ID   AC150894; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 194074 BP.
AC   AC150894;
DT   18-AUG-2004 (Rel. 80, Created)
DT   22-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 7)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-409D4 from chromosome 3, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-194074
RA   Cosgrove E., Levy A., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-409D4";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-194074
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-AUG-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-194074
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-MAY-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-194074
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-194074
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-194074
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (16-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [7]
RP   1-194074
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 9c32b3e9f22b7fd012c9a51c39674b44.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456099.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000005687; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000007379; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027692; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027649; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027650; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027651; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027615; mus_musculus_akrj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027617; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027662; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027663; mus_musculus_balbcj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027391; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027392; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027393; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028105; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028106; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028107; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026848; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026849; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026850; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027366; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027367; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027368; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027509; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027510; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027511; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027477; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027478; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027479; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027616; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027617; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027618; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027506; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027507; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027508; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028160; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028161; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028162; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026575; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026576; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026927; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026928; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026929; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC150894.4:1-194074; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000090715; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000135017; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000155034; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000155520; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000172288; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000173206; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000176440; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062857; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062862; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062868; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062881; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062886; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062892; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062813; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062818; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062824; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062805; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062810; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062816; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062490; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062495; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062501; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063300; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063305; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063311; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062795; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062800; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062806; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062456; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062461; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062467; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062568; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062573; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062579; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062536; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062541; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062547; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062704; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062709; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062715; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062530; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062535; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062541; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063500; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063505; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063511; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062337; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062343; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061762; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061767; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061773; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9Q4E4.
DR   GOA; Q3V1D3.
DR   InterPro; IPR001194; cDENN_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001365; A/AMP_deaminase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR005112; dDENN_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR005113; uDENN_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR006329; AMPD.
DR   InterPro; IPR006650; A/AMP_deam_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR008409; SPF27.
DR   InterPro; IPR029770; AMPD1.
DR   InterPro; IPR032466; Metal_Hydrolase.
DR   InterPro; IPR037516; Tripartite_DENN.
DR   MGI; MGI:1915433; Bcas2.
DR   MGI; MGI:3036254; Dennd2c.
DR   MGI; MGI:88015; Ampd1.
DR   RFAM; RF00100; 7SK.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q3V1D3; AMPD1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q4E4; E9Q4E4_MOUSE.
CC   On Jun 13, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:65816939.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0409D04
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..194074
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-409D4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          116231..116271
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          116498..116964
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          116559..116747
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
SQ   Sequence 194074 BP; 58593 A; 42904 C; 40276 G; 52301 T; 0 other;
     gatcaaccat tctttgaaat gttgactcca gataaaggca tgcatgcagg ccttcttata        60
     gggaaccagg ggaactatct agaaggatta ggtaatctaa aatttcattg gtgggtgcta       120
     gtgagtcaca ggtgatcagt tgtctacatt cctatgtcat gagcactcag tagtgtgatg       180
     aaatacggct gcccagtgca gatggcccat tctgagataa gatatttccc cttttttgtg       240
     gttatcccca ggctgttctt tgggaggggg ttttattatc ttgttctgga ttttatggtc       300
     cattcctaga gctggtatct tatctcctag ttcttggact taatggtcta tccctgaagc       360
     tggtgcctta tggccatcct ggccctcaaa tcaggcctgg tcctcaaaat ggagatgagt       420
     ggggtcctta aatggggaca gatggggctt atattatcct ttcagttgct gtgctggggt       480
     attgaacccc ggaccttgtt gttatgatct aagcaacaag atcccacaaa gttaccccat       540
     gtggcaaatc tcccttgtgg gagatttact gggagaaggg agcatgcaga ggctattcct       600
     gagcaagggt ggaaagaaaa attaggatgt ggagaggagg aactggcttt ttttttggag       660
     ggggggggag caattgaaca tgtgcatagg gaagatgagt gactcttggc aatggtggga       720
     gtgtcacatc ttggctgcta gtgatgatat atcctgctct ccctaggtcc ctgagggcag       780
     gctggtggag atgcttgctt gctaatgttg gcaataaggc aacctccaca tccaacccca       840
     tcagatgatg gtggggccat cagaccacct agggacaaca agactcatca tcattagctg       900
     cacagaggag acacattccc tttgtcgcct gctgcatgtc cccctgcaca tgtgcaatgg       960
     tctctataag aagcctcggt cctcccaccc ccttttcttt cctctcttcc ccagaggcag      1020
     cctgtgtccc cctcacctct cccttttaat aaagctccca catgagaact gtcacatggt      1080
     attgaagagg tcaactaact gaaggctgtt ggaaaatttc accaggcctc aaaatagcct      1140
     aggtccctcc cttcctagga aagagaagtc tatggtaaat gtaggcaccc ccccaccccc      1200
     atcccagaag ggaaaggcta attacattcc ttaggaagtc acctgcagat aagggaagcc      1260
     cagaacaggc agacactcct accttcctga aagggaaagg ccgattacat tcctcagaaa      1320
     gacccaccag gcagaccaac cattggcgac ctacagaaga gggaagttct tactatctca      1380
     ttccttaagg accaatcagt ttataagtca tactcttgtt ttgttttggt tttgttctgt      1440
     tttttttttt tgttttgttt tgttttattt ttttttgttt ttgttttttt tttttttttc      1500
     tgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct      1560
     ggccttgaaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctctcga gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg      1620
     caccaccacg cctggcttta taaatcacac tcttctgcca atcatattgt gcttagttgc      1680
     tgttgctcta ttctacccct gaaaactgta taaaaactgg ccaaaggctg ccaaggtcac      1740
     ctctcctttg ggtgtaggct ggccccacct agttgcatca gctgacactt attttttgtc      1800
     ttagggtatc tactgctgtg aagagacatc atgaccatgg caactcttat aaaggaaaac      1860
     atttatttag gctggcttac cgtttcagag ggtcagtcca ttatcatcat ggtgggaaaa      1920
     tggtggcatg caggcggaca tgatgctgga gaagccagca gttctacatc ttgatctgca      1980
     ggcatcagga agtgaacaga ctcacttcct ccatcaaagc cacacttccc atgagcttat      2040
     ggggaccttt ttattcaaac taccatactc ctattaggcc agtgttcaat caccagctct      2100
     aggagtttag gtgttaatca cagctgatag agaaacaaag atgagtttta agctaattca      2160
     tcgacttgtt agattaattc tggtgcaaga ttactttggt agctactttg atagtgagac      2220
     agtagaaaag gaaaacagag tagtgaccaa gccagctctg tcagtcaaca ggttctccag      2280
     cacgggagtg aggattcaaa agagaaaaga cagacaacat tgtagcatga ccccagtcaa      2340
     ttctgagact gaaggcaggt tgatgtttcc caatctgctt ttataccatt ttaattacat      2400
     gcaagtatta agggcgagca gtacagtaag gaactagcaa ggcagtaagc aaattcttgt      2460
     gattactcct gtgatagatg tttccaagga ctcgtcagat gaccaaaata cctgagtcta      2520
     cttccttgtc caagccccaa atccaattct tgcctacttc ttttgttcca ccccaagatt      2580
     aagatttctg cctgaagccc atttccttgt ccttgaccaa cgtcagattc ccgccaagca      2640
     gcacccaaag gctctccaca gtgtagaggg tagaagctat gtctgtcatt atgagatgag      2700
     ttctgaactc acaacaagca gcagtgggta caaaaagggg atcttgtggc atgtttgaag      2760
     taagtgaatg ttacctagtg accacttggc tagaaatgga tgagagaggg gtcaaagaca      2820
     ataactgaat ctgagaatct gcaggacatt caggtggaag tgtcacctgt cgtgactgaa      2880
     caaaggatac agtgtgtcat tgacactgcg ggaatggatg gcagattagc tgacccaaga      2940
     cagagcttta gggaaccaca ccactcaaga agccagtcaa tgagaagtgg cctataaaag      3000
     cccatagact ggtagaacaa gtgggaagag cattaaaaca cgctagagag caatcaacac      3060
     tgcacaggat gtacaaagcc atggcagctc acaggaagat caccacttaa gatggctgag      3120
     tctctgttag atcaactgta aaagttggct gaactaaaag gtctctgaag tactctttgt      3180
     ctctgagcat ctcagtctat tcaaatttta acctgtgctc gttcatgtga tagatgccat      3240
     aacacacagg gcacaagctc ttctctagga gtctagactg actcatgtgt acacccacac      3300
     acaagcaaac acaaacacag cacgtacaca tgcacaggct acgcacacat gcatgtacac      3360
     aggtacacac acacagaggg aacaaatgag tgggttgcaa atccagagga ggaggcagag      3420
     tactgaacag tgagcctacc atgctccatg gagaaaatgg ctgtgggatg aggtgacaga      3480
     gcaggggagt gaaggcatag gcaaaggtct gcttttactt actgactgaa ctggatggcc      3540
     tttgctggga actcgtgaga agtcaggttt tagataggca agataaagcc tgtctatcca      3600
     gtaagccaga gaatggagaa ctattagaga ccctttggcc agataatatg ccataggaca      3660
     cacttttttt tattcgtgtg tttgttggtc ctagggatga gcctttcata tgctgatcac      3720
     atcttctgct cagctatgga atatatatgg aatatacttt cagttttatt attattattg      3780
     gatgaagata tttaggggga aaatatctca ttctgaagcc caggctggcc ttgacttgag      3840
     agtactcaag gaggctgact ccttccccag tgctgggatt acaggaaagt accaccattc      3900
     ctggatgata tcgttctaca gtgttggtga ctgagtccag ggccttgtgt atgccaagca      3960
     atgctcaatc gctgagcaac atgcctgtca tagattttgt tttgtttttg ctttgctttt      4020
     agacaaacag ggtctcatat agcctgagct ggccttgaac tcttgatctc cttgccttcc      4080
     tgtctcaaac tcaaagatta cagacactca gctacacttt tttttttttt tttttttcct      4140
     tcttgagaca aagtcctggc tgtgcaggag ttcactcatt agaccaggct ggccttgatt      4200
     ttacagagat ctcattgcct ctgcctccca gatactggga ttaaagatgt ttgctaccat      4260
     accctataga gcacagttca cagataagca ctggagaaat cagaactgtt aaacacaggc      4320
     ctctttttcc acccaaaagc ctctgaatgg ccgtgctaat acctggagat cttttactag      4380
     tctatgaagc cagcctttac ctgaatcccc accccccacc ccccaaaagc cgagcaatcc      4440
     tctcagtcaa tagaaccttt tgttcatgac aaatccttcc tccctggagc tagtcaatag      4500
     aacccattct tatggtaagg tcacaggtaa gagcaaaccg gatgggctta gcaggggagt      4560
     ttgcttgtag cccagcctga agttttattg tgataatttc aaaagttcca ttgtgtttaa      4620
     atacgcaaga aaactgtctt taatcccagc actcagaaga caaaggacct ctgtgagttc      4680
     gaaccagccg ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccat ggctgttaca ctgggaaact      4740
     ctatcttggg aaaacaacaa caaaggaggc ttggtcagaa gttttccccc cagtaggggc      4800
     ttgacttcca tttttacctc acagagcttg tttccttcct gccaatacgc atggctacta      4860
     caccacaact atttttagat atgcatgtcc aatatatatt agaggaagtg tgtagaggtc      4920
     agaagacaac ttatgggagc tggttattga taggttattt ctcggccacc agtgagatga      4980
     gccaattcaa accagattat actgaaggta ggtttattgg gaagctgcac atggacaaat      5040
     tccctggccc caaggattaa gccagaggag tcgccatgag ggccagagga agagaaagaa      5100
     aaggcttgca cctgcagaga gaagaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg      5160
     aggaggagga ggaggaggag ggaaaagaat gtctggatta catagggaag agcctcttgg      5220
     ggctccagag catcatccca gctccagggc tacatgaagg aaccgcacag ggccactgta      5280
     cagggccttc ccaccgtaca gctcagatta gcttctgctc agccctacct cctcggttct      5340
     tatactctct aacaataagc ttcctgcatt tgtatttcca cctcagagtt tgtctcctgg      5400
     ggaacgaatc acataacaat tacaattttc atgtaacttt tcatcttgct acttaacaat      5460
     ttaactgttg aaaaattttt atggttcatt tacagcaaca ttcctcagta aattttgaca      5520
     tcaagatctt tcttgctgat ggttggttat gtgcttgtgt gcttggttgc ttagtgctgg      5580
     aaatcaagtc cagggtcctt gtgcttgctg ggacctccta acactttgta gcctcatccc      5640
     caataagagt gtggcatcta agatctaatg cccctttggc aagacatgtc cgtctagtga      5700
     gatctctgta gaggagcagc cacagtccgt taggcgttca tcatcatgca caccagtcaa      5760
     aagaaaacaa tgaactggtg tgaactatat cttggaagga cgtatcaccc tcggttaaca      5820
     ggatgtattg ctgggtactt ctacagcact cactggaaag cccacaagta tactgcagag      5880
     gaagtccaca cttgcaactt tcacatggta tcatttaggg ttaaagagga agtgtgacat      5940
     catttggttt ttatttttgt ggttagtttt ggttttgaga cagggtcata tgtagaccag      6000
     gctggccttg aattggcgat gtaggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtaag agcacccgac      6060
     tgctcttccg aaggtccaga gttcaaatcc cagcaatcac gtggtggctc acaaccatct      6120
     gtaacaaaat ctgactccct cttctggagt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tatttacata      6180
     taataataaa taaatcttaa aaaaaaaaaa gactttaaaa aaaaaaaggg atggtgagat      6240
     ggctcagtgg ctaagagcac ccaactgctt ttccaaaggt ccagagttca aatcccagca      6300
     accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaac aagatctgac tccctcttct ggtgtgtctg      6360
     aagacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      6420
     agaattggcg atgtagctaa ggatgaccct gaacttcttg gatctttctg cttttacctt      6480
     ctgaggttag agtaacagac aagcactacc acgactagtc aatgccggga attgaacccc      6540
     ggctttaagc attccagaaa agctctctat tgagttatat tcccagcccc caaatatctt      6600
     agtaccactt gttcaaaaac cactaagtat agcagtagca gatacctccc agcttaggat      6660
     gctgtgctct ttaagttcaa ccttgctatg gatgctagcc atggcagtat acacctgtca      6720
     tcccagcatt cgaggcacta aggcatgagg ataacaagct tgggccagcc tgggctgcat      6780
     accaagacca ctttgaacac aaagtaagat ctaggaacaa agttctgaaa taaaaacaga      6840
     caacggtaaa aaatagaaaa ataaaaaaat ttaaaaatta aaaatacctt tcctgggata      6900
     tatacataga tgcgactgga gggcaaatag catccagtgc tcactgaaat gttcactttt      6960
     ctttcttttt tgttttgttt gtttgtttgt tttgaggggt ggttggggta ttgttgttat      7020
     tgttgttgtt ggtttttttt ttttttggtt ttttcaagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc      7080
     tggctgtcct ggacctcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccacctgc      7140
     ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc acgcccggct ttgttgtttt      7200
     gtttttaaga cagtgttcca aggctggaga gatggctcag cggttaagag cactgagtgc      7260
     tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caatttccag caaccacagg gtggctcaca accatctgta      7320
     ataagatctg ctgccctctt ctggtgtgtg tgaagacagc aaataaatac atttttaaaa      7380
     aggaaagaag acagtgttcc agtgtgtagc cctagctgtc ctggaactcc ctctgtagac      7440
     caggctggcc ttgaactcaa aggttcacct gcctctgcat cctaagggct gagatctaag      7500
     gcgtgtgcca ccactgcagc atgatcacat tgttttgttt ttattggttt tgggttttgt      7560
     gtgagacagg atctctatgt agctctgact gtcttggtgt aaaggtccat gatttcccaa      7620
     ggaatgatac cccagactca tagtatgcaa aagcaaagag tgttttatcc tgcagaagtc      7680
     cagcatgctg gggtctacca tttagcacca agacggagaa gcccaagtga actcttaggc      7740
     ccaattaggg gatttccagg gatgggtagg tgacctttat cttaattgct tggctctcta      7800
     tctagggaaa ttccagaacc attgctgggc atgggggggg ggggctggaa aaggttgtta      7860
     gggaagcctg gaaactgttg ctgacccatt gcccttgctt cagggcaggt ggtggggcag      7920
     cctccgattg gctgcccaag gcctgtttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt      7980
     tgttgttgtt tttcccagta actgtcttgc ctggacttgc ccagttctgg gaaacaaaga      8040
     tctaggccga gtcttctgaa ctgccaaatt gaagcttgtc atagagtcag cctgtctcag      8100
     tcctctcatt agaactcatt atatagaaca ggctttcctt gaactcacag aaattctcct      8160
     gcctctggca cctgagtgct ggggttaaag gtgtacacca ctatgcctgg tgtttatggt      8220
     catattccta acattggcat agatacattt acatttcatt ccttacaatg cgtatacttt      8280
     tttttttttg gtttttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgca gtcctggctg tcctggaact      8340
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg      8400
     ctgggactaa aggcgcacgc caccacaccc ggcacaatgc gtacactttg tatcaaggga      8460
     cacacacact ggatgccggg tctgccatgg acatgctgcc aaagaagagc ttctattatg      8520
     gtctgtattg tattcagcag tattgaacag cagaagaaga cagcaaagtg acagttatac      8580
     caattgcaaa tgattagcta cgttaacata aaaagatgct cttattgtac tatacttgta      8640
     tgccacaaga aagctctaaa ctttggtatt ggagagatgg cccaggagtt cagagttcag      8700
     agtgttcttg aagaagattg agtttgtctc ccagcaccag ctctgggtgg ctcacaactg      8760
     cctgtcattc tagctttcag gaaatacagt gcccccttct ggactgtaca agaaactgca      8820
     ctcatatatg catatatcca tacacagaca tacatacaca catatataat taaaaataaa      8880
     acaacaaaaa aaatgttttt tggacacaag ctgacttctt acctcatcca tcaatagaaa      8940
     caataatttt tcttttcttt tttaaaattt tatttagtct taaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa      9000
     aatttattta tttatttaga aacaggatct ggtctctctc tatagccctg gctatccttg      9060
     aactctctct ctgtagaaca ggctggcctc agagttagag atccagctac cttggattcc      9120
     ctagtgctgg gattaaggaa gagcacaatg acacccagcc taaaacaatt ctttaaaaga      9180
     aaacactgat atttgatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      9240
     taataagctg gtcatggtgg catgtgcctt taaatcccag catttaggag gcagagacca      9300
     gcctggtcta cagagcaagt tccaggacag ttacacagaa aaaccctttc tccaaaaaaa      9360
     caaacaacta aaacaaacaa acaccaaaaa aatctcacca ccaataatag tactactact      9420
     aataataata taatttgggg gggggggggc tggagaatgg ctcagtagtt aagagcactg      9480
     actgttcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccatcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat      9540
     ctgtaatggg atctgatgcc ctcttctggt gtgcctgaag atagcaacag tgtactcata      9600
     tacatacaat aaatagataa atctaatata tatataattt tgtggttgat tatattcagt      9660
     gactttagag aaaattgaga accagtgtga ttgttgtaaa attttatgta actgtgctaa      9720
     ttctcactgt tttatgctgc tatggtttcc tataataatt aaaatattat ctggtatatg      9780
     tgatgtatga tcatatgcac atatgccaca gcatgaatgt ggtggtcagg ggacatttcc      9840
     tgcagttccc agcaaccccc tcctcagcac agcactaccc tttattaaca gcctttcttc      9900
     tcctgctgac atgtgcagtg tgagtgagtt atgccattca cacagacagg cctgcttttg      9960
     tattttcaca atgcattgtt attccataag ctgacattgt ggattgcatt gctatttagt     10020
     aaactcatgg cgtctggaga gatgcttcag tgttgagagc acggactgcc cttgcagact     10080
     gactatttct cgaatccata tcaggtggat cacagccact tgtaactcag ctccatgggg     10140
     agtctatcac ctttgacttc tctgcactta agtgcacaga gacacacata cttagcacca     10200
     cccaccaggt gctgggcctc tcccaccaat cactaattaa gaaaatgccc tacaggcttg     10260
     cctacagccc aattttatgg aggcatcttt catctttttt tttttaagat ttatttattt     10320
     tatgtatatg aatacactgt agctgtacag atggttgtga gccttcatgt ggtgattgtt     10380
     gggaattgaa tttaggacct ctgttccctc cgaccagccc tgctcactca ggcccaaaga     10440
     tttatttatt attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacgcacca gaagaaagag     10500
     tcagatcaga tctcattatg ggtagttgtg agccaccttg tggttgctgg gatttgaact     10560
     caggaccttc aaaagaacag tcagtgctct tgcctgctga gccatcttgc cagcctggag     10620
     tcatcttctt aattgcggtt ccttccttgc agatatcttt agctgtgtca agttgacata     10680
     aaactatgca caccactctt tcagaggaac caggttctgt tcccagcacc cacatggcag     10740
     ttcatacctg tctgtaagtt tggttctagg ggatccaatg cctctttttt tgtgtgtttt     10800
     tgttttttgt tttggtttgg tttggtttgg ttttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt     10860
     gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga aaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa     10920
     tctgcctctg cttcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgta ccaccactcc cggcccaatg     10980
     cctcttctaa cttctcaggc tccagcacat gtgttataca tacatataca caggtacaca     11040
     tataaaataa atgttgtaag ccggcccgtg gcctacatga accggtattt ctggaaggca     11100
     ggctggggct gaaagagact tagactgcga gaaaagataa tgaagccaag acaaaggttt     11160
     ctgatcaagg cctgcgagtt tactaagaga gtgtgcttat aagggagaag gcccattctt     11220
     ggtgcctgga gccagcccgt aggcgatcta cagggtgtgt ctttggaatg tctcaaggac     11280
     ctttcagcaa gaagcagagt cttggagaag ggcaaataga gccatcaagg tcagatggct     11340
     ctaccctagg taatcttctt agtggcagca aggtcaaggt ctggatcagc ctgcttcaag     11400
     gctgagagag gctacaaata aatattttaa aaaattttca caagatgtat caaatctatt     11460
     gccacccttc ctctctccac tgaggattga acccaggacc ttgcacatac caagcaagtg     11520
     acactgggct gctcttcctc ttcaaatttc caggcagggt cttattaaat tacccaggct     11580
     gctatgcaac ttggaatcct tctgcctgag cctcccaagt agttggagtt acaggagtgt     11640
     accactacat aaactgttgt gttggatata attcacaaga actctagatt tgcttagcag     11700
     tcgtcacccc agaaattaat ttcttttatt ccattcaaaa tttaaatact agcatcacaa     11760
     actttcatac cacacattcc actttgcccc ataatgcttt agtttacaga acatcttagg     11820
     attaaagagg ccacagcatc tacagtgtct tcctgaaggt agagtacaaa gccagtcact     11880
     gtaggatgga tgtaaggagc cataggctat ggccagggct atcagggcca cagggctgag     11940
     gagaagccct ggggcggagt tctgagttgg tacagtgatt caattgctag gtggtctatg     12000
     ggagttgcca caccctgtca ggtgtctgtg ctgttaatgt ggtccaggta gtgagccaat     12060
     gtcatttact gatctgtgtt tattcacagg tctgttttct ccaatacaat tttggcatac     12120
     ttgtgtgcct gtatgctctt aatttaatct gctaatttca caagtggcaa ttttcttatt     12180
     tgcattaaaa aattctttgc cagtatattc tcaatggtgt gtgctggaca gacaatggtc     12240
     atgcatgaac aagttacaga attaaacagg gctggagagg tggctcagac attaagaaca     12300
     ttcactgacg gcttttccag aggctctagt ttcaattcca agaacccaca tggcagctca     12360
     caatggtctt ttgtaagtgt tgcttttatt tcttcagatg aaatgatgag gagagccgta     12420
     ccctagccca aagcatttcc ttctctgttc taactatgct taggcctagg tctggaagtt     12480
     tctagcctct gtataatcta atcgtccaag ctgactgatt caatccagct tctctcagct     12540
     tctgactgaa ttgctctgcc tggcctcata ctaactttgg caatatgtct taatcttctc     12600
     attgcttggc tcattctgtt tttacctgtg ttgtagtgcc aagggaatgt tagtgattcc     12660
     caaaaaaacc agacaggaac tgatctaatg caatgcacag cagggtcttt attccattcg     12720
     aggtagctca ccattcaccc ccaaccctcc aacacactgc tttcacacaa gacagttttg     12780
     gtggtggggg aaccccgaat gtctatgggg caagaatttg cagtaagcag taagtggagg     12840
     atgagtgttc aagcatctaa ctgggacgct actgtggcct ttaacatagt tggctggtgc     12900
     tgggagtcat atcataaact caacttctgc tcccctctgc gttggtgatt gttaggcaca     12960
     gggtgggctt ataacctgga ggtgctggtt tcttggggga ctaacctgga gatgccggtc     13020
     ctgttgaggg tgtaacctgg agtcactggt cttgttggga attagcttag tgactggagc     13080
     taggctcagg ttttgttggg gaacgacttg gaaactaatg ctagggacca gcctgttagt     13140
     ttatctgagt tcaaacttag gtcaggttct ataaaatgga gtctgaactt aaaagatttg     13200
     gcctcacagt gcctagcttg ttccctctat aacctgtctc tgtagaactg ccccagtaaa     13260
     actgtcatat aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacgccc tctgctttta     13320
     agtagcctct cttccccatg ctgttcttgt gtgagttggg tgtatcctat ctctgattca     13380
     ttctgtcatt tgacacaaat tgtttcttta attcatcact ttgtctgccc ctcaattaga     13440
     tgccactttc aaacatggct gcttccttct acaaattagc cttaccttca ctgttaagaa     13500
     ttaaaggtgt gtactaaggg cacgtctgca ttccagcagg atcgtattgc aatcgagagc     13560
     atgtctgcct tccagcaaga tcatactgca atcgagagca tgtctgcctt ccagcaagat     13620
     catattgcaa tccagagcat gtctgcattc cagcaggatc gtattgcaat cgagagcatg     13680
     tctgccttcc agcaagatca tactgcaatc gagagcatgt ctgccttcca gcaggatcat     13740
     actgcaatcg agagcatgtc tgcattccag caggattgta ttgcaattga gagcatgtct     13800
     gccttccagc aagatcatac tgcaatcaag agcatgtctg cattccagca ggatcatact     13860
     gcaattgaga gcatgtctgc cttccagcag gatcatactg caatcgagag catgtctgcc     13920
     ttccaccagg atcatactgc aatcgagagc atgtctgcat tccagcagga ttgtactgca     13980
     atcaagagca tgtctgcctt ccagcaggat catactgcaa ttgagagcat gtctgccttc     14040
     cagcaggatc atactgcaat cgagagcatg tctgccttcc accaggatca tactgcaatt     14100
     gagagcatgt ctgccttcca gcaggatcat actgcaatcg agagcatgtc tgccttccac     14160
     caggatcata ctgcaatcga gagcatgtct gcattccagc aggattgtac tgcaatcaag     14220
     agcatgtctg cattccagca ggatcatgtc tttggatgtg attccttgcc agagcagcca     14280
     tgttgctgga ttaaaattcc tctacaatct gcaacttccg tcccaggttt cttctttttt     14340
     atctctgtag gtactgaata taaatggtgt acatgcatgc agataaagca cccatacaca     14400
     taaactaaat taaaagacgc acagttattt tgccttgcaa ttttattcag cacttaagta     14460
     tagcaaactg ctgctttata aaatcgagtc acacagggca aggcacaacc tgcaagccac     14520
     tggtttcttt acatcatgaa gtcactcaga gcagggcagg gcctgagccc acagcttgat     14580
     gggaattcat tgtatggtac aagatcagtc atctctacct gagcacacaa ctcctatgga     14640
     agctgagggc acagtctgta ccatatgtgt ggattcagta gcctttttaa aggacacaat     14700
     ctagttacct gccctaagtg aatagttggg tgggaaacta ggggattagg tgaaaccgat     14760
     taaagtctta ttataaagtt atatcaccac aggaggatag agaaatggct cagtgcttaa     14820
     gagcactggt cgcagccagg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggctgggg caggcgaatt     14880
     tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag     14940
     agaagccctg tctcaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca atataacaaa caggaatttg     15000
     ttggctcctt cgtagttctg gagactagga aggatttaga atctggtgag ggtcttcttg     15060
     ttctgttttc ccatgacagg cgtacaaaga aaaggaaacg aagggaaaga aggatggaag     15120
     aaaggaagga gagagatgga gatagagtca gagagacagg aggcagcatt cttggggcca     15180
     gagcataact aaatggtata atacttgttt ctcaggactc acagtctcac aatgcgtggg     15240
     ttcagttcct agcactgtgg aaaaagaaac aggtctccct ccagcaagcc tgcagatgct     15300
     aactgttagt gatgagttat ctaacccctg ccttcaacaa ttcacaacaa tgtgctcaag     15360
     agctgcccag cttctggcca atttctaggc caaaccatgt ctcagactag tagaaacatc     15420
     ctaattttcc cactaaggaa attatatcat cataataaaa tacaacaagt ctacccaggc     15480
     acggtgacac acaccgttaa tcctagcact caggcactcc aaagacagcg ccatgtggat     15540
     cactgtgaat tccagaccag tgtagtcttc atagtttcag gcctagtcag ggatacataa     15600
     tgagaccctg tctccaaaaa caaacaaaaa tgcccattat acaaatattc atacatacat     15660
     acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacaacagg gagagagaga atgtacacac     15720
     atatatacat acactaaagc aaaaggcaaa agaagataaa atacagacgg cacaagggtg     15780
     ttgaatggct tatcatattg tgccagctaa gaaggaaagg aattatctct caacccaggg     15840
     aagaccccgc atgtaacaga ctactatctt caactgtcgg cttcctcctt tcattctgcc     15900
     tattctgata aaactgtatc cagtttaatc agcactaagt atagtgcccc atgccaggac     15960
     caaatgtaag acacctgacc caggatggcc acggccccag cctacctcta aacccaagga     16020
     ctaagaattg atccctctcc ggagtcacag ctgttgacat aactgccttt ctcttagatt     16080
     gctaacgttc agggtggagg tctgattctg cctgagcctt tgactcattg catagaggaa     16140
     gcctacaggt aagaggagga ggcaataagg gcaataaaaa gcggcagatg aaaaagagta     16200
     aaatgaatgc ctgaattttg tttaccctac agccagcttt gcccttgtcc tggacagcca     16260
     aatgagccaa ttatagctta cagggaattt taaagcttaa actgtcacaa gaaagagagt     16320
     tgaatctaca gaaatgcatt ctgagaatac aagaaacaag atctaatgta atatgcataa     16380
     gccctcaagg cacaaaaaca taaaggtcca ttcattaata agttacaaag tgtctcatta     16440
     gcttaactta tgatggggat gggtgttgct aggcatggaa ccagggtctt gtatgtgtca     16500
     gagagctcta tcactgagct aaaaccccag gtcctatctt atttaacctt tgattccatg     16560
     atatccaata aatttttatt gaaatcaaaa gaaatatggt gtttctatct gcaatatgta     16620
     caaaaatagt accatctggc cgggcagtgg tggtgcatgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg     16680
     aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga gaccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag     16740
     gacagccagg gctatacgga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac ccaaaacaaa caaacaaata     16800
     gtaccatgtg gattctagta caggcagaac actcatctat catatgcaag gttttaggtt     16860
     tgagtcctgg caccaaaaag tgaaaaagac attctccctg gtatcaataa cctttggcaa     16920
     gttattaatg aataactttt cttctctttg ctagcatttt gtaaacttcg gaagacaaac     16980
     accaactttt tcttttcttt tcttttcttt tttcttttgt ttttttcaag acagtttttt     17040
     tctatgcagc cttgacccta ctagaactca ctctgtagaa caggctggcc tcaaactcac     17100
     agagatccac ctgcctccgc ctcttgagtg ctaggattga agaagtgtgc ctttatgccc     17160
     ctctcaaaca tcaggggttt tttgttgttg ttgttgttta aatatttatt tatttattta     17220
     tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaaaagg gtgtcagatc     17280
     tcattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga attgaattca ggaccttcgg     17340
     aagagcagtc agtgctcttc ttaaccgctg agccatctct ccagccccca aacatcagtt     17400
     ttttaaacgt gataatcaac cagttgctaa ctgccagccc cttgtgttaa tttcctactg     17460
     ttgctgtgac gaattatcac aaactgtcag gcttaagtta aaacaaatgt cctcccagtt     17520
     aggccagttg aagcctgaag cagatctaca aagcagagct tcttgggaat tcttggtaga     17580
     ccgatctgtt tcttcagctt ttccagtttc tagaagacac cttgcattcc ttggcccaag     17640
     gttctcattc atttccaaag ttagcagaca gcattccctg ctttctttgc tcctcgcctg     17700
     ccttttataa acacccttgc cgttactttg tgtctaccta ggtaatccca ggaagttttc     17760
     tgacctaagg acttgggtct ggtcatcttc agggagcact agtaagccta atacaatcat     17820
     ctacttgtga aagaacatga aagatagcag ttagacaacc ggtggtgcca gcaaggttta     17880
     agtatgctga gaaaagtgga caggcctggt ggtgcatgcc tttactgtca gcactcggga     17940
     gcagaacctg gtggatctct gagtttgagg ccagtagtga gtctaaatac tgagttctaa     18000
     gatcgccaga gctacgtaga aaagctctgt ttcataaaac caaaaataaa ttaataataa     18060
     taataataat aataataata ataataatag tctgtttcta tggatggatg aaggcaagtc     18120
     cccagttaaa aacaagctga ataacagtag gttaaggtct gttttagttt cactgatggt     18180
     tacaaagccc atttcgggtg cagtcagggg aaaaggccat aactgacttt tagggaacaa     18240
     agggcttagt gtattccgca ggctctggcg aggctggcgg tcaggctggt tctcacagtc     18300
     ggtaggaata ggtcacgaat gagctgagaa ttttctgctt cttaacacgc ccaaaataag     18360
     accgagcaga tcatttccag cagggtggag ggaagggaga agggagaaca ggaactttgc     18420
     caaagtgggg caggagtagg tcaggcaagg accaggtttg cctagcacac cttctcagtg     18480
     agaaagatgg gataatttgg tgggtgtctt tgtgatagca gctgtgactc ttccagtcgg     18540
     aaatggctgc ctcctgaaca tgaacagatg caatcctgag aacctctttc atctccttgg     18600
     cagactctct ttactgcttc tccatgaaca cactctgcag ttgctctttg atgagtgata     18660
     ctaaaggtga gtgaaaaaaa ggaaaaaggg gctggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca     18720
