ID   AC148976; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 199824 BP.
AC   AC148976;
DT   01-MAY-2004 (Rel. 79, Created)
DT   29-JAN-2005 (Rel. 82, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-391I5 from 7, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-199824
RA   Van Brunt A., Cotton M., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-391I5";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-199824
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-APR-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-199824
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-JUL-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-199824
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-OCT-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-199824
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (28-JAN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 50d660bfbdc438b527e38242b238aaad.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456135.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584274.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000003099; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000004328; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000041117; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000066760; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000108348; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031726; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031727; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031728; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031698; mus_musculus_aj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031623; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031624; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031625; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031705; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031706; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031707; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031427; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031428; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031429; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032171; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032172; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032173; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032174; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030778; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030779; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030780; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030781; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031386; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031387; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031389; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031542; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031543; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031544; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031498; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031499; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031500; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031627; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031628; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031533; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031534; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031535; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032200; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032201; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032202; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030502; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030503; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030504; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030505; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030875; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030876; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030877; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0081844; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0081854; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0081914; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0081915; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0081925; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0081845; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0081846; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0081856; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0081860; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0081861; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0081871; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0081470; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0081471; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0081481; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0082340; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0082341; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0082351; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0082355; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0081999; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0082000; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0082011; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0082015; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0081408; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0081409; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0081419; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0081423; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0081570; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0081571; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0081581; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0081459; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0081460; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0081470; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0081610; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0081611; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0081472; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0081473; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0081483; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0082612; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0082613; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0082623; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0081425; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0081426; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0081437; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0081441; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0080528; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0080529; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0080539; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0080543; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0U1RQ59.
DR   GOA; D0VY58.
DR   GOA; D3Z377.
DR   GOA; F7BX26.
DR   GOA; Q60676.
DR   GOA; Q8K0U8.
DR   InterPro; IPR000014; PAS.
DR   InterPro; IPR001440; TPR_1.
DR   InterPro; IPR003598; Ig_sub2.
DR   InterPro; IPR003599; Ig_sub.
DR   InterPro; IPR004843; Calcineurin-like_PHP_ApaH.
DR   InterPro; IPR006186; Ser/Thr-sp_prot-phosphatase.
DR   InterPro; IPR007110; Ig-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011236; Ser/Thr_PPase_5.
DR   InterPro; IPR011598; bHLH_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011990; TPR-like_helical_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013026; TPR-contain_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013106; Ig_V-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR013151; Immunoglobulin.
DR   InterPro; IPR013235; PPP_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013655; PAS_fold_3.
DR   InterPro; IPR013767; PAS_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR013783; Ig-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR019734; TPR_repeat.
DR   InterPro; IPR021537; HIF_alpha_subunit.
DR   InterPro; IPR026523; PNMA.
DR   InterPro; IPR026526; Coiled-coil_p8.
DR   InterPro; IPR029052; Metallo-depent_PP-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR035965; PAS-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036179; Ig-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036638; HLH_DNA-bd_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:102666; Ppp5c.
DR   MGI; MGI:1347249; Psg16.
DR   MGI; MGI:1859778; Hif3a.
DR   MGI; MGI:3612184; Ccdc8.
DR   MGI; MGI:5625257; Gm42372.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00026; U6.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; D3YZV8; CCDC8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q0VBL6; HIF3A_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q60676; PPP5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0U1RQ59; A0A0U1RQ59_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1B0GT27; A0A1B0GT27_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D0VY58; D0VY58_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z377; D3Z377_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7BX26; F7BX26_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8K0U8; Q8K0U8_MOUSE.
CC   On Oct 19, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:50511685.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0391I05
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..199824
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /map="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-391I5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    9758..9891
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   unsure          59926..60262
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          60996..61023
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          112233..112409
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          172883..172916
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          174297..174366
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          187954..188495
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          188620..188692
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one m13 subclone."
