcttgttgt gtagcctgct ctaaggagtc agagaatgtc     85140
     aggactatgc caggaagaag ggggagctag tgggggtggg tattacttcc tgaaccaaag     85200
     tggaattatt aggtcagagc tatggctgtc tctactgtac attttcctca gttttatttt     85260
     gctaattgtt ttaatgatga tgtttttaag ggtgtgcttc tgtatgcgta tgtgtaaact     85320
     gttcagtcca gtctatttct tagtgtcatt ttctgcatct tggaagcaac agaattgaaa     85380
     tgaaggtaag tgactaaatt agacacattt acaaccaagc acagttgcat tctgtttgtt     85440
     taattaaatc ctttcattca ttattttatg tttcaataga atgattatac ttctgagccc     85500
     caaatgctac aattgaaaga gaaatgtgta gtaaatttaa tttatttata atttaattaa     85560
     atcaaatggg ctagctagaa caggtgtttt tagttcttct caatcaatac atgctgtata     85620
     atcctaatga aaattaaaaa aataaattat agattaatta atcacagtta ttccttaaat     85680
     tacatagaga gcagatctaa cacttttcta tgtttcttta ttcagtttat ttggtgttca     85740
     tgaacatcag aactcaaatt ggtgggcatg ccaaccccaa tttgtagaaa tgcctcctga     85800
     agactatctt agtgttctgg gaactcctca ggggaagtgt gccttttcgt tatctgtatt     85860
     taaaaattat ctgctcattc ttattaaatt aaactccaaa ttaacttcag tgaagtttgg     85920
     tccctggact ctgcagggca gattgaagga agtaggctta ggtagcaact gcctgaagga     85980
     gagctgtgta atttgcggct acactaaggc tcaaaaagtt ttgaattctt actgtcatca     86040
     ttgaagcctg ggttaggtga tttctgagtg ttgagaattc ttcatactac tcatttctaa     86100
     agtgcagaga tggtttaaaa cagaccaaga gccaccaaga gcaaacactg ttgacagaaa     86160
     ttgatataca cattaatatt tagaatttta atcttatttt atttcctgat tgcatgtttg     86220
     aaacatttta catcattatt atatatccat taagttttat tccagcaatt gtgaactctt     86280
     attgtatatt tttaatagct tttaacctca ataatttttt gttgttccac ttgttatttt     86340
     gctggattcc tctaaaagaa cacttacaaa ttaccagtga tcactgtata gaagatatgg     86400
     aaaaataata tttgacttca ttttttgaga tttggaattt ctataaattg tcatgaaaga     86460
     gtatattgat tctttcttaa cagaagtgtt acatgataac aaagcagtta ttaatgtcaa     86520
     aagctgaagc atatgtattg ggaaggtggg cacatctctg caagccggcg gcagctttct     86580
     tggagaataa tatctatggc ccttatagga aaagcacaac cctgaaggta cactttgaaa     86640
     tatctataga ttataaaatc tgccagaagt atgtaaaaat aactttagcc atcatttatt     86700
     tttagaagcc aatatttcat aatttacaga ggaatacata agtagctacg ttatatctct     86760
     caatgaatga agtcaataat ttgtggatta taattgcttg ttgaaattat agagtgatga     86820
     aaataaagtt ttcattaatt tgaggaaaat gtatattgtt aaggagattt gacgcttgta     86880
     tgttttactg ggggtggggg tcaaggaaca gccactggtg tcatcttgat tcgaatttgc     86940
     actttctcct tagcatttaa tagaaggtgg ttcaattaag atattaagga attttgtgat     87000
     atttggtttc tactgacaga tttttttttt taatgatttg gagtgatatc atctacagta     87060
     taatcttaac tacactacaa ctccatcctg ctcagtgtct gcacaacatg actgggtggc     87120
     ataatacaca tagtttaaag tagctcaggc cttatcgctg tgcacagaaa gaggttatga     87180
     tggtggaatg agtaattgaa ataaaacaga attttgtttg tttctgtata tttgaatgct     87240
     tggatattca tgcaaacatt ttgttataaa actagttcat aaaatttatt gtgaagtaat     87300
     agtatttata tcaaaatagc tgataagtgt atttgattat tttttaattt atttattcac     87360
     aaagaatatg ttcaatcctt aatatggact gatattcttc ttgatttcga ggtggtagta     87420
     gagggatgtc ttctcattct tacacttaat tctagaagtt aatatttgat tattcaactt     87480
     ctgaaatttg ttcttgttag tcaaatattt gtgttaggag aaacttctat attcaaataa     87540
     acaacaccta tagaattaat gatgcatatt gatccaggta atcgctgccc agtaactgtg     87600
     tcagagctcc ctcttatcat tagatagtac atgaaagaga gatatatgtc taggaaatga     87660
     caaaacatgc agttcttctg caagctggtt tcttgctgga tgatttaaat catattcagc     87720
     aaaagtgtaa atcactagga ttttaatcaa tttcagagtt tttagcacaa agttatttaa     87780
     gtctctgtga cttgttagta tcttcagtag atttgtttcc tgtcattttt ctacattcaa     87840
     ttctcaatta cttaagatat taagtgagca aagtcttatg ctgtttaaat cactttagtt     87900
     attatattga tttccataac ttgtctacaa gtaaaaaaac aaaaaacaat gtaagagtat     87960
     gaaattatga tatatgttaa taattaaatg agtatattta ttctttcatt gctaaatatc     88020
     attttaatgt tgctttttct agggtcaagg agtggaatag agcaataatc tgttttagcc     88080
     tttcctagtt tggttctgtg gaattatgtt gatagtcttt gcttataaac aaagcctcta     88140
     accagtaccc cggagctctt gactctagtt gcatatgtat caaaagatgg cctagtcggc     88200
     catcactgga aagagaggcc cattggacat gcaaactgta tatgcctcag tacaggggaa     88260
     ctccagggcc aaaaaaaaaa atgggaatga gtgggtaggg aagtggggga ggggagggta     88320
     agggggactt ttgggatagc attggaaatg taattgagga aaatatgtaa taaaaaataa     88380
     attaattaat taatttaaaa aaagaatcac tgggatgcac aaagggattt ggtttcttag     88440
     agtcatcatg tcatcttcag tcataatgag ccactgtacg tcaatggcag agggtacaag     88500
     tgttctaaac tcacttgtca ggaactcttg acaactgact tttcaatgtt catgctcaca     88560
     gtgtcagctt atatttctag tgtcctgtgc agcctttcta tacctgtggt cagagagttc     88620
     ttggcaaaca tcttcatgac taatatgcct tgtgttcact tgagtagtga gtcttaaggt     88680
     gccagctcca cagatcctct ctgtttagtc tttccagtac tgggcttcat taaatcagct     88740
     cgcagtgatt tttcacaggg tgccctctct ggttgtccct gaggagacgt gactttcagc     88800
     agttttaaaa catacaattg aaataattac tcttattact tcttgcatgt ttcaaaatac     88860
     cttgtctcca ccaaaaaggc aaacttcaat ctgccatgcc tttacttatt aactgtagag     88920
     aagcagagta acatatgctt tgaaacttga caaatgttat atccactgca ctccatttat     88980
     aattcattac tctcaactat gtgttaatta gtattgattt ttctgagaca atacatttta     89040
     gtactggaga attaggaact aggtcagagg ttgtcaagct gagtctctgg gttaggcaaa     89100
     gtagcatcac tggaacacag tcttgcatat ttatatctcc tgtgccttct ctcatatttc     89160
     agtaccacag tggaatagtt gcaaaaggga ctactacagt acctgaaaac cttaaaacat     89220
     taactgatcc tttctaaaga attttaagaa gtcctcatag atcggagcct gatctaaaca     89280
     ttgtatgtag atgtttaatt attcacattg cgctgtatgt atagagttac agtcattgag     89340
     aatacattct tcttaaatga agccttcatt gtagtcttag tgtaaatgtc actgctttgt     89400
     taatttatag acatccctgt gccgtaatta tgggtttagc acactgatgc agtagccaag     89460
     ctggcgtcct tcagcacagg gttatttcgt tattgtggct agaggcttta atcaagtcct     89520
     tttatagaaa acaaacaaat gattagcttt tacagtacag gcataaacag aaatttgact     89580
     caagaatttc ctaattatac tgcactattt cggaaatcag ttggtattca ctcttagcgt     89640
     tacttagtat acaatttcct ttggctagac agaagcacta tatagggtaa ggaaattctt     89700
     gaatgcggta aaactaagat tcaggttcac ttaattactt ttccccgtat ttcatcatag     89760
     gaagctagtt tacaggatta aagaaatact caggcattca ttgtatacag tttaaatggg     89820
     tcttattaat atacagttat ccaaagaaat aaatttaatt atcttctaat ttacaaagag     89880
     ggatactgaa accacaatga gacatgaatt gctcattgtt gtagaataaa gttgaaattc     89940
     tggattgaag gcataatttt gatatctttc aaagaaggct ttacaccatt ttctgtaatt     90000
     tatgtaacaa gtatctaaac tgggccagct catctcagtt tgcctttgct ctcaaagttg     90060
     tactttctct tgtgcatacc agtaggcagg taaatccaca ttcctaattt accagctcca     90120
     acttaccctg ctcactgctt taggcaagtg aaaaactcac ttctgaaaca agacctgcaa     90180
     gttccctctt aattctctct aaacacaact aaacctgtgt gtttggaatt ttgaagacaa     90240
     tcttgatttt aagagacgaa aagtggctct tgcgcgtctc ttttccgagg catctcccca     90300
     tctgattttt tagaaataaa atgctgaaac cacctaacaa gtaaagtttt ttagtactta     90360
     ttctaagttg tttagaataa atataaaaca tcattaaaat tttccttttt tttacttgca     90420
     tgcatgtttc aatgactttg cagcatcctt actttctaag agttactgca taattcttct     90480
     gtctaacctt ttgatttcaa aacatatcta catataaatc ttatctaaca ggatttatta     90540
     tggggtggtc gcctcaagtt cttcttactc agcctgtgga atatttccca gacaagattt     90600
     ggatgcaaac agagatggcc acgattcact cctagattgg ggcaaacaat ttgtttgttc     90660
     cagaagcttc tgtgggatac ttcttgtcta gaaagagaca tgttagtgtt tggagtttcc     90720
     aatttcttgt gacataaatt actaacttaa cactctagac cacagttact ttcatctgta     90780
     aacttaatat gaacaaatta cgtaagaatt taactctatt tgaggttggc aaaatgtata     90840
     tttgttattt ttaaatgcaa attctgatat gtatggtttt gtaagtcctt taaaaaatgg     90900
     gtggcaggca cactatcagt ggtttgtttg gggtgacagg cagcctattg ttgggttgtt     90960
     tggggtgaca ggaaggctat tcctggtttg tttggggtga taggcagcct attggtgggt     91020
     tgattggggt gacaggcatg ctattggtgg gttgtttagg gtggtttttt tagtgttcat     91080
     ccccacatgt atcttttaaa ttgggaatct gatgatgata agaaagctag tttttagttc     91140
     aaaactttat atgaaaagga aacaacaaaa aataccttta tttggattcc tgctgtcagt     91200
     tagggagaag agacagtagt ttcctgaagt ctcttctcaa agcaatttgc taactggaag     91260
     tgatgttcaa agcttcagcc gtgaagacaa ggacatgctg tactatacag ttgtgccttt     91320
     gattctgtta ttttaaaaat ttacagggaa tctctaacag attcatttta gttttagaaa     91380
     tctaagactc agccgggcag tggtggtgca tgcctttaat cccagcactc aggaggcaga     91440
     ggcaagcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagct     91500
     aggactacac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa aaacaaaaaa     91560
     aaaaacaaaa acaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaaaa aaacaagaaa tctaagactc     91620
     ataaaatttt gaatatgatt gtttcttagg tttattgatt ataagaaggt gcattcagaa     91680
     tttcaaaaac cctaaataat aataagcatc agatagcggg tggaaaatct cattatactg     91740
     ctgtataatc taagcaagaa tcagtttagt gaatcacaag gaagtcactg aagaatgcaa     91800
     tgaacaactg tgacactgat tgtggatcat ccacttaact ctgcatggtg aaattaaccg     91860
     cggaacaaga ataacaataa ccagtaccca tctccacgga cccagaaggc ctttgtttta     91920
     tttaccagat tagcatcact gaatgtatca atttaatatg cctaaataaa acatgtatat     91980
     aaacacagta tttattttat atcatttaat tagaatatat atattctaat atatatatgt     92040
     ataattatat atatatgtat atatataatc agatattgtg gaaaccattt cagataaagc     92100
     atatgttagc tatttagttc aagatgtaaa gaattccatt ttaagtatct tttttgcttt     92160
     ttatcatttc aaatctaaaa agccaaattg ttagataggt gaaaagttgt tgaagtctaa     92220
     ctgtgctagg gccttggagt ccatctggtc tgcatcccat tctagtcagt aaattacaaa     92280
     gtttattaaa attgtgcaac agctttgatt caaattttca tcaaaataat taaattttat     92340
     aaaaattgga tttatgtttc taaatataca agatataatt taattaccct gaataaatgg     92400
     tgcctatact tcacaggtaa aagagctttg tgattaaaaa taattttgac tcagttacta     92460
     tttaaatgtt tttcttatag tttggaagat ttatttccca cagatacact cagattagtt     92520
     tagggtctat gtgactaatt gatgagttgc tgaacatcgg caatatagag agaagatcac     92580
     aggactgggt atgagagagt ctgactgatg tttatagaat aatgaataaa gcacatattt     92640
     gtacccttgg atcttagttg tttctttctc cttgtgtgat aattattatg tcagtttatt     92700
     aagtgagatt acacaagatt aaagtgtgcc ttgagttagt gatgagtatc ttctgcatca     92760
     tcaactttaa caacagcctt ccttaagcaa taacgaccaa ggcaaaaaag tgggtggata     92820
     tatacccctt tgatgcctct tgattctctt aatagcttga gtggaacaga tactagaatc     92880
     ttacttgttc ttctccctcc aaaatattta ccgtcttact gctgtgacaa gttactatag     92940
     ttcctaatgg tgtagtgacc ttcagccaca gatttattat tgctactgct tcataactgt     93000
     aatttgctaa tgttatagat tgtattgtaa atacctgtag ttttggatgg tcttctgtga     93060
     cccctgcgaa aggttcactt gaattccaaa gagcttgcaa tcacaaggtt gagaactgct     93120
     gatttaagag cataatttag gatgatgcat agcgataaaa aggtttgctt gaaaaaaact     93180
     caccactaac ccagagttcc ttttatagaa gaaattaaga cagcaattaa aaagtcattg     93240
     ttacatatat atgaagcaaa tatatgcata tgtgtctatg tatattccta ctcatataca     93300
     tgcatgtaag cacttttcca ctcaaatata tattttcaga ctgcaggttc gacaatcttt     93360
     gctcatatat atttgttgtt gtaatttttt tgctcttcac tatacttata ctttcgaatg     93420
     ttcttacaat ttcaacattc tattttcaat tagtagaact gtttttaatt aataattatt     93480
     gtgtatgtcc ttttgttaat cagtccaaag ctatacacaa acatatacac acacaaacac     93540
     aaacatgtct atgcaaaggt tcttgaaaat acaatttgaa taagaaagca ttaattataa     93600
     tattatcata tcatggccaa tataattaaa tgagttttac ctcaacatac agtgccttat     93660
     gatttactaa gtaagtggtt ttacacttct gtgatgaact acactgtata tggaatactt     93720
     taaacatttg gcaaatgaat caagtagtaa atactaatta tttttaaaaa ggaacaggtt     93780
     ctctttaaat ccacatgaca gcacattata gatttcttct atctcccttt tcctgttctt     93840
     tctgagcccc cttttgggcc ttaatgaact gtatgttttt cagaaccttt ttatacactc     93900
     tgccaagatg tctaattact taaagatatg gtgtgatatc ttggttttgt ctatttactg     93960
     tagtgtatac tatatactat atattttcaa atatatttac caactttagc attctgtttt     94020
     ccattaatga atccatttta aactatttga tatgttcatt tattaatcag tccaaaaaca     94080
     atgcccatgc tgtgttatga gaaacttatt aatcagtgag tcatagttgc ttgtgtgcta     94140
     tttcagaaaa tagcgacttt tatacatttt tccctgcagt ttcctcagta ctgttactct     94200
     cagtactgta tgtattgaac agaatcgact tccattaaaa ttgccaatta tctaagcatg     94260
     aggtcatgtt acaagctttg ctcctagtac ctattatcaa tacaaacact atacataata     94320
     caagtgtttt ttttcctgta ataatatcag aaaccagtta aggtaattaa gttgatctat     94380
     taagacttac ttattatttt atgatcaggt aagctttgct tgatttataa gatgtaaatt     94440
     tgcattcaaa tagtatactg actttggctc ccaacatata tttacttctt ttaactaaaa     94500
     taaatttcag atgctattgt atgatttctt tcaagccatt ctcatgtcat gagtcaaggc     94560
     ttcaagtgtc cttacatact caaggccata aacattttta tttccattct gacatttctt     94620
     cttttattat tgtgcattaa tagaaatttg atgttactat cttataaaaa gggcatgctt     94680
     tgattactag tgatgagcat ttagtaaaaa taattctgta cgtcctgaat ttggcagatc     94740
     tatctaaact taattttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctg tgcatgtgta     94800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg     94860
     tgtgtgttgt tgtgtgtgtg tgtggcatat ttgtggtgta tgtgtgtata tgtgtgtact     94920
     gcatctggga tatgcccgtg tgagagggta cacctgccta gtcctcttac tgtggaaacc     94980
     agaagtcgat gttgagtgct ttacttgatc accctgcctc ttctctctgc tcccttttgg     95040
     acacagggtc tcacaccaaa cttggagccc accaactgat aaagctggct gatctacagg     95100
     tccctggatc tgtgtgattc cacagcttac actaggccag gcttttgggg gttcttcgga     95160
     atctgagctc acttcctcat gcatgtgtaa caagccctgt actgaccaag cctgttttat     95220
     tcagtcttac cgacactgtt tagcccatca ttttatctcc tgaccacttt tgtcactttg     95280
     cctcctttgc catcccccaa ttcatagttt cactttcaat cttatatgtt gattcagagt     95340
     tcttaagatg catggatttc cacataacaa ccccttagca ggctcagcct cctgaagagt     95400
     agaaggaact cgggactcac cctgacttct taccttcagc atttgctttg ctgctaaatt     95460
     gcagttctct agcaatgtgg atgcttctga ccacatggtt aattatctac aatgcaatac     95520
     tgaacaagag gtctgtttaa ttacaaggta gttctttgag tgattattct acaagaaaat     95580
     tctttataga agaatggtat gaagtataca ttttatctgc tctacaaata acctactatt     95640
     cctgaaaatt gtcatgaact gaaatttaaa ggcaaaaata tgggatgaca ttgggtggaa     95700
     tactgaagga gatgggcagt aatagtgggt aatcaaatac cacatggcta aatttaatta     95760
     tttaagaaat gaggcatatt caaaatgtta cgctatgaag cttaaagaaa aggacacatg     95820
     atttaaagag taatacttgt tcagacttga attagtcaaa ggcatttaaa ataactacaa     95880
     taaaaagttt attggattat ttctgaatta tttttattat tttgaaatta aaatgaaaat     95940
     accacatagt tttctatttt gcacacatac actaaccacg tccaatataa attaatgttt     96000
     tattttagaa tattattatg aatttgtcat atccctttat taacaaaata acaaagaata     96060
     cattcaactt actatcatta gatagtatcc gggacctttt atggcctttt taacttgcat     96120
     cactattcca atagaatttt ctgagttggc agaaatacaa tctgtgttgt tcatctgtca     96180
     aacagtgatc atacctggtt gccaattgtg tacaatgtgg ctgcaacacc tgaggtcaat     96240
     tattggtgtt atttaattct aactgaaatg ttattgttga cacatctttg ctgacctcta     96300
     tattgaatca tgaatcaggg gaatgctgct cttgccactg tagtatccca cacttataat     96360
     ctgaccattt ggaagaatga acaggaaatg aggaggcttt aatttccatc cttagctaca     96420
     aatacggaaa agagcaggtt tcaaaaaaac caagcagtga gcataattca tctgaagaaa     96480
     acttgaatta atctctattt ccatcagtac aaacattaac aatggaatca aacatataaa     96540
     gacgtctata tcttattatt tgtctgtaat aaatagaata actattttct gttgaagaaa     96600
     tagatgtgtt actagtggta atgtaagtgt atttattatg gttctcttaa tctaatttgt     96660
     taaattttat aacagaaaaa aatgaataat aaagcaaggt gcaagttttc tcataaaatg     96720
     caggacagtt agatgtatat cttcagacct atagttcagt gtaatggcag atgatggtag     96780
     gccaatgttt gtaagcatgt ttctgttgct cttgcttttt ttgtctagtt ttgtttggtt     96840
