ID   AC150275; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 224935 BP.
AC   AC150275;
DT   11-JUL-2004 (Rel. 80, Created)
DT   28-JAN-2005 (Rel. 82, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-409M16 from 7, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-224935
RA   Waligorski J., Bielicki L., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-409M16";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-224935
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-JUL-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-224935
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-NOV-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-224935
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-JAN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; d7d4e7bc7ec58319142c2e05555f8e96.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456138.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070425; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032506; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032406; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032407; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032408; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0033103; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0031342; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0086202; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0084919; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0084036; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0084042; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D3Z526.
DR   GOA; F6R278.
DR   GOA; F7D6D1.
DR   GOA; K4DI70.
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DR   InterPro; IPR005458; TRPC2_channel.
DR   InterPro; IPR005821; Ion_trans_dom.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z526; D3Z526_MOUSE.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; K4DI70; K4DI70_MOUSE.
CC   On Nov 3, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:50200601.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0409M16
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..224935
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /map="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-409M16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    33787..33802
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of genomic DNA."
FT   unsure          55045..55307
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          69844..69881
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          95555..95628
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   unsure          115604..117051
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
SQ   Sequence 224935 BP; 59988 A; 50578 C; 51228 G; 63141 T; 0 other;
     gaattctcaa ggtacaaatc ttaaatattt ttaaatttta tttaggctta tttatttatt        60
     tatttattta gaacatggtt tctctgtgta gatctgacta tcctggacct cactatgtag       120
     accaggctga tctcaaactc agaaatccgt ctgcctctgc ctccaagtgc taggattaaa       180
     cacatgcatc accactgctt agcttaagta ttacaaaaag taaatagagc ctggagtgat       240
     ggctcagggg ttgagagcac ttgtcattct tacagaggac ttggattcag ctcccagcat       300
     gcacgtggag gctcacaacc acctataact ctggtcgtgg agactccaac accctcttct       360
     ggcctttgca tgcactgcac ttctttgatt gacaaatatg catgcaaaat accataaaaa       420
     taaatacata aaaacaaata aacaaaaaac cagcagcaaa tagaacctga cagctctcag       480
     ctaatagagt caacatgctc atttatccat tgatgcacat gatacagatt gcttttcttt       540
     tgctttttta aatttttttg tggtgtggta tgtccacctt taatcctagc actcaggaga       600
     ttgaggcaga cagatctctg tgagagtcag gctagccaga attacatagt agaaccctgt       660
     ctcaaaaaat aaataataaa aatagcctcc tccctctctc ctccctctct ctatcccttt       720
     cttgacaggg tttcatatat tccagactgg cactgaactc actatgtagc tgaaggtaac       780
     cttgaacttc tgaccctgac tacctctacc tcccctgggc tgaggttaca tttatgtgtc       840
     aacacatcca gttccatatg gtgctagaga tttgtgactg ccatgcaggt actctatcag       900
     ctgagctaca tccccaggcc tatttgctta tttacttatt agctttattt attttatatg       960
     tatcacatgc acacctggtg cctgcagagg tcagaagagg gcattgcatc ccctgaaagg      1020
     ggatggatcc accaccttgg atgttgtgga tcagaccttg gtattctgca agctcaacaa      1080
     gtgcttttaa ccactgagcc aactctccag ccctcatctt ggcttttttt gagacccccc      1140
     tcccactttg ttgtctgcac tgattgtacc tccccaatag cagacctgct gctggttgac      1200
     ttcatagttg ttgcatcaca ctgattttat taaatgttta gtgagctttg ggatactaaa      1260
     agcactatgg caaacaactg ttataacaca gagccctcaa gccctccagc cctcaagctg      1320
     aggaccacag tccaagtgtt cgctagatgc ctgcctccaa aggcttctca gatatgagag      1380
     tctccttctc aagtcttcaa aggctggcag aaaagtgact gggcagcata cagtccctcc      1440
     cctgagactc ccagaggcgt cctccccaat cagtttaaat ctaaaaccat cacaatggtt      1500
     tgcctgttcc attcccaagt tcctccttga atctacttcc ttacttatgc aacgtcaaaa      1560
     ctcagctacc aggaagatga gctgataata tcacactggc agttggcagc caatatgtac      1620
     tgtcaaagtc acccacacta gagagaaccg aaggtctcct caggtaggtc tgaccacctc      1680
     caccataaac tgggactaga tacttctttc tcctgaccca cgagccctta gtcagccaca      1740
     catcaccctt cgtcctacct ggtcgtgtaa attgtcctca gggcccggtt tttctttgtg      1800
     gtgtttggca tccatgcaga cattgagaag ttcagtcctg gcccgagtag ctctggactg      1860
     agcacattcg gccatccaca tcaccaggag caacaactgc acagtcatca ggtgagccat      1920
     gtcagaccct gaaggcagag ctaaggtaag tggaacctcc aagtgtgtgc tcagctccag      1980
     tgggtggagc ctgcactcac agaccttggg tcacctcctc ctgtcagtct tcccagactc      2040
     tgtgaggctc agatgcccta gagacaatca ctggtcacag cctgttagac ttagtggtcc      2100
     tgagactcac acagggcaat taaaaaataa gagatgggcc atttgaaaga acagagttta      2160
     cccacgttca cattcaaaac ctttggaggc agatgcttca gtgtgaagtt ttgaaaagat      2220
     ttttataaaa gctgatacag gtttaggtga gggttaaaag tctaaaaatt tagagaggaa      2280
     accaagactg taatattagg agatgagaaa ggaggcaggc aaaaggacag aagtcatgaa      2340
     gaagggtata aagttcattt tcccccatgt ttcaacttca tgaccatcag tgcaatagga      2400
     tctagacaca actagtcact aaaaccattc gtccgtcaca ctgatccact ctgcatgtat      2460
     tctatacacc acatgcatgc agtgtaccca gagaccagaa gagggtgtca gggcccttag      2520
     gactagggtt agagatggct gtgagcaacc atgtgggtgc tgggaaacga atgtggggcc      2580
     tctaaaaata gccagtgctc ttcacccatg aactgtctct ccagtcctca atttgtgatg      2640
     ttttaaattg aaattactat gctaaaaaga tctataaaac aaaaaatgct tctaatttgt      2700
     aagcccaact tgagtaaggt cacataactt cttggaatgc tgaggactat tgttcataac      2760
     aagtcacaag ttttcaactt ctgtaaaaag agcttggctg ccaggcagtg gtggctcacg      2820
     cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta      2880
     cagaatgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaaaacaaa      2940
     accaaccaaa caacaacaac aacaaaaacc tttgcctagt atctactatg tatttaattc      3000
     atttgggtat acacgtgtgc atgcctgaac ctgtatgtag aggtggaagg acaacttgca      3060
     ggagttggtt ctctccttct agcgtaaggg acccagggat tgttctcagg ttgtcagcaa      3120
     gtgcctttac cgcctgaacc atctctctag cgcctgtata gtaattaact caggaattct      3180
     gttttatttg gtttggatct ttaggtaagg tctcactatg tagccctggc tactctgaaa      3240
     cttgctatag accaggttgg tcttatagat caagctggtc ttgcagatca ggctggcctt      3300
     gaactcaaaa gagatctgcc ttgtaccacc acgattgaca aatcagattt tgataccaat      3360
     tgactttgta taaaaaaatt taaagatgag ccgggcgtgt tggcacacac ctttaatccc      3420
     agcactcggg aggcagaggc agacaaattt ctgagttcga ggccagtctg gtctacaaag      3480
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga ggaaccctgt ctcgaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      3540
     aaaaaagaat ttaaagatta agtattagtt tggagataca ggcctttgat cccggcacta      3600
     ggggagcaga gagaggcaga tctctaagtt caaagacagc cagggcaacc acagcaaaca      3660
     cagtgggacc ctgtttcaga ataaaacaaa acaaacaaca aaaaccttaa gaagcgacgg      3720
     ataaattgaa gatttgtaga atttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtaggcccag gctatccttg      3780
     aaatcctgtg ctaaggccag ataatggtac aaccctttga gccagcactg ggcaggcaga      3840
     tctttaactt gagaccaacc tggtatagag agagtgacag gaaagcccgg gctacacaga      3900
     aaaaccctgc cttgaaaaaa acttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat ctgagcagaa gaaattcccc      3960
     tgacatccta cagagctgaa actataaata cattcagcca cacccaggcc ttttcttttt      4020
     gtgtgctcgt ttctttctgt atttttcttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct      4080
     tccttccttc ctttcttcct tccttcctgc ctgcctgcct gccttttgtt ctttctttct      4140
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcttcct ttctttcttt cttccttcct      4200
     ttctgtgtct ttctttcttt ctctctccat ctctctttct tctacttttt ttaaagactg      4260
     tcctcgttat ttttttttgt cttagatatt ttcctcattt acatttcaaa tattatccca      4320
     aaagtcccca ttatccaccc ccctggtttt gtttttcaaa acacagtttc tctgtgtatc      4380
     cctgggtgtc aagtgtatcc ctggcggtcc tggatctcac cttgtcgacc agctggcctc      4440
     agactcagag agatccactt gcctctgccc cctgagtgct ggaattcaag ttgttttccg      4500
     ccacgccttt ctgccttttt taggtcaaca gttcaacagg cccttcccag agattcttag      4560
     gagacttcgg agcctgttcc cttgacggtc aagcttatag ctgatttaag acactgattt      4620
     tggaaagtga ccggctatac ctgttccccg ccccctcctc aaaatggctg aaatgtttca      4680
     aatcctttcc acctccctgt aagtccatgt tctattcagg agttgataaa gctgtctcaa      4740
     atgtacttcc tgtcagggcc aaaagaaact cagggcacag gactatctgt ggtgcctaat      4800
     agcatagcag ggtgcctgct ggcctccagg ttccctcagt atcattacct atgtcttctc      4860
     tcagccctga gtaccctgcc ccctctccta aacttctctg actcctaaac tttcccctcc      4920
     ccgatcattc ccttacaact ctggtatttc agctatgttc tcttttgtct tcctctcttg      4980
     cccctgttca ccacctcccc ctttcttctc tcatggccca gctcagtccg ctacccattt      5040
     ttaatctact actttctctc tggctgtgct ttcccttata cctacaataa aaaccgtccc      5100
     cttgaccgta ccttgaagtg gtcatgtatt cagtttggag ttcccagctc acaggcctat      5160
     ctaatctcca tattagcata tttcccttaa aattaatgtc cagctggtac ggcagagcac      5220
     gccattagtc ccagcaaagg cagagagatc tgattggctt acagagctag tacccggaca      5280
     gccaaggtta cagagataat ctgactattt tagaataaaa taaaggaaag aaacaaaccc      5340
     aaaagacctt ggtatctggg actggagata tacctcagtt ggtagtgaat tctcagaatt      5400
     tagggacagg aggattagaa atgcaaggtc acttttaatt tcataccaaa tgtgtaacca      5460
     gcctgggatg gtgaaatccc aacataaaaa caagttgggc aggggtggca catggctttg      5520
     atcccagaag gcagctggat ctttgtggtt caaggccagc ctggtctatg gaacaagttc      5580
     tagggcagca cagagaaact cttgtcttta aaagcaaacc agaaaaacaa taacaaaaac      5640
     tttggtggtg ccgaacacct ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct      5700
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga      5760
     aaccctgttt cgaaaaacca aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatcttt gggtgtcctg      5820
     acaggatcct caaacttctt aggcacacac atcgaggcac agaaggcaga gtgagtcagg      5880
     gattgagtgc ccacccagct ctgcgctctg ctccacagcc cattatcctg cattattcca      5940
     ctgcccttca ccttctgtag aagcgagtgc tgagtctaag gacttgtact tgctaggtaa      6000
     gcactctact gctggaccca ccacaaacct tcctttcagg tttcattttg ggacacgatc      6060
     tcgctaagtc acccaagttg accttgacct cactctgtga ccaatttcct tgcctctgcc      6120
     tccagagcag acaggaatac agctttacac catcagaccc atcctacgca ttcattctct      6180
     cactgaaata ttcattctgg gacccagcca agtggctgtt aatctactta ctctaatcgc      6240
     caactccagg cccaggaagt cagtccggtt gaagcaccaa gcgccaagga gtcttccact      6300
     cctactgggt aaaatacaac ccacctactc ggagcacagg aaaaagccca gaaaacctgg      6360
     cccagcccag gcctctctcc actccctgct tgaccatgcg gaaaacagac acaaatatct      6420
     tcaggtcatt tcacccgagg attaaacata gaagaacaaa cccgtctcca aataaaggcc      6480
     aattttatct atgtgcgact ggacctagtt tgaggggcat gctccaagtc cccccagcag      6540
     ggactaccca tccaaatctg accttttgcc ccagcccctc cccctacaaa atgctccgaa      6600
     tcactaagat gttctaagtc cttgctgagt ccccctcccc catttgaatc ttgaccagtc      6660
     agtggttttt gttttttggg tttttttaac ttttttcctt tttaactccc tccagtcagt      6720
     gttctccatc ttcccatgag ccacagtcct acaaagtctt caccacattc ctagtcaagc      6780
     tttctgatcc tggtccacat gggacactac cccaccatta ccacacctgc atccacctag      6840
     gattcccaga ctgggagagt cgagagctca gtgctaggct gaaggacaga ctccacctac      6900
     actatcttac agtggaccct tgggccggct gtgctctgac ctatcatcat ttccaaatca      6960
     gcaaattctt taacacacgc tggggagtac cttagggtat gtggatcctg ctgagaagtg      7020
     tcaggcggca aacaaggaaa agatggcagc tctcagagtg cctcgggctt ctttgtctcc      7080
     actctaggct tcctttgctt tcttcattcc aggagacagc cggccgaggt ttagtggcct      7140
     aggaaacaga gctgtgtgga gcaggtagtg ggaatgcagc ccaggaatgg agcctgagat      7200
     tgggcgaggc cattcagctg ttaattattg catgtgtgca acagcaggcc tctgtaggga      7260
     tgcgattaat agtacaggct ccgttcttgg gatgtgtatg gcaaaggctg gcctagcatg      7320
     tgtgaggccc tgggttcaat ccccagcatt gcaagtaaac aaataaacaa acagctgggt      7380
     ggtggcacat gcctagtatg tgtgaagccc cagtttcaat cccagcattg caaataaata      7440
     aacaaacagc cgggctgtgg tggtgcatgc ctttaatccc tgcactcggg aagcagaggc      7500
     aggcagatct ttgtaagttt gagaccagcc tgatctacag agagagttcc aggatagtca      7560
     aggctacact gaaagaccct gtctcaaaca aacaaacacc tcacattgtg tcttgagctg      7620
     ctaagatcct ttaaaataat ccatccacta ccaacaccca tgtcctatta tacacatgaa      7680
     taggatgagc cccagaggac cacaccagag ccaatggcag gactgtcact agaacacagg      7740
     cttgcaactt ccaggcctgt tgtatagaat cagaagatcc catgtcccca acttctctca      7800
     gctacaagtt cccccaacct caccagccag gctatcaccc acttccagtc acaagaccct      7860
     gatggcctaa cctttctgac gagagcctca gtgctgtgga agcccaggct tcctttcctt      7920
     ctccacttgc tcacctccca ctcctgtgac agatctttac aggcgtgggg gcgtgggggg      7980
     aacccttaag gatctgagct aattttgaca tcacccacat ttcactgcag ccaaaacagg      8040
     accccgtccc ccacccatcc cttactggga gcccaggatg gcgctgctgt tggataaagg      8100
     agtggggagt agatttgagc aggagactcg gagttgttga tcagttacct gtgcgtgtgt      8160
     ggccccagag gaaggctcca aattggacat agatgtggga gctgtctcaa ccgaaattta      8220
     agtgagatag tagagaccac tacattggtg aatgtcagga gaaagagaaa aggaaggagg      8280
     ggaaggaagg caaggaagaa gggaaggagg aaggagagag aggaggcaat ttggactctg      8340
     ggggaaaatt agccaaagaa caaggcccta caaagagaga caggctccca ggaggtccct      8400
     ggttctgtct tgctaccctt cgccctggcc actgccatgt acctgaatcc tgtgacacac      8460
     caggagtgtt tgtctactga agatcacaac aggttgggga cttctagagc cgtcagcctc      8520
     ctttcttgtt tatacttcca gatcagcctg ctgactgggg aagggtgggc caggtatcta      8580
     taaagcctaa agctggaggc ccttctaagc tgtctctgcc ccggggctga ttattaactg      8640
     gcctttatgg ctcctctatt gcaagagtga ggtttgcccc ctgggtgatg ctcctgagct      8700
     ctacagcttc tgaataatta acctttccag tgaggatttg aggtgaagat tgagctgggg      8760
     cctggagtga acaccctgcc ctgcctcagc tcctgcctga gtgaggaaaa aaagaaataa      8820
     aaaggaggcc atgacagccc ctaggtatgg tggaggagaa agtttattgt agatatggag      8880
     aagagcctag ccagaaaagc atttggaagg gcccagagtg aacaagaccc tgagctgggt      8940
     catgggaggg gagaggggaa agccatgaga ccaaaagtgc aaaagggtaa aaagaccagc      9000
     ttagccaaaa tgactgcatt ctatagagaa gaaccactag aagaagggtg gcccaggccc      9060
     tgggctggag aaggtttagg tcagggaacc aggcacgcca accaggagga tcctgaaaac      9120
     aagcagagac tgggggatgc taggagagct aggcagcttg tgtaggacct ccatcagcta      9180
     tttgactgca tttgagccct aatgccctga atgttgaagt gttgtaccca tccggagcct      9240
     aagtgttgag atcatttgac cactagggag ggacagaatt tcacagtcac cttggagcca      9300
     gtccaagaag tatctccctg agatagcagc ttattatcag caaaactgac tgtcagtgtc      9360
     tagtctggcc cagcctgcta gtgtcttgtg accaggctga aaaaacagga aggtgtttga      9420
     caacccccca catccaacag tgggattaaa ggccaggaag caagagaagg cctccagatt      9480
     gcaggggaga gaatcctgag ctttggtgag tatcgggccc ccgatgtgcg ccattcacac      9540
     tgttcagggc tgtggacact ggagtttgtc tacaagtctg gtgtcgttcg tttgcttgag      9600
     agaagtctat caggcatcct ggagcagcat tctaaggctt atgactccac actacttctc      9660
     ctgcctgatt ttttttttct tttctttttg agacagggtt tctatgtgta gccctggctg      9720
     ctctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agagatccac ctgccctctg      9780
     cctcccgact gttgggataa aagtctgcct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt      9840
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctctct ttctaaacat tttttttttt tttttttgct      9900
     tttttggttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tatagccctg gctgtcctgg agctcacttt      9960
     gtagaccagg ctggccttga actcaaaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga     10020
     ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccac gcccggctac atttatttat tatatatgta agtacactgt     10080
     agctgtcttc agactcccca gaaaaggata tgagatctca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca     10140
     ccatgtggtt actaggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc     10200
     tctgagccat ctctccagcc cccacaagtc tgtgtttctg atcatttcca gctctgtcca     10260
     ctagaattct gcttgtactt ctttacaagc aagcgcaacc ttattgctga ctcttggata     10320
     tatatgtccc cactgtcccc actgtcccca caagaccttt gcaagggatt ctttccagtc     10380
     acatcctgtc cattaagctg agactatcat ttgtgttcca ttactgacag gatgaacacc     10440
     tggattcttt aactccccag cacctcttat ctgcgataaa atggcattgt ctctctcctg     10500
     cttcagatgt gcacattttg agaagtggag agcaagaata cagtatgaca tctcttctca     10560
     gagactacag gtggcttcct taggctgatg gtgaagttgt tttagtgggc agctgtaggc     10620
     tgaggtctgt ctttagttac ttttctgttg ctgtgataaa acatcctgac caaggcaact     10680
     tatagaaggg agggattatt tggggtttac atttgagagg ggtaggaagt cccattgtgg     10740
     tgggggagtg taagaacagg caggcatgga cgctgaaggt agaagttgac aactgagagc     10800
     tcacacctca aactgcaaac agggaggaaa gagaggaggg gcagagaggg aagtggggag     10860
     agagtgcaag ctctagatgg tgcgagtaat taacaatgct tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg     10920
     tttttgtttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tatagtcctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt     10980
     atagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga     11040
     ttaaaggtat gtgccaccac tgcccggcca aattgacaac tcttaaggcc ccgccccaag     11100
     aggcatactt cctctaccaa ggccacactt cctaagcctc tccaaacagc caccaacttg     11160
     tagtcatgga gtgaaattcc tggtttcttt ggaaactcaa ctgtggcacg tgatcttttt     11220
     ccggaagctg tcttcttaga gggcatgtga agtttttctg gaagctgtct ggtgagagga     11280
     cgttttcctg gagcagacac ttgagagggc acatgatatt tggaaagggt ataaatagaa     11340
     cccctcagac agcgaaagga tgctcttgca ttgctacacc ttgcaatgtt tcttccctgg     11400
     ccatgcaaca ctttgctggc cttcacttcg tagagagaaa caggccaaac acttctggtg     11460
     gtattctggc tggttctcgc tgctcccact gacccgtgca tatttggctg agccttgtgg     11520
     gctctgctgg atcaagtcgc tgctactgat tcatatttag tgtttgctat tggacgggac     11580
     tgctgatatc ctgaaaacaa agattgaatt cgtcccaaag aagtacttct aaacaggtcc     11640
     atatcctcct tgtcctatta accatctttc ttccctacct ttggtcaatg gtctataagg     11700
     gaaattaaaa taaaaaaaaa aaacctaatt aaagtaggtt taaaaaaatc taagccgggc     11760
     atggtggcac atgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atctctgagt     11820
     tcgaggccat cacggtctac aaagtgagtt ctaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc     11880
     ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa     11940
     tctaagccta caggatcaag tattcaaaaa gtttagacta tgggagacat ttcattcaaa     12000
     ctagctcaag gtcaaaatgg cctgcaggaa tgaatgaaga acatttaggc acacagagaa     12060
     ggaaaagcta caagggattc caagactggg atgtgtgagt ggagcttatt ttggggggta     12120
     gaaaagggaa taatttgagt tggggcctaa aaggaggtag ggggtttcca acaccactga     12180
     aaaattttgt gttttagaag gtactacagg gatgcactaa gagtcaacaa gagcggggca     12240
     gcggtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagcatt tgggagacag aggcaggcag atttctgagt     12300
     tcaaggcagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggatagcc aagactacac agagaagccc     12360
     tgtctcaaaa aaacaaaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaacaaaa caaacaaaaa caaaacaaaa     12420
     caaggaaaga catggctgct cctaggtatg gtggaggagg tttattgtag ataaaagggt     12480
     gagcataagc cagacagttg gtgatgcaca ccttgaatcc cagcacttgg gagacagagg     12540
     caggtagatc tctgagttct gggacagcct ggtctacaga gtgagtgact acacagagaa     12600
     acctgtcttg aaacacacac acacacacac acgaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag     12660
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag     12720
     aagaagaaga gagagcacag agagaggcag ggacatctgg aagaatatgg gagagctaga     12780
     ccaagagacc aggaggataa aggctaattt agattggatt atatattata taggaaagag     12840
     catctgggag atggacagcc caacccctgg actagagagt tggggcagca gtagagagag     12900
     gacaaagtat gctagccatt gtatgtaaca ggtaaagaga ctgagggtcc actttgatat     12960
     gttaaatagg taccccagct atttgtccta gggtttgaaa cttaacatct gcaaatacca     13020
     gcagttggga gtcaaaagca gtagtaggct tctctgcaag ttcaagacca gtcacagtaa     13080
     aaccctgtct gggagggaaa aaagcaatat attaggaatc ctgtctgtaa ttccagttac     13140
     tagagatttt gaggctggag agttttagtt ctgcatgggc ggcagaaaaa gttcagtgtt     13200
     aagaagtgga ttgtcagtta aggtatatac atacactttt gatagttata gctttaggat     13260
     ggttatcagt ataacccaaa catcaaaata tctgcctttc cataggcttg acaacacagc     13320
     acactacagc agaaaacctc gatttttctg ttaatctgac aggaaggaaa ggaaagggca     13380
     tctcagtacc cctctctcct cttttatttt attttatttt tttattttta ttttttggtt     13440
     ttctttgaga cagggtttcc tctgtatagc cctggctgtc ctggaattca ctttgtagac     13500
     cgggctggcc tcaaacttag aaatctgcct gcctctgcct ctgcctccca agtactggga     13560
     ttaaaggcat gcgctaccat tgcctggcct ctcctctttt tgacatggtc tcttatatcc     13620
     agctttatac accatattca gagtatgcaa tgctgggaaa caaacccatg ctcgttaaac     13680
     aaacacttgt ctcttgagac atatcccctg cactcagtgt agttttcttt tttccccccc     13740
     ccccaaagct gaggactgaa aacaaggcct tgggcttgtt agtcaagtgc tctactccgg     13800
     agccaattcc ccaaacactc agtatggttt tcatttgctg tgtgtattat tgtttatcat     13860
     aatattgttt tgagagatcc agagaccttg ggaataaaaa tttcaattcc ctgggaaaca     13920
     gactgggctc ctcagaaggc accactgaca atgggccttt agtcagtgat ggccctggct     13980
     tagggaggct aagtctgggg ctgagtcagc tcctggaata cctcactgga ggagataaca     14040
     aggccagaac taagctggct tctgagactc ttcaaggtct cactgaatat agtgaaccta     14100
     acatagtagt agccaattgt actaatgccg cctgctttgc tcctaccaat catattagag     14160
     gttacctaat tcttctggaa aattcctcta gccctgaata aaaaggggac ctgtgaactt     14220
     tatatgaggt ctctgtgtgc tgtaattttt gtggcattcc ttggccctct ggtcactaca     14280
     caatgcttac agtataatac ctgggatctc agcacccaag gagtagaagc aagatgatct     14340
     tcaaggtcat cttgactaca taacaaattc taagccaacc tgggtgtgct agctagcttt     14400
     atatcaactt gacacaagct atagtcatct gagaggagga actctcaatt aagaaaatac     14460
     ctcaacttga ctgagctata gacaaacctg tagaacattt tcttaagtag tgactgatgg     14520
     gggaaggaca atgtaggtgg tgccatctca ggctggtggt ctcaggttct atgagaaagc     14580
     aggctgagca agctatggag aagccagaaa gcagcacccc tccatggggt atcagatcct     14640
     gtatcagatc ctgccttcag gtttctgatt tgtttgagtt tctgtcctga cttcaggaat     14700
     aaacaaagat atggaagtgt aagccaaata aaccctttcc tcccctaagc tgctttggtc     14760
     atgatgtttc attgcagcaa tgataaccct aagacactgg gctacaggag actctgtctg     14820
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     14880
     agagagagag agagagagag cctcttagtc agggtttgta ttcctgcaca aacatcatga     14940
     ccaagaagca agttgggaag gaaagggttt attcagctta catttccaca ttgctgttca     15000
     ttactaaagg aagtcaggac tggaactcaa gcaggtcaga aagcaggagc tgatgcagag     15060
     gccatggagg gatgttcttt actggcttgc ttcccctgac ttgctcagcc tgctctatta     15120
     tagaaccaag actaccagcc cagagatggt cacacccaca aggggacctc cccccttgat     15180
     cactaattga gaaaatgccc cacagctgga tctcatggag gcacttcccc aactgaagct     15240
     cctttctcag tgataactcc agcttgtgtc aagttgacac aaaaccagcc aggatagata     15300
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     15360
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga gacaaacaga tatatctttc tacacaaatc     15420
     taatgaggtc taaccccaac agttatcctg gggtacataa tctgttgatt tcagtccctg     15480
     ctgatgcata tctaagggag catggttctc ctgtgactct gatgtcactg aaagactgtt     15540
     gttatttcgt agatactccc ttcccttggg cttttttcct tcattgtcaa gtggaagttg     15600
     gcagggatac ccctaagtaa cattgtgtat ttgttccatt gtaactggga acaggtggag     15660
     tctggatttc ctcttgcctg gtgaggttaa cactcatctt ttcttgggat caggtttccc     15720
     tagtactatc ttctcctttg taataactgt gtggtcaggt aagaactata gacaggagcc     15780
     aggtgtggta gtgcactcct ttaattccag cacttgggag acagaggcag gcagatttct     15840
     gagttcgagg ccactggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa     15900
     ccctgtctca aaaaagcaaa aagcaaaacc acccccaccc cctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     15960
     aaaagagcta tagacaggtt atcagcagct ctctggcctg caggttttac tagctgatgg     16020
     gtttcctgaa acttttttgt tctttgttct tgttgtttgt ttgggtggtc tcaccatgta     16080
     attctgctgt cctggaaatc actatgtaga ccaggctggc cttaggctca cagagaacca     16140
     actgcctgct tctgcctcat gagtgctgga attgtaggaa tgtgacacca tgcctggcct     16200
     gatggacatt aaaaaacaat ttttaaaaac atgtatttgc ccgggcagtg gtggcgcacg     16260
     cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagaga caggtggatt tctgagtttg aggccaggct     16320
     ggtctacaaa gcgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa     16380
     ccaaaaacca aaaaacccaa aacaaacaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaaaccc aaacaaacaa     16440
     aaaaccccaa aaccatgtat ttgtttagta tgagtgtgta ggggaagtgt gtaagtatgt     16500
     gtgtgtgagt gagcacatgc atgcagtaca ccacagctaa cggaggtcag aggagaactt     16560
     gtgggaatcg gtttcctcct tccaccatgt gggtcctaga gatccaactc agggcatcag     16620
     acttagtagc agcaaattgc cttcacctgc tgtgtcatcc tcctggtccc tgatgagcat     16680
     ttaagagtag atattcattt atttattgta tgtgctttca tgtttgtgcc tgagtatatg     16740
     tgtgtaccac atgcattcag tgtgaataga agccagcaga aaacatcaga tttcctgaac     16800
     ctggacttac aggccatagc aagccaactt aagcgggtgc tgggatgttg gaggccctgg     16860
     tttcaacccc ctgtttgtca gtgacttcca gagcagaact attcaggctc ctttgggctt     16920
     ccgtaccagt gatgaagaaa tgacaagcct gtcactctca aattataaga cataattata     16980
     agacataaga tatacgtgga gagctgggca tggcggctca ttcttttttg ttattgtttg     17040
     tttgtttgag gttttttttg agacttggtt tctctgactg ttctggaatt cacagaggtc     17100
     tacctgcttc tgcattatga ttgctgggat caaaggtatg tgacaccacc tcccctaaga     17160
     tgctacattc ttttaattgc agtatatatg tatatatata catacagaga ggaacagaga     17220
     gagagagcaa gaccatatct tcatggttgg ttaggtttta ttactatttt gttgttgttt     17280
     gcttgtatgt gtgtgtatgt tgagacctaa gtttgatgtc agaaataatc ttccatttta     17340
     ttaaattctt ttgtttgttt ttgattttgg agacaatgtt tctccatgta gctctggctg     17400
     tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctct     17460
     gcctgcctct ctgcctgcct ctgctgggat tgaaggtgtg caccaccact gccggaccca     17520
     ctttattaag gcacactctg ttttttggtt attattcttt tttaaagatt tatttattta     17580
     ttatatgtaa gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacactccag aagagggtgt cagatcttgt     17640
     tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactcaggac cttcggaaga     17700
     gcagttagtg ctcttaacca ctgagccatc tctccagccc ctttggttat tattctattt     17760
     ctatccttgg tcctatagcc cttccaacac accacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     17820
     caccacacca cttttcttct tcttcttctt cttttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc     17880
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcgtcc tcctccttct tcttcttcat     17940
     tctcctcctc ctcttccttc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcttct tcctccttca     18000
     gcatggtttc tctgtgtagc cttggctatc ttggaactca ttttgtaaat taactgcctc     18060
     ttcctcctga atgctggaat taaaggtgtg tgccaccacc acccagccac tttttccttt     18120
     ggtttcttct aggactctag tccatagact ggtgctgccc acatgcagac aggcctttct     18180
     acccaaagtc taaaatccct ctctggcatg tccaaaggtt tgtctcctag gtgatcttgc     18240
     caagctaaca atcggtatta acagtcacag atggaagtgc tagaggtttc tctgtaagtc     18300
     cctctaggtc aggactcaga agacctgaat gagcatgagt caactggtga caatcccaga     18360
     gatgaacact cttgcctctt aggccaagtg agagaagcaa tataattttt ccaggcacac     18420
     aggagaaatc cataagatga gaccagatct tcccctctgc aaacaagctg gtccctaccc     18480
     aggctggctg atacgtggtg gcagacttca aggctcccca cttcttccca tgttcctccc     18540
     tgaccatgac aactctcatg accctgaaaa accatatgca aaccacacct gccagccagg     18600
     gttggggaat ctgcctctgc aggagctatt taatataatg gaaaatactc ctggactgta     18660
     ggacagactg gagggagggg aaggaaggga gggaggggag ggagggggtg gctgctctgg     18720
     tttaggctat gtcactcagt tatagccatt tctctctctc tcttcgaggt ctgtgagtac     18780
     accatttctt gacaaagagg aaggattcca gagggcttgt gagagcagag gagatgtggg     18840
     tgcaggactt ggggttcact ctggaaggat ggaggcgttc tggaaacggc tgctggtgac     18900
     agttgtgcaa caatatgtgc aaatcatgtt tctgaacagc tttaacaatt aacatttttt     18960
     ataagctgtg cagtgatgac acatgccttt aatcccagca agcagtcaag tggcagaggc     19020
     aggggaatct ctatgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag aatgagttct aggacagcca     19080
     ggaccacaca gagaaaccct gtctcgagaa acaaaacaac aacaacaaaa tgcttttttt     19140
     ttttttttcc ctgtcctgga actatgtgtg ggaggctgga agagaacatc accttctctg     19200
     gatctggagt tgcagatggt tgtgaaatgc acggtaggtg ctcagaattg aacttgagtc     19260
     ctagagaaga gcacccaagg ctcttaacca ctgagagatc cttccaggcc ctaaacagat     19320
     ttaagaagtt tatttatgca tgtatgtgat gcacatgtgt atgtatgtat atatagacac     19380
     agacatggtc atttcatgta tgcgaagtgt agggaaaaag tctgagccca tttccaggtg     19440
     aaaaagcttg ccaaaaccca tcaatccccg agcataaaat cccaccagtc tctgaagcca     19500
     cagaatccca ccaatccctg agctcaaaat tctaccaatt tcagagcttg ccccaagatc     19560
     aggtcacgaa atcccaccta tcacagtcca catctgaaaa actccagccc ctaagaagtc     19620
     ctatataaag ccgccccctg ctcagttctt tgctgcttct ccctgagcag aggcagccac     19680
     ccttctgtgg ctcttccaat aagtctttcg tgtgaagttt gttgtgtagg gtgacctttt     19740
     ggtattgctt agctcctgac tgcctagaca ccttttcctc cagagctcat agaataactt     19800
     tcaagggttc actttttcct tctgccgtgt gggtcctcag gagcaaactt aagtccatct     19860
     ggcttgaaga ctagtgcctg ctgagccatg tgaccagccc taaaataatg cttttttttt     19920
     tatacatagc ttttcacagt aataataatt ttttaaagag acatatggga catggaggaa     19980
     catgcctgtg acctcagcac ttaggaggct gaagcaagag gagccccaca catttgaggg     20040
     caccctggtc tatacagcag gcttcaggtt agccaatggt acatagcaag atcctgcctc     20100
     aataaggaaa aaaagacaga gggaaagggg gtgagggtga aatgctggaa gtgactgagt     20160
     taacacagac ttctgaactt cccttcccag aggtaaggtc atgcctctgg agcctgccca     20220
     cgccaccgtc ccacaccaca gtctctctct gaacattgcc agcttttatg gtgatgtgaa     20280
     gcctcatggg agacagaaac aaagccctgc atctcttgtg agccttgcgt tcaagcggaa     20340
     gctcagctgc tcagagccgt ttcaggaatc ctgaagacga ggctcaggcc ctggcttccc     20400
     ctcccctttc ctctgtggct ctggccacac cacgctggcc actgtcctgt gtcaccctct     20460
     gacctgtgca tatgctgtcc ttggcccggc ttccctttcc tcctctgtct tcctggaaaa     20520
     tattaataat tctccaaggt cagcagctcc tttatgaaaa gtcttcccag gatgtctgac     20580
     ttgtagtctc ttcagtgtct agtggaggtg gggtgcccaa ctcctctcta tgtctactgt     20640
     aaattacctt gagggacatg tctcctctta gacctgcctt tgagctctga cacataaata     20700
     aggctaggaa agatccccca tttcctctcc tcagtcccca catgttcttg tgcccactct     20760
     aggcctattt tctcacagtg taagtgaaga ttaccaccca cctgctgcgt aggcccttca     20820
     gtcatattca gtgacatggt ataaagacag tgcctgactc agtgggccgt gatgtatgga     20880
     ctctatacta ctacagattt gttggcatcc cgggaggtga tgttttggga tcatatcctg     20940
     cttccctgtg ccctacccca gctgacccat caacccccta acttcctctt ctgaacccca     21000
     ctctagcttc acctggtctt atagtgcttg atgtgtagtg cattcagcct gccccaggca     21060
     atccttggcc gggcactaca cgtggctgtc tctaaaagca gaagcagtag ctgaggcatc     21120
     tgtgggtcat gtccatctgt tctgccctgg gagacacaga ggtagacagt tatgggacag     21180
     aggcaatggt cactggactc ttaccaagta actgttgccc tgtcaaaccc cagatctttt     21240
     gctttctgta gcctgtgtac cctacaggga agctcagaca atgagggaca ctcagaggtc     21300
     agagtccttc caagggcctg aagaatgaat cctccatcta tatgctattc ccaatagctc     21360
     ttcaggacca ggttttgaca caactttgtt ctgtgatctt cgaaggagct ttggcccctc     21420
     tagacctata aggttcttaa acgggctcat gactttgtat ggagtcacat aactgaaaac     21480
     aagtgttcca aaactttttt tttcctctga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt     21540
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctgtc cttgaactca gaaattggcc tgcctctgcc     21600
     tcccaagtgc ctggattaaa ggcgtgcacc accactgcct ggcattccaa aacttttgac     21660
     aagagtaaaa agtttctgaa tgtcaacaac aaccaaaatg taatgaacca tcctaggtat     21720
     tttctggcag gtattagctg tgttaaacaa gattgctacc tgaaacactt gtgctcagat     21780
     caagactggg atgcgatgaa ttacagtgtt tttgctgtgc atacattttc tgtttgttct     21840
     ggtgtgaatg ggaaatgtcc ccacaggctt acttgttgtt tttgtttttt ggggggtttt     21900
     tgttgttgtt gttgttgttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagctctgg ctgtcctgga     21960
     actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcttcgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgtctc tgcctcccaa     22020
     gtgctgggat taaaggcacg cgccaccacc gcccggctag gcttacttgt ttaagcactt     22080
     agtctacagc tggtatttta aaaggctatg aaacttttag gaagtggggc cctgttggag     22140
     gaagtacaac cctgtggggg ggtctttgag gttttatggt ttgtcctagt tcctggtctc     22200
     tatctgtttc ctgtgtgcag atgaaatgtg atcagccagc tgcacactcc tgctgccatg     22260
     ctgtccccat catgatggac tgtgtcctcc tagaactgta aaccagaata aacccttttg     22320
     tcaaggtatt taatcacaac agaaaagtta ctaatacaat gttcatatag aaacataaca     22380
     gcttaattat aggaagcaaa gattgaacat tttcctactg tgattcctca acatgtaaat     22440
     gtacttgtta gacatctttc tgggtgtgcc gtgcatgtct gtaatttcat cgctgaggat     22500
     attgtggtca ggagatctgc ctgggctact tgagacttta tgttaaaata tcaccctacc     22560
     caagccaagc atggtggtga atgcctttga tcccatcact taggaggcag aggcagatct     22620
     ctgagtttga ggccagccta gtcaacagtg tgagttccgt tccgggatag ccagggctac     22680
     acagagaata catagagaaa ccctgtcttg ataaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     22740
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac caccaaccac ctatccaaaa caaacaaaaa ttacccaccc     22800
     ctgaaaaagg agtgtatctt tgaattatat attagaacgt ttttttttaa tgtgtataac     22860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtact catgaatgcc tgataaccat gaaggctgga agaaggcatc     22920
     agatatcctg gggctagagt tctattccca acacatacaa ggtgtttcac agtcacctat     22980
     aattctagtt tcaggggatc caacactgtc ttgtggcttc caaagacact gccaacgtgt     23040
     aatacacaaa catgcatgaa gtcaaaacac tcgtacacat aaagatgaaa aaattaaaca     23100
     acaaaatcca gttaagaaaa tcagcctgag aagtcagatt caaaggagga aacaagaatc     23160
     tgccagctgg gtgtggagcc tgaggcagag agactgctgt gaaattgagg tcagcctttc     23220
     atacatagtg agttccagga catccagggc acagtaaaat aaaacaactg gcagtgaagg     23280
     tgtatacctt taagtccagc acttgggaag cagaagcaga cagatctctg aatttgaggt     23340
     cagtctgtcc tatggagtac attctgggat agccagggct acacagagag accctaccta     23400
     gggacgtagg gaaggacagg atgggtgggg ggcaggcaga aagggtcagg tcactaatag     23460
     acaccaggca caacaaaaac aaaacaagag actggagtga taggcacaat aaagcatgct     23520
     ataaggttct aggaagcatc aaagatgtgt cccaaggcca aaagggtttt agtgggtctg     23580
     aagagctggg gcttgttagc gtatatcatg gagagattga attcacatga ggccggattg     23640
     aaaatcaggg ctagctggtt cgtggtgagg atttcagctc ttatcctggt aatcagtgag     23700
     cgctgtgatg tcatgaggag tcagatgaag atgcagagct ggagttctca gcaataccac     23760
     agcagaaggt tggctgcatg ctcctattga accttttctt caactgagcc tactctgcgg     23820
     gtgtgcctct gggagtcaag aacggggatg gagtgcacca ggtggagcgg ggaggcagag     23880
     ctcaggatgg gtggaatcag tctgattaag aacaaagtgc agagagaagc ggaggggctg     23940
     gtggggagga agctttcctc gggagtctcc aggtgttatg ctactcggtg tccatggcct     24000
     tcagtggggt gtcatggtta cgtgttccag agcaggcata cttctaccag tctcagatct     24060
     ctgagattac tcgggtctga gctcactcag cctcgtcagt tcttgtctgt ctggtgacac     24120
     tgccacacac gccctatact actctacaac tgtctgggaa ttgtattgtg gtaaaatata     24180
     gacaacacat tgtgcccgtt tttggtttct ttatatgtaa tgtatatggg tatttggcct     24240
     atatgtatat ttgtgcgcca cgtgaatgcc tggtgtcagt ggaggcggac tctccagagc     24300
     ctgattccct agaaatagtt acgtgtctgt gagctactgt gtaggtgctg aggattgaat     24360
     ccaggaactc tagaagagca gccagtgctc ttaaccacag agcaatctct tctgctcctg     24420
     tcttgtcttg tctttgagac agggtcttgc tccatagatc aggctggtct aaagctcaaa     24480
     ttgtgtagcc ctgatactca aggcaattgt gcagtcgtga gcttatgtgc cagcacaccc     24540
     agccttacct ttgctctttt ttttttgttt ttgtttttgt ttttgttttt tgagacaggg     24600
     tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac     24660
     tcagaaccca cccccacccc cgcctctgcc tcccaagtac tggcattaaa ggcgtgcgcc     24720
     accacacccg gctcactttt gcattttttg aagggggatt tagcagcatt aagtacatcc     24780
     ccagtgttgt gaacggtcag cctggttatc tcctggaatt tttcatcatc acaaactgaa     24840
     actttgcatt ccttcaaaga ctaatccatg ccaggcagtg gtggcacaca ccttttatcc     24900
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagg cgggtggagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtc agttccagga     24960
     cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaacta aactaaaaca aaacaaacaa     25020
     actcctcact gaaccctccc aaggccctgg ctgcttccat tctactgtct ctgagccaca     25080
     caactcctag aagcttacat caatgaatca tttatcaaag gacagtgttg ccctgtggta     25140
     accggctgac caggagacag cctcagcact gcagacacat cctgaagcct tgtttctgtc     25200
     cagtttccat ttagttcttt ctgaggtctc tgggccttcc tgcaggtgtc catgtaagaa     25260
     cacacgacag tgtgatacac ggcataccac atgcttgcag tacatgtatt tattttttct     25320
     tttgttgcat attctttttt ttttcttggt gccataacaa actaccacac agtccatgga     25380
     tgaaaacagc ataacgtatt ttatagttcc atgggctaaa agttcaattt gcgtctctct     25440
     ataggctaaa accagtgtgt gctcagatcc ttgttgcttg ctggaggttc tcagagaaat     25500
     tttacctcca tgattttttt ttcaatatct ggaggccact ttcatttgtt agcccattgc     25560
     tcctccttcc atctcaaagt cagcaatggg acatctccct gacatcctct ctcctcgtaa     25620
     cggattggaa ggctcccctg gcttgcaaga ctcacctgct ggcataagct aaaaccgtct     25680
     cctcatctca agctctttta tctactcttt acattttatt ttacatataa gaatgtgtat     25740
     gcgcatgatg cacatgttca tggaagttgg aagacagtag tggattgccc ggagcttgag     25800
     ttacaaaggg cttgagccac catgcaggtg ctgtaaatgg aaccaggatc ctaggcaaga     25860
     acaagaaatg ttcttcttaa ctgctgagcc atctttccag attcctttta tcttttttgt     25920
     tcttgttttt caagacagga tctgcaaagt gtgttaactt ataattccta gccaggcggt     25980