     ctgacagttc ttccaggggt ccttagttca attcccagca accacatggt ggcttataac     18780
     catctataat gggatctggc gccctcttct ggcgtgtctg aaaacatcat gaaagtgtac     18840
     tcacatatat aaaataaatc ttttaaaaaa agaaaaaaga aataaaaaag gaggacatga     18900
     cagcacctag gtatggtaga ggagaaggct tcctgtagct gtgagtcagc gtagccagag     18960
     gcagagacat ctgggagggt ccagagtgaa cctgaccatg agctagatca tgtgaagaaa     19020
     gggggaaggg gagctacagg acagcaagaa atcaggaggg tagagggtaa gaaaggacca     19080
     gcatagccaa aatagctaga ttacatctgg aagagacaca gaagaagagc agcccatccc     19140
     ctgtgctgga gagttcagat attgcagcca tatcctgtgg aatgctggaa gaacctggtg     19200
     gccaggtgtc ctgaccacac cctgatacca ccaagttcct gcttccccgt gtagctgaca     19260
     aaagaaaaat ttccactgcc ccacccctcc tgctgagaag tacttcccct tttgcttgtg     19320
     catttaagcc ttgagccttg ctgaatacag tgacaccttg atgcttctca gactgtttac     19380
     atgtcgttcc tcgcacttgg tgtccggctc tctctccccc catttggttc ttaggagaag     19440
     gtcccctcga gccccttgaa taactggacc tgctggacgg gtcagccagg tctgctctga     19500
     taggttaata ggcacctgag ctagccattc atccaatgct tgagacgtaa cagaaggaaa     19560
     taaagtcaac atctcagatg acaagattaa gccttgccac acttgtccac taataaggtt     19620
     tatattgcag actcttagtt aaaaataaat ttgtatataa atctaaaggc acagcttcat     19680
     tgtcttcctg cctcccaaat ggctttggag aaatcctagg gcattctaat tcttttgttt     19740
     ttaagactgg gtctcaccca aaggtgacga aatacacact taatcctagt gtaagaccca     19800
     gaccctctgt catggcgctt acttggagat gcccccgagt gagacacaga gacgcagata     19860
     acagattgat gcaaaagcaa gaggtttatt ttctgggggt cagggtcaac cctcagtcag     19920
     tcccttgagg taagccctga atggctacta caagcagttt ttatactttt tacgggcaca     19980
     ggttacatca gcaaggttac agttcaaact tattggctaa gcatattgac ctttaaatct     20040
     attggctagc aagcatgaca cgcatttgag ctgtacctgg gactttccag agggtcaggt     20100
     gacttttagt aagtacattc tgagaatttt tttactcaag aatgttcctg tgggtggaga     20160
     atggaattcg gcctagcctt gactccaggc aagaaggaga agctggaagg agggtgtggg     20220
     attggaaaac cccttagggt ccctcaccag cactcagcag aagcaggtgg atccctgcga     20280
     tccaggccag cctagtctat atagaaaaaa aataaataaa taaaacaaaa acatggtgta     20340
     tcaccatgta gcccaggatg gccggcaact tgggatcttc ctgtctcaac tgttcagatc     20400
     atgggtgtca tttgtaaatg ttgcttttat gttctctgat ggagtgatga gatgagagtc     20460
     atatctaagt tttatgaatg catggtttga gctgaaccca gtgcactgct atctaactat     20520
     tcctaggccg aggcctggaa gcttctagcc tccatgcaat ctaattttct gcaagctcag     20580
     accttgaagc ttcagcttcc gccctccatc tgctaaccta gacctagatt gtttcagcct     20640
     tctagattta cttctagatt tactgctgag tgagctcagc ctgtctggtt ctttctgaac     20700
     tctggctggc tggttcaact cagctgttct aaaccaaact cttctccatg ctgactgatg     20760
     aaaaccggct tctctcagct tccgactgaa ttgttctctt tggagacaat tgcctctgaa     20820
     ctccacaaac tgaactgcac cgatggcaca agctgaacag aacagcatgc actcaactac     20880
     attcaacgga acttcacgga actcagctga actcaactcc ccctctcccc ccagtcccca     20940
     aactctcccc ctccacgcac tgaccttaaa tcacctgtct ctcctgcctg ctttcatgag     21000
     agctgagcat atcctacctc tgactcattc tgttaaatct gtttctgatt cgtcacttta     21060
     tctgtggctc aattagatgt cattgtttgg aattaaatat gtagattaaa gatgtatgct     21120
     aaagaaatgt ctatatttca gcctgattac acagacctag gtctctggat gtaatcccct     21180
     gtaatccctt gtcagagtaa ccatgttgct ggattaaaat ttctctatag taattcacta     21240
     ttggatagcc tgattctttt cctttccttt tctttttctt tcttttcttt tgtttttgat     21300
     gatttgtttg tttgtttgtt tcccagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctaa     21360
     aacttgctct gtaaaccagg ttggccttga actcacagag atccacctgc ctctgcctcc     21420
     tgtgtgctgg gattaaaggc acgcaccaat accacctgga tagatagttt acatttttag     21480
     aatgccaagc acaaaagaaa attctataaa ctttcagtaa gtagaaaact gctccgtagg     21540
     aggaatcaag aatcacacta tgttttagaa tttgtctatt ttatctattg tcctagaacc     21600
     ttttgaatct ggatattcat gatgtagagt ttgtaaagtt cccatgtttg aaattctgca     21660
     aggcataacg actcgataga acgtggagac tgtggatgta gcagacgcag agccagatcc     21720
     cactgggcgg catcgggttc cctttacagc aacgtccttc tacctctaca tctgatctaa     21780
     cgtattgaca agtacaacag accacatatt tctaccaacc ccaaagccaa gaatgtccct     21840
     cagtctacat ctaacacgtc tcagaatttt tcacttcatg ctcacttttg tgatgtccca     21900
     ccaatgtagg tagtaaaagc tctgatttgt gaccttctct ttgccctgtc actatgaaaa     21960
     cttcatgtag ccacttcctc attggaacta tcattcaggg caactagaat ccgtgtttct     22020
     gttccattct cacttatgtt tgatccagaa aaatgctgat ttattccctt tgaagttagg     22080
     cccatgtttt gcatcagaaa aaaaaattta aactgtcttg tttatatgtt cttcccctca     22140
     gctttctcat ttcttgaacc tagagtctat tgaatattga cattcgtgat tgatctttct     22200
     ttctttcttt cttttttttt taaagattta tttatttatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc     22260
     tgtcctcaga tactccagaa gagggcatca gatctcatta cggatggttg tgagccacca     22320
     tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctagggacct tcggaagagc agtcggcact cttaaccact     22380
     gagccatctc gccagccccg atctttctta tctttgctct gttttccata ttttcatttt     22440
     ggtttcatta tctggaagtt ttctaacttt ttgctgttat aaatttgaga caaggtgtta     22500
     ctctgtagcc aaggctaccc tggaactccc aattttatgg catctgcctc cagagtgtgg     22560
     ggattgtagg catgcccttc catctgtgtt atttttagaa agggtcttgc tgacgtagga     22620
     gaggagggca gagtgaagtc cagaaggcct gacaggaagg ctgcacagtt agcccacaat     22680
     gtgatactcc atattcatca agtactggga tagtcctctt gtgcactgtg taaaggttgt     22740
     ctttgtataa ttaaaatgtt gatttatgtg ccagcagaga gttgaataaa ggtcagagtt     22800
     tggtattatt attttttttt taatttattt atttatttat ttattatatg taagtacact     22860
     gtagctgtct tcagacactc cagaagaggg agtcagatct cattatgggt ggttgtaagc     22920
     caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaacttcg aaccttcgga agagcagtcg ggtgctctta     22980
     cccactgagc catctcacca gcccccttgg tattattttt acgaagcatc acctgtctca     23040
     gtatttcata aacatttttt tctctatcta tcaccttctg attggttcaa cagagagctg     23100
     actggcccat agtagggcag aggaaaagca gaacatgtga gcagaaatag gaactccagg     23160
     aaagaactag gcacaggaga ttcaccagcc agacaagaag aaagaccaga tgttgagact     23220
     gaaggagagg taacgggcta tgtagcagaa tgtatattaa gataaatggg ttgttaatat     23280
     gaactagttg aggactaagc tataaggcct aggcttcata aatatatata agtctccgcg     23340
     ccattaggaa gctggcaggt tgagacagtc tggcaatatt tggcacccag tatggggcta     23400
     gaaagccaaa cttgggcaga ttcaagtatt aggccaagcc aggcacagaa ggccagtaag     23460
     cagctgggaa gaaggtttct tagcaactga gcaagccagc aagtggtggg gagaggccta     23520
     gagtggctcc tttaagagcc cctgctgagc agtaaggctg gcttcccagt ggggagcaag     23580
     gaaacagagc ctcactgcac aacctctgca agatctccca agtggaggtc tgaggtgggg     23640
     aatggcccag cccagtgtgg cagcacatgg gtccaggaca ggcatcagca aactgtgggg     23700
     acaggggaca ccctaaggaa tgctgcttct gtgctgtgcg ggtcggcaag caatggctac     23760
     agccagagat gaatggtaga cagagcccat gagctggtga cacagcaggc tgaataagtc     23820
     ccttcatgaa agccttgctt tctccagtga gaaccacccc ttcctcccct tctacccctc     23880
     ccatcccttc cacctctttt accccttctc tgagcagagc ggctgccaga ggataatggc     23940
     ctacacctgt ggagagggca acctgtagag aactatagag aattgtagag agcaggcaga     24000
     atgcaggaac cggcaagggc agcctgctag actgagccaa gggacagagc caactgccag     24060
     acacatggcg gcctgaggag cctgcagaca gacagacaga agggctaaag gaacattttc     24120
     ctggagctgc agtgtgattg agaagcctcc aacttctgaa agggtaaggt attaagttgg     24180
     aaaacagtgt aagagaaaag aaactgggta taaaaaaaat cgggggctgg tgagatgtct     24240
     cagtggttaa gagcaccgac tgctcttcta aaggtcctga gttcaaattc cagcaaccac     24300
     atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaatgagat ctgacgccct cttctggagt gtctgaagac     24360
     agctacagtg tacttacata taataaataa ataaatattt tttaaaaatc ataaaaagag     24420
     ccgggcagtg gtggcacatg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcaaagg caggcgaatt     24480
     tctgaaatcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacaaccag ggctacacag     24540
     agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa aacccaaggg ggtggggagg aatcatagaa agaaattgtt     24600
     gtatgtaagt tttcactatc tcacctatgc tctgggaagt gggacatgct accagtcccc     24660
     acccagcttc ccttgagtcc acggataaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     24720
     cacacataca cttgttcatt ttcaacctgc cttctaggta caattgttgg gtgctattat     24780
     ctcccaccta gaaaagcatg cccttaatac tactcttagc tctgcacctt ccacctgccc     24840
     taactttagt tggtgagttg aatctagtcc ctgctaaata tacctgacca cctacctgta     24900
     ggagcggcct gtatgaccac tctgtcgaga tctcacatgg atggttgatt tttcttcatc     24960
     agaagcatgg cgaaagctcc tctcctccct tgtctctctg attgtcccct ggaagtcctg     25020
     tcttatccct tccacttagc aattggccca gggctttttt tttttccctg acagatcaag     25080
     aaccaattgc gacaagaaat aattagtttg acaataataa agtgaatttt ccaaaggaag     25140
     gagagagtta aagagattaa aaagaggggc tggagagatg gctcagtagt taagagtgct     25200
     gactgctctt ccaaaggtcc ggagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacctggtgg gtcacagcca     25260
     tccgtaatga gatctgatga cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagcaaca gtttacttac     25320
     atataataaa taaataagtc tttgggctgg agcaagcagg gctggagaga gagagagagg     25380
     gagagagaga gagagagaaa gagatattaa aataaataaa gattaaaaag aaaatattgt     25440
     ctatgttaaa aaatggaaaa tacataatag agggcacttg gaccctgtat aattttgttt     25500
     tcattatcag catagaaata agtatatttg gggggtggga gagacaattc tgtgcttaag     25560
     agcattggcc attcttacag aggacccagg ttcaactccc agcagccaca tggtagctca     25620
     caactgcctg taacatcagt tccagaggat tcaacccctt cacacagaca aacgtgtagg     25680
     ccaaacacca aatgtacatt aaaaaaaatt attaaaaaaa gaaagaaata tagttttggt     25740
     aattattgca aatttatata ttatctttta aaagaatcac agtaaagcag aattaggtaa     25800
     gaaaagagct gaaaaatcca tgctaagtta caaacaatag aacaagatgt acacaatcct     25860
     ttgaatcata gataattttc agatgaattc gatcttaaac tttataccac tcccttgtga     25920
     caagatgcaa aatggcagtc gaagtctatt aaaaacccta aaatgatttt tccagctatg     25980
     ataatggaat tagatgcaga tgaaaaatat acaaggtttt caagaatttc aatggtggct     26040
     cattggaggc actagacttg aagagctttg aagaagcaat aatgacctat gggttacatt     26100
     taccatatgt aaaatagata cttaataagt atctcacaca aaattgtata attccaaaat     26160
     attggagaga agacctcaac tacaatggct aacatgtgga aaaatgaagc ttcagtaatg     26220
     gagcaatgaa atagaactag aggcattaat attgtcaaag atcaggtgaa ggtcaatatt     26280
     ctgaattaag agtaaagatt gtgtttgatg atgccatctt tttttttttt tttttaagat     26340
     ttgtttatta ttatataggt acactatagc tgtcttcaga tgcaccagaa gagggtttca     26400
     ggtctcatta gaggtggttg tgagccacaa tgttgttgag ccatctgtaa tgggatctga     26460
     tgccctcttc tggtttgtct catcatatag tcatatatat ataataagta aataaaatct     26520
     ttttaaaaat cataaacagt ttcctcaatc tataatttat tattctatga atgatatttg     26580
     actggttgat tcagatgcag atgccttagg aaaaaatgtt taatgaagta agagaatttt     26640
     gccttgttgg gaatttcagg ttattcctga aagaaaaaaa aggagatttc tattaattat     26700
     ctaggataca agatagatct acagaaaatc cggttacaga aggtacagat cagaagagaa     26760
     cagtgataaa ctcttaatga ttttcaaaaa ttgttgggag atactaactg gctaaagccc     26820
     ataagtggat taactcaaga actaagcaat ctatttcaaa tcttacaagg tgataaagat     26880
     ttaaacagtc caagaaaatt atcagctgag gctgagagag aatggctttg gtaagaaaga     26940
     gattatagga tactaaggtg ggccatttgg atctacactg ggttgtattt tagttacccg     27000
     cctattcatt ctcccacagg aattcttata cagagagatc atatcttaga atggatattt     27060
     ttaacatgta aacagaaaaa atttaaagtc tatgtagaaa aggtttctga tttgattgca     27120
     aagggggaga ataggacttt atcaattagc aggaataaat ccagcagaga ctgtggtgcc     27180
     ttatgctaat gctcaagtta cttcattatg tgtaatcaac gaggattggc aatgaagctt     27240
     gtaatggttt ggttttttgt tttttttttt gaaagaaatt aacagcagat acccccaaaa     27300
     caagcaactt cagtttctca aaagaactgg taagattctt ccttgtatag taagaggaac     27360
     accaatttct aagctcctgc ctttcataca atgccaataa atgccaataa atcagggatg     27420
     gcagattata tgttagaaag tacaagtaaa ataatacaaa gtcttcagaa atcagaactc     27480
     tatgttatac tcatagttct attggagttt tcagaaatac ttaatttagt taaggattct     27540
     caatatgcag agagcattgt tttgcatata gaaactgctg aacttctgcc agataattca     27600
     gtattaactt tgttatctat acaactgcaa taattaattc aaaacaaaga tcactataca     27660
     aacacacaca cacacacaca tacatataca tatttgattg aatacaggtt tgccagaacc     27720
     attagcttta gaacatgagg agatagataa gttattaata gaaaatgtag ggactggaga     27780
     gatgactcag tggttaagag cattgactgc tcttccagag gtcttgagtt caatccccag     27840
     caaccacatg gtggctttca atcatctgta atgggatctg gtgccctctt ctggtgtatc     27900
     tgaagacagc tacagtgtac tcacatacat aaaataaata aaccttttaa aaaataaaga     27960
     aaacaaagta ttagaggctt tgaattctca taaatcacat catgtaaata gtagaagttt     28020
     aaagaaaaat actgctacaa tgtgacaaca agccaaggaa attataaaga attgtcctac     28080
     ttgttctttg tataatcaag ctccaatacc tgctggaaca ggaataactc tgaagataat     28140
     caaagaaatg aaatttggca gctggatgtg tttcattttg cagagtttgg aaaactaaag     28200
     tatgtgcatc atacaactga caactattca ggattccaat gggcttctac cttcaattct     28260
     gaagaggctg attctgtaat cacatattta ttagaagtga tggctatgtt aggaatatct     28320
     ttacaaatta aagtcataat gctctgacat atgtatctaa taaaatacag caatcattta     28380
     aatgttataa cataaagcat attactgata tactttgcaa tcctaccaga cgagcaattg     28440
     tggagtgatc taacaggtct ttaaaggaaa tgctcactaa acagaagggg aatgtgagaa     28500
     ctctcaaaga taggataaat aatgctttat tgactttaaa tttttttaat gtcaatgaga     28560
     taggtaacac agctgctgaa aaccactaga ttttagattt tgaattaaac cagcctacat     28620
     gttttaagtg ttagcttcag aatggaagtc aggaaatgtg ttacattggg ggacaggtta     28680
     tgtgtttgtt acaacaggaa aagaaaagct gtggattcct tcaaaatcag tgaagattag     28740
     atttcaccag acctggacat cttggctgcg ggtaagaagg aagaaaccaa aaagaagaac     28800
     aaagcatgtg atgtaaacac caaaacctcc accgggaaac aacaaactgg ctaagacagg     28860
     aagatctgtg actagccaat aagacttgtt ggctacagag ttctcaggac ttattattac     28920
     atgccatctt tttatataac atggatggaa atttttatta aagtttaatt atacagtcca     28980
     aatggactta caaaatttga tgcctggcat gctcaaatat agcgcagaga atcatcttta     29040
     gctgatttgt gcacactgca cattccatac atatgttaat acagaaatac atattacctt     29100
     taaaagtttg tgtgttctta gagcagaatg actggacatc aatgaagaca acaagacaag     29160
     tagcccaggt gatccagcct tacagactgt ctcaggtccc tggctcctgt catgtcgcta     29220
     cagccttcca cagaccctcc aaccccagag aggtatgtgg cacgaagccc tctcacatgc     29280
     aaataaggtt tccccaaagc tctcagacca aaccaatgag aagtacctgt tgtcagaccc     29340
     ttaccgatcc caaaactgta tataagaatc ctatccggaa ggattaggtg tgtgagaact     29400
     actccgtctt acacttggga agagatctgc tcttccgaag cactgcccga ggttccgccg     29460
     cgctcctcac tggctagttg gcctcttgtt agcccagccc aacccgactt agtggtatgg     29520
     agtaaccaag taacctggaa ggcatggcag agacggaggt ggagccaact gccatggcgg     29580
     aagcagggaa gcgacattct ctccctgctc tcactcgctt cccttcactg gaactctcgc     29640
     accaggctgg gccagacatc tccatgggaa gtctctggta tacaggccca caaccagggt     29700
     ggcagatatg gggcttatgc ttgggctcaa caacatggac ttccactcat caaagctgac     29760
     ctggctacag ctgctgctga atgccagatc tgccaataac agagaccaac actgagataa     29820
     tatagcatta ttcctcgagg tgaccagcca gcaacctcgt ggcaggttgg ctacactgga     29880
     ccacttcctc atggaacaaa acaatgtttg ttctttttgg gatagatact tattctggtt     29940
     atggattcgc cttttttgta cataatgctt ctttgaaaac catccttgaa cctacagaat     30000
     gctttggcca ccgcatagta ttctatacag cattgcttct gaccaaggaa ctcactatca     30060
     cagccagaga actgtgacag tgtgtccatg atcgaggaat ccactggtgt taccacgttc     30120
     cccaccatcc tgaagcagct ggcatgatag atggaacggc cttttgaaga cacagttaca     30180
     gtaccaagta gttagcagca acatggaggg ctagggcagg gttctccaga aggtggcata     30240
     tgctcgaatc aatgttcaat ataaggtaca gtgtctccca tagccaggac ccacgggttc     30300
     aggaatcaag aggttggaaa ggaaatagtt ccactcacta tcactcctag tgacccacta     30360
     tgaaagtttt cacatctcat tcccacaacc gtaagttctg ctggtccaga agttttgatt     30420
     ccagggtagt gagtagtgct cctgccagaa accacaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa     30480
     aaaaacactc cattgtttgc tcaggcgatc cccaggtcat tttgggtttc tattgccctc     30540
     aagccaacag gctaagaaag gaataacagt gttaggagtg atatatccag attatcctaa     30600
     tatctccatc aaacacacac ccctcatgac ctaatgttta tgtaccagac tctgtccctt     30660
     aaaggttcca ccagtccttg atagtggggg aatgagcctc tgacccatgg acttttggag     30720
     ggggacattc attcaagatt cacattacag catttgtctc tgacttcaaa ggctcatgtc     30780
     cactttacaa tgcaaaatgc attcagttct ttgcttaaga gtcaccaaag tcttaagagt     30840
     tcccttgcct gaagtccagg tccaaagtcg ccttaggcag cagtcaatac tttcagttct     30900
     gaagcaccat gaaaattaag ttacaaactt atacagcagt gtgctggcca aacagcccca     30960
     tccccagtag aaaaggcacc cagaggagtc cagaaaggga gcttgactgg aattcccaga     31020
     actagaaaca cagtagctta actaaggggc ttagtgacta gtaatggggt acccagcggt     31080
     gtggcatgct tggacttgga taggaccacc cctctggtct tgctggttgt aacagccagg     31140
     ctcagatttt gtcgctacag ttttggcctc ccatccatct tcatgcttca ccaccagggg     31200
     ctgctgcggg tcatgacagc cactctacag tttttctttc cttggaaatc tcatgccaag     31260
     cctctataat taactcctaa ttcctgcatt ctttaacgaa attggcataa aagtaaatgg     31320
     ccaagacctt caaacatgtt tcttttctgg ccaaactaca aggtttccca atatttctgc     31380
     tccactatgt tgctcctgac tcttcctata aaaatggcta caagaagcca gaaactccta     31440
     ggctaaaacc tgaacccttg tctttgacag atgtgaggct gttaccttta aacacagcct     31500
     cctgcttccc tgagcagact ttctctgagt agatgtggcc agggctagga atgctgggaa     31560
     tggaaacgta aggatgacca gcagctgggg gagggagctt agggtagagg aggtagtgag     31620
     ggaggaagtc cagcatggat cctgaggtat ataacaacta tgtatgaaca gggactgagg     31680
     ggcctggagg ccagcatggg ctttgatatg cggccacagg tatatgtcaa atgaagagcc     31740
     atatgtccct tctgtcagag gtaagggaaa tgcagtcttg gctgagcctg tgtcacacat     31800
     tcctgagaaa tgctggtttt tacctaactg ccaacaaccg ctctgaagtt aagcttgagg     31860
     gaagtcagga ctgtcgctgc tggacacttg cactgcctct tgcagttcca ggaactggag     31920
     tttcctttgg gacctgacaa taccacaaac caattccagg gtctgaataa tccatactat     31980
     caagaggtca ctgcagcctc acttcacaac ttctgacaat ccaacattaa ttaaaacact     32040
     ccatcagaga cagcagcatt ttcttgcgta gtccagtcca gtctgagaca ccatgaaggt     32100
     ctgagtgact ggctttggct atgcagggct cctggctgcc ttcacctctt ggtaaagtgg     32160
     atactgttgc catgaatgac ctctcattga ctacaaagac aaggtgttcc agtgcagttc     32220
     tagccatggc atactccaca gcaatcaagg ctcaggatgg gaaactcaaa gggaaggcca     32280
     tttccacctt cccgcagtga cactccacca tcaaatgagg tgatgacagt gtggaatatg     32340
     ttatggagtc tactggcatc tttaccacca tggtgaacaa agcccacttg aagggtggag     32400
     ctgaaagtgt catcacctct gccccttctg ctgatcatgt ttgtgatggg tgtgaaccat     32460
     gagaagtatg actagctcaa gactgtcagt aacacctctt gcatcaccaa ctgtttaacc     32520
     cccacaccta gcaccatcaa gggacttatg atcacaattc aaaccatcac aactcagagg     32580
     accataaatg ttttaggcca caggactgcc taaagtatcc ttatatccac tggcactgct     32640
     aagggtgtag acatgctcat cccagagcta aatgggtaac acattggttt ggccgcctgt     32700
     gttccatccc gcagtgtgtc cattgtggat ctaagaagcc atatgctcca tatacgatga     32760
     catcgataaa gtgaacacgt gaagggcacc ctgggctgag gacaagactg tctccatgat     32820
     cccacctttg atgcgggatc tgcgtcacct cagcaccttt gtcaactcac ttccttcatg     32880
     gcctccaagg agtaagaagg cccgaaccag cccagccgtc ccagcagggc agagaggaag     32940
     acagaggcct ctgctgctgg agtccctgtc ccaactcagc ccagccccca acactgagca     33000
     tctcccacta cagctggctt ttgctacttt gtgggttctt ctttctccca ccttttatcc     33060
     ttctggcctt caccgctatc actagttagg aaagaaggaa aggtgagtga gaaagagcgt     33120
     gcgagagact tgaatctaat ttttcttctt gcttcttctt tgaacacgac tactcacaaa     33180
     ccacaaccaa cactgcctct tggggcctta gactttatat ccctgtgaaa agtttccatt     33240
     atcccaaatg tcacccaatt gcagaaacta cctgcagctg gcaaaccatg cctctactag     33300
     agcacgaggc acatcagttg cttcaaagca gccccatata cccacacctg ggattaaaat     33360
     gaaaacatat tctttttttt tttaagattt atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactgtag     33420
     ctgtcttcag acactccaga agagggaatc agatctcatt acgggtggtt gtgagccact     33480
     atgtggttgc tgggatttga actccggacc ttcggaagag cagtcgggtg ctcttacccg     33540
     ctgagccatc tcaccagccc aaaacatatt cttatatttc tgcattttta aaaaagaatc     33600
     caaaattcca caattctcac tacacctatt tctatcatag atccctagaa gggagcctca     33660
     ttcttttgaa taccatcaat aaagttcact atagccacac ataaaaatgc ttagaactgt     33720
     aactttattc aacaaaaaac acaaattcaa ggtttccagc ttccagaaca tgttggatgc     33780
     cttaaaaata aaggagcttc attacaaaat ttgaagcctt aaaaaaaaaa ttctgctaca     33840
     aaatatgtca aaattattct aaagtcatac tcattctgaa aaccaggttt ttatagcata     33900
     aaaacagcaa catgttgaca actttatttt gctaagacac tcacacagaa gcaatacaac     33960
     agtttacata gtccatggtc tctaaccatg taaccaccac agtcgctccg agaaagtccc     34020
     cgctgagtct gcggagccca cgtcgcctga gtcattagaa gtcttggcgg atgttttcct     34080
     tgttggcctc cccgtgctgc tgcttgatct gatagatctc gttctccagc tggacaatcg     34140
     tccgctcaat ctcatagttc ttactcacca gcgacaccca gctaggaaag agagtcaaag     34200
     gaaaaagaga gaagagggaa aaatgagcgg atgtaaaatt tcttgcacag tttattttaa     34260
     acatatgtag tttcactatg ggcactaaca tttttaactt tccattaaaa aacaacgtta     34320
     tgggaaagca ggggaagggt acacaggggc tctctgcatt acttaagtta cccaacaatc     34380
     gtctcatgat agttacctta agaaataagc agaaacaaga gactcaggga gacagaagag     34440
     acaggaaaac agcataagat taaaagaaca caggcagagg tttacacgat ggacaaaatt     34500
     ctggaattga caaaacaaac taccactacc accaaacccc atagccttag ccactatttc     34560
     ctgtaactaa atctccagga caaatgtaaa gagcactagc gtggagagag ctgtgaaagg     34620
     agccggcatg gcatctcaag atggagagca tggtgagaag atgctgtggg caacggagag     34680
     accgggaaga cagaaatccg taagcaagca tcaccacact atgcatttaa cctttttctt     34740
     taaagagacg gtgttactct gtagccaagg ctagacttaa agtcacaatc tttcttcctt     34800
     agttccaaca tgtgaggact aaggcattta tgggcacaca cagcccatac agttagggat     34860
     ttctataaat ctgtgtgtgc agaaggctat gcattaacag gggcaaacaa actaaggcac     34920
     aaattaggca aagtctacaa gattgccgtc ctggagctgg ggctgtgatg ccagcactga     34980
     gcagtaagtc agccctttct gcggtcagtt actctgtatg cctccccttc ctcagcacac     35040
     agcagacatg tgaatggccc ttctgtgact cccacggcag tccatgcaca catgaaacac     35100
     ggagtcacac actcactttg actccatttc tctcagctta gatccagctg taagctgcat     35160
     gttctttcgc tgccagttca aatcttgaat atgtttcctg taaaaagtta tttacaacaa     35220
     aaatcaacag aacaatagta caatagagta tctttatact ctttagtgct cacaaacaca     35280
     actacagcta attctaggaa ttaactttat cttaattgtt tttaattaca aatttcataa     35340
     aatttattca ttgtgggagg gaggaaacaa acaaaccacc aaccaaccaa catatacata     35400
     gattgcagcc tcctccttcc tggactcttc ctggctacag ctgtggggtg ttccgtgagt     35460
     actacactac actttcaatg cttattctac ccacatcccc actggagcct aagagccatt     35520
     gagagatact aagagcagga actgatccaa ttacggtggt tagaggcaga cttaaggtgg     35580
     tggccggata agataaggtt atcagagcaa aactccaaaa actgaatatg agtggcttca     35640
     tagttagaga ctaaatctca cacatgcagc cctcttgtct cttgtcatgt gattccaagt     35700
     accatgttgg gatctgtccc taagggggtt atcaacagac ccagttcttc aaccttgaat     35760
     ttccgaaact gtaagtcaaa ataaaggtct tttccttcca ccttaccaag cctgtgctat     35820
     cattagcaag agaacatgaa ctaagacagt gggtgtcctt tcaggttctt tcccatatgt     35880
     gtgtacgtct gcagtgtggt atcctgatgc cctgtctaac tcccaaggtg ttctttccag     35940
     gtttgcagac ttgggagttg tagagaatgt tttcaggttt caagcgtatt tttacctcca     36000
     ctttggtaca gcaaactcag tgccagatgc taaacacaga tcaaaaatat cacagtaaat     36060
     tctattaaca ttacttagta ttttaatagc tattcgttat atggtctacc taatgtctaa     36120
     aatcaaaacc actttagaaa caaaaatgca aaatgaaaac aatgtcatgc acctgtaata     36180
     tactccctaa tgtattacag cgtatgtgaa ggtctgcact atccagccat ttggtcctgc     36240
     agtccaaatc tgccagccct tagacaagga gttggctctc ccaagctcta actgtgaagg     36300
     tgtgtcagca cctctaattg gaggcccaat ttcaggtttc cctgttgact gctcagggac     36360
     ccctgctgac cgaagtatgt tcagggacaa atccttcaga ccacaatcat gttcccctag     36420
     atggcttttc aaacaatttt tcaccatgta gccaggcttt gagctcaaac tcctcctgac     36480
     ccagcaccag gccacacgtc tagctctatc tattagttgt tcagaggttt cctaacccac     36540
     ttctcataaa ccagcagaca ttcaaggttg tctatccaaa gcataccttc aacacatgcc     36600
     acaacatgca aagcttccct tcgacacata ccacaggata caagctttca ttttttgcta     36660
     ttccctgata tctacctctt agaatattat gaatttctat tttcctcaaa agtaactatt     36720
     ttacacacac caacatacat gattaaaatt acttaataaa agttgaattt ttactttcat     36780
     aggactacat agtattagta gtttttcttc ctctctatca gaggctaatc taaattttat     36840
     tcaaacagaa taaaaaacca acttacctta acttctgaag ctctttctgt gcatgttcaa     36900
     tcatatgaac aagatttcta aagaaggaag aacgcacagg caccttgaaa tctggtaacg     36960
     ctgaggaaga attgcctatt tatatactaa gccatgtttt tctgctaaaa atctaaaatc     37020
     tggagatctg tgtctagaat gtcagatgat tcataaacat tagtttgttt aattcagtac     37080
     ttaactgaat ttgattttag ctactactaa tttgcagcag ttcataagca tgcgcacagc     37140
     agtgaacgat ttgggttgct ggcccacagc taaggctgca ggcccgctcc acttaatttt     37200
     agctctccag tgagcagcat agtttagaag ttaggtgctg ggcattgatc tattaataag     37260
     ccagggacta actttgtggc caggggaggc tttgtgtgct taggctagcc tcaaatgtgc     37320
     agcaatactc ctgtgcgctc agctcttttt ttagacttaa aagttgtaag aggtaattgt     37380
     gagagatgta tatgtgtgtg tacagatact tcccctagga gaaacagtat agtattcctt     37440
     gattctgtgt tcaggggaaa ctttattgct ttattttttg aggcaagatc tcactctgga     37500
     gcccgagctg gccagaaact catggaaatc cccagacctc agcctcctga gcattgctgg     37560
     acagaaggtg agcggccggc caccctggtc aggactttaa gcaacatgac atgtgaatac     37620
     gagaacccat tatttaagca tctgcccatt aaggagtgca ttctatcaag tgatattctg     37680
     cagatcaccc tcagagctca ttttcttata cagtacagtg aacgtggtag gtagttacgt     37740
     ggatgtagga tagctcagca ttagtgaact ctaaggtagg actcaaggta gcctttcgtt     37800
     ggtgtagttc tgagacaatc ccatgtcaaa tctagcattc ttgttattat tttgggtaca     37860
     gggtttgcta tatgagctta ggatgactaa actcaaaata taagccaggc aggccctcct     37920
     ccacacctta gcttcccaca ccaactgctg gaattaaaaa cataccacac tttaaaagac     37980
     actagcaact ctgggtggga caggataaga aagagaaggc ccagcgcctc ttactcattg     38040
     tacaccttcc aggcattgca tccatgctgt gacatcagct ccagattctc gatccggacc     38100
     gcctggtgct ccaactgagc catagaattg tttacacatt cttgccatgc agtaatgtca     38160
     tttttttgac ctgaggaagg ggctggaagt tcatatctga aattacataa caaacaaacc     38220
     aatgtatctt tcaaagcctt catcactcct tccaacagaa ttctcatgga catatgccca     38280
     ctacataaag acaaagacac aaattatcaa ctcccgacca cacatgcaca gagaccaagg     38340
     atataatgta gatcaggcag tacaaagaaa cctgttagtt tggaaactga tttacagata     38400
     aaactaacaa aaaaaaccct atttccataa atgtgaacta gttaaatgag ctgtgacagt     38460
     caccaagact ctcatgtctc ttgttcctat ttgtctatca tgacctttct taggtaatgt     38520
     ctaattatca gctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagactttta aaagattaat tatttcatgt     38580
     atgtgagtac actgtcgcag tctttccaca caccagaaga gggcatcgga tctgcattac     38640
     agatggttgt gagccaccat gtggctgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctc tgcaagagca     38700
     gtcagtgctc ttaaccgatg agccacctca gcagcccttt aggcaacttt ttaaaaagct     38760
     gataagcagt gctggagaga tggcttagca gttaagagca gtgactgctt ttccagaggt     38820
     cctgagttca attcccagta gccacatggt ggcttacaac catccataaa gagatctgac     38880
     accttcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt atgtataaca ataaataaat     38940
     cttttttttt gttttttttt gttttttttt tccaagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg     39000
     gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccttt gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc     39060
     tctgcctcgt gcgccactac gaccggctgg tactctcttt ttattctcac ttcctaccca     39120
     cagcagcaaa cacaaacact cttccaacca ctggcaaagc agctgttacc atagctcaac     39180
     ctcatcttac cgtttcatgc tgagtaattc aatcggttgt cgagcagcga gtctttcaaa     39240
     ttcatttctc attatgtctg tctgatgcac aaacaccaca aagaattagt aacagaatca     39300
     tgctgaaaat aatgaatgca gtttactgag attttatact ttgtactaca cattatagcg     39360
     aatcttttcc cttctcaatc actactcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gatgctaata     39420
     tttgaaccca gggccactga cacatccccc agttgaggtt aattctatct agaatctgaa     39480
     gaaataggca tattctttaa ttccatattc tgcccaggca tgaaaggagg tggacataga     39540
     agagtccacc tctcaaggat taaccctaaa ccagcagttt tcaatgccct gtagtcagcc     39600
     agctgtggaa ctctgaaaac agctttaatc ccagccccac gtcacgttgt aattcacaac     39660
     acacaacagt cttgaatcat ttcaggaagt ctccgctgct gcatgacgaa ctgacacagt     39720
     gtaaactgtt tgggtacagt gtaaatggtg aagtcacatg atgtaacatg gaccagagct     39780
     tagatctggg acttgagttt tcaattaatt tctgggttag tactttttac tcttgccaaa     39840
     tttcttgcag ctcccacatc agttatgaaa cccccactga ggagtcacaa cccagtttaa     39900
     aaacctggca tctagatccg aagtatcaca catccctgcg catggagcag tctcctttca     39960
     gcctgaaagt gcttctaaca acatctaagt ggtgtttttt ggttgcactt gtagaataac     40020
     cacttaaaaa cagcatgcag ttagacatgc ttgttcaggc attcatacac ctgttaacta     40080
     tctgagactt ggtacaaaag aatctccctc caggggtggc aaagagtaca ggtacttaag     40140
     attataaata ttaaaatctc gtgagtgata cctgttcttg agtggacctt agagaataaa     40200
     gggccctttt gtgaaatgta ccatgactct tctacacaca cacacacaca cacacggagg     40260
     tgcacactat taaacaaatc tgcagaaact aatggagcat ttcgcaggtt cttgtagtac     40320
     gaagcccgtg acatgcgcat ctggcggttt caaaccgact cacacctaca tggcactcag     40380
     tacgagctgc aggcaccagc taacttggaa ggtggagttc actttacaca gctaaagccc     40440
     tcactcccgt atcaaagtcc gcaagcctcc tggcttactt caaaggcaca cttacttcaa     40500
     aggcagaata atccggggcc gtcaggtagc tcaggtagtt cttggtaggt cggtatctgc     40560
     gcgtctcctc ctccaccagg gccgccgcct aagaacgaga acaggccagg gtcgcggcgg     40620
     gaaagggcgg cgtgccttcg gcggacccgc cgcacatgac ccgcactcac cgcttcccgc     40680
     acgccgggtg cctcatagcc ttggtcaaaa tatggtagcg catctaccac cacctctccg     40740
     gctaccaagc ccgtgcccgc catcgcgcgg cactaggctt caagagcgcc ttctgagtct     40800
     gcgcagcctc ggttctaatt ccactgcgcc tgcgcctgga atgacgtcac acacgccgct     40860
     gcctttgggg cttcgattcg ggcgcacgcg cagttggtaa ttatagccac taggctctaa     40920
     gcctaagcat cacgtgctgg cgtgccgggg tgcctttctt tgtatgggtg ccgttttttt     40980
     tttttttttt tttgaaggag tgggtagggc agacttcgga agaggtggtt gctggacttg     41040
     gctggagggg agaaatatat tttccacatc ctttaacctt ccattgttta gactcacata     41100
     gtgctgggct tctagcgctc ccttgcttta tcctcatttc gcagccggtc ccttaagaat     41160
     gttcttttat agaaactaga aatgtgcgcc tattttccaa ttaaattttt agatccaaca     41220
     acctgagggg tgcggctcaa tggcaaaacc aggtcagtcc gcagcactgc aaacacctca     41280
     tcccttccat gactgtaatt ataactataa aatgcctcat tttagaagct ctgccttgga     41340
     gtggaggcaa ctcaggggag agctagaagc ccagaaaaag ggaaactcac aggaatatgc     41400
     tagggtgacc ataagacttg aagcaacagg ggatatagga cctgaaatgg ccacctcctg     41460
     gaaccaggca agacttccaa tggattgatg gggacaccaa tctacccaca aaaccaaaat     41520
     ttgtcctgct tacaagatgt gtggggataa agatggacta gaaactgagg ggatgatcaa     41580
     ggcccaactt gagactcatc ccatgagagc aagcccaccc ctgacactat taatgttttg     41640
     ctacacttcc agacaggaga ggcttcgccc aacagctgct ggaaacagat ggaaagatcc     41700
     acagccaaac attaggcaga gctctgggaa tcttgtggaa gaaggggagg aaggaatgaa     41760
     ggaaccagaa gggtcaagga caccacaaaa aaagccatac agaatcaact aacctggtcc     41820
     cgcaggggtt cacagagact gatccaccaa ccaaagaggc tgcaatggac agtcctggat     41880
     ccttacacac atgtaacaga tatgcagctt ctgtgggacc cctaacagct ggagcagggg     41940
     ctgtctctga ctctgccttt ggaccccctt cccctaactg ggcagccttg tctagcctca     42000
     acagaagata ggcctagtct tactgcaact tgctatgcca aggctgatat ccacgggagg     42060
     cctccccttc tctgaggaga aagggagaag atggggaaag gagagaagag agggagtagg     42120
     aggataggtg ggagggaagg ctgtgatcag ataaaataat gagaaaatct tgctattttt     42180
     tgtctttagg gcctatacaa aacccaatca tttttgcctt taggatttgt ggtaataaaa     42240
     tattactcca cgttgcctct caacccctca ggctgtagtt agcatacatt ctttgtaaaa     42300
     tatcttccag actaagaggt aatgaaaaaa agattgtgag actatataag ctatccagtg     42360
     tacgttcaac caagagcttt ggaaaagttg atctcggtta taatcctggt tagtctaagc     42420
     tggatttgag tatttacgaa tttacattgt gtaaatgtgc tgtttatggg tttatgtaaa     42480
     gtgtgtgtgt tgtgatttga taactgcctc tcatacatag gcttagggat ttgaacactc     42540
     agtccccagc tggtggcgct gttgcagagg tttagttact tttgctctct gctttcaagt     42600
     tgccctttga aaatgtgaac tctcccgcta ctgccttcat gcttctccac ctgaattaac     42660
     tctcagccct ggaatgtaag ccaaggcaaa tgttcttctt taagttgctt ggtcaatgtt     42720
     ctatcactgc aatagaaaag taaccactac acatcttatg tgcatttgtt ttaaattctc     42780
     caagagatct gtgggaattt ttttaaaatg cctttatctg taaacatttg atagaaatat     42840
     tgaacaattc tttttacaaa cgtatttaga attcacaaca tttacaaaaa caaattacaa     42900
     caaactcaag gaaaggaagc agctttagat cttaagaagg ttaagactct cccaaaagca     42960
     gtctccctgc agagggacag tcatgattga ccacagtaaa ccctccttcc ccatcttata     43020
     aacaaccagt catgaattgt tccatcggga ttggagtgta ggaagaagga aaggagagag     43080
     ctgtctggga ggagctcccc tgggtgagct gcactaacat ttgaaaggac agactcagtt     43140
     ctcttccctg gacccatgtg tgggaactat attgcacagc accagtctta aatggattca     43200
     ttcagacacc ctagtatgag tgacaatgac aatactatac aagtcagtga gttgtatccc     43260
     agtacaacaa acaacacttt ccaagtctga atgagtattt tccatgccag gtaaagcagt     43320
     gggcaaaggt tacagaaaac aactgacatt taccacaaca tttctcactt atcaatgaaa     43380
     actgtaccct cactgacaaa ctccctttcc caggtgctac tcctacttta gattttcagc     43440
     atctggttga tgaagaggct taggaaacac taaaaactca caccgatgta aaaataacca     43500
     gtgtggcaga gcacacaaaa ggccctgggt cctatcccca gcagcagaag aagaaacaaa     43560
     ggaacaaacc ttgtctagac ccccatagct taacgtctca tcagagccaa aaaggaagct     43620
     ctggtgtgct ccacagagaa ctttaaacat cactataaag agttcattta cagctgtagg     43680
     actaaccagc tttgtatgtg ttcataagtc aagtgtttgg cttagttctt tcttgtatat     43740