     ttggttttct aaggttggtg tttcaaacgt cttttaaagc tgagaagtag gaagattttt     96900
     ttttagttga agtcattatt atataatagt ctggccaaga aatttaaaga aacatatgag     96960
     ttatatagta aacatgtaat agcttaaatt ttaaacccca aaactgtatc caacgtatga     97020
     ctttcttttt ctgacagtct tagtaccatt tatacgttaa ataataacca tgtatgagct     97080
     ttctgttgtg ttactcacaa ggaataaaag tactctgagc tatatagagt aaacacttta     97140
     aggtgtctta tattagcaaa aatgaattgt tcatttatac tcatgcatgt tgcttaaagg     97200
     gagtgtaaca ttttaggaaa acattaaatg aggaagttag gtcaataaat gaacaggtag     97260
     aaacttcatt gctcaagcct atggtgttct cctacacaca gactagcact ggtgccaatt     97320
     aattggtaga ggctagttct caacttcatg tatgacttct ccagtgctgt caaacggctt     97380
     acattctgaa ggagcgattt tcgtctagtt tgttttgtaa aatattaaaa caaaatttta     97440
     actgacaaat gtacttaggt tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt ggttggtttt ttcgaggcag     97500
     agtttctctg tatagtcctg gctgtcttgg aactcattct gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa     97560
     actcagaaat cggcctgcct ccgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaatggcgt gcacaattgc     97620
     tttaattttt gttgctgatt catatactga aaatatagct tatctgccta gcttctaaga     97680
     gatttactat acaaaaaata taaagagcta tttcatcaga tgtgtttcta agtaaagtga     97740
     aagaataagt gagcctcaag ggaggctaac ctatactgga tgagatcagt gatcaaatat     97800
     ttgctgttga atgaatatat ccttttatat aatgtttatt agtattattt tattattatt     97860
     aatagtagta gtagtagtag tagtagtata tctcttttta caatccagtt cttatcccca     97920
     tgtagtccac cgccttctga ctgttcctca tcccattcct cctcttccat ctacaagagg     97980
     atgttcccac ccaaccccac ccccacacca ccaaacctct ccactccctc tcgcttcaag     98040
     tctctctcag gttaggtgca tttctctcac tgagaccaga ccaggcagtc ctctgctata     98100
     catgtatgtg tcaggggtct cgaccagcta ttttatgctg cctggttggt ggatcagtat     98160
     ctgggagatc tcaggggtct ctgttagttg agactggctg gccttcctat ggggttgccc     98220
     tcctcctcag cttcttccag tttttcataa cctaattcaa ccctaggcgt ccctggtttc     98280
     tgtctattgg ttaggtgtaa gtatctgcct ctgtctcagt cagctgcttg ttggacctct     98340
     cagaggacag ccatgttagg ctcctgcctc taagtacact atacagtaat agtgttaggc     98400
     catggatatc ccccttgaga tggatcccga tttgggccag tcactcaaac tcctttccct     98460
     cagtctcttc tccatttttg tccctgcatt tcttttagac aggaacagct ctgagccaga     98520
     gtttttgact gtggatggca accctatccc tccacttgat accctgtctt gctactggag     98580
     gtgggcttac aagcttcctc tccccactgt taggtatttc atataagttt cctccctttg     98640
     aatcttgaga gtctctcatc tcccagatct ctggcatatc ctagagggtc tccccacctc     98700
     ctacatcctg aggtttccat tatttctgct ggctctcggg gcttcagtcc tgtttcccca     98760
     atacctgatc acttgggccc tttagcttgt taaccttctt gagttctgtg gattgtatca     98820
     tgtgtattct gtactttctg ctaatatcca cttattagtg agtatatgtc atgtatgtcc     98880
     ttttgggtct gagttacctc actcaggata ttttctagtt ccatccattt gactgcaaaa     98940
     ctcaaaatgt cttaattctt aatagctgag tagtattcca ttgtgtaaat gaaccacatt     99000
     ttctgtattc ttccgttgtg ggacaactgt gctgtttcca gcttctggaa atcacaaata     99060
     aggctgctgt gaacatagtg ggacacgtgc cctgagacat ggtgaggcat cttttaggta     99120
     tattcccaag agtagtgtag ctgagtctgc agctatttcc agttttctga agaccctcca     99180
     gattgatttc cagagtgatt gcaccagttt gcaatcctac caacaatgga gggatgtttc     99240
     tctttctcca tatcctcacc aacatgtgct gtcacctgaa ttttttatct cagccattct     99300
     gactggtcta aggtggaatc tcaaggtcgt tttgatttgc atttcctgga tcctaaggat     99360
     ttgaacattt ctttaggtgt gtctcatcca ttccagtttc ctctgtcatg aattctcggt     99420
     ttagttatat aacccgtttt ttgactgggt tatttggttc tttggagatt agcttcttga     99480
     gttcttttta tattttagat attagccatc tatcaaatat ggggttaggg aagtttttta     99540
     ttttttccca atcagtaggt tgccaatttg tactattgac ttacagaagc ttttcagttt     99600
     catgaggtcc catttatcaa ttcttgatct tagatcctca gccattggaa ttctgtttag     99660
     gaaaatttcc cctgtgccaa tgagttcgag gctcttttct actttgtctt ctattagatt     99720
     cagtgtacct ggctttatgt tgaggtcctt gatccacctg gacttgagct ttgttcaagg     99780
     tgacaaatat ggatctattc atttttcaac atacagactg ctagttaaac cagcacaatt     99840
     tgcccagcaa aactctcagt caacatagat ggagaaacca aagcattcca gaacaaaacc     99900
     aaatttaaac aatatctatc taccaattca gtcctacaga tgattctaga atgaaaactc     99960
     caacacaagg agggtaccta gaccaaaaga aaaaaacaag atattaatta tctcacaaca    100020
     aagccaaaag gagaaaaaca catgcacata atgccaccta caacaacaaa cttaacagta    100080
     actaacaatc ctctgtcttt aatatctctc aatacagcag acaaaatttc ccaattagaa    100140
     gacataagct aacagactgt tagcaaataa tgcaaacagg atccacattt tgctccatac    100200
     aaaaaatata catcaataac aaagacagac actacctcag aataaaaggc tggaaaaaag    100260
     tcttccaagc aaatggtccc aggaagcaag ctagagttgt aatcataata tccaataaaa    100320
     tagactttca accaaaagtt attataatgt ttttcaaaga aagccaggta tttgggtctg    100380
     tataagaaat gctaggtttc ttttaagttt taaagacagt aaaaatttgt agactattct    100440
     ccccttcatt ttaagcagtt agaatgctta tgaataaata caattaggaa tctcagcctt    100500
     accattgatg ataaagcaaa gatttttcta gatgtgctaa cagtgtagga agaatggtaa    100560
     attatttttc aatattttct tcaactttag aaaatcaaca atttttttca attaattaag    100620
     agagttttaa ccgcaatgtt cctgctactt tcaacttgac aagtacagtt cggtttccat    100680
     agagtctccc tgttccttga gctctctgca tgacttgggt aagtcactca ggtttagaga    100740
     cctcactaca tgatggttaa agctgttagt agtagcacat gaaaaatggt gacgagtatt    100800
     ctgctgttag ttccttagtt ttatcctcct tttcgcagac tatagggacc acatccctta    100860
     agaatttctt aacattaatt tactcagagt tttaaaaaat gtacagtgtt tctcattgtt    100920
     ttccactttc attggaatgg ttgatataaa gaataaagtt ttagtttacc ttgatttcaa    100980
     ttattatgtt taggatatag gagcaacagt ttctggaaaa ctgccaattt acaaatatta    101040
     cctctgtctc tttgagtctg ttggtattgc attgatgttt acctgaaaag ggtgactgga    101100
     tatgtttaaa caccttgctg tcatcgtcta aatgattttc acttgtagag caaggaggag    101160
     ctcttcacac ctgttttctt cctggttcaa taatctacac taaaatatca ttagctattt    101220
     gttgttttat tagcaatatt ttagtctgaa ctgagagctt ctgggaagtt ttaaatctga    101280
     tctaattacc ttaacaagaa gaaaataaat ttagatgtgt tttagggttt tctacaaaat    101340
     ttttacatta accataaata ccagttcttg caaatacctt gaattttgca cacaaagcaa    101400
     catgaacaat gaaaacttct aaggagttta gaaagccctt ttattattca gtgtattttc    101460
     ttttttaaat atttaataaa tatgcataac tgttaatgaa tttaaaataa caacttgaaa    101520
     cagttcttac ttcaaaataa attctagttt tctgtacata taaaatacct aattggtaag    101580
     tcagtgatat tatataaaca gctttatttt atgcaatata tgcaaattta atttgttaag    101640
     cactaaattt agatttcttt ctataatatg gtttagtcat gttttatgca aacttctctg    101700
     aatttcattc caaaaatttt tttctttttc ttagaaaaat tcaacataag tgtttagact    101760
     gttctaagaa cccaaatcta gacaaatagt cacaagtatt ataagatttc tgtggtagtg    101820
     atttatgaac aacaacaaaa ccctgaccat ctcagagatg gtcaatgttt tctttagaaa    101880
     agggtcagcc tccttcctgg aatttggtga catagaaata tgtcaacact gcgaaaatca    101940
     aggtagactg tacggcattc tgtattacag acacacaggc cagaagactg ctattgatct    102000
     gattgtagag aaagctacac tgagtgctgg catcccaggt gtacctagaa ccatgagcag    102060
     acacattcaa aattatctcc cactctggtc ccagagcttt tctttaggct tgttaaatat    102120
     tcttatttca gactctcaga agggtagacc ttgctcatct ggtatagctt tctttggacc    102180
     attttgatca tggtggcaca gctcaggcag ggaaactctt gagaaacact actcagtgtt    102240
     acctgtcaat ctcatatgta agacacttat tactcaataa ttaatctcag tgtggttgaa    102300
     tggcttggcc agatgcatag cagacagtgt cataaccatt tcatgcaatg tctcatttct    102360
     aagttcaact cctgacatga atgtgcaaat accaaggtgg aagtcacttt ttattcaaaa    102420
     ctaaagaaaa caaaccagaa aacacttgca atggcctcta atgtaaagca atgagcttat    102480
     aatgtaggaa ttgctgaata tgttttatag tagtttgagc aatcattgag aagttcccac    102540
     aactgtttca acagcatcag taccacaaca gactaagcgc tcccctgtgc tttctgctgc    102600
     ccttgtcctc accctctcac tagtctgtat gagcctcaac tctgagatag aacattttga    102660
     attgcatacc caggtctctt taatttctaa aaagtgttag caaagctggg ctcatctctc    102720
     tccagctgta cttgatctgt agctttcctt tctctcctga gcagtgaagg agttggctgc    102780
     actcatggcc caggatcagg actcagaaca ggctgttgag aaaaccttgg ctaagtgctt    102840
     atttgtgtga ttttggaaca ggagccgagg ccatctgttt tttaaaaaaa tgctttgtaa    102900
     tttgcccaat tcttgcccag agctgtttcc ttcctcttgt gagtatccgt actggatgtt    102960
     taagcctcat tttctgtttg aagctcctct tgctctggcc agtgtttctc ttcctctggc    103020
     tgagcgctac ataaatccat agtctccatg attccctcca tttcttagtc cttgaagcat    103080
     cctcagacta ttgaggtttt ctaaaggctt tcactgccaa cactaaagga aataaaagca    103140
     agctccatcc tgtgccacca tgggaaccag accctttcat cctggaattc ggtccctgca    103200
     ataagggtaa agtctgaaga agcagtgtga ggagctagaa aatgagagga tggatgttcc    103260
     agattcattg catggcccag ggagtagaag tgtcgttttg ttcctgttgc ttgttatcac    103320
     cagccccagt atcacatctg tgtgacaagt taccttacta gtgccagttt gcatggaaga    103380
     gaaagagagt taaggacaat gaagggagcc aatcacaggc aaatgaaaga aaaggaggaa    103440
     acctaagtgc agaagagcat atgcctgggt ggttcctggt agctttgttg gccaaacatt    103500
     caggtctgca gcggcacaca aactgaccac tgctgcacat ctagatgagg atgttcacag    103560
     tattcaacaa attgatagaa tatgccagaa agtgttattt gtgacatttt attccaaact    103620
     ctgtttgctc tgcaagattc agtattttat tttttgagga ggttggcggg ggggcatact    103680
     gaaacaaata cattcatttt cttatttatt tttctttttc tagatgtata gacttagtat    103740
     taaaggcaga aactgtaaca gattttttag gccaaaaagg ggctaaagca gtctaaatag    103800
     cttcggtttc agcaccttca tcagcatgct aattataggc cagtaatgga gaaaacaaag    103860
     gaaagagaaa gctatgagag cttcttgtgt tctcaggtcc actttagcaa agccaccttg    103920
     aattttaagt tcactagaat gcaagtgata tgcacagtta agtgatcttt atcaatggca    103980
     tggtcctatt aaggtccatg attgtctcag cctgtccttc aagatgtttc cataaactga    104040
     cagccattac catcacctgt ggggagagac tctagttcct acactgtaac tattttagta    104100
     gtgccacctt catggagaat ttccatgcat ggatctgttg gaaggaagag aaggggtgtg    104160
     ggctcaggat agggagaggg atgaggtgtc tgtcctagat atccctagat atctggctcc    104220
     tcttggaatc ccaggtgact agtttaaaac agtggcttat ctgtgcaatt tcagccttga    104280
     agaaggatga cctgtattaa ataggcagac tcaagtagga atgtgacctg gcacaaagga    104340
     aaggagacag acaccaaata aagactgaga tgccagatgt tcatcttcta tttgttcctt    104400
     gtgggcccaa cttcgatctc aaaaccacac tgaaggcagc tcaggtcttg ataccacagg    104460
     gaagcagctt ctttgtgcta ttgtcaaggc tctttttctg tccatgcatt cttacaagct    104520
     aggagcaaaa gaaccaaaat gtcaatagct acactgcagt cgtaacttaa agagacacca    104580
     gacagtattc tgctggttcc ctttctgaca gcacatagat atcatttcta gcatgaaata    104640
     tttgataccc atttgcttga gagaagcttg ctttaaagaa atgaaatgga aattttttaa    104700
     aggtttcaat ttctaacttt tatacagcta gggagtacaa aagcaaggtt ttcataaatt    104760
     acagagtaat aacagtagag ttggttactg caagacctgc ccatgcacta gtacaattag    104820
     atctgcaaaa ctaagaatcc agggttttta cacgtgagag atttgtcctc acttgacaag    104880
     gcttacaggt aaagccagct tgatcacttt ttacttccca ttaaactgaa agtcaactgc    104940
     cacccctgta cactgcagaa tgccaaaact cagttccttc ctgttgctgg tcaaaaccca    105000
     gatagcattt gtttgcataa cagcatacac acacttgctg aagttgaaaa gaaaaaacaa    105060
     aatttcttct aattcagcat acactgttcc atgaaagaac aggctagagg gctagagaag    105120
     aagaaaatgc ctggggatgg attgataagt tacagttgca gcagcacttg aaatactgca    105180
     cagccgagcc tcagatccac gaatcggagc tgatcatagt cgagaaatgg gcaccagagt    105240
     gtagtgcaga atggaaggag agaacgttag cattttgctt tctatttctt ttcttttctg    105300
     ttttgttttg tttggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt caatgttagt tgttattaaa tctgaaaatt    105360
     atagaaacaa ggcaaagcca tctttcttct gcatgtttta catgaagtta atatatcccc    105420
     ttatattttg aactaatacc ttagctcttc gggaaatcca aatattctga gacaaatttt    105480
     cttaacgtac acaggtcagg attggttgca cattgggccc aagttgaatt ttcataccag    105540
     aggcccttca gttattcata ttctctgagt aagaatggag aaaatctgaa tgtcaggaca    105600
     tgatccacac actacctttg agcctttttc tcttctagca gtaaaagaat ctgtggcttt    105660
     tggatggacc caacaatctt agcctaagtc actactgtgc tcttcttttc cctacagcag    105720
     ttcagtaata ttagtggaaa tgattttcct caaacatgaa gggtttcttt tactttatga    105780
     agttattgag taatatttca aaaatgactt aagtaggaaa tagatttaca gaggcactgg    105840
     tttaaatacc ccaaacatta taatcatttt tatatttcta aattacagaa gcaaagtaac    105900
     atttaaatat ttttgcttat gtcacatcag aattcctatc tataagtaat gaattcactc    105960
     tatatagtaa attgaaaagc aaaatattta aaaaacaaca aatatttgaa ttttttaaaa    106020
     aaaacgtttc tttcaaaata agctttagca aaccaagtat tgctataaca tattgtgtcc    106080
     ccactaatca actaatgaga gtctcttaat attaaaaaga attaatatac ttgtctattt    106140
     caggttctat gtgttttaat tcaaacaaaa tcataatttt aaatttgttg atcacttcat    106200
     ccactggaaa agtatcactt aaacttatcc ttagattact atgtgcatat tgctttagtt    106260
     tctaaactac tattgtttaa atgacccatg tataatatcc agttaattaa acacataaaa    106320
     aaatgacacc agaaggacgt tcactataac taagtactaa gatgttttgt tgaccattaa    106380
     aacctagatt ttgccctgag ttcttgagac agccatccct tccactttag tcctatctgc    106440
     caagtcccat atgtcaaact ggtttttatt gctgaacaag tattaatcag tttaaactgt    106500
     gtacattgaa atgggttaca tattacatat atttaaaagt tgtatgtgtg ttttatgtgt    106560
     tcatatatat gtacacatat aaaatatatt ttaaatatta tagatataaa taccaaatag    106620
     gtatgtgcaa acacaaaaga acctcattaa acattagctt tcgcttaatg gcattcgcag    106680
     tcttgttcca caaagaacta caacatgaca aagtcacaga gagcctggtt gatgcacttc    106740
     tgcaatggcc actttttcta ttcaccatat tttcaatact atcttaataa attatagcat    106800
     actgtctata taataaaatt tgaccttcta acaagtaaac caaataaatt gtaaatatcc    106860
     gttgcttaca tccactgtat tattctaggg aatatattaa aagcattcga atgcaaagga    106920
     cagtgcataa cacatttgac agaggagagt aactttgggt gaaatttcac agctattttc    106980
     agtgttttgt tttcttactt ttaaaaagag atccagatca atatatagaa ataaagcctt    107040
     ttaggactac tgaaaaataa aaataaaaag ctttttaaaa ttgcctggaa ggactttgcc    107100
     agaaacctga agtcacaata cagtttgctt tacatggagc actgagactc attaacaaac    107160
     aatcctttgt tcagaacctg actgctcttg tgattttgtc tgtaaacgcc accaatggga    107220
     gggaacctgc tcccctgtgg ttttgttttt ccccttgaat gacaatgaca gagcactttg    107280
     catgatgtgt ttggtgcctt gcatgaggaa gacatgcaaa ggcaaggtcc agtctgcatg    107340
     ctgcttaatg aatgtttttc cttttctctc cttccttgtc atgtgctttc agaagacaac    107400
     aatgtggaag gtgggtgctt tctaccttat tttccaattc ctgtttgttt ttattttctc    107460
     agtattaata gatttcatct cgaatataga cggtaagttg acctttctga aaatctcttg    107520
     gcttctagtt gcatatcact ttgcatatag aacacatatg cactctcagt gccactagtc    107580
     ttagggtaaa atccccttca atcttatttc taatgtctaa tacgtttcac aaacccatat    107640
     aagtcttaga atatttaatg cagtgttctg tatgaacaaa ttttacagag ctacttcttt    107700
     ttttttttca aagaaagtgg gtttttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tggcagtttc    107760
     caacacagtg catgatcatg tatccattct tttatttttt tctttccttc cttctttctt    107820
     tctttctctc tttgtttctt ttctttcttt cctttttttt ttctgcttga gggaacaaag    107880
     tggtttcttt cctgtcagaa atgtttacaa ttctgtcatt taaaactcct tcattttttt    107940
     caaatgattt gaattatcaa aagtaatgga taaaacactg agaatacata aaatgcatga    108000
     atttagactg aaatacaagt cattaccagt ggaaatgaaa gctcccagcc ctatcataat    108060
     aaagtgggta agtaaatgtg taacattaag tatgtgttaa aactgtcgtt actgagtttt    108120
     cttagataat ctcagccatg gaattttgag aaagtgatat atatataaaa ccattggttt    108180
     ctacaaacat tttcaacatt ttattgttaa ataaattgaa taaaatagcc acagtcttag    108240
     aaggataaac acacaaaagt attggttgtt gcagaataat agacacagga aagtttttca    108300
     ttattccatg catatttttt aagaatggtc tttctgtatt gctcaacctg tagaaaatgc    108360
     tatcctcaat ctcacagaca tctgcttccc tttacttctg catgcaactg cccctggcta    108420
     tctcatgttc tataattgca gcattaacag ttgcaagtaa tgtgtgaacc gccatgtgtc    108480
     atgacaaggc atttaacata atttacctgg ctgctgtagt ttgaaatgca gtcattgtca    108540
