ID   AC149596; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 187362 BP.
AC   AC149596;
DT   11-JUN-2004 (Rel. 80, Created)
DT   29-JAN-2005 (Rel. 82, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-424J20 from 7, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-187362
RA   Cordes M., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-424J20";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-187362
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-JUN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-187362
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-DEC-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-187362
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (28-JAN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 8c34e556bb3f98bd27c914353b89e1bc.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456138.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0033006; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0033010; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032897; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032901; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0033602; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0087142; mus_musculus_aj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0087897; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z480; F2Z480_MOUSE.
CC   On Dec 23, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:48525451.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0424J20
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..187362
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /map="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-424J20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    11787..11887
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   unsure          179033..179313
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
SQ   Sequence 187362 BP; 51096 A; 45983 C; 44171 G; 46112 T; 0 other;
     gatcccagga acgtcatggc tgccaacttc tccccactgc tcttttttcc taggtcctaa        60
     actttcctgt ctgagtttgc ttccctgagt agtgtgacac tcccttcctg cctttctctt       120
     tctctagggg cctatacaca ggtacccttc tcggagaagc cttccctggc tggggagata       180
     gcaccatcgc cccaactaaa tggcctgttt cttctgtgac caacttacta cagcccacta       240
     ttttaccacg agtctactct tatacttacg ggacaggcac attgatggct ctctagccac       300
     accaacccaa ggatgtgcca cagtctttca cacactatcc ctgagtcaat attagctgaa       360
     ttgacaaaac aaataggtct agtaccacag agctcaaggt gcatgatatg ggagccaaag       420
     agaaagcggt gctgcagaaa gatgagccaa caaaagtgcc ttttccacag catcccctca       480
     ctatcccctg atgtttatct gtattcagat tcccattcag caaatattta taaactaccc       540
     actaagcatc acccttgcct ccctctgtac ccactaagtg ccaggtctta cttagcactt       600
     gatcactttt gtttccacct gatggcctag attcctgtgt gcatggtctt agccaatcag       660
     tcacccctat tgcaaaaagc aaatgacact acacacaaat gccttgcaca cagtaggcac       720
     acaggagggg gcggctagta ttataatgga tcatgctact tactatattt catcatcatt       780
     ttggcgttgt tcttttcccc ctagatgcct ggtataagca cagcatccaa tgtttgttga       840
     aggaaagaac ggtatctgct aggccagagt gagagacaga cacacaggct caaacttccc       900
     catgttaggg acacccagac atgataggaa actagccatg ttcctgaggg ctgtggaaat       960
     caagggagct ggagtatgct tagcagaaga ggttgtttcc tttggctttc atcctagaca      1020
     ataaacacca gctccaagtt cagcagccca tcagtgtgag gtagaaagag gatgagcagc      1080
     caagggaagc ctcaggaacc tacagggctc agctcgacag agctttccca gaagccttgt      1140
     ccatgccaac tccagggcag ctccaaggac agacattccc aaccaagcca cagcaaggat      1200
     tatgagatca gtgtgtggcc ttgggacgga ggctctgctg gcgtctaaag gcatagagag      1260
     ggtagtgact gtttcatgga acaccctgga gatggatgac cccggcactt atcagtgtgt      1320
     gagcagtggt agtcacctca tcttctctga tatctttagc gaggccttgc caccagcagg      1380
     ggtcttggat tagaagggca ggaaataacc tttctctgtt agtgacacta ttctggagcc      1440
     atcaaaaata acatgagcac tgcctccctt tcccactttg ggctctctta ctttccagca      1500
     taccctctct ctaagtcacc tgagcttgcg tgggtggctc tgtcaatggc ctgacctgag      1560
     ctgtgggaag acagaggagt gaagtccttt ctagagcaca tggggcaagt acttagccac      1620
     agcaaagaca tcataagaag gggcccaggc ctccacgctt ctacggagca tcacagcagc      1680
     atatatcctt ggctcgatgc caagccagag gctagtagga gaatgtactc caggctcagg      1740
     gaggggccat gactgggggc tctggtggcc tggctggctc cagaacaagg cgttgcttcc      1800
     atgacctgga aatgcagtcc caccatgacc agaatgctgg ctggctttgg ggaccattcc      1860
     aaggaatgag gaggcagact gggcacatgg tgtgctcaca ctgcagaaca agatttgtca      1920
     ttaacgagga ccacaggcca agccgggttc ccggaatgcc aagggtctct gcggctcccg      1980
     ccccaggtcc cctgggagac tacctttctg aaccttgtcc agctccctct gggagctttt      2040
     catgttctgt atcaaggctg tcaggtagag cttggccaag gtcccagact gaaagatctg      2100
     agggtggtgg agttcccact tgaagccgag gcattcaagg atcacgtctg agagagaaag      2160
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagaaagcg      2220
     atgcttggtc agttcaggaa cattgctgcc tgaggataca tcgtctctcc cacaatggtc      2280
     atagccattc aacagacaat ggggacaagt ggcttgtcca ggtcttagtg tagtgtgggg      2340
     ccaagcactt gctggctttg agggggacta cacaagcagt gttatggcag tgtttctaga      2400
     gccgttgaca aagttgtaga tttccaaggc atataagctg ccctttaact cgggctcttt      2460
     aggaccctct tgggtgaatt ctcttaggag gcttcatatt gaagtaagat ggccctgtaa      2520
     agaccctttg caaactgtgg agtgctttag gtggggcatc ctgtcctgtg tctgtcatag      2580
     atgattaaga ggagaccttg atagaggggc aggtaaatga cacaaggatg ccaggccatg      2640
     gtgaggcagg aggggagtgg gtgggaggac tctgactctg ttcttactgt tagcactgaa      2700
     ctggaggagg ggctggtgaa agagacagtt gttccaaacc aggcatgatc tagagggcca      2760
     cttgctgttt cttgttttct tggcaagaaa gtttgactct gtgacttggg gtacctgtgt      2820
     cctctccctg atactgtcat ttatgaactt aagatattgt ttcatgtcga agttaagaaa      2880
     atgagtttgt gtgttatatc ttggactacc tcaggtattt tatttatgtc tggctttttt      2940
     ttaaagcccc atatatgtgg ggtgactata gaaaggaaca gaattattcc tctctgaaca      3000
     tcagtctcaa atttgaaggt ggccattaca tggcagacat cactaatcaa tcctagtatc      3060
     ctttctcctt gatgtaagaa ggtttcagat tgcttctcta ggtcattaga gttggcagat      3120
     gagaataggt tattagcttt cccttggaaa agaggctgtc tctgaccttg ggcaaccatt      3180
     ctgtggggct taaccctgaa aaactccttt aagaggctaa cactggagta ggggcatggc      3240
     tcagtgggtg tgtgtatgac tggtatattt gagggccagg ttcagtctcc agcgtaacaa      3300
     gatgtaggaa aaaacccact acagtatctt cccactttcc tcacctggct cagtggatct      3360
     ttttcctctt ctgatttatg ctcctatcac agcaaagtcc tttggggaaa gtgtcaagct      3420
     gatgtcagtc atgactggct aaatcccaaa gggacaaaac cccagttgcc ctgttcctga      3480
     gtgctatgtt tagacttccc tcaggctact tattgacatc agtgtgtttg tgtttatgta      3540
     cccactggga catgtgtatg tgtatgcgta tgttgttcta cttgtcacac ataggaggct      3600
     gtttacaggc accacctcat gttagacact gcggtgcgtg agaattgcgg tccacagaac      3660
     agagacctgc caatggctgg ctcccttcca cagggaccat aggaggccca tgacgtcagc      3720
     atagctctgg ttgaatccac tggtgaccgc tcacctgctt ccccgctttg ggtgccactg      3780
     ttcatgatat tttcggagaa aagcttctgg aattttgaga tacataatct tgaggggaaa      3840
     cacaaacaga agacccagca gttaatatta agtcaatttt ttttttttgc taactataaa      3900
     agtcataaaa ggtgtaggtg acaagctctg tatgtcttat gtgagccaag agttggggaa      3960
     agagggacaa tggccacaaa ccttaaattt ctgcaccaga tagattgtca tggagctccg      4020
     tctagctggt tttggcgttg gtgcttgttt ggctgtgtga cctgggctac ctgtttcttc      4080
     ttcccgatgt ggttactatt gctcaccaac tttatgatag tgtttcatgg cagggttcag      4140
     aaactggacc acaactcatc ccactgtata gtttattaga acatcagtcc ctacaccatc      4200
     cattcccaca gcagccatcc atacactatc cttacatcat ccgtccgcac aatatacatc      4260
     catcattaga gcatcctcac atcatctctc cttacagcat ccagccctaa aacatcacct      4320
     tatcacagtt ttctcaactc tcctgagagt tgaccccaaa acacggatcc ctacttcggc      4380
     ctgtaagctt gacttgccaa ggaggtattc aaggcttacc cctgccagta gaatggcaat      4440
     agacgttcct ttgggacgtc tctaaaacag tggtatacag taggtactca ctagatatct      4500
     cctggggaag agcacagagt gttcttttgt gagatattag ctggtgtcat acgctgccag      4560
     tctcaggaca tctgaaaatt aacttcacag tctagctcaa accctactct gttcctctac      4620
     ccgagtttct gtttcacgaa gtggaccctc aggtacccga gccagtcacc tgggcattgt      4680
     cacctctgag catgtgtctc catctgatga gatgctcttt gcaatccgtt cgtgcatctt      4740
     tgccttcgtt tctcaccctt tctccagact gtgtcttgtg tccccagtca ctgcctgtct      4800
     cccacccttc cagcattttc ctccttggat tcacacccca tacaacacac agatctgatc      4860
     ttgtctctcc tgttggggat ccaccactga gtccctatag actcaaagct acaagctcct      4920
     gcctcactac tgccttgtgc ccccccccac tctgctgcag ccctttctgg cttcatgaac      4980
     acagttccta caaactcaca gaccccattc ctgtgctgag gattctcctg cctctctcct      5040
     aggctcttat taattctcta gggaaaatac tcattgctgc tttctctggg ccagcacctc      5100
     catcccctat acaccccaag actgtcccat taaaactcct gcaatgtctt ctgtttgcct      5160
     gcctattcct gtgccctctg cataacagac agggtgcctg tttactgctg tgaccctggc      5220
     acaagtcacc atgcatgtgt ttggtcagtg tcagctgagt ctgtgagtat gaatagcacc      5280
     cctggtaatg cttttcacag acgctatgta ctactcatgc agagtgtgga aataaattaa      5340
     atgtgagtca catacccaga agacgatcat cccaagaaag ccagctagcc aagggatgct      5400
     tgtggaccac atctggcctg tgtaacccaa tgtccacttg agaacgttgt ttcccactga      5460
     ttcagaagcc ctcacgagcc aggtgcatgg aggtggtttg ggtgggagcc tgtttccgga      5520
     atactagtga cagcatgcca ccctttccag gtcagaggtg gctgcaagtg actcaacctc      5580
     aggaaggcac ttgggagcct gagttgttta ccccattagg agggatagac tggacccagc      5640
     caccctaagc ccttccctca atcaactgac gtgtctgaga agagccaggc agggttaaga      5700
     gttcagacca tcgccttaaa tggcgggagt gggttttgga aaacacagga cactgtccgt      5760
     gagctcaacc tgcctcacaa acatccctag caccagctga gccaggagat tccagatgac      5820
     caaatggcca cactgcctct cctgggtgtg atagctgttt actataagtg ctttgtagac      5880
     ctcaagatgc aggctcactg gtagagcctt tggtacacac aacatccctt cactcaccag      5940
     gaggagagat gccctgtgaa gatgtggcag ggagcaatgg taatgggctc ataggctggc      6000
     acctgccccc cgaagttgtg gcccatgacc aagaaggata aaggggatcc aggaaagccg      6060
     cgtgtgagaa tgctgactga tgctcacggt gtcaaggact ccagttggac caactgggca      6120
     gaaccacatg gacctgggtc tcagaccctt tgtttgcttc cacatggcct tgggatctgt      6180
     ctcttggtct cagagctttc ccttataaaa caaagatgcc tggcggggtg tggtggcaca      6240
     atcctctaac cccagcactc agaggcagag gcaggtggat ctctatgggt tcaaggccag      6300
     cctggcctaa aaagagattt ccaggacagc cagggtggtt acacacagaa accctgtctt      6360
     gaaaacaaac aaacaagcaa gcaagcaagc aagcaaaaag cctgggtaaa gtagaaaggt      6420
     gaatgactgt ggggcctacc gtagctgagc ccacacttgg ctgatgcctg ctcctgtttc      6480
     ccctatagcc tggttgcttg ccctaatatc cctctcccag aactgtatgc gtatagaata      6540
     gcaaggtctc tcctaatacc atcttcattg ctttttaaga ccttcccgac ctagatgcag      6600
     acttggcatt gcagaccaga tgaaaggaaa gcatcatcca aggtcaccag ccagagaaca      6660
     tgaagggcag accctaggct catttcccag catgcctgga tgcttagtgt aaggaccctt      6720
     cctttaagtc ttggctgggc agccccatcc ctctgcagcc tcttttgggt aagtgatagt      6780
     gtgcccacat gtgccagaat gcccccccct ccaagacagc ttggcttatt tttactgagt      6840
     gtgtctgttc aaggtctttc caggactcgt gccacacagg agaacatatt cagtttgcag      6900
     ataagaaact ggaactgtga tgaaggagtc aacaacttcg tgtccctcag cccctaactc      6960
     tgcacagtgt ttaggagtga gctgcctcag agtccctcac gccctagaca cccatagaca      7020
     caacaaggcg agctggccag ctggatggca tgcaggtcac tgacctgatc aggctacaca      7080
     cccaaaataa ctgggagcgg ggagccaggg gctgagtggc ctttggtgtg atacatttac      7140
     tacagtttga tctggcttct gtcaaagctg acaatgaacc catggagggg aagccacaat      7200
     tacaacccag gagacaggga caagacttta ctgctggggc agggctgggg aactgtctat      7260
     gctttgggag atacatgtgt gctgcacaat gctattccgg gcacttctat acacactggc      7320
     cttggaaggt gacatcagag agtctcctgg tgtccgaagg taaatggtgt cactaagaat      7380
     atattcttca ttacctaagt taaatgttgt ctctcaacat aaaagataaa caaacaggaa      7440
     aataaataga acctttgtgg tgcgtcccaa gagcttttca tagccccaag gatagattcc      7500
     caccacagag atagaattgt gatctgtgtt catggaagaa aatttacctt cacaccccct      7560
     gctgggacag actccaccaa gataaatgct caatttattc agagcctact actatttgta      7620
     agactaataa taagagtttc taatctaccc tgatatcttg cagcagattt aattatccat      7680
     tgagttttca aaggagtttc cgtcataccc atttcacagg tgaggagagt gaggctgagt      7740
     gaggtttagc cactggctaa cggtcacgtt tgatcagtct cttaacaagc atggatcttc      7800
     catgccagta gatcttccat gtcagatact gctccagggg gcagctttta cttacccaga      7860
     cttaaccatg aagccacgag acaggcactg ctagttcaga gtttagtggt atcaagccag      7920
     ggcaaaggca ccaggaagtg aagggaccct tctgcaataa ggtccattgc tgggtcccct      7980
     ggacaggtag aactcacaat ttggagaagt gatggtctag cccaaggctg agactactta      8040
     ctgatagagg gaaggggaat gaatgaaaac gggaatccag gagaaacatc caaacattat      8100
     tttttggagc ttttcccaaa gatcatttgg tctctggatg acaaatttag aatcctgtga      8160
     gggtctgaag ttcatctata agggattagt cacactgaca gacctggcca gagcaaggag      8220
     tctcttcaga ccctgtccat tcctatgttt ggtccttgag tgaagcttcc ttacagacaa      8280
     gcctgtttca gtcctgaacg gtctgatcag catggtctgg tcattaacac ctccccttcc      8340
     cattttggct gccactctgt catggccttt tgaccctccc tacctgtctg ggttcttcag      8400
     agcttcgtca agatctacat ttaaaacatt gcacatctgg gagagtgcca acaggtctcc      8460
     gcagaaatgg tcttggggaa aacgccatcg gttggttgca ccaacaatcc tgcgctccag      8520
     ccgagtcctg cactgcttga tcaaagaaag agaggggctt taccttcacc cacaggacag      8580
     ctttcccaga ctgtacaaca caaagaaaac caacggaaac tttaaactgt ttgtgacttc      8640
     gagggcctgg ctagtgttta ccatggaaca tctttccaga tagttcaaac tataaagtac      8700
     tccagacatt ggggtctgga acaagagtgg ccaggggcaa aaaggccaat tggtttttga      8760
     tacatagcta agaattcaca aggagggcta gtaccacatt tcaagtactg ttctttgagt      8820
     acttagccta acatcagttg gaaagatact acggacagag agttttctct ttggtaaaat      8880
     acagtcgaaa attcaccatc ttattatgac atacagttca gtggcattta gtacactcac      8940
     agtcttgtgc aaccaccacc tttttccagc tttagaacat ctttattacc cactaaagag      9000
     ccctgtatcc accagccacc ccatccatct ctttcccccc actgcaggtg accaccaagc      9060
     tgctttctga ctcgaaaacc tctgctcact ctggttatcg taaacgtaga atgtcacaat      9120
     gtctgactct gtgtgtctgg ctccttttag ttggcttcct tccatggttc atccatgtat      9180
     gtatcagcac attcctcctt ttcaaggctg aatgttatag cacattgtgt gactatacca      9240
     ccatttgttt atcttttatc agttgatgac ctctgagttg cttctgcctc tagctgttat      9300
     gaatcattct ggtggtacta ttcatatggc ttccttaagg gaaaagagcg ataggaatcc      9360
     aaccttccga ctggtgactc ggacatctaa cgagaaacac tcaccacaag ggatccatgt      9420
     gaatggaagt cataagtcct aagccatcca ggtggagaga tgggatctga gttcaatccc      9480
     tattgttgtc acttactgac tgacaatttt ggggtagtca cttaaccttc tgagcccctc      9540
     agatatcatg caaaatggga atcagcatca atgggaatgg tgacaaagat gaagataatg      9600
     actgtggtga taattgcaaa gaggatggcg atagtggttg gggtccatgt gctggtatgg      9660
     tgatagctgt gatgatgatg atggtgatgg tgctgatgtc aggtgtgcca gtggaaggga      9720
     tgctggtgat gatgttggtg atgacggtta aggtggtgtg ttaatagtga tggtagtgat      9780
     ggagatgaca gagacggtga tgatgctgtg atactggtaa cggtagaggt ggcagtaaca      9840
     ataatgctga caaagatgat ggttgtgatg ataccgctct gtttttttta gagttattaa      9900
     gaggataaaa tcaaaccgtt taggaagttt gtcttagcct gctgcctagc taggtgactg      9960
     taagctgtgg actgagttta gttgtggtct tgaggcatga gcaagggtca gctcagccgt     10020
     ggggctgctc tctggtttct gaacagtgct gcctagactc actcttccca gtagacagcc     10080
     agtcaagcat ggggcactca atggtacatg ccctggccat tatgaaaaca tgggaacccc     10140
     actgtaaccg tgtgctgttt gccttcccat gaccagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     10200
     tgtgtgtgtg ttcagaggtt gacattggat atctttatca ccctttcatt ttttgaatta     10260
     gggctctcac tgaacacaga gctcatcaat tcagcaaaaa tagctgtata gaaagcccca     10320
     ggattctcta ggtttttttt tccaccccca acactgaggt gctccaccca cactcaagtt     10380
     ttctatggat gctgggagat taaactcaag ccctcagtct cgaatggcaa agcactttat     10440
     tgactgagcc ataggaatga aagcttccat agaaagacac gtctatgagg ctgatcaagt     10500
     gattaggatt tcagtgacta tggaatgttg caggtctcga gcaaaattat cttgggttag     10560
     cttcagtatt ctcacaggcc gttccttgcc tgcctctgtg tctgacacac ccttgtgact     10620
     atcaggtgaa acgatttccc aatatattaa cagcctaaaa actcaaaatg tcatcagtta     10680
     acatcccatc tgtagcagag atttcccacc gacacatccg atagtgatct gttagtatac     10740
     aatgctacgg aggcattctc taccatgtta gagaatggaa ctcagagtaa cctaaatgtg     10800
     cattcctgag gcacgatcac ttatatttgg ctccagaata aaccatccct tccccagctt     10860
     gagttgagaa ctgtggtttt tgcatgtata actacctctc tagacctgct gtcaccggcc     10920
     ttcttgcgaa aggatccact tactgaattc aacattttca tgaatgacag tggagatgac     10980
     acagcaggac agtgatgagc acctggaaga caaagagctg aagatgacac tttcgtatgt     11040
     ctctaaagca tcccatcaga atactgtaga ggaggctgac ctaaagagtt cgtagtttac     11100
     cataaaagga atcatgagaa agcctcaaat gtgggtcacg tgtcaaagcc agaggatggc     11160
     taagtatttg tttgttctgt acttggatgt agtgtctcat actacacaag agctctagcc     11220
     tgggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggacagacag     11280
     atagatcaat ctatgccatg attttggaag agtagcttag gtagaggagc aagaagatat     11340
     gccttctcac attatcgaga ggatgaagat caatgtatgt cctcaagtag ggtgagcatg     11400
     tattctttat ttggatcagg agactgtatg ggtggcttta tcagttagcc agggctggac     11460
     agggatgtag tgtccagtgg gattatgatt actgtggctt aaaggccagg agagagggct     11520
     ggcggggcat ccattttcct gctggatctg aatgcagtta ggatgacttg gttataagcg     11580
     acagaaacca atctgattaa tggtatgcca aaaacagtta ataggaagag gacggtagga     11640
     ctgactgaga gatgctgatg ggtgaggaca ccaggaaaac caggacccaa tacagggact     11700
     gaggtacaag caccaagggc tgtttctgtc agaggatgtc atgaggatga atcagttccc     11760
     tgcactccat ctccaggagg ttttgctcaa gcacagtcac ccccactaca ctacacacca     11820
     catcacacta tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caaaaacaca     11880
     aacactacac accacactaa atacacaaac acacacacac cacacaccac actacacacc     11940
     acactaaata cacaaacatg cacacacata cacaatacac accacactac acaccacacc     12000
     acactaaata cacaaacaca cacacacact acacaccata ctacactaca caccacacta     12060
     aatacacaaa cacacacaca catacactac acaccacact acacaccata ccacactaaa     12120
     tacacaaaca cacacacaca cactacacac cacaccacac taaatacaca aacacacaca     12180
     cacacacaca ctacacacca caccacacta aatacacaaa cacacactac ataccacact     12240
     atacagcaca caccacacac acacatcaca ccacactaaa tacacaaaca cacacactac     12300
     ataccacact acacagcaca taccacacac acacatcaca ccacactaaa tacataaaca     12360
     tacatacaca cacaccacac taaatacaca gacacacaga cacacacata cacactatac     12420
     accacactaa atacacaaac acacacacac atacacacta cataccacac taaatacaca     12480
     aacacacaca catacacata atacaccaca ctaaatacat acatacacac acacacacac     12540
     acatacacac tacaccacac tacacaacac acacatacac acacacacac gaccacacta     12600
     cacagcacac aaaacacata cacaccacta cacagcacac atacacacac ataccacaca     12660
     ccacactgca catctcacac acacacacac agcacatagc acacacacac cacaccacac     12720
     agcacatagc acacaccaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     12780
     ctgccccctc cacacacaca tacttttgtt catggctgga atcatagctg cttctctgac     12840
     ctgtttttca cacagaagtc agagggaccc tgcacctctc cagctaaaac ccttggccaa     12900
     ctttccacat atgagctctg catcttcatc gtggcccaga agcttctaag gagagaggag     12960
     tgggttccag gcagacttca tacagagctg gtcagcatat gaagaaatgt tcctgccagg     13020
     gccctccata gaaaaaaagg tcatttcagt tcagaggtgg ctgcctagct cctctttctt     13080
     tcttttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     13140
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttccttcc ttccttcctt tctttccttt     13200
     ctttctttct ttctttcctt tctttctttc tttcctttct ttcctttctt tctttctttc     13260
     tttcctttct ttctttcttt cctttcttcc tttttttctg agacagggtt tctctatgta     13320
     gagaagaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccac ctgcctctgc     13380
     ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcctacgc caccatgcct ggctctagct cctgtttctt     13440
     ttacacaaga gtcttcctgg ctgaccttga accccaggag tatcttagta gcactgaaat     13500
     gtatttttat ttttgtctca ctgggagctg tgccctctgt gggctttagt tgttgctccc     13560
     ttggtcctct ggtgaggaag ctgtctgtga ccctccttca gctcccagcc aggaacctct     13620
     gaaatgcctc cttgccctgg tggagctatg tgcaaacagc tcccatcact gggtgacccc     13680
     ttggtctcgg ctgtggatga ggtaccagtc ccacttacag ttctgcagtc ctgctgccca     13740
     cggggacggt cacagaggtt gagagtgaag cagaggggtg ctggttgcac tggtctcgga     13800
     accaagggag agttggaggc tgggcacctt ctgagcctga atcttgaacg ctctcatgac     13860
     acctggggct caccccttct cctacggcga tgctttgctg ggggagcctg cctttggctt     13920
     cctgggggta gttgtgggta ccatggcaac agcagtcaga ttctaaggac ttcctgttcc     13980
     gggttctggt gttatctcag cttgaggctt caggctttct gctgaggggt gacagggcta     14040
     tcagaaaaca gtttgtcact agcataacca tgcctggctg ccaaaatatt ttcgcaacaa     14100
     aagtaatttg aattccatgt ccaaaattag ccttaattaa ttctacatta atattttttg     14160
     tgtgtgtgta tcccctcccc cattcctgtg ccttattgat aatgtgtctt attgataact     14220
     gtgtctcttg atgtgggaga aagtggtggg tagtgtagcc agccctctga cagacattag     14280
     ggtctcaaag tgcaaacctg caactgggct atgttccttt gcaggggagc gagctacaca     14340
     cacacacttg gagagccttt gccgcacttc ccataccacc agatacacac tgtctgctct     14400
     ccaacctgga gtctggtctg tcgcttccct cctagcccag tgccacgatg atggcgtgat     14460
     agtgtgtgtg gaaggaggtg cctcagcgaa agctctgaag tacaggtctg ccctgttact     14520
     tctgcccttc cctttacctc agacttcccc tatgtaaact ttctctccaa tagaggctta     14580
     acacaggatt tgaattaagg tgtttgaaat acaagaacct gaccctcctg atatcatacc     14640
     tgccctctgg atactatttc tggtactact ggggctactg gctaaaagac aacccctgag     14700
     cgcctcctat tggccacact gggaaagtgt cccagggagc cacagtcctt accacccctg     14760
     agcccaacat ttgaccttga ttgtattgat ccctttctga agcctttggt ttagaagcct     14820
     tcagctcccc gctagattgc gccatggatc gctccagagc tgagctgtaa gccaaagtca     14880
     aatgcacaga aatggaaact ttcttgaatc gctggagtta gcatggactt catgtggcct     14940
     tggccacaag caatgtcaca ggaagtctag ctgctttccc tgcaagttct acctggtggc     15000
     atccacttgc tggcgatgtt gtccacccac ccctatggga gggaaacaga agggtgggag     15060
     gcagagccac catgccagcc ttaggccaat gttcaggggg ctgctttctg ccccacctgg     15120
     tgtgttctgg atcctgaggg actggcttct gacagcacct gcttagtctc ccagagggag     15180
     aaggtgagca agttcctaca gggaacagag cagctcctct gatggcgagg ccgtgtgtgc     15240
     atgctcaggc aaagatacat ttccagaaat gtgctgtgag gccacagtga gtactgagtg     15300
     tggttggcaa aggacttccc catatagagc cagcttatga agacagagag gtggctgttc     15360
     atgtgagtga acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa     15420
     ctagactgtg gagagggaag tgtagcccag tcaaaacagt aaatgaacct ccaaccaggc     15480
     cataaaaaaa gatagatgaa ttatctcaca agaaatgaaa aataatcttc ttggaacggg     15540
     ttgtgggctg cagacctaca ctcccaacac tgggaagttg aggcaggagt tcaaggtcac     15600
     ccatggttat agaggaagtt tgaggccagt ctattaaaac gaacaagcaa acaagtaaaa     15660
     gaatcatacg gtagcccact atgcctcaga agagcacaga tatctggtgt ggaacagcct     15720
     gtaatatcag aagacaggct gagacaggag gactctaaag cacagaaaaa gaaggccatg     15780
     gccatatttg cccatccctt cccctgtggg gaaggactac ctcagtctca tacctctgtg     15840
     ttgacacagc ccctcagagt tccaaaggag aagccaaggg actggaaaca cacacggctc     15900
     cgtccctcag taaggcagat actggaggag ccaacacggc tgtcccccac aacctctcac     15960
     tcacagcaga gcatccccag caggcaacac cagaagagag gtggccaagc ccagaacaag     16020
     tctgaagcca ggcaaaggca gctgaatggc agagagcagt cccacaggtc ccatatggtg     16080
     tatttatgca ccaagggcca ggggagcagg tatgtaccgt ttctgtccca gttagggttt     16140
     ctattattgc agcgagacac caggagcaaa gcaaggcgag gaggacagag ttcatcttgc     16200
     ttacacttcc acatcatggt ccatcgctga agaagtcagg gcaggatctc aaacagggca     16260
     ggggctggag gcaggagctg atacagaagc catcgaagct tgctggcacg gcttgctcag     16320
     cctgctttct tacaggacta ccagcccagg gctggtacca cccacaatgg gcctacaggt     16380
     ttgcttacag cctgatttca ttgaggcatt ttctcaattg agattccctc ctttcaggtg     16440
     actttagctt gtcaagttga cataaatctg aatctagcca gcacaagtac caactctgga     16500
     aggcttctaa gcaacaagct tcctaacttg aaagcataga tctgggtcca gtctccagta     16560
     ctgcacagaa caggccactg cggcccccgt aaccccagca cttggaaggt agaggcagga     16620
     ggatcagaag tttagcgtca tccttggcta caaaatgaat ttgaggctag cctgggctat     16680
     ataggactgt ctcaaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaca aaaaggaaga     16740
     gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaaggagaag gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag     16800
     gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag gagaagagaa ggagaagaga agagaggaga     16860
     agagaagaga aggaaagaga aggaaagaga aggaaagaga aggaaagaga aggaaagaga     16920
     aatgacacct taaggtggct tcttggttgc tggagagaaa gaacagggcc aaccttgaaa     16980
     ctctggagct agcatggact tcatgtggcc ttggccacaa gcaatgtcac aggaagtcag     17040
     cactggacaa gccacctgct ttgtggtgaa tcaaaaagaa ccgatactac tctgtatgca     17100
     tgtcagacac agacaaactg agcagatcag cgtttctcag tcttggagtc taaaatgact     17160
     ctgcctccct gggccttctg ggactctttt ctaagatgtg ttgcagctcc ccctggtgga     17220
     cttcctcctc cactgcaaaa cctgcccaac cacacctggt gctcctagtg tttggctaga     17280
     acagtggctt ctacgcaatc ctgtgcatat gggcatataa atgactacat tcagacattt     17340
     gccagcaacc aattatggag aagttgattt tgaagcaatt ttggtagaca tatttgaaac     17400
     tatgtttggt gacattgtca tttattaaag atgaaagcaa atttgcatgc taatgagaag     17460
     gtatgcatat ttatttctga ataagggtga gaacttggtt gaatattggg tatttaatac     17520
     tgcgggatac aaagcatctt tttcagagtt ggtcagtatt tagattttat aattatcaaa     17580
     gttgagaaca taccttcaca tagtacaaat gacaaagtgg ctactgaaga aattgttgca     17640
     aatcctgccc taatcccatg tcaaaatcca cctagtgaaa tttcaaggag cctaggttaa     17700
     cagcctggtt ttcatttaaa atcaagcatc ctagcaacac aacctcccca gtgcctactg     17760
     aatacttgga ttctgacaaa ctggcaggga ccatttaaaa aagccatttg ttggggctgg     17820
     agagatgact cagtggttag gagcactgac tgctcttctg gaggtcctga gttcaaatcc     17880
     cagcattcac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaatgagat ctgatgccct cttctagggt     17940
     gcctgaagac agttacagtg tacttacata taataaataa atctttttta aaaagccatt     18000
     tgtttcccat aatgaaacca tcagaggaaa aaactctgca tctacagtaa aaacactgcc     18060
     acttatacca cacggcagcc ttgggtggaa gctggggtgt ttctggcagt gctgttggcc     18120
     ttgtgtggct ggcgtaaggc tgcttagtac aaagcgtgta tgtaaaaaaa aaaaaagcat     18180
     gtgtgttcac aacccaggtt gcagctgtga aatggaacaa tatgaaacaa aacagtcaaa     18240
     aataccttgt gcatttaatt tttaattaat tttgggggca ctgcagattc aaaaatcttt     18300
     tactatcgtc attttttccc ctcaatctcc atattcagtg acacaaacta catgttatcc     18360
     atactacata ctacatgcta tcatgctatc atgacccagt ttaagaagct ggggtctggt     18420
     ggatcagcaa tcacagtggc atcttcagcc caggtgaacc actctgaaga attcggatta     18480
     ggggctggag agttggctca gcaatcaaga gcacttgctg ctttgtagaa gactggcatt     18540
     tggtgcccag tacctacatg gtggctcaca accacctgta actctagttc caggggatct     18600
     gatgccttct tctggcctcc catggatacc aggcatgcac atggtaggca cttttacata     18660
     catgcaggca aaacaatcat acacattaaa aactaaaagt aaaaatataa aataaaatta     18720
     agagctgtgt gtggtggtgc acacctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcaa aggtgggtgg     18780
     atctgtgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac acagtgaact ccaggccagc cagggctaca     18840
     tagtaagccc ctgtctcaaa agcaatcagc aaaaatgatt cagcttaaag gagtatgtcc     18900
     acataggtac ataaggactc tcagatcggt cagaacaaca gcaaaacact gaacacaatt     18960
     taaatcccca ccatccccag gacagctgtt taattggtag cctggattgc tatgtggcca     19020
     ttcaaaggaa caaatggcta tatttactga tataaaattt tccagactgc agctcactga     19080
     acgccacaga agtggcagca caggcttccc caggaaaagt aacagaatgt agccagagac     19140
     tcttagaaac aaagcatatt ccattcttat tttgcctcca cgtttgcaga gattcagtca     19200
     gctatgggca gctccactct tctggggagg aacatggcag ccgtgggaac acatgacaga     19260
     ggcagacggg aagcaaagaa aaagagtggg gacctaggac caggaatgac ctccagagtg     19320
     acacttccag ggacctgcca ttaggcccca cctcctaaaa acatttccag aacatctcaa     19380
     aatcaaaccg ccatctgggg actgaacttt tatcacatgg aatgtggctt gacatgaaga     19440
     caaacttgtc cttgggtttg tttctattgc tgtgaagaga catcatgacc acagcaactc     19500
     ttataaggaa agcatttaac tggggctggc atacttttca gagcttaagt ccattatggt     19560
     acatagcatg gcagcaggca ggcaggcagg caggcaggca ggcaggcatg gtgctggaga     19620
     ggtagctgag agttctagtt cagatgagcc tacagcagga gcagagtgcc acactgggcc     19680
     tggcttcatc atctgagacc tgaaaaccca cccccagcga cacacttctt tcagcaaagc     19740
     cacgcctact tccacaaggc catacctcct aacagtgcca ctccctgtga ggctattagg     19800
     accattttca cttaaagtac cagaccactg tactctctgc aagtttgtct ggagaacaca     19860
     gcggcctcca ttagcttcaa agcaggactc aaaagcagtc caggtgtgtg gggccagcag     19920
     aacggagcca ccagacaaaa acttggcaag gtagattcag aaaccctggt actgtcatac     19980
     ctgaggacaa taggagttcc atctactccc caccaacttc ctgtcctgga acaagtgacc     20040
     acatcacccc atggagagga ctgtgacaat cagtcacatt ggggcagtgc ccgaagcccc     20100
     ttcacatgca gatgagtcct gacctttcag accaagtcaa tagaaaacat ctgcctttag     20160
     accccaaccc accccaaaat gtatataaga ccctatcctc aaggaataaa acacacataa     20220
     gttacttcat caaggaatgt ccgagagcct gcctgcctgt tttttttgtt tttttttttt     20280
     tgacttgatc tacagatgca cattttaatt agtaagcaaa gaacatactt gttgctgaat     20340
     gagatttaag agataagtcc caattattaa gcaagtttaa gactagtttg ggatatgact     20400
     tttattgaac ttatccacca gagtggaaac aatgtctgta caaaaccaag tgtttgttac     20460
     tataacttct acatcacgat taaaatccaa acaggtttta aaaaaacagt caactccatc     20520
     aaaacccact atttcagaat caacagcttc tttgaagcca cagtaacact taaatatggt     20580
     taagactcga atgcaggaat ttggttggtt ggaagactaa ttaagcctcc aacttgctca     20640
     aataaaatta caaaaaggca aaattgtgtt tttcacagag atacagtcca ctggaatcac     20700
     caacactgga cagctgttaa gactatttag agtcctgaga taataaggaa cccaggcatc     20760
     cttagacagt cttgtccttc cttcccaatc agcgatttgt ggaggtgtgg aaggactcca     20820
     ccacccgcaa tggtagcctt gaccagagaa tccaattctt cctctccacg gatagcaagt     20880
     gacgaggggg tgatacactt tacctttaag tcttttgatg catttcctgc caactcaagt     20940
     acctctgcgg tgaggttctc cagaatggct gcgctgtaca aagcagcggt cgcgcccaca     21000
     cgtccgtggc tggttgtcct agatttcagg tgtcgatgaa tacggcccac agggaactgc     21060
     aacccgctcg ctgcgagtgg gaaaccgcct ttgtcttggc ctatcaggag tcctttccag     21120
     ccttaccgcc agccatctcg gactgcgctg aagctgggac atgcaagaag agaggcggcc     21180
     aggcggatac tcgggaagat cccagcgcgc ccactcctcc gtcacaccat gattcaaact     21240
     gcgccgacag cctctgtctt acagagctgt aacacttggg gaaaagaatt ctctcccgaa     21300
     gctcactgga agctgctcag tcgcttccct ttcagtggcc cccaaccttc gtgctgtact     21360
     gactccagga ggagcaacag ccaccacaga agggaccctg gcagctcctc gccttgatct     21420
     ggctccaccc tccccctcag agagcacata gatctccgca gatagtatcc agtagacaga     21480
     cacagacaag cacaggtcta ctaaaaagaa aagtacaaag aaagccaggc gcaggcatga     21540
     agacaacaca cacctcccag cactgggaag gttaagacag acaggtcagg agttcaaggt     21600
     cacagccaag tgggagtcta gcaagagctt tatggaacag tgcttcaata aggcaaaaca     21660
     agatgtggca aagcaaataa aggccttctg gaaaacaaaa ggcaggtcaa gaatcattcc     21720
     gaaccaaaga tcaccatggt ctgttagttg gtgagctcca agggccctgt gagagatgtg     21780
     gaccaatcct gcgtaggcga caagcacaga gaagcccgat gcagctgaga cttgcccaac     21840
     agagtgtctc cctttgtgat ttctttattg tttctacttt catttttaga tcctggatgg     21900
     ttttgttcaa ttctttcacc tgtctggatg tattttcctg taattttttg tttgtttgtt     21960
     tttcgagaca gggtttctcc ttgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag     22020
     gctggcctca aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctggg attaaaggcg     22080