     gatggtacac acctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctggtcta     26040
     caaagggagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaagacaaaa     26100
     caaaaccaaa aacttaaaat tccctaggta gcgcaggcta gccttgaact taaaatcccc     26160
     ttacctcatt attctgagtg ctaagattac tggaatatgt aactacactt gccaaggtcc     26220
     tttaccttag tgtctgtaca aactatctct tgtaatctaa gacagcacac tcaaggggtc     26280
     tcagactgag acacagacat ctttgggggt ggtatttgtt ccatctgcta tcctgatgtg     26340
     atgaaggtat gtgtttaaat gcgtgtaagt ttgggttttc tcagcctttg cttccaacac     26400
     agaagggctc ttttcttact tttgtctgtt ttggtcagag gaaactttga ctgcggtaag     26460
     caaatatatg caaacctatc atgaaaatag aagccagtga gagctccctt ccggagactg     26520
     gcagtccagg gaattgggag tgaatctaaa cagatccctt ccgactcatc cattcatctt     26580
     aaaatctata ggtgatagtt tgagtgagaa ttgtcctttc ataggctaga gtatttgaac     26640
     atttgatccc cacttggtgg tattgttaga ggagatgata tacccttgct ggaaaagtta     26700
     tgttcctggg gggtctcctc ttcatgtatg cagtagatga gatctctctt tgtacacact     26760
     ttctgtgctg gctgctttct gtcatgctat attaccatta tagactttta tccttttaga     26820
     actcttaagt tccaaataac ctttctccta ttaattacct tgggcatggt atttattaca     26880
     gcaacagaaa tgtagttaat gcacaggtca agtcctgaga caccttagtg aggtgtccaa     26940
     aaaccctgat gtggaaggaa tcttattttg ggctatggtt cgttcctagg tcaaacttcc     27000
     ctgtagggcc tcccagctct ccacagcatc ccttgtcata actgctgtcc agccttggca     27060
     ttttcctcac tccccacagc tccatcctat ccaggagggt tgtttctgtc ccctttctct     27120
     ctgattccca actatctttt aagaccatct cttctctgct caagaaatcg tgtgtgtgtg     27180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg gtagtatact cctttaatcc tagcacccaa     27240
     gaggcagaga taagtggatc tctgagttgg aggccaatct gctctacagc ttgaattcca     27300
     ggacaaccag agctacacag agaaacactg ccttaaacaa caagaacaaa gctaaaacaa     27360
     tatgcctttc tcagtgtctt cttatgcacc cacaagatta tgtaccatgc tttgaagaca     27420
     gggcaccatg ccttggattt gtttctcaca tagtacccat tgacatggtg aagacacagc     27480
     atgatccccg tcaatgccat tccctgggca tatcacattc tttaaggact tgccttctct     27540
     tgactggaat gtcctctcct gacttttagc ctgtaggtct cctttccttc aaggaccctt     27600
     ccacatctct ccccgcatgt tattcttccc aatatcccca tttttctatt tgcagaactg     27660
     atcttcatta tagcattcat ctcatgaatt aatgactcca acacatgaac caatggaata     27720
     gtcaattcat tagatcaaag gaaaaactct gatactgtgc aaacatttac tgggttctgg     27780
     agattcagag agaaaccatt cagataaatg cccttggagc ccagatgatc tgtttatatc     27840
     tccaaggcaa gtctggaaac ttccagggaa ttaagagtca gatctgtgga tctttatcat     27900
     gaagcacagc atggtaatta aaatggtcca gtgtgtaagg ggacttagtg tcaacctaaa     27960
     gacctatatc caattccctg gacctacaca gtgggaggag aaaaccaact cctgtaggtt     28020
     gtcctctaac ctccactcaa gtgagtatgc atgtatatac acacatgtgc acttgcagga     28080
     gcacatacaa acacataaac atactaaaca aacatttaaa acaaaattta aaaacatttt     28140
     atttatgtat tttttaaact tctttaaaaa aatttttttt ctttttatgt atatgagcac     28200
     actgtcactg tcttcagaca ctccaaaaga ggacatcaga ttccattatg aatggttgtg     28260
     aacccccatg tggttgcagg gaattgaact cagggcctct ggaaaagcag ttggtgctct     28320
     tcacctctga gctatctctc cagaccctat ttatgtgttt tctatgtatg agtgctctgt     28380
     ctgcatgtaa gcctgcatgc cagaagagga taccagatcc cattagagat ggttgtgagc     28440
     catcacctgc gggtgctggg aatttaactc aggaattctg gaagtgaata ctcttaactg     28500
     ctgaaccatc tttccagccc aacaaatgta acttttaaga cattagaaga aagttttgtg     28560
     aaatggattc aagaatgaca ttctttttct ttgttttcag actggctctc ttgcatgtca     28620
     ggctggtctc aaactcacca cttagctgag gatgaccttg aatttctgat cctcctgcct     28680
     ctaccttgct ggtgctgaga tctgaagcat gattattaca gccatgtctt tctgtagtgc     28740
     ccaggatcaa acccagagtt tcacgtgttc tataagcact ttgccaactg tgctataagc     28800
     ccagcccaac atttttaaat ggtagattca gctcacggga accactttgc tttcctctgt     28860
     gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtt ttcccagaca     28920
     gggtttctct gtataaccct agctatcctg gaactcactt tatagaccag gctggccttg     28980
     aactcagaaa tctacctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaagca tgtaccacca     29040
     ctgcctgtct tggtttttca agacagggtt tctctgtgta gttttggcta tcctggaact     29100
     ccctctgtag accaggctgg tctgaaactc acagagttct acctgcctct gcctcccaag     29160
     tgctggattt aaaggcttat ggtacaactg cccagcttag ccttagcttt cttataagct     29220
     tagttagagc aggattcccc agggttaggg tgaggccgtg aggaaactat gagcatggaa     29280
     gtctctatag gcattataga tggtgactgc cacagtttcc tctgtcacct gctccaggac     29340
     tagccatgtt cccaagataa tgggaggagt gagtcagcaa gaaccatagg cactgacagt     29400
     cacatcactt agccctgggc cttcctgtgt cctgcaaaca tctctgtgta ggatcacagg     29460
     ttttcatcca gcccgagggc tatgggttta tttttgggta ttgggaaatt gccatcttga     29520
     gtgctttcca ttcttcagag ctggaaacat ggtcaggatg ttaaattgaa gaaaacagga     29580
     gcttagtaat gagacatcct cctttgcggt ccttaaagag accaatagga ctgagataag     29640
     acctcaatgc ccagagccca ttctatccta ttcatatgtg caccacccaa gccctacccc     29700
     atctgaattt cctaacactg ttgctctatc cccatctatc taggtgtgcc caagtagatt     29760
     ctcaccaaga gggctaactc ctcaaggttc atttatgtat ttcctcctct gggggaaaaa     29820
     gtgtaaattc actttgtcca gagttcattc atctctccat tctcagtgtt ctcctaatgt     29880
     cctctgcaca tgttatttca acattaacca tcttcttctg taattgtttc agtccccact     29940
     gggctgcatt tttcccctag ggcaagattt ctttttaaac tctgtttatc tttctctcca     30000
     gaacctaaca atgtgtctga cactcagctg acattcaaca aatgtctcca gctaattagt     30060
     caccatgact tgttaaacct cactggggac tttggaaaga aactctaaac tactggggac     30120
     tatccatgtg tccagagctg tgatgaaggg tcaaagggga agactgtctg agatagagag     30180
     gagataaaga agataggagg gacatctggg gacaatgatc ataggagagt aagtgaaata     30240
     gccagaagaa tggtcttggg gctggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca ctgactgctc     30300
     ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat     30360
     ggaattcaat gactcttctg atgtttctga agacagggac aatgtactca tatacataaa     30420
     ataaataaac ctttaaaaaa agaaaagaat ggccttaaag gtacagagac catcccacct     30480
     ctaccctcta gaagcttaaa atctatgggg gtagcaaaca gaatcatggt tttgtacaaa     30540
     gttgggccac agtagacctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttggtttt tcgagacagg     30600
     gtttctcttt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga gctcactttg tagacccggc tggcctcgaa     30660
     ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctccgga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg tgccaccatg     30720
     cccggcttgt tttattttta attattagta taatgtatat gtctgtgtgt gaatttgtac     30780
     atatgaatac agtgcccagc aagatctgaa aagcccttga gttggaactc caaatggtta     30840
     ctaagagaat ccaagtggtt acctcttaat atgtatatag ctgctgggaa ctgaactttg     30900
     gtcctctgta agagcagttc atttagcagt ataaccccca tttaatgtat tgcagatgac     30960
     aacataaaaa agttttgatg aatataatgc caaagataaa ggattccaca taatgatagc     31020
     aatgaatact atcactctct caatcacagg ctagttcagt gaaagtcact gtgctagaat     31080
     acacacataa tccctgtcct taggatgatc aggagttcaa gctatcctca gctacattgc     31140
     cagttccaag ccagcccgta gaatctaagg ttaaccatac taaggtgaga gtttcaccat     31200
     tttgattcag tagagtctct taattgctgg gctacttcgt ctgtccccat acctccggat     31260
     tattgtaata ggctcctaag gtgtctccct gcccatgcgg ctgtgctccc caattttttt     31320
     ctaaatgaga caaagtaact gttaaaatat aaagcagatt gaatgcatct actgttcata     31380
     acccctcact tgctccctgt acaatagaaa agccagcgtc cacacttgac ctatctgcaa     31440
     ggcggcatcc atctgattac taccgcctgt ctgtcttcat ccatgttttc attacatagg     31500
     acactgtgct gaaacccttc tagggctttg acatgaggtg cttggtctct atccatttac     31560
     ctacctgcct acctatatac ctacctacct acctacttat ctatctatat atctattcat     31620
     ccatctacta tcttctatct accccccccc tttttttttc aagacagggt ttctctgtat     31680
     agctcaggct gccctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg accttgaact cagaaatctg     31740
     ccttcctctg cctcctgagt gctaggatta aaggtgtgtg ccaccacgcc cggctcctat     31800
     ctaccccttt tttctccttc acttcttccc ttcccactcc ccaactactc aaaagttgct     31860
     atcccattga ttttcttgtc cccaccccct aaaatattac gcctataaat tctgtttttc     31920
     tggagcagag gaccaaccta ggttttatca ttgaactaaa tcccaacccc ctacctacaa     31980
     tattttattc taagtattta ctccgatctt aaaactgtta tttatattat ttgtaacttc     32040
     tttattgttt ctctcactgg aacaaaagct gccaccacag gagggtctat ttgttcactg     32100
     atgtatattc actgctcaga agtgatgcac atatatttgg ttttgtgggt tcatttattt     32160
     tctattttgg gacagggtct ctttatgtag ccttgctggc ctataattca cagatattct     32220
     cttacctctg ccttctaaat gctgggggtt gggcgtgggg gcggggcatg tgccgcttca     32280
     ccttccaaga tgccatactt gcaaacccca ggaaaagatt cttacaatat ttctgtgttt     32340
     ttaaagaaac caacattgtc actacatcta gttaacaatt tttttctgat gcacatttat     32400
     ttggtgtgca aggcagcaga gaactgctac agtgtgcaca tgcaggtcac aagacaactt     32460
     gtgagaggca gctttctctt tctaccatgt gggtccaggg attgaagttg ggtccttggt     32520
     ttgttagcaa gtgcctctac ccactgaact atctcactgt ccgttatttt tatttttaaa     32580
     atttgcacct gtttttgtga gagacagggg cttatacatt tcaggctggc attgagcttg     32640
     ctacatagcc cagtctaatc ttgaacttca catcctcttg tctcaggtcc ctgagtgcta     32700
     caattttaat aagcagagct tgctaacgtt tgaaaacgtt tgaagctgaa gctgacctct     32760
     tgggccatac aatcagattt gataggaagc acatacggaa cctcttgaac agttctatct     32820
     catcactctt caccagagcc aagaacagga ggaaaaccag gcagattatc atgctagtta     32880
     cagaagaaac agcgtagaca aagaatgtac aggcctgggg agatacctta ggggttaaag     32940
     tgcttgttgt aaaagaagcc aggattggtg tttgggtcct cagaacccac atgattgctg     33000
     gatggttatg gcaaccagcc tgtaatttct gtaaagacag agaattctca gagaacctgg     33060
     atagtcagac cagcgatagc agggacttgt ggtattgaat aagaataaga tagaagagca     33120
     attgaggaaa attcccagca tcactcttgg gcctacacat acatacacat gcatacacac     33180
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gatgttcaaa cacacatata cataagataa     33240
     aattttaaat agataaaaaa gaggccagcg tggtgttaca cagctttaat accaacagga     33300
     agacttcgaa gccaacctgg tctagatagt gaatttcagg ccagttagga atacgcaatg     33360
     aaaccttgtc tcaaaaaaga aaagtaaata ttatgaatat gatgtagttc catgacagag     33420
     gcttgtctag catgttcaag gtatcctctc agaaagaaaa gaatggatgc cgggcagtgc     33480
     tggcgaatgc ctttcatccc agcatttggg aggcagagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggc     33540
     agaggcagag gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttccctg tctcgagaaa ccaaaattaa     33600
     aaaagaagaa aagaggggct ggtgagatgg ttcagcgctt aaaagcattg acttctcttc     33660
     caaaagtccc gagttcaaat cccagcaaca tggtggctca caaccatccg taacgagatt     33720
     tgatgccctc ttctggtgcg tctgaaaaac aattacagtg tacttacata taataaatag     33780
     atcttggagg agttggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag     33840
     aagggttcaa acagaaaacc gagtctgaga gaacagaagg gaagaaacag atgtttcttg     33900
     gaacgcagca gcacacacgg catccacaca agcgaacatt tctggaaacc atactatttc     33960
     gaggagatta acacgcaaac accgccgagt ggcaggaggg cgggactagt cgaacgcagg     34020
     cgaggggcta gcctggagaa accctgccgc tggagattca aggaggagct gacaggtagg     34080
     cggggcaagc gagggtcctc ccccaactag tacgtaacta aagtacatca acatcacttc     34140
     cggctcggtg ttgaagcggg aaacaaaagg agacgcaaga cgcatgcgtt agtgagtccc     34200
     ggattctggt gggttcttcc gctcagacct ggggaaacgc ttccgggtcg ccgccggctg     34260
     ccggctcttg gcgcggtaag tgcggaaacg agactgctgc cgtttccttg cttgttcttt     34320
     cttccggctt ccagagaaac ccagttcctt tgactcgctt ccctagcagt tcattttccc     34380
     catttttact cttaaagaca tcctgctcac tggccgtttc ctagagtcta agccccaccc     34440
     atcgcacatg gtccgtcatg cattggtttc acttcctgtc acccagcatt tcttgcagtt     34500
     aattggcttc ggccaggccg cgcgcatttt gcgattagca tccctataag gtcaaaatcc     34560
     tgacggagac ccgcccctgc ctccttcctg ttggtcaatc tcgcagtcat tatcataatg     34620
     agcaaagaat gggcggtggt gggtagaatt ttagtatata aaatctgtca gtgctttcgg     34680
     gatcgtggtg gacgcgcctt tttttttttc ccccatcaca cggacctggg ggggctttgg     34740
     tctagggaat gacagcgtct agttctgcgt gggtcaaatt aagttggaac aaaagctaga     34800
     gtagggccgg gtgtgggggc tggtatacgc ctttaatccc agcatccggg ggctgaggca     34860
     tgcggagctc tgtgagtttg ggactagcct ggtctatata gagaattcca cgacagtcag     34920
     ggctaaatat tgtaaccctg tttcatttac taaaaatagg gggaaacacc aaggtagaca     34980
     ccaactctat tttttcctgt gcccttccta cagtgctggg ccaggatccc tgccttgcgt     35040
     aggatttaag cccccatcga gtgtgtggcc aaagtcaagc tctacatgtc actgggtttg     35100
     tgagccaggg cgttttagtt cagcttcttg gtgaccttcc tggtcagcag cttcagccca     35160
     cagagttgat tttgttctct tccatgttag ttcattcttc atttgtttgt tatttactca     35220
     tccctctgag aatttctttt atccttggtt gtgtgtactg cagtttgact ggttggtgag     35280
     agaggtggtt catgtccaca ccattttgca ctggttggat gtgacatgaa tcaaaagagc     35340
     aaaaaataag ttttgtggtg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtattta aaatgaattt tactagatct     35400
     ctgctattgc taatcttgtg cataatcaca atgccacatt ccatctctgg ctcccagtct     35460
     cttctctctt taagcaacat acagctttac tcattatttt ctttgtttgt cgtaataact     35520
     gaggatgata taattttaat tatccccatt cttacagatg aggaaactga ggcccagaga     35580
     ggttaagtgt attggccaaa atcaaagagc tagtaagtga tggagccagg actcaaactc     35640
     aggtctgtct gatttcaaga gggcagggca gcttctctgc tacccaccca atccacccta     35700
     tccctaaatc aaatttcaac tgcatcaaaa caaaacaaaa catattcacg tgaccctttc     35760
     cctcagctta ggagccatgt ccaccttgtt cccgtcactc ttccctcgtg tgactgagac     35820
     actgtggttt aatctggacc gaccctgtgt ggaggagaca gagctgcagc agcaggagca     35880
     gcagcatcag gcctgggtga gtgaggaccc agtgcagcat ggaggtctac caccgggccg     35940
     tgagcttgcc ttacgctgga gacctgctta gaaaaaggtt cctctgtggg gaatagtcaa     36000
     gctgagtttt gggggataaa gttcttattt tgtggcaccc taactcgctg agggaccata     36060
     ggatttcggg ggtagattag atagatgtca agcccctgac agcctaggat cttttctata     36120
     catcacagaa cttaataatt tcactttcac cagaattata tgaaaaaaaa aaacagaggc     36180
     ccaaagactt tccatatgtc tatcaatttt ataaggaaca gatgacagga gagagattgc     36240
     atcttcctga gaactggggg gagaagcttt gtttcaacat ttggggtctc ttcaggggta     36300
     ggggaagcca gtccaatgcc cctgacctgc cctgcttgtg ccttggccct actttccccc     36360
     ctactccttt gcccacagct ccaaagcatc gcagagaaag acaacaacct ggtaccaatt     36420
     ggcaagccgg cctcagaggt gagtggttcc tgtgggtggg gcctatgtga agcccagtag     36480
     aacaaggctt tactttaatg gccttacttt tggctcagta caattgtggt tttcaatctg     36540
     ggaagacaga aaacgtggga acctgagggg ctatgcattg tgcctagtac taaggacctt     36600
     caggtcatgc agcagcctgc cagactcaag gcaggcaagg ttgggaaggt ggaagctcca     36660
     agttggccag ctcttgacct ggtccaggcg ccctgaggcc tacagaatct ttctgctcta     36720
     ccagcactac gatgatgagg aagaagagga tgatgaagat gatgaggaca gtgaagagga     36780
     ttccgaagat gatgaggaca tgcaagacat ggatgagatg aatgactata atgagtcacc     36840
     tgatgatgga gaggtcaatg aggtaggcgg ggtgtagggg agtgcctttg ttcctaggct     36900
     cctgcccctg atctaattga tggccaaggc atacagaaac cctggctgta cccaggggca     36960
     ggatctgggc tgaggctggc tgaggctcct ccccacccac acccagcctc ctcttcaggt     37020
     ggacatggaa ggcaacgaac aggatcagga ccagtggatg atctaggtag acaagccaag     37080
     gtggcctcag tgattccaga ccaccccaac ctattttgaa tctacagcct cagcccctca     37140
     gcctgcagaa ccagcttgtg gctgtagtgc ctaaagcttt cccttaggca ctttctcagc     37200
     tactgccagg acaaggtctc cttgggccct tccaggccat gagtcttccc ttgaatccca     37260
     agagcctgag cccatcccac cttcctggct ggtacctcac tccttggttg ccaggtgtgg     37320
     tccctttcta gccctcttta ataaagacac aggactgatt gtttccccaa tgtctattcc     37380
     ctgtttgttg gtgggaccca gagttcagaa tcttttcttg gacattggga cggggttatg     37440
     taaggactct caagcaaacc taatggacca tgttggccag gatcagagcc caggtttctg     37500
     tgattggtaa ttcttatggc ctagcttgta cccagatgtt cctacagggt ctcagtgtct     37560
     gcagctgcct ctgatctcat ctgaatctca taggtgtgag gctctgggct tctgccaacc     37620
     agatgtcttt ttttgttgtt ttaatttatt tatgttatgc ttaaaagtgt tttgtctgta     37680
     tgtatgtata tcacatgtgt gcctgtgcta tgtgagtgct gggaattgaa cccaggtcct     37740
     ttaggtaggg agcgtctggc agtgctctta actgttgaat tatctctcca gccccttcag     37800
     ccagctgtct cagtgttaag agtaaactga atctcagagg agggaaagat tcacttggag     37860
     ggagcaatca ataactaaat tgacagctca agcctcttgc ttccagttcc tgattttcta     37920
     tgaggggacc ttgtaggacc aaaaaggcta atagaatttg acacttcaga ttaatatgga     37980
     ggttggaggg ggacaaagtt gaaaagaatg cctccccagc ctgaccatag catgtgttgg     38040
     atacaagaca gagagggaaa cgagatattc tgaggtctgc ttgaatgggg ttggaattgt     38100
     attagtaaat atctcaggtc ctggacctca gccgggtcca gtataggtga gttgggctat     38160
     gccatcttta atggcaggga agtctgggag gctggtgtgg tgaaggcggc agcgatagcg     38220
     accacagctc ttggtgtact gtaggaagcg gggtgcacca ggaaaaagca catggtcagc     38280
     caatacagtg gcgccatgtg ggagcagagc atgggcctcc agtagctgca gatcccttaa     38340
     gtaataccga ggtcggtgtg ccaggagcac cagatctgca cgattcagct ggtgctgagc     38400
     tcttaggcgt gggatcactt cctctgagct gcctgcaatg agctccacct gtggggaaag     38460
     ccatagctgg aggtgaggag aactgctttt ccacgctaga ccccaccggg atctggctga     38520
     tttatgccag gtattaatct aggccttcac aagtgtctca aacgtttcct ctgacctcag     38580
     aaatccagta gtcagtttca gtattgtaat tctattgtgt gcccatgaag aagctgagaa     38640
     tcagaggcta tgtgtttccc ctggggtcac atgactaacc aaagactaag atttggactc     38700
     agacttgctg agctatggag agtttccttt tagctgctgc ttttgtaacc ccgcaggaag     38760
     taagtgcaaa agactcggga ttgtgggtag gagcagcatg ccctccagga tgccagctgc     38820
     ctgagtggag ctgcttcctt gaatgggagt ccctcatgaa agaggcctgg tctgagcaat     38880
     tcctgggata gctgaagaga tcagcgttgg ggcgataggg gctgaccatt tgctcatcga     38940
     agcctgccag ccggatgact ttttcagcca ctgctgctgt acgtgagtcc cgctccacag     39000
     tgagaaggcg acttccaggg ggcaaggctc gcgcaataag cagtgtagag tatccacagt     39060
     atgtgcccag ctccagcaca caagcagggg ccttctcttc caccagccgc atcagaatct     39120
     gacctatggg tcaagatggc tattttagaa gacattgaaa acaggtgtgc ccagaatcaa     39180
     acctgctgtg cttttctgaa tgtggtgttt atgtgtgagg ctgacaggct gctttcccct     39240
     ttcccacacc tgtctccatc cacctggcca acttgaagag aagccttcca gtctcagttt     39300
     agatgtttct tcctccagga ggacccaggc gaaatatcca ccctaccttc caggttcccg     39360
     agacattttc agtttcatgc tcaaatgcac ttccccattg ctgattgtct ttgattttgg     39420
     aattgaataa atctcttaat acttagaagt acttgtgcta tctcagcaga cagctatcct     39480
     gagttggttg tggaagcctc tttggtaggg aagaaagtct agaacagata attacaaacc     39540
     tctgagttat ggctattccc ctatgttatg atctctttga ggccagcatt tgtggctggt     39600
     taccctctgt gatctctgcc tccctcagca cctggcacaa aagagtggca ataaatgtct     39660
     gctggataac tgaataactt ggtccagact cctcatttct aaatgagggg gggaaaatgt     39720
     cataacgcaa tcacgaaact tcctaattta cccaggtaag cagtgggcca tgcgaggttt     39780
     ttcttcaccg tcttgggttt atttctcaaa cagaagggta gggaaaggaa cactcacctt     39840
     taacagggcc catgtggctc aggtactcgc agcagctgct ccaatggtca agcgtggtga     39900
     ggatgtgacc agggtctcca ggcagggcat gggtgagcac atagctgaaa gcccgctcct     39960
     caatccgaag tcctgacagg cagtctcgaa atcctctcag caggactgta cgcaccagca     40020
     gtcggaaatg gtgccggtat ctcaccagca gtgttaccac gagtggcagg aatgccagtg     40080
     caatggcagg ggacattgtc cctacctggg tcctaggata gagggaggct ggcggggaaa     40140
     cctagatgta ccatttgcct gtcatttgtg cagacttatt tatgcaattt ccacgcttat     40200
     acaaacatgt ctgagaggct gtcctttgcc aaagacacag cagaactggg atttgagttc     40260
     agcctgtgct ctttgcaacc tcctgctgtt taacactcaa ccacaaacta tatctctggt     40320
     cctggctgca gatctagtac tgcattgttg ctgatcccac ccactttctg actttcctca     40380
     agaccttttt catctgtttc ttggggtgtc ttcctcctac catacctggt ctgcctggac     40440
     tcctctgatc cattatggga agcaaaagag aacagctttg ttgtgaaacc cattcacatt     40500
     ctcactgcac tttgtcacag taagaagcaa tttaaaacac tacgcctgca gctggagaga     40560
     tggctcagtg gttaagagaa cttgtcactc ttgcagagga cctaggtttg ttcccagtac     40620
     tcatgttagt tcacaaccat ctagctgtat cctcagttcc agaagatcca accccctctt     40680
     ctgacctcca ggggctcaca caagtaaaca tgaatataag caaaacactc ataaattcta     40740
     acagcaaaca gcaaacaaac aaaacatttg gcagatggct tagtggttaa gagtactggc     40800
     tgctcttcca aaggtcctgg gtttgattct cagcacccac aactggttgc tcacaactgt     40860
     ctgtaactcc aggcccaggg gatccagtgc cctcttgtgg tttctgtggg cactgtatgt     40920
     acatagtgta tagaagtaca ttcagtacat ttgggcaaag cacccataca tatataatag     40980
     aaataaataa tatcatttaa aaattaaaga aaatactatc tatggtattt tggtgtacac     41040
     ttgtaatccc atcatgagga aggccaaggt aggagatcca aagtttgaag ccaacctgta     41100
     ctacatttga gaccctatct caaaaataaa tccaccctct ataccatgtt agagtggagt     41160
     gtttgttttt tctatccaag gattttctgt ttgctcttcc ctggaggtgt gggtcctccc     41220
     tggtcctgtg tattttctcc agtcctgtat ttttatattt gtatccccct ccaaagagaa     41280
     ttctctgtaa gtgcaaatat gtacatgcac acaccacaca ttctcaccat tcagctttct     41340
     tctccaggac cacctatagg ggatagctgt tctttccccc cctgctcctc cccttagatc     41400
     ggagcctgat aggctatttt tgcaagaccc ttggttggaa gaggggtgtc tgttaaaatc     41460
     tagattgtat gaaggaatgt gaagcatttg tgatgtgggc atgaattgat gtacctgaga     41520
     acccacaagg ccctgcttac ctgagctgaa ggctcctaag aaagaccagg taccggaatg     41580
     ggagtccttc agaggactaa ccccaaggat ggaggctgga cctgatttca attattgatg     41640
     ttgaggctgt tgttacctga gacctgcagt tcaggttacc aaacttcagc tgcctcctat     41700
     ttctcaggcc tttgagaaac ttagcagaac tctagggtct taatctgaag aattaataaa     41760
     tattactagg tgacttttct aaccccttgg gatcaggaca tgcggcatgg tgtaaaccaa     41820
     agtaattgaa aattatttac tgaattcaaa acccaagttt tctgggttgt ttgtttgttt     41880
     gttttgtttt ttgagacagg gtttctctct atagccctgg ctgtcttgga actcatttta     41940
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat     42000
     taaaggcctg cgccaccatg cccagctccc caagttttct gtaagtaagt gttagggtat     42060
     cagttacaga gtaaagtcag actctgtcct tgtctctcag ttactcacat gtggtagaag     42120
     aaatgaacta aaaaacacaa ctatagaata cactgaccac ctgactaggg attccatggt     42180
     ctggatcttg ggctgttttc tgcccagcta cctatccaaa ctgaacacta gagtggcaca     42240
     ctatagacaa taaatatttg gggtatgtat ttttttaaga tttatttatt atatctaagt     42300
     gcactgtagc tgtcttcaaa tgcaccagaa gagggtgtca gatctcatta tggatggttg     42360
     tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct tcggaagagc agtcggtgct     42420
     cttaaccact gggccatctc tccagccctg gggtatgtct tttttttttt aatttttttt     42480
     aagatttcat ttatttattt tatgtaacta cattgtagtt gtcttcagac acaccataag     42540
     agggcatcag atcttgttac agatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttcctg ggatttgaac     42600
     tcaggacctc cagaagagca gtcagagctc tcatccgatg agccatctct ccagccctgg     42660
     ggtatgtctt ttaaattaag tttatgtgta tgagtgtttg gtctgcacgt atgtgtctgt     42720
     gcactgtgtg tgtgtacttg cctgctgcca gaggccagaa ggggcattgt ttctcctggg     42780
     tctggagcta tatatgattg taagtcacca tgtaggtgct gggaattgaa cttgggcctt     42840
     ctgggggagc agcagccagt gctcttaatc actgcgttgt ctctagccct atgatttgtt     42900
     aataagtgag tggcaccaga ttaagtaaag agaagtgctc agaagagaat cagaaaaggc     42960
     aatcaggaag aaaagtttgt attgagactt tgaatactct aatccctgat ttggaaagag     43020
     aagtgtctgc catctgccta ctcaggcaga attcacctta gtcaagaaac tgccaaatac     43080
     ttgagtagag agatggctaa actgtgcctg ccccaaagtt tgccaatcta acaattccta     43140
     cgaccctcat ggtggaaaga tacaaccaac tcttagaagt tattctgtga cctccacact     43200
     cacatactca aaataaaaat acatatgcgt ttaatactgg taaggcagag gtaagtggct     43260
     ctctgaattc gagttcagcc tgggctacac agcaaattcc aggtcagtga gggctacgta     43320
     gtgagacctt ggtctctctc gcacacataa aggacaaaga aactagcaaa gagttctgag     43380
     tgaagtacat ctccctccag tacgctactc gccacttgca tggcacttaa gaatttatct     43440
     tgatatagca ctgggcccac aaaggtggcc ctgacaccat gtgaccacac aactcgtcgc     43500
     actgcactgg ccactaaagc taagggacgc aaggattcgg agttagagac taggacaaca     43560
     aaatcatgtg actcgccccg cctgccttcc tatcacgtgc cgcgggtccg ctcacgtagg     43620
     acgcactttt ccattggttg gcgattgtca cgcggcgagg cgggaccgga aggcaagatt     43680
     tggctgtggc gccggagcgg ctttaggaca ggctaggcga gggggagggg agcgagaggc     43740
     agccgcgggt catgtgaccg gaaaggctcc tgacggacgc cgtccctcct cggcgccgcc     43800
     tgagcgcccg gcccgacccc gccatggggt gctgctatag cagcgaaaac gaggactcgg     43860
     accaggtgcg acagcggcgg acggggtttg ggactgtggg ctacgaccgc ggggctcggg     43920
     gcccagaata aagcccgcag tggcggggag ccggactgca ggctcaccga gtacggaggc     43980
     ctggagggga cagattacag agaggacggc cagccgggct cctaccctct taaagatcct     44040
     agtcttactt ctgcctaggg ttgcggcggt cgccgcctga ctcggcccct ccccttccac     44100
     tctccagtcc cctcgtatct caccactcga atcctcagac tgggttctcg ggaaacattc     44160
     gcgctcacag attcctctgt cttcactgca gcttggctta gtggacccat tgtagagata     44220
     ggtaatttga ggctctcagt ctcccgagat aaatcaggaa tttctgtgtg ttctgtcaac     44280
     tgttctgcca ctgttggctt ggtgtcaaaa gttgacacca agttactgtc atttgagttg     44340
     gccagtgaag aattaataga gcgaagacat cgggacgttg gggagcaata gagtttgctt     44400
     tgaccgatat agaggaaagg ggatttgatt tatgagtttg gtttgctgtt ccctgcctgg     44460
     tgcctgaggg ttcctcgagc tagagagttc ctctctgaag aatgtgattg tagatcttac     44520
     tcttttcgag aaagcatcga cttggagaga cttcagtgtc ttgtttttaa atttccatct     44580
     tccccttggt gcatctcatt cctctctact acagtccctt ccctgcctag acgcttttga     44640
     ggaggggaag acttttgcaa ggctgggtgt cagccccctg gccattcctc ttaacagctg     44700
     cctcgaagcc tgagccctga tgtctacaca cagtaggcac cgtgccacag agaacagttt     44760
     cacccggtct agtggaggat acagtcagag acataagtgg tgtcgctgta cttgggaagg     44820
     tgttcttccc cccagtgaac cctgcagttc aggagaatgt gatttgtgtc ggggtgagtg     44880
     cttcctgaac ctcattcatt gcttgacctg agtttgacat gcctgtggcc gtaactttca     44940
     cttcattctg tcatgctaaa ggctagaact gcaaaaatag gaacccacca caaaacaaca     45000
     gaaaaggaag aagaaggcag atatccctgc ctaacagcag agttatggag ggaaagctaa     45060
     aattccacct tcctctttac agattctcat ttctggctgg tttggtttgt ttttaaaaag     45120
     gtctcctgaa gcccagactg gctgcagacc tgccatacag ttgaggatga ccttgaattt     45180
     ctggttctgc ttctccctga gtgctgggat cctaggcata tgtcactcac tatgtccagt     45240
     tttatgcagt cgtagagatc aaaccccagg gtcatatccc cagtccctct ttaggtaggc     45300
     cctcttcagc attgcctgtc cctgtattag aagtgtaaga attaccttac acctaagaga     45360
     gtgagtccca gtacttagga ggctgacaca gaactgcctc aagtttgtgg tctgtctggc     45420
     tacacagtaa gttcagggcc tgtctgtctc aaaaagaaaa atgtataagc aataggtctt     45480
     cagaggccgc ctacgattgc ttcatttgac tcctgctagt tacctgtaaa atgtttaaag     45540
     gtgagggaaa agttaggagg attgaagcaa tttagctaat gttagaagta ctctagccac     45600
     gccgggcgtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaagcagagg caggtggatt     45660
     tctgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag     45720
     agaaaccctg tttcgaaaaa caaaaaacaa aaacaacaaa aaaagtactc tagtcatggt     45780
     gttctaagaa caagacacat accttatata ctgggacagg ctctgaggta gtggtgggca     45840
     gacaccttag gtctgctaaa gtcaataatg aaatcttgac tcaggttgta ttggcttagg     45900
     aagcaaacct tgatgtaaga aacctacccc atgtatcact cattctgtgg gtgtcaggtg     45960
     atgtcattaa ctttttcccg gtggggttgg ggatgacacg gccctatcct gaaggaatat     46020
     ttgtcaggag cagtgctggg gaaaggaccg gcagcagccg tgggggactc cttgtgacca     46080
     ccagcttccc ttagagaccc tttcaccttt ggtaaacctt ttatctgtct agcctattga     46140
     tactgaggaa ggagaaagat agattgtcca ggaacctgag gcagaagacc gtagatgttt     46200
     ccttctgtcg tggtgaactg ggtcgagtgg tttgaggaca tttgggcaat gtagttctga     46260
     ggaggaagag caaagtggaa aggctgagcc tgtctggggt ggggcaggcc aggcaggagg     46320
     aagtagccat catagggaga gttgtgagca ggagagctgg ctcctgtaac tgggaagctg     46380
     gtgggaactg agacagccca ggaggactgc tgagactggc tggcggccac tggaagttga     46440
     tgggtcagca ctggccagca ttcctctcct tctacacact atactccttc agaagttgcc     46500
     atgtcccgag ccttctaggg cccaaataga cttgaatcag gtctgcttat ccagattgca     46560
     gctgacacag ccagcagggg tctctactga tggacttaag gcagtagatt agaacaaggt     46620
     ctgaaccagg acaaggaaag tccaatgtta ggagatgtag ttttggttta attctaaatt     46680
     ggttctggtg tttgaggttg tctgtggagg ttagtaagca gggttgctgg agactgggct     46740
     gactgggtca gggagagtgt agtttgtctg ggaggaagag ctccactgtt ctctcaggtc     46800
     agcaaatcag gaggtagagg cccgaccctg gcgagtacca ggccagctgg gttctatagt     46860
     accctcgcag cctggggaac atgggaggac tgtgctttgt gtgcatgtgt gtacaaagat     46920
     cctggagaga aagggggggg agagaggaca ttggtgactg tatctcggct gtgggcttgg     46980
     agtttctgca ctaagataaa gcgaggaatg gcagcgtaca actggcctgc ttccttgcag     47040
     tccagggact tatctggcca tgctagggcc ttatgttgtg ggtagacatc tttgctgggc     47100
     agtactttcc ccggggaacc aggaaggctg ttcttgggct tttgacttgc attgatttct     47160
     cctctagaac cttactttga tattttcccg ccttctccaa ctttcagtca gttccaatag     47220
     cctttgtcca gaaggggttg accagttact gaggctccag gaatgtcagt gttgctttgc     47280
     tcccctctga atgtttttta ggttctctag gttcatccta gaccaccaac tgggccagtc     47340
     tgagagtgaa tgttttctga ctctgcatct acctggacac ttggagtcat gctcataaaa     47400
     gtagttttag tatgtcagaa cctttgaaat gaaaggaaga ttagacttaa ggccctgggg     47460
     ctgacttttc tctactggcc cctcctagga tcgggaggag aggaagctgc tgctggaccc     47520
     cagtagcacc cctaccaaag ccctcaatgg agccgagccc aactaccata gcctaccttc     47580
     agctcgcaca gatgagcagg ccctgctttc ctccatcctt gccaagacag ctaggtgagt     47640
     gtcacaggac caggctggga cacaggcagc caagtttgga acatagagga tgggacaagg     47700
     tcattaggga gcgatgtcac tgggttctgc cttgttacgg tgggctggct gagtactagt     47760
     gtcagaaggc cttgggattc gcacctagca ctgcttctcg tctgtgacca tctaaagcac     47820
     ctgtcatgtc ttctctgtct ctccttttca aagcaacatc attgatgtgt ctgccgcaga     47880
     ctcccagggc atggaacagc atgagtacat ggaccgggca aggcagtaca ggtaagcatg     47940
     ggccagctgc ctagacatcc ttctctagct cgggagtttg ctctccagtc caggctcttc     48000
     atttgggtgg agcccagaaa actagctaca gatcacttaa gtgcctcagg cattcaagtc     48060
     ggcccagttt gcccaatgtg tttgatccag ggtgatcagg tcaaaggagt acagccagag     48120
     tgagtttgga atgaactgta ccctgtcacc atgatccctt ggcctgaggg agtgaggctg     48180
     gcctgggcag gacagggcaa gctttggcct aattgtcctt ccctgtctcc tccctcttgg     48240
     ccagtacccg cttggctgtg cttagcagca gtctgaccca ttggaagaag ctgccaccgt     48300
     tgccatctct caccagccag ccccaccaag tgctggccag tgagcctatc cccttctctg     48360
     acttgcagca ggtgagcact cctggctggt cccctaccac ttcccacatg gcttcccagg     48420
     ggtggagggt gggtgggtgg gaagcctagt attggtgcac ccagtttatt cccactttgg     48480
     tcttggtttt cacagtgttc ttagtctccc ccacccccac ctccccgccc cagtcacaca     48540
     cacactgttt attctcctag catctgccct tgcttttgtc tttttctctc acttccttcc     48600
     agagataaaa caagggcttt gtgcatgcaa ggcaagtgct ctaccagtaa gctacaatct     48660
     tttttttttt taaatttacc tatttattat atgtaagtaa attgtatctg tcttcagaca     48720
     caccagagga gggcatgaga tctcattaga gatggttgta agccaccatg tggatgctgg     48780
     gaattgaact taggacctgc ggaagagcag tcagttctct taaccgctga ggcatctctc     48840
     cagcccttaa gctacaatct taacctaacc tttgggcttt gagagaagga ctcagtgtta     48900
     tagcccaggc tggaactgaa ttgtggccct tctgattttg cctcccgagt ggtgggatta     48960
     taggcaagca gcagcacacc cacagctcct ttggctttca gtccactctt ccttctttcc     49020
     tttactgccc ctccctctgc tcacactctt aagtctccct ctcatgttgt tctttccctc     49080
     cctggcctct gtctcaggtc tccaggatag ctgcgtatgc ctatagtgca ctttctcaga     49140
     tccgcgtgga tgcgaaagaa gagctggttg tacagtttgg gatcccatga agagaggggc     49200
     cctaggacag ctcttccctc gtcttcaccc cgtctccacc ccacctcttc tggcccccag     49260
     cctcactgtg gctctctaca gtacctaacc tgctactaat cacggagaag aatgtggagg     49320
     gaaagaacaa ggctggaggc cggagcaagt gaggactaag caagggaagg gaggaccgat     49380
     tgccatcggc cttcatgctc tggttagggt gaggttgggg ccaagaggac agggcctggc     49440
     agatcttcag tcattgggaa gatggagata ccactgtagg ggtgacaccg ggagacctag     49500
     gagatccctt cctgccctct ttctcttggc ctccgattca ctcctgtccc cttccctgac     49560
     ttggtgctca caggcacctc actggggatt atgaccaggg tctagacgag cttgagtctg     49620
     aattgagttt gtatttctag caccctgggt ttttacatgt ttgctctttt tgtttttgtt     49680
     tgtcacccct cgataaagaa agtatattca tttgtgttgc tggttcaacc tgctctgtcc     49740
     tgcccactct ttacttctgg ctgttcaagt ctgcaagcag tgcagtgctg caagcagaag     49800
     aaagtcggca gcagcattaa agaggaagca ggagacaaaa gttcagggtt cccgggtctt     49860
     agatgataca ttgtgggatg accccaggag gataagtatt cattgtccct tctccattga     49920
     tggtcacact gtcagagctg ttcagacttg actatgaggc agctgtgacc attggtgccc     49980
     ctgcctcagg aggcttacac attgccccta gtggtgggaa agaccctgct ctgcttgtcg     50040
     tcttttcaag aaatgattgt cttctcctgt cccagcaggg cctcactatg gagccctggc     50100
     tgccctcgaa ctcacagaga gcttgcctct ttctcctaga gctgggatta gagttttatg     50160
     cccagctagg aaatgaaatc tttttttttt ttaaagttta tttatgagta cactatcttc     50220
     agatgcacca gaagagggca tcaagtctca ctacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt     50280
     gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc gctgagccat     50340
     ctctccagcc ccctagggaa tgaaatcttg accagaatca cagcctgaga gtaaaactac     50400
     cctgctctgc tagaagtaga tcacagctga ctgctgttcc tagtctggac gctgaaggca     50460
     gcgccacaca ccttggtact tatgaagatt tctgtgaggc atggtggctt cttcctgaaa     50520
     taccagcact caggaggctg aagcaacagg attgctacaa gttcaaggcc accttgggcc     50580
     acagagtcag aatctcttga aaaaaaaaag gattttagaa attgctcatc tactctcatc     50640
     ccacgaatac taaagagtac aaaaggggcc cagagaggac agaaaggttt cctgaatggc     50700
     agaacctggc tcctgggtcc taagccagca agcaggcttt tgccttcact gtgaagtttt     50760
     actagaagtt gctgagtgta gagggcatct taacaaggta caggggactt ataatctgtt     50820
     caacagctca aatcatttat tgtcaaacca agctgattat cctcagggca ttcggtgtgc     50880
     tgggtcctgc gaatctcaga gaacatcctg cttggcccgg accttcttgg gcttgatgtt     50940
     catgcgtttc cagacttcag ctgtgctgcg atcggccctg gtgactccac tgaagtcaaa     51000
     cgtggtgata cggggcaggt tgcacagcac atactgcctg tgaggaagac ttgggctggg     51060
     gccagcccct acagcaggga atggcaggga gcttgacgat ggtttgggag gactgggttc     51120
     attctgagag caaggggcat gcttagaggt ctggtacgtc ctgggtccac gtgtggcaga     51180
     agaatggtct tgaatttctt gtctcctctc cccttgttcc ttagggaaac tcatctggac     51240
     cttagatcca ggcacttacc tgtacccctt ttcttcctct atggggttcc catggagggt     51300
     caggctccgg agacgaggga ggacagctag cttattcacc tcccctaggc gatggatgcc     51360
     gttgccgtga aggtagagga cacttaggtt gaagaatgtt gttaggacct gttagggtag     51420
     aaatcaaaag tcaggctgga caaagactgg atctcagctc agcatggact atctggccga     51480
     ggaagaaaag tttggagacc agcttggcct tcctctccag ctcacatagc cattatatga     51540
     ctctaatatg ctttcgatac ttttaaaaaa atactgcaaa aaaaacaaaa aaaaaattac     51600
     tgtttttttt tagtagggca tggtgccaca tgggataggt ggatacatga gtttgagacc     51660
     agcctggcct acaaagggag ttctaggaca ggcaaggctg caaagagaaa tcctgtcttt     51720
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa ctttttatat gatatatggt tattttgcct acatgtatgt     51780
     atgtatagca cttgcagagg ccattggata ccccctcccc caatgaaact ggagttatgg     51840
     ataattgtga gccatcatgt gggtgatggg aactggaagg gcagcaagtg ctcttaactg     51900
     cttagtcatc tttatggccc ttactttatg tgtatcagtg tttgcctcca tgtatgtttg     51960
     tgccctgcat aagaggctgg tgcttgtgag tcagaaaagg acatcaaatg gatggttgtt     52020
     aaccaccatg tatgtgctgg gaactgaatc tgggccctct gcgaaagcaa caagtattca     52080
     actgctgagc tcgcttgctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac     52140
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacgagt aaattaacct tttaagtgct ttttagagaa     52200
     aaaaaaaccc taaaggagac tagtcaggtg acagctctcc ttcttgagtc ttaattgctc     52260
     cttaaggcct ttccaactga gatgaccatc tgcaagggag tatcagctcg gcacatacgt     52320
     ttgaagatcc tacctaagtt cataccattt aatatcacgg aagagtcttc aagtcatgcc     52380
     ccaaatctcc tgccgatagg gatctgagta aagatctttc ctttttctag aattttcttt     52440
     gctacctttc ccttctcctt tctcatgtag cccaggctag ccttgagtta tgtagctgag     52500
     gatgacctta agcttagctt cctacctctg ccttccaaat gctagaattg ggagcaagta     52560
     ccaacatact tggccaaact atgttttaaa acttagattt ttaaaagggg ctggagagat     52620
     ggctcagtga ttaagaacac tgactgctct tccaaaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcctagcaa     52680
     ccacatagtg gctcacaacc atctataata ggatctgatg ccctcttccg gtttgtctga     52740
     agacagctac agtgtactca catacataaa ataaatcttt aaaaaaaaaa aatcccagaa     52800
     cttagatttc acagaaagca actgatgact ttctcagtag agcccagcac aagacacagt     52860
     taagtgccta atgactgctc tagttttgct tcagccattg ataggcaagt tggttctctt     52920
     acattttcat ttaatcctta taaaaccatt atgattatgg gatcttatcc ctatccatag     52980
     gcaggccaaa gttttaaact gtagcttggg agtcttggga ggcagaggca ggaggatttc     53040
     ttgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag aacagccagg gctacacaga     53100
     caaaccctgt cttgaaaaag caaaaaatac atacatacat aaaaggccag cctggtctag     53160
     atagtgaatt ccaggccagt cagagataca taatgagacc ctgtctccca taaagaagtt     53220
     atataccttg ctgacagtga tttgtacatc tatgtgtctc tacaactctg cccttagaac     53280
     tgcaccgcac tgcctctgct tccttgataa gggagtagaa aggctatgag ctgggcacaa     53340
     tggcttcaag ctaccccttg gtgtccatcc agggctggga actcacaggg tcaatggtag     53400
     tcaggtcatt gaaggagagg tcaatccagg ccagattctc tggatgctgt agaagctgtg     53460
     aaaccacctg gttgaagtct ttcagatcat tgaggacatt gttgttgagc cacagggact     53520
     gggtcagtga ctttcctgac tttgagtgcc tcaccggtcg tagacctgtc cttggctcct     53580
     cggttaccag atctataatg acaaaataag aattgagttt gtttgtttgt ttgctaattt     53640
     gtatgtgcat gcctggtgtc tgcagaaaga agaggctgta agattcccta gaactggagt     53700
     taaggggtgg ttgtgagcca ctatgtggat actaggaatt gaacttgagt actctgtagg     53760
     tgcaacaagt gctcttaacc tccaagccat ttctccagcc cgaggcttgt ggtcaacatc     53820
     tttgcttttc tgcctttggg gctgataagg aagagctgaa aagatgaaca tacacgtgct     53880
     actttgaggg cttggcaggg tgtctagtga gaccatctct ttctcaagct ccaaagagta     53940
     agtttagaat aggccaaaga attttaggtt agatggtctt cttatgtccc ttgcattgtt     54000
     ggggtctgcg tatacaaccc ctgtgcgtgg aatagatccc tttccatttt atataagaac     54060
     ctgagttgtt gggggcaagc caagataata tcacaaaatg caaaatacta ttctagtgta     54120
     gttgatagag ccacatcagt gctacacctg cattgtcttc cttaatggca agctgtggaa     54180
     ggaagtaggt acacaaccac aagcaatgag agagactgtg caggctctgg ataagcagta     54240
     gggcagggat gaagcagatg tgtctcagga atttctatgg gcaggatgga aacaaactgg     54300
     taataagtgt taatgtgata gtccacagtc gtttctgcaa ggaaaaggtc ttggtgcact     54360
     gagagcacag ggaaggtgag tctgagctga acttagtaga tgggagatgt taaccatgca     54420
     gaggagggga aaagggtgag taaaggcaca agaagagagc gggatggaga tgtgtgtcca     54480