     ttccatacaa acaactgctt ttctacagtt gaaggatttc ctacaaaagg gctatagtga    108600
     acatgacaga ttattacaat tgaggtgact aagaggtcat ttctcatgga aaagaagact    108660
     tcattgtaat atatttttga tcaatagtct gattggtcag caaatttgcc aatctttcat    108720
     agaaatcaat tataactgaa ctgttccttg aattgaacaa aataaacaaa tacttctgaa    108780
     gaaaccatgc aacattttcc ccaactgttg gcctttatat cacttttgaa tattttgtcc    108840
     caaaatttta attgtgtgaa catatacttg tgcctttaat taaatttgaa atttgtaaaa    108900
     atttcttttg cgttttgaaa ccattttgta aaatgttcct ccttcttttc ctctctttga    108960
     atctttaatg agctttaaac tcaacctaat cagtatgaat acttctttgt aagcacagac    109020
     taatttgggg caaagcattg ataagataca tgaaatctaa gcccgtaatc tgttttaata    109080
     aatttattaa attatagttt actatgtgtc tttaaggatg aagccaaact ctcttaagag    109140
     ttagaaatcc aacaggggga ataggaatca acggggtgag gggatattat tttttttctt    109200
     tttaaatgca gtgtcaaagc ccccacaaaa ttctaagtat aatttctaaa accaagatct    109260
     ccataaaagt tagatcttac agagaaatgc aaacattcga ttatggtaga agtgtatact    109320
     aaaagtgaaa ttaaatgaaa aaaattaaaa cctaacaaat gaacaacttc tttaccatct    109380
     agagcataga actaatcacc atataaagat atttttattt gccttatgat tatttttgtt    109440
     gaaacatcac acttcacctt agtagttttt acataatgtt gtgattaatg ataatttcta    109500
     actatatcta ccctacccag atatcagaat acacttgaga gtttggaaaa gatcaaggaa    109560
     actgtgcctg atgctcctat gctcagagat tcaaacagaa ctgaagtagg acaagcaatt    109620
     gaaaaccaaa tccttgaaat aaacccaaga ataatagctt tattctgaat tgggactgaa    109680
     ctacagcgat ttatgctttt cagtaaaaaa tgctgcttta ggtggcaaaa gactgtacta    109740
     agaaaactcc cagaggtagg catgatggca cactttgaga ggctgaaaca tgaggactgt    109800
     ggttgagggt agcctaggct acatataaag aatatgctta aaaaccaatc agaacaggaa    109860
     gactattcgt agttttcttt agaaaaatta ataatcccac agaaaaattt tggtgacaat    109920
     acacttacat tgtatagctt agttacacaa aggaacatga acacacacca acatttaatt    109980
     aaaatgataa ataattttga ttcatatgaa aaaataattg aaccaatgta aatctgacca    110040
     gttgtttctt aaaaacattg tgtcttaaat ccaagttttt caactgcatg tctaattatc    110100
     ttgttttctc atttgaacaa gtttaatcac ttactacatg tgtcagatga ggtgacattt    110160
     ctgcatggtc atttcaatgt gactaaactc ccacccccat tgaactatga aactgctctt    110220
     ttttcccttt tcatttttct ttttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttctttt tttttttttt    110280
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgtgag aggaaaaaga tcagatccag cccatgttaa    110340
     agatattcct cgggagttta tagaatataa ttccatcact gaacctatgg ggacagtgtt    110400
     ccaaataatt ttatcagagg gcacgaaggg catctatact gtttaaggga ccagttggat    110460
     tttgaatcat gatctcatct tttgattgtt ctgatactta gaacacacag catagcatgt    110520
     gtttgtgtat aaactgcagt tttataactc tttggcccaa agcattccaa ccaagggttc    110580
     aaagaatgtt tttgatttgc ctctgagata cagacatgtc tcataggaag cacaatgtct    110640
     gtcactgaag attcttgtca ccgtgacaac cctgccttcc catgctccct tgtttattgc    110700
     tgactgtgct cttgtttccc ttcaaggtct ggcacacctg atgatgggcg accaaggtat    110760
     gggctctgct ccttctccac tctgctctca gtgttttatt gctctgtagc tgctttcaaa    110820
     ccatcgctgc aaagtatggg cggatgcttg gaagtgatgt ggctgcaaat gaaatccatg    110880
     gcttttgttc acattctttc atggttttgt ctgctttttg ttgattggat attagtttgc    110940
     tcctgtgaca cttgttttcc tccatccctt gcactataac atctgcaaat aaatcagaca    111000
     gacaactgtg actggaatct tcacttataa gaacacatag aaagagtgtg tgcagtaaag    111060
     gaaagccaag agcagttagg agctaaagtc tgaaaacacc cagtctaagc tgctacagca    111120
     aaagtccatt tttcatccat gcatggcagt ttggaaacat gcagccagct ttgcctttgt    111180
     ttttcagagt gctgattgta gcatttcatg caattgatac ttttctccct gtggcctttg    111240
     ggaaccttct ttcacatgag catgggcttc caatcccttg catgtacctt cctgtaaacc    111300
     aggcagaatt ctcagaatgt atgcactgcc tttctatttg tcttcaaaac attgttcgtt    111360
     ctttcttgtc ttgtttaatt ttagagagca gtgcgtttac atatattcat aattcttctt    111420
     gttgtttttc tcttctttat tctctttgtc tggaaatcct ttcttcatgg acccatttca    111480
     tcaaatgcat aggtaaaagt aaaggtacta cattattttg ttttttagta tcatctgtgt    111540
     ggattacagt atgtctgaat atgaaatgta tgtagacctt taacactgat aattggtact    111600
     gggcggtagg tatgtgtatt aatgaataat tatggagtca aggtaagaga atccatcaaa    111660
     tttttttctg ctttcccttc ccatcttcat gttttgcttt ttagattatt tttatgtcag    111720
     ttgctttcat aattaatatg tttagatatt agttctaggt tgtggtgtta gttcctgaaa    111780
     tatcatttaa tggtagtcaa atgaagagtg tagtaatcat aaatatatct tcctcaaaca    111840
     tttaactctg actgagcaca cccaccctgt ccatctgatt gtcattacca cacagctcca    111900
     gggttacact gcgctggttc tttcctcgtt ggctgctaga tgccatagca gcacattgac    111960
     actgtgtggt tccaaatgca gcattgtgaa agaaacagac agataaagca agcttgctct    112020
     ttatgcatac taacttcaag aatcttaata gcagctacat actcttgtgt cacttggtaa    112080
     gacaggcatg agtactctga caatgtggaa taaaaaatca gaagcacgtt caattcaaca    112140
     tttagatcca tctacatttt gtttagtgtt gtcactaaaa gaaagaaagt gactggcatc    112200
     cctggtaaat gtttaaaatt gccatgattt gtttaaattg tgttatagtt catatttcct    112260
     ttgtctttaa atcatttttc ttaagtacag gaatttgatg tttccaagaa ttatataaat    112320
     ctttgtgatg tgctacaagt tagcgtagtg attaggatga gagctcacaa ccttaccctc    112380
     ttgaatttgt atcatctagc atgaaacttg cttcaaaaaa acatctgaac acgagccaaa    112440
     cattaagaag taacatttaa gtttaaattt gtaaaatagg ctttagaagt gaatgtttgg    112500
     atactgaaag tcggtagcat accatgtttg gccatttcca attatacaac tgcattttgc    112560
     tttgagtctg tagtaactgt gccaatatta gctccattag ttctctcaaa ggtctatgag    112620
     tcactggggc atttcctaaa cgttttgccc aaggccaccc ttccactaac tgacaaatcc    112680
     agtgagtggg tctcaatgtt ctacacattt ttctatatat ggacacaggg tttcagatca    112740
     catgtaagaa attgtgtttt gctttcctgt tagtacaaaa tgtttgcatc tgtgtatgta    112800
     catatttgta tgaatgtata aacaaagatt ttaaatatat gctctcatcc atatattaag    112860
     taactatttt aataataaat caaaaatact ttgctaatta tataactaaa catgtgaaat    112920
     agttcatctt tttatccaac tggtatctat tgggtgtaat taatggtgaa tgtcactcca    112980
     gttttgctgg gtcagtctca aatatttctt ttggtatgcg ttactaatat tttttatttc    113040
     attacttttt atctaatttt gttctccaat gcaaagccac agaggaaagc acttaattat    113100
     tctatttcat ttattttaaa aagatcattc atatttgatg tatgtatttg atgttaaatt    113160
     ggggtgcgta ttttgaatat cagagtagtt gccattacga ttatagatat ataaaaataa    113220
     aaagcatact ttattaatct gtgaatgaat ttatcaaata tacattctag atcagaaagt    113280
     acttcggtga ctttgtgaca cagcctgtca acatagcacg tgaaaaagtt agcgtataga    113340
     gcagaactta gtaagacaac agcatcatgt gtagcaattc aacaatggca tgaatcccgg    113400
     tcagtgtgtc tctgctttgt gtcactcagc tggaagtctc taacatactg tctaccaact    113460
     tccctttgta cctttcaaca ttagctaaat tgatagttgt gcatttaaaa gatactaaat    113520
     ctggcctatg aaaaatagct ggttcacatt ataaactcac gtttctcaaa tctttacatc    113580
     acaaggtaat tctgaactat tctccactcc acttttccct gggttagtga actccgagcc    113640
     tttgaaatga acctgtgcaa actaatatat ttttgtggca gtattcagaa acaaagttga    113700
     attgaaaaac attcagtcat cactgtcatt ttgatttctc tgtgtggatt tttgttgttt    113760
     aataaattct aagtgcccag atagagacaa atgcatttcc tttagagaaa gcagtgaaga    113820
     ttcaagcaag aagagaggac agttatttag ttaagctcct cctcctcggg ttcctcctcc    113880
     agatggtagc actggactcc cttatcctgg accctgacct cttccacctt agtcagggtt    113940
     tggaatctga aaagcatctc accatctggg tatgacaaaa aaggctaatg gatacacatt    114000
     agggactcta gctgtgtgaa ggcagcatca aggtgaatga aatcagtgct ttctcttcag    114060
     ggtccgtcat catacacagg tgtcatttgt ttattcagtt tcaaacttca gagtcaacaa    114120
     tttaaatttg acttatgatt tctaaaggga tacttaccac tttcaattaa atgtaattaa    114180
     gaataaattc aattttgatg aattatagct ttctttttga gatctcatgc agtgcccaga    114240
     gcaagtctaa ctgatgctgg ctatatgtga ctccaggctt cagggtattg tatactgttg    114300
     ttgattttac atttttcact tgaaaattat caatggcatt atgtttagca tcactaaaca    114360
     tgtttattta tccagttttt gcttagaatc ttaatttacc aactttccta gaaatttagt    114420
     gcttccctcc ctctatttct gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    114480
     gtgtgttcac gtgtgcacaa gtgcacaggt tgcatgtgca tatgtgtgtc ttgtgaaact    114540
     gttcagaata cttcaacaat tgtttatttt ttaatttatt tatttggagt ttgctctact    114600
     atttttctga aagaatgact ttaaataaag aataacagga ataaagtaca cacgcaaatc    114660
     cagctgtgat tgctggtgag tagctgaaga gaagattact aatactagtt acatgtctat    114720
     gcccttaaga taggtttgtg ttttccttca cagcatgtag ctataattat gcacttgtgt    114780
     attctgatct ttctcatgtc tcctttacct atgaaagcgg taagctccat gctggcaggc    114840
     acgtcatgtg ttttgttgac cattacattt ccaggacatt tttgccttac tgtaagtttg    114900
     ccatttttat gacatcagta tatacagaat gccaccttga gctagaagga gcatctttca    114960
     acttcgtgag atttatttag acaaagtaaa agagaaaagg gatgacatct tttttaagta    115020
     accataagaa actagcaaga ggttctacag aatgtgtttg tctccttctg taaacgtgta    115080
     attgtctttg aatttcatcc taaagctatt tgtctactaa ccaatggatc agtaagacat    115140
     catttctgtt atctttacca gagagtcact aaagaaaaat gtggtcaaga tattataata    115200
     tttagttctc atagtcttca cacttaaaag aaaagagatc aggcaactga tagtaactgg    115260
     aaaaggcaaa atttattttt ttccagggat gagccctttg ataggttggt tttcaaattt    115320
     ttaatgtcac tttctgccac agagaaaaat aacaacattt tattttaaaa cattctgtta    115380
     atgagacaac agttatatga cctccatgaa atccagctct accatgtcac atggtgtctc    115440
     tgtgatttct gccagatttt tctaatttcc ttaactccta tatgccaaaa attggaagta    115500
     ttaagctgtt taaaaaggcc aaattgaatt cttataagta tatttggtgt cttatataaa    115560
     tataaatcct ataccatatg tatgaagtaa tctttctttt gaatctatca aatgaacatt    115620
     tattatttga ttattcatga taccagatgt ttagagatgg ccaaagtttt atacgtcaaa    115680
     gaataaaatg tatgttcaca tatttaaaaa tgcattatcc ctgtgatatt ggtgatatta    115740
     ggtgttaaat cagcatcaac attaaacaca attaaaactt ttttttcaaa atgaatacct    115800
     ggattccgta acagttgatg acagcattca atattgtatt gtttcaaaac tatctgtgat    115860
     atcatgtcat gatattctat taagctcact cttaaaataa atttgatatt atgagtataa    115920
     acaggcaaac ctttctgtgg ttttatttcc ctcttgttta tgtgttagtt cagtcataat    115980
     gatgtaacaa aatgacacaa attttctaaa cagaaattca tttgttacac tttcagggct    116040
     tgtaaaattc aatggcaacg tgtggggaca tttgttgtgt ggtgaggact gacccactct    116100
     aaaactatgg tggctatata agaattatat aaggttctag ggcaccttct tcttgtgttc    116160
     ttaaatcctg aacaaggtgg cagtgggatc tctggaactt tgtattagat aaaatgtcaa    116220
     tcatgaggta tcatccactg taatccaata acgtcctgtg tacatcacca attctaacaa    116280
     gtaacttttg ggaaggcact ggcattctaa gctaatcttt ctatggtctt tgttattgtc    116340
     tcttcaactc ttctttgcct cagaggaaca ctgtgcagta cttgatgtct cttcagcagc    116400
     atcctgatgt gcattagctt ctagaacttc taaatttatt gtactatgga acaaatttcc    116460
     aatccaatta tgaaataatc atattttatc ttgtatagat ccttaaatca cattttctcc    116520
     ttagatccct aacattaagt aatcttcatt gttcagaaga aggcacattg tgacataatc    116580
     ttactatatt gaaatctcgg atgtttattt gtgtaaacta tggcataatt tttcttcagc    116640
     tgtctggcat tgtggactct accactgcaa ttctggatct ctcttattcg cagccacaga    116700
     actgggaaac agcagaaatt taagcataca cttggtcctt ataagcagca gaggagctct    116760
     ctgaccactc aatgtggcat cccatttcat ctttatctta atgtccatca actcagtgtg    116820
     cagttaatac aagtcacttt aagaacatat gtttgtttgc tatttctatg atttaacttc    116880
     tctcattgtg tttagaaatc ataaatctga agcattttca ttctctgtaa tgtaaagctt    116940
     ataaagagaa attccccatg ttattataaa tctggtttgt aatcatttat ttaaatattg    117000
     attaaataag aattttatta gacttacata ttaacctctg ttcatggaac atagaagaaa    117060
     ttgtccatgg tatttgtcta cagatgaagt tgtacaacta gaagtgtttc atgcttgcct    117120
     aaaaaatgct gcagactaca cttatatttt aatataatgt agttaaaaca atattctctt    117180
     ttctaaaatt attatcgatt aaagattatt agtatccaat tgaaaatgag ttttgtttat    117240
     ctcaatattt ttaatcaact tttaggagag gaggtacttt ataagtagta cagcagatag    117300
     attcagcaga tttcatatac atatatatat atacatatat atatataaat ttatgatatg    117360
     atatctgtaa ttagttaata taaacagaac tttgaatatc gtggaatctg tggacacaaa    117420
     taattaaaaa tcaagttaaa aagcatcagt tgtacctcag tgtcagcaga gattctgcta    117480
     actatgatat gggagacttt gtgaagaaca aactgaaata gtcactacaa aatgagcctt    117540
     atggagattt caatgatatt cctccaattt caaatgaata atgatgaaac tggtctttgt    117600
     ctgatttttt ttcccaagat aactttagag gaaaattgta aaacattgtc caggatccat    117660
     aacagcccgt tgtcaagttt tccacttagg gtagtgaaat ccggaagcag taggctatgg    117720
     tgggtaagag tcatgaattc ccaaacctgg ggcaggctcc atgttccttc tcatgagctt    117780
     agatgaacta tttacccttc taatcaggct tgagacccag catcaggaag ctgatgcaag    117840
     aggattgcca catgttccag gagagcctga tctatacttc tacactgtaa gttcttatct    117900
     caaacaaatc aaacaaaaac aaaccacaaa caaacaaaac agaacaaaca atccacaaaa    117960
     ttctaacttc aagtatctac atttataata tgggtctaca aaataatcta caaggtgatg    118020
     gtaagatgca aatgtgctta gaaacctatt tattggcaag agcaaaaaaa gttattacat    118080
     ccatttgaat taaatgtttt gaaagtgaat gatccaaagt ttatcaaaca tggttatttt    118140
     attattatct tcttaccatc aaataagtac cttattatta tatatcatcc tgagattatt    118200
     ttaggttata acaaactgaa tttgagcaac caatagccca tcatacagac agcatatgca    118260
     atagagaatt agaagctgat gcctctgtaa ttctcagtat ttgtttataa tactctggca    118320
     gattgaacag atagtttgta aagatttatt ttaaattata cttagaaatt acttttggtg    118380
     tctcatagga gactaatttt caatgtttgt ccttccttcc tttcttccag gataaaaaca    118440
     aaacaaaaca gcagcaaacc taataaaggc agtcttctca ttggactagc aagatgcaaa    118500
     gagctttctt gtctcctgtt ccctctagga gacatttggg actttagtag caatttggaa    118560
     gcctttcctc taaatgtcag attttactcg aaaatttctt gcagtcattt taaatgagta    118620
     tttccttaag actgcaattc ttccttgtat atccccatga ctgtataggt agtagaaatg    118680
     gcatctggaa gcttggtttc taaagagttt ctctctttgt gatctattca ggaaatatct    118740
     tttgatgatt ttcaccagag ggagaatttg aaaaacaaag ttgatccctt actttgtttt    118800
     caagtagctc agattatgcc tctcactcaa aaaagtaaga tcccttacca tcaaattcac    118860
     agttagctac ccatacccat ggcaagatgt ctagagatga gttgattcag attgaggagt    118920
     ccagatcagc agctattagg tttcagatgt agaacctgaa ctgatgaaaa ggaagctaag    118980
     aaagctccaa aacatgaaca agactgcaga gtgtaaggtc atgttacaaa aaaaaattgc    119040
     catattttgt cctttttgaa gagaaggaaa ggaagcttgg gaaagaggag gtagatgtga    119100
     gaagaaggga gagagaagac tgagagaagc agaagagatc aatgtgggga aggtgggggt    119160
     gtctgcagtc tcagtcctgg ctactaggag tcagaatggt gcactgttac acaggctgtt    119220
     aatagcattg cttttcacaa tggatgcttt cgtgacctta agaaatataa ctacactaat    119280
     aacagttatt ccttcccagg ttaaggcttt gcactgtcaa cttatacata ctaacagaaa    119340
     aatcgcttta tatataccaa ataaagccct gcctcttgtt ggcttatttc cctttatagt    119400
     gtttatagac tccaggacag aatactcaga attgacacag ctgaagatcc gggaatcatt    119460
     tgtatttact tctagctaag taaaatttag gatattccta gagtcatgaa tcaagttttt    119520
     ctttttcatt ttgcaatcat tttattatgt aacacggata cagtctatga aattatgcca    119580
     ccaaggctat gaaatagatt gagaaaatca aaactgctta tttttaataa ggagtgttaa    119640
     agccatattt tattttatat tttggccaaa tttacatggt cagttgaccc agcttcctac    119700
     ttgattatct atggttgcat tataaagact gtagacattt ggaaaaacaa taaattatcc    119760
     acttaaagaa gcaaccaaat ttagattgag ctagcatgct gccaactctg taaattggtc    119820
     aattgtgact cctcttggct ggaaagactt agaatacaag ctggaaagct ggggcttttc    119880
     aaacattcct agtagcaaaa tcttccagaa atgggcaaag attaatggca gctaatgatt    119940
     ttgaaactcc actgacctaa aataattatg gtcgcttgtt ataactgtct ttttagtgac    120000
     tgaaatgaaa gaatatatcc ctgacccaca gtcaaaggca actgcatttc caattgcttg    120060
     acctgcagtt gagtttatat tgacccactg tactttctgt gactagagac attttctttc    120120
     atgtaattaa taaaagttag attcaatgcg ataaaacaat agagaagtta ggaaatggtg    120180
     atcaaagaag tctcactctt gagcaggtga acatgaatat tattcttttt tacttttatc    120240