     tgcgccacca cgcccggctt ttctgtaatt cttttaaggg atttttgtgt ttcctcttta     22140
     agggcttcta gctgtttacc tgtgttctcc tgtatttctt taagggaatt atttctttcc     22200
     ttatagtcct ccatcatcat cgtgagaagt aactttagat ccatgtcttg cttttctggt     22260
     gtgatggatc tgtggatctc aggatgagat cgccacagat ttgtggcagg ctctaagtcc     22320
     agtgatggta aagagaagga caggcgtggt ggcgctgacc tgtaacgcca gcttcttggg     22380
     aggctgagac aggaattcag gggctgtcag ggctacagaa taagttcaag gccggtttga     22440
     gcaaccttgt ctcaaaacaa taagagacct ggagataata agagctcagt tggggtgaga     22500
     gcaactacta catactaaag aagaagagac ctggagacac agctgagtca cagggagagt     22560
     atccactatg agggggtgtc tgagacagac acacaaaagg ccgagagggt tgtgtgagtt     22620
     aaggcttaat gtagcaaagg atacagcaag ctgagaaaga agggtaaaat ggattctctt     22680
     caagaggcca aacctcactg gacacttgac tttgaacttc tggaagctat cagctgctat     22740
     gtttgtggga atttgtgaca gcagccctag aaaaccaggg taccttccac ctccccatcc     22800
     ctccatctca tcctttaccc tatattccct cacaggtcac aggtcacgtg tgcaggtcag     22860
     agcatcaggg agcctggtag tggtcatgtt gctaaatggc taattgcctg cctgcctccc     22920
     accaggtgtt cctgggcctt tcctaaccat ttataaagaa ataggcagtg tttcagggtt     22980
     ggtcaggcac caaggggcag gacagaaaga ctgacagctt gctatttcct ccacagagtt     23040
     ataaaaggaa acagttttgt tttttttttt cctaatggcc aaggctttgt aaaaatgaaa     23100
     tctaagctaa tccaatatat ccacttactt atttaagccc caatcaatat ttctcatttg     23160
     ctccctctta caaacccaga cacgataatg aaggaaatgc aatttaaatc aataagcaaa     23220
     agaggcagag accaaaacct gatatgattt aatgaaggaa aggactcagc cattcccaga     23280
     aaataactca cagccacact cgctgccaag actcaaagaa aaaactttat ttacaataga     23340
     gaattttatt tgaaacatgc attctttttt tttttttttc ctaaaaaacc aaaccagcaa     23400
     atgtggatca attgtacact ccttaaggca agagtcccga tgcatatgtt cacgtcccat     23460
     cagatgctgc tcgccaaagg ccaaggccaa ggccagcaat ttgtagtcta ttagagaatc     23520
     tgacagtctc cctgatacag gaactccgag gtcaacttgc tatgaattat actagaaaat     23580
     gcaaacggat agcaaggaat cctggtaggt ctcggcactg catacggtca aaccaacctt     23640
     atttagaaag aggacacagt agtgcatacg gaagtgaaag gagacgctgt tcacggaatc     23700
     ggaaggacaa acagttgagc cgacgctcgt attgcacgca acggccaagt ccacgcactt     23760
     ggcccagagt tagctttttc ccatcttggc gatcagctcg tcacaaatct tggtgagttc     23820
     ttctatctct ttattctgaa aatgaaagac aagagaggtg ttcttggtgt ttgaaattga     23880
     gccagttaca gggctggggc gatgactcag tcagcaaagc ccatgtgttg caagctgaag     23940
     gatctgaact cagcccccag aatcccagaa tccttcagat atgggagtgc acacctgcaa     24000
     gcccagtatg ggagggaggc agacagaggg ggatcctcgg ctagcctagt ctgcttatta     24060
     agttctaggc caatgactga ccctgtctta aaagtaatca gagacactgg tcaagtataa     24120
     agggaccatg agagagggga atagcagggt gcaggtctct cacaggttga aggcaagtca     24180
     cccattgcta aagacaccac tcattttgga caatggtctc aggggacttg aggtgatcta     24240
     acttgaaagc ctctgacctg ctgatctact tccatagcac cagaaaacaa ggggggaagg     24300
     ggagggaggg ggaactgtag tcgggatgta atatatgaga gaatatgaaa gaaaagaaag     24360
     tgctatgaaa gtcagcaagg gagggaacca atccatagtt ctattcatcc atgacaccta     24420
     tgatcacaat gtccagcttt aaaaaaaaat gtatctaaag gtgatggcca ccaacagttc     24480
     tcggtctgtt ccataggagg gaaatcctgc ctggcactgg aaacctcaca gctacccagg     24540
     actagtgagg tatggacttt agagagaccc tactagcaac actttattaa agtagcacaa     24600
     ttcctcactg ccttctagaa gaattagctt ctcccaggga tgaggcttct gttggtgact     24660
     caaaacacag tggttagccc tgaaataata tatgcgcaag caacaagtat ataaatatac     24720
     ataccaaaaa ggttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ggaagcaagc aagccaccaa gccaggtgtg     24780
     gtggcacatg tctgtttgag gctagcctga tctacatagt gagttccagg ccaccagggc     24840
     tacagtgaga cctgcttcaa cagcagcagc tactactact gtcactagtt aatcagtagc     24900
     aacactggtc tccttgtagg ggagttcacc cagtctcttg gtctcttcta aagctatcta     24960
     caggaattag aggaagtaac tagaagcaaa acaagtttac atcctagcta tggctggtaa     25020
     gggtgagcga gttacacagc cactccgaac cttggactcc ccatctttaa aacgttggtg     25080
     agaatgaaat aaggtaagaa acgtgcggtc ttgtaaatac aaaaatacag tgagcagagt     25140
     gcagtggagg gctagctagt atagctttca tccctgggct aagttccatg gctcttacat     25200
     ggctttcctg acaatggccc ggagtttaga gaaatgctag cgctgtttag aagatgccca     25260
     gtagatggcg cagtaaaagg cgcagacagc gatggagagg caggccactt caggggattc     25320
     ctctcacaca gaagctattc tttgctcatt cctgaaactc acttaaaggc agatacacac     25380
     atgcggcaca ggcaactggg tggccgttcc tgtcctgtag gatggggatc cagctgggag     25440
     acgtccagca gatgtggctc tactctctga gggctgagac gccaggagcc caaggctgct     25500
     cttgatcatg cacaagtggc cagcagccct ccctgaggac agagctcctg catctcatgt     25560
     tttcctttga gatgctgagg aaggttggcc tccaccaacc cctttcctgg aacctcctgc     25620
     atcatgtctc ggctcagccc atggctgtcc ctgggttagg actccaggac tccacaccac     25680
     agtgcccacc gaacagggaa ctgtgccttc gtgggagtgg aggggggtag ccgggtgagg     25740
     aatcactgtc tcctaacagc ttgaccatgc ctacgtcctg cctaggcata ctctgaggct     25800
     ccagcccaca caagtgctaa aatctctgac cactaattct agttattctc accaccacta     25860
     ctgccccctg ctggctacaa atggtaatct tattttgctg tgaataccac atgccaatca     25920
     ccaagctaac gccttccgcc ttccgggatg ctaccccttt aaaaggagct gctgttaacc     25980
     catttttagt gaggaaacag aggcttggag aggttaagcg ctatgtgtaa gagcacacag     26040
     ccagtcaaat aggaacagat gtgtccagcc tagaacacaa attccagttg tgcttgcaac     26100
     cactcagctt cattctaatg tctattaatg tgcagcgact cacggtggaa gccccacagg     26160
     cccactggag gagatccgtc cctagagtta accccagcac catcagccac tactgggcaa     26220
     gtagccccat cgcggagccc agcatcttgc atggacctgc cttgaatgtg tttctgaatt     26280
     tctttaagac aagccttgtt tgttatacat catactgtcc tccagggcgg aacaccaaga     26340
     tcagctcatt cctccggaag cttagttagc gagggaatta cctttgcaga tagattttaa     26400
     tctttgctat tatccaaggc caagggaccc aatttgttgg catccatgta ttttaatcta     26460
     ccggaaaaca cagcaacacc ttcatttgct gctctgattg ggccaaggac cttggaaata     26520
     tatatcctgg ctcctccttc aggaactaac actatatggt gatttaaaca catgtctgat     26580
     ggaacctata ttgtggaaac actgacaact gcccccccca cacacacaca caatgactag     26640
     aggatgtggt ctttatttta atggaacatt ccacttctat aaaaatatac atagacccaa     26700
     cagcaaaccc gtaatggtac tcagtaatca atgaatgaac aaatgcttgg ctttgcagct     26760
     ctgtgtcttg tctccatggt gactgctttg aacaatcagc agagtccaga aatcactcgt     26820
     agctacagta gtcgccatat ggcaatggtt tgcccttctc tttctagaac agttcttggg     26880
     tcaactgacc agcagccgtt acctttgttt atcctggaag aacggggcta aatgattctc     26940
     cagagttgtt tttggaagtg gggtggggtt agtatcacac ttgacatcag gtaaattctc     27000
     ttatctaaaa tattttcagg gctaaagggg actgaggaag caagatggag gacgaggctc     27060
     accagggcca tacgattggt agagtgtgtg agcgtctgac caggttcatt gccaggcttt     27120
     ctctgacagc acctagcaga gggagtcaac acccaccagg gcaaaggaga ctggtactca     27180
     gcctagacac cctgccttct ttggaccacc cagaactgga gtgtttctag gatggcagag     27240
     ggcttcactg gggcatccag ggacacagtg ggtaagtagt agggtaggtg ggcacactgg     27300
     aaatcaggaa acctaggcat agactgagtg acctttggag tttatctgaa tgtgcctggc     27360
     tctgccatcg cccatcttct gtcagcggac tggtgggttc cccacccact ctccagtaag     27420
     aatgagagtt gaaaaggttc aagggcaacg tctggcatgt tagaagttgt gatggtttat     27480
     atatgttcgg ccaagggagt ggcaagatta gaaggtgtgg ccctgttgga gcaggtgtgt     27540
     cactgtgggt gtgggcttta agaccctcat cctagctgcc tagaagccag tattctgcta     27600
     gcagctttca gatgaagatg tagaactccc acctcctcct gcaccatgcc tacctggatg     27660
     ctgccatgct cccaccttga tgataatgga ctgaacctct gaacctgcaa gccagcccca     27720
     attaaatgtt gtgcttataa gaattgcctt ggtcatggtg tctgttcaca gcagtaaaac     27780
     cttaactaag atagtagtgt ttaacagata tctgacaaat gatgtggagg aatgaaaagt     27840
     gggaaatcac catgcaggct gctattccag gataaacaga gaggaaaaca aaaacaaaag     27900
     gcaaaaccgg atctaacgtg gtacggtcac caggcatgcg cttataacag gcgctacccc     27960
     agctttgctc cagagaccct ctgccaaccc accaggctct attaccctcc agagaggggc     28020
     ctcactttgg gtgcccagcc cccaccctct caccttctgc tccagcgttc tttccagagc     28080
     atccactcga agctgctcct tccgcaggct agcctggtag gctgcttgct cttgctgggc     28140
     cttgccgcga acctgggcaa tctctgcatt ggctctgttg gaacaaggtg catggtagtt     28200
     ggctgcaggg atacctccct cttcccgtct ctgaattggg acacaggcct ggatgcggcc     28260
     ccactaacta gagcctgaac ataggaaccc caagaactcc acccccaata ttacaatata     28320
     gtccttcact tctctcagtg ggtggtagct gagccccatc tgagcccaag tcataaagat     28380
     cagccatgct ttgcaagtcg atgtcagaga gccactggtg ctcctggccg agctgagcgg     28440
     tgagttacct gtccagtttc tcttcggcgt gcaccttcag ggcctggtac ctctgttcct     28500
     ctttcttcac tcgggatagg tactcctgcg cacatttctt caacacctct tcattctgtc     28560
     acgacagggc cgtaaaaaga agcactgagg gggctcaacc gagcatccag cacagacaac     28620
     tgactcctta gctcctgctc ataatggctc aagacggact tcctgaactc ttgccccaca     28680
     actggcatgc accctctccc ttcctctcaa aatccgctgc tgcctctcca agccccacct     28740
     ggactccggc tccacagaca cacctttcga aaaccttcca ggacctcctt catcttttcg     28800
     tatctcctga agaggtcagc cagagacttt tccacagagt tcaggtcagc cagggcttgc     28860
     tccttctcca ggaccagctg ctgtacagtt tggtgggaga tggatttttc tctctgttcg     28920
     tcctctggca ggagagacag gagtcagacg atggagccca atcaatccaa actagatcta     28980
     cagggggcca gcctgggcct tgagtacaat tcagggtttc cttggaatga acccacgagc     29040
     ctcccctttc aagtggttcc aaagagacaa cactcacgga cccgatacca tagacctggg     29100
     gccatgacgt atcatgttgg agagatgtca acctttaacc tgatcaatgc agcccttgca     29160
     tatctacaca ggagatcctg tgggtctaca tatccttctc taagcagatt cacactgggt     29220
     cagaaataaa aaaaatatta ctgtattttc tgggaagatg agattaaagg gtgtcgtggc     29280
     cagggccctc agggtgatgg gtgattcttc tgaaatggat caatatagac tagtcactag     29340
     tagtctcttt atccctaaaa catcccccaa atcctgctca caacaacatt gacttcttgg     29400
     atggagaaag tgccacactc caggcaaact gcaaagttca tttttcagta agggaacgca     29460
     gtttcatttg ggcctagttt ataatgctgg tattagccag accaatagct ctgttctcac     29520
     ctatgtctct gacctctctc atcccacact gaactcagat gtctctgcac tatggggcaa     29580
     actgtctcta acacacatat agcccccccc cccccctcag ctagttgctg gtggagtggc     29640
     caaggaccct tgcctctcct ggtgacagtg gattaaatga catctaactc ctatccccag     29700
     gaccaagagc tcctggggaa agtacacagc ctagcagatc tttgtcactc ccaggtcaca     29760
     tgggagggcg ctatctactg ctcaggatta gcttagagcc ggttactttg aggaaattca     29820
     cacctgggac ttctaacaac agagatagca atggcagctg ccagcctcaa ccgcaaggtg     29880
     agtctctgct caccctgcct gcagagacct ccttttgtat tgagaataaa atccaggctg     29940
     caccccacac acttgctcca gccctgacag ctcctgcccc agtgctcagg agccctcaaa     30000
     aatactcaag ttatgtgtct ctgatccccc atcacttcct ctccatttgt cgcgtgcgta     30060
     cgtgcgtgcg tgcgtgcgag aacatgtagt tgggccactt gtgggttctg gttctgctat     30120
     actccaactc tccccacctc aggcctggga ctcaggcctc ctgctgccat actgctccta     30180
     tgatggtaat tttgtcaggt tgatcagact aagaaatgtg tagattagga cagcgtatac     30240
     tgggtgtgcc tgtgagggca tcttcaggac agttaggtca tgaggaccgt gaccttgtaa     30300
     actagttctt attatgatgg tgttactaag aggtgacaga gaggaggagg tgggagttgg     30360
     ctggaagaag taggtcactg gggccaagtc cttcagggct gatattgccc tagctgcttc     30420
     ctgtatttct tttctctgct tcctgcctgt caaactatga aatgcatgcc ctcaccaccg     30480
     tggtggacgg attgttctgg aactgttagg caaacaacaa ctcttccttc ggatgagtct     30540
     gtcaggtatt tggagaagac aatgacaaag gaccaggccg ctctcctcag gggctggctg     30600
     cgggtcagtc tggttcaccg ctctgctctg ggcacacaaa cccccgccac acaagtggcc     30660
     ctgccacggg atccacgtgc tgcatgaaca aaggtggccc tgaagtgacc tgtacaaagt     30720
     gttcctgtcc ccatcttaca gaaggtgaaa gagggtttga acaaggcacc tcatttgttc     30780
     actgagggaa cagcacagcc caggctcagc cccaaagaca aagcccggcc atgaccaaat     30840
     tcttcccaag ccccctgaga tggacagtcc ccactgggaa cagccagaga ttttgatttg     30900
     ggttattttt ccttctgttt tctgatagag caccctcttg ctgtgtctta agttcagcac     30960
     attattactg tgtgtcacag tgagggggag ggggggtgtc acagcctgaa ttttactcca     31020
     agccttgaaa ttttgtggac ccagggcctt gtcagctgag agtgtgcatt agagctagct     31080
     ggagggctac acaaacagac atggctccct cctctctttt gactcagcag atcggggtgg     31140
     ggaatctaca caagtaacaa gctccctgga ttcagataga gctgacccag ggccctgcct     31200
     ggaaaaccac tgccctagga gatgcctatt gtccctccac cctgcctcta tgatcccagg     31260
     gttctcagca gcgtccagaa gccaccaagg gcagtggctc tggagtctga cacgccagct     31320
     tggaatccca actctgcagt gttcttaaac tcactgtgcc tcctcaccag aaccagaacc     31380
     agaaccagaa ccaggggata gcagtgcttc tgggccataa catttggaga ggttaaaaaa     31440
     aaagagaatg aatacaaagc tcttggtgcc ctgggacggc ctggaatctg acctgttatc     31500
     aacagcatca ctgcccacag aagctcttaa catcgcccct gacccagtgg gacagcgtca     31560
     cagtgactca tgaagtgctg ccttttaaat agagagcttt ttaatacaag caatagactt     31620
     gctctatcca cactcctaga ggagagggca ctggcaaatt ccactagatg ttattgaccg     31680
     aactttagcc atttcctttg ctcccagcat gccgtacaat gtacattctg ggctgatctg     31740
     tggtcacgta tacatttcac cagacaggct gaaggagcta tttatcaaac agagttccat     31800
     ctgatttcct gaatctaaga tgtcgcctag cccaagcttt cctcttgtca cttttaaaaa     31860
     tagaattgcc cggttcccag gagagccagg caatggcaag tctgcacaaa tcttcttact     31920
     cgtgaccaac aaagctaggc tcttaaagtc aggaaatcag cctcagcccc cagacaggac     31980
     aacggggact cgaaaccctg atgggggctt tctggcgttt gcaggcaaac cactattaaa     32040
     tccaatgggg aaagcagcaa atacgaaagc aaaaataacc aagccaggaa aacaaaacac     32100
     aagcaagggg ctgcgagggg tgggctgcga tgggtgggtg tcagacggtg ggggtggggt     32160
     gggggtaggg agcagttact taccaggctt gcctgtttgt tttgcaagca aagggcaaag     32220
     agcaacagaa aatggaagca aaacagagaa tcagggcagt tgttagaaaa gcagaaacaa     32280
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaatcgcca caatctggaa tgcagaaagc gcagaggttc     32340
     cttcctgtcc tgcattccat ggagcccact actgagctta gataaggcac gctttctcct     32400
     gaggagctgc tgagaaggga tgagcaggtg tggcgcctgg gtcagaggaa ccaggctctc     32460
     cctcaaaaca catgcactct ggtcctaagc tgccaggctc tcaggcccag gttcgccttg     32520
     ctggacaggt ggaatgaaac tgggatgaaa acatggaatc cagatgaggc ccatgggctt     32580
     gtttctacat gtgaagggac ctactttcct acgaggcagg cgggtccacc caccttccct     32640
     gggcggtcat gtcacaggtt gtcaacacgg aacatgaaat gtctagtggc ctcacccagc     32700
     gatcctccac agcaactgac atacaatttt tctgggttag aaaagctttg gaaaagcgga     32760
     tgagggagag gctggtgagt aaggctcgtg actatgcaca cagtagggat gttatccaag     32820
     agatgatgca ctcagctagg gatgctgtag cagtctccct gagccatcct gggggttctc     32880
     ttgtacacag aaaactgttc agagtccaag aaagaaatgc accaagcctc tgatacccac     32940
     ccttcttaac tgtccaagat taaaatgttc caactgcggt cagctgcaat ttctctcaga     33000
     agcaggaatc agcacctagt agcttctgtc tcaccataat ggcagattcc cagataggtc     33060
     agctggacag gctctcatgc ttagagtcca ccagggggaa ctcctgcttc tctgaacatc     33120
     cctagctgtg tgcttgctac aagctggctg tggcagcctt ccctcaggcc tttctccctc     33180
     aacaccacac tagcatctgc cagtgtcata tcccaagaca caggaggcaa ccctgtccac     33240
     actgagagaa gcctgtttcc tctccagttc ctttgccagc tcttagaatg cgcagcatgt     33300
     tgaagtttct atctcatcca taagcttgtg catttggctc tgatgggatg caccttccat     33360
     gggatcaatg tggctgaacg taggccacaa ttaatgctcc cgagagggcc agccattcaa     33420
     ccattggccc tcctgctact gcaaaggcca ctgagccgtt catcttgggg tcagctatag     33480
     acgggtagga ctcaaaaggc caaacatttg ctacagggct ctgtaagctt gtacagatct     33540
     aggctctgta agcttgtgca gatctaggct cagcacaaac ttgtatgttt accccacaaa     33600
     tccttaggta gggaaaaaaa atcattttta aaactgatta tcatgaacct aagcaaataa     33660
     acagatagct agacataaat caacatgaag accaactccc caagactata caagcctggt     33720
     cttggactat ctccaagaat gtttctcatt atagaggagg aggatgggga gggggagatg     33780
     gagagataga tagtaacacg aggaagggag gaatagagga gaggaggggg gcggaggaaa     33840
     ggaggaagga aggaaagatg aaggaaggca cacaggtcat tgtgtgtcat ttgctagtat     33900
     agggccgtct ttcattgcag gcctaagcaa tctttcagct ctggcactca gggatgcagt     33960
     gttctgacgg aggtgtcaca tctcagggag agctgggatt ggctaccatg ctctgccagc     34020
     cgcaagagga agggtactgg gtagggagtt gccatgggtt ccatcctggc cctaaatcta     34080
     tgtgttaagg ctgtatattt aatcatggac tctaaactaa gttggggttg ggggttttaa     34140
     ttctatgctt cctgcaagca aaatccaact tactggccag actcagactc cttcccaaca     34200
     tggtggatca cctggttggg taaatgaggt ctgtggagat gctggggaat tgtgaagttg     34260
     tgacgtacat tctcctggct atcctcaggg tacagccaca agtgcggctg agatggtccc     34320
     tgccgaggaa ctcactactc ttagaggaac tggctctgag ccttgtggct gaaacccacc     34380
     cccattcccc taccccctcc cctgagcact ctagtcgtga cacccaccga tcatctgtgc     34440
     aatggtcttc tcatattcgg ccacaatttt cctggaagaa aggcaaggaa acactcagct     34500
     atagaacagg acggtgttaa atctctgccc acgggggtgg ggggtggggg gtgtggggcg     34560
     tgggggggtg ttacagtgta accagggaac agcagcacaa atccggtcag agctgggctc     34620
     acaccctctg cactcatccc tgagctccat cactaagttc cttctcccgg cataaagctc     34680
     tcagtccacc acgctgtcca ctatgtgaac caacgggcca gagcgccccc cagagtctca     34740
     catctcactg ctctcacggg ctcagcactt tccagctggc tcacggacat ggcgctcaat     34800
     gtgcatagac aatttccccc gatctcagct ctctcgttcc aagtgtagcc tagggtgttt     34860
     gcttacttcc ttctctcatt tctgccaccc agaatctgtt tctcgagtct aattcaaacc     34920
     tttccctccc caggaagcct ttctcattgc tcttgtagct ccctaacatc ctttccgtat     34980
     cttcttccaa agcctccgga aacaggagct agtctcctct aatggaggag acattccgca     35040
     aggtcttagg ctgcttcttg tccccttgca tttttaatga tttatttatt acttttattt     35100
     tatgtgcatt ggtgtttcac ctgaatgtat atttgcatga gggttttgga tcccctggaa     35160
     ttggagtttc agacagttgt gagctgccat ataggtgctg ggaattgaac ccaggtcctt     35220
     tggaagagca gccagtgctc ttaagtgttg ggctacctct ccagttccct cccttgtatt     35280
     tttaaactct ctctctctct ctctctatat atatatatat atatgtatat atatgtatgt     35340
     gtatatgtat aaataataaa attaatcttg gggagtgggt gtgtaaaaca gtatctcacc     35400
     atgtaacctt tgactgacct agaactcctt acatagaccg gtctagctct gaactcacag     35460
     agatctgctt gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gagaataaag gtgtgtacca gcattgcttg     35520
     gcaactcccc cagatgaaaa tatcaaggtg tcaagcatcc ctctgcaaga gcagtcctct     35580
     gaagatgcag ggtctttgcc cattcaatcc agtcacccag aaagtgacac agtgccttcg     35640
     ggaagatgtg ctggtggcct agaaaacagg ccctgaccct catctaggtg ttttgtttcc     35700
     tactagaaat gtatggagga atgcgagtct gctggagttg aagcaggggg atgcaggaca     35760
     catttatctc actggattct ttaactcgtg cattgtgtta ttctaaaaac actcgtagga     35820
     gataaagaga caccccagca gttagaactt gtgctgctcc agaagaccca gaacccacag     35880
     tggacagttc tcaagcaagc tgaggctctg ggggatcaga tgcctctggc gtccaagggc     35940
     gccggcattc atgtgcacaa acccacgctc agacacacat cattaagaac gatcaaaata     36000
     ttttaaaaaa ttaaaatctc ttaaaaacca cctatacaaa aatactagcc atgattatag     36060
     agaaaagtga acttcttcta tagaaagcgt tacttgggat agggaccacc tcagcacaaa     36120
     ccgccacgaa gccagggagc agggcttcta agcagcagga aggctgcgcc ctactgacct     36180
     catttccacc acttcccgtc ggctttcttc atatttatcc ctccactctg agacttctct     36240
     ctccttggcg atgacctagg gtcagggaga gaagaaagag gtagattccc agatgagtgc     36300
     ggtccggtct gcccaaaatc aggatgcatc atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     36360
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacagac acacacacag acacacacac acatgagatt     36420
     tctcacctaa aagcaggatt ccatccagag aatttcccca agcaggagaa atcaagacac     36480
     ctccccccat ccccaccccc ccccaccccg cgccccaccc cccagccctg aggagcaaca     36540
     aagtatctct tctatagtga gttggccatg cctgttagca tcgtgactag gcagataaga     36600
     actcataggg tgttgctcac ctagcctgca gtgtttggag gacagtctgt ctccaaagac     36660
     accagtttca cagctaaata cagttattga cactgcagcc tgggatccta tctgagtatc     36720
     aagagcacgg tccttccaga caccacaggc ctcacctctg ctctggcaac ctggagtgca     36780
     gagtccaggt ctggctgctg gaacagaagg cctgggggtt tctccacctc ggtggacccg     36840
     atgcgggagt acaaggcagt tttggagatg gagacatctg gtgggtgagc agcttccctc     36900
     tgtggaatgt ttttttcatg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     36960
     agaggagaga agagagagag aggtcagtta ccactaatgg cgtgacacac aggctgcaca     37020
     cgtggccatg accaccgcat tcacccgctc agctgcatgg ttttgaaaca aagaacatcg     37080
     aaactatgag aaaatgcaaa gactcatgga tgagagcaat gccaggtcca ggcgggggat     37140
     gggaagcgtt cctactgcac atgtgcaggc acacaaaagg gctaatgaga cggcagcctt     37200
     tgtaactagg aaccctgtgg gcccagcctg tctgcggcct gcttatcacc gccatttatc     37260
     agccgccgag ccagctaggc attgtaagtg aacagtggtc attatcctgc cggccccact     37320
     tccaaaataa aatcttgctg tgggatgata cagaacacta gtctatgctg ccgagttttc     37380
     gatagctgaa gattggatcg tttttgtaca actgaccaac tgccaaattt ggctgtgctc     37440
     acatggctct gtttaaaagg atgagaaggc ggtggccttc agaggagaat ctgaagcctc     37500
     ctcttgtcaa ccttgtcagc tctgtcagga tttgaaagtg tgttgccatt aggtctgcta     37560
     tttaacagca aaggggagac ctggagccaa tgacagtatc tatccactct tcctgatgaa     37620
     ccctgcaaca aaggccatgc tgtctggctc aacccaactg acaggggttt gcagctctct     37680
     cgtgttctgt aggcttcagt tacgagcctc agagaggcga ggaggggaca catggctatt     37740
     cttctatttc acagaacatt aagcaacttg taacacaatt gaaacacagt gttaggagca     37800
     tcatcaacca gcatggccag gctcccccgt cagcctactt ccacggcaac ccaaacatcc     37860
     aatggaccac tctccgccct atgcattaac ctcagcgttg tcatggctgc caagaaagcc     37920
     tgcaccacag ttagaacaca agtccatgct acagtgggag gtggcggcgg cctgatgggc     37980
     agaatgggac tgctgctcca tcctcggaga accaggagaa caaactgtgc actgagcaga     38040
     gcacagttac acagaaagag gggaggaggc aagagggtga ggattgagat gtgcttccgt     38100
     gggaaggggt ggggcagagt gtttataacc agccttacct tgcctcacta tagaatcggg     38160
     ttctgagggc ctaaagaaga gaagcactta gaaaattcag gaggtacaag agcaatggat     38220
     aggactggag gtgaccattt aggaaccatt agtgctcaca tgcaaggtgc acacaacggt     38280
     ttagttgtcc tagaagaaaa ctgctgtgac ctgtagtcat tgtccctgcc tgcccttgag     38340
     gctttgagct caccctcaag tgatacctac atgttattct aactcactga gtctgcctat     38400
     ccccagctca ctggccctga ctacccccag ctcactggct actacctacc ctcaaatggt     38460
     gcccacagat cacctgaatc tcactgtcca aaactgccca gaaacccctg ggctcacctt     38520
     cagtgaccca ccttcagaac caagagcaca cagacctggt caaccagagc atggactcca     38580
     gtcacatgtc agatgggatg ccatgattat ctttctcagt ttctgttccc ggggaaggcc     38640
     taggacaact gcctagaaca taagctacca gtccttggca gcaggctgcc gatccctcag     38700
     agaaaaagcg cttcctggtg gcaggacaga ggctctgcat ggagggctta tctttgctct     38760
     tggcaatggt ttataatgct gcttctctga gggacaacac ctcagtagta atgggaacat     38820
     tatacctgga aatcaccatt taacggctgt agtaagaaaa gcccacaaac acaaaattag     38880
     gaagagaaca taaaaaggaa aaccaaacaa acccaattgt tttcacttta aatgtgctcc     38940
     ttaaaagggg gttagggtag ctgaggagat ggtgaagagt ggtaaagagc actggctgtt     39000
     cttctagagg actcaggttc aattcccagc acctataagt tggctcactg taccactcca     39060
     gtgccagggg atctgacacc ctcttttggc ctctgtgggc accaagaaca cagatacatg     39120
     catgcaggta aaacaaccat acaggtaaag taaattttta aaaaatttga aaaaaaaaaa     39180
     taaacaaagt ttcaaaatga acagaatttt ggagctgcta aactcagtct ggtacttctg     39240
     gagagaggct gggtctaagt ttttcaaaat gagatttaat tcagcctcaa ggtaaattag     39300
     cagctccttg cagtgcaagg gagaaaggaa ttgataatga aaatgaactt catatcagca     39360
     cagggcagga ccaaggagca tatcagaaat tatgaatccg cccgatgtcc tttgtaaaac     39420
     cagagagact tctaaacggg tgcaaaggag tcagaccccg tggtgacatc cttcatccac     39480
     cgccttggca ttttcaatct gagaacagct ctgggaccac ctcactccct gctccctaca     39540
     gctgcttgca tgataatgaa cttcagaatt cactccttgg ctcttccttt cagccatgaa     39600
     tgttttcaag tgaaattaaa aggtctcttg ctaagacgtt aagggtagtt atttttaaac     39660
     ccagcttcat ttctcacaat cccagtcttg ctgtttcatg cgggccaaga ggccaccaga     39720
     atcctattta ctaaatgtga agtggtcaca acctttgcca ccaccttcaa ccctctactg     39780
     gcttttacaa gctggaaact gtgaggttcc tcaggccact gtctctccct cagactccca     39840
     agtctgtgtg cctcccgctg gccttgacag taagagtcct gtcacgcact caggcccatt     39900
     cttctccttg tgaccctccc ttatcaccag gccctgggca atcaggacat catgatcaag     39960
     gcaagatctc tgccccctga gcagtcagag gcaaactcag atttgaggct tggggagcca     40020
     tgagggaggg ccagggacca ggaaacccat gctaaggctc agggccttgt gaggtagctg     40080
     ggtcctgtgg cagtatccag gcaggagaag gatcttggcc agatgttcca catccaaagc     40140
     agacagttcc caaaccgagg atctacaggc acttgtgagg cacctggccc cacacctcag     40200
     tcccactcca tggaaggcct cagtaccaga catcaaccag ctgtgcctgc ccccatcaag     40260
     actcggcttc ccagtctgta aaacacaggc tccaactaca gattccgaag ttagagaaca     40320
     aacaggccca ccagccagtc ctctgtcact cttcctcaga ctgttcttgt ggctgccagg     40380
     gatatgcctc aactgtggac tcagcatcaa atgtggaggg aaggagttac agttgttaga     40440
     ggctcatgag aagcccaaca ggaacgatgc tggcttctta ccaataataa acatggtccc     40500
     taacactatt ctctgccgct tgacaagaat actctctgtc cctgacccca ttcttgctcc     40560
     agctcaggac aactctaggt acctgctcat ctaagccagg tctctctcag ggtaattaca     40620
     cacaggactc ccctctgtgt gggaaccgtt cccaacctaa agctgcctgt tggtatagtc     40680
     aggaccctaa gtcgccagaa cacatctttc catcttcatc acgggtcccc cttgtcaatg     40740
     aaagccaaca ggcacaggga tcaaaaccaa cttgtcatgc atgcagagtc tgccaacaca     40800
     ccctgctccc cataccttgg gaggccagag ataggggctc tgaggatgga acccaggctg     40860
     ctgcactgtg gactcagagc gagtactcag gcccactccc tggggacaca cgggactcag     40920
     caccagcaga agcacatggc gggtgggggg aatggaataa gaaggccaca gccctgaggg     40980
     agtgggatgg ggagctacta tatgaaaaat acatcttttc agtaataaag caggggtaag     41040
     ggtggtgaac atgacctttg ggaaggggaa aggggcaatt gaggaggagt tggaaggctg     41100
     aatatgatca aaaaacactg tatacacata ggatgttctc aaagaagaaa gcatgataaa     41160
     agaaaaagaa agaacgccat agcccaacac cagagcctca gctccgtttc taactgagtc     41220
     tgggagggag ggcacatggc ttctcactgc agttctgtgg aggctgaccc agctctgtcc     41280
     acctcaaagc tgctctaggg aacagctgat ttttcatccc cttaaaatta catctttcct     41340
     cctaagtgat tctatgtgtt gctgccaaga aaatgggacc acatcaccct catctgagat     41400
     gccaggcaac ctggacccac agctccgtgt tctgtacagc cctcctctgg ttccctacag     41460
     tgaggtcaac agcgccccag gagcgggctg gttatagcag aaacatctaa tttctttcta     41520
     tgcaccatgg taaccaggta tttccccaaa gcgatacaag ctatccagta aatgctcccc     41580
     ccacccgatg agggctctag ctcttcctgg acagaaacat ccctcggcgc acacatctga     41640
     gcccattaga aggtgactag agctttctcg tggcttatac tctgtgagtc tgtgtggcat     41700
     tgctgtgtaa ataaaaacta gaacacatgt tctgaggctg ccacagatag ggtgccaact     41760
     cccgcagatc cttaggagga gacagggtgc ccgcctcccg ggaggccttg tactaagcct     41820
     gaactactac ttgtcagaat gtgcccaact ggacttcagt attctccaag acaggaatac     41880
     actgtacgta cagtggacac gctctgggca actcactttg tcttaatact cttctgcaaa     41940
     cagtcaagag agaaatctgg cgggggcggg ttgtaggggt gggagagggg cgccatcctc     42000
     tcctgaacgt cccctttcag ggcacttcaa ctcgaatgta cactttggct acaagaacaa     42060
     gaacaaggat ttctgtttac atttgtgtcc ccgccctgtg tgccactgtt cccagtctgg     42120
     tcacccacat tgtgcttgcc tcctgtcttc agaggtggga cttgatttgg gattgatagc     42180
     tatcgagaca gagcagagct aggatttcta catagctggg agtgtctctg caaatgacct     42240
     acaatgtgag gtggggacag gcaggcaggt ccgctggtga cccccattct agtccccaca     42300
     ggttggtgaa ctctggatat gtggcccgtt tcctgatctg taaagtggac ttagctctgc     42360
     tttcccagga gaggtactgt gaagatctta ttgggctccc tagatgatag ctgccgcttt     42420
     tgctaactgc acactggaat atgtcaggtg tgcaggtatg aagctgcacg tgcagtcttt     42480
     gcctctacag gcaaactcac tctgattagt cttatctcag agactgaaaa actgaggctc     42540
     agcaaggctt cctaagtcat tcaaggttca aacaaagcag ggatctagtc ctggtcggac     42600
     atatagttcc ctgggctggc caaactcagg gtggggcaga cagtgggact ggagccacag     42660
     ctcactggca gcgtgagggt gaggtaccag ctacatgtca tcacatgtca cacagttaag     42720
     aattactccc aagctttcta ggcgagaaga ctgaatgtcc taccaatgcc acacgccact     42780
     caaaaatcaa gggcagacac actctggtct gtgaagcaaa tggtctgcta ccccttctat     42840
     gggaaagaaa acaaaacaaa aaagcaagta ttttcctgga ataagccact tctttgccta     42900
     ctgccccgtc tgtattggca acacagtgac aaaggagagg gcagtgacag atggtagagc     42960
     ctacaaccca acatgtctac tatggctctt tattcttgtc taactcacca tctaatgtct     43020
     tggagcaagt cttgttttca attcctactt attactgact cttagtaaag ttggatagaa     43080
     tcttctagaa aacagaaaag ttacaaatca ctttgtccca tagggagaca aagggtatct     43140
     gtaggaaaaa aagaatcccc ttggggaacc tggtgaacca gtgctaacca gttttacata     43200
     taactagtct accaccttct tcaaagcctt tttagtcccc tgtgatacat gataccttct     43260
     ctcactctcc tacgcttggc cgcactacct catccccaca catgtgctca gtgtgtgtct     43320
     gtgtaagagt cacactttca gcttcagaga aatcacactt cacgggacag ccacaatgcc     43380
     cgcctggcca gtggttagca aagcagccct tggaaccccg tggcacacac agcattccca     43440
     gaaggcagcg cactgcagcg gcaaacaggt accttggtgt cctggcggct gcgggaagcc     43500
     agggcgatct gcctggccag cttcagggct tctatccgca tgacagcaaa ctctaactcc     43560
     tcctgcccga ggggtggggg tgagcaaacg gtagggaaat gcatcaagac agacagaagg     43620
     atctccacat cccggaatga atgtgccaca cgaaagcatg acaggtactc gtggaaaaac     43680
     atacgctcag ctttctctca caaccaatac ctcagcagat catgaaacaa gggtttaaat     43740
     tcctttttta gaaaaaacaa aacaaaacac ccctttgaag gtctgtcaag aaatatcatg     43800
     tagtcgaatg tgagctaatt ttcaaaacag aacggtaatt tttactatac tgtattcctt     43860
     gatgtctttc cttttgtttt ttaaaagttg gccagcactg gccatgcgtt tctcagatgc     43920
     ctgttaacaa tatctctggg tctgcctcac ttcctggtcg aaggcatggt aatatgaatg     43980
     gtcagatttc cactgtggcg ataactactc tgttccaggt gtaaaactga gtccagatgt     44040
     tatctcaatg ggaatctggg attgtctcat gtacttaaac agcttggctt gacctgatac     44100
     ctctgcttta gtgaataagt cataaataaa cactgtctct ggggctatca atacatctgg     44160
     aagatgacta tcgggaccaa tttcccaata gaaacagtcc gttcagtacg taatcacaca     44220
     tttttataat tctggcgtcc tggatctagc acacacacat atcagtgtct gagaggaaac     44280
     cactttgttt ggaacattcc cagcattgcc tcatgaggcc ctgcttcagc tcaatttggc     44340
     tcagaggttc attttctact gaggttttga caaactccaa aaaggtcaca tgtgggctac     44400
     aaacctgaag tttctgggca aatactgggg ggttcttttc tgctaagtca ggctccagat     44460
     agccaagtgc accacagaga gaggcgggat gggccagcct gctgaggagg gtatctgcag     44520
     aagcaaaggc accctcggga gctgtctgaa ggccggcggc agagagcaag atggaaaata     44580
     gaggagagta gaaagatatt gatttcaagc aagaaccaca catccataca cagcacagtg     44640
     ctgcattaag actaaagaga acatcaatta gtggctaata ctcttgactg ccatctggac     44700
     cgtggctagc aggcccagcc ccctctccca agagcagggc ctctgatccc agccctcccc     44760
     acccacaaca gccccatagc ccaccccacc cttgttccca gtacagaggg agtcacataa     44820
     tttgtatttg gaaatctcct caggtgagag gcaaagctag ttgatgcgtt tttaaaatgc     44880
     catcatagtt catcaaagaa acaacaccga ggttaagtat caaggaaagt agggtttgag     44940
     taagggccgt attcaatagt gagaagatga tttcaaacag aaaagtatct cctaatagat     45000
     tagaaagact tccaaatcag agggcagctt tgccggagat gaaccagggg caagcctgcc     45060
     tgccatggta tttatatgcc agatcgattc acatgtagac ccttttattg ttgactaatt     45120
     gcgtttctgg tatccaaccc agcgtccaac cgacacacac atagcaggtg ccctgtaaat     45180
     gtctgtagca ggagacagat ccaattgcct atacagaaca aaagccatgt gctaaaattg     45240
     gtatctcaaa cctggctgat gatggttagg agtggggcag ggtgaaagaa gtcaaaatat     45300
     aattgttggc ctgtgcaaga tacgtggaag accctcctgt ggatactgaa cactctaggg     45360
     aaagcacatg tgacgtgcag ggaatagtga cagctcaggg ctgcggatcc tgcaaggctt     45420
     caggagagct ggggagagga gacgttgaag ttctggatca tgaacaagag aaaatctcct     45480
     accccgagac ccagtggaaa cacagctgat gccccaaagg agggcattcc tctctctccc     45540
     cttctttgcc ttattctaca ggctatggaa gcaggggatt acccatcatc agtccagttt     45600
     caaggaaaga aacatggaaa ccaagcctta acaaataaag cacttgactg agaactgcag     45660
     tcaccttgga agaaatgaat tccctcacgg tgagatgtgg ggtctcctag gctatggtcc     45720
     aggggcctgg tgaatgagtg acccacacga gagggtgcag tcatggaacc cctcaggcaa     45780