SQ   Sequence 199824 BP; 50603 A; 46759 C; 47315 G; 55147 T; 0 other;
     gaattccagg ccagcctggg ttacaccaga ttctcaaaac acaaacaagg gctggacaga        60
     tggctcagca ggtaagagca ctgactgctc ttccaaaggt cttgagttca aatcccagca       120
     acaacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat gagatctgac tccctcttct ggggtgcctg       180
     aagacagata caatgtactc acacgtaata aataaatctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaccaaaca       240
     agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgcgagcgtg tgtgtgcgcg cctgcgtgtg tgtatgcctc       300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcctg tgtccgtgcg aggcgtgtat gcctctgtgt gtatgtgcac       360
     acgtgtgtat gtcatggaag caggcgagat caacagcttt ttgttttaat tcatttattt       420
     ttaataaagt ttactattga ctaattggaa ataataaaaa ataaaattaa gaacagctct       480
     tcaaaaccca tattcggtaa ggcatttcct ccatcaggac tcagaaccga gatggttaaa       540
     ttgattttgg ctcgggatgt gctgatctgg ttgccagggc aacagagcct gtggggctga       600
     agaggcagca gaaagaggac caacctgtgt gctctcagct cccacacagc tcagtcatat       660
     agcctgctgc aaaaaaacaa ccccgcaatc atttgcttat ctgggggcac cagggaacgc       720
     tgtgatgtat tctctaaggc agtatggtct ctgactcaga aaattccaga tttttttttt       780
     cattttcctt ttactgtctt agagggggat ttctcctctc cctcttgtgt gttcttgtgc       840
     ataggagtgt gccacagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt       900
     gtgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gaggacactt gtagacgtca       960
     gttctctcct tccaccatgt gagtcctggg gatgaaattc aagaactttt acgcactggg      1020
     ccaaattacc cagccctgac tttattttta ttattttgga gacaggttct cacgtagccc      1080
     aggctagccc caggagtagc tgagggtgac cttaaacttc tgatcctcct ggtattcctt      1140
     ctcaatgtca ggtgtgcact ctgccatccg aactacatct tcagtctttt cttttgagac      1200
     aggggttctc tgtatagccc ttgctgtctt ggaactctgt agaccaggct ggcttcaaac      1260
     tcagagatct gcttgcctct gtaatgggat taaagggcca cctctgccta gcactagtct      1320
     ttttatttat atgtgtgaat attttgccta catgtatgtg ggtataccac acgtatgctt      1380
     ggagccctca gaggtcagaa gaaggcatct gctttcctga gttacagatg gtcctgagcc      1440
     accatgtggg tgctggaatt caaacctgaa tcttctgcaa gagcaacaag tgcctcccca      1500
     gctcccctcc tccagcgcag gcatcttttt gtttgtttgg tttttttttt tttttttttt      1560
     ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggatgtcc tggccttgaa cacacaaaga      1620
     tctgcttgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgcgccacca ctgcccggct      1680
     ttgtttgtta tgtttgattt tactttattt tttgagtcaa ggtttcactc tgaagccctg      1740
     gctgtcttag aactcagaga tccacttgcc tctgcctccc taatggtggg attaaagatg      1800
     taccacacaa atgtgtgttt tctttttctt ttaaaattta tttattatat ttatgtgagt      1860
     tcatgtagct atctccagag ggaatcaggt tcccattaga gatggttgtg agccaccatc      1920
     tgggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagga cagtcagtgt tcttaaccac tgagccatct      1980
     ctccagcgcc tctccccctc cccctttatg tttgtgtgtg atagggcttt tctgtgcagc      2040