     ccaccattat atataggaag aatgtcaata ggcttttagg ctaagcccca ctgtcctttt    120300
     tcttcaacta ttagaaatat gacactcctt aaccaaagga aataaccact tcagaggaca    120360
     ctctaagcaa atcactcaag tattactctc ccctgttctg acatgtgatc agctgttcac    120420
     acatcagtcc aaccttgaca caattccctt tactctgaca cagtagttct taggatttct    120480
     aaatataaac cttttcatga catttaagag agtgtttttt ttttttcaat aggttcatgg    120540
     tagtttggaa ttctgtactt aaaacaaaac aaaataaatg aaacaaagca ccaatcttct    120600
     tcataaaaag acttaaatca caaggtagct gctatcaatt tagccaaatg ttttttgctt    120660
     tccaaatgct aagtatttaa gtggttaaag gaaacatgtg accaagaaaa aaacaggatg    120720
     aagattgctg aagatgacaa ggctgagcac ctctctgggc aggaagaaac agtcttgtag    120780
     ataatgagcc taaggaattg tttatttctc caggtagagt agatatggaa gagtaattat    120840
     aattgctgga gagggccttc aggatctaga aagctgtttc tagagatggt tgcatatctc    120900
     ttgtaatttg aggggacagt aaacattata tcctcaggaa aggtaaatct ctcagtagta    120960
     cagccctgct ggagaaaaaa aaaaactatc ataaaataat ctgaaagtgc cacattatat    121020
     aaggaatgca tctgtcctta gtgatctggt ggtatgggac actagacaag ggctatttat    121080
     tatgaatgaa atgtattagt tagatgacat tgcagagtcc tttgttcagc cttagtgagg    121140
     tctctgcaga gttggaagcc atcaattcac ttccatggtt gtggcataac tcacaggaag    121200
     tgacacatgt taaaaaaaat ctatatttaa tgagtaaagg attgcctatg tcaatagtaa    121260
     atattcacac actgaaacac tgtcacttct agaccaaact actcataaag tgctctgata    121320
     ttgggcctac ttctgttatg agattatcta gcaggatagc atcgacgttt gttttttatc    121380
     aaatcgtgac aactttacag acaagattga ttgtgttgac gacagttgtg attcatggga    121440
     gataataaac ctcaataaaa gttatgcacc acacctctca ttatccaaag cccaagaaat    121500
     ggttgatgca aagtctgaaa atcatgcaaa ttggagtgga gtataactat aacccggctg    121560
     caaaccatta ttagttatgt gtcttcagtc aagttatttg gccttttgaa gtcccatctc    121620
     catatttgga aatttcaggt aaactaccta ttttattgta aaaattaaat attaaagtgt    121680
     caaaatatgt atttctagag gacagtgagt gttcacctaa atcatatgaa gaattggata    121740
     tctattgatt aaaatgaagt tgctttcaag gaaaataaaa agaaactttt tgtaccatat    121800
     aaataaaaga caagcacaaa aaaagttcta ctagtcatga gtatacatac ttttaagtct    121860
     cagtaacttc agatattcag aaattaagtg agaggaaaga gactgtcaga aatgataata    121920
     tcccccccac acacacatat aaatctttgg tctacataag acatatatac acatctacat    121980
     ttatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt gtatgtcttg    122040
     tgtaggccaa agtttagtga gatagggcct tcggtagtct aggctaagct tctgttttct    122100
     atatgagtca ggatgacttt gtgtttctgg tcctcctgac tccagtacct aagtgctgag    122160
     atgagaggca ttcggcacca cacttggttt taggacttgc tagagatcag actcagagct    122220
     tcctctatac tagactagac ttaaaccagc tatattccca gaccaatgca ggtgtttact    122280
     ttcctctcac ctaagtgaaa aaggcaaacc cttacaacgt aactgacata gatttttgaa    122340
     tgatactaaa caaagaaagg tcctaaccct tcatgagttt aaattaaaca ggaaagatat    122400
     ttttctttga cagcaaaaat ttccttgaat aaggttatca agtcttacta acaatagttt    122460
     taatataatc aaatgagaca tttgttccaa ttgctttaca agaaaatgct caggttgctt    122520
     ttggcttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg ttaattgctt tgcttcttta aaaaagatta    122580
     tagtgtagca tgtgtcctta tcatatgttg aagcatcttc tgggtatatg cccaggtctg    122640
     gtattgctgg gtcctcaggt agtactatgt ccaaatttct aaggaactgc caaattgatt    122700
     tccagactca ttgtaccagc ttgcaatccc accagcaatg aaggagtgtt cctctttctc    122760
     cacatcctca ccaccatctg ctgtcacctg agtttttgat attagccatc tgactggtgt    122820
     gaggtggaat ctcagggttg ttttgatttg catttcacgg atgactataa atgttgaaca    122880
     ttttttaggt gcttctcagc cattcagcat gcctcagttg agaattcctt atttaactct    122940
     gtacccgatt tttaatagga taatttgttt ctctggagtc taacttcttg agttctttgt    123000
     atgtattgga tatcagccct ctattggatg tagcactggt gaagaacttt tcccaatctg    123060
     ttggtggtct ttttgtctta ttgacagtgt cctgtgcctt acagaagctt cgcagtttta    123120
     tgagatccca tttgtcaatt cttgatctta catcacaagc cattggtgtt ttgttcagga    123180
     attttccccc tgtacccata tgtttgaggc ttgttcccac tttctcttct ataagtttca    123240
     gtatatctgg ttttatgtga aggtccttga tacaattgga cttgaccttt ttacaaggag    123300
     ataagaatga atcaatttgc cttcttctac atgtgaactg ccagttgagc atgccccatt    123360
     tgttgaaaat gctgtcatct ttccaatgga tggttttaga tcacttgtta aagatcaagt    123420
     gatcataggc atatgctttc atttctgggt cttcaattct attccattga tctacctgcc    123480
     agtaactgta ctaaaaccat gcagttttta tcacgattcc tctgtagtac agcttaaggt    123540
     tatgcatggt gattctccca gaagttcttt tatttgttaa gaatagtttt tgctatccta    123600
     ggttctttgt tatttcagat gaatttgaaa attgctcttt ctaaatctat gaatgactga    123660
     gttgaaattt tgatgaggat tgcattgaat aggtagatag cttttgtcaa gacagccatt    123720
     tttactatat tagtccttgc caatccatga gatgggagat ctttccatct tctgagatct    123780
     taggcttctt cctttagaga cttgaagttc ttgtcataca gatcttatac ttgcttggtt    123840
     agagtcacac caaggtatgt aatattttgt gactattgtg aagagtatca tttccttaat    123900
     ttctttctca gcctgtttat ccttgtatag agaaaggcca ctgatttatg tgagttaatt    123960
     ttatatccaa ccactttgct gaaattattt atcaggttta atagttgtct ggtagaattt    124020
     ttgaggtcac taaagtatac taccatatca tctacaagta gtgatgtttt gacttcttcc    124080
     tttccaatct gtattccttt gatctccttt agttgtccaa ttgctctggc taggacttca    124140
     aacactatat tgaataggta gggagagagt gggcagcctt gtctagtccc tgattttagt    124200
     gggattgcgt caggtttctc tccatttagt ttgatgttgg ctatttgttt gctgtatatt    124260
     gcttttacta tgtttaggta tgggccttga attcctgatc tttccaagac ttttatcatg    124320
     aacgggtgtt ggattttgtc aaatgctttc tcagcaaata atgagataat catatttttt    124380
     ctttgagttt gtgtatatag tggattaagt tgatggattt ccacgtattg acccatccct    124440
     gtatccctgg ggtgaagcct gttaatatgt tcttggattc tgcttgtaaa aatttattga    124500
     gtatttttgc atcgatattc ataagggaaa ttggtctgaa gttctctttg tttgttgcat    124560
     cattgtgtgg tttaggtatc aaagtatttg tggtttcata gaacaaattg gatagagtac    124620
     cttctgtttc tattttgtgg aatagtttga ggaatattcg tattaagtct tctttgaagg    124680
     tgtgatagaa ctctgcccta aacccatttg ttcctgggct ttttttggtt gtgagactat    124740
     taatgacagt ttctaattct ttaggggata tggaactgtt tagatcatta atgtgatcct    124800
     gatttagctt tggtacctga tatctgtcta aaaaattgtc catttcatcc aggttttcca    124860
     gttttgttga gtaaaggctt ttatagtagg attcaatgat tttttggatt tcctcaggtt    124920
     ctgttgttat gtctcgcgtt tcatttctga ttttattatt taggatactg tctctgtgcc    124980
     ctctagttag tctggctaag ggtttatcta tttgcttgat ttttctcaaa gaagcatctc    125040
     ctggttgggt tgattctttg tatagtgctt tttgtttcca cttggttgat tttagtcctg    125100
     agtttgatta tttcctgcca gtttatttat aatagctaga agctggaaag agcccagatg    125160
     tccctcaaca gaggagtgga tacagaaaat gtggtacatt tattcaatgg gctactactc    125220
     agctattata aacaatgaat ttatgaaatt agcaggcaaa tggatagatc tggaggatat    125280
     catcctgtgt gtggtaacct agtcacagaa gaaaaaacat gatatgcact cattgaatag    125340
     tggatattag cccagaaacc cagaagctca gaatacccaa gatataattc acaaaccaca    125400
     tgaaactcaa gaaaaaggaa tactgtagtg tggatacttt gatccttctt agaagcaggg    125460
     aacaaaacac tcatgaaagg agttaaagag acaaagtttg gagtagagtc tgaagaaatg    125520
     actatccaga gactggctca cctgtggatc catctcatat acaatcacga aatccaaaaa    125580
     ccgttgtgga tgccaacaag tgcttgctga caggagcctg atatagctgt ctcctaagag    125640
     actctgccag tgcctgataa atgcagaagt gggtgctcac agccatccat tggactgagc    125700
     atagagtccc caatgaagaa gttagagaag gtacccaagg agctcaaggg gtttgcagcc    125760
     ccataggagg aacaacaata tgaactagcc agtaccccct gagctcccag ggacttaacc    125820
     accaaccaaa gagtacatat ggtgggactt atggttccag ctgcatatgc agcagaggat    125880
     ggcctagtcg gacatcaatg gggggtgggg ggagaggccc tttgttctgt gaaggttcta    125940
     tgacccagta tggggaattc cagggccagg aagcaggagt gggtgagttg gtgagtgggg    126000
     agagggggaa gaggatgggg gaggttgtat tttggagggt aaactaggaa aggggataac    126060
     atttgaaatg taaataaaga aaatatccaa aagaaagaat ataggataaa aaaagtatta    126120
     attccctgat gccttagaat tcccttccaa gctttatttt ggagaacttt aaaaaaataa    126180
     aaaagcaaaa aataaattta caaaaagtgt gggtgatgta agacagaaat aaggattaca    126240
     ggggcttgga acaggaacat atgtgatctt atattttaga caaagggaat tgtgaagtct    126300
     actactatca gaaaattatc caaagttctt gagaatggaa aaagaattac ttgacaaata    126360
     atagcaccat aatattggac acactgtaca agcctccaag tcaaacaagg caggaacaaa    126420
     atttccttcc acagcaacaa tgttcatcta aactctgtgt gaaagcccag aggcaaggta    126480
     gagttacctc tgaaaataat aacttgaatt taatattgta actctttaaa acttgttaat    126540
     ttgaataaaa aaatacctgt ttaagttatc accagttatc catgttattg ttatttccta    126600
     aaatatttac tgaatttctg caaagggctg tatttttttt cattttgata gttaaaaaag    126660
     tatatatacg ctgaagaaaa tgaaaagcct cctataaaca tgttgtcatt cttacagcca    126720
     ggacatattt ttctttccca gagtttacat tttctatctc cagtaccatc ctccccagag    126780
     ttgcaacttt cccagctctt tatggctcat tttcttcctc tgagtccagc atgctgcatt    126840
     gaccaggtta ctctttagtt aaaaagtagt cactctgctt tctgagcaag gcactataga    126900
     atgcagaagt gtgaatctgg aaatgatgct tctgtttatg atgcccaaga tatgtgtgtg    126960
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacttaat atcttttttg    127020
     ttgacagctg tcaagttttc agaaaagaca acctccccat tctctggtca ggagtctata    127080
     atgtgagctt tctaagaggt atgaaatatt tctgatgaat tttaacctca gttgttaaaa    127140
     agcaagtgct ttaccaaatg ttctacctga gatattatgg atcaataata aataatcaat    127200
     aaggcaagct gcctgtcata gagcacatat gtacggttat ttttacaagc attcttctga    127260
     gcagttaaag ctcatagcag aatatttaca ggacaacttt ccaccttagc tgacttatta    127320
     ggattttgat ttgatttttg ttttgttttg tttttttgtt tttttagaca gggtttctct    127380
     gtatagccca gtctgtcctg ggattcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa    127440
     tctgcctgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctggg attaaaggca tgcaccacca cgccctgcta    127500
     ggattttgat tttcaactga ctaatctggt tgagaaatta taatttctta atactaataa    127560
     tgtaatgaat ccccaacaat ttttcagtgt aattaggata aatcactaaa ctgtgtaaca    127620
     aatcaccata attttatcaa tgcaattaag ataaatattg tataggtcat aattgtggta    127680
     tggatctatc tcactgaaaa atgcaatctc ttcctttcca aattttaagg tcatctctac    127740
     cccttgatgg tgaccccaat gctgttcaag tagtaatctg acttttaaga ataaagattc    127800
     tattgataag atgacaagtt tctgaaatat gtaactgagg taaagagaca aggcgactgt    127860
     gatttatcca agatgatacc tggagctttc ctttgatttt gagaatcaga gctggagaaa    127920
     ggtgaaagca tcagaggtat gttaggtgct ctattctcgt gtagttgact gtgcagagct    127980
     gaagattgac agttacatct gattcccatg ttcccatcgt aagcctgtag tttagtgatg    128040
     ttatcgtttg tagtgggggt tacttatcag aatgtgtaac agcgcagatg atatggagga    128100
     gggggttggt tgtcatttta gcctgcaggc tcaaataaac agttttgagt cccaatttca    128160
     tcatataaaa tatgatatta aaaaccaaaa tatgataggg atgttgggta ataccccaat    128220
     atccaggtga gttagtcaga atatatttta taatacctca gtgaaagatt ggcttctcta    128280
     cagttctcca cgtgttccca atgtgtcaag cattcaacag attctctata cagtgaagtc    128340
     atacttggaa aattatgtaa taaatgtatt gtctcagtct tttactttag tatatattag    128400
     tgtagtataa tctatgagga tctgttggta attctgttta ttaatatgta aaatgagcag    128460
     tctcaaagag caagaggtaa gttcttactg agaatatgga agtttctgga agtagtaatt    128520
     gaacacaagg agatgagaag tggggataaa ttcactgata aaaggagttc actgaggaaa    128580
     ggacaaccca attacaactc ggaaataaca cacagtgttt ggatatgtgt gagcatggca    128640
     tgtctgcagc attataatgg ctggagagta gtattgaaac aggcaactga caacatttta    128700
     atccacagcc gtagacattt tttaaccaat tttaggggaa gtacactgaa ccatccttat    128760
     tttcacaggt tccgtgacca ttagagccct aagcaaatgt atgaatcatg cacttatatc    128820
     tgttgacaga tttctatgta cccaaattta ttgtgttttt tgtttgtttg tttgttatgt    128880
     tttttttgtt ttttcgtttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg cagtcctaga    128940
     agtccctctg tagaccagaa tggtcttgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa    129000
     gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg caccaccaca tcccggctgt acccaaattt aatatctggt    129060
     gtttgaaact tattttgtaa tcaacgtgta ctaattgtga aaatatgggt atgccagagc    129120
     agtgccatta ccaaactctg ctttggaaag ataccttgat atcagagttg gcatctccag    129180
     tgttgaggaa ggaaagggta tttagactta aacaaaatga atgaggttaa aggtgatgag    129240
     ctctgaactg agagggtaat gtagaatgga tgtttctgat ataactatct agatgcaaaa    129300
     tggcctgggt tccattcttt gctggatgat ccatacaaag caaggtccat agtaaaaggt    129360
     tggtaagtaa tagagactta tggagacttt gggagttgaa ctgtgtatgg tagattaaat    129420
     tgaagaaata aagttcatct ttagaacctc aggaattgtg cctataaaaa aaaatcacac    129480
     ttgtgaagga atgtccagga gaacttctat cttagaaaat gttcatgcgg ataccatacc    129540
     ttcaacacgt ggatgtaaat atgaggactg ttcttggtat ggagaggcag ggtgagaatt    129600
     atagtactga aaataaacat gaaagtttta aactgtgttt ttagcagcaa aatttatcat    129660
     aaatgatgaa tacgataaca tcttataaaa caaagtcaaa ttactttgtg catgccagtt    129720
     atttctcaga tgaagaaact aaggagcaag gaagtgtttt ccccagacaa agcaacaggt    129780
     gaagcacagt gtagatgtag aacataaagg actcgctgcc ctccacccca ggctactgca    129840
     cggccttgtt cccattccca cccttgtgtg ccctccaccc catgctattg catggccctg    129900
     ttcctatttc cacccttgtg tgtccacatc cactgttgtc tatttaaggg aaccatgtca    129960
     ccctcttctt tcttcacaaa agcagaagat tcacattaaa gctgcatgat actggaggtt    130020
     tcaagatggc attttctaaa atataggacg tagtagacag aaactgggac tgacaggatc    130080
     acctaacttt atgccagtag gcttatgtgt tcagttttct aggggttagc tgaagtattc    130140
     tgacttgttt tattttttga atgaaattgt tgttataaaa taacttgtat tcttcctttc    130200
     taaattacct agacgacata aagctaatgg attttaagtt gttctctgtg gagcccgagg    130260
     cattggggaa agcattccag ggcaactgtg aaggaagccc tgttaaatca agattcctta    130320
     gccattaatc tgtttgtgta ttggatttct tcccattttg tatatgtata aaggggcttt    130380
     catttccaga atcttcgaga actcctctta gtggttatta atctgaggac tacagccagt    130440
     acttcagact ttgctctttg aatcctttga ttctgttaaa gcactccaga tcccatggtt    130500
     tcaaaggaat aaatcagaaa agttcaattt ttaccatcaa agtaagttgg ggtcggaggg    130560
     cctgtggtga gcagcatctc cggcctttac cagcccagtt gcttttgccc aaggggacat    130620
     tggaagtgac agattgtatg tattcactaa tgaacaccag accagccact gagcgagaga    130680
     aacaaccagg cttaagacat ttattctgga agcaatacag atatgttcat atagttttac    130740
     ctccatttgt gctttttcta tccttaattt taagtcaagt tctaacatgg tacaaactgg    130800
     tgattcagaa ggccaatggg gttatcagga agagcattct catggtggtt aagttaaatg    130860
     tcaatgtcat cagacacata cacacacctt acataactgt tctgttataa cttgcgtttt    130920
     tcatatatac aatagaaaca aatattgtta caaatagttt gggttacatt aagatcttcc    130980
     tattataagg acaagtccaa aatttggatt aattatgtta gttaataaac tagcatgaaa    131040
     tagtcaaata gaagttatga tggtcaggat gacaactatt gagaaggcag aggacttgtt    131100
     ttttttaatg gttttaatag tcccttaaac tagtcacata acttcttata gtttagtcca    131160
     tattcttgta gtttaattca ccgttttaga agaaaatagc tttttgcatc tatttatata    131220
     ttttctgtat tatgtgtata ctagttgggg aaaacgttca gtatttttaa atgttaatgt    131280
     tgtgattttc ttcttcagca cactggctct tgatttgtat ctatgacact attctctgtt    131340
     ctagtaattc caaacaaggc aaggctgtgt aatgaaacat tatatttcta tgcaagtata    131400
     tttttatttt ggttgttatt gttcctgact gttttatttt atttactttg gtttagtttg    131460
     gtttggtttt aaacagtacc tcactatgta gcccaaactc ttctaggact tgctatgtat    131520
     tcttgattgg ccttgatgac ctggttgcct ttcccagtat cccaagtgac atcacaagag    131580
     gtttatgcca tgtgcccatc taactttcaa cttaaaggct ctcccttatc atctcatagc    131640
     aattcatgga gaaagtagac aatgggggtt gagtccattt ggcacatgag aaatgaaaga    131700
     tagtgatgct cccaaatgct ccatgagtga agagcatggt cagaactggt ggttttccag    131760
     ggtgccaaca gggaacatgc agcactgggt atgagttttc tgctatccct ggaatcaact    131820
     cacagggtgt actgtgtttt aacatgcaga tacacattcc ttaaaagtac tgtttcacaa    131880
     atttaattag acagaaaatt aatggatagt gaatgtttag atgactatgt cccaggataa    131940