     ctggaaccag gcacaagagc acactagaaa aaaaaatcag acaggagcca gtccttagtc     54540
     ccaaatgcta agctaagatc tagggtttta ttctgtagga aatgggaagt tattggagtg     54600
     tttaaaatag acaattaggg gttggagata gggcttactg gttaagagca ctgattgctc     54660
     ttccagagat cctaagtttg attcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat     54720
     gggatctgat accctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcca cagtgtactc atatacataa     54780
     aataaatctt ttaaacagac aattagcttt ttacttgaaa ggtgacttag aagcttctac     54840
     gtagactggg tttaggaggt acataaaatt caaagatcat gttgcctagc atgaaacaac     54900
     acaaacacag caattatgat tgaatatagc agttatgatt ggctgactga atgtaaaggt     54960
     agaaggctat attagagtgg tacctagctt tttgttcagg ccttgtagct gatgaggaat     55020
     tttgggagaa ttgggttgga aaagtgatga gttcaggctt gggtttggtg tgttcgatgt     55080
     tcctgttgta tgaaaaggca agagatgcca ggtaggcagg taggcaggaa tgaaggccta     55140
     aagctgagaa gacagccttg caaatgatga gtacagagta tatattgtta ggcagacaag     55200
     cagtccctca gagaggaagg ggaagccatt taaaaagtta gtgaataaac cgggcgtggt     55260
     ggagcacgcc tttaatccca gcactcagga ggcagaggca agtggatttc tgagttcaag     55320
     gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaagg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc     55380
     tcgaaaaaca aaaaaaaagt tagtgaataa tctgaagagc aggaagatac aagatagaat     55440
     ggttttattt atttttaatt aaaatgttat atatatggtg ttttgcctgc atatatgttt     55500
     gccatgccta gtaaggctag aagaggtcat cggatccctg agaactagag ttccgggtgg     55560
     ttgtcagcca cggggtgctg aagatctaaa ctaggttctt tggaagagca gcccttactt     55620
     agcttactta gctggtgcta agccatctct caaactccag agagaatagg ttaaaggtgt     55680
     ttggagtgta tgcagtagat ggagagtaag gtctaggaaa gacaaggact taacactcat     55740
     tctggcagct cagaagtagc tggtagctgt gtaaaggctt gagaacagaa gccggatgct     55800
     ggaaagtgaa tgtgcagaga aagcacacct ctcccctgct atgctcttca aatgaggttc     55860
     ataatgaggg tgggtgggct ctgcccaagc tggcatttgt gggagaccca gaaccagact     55920
     acagtttaac tcaagcggtt ccattttctc tactgcctct aagcctttag caaagtctgg     55980
     ggacttgtag ggacagagca cttttgcaaa atctagccag cttccacata cacttccatc     56040
     catttttctc agctgcaggt cagacagcat ccaccaggtg gctcactgcc ttagtcttgg     56100
     aatgaacagg acacaaggtt gaggcctgaa tagggtggtg tatgctgccc atgagtaggg     56160
     tccagatcat gtctgctgct cacaccttcc aaacactttc aaatgatttg acttagatga     56220
     ataaaaatgt cagaataact ccacatgttc tgcagggtat cagcttccta gttcagagta     56280
     ggtctggctg gaccacaaat atcaacagta aacagaacta gaattgggag aggggtactg     56340
     actgcaggga tcctcttgct aatttctcaa gtgttgccat gtaacttttt ccacatgccc     56400
     aaacgtcact ttgaagaact tttagtgtca tttatctgtt tccatgatgg aaatgattgg     56460
     caggtgtata tgggaaaccc tcttagtact tagtttgtga atggattagc aagtaccggt     56520
     tgtgcaaggg gtaagcctat gtttggtaac atgcccaaag ctgctgctta accaggttaa     56580
     gcaaattaga tgtcccaagg accccctcaa ctctgtcctt tctttacctt ctaagtgttg     56640
     ttgaagctcc ggggaattga aagggcttgc tttttttttt tttattagat ttatttattt     56700
     acttattaca tgtaagtaca ctgtagctga cttcagacac accagaagag ggtggcagat     56760
     ctcattatgg gtggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgtactc aggaccttcg     56820
     gaagagcagt cggcgctctt aaccactgag tcatctcacc agcccaaggg cttgcttttg     56880
     ttatgtctgt ccccctaccc ccatttagca aggagtacaa ttgcctggtg tgtgtgtttg     56940
     cacatatatg tatataactg tgtaatatca ggagctcagt aagttctgaa ccactagttg     57000
     agtgtgtgac atctgcaggt tctattttgt gatgtacagg taccttggga agagctgtct     57060
     agtgtcttcc tcctctggag gagtccacaa agagcagagt cagaccttcc cattgaaagt     57120
     tgaaaatttc tgtgctatag taggagtggt tacacaaagc tataattgca cctaaaacct     57180
     ttatgaacct ttttgcacaa agctataatt gcaactaaaa cctttatgaa ctctgtactc     57240
     cagcagtcag aagtaatgta gaacacaata gagatcacag taggtgagtc tgtgctgggg     57300
     atacagaaga ctaagacatt tgtctgattg agtgatttct cagtactctc catgaacttc     57360
     tggctaccgc ctggcttttt ctgaagatgg gtcaactacc ataagagacc cctggttcct     57420
     tctgcatttg ctaccttaaa aaactggggt gtgtgggaga ggggagactc agtggttaag     57480
     agcacttgtt actccagagt ttgatttcag tacccacatg gaggctctca atcaatcccg     57540
     cctaactcta tttctaagga agctgaagcc ctcttctgac ttccatgggc actaggcatg     57600
     tgtatgatac atatacacat acattcaggt aaaacattca tacacataaa tctaaaataa     57660
     attaaaaaag aaaattttgc tgggcagtgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg     57720
     aggcagaggc aggcggattt cttagttcaa ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag     57780
     gacagcctgg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaaa aacaaaacaa acaaacaaac     57840
     aaaaaaagtt cacagaacct ggaagggaca gtgcagcagc taaagagcac tagctgctct     57900
     tcaaaggacc tggctgattt cccaccggca cgaaggctca cagccatcag taacaccagg     57960
     ttcaggggtt taatacccac ttctggcctc tgcctgcacc aggcacacaa gggatgtaga     58020
     tatacatgta ggtaaaatac ccatacacat aaggttaaaa tacatatttt taatctcaag     58080
     gctgaggatg aagctcagat gtaagacatt tgtcctatat gtcagaggcc ttgcattcac     58140
     tccttaactc agtaaaacaa aaatatctta ctccaccctc ttcttccttc aaagacagca     58200
     agaagttggg aaaattctgt ttaggctttt tgtttgtttt ggtttttgag acagggtttc     58260
     tctgtgtata gctttggttg tcctggaact cgctttatag accttgaatt caccaagacc     58320
     ttcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggac taaaagcctg caccaccacc gcccaggctg     58380
     tgtaggcttt aaaaaaagaa gacttaagga ttttttgtct tggtaccata cagccttatc     58440
     tgagtgctgt gctctgctga ccttggacca tttggacgct tttgaaggag tagtcaagag     58500
     gaggctcctg cacggaagtg ttcatatagt cccgtgagct catagttcag gccatcattc     58560
     atcaggtgga agcatgggcc ctgggagtct ggcttcagcc tgggaggaca gaagagaatc     58620
     aatgctccag atatggagtg tctatgctca ggattcccca cagccctcca cactgctttc     58680
     tactctctag agctctaggc ctgcctatct gcattgccat tttaagatac tggtgctttc     58740
     atgtatagta tacttcttag ataaacttca caacactctg aactcatctg atagttcgag     58800
     cacccttatc ttaggagatg ttttgtttta ttgacatagg gtctaatgta gcccaggcta     58860
     atctcaaatt aatgatctac cttccacagc ctcctgagtg ttggaattat gggtatgtac     58920
     catcacacaa gctacagtac ccattcctat tttccagatg aagaaattga gacccaaagg     58980
     gtaaaggact tgcccagagt taagccgagt cagttgtgga ccgcagtcat agtctccaga     59040
     atcgtactct gagaaccttc ttgcaactcc acaatagtta ccatagagac tgcctgctgc     59100
     ctagtctctg ttgacatcac ctgcagtatt ttattgcttg acaacccttg aagaccttcc     59160
     ctgaacctga tgggtgtttg agagcccttc cctttctgac acagctaggt atttgctccc     59220
     ttctctgtgc agcttgtcaa tcagcccttt ccatctgagt accctgcttc tagtcacagc     59280
     ttgggtttaa ctatgtataa acagaaaaca gggtccaccc tcactcacct gtcactgagg     59340
     cctgaaacgc catcataagg gattcattcc tttgggttta gggattgttc cctgttaaaa     59400
     tggaaacatc cctcagagag aggtgaacac aaagttatca gtcatttgta atgtgtgatg     59460
     tgtcttatgc agtcctttcc attctgttag ggaaagtaac gctgagaaca tgtttttcct     59520
     gagactagga aaagccttga acactactca cctgggagga agagagctgg aaactctacc     59580
     aagggctgtt ggtgtttggt gtgtgtgttc tattgtgtat cctttattgt gttctattgt     59640
     gtgtgggaat catagaaaca aaaggcaaac taggtgtctc tagccgggcg tggtggcaca     59700
     cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc     59760
     ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa     59820
     cccccccccc aaaaacaaaa acaaaaacaa aaacccaaat gtgtctctag gctagagtcc     59880
     cctttcaccc tacccaatgt caacacttct ctatatcctt acttcccaaa ggatgagggt     59940
     tagagcaatt acacactcag agcagggtgc tctgtagagc agtgctgtca gaagaagaca     60000
     atcaggtcac aaatgcaggc ctcatatatg atcttttaga tacatagttt caagatttta     60060
     ggagattgtg ggctgatgag aaggctcagc aggtaaaggc atgtgctgca caagtctcaa     60120
     cctgaatttg atccctgaaa tataatagga gaaaatcaag tccttaagat tgactcagcc     60180
     gggtagtggt ggcacatgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcagatttc     60240
     tcagtttgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagtttcagg acagccaggg ctacacagag     60300
     aaaccctgtc ttgaaaaacc aaaaggagga ggaggaagaa gaggaggaag aagaaaaaag     60360
     attgtctcat gacctccaga gactagtcca cacacacaca gaactgaata tatggatatt     60420
     tttcagagct ataatttcaa taaaatgaaa tgggtaaaat taatcctaat atactaactc     60480
     agtatattca aaatatttaa catgtaatca atactaggaa ttactgggat attttagagt     60540
     ctaccccaag atgaattagc tacctgttga gtcagatgct taattgtcac atatgacaat     60600
     ggccatcaat ctgcctgcgc taggttcttc tagaccgctg gcctctatag gcagcagaca     60660
     taaatggtgc acaaatatac atacaggcaa aacagccata tatatacatt tttataaata     60720
     aataaataaa taaataaata aatgtgggta ctaaactagg ttgggcttct gcctgcgcta     60780
     ggttcttcta gttttacaaa aacctgtgga ggttgcagat gtgactcagt accagagctt     60840
     gcctgcctag tatgtgcaaa gggtgtacat tcaatcccta acatcacagc atataataat     60900
     aataataata ataataataa taataataat aaatagtata gttattgaat gcctatagat     60960
     tttcctaaac caaatggcaa ctaagttact ctggcatggg tgagtagaca gcagtcaggg     61020
     cagtgaggac ctctaccatg ttgcccatgt gttccttcca gcttgacttt gttttgccca     61080
     agtcttcatc tctgctgcta taagctctga tctctttttt ttttttttta ttttgagata     61140
     cagttttgta taggacagtg gttacttcaa acttgctctg taactgagag taactttgga     61200
     ctcctaatct ttctgcttcc acttcccaag tactcggatt acaaatgtaa gccaccacag     61260
     ccactttgat ttttagaaag gatttcacta tgtagcccag gttggccctg aacttgagca     61320
     cttgtcttag ccttcctcca aagtgggagg gagagcacta tgaccagcta agatcttcct     61380
     tcttgatcct gattttttaa gtttcttctc ccactcctcc atggctttct tttcccatga     61440
     tggtctgtct ccagtaatgg aaatttaaac tctaaaatag agtttagcag ctccatcttg     61500
     ttgttgttgg gttttgtttg tttaattgtt ttgttctaag atagggtttt tctatgaagt     61560
     cctggaaatc gctatgtaga ctaggctatc ctcgaactca gatttgacca ttagtctcag     61620
     gcttcaactc aagttctatg tctccatcaa gttaccacag tttcctgtag acttggtatc     61680
     taaaagattc aggtatttct aacaaacaat caatgtccaa gggaccatca aatacgtgac     61740
     agagttcaga tgctgtgtga ttcaggctga cacttcccaa aaagttgtgg aagagtctca     61800
     tgtagcccag tctgccctca tactcactat ggagctagaa tgaccgtgac tcctggtggt     61860
     cctgtctcta cttcctaaat gctgagtttc aggtgctcag tgagactgct attttttcct     61920
     tggtttttca agacagctgt tctctgtgta gttctggttg tctaggtatt ttctttgtag     61980
     accaggctag ccttgaattc acatagatcc acctgcctct gcttcccgag tgctgtgact     62040
     aaaggcatac aaccccatgg ctggctcaag atactactat gttattcctc caaacctgat     62100
     aaagtctgtc cttccatatt gtgatggttt gtatatgctt agcccaggaa gtggcattgt     62160
     ttggaggtgt ggccttgttg gagtatgtgt gtcactgtgg gtatggactt taagtctctt     62220
     gtccagtctc ctagcagcct tcaagtgaga atggagaact ctcagcttct gtaccaagct     62280
     tgcctagatg ctgccatgtt cctgccctga tgataatgga ctgaacttct aaacctgtaa     62340
     gcctgaccca attaaatgct gtcctttgta agagttatct tggtcatggt gtttgttcac     62400
     agcagtaaaa ccctaagaca catatattaa attaccaaga aaggaattta cttgcactgc     62460
     atttattaag tctaaactaa aaccaagtgc tttcttcctg agttttgttg ttgttgagat     62520
     aggatttcat tataacccag gcagaccttg gctttatggt cctcctacct cagcctcctc     62580
     tgtccaccag acacctagca ttcccagcta tgcctttgca ttctcaacta tgcaactatg     62640
     tccttcgttt tttgtttttt tttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc     62700
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac ctagttggcc ttgaactcag aaattcgcct gcctctgcct     62760
     cctgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgccg ccacgcccgg catgtccttc gtttcttgtt     62820
     gcttgttttt gatgtgtctg gctggcctca aactcacaat cttccggcct taatgtccca     62880
     agtgctagga ctacagatgt gcctcttggc tttggctttt aacaaaattt atttgaatag     62940
     tgcttggcaa tttcgttgtc tctgcatatg ggttttcttc ttttgacttc tgtgattaat     63000
     gagtattata tatcccaaga tttccctttg tgctttggct gtgtgattca ggctgacaca     63060
     gaagcccaac ctagtttagt acccacattt atttatttat ttatttgtaa aaaatgtata     63120
     tatatggctg ttttgcctgt atgtatattt gtgcaccatt tatgtctgct gcctatagag     63180
     gccagaggtc agatccctgg ggactggagt tatagaatgt tgtgatcaat catgttggtg     63240
     ctgggaactg aacctggttc ctctgaaaga atacccagtg ctcctgactg ctaagtcatc     63300
     tttctagtcc ctatttttgt ttattttttt gagacaagat cccatgtatc tcagctggtc     63360
     tcaaatccct tgtgtagcta atgttaacct tggacttcta agtttctttt tttttttttt     63420
     ctttcttttt tttttttaaa gatttattta tttattatat gtaaatacac tgtcttcaga     63480
     cacaccagaa gagggagtca gatcttgtta cggatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct     63540
     gggatttgaa ctctggacct tcagaagagc agtcgggtgt tcttacccac tgagccatct     63600
     caccagcccc cgacttctaa gtttcttgct tcacttccca agtgctgaga ttatgggagt     63660
     gaaccaggac atcccacttt cctaaaatag gtttgatgac gttggggatt gaatccttat     63720
     cctcagacta agctctaggt tggagcctga gttctgtacc actgaacatg tactttaaaa     63780
     taccaaagaa gtttttactg ttctttggtg actagaactt cagtgcagaa atgattttct     63840
     gtagcaccaa gttccaatca atcttttgtt ttttatttat tatgtataca gtgttctact     63900
     tgcatgtatg cctgcatgcc agaagagggc accagatctc actatagatg gttgtgagcc     63960
     accatgtggt tgctgggaat tgaactcagg agctctggag gagcagtcag tgctcttaac     64020
     ctctgagcca tctctccagt tccccaatca atcttttgaa gaagactgca aatagagctc     64080
     tgagatggtg ggtgattctg cttgttatag ctagcactgt gcctcattta ccatcattca     64140
     aggaacttgg cttagcagag gcccttaggg agtgagaagc agcccaacac tctgatttct     64200
     atttgggagt tgacacagaa ctattctaac aatggctaac aactggttcc cagctccagc     64260
     tgtttcattc cacatctcat tcccagtaag atatcaattc agttctgcaa gtgtttgttg     64320
     agtgcctgct gcctatgcca gaccaaaagg aatgaagaca aagaacaaat aatagaaccc     64380
     tgtcaggaac acagaggggc ctgctgggct tctattgatt gtggcagagc aatctgtggc     64440
     cagttccaat ctacagttgc ctatttagtg aatattctgt ttaaccactc agccctagtg     64500
     gtcctgggcc tgtaccacca cctccacttc tgcctcccct ttctttgctt tgcctcccaa     64560
     gtgttgggat taaaggagaa ccaccatgcc ctgttgtttt ttgtttgttt tgttttaaag     64620
     acagagtctc tatgtagtcc tgcctggtct gaaacttgct aatgtagacc aggctgcttt     64680
     gaactcatgg agatcctcct cctgcaaccc aagtgctgtg attttaggtg tgtgtgtgtg     64740
     tgtgtgttta taaatgtggg tatgggtatc catactgacg tgtacatgta tgtggagact     64800
     gaggtgaact ttgggtgtat ttcctcagtt gccatctact tcccccatgt tttttgagaa     64860
     atggtttctt aatgacctag aacttaccag gcaggctaag ttgactaggc aggtctctga     64920
     ctgtctctga ttccctagtg ctgggattat aaatgtgtag catcatgtct tatgaaccga     64980
     gttccttatg ctttcagggc aagtacttta ccaatcaaac tgtctctcca gtccctaaat     65040
     tatcctttta gatctaaaac atagttttat acttacttta tgagtgtttt gcctatatgt     65100
     atgtgcacca taaatgtgcc tggtgtttgg tgcctatgga gatcagggga ttgccagatg     65160
     ctgtggaact ggagtcataa atggattgag ctatcacacg ggtactgaga actgactctg     65220
     ggtcctgtgg aagagcagat ggtgctttaa cttcgtctca gtgctctaac tgctgagcca     65280
     tctcttcagc cccatgtgcc ttcttatata cagtcttgat cagattctcc tggagctaca     65340
     ttacagactg ttgtgagtca cccagtgcag gtgctaggaa ctaaactcag gtcttcttca     65400
     gtagtacata cacttaacca ctgagtcatc tctacagcta caccacctcc attttgaaac     65460
     aggttctcac atagcttcgg ctggcctgga accttctagg tggccaagga tgacttgaat     65520
     tcctgatcct ctctgcttct actgcccatg tgaagattgc agatatgagt caccacacct     65580
     ggctttgtta aaatctttct ttcttttttc tttctttctt cttttttttt ttttggattt     65640
     ttcgagacag ggtttctccg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg     65700
     ctggcctaga actcagcaat ctacctgcct ctgcatccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcat     65760
     gcgccagcac cgctcagcta aagtctgtct tttccaaaga aaacagatga ttttaattta     65820
     tcaatttagg tattagatct ggcaagaatc aatgattcct attcagtggt ctctcttgtg     65880
     tccttcccct ttgcactata attttatact cctatgatga gctcagcatt tgaaccagcc     65940
     agtgaaatgc tgatcaaatg aagaaaacag aagaaagtgc tctagcactg agctgtattt     66000
     ccagcctggc aaagagaagc ctttacagga aggcttgctc tcttgctgtc tgccaatgcc     66060
     atgagaactg tctggagtgc tggggagatg tgagacgtat gcctgtggca gaggtcactg     66120
     aaaatgaggc aatggcttga gctgaggcca gcttcgacta gttcacagtc agctaactcc     66180
     caatgtcaag actggtaggt cacctaatcc acaaatgaac tcagccagga taagaaccat     66240
     ccaggtacct cagagtcatc aaaggaagaa taaatgctta ttgtttgaag ccactgtggg     66300
     tttggatggt tcggttcgct acacagcaac agctaactga cccattcctc atttgcactt     66360
     tggacacaac tttattatca tctgctgtga taataaacac ttgtgaaatg atgaatacta     66420
     cctgaagagc tattggatgg cgtagggcag atgttcaata catggaagca gccatattgt     66480
     gagtacttta ctctctgtgt tagggggccc tacacatgcc aggacaagta ctctaggaat     66540
     tgagttacac cttcagtact ccgaattaat ttctttatta tttatttagt ttctgttttc     66600
     ttcctgtaaa cttcaagaca gggacagaaa gttagacttg tgttttgata aatactccac     66660
     acggaacttg acaaagactg ggtactggct tgatgggtaa atggagtgat taaagaaaaa     66720
     aagggatagg cggtgcagtg gtggcgcatg cctgtaatcc tagcacttgg gaggcagaga     66780
     caggtggatt tctgagtttg aggccagcca ggtttctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc     66840
     aggactgcac cgagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aaccaaaaac agaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtat     66900
     cttttgggct ggtgagatgg ctcagtgggt aagagctctg actgctcttc caaaggtcct     66960
     gagttcaaat cccagaaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccac ccgtaattag atctgatgcc     67020
     ctcttctggt gcatccgaag acagatacag tgtacttatg tataataata aataaatctt     67080
     tgggctgaag cgagcaggga ctgagcaagc aaagttgacc ggagcaagcg ggcttgaccg     67140
     gagcaaatag agggaggtcc taaaaattca attcccaaca accacatgaa ggctcacaac     67200
     catctgcaca gctacagtgg acttacatac ataaaataaa taaagaaata ttaaaaaaaa     67260
     aaggggggga taaatgaagg cttaagtgtg tcaggaagaa tagcagactc ccaggtggga     67320
     tgccaccttc ctcagacctg cagctgccct caggcaggca ctttcccagc cactcttctg     67380
     agtgaagact cttcaggtgg tgttcctctc accagctgat tcactgatct gaccaatgac     67440
     agggttaagg gtacacttgt tttgaattgg aagttttcaa aatttaattt aaaaaaatgt     67500
     acatgttgct ggcagtgggg cacccacttt taatcccagc actaaggagg cagtggcagg     67560
     cagatctctg agtttgaggt gagcccaatc tatagaggga gttctaggaa agccagggct     67620
     acacagacaa atcttgtctc agagaaacaa aaacaaaacg aacctacagc tgttaatatg     67680
     atagctgaca tcaaataaaa caacaggaag atgtacaagt agacctggag agatagctca     67740
     gcagttagga gcactgactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gctactacat     67800
     ggtgactcat aatcatctgt aatgggatcc aatgccatct tctggtgtgt ttgaagacat     67860
     ctacagtgta ttcatataca ttaaataaat gatatatatt tttaaaaaat acatgtacaa     67920
     gcagatgcag gaacaagtct taatttccac agagtttgtt acttcctaga atacatgtaa     67980
     aagacactag gtctttaaaa ataaactctg gatatttctt tgtaaatcat tatttttttt     68040
     ttgtcttttc aaattcctgt atattcctct taacttttta aatagctaag tggtacatag     68100
     tatacatgat atttttaact ttattgttca tttaacaata tgttgacaaa aattcccagt     68160
     ttggagaatt agtaagaatt tgaatctgtt ttattgctag ccagtttctg tcccccctcc     68220
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttggt tttttagaga tagggtttct     68280
     ctgttagtcc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc aaactcagaa     68340
     atctgcctgc ctctgcctct caagtgctgg aattaaaggc atgtgccacc actgccctga     68400
     gtttctgccc tttattttta tttttttatc ccccccccca tttctgccct ttcttaagca     68460
     tgttttgaaa gaaggcttgg aacaatggtc agatgaggag agctgatatg agactgacag     68520
     cctagctcaa agatggctgt ctctgggttg gggggggggg gaaatcaaag aatgccataa     68580
     aaaactggct aaactggcta cacagctaac attttctgga agattctatc cccaggtgct     68640
     aaagaaaagc ccaaggacaa cttggctcct gcctgtggac tcttatctct tatcctcact     68700
     aattctgcaa tcagccaaat ccgacaactc acagccaggt ccccacactc tcatgggcct     68760
     gcctctctga aagtttccct ttccaggctg atctgcttgg aatgttgtag tttctttcaa     68820
     ctttcccctt gttatttata ctttgggagc tagctccagt ttgaactttt ctgagaaatg     68880
     tttcctcatc cccaaatccg gatctataat ctttctactt ggctctcacc atacactatc     68940
     cttcttgcca tggtagtgtt gagaacacac tatctgttca cagtctacct gaccaaaaac     69000
     tccagcaggt caggaaccat gtttgtctca tggttggatg tcatagtaca ctcaccaccc     69060
     gactgctaca accgaataaa tgacagaggg ggacacgagg cactatactg gagaggcctg     69120
     acccagtcat ttctgaagaa gtgaccgaga gacccggagg atataggcaa aaggtgtgat     69180
     aataggagga aacgatgagc atcccagagg cttgggatgt agctgagagt cggaagatac     69240
     ttagcacata tgggttggct ttcaccaccc actacccaca aaaaaagaca agcatgtctt     69300
     acaaggtgtg ggcaaaggcc atgtctccat ggtgactgtt ctagtgtgtg ctcagaaatt     69360
     tggaagacct taaagtgata taaactagaa tggaaaaaaa ggagtgtgta tagttagagc     69420
     acaggctgga gaggtggcag aggcaccctg acacgcttct ttattctaaa agcagaagga     69480
     agctacaggg tatatattga atttcaggta aggagagtga acaagaacag attttcattt     69540
     taaaaaatta ttttggttga agtatacgaa gtatctggaa gggtatgcag gaaggacagg     69600
     atggtagcta ggactgaata caaattattt acagttagga gtcagaggca ggatgggcac     69660
     aaatttgaag acagccagga tataaaagac catgtcttta aaagaaaaac aaaacaaaac     69720
     agtgggagat ggagagatgg ctcagccaag atcacttggt gctcttgcag agggccagag     69780
     ttcaattcct agcacccaca ttggtgagtc tgaggtcagc ctggtctaca gagggagttc     69840
     caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaggaggagg aggaagaaga     69900
     gatgacattt aggtgtggtg gtatatatct ttaatgccag tacttggtga atggatctct     69960
     gtgaatttgt tttttgtatt tttgttttgg ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctatgtagcc     70020
     ctgactgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaag aaatttgcct     70080
     gcctctgcct cccaagtgct ggaattaaaa gcatgcacca ccactgccat tcgttttttg     70140
     tttgtttgtt tgttttgttt ttaaagacat tttaggggcc taacatgagg tgaggtcgcc     70200
     acctttggag gtgagggaat gagggaaggt agattgtatc aagacatgtg catgtatgaa     70260
     atccacaata agaaaaaaga catttaggta ttaaatggat tacattagaa atggaagggt     70320
     tattaaggat aatacttggg gatttgactt ggatacattg tgggaatact gggtgagacc     70380
     caggctgggt agagaggatc agagtgcaca gaggaatact gaacttgaca tgcctcaaat     70440
     atatcctgga ggatatgtca aggacaggat tggttataca gatctggaat ttaagagaag     70500
     gcttggctgg agacatgcag gtggcaaata aaggtgtggc tgtgaatgag tcctcagagg     70560
     gtatagtgag gttggcacac aagacagcac agaagaactt tataatagta agtgtaccaa     70620
     gggcagcttc agacctcagg tttcctggca gctgtttctt gctttgttta aacatgtctg     70680
     attcccattt ctttcagttt cctttcttca ttaataattt caaggatgga tttgaaactg     70740
     attcatgttg aagtgtaaag aactcaggac ggtcatacag gttcattttc ccttggacag     70800
     tttaacagaa tccctgggat gcagccaatt caagctaaat ggaaatggtt tgatcttaaa     70860
     gaagtggaat ctacttctag tgttgtcaat agtggccttg ggcaagtcac ttatctctgg     70920
     gtttcagttt tttgatctgt gaaatagaaa tatcactgat tcatagagtt gttttaaaag     70980
     aaaaagagag gctgtaaaaa aaaaacttgg taagttacta aatgtgctaa atcttttttg     71040
     agaaatgtgg aagaaatgaa gatctaaact ctagcttcca gaagcttgtc aggcttagga     71100
     taaagtttta ggtgtaggaa gaagaggcta atttacagac ggcacacata tatgtgtgga     71160
     tacgaggaat ctggtggttc tctgaaaagg gtcttcttgc ttggaagagt taaaaagccc     71220
     cgtgtcattt tctacatctc cagaaaccaa ggactgcgaa ttactctgat gtgtcatgtc     71280
     aagcatgccc gagggcgttt ctgatttccc cgtgtctggg acttgaggca cccttactgg     71340
     gaaagcgcca ttcttgcgct gaggcgctcc taagcaccgt caaaatatgt atgggtatga     71400
     tagccataat cccgcagttt atttgagtgt tgtgttcact cgtgaagagg aacgagggtt     71460
     tggggagaat ctcaggtctc cgtttgggaa agttcttatt ccttttgtgg agttcctccc     71520
     ctttcagaga gctctagcgt cctacaagtt ttcccgttct ccctcccaac tcacccgcag     71580
     tcgcttaccc tccggcttca gcgtctcact acctgaagag ttactcagcg caaccccata     71640
     gcaactacct tagtcaacac gccctagacg gctcagttga acgtgctcgt ggtgtggccc     71700
     ggaacttgtt gttcatcagg gctggacgcc gaagccgcgg ggtttgctgg gatttgtagt     71760
     tcaaggcgag tccgggatcc ggaagtagta tcactcccca tttcccttaa cagtggccct     71820
     tgtacttcct tttcccgggt ccgctagagt gcccggcaaa caacagccga ctggggccaa     71880
     tgagagggcg gcgagagggg gcgggatcat agtttaaact aatcgtgtct tcaccgtgcg     71940
     agaaacaagt tgaggtgagg tgtggtccgg cgggctcgag gcggagcagc gcgcggccag     72000
     gtaaccggcg cgggcccttg gctggcgtgc ggcctgggtg ctctcagggg acggctaggc     72060
     ccagaggggg tgtgctgacc acgtcgatgc gagagaaagg tctccgtaac cgagggggaa     72120
     aggagaacct acagggggcc aggtttgtgg gagccggcaa tgtttgaggg ggtgggtctg     72180
     tttgggggct tgcggcagag gatcgcaggg cgtcacgggc gttgtgacaa ttcaaaggat     72240
     tgtacctaag ggtgctgttg cgccaggtgc ttgtttgttg ttaatgatag cagcagtggc     72300
     atcttcttag cttccagtgt ttctggtttt atgcttgtat ataaggatca tctttctaat     72360
     tttttttaat aaccttgtac atgttttata ggtggggacc cagaggttta tgtttacctt     72420
     agtaagggtt gcagttggtt cgagttttgt tatatctggg ggtgttgagc gctgaacata     72480
     aatgatggga agggactgtg ttgggatgca ctttgtatgt aaactatgaa cttgccagcc     72540
     ttacctactt cttggatgtg agaggcaaat cacataatac tgtttttgca agccccttca     72600
     aaagtacaaa tgtaagatgt tgttgttcgt tttttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt     72660
     gttaagacaa ggtttctctt tttagtcttg aatgtcctgg aactctgtgg accaggctgg     72720
     ccatgccttg gtacaagtgc tgggatcaaa ggtgtgcaga gccatgcctg gctgggtaac     72780
     ctcttttgct tacttccgac gccacacttg tcatctgttt tgctcttttt tttttttttt     72840
     tttttttttt ggtttttttt ctttccactt atcccctgta agtaggatac aagatgctac     72900
     tcttgttttg tttttgtttt tttgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg     72960
     aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat tcacctgcct ctgcctccca     73020
     agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccac gtccggccgt catctgtttt attagaatct     73080
     tttcccgtat ttgtctgccc ttttaggtag tgaatatata tttgtcctga tggctactca     73140
     agatttgagt atgtcatggt cattactgta tgtcttggaa tgttgcattt tcttgggctt     73200
     agggcaatag aagcctagct tactcatttc ctcatttgcc gtcctccact gtccctatga     73260
     cactgagaca taggtaggtt cctggtccag atcacatcct atgtagtata tgtgggctgg     73320
     ttggagagta tggggtctcc tgggtctagg gcaatcaagc acgatttaat caatctaatt     73380
     tctagggcca cctgctgggc tgtttcatct gctttgtcaa gttgccctct gagatgcagt     73440
     ctttttcgtt ttgatgcccc ggacagtgga tgatagacaa ctgttaaggc ccccataggg     73500
     cccttagtag ggagaggatt tcttctttat ttttgatagt cttttctctg tcatcagaag     73560
     gcctctctcc ctataaatag ccttgtggat atgatcggta gcaaaggcat acaggctatc     73620
     tgtaatatta agtctctcgt cttttcccaa ctcttaacgc tttggttaga gctattcagc     73680
     tttctgggct gatgtttcag cctggagtgg ctctgcccat atgatctcag tgtttgagac     73740
     cactgctgcc gcagcatacc tctgatcctc ctgaatgaag ctagtaccat tggtgaacca     73800
     tgttatctct gcatccatca aaggggtgtc ttgaagatct ggtctggata tgggccagaa     73860
     tgtccaagca atcatgcagt ggcctgttga ggtctgggtc aggcagcagg gtagctgggt     73920
     ttagggaagt tggggcctga aaaaaccctt tatattctag gggtgtttaa gaggagagac     73980
     tggcaatgag tcattctgga gttggtgagc catctatcgg ggtttggagg gtgctgttta     74040
     aatatctttt cgataggatg aagtgtggtg ctggttaggc tctggccaaa tgacagtttg     74100
     tcagcgtcct tgaccggcta ccaggtctga tttctttgag aagtaggcca ctagatgaca     74160
     ccagggccca agagtctgat tcagtacccc tttttactat cccagatctt tcttccacaa     74220
     agagatgggc gtagtcacat ctggcaactc caaggctggt gcagaaatta aggccttctt     74280
     taaggtgtcg aaggctttct gatgtttctc tgtttaccca aagctatggg gggggggggc     74340
     tttggtggct tcatatagtg gcttatctat ttttgtaaaa ctgctaccca tagtctgcag     74400
     aatccagcag accccaagaa ttcccttacc tggtggggaa tcttgggttc ctttcagaca     74460
     ttcttgtttt gtctctgctg taaaagagtt agggtgctgg gttctgtact cagagcctca     74520
     tggtgggcct catcaaagat ggtaggcgag attttaaatc cttggggcag atgggtccaa     74580
     gtcagctgtc tgctaatcct aagctctgga tcgtgccatt caaaggcaaa ggtcttgggc     74640
     gccaagggta agctgaagaa agcattcttt aaatccagca ctgtatatca ttggcactca     74700
     ggaggaagaa cactcaagag ggtgtaggga ttagggactg ttgggtagat atccattaag     74760
     ctgcttgttt acctctctta agtcttgtac cagtctataa tcattagttc caggcttctt     74820
     gattggcagg aggggagtgt tcaggctaat tgagatagtc tcagggttcc cgaatttaat     74880
     agtctcttga tatggggggt tataccttcc ctggccatca ggggcatggg gtactgttgg     74940
     aactgtacag gctctacccc ctgtttgagc tcaatccaaa ttggggtccg atgattagct     75000
     gtaccaactc ctcctgtctc tgccccagca ttggggaagc gatctaacca aatggtaact     75060
     catcctctga ggtggggagg tctaaaaacc caactggtac tgtccagcca gagtggtggt     75120
     taggacatga gtaggcttcc ccgatgaatc taatagtttg gctccctctg gggagaaatg     75180
     tagttgtgcc ctcatttttg tcaacatatc tctccccaag aaggttagaa gcatttgtgt     75240
     aaacaagtac cctgcccact cccgagtcca ctgttcttca tgtagttcat gagtattgtt     75300
     gaattcctat tgcccttgga cccagggttt ctttgaagag acttcacctt caggcttcag     75360
     caagacagaa cgttgagctc cactatctac aaagaggctg gtgggttccc ctgggctggg     75420
     gagggggtct taaccccatc cccctactct tcctctctgt ttccatcctc taagaccatg     75480
     gtttgaatag gcttcttttt cttggggcat tccctggccc agtggccccg tggcccttac     75540
     aataagccca ttggttctta cctccttctc tggaagccat ctgtttcagg cttctcctac     75600
     agccttctgg tggctatggt tgccaacagg atctttgcca ggttgagagt ctgttgcttc     75660
     tgctctttca cctgtcgttc ctccatttgt ttttctgctt ttatctgttc ctctgtaccc     75720
     tcccttccat tagacgcgtt ctctgagtaa gtctctcaga cctttttctc ctaacctttt     75780
     tggagctttc tcttgttatc tggtgctgcc tggttaataa taaaggcaag agctgccact     75840
     gcttttgttt ctggtgattc aggatccatg ggggtgtatc gttggaatgc ctccatgacc     75900
     ctctcgaaga agcttcgagg ctctcattat catcctgact aatgtcatat actttggtca     75960
     gattagtggg ccatcatgca tcatctgtcc tgtcaacaga gccctccctc ccttccttcc     76020
     ttccttcctt ccttcctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     76080
     tttctttctt tctgtttttt tgagacagga tttctctgtg tagccctgac tgtcctggaa     76140
     ctcactctat agaccaggct ggcctcaaat tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctccctag     76200
     tgcctggatt aaaggcatgc accaccactg cctggctctc cccttacttt caacagtgta     76260
     aaaatcccaa tctgggtggg ttaagggaaa gtcattatca atagctactt ggttattggt     76320
     ggattcctcc acagggtcag gaaccagttt cctggcctct gtttggattc tgtccctctt     76380
     ccgtggtaaa gagaacctgc aaaagctgtt ggcaattatc ccaagtgggc tggtaggtga     76440
     agaggactgt ctctaagcga ttaattaaat cttgagagtt gtctgaaaag gagagttctg     76500
     agtcttccag ttatacaggt cactagtgat gaaggaatta tagggatgag gttggtttcc     76560
     ttgatcatca ttgactgatt ctgcagtgtc caaggacaag ataacagact caggctccag     76620
     gaagctcctg atggctttgt gttcctgcat caggtcccac cttccctgcc tgcagcaggg     76680
     ctgcctgccg cagagctgcc tgtagcagct gctgttccct ctgaggggta caagaaggta     76740
     gaggtagaaa gataatattc ttccttggag gaccaggtag agggatggtc cagtgtctct     76800
     tcctttgtat ccttgggctt tttgctagcc aaggcaaaaa cgtctgcctg ttgtctaggg     76860
     agaaaaagtt taagccaaga gggccagtcc tgtaggaggt cttgccagac caccataagg     76920
     tatttggtct gggtggccag gtttgggtct aaaaatgact ttcttggggc tggggagatg     76980
     gctcaggctc ttccagaggc cctgagttca attcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac     77040
     catctgtaat ggggtctgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagggagcaa tggtgatgta     77100
     ctcatataaa taaaataaat aaataaatct taaaaaagat gactttcttg atcccttgga     77160
     ccattcccag gtcaaagtat cccccccccc cccgccccta ctggggccag ccagtgttaa     77220
     aggtgggtca tcctggcttg aaaaatatgg ttagtttatc tttcccaatg gtgacagaga     77280
     ttgtgtcccc tagttttaac atccttaaag tggctaagaa acaatttagg tggagttgaa     77340
     ggtaattgtc ccatgttagc atctgtcaga gtcaaagtca ccctgtaatg agaaactcaa     77400
     gggtagacaa ttagtcctga cagtgaggac aacaaccaaa acacaagaaa aatgctctct     77460
     gtcaagaggg aatgagaaat aaccagaagg tagcacccat ggctctctga gtccagcatc     77520
     caatcctaga ttgagacagc aaagtctact gattggggtc tggaatgtct tcgagctccg     77580
     tttggttcca gtgcatcagc ttcagctacc tctgatcaca attacagatt caaaaccaat     77640
     tctcaagtct gacagatatg gcacctctca gtttacatac aaacaacaac acagactgca     77700
     tcgctgacac cctaaaccaa agttacctca ttgcttcctg gaaccaaagt tcgaagtgct     77760
     gtgcagagac ctggaacaga acagaattac acactgacag acatagacca tagtgctgtg     77820
     cagacacccg gaaccaaagc tacctggatg ccacctggaa ctaaagttac cacagtgctg     77880
     tgcagacaca aacagaattc tgtagtggta cacaaacctg tgaacagaaa ttaccagtat     77940
     cgagaccctt tgggtggagg ctttcctggc caacactcca aaatgttgtg tctgttttca     78000
     agacccccaa cccatcaagg agctgattct gatgcaattg cacaagggtc tcttttattc     78060
     aagctcaggc ctactcacct ctgaccctga tggagcagga taggcaggtg aaactgctcc     78120
     agtcttggag tcctcgaaga aaaaggtttt atcggaaatg gccagtaagc agggggttta     78180
     tagcctggca agcatctaac tgaatgacta ttgtaagctg acaggtgggt gctgagacaa     78240
     tcagactaat cttcattgcc tattgctagg aagtatctag ggagtaactc tagggcatgg     78300
     accagaaagg tatttgggtg cagcttagat tcagctacag attacgttct caggcttgtt     78360
     tcttttttct ttttctttct ttcttttttt tttttctttt tttcgagaca gggtttgtct     78420
     gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gccggcctcg aactcagaaa     78480
     ttcacctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgtgccacca ctgcccagcg     78540
     atggtatttg ttttaatttc agcataatat tatccttttt tggtgggggt ggaagtatga     78600
     aactgcctcc tgaaaacata atttaccaac ttgatttaat ccatatttat atcttttttt     78660
     ccttttcttt gtgtgtggct tagtcttttg tttccaaagt tctgggtttg tcaagtctta     78720
     ctactctctc aagtctgtta tggggaggga gctttgccgg taagggaggg agtagggaga     78780
     ctctgcgctg tggatatctt acctgtgtct gtgtatggtg cgtattcagg tcaagggaag     78840
     ctttcaggca cacgaatagg tatatgtgtt ctgttcctgt gtggtacttt tctcctttag     78900
     aggaagaagc acaaaggact cttttgttgg tccaagttca agcacatgat gactaattgt     78960
     aaggtctgaa tcttagtcta aagccagtct tactctgtca gagtgagatt ttacctgatg     79020
     gctcactaag aaacatttcc ttttggaaga tttctttatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     79080
     tatcatctat ctatttattt aatgtatgtg agcacacagc agaagaggtc attagatccc     79140
     attacagatg gttgtgagcc actatgtggt tgttgggaat tgaactctgg aagaacagtc     79200
     agtgctctta cctgctgagc catctctcca gccctggaag tttattttta tttgtgagat     79260
     ttggaagtgg gatgaatgcc ttgaactaag aactgtagaa ttgttgggct gcagacacag     79320
     ccctaccccg atgcctaaac agaactgagc aagggctgtt ttgatatttg tgtgtaattg     79380
     ataagaacag atggccagaa ggttctgagg tcattgattt ttacctatta tacaccaagc     79440
     ttatcaagaa gtgttcagat tcaaaatgag catgtgcaag aatgaaacca ttaccaaagg     79500
     cagaaaaatc catcttagtg tagaactgcc ttctgtaccc ctattttcct ttttgcagtg     79560
     ctggggaaca aatatatttt ctaggcctct tccactgaag catacctcta ttgtgcctgt     79620
     gtatatttcc tgcttgtttt ctggccatct cccctccccc ccacccccca cacacttggc     79680
     tcttttcttt tatgttgaat aaattcatgt tactccttta gatatttcct gcagttggag     79740
     gtgaggctgg gtgtctccta gtagtaaaca ttgttttgtt gaaaaatgtc tttatttcat     79800
     cttcagtttt gattgttagc tggatactag gcttctaagt tattttctct caacatatat     79860
     gaaatgtgat ttaattgaat ttttgctttt gttcgtccct ttttttgtgt cactatggag     79920
     gtctggccag cttggcattt gctatagaga tgacccagaa tcatagcgat ccacttgctt     79980
     gagcctcctg agcggtggaa ttaaaggcat gttcagcttg gactttttct ttttctttct     80040
     ttctttcttt cttttttttt tttttttttt ttgagaactg tgctcatgat ttttacagtt     80100
     tcattgtagg aacctatctt cctctttaag atcctcctgg ttgtcatttg tgttacaatt     80160
     ttcattacat ggtgttattt tttttaaaat tatacacaca cacacatgtg taaggggcac     80220
     atgtgtacct cggcatatgt gtgaaggtca acagacaact ttttgggttt gggtcttttt     80280
     ttccaccatg tgggtcccag ggaatcaaat tcacaccttc aggtatggca gtagtcttac     80340
     ctgatgagcc atcaatagcc caatggtgta aatttattta tcctgctgga tgaaatttca     80400
     tctttcatta tttttaaaaa agattttatt tttatggtgt gtgaacgttt ttgtcagctc     80460
     atttgtgttt gtgtgtgagt gagtggataa atgtgtgtgg gtaccccaag aaaccagaag     80520
     gggtgttggg tcccttggat ccctccctcc ctccctgtct tagttagggt tttactgctg     80580
     tgaacagaca ccatgaccaa ggcaagtctt ataaaaaaca acatttaatt ggggctggct     80640
     tacaggttca gaggttcagt ccattatcat caaggtggga gcatggcagt atccaggcag     80700
     gcatggcaca ggaggagctg agagttctat gtcttcatcc aaaggctgct agtggaagac     80760
     tgacttccag gcaactaggg tgaggatctt atttataccc acacccacag tgacacaccc     80820
     attccaacca ggtcacacct attccaacaa ggccacacct tcagatggtg ccactccctg     80880
     gtccaaggat atacaaacca tcacattcca ctccctggtc cccatagact tgttcaaaaa     80940
     catgagtcta tgggggccat acttaaacat aatgcaaaat gcatttagtc caactttcaa     81000
     agtcctcata gtctatagca gtcgcaacaa tgttaaaagt ccaaggttca aggtctcttc     81060
     tgagattcat tcaacttaat taactgtaat ccccaaagca aggcaggaaa ccagctgggc     81120
     aaactccaaa ctctgcatct ccatggctaa tgtcaaagtg gtcttcagat ctccactcct     81180
     ttttcatctt tgttgactgc aacaaactgc tttctcctgg gctcgttcca ctccctgtta     81240
     gcagctttcc tcagcatgta tcccatggct ctggcatctt taacatcttt gagtctccaa     81300
     ggcaatttca atgttacagc ttcttgtttc agtgtctggg attccacttg atcttttgga     81360
     ctcctcctaa gggctggcat cacttatcca tctctgccct ctgtagcact ctatgcttag     81420
     atcttatgct tgatccactc cactatggct gctgatcttg gtgatcatcc catggtactg     81480
     acatctctaa tacactgggg tgttccactc caactaggct tcaccaatag cctctcatag     81540
     gctctcttca tggtgccaag cctcaaatcc tttgcattac ccctttagtc ctgggctatc     81600
     aactacagct gaggcttcac cttctccaat ggccttccct ggcctctcac ggtgctaagc     81660
     tcagcttctc tccatgatcc cttcattcct tcacaagcag taccacctga gtgactctta     81720
     cacattacca agtccagccg cagcatgagg tacaaccttg ggtatctctg gaacacagct     81780
     tctttgtgct cccagaaaac aatttccaga agatttcacc tcagtgatgc tggtctcttc     81840
     ttaatcactg ctaattcctt agctccagct aaccagcatc aattttccca gtagttcctt     81900
     ccattcttaa ctctagagcc agagccacag agccacatgg ctgaagctgc cgagttttgc     81960
     tgcttatagg aactagaaca tgatcccctt gtactattac attatcacta gctttatgtt     82020
     ttctaaatcc ttcactgcct aagcttggct atcctggttc ttgctctgta gattgacctt     82080
     gaatgcagag atcagcatgc ctgtctcatg ggattaaagg tgtgtaccac catgcctggt     82140
     tctaaattca gctgggtagg gtcttgcccc aaggtcccac tcccttaatc ctagaacaca     82200
     ggattttgtt ccatttcact tcctggtatg cctttaatac tcgaaccata tattttatat     82260
     tttgcctttc taagcttgct atgcttcttc aaactgctct ttgtgagact taaccagaga     82320
     acaaagtctc tgctgggctt ttttgaaact tcctttgtca atgtaattaa tgtaattaat     82380
     ccaagtctct tcaccttagc ctcaggcaga cttttcagac aagggtaaaa agtagccaca     82440
     ttcttcatca aaataccaca aaaacagtct ttatgccaca tactgaaatt cttctccttt     82500
     gaaatctctt gggccagttt aacacagttc aaatcaatcc cagcaacaaa gtcttccata     82560
     ttcctactag gatgacccat taagccccat ttaaagcatt ccactgcttt ccaaatccag     82620
     agtcccaaaa tccacattct ttcaaataaa agcatggtca ggcccatcac agcaataccc     82680
     cactcccagt accaacttct gtcttagtta gggttttact gctgtgaaca gacaccatga     82740
     ccaaggcaag tcttataaaa aacaacattt aattggggct ggcttacagg ttcagaggtt     82800