     cacttacgat ttcaattgct tctgctgggg tgcccaaggc catggcctcc agctccttct     45840
     gggagggctt ctcaggcacc tgcaagagag gctcctgact ggagggcaga cctcttgcga     45900
     ctggatgctg gagctttgtt gctgcattca caagggcttc ggtgtcctca aaactcgacc     45960
     tgaggaaaca aagtcaaaca tcagggtctt ctcctcagag actcactgaa gtctattagg     46020
     aagccctggc taaagagata ccccacaagt ctgtgtccga gagacaaaag ccatgtcttc     46080
     actggccatc catctaatcc atctacaggc aagcctcagt ccagccatgt ttaagggtca     46140
     actgacaagg gaggcagaga atatagatgc ctctgtcaag aagaccgagc cctggagttt     46200
     acggactagc cagttgcttg cttgtatact ctgagggaag gctgtatatc acacccactt     46260
     tcctttcgtg cacctttgag aagatgaagt aagatgctgt acgaatgcaa agctttcgtc     46320
     acagtgcctg ccttatggga ccactcctgg aggtgacatc acccatcacc aacacctgac     46380
     catctggaca gatctctgca ggaccaccgt aagtctcaga aaccaaagcc agagcgtccc     46440
     atccagctca gtgacaaagc aggcatctgg tcatagatgg gacccccgcc ccccagatga     46500
     gagagcaatg cttccttcat acttcccccg tcaaaaacta caccattcag aacgtggacc     46560
     ctggcacatg caaacagtga cacatttata agaaatatct gtactttaca tgtgccaggc     46620
     gctccgacat ggctttccta catcatctcc tagaaaccag gttccctgtg tccatcactt     46680
     gactccttta atctccctaa atccctacag tcactttatt tatctcactt tacacatggg     46740
     taaactgagg caacaggacg cccaaataac tgggacctaa ggtctcagtg ttataccaca     46800
     ctgcccccca ctggacagat gacaaaataa agctgagtgt aacctctctc aatctctctc     46860
     tctctcaccc ccccaacccc acccccaccc ccgtgtgttt gagtttgtgt gtctgttaga     46920
     gggtgctaag tcagttgttt caacttcatt caaagcaaag ggccctgggc tcagaagtga     46980
     tgtgtccatg ctgttgtgga cagactaaat tatgtaaatt atgggctacc tgcagacatg     47040
     caatggaatg aagtcagagt aacagaggga aggtatacaa ggacctgggg gccaccggcc     47100
     tgagacacaa ctctctcatc gtacacgtca taccctgaac atggagttgg ggaatctgac     47160
     atccggactg gaggagactt gacggggctc tcctgaggag tgtcaaacat aaggtacaag     47220
     gcctgcttct tcggagtgtc atcgtcctgc tgcaggaatc aaagtcacac atacattagc     47280
     tgggtgcagt gacctgagta tgccacccaa gtgaaggaag cactggtcca cagggaacaa     47340
     ataagccttc agttttctca agttcttgaa ggagaggaga aagcaagagg taactaggag     47400
     agggccggga gggtggaagg gagggaaggg ctgtggagac ctaaggtgct gccatgtgcc     47460
     ctggtcaggc ctcagcacga atgggttaca gtggcaaatg ccagcactga ggctgcggag     47520
     ccagctagcc atgctttcag ccctcagatg ggaatatcgg atggcagcac gctgacccca     47580
     gtgctgagcg ctgctgctag ggcctatgga ggcttaaatg agacgttccc aatctcatgc     47640
     atttgaatac ttggtcctca aatgatggtg tttaggaggt ttaggaggta tggccttgct     47700
     ggaggaaggt atgttactgg aggtgggttc tgaaagttta aagactgctt cttgcttgca     47760
     gtttatgatg tgcctctgat ctcctgtcat ggactctgac actctggaac ataagcccaa     47820
     atgaactctt ctgtagattc actcggtcat agtgtgttat cacagtgaca ggaaagtaac     47880
     taaggcagac cccaaagaaa gagacagaaa ggacaaacaa gaaggcttct tttctccttg     47940
     gctgagcagg agggccatga gcagacgcca taaccagggc tgaggctcac accctgggag     48000
     tccatccatg gtcaaggccg ataagagagc tcaggtggct ttgggcactg attgattgta     48060
     caaagtgtga ctaacaggga ggagtcaaca gtaaggtgat catgctagtg ttccaaggcc     48120
     tggagcaatg agcttaggaa tgaggatatg tgataggaca actctgaggg accccacaga     48180
     agcccctgcc aggccagtgt ataggaggaa ctcacaggta aggaggagcc aagcttttcc     48240
     atgtattcaa tttcatagga gtttctgtag tccagctctg aaaaaaaaaa tgatgagaca     48300
     agatgagtac aggggaaaga aggaaggacc tgacccagac aagcactcag gggccatcac     48360
     taatagagtc ctcagatccg gccctcagag aggcatggtt cagttgtttt cagtctgtaa     48420
     gctttctgct ggtaggagtt ttggccctta gaaatatgaa cgaaacccaa ggaaatgaag     48480
     ccgtgtgtcc acacacaggt caacaatggg cagacccaag aatgcagttt ggaaggcaca     48540
     cgtgctttgg ggtctcctct tctaactctc aaaagctgca catagaatgg caatgtccca     48600
     gagacatctg ggaactatat tgtacctgtc cctctctgtg ggacatggag ccccacaggg     48660
     acatcagcag cccctcgctg acccccgaga actccagaac agtcctctag ctttgctttg     48720
     tcagttgctc attcccccag tgctgctagt agctttgagg ctcgtgtctg acattttgag     48780
     agaatatctt actaaagctg gttttaggga tctctctctc tcggtcctgt aatttgttac     48840
     ttggtagagt catgtgggtt caaggcctgc ctgggctaca gttaggttcc aaggcagcct     48900
     gggcaactta ataaggagac ttgcctcaaa atgggcttgg gatgtagctc agtgggaatg     48960
     cttgccgaga atacacagcg ccctaggtac cttcctagta catggatgga tggatggatg     49020
     gatggatgga tggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaagtcag     49080
     gaagtctcat ctgcgttaca ttctaaacca cacagaataa agtcaagcgc aattagcccc     49140
     ctcttgcatc agaccacaca ggttagaaag agctccatca tcggcaccaa gtggctcatg     49200
     tctttacaac ttcagagacg gctgagccac tgaaggatcg ggttacttac tgaagaggtc     49260
     catagttatt tttaggatcc tctcatgtcc aaggaccatt ttggagactt actccaatat     49320
     taggccatct cgaagcaaag aggacctagc taatcattgg agctttgtta gggaatgtcc     49380
     tggcaaaaga tgaagggtct tcatttccag gagcagcaaa atcaactgac cagccttctc     49440
     tgaactcact tgattcagcg acaaaaatga aacaccgagt accatgctgt cctgggtaaa     49500
     atggcaaggt ggtggtagtt cagaccttta agcccagagc gtgagaggca gaggaaggtc     49560
     ctctgtgcat gtgagaccag cctggtctat agagccattt ccaagatagc cagggctaca     49620
     cagagaaacc ctgtcttgag aatctaaacc gaaccaaaca gtaactacaa aaagacaagg     49680
     tatagcacaa aagccctaca atgggttgca cgaatgtgaa gaattatcac cagagttact     49740
     gttactcatt cttacatttc tctctggaca caggtgatgg atggacagcg cgcctggaga     49800
     agtatgagaa ggctatactc acctacaaac atagtaccca cccagatgga caccttgccc     49860
     tctgctggat gtaggagaaa gagctgaagc aagtgtgtat aagaacatgg tactaccaga     49920
     tggctatgca gatctgcagg tctaaaacca actgctcagg gctgcagagg tggctcagtc     49980
     gttgagaaca tgcaacactc tttcagagga tgggatctgg ttcccagcac ccacactgga     50040
     cacaggctca caatggcctg ctactccagc ttttggggac ctaatgtcct ctggattcca     50100
     agggcacacg cacaatgcac agaaactcat ctcagcacac actgacacac aaacgaaaac     50160
     aagtacattg agaacaaaat aaaagcaact gctctccggg tctcctggtc ccaaggcagg     50220
     taaggtccta gagacaggct ggcctaacac ttcctaatct tctgcttaga gaccaggttt     50280
     gtttccatgc caccaaacag tgcagaagag aagggcattc attaaacagg tgagcacaca     50340
     gaactgtctg tccatcagag tgtgtactca ccgggagatt atggaggtga cagtcaaccc     50400
     aaaccagaca gtgcaattcc gtgggtactt gctaaactac tgtcctctgg ggttttgaaa     50460
     tagcaaagac aacttgaagc tcttcagtga tgcttgtgca cccaggttgg aaggaactag     50520
     ctcacccctt catcctacaa gaaggcagga agcctgatct atcctcacct aaacagcaga     50580
     aaagaactac gaaaccacac ggaccaggca tgtggggatc tcgccaagtg ctctcggtgc     50640
     aaagcttctg ttccctcagt cttaaaagtg gggactacag gatctaccac agagctcaga     50700
     gaaaatgaag ccctgtatac aaaataacag tgcccgcttt gcctctctct cctatagaat     50760
     taccattgtt gtgaatgtgt gctccaatag taattatgat gtctaaccca gtaattcctt     50820
     cttcctgtgg ttggtgactt ctgtatgatg aagtctcaga ccacagctgc agccctgaac     50880
     tgattcattc tgagcttcac agcagcaccc tagatgtctt atgtgcagaa caagagggaa     50940
     gacatgatga gagggttcta tatcccgggt gcttcacaga gatgaacacg gcagggccaa     51000
     ggcctccgaa aggcatggtg tcatcacatg gatgggatct gtcactcaac tgttaaaatg     51060
     gatggtcact tgccaaatct ttactgatgt tttctcagtg ggcaggttta agaaagtttt     51120
     gtttcaaagt tagatatatt cctatttgct gaattttctc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc     51180
     tctgtctctc tctgtgtgaa ctgattcatt ctgagcttca cagcagcacc ccagatgtct     51240
     gatgtgcgga acaagaggga agacatgatg agagggttct atatctaggg tgcttcacag     51300
     agatgaacac ggcagggcca cggccatgat gaagtctcag accacagctg cagccctgaa     51360
     ctgattcatt ctgagcttca ttctgtgtga aggcatgtgc atatgaatat tcgtgtgtgt     51420
     gaatatggat gtgtgtacag catagtgtgt acatgggtgt caaaggacaa gcttagttgt     51480
     catcccatgt cttccacttg tttgaggtgg gttttttttg ttttgtttct ttagatgaaa     51540
     aatgactctc ctgtctctgc ccccatctct ctgctggagt actgtgatgc ttgtcctgcg     51600
     catgcgcatc cggcttttac aggggttctt ggaatttgac cccaggtcct catactggca     51660
     tagcaaacac ttcgacccac tgcgtcatct ccttaagctt tccccatttg ctgaattttt     51720
     gcagaaacaa ttgtcagaaa gtttagtgaa ctgtcttagt tcatgaccaa cacactgcca     51780
     gatcaaatgt gtttcaattc tcaatacaag cccaagctgg cttctaaatg tctgtctgtc     51840
     tgtctgtctg tctgtctctc tctttctggt gtttagaagg ttcttatcta gctcaagaga     51900
     ggtgagccag cagggaactg gagatgctat ccaagtggct tttttccctc ctcaggcccc     51960
     tccctatgca ggtggcagct gctgtttacc tgccctggcc ttgcatttct ttgatctcaa     52020
     acccatcttc agctcctatg atcctcatag tagtgtggag acacggaagg gaactagttg     52080
     ttgctttcag taagcacaca gcccagtaat gaacacgaaa tgcacaaact tcttcatcat     52140
     gatcttaaga ggccccagat caagcattaa gggaaaggag tagatatcca ggcaaaggct     52200
     gagacaggca aaggtgggga aggagggtga acttctggtt ctcccgtctc taccttctag     52260
     acggctggga gtgtagatgt gtgccactag ttgttaatgt agtagagaat gtttatgcac     52320
     gatgcactct gccaagtgag aacattctag ccctaagata tatgactcat tcaaacccaa     52380
     caatcagaga gaaagcagaa actgaataca cagcataaag gtagacacca agataagaca     52440
     agtgcctggg accttccaaa tgcaatcaag ttctcaatag caagcagggg tgggggaggg     52500
     ggtgtaagcc tctggttcca ggcttgatta aaatgggtgg tcatattggc tacccatcct     52560
     gagggggaca tgaacaaggt tggtaccaga agacccagag gtggggtgac ctacagtcaa     52620
     agatcagtgt gaaagatgtc cctttggagc agcaatgcct ttcaaagcta cagaaggtat     52680
     ccaaagccat acagccaaga acaagcaagt gagggttcag gatctgggct agagggttct     52740
     agtctggttc tcagcaggca tcagagggtc aagggacagg tgctctcaag ccatagcttt     52800
     gcatacagtg ggaggcgtgc agactgtcac acgggtaatg gttacctggc tggcaagtac     52860
     cttttctggc tctttgcccc ctagggacag tattctccaa ggcaaggtgt gggtctggct     52920
     ggccaccgag ttgcttaccc tctgagggtg aattgaattt ggtctcattt acaaagttag     52980
     acaggtccga gggctgaggg aagtcctgtt tgtcagcatc caagtccacc gtcatacacg     53040
     tccacttctg gctagtgact gccagcttct cctcatctgt ggcgtggacc actgtagaga     53100
     tggctgaggg tgcttccggc gtggcagctg gagtggggtc ctgtgaggag atgaagcagc     53160
     cttttctttc acccagtctc ctgatcggaa gccatgcccc acaagccagg gaaacccctc     53220
     cgtctgttcc ctggggactc tgatccacgg ggcctctcaa ggaaacccct tctctcctct     53280
     atggatctcc tttactgatg gttgatttca gggagtgacc atgggctatc aagattagct     53340
     aattagggat ggggaataaa aaaaaaatta gttaattaaa ttgttaagtt ttaggctgga     53400
     gggatggctc agaggttaag aacactggct gctcttccag aggttctgag ttcaactccc     53460
     atggtggctc acaaccatct gaaatgggat ctgatgccct ctactggtgc atctgaaaat     53520
     agcaacagtg tacccaaaaa taaaataaac aaacaaacct taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtta     53580
     atttaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaaaaaa aaacctggac atggtgactc ctatctgtaa     53640
     tcctagcatt tgagaagccg aggcaggagg acagttggga ctgtgagact aggctgggct     53700
     atagcgtagg actctttgtg caaggtctag agatgtggct ccatggtatg gtgcttacct     53760
     tgtggggggc acagccctag gttcaattcc cagcagcagc accaccacca aacctcatat     53820
     agtagttcac acctgtgatc tcaatactaa gagactgagg ctagcctggg ctatgtagta     53880
     agtaccaggc cagtcagagc tacagtgaga ccctgtctca aaacaataag tctctacact     53940
     tggttgtcgg agacagccca gttaaactgt agtaccagca acactaacag tcatcactcc     54000
     agtccttttg aagagagaag ggggttttac tgccattgta cagggcagag agaactcagc     54060
     aagagctacg attggacctc aagtctccaa tgcctggagc taaggtccta gttccacctg     54120
     gtcaacaact gaagctggtc tggatctgaa gagcaacttg tcttatcacc cagaatggca     54180
     gcaagcctgc ctgaggattg ccttccttgg tctatagaga gttgaagaca tggcatgagc     54240
     ttgttagaaa cacagctaag agggaaagat ttattttata tgtgtaagtg gtgtgggggt     54300
     gtgtgtgcgc gcgcgtggta cccacagagg ccaagagagg gtgttagaac ctttgtacag     54360
     acagttgtga accaccatgt gggtgctggg agcgtgtgcc tggcatgtat gcacacacaa     54420
     gcagcattaa cctccctgct cagcagtgta atactgtgta atacagtgta atactgtgta     54480
     atacagtgta atacagtgta aggggtcatg ggaatgctgt acctgagaag gcgggtcaga     54540
     cagaggagac cgctttggag acttcttcac cctaaacgtg tcactgtaaa taaaatgggg     54600
     tcacaggtca ttccaaagca cccagtaact tcctacccca cccccacccc ccacctacca     54660
     aaccccagct aaagggaacc cattctgact ttctaacgtt agcccccaaa gggaagaccc     54720
     accaagctgg agacctttaa agacaagcca ttttggagag ctgacccaga aaaaaaaaat     54780
     gcagctaaat ttaactaacc gttcttcttt ttataaaagc aaagtcgtgg tgaggagact     54840
     tctttctgag ccagctacgg ctgggggagg gctgtaggct tatgacacta attaacagga     54900
     tccaatttgc acatgtgcaa cgagacacag ctcttaatga acagccagag gagcccacac     54960
     ggaaacagaa aagttctgga tcctgtgggg atcctgtgag ccctttgtac tcacaggaac     55020
     acagagcaca atgggtcctt ctgctctgca agtctctggg taggattctg actggaggca     55080
     gagatgagga gggcggtagt ttatgtcttt tccctggcta tggttaatgg accagattct     55140
     ccttcctccc tcccttcctt tttctttctt ttgttctttc atacaaggta atggaggtgg     55200
     agtgtcagac tggccccagg agaaagggat ggctttagca taagcagtac tatttggttt     55260
     agcataaaca gtactattct ggactagcct aaaaagtact aattccagtt tagcataaac     55320
     agtaatattc tgatttagca taaacagtgc tgtttggtcc attagtcacc atgctcttgg     55380
     ggtcatttct ataaccaaaa atgaaggcct ccaacctgca aactggccct tcccttctgg     55440
     tttacagccc tccccagtat ggttttagga ccaggcaaag ccagagcata ggtatggagg     55500
     aggtggtccc tccctttaaa tccatcacac acctctgttt tccatattaa ctgagtaggt     55560
     acagaaatct ggtacccaag ttccttcctt gtgtactctc aaataaaaca ctccaacaat     55620
     ggcatttgat cattaaaaaa aaatgaccat aaatggttat ttattgcatt tatggcattt     55680
     accgtaaaac agtctagtcc caacataagg catatattta ttcatgcata taaatataca     55740
     actgttttat aattgcttgg gtaagacagc attgggagac tctgtgcttt ccgggggagg     55800
     ggagctgccc ctgtaaggat aggggcaaag cacatagatt cagagccctg gctaggatac     55860
     agagcaccag aggcatacag atagccagtt gcactaatgc ctggcaaagc tacccacaga     55920
     tctgacaggt tagcatccag cctggatgta agtgaccagg aggagcacaa ccacgctggc     55980
     aatggacttc agccgtgggc tccacactgg gtgatcccac attccctcag acttctgaaa     56040
     gcatgaattt gcaagagtcc agatggtagt acttcacaac acgagaacca gcctcggtgg     56100
     tctccgccca ggcttcacgc agtgcttaat atgaaagcat cctgctacta ctgtgagcag     56160
     tcacccacca gcccaacgta caacaaaaag gaggggaatg aggagttaaa aagcaatgta     56220
     tgataatgat ttaaaaaaaa aataaatata aataaaccaa gcaggggaag tgttctgtta     56280
     tggacaagca ggcagctgct ggtaatcatg tttcacaggc aagcagtctc atgctgatca     56340
     cagtgtggag atgaaacaga aaagcaaccc tgagtccagg ggagccctgc acccatcact     56400
     cccaggcttg acacagaaat atagcagcca ccacagagaa cagagggaaa gggcttgcaa     56460
     gcagaagcaa ggcagaagcc ccacactggg tgcaaaaggc agagtacatt aaatttactt     56520
     acaacagaga acacacagac atcacatctt caaccatcct aagacaagaa gacaaagaag     56580
     agagacagac agaaggaact gacaaaaaag ataattctgc agacactggg cactagtggg     56640
     ctaggatgca accatccatc gtggattccg ctccagcagg gcagccttgt gggaaggggc     56700
     tgcctggata cagcttcctc tccagcttct ggccacccag agacttggta cctaagagct     56760
     ctgcctccgc acatagagtc ttccaaatca gcagacccac atgtgtaaag ggtgagacca     56820
     ggttgcaggg tcagctccct caaccttcct tagctctgac gaactaaggg atgtattact     56880
     ctcttgggtc agaagaaggg agtggctgcc aggtgattct ccttccaatt tatggtgttg     56940
     aagggtagac atttgtgagt attattccac ttttgaaata aagttctatg atgatttggt     57000
     aagtggggga ggtaggaagg atgtgggagg agttcgggag gggaaactat aatgaaaaca     57060
     tactgtatga aagacatcta ttttcaataa aaattatata tataattcaa tataatatgt     57120
     aatataataa tatataattc aatattatat acaatgtaac ataattcaat ataataatat     57180
     atatattcaa gccaagtaga cccagagggg ccagtactag ggcatggtcc tctgccctgg     57240
     gaggggggac ttagtctttt ccacctgatt aaattacagt tgatacttcc caagagagtc     57300
     agactgtctg tagcaagcct gcacatggtc ctcaggaatg gacctatggc caacaaagtt     57360
     ggactacaca gctagaggca agtgttggtg gacaagcgcc attcttcctt cctagggact     57420
     gtaggtctgc ttcccctatc catgttgcac taatctcttc tgctcttaga gtgacttaag     57480
     tcttgtttga aaaaagatga ccagagagaa ggtaggcagc aaagagtcta cttctttgtt     57540
     cctttcccct ttcctttcct ttttcctttc gagtcagggt ttttctgtgt aacagtcctg     57600
     attgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgagattaa     57660
     aggcatgcac caccacaccc ggttaaagag catgcttctt gcaggctcat cagatggcaa     57720
     gaagcagctt tccatctggg gctttctgca gcctggtacc gtatgatgcc cctgggttaa     57780
     agtcacatta gcagctagaa acaactgctg tacattctaa tgttattttg cagggtgtat     57840
     atcctagttt atccagaggc attgcatatg ctaaccaggg aggagttgag cttccaacag     57900
     gaaggtggcc aggtctctca tgtctgctcc ttttctatgg aactttccat actccccagg     57960
     aattgaaagg tcatcagtag gtaaacataa agctacaagc cactggctca ttgaggtaaa     58020
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt aagggctttg tggattccag gatgggaaga taaaaccacg     58080
     gaggcttcgg agagaaaggc aatgtatgtc ctgcctgctt ggagaaacag ccacaaagat     58140
     ggtgtcacca cagcaacaga ggacagaaca agggcagctg ggggttctca ggcacaggac     58200
     taaaagtcac aggaacgcac gcccgctcac agcccttacc acctccctcc ttcaacttac     58260
     gtctttagtg gagtcttctt cttcttggca ggtttattca acccatcccc atccgcttcc     58320
     gtggtgctgg ctgggatctc aaaagaggct ggggacttag aaggtgagct gggggtctta     58380
     gaggatgcct taaaggggtc aagggactct tcacaggcgt cagggtcaaa gttgtacgat     58440
     tgttgggaca gtttgggaga ctcttgcatt tttgaggtgg aggaaaaagg gttaaaattg     58500
     gggtcatccc acttgtctat atcaaaggtg taggtacctt tagcaatagg ggtgtcactg     58560
     ggttcagtag gggaccttgg aggtgaggca ggagtgttgt caagtttctc gggggtcttt     58620
     ttcatctttg gcctccttag gggcattttg gcaactggct tcttgcctat ctttttggtg     58680
     ggaggggcgt tttcctgctg actctcccaa cttcccttgt cctcagaata gtcaaactcc     58740
     agcctcactg acaacccctt ggcaggcaag tcctcttgcc ccccactgtc cgacagggtc     58800
     acctccaccg cctcagaggc tgtggtaaga ggcactgatt tcctcccaac tgggggtgag     58860
     ttctgcactc tgccacctcc agaaaccagg gggctaacgt cttctgcact ctccaaagtc     58920
     agaggacagg tggctgtggg gacagcaggg gactccaggg gtgtatcgtc tgacaaggtg     58980
     caaccagcgc cctcaggtgt ggccgactcc gtctttgtct ctggtgctaa gtgttcctca     59040
     ctggggactg gactctcttc acctggttcc tgttgggtct ccttcactgg gggggtttct     59100
     gtgggtttct tggtggcttg cttctttttc aaggaaggtg gccgtgtttt tttagttcgc     59160
     ttaagggtgc tggaagcact gttggatcct gtgccacatg catctgtggt aagggtccca     59220
     gcttcagggc tgccggggca agaagcaccg tcaaagtcac tggcttgtag gctaagcgaa     59280
     cgggacagcg tggacttgga gggtggcacg gactcggtgg atttcctccg cgtgctcacc     59340
     ttacactcct gacccttaga gtcggcagag cacggctcca agctctggaa gttatccacc     59400
     agctcgatgc tgtcgaagtc taagttgtaa gtcccgctgc tggctatcgg cttgtcttca     59460
     tcgaacaccg ccgaggagga gtgggaagga cggaaagggc ttccttccac ggactcgctg     59520
     ctgcgagggc catcgggaac cacaaccggt ggctcagaaa tgcatcctga ggaaatgaag     59580
     acaaagcggt cacctaaaga catgggatac ttgggatcat ttctcatcct gagccagacc     59640
     ccccactcca cagagcagag gttgataaac tccaaagaca gacacccccc acgggcaaca     59700
     ggttccggtt tccatgcatc agtgggtgca gatcctggac aggtttccct cagttccctc     59760
     atctgtacaa tgggagccag gtagctgata aaggaaaagc cccgatggtt cattccacag     59820
     cactttacca agtgcctgac tttgataggg gtcatgctgg gcatctgagc aacaatcaga     59880
     aaagacaaag gcttgtcctc ctagcctagc agccattgtc attgccacca aagcgtctat     59940
     gactacttac ttgcaagaga ctctcaagat aaggcccaat gacggtccct catgaagaag     60000
     ggattgggga gggcattaga ccctcacctg agagtcccat cactccgtcc tacatctacc     60060
     catctgcaca tggtcttggg gtagcatgtg gcataccagc tgaagggagg acttcacatt     60120
     tgtagctatg agaaatcgtt gcccagagtg aggtgacttt ctttgttctg gcagttttgg     60180
     gcttacccag actctgtaag taaggcgaag aagctggact ttggaggaat gatactgtaa     60240
     gtctgccatt agtgccctcc ctatctggtg gatttatatc tcaccaggaa gttcacaaaa     60300
     caaacagaaa tcttcccaga cagaaagggc catatgtgcc aaggccctag ggtaggagta     60360
     tccttgaggt attataaaaa gaatgatgag gctgaagcaa aacaaaacca gtaacccttc     60420
     ggtatggaca ttaaatatgg ccacagtcaa ccctgcttct gactgcttag acactgggaa     60480
     gactgtgcaa ggctgagcag gaccgagtct gccctctacc acctgcctct ccagacacga     60540
     ccctcctctc ccactgacac ggctacctca ctttggcttt ggatcttatc tattctcagc     60600
     cctctcctcc cagatgtcta gcaaccctag atgtcctcca accctgccag ccaataagcc     60660
     aaccctccct tccaatgtgc tcagggactc caactatcag tcaaaggatg cccaatgatc     60720
     tcagctcccc acagcggggg agaccaacca gccctcgcac ggctttctag gttcctagat     60780
     gttctgctag agaaagaaaa accctgtacc atggtctcag aaggcagaac aggaaacaga     60840
     agacgctgca cagaatggag ctgtgacctt ggactgtgtg cgtaggcggg tggagacaat     60900
     gtattaaccc tttctcttca ggtgaacatc cagctcaagt ccagggagcc attacacttg     60960
     agttccagat cagtgaaaat tcctctaaga ttatgtgtca catgagattc atactgagct     61020
     gggtgtcctg cagtgcagtt ttactttcta aatgactgtc ctatcctgag tcccagcaat     61080
     ccagatgtgg acaagactca ctcaaacagg ccagtctgtt tctggagaat acaccccgcc     61140
     tccacacatg tggctgctgt tgggggtgga gccagttctc atggtgcttc ctgactttgc     61200
     tcacaggcaa acctgaggct ggagtcccag cagatacagt gggagaggac cgcagaagcc     61260
     tcttgggttg tgaaaggact tcctcacctc tggttccaac ctggcaactt tttccctcag     61320
     aaagctcaat aaacatccct tggattgcaa gcacttgggg aactccatga ggcacacaga     61380
     ccctaagcgt ttgcagccac tggtcccagc tcccatcacc aaacttgctt ccttctcatc     61440
     tcagaagaac aggtgtccgt ccacctttct ccttctgaag tcacttccct ttgctgaggt     61500
     ccctgggcct tcaagcccag tttcttctgg tcagcagcaa cctggtcttg tagctacttt     61560
     gtagctgctc ctgaacactc acctcagaag gcagaagact acagatgcta agggggtggg     61620
     tctaggggct gtcacatggg cgttggcagc agggagaggg gcctcagcca tcgctgcact     61680
     tcggtagaca agcttccctt ccaatctgtt ccattgcctt agcagccttc aaatgtcagc     61740
     aatttcccct gcatcatgca acagtcagca gacagtcagc ttagcatctg ctctgttttc     61800
     ctgtctactc agcctggctc tcctattcag aagtgctctt ccctaattaa atcatggcaa     61860
     agaaacctgg ttttattgca ggttcttatt gtcagcccaa aggatgcttg ggggctatct     61920
     ctcattgtgg ggggctggtc tgttcagagc atcagctttg attcactaaa tgccagtagc     61980
     accttctctc ttagttgaga caaagtgtct cagaccctgc ctcctgtccc caggaggaca     62040
     gcacagtcct tggttaggag cttctactct acagagtagt ttctagagca gatggctccc     62100
     tatgatctat cacaaggttg ggatggcctt cccatgccat tgccatgggt aagctcagac     62160
     tgacaaggca accatgccca tctagttccc actagatttc tacatagtca cacagagctg     62220
     cataaagact tcattcatcc caaacctggc atggccttca atgtcagtca ccatgaggca     62280
     caccttgaat aatacagagg caaggaaaga tgaggccaca aacccatcca tccacataag     62340
     catgtcccct gcaatcacta tgcaagccta ggcaaagata tctctagaaa tccacattgc     62400
     acccccctga ctcttgattc tagttcaatc ctggggcaag ttagcatctg cgctcatatg     62460
     aaaaaagtcc ccacatgttt ctcagctatg ctaaccagct cagttgccct catcaagagc     62520
     caagactggg tggcttcaac aacagaaatg tgtttcccca ctgctctgag tactgaggct     62580
     ggaagtccac aatgaaggcg ttgtcaagtc tggtctctcc tggggccttt cttcttggct     62640
     ttgaggtggt caggtctgat gtgtccttac atggcctttc ccctgagcac atgtttcctt     62700
     gaagtctcct cttgtgacag agttccaacc taagacccca cagaacctta attaccacca     62760
     gaaaggtcct atctctaaca tgtcacatca ggagtgagga tttcagcgtg cgaatttaac     62820
     agatatgcaa atcagtctat aacatcagtg ctggacagca tagcctaagc taagcagctg     62880
     taccccgaaa caagacgtag aggacagcgt gccctcacaa ctgacatcac ccacctgacc     62940
     ctcatcttcc gactgtcgcc agaggcccca tttcttagcc tttctgtggt gtctccccag     63000
     tgacacttga gatggcttcc tgttctatga gttctctcca ggcagggatg caatggctag     63060
     agagaactgc tggcatcctg gcacactcag atgctcaact gaccaataaa tcaagcctgc     63120
     aggaagcatg gctgactaag tgcagaatac aggaaccctt ttgaggcagg ctaatgaaga     63180
     ccagcagagt gttgctctgt cctcttgaag catcttggca gtagttttag gtaatacagt     63240
     gaaagcatac gacgaattca atatctccca agcttgtcta gcctaaaaca catcagggac     63300
     actcatcaaa acctagactc cccgttttcc catccactga tcagtccact ccttcctgaa     63360
     gagttggtca acagagatgt gttgtggtgg tctttttgtg cactgtgtaa agactgtctt     63420
     tgtattattc aaatactgat ttctacgcaa ctggacttta gtaatgttat tcatctggtt     63480
     gcactctatc ttgtaaataa tccctccacc accttctgac tggttaaaca aagaactaac     63540
     tggccaatag ctgtggcaag aggagaggca gaacttcagg cagagacagg gcctctggga     63600
     atgaagctca tcaggcagga gaaatagcca gtgagacaca gaggaaaaag caagcgccag     63660
     tactcaggac gtactcacgt ggcagagaat agactagaat aaataggtca gtatgttatg     63720
     caagctagct gggaactagg taaccaaaag cctaaagcta tttaaataaa tataagtctc     63780
     cgtgtcatta ttcgagagct ggtggttcca aagaacgtca cattatagag gcaaggccct     63840
     aaatgtccat tttaacaagt gtcacaattg agcatccggg acagggaagc cagtggtttc     63900
     ttgcttgcat gcatttctgt acaccacatg tgtacctgat gcctgagaag atcagaataa     63960
     gacattggat cccctggaac tggagttaca gatagctgtg agataccacg taggtgctgg     64020
     gaatagaacc caggtcctct gcaagagccg cagccagtac tcataaccat tgagtcatct     64080
     ctccagcccc catgttttga tcttcaatcc tctgtaggac aatacttgag catctgccct     64140
     tcaatggctg gagggttgaa gataagctct gacaggacag gattgatctt caggatgaac     64200
     ttggacttcc tgtggaggtc tgccctgcag agtgagcagg ctcagacagg agcaggtcta     64260
     cggtatccac taccttcctt agatggggcc caaaacacaa ggctcaagaa agcaaagcca     64320
     aaataggcca gcaagagcgt caaagacctc tgggtaggca ccttctctct ggaagacctg     64380
     gttgagtctt aagaaaccca tgtggggagg agagctctga gcactgagtt cctgagtgtt     64440
     ctttttgctc tggctggtct cttccagacc tcactcaagt cccagaggcg taacagagat     64500
     ggagactttg ggactaagca caattaagct ggggagagtc tataaaaagc agacttttct     64560
     cattggggtc tactctgtga gacgctgaat atcacggagt caggattggg ggagcgcaat     64620
     gagggctctg gacaaatggc attgcctaca ggaatccagg agcacctttg tgctgatagt     64680
     ccccactgga aggtggtcac taggcacctg gcagcttagg ctgggtccca gctcggctgc     64740
     aggcacaaca aatgtcctat ttctgtctca tttggtctct ttcccagtgg gttgcctacc     64800
     cactatgccc agtataccca gtctatgctg acaggcccta gaggctgaga cattgggtca     64860
     tcaccacttc cagattctgt tgtcatttaa aaaacattag tcccttccat cctcctcctc     64920
     caaatgttac catgaatagg aggtgaaact gcatgaaagc ccttccttct atggttagag     64980
     aggtaacagg gtggttaaga gcacttagtg ctcttgcaga ggacccaagt tcggttccta     65040
     gcactcacaa ggtgcctcac catcatccgt aaatccagtt ctaggggacc tgaccccctc     65100
     ttctgacctc cttggacact aggcaatcat atgatgcaca ttcacactca ggcaaaaccc     65160
     tcataaaaac aacagaaaca tctaaagcaa tacatatatt tttaaagtgc cccttggtaa     65220
     gctaaatata gcagagaggt gtcaggccac taggatgacc tgactctgag aaggcagtgc     65280
     caaggtgcag gattgaataa gtagcacgtc cactcagtgt ccttcaccga agctcctaag     65340
     tcttgctgtc atatacccca ggacacctct ccagacacta ctgcccccca ctggtacaat     65400
     gatgactgca cagtttggct tttgtcaacg tgacacaaag gaagagggaa cctgactaag     65460
     aacatgcttc cataagactg gcgcgcctgt ggggcatttt cttaattggt gattgatgtt     65520
     ggagggccca gggcactggg ggcggtagca cccctgggct ggtggtcttg agtgctgtct     65580
     gaaaacaggc tgagcaagct acaaggagca aaccagggag cagcgttttc ctccacagtt     65640
     cctgccccct aggttcctgc actgacttcc attcatgatc acaccaatag aagccttagc     65700
     attgccttag caatgatcga atgttgtaac aggacaaccg cctctgccct tcctggggac     65760
     catgggctga gctacccatc cgggagacct gggcatccct ggctcactag agctcatgga     65820
     gatgccaggg tttagagctt gattatggca aggagctact tcagaactct ccaggagggt     65880
     cacaaagaga agtaaataga tgtcaagagg gccatggctt ggccaggtta ttggcattcc     65940
     tacccaagtt tcccagggca ttgtgaacat ggccacagtg agccactgag gtcactactc     66000
     cctgacttcc tcccccgtct gtgcagccaa gccctcctac tatccttcca gcctgaggta     66060
     agtggggctg gcagcagtgg gctcaatggc taccctctgc ctacatagtg ccttctgcgg     66120
     ggcaagagac tagcatggcc cattttaagg ctcttcccct taaacatgag gaacctctga     66180
     tctgcacagt tacacagagt ccccaacagc tttacctgtt ccagaaactc ggggcccatg     66240
     gtaacagtca tatcaggacg agcaggaaaa cctgctcacc ctgtgcttgt gggatccaga     66300
     tgcagctctg caaagccttg gacctcaact tgtgtcttca gcctaaacat ctatgagcgc     66360
     tgaaactccc atgcaggaat ctcaccctca aggcaagacc tctgggagga agttaggcta     66420
     gggagaatgg ccaggaatgg aatgaatacc taaagggagc ttgtctgtcc catgtgccat     66480
     gggaggacac agcacagtgc tgcttgtaaa ccggacaatc tccagttcag cctccagagc     66540
     taaagcaatg aaattctgcc gtccacagct acgctctgtc tatgggatgg gtaggttggc     66600
     tgaggttggg gctgaggctg tatattctgg gcaagttatt tcataaatct gttactgttg     66660
     aaagccaagc gttcttgcga agatggacta gaaagccaca tgaatgtcca gtctagggca     66720
     tagacagtgc caagaaataa tggccacagc ctctcagatc ctgcccacga tacctgctcc     66780
     ctgttctgca tcccaagagg gacatcttaa taccaagggg ctttgggtca cttttgggtt     66840
     cttcaggaga agaaagcaaa tgccagtttg tatagaaaca agccttctgc catagactgg     66900
     gtgacaataa atcattgccg gcagctaatg ctgagaggtg taatctaaaa ccagagactc     66960
     acaggccacc gcttcccagc aagagaaaat gggtaggcac acagggcacc agacagctcc     67020
     gaccacaaga ccctcccagt gcccttctcc aggttagtag agaactctgg caggcaagaa     67080
     tgagcagaca actgtcacca tgacaaggtt gtcccagaga ggacaggcaa ggaactcacc     67140
     tcacttctcc tactaacacc tagcattgac catctacttc ctgccacctg accatcctgc     67200
     agagctcagc tcaggctgca gctcagggcc agctgacaga gctgcttggc acgtgactga     67260
     gtgccagcgg gtacagcaag gactcagcag tacctgtgtg gccagcacag cagcagtcca     67320
     ggagacaagc tgcaccagag agccggaagc tagagctctc aacgctgccg gacagggaag     67380
     gtatgtgacc tcagaggaag gggatgctat tcaaataagg gataattagc tctcatccaa     67440
     gatggacatg aagtagacaa aggccctact gcaagcctaa caccaggaag atgcagaagc     67500
     cgagagtatt atttagtcag gtgaaagtta actacgtccc acagtgacaa cactgtcaag     67560
     tgttccatag aggctagaag gcagtgattt cagacctgac aggctgctgc cttcatttat     67620
     acacaggaaa gcatggctcc ttagatgggg acagatataa ggcgggcact tagcatcctg     67680
     tcctgctgtg ccatggagca caaacatgct cacaggaccc agcatacagc cagcgacggc     67740
     ttttgtaaaa caggtttcca ggagagaaaa ccatgtttgt tctcacgggc aaaggtctgg     67800
     tctattattt cctggggttc cttagtcctt tcgtgacatt ccagggactc agcagaggaa     67860
     aaccatgaac aatagacttt cctctcctgc cctttctttc ctgtggtttt cagaacaaac     67920
     tctcctctcc ccagggcgac ctacggagaa gcacagtgcc ttctcacgcc ttgacggtgc     67980
     cccgcgggtt gggaagatgg ggtgcgggga gggaggggca gcttccaaca cgagaaacag     68040
     atcagacagc cttttgtgta gcccaagtga aagaggtggg tgctttatgc agacacagtc     68100
     cccagctcag gtctcctgac tgtaatctac atcgacaggc tcactgcagc tttaaaagga     68160
     gaagtgtaaa gctgctgctc aaaaactcca aggggtgtaa tcaaaggttc tgagggattg     68220
     tggctcagtg gtgattaaca tctccacacc gctgcacaca ggttacctct taagcctcta     68280
     taatgctcat tcttctatga actgtcattt aagtaaaagg cgggattgtg tgtgtttgct     68340
     tttaagaatg aagatgattc tctgttttgt tggaaaagaa tttagggggt ggtgggagcc     68400
     gccatcaccc tccctaacag acagctgctg ctccctaaca gtttgcatcc caccaagatg     68460
     aagaccgaga agccagagcc tggcaagggg aaagcttttc cttaacatct gatcgccaga     68520
     gagttccggc accactgtgt gccggggctc caccatgctc catcacttca tttttttaag     68580
     actggactca acttgtttac agtgtgaact atgcttccga ctccaaatga tgaggttcca     68640
     aagcatcatg accaacccca tggatttccc caatccagtg gctgcctggg atatagatct     68700
     agtgtgtctg acccaggctc caagtcacag gacattaagg accccagagc tttccaatat     68760
     cattttgcag gagagaagaa caggagagaa gacggagccc gtctgaaaca caagggcaca     68820
     cttgatgtct cacgacactc tctgactcct tgcttcgaac ataaagcggt aagatgattc     68880
     tgtctgttct gcagagagtc tgagtttgtg ggagaatgaa cagaaataac tggattaaag     68940
     cctggaggag attcaggcat gggatatgtt ccaaatgatg aaacctgcaa gcatctctac     69000
     ttattccaat aacacaatta ctgatctaca gcactcttcg tgttacaggg gaaaaggtac     69060
     gaggggccca agggtcctta gttgctgcct gggtcacttt tgggatctaa ccgagccagg     69120
     aaagatgcaa cggcaaagta taaaattaat gtgccacgca acctaaaaca caaagatgat     69180
     cataagaagt aaattcatag caccagtagc gtgtctccac agaacagatg ctatgttacc     69240
     tgcctgcatt ttctatcagc cattctaggg tatgagacca tcttagagga ggttatatac     69300
     gacaaaggtg gggacatcat aatgtccttc cagatcatgg tgttcagtgt cccccacagt     69360
     aactggctca tgctaccagt gccctctgaa tcgctgtaga gtggccagac accgaccatt     69420
     gagcacctgg ttccaatcag agagaatgga ggttgtgtcc catgtttatg tggtagaact     69480