     gttaacatga tatctggcct ggagttctga aaatctttct ttttgagaat ggggctttgt    132000
     atatatatgt gtagctcatt aatatttatg acatttttgt tgtcgctctt gttcttttgt    132060
     tcctgagaaa atttattttt atccttattg tgttcctaac tttaaatgtg attcagcatc    132120
     ttaaaaccat gtccattttt attttaatgt ctcttataaa caaaatgaat caatgtttta    132180
     gtataatgga tattgctgag agtgaactga cttcattgct cttactcatc ttttaaagac    132240
     aatttctcgt tctttgtaag tgaaataata gggtttaaga gctcattgac agctaagaaa    132300
     gtttttcatt ctggtcgtca gctaaagtaa ggcctcatac agcggagaaa gcatgtactc    132360
     ttgttgaagc ttctaaatcg aatgactaaa atttcctatt ggagactcac atgggtcaat    132420
     aagctaatcc actccttgac atctccatct tctaccaagt atgctacaat gacagatgca    132480
     gtaattctgt gcatacatat aagtcctgaa aggaaaaatt tccaatgagt acaaattgac    132540
     agtaagattg gtataattca tactgcctga agaacttgta gagagttggc gtttccgttg    132600
     gattgttgct tgatcaattt tggtctaaag tatagaaatg gtccaagttt taatttgaag    132660
     caaacaatga taagccctga gaggtatata gagaagctgt acacagtaca gataggaaca    132720
     tctctctaag accccacagc aagccgttcc ctaagtggaa gaaacagcca gattccagta    132780
     actcttctgt aggcataaac tttttgcaac ccacttttaa taagagctca accttttctc    132840
     tatcccatga tccagagata gtggaagaga aaagttatta ggatatgggg gaagtggatc    132900
     tgttcagcag gagttctttg caggcaagct tgatcttttt ggcaaacacc aaatacaatt    132960
     cagcccagcc ctttcagcaa gcggacacca ggcacaaacc aggtaactgc atttcaatcc    133020
     taaagaaaca acctggctca ccaactggcc tgaggagagg tcacatgagt ggcaagctgc    133080
     tgcaggaacc tccaaagcag ttcttgggtg agtttttctc aatcatggtg gtattacaaa    133140
     ttgagctcaa caataaatac tatgtaaggc gaatacatgt gtatttttag caaagagtac    133200
     tgagatggca caaacaaaac caaagttcac tgctcatctc ccactgtctg tggggtcata    133260
     tttatactcc ttcatcaagc atcttttctt tcttttttat tagatatttt ctttatttac    133320
     atttcaaatg ttatcctctt tcctagtttc ccctctgaaa atcccctatc cccttccctt    133380
     ccccgctccc caacctaccc actcccactt cctggccctg gcattcccct atactgggac    133440
     atagaacctt cacaggacca agggcctcac ctcccattga tgaccaacta ggccatcctc    133500
     tgctacatat gcagttatag ccatgattcc caccatgtgt tttctttgat tggtggttta    133560
     gtcctaggaa gctctggggg tactaatgag ttcatattct tgttcctcct atggggctgc    133620
     aaaccccttc agctccttga gtactttcta tatctcgttc tttgggaccc tgtgcttcct    133680
     ccaatggatg gctgtgagtt tacacttctg tatttgtcag gcactggcac tgcctctcag    133740
     gagtctggat ttggattttt tgttttggtt tggtttggtt ttgttgtggg atggatcccc    133800
     aggtggggca gtctctggat ggtcattcct tcagtctcta ctccaaatgt tgtctctgta    133860
     actccttcca aggttatttt gttccacctt ctaagaagga ttgaagtatc caaactttgg    133920
     tcttccttct gcttgagttt catctgtttt gccaattgta tcatgggtat tctaagtttc    133980
     taggctaata gccacttatc agtgagtgaa taacatgtgt gggtttttct tttggggggg    134040
     gttactacac ttaggatgat atcctccaga tcatccattt gtttaagaat ttcataaatt    134100
     ccttattttt aatagctgtg tagtactcca ttgtataaat gtaccacatt ttctgtaccc    134160
     attcttctgt taatggacat ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctagtata aattcagctt    134220
     ctttgaacat agtggagcat gtggaacaag ttggagcatc ttctgggaat atacacagga    134280
     gtggtattgc tgggtcttct ggtagtacta tgaccaattt tctgaggaac tgccaaactg    134340
     atttccagct tgcaatccca ccagaaatgg aggagtgttc ctctttgtcc acaacctctc    134400
     cagtatcctc tctcatctga gttttttatt ttagccattc tgaatgatat aaggtgaaat    134460
     ctcagggttt ttttgatttg catttctctg atgattaagg atttttaaca ttttcttagg    134520
     tgcttcttag cctttcgata ttcctcagtt gagaattctt tgtttagctc tgtaccccat    134580
     ttttaatagg tttatttgat tctctggagt tgaccttaat gagtcctttg tatatatggc    134640
     atattaaccc tctatcagat gtagcgttgg tgaagacatt tttcaaatct gttggtggcc    134700
     tttttgtttt attgacagtg ttttttgcct tacagaagct ttgcaattac atggggtccc    134760
     atttgtcaat tctcaatctt acagcacaag ccattggtgt tctgttcagg aattgctccc    134820
     ctgtgcccat acctgtttgg ctttttccca ctttctcctc tataactttc agtgtttctc    134880
     tagttttatg tggagttcct tgatccactt agacctgagt gttgtacaag gagataagat    134940
     tagatcaatt tgcattcttc tacatgctaa ccaccagttg agccagcacc atttgttgaa    135000
     aatgatgtcc tttttttcca ctggatggtt ttagctcgtt tgtcaaagat caagtgacca    135060
     tatgttcatt tctgggtctt caattctatt ccattgatct acttgtcaga ctctgtacca    135120
     gtaccatgca gtttttatca caattgctct ggagtagagc ttgaggtcag ggatggtgat    135180
     tctaccagag gttcttttat tgttgagaat agttttgctc tctggggttt tttgttattc    135240
     cagatgaatt tgcaaattgc cctttctaac tcagtgaaga actcagctga aactttgata    135300
     ggaattgcat tgaatctgta gattgctttc agcaagatag ccattttgat gatattaatc    135360
     ctgccaatct gtgtgcatgt gagatgtttc cgtcttctga aatcttcaat tttttcttca    135420
     gagacttgaa gttcttatat agatctttca cttctttagt tagagtcata ccaagatatt    135480
     ttatattatt tgtgactatt gtgaagcgtg ttgtttccct aatttctttc tcagcatgtt    135540
     tatcctttgt gtagagaaag gcctttggtt tgtgagttaa ttttatatcc agctactttg    135600
     ctgaggtttt tttttttatc aggtttagga gttctctggt ggaatttttg gggtcactta    135660
     tgtatactat tgtatcacat gcaaatagtg atattttgac ttcttccttt ccaatctgta    135720
     tccctttgat atccttttgt tgtctaattg ctctggctag gacttcaagt actgtattga    135780
     ataggtaggg agagagtggg cagccttgtc tagtccctga ttttagtggg attgctttgg    135840
     gtttctcttc atttagtttg gtgttgcctc ctggtttgct gtatattgct tttactatgt    135900
     ttaggtatgg gccttgaatt actgatcttt ccaagacttt tatcatgaac aggtgtgttg    135960
     gattttgtca aatgctttct cagcatctaa tgagatgatg gtgtggtttt tgtctttgag    136020
     tttatttata tagtgaatta cgttgacgga tttctcttgc gtgcaccctg actcgccagc    136080
     aagaaagaca ctgcaacagg atccttctgc acacgtttat tgggagagct tgattgcaga    136140
     ggtgaaaaga ccccaagccc agaactggtg ctgcttataa aagcctagga gaggcgtgtc    136200
     tcacaaccgg attggttatg catgggttat gcttaccacc tcatttgcat gtctcacatt    136260
     tgattggtta acttctctct caactgattg gttaacttgt ctctcatctg attggttaac    136320
     ttgtctctca tctgattggt taacttgtct ctcatctgac tggttaactt gtctctcatc    136380
     tgattggtta actctcaaaa cctcatcttg gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact ttactgccta    136440
     tgtatgcgtg gtgaccagtg gtagccagcg ccaccctgca atgacacatg aggcttccca    136500
     cagatttcct tatattgaac catccttgca tctctggaat taagcctact taatcatgat    136560
     gaatgatcat tttaatatgt tcttggattg ggtttttgag aattttattg agtatttttg    136620
     catcaaaatt cataagggta attggtctga agttctcttt ctttgttggg tctatgtgtt    136680
     gtctaggtat cagaataatt gttgcttcac agaatgagtt gggtagagta ccttctgttt    136740
     ctattttgtg gaagagtttg aggagtattg gaattaggac ttcttttaat ttctgatcta    136800
     actctccact aaatccatct gttcctgggc attttttggt tgggagatga aaaatgactg    136860
     cttctatttc tttaggggat atgggactgt atagatcatg aatctgatcc ttatttgaca    136920
     ttggtacctg gtctctgtct aaaaaaattg tccatttcat ccagattttt cagttttgtt    136980
     gagtataggc tttagtagta ggatctgata attttttgaa tttctttaga ttctgttgtt    137040
     atgtctccct tttcatttct aattttgtta attaggatac tgtctctgtg ccctctagtt    137100
     agtctggcta agggtttatg tatcttgttg attttctcaa agaaccagct cctggtttgg    137160
     ttggttcttg gtatagttct ttttgttttg acttggttgg tttatttcag ccctgggttg    137220
     ggttatttcc tggcatttac tcctcttgtg tgaatttgct tcctttcgtt ctagagtcta    137280
     ggtgtgctgt cagactgcta gtgtatgctc tctctagttt ctttttggag gcactcaggg    137340
     ctatgtgttt tcctcttagg actgctttca ttgtgtcaca taagtctggg tatgttgtgg    137400
     ctacattttc attaaactct aaaaagtctt taatttcttt ctttctttct tccttgacca    137460
     agttatcatt gagtagactg ttgttcagct tccacctgta tgtgggcttt caattattta    137520
     tgttatcatt gaagatcagc gttagttcat ggtgatctgg taggatgcat gggattattt    137580
     caatattttt tgtcccttga ggtctgtttg tgactgatta tgaggtaaat tttggaaaag    137640
     ttatcatgag gtcctgagaa gaaggtatat acttttgttt taggatgaaa tgttctatag    137700
     ctgtttgtta aattcatttg tttcataatt tctgctagtt tcactgtgtc tctgttcagt    137760
     ttctgtttcc aggatctgtc cattgatgag agtggggtgt tgaagtctcc cactattatt    137820
     gtgtgaggtg caatgtgtac tttgagcttt acaaaaatta ctttaatgaa tgtggatgcc    137880
     ctgcatttgg agcataaatt ttcagaattg agagttcaac ttggtagatt tgacctttaa    137940
     tgaacatggt gtgtccctcc gtgtttgata attttaggtt aaaagtcaat tttattcaat    138000
     attagaatgg ctactccagc tagtttcttg ggaacatttg cttggaaatt ttttttccag    138060
     ccttttactc tgaggaagta tctatctttg tccctgaggt gggtttcctg tatgcagcaa    138120
     aatgttgggc cctgtttatg taaccagtct attagtctat gtcttttgat tggggaattg    138180
     agtctattga tatataagcg atattaagga aaagtaattg ttgcttcctg ttatttttat    138240
     tgttagagtt ggaattttgt tcatgtggct atcttcattt agttttgttg gaagattact    138300
     ttcttgcatt ttctagggca aagtttccct ccttttgttg gagttttccc tttatcatcc    138360
     tttgaaaggc tggattcatg gaaagatatt gtgaaaattt ggttttgtct tggaatactt    138420
     tggtctctcc aactatgtaa ttgggagttt tcctaggtat aatagcctag gctgtcattt    138480
     gtattctcct aggatctgta tgacatctgt ctaggatcta ctgtattttg tcgtctctgg    138540
     ttagaagtct ggtgtaattc taattggcct gcctttatat gttacttgac ctttttcccc    138600
     taccgctttt agtattctat ctttgtttag tggatttgat attttgatta ttatgtgaca    138660
     gttggaattt ctttttttat tggagtctat ctggaattct gtagtcttca tgtatgttca    138720
     tgggcatgtc tttctttagt ttagggtagt tttcttctat aattttgttg aagatattta    138780
     ctggccctgt aatttgaaaa tcttcattct catctatacc tatcatcctt acgtttggtc    138840
     ttctcattgt gtcctgaatt tcctggatgt tttgagttag gatctttttg cattttgcat    138900
     tttctttgat tgattttttc catgttttct atggagtctt ctgcacctga gattttctct    138960
     tccatctctt gtgtggtgtt ggtaaagctc gcatctgtgg ctcctgattt ctttcctagg    139020
     atttctatct ccagagttgt taccctttgt ggtttcttta ttgtttctac ttccattttt    139080
     agattctgga tggttttgtt caattccttc acctgtttgg ttgtgttttc ctataattct    139140
     ttaagtgata tttgtgtttc ctctttaagg gcttatacct gtttagctgt gttagctcct    139200
     atatttcttt aagtgagtta ttaatgtcct tcttaaaatc ctctaacagc atcatgatat    139260
     atgattttaa atctgaatct tgcttttctg gtgtgttggg gcatcagggc ttacagttgt    139320
     gggagtactg gattctgatg atgtcaagta gtcttggttt ctgttggtaa gattcttgtg    139380
     tttgcctttt gccatctggt aatctctggt gttagatgtt cttgccgtct cagactggag    139440
     atttttcctc ctgagtctgt aagcctgtgc cagcactcct ggaagaccag ctctctcctg    139500
     gcaagtccag tggatagagt tgtggaacag caccacctcc tggttgcaga tgtaggcccc    139560
     taggaccctg tcccagctgt tctgctgctt ctgcagtttg tgatctcctg aggagtctaa    139620
     ccttagagac atacttgaga gagaatggca ctcccacctc agtcctgggg ccagagcact    139680
     ccctggagac aagctctcct ttggcaaggg agtacacaga ggactgagaa tcagccccac    139740
     ctcctgtctg tagatgtagc tccgtagggc cctgttccag gagctctgtc acttatgagg    139800
     cctgtgctct cctgtgtgga cctgcctgtg tcctggggcc agagcactcc ttggagccaa    139860
     gctgccctct ggcagggaag ttgcacagag gactgagcat caagaatctt ttcacgtgtg    139920
     tgctatatcc aaacatcctt tcaactttgt ctgcttcagg aaaaccgtct ttcacgtgtt    139980
     tgctttagta agatctcatt tcaactctgc cccagcaaaa catcatttga cacaactaac    140040
     tttccaaaga gctaagtttc cccttcattc ctgcccctct gtgactctac cctctgtaga    140100
     gttttctcag aatatgatcc cagtggatcc tgtacctact aataatattg tggacctgtc    140160
     acctaatttc ctttcctaca tctgagtatt gagttgttga aagaaacact aaatcaatga    140220
     catgctgcag atgacccaca tttctggctg gtgtggtctg taatgtgact acacatgcat    140280
     gttttacact aagacatgtt tatgtaatat ccatgtattt ttacaagtag aacaatcata    140340
     agtgatttat gatgtgattc ctggctaaac agagctttgg tgttcatgtg ttctcagtgg    140400
     tttaagaatt acatgttgag atagttttgt aaagacaagc agggtgttgt aaatctaaca    140460
     ctagaggaag aggcaagagt atcacatgtt tagagccaac cttggctcta tagtgaacta    140520
     agggatagcc tgggccctca tcatcctatc ttaagaccct aaaagatatg tttgaaatat    140580
     tggacaattg cagttactaa actagtgtcc ttggtaagtt ccagaatgac taagtgactc    140640
     tgtatctggg taatgataat tatgactttc cctgtaataa aatcaagtga atcttgtact    140700
     aatttgtatt attttgtcag taagagaaat gtcttatggt aggagtgatt aatgatctgc    140760
     catacttgat gtaaagaatt taccactact taccctaggt ggtattgctt gctggattgc    140820
     cagtagctaa gtaatgacct tttaatgtaa gaaagatcac aacttctatc taaaattgtt    140880
     tttgatattt aagcttttat tgtcaaacta cagcatccca atgtcatgtt gtgcactagg    140940
     accttttcac ttgctattcc ctgtgcctat ttttttctca agatattctt agtgtacact    141000
     tccctacttc attttcattg ctgttcaaat gtcacctttt tacacagtct atccacatga    141060
     tcagaaatag caacccttcc tactgtcacc cttcattcta tgaagtaata taggtgatga    141120
     aatcttatat agccttgtgt ttgcctgttt gctccaacag tatgacatgc tgtacatgac    141180
     agggattttt attcacattc tatgactcta tcctctcctt agtccttaga gcatgtcata    141240
     gcattcatta gcataatggg atagttagtg aacaaagaaa agaaaaaatg tccagtcctt    141300
     tctcatcata aacttttcat aacatgttta tataaaagta aaacttggcc ctgtggatgt    141360
     agcacaattg gtagaatagt tgcctagcat ataagagaca gtaaaactgg gtcccaacat    141420
     catataatct aggcaaaata gggcatgctt gtgatttcag tagaggcagg gggatctgat    141480
     ttcaaggaca aaatcatcct tacctacacc acaagtttaa ggagatcctg agcttcatta    141540
     gactatagca gttattttcc aaatataggc tcaagatgaa ttattggttg aggaggacat    141600
     atagcaccat aaagaataca aaacaagacc gggcgtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag    141660
     cactcgggag gtagaggcag gtggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg    141720
     agttccagga cagccagagc tataaagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa    141780
     acaaacaaac aaaaaaaaaa gaatacaaaa caaaatccag taataatata actaaattta    141840
     gtcacacatg ttttaaaaga agtgtgttat atcattgcca tgtaatttca gtaaagaaaa    141900
     aaaattatcc agcttttgct ttgattaata tttgtctatg taaatattct accttttcag    141960
     cacttgggaa tgtttccagt ggtacagctc tacaagacca gtaatatttt caagtttgca    142020
     tgcaattgta taataaaata attgtgtatt taagaacaaa cacaattgct cctattcatt    142080
     ttcataataa aatgaggaaa ggaaggaccg atgtggctat tgtagctggt ctgatgccct    142140
     gatcttcatg gtcaatcagc taactgaagc agcccttcta gaaggatgca tagtattgat    142200
     tgcaaccccc acgttgctgt ctctgctgtc tgtaatgaca gtacttgagt ccttctttct    142260
     ccttgtcatc ttatcactgt ttactctgcc tacctcttca tttactactg acagaaaaat    142320
     atatcaggaa ttctataaat ctttatcaat ttaactaaat gatcactact tactgacatt    142380
     ctatatcctt gggtaaaagg ttttatttca ctgaactgta gagtttcctt ggctacaatt    142440
     ataaattcta ctaagaagca aactaccata ttatatattg ctatattcta atattttaac    142500
     taagcagatt aaagctttgg gttctattca aagcacaaat tgaaaatgac ttcagcattc    142560
     tgttatttta tatgttggga acgatttgat gcagcatgat gactcagcag gtaaaggtgc    142620
     ttactaactc tgcaagacct cctccctcct ttcttcttcc ctctcctccc ctcgattcct    142680
     tcctctcccc tccttcttcc ttccgtcttt cttgcattac tcaatccccc ctccctctca    142740
     tttgaggaat tacctcaatc agattggtgt gtaagcatat ctctggagca tttccttgat    142800
     tactaataga tataggagag ctgatcaccc aggtcaatcc ctgcaatcct ggtaaaagtt    142860
     gaaagatgag agatgaattt caagcgttat cctcagatct ccatatgcat accatggcag    142920
     tccattctcc cttcaaccct agacctctct ctctctctcc ctctctctct ctctctctct    142980
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    143040
     cactcacaca gggtaggtgt taaataaaat agaattttaa gaaaataata aaataacaat    143100
     taagtctaat tattagagga ttgtgttata aacataatcc agtaatataa aattaaataa    143160
     cctcactttg aagcagaaat ctcatttttg attggtgcct ttatgagcta tgaggtgata    143220
     attaaatgaa tttcccagta caagattctg tttgtttgtc tataaggatt ttatccacta    143280
     aggcatttca gttgtccttt tataatttct gaaagttttg tttctgtttt tatttttgtt    143340
     gttttaatat ttagggagaa ttgccatttt atttgagaaa gatttcaggc ctgataactg    143400
     tcatggagac ctttgaggca aacacaaggc aataagtgcc cctcttacca cgcctgatac    143460
     tgtagtattt tgtaggatta gatatcaaat tcacagcctg gtgtatgctg tgcaagcatt    143520
     ctcccactga atgcatcctg cccagttgtg acagtttttc agggtacact ctcatactat    143580
     ttagtcagat atgctgctat cctgacagca tagcatcgaa aatacagagg agacatgatg    143640