     cagtccatta tcatcaaggt gggagcatgg cagtatccag gcaggcatgg cacaggagga     82860
     gctgagagtt ctgtcttcat ccaaaggctg ctagtggaag actgacttcc aggcaactag     82920
     ggtgaggatc ttatacccac acccacagtg acacacccat tccaaccagg tcacacctat     82980
     tccaacaagg ccacaccttc agatggtgcc actccctggt ccaaggatat acaaaccatc     83040
     atactccctc actcccttcc ttctttcttt ctgcctttct gccttcctgt cttctttctt     83100
     aatttttgtt tttttttgtt tttgatttta gtttaagcca gtatttacag acagctgtta     83160
     ctactgagtt tgggtgctgg gatttgaact ctgttcctca tgttggagta gcaagagatc     83220
     ttaacttctg agctatatct ctaactctgt tattaatttc taaaaaattc tcgctctcat     83280
     ctctgtagta cctccctcaa ctcaaaaatc tttacttact cgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt     83340
     tactgagata gggttttgtg ctgcagcctt ggctgtctgt cctggaactc agtctgtaga     83400
     ccagggtgac ctcaaaactc acagagatct acctccttct gccttccaag tgctgagatt     83460
     aaaggtgtgc tgccattcct ggctgtgtct gtaattttaa aaaattgttt attttatgcc     83520
     tatgagtgtt tgtctgcatg tatatctgtg caccaccaga gtgtaggagg gactagagtt     83580
     aaagactgtg agccactaca tgggtactgg aaactgagct tgaattctct ggaatagcag     83640
     acagtactct tccccctcca acccccaatc ccccagtgca ccagcagaat ttaccttatg     83700
     aataaatgac acaaaacagg tctgtatgca tatttacagg ttagaggcca ggaaacccaa     83760
     atcccaagca gggcagaggc cactcacttc ttggaaagct tgacttgttt gtgcttcggg     83820
     ggtgcccact tgagacagac agagtccact gtgataggtg gtttcttata ctgggcactt     83880
     ttgaggtgtt cctctaccaa cctaggtgtg acacagatca cgtgctggcc cattttgagg     83940
     gactacaggg tgctgataat gtcattctgg gtgatgctgg tcatctggct aagatcttgg     84000
     atagacaaca tacccttgaa gtctcgaagg atctccaaca agacccaggt cactctggct     84060
     tttctgggga gcctacagta ctctcaagct tagagagctc ataactgaag gctataagaa     84120
     acttcccata gctgcgctgc tggtggcagg atgctggcca tgtttccatc tggggattcc     84180
     ttctccttag aaaagtagcc aacagtgtga gcccctactc tatctactct tgtcaaaatg     84240
     taaaagacaa agggctacac atgagaatac aaggtcttgt ggtccaggaa aagcttggcc     84300
     agtagacaca ggttctgaca atatatctta tggtctttaa agattaattt atttaatgta     84360
     tgtgagtaca ctgttgcacc cttcagacac accagaagag ggcactgcat cctattatag     84420
     atggttgtga gccgccatat ggttgctggg aattgaactc aggactccta gaagagtagt     84480
     cagtgctctt tttttttaat taatttattt attatatgta agtatactga agctgtcttc     84540
     agacgcacca gaaaagggca tcagatcttg ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgcggtt     84600
     gctgggattt gaactcggga cctttggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc acccggccat     84660
     ctctccagcc ccctgtaata acagtctttt tttttttttt ttcttttttg gttttttgag     84720
     acagggtttc tctgtgtagc tctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc     84780
     tcgaactcag aaatgcgcct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggaatgtgt agtctttatc     84840
     attcagttat ctgcatttca ttatgatatt attctgacat tccataactg attctttcat     84900
     aatagcttac tcaagtattt tatagttttg agttcatcta taaaggagca tcatctattg     84960
     gcaccttcaa aagggattta tttttattgc ttaagtgtag atatgtatct gtgaaatgta     85020
     tggcatttat gtgggatgct tgcagaggcc agaagagtgt tgggtcgcct ggagctggag     85080
     ttagagttgg ttgtgagcta cccagtgtgg gagctgggaa ctgacctctg tccctctgtg     85140
     gaggagcagc aagttctctt aactgttgac gcgtgttttc atactcttct tccctttttt     85200
     aaggtagaag gaacagtctt cttccttgac ccaagtttgc cttgaattag aaatcctact     85260
     gcttcagcct cccaagtgct gggatgatga agtatataac tcacaggagt ctgtatgtgg     85320
     cctgctttgg attaactctt ccaggagctt gtttgcttgc ttgcttattt tcatggtgct     85380
     aggagttgaa ccccatgtat gtgaggcaag tatcccacca ctgagcagta acctagccct     85440
     cctaagtgta tagtggttat tattatgatg ctttattagt gtgtgttcta tgatgtgtgg     85500
     aagtcaggac aattttaaca agtcagttct ccatccactg gggttttgag gcttgaactc     85560
     aggtatcagg ttattgtgat gtgctttttt gctaacaaaa tcatatccct ggtcctcttc     85620
     tttttaaaaa aatcaacctt attgggggct ggagagatgt ctcagaagtt tagagtgagc     85680
     actggctgtt cttccaaagg accctggttc aattccaggc accgacatgg cagctcacaa     85740
     ctgtctgtaa ttccagtttc agggaatctg acatcctcac acaggtacat acctgcaggc     85800
     agaacaccaa tgtacatatg ataaaaataa ataattttaa aaaatcatcc ttatttatct     85860
     ctaatttatg tacagtaaac ttcacctaag ttttgataga tatatacagc tgggaaaacc     85920
     tgtaacacat aagacatttc acactcagaa atttcttcat gtttctttat agtagatctt     85980
     ttcttttaaa ctggtcttgg gaaaccacca atcttctctt tgtcagtaca gattgttctt     86040
     ctagtttgtg tatgtgtata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacacacaca     86100
     cacatacata catacatata tggcttctcc tgtaacattt ctcttttctt ttcttctttc     86160
     ctttgagaca gggtttctcg gtgtagtcct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag     86220
     gctggccttg aactcagaaa tcacctgcct ctgccttccg agtgctcttc tttccttttt     86280
     ttaagactaa atgctctgta gcccttgctg acctggagca tgttatggag gccagcctga     86340
     ctttgatatc taattttaaa acatttttca aaaattcatt acagtgtttg tatctgtttg     86400
     tgtaggcacc cctgccacag tagaagtatg gaggtcagat agcagcttct tagtgctttc     86460
     tcctttcact cataattggt ttcagggaac tgaactcggg tcacccaggc tatctcctgg     86520
     cctcagactc actttgaaca tacttggatc ctttcccatc tgcttcccag tgctaggact     86580
     caggtgtgaa gaccgcactc ttcttaaact ttttttttta attgagtata tcagtaatct     86640
     gttagaatcc gttgctaggt actattttgt tgtatagcga tatcaaattt tgtttatcat     86700
     ttactgtgct ttttgttttg gttttcttgt tactagggat agaacctggg gtctcatgct     86760
     ggacacctga gcttgattgt gcctggctct taaaacctct ctcttatgcc gggcgtggtg     86820
     gcacatgcct ttaatcccag cagaggcaga cggatttctt agttcgaggc cagcctggtt     86880
     tacaaagtga gctccaggac agccagggct atatagagaa atcctgtctc gaaaaaccaa     86940
     aaccaaaacc aaaacaaaaa cccccaaacc tctctctttt actctgtctc tgtttctctc     87000
     tttgctgggg ttcaaacgca gggccttgag cataataggg aagtacttta ccactgggca     87060
     acatccccag ctgatttgct actgatagac atttagggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     87120
     agtgttgctt tattttctga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag cctggaactc actctgtaga     87180
     ccaggctggc cttgaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcgtaagtac tggggttaaa     87240
     ggtatatgcc accactgccc ggtgcttttt ggttgttatg gttaagattt ctttgatcat     87300
     tcatgtacaa atatttgaat agtcacgcct ggctcattgt ggttttaatt catgttttcc     87360
     taaacatcat tctctgtttt tgtgttttgt gtgatttctt ctgttggatg gattggtgtt     87420
     gttttagtcc tgggatgaga agtgtttgta attttacttt acttgtaaat ttccaggcct     87480
     taagtattgt ataaatttga ccagcagtac cctcttgtac acacctgtag ttttgaatcg     87540
     atagaaggag ttgtcttcct actttgttag gtcagcaaga caagcttctt taccttctca     87600
     tggaaagatt ctttttatat cctagctttc tgccaagagt aaattttgag tctcagcctt     87660
     tgcacactga tctcattgac ttttgtgggc tcaggctacg caactgtcct ggagtgatgc     87720
     acacacacct ttaattctag cactggtgag acagactaaa gcaaatgtca ataagtttgg     87780
     ccagcctgga ctacatagag agagccaggc aagccgaggt tataaaagta aactaggcct     87840
     atgagggtac catgtatttc ttttttaaaa actattttat caggctggag agatggctta     87900
     gcagttagga gcacagagca ctgactgctc ttccagagct cctgagttca attcccagca     87960
     accacatgat ggctcacaac catctgtaat ggggtctgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtata     88020
     aagagagcag tggttgtgta ctcatatgca taaaataaat aaataaatct ttaaaaaaat     88080
     attttatctt atgtgtctca gtgttttgtc tgcatgcatg tctgtatatg acatgtgtgc     88140
     ctgtcatgtc cagaagaagg acatggaatc cagaagaaga cactggatcc cctggagctg     88200
     gagttataga caattatggg gtcttatgtg agtgctggaa tcaaacccag gtcctctgga     88260
     agatcagcca acatctcaac cattgaactt tagtcccttt aaactttaat ttaaaatttt     88320
     aaaaaggggc aggggctgag agaggtggct cagtggttaa aagctcttgc tgattttcta     88380
     gaggacgagg gatcagctcc cagcacccat attgtggttc acaaccatct ataactccag     88440
     tccccgggga atctgatggc ttctgtgggc actgcatgta tatacatata catacatatg     88500
     tatgtacacc catgcacata aaatgaaaat aaaaataaag acaaaaaata tatggatatt     88560
     ttgcctgcat atatatatgt atatgtatat atgtatgtgt atatatgtat atgtgtgtgt     88620
     gtgtatattt gcactacttt tgtgcttggt gtccaaagag gctagaaggt gacatcagat     88680
     cccctggaac tgttgttaga gataattgtg agccacagtg taggtgtagg tgttgggcat     88740
     caagcctggg tcctctgaaa ggtcagtact cttgactgct gagccgtctc tctagccctc     88800
     tgtcatacat ttctgacact attagatttt tttaaagatt tatttattaa tattattatt     88860
     acatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacacctgaa gaggtatcag atctcattac     88920
     ggatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctt cagaagaagg     88980
     tcctgcaact ttgagttggt ttctagtttt agggtttcct tttttttctt agcttgcttt     89040
     tgcagtagta ggtattgaat ctagggtctc tgcactgaat tgcagacctt ccctccctcc     89100
     ctcttttcct ctctctcctt ttttgagaca gggtcttttt agccctttac accaggttct     89160
     tttctttttc tttttttttt ttaatattta tttatttaat gtatgtgagt tcactgttgc     89220
     tgtcttcaga cacaccagaa gaggacatct gatcccatta cagatggttt tgagccacca     89280
     tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcaggacct ctggaagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccgct     89340
     gagccatctc tccagccccc agattctttt ctttcttttg agctcagttt atttatctat     89400
     gtgtcagttt ggtgcagtta gcaaaacaga aaccatatgc cagttattta agaatgaact     89460
     caataaagga aaaagttttg agcctttgtt ggagggttta acaagccaaa gcaatcttaa     89520
     ggaatatagt tttggtatgt taactctgta aagtggtctc ctcatccaga attgggaaca     89580
     aacagaggaa agttatcagt ctcaagaagt ctggagggat atggagcagc tgtacccaga     89640
     ttctctggag agtgtatgtt gcctggttgc cagtggtttc ttaggacctc ccaggagatc     89700
     cttggagaaa ccaagcctgt ccagctgata gagggccagc gaggtgcact agaaggttgc     89760
     ttctagaaat gtaaaaagaa acaagagaaa ctgatggaat caactcctat catcaagaag     89820
     cactaattaa cagtaaggaa gaaattgtgt gtaagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     89880
     gagagagaga gagagagaga ggagaggaga gagagaggga gagagagaga gagagagaga     89940
     gagagaggga ggagagacac agacagacag acagacacat acacacagga cggggagaaa     90000
     aagggacaga ggagggagag attagtaagg atggcttgca tgagcatgtg ggtgttcctt     90060
     acttgagcaa gggcagttta ctagtagcta tatcattgaa gaatgtgact cctccccaac     90120
     aactgtcact gcctgtagtt cctcagggag gggtggagcc tcatgaactc ccccatttat     90180
     gatggaatgt tggtgggtcc cacgttttca acatctacag tatgcagaac attcttcctg     90240
     tattaaacca cagtcacagg tcctataact gccactcttt aggtctgttt tctcatgaga     90300
     gggccaaaaa aaaaaccttt ctagtctttt acagtacaga tagtctctgt attcaaactt     90360
     gtgtgctttc ctttttcttt ttcttttttt aaatgtctgc atgttatttg tgcatcacat     90420
     tctcacactg cctatggaag ccagaaggta gcattggatc ccctggaact ggagctatag     90480
     gcagtttggg cactgtatgg gtgctgggaa ttgaaccagg attctctgga agaacagcca     90540
     gtgctctcaa ctgctgagca tctctccagc cttctactat ggtccttcct tcttccttga     90600
     ctttgctttt caaaggtgca ctgagtcatg ttctactaag cgtcttgaga ctgcctagat     90660
     gtcttaggga gctccatcgc atctagagtt caagcgacag cctttcaggc agcccttttc     90720
     atatgaacgt aaacagaacc tttcaattta aatttcattt gtttgattgg ttctttcatt     90780
     ctaaattaca tatatattta cacttctttt tctttttttt aaatgatgtt ttgagagagg     90840
     gttttacatg gtagcccagc ctggcctgga cttaagaacc gcgcttcagg ctctgcagag     90900
     agtgctggga ttatctgcat gtgccactga acctgaccta atatccctcc catcatatat     90960
     aaaagcatgc tactgcctgc cttttgtagt tttaggaaat taattatttg aagataaggt     91020
     ctcatgtagc ccaggctgac ctggaaatta ctctgtagct gaagatgacc ttgagctcgt     91080
     ctgattttcc tgcttctacc tttctaagtg ctggggctac aggcatttgc taccatgtct     91140
     gttttatccg ttacagtcta tttttttttt ttttttgaaa agatttattt atttattata     91200
     tataagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac tccagaagag ggcatcagat cttgttacag     91260
     atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc tggacctttg gaagagcagt     91320
     cggttgctct tacccactga gccatctcgc cagcccatat tttttttttt tttatgattc     91380
     ttagcttgtt gttgtttgtc ttactatatg tagccttggc taacctggaa cttgctatga     91440
     agataatttg gcctcagctc atggagatcc tcctgcctct gcctaaaagt tctggatcaa     91500
     aggcaggtgc ctccattccc ctatcacggt ttaattctgt agttagacaa gcaggtgtca     91560
     taggccttat tctgagattt ttgaataaaa aaattaaaga ggaactaagt taataacttg     91620
     tttgcctgca tgaatgtctg tgtgtagtgc ccttggtcag aagggcatag aatttactat     91680
     ggaattgaag ttacagatag ctgtgagctg tcatgtgtgt actgtgaact gttgggtcct     91740
     ctggaagagc atccagtgag ccctccctct ctcctgagcc ctctctccag tccctcattc     91800
     tgactcttta gtaaaaggca aggcatggta ggtttgagaa gcatgctccc ttgtacaaag     91860
     tactataaat cttaccctga ttaatggagg ttttcaggga atattttttc caccctttcc     91920
     tctagtaaac tgggggagaa gctacttgga aaggccaata tcttggctgt cattgattgg     91980
     gtagagaaaa ccaagattat gggtaggctg ttgggtagtc agtctctcta taagggacca     92040
     cttggcagaa gtagaaagat ctaatggttg taggagggag agttagtgca cagtgtgctc     92100
     ctgcattgag gcttctcttg gcagctgtgc catgctgcct tttctttctg tcctatttaa     92160
     gggccagttc tttgaagtca gttcaggaaa tgctagtgac tcagccttgc agatttcttc     92220
     tgccttatta cagctggttt gtctggtaag gagtaagact gcgtatattc cggcacactt     92280
     acctgactgc ttgaatgtct tccaatgcct tgccagagat atttgtattt cagactatta     92340
     agtttttggt gccctgtggc agggtggaca cagtatggcc ttaacatgtc ttttgcaccc     92400
     atggctgtaa tcctagtact tagggaggct aagacaggag gatcatgggt ttgaggccag     92460
     cttggattat acagcagatt ccaggctcca ggctctgtgg tgagacacta tctcaaaaag     92520
     taaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caagagattc aacttagagt     92580
     gtggtgtact tggtgccttc ctttagtccc aacatttagg aggcagaggc aggtgcatct     92640
     ctgtgagttt gaggccagcc tggtctaact acatagtaaa acaagaccct ttttattatt     92700
     gttgttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt tttgtttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc     92760
     tctgtatagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag     92820
     aaatccacct gtctctccct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcacca ccactgccca     92880
     gcttattatt ttttaaatca acatggagga actatatatt tgatggtttg ttaaggaagc     92940
     tgaatctaaa acacacagaa gcaaagcaca attctgcaag gtggtgtata attagacttc     93000
     gttgtgctgt cgaatctgta aaccctatag gaattgtgag atccttttag tagctgttgg     93060
     aataactagg gcaaaacttt gacaggaaga tggggtttga aagagggtca gaaagagagg     93120
     cacgtggtta tttagataaa ctatgatttg ggtttcccat cacactattt aggttttata     93180
     tcatgaaata tgaatgatgg ttctgtgata ttcacacttt tccaccatga aatctgatgg     93240
     tagagagtat ttgcttaagc ttcattgagt tctagcaact gttgccagca ttgagccagg     93300
     tgcttgactt tgaagacttc ctcatttgca agacagaaaa actactaaaa attatttaaa     93360
     gtgctatcgt gatgctcaca gtaaaatatt gtataaatag ttggctgcct tttggaggtg     93420
     cagcactccc tcactttgcc atatggttca gtggaacact cattcctatg acttgcctca     93480
     cacctgaagg taggtttgtg cctcctggat aactgaaggc atcagaatga gacagaggta     93540
     gagtcatgca cagaaaaatg aggagagtgg ctggatgagt ttcacctgct ctggaatagt     93600
     ggaaaataag ggcgaatagt ggctaaaggc catagagtgg acttggaaac ttaggccaca     93660
     gaggttcatc tgatgcttga gaagaaatac tgcaaggcgt tggagaacca gagaggcacc     93720
     tttaaaaagg agagtggtgt agagacttct gaggggcttt gcctgaaatc ctcacaagca     93780
     gggcctccta aaagctgacc aagtgggggt gtggtttgac attcttgcca caggaggcca     93840
     ttatctttgc ccagtgactc ttcctcctgt cattgactca cctcaccggc ctggccctca     93900
     ttcttccctt cttggtgtgt ggtccagagc tccagggttg cctagatgat gggagcctga     93960
     gttccttaac agtgggtgag atatggcaac gaacagcatt ctcatctctt tgcctcttcc     94020
     ctgagtagag gcaaattcaa gttcacactg ctgtggctta ctgtccgggc taacaggggc     94080
     tgtctaccag gaggtgagtc aagatggttc ctgccctttc tctgcttttt cttggctttc     94140
     tttacctacg ttctctgctg cttttcccct gatctagatt ctacaagatg tccatcatga     94200
     aacaaactgg ttactgtagg gaggtgggaa gtatataata tacatttttc taattgtggg     94260
     agaatgtcca gaagttttca ctggcctctg ctgtgtggta gtttgcccag aactcccgtg     94320
     agccagacat taaatataga ctcatacctg ttagtgtcat tgtagaaaca ctgtggttat     94380
     aagcacattt ctcaacttct ggatggtagg agctattctg tgtgtgtgac tgccctgtgt     94440
     tagctcccat cactttgcca cagaagaaaa agacagtgaa aagctagaaa ggggaagctg     94500
     tgtagataac cctgtacttg tgttttaggg agggagtcag tatacctggg tttctgtact     94560
     gctaattagt ggtgtgacca gggaccagtt gcctaacttc agtagactgg agttcccaca     94620
     gacagcttgg attgcatagt cttggagagt tttttccaga gtcaaaattt atgtgtgtgt     94680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gagagagaga gagagagaga gaaagagaga gagagagaga     94740
     gagagaataa atgaatgtgt atttagtatt aggtagttag attcagtttt gactggactc     94800
     ccaattttgc tggcaacatc cagagcatca taatcaggag gcagcgaaac atacgccttc     94860
     ttttctctgt caaggtctga tcagggtatt gactggccac atcaaggcca tagagtgttt     94920
     tcatagcctg tgtgatctgg tgcttgttgg ccttgacatc cacaatagca caagtcttct     94980
     gtcgtctcca tagctgactc aggggttgag gggcacttga tgatggcttg tttttcctgg     95040
     gtgtgctctt gttgaggata ctgggttgcc tctggagctg cagggtcttg tgccatcgga     95100
     tggtgggtgt ggatttctgt ggctgtggcg ttgccttctt ggcttttttt tttttttttt     95160
     taagatttat ttatttcatg tctatgagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac acaccagaag     95220
     agggcatctg atcccattac agatggttat gagccaccat gtggttgctg agaattgaac     95280
     tcaggacctc tggatgaata gtcagggctc ttaactactg agccatctct ccaacccact     95340
     ttcttggctt ttaagacctt ccctttgaca ttggtcagaa ccttacttct cttatttctt     95400
     tgcttttggt gccatctagg caaaagccaa gtttgttttt gttttaaata atggtgacat     95460
     atcatacata ctttatcctc tccatttgta agtctgtctc cctcaaagta atggtgttct     95520
     cagcttttat atttattctg gtatgcagtt gttgcttctt ccttctcccc tcccctcccc     95580
     tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcttttttaa cagcagtgct     95640
     cagaattgaa cccacagcat gctaggcaag aactttacca atgaactata ctttccagtc     95700
     cctgaaccaa tctttgagta tctttagaga tagcaatctc cacttgtaat gggtagattc     95760
     agtttttaga aaccatcaga aatgtcttgt gtctaagaat taaacaaagt aatatcctct     95820
     atccatctat ccatccatcc atccatccat tcatccatct tatcttattc tttctttccc     95880
     tatctatcta tctgtttatt ttttgtgaca aaaaggtatg agtgattgtt ataaaactac     95940
     tatttctctc tgtttctcac atggaatagt gtgtgaaggt agttttgtca gtgttttaag     96000
     cagtgattaa atatatatgg aaagctgtaa atgtatatgt atttacagtt ttcatatggt     96060
     ttaataagat gggttaatat ttgaatagag ttgctttcct gtttactcac tctatatgtt     96120
     cttgcttcca ggtcaaagtg actagatagt gaagaaaatt agcccttttt ctggtagtcc     96180
     tctgaaatca caaatacttt aagggtcaaa agaagggcag ctcgggaggc agaggcaggc     96240
     ggatttctga gtttgaggcc agcctggtct acaaacagag aaaccctgtc ttgaaaaact     96300
     taaaaaaaaa aaagaagggc aggacatgta cctctaggaa gctgtgactg ctgagctaag     96360
     acaggtccat ctctagaaga accaccaagg agactgaagc attttcggtc tgactgctga     96420
     tgcccaccag ctggctgaag cagaaagttg caagcacata ttgtaggaga atcactgatt     96480
     tttttttctt ctcttttctt ttaatagtta taggtttgaa agtgggctgg aaggtgggta     96540
     gggcaaacag agggctgtaa ctgaatgtat tcaagtattc cagtcatata cgagtatcat     96600
     atacttgatc atctatatgc tcctgacaac agttgaaatt ggttagttaa ataaaatgtt     96660
     tgtcagtctg gccaaatgat cctgttgcat agtcattgta ttaagtaacc attcacattt     96720
     ctccatctta ctctcttgtt tctctccttt tttctttgtt gtttttctta tttttatgtt     96780
     gagtatcaag atgctaaaag ttttagatct gaaaatcagg taagcctaag aaggtttgag     96840
     gctaagccag atgtgatgga gtctacctta atcccagtag cataaaggtt gaggcaacaa     96900
     aattgtcaga gtttaagtcc gacatgttct gtaaagtgag gtctaggcca acagggacag     96960
     aaagagtctg tctcagagag ggagagaggt tgggggggga gagagaggat gagggaagga     97020
     aggggagggg agtggaggag agagacagag agagacagag agaaagagag agcgcttaaa     97080
     gtttgaagag ggatgtatct gtatcagtat aaagctgctg aagtactggg gtagcagtgg     97140
     agtgtctttt tattttattt ttattttttt tcgagatagg gtttctctgt gtagcccttg     97200
     ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatt tgcctgcctc     97260
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcatt tgccaccact gcccggctgg agtttctttt     97320
     tacccctaaa gtcactaaaa ttatagtgac ttttctgctg gcagccacag atggatcatc     97380
     aagtacaaag ttgctgttta aagagaagca gcccctagga cttcccccct gaaacacaat     97440
     cataggacat gctgggtctg ggagaagttg ctccttaaca ggactattgt ttaaagaagg     97500
     tagaacaact ttcatcaaaa cagatagtgt ggattttgtg acttcaaggc tcgggagact     97560
     ttcttctctg cagttaactt tgagcccttt ttgaaaggag ttctttgact ggtgcagtag     97620
     gattcatttg gagaaaaggc cctatggacc cataattaga agttaaatgc ccaagagtag     97680
     ggctagttgc tggagaaaca gtgtggccca atcagttgct tttctgttct tttgacccgc     97740
     agataaccct aataagaaag taggctgctt agtgagctca ggaggtgact ggaagagtgc     97800
     agtccacatc tctctatctc tgctctttgt ctcagtgccc tttcctttta gtcatgattg     97860
     tgcaaacaca ctctgcttga aaggccccct gaagctgcag gcttttggca ttaattgttt     97920
     tctatctatt cattcgaggt gtatgactta caattagaga aacatttgac tggcttcact     97980
     gactgcctaa tgacggaatt tactaagtta gggccaatta tctgtcggtc atccagcaag     98040
     cttttgttta acagctacct gtatcaggtg tcagagggat gaaacaatat tttttgtcct     98100
     ttatgatctt aatttgggtg aaacagatag ataaacagca ttcctgtagg ggagtgaact     98160
     aaagtatgta gaggaacaaa taataagtgg ccatatggaa gaaagaacaa ctgttcctta     98220
     ttgtgggaga gactaggaga gctgaaggga gaggcatttt agtcaaatga taaaggatac     98280
     atgggagttc aagagttgta gaggacagag catttcagta gattcacaag cagtgataca     98340
     gaacctagag aatacctgct atgctgaggg aaaggtactt gaattagctg gagatgagat     98400
     tggaaaggaa actagaaggc tggaccttag agtactggga attttttttt ctagatttta     98460
     ttttttatgt atgaattagg cctgcatgta tatatgggcc aacaaaagtc agaagagaat     98520
     attggagccc tagggactag agttacagat gattgtgagc tgtcatgtgg gtgctgggac     98580
     tcaaattcgg gtcttcggga ggaacaagtg ctttaaacca ctgagccatc tcttcagctc     98640
     taaatacgct aaagaatttt gattttcggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac     98700
     ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt ccggagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac     98760
     catccgtaaa gagatctgac tccctcttct ggagtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt     98820
     acatataatc aataaataaa tctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaattttga ttttcttctg     98880
     tatataatta gatgttgaac tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg     98940
     tgtgtatcat gactcaattc acattggttt tggtcggttt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt     99000
     tttttgtttt tttgtttttt gttttttgtt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagctc     99060
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctggcctcaa actcagagct ttagcatact tgagctttag     99120
     ttgctatctt aactctggta tttaatttct ctgaccaact ttctttttgt tactgaaaat     99180
     aatacctcct tacagagctg ctgtgaggaa cacttgcaat actttataag taagtggtac     99240
     agagccatat acaagtcctg acttgtattg ttctgctgag ggcagtagag tcccaagtgg     99300
     tatgtgatat ggaccaaaaa tgacagaaaa cgaatgacct ttattcccat aaccactcgt     99360
     actgtctttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttttt caagacaggg tttctctgtg tagctctggc     99420
     tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag     99480
     gtgtgcgcca ccacgcccgg cagaagaggg agtcagatct cattatgggt gattgtgagc     99540
     caccatatgg ttgctgggat ttgaattcag gacctttgga agagcagtcg gtgctcttaa     99600
     ccactgagcc atctctccag cccttggtac tgtctttatt ggtaatactc atgtggtcac     99660
     tagcttttgt agcactccta aatgggacca aatttctaaa agaaattatt tatttattta     99720
     tttatttatt tattttggtg tgggtttttt tttttggttt tttttcgaga cagggtttct     99780
     ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctagcct cgaactcaga     99840
     aatctgcctg cctctgtctc ccgagtgctt cgaggcccgc ccccccgttc ttcttctctc     99900
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgtag aaatttttag acattggaaa tttctccaga     99960
     agtccctgca tccttctttg agatagtctc aaagaactca tggacatctg tctgcttctg    100020
     tctcctgagt actggggtaa aaggcatgtg ctaccatgcc taggtccccc tccctctctc    100080
     cctctttccc tcccttgctt cctttttatt ggtataaatt tatacttgag ccgggcgtgg    100140
     tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcagg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcaa    100200
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctgcacaga gaaaccctgt    100260
     ctcgaaaaac caaaaaataa aaataaaatt aaataaaaaa ataaatttat acttaacaat    100320
     ggttttcatc ttgacatttt catacatgtt catgactatt ttgatcatat ttactcttta    100380
     ttaccctttc ttgtcacact ccaatgatcc tatagctagc tcctcctact ttaatgtttt    100440
     ctttctttct tttttttttt ttttaagtga cccagtgatt ttccttagga tagctttcag    100500
     gaacatgggt atcttatcag tgcctatact acccaagaaa aagtctccct cctttaccat    100560
     tattatcctt tagcctatag atcctcaggg agaagtgggc attcatgaca agatgtcagg    100620
     cccaatcttt cactgctctg taatcacagt tgctatgagt tctaaagtac agtggccatg    100680
     tcatgccctg gagacagcgt tctcgcacac tccacccttc tgactttgtt cctgtcacct    100740
     ttcctacagt gtcccttgaa cctgtggggt tatatacatg tcaatttatg acttaatttg    100800
     acagttactt gttctcagca cttggatcaa tttgaatgtc tgcagttgca tatatccact    100860
     acagaaatca tccaagccct ctgaatgcag gtgcttactg cagctgtgtg agacaggctt    100920
     tggaagatga ataaatttca actgcaaatt aataggctag ccttttactt ttaaataagt    100980
     gaggatggtt atcctatgtt ggaccttcta attattgtca ctgtttcaaa tgggatccag    101040
     acctatgggt ttagagccaa atggagtttt cactagttcg tagttacttg taactaggag    101100
     acacctagag acccagtctt tctggcttag attataaact ttgaggtgag acagacttgt    101160
     gtttgcatat taatcataca tatgagtctc aggataattg gattgttgtt aaacatttta    101220
     aaacctcttc agtaaggata acagtattaa tatttgtttg atagagttaa tactattctc    101280
     agtaaaaggg aattctcact attcttgcat atatgcatac ctattttggt tttggtatcc    101340
     atgtactagt ctagaaattt aaagtacttc tagaattttg cgttcctcat tcttataatt    101400
     ctctgtagac atctcaaaag taattccaaa gttgtctctt tcttcttgtt gtcaggtctt    101460
     tcagacctgt gtcacttcct gcttggggct gacagtgact tttatcctcc attctataac    101520
     agctgtaaga agtaggtgga gctccacatg tctctatgca aacctatctt tatctgtatc    101580
     ccagggctct atgtaaagat gtcatttaaa aggggttact ttttgtttgt ttatttttta    101640
     tttgattgtg tggggttttt tttgtttttg tttttgaaac agggtctaat ataactctat    101700
     gcactctcga acttaactcg ctattagcca aggttggcct ggaataagat cttgatctta    101760
     cttgtttcag ccttgaaagt gcaggggttg cagtatgcta ccatgtctgg ccaagtggat    101820
     tcattcactt tttttttttt ttaatatttt ttattaggta ttttcctcat tcacttttaa    101880
     agtatagttt gatatataaa attaaattaa ggaaaaaata tatcttctta gaaaaagttt    101940
     ataccacaag tcacttaaaa agttatttca ttgggctgga gagatggctc agcagttaag    102000
     agcactgact gctcttgcag aggttctgag ttcaattaca gcaactactg tggcagatat    102060
     attacctata gggacactca ggcattttac tcctctgtgg cactgagaca gggcaaacag    102120
     gttcttagtt ttgtttttgt tttgtttgtt tggttttttt tttttttttt tccaagacag    102180
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gcgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa    102240
     ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcctga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccttg    102300
     cccagcaggt tcttagtttt gtagaaaggc catcttgagg gagaactaag tggggactct    102360
     tggacttgac taatcagtcc tctctgggag ttgtttttgc cctctgcttt tctcctgggg    102420
     aagcttcagg ctttgcaaca gtgactcatt aaccagccac tgccctggag agggagaaga    102480
     gggtgatggt aaatgggctg gaggtcaggc cttggaaaca gtacatctct ccaacaagtt    102540
     gcagtgactg cctgcctttc ctttcggctt ccttttctta ccctgagcta tcaccagcat    102600
     ttccctcgag gaacactttt cttcaatgct tgttgcttct gataagtttt gctatttgtt    102660
     tgtttgtttg tttgttttgt ttgtttttga gacagtctca ctatgtatct ctggttggtc    102720
     tggaattctc catatagacc gagacggcct gaactcacaa agatgtacct gcctctgccg    102780
     cctgtatgct aagactaagg gtatatgaca ctataactgg ctgtgactac tttaaaaaat    102840
     attttatgtg tgtgggtaat tttgcctaca tatatgtctg tgtattgtgt gtgcctggtg    102900
     cctatagaga ccagaagagg gtatcagttt tctagaacta gaggaataca attgtgagct    102960
     gccatatggg tgctgggaac tcaatctagg ttctctggaa aagcagccag tgctcttaac    103020
     caccaagcca cctctccaat ccttcagttc tttttttaag ctatgtggtt gttttgactt    103080
     aaaaagatga ttctgagaag ataaatgtat agtttcctct gtgctgttga tagtgtacca    103140
     gcttatttat tcagttattc agtgactgtc tttaaagcaa tagagggggg atggtaggct    103200
     acttaaaaga ctagcttgtg taaacaagtc acctaactcc ttaacctcag gatttttttt    103260
     tttttttttt tttttttttt aatttttaaa aactgggctt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt    103320
     cctggaactt actctgttgg ccaaggtggc cttgaacctc acagagttct agaaaactga    103380
     taccctcttc tggtctctat aggcaccagg cacacacaat acacagacat atatgtaggc    103440
     aaaattaccc acacccgcct gtctctgctt cctgagtgct gagtcatgca gcaccactgc    103500
     ctggctagat ttcctgagct tttaaaacag ccacatgcag tgtgttctgg tcttcactct    103560
     gccacttgat atcctggcat aataaatgct gctgctgtta ctgtaattaa tagtgctaag    103620
     gcactatact aaacacttgc catgctttgt tttttaatct gcacgttaac tcaatgaggt    103680
     aaataaatac tatggttatc tctattttag agaaaatgat ctgagaatta aaaagattaa    103740
     ataacttgtc taaggtcacc tggctagtaa atgttagaac caacaatctg gatctagggc    103800
     tcatttgtag ctgaccctag agcccttcgt ctacataaaa cattccatct aaaattacat    103860
     acatctaaaa ttgcctggca gggtggagag tttgggtaag ggcataagtg tagtaggaag    103920
     taaaactgga gccaggttat agaggccttg gaatagtatt atttatacta gaatcacccc    103980
     agttctgggg ggcctccggg gaattactct ctcatttttc attgctaagg atggaaccaa    104040
     aagcctcaca tatgcgaggc agtgttcacc actgagttat atcatagcct attccctgtc    104100
     atttctttaa actgtgacaa aaggatagta tacattaaaa cttataacac tgacatttta    104160
     aaaaaagatt tatttatttt atgtatatga gtacaccgtg gctgtctatc ttcagatacg    104220
     ttagaagagg gcattggatt ccactacaga tggttatgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga    104280
     gttgaactca ggacctctgg aagatcagtc agtgctctta accattgagc catctcttca    104340
     gcccaacact gacattttaa acaagaataa taaaatgaat accaaattgc tgcagcctac    104400
     tggctacaat gggagatgga gtattaccag accctttgaa caactgtgtg cttctaactt    104460
     actaccactc ttcagcttct atcagaactc actcctcctg cattgtgagt tcttccaaaa    104520
     cccctttctt tatccccacc ccaccccgcc ccttttggtg gggtaatgag tgccttgtag    104580
     aaccaggcag gagccaagtg atctttcttg gttgagaaga aagagaagtg gagaaactag    104640
     ccacacttcc tgggtagccc ataagttagt tggcctcgaa gtgtaaggac ttggcaggga    104700
     aattctagag gagatttcaa gccttctaca gcagtggttc aactggaacg tgttaccttg    104760
     tgtttagagc aggggcaaga tggagagata cagtatctac tctgtcttca ctgtgaagtt    104820
     tcaggactca cagtaccaag tggaactgca gagactggtg ggcagtttag caaccctctt    104880
     attttcatcc catacaattt tagggtgtgc cagtctttaa ctatttttgc catttctttt    104940
     cataaaatgt gaacatttgt atttgtggta gtcctttgaa tagaagccgt cctttctgct    105000
     aatagcagtt gctaagtaca gactacagag ggatggtgag aacaggctgt aggtttgaga    105060
     gagcaatgtg tctgcagtct tgggtatgga tctcaccaac acctcatccc ctctactcag    105120
     cacacacatt cttttagtag ccagagactg tgtttggaaa gctgccatac aaatgtagtt    105180
     cagtggaaca gatttaatga gctttagtaa gctagggact atggctgatc atagagaggg    105240
     aactggggta tgtccttaag gagttgtcat tctagatgaa agagactttc acaaaaatat    105300
     atataaaacc atttcttgag ctttgtacat gattagcata atttttaaac actaaaatca    105360
     tgtttttgtg tgtgtcagag aacagctgtt gggagtgagt tcttgtctac catgtagatc    105420
     ctaggtcttc agaccagatc atgcatatct cctgagccat tgtgtctttt tgtacatggt    105480
     tattaaaaat aaatccaatc actgggtgtg gtggcacaca cctttaatcc cagcacttgg    105540
     gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacata gtgagttcca    105600
     ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa accaaaataa gtaaataaat    105660
     aataaaaaaa taaatccaac cataaaaaca tacatacagt gtaggaagtc cccaagtgat    105720
     tgtccccagt aatccactac tgttaccagt ttaatattgg agggattgag atttgaagtg    105780
     tgcctataaa gtaaaagccg agagaggaac tggtggggaa aaggcggtca cactgaaggt    105840
     accatcctgt tccaggagga atatctctag cttctttagc actggtaaac cttctgctgg    105900
     gacaccctgg tgacagagac caacctttgt gaagcatcca ctagcacctt ctgtgctaaa    105960
     agtcagtgtg ttgggcacct tgcgaatgtt actgagttca tgcttgtact cttaaagcag    106020
     aggaggctat gctttcatct aggaatctga ggaatccttg ccagggttat gtagttagct    106080
     gcaagtgatt tgtgatatgt atgtaagata gtcactttgt ggcttagctt cctcatgtct    106140
     acagttgagt ggtagggctg gagagatggc tcagcgatta agagcacctg actgctcttt    106200
     ccgaggtcct gagttaaatt cctagcaacc acatggtggc tcacatctgt aatgggatcc    106260
     agtgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag tgacagtgta ttcacataaa taataagtct    106320
     ttttaaaaaa gtcatcttaa agttgagtgg taatttacct gcttcataaa gaggtgttga    106380
     agcctaatga aatgatgccc aataggtcag taggatggtt tgaggcatgt tagtaggttc    106440
     ttagtaagca ttagctacta tctattatat cctgtttctt cttcagaccc ccatctcctc    106500
     ctcacatgtg attcacatat gccatgtact ttcttcccgg tacagttgct cctcctagtt    106560
     ttgtcttgtt tgagataggc tgttactctg ccttggctgg gctggaactc tagtagtgag    106620
     tggatcaggc tggccttctg ctccaacctc ccacttgcca ggactgtaag cacacagcac    106680
     catggtggct ttgagtctcc tgctttttgt cagcttcttt ctcctcaatg cttctcattc    106740
     ctcttttaac tattctctac catccgtgtc ctcaacacct tcctatctat tgggtagcct    106800
     cctagctcac cttgctgcca gagaaccatt ttgtcaggtt aatctggctc ataccacagc    106860
     tctctgttaa aaccatccca gatcctttat ttgaatcctt gaagttcaag atttcccaat    106920
     tctgacctca gttcaccttt gacacctggt ctctcactgc taccacacct ttctgctttc    106980
     ttctcccttt cccgagagga aaaatttgat tttgtgcttg aagatccaga ttaaaatatt    107040
     acttcagttt tctaatcctt ccctcatcta aactggttag tttccttaca tcttttatat    107100
     gagttaacat gtaccatctt gggataaaac ttgtagtcac ttctgatctg tggaattgta    107160
     accctagctc agacgttggg tataattctt gtatgggtat taacaatatt taatagcaat    107220
     acattacaca tacttcatta aatgtttcta gttgtaaagt gagggaattc ctttaactat    107280
     cccaggaggt gtccagtggg tggcaacgct gtcgagatct tgtctgagtg tgacatttct    107340
     tttagtcata tagttgcagc agactctgag gatgatgagt ccctgtgcct gttgagggct    107400
     ctagccagcg cctgccatac tcagaactgt gccttggccc ctcggcccct ccccacaaat    107460
     gcccacagga acagcggatt aggttctggc agcacagctg ggattttggc ggccattcca    107520
     gtcaacaata gcgcagctat cgggacagaa gagcgaggcc tacgctccgc ggctagaaac    107580
     tgcctgggcc gctcgtttgg gtggaggagt gggaggagca ggcacacagc atggcatctt    107640
     ggccttgcta cgcagaaggt aggggctgaa gagattccct gcggagaaca ggctagggtg    107700
     gccaagtcct agggcgggca ggcgggcggg caggcagggc gctctgagga ggcctgcgct    107760
     ttgtgtggcg gggagccggc gggcggccgt gcgcctgcag acacgccccc ctcgccgcgc    107820
     cgcaggaagc tgcccctgta caaggcctgc gccgtgcggc tcccctgcgc tcggctccca    107880
     ggcttcctct gcgccgggcg cctttcccgc caggggctgg ccgtgggttc ggcggctctg    107940
     ggcctgcccg atagggctgg tctcggaggt ggacaggccg tcactgctac tgccttaagc    108000
     cctgctggaa agcagcgaag ggggagtgtc ctggccatct caggttggtg aggccggcca    108060
     ccgcgggtgc gtttttgtgt gtttacgcca cagcctccag cccttgctgc gcgtgctctc    108120
     ccttcagcaa tggagcctgc gggcttgcgc cctagccact ctccccgccc ccgcacgtcc    108180
     tgctcagttt ttagggcacg ggcaggcttc acctgggtcc tcctggtagg cgtcgtcccc    108240
     cccccgtccc ccccccccga gctcttggct tcgctgttgc tcccagaccg cgcggaagct    108300
     cgctgtgcct ttaaagaaag cagactcctg gctgtgacgc acttctggct gtcagccagg    108360
     aagattgctt ctgcctggcc gactgagaag aaacccaaca acttttcttt tgtgtgtggg    108420
     gttactttcc actgcccccc cctacccctg tcctttcaag atttaaatgc taatggcgga    108480
     ttaaaacctg tagatacgtt tggctttagg agtccggtaa ggcccccagc actaagactt    108540
     tttctccctc actctttctc gggttagttt tgttttgttt tgttttttca aaaaaatgga    108600
     cgagagggtg gggtggttca tccccctcac ctccctttgc tgcgccatcc ttagagggga    108660
     gggagaggaa agggagagca agtaaacact gagaaacagg cgctggccct gcgcagagct    108720
     tgccaacatc cgggagttgg cgcctttctt tcccctcata gatgtcagcg tgtttttgtt    108780
     tggagggagt aatgtgtgcg cctgtcctag agctatagag acggcccagt agagggcttc    108840
     cctgtttcct tgtgtggtcc tagatgtttt tgcggtgttg gacaatgaaa acgtgtcttt    108900
     ttttattttt tatttttgtc agctgccagg gatctgagtg tgtgaatgta gtggttgggg    108960
     ataggtgctg atgaactgcc ccagagggct gtgtatgtgc gcttgcgcag gcacttcaca    109020
     cagtatctgc ctgtaggccg cagtctagtt catgattgca acttttctgc taacattttt    109080
     ccgatcatga ccttacgaat atgggggaaa ggactaggtg tcagtactgt tagctctgat    109140
     taagcccggc aatgtgaaaa tagactgacc tcaacagaag cagattgtcc tttaattaga    109200
     acaatgaagg gcagcaggct ctctggggag tggaggctga agagatacaa agggcttggg    109260
     gttttatagg gcagaaaagg gaacttttga aggttggcga ttgcatctgc agatctgtac    109320
     tctgcagtct caaaactgta aatactcaag ggttggtgtt tggactttct tgtcaggagc    109380
     gtccctgttc ctaggtgtta tgggcctact tacttctggg ggcttctcag tcctcctgag    109440
     gcttttaggt cattaaaaaa ctctttgcct cctcctcttt cccctttttc tcctcttgat    109500
     tatgtggcct tacctgccct agaactcaga gccatcttcc tgcctcagcc tttcaaagtg    109560
     ctctagaggt gggagtcacc aaggacgatt ttttttttaa agaaacaacg gaatgtgggg    109620
     ttttcctgaa gtcttttcat tcctttccag attctcagga ctctgagtca gaaatctagg    109680
     ttacaaagag agtggtgtat gtgcagaggg agaggcctga gctgaaagtt agtgccttag    109740
     agcaagtaga gaattcatcc agtaacttca tttgcttttg attgcagaaa tgctgagaaa    109800
     caattgactt gtccacacag cctactcagg gctttccccc ataatagaga aaagataatg    109860
     cttttcttgg ccttttttcc cccttttttt cttttggtat gaatggtggt ggtgcacatc    109920
     tttaatctca gcacttgggg ggcagaagca ggcagatctc tgaattggag cccagtctgg    109980
     tctacagagc aagttctagg atagtcaggt ttacacagag aacacctgtc ttgaaaaaaa    110040
     ctaaaggaaa accatctcaa aacaactcag cccctttgtt agccagagga cacaccagca    110100
     agacagctcc ttttgttgtt tgggatttaa tttttgtttg tttttctttt ttcttttttt    110160
     gatttccttt cttttttaat taatcattct attcctttac atctcaaatg atatcccact    110220
     tgcctgttac cctccacaaa tctctccatc ctgcatccat cctgtacccc ctctcctttg    110280
     cctccatgag ggtgctcccc cacccaccca ctctctccca ccctgctgct tcagtatccc    110340
     cctaagctgg ggcatcaaac ctccacagga ccaagggcct cccctcccat tgctgttagg    110400
     caaggtggtc ctctgctaca taagtatctg tagtcatgtg tgcactccat gcccgtgcac    110460
     tgcactcctt ggttcctgat ctaatgtctg ggaacactgg gtggtccggc cagctgatgt    110520
     tattcttcct atggggttgc aatccccttc agctcctctg tttttgtttg ttgtttgttt    110580
     aatgagtaca ctgtagctct cttcagacac accataagag ggcatcagat cccattacag    110640
     atggttgtga gctaccatgt ggttgctggg aattgaactc tgaacccctg gaagagcagt    110700
     cagtgctctt aacaactgag ccatctctcc agcccccccc cccttttaat ttgtttgttt    110760
     ggttttgttt ttttgagaag tgattttcct atgtcaccct gactggcctg gaacttggta    110820