     actcagctgt ctgaggttta catggggcta gacatatggc tcactggtgg taaacagttc     69540
     ccagcagtca gagtacagag cagggaatcc tgggagatcc accaagggcc accaaagtga     69600
     ccttccccta tatacgcttt agggacgtgt ttgagctatg gccctgcagt tttttattca     69660
     gacactgtcc atttaaaact aggggtgaag tgatacggaa agcggtactc ttttctgttt     69720
     gttactgcac aaaacgaagg aagggatact agagtctcag aacggcatac agttctctgg     69780
     gctcctttcc tatttaaatc agaccggcag caccattcct gtctcaggcc agcgactaca     69840
     gactcagggg agagcacgag agggagactg tacccatcag gcctgtgaaa actgccttgc     69900
     tctgttcccc agcagaaggc atccagctgt ttaagactaa accttggagc tgcatatact     69960
     tcctaaatca gtagcctgct taaaccagca ggggaaaaaa aaaattccat ccccttttta     70020
     acaacatcaa catagagacc aaactgctat cttaagttac aaggcaactt tcttggttcc     70080
     tgacagggca aagataaacc cagctctagg cctgccttcc tccatgacca gttccagcca     70140
     tggtgcagat gatcagtctg taggtccaag tctactcttg agtcctctgc agacaaagtc     70200
     ggccaccagg aagacagggt tagggcagga gaagagacgg gcttgaaaag ggactgtgaa     70260
     caacacctag cacatgcact gcaacggtgg ttctcaacct gtgggtcgag acccctgtag     70320
     ggatcaaatg actccttcga aggggtcaga tataagatat cccgcgtacc aggcatttac     70380
     attatagttc gtaatggtag caaaactagt tacgtagtag caatgacagt aattttatgg     70440
     ttgggggtca ccacagcatg aggagggtca cagcgttagg aaggatgaga accgccggtc     70500
     tacagggaat cagctctata tacttgtcat gggggagggc tgaggcctaa agagggcaga     70560
     atggggtcct attagtgcta tccaggtttg aagatggaag catttggttc ctgtggggcc     70620
     accgccagca ggctgtctcc ttttaggctt catgttgaat ttcccattag aggtggttcg     70680
     atcccccccc cccccccccg cccccggtgt taacagggaa gcacacagaa cgccatccac     70740
     gtgggcaggt gccctgagat ctgctctgtc tctcagaaat cacatctgaa ctacacttga     70800
     aggtgttctt tctgttgagc aatcaggaaa gccgaaaagt accgaggggt cacccagctc     70860
     tgattgactc ttcttactca atgtgttgac ctcactcccc atcccccagc ctgatggggc     70920
     tgtcctcagc acacacatgc agggtgtgtc aatgtttgtg tgggaaaggg gttcaaagag     70980
     tagactctaa gatctaatcc ccaacaccca ctctctcaac tctcaaacct acccaagtct     71040
     gaaaatgaag ggaccagaga actcaagcga cagagttact tctaggatgc acacagcaca     71100
     acccactcta cctgtctctc cgtagacttc atagaaacca gcgaagcata aaacagagcc     71160
     cagagagagg gcaccagtca ctgtgggctg tagactgcct aagagccaac tctgtcccct     71220
     ggagccagtg gctcctgaca tttggttacc tggttcttct ggggctggtg gatcgatgac     71280
     ctcaggctct ggggtgactt cagggggtgg agggggaggg gctggtggag ctttgacagg     71340
     ggtcgttgac tcgggggtct caaaggcttc ctcagagtcg gaactcctgg tggagagaaa     71400
     taagaaacgt aggtgagaca gtgctgagta gagattctgc tgtgaaggca tttgtggcaa     71460
     atactcaagt cacctgttgg gagacaggca tgaaggtcac cttggagcct gattcccagg     71520
     aactggggtg aatctgttca ctggcattga ggtctgtagt gggttggtct ggtgctgcta     71580
     tctgttcaaa tgctaaatac tgtatctcaa gacctggtag cttcaagaag tatatcagct     71640
     tttgttgtgt aaaccttgtc ccccaagcta tccgtgattg gttaataaag atgcctacag     71700
     cctataactg gccagaagag aggtaggcag ggctggaggc cccaggcttg gggtctcagg     71760
     aagggaccaa aagtggagga gagagaagga agaagtagcc atgggctaga ggatttgagt     71820
     gcatggccat gagggccggc ctattggagt aggagcagac caggtagaac atagcaattg     71880
     acatcttagg gttattgact ccagagtaga caaaatagca cagggagttg acatctgtcc     71940
     atctcaaatg ctttaaggct tattataaat ataaagattt gggggtatct tatttgggaa     72000
     ctaaatgatc taaggtggga tagaaacccc caaagaatat ttgccacgat ggggatcaat     72060
     gtagctctac ttgaaagaca catgtccact taatgacaaa ttcacacact gtggctattt     72120
     gggtaagctt cggtgcacat tatggagtgc tgagtcagtc taaaagagac tggttttgtt     72180
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttatgttcac caccgtggct ccagcctgcc tccaagaacc     72240
     tcatcttgta aactcagttt ccatttactc tctcccactc cagcctgcca ttctcccgac     72300
     tccctgccct ccttgcgctt ctccatgttt actggcctct tcagctggac tgaaattgcc     72360
     acacaggtgg ctggccttgt ttttcacact gaatgaccat ctgtagagag aatgaatgag     72420
     agccagacag cctgtcagca gagcgtatgc caaaccaagc cacaaaatat ggccagccag     72480
     tactcaatgg tatagcacta gcccttggtg gtccctaggg aagtctactt gcaaggaagc     72540
     ctcttcacac acagacctgg gccaaaagcc tactgaggag cttcttgtgg taacaagaag     72600
     acagtgggca agccctgcct gggcacaaga aaactctacc gatgccttct ccctccctgc     72660
     tgccccaagc tacttgatct tagccagagg aataggaaat tgagttatac gttttcttgc     72720
     tgctgagagg ccaggagcat caattccctg gctcaagata accacagggc caaggttaac     72780
     cttacctgtg aggacagtaa ctgtggacgg cagccacatg ctggctccca tctctgaaca     72840
     gttccgatgc acccaaatgc caactgatca ttggcaagga aggaggagtc taactcccag     72900
     gagaggattc acaggactgc agatcagaac cactgctgaa gattgacact caggccacga     72960
     tgcagtaaga aacagaacat gccgtgccag gattcaatgc actagatcac acgggtaccg     73020
     tgaacatgag cctcctccaa cactgtgaga cgctcccaac tgttcagctc cacacagtcc     73080
     cacaaccagt aaccctggaa gatgtcacct cttctaaagt ctatcaactg gccagcagaa     73140
     taccagcaag caacaccctg cccactagga cccaggaaag gagccactgg gtgagttcca     73200
     gagctagaga tgcggctcac ttggtagagc tattgtctaa catgcataaa accaaaggtt     73260
     tcggccctta acactacata aaccaggcat agtggtctga gcctatgcta gccacaatcc     73320
     taacactaaa gaggtcaagg caggaggacc agaagttcaa ggtcttcatc aactatgtat     73380
     agtgtttgga gccagcctgg actacacgag accctgcctc aaaaattact taagtcagta     73440
     agaacaacta tatcaatctt tcttttacac cttagtatga gagactggtt ttattagtgc     73500
     caaagattgt ccccgttcct cctaaggacc ttgtcaccta caatgccagg gccctccctg     73560
     ctcaaagaaa tcaacaaaaa cattagcgct gctttagatg agacccaaca agctaaggcc     73620
     aactttatat tagatttcac tagtaaatac ttaatcctca gaagcataac agggaagtct     73680
     gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtttctctct ctctctcaca cacacacaca cacacacact     73740
     cacacatacg cacactcaca tattaatgtt gaaagactta gctttgtctg tggggaaatg     73800
     taagctccat ccatacttgg tagaaacgga tcttggaagg tgaagtttta agtatgaaaa     73860
     cacggggtag ggttgaggga gcagtcacaa ataaacagta gagaagaatg aacgctcaga     73920
     tcagcttgct gggcctggaa tgaagcactg agagcctcct tcccacccta gcacctatac     73980
     cataaacacc agggaaaacc acgacaagac acacagagtc aacttgcctc tttccggagc     74040
     tttcctgggc agcttgcagc ctggactccc cattgctgct catggctgcc cacatccaac     74100
     gggcccattc cactggggac cacatctgcc aggagtcaaa agccatctcc atggaaaaat     74160
     tcccacctat actgttcttg ctggtatctc ttgagatcta aacctctttc atggcaccgc     74220
     caaaaaagga agcttcccca gcccccagca aggaacactg tgagcatctc ctgtattcca     74280
     aggtgccagg ctgcctgctc aaactgagat gcagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     74340
     agagagagag aaagagagag agagagagaa agacccaaag cttgtcctat tgcttctgca     74400
     accctgggca ctggtaaccc aaggctttta gattataaag ggccctggtc tttctcaata     74460
     gcacaagtga caaggagggc cggatgctct tgcgtcctag ctgtgaattc caatgaggtt     74520
     tctactgcag cagctgcctg cctgcacacc tgctcagagg accactattc acccagggac     74580
     tggaagggaa gcagtctggg ggaggcgggc atgaagacac cgtgctcatt gtcctaataa     74640
     gacctcgttg tctttttact atgaactgtg tgcatcggaa caccacaggc cactagcatg     74700
     acactttggg agctgctggc cttgtttgca tatttccaca ctttctccca ggagcagaga     74760
     gcaagttaat tagaggcgac agatagcagt ttttaaaatt ctctctttcc tccctgttca     74820
     gtcacccagg ggcttaaaaa catttcaaga gtgagaattt ctgtagtcca cccaccaaga     74880
     atctgtgcat aagaataaag tggctgggtg gggttctagc cccaagtccc agtgatcgag     74940
     tcccactgtg gtgtggctgg ttttctactt acacaaataa ttacacagct gagactccac     75000
     acactttcag aatagaaaaa aaggagatta atttgacaca aatatgtacc agaacaagaa     75060
     atggtgccac aatttgctaa aacccctcca aatttcagga ggtaggtttc tcaggatgta     75120
     taaatattat gtctaccatt taagtaaata cgagagtata atatatgtgt gtatatgtgt     75180
     gtgtgtatat gtacatataa atataagaca ttaaacacaa gagtataatg cacacatata     75240
     tctcacacac acataaccca cacataacac acataatcgc gaatgcccga gttcacaggt     75300
     aggcttctat atgaaaagca caccagccag catttgtgga acatttagtc gtgtgtcaag     75360
     acatgagtct aggtctatct atcatcttca gaactatggg ctagggatgt agctcagttg     75420
     ataagtgctc gcctagcatg cataaggccc tgggttcaat ccccagcacc gcataaacta     75480
     ggcacgtgat gtatgaaaac aacaaaatga ctacaacaat ctacaagtag cctgaaaggt     75540
     ggagaacagg caggcctcac tgatgacaca gctatggttt agagaagcaa aaagctgttt     75600
     gcaaggctat gcaagctagg aaatgagaag atcaaagctc agatcccaaa ctgctagcct     75660
     ctgaggtgtc tgctcaccat atctatggtt tcttgaaacc tttagcaaga tccattttta     75720
     tgtccttatc atacaaagtc tatcatggag aataattaag ctgtccaagt gaacttgtaa     75780
     atgtgacact gagggacagg gagatcccag ccacagcatt atccttgttg ctctttccct     75840
     tgtttgcaca aggttaggga agtcccaacc atccaatgga gtgattacta acagccctgt     75900
     tcttctaaca gtctgtcctg tgatcatggg attctctaca aggcaaacgg ggcagggcag     75960
     ggcagggcag ggcagccatc aaacggcaca tgccaattca tccgccagta caaaacagta     76020
     tttggggaat attcaacacc acagtggggt atgtagatgg gaagaatgat ggaaatgaca     76080
     gattgtccta gccatggaaa ctggggcctg aaggactccc cagctgtgtt agtacagttt     76140
     aaaacattcc tccgaagctg ggcgtggtgg tgcacacctt tattctcagc acttgggagg     76200
     cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac     76260
     agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     76320
     aaaaaaatcc ttcgaacagg aaatacgact tagtggtaga gcctttactt gcctggaatg     76380
     ctcaagactt ggggctcaag tcccagctac acacacacac acacacacac acacactcaa     76440
     ctacctccat agtgttctaa attgtaacca agcacagcct acaaatccct gttccacaca     76500
     gtatgaaata actcacacca gtgacatgct ttgagaactg tccttcaaaa ccgagtcagg     76560
     tagaggccaa cctgtagact ctaagggctg tttccctaca tctgtggctc agtttaaact     76620
     ccaccctttt acttgtcaaa ttataacaaa acagtctaag ctcagaaccc acacagatac     76680
     atgatctata ctcattaaat acaagtgtat ctgtgacaca tgaatatgtt tgcatataac     76740
     tgaaatatgg tgtttttatg aagagttccc gacataccgt taactggtta cattttgctc     76800
     aaatttaact gttgagaatc caaggtgctt tgctgagacg ggcctggggt cccaagaaaa     76860
     cagccataca actcaaaatg tttcagcaac acacagcatt tatttctata gaaggctgca     76920
     cggctgcttt aaatccacca gccaagcaca cctgagcaca ccctcaggcc cacagggctg     76980
     cacagccaag cacacctgag cacaccctca ggcccacagg gctgcttctg ctcctggtag     77040
     acagaggaag gggattcatc tgcacttatc taatctatat caactcctca gaacactagt     77100
     tttcagttac caacagtgac cagggaccgg gtagaggacc ttgggaacac atatccacaa     77160
     taaatggtgc aggattctca cattaacccc accttctgct agaaatgagg gatctgccat     77220
     gacatcagcc ttcgcttctc catgctgtgt tcaacatgag cgtggaggtc atgagctccc     77280
     agggcctttc aaggttccct attccctcaa gaccaagtga aaatgaagac catggcttta     77340
     gccagaaggc ctgctttagg gaagattagt gtatctagcc caaaagacca tctgctgtcc     77400
     ctgaaaagag agagaaccct cccagaagca aaactgagct ctcagcagac cagcctcgtt     77460
     ggtttgcatc tcatgtgagt aggactttga tgaatttgtg tgtattttta aaattgccac     77520
     atactggatt ctattgatca aaatactcca ctgaatgaca acttcagaca gcattgttaa     77580
     caaaagccac tctaaccaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgag aacacatgaa     77640
     cacacacaca gacacaaaga aagagacaga cagacatata cacatagaca ggcacataca     77700
     caaagagaca aatgcacaca cagacataca gacaacacac acatacaaat acagagagat     77760
     gaacagacag acacacatac atacacagag agaaagacac atagacacac acacactgcc     77820
     catggtgggt ttggacaaga cctttgctct cccccatcat tctgcacaca aaacgtaaag     77880
     gtggaacatg attccaacac agcataacac ctagattcat cttagacagt gagataatta     77940
     tgggacagac ggtcaggagc tgtggtccat gaacacaaag ctggcactgg caagccagac     78000
     tgctagaatt ttccagacag acacctatgg tcacccagag aaaaccatgc agatggtggc     78060
     atatttagct cacgattccc ggcacctgga gcctgttggg ctcatgaagt gagttctatt     78120
     ttcatatgca agtggctaag tgtaggggtc aagaaggtta aaaagtgcaa gagagagtta     78180
     aatggctgag ggagagagca cacagatggg tgggcagggg aggaggggtg ggaggggtcc     78240
     ctcagctcca gctgagagag acagaatctg agtctggttg gcagaggcat aaagaagaat     78300
     ttataacggg gctatgaaac tgaggactct gattctgaga gagaattgtg agccccaccc     78360
     atttgctaga tgtcacaacc ctcagctcac agcttaaatt gcagggagga agctgcaact     78420
     gttccatctc aggtcatatt cctatgtctt agctaataga gggcagtgaa caagcagagg     78480
     acacgaggca gacagaatcc cacgaaagac acgcaggaga gagagcagct gacagtccaa     78540
     atgcagacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac agcccccagc cacataactg     78600
     agcgactgtg gccttaactc agtaaaccac ttgaccactc aagctctggg ttgtttgtcc     78660
     agcaaaggga gttataagaa ctataaggaa aagtctcccc acaattgcta cttagaggat     78720
     aggcaggaat gggggagcta gaagggagtt gggatcccaa gagcccagtt cctatttgtg     78780
     taccttgact tcttactgtt atacaaccct ggcctcagct ttcatgataa agtttcaagt     78840
     taaaatataa cagagagctt taaccctggc aggggagaac accttcaccc acagccaagg     78900
     gaacattccc gggaccctga gcagcctcac gagggagtta gctgagagat ctacagctgt     78960
     atttggacgc tgagtctctt gaggtcagaa cgaccctctg cagtaagaga ttctggcagc     79020
     tgcagatagg tggttccccg ctccgtcaga aacgaaggca ttagatcacc acccccccat     79080
     gcatgggaac acagatctgc ctctgcaaac gtctccatat gattacgtac actggaagtt     79140
     tgacacacat ctgacttggt gtatgtattt cagaggaaca agggaagaga catcctagag     79200
     gagggaggat taagggggtg gatggcgtac cccatgaata tgccactcac ttcataaatg     79260
     ttcataaaaa cttgctaaca tctacagtga agaaccttcc cccctcttcc ctccccctcc     79320
     cccccccccc ccccccgggc aatgctgctg ccctcctttg gaacagtctg ggctttgcta     79380
     aatccatctc ggtgtgaaca ggctatgcct ctcaactgga ttatttccat cgggaagaca     79440
     gtaataagag acccctacaa tgtagctata accccaactc cataaagcac ttggaccttg     79500
     gagaatgtgc tgtacaaacc agctgggcac acgctctgtt ttatttagct aaagctactc     79560
     agttggtcat gaaggggagg ccacagaaaa tgttgccagt gctttgccag gacaactgtg     79620
     gagagactct ggtagaagag tctctacata catgtgaagg cgggtcctgt gagctcaccc     79680
     tgactcttcc tgaggggcag acacaactcc gcctcccagg atgggcagtg tttgtagaat     79740
     ggaggaagct cttgtggcaa cgggcagtgt gggcatgtat gtgtgtatgt gcttgttcaa     79800
     acacccttac agacactcag cttttaaacg ggcgcatctg ttatccttct aggagcctct     79860
     caaaagccaa gcagcactct ggttggcccc atgagtgaag aaacacaatg ttactgagtt     79920
     tggctccctg ctcccggtcc catcactgtg gctttgttaa gactctcctg tagaaaagcc     79980
     agatggagac tcaacacttg ggggaagcag ggatggctgt cagagggcgc atcacataaa     80040
     ggtgcttgtc accaaacctg aagaccagag ttcaatccct gcaacccaca cggtgggagc     80100
     agagaatgaa ctcttaagtc ttctgatctc catgtgcact gtggactctc tctctctctc     80160
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc taaaagattt atttatttat ttatttattt     80220
     atttatttaa tgagtacact gtagttgtct ttagacacac caaaagagag catctaatct     80280
     cattatggat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gacctctgga     80340
     agagcagtca gtgctcttaa ctgctgagcc atctcaccaa ccctctctct ttttaataaa     80400
     agaagagaga aatggagaaa aaaaggcttt caggctgtcc ttttatttct gcgccttcat     80460
     acaatgatat tctggaaatc tcatcttcgt agctgaactc tttgctcgag taaatttaag     80520
     ttggaatctt tatttctccc ccacccccaa ccccttgagg aagtagctaa taaacccagg     80580
     gccttgtaca tgttatacaa acggcctacc actgagctgt cgatccctaa gccccaagtc     80640
     agaatctcta cttcaaattc aggtttgtta gaactctaac cagaagggct ggtaagatgg     80700
     ctcaatggct aagagtgctt ccttagccta gagttcattt cccagcaccg aacagcaagc     80760
     agctcacaac tgcctgtaac aagccacagc taccagtgat gggaccagga gctcggagcc     80820
     aaactcggta acatcgtgtt tcttcattca tggagccaac cagaatgcta cctggctttt     80880
     gagaggctcc tagaaggata acagatgagc cagtttaaaa gccgtacaga gctaaacgta     80940
     cacaaataga ggccgcatgg aagtactgct tttgtaccat ataccgaagc ttcggggtat     81000
     cagaaacaac aggctgcctt gccacagggg aagtcttggc ggtttggtat ctagatcctg     81060
     aactcaaatc aaatgagaag aggcaaggcc atgctggtga ccagcacatg actgtattca     81120
     gggagactat gtggtgggtg agaaagacac cccaaaaggc agtgcaagga agaactcaaa     81180
     aaaagcagca aggcttggcc caagagctga ggcttctcca agcactgtca gttaacggac     81240
     cctccctcag cacttctgag tgggagggat gggggtgcac tgcacacata gtagagagag     81300
     ctctgtaagt gctatgtaag gaagacagac taagggccat gcctatgaag tagatttaga     81360
     gaaataaaaa ataaatacgg gcaaatgtac gtgaatctgc atacacgttt gcgtacattg     81420
     aagcctatgt acagagttaa acacacacaa atagaggcag catggaagtg ctgtttttat     81480
     aatatatact gaagctttgg gtatcagaaa gaacaggctg ccttgccaca ggggaagatg     81540
     ctaactccag tagggaaagc ctccgagggc tgtctgggtt gttcaggaag ctccttctga     81600
     tcttatctac atgctgggca tgatgaatgg gatgccacca aggtctaccc acacagcttg     81660
     atcacggccc acgtaatatt agttaaggaa aaaaatccgg gaagacaggt gtgggaaagc     81720
     acagcctaag gcagacacag ccaccagagc cagacactcc ccaagggtga agctcccacc     81780
     cagcacagtc taaggcagac acagccacca gagccagaca ctccccaagg gtgaagctcc     81840
     cacccagcac agtctaaggc agacacagcc accagacact caccaagggt gaagcttcgc     81900
     cccagcacag tctagggcag gcagctagga tcaggaggga ctcctaccac taccactgca     81960
     agggcctcag catgtttatt aggtacacaa cagagggagg gcttggtacc tacaagtctg     82020
     taatgccggc tggaatgtgg tgctggggag gtagcacttc tccaccttgg aggcaagtat     82080
     ctcaatgaat aaatatgtat ataaataaat gaggcccgtg agaggctctg caggtaaagg     82140
     ggcctgctgc caagcctgat gacccaagag tcaattcctg gggtctacat ggtggaagga     82200
     gaaaattgac tcctgcagag aatggattca tacttccaaa gaggtgtcat ggaatgtgta     82260
     cttccccata aataaataag taagtaaata aataaataaa tgtagtaaat aaacaagatt     82320
     gagaagcaat tgaggaagat gctagatatc aatctttagt ccccatatgc atgtacacac     82380
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gtatagttac cacccatgca caaacacaaa     82440
     ggagtacaca cacagaggga agaaaaaacc aaacccctca atatttaact cagcttgcac     82500
     tgaactttct tccaaagcca gaagtatctc tttgaaatag catgcacatc ttgggaatgg     82560
     atactttcaa cctttgatgt aaggagttga gaactcgaag catggagctg ggctttgaca     82620
     tctctcttaa gaataagcta gaagaaggct ggcgcctgtc cagtctgagg cctgatgaga     82680
     gtggtagcca ggtgcctact gtcagatcta cactcaattt ctgaatgcaa ccaagtagtt     82740
     tcctggcagg tcagctgtga gtgtctgttt tgactcattt gggttcttgt caaaaagccc     82800
     ttaaccttga gacagcaatg cctatagtga tgtggggaat tgtatcagtt cacttgaatt     82860
     tgttacatgt aactgaaatc taaggtgact tacccgctat tctatttaaa ccactgacta     82920
     tgcgctagtg tttttgttga agtttaacaa gctggcatgt aaggacctga gaatctctta     82980
     gaattatcaa agtatttttc tccctgtacc agttataata tagtaaataa atacattatt     83040
     ttaattaaaa ttctcccgaa gtataacctg ggatttctac ctccctttga cacctgctac     83100
     tttcccctcc ttcatatgtc taaaacccag ctgtttctta ccatcacggt cactatcacc     83160
     accccaggtc tgtcctcaca ccagcatcct ggccctgctg ataatctctg agcagttaga     83220
     atgatcaaca taaattgtct gaactcaggg tgagccccct gcactagctt aatgagtcct     83280
     cctttgtccc aatcaatggt caccatcacc actgcccaca tgctaggctg cttggcagac     83340
     tttattctcc gtccacctgg ttctcccgag ctgtagaagc cagtgtgtgc actccgctac     83400
     catccatccc accaccagct catcatggct cttcatagct cccctcagcc tgggacctta     83460
     gccccgagct ctggatgacc tgctctgtgc tcttcggtgt tagtctcagt gtcttgagaa     83520
     cacaagaagg gaaacccagc ctttcagaag tgtcaggtac ttctgtctga ttacagctct     83580
     tactaaatac tcaagtggaa tttgatactt aatcttatga ttcttcaccc acggctgctt     83640
     taacacacac tttccctctc tccctcgcca ccccccaccc ctgtgtgtgt gcatgcattt     83700
     gtggaacttg gtggtgttca atagactcct gaatcactgc tccactgtaa aggctggtgt     83760
     gagtgggtaa acacctacct acctctctgc ctcacagtgt gcatgtaact actagaacta     83820
     caaacacggc ttccatgtcc accccaagca tcagtcactt ttctcctgcc cctgatacaa     83880
     atcaggaaac taaggcccaa gactggtagc agcctgtcca cacttggagc caaatctgta     83940
     gatgctcaac tctataatta ataaccactc tacagctgtc ttccataagc tgtcagggct     84000
     aattcttgta atctatgtaa agaaagtaat ttaatttata cttttatcag ttcagaatgt     84060
     gtaataaggg gccagaggtt gagctgacta agctatattg tatatgagaa gagaatgtga     84120
     acctactcta gggggcatga agccttagag aaatgtgcat ttccaggcac tgggcaaaac     84180
     ctacaggctg ccccagtgag tgtgctgttt gcaagccatc tcttcatttt cactgtatgt     84240
     atgaaaaaaa aaaaaggcaa gaaagagaca aaggatttaa gtcctgctac ttcttattgt     84300
     tcaaaggcac tgtttgcaga ctggcttaaa atctgcttta actgtttggg tcttcatttt     84360
     gctttgactt ttatgtattt attttggggt gaggtgtgga acacaaactg tggtgcacac     84420
     agcctggtcg gaggacaact tgaaggggtc actgctcccc ttcgaccatg tgagtctctg     84480
     gcttaggggt aggcacctgc actcactgag ccatgtcacc acctgttaac agccagtgca     84540
     atcagacaaa gtgctgacac tgtgtacatc ccttgctgca gagcccctat cttatgttcc     84600
     tgttctacat cccagggaga cgcctgcagt ggccctgaag cattgtctct ccagggctag     84660
     ctctggacac acctggaggc catggcagac tgttaggaga gtgtcaccca gctacatccc     84720
     attcctacac agttcttttt tccctttttt ataaaccaga agttgtttta ctctcacaag     84780
     aggcacacca ttcgtggaac cccctcttac gtttctcacc atgactcaca gggagtcagg     84840
     tcgtcatttt cagagtttcc ctgtgacata caatttgcta aaagccacag ttttggatag     84900
     actgtacctt tggcaaatca gacatccttc ccatctgaaa ttacagattc ttactgtaga     84960
     agaaaatgaa gtgggtagtt tatttggagt taaaaatggc cagcttgggt ccaggccctc     85020
     cacctgaatc tctctttttg tctcttcagg acattggagt ttggttctaa gagaggccag     85080
     catgtgtcag caggtgggag gagaaggctg agcaagacaa gaagagcctt gtcacctgct     85140
     gtagcagagc acccagcagg agggaaccac aggagttgct ctcagttcct gctggccact     85200
     gagaggaatc cagtcagcag cagggtctcc tgaaatgtgg atcagatgtg gcccacagaa     85260
     gcttcaggag caaccatatc aaaggctcta cccaaccatt tgtgggagcc aaggtggacg     85320
     tcgctatggc ttttacagag aacacctgca tgtcatgcca gattcttcga ggagagactc     85380
     cttgaataca cattgacctg catgagtgac cctaaggctt ctctggggta cagggctgtg     85440
     ggagagtaag cattagtctc ccggggagct atgaaggaca gacgtccaca gagggcaagc     85500
     agaggctact taggggtaat gcagggtggg tgtgaggtca ggaacctctt tgtatttgtg     85560
     gggcgtgctt agctttaacc accagttcgg gtggctgagt tgtgtgctct aagcgaggct     85620
     ggccacatga ccaggtgcat cagtgtgatg tggcagtgtc taaagagagg tatctgggct     85680
     ttgcctgtgg ttgtggcttt ggttgcaagt agaaaatgaa ataaagggga tttaaagaaa     85740
     aaaagtgaaa agaattaggt ctcctgtgat tggcgggagg ggttccacca gaccaacggc     85800
     cacagtggtt ttagaaaact ggatctccca cagagaaacg ccaaacccca aactctctcg     85860
     cctcaggttt gtgtgtttaa cgtcaccctc atgtaccaga gctgattcgt cctgagcgtc     85920
     tgagctgcct ttccctctct gtaacctcta agagtcttca agatgctaga ggagttttga     85980
     gcctcagctt ctgagctgtc tgctccacca agacctggag cccagacaag agatgggaat     86040
     gccctaggga gagcaggtgc ctctgcttgg tccacaaatg ccaaatcaac agcccagcat     86100
     ctatctcctg ccctaactgg aggaccacag gaaacctggt acaactgcca gagcgaacat     86160
     ctttggatgc ctgagaaagg tttgagaaga gaataaggag cagggagagg caagagatag     86220
     ttaggggagg ctgggagctt ccggcagtgt ccctggttaa gtagggtcat ccatgggtaa     86280
     gaaataaagg aatgttctat gtatggtggt atctcagtgt acagctgctg agagatgggg     86340
     gtacatcatg agtggtacaa aagctacatc tatgtcttct ctcctgtcca gatgttcaat     86400
     ttaaaaacag aagaaaaaaa agaggggtga atgtgtctga gttgcactta cataacatct     86460
     tgagtgctga ccacttccaa agcttacata cattctcctg ttcactgcac agtctggagc     86520
     tgcccccaaa cacacggcac acctgcttcc acagacagga cagaaggcca ccaatgagtt     86580
     ttctctttgg ccctactccc agtgtgagac catgtggctg ttgtcagcct tatttgtgtg     86640
     acagaggaca gtacaggtac acttttctcc tgattggaag ttgtgagttt tctctttgtt     86700
     tctccaacca agtgtcactc caggtcatac atgtgacctg tgactaggtc agcagggcag     86760
     gtgacatgga gcccaggtct gacccactgc tcccaagata aagtggggag agcatccaga     86820
     gaacactgac aagcctgtct actgtcaggg gcactgtcca gtacagaggg actctagctc     86880
     catatagatt ttccataggc atgtggcagt gctcgttcag tgtgggctgc caacctcagt     86940
     tacaactgtc aggaagtggg gctggcttcc ctccccactt ttgcttttgc tgaaaataaa     87000
     gaagagaaat gcattggtct gtctgatatg aaggatatct gatatgcgac ccctgtgaaa     87060
     ggctttgttt aacccctaat ggagttgaga tccataggct gagaacctct gttcatgagt     87120
     ctatctgcac caagctgaac aatgtaaccc tccagtctaa ctgcaagtct gtgccctcta     87180
     tccaacattt cccatcccct ttctctctta gcccttggca gctttgtttc tagtttcccc     87240
     ctgctattca actatttcct tgcagagaag gcatactaag tatctacaaa acaagcctac     87300
     atctacatta cactggaaac tcaagaaagg ctctctgtag gtaactgctt cctcacatac     87360
     agcttcacaa gtccagtgca gtagtgggtg acagatggac aaattcatag aaatataaaa     87420
     aacaaagcta atgatcattt gctacactca tgtgctgtct tgcttacatc ttccagccga     87480
     ggaggaacgc aacattttta ccttgtgaat gtgcacgaga tccagggcga tggtgatttt     87540
     ttttttaatt tattttatat atgtgaatac actgctgctt tcttcagaca caccagaaga     87600
     gggcatcaga tcccattaca gatggttgtg agccaccata tggttgctgg gaattgaact     87660
     caggacctct ggaagggcag tcagtgctct tcacctctgg accacgatgg tgctttttaa     87720
     taccgcagag ggaaaagcac tgagttgctg gtggatggtg agaagccatt ggtgttcctc     87780
     ttctgaactc tttgtaacaa ggagactcct cggtgaagac agagaggaca acactgagcc     87840
     ctataagctg tctgtctgcc cagaccatcc tttctgggtg tcgtctttcc ttggtgcctc     87900
     ggctgggttt gcatgttaaa ccttcccagt tcaggctgaa tgcattaact ctgctgttcc     87960
     ttagatactg tttgtcttct gtttctataa atgcaatgga gactaagtca tggcatagag     88020
     gagtaggggt gaggactgaa aaggctatag agctatctgg gttcatgcag acttttcctg     88080
     gaggtggttt aaggtaccca tgtgtcagag aagtgtgaga aatccatctg ctatactcag     88140
     atgtagcgtt gtcacttgtc agaaatgttg aaagatgaca ctggagccgt caagggagat     88200
     tagagaagcc ctgggtgggt gaaggatggc agcagatgaa gattggtgac cagccctgtg     88260
     taccttgggt gggaggcaag gtgacacagt ggaagatgta caggggagga ggccactagc     88320
     agactcctag tccatgcata ccggctgaga gtaccatgga gtctgcaatc agtgagagca     88380
     aatcagagag caggatgggg gggcgggggg agtgatggat gcctccacag acctgctggt     88440
     cagggaggag gcaggagaaa ggacagggtc ctgaaggggc cagcactgag cttagctcaa     88500
     gcactgggaa cttggaaatg tgttttctgg gatgaggggt ggcaggggaa agagcttagg     88560
     caatgtgagg cccatggcca gatctggctt catgttcaaa gaaaaaagaa aaaaaaaaaa     88620
     aaaggtagaa gaggatgtgt ttcttgcctt gcagagtggc cctgagtgaa ctttgttttt     88680
     ttagtacatg agaagatctg ggtggcctta gaactgagag ctgcctgtgg cctttaggat     88740
     tgtgtggcat ccctgagttt ccatgaggtc ttccctgttt aacagtatag tagaaactat     88800
     acttcaaaat gggcagtggc tgggggcaga aggtgcctcc tcatggcaga cttgctggaa     88860
     caggctgggc tatggttcca gggggactca aggacctata gcatgcttac agctcatccc     88920
     agctcaggaa gaaatgatag tatcatgttg ctttgtgtcc ctagtcagcc ccagcaatag     88980
     gctcagctgg taaagacgct tgccaccatg cctgacaact taaatgtgat cctttggccc     89040
     catttgatga aagaagagaa ctgactctac actgacctct gacctttgct caattttaca     89100
     cacacacaca gggggggaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     89160
     gagagagaag aaagagacag acagacagac agaggcatat taaaaaccag aggaccagta     89220
     acctagatca ccaaatatgc atcaagttag tgacacaaga tagcaagcag gacttcagag     89280
     ttctagggaa agagagcagc ctctttctag agaaagctgg ggagggtaga aggcagggta     89340
     gagaggaagg aaggtgcctg ctgtaggaaa tgtggctgga aggagcaggt gtgggtgtgc     89400
     atgtgacttc taaagtttac agtggtggcc tagagaatga ggagacaatg aggccctgtc     89460
     aaggggacta tggtctgggc tggcacttag agggcacata cctcaggggg agtctagact     89520
     ggggggttaa aaggcatcca agtcccagaa ttgggcatgg tcctccaaaa ccacctggga     89580
     gctccaggcc tgggaagaag ggaacaccag atactcaaca ggtgaaggaa gagtcttgtc     89640
     ttggagatgt ccccaaaccc ctcatttgcc gtgagccctg gtgacaagaa gctccaaggt     89700
     gaatagcaac gacacatgat gatggggtga ggaagttccc cctcagaacg tctgtcttag     89760
     tctgtttgac actaaaacaa aagaccccaa gatgagtggc taaaaataac taagttattt     89820
     ctcatggcct cggagcctgg gagatccaac cctaactcag tgcaggtgag ggtcccttcc     89880
     tgcccttctt aatgtgcctc ccagccccaa gagtgagggg ttctgtccta aggatgcaag     89940
     tccctcagat ccttgccggt tcccaaaggc tctacccggc cccatggcgt ggagagcagg     90000
     gtttctacaa ggttctccca cccacagaac cctctctagc tccttatctc cgtttatgtt     90060
     taggggtgct caggctaggc aggtccgcag tctctgagca gcaggcaccc agcttttcac     90120
     ttagtaagct tgagttctcc ataagaaatc ctagagggga catgaagctg ggcaagcaca     90180
     gtgcccagga ggggaagggc atgcacgagg gcaaccacac tggactgaag tctcaaccat     90240
     tcctggcaag ggaaggaaac acagatctga gccctgtgcc aatcatcccg acaaaagaca     90300
     ttagcaaacg atagcccatc gcctgctttt tatgaataaa gtcttattgg accagtaagt     90360
     tacaaacaat ctctggcagc cgttgtactg taagggtagc accatttact atttatctga     90420
     gcctttatgg ttttctaagc cggtgattta accataccga ggattcggct tccttagcta     90480
     taaagtttgc ctacaaagtt gtatataacc tcttatctgt atagagtata atatttctat     90540
     aacaaacaaa aaagccctgc aaagactgtt gagatagctc acttgggagg ctgcttgccc     90600
     agcatgcatg aggaccatag acctagcact ccataaacgg tgtgtgctgg tacacacctg     90660
     taatcccagc actacttagg tagcggcaga aagatcaaaa cttcaaggta acctgcagtt     90720
     acacagcggg tttgggacca gtctagataa ccagacagtt tcttaaatta caaaaaaaaa     90780
     gcacctggca gagattgcgc aaagtttctg ctgattctca ggctcctcag cagggctacg     90840
     taaagagcgg gcgttaactc ccggcatggc atctgccttg tgcacctctg ttcccatgtc     90900
     tggcaccgac aagctgcacc cacctgccct gcagaaacaa ctgctaagag aattcataaa     90960
     tacaaacagc gtaaagtcat ctgagtgaac acagccgata caggatgggc gtgtgagcgc     91020
     aggcctgact gagtcagcgc tttgtgttca agtggcctcc cttaccgaaa cacaagcagg     91080
     agtctgtgaa caactggttt tccggggaca gctgttctca atggccagtc cacactggga     91140
     agcgcaaggg gcaggaccag aattgttcca taccctttgc tgaagcagag tgctgcccta     91200
     gctccagtaa tccatctgac aagaggaacc aatcatattt taggctaatg cagtttccta     91260
     ggcaaccaac aatatagcca tagaaacaga ctgagatagc agaaagaaac agagctaggg     91320
     atgaggcgca ctggcccata atctcctgac ttggatgtac ccctcacctg cagagtcatt     91380
     catacttgat taaaatctga aatcctacct atcagcaaca gggtaccccc caacccaaga     91440
     ccccaataga aacgggtttt tgcacgaccc cttacatgtc caggagttac aggaaaggtt     91500
     ttggaatgat actgcccttc agtgcccgca gagagcaagt ctctaagaca gtggagggcc     91560
     agaaccctgt ggatctgggc aatgggccac ggagccaggg tgcagctatc taggattgaa     91620
     tggcagaaga gatgacactc acaagaagcc tttgggactc aagcttgtac cccactcaat     91680
     agacaactct gccgtttatt cagtgagaga gggtggagga ggggagggat aactactaga     91740
     tgtgcccagt aataatatcc aaagtaaaat atgctttctg aaacttatcg tctgtaaccc     91800
     ataataaaac actgttattt caaccttttc catcggttta tttatttggg tgtatgcgtg     91860
     agcttgtgcg tatgcacaca gcacggaaca cacgcggaag tcagagggac aactctgaag     91920
     agtcagccct cttcagtgtg gaggttaagc atccagctca agtcactggg tttgggggaa     91980
     gcacctttca ggctgagcca ttttgccagc ccctaaatct ctattttcta tttgtttatc     92040
     tttagtcttt accctcccgc tgcagacagt catccttcca gtctccctgg ctcctcctct     92100
     gcctctgtgg atgttctggg gaccacaatc ccatagcttc ccatgtttgc agactgtttt     92160
     ctagaatccg ccagcagccc gccctgtaag agagccgctg cccactttgt ctcgggcttc     92220
     actggctgcc atggttggct tggtggggaa gtccctggaa cttatgacaa agtgcttgct     92280
     gctgcttctc ttagagagtc acatccccag gggctccctt ggaaagaagg atggctacag     92340
     ggctcatcac aaaccttgct cattcccagt gagaagtact ttagggtggg ctctctctct     92400
     cctcacaccc tttctgccgt ttggaagtga ttatggcttc tgtgagaact tccttcccag     92460
     acaggaaaga aacagctaag gcagcagcca gtggtttcac aaagccctgg cctgagaaga     92520
     gatacaatcg tctcagggct tctcaaactc tatcccaagc cacacaggaa tctttaataa     92580
     gcatggttaa aaaggtgatt tgaatctgag tggagcctca gaccctgcac ttctgccaga     92640
     gtctgatgct atagttaatg tgtcacctca gggttttgag gggctggctg cctcagatct     92700
     tcaccctctc cctcagtccc ctcatcccac aatcccatgt ggctttagct ttcccagtct     92760
     tcctccttcc tcacctcact gctctctgag agggaccaat ctgctcactg ggactacaca     92820
     aaccacttac aggcagccag acttgaaatc taagatagaa ccttcaaaca aacaaagcag     92880
     agtgcttcac aaacaaaagt ccttcgctcg ctcggtttcc tcagtttcac ctttatatat     92940
     gggcctctac aaatccagct ttcacccaag aaatgttccc tctagattcc tgctgccgtg     93000
     ggctgcagct ggcagcaggt gggcgcccct ggccttcaac ctcgaaccca tgacatcggc     93060
     ttacagcgga agcacttctc tgccgccacg cctgctatgt gtctgtatca ctcgtgggca     93120