     agcgatacct tatttattgt ccaagtaaat aaaaatgcta ttgcttctgc ttaactgaac    143700
     ctcttctact ttccttgaaa agtcctgtct gttctgtgtt cttggaagga ggatgaagaa    143760
     ctatttcatt gcttggcatg agagactttg tactaaaact ttgcaatcag actaacaaac    143820
     tggggaaatc agaatctttt gattagtccc catcttcttt aatgactaac tcaaccttag    143880
     ccacactgag agggagtgtt taactaatgg aaaaatacca aaagaaatta tctgttgtga    143940
     agaaattcac aacaaactgc agttccaaga gatctaaagc catcttctgg tttaaaaagg    144000
     catactacac acacatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    144060
     gcacacacgc acacatgcac acacacgcac acgcacacat gcacacgcac acacacatgt    144120
     gcacaatgaa acacacatac acttaaacat gcacacacac tcacatgcac acatgcatat    144180
     gcacatacac acacgcacag caaaatgaaa tgttttttaa tctatcaaca ttttaattca    144240
     gggatgttaa aagactgtga gacattaaga tggtttgaac catttttttt ggttataata    144300
     ttttcagact tttatcctac tatcagattt gtgctagtct ttaatttaca tcagattatc    144360
     tttctgaaac ttttgtttgc tcttctgaac atttaaaaat cctgctgctt ttctcactga    144420
     aactctagtt aatagactat actatgtctg caatttacat ctacagtagt atagttcatt    144480
     tcttagtttc tctggggttt gctaatgcag gccaccaaca gtgtactgta tttctgtgct    144540
     tgatcaagtc aaagctaaaa acaagaattg ctttttaaaa tatataatct cagttatgta    144600
     atcatcatag taaagacagt acttatcaat ttttgttttc tgttagtttc ctgacaaatt    144660
     cagtaacttg tgacaatcat ttaaagttac attaattatt ttatttttaa tttttattgg    144720
     ttatctgttt atttacattt caaatgttat ccccttcctg gtttcttctc cagaaaatat    144780
     ctccatctca tccttctccc cctgcctcca caagggtgct cccccctacc agagcactcc    144840
     tgccccacag ccctagcatt tccctatgct gggtcatcaa gccttctcag aacctttaat    144900
     ccagacaagg tacatattca gctggagcca tgggtccctc catgtgtatt atttggttgg    144960
     tggtttagtc cctgagagct ctggggggtg ggggagtctg gttgatattt ttcttctctc    145020
     tatggggttg caaacccctt cagctccttc agtccttacc ctaattcctg ctcagtaaga    145080
     tggttggctg ctgcaagatg gttgtatccc tgtctgtctc ttacagagtc tctcagtaga    145140
     aatccatata cagaattaag gagatatgga ggtggtgaga cacagttgcc tagtaaggaa    145200
     ttcttgtggt gtagacatct aagatggtta gatttagtat tcttgggaag agagtcttgg    145260
     tggaagactg tgtacataca caaggctggc ctgttggcct gtctttaggg gtgtcttgat    145320
     tgctttaact gagtgtaaag gtctatccca aatgtgggga gccccttctg gtggcagttc    145380
     atattaaaag acatggaata ttgaaagctt tttctcttgg ttcccttggg attacctctt    145440
     gctgacaggt ttatctactt tgttgttgtt tgggttgaat cttcagctga aattagaatc    145500
     agcttttggg attctaacat ggactgaaga tatatatata tcaaatatgt acacccatat    145560
     attgctcttc ctccagagag ccataatagt acaacagcca aatgatgtaa taattctata    145620
     aaaaagaata ttttcataag tttaccagta ttatttggtt aggtgttcag agaaggtgca    145680
     tatttaagta gttttcaaat gaaccacaaa tactttgaat gttgtgaata cctttcctac    145740
     atcatacttt ttgtcaaaat aaaatcaaca aagacaagag aagatatatt catgcttcag    145800
     gccttaaaaa acaaaacaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa acagcaccat gctttttttt    145860
     ggaagtgaat ctgacccatg tttcccaaag ccagcatctc tttcagtgaa attgtaataa    145920
     aaactcatgg acacttcaaa tctgtaacag tttgaaagtg catgtttgag gtaagcacca    145980
     aacatcctga ctcttagcac caataacagg aggaagccat gggtacaaca actattgtta    146040
     aatggagttt cccagttgag aacagattgc cttttcaaaa gtatgatatc attttatttc    146100
     ctattaattg aacaacaaca atggggacag gcatcaaaaa atatgtccta tgtctactga    146160
     atatgaacat atgctttttg ttttgttttt gttccctgct ttatctaaaa taacagttat    146220
     gggaggaaaa aaaaagactg caaatacatt agatgatctt acaggaaggt tattttcaaa    146280
     gaagagattt aagaatgcta taaaatgaga cttaaggttt gggatctgat gtcagaaaaa    146340
     attaaaatgc ccacaaagca tcggtaacca tagcaacatt gtagatagca caaagagagt    146400
     catttttatt cagcacaggt ttatagaata tatcatcctg aatgtgtcag tatatgctat    146460
     ctttgttggt ctgctgtgat gtcctattat atagaactta ttagctagac ccaaggactc    146520
     attatttatc agtcaaaaac tcaggctttt aaacatacac ttaaaattaa gataaaatgt    146580
     ctgaacaatt aatcacagta tccgtaattt acaaaacagg tgttgggaac tttgttgaaa    146640
     ttcttatttt aataataatt gaaacataaa aaattatttg cctgagacaa cctcagagaa    146700
     taaaaatagt cctttgaaat gagaaaagta agcatctccc ttacagatag catgaatatg    146760
     aaattaagag aatacttaga aaacttccca aagccaagaa aatcattaaa actgtacatg    146820
     ataatgtcaa aatacaaaaa tcagttgttt ttatactgca atgtataatc aaacaaagga    146880
     aataataaaa tggtttagtt atattatcat cttaaagcac ttctggaaag gagagttaat    146940
     gtcttaaata cataaaaaat tactctaagt tatcaaagaa aatctactta gtgatactta    147000
     ggcaaactat ataaacagac cttcaaatag ctaatatgtg aaaagatatt cattattatg    147060
     ttactatgga aatttaactt caaacaaggt aaagaaaaag gttcagtgaa aatcatatga    147120
     atgatctaga ataagcaaat tcaaggaaga gagagtagat caaaagttac caggacatgg    147180
     acattcacga cagaggtagt aaagacgtac tgcttaatta ttacagggtt tctccttgag    147240
     ggattgaagt tttggaattt tgtgctctgt ctgtagaatg accatgacag ctgaactttc    147300
     agttttatat gagcaagttt gtagcaagca aatgaaaaga acatatagca actagcagat    147360
     agaagtagac catggtacaa tcaggggctt gcaacatgga acaggaatga ctggggaagt    147420
     ctggtccgaa ataagtaaac agatgcttcc agcagagacc ttggcagaga gcattatctc    147480
     tccaccatga gctttacatt ttttataaca ggataaaaaa tagtgacttc ttttggaaat    147540
     gccttccctc tttgctattc ttgaggatac aatgttctca actgttttaa ctccatgctg    147600
     tttgtctcct ctccctgacc aggaacaacg aattttaaag gcatgatatt gttgtcagac    147660
     tcaaacagta ttcaacacaa aacaaggagg ggaccagtct cctgttctca gagtcctcgt    147720
     caaaaaccac aaagtcctct ctcaaaaaac acagagagca caggatgatt gaacactttc    147780
     atttatattg cagctgctgg tatttgtaca gtatagtaaa cccagtcagt gccacagaat    147840
     tgtgttggta aattctaaga ataataaatt ttgttttgtt attttaccac actaatcttt    147900
     aagtaaaata ggggctgaag aagtgactga ctcagtggtt aagagcagag gttgttctcc    147960
     caaaggatcc aggtcaattc ccaccatcca cgtggtgatt cacagccatc tgcaactcca    148020
     tttccaggga atctgaggcc atctttcacc ctccacagtt accgcatgct tgtcctgcac    148080
     agcatagatg catgcaaaac acctatagac ataaaataca atatttgtaa attaaactaa    148140
     aatatataca tagaagttaa aaatggtttg aaagcagaat tacatcttaa gcatgtttct    148200
     ttgatactat ttgtataata taggtggaaa agtgtcagtg gaaaagtgat atcacttaaa    148260
     catttcaaat tgtgtgaaac tatataagga aaataaaagg ggtttattgt ttctgggtcc    148320
     cctaagagac tttgtttcag aattctgtct tgttacctaa ctcccaggat tgctcagcga    148380
     aaacgaaata ttccctcact tttcacatgt actttttttt ttttttttaa caaatggagc    148440
     cacccagcat acatttttga gatttgtttt aacttgatca tatgtgaaag ctacctttga    148500
     atacgtactc acagatacac tacttttgct cattaaaagt agtaatcagg tagtgttcag    148560
     tttagataat gtaagaggct cagagcaaat agatcatttt tcctatgtgt agaagaattg    148620
     tgtacgtatt ttgaaagtta caacataaat actgcatctc aaaactttca gtttagttcc    148680
     taattcaccc ttttccaaac atagctcatt cgtccttaaa gaaaaaccaa aaccaaaacc    148740
     aaaaacacaa tgcactaagg acactgagga atggaggtcc ttgccagctt atgtgctttg    148800
     aagaatggcc aagctaaaga agttttagag ttcagtctta gatttagaac ctcctttaaa    148860
     taaaatattt agtactcact tgacattaaa catgtgtgtt aatgaaacac actgaaatga    148920
     ttcgtataag atttgtgctt ttaatgaaaa tttaaaatca tagttggtaa aatactgaaa    148980
     taagctattt aaaaatatta attactcaaa gaactccact cattcaaata acttgttgac    149040
     ttgttggcct ggctctacaa taacgtagaa gccacttagg ctgctgtgaa gcccaagtca    149100
     catctctcat aagaacaggc tttatggtct aaaagcaatg ctcaagtgta actgaaggga    149160
     cctgggtcaa ggaaatacaa atattctgaa agatatgcac agagcctatc ttatcatcag    149220
     acagcgaagg atcaccaggg tattcctggc ttccaacgga agaggtaagc tttgtttaat    149280
     tttccttact tatccggtgc ttttctatgt gcacaggaat ttttgccctc tacactatac    149340
     tgaggaaaac ttagcctttg taacacacaa tcaaatataa attatgagag ttcttttcca    149400
     atggaatact gtctgttgtg ggaatctatg aagggcagat ttgttgtatc atcaatatta    149460
     tggtggtgct agtataaagt aaaacttgac aagaaaaata atgctagtat tctaagagat    149520
     cactatttgt gctaaggcaa aagacctact acagaaatac ttgttattga taactttaaa    149580
     ggggaaatgt agaatcttag taagctgaca ttgatggtaa tatcagatta ttaactggct    149640
     ctctaaaaat tactcattta acttaagatt tttctgataa aatataaaga gaaatggaag    149700
     catctaaaag aaaggatggt tggtgaaggg tagtcatcca cacaattaac ttgtgtgctc    149760
     cttagagcca gctcacatca ctcaacgctt tgttttgcct aataagtcag aggataattg    149820
     aattatgatt tcacaagtct tttcttgtac agaggaagga aaaccaattg tttactagat    149880
     aggtcaccaa tctttagatg ctcaaaaaca aattctgcct aatgttttat tagaagatgg    149940
     tgtcgaagtt ttttttctta caaaaatgag cagtttgtaa aaaatggatt tgtttaaaag    150000
     aatatttttc acattcaatt aaagatatca gttatgaaat gtattcatta aattttgtca    150060
     tttaaagtct ttgattgcta aaaatcatac ttttagcatt tttcttttta tccttctctc    150120
     atacatcatg atctcatcgt acccacacac acacacttcc ccactaccaa ggatccaact    150180
     gcttctctcc gttccttcag aaaaaagcag acccccaaga tgtggctccc aaatgttatt    150240
     aaaagatgca ataaaactag gcctataccc ccataccaaa gctaaatggt tattattaac    150300
     agttacgacc agttagtgaa gccttgatta atatgtagag gaaaacatag actacacaag    150360
     atgccttccc atctcagata agaatctgag ttacttttcc tagcttttat tgcattacat    150420
     tttgttttta cttttttatc tgtgtttgtc agaaatttat ttgaaatgtg attgtgattt    150480
     tatataattt ttcttggtct ttgtatttac ctttttattt tatttaatat ttatttttaa    150540
     ttgtctgtgt gtgtatgcat gcatgcaggt atgaatgcca gtccatattt agaatcccaa    150600
     agctgttctt ttacaagcaa agactctgga acaatggttt cgaaaaaata gaaagtaaag    150660
     tggtaagaag cagaaccaga gaaactaatc aatatgtata agcatattga taaaatggac    150720
     aaataagttc tgatgttttg taacaggtat gtgattatag ttaaaagcaa tgtaatgggc    150780
     aatattaaac tagcccagag aggagattgt aagggtctca caatgggagc agaataatcc    150840
     agatgctaat tacatcattt agtaatgtgt ttctgtattg agagaacatt aaaccccatg    150900
     aatgtgaaca tttattttag ccatgtagat gtatgcagta catttaatgc tgattttggt    150960
     tatcattttg ctgacgagta atgaggccaa actctgaaca ccatcttatt cgttgactac    151020
     atgaatacac actgctatac attcttcctt tgttcatgtg ttgtaaaagt tgcttttttt    151080
     tcaacagatg ttatctcaac tgctttctgg tgaataaact cactctttct agttttttct    151140
     gaattgtggt tggttggttc aattcagctg ttctggctca aactcctctc ccagatgact    151200
     gattcattct ttcttctatt gtcttcaaac tgaattgcta tgcttggcct aaagctgact    151260
     ctggcaatcg attctaatat tctggttcac tctcattctc tggctctttc tgtcttcacc    151320
     tgaaatctat ttgggtaaaa tcgactctaa tctctcctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    151380
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcccatctc    151440
     tttcctgttt gtcccctcat gagagttagg agtaccctat ctttgccaaa tctttctttg    151500
     attcatcact gtgtctaccc cttaattaga cttcactttc tatcatggct gcttcctttt    151560
     aaaaactaaa tttaccttca ttgtttggaa ttaaagatgt atactaagga catttcagta    151620
     tttcagccag aggcattaga ggtatattat tccagatgga ttacagaggc ctagaaggtc    151680
     tttgaatgtg atcccttgcc aaatatccat gttcctcgat taaaattcct ctacaatctg    151740
     tatatcatat taactgtatc tgtcagtcac agtatttaaa aatgtgttat atatagtgta    151800
     tttctatttt cttataagat tactttataa tgatcttaat ctctctccat accaatgtaa    151860
     tacattgcaa attccttcta ttgtacttat gggtaattta tggaacattt ccatgctata    151920
     gtgataaaat gattttgttc tgatgtctgc acatatgtag aaaatcacac atatcaaatc    151980
     tgacatttaa tacttatgta tggaaactgt aaaaaggctc tgtagtagag acagtctgag    152040
     ttcaagtccc agcacacatg ttagatgatt gaagtggcct gacactacag gtccacgtga    152100
     tttgccaggt tttggcctcc ttatgcactt acatccatgt gaatatgctc ccatacagac    152160
     tacacattca tgtttataac taaaagtgaa gaaattttaa aactaaaaat tctatgtaat    152220
     taatcaatga cttttgaaaa gaaagacccc ctctttctct gtactatagt atcaacttca    152280
     ttacaaataa gctttctcta gatgtttctg ctttctgtat ttttatctac tgattttttg    152340
     gtaagacctg tgttaacatt tcagttttta attgttacag tgacactcaa agtatcggta    152400
     tttccttgtt ctttatagct ttattggctc tttcaagcca ttcgtgtttc tatgaatcag    152460
     tttatcaatg ttctgtggtt atgtgctaaa aatttgatta gaattacatg taccagaaga    152520
     agttatatgt ctacattgag cctgctaata aatatccttc tatatcagta ataattttta    152580
     atcctatcaa aaaatcattg tggtttgctg tgtagatgca gatatgaaga gaacttattc    152640
     ctaaaatctg aatagttttc atgcttttta aattaactat tcatttttgt gtttatgtat    152700
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atggaagtag gcacacatgt    152760
     gggcatactg acatacatgt tcattcatag atgtcagaag acaacttgtg ggagtaagtt    152820
     tcctcctcct tcagtcttgt gagtactgag gccaaattca ggtcatgaac attggtgcaa    152880
     tcactttagc cacaaaagca tctctctttc ccttgattct gagtgtaatc tttagcacct    152940
     caaaaacatt ctattttcta tatgattctg gcttaaagtg ctgaaaagtt ttcttcttaa    153000
     ggtttaatat cttagtaaga gtgttgaaga ctcctgccat gagggagagg agccagatct    153060
     gagtctagtt ttcatgtttc cttcatggaa ccaaagatgt gagaggttat aaaaggagaa    153120
     ctctgggagt ctagggcatt tgtggtcata aaatggcctt agtcagagaa aacattttgc    153180
     catccacttg accagatgta gtttggtaat tttgtatatc agaacagaat acaagggacc    153240
     cagcaggtgg gctcctacct ttatggcact accttctatg agaaacacat tgaatattgc    153300
     tgaatttcaa gttcttaaga aaaactacca tagtttctaa aacagtctgt aggcttaaat    153360
     aatactgacc tggtagatat aagaaggatt tgaagtttct gagcttctag ggttcacact    153420
     ctaaggaaag taagtcggat ttgtggttaa accatcttga tttggcagga tgggggaggg    153480
     gtcagctgtt taaaagtcat gaaggggcaa ggtgtgaggg ttagtcaagc tgatagagct    153540
     attaggctaa gtgagtacag acacatagat tttactgtgt ttatactcaa tagtaactat    153600
     aatggtctgt aatttgtgtc tgaattgtta aaagtgcagt tgggctgcca tgggtaatag    153660
     cagctttatg tgttcttttg ctacggtttg gctttttcaa tatttccatc caggcttatg    153720
     ttcctggttg ggaccctcat tactgtgttg accaaaaatg atgaagaaaa ctgtttttat    153780
     ttttgttctt gcattattga gagtaatggt acagttttag taaatacttt atcatgttac    153840
     agaaattgtt ttagcagagt gacactattt atttatttct ataatttttt attgaaaaaa    153900
     ataggaatct cactagatac ttctcgggca ttcaaaaaac aagtctaaaa aataattccc    153960
     tataacaaac aaataaatta aaaagacaag tagtattggt acacaccttt gatgtcagca    154020
     cttggaaggc agacatcgat ggatctcagt gagatcaaaa ccaggctggt ctacagactg    154080
     aattccagga catccagggc tgcacaggga aatagtgcct ccaaaaacac aaacaacaaa    154140
     aataaaaaat gattgcctag agttccttga tattgatgta gattgcattc tggtatagac    154200
     tgctttaccg tgcatgttgc gctgattatt tataacaatt acgacagcca tcagctctaa    154260
     cactcggagg tttaactaag gatcatttat ttatcattac aataacttag agaatattag    154320
     aagaatgtat tggtgtgatt aacacctcct gcttttaatt ccacctgaaa gtctcagttt    154380
     ccctaatatg acctacattg cttttttgtt aaattccaat gagaagttca atttgcacat    154440
     tccttactat atagaaaaaa tgtagtctag ctgagtgata ggaacatagc acacaaatac    154500
     tgaaaaatgt cacccatttt actgccattt tcctcccagc acattgagcc tctagggtta    154560
     acacacacat acaccaccac caccacaaac aactcttaaa taactcctta gtctcaattt    154620
     aacttctgct ccgtgtaaag acaaaataat gtcatttctt tgtcaagtga ttattttatt    154680
     tttaattatg tatctgtgtt tgtcatgtgg gtacaaatac acaaaaaggc cagaaaaggg    154740
     tgtcagattc catgaattgt gaactacctt ttgtgggtgc taggaagtga acaaaggtcc    154800
     tctgaaatca caatgaacac acttaaccaa tgaacaatcc ccttagtccc aatatatctt    154860
     tctcctaggc agattgtaag tatttttttt tttgagagaa tagtatcacc ctaaaactgt    154920
     cttagatttt aatgcttgct tagagggaaa aaaaacaatc acaaacacct tttttaggtt    154980
     ggggtatagt gctaactaaa gctcttaaaa ctcctttgga actagtcatt aaaaaaacta    155040
     aactctggtt tcttttataa tttcacattt ctcttggtag aatagataga tatggatatg    155100
     gttttctttt gaagatccat gcaagcaaaa tctttcactt tcccctcaat tttcaatgac    155160
     agtgtaaaag ataataataa agccatatat tcactaagga atttttatat gaactattga    155220
     aatttgtgta ggtgtgttct tttggcttct atgtctctgt accacatgta tgtggttccc    155280
     acataggcca gaagagtagt catattcagt gagagcagag ttatagatgg ttataagtta    155340
     cagtgtgtgt gctgtgtact aaacccaggt cctctttgag aacagcaagt gttcttgctc    155400