     cttgactatc ctggactgcc tttgtagacc agggtggcct cgtactcaca ccgattcaac      2100
     cggcctctgc ctctggaggg ctgggattaa aggcatgcac caccatgcca ggctcacttg      2160
     ccatctgtta tcccccttct cattcctaca gaacccactc ctttccagtt agcctctctc      2220
     ctactctcat ttggttgttg ttttgttctc tatgtgtgtc tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      2280
     tgctcgtatg agcttgcttg cttgcatgcg catgtacaga tcttgagcac atagccacag      2340
     ctgctatggt ttttgagttc ctggccccat cactgtcaga agacagcgtt tctggcgctc      2400
     gctcctcccc atcctcagct tctacaactt tccacccccc tttatgtgcc tttccctggg      2460
     cctacttggg aggggacaat ttcttgggag gctttgcaaa tctcattcat gtgtcactcc      2520
     acagcccgcc tacctactcc ttccttgtca gctgtgatag caaataccac gcaggctctg      2580
     gaaaattcca ctcaacactg ggaagagatc ggcagtgaaa agggcagcta gtgtttttgt      2640
     tttagaattc ttactctgcc atgactttgg catgttctct ttctctcctc cctcttccct      2700
     gctccactgt gcaactctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaagt caaaggttgg      2760
     tgtcaggtat cttcctcaaa tcgctctcca cttttattca cttttaatta aaaaaccaaa      2820
     tcttttaaga tcattacatt tatatgtgca gaaatccgtg tgcacgccag gttacaggag      2880
     ggcttgcaag agttagcttt ctcttttacg aggtgacttc gggtatcgaa cacagatcct      2940
     tggcaacaag cctcactact cactgagcca actcactggc cttttacctt gctttttgat      3000
     tcgaagtttt tctttgaagc tggagttcac tgattcagcc aggttggctg gcccagagtg      3060
     ctgcaggatc cttgtgtctc tgcttccttg gcactgagat tacaagtgtg cacagtggac      3120
     ctagcctttc tataggtact gtgggaccaa agtcagttct ttaagcttat gtggtaactt      3180
     ctgactaact catctcccca gcaacttccc tccttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt      3240
     tacagtctga gactcatagc tcaggtttgg tatgtagtga aagctgtcct tgaattcctg      3300
     attcccattc ctccatctcc tgccatgaca gggtggcagg tgttagcatg ccagccctgt      3360
     ggcctcatac acagcttcgt tattttcctt ccttaaacat aggacttaga aaagaatttc      3420
     aaaaaacatt ttatatgctc ttttctccca gccgtttcca tgggaacctc aggggctgca      3480
     gcttggccag tcacaggtcc ttcctgaatc cagagaggtt aggactgcag aggaagtgtc      3540
     cagggaagct ctggaaagca tacctgtggg gctctggatg ctcctggctg gcccccactt      3600
     aatcctttgc ttagggaagc aaggttctag tctatcctta tcccatgctc tgggtcttct      3660
     gcacccacaa gagcctctgc ttcttctacc acaccctact ttctgggagt ttctggtttc      3720
     ctaattctct acccaaacaa gaaaaacaaa aaagcaaaac caaaccccag gcttggtggt      3780
     acatgtgtgc acgcctctta tgcccggtaa ggacatcggc tcaggagttc aaggatagcc      3840
     tgggctacgt acctcaaaca gaacaataaa atgtgaaatt acaaagactt aggctggatg      3900
     taactttgca tacctgggat cctaactctg gagaggcaga ggcaggagac ttccaggcca      3960
     gacagaacaa tctaaaaaga ctttaagtgg ccaccccgac ccctggattt caagctagta      4020
     tatgcagatt gactggtgtg catcactatg tgagcagtga gttgcacact ttatatattt      4080
     ttaaaaaaat ttttacatgt atttatttga tcatttattt actttgtttt gtgagtgtct      4140
     ggggtacatg tatatttggc acgtaagtgg ggtcagaaga cgtcatccag ccatgatgat      4200
     gatttctggt tctctccttc cgttctgcgg gtcagcaggc tgctgacaaa tgccttaacc      4260