     cgaatactca tatacactac tatgaaaaca ccacacctgc tggcacgtgg aagagcagct     93180
     ttcttaatgt agttttcttt tctttacttt cctttctttc tttttttttt ttttttaact     93240
     tcaaggttgg gcagaacaca tctgtagggg aaacacttag agaagggggt gcaaaggcaa     93300
     gccattagaa acaacagccc tcaacaattc ccctttccac ttttctaaac tttggggaac     93360
     ggaggatagg atttttgtga aggcgcctca tgtatcatct taaattgtac tctcagacat     93420
     ttcagaagcc tcaagtggta aaactggatc aagtggaaca atgaaaaggt tggatgggca     93480
     gctgccctct caaggtggcc acggggcctc tatcttctgt tgccactatc cccctgggac     93540
     aaacccttaa ggactattat ctaaaagaac atgttcctac cagagtctct ccagactcag     93600
     ccctcagctc ccaagaacac aaggcagtaa ctcaaccagg atagaagacg gggaccttcg     93660
     ggacctggga acttaatttc caatggctaa tgtgcaagtt ttcccaccta gggtcacatt     93720
     atcttttctg gtccctccgg tgctttggtg tcagatgtca ctgatttcca gttcagagac     93780
     tttgagaaaa caaacaaaca aaagagtctg aaattttctt tcctcgagtc ctataaggca     93840
     gtaggatatt ccacacatcg aacaatactg cacctgagtg gataggacag cctggcccta     93900
     ggttcatacc ataaaaactc ccaaacacaa tacacctcca ttgtaagata ctgcgctctc     93960
     aggttacggg gatgaagaca caggtcggat gcacacctgc tcctcagaat gactggctgt     94020
     tcaaaaggca gagcctggaa aaccatgcgg ctcagcccgg cattacatca ccacatgagt     94080
     ccagcgtgtc acttaagccc agcgaagggt gaaagcccca cactcccaca cctctcatgg     94140
     ggcccaaacc ctactccaat acacagacca gggcctgcga gctttaaagt tacgtatcaa     94200
     atactcaaga acgcacactg ctctgccacc cccccacccc gcaagtctcc agaaatattc     94260
     tcctctttgg aaaaggggag aagacatccg agggaactgg cagaacccac tttcgacagc     94320
     agcctttctt gctgagttgt gacctggcag acagacctag tctataagcc ccatccctcc     94380
     cgcgccccca acaagactgg gtttgtaatg gagactacca taacagaaag agcaactgta     94440
     acaaacactc ctcgggaata aaaagccact tctgagcaca ttagcactgt ggtttggaga     94500
     aaagatcgga ttcctggatc gatgcatagt cagactctgc ctcaaccaat gacaaggctg     94560
     tttggctgtc tttactaata atagcaggcg gcctcgtcct cggtgtcagc agaagagagt     94620
     agcctggtga tgcctggact agcccggctg cacacgcact ctgagctcca tgccatccat     94680
     ctgtcctgcc atgcagggag ctaacccagc actgtttcca gcatgtacaa tactcctcct     94740
     aggaggaggc cctctctcct tgatgcctcc agttccctag caggaaatac cagtgggggc     94800
     gggggtacag aggaaaaaga tgctgatagc gcagaagccc ccaccatgca ccctgctgct     94860
     gaataaccaa aaccgaattc cagagggcta tttctgctcc agaggtatcc cagggctgca     94920
     agaaactcgg tccagctaaa acacaaaaca ctaccaagca gcagccacca ggtaaatctt     94980
     tgcaaggctt cccgggccag cctaggcttc acgctgcacc acatggggga gagaagcact     95040
     aacaaagccg ggcagcctct cctccccacg gggactacag gaggcagagc actgcactta     95100
     catggcctca gaaacctcca ggttcaggtc actggctggg gctggctgca gggactgcga     95160
     ccctcccatc ctcgctgagc cctggcgtgc agactagcca cgagcagggc cagcgtcctg     95220
     gtgcggttcc tccagcccgg ggcgggccgg ccggcggccg gggctgctgc actgcagatg     95280
     ggagcagctg ctggcatccg tggtggcggc gactgggagc agcggctcga ggccggagcc     95340
     ggcccggggg gcgagcacca aggcagtgtg cgcgtgcaag tgcagctggc gggtgcgcgc     95400
     ctaggtgtgt gcgtgagcgt ggccgatacg cgtggagctg cccgaaagga ggcagtgtga     95460
     gcccaagcac tggcgaggtc ggaaaggatc ttctcttaaa gcccccggtt cagcctctgt     95520
     gttgggactt gatgatgtca ccaccaccaa gcggcctgac gcctgcatct tcacaaagct     95580
     ccaacatcct ccggaaactg ctgggagggg gagcgaagac cctcccctct actcacacac     95640
     taagcccagc ttcccagctt agcccagact gctagctagt acagtgagtc ttttgagaag     95700
     taaatatata ctactcagca gtacctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca     95760
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     95820
     cacacacaca cacaccgccc cagagagcag ggcaaggtgg tctatcaatt gacaaagttg     95880
     gaaacaggcc cctgctctct cactccccca gactgtagga aggctacaga accagaaaaa     95940
     caggctgcag tggaaactga ggaccacaca cctgaacttt ctccagacag gaaggctggg     96000
     gaaggactaa agtctgtccc agaagcatcg atctggcaca gttcctaggc ttgcagccca     96060
     ccaaggccag gcttccaagg ataccttcat agcttaacaa ctctgcagag gttggggcca     96120
     gctggagaga gagcagcaca gggccacctt cagggactgg ggctggattc tggtctttgg     96180
     ccaccagaag aattttctct aaagtcaagc cctatgctat gcaagctgtg ctccagcgtc     96240
     agggtcctcc ctcatatacc aaggatgtac aggggaataa tccccgatcc taaacatagg     96300
     caggctggca tagatgctgg ggacacccag tgccagaccc catttccctg ctggggagca     96360
     gctcggaaag tctcagcagt ggagctctgg gccttctcac tggaggctac ttgaaaagca     96420
     ttctatctcc ctgtaagtgc ctgtcaccct aacacccgac caccacctta cacattcaat     96480
     gcaatggctt tctgagcccc gaacatttac agctggattc aaacaccact gcttacagga     96540
     aagtggaaag actcttctat gtttttacaa ttcctcaact ggaatgacag ttagctcata     96600
     agaagcatgt acattatggc cccccaaaaa taataatatg aagtaaaacc gaccggtgca     96660
     taccataaaa taaaataaag ctacgcaaca cactttaaga ttcctcccga cgtacgtact     96720
     gactgccttc taaaagtgtg gctaaggacg tccgcacagg ctgcacatct agaattgcta     96780
     cttgcctata agctgcagag cccgagggcc agctgacttt cctgggctca catttcttct     96840
     ctgtgtcaaa aatactacac catcaaaatt gctcctccag attgagtgac acgaaatctc     96900
     caggaagcac tgagctttct gtgtttaaat aaaaacagca aacgatgccg ccagtcgtgt     96960
     ggggaaggta accttcagca gggcagcaca cctccacgaa ggccatcgtc actcaaggtc     97020
     agcactactg tcacctggtg ccaagaaccc tgcaacttat ttattcaacc atagggaggg     97080
     ggaggggctc tttatttaaa acaaaaacag atcttttagt tctgtctgca ggtagggagc     97140
     caaaagaacc ttacatgtgt aggaaaagat cttcatcaat gttgatatgt aatcttccaa     97200
     ggaaaggggc tctctccctg ggcacgtagt atacagagtt cagttaggtt acaactagga     97260
     aaaaatggga gaaatgagaa ggaggagggt cctagttcca gcctgaacta accccatttt     97320
     gcccctcact ggctctattc tgcctcttta actttctgct tcgagaatct tctacaaagg     97380
     ccctggactg acagataaac atcttcatga caaaggacca acagagagga cctctaagca     97440
     cttggggcga ggcttgcagg acatatcccc ctctcaagga gaaaacagtc catgatggtg     97500
     caactttgta aggaacaggg gcgaattgct tggcgggacc cagactgtcc ccctcaaaga     97560
     gggagatgta ttaactcatg ggacccagac agtccccctc aagggacaac aatggcagta     97620
     acacattcag agccccaggc agaactgaga caaaggcctc ctggcctgac caggatcaca     97680
     agctctcagt gaggcaaacc cagccctctt cttctgccca ctccctgccc ccttttttcc     97740
     tccttataaa atatcggagt tcccaacagc ccattgaaga cagacttgga gtcaccaaat     97800
     cctttatctg ctttttccaa cagtcatatt cattaactct gtccttcacc acaccttatc     97860
     tctgactggt gtgctcggac ttctagatct gatgacaggg tcacaacccg aacctgtttg     97920
     ggtcggtttg cacagggcag gcagggtcac aggtctgtca aaatgtcttt acccttggta     97980
     agtaggaggt ttctgccaaa agtgaatgct ttgaaatagc accagagttc aaatcctgat     98040
     tgtcccatca ttggctatat gcccttgaac caaatgccta agcacacagc atggaagtac     98100
     cagctgatca agaaaaatgg gcatgctact ccagaaggat attgggaaat gacgctaagt     98160
     acagcccatg aactcctggg accaggtcct cctttctaag gaccatgtga cctaagtaga     98220
     ataccgttac aataatacag tcatcaagtg cttatattta gaatcctaac aactgcgcag     98280
     tcacaatata gtgacatagt atgtagtgga taacatcacc tcactgatat taaaattgtg     98340
     cccccaagtc atggtagaaa cagagagcct gggcaccttt aaagttgatg acaactgaac     98400
     ttttgctgtg attccctatt gaagaatcac tcagaccctt aattaatact ttctttttta     98460
     aaaaaaatat ttatttattt attatatgta agtacactgt agctttactt tagacacccc     98520
     aaaagagggc atcagatctt gttacaggtg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggatt     98580
     tgaactcgga accttcagtg ctcttaaccg ctgggccatc tctccaaccc taattaatac     98640
     tctctgatgc tgaccaaatt accccacaga aaatgcaaag ctgaagaaag tgggggaagg     98700
     aaagggttgt gtgaaggcca agtgcctctt gaaattcctg tagaatccct agtccttaga     98760
     gttattagtc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacaggg     98820
     tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ttcactctgt aggccaggtt ggcctcaaac     98880
     ttagaaatcc acctgccttt tggctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcatg tgccaccact     98940
     gcctggcaag ttcttagtct tttcaggtgc cttcagttgt gtggtgaggc cacacaggtg     99000
     gtggctctca acaccctact ttccccaccc tcacatgctg gctcttcctc ccatccatcc     99060
     caccctctct tttgggccag actacatcct gacctccctc tctagacaca caccaatggt     99120
     gcccaccact ttcaaacaca actctgataa gaccctgacc tcaaacagcc cttctgggtc     99180
     tttaagcccc atacacatac acagtctgag tccctgagag tagaccaaag ccacgtgggt     99240
     aggctccaag cctgacaaag ccctgtagcc acaaggcgag ccctgtgatc caggctccac     99300
     agcccacagg ggaacaaagg tctgggaaca aaggttaagg gctagggaga tggcttggtg     99360
     gtccttctac acatgcagaa gtctgggatt tggtaactct agttccaggg acatctggtg     99420
     ctcgcttctg gccactttgg gctcttgcat acatgtggta cccacagact tgtgcggact     99480
     cacacacata catataaata aataaattat acatgtatga acgtatgcac acacatacac     99540
     atgtgcgcgc gtgtgcacac acacaatttt gtttgttttc aagacagagt ttctctgtat     99600
     agccttggct gtcctagaac ttgctttgta gatcaagctg gcctcaaatt cagagatatg     99660
     cgtgcttcta tctaccaagt gctgggatta aaggtatgca gcaagacacc caaagtagtt     99720
     ttgtttgttt ttttgttttt tttaaagata tatacattta tcatgtatac agcattctgc     99780
     ctgcatgtat gcctgcagac cagaagaggg taccagatct cattttagat agttatgaac     99840
     caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaactcag gacctctgga agaacagaca gtgctcttaa     99900
     cctctgagcc atttctccag cccccgatgg tagttttgta aaaatgatag ctaaaccaga     99960
     aggtagcttg tgccaatcat cacggcactt gggtgtgata atggtagatt atctttacct    100020
     acacatcaaa ttcaaggacc agcctggact acatgagatc ccgtctcaaa cattttttta    100080
     aaaagaatgt ctgaagtgcc tctgacactc caagaaacaa acctaaattc cctgtcttgg    100140
     tttcatgttt cggggaagct gatagctgcc gtcacagcat tccttaccct gcaatgctgt    100200
     ggacccctga gctgctaatt acccaagcat gggggaaagg aaagtaggtc agatcacaga    100260
     acagctcagg ggagagtgct aaggatgtaa atacagttaa agaaagagca ggctgggcaa    100320
     ggtcttgttc cttttagcct aacctgccat acctatcata ccgtggtagg caatgaggag    100380
     gctgggtcga cccacgaggg ctgccatgca ggaagggccc ttcatgcagg ctgccattcc    100440
     aatggcacta tggctgccca ctcatagctg gccctctgcc tggaccccca catatccaac    100500
     tccaccacac agcagggtgc ccctcggctg tggcgcctat gcactgttcc tggcagactc    100560
     acggggttgc ccaacactct aagagttggg aagctgtgca gcccaagtct agcaccccat    100620
     catcatgtga gcaggagccc agcagggcaa tgcagcaaca ggggatgtct gactgtggtc    100680
     aggaatggca cagtgctggg ctctctccac acagatgtta cagaactggg ctccttgatc    100740
     ctggacttgg agagaaatac gtcagcctca ctgacgtcca aaaagggatc tgctacctta    100800
     aaggcaaagt ccccagtcta gcatctggct ttgctctgtc acttgcccct tcctgtgtta    100860
     gagaaagggc aaaggggctt cagtgtgacc ttttcttggc aaggagacac atcaaggcgg    100920
     atcccaggca catcctggaa gtgtctgctc cgcaccagcc tgaagacttc actttgtctg    100980
     ttcttgcact agcaagtgtc tttacaatca gagcattggt cacagttagc tatgtgtcca    101040
     tcaggtacct ctgctgtcta acaatgcatg gcattgcaca ccacagcgcc ctaagccaga    101100
     tgctgcagga aaccctaggg gccatgggag tcttcagtcc accatgacta gagagctgaa    101160
     agatagccat tgagtctctt acaccaggtc ttttatgtat ctgctcaccc acgagtgtgg    101220
     ttagctatgc aaggctgaat gcaagcttcc gggaggcttc agttgttcca gaaggctctc    101280
     ttcctgtttt ttgttttggt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtac acttgtgtgt gtgcatgtgg    101340
     gtgtacaaat gtgtgtacat gtgtgagcat gtgtgtgcat attgtgtgca ttgtgtacat    101400
     gtgtgtatgt atgtgcatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgagcatgt gtgaatatat gtgtgcatgt    101460
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gcatgtgtga atatatgtgt gcttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    101520
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttcac tgctggggat gacacctgag    101580
     tccttatact ttctaggcaa gcactctaca acgtgtctag aattctcaat ccctcccaag    101640
     gtttctcttg ctctctcctt gagaaggaga ttatggtgtc tcccttcact cgtgttctct    101700
     agtcccgcgt gaggcccttc acgattcatg tcagactact cttcctggga aagcattgct    101760
     ttactgcagc tgtggcagaa gctggaggtt gagacccagg gagagaaacc agaacatgct    101820
     aacaattcag cgatgagcgc tgagattcat tcttatttta aaataaagaa gccaggatac    101880
     gaggttggcc agctctagga caggagaacg gacaagaagg agaacagagg agaaggtcat    101940
     ggaaaaccac agggctatcc cacaagttaa acgagtattg aagtgtcact cacatgtaaa    102000
     gaaatcagta atgcaaacac cacaggaaac caaacatccc caaatcctcc tttaaataaa    102060
     tcaactctac tcttctgaga aggaaatggt aggtaacatg cttgagtgga ctgatgaaaa    102120
     catacatcct cgctgatgtg gaccagcata gaaactttcc atccaagcaa agggaaacat    102180
     ggtggaaaag gagtggacac tgggggaggg gatgaggctg gctctgaggc actgacctaa    102240
     gcccttggag gtggctacac aactggttct aagatcccaa caggcaaagg aaaagaccac    102300
     tcgtaagaat ctagcagatg agagttagcg accgggaatg ttggcagagt ggctgccagc    102360
     actgaagctg ggtttactcc ctagcccttc atcactgatt aaggcatata cctataactt    102420
     caccactgat tatagcatat acctataact tcaccactga ttacggcata tacctataac    102480
     ttcaccactg attatggcat atacctataa cttcattaac tgattatagc atatacctat    102540
     aacttcacca ctgattacgg catataccta taacttcatt aactgattat agcatatacc    102600
     tataacttca ccactgatta cggcatatac ctataacttc attaactgat tatagcatat    102660
     acctataact tcaccactga ttacggcata tacctataac ttcatcactg attacggcat    102720
     atacctataa cttcaccact gattatagca tatacctata acttcaccac tgattacggc    102780
     atatacctat aacttcacca ctgattatgg catataccta taacttcatt aactgattat    102840
     agcatatacc tataacttca ccactgatta cggcatatac ctataacttc atcactgatt    102900
     acggcatata cctataactt cattaactga ttacggcata tacctataac ttcactaact    102960
     gattacagca tatacctata acttcattaa ctgattatag catataccta taacttcatt    103020
     aactgattac agcatatacc tataacttca ttaactgatt atagcatata cctataactt    103080
     cattaactga ttacagcata tacctataac ttcattaact gattacagca tatacctata    103140
     actttatcac tgattacagc atatacctat aacttcatta actgattatg gcatatacct    103200
     ataacttcat taactgatta tagcatatac ctataacttc actaactgat tacagcacat    103260
     acctataact tcattaactg attacggcat atacctataa cttgattaac tgactacagc    103320
     atatacctat aacttcacta actgattacg gcatatacct acaacttcat taactgacta    103380
     caacatatac ctataacttc actaactgat tatggcatat acctacaact tcattaactg    103440
     actacagcat atacctataa ccctagcaca ctggacagca aggcaagagg atcacaagtt    103500
     caaggtcata tccagacaca tgcatagcaa gctcagacta ccccaggcca gttgaaatcc    103560
     ttccttaaaa acaagccccc cccccttttt tttaaatgct tttaaaaagg gttggggagg    103620
     gccgggcgta gtggcgcatg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt    103680
     tctgagttcg aggccagcct gatctacaaa gtgaggtcca ggacagccag ggctatacag    103740
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gggttgggag acatctcagt    103800
     gaataacact tgccacacca gtggaggatt ggacctcaga tctgcagaac ccatgtaaac    103860
     ttgcggcatg catagcagcc tacctatgat cccagcacac tgaaggcaga gactggcgat    103920
     tcccagagca actgccagac tagccaaatt ggtgagctcc tggttcaaca agagactctg    103980
     ttccaacata tagggtatag agtaactagg aaagacactc aagattagct tccaacccac    104040
     tcccaaggct gggtacatgt gtacctgcac acacatgaac atacacatac atgacacata    104100
     cacatacacc atgcacacag ccatatataa taataaaaca tttaagaagt aacaacaaca    104160
     agaaccactc tgtgggtgaa cacctgactg ctattgacat tgctgataca cgcactctct    104220
     cctaagtcct ctgccagggg acagggtata cagtggaaca tgacttccac aatatcctac    104280
     caccagccca ctgttcagca ggcacaacag gagctactga gctgccccct gcaaaccaac    104340
     agcaggaaac taggacatct cctagggagc tatgtctagt tgctccatcc tggactgaga    104400
     gtcctagagc cctacctgcc aagtctccat agcaacaagg tatgatggga tgtttgacta    104460
     gttgctccaa cctagactga aagtccccac ctttcatatc tccatggcaa caaagttgca    104520
     cacaaagaag caaaagaaac caccaggacc acattttttt tgttgttggt aaattcccta    104580
     ataaacatga tcacttctca accagacctt tcttttcagt agcctcttgg gagatgctca    104640
     ccgccagtga ccacaaggca gagccacagc ctggcacagg agacatgaaa gaaatcctgg    104700
     caaaagactc agtatccacc aaagcccttg agaaacagcg actggcagag gcagacctga    104760
     gcatgtaggg ggatgctgac taaggtgatg actaaaggca acctcagaga agacagaagc    104820
     atcggaaaac caagaggctc ctgtggaatc ggttacggaa aagcgctgtc catgctcagc    104880
     aaaggtcagg agaaggtaag gcgtgtgcag ccctgaaacc agcaggaaaa cctgtggccc    104940
     aaattcctca ttcactgtga gcagttatag acagacacct tcaaaatcta cagcagcagt    105000
     tctcaacctg ggggttgtga cccccacaag gtcagatatc agatacactg cagaccagat    105060
     atttacatta ggattcacag cagtagcaaa attacagtta atgaaatagc cacaaataat    105120
     tttatggttg ggggtcacca caccacgaga aactgtatta aagagtctcg gggtttagga    105180
     agggtgaaaa accaccgagt tgcagctggt tcaaacgagt cagtcattct tatttccttt    105240
     ctcaaagtct caagcatttc cccaactact gatggcaaaa tctggattca ttcaggggat    105300
     tcattgtaaa tagctcctct caggtaacaa ttttcttcag actttaccag acagcctttc    105360
     ctggactaac tttatagacc tgaacctaaa taaaaacaag caggttgacc caaaacagac    105420
     ttttggctca gtaaaaccca ccgtcctaag tccaggtttc tacttggaaa taaaatcaaa    105480
     tttttttctt taccagtgga ctcacctggg ccaggtgatt gcttctgtct agcctcgaaa    105540
     acacagccat tgatggccat cttcctcctc agtggtagcc ttttacagta agaatttcat    105600
     atgcatgcta ccgtctagga tcctaagaga gcattaatgt gtctgctttg actgtagctg    105660
     tgtggatcct ctaagatcct ctggctctta agcctcctgc tcttggagac cttttgtact    105720
     aggaataaaa gggtctttta agaagaacat tagggtgtaa gcagaaccga gaatggatac    105780
     tgtcaggaag gatgcaaggc tggtttcccc agccagactg gagaaacagg ctaagcatgg    105840
     tcacctgccc atctccagaa caaggagttc tcaggggctg cagggaagcc actcagcatc    105900
     aaaaggcctc ccagatgagc aagcaaaccc agaaacccca agccttgtgt ttccttcccg    105960
     tgagagcaaa ggatagcagc ctgttcaagc ctcagaagcc atccacacag cctggcacat    106020
     tgccacccct gcctgtaagc agtgcagtag aaaccaggct cagaactgct gactcaaggc    106080
     tccctgaagc agcagaaatc cagagtgctg ggccagaaat agtagccatg agaatctacc    106140
     gagagcatat ctgtgggcag agcgagtgaa tgagtgtgtc agcagacaca tggtgtgtgt    106200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttaccaagt cctaaaaata tcaccacctt tccgtagaaa    106260
     tcccagaagc cctatgtgtg tccccatggc cagctccatg agcctgcaac tgtctggaga    106320
     tgcaggctgt tttgctcctc cttgaatgtt tagctctttt ttttttttta agatttattt    106380
     tacttattta ttttatgtaa aggagtgttc tatctacatg tacacctaca tgctagaggg    106440
     gcgatcagat cacactgtag atggatgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctagg gattgaactc    106500
     aggccctctg gaagagcaga tggtgttctt aacctctcag ccatctctaa gcctgagtac    106560
     ttagctcttt aggagtcgat ttgtacacat gaagacaact gtcctgtgac ctcagactga    106620
     cctgagtctt gccttgtctt gatgacctta tggaaatgtt gggaaagatc ccggggcata    106680
     gacatgacca ggctaactaa tggcttgcag agtctcagtg tatggatggc atctgcaggg    106740
     tcaccgctat acctccagca cctggactca ggcttagtca gaggggacac tccacagaca    106800
     cgagtggatg ggtgaatgag gaaatgagcc atgagacaaa ctcaggccct ctctagcaca    106860
     tagctaccac catagttcag gccagcactg tctcctacct ggaccatggt gacagccaca    106920
     tgatcctctg acctctgaca gcgcctttcc atctatcctc ctaccagaaa ccaccctgaa    106980
     ttaaattcca ccccatctct cccttgcctg aagagaatag acagatttcc tttctcaaca    107040
     tattgggtcc cagtgacccc caaggtcaac tacaatcctc ccgccattcc ggagctaacc    107100
     tgcaactatg cccatgacct aggtaccctc catcaagcct ctctggcttg atctctgctg    107160
     cagtctgtag gctgctccac accctcagtg acggcacggg ttgcctttct tcgcccttgg    107220
     ccctcaccaa gaaccggatc acactatgga cccctctgag ctatttgctt catagatatt    107280
     tgattatcac attgagcctc acgagatggt tactacgacc ctcactttaa agttaggtaa    107340
     acgtaggctc agagtggtcg ggtaactcat ccagtgtcac acagatcaga aatagaccaa    107400
     ggaactggtc tctctagctc tacacgcctc ccctattcca catcctagag ctgtcgctgg    107460
     cctggaagac atggaggtat tctgaagaca caccctgtca gtctatcagg ctactaaggc    107520
     tccgggggat gaggtttccc aggaacggct gacaggagag tgccagagga gggaagcttg    107580
     cctcccagag tcgtatttta cacagctctg ttgtcagacg ccatacagga tgaaaatgaa    107640
     gcccagacag tgatgggtct gcgtgggcag gaccttgact gggactgctc ataagccatg    107700
     tgctagggcc tgtatttaaa ctgtaatctc acttcaggat cccaaaggct tggggtgggg    107760
     tagagaggct cactggatct cttgtctctc ttctcaatgc agctaagttg aataaatctc    107820
     tattattatt ttttttttat ttttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttttgc    107880
     tttctacttt tagtttgact cttttagtgg gcttattgaa gacaagcagc tggacctggc    107940
     ttgaggcaca agtggtgact tccaagtttg ataccagagt gtagcacaga ttcaagtagg    108000
     atacggctgc taaatcactg ggtaggttta tctgtgggta gctggataga tgagtggata    108060
     aacggacgga tgtgtgggta gatggataga tagatgggga ggtcgacgat tcccttccag    108120
     gctattctag aacctcggaa tccagcccag agggacgcag ggtagaaatt caacagctct    108180
     cctccagctg tgctccacca tcaggagcag ggggtgctgt gctcccagtc ccaccttcca    108240
     tcccctctca gaagaaggga gcagtggcag gggaggggtc ctaagaccat tctctccccc    108300
     aacggattcc acccagagag acagagctgc tttggactct accccttcct tctcaagagg    108360
     gagcaaagct tccctttgcc ccgagcctcc agatgaagcc actgagatgg acctacttag    108420
     tgaaagcaga cgcacacagc aaaacctcgg tacgtagcag ctccctgctc acgtataaga    108480
     aatgaagcag gagccagaga gcctgggtgg ctgcctgtgt ttgtctctgt gagagggaag    108540
     gagatgttgt gtgttgtgtg cccaggatgc catggaacag aggatctcag tacagagcga    108600
     tggctggaac ttggcttatg gagcactgga gtagaccccg gtcaggaggg cacagggtct    108660
     agccgacaga gtctctcgtc cccaacaacc cagcctttcc cgacatcaaa agattatgca    108720
     ggtccgccat tgttggtgta tactttgatc agtccccaca aactcacaca ggtgcttcat    108780
     cctctaagtc acagttaagg gtgaagaaag gggaaattga tttagagatg gtaactttgg    108840
     ggtgtcctga ggttcagata ttaatctgat taagtcttgg acagagacta gacagactct    108900
     tgcatgggat ctctgtggtg aaagaagcac ccaagggagt tggagacatg ctttccaaca    108960
     ccatgccttc ctgtttggat attcagcctc caaactggtt aattaaatag atgcctcttc    109020
     tttataaagt taccctgcct tcggtatttc attataataa caaccaacag aaaatctaat    109080
     caagactcta cctacagggg ctggagagat ggttcagcgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct    109140
     tccaaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ctgcatggtg gctcacaact catccgtaat    109200
     gagatctgac gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt acatataaca    109260
     ataaataaat cttgaaaaac agaaaaaaaa gaaagactct acctacaaaa tgaattcccg    109320
     gggtggggcg ctggcagagg ggctgagtgt gaggccacac ggtggttccc acacagctcc    109380
     agtctcggct taggagagaa gcaaaagccc tgtcctcctc ttgccctgga aaagctctgg    109440
     agtcttggcg agcctcggta gagggatgga agctatttgg accacatggg aacagtttat    109500
     cagaaagctt ggcaagtcca caggctgtgg ttcagggcag catttcccat agtgcactgc    109560
     tctctgggcc ccctgcattg acactgagga gccagcttta tccctgagag agctgaacag    109620
     gctctccaga ctgcttcctc tgggcctgtt catgtaagta gtcctaaacc aggtttccaa    109680
     gccactaacc ttaagaaatg gatgtcccca gaagggacag tgagaggtca ggggtggtag    109740
     ttggttgggc ctatgtgtca acataccaag cttttggccc aaggtctgta atgctggctc    109800
     gggctgtcct cccatgaagg agggctttca ccttgcatct ctagcctctc acagctctcc    109860
     cgacagcaca gcaaggtgag ggaaaggcct caggagggcc atgctggagg agacagtagt    109920
     gtggccagaa gtgtgatgta gcagtcacca tctctctccc aggaggagct tgtggcttca    109980
     agagggtttg ttcagcagag cgccaagtcc tctctatgtg ggttcccttt cccctctcct    110040
     tagacacatc tgttctccac aagtgtgtgg ccaaatgatc accagtgggt ccaagggaac    110100
     gggggagcaa gctatttgcc tggagtgtgg ggttgtaact gaatgtccac agcagcctcc    110160
     agaagtgggg agctgcagaa ggcgcccagc aggcaagcag taactgagca tccgcagagc    110220
     taatgagatg tgccttttcc gggtctcact gctggcttgc cccttccaag ccctaacatg    110280
     gagaacaaag ccccagccgt ggggcctgtg gctgcctgga cctcatgaaa acacaggagg    110340
     cagctggccc tgacagagca gggatctaac ctctatcctg gagccaaacg aacttcaggc    110400
     tctggccagg ccggtgactc aaaccttcca tctcaacgaa atgaagtgct aatttgtgta    110460
     ctgttgaaac tagagttggc ccaaccaagg actcatcaga tggagaaagg cgtgatttac    110520
     atggacgcct gcatccaggc actggcctta taactaacaa catggaaaca gagagatgga    110580
     gggcaccctc acacaggcga tgggagccca gcaggtccac ggcctatgca gctgagccag    110640
     gttataaagc ctcagggcac atcaaccatc aatcctcaag cgcctgcctc tctgacaggc    110700
     ggctaccaag gccttttaaa aatgcaaatc tgatcacatc actgttctgc ccaggggctt    110760
     ctgggtactt aaaagacagg caaggaagcc cagggctaaa gctgtgtgca acgaaataca    110820
     gcagccttgg attagggccc aaagtataaa ataaataccc ctgagtccac acggacataa    110880
     ataagtgatt gaatacatta gtaagtgggg gagaaaagac tagcctccca tgcaaacgga    110940
     tcataaataa cttatggagg cctcaccccc cagcagaagg gagaatagct ccccgccctg    111000
     cagtggggaa gcacacacga caccctccca gaaactgtag ggcagtcgag ggaagccagc    111060
     cagccagcca gccaagtcaa caccaatagc catcagctat gctgacactg ggaccctcca    111120
     ttttataaaa atgatacctt taggcccaag agctggctca gcagggcaaa tgtgcctacc    111180
     gtaccagctt ggccacctgg ctttaatccc tgggacccac gtaaaggtgc aaagtgaaac    111240
     ccagcatcaa aaagctgtcc tctggcctcc aaataaaccc tggaacatgt gctttacatt    111300
     taaaacaagg gactgactta ttttattttg tgtttgtgaa tgttttgtct gcacgttaag    111360
     tgaagcatgt gtatgcaatg ccaacagaga ccagaagagg gtgggagatg tcttagaact    111420
     ggagttagag acagttgtga gccagtatgt gggcgctggg aactgaactt gggggcctct    111480
     acagaagtag ccagtgctct taactgctca accatctctc cagccttcgt ttaaagaaaa    111540
     gaaaaaagaa aaaaaaagtg atactttaaa cccttcatct tctttcagaa ctcatggctg    111600
     cagtctaacc ataagaagga catcaaccaa gttccagttg agtggcactc tgtccagaac    111660
     tgttccaact atcaaggtca ccaaataaga caggaatgaa aactgccaca accaaggggc    111720
     atgtagggag actaaaggca acagtgttct gagtgacatc tgggacaaga aaggtcatta    111780
     aagacaaact acagaacacc cggtaatgga gacttcagtt aacaagaatg tatcaatatg    111840
     gagtcagtaa cagtgtcaca ttagcacaaa caatactatt aagatatcag caagctgggc    111900
     atggtggcgc acgcctttaa tccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt    111960
     cgaagccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc    112020
     tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggaagaaggc actatgggtt ggataaatag    112080
     aacattactt tttatcttct atattctttt tcttttgttt tttgttgttg tttggttgtt    112140
     tggttggttg gttttttcga gacagagttt ctctatatag ccctgattgt tctggaactc    112200
     acttcgtaga ccaggctggc ctcaaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc    112260
     tgggattaaa ggcatgagcc accactgcct ggcctatctt caatattctt tggtaaatca    112320
     aaactgtact taaaaaaaaa aagttaccaa aggaaacaaa gataaggacc ccagttttta    112380
     cggccccacc tgctgagcca cgatccactc cccttggagg ctgcaggctg cagtctctat    112440
     actctaaaga cccttcagct ctgctcccct gccacgaatg ccttctctgc ccccagggac    112500
     cacacacatg tagaaactcc ccaggcagca tctattcctt ccccagtgtc ctcaacccac    112560
     acaggattaa tcctactgag gacatcattc tgtctccaga gacgtcaagg ctccacattg    112620
     ccaggcagca tgtatcttcc agacctatgt cctgtccctg gcatgatgtc tagccagagc    112680
     aactcaagtc ctgatgctgg ctctcagatg cataaacaaa caagacgcaa aaagtgccgg    112740
     aatggagaat ccaggaagta aacactccaa ggcaaaccgc aggcacctta gtgaaatttg    112800
     tgtgagagcc ttgggagcct cggacacgga acaagtgggt agctcacatt tactagaccc    112860
     aggaagcagg aggcaaagct ctgtgtccct gtgaattggc tacatcagac agcagtcacc    112920
     cttggataaa cttgacatag tcatataacc atgactacag tcgagatgca ggacaagcta    112980
     tgatgttaca gttaaggtct tcttttagct cctaccctgg tcaccataat actttctatt    113040
     ccttgtagtt ttgcctcttg cacagtctcc tgtaagtgga aacctacagg gggaacattt    113100
     tcactcacag gctgtgtgag tgtgttgctt ctgcccctcg ggagtccatg gcttacacac    113160
     ggtgtccctg ctacaagaga actaactgct tcaggaagcc aagctacaag ccaagcgatt    113220
     acagacatgg tgtcagagcc ttgctggcac catcctaaac ccagctcacc ccaggacaga    113280
     cagtgagaga gaccacccag cctcgctttc tcctgggcag ctgctatggg agaaatgctt    113340
     atagattacc tgggttcgtt cttggccagg tgttgggggg aggcagtggg ggtgacttct    113400
     actccaggac cggctgcgga gggagccgag gctgtatgtt ctggggccaa aggagcagga    113460
     cttgcacggg cagcagatgg ggaggcgctg gggacacaat gggagaatta tttcaaatgg    113520
     aattcggctc cttaatggca cattcatcca tcctttctca ccccgcccaa cccacccaca    113580
     tttgtggaga ggactattta aagacatagc acgctgctcc ttagactccc tcgacttaca    113640
     catggtagag gccacagcct ccagtcccag agttcctccc tcattcgact ccaaaaaacc    113700
     tgggaattca ttaactgctc aagtgttagg ggccctgggt gtcttcttgt ctgagggctg    113760
     cttgaagatt tttatataaa agtattctaa cagtttggtg catacaatga aattctgcgt    113820
     tgaaaattaa aacacaattc tagaggcagg cagatttctg agtttgaggc caacctggtc    113880
     tacagagtga gttccaggga agccagggct acacagagaa aaccctgttt tgaaaaacaa    113940
     acaaaacccc acaattctgt aaattcccca caatgtgccc ccaaatttca aaagagagca    114000
     aagtatgggt gtatgagcta ttgggtcact ctgggacctg gattgggatg ggggttgggg    114060
     ctaggtgaca gctctgtcta ggacccaaaa ggattatgaa ggcaagcagc cttcatgtgg    114120
     taaatgtctg ccccctcctg gacagccagg ggttctgcca gtgtgcagga cctcacagaa    114180
     agcacaagcc ccaagccaaa aggcaccagc ttggagccca agaagcccta acacagaagt    114240
     gttggcaaaa agcgaggcat ctacagcctg ggagccggtt ttcaaagcaa gtgagtcccc    114300
     agctcctgta gccagccaca ctgttgtcag ccgggagctg gtcggctgac ggccttgcaa    114360
     gagccaggct ggagtctagt gactctgagg cagggcctga gacccaggct gcaggggcag    114420
     ctggagtttg aggttttgtg gtctatttct tctcttaggg gcaaatagcc ataggagcat    114480
     tggtttctga gtcaccgtgc catgctcaga gccagccttg taggctctgc ctccagacca    114540
     aacctggccc tgaaagacag cagccactgc gttaggtgcc caaccctgga aagggaattt    114600
     ttactcctac ttaaagccct gtggtgattc agcaggctcc acagaatcaa ccccagcttt    114660
     gcccttccct cccttcatgg ctctgcccag cctcttttgt tcctataaca ggcctaactc    114720
     ctggctaggc agctcctcgc ttgctaagct atcaaggctc caccctctca tatctagccc    114780
     acttcctaac tgaatcacgt aagcacatcc atgcctacag tggctgccct tgtccctgcc    114840
     ttccctaccc ttggaagaca gaccatgaaa accaggagcc tacaagactg attagaactc    114900
     aataaatgat tgagagttag aatatttcag gtccagaaca aaagtctctt gagctatttt    114960
     agcttctaaa tagacattta actacccacc tatgtgggga tccaacatcc ttaagaccga    115020
     ggtaaatctt ctggaatata cagacagacc tctaacttac ttccaccaac ccagaagcta    115080
     agatggcatc cgaggctgta acagatttcc ccatgttgct gtacttgcct acctgacgtt    115140
     cccaccaatg tacttgaaat ttgtcttgat tcatgacttt tgttctgtta ctatagaaac    115200
     atcatgaggc tacatccatg ttgaaacata gaatttgggt taacctaaat aaacttctat    115260
     tttattcctg ttccctttga tgtgagagat gtggtgggtt gttttttttt tggtgtgtac    115320
     atgtatgtat gtacatgcat gcacatgtgt gtttgtgtgt acacacatgc atttgccaca    115380
     gcccatacat atggatatca gtggacaacc gactcggact gccagacttc acagcaagtg    115440
     cctttacctg ctaatcatct cttcagaccc actagctgtg tttcctcatt ggacagcacc    115500
     caccccagtg atccaatatt cagacaggct atgaacagca agcatcatca tcacgcgtga    115560
     aaagagagcc tgtcacgtcc tcgggctgag agagagtggg aagccacatt gccagttcct    115620
     caagggcccc acaaggttgg gggtggagag ggtggaaccc aaaaagttat gatccttgta    115680
     ggaccctaga agctaatcca cagtgaataa aaactgaaag atgaggcagg cacggtgtgt    115740
     gtgtgtgtgt atggggggcg gccacaccta taatcccagc acttgggaag ccaaggcaga    115800
     agtatcgtga agtctgtgtc atcctaggct acgcagtaag tcctcgtctc caaacaaaat    115860
     atagagaagt ggctgcaaat gaacaaagca aactgctggg agctgtttaa tctccttcag    115920
     agagtgtcac tccgaacagc cttcatccat gcttacaatc agtgcaaagt cagctgctga    115980
     tgggcacaca ccttcaatcc cagcactcag gaaaggcagg caggtgggtc tgtgagttca    116040
     aggtcaacct ggtctaagta ctgagtgcta ggactgcata gagagaccct gtttcaaagg    116100
     ggagggggaa gaagcacatt acaagtctaa tttcagcttt ctcaagagac tccgctggct    116160
     gagctcccac actttatgaa tcccaggaag atctgatttc attaaaggtg cactgatgag    116220
     acagacggtt gttgcttact attgtgttct cgcctttggg ttgtgaggca agttaccaga    116280
     gggtagggaa gatggcctca gatctgtggt cccaggacag ctcagagctg aggatcaagc    116340
     gtggatgccc ttgggcttta gctattacca cggggcattt tccagggtca cccagcgaca    116400
     acatgccctc agtttagtag tctggacagc ctacttgtcc ttaagccagt atattcccaa    116460
     aggaccacca ggcagctctc tcttctcttc ccctccactg gcctcctcct ccatagccac    116520
     acccttcctg ccctggccag ttcccattag ctgaaggcac caaacaaatg actcaacagc    116580