     aactggccaa attccttagc ttctctgaac tccagtttct tgtagaatat catgaagctg     43800
     atctaaagct tgaataagat gacatgtaga ttatcacagt gctgcaaatt gtaaacacca     43860
     aaactcagat agctatgtcc ttaaaaggac attttaatgt tggctccatt ccataaagca     43920
     taatgctgac atatgagaag caagctatcc cagcaggaca cgtgttctga ggaggccatg     43980
     cctggtgtct gctttttttt taaagttcta acatgagtga aattctccaa gataggacat     44040
     gggacaaaag gggggtttaa tcaatggtga cagtactgga attagaaagc acaaaccgtc     44100
     cacgtattta aagcaatatg atgcttcagt gatgagaatc gtgtgaccat ggtgtcctcc     44160
     atgtctgtct ccctagtacc tgaaactctc attattctcc ttatttctct gtcaatctca     44220
     tctttgcatt gtttttagga actcaacacc aagtatttct gagtcttctc cttgtaaagg     44280
     acaaccacaa gcacaaagca gaggctcttg cacccatcag taaccaaaga taaaacacca     44340
     ctgtaaaata acgagcccag gcatggcggt gcacgccttt gatctcagca cttgggaggc     44400
     agaggcagga ggacctctgt gagatctttg agatttgtga catcaggatt tgaggccagc     44460
     ccgatctaca gaacgagttc catcacagtc agggctatag cgagagaccc tgtctcaaaa     44520
     acaacaaaca aacaaaacag tccccaaatc agaaggagaa gagagcgcac tggttctaga     44580
     ctgctcccag ttggtctgca gcaacaggag agttttccaa cagtctttct ccttttacag     44640
     tcacagatgt tacaggactc tcccgagcat ccagatcctt gggaaaacac tgtcgttggc     44700
     acttccagct atgtttagaa tgaagaaaag atttcacttc ttgtgaagaa atttcatttt     44760
     acttcctgga aagagaaaaa aaaaactttc accttacttc ctcttcatct gctgtacacc     44820
     tgagccaagg gactaacaac ctagccattc agaatcaccc cggaggttag ctgccttgtt     44880
     acatgctctc agtgtcactt ctgaataagt gtcttccaaa gtcctatgtg taagagcttg     44940
     gtccctagct tgtggcacca ctggaaagta atggaacctt aaaaaggtgg gccctggagg     45000
     gagaagacct ggccatgagt gccttccaga tacttggtcc cttctttgct ctgcttccta     45060
     gcagccaaaa cacaagcagg ctcttctacc tgtgtcttgc tgcaggcccc aaagcatcag     45120
     gaccaatcag ccgtgggctg aaacccccca cactaggagc ctaagtcagc ctccagaaca     45180
     gagtcccaac cttcccaacg cagagaccat gtatgctgtg gtgaccttct aaccagaaaa     45240
     tcatttctgc tacttcagaa ctgtaatttt gctactgcca tgagctgtaa atattttgga     45300
     aacagaggtt tgcaaagggg tcatgaccct caggcttaga accactgctc tagtgcctca     45360
     cttttattac tttaggcttt ctgttccact aatggaaagc tattagttga tgggtttagc     45420
     cactaaaaaa accccatgaa tgtctaattg tagaggcggg aaagaactca agacataatc     45480
     taactcaagt ggttttcaat tggactgaag tttcaaatta cctggctcac tccctagaga     45540
     attctaaatg ctcaaaagag acctctctaa agtccctaaa gattatcatc tgatctaatc     45600
     taacccaagg tgtggatgaa atcacagcct gcggcataaa tgcccacggt ctctcagcta     45660
     gttaaggaca gggtctaatc aggagcatac attccaaagc ccagagttta aggcaattgt     45720
     cttgtgacag gcacaccact gtcctcacat cagtccagaa tttaaaaatc agaaggaccc     45780
     atgtttatga aatgcagaat aaggccgagg caatcctctt ctgcttccca gcccccaagg     45840
     attttaagtc tgaagtccat ggacacccta gaattatatg caaaatttat ctgtatatat     45900
     aaatacatta ttttctggta aatagaacta ctttttaaaa tgtatcccca aagagtacaa     45960
     cctagagagg cttcatggtc atgactcggg gacttatacc acaaggttaa tcatccaata     46020
     gggcaaagcg actcaccaag actacgtaaa attctattca ccccgctggg ttccgactca     46080
     ggaattgttt ccaaatattg aagagcccgg acttcaaaca aacctacgaa gaagacatca     46140
     gtgagactgt tcaacatgcc agcctggaaa acagttaaat taaacctttc ctttttgtga     46200
     tggtttgtat atgcttggct cagggagtgg acttgttaga gtaggtgtgt cactgtgggt     46260
     gtgggcttta agaccctcaa cctagctgtc tggaagtcag tcttccacta gcagccttca     46320
     gatgaagatg tagaaatctc agttctgcct ctctcatgcc tgcctggatg ctgccatgct     46380
     cctacttttg atgataatga actgaacctg taagccagcc caattaaatg ttgtccttta     46440
     taagacttgc cttggtcatg gtgtctcttc acagcaggaa aatcctaaca cacttttctt     46500
     tctctttttg gcagtgttgt gggcaagctc tgatctttgt acatgcgagg taggttcttt     46560
     actactgagc taaaccccaa gcctaagatg agtcttttct ttaatgatct tattttagct     46620
     gtttacttaa ctttgtatgt gttcatgctt ttatgtatgt atgtggggta ggcatgtgca     46680
     tgccacaaca tacatgtaga tgtcagagga caacctgtgg gtgtctgttc tctcctccca     46740
     tcactgagcc caggaataga gctcagattg tcaaggttgc tagcaagcac cttcaactga     46800
     tgatccattt ctgtatccct aatcctgttc ctactatagt atattattct taaattaaat     46860
     actattacag ataatcccac agtaactcag atatgccttg atagtctaca catcttatct     46920
     attattcaat ccttctaaga attcaccaaa tgtagtgttt ggaaaaaaaa tggcacacac     46980
     agggtcacat cgagtggcac tattagatgt ggccttgctg gaatagatgt gggtttgttg     47040
     gaggaagtgt gtctcagtct cttcctgctg cctgctgatc cagatataga tgcctcagct     47100
     gctccagcac catgtccacc tgcacgccac catgtttccc gccacagtga tcatgaacta     47160
     aagccaaact gtaagccagc cccaattcac tgctttcctt tataagagct gctgtggtca     47220
     tggtgcctgt gcagtgacag aaccctgact aagacagctg ataaggaggc agcggttcct     47280
     ggaaagccca cctttaactc cgctttgccg aagctcccgg tcctggacaa atcctgcaaa     47340
     catctgtgtc tccatgaaga gatctaggaa gtggcggaca cttcgggaag tgtgggactt     47400
     ccggaatggc tccctttgga acacacgctc cccacgctct gtgacagtca tgttcagaga     47460
     ataatgcccc acgagctcca caaaaaacct gacgaacgct tccgacacca gagaactgag     47520
     tgtcacctct gtttcaaaag gaaagaaata agagggaaaa tcttagtttt gtgtatggag     47580
     gaacactgac acgtggaagc cacatatatg gaggaatcct gacacgtgga agccatgtgg     47640
     aagccatgtc taaagagtca tgaaaaactg gaggacggat taggaatgcg cattcctagc     47700
     ttgctacaca gcccatggca tgcaagaagc aaatggcttc tgtcctgacc ttcattttcc     47760
     tccctcaatc ttctactggt tctctctttc tcttcatcct cccgagtgtc gtcctttaac     47820
     cacttctctt caacattcta ctctgcacct taaaaagtca actgccagtc atgtgtggtg     47880
     gctcacacct gtcgtcttag tactcaggag tcagaggcag gagaatcaga agtccaagat     47940
     catcttcagc cctacagtga actctgggct ggtttgggct gcctgagatc ctgtgtgtgc     48000
     agaagaggca gcacaaacaa ggccaacctg catcgacaga gctggctctg cagtccaagt     48060
     caaactctcc agaccggcac ttcaccctgt ctgttctcag gctgtctatg actgtcatca     48120
     cttggctgtc ccattataaa ttgcatcatt tataaagtgc ataaatttca ttcttctaaa     48180
     agtcaccata tcagaaaaca cacaaaactt ggtaggctat gagccaatta aaataagatg     48240
     tcaaaacaca aatgtagtat atttctctac aaatcacttc ttgatcttct cacctcatgc     48300
     tgcactgtga tttactgcag taaacatttt ttgagtatta agtgcattgg cactacacca     48360
     agcgttcttt gaaagataat aatcagaaat acttccattg ctccctagct tcttgtctgt     48420
     ccaaacattt ttactccaat atgcacctct ttctctcagc tctttctgtc accaggctgg     48480
     tctggtgtgg tctcaaactt cagacccttt accaccttcc aagtgctgag actgcaggag     48540
     tgagtgtctg tgcctgtgcc tggcaacact tcagttgccc gggggttgag aggggtggtt     48600
     tacgatgagc tctctctagc ctggcctaga actcactatg tagatccacc tgtgtcagtc     48660
     tctgctggga ttaaaggctt gttattacac cctgcctcag aaccaggctt tctcactgca     48720
     ctaactctgt tccaatcagt agacaacctt acttccccgt ccgaaacgtc cataaggaca     48780
     ctgctttttc ttggtttttt ttgttttttt gttttttttt ttttttgttg ttgtttttcg     48840
     agctagggtt tctcggtata gccctggctg tcctggacct cactctatag accagattgg     48900
     cctcgaactc ataaatctgc ttgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aagtgtgcgc     48960
     caccactacc tggctcttgt tttccttttt tgagacaagg tcttattatg tagcctttgt     49020
     cggcctggaa ctcactgtgt aaatcaggct ggcctggaac tcatagagac ccagactcag     49080
     cctccaaagt gcgtgtcact atgccaatga cacatacttt ataagatcca tgaggagggg     49140
     aggggaagaa acaagctagt actggtgaag aagttttgtt tttttttttt gtttttttgt     49200
     tttttttaca ggacaggact aattcgaaga aaaaatgaca tatgagacag acctatagga     49260
     agaaagcatt ctataaatgt aattttcaaa ggtcatgcga tagaagcggg gctaatactt     49320
     tggggactgg taagaaaggg tgtgaatttt caaggtgcac tactttggca cattctttaa     49380
     ctgaatgctg ggtcttcagt gagtgttcac tgctttaatc tttagtcctc agcccatacc     49440
     ttgtgaaaac tgctgttcct gagccaagac ttcatctcga tcttctaaaa tctgcaccaa     49500
     ggctgcttga agtttaggtg gcagaatttc atcctcatca gacacctgag agagaagcaa     49560
     ctctgcatga gccttatgag agtgtcagac aagtacaatc tacaaccgcc atcagaggcg     49620
     gcgttctgaa tattctgcct gaacagtcat ttgaaattct gtcaccaggg gctggtgaga     49680
     tggctcaggg ggtaagagca ctgactgctc ttccaaaggt cctgagttca agttccagca     49740
     accacatggt tgctcacaat tacctgtaat gagatctgat gccctcttct ggtgcatctg     49800
     aagtcagcta cagtgtactt atgtataata ataaaaaata catttttggg ctggagcaag     49860
     cagggactga gcgagtagag ttgactggaa tgagaggggc cgaccagagc gagcagggtt     49920
     gaccagaggg agcagaggtc ctaaaaattc aattcccaac aaccacatga aggctcacaa     49980
     ccatctgtac agctacagtg tactcatata cataaaataa atcttaaaaa aaaaagaaat     50040
     tccatctcct acatagagcc aaaatgcatg atgtttacag tgtattttaa ctttactttt     50100
     taaaatcaag caacatctta taaaattctc tggggctttt ctacaaaatc tctcatctat     50160
     aagtttcact ccttgcctcc aaggttagtc cccaacaaat ggcgactaaa cgtgagcaag     50220
     caagtgatcc tcgagagagg aggggtccag gctccacgct caaactgagc tgtgttgaga     50280
     ctcactgctc cctgtctccc tttcccctga gcatccactg gataggacca cctctttcca     50340
     cgccagtatt cctcgttcag attgctatta taccatctct aaagcatcat ggaaatgtct     50400
     cctgccctta tctattagac tctgtctttc tgtcttactc atcttcagat tctaactgcc     50460
     tgagaatgta caaatagaca agttagtaag tctcagtctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     50520
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc ggtgctgagt tggacatggg     50580
     agcttatgta tccagatggg tactctaaca ctgagctgct tctcagtcca gtatatttta     50640
     ctaacttaga ggcttaaatc caacccctct ggaggtgaag ggatggttac ttcttttgag     50700
     aatggcatgg catttatgct gtttcctcct tcctcctttg ggatggacac ctatacactc     50760
     aagccaaaag tttcaggaca atcttgtatg gttagctgca gtgtcaactc agagatgagt     50820
     atgacctgca agttctttct gagtcatact ctctaagtac tttcacgtat tttctgtcta     50880
     attgtgattg cctacagaga cacctgtgtc cccaaacatt atgtaaccat ctcctttgtc     50940
     actcacctcc tgtaggaacc tgtctgcaca gagatcaact atcagcacct atgaaataaa     51000
     ggaggcaggc aggttaaacc agagacgctc acagatagac caggcgctgc cagatcagga     51060
     tgggcctttt gattctttca ggccatggga atagtttcaa acaaaattaa cttaacattg     51120
     cagccaattt aaaagttaat ccatcaaaac aactaatgaa ttttaaaaag aaaaagatgt     51180
     gcacaataca tattacaggg atttacggag tcggtgtggt gaaatgggga agaacggcct     51240
     tttcagctag cgatactgaa gaggtgggtc gctccagaga tgggaaatcc ccaagtcatc     51300
     gctacaccac actatttaca aacgaatgaa gcacaaggtg gagttagaga caaaatctca     51360
     caagcaaact aatagggaga taacagagga gggaatcttc ctcttcacta agttaatgtg     51420
     aaatttaagc tgctcatgaa aacatcagtc ataaatgaaa agactggcat cttaaccaca     51480
     tcaaaatgaa ctccccttca ttcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt cattctggtt gggtatagtg     51540
     gtgcaagata aaacagccgc agtctggact ccatgacagg atgccttcca agttccagcc     51600
     cagcctggat atagtgaggt cctgaagata tcatgccctt caccccaaaa tccaacaaaa     51660
     catacacccc agaaaacaaa ctcagatcat tgttttggaa aacaaaatct caggggtggc     51720
     actgtagccc agtcagcaga gtgcttgcct tgcacgcaga gcccggagtg tgatccttcc     51780
     cactgaatac accagggtgc ttcctaacgc ctgcaccctc agaactagga cagagtcaca     51840
     taatcagaga ctggagctca tgctacagag tgagtgtgag gtcagcccga gcttcctgag     51900
     accctctcca aaataaaata aaataaacaa accaagaggc tgatttctag aatataagaa     51960
     aactgggttg agctgaagct caactatgag gcctgggttt catccccaga accatcaaac     52020
     aaaataaaca ataaaaacaa ggacatctta gaaatcatag aggataaata atccagggga     52080
     tagaaactaa tttataatag aggatatcca atggtcaata tctaggaata ccaatgagac     52140
     tacagtgagc acacagctcc acggtcacca gccgggggag gccaaactat acaagctgaa     52200
     ggaaaaaatt ctatttaatt tactcaaatt aaagacgtga tacactcccc ttctatacca     52260
     agcttcaaag ccaagaatgc tagatattta aaatgttact agcatctctc tctctctctc     52320
     tctctctctc tcccccccct tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tatgtgtatg tgatacacaa     52380
     agccctggca tgccatggtg tacagaggac aacttgcaga agtccgtttt ctccttccac     52440
     ctttggctgg aactcaggtt gtcaggtctt agtgtaagca catttacctg ctgagccacc     52500
     acacatattt ggagatacaa ttataaagaa atacaaacag atttgtcgaa atttgatctg     52560
     ttgtgatgta ttgtaatgct caatactggc ctctggggtc tggttgcccc tagggataag     52620
     gaaattctca cacacaccaa gtgatactat gtaacctggc tccttaattt aaaactactg     52680
     gttgaataga gatgcctaca gcctacagtt ggacagaaag gtaggaagag cttcagttac     52740
     caggcttggg gagggaagag agaggaggcc atggggtggg tggatcgtga gaacatggcc     52800
     atgagggcgg gccagttgaa gtaggagtgg cccaggcaga ccaaggcaag tgttatctct     52860
     gggttactga cagggaagta aataaaatag catagagagt tgatatctgc ccagctctaa     52920
     tgctgtaagg cttataaata taaaggtttt gtgtctttta tttgggaagt aaatgatcta     52980
     aggtggagta gaatccctgg attaaatatt taccccaaca caggtgagta ctacaagata     53040
     caatacagtg gattcctttt ctggggcatg gggaagggac cacgagatta ggagacttga     53100
     atcttttgct gttatgtccc attacaatcc catgctgagt cacttaagta ctcactttgt     53160
     aataatactt cactgagatg cactctgttt aaggcactta tctacacatc tgctatattt     53220
     gaagcaactt ttttttttag taaatccaga gaaattttgt gttggtttta aaaaagaaaa     53280
     caaggcaaga tcagtctggg tggcctgcac tctacccctg ttgcccacat taaagtgaaa     53340
     gagaaaactg acccaccaaa ttgtcccctg acctccatgt gtgccacggt actctattca     53400
     catcacagac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     53460
     acacaaattg caactgctac tttttgaaac agggtttctc tgtatagtcc tggctgtcct     53520
     ggaacttgct ctgtaaccag gctggctttg aactcagaga tccactcaga gatccacctg     53580
     cctctgcctt ctgagtgctg ggactaaagg catcaatacc cagcttagaa aaaaccagca     53640
     gaagccagag accttaaaac agaccaatga ctcactacag tgaacatttg caagtgaaga     53700
     tgtgtggaca aagggtatac tgtaggacac accgtcacac actaccagct cccaggataa     53760
     gactttttaa aattctattt tattttattt tattttattt tgttaggggg aggttgcaag     53820
     ggcagataca aagggatagg aatatgactg ggattggatt gtatggtatg aaattcacaa     53880
     agaatacaaa aattttttaa aaaaaacttt tttataaaca gatgagtcca ttctcactac     53940
     tgcaaggagt gttagatgca aatgtaccat ggaattgttt tcgttataat aaataagttg     54000
     taaattatta tattcttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ggtttttcga gacagggatt     54060
     ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca     54120
     gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tggaattaaa ggcatgggcc accatgttca     54180
     gctaattatt atattcttaa aatgttctga tttatttatt ttatttctaa gtatgagtgc     54240
     tatgctcaca tgtgtgactg tgtgccatgt gcatctggaa ttggagttat agatggttgt     54300
     gaattgccat gtaggtgctg ggaattgaat cttagtcctt tgcaagaata agaggtctta     54360
     acagggggct ggagagatgg ctcagcaatt aagagcacac taactgctct tccagaggtc     54420
     ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatgatg gctcacaacc ataagtaatg gggtctggtg     54480
     ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agagagcaat ggtagtatac tcatggataa aataaaataa     54540
     ataaatcttt aataacaaca acaacaacaa caaaaaagag gtcttaactg atgagccatt     54600
     tctgaagctg ataaaattac tagattaata acaattctac ccctcttaaa agatcatttg     54660
     attccgttgc caatactcta gtgttcccca taggcacaat ttactccatc ttacctcctc     54720
     aatcggaagg tcctggaggt ggggtaagga acaagacaag atcccgataa agaacggagt     54780
     aggtgagcac actatgtcaa tcatggacac tggcagcact gggatgtagg tgtgctgcca     54840
     ggtgaacgga tacagtgtag ctaccacagc atggccgcat tttgaaaggg tgctagacag     54900
     gagaaagcac atgatgtcac aggtaaagca acacacagaa tgagtttcag atattacatc     54960
     aaagaactac acagtgaccg cactggcctt cacagatcag caattctgtg aatacgtagt     55020
     cattttaaca gtcatctcag tctggttcac tataatttat tatgctaaaa aaaagatgtg     55080
     tgcatgaaaa acaatactgg tacttttaaa agatttgggg ggcaacccca ggctgtcctt     55140
     gaactcctag gctcaatgat tcttgtgcct caggcctcct gggtagatga taacacagta     55200
     tgaaacaaaa gctagaaatg cctttggttt tctgttttgt tggttggttt ttttgtttgt     55260
     tttgatatag agcttcactg tgtaggtttg gctggtctca aactcaagat ctgactactc     55320
     ctgctaccta agtgttcaag gtgttaaagg tgttaccacc atacccagct atctttgtga     55380
     ttttgtacag aagcctttca atttctttct tctccttttg ggtcttggaa accgaatctg     55440
     ggttctttgc aagaacaagt actgcaatta gtgagtcagg tctctagccc taggtctaga     55500
     tattttaaat atatttgcat tgtataaaaa ataaaataaa agcaagccaa acaccagcat     55560
     gaaaaacatt ccacttattt cttaccttaa gctgttagca acaaagatta ccctccgctc     55620
     gagaaggaga gaggcacaga cccggatgag atgacgcaca ctcaagcatt tgaaaaggca     55680
     ttcaaagtcc acatgttcca ggcgtgaatc gagtggtcgg cagagttcaa ttgactgaaa     55740
     gacaagggaa atccaagagc tgatgctgga ccttaccctc aaacggcagc attaaccgac     55800
     catcttgctc tttctctagt ctgaaaacgt ctgttacttt gggccaggta gggtagggtg     55860
     gcgcacttct aattcattaa atcctagtac tcaagaggca caggcaggtg gatctctgag     55920
     atcgagtcca gcctggacta cagagagttc taggacagct agggcaacaa gtgataccgt     55980
     gtggtgatca gggggaggtg tggcacaaag ggtttatgaa gctgctgtta agttctggta     56040
     aaaataattt catttgataa atacatatat atatacgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     56100
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgagattta tcatgttgag actgccacta gagagggacc     56160
     caatctatgt aaggtaggaa acctggggcc gaggatcaac taactacctc acatattcac     56220
     tcagtgtttc taggaagtaa cacccattcc cttgcaaggt aaaaacaatt cctccatgaa     56280
     caagctcctg gcaactgtac cagtcgctgc aaggctggct ttgaagtggc tacttcaggg     56340
     gatgaattta cttacctcat ctccagcccc agggaggtag ctcttaactg tgatggtgcg     56400
     gccaggagct gggaaagggg cttccatgac acttcgcatg aatgggtaca caagggctgg     56460
     agacatctct ctcctcttct ctacttcatc caggatctgc atatgtgcat gcacacagac     56520
     caacaaacac accccacagt ttattaaggc ctcagaccag aaacaaagaa atcctcctat     56580
     agataaatta cagcagtaga gtcaaaacag acagacagac aggctctgcg actctgaaag     56640
     ctcaaggata catatcctga ggacacccca aaattatgta agtcaactta tttagaaact     56700
     attttttctt ttaaaaaaaa taattttatt acacttattg attgtgggtg tatatgtgtg     56760
     tgtgcgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta ggtatggcat gccatagctt aagtgtggaa     56820
     gccagaagat aacttgtagg agttagctgt tcccttttca ctgtgtaggt cctgggattg     56880
     gactcaggtt tttgggcttg gtagcaagtg cctttaccgg gtagccatct cagcagcttc     56940
     tagagaccat ttttatttca ctaacaggca aagaataaca gtgacaatga tatcctgtaa     57000
     actgggtcta gagaaaagca aggtaagata tacttcagga tatgattttt agaactatga     57060
     gtttggggga ctggagagtt ggctccgtgg ttaagagcac ttgttactcc tgtgaacctg     57120
     ggtcagttcc caacactcac atggtagctc acaaccagct aaactccact ctcaggggat     57180
     ctgatacctt ctggccccat gggcaccatg tatacatgtt gtatacagac atgcgtgcaa     57240
     tcaaaacacc aggcgcacaa aataaacata aatctttaga agaaaaaacc caagctggtg     57300
     accgagtgca cacctttaat gccagccctc acagaagcag aaggaactct gtgagtgtga     57360
     agccagcctg gtctacaaag caaggtctgg gatagctggg aaaccctttt acacagtgaa     57420
     accctgtctt gaaaggtgga ggaagaaaga aagaatgaaa gagagaggga gagagggaga     57480
     gagagagaga ggaagagaga gaaagagagg gagagagagg gagagagaga gggagaggga     57540
     gggggagggg gagagggaga gggggagaga gcaccagacc caggcatttt tgcaaactaa     57600
     aaccattatg gaggaatctg gtcagtttaa gccttcaagc ctatgggtta ttattcttgc     57660
     actgttaact gtgttaggag agggacacac atgtcacagc acacatgtag ggagaggaca     57720
     ggttgcttct ttccctccag catgtgggtt ccaggagtca agctcaggcc atcagccttg     57780
     atgcagagtt cctttacctg ctgagccatc gtgagagtct gagcctgtgg ctcttcaccc     57840
     atcagagggt acttttcaag tagtacatta aagtctgtgc cactcagtac tctccagtga     57900
     agccggcagc aataaaacgg cctcagacct agagggccat cactctccca cagatactcg     57960
     cttcactcac ctttgagaaa agattgaagc agcccaagcg actaaccatg cagtacacct     58020
     cagggagccg ctttcccctg ccttctggct gcaaacacac aaaacaagca gagcaagggt     58080
     tcactaattt taactgttaa tatttattta atagacccct cctctggtgg ctgacacttg     58140
     ccccagacac tgaagtcgac agactatgag tgtgcatagg cttcttttcc tattgtcagt     58200
     gcaggagctg aacctgtcgt cctgagtgac agtaaagggt ggggagtact caggaggaaa     58260
     gcatgactcc cccaggctta gtgaccaagc aaaagacaag acctaagata gaggacgagg     58320
     aacctggctt ctcccgccac ctctctggac agtattcttc aaacattcaa tctctaggtt     58380
     actttctcta ctgcaaagga acaagccagt gaaaccctca gcctttctat tctggatcat     58440
     tctatggctg accttcacct tgctcttact atgtaaagct accataattt cttttttaaa     58500
     aactttactt ttgtttgatg tgtacaggtg ttttgtctgc atgtatgttc ctgtgtgtgc     58560
     agtgcctgtg acatgccaga agagggcacc agatcccctg ggactggagt tctatattca     58620
     taactgagcc acccttccca tggctgctgg gagtggaagc tgggccctct ggaagaccaa     58680
     ccaccaagcc atgtctagcc ctaatggagc ttcttggttg tgcaaataat taaggaaccc     58740
     ttaaagtcat gtagggacag ttcttctcaa gttgctagct ggtctttctt gttccttaac     58800
     caactttgtg gcaccaatct ggaactcacc aaaagcttct tacagtagcc aaaccaccgg     58860
     cttccatctt ctccagtcag cacgaaggag aaggtttcac tgaaaacaaa atgaaacaca     58920
     gctgcttaag gcattcactg aacaagtaaa aggagacatt tgtgatctag gaggcaacag     58980
     aaatagccat tgatctcaag tcatattcac ctgcagaggg cccggccttg tcctggtaag     59040
     tgagtgagta tggcacaagc tgttggtatt gctctccccc ttttcttatt tacgctcatt     59100
     agctactaat caatcctgtt tcccttttgt tgaacatgta atttagccaa acatacaggt     59160
     aagcaagctg taaagggtct tgataatgtc attttctccc ttgcaaattc ttcggtttgg     59220
     ttctgaggcc atatggaaca gtgatagaaa agaccatatc ctgggctggg aagatggctc     59280
     attggataaa gtgcttggca cactagtaag acctggatac agacctgcag gtctatacca     59340
     agctgcatgc aacaacatct gtaatcttag ctccctacag tgagatggga ggcagacaag     59400
     agaatcgcca aaagggggat taaggccagc tagcttgaca taaacagtgg agacaagaaa     59460
     ccctgtctca aacaagacag aggcaaaaac tgacacaatg ttgtcctttg tcctccacac     59520
     aggagcatgc atgtcaaccc tctgtgtaca tgtgagtaca gagcagaggc atggaatcct     59580
     cctgaacctg gtagtacaga cagctctgag gcactggacc aaaggtcctg ggacccacac     59640
     gcaggtcctc tgcagaagta cttgttctta actactgggc cattcccccg tcccacaaaa     59700
     tcctttaatg cttcagttac ccacatctat taggctgagg tctccctctg tacaagaccc     59760
     acaaagaaac accctacaca ggaacacaga atctgggctg tggctttttc tgacaactta     59820
     aaggagaaat acgacaacta caattgttct gcttcactgt ttctaggttt aacccagtta     59880
     ttttgggcca ttatctaact gaaggtgatg tggacccatt ttgaaggatt ggtaaactaa     59940
     gggtattcgc aaatttgctt ctccttacac tgaaatcaat gcttttcttt cctgagctct     60000
     aattcctccc cagccccaat gaagcttgct ctgcagtggt cactcatgtg gctccctgct     60060
     cctgactcta cccgtttgtc agagatggac tctgtacaca gttccagcaa acggccatca     60120
     ggagctgact tacctcttga gttctaaggt tggtgcgctg tcctctgaat caggaaaaca     60180
     aaacctgggg atgactttga gcctttcctc agtgtctttg gactgcttgt agccatggtc     60240
     accctgagag agagcagcac agaacatcaa cctatgaaaa cggagagcag aagctaacaa     60300
     gcctcagcct ggtcctggcg cagcccgaga gagtttctct cagggacact tgcgctgctt     60360
     tacaatacag aggactgaca gcaccctaag aataaagaac cccacgagca gactgagcca     60420
     gcgaagaccc cataacccag ggtaaggcag agagtgctga agtttctcat ccagaagagc     60480
     agctggactc agttctcagc ctggtgggag gccggtgttt tatgaatcat ggaatttaag     60540
     ataaataaaa atcccttcta ttatacagca aaaacctagc cagctgaaat cattatctga     60600
     ttaataatca gagatgttta gaaaaggcag ataaatgtta tttagaggta ctatttttaa     60660
     atgttgccct gtatataatc attcccttag ctttgctacc taattatagg gttgtgactt     60720
     cctgtaaatt ttcagcacag aagactctta caaaagtgtg gtatgagtct gatctggtgc     60780
     tgtccaccta tagcccaggt tttcggaggt ggaagcagga gaattaggaa ttcagggcta     60840
     accttggcta cagagaaagc tcaacgtgag cctgggatgc acaagaccct gtttcaaaac     60900
     aacaaaaaag tgatactgta cttcaaaagg cagtctaaat tcagttaaat gaaaggacat     60960
     gaaaagaaat gagtagaact atctataaaa agcagcacag aaatctcatt gggatacagc     61020
     ttttaagaga ataaatcaaa gttttgaatt ctttttaaaa aaatgcacat attctctgcc     61080
     atggagttct gctctgaaag ctcagctccc agagcccctg cctagcaagc gagtgggctc     61140
     aagcccagca ccacacgtga aaaaagcacc taacacattt tgttagtggt gacacggtat     61200
     gttcacagtc atcacaggtg ttccacaaac aatccagaca gggctccacg gggctctctc     61260
     catccctcca actgacagca cccggggcac aaaaacagca agcaatctac ctgggggcat     61320
     ttgttttatt tttaattctg tgtatgcctg tgtggctgtg catatgagtg cagttgtctg     61380
     cggaggccag agaagagcat tggattcttg ggtggtggag gaccagtggt tgtgagccac     61440
     ctgacatggg tgctgggaac tgaaccctgg tcctctgcaa acacagcagt tgcttttaac     61500
     cattgtgcca cacttccagt cccactgaag gcactcttga cacatctgac cacgtaagta     61560
     tacgctcctc tggtacaaca tctattaatt caggctcagc tttgctataa aattaattaa     61620
     agcttgggaa ggggaatgtg aaggtcttcc taagctggac atggtggcac atggtggcac     61680
     atacctgtaa tcctaacact ggggaggctg aagcagaggg tcatgaggtc agggctgacc     61740
     tgagttacac agggagttga agtctaacct agattacagt gtaaaaatgt ttaaaaggga     61800
     aaaaagttct ctccaggcag gaaatgtgat tactcaaagg atatttcttt agattacaat     61860
     agtgttatct gactgcgaat tgctgagaca tgcactcctg tgtaaactga agaactttat     61920
     gagcactctg acttgtagag ttattcacta tggggatgtt gctaaggtcc ccttctctcc     61980
     tggttcttct tagaaacaca gtctttccat gtagcccagg ctggcctcaa acttttgatg     62040
     ttcctgcctc tgcctcctaa gtgccaggat tacaggcgtg tcaccatacc tggccgtgtt     62100
     aaggccattt gcaggaaatg tcttttagat ccccagtaca gttgtacttc gtcatctctg     62160
     gtgaaacacg caattcaggg ttagagagtc cagccctaca gtgaccaagc agtcatccaa     62220
     ataagaggta tcattgacca ttgaggctca tgtctaaaaa tcccagtata tgggaagttg     62280
     aggcacaaag tcagtctaag ctacatacta agttctagga cagactgggc tatacaacag     62340
     agctttgtct caaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaacc ctaagaagtg ctttggtgca     62400
     agtaacaaac ggagagtgga gcaggtgagc gagtgctctt aagggtccct ctgctgaacg     62460
     cacagttcac agagacggtc ctctgtgcaa tgagtgacaa aaattaaata tcaaataaaa     62520
     cataacttca gggaccagtg agctggctca gcaggtgcgg atgtttactg ccaagcctgg     62580
     tgaggcaagg cttatcccta gaaaccttat gacagaagga gactagctct catctcaaaa     62640
     acacgtggac aataaaaagt actcccaaac taaaccaaca aaacagacta aaaaagaata     62700
     ccaaaagtaa aagattaaaa caaaaccttt ggccgggcgt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatt     62760
     ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag     62820
     agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtcttgaaaa cctaaaatca     62880
     aaacaaatca aaaccaacca accaaccaaa aaaaaaaaat caaaaacaaa aacaaacaaa     62940
     caaaaaaaaa cccttttcct ttcatgtgtg gtctgggaac tgctataagt tttatttagg     63000
     gtcacagtgc ccagagccca ggagggtcaa gcacagaccc gcggacagtc agtgctgtaa     63060
     taactgacta aacggacaaa tgcctttgtg agacaggcag agcagaccaa agaagagtgt     63120
     taacaacagc caggctggcg tgggggttcc cagcacttgg atgctgaagc aggaggattg     63180
     cccattcaag gagaacctgg gtaagatcct gtctcagtgt tggtacaagc tggcagagac     63240
     atcagtaact aagaggaaat gaacaaggag tacacaggag cctgtggctg ccgcttggcc     63300
     accttgcacc taccttgcta gggaactgct gtatgacctg gggagtgtac cctgccggct     63360
     tcttctgcag agaaaccacc acgaagagtt caaagagctg ctgctcctgt agctcaatga     63420
     ggtcgcgctc caaggtctgg tagtgggggt tcctcttgga ggacggctgc agctgtgcca     63480
     agcgcttgtg gcgatctgta acgaggccac agcgtcaggt tcccttgtac cctgatccta     63540
     tctagcccca aaagccatgg ctctcaaagg gagaatcatt tgtggtcatt tgtcagatga     63600
     gcagataagt gtcttctcca cagatatctc tgtttgggct atgacatggg agaagacatg     63660
     agcaacagtc ctagtcctag tccacctcta ggaagcactg ggactcacat ccatgtccta     63720
     actggtgtat cggacatctg tagtgcactc tctatgtatg tattatatat atccctcacc     63780
     aggacatgtg taaaacatct aggaaaaaat actagactga ccatagaggc cctttctggt     63840
     gatgttgtga aagcacgaag gagggaagga tccaatggaa gaacagggtt gggctggaga     63900
     gatggctcag tggttaagag tactgactgc tcttctggag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag     63960
     caaccacatg gtgactcact actatctgta atgagattgg atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc     64020
     tgaaaacagt gtacttacat ataataaata agtaaatctt aaaaaacaaa acaaaaacaa     64080
     aaacagggtc ctacacagag actaagaaca ggcagggcaa accaaaacca aagtaacctt     64140
     tcaataaaga gccatccttt ccctttcttc cttggcacac atcactaata agaggtgtgg     64200
     cttttaccaa tgacagttct tcaagaaaga cacacaacag ctggagagat gactcagtgg     64260
     tgaagagcat atactgttct tccagaaggc ctgagtttgg ttcccagccc catgtcaggt     64320
     gctccagggg gacctgtcac ctctggccac ctgtactcgc atgcacttat gcccactttg     64380
     atagaaaaca aatctcaaat aatttttaaa aactaagcat atagacctct ggaatagcaa     64440
     taaagccaga agctgaaact tcctagttct ttttatttat ttttttttaa gatttattta     64500
     ttttgtgtga gtacactgta gctattttca gacagaccag aagagggcat caaatcgaat     64560
     tatagatggt tgtgagccac cttgtggttg ctgaaatttg aactcaggac ctttagaaga     64620
     gcagtcagtg ctcttatgct ctaagccatc tcgccagccc agataatgac ttttgaatag     64680
     aacatggata gctcaaaagt aagagcaaga acggctaaag ggaccgaagg acattagaaa     64740
     gcttatggaa aagtggagag aggtaggaag aggaaggaac ctccgccgta cacccatctg     64800
     acaggagagc gattcctaga acacaggaga acagaacgga caacagctca atcagcaagc     64860
     aggcgacaga ccgaacagac actgtcaagc caagaactct gcatggcaaa agtatgtgaa     64920
     agaatgttca gcatcagaag aatgaatagc catcacaacc acgccgacgt tgttaccccc     64980
     tcgccaggta cgatggcttt cagccacacc gagactgtta cccccctcgc caggtacaat     65040
     ggcttttgcc actaaatatg ttacgttgtg gatcaaatat taagaactct ttaaacatac     65100
     aaccaggaat ggttccctag aaaccaccca gtttactgga tgttctagga aaaagtgtgc     65160
     tgaccctcca aagggctgag ttcaagtcaa gacacatcgg tttctgcttc tcattagcaa     65220
     ctgcaataaa ttagtcatcc ttccacatca atgctgaagc ccatgacgat gctcctagtt     65280
     tcatctttag tcaggctaca aaatctaaca cctggagcag attaggccat cggggagcac     65340
     aaggctgtta ctcatgagat cagggtgtca gagctggccc ggctttgata ccttgtgact     65400
     gctctttgtg gtgctgtgcg tcagccaatt aaacaagaaa caaaacgaaa cctgctatga     65460
     caatttgtct catgaagatg cagagcacat taagggcttg tacaaacaag agccagaaat     65520
     gcgaagattc tgtacctaac aggagcccta tagcctggaa cagaagtagc gctatgtaaa     65580
     tatctatctc atttcttaac gacagatgga aaatgcactt aataattgcg cctgagttac     65640
     tagagagaaa tcagccatgt caggctaagt gcttgccaat gcggatcatt cacacactct     65700
     tctggcatgt gcacacgccc ggacatgtgg tgccggcctg cgccctccag aactcgtcct     65760
     cagaaccatc ctggtttacc tcactctact aggggagatt tgtcatgttg tcaaacagct     65820
     gaatgtactg tttagctccg caaatctcaa cagggtctga gaatgaagca atggcctaca     65880
     ccgtgaactc ccatggggaa aaccactctt aaatcacaaa ggcaggcgct gctccacccg     65940
     cccaggatca cgaagggagc agcttgctga ctcactcact ctttggcagg tactcggcat     66000
     cgctctcgtt cccactggtt tcacctggaa aaagggaaga gaggagagct tccgttggta     66060
     ttgtctccta gtgggaagca ggaggatgag aacaatggga aactgccaca gtcagccccc     66120
     ccaaccccca agagggatgg aggtggagtt agcaaaggtc aaattagcag agcagttgaa     66180
     aaagaacagc tctgcgggat ctgaaacaca gcactgaatc ctacattcaa gatgaagttt     66240
     ccatttttgc tctaagtgtg agtgtgtgag attatttata aattaaccat agtaagatat     66300
     tagtaactta ggtcaaaata cagcagttat aacacaaccc aaatgagagt tctgtgaccg     66360
     cgactctctc ttcccatact ttgacagtgt actggggtga tttgggacca acaggtatgt     66420
     cttgacatga agtgagggaa tggagcaggc tctgtatgat gcagtaagct gcgaccaaag     66480
     ggaggcctga acagaagcac tgtgacccag ggaagctgcc tgcctggcta ctgacaggtg     66540
     ggcgccacac aggagagcta cacagagacc tggttcacag cctgggaagg agagggcaga     66600
     tgacaactcc accacctgcc accacagtga caccccaccc ccccacacac acctcaagct     66660
     tgtcaactct gaagacaggg gctacactct tcacaaggga gtgttggggt gtgtgtgtgt     66720
     gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtacaa accattaaac ataggggctt tgtaccctgg ctaccaatga     66780
     agtattctat accataattc taaagatata atttgccaaa agataacaaa taaaaaatat     66840
     ttttaaaaat ggcaagggac tgaaggactc aggaagagca ctgcccttct gtagagtgtg     66900
     tgtagacaga ccctctaatg ggattttaaa taagtcaatt aaacacttca ctgggtacaa     66960
     aggttcacgc ccttgacccc agcacctggg atcaaccagg tcaaccaggt ctacacagag     67020
     ttccaggcca ggcaaggagc tcttccttat gtatagtgag gctcattctc aaaaaaagac     67080
     aaaggctggt gagctaaatc ccaggaccat gtggatcact gtttgctctc aattgtcctc     67140
     taacgtccaa atccacacca caccaccaat gcaccaccac ccacaaccca atgagtaaat     67200
     aagatataat tcagtctttt tagaaaattc tagaataaat ctaaaaaaat taaatcaaac     67260
     tagaaactgc aaaagaaaag aaaaatcttt aaatgtatca agaaaatcag agcctaatat     67320
     ttgtaaattt aaaacacgta taaatttgat tatatagcat tttgaaattc agtcaggcct     67380
     ggtggccaca cctgaaacct aggccatgag aggctgacat ggaggatcag gggtttaatg     67440
     ccagcttcac gtatacagag tgggttttaa gataacctgg cctacatgac ctgcttcaaa     67500
     agcaagagag aaaaaaatga aattttctat ctaattaaaa aaagagttta gggctggtga     67560
     gatggctcag caggtaagag cactgactgc tcttccgaag gtcatgagtt caaatcccag     67620
     caaccacgtg gtggctcaca accatccata atgagatctg atgccctctt ctcatgtgtc     67680
     tgaagacaac tacagtgtac ttatgtataa taataaataa atctttttta aaaaaaagac     67740
     atgtgccact accacctggc ttccattttt aaaaaaaaga gtttagttgt aaattaaaaa     67800
     gatgaaaaat aaattgggaa aagaagtctg tttactgaag aaaccaaaaa ttttttgtgc     67860
     ttttaaagac aagttctcat tctataatag cccaagctaa catggaactt cattatatag     67920
     cacagcctgg actcaaactt ggggtattcc tcctgcctca gccttccaaa tgctgggatt     67980
     gcagacacgg gccaccatgc tcagcagctt aaagctaaat tcctttcttc ttctggtttt     68040
     ttgagccaag gtatcttcgt tcactatgta gaccattctg gcctcaaact cacagagatc     68100
     tgcctgcctc tgccttccaa gtgctgggat taaaagcttg ccaccctgtc tggctcaaaa     68160
     ctaagtttcc taatattcaa atagctacta caaatcagat gagagaaggg cacgtggtct     68220
     aggaaaatag ctcaattcat caagttctta cagcacaaac atgaggggga cctgggtctc     68280
     ctccccagaa tccatatcaa aagccagcta ccatggcatg tgtttataat cccactaaag     68340
     ggactcacca gccagacagc acagcttact cagtgagtgc taggacagtc agaaactgtc     68400
     tcggaaaaca aggtaggctg gaccagctaa gactggtctc tgaactccac acatatgtgc     68460
     actaatgttc acacacacac cacaaacatg tacatgtgta catacacaca cataagaaaa     68520
     agatcacatg ccagaaaaag tggtaaatgg ctatgaatag gcaattcaca aaagagattt     68580
     ataaattatt gataaatgtg aaaactttta aaataaataa gttaaagcaa aaaataagat     68640
     aattaataca ttttaacctt aacaaaaatt gtttcattaa tcaacttgat gaaaactatg     68700
     gaaaagtata ttcatgtttt ttgtagaaac aggctactac cagccatttg tgggacaaca     68760
     gctataaaaa tgttttattt tagtttttta agacagagtc tctgtagctc aggctgtcct     68820
     ggaactcact aggtaactca gggtggccct gagtttgcat aatcctcctg cctcagctgc     68880