     cgcggtggca tcttgaaggt tcttttgggg tgtttttgta tttgttttta tttttggttt      4320
     tttgagacag ggtttctctc tgtagtcctg actgtcctgg aactcactct gtcgaccaga      4380
     caggccttga actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctctca agtgctggaa ttaaaagcgt      4440
     gcgccaccac acccggctgg ttcttttaac tacacagttt aaattttatt tactactatt      4500
     gttagtgtgt gttcatgaga gttcatgagt ggctgctgta tgtacgtgtg ggttagagga      4560
     attgaacctg ggtcctcagg tgtggcagtc ggccctttac ctgctgagcc atctcccatg      4620
     tcctcagtca tatgtaaaga tgggttagtt cattatatgg tgttcatttc catgtgagct      4680
     ttccctacag ctgtccacag cagatgtaaa aacgtatgtg atttaggttt ttcatcttgt      4740
     cctgtggatc cactctagtg cctccatgtt cacacacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca      4800
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagtgaaa gaaacaaaaa aaattttttt tggaacccaa      4860
     gtcgatctgg agataatgta agctttgggg ttagataaga tattcagaaa attcactttg      4920
     gctttgtatt aattaatgat ggttgctgta aaatgccaca tcacacaggc attttgcatt      4980
     tgaggctagc atggcgtttc tgtctgaggg acatgagcag gggaaatgga gaacaggtaa      5040
     gcagtttgca cagtgcccgg ttgccatggg aactgtgcca tcaacctttt tttttttttt      5100
     ttctttactg acaaagcaaa taacaaagcc agaggatggg gggaacccaa ggtggttttg      5160
     ttctgttcgt gtttattatt taacaaatgc ttatgtaacc tcaggcctga taaacagcac      5220
     acacagccgt tgttcaagga gaggcaacta agccagcttc tctcccctca ctctcatggg      5280
     ctggggtctc caggagaccc ttaggaaaag gaacaatggc tgtcaccatt tcacagagaa      5340
     gcaaacagat cagggaaagt tctagaagat tctcgaagtt gctgctgaga aagcaataag      5400
     gatagaatat aaatccaaca gatagtctat tcaactcata gagggaggga caggcagctc      5460
     aagggccttt aaagcaatgg accatgggta tggtggtagg tgagagctga cctaaaagtt      5520
     gtcctctgac ctccatacat atgctgtgca caggcatgcc ccaccgcaca tgcatcgtac      5580
     atatgcacac acacacacac acacaaatca taaataaaac aaaaatttca aaataaaaaa      5640
     tttggaatat ctgggtacag tggctcacac ctatgatccc agcattctga ggcaggagga      5700
     ttaccaggac tttgaggcta gcctgggcta catagtgata tcctgtttca aaaaccaaac      5760
     cccaaaagga tccaggtgtg ctagcataca acgtcaatcc agcattcagc aagcaaaggc      5820
     agaaggcaga gggcagaggg cagaggcaga ggctgacaga tctctatgag tttgtggcta      5880
     acctgagcta cacagttcta ggctaaactg gcctacaaag tgagatcccg tttcagaagc      5940
     agaatatagg gacatccatg agtgaagctg gtctccatga gtctggtacc cacatactga      6000
     gtaccacaca cccgaaatga taccccttgg ctcataaagg acagctgacc ggggcgtttc      6060
     tgcttgctat tgaggatacg gtaaaacata gagcccgtgt gaggttacac ctccaaagga      6120
     cagtttgatt tggggcttta ttaatcagag gtctatctgt cccgcaggaa tgaggatgta      6180
     gttcggttgg tagagtgctt acgcagcatg cagaaaaccc tggccccgag ccccagagac      6240
     gtattaataa aacagcgcag gctagacacc actgaggcct gtaatcgcag gagggcggaa      6300
     gcaggagaat cagaagttca aggtcatcct tggctacatg gcaagttcaa ggctagcctg      6360
     gccttgcttc aaaaaacaaa gccagaataa atgaccctgg tggaagcctc tattctttcc      6420