     tcaattaaga agggagctcc cctcccaccg tagccggttc ttggcgcatc catgactgag    116640
     gtagtcaggc cccaacaggg aagctaagtg actcactacc acacatgagc accacaaccc    116700
     ctcctgaccc ctcccttctc tctgtgtcct cttcgggccc ctcgcctccc tctctccctc    116760
     ctctccatcc tactcctctt cccaagctgg acactgacac cggaagtcag gactgtgaga    116820
     ttttcctgct ctcagaggct caggatccct gatcaccttt tccactgagt cacctccttc    116880
     ttccggaatc ggtcctctct gtccagtcac ctctgtggcc caggccttcc tcatcttagc    116940
     agaactcctg gggtatccag gagtgtatac ctcagggttt attcccccaa gttccctcag    117000
     ccaccagaag gttcagttca agtctggtaa ggatgttacc tcacctaaaa ccctcttcac    117060
     agctccctgc tccacatagc agaggaagcc acgaattccc caagcatacc ttagcttata    117120
     cagccctcca tctggagggg gccgtagagc cctcacctga aggggagaca gtggctacca    117180
     ggctctctga acatctggta gttccttgaa cgtgagctct attctcctgc tagaccagga    117240
     gtatcccaga ggaggccaga gtctttgcca tcctttggtg atgcacactc aagaacattc    117300
     cacaagcagt aggcccttcc attcctcacc tggcagcaca acctctgggg ccactgaaca    117360
     agggacacgt gttctgtgtt ctgggaatgc cagagcctac gtgcaaaggc agacaaggcc    117420
     atggagtcta catggaaatg aatgtaacta gaggcagggt aaacagccct ccatgttcta    117480
     acaaatgtca ggaattcgag aagcagccag gcacagggcc ttctcagtgt ggcactgtga    117540
     gtgacagctc tttagtcaca cccagagagc ctgggcctac atctgaaatg gaccttaagt    117600
     gctccctgct ccctcccgct tcctgagaga acacaggcca ctgtagcaga gacaggaagg    117660
     cagtaggagt tcctggtcaa cagccttggc cagctcctgt ctctgcttag cctcacatga    117720
     ccagcaatga ccatcttaaa gacattattc tcaggaaggc agcactttat agctggggct    117780
     gctgcccagg accactccca gcctgagctg ggtccccccc cccccccccg gtgtgtcttc    117840
     caaatcctgc tccaggagga cagagccctt caaagtggac tcgattccat ttccaccttc    117900
     ttgtgccgcc ttcagagtag tcccactgtc ctctgaaaaa gagtggacag gggaggtatg    117960
     caaagtccct ctggatgtaa atatccatga tcctttcttc tcacataagg aattaattaa    118020
     tgttttccaa gccatacgag aacaataagg aagtcaaatt caaattcatg cagagtgttc    118080
     ctaatttgga agatacagag aaaatctaat ttaaactttt tttagaattg aactgacaac    118140
     tagggaagac ataagccatc acgatttagc agccagtcag gatttatcat cagtcaaggt    118200
     gttgttaagc ccggatggac aagacctttg accagctagc acccctacct gcaggtcagt    118260
     atgttatccc tgaactggca ctttgccaag gtccggtgct gcaactggtc cctttagcaa    118320
     ttcagcggcc atgttaaccc acccacaagc tagaccgccc agttacagag agagcctgtt    118380
     cccagcagct atcctttcat tccctgttct gggcttttga gtccttcttg gcagagttcc    118440
     cactgaactg atagcaaatt tcatttcaaa aatcagctgg ggctgccaaa ttaagcccct    118500
     gtcccagaac aaagaccaga gtgactccgg ctgtcacaag aggatgataa cagcccccaa    118560
     ggtacaagct gaacacatca tggcctactg ggccagatgg ccatcttatc tcccatttca    118620
     cagcaccgtc tggaacgcat ttagcacaca gccttccttt acaatctctt gatatttttc    118680
     atcctcgaat ccccaagtac acacacaatc actcacataa cggggcaggc cttagggcca    118740
     cagactgggt tcagactgaa agtgaggagc aagctgcaaa aaagggaacg tgctctgaaa    118800
     tttctgctgt ggtaaacact ggacagtctg cctgtggtgt ggattgcaga gcagggagcg    118860
     tggttctgag ctgcgacctc tggaaaggtc caaagcccaa cccgagaggt gctaggaatg    118920
     gccacatatc cagatatttc cagtctctta atgagaccca ctcaccccag tcccccaggc    118980
     tgtcgagtgt ataaacatca gcatcaatgc tgatctgcag atttcagaga gtggagagtg    119040
     gggggagggg tgaagaaggg gaatggcagg tcaattcctc ccattcattt tccctgcccc    119100
     catatctgca cccaaaagga aggacagtgt cctccagctt ggcctgagca gaacttcagc    119160
     agaaagaaaa tattaactcg gagaaaaatc atcaacagca tcgtccccaa acaataggaa    119220
     agaggttgat ggtgctggaa ggtctccagt tctcactgct gtcactagct gctcggtggg    119280
     gctcctgtta atatgtctcc ttatatggcc tgaacacatg atgaacatac aaatatagac    119340
     acagaggggt ctggagagat ggttcagtag gtaagagcac cacatgatga acatacaaat    119400
     agacacggta gcttacaacc atctgtgatg ggatctgatg ttctttctct tctgctggtg    119460
     tatctgcagg tgtacatgca cttgtctaca taaaataaat aaatcttaaa aaaaatagac    119520
     acagagaaca gaaagaggct ggtctctgat gtcaaggaca tgcatttgta tacaaagccc    119580
     aaaggtacct acacagatta aatagctcac aaatctcaaa ataccaaaca aaaaccaata    119640
     cttcaaaatt gtcagtagtt gacaattgcc aatatgggaa tctcatggtc tagtggctcc    119700
     cagctaggaa cacaaaggtt ataaacaaac aagtgaccct cactctgtgc agtgggcaca    119760
     gagcacacag ccctgagaaa gaggcaaagg agcctcttac ggaattctgt ccttcaggtt    119820
     ggttaatttc ctttgtatat taaaaaacaa ttcctcaggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg    119880
     gtaagaacac tgactgctct tccaaaggtc ctaagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg    119940
     gctcacaacc aaccatagtg agatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagcaac    120000
     agtgtactta tgaagaaggc tcacaaccat ctatagagtt acagtgtact aatatacata    120060
     aaataaataa gtcttaaaaa aaaaattcct ctactttata atccagatat taactgcctg    120120
     attattaaat aaagattcag ttaacttttt gggagagtca aatctgctca aagacaaaga    120180
     actgcattgt gcaaactgat aagaacaaaa cccatacatg atttgggaac aaaggaaaaa    120240
     tagaagcagg aatcctgggt ttccagagtc tcaaaaccaa ggtcatgatg ccccagtgca    120300
     acaattcccc ccaggtcaaa atgtccctca gggtcacaat tccccccacc ccagggccac    120360
     aatgcccacc agggctacaa tgccccccag ggccacaatg cccaccaggg ctacaatgcc    120420
     ccccagggcc acagtttccc tgcagggtca tgactctttc tacagaagtc acaggtagct    120480
     tctgccacca actgctgccc ccggagtctg tagtcctgag ttcctgtgac caggacaaga    120540
     ctgcctctac ctagtgtgca ccacaccgtg gcccagaaca gcagtgggaa cacccctggg    120600
     gactgggatg gtccagattc taagtatggc cagctgtcag actcccacca gttgctctgg    120660
     tatacagtaa gtctggcata aagcagggag gtgagtggtt ttccagtggt attgatggga    120720
     ccactcagga cccaaggaga gaccaccggc ttggattcca gactgagaag aaactggagt    120780
     caagtgggtc ctgaagtgac cggaataccc tgctcggccg ctcacaagtg acagcactaa    120840
     aagtttctct aggaaaacca ttctggcttt tttccttttt gagtgaaaac acggagcaga    120900
     taggagtgca aatggatgtg agcaatctag tcatttgtaa aatgttctag agaacttggg    120960
     cccaaggttt tgtatattaa aaagcatgtc aaagcagaat ggtgtccaca gagaggacat    121020
     gaagaagtgg ctttcctttc atctacggaa tccctcagag agagtgagag ctcccttcct    121080
     gggaagaaca cgagacactc tgctttgacc caagagcatc agcagatgcc ctgaaggcag    121140
     gggagggcct ctctccctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcc    121200
     ctctttttta aatccttaat acagcctcat acagcaggca ggcaggcctc aaacttttga    121260
     tgtaggcaaa gctgactcct gctcagctgg gacctcagac acgagccact gatcctggct    121320
     ccatttcctt taaataccct tttacttttt cttaaaaatg tttattgcat ttgtgtgtgt    121380
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcgcacacac tcgcacacat gcatgtacac    121440
     atggcatgag gatggaggtc agaggacaat tctaggggcc atattttctc ctcccactgt    121500
     gtgggtttta ggggattgag aagccattgg acttgacacc aaacaccttt atccactgaa    121560
     ccagcttgct ggacctttaa gtacctttta aaaaaacatt ttaaattttt aacttgaatt    121620
     ggccaggtgg ctgagcagtt aagagagctt gctgcccttg caaaggtggc tgacaacttc    121680
     ctgtaaaccc agctctagga gttccaaatc ctcttctggt atctaagggc acctgcacac    121740
     acatagcaca catacacaca gacatatata caaatgattt tttaaattaa aaaagtgtat    121800
     tcccttaatc ttagtactca ggaggcagag gttgtaagat ctctaagttt aagggcagcc    121860
     tgatctacat ccagggataa tactgagatc tcgtctcaga aaagaagaaa cactttttaa    121920
     aaagttttcc atttaaattc tgttgtgtag tgacctcctc aaacataaca ccattgtaac    121980
     tagaatgtcc taaagcagtg gctctcaacc tgtgggtcaa atgacccgtt cacaggggcc    122040
     acatgtcaga tatcctgtat gtcatgcatt gacgttatga ttcagaaaag taacgaaact    122100
     acagttatga aacactagca aaaataattt tatggctggg tgggtcacca cagcatggcg    122160
     agctgtagta aagggttgca gcattaagac gtggagaacc actgccctag aggaagacag    122220
     aagacttgcc tgcaggaagt agccaattca aaagcctcag aagcccctga aactgagcag    122280
     attcactagc tctcccgtcc tcaagtatct ataggcagca aggacagcgg aaagctgccc    122340
     agacaggctg agctgcccag gagaatgctg ggtaacccca tcccatcgag ctgcctgtaa    122400
     gcagcgcagt atactccagg tttctagctt tcctgacgtg tcgcccacac tggggtgctt    122460
     tgctgatgca actgtctctg agtcatgtct agtcctgtaa cccctcaccc atactcctga    122520
     tataacctca ataactcaaa tgattcacca acctggactt tggagtttcc tctctttggt    122580
     ctgtcaccga taccctaatc tgggagagaa gacatctgct cacgtctctc cacgaacaag    122640
     ttggacaaac agcaagtctt gtttctgcag gcaggcaagc taagctctct acgccgtttc    122700
     ttcctttcct tcctacacta agcagggagg ggaagacggt cacttctgag gtttaaagtc    122760
     acttctgcac ccaccaggac accacacttc ctagccacac caacagctga gcagaggtta    122820
     gtccactggt tgcttgccat tcacagcagt gttctatgaa gcccacagac atgagttggc    122880
     caatgctgaa ccatgggggg ggggggatgc tctattcccg agaccctctg ggcagacttt    122940
     gatgagtcac tctatcaaag cacaaccttt agagtgtgta cttggattga aacgcatcct    123000
     aggtcacaaa ctgatcgact atttatccct ctactcgcac aatggcatta actcccgcca    123060
     gacagaacaa agccccagta atgtccatta ttttcttcac tgggcatcct caggtctgag    123120
     cacttcgaca ctgtatacag ggatcactct aaacagcaag gtaccaacaa gagcacaggc    123180
     gattgcaaac atgccataaa ggaggtcctg agtccagttt ccagcaacca catggtggct    123240
     cacaaccatc tagaatgaga tctggcgccc tcttctggca cgcaggcaga acgctatgtg    123300
     tagaaaataa atttctttta aaaggggtca cctgttcaca gcaggagagg gaaaccatga    123360
     acagaaagaa tgctcatgtt gggtggctcc cagttttcac tgttctggat acaggactga    123420
     gaaggagcca ccagtattga ctctgaggtt atcaatgaac tccagagccg agtcacgttc    123480
     gcaaacactg cttcaacaat cagagttgac tgcatcttat gacaatacta ttttatcatg    123540
     ttggatgacc aaagtgaaac cagccaaccg atagctgttc ctgttggaaa ctgcctcttt    123600
     cccgccaacc tagcaaggat ctcctcctgc acaaatgttc acgctcccgc tggcttctct    123660
     ttagtcgaat gtttccctgc tctttggctc ctgcctcctg actgctccct gcccaggtcc    123720
     cagctgtcct tcctctgaga gataaagtca ggaagctggc taagtcatca tcacagagag    123780
     catccatact tactcctacc ccttcctgca tcctgtggtc actcacgcac agttgacatt    123840
     ataagtgaca tctgcaggaa tggggtcagg agcatggctg ggcagcataa tacacctgtc    123900
     tcaagatggc tgccacacgg cctgagcctg ttaacatttt gcaggcttgg tctgtacccc    123960
     tgtgagatgc agttggaaca ttactctatc atccgtggct cttgagagga tccacggatc    124020
     cacttgagat ggcacacaca gccatcctcc tgtgtcctag gcaaaaagag gcctgggaca    124080
     aactgttttt aaaaggatgg tccctggata gagagggggc ctcagaaggg cagatcatac    124140
     cccctgctgg actactgtgg tctttgtatt tctgttttcc ctatgggcac taagtaacct    124200
     gctattctac agtcccattg ctataccttc cctgatgtga tagactgtac cctcaaactg    124260
     tgagccaaaa tgatggactg cacccgcaaa ctgtgagcca aaataagtcc tctgccctag    124320
     gagttgcttt tgtcaaagca acaagaaacg ctgtgttaat atgaatgtac actatgtagt    124380
     tacttatata aagaggagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    124440
     gttaccaagt ctcaagcctg gtctaaatgc aaatgccaca ggtaaaaggg aagtggggct    124500
     gactccaggc caagtactga gtggcaaaaa tctggggtgt gaagggcaag gaagaaggga    124560
     ttgcaggaga caatgggaca gaaggtgggg ctgagggctg gttcctgaga gctgaggagc    124620
     ctgactcccc ttcccatgct ctgctgacaa ctctgttctc tgatcatcac ccaaagacaa    124680
     aagaaaacaa gaagctggcc ccgctggtgt cccaggcagc tgccaggtac ctgtcccaaa    124740
     acagcacatg cactttccct gttgggcttc cagtgtccaa tcagagtata actaatgcca    124800
     caagaagagg ctaagccctg gcacatacct gctgtgctta gagcaggtat acagaccctt    124860
     caggtgagtg ggtgtgtggg acaagggatg agggggaaca cccaggggac ctgggcttag    124920
     ccagacccag ccgtgcttct actgtacctc tggactgtca gatgtgtaga gactgagctg    124980
     acagcgtcac catggtggga cgagtcagct aagggtgggt gtcccgggtc aacaggagca    125040
     gctggctgga tgacatcatc agttccaggg atactacagg gaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    125100
     aaaaaaaaaa aactcaagta actcagaaag ctcccagaag gtgcaaatgt gtcttaacat    125160
     ctggctctgg gcagggctca cactctttct gtagaacaaa ggaaatgtct gtgcttctta    125220
     cagatggggg ggtggagggg gggcgggggg gatctatccc tggctaccaa caagtaagac    125280
     agaaacctgt aggaggaggt tagcatttat acatgccgcc acagacaaga gtcaagcaac    125340
     cccttcaggg tgctgggttt ttgttttgtt tttgtttttg tttttttatc accacttaga    125400
     aacaaaggca caggttgagt aacgcaagcc tgacttcagc agccaccctc tccatcacca    125460
     cagcaggccg ggcaccaaag gtggaggagg aagaagagaa cagcaaatgt ccaccactgt    125520
     gggcagccat cactatatcc gacaaccatg actgggaagg agcttgcagg acagcgaaag    125580
     gtcactgtaa ttagagcata gacaaaggag gggctgtgga gcagagaaag ggacaggagg    125640
     cagatcacaa gaccaggtgg acaaacaagg gcttggctta agccaaagga ttaacctgag    125700
     gcctctgaat gttcagccac caaccagagc ccctggctag tgcatgagtg acagagagtg    125760
     ggcccagggg attttctaaa actacattct aaataccagc ggacaggcca tacgtgtgcc    125820
     catgcattac tattctctat gggtcctacc caccactcca gttcctcttg ggcagatgct    125880
     agtgccccat ggctacacac aatgggcagg gaggtcaaag aacaagagaa agaacaaagg    125940
     gagccagcac agagggggag gagtggccag gatgctagag aactttggta gattacaact    126000
     tggagactcc tgaattatgg acatgatcaa ctttctaaat attaagaagt tagagaaggg    126060
     gctggtgaga tggctcagcg gttaagagca ccaactgctc ttttagaggt cctgagttca    126120
     aatcccagca actacatggt ggctcacaac catgaaacaa ataaggaacc tatgggccag    126180
     agtgagcagg ggccggagaa agaaggagaa agggaagggg ttaaaataaa tttaaaaagg    126240
     aggaggagga ggagaagaag aggaacaagg agaaggagga gaggaagagg aacaagggga    126300
     aggggaagga gaaagggaag gggaaggaga agaggttgtt agagacgaaa tacagcccgg    126360
     aaattttggc agcacacaca cagaacatca taaaagactc tgcctccttt gacacaccat    126420
     ggtctttcca agatgctatt ttaagagatg ataaaggggc tagagagatg gctcagcaga    126480
     taagagcagt gactgctctc cgaaaggtcc tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg    126540
     cttacaacct ccataatgaa atctgatgcc ctcttttgga atgtctgaag acagctaaag    126600
     tgtactcgca tataataaat aaatcaagag agagagagaa agagagagag aaaagggggg    126660
     ggcgataaag gctgagaaca aggagattgt ggtcacagta gcagacataa ccagaggtag    126720
     tcaaaatgcc caatggtgca aacagtctat cagatgaagg catagccaca aaacaaattc    126780
     atttaccacg gtttaagaat actggtagag gtttacatat ctaggtggaa atattatcgt    126840
     tattaactga aaactttgaa agaaaatcaa ctatggcctc ataattgagc tttgcatgtc    126900
     tgggtgcagc aatgccagta acaagtctga acgagccagc aagcaaggta gaatctatgc    126960
     caatagaatc tagcagtaga attctttttc tcaagttgag tgttttatct tggtcacaga    127020
     tttgatatct attttctaat tctttctttc tttacatccc aattgctgcc ccgcccccat    127080
     tgcccgcttg gagagttcct cccccacccc cccccgtatt ttctagttct ttaaaagaaa    127140
     tgctaattat actgttattc attgtatgtg catgtgtgca cacatgtggt ggtgagaaca    127200
     cagcttgcag tgtgtgccct gctttctaca gctaagccat cccgtggggc ccattttctg    127260
     gttccatgtt gaatgaatac cattagtata atcaatataa ataagaaaat acatttatga    127320
     aatattttta agtgtcaggg aacagctttg ctccctgtat tactgaatgt tttgtgacat    127380
     gggtaccagt agagctacac cacttctggg gttcatgcca tcctgtctga ggacttgccc    127440
     acctctttct aaagcagaaa cacacccaca tccattcatt aggcatcacc aaagaaaatg    127500
     aaggaccaag agagaagtgt ccaaaaacag acctccaccc acacagaggg tggcacgaca    127560
     tttttcagag aataccgata cttccctaag ttttctgaac ataaatactt gctggatgac    127620
     attttcacta atatcttcat cggctctgac gctagcgagc aaatatgcta atacactcac    127680
     agagtaactg tcaatgatgt caagagggtt ggagcccaga gcagccccac cttgggattt    127740
     ctgccaagtg actccttggg actttagctt ttctgtccgg aagagtgagg gcctgggctg    127800
     tgccatcaca cagggctcct cgatctagtc ctatacctta ctcccgctta ctaactcact    127860
     tccttcttcc ttctgtgtgt acacctccct gctttgatat gctacagact aaagacctga    127920
     gaacagtgtg cccaacaagc attagcaagc ttccagtaat ggtctaacaa cctcttgtac    127980
     caaaaaaaaa taaaataaaa taaatcatga tttgaaatac tcatatatgt gcatctacaa    128040
     taagctgaac caaaggcgac tgctaatatc tgtgcatgtg tgcatgtgac caggtacacg    128100
     tctatcaaat tcacagtgta ccaccagctc tgagaccttc ctggctcgcc tcctggtgat    128160
     ccagttaagc ttcagacagc tttggatgga gctaagctga tttctagaca gttagagagc    128220
     ttcttataaa atacttcagg ggctggaaag atggctcagt ggctaagagc actggttgtt    128280
     cttgcagagg acgtggctct gttcccagca cccacctggg tagcttgcaa ccatctgtaa    128340
     ttccagttcc agggaattca atgccctctt ctgacctctg taggcaccag gcaccaatgt    128400
     ggtatataca catgcatgca ggcaaaatac ttatacacat aaaataaaat aaaaatctaa    128460
     aacattcctt cagcagatct ctatgagttg cagggcctgg tctatttagt aagttccaag    128520
     agagtaaggg ctatataaag agattctctt tccaaagatc ttttttccta attaaaaaaa    128580
     aaaaaaatac catttcttcc cagacctacc acctgaagct atgaaagctt cctaaattct    128640
     actagtgcta acaccgagtc tagaatgact gaaatgtttt tcagggagta cattttggtt    128700
     agatagcaac caccagctgc tatcaccagc tgctgggcca gccctgcaaa cctaggcaaa    128760
     gagttacgtg gtcgctggac tgtgtgggga aacctcttac caacaactgc tttcctacga    128820
     ggctgtgaag tgccaacatg gagactgagg tggcagggac cctgctgcca agagaagggt    128880
     acccgtgttc tagtgtgaaa ggaccaatct tgggctccac attccacagt tcatccatgc    128940
     catcatgatc cctgtgggca ggagtgaatc acatgggact gtacactcca ggttgacagg    129000
     ctaatccaga gcaaggtaaa tctaaaatcc aaagaacagt gtctcaggtg tgacatctta    129060
     gtgcgttagg cggctctaac agatgcccag agactaatgg cctgtagagc attttcacaa    129120
     gcagtaactg acatgggaga gctttgtttc tctcaacatt ctggaagctg agatttcatg    129180
     atcaaagcca gcaagtctag gttctgatgg gagtccttct ccaggctcag agtttgtgcc    129240
     gattcatctg gtggaagggg gcagggaact ctctctggtt cctttcatat aacactaatc    129300
     ccattcatga acgttcacca acctccccaa gcccctgcct cctaatacca ccaaccaccc    129360
     ttgagccttc aggtctgtgc aggctcgtct tatgtcacct tgatacaaat gtcatggata    129420
     ggagggagtc tccattgaaa aacatacttc cataagactg agcctgtaga aaattttcac    129480
     aatcagtagt tggtgtggaa gaacccggcc cattgtggat ggggccgttc ctgggctgat    129540
     ggtcctcaat ctaaccaggc tgaacaaacc ttgtggagca ggccagtaag cagaactcct    129600
     tcatggtctc cacatcagct cctgcctcca ggtcccctcc cagtttgagt acctcctgtc    129660
     atggcttccc tcaaaggtcc atgactcagg atatggaaac caatgtctta ccaagttgct    129720
     ttcatatatg gtagtgtttc atcagactga cagtaaccct cactaaaaca gggtctcaac    129780
     atacgacttc cggaggacac agaggaacac actgtcacag gaatacagga ttcttgctgg    129840
     ctagagtgat ctaggtgaag tcctaggaat attctaggaa tagctgagac aacaaagggc    129900
     attactgggc ccctgtgtgc aacgattcct gcaaaccaac aacagttttt caggcaggaa    129960
     ggccactagt gcgaggctcc atcctctatg ccacacaacc aaggaaactt cctccctctc    130020
     tccctctctg cgtggttaca aaaccgctgg ccttccttct cttcctcaga ggagaagggt    130080
     ggtgtggaga aagctggcca aggacaacaa cggcaaagcc aggcccggtg tcctgaggaa    130140
     gtcgtcagca cggggagaac ggccaagaaa caggaacagc aagatcaaag gcagcagaag    130200
     ccaggctctc atgagaagag gagctgcgtg tacaaaatgt gattgggctg taggaaaaag    130260
     aaagagacgg ggctaggcgg tggtcggaga ctatcagtta cgctggaata gaggcagaga    130320
     ggtgtgcatg catgtgagtc cctgtgtaga cagaagcaca cattcatcct atttcccaac    130380
     tccctcttga gaaaggttct gtcaaaagga tggaacctca aaggggcagc cattagccaa    130440
     accttcggtt atttggacct caaaatggga aatatgggac ctagagagat ggctcagtgg    130500
     ttaaaagcac tggttgttct cccagagaac taaggttcaa ttcccagcac ccacatggca    130560
     gctcataatg agctgtagct cttgtctctt gggatccaag ggcctctgag ggaactgtac    130620
     atacatgtgc atagtcagac atgtaggcaa aacacgcatc cacacaggat aaacgctcaa    130680
     agaaataaca aaaaaacata gagaaagtaa tggatcgcaa tcaatccatg gagttagcgt    130740
     aatgatggat atatccacat ggactgaagt gatgacaagg agaaaggagg gcctcctagt    130800
     gtctggtgcg gtcgagaaaa caaagatgca tccactaagg atgcatcatg aaggaggcaa    130860
     gcgaaggcca ggcaggggcc atgggaggat gctagggcag aggcacggag gcataaagca    130920
     gcaagtggac atctgatcgc taagcatctt ctaccaaata ccatgtgatc acaaaatgaa    130980
     aagtgatctc tctgtagtgg agaggtctgg caggctccgg ctttgccagg tactcctgcc    131040
     accactacag aggcccagct acacttctat agattagtct gctcatagac gggcatagag    131100
     tgagggcctt tcaacatcat gaaacatctg tgctcttcaa ggtcatggga aactgggaaa    131160
     ggcaaggcag gattctagac tgaaagagag taggtggtgg gacacagggt ccagcgtagg    131220
     actgtgccct ggacctgctg ggacatggtc agaggtggtg atgctgagtg gagtctgaga    131280
     actggggact gctcccccga tggatggctg cactggagtc ataccagagg gtgctgctgt    131340
     ctagggacat gcatgctgga gctctcgagg atttgggctt taggtttggg aggggtcgac    131400
     ttcattcaag ttgatcttga atgactcaga gaggaatagg aacagatata catctgtaga    131460
     tagagtgact ggccgaacct acgtgggaga atatcagtac actgttctca cagctgttcg    131520
     gaaccagcaa tcaatgtgtg caacaacagt aaaacaaggc ttgccagcga cgccctgcac    131580
     cagcgaggag cctggtctgg ctctggcagg ccgcacgggc tctgaggaga gcagggaggt    131640
     taaggtggac agctgaggct aggttctgag aggcctcaga aggtcaggag ataaggcatg    131700
     aacttgtagc cttgaggtga caagagtgtc aacagagcca tccgcaggcg agtggcagga    131760
     cattttaaaa atgacagtca tgttgctgca gagaataact aaagagacga tcccctagtg    131820
     aggggtccca gtaagagctc tgggactatt taggagccag ataaggctgg acagcacaca    131880
     agccgctgca gaggaggggg gcttccaggt gtccacccag gatttcgtga atgacagagg    131940
     gagcaatcag aggccatctg ggatttgatc attgaatgac ttggctttaa ctacaagcct    132000
     cacacataaa ctcaggactt cctgtgtcat tagtgactta tctttaacaa ggatttgaga    132060
     ttctttattt atttatttat ctctaaagga agtccggtga acttaaataa gtttacatca    132120
     ttctgactaa tacataaact agggttccct ggagtttggg atgttgttat tggcattgct    132180
     acctttttct tctataaatt gtttcgtttt ctcctgagac agaatctccc gtagtccagg    132240
     ctggccttaa actacccacg tggggtagga tgaccttacc tagaactcct ggtcctcctg    132300
     cctccacctc cagcctgctg ggactacagg caggtgctat ggggccaggt ttactaagca    132360
     gagggttttg tgtgttctag gcaagcactg tacctaccgt gctccacaca gccgggtctc    132420
     tggctcggaa gtattccttc ttcttttccc cacgtaagct aagaaaccta ctttattatc    132480
     taaatgatag tctcatcatg ttacccagac tagttcaatt atcatgccaa ggcctctaac    132540
     tagctggggc tgtgggtgtg gggcacagtg ttagctaatg taaaacttga taaactcaag    132600
     gctggactcc ccagaaactg tgcactgcac tttagggaac cccggaagtc acagctgcca    132660
     gctctgtgca gctcacctct gttatgtgag gttttggaag gcaatgtcag agctcagtgg    132720
     aatggaaacg tctctgactg tagctcttct gcacaagctg taggctagct gtaaactagc    132780
     aatacacagt aagcagaggg aaggtgtcat gacacctgga gactcccctg ggagtgtcct    132840
     tcgcagagca ctactgagca tcctgtcaag tatgtcctct ggggagcgta gcagacagac    132900
     ccttgttctg cttctactga taatcactaa tgcaggctct gggcaagcca ggctgggctt    132960
     tctttgtctg gatctagtag gtgagagtgg attgagcatg gcctggcatt cctgagcacc    133020
     aggcacaagc agagccgatt cctagaccag caagatcaag ttgcctaaga tcagacaggg    133080
     aacaaggctg taatggttaa ggtatttgac caagatctag gaatgctcgt tttattgttg    133140
     ctaacactct aatatgaact tggtaacaga ttaacctaag catacgagcc tcactcataa    133200
     gaacagctcc ttgccaagcc tgtgtgggga gcatcccaca ctctcaggct tcctttgcaa    133260
     ggatgaagaa cactatcaag ctgaagccaa gggcatgcat aggagtccag aaatcttcca    133320
     gtcagccagg aggcctggcc agagggagga aacaggatga aggtgcctcc cacagggctc    133380
     tagggaaagt ggctggtggg atgactctga ggcagagtac agacaaacac ttccactccc    133440
     agataagcaa gtccagcaag gcaaacactt gccctttggt taaaacaaaa ggaaatactc    133500
     tttttttttt ttttaagagg aaaaaacgtg tacagtatct cagggctttg ccaaatgtgg    133560
     tctgtaattc ttcgggactc ctgacaagag ggcagccata ctgcctgaca gaagatagta    133620
     gaggagacca ggtcttggga gtgtgggcct ctcactgctg accctaaagt ccttcaggag    133680
     cccaggctgt cttctggagt cttcccttgg aaagagcaca gcccagtctg gagcacaggc    133740
     acagctcagg aggggtgcaa ggagccatgg gacctctcag gagagaggaa gaaacaaaac    133800
     agcaggtcca ggagggaact tggaccatca gcaacaaaag aggaaacatt gcccttcact    133860
     accaaacctc aatccaggac acagaagtaa gtgtacggga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga    133920
     atgaatgaat gaacgaacga accaagaagg ctgtacagcc cccagggagc catagccgtg    133980
     aaggctgata taatgcagtg tttggcacac atttcaagca aaacttccac tcatttcaac    134040
     tctgacctgc gcttttcatt tcttataagg tctcaattgt tttttcaaag cctcaaattt    134100
     atttttccta ctcctgggct tcagtactgg gtctttgctg gtgaagaaat aaaaggcctg    134160
     acataacccc tcttgggagg caaagactgc agggtcagac tgccttagtc agaaccattc    134220
     ctctgcaata aagagcagtg cagtcttagg gcaggtctac ccaaagctca gtctccccat    134280
     ctgccaccca ggcaacagtc agactcatta agggcagtcc tgagagcatc tctccagcag    134340
     ggtacctgac cagtgggatg tgttcaagag aggaaggtac catcaacata gacgcagcag    134400
     gtccacactc cctccttcct ccccgaaggg tgtgcctccc cccatataca cacttctcct    134460
     tctcccagac tgtgaggaca ccagtagaat ggggatcaag aatgaacaca gcacagacgg    134520
     tagcaagtga tgggacaaat gttgacgagc acacaggatg tactaggcac gatgcagaca    134580
     tgttttcaca aagaacaagc aagcacagcc tctggtgatg gctggaatac ggttcatctc    134640
     acaacctcaa gctgaagtgc aatccccacc aagacatatt taaaggcggc accaggtggc    134700
     acctgtaagg gctaattaaa gctctgccct caggagtgga ttaatccatt tatgcaccta    134760
     atggattaat ggattatctt gagagtggat ctgttataaa agccagtctg gctgggtctc    134820
     tcacatgttc ccagtctctt gtcatgtgat gttctgtact cgtttgttac tttggcaagg    134880
     agaaggctgt caccagatgc atccctttga cctcaaatgg agccaccaat caaaataaac    134940
     cttttttttc ctttgtaatt cagtctgtgt cattaactgt tcattactgt gtcgttaaca    135000
     gagaatgagc taagtaaggc ttctctccac cctaacccac actggacatt tcatctgctc    135060
     taactccaga tctgagatct ctgcccctgg gtcacgcagg gtttggtggt ctcaggcaga    135120
     atttagtgac atgtagtaca gaagaatcaa ctgagggcca ccctccagga ggtctgagca    135180
     gtggaccagg gaaggccttt cctctcccag ggccccaggc atcccccgac aatatgaagg    135240
     tttagactgt ctaatccaaa gtcagggtga tcagaaaccc acagtcccta gaggcacagc    135300
     ccccctggtc tagctgaaaa atgatggggg tggggggtgg gggtggggca gaccataggc    135360
     agtgcccaca tgttggacca acccaggagt gagtactaaa atgggaggca gaggctgacc    135420
     tgtggactca gctctggcca cccaggatgc cttggtaaag gaaggcagga cgtcagatgg    135480
     caggaagcct tcgaacatac aacttaagta tccctcaaaa ccctgctatt attgtcccca    135540
     aggcttcccg gttagtgaac tcagggctgg gtatcatgga gagctcaggt aagaacttac    135600
     tctcaggaca agcagagagt agccaacatg ttgctcaaaa gactaagaaa taaacccttc    135660
     taggtgctga gaggagccac acagtcaggt gagtaacaac ataggtattg ctgatcaaag    135720
     cagcacagag ccagggccat tcatagactg cagagggggc cagctctcca ggtcagcacc    135780
     ccacctgcag ctgccacacc agcacaccaa atacacaggg ccattgcttc tcctgagata    135840
     caggcacaga attcaaaggg aagagtcact ggggattggg tagagtaggc acggacttca    135900
     agtagagccc atggtaaagc tctgaaccca gccgggctat ttactagcca tgtgtaatct    135960
     taggcaagct cattaaatcc ttatgaccct gtttctgaag ctgtaacata aggatgaaac    136020
     gcatcacctg aaaaatcaag aaaaggcact gagcacgcag ctcagccggg agaatgtccg    136080
     tccgcctagc atgtgcagag ccctgggatc catccccagc acagcagaaa ctgaaccagt    136140
     ggcacaggct aatcccagcg ctgggagggg aggggaggaa ggcaagagga ataacgattc    136200
     aaggtcatcc tctgctccac agtgagtcag gggctagcct aagctatttg atgactctgt    136260
     ctcaaaaaac caaaacaatg tgaaaaggaa taagaacaaa aaatatgtaa aagtcataga    136320
     atcaaaaata gaacggtgac tgtcagatag tggcggggaa gagaaggagg tagggaggga    136380
     gggagggaga gagtgagtga gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttagactg    136440
     acaaggtatg tatgtgccag ggatcggacc acaccacaac agtatcacta cagcaaccct    136500
     gctgacctgt acacttggca gcacagttaa gatgcaaaac tttacaccaa gtgatttgtt    136560
     taaccacagt ttaaaaacat aggttatcaa ggcatgggag ggagcataga tgagtaaacc    136620
     caggattagg aaggtggagg cagaaagatt gtgaattgga ggtcagcctg ggctacatag    136680
     tgaattccag gccagcctgg tctattcaat aaaatcccta agaaaggaat ggcacttatc    136740
     tcaccatggg tcatggctaa gcaggaggta ggtatcatat gtatacagga aagtggcccc    136800
     caaaaaacta tatttatagc tgtctcccta gatctttctg gctgcctctt tgggcaggcc    136860
     agaaccaaca cccttctaac ttgcttgagc tgagaacagg cacccatccc aggagcaatg    136920
     agctgaaggc cgggcagaag cctccagtat ttttatgtag acaggagaca actttgaaat    136980
     gaacaaacaa attaagaatt tatcagaatc acaggttttc tctggttcta aaaccacacc    137040
     agcaataaaa ttacttggtt ttctccttgt cacacaagaa ggttccatcc ttaagtgaag    137100
     taaatacttc tccgagagac gagagggcct attccctgac ccagcaagga gccgctgggg    137160
     aaatgttcta cggaactctg agtgatgagc tcagagaaat atgaggcagg gtcttgtcag    137220
     acttcaagga cagactttga gcaggcagat cacaggacat cctgggaaca gagcctgaga    137280
     tgcagctttg gctaaaagcc ctgacttctc acttgggcct atgctgtctg tcttggctgg    137340
     agtcatctct ggatctgatt cctgctcaac tccacaggta aacatgcgac tcatttaagg    137400
     agcatctgtc tgaaagttag ttacacaagg ttgattggta ctaagtttac tggccctctc    137460
     ttggcccact tcaaggccga agacaccaag aaaagcctag gatattttcc aaatgccaag    137520
     aacactgagg cttgaaggca atcaccccag aaagcaatca tctcttctga aaccaaaatg    137580
     ttccctcaaa ccatgggagt ctccccaaag ccagcaggac ctcacagagc cagatctgat    137640
     cttagggctc tggtactata agcaggtatg tttagaaaac agactcctag gccaggtaac    137700
     ttgggagatg aacacagttc agtcaagtgg aagaggtaac ataacatggc ctttccctgt    137760
     ggtgggaaga ggggagctgg acaaccaaaa gccacagaag cctggggcta aggaagggct    137820
     gcgtgcacaa taccaggaag aggggaatag atgcaactga acggaacatt gtccagaatg    137880
     tgctcaaaac aggtatgatt gaagcctcca tgccctcaaa tccaagaatg gtgatcgctt    137940
     gcttttaagt ctaaatggca gacactgaga tggctcatgg atttgggggg gggggggggc    138000
     tactacggac atgaccccaa atgagaagaa ccaatagggc tgaagacagt gcagaagtca    138060
     accaacggag caacagcttt ctctttctgt ctctttctac ccagatttgt cctctgtgag    138120
     cagaatcagg ttccacacac tttatttgga cctcatctag agaaagcata caggatccca    138180
     gctaccttgc tcctagagag tgaggccagt cagtagcttc gaatgtgtgc ggccccttgc    138240
     ttacacttta caataatacc taataataat aataaccaca ggctatagca gataccagga    138300
     aacataccgc caataagcag gcacctgtga ggtagaaact actaacacag ggtactgttc    138360
     ctttgcaaag cactctacag tttgccagtg tcttcatgta tgcggcttca ccaacagacc    138420
     acagctccat gaagcagagg ggccaggata actaccccta ctattgacta aagagaagag    138480
     gccccctaga tggtccatga ctcccccaag gtcacacagc tggtaagagg ggaggcaggg    138540
     ctggtacgat tgagtctttg tctctaaatc cttggcaatc tctacactgc ccctcccgcc    138600
     ccaggggaaa tgagtctcga gaactttgct ttctcttaac tggcacgcct gaatccatta    138660
     gctagacgag aagctgaaac cctgtaacag agtacacagg ggagacggag agcagggtgg    138720
     tgctgagccc ctcccccacg tccagaatgg agcctccacc accagcaatt actatgtttt    138780
     ctggagacca ttgctctaat tttagaggcc ctgcctggca aacctttgtt tctcctgagt    138840
     ctttgttttc atgcctctca cgtctctcaa attatttcat aatctgttac aatgttttgt    138900
     catccaaggg agtcgctgtg aaaatgattg ttcagattat aaaccaaggt ctgtgacctc    138960
     actggggcag aggcagcaaa agatccatcc ccaagctggg tttcacagac cttggtcaca    139020
     atgggagaga cccagtgacc tggctgtgag ccttctcttt cttagatttg ctcctctgga    139080
     caacctcagc cactgactct gtcaacttct caaactttct gattgtctgt gcgcaggtgc    139140
     aggagtctgc cagacccaac catgatgatc caaggaccgt gttctgggcc aagggaccaa    139200
     atcccaggaa aacacacatc catgtgcaca catgcatgcc gatgctctcc actacactct    139260
     ccttgtctgc tagccccatc agcatcttgc caatgctctc cgctacacct tccttgtctt    139320
     ctagcttcat ccacactaca gcttagaacc tggctgccat agataggttt gtttccacat    139380
     cctcctaaaa agtatctttt gaattcctgt gaccttggca gagtcctcca cttaggccac    139440
     tactgctact tggagtagca attcccgatt cccggttgtt caggcctgtc ccatgcaaag    139500
     tgcccttgac ccacacccac catgtgccta tagtgcactt ggtcaccaag gcaaccagaa    139560
     atacccttct gtgtttctag atattccttc caaggggtgc tgacccctat caaagtctgc    139620
     ccatcagata cagatgcacc tgtgctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    139680
     ctctctctct ctctctgtca cacgcatgca cacacacaca tgaccttaca gtcttgaagt    139740
     cattcaactg ccaccaacca ccccctctcc agaaccctgc cagtttttat ggaagtagtt    139800
     ctgtaaacta gatgctagat atgtcgtttc ctcatgcaga gtctgtctcc atagaaacaa    139860
     caaacaaaca acaccaatgc aataccaaat aaaaccagag gctgcctgtg ctgtgacacc    139920
     tacacaacca ggtcaggagt ctggggtcct gtgttggagc cccactttgg aatgcaatcc    139980
     tagttgagac cctgcacgtc catgcttctt tttcaaatct gttacgggaa accttgatct    140040
     taaagtgtcc tttcagttta aatagtccat gcactggcaa cagaggggaa ggactaattc    140100
     tatctaggtt tcacagaggc cccaagaact gatctgcaga cttccgtaag caaagatgcc    140160