     tagaatagtt ttaagtccaa atagtctttg gtcaagtgag cctactacaa ggaacttagt     68940
     ttacaaatac aacacactaa ggaagcacaa aaatgaacac tgcaatatta tttgtgtgtg     69000
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcgcg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgac     69060
     tgtgtgtgag tctgtgtgtg agtgtgtgtg tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     69120
     tgtgtgagtg tgtgtgtatt tacagacagt ttatctccat aggttaagta tgttagaaac     69180
     atccaaaatg tccaccactt agatttttaa agatggaggt gctgggggca gaatgagcag     69240
     ctcggccagc cacagtgacc tccatttcta caccgtgaag tgaagtagaa ctctctgtgc     69300
     tgatactgaa agggttttga ggatgaacta agtcttttaa aaagaaaaac acagaataag     69360
     tctgaataat gtaaaatgac ttaaacagaa aaagtcatca ggggctaaag gatggcgagg     69420
     tggttatgag tgcttcctgc tctttaaaga acctgagttt ggttccaagc acccacgtca     69480
     ggtgactgac gaccacctgc acctccagct ccacagcgct tacaccactt cagtctcttt     69540
     gggaacccga aacatatatg ccacacatat aggcacatag ctaaaaataa agtcggcttt     69600
     gttgacttga gacagggtct cactatgtag ccctgactgt cctggaactc attaagtaga     69660
     ccaggctggc ttcaaattca cagagatcta cctgcctctg cctgggatta aaggcgtacc     69720
     ttaccatgtc cagcttaaaa ataaaatctt tacaaaaaag tattatcctt agaatcaagt     69780
     attcttgtga gcttgtgaag tttatagaaa gaaagccaaa gggaagaaag cgcaactcaa     69840
     gtgccagagg tcttgtcaaa ggtcgcttaa agacttgctg acttgcagcc atcagagtgt     69900
     gcgttacagg gccagagaac gaggcaccga gaacctgcag gggtaggaaa agccctgggc     69960
     tgtctctctt ttgatttcaa cacatgcaat tataacagag ttgaagaaag gcagtgtcgt     70020
     tttgtaaccg agactggaag ttaagaaatg tccaggttgg aggtgagcgc acggcttaag     70080
     tgcagagtgg gcacacacaa ttctccaggt ccatcaggca gtgctgacgt acagacagaa     70140
     gcatgagaaa tgagagccag agcagtgtgc tctgctgaca gtcaggagcg cctcacacag     70200
     aagctggggg aatgaatgct aactttctcc aggttccatg gaggtctagg gactgtcagt     70260
     ctgtttggtt tgggtgctag aagttagcaa ttcaagctac tgaagaaatt tttttccaat     70320
     gatataattt ttttaaaaag ccaaatctga ttcctcagga ccttgtcttc agtaggtatg     70380
     gtgtacctga agtcctagag gccacacgca ttggttgttc aagcctcagt ttaaggacag     70440
     cgtggtcaac acagagctac atctcaacac acgaaattta tctgaagagt caaattttac     70500
     taaaatctca taagcataaa aagataatct actcagaatg ctgtatgcaa aagaagttac     70560
     caagtttaga ctgttattag tttgaatggc agtcattcag ttgggtactg catgtctgct     70620
     gaccatgctg gtgtatggct gcactgcagc acctgagacc ccgaggcaga aagaaggact     70680
     tcaagctcca gcctgggcta cagatcatga tccaatctca aaagaggaac aaacaagaga     70740
     tcaaagtgga atgacaaaat cattactcta agaaatgtag cctcattgct tataactgtt     70800
     ttacttatcc actcgcataa tgttcttact ttgaggtcag taagaaggaa ttgaaaatgg     70860
     cccgggaagc acttggtttg aatgcgatga ctgttgctgg aagcctcaag cagaaggctc     70920
     atcccaagct cagggccagc ctgcgataca tggctcaggg ccagcctgcg atacatggct     70980
     cagggccagc ctgcgataca tggggagtgc tgggccaact agaactctgt ctgatcaaac     71040
     gctgagtcat gtaacaatgc tcccttcatg tgctgttagg gtttcaatcc aagatgtccc     71100
     cagaggctcg tgatctgaat gcttgttctg cagctgctgg caaggttctg gagagcttta     71160
     gcaggagggg cctaacggac agccacaggc tataacccca cccctggtgt cccccggttt     71220
     cctagcctgc acaagctccc gccaccacga aaggactgaa accatgagcc taaacaaatc     71280
     ttcccatcgc taattgttcc tagaggatac gctggtccca gcagtaggag gctaacactg     71340
     acactgacgg ctacaaactg aaagcacaga ccatgcttac cttttgagga gggggcttcc     71400
     tttccagtgt aaggctgtaa ctttaccctc ttcttccctc tcttagattc aaatgtatca     71460
     tttattttca aaacaagctg ttaaaaaaaa aggcaagaaa agtacaagtt aaagtcacca     71520
     ccaccaaggc actgtggcat ctgcatgaca catctgcact aacacattaa gttctccaag     71580
     agtcactgag taataaaaac ctgcacgttg ctggccagtg gtggtgcacg cctttaatcc     71640
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagg cagagaggca gagaggcaga gaggcagaga ggcagaggca     71700
     gagaggcaga gaggcagaga ggcagagagg cagagaggca gagaggcaga gaggcagaga     71760
     ggcagagagg cagagaggca gagaggcaga gaggcagaga ggcagagagg cagagaggca     71820
     gagaggcaga gaggcagaga ggcagagagg cagagaggca gagaggcaga ggcagagagg     71880
     cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttagaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac     71940
     agccagagat acacaactaa actctatctc aaaaagccaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa     72000
     ataccttcac gtttttcaat tttggattac aatggtatca ttagatgatg tgtgttctca     72060
     tactaatgtc tacaacctag gaaagaaaat tgcagaggac ccccacccgc ccttctagat     72120
     gaacccagtg cagcttcttg gggagcgatt gtgtgtcact ccgtgccaca acctgcaggg     72180
     aatgcggcta ccgcactccc taccatgatt aagacggctc aagttttcac ttgctgagaa     72240
     caggaagggg aaccgtcacc cactgcaggg tggggcttgg ctatttctgc tctcacgagt     72300
     ttctcccaag aagagataat ctcactcatg gagcttttgt caaaaggagt gcactctgcc     72360
     agtgtgggga caaacgctgc aactaatttt agagctgtca taaaagtggg ggattcaaat     72420
     tactccacac acaactacat ttccacccgc tccactcatc aagctgcacc tcacgcaact     72480
     gcagccagat cattgatttt caacttgttt cattgctgtt tcttttaagt aagtgaaact     72540
     cagacttctt ccctaacgct ggggaagagg tatgtgtgta taagagagac atcagacact     72600
     cagagataca ggctgaggaa aaacagaaaa cggagaagag ctgtgacatt agcggacaaa     72660
     taaaactgag taacttctct gtgcctactt ttcttttttc ctaaagtttc aagcttaagt     72720
     attcatcttg agggaacaca ctgcccgaga gctgttaagc ccacctctgg acgagtcaac     72780
     agactgtcca tgtctgatcc tgcaggcaag ccagtcagtc cactatagcc taagcacaga     72840
     ccttcgccaa gtctgtggat gagtttgttc tcttacagga tttctgtagc tgccattcaa     72900
     gtaaaacact gccagtgttc ctcactctca agcaggagag agaatccaaa agagaaaggt     72960
     gctttatgga ctatagagaa gacttttggg agcaagcgag ttttaggtgc agaaactctc     73020
     atgatagcat aaatattaag tggatttgca aagtagaata aaaagtacgc ccacatatta     73080
     tgaaggaaac tattgttctg ggactatcag agcaagtcgc aacctagaat cccagttatg     73140
     ggccaggagt aggcacccat gcttacttgc agctgcagca aacactgcag aatgctctaa     73200
     gaaacaacag aagcagctgc tttacgtgac agccacaaac acgacagcat cagggaagcc     73260
     acgagcaatc gcacacaggc ttccagagca gagaaaggaa ggaagggtgt ggaccaggca     73320
     tatggattag atctgaaagc aacttccccg ccaggaacag ctggagcggt caaagaggac     73380
     ataaatgaaa actgcttttc ttacggaatg tttctgaaga tgttcaaaca acaaaatttg     73440
     tattgcatat gggacattct aaaagaactt aaaatacttt tataagattt tgttttcatt     73500
     atttttattt ttatttactt atttatttat ttatttttgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct     73560
     ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga     73620
     aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgtgccac caccgcccgg     73680
     ctcattattt ttaaatgtat gtatgctgtg gacatcctgc tttagcaggg cagggtggtg     73740
     catgccatca gtcctagcac tcaggaggcg gaggcagagg cggaggcaga ggcagctgga     73800
     tctgtgagtt tgaagccagc ttggtctaca gaacaagttc caggacaacc agggctacac     73860
     agagaagctg tttcaaaaga acaacaaaaa ccctcatctt caaagtgact tggagactag     73920
     cctgtgatac atgagaccta tctcattctc tttcttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt     73980
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttcctttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     74040
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctttctt tctttcttaa gaagagttga aagaggtgat     74100
     cctatcagct gttgttgtgg gtatcagact cacaccagcc tcagcaatgc atagaacagc     74160
     acccaccgga agaagcaccc acagcacctg gagtttcctc agggctctct tgtttgtctc     74220
     tttgtgacag ggaggactaa acccagggcc tcacccaagt gggacaacat gccggctctc     74280
     ttctgtctcc tttaacccac aatcctctga aacagttgct aatgccattt caaggtcaga     74340
     aatcttaagc agaatctctt aagagtctgc atcttgtttt acgaacacat gatccgctag     74400
     agtcccatgg agtctgtgtg tgccagaccc accttcctga ggagaaggct cctgcaggat     74460
     gcctgcccaa gagcaagagc agaaaacaga cagactaaat gactatgaaa cacagttacc     74520
     aaggaaccga tctgttcata gtcactaacc caagaaacag gttcgacttt tgtttatgtt     74580
     aaagtcaggt acaaaatgtg tgtgctaaat gaaaaaatga cctaattcac ctggcattat     74640
     ggaaggaaaa tcacttcaat catctgattg cattatgtat atatctgcta ttgtattgtg     74700
     ccaatcctga aaatatcttc atgtaacccc aaaaagtctc tcctaaaaga agatatagct     74760
     acgagtgatc tcattaaaat attctgcctt gtaacagttc cagtcaagac ggcagagggg     74820
     cacttactgc ctttcccctc ccttgaaggc aaggtcattt acttcatatg gtttttgata     74880
     gtctcgagaa ccaaacaaca gtctggtttc tttttttcca cctctgagta gacattgtaa     74940
     tcctaataaa agacacatac ttcatcatta ctgaaacctg taaagcccgg cacaaggctg     75000
     cccttgctct ggtacataaa ggaactggca tataaacact ctcctgttgt tagagagtct     75060
     ggagtttatg tgagatcggt agctgattcc aaccattgcc aagacaatag aggccttccc     75120
     aagtctgagt ccaacaggaa agttctaacc tattattcag ctcatcctaa tgcttattcg     75180
     actttattag aatctgaaga ctgagtgtgc tggtctcctc accggtggga gatttctctt     75240
     cttcttgtta gccacctctc cagctcggaa cagtttccat tccgttaggg tgacaggcaa     75300
     agtagtatcc tttgtgattt ttgatcgaaa atatgcttga gaattcttca gttccatagt     75360
     cttccgctga aagaactggg gtttgggagg aagctaaaac aggagacaca ctggtcaaga     75420
     tctctaggaa atgtctatgc ttccaaacaa agtcaacgct cccccagaaa ataaatgctt     75480
     atctttttcc tttaaattca tcccaaatgg ggattctgca actccttctc atcccagtaa     75540
     tgtagttgtt ttctaatcca aaattctacc ctgtgctatg atcaaattct caagggagaa     75600
     tagctcatca ctttgacctc ctccagctat tggtctgagt ttcagggagt gattgagtaa     75660
     ctgaggccca ggctaagcac tggtaactgc agaggactga aaagtgcctg gcctgtctgc     75720
     agccataggt tgtgacaata gtgtgactga tgggggaagc cattaaaaaa ataggtaaca     75780
     gtaaaaggtt tctgaacaaa caaaatgaat ttaaacccag gccactaaga gtctggggtg     75840
     gttttggcaa tgctcacctg tgctgcgtgg ggacttcacg gcagccttgg ctgggagcac     75900
     acagcacatg ccctttgcac tgtgcatgat gtcgttttac acaacaccag cacacagctg     75960
     gctcagacta gagactactg catgttagaa actgtaatgt tctcatttta cacgctcagt     76020
     gttctttctg tctttgcaaa catgatggtt taattacaga aagcaaagac tttaatatat     76080
     tcctgctttt gtgtcttagt gtgtgttgtt gctgaatttt attgtgttag aatatttgat     76140
     attaaaattc ctatttgagc caaaaactcg cgtttcatta aaaagaaaaa aaaatcatta     76200
     aatgatggga ctggagaaat gcctcagtgg ttaggagtgc ttattgatgt caagaggacc     76260
     tgagttcagt tcccagcccc catgttgggg aactcacaac agtctgtaga atactgcttt     76320
     tgtgtgcaca tacccatggg caagtgataa acacccatat atataacaaa aactttaaac     76380
     atcatgtgat aaatgttggc tttagattag gagagaattt ccaatttctg aaatagccac     76440
     aaacttctat cattctgtat tacagcacca aatatgcagt aaagatttca tccttttttc     76500
     agaggttgga acagaggcaa ggttaagata gggctcacta tgtaagatat ggctcactat     76560
     gtaagatagg gctcactatg taagataggg ctcactatgt aagatagggc tcactatgta     76620
     agatagggct cactatgtaa gatagggctc actatgtaag atagggctca ctcactatgt     76680
     aagatagggc tcactatgta agatagggct cactatgtaa aataggtctc actatgtaag     76740
     atagggctca ctatgtaaga tagggctcac tatgtaagat agggtctcac tatgtaagat     76800
     agggctcact atgtaagata gggctcacta tgtaagatag ggctcactat gtaagatagg     76860
     gctcactatg taagataggg tctcactatg taagataggg tctcactatg taagataggg     76920
     ctcactatgt aagatagggc tcactatgta agatagggct cactatgtaa gatagggctc     76980
     actatgtaag atagggctca ctatgtaaga tagggctcac tatgtaagat agggctcact     77040
     atgtaagata ggggctcact atgtaagata gggctcacta tgtaagatag ggctcactat     77100
     gtaagatagg gctcactatg taagataggg ctcactatgt aagatagggc tcactatgta     77160
     agatagggct cactatgtaa gatagggctc actcactatg taagataggg ctcactatgt     77220
     aagatagggc tcactatgta aaataggtct cactatgtaa gatagggctc actatgtaag     77280
     atagggtctc actatgtaag atagggctca ctatgtaaga tagggctcac tatgtaagat     77340
     agggctcact atgtaagata gggctcacta tgtaagatag ggtctcacta tgtaagatag     77400
     ggtctcacta tgtaagatag ggctcactat gtaagatagg gctcactatg taagataggg     77460
     ctcactatgt aagatagggc tcactatgta agatagggct cactatgtaa gatagggctc     77520
     actatgtaag atagggctca ctatgtaaga taggggctca ctatgtaaga tagggctcac     77580
     tatgtaagat agggctcact atgtaagata gggctcacta tgtaagatag ggctcactat     77640
     gtaagatagg gctcactatg taagataggg ctcactatgt aagatagggc tcactatgta     77700
     agatagggct cactatgtaa gatagggctc actatgtaag atagggctca ctatgtaaga     77760
     tagggctcac tatgtaagat agggtctcac tatgtaagat atggctcact atgtaagata     77820
     gggctcacta tgtaagatag ggctcactat gtagcactgg ctggtctgga gctcactatg     77880
     taggccaggc tgcctcaaat gcacaaagat ccacctacca cacgtccagc caggaatcaa     77940
     ttttttatgt aaaaataagc acacctattt cattagtgtg catatttgct tttgtcttta     78000
     ataaataaca aaattataaa tgcatacatg tatatattat aaaatatatt tatgatttat     78060
     tgtctgcaaa ggtttaattt gtataccaat tacataccta tatatctgtg gtcatgtaaa     78120
     aattttttgg gtggatgggc atggtggcac acaactttaa tcccagtacc ccagtactct     78180
     ggagacacag tcaggcagat ctctgtgagt tcaaggccac cctggtctac aaagtgagtt     78240
     ctagactatc aggggtttac atagtgagac ctgtctcaat ccccccttga gtgaaaaggg     78300
     gttgcaaata gaacagttta aagacctctg gcctaatctt actcatatta agttgttttt     78360
     tttttttttt aatactaaga ttacccaacc aatagcaaag caaagatatt tttaaaagaa     78420
     accagtatag catctttaaa acaaaacaaa agaaaacacc cccactgaca ataaaatcta     78480
     tattcagtgc ctcttagttt gggccccagc taaaccacca gaaccttcta tacaaccaca     78540
     cacaagcatc tatgtgctct tctatatgac cacacacaag catctatgtg ctcttctata     78600
     cgaccacaca caagcatcta tgtgctcttc tatacgacca cacacaagca tctatgtgct     78660
     ctttggggaa gcctccgctt ataccttggg tgttcggaag gcgctcttag caggtggcag     78720
     cctccacgct gaaggggatc tccaaacagg gaacgactgc actgggatat cttcgtatgg     78780
     attttccttg gctggatctt tagaaatcat agcaatgctg attagaggaa cataattaag     78840
     tgggacctgt gactgcagct aaagaaaaca atgcttttct tcttcttctt cattctcatg     78900
     gggatgtaag gttgtaagac caatgtcatt ttaaactgat ctatcactcc agtgttcatc     78960
     caagctaaag aactctgaaa acactacact gcagcattca ctttccaact gagtcatctg     79020
     taatgacatc cagctgtcaa tctcactcat gatgagaaaa tgcatacgcc acgtgtttcc     79080
     aaattagaaa aacaaagtta aaaccagata cgtttgattg taagagaccc cgtacaatga     79140
     tgagcacccc caaacatgca ttacattaac tccaaagcat gaatacctac atataatatc     79200
     ctcatagata ttatcctcgg actgtgtgta gtaaagtgct gagccagcat ttcttccaag     79260
     ttcttcatgg atctttcgtg agttccgaaa gtgctggata tcttcaaatt caaaggattt     79320
     ccttacgaaa gaagatgtat tttaaagtta caccttcaaa aactttgatc tcagaatgat     79380
     aagacagaaa ttgaaaagac gtgtgtaaaa ttatgaagat ggctggtggt gatacacgcc     79440
     tttaatccca ctaaggagac agaggcaagt ggatctctgt gagtttgggg ccagccacat     79500
     atacagatca agttccagga cagccaaagt tacacagaga aaccttgtca aaaacaacaa     79560
     caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaacccaca agataataaa tactgttttt attttatatg     79620
     tatgtgttct gcctacattc atgcctgtgt gcctgatgcc cacagagggt gtcagaacct     79680
     ctggaactgg agttacggac ggttgtgacc tgccatgtgg gctctggtaa tcaaacctgg     79740
     gccttctaaa gggcatccag tgctcttatc tggttagtca cctctccatg aattactccc     79800
     caattaaaag tgaggctgag gccagcatgc cctaaatgat gccaaagaac ggacctgctt     79860
     atcagaaagg tcttttgctg tttgggcaaa gggatacgac aatgtcttgc tatggagccc     79920
     aagctggttt tgtaagtcat atgtagctca gattagcctc aaaattgtac tgatcctcct     79980
     gcttcagcct ttctggtgat gggaatacag atatgcacaa tctgtattac ctatacttct     80040
     tcacttttgc tttctcctcc tactttgatt ctatgctatc aacatctcta tgctcagctg     80100
     aagcccgtat tccaaggtgg gaaaggaaac ttggactgaa ggtcaaagca gcgcaaggac     80160
     tcatacacta caaaccacgg gctgtaagac gaacacatac ataccttttg gaccgccctc     80220
     tgatcttccc gccatatttc tttggttcgg gatcctgaga agaggccaaa gaagggtcca     80280
     cacaggaaat actttcacag tacttttgat cacagttcct ttctttatat ggtataccat     80340
     cagattcaga taaatacctg aatgtcctac ggggtttggg taaaggattt atagaggggc     80400
     cacattcctg cccctcaggt tcataataaa tattttccaa gctcttggtt attccgtaag     80460
     aactatccag aacactgaga tccggttctc tccctgtaga gttacaaggt gctaaggcca     80520
     aatttaaggg tttatctggg gagagcccgt ctatgcttct ccacggtatc tgggaggtgt     80580
     agaagtttcc tggcggtaag gaagcctctg gacccacagc aacagcttgg cagccttcga     80640
     tttgtttgac ccgagcacac accaggctgg agtccagtcc agcttccgag gggtgggagc     80700
     ctctacactc tccaccctcg ccttcatcct cactttgatc tcggcttttg acatccgtgt     80760
     ttctgggtaa agccccattc ctttcctcac cagtgggacg cttatgaggg ggactctctt     80820
     ggtggcagtt atacctcact ccaaagtcct ttgggtgaaa cttagctgtc ttggttacac     80880
     cgttagctct tccttcccac tgggaaatct tctgtttgat gtttttgcag tggctcctgg     80940
     acaaggtctg aacagcagac cgtgtaaagc caacatccat gttcccggtg gggtgcatga     81000
     cgagtcactc ttagagaggt gccatgacca gttagctgga aaacgctgta ttctttgcct     81060
     tgccagaacg gaaacgatcc aagtgttttc gtttcatgtt taacttggag gtatcttgtt     81120
     aaaaataaca gttttcatca ccgagctttg ttgaaaacag ctacaactgt atcatgaatg     81180
     atcctatcaa aacgagacaa gaatattaac ttagttttat gatttcttac tttaaacccc     81240
     actgaacact gtctacccag cactgaataa attacatcgc atttgtaaaa actgtgcctg     81300
     taattcagct ccataaagtc aagcctagta agaaaatatc cctggtgcta tttcttaagc     81360
     tgtcagcttt aatactctgc tgtatttaat gccctgcaaa atgtatacat tattctgtaa     81420
     tgaatcaatt cttttttgtg tgtatgtggc cgtatgtgtg ctagacaagc actctatctc     81480
     tgagctcgat atacctcctg cccataaatc tattctttat gaagcgtttc ttaataaaac     81540
     atgcaacaat gcaatattac aaaaatcaca cataaggctg ggcatagtgg tgcacacctt     81600
     taatcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcaga agcagaggat ctctgtgagt tcaaggcctg     81660
     gtaagttcca agacagccag agctacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaac aaacaaacaa     81720
     acaaacacag aatcagaaca gcaccccatt attaaaaagt gcatttacaa gtctagacag     81780
     gaaccaattc acaaacacac tggaagctag ttcccgcctc ctgtcttctg ttgctaggta     81840
     acatcagtct gtcatatatt tatttcagct gacctattag cacacagact ttcacacaag     81900
     ctgctacagg gactcagtcc aaaggcatag gcacccttta ccctgtcctg gctgggtttc     81960
     ccacatctct gctacctctg actcagatct gcagtcactt ttctcatcct tccttccgca     82020
     gagcttcaat cagtcagctc cataaaccgc ttcctcaaat gtgaacactg gccggctgaa     82080
     actcttcctg tcagtaagca gagacctgct ctcccgctct accgcatact ggttataaat     82140
     aacaagccat tcaaaacttc ctgaggcagg gtcatccttc ctcctgctgc ttctgcctag     82200
     ccctgattaa caagcaggac actatcttag cctagctctg tcagtacagc tgatcaaaac     82260
     tggaccagtc atacacagac agacagacag gcaggcaggc aggctcatgt gcacacgcgt     82320
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     82380
     acacacttta ttctcgctac agaagctgca cttcaggatt tccatgactt tcacttaagt     82440
     catgtccaca agtttttaaa atcatttttc ctcctgtatg ctcattgtac aatggagttc     82500
     cttgtgacat tttcatacac gcttataaag tacttgatct cactcacccc tctactcttt     82560
     cttactccac cccaccccca gctctcctac tttagttttg tgccctcctt ttcccctcta     82620
     gcttccacac taaggaagtc atgtgatgtt tgtctttgtg aacattctca ctagtttgta     82680
     ggaaaattag ctttgcggga aaagaaaccc tggtctaatg caaaaaaata aatctttttt     82740
     taaattaaga aattaacctc atgtgggtga aaaaaaaatc atagcaaaaa cttcacagaa     82800
     gttgtattgt atgtatgtat gtacatgtgt acacgaagcc cattttattc tgaagcccag     82860
     actggcctca aactagtcgc aatccccgtc cagcctctac aacactggct acaggcataa     82920
     gccacctcac ccagcaggag ctcctgataa catagtacca cccaagtatg acaaggcatg     82980
     acagtgcact cagctcctgc agggcaggac accaaacacc cttctcttgc ttcccatact     83040
     tgcgagtgtc tttgactttt gggttttctt cattgtagac aaaatggatc tggcttcgga     83100
     aaggcctcta gactcttcca ataacagacc ttttcctccc tttcccctgg ttaacatagg     83160
     aaaaactgag ggggaagaaa gtagaaactt tgagagctac aaaagtcctt taaacctgaa     83220
     aatttgactg gcaacaaatg gctacatctg tagaattcta ttaagtacaa gcgaggaaca     83280
     cggatggtgg tcaagtggca gcaggcagtc tagtggcaga ggagagagct tactcgttct     83340
     tgcatgtttt caaaagtgaa taaagtactt cagaaggaag ccaagaacag tgccgatccc     83400
     agcgctcagg ctgaggcaga ggactgggga tttgaagcca atctcctgtc tcaacataaa     83460
     cacacaagtt ttgatgcctt ttaactacgt ttatgactgc actgatagct agtttcacag     83520
     ttctaatatt tctttttgca aaattgaagg ctgtctattt ttcgttttgc tttctgagac     83580
     aggtctcata ctgtggctca tgctggcctg tacttgggtt gcaagggcca gtcacctggt     83640
     ttccaagcta gttgattcct ttcgtaatga gacttgttga tgcctacaca taggctattt     83700
     ttatatggtc ccattagaaa taaataactt gtcaaacaga actcgccaca gagttctcat     83760
     attctgcgcc atctacttag tacttcctcc ccgtgtctct cctagcctgc aagaaccttc     83820
     taaccccatt cccaaccccc aggctcttgt cctgacctct actatgaaga gatcttccac     83880
     ccataaagga gggctagttt ccaaggtctc ttccaacctt catcctttaa aaaactctct     83940
     aagagcagcc aacttgttta catttcccat acgatgcttt ttcaagcctg ctttcagaag     84000
     cacaagcact gagaggaccc aacagtttga atgctgcatc ttaaaaccac aggagccaac     84060
     aacttctata gcaattaaag agactgaagg gctcaggaga gcgtgaagag caagacagga     84120
     caggtgaccc cacagcaaca cagcaggagt cggcagttcc ttagaacagc agaaatatgt     84180
     aaatcaagca ctcccacaaa accgaaggtt tggaggggat tttaaactag gcttctttgc     84240
     attttattta atcttgttct gcagtgggtt tagctgcatc aaatgcagtt atcagcttac     84300
     aatatcatgt gtggtcacca tattaaagaa aacctatctg aacccagtca ggtaacttaa     84360
     tttctttttg gacaagagaa tttggatgct catttactaa atcaagtctc atactgagtg     84420
     tcttcaaatc ctttataacc ttctacctaa atggacgaac cagccataac aattctgagc     84480
     acttttcccc ctgtggtgga gtagaagccc atccttgacc ctggagcctt cctcaactgc     84540
     tctccactta cacacttact gaggcagggt ttcttacttg acctcggagt tcacccactc     84600
     agctagtcta gcttgctcgc ctgctccagg gatccgcctt caaagtactg gaattacagg     84660
     ctggacacca cacccgccta gcatttacat gggttctagg accagaactt agtttctcat     84720
     gcttgcatag caagcatttt cccctagagc catctctcaa gctccaattt agaccaccct     84780
     aaaagttgac tcactaggag ataaagggac agaatggtta attttatgat atataaattt     84840
     cacctcaatt aaacagaaac taatgaaagg atgagagaaa ctcacccgta gccatgatag     84900
     agtagacttg ccttgctgat gcagctacaa aactatacag aagacaaacg atttcagata     84960
     ttacacacca ggcacaagac tgtgatcctg aagggaaatg agcctcactt tcgccctgga     85020
     gacatcctat aaagaagcat tgagacagga gcccccacag ggtgtggtaa cctcactaaa     85080
     ttgaagacaa agacaaaggt taaagcaaac aactttccag gccaagtcac cagaaaaaaa     85140
     ggtgtggggt ggggagagct ccagcaattt atcagaccct ctgaagcccc gggtaagcat     85200
     tgagatgcta atgcagaggg gaaattatgc agctggacaa ccaataagca aacagccagg     85260
     agggaactgg aaaaaggact aacacaaatt catgcaggtc cagatgttca attttctctg     85320
     acagggctgg agagatagct cagtggtcaa ccacaaggca attcaaaagc ccctggaact     85380
     tcagctctgg gagatccagc gtctctgcct cctgtgacct gcatgcgtgt acactacaca     85440
     tacacacagt ataactccaa ataaaataaa cgttttaaaa atgacaagtt gagtcataat     85500
     ggtagcatta ctgttgatta tatccattgt caaagcataa ttttttttaa aaaggtgaca     85560
     gacatgaatg acagggttag caaagacttg aaatcagcta ttacaaatag attaattatt     85620
     taaagggaga aggtgacact tgaaaatgga agaagacaaa ggcctgaggc cgcagtcagc     85680
     aaaccacttg tcacataagc atgagggcag ttcagtccct ggcactcata atttaaaaat     85740
     gaaagctagg catggcagcc cacatataat cctggcactg ggcaggctgg aagaggaaga     85800
     tccctgaaga cggctggctg gccggcctag gtgtagcagt gaactccagg gtcagtcagt     85860
     ggcaggccct gcttcaaaga atatgattgg aggcagatgc aggcagattt ctgagttcga     85920
     ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt     85980
     ctcgaaaaac caaaaaacca aaaaacaaaa caaaacgaaa caaaaaaacc aaacccaaca     86040
     acaacaaaaa acaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa caaaagaata cgattgaggg     86100
     actagagaaa aggctcagtg gttaaaagcc ctggctgccc atccaggtga tctagatttc     86160
     attcccagca cccaagaggt ggttcacagt catctgtaac tcccgttcaa ggggatctga     86220
     tgccctcttc tggcctccag ggatatcaag cacacaagta gcatacattc atgtaaggca     86280
     aacatccaca cacatgcaaa ataaaaataa tttcaaaaat aaaactaagc ctttaattaa     86340
     ttccagcact catcaagtaa gtgggtctct gagtttgagg ccagcctggg cacacaccgc     86400
     acactgcatt agtattaaag gcagaaaaat ataaatgcag ctaggtactc agaatgcttg     86460
     acaaggaggt aaagagtcac ggggactagt gcctagctcc ttcttggatg gtaacagcta     86520
     gttcatggct acatttaaag agtcatctgg tagtggtggc ccataacacc agcactcaga     86580
     aggctgaagc aggagcatcc tgggtttgag acggcctggg atacatcagg gaagggaaaa     86640
     ggaccagatg cagaggagag gacaggtaca agaaaagaag agaacaaagg aaaaagagaa     86700
     ggagataaaa acatgaagaa tgaaaatgac aagataatgc taagaaaatt agatattaca     86760
     tactaatgtg ctggaagatt caattttgtt aagacatcaa attctctcaa aattgactcc     86820
     ctagatgtga aaaaaagcct aatctgaatc aagcagactt tgtggcagaa ttgacaagtt     86880
     gattttcttt ttctttcttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct     86940
     ttgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aagctggcct cgaactcaga     87000
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgcta ggattaaagg cttgcgccac cacacctggc     87060
     tgacaagttg attttcaact ttaaacagaa atgtaaaggg cctgtaatgg actaaacaat     87120
     agggcagaaa caaagaataa gctcagggga cagacactcc cccacaatga gacatcatta     87180
     cagaactaca gtaatggact agaagatggc tcagtgggta aaggctattc tgccagagca     87240
     cccaggttcc attccgagca cctccatgga tgctcagaac catctgtaag cccagtttca     87300
     gaggatccaa ggcctcttct ggcctctgta ggcacctgac attcacatgg tacacagata     87360
     tacacactgg caaaaatgcc catacaaata caattttaaa aagttggaaa agctacagta     87420
     attctgaaaa tgcacactag tcacagaaga cagatggacc agtacacatc acagagtcta     87480
     catagattgt cacaaagctg gagaagaaaa accttgaact atcactagga taaagggatg     87540
     tccatacagg aaaaagactg tgacccattt cagaaactaa cttgaaggac atcacagcct     87600
     aagcattaag ggtaaaacta taaactctcg gggaaaagga acaggaaaaa aaaaaggagt     87660
     agggggctct ttgttaaagt tttggttttt ttgtctttgt ttttgtttta aactcaaaat     87720
     actttactgc agtggatcta ctgctcccga acctgaaaaa gattttctac ctgtttgttg     87780
     ttgttttgtt ttatcaagac atggtttctg tgtcaacctg gctgccctag aactcacagc     87840
     ctctgcctcc tgagcgctag gattaaagct gtataccacc attgcccagc atgttttttt     87900
     tttgtttttg tttttaaggc atgaactgta aggaaaaaaa accctttaaa ttaagacttt     87960
     atgaaaaatt aaaaccctta gcttacctga agatgtatat tcacacagaa acacctctct     88020
     tacacacaca cacactctca catactctca ctcccacatg cacgcacaca cccactcacc     88080
     ctagaacttg aatcctgaac acatccccaa gcataactgg gtccacacgg cactagcaca     88140
     tgggtaagag gacactttac aaaggactat gagcagccaa tcagcaccct aagcacatga     88200
     aaggatccac accagctctt gtcgccctta aataacccca gtcgatggtg acagaccgcc     88260
     atccaagcac tttaggaacc accagagttt cttatagcac atgcacaagc aactccacta     88320
     gcaggcctta gaggaaaggg atgcatgcgc tcacaaagcg tggatactca gagcaacttt     88380
     gttcctaaga gcctccagct tgaacaaact gtactataga aagcaggcat ccagcaataa     88440
     aacgaaacaa agttacagtc tgcatgacaa cctgcactta ctccccagtc tgttttctac     88500
     cgctgtgata aacacatgac caaaaacaac ctgaggggga aagggtttat ttcatatttc     88560
     tgctcacagt ctatcaggaa gaggagtcag gacaggaact ccagggagga actaaagcag     88620
     agacagtgga agaacactgc tgcctggctt ggcttgctgg ctatgatttg ctcaacctgc     88680
     ttccttatac aacctaggac aacctggcaa gggatggcac cgcccacact gggctgagcc     88740
     tcccaaatca atcatctgtc aagaaaatgc ctccgcagac ttgactacag gccaatctga     88800
     tggaggcaat cccttaatta aggttctctc ttcccaagtg actggcttgg gtcaagttga     88860
     cattaaacta ttaaattcaa tatatcttta aaaattatgc agagccaggc ggtggtggcc     88920
     cacgacttta agcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag tttgaggcca     88980
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcaa     89040
     aaaaaaaaaa ttatgcagaa acaaaagctt atatacttgc agaattctaa ttaaatcaga     89100
     gttcataaca gccaaaactg atattcaaag ggagaaaggg ccagtgtggt tgctaaaggc     89160
     aactgaccac agaagaccat gagacaaaat acacatgttg gtagagtgag gagttatata     89220
     aatgaacact tttatgccag gcagtggtgg cacatgcctt taatcccagc acttgggaga     89280
     cagatacagg cagatttctg agtttaaggc cagctagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct     89340
     caaaaaaacg aaaaaacaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa acccacacat ttgccaaaaa     89400
     ctagttgata ctttaaaaat aataataatt atatggctgg gaggtggtgg tgctcgtctt     89460
     taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttctaggc cagcctggtc     89520
     tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc ggaaaaaaaa     89580
     aaagaataat catatgaaga atagaggtag tattctctga agtgtttgtg cagttttact     89640
     tttaatatga atgagaaaaa ctaccttttt ttgagatggg agtctcattt aggcaggctc     89700
     caaattcctg tgttcagtaa cctggcctca gttgactggg tagtggagac tatagtcatg     89760
     taccacagtg ctggaactcg cacacacaca cacacccctc tcacaaaaac gtcattatta     89820
     tatgtgcagt agtttcatta ctaatcaagg tcaattaact tacttttgca ctcattgaac     89880
     atgcataggt tgtcagacag atattaagct cagagaagtg aatgaactgc ccatgttaaa     89940
     accccaagat ccttccttta ttcaacagtc actattaaaa acaaaagcaa gccatgtgtg     90000
     gtggcgcatg cctttaatcc cagcactcag gaggcagagg ccaggcggat ttctgagttc     90060
     gaggccagct tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggcgattca gagaaaccct     90120
     gtctcaaaaa accaaaaaac caaaccaaaa caaaagcaat ttctccattt ttccctctga     90180
     cacagccaaa gctactgaac aagaggactg cacttcctgc atctgaatgc ttaagggaaa     90240
     acactcccag tatcaaattt aaaggaaatg gtttcccctc tgttaaaagt tcagccccca     90300
     gaatagcagc cactattctt tttaacccat aaaaataaag caaaaattat tcaacagagc     90360
     taatagacgt gttgctgtaa tcagtgaatg gcactctaga gcccatttga ttactttcca     90420
     aggtaatcac ctcactatcc tagagacttg actgcccagg agaccacctg actgccttgg     90480
     agaccacctg actgccctgg agaccacctg actgccctgg agaccacctg actgccctgg     90540
     agaacacctg actgccctgg agaccacctg actgccttgg agaccccctg attaccttgt     90600
     agaccacctg atgacttttg gtaagacttc cagaacctca attttcatac aacctcacta     90660
     ctttgagagc aaagaaaaat gtggatttaa gatggcttca catttgtaag aattcagacc     90720
     ctcaggaaga agtgagtgtt ctagacagtg tgtattaact attctaaaca acaggtactc     90780
     tttgttctca aaattctgca gaaccttaat atctccaagg aacagagaca cggatgattc     90840
     ttcctctgca cagctggagt tgaacccatg gcctcaggcg aaagttctag aacagggctc     90900
     caattccagc cagaacacac acattcaata cactatctac cacagttacc taagctctca     90960
     gttcttcttg gttcgtggga aaagtgggga attaggtgta gatggctatt ttaataacac     91020
     ttgttttatg tttagagcca aagtaattgt ttatctgaag aaaatagctg ccagctactt     91080
     agctactaga aggaacatag ccaaatggaa aaagaattgt tgttggcatc ctgaagatgg     91140
     catttcagga aaaagataag agattaaaaa aaaaaaagtc tctaggaaaa aatgtctacc     91200
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa ggaaggaagg aagaaagaga gaaagaaaaa     91260
     gaaaggcaag gcaaagcaaa gcggccctcc atgaatgact ttaaaagcag cacggtgaag     91320
     agatgacatc cactgtgtcc ccgtgcgtgg cactttagca ggtacagaca gcacaggtca     91380
     caggtgtatc tgagtctcta cctgctacct ttttccactg gagatgaagg acctggagct     91440
     tggccccaat cttcatgtgc taactctgca ggaaagcagc tctagtctct gagcttcagc     91500
     ttcctcagct gcacatttaa ttaaccatgg aatgcctaca tccccttagc agtgcctgca     91560
     gttcaaacct gaggattcct gcacccctta gcgatgcctg tggctcagac ctgctggtaa     91620
     caaactttct ccactttttg tttaaaacaa cttactttca cccttcattc tggaaaaata     91680
     attttgctgg atatacaatt ctgaattgac aatattttct cttaattcag ttttttaaat     91740
     gtgtatgggt gttttgcctg aatgtatgtc tgggtaccac atgcctgctg cccacaaagg     91800
     tcagaaggga gtgtcagatt ctctggaatt ggaattattg gcagttgtga gccaccaaat     91860
     gggtgctagg aatcaacctg gaatccctgg gagattagtc agtcttaatc accaaggcac     91920
     gccctagccc ctccttaatt agtttttaag actatcattc ctttattcgg attttcttct     91980
     cccccgtcct tccctctctg gtcctcccca gggtgtgtgg gggggggggg gggcggtgct     92040
     ggcagtccct tatcagctga ccatcttgct ggctcataaa aagcttttgg agctgagcat     92100
     gggggcacat gcctttagcc ccagcactag gcaggcagag gcaggcagat agatctctgt     92160
     gagttcaagg ccaacttgga ctacaaattg agctccagaa caatcagagc tacatagtga     92220
     gaccctatgt caatacacac acacacaata ttacatacac aggctggaga gacggatctg     92280
     cagttaggag catcttcagt tcacaccacc tgtaagacca gctccatgag atctgactcc     92340
     ctcttctgga ctctgcacac tgcactccca tgcacatatc catctctctc tctctctctc     92400
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acacacacct aaaaataaaa     92460
     tttaaaaaaa aaatgaaaag ttgggaaaaa ccaaccatac acaatttcaa agttttcaaa     92520
     gctgacatag ccatatgcac ttgcttctat agtacacaca cagggtcaca ggtttaaatg     92580
     gtttctggga ctggtgagac ggttcattgg gtagaaggtt ttgccaccaa ttttgacaac     92640
     ctaaatttga cctccaaaat tcactgagaa ctgactcctg caagttatcc cctgacctct     92700
     gtgggaacag gcatgtgtgc acaaacatac tcagacacat aaaataagta aatacaaaat     92760
     agtttctggt ttaaatgata aaattatatg tggcatagcc ttaacacaac taagcctttc     92820
     aagtcccgcc atttgtgctc cgcgcctaca catgctctag tcatacctag cggtctgcgc     92880
     acctgcttgt acagttacaa ctctggcctt acagttcaaa tcccaccaca agctgggcag     92940
     ttgggcagtg gtgcgcacac ctttaacccc agacttggga ggcgaattcg aggccagcct     93000
     ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag agctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaacca     93060
     cccccacaca catacacaca aaaagaaagt gtcaaaattc agggttcgtt cccaactgta     93120
     cgaacatcct agattctttc accgagtctc tcctgagtgt ttatccttgt atttagctaa     93180
     aatttgctgc aaaaaaccaa aatggctcac aagttgtgtg gtgagcttta aagaagtatg     93240
     tcacattatt tctaatagaa caatttctaa acagaacaag ataaaaaaga taaaaagaga     93300
     acaaaggagc atcaaatccc agcacacctg gctttcagct gggtaaacct aagttacaga     93360
     acccatataa taaatcctgc ctccttatct agagggtgct cacaatgatg gcagtatgaa     93420
     tactttctga gtattcaata tgagctatgc acagttctac cttaacaata ttgatttgtt     93480
     ttcttttttc agtgctagat aaacaatcta ccacgagagc tcctttccca aactgcatct     93540
     aagccagata cggtgggaag cctcccttgc agatggagaa acaagactca aagagatcag     93600
     ccgtgagatg ttttagcacc tcttgccaca aaagacaaag atacttcaaa atttataatg     93660
     tgaatttaaa tataaggtat aaatactgtg cagcacctgg gatatcataa ctgcttaata     93720
     aatttcatag cctattaaat tctttgtgaa aatctacctt ttttacattt ttatgatttt     93780
     ggctatagtg gggattgagc ctagggtctt gcacaagcta agcaaatact ctacccccga     93840
     gctatatcaa cagcctctaa ttttataata gaacgtgcat attcaacagc aagtgcaaag     93900