     aaggaggtgt ctgtctatcc cttgaagtga gactgatcac cttcagtggt tttcacagtg      6480
     actttgtctt ccttcttggc tcactagtcc ctaaaccctc cttcccacct ggccctttaa      6540
     gagcagctgc tgcgaccgta cccgggcaga ccccagctgc agcctgcagt gttactatgg      6600
     agacggggac tagcaggagg gggcggagag gtgattgggt ccgcgcaggc gcagaccgag      6660
     gctgccgttc cgcagcggcc ccgctgagcg tctagacccg ggtacgcgct tcactccaga      6720
     ctccgcggga gcacaggcga gccgctgctc tcactcaccc ccacgcccac caggtgcgtt      6780
     gatcgtcgcc ctcctgtact ccaccagcgg tgtccagtca cctaggttgt cagggacaaa      6840
     gggaagggag gagcaacccg ggacagcccg gagaaagtac acgtaagccc cctgcggacc      6900
     ctcggattgc cccgggggaa gaccgttgag tccggcaagc tagcaggtag ctatagccta      6960
     cagccccaaa cccggagtct ggactctcac cctgctggtg gcctttccag agtgggattg      7020
     acctagcctg tgttcagtag cccacccctt tctcgggctc cctcccgcct aagattagcc      7080
     tccgccgggc agcgccatga cgatgaacct tctgcaagat tggtgtaagg agctggaagt      7140
     ggaggtgcac agggccctcc tgatcacggg catccctgag cgcctgcagc aggcggacat      7200
     cgaagctacc ctgagtccga acttgcagcc cctgggcaac tacaggcttc ggactgtgag      7260
     agctgtaacc aaagagaagt ctcaggcagc ccttgtagaa tttggggcag acttcgatca      7320
     ctctgccata cctatccaca ttaggggaga gaatgggatt tggaaaatcc tgagtaagga      7380
     ccgcgggcaa gatgcgcggg tccttaggca gatgaggcgc ctgttgctgg atgaaaggcc      7440
     catggatgac ttcagagaaa tagccatccc tctggtattg gaggcccaag cccaggccaa      7500
     gggattaggg aaggaggcca agaaggctgg ctcctctgaa ggggcagcta ggagcggccg      7560
     tcggggccgt cggggaggca agcgccgatc cagaagccac aagttgacgg ctcagaaggg      7620
     ccagaagagg agccggggag ggcggcgagc caggagtgag tcggaagact cttctgatga      7680
     cagcctgggt atcgtcatag aggagatcta cgcagaggac ctgagcgtag atgaagacca      7740
     gagggccctg tatgccacgc tccaagcagc tgccaaagag ctcaccaaga agtgggcctt      7800
     tcggggtgac caggaagaag gagatggccc ccgagaattc ttggcacttg tcactgtcac      7860
     cgacaaagct aagaaggaag agatagagaa agaccttcct gggacagagt ctatctgctt      7920
     aaacatcaaa gacgaaaaga gcggggttcc tgatttagtc gcgctactgg ctgtgagaga      7980
     tacccccgca gtggaggtag agacagaggt ggatgatgat gatgaagatg acgaagatga      8040
     agatgatgaa gatgatgacg aagatgaaga tgacgatgaa gatgattccg acagcgagtc      8100
     tctggaaaat ggagagcacg gaaaggaagt gatggatagc cccgagtttg tggctattgt      8160
     ggcttataca gaccccgctg acccctctgc cagagaggaa atgctaaaaa tagcttctgt      8220
     gattgagacc ctcggctggg gcgacaaaaa agacaaaaaa gatgtccttc ctcaagtcct      8280
     gtccgtcatg gctaaggaca cctctgggcc cagggtgaag gtagaggagg caggtcgtca      8340
     ggtggacgcc atggtcctga ggaaggcaga ggaagatggg aatcttctgg aatgtatttc      8400
     taccttggct gaggcagaga actgccctaa gggaaagaag tctgggctag gtctcctcag      8460
     aggctggacc gctgagggcc accagggtgg cctattggag ctggtggcac tcttggctgc      8520
     gcaagatatg gtggaagctg tgagagaaga agaagccagc aggtggggca gtggtggaag      8580
     tggtggccgg aagtgtgacc atagccaagg tggtttatct gaggtcctgg ctttcctggc      8640