     tgggtatgaa tgactggaat ataagcaggc catactccat gaacatactc tgaggcttga    140220
     gctaactgtt tcttttaaga tgggtcttaa atgctggcta ccatattcaa cataccatgc    140280
     cacagagctg tgattaaggg cacacggcac tgcacctagc ttgggaccta acgtttgagt    140340
     ggcatcagaa gaaggaggtg gcctagagac tgagtccacc ctagtgactg tataaggggc    140400
     cagctgccgg attatatcct gctccaagtc tccttagaga aaaacgccca ggacagggct    140460
     gggcctgtga agaagagacc catgaaaatc cttccacgcg ctggccagca cagccagcca    140520
     gccctagtct cccttccaca ttcaaactgt cagcccaaaa gcataagttg ggactcacca    140580
     ctaaaatcta catgtagatc tgaatggatg taaaccagcc aaagtcattg ctccatataa    140640
     aagaaagtgt ggcccctttt taaatgtggc cactctacag ggtatcagag aaatggatcg    140700
     ggagctctct ctgcctcata agagaactgt gctttcctct gggataaaac aaataggagt    140760
     ctgccctggg acccctcatt gaacggactg ttcaatgggg acctggggtg atcacagggc    140820
     acatgtaaac ccattcagca agccctttcc tctcccctcc ggtgtttcta tttctaccag    140880
     ctaccacaaa tgtctctctc catttgacac cataagacaa ccgtgtatcg agtcgccact    140940
     ttttaagaaa agaccaacgc gggacttaag aaaacagcag gtatatagag gcgtgttcct    141000
     aggcaatcac agcacgtctg aagctgcctg tgcacaacac ccaaagtaag agaacccggt    141060
     ggcagcctag ctgagccaaa ggacgcctag agggaagctc ggctgggtca cgtgccgccc    141120
     tggagcccag aagtgcgctc ggccccgctg acgtaactgt tcgagaattt aaaagtctca    141180
     aactcggagg aaatcctgtg cagatcttta agactcatcc acactcatca acatgaccgc    141240
     caaagatgcc cccccccaag agaccccccc cccccggcat aaccaacacg actaggaaaa    141300
     agagcccagt agagatggca agaggcagcc tctggtcagg gataaccccc tcccccggaa    141360
     acctggagga ccccaacact ccgcccacag gcgctgactc ctggtggccc acttggggga    141420
     accagcctcc agacagacgc ttgggtcccg ccagttccct gacagataca cgccgctgcc    141480
     agcagggaac acaaaaatgt actttgctac tttcagagcc gacacaagtc cctcttagga    141540
     aagctgaaag gagcttcgca gccccttcta gcacggcttt gtctggcggc caaggtcttg    141600
     gggtcctgtg tctcctccct gaccccacgt gcgcccgcag tcaccactgc gcacttaccc    141660
     gggatgatca gggctggccc tcaacgtagc cgcctttctc ccgggacaca accaccagag    141720
     tcccccggac aggatgagtc ctctgagcct ggcgcagtcc ctacgcggga ggacccagga    141780
     aaagcaaact ttcccggggc aacggcgcgg ggcgggcgcg ggctccccga agggctcggg    141840
     aaaagttgca gcacaaaagg ccaatgactg ggagagcgcc ggcgaccggg ccaggctcct    141900
     cccccagctc cgagcgctca gggccagcac agccagctgc tcgcaggggc gcccgccgcg    141960
     ctctcctccc cggccaggaa tgtgctgccc ggcgcgccca cacgcaccca ggggcccccg    142020
     ccgaagtgca ccctcaggct agggtgccgg ggaaaggacc gcacccgaac gccccgcaga    142080
     cttcttccag gagtttttga gtcacaacaa cttgttactg ttgggagtcc tttttccacg    142140
     gcgctttccc ctatgcgtgg ccacgtgaag gaaggattgg agcccagagc tggggcgggg    142200
     ttggctcctg cctgctagct ggagaaacct aagcaagaag ttggaggtgg gtgggggcaa    142260
     gacactacct gaatccacac tggccttgcc ttctgcctgc ctgcttgtct tccggacaga    142320
     cgcttagcca cagaaacttt cagtaaactt tgcacagctg ctgccctgcc tgcttcttta    142380
     gctgttgcaa cctcggaagc aggcgtattt ctagggactg tgtacgtttc aatttggttt    142440
     agagattttt tttttttttc cttttagggt ctaaaaggag ctctttcact tgcatctcct    142500
     catacagaga agtggtactt acctgcccac gccacacctt ttcctctgga aatttctgcc    142560
     gctcgacccc acttgagaag agaatgtggc tatatgtggg tgtcaggctt cctattttaa    142620
     ggtttgtgtc aaagaaaaca ttgctatatt ttatagactc agagaccaaa gggcagaaga    142680
     ctcagggtga ctcgacactt cctttcctcc ccttaaagaa acacgcccta ggttggagag    142740
     ccccaggtga gaattcccta gccggatttg tagacaatgc tgccacagaa attttctgta    142800
     tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcatttct aagagtcaca ttttgaggac catttaatag    142860
     attcctagct cattcgcttg tcacgagcac atcggtacca tattattgtg gtcatatcac    142920
     aaattagaac cccaatctac tcgcttaaat gtaccatcaa ccattggtga agtaccctag    142980
     tttgatttcc tgttgcttcg ataaaacact gaccaaaagt aacttgagaa aggaaagggt    143040
     ttatttcaat tcacacttta cagtccatca ctgagccggg tatagtggta caagccttta    143100
     atcccagcac tcaggaggcc aagacaggta gatctccatg agtttgaggc cagcctgatc    143160
     tacaaggtga ttttcaggac agccaggact gtcacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaca    143220
     aaatgaaaca aacacacaaa caaacaaaca ccaccaccac caccccccaa cccaaataaa    143280
     aggaaaaaaa atccattatt gagggaagcc aaggaattca agacaggaac tggagacaga    143340
     attttcagac aaacactctg tgatggtttg tatatccttg aaccagggag tggcaccatc    143400
     tggaggtgtg gccttgttgg aataggtgtg acctggttgg aatgggtgtg tcactgtggg    143460
     tgtgggtata agatcctcac cctagttgtc tggaaatcag tcttccacta gcagcctttg    143520
     gatgaagaca tagaactctc agctcctctt gcgtcatgcc tgcctggata ctgccattct    143580
     ctcaccttga tgataatgga ctgaacctct gagcctgtaa gccagcccca attaaatgtt    143640
     gttttttata agacttgcct tggtcatggt gtctgttcac agcggtagaa ccctaactaa    143700
     gacacactcc ttatggcttt tttatacagt ccagaagcag ctgccctggg gtaagaacat    143760
     tccttccagc cagcctagga gcctgagccc cacccctcgc cccccatcta ggcaacaatg    143820
     tccttggggt gacaggcctt tcccatgtga atttctcttc cccaggtgac aactacagga    143880
     ccttcatgac agaggacagc tctgtggtcc tgggacacca gactgtagca tctcccctcc    143940
     cccaaaggta tccatattcc tcatagtctg tgactatgtt ctgtcaacat ggatgtgctg    144000
     gttggttaac cgtcagtgga cacagcctgg aaaccaccag gaaagcatct caactgagga    144060
     actatccagg tcaggctggc ctgtgggcat gtgcatgggg aatcatttag acagttaatt    144120
     catggacaaa gatccagccc tttgtgggta gtatcatttc cccagtctgg agcactggac    144180
     tgtgggagag tagggatggc gagccagtac tgctcgaatg ggctgcatct atgtctgtct    144240
     cctcctgact gtgcaagtgg tatgactagt tccttgactt tctgctttgg tgtcacccag    144300
     tgatggagtg tgtcctggta ttgtaaagcc ttcctccgct gagttgcttt ggatcaggac    144360
     attttatcat gggacagcaa tagaaaagaa accgtagcaa tggcaaggga aagtaatggt    144420
     ggcaggtggg aacaggatgg aatcatctga ccttaagata aggggattag tgttcattac    144480
     ccacatgccc caagagagcc cggtttaacc gcagaggtcc ttctaaacct ctggcaagag    144540
     tgacaaggaa caggggaggg gtggagttgt ctggaataca aagggcctgg cccttccacc    144600
     caggaggctt ttctctgtgt tgcgtttctg ttaatgctct gctgtggcaa cactgctgta    144660
     cttggactga gaagggacga gcctgtgaga acacggatgg aaggcaggct gcacgccgac    144720
     taggctaaca cagaagttac tattaactga ttaagtcacg gaaagacaga ctccgttgca    144780
     agtggagaga caggaagcag gagggtgaaa cctgggagca ctcttaaaag atcttgcaag    144840
     aggctggaga gaaacgtcac tctatcccag aacttgcatc ttccccattg gactgaaggc    144900
     tcctccttga tcaccatatt tctatcctaa gctagcaatg ccacagtttt gtacacagag    144960
     aaatccttgt gatgaggcct gtatcaagaa acatgggagg ccagctataa ctgacaggaa    145020
     gcacagaatg catcacggag accaagtctc agatcaagaa cacactcact ccttgctaga    145080
     ggctgaaagt ccaacatgaa gtctgtctga tatgctaatg aacgcaagca agttctaaga    145140
     atagggactc tgagtttcag ggccatattt ctaaagactc acaggcctca ggtgtgggca    145200
     ttcacaaatg tcagacagca tatgctctgc tcccctagag gggagcactg atggaattcc    145260
     accagccact ggcacctgca gtacacacac taggattaaa gttgtatact tcagggcttg    145320
     cttctgtgct caggcctaca gccaggaggg gatgactgcc acacagcata gactgaaagg    145380
     gaacatttta ccctgcactg ggtgtgggga gagcttctga tctgatcttg cccaagtttc    145440
     agataactgg ctgattgcct tagggtttct cagtgccctc ccgctaataa tcagttagag    145500
     aaaaccaaag agacaataga agtccctact ttaagaagtg tttggttttc tttgcttcct    145560
     gctcccactg cccaccactg taccttgccc ggcatgtggc ctccccctgg gactatacat    145620
     tgtatagcaa tggagagcta gccaacacag aaatcgagaa atagggcatt gatatggtct    145680
     agttaaccat gaagtgcctt ggatcttaaa ggaaacttta cacatggttt tagggggtgc    145740
     tggctcagtg gctaagaacc ctggctgttc ttccagagga ctgggattca atttacatgg    145800
     cagctctcta actccagttc cagggaatct gacgccctta ctccagtgca tataaagtta    145860
     aatgaaaata atcaaaaacc atggtttttt gagcaataat gacccttaag acactggcac    145920
     ctcttagagg caaagagaat gcatttgact ttgtgaaggg gatgggagcc tttcaggacc    145980
     aaccttcagc agcatcagca gggctctgca tcctctctcc ccattccccc aaccctctgc    146040
     agcaccattc taacaagcaa gttacttagc tagtaagaga gcaactttgc tccatcatgt    146100
     gttttaccac aggcctaaaa gcaagtagac aagcagtcac atactgaaac ctcaaaggct    146160
     ggggtaccat ctacaaaggc ttgagtcttc aggaggtgca gtttccttgg aggaagtgag    146220
     tcactgggaa tgaatgcatc ctgggggtta gaagctgggc tccacttcct gtgtaccccc    146280
     tgcttcctaa gtgtgaatgc agtgtgacaa gccagcctcc tgctttggtc actctgtctt    146340
     ctctgcctgc tgttatgtat tccccacaat gatggaacct ccttgaacca taagccaaag    146400
     caaaccttct ctcccctcaa aaatgctata tatcaggtaa gtctgtatat ctctgtgtcc    146460
     ccatgggcat gtgtgcccct gtgtatgtgt gtgtgcatgt gtacatgtat atatgtgtag    146520
     agttatgtgt agaggtcaga agtcaacatc aagtgtcctc ctccatcgtt ctccgtattt    146580
     tctgagttgg ggtctctcac tgaacgtgaa attcatggat taggctagac tggatggcca    146640
     gcaaacttca gggactgacc tgtctccaca ctccagctct ggagctacac tcccatgtct    146700
     gacttctaca tgagtaatgg aaattccaac ttgggtcttt atgcttacaa cagcaagagc    146760
     tccactggct gaggcagctt cctggaccag gtgccaggtg agctttgtga gcactgtgta    146820
     accaagagtc tttgggggta gttacacctc ttctcccctt tcactgtcat ggtgggccag    146880
     gggtaggcac gaccatgacc cttagttgac acaggaggaa ccaggttaga gtgatgactt    146940
     tataggacca cacagaacac agctgtgtgt ctgcagaacc caaattcctc cccagcccac    147000
     aggaatgagg gatatttgta acttttctgt atattctgca gacctggaaa ggaggagatg    147060
     ttaacaaacc caggaccggc gtcctctcct gcgtgccata aagggtgaag tcctcacact    147120
     cacaacacag tacttgaagg aacttttatt tactttctcc agaaggaatc gctgcttggg    147180
     cttctaagtc ctcacattct ctgaagtgtt ggcaagcagc aaggcacatt cctcaaccgc    147240
     cacacggcaa cacttggttg tatggcagag agacagattt cttcaggcct tctaacaatt    147300
     cagctattgc ctccacccat gttcagctga aatgtcagcc tcaaacccaa aatacacaca    147360
     gagagacaca caccctcgat ggcggcaatc tgtccgaaag ttctagctgt agacactggg    147420
     atttccctgc gggcacgtga agcccacacc attcacttca tactgctcca gcttgagttt    147480
     agaaccgagg tgctgaccct cagctcccac agggtcaagg tgctcttgtt catgaactca    147540
     acccagccta aactcgaagc atacctttga tcaactagaa ggccgaagcc atactgtctt    147600
     ccttggcaga taaactttct ccaggaagca gaatcgtaca ttcacatgat atcaggacaa    147660
     ggatgggaaa gaaaacatct gaggaatgac acagagttcc gaggtccggg caggactgat    147720
     gtgagggagg tttcaatgcc ttctccatgg tggtactaca gatatctcat cgtctactaa    147780
     acaacagaca cctaaagact attggacaga taccactggg acagttaaag tcttccacat    147840
     cctgcataca ctgtggcagt taaatcagag accctggggc tgggaggtgg tcctcctccc    147900
     cagggctttg ggtttgttgt gtccctagcc cttgccatca gcacttttca gagttctgtg    147960
     gactatgtca gtgggcagca aacataaggg tgaggcatga agagcaaaca gtgctctgtg    148020
     ggtgagaagt tctaagtgcc cagactaagc cccgtgtgtg agaagtgtga atggctgagt    148080
     gaatgaatgg cttatgacca tgatgacttt actgtttgtt gaactagctt ggccaacagg    148140
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    148200
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttt tttgattttt tgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc    148260
     tgtcctgaaa ctcacttttt gtacaccagg ctagcctcaa actcagaaat ctgcctgcct    148320
     ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gcgccaccac gcccggctca ggttttcttc    148380
     ttgatagaag atccagacac atttgtatct gccagcaagt cacactgttc cacaagcatc    148440
     cggtgagggc ctactgtgta taattcatta tgctaaagat taggggacca gcatggccct    148500
     tgtccctccc cagactctcc aacagtgaca gatatccact gagttcatga ctgggccagc    148560
     gctgagcaag cccttctcac acaccatgac actgagtcct catgaggaag gtactaattt    148620
     atacccatct tctagttgag ggaacagacc agaagagact aagagacaac tctcctacca    148680
     tgagtaagtg acaagacttg aacctaggca atgtctacct caaaacatcc aagctctttg    148740
     gcagaggatg aaaagccagt caacaaatca gggcacagct gtttctgcgt tcaaattgga    148800
     gccaggctgc agaaaagcct ctttctcctt gggtaagact aacaggattc tgggtaacta    148860
     gaaaagtagg aaggctccac aagaacttca tctgtcaaac atctactatc ttaaagcaca    148920
     atgtggtccc ctccagaccc aggagcaggg agatgggtag gatgggcaga agggtctgaa    148980
     aattctgagg gcagagggat ggagagaagg cttgatatgg gttagagcat ttgctgtaca    149040
     accagaagga ccagtttgca ccccaggccc catgtaacaa accaggtagg cccacatgtg    149100
     tctgtaaacc cagcactgtg ggaagcaaag acaggaaggt ctctaggtct tgctggctgc    149160
     cagcctagct gaaaaatgca gaatggtgag accctgtctc aaaggaataa ggtagagtgg    149220
     tagaggacac ccagtgtctt cctctggtct ccacctgtac atatgcacca cacacaacta    149280
     ccacacatac atgaccacca caaccactac aaccaccaca ctcatacacc acacacaacc    149340
     atcacataca tataccactt acttacacca tatattctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    149400
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca agcacagatg cacacaccca cacatgtgca    149460
     cacaagagag agagtgaata gctctggcca ctatctcaga ctcactgggg ctccagcttg    149520
     caagtgagtg ccttctacct tccagtctga gcctacctct gcacttgtac atgtctcctc    149580
     tgttctaaca aagggagagg gacactgaag aaaggacatc aatgacctgg gttaggcttt    149640
     aaagccaata gccagttttc ccatttgtac catccctggt tcccatatcc aaaatgcaaa    149700
     ggggaaaaaa aaaatccaaa agcagttttc ccccatctgg ggccatttga gcagagtccc    149760
     ctccacagac aggaagacag gaaactacaa ggtatacaca ctggttctag gtagagcctg    149820
     gcagtttcta acagatacct ttctcatctt caggcaaaac caaaccaagg cctgcaatga    149880
     cctttgaaaa acagcacaca atctccgagg gatgcacagc cccactgctc acagggaaac    149940
     ttgacccaga cagccctctc ctctgaggtt tccccaatgg acagcatgca gacttgccag    150000
     ccaggagatg aagctcaggt ttcagcggat cttttccctc gtgggctcta agcgagactc    150060
     tcctcccttg tcaacattcc acatattccc cacatcgctg taaattagag aatctgccag    150120
     tgccccagta ctgcttgccc acagtcctct cccacaaaag catctagaca aagcaaagga    150180
     gagccggctg cacagcatgg aaactgcagc ctacttattt tacagaaagt cagagtgaac    150240
     ctgcaggagc agtttccttg gacaatatcc aaggtcaaga ttaccttggt taaactacca    150300
     gtccctccat aaaacagtct ggaacatcag ctcctccggt cctctggggg ggggggctcc    150360
     ccgtgttgca aaggagtgga ctgcttgctg cagggccagc aaggctgaag ctagagtcac    150420
     atccaatgac agttggataa gtggtaccct gaaaggctca gagaagtcat ataccctctc    150480
     tgggttttag gcctcttatc tataaagtga ggctgaaagt ccatggacat tcttcttgct    150540
     tagtgtgatt ggctgagcta gtcctcaagg gatgcccatt gtaaaggcca gaatctttac    150600
     tgccagtcac aggagccaga gaggtatctt caagataccc tccatagagg gctttataag    150660
     gcagtctggc ctatgtctga gatctcaagc ccaggcttgg tatctccacc ctcccccaaa    150720
     tcctatctgc cagctccgga cattgagtat ttacttccca ctgctcatca tctgccaggg    150780
     atccagcagg cagcagggcc agatactttc cactccccac tttctaggag gcctgggtgg    150840
     gctggcagat cttgaggatc ctgccaaaat ggttaaggag ctcagggttc gcttcccatg    150900
     accacgcccc tgctcaccca ctaatgttag ctttgtagcc ttttgcagcc gctcttggtg    150960
     agaggttaac cccaaagcca gggtttccac aagcaagaga atgctttctc catgagtgcc    151020
     agatggtttg accttgcctc caataagata ttgcaacact gaagactgtg gctacaggat    151080
     gggggtggtt gggggagtgg gtgggaactg gcatgtgcca aggaatgcag agcagatata    151140
     cgggaacctc agcaagttct atgggcaact gtatgaaaat agtctttact acttacgcat    151200
     gcaccttaat agtgttatca ccaatccaaa ctatgatggt gatggtgatg gtggtggtga    151260
     taaaatacta ttaatgaaaa caatccctga tatttaggtg cttacagggt cacacaggat    151320
     ctctgatggg atccttatat gtgctatttt tattatactt tattcattta ctatgtgcat    151380
     gtacattatc tgtgggaggg tggggtaagt gtggagatca caggacaacc tgcagatgtt    151440
     ggttctctcc ttgaaccgtt gaggtttagg cccttaggtt tagcaaccaa cacctttaac    151500
     cctctgatcc aactccctag ccccaatata tgtttatttt tgtagcatct ccatagtagt    151560
     tctctgaggt cacaagtatt acacactgtt ccagatgagg aaacaggcct ccagaacttg    151620
     tgcaatggtg aagaggctgg ctgcctttga agtctggtct gaccccaaat ccgcctgata    151680
     gctgcttgca tttaattatt cagtagactt agggagtcac acagagtatc aggtgctagg    151740
     taaccaagat ccaggccccc ccgggagcct aacttcctta agaaatagga atggggcata    151800
     tccttttggc ttgaggccaa gaccactgtc tctctgtgct gccatgacta gaccaagaac    151860
     tggggaccct gacacccaac ttccccacct gtgtataagg tcactcactg cagctcaggc    151920
     aggtggcggg tgtgctatcc cttggagagg gcatctggag accaggcagg ctgacttctc    151980
     ggctgagacc ttggcaaggc aagagaaagc cacatacacc agcgagacca gcttcagtga    152040
     gacagcttgc ctatgcattc gctatcccac atccttccca ggggaggagc ctgtgcccag    152100
     agtaccccaa atgcccaccc cagggcttcc ctgatgagac agtcagtggc ttctccctgc    152160
     cagtttgtca cctggtgtac actcactagg taagtgctga gccggctgtg ataatgtgat    152220
     aatgtcactg tccaaggatg ctcacagctc agggttcttg tccacacagc ctgcaggagc    152280
     tgatggcctc tgctctgtgt ttgctgtgag ctgactctgg gcagtgtggc ctgtgtcttg    152340
     ctcacttgct tccgatttgc ctttcctttt atactgacag aaataatcag tcctgctcac    152400
     ctgcaaaacc gttccagata gggtcacagg tcaccgtcca acatgaggac tgggagctga    152460
     gagtgggagc tgagagtggg agccgagcct gcctccagcc tgatttcttc caaagcccct    152520
     gtacctttct gtcccttccc ctgcactctc tctgcttatc tggagcacct gcagtatctt    152580
     gctagcctct tcagagatag gaagcctggc ttaaaaagtc agcgctgact ggagccacca    152640
     ggcaccagag tgccctctag cccactctgc agaggatcgc tgttcctgcc catctggtat    152700
     ttgtatccca accccctcac gttggccttg aaaaatgaaa gaccttcagc aaagcagtaa    152760
     ccagacctgt gtccagtgcc ttctctgcaa acagaaaaat atgtttgcca tgtacgtgtg    152820
     actccgtggg ctgctaaagt atttaacacc ggataagtga taactgagaa gtattaaaag    152880
     aaacagaaag aaagaaaaaa aaagaaagaa aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    152940
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa    153000
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagagcatgg    153060
     tggatcactt ttgtaatccg agaacttgca ggactgagct ggtaggattc ccatgggttt    153120
     gggaatagtc tggggtacac agtgagttct gaaagggatg agaccctgag gaggaaggga    153180
     ggaagggagg ggtgaaggag aaagggagga ggaaggaggg agggaggagg aaggagggag    153240
     ggaagaaaaa gaaaacaaaa gtcaacatca ggacttggtg agctgggacc tgttgctctt    153300
     gcgcattaag cctttctctg accctgccag cttctcagga caggaacaac acagaaacat    153360
     tgactcctgc acctctgccc attctggatc tccttagaac tggcaaggag caccctggca    153420
     gatccagcca cttggagatg tgtaggcaga gaggggtcct gtttggtgcc agctacccag    153480
     gtgtcctggg gctaccttgc aacactgaca gttcagagac aagcaggtct gcaggcctga    153540
     gtgtgtggtc agcaagcaga gccaggatct caggcccagc atactcctta ggtcagtgca    153600
     tcaggacttt gcctgctggc ccactgctga gtagacagta gtaccataaa cacactcact    153660
     gtgtaccccg gactctgccc ggcggccaca ccttcccaag gtaggttgct tgcctagtac    153720
     cctgcacagg ctctggttct tctcatcact tccagagcta agcagtgtga gggaaggagg    153780
     agaggggagg agcaccactc aacacctgag caccagcagg tgtgtgagag atttccagag    153840
     cttcactccc agaatcctct cctgctcagg tgaagaaaaa atggagttct tttacagcta    153900
     tggtaacact atggactctg ggctgcccca gacagaagcc tccagcccca ttaagctaag    153960
     ctaacaattt gggtcctcac tgacatcagc ctcatttttt tttcttttct ttctttcttt    154020
     ttcttttttt tttttccttt tttcttcttt ccttttttct cttccttcct ttctttcttt    154080
     ctttttttgg aatatattaa agacagggtt attgaagact tggtcaagtt cactggcccc    154140
     aaggaaggcc gccagggaag ttgccatggg gtgtgggatg tgggttgggg gagggcaaag    154200
     tgcagagaga aggggaagaa gagagaggga tagggagaaa gaggaggtag agagagggag    154260
     aaggagggaa aagaagagag aaggaaggga gggaaagaga gaaaaaaaat ctagcctcaa    154320
     tttttttttt tttttttttg gttttctgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc    154380
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcaaactcag aaatctgact gcctctgcct    154440
     cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccacacccgg ctagcctgaa ttttttaaag    154500
     atttatttac tttgtgtgga tgcctgtttt cctgcacgta tgtgcactgt gcagatgcct    154560
     ggtaccccac taaagatgga agaggggatt gaacccaatg gagctggact tacagatggt    154620
     tgtgggccaa tcacatgggt gctggaaacc aacccagcaa gtgctctcca acactgagcc    154680
     atctctccag ctcccaacac taaccttatt acacaaaaag cacacaaatc tagtggcgac    154740
     tgtattgagt aggagagcaa cagaccatct atcactatag aaggcttcta cggacatgct    154800
     gagtcaaaga ctcacctccc ccagaatcca ctgcgctaat ggctagcatt ttaaaatata    154860
     cacttgagat ctcaagatct tccctagaag aaagtttcca gacccagctc tctgaccagg    154920
     ttacatattg gagcctccat ttctcttcta aaaaacagtg ggactcacag aacctcacta    154980
     tgggttgaga agactcaggg gccaagctag gtacaaagac acgtatgtcc agagagagaa    155040
     atgagtgaga gaactcaacc tcagctgtca ttgacacaat gtctcccttt gttctagcca    155100
     tgccacagtt ccatgcatgg ccctgtggta gtcagtaagg ttcagaacgg gtcacaacag    155160
     ttcttgaggt cacagaactt gaactcagcc aatatccaag tctgtatgtg tcctactctg    155220
     gaccctagcc atgcagtctt ctcaggaagg tctagagggg tattgtggtg gctgctattg    155280
     gcagggagtt ctgacctgca ggcccagccc gtgagtgcaa gaggaacacc atattagatg    155340
     ttaaaatggc cagaagccag ttctagttct aggccccagg ctttccctat ttggacctct    155400
     gcttcctcct attagtatga ggcccaacaa gaacgctccc agttttattc cagcactaac    155460
     caggttgcga ctttcaagag aaggaaaggt catctctgca ctgggaccag gtgtagtgtg    155520
     ggcggaagcc acaacagaag ggttagcaag agggaagacc tattagtcaa ggggatgggt    155580
     gtttccacct cagcctctga ggagaccgag cacctcataa agagacttgg caccttttca    155640
     ctggacggat tcatcactta ggacattggt tttcattgtg aaacacaaaa gcctcagatc    155700
     ccaagctcca tggtaaaggg cttctggact cttctattgg actattcaca gggactgagg    155760
     ggctgctgcg acaccaatcc accctgcctg ctgtctttgg tttcctaaat acattttgat    155820
     ctgggttcaa agtccatgga agagctcctt gtgggcggaa cagggtgagc ggaacccagt    155880
     gcgcagaaag caacagaggc tcctgactag agacaggctg ggctcctgcc gcccctggtc    155940
     ctccaggcga gtagcagcca ccatttttta aaagttccca ctgcatacca ggctttgtct    156000
     tgaaagtacc tcactccaac caggaaggtg ttattttatc ttcctaacag tctatcgtgt    156060
     tagaagaata gtgctctaaa agcaacgcta gggagcgtgc gtgcgtgtga gcaagcatgc    156120
     gtgcacgtga gcgctcacat tgccctttct actgaggaaa ctgtgctggg aaacagtttt    156180
     tttggttccc cccccccccc cttttcctta atctgcacag ctgtggcgtc ctctaacctt    156240
     attcttaact tgaaaacctg gtgtcactgc ttgtaatttt agatggtatg gagagagaag    156300
     gaagtcagag accgtgtggg aagatggcgt gggagggaag aggagaagcc gctctgtgtg    156360
     gcttttaggt tccgccaggg cctcgttggc aagcagccag ctgtctctta gttctttcaa    156420
     cttttcaacc cggctgccct ttgtgaggag cctaggtctc cacagacagc ctaggcaccg    156480
     ggcaacatgt tttgattctc ttaaaattca ctaataattg agccatgtgt agcattgcac    156540
     gcctttaatc ccagtactcc agagacaaag acaagtggat acctatgagt tcaaggccaa    156600
     cctagtctac atatcagttc cagagctaca cagtgagata ccatctcaaa aagaaaatgc    156660
     actaataatt ggaccagctg gctggctgac cattgtccca tgtggaactg aagaccctgc    156720
     ctctacttta aataaaaatg tgtagaatac ggggcagtgt ccaagactga gtcagaacca    156780
     cttgtctaaa catttacaat caaaatgcca aattctaggt attccactag catggaagat    156840
     gatccagagc agtgatatca actcagttct caacattacc tgtctctgat accaggtctc    156900
     aggcttccag ccagatcagg attacacagt gtccagaaat actctgcaaa tactctctct    156960
     gagctggctt ctcagaatga gtgaccatga ctgaaaagat acaaactgtg gcttgttacc    157020
     aacagtgcca gttggctatt gtaagctctg agacagataa atagatgata ggtagatcga    157080
     tacatacata atacgtacac agatgataga tagatgatat atagatagga aggtaaataa    157140
     atacatagat agacacatag atgaatagat aggtagatac atatatacta tatgacaggt    157200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgacagaca gcacccactt ctccctggct atgtaagatg    157260
     gttttcaact cacccttttg ttacccagag agcaaaagtg atactgaccc ctggctgtct    157320
     gtagctcaga gggtgagcac ttgcctaaga tactgaagat gacaagcgct cctatcagca    157380
     agatgtttta attcaataga ttctgtagga tcagcttctt gacctcctaa caggatagta    157440
     gaaatttggg tttgattgga aatgcaactt gaaatattat acacacacaa aaagatatac    157500
     aaagcatccc aatgaaaagc tattgccaaa atgttagctg gtgtcaggta agatcactgt    157560
     gggttatgga tgggactgag aaagaacact ttctcagcca ttatgttatc ttagggtagt    157620
     ggagtgatga tatcttttag tattgatggt atagtggtga gcatacttct gcccaagata    157680
     ttttaacttg gaaaaaaatt catttctgaa aacagaaatt ggcagatgag agcctcaact    157740
     aggatacact tacaaagatc ccgtgaatca tctcccagca gtgtttggtg atgtttggta    157800
     gctgagttca tcatactagg aaagactacc acagaaccac aggagcccaa cgcaccaagc    157860
     accagggtcc gccagtgtga ccgctgactc agcgatttta tttgaccctc tggtgaagga    157920
     gatgtgcctg ctgtcatttc cacccactaa ggttttctgc gtaaccagtg aggaacagag    157980
     acgggtcttg gccttgactt ttatcacaca gcttctgtct gtgtccacca accctctccc    158040
     acagacagct gctagctttg acctttacat gcttgcccat tgccccagtc atgtatgctc    158100
     tgaccttggc aagatgcaaa aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata    158160
     ggaaagaagc taattgttac aatacacttt gacaccccca aaattctaaa tgttatcatt    158220
     tcacagataa gcagcataaa agcaactaac gatatatttt gtactctctt tttggaaaat    158280
     actaaatcat caacgtcagg tgtgtgctac cttacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact    158340
     cacacatcac atggcagaag gcagctgcca cttggaccag gaaactccag agtgtgtaaa    158400
     gtctcaacgg gaggacatga cagcacttga gtgcctgtga agactgggac caatccctct    158460
     gtgctaagga ccattaagag atttgtaagg agttttgatg gcagagggaa aaaatgtcta    158520
     aatatttcaa taggtgaaat tattctatga ttctaaataa cagtaacaac tgtgtcgcct    158580
     tgcctgtctt ggaactcatt cgtagaccag gctctaaact cacggatacc cgtctctgcc    158640
     tctcaagtat tagcattaaa ggtatgagcc actactgccc agtaatcata attttttttc    158700
     ttaagactta ttttactttt aattataggt atgtatgtgg ttggatatgt ggatctgagt    158760
     acaggtgcct tggaaaccaa aagagggagt cagagccctc agagccagag ttacaggtgg    158820
     tcgtgagcca ctgccagagg tgtgttctgg gaacagaact tgggccctgt gtaagaacag    158880
     tagtataggc tcttaaccat ggagccacct ctccggctcc ctcgtttctt tctggttttc    158940
     tatactttac aaatgtggca ggaaaaaaaa aaaccaccct aatttctagt atttactcag    159000
     aaaatactat tttaaattct gaagtgattt aaacactgag tcatgaacta tttatggact    159060
     cctctaagcc aggccctgag cttccccagg aagaatgata aaatgtctgt ggatgctgag    159120
     aaggaaggga ttgatacaga cttgtagggc agaagagact tcctggctac acagatattt    159180
     ttcctacacc taaagttgga atgtaagagc tgcatgccag tgagccctgc aggagatggt    159240
     tcacatgaaa tctgtttgga cagctcaggc cacatgtgct ggcccagagt cacagaagtt    159300
     gtccttgtgg ggcagcagaa gcagctggga gctgggggac gtgttgagac tccaaaaaca    159360
     ggtgaccatg cattctttca gcatgtgaaa atatgaatca aataatttgc aaaaacaccc    159420
     acagctgttg gtaggagaca ggacacaggt actaatttag actctaacac acattctctc    159480
     tctctctccc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac    159540
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgagaca gacagacaga gagagagaga    159600
     gcattcaaca accaaaggtc taggtattca tcaaagctta ttcaccatgt ggtgtccacg    159660
     atgcctccct taataaatgt agacagcagc ttctgcacag ccacaggcag cgcgcgctca    159720
     cttggggtaa agagcaaggg gtggctccgt ttgtcctcca ccttccttgt ctcaaggtgt    159780
     ctgtggaggg tggcttccat tgatgagcaa ctcttgcttc agagattaaa gcagtgttga    159840
     cccattagcc tcaaaaggga tcaaactaga ttagtgtgtg cccatgctaa ggacataggg    159900
     gaatagggtg tgacatttag gggctgtaga gcttttgggg tgtgtgtgtg tgacagttct    159960
     aaattgattg tgaccttcat catagaactc taagcacact aaggtttgta ctgtgtgttt    160020
     atgtgtgcat gtgtgtatct tgtgtctgtg tgtggggtat atatatatat atatatgtag    160080
     actttaaatg agtgaattat atgttgtctg gattatagct tagaggagtt gttttgtttt    160140
     taaaggtaag agccaaggta tgaaagcaag catcgctatt gcaacaatgc tgctctgaat    160200
     cattacttcg gaactgcatg actgaagtgc acataggatt gaaatggcta tctgccccac    160260
     ctccccatac acttgagaca gggtcttcaa tggagctcag cccccaaact cctgattctc    160320
     ctgcctgtgc tcctaaatgt tgggactaca gatgtgtctc accacccctg gcttcctctc    160380
     atacataaat aacagcacac gcagaaaatc tgcttccagc cttgtacaga ggagcatgtc    160440
     tacagaggac caggagttca gtcatcctca gtttgataga ttcgaggcta gcctgggcta    160500
     tgtgagatac cctcaaacaa cactaccatc ctcaggaagt caacggcaca tctgtctaag    160560
     gaaggtgcca cgggttttgt gtcactgacc tttctactcc tcccagatct ctggcctctg    160620
     ctggaaagcc tttcggaacg catgcctcag gaactgaagg taaagtggcc gggccaggcc    160680
     ctgggctctt tctgagacaa ggaaaaaaag tggttgctag gatcagatac ttggagagag    160740
     ccaaaatcct atgttaaaaa gtacagtccc caataaagac tcaacggcca ctacaccaat    160800
     atctttagga agaagagaag gaagctttag gcagccagga gctaggagct gctgctttga    160860
     atcacatagg gcccttgcac ctaaaacgat tccacatttg aaagcagctg tgtctgaact    160920
     ccagaaaaca tgactgcctg cagcctatca cccaatcacg cacagccagt caacgcttca    160980
     cgcttttcca gtggtttcag atgaattagc acaaggaaag acgtgtcatc caaatagctc    161040
     ccatgcctcc aaacaccatc ccccccaccg cgcccgcaca tgcgcccctt ttcaaaatcc    161100
     tagcaatcca gagagggtaa atggggccac ttaacccttc ccatacagga aactgggcct    161160
     cctgaaaatt tcccgtcagt ttgattcact tagcatgaga gtagggatca tactggatct    161220
     gaacctatag gcattgcacc catgtacctg tcactgagga gttcttctgg agccaccagg    161280
     tgcagctttt catctttgct ctcatcaggc tctggaggag aagagatact cggcttccca    161340
     tgccctacag gagtagggag ctgagggccc agctgttgct tggcttgctg gtcttcaacc    161400
     tggctgtccc cttgaagggt ggctgcatcc tcctccatca cctgagccct gttagaacat    161460
     cctgagtcct gaaagctccc aggatgtgct gagttacctg ccacaccggg aagcatcctt    161520
     gtagtacctg tttcaaggag gtcaccagac gcacatgccc acgtctcagc cctgcttggt    161580
     gtgacatcac cttctgcttc ctcagcagct cttgccattt tgctgggatc caggggagta    161640
     gtcaacactc ctccagccag cattttgggg gcatcctggt tgcccagcat attttgcatg    161700
     tttgcagtac tgacagcagc ttcaatctgt ctgtcaccct caagtgtgga agggatcaag    161760
     ggctcactga taggttcagg cacattcaaa acacttccat gagaagagcc attcagggca    161820
     cagggggatc ctgatagatt agttagaccc ttggtgtgag tagggtccca ggtaccatct    161880
     tctctttgtt gaccgttgct gggcaatgtt tccaggtgct cttttatgga atggcttttg    161940
     tcaccttgag cagaagcctc atctacatct gcatggctct ggggagccac agggaagtca    162000
     ggggctcttt ctgctggtag cccctgaaca gctgcagaag agggaaggcc cactgttaat    162060
     tcctgcctgc ttcttgcctg ctgtgagtga gcctgagttc cctgaacagg ctctccagtc    162120
     ctctctcctt caacactggc acctggcctg ctctcctcca aggctgtccc caccagaccc    162180
     atcatcttct ctgatgctgg atcctggggt acttgatgag aactctcagc ctcaacagct    162240
     gactcttgct tcttctcaac ctggagtcct gcaggaggta cagggagaag ggcagcagcc    162300
     actccttgtg ccccatctag aagcttctct gagttcagtg agacatcagg accctcaaac    162360
     agcacattcc ttggaactcc tgacttttta ctatggggcc ggtcagcagc cagggctcca    162420
     agcacagact gctcaaagat cttggtgata tgctccctaa aatcaggaag ccccgctatt    162480
     atgctggtct gcttggagct tgcaccctcg ctacctgatg caacaaccct cagatctggg    162540
     gtaagttcta ctggcctctc cctgttcccc tctctctctc ctgctgcatc ctcactggca    162600
     gggcatgctg cgatctcaga gggcctggca tttgcttctg gagcagcagc cacatgcatc    162660
     tcccttgcca tctgctcgtc tctgaccggg agaggcatcc tgtccaggta gggcatgaaa    162720
     ctcacgtgcc cctcagtggt tccagcttgg gggataccga tactattacc atcccccgct    162780
     gcagagatgt ccccatctgc agttcctggt tgcaagactg tggtgaagga gacagcaggt    162840
     gtcttttcaa gggtgtcatt ttccaaagca ggtggaggct cctttacagg actttcatga    162900
     ggtgctccgg ggtcctcaga ggaaacggct cctctcgtgc ttccatcttc tgcatccttc    162960
     ctggcagcac tattgatatg caggtaaggg gtgtcaggtg gttcagccgg cagaaggctc    163020
     tgtgggcctg aaacagtgtg ctgtgtcaga acgtccacag aacttctggg catcccgtct    163080
     gtttctccag ctggcagcaa ggcatccccg cagctgggct caagctgcac aagttggcgt    163140
     ggctcactca gggtggaggc gaggctctgg tcagcctgaa ggaagccact actcagagca    163200
     ggttctggtg cctctgaagc ctgctgcatc ccggggtctc cttcactggc atcgacgttc    163260
     acttcggcag atccaccttt accatctcgt tcctctgctt tctggaaact tccaagagga    163320
     ctctgtgctt ctgtacccaa gggggccggc tgctccattt ccagctgtgg ggccgactct    163380
     ttctggccct catcacaggc ctcgctctct agggcatcct gggtgagtgt gactctggga    163440
     ttggtaggca ctgggtctgg agagtagtgt gctgtatcca ggagagctac tgagtcaggt    163500
     ggacagggca gggcctccac tctgtttcta cttgctgtct ctgtcttatc caagcccaga    163560
     ggcggaggca gtacgtcacc ggcttcagaa aggcccgagt ccccacaacg tgcttcttca    163620
     cgcaggctgc ctatttgcaa agcatcatcc agctcctgtt gggacttgct cagcccctgc    163680
     ccagtagaga gactatcctt cccacccaag ttttctgtaa gagcggtggc tgctgcagga    163740