     tgtggaccaa gctggcttta cactcacaaa gatgcgcctg cctctgcttt ctgagggtat    110880
     ggaccactac acctggcttt gctattgcta ttgttgttgt taagactggg tacaagcaat    110940
     cctcctgtct ccacctcccg tgtataatga ataaacattt tatcaaggta gcttggcctt    111000
     tgtcagggcc ctctaaggta gcaaaccagg taagatccaa gtcacaggtt agttgcctgt    111060
     gtctcttgat gtattcctcc cagaggaact cccaacatca gtgttcagtc caacagcgca    111120
     caagttgctc aggtgaagga gagggtatct attttaggga gtggtgctgg agcctggaat    111180
     ttttatagca gggtaactga tagttaggtt ttgcctgaac tcaggtgtac agatgctgca    111240
     gccattttct tacctgtgag tctctaagcc tttggaactt tggagttgga gcctggtggg    111300
     tttgaggaat gacaccttga ggtggaagcc tgtggcccta acattctggg agtaggaaca    111360
     gtaaaagaac gagggtcagt gctggcaggg gctcctaagt tgagaacttg aacaggtcag    111420
     tagccaagac caaagttcac tttggtgtta tcttgaggtg aggtggtggt gttcaggcag    111480
     gtagccgtta agaaggagct gaagcccaga ctaagggatg gcacatggga ggaaggagtt    111540
     gggctgcctc acagaccctc tggcatatca ccaaaaacca caattgtttt cagaagagac    111600
     ctccagagct gagcaacctg acccctctct ggtctggttc ttgcatctag caggtggttt    111660
     acattagtct cagcccttat aggaaactgt ggctagtctt taactccttc agatccagag    111720
     cgtgcagacc agatggcagc gtatttcttg atgtcactct ccttgtcctg acacatcttt    111780
     tgtggaaaca tagaggactt ccttccttca ttctttcctt cttttgtttt tcaagacaaa    111840
     agtttttctg tagaacccta gttgtcctag aactcagtct gtagaccagt ctggcctctg    111900
     atttacagag atccccctgc ttctgcctcc tgactgctgg gattaaagtt gtgcaccacc    111960
     accacccagc ttatagaaga tatcttctaa gtgtggaaat tagtcatgat acagggaact    112020
     atgtatggca gcttggaaag tataaagagg acagaaggga caataaatat gcaaggtcac    112080
     tgcttttctc tgtgttcctt ggaatgggga aaagaaaggg tactttatca gcttttggga    112140
     agcctcattt ttggattgtg gttacatttc attttcaaag aaccaggtat gtgggaactc    112200
     taaggttcag ggtcctgcag taccatctgg attttgttgt ccttgtggtc agagtgagtt    112260
     ggggtgggtc taagccttct gtgaaatggc tcacagaagg ctacaattgc agggaatccg    112320
     tgtttccatc accatcaccc agtcttctgg gtggggcctg cctcaaattt cagggggagg    112380
     gtggagagga tggtgctttg gctgagagcc cttggctgct gcgctgaagt ctgcttaaag    112440
     ctgtagttcc agtgctgagc actatctgcc actggtttca atcattgtta ctcagagaag    112500
     ccatcattac cagccagtgg ctatgcttcc taaagctgca ctctggtgtc ttgaggaagt    112560
     gctctttgtg atccttaatg acaagatctt tcagacgttt ctagtgttaa atattggatt    112620
     cctaatttct gtacccggta gtttcctctg gggaggacac cagaggggtt ttataaattt    112680
     tgcttctgag atgaaagaaa gaggtttctt aagccttggg tgattttttt tcttcttttt    112740
     ttaaagcagc atagctgtag agtctttgag taggtaagat ttatttcctg ttgtaaatga    112800
     aatttctggg tagtgagcat tgccagggag gtcaaaacta catttggctt gttactgaag    112860
     accacagaga cttccttctc cagttctgga aattgaaccc aggaccttac acaggttagg    112920
     taagcatttt acttagctat aaaaactctg atctgaacac cccagtttga gcagttgact    112980
     tcatcctaca ggctaagttt ggtttctcaa gctataggct ggccagctac acacacacac    113040
     acaaagccta atttcagtgc actggttaag atcattgtgg actggtccca agggctgggc    113100
     agtcagtcag tgcccacaga caggcacaag gaaatattca ggactgagga acatgtggct    113160
     ggctccctta gcatgtctgt ctgtcctgag aaaaacctta cttgtgacca accaaagacc    113220
     aaattggctc atttctcagt ctgtgtcact gatagaacaa ctgatagtta ccacatttaa    113280
     gttttgcagg gtcaggaagt agttagttat aattagtagt tacttacagt taacatttaa    113340
     ttattttctt ttattagtga ttcaagtatg tttaatttta ctcctcaccc ttctaaaaaa    113400
     accctcaaag gcagtgatgt cactgtcttc tgtttctcaa gtagcttcca ggacaggaaa    113460
     aacaagtagg gacgaagaaa agactttttt ggttggtgga tgagtagagc acacttggat    113520
     aggaggttcc aaggcatgat gggaagtata ttaccagagt atgaatctct tcttcgttac    113580
     ttgacttagt gccttattgt caaaaaaatg atcttttttt tttttttatt cctagtcttt    113640
     gtgttcagaa agtacttagc atctgttggc tctgctgacc ttacatttta gagatgtaat    113700
     atttgtagaa cagtatatgt gaaatgcctt tctattcttg ctcatctttc tagagtagtg    113760
     acatagagag cagttgtgta ggaggtagga gaggacagtt gtgctcttgg agattgtggg    113820
     agtcatgggg actgataaga cgtactggga aatacccaag tctgtgatcc cgcgggtctc    113880
     atctgttggc aggcaaatgg cagattccca ggggcaaagg aaattggggg taagagtact    113940
     gggacaagtg cccaatctta taataaatgt tccctggggg tagggccttg ggcgatggct    114000
     tagcaggtaa agttcttact gccaagtcta tgaacctgag ttcctatctg cagtacccat    114060
     tggtgccggt gctatgcgtt tctctttaat cccagcccag ctagggaggc agaggcagga    114120
     agatctccaa gtccatacaa ccagaaccag aaatcaacct ctttttttaa aaacagaaat    114180
     aatttgtgtt gattacctgt tatgtgccag gtactgtgct atttgcatta tttcagtaag    114240
     gtaagaaggc ttatgtggat ccatattgca gatgaagaag tggatgaaag agggaggttc    114300
     tgctaattgt ctaaagtcac atgaccatgg tgccatggaa tcagtactca gaccctggtt    114360
     ggttttcttc cctttctctc tctctcctcc ccctcccccc cctctggttt ttcaagacag    114420
     ggtttctctg tgtagctctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa    114480
     actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgccttctg agcgctggga ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccat    114540
     aatcggcttt tttttttttt ttttaaagat ttattatgta tatagcttcc tgcctgcatg    114600
     tatgtctgca ggccagaaga aggcaccaga tttcattata gatggctgtg agccaccatg    114660
     tagttgctgg gaattgaact caggacctca ggaagaacac ccagtgctct taacctctga    114720
     gccatctctc cagcccctgg ttgtttttca aaaccatgac tgttccttgt tgaagggtac    114780
     tgtgtcccaa agagcagaac acagacaaac tttgaatgtt gtgttttcca taactgggtg    114840
     attatgagca ttttgttgag tgcaagattc tttgcagtaa accctgacaa tataagcttt    114900
     agagtaattt atacagtctc tgcagtctca acatttctgt gctgtcttag tggatttagt    114960
     gctagtgatt tgttgatgtg ttcagagctg gtaaatggaa ctgcttttct tctgtttatt    115020
     gaccagagat ttcgatttat taaccatgct ttttctcttg ggttctaggt gagttggagt    115080
     gagctagaat cagaaagatg acactccatg ccacccgggc agctacgctc ctttcttggg    115140
     taagtagctt tctttctttc tttttttttt tttttttttt ggtttttgag acagggtttc    115200
     tctctatagc cctggctgtc ctggatctca ctctgtagac caggccagcc tcgaactaag    115260
     aaatctgcct gcctctgcct cccgggtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcacca ccacgcctgg    115320
     ctgctttctt tttttttaat aagatgtgca gcagaaaaac attctgtaag ccagagctct    115380
     gcaaagtctt ctcatttgca gaccaggcac cttttcatat agacactgct gcacatcata    115440
     tagctcagtg caggtttctc ggaggtattc ttttggccat ggaacagaac attgggacat    115500
     tgtgagtgtg aactcagtct catctgttct gtatactttt cttttttgtt tgagacaggg    115560
     tctcactatg taactagtct taactggcct ggagctaagt gagctctgcc tctgcctctg    115620
     cctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc    115680
     tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctgcc    115740
     tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc    115800
     tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc    115860
     tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc    115920
     tgcctctctg cctctctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctctctgcc    115980
     tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc    116040
     tctctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc    116100
     tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc    116160
     tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc    116220
     tctctgcctc tctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc    116280
     tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc    116340
     tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctc tctgcctctc    116400
     tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc    116460
     tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc    116520
     tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc    116580
     tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc    116640
     tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc    116700
     tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc    116760
     tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctgcctc tctgcctctc    116820
     tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc    116880
     tctctgcctc tctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc    116940
     cctctgcccc tctgcccctc tgcccctctg cccctctgcc cctctgcccc tctgcctctg    117000
     cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctcagtg ctggtatcaa    117060
     aggtatgcat gaccacactg ggctgtatac ttttctggct aaaggactgg ctgttaacct    117120
     tgatggttcg cgttggcagg aactttggtc ttcaaagacc taacctttga acaacaatgt    117180
     cttcctcatt gtctttatta tgtttctgtc tgctcccatt gctgtatttc ttccttctcc    117240
     tctgtttgaa aatgaaggtg gatattttat gtgttcctta ttgttgcttc actgaataaa    117300
     aagagcagca gccaaatgta gtgcagtgta aaattaagac agtattgtct ttcacctgac    117360
     actgtacaat acacgttttc ctgtgcctcc agtgggaaga ttgttaagtc ttcatctaaa    117420
     tccagaaatg gatgtaaatg agctacaata ttatgtgaga cttaggatag cattgttatc    117480
     ctgaagtaca gaatttttat aactactttt tataataggt attctcaaat attctagtct    117540
     aagtaccata gagtctagta tatggttatt ataaaaatga tgtacattgt gtttatctat    117600
     agccattaag aagggagatt tttctccagt accagtattg ttttctatca gtattgctaa    117660
     aagctattta aagtctccta gccaccttta atttaagaca gttttggagc aagtcacttt    117720
     gcacaggctt atttagggta ccatattcag ttctcagtgt aatccatgtg tttttcagtg    117780
     tgtttcttta ctcagttcat tcagttctga gaggtggctc cattttcttg atcagccaac    117840
     cattttcata gcaggatttg ttgatgatcc cttgcttttc tgctaatgct tcattgactt    117900
     ttcccgatag aggagaggag agttcactgg cagccttcac accacccaaa gttactcttg    117960
     ctagaatggg tagaagacta gcttaaaaaa aaaaaagatt tatttattgt taggagtgga    118020
     gagaggagag atggctcaac cgttaaaagc atttgctgca gctcttgcag aagacctagg    118080
     tttggttctc acagtcacat ggtgactcac aactttctat aactccagct ctaggggacc    118140
     tgacatcttt tgtcttcagg tactgcgtac atctggtgga tctatgtaca acaggcaaaa    118200
     tattcatgaa ttaattttat gatagcagct taaaacaggg cttttgtttg tgaaaaaatg    118260
     gcataagata tacagatgat agggctggag agatggctca atagataaag cataagcctg    118320
     agccaagttc aagtcctcag aacctatata aagtcaagca tgttagccta tgtctataat    118380
     cccattgcac ctatgccagg gtataaggta gggataagag aattcccaaa gctcaaaagc    118440
     cagccagcct gttctccata gctatgaaca tcgataacaa aagacaccct atctcagcaa    118500
     ggttggtgag gattgatatc agaagttgtc ctctgactta acacatatac catgtattat    118560
     gtgctcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaccata tacatacaca catatatgca    118620
     attacacaca aaataaaaca tgtacatgta cttgataatt gaaactgtcc tttaaagagt    118680
     tacccagagt ggctggagag atggcttacc agttacgagt actcactgca ttttcagagg    118740
     accaaagttt ggtcctagta ccacatcagg cagcttacaa atttgcatat aaatgtataa    118800
     gtcactgaaa ttttggaagg aataaataaa acctttcacc agcaacattt taataattca    118860
     ctttcagcat tgttatgatc tttttctcct cctcctcctt ctcctcttcc tcctcctcct    118920
     ccaccatctc catgctggtg atgaacctag tggcttgcct ataaaaccag ttctaggggc    118980
     tcttgataaa cataaactca tggaggtaca cattcgtaca cataataaaa aataaatctt    119040
     aaaataacta cctcagggga aagactagaa gaaaaaaact tcgtcagtgc tgagactata    119100
     gttgagtatt aagcacttaa tagcaagtgt gaaactctct aattttgtca gggctctgta    119160
     gaggtggagc ttcatggtag ggtgcttgtc tacgtttact agacctgtct tttatcacca    119220
     gcactgttta aagaaaaaaa taatcataaa aatgctgaaa gtgaatgtat taaaatgttg    119280
     ttggtgagag gttatatatt tttttcttct aaaatttcgg tgatttatat tttgttttac    119340
     ttaaagtata gtttggaccg cttctgtaaa tggtaggtgg tgataagttg ctgcagacct    119400
     taccagcagt gcttgagtta tccagtgagc tgtgtcctca cgctaatgtt tatgctctgc    119460
     ctagggatgg aagacctcaa cttgcttttt ttgttttgta cagggtttcg ttgtgtagcc    119520
     ctggctgtct cagaacttgc tctgtagacc aggctggcct agaactcaca gaggtccgcc    119580
     tgcctctgtc tcacaagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgcacc aacagtgctg cacatctgaa    119640
     cctcaacttc tttacctttg aatttcctat cccaagcaaa taacaccaga ataaaacatt    119700
     ctcacattta taaatcaata aaaagcaaaa ttttaacgtt gaaacctgtt ttgtgagctt    119760
     acctttctct acatgaagtt tgtcatcagg gtaaacctgt ctatgagttt gctcctctcg    119820
     caggacacct agctctagga aaaaaagcct gagttttttt tttttaaact ttttattgat    119880
     tctttgtgaa tttcacatca agcccctcag tcccactcat ctccctgccc ctcatgtcca    119940
     tccttcaccc ttgcaacctc cctccaaata aaaatacaat aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaat    120000
     aacaaaaaca caggatagaa aacctcttgt catggaagct gtagtatgtc acagtgtgtc    120060
     ccacagtctg ttccctttca ttgcaatgag tcattgctct ggttcaagat ctctgccttc    120120
     tgtgacacca ctgatattgt atcctcatca ggactcctgg ttatcctgtt gttgccctgt    120180
     gtcatggaga tcctacagtt ttggaacagc aggactggtc ctttgacacg tcccaaccat    120240
     tcacagataa tagagatttt accgtgggtt atctcagagc cctggatctg ggcctgagcg    120300
     gtagcatagc tggtcagccc actggctttc tcttctccac actaccagag ggaactctcc    120360
     agcattgctc tttcttggcc atccaatgcc accatcagta ggagggaggg tcagctctct    120420
     tgctatcatg cctttggggg ccacctcacc agcacccatg ccttcagagc cagcctcact    120480
     gtgatgccca gattaggtgc aaggcccaca tttctgattg ctacagctac tgaagtagca    120540
     gggctaactc ctgctctcat gaccccaggg tcagctctct cagctactgt aggtgtcaag    120600
     ggggcagggg agagggaggg catcactcct gcaaccatgc cacctcatgc cagatgagtg    120660
     caggccagct ctcccgagtt ctggacttta gaactggctc acctgtaccc tttgaccagg    120720
     gccagcccta ctgtactgcc caggcaagga gcagggctag cattcttgct ctcatgaccc    120780
     cagggccacc tctcccaact gccacaggta gcaaagagta cctatgtcac ctcacaccag    120840
     agaatgatga gtgaaggggc cagttctctc atgttcttgt acttggggct ggctcacctg    120900
     agccctgacc agagtcatct ctgctgtgct gtccaggtga tgtttagggc tagctttccc    120960
     aagcttctga ccctgttggt agctatccta cctgaggtgt caggggcagg gggcatcacc    121020
     tctgcacctg tgctacccca tggcagtgtc agctctccca cacatactct caggactggc    121080
     tcaccagggc atcagggcca gctctcagag caccacatcc agtgaggggc agggtcagtt    121140
     ttgcacagtc tctagacatc caggtgctcc ttcatggctg ccctgaccag ggatatcccc    121200
     atgttctctt gtagtagtat gagccatggg cattgataat gacccttgcc tctatggagc    121260
     cacagactca gacatggccc tcagcagcag ctctggctgg gacctcacca tgagcccagg    121320
     aggcagggct ggcaactcac aacaggctat tcctttccat cctggagtct ctagttccat    121380
     cttcataata cttaagctgc tccactcttt ctctcctatc agaccaccac agacttacac    121440
     attgtggtgg ctcctggtgc aggctggcct catggctggc aggcacctga atggcatctt    121500
     ctgtcccttc tgtgtggcat gttggcaagc aggtacagat gtgtatggcc tgcctgtgtc    121560
     acacactgta gggcaggtct gtctagcttt ataatctggc aattacagcc tacagggagg    121620
     cgctggttga ggttggctgt agtggtactg tagtgtagtg gtactgtagt gtagtgtagt    121680
     gtagctggag cccagcatcg actccatcac agaaatctga ggatacattt gagtatgatg    121740
     tatagaccag attccctctg tatcaattta gatggcagag acttattggc ttctaacgca    121800
     gccgacctgg gatcctccat ggtgatctcc atggctttgt tgggggtcag aggtcccagg    121860
     gttgtaggct tccaggtcca gaagatgcaa gagttttccc agcagaggaa cttggggaac    121920
     tgacccacct tggcaaggca aggacgggaa gtatattttt atatttgtct cgtgtccacg    121980
     gtttgggcag gttcctggtg gtgggtaaga tgaaggaagt tcttcaccta gtaattattg    122040
     cagccacgtg gaagcaagtt ccaagtgaag tccactgccc catcttctgg agaagacctc    122100
     agggcttcca tcgggagcag gcatttattt tcttttaatt gtcttaggct taacctgaca    122160
     acatggacag aaggcttaag cttaccatta tcttgcatgt cttaattatc tttaacaatt    122220
     tataacaaag ttagtacctt ttataagatt aggattttac agatttattc ctattgagtt    122280
     tgagccttaa aaatttcaat tgaggattcc ttagcatcag aataaacttt aaaccataaa    122340
     gttcacagag agactaggag cttttctctt gtgattgttt tcatagtgca tctttacagt    122400
     ctctccacat agctggagcg tagcaagttg gcaagacaag gaggcacaca tcttcaggtc    122460
     agtttctgct acctgaaagg accttaggaa ttcataaacc gtattcatta aacatgctcc    122520
     ttaccttaaa acagtctttt tagaagcttg ttgttgaata cagttagcag tcatggctaa    122580
     tacagtcatg tgtaagtgcc aggagggagc tgagacaggt ggggagggaa tcggggggcg    122640
     gagcaaggaa atgggagggg ctcagagggt tgagtgctgt tttgacaaga atttcaatcc    122700
     tgtgtgtctc tgggtggacc tagagatgtg tcagagagaa gctcagggtc agaggaggga    122760
     tgtccgtctt ccacaagatg ggacacccaa aagggtgtag ggaggctgct tgataccagc    122820
     acaaccttgt gatagactcc atgcgctgag agacagagca ggcagctctg ctgaggcaga    122880
     agagacaaat tgttatagta ggtgaagggg aagccgctga agaggtggac tttgaaattg    122940
     gagttgaata tggtaggtgg caggagccag cagcagtgat ctgacccgga agggtcaagc    123000
     atgagcagct tgattcagcc aggagggaca ggacttgctg gagggttaag tgtccctccc    123060
     agatttcaag tgtaagtgat ggcacagaga aactatgaaa ccaggctgct ttgtgggcag    123120
     aaagaaagat tcatagagga ccaaacagcc aaggtcatta agatttctgt tgctgtgaag    123180
     agacaccatg actacagcaa gtcatccccc ccccaacccc cacccctacc cccgcgcgct    123240
     tcccttttgc tcctgccccg ctcgctccga cccatagggt tttttttttt tttttctttt    123300
     ttaaatttgt ttctgattaa ggatggttgt gagccaccat atggttgctg ggatttgaac    123360
     tcatgacctc cagaagagca gtcagtgctc ttaaccgctg agccatctca ccagccctga    123420
     ctacagcaac tcttataaag gaaaacattt cattggggct ggattgcagt tcagagattt    123480
     agtccattgt tagcatggag catggtagca tgcaggcaga catggtgctg gagaaggagc    123540
     tgagagttct ggacttgatc cacaggcagc agcaaaagaa ctgaaacata cttcctccaa    123600
     caaggccaca cctcttaata gtgccactcc ctgtggtcct gtgggggcca tttttactca    123660
     aaccatcaca gccatctgta ggggtgggat ccgggaagag caaatggcaa ataagcaagt    123720
     agattttata tggccgtcat cagggtgggg ttctgaactg atggaggaag gtaaagggag    123780
     gttcctgaag aattaatggt ggtttcttat ccacagaaaa atcttaaaag gtctgttttt    123840
     ctagtaatca ggaaccttta agcttgttta cacaataata atctttctgt ttaggcactg    123900
     cttttaggga gaaaggaatg gcagagatag gggtggtgtg gggcttttgg aactgacagt    123960
     gagctgcctg gtgtgggtgc tgggaattga ctcaggtcct ccagaagact caccctcgag    124020
     ccatcttttc cagcccccta ttttttcaaa tttaattagt tcatttttat atgtataggg    124080
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgcct gtacatatgt ctgtgtacca taggcttgcc    124140
     tggtgcctga gaaggtacct ggagtttaca gatggttgtg aactgccatg tgggtgctgg    124200
     agttgaaccc aggccctctg caagagcagt cagtgctctt taattgctca gccatcccct    124260
     tcatcagcct atttcattat cttaagatat atgtatgtga gggctaggac cttgctgtgt    124320
     agcccatact atcctgaact accagtgatc cttctttctc agcttcccag gggctgaggt    124380
     tgtaggcatg tactactgtg ctgacttaac ctactgcttc aatttttaga cacttatttt    124440
     gtatgtgctt gagtacctgt gtgtgtagag tcagaagaca gcttacagta gttggttctc    124500
     tttttctcct gtgttggacc tagagatgga actcaggtgg acaggcttgg cagcaagtgc    124560
     gtctgtctat ctactgagcc atctcagtgg atctaagcct attgctcttt aaagagcaca    124620
     tttacaaaca gtagacccta gctgatttca cataaccacc ttctgaaatc gttaagagac    124680
     tgacagcctc gttcctaagt agtccttgtc ttcttccctt ctttttgcta caaatgtagt    124740
     taattagcag gactagaggt aaatttgagc ccaagtgctt atggaattaa tttatggact    124800
     ctcctataga agttagctgc aaatgctgtt ggatatcttg tgtacttgaa atatttgtgt    124860
     gtgacccgtg atgaattttg tagcgttaaa aagaacaggc agttgcatca taagtgagaa    124920
     ttgagctgct ttttctttta aaaaacaact tatttctttc attgtttctt cctctttcct    124980
     ctagactaaa gcatatgttt gcaaacagtt actgttttac tgttacttgt ttattagttt    125040
     agtgtgtaca atatgtacaa agcagaggtc tgaactcgtt ggccttgtgg ggtgggtgca    125100
     gttatctgct gagtcttgct gctagatcta agtctttcca ttgcactgag tgtgctccag    125160
     gactctgggg aagctctcct cgcaggctct taatggtgaa agcctgatag tcggtttgtc    125220
     tacggtgact gtatgggtac actcactggc tgagtgggta taggttaaga atcttggcgg    125280
     cctggtgtag caaccccagc actggggagg tagaagctag ggaattagat ggtgctagca    125340
     tctgggggat gctgtgaact gcatgcttct ggcattttta agtgtctcac cagattcttc    125400
     catttgggtc gtaggtgaac agtctgcatg ttgctgaccc cgtggagaca gtgctgcagc    125460
     tccaggactg cagcatcttc atcaagatta ttaacaccat gtgagtatgt gttctccaga    125520
     cctcagccag tgtcgggact gaccagaaca ccaggtggga ttgggatgtt agaggggtaa    125580
     gtgggctcaa agatgagcac ctagaccgcc ttgacctttc ctttctagtc attaggcctt    125640
     ttaatggaag aggtttcagt cttgtcctat ccagagactt ccttactctg acacaggagg    125700
     ctcttcaagg ccccatatgc ttcaagacac aatgccaaga gactaccccc aaggacttcc    125760
     aatttcctga ctcaaattta gtcttctgta atcctctctt caccattcac ttctgccttt    125820
     caatctcatg ggggaggggg gggcaggcat gtgtgtatgc gagtatggat gtttgtgtgc    125880
     cacttcattg atgtggagtc agaggatacc tttcgggagt tggttctctc cttccattaa    125940
     gggtggtagg cattaaactc aggttatcag acttgtgtgt ctactgcttt ttaccttcgg    126000
     agtctcctca ctggcccagc caggtgtgtg taagtggata aggctgagca gcccagtaca    126060
     gataatccca ctagagtggt ttgtgttatc cttgaaattt ggtgttagga gtaggaacat    126120
     tttacagggt tttgaaacaa cttctggttc tgaccagtac cagttttggt tcctttaaag    126180
     gaaccataca caaaaaaact tttttttgaa aaaggaaaga tacatttcct tgacttgttt    126240
     gcaaaagcaa taaataggtg gtccatgttg tatgactttc cctgggaaga ttcatagaca    126300
     tgaccaagca cctcagacag ggtgctggca acagaccaaa aaccattctg cccgtctacc    126360
     gtggggaatc cacgagttta ttacttactt acaggagcac aggtgactca gacagttgca    126420
     ccacccgaga gttcatgcta gaatgggtgt catgggtgtc agacagctca gcaaaagtgg    126480
     gttcttttga gttccgggtg cagtttgcta gaccttcagg aaagtgtctc ttctccacgc    126540
     tgcttataca actcatagga agtgtcttgt tggtgagctt cctgagtttc ctgtgaattt    126600
     ccttagcctc attagcatcc ctctgctctt ccagaagaaa gtttgtgagg aagctcctac    126660
     tccacagtcc agaagtaagg acagggattt gtccttgctt tagtcactct agtttattcc    126720
     tggaggaaat ttttttcaaa gagaaattca gtacccattt tctactgtag agtgctgtct    126780
     gattagcctt agactaccag atattaagat ctcatattag actttacatc tgtgtcagat    126840
     acaaatgaca cagagcagtt gcctttgggg aaacgggcat tcttagggtg ctgtgactgt    126900
     tagctttctg gtcgtcctcc tggagctgct ctaaatcagg aggcttgttc ttaagggaag    126960
     gagtacggat tggcaggcca ctgggcattt ttattgtttg ttcatttagt gggaaatgca    127020
     ttgacattgg ctcctgggga ttttctcttt tgaccaggca ggctcttcac acaatggcaa    127080
     aaagcagcca cattcttcac caaaatacca caaaatgagt ttctatgcta tatattgaaa    127140
     ttcttttcca ctgaaacctc ttgggcggga tctgtacctt tcagatcact ctcagcaaca    127200
     aactcttcca tatacctact aggatagccc attaaacccc acttaaatga ctccactgct    127260
     ttccaaagtc ccaaaataaa cattctttta aataaaagca tggtcaggcc tatcatagca    127320
     atactgtagt ccctggtacc aacttctgtc ttagttaggt tttattgctg tgaatagaca    127380
     ccatgaccaa ggcaagtctt ataaaggaca acatttaatt ggggctggct tatatgttga    127440
     gaggttcagt ccatcatcaa ggcaggagga tggcagcgcc caggcagatg tggagctaga    127500
     gaagctgagt taacacttct tgttctgaag gcagctagga gaagactcgc tttcagtcaa    127560
     ctaggaagag gtcttcatgc ccatgcctac agtgacacct actccaacaa gggcaacctc    127620
     ctaatagtgc cactccctgg gccaaacatt acaaaccatc acactctctc ccttgtttct    127680
     ctcttctgtg cgttggctgc taaacacttt ggggaaggca aggctgctca tcaaggatga    127740
     gtgcttctta gcaccacctc ttagagtctt tcgccatttc ttctgcacca tgtctgcctg    127800
     tgcctactgt ggagtgtggg aactttgtcc tgtcacttca gagcctcagc atcacccatt    127860
     gtttcatatt ttggccctgt tttctcttct catgggcttc tcttacactc tactttggct    127920
     gtgtttccca tgttttctga catgttagag ttgagccact ctagctgttt aacatagctt    127980
     cccaaacatt ttgccatttc ctctcaatgg ttcccacaaa actttgttgt actgcaaatg    128040
     gcttagctga gtgccacgtt ttatagaagg accccatgct ccaagtcagc atttcttacc    128100
     cgccacacat tttcatcaga gtaaagtagt gttcttgaat cttctcctgc ccccaggcct    128160
     agaacagact gggcctaaag gggaggggag gctgtaggga agcagggagg cacaaatggc    128220
     tgagtagtct tgtcctaatg tttgcttttt gtttgcttta gccatgacac taaagagggg    128280
     caacaaatcc tacagcagcc actaccggaa agactagact ttgtttgcag ttttctacag    128340
     agtaagtatc ttaactggct ggagagcttc agctcctggg acttggggac tcagtcatgg    128400
     gtgtctggct gcaaaaaggt tagggtcccc aactctagca gaaagacaaa cacctgcgtc    128460
     agcctccctg ggtcttgagt taactgcacc accagcttac ttttaagaaa aatgtctctt    128520
     cagtcctaga gtccgtgtca ggtccagata gctgagaggg ttgataccac tttggtgata    128580
     tcagagttct ccctattttg aagagaaagg aaggaaaagg atcatgttat tacctttgta    128640
     agtaaactcc tttcccttgc aagaaaagta ttattcttag gtaattgctt gcatacgaag    128700
     taaaggggct ggtttttttt ttagacacag gttctctgtc tctgtgttgt gggaataaca    128760
     attgctcatc aggttagtgg aggattaaat aagaatattt gtgaaacttg gggcacagag    128820
     catgtcagct cccccctggt catttttgta tcgcagaatt gtcatcttta acattgagct    128880
     gcttgcctgt catttctacc tcaagagaat tatagggcag gtgaaatttt ctccctactg    128940
     tgaaacagct ctggcagcat aagggcatgg tgtcctcggt tgctcttact ggactcactt    129000
     gtagaccatc tctcttcagc cttagttgag acaggactct agagtgatct catgtctctg    129060
     gctccttccg tggagctaag ggatggagcc aataagctga caggtaagta taggtcttga    129120
     gttgttttgc taatggccta gcagttttct tctagcacta tccatgggag cattgggtgg    129180
     ccccaaagcc gagctgactt cagatgggaa tagaaagaag gcaggtgaga gagagagcag    129240
     taggaataag ggggtagtct ccttggagac tgtacttctg tttctgaagt tgagttttga    129300
     gagtttagtg tttgctacat ggttgtcatt gcagaaaatc ggaaacatcc ttcatctaca    129360
     caatgcctgg tatctgtgca gaaagtgata gagggatccg agatggaact ggccaaggta    129420
     cctgtgggat tccagacttg ggtggcagag aatgtggagg agtgtcgaat gctttctttc    129480
     tggggctctt cagatgtaga ggcgagacca gccagttggc tgaatcagag gccatttttg    129540
     tctaaggatt ctgtaagccc gtgatctttg acaaacaact ttacttgacc aacactgata    129600
     cccaggatgg aagattggtt cttgctcagt ggtcatcata tttttctttc aagtttagtt    129660
     gacttcattt ctttttctgg tgtgaataat cccttaagtt ttatgctcag ttatgttcca    129720
     taagttgagg aattcagctg tgtagaaatt tttgcactat gagcatcaag cccctgaatt    129780
     tatttaatta ttattattgc tattcttatt atcgtcatcc ctgaaacagg gtttttctgt    129840
     gtatccccgg ctgtcctaga actcatttta tagaccaggt tgacttcaaa ctcagagatc    129900
     cactgccttt gcctcccaag cgctgggatt aaagttttga gtcaccactg cctgcctggt    129960
     gagtgagccc ttggatttat tttggaaaaa aaaggagact ccttgtttta aacatttatt    130020
     tttctgtgca ttggtgtttt gcctgcatgt atgtctgtgt gagggtgaag atgaagattc    130080
     ccctggaact ggagttacag acagttagga gctgtcatgt ggttgctggg aattgaaccc    130140
     gggtcctcta gaagagtagc cagtgctttt aaccactgag ccatcactcc ccctgtgact    130200
     attaaggata gtgacttgag actgctaata ggacttctga aggagactaa ctcaaaacag    130260
     ctcagagtgg aaacactaga aagagatcta ctgcactcag tcactgcatc tctgtttggc    130320
     ttctagatga taatgctgtt tttatatcag tccaccatga gctccagaaa cctccgggac    130380
     tgggagcagt ttgaatatgg ggttcaggta ggcttttgtg cttttatccc acttgccagc    130440
     ccagcctggg cttccctcac ccaaacgttt ctttttaaat aaaaattatt attctctaaa    130500
     gaggtaatat ttgtaatatt gacaaccatt cattgagtaa aaaacaaaaa tcagaaaatg    130560
     tttaagtaca aagaaggaaa tgatactgca gtaatgtcat tccccaacta tttagtgtac    130620
     atgttttgaa ttgtcctgta tttggagatg gtgtaggttt acagcttttc ctatgtgtgt    130680
     ccttatctgt gtgtttgcca ctccacttat tttagtcagc aaagtgatgt ctaaaagctt    130740
     tctggtaggg gaagaacagg tagaaccagc gtgttgtggg caggccatga agtttcagct    130800
     ttagagaggg tggagaagaa ccagcaggcc ccggggtagg cactgctggg aggtcctgag    130860
     ccctcccttt acagctgtca cagtgatgct ccttctctct ccccgtggca caggctgagt    130920
     tagcggtcat cctgaagttt atgctggatc atgaggagtc gctaaacctt actgaggact    130980
     tagagagttt cttggagaaa ggtgagtagg gccacttgta aagatccact ctctctgagc    131040
     aaaggactgc tgacctctga cctcagcatg gcacagagtt agtatgcagg agtcacctgt    131100
     gatggaaggt gatttctgag ccatgtgctg acaccttaaa caatctggag tggctccatg    131160
     ctgcccgaca gtagctctca ggatgcttgt aagtgatcgc ctcttacgtt ctggtgacct    131220
     tgactcccac ttacttctca cattgttctg tgtacctttt actttttatt tttactttat    131280
     cttatacata tggtatgggt gttttgactg catgtgtatt tgaataccaa gtgtgtgcct    131340
     ggtgcccaca gaggccagaa gaaggcatgg gatccccttg gaactggagt aacaacttcg    131400
     agttgtaagc catcatgtgg atattgaact tgggtctgct tgaccagcta agctatctct    131460
     ccataccctt attttttgtc ttttaaactg taggcttaga agttgaagtt aaacatcttt    131520
     tgtaaacctt gaaaaaggtt tcccttcatg cagctcatgt tctatgtggg actcaggtac    131580
     atacaaacca gtacagggac taagtgtaga tataagtgtc tcacagagtg agagttcgcc    131640
     atgtctcatg agcaggtcag ctgctgctac tgggactctg agccatagtt ttgggcaagt    131700
     tcttttctgg ctattgaact tgggattctt catgtttgag ttcatgaggt gaagatgtta    131760
     agaataggag tctaggatgt aagaaagttc tcttgagtca gatgtagatt tgcaggccag    131820
     cttgtcagcc attgaatctg taggcactgg gcagagcaaa aagggcccat caaatctctg    131880
     ggaagagaga gaagaggagt ggttcgaggt agtaaagtcc tgagaaagtg gttgtgggaa    131940
     ccaagagaag acattattct ataccttggt gatatgagag ctatgagtgc cacagaggct    132000
     ggtggcacca atacaagctc ttagggtctg tggcagactt ggtgctgggc tcttatggcc    132060
     tctgtagtat tggcaatagg actcgttcca gtgtctgagt atgaggggag cttcctcatt    132120
     ccaccatgct catttgaata cttttctctg aggaagtgga agttgcacct tgattttagt    132180
     caaagacctt gatctcgttg atcaggttct gcctaggaat tgcctcttga gcttacatgt    132240
     gtcttttgta gagtcacact tactaaggta acgtgtctat tatagaaggt gaagagctgt    132300
     tcaccccctt actaactgtt cctggtttgt ttgtctgctt cttacctgta gttccttaca    132360
     cccatgccag caccctctca gaagagcttt ctccacccag ccaccagacc aagaggaaga    132420
     ttcgcttcct agaaatacag aggattgctt catcttccag tgagaacaag tatgttctag    132480
     gcctgtctcc ctaggttggt agcgtcacat ccttctagtt ggtccttgga tccgggaggc    132540
     tgagctgtta ggccgccttt tacagcagta ggaattgctt tgagggcatg tagatttggg    132600
     atctgtcata agttagcctt ccctcaagag caggtcactg tttatggaaa tcccttcttc    132660
     cttggaaaat acatgtttgc attcttttta ttatatctat gtacactgta gctgtcttca    132720
     cacacaccag aagagggcat cagatctcat tacaggtggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg    132780
     ctgggatttg aactcaggac ctcttgaaga gcagtcagtg cttttaacca ctgagccgtc    132840
     tctccagccc cacatgtttg cattcttaag ccaggaaatt aaggcatgga ggagggagaa    132900
     gaaaaggttc tccaggtcat cttctgagac aggaggtagc ctggcagata aagaacccag    132960
     gcacattggc ctccctaacc aaacactggt tatggtcact gctgccccat ccctagctgc    133020
     tgttggttac tttgcacctt agactctcac cctggcatct ttgcatctcc tccttcctct    133080
     tccagcttcc tctcaggctc tccatcctcc cctatgggcg acatactgca gaccccacag    133140
     ttccagatga gacgactgaa gaagcagctg gcagacgaga ggagcaacag agatgacctg    133200
     gagctggagc tgtctgagag cctcaagctc ctcactgaga agggtgggta cctgacagag    133260
     ggtgtgggta ctggtgatgg ggagcatttg ggatgtcttg gtgacagctt tgcctgccat    133320
     ggtgtccctt ctgttgacag tggagtctca agctcatcgc tggcacaaac atcagtctga    133380
     cctggtagac actgggttca gttcctttcc cgtgtccctt ttctgtggca cggatactgt    133440
     gcttcctttg ctgtcttctg tcccctggat ctttgctgac tctgtctccc tccctgtcct    133500
     gggcagacgc gcagatcgcc atgatgcagc agcgcattga tcacctggct ctgctgaatg    133560
     agaagcaggc agccagctcc caggagccca gtgagcttga ggagctccga ggcaagaatg    133620
     aaaggtatga ctctccctgc catccttcca gcatccgctc cctgctagcg aggtggggac    133680
     cacaccattc ttacagttcc tctcctggca gcctcactgt gcggctgcat gagactttga    133740
     agcagtgtca gaacctgaag accgagaaga gccagatgga tcgaaagatt agccagcttt    133800
     ctgaggagaa tggggacctt tcctttaagg tgagtggggc tggctgtgca gaggcccctc    133860
     agggctgagg tggtctggaa gtttgcccaa gaaggttgag aagactgtct agaacctggc    133920
     tttgggcttt agtcactttc cttgctattg gtttcttgaa gggtgctcag gcagctctaa    133980
     gtgatggtgt atgtttctgg atgagagatg taattggctg taattggatt gaaggtgggg    134040
     aaggattatt ggaggccccg gggtctgggt ttcaaggaat ttctgcggag aggtgccaac    134100
     ttttcaccct gtttatatct caggttcgag agtttgcaaa ccacttgcaa caacttcagg    134160
     gtgcattcaa cgacctgata gaggagcaca gcaaggcttc tcaggagtgg gcagagaagc    134220
     aggctcgtct ggaaaatgag ctcagcacag ccctccagga taaggtaacc ctcagctctg    134280
     gagctgttca cgtttcctac atgtagttca ccagtctgtt gggtcctgga gtgatgagcg    134340
     ctgccttctc agggtttggt agtgatcttt ttttttgttt gtttgtttgg tttttttttt    134400
     tttttttttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt atagtcctag ctgtcctcag aatggaactc    134460
     actctgtaga ccaggatgac ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc    134520
     tgagattaca ggcgtgcacc accactgccc ggcggtagtg gttttatact cagagtgcag    134580
     cattcctgtg aactctgtga tgtgtgaagt gtggatcttg gagaagttaa tctgtctctt    134640
     acgggactga tgctttgtta actattgtgt ggttgaaggg caactcatga gctcttagtg    134700
     aattagttgt gatttcaggt cgggtttctt tgctgaaatg cttaatgtca aaagcatacc    134760
     agagataggt ttttttcatt ctgaaatatt tgcatagaca gtattaaagt tgttcatccc    134820
     tttatctaat atctaaatca ctctgaactt ttgtttttta aagtccctag ctctgtagcc    134880
     caagctggtt ttggactctg ttctctactc tttttctcct gtgtgccaga gttgtaagat    134940
     tctgccacaa ttatttgtta aaattttaag actcttcttg gtatcttgtt tggagctcaa    135000
     aaggttttgg gtttgggatt gttggattcc agatttcaga cttggggtgc ccaatctgca    135060
     ttaccgttgt tactaagagc ccagctctgc tacttcctaa cctagtagct cttgggccta    135120
     tcacttagag tctggaatca tgagtggttt ttttgttttt ttgttttgtt ttttttgttt    135180
     tttggttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctccctctgt    135240
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaattc gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt    135300
     aaagagcatg ttactttgtg cccacagttg agggggagtt gatgtcaggc tggggcagat    135360
     gaggctaggc tggcttgatg cctggggttg ttttttaagc atttgggtag tatctgagtc    135420
     aaggtttgtc tgaggaaggc tacatggtat gtaggctttg tatattttga cttaaattta    135480
     tgaatgtaat tgggagtaga aagtcaagtt ctcaaaaagt ccagacctgt ggtttctgtt    135540
     gatatgcatg cagggtctgg tgagcacagg ttggtttttg aactcttcat tttcaagtct    135600
     cagtttcttg agttttgggg agcccttact cccagctcag acccatggtt tctgagaatt    135660
     ttcttctgag ccagggcaaa ggaaaatcta ggggacaaga taattgagtc tctggtgact    135720
     gttcttcgtg tctgtttaca cgggtctctt gcttactcca agaaatgtct tgaagagaag    135780
     aatgaaattc ttcagggaaa gctttcccag ctggaagatc aagcaactcg gctgcaggag    135840
     agcccagccc cggagaaggg tgaggtgcta ggagacgcct tgcaggtagg aaaatacaga    135900
     cagacagaca gtaaggccat ctgatagggt tgattcttgg tgttctctga tagggttgat    135960
     ccccattttg tctctttatc ccaacagctg gacactctaa agcaagaggc agccaaactt    136020
     gccacagaca acacccagct ccaaacccgc gtagagacac tggagtgtga acgtggcaag    136080
     caggaagccc agctgcttgc tgaacggagc cgctttgaag acgaaaagca gcagctggcc    136140
     agcttgattg ctgaccttca gagctccgtc tctaacctca gccaggccaa agaggagtta    136200
     gagcaagcct cccaggccca aggggctcag ctcactgccc agttgacctc tatgacaggg    136260
     ctcaatgcca ccctgcagca gcgagatcaa gagctggcca gtctgaaaga acaggccaaa    136320
     aaggaacagg ctcagatgct acagaccatg caagagcaag aacaggctgc ccagggcctc    136380
     cgccagcagg tggagcagct gagcagcagc ctgaagctga aggagcagca attagaagag    136440
     gcagccaagg agcaggaggc aaccagacag gatcacgccc agcaactggc catcgttgct    136500
     gaggctcgag aggcctctct aagggaacgg gatactgctc gccagcagct agaaacagtg    136560
     gagaaggaga aggatgccaa gctagagagt ctgcagcagc aacttcaggc tgccaatgat    136620
     gctagggaca atgcgcagac ctcggtcaca caggctcagc aggaaaaggc agagctgagc    136680
     caaaagatag gagagcttca tgcctgcatt gaagcttccc accaggaaca gcgtcaggtt    136740
     caagctcgtg tgacagagct agaagcccag ctgaaagctg agcagcaaaa aacaactgag    136800
     cgagaaaagg tggttcagga gaaggcccag ctccaggagc agctccgggc ccttgaggag    136860
     tctttgaaga ttaccaaagg cagccttgaa gaagagaaac gcagggctgc agatgccctg    136920
     aaggagcagc agtgccgtgc cactgagatg gaggcagagt ctcgaagcct gatggagcag    136980
     cgggagcggg aacagaagga gttagagcaa gagaaggctg ggcgaaaggg gctggaggcc    137040
     cggatacagc agcttgaaga ggctcatcag gctgagactg aagccttgcg gcatgagctg    137100
     gcagaggcca cagcttccca gcacagagct gagagtgagt gtgagcggct catcagagag    137160
     gttgagagcc ggcagaagcg gtttgaagct agacagcaag aggaggcaag gtacggtgcc    137220
     atgttccagg aacagctgat ggctttgaaa ggggagaaga ctggccaaga ggtccaggag    137280
     gaggcagtag agatccacag tgaaggccag ccaggccagc agcagagtca gctagcccag    137340
     cttcatgcca gtctggccaa agccatccag caggtccagg agaaggaagt gagagcacag    137400
     aagctggtag atgatctctc agctctgcag gagaagatgg ctgccactaa caaggaggtg    137460
     gcctgtctga agaccttggt gctcaaggca ggtgagcagc aggaaacagc ctcacttgag    137520
     ctgctcaaag agcccccgag agctgcaaac agagcgtctg accagctagg agaacagcag    137580
     ggacggccat tctctagtac acacgcagca gtaaaagcta tggagcgtga agctgagcag    137640
     atgggcggtg aactggagag gctgcgggca gcactgatca agagccaggg ccagcagcaa    137700
     gaggagcgtg ggcaacagga gagggaggta gcacggctga cccaggagcg gggccaggcc    137760
     caggctgacc tggctcagga gaaggcagcc aaggcagagc tggagatgcg actgcagaac    137820
     accctcaatg agcagcgtgt ggagtttgct gccctacagg aagcactggc ccatgccctg    137880
     acagaaaagg aagggacaga ccaagagctt gccaaacttc gagggcagga ggcagctcaa    137940
     agaacagagc tgaaggagct tcaacagact ttggaacagc tgaaaataca gttagtgaag    138000
     aaagaaaaag agcaccctgc agggggtgcc agtggagaag atgcttctgg cccaggaacc    138060
     cagtcggaga cagctggaaa gacagatgca ccaggccctg agttgcaggc acttcgggca    138120
     gagatcagta agctagagca gcagtgtcag cagcagcagc aacaggtgga aggcctgaca    138180
     cacagcctca agtctgagcg ggcttgccgg gccgagcaag acaaagccct ggagacactg    138240
     cagggccagt tagaagagaa ggctcgagag ctagggcata atcaggctgc ctcagcttca    138300
     gctcagagag agttgcaagc cctccgtgct aaagcccagg accatagcaa agctgaggaa    138360
     gagtggaagg cccaggtagc ccggggccag caggaggctg aaagaaaaag cagtcttatc    138420
     agcagcttgg aagaggaggt atccatcctg aatcgccaag tcctagagaa ggaaggggag    138480
     agcaaggagt tgaagcgcct ggttgtagct gaatccgaga agagccagaa gctggaagag    138540
     aggctgcgcc tgcttcaagt agaaacagcc agcaatagtg ccagggcagc agaacgcagc    138600
     tcagctctac gagaggaggt ccagagcctc cgggaagagg tggagaaaca gcgtgtagtt    138660
     tcagagaact cgcggcagga gttggcctca caagcagagc gagctgagga gttgggccaa    138720
     gaattgaagg cctggcagga gaagtttttc cagaaggagc aagctctctc tgccctgcag    138780
     ctggagcaca ccagcacaca ggccctggta agtgagctgc tgcctgccaa gcacctttgt    138840
     cagcagctgc aagctgagca agcggctgcc gagaagcgct tccgggagga gctcgagcag    138900
     agcaagcagg cagctggtgg gctccaggca gagctgatgc gggcccagcg ggagctcgga    138960
     gagctcggat ctttgcggca gaagatagtt gagcaggagc gagcagccca gcagctgcgg    139020
     gcagagaagg ccagctatgc agagcagctg agcatgctga agaaggccca tggcctgctg    139080
     gcagaggaga accgggggct gggagagcgg gccaaccttg gccggcagtt tctggaagta    139140
     gaactagatc aagcccggga gaaatatgtc caggagttgg ctgctgtgcg tactgatgct    139200
     gagacccact tggctgaaat gcgacaagaa gcacagagta ctagccggga gctggaggtg    139260
     atgactgcca agtacgaagg tgccaaggtg aaggtcctag aggaaaggca gaggttccaa    139320
     gaagagaggc agaaactcac tgcccaggta aggtgtccat gctatgtgct ctgcattctg    139380
     tagccctcct cttgcctccc atcccagatc tatactgcag tagcctgcct acctttgttt    139440
     actgagtagc agaaaaagaa aagtagtaac tagtagaatc ccaagtttgt gtgaaagaga    139500
     atgttaatga aatggcagac aatggtggtg catgcctgaa ttcccagcat ttaggaggct    139560