     ctcccaggag aatctagaat ccaacgagga atcggacgag gattcagaca cagagtcaga      8700
     gggagattcc gaggacactg acagcgaaga gtccgaacct ggtgacagcg tgtccaagaa      8760
     gccgcgcgcc aagagagcgc gcacaggctc caaaggcctc ccaccggccg gcgccaccgc      8820
     ggtctccacc gcatcccggg cacgcaaagc ccgcaggggt ggccgcggtc gtggccgggc      8880
     tgtcacccca gagaagaaaa cggggagcgg ggtttcaacc gaggaccatg cggggaacaa      8940
     caacaagaag aagaagggat ccgcaggagc cggggcccgt gccagggctg gcgaggccaa      9000
     gggacagcca gctgctgttc ccaagtctac ccgcggaaag aaagcacgca ggggcccaag      9060
     gcgggcgccc aaatgccgtt agtgccgcag atgtcactac aagccctgtc tcttgtgtgt      9120
     ggacttccct ccctactttc ctcctattct ctctcctccc tgcagccccc tctcgcttaa      9180
     ccgtgtgcat ttgctttgtg cgctgctgcg tccctggctg gctatggccg gtgcccagct      9240
     ttccctctca gctctatgaa cagatggcga tggcgcgagc gatcattatg gctgcagcct      9300
     agatatgaca aggaaaaaga gaccagacac tcggatgcag tggccagtgg gtgcggagga      9360
     gaaatgggtc cgaagacact gaggggtctc tgctctacct ctggagcccc cctccacgcc      9420
     tcccgcgtga gtgtgtgtag gtgcctggca ttcctgcctg cccatccttc cagacaccgg      9480
     tttctggccg aacagttggg atttgctgtg agccacctct ggccctgact gggccttagg      9540
     gagaagcaag agtgttgggc actatgggca ttagggggtc ttggaagggt taagggccgt      9600
     gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgttcgc gcgcatgtgt gcacgcgtgt gtgtgcatgc gtgttcgcgc      9660
     gcgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgtgt tgaggggaaa gtattccata aatgaaagtt tgtgagggct      9720
     gagaactgga ggaggaataa aaatgggagg agaggagggg aatgctgggg ggcggggctg      9780
     gaggaagagg gagaagaggg gcagggagga agagggaagg aagggaaggc gttggcatta      9840
     gcttactctc ctgaggctct gcaggtggga aagaggggaa gccaactccc ccacccccac      9900
     ccccacccca ccctagccct tgtccacggg ttgaattggt aatataccct gccaaaatgt      9960
     tctgctttgg aaaacttagg tgaaatccag atttctgggt ttctaggcaa gccctgcccc     10020
     ctcctactgt gactccccag ctgtcactgg ccactcctca gctgtctgcc cttgtaactc     10080
     ttgacttaat ataacaatgg agtcccttgt tcacccctct ccccactgtg tgcagtatat     10140
     accccagatc tccttaaagg gtcaagtgtc cctatcatgt aagaagcagt tgctgtgccc     10200
     caccctggcc tcattggtcc ctaactaagc ctgactgctg ctggccaggc tccagccctc     10260
     agctgtccct gagagcagcc gcctcagctg tgtgttttcc tgtagtgcta cgtgccagaa     10320
     gccccggctg ggctgcccag ctccgtgttt ccatgtgtag ataatgcttt gccctgcaca     10380
     gcactttgaa accctcttgt tcccgcgtgt gcgaatgtgt gcgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgttc     10440
     aactttctat ccccaggaag tgaccggttc gtggtacctg gaccctctag gatggaacag     10500
     aagttctgac cagcctcaca cccagaccgt ccagctcctc agtggggaca tacagaaact     10560
     gcaaggggtt tctgtacctc tttgtactca gaggcagccc ctctccttga ttcccaggac     10620
     cagtggcaat gaggggacag atggagaagc aggccagagg ggcctgtggg ctggagagga     10680
     aaccccactt catgtagact gatggacttg gggtctagtg gctggggagg gccccacatg     10740
     tcactttgcc ttgcatagtt ataggtacct gtccttgtgt gctgtgtgat ctgggatcct     10800
     caaatgaaac aatgaagcat cttagttgtt gatttttctc tgtggtctgg aaagtggtgt     10860