     ggcgggatct ctgagagctg actactgctg cctgtgccct cttgctcatt tccccctagt    163800
     gcaggcgact cttgtcccag tggggttgac agttctgaca tctctgacgg tggtgctcct    163860
     tccagaactt tatccttggg tgatgaactt ggagtattgc atgggctgcc tttggaggga    163920
     agctctgacc cctgctcgtt tcctccttga gtggacaagc tcacatctgc ccaaggcttc    163980
     ctttcctcag gtaccaggat tgaggaagga tctgtactct gcttcttcag acctgggtca    164040
     ctttgacaag ccttttgccc atttgtaggt ggttggttct tgtcacagag aatagcagag    164100
     atggacgctt ctgggtctag ttgagatggc tggagacggt tctttggaga tggtgggaga    164160
     ctgtcctctg ggcaagacag ttttctctga cagtcttgtt ccagactgag cacagcaagt    164220
     ccatggccta ttgttgagtc tttcccattg cggggagatg acgcatcagc atggacttcc    164280
     tgtccaggtt caaccttctc caccccacaa ggttggcctg gggacatcag caagccttcc    164340
     ccatcacagc tgaaaggcgg atgaaagggt gagtggctct tctttacttc caatatatcc    164400
     tccatctccc cagctttggg tacctcctcc gcagctgtag caggcaggaa atctcctttc    164460
     tcagattcta aagcaggaag tgactctatt gcttccaatc ctcccctgtc ctgaagcatg    164520
     actgggcttt tggtctgaga tcttgaactt tcccagatgg cttcttgggg aagaaagtgc    164580
     tcaccagtgc catctgatgc tgaggacagg atggggtcct cctcatggag tttgtgcagt    164640
     gaggtagctg tgtcagtcac atgggattca gcaaccacct gccccactac ctctgctgat    164700
     ccagagtggg acccatccct gtggccagca acctcctgtc taagtggctg tgttgagtct    164760
     gagctgggaa cgattttgtt ctctgtatta ctgtgtgcct ttgaaacctc acctttcttg    164820
     gtctccagat ggggcttgct gtgaaaggct tgagacttct cttcatcatg gttcccaggc    164880
     tctgcaccag caagggctct ggtggcttct tgctgtccct caaggttgtc tccatgtgat    164940
     ctgctttcct ctctagccac aactctattt tgagtattct tgggggcctt gggaccatca    165000
     gttggttcca ctgaactttc atttgaaatg ccatgggaga aagttggcag caacagccct    165060
     tgttggactg tatcattttg cccctgcaag aaaggtgcag gaacctgctg gaggctacct    165120
     tctggttgtt cttgcgtttt tctaagatct gatgttggct tccgttctgc cacccctgta    165180
     tccatctgtt ctgtggcagc cagatctgca gaaactgaca tctttgtctc agaaacagtc    165240
     tctgtggatt cttctgaggc aaccgaattc caagcagctg cgtgtgcagt gggacttgaa    165300
     gctgagcttg aagtttcctc tgttctagtg aagagaggag cctcagcact cagaaggaag    165360
     ctcccattca gctggctggc tgctgccaca cagacaactt gctggagctc agttcccgat    165420
     gtccctgtct gtggttgcct ctgagcatcg ctggtgtcca gagtctcttt ccaggagcca    165480
     ctgtttgctg gtgctgtggt aagacctggt gggcctgagg gcagttctgc atatggcaga    165540
     tgcatttcca ctttctgctg gcagctttcc tgggaggcag tgcttgtccc tgatccaggg    165600
     atagctctgg agttgctttt agagggatgg cagccttcga gaaattccaa attcttggct    165660
     gaacacgtag gtagcacctc cactccatct ctttctctgt ctgatgatct taggactgaa    165720
     tcttgtggga ccatagtctc aagttttggg ggagactcaa ggtcagctga gttttgcatc    165780
     cctggctgag tggcagcagg ggctttggtt gctgactctg gggagggaca gtcatccata    165840
     tcctctttcc tttggaactc aaagtcacga ggcccagtgc cctctccaga cagcagctct    165900
     gtccttggct cctggagagg aactagggaa attcctggca attggccagt gcgattggag    165960
     gatgaatttg gtccctcttc cttcagctct ttgtctcctt cagcactagg ggttctggca    166020
     gccattgagt gctgtgtggg gccatctact tcaggagtgg atgtcggtaa gatgttccct    166080
     gggatgttgg gggagggttc catcctaagg tgatttgtca gggtgctgtc ttcaggagct    166140
     tctgcttctg agctggccaa gcaaccttct gaggggccct ctgtgaaggg catggaggct    166200
     gaggggcacg gctgttccca gggcagagat gatctgggca gtggagaacc ttctgggcct    166260
     ctggcttcct gggggtgctc cccttgctca gccacctctg gagacacagt gcacgggtcc    166320
     aggctggcaa cactttcaga agcagagcag gagcctccta gcccagtgct gccaacaatg    166380
     aaaacatgga tcgtttcatt ggttctcaca agatgccacg catagaggca catccaggca    166440
     gaatggcccc aatctgaccc ccaccggaag gctaacaggc gcctccacca aaaccatact    166500
     gaccccatgc agctccttcc gtaatcatta tacatgccct tgcttcttcg aaaaccatta    166560
     caggaagtct caaccgtccg ggtgtggggc ttttcatgca ggtcaatagc gagcagggaa    166620
     atatggaaat tcattgaaaa cattttttaa tgtaggaaat tccctttcat gtgcacgtgt    166680
     gcatgtgcgt gtgcatgtgc atgtataagc atacaccaca atccagttgt gttttgaatg    166740
     tgcattctgg ggacttaact cagccctcat tcttgccagg caagcacttt cttcaacttc    166800
     ccagggagat ttttaataga cagacagaca gacaggcagg caggcagtga caaaggtcaa    166860
     caagttctgg aatcctttgg tatttggggg aaaggcataa gttagaaaag ctgtgactgg    166920
     aagttgaagg ttatactgtt tgtttgttag agtctcaata tgtagtcctg gctgttctgg    166980
     aacttgcttt gtagaccagg ctgacctcaa actcagagag atccatctgc ctgcctcctg    167040
     cccccaagca cacctggtga ggactattct tgaatatcgt tagttctcca taatttattg    167100
     gtgatacagt gaagcataac ccccaaatca cccaccactt gaatggaatc tctccactga    167160
     gggctgaaat accttcacac cgtgcttacc taggcaatgt gtgagaaagc acctactatg    167220
     acacactcag agaactgaga agaacttggc tcagaatcag ggcattgtga ccacttacca    167280
     accccccagt taatgtgata taatttgctg catgccacgt ttgaatatgc tatgctgctc    167340
     aattctcaat taatttaagt gcacttttgt ttgattttta tggttttgag acagggtctc    167400
     atatagtcca ggggtgctga aactcgatat ctaagactga tcttaaattt ctgatcttcc    167460
     tgcctttccc tcccaagtac tgggattaca gatgtattat caccacaccc agatgcattt    167520
     taattttata aacaatgtaa tgactggtac agaattatga aaacacctta tatgctttct    167580
     acttgcaata gtctagtcac cccacttccg ggtttccaat actctttctc tagggtacgt    167640
     tttgttttat tttattttat tttattttat tttattttat tttgtttata gctatgattc    167700
     tatgtatgta gtatgattaa atatttttct ggcatggaga gaagttactt aaggcaaagt    167760
     taacagaaat aaagtttttc ttcagctttg aatttttaat cattttactt ttagttacgt    167820
     gtatgggcag gtaagtgcgt gtgtgtagtg ctcacagagg cagaggcttg ttggattccc    167880
     tggagctaaa gttgtaggtg gtagtgagcc acctgacatg ggtgtaggga actgacctcg    167940
     ggtcctctgc aagagagcat gcacatttaa ctgctgagct atccctccag ttctatctag    168000
     agttctaaaa agtcattgtt ttaaggaaca aatagcaaag caagcttata gaacctttgc    168060
     taactactac atgcacacac gcacacacct atagacccat tgtattcagt ggaaggtttc    168120
     tactctccat atccagtagg agatgtccca tacaaggcag cacatgcatt ctcacccatg    168180
     caggacccac agggtggaaa gatggagtgt attcttatca aaacgtatag gactggggct    168240
     gggcaatggc tcagtgcgga gcttgcttgc taagcaagtg tgaggacctg actttggatc    168300
     tccagaaccc acacaggagc tgagtgttgt agtgcagccc cagccccagc agacagctaa    168360
     gaatcatgca gctctcgggg gttcactggc cagccagtct agggaaaaca gcagttccaa    168420
     gtccaatgag agacctggtc cccccaaaat aaggtgggtc ctgtcctgtc tccagtcaca    168480
     tcattgtctg gaagagagtc agaaatacaa gttttgtaat gatttggagt gtcagctttg    168540
     ctttgttttt attgtgtctg acaagatata attatctgat gcttcttcga ttatcttatt    168600
     ttaatttaaa ataaattaaa attaaagaaa taaagtggaa agcaatagaa aaagactcaa    168660
     caccaacctc tacccttcat gctcacatgg cgagcacatt caaacatata cacacacaca    168720
     tagcatatac accacttaca aacccccaga aatatgtgct gacctatatg ttccctcaaa    168780
     tctgtgttga tgccctaggc tccagtatga ctatttgggg attaggaagg aaagttaaat    168840
     gagatcatgg ggtgggtgcc taatccagga gggctggtgt ccttatgtac aggaacaggg    168900
     acagcagggg tgcatatata gaggggaggg ccacatgagg tcatagtgag aagatgtttt    168960
     ctgcaagcca gaaggagagg cctcaccaga aaccagccct acaacacctc gacctgaact    169020
     gccagcagcc gacactgtga gaaaatacct ctgttgtgaa gctggcaggc tgaggcagtc    169080
     tatcatggca gcctgaggaa actaataaag caagcatgtg ggcatctact gaatgggcat    169140
     ctattgtcct ttcttttcaa tgttcctgag gtttcagccc ttccaaaata acatgctgag    169200
     aaacgaatgg gtggaatggt gtcagcgctt ggcatggacc gtctcattaa acccagtaag    169260
     cagcatatac caagggtgtt gcccctgctc tttgcagatg agaacacaga acagggaggc    169320
     tgagcctgga ccttgattgg acagcttcct actctctctg tgcgatgctg aaagaacaaa    169380
     acctcccaag gaagagagaa agctctgtac tccacccatt gcagcctctc tcgccaaact    169440
     agtcgcccct gcatggaaca tccatcatct atgtccttca aagaggtatg gccatcccat    169500
     tgtcacggca gccacatttg ccttgcacgt aagaggagtg atgggtgcct gaggacccaa    169560
     gacagaacag gctacaattt caagcaagtt agcatttcct gacctcaagg caaagccatc    169620
     agggtagaga atactgagag tgagagatat actccagtgt acatgtggtc acccagaaca    169680
     tgaagacagc tggccccgca ctagcagaca tgtgcaaaac tgccccgaat ttgagtaaag    169740
     cgtgtgcact tggccttttg gcaggtaccc aggagggagc cagacatggg atatgcagcc    169800
     cgatgggcct ttcccatcaa tgctgtgatc cctgcctgga ggggtctttt tcttttaaca    169860
     aggactttac atgtcagagt gtcccacccc tgaaccgagc caaagaattt agcagaggat    169920
     gaaactcaga gtgttcctgt gtatgtctcc cttcgagccc cctttatcac actggaaatg    169980
     aaacaaacaa agccatttcc acagctgtct tctacaggga ctggctgtga agggagtcca    170040
     tggcttccct tcaggatgat tgaagtcatc accatcagag acagcctgag agatgcacct    170100
     ctgtaaacct actcattctt atcagagagc aaccaagaat gaattccact cagtgagggg    170160
     cacacaacaa ctccctctga gttaagagtc caaggttggt ctatttagca taagaccatc    170220
     tttgattacc catcagaagc aatactaaca gtcagattaa agccacttgc cagaagcaga    170280
     tttgcctaag ggcagcagaa atcctaagaa ctggtctgtt gagggttgtg cattaattgg    170340
     actgacataa atccttttat gctttaagat tgaatagaaa tgtgtgggat aaggctatgt    170400
     tcactatcag ctgggaaagc aagtgccctt cgtggaggcc tttcggctct ggggatgaga    170460
     tcaagaagga caaaggaccg caacttcttt ctggggcaga ctctgcctac agcaccctga    170520
     aggagcaacc taagggtgtt ggctcaagag tagcagaaac ttgctaagca aatactgagg    170580
     gtcacagaaa aggtgctccc cactgcctcg gtacagacaa acatatctga ctaggtttct    170640
     aaatgcacag gtctgaaagc acgcagtgat gctgacctac aaggatgcta actggaggat    170700
     gtaaatatag ctgctgcatc cctggccttt aagaccaaca aactaaagga aactagcatt    170760
     gatggagagt tgtcctatac tgagtattta ctcaagccaa gcccacacta agcaagttac    170820
     aatttcattt aatccacaca gcagcttggt agagggaatg acccccatgg tatacatgaa    170880
     aaaatattcc cagaaagggt ctagctagaa gggagagaac tgttgatgca aagcaagatc    170940
     aaagcaccgc ctggctccag agctgttttc tgtatgtcct gtctacacta gcttctcacg    171000
     agggcgggta cagccttcac tcttccatgt acacgagtcc ccttcttttt caattccatg    171060
     caacaggcag agcactagct tagaaatgtc acctgtgggt ttttctgaca gctgtggccc    171120
     agcctctgac atctgctcca tcctacacag ggatacctag tatcctggag tctttttgct    171180
     tctccccaga aatctcagta aagtccctct ggccttggat cccagggaca cttagtatta    171240
     ggtacagtga ccgtccatgg gattgatgac aattttcctc cctggaatct ggatccttgc    171300
     ctactgtcaa cactgtgctc ataatatctg gtatgtgaca acactcaata gataatacta    171360
     tagaatgaat aaacatgtaa gtggatggat ggttggatgg atgggtgtgg atgctgggta    171420
     gatggacagg tagatggatg gatagatgta tatatggaca aataggtgga tagttagatg    171480
     aatgaataaa tggtaaaacc aatccttata ccacaccttg ttcggcatcc cttcccagac    171540
     tagactgctg gcatgcagag ttccaagaag gatgggcttg tcccagaata ctagttacat    171600
     ctcagtggcc ctgaataact ggattctgtc cctgggaaaa ctggaccagt gagagctgct    171660
     gttctcaatt caccaattag atgggtgtca cctccttctc ctcatgaagg ggttggaagg    171720
     aagcaaagag catggcagag caacacagaa gtgtctgtct ttgtggagaa ctgataaggg    171780
     ttgagaaggt ctttagtttg atacccaagg caagaatgca aggacctggg caacatccct    171840
     tatccccacc ccactatggc acccagtctc tggataagaa tcagggttgg taacttctaa    171900
     gcccgttcta actcattaac ttccactctg cctctggctt tccttttcca gaatgagcat    171960
     tggaattcca tgagtaccgg taatgacgtt atatggggga aatcttttaa tctttttaat    172020
     tagagtaatt tatgagtata tgtcatttac agacatccgc cctatatagt tggtaataag    172080
     ttagttgctt atataccttt aactgatggg agctgccagt ggatggagga actgggactc    172140
     aggcctccat aacttttcca agaagtattt ttaaaagtat tttgcctttg tggattcatc    172200
     tataaaacaa gaatcgtaga ctagtaggtt atagaaacgc tgtgattgga ggagagaagc    172260
     acgtcctaat ctccaagtga aattctaatc tgagaatact gctacacatt ttctatcttt    172320
     ggaataaaga tagaaagttc aagttcactt gtatccatct gtctgtcatc tctccaccct    172380
     ccatctgccc atttatccat tcatccatct atccacccat gtatccatct ctacatctat    172440
     tcatccatct gctcacccat ctatctatct aaccatcatc cacacccatc acccatcacc    172500
     catcacccat catccaccta ttcacccaca gctttgcatg gatgatgctg actttcttag    172560
     ctctgcctgg gtccgttgtc tgtttcacag tgggttgaga acatggtaag atgaggtgtg    172620
     attggccccc acaccctgcc agcatcttaa gatgacttgg gtactttgtt tccccataca    172680
     tgatgactgg ttagagtttg aactggctgg gcagctgtac tggatgtgac ccactggcca    172740
     gaggaagaca gagaacctag aaaggacacc aattctaggt ctttaagacc ttctgccatg    172800
     aaaccagaag gaaaccggtc aatctaggga accacaatga cttttaataa agacattgct    172860
     acactgccag ccgcctcatc aactcactct gttcttgctc actgagctgg gccactttac    172920
     attttcagtt caggcttagc tttccttgct cattctgtga tacagaatta aaaaataatt    172980
     aaaaaaaaat agaccaataa aaagaaaacc tctcgggctg gtgagatggc tcagtggtta    173040
     agagcgctga ctgctcttcc gaaggtccag agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct    173100
     cacaaccatc cataacgaaa tctgatgccc tcttctggag tgtctgaaga cagctacagt    173160
     gtacttacat ataataaata aataaataaa taaataaatt aattaattaa ttaattttaa    173220
     aaaaaaagaa aacttctcaa ggcttgaaaa agttgttggg gaagatgaga atatgtgtgt    173280
     gcccaggttt gtgtggaggc cagaggatcc atgaggattg ccttcgggtg ctgttcacat    173340
     tgtttcagct tgggggctgg ttctgctttt tttggggaga ggttgtgtat ttgtttgttt    173400
     tagttgttct gagatcgggt ctctcactgg cctggaactc agcgagcagt tggctggcta    173460
     ctgagtcccg gagatcctct tgtctcagcc ctggaattaa aagcatgcac cacccaccca    173520
     gcttttgaaa atagtctatt ccgagataga tcttaagtcc ccatgctttg cgtggtaaat    173580
     actttgccac ctgtgctccc tctccagtcc tgaaattctt tttgtttgtt tgtttatttg    173640
     ctttttatag ttctggggat ctgtgccact gagtgctcag tttgatatat tctccggagt    173700
     tggtgctatg tatgtatatt tttcctgagc tcaaaatgtg actgagggat actttacaga    173760
     ctaaaccctg gtctattttc ttatttgttt tcttgtaagt cactgttcta tgtatcagga    173820
     gagtgggaag gtcatgcgtc cacgttactg ggaaccaagc tgtcctaata tcaaggtcat    173880
     gaagacatcc caggctcctg ccacagctgc ggggctgatc ttgggaagat taactgctgt    173940
     cagagttggc atctgagacc ataaacagac ccaggggact gcaaatgaat gcatgtgata    174000
     caaggagctt ttagagagaa cagagcgaca agacttctgc ccaacacatc taccctttgt    174060
     ccttttttcc ttttccctcc tagaaagatc ttttcagtgt ttccagaaca aataccaagt    174120
     gttttgttgc atctctacct taaaaccaag tttctttctt tcttagaaat tagataggct    174180
     gtttcaatgt tttcagggtg cctgagctgt agaaggtcat aggaaggatt tctaactaga    174240
     agagtaagag gaataactgc taaaggagag agcaggagac agatggcaat ccctgcagac    174300
     aaggaaaaac tcttctgttg tgacatgaag gtgacatgga gtctaggggt agataaaggt    174360
     gacagtttcc cttctttggg gacatggagg tagttgtcta gggagaccaa gacagaattc    174420
     ccaggtcaga atgagtacca gaaaggacag ggctgaacaa agagaaagtt ctagaaatag    174480
     gagagatcct gattggcatg tgcccatatg gagatcatct gagactaggg acatgccagt    174540
     tgaatgacca aggaaaaaaa ctcagagtca cagagagctg ggactagtgc tggttcccac    174600
     cagccagagt ggaaaatgtt catagctcac agggcatctg tcaggggacc aagaaggggt    174660
     tcgtctccat ggtgggaaat taaccctctc ataaacatgg ctgtggcctt gccttccaaa    174720
     gcaagattca aaaacactga gctgtcccaa ataaccatcc cagagctcaa gttcaagaat    174780
     atttatagaa atataaaaat atctactacc caaaagctta aaactcacaa tgtctggcat    174840
     gcaaagaagc agggacagat gagccatggg gaaaagaaaa cacaaatcat caaaactgac    174900
     ccagaggtca caaaagttat catggtgcta ggggcatgac ccagtagaag actgcttgct    174960
     tagcacacag ggcctgggat cagtcctcgg catcacagaa ataactatat ttgatatgtc    175020
     cgctgagcct gtcaaacaca gaagtggaag gcataaaaag acccaaatcc tatgcccagg    175080
     ggtgaaagtg gcagcgtgaa gtgaagaata aactggttga gaatggcaga ttcaacacgt    175140
     agagaaatag gctagtgaac ttgaaggtgc tgcaatagaa atgtccaaat ggaggatcga    175200
     gactaaagga gtagcatgta ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa    175260
     taataatgtt gttattatag tttttgagac aaggtttctc tgtgtagact cactttgtag    175320
     atctggctga cctcaaactc acagagatct acctgtctct gtcttgcaag tgctgggttt    175380
     aaaggcatgt gcctccatat ccagtttgag gctagaatta ttaacaaggt gtggggcaga    175440
     tgccagtggg taaatacaag tattactgga gtcctcagag aaagacagta aataaaagaa    175500
     aaaaatgagg aaataaagac tgaaaagttt ccaacttcat tttaaactgt aaacctacgt    175560
     cacagccaag aatatcaact atatgtacaa gaaacagcaa aaaactgtat caaggtatat    175620
     taccatctaa ttgcttaata ctaataaaaa ataaaataat aaaatcaggg gaagaggggc    175680
     tgaagagatg gctcagcggt taagagcact ggctgttgtt ccagagatcc tgagttcaat    175740
     tcccagcaac cgcatggtgg ctcacatcca tctgtaatgg gatctgacgc cctcttctgg    175800
     tgtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttat gtacataaaa taaatctttt ttttcaaagc    175860
     agttgaagaa aaaaagtaca gagctaagga caatagcaaa caacattaaa aataatgtaa    175920
     gctaaaatac agtggggtat catctgatgg ggaaaaatac tgtctactga ggattctttg    175980
     ctcacataat ttgtttttct gaaatacagt aaaataaagg ttttggtttt tttttttttt    176040
     agataagtga aggctaaaag aattaaccag ccagttgtgg tgatgcaatg cctttaatcc    176100
     caacacccag gagcaagaag cagcaactag atctctgtga gttccagaat ggccagagtt    176160
     acgtagtgag atcctgtctc aacaaaataa aacaaaacaa aataaaataa aataaaataa    176220
     aataaaataa aataaaaact gaatgaacga agcaccaata gatttactgt tgttattgtt    176280
     ttcagttttt ttggtgtttt tgtttggttg gttgattttg ttgttgttgt ttgagatagg    176340
     atcatactgt gtaactctgg ctggcctgga gctcagagat ctacctgtct ctgcctcctg    176400
     agagttgagg ttataggtgt gccacctttc cacgccagat ttatctttca agaaatgtta    176460
     acggaagccc ttcaccagaa ggggaagaac gccagatcgt gaccagatcc tacaccaaag    176520
     aacaacagat accagaatgg gcactgtgca catagccttc cctgttatgc tctcaatctc    176580
     atggttgttt gaaacaagag aatctactgt tacatatttg taacttacac agtaataaaa    176640
     gtataagacc caagggcaga ggaatgacag tttgctcctt ttgttcccta agatttattt    176700
     ttatgttgtg cgtgaatatt cctgcatgta tgtctgtgta ctgtatgcat gcagtgccca    176760
     tggaggtcat aagagggcat tagattctcc tggaactgga gtcacaggca gttgtcagcc    176820
     acagaatggg tatagagaac tgaacctggg tcctctgcaa gagcagccaa gtcctcctaa    176880
     gcacagagag gtctctccag cccctcaaga tttactcttg tacgactctc ctgatgtcga    176940
     tgaaatgctt cttgaatcac tttgaagcag attgtgatac attcacaata catatgatga    177000
     tagttcctaa aacaagtggg caaacaaaaa aagggggggc gggggagagg atgagggagg    177060
     aacatggaaa atggtacatt gtagtctgat acttctacta tgcctacttt ctcaatagtt    177120
     caatgatcaa gtaggcagac aattattctg catatttaaa cccggacaac accatcaaca    177180
     tgcctcacct aatcaacacg tattaaatac tatctgtata tatatttttt gtgttgatat    177240
     gtatgccaaa ggacaacttg aagccaggcg gtggtggcac acacctttaa tcccagcact    177300
     tgggaggcag agacaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt    177360
     ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa    177420
     caaacaaagg acaacttgaa ggagttggct ccctccagta cgtgagttct taatcctcaa    177480
     ctcagactgt caagcgtggc agcaagcaag cgccttcgcc ctctgaggta ttgctctggc    177540
     ccaaaggtag cccaggctgg ccacaaattt ctgatcttct tgtctgtctc tttagcatat    177600
     gttaaggtca tgtgttacca caatgactta aatagtttct actaaaaata aaataaccgt    177660
     ctctttaaga acaaagagaa caattgttct ctaaaaaaaa aatatcatat ttgcactaaa    177720
     gctgcctcaa taacatcaag ataattcagg tatatgaaca atttatctgt ctacagtagg    177780
     attgaattat agattaatag caggaagaaa tctaaacacc cacagccact tggagaccag    177840
     gaagcttgtc tcttaatggt ccatgaatga gatgaggcag aggagaaatg ggaagcgctt    177900
     tcattgaatg ggagtacaga tgtaaaactt tatgagatac gtcaaaaacg gagctcagag    177960
     caacacacac agcacggaca gctgggcttt acagaggtct tggatgagct cagctcccac    178020
     cttacagcac acagagactg ggcacactag ccagcgctct gaacaccaca gcttagaaat    178080
     ggctgaggtg gagcaggagg ggtggcttag cagctaacag tgccccgacc agcctgggca    178140
     cctgacttcc cagaacctgc agtgtggaaa taaagaacta actcccaaaa gttaccctct    178200
     ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgta cacacacaca cacacttttg aaaaagatga    178260
     aattgagatg gtaactttca tggaataatc aacaagtagc agaatattaa aatcaatcac    178320
     acacaccatt taatcccatt tctaggaaga gttagggaaa cctatcagca gtgacaaatg    178380
     tcagaataac tctcactctt ggacaagcag tcaaatggga tgaaagacat ggagtgacag    178440
     gcatgctctc actctaggtt tggatgtgcc tacacaggca tggaggggtg taagtgttca    178500
     ccagcttctc aggtttagac atctactgcc ctcccaaaga ggcagggtct gcctgtataa    178560
     tccttgcttg ctagcctgaa tctctctatg tacacccaat ggtcttgaac tcgcagagat    178620
     ccacctgcct cgaggcgctg gaatgaaagg cctgtgttac cccacctggc tactgattta    178680
     acaataatac aaaagaaact atagggattc ctgtaagagg atcagtaatt gccagggtcc    178740
     agaatggggg acagagaagg cagagatgac tgggtgagcc ctgggggata gtcatggcag    178800
     gaaactgttc tgcatgatgt cacaatgaag ggaacatggc aggacaggtc tcacagaccc    178860
     atagcgtgag cgtcagggtg aacctcagtg tagatgttag actgcaggga ataataatcc    178920
     tccagtaatg actcagtgat gggaataaac atcccagtta agtcaaggta tccacagtaa    178980
     cagaaaccac acagaggagg gagaacaagg tgcctgggga ctttctatac tatcttctcc    179040
     ttctccttct ccttctcctt ctccttctcc ttctccttct ccttctcctt ctccttctcc    179100
     ttctccttct ccttctcctc cttctcctcc tcctcctcct cctccttctt ctccttctcc    179160
     ttctcctcct ctcctcctcc tcctctcctc ctcctctcct ctcctcctcc tctcctctcc    179220
     ttctctcctt cttctctcct tctcctcctc ctccttcttc ttctcttctt cttctccttc    179280
     ttctccctct tcctcttcct cctcctcctc ttcactgctt ttaaaagcca gacaaggaga    179340
     ctcatgcctt tgattttttt aaaaaaatgt atatgtatgc ggaggggggt agcatgtcac    179400
     atgagtgcag tgtttccaga ggccagaaga ggacatcaga ttccctggag ctggagttac    179460
     aggagtgaac tgaactcaag tccactgctc ttaacttggg aggcatctct ctaccctctc    179520
     ctatctccta aacgattctg tacatctaaa accattctaa gaatagccca ttattttaaa    179580
     agtatacata tatgtataca ggtgaagtgt gtttatacat acatacacgt gtgtgtatgc    179640
     aaaaaaaaat gtagctttct catgctggag aaaagaattg gaaagcaaac ccagaaatgc    179700
     atgagagaca ctaacgtttt gattgtagtt atctacagat gggaagagta ggagaggttc    179760
     ctctgccctc cattttcctc tatattccca gccgtcccaa taaatgggta ttgtctcacg    179820
     acaaaaaaaa aattaataat aatcctgttt ctctttttaa agcttacagt ggcctgttgc    179880
     tcctggatgg gcagaaagcc tttagccagg tcacttccag ccagaagctc aggtgcaggc    179940
     gcctaacctc ccttccaccc cccagggttc cttccagcca gagataataa acaatgagtc    180000
     agaaggagga cagaagctga cccttctcct taggccttga gaggagagct ggcaggctag    180060
     aaagggatgg tgagacagct gtgtgctgcc tatgacctaa agaaccaggc ccactgctgc    180120
     tcaaagctcc cgtcaaatct taagttctct ttaaggcctg actttgttta cagggaaatt    180180
     agatactaag gatcaagtgt gtctgtgctt aggggtctgg gtttggggcg gcatcaattg    180240
     ggagtgcttc gaattcccac cgtgccccct ccggtcttta tgagcctgta gcttgcctaa    180300
     cctctctgag ccttgttttt ttcccagggt tccctcaggt cgtctatatt caagtatcca    180360
     gaactgcttt gctccaggat gtgtgtagct ctggaccctg ggtctagcac tcagcaggca    180420
     tgtttgcaga gagaaataag acacaccctt gcctttcagc aaagcccatt gattttattt    180480
     tatttttttt aaacacctgg ctatcttcct gacagtgact ttactcaaat gtgaagtttt    180540
     cttttgttgt ttttgttttt tggtttttgg tttttcgaga cagagtttct ctgtatgtcc    180600
     tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc    180660
     ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg tatgcaccac cacacccggc gtgaaggatt tttttttttt    180720
     gctttaggca ggagactgtc ttatgaaaag cagctgataa aggaatggtt taaccagagt    180780
     tggagactct gctgctcaga ggcacctagg agctgacgct gcttcaggac tggcaggggc    180840
     atttacccaa cacacaggta aatcttatca ccagggagat ggggaccacc actccctacc    180900
     ccagagtctg cttatgatgg tccaccccca ccctcacccc ctgctccatt cctcagctct    180960
     acagtgtggc ttaaagtcac tgaaataagg atgcagggag gagctggtct atctgagaat    181020
     agtttcgtaa atcacagaaa ccgcagtaag gacctcacag gatttggggc cataatcacc    181080
     ccattaaact gccactcttc cctactgcca ggggcctgct taaataaagg cccgatcagg    181140
     agtctctcca gccagtcttt acctctccta tagtctttcc ttcaccatgt ctaaactgat    181200
     taatttctcc acagttgctc acaagtgcac tgccaggttt ctttgggggt tcttggtccc    181260
     aaaccttagc atctttgact catcgattct attcatcctc atgtagcacc gagtcatgag    181320
     atcatagggt agtctctcac atacaattgg acagaattat aggccggcct acgacttaac    181380
     aatatagacc aggctggctt caaccccaca gaggaccaga gtctctgctg caggcattaa    181440
     aggcatgtga catcgcgccc aaccattttc tttttctttt tttttttaac agagatttca    181500
     tatgagaatg ttaacaacca tgcttgaagc ttaagcacag ctgacctttg agagtcacct    181560
     cctactcttg ccggctgtaa acagtaattt gctgcgatta tgaaccttgt gcacagtcaa    181620
     aacaaatacg ttaccttccg catgaccttc ttagagtaag gaggcctttt atgacctatt    181680
     tttctttaac caccctatga tcctctccaa tgtgtctgag acaccatctc ctacaatctc    181740
     attcccatta gaggggacaa aaaaaaatga caaaaatgtc ccttacaaac acaatgcata    181800
     cagccaggta gatgatgccc caggtaaagg cacttgccgc caagccctgt ggcatgagcg    181860
     agtttgatcg cccagaatca cacatggtca gagagaacca gttcctgcag attgttccct    181920
     gaccttctca agtgtaccgt gacagacgta taccccaata aataaaaaca attatgaatg    181980
     aaaccctgtg aacaatgact taagaaacca ccaccacctc cctatataat tagtgtgtta    182040
     agatggtcac gtgcacctga cccttctgtg aatcctgtct tgagtatgca ctctctctct    182100
     ctcatgagca tctttcttct ctaacacaca tgcttaaatc tagtttattt agcctttaaa    182160
     atgatttgtt tttatttatg tgtacatgta tgtgtatatg catatgaatg catgtatttt    182220
     tagaaaccgg agtgctggct cccttgggac tggagataca ggcagttgtg agccatctga    182280
     tacagatgct gggacctgaa ctcagttcct ctgcaagaac agtaagcaat cttaactgct    182340
     gagccatctt tccagccccc ctgaatctac tttaaaatct ttttcttatt acactctaac    182400
     tttgatccat attgaatcct gaactttttt ttttccgcct gtggcatagc caaaaatcct    182460
     ggctccacca gagtggaggt ttctccaaag tcacgcctag ggctacatcc ctgcttcctc    182520
     cacagcagcc tcaaagccca gttattctat gaaagttgtg tgacaagatc agcttgcatg    182580
     ttgtagggct accgttcttg attgttggta tgtaagaaga gaaaggctac gggatttgat    182640
     gggcctggaa cctaatccag atgcagacat ctgggccgac tgcaccaagt aaaccggggg    182700
     agcagcaggg gtgttacctg gattaagcta gcttccctct ggaggggagg actgacctcc    182760
     ctcgggaacc caagtgcagc caggtactat gcaaggtcaa gttataacag cgacaccatg    182820
     tggcaatcag gaagcaaggc agttagacaa gctcctctgt aggtgaggaa cctaccctag    182880
     gggacatgta ggcccctagt tctcctctaa ttcaaatagg gagatggttc ttaacgcaaa    182940
     acagggactt tctcccactg atgcagatat ttaatgctcc aagtctgtgt ccttgtttgt    183000
     gctgtggaga taaacctggg tagagaggca atccttggta agattaattt gtacctttct    183060
     ccttgtacat tctctctcca tatttgttga gaactggctc tggggccccc taaatcaaca    183120
     ggtgtttgag ttcccgaggc acaagatcca caatgaattc tcccaatacc ttaaatcagc    183180
     ttaattcctt ttaaaatctg tctggttgtg gtttttggaa acaatgtctg gctacagagt    183240
     cctagcctgc agagaacaat cagttgtaac ccataccagt ctctcactcg tggtagtcct    183300
     tctgcctctg ctccaagtgc tgagctccca cagtaaatac tccactgtgc ctggctagac    183360
     tacttatagc taacagggtg aaaatagatg atacactgtg ctgtttagga ataattttta    183420
     agtctgtata tgttcattac aagtgcattt acccctgtcc atggtgggtt gaatccacag    183480
     acgcagagcc tcaaaggata aggataaaga ggacaactgt tttcctccca cacctcagct    183540
     gccacaggcc tttctgcact tcctgtctct ggagcttttg caagtagaaa atagtctgaa    183600
     gttcatgact agtcctagcc cctgtaaaag cctgaatcct ttcagagtag atgctgattg    183660
     tcccactggg ccactggaga ctgcaggcga atttgaagat gaaagagcag agaaaagtcc    183720
     tggagcgggg ttggggtagg gtgggtggag gtatgtgtca ggggaatatg gtaaggaatc    183780
     ccttctcctg cttcctgact gtattctcgg gctcagaggt gagtgagcat tgaggaacag    183840
     ccccaaggga atggtcctgt ggcaaaggtt acagggaggc ggcatggtcc tgtggtccat    183900
     ggatagcgtg cctggaccag catggtcctg tggtccatgg atagcgtggc tgggtctctt    183960
     ggtggtggaa taggagagag gaggtcagat gacagcctca gtacaccagg ctttagagaa    184020
     gcatgtcaag tatgaaatgg tggctcacat cttgaatccc aacactcaag aggcagaggc    184080
     aggtagaact ctgtgagttc caggccagcc tggtctagga ctaccaagtc tatgtagtaa    184140
     gagaccttat ctcaaaatat aataaaataa aatacataaa aaaatagaac aggacagcag    184200
     ttgtgggaat tcccatcagc ctggcagggt tcaagactca gaatcagagc tgaattggtt    184260
     caaagaaagc agaattttat tttgtatgtg tagctcatgt ggcctggtgt ctggcgccca    184320
     tctgcaagtg agtgttagat gctattgtta tccttctgag cgatgccagg ctggtctgac    184380
     tcacacagga gccttccccc atcttgcctc ctacaaacat cctgactgca tggtggatac    184440
     ggtgagtgcc tggagagcag gggcagggga gctttggagg gaatttggct ctgcactgga    184500
     caagcgctca cttactgcgg accaccctgt tttcagctat gaacaggagt ttgcattttc    184560
     ctagatgctg tgtagttcaa gcgcccaaga gagacagttc ttcaagagta aatgataatt    184620
     gactaaagct gaggagcaat caactaaaga gctttgagct gctgttactc atcaatccat    184680
     gtgtgacaca agctggggac aagtcctccg atctcctaag agaccccaag actctctgag    184740
     gatgaggtgg ggagagctgg acttttagac tcagccaacg gtaggttctc tcatgtggga    184800
     ttccagaaac aataattcta gtagtcgcac ggcattggag ccaactgaga agtctagtta    184860
     gatccggata ctaaaagctt tgtcctgtta cttagacaaa cataaatcag gtgatagaga    184920
     tctgaggaga caaggagtct tccttgttga gactacaaag gtcatagttg caattcaaag    184980
     tttcactcct gtgcctggcc tagagctgca tgccctaatc ccagctctcc tgaagtagag    185040
     gcaagtgaat ttttcagttc caggccagcc tggcctagag gtagaattcc aggccaacca    185100
     agaccacata gtgagaccct atctcaaaat caaacaatcg ctgttgtgac ccagctgtgc    185160
     cccatctgac tatttcccta aagaaactta atgtccatgc caagaagaca caagacagcc    185220
     ctatccaaac tacccagaag acactcatcc tctacacagg gcaactcctg ccattagagg    185280
     cctctcttac atatccaaag caaaactgtc actttttaga tttgggcttg aacatgctga    185340
     tgaaacatgc tatgatccag tttcactgcc tgtaacaggg actaatactc aactttgcag    185400
     ttttggttgt tccttcaagg tctgtaatta cagactcctg ggagctgctc aagagagtta    185460
     agctacccag acctaaggcc tcttcaggac ttaaacccac aagtggtccc taattggctc    185520
     tattatgctt agcctgggtc cctgctgggg ccaagtattc acaactacta gctcttggct    185580
     tgtgaatacc tctagagtca tgatcacaga acagtgggta gagcaaggtt tagtagaaag    185640
     ccaggaacaa accaagcctg gtcatgggtc atgatgagga tgcactgacc aatgggctac    185700
     ccctggacta gccacatgcc atggcaacag tgtggctgta ttggtttctg gaattaatct    185760
     cccagcctta ctgggtggtt tgaagaaggg cctcctgggt ctgctgttct atagtctagt    185820
     gcttctaccc tggaatgcag actacatata accacatatt aagcccctca gaagcctcac    185880
     tctttctcat ttttagttct gattatgaag ctgaactact tggaacattg ctggaatgga    185940
     aatgtatggt tactaatttc atctttgggc agaaaaccta tgaattttcc aaccctttag    186000
     gcttaagcca atcacagaga gttccatgac tcattgaaag ctcaccctta ggacttctga    186060
     atgggcacat gtgaatttcc caacacaaat gcattaaagc aagtgctgga gcaagcagtg    186120
     tgtggaccat gctgcaggct gcacccgcct tgctccagag atggctccct accttccagc    186180
     acacgatcca ggcaagtctc cttgttgctt ctgtagagat tgactcttcc caggtggctg    186240
     cagtgacctt ggactctgaa ctgaagaagt cctctgaacc agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga    186300
     tattgggaag aaagtcaaaa acctaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa acaaaaaaca cagcaatatt    186360
     ttttaatagg ccactgacca aaaggcatgc atgatacagc ctgtggttca cagcagcttt    186420
     ctgatgggca gtgaagtgag cgaggctcag aggatgtgtg gaaagccaag cagaggtggc    186480
     acagttctct tcaagcacac agttccagtc aagcaggatg actgtttcag tgtgaaacca    186540
     agaacggggt ctggagagat ggctcagtgg ttaggagcac tggttgctct tccggtagat    186600
     acaggttcaa ttcccagcac ccacgtggca gttcataacc atctataatt tcaatatcct    186660
     cttctggctt tcatgggatc taggcatgct ggtgcagtca taaaaggaag ggaggaggga    186720
     aggaaggagg gaaggggagg agaggggagg gaaggggagg ggagaggagg ggagtggagg    186780
     ggagaggagg ggagtgaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg    186840
     gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagggacca agtccttatg atatctatca    186900
     tcatactctg aaggattcct ggagaaagca ggtagacttt atttgttaat ttatttttat    186960
     ctacttgtct ttaaaagaga aagcagtgct aggggttgcg cacaggacct tgtatatgct    187020
     tggcacatcc acatgtctag tggcacatct acgttcccag ccactattgg tttttaaaac    187080
     caaactgcaa aatcatcgtg ctcagaactt aagtcgtgga ccaagcagtg agagtttgtc    187140
     ctctcagacc ctcagtttca gggacacatg ttgaggtgca gctcagaaat caggagagga    187200
     ggaggggctc ctggaaaccc caagcccgta tttccaaggg cagccaccga gttttgtctt    187260
     tcaggacctt gcacccccca tctctccact aaacaacacc ccctttggga atgctctgcc    187320
     tttgtttaaa tgtcctacct atgccctcag cccctcagga tc                       187362