     tgcgtctgtg aagccttact tagccccttc ccagtgttat tcgagtctat gcgcctcctg     93960
     tacgcgtcat tacactgtgg ctccctccaa attacaaatt acttacagca aactgctagt     94020
     atgtcttttc tgtgatctca gaaaccttta tccactggag tctttcttgt tggggatacc     94080
     cagaagaaga agaaagaaaa agaaaacaga aagcccaggg atgagatgga agggaggtag     94140
     cacgggctgt cagggtacac agtgctgcag aggagacctg aagtcaacct ggacctcact     94200
     gtgtcaccca ccctacagtg gcacgagagg atgctgagcc acggctcaaa gaaaggcaaa     94260
     caaaatctgc gtgggaagca tcggcacatt aaaccgttag gcctggtttt tcttcctttc     94320
     ttatttaaaa aaaattttct attaagtgta tttacgttga agttttagta tatattactt     94380
     aactctaagg actctgggta acgttttgag tcaggctctc actatgtagc tacagcagac     94440
     cagactggcc ctgaactcag cgactacctg cttctgcctc cccagtcctg ggcctatagg     94500
     cctgtgccac catttttgat aacatataca gtaatgaatt acagaaaact cctcactgaa     94560
     tttaccagaa agtgatttct agcaaatgaa aaacaacaaa taattggagg agaagaatca     94620
     agcaaaccaa agcaagtgtc acctggcttc tactcttcaa accattacca tcttggtgat     94680
     ggtttcttaa ataacaaatc ttcaaagaag cacacacggg attctggcct ttttcccact     94740
     cccatcagag ttataagtaa cggaaaatgg ctcccaaata gcaaagaaac ttcaaaaaaa     94800
     atcttagtaa gtgctcacaa tacacaatat aaatttctca gtcattgtgc atgactgcag     94860
     agaaaggaat atgaaagctg tacattttga agcaccccca tacccttggt gcacactcac     94920
     acacataaat gtagctggcc tttgctactc tgtgggttct tttccacctt ttatcccagc     94980
     cccttcccag tttcagcccc tatgactaga tagaagagaa aggagagagg ggagagagtg     95040
     ggagtgggta ccggaatcta atttccctct ttttgtttgt tctttgagca tgactactag     95100
     caaaccacaa ccaactccct gaatgaccaa caaccaccaa cactgcctct tgggacccta     95160
     gcatttatat atcctctaaa aagttatcag aattccacat gtcacacaat cacaaaaact     95220
     atctggaggc ggcaaaacaa tttgtaaaac agaaaccaaa ggaaacccct tcagaccctc     95280
     cagaaatgtg aactggctct tcatctaact gctgattggc atttggaagg taattctatt     95340
     ttctaaagtt gcactggacc ctagagccca acacagactc agaaattaga ttcactggaa     95400
     ctcagaggcc attgtgtgcc agaaaagcat cattgccaga gaagacattg tgaccactct     95460
     tgctttcttg ctctcctcca caagcaaagg gatttcttta gttacagatt ccctttgtgg     95520
     tgtgaaaagg tattaaaaac tctcattcat ggaaaatgag atgcattacc ttagaaaagt     95580
     caacacaggg catgagacag ctttctttat gcagtgagca ctctaacagt caaagtagca     95640
     taaagagctc ccaggatgac cagctatgat gccaactgaa taaatagtcc gctggctcta     95700
     caggcactgg gttattttct aaggtacctc tccctgctgc agagaattta taaaggcaat     95760
     gcaaactaca caggtttgga gggacacact cttaatccca gcagacagag gtaagaagtc     95820
     tctaagtttt aggccagtca agcctgcata taagaacagt tttcagagct ctagctctga     95880
     aaactctctc tccctctccc ttcccccgcc cagtcccttg ccctccctct ctctccattt     95940
     actctctccc tcctccccct ctctccactt ttttcatttt aagtatgtga gtacacagtc     96000
     ctgtctgtct tcagacacac cagaagaggg catcggatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc     96060
     cgccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gacctttgca agagcagtca gtgctcttaa     96120
     ccactgagcc atctttccag ccccacctcc tctttttttt ctgtcagtct ctgtccccct     96180
     tcctctgctg cttccccttc ccaggacctc ttcccttcct gccaataagc cttctttgta     96240
     ctagttttgt cgcattcctg ctaagatacc tcctcttaac acaccaacaa acagaaagtt     96300
     aaaaggaatt caaactaagt gtctaaggga gatgccctat atatgctaat aagacaagat     96360
     gatccaatca cttccccaga ctaaacaaag taattacact gaataaaaga ctctacaata     96420
     aacaagccta taaatctcaa tttagcaaaa taccagcggt tttaaagaca ttcaaccaaa     96480
     catacataag gaaataaaaa gatactttaa aaaaattctc ccaaggttgt ttttgttgtg     96540
     tagggtgttt ttgtttgttt tgttcacaca tcattagcca ggctgacctc taatcactca     96600
     gcacccaagt gctctggctt taagttttgg gacctctcac ctctacacct ccaaccccac     96660
     ccaggttccc tagcgctcag gatccaacca gggctttgtg cctgctaggc aagtacttga     96720
     gaaaacgagc tatatactca atcagaaaaa gccctcccaa agtttaaaat tgtttcagac     96780
     taatccaaca atacaattta ttatccacat tatttattcc ccgcccctaa aggaagttaa     96840
     aaagagcagt gagcgtcctc tggcagcaca actgatgttg gccgtgctca cactaactgg     96900
     acctacacag gagctgatca gccataaaaa caaactgcca caatccctga attattagca     96960
     aataaaagag aaaatccaag atggaggggc tggagagatg gctcagcagt taggaacact     97020
     gactgctctt ccagaatccc aagttcaatt cccagcaacc acacggtggc tcacaattcc     97080
     cagcacccac acggtggctc acaaccatct gtaatgggat ctgatgttct tttctggcat     97140
     gcaggtgtat atggagacag agcactcata tgcataaaat aataaataaa gctttaaaga     97200
     gttgtacagg gggctggaga aatggctcca cagcactgct gctcttccag aggtcctgag     97260
     ttcaattccc agcaaacaca tggtggctca caaccatcta tattgggatc cgatgtcctc     97320
     ttccggagtg tctgaaaaca gatacagtgt actcatatgc ataaaataaa tgaatatttt     97380
     aaaaaagaga gctatacaga aagagagaaa gagagagaga aagagagaga gaaagagaga     97440
     gagaaagaga gagaaagaga gagagaaaga gagagaaaga gagagaaaga gagagagaaa     97500
     gagagagaaa gagagagaga aagagagaga gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagggaggg     97560
     agggagggag ggaggaagga gggggggaag gagggaggga gggagaaaga gagagagagt     97620
     cagtccaaga cgggaagagg tgtgcttgta cagtgatgta tctaagtggc agcagtataa     97680
     tgtacaggct tatgtgtact gagcactgtt ttcagcatct gctgtcatga ctgcattcaa     97740
     tcctcacaac tgtctggaga gacaatgact accaatataa ccgttttatt aaggaaaata     97800
     ggtttttaag ttttaaaatg ctaactaaat tacttttgag aaaggaagac tattagtggt     97860
     ttgaatgata gcctaccatg ctgtagatga gctggctact tatgatacgt tgactattag     97920
     agtcttcact gtgtaaatta agctagctca tcctatggat tgctatttct aaaatccaaa     97980
     gaactccctt tgctgtggat gaggcaagag agctccctct cttcctgatg taggaatctg     98040
     agagtggtgc ttttccccag cacaccggcc ctctgctttc ctgtgaatct tatttcctat     98100
     ctgtgttggt tttcttctta gccaaggaag ctgaggctgg ctggattggt taaaagaagt     98160
     ctgggctccc gtatttaagc actgtgtatg cgggctgtag acataacaat atgggttaat     98220
     gtaacaggat gctacatgcg gcttttcctg tctcctctga gcctctgcag ggttctccaa     98280
     ggtccaaacc caaacaagag tcaaatgacc cacatctaag aacagcacaa tctgactctg     98340
     cagttatcac ctccagatcc ttctcaaggg tgtgtgtcaa ttgtgatgat cacagggaca     98400
     actgtaaagc cttcaaaggc acagggggtg gggtgagacc ctggggatca aggaacctca     98460
     acaaccacct ggtgcctaac tagggtccca gaaagggtcc caggaatatg gaagtaggag     98520
     gacctgatgt ctgacacctt cctagcagat aacaacagct agttcatcta gattttaaaa     98580
     ccagtgtggc tagagaggtg gcttagtggc taaggccact tacagctctt ccagaagacc     98640
     tgagtttggt tcccaggatc tgcactgaga ggctcacaac tgtctgtcac cagccgcagg     98700
     ggatccagtg gtttcttctg gcctcataca catggtatac acataaatac aaataaagtc     98760
     ttaacaatgg cttaggcaag ctaggtagca cagtgcttac ctataacgcc aacaccaaag     98820
     tgtctgatgc aggaggattt caagtctgag gtgacccagg gctacataac aagactccat     98880
     ctcaaaataa aacaaatgga taaacaaaac ttctcttagg taaaacaacc aattgaagtt     98940
     tcaacagggg aagttttaca aactaccaca atgtgagaag ctatatacaa agtagcttta     99000
     ataccataaa acttttagaa ttttagaaat taattcatta gaaaagataa ttaaacaaac     99060
     cttaatcttt ttatctaata accctgaaga aatcttctct aaagccaaaa ctgtgctaaa     99120
     ctgaaacatg accacttaac aaaggttatt tcagaataac tttctgcaca ccataccaga     99180
     aagctagcca aacgctcact tcccaagtgt tcaaagattg cagtttttcc ccagacactc     99240
     aaaagatgta atttaaaaag ttttaagcca agcgtggtgg catacgcctt taatcccagc     99300
     actcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggt cagcctggtc tacaaagtga     99360
     gttccaggac agccaaggct acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaacca aaaacaaaac     99420
     aaaaaaaaag ttttaaaagt cacatctcgg gactggtgag atggctcagt gggtagcggt     99480
     gctaaggctg accacctgca tcagagtccc tgggctcaca tggtggaaag agagaacacc     99540
     ccctcacccc acacccactc agtgtcctgg gatcacacgc atgccatgag agggcccaca     99600
     caagtaaaga ggtaataaac taagtacgcg tgttttaaag tcctacagta acactaacat     99660
     tatttgcaga aaacgtggaa gtgtggaagg caggggacag ctgcaggtct accccgccta     99720
     cataatcact gctataatct ggtgtttcct cctggccttt ttttatgagt gtatttttat     99780
     gtagctgtaa ttagtgtata tttataattg tagcttattt ttcatcttaa agctacataa     99840
     aaggatggca attttcaaga gtctagaaca taaatctata tacattgcac catgtaactt     99900
     cctgtctagt tctaagctag aagctggaag tctgagtttt caactcacat tcccaaatta     99960
     tatactctat atgctttgca tacttcatct cactgggtga attgtttagt ttttttgtct    100020
     acttgtcaca aatctaaaca tgtctaggaa gagtgaccct caattgagga agttcctccc    100080
     gcagcctggc ctgtgggtgg gtctataggg tgtcttgatt aatgattgct tcaggaggac    100140
     caggcctctg tgagcagcgc catcctaggt aggtggtgcc tggtagtatt agaaagcaag    100200
     ctgagcaagc catggagggc aagccagtga gacggactcc atgggcttgc ctttgcttga    100260
     gtccacgtcc taagttctgt agacgatgga tgtgaccagg acccatacat caagtaaaac    100320
     ctttcctccc caagttgctt ttggccacag tgtttatcac agcagcagaa agcacactag    100380
     cacaaccggc catgaaagca ccaagagtaa aacttcttct acctggtttt cgaacaaatg    100440
     tctcaactcc cctcagctta ccactgaaaa cactagaaac agcacttcct gtgggcactg    100500
     ggtcactagg cttgcaatat acccagcacc ttcagatcca caatatcatt tagaaacgat    100560
     cgcagttttt attaagttac taagagcact tccctccctg aacaatgggg ttctaaagcc    100620
     atcagatgga gcagagaaag gcacacccct gtccccaata tgccagggaa ggataggaaa    100680
     gcctttgcac agaagagagg ccacttgagc aggggcagga gcaggggctt tcccagagag    100740
     aaggctggga ctagaacaga atgagatggg acatggaccg gctggatgtg aggagggctc    100800
     agagccttgg ggacagagca ttgccaagtg catttcagcc tctgacccac acaaggttag    100860
     caagccctga ttgaataaca cacaactagt aaaaaggaca agttagagaa gtgtgtgcag    100920
     atatagaagg atacacaaat acaagagggg gaaaaaagcc agggggaaac catgatggtc    100980
     agagtagact actcacctag ctggcttcat tcctggcatc acaaaataaa gggctgttgt    101040
     ctgcatttta catgtatctt taatagacat aacccctttt gttttagttt tatctagaac    101100
     tgctatgcta tggagtaggt ctattactat aacacactgc caagtatgtt tccaaagtgg    101160
     tcagaccaaa tcacactctc accaacaaat agagatttag tcccgcctca tctcgccacc    101220
     ccttggaagt gtcttttgag ctctagccct tctggtacac aatggcatct catgatttcc    101280
     agttagacta cttcttcatt tctttctctt ttatttgttt atcgagttga ggcttcagta    101340
     cacggccctg ggtggccttg aacttgtaat ctccctgcct cagtctctga agtattacaa    101400
     gtgatattag atgtgcatgc caccacacct ggctcaaact cattcattct gtaccacaca    101460
     actcttcatt ctatacaatt aatattattt tctaattaac tttataagcc atcacacttg    101520
     gttaaattta gaatctcata attccagaaa cattgacagt cctgaacaag ccagttctca    101580
     gacactcagt gtacacggat catagatggt aactcgatca caaacataga aagacaggag    101640
     aaacaccagg cgtgcagaag ccaagaagat gggaaagaac aagactcgag tgtctgttgg    101700
     tcatcaggac ccgggcaaga gcaggctcag tggcaagaag gagggtgaag gagaggtgac    101760
     agtgagtcag tccagtgtgg atgaggccat aaagactggg agcagccact gtaggcagtc    101820
     agttaagcca aggcagcaag gggacgataa ggtgcaggct ggaagaacag cggctgcagg    101880
     ggagctttgc tttttcagac aggaaagaag taagttatat ttaaacctgg gtgggaagac    101940
     gtcaggaagg aagaagaatg aaataaggat agagagcaga aggcccagaa agaagagagg    102000
     gcagagtctt cggtgggacc tggaggggga agcaggcacc aggagcaggg ctgccctccc    102060
     actgcagcag gagtaagcag gagatgcgca ggcagaggtg ctgggttagg gactacacca    102120
     agaagttcta gctgaggctg tttggttttt ttcatgacag ggtttctctg tgtagccagg    102180
     gctgtcctgg aactcagcta tcttcctgcc tctgcctctc tgacacccca ccccaggatt    102240
     gcaaagggtt tttattgttt ctttgttttg aaataagagg caagattgtg ggctgagagt    102300
     gaaaagaaag atgaagtcaa aggtttagag aggaatgaat tatctaaagc tgcctttgta    102360
     agaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aagcccagag caaaagcaca ggggttccct tggcaaaggt    102420
     gttttgtttt cttctgggaa gactagggtt gaccccacgg cttctcacac actacacccc    102480
     tcagctataa cttctgccct gcagaggatt tttaaatagc aagagttgag attcaaatcc    102540
     tagctacttg agaatacctc actgtttgtt tgttgagata ggttctgact atagtagccc    102600
     aggctagcct taaacttctg agcctcctac ctatctcagt ctcaggatat acgtctttaa    102660
     gagctgctca ataatgagct atggttaaca gattagggga tgaatcttca gctgatgttg    102720
     gataccataa ttcatagagg atatggacta tataattctt aaactccctc agaacctggg    102780
     cacagtcctg aagaaaataa acttagacca aagataggaa aattagcgac tacgcttatc    102840
     tcagggaatg ccttgcttcc caagtgtgta catggaatgt cgatgtaaca gaggagccca    102900
     agatacgatg agggcaggag tgaagtctgg gttcagtgtg ctggttagag ctctaaccca    102960
     gagcccagga gggcaaggga agatggtgcc tcaaagttcc cggggtacag gagaccggct    103020
     caaaacaata aatgtgacgc ctagactaag gggctaagaa aagggatgtg tgtggggaga    103080
     gactgagtcc cagggaagca accagcagac acacagcagc aaaaggggag gagactgtgg    103140
     gcagccatga tgtggggtgg acggaatcaa cggaaagttg tggaagggca acaacagcag    103200
     tagagaatgc tggtgtagtt tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atacacgcgc    103260
     gcgcgcgcgc gcgcgcatgc acacgtcacc atgtaagtac agcatggagt ttagatcaaa    103320
     tattatttca ttgttatttt caattccaac ataaatcatg taaatattaa aattaaaaaa    103380
     agattcatta ggcaactttc ctgagcataa attacttcca gtctggaaaa catgtggatg    103440
     atgcacgtgt caggttctcc gaggagtctg tttcattctt ttgcacttca ctgggtaagg    103500
     gttggaaatc ccagccggaa cagcgagctg ccttaagtgg tcaaaatagc aacaggctca    103560
     gtaatggctg ctttcggtct taatacagaa cacatggcac acgttcttca cagtaaataa    103620
     aggacaaaca ccagaattcc atggtttcta gaacacaccg tcacgtcacg tcgaggaatc    103680
     agtactttct gtgacatggt cacactgctg atccctggct ggcctggggc tccctttgca    103740
     taccagcctg gtctcaagcc aagagaccca tgtgcctctg ctgggatcag gcaagatcaa    103800
     gctaaaagac tgaccttaaa aagccacatt ctccttcaag gtttccaata tttctgatat    103860
     aactaaatta gccaataatg gctcttcctc aaatctgtcc ttaaataaag gggagagtgg    103920
     taagttaagt ctcttatttt taatttgaaa aaaaaatttg taaaagattt atctattttc    103980
     actttatgcg tatgagtgtt ttgcctacat gtataccaat gtaccacatg tgtgctgcgc    104040
     catgggaagc cagaagagag catcagattc cctgaactgt tgtgtcatgt tggcgctgag    104100
     aattgaagcc agagtctctg caatcgcagc aagtgttcct aactactgag caatctttcc    104160
     aactccattt acttgtctgt ttgtctgtct gtgacacagg gtctcctgat gtccaggaat    104220
     acaaacattt tcaacacaac caacctatgt gagtctggga tcaaacccaa aaccccttgc    104280
     atgctaggcg ggcactctac taactcagct acactcccag cctctctttg aaaatatctg    104340
     aaagggcctg ttttaaagga aatatcaaag ggctagagag taaggctcag gctgacttta    104400
     aactcccagt aggccaggac gattcccctg cctccacacg tccttagtgc tgagtaaagg    104460
     caaggcccac cacacctagt tctgcatgat agtggaggct aatcgcaggt cttcaagcaa    104520
     gtgacgcagg cactctacca accaggctac ctagtcagcc tgaaaactgt tgaactttca    104580
     actaaacctc acctgaatgc tttatgatga gtaaatctct tcggagtgag tctctactgt    104640
     gtgaacttca gctagttagg tctgaaacct caccaaccaa gctcatcctg gcctctggac    104700
     cttgcccgac atctgcaccc ccatgctcta tagaacactt caaacccaac aagttcagaa    104760
     cagagacaat tatcatccca tcatgtaaaa gataatacag ccaggccctg tgtccctgag    104820
     ctaagaagta aagccactgc cttttgccct ccacagctaa caggtcttga gcactcccaa    104880
     tccccggttt cctgtctgcc ctctcctctt tctgccctgg acttgtttct ttctccaggt    104940
     cctcatctgc tccaccagga gtacttcaac aacagcaaac atggccgcac ccatccatct    105000
     atctacttat ctatcttatc aaccttcaga cttctctctc tgccttttgc ctggcttctt    105060
     tcaatccagc caccacacag aacatcacgg tgcaatctta actacttcca aaggagcctt    105120
     ctctggttct attgtctcta gacaaaattg caaagttctt acaatataca gcttttctcc    105180
     aataacgaca tcaacagact ctttcatctc tctcccctac cccgaatcat agctttacac    105240
     tgagtatttg ttaaaaatat gtgatacttc tcagtataaa aaaataccct caataccata    105300
     gtctacagtg aaagggtttt ccccaaactg aacttagtca ctcacttctt tattccagag    105360
     accttaccca gcaattgcag tgatctaatg taacaaacaa ctgtgctctg taattttctt    105420
     tttctagatt atttttagct gaaccaccca tctctgtacc cctgacttta gaaactaaga    105480
     cacagttctc aaacataccg tatagtcata cagcttcctg gttctcactc ataccttccc    105540
     cttgctctgc agacccctaa tcatccttca aaaccaaact caaatatggt gcccttctac    105600
     agccctcctt cctaccacat gtagaacaac tgctttcatc attgtttccc attaaattct    105660
     gtctagacca ttgttatcat aatgacttga ttggttgatt gattgattga ctgactgatt    105720
     tgggacagat ttccattctt agcccaggtg agcctaccaa atgtcctagc ctcctgcctt    105780
     agtcttccaa gtgctggaac tataggtatg ttcaccatgc ttggcgcatt ttcttttctt    105840
     gtagttaaca tttaagtcac ggtttgagaa caagtatttt aaacttctta ttgaaaaaca    105900
     gacacctctt atattgctaa gagaatgccc taagtggctg ggagtttaaa aacaagaaga    105960
     atcccatgtc attcatcagc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ttttacatac aaagtataat    106020
     taaattgtag cttggacatg cctctatatc ttgtaatacc agtttttctg tctgtcctct    106080
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcatg tatttgtgtc    106140
     tgtctcattt atagttcata aaagtgcttc ttttaaatac ctgttagatt gcactgggtc    106200
     ttactaaatt tgaaactcag tatagtgcag gggttgaggg ctgcattcag tgttactgcg    106260
     gcctgacagc ctgacccctt tctacataaa ggggtggcag gcaagttact cagtttctct    106320
     atgcctccca gtgaggagct aatggcagca tccctcagga gagccttttt gtgaggagga    106380
     ctaaataagc taatacatga aatgaattca gggcactgcc tgcactgagg aagacccaca    106440
     agtagcagtt gatactctta ttgttagtca gctttcaaaa tagcttttca gtacttcctt    106500
     agcccactcc gtagaaggac tacatactct cctagatagg agagcatcct tcctgtgcat    106560
     gtctgcaatg taggttctaa gctacacctt ggatagttgt tcagtaagta ggatgaatgt    106620
     aaggtattag ccctgtaaga tcaacagatt ataaattctc agtgaactca ttattcagta    106680
     caggattaaa gcttgtttga aaatagtttt agccaagcat agatagtggc aaacattgaa    106740
     atcctagcac tgggatctag acagaattac tgtatatttc aggccagcct gagcgacata    106800
     atgagttaaa ggctaaccta ggttatatag taagatcctg tttcaaaaat taagtttcac    106860
     ttggaaagca gaggcaggca gatctctgta agttccagga cagcctggtc taccaagcta    106920
     atttcaggac agtgaaggct acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    106980
     acacacaaat gcaaaacaca ccctgtcttg aaaagcaaac aaaaataaac ccaaacaaaa    107040
     aaaaagtttc aaaaacccaa gtgaattgtt gaaaatattt aaataaaact ttttgtttta    107100
     aaattttatg tatttattat ttctatgtcc atcagtgttt tgactacacg tatgtctgtg    107160
     tgagggcgtc ggatcccctg gaacaggagt tacagacaat tgtgagctgc catgtgggtg    107220
     ctgggaaatg aacccaagcc ctctggaaaa gcaggcagtg ctctctccag cccataaaat    107280
     tctttttcta taagattttt ttttttttga aacaggtttc actctacttt ggctaacctg    107340
     aaactctcac tatgtagacc aggctggcct tgacctcaca gagatccact tgtctctgcc    107400
     tcccccatgt gatgagagta aaggcatgca ccattacact gggctagaga tttgttttta    107460
     tttatatgta tgtatatgtg agcacatgtt acctgtatgc agttgtcctt ggaaggcaga    107520
     aacgaccgtc agatcccatg tagctggagt tacatgcagc tgtaaactac cagacatggg    107580
     tgctgggaac tgacgttctc tggaagagca acaagtgctc ttaaccactg ggtcatctcc    107640
     agccccacaa ataaaactct taaagcagca ccggatcgga ttatttactc gtagttttcc    107700
     ctcttgcact ccactaaact ccactgtggt acacaatgct ctacaatcct tgcctagcac    107760
     ataaggatca ctacaaatct tttactagta atatgatttc cagttggagg cagggatgtg    107820
     gttcactgat agcagtagtc acagaaccct agtctcatcc tacaaggaca gaaaggaagg    107880
     actagtgact tagctcagtg ggtaggggtg cttgccactg agcccaagtt caatccccag    107940
     caccatgcaa gagaaggaga aattaagttt tacaaatggc cctctgtcct ccatacatgc    108000
     accttgggtg cccacacata tacacataat aaataaataa atttattaca tttattactt    108060
     tggggaaggg gcaatgtgtt gggacacatt ttgtggtcag aggacaatct acatagctgg    108120
     ctaagtcctt ctacatggcc tggggattga actcaggtct tcagatttgg caagaagtgc    108180
     cctcatttcc caaagcatct cgcaagccct gtaatatgag gaatttttaa ctttgttttg    108240
     ttttgctttt ttacagagtc acactatccc aggctggcct caaactcatt acatagtaag    108300
     gagtgacctg gagtttctga gtcccttctt gcacctctct tatgctgagt gggatgggac    108360
     caccaccata cccagttatg aagtactggg attgaaccca ggattctttg cacgttggtg    108420
     acaaacatgc cctaatttta aattttaaat aagaaaagga aagaaattgc ctactgttct    108480
     caatcaaaaa cactgatatt tctgcatcta aaaaaagtca attgccacat ttaacagact    108540
     aacaagaggc cttgagacac aattactaca gttgctggtt tctgtctttg aaaatactcc    108600
     agatcactct tacgtatccc tagtagaaac ctcatggtta cagactgcta ttccttttta    108660
     aatttcccat ctctccctaa aatacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    108720
     cacacacaag tagagaacac aaatgtctat aataaaaact gtacaaatgc cacagccaca    108780
     cattaacttt gttttagaga actcagatct ttttataagc agcccctgaa tttgcaaaat    108840
     aaaagtcttg ttttgaggca gtactctcag ctcactttat gaaatacctt cagctaatct    108900
     aaggcaaagt aacagatttt ctgattggta caagcttcat ggtaaatgat tgcactacgg    108960
     tatacagata gcatgctatt ttagaaaatg tcatgactca gttaagaata gctctgctct    109020
     tcaaacaatg gtgattatgt ggaaatgacg cttagataac ttatttacat agtaaacaga    109080
     agttagaact ttctctaaca atacaggcga atcagtagta gctttgggat aaaggtttac    109140
     cagggtgcct actgtactag gcacttagta gttttacaaa ctacacatgc tccggggtgc    109200
     atgtgtgtgt gtatcaaaca acaatgcctg acatttgtag aacactgtca ttcctctcag    109260
     aacatgagaa cccatgagcg tcccagtttt gcactccggg gacacacacc tcttagagtt    109320
     aaccctgacg gaggtgtgac ggtttgtttg cggctctgag ctccagagcg aagccttttg    109380
     actcacaatc taatcatcat cttctctcct ggttactcca cagtcctact ccagtcccac    109440
     tgtaggaatt ttatcttaaa aaactacttg acgacttcct ctatcgtgcc tgccccgtag    109500
     ttccgaagca aagcgcgcga acacacgctt taccgcttgt ctgaagtgct ccgtccgggc    109560
     acgtccaagt tcaagaccgc ctgataggcg cgtttcctcg cggcggcgag cgcctgggct    109620
     ccccggccct gcacccccga ccgcgcccgc ggctcgcagg ctgacacccg ccttcccctg    109680
     gcccgaggta cccagctctc ggctgaccac gaacacacgg gacgccatgg ggcgacgcca    109740
     acagctgagc ggcagaggcc ccatggcccc actccctcgc tgcatcccgt cgcctacctg    109800
     cctgggccgc gacgccgcct cgcgcaggga tcccagactc gcgtcggtgg cctctgggat    109860
     ccagcgccca catcttcgtc ccgcccccac aggttccgca gtccccgccc tccaggctaa    109920
     gacacgccct cttttgcctg ggcacgcccc cgagctcacc cagtaaggct ctgtccttcc    109980
     agggctctcc tcaaggctcg gaacccacgc caggcggtct ctccgccccc agcgctgggg    110040
     taccagtgtg cgctgcaccg cgctggttcc acggtgcagc ccctgcccag gcctggagcc    110100
     aaagctctat ctccggatct acggtctgtg cgactacacg agacagacct ttacagcaag    110160
     gcagagccta gtagaaccag aggagccaaa cagcaacttc tttaagaaaa ccccaaagca    110220
     gctcagggag caaacattca tcgggaatgc cagctagtaa agagatgcca ataacgcacc    110280
     tggccccggg tttggaatca caagccggat gcctttggtg cctagtccgg gtgccgactg    110340
     ggttgccaca cccacttgag actcacgctt aaattctccc taccacacga tcttgctcag    110400
     gtatgcacat ggctctgtgc ctgctgcaag aatagcccag tttcactctg cgagactggg    110460
     atgagtggaa cctatttccc agcacgatct aactgcccca cctcaccgcg ccccgcccca    110520
     ctccacccca cccactccat ccgaccttgt gtctggtaac caaacttccc tggcttgttc    110580
     acacagaggt accaaaatag aagactgcca cagagaggtg tttaattaca catcgcggat    110640
     gactgtcacc agccaactca accaagactt ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtcc caatcccttg    110700
     tgaagctatg aggtggggac atgaggtggg gacagtaaaa ggattacttt ctacctgagg    110760
     gagaagtatt gacaattcct ttaaaatact ccagtgagga aataaatgta aatatggttt    110820
     ggaatacatt gcaaactcca ttgatccctt acctaatgtg tatgtcttta aatgtagaca    110880
     tgtgtgttct ttattatttt tcaaacttct tatcctccta cccctgcttc tggggtgcaa    110940
     gcatagtcct gagccaacac aagtggcatt taatctagtc tgtttggaaa gtatcacaga    111000
     tagttgtaca aggtgaaatt cgggactaaa acagcgtttt taagatttac attttgaagt    111060
     ttgcatccac gaagattctt tagcaggatg aagatttgaa ttccaagatg aacgttaatt    111120
     aacatgcatg tgttctactg ccctctcatg ggtaggatgg agctacacct aatggtgaga    111180
     ggtgtccttt aagtctgaag ataatacata gtaatttgta ttattttagt gactaggaag    111240
     ccaacatgaa ataaaatcag gtccttgata aatattcccc gaaaagcaat ttgaacttca    111300
     agaatgggga agaggagtct taccccacag ctagtatgag cacgtcccaa ggggcacacc    111360
     taagctcacg gctacctgtg cagaaagtga aaacactcag gaatttgctc gaatttcatt    111420
     gtgataagtc ttgagggatg tgctctccac acatctcaca acctcagggg tgaaaaactt    111480
     gaaagtagaa tgaaatcttt cttatacttt tggtgtccaa aaaaaaaaaa aatctttatg    111540
     tttagtccat aacccccttt ttaataaaca gtgaattatc aacccaacca ctagatggca    111600
     acacagttgt gtgtgagcaa atataatctg gatagctgga gcatctccta acaggaagta    111660
     ctctccctcc cctccccctc cccctctccc tctttccttc tttcccctct ctcgtctgtc    111720
     ttcctgtctg tctgtctatc tatctataga tggggcctca ctatgtagct ttgtctgtcc    111780
     tggaactcac tatgtaaaac aggcttattt aagctcagag cctctgcctc cagagtgtgg    111840
     gactgaagac atgcaccact gtacctagta gggatatttc taacacgttt cagaggtctc    111900
     ctgcttcagc aagctaagac tcccccacta ggatagctct tccctcagta ctgctcacaa    111960
     gtgctcattt tctttcttta tttcttttct tttttttttg gggggggggt ggtccaacag    112020
     ggtttctctg tatagtcctg gctgtcctga aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga    112080
     actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctacctcccg agtgctgaga ttaaaggcgt gcgccactac    112140
     gcccggctaa gtgcttattt tctaagcttt catataactg gtctggcctt acctaagaaa    112200
     gccatggttg acttatgctt tgtcaaaaaa cttttaaatg gttccaggtg ctttaactct    112260
     cttctagtct ctgagtccca aagcccatct tcttagcatt aagccagtgg cttatgtcct    112320
     tggcttcttc tgataactgt cctgcctgaa ggttgtgcag actctggagt cacacaaact    112380
     ttgttcccgc agctgcccta catgaagagt gtcctgaggg catcatctac cttacattgg    112440
     ctcattatcc ccaaaataga aattatatct actgtacaaa ggtgtgacag gaaccgagta    112500
     aaagagtatc aatggaaggc ttaatacagt acttggctta ttttaagagt agggtctcgg    112560
     gccggagaga tggctcagag gttaagagta ctgtgtgctc ttcccgggta ctgaattcaa    112620
     ttctcagcaa tggtgtgagc catcacaacc acctataata tgatctgatg ccctcttctg    112680
     gtgagcaggt gtgcatgcag gtagagcact catacataaa ataagtttta agaaaataaa    112740
     taaataaata agaatagggc ctcaataaca agtagtatag gattcaaatt ttcaatgaaa    112800
     aacccactcg cggtgttatt tagtctattt actttattca ttctgttgct ttaagaccct    112860
     cagcaattaa attgagttca taacaccaag tttcataacg ataggccatg cgaatctgag    112920
     cgacatttgt cctccggatg tcatttccaa cagggccttc ctcaaggtaa ttgttgccca    112980
     gaaactttgc tttttcctgt aagacaatgg gaaaagaggt ctctgagtct ctttttatac    113040
     cgggataggc agcgattgct cctccaccgt aatcttcatg ttactcataa acaagaggag    113100
     accaggggtc atttctgtag tgcctccctc catgggcaca tttcctgaga aatcaaaggt    113160
     ggagccatgg cagagaatag ggcttgacgg aggagctgta gggactcaaa ttagttcctc    113220
     gaaggcttgc gctaccacta agctgtattc ccagcccagg acagtcttct agtccctagc    113280
     catagcagct gtatgtggtc tgtgcaaaag ctttcctgcc tgttttcctc attaatgatt    113340
     cagtggttag attgttagac ccaactctca gaagggtagg gagccacggt caagtctacc    113400
     tcatgagaaa tcccacactg caggacactg ttccttgcca cctcacacat gtcacacgtg    113460
     ctcagcttga agacttgcgc agcgatggcg tattcttcca tcaggggctc ctgtagttat    113520
     ttacgtaagg gaggaagtgc attagtaaaa gaaacagtac acatcctaca gaaagcggag    113580
     aaagaagcgc cctgatttga ctttccattt ctgcgtggtg agggagagct cagcaaacca    113640
     tgctcaagct tccgtgcgcg cgtgcgcgcg tgcgtgcgta cgtgcggcgc accttggtga    113700
     agtggaactg catcgggtca tcggtcgaca gtgagatcat caggcctttc tggaggaaat    113760
     ctaagaaagg attctttgca tattcgagga acagactgtt gttactcagc ggtgacatgg    113820
     cgatgggaat ctgggctagg aaaaacaagt actgtagcac aggactctga aaagacagcg    113880
     agaacaacaa taaggagcgt ggacagggac agacaacaaa acctcaaaaa tcccacggtg    113940
     gcccagtgac agtgacaggc gcctttaatc ccacagttta atccaggcag aggcaggtgg    114000
     atctccgtga gtctgaggcc agcctagtct acaaactcag ttccagcaca gtcaagggta    114060
     acacagagaa accgtgtctt gaaaaacaaa aacacaggag agatgcctca gaggttaaaa    114120
     gcaccaactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac    114180
     aaccatctgt aatgggatct gatactctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag ccacagtgta    114240
     ctcacataaa taaaataaat aaatcctgaa agaaagaaag agagagagag agagagagag    114300
     agagagagag aaagaaagag cgaaagaaag agaaaaacaa aaaacagcca ggcagtggtg    114360
     gcgcatgcct ttaatcccag cacttgcgag gcagagacag gcagatttct gagttcgagg    114420
     tcagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aatcctatct    114480
     tgaaaaacac aataataata ataataataa taataatctt ttttaaaagt tctggtattg    114540
     ctttcagaag aattaggcta aatcagcttt ttaaaaatct gagtactaag ttgtcaaagt    114600
     taaatggtct gatctaagta attacacctc ggaactcacc ccgaaacttg cttcttcttc    114660
     ttcttcttct tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg cttcatgaaa    114720
     gttatgacta tcacaagaga catttaaaag catgctacaa caagaaacca ggcaaaagta    114780
     gcctgaggga agccaactga ctctgactct gcctgtgaga gctccaagat ggaagttggg    114840
     agatatgtgg taattcctct ctgagggcaa ttaacaaggt aacctcaaaa gaaccccttt    114900
     ggctgtcata gaaggagcta ccttagtaac cccaaggtgt atcacgctca atgatcctca    114960
     tttcacaata agagtcctaa ggactcagag tagcacaatc gaagctgttc acttttcaac    115020
     cttgcaaagt tggatatcag cctacagaaa agacagcagt ggctggtgaa agagagtgag    115080
     ttctgtagtc cctgaacacg aaaatgtcct gccctcagag tcacaggctg gctcttcaag    115140
     gagttaggaa cttgcccact aatctagcat agagctcacc ccaagttccc gaccctcctg    115200
     gggcttgaga tctgcactaa ggatagtgca gatcttcccc actcctgata ccttggactt    115260
     gttctcatag ctgaccagaa cttttcaacc ctaagaagtt taaaagcatt caggttatag    115320
     ccaggcagtg gtggcgcagg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gagacagagg caggcggatt    115380
     tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagtttca ggacagccag ggctatacag    115440
     agaaaccctg tcttgaaaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaagcaaaa acaaaaatct    115500
     ttagaggcag gcagatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctatagagtg agttccagga    115560
     cagccagggc tacacagaga aagaaacctt gtctcgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    115620
     aagcattgat ttgctgatgt caagctcaaa atgtatctca tactgaaaat ggaccatcac    115680
     gattcatttg ttataggctc taatatagaa ttattattac tgttaagaaa agatttcccc    115740
     cgagctggtg agatggcaca gtggttaaga gtgccgactg ctcttccgaa ggtccagagt    115800
     tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccgt aacggaatct ctggagtgtc    115860
     tgatcataac tatccattaa agaatcttct ggaatgtctg aaaaccgcta cagtgtactt    115920
     cctataataa ataaataaat ctttaaacaa caacaacaaa aattaaaaaa aaaagaaaga    115980
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaaaagatt cccccttgcc aggcagtggt    116040
     gacatgcacc tttaatccca gcgcttggga agcagaggga ggtggatctc tgagttgaag    116100
     tccagcctgg tctacagagc tacacagaga aactctatct tgaacaccac caccaccccc    116160
     tgccaaacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aaacaacaac    116220
     aaaaaaccaa gaactaagaa agtaaagatt ctgctttaat cctatcactt tagaggtgga    116280
     gacaggtaga tctgtcagct gaaagctagc ctggtctaca aagatagttc tacagggcaa    116340
     tacacagaga aagcctgtct ccaaaaacaa aaacaacaac aacaaaaaag agagaaagaa    116400
     aagaaaagaa agattccaag cctgactcag tgatattcac ccgtaatccc aaatcccagc    116460
     agtcagaagt tgaggcagga gaatcaggaa atcaagatca ttttcagcta cagagcaaat    116520
     tcaagtagtc cagcctgggc tacatgagat cctgtctcca gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    116580
     gagagagaga gagaggggag gggaggggaa ggggaggaga agaagagagg aagaaaagag    116640
     aggaggagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa    116700
     gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaggaatg agcaaagagc    116760
     gagctaaact caccttcttt aaattcagtc catgagaaat attgtctgct atcatgaagg    116820
     ctgtcatgag gtgagtgaga gccccagcct ccccacagtg gggacgaaac agaaatgtat    116880
     tcatgcctcg ttccctgtga aaaggaaagt ggggtctcac agcagagaaa tttacaagaa    116940
     aatccattgg cagagttaac acttgggaag ggaacagcaa ccataggtca agcaaaacat    117000
     aattgtaact cttcattgta ctttttccta agtacatgta cattatgtgt atatgtgtat    117060
     gtgtatatat atatatatat atatacatat atatacatgt atatatatgt atatatatat    117120
     atatatatat atatatatac acacacacac acatatatat ataatttttt aagaggcagc    117180
     agaggatatg gtgagacaag agagaatgga aaatagagta cctaccccat gcagggacat    117240
     cttcagcctc agtatgtgcc tctttgagta tcaggcacat acacagtgca cagacacaga    117300
     catacataca ggcaaaacac tcatacatgt aaaataaaaa caaataaatc tttaataata    117360
     aaaacaacaa caagatgcgg tcgtatgcat ctgtgatgcc agcactcccg tggtgagatg    117420
     ggggctgggg caagaactgc caggaaactc tcaaatcatc tagtacctag catggtagaa    117480
     acaagagggg ccctgcctca ataacctgca agaaaagaac caagccttca ttgtctgacc    117540
     tcctcgtgcc ctccatggca cagcagcagc aatacacact acacacgcta ataaagaaac    117600
     acactcacag cagatgttgc aaaggacagt gcttcagccc catttctccc atacttactt    117660
     tctcaggctg ttgagcaccg tgatgtttgc atacatgtag taggcatagt aagtataaga    117720
     cgggttgttt tccattgtcc actcctcggg tttgggactc ttggaggaaa acatgtgacc    117780
     actgtgtttg gattcatcat ccacactgtc aaagccagtg atctgtcaga aaagtgagcc    117840
     acactgtggg ttcagtctga gggcaggggc tctgcactca gtgaaactcc tcagacagct    117900
     ccaaagggga ggcggatgta aagagataac taagcaggag agtcagtgat ggccagcaag    117960
     gctaaatggc ttgtgaggag aagttaggag cccggaggct catgcttacg tgcttgagga    118020
     agacactgag gtctgggtga gcttgggggt tgatggtggc ctcaaacact ggaaggaaaa    118080
     tattctccag catctttccg aagtgtggca ggaaattctt ggatcggaac acatcactaa    118140
     aggcaaaagg gaagggaatt aggagagaga gcatagtagg acaactgtgc atgagccaga    118200
     ggaccaaatg ttacaggcca gaaaaagacc tgctgtgttc ctcctacacc cactcccaga    118260
     tattctctgt gcatacacat gaagaggagt ttgggttgaa ctgggcttag gattggccac    118320
     tgtacaacat attcctgctc ttttacaaac tctgtggcaa gaaaactcaa cctttacaac    118380
     tgagtccagc tatggggact atagtaattg cgtcatagag atatcagcga tcaaatacat    118440
     gtgtggtcac aagacagcaa acgggagtgg ctatcccgag tacctcttgg cgctagagag    118500
     atggctaagt ggttaatgag cattggctgt ttttccagag gacccaagtt cagttcccag    118560
     ctcatacagg gcagctcata ctgtaactct agccccaggg gacctgacac cctcatacag    118620
     acacaaatgc cagcaaaaca tcaatgcact aaaaagaaga gtacctctct ggggatgtag    118680
     ctcagttggc agagtgcttg tcttagggtt caatcccctg aactccataa accagacaga    118740
     agaaggggca tatgcctgga atttggtaat ttcagcactc aaagagagtc tctctctctc    118800
     tctctctctc tctctctcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    118860
     acacacacac acttcatttg tggtaataat aaatgacacc actctatata tgacaaaatt    118920