     aagtcaggag gaagatcatg tttttgaggc cacatagggg ttgcatagtt ggaccctgtt    139620
     tgaacttccc cagtcacccc ccgcccccat cctccaataa ggacaatacc tatggcctcc    139680
     ttttctttga aagctgactc tgaacagtaa gttgactagc tttttgtttc tttggtgttt    139740
     taaaacagga tctaatataa ctcaggttag ccttgaactc actatatatg taaagatggc    139800
     cttgcactct tgatcttcct gccttttcct cccaagtgtt gtgatctcag gcttaatatg    139860
     gcctgttacc tgaatccagt tggcctacac tcccattctc tgggtgaagt atcagagccc    139920
     aagtgaggtc agtctggcag tggctgcatc tcactgtctc cattacttct ccccatgcac    139980
     aggtggagca actagaggta tttcaaagag agcagactaa gcaggtaatg cctggggttc    140040
     tcgataaatg ctggctgctt aagcggtgac cagtctcggt gcatgacccc ggctgcagct    140100
     tgctccgcca gctcctgttg tgaactgttt gtgaaaggca gggtcaagcc atggagtcca    140160
     ggcccaggct acccaggagt acagtgttac aggccctctc tgtggcctca tcctacccat    140220
     cccaggtcgg cctctccact tctgtccttt ctttcaccta tcagagtcaa gaagtaggtg    140280
     tcatctttcc tggtgacaac aaaacctccc aagtcccgtt ttgagttaag gagactaatc    140340
     caagaggaag cacacagatt tatatggctt tgtttacatt attacccttc ttccctacaa    140400
     gtttccaagg tatgaaggtg acaaatgagg cagcccttgg aggataggga actcaaccag    140460
     ctcagaagat gcagccacta taccctggag cctcatcgca gagccatact cacatagagc    140520
     tttctggaac aggaggagta gaagtggagt agagatctct gcctccatcc ttctcaggcc    140580
     tctctgtcct ccctagttgg taggctacag agttgatact tagtaatctt cctgcgtagg    140640
     cctgtaggcc agaagacgac actagatctc attacagatg gttgtgaacc accttgtggt    140700
     tgctgggaat tgaactcagg acccctgaaa gagaagacag tccccttgac ctctgagcca    140760
     tctctccaac cccatatcac tttctccact ctccctccta gtctctacag gcattctaag    140820
     aaaatgggat aatcaaattg gaaagcaagc agttagcaat ggagcctttt gcctctttcc    140880
     tctgctgcct gttcatgcct gagttcccat aatgcttgga ggaaacatgg gtgcttgtgg    140940
     ctgttatgat ccctttgctc tttgtggtag ttgggggagg ggcttgggat tgtgtgctgc    141000
     cctgcttctg tctccagcat tcttttctcc cagtgctaac cacagtggcc atgctgctag    141060
     cctctctaac agccttggag attggaaaga ggtttggggg ctttgctttg gctattttgg    141120
     gggaggaggg agaaatgaat gtactttgac aatgttttag cactagagta ggtgttctgt    141180
     tcttttctat tttttttaaa ttcttttgta tgagtgctag cctatatagg tatatatatg    141240
     cattctatgc atgcctgctg cctacaggga ctagaaaagg attttagaaa ctgaaactga    141300
     agtgatagtt cattttgagc tggcgtgtgg gagctgggaa ccaaacacaa gaacttctac    141360
     aagaactcat agaatgtata accacttaat catctctcca aaccccatag gtgctctgtt    141420
     cttgccccaa gctttctagg ttgggctcgg gagtaggata cagtagagat gtacagagat    141480
     ggtgactctg aagagtcagg tatttatttt ggtggtggtt tggtcaggtg accctggtaa    141540
     catctatttg gggccacctc aggccctgac aacctttgga cagcaggatg ttacctatgt    141600
     agagaaaggg cctgaggata ataatgggtg ggagaaaccc tttggttggt cagaggaaca    141660
     caactgattt gagtctatat ttatcaaaag gagatgtatt acagtagctt acatgctatg    141720
     gtctggctgt ttcaacaata gctgtctttt gatggaagag aaaataatct ggtggcaatt    141780
     cagtccataa agctgatcct tcagctgatc tttggtctgt attggagtcc caaaaaagta    141840
     ggctctaata cccacagagg aatgtctcag cagtaggata gatagtagga tagataaact    141900
     tgccagcaag attgagagca agaaggcaaa aagcaaagct tacttctgtg tgctttgata    141960
     tgggctgcca gcagaaggtg tggcccagat gtagagtggt tttcccacct cagatgatct    142020
     agtcaagaaa acccttgtag ctgtgtgcga gtgcttgggt tttatttgat tgcagatgtt    142080
     caagttcaaa gccaagatta gccattatgt acaagtccac cacctgtcag cttcacccat    142140
     ggtcatatct ccttatgctt cattaaattc ccaagtgaaa ataactagat catagttatg    142200
     cctatcaggc aatatttatc ccatgtacaa ctgcaaatgc attatatatt ttagagtaga    142260
     tggcactgtt ccatgagaga cattcttcta gtgtctcaca acttaaaaat taccactgat    142320
     actatctctt tttatgctgc atcacatgat aaactaagga ataagagaca aatatctatt    142380
     ttaaacgtct atacatacac aaacattatt ttagcaagct atgaaaaaac acttctgtca    142440
     gttctaatcc gtgtttctat agctggtccc tcagccgctc tcaagctgta gatcaagatg    142500
     tatttgggag ttggatgacc cttccgtggc attgcttatc agatattggc attgtgattc    142560
     ataataagaa aattacagtt atgaagtatc agcaaaaata attatatggc caggggtcac    142620
     cacaatatga ggagtggtat taaagtgtca caacgttagg aaggctgaga aacactgctt    142680
     tagctggttt tcataacttt ataacaacat gactatattg cacactgact gaaagcatgt    142740
     acctaacctt ctggagaacc ctaccccaac cctcccggca ttgtaactgg gccttcaaag    142800
     ggccattccg tctttctctc agaagggatg cttcaggaca gtggagatca tgatgagtgg    142860
     actccatgaa catgggccac tgttgtacct ctctggctgc aaatgagtta gaagcaatac    142920
     tgtgtggaat atcatgatgt tgcataaggt attctgtaaa cctacgatgg tagttttggc    142980
     agaagcattt tgctcaggaa atgcacatcc ataaccagaa taattctctc tccagtaagg    143040
     caaagctcag tgtcgacctc tgctgctagc agatctgaca ctcggcagca tctgtagcca    143100
     agtcagcctt ggtgatggaa gtctgtattg ttgagcccat gtttaacctc catctctgca    143160
     ctgtggccac tttgcttatg gaccttttag gcaatgacag gaatggatgg agaaaagagg    143220
     ctgattgtcc atagaattat tattcaactc cttagctgaa gtcacccttt gattagcatt    143280
     tacataggac acacgtatct tcacttccta gatatctttc ttcttgctct ttccaagttt    143340
     ccagccaatc agtctctgct acagcccatg aatctgaaca gttgcacatc tggccatttc    143400
     tccttctaaa caaaatggat ggccatatgt actgcctaaa gttctgcaca ttgtgaagat    143460
     ttctctttac ctgctgtttt tcagggttgt cccagaaaag ggttgtaatg ctgcagctgt    143520
     ccatttctgg atgctgccga cataacgtac agaaccatca gtaaaccaag tcctagtctt    143580
     ctctttttca gtcagtggat cataggacac actctatgat gctgctggtg caagcttggg    143640
     agcagaaggc attgtaacgg taatagagac agtaggcatt ctcaaaggga ggatacttgc    143700
     ctgcagataa tggtagaacc ttattccaaa tcccttgagt accattgggt ctcctggtcc    143760
     aagtggtaga cagagagcag cctgcacaga agcctggacc tgtagaagag ccttctgctg    143820
     ttccaggccc catacaaagc tagcagcttt tcaagtaact tggtatatgg gccagtgtaa    143880
     cacactcaag tgagaaatgt gctgtctcca gaatccagat aggcccactg aatgtttttg    143940
     ctgctttctt ggtggtggga agggtcaggt gcaataattt attcttcact tagaaggaat    144000
     atctctgtag gccgcaccac tggactccta agaatttcat tgaggtagaa ggccctttaa    144060
     ttttgattgg atttattccc tatcctctga tatccatgtg ttaccaacaa gtccaaagta    144120
     gttgctactt cctgctcata tatgctgttt aatgtctcct taaggtaaaa ctttgaaggt    144180
     ataccgctgt gcttgtcaat tgaaagcaaa ttgtttctgg tggtatttat ggacaggtat    144240
     tgagaaaaag acatttgttg gatcaatagc aacataccat gtaccaggag atgtgttaat    144300
     ctgctcaagt aaggatacca tatctggtac agcagctgca tttggagtca ctacttaaat    144360
     ttgcagtagt caaactgtca ttcttcatga tccatctgtc ttctgcactg gccagataag    144420
     agttaaaggg agatgtggtg ggaaccatca cctccgcatc tttccctgct agaggcaact    144480
     cttaatggcc ttccatttgg ccttctcaac tatcagagcc ctcactccac aggtgaggga    144540
     agcactgtgg gaattttgcc aacttgtaaa tatatctaac ccaatataca ttctggaata    144600
     ctggccccgc tatgagttgg acatcagccc aaactccact aatcacctca cctccataag    144660
     cccctacttt aactggaggg ccacactgtt tcttggggtc tcctggaatc agcattaatc    144720
     cagaaccaat atctagtaga cccagaatgt tgggttgttt actttctctg gtgtacaatt    144780
     acccttgtaa acggcctcaa tggggaaagg actgaacttt tatgtgtata tcaaggttct    144840
     tcaggggaag aaggtacttg aattttggtt ttaattcttc caaggcaaac ttagaaatct    144900
     ttaagctggt tatgcatatg cagaacaaga gagtgagggc aaacaggcaa agtacaaaaa    144960
     cttccttcta tgtcctttta tgtgggctgc caccagaaga tgtggcccag atttaaggtg    145020
     gattttccta cctcaaatga tcgaatcaag aaaaatccct cataagctgt gcccagttgc    145080
     ttgggtttta gctgtttgca gatgtggtct agttgaaaac caagattagc cattacatct    145140
     tcatcttctt gtttgttttt ttctgctcct caggtggaag aactaagtaa gaagctgaca    145200
     gagcatgacc aagccagcaa ggtgcagcaa cagaagctaa aggtggggca gatgtgtgac    145260
     agggtggagg accatcttct ctaagccctt gggccatgtt agtttggggc cagagcagga    145320
     gcctggggct tggggggggg ggggttagtt gcccaagaaa ctatcctggg cctcagaaac    145380
     attgactttg tcttcaggaa tctctcacag aaaagccttc tattacagcc actatccttt    145440
     ttagtttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatcaa ggcataggta tagttcagtg gtagagcact    145500
     agttcctagg ttcagtttcc agtccagcac ctcaaaatgg gcggggggtg ggggggggct    145560
     tttttgtttg tttgtttttt tcgagacagg gtttctccgt gtagctctgg ctgtcctgga    145620
     actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccga    145680
     gtgctggggt taaaggcgtg ctccaccacg cctggcttga catttttgta gttcttgatt    145740
     taccctagtc acattttccc agtcagtagg tgaatggcta atgacaagac agaataggac    145800
     caattcctcc atcccagaaa gttctgtgga aaaaaacttt ccccaccttg gtaagggaga    145860
     tagggtctaa ttatgcagcc cagagcactg ggattacttg gcatgtgcca taatgaccag    145920
     cacttaacac ttttaatgct tctaatcttg ttaccatctt tgttccagtg tttgcttttt    145980
     gtagctctaa gcttcccatc ccttagttaa gggcaaagga tcagggacta gttccactgg    146040
     gactgtgtag cacatagtgg gtcccaggta gtggatctct gagcttcctt gcccatggac    146100
     tgttgaacaa cagtgaacag taagtaggtc catcatgctc cttttgaggg tggttatgag    146160
     ctagcagatg taggagagtg taggtgggat gcagccaccc agtacctgta gtgaacaaag    146220
     ctgatactgc aggttaacag aattacctgc gagcctgctc ttgaggagtt atggtcccct    146280
     taggaggcaa tgctggcatc gtaagtgaac cagcatccac agttgtggat taggtggatg    146340
     accttggtca gtttgtctaa atctctgatc tcttttttcc tctctaaaac aaggataaaa    146400
     gttatttctt ggagtggttt ggagaagtga gttcctgaca ttgacatgca tatgcagttg    146460
     tctcccactg tgctctctat accacggtat tctctgaaga tcagattctg ttcccttggg    146520
     agagatactt ggtgcttggc ctcatatatg gcagcagaac tgtgagacac attagagcca    146580
     gcagatggtc tgggagggag aatgtaattg ttttgtaggc tgcagttgga gggaatgtgt    146640
     gtattgggcc aaggtgtcct aagagtcctg agactatatt agaggagtct gcagtacctg    146700
     tggagactga gcagcaaggg taggccagtg ggtttgggta gagtaatcag aatttccttg    146760
     ttttgattga cttctcaggc tttccaggcc cagagaggtg aaagccagca agaggtccag    146820
     cgcctccaga cccagctgaa cgagctgcag gcccagctga gccagaagga gcaggcagct    146880
     gagcattaca agctccaggt gaggggccag gaacgtcctg ctctgccttt cttcctgacc    146940
     ctttctaggc tctgccacac acaccctgtc tgtccacaca gatggagaaa gccaagaccc    147000
     attatgatgc caagaagcag cagaaccaaa agctgcagga acagcttcaa gacttggagg    147060
     aactgcagaa ggagaacaag gagctgcggt ctgaagctga acgtctgggc cgtgagctgc    147120
     agcaggcagg gctgaagacc aaggaagctg aacagacctg ccgtcacctt acagcccagg    147180
     tgcgcagcct ggaggcccag gtaagaacct actttaaaca gaagcacctc acccctgtac    147240
     tgttgtactc catatctcct ctccaaggcc acccctactc taggcttttt attttacttc    147300
     ctaggttgcc catgcagacc agcagcttcg tgacttgggc aaattccagg tggcaactga    147360
     tgccttaaag agccgtgagc ctcaagtgaa accccagctg gacttaagta ttgacagcct    147420
     ggatctgagt ttggaggagg gaaccccatg cagtgtggct aggttaggag acatgcctct    147480
     ctatcctgtg cctgttcact gagtgtgcgc tgttctagcc tgtggttctt ctacgacaga    147540
     tgcctgctta gggtacagta gaagtgaaaa agaggtgagg tggggcagtt aggaaagcct    147600
     tgggggaagc ttttctgagt tttgataaac tgtacagcta tgcagaggtg gatgagcagc    147660
     ctttaatgcg aggccaagta ggcctgcgag cctagaggct gactgcacta aagactgata    147720
     aacttcagaa gtgctgaaat tgaggactac aggttggatt tgcatcttag tttcctgaca    147780
     gtattgaagt caaaggttag cagtacagtt actgtttcta tcaaatgtgt actgtactgt    147840
     gtgccagtgt tcccagttct tggaacaatt acaacttcag ctttctccta gcaaccattt    147900
     taggctctat tcattatctc tccttaaaca gatagaattg ggcttttggg ggatccacag    147960
     tgatagagcc aggtctgagc ctggcagcct gtcctgagtt cttgcttatc actactttat    148020
     agtgtctcat ggcagtctag gtctaggtga gatgaactga ggctgaggga agggagtgtg    148080
     cagctaggag agcttcttgg atgttgacca tggttgtgta tggtagaaga tgtccaatta    148140
     cacccatgtt catgtgaagg tgtccctact tagtaaagta ggagatagag gaggaagaac    148200
     atgcagaggg gtttagggta ggccccatta attgtcgagc agttgtggca tctgctgggg    148260
     gggaggtctg ggcccatagc tgtctgacct gaagagcagg gtttgggcta aggtagagag    148320
     atctgagagc tgctatagga aagggttagg agcagccaag agtggactgt caaggccccc    148380
     ttttgctatc tctgaaagac cagtggtact gtattttacc acatttacct gtaataagat    148440
     taagtcagtt tggggcaagg agacagacat aatgtcttct agctcagggt ctgcatctcg    148500
     gcaaatgtct tttgctacag caagctgcct cgtacccaac cagatggtac cagtgtccct    148560
     ggagagccag cttcacctat ctcccagcgc ctgcccccca aagtggaatc cctggagagc    148620
     ctctacttca cccccactcc tgctcggggt caggccccct tggagactag ccttgactct    148680
     ctgggggatg ccttccctga ctccggccgt aagacccgct ctgctcgccg ccgtaccaca    148740
     caaatcatca acatcactat gaccaaggtt aggttattgg gcataggact attggatatt    148800
     aacaccagtt ccttatccag ggctcataaa tcaggaacac tcaggtatga acaacatctt    148860
     ttaaaagggc atagatttgt ttatggtctc ttttcttctt agattgattt tatatataca    148920
     attgctcagt tttcatgcac atcagaagac tgagtcagat cctattacag atggttgtga    148980
     gccaccatgt ggttgctagg aattgaactc agccagagtc ctctctcctg tctgacggaa    149040
     gacagagcag gatagaggaa ataacagctc attccgagcc tctggcacgc catgcagcca    149100
     ggatgtagct tggtgtggct ctcaatggtc tgctgcttct aggcttagat tctctttttt    149160
     tccctgtctc tagtgggctg aggaacaggt gggaaggtgc ttttatgccc tctactactg    149220
     agaatttggg gataattagt ttaggcccca ggaaccgtgg gtctagggac agcagaggtt    149280
     gtgggctgaa tccatctaga tagcttagga gataggggtt ctggctctta gcctagctac    149340
     ttcctagctg tgtgagtaga gggtactcgc cttgctttta tctctgaaat aggctaataa    149400
     tgcctccttc aaaatgttgt ggtagaagaa tcttggcatc ttccaagatg cttctggctg    149460
     tatggcctgt ttccatacgc agtgtaaagc agtgtggtat ctgagagctt tggggcagag    149520
     ggaggtggtg ctggtttata gtattgctgc aatgatttgt ccttctagaa attagaattg    149580
     gaagagccag acagcgccaa ctcatccttc tacagcacgc agtctgctcc tgcttcccag    149640
     gccaacttgc gagccacttc ctccactcag tctctggccc gcttgggttc tcctgatgat    149700
     ggcaactccg ctctgcttag cctgcctggc taccggccta ccacacgaag ctctgctcgt    149760
     cgctcccagg ccaggatgtc cagtggggcc ccccaaggtg aggaaattac aggaatttac    149820
     cagaatccca gtctagactg gaagcaaatc ttggcctgga aaagaggcaa gcttccaaaa    149880
     gctcaaggca ggcctcctta ctatgccaga gctgcttccc ctcactcacc tgtgccatct    149940
     cctatctagg actgcaaggg aacacactga accagggatg ctcactagtt aagatttcca    150000
     cacagttcct agtgcgagtt gattcttggg ggagtcctcc aggctgctgt ctgagaaaca    150060
     gtgggcttgg taaagtcagg ctgcccagca gtttcttgga agttgtcctt aggatctagg    150120
     gaccctcccc ggttatcaat tcatgaccct cagtttctct tggtgtgggg caccaagctt    150180
     tggcaagtga ataagatgct acagcctctg gtcatgaact ctttctgatc tcccctgaga    150240
     aagcacctcc atgagacaaa tggtttggta cggcactttt gctgtgcaac atcaatacag    150300
     aacttgtgta tctagcccga agtccccact cccagaaagg tgggagtgaa cagtggcaac    150360
     aaaagcctgg ccagattagt agacggtgta ttagctgccg tgtttgccct aactttctgt    150420
     gctccatagg gaggaatagc ttctacatgg gcacttgcca ggatgagccc gagcagctgg    150480
     atgattggaa ccgcatcgca gagttgcagc agcgcaaccg agtatgcccc ccgcacctga    150540
     agacctgcta ccctctggag tccagggtga gatgtgaggt cacctcaaga ccttccacac    150600
     tgactttagt ggctagcctg aatatctagt catagatatt tttggtctac tgggaaggtc    150660
     attctactgg aaggtcatgg aatagctgtc actcaggagt gaagtcagat atgactgtgc    150720
     ttggaattgt tagctatcca tcaagtatag gtcaacatga acaacaggaa ggaaggagtt    150780
     ttaagaatcc agctttagcc ctagttcttg ctctatacag ttgggcccat tgactgttgc    150840
     ctcttgtccc atgcagccta ccctgagcct ggccaccatc actgatgagg agatgaagac    150900
     tggagacccc agggaaacct tgcgtagagc cagcatgcag ccagctcaga ttgctgaggg    150960
     tgttggcata actaccaggc agcagcgcaa acgagtttcc tctgagaccc accagggccc    151020
     tggcactcct gaggtagatg atgtgtgcat ctattttgtc tttagcacta tacccaggca    151080
     tgaaccagcc caccaaatct tagtgatagg gaagtctctt tccaagggca gatatacaga    151140
     ccgttggaaa ggcctttgtc agaagtaggg agagcatgtc cttttgccat tatctgccca    151200
     attatcttgt ctcacagtcc aagaaagcta ccagctgctt tccacgcccc atgaccccca    151260
     gggaccggca tgaaggacgt aagcagagca gcactgctga cacccagaag aaagcagctc    151320
     cagttctcaa acaggttagt ccaggaccca aggggaagaa ggaaggccaa gtgaagcctt    151380
     gctggcagag ctcaaaagta gcagtctgac agaccttccc cataggcgga ccggcgtcag    151440
     tcaatggctt tcagcatcct taacacacct aagaagctgg gaaatagtct tctaaggcga    151500
     ggagcttcaa agaagacccc agcaaaggtc tcccccaatc ctcgcagtgg aacccgccgt    151560
     tctccacgca ttgccaccac cacaactggc actgctactg ttgccaccac tcctcgggcc    151620
     aagggcaagg taacgcagta gaaggaagac catcctctag actactccat agggcagcat    151680
     tcgaggcaag cccaaaccaa accactggag gagggtggga tgcaagaggt atctctgtct    151740
     tggctagcca ctcataattg aggaccccac atttcttagg tgtggctggc aactcataac    151800
     ttaatgtagg tgtttatgag accccaaaaa ggaagaggtc cagccagggg ttttgtgaac    151860
     tagtcaatag aggttggcaa cacaggactt aatctggcca agtgactgtc ttttcctttt    151920
     caggtgaagc attaaagagt cagcaccagt gcttacgtgg ccccactgca ttgtcagcac    151980
     tgaccttgct tggtcctttc cctcctgctg tccctcagtg ccttctctca gctcccaggc    152040
     caatggcggc cagccttccc caagacaatg aggtttgcct gcaccctggc ctgctacctg    152100
     gactttgcct ggtgccttct aggcgtcttt cagagatggc ccaggaggct tggagcttgg    152160
     acagtgtgtg gtcttctccc tatcttgcct cctgattttt tttttctccc tccgttgttg    152220
     ttttggaaaa aagtctactt ttccatctaa ctagattgag actggattct ttagcccagt    152280
     cttccttagt ctctggacct agaagggacc attggagaag caggctctgc ttctctgttg    152340
     ttcctggtgg ctgggcctta gcaggggtct ttgctcttga agcccaggat tgggcatgac    152400
     ctggtaggag cctctgttct tacctatttc catatacagc tgcctggagg atgctttttt    152460
     tccaggacag ataggttctg gatctcaggg gtgagatagg gggcagcctt caatggcagc    152520
     tcatacttca ccttccccag acttgcactg gggtaggata tggaacgatg gggaggtttt    152580
     taagggccgg ggatggatct tttctaaatg ttattacttg taaataaagt ctatttttct    152640
     cccttgagtg ctaagctctt tgggtcagta tgaggaaaaa ggggaaattg cagctctttg    152700
     gagcctgtgt ttggtctttc tggcccctgt tcctaactag tattatggac tgttgcaggg    152760
     gttcatgtta ttctgaattt ttatttggca agaggcagtg tctcatgctg cctgagtcag    152820
     gcagagttcc tgaggacagt accagggtct aaataaaaat gagaccttga gctgctgcag    152880
     ctttatgagt actcagtgtg ggccctgcag agacacagac tgacatatac agttgtgacc    152940
     tgacgcagcc actgttccgt ccttgccttg gggacagtac attaggggca aactaggaaa    153000
     acaaaatcac atgtaaagat tgaagtcagt gcagatagtg gtcagagctg agtggatgtt    153060
     gccaaagtta tatctcaact aggcttcggg ttaacctttt tgattggtac aggatgtaga    153120
     aatctgccag ataggcatct caatttcacg ttaagtgtaa gcagagctat cacttggcta    153180
     aggtgtcatc aggtctcaga ggttccagaa caccagtggg atgaataaga catcagaaaa    153240
     ggtaaactgg atggatggac aggaggacaa acaggaagaa ctctaaggac ttaattacta    153300
     tgataatcta gggtagaagt gaagcttgag tttgaggttc agcagcagaa aggcaatcac    153360
     agcctatggt gtagactcca ccctccaggt agatgagagc caggctctgg tcaaggtcat    153420
     ggtgtggttg gctttatgca acccctgggc ctgctgatct ggatactggg ctgtggctag    153480
     agagggtttc ttgagaaggg gacggagctg tcttcaaccc atcctggaga agtaaatgca    153540
     cacatggtca gagctaagga agagctcttg ccatcacttg ctgtcactgc agtcccatgt    153600
     tccttgcttc cacctctggt agatctcaaa acagtcacta gcttacaggt tgtactggaa    153660
     aagccaatcc ttccttcccc aggtagtagc gttcctccca tccctggatg ccttctttca    153720
     ggttccttac ccagagctgg gccagaatga tgtgatactg ggccacttgt ccaggatcca    153780
     caaacaaaca ggagaagttg gtacttcgta gggtggggct cagttcttcc agcaccaagg    153840
     ccctgtgcag ccaggtgctt gtgttcctgt gctcgcgact ggaaagcaga aggaaatcgt    153900
     gagagggttg ccggagttgg ggaggaggaa ggtctttctt gtagccccac tgctaggtcc    153960
     cttaccttgt gtggccctcc ttcagccggc ctgggaggtg ctcaatgaag gaaccattgc    154020
     ccagccagta gaggatgctg aagtagggga agcggctgca ggcagtacag gacaaggtca    154080
     gagttccatc taggagcaca tttgactgtt agttattcta taaaacagag gcccctatcc    154140
     tgccaagctc cacttagtca taaatcagaa acataagacc tgtgtcctac ctacatagga    154200
     aaattgcaac ctaggccctg tgaggttcta cattgcctat gtctgagttc tcttctatag    154260
     gaaccatctg ggaagctggg cagtagaatg gtgaacacag agacaagttg gtctggcctg    154320
     gtgcttcttg gcaggttgga agtaacactc ccaagtcaaa cccccacccc ccaactctgt    154380
     attcacagcc tgcttctggc aactgtatcc tcttgggctc ccatacttgt tgcttactca    154440
     gtggcacttc tttttctggc caaatcacat ccagtgctgg gtactgctta gttgggactg    154500
     ctggagacca ggaagagcat gggtcttttg agcttccagt taagacagtg gcagttgtct    154560
     gaggtgcaga tgtggctctg gccaaaatga catggacata caaaagcagg acccaccaag    154620
     aactggggcc tgaggaacaa acagttacag ctgtaaataa aactgaagct cagctttcta    154680
     gcacccatct tagttgggga caagctgcta cctgggtagg aacagacctc gacccagata    154740
     ctcctaggtt ctcaccagga acctgagtgg gtggagaccg tttagccccc acccctcggc    154800
     tctgctgaat gtagtgcaaa ggagccttga aatggagcca gaaccaaagt agctacatag    154860
     gcgcttacag caatggaaga attggatgga acttccttgg ggtggggggt gttgggtagc    154920
     agagttagcc acatagctcc attcctttaa gagccacaaa gcctaatgtc ccacctgctg    154980
     tccagcagtg tctcatggtc atgatgactt gcaagcaagt ctggtgtctg tgacttcctc    155040
     tggaaaaaaa taagtaaaag tcagctagcc ctacatctgt gttctttccc tcaggcagtg    155100
     ttactgacac ccatttgagc tggtagttta gagggcagac ctgtagccac cagctgggct    155160
     atccacactt aaggcactgc tggtgttaat agtaacaatt ttctctcata ccagctccaa    155220
     acagcactta tataacttat acccccttag gaaggagaga aagtactaaa agccagggac    155280
     ttacctggga agcaacagtc cgtttgccag cttgccagcc tccttctggg aagggcaggc    155340
     agcagtcagc ttctaggaaa tcgagcacct attttcactt tcactttctt agctaggaat    155400
     cccaatcgaa agcaggctgt tccgaatggg cccctctcca aactcacagg aatcctctat    155460
     ctacctcacc cctctctcta aggttagcga aggggtgaga aagatgagtc tctcacaggt    155520
     ctgtacctgt cttgcccctt ccacccttca cagccaactt tcctttctcc agaacaaact    155580
     ccaaggaggc agtatttatt agtactggga accccaaatt gaaccactga cctttttaca    155640
     ttcagtgcct cactggccca ttaatatcgt agtttctctc aagctccccc actcccatcc    155700
     ctcaccccaa ggtcaggtgt atcacttaac accagccttc acacacagcc acagccactt    155760
     gtacaggttc gttttcagta aatttagatc ttcctacctg gctcctaagc cccgaatagc    155820
     ttcttggagc tctaaggctc agccaggata gctgcctggc cccaagaaaa tctcaccaca    155880
     ggaaggagca acttccctgc ctggctcgtg tacaaaactc ccagccaagc gagagctgac    155940
     cccaaatagc caggaaggca cttccgcaac actggctcca gtagctcaga gactggtact    156000
     tggaaagaac aaaattagaa tcaaacaaaa ccctgaagcc atgctccctg catgtgccag    156060
     aacctcttgg ggcagaacga ccaatgcgca cacttggggc aaagtgctgt gctcttaggt    156120
     ctgtgattct gtcaccagag ggtagaactg gtgacaagtg ggatggagca ggttggaagg    156180
     acctgtggga atagattcat acctggttca gatgcaggag gctaaaagct gtcttctatg    156240
     tggcacagtc acatttcttt tgagcagtcc acctaccctc taccacctag gttgctgaat    156300
     tcagggcaaa actccctcag aatccaggat ctctaggagt taggtccaga agttgtgcat    156360
     ccacacacag ccattggggg atttctcatt ccactggggt ttgggtaggg gtgcaggacg    156420
     aggaactgca ctgtacctta caagactaaa ggtaaaacat agacgtagcc ttcaccttag    156480
     ggagagggga ggacaaatac caaaggaaga gtagcctgtc tcttggcctt ctgctcagct    156540
     ctcattcctc tgaggatgga gggaaaaagg aagccacagc tgagtaagag aacaggctga    156600
     gttgtggggg tatcagggta ctagtctcag actgggggtg aaggcctcag ggcccctgat    156660
     gccgtaggac aggagacaca cacacacaca cacacactct cacagaggga ggatgggtga    156720
     gaaggcagga ccaatggctc caggttccgg ctctcaggtg ggatgcaaga agccaagata    156780
     ccccaggggg cccgggaaag aggtggcaaa aaaaaaaagg caaatgcgtg tccagctttg    156840
     cagccagctc atggagcttt attcagatgt gatgacaaga tcctgtttgg ttcttgttgc    156900
     cttcaaatgg gccaggccaa atttctctag acacccagtg ctgctgaccc atgatgccct    156960
     ccccctttct tcagacttcc aggactacag ttaggcctgc tcagaagtcc cctttcagag    157020
     cccatcttta ttcaggcctc attctgccta tgcactcacc attcttaacg tcaggcctgg    157080
     gaaaaaccca caaatgacca agcctaccta gggacgtttc ctgggctgga atcccctctt    157140
     agcttcaagg gcacactgat gactggcaga aaacagagat ccattagtct gtctgctctg    157200
     tgcatacaca aacatacaca ctcttaggct ttcaggaagg aagtgatgtg cagagtaccc    157260
     tttggcacat gtcaacactt ccatgaaggg tgtacttgca caagaagctg caacattcgc    157320
     tgctgccaat gtagcttcca cagcttaatg atatatagat tgcttttata ctctgcctgg    157380
     caatggccct gctcaggggc aggttatcca tgctgctcat atttctagct gttccaaaac    157440
     atgtcagtga atttggaggc cacagggctt ccctagttag aaaagtcatt gattttgcca    157500
     cccccagcct ttagtttcca gacaaaaagg caacagagtc atacacaaca cccatcatgt    157560
     ccagagatga agagaccctt taccgctcag tgctaatctg gcacccgtct gagctcttct    157620
     acactgagtg caaaccaggc ttgagccttg cagagggaag ggaggggaag gggaagggta    157680
     ggctgaagca cccagcctcc tgcaaaccca ccagtgctct cagccagagg tgagaagacg    157740
     cctctcaacc aataataccg cagctttgcc caaccctgtt caagcaaggt taggcctagg    157800
     aatgggggac aattcctatg ctccacaata aaaaaattta aatatattca tcaaaataat    157860
     tttcttttaa aaagccccca ctgctgacag ccccactggc tggttctcca tcatttcccc    157920
     accaacccag acacagctgg ggtggtcctg aatggcccaa gtgcctttga gtcttttcca    157980
     cccaagtctt tgtgggcagc acggagagtg ccctgaggtc catagtgggt ggtgggttct    158040
     ccagggatgt gatttctgat tactcgaggc ccaggatgta gctgatgcct tgtaccaggc    158100
     caatgatgac aggctgccag gctaccaagt atcgaagcca gtctagcagc tgtccataca    158160
     tgacatgagg cctttcccag ctgttagcat gttaaggatc acacgcaata tacagtagct    158220
     gttactctaa ccagcatggt aagaaggcct accttgggtc tgcccagagt tttgttttaa    158280
     gatttattta ttttttattt atatgagtac accgcagctg tcttcagaca cacactagaa    158340
     gagtgcatcg gcattcccct acactggggc atagagcctt cacaggacca agggaaactt    158400
     ctctcactga tgtccgacta ggccatccta tgctacatat gcagctggag ccatgagtcc    158460
     ctccatgtgt ttctttggtt ggtagttcag tccctgggag ttcatattgt tgttcctcct    158520
     atggggctgc aaaccccttc aactccttgg gtcctttctc tagctccttc actggggacc    158580
     ctgtgcacag tcccatggat ggctggggag cagggggagg gaggaggggg caaggggagg    158640
     ggttctttgg agcggaaacc aggaaagggg ataacatttg aaatgtaaat aaagaaaata    158700
     tccaataaag taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt tgccttggtc atggtgtctg tgcacagcag    158760
     taaaactctg tgactgatgg gtactagaac ggacctcctg aggtgtgtgc agtttcttac    158820
     aacaattaca ttaatgcatg gctgcatgca gcccagcaag agagtcactg tattccaagg    158880
     gctgggaaaa gatactctga agaaaaaaaa aaaagaagag tacatctgat cccattacag    158940
     atggttgtga gccaccatga ggttgctggg aattgaactc aggaccatct ggcagagcag    159000
     tcagtgctct taaccactga gccatctctc cagcccctgc caagactttt aagctgttcc    159060
     atagcctagt aaaaatcaag ctacccagat tctcttcagc tctctaggtt ggaatgaaaa    159120
     gctgaaccca gaaaatcaaa agaaggagag cagaggggac tggagacaga aatgagaagt    159180
     ggaggggtaa aatagataca ccaccttctc agaaatgaca aacagcctag cctgagtctg    159240
     acagacatga cactctacaa acccatggca gaaaaggctg ggaataggtt atagttacct    159300
     gcccctcccc cacttttttt gccttttcca gacagggttt ctttgtatag ttaaggctaa    159360
     ctcactctgg ggaccaacct ggctcaaact cagagatcaa cctgcctctg cctcccaaat    159420
     cctgggatta aaggtgcgca acccccaccc cagctaacta gtagtctcct agtaagtact    159480
     ttccactgag ctaactatat tcctgggccc cagaaggttc ttgcattgta caaaatttaa    159540
     ggttttctcc atcaagaaaa agactgagtc tattgacatg tgtacaaatt tccttctaga    159600
     taaaagcttt ctttcatctt ggcaggaagc ttgttaagaa gtaaactatt ctagagctaa    159660
     aacatcccac ccagcaggga agctccttaa gcccagaaag taaacaattc aaaagcttca    159720
     ggaagtccct gaaatcaacc aaatacacta ggccactctt tcctcaaaag tctataggca    159780
     gtgaaaattg ctgatgagtt tcctagcaga ctctgagtta agttgagctg cctggaagac    159840
     tttaagacca gccgaactga ccagaggagc tcaggccaag tgaattgcag ggagttttag    159900
     gcttgtgact ttcagcagcc atcatctata gtagcttttg atggtgcagc tttgagtcat    159960
     ttctgcccct acaaataacc cctcactgat aagaaacacc aatacaactc actggttcac    160020
     taagttggac ttgggtgttt tgtcattagt tccttatctg gagtgagtaa atgtttctta    160080
     atatctaccc aggaataatg tcacagaaca ggacagtcag agagaaaagg agccaacagg    160140
     ttattcataa ggagtccacc cggacagaga cttgaagtag gccctactaa ggccaaaatg    160200
     tcttttgtgg cgtttccttt ccttttactt gtaaatgagg gaaaggaagg ggtctgaaga    160260
     gagagaatgc ctgcagagct tgctgggagc aaaatctgtg gagaagctgt tgaaatgggt    160320
     ggagcactgc tctaaaggca tcaaaaatat cagcctggcc tgggtctcta agagctaagg    160380
     gcagccataa accccagcaa ggccagatga ccataagtgt tcagggagca gccctagaag    160440
     gaccatgtag aaaacctgaa atgggaaagg ccagagtctc ttgttcagag actgtggcag    160500
     tgtactccta tgttccctta tctgaatcca gtcctgctgg ttccacagaa cacaagggca    160560
     gctgggacag gagctgaaac agagctggat ccttgcaagt gaaagtgagg ccagagaaat    160620
     ggctgggtag gaggacagtg cgaagtaaaa caggcccttc actagaagtg aacggagaaa    160680
     ggtgtctgcc agctccctgc ccctcaggcc ctgcctgcac aggtgaaggt ggcctgcagt    160740
     tgcacagcat gggtaaggcg tcactcactg gtgaaataac agtggacatg gctcagtctc    160800
     tgaaagttgc tagcgaatca agtgagctga cacaggtgaa gaacttgata gagagggagc    160860
     aaacacatga caagtggcag tggctgcttc cactagcgat ttaggacatc ccacttccct    160920
     agaacagaaa ccaaattgaa tgctggaagc agtagacttt cttcccacca cccactctca    160980
     acaaggaccc aaaggatacg gattgctgaa catcctcttc aggtccacct tctccttgca    161040
     gtagggacat gtctgcttct ttcccacgat gcaccagcct cgaatacaga attcatggaa    161100
     tctgagcacc attggtcaag ggaagtgact gaaagccaga ctggcacttt agcctcatcc    161160
     tggatctcca ggagccagag catcagctct agagaaaggt tcagattgtg ccattacttc    161220
     ctaccactgt gtgatctggg gcaggtccct gttctctgaa tgtttcctta cagggggtga    161280
     gggcagtgat ccttatttac atggttggta tgagccaaga cagagagaat acccaatacc    161340
     caatgtggca tagaatggga gcttagtaaa tacaagatca aatgaacgat gctactctca    161400
     gtaggggatt tgactcactc aaccattcca ttagagggag ggtttccttc ccttgtgaca    161460
     cgtgtcagct tgagcagcct ccctagctgc agctgtgggt tttctatggc ctggcagtcc    161520
     ataactacct ttcactgaag aggaaagtgc cagtctgcaa aggctgagga acgctgcagt    161580
     ttctgctgtg gctcacctac actccgtcca attctggaca acacactata gtaaccacca    161640
     ccctcttccc accatgactg gagtgtgggc tcaggagaga agtagcacaa ggcaggatac    161700
     acgtgattgc aggaaagcct gtacgtgttc tcgatgatgc cctcttcatt gacatccaca    161760
     aagatctgct gcccacacac agcacacacg ctgtctgaga ggtgcttggt aggcatgccc    161820
     gactcactgt agaactagag aatgagagcg ggagggaagg ccagaaaacc tgtgagcatc    161880
     tgtctcccta ggaagatacg ggcagtggtc acagtgcatg tgtatgtagt ctggaagcag    161940
     agagttgaat gctggcactc agctcacttt ttccttagtc taggacccta ccccggggga    162000
     cagtgccact cacagctaag gtggatcttc ccacctcagc taatatgatt tagaatgtct    162060
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    162120
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caaagaggtt aggtgattct agctcctgtc gagttaacaa    162180
     tatttaccac cagtcgccta aggtctctct gaatccatag gtgcctcgcc tccagcccag    162240
     tcttcacaca gaagacagac tgaagattta cagtattggg tctggggaag ttttctaagg    162300
     aaggagttct taagtcaact gtgctaacac ctgtgagggc tgtctacaac accagtgctt    162360
     ttagtgactg ggactctaag tttctagaag ggagcaagta gaagccaggt tagaacatgc    162420
     taaagagtta gtgacagtca taaatagcca ggagtggtgg cacacgcctt taatcccagc    162480
     acttgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga    162540
     gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaccaa aaaaccaaaa    162600
     aacaaaaacc gaaaaaccaa aacaacaaca aaaacccacc caaataaata aatgaataat    162660
     gcacacagaa agtccggcag agacaaggca aagtaacctg cacgatggca cacatctcac    162720
     cgcgagctgt caggcacatt aaggccggca ctcgggaggc aggtgcaagg ggatctcttt    162780
     gagttcaaga ccaagtaggc atgcacatag cgcaaagaca tacatgcagg caaaacacta    162840
     acagcacaca aaataggttt ttaaaaaatc gacaacagaa aggaggtcag gatctgcaaa    162900
     cagtccaacc ctagttccct ctactccttc agcagtgaag acagcacaca ttcctgctgt    162960
     gtgtgctagg acatctgagg aactgggagc taagcctggg gtaggggctt tctcagagtg    163020
     tcagtgtcag agtgccctaa ggcaccatac aaagagcttt cccaggagct tccctcagag    163080
     gacaaatgta ccacagaaca tttctcaatc cttctacctc agcatgacct ccagcatgag    163140
     cagaaactac agtgcctggc tgtcacaagc ttgtgacttc aaaatggccc gtatgaaaaa    163200
     cagtctccat ccatggtctc ctgacacaat ttaagttact ttagttcaga ctgcagacat    163260
     cttcacagaa gtgaaagaaa actgttctga ggtaatgcag cctagtggag aggaactgag    163320
     aatgcttgtt aatacaatta taaaacctca gtttatttct acgaactgtg caatcaatta    163380
     gccacaaggc tctcagatca aagcattatc cacaggagat aaatgggtca agtttctggc    163440
     tctgaggtct aattggggac atacttataa aatcaactat agttctctta tagacagaaa    163500
     ctgtgacctt agaatgtata gaagattaac tgaggctgag catgtgtgca agacaacaga    163560
     atatcactca gcctttaaaa gggagggcaa tggggctgga gtgatgactc agcagtttat    163620
     aacactggct gttctagaga ctgaggcttg acttccagca cccatatgcc agctcacagc    163680
     cttctgacta cagttcctgg gactaaaaca cactcttcta gcttgtggtc actaggcata    163740
     catgtggtgc acagtgatac atgcaggcaa aatacctaca aacttgaaaa caataaaaaa    163800
     taaattattt tttttaaaaa ggtaagtaat tctagcatat gaatgaacct tggagatttt    163860
     acaccaagtg aacacaaaac cactcaggct tcctctcatg aggtgctaca aagttgaatt    163920
     tagagacaga ataagaatgg tgattgccag gaaagggctg agggaaactt gtctgtttta    163980
     ccactgacac cccgccaaaa accactaaga ttttactaga agtaggtaat tgtgtgcttg    164040
     taaaatgtat ctgcttgacc ggtaaaagct tacaagataa tttacttgaa caaataaaag    164100
     aatgtattgg ctgatgaatg caagaaggct ggaatatcca gatttcctca aagcactgat    164160
     cagattcata tgtataggca caggcaccgg caccggcaca ggcacatgta tgtatcaaac    164220
     agcaaacggg ctggagagct gcacagcact taagagtact tgttgcaaca acattatgaa    164280
     ctaaccagta ccccggagct cttgactcta gctgcatatg tatcaaaaga tggcctagtc    164340
     ggccatcact ggaaagagag gcccattgga cacgcaaact ttgtatgccc cagtacaggg    164400
     gaacgccagg gccaaaaagg gggagtgggt gggtagggga gtgggggtgg gtgggtatgg    164460
     gggacttttg gtatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgagctaaa tacctaataa aaggaaaaaa    164520
     aatggaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagagtact tgttgctctt gcagaggacc tgggttcagt    164580
     tgccagcact gacagattgc tcacaattat ctttaactct agtttcaggg atttgacagt    164640
     cctctgacct ctgcaggcat caggcatgca agtatgcaca tatatataga caaaacattt    164700
     attcacatta aaacaaaaac atcctaaaat tgtgcttcta tttaaaaaaa aaggcatatt    164760
     tccttgggtc tttcagtttg gttattatat tcctaaattt taagctcaaa gcatctcttc    164820
     accatctgca cctaattctc tgcactgcct cctgtctctg ggtaaggtgg actggcaaag    164880
     gtaagttctt tctgtctaaa gagaccaaac tctatcgtat cgaacttatc tcttaaatac    164940
     tttgcatctt cctcttccac caaccctact ctcgtctaaa gtgcttttat ctctcccaga    165000
     ttcccagaac tgtctcctcc aagggtctat tctaatctgg acccctcttt tttattttgt    165060
     aaattattta tttattatta taaataagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac acaccagaga    165120
     gggcatcaga tctcattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatt tgctgagatt tgaattcagg    165180
     accttcagaa gagcagtcag tgctcttagc tgctgaacca tctctccagc ccctgaaccc    165240
     ctcttttaaa gcccgttttt actctcacct gttaactatt tctctagaca ttagcattgg    165300
     ttcctcccaa gcatctaccc tttcaagtca cggagacagc tgagactgca tgagcacaaa    165360
     gatctgagtt tgaccttgag tacccacgtt acaaaagttg cttgcagcag cctatgtctc    165420
     tgaactgaac gcaggagagg agaggacaga cagctggatg cctggatctc aatggccagt    165480
     gatcctaggt gaattgatga gctcctgctt tgctgacaga taattttgca aaaattaaag    165540
     tgtagggcag tcacgatggc tcataggtaa agcacttgct gtgcaagcct ggtaatctga    165600
     attagagcct aggaacaggt ggaaaggcac aggagagaag caactccaca aacttgttct    165660
     ccgtctacac gagtaccacg gctcatgcac acctacaccc acacatcata catacaggca    165720
     ataataatta agaataaaga taatgagcgc acgcatacac acacagatac aaaagaagaa    165780
     agaaaaaccc tgcccacact cagtccggct gacagaactc ttatggtgct acttcctctg    165840
     ttcagtacat gcttcatcat ttactcctgt caaagtcagc ttaaaagtaa ttgttttgag    165900
     gaagccatct ttgagctcaa tgaagtcaaa tgtgtcagga ccacatgtgt gcacggcatc    165960
     tgcacctttc cttcataaca cttactatgt tttatgctag tgtattactt taacatttac    166020
     cttcctcatt aatgagtacc attatttggg gcaagagtct gctttatttt tatactcaga    166080
     ttttatatgt aggacaaagt gagtttaatt agtgttgctt gcataagtat gggtcacgac    166140
     acttggaaag gttcccaatg gctacaccac tgggtaaaat aactacctct tcactagcag    166200
     cgtgaactac caatagttct tcagggtgca tgttctattt tcaggtacct ttgtaagcat    166260
     acagcacagg gcccaggcat gtatcaagca ttaaaaaagc atttgttaag tgaatgttac    166320
     ctttcaatgg ggtaaaacat ttctttccta tgttgactca aagttttgat gtggcttagt    166380
     ttatcttagt gccttatgtc aaggatgtga tgctagttgg aacaatctgg agtaacaagc    166440
     aggcagtgtt aagagcacag ttaacaggtt atggtggcat aatcctagtg ctaaagagtc    166500
     cgtggcagga gaattctgag tccaaggagg cagctaaggc tacatataca taccttatct    166560
     cgaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    166620
     cacgcatgca cgcatgcacg cacgcacgca cgcacacacg cacgcacaca cgcacgcacg    166680
     cacgcacaga tgagcttacc cctatggttg atgccatata gtctgcacac atttctgcaa    166740
     agtcacgctc aagaactcca tagtagaggc catagaagag aagagaaatg ccaaagtcca    166800
     ttgcatcttc tggtttaatc ctgcagagga agcagcatgg cagtaaggcc tgctctgaga    166860
     aacaactgct ttggattact gattaaggac actgatcaag gtaaggccta aatttagttg    166920
     gattgctaaa aagctaaggc aagtgtcagt aaattatgaa caaatccacg ttgctgtttt    166980
     tatatgtcca caacatcttt tgagaaagcc attactgtga gctgcaaaaa ccaagctagt    167040
     gtatcactgc cccacaagcc tggtccctag tctcaactct ggctgtagtt ccagcctgat    167100
     gtgacaggca aagccaggcc ttgtactagc atggagtacc tctcagagct atgtgttaac    167160
     aattccacta ttgataaatg ctggatacca agtagtgggg attaaaaaaa aaattaaaaa    167220
     gcaaaaaagc aactcactga atggcttcac ctcaagctgg ccacccaaac tgtcgtgctt    167280
     gggtatccga gggcaggcag ggcgtttatg acctgggtag atctgaggca aagactgaaa    167340
     tcacccttta tctcctgctg gatctctttt aggaatgtct gaactggcgg caattgcata    167400
     aagtatccca cctaagtgca atgtgccctt gggtctccag ggaagcaggg cacaacagaa    167460
     gaggcgtttc ctctcttgac ctatagagac tttatctaat agctgaggtt ttccctactc    167520
     ttccatataa cctactatat tcacatgtgg ccttttacaa aaagagttta tcaaatatag    167580
     ttttggggaa tgtatataat tagtaaatat ttacatattt attactatag aatagttctg    167640
     taagtacata tatgctacaa tgtcatcaaa gttaaatctt gggtcaagcc tgtttacaaa    167700
     aagtatatgg attctattaa cagttttaaa actccaagga ccaataatgt atagtttaga    167760
     atctatgaat gttgtcaaaa actatctttg ctaacatagt tttacaaaga actctatgaa    167820
     ttcacttata ggtctaagat ataattctca cagaaaggat ttgcttatca gccttgcagt    167880
     cttaacttca tgatttagtt atcactcatt ttatcccaac caatctaatc aacagtgtta    167940
     gcagtccagt gctcagcagt tgagaacaat gactgctctt caggacacta ggattcagtt    168000
     tcttagaatt gtaaccccag ttctaaggaa ttcaacactt tttctggtct ctccaggctc    168060
     ctgcatgtat acatgcatgc aaaacattca taaacataag attaaaataa atactcaagt    168120
     tctttaaatt tttttccctc ttgttgcagg gtatttgatt gcactgtata acctgagcag    168180
     tcaggactgc ttgacttctt cagctcatct gtggcaagag ggcctgaaac ctggtgtaga    168240
     tcttctagaa ggcctatgac aacaggaagc aacaagccct cattgctaga gctgtgccct    168300