     ccagccattt gtttagctca tttgttttta atattgccaa tttccaccac aaaatagtct    155460
     aggggtttta aacaccaaaa cccaatgtat tatcattctc tagtaaaagg tacattaaca    155520
     atctctgtag aggtagtgct gattcaaagg aatgcactgg tgtcaagttc aaagcaaaat    155580
     aatgaactaa tgacacaaga agttaatgat aacatttcta ggacctagac aagagcagat    155640
     gaagtggaaa aaaggacatc tttgcttgca aatgagacca tgctgtgtgt gcatgtgttt    155700
     gtgtgtctga gagagagaca gagacagaga gacgaagaca cacagaaact gagacaaaga    155760
     gacagagagc tagagagaca gagagacaga gatgtttata caatataaaa agtatacttt    155820
     gtgtaaaaat atagtgttta aagaaacaac ttttgaagga aaaatatagt tttgcactga    155880
     attcctattc tggactttat gtgctattgt tatcttctct gggaaatcta aatttacatt    155940
     attgaaatat catatataca aatgtttctt atattttact attgcaggat acagacattt    156000
     gtatatacaa ggtaatgaaa aggtgtgaat tatgatctat gctgaagtta tgtataaaaa    156060
     ttattaaggc cttattcagg aaaagcaatg ttaattttgt agtaaaaact aacttcatat    156120
     tgtttttcca cctatagggt tgcagttccc tttagctcct tgggtaattt ctctagctcc    156180
     tccattgggg gccatgtgac ccatccaata gctgactgtg atcatccact tctgtgtttg    156240
     ctaggccctg gcatagtctc acaagagaga gctatatctg ggtcctttca gcaaaatctt    156300
     gctagtgtat gcaatggtgt cagcatttgg aagctgatta tgggatggat ccctgcatat    156360
     ggcaatcact agatggtcca tcctttcgtc acagctccaa attttgtctc tgtaattcct    156420
     tccatgggtg ttttgttccc atttctaaga aagggtaaag tgtccacact ttggtcttcg    156480
     ttcttcttga atttcatgcg tttggcaagt tgtatcttat atcttgggta ttctaagttt    156540
     ctgggctaat atccacttat cagtgagtac atattgtgcg agttcctttg tgattggatt    156600
     acttcactca ggatgatgcc ctccaggtcc atccatttgc ctaagaattt cataaattca    156660
     tttttttaaa tagctgagta gtattccatt gtgtaaatgt accacatttt ctgaattcat    156720
     tcctctgttg aggggcatct gggttctttc cagcttctgg ctattataaa taaggctgct    156780
     atgaacatag tggagcatgt gttcttctta ctggttagga catcttctgg atatatgccc    156840
     aggagaggta ttgcgggatc ctccggtagt actatgtcca attttctgag gaaccgccag    156900
     actgatttcc agagtggttg tacaagcttg caatcccacc aacaatggag gagtgttccc    156960
     ctttctccac atcctcgcca gcatctgctg tcacctgagt ttttgatctt agccattctg    157020
     actggagtga agtggaatct cagtgttgtt ttgatttgca tttccctgat gattaaggat    157080
     gttgaacatt ttttcaggtg cttctctgcc atttggtatt cctcaggtaa gaattctttg    157140
     ttcagctctg agccccattt tttaatgggg ttatttgatt ttctggagtc caccttcttg    157200
     agttctttat atatattgga tacccgggag ctcttgtctt tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa    157260
     gatggcctag tcggccatca ctgcaaagag aggcccattg gacttgcaaa ctttatatgc    157320
     cccagtacag gggaacgcca gggacaaaaa gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gattgtggga    157380
     ggtgggtatg ggggaccttt gggatagcat tgaaaatgta aacgaggaaa attcctaatt    157440
     taaaaaaaaa ctaacttcaa gagaacctgt aaaatattga aggagaaaat aaatttatat    157500
     gaagtgacag gtgtctagca ttcaatgtgt agaatatatg agggactaaa tatgaagata    157560
     tggagttcaa tggtagaatg cttgcctgga tcctcaaagg cttatgattg attctacagc    157620
     aaagatttaa aaaatcaaaa gacaattttg gaatcacttt taatagctta actaatgtca    157680
     atataagatg aaaaacttac ctgaaattat tataaaccaa agagtgatta taataaaaaa    157740
     ggaaaatcaa aaaagttatt gaattacatt taaaatgtac ttaaatttaa acaacattgt    157800
     taacttacta ttttataaga ggctctatgg aacattcagt gttaatttta tctatattta    157860
     taatacattc ttttatattg cttaagttta ttatctaaaa taatattttc atagtataaa    157920
     attcttactt tattttcatt tttatttaaa catttgtttt atatattagc taataactga    157980
     gagcgatcaa ctttattatt agggtctttc ttaaaaacaa aatattagtc tttattcttt    158040
     gattgaaact agatattttt ctcacataat atatcttctt tatggtctct cctcccgcta    158100
     ctcctcccat gtactcccca cttccccttc cctctgaatg gactctcggt ctctcattag    158160
     aaagctaaca ggctacaaag agttaattct aaatgttgct ttcatttcct tagataaagt    158220
     gatgggatac gagctatccc caagctgtgc aaatagacac actcttcagc ccaaagcatt    158280
     tccttctctc ttctaactat ccctaggcct aggcttaggc ctgtaaacta gattccgtat    158340
     aatctaatct gctaagatga cttattcaat ttgtcttccc tcaacttctg actgaattac    158400
     tctgcctgac ctgacctcat tctaactttg gcaatatgtc ctaatcttct tgaccctttt    158460
     cattctctgg cttgttcttc ttcacctgtg tctagctttt tctctgtaat atttctctgt    158520
     aaaaacagtc ctagtaagtt tgtcatacac aaacatcacc ccaccacagc cctctcttct    158580
     tattcttctt ctctttctct ctccctctct gctcttaagt gtcctctctt tcctgtgtag    158640
     tttgcctgtg agtttactgg atcctatttc tacacattct gccgggtctg tctctgattt    158700
     gtcactttgt ctggccctca ttttttttca attaaagtca tatactaagg actttcagcc    158760
     agagagacta aaggtatgtc ctaagggcat ggctttattc cagttggatt acacagacct    158820
     aaaatgtctt tgatgtgatc agagcagcca tgttgctgga ttaaaattcc tctacaaata    158880
     ataataaaac ataatatgat ataaaaatta aataacaaaa tgaaataaaa actaatccat    158940
     tgaaagtgga caaaataaac aaattgaaag aaaagagctc aatggaaagc acaagaagta    159000
     gtcttgttca tttgcacaca caggaagctc ataaaaacac taaactagga gccaaataca    159060
     catgccgagg acctggtgca gacttattca gacattttgg taccatcact gtctctgaat    159120
     tcgtatgtga ttttatcatg tttatttaga aggtcttttt ttcttggagt cctccatctt    159180
     ctctggcttt tacactttct ccctccacct ctatgaagtt ctctcagccc tagagtgaga    159240
     tttgatagag acatccatat aaggctgagt gttccaaaat ctctcatttt ctgcataata    159300
     tcttattgca agtctctgca tttcttccca tgtgctgcag gaagaatctt ctctggtaat    159360
     agttaagcaa ggagtagttc tatgagcaaa ccagatgtca ttagaagtca ttttatttcc    159420
     tcagttttgt ttttgttgtt gttttgtttt gtttttagaa cactagtatt tacttttact    159480
     ctgagtcaat agtctacatt cttggtcatc taagaagtgt caaatatggg ttacatttca    159540
     tacagtgggc ctttgtgatt ctatggattt tagcgtggtt attgatttaa taaatatcca    159600
     cacgtaggtg aatgaacacc atatttctct ttctgagtct aggatgccac atcaggatga    159660
     tttttcttct atgttcatat atttacctgt gaattacttt ctttttcctt tttaaatatt    159720
     ctccacgttt attgtgattc caatgccaca caggacacat gaacaccatt ggctaggatg    159780
     gttaagggca aatagtggtt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    159840
     gtgtattccc tatgtacaga gagtaaacat cacacgtgaa ggatcaagaa ggaagattgc    159900
     tggaagttga gctgcagtca gttttctctg ccactgactt tgagaaggct gagataaagc    159960
     tctgagaaga tgcagcctca gagccattat ggcatgcaga gtcacctcgg agtcctcggt    160020
     tgacactcct ccatgtttgg cattctcaga ccctggcact tggtctgaac acttcagggc    160080
     tcccagtcac tgatctgtct ctgaaaagag ttgggaggat ctctgaattt cacaattcat    160140
     tttttaacaa ctgagtgata ctccattgta caaatgtatt gaatttcctt tttatattca    160200
     tttaggttgc tttcaattta tggttattat aaatagagca tcagtgaaga tgtttcagca    160260
     agtgtctctg gtaggatgaa gtgttcttta tgaatatgcc taaaggcgct atatatggat    160320
     cttgatgtat atggattccc atctctcttt ggagctgaag gacagatttc catactcact    160380
     gtacagtttt gccctcccac cagcaataga tgaccatttt cctttctcga catccttaca    160440
     agctgccact tgttttattg attgtagcct ttcggaatgg tgtaagatga gatctccaac    160500
     tatgtttgac gtgcattttt ctgatgggta aggatgttga acatttcttt gtttctcaaa    160560
     catttgggtt tccactttta agaattttgt ttagatatgt accccatttt tattgggtaa    160620
     tttgcattct tgatatttag tttcttcagt tctttatata ttttggatat tcctcctcta    160680
     ctagatgtgg agttgacaac aaatattctt tccgttctat aggccactat agctctgtgc    160740
     aaattacggt gtcctctacc ttacagaaaa ttttcagttt tatgaggttc catttattaa    160800
     ttgttaatgt tagtgcctat gctaatgtta ttctgttcaa aatgtctatt cctgtgatag    160860
     tgagttcaag gctttttccc actttcttgt ttatcagact tagtgtatct agttctatat    160920
     tgagatcttt tatccatttg aagttgagtt ttgtgtagga taataagtat ggatctactt    160980
     ggattattat atataaagat gaccatttga tcatcaccat ttgttgaaga tgctgtcttt    161040
     ttttttcagt gtgtatttct gacttttttt tatgaaaaac catgtgttca tacatgtggt    161100
     cttatatatg agtgttctga ttctactgat caccgtgtct gcttttgtgc agatgccatg    161160
     ttgtttttat tattattatt ctagctctgt agaacatctt gatatttgag atgttgatat    161220
     ctcctgtaat tgttttatta ctcagcattg gtctatgtat cctgggtttt tttttaatat    161280
     ttctaaatga agcagaaaat tgtcttgtga aggccaaaaa tatgttgaaa ttattgaaaa    161340
     tagaaaagaa atattaaaaa aatatctcta tggccttcaa catctttcca aaatttgtag    161400
     cttttcttta aggtaaagac aatgttgaaa tgtgtagctt agtaaaacta acataagggt    161460
     ggagttttat ttgtatatca tatgtgatat caatgataaa ataacaagat gagtttctta    161520
     atatatatgc agatgcatta acattgtgga actgaattag atatggtagg caatataaca    161580
     taattgaaag attagaattc atacattctc cacaatcttt taaactcaat tttagtcaaa    161640
     actgtgttta gttttgagtg ctatatgctt ttgatggata ttttattaaa tggagaaata    161700
     taatttagga tattgcttta catttggctc agagctttat attgaaaaac actacactca    161760
     agcaaatttc aaatatttta acgtaatata atggcataat cattatgtgt ccttttaata    161820
     attgatttaa accactctct tatcaaatca gaatgcaaca gtcagttcaa ctccaatcct    161880
     gactaatctt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatacac acatatattc    161940
     attccacact ttaggatctt ggggtctagg aagaaaaacc agcaccctat atcctttctg    162000
     acaaaagtat tccattttat caactccatt cttatcaata ttatgggagc aaatgttcac    162060
     ttaattatag cacacaggaa aaaagggtat aactaactca aaataaagca ccatctctag    162120
     aaaacttatg tctgagagtg ttcacctttc taaaaacaca attgtctgcc cctttccatt    162180
     tattttggaa aaagaagaac gagggatagt ctatatcttt caacagaatg cattttgtgc    162240
     attatgagta aaccaggaga cttctttaaa tctatatgga aaatgtattt ttgtttttca    162300
     tttggctcgg cttgtgtgga ctgtagcatc atgaaggtca cttacagatt tccacggccc    162360
     agggcagagt gtggatacct tagtattctt gtatgtagcc caagaaatca gggttctttt    162420
     cttataatag gtatattggt acacagttgc ctatgggact gtggataaga aacagaggga    162480
     aataaacagg agaatttgat ttatataact gattcttcag aaaacagacc acaggcccaa    162540
     aagggaaggg ggatcttgca aacaggaatc acctgacctt gacccctgca acacctttat    162600
     gatttatatc tttaatattc tttgtggtgt ttgatctcct gaattaaaca aagataaatt    162660
     ctttggcaac aaaagccttt aaagtattat gggggtgata atagcaattt ttagaaaaat    162720
     ctgttcagaa tccaatatta tatagtctta agtattgccc aactttaaat agtaattcat    162780
     tgaaaaaaga gcactgactg ttctttcaga tgtcctgagt tcaatttcca gccaccacat    162840
     ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatct gatgaactct ttggtgtgtc tgaagacaat    162900
     tatagtgtac tcatctgtat gcatggtcct aatagaagtt ccagcattct aatgctaagc    162960
     agctccatag cagagccagc caggaccccc atgttgtcca cattggactc cattggctct    163020
     cctttgtacc ttgtgatgat ctgaatatga tctgcccaga gagtggcatt attaggagat    163080
     gtgcccttgt tggaggaggt gtggcctttt tggaatgggt gtcactgtgg gcatgggctt    163140
     taataccctt gtcctagctg catggaaacc attcttctct tgattatctt tggaacacaa    163200
     cgtagaactc tcaacaccat gcctgtcagg atactgccat gctcttgcct tgatgataat    163260
     ggactggacc tctgaacata tacgccggcc ccaattaaat gttttcttta taagagttga    163320
     attggtcatg atgtctcttc acagcagtta aacagtatct aaaacagaag ttggtaccag    163380
     ggactgtggc attgctgtga taggcctggc catgcttttg tgtggaagaa tgtagatttg    163440
     ggaaatttgg atttggagag cagtggagtg ctttaagtaa gaattaatgg gctattctag    163500
     aaggaatatt ggagaatttg ttgctgtgag tgatttgaac tgtgcagacc tattccaaga    163560
     ggtttcagtg gagaagaagt tcagtacgtg gcctagagac tgcttttctt gtattttgtt    163620
     gatgaatgtg gctgggttta gcccttgtct gaagagtcta cctataaagt aaagagattt    163680
     atattaattg cattgacaaa ggaagttaga aaaaagccca acagagactt tgttctctga    163740
     ttaagtctca tgaagagcat tttgaataag tgtagcaagc ttagaaagga aaaatatgaa    163800
     atatatggtt caattattaa aaggacacca ggaaatgaaa tggagctgag tctgagttct    163860
     tgtaaataac agatgaaggg acttgggggc aatatcccac ccagctaaat ttatatccag    163920
     acatggtggt acacagcttt aatcccagga gacaaaaacc aagcagatct cttagttcaa    163980
     ggtcagcccg gatcagagca atttctagat gaaaagctta aatccagaca tggtagtaca    164040
     tgcctttaat cccagcatta cttgagaaag agtcatgaag atctctgagt tcaaggtcat    164100
     ctacagagca aatcccagga cagtcaagtt taggtacaga ggaagtttga aagcagaaaa    164160
     ctgataatag aataaaaggg gccatgttcc agcccagcaa gcagcagtat tcagcagctt    164220
     tgtccatgtg gccatggctt tagagtcaag aatagaaggg accactagaa taattgattc    164280
     tgcttagatt aagctaaaag aattagcaga gattaggaag agaccatcat cactgaagtg    164340
     aaatcttctg ggaagtgttt tataagttca caaagaagca gtgttccaga gagagccagt    164400
     acctcagatg ctgctggact tgataatgtg taaaacttac ccagctgcta ctagttttga    164460
     aggtatgaag gggtcatgga gaacagctga gacttggtac catgagcgac catagaaagg    164520
     ccaatggtga aggttcagcc ttagttgcag ttgaaggccc atgactaaag gggtcatgca    164580
     aagatgttga ggtttgggac catgaagaga gcctatgaga ggctattggt gaaacatatt    164640
     tgcagcagaa gaccccaaca tattgaagat gccagtacca tgaaatgacc accaagaaca    164700
     gcagcagtgt tgaagtggag ataactagag cccagagtgt tacagagggc agagctggag    164760
     aagtaatgcc atccctttgg tggagctcag attatcatat gtgaatcaaa gatattggaa    164820
     caagaaaccg tgaagttgaa gttgacttgg agaccccaag atgttaaaga tgccagagcc    164880
     ttgggatacc tgcttaggaa agctgctaca gggagtggaa ccaagacaag agaaagcttg    164940
     ttgctgtcaa caaagatgaa aaaggagtgg aaatttgaag accatttttg acatcagaaa    165000
     ttgagacgca gagtttggag tttgcccagg tggtttcttg tcttgctttg gggattacag    165060
     ttaagtggtt ggatgaatct cagaagagat tttgaatttt ggacttttaa cattgttgag    165120
     actgctatag actctgtgga ctttagaagt tggatcaaat gtactttttt attatgctat    165180
     ggctatgtat gggtcctata aacttaagtg tttcaacaaa cctatgaggg ccagggagtg    165240
     aaacataaag ttttgcatat gcttggccca gaaagtagca ctattaggag gtgtggcctt    165300
     gttagagtag gcgtggccct gttggagtag gtatatcatt gtgggcatgg gctttaatat    165360
     ctttgtccta gatgactgga aaccaggctt ctatttgcct ttggaacaag atgtagaact    165420
     cttagcttct cttacatcat gcctgcttgg acactgccat gctcctgcct tgatgataat    165480
     gaactgaacc tttgaaccta taagccagcc ccaatgaagt gctttccttt taagaattga    165540
     cttggacata gtgtctgttc acaccagtaa aaccgtaact aacatatacc tcctgattaa    165600
     attttctagt aggaccactt ttgaaattta ctcatactat tcctgattaa ttagtataaa    165660
     accgcattct tcatttaaaa ccatggatat atctttttct tcagcagcaa tcaattgtat    165720
     ctgagtgatt cattgaaaaa cgcaagtaaa cccacaaact cacttgcttg cccatgaaca    165780
     aagctgtgta aatattgctt tcaacactta tacaagttag aattctccag agaagccaaa    165840
     tatgtgcctg tgtgagtgtg tgtacatgtg agtatatgta cacatgagcc tgtgtaaatg    165900
     agtacatgtg agtgtatgta catgtgagcc tgtgtaaatg tatgagtaca tgtgagtgta    165960
     tttatatgtg agagtgtgta tgcataagca agtatacatg tgttctggtg taaaggtaga    166020
     tcaacgctta tgaatggcta aagaagaaga gaaaagcaga agagatactg attgattttt    166080
     aagcagtttt gttttaggaa attgtgggga ttggcagttc taaatcttct tgaacaaacc    166140
     agcaggttag tggttcagtt aaagttgaac attgaaggag agtttggaga ctggaaactt    166200
     ggaaacaatt tttgtgcagt cattgggaga gaaaattatt tgatttctca gaactctcag    166260
     actttctttc aaagctatcc acagattgga tacagttatt tcaaattatg aagcatagtc    166320
     ttcagttgat tgcaaatgct agtcatatct tccacataat tttacagtga cattcgagct    166380
     agtttaccaa actactgaac accttagcct agccaagatg atgctgtggt taacagtaag    166440
     agtgctctac aaaaacaaac actgaggctt gtaatagtcc tgtgttctta gtgtttttta    166500
     aatgtccctc ataaagacct ctgtgacagc tttcaaaagg tgacctgtgg ggtcttttgc    166560
     ttataaaatg tgagctttct ccctatgaga tctcctgaag gggctcagga gctatcagcc    166620
     ataccattta ctggatcctt tggttggcaa aagagaatgt ctatagatgt aagtgcgact    166680
     tcattattat cctcaattaa tttttatagc tatattattt taaaggactg gtagtttctc    166740
     agatctctag gatcaccaaa tcaaagtgtt tgcaaaagac tgtatacaaa gcctacatag    166800
     atttcttttt tctttctttc tttctttttt aatctaggat actgtagtgc tctaaggcac    166860
     agtgggtgga ggagagtttg gtgtgtggca cactctgcaa gtgatcaaag aaactacctg    166920
     ccaaaaaccc aaacccagga actgctaagg atagcatatt atgatatgaa tggtgtttgg    166980
     aatcctaaga agcagaacat atattttagg ggacccacaa ttaaaaataa ggagttgccc    167040
     acagcgagcc tagatggaaa catttttaaa gcccatggtt ttagatattt actgagcagt    167100