     ttttctagta acaactcaat acattaggtg ccatgtttag gtgttttgag aaatctgaac    118980
     tcagagattc atgggtgtgg agcaaacact aaaccggctg agccatctcc gcagtcccag    119040
     tgagggcaca cagtgggctg ccagagagcg tgtaagcatg taagttagac caaagatcaa    119100
     tgatcctgct cataggagag aagccatccc tgcaggcagg ggtgactgcc tatgatagga    119160
     aagagagtgg gcttcttcag ccgcactgcc gataaataat ctgattataa agaggttggg    119220
     ctcctgtggg tgagtcagcc ggtggtggca aaggttcaga aataaggcaa ctacaattgg    119280
     agtctgactt gacggcacaa ttctgtaatc tcagcgttca ggattcagag acagatggat    119340
     tatgagatca attctaatct gggctatata gtaagaccct gtctcaaaac taaaaataaa    119400
     gagccagata tggtgataca ggcctttacc cccagcactt gggagacaga ggcaggtaga    119460
     tctcctcaaa ttgaaagcca gcttgatctg catagaaagt tccaggccag ccaggactat    119520
     agagagagtt tctgtaccaa aaaataaaaa taaaataaag ttatatgcca atacagtaca    119580
     gacaaactgt aacacggaga agccagagtg tgatgtgcag agttcttact ctaacagaga    119640
     agactgatgg agtatgcaca cagttcttcc tctagctctg ttgttactta gagtaagaac    119700
     tatggaagta tttgcccatg gtgaaaatac atgctagtct ttattttagt ttgaaaaacc    119760
     aaactgaact gggtatggtg gtgcacacct gtaattcctg cactcagatg gtagaggcag    119820
     aaggatttca ggtttgaggc catcctgtgc tacataaaaa gaccttgagg gagagagaga    119880
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gattgattga ttgattctgg    119940
     agtgacttcc cttcagcaaa gctgactttt atctaaatga gctataactt tctggttcaa    120000
     gtggggagaa gaggcaggta agaggaaatg ggcttcagaa cgcctcccca ggggaaggga    120060
     caaatacata ctagatcctg gggacctgga tcatccacgt catgttgggg caatagatgc    120120
     gattgcagac aaaccaagag gagagtttgt tccactcatc tggactgcga ccgtagatgg    120180
     ataagcgagg ctctgcatgc tgatacttgg cctccaccag gtctgcaccc acctcctgca    120240
     aaaccaagag aggggtcgaa ggccagaaac tcccatcagc gcccccagag gtctagacca    120300
     gtcagattta gaaagagaag tcatgtaaat gtgaaaggga ggaagaaaaa ctattgaaga    120360
     gctaagggaa cagagagtca aggattggtt gaggacaaaa gactcaagtg gtcaagagtc    120420
     agacaaagga agacaagata gccatgggac cttctagaca gtgcagctgt atatacaccc    120480
     ccacccaacc ccctactcca cccgcacaac cccacacctc ctcgctcctc acccctagtc    120540
     tacttgctac tcttgcttct taaaccacat cacaaggatg cttctagctc tgcccaaacc    120600
     tcaggccagg tccttatcat ctaaaccaca ccttaacttc tctaccctag aaacagagac    120660
     atttccccca aggttcctcc ctcccctgtg gcccctcccc ctcccccttc tctccctccc    120720
     ttccttcttt cctgtctttc tctcctcccc tattcatgaa ccttaccaag tatttttttt    120780
     gtctcacctt gatgatagtg gcaaaatact ccccattaat gtagttgtct gtttttaggt    120840
     agaggtcccg aagctcactt gcacccacgg gattgtattt gtcattgaac ttatcaaaac    120900
     gttggaacgt ctggcgtccc tgaacgaaga aacaagagca gaaattttga ttatcagagc    120960
     ttcctggaag cagagtcccc agggacaacc aagcagaaca ggagaccaat ctcagggaaa    121020
     gaggctgggc tctaagaatg aagtccaggg tgagtgatac ctcaaaactc atcaggtgtg    121080
     ctttcagtca tcacagtagc caaggggtta cgagggatgt gctaagggag ggacggcttg    121140
     ggacatttgg ggttctctgc cattagagcg agtaaaacga acatcttccc aacctacagc    121200
     atgaacatcc agagagtcaa cagtcaggtc atagggatgc atattcaact tagcgaaaag    121260
     ttccttcaga gtcaggctct tctctttagt gctgtagacc accctgtcgg cgtcaatatg    121320
     gtaagatttc ttaatgaagc gcagcaggtg cttctggttc atgcaggcag ctgcatggat    121380
     gtgagtatcc acctaggcac acattcagag aaagaaaatg cagcgatcag ccttctgtat    121440
     acccccgtca gtgatcacaa ggcctgcaga ccccactgag gaaggaggga gagacagata    121500
     gtggtgagaa ctgatcacac tgatggtcgg tagaggtggc ccagtggtaa agacccactt    121560
     gtgtactctg tgcacctgtg caagaatgtg agccaggatg tgagcaggat gtagggaaga    121620
     tgtttgcgtc tctcaaacat cagcgcatcc aatacgctat catggctttt gtacccaaag    121680
     aagttaagat tgaagttatg aagcttgttg ggtacactgg cataagcctg taatcccagc    121740
     cagatctcag ccctggagag caggaggcag gaagatcaag aggttaaagc cacattcaaa    121800
     tatatatcaa gtttgaggac agagtgagct acacaagacc ctgcttcaaa aaacagctgg    121860
     gtggtggtga gaaggaagct ctcccacgct taaaatagta actcttcaaa gtttcgggtt    121920
     tgtactctac tggtgattat atttctgcag ttctgggccc caaactaagg gccttgcaca    121980
     cctcaagttg gacaatctct ctgctactca gcttcttccc agtgggctcc tcttcttaat    122040
     tataattttc ctgtgtcctc atctttctct tctctcctct tctctcctcc cctttccctt    122100
     tctctctctc tctttctttt atctttcttt ccttctttct ttctctctct ctctctctct    122160
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ttctttctct cttcgacaag caacagcatg gcctttcaaa    122220
     tctgctagat ataatttacc tgccttcact acaatccacg taacctgcag aagttgtagg    122280
     ttcctcagca agcggcatct ggtccctcag aagtctccac acaggtgtcc cctctgagca    122340
     gctctgagct gacacactta ccttcctgca gttataaaag tcccggtggg ggttgttctt    122400
     cagctccttc agctcatcca tctcgttgag catctgatgg acctggaact tggaggagag    122460
     gaacttcagg cggcggtgag cataagtctt actgtggaaa gtgaacacac aggatcctaa    122520
     gcatctttct cgacatgtaa ggaaaatggt atttcaaagc ctccaggact cttctcaccc    122580
     ataagaggga gtggttgcag gaacagatac tgctttcttc cagttaatcc cactgaaaaa    122640
     gtacccagct ttccatcaga gctggacatg gtgatgaggg agcactagag atggcattta    122700
     aaaatctatg aggcctgtgt aggtcaaggg taagggccct ggctgtggag tccgtagact    122760
     tgggcaccat cctggtccag cactgtgtga cattgagcta attactggct ccctccactt    122820
     tcagatgctt caactcctta aactgtaatt aaggtatttc agggtagggt ggaaccctgg    122880
     ggagaggaat ctgtagttaa gaagacctga gtttggttcc tagcacctat atgtagcatc    122940
     tcaccactcc acatgtaacc actgggccag gtgatctgat acctctggtc tctataggat    123000
     ctgcactcac atgcagacac ttgcacataa acataattaa aaaaaagaaa agaagccggg    123060
     cagtgatggt ggtacacacc tgtgatcctg gacataggag gcagaggcag gaggttctct    123120
     aagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccaaga caaccagggt tacacagaaa    123180
     aaccctgtct caaaacaaaa caaaacaacc caagataata aagataatga tgataaaata    123240
     aaaaataaaa taaaatctaa agaaaaaaag agtagggttg tagctcagtt gatagaatgc    123300
     ttgcctagca agtaagatgt cctgtgtttt atccccagga ctgcataaac tgcaaatgat    123360
     ggtgcaaacc tgtagtccta gcccctggga tgtagaggca ggagggtaga aattcaaggt    123420
     cagtcaggac tacatagcaa gtttgatgtt aacctggccc acttgagaca cttcaaataa    123480
     ataaacagat aataggtagg taggtaggta gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    123540
     tagatagata gatatagaga gatagagaga taggtggata gatagatgat aaatagatta    123600
     gataaataga caatagatag agaaatgata gatgatagat agatagatag atagatagat    123660
     agatagatag atagatagat atgatagata gattagatag agaatagata gatagagatg    123720
     aaagatagat gatagataga ttagataaat agagaataga tagatagata gatagataga    123780
     tagatagata gatagataga gatgatagat agatgataga tagatagata gatagataga    123840
     tagatagata gatagataga tagaaatgtg catgcataag gcccttgcaa ggaatgaagg    123900
     agttgaaggc agtatttgac aatgataagc atgtgaaaag cattcttatg accatcagta    123960
     acactggctg ctaatgttca gatctcggta aacacttaca caggcccttg tgcaattaga    124020
     gcaagcaaaa aattcatgtc atccaggaag tcatccagat ttgggtaagg gtagggcttg    124080
     ggctcatctc tgttggctgc cgcttcatca gggtagatgt aaatcacacc agctttcatc    124140
     ttgaggtgat agcccaggtt tgcaggaagg tcctctgtgc gaaaggggtc ttcacccttc    124200
     ttcggaggag gggtaaatac tttttcaata aaacacagag taatagatca gcacatagga    124260
     ggaatgacca tgtaaaaaat aacccaaata agaaatattg caaattacat tcgtttgtca    124320
     tctcatactt catcagttat agtccaacat tatttaactt gtcttttttt tttttccatt    124380
     tttttattag gtatttcgct gtaccaaaga agctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctataggtgg    124440
     aataacttgt ctttttttaa agacagggtc tcactatgta accctggctg tcctagaact    124500
     tactatgtaa accagtccag cctaaacgca tactcagaga gatcctctgc ctcccgagtg    124560
     ctgggactaa agtcatgcac cataacactc agcttcattt gtcctttaaa caaagcttat    124620
     tctcccaaag tgacttaaat tgttagtata gaaataacta ggagccaggc attgctgacg    124680
     cctttgatct cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggctatct ctgagtctga ggccagcctg    124740
     atctacagag tgagtttcag aacaggcagg gctatgcaga gaaacgctgt ctcaaaaaac    124800
     aaaaacaaac aaacaactat gataatattt tatttatcat aaggatgatt ttcaagttat    124860
     ttagtagtat ttatataata aatacactac ttagaaatac tttttaaatt ttatctttga    124920
     gacaaagtct cattatgaat ccttggctat tctctcactc gctgtgtaga ccaggctgcc    124980
     ctccatctca tagagatcca cttgcttctg cctcccgagt gctaggatca aaggtgtagg    125040
     tcactacttc ttatttctat taattcattc atgtgtttct tgtttgtttg tttagttaat    125100
     tagttaatta gttaattagt tagttagtta gttagttaag gagatgggag tggagggtgg    125160
     actttctaga gtggctcttc cagcccaagc tggtctccaa cttgttctgt agttaaggaa    125220
     ttaccttata ctcctgattt ctggtttctg ggcttccagg caggtgtaac cagatgtgat    125280
     gataaagact tttaatttcc tgaaattggt cacacagact ttctgcttgg tgcagtttat    125340
     tgctttattg aaaaattata taaaggtgtg ataaaactcc agagtgttac ttaaaaacaa    125400
     aaactgcatg cctttaatcc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc    125460
     gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagtttc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct    125520
     gtctcgaaaa ataaaaacaa aaacaaaaac agcctcttgc cagatacttt tgatgtacac    125580
     ctttagtccc agcactaggg aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgtgagttc aaggtcagtc    125640
     tggtctacag agcaagtttc aggacagtca gagctacata gtgaaaccct gtctttaaaa    125700
     gcctttcccg ggggctggtg agatggctca gtgggtaaga gcacccgact gctcttccaa    125760
     aggtccagag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatccg taacaagatc    125820
     tgactccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctactgtgt acttacatat aataataaat    125880
     aaatcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagtttggag tgcttgtcct gtgtaatacc cctttcctgt    125940
     ttaaaataat aataataata ataataaata aataaataaa atcctttccc tccaaaaaaa    126000
     gaagaggagg gaaggagaac cggggaggag gagaaggaag aaaaagagag aaagaaacaa    126060
     tagtgttcag tttgtaccct gaagacttgg gttgactcta gacttgtaga tttagggtaa    126120
     ataagtaagg aaaaaggcaa accagagatg gggagaagct agaaacagaa caactgcaag    126180
     aaagtgcaga actacaggga gatctaggaa ggcttctaac taaagctgga ggtagtgtgc    126240
     tagcctgtct ttcgtgaact tgagaaggta ggtcaaagag cccaaggaca tcagcagcta    126300
     caaatctagt ttggagttac ctgggtaact tgaggtcctg tcacagacac gcccatccat    126360
     aacaaagagg tagggagggg atagaagtgt tggtccagaa gtaggttaag tgagccagta    126420
     ggaacctgaa tggctgaaac gccctttgga tggaggcagg tgattctgac tggctatgta    126480
     gagaggggat ggggagcttg gacatttttt ttttaaatca ggaaaataac acagtagaac    126540
     tgtgctttaa taaccagcag agaagcgaga atgagacaaa gagacaaaga caaagagagc    126600
     gaggctgaat cgtagccaag taattaggac acctttacaa ccactgagac tacgagatac    126660
     acaggtctaa cttgggggtt cagagatcct gaagagaggt attataaggg ctcaatcgag    126720
     tgaccgatgt gggccgcggg ttagggccaa tggcaaccga gatactttta aggctgggtc    126780
     actgatcatc taagatcata tgttaaagtt catatttaga gccaggcggt ggtggcccat    126840
     gactttagtt ccagcactca cttaggaggc agaagcagga ggatctctaa gtttgaggcc    126900
     agcctggtct acaaagcaaa ttctgggata gtcaggacta cacagagaaa ccctgtctca    126960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaac caaaatccta tttagtagat    127020
     aagcctaaag ccgtatcctt atgttcatga gagactcggt tacctgggta gaagctctcg    127080
     tttcctacca aggcttcgcc atcaatgttc ctcaagtact tggagggggt cttggggaac    127140
     ctctggaatg acttctgcat gtatttctct cgtatacaca atgcccgata gagaccttta    127200
     caaaccacct caaagtcttc aacggttacc tgccaagaaa gtgtcagagc tgagcctgtg    127260
     agacccaaga aagtggacag gctgacctct catagttgtg gctttcctgt gtgctgtggc    127320
     ctcgttgagc ctgtccagcc tgccctgctg attcctcctg ccctgggacc ctgggaccct    127380
     gggactctct gcaggaaaga cgccgttttt cctacctctt ttaattctgt accatacctt    127440
     acctgcagta gaaatcttcc ctatgagttt tgcatttgtt tctgggggtt ttttgttgtt    127500
     aggactcaaa aattcggggc taaatactct attttttttc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    127560
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttcctttcat tttttttttt ctcttccaga cagggtttct    127620
     ctgtgtcgcc ctggctgtcc tgaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaattcagaa    127680
     atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgtgccacc aggcccggct    127740
     aaaaagaact ttttattatc actgtctgtt ttctgtttgg ttttaggtta tcacataaag    127800
     cactgggttt cttcatggcg tcttcacatc tgtgccgata tactttattc ttacccactc    127860
     ccttgcgctg tgccccaccc tacgcccctt cctcccacag ctgctcccgg ctctcatctt    127920
     gttcccctgc tttcctagcg catcctctca tctccccctt ccttcggacc tcttccccat    127980
     ttcatgatcc ctttcccaat ttctggtttt gtcacacaca cacaatttta aaactaggtt    128040
     ctgcatatga gaaaatgtgg aatttcacct cccgtgcttg tgctttataa ttgcatctgt    128100
     tctgaatatg ccatgatgtc acaattgtgt gtgtggtgta ggtgcacagt tggcaactgt    128160
     gtgcgaccaa ggaggacacc aagtgtcttg ttctgtcagt ctctgcctta ttcccttgag    128220
     agagggtttc tcagagaacc tagagctaag ttgacaggta ataggaccca gggaccctcc    128280
     tgtctctgct gcctgtagca ctggggttac aaggcaagtg tggccatgtc cagcttttta    128340
     catgggtcct ggggatttga actcagatcc ttcctgcttt cactttaagt ggtctttgag    128400
     tactcacttt aagtacacgc attgggtaca ctttaagcac tcagtgagtc atccccaggc    128460
     cgtgcgattc catttgtaag aagacccagt ctaccattgc atatgtgttc ttcccttcgt    128520
     gagacatttg cacactgaaa gtacatactt ctgaaattag atatcatggc acatgcctat    128580
     aattccagca cttggaaggt tgaggctgta agttcaagac cagccagatc tacacaagca    128640
     ttccaggaca aggtcttatc tcaaaacaaa aacaaaaaaa cccaatatgg gctggtgaga    128700
     tggctcagtg ggtaagagca cccgactgct cttctgaagg tcagttcaaa tcccagaaac    128760
     cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tccataacga gatctgactc cctcttctgg agtatctgag    128820
     gacagctaca gtgtacttac atataataaa taaatatttt aaaaaaaaac ccaatacaat    128880
     aaaatataaa cttctgagtg tagtatctca actgtcaaat tatattgacg aggaccagca    128940
     gttgttaagt cagggtctca ctttatagct gaggcttgac ctccaattcc ttatcttctt    129000
     gccttagaga caaggtctca tgtagccaga caggtctcca acttactatg ttgccgacaa    129060
     tggccctaaa ctccccctac cttttccacc ctggtgctgg ggttataggt ctgagacaac    129120
     atacctagct ttaaaaaaag ttttgagaca ctgtcttgaa ctcactatgt agcccagacc    129180
     tcaaattcct gtttcatctt tcttaggagt acaggcatgt gtcaccatgc ccagcttctt    129240
     ttagacagtc gtagagaatt ttatctctgt gttaaaagag aataaaacct ggtttgagct    129300
     gctggaaatt tgctgcctta cctccagttt actgaactat cagagcctca aagaccttct    129360
     ctctggggac aacataagtg tgatctcaaa ggctggagat acagatgacg gatcctgact    129420
     ggtaagtcta ttttgagagc tcatttggag ttctatcagg ggagtgcagc tgctggctgg    129480
     tatacccttg actgaagtgg ggtcctcctc ttcggggtcc tcttccgctg actgtgcaac    129540
     tcagggaatg acacagacat atggagccgg tgaggaagga gacacccagc cagccagatc    129600
     caagaatgaa ccctggcaat cagcagggtg gcatatgtca cagacagaca gctcacactc    129660
     agtctatttt gaaagataga tgcttacatt agctcaaaga acccagagca agcctaggtc    129720
     tgaggtcagc ttccaaagac acttgttcta tcagctcctc acagctcctc accgactagg    129780
     gtgggcttct actcacctga atgtgcccag ccctcggcac cttagcattt aaggcctaga    129840
     tgcaataagg cctagcaata aggcccttat tgggtcaatt acttatcagg ctccataggc    129900
     cctgagacct tagtcctgag actcccctcc ccatctccgt gcttactctt cgaggatgct    129960
     cctgttggct accgagcaca gccaagagga acattgctca gcagcataac cttactcagc    130020
     tgctaagtga agccacaaga ccccatgccc aggtctctgg tgtgaggtca ctcttccctg    130080
     acttccgtac atttctctcc tctttctgtt ctcgtgactc ctgagcgcac gggtgccaag    130140
     tgtgtctcct gagctttaag ctttgaaatc tggagtttcc caaattgtgt ttatcacgtc    130200
     tttaacattt catcaagaaa ttcatgtcag ctctttaccg tctgttcctg ccgactgctc    130260
     ggcgccctgg ttaccatact gaagaaaata aacagacaag aatggcttgt gtttcagcac    130320
     actgagcctt gggaatgtct caggccttac cctgctgggt cagttacatg aggcaggggc    130380
     tcagcatagg cacggaatcc gtatttggag cagagactga gcgctcgata acagtttcac    130440
     caatatggtg ctgatactgc aagtccctgt agcagagatt tattaactgg ccaactgtta    130500
     ggataagaca agcagggcac actgttagta acctgagttc agtatccccg tgacatacta    130560
     gaatccactc caagggatac ctgctgtgta agctactgca acaaaccccg ggggctttat    130620
     atggtctaaa gacaatggct tcggtggaat tttctttttc gtctttatct tttttttttt    130680
     ttttattatg tgtgtgaatg ttttgcatgc ttgtgtgtgt gagaccacaa tcatacccat    130740
     ggtggggcgg gccggtcaaa ggtattgcat cccttgggat tggaattcca gacagttgtg    130800
     agccaccaca tgtgtgctgg gaattgaacc caggttctct gccagagcag tcagtgctct    130860
     taactgctga accattcctc cagcaccccc tccgctagat ttcccttgat ttgtttgttt    130920
     gtttgtttgt ttggggcacg tgccatggtg catatatgca ggtcagagga caactgcagg    130980
     agttggttct ctccaccacc atgtggaagc tggggcttga actcaggcct ccagcctcct    131040
     tggcaagctc agctaacctg cagtgccctc cgccctcatc ccctcacctc tgtttttact    131100
     ttatggtgca gtcagctaca accaagtgtt cttccctgct gctcgcttta gtccatttgc    131160
     ccagtctgtc cactgctgtc tgggttatct acagtgaatc ctttccttct tcgtggtgtc    131220
     agtgtattag caattcagat aaagaagaca ttgtgtggga tgacggagca acacaggaat    131280
     gtgacattca ttaggactga gatgcagagg aagcagggca agtgacgcaa gcgatacccg    131340
     ctttcacagg aaggcaagac agcatggagc tgcacgtgtc tgtctttggg gacatctgca    131400
     cggcaaagca cgactcaccc ccgaggcata gtctccagtg atctgcaccc tctggaagtc    131460
     aggcacactc tcgtaggttg gggatgaaga aataaattct tcgatgtggg acagtttggt    131520
     agaagatgtt tcactttgtg gaatggacaa attaacagtc ttccgtcctt ggaaacgcct    131580
     ttttctgggt ttgaaattaa caaataataa taataattag cttggtcctc ctcaggagtt    131640
     ccattggaat agatggattt ttcactatgc tggtttattt tgaggacaaa aaaagtaaaa    131700
     aattaaaata tggactggtt gtcagaaaca agatactacc atagtgaaag aagaaagtac    131760
     ccagcaaatt cgaaggccgc ttttagtaca ggggactcaa ggctgggaat atattagaag    131820
     gccttcaaca taacacactc cttccaaagt ggtctggtgt gaacagagtc agcaatccag    131880
     ctgttacagt gaactcaggt ggtggcagct gtatcctgtg acattgtatt cacgctcctt    131940
     acattctctg aacttctatt ccctggcagc tcagtaccat ggctgaggaa gttctgttac    132000
     agctcacgtc tgaaatccca ccctgagctg aaggctcagc agctgatgga aaggaatgag    132060
     gtgcttatca ggggcatgct cttgaagggg atactgagac cccgagcctt cctcctccct    132120
     tctccctctt tgtgccataa agctaccagc tttgctccat catgaactcc gtgatgtccc    132180
     tggtcaccac aggcccaaac aacagggtca actgaccgtg gactgaaaac cctgagactc    132240
     tgagctcaaa taaactgttc cttctttaag tccacgtgtt tgggtgtttt gtcacaatga    132300
     tgacaagcta aagtagctag ctaccttata gaatttatgt tatgtgagat gtaatgcata    132360
     tcaaatgcct tgcatattat tagaaacttt cgtgttgttt tttgttgttg ctattttggt    132420
     tgttttttgt tttttgtttt ttgttttttt cccctctgtg tagtcccagc tatcctgaaa    132480
     ctcactttgt agactaggct agtcttgaac tcacagagat ctgtctgcct cagcctcccg    132540
     agttctggaa ttaaagttgt gtgccaccac tcctggctga tactgttttc ttatatgaac    132600
     agttttttgt tttggggggt tttgttttgt tttgtttttg agtttctact ttgaagagag    132660
     actatccctg agtgaggtcc ttcagaggat ctcaaaggag acgatttgct gtttctcctt    132720
     taaaggtata aaaccaagaa aaagacagca caggagacca gtgggctggg gactgctgaa    132780
     agcgagagaa ctgtgtggta cagagctata gggagtgaaa taaagggaaa ttattctttt    132840
     catgaaagac ctctggtaac tccggcgggg gaggggaggg taacacgcat gacaggtgca    132900
     ataatgggca gagatgaaga catgtccctc taaggtcaag gtgtcctcag acttgccaga    132960
     gagggattcc tatcagagag cagcagcgct gttgactagg ggacatggct gaagatgagg    133020
     catttgtgtt ccagctcccg tgccaactat gtctatgttg agagtgctaa ctgcagctgt    133080
     cagcccactc cggaggctcc agttctcttc cgggggtgat agaaaggctt gatttagctt    133140
     acggggtaga tgacagcagg aggggactgc tttctttttt ttctctgtcc cttctcgact    133200
     caccctaacc tatgcaaaga ggaggagaaa gaactcggaa cccgggcaga gctcttcctt    133260
     tccgtgtgat ccacactcag ccagaccttc attcaggagc cgccacactt tgtcccaagt    133320
     tgccacactt acctcctgcc atccatggac aggttctcca tgtggaatat gtgggcctgc    133380
     atctcatgaa gggaaattgg gcagatctca tccacgtcga agggggagat ctcgtgccga    133440
     cctccctcat ctttgacttc agaggcaaac actttttcag caaagctacg cattgcatca    133500
     tcaatttcta aaaaaggttt ttcacatatt agttgacacc cttgtccaaa agccacccag    133560
     gagtttcctt gaaaggtcag gcacaaggat taggacaatg tgtgttggct tcatggtttc    133620
     cctgatctcc aaccagagct ccaggctggc tttcacatta ctgcagggtt gtgtatggag    133680
     cacacatctg aagaacccta cagatgcagc tagactccta caggacaaac tcttcatgta    133740
     acattacttc ttcctggcag ggctaagctt ggttttatag ttatcacaca acacagtcct    133800
     ttccattggg tcatctggtt cttcctgata gttttgaaga cactataaaa aggatcgatg    133860
     atcctgggag ctaacctcca tgtttgtttg ttggttggtt ggttggtttt ttgatttttt    133920
     taagcttgac atctatgata tgttgttatg tggtaaaagg gagttgccaa agcttagtag    133980
     tatgtgatgg gagtccattc cttgtgggca tggcctttga caatgagtga cccttagaaa    134040
     gccaacctac tgttgttcct tatattcccc cacccccacc ccgtgtgtgt gtgaatgtga    134100
     gacagacaga cagtcagaca gacagacaga gacagagaga ggcagaacag aggcacagag    134160
     acagaaagaa acagagacag agggacagag gcagaaagag agacagagag agagagagag    134220
     agaggcagag cacaccttgg ggtgtcagct tgctccttcc accatgtggt gggttccagg    134280
     gactgcatgg actcagccca catctcccca ttctgtttgc ttgctttgtt ttgcttccct    134340
     ttcttttttc aagacagggt ctctctgtgt catcctggct gtcccggaat tcactcttgt    134400
     agaccaggat ggccttgaac tcagagatcc acttgcccct gcctcccaag tgctaggatt    134460
     aaaggcatgc gccaccacca cccagccaaa gttttcccat tcttaaaatg aagaaacaag    134520
     gctgagctcc acaaccctga cagtgaataa tccccagacc ttcaggatgt aagacccagt    134580
     ttcatcattt ggggtagcgg tggcccaaaa gtgtctgttt ttctgttgaa ttccactgtc    134640
     ttctctacat acccagctca ctagccatct tctaactcac acttctaaga gccttttggt    134700
     atttctagaa aacagctggt gagcagtact gagaacagca aagagctact ggagcaacag    134760
     acacagaaat ttgccatgga gatgacagag caattgaccc agtgagaatg gcctctgtgc    134820
     ccgggtctat gcaggcctcc aaaaggtgat tattttcaat cagatgtagt ggataatgag    134880
     ttcaagtcct gtgcttatca actccctcac cctgctctgt ttcaccttaa ccgtttcgtg    134940
     ttaagtaggg gtactaacac cacccaacct cactctcaag gctgttgtga cacaatgtgt    135000
     gtggaaaccc ttcaagaaaa acaaagcatc agattaaact gaatgaggta attatttggc    135060
     agtgctgggc aagctcacag ttgtttagct ttgggccatt aaggatgata tgtagttatg    135120
     atgggatgga ataaagcatc cattagaaat gatagcgagt gacttgtaat gtcaccaacg    135180
     atgtcaggtg actagattaa aatcctggcc ggtgatggca gagttaatag ggaagatggt    135240
     gttacttgaa tctcgaacac tcatttgtct tgtcatgctc caacacatcc agaaacctcg    135300
     aatcgagaag cgagcttggg agctgttagt cgttcattgg caagcacagt agcccacagc    135360
     gaagcaaatg gaacggtaag tagacataag tgatggctga ggcctcccca gctgacccct    135420
     agaaatagca tcgttcctcc cagagtatca tgggcacctc ggagatgagt ggcaggggaa    135480
     gttagatgct tcatgcgcca tgaagggcaa atggagatag gtcagttggt tatgatgatg    135540
     agaatgaggt gtcaatggct tgtcgtgctg cgcctgtggc agtgctgttg aggaccttag    135600
     gaagggaccg tatagaattg atgccagaga ccctatccca tctggtgaca tcctggctct    135660
     tccggaacaa ccatttatta tctgggactg tttatatcca cttgcttcat acatttttaa    135720
     aaagtatagc tttttactaa ggctgcattt ctctaaacca ctatcgacga ctgaaagtta    135780
     tatcctcaag tagcttacgt gatgacccaa aatgatatgg ttgctatttg gttccacaga    135840
     attagacagc agatttgaca ccatgcaagc acagctgaaa ttcgatcgct aattcgaggg    135900
     cactgccttt cccactactt ctgggcatga tggtgacttc aggcaggaaa aagtgaagtt    135960
     ggtatttaaa agtaagtaga taagatgtgc tgacaatcca aattcaggaa ggaaaaaaaa    136020
     tctcctcggg catgtggaga taattaccga ccccttctta gcatgtttga gatcatgaga    136080
     cggctgaggg gtggtggtgt ctcagggaca ggatgtctat ttcaggacag atagaaaaga    136140
     aaaaggtaaa atggcaaaac agggcactgg attaaggtgg gaaagggtgt ccatggcatc    136200
     tgggtagcct tgaacaaacc acagtcacca ggggcctcat ggttcatcat catagaagga    136260
     ggatgttaat aacaagtcac cctcggcatg ctaccatgga gatcaaatgt gaaatattta    136320
     aagtctgtgt agcgctctct ctaatacccg ggattaccaa tgcaggaagt actcagctct    136380
     tgagaaaaag atcgccatgc tcacttccac agcccgcagg tccggaaagc caggcctatt    136440
     tcccagcaga gttcattcat gtgtggggta ggccaacttg caggctccag cctcccacat    136500
     ctcagtttac caaggaactt ggagacagaa ccacatcagt cagcaaaaga acgttaaaac    136560
     tggagagtgg gcagaacgca caactaaagc taattttatc gaaaatcatg ttttatctgg    136620
     ccaaaaaaag aaaaaaaatc acaaccaaat ttgttttgca ctagaggatc acctaactcg    136680
     aggtttagta cactctgctt actaatctgt atggtttatt taaaaatagc aaacaagtga    136740
     cttgggaggt ggcctttatt tgcctgtgcg ttttctggtt atactttaag acagattttc    136800
     attctggggg ccaggctagc tttggactct ccattcccct gcctcagcct ccccaatgct    136860
     gagattacat gccctggctc acatttcctt tacgggagga aaatagtggg tgttttgttt    136920
     ttagtttttg tgttttggaa atccaggaga accatgaagg ttgtttgcta tctacggtta    136980
     ttactgatca ttgctggctt tgagtggttc catttataaa cactgctgag aaataggccc    137040
     ctttgtaaat taaggaacac tgtcacttct tttacagata cttgcaatcg gcaggaaaaa    137100
     tagtccaaaa tactcacgtt ttccttgacc tgtgtgaagt gaaacaaatg agacacgaca    137160
     tatgaacaac tctgggcatc tgttgtggcc atgaacccag gctctgagaa acagcctgta    137220
     ggctgccaca gagaggagta ggccaagtgt tctagctcat cttcagtcta cgcactgccc    137280
     aaggccattg tggggataag gtcactaaat gctttctttc ccatccttcc tagcatatgt    137340
     ctttaagcat ataatatcct ttaaaaagca cttctttgca gggctgtggt gctgggtggg    137400
     aattgaacct gggatgtgtg ctaatgtcaa gctcacactc cactactgag acgctaaagg    137460
     tacttgtagg atggaaattt aaagggaaac aaaggattaa tctgttgaag agcactagaa    137520
     ctctcaaaca atgctgggac tgggcaaaca aagcagctta tttggtagca ccgaacaagt    137580
     gggtagcatc cacggaacca ccatttctga aagttttaga tgcaaataag gtcaggagga    137640
     cgtttataca tgtaaaatat ggtttaaaaa aaaaaccgca ggagataact aagaaaactc    137700
     aaatatcatc cagccatttc aaatggtttt aggaagcact tggaataaat acataatcgt    137760
     catcacatta tgttaagcta aagtttatcc tgcccaaaag ttgaacaatc ccaggtgtaa    137820
     cagaaatgca actgtattct taacggcgtt cttactctcc cataacccac agactgagac    137880
     gctgaactcg gaaatgtttt gtgaatccct caacaagact atgtgacttt ttaagttact    137940
     attttctagt tttcctaagt gagtgtttat tactttaaca tttggtgtaa ttgttctttt    138000
     tatttcacat gtctggcatt ttacagtgaa acacgcatac aactgatttc ttttttaaaa    138060
     gaatcctctg agttcaagtg tggaccgtag aacactggaa cagtctgggc taacgttcct    138120
     cccatggtca tgatctttag gacaggactg acaacccttt tctgggctgt gaaatcagtt    138180
     ttctaaggga ttcaaagata tagtttgaga aaataaccct cctcccacta ccagaaagaa    138240
     agcaaacact gaaaatgctt ggccttggcc tgacgtgtcc atctgaagct attatgaacc    138300
     ccacataaag ggttgctgaa tctgacacag tagttaaagg aatggttgca tacggaaaat    138360
     taaaaaaaaa aaatccctga tttccaaaaa attctccaaa tcctttctgc acacctacct    138420
     gttagtttga atagaggcat tgtggctggg atccttgatt ctaggatagc acagcagagg    138480
     aaggagagag actgtgggga tggcggaatg actctctgaa ataccaggac actcatttta    138540
     ttattttgtt ttgccccctg taatctgacc cttccctgct aaaaggggag atgagctgca    138600
     gacctattta tagctttagg caacgacagt gagcaacagg tgaagcctcc agtctttatc    138660
     ttggaatttt agaaaaggta gcgatagtgg ccagaaatcg aatttcaaca ttccccacaa    138720
     acatgctggc tcatcaagtg tgccttttct tactcgatgt gatcctgtgt ttattttcca    138780
     ctccacttac agcacagtgt caggggcttc tgaaaaggag catcctaaca ccaggagggc    138840
     tttctgcagt tggtgaatgt catcgtacgt tcataagtct tttgctcaca ctcttaccca    138900
     aacatactct cacacactta acactcacac ttatacaccc aaatgctcta tcacacacac    138960
     cacactcaca cactcccatg cacagccaca cacaactctt ttacacacac acacacactc    139020
     atacacacta catatactca acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac agacacacac    139080
     acacacacac acacacacac agacacacac acacactttt accagttgtg tgatctcatt    139140
     gtttgaaagc tgtgactggc ctgggcagta gcatatagta agcaagaaag ataaagctcc    139200
     tacttaaatt ctgacagaca atatccaata aaacactctt gaaaattagg cgggatggag    139260
     aatgcctgca ctcagggagt agaagcagga agattgtgaa ttcatggtca ccttcaacta    139320
     tgtagcaagt taagactagc ctggggtaca ggaaactccg gctcaatatc acacaaaatt    139380
     tctaaaataa tatcaggttt taatgaatgc tatgaaaaaa acaaatcatg ctgctttcta    139440
     gtggtgaaag aggatttggg ctaattctgt aatgtaggtc aggaaactct ctccttgtgc    139500
     ttaatgaaaa atgggggcta gagttggctc caaggttcag agtacatatt gctcatgtca    139560
     aattcctggg ttcaatttct agcaccctta tgacatctca ctagtatctg taactccagc    139620
     cctaggcaac tgcatgttct cttctggccg ctaaggctag tcacacacct gtagagcaca    139680
     cacaaacata ttggtgcaat aaacatcttg aaattacatt ttatttattt atttgtgctg    139740
     tatgggaatc agagtacaac ttttgggagt cagttctctc ctacagtgtg agttccacgg    139800
     atggaactcg ggttgtcagg cttccagcag gtacctttcc tgctgagcct cgccactgac    139860
     tcccaggctt gttactagga tggagtttag atattgtgca catttccatg actgcaccca    139920
     tggatgccat catgccctct gtcacagact ggactcagtt ggtcttttaa cccgtgggga    139980
     actaggatac tggtataggt gagcaagggg tcagtggatg agaaagcaga cacggacact    140040
     agagagagtg ttgtatctga ttgtaatttt ttaaagcaac caccagactt ataatacaga    140100
     agaaaaacaa gaaagctagg caacacatca gccatgggac atcgagatgc ataatggttc    140160
     tttacacaaa acaaagaaaa tgtatacata aaaagctggc aggagccagg cagtgtttac    140220
     aactgagata ggaacagccc tatctaaaat cagctattta caggagccag gtgaaagatc    140280
     tgatgcaatg ctagtctatt gttaaaccca ccaccagggg tcccttagta aatacctaat    140340
     tatgttattt ctctaggcct agtgaaaaac atgcaccagg ggaatttcgt tttactaacc    140400
     tttttatgaa taatacttta gttcttctta aaaccacaac ccaccttctt tctactatta    140460
     tgtaatgtag gctgccattc atgtttgcaa tgagaatttt acgtttactg ttttgaacta    140520
     gccctgagaa tacttgctcc tatctggcaa actgagatgc ctgattacta actgtcaaca    140580
     ctggggcatt ttgtctgaat gaataacatt tttacaaaat tcgaagctca gggtcagctc    140640
     aaggcctgcc tagcacattg gtgaaggcca ggaagcaaag tttaatttga tttaggttat    140700
     ttataaaatc atttcttgga ggcccctata ataaaacaat actgaaagaa cgcacacaga    140760
     cccattcact gactaatgca gcaacaggtt tggagcattt gtgccaaggt tccaggagac    140820
     tgagtttctg ttaaactcgg cctcaggact gcatccaagc ttttgggcct gccatacagt    140880
     ctttactgga gtgggtgtgg cagcactccc agaagatcac ctgctcgtct ctcaaaaatg    140940
     actggtgctg tagacatggt taagcgtgtt tgcagaggat ttgggtttgg ttcccagtac    141000
     ccacatcaga gagctcacaa ctcattgcaa ctctagctcc agatctgaca ctgtgcctcc    141060
     ttggtacaca ctcagcatga atgtgtatct ttcagtctct gtctgttctc tctcaaaccc    141120
     agagcatcga tgcctactat acaagtgttc tacctctgaa catcttctct tcttctcctc    141180
     ctcctctttc tccccccacc tctcttttcc aacagggtag gtttctactt gtagccctgg    141240
     ctctgtcctg gaactcattc tgtaaatcag ggtggcttga actcaagaga tctgcctgct    141300
     tctgcttcct gagtgctagg attaaaagca tgaatcacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    141360
     aaaaaaaaaa gaagagccgg gcgtggtagc gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcgggaggc    141420
     agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca    141480
     gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtcgcg aaaaatccaa aaaaaaaaaa agcatgaatc    141540
     accactgcct ggtgattttg attgattctt cctgagacaa gttctcatga agtccagtat    141600
     aacctccaac tctccattct cattcctcag ccttcagagc tatgtgctgc catatctagt    141660
     tccactgttt ttcagaatgg catgacaata tcaacagctt gctctccata tctttggatt    141720
     ctgctcctat agctgaaaac agcttttaag acactgtgtt tggaggtcag gcttgttggt    141780
     acactcttgt tatccagtac cacaaattta aggctaacct gggctataat gagaatgcta    141840
     gaccagccag ggctattaaa tgagatcctt tcttgggggg ggcgggagag ggggaaaaca    141900
     aaactagtgt gttctagtgg cttgagcctg taatccaaac tactcaagaa ctgaggcagg    141960
     tcagtcgtaa actcaaggcc tgcctgggct ttagaactag tcccagggac ttctggtaac    142020
     ttggtgagat gctcagataa gattagatac acaagagatg tactatgtgt gggcagtgcc    142080
     tggaacagct aaaaagggag acagcccaag tagatgggag gaccttcaga tggaagagct    142140
     gaggaggtca gaaaagcccc ggcaaagttc caattgttcc agggagcaat accccggaaa    142200
     agatttacag ttggaagagg cccacagaca gcagacttgg cccctctttg gcacccactc    142260
     tgtttattac tgattttgag gtacagataa agagcatagt tttaggggtg cagataaaaa    142320
     catgaagcag ctagaagctg tcatctagct atcttcctcc aaaccagagt aggagcaggc    142380
     cggggagatg cttagtactt gctgctcttc cagggggcca gagtttctct ctttctctct    142440
     ctctctctct ctctctcaca cactgttgca gcagggccca agtactgttc tcagaaagga    142500
     acacaggctt tactaatatc agtttgtatg ccactctagg gtttcatttc tgaactttaa    142560
     acttaaatgt caaccttctc aaattttaca ggcaaaataa gcataaattt acaagatctt    142620
     ctgacctaac tttcaagatg tctttaaatt ctatctacta tggattttaa aatccattca    142680
     gatcaggtat gcttggtctc agttgagcaa atttatataa attttgtatt taccaaactg    142740
     attttacaca cacacacccc tcaaaatgtt taaaataatg tgcaaggctt ttttgactta    142800
     aaaatcatag tctatacatc tcaagctact acagagaata ccaccatttt tcacatccat    142860
     agccatttgg aagaacactt tttctgaaca gggcaagact ccaaactcct atctctaaat    142920
     gttctgacag ttgccagttt ccaaccacat ctgcccaggt aggcatggag ctgcctgtct    142980
     ttggaagctg ctggtatcac tttgaccccc aaatgttcct acacaaagtt ttggcaactg    143040
     gaatttgtat ttgttaaagc aaagactgga tcccaccatc tgggttgaga ggtaaccagt    143100
     tcccatttcc aaatggatta cagtgatggt gtgtgtgggt tatccctgtg atagaacagt    143160
     ttccaagcaa ggatgaaggc caccttcagc tcaagtttga cactaaaaag tgtacttgtt    143220
     aatctatttt ggtatattct tcaatttggt tttcatctgg tggatgtgtt agtgcctggt    143280
     tactttgtaa gcacacaaag ccttcttagg cagttttgca atatgatcac tcaggacgtc    143340
     ttggccgctt tccatgaatt tatgggtatc aggtaactca tgcaaccaca ctgggctttg    143400
     atgaccttga gtattgcttg tcatgagagg cgaacataca caagagctgc agagctgaac    143460
     cctagcaacc tcgtttctcc aggtaggcgt cgtgtcagtc taaaatattt ggatcctgag    143520
     tggttctact tacaagtatt ttgtcacttc aatttggttt tctcctcttg cctctacttc    143580
     cccaatgcta ggattgtaaa tgtgtgccat ctcacctggc tcaacagtct tattcataaa    143640
     tgaggacatg acaaataatt ttgattaatt ccccaaagca aaccttgact tatatattgg    143700
     tctccatttg tccatgaggt caggatccat gcatcctgtg tctccccctg gatgcgtaca    143760
     attgcaagga acaacacaca aactttaatc tgtttgtaca ctgtttcttc ctggacagac    143820
     atacatgtgc atatatgata aaaatcaatc taaaaagtag gcacagtaag agcttaacag    143880
     ctcccataat gaacacagta aaatgagtac agtgctctcc catgttgagc ctctaggtaa    143940