     tgttaacgga agacatgctg accagaacag tactaaatga aagaacctac atgaccaaca    168360
     atggagcagg acttagctac ccacaggata ccattctaga actatttccc tgaagtctgg    168420
     caagcggaag ggcaggcaca caggcagaac tacctgtgga ctgagaacac acggaacaga    168480
     acgtgttcct gaaggagtgg ggcttccagg acagggtgtt gcacacactc atcagtgtgg    168540
     actcagcctc tcacccctcg gctgtccgac tacatgaagg tccctgcagt gctctctgtt    168600
     gtgtttcttc tcttgaagct cacagggttc tagcctaaga atttgcaaac cttttctgtt    168660
     aaggaccaga taaatatttt atattttatg gcccaattag tctctatcac aactattcaa    168720
     ctctgttgct tgagtgcaaa atcagtttca gacagttaac aaattatatg aatgactatg    168780
     tcctaagtgt gatggtacag gcccacagtc cctgcactga ggaggctgag taggaagagg    168840
     ccaagtctga ggtcagtctg gactacaaat ggaaaacagt atttgtttta ttacaacaca    168900
     tgataggctg atttgaccaa aaggtaaagt ttgctagtcc caggtctgta cagatgaaat    168960
     tatgaggaac tggttttctg cttactcttg ttatactttt gcactgaata ccaaatgttg    169020
     gaaaatacaa gcaaaacaat gatttgggac tcttgccttt gttgatactc agacattcca    169080
     tgttttctgc cacttgggac catgttctct ttcttagtac ccaggacttc tagacattcc    169140
     tccccaaata caagaaaaat gtaaaggcaa agggtactca cttgaataat aagttaagac    169200
     caaagagggt aaacatgaca gccatgtagc caacaatgcc agtggcatag ctgattttat    169260
     agatcagcag aaaccattta taaaccaacc tggaggaagg aaataaaaag taagtatagc    169320
     tggcaccgac cggtggtctc agggccactc actcacgaga aacccttctt ctcaacccat    169380
     gggcatcagg atttgttgga caacttcagt tactgtcaaa gctgttgaca ccctcaactg    169440
     cagaaatgcc cctcaatcat cacatccaag aatgctttct atcttctgga cttggaccca    169500
     aaaaaatctc taaaaataag ttttagtctc aagcaaataa gacacagctg acctaagcca    169560
     gtttcaccct cattaaattt aaggaagtaa aaaaactaaa agccttcaga acatagcatg    169620
     caaagccttg ctgttcttgt cagcacagag acacgggaga tgaagcagat agaactggct    169680
     acagactttg tgtctgggtc tggtttgtct gactacagct ttgctcctat ccatatggaa    169740
     ataatgccag gaaggacacc tcatgaatct gcttttgaaa tgacacattt cttcagagaa    169800
     gaaatgagga aggcactcaa acagtacccc tgaattaatg tgtatgcttt gtgtttgtgg    169860
     gcagaatagg gctttgtaca tcgttgaggg taagctgtgt acccaaggct cagtgatgag    169920
     caatgtggaa tctgaatggt ggactccagc tggagtcagg aaggagagga ttctctgtaa    169980
     gaatcagacc tctataaatg ctgcaggagg accctgacac caggactcac tgagctgaat    170040
     gacattatat caaactgata taacccacag tcatctgaga ggagggaacc tcaattgaga    170100
     aaatgcctcc atataggcaa gcctgtaggg tgttggcatt ttcttagtta gtgattgaaa    170160
     gggggagagg ccagcctact acctttacat ctatccctgg gctggtaatt ctaggttcta    170220
     taagaaaaca ggctgagcaa accataagga ataagcatgt agtcagcact cctccatggc    170280
     ctccacacca gctcctgtct ccgggtacct tccctgtgtg agttcctgtc ctgacttcct    170340
     ttgatgatga acaatcatat gaagtgtgag ctgaacaaac cctttcttcc ccaagttgct    170400
     ttggtcatgg tgtttcatta tagcaacaga aaccctaact cagattgtca ctaaccatcc    170460
     taagataata acaaatgagc agtttagtaa tttgcttgga taactaggcc aaactttctt    170520
     tcttcctgag agctgactca ctgcatctct gctagagcca aggacggaaa cttaggctct    170580
     agctatgctt ccctgctctg gctaagcaga cttctcaggc tagggaaaag cctcagccat    170640
     cttgtagtat tgcattcaaa gccacacata gctatactga tcatgaggga aagagacagt    170700
     agaaaagaca tggaatttta attattcgtc tcctaatggt cttctaatat taatcttgga    170760
     ttagtaagct tttagctgaa tacactcagg tgagtcaaat cgtatttcct aactaagttc    170820
     atttctttgt ataacaggga aaagcaaact ttcttacaca ctgtgcagtg gtgtagtatg    170880
     gtgtggtgag gtgtatgtaa tatattcatg aaagctacat gagtaaatga ggtcatttat    170940
     aaactaagaa gcacctacca tcaatcttat ttactattac aagacaatcc ttcacattac    171000
     taataggaga cagtcattgt tagctagatg ctaatagtgt ttgccactgc taacttcatg    171060
     tatatatatg gcacatatgc agaggtcaga gggcaactct gtggagtggg tgcttcccta    171120
     cctttatttg tgttctgggg atcaaacagg tcgccaggct taagcaagaa gcatctttac    171180
     tggctagacg gtctcactat atgtaaccca agctgccttt gaactggttc actgatgccc    171240
     aaggctgagc tcaaactcac aatcatgtct cctggaggtt caggtctaaa tcgccatacc    171300
     cagcacttgg acactcacat gtgatagtgt agcttttatt ttggaaaatc attttaaaag    171360
     aagttgaaca tttatcacat ttagggatga aaaattcaag gcttggaaag gtgaggtcta    171420
     actgttcaca agtttcaatg ccaagtactc caatctcata tccatctgac tttagatcct    171480
     gtgcctactc ttgtggccta gagaggtgcc agggctcacc atcgtcgctc tcacagtgac    171540
     gctcacagga cagtaaatag agcatacaaa gtacacaaag ctgtctgcaa gctgggaaga    171600
     ctttgggtca ggatacccag ctcacctcat aggcataagc ccatgcacac ctctcacggc    171660
     acttaccaaa tgcactccaa caggtgcttt ctcgaccctc tcctccatta aactgagcac    171720
     tccttgaggg cagggtctta tccagttctg tatccccagc actcagcaaa gggactggca    171780
     cacagtaggt gcttgttgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg agaaaaatat    171840
     ctttttctgt caggtatgga tcttaaaaga cctcacaagc tggttgggag gattaaacaa    171900
     gaaatatatt tgggccgggc gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact caggaggcag    171960
     aggcaggcgg atttctgagt ttgaggccat cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc    172020
     cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa gaaatatatt tgggtaaaac    172080
     aaataattat agagatagta gctttgttac ataaaaagga agtagtattc atcaatcaca    172140
     aagctgcaaa tttactgata ttcatttatt caacagaaag tcagagtaat caaatatgtg    172200
     ccagaccctg tggcaagacc tggatacaca ctgaccagca cagagggtgg gtcctgatct    172260
     cacagtttag ttggggagac aaatatttaa agtaacattt tgtggtaaac tgtgataggt    172320
     tctatgatgg caaactacag ggtcttaata gaaactataa tggaaaatct aattcagagc    172380
     tctgagaagg ttattgaaaa ggacacttaa aatgagactg tagtgatcac aaaggtttat    172440
     ttgttctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttttaa acaccaacag atcttgatgt agactatcaa    172500
     gtgaaggata gggaaaatct ggtattctga acctgtggat ataggggagt gggtctccaa    172560
     atcagcttgt tttagagagg ccctgcacca actcattctg ggacaaaaac aaacaaacaa    172620
     acaaacaaaa aaaacaacag gctttttgtt ttcattctaa actcatcttt ctcccatgtg    172680
     ttccagcaca tttgcttcaa gaaacccagc ttgggggctg gagagaaggc ttggagacta    172740
     agagcatctg ctgctcttat aggagaccca aatttggttc ctacatcaca gttcacagga    172800
     gtctagttcc aggggatcta gtgccccctt ctgtcctctg tggtcagtac aaacatgcaa    172860
     gcggtacact taaaacactt acagacaaaa cactcaaaat acatcaaaaa ttttaaatta    172920
     aatctttaaa aaaaaaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaag aaagccaggt tcttctcctc    172980
     tcctgcattc tcaccttggg gttgtctgta ctagaggctt ccttgtggct cggaaggtga    173040
     caaaggctgt gacagcagag aagaagatcc agatcaccaa gaacctccac caatgcagct    173100
     tcactgtgaa atagagggga acaacccaca tctgaaagag ggtcaccatc tgaaacacaa    173160
     acacaagcac ttcagctcta gccgctccct tggcagctcc tgtccagaat gctgcacgtt    173220
     tagcctgatc ttctctcacg ttcccaatgt tttggttgtt gtgaaatagg tctcaactat    173280
     gtaggcctac ctggcttgga acacacatgg atttgtctgc ctatgccttc caagtgctga    173340
     gattaaagac atgtgccacc acacccagtc acatttcaat tttgtgtaaa tataactcaa    173400
     ctagtgtgat caaaattgca aagctggcac tatgcctgac tttcccactt tatccttcgt    173460
     taaactgtat cctagatata gtctttcctt ttcattgagt tcttgctatc tcttacacag    173520
     ctttccctgc acttatgagg aaaaccagaa gaagacactt acagtagcac caactggacc    173580
     attccctatg ctttgggtta caataacctt cctgcctccc tttctgcctt ctaggacatc    173640
     tgaagtcttt ggtctccctt ccaatcagaa ttagttataa tccctaatgc cccaaagcat    173700
     tttcttttcc actatcactt cagtgcttct ctatatgaga tgggctttgt tcagtttgtt    173760
     cagatgggtt ttcagttgtc aaagccactg cccaaaagca tggcaacctc aggctgccta    173820
     actaaaagca cactcagttc tctgctctgt cactggggcc ttggcataga agctaagcat    173880
     cttactaact acaattactt acttactggc ataaggtagc gtgactgtaa gagttatcag    173940
     ggttataaaa cacctggaaa cagcatcctg taaaagcagc ccaaaacact ggatattaag    174000
     catgggaaag gacccagaaa agactggcca ttagaacgtt ctctataggc ccaataagca    174060
     gatgtatcca attatttcta tgacttggca agaccgtcct ttgttagaat agtctatagg    174120
     gtagagaagt ggttagcacc cctagcaaat ggccatcttt atttctagag tcaactatca    174180
     tttcactaac atatgctatt gaccttaaaa aaaaaatctt gtgtccttcc tatgtctggg    174240
     tccaactctt gtcttagagg ggtgctgaat ttactaacag tgtcctaaga ctggtatctt    174300
     acttagaact attgcttctt tcccaagctg tcccttcttc aaataagagt cagtcaagta    174360
     gccattcaac aaacacttac tggaccacat gctaaggact ggggaattca acatgaataa    174420
     taaagccttg tgaaggactt aaaagtcttt tgaagaaaac aaaaatttaa ctaattcaaa    174480
     ataagttcta gtgggtgggt gggtgagcac cctgatagaa gccgatggct tcaagggggt    174540
     atggagtagg ggatttgtag aggggaaact gctgggcggt ggtggcgcac acctttaatc    174600
     ccagcacttg gaaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagtcc gaggccagcc tggtctacag    174660
     accgagttcc aggacagcca gggctgcaca gagaagccct gtctcgaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    174720
     aaaaaagaca tgtagagggg aaactgggaa gggggacaac atttgaaatg taaataaata    174780
     aataaccttg ccccaaaaaa tgtagaatgg cataagccct ggtggccaac aaagtgcact    174840
     tcactctcct gagagtgggg caagccaaca aaagctccca aaggaggcat catttgatct    174900
     ttgtctaatg cctcctaagt tgagaaacaa aaggaggtga ggagtatttc aggcccatgg    174960
     aacatggcat gttgatcttt gaggaaaggt aagaaatgag cctatgatgg acgtcagttt    175020
     gcaagaaggt cgatgtgtat cacaactgga aggctgtttt attatatttt ctttcctcac    175080
     agaaatggga tccaagtaat cctcttaatg cctagatcta aggggacaaa agccccactg    175140
     cattattttg cagaatccca ggtggacaag tctgctgctc atcactccag gaagtagcag    175200
     ctgtttaggg ggcggggcct gaaaacaaac tctatttggt aacagacaga aatgatgaaa    175260
     gcttctcctt ggagatttta aaaataggat agatactttt ccaggcatgc acttttcctt    175320
     tcccctaaca tccctgaggg agctaaggag taagtaacac tagaatctga ctagatgatg    175380
     aaaactgagg cacagagaag cccagaaggc tggtctggag caggcttcca gtccagatct    175440
     gctgtgtccc tagcagcctc cctgacatgg gtttgtggag gaaccctgga agggagggga    175500
     ggttaaacga tgaaatgatc aacaaagggg gacttataaa ggacatgaga gccaaggaaa    175560
     ggactcaggc agccatcaag gaaggagact catgggagct aaatcagaag ccaccgtggc    175620
     aggtgggagg tggtaatttc ctaaggcttc tgagggaaaa atcattaaga atcaggtttt    175680
     gagcctggaa agatggctta agggttaaga gcacttgcta ctttttcaga tgacctaggc    175740
     ttgtttccca gcatccacat ggcagttcac aactgcctct aactccagtt ccaggtgctc    175800
     ttgtgccctc ttctggagtc catgggcatg tatgtggtac atatacatgc aagtaaaaca    175860
     ctaaaacaca caaaaaaaga ataactaaaa aaaagcatat ttgtattttg tgtatgggca    175920
     catgacacca ccctaacaca cacacacaca cacacgagat ggagagatgg ttcagctgtt    175980
     aagagcactg gctactcttc tagagcaccc atgttcagca cacacagtgg ctgaccactg    176040
     tcaagaactc cagtcccagg ggatctgata tcctcttctg ccctctgcag caaactatgc    176100
     acagactcac atgcaggcca aacaaccata cacataagag aattaaaaat aaaaaagaat    176160
     caggtttaag cctgaacaca gtggcacata ctagtagtcc cagcacttgg gagagtaagg    176220
     caggagaagc aggcattcaa gatcagctgt ggctacacag tgagttaaag agagaaagca    176280
     cacaagtgca cacatgctat gtgtgcatat gtagaggtca gagggcaact gaagtgggtt    176340
     ctctccagcc accccatgga atgcagagat cagtattggt catcaggcct ctgctctcac    176400
     aaagccactt cactggccca ttttcttgtt gttatttgtc actaacaagc tttaaaccca    176460
     cagctttgaa catgctaggc actttccact gagccatctc cctattctca cagaacattt    176520
     gctttatagt attcaaccct acttgttacc agggaagtac tctactgcat gtctagacaa    176580
     caaaaaggct ttctgggtaa tgattatcac atacaaacta caagtaactt aagatttccg    176640
     atatttcctt catgaatctg tctcacaatg ttcaaaagga agttatctac tttttctggc    176700
     cataagagtg gtctcatatt ggattgggag tggtggtaca tgcctttaat cccagcactc    176760
     ggaagacagg caggaagaca tatctctgta aattcaaggt cagcctggtc tgcataatga    176820
     gttctaggac agccagaata aaaaatgaga ccctgtctca aagcaatcga acaaacaaaa    176880
     agtggtctcc tgttttatcc ttgttttcat ataccaaatc acttgcccct tagagatgca    176940
     tatatttaca ccccacaaac tactcaccat tccatatgga aaatgattgc tactgtatct    177000
     atctgcctat atgacccctg ggtcaggctg gaccctggga cacttagaaa aatctcttga    177060
     taactaaaaa gtgagttgtg ccaggtgcgg tggtacacac cagtaatcct agtacttggg    177120
     aggaaaagac aggatgatta ggagttcaaa gtcatcctca ttgacatgag ttcgaggcct    177180
     tcctgagtta attgattttg actcaaagga cattttttaa agtgaggtgt agcttacatt    177240
     gtaagaacgg ggatgcctct gtttccactg taccaggagc agctgggcca ccaccaaggt    177300
     agcaatgagg atgaggacca tttcagcgtg catggcttcg tggccacgat gtttggcatg    177360
     cattcgagca tgttcgaccc tgaaagccaa acagataggg tgagtcaatg acaggatatt    177420
     gggggggtgg aggggggtgg ggtaaaggag cagggtttct tagggcatct tgttgcccat    177480
     agctcagaac atggccctgg atttcttcat ttgttatgtt tgtttatttt tgagacaagg    177540
     cctctctaca aagccctggc tgtcctagaa atcattttgc agaccaacct ggcctcaaac    177600
     tcagatatct gcctgcctct gccctcctga gtgttggaat taaagatgtg caccaccatg    177660
     cacagcagtc ctgggttttc aactgaaggg taccatgaaa aagaaggagt taaggcccat    177720
     ggctaagaaa atggacatgg gctagaatag cgcctccagg ctctagttgt gaagctcggc    177780
     tactaggatt agagatgaac aaggtgctgc ctgcccattg tggcagaaac ataagaaacc    177840
     tttcttgact caggaagaaa atgccagaag ctagtgtcag tgccatttca atcctatttc    177900
     agcctgtcac gaggaggaga gggcagaggt tacagctata aagtcttaga ctcttacaat    177960
     ttatcacaca ctaaaggggt aacactgtaa gcttgctgat tttagagtct tgctttattc    178020
     atcagacctt tttgccaggt ctagagggct taggactaac taaaggttaa aaactctgag    178080
     ctgctccaag tctgtattaa tacaaccatg tcttcatcat cagtatcaag taaacagcct    178140
     cctcaagggc tcacggaagt tcaataacca gactgacaga cagtatatct ggaggcgtct    178200
     tattaatcta aagctagaat tttctggtct gggatgtata agaaggatag ctgagctggg    178260
     cctagcacat atctttaatc ccaacactct gcaggcagag gcagaggcat ctctaggagt    178320
     ttgaggctag cctgtctaaa cacatatgta agaccttatc taagcacata tattttacaa    178380
     tgaaatgaaa atgtacctac ctaatagctt taatatgttg cagttaatcc taaactctat    178440
     gaaaaccaga catagcctta tcttattccc catgccaaag ctccaaatat ttcctgtttc    178500
     tataaccatt ttcctgtgcc atttcagctc aacagtccta cctacctacc tacctaccta    178560
     cctacctacc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc tcttttgctc tcgctcttgt tctccttcct    178620
     ttttcatttt tttcctcctt ttctttttag tccaggctag cctcaatctc atggagacct    178680
     ctgcctccag attcctgaga ttaaaggtat gcaacaccat tcccatctgg tcctaaaatg    178740
     gtatgaacaa ggctggagag aaagctcagc agttaagagc acagaggtcc tgagttcaat    178800
     tcccagcatc cacatggtag cttaaaacca tctataatgg gatctgatgc cctctcctgg    178860
     tgtctgaaga ctcatacaca taaataaatc aattaaaaaa aaatgatgtg agcaccatta    178920
     atcttggctg cattcttcta tacatgatct aataaaaaaa tcttcagaat aagccccttc    178980
     tccctggcgg ttagtgctga gagtgcaaag tgtgtgctcc gggcttggaa cacacattat    179040
     tatttaaaaa atttaaaaaa aaaatctaaa aaatcctttg aaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa    179100
     aaaaaaattt acaaaatatc cacgtctccc ccgtcggaga catttttttt cttccttgga    179160
     ttataaaatt cttgctttaa taaaaattcc ttaaacagta aaaataaaaa ataaaaaaaa    179220
     tcttcagaat aaatagtact taaaacattt gtgtctccaa tatagcagaa gacagtcaca    179280
     ttgtcacctt ccttagcaga aaggcatata tgacgcagca tgacatgtca ttcaaaatca    179340
     ctctagattt atcatttgaa ttggtattcc tgccagtcta taaataattg atcatcttaa    179400
     gctcaattaa gggtttttcc gactaagttg tacctgattt cagctcaatt gttaacctct    179460
     ttttgaagtc tgtgaagtaa gcaccctgaa aagtaagcac cctgagagaa gtcatgaaaa    179520
     taaaatagtt gctgatcaaa aaataagtag catcagagct gaaatcagaa gatacatctc    179580
     aatcaccttt tccaagccag aactgtacac aggtgatgat gatgatgatg atggtgatga    179640
     tgatgatggt gatgatgatg atgatcatcg tcttcaaagc aagtacacgg gaagcttacc    179700
     agtgcaaggc atggttctaa gaacttgaca gacattaacc ctcatacctc taagtgtccg    179760
     tacctgttag gtatggatat tgttatgact ctcagtttac aaatggggtg aactctcagg    179820
     cctggtctta ccagcctata ttccagctcc ttctgaggct agggcagaag gatggcaagt    179880
     cctaggcctg tctaggctat acagtaaatt caaggttagc ttgggcaact tggtcagatt    179940
     ctgtttcaaa ataaaaagga aaaagagggc tgggagtaca gctgagtggt agactacttg    180000
     tttaatatgt ttaaggcctg gctccaatcc ttgttataga aaaaaggggt agtaataaac    180060
     gtggcagtgg gaagttaaat aaattacccc acatcacatg actagtaaat ggcaaaactg    180120
     gtttcaccac aggaggatgc ttagtgcaaa tgcctactta ctctaggact gagtgagctg    180180
     ctcagaagtg acccagatac ttggaaagat tcccaaagac ctgtccaact ggtcacaaga    180240
     cgatgcattc catacacaga gaagaaaaag agtagttatg caattagctg ggtgagccaa    180300
     actgtcacac ttacctccac tgctcctctg gggagaggtc tgacatatca acctgtagaa    180360
     agacaccacc agaaaaatct gtcaatgact tataactgtc cccaccctaa ataaggggct    180420
     caaaaacatt catcaatatt ttcaaggact caaaagagga ggcttcatat ctctaactct    180480
     aggaagcctt tctcaccact acttcacacc agtgtctccc ttctttaggt actagtttgg    180540
     ttcaggtttt actactaaat gaatgttgca tggctgagct attcaatcaa agagtgggac    180600
     tcctaactcc caagatgctc acagtgtgat gcattattat atggtaaggg taagctatgg    180660
     aagaatggac aaatgggttt taacccaaat tgggctgtta taaaccaggg gagttttctt    180720
     ggaatgattg tgaaatatta tccagaaata agagcaatgt tcttatcaaa ggaaattaca    180780
     tgaacaggaa ggagggtaaa actgtacagt gcacaaagag ttaagtatga ctagggcaaa    180840
     atatgagtca gaattagtaa aagatgaagc catgtgaaat actgtcatat actgccatat    180900
     gaataaacac ataaaagcaa gcagaacatt agactaggcc aaaatcatct ttggctcctg    180960
     ttttgctact gaccttagaa gtgtatggcc ttctaaactc aaagttctgg ttctacctag    181020
     ggtctctcaa acttggcact actgatattt gggggctctg tttattttct gggaggagtg    181080
     tgtcctgcat atgatcagta gcacccaaaa agaatatcta cagacactgt aaaatttagg    181140
     gaacaaaagt tgccactgtc aaaaacctct gttccagaat attagtatag ccttggtgcc    181200
     agagtgtatc ttctgcttct ttggagccat ataacgccat gccaaaattc cagtacttag    181260
     gccaaacaac atagttttat agcaaattgg gcaggaaatg ttccttgaca gcaaaggaga    181320
     caggggctta gaaacataat ttagcatttt gaatacctcc cacagttttg gactggccta    181380
     gtacaccttt cccacatact gggaaaatgc ctcagagcca atatacactt tatactgctt    181440
     ttgtgtcctt taaagagaac acagaactaa gcagtcaata aatatttaag aaattgagaa    181500
     aaagcctctc ccataatgta agtatgttaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa caaaacagta    181560
     caccacttgg acatactgaa acaagagagt atacaaacac ttgaaaatgc catgtaagta    181620
     tcaagaaagc atctagaaaa atctatttaa aaactttatg tgaatctcac tcacaagagg    181680
     aagtaaaata gacgtcggag atgaatggag ggaggaagct gggtaggaga ggaggtgaag    181740
     aggggaatag gaatggagat caggtggggg tgggtgagag agagttggga gagagaacag    181800
     aaagtggtgg gggacatctc tgagacagga gaagctcaca ggagtctgtg agtgtgaccc    181860
     tagctgatgg gagaccaaag tggccacctc ctggagccag gtgggatttc cagtagaggg    181920
     agggagacat caactcaccc acaaaaactt caacccaaaa tttgtcctgc ctacaaagat    181980
     atagcagatt gagggaatgg ctaaccaatg actagcccaa cttgagaccc attctatagg    182040
     agagagccaa cccctgacac tatttatgat actctgctat gcttgcagac aggagcctaa    182100
     gaagagtcct tggagaggct tcatccagca gctgatggaa acagaagcag agcaaaacat    182160
     caggcagagt ttggaagtct tgtggggcat agtattgaga aagccagagg ggccaaggac    182220
     accacaaaaa gaccttcaga gtcaattaac ctgggcccat gggggctgac agagactgaa    182280
     ccaccaacta aagaacatgc aggaactgga cttaggcccc atacacattt gtagcagatg    182340
     tatagcttag tcttcgtgtg agtcccctaa caattggagc aggtgtaggg ggctgtctct    182400
     gactttgttc cctgcctttg gatccccttc cactagcggg actgccttgt caggcctaag    182460
     tgggagaaga tgtgcttagt ccttctgagg ccttacatcc caggatgaga tggtacccag    182520
     ggggtggggg agctttccct tggaggtgct tcaccttctc tgagaaaaaa gggagaaggt    182580
     aaaggggggg gcaggactgg aaggagaatt ggaagggggc tgcgattatg ataaaaagca    182640
     aataaataaa taataaatgg gaaaaaaact ttatatgagg aaataaaaaa ggtacatact    182700
     caagaaagta agacaaccca ttgaagggca aactatgaat acacagagta ctggaccagg    182760
     catagctgta tctctgaaag tgagccatgc atattattat gtatgtctta cttccatcat    182820
     ctgaaaatag aataagacct ttgactccat catatggctt gtaaggaaag tacactgaca    182880
     atgaatttgg tttcttccag aagagtgggc atactgtata aactaccaga ggaggctagc    182940
     gcattcaaag ctggagaaac aaggaatgct tccagagcct cagggaaaag atcagaagag    183000
     caagccctaa ggctgagact acatttgggg cttaagccat cagcagcagt tcacaaagca    183060
     gtttaactgt taagagtaac atatggtctg gctttaatat ttgtgtccag aaccaaaagg    183120
     tgactttaat tacattcaaa ccactcttct ggatcaagtg ggaaaacaag gaaagctgta    183180
     aactatagct ataattaacc tgtaccatct gggaaggcat ctttatttgg tgcctcatta    183240
     agggagttta tccacctgga gccaagcact aacccaatat gaaggtacct tgtctgaaac    183300
     tcaggtagat aattaggcag cctctcaggg tcagggtaat aactgacggt cctataaaca    183360
     acacctaaaa catcctagga tctcacaagg ctccatacaa gtcattgcta acctaagtta    183420
     agatttaaaa gaagttaaac caaaaatgct agatggggca agggaaaaat ttgcaaagac    183480
     agaaaatgat caaacctgag gagtttgttt cctcaggtgt gtaagattta agcacccacc    183540
     cctgtgtacc cacaaccaga tgacctgtcc tccacaaaca gcactcactc tttgatctct    183600
     gtctttacat agctttgtcc cttaagcccc tctcttccac caaatcaaat tctttccaca    183660
     aagtactgaa caaattctcc tgggttattg gaaagctctt tagaacatct tccatacttt    183720
     tactatgtgt atctaactac tagaatacca ggaccctgaa agctaattat gaaacacaaa    183780
     cttcagaatc cacataaatc cccctttatc agaatctgta atctaataag atactgaaat    183840
     aatttatatg tacacgtttg agaagtattg ctaccatatg tagtactcat attcacaatt    183900
     tgcatttata ggcatagaca tatctgtaag attcttttct taaaaaaaaa caaaataatt    183960
     ttactactaa gatctaattc acacagtgag aaaatagtcc atttttaaag tacagtagtc    184020
     atggttttca gtgtattcac agtattgtac ctcttctacc tctataaaga tttgtttaat    184080
     ataggcagtt catatactac tgccataaca tggtctttca tggctggctt ctttcatgta    184140
     gcataactgt tttcaaggtt cattaatttt gtagcacata tgatagttcc ccccttttga    184200
     atgtcaacaa cattccaatg tatagatata tcatatttct ccattcacta gctggaaaca    184260
     ctagagtcat tgacttctga gctattataa agaatgttgc taggccgggc gtggtggtgc    184320
     acacctttag tcccagcact tcgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcgaggcta    184380
     gcctggtcta caaagtaagt tccaggacag ccagagctat atagagaaac cctgtctcga    184440
     aaaaaacaaa gaaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaat aaaaacaaga atgttgctat    184500
     atgaacattt gtccctaacg tcatgtaaaa gtatgttttc atttctcttg aaaacatagc    184560
     tagaaccata actgctgggc cacatgacaa ctctactttt atcttttgag aactgccaaa    184620
     ctgtttctca tagcagctgc atattacagt cttgtgcaca gtatgtggag gctccaattt    184680
     ctccacatcc ttcccaacat ttgtaatttt ttttttcaaa atgcctacat ttctacttag    184740
     aatggaccac atgccacagg gcaggagtgg aagtaagagg acaacctgca gaggttggtt    184800
     cactccctcc gctatgtagg tcccagggat gttgtcctct gacttcaatg ccaccaccta    184860
     aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata atacatttat ttattttgga    184920
     gagtgcaaat gtcatggcgt tgagtatgga ggtcagagaa caacttatga aagttggttc    184980
     tctccatcac acaggtcttc aggcttggca gcaagtgccc ttacccactg tgccatatca    185040
     ttgacacttg agttaatttt tatgtatgct gtgcagcagg ggtccaactt cattcctcca    185100
     taaaattgaa tttaaaaata tggctgggaa aggcttagta aagtacttgc tatgcaagtt    185160
     tgaagatctg gatatggtag cctgcatctg taaccccaac acaaaggaag gttggtgtct    185220
     tagttagggt ttttattgcc atgatagaac accatgatca aggctggcaa gatggctcgg    185280
     caggtaagag ccctgactgc tcttccagag gtaccgagtt caaatcccag caagcacatg    185340
     gtggctcata accacctgta atgagatctg atgccctctt ctggtgctgt ctgaagacag    185400
     ctacagtgta cttaacatat tgtaataaaa aataaatctt aaaaaacaaa acaaaaaaaa    185460
     aaaaaaccca tgatcaaaac aaaagtggaa tggtatatta tcctaaagct tgtagtcagt    185520
     ccatcatgag ggaaagaggt agcagcaccc acactgacta attattaatc aagaaaatgt    185580
     atcacaggct tacttaccca caggccaatc tggtggaggc attttcttga tttattcaaa    185640
     atgactctag ctgtatcaag ctggcataaa actagctagc acagatgaga taaatggact    185700
     gaacatgata ggacggacag aacacaacag gtagactcct ggagcttaac acacacacac    185760
     acacacacac acacacacca atgccatggt ataaggatgt ataatccaag tcatcttaca    185820
     gacattactt gctttgaatt cctaaggaaa taaaaacatt tttgtgaatt cctagatgct    185880
     atgctttctg taactacgga gtaaataagc ctgggcctgc tatctcctca cagctagaga    185940
     ttaagtgttc tccctcagcc tccaaggttt ctatgtgctg cttctaagat tcttttctct    186000
     actgagctat ctgaacactc ggagtaagtt ttagattcac actaaatttc acattgccta    186060
     aaagcttccc ccaagatcat attgggcaaa aatgagtatt ctgtgtttaa aaaacaacaa    186120
     caaaaagcct gacatggaag ccaggtatgg ttgtacacac ttttcttggt aagatttatt    186180
     ttatggggcc gggcgtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag acagaggcag    186240
     gcagatttct gagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc    186300
     tacagagaga aaccttgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagattta ttttatgtat    186360
     tagtagtgct ctatctgcat gtatacctgt gtaccagaag ggggcaccag ataccattac    186420
     agatggttgt ggctaggaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa gaacagccag tgctcttaac    186480
     cactgatctc tgttcatact tttaattcca gcaatttaca ggctgggcat gaagaattat    186540
     aaattcaagt caagttcagc ctgggctaga taagagttgt ttaaaaagaa aggtgggggg    186600
     gggggggggg taatccttga catgccaata atctacaaat gtcaaaggca aaaaaagatg    186660
     cctggaattt tgacagcaat aaatattttt ctttcattca ttcactcaat tacaaacaaa    186720
     catgaagcat ttacccttat aaaatttgca ttttaatgca gaagacaata aaaaaaagac    186780
     aaaatatttt atttacctat atatatgggt atctgcctac tatgtaaatc tgtgcatcac    186840
     gtgtgtgccc ggcgccctgg gaccccctag gactggagtt acagatgact gagttgccat    186900
     gtgagtgcta ggactcaaac ccacgacctc tggaaaagca gccagagctc ttaacccctg    186960
     agccatctct ctagccccat gaaactattt atttaagtat tatgagcaaa cataacacag    187020
     gctaagagaa gagcgaagga gacaatttca ttattccata tagacagtcc actttcccta    187080
     aaaactttcc agtatatgca gagcaaacgg agcaaaatga acaatgacaa aaatccatgt    187140
     ggtgggtctt gtttgtacat tttcactcca agaagtggcc ttaggacaac agctctcctt    187200
     ttctcaataa agagagaaac agtggtaggc tccaatgtgg cattgctatt cattgctatg    187260
     tcaataaata aggcatggtc ccacgtacct cagtttctcc atctataaag tgagggctga    187320
     cttagatggt gttcaagctc ttttatgcta acatagtgta attcacacca gatcagctca    187380
     ttctaaattt ctggaatcag ctacaatact ttgctcatca aaactgccag tttccttagt    187440
     taccacagaa gtaaaatcaa aatgcctttt agtctggtga agtatgccaa agctaaatgc    187500
     taccaaatta actcacaatt tatcacagaa gatgcaaata tcaggagtat cttatcaaca    187560
     agatcatgat ctccacctac cacatgcata agatacatac acctaatttt aaaaaaaaat    187620
     aatctttcaa atctcaactt gagatcaact tgagagactt atgacataga tagcacttta    187680
     tattctagtt ggactatttt ctcacctctg gcaaatggct tctacgtcat ccaaatggaa    187740
     tcagattcca ttctacaatg tccttctcac ataccacagt gtttcctcaa atcctctccc    187800
     ctttgctatt tggctcactg ctttctacct tgcaagatgt agatcaatta tcacttcctt    187860
     tgtgtaatat tctaaaattt tattcattaa tatatatcaa ctctaaaatc ctaaatgaca    187920
     tttagctcca gattggaaat ataacaatga atgcctctca tcaacaggac agggtcctgg    187980
     ttgtcctttc taccaaagca gctgtggcag tttaaatata gggtcacttg ttagaatact    188040
     tggtcctgag tttgtagaac tgtttgggaa gtattagaaa ggtatgtcac tggggtcagg    188100
     ttttatgttt caaggctcca tcattctcac tacacaatcc tgcagatcca gatgtaaact    188160
     ctcagctgtt actacattcc tgtctctatt tcaccaactt ggactctaaa ccattgaaac    188220
     tgtaaaccca aataaacact ttcttttgta agctgcagtg gccttggtgt tttgtcacag    188280
     catagaaaag taactaatat gggaacatgt agcatcaaga tgctatcttt gagacaaaag    188340
     gctggcacct ggattttggt cttttcagtc tctatacctg tgagaagtaa ttcttgatgt    188400
     ttgcaaacta ctcaaagata ttttgttata gtagtttgaa catgccacac ctcaactacc    188460
     aaattctaat atctttcatc tggaatatgt gatagcctcc ttttttaaac atttatttta    188520
     tgtatgagtg ttctcttccc atacacacca gaagagagaa tcaggctcca ttacagatcc    188580
     ttgtgacacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc tctgggaaaa cagtcagtgc    188640
     tcttaactgc tgagccatct ttctagcccc ctgagatagc tcttacctgt cctctttgac    188700
     tgactcctac aacccagtct cctcaaagga atcaagatca tttttaaaat gcaaatcagt    188760
     tcacctcgtt cccattttca caatcatcca aaaatcttct cattgtcctc ccaataaaat    188820
     tcaacatgtt taaagcatat acaaaggttt gcatgtctaa ttctgccaga ctccctgatc    188880
     tcaaacagca ctattctttc cttgataacc atgacctact cacagggggt ttcttttatg    188940
     atgatagggg atatctagct cattcctacc agtttatatt tattctccct tcacttgaaa    189000
     tatacctact tctaccttga gactactaaa gtgtagctac tctagtcctg gttcagtacc    189060
     ccttcttcag aggctctcca taaacaccat gtttaaagca accctttccc tctagtgacc    189120
     tttacttgtt actctacttt tctcaaagca ctatcaccgt ctcgaattat cctgatacta    189180
     gctcattatc tagttccccc tggctatttg ttcattgcta aattactaga acctaaaaaa    189240
     taaaaataaa aaaaataaag acatacagat ggtccctatg ttggtttgaa tgaaacatga    189300
     aaaatgctct tcatagtgtg aggcattcag aacacttgtt ttccggctga ttgggcaact    189360
     tgggcttagg aggtgtggac ttgttaaaag tcattagggg taggctttga gagcgtaaga    189420
     tctcacccta cagcagttca ctctctctgc tttgtgctca tggttcaaga tagaaggtct    189480
     caaaagcacc ctgctctaac taccatgact gcctgctgcc tctgtcctgc cattatagag    189540
     tccatccctt tgaaccttaa gtcaaaataa acgctttctt ttgccttaat caatggtgct    189600
     ttatcatagc aacaaaaaaa acctaataca gtccttgatt tacattttta ctttatgatg    189660
     atgcaaaagc acatgcagtc aaacctcaaa tttcaatcat ttctcttttt ttgttgttgt    189720
     tttgttttgt ttgttttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtgctagaac    189780
     ttactttgta gaccagactg gcctcgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt    189840
     gctgggatta aaggcgtgca ccaccacgcc cggctttcaa tcatttcttg aggtaacaat    189900
     atataatata atataatatt ctcttttaaa attattttta tagggctgga cagatggctc    189960
     agtggttaag agcactgact gctcttcaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacgt    190020
     ggtggcttac aaccctttgt aatgggatct gatgacctct tctggtgtgt acgcatatac    190080
     ataaatcttt ttttttaatt ttatctaaaa tttgtatgtg tgtgtgtgca tacatgcacc    190140
     atggaatgtg tggatatgca tggagttgat tccttctatt atgggtccca ggaactgaac    190200
     tcagtcagca gtcttggcat caagcccaac ttcagtcaat aacaagagca aaagggtaaa    190260
     caacttgtac tctacaggat gctaggttgg catcaagtat attaaatggt tttttagttt    190320
     ctactttcaa gttgtaatgg acttaccagg acaaacccaa acagaacgtc tgcctgtgaa    190380
     gaagtaaaga attactgaac ttgaattaca tatttatact tatgccaatc atctcagctc    190440
     tccagaagca cacggaggag gatcacaggt tcatggtcaa gccctgtctc aaaattaaag    190500
     aataggagct ggcgcagtgg ctcacaggat agagtgcaag catgaggacc taagctcaga    190560
     tctctagcct gcacataaaa ttagggtatg gcaatgtgca tctgtaccca gtatcagggg    190620
     acagagacaa gcagatccta gacacacagc ccagcttgcc taactgaaat ggcagctcta    190680
     cactcaatga aaccttgtct caaaataatg gtaacagtca ccacaacaat aatgaatgtg    190740
     gagtcaaata tatacacaat ctttaaaatt tacaaaaaaa taaatgctta gtgaatgtgt    190800
     taggcaaagg atatgaaggc caaaacacaa agagatggaa gcacagggct gtactatgtt    190860
     cacacctgat tcctatttgt tctctgttct cactgccttt gcttaagctt gggtttttaa    190920
     tcattttgcc tagactacca taagattttc ctaattgatt tcttcttccc taaaccaaat    190980
     ttctccaaaa ataacttcca cactacttcc agctgccaag acatatatct aaattgctac    191040
     ttccctgctc taaattctca gtgttttcct aacatgatat tgaagaggcc tctccaaccc    191100
     catccctcac tgctattccc ttatatttaa cctatctgca tttctacaga acttgtagaa    191160
     gttcccagag tatcccatgc tgtttaatac atgaaagact ttacattctt tccattctgc    191220
     tgtactactc ttaacacatc tcacagacct caaataccta ttgaatgaaa agtctttttc    191280
     ctttgcagtt gttttcgttt gtttgctttt gtctttgttg tttttggttt ttttgttttt    191340
     tgtttttttt ctgagatagg atttctctgt gtagccctgg ccatcctgga actgctctga    191400
     agaccaggct gacctctaat tcagagatct acctgcctgt gtctcctaag tgctggaatt    191460
     aaaggtattc accaaaacat ttcccctgtg aaatcctggc tggcctgaaa ctcactacac    191520
     agcctaggct ggccttgaac ttgtggcaaa aacttgcttt tgcctcccag gtgctgggat    191580
     tataggaatg tgccacacta cacctagctt taaaacataa ataagcctta agaactaaat    191640
     tcggatgact gcagagatag ttcagtgatt aagtgcactg gctgctcttg aagaggaccc    191700
     atattgctca cagcacccat atggcagttc acaactatct gtaacaacag ttccaggtga    191760
     tctcctgacc cccacaggta ccaggcactc acatggtaca tgtacatata tgcaagcaaa    191820
     cattcatatg aataaaagca ataaatctgt tatacggatg gttgtgagct accatgtggt    191880
     tgctgggatt tgaactcagg gcctttggaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaat agctgagcca    191940
     tctctccagc ccctttattt cattttatat gtatgaatgt tttgtttaca tgtaggtatg    192000
     tggtacataa gcaagtatgc cctgcccaca gaggccagaa gagggcatca gatcccccag    192060
     aaccagagtt atggatggat ggatggagcc accatgtgag tgagtgctga gaatcaaacc    192120
     tgggtcctct tcaggagcaa caagtgatct aaactcggag ctatctctcc aatccctaaa    192180
     attaattttt agaaatctta aagaggaaga gggaaagaag gaagagaaag aaaggaaaga    192240
     gaaagaaaag aaggaagagg aggagggaga ggaggagaaa gaagccaggc ttgatggcat    192300
     acatgtgggg cagaagcagg caaatttctg tgagtttgag gccaacccgg tctacataga    192360
     gagttctagg acagcctgcc ctccctttta agatgtattt actcatggat tttatatatg    192420
     agtactctat ctgcatgttc agctatggat cccatagcac tatggttaat agatggttgt    192480
     gaactaacat gtggttgctg agaattgaac tcagctaata cacctaactg ctgagtcatc    192540
     tctccagcct accagtctta aatttttttt ttaaatacaa gatggggagt ggagagagag    192600
     agagaaaaag aactaaatca gagactagag aatagctcta ctggtaaggt agctgctatg    192660
     caatgaggaa gacctaggtt tagaccccca gaacacactc tgaagcctgg tatggtagta    192720
     tatgtgtaac actcacaggt aagaatgagg gtaggtagac acaggcaggt agatccctag    192780
     cactctccag ccagtcagtc taaccaatta gataactcag agttcagtga aagatcctgc    192840
     ctcaaacaca tgatgaagag caatggagaa agacacccag tgtcaacact tgacccacac    192900
     acatatgcac tcatatatgt aattgtatgt acacatgcag aaacatgtat aaaaacatgc    192960
     acacacatac actacacaca acccagacat cttctctagt acaagtctgt ctgtctgtct    193020
     gtctttctct ttcttttctt aaggtattag agattgaacc caaggcatta cacatgctag    193080
     gcaattatta agtcttactt ggggatcccc atcagagtcc atcactccct ctttcgttac    193140
     catagtacct aacacacact taaactatat ggtagcaact tgttaccaaa tctgttttac    193200
     cctacaatta gctgtgttgt acccttcttt gtgtccccag cacagtatct agtactaaat    193260
     agctaaagac agaaaagatg aataataata tatctaaatt cctcaggctg gcactcaaag    193320
     tcaatctcat gttagcccca acctacatta tcatgtaggt tcctctccct acttgaccat    193380
     atctcctttt gtttgtttgc ttctttttcg agacagggtt tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc    193440
     ctggaactca ctctatagac cagatctgcc tgcctctgcc tccctctgct gggattaaag    193500
     tcataatctt taaagtgctc ccaaacagct gatataatta aatacacaat aaatatatga    193560
     taaaatttga gagaaatcag agccacatca ccaggttcaa atcccagctc tacttacaag    193620
     ctgtgtggcc ctgaataaat cacttctgtg ctggttttga tgagaagaat aacttattga    193680
     agtagaatta aagtttagaa ttttaataaa ttttaagaat tagaattaac cggggcctag    193740
     caaacacaga agtggatgct cacagtcagc taatggatgg atcacagggc tcccaatgga    193800
     ggagctagag aaagtagcca aggagctaaa ggggtctgca accctatagg cagaacaaca    193860
     ttatgaacta accagtaccc cggagctctt gactctagct gcatatgtat caaaagatgg    193920
     cctagtcgga catcactgga aagagagacc cattggactt gcaaacttta tatgccccag    193980
     tacaggggaa cgccagggcc aaaaagtggg agtgggtggg taggggagtg ggtgggaggg    194040
     tatgggggac ttttgggata gcattggaaa tgtaaatgag gaaaatacct aataaaaagt    194100
     atatataaaa aaagaattag aattaagcta attcttaatt atagtgcctg gttcacatta    194160
     aactctagaa taggtattat tgacatcatc tgaatatgag gaaaaataag tgtttttgca    194220
     gaacactaga agattaatct cagaagacag atgcaatcct aagggaaata aggaataaaa    194280
     tgtcatacaa ggccgggcag tggtggtgca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga    194340
     ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc cagagcagcc    194400
     acagctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtcatacaag    194460
     gcctcagagt aatagagcag attcagttat tctgaacacc aacaatgatg ggaaagagcc    194520
     cagttggctt gccctttccg gggtttctcc ccagctgccc agggccgaaa gccccatggc    194580
     tatgatccag catcctcctg ggaaagctgc actttagaag gcactaatga gtttgtgttt    194640
     atctacagat tttcctcaga ggaacacaga taacaaatga cttcaagaag ggaaaacata    194700
     aagaagtaaa gatagagatg agaaaagact ctagcccgtt ctttggttag cttccaggaa    194760
     tagcttttag gagaaacagc ctcaggtgtc cggagacttg ggcactgtct gaagtgctta    194820
     tgcccccccc cccaaaagtc agatatgcag agaaacagaa tctgggaaaa gttgtgaaaa    194880
     ggaataaaaa gttgaagcta tacagaattt aaaattctta ccaatctaaa taaccacagt    194940
     agaggtattc agagggaata ggctgggctg tagagatggc tcagcagtta agagccctgg    195000
     atgcgattct tagaagatct aggttcaatt cccagcacct acatggcagc cttttactcc    195060
     agttccagga gaatctaatg ccttcttctg tcctctgcag gcactgcttg caagtggtgc    195120
     acagacacag atgtagacaa atcacttata catgtaaatt aaattatgtt tttaaaaaag    195180
     acagggaata ggctggccat ggaaaggcca cttcctaggg atttcaacgt gtgctgatag    195240
     gaatgactga ggatgtaagt tcaataaaga tctgaataat aacactatgt cagggcccat    195300
     gtagtgtagg tgctgggaat gcaaaacatg aaaaattata cggccctatc tcctcggagt    195360
     cctctacctg atagggagtt aaataacata gtaagtgctg acagatgcct ccactgggca    195420
     caatgaaggc aaacagtaag tcctcagatt ctgtgtctat aatccacagg caaggaacaa    195480
     tgtgacatta aaataaagta gaaatgcttc ataagcagtt tatattgagt actggcaaaa    195540
     acactggcgt cgggacacat gcctgacatc tcagcacttg ggagacaagc ctgagctaca    195600
     cagtgagttc agggcaaggc ctggttacac aaggcaaccc catctcaaga aaaaaatgcc    195660
     aagaatggtg gcaaatgact ttaatcctgg catttgggag gcagaagcag gtggatctct    195720
     atgaagccag tctggtctac atgagttcca gggcagctaa ggtgaaaccc tgtctcaaaa    195780
     ataaaaacaa aagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag    195840
     gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gtgaagggat    195900
     actaatagtg tggcctactg aattgttcca aagatagaaa gcatatctgt taactttgta    195960
     acgcagtcat ctcttcctta acaaacacct ccctgcattc tcatttattc aatgaacatt    196020
     gatgtgtgcc aagctctgag caaggccctg agaaagggag gtatacagat gatagttcct    196080
     cagttcaagg ggtcaaaata ttcctcttta tcttttttct tctttctcct accctccttg    196140
     ctaagcaaat ggcatcataa ttccttctag aaatgtatga gctattcaat caaaaaacga    196200
     cttactttga aaaaacataa gccatgcatg gtggctcata cctataatcc taacagacta    196260
     aaactggact atgaggtcag cataggttat gaagcaaggg cctctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    196320
     acttaaaatt cccaaaaatg ggctggagag atggctcaga agttatgagc actgactact    196380
     cgtccagagg tcctgagttc aattcccagc aactacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa    196440
     tgggatctga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagagtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactc    196500
     atacataaaa taaataaata gaaatatttt ttaaaatccc caaacgaaag caagggtgag    196560
     ctgggagttg ttttaaaccc atagaaacat agtaggatat ctgccagagt agactcatta    196620