     tctgctcaga tgtattttaa gtgatatttg tttcttttat gaacacacac acacacacct    167160
     tagaagtaga acccagtaga ttacaacaga aaacgtttga aaaagaattt gtaattcttt    167220
     tgaattacag tggctacttg ttagttgtaa attgcgagaa gtaaaataca ttgatcacaa    167280
     tcagttaaca tttatggaat gcctctatga ttccttagag ttgaagacaa gaaaaacaat    167340
     tcgtaaacat ttctgttttt tgcactctcc caacagagaa tggctttggt gagtgaggct    167400
     catcagcctg ttgctagtag tcggaaaaaa aacaaaacaa aacaactttc tttgtggctt    167460
     taattgatat agcattaaag tgatatggtt cagcaacatg catgttttaa cattttaatt    167520
     gctctcagtt gctgggttct tcccttcatc cttacaacat ttacagatta gtggaggcaa    167580
     attatgcatt cagaaaagaa caaaagaaaa gtagaaatat aaacttggct cataagttgt    167640
     ccaggactga cagcatatag agttcaaaaa aggaaagcaa cactggagtc ctgtgcttcc    167700
     gcaaaggtgt ggcagttgta gcccttgatc tgggcttgaa agaactttgt atttgaatag    167760
     ggagcaataa ctattcagtc cttaagggag actttgcact atctgctgtt tctttctcag    167820
     ccatcctttc atcctgccat ttgattgagt tgatatttca aggagcgcaa aacatgaaag    167880
     catcttgata tgtccatggt ctatttgaat tagacttcat taaaatcagt tagaggaaat    167940
     aaaaaagcca aaatctaggg gtggggtgag gaagaaattc atatggatca ttcaccgttc    168000
     tacattcatt gagatgcact gttgagcctt taaacgtgtc tcaaaggtgt gagattttta    168060
     ttaaaaccag gcctggctgt gcatgcctta actgccagca cctgggagac gggcagacag    168120
     atcactatga gttggagatt cgccttatct tcttagtgag aacaaaacaa acaaacaaac    168180
     aaacaaacaa aaaattccac taatagaaaa actcttctcc tttgccaaat gaaaatgtat    168240
     tattaatatt gaattgcctc aaatactaac tcatgataca cgcatgaagc caatgtcctt    168300
     gagtaagtgg aattaagcct gacttcttat tagctcaaaa aaccacacat gaactttgtc    168360
     acgttactcc tgattggaat taaaagcaaa aaatgtaggt aaatatatac ttttggtctt    168420
     ggatttgtac cagttgctta ttttatctca ttcccactcc agatactcgg tagagtaagg    168480
     gaaaagatcc ctgagcaagg tggagaactc atgagtaaaa attagtaatt tagtattgta    168540
     gcatatatct aataaaagaa caaatgttcc aaacatcaaa atctctcact ttacctcaag    168600
     ccctggacct tgttttgttt ctgacatgta gtaggtactt tgtgaaccta attccatttt    168660
     agttgtgaaa cttggttttt taatatttaa taggacccac atcacaagac tacagtggtt    168720
     tttaatgact tactgagagg aattcttcat tatgataata gtcttacaga cttttaaaat    168780
     tgctctctaa aaccaaagaa acaaagtgcc tttcatattt tcagtaatta gaaaaacctg    168840
     gtttttgcca cttctcagct aagggtgctg aagggaagac acacttccat gtttcagcat    168900
     ttgtttgggg ctactaatta gggagtgtct ccattaacaa gtagggagcc ttacaggtat    168960
     aatgttattc catttgttgt acttctgcta ttctcacagt ttgacaaatc caccttttag    169020
     gactgaggac tatatcaatg ttctaaaaaa cactgtggag ttattctctt ggcctcctct    169080
     gtaaaatttg aatcttttgg aatacctcac tgcatgcagt ctagttgtat gtacccattt    169140
     taatatatgg tagtgtaaag gcaattgaat gtcacttcaa ctttggactg ccagtgatat    169200
     gtgctgtaaa cctgagatta gaactgattc aagtagaaaa ggtcagtgaa ttgttgatag    169260
     attctgccac tccttagctt agtgtgacag tctgccaaag cagaatcata attcttgaag    169320
     cttttgtgcc tagctgtaaa actgttggtc ctgttagttc tgcatacctc taccaaaatc    169380
     ccatggagag aatgtgattg ggaagaaata aaattgcaat taaagagctt agcatttaag    169440
     gcctaatgag attggcaggc atgatatagg gaatcttatc ttggttcctc agagcaaagc    169500
     ttcaagccat gaagaggaga gcactggaga gaagatgctg ggttttagca aagagattga    169560
     ttatgctgca acagtatcac tatcatcatt tattgaggaa tgcttgcatg ttaaatccat    169620
     aataacttca taggaattat ctcattatta gagatattat attgatatct ctatgtctat    169680
     gtaagattta tggattactc agttatttac atttgtattt aagatgtcat tacatactta    169740
     cacatggtaa aataatataa ccaacaactt agacatactt agtccaaact tcagtacatt    169800
     gaggacaagt aaatatagtc ttcttgacaa gaaatgtact tgtaaataca atttacatct    169860
     acaacatagc aaaagaaacc aaagtttgtc ctggagaatg caaatattag agtttagggg    169920
     agttagacac acaaatagct gagagcagaa tactattgct gaagaaatac taaccaagaa    169980
     tgctataatc tcatctgagc agcttgtgca cagtatacat caccatatag tgtgttcact    170040
     tggcactgtt gatttatgag tgtactaatt tttaaaattc tccattgata tgtgttttcc    170100
     tcagatatct ccttgttgaa cacagaattt cctgttttgc attagtgttt aaaatgtagc    170160
     aggtattctg gctgcttagt ggagcatgga aaacagatgt ggtagcagtt ccttgtcagt    170220
     aggtctggta gagtcttctg ggtgacattc agcccctttt gttcagtgac ttcaacatgg    170280
     cttctagctg ccaggatgaa gaacttctct tctgcatgac aggatcctcc atgggaaaag    170340
     gtcatctctg tctaggaaaa ccagaaagaa aaagaagtgc cttgggtgtt tactaatctt    170400
     ggaagtgacg atctgttggt tttattacag gattatatca cattgtatca caacttgttc    170460
     cctaaaaaga cctactagtg aaattactta aaatctgaca ggaaggagaa aaaaatagaa    170520
     accccgtttc tccatttgtg accaatggcc cagacataga caaatactta ttttacaatg    170580
     tggttgaaag agttacatca aaaatacaca cattatctga agggagttat aattttggat    170640
     ttgtgtacaa tgtattcagg ctgacctatt tcaggtactt cctttgagag acatggagtt    170700
     aattatttct catatgaaaa gggaaaaggg aagttagaac ttaggatgcc tttgaacaga    170760
     gacaaaagag tagttatttg cggtcacttc atagtccagt acaaacctag atttcttgat    170820
     gactgtagtt gatttgttct actaacagca aatactattt catcatgtga aacataccta    170880
     aatactgtat tgtatgacag agaaccatat aagatgcaaa tcatttgttt tttgtagctt    170940
     tattgtcaat tgaatttaag catttgaaaa taagtatagg acccagggat ggtatgcgct    171000
     ggaatccaga ctggatttca taatgaggag caattgttta atgtagtggg ttctgaagcc    171060
     cttcctttgg aggcaactgc caagtcagca ctgtttttca aagtgcatca tctccaatga    171120
     cctgtcctta tctaaaaata tagaaaagca cacatcattt ttagaactaa ttaataatta    171180
     tttaatattt gcaacctgga tattttgaaa aattgctcaa tcttttactg tttattaagc    171240
     aattaagcac acctactgct cttacagaga atttgagttc agtttcgaac acccacaagg    171300
     tgtctcacaa cctgatgtaa ttacatttcc agtggatttg gtgtcctttt ctgactgctt    171360
     ggataacaca tggtacacat atcacatggt atacatatgt acatgtagac caaatgtcca    171420
     tatacataat ataaaattaa aacatcttta ttaaatgatc tttgaaattc aaagcaatag    171480
     gagtggagag aaattcagtg agccacaatg gtacacagac atatatacag aaaaaaacac    171540
     cctatgtatg tataaaatga aaatttaggg aaaaaaatct ttgaaaaaag taaaacaatg    171600
     ctcaagtgtc ttcagttttt taagagactc aacaaaaaga tgagcttctg ggctctcctg    171660
     gaattaattt tctagttcca attactagaa gatggatgac acaccataaa agtgggcagt    171720
     tcctttccag tggcaggcaa aaggaggagg aaaaaaaatg agatttgctt ttgattaaag    171780
     atgtgtgcca caatgcccaa ttattaattt cttcattatt gaactttgag agtttgttct    171840
     ttacagaaag gcccacacag cagcattgat ttcaaaggga ggcacacggc aagctgcaat    171900
     agggttgtct ctgatagccg gagggaggac tggactctaa acataaacat aattttacat    171960
     ttacaagtgt tatactttgc attaattctt gtactatata atttttcttg aagtttaatt    172020
     ataatttttc caaaatgata agttttctgc acttcttgat cttgttcctt tctaaaggta    172080
     cttttaagat tgttcttgca aagaggctat gccccaaggc tccttcactc catgaccaag    172140
     aaaggagagt gtctgattct tgactcttgt aactattgat gtgcgcttat aaatattaaa    172200
     taagtaaaag gtattactag tgtcgccaaa aatcataatt ctttaccaat aagttctgga    172260
     aatttttctt ctaaaaaccc gaaatttaaa attgatcctg ttcttactaa gcctggaaaa    172320
     gtattttaaa ttatctgtgg ctcatagaaa atgcaattaa agtactttgt tgagaggatt    172380
     agtaaagata catttaatta ttttaattat attacctcta acttaaactc tgagggagaa    172440
     tttctattta aaaattgtgg ttatccatga attttaaaaa tgttttgttt gagtttaaat    172500
     aaaaatatat tctctttaaa attaattgct gtcaaaaata tttcagacaa ctattctttt    172560
     ttaactttta ctatttttac aaatcatgcc cacatacaat aattcttact gtctgttgga    172620
     gcattcaagc tgtaaaatgt agccagcatt tttcaaaata ctttagagac attagaattg    172680
     aaaaattctg atgttctgtc ttactaatat gtaaccttaa tgttctaatt gtctgacaga    172740
     taaaatgtca ttaaataatc atataaagct acagttcttt agtggagcag gggaaaacct    172800
     gttttaaagt cattctggtt gattggattt gtaagcttga gaatactttc aagcaaatct    172860
     agctaaatag atgtgcaccc tggagagcag aatggcgttt tgttttcaat ccattaaagg    172920
     tcctttaatt tcttaacagt tctccgtctg tcccctctca gccatttccc ttcagtgaag    172980
     gaacatttat acaatacagt gggagaataa aaataccccg ttgatttcag tgaactgtag    173040
     aagcaggtgg tttaaataga gtcctaagaa ctctcaagga gtctttgcca aggagtcata    173100
     aatgctggtg actttactct gtcattggat gggtgaggga agatgattat tggacagaga    173160
     tatttccaaa gcagtgtatt cttaatcctt taggaatgat gtgcacatat gcagcagagg    173220
     atggccttgt cggtcataaa tgggaggagc agctcttggt cctgtgaagg ttctatgccc    173280
     cagtatagga gaatgcctgg gccaggaagt gggagtgggt ggtttgggaa gcagagggag    173340
     agaggagggg ataggggatt tttggagggg aaactaggaa agggatatca tttgaaatga    173400
     aaataaagaa agtatctaat aaaaaaataa aaataaaaac ctgagttact aacatgaaaa    173460
     aaaataaaag gaatggtgtg cactaagcta gaaattttgg gagatatcaa agttaatata    173520
     ccctcaaaat tcaatgcctg cagaagtctt ctgcagaaca gtaactgaag aaattttaac    173580
     atggaattga taccttgaaa tacaactatc ttccagttat ccccaaagag cagacaggat    173640
     aagactttga atgtagggat gtagctcagg gatgtgtgaa ttgcaaggaa cctgtggtta    173700
     gaacccaaga atggtataaa acatggtgaa ggcacaggct tgtcatccta gcactctgaa    173760
     tgtggagcca gaaggaatgg ccagaagtgc aaaaccatcc ctggctactg ggcaagttac    173820
     caaccagcat ttgctataag aaactatgtc aaaagaacaa caatccaatg caacacagca    173880
     caaaacaaaa ctcttagaga caaataattt cagagaatat tgcagaaatg ggtagtgctc    173940
     tcctctataa gaccaatcat tagttattat gccaagaaag cagtcatttt aaaaagatag    174000
     cccattttat ttctgaatag tgtttatagc cgataatact actgattata accttaatgg    174060
     ttttattgga aacagaggca atggaatgaa aatgtattag aaggaggatt cattagattg    174120
     cttttcatca tatgctctgg gtttccacta atgactgcct tacactagga gcataaaaac    174180
     attatagtaa gttgtccaga ctatgtgttt tggctcagtg gttccaatta ctgctaaagg    174240
     gctggagaat tccaagagta tgagtagtct tcagttttgg ttagaaacgt gtagaccata    174300
     gacatggatt ctgttgtcag tgacaaaatg tagctagatc aagcaggtac ctgataagcc    174360
     agcctatgtg aagagatgtc aaaaaaaaat cttttttttc tccttttgcc tgccactaga    174420
     taggtgctgc ccacttttgt ggtgggtcat ccaacttcta gtaattggag ctagaaaaat    174480
     aattccagga gagtctagaa gctcatcttt ttcttgattc cacatccggt aaaagttgac    174540
     aatttactat caatttacta tcgcttctct ctcctttttc tccttttttt tcaaatttaa    174600
     atatgtcatt gttagtctta taccctacgt agaacagcct agtaactctg cttgatcttg    174660
     gtcagcatga acatgtataa gtatgtgacc cagagaattc tatgaaatta gaggacagta    174720
     ccttgtaggc ttagattttt cacaacctac ttttaataaa ggttcttcaa tacttcaaac    174780
     tcccttctag cccaccacac aaaagaggta gtggaaatga aagtttaatg tggcaaagga    174840
     ggatgtggac ctgtgtggat atagttcttt ggggtaagtc caatctgaat tttcagaata    174900
     cctgcaggtc agttcacatg aatcagcatc agcagctcaa tatacttgca aataccattc    174960
     atgaatcagc aatggcaggt caatccagaa gaaactgcaa ggctctggta atcagccgtg    175020
     tccacagaag caacaagaag ctgctagaat aacaccagaa gttctttggt ctgtttctat    175080
     gaagtcatga caaatgatgg acagcaaaga atagcaaggt aaaccaatac catacagtgt    175140
     tgtcagtgaa gaccagcatc agcaataccc aatgataacc agcaaagaat agtaaggcat    175200
     accaatacca cacagcatgt ccactgtctg ttgggttgta ggttgtaccc tttccaaaca    175260
     tcatgtgttc tctcaagtgt ccgttctaca aaaagtacat gccccttttc caggctgctt    175320
     ccagaaaaaa cactacatgt ctcttctcaa caaaacattc tccaacatgt ctacttctgc    175380
     aaaaacatcc tcttatagga gtttccaaaa acacatcaca tgacacaact taatctccaa    175440
     agaaaccaga aatttccact ttagtatttg gcttcagttt ttttaactta aacctgttat    175500
     taatggcacc tatggctagc acatggctgt gagttaaaat ttacaatatt tcacttttta    175560
     tcacagtaca ttgtccttgg gtgcttgttt gtttgtttgt tttgtttttg gggacagggg    175620
     taacccaatt gctttttagt tatcttaaga aaataactta caatatattt agttaatagc    175680
     tgttcaaata tctttgtcac tagaaagtac acaactcata actacttttt tcagggttat    175740
     ttcattttga gagtggaaga aacccaaagt acatcttgtt tcccactgcc tcgggctgaa    175800
     atgtagatat aactcatctg ttagccagct ttattgcagt gggattcttc ctaccttttc    175860
     atagtgatta acagcagtgg aataaatcgt tgtgttcttg gatgcatcct ttacatgcta    175920
     agtctaattc agtggaccta ctcatataga tacataatta ggaacaggta acttgagata    175980
     tactaatttt gtcaaaaaat tggaggtggc tcatgtaaga aaacttttcc aaagtgtctt    176040
     gtgctccaga tacaaatgaa cagaaaacac ataactcttc ccaatttctg ctaaattaat    176100
     actccattat attactactc aacttttaaa ttgaggaata ttaatagcca accttgccta    176160
     atgacctgca gatatgacat ggtcacaagc atgataaagt ttaaagcagg caggatataa    176220
     aaagtagata tgaatccaca caggtttttt tgttaatcag acacatataa acagggataa    176280
     aaatggaaca cagatgtaat gtgatattgt cccctcctga ttgcccagcc agtgaataaa    176340
     ggaataagag atctgcactg gagttaactt ggctctgtgc acttagtgtg cccaccttcc    176400
     tgggcagctg ccaggctttg aatgggctta ctttctctat tctgagattc cgatgcttat    176460
     attacaaaaa aagaatctat gtacttcaga ggagtactag gagagaaaac ctgataaagg    176520
     cttcagaagt taaattgctt tggagcctac ttgtgttctg ctgcaaattc tataagaatt    176580
     gaactattat tttttattat tattattaga ataattataa ttatttgaaa gaataattta    176640
     atgaatcaga gtttgcttta tagtaaactt tgaaaaatgg cagtagcaat tgttactact    176700
     actttaatac tactactact actactacta ataataataa taataataat aataattact    176760
     ttatgccctt atctatgcag ttggatttct atggtaccta ttgctcagaa ttgttgagat    176820
     gaaataagta aacttaaata tggctagtag ccaacatagt aagcttctaa taaacagtta    176880
     gtagcactta gatatcggaa agtacaaagc aaaggcaaag tcctttcaaa taggaaaata    176940
     ctctgaaggc ccagagatct ggattatatc tccattctta ttttgcttgc tcgtgtggct    177000
     agatgcaata tggctctaag cctcagggct ctgtaaaagc tgaaatgata aatgaacttt    177060
     gctcaatttt gtaatgaaaa agaaggattt gctgcatctt gagtgtatgg acaatgcgtt    177120
     tcttgacgac atttctggat gcttctaatg cttcctaatg tcagaaaacc actgctttca    177180
     gcagagtgaa cccatcaaaa aatatcttgc caggactttt cagaatctgc atattttctc    177240
     tggtagtaag gaaacctttt ggtatgtcta ccttaaggtg gtctattaat tgtatcaatt    177300
     tatataagtc tcctagggca tcattgtaaa gtagcagtga gcattttcag gtttaacatg    177360
     gtttcttgaa tatcatacct cattatttga aagattaatt taatgaatca gagtttgcct    177420
     tatagtagaa tttgaaaaat ggcagtagta attgttacta ctactttaat attgaactta    177480
     tatattccat tagataaaaa acttgtaatt tctatgggta ttgggtaact atcaataggc    177540
     caccctacag ttctaatgga gaaagcaaac gtaacatgtt atgctatgaa attcaagtag    177600
     ctttaatcag actgatgtcc tcattattgt ctgaatacag atttttaaaa aatatcatga    177660
     taatcaacat acatttcatt ttgtccagta ctctgtaccc agcacaatat attgatattc    177720
     ctcaatgttt atgtttttcc aaataatcta tgaatgcctg aatgattcca aattcatagt    177780
     gaaaggggaa aaagttccct ttgccctttc ttcatatctg ctgccttttc cccagtggat    177840
     ccagtggcct tttgagtatt actggaataa gccaagtggg ctcttccgta caatggggac    177900
     tcagagatac taatcctgct gtttacatgc cgtgatcact gacttggaag cctgcagagc    177960
     cagctgcaca caacagcttc aagcttggca tttcagccgg aggtggatca gaacttttcc    178020
     gtgctggtgc taatgagaca aaaatctcct atcacaggat caccaggtct aacaagactt    178080
     ttattttaac tcagtactat acttcaaaca gtcttgatcg aacagtggca ttctacagtt    178140
     tttctaaccc taactagggt ttctataata tatcaggtca ttatccagtc tggcaaacag    178200
     tctacccagt gttattcttc ttagtctccc gataataatg tcagagtcag agaagggaac    178260
     aagatagtct gggctttacc ctcaaaaaca tcctaaatat atataaatgt gtcaaaacca    178320
     ttttactaag ctccgaaaat atatgggggc ttggagcttc atctttagaa agatgtgagc    178380
     taatgcacag tgaagctaca agatgtaaga gaaaaaaacc tacatttgac cttcattctg    178440
     cgaaaaatct gatcttggtg actctgaaac agatcagctc taaacctcaa tagatttaaa    178500
     gcgcaccaga tttgctcagt tattcaacat tgtggaagca tcttgaagac ctttatttgg    178560
     ggctacattc aggaggtatc tctgatctga aagttcagta atggtataat catttatctt    178620
     agctacaaag gcatttcaga aaaatcacct gaaaaaaagg ggaattttta tcattcctta    178680
     tatttagctc attacccttt ttaaaaagag actattggaa ttcctgtacc attactatat    178740
     tttagagcat attgtaacac tcttttaaaa ttatttttca tttttaattt catgtgcatt    178800
     ggtacttctg aatatattct gagggtgctg aattc                               178835