     actgtgctac tgatacatcg atgagccaaa gaaccccaga acaggtaacg aacagtgtag    144000
     ctgtgtggtt ggtacaaggg aagactcaag ctctggcagg gtgacacagg accctgacaa    144060
     acttcattat gctactcaaa aggaatgctt ccttcaacac aatggatcct aagaaacaaa    144120
     aaccacaaaa agagaatcct tagagaggcg gaggaggcca ctgactatac tgagaacaaa    144180
     tgaggagctt gagtctcccc tgcactgccc aaaaagaaca tcaatatctg aaatataatt    144240
     tcctaataca gaccttggtg ggtttggtgg tttgaatagg aatggccccc acagattcat    144300
     gtgtttgaat gcttggccca cagaggtgtg gccttgttgg aggaagtgta tcactgtggg    144360
     gatagactct aaggtctcca aaaggtgctc cttaggtcta gtgtggcagt ctttttatgc    144420
     tgctttcaca tcaagatgta gtactctcag ctccttctcc agcactatgt ctgcctgcac    144480
     gctgccatgt ttcccaccgt gaccataact gactaaacct ctgacactgt aagccagccc    144540
     aactaaatgt tttctttatc agagttgctg tggtcatggt gtctcttaac agcagtagaa    144600
     accctatggc agtagggaaa atacagttaa gcaaagaact tccagttttt tattttttta    144660
     aaattattta acaaggaaaa cagtcaagca agtctttaaa aattagaaag gattaattta    144720
     caatcaaaca gtcaacttaa aatatcagcc ccttcatgag ggtcacagag gccaagaggt    144780
     ctttaaacag caggatgcac agttggcgtt ctgacctatg tctgacggca cgcatggaaa    144840
     tacggaagcc aaacaacttc cacccacctt cccgtaagag tctaaacact tgcttagagc    144900
     aatactcaga ttttaaaaac cagttgtatt ttaaaaaata tctacaacta atctcatgag    144960
     aacactctta aaacacaaat accttaaaat aattttgtgg cacatcagtc agcttaaaga    145020
     aatagcaaaa taaaaactac tgttcaagaa ttatcatcac tcttttaaat agaaaccacc    145080
     cagtcaacac gttttccatt aactccactt ctcatataga gctgagctaa ttccaccagg    145140
     tggaacgcac acagcttctg atccttggtc ggagctgcca gcttgagagg ttatgactaa    145200
     atacaaagga agataaaacc aagctcacac gttctgtaag ggggaaaaca aacatttgtc    145260
     tttacagagt ttttgtctat cttcatattc aagtcatgac aaagttcaca gcagtttaaa    145320
     ggctgattct acaggtggcc agctaaaaca aacccgcctc cattgtacac actgcggaac    145380
     tagtaaactc gtactgagct accaactcac acacgctaag tcctggacaa acggcattta    145440
     ccaggtttac acagatccag tatcagcgct cttagaacac tttattttca tactctccaa    145500
     tgtgtgaaca aagcttcaac taactgcctt acagcaacat gttaatttgt gactgccggc    145560
     caggcactta aactcaggaa gagaggctct gcaactttga ggtaaagcag accttcacta    145620
     attactctaa aaacactttg atactatacc aactggacct acttggcttt tttttttttt    145680
     tttttttttt ttttttggct tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagcact ggctgtcctg    145740
     gaactcactg tagaccagga tggcctagaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa    145800
     gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccacg cccggctctt acttggcttt taagtttgtc    145860
     actgttgtgc caaaacccac accccgtggg aatatatgtt agtaagggca tctgaaacct    145920
     gaattggctc catttgtttc tgtgtttata ctggaaacca cctacatacc tacatacata    145980
     cgtacgtaca tacgcgtgca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    146040
     cacacgggat atggtcaaac gggtcaaggt gagtaacttt ctccttaact ggagtttaat    146100
     taataaacta tttagggatc caccaccagt catatagaca tattaaaaca aaacaagacc    146160
     aagtgctggt ctcagcagct tcaggaagat gactgagcct tgttgtaaaa ggcagcagtt    146220
     tagtttgcct aggaatgcaa accccatgtg aatgatccca gtgttagcac tcaggagcat    146280
     agcaaatgtt tcttccccct tctgattagt ttcaaggtga tggggaattt gcttaatgaa    146340
     aactcattag gaacgagctc agtcaggtgt gtgtggtgga atgtgcctgt aatcccagca    146400
     cttgggagat tgatccagga agagtattgt gagtttgagg ccagctagga ctacacagca    146460
     agatcctgtt ataaacaaaa gaatcccaag gacctcagaa ttttaggtat tacaagatca    146520
     gaagagaaaa tggccatttt ggaattaggt ttgctttttt caattaaggt atccaattta    146580
     tgttttcatt agaattactg agctgagtta catcttaggt atcatgtgac aaacaaaacc    146640
     cactaatgaa ttatcagggc aaacatcaag cctccaagtg acaacaatca atggcatttt    146700
     acattcttct ctcgagtagc gaaggatacc tctttatttg aacaaacaca tcagcttttg    146760
     ttagttggca gcctaactta tagacatgtt ttaaatactt taaaaaagct atataaagaa    146820
     cattaatcta atttttttgg ggggggaagg agatggaggt atggactctg gcttcagttt    146880
     ccacgtggct aagaataagg gtctgaaaat gtaaagatat ctaggcttac cccagagctc    146940
     accaggtact tccagtcctg gtgagaacca cacaagcttt atccttgtag cactaacagc    147000
     aggcatcagg caaaagtctg taagcaggaa taataggcag ggagcaaata tggatggact    147060
     gtttctctgt gatgctaact ggcttgttca agttttgaaa ccatgacccg gtccattagc    147120
     accatggttt aaccgagata actgttcaag cccctctagg atgctcgaac ttctctaggc    147180
     tgagagatga gggatgctga gaagggaact gagggccacg ttctctccac atacagatag    147240
     atatatattc catgaagaaa ctatgcagca aagatataac ctgtctgcta ataactatat    147300
     ctcagcaagg tctgaggaat cattaatcac agctataaag taacaacatg ccaattttta    147360
     cagtatctat actataaatg gagggcttcc tggtatgaac caattcatta taatggaagc    147420
     tcattaatta ttagattatc agtaagctag aagatattcc aaatatttat aggtgatagt    147480
     ctaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag attagctaga attaaatgaa attacttgta    147540
     attgtttcag ttccatcttt ctcctgggag aatcccagac agggaaacta tcttcatgtg    147600
     catacacaaa gcatctgcca tcaggtacat acacctttcc ctcaaaggta gatggctcag    147660
     agtcactttc ctatacaatg gttcttgaca catctattcc aattacaaac tgtaatggag    147720
     cctacagagc acttttagga aaaaggcact ttgttgtgaa tgttggattt aattgcatgc    147780
     agttgagagt attcgtgttt gcatttatga atacagagca gatgccagtt tatggaatat    147840
     agctgatcac attacaaatc aatcagcaac actaattata ttttgggaag aaagtaattt    147900
     atgacatttt ccccccaaac caacaaggcc aagttcaaca gttgggggca ggggaaaatc    147960
     accagcagtt gttaccttag agtataagaa actgttgtca acagaatggc atgtctagtt    148020
     tggttctctg catcaatgta aactgctttt cagaggacaa agccagctgg aggctgtgtc    148080
     tgtttctagg ggaacccagg gcagagaacg accgggagag acaggtctat ttctctggtc    148140
     agacagccga gtgaggaggt agttattctg aagaggtctc aggttagatg gctgtgctca    148200
     gtaactgagt cggggaagca ggaagcagga gcttctctga gatgcagaga gcagcaggaa    148260
     caggtctcct ccagggatgt cagaaccagg gcatcagtgc agctgaaaca gagacggagg    148320
     taagagaaac caggatagga aactcagtgt caatcaagac atttcaaact tgtcctacct    148380
     tcaaagtggc tcttttctga tgacagaact ttcaaagtgt ctacaacaaa agaacacagt    148440
     gtcatttagt gtctatattg tcaatcctta gtatggcatc ttcaatgtgt ccactccaca    148500
     atcatggcac atataggtct caaattccta tactaaaaat aggaagctgt ctgtagaata    148560
     aatgctgaaa gaattaatta gatcttagca ctccctgaaa aggtgctatg agggaaatta    148620
     ttttattttt tttaaagatt tatttatttt atatatgtga gtgcactgtc actctcttca    148680
     gacacaccag aagagggcat cagatcccat cacagatggt tgtaagccac caagtggttg    148740
     ctgggaattg aactcaggac gtatggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaaccg ctgagcatct    148800
     ctccagcccc aaattatttt acttttaata tttgtttgtg tgtgtgacat gtagtggcct    148860
     gtggaggtca taaacagtgg atcccttgga gctggagtca cagttggcta cgagataccc    148920
     aacatggatg ctggcatatg aatcaaatat atatttgcat tttctagttg caaatatatg    148980
     aaaactctca tttaagttgc aaaagtcagt agtgctggca ctattctgaa ctgcctaatg    149040
     ctaagtagaa gctatggttc caatgtaaga gcacacactc accttactac atcagcacac    149100
     agggcagccc catacaacct tgagtgccat cgtcactgct gttgagcttt ttcattcggt    149160
     actggcgtat ctcccttacc agtgtgtaaa aggcatcctc cacaccctag taaaagaaaa    149220
     aaaaaaacac atacaaaaaa actaacgaac aacaggcaca gttcaagttg taacctctca    149280
     tttccacctc tctgtgtgga tttgattcta atcaatagct gataaattgg ggtgacttag    149340
     gaagaagaca ccaaattcag cattcctagg ggatcacact ggtaactggc atgttttatt    149400
     tacaaaacaa acaacacaaa gatagtccag ccaaggaaga agggcaaggt gggtgtacag    149460
     tacagaacta ctgactgtga ggatccctcc aggaaagtta agtcctcaat agtggcaagt    149520
     gctgacagaa aaaaggattc atgcttagag aatgtttaat cttggaagag ttgagcctgt    149580
     taaagcagaa atagaattcc ctgccaggga gtggtggcgc atgcctttaa tcccagcact    149640
     tgggaggcag aggcaggagg atttctaaat tcgatggagc ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg    149700
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacgagaa atcctgtctc gaacaacaac aacaacaaca    149760
     acaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca acgaaatccc acagtacagt agtgttcttt    149820
     tttttggggg gggggtgata ggggaagagg ggaaaagttt aacaagaaac aaagactaac    149880
     tatacagaaa ccactatcca aaacccatta tacataacat agattacatc tctaccacac    149940
     ttgatcaatc aaacatctct gctttaaaca cttactcaca cttgcttgaa tctctagcat    150000
     acctgtcggg tcttggctga ggtctcaatg aatggaattc cgtaactctt ggccagttcg    150060
     tgggcttgct ttgtgtcaac tgtccttgtt ggcaagtcac acttgttgcc taccagcacc    150120
     atggggacat catcagaatc tttcacacgc ttaatttgct ccctagaaca aagagcaggc    150180
     agctgatcat aataagcaaa gcaagctttc tggaggagta cgctggcaca caaaaggaag    150240
     tggtaaattt acaaaatcct tccagctact attactcagc ttacacactc atacaactct    150300
     agacctgcta agtcaagaat gtcaatttag acttggtgta gaagctgtat gaggctgtga    150360
     ataccagttc acttccagct ccaatatact gatgcatgtc cttgttaggc tcctatattt    150420
     tccaaggagc ttggctctgg gtttaattgg aaactacaaa aggttcttta gattaagctt    150480
     aaaagtacag aaagtagagc ttatggattc taaataactt aagatacgta acactaagaa    150540
     aattctagcc gggtgtggtg gtgcatgcct ttaatcccag cactcaggag gcagaagcag    150600
     gcagatttct gagtttgagg ctagcctggc ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc    150660
     tttacagaga aaacctgtct caaaaaatta aaaaaacaaa aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaacct    150720
     ccctcaaggc tggagagatg gctcagggat taagaacact gtctactctt tcaggtgacc    150780
     caggttcaat tgctagtacc cacacagggc cccagacatc tataactcca gttctaaggc    150840
     atctggaacc ctcctctggc ctccttgagc accaggccca tgtgtgcata gacatagcaa    150900
     aacaacgcgt acccagaaat aaaactaaat cttcttaaaa aagaatacct cccccataaa    150960
     gttgccaaga gtaaacaaat tcatacatat tcagaacagt gtctgaccca ttgtgtatac    151020
     tttgtaagtc tgccaacacc tcgtgcgcca ctacgcccgg ctgatggagg tattcttata    151080
     ataaattcag aaacacagag acacacagat ttagtatttt gtcctaaagt tacttagcta    151140
     attaataaca gagccatgtt ttaactttga cagtgactaa agatagaatg ctgctgtaag    151200
     agagagagac ccagtgtttt gggggtctac ctctgctata tggatgggca gtggtggtgc    151260
     atgcctttaa tcccagaact ggggaggcag aggcagaggc aggtggagct ctgtgagttc    151320
     aaggctagcc tgatcaaaga gttccaggcc acacaaagaa accctgtctt taaaaccaga    151380
     ccaaacttaa acaaacaaac agaaaaatca caacaactct gaaaatctaa cacctctgaa    151440
     ctcagaatat tggctgggag tgttggcata tacctataaa gttagcactt ggaaggctga    151500
     ggccaagtgc taaattcaag gtaagtctgg gatacatagc aacatcctgt ctcaaaaatg    151560
     taaaatgagt aagaatgttg tactaaaatc cttagggccc aaatagctct gaaactcacc    151620
     agttctctga gaagtcttac tgttactctg tagcagaccc catttcccga gtagtaccgt    151680
     gacagtacac cacacactca gtgaaaatca gattcttctc tttttctttc ttttgttttt    151740
     tgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctgtc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt aaaccaggct    151800
     ggcctcgaac ttagaaatcc gcctgccttt gcctcctgag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc    151860
     accatcactg cctagcagat tctttttaat atttggggtt taaagatggt ccatgggcaa    151920
     aggcgcctgc taactaagcc aagatgccca ggccctaagg agggagcttt tattagctgt    151980
     cttctgcctc ccatggcaca tatctgctgt tgcacttgtt ctggcctcca caaaacaaaa    152040
     caaaacaaaa caatatcacc aaaatgttaa aaagttgtat gtttcctaag tccatatact    152100
     ttagtatagt ttcagagcac atacaaattt tttgtttcag aaaatatccc cagtacctgt    152160
     agaggttaat atctgcaaat gatttgctat tattgatggc aaatacacag aggaaccctt    152220
     cgcctgtcct catgtactgg tctctcatgg cactgtactc ctcttgtcca gctgtgtcca    152280
     gtatgtccag caggcaggtc tcaccatcaa tcaccacttg ctttcggtaa gaatcctggg    152340
     aatatgaaag agtgaggagg tggtggtggg ggggacaagg acaggctcaa tctttattta    152400
     aaaccagaga aatgtaatta accaggatga atacgcctac ctatgtgatt taccctcaac    152460
     ccgctaacag tagcatgaat agcaaacaaa catacacata cataatcaca cgcatgcatg    152520
     cacacatgac ataagggcag gtgaatttat atctgtgagt tcaagtctca ggccagccag    152580
     ggtagtgcag tgagaccctg tttcaaaaaa aaacaaaaca aaaacaaaac cagcctgagt    152640
     tatgaggtta agacaaaaac aaaaaacaaa caaacaataa caacaacaac aacaaaaaca    152700
     aaaaaccaaa gaaaacaaaa ccactaataa aaaataacaa aaccagaaac atctagtatg    152760
     gatttatggc caaattctta tttttattat ataatagtcc aaacttagaa gaccttatct    152820
     gtggttttgg aaatgtgctt atattttgtt tcatgaatat attaaaatgt aacctgtgta    152880
     gacatctgaa tttaactaac attcctgtgt gttagaacag gtttacacat gaaaaaaata    152940
     tttggttttt gtaaacaggg cctcagtaag tagttcaggc aagcctagaa attgaaacct    153000
     cctccctcag cctcttgaat gcttacaaat tggacttata catacctgca ccattaatcc    153060
     cagggaagtg atagaaattt aacgtcatat agaaatatga gacttgtaag gatttaggtg    153120
     attttcctca atatccgtaa ctaaattgtg aagaaattcc tagatacaat gactcaaaat    153180
     ctcaacttgt ttctacccca actcaatctg gactagatca aaaatgacaa cttcagacta    153240
     tccagagctc tgagttctct atcctcactg tatgatcgcc tacaatcttt ttccttgtga    153300
     cctacgtttc tattaaagag ctgtgacata aagaaacaat gaaaactgtg ttcttttaaa    153360
     aggaaatcct cagtaagcac gaacttgttt actgcttttt tggaatacct ccttgctttc    153420
     tcttctcttt actttcaaag agccgttatg ggcaagagaa agcccaaagt gaggataagg    153480
     gccaggcagg ggctgggcct cacctctatg gtgggatcat attcatccac aaagtggttc    153540
     tggattagct ggatcgtcaa ggcgcttttc ccaacaccac ctgctccaac caccaccagt    153600
     ttgtactcag tcatttcaca ccagcaaaaa cctgtagaaa agcagcaatt acgattaaac    153660
     tggcaaacca aacctacaat acttcaaggg cttctatgag tttaccaaac tcttctgttt    153720
     ctaaggcacc cattcgatac acgtggcctt ccactaagtt ctcaaagtga ttcagaaaca    153780
     tagcattcct tgcagatgag tgcgggccag attattggat taaagaccag cgactatttt    153840
     ttcaatctac tcggccccgc cctcagttta cgggaaaaga acccccctct tccaattcct    153900
     gcaaacccaa gctctggggt ccgcctggca caaccacttc ccgaaactcc cctttccggc    153960
     tccgaaaatc accccagagc cagccagagt cccccaccca agcctttgtt tcagctcgcc    154020
     aagtctccgc gtctccccgc cccgccaggc gttcacacgc tgagaagtcc gacgccaggc    154080
     aggccggagc tttacctcaa actccgcaga ccccgcctcg ggaggctttt ggacttcaac    154140
     ctgagaagct gttggagacc ccgaaaccgc catgaacagc ccccgccagg gagcggcact    154200
     tccggcccca cccgctacgt aatcactagg cgcccaaggc gccccagtcc ccgccccagc    154260
     cacgtgggcc gacgactaga gtcttgcagc cggccgcacc cagtccagcc ccgccccgcc    154320
     cccatttcaa taatgaaagc gctaggtgct agtgtctcaa aaatcagtaa aactttattc    154380
     gcttccattc tttcgccatt aacataaaac cggagaaagc aaaaatgttt tgtgtttaca    154440
     aagataaacg gcctctttac ccagagttca aaacctcaaa tgacaacggg gaagatgaaa    154500
     gcgccctccc cgacaacccc tgagctgacc cttgtcattg ttagacaaaa agccttcact    154560
     ccacttgcca gggaccctgt ttggggccaa ttcaagatga aggccgagaa atcaggccaa    154620
     tccgttcccg tgatacaaag ttgaacagaa gctacaccaa ggatcaagtg cctgtattga    154680
     acagggcact ggaaccacgg ggctatttat taaaaaaaac aggattcatt tcaggcacaa    154740
     cttttttatt attattattt ttttgttcat tttgttttta aatcagtaaa agaaactggg    154800
     tcctagaagc tgcagtgatc taagcagcag caattttgtg cattcgtctt ttgtttaaat    154860
     atgtttaaat tatcacactg ctggcacact tcatttgcat gaaattctgc accacacata    154920
     ctaattgtag taaagttatt tacccccccc atcccaggaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactac    154980
     tcgggaagat aattttcact gaaatgtaat caaacttcgt taagtggatt gtgacaagat    155040
     tataaatgat atgaaaataa cattttaaca tttggccatc aacttaagaa tatcgtttgc    155100
     tatataaatt tttgcaattt ttaaaggtaa tatattctac cttcatatgg tcctcagaat    155160
     taaagcataa tgaacaggga aaaaatagga aaagaatgca gctgagtgtt aagtcatgaa    155220
     ggtagagtat atactgacta gagtgcagaa tttcataggg ccaacaaagt aacagtctgc    155280
     attgttcact tacacaggcc aagtggaatt tgcaattacc agttgcgtta aatgcaccaa    155340
     ataaagctcc taaattgaca ctataaggcg ccacctttaa gttttccagg ctgcaactgt    155400
     gcataatttt aaaatggttt cttaaattta tttatttttt tctttaaaca taacacgagg    155460
     aaggtgttaa aactggtgta atagctcaat agaataagta ttccagattt tgggagggat    155520
     gaagagaaag atattcagaa cccttcacca gaatcccccc aactcgacca tagtgaatta    155580
     atgatgtgct ttgtggacgt ggttagtcaa tgacaccagc ttgacggatc tttctttctg    155640
     caccaaatcc ctatgaagaa atataacagt taatgatttg agtgtattga caatcacaac    155700
     atacaattct aaaatcaact atgaaagtat ttatcatatc cactaccaat tctctcctaa    155760
     gagtaagaaa cttattaaat agaatatacc aagaaatgca cttcttggtg taatcagtta    155820
     tcctaccatg ggcaaagcag agagtgggga gttcaaggcc actctaatct acatatgaga    155880
     ccctatctca aaacggaaag aagtgcttct tatagaaagc atctactcta ttagggtctg    155940
     aattaatgtg ttagggagtc caaattagtg ataagcaacc cttgcttgct tcactaactt    156000
     ctttaagctc aagtaagatt attagttgac ctccctcaca tccctaatga aatcatacca    156060
     ttgagttatc tggtcccctt ggctgacgaa gaaccattag acgtggagca ctggcatcat    156120
     ccagggtgat gttctttagg cgattgacca accggtcagg tcgaggagct gcaacagctt    156180
     tggggccttc actgtaagag tgaaagtgag aagaaccaac aattgctggg aagaaggcaa    156240
     gcagttgtat gttccctacc caaatgactc acttttaatg agggagactc ttcttgcctc    156300
     atcttagcta gcaagacaag acagacaagt ttatatatac ttcccagctc agagtttcaa    156360
     cagcattgga gctataaaga atcctagact tgtcaacaga gagactaatt ccagatacac    156420
     aaaacaaggt aaaagatgtt aaaaaaaaaa aatcttgaaa aaaagccaaa tatgaagaaa    156480
     taggtctaga ttcctatctc ttaaaggaac aatgttgaga ttaaaaacct aatagcataa    156540
     gttagaatga ctaaggtata aaactgagac ctatctcaaa catttcagca gcacaaagtc    156600
     taaaagtgag tagacagaaa gagcgagcca ataagctaaa ctcttaagta caaggatcat    156660
     ataaccgttt agtatttaag ctacagcaca cacagtgcta acgcatcata gtacctaagt    156720
     gtttctcagg tcagggttat aggactcaaa gccagacaat aaataccaga gatagaaaaa    156780
     tagatatggt ggcacatggc agcaagctga aagtaaggta agtcacggat ataaaactga    156840
     gacctatctc aaacaaagca atgactagca gaaaaagaca aaattagata gagatagaag    156900
     tgtaaaatag ttcctactaa acccagccag aggagagtgg caaagaaagc acagaatgca    156960
     tgaatgagtg agggatgaac tcagagcagt tatttccaac cataataaac catagaaact    157020
     caccagactc gccagacatt acaggcactg cacttcccag tgcgctgatt aaggatcact    157080
     gagaattcca cctcatctcc tgcctgtagc tcaacgccat cctgaacttc tttcacatgg    157140
     aaaaagagct tcttgctatc tcctacttca tagttaataa agccaaactg gaaaaagagc    157200
     acacacaaaa caaaatttac aatggagaac acataccaca gaaaggaaga gcaattcact    157260
     ttgaaagata atgctaaccc taattagaaa ggacttagaa aacatggcat tactaatgat    157320
     gagctaaatt cagctggtgt atgatagaat tcatcaggaa agtcatacct ctgaaacaac    157380
     tgccattcat tctattctaa gcatgactaa gacaatcccc accaagtgac attattaata    157440
     atcacactta ttttctcctc actaatgttg ttactttatc ccttgtccca aagcaataaa    157500
     gtctaaaaaa ctgagacatc catgaaagtt taaatgccag tactcaagag ggtgaattcc    157560
     agatcagcca aaacagcata gagaaaccat gtcttaaaaa taaacaagta agcaagcaag    157620
     caagcaagta aatattggct gatgactttc cctgaccaag ttcaggacag actgcacatc    157680
     cagagacata gcacttaatt acctgatctt tcacacactc cacagtagcc ctacgaaggg    157740
     gtgtgatgtt gtaggccata gtttgtgcat tttggccaag tacacacaac tggaacttga    157800
     cactctcccc tttctgtagg caatcccctt tgttggccat cccaactatg ccaaaaggat    157860
     acacttcacc tttcatatcc cctgtaagca aaacagtaca aaatctaaat atacacacta    157920
     gaaatacatt ttgttacctt attattttct ttaaacttaa aagttttacc ttaaagatta    157980
     acatggaaac aagcaacaaa acaaggacaa atcctaacac taacttctaa aatgcattat    158040
     gaaacaacca gccaaaaaca aaactaaaca aacaaaaata aaaaaaaccc aggtggcaat    158100
     ctagcaaaac acaggcaaac agatacagat aaaaggattt ttttgttgtt atgattcaga    158160
     ctccttaaga gttcagggct ataaaccagg ctctcttctc atctgctcca ccgccactct    158220
     tcactgtaac agcaaaaaag tgacccagag acgaatgcaa gagataggta gtaagcaatg    158280
     ctcgttgatt cacaatgcat taacaagctt cagaggtgga aatgcttata gtaaactacc    158340
     tcagaatcag aggtaacttt ttttttcctt caaattttca gctcctaaaa catgcagggc    158400
     ccaaatgtct gaaataattt cagcagacta acttgttaag aggtatagtc atttattata    158460
     catctctatg attcataatt ttcatagact cctctgaggc taaagatact agcatctttt    158520
     taaagatgaa gaaactgaac taatataact tgtctaaggt tatacatcca gtaagaggtg    158580
     ttcagaccta ctgagttcta attttgttcc caaataaaaa gatgtgcatg aaacaaagta    158640
     gggaaatgag atgtgtgtct aatccaacaa tggctttcct tactttgaag taaccctaca    158700
     gcagtattga agaagcataa gtggatgggg tgggcgggtg gtcagtggct tccaaaagga    158760
     atgtcgaagt accatttcaa aaatggaagg accactgatg gtagaggcct acacaccctt    158820
     gttttgtcag gtgttttgct tatgagagca tacatggctc ataatgttaa ttcctgtctt    158880
     gagtgttagg aaccaagaga gagtaacagt gggcttctat gtaaaacaga atatctaaga    158940
     aaatcatgtc ataaatcaag gttcttttct ttcaacaaat gaactgttct cccccctact    159000
     ttacactctg actttcagat gagacaaggc ttttttttta taagacaagt catgttatct    159060
     gagtgggatg tttcaactat tctaccatta tttaaactgt tatcttaatt atctagcatt    159120
     ccctactatt tctatcacat ttatatgatg catacttatc aaataaagtt tctgggtggc    159180
     aactattgga aaaaagataa gcaccaaaac tattggttgt ttgaagatgg ggagaatatt    159240
     attcaagtaa ataaatggag agagccaaga tctggaggac cccaaggtac taaggaacag    159300
     caagcatact tcaggaaagg aagtattcat aaaactgaat agtgactaac ataaatgacc    159360
     acttggattt aacaaaaagt atgattatca tcactcaaca ttaaacatcg tcagcatagt    159420
     aatcatttgc tgctcagttt catcccgggt gacctcattt tcaaggagtc tatagaacta    159480
     aagcctaagc acaggaggag cagggtccct ctgctcctaa gacacctgaa gcactgaaac    159540
     gagcccatca cacattaaaa ccgtgcgagg gcagagcaga ctccagggtc agggctgtgc    159600
     ttaccctcct ccacaatctc aatcattcct tggtactcaa tctgtgttgg atcaacacct    159660
     ctcagagggc gaatgacttt accagagtag atggtgggat tagcttcctc agtaatgcca    159720
     ttcactacaa aacaaaagca cacataatta ccactcagca atttcaaact ctaataagac    159780
     aaagtaaaaa atacaaaccc aatgttcgca caaggtgaat gctttttgtt cagactttcc    159840
     aagaatttca atttttattt ctaattatat gtttgttatg caatgactct gcaatgactg    159900
     cagtatctaa gatactgtaa gaggatatat cagatctcct ggagctggtt aactgaggac    159960
     tgtgagctgc ctgaggtagg ggctaggagt ttaggtcctt tggaagaaca ttcattcata    160020
     attatgcagc ctctaaccag ctaataatct cttcatccta ttttttcctt tttcctcttc    160080
     tccttacaca cacacacaca cacacacctt actttacagc tcagggtggt ttgaaactca    160140
     agatcctccc cagatttctt agtgttgaga gtacaggtgt gcacaatgct caactagttg    160200
     gctgctcaat attcttaaag tgagaaaggg aatcagttct aaagctagtt ctatttcttg    160260
     aatgtaaaat aaatatttgt atataagtaa aattaagtat aaatttcttg accataaatg    160320
     tttctaaaat gccattaaag gtgctggagt ttggtaaata aatcaattta tttggcataa    160380
     caaatattca tatctaaaca catcttctga gacaggtgtg ttggcatatg gcctcaatcg    160440
     aaacactcag gaagcagagg taggtgacct ctgtgacttc cagacagcca gagctacaca    160500
     gaaaatacct gacccaacaa caaatagaca tttttgtttt catttgtatt ttgaatccca    160560
     caaaaaaaaa aaataagcat aaaagaccag gacttgtctg gtttcttcac aactgtatct    160620
     ctagtgcatc aaaaccagtt aggtatttgt agaataaaaa tggaaggtct tagctgacct    160680
     atctctaggt ctcaatttag atgaagagaa ctaaagctga gttgcaggct gtttaaaaat    160740
     aggagatgcc aaagctgcac ttgctggacc ctgagctcca cccccaaaac acagaggccc    160800
     attccccgaa aagcagaagc tctgaagtta aagttgtctt cacttttcac attgtagatc    160860
     tatagctcta ccaggagaat gcctatttct gtaactccat taagaattat ttctatgtag    160920
     aatgtatatt tctcggatta aaagaaagca ggacgggctt taattactgg agatgcataa    160980
     tccctaactc cactgcaccc cagatcagat gccagccagg cacgacggca cacacacaca    161040
     cttggaaggc agaaccagta atttcttcca agtttgaggt cagcctgatc aacacagcca    161100
     gttccaagaa agctaaggtt ttatatagtg actcttaata aactgccaca tcctccaaat    161160
     tcaaaatgtt atctctgaaa tgttactaaa atcatgcaca aactgtcatg cccagaattt    161220
     ggtagtgtca agaacatgaa taattgacaa acagtgaagg tatatatact gctgctctgg    161280
     gtacctgaga gcaaatgtta cagaacatgt atggccttat ccttctcccg accctgtatc    161340
     ctgccgtcaa agcataggat gaataggagt catgactcat tacctgagtg ggctttgttt    161400
     actttctcag cactgacttt attgcctttg cctttggaca agctgtattc aaccatgtct    161460
     cccagttcca ggctatcaac atcaccagag aactcactaa agggaaaaga taataaagtg    161520
     acattaaaat aagccactat cactaatatc aatagtagca tggagccttt tctccttcca    161580
     acatccatgg gaggtctgca tatattaaga tactgtttta aggtacggat tcattaaatc    161640
     cttaaaacaa ccccccccca atcaagaacc tataaactga gctaccacta tttctagctt    161700
     gaaggtaaag aaatcaaaaa gttacaatct gatgaaagta acatattaag tgggagaacc    161760
     tagatcaaaa ttaaaatact tagttttggt tcaatgaacc cgtatttttt actatatgct    161820
     ataactgtat tatcacacca gtaccaatat gtataataaa aatatgtaaa ggcaggtaaa    161880
     tgcatttcta tgtttatggc agatgcctaa ctcctgtatg taacttgcca taattacaaa    161940
     tagaaaagct gggtctcaaa aattgtaatt accaaaaagt atcaacctat attaaattct    162000
     ttgaaacgtt aatataaaag aatataatag gaatagtttg ctgcccaaaa ggcattcctt    162060
     acctatagtg gaaaaatatt tccttatcat gattagctgt ttctataaat ccaaaattat    162120
     ctttcagagt tgccacataa cccaagagac gtttggagtt agaattacga cctaaaagtc    162180
     tcacgcaagt tgcaatctgc tgtccaggcc tctgtttgtc actaatacta aattcaacct    162240
     acaaaacgat gaggatgata gttagtatca ttgtcatttc cacaagctct gtacctttaa    162300
     gaagctgacc caaaacatcc cccagaccaa gcttttcact ccagatctat tttgtaatta    162360
     ctctgacaga aaaatttaca gaaagcactt gctgtctcaa ttcataaatg atttaagttt    162420
     tgcctgtcaa tgtacacttt gtagttttaa tttctataga gaggctgtct aaaaagtagg    162480
     caatgtaaat ttttggtgta attttatact ggttttattt tagtgagtac ttttagctta    162540
     cttgtctgac tgtatctagt ggttgtggca cttacctact aactgctaga attacaagta    162600
     tgccacacac tcatctctaa aaagaactca aacctaaaaa cctatcattc agtatgtttc    162660
     ataagctaca agaccctgtt ttattatgta tttcatcttt ccagtgaaaa aatgctgcag    162720
     ccaaacttag caaaatttaa accatcctct agcaaatata atcaagacaa cctttaacct    162780
     ttcttcaagt aagtaaaacc atcttgcctt atctcctatt tgaggagaag tagatccttc    162840
     cacatccttg gcttgaaaag caatcgtcag tttcacccca cagtcgtcat aagctataat    162900
     gccatcttct gcctcctaaa gaaaatataa aacacaatta aatatcctca agaacactaa    162960
     caaatgataa cagaaaaagg gaaggaagat atataattac agtaacttag gaatccttaa    163020
     cacaaagaat tggcagagcc acagaaattt attccaggac cctctaaaca acacaagaca    163080
     aaatgcatga ataaaaggta tgcttgcctt cactcagagt tgcctcaatc tactatcact    163140
     gagcctttca gttttatcag aaaattaagc tgagaatgac atttctagcc aagagaaaat    163200
     tttgtggagc atgaagctta gttttctcat gaagaaaact ctttaatatt cttaaagtag    163260
     cagctgaaaa tatcctcttt actgtcccag agcacttcag tgtttttagt cactattatc    163320
     aatgtgtgag aaattaactt ggtttaaaaa ctagcacaaa tcgggctggg gctgtagccc    163380
     actgacagag cccttgtcta ccaagtccaa agctctgggt tcaatcccca attaaaaaga    163440
     gaaagaaata ctagcacaaa tcaaagcact agaaacatta caatacacca gtatttctac    163500
     aataatgatg aaaactttgt acacacattt cacatacaac ctgatagtaa gtgatgtcac    163560
     tgtaccagta accacataca ctacattttt atggttcaac atcatttcta tggggataat    163620
     gtccacatca tcaatctgtc ttcttccctt acacctcact gcgattacat aatcaaaact    163680
     aggttacttg tcttaattaa aattctttat aattacttat acactaattt actaaactta    163740
     agtaatttac cagataggca atttgtatta gtgaaaccat ctccctagtt acttagaagt    163800
     ttgtacaaaa ccacaagtgc cccttggtag taattttttt ttgagacttc ttttttgttt    163860
     tgttttgttt tatggtaatt ttaaaagatt tgttttacag taagtctctc atgcacctta    163920
     aaattgtcta ctctgtttag agttacaatg ataaaatttt gttccttaag tccataactg    163980
     atgccattac ccaactgaaa atgttgaagt attgcacaaa aagttcatta ttgaatttag    164040
     agagcaatca tcgatgctct tctccctcaa tcaaaaccaa agtccacctt cttcaaaccg    164100
     gttacttgct gttttctaaa gtaatcttcc ctgccttctt tccctcgtgt tgacctctat    164160
     tctgtcagaa atgccctttc tattgctaca tattaaatgc caacacctta agagtaccat    164220
     tccaagacct tcccagttat ttactttgcc agagcatctt ctcaaacttg ttttatgtgt    164280
     ttgggaggag gaaggttaca tggcctttaa tctaggcctt tatggcaaat atagcttagt    164340
     aacaacccca atgcctttgg tactacagaa aacttgctat cttataataa tcattctgta    164400
     caagtcccat aatgtattat ttatgagcgc acaacttaag acttttgcat aggcaacaga    164460
     cttttttagt aaacggaagt acaaatatgt gaatgcaatg catcaaattt ggaaagcttt    164520
     aacctcttta tggataagag cttttgataa gtggttctca aatgaggaag aagcaaggat    164580
     actggctaaa acatccatcc cccttgcaaa aagtcaaaga tgatgaagct aagaaatgtt    164640
     attattacat acaaatattt taaaataaaa acaaagcttg tccgaatact ctaacttgtt    164700
     gagaatgact gaactcctga tcttcctttg tgcaccttac aagtgctaga atcacagtcc    164760
     actatcatca tggctggttg tagtggctat tcctggttgt caacttgact atatctggaa    164820
     tgaactacaa tccagaattg gaaggctcac cagtgaccct aatctggagg ctgggagata    164880
     caagtttctg acctggatct tgaggcctag tggctatgga ccccagatta agacagggag    164940
     atctccgagt tcaaggtcat cttcgattaa aggtgtggta gcacacacct ttaatctggg    165000
     ctacaccttc tgctggagac tattataagg acattggaag aaggaaggcg agtggtctca    165060
     agagtgtgcg cgagtctctc cacccccccc tccttcgagt gcttgccgtg tgggactgag    165120
     cattcacagc tgctactgac cattgttggg agttgcattg tagactgtga ggcatcaata    165180
     aattccttta ctatatagag attacccata agttctgtga ctctagagaa ccctgactaa    165240
     tacactgctg tatacagaat ttttaaaaag gagacgatac ttcactatat gagctacaat    165300
     gcaatctgga ggcaaagata aaagacatac aaaccatctg gatcacctaa cacttgcctt    165360
     gtctttgcct ttatttgggc ttgtagtttt aggattggaa aaagtggctt ctttttctac    165420
     ggtgcccaga aaacgatgat ctgaatggga atggaatgaa accgtgccct tgggaagttt    165480
     tttaatccta atagcatgat ttctttgggc agagagcata tcctacaaat taaacaaaat    165540
     caacaaaatt aaaattacaa aggagacagc agaataccaa cccttaacac tttccccaac    165600
     agctactcac aggaaccaca gtaaactcta cttcatctgc aatgtggagc tggttcccat    165660
     ctagaatctc actgaagtgg aagaacatac gagcatcacg atccacacac ttgatgaaac    165720
     caaaaccatc tctcatggca gcaatcacac cctgaataaa aacacaaatt aacattttta    165780
     actggttata taggtttttc tgttttgttt ttgtttttta aaaaaaagaa caacatcaaa    165840
     gccgggcggt ggtggcgcac acctttagtc ccagcacgcg ggaggcagag gcaggcgaat    165900
     ttctaagttc caggacagcc aaggctacac agagaaacca tgtctcgaaa aaaagaattt    165960
     ccaggtccca ctccttggaa aatatatatt ataaaaataa agccttatga attgaaccac    166020
     aaatacataa actaaatgac aacgtaagaa tttcaaaaat tgggctggtg agatggctca    166080
     gtgggtaaga gcacccgact actcttccaa aggtctgaag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca    166140
     tggtgactca caatcatctg taatgagatc tgactccctc ttctggagtg tctgaagaca    166200
     gctcagtgta cttatataca ataaaaataa ataaatctta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    166260
     gaatttcaaa aatttactga tatacttcat aaataaatca taaaagcaat attttactgc    166320
     ttttgtgact ttagtcacat aaaaaaagca aagtgcactc tactgtctct tcttcttcct    166380
     tgttttcttt tatcctatga aaatgtaggt ttgtgagatc actgtattcc cagtactcag    166440
     aagcactcat ggatttttat ccaatgagat tcacattgca tatttactgc agagatggat    166500
     actactagct ttgaatatga cctgagtatt tttaaattta atcattgtca aacttctgat    166560
     ggtaaccaaa atatatactt tataccataa agagagaaaa gagactctgc ttgggaagag    166620
     ggtctttttg ttgtgttgtt ttgtttctgc agaggactca ggagtgatcc caggcattca    166680
     catctaacta tgatgaactc tagttccagg gaatctgatg tccaattttg gccgctgtgg    166740
     gtaccaggta cacacatgaa agtaaaattt tcatacacat aaaacaaatg aataacaaga    166800
     ggaggaggac caggaatatg gtagcgcaca cctttaatac cagcattcaa gaggcagaag    166860
     caaatttttt gagtttaagg ccaacctggc ctaagagttc caggggaacc gtgtctcaaa    166920
     aaacaactta taaaaatata cctgttagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc    166980
     tggtctacag agtgagtccc aggtcagcca gggctataca gggaaaccct gtctcaaaaa    167040
     aaccaaaaaa ataaaaggta cctgttttta ttgccaacac tgagacatgc tacagatagt    167100
     atgattccaa acaacactaa atacaaacta tacctgagaa aagtcagtct acaaaatgtt    167160
     tataagacat acctgagtag caaatcaggt acatactatt cagacatata ctcactttaa    167220
     aaaaagcaaa ctattaccat aaaagcggtg aaatcaattt agtgctgttt aacttactgt    167280
     ttactaaaca tcacagagga aatcttaaga aaatatattt cctgatgtct tattcacatt    167340
     tcattagcaa tccccttatc tggttttcta atttaaaatt aatttatatg tctttccaag    167400
     atagctaaga gaactaagcc caaactaatt caaatatgta ggattcttag ctacttaata    167460
     aagtgacttc ccaacaggca ttagcttaca agaaatatcc tctaacaact tgcctctgtg    167520
     tgttcttctt ggcctctcca tcagtgcaga ctaggacaca ggctaccagg cttgggaaca    167580
     gacaccttta ttcactagtc atcagcctaa gaagttccca gccaacagtg taaatcagag    167640
     tccatcactg aaccctaaat gtcagataaa attccagcaa tgcttaaaca cttaccatct    167700
     ctctggcttc attagtgaac tgaaatgtat ttgatagaac ctctatgttg gttgctcgtt    167760
     ccaatttgtc acgtcggtct gttgaaatat taaacctaac atggtcacct tccagcaggg    167820
     tcactttgga ttttgtgtct ttgtctccaa agggaagttc tttaggaatc acaaagtcaa    167880
     ctttgattcg tcctggcaat gggtcattct gatgagaagg aaaaacgatt ttagctggag    167940
     atttctcatc cttttagctc taagtcaaac aagaagaaca cacagtaaat agcttattta    168000
     taatatagta gtagcctgaa ggggaaaaaa gtgctgacaa tataagccca atataaaagc    168060
     ttcatcatct aaggtcccat gacaaccata aatcaagcac tgttgttaac actgcactgt    168120
     gatatcaaga actgctaagg aaaaacattt cagccctttg gatctcacat ttatccagca    168180
     atgatgcctt tcaccttact tcccaccagt taacaaatgg taagacgggg gaacagagaa    168240
     gtagcacatg cagtccaatt cagtaggacc ttccccagtt caggtaacag tttcttttaa    168300
     tcttaatcac tcagtgaaaa tcaaataagc aaaaacatac ccatcaacct accgttcatt    168360
     agtgtctctt ttctttctgc agtactgggg gccttttgca tgctaggtca gccctctgcc    168420
     actgaaccac accatcagca tctattttgt tttttgtttt tttttttttt ttaattaaaa    168480
     tacctattaa aagatacacc ccactacaca caactacatc aatcaaacag actccacctt    168540
     tagtgtatca tcataatatt gtactgattg gtcagaagaa gacattgctg ataaagacaa    168600
     tttacctggt ttttactggg tacttttggg ataactttgg ttacagttcc ttcaaaatgt    168660
     tcaatgctga tatcttcaaa aatgactgtt ccttgaggca atagtctgac atctgttgca    168720
     acttctttac cctaaatcaa gaggttgaag tgggcagggg tcacataatt ttaagcgttt    168780
     cttaaatata taatccacta ctaatcttta aaaagggcaa taatttagag ttagtgaatg    168840
     acccatctta catttctgtc cttgattgtg aattccacgt catctccagg ctgtagggtt    168900
     tctaggtcac ctttaaattc actatagtga aagaatatct cttttacaac atcacctctt    168960
     tcgataaagc caaacgcctc ctaaagcaaa aagcccccaa atacaaaatc attaattacc    169020