     ctaaagtcaa aggtcacaga acaagacggt atgcagaagc ctttttgttt actccttcac    196680
     taccatgagt cttttcttct catccatact gttagtgtac attactgaga ataattacat    196740
     cttcgctcat tcagacattc agggggcatg cagtaagtac ctgacagaac atgtaggaaa    196800
     cacaaagtaa aacactgggg ttcaggactt tcaacttcag agctgcaaga gatcacaaag    196860
     gtcgcagcgt ccaaatctat cctttcacag ataaagatac agaaaggttg aaatccaagc    196920
     tcacttagac atttatagaa ccatactcca tgccagatat cagagataag agtagtaggg    196980
     ctttcaggga gaaccccatt agtgggagag aaagacaaaa agctcatcca ctgaaaagtc    197040
     cccagtggaa atgagttcca cactgacaca gtgggaacag tagtgcagac caggacaaga    197100
     agcagacagt gttcaaactg cccagaggag ctcagggtac agatgctaga gtggccatgg    197160
     tttgaagacc aactaactct gtcatttacc tgtgtgcttg atgctaagtt agtctcttaa    197220
     actatgtatg cctcaatttc caaatctaca gaatggacat agtaacagta cacctatcct    197280
     ataaagctga agtattagaa agtgtttaaa atccttagcc cacagtaagc actctgtagt    197340
     agtttacctt caacttttcc cttgggaatc ttttctgcca taccttacct tcagaagcct    197400
     cctcaacaca gctttgtacc catctgttat cagctgctgt ttataagaca agtcttctct    197460
     tcttactctg aaatctgggt ttgctgcttc ctcctctagt ggtttcttct ccattcattt    197520
     ttcatgcata agagactcca aagacaggca gacatccaag atcaaacctc aatcacatat    197580
     ggctcaatcc ctccaatcta ccttggacca agaatcccca gagaaagaaa tccctggaaa    197640
     caaggcacat ttatcaaatg tctacaggga gagatccaca ggaggaaaac ataaaaaaca    197700
     aaacagcaac ttgctcttgc tttgagaaag caagagaaca gaactatctg agcctggggt    197760
     tggggtttta ctaaagtagc tgggaagaac acctatgacc tggcctttct caatcactac    197820
     accaactcca tgaccacagc aactgtgacg cggtcgtcca tggctcaggc tttgagcctg    197880
     ccctagtctg tgagctcctt gaggacatca tcatacttta tccattgtat tatggggcat    197940
     agaatagtga ctagcacaca gaaatctgat gcagaagctc agcatggtga cacacatctg    198000
     tgaccccagc atgctgaggc agaggactgg tcaaagttca agaccagttt agtttacatg    198060
     tcaagttcaa tgcagccagg gcttcacacc aagatcctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaagata    198120
     tttataaaga aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ctgtggggct tggtggtgca cgcctttaat    198180
     cccagcactc ggaaggcaga ggcgggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggtcagg ctggtctaca    198240
     aagtgagttc cacgacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aaccaaaacc    198300
     aaaccaaacc aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaacc ccaaaaaaca acaacaacaa    198360
     caacaaaaaa aaacgggcag tggtgtcgta cacctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga    198420
     ggcaggcaga tttctgaatt caaggccagc caggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc    198480
     agggctacac agacaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aaaaaaaaga ataaacctca gaatatgatg    198540
     aaaatcgggg gaaagctgca tatggtaata catgcctgta atctcagcac acaagaagct    198600
     gaggcaggag aattcaaggc cagtgtggga tacataaaaa ggccctgttt caacacaaaa    198660
     ataaacaaaa ggcaaagggt aaagtcataa aagtcccaga agccaggaaa cgcttggcta    198720
     gaaccctaaa ggacagatta ggacttagaa aggaaaaggt tttcaatata caggggttcc    198780
     aggtcattct tgggtataca ctgagtctga ggccagcccg gtctacctga gactctgtgt    198840
     caagatagat aaacagacag acagaaacta gggcccacaa catgtaaatt actcatttgt    198900
     ggcagtaact ctttataacc aagaatttaa catgatcaat ttatcagtaa attaaagatc    198960
     aaggtatcag taaactaata aaagacaaca ctcttgattg acattcatta tgatcctcaa    199020
     ggatatttat actgcttcaa gaattttttt tttttttaat ttaaaagggg tagtttgcca    199080
     ggcatgatgt gcatgcttgt aatcccagct gctcgggaaa ctgagacaag aggattctga    199140
     gtataacacc aacctaggaa acttatcaag accttatctc aaaagaaaat gtaaaaacag    199200
     agctggggtt agaaagatag ctcagtggct aagagcacac attgctcttg cagaggacca    199260
     gcacacatat tgggtacttt acaaccacgt gtaactccag ctccaaggga tctgacacct    199320
     tcttctggac cccacagata cccatacatt tgtatgcatg cacacataca catgaattaa    199380
     aatcgatcct ttttaaagaa aagacaaagt agcatctaac aaagtagcac atggcttctg    199440
     taagtaataa atgagataac caaggtaaag accttaaatg gtagctgtct taaagattcc    199500
     atcaacagtg ctgtttccac aggtagttct accctaagcc catctttcta tcctgctctc    199560
     caaggcagaa gaagttatta gccagaccaa aagatggaac tgctattcca gactacgcat    199620
     gtactaatga catctgattt tggaaaatat agacataata ttctgaagaa taaatcacag    199680
     catgtgcctt cttccaaagt gcatcacgcc catcttaacc aggctcctca ttattctttt    199740
     ccagcctgga ctccagaata aggggtgtca ggcaggcaga aagttcagga agaaagcaac    199800
     actgatctac atgcaaatca cagcttttta tggtaggtta aatctttagt ctttcagcta    199860
     tttccatttc tatcatgact tcccgtaacc aactttaggg ttgtttcttg tgcctcactg    199920
     cacttgtctc acacacaggc acaagaacac aaacatccca acacttactt actagctttg    199980
     taatggccta tttgcatatc tacccactgg actgtaaact gataaagatc ctgttttact    200040
     cacctttgaa ttcccaaggc atgacataca gtaaactccc gtagttacat attaatgata    200100
     taggtcacct tatcattcat tgactaggga aagcttgagc acaaacagag gagacactgg    200160
     tagaaggcac acaaactgag atctgtcaga tccttctttc tagagcttca tgataacttc    200220
     ctgcttctca agttactttt ttaaactcat aaggaaaaga acacaaccag ttcacacaga    200280
     atttcctcac aacaaggata tattctttct tggaaaataa gcaacaaggg ttctgggatg    200340
     gatgttagtg gcttcatgta aagttgacct gtagacctaa cactgaaata tgtatcatcc    200400
     aactaatatt acttaaatcc ttaaaacact aagaagcaga aagtcaaaac gtagccgggc    200460
     atcagtggca cactcatata actccagcac tcacaagaga gaaaaggaga gaaaaagggc    200520
     agagttcagt gacagcatgt ctccaaaaag tcagatatat gaatggtctg gtgctgctat    200580
     gtattcaaat actaaattct gtaccccaag atctggctgc ctcaaagtga gaaaattccc    200640
     atgtacacca gtctttgctg tgaaaacctt gctctctaat ttaaaactat tggctaaata    200700
     aaactggggc tagccaatta ctggggaaaa taggaggagg cagggtttaa gttaccaggc    200760
     agaggtcaca gctagggatg aagaggagaa aggagagaga gagaagacag gaaagaggag    200820
     gtctccacta gccacgacgg accaagaaca tgaacccaaa attgctggag ctgaaataac    200880
     ccttcgggaa gactcaaaca gcaagtattt ggggagcaga gttggggatg tagccagtcg    200940
     agccattaga aaactagaca gggccaggca gtggtggcac atgtctttaa tcccaacact    201000
     tggaaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt    201060
     ccaggacagc caggactaca cagaaaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaaataaat aaataaataa    201120
     aataaaataa aataaaaaat aaaaaaagag aaaaagaaaa ttagataggg gtaatttacc    201180
     cagtaattgt gctaaagtta aataaataaa tcgtagtcaa agtctcattc atttaaaagc    201240
     tagactggga tagaaatatt caattaagtt acatatgaaa ccatctcagt gaagagccat    201300
     aattaaccaa ccataaattt taatttcagc aacttattta ttattcaaaa tacctcagtt    201360
     aatagctgcc aactgtaaac acagagactt aaagctaaaa ggggccttgt aaagttattt    201420
     ctacaaccac ttcacctttc taaccaagca ccattcaaac acctttagtc tctaacaact    201480
     ggcaagtgag aaactaggcc acctgttacc tgttagtcta gtgttttcag tttattccaa    201540
     ccagaaagca aaagcaaaaa caaattagac tcataccata ccaagtaact gtcattccta    201600
     aacctactcc ttgcctcagg ctcttcacca atctaaacca catcaaagac ataggaagag    201660
     actctccctg acaatcacta ctcactctcc tagtcctccg gtgttatctc tatccatacg    201720
     ctggcacaca gaagaccaca aagcaactcg acactaccac tgaccacttg gcctcagatt    201780
     gctccttatc gcttaccttc gtactttcct tcagagccca ggacttttca tttctttcaa    201840
     gctcaatgtc tccttcaagg accactagta attcaatacc tagattgcta aacgcctagt    201900
     agataaaggg ttcatacctt ttcaagttca ccttgaaggg accggtgaga gaggaggggg    201960
     cggggaggat gaacgagaat aagaatatga agtagaaaac cattcaacaa ctggaaaact    202020
     ttccctggct ctcttctcgg aaccacaata cacataatgc aatgtctctt cttatcccat    202080
     aacgacactg tagactttac aagaggaagg tctcttgagt tccaaacact taacccaggt    202140
     cttgtcacag aactaaaaat gttggttcag tgagcaaaat ggactgtttc tgctacatga    202200
     ctgttcattc attcacaatc attcattcat tcattcattc gttgaccaaa actttactga    202260
     acatgcgata tgtacaaacc ttcaaatata agaataagat ggttcctgcc tataattaaa    202320
     agctgtaata ctagtatatt agcattgtgt ccccaacctc cacatcaagc tggtagtcct    202380
     ttcccacagt gaaagcctcg gccttgcctt acagaaaagt ccacgcccct ccaattaatg    202440
     ctacctctta gccccagagc ctaccttgga cctccgtctt aattacctca aaatctttaa    202500
     cgtctctccc tagcctctgc cctgcccttc atcaccaccc ttaaagctac tgccaaccta    202560
     cttcaccatg aacgcctcgg ggtccctgag tcagaagccc tcagatttcc ctcacagaaa    202620
     acccgcctcc ccgtcagctc ccttttcctc aagatctttc ctgtttctcc caggacctcc    202680
     ggctcccatc cctcacttcc tctccctcca cttccaagct gcctttcctt tcttgtctct    202740
     caattcctct tacctcatct agctcccttt ccgcaagagc acctcctcca acctccacct    202800
     ccaccactgc cgccatcttc acggccggcc cccaccccgg tcccccgcga gccagctgct    202860
     tccgccgctc aagcgcttgt agccaatcgg aggcgcggcc tgggcggagc agcaagaccg    202920
     gcggatgcct gtgaggaacc tagagaccgt ctacctgctc cttcggaatt aagaaggggc    202980
     gactcgtgcg ctgccaagct tcagcaggag agcgttctcg gaaaacgaaa agttgttctt    203040
     gaactatttc attgtaaaca tggcaccagt ccgcactgtg gagaggaaaa gggagagtcc    203100
     ctgaatgcgc aaatttcgcg acactccctc gcttaggaca cgagcagaga cgcgtgtgca    203160
     ctaagaacta catttcccat gctgcactga gtccgacccg gaaatttaag tcccactcgc    203220
     taagggcgga ctggagcgtg taaaaaaaaa agaaaaaata tatatataca cgcacgcggg    203280
     gttttgttat tttgttttta gatgtagtaa ctgctgtatt tcctcttgga agtcgtcttt    203340
     cagaaaaagc ggctcccgta ggactcaaaa cccgttccta cagtagaaag gcttggggcc    203400
     agaaggcgga ggtcacggaa cggaattggc gggagaataa gatccggagc tccggagctg    203460
     aggctaccac gacgtaaagt ttacgaactc gggtgagaag ggttgggatt tgtcatctgg    203520
     agagaagtag tgaaagggag gagggtggcc aacaagaaaa cgaacagagc acccggttcc    203580
     ggagttttaa gcctcagaat ctgagcgttt aagaatcaaa tgggacctca gtaagtagca    203640
     gataattgct aatcatctgg gtgtttcttc cttttacgtt agatatgtaa gtaagaatga    203700
     gtcaaacaaa aaacctgttc tccaggagct cacaaccttg tcaagacata accatatagt    203760
     tgttactggg gaggcacttg ttaaatatta agtaagaatt agcagaatgg agctgttgct    203820
     ttgattaaga cgagcatgtg tgtgacgttt taaagagagc aagtattcca agcagaagaa    203880
     atagcatgag aagataggaa gaaaacttaa gcgatgatag attggaaagc cactgtggct    203940
     agaaatgagt taggattcat ggaattatat gagtaggata ttgaagaaaa agtcagatct    204000
     gaggcgaaat tactagatca agacagccct ggcatgagca taatgcctga gataccaaca    204060
     tttgggaggc agaaggatct ggagttaagg gttgggctaa acaacacagt aagaacttca    204120
     tctcaaaaat actttcttgg ggaccagcaa gatggctcag tgttggagct ggaggtatgg    204180
     ctcgaagatt aagagagctt tttcaggaga cccaggttga gttcccaaca ctcacgtgac    204240
     agttcaaaat cgtttggaac tccatttcca gaagatctga caccctcttc tggcttcctc    204300
     cagcactagg cacacaggta gtacatatat gtgcatgcag gcaaaatatt cttacacata    204360
     aaatataaat cctcggggtg ggttgggggg agaaaagatg gctcagtggg aaaaggcagt    204420
     tgctaccaag cctagtggcg tgcattccgt ctccagaact cgtatggtgg agggagaatc    204480
     tgactctgca agctctcttc tgacccctgc acatccaccc acacacaaat aaatgtaaaa    204540
     aataaattta accaggcatg gtggcgcaca cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg    204600
     caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag    204660
     gactacacag agaaaccctg tcttgaaaaa aaccaaaata aataaataaa taaatttaat    204720
     aaaaaatacc ggctagcttg ggttacatag caaatacaag gtcagcaagg actatgtagc    204780
     aagatcgtgt cttttaaaaa aaaagaatct tgagagaccc ttacctaaag acattcagat    204840
     atcattaaac acttgttact aatgaattat tgaacctgaa tgataaatac ataagagttc    204900
     atttactttc ttgtgttttt gcagatattt aaagttttaa cctagtccaa gcgtggtggg    204960
     gcattccttt aatccctgca cttggtaggt agagctaggt gattcgctgt gagtttagat    205020
     acctggttta cagttccagg tttacagtta cagttccagg acgatcagag ctgctctaca    205080
     gggaaaccct gccttgaaaa gccctaataa ataaaatttt agtctggaga gctgattgag    205140
     tgaatgaagt atggtttttt tggtgtgtgc agagcctgaa ttcagatccc cagcacccac    205200
     atagaaatgc caggaggctg gctgtagtga tgaaaccctt taatcctgca tccaggaggc    205260
     aggggccaac ctgggctgca tagcaagttc taagttctag ccaagacagt atttaaaaaa    205320
     aaaaaaaaag cacagcagca ggtggtggtg cctgtaacct caacaacact gggaagtaga    205380
     gagaggaggt cctgggggat ttgctggcaa gccctcctag ccaatctttg agctaggtta    205440
     tgtgagagtc aggagctcct gactcagaaa gcaaagggga gaatgagaga gggcacctgc    205500
     catcatgggc cttgtgagta cataggagcg cactcctaaa acgtttctga gctgtgtatg    205560
     gtggctcacg cttataatca caacactgag cagagttgcc atgagttcag gatcagcctg    205620
     tgccacatag taagttctag acttgcctgg gctacaaagt gagattgtgt ctcaaaaaaa    205680
     caaaaacaaa acaaagcaaa cccaaaaaag tttagcaaaa gaccaactaa aatacccaga    205740
     tgaaacgggc cagtggtggc acatgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggt    205800
     ggatctctga gttcaaggac agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta    205860
     cacagacaaa ccctgtctca acaaaccaaa agaaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    205920
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaatgt gtgcttattt    205980
     atttatggat aagttcttcc tatgttgccc aggctagccc tgtacaaata tttttttttt    206040
     cctgtagtgc ttgtctctga ggcttactac ctccctctgc taacctaggc ttcgtcctgg    206100
     aagcttctag catctgtaca acccttatct gggcctagaa tattttcagc ctccgctatt    206160
     tactcctgag taagaagctc atcttttctc gttctttctg agctctggct ggctggttaa    206220
     actcagctgt cctagctcaa actcctcccc aggctgactg gttcaatttg gcttctttcc    206280
     acttctcact gaattgccct gcttggcttt aaactaactc tagcaatctg ttctaatctc    206340
     ctggcttgtc attctctggc ttgttctctc ttcaacctaa ctctgtaaaa ctcttccaat    206400
     aaaactgcct cctccccctc tctctgttcc ctcttctttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt    206460
     gtttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc    206520
     aggctagcct ctaactcaga aatccccctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggatcaaggc    206580
     gtgcaccacc accgcctagc ttgcactgtt tcctcttacg tagtgactct ttcctctctg    206640
     ttctcatgag agttgggcat atcctattct gtcaaatctt tctctgattc gtcattttgt    206700
     cagcttctaa attagacatc actttcaaac acgtgtgctt ccttctacaa actagtttta    206760
     ccttcattgt ttatattaaa gctaacggct gagccatgca caccacaact agaaactgct    206820
     tttccttcct agtaaataac acaatctccg ggttcacaat gtgatcaaat atcctgcaac    206880
     atggccccaa agtccacctc accctctcct gtagctggga taacaggtgc atgatgctat    206940
     acctggctcc tgtgtttgtt gtttttattt atttatttga catacatttg gtgtatggcc    207000
     tacatgtatg tttgtgtgag ggtgtcagat cctctggaac tggaactaca gacagctgtg    207060
     agctgccatg tgggtgctgg gatttaaact taggtcctct gtaagaggac tcaaggccat    207120
     acttgaccta tgaggatata gtgaccacca tcaaatatgc tcactttctg aatacctgca    207180
     gtttccatct ttgctagatc ccaggctttg ggcccagggc cagtctcctg gggattgtta    207240
     ggggcttccc accagtcatt tgcttcatcc attacccccc tcttttccct tccattatgc    207300
     tgatcttttt tgaggggtac ccaagtctat tttacagcag tgtcattgcc atggtagaat    207360
     atttggtatt catccctaat gacagtacta ctacgtggtg attatgacaa tcaaaagcaa    207420
     accccaaacc tctgagccat gtaaaaacaa aatgagttgg aaaatcaatc ttgatccatc    207480
     tctcagtcct aacaatgttt tattttgaat cagggtctgc ttatgtaccc catgctatcc    207540
     ttgaacctgc tatgtagcat agactctgtg tcttcttgct ttagcctacc caaagctggg    207600
     atcatagtcc tagggcacca catccacctc ggaggaatga aagctatttc aggaagattc    207660
     cttgaacaga caaagcaagg tatgtaatgt atttagttgt actgttactg cccgtccctg    207720
     ttatgtccta aggccataga gatggatgat ttatggcacc attcatcttc ttgggaactc    207780
     actgaaatat aaatccaaca ttactattat aataatagtt ttggtgtcca cccctgcact    207840
     gtccacagac ccttgcctgc agaccagggt gctcagtcgc tggctgttca tgctgtacct    207900
     tcttgaactc gactgtgcag atctgcaggt tgttccgtgg atggagggga ctctggttcc    207960
     tctgtgcggt gacacaaggc actgacccct ctggggtcct aatcatctta acctacgcag    208020
     acactgaggg ggaggggaga ggagccagga gggagccttc caggtctctc cctctgtgtg    208080
     tgtcctctgt agcaccagtt gattctactg cgtgtgacct atagcctggc agttggtgtc    208140
     cctgggtcac ttctacaacc actgtgtttc agtaattacc tccaaataaa aagcttcctt    208200
     aaaaaaaaaa aaataataat aatagttttg ggttttttta aagatttatt tattatatat    208260
     aagtacactg tagctatctt cagacactcc agaaaaaggt gtcagatctc attatggatg    208320
     gttgtgagcc accatatggt tgctgggaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcag    208380
     tgctcttaac cgctgagcca tctctccagc ccagtttatt tgttttaatt tgctgctttt    208440
     cccctgaggc tgtctcacaa ttgggggaga aggggatttc tttaggtaat ccagatctac    208500
     tccctgcaga ccctgatagc cctgagaagt gaggctacta ctgtaaatat atctgttatc    208560
     aaataaatac tgttatcaaa gaaacaagag tgagtccaga gatagtagtg gcttacacct    208620
     ttaatccaag cacttggaag gcagaggcag gtggatctct ttgagtataa ggccaacctg    208680
     ttctacagag ttccaggaca accttgtctg cacagagaaa ccgttttgaa aaacaaagaa    208740
     agaaagaaac aaaaataaat agcttatttt acttttgttc tttttctttc ttctgttttt    208800
     ttctctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttcttccttt ctttcttcct ttccttattt    208860
     cttttttctt ttaggagtaa tataaagatt cttgttctcc caaaagctac caagagcaaa    208920
     acatcaacag taccaccgtg gctacagaag acatcggggg aggaagcgtg tcttcctcgc    208980
     acttaaggaa gctggtggcg tccgatggct cctgtgaaga tcagccatgt ggtgtcattt    209040
     tcctctcagg tatattagcc acccatcacg attgcttttc tcttggtgat taaagggaat    209100
     ggataaacat agaagatttg ctgtgctttg tagatggctg acaaagccct aggcctatct    209160
     ataccagagt ccctagatgg cagtttggtc attatgctaa tgaaattaat ctagaggact    209220
     caaggccata cttgacctat gaggatatag tgaccaccat caaatatgct cactttctga    209280
     atacctgcag tttccatctt tgctagatcc caggctttgg gcccagggcc agtctcctgg    209340
     ggattgttag gggcttctca ccagtcattt gcttcatcca ttacccccct cttttccctt    209400
     ccattatgct gatcttttct gaggggtacc caagtctatt ttacagcagt gtcattgcca    209460
     tggtagaata tttggtattc atccctaatg acagtactac tacgtggtga ttatgacaat    209520
     caaaagcaaa ccccaaatgg ggttcaagag atgatgcagt ggttagagca cttgctgtct    209580
     tgcagaagac gtagtttcaa ttcttagcac cctatgcaat agttcacatc catactttac    209640
     cccagtttca gggaatccaa cagccatgta agtagtgaac atacatgtat cctggcaaag    209700
     agtcatacac ataaaataaa aataaataac attttaaaat ccctgcacat ttcagagagc    209760
     ttccttagat ggtgcttagg aactactata ttaacccaca aaattaacta aaaagttttt    209820
     caccttcctt acctgcaagt cagcttgaac tctcctcatt gtcctcctct ttttctttgt    209880
     tttcttgaga ctcacgatat atccctgaca ggcgtagaac tctctctata caccaggatg    209940
     gcctctaact caaaaagatg tatctgcctt tgctcctgag tactgttttc gtttgtttgt    210000
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttga gagaaggtct tgccctgtag cctaggctgg cctttaactc    210060
     aactgtgtat ccagggttgg cctctaactc tcaagtcgtc ctgctttaac ttcctgggtg    210120
     ctggaattat aggtctgtac ccaccttcta atgttttgtc atagactctt ccagaactct    210180
     gtggagactg ttctagaagc tgaagagagg atgagagcgt gtctatagcc tccctcccca    210240
     gctatgttct agagctttcc ttttacttta tgaaaaaaac actcagacac atgtgacgtt    210300
     aacagttaaa agaaagatat tattgctgaa acaagctggg tgtagtgtta cacatctata    210360
     gttctaactc ttgggagttt atgtttgaag ctagcctgga ctaaataaac aaacatttca    210420
     tagaattatt ttgaaggtaa ataaatgtct gtgtaaaggt cttatgaata aggagctatt    210480
     agtacagtat agtgttaaga gctctatttt aggaacttgg ggttgtgtct tgctcagtaa    210540
     tttagcctga agttttgggt cggttttaaa gctcctccca gccctgcctg ccatgcttca    210600
     gtttatttct ctaactaggc agaggtagtg gtcacaaccc aagagtcctt aaggaggatt    210660
     aaatgtggta gtctggtaag tgaatgacag gtaaatgcct gagagtcagg ctccctgagt    210720
     tcctagggct gcccctggtg ctttctgtca tgttgagggg cctcagcagg tctggaattg    210780
     taggtatctc ttattcttag gtgtctcttg cccttgtgag ctcagaaacc ctcctatttt    210840
     tctcttaatt tctctgatgt aggatcccaa atatcctgtg gagaacttgc tgaacccaga    210900
     cagtcacagg ggaccctggc tcagctgccc tcaggacaag actggacaac tgaaagtgga    210960
     gtttcagctg gagagggcag tgcccataag ctatattgat gttggtgagt gaattttcag    211020
     ggcctttggg acctctgagg aatgagatga ccctccccac tcccctcagc tatctcagtt    211080
     ccctccaact gcgtagcctt ctggaaaaag gcctgcctag atgtgaggag acaatgtgct    211140
     ctttaccctt ggggaaggct tggtgctgaa gaaacccagc atcttcgttc ctagagaatg    211200
     caataaagtc cccagaacac acatttaaag ctaggcatgg gtctgggaga ctgctcagga    211260
     ggtaaagcac ttgcgataga aatataagga tctgagtttg agttcccaga atccatgaga    211320
     accagatggg atactccaca tctgtaagcc cagtgcctct atggaagaca agaagctctc    211380
     agacaagcta gtgtgactaa cacaacagca aacaacaaca gagatagcct acctcaaaca    211440
     aagtagaagg ggagggcgat ggacacacac acacacagcc aaatgtggtg tcatagtccc    211500
     tgtaatgcca gcacttggga gggagagatg aacttctact tgaatcactg gtgtgctgca    211560
     tagttgaatg tcaacttgac acaagctaaa atcatctgag tggatcgagc ctcagttaag    211620
     aaaatgcctc cagttcaagg ccagcttggt ctgcagagtt agttccagaa cagccagggc    211680
     gacataaaga aatgccgtct caaaaacaaa caaaagaaca aaaacaaata aataaaagaa    211740
     agaaagaaaa tgcctccata agattatgct gtaggcaaga ctgtagagca ttttctcgtt    211800
     ttttttcttt tttctttttt ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggat    211860
     gtcctgaaac tcactttgta gaccaggcta gcctagaact cagaaatcta cctgtctctg    211920
     cctctcaagt gctgggatta aaggtgtgcg cctccaccac ccggccgaga attttctttc    211980
     tttctttttt ttttttaata tttattttat tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag    212040
     agactccaga agagtgcatc agatttcgtt atagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc    212100
     tgggatttga actcaggaac tttggaagag cagtcggcgc tcttaactgc tgagccatct    212160
     caccagctca agaattttct taattattga ttaatgtggg aagccctttg tcagtggttc    212220
     ctggtttccg taggaaagca ggcagctgga caggggcagt acacaccttt aatcccagca    212280
     cttagtaggc agaggcaagt ggatctctga gtttgagacc agccttgtct acagagtaaa    212340
     ttacaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa cactgtcttg aaaaaaagaa aggaaggaaa    212400
     gaaggaagga agaaaagaag gaaggaagga agagcaagca agcaagcaag ctaagcaaac    212460
     catgggaatt gagcaccttc catggcctct gcaccagctc ctacctccag gctcctgccc    212520
     tgtgtgagtt cctgtcctca ctgcttttag tgatgccagt taccttgagt gttttgtttt    212580
     tcagagctga ggaccaaacc cagggccttg cgcttgctag gcaagtgttc taccactgag    212640
     ctaaatcccc aaccccttca atgatgaaca ttgatatgaa agtataagcc aaatggaccc    212700
     tttccacccc aactttgctt cggtcacagt ggcctacttg gcaagctcca ggccaataaa    212760
     agattgtctt taaaatacaa ggtgagagcc gggcagtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccta    212820
     gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt    212880
     gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaacc aaccaaacaa    212940
     acaaacaaaa aaacaaggtg agggtattga agagatggct gagtggttaa gagcactggc    213000
     tgctcttcta gaggacatag gttcaattct cagtaccctc atggtgacta acaagcatct    213060
     gtaagttcag atccaggaga tctgacttcc tcttcagatc tctgaggata ccaggcactc    213120
     aagtggtaca cagacatgaa tgcagtaaaa tacccatacg tgtgcaataa aacaactttt    213180
     taaaagaaga tggacagctt tctgttaaga ctctgtccaa gttggcttta gaattcttca    213240
     gactaaagac tggttagagg ccactgtctt ggatttctca ggaatccctt ctaaggaaca    213300
     gtgcctccca gggcaggttt caggctgaga tggctatggt gacccttcac catcatttaa    213360
     tggtctgggg tttcattcca ttgcagttgg tggctccttg tgtgactgct gtagtgtggg    213420
     tgtcccttcc cgccccgtcc gtactctccg tcatcctcat cagccttcca ctttttgccc    213480
     tcaggaaact gtggctgtgc tttcctacag attgatgtgg gtcgttcttc ctggcccctg    213540
     gacagacctt tcgtcaccct gctccctgcc accatgctaa tgtcccgcac tgactccaag    213600
     tcggggaaga accgctcagg ggtccggatg tttaaagatg gtaaagaggg caaaagcaga    213660
     aaggcagatg cagtgtagag gcagggctta gtgctgctgg ggggtagcct gtgggaggga    213720
     gcccgtgcta gggcttagcc gcatctgtta ggagcacagg gtaggctagt gtttgtgtga    213780
     gttctgcctg gtgacaagga tggggatata gatgagtatg atttatatat ttacctgtga    213840
     ctcgttggtg tctggttcat tgtgtttcag ggttttggtt gttgtgcagc ccaggctagc    213900
     cttaaatact tcctgcccta gcctcccagg tgctagaatt acagacatac gccaccacat    213960
     ccatttcaat acatgttttt atttgaataa ttgtgtttaa tttctagcat gacaaaaaaa    214020
     gaaaaaagta tagaataaat tttgctggct atatttatat aatacatagt ttttcttgaa    214080
     ttcttctcat gcaaatctgt gtttaccagg catgtaacag atgcataata tatgattcct    214140
     ggactctcag gcatacagtc tgtttatctg tgtttaaatt ggacattttt gtcttgtaga    214200
     ataagagtga gattttggag aggtttttga ggtataggga acaatacact gactggatca    214260
     tgttaagaat caaaaatgtg ttggggctgg tgagatggct cagtgggtaa gagcacccaa    214320
     ctgctcttcc aaaggtcgga agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc    214380
     cgtaacaaga tctgactccc tcttctggag tgtctgagga cagctacagt gtacttacat    214440
     ataataaata aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa aaaaagaatc aaaaatgtga agtttggggt    214500
     gctggagaga tggtgcagag gttaagagca ctgtttactc tagagttcag tttccagcaa    214560
     ccacatggtg gctcaaccat ttctagtgag atctggtgcc ctcttctggc ctgcaggcac    214620
     acatgcaggc agaacacggt acagagtaaa tacatttttt atcttttttt taagttaagt    214680
     ttgtggtatt ggtgtttgat actgtggagg ctgcatagag tgggtaggag tgtgtgggag    214740
     gttgcagcct catgttcagg agggtggaga ctggtatgga actgtggtgg aggagtgggt    214800
     agaagacaag gaactaggct gaaagggccc tgcctcacca gttttccaga ccttcccctg    214860
     agcagcacag cctgaaggga cgtgtaccgc tgatctccat tcttcctctg gttggcatct    214920
     gccgcgtgtt ggccttgact tggcttgcct ttcttctgat gcggacgttc tccctgcctc    214980
     ctccttctct gttgctcaag ctcacacttg catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    215040
     cacacacaca ccttcccctc tccttctccc tctctccagg gtctcatgta gcctaagcaa    215100
     acctgaaact tgctttgcaa tcaaggctag cctcttgcct ctattcccaa gtgctgagat    215160
     gacacatgcc cgctttcctc ccgccctccc cctctctctc tcatttgtaa atatttattt    215220
     ctattgttct atttatgtag atgggggggt ggatatatgt acttgtacct gaggaggcca    215280
     gaagagagtg tgggattccc gggactagaa ttacaggtaa accatgtgac atgggtgcta    215340
     ggaactgaac tctggtcctc tgcaagaata acgagtgctc ttaactactg agccctctct    215400
     ccagcccttc ctttttctct gatgtttttt cttcaggtga tttcctgact ccagcctcag    215460
     gagagtcctg ggatcgactt cgattgacct gctcccaacc tttcacacgt catcagtcct    215520
     ttggcctggc cttcctacga gtgcgttcct ctctgggctc tctggctgac cctgtagtag    215580
     atccctcagc ccctgggagc tctgggctta accaggtatg ttctaacttt tcagtttcta    215640
     gttagaacct gatacttgat tgaagaaaag agagagaaag aatataagat tttctgcgta    215700
     tgaactaatg acatggactg atccatggta tggttaagtg gaaggttttt ttgtagatat    215760
     aaaaaagaga gcagaggcag gcagatttct gagttcgagg ccggcctggt ctacaaagtg    215820
     agttccagga cagtcaggac tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaaaca gaaagagaga    215880
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaaa    215940
     ttccttttgg tagaggggac tggctttaca agcccctgag caaccaccag aaatcctact    216000
     agagttcagg ctgagaccat ttctggatat ttgagctgcc agtgccaggt ggaataatgg    216060
     tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttggggtttt ttttgttttt tgtttttttc gagacagggt    216120
     ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg acctcgaact    216180
     cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta gaggtgtatt agtccctgta    216240
     ggctggtttt acccaatagt gtggattctt ttagttccag agcccttctg atcctgacaa    216300
     aaccctgagc atacaaaaat cacagtgtta tagattgctc acggcagata caatcatgtt    216360
     cgttcctagg cagcagtgtc ccctgctggt aaatctgggt attctccatt ttctcctcag    216420
     aactctacag atgtgctgga gtctgatcct aggccctggc tgactaatcc ttctatccgg    216480
     aggacattct tccccgatcc ccagacgtat gtacctgctg ttgatatttc tcaaggacaa    216540
     ggccatatag ctcatgggca caaaaaccca tcccgtggtc ccctggttag tcacttaagg    216600
     tctaaacatg tcagaatggc aaactatgtt tcattcaagt aagtagagta atgtctgtat    216660
     tctgagtgaa accagttact acgtctctgc aggagcacca aggaaatttc agagctcaag    216720
     ggtatgttga agcagttgca gccagggcct ctggggcggg cagcccgcat ggtgctttct    216780
     gctgcccgta aggcccctcc agccagtgtg gtaagcccaa acaacagcca cggagaacca    216840
     ggtcccagcc gtgcagagag tgcaggtgag gctgcccttc ttccccgact ctaccgcagc    216900
     gtactggact agctcactgg cttcaagtga agggaaaact gtcaggggag agagaaatta    216960
     aatcctacat aatggctgta agaatactgg cctaggaacc aggaaccttt gtctttgcct    217020
     ctctttgctc atgtttatag gaaaagggtt aaaccaaata atagctcagc ccggtgcagt    217080
     attagcattc tgtgatcatc tcagaaagac aactgtggtg aattcctcaa gcccaactct    217140
     tgggaagtgg aggaagcaga aggtcaatag tcaagatcat tctcggctac agacagagct    217200
     gcaggccacc ttgaggaaca caagaccctg tgacaaagga aaaggaatgt cagcatctca    217260
     gagtgtcaac atctcagagt gtcagcatct cagagtgtgg cggctatttc attggtgaca    217320
     aacacgaggg aatgacaggg ccaaccagaa gtcacagctt ttttaccccc ttaagataag    217380
     atctctcact acttagctct tagctggccc agaactcact gggacctact agcctctgcc    217440
     tctcaagtgc tggattaaag gtgcatccta gcgttctgca accttctcat agatgccgtg    217500
     ccatttgcta gagaccacct acactcagag gagctctcgg tacaaacagg cagtcggtaa    217560
     tgggggtcat ttcagaggct gtaagaggag actgaaaaga aaccaagcat tcggggattt    217620
     gggggtatac tgttgataag gtactgagat tatgtaagcc ctttgaaata cattcagtgc    217680
     cgtacgtacc aagtgtgtct gaaatttcaa ataagtaatt agtgactatt gggttttgtt    217740
     aacactcact tgacaggcat ttaatgaata tcgctatgtg ctaacctcat atggagccag    217800
     agatagctat aattaataaa ataacagtgc tcatatctta gtaaagaaat gcccgtgtca    217860
     aacaaggaaa tctaaagttc atctataagt actttgaagg aaaagaccat agaatatcaa    217920
     gatttcagtc agaaaatcca gggaaagacc ttacaggaaa aagtatttcc ttattgaatg    217980
     agcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattga gcagacagag aagatagaat atcttgaaag    218040
     aaaagttaaa gtgtggaggc cttcaggaaa tagctagact gtttgatttt gtctttcaaa    218100
     agaatgtctt aacactcatc ccagttgacc ttaaacctgc tcccagtgct gggcttacag    218160
     gcacgagcca tcatgtctgg gggacaagaa attattaacg agcatttcta acgcagagcc    218220
     cagagcagaa gaaccaaaca ggaagacggc tgtgggcaga aggaagagga ggaaagtgca    218280
     ggagccaagg aggtaggcag ccgtcctccc cagcccgctg ctctcctaag cccttccccg    218340
     gtcatagtga gccagaatca gaagatcagg tcacacgcac actgcatgtg atcacaatgt    218400
     acatcttaca gcttagacct gtaatcctag cactcaggaa gcttatacat ttgacaacta    218460
     ggactgctgg actagtggga tacacagcaa gtttcaggcc agcctgaaat cagtgtttgc    218520
     tggtgtctat ggggacagac agacgaatgt ggagtgactg acatgcattt ggagtttcct    218580
     gggggttgat agaaaacgtc ctagaaatac ttagttactc agctttaatc catgtttcca    218640
     aaggctaatt tttttttctt tttcttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggttgtcc    218700
     tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct caaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc    218760
     ccgagtgcta ggaccgaagg ctaatttatg gtatgtgtat aatctcagtt ttaaaattga    218820
     aaaactgcta ggcatgatgg catacgcctt taatcccaga agctgaaagg caaagacagt    218880
     ccgaacttga gttctaggaa agcctggtct acctctaagt tctaggatat acagggctac    218940
     atagtgagac cctatttcaa aattaattaa tttttagaaa ctgaggccaa tggtagaagc    219000
     tctgttgtca aatgctcgaa ggttaactgc tttcctccaa gtctgtcata tcgagtggga    219060
     aaatcagtta ctctttccac tttcttcttc atgcttctga tccagattct ataccttcag    219120
     cctttgtagt ctctcccaga tagctgccct taaactgttc tttcccacag atcgttgtcc    219180
     aactcgagtt ctcagccaaa taggaggaca ggaaggacaa gacaaagaca gcaccgacct    219240
     cagaccaaaa gtgatgacgg tggtgtgcag gctgctggac agtgtcctat ttgtgcaggt    219300
     gaactgcatc aatcaccatg ggggtgggtg tcgttctaga caattagtgg gctccaagta    219360
     caatagaaga ccctgtctca aatagttgga gaagcaatac gatacgaagt atcagcctct    219420
     ggcctccata agtgcatgca tatggtacac acataccaat cagttttgtt acacacacag    219480
     ttttgatttg tccaagcctg gcagcaatgt tctttatgct catagctgat ctttcccagt    219540
     agactcaatg ttctgtaagg atgtccatgt ccctctccgc ctagtaaatg tctgatggat    219600
     gtctgcagac atatgatagt gtctctcagc aagcacttgc actgtggcag cagatactcc    219660
     cttcagcaac tggggatggc agcttgcctg ggagcaggcc cagtttaact gtctcctttt    219720
     ctccttaggt ttcttcagta ttgagactct tccccagcat gctgcaactt gtggagagag    219780
     ccccccaccc cagccagctt ctcctgcctc cttgtcttcc tcggagtccg tgctgtgggt    219840
     ctcctcccca gagagctcgc cgccaccttc ctgggtccag tgccctatct gtgaattaca    219900
     gttctcagca agagaaatag aagaacatgc cagcgtgtgt ggggaagttt tgccagcctg    219960
     agcagtgacg ttctgttgac cctttatgtt ggagcctggg gaatggatct ctggtggcta    220020
     agaagggttg ggtcccctcc ctccagctat tactcaggac tccgcctgcc tgagaacact    220080
     gtggacccag cttgctcccc attcctgttg tcaaggcttt gtcactatgg tacccaattc    220140
     tcaaaggata ttttcccctt agaacttctt tggtagaatt gatgatctct ccaaggcctt    220200
     aggatactat ctagaatgtg ttacctaatg cccattttcc tgaatgaaaa actgaggctc    220260
     agtcaggggg aaataatggc tgggaattat aaagttatgc tgtttgggaa gatgagtgaa    220320
     tgagtcttga gtgtgaaact aacgagttcc atatgacctt gaccttctgt gttcttcatg    220380
     ggtatctgtc tcagatgtag tcagatgact ctgaaacttt acttctcatg ggtgtgaaat    220440
     ggatcttcag taacatgaaa accctcttcc tactcacatg gttcttaagg gagccagaga    220500
     gattcctttc taaggagtag atgattctgg gcatggcttg taagggtttg agcaaatctc    220560
     attccaacta tttgagatag ttggaccaca gtgtctcccc tggagctgtg gtagttcaat    220620
     tctgctttaa agaattgtgc acgcttccct ttttccccag gagacgtcat catgtggcac    220680
     taacacccgt tccccttgtc cccaaggtac gaggcaggga gagagcagct ggtcctgatg    220740
     aagggagggc acagggtggg gctttgggta gaaataaaag agaatgctag gcacagtcaa    220800
     gggagaggca gagctggagt tcaagcattc agcccctgcc cacagaggtg ggtgcagcca    220860
     tggaccccct ttcggtaaga gacccctgct ttcctcccct cttcatccca gtccccgggg    220920
     atgcagggac agcctgctgc cagacaagtc tgggatgctg ctgctggtgg gagagccctc    220980
     ggatccctga tccagggcct agaagaaaag agcaaagggc tgggcctggt agaagaacag    221040
     gaccaaacac taaggagtag agatgctccc caaagtagaa gacagattga gagcgggtgg    221100
     tggaagggaa catcttaagg tcctgctaga gccctctgca tagacaaagg gtttagggaa    221160
     agcccagctt gaagaccctc catgtgtgcg tgtctgaact tgtccttcag agagagaaac    221220
     agctagaaga tcaagcaagc tgggatccta ttcttgccag attctgtgtg cttgtgtgta    221280
     ggttaggtac ctagtgtggc cccgaccacc tactctaatc acctcttcag ggaactgaca    221340
     ctgggccctg ctacgtggga ttttttataa gagtggaagt gagcagagta aacactcccc    221400
     acactagcgt ttcctaagtg aatctacata ataaaatggt gaacaagaca gtatgtgttg    221460
     ccgatctgtg tttgggacga ggaaggcatg atagctgatt acagaaggta atcttgggaa    221520
     ctcagagtgc tatctctcct tcacctagcc acagcccaac tggactgaga ttgtgaacaa    221580
     aaagctcaaa ttccccccca cactcctgcg tgccatccag gagggccagc tgggtcttgt    221640
     gcagcagctg ctggaatcca gttccgatgc ctcgggtgct gggccaggtg gtcctctgcg    221700
     gaatgtggaa gagtctgagg accgctcctg gagggaagcc ctcaacctgg ccatccgcct    221760
     gggccacgag gtcatcactg atgttctgct ggccaatgtc aaattcgact ttcggcagat    221820
     ccacgaagcc ctgctagtgg ctgtggacac aaaccagcca gcagtggtgc gtcgcctgct    221880
     agcgcggctg gagcgggaga aaggtcgaaa agtagacacc aagtctttct ctctagcctt    221940
     ctttgactca tcgattgatg gctcccgctt tgcccctggt gtcactccac tcacactggc    222000
     ctgccagaag gacctgtatg agattgccca gctgcttatg gaccagggcc ataccattgc    222060
     tcggccccac ccagtttcct gtgcctgcct cgagtgcagc aatgcccgcc gatacgacct    222120
     gctgaagttc tcactatccc gaatcaacac ctaccgaggc attgcaagcc gggctcacct    222180
     ctcgctggcc agtgaggatg ccatgctggc cgcttttcag ctcagccggg agctcaggcg    222240
     ccttgcacga aaggagcctg agtttaaggt ttgttacccc ccccccccat ttcttaactc    222300
     catcctgccc tcagtgccct gtgtctgttg ttgcactggg acaggattgg gctttgtggt    222360
     ggctgttgta ggaagtttga gaagtgggaa acagcaagca gggatggagc ctcttgtttt    222420
     aagaacaacg attttatcca gaacagactt tcattccagt gacagccact tatgtgagga    222480
     ataagtggct tccaccttag ggtactctag atccatctaa gggaagagag aagactagaa    222540
     agcagcttag atgggacatt cagtgagtgt tccccttagg gatgcccagt gtatacgtac    222600
     tgtgtgttgg gactctcaag cttgtgatca tgaaaagggg gacaagacgt tcccaggact    222660
     ttattcagcg cctctgcgga tggtcctgac agggcttgca aagcacagaa aacaggaaaa    222720
     gaaagagcaa cctgcggctt ctgtgttttg gaaaaattct taggggaaga ggtgtctaag    222780
     cttggctgtg gaagggactg gttagagaag atgagcagcg aaggtggttg aagtggagct    222840
     gaaggcctag cgagtggtac ataatgaggc tggagacagc tcagttggca gagcacccgt    222900
     gcatgggctg gactttcatc cccagcactg tgtggtgggt cacacctgcg atcccagcac    222960
     ctgggtcgta gagagctcaa gagcatcttt ggtaagtttt aggccagcct ggaatacatg    223020
     agaccttacc tcaacaaccc taccccaaaa aaagtatgag gacctgggat ggaccaaaga    223080
     tatatggagt acctggtcta ggcctggcat tgcaccactc ctgtttgtcc atcagtgagc    223140
     ctttggcatt ccctttgtgc caagccagac tgtctccatc ctcaagactg tcattaggta    223200
     gggaacctat gagggtctca tgaaagccta ggacaagttg gggccagaga accaagagaa    223260
     tagaaaggtc cccaccagga aagagcagtg ctcaaaggac ttttcccatc tcatagcagc    223320
     ttgtggagtg ggcaggacag gaattctcat ccatacttta caggcagaga ctgaggactt    223380
     tttaaaaatg tttcctgtct gagggagagt gctaaggact gacttagaac ctcgctggag    223440
     aaaaagctcc aagtagaaca agacagggtg gaaaatatgc agctaggaac tccgcactct    223500
     tttctgcatc tccttaaact gctggtactg gttccatatc agggcggaaa aagtcaacaa    223560
     aatgagcaca agtgtaagag gtagggcagt gaggtggctt ggcagggaga gatgccgctg    223620
     ccgttgccgt tgccgttgcc gttgctgccg ctgccgctgc tgctgctgct caagcctggc    223680
     tacctgagct caatcctagg acccaaataa aagtagaaag agaaccaatt caacaaagtt    223740
     gtctgaccag cacatgcgtg ctatggtatg tgtacctgca tacttatcac atacaataac    223800
     tgtttaaata aagtatagga agtcggagtt gtagtgggac aggagtcagc gattagaaga    223860
     ggaaatccga ggagcagaca aacgtgttag gtttgggctg tagtgtctta gtgatgcggt    223920
     ggggataaca tcagttaagt gaaggtgaca caggaccgat gaggtagcag gggaatggaa    223980
     tagacccggt gatgtcagag ctaaccctgg cccacggttc cgggaaaggg gaggagcagg    224040
     agcaggggca ggttggtctg atggcacaca acacttttct tacagcctca gtacattgcc    224100
     ctggagtctc tctgccagga ctatggcttc gagttgctgg gcatgtgccg aaatcagagt    224160
     gaggtcaccg cagtgctcaa tgacctgggt gaggatagtg agactgagcc tgaggctgag    224220
     ggcctgggtc aggcctttga ggagggcatc cccaacctgg caagactgcg gttggctgtc    224280
     aactacaacc agaaacaggt cggttgggtc ctactgcctg ccctccctta ccctggtcat    224340
     ttgtcctgtg ttctctaagg catgtccaga gtcagccata tctcgggact tcctctatcc    224400
     ttgggaattc tgagaccttg attctgacct tccatatgag cccttaacag caagaggggc    224460
     ggtttcccat ccgctcctgg ttaccttcaa tctgagcact aacggtcctt ggaaagctag    224520
     tcaccaccag gatcccacac tcaggtctca cacaggctta gctttgcctc tagcctaatg    224580
     aataactttg gcccagactt atgcttttag actacaacac ctgactctat ataataagga    224640
     gttaaatgcc tggtgatttt ttttcttttc tgtctcatta gatgccttac ccaacagaca    224700
     agctaaagac aggatctctg tccagcctcc cacagcccct gactctttac tctcaacccc    224760
     atacagatag cctgacccac aaagcatgct accaaagctc tcctgtgtgc catcttcact    224820
     gacctggtac tcatgacagg agacccatat tgcatgcccc ttccctcctc aagatccttt    224880
     gtccagactt ctattacata tacctactga ggcaggcagg gagcactgag aattc         224935