     aatcaatata caaatgtatg attacaactt aaaaaaaaat cagtaagctt tatcttaaaa    169080
     ttatactata ggccaaagag tacaactctg taaagtctac cttaccaaga cttgacctaa    169140
     agactcgcaa tcaagaagct ctatgaactt agttaacaag gaaatagtct taaagcagag    169200
     gcaggagaag caagtggttt gggtttgtag tacaaagctt aaaagcagtt aaaaaaccaa    169260
     acagcaaacc taaacatttc aagtttatta actattacct tcatggcaca aactactcct    169320
     tgacagcgag cctgcttctt tttcaacagc ataatattac gagcacttac agcaccagtg    169380
     ctagagaaga aatgaaaaat gaaggttaaa tcctctgggt tgttagaaac tattgagtct    169440
     ataatcacaa agtagtttcc taggtcttaa aaattctctc attattaaga acaaatgtaa    169500
     ggtttatgat acccaatctt ctctggataa aaactttgtt caaactcccc atctttcaga    169560
     cttaaaattc atacatggat tttttttttc ttcttcataa attcctgact ttaccaaagt    169620
     agataccttc taaagaaggt ggagaacact ggtttcacag cagggtgagt attacacttt    169680
     ataaactaag gaactgatga taacaataaa aaatctgtta ttgggaagta ctaaacttag    169740
     tacctatcct cttaatttat cttattattt tatttttttg aggcagggtt tctctgtgca    169800
     actatggctt gtcctgaact caactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact caagagagat    169860
     ccatctgcct ctactgcctg agtgctagga ttaaaggtgt tcaccagact agactgtcct    169920
     ccttattcct gccctctaag agacaggaga ctttgccatg ctttcaactc aagtttattt    169980
     caagcacagt gtaaactatg taagatacaa aattattgct gggctcaaca tgtttagaga    170040
     agagtagcta tcaaaaattc agacagacaa atgaggtact gcttttttga ggactaagtg    170100
     taagtgttga agaaactgct cagtagtcaa gagtggttgc tgttcttgta gagaacatgg    170160
     gatcaatacc tagcacccat ggtgggtgta gtcaacagcc atctgtaaac tccagttcaa    170220
     gaggatatga tgccctctct tggcttccta aggcactgta caaacaaggt tcacatgtgc    170280
     acaaactcac tctctgtgta tgtatgttat atggataggt tgtccatgtc tttaatctca    170340
     gcattcagga agctgaggca agaatcactc tgagttggag gccagtctgg tctacatagt    170400
     aaccattaaa taagaatata ctaggtaaaa aaattattta gtacaaatct ttggcaaagg    170460
     tgaaatagag tggctacctt ctgaaactta cattatctat tccttggttt tctacttcat    170520
     attcaattaa aacccttggt ctaaaatata taaacccata acccaatttc attttccagt    170580
     attccaacaa ctttgattcc tatcttggct gatccatata aaccctttat tttctatagt    170640
     actgcatcac actcctggtc tagagcatcc ctattgttca agagcctgct atctttagca    170700
     cttacacaac tctaacctta ctccaagttt tgcaagaatt gtataataaa gctcatctca    170760
     tgttcctgca gcccaatcaa caaagctaac tcaaacttct agccattttc tccaaaatgt    170820
     ctgatagttc tctgaccata ctactcattt cttatctgac ttttcactgt tctttcaaaa    170880
     ttaatcttac atatttgtcc ctaataaaga tcttcactga ataggcagtt ccctgaaaat    170940
     gacaatgttt tagtcacctt tagactctga tacctgccta tagaatagtc acagaccttt    171000
     aaggtctcaa gctgctggac aaaatcttca agggtcataa aaagtatcca gatttgtcag    171060
     ttaggtgttt aaataatttc agatttttcc tcccacccca actttccttc tttttggtat    171120
     ttgaaacagg acccagtgta cacaacctgg tctataactc ctgatgatac tgtctctacc    171180
     tctcaagtat taggactatc aggacagaac accacacctg gctctcactt caaatttttt    171240
     taatgtaacc aaaaaagaat catttaggtt aggaaaatac tgaagagaac ttactgttta    171300
     ttgttatcaa ttacaaagtt aattttatct ccagtttcca gctgaacatt cccttccaca    171360
     tcttcagagg tgtaagtcag ataaaatact tcctgtgaat taaccagcta ttattattat    171420
     ctcaacagga tgcacattca ctgtacaatg tcacttactc aaatacttct tatactggca    171480
     ttttaaagcc acagttctta gttatatgca gtataacaag taagttgtct tattcataat    171540
     cacacttccc ctccatggtg ctgatgactt ctttgagtcc acagctgagc agcaatccaa    171600
     gttcaaaaag cttacacacg tggaagcatt tgcccagaga ctgtagttac atttcaaaaa    171660
     gacaatcttt acaaaaggca ttccaaataa aaaaactgga gttagtgctt aaaaggaacc    171720
     agaaataaat ccccttcccc acaacccacc aaaaagtgat ttaaaggagc attttacctt    171780
     aatgttctaa ctaaggtcac acttgggcaa gctaacacac ttggaagtcc tatggatttt    171840
     tttctttaaa aataatttta ttatgctgca cttgaagcct cataaaacca aatttaaaag    171900
     tgattttagc aactagctta cgttttctac tttgaatttt aaagtacgct tatagatcac    171960
     atgatggatc aggcaaaggt ttaagaaaaa tacacaagtt taccccatta cgttcgtagc    172020
     atacactccc tgttggactc tgacccgggg cagctggaga tttactctct aagttgtgag    172080
     gaacagcgca cacaacctac cagtcaaaaa aaaaaaaatt tccattgcta atcatttcag    172140
     gagcagcact gtgcaatata aactgagttc taatatcctc tatactatat acagggatgc    172200
     attttaatat gatccacaag aggatgtcat gctgccaagt ttcaaactta cagtatgcaa    172260
     attgactgta agtaaagact cagggttata tgtaaaaccc aaactgagtc ttgaccatgt    172320
     ttttagttca ggtcaagaaa tgccagtgct tctgatctaa tcttaaaagt tatctttata    172380
     tactagagct ctcttcgtgc aaactgagga ggcaagggac aatcttcctt ttctaatgtg    172440
     aaaaatatgc aaatatgggg ccctaaggaa atacaaagta tcaaagtcac taacttgtcc    172500
     gttcattcgt tcttcaggat gtatttctgg ttttatcttc accaatttaa tagcaatagg    172560
     tttcccagtc ctccggtcag atgatacttc aaattcaaca tcatctaaaa taaagaatgt    172620
     gtcatgtttg ttggactaat gcttgaaaaa cagcatcttg catctgacct ctaaggtgtg    172680
     taatatctga gttgccttaa accagtggtt ctcaaagtat ggttcctagg cccgaagcat    172740
     caacgttacc tggaaactta ggagaccatg caaattcttg agcctcactt cagacctagg    172800
     taaagacaaa ctctggggaa tcaagtacag caatgtgtat tttattgagc cttccaacca    172860
     actgacacac acacgagcat ttcagactta gactgagtta gtcttagact attttagact    172920
     gaggcagcta tagatcatga cctagttttc atggcattta tatacattac aaataagata    172980
     atacagattt ggaaacatct tactttagct tccttatcta taaaatggaa taatttctaa    173040
     catacaatat tgctgagagg attaaacaaa ataatgctaa acagcatgca cccccagcat    173100
     ctggtacaca ccaaatactc atgttagcca cagctctaag ttcattctca agaatatttt    173160
     tatgtgaatc agagttttgc ctgtttgttc gtatgtatgt atgcagacaa catttggtga    173220
     ctggtgccca caaaggccag aagaggccat cagatgcctt gcaactgagt atgtatgcgc    173280
     tgaggttggt gctaggaact gaacgtaggt cctatacaag agtatcaagt attcaaacta    173340
     ctgtggcatc tttctagcct cttgggattt ttttttgttg ttttagttta agaaatctta    173400
     taatttcatt cctttaaatc ttctaagtat ctaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaca aacctcaaat    173460
     atatcttttt accagttaag tttttcagat ctcaaaatga cattgccata gtaaaaatta    173520
     gggcacatat ttcagtagta agcaaaacta atatgttcat cttttctggc ttataacaga    173580
     ctgaaaagtc ctatcaggaa caagcagaca cacagtagaa agttcaaaag tgagctgaca    173640
     gattacctcc tacttttaag tcttggaggt tgccattata ttgtgaacag tggaagaaaa    173700
     gtctagcttg ccgttctgaa cactgaatga atccgtaaga ggtcaagagt ttttcaataa    173760
     ccccagtttc acgaagtgct gctgaagtac cattggggta cccattgtgt ccattgttgt    173820
     ggagaaggtt tggatcaaag ctcatctgtt taaaaaaaaa aagtcaatat atatagatct    173880
     atgtatacaa aacaaaaaaa aaccccaaac aatactaaca ctaggtaaaa caacacttag    173940
     tgaaagttct taacattaac tttaaattac tgaagcaatt ttaaaataat agtggttaat    174000
     ataaaaacta gtaacctaga attaccagat taagaaaata tcttaatact atttggtaag    174060
     tcatgcagat taaattcata aagttagcag aaattaacac aataaatgtc ttattcaata    174120
     tttaattcaa atttaaaaat tgtagcacaa cacacactca agtccttagg gaaaaaattg    174180
     aaaattatga gggaaaaaaa tttgaaaatt atgagtcaaa aatatctcca atacaaattc    174240
     ctagccatag agttgtctaa caatgtttag ttaatttcta aggacattca aaaccttttt    174300
     cttgctaaga aaacactgat atctctaatg tcatctgttt caatgatcaa ttctgagcta    174360
     tataataaag caaatgaaac attctcttca gtgaaaaagg agttactgaa atacaataca    174420
     atacaataca atgcaatctg tttaggtcaa atactttttt actttggtga tttcataaat    174480
     cataaaaatg aattatttgt taagtttgaa agaagctaag gggctagaga gatgtctcag    174540
     cggttaagag cactgactgc ttttccaaag gtactgagtt caattcccag caaccatatg    174600
     gtggcttcat aaccgcctgt aatgggatct gaaacccttc tctggtgtgt ctgaagatag    174660
     ctacaatgta cccatataca taaaataaat taatcctaag aaaaataaaa aagaagcata    174720
     agatggaata agcatccaaa aaaggctgag taatttacca cagaagcact agctctaagt    174780
     ctttacatta actttaaaag tcccttgcat tgaaattatg acataaacat ttctagctcc    174840
     atgaaatgtt gggcaattat taaaaaagat atatcttcaa tgaccaatat tctttattat    174900
     gtgaatgatg ggagtttcgt ctacatgtat gtctgtgtat cacatactgc ttactctcca    174960
     taaaggccgg agtccagcag tggatctgct ggaaccagag tcacagacag gtgcgagctg    175020
     ctaggtattg agaatcaaac ctgggtcctt ggaagagcag ccagcactct taaccactga    175080
     gccatctctc cagtcccaag gaccaaaatt cttgaaaaat aaatggttaa gtaaggtggt    175140
     ggtggaacaa gcctttaatc ccagcattga ggagacaggg gcaggtggat ctgagagagg    175200
     tccaagccac cctactctac agagtaaatt ccataagagg cagagctact gagagaaacc    175260
     ctatattaaa gggaaaaaaa agataaaccg ttaaataata cactaataca tgggatgtcc    175320
     aaaatatgca aatcaatgca cacccgttag taattgggtt ctatttcctt tgtattagcc    175380
     actgttctga aatgtattaa cctaattttc acaaaaacaa tacactatgc ccattttacc    175440
     atgtagaaaa caaccactgg ccgaaattca ctgatagaca actcaaacga ggtccacctc    175500
     cacacaactg gctttaaatt ctccaactaa agccacttga caatttaatt aaaacagcag    175560
     agtcagattc agtgaagata agggtataaa ctctcctctt ccaacaagat ctaaggcaag    175620
     caatgcttct tcactcttta agacattttt acaacagcag ggtccgaaag ttaatctttc    175680
     aaaagtcaaa gtcaaagaaa tgattaggaa gctataaatt gagcctactg gcacttcaac    175740
     cagacgacgt ggcccccata agccatgcgt gtaacacaat gcaagacaaa ctgaatcact    175800
     cctttcctga cttacagatc tctgatatgt gggggtcctc ttttgttttt ttgtccagga    175860
     tgaggtagat gatgaagata aaggtaaaga aagtgaagga ggggctgcag gagtgggctg    175920
     aggatctgat gacacggtaa gcatgttctc catgtcaagc agctgtgaca acatagcata    175980
     atgtttaaca agtacaagag taaataaacg tccaactgaa aggttctctc agatacatta    176040
     aacagtcctg tgttataagg aactttacaa acgtcttaag aacactagtg gcacaatgct    176100
     agcacatgct tttcatccct cattggtgga ggcagaggca ggcagatctc tgtgttaaga    176160
     ggccagcccg gtctacagag caagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt    176220
     ctcaaaaaac aaaacaaaaa aagaacttta gtggctaata aggagaccac tgttccaaat    176280
     ttcttttcaa tttccaaaca gtaaacagaa tctattatca attatagccc aatggaaaat    176340
     agaatactgc atttatggtt ctgcccaaga taaaaattag tttctatgaa tattactata    176400
     tgatatgaat atgagctata taaatgtagc ttatatctca ctaaactgat atatcaaata    176460
     tacttcttat ataacttaat attactgaaa attaaactgc aaactcacta agttgacagt    176520
     gaagtctctt tcttattcat ttgttctcag tatactatag ttgaaatata ctcgaatgaa    176580
     tggccctaca catttagtta tctaggctcg actccatagc agaggcactg tcagcagaaa    176640
     gaaatgtata tatatggaag gcaagcaaag cacaagcaaa gcacatggac atcaacacgt    176700
     ttattcccag aactaactat tcaacctcat tatgaaagac atgactattt aataagatct    176760
     aatgtataag ccggacttat attagaaaca ttaaaacaca ctccataaat aatgcccctg    176820
     agataattta taataggatg aagtttaaaa caaaacaaag gaaaaataaa aagtcaagca    176880
     tgatagctca cgtgtataat cctagcattt gagaggctaa agcaggcgta ttactgagtt    176940
     gggggccagc aagtactata ataaaatcct gttttacaaa acaggagaaa acagcacaac    177000
     aaaaacaatc ctccaacaca tcagttctca acctgtgggt tgtgacccct tgggggagag    177060
     gggtttcaag aatgactctt tcacaggggt ctaagactac cccaaaacag acatttacat    177120
     tatgatcaac agcagcaaaa ttatagttat gaagtaacaa tgaaaataat cttatagctg    177180
     ggcagtggtg gcgcaggcct ttaattccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gtggattttt    177240
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagta agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga    177300
     aaccctgtct cgaaaaacca aaaagattga aaaaataaat taaaaaaaag atttttatgg    177360
     ttggaggtca ccacaacatg aggtattata ttaaagggta ttaaacatta agaaggaagg    177420
     ttgagaagca ctgctccaaa acaaaacaaa tacttcaagt aagcacttgt aatcccagca    177480
     cttagaaagt aaagagttga tttaaaaaaa caacaacaaa aaaacccttt gaagacctga    177540
     ttaccaaaaa ggcttagaaa caagagattc aatcaaacaa aaactcaccc acaaacaaaa    177600
     caaactaagt atacacacca tactggtgaa gaggacacaa acctatatta acaggtaacc    177660
     tgtttccata atactgttta tttttatttt ctgttcattt gttagcactc tttccaaggc    177720
     aaccaaagtg taattatgca tttataaaac agttttataa acgtctcact gacatgtaat    177780
     ataatcaaat tgatttgagg accattattc taggttactg acttagatca ggaatgtcaa    177840
     agtcctattt cttcatgttt agatcttagt cttactacat ggattttttt taaaagaatt    177900
     aatttattta ttttatatat gtgagtacag tgtagctgtc ttcagacacc ccagaagagg    177960
     gcatcagatc ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca    178020
     ggtcctctgg aagagcagcc agtgctctta actgctgaga catctctcca gcccactaca    178080
     tggattttac aatgaacaga cagacccaga aagctgtaac cctaaccggc caccatcatt    178140
     catttccaaa atttccattc ctgatacatt gtagaaagaa atcccccctt tctctccagt    178200
     ctgcctgtct tgagtgctta aagacatgtg ccaccatacc tggcatggtt cacactccta    178260
     acccatgctg gtttattatt caatcaggca gactttgaaa taagctgtgg aggatgatcc    178320
     tgatctcctg aacctttctg ccccagcctc ctatgtgcta ggagtacaga tgtgctcctc    178380
     cacattggct ctcctctcag cttcctaaac tcagtagttg ttcttacgat tgttttcggc    178440
     atagatttgc aataactatt actaaagtgt atttcaccat ttttatagta ttttgattaa    178500
     agcagaacag tgattatttc cctattaggc acactaaagt ttttagtaac tgtgtaactt    178560
     aagcacacac cctttactca atttattaat acagcacatt agggaaatat tccaaccctc    178620
     actacccacc cctacaacaa aataacaaaa gcccaaaaaa gaccgcgtgt ctgtaaccca    178680
     aggacttggg aggtagatgc aagaggatga gctcaagaac accctttact gttagagaac    178740
     agcctgggct gggacctgtc ttaaaaagaa gttgcagcag cagcaacaac aacaacaacc    178800
     caaccaacaa aacactgtaa cctattgttt taagtcacac ctttaatccc agcacttggg    178860
     aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttttag    178920
     gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac caaaaataaa taaataaata    178980
     aaaattctat ttgtgtttgt gggtgggtat gccacaaaca ttttgtttcc tgtgcagtca    179040
     agatctatga gcacctaaat tgggccctct ggaagtagct gcgaacagac ttaaccccta    179100
     caccatcact tcatctccct caagtgccct gtgctggtta acttgcacag atcaagctta    179160
     aattgctaaa acgtttatag tcttttattg ttctgaattc atacccatat taggatgttg    179220
     ggatagttca aggtgtcctt cacataaaaa atttagatta agtatctaga gttgccagga    179280
     tgcatgtttt ctggttccta agtgaaactg cttaatttct tttttttttt gtttttttcg    179340
     agacaggggt tctctgtata gccctggctg tcctggacct cactttgtag accaggctgg    179400
     cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgtgc    179460
     cacctcgcct ggctgaaact gcttaatttt taaaaatgtt tttattacca gttttttttg    179520
     agccatggtt ttgctgtata ctactacagg ccagccctga atgcacaatc ctcttgcttc    179580
     aactttctga ggcatgtgct acccatacct ggatctcaag tttttcttta agtggtcttg    179640
     attgacttgg gttggatatc ttaagtaaca tgggaattct tttgtggaag atcgagtctc    179700
     atacagctga gtttaattaa tattcctgct atttactaaa gtacctacca ccaagatgta    179760
     ccaactaagt tttatatgaa tattgatgag tttgtatctt aaatagaatt gttaatacat    179820
     ccttaacttg tgcagtattg tatgaagaga gtgagttatc aattaaaaac atgcctctat    179880
     atgaaaaaaa aagtatctac ttagtataac tgcttattat tagagcttta agaaaaacag    179940
     ggcacaggct ggagaggtgg ctcagcaggt aagagcactg actgctcttc cagaggtcct    180000
     gagttcaatt cccagcaacc acatggtggg gctcacaacc atttgtaatg ggacctgatg    180060
     ccctcttctg gtgtacatta agacagctac agtgtataca cataaaataa ataaaactta    180120
     aaaaaaaaag attcaaaaca aaacaaaaaa ccaaaagaca aaaacagggc acaacagaat    180180
     ctggaacata tacctggaga ccttcctaaa aaccagtctg ttaaattcat tggttcctac    180240
     cctgactttg ggaacagtgc ctttagtttt agaacatggg tctccattta tgttattgcc    180300
     atgtccctta tagttagcaa gttatcctgt cacccattaa aagcttcagt tttctctcga    180360
     tactactgct ataaactcga aaataaaaat taccttcaga aaaacaaaca accccctagg    180420
     attttctaca tttttatttt gtcatcttta aactgtttta attaaatgac tcaaactaat    180480
     tcatgtgtac tttctcaagc cactaaatct cttcccaagc cttttgtttc tccctatccc    180540
     tctatattta cacattctca tctatgtact acttgtataa attttacaca cacacacaca    180600
     cacacgtatg tgtgtgtgta ttccccttta aaactagggt ttccaaacta taaccacgta    180660
     tatgaatgga aatgaataga aatgaataat gaaacccatt gcttctttgt atgctaacct    180720
     aaaaatgaaa acaaactaac accactcagg gattctatta cattaccaat gcttccttaa    180780
     taggaaactt ctttcattta agcattttac aactttacaa tcacaacatt agatctctgg    180840
     ccttagagtc aagatcttct acttcaattg tatggtttac aactatgtgc atataaccca    180900
     cttttcagaa gttaggagta cacagggtat attcatctta tatactgaaa actgttcata    180960
     cagcaatatt cagaatacaa agattagatc aagctgtagc aaatgaaatt tttactctat    181020
     atccatctct gtaattcata tctgtgaaat aaatatggaa aactttcaca caaccatcta    181080
     gcatccttaa gatacagtct tgctgttacc catactgtct tcaagttgtg ggctcaagtc    181140
     ctgcctctca gcccaccaag aaattgagac tagaagcaca catttctccc cagtctcttc    181200
     ctttagctta taagcagctt tagtttgtgg taggcatctc catctagccc aaaagaagga    181260
     atagcctaaa cttactcaga cgaagaagaa aaagacacaa gatatgctag aacaattatc    181320
     ataaaattgg ttctggagat aaatttatca ctaagaatag ttatcattgc cgggcagtgg    181380
     tggtgcatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcga    181440
     ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gaggttaaga gcactgacta ctcttccaga    181500
     agtcctgagt tcaactccca gcagccacat ggtggtttac aaccatctgt aatgacctca    181560
     tctagtgcat ttgaagacag ctacagtgta ctcatataca taaagaaaaa aaaaaaacct    181620
     tttttttttt ttttttttta aaaagaaagg ggctggtgag atggctcagt gggtgagagc    181680
     acccgactgc tcttccgaag gtcaggagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtcgctcaca    181740
     accatgactc cctcttctgg agtgtctgag gacagctaca gtgtacctac atatactaaa    181800
     taaataaata aatcttaaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaagaaaga aaaaaagaaa agaaaatagg    181860
     aaacaaaatg agagccaagg agtggtggca caaacctttc atcccagcac ttggtaggca    181920
     aaggcaggtg gatccctgag tttgaggcta gcctggtcta gagacaaagt ttcaggacaa    181980
     ccaaagctag atagagaaac ccttgtctaa aaggaaggaa ggaaaagaaa tgacatgggt    182040
     agctaagagc acttgctggt cttgctaagg accaagcttc agttcccagc actcacatgg    182100
     tacttcacta ccatctgtaa ctcaagttcc aggaaattca atgcctcttc tagcctctga    182160
     aggatcctgc cagcacatgg tgcacaaata tacactcagg cacatactca tacacaaaaa    182220
     aataaaatca aaagaaagtg ctcctccaca acagacctga gtgcttcttg aaatgagtaa    182280
     gacaaactgt ttccattttc attaaatttc atctgcaaca tttttaaacc gctgtcaacc    182340
     ttttgaaatc atcttccttt gtgttccttt cctatgtgtt tgtgttgctc ttctttaatg    182400
     ttctcttcat agtatttcct ttattaccta taacccaatg attctgattc cgttctccat    182460
     tcaaagacta ttttagaaaa ctaaaaagaa aaaaaaatcg ctctttataa ctctaattcc    182520
     ctcagataac taatatacca tactagcagt ctttgacttc tgatttcaaa ctgaaaagag    182580
     gtccccattt caacaagctc tgacacaaac ttcttttagt gaatgacaaa cggtctttct    182640
     agtttggaca actcgatgga ctaaggctgt tttctcccta ggcttagctt cacatcgaac    182700
     ctgttacaag atccttttac cattagaacc ccacttctgc ctgctcacca gcctttgtct    182760
     taactgtcta ctctttcagt agattttctc atcttcaatg aatcaagcca tcttcccttt    182820
     gaaaaagtcc ataacttcta ataaccatcc aatagctccc attcatacag aacagagcta    182880
     atatactcta actttcagaa cttagctccc aaaagcttct ctgtccagtt actcaagaca    182940
     acccataaaa actgtattct ctagcctgtg tataactcaa ttgctcacta cagtcctgtg    183000
     ctctcaagcc tcctagagaa tctgagaact attgcttctg tactctagag aagacccttt    183060
     cctcctgaca aagtattgct ttgtccagat gcctcctgtt ccttatactc ttagcaccga    183120
     gaaccttctc ttttagttca tatttaacag taatattttg tgttaaaata ttctaaatgt    183180
     acatttgtga acactttatt cactaccata catactcttc tggcactagc gatacctaac    183240
     aagcaataca gtaagcatgc aaaccaccca tgcatatact accatgttca gctcatagat    183300
     taaccaatga aaattcaaac ctacctcgca gtgataatca aatattgcac tttcagtagt    183360
     atttgctgac tcttcttttt tcagcacaag ttccaaagga tgaaagttgc tagtatttaa    183420
     aaaaagaaaa aaaaaagaaa aagaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aggagagcga gaggaaatga    183480
     tctaccaagc taataaagaa tacaactgct gctgcaccgg gcaatctcac agtacagcac    183540
     tgaagaaaac aaagactact agcagcgttg ggaagtgctc tttcaaagct gttgagtagg    183600
     cacaaacttc ttgtttcaga tcaagtgttg tgtcttcaac ttgtgtactc ttctttggtg    183660
     ttgttggttg ttgcgggtct gttccttgcc tgatctgaac ttgaagcagc agtttcaggt    183720
     ggtaaagtct gttctgttac acttcatact ggagatagag acaaagacaa aagttagcta    183780
     ttagagaacc agggtcagag agtggaagga tccagtgatg caagtacttg aaactgttca    183840
     ctcttgagtg ctcaagtgag gatggcctac atcctctgca aagaccccaa attatcccaa    183900
     agtcctgcta atctcttcat cacctgcaaa gttatgatat ccagctagca caagcatctt    183960
     acagacatct gtgtgttagg ctttattgaa aacaaactcc ccattgaagt atgcaatcta    184020
     gatctagatc agaaaagcta cactggagaa aagtagaata cagaacacaa aattcagttg    184080
     ctaggtaggc taaccaccta gctaacacac tacatcagta ggcacactcc tttcaccagt    184140
     atactagcag caaagtaatg cagcgaacac acacaactaa gagggaatct gaacagaacc    184200
     tggaaaacta agagtaaata aacaactaag tatcctgcgc ataaagatca ctaagacaag    184260
     cctgaacaac tacaaaatat taagttcttt gaaaatagga acactgtagc attatgtgat    184320
     ttctccttaa aaaccatggc ctgtgtgcat ggatgtcaag atggtttttt ggaagtcacc    184380
     ttaggttgct agtagtgaac tcaattcctt tacccactgt gccatcttgt tgtccctcgt    184440
     ggcatttttg gggggaggaa gtgcaagaca ctgtatctct ttgtagaccc agctgtcttg    184500
     gaattctgta gaccaagctg gcctcaaact cagggatcga cctgcctctg cctcctgagt    184560
     gatggaatta aaagcatgga ctctcatgga attttttact tttttaagtc ttgcttcaag    184620
     tcaagacctc tggcatggat ggacaatgac aagtgtggtg tatttcagag gaactgacta    184680
     ggtcagcctg gatagaagag agggtcggta acagtgggaa gaaagctact gagacaggtg    184740
     cagtggaacc agattatgag agagaaggcg ctcctgcagt ctgtgttctg acagactacc    184800
     agggcacatg cacatatatg tatatgtgcc cacacatata cacacaaaat aaaatgcaat    184860
     agaaaattgt tacaagccac tgaatgaaat ggttcagcat gtaaagactt ttccaccaag    184920
     attcccagga cccacgtggt gggagagagc tgacttagca agctgtcctc tgcaacctac    184980
     acaattgtgt acctgcacac tgataaattc aagtacaaag aaaataaatg taaaaacgag    185040
     tattatttta gatgaggttt ttcctatgtt gcctaggctg gtcttgaatt cttgtcccca    185100
     gggaattttc ccacaatctc acctcccaag atgctaggaa tacaggtgca cattacattt    185160
     ggcaactgtt ttgtatgaaa agaaaaatag taaacaagtt gaaagataat attttcattt    185220
     gaaaaacatt acaaaacaag aatggtgcca agccagtaat atggcttatt gaataaaggt    185280
     atttacttgg tgcacaaggc tgaaaacttg agttcaatcc ctgggaaccc ctgtaaaagt    185340
     agacagagga aaaaaatcca aagttgtctt ctgacttcca taacttgacc cctgtacctt    185400
     ggcatactca taatcaaata cacaatagtt agggcaacag ggtgactata aggtgatcta    185460
     gatgtggtag gacatgccca caattccaca cctatgtaga gtaaccatgt ttcagaaaac    185520
     aaaggctggg cggaatgaag ccatgcctct gatcctagca ctggagaggc agagacaggc    185580
     agatctctgt gcagtccagg ccagcctggt ctacaaattg agttccagga cagccacaga    185640
     tacacagaaa aattgtctat ttacaaaagg aggaagagga ggaggagttt ttaaaatttg    185700
     aactggagga cacaacatgt tgataactgt ctaagaaata aagactccta caatctacaa    185760
     tctgagaata ttgcagagcc aatcttgaat actaatgggg cctagcaata tatatattaa    185820
     gcacaattga gaagaagaat tagtgtcttc ttatttgtag attttatagg taactgaatg    185880
     gttttcaacc aaatcaagtc tcaaaacttg tagtttatat aaaattggct agctactcca    185940
     aataacattc ataagtggta ttgactcctt taactgtctg aaaacaaatg catctccttt    186000
     tattccttct aaagccagac actttaaaaa tagagaacaa ttgggctgga gagatggctc    186060
     agaggttaag agcactggct gctcttcgag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca    186120
     tggtgactca taatcatcta aatgaagtct ggtctggtgc cctcttctgg catgcaggca    186180
     tacagcaggt agaatgctgt atacataata aatcttaaaa aaaaaaaaag tagagaacaa    186240
     ttgaagagtc tcaactgttt cccccactgt tccacaggta aagagtatca ctaattatca    186300
     attattgtgt tactttagga gttaaagcaa aaagtacttt ctttttagag gaaaaacaaa    186360
     gacccaacca aattggtcag aatctccact accagaattt cactgaactt taaaaaacac    186420
     aaactatgct ttctttgacc ttttttgttt tcttcctcct ttgtgtgttt tgtggtgctg    186480
     agaactgaac cctctatgtc attcatgcta ggcaaatgct ctactactga gcattgtctt    186540
     gtgaaactaa gattaatgat aaactttaga taatgctggg ctatggtggt acattccttt    186600
     aatcttagca cttaggagac ataggcagac aaatcttagt gaggtcagcc tgacctacag    186660
     ttcaaggaca gccaaggctc cagagaagcc atgtcaaacc aatcaaccaa ccacccaccc    186720
     aaacaaacaa atcccccccc caaaaaaaac tttagataac taataatata aattgccagg    186780
     ttgacagatc tgagttcatg gccagccttg tctacagatc aggttccagg acagaaacct    186840
     gtcttgaaat actaaacaaa atatgtaaat aaaataaaaa ataaaaatgc aagtcattat    186900
     taaggggaac taaaaaattg atgcaactat ccttttgtat atattcagta gtaacaactg    186960
     ggctgggctg ttagagatct ggatacttgg gacatttaaa agtatgaatc agcatggaac    187020
     tgctattcaa cacaacagac agggtgagaa gctaaagaaa ttattttcca acaaaaacct    187080
     actctacgct aggtctaatt tgagacacca cgtagtagaa catgaccttg aacttttaac    187140
     actgtccctg aagttgggat tgctgggttt gccactatat tcagttttat gctgggctgg    187200
     ggactgaacc cagaactttg agcaaacttt taagctatat tcccagtaca tacacttgta    187260
     tacctacatt tctaatttaa actttcctgc tggtcatggt gacgcacgcc tttgatccca    187320
     gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcagatttg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga    187380
     gttccaggac agccagggct ataacagaaa aaccctgtct caaaaaaaca aaaataaaaa    187440
     taaataaaaa ttaatgtaca catgtaattg accaaataaa tcattccttg aaattagtgt    187500
     tattttataa ttacaatata tttcagttca acttattccc cactcccaca acttgggcag    187560
     ggtttctctg tatagtccta caatttcctt tgtagagcag gctggcctca aactcagaga    187620
     tctatctgcc ccggtctcct agctgctggg atcaaagaca tgaaccacca tgcccagttc    187680
     tcaagttaca ttttcaatgt ttaatagcca cacctagctt agtggctaaa gcactgcaga    187740
     ataagccatc aactgagaag gaaaaacatg tcttttaaag caacagtaag tttactaggc    187800
     aaagatttca actaataaaa ggaggcaata tccaccaaag acttgcttgc ttactggagt    187860
     ttgtaattac caagttggac aaacagaaat gcaatttatt ttctgtagct ttaaaccaat    187920
     ggtattttac ctgtacaatg ttgggaaaga gcagagacat ttattgtcaa ctttgtatta    187980
     atgctgtacc ttagcattaa aagacactaa atatttctaa agttttgtat tggtttgttt    188040
     ttaattatta ttaccacatt caagtggaaa acatctaatg caagataaag gggatttcta    188100
     aatcctgctt gggtaaaagg gatttaaaaa caagtgcctt ggttgtggtg gcacacacct    188160
     ttaagacaag cactcaggag acatagagtc aggtggatct ctgaattgag gccagacttg    188220
     tctacagtga gaccctctgt cttggaatga tgagattcaa gaaggaaaac aaaacaaaac    188280
     aaaagttatg ccaggcagta gtggtgcagg caggaggatc tctgagattg ataaggccag    188340
     cctggtctac agagctagtt ccaggacaga cagagctaca gagagaaacc ctatcgtgaa    188400
     aagcatgtat acatgtatat gtatgttata tgtgtacaca cacacacaca cactcaaaac    188460
     caaaacacca caagtcacag cagtttcacc acataaatta ttgccactaa ctaaattttt    188520
     atagttgtaa ccactgtata aaattctgaa ttttttcatg ttgtgaaaca aggtctccct    188580
     atgtagccca ggatggcttc caattcaaaa atcctcctgt ctaagcttcc caactgctta    188640
     aacagtttgg gcaaagatct caaaatgatt ctccctttgt tttcagaaaa gaaagcttca    188700
     aaaaacacaa ttctttgtgt cttacaaaat gtcaacattt caacttgatt ttgcaacata    188760
     gtgttaatat tttactcaaa aaaatatata tttggagctg agatgaaagg atggacctcg    188820
     tagagactgc catatccagg gatccacccc ataatcagca tccaaacgct gacaccattg    188880
     catacactag caagatttta ttgaaaggac ccagatgtag ctgtctcttg tgagactatg    188940
     ccggggccta gcaaacactg aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctaaaggatg gatcataagg    189000
     ctcccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtagcc aaggagctaa agggatctgc aaccctatag    189060
     gtggaacaac attatgaact aaccagtacc ccggagctct tgactctagc tgcatatata    189120
     tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg aaagagaggc ccattggact tgcaaacttt    189180
     atatgcccca gtacagggga acaccagggc caaaaagggg aagtgggtgg gcaggggagt    189240
     gggggtgggt ggatatgggg gacttttggt atagcattgg aaatgtaaat gagctaaata    189300
     cctaataaaa aatggaaaaa aaaatatata tcattcaaaa ggaacttcca ctatcaccta    189360
     ccttgcttaa aaaagtacag ccctcataga gatgtagtta ataccactaa actttatact    189420
     tcaaaaaaag tcaaaactaa ggtttagccg ggcgtggtgg ctcacgcctt taatcccagc    189480
     actccggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga    189540
     gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaacgaa agaaagaaaa    189600
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aacccactaa ggtttacatt acataaaaat    189660
     ggaatgactg aagggagggt gtgaaagaaa aagaaagcag ttcatagttt tcattagctg    189720
     gaaacttacc acaacttcca atcattccta taaaggtcac acttaagtca gaacttattt    189780
     ttatgaaaaa agaaaaccta tcgtctgtgc ttcaaatact ctgcttttcc actcagctgc    189840
     tataaatact catggtgatg gtaaacatca gagcagctgc aaaaccaaac tactaccagc    189900
     tctttacatt ccagttctaa gaggaaaaga aacaaggaca agtattagat ccaaggttct    189960
     ttttggtttt taatattttg atacaaggtt tctcaatgtg gccctggttg tcctagaact    190020
     tgctctgcag attaagttgg ccttaaactc agagatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcagaagtg    190080
     ctaggtctgt agtgatggga ctaaagaagg gacaggtaac tactgcctag attttataac    190140
     ttacatattc gtggctgttt atgtacacaa tctgcttctt atccacatta ataattatat    190200
     cgcctgtcaa tttagtaatg agtttgcctt ctagtaccta aaaatcaaga tgatcgacag    190260
     gcatggcagt agtacatgcc tttaatcctg cacttgggag gcagggacaa gcagatctct    190320
     gtaacttcaa ggacagcctg gtccacggag ttcgaggcca gacaaggcta cacagtaaga    190380
     ccctatctca aaaaaagaaa aggaaaggaa aagaaagggg gtggggaggg cagactgagc    190440
     attttggtag cttgaattaa tgccctataa tttggaactt atttttttaa aaagtaggtt    190500
     agagcaagca agcagtctag acagccagcc atttcaaggc taacctaggt tgcacagttt    190560
     aaggctataa ccaataaaca aaagaaaaac aaacttggca gttttgtgaa ctagaagttc    190620
     acatcagcct aacataatgt ccaaactcaa ctacaatctt taaacatcct tagttccttt    190680
     ctgcccgtcc tcctcaactg cttaaacagc actatctttt tgctcatttt agttgcagaa    190740
     caaggaaact aagtggttta ataatgttca gaatgttttc tgcagtggaa agtgttaagg    190800
     agtactccct gctcacctgt gagtcaggtt ggagaccagc cacaaaggtg tttctaaggt    190860
     taactcttta aagcaaaaga accggggcac taagattggg tatggttgaa acgttcgacg    190920
     gtcaaatctt ccaatttaat ttgctctccg actggggctc tcacactaga tagatacatg    190980
     acaaagccaa gccattcatt gcacaatgta ggccagcgct tgcaccacgg agggagggca    191040
     tcacggaact ctcctaacgc atgccattta ccccagacag aaaggtggga gacacgtgcc    191100
     tagaacgggg cccgactcct ttttcaaatg ccaaaggaca gttaggtgtg gagacccagc    191160
     cacaagagaa tgtgagtaaa ggtgtcaatt ccgccgcgct agggtcagat gtggctgagg    191220
     gaacagaggt gtcccgcagc actttcccta gatggaacag ggtctcaacc cacacacaaa    191280
     gaaggcgcca ctgccgcact gcgctctggt agtcgtagta gtatccccaa agccagtgac    191340
     ggccaagaca gacaaggtcc cgaaaaaaag aacaggccct tctccccggc ctcttccagc    191400
     tgcacacaaa ggaccgcgcc accaccccct cacccctccc gccgggactt gtagttccct    191460
     ttcccccgcc aagccgcaga gggggaagag gacggactac agctcccggc agccttcgcg    191520
     cccgagcccc gcaccctctg cctccatctt ggctgcggtc ggagtttcca ttttcgctcc    191580
     ctccccccac ttcagtcacc gacaccgaca ccgacaccgc cgctacccgc accccctggc    191640
     ctcacctcct cactaaggct tcgcggccgg ccctgaggcc gagacggttg aagccagggt    191700
     gaaaaaggga cgcctggagt aggaactcac actgaactct cctccatccg gaattctagg    191760
     agtgcccact ctgacactca gaggtccctc ccgttaacct gagtctcctc agctgtcttt    191820
     aacctggctc gttgctaccc ccactttaac actgaggtcg tactcacccc aacagctcag    191880
     cgccccctct ccagcgccgc cataagcagc acggcccggt acgtaggaat aaatctcgct    191940
     tctctcgcga gagttgcagg ctccgagcgc gtgcacggga aggtgggggg agcgtgctct    192000
     tagtacgctt gcgcgcgagg gctgagtgac gccagccgct gacctgcgtt tagccacacg    192060
     caagccggtg actcttcttc tctacgttcg cccctgggta gtgccagaag caatctctgc    192120
     gtttagtgac tctgctgcga cgctgggggc ggggcgaagg gtgaatttag gcgttcaccc    192180
     ggtgttcgcg agcccgaaag ctttcagcga cgaggcttga gtaggaaggc cttatgaagt    192240
     aggaacagtt ctgagggcag atccgggagt gtcgtgaata aaaagatttc actttcctca    192300
     gccataatcc aggagtccaa atcgcagttt ctctttagtc acgggacagg ctttctcctg    192360
     tctcctacat tagaagggat ttcattgctt tagagaaaag tttttaacaa agtaatttgt    192420
     aaagcttttg tcttccagaa actacattgc ttgcgacaga caaaaataag cgaggctgta    192480
     ttatcaataa aatctaaaat tccccaaacc actttaactg tccgtttcag ttaccagaag    192540
     atttttgtag tgtgtcagtc tgaataagta tttaaaaggc tgaaagcagg ctaaaagcat    192600
     aattcacctg actggagtag aggagtggaa tggttagatc taaccattgc aaagttattt    192660
     aggctgccct gtcaataatc tagaaaacaa ttactttact tttactatct tgttggtttt    192720
     ttatttttgt ttgttttttg agacagggtc tcacatgtag cacatgctgc cctggaactc    192780
     tgggaaatct gcctgcttca gcctagtggg attaaaagtg tggacaacca tgcccaactt    192840
     cagtggtcct cttaaccatt ttgggtaaag ggtagctccc tgaggacact cccatctatt    192900
     tcctgcttct gtgggagagg agaacattct catcctggtg tactttcctt gcgggggaga    192960
     gacagggact cacccagaac ttgctgtgta gatctagctg gcctagaact catgagatac    193020
     ccccccccct tctcctggcc tggcattaaa ggggcgtgcc accacaacct gccaagtgta    193080
     cttcttaccc atactttcag ttggttattc agagaaactg cagacctctg tagacatagg    193140
     tagggctttc aggggaacaa attacatgta ataaaataaa ataagcaaca aatatgaata    193200
     ttgtcccccc actctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtattgg agaccccagt    193260
     attggaaaag ccagagccat gagatacctg caaagctgaa aggagttaag atctgaagag    193320
     ccctttgacg tcagacatgg agatgaagtt tggagtttgc aaactggttc tcagtcttgc    193380
     tttgcagatt acagttaaga gattgcacaa atctcagaaa agactttgaa ctaagttgag    193440
     acagttaaat actaggggga cttttatttt tccagacaga gtttctctgt gtaacagccc    193500
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacaa ggctgacctt caattcacag aaatccactt    193560
     actttcgtat accatcactc ctggccaagt atggggactt ttgaaattgg actgaatgca    193620
     tttctgcatt atcatatggc tgcaagcctt tgggggccag gaactgggat gtggtagttt    193680
     gaaagagagt ggttccccct aaactcttag ggagttgcac tattagaagg tctggccttg    193740
     ttggagctgg aacttcccat gtagactatg gtagtttaga aaccacagag atctaaccgg    193800
     ctttgcctcc cagatcctaa tcctaaaggg cgaccctacc cttccctgct cccttttctc    193860
     tcttagcttc ctttatcaac ccaagaccga tcttcccaca ggatggagca cagggattga    193920
     cgagtgacac ttgtctgtac agagattccg aggccttgag tttgggaatc ttcacctagg    193980
     taatacactg ctcttccccc tccaactccc actctctccc cctccaactc ccactctctc    194040
     ccttcctttc ttccttcttt tttttgacag gatc                                194074