     gagtgcgtac caggttgagg ggggcatgcc ttactgtcat ggctgacaca tgtccctggc     10920
     tcctgctccc gaggccctat gtggagtctc tcctgccttt ccatactcca attcaacagt     10980
     gggcattgcc actttttatt gcgacctaca ccctccccta gaccctgcta tagctcctgt     11040
     ttgacctcac agtcccttta gcctggtctg tgtctcactg ccaggaatgc caacatggca     11100
     ccctggggtg gggtggggct tctcttagca gccacgtctg acacctgcta gtgtcacttc     11160
     tctctccata ccccagaaga gcttgctatg tcaactccaa accaaacatc ttacagcgat     11220
     ctggaccctc ttagtcagac agcgtcacca ctggccacct agaggcaatt caacttacat     11280
     agcgtgcgaa aaaaatgaag ctaaacattg ctgttggttg tgaagtccca tctgcacctg     11340
     ctcaggtgct tcacatggcc agtgtgacca cattgctcat tgtaggcata ggacatcccc     11400
     atggcctctg aacgttttct ctgtcactga ggtccacaca ggagatccct tccaatctct     11460
     gcctcataat cccttctgtg tctccaatcc tgcaggtcct aggaaatact gcatgctcct     11520
     acccagagcc tttgcatgac tgctcctgct gcctggactg tctttcctca gaattcttca     11580
     gatgtcacat tctcaaggaa gggtcccctg atgacgcttc ccatagtcag gactctgact     11640
     gccccttggc acatttgtgt gtcaaccaca cacaatgggc tcttttagag atcagcaaga     11700
     ggatgggtac attgatcaaa gatgaaatat ggctctctta ctgggctggg ggaggtacct     11760
     ctgagaagcc gatagcctgg agtctggagt cccccaaact cagaggtgat tttactgaag     11820
     accatccaga ggctgtgtcg tccctgtggc tgtttctgtt gcagccttca ggattgagcg     11880
     gctgccttct ccaaccccag tgccccattc aaactcagcg gccttgccaa agaactttgg     11940
     agctgggctt ttggggtcat acctggcccc agaaaggggg atgaatgggg tggagggaaa     12000
     gcagagtctc tcagagtcag atccaagcag tgggagtggg tatatcctgt tcccccagtg     12060
     cgtatcgccc gtatgtgtgc gctgctagca gcgtcgtgcc gattggctgt ttgttaaacg     12120
     gtcgcaacgg atgaaccaga tcccagatgc attgacgagg aaccatatgg tctctggacg     12180
     gagggagttg agggtcgaaa aaaggagagc aaggagctga ggagtggagg cactaaggcc     12240
     gggggggtgt gtaggggggc gaggcaagga ggaaggtttc agaccctcag ctcttccttg     12300
     ctggaggagc agggcaacct gagtgagccc taaatggcgg aggtgggtgg agcaaggctg     12360
     ccctcaggcg gcggaaaagg caaccacagc accggctgcg caatgcggat tccttctgga     12420
     cctcttgcag tagtgatcct ggaaggggcc acaggtaaag aattctttag ataaggacaa     12480
     gatctatgtg ttagatatcc gggagtgctg gctggaaaag gccctcaagg cagaagcctg     12540
     aggacagctg aggcgacaga ggtctgaggc aggcacatgc cggagggaag ttacacagca     12600
     agacaagaga aatgaccgag tccatcagcg tgtaaggtca gagctgaaca ctggggaagc     12660
     agtgtcaccg agagaccatt tagcatcatg tatgtggtag cacacatctt cactcaggga     12720
     atgaagaagg ctggaggatt agttcaaggc tagcctcatc tacataggta attccaggtc     12780
     agcctgggct actcaaatcc ctgtatcaaa accaagcgag acccagctct caatgggcct     12840
     aaggcatgga ggagtttggg gtaggtataa tgttctaagt tctattccag ctcgagcatg     12900
     tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cctgtgagag     12960
     gacccggatc cttagtgcag gctcctcccc ttccgcaggg tacttctagc attcatgctg     13020
     ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtttac acacagtgta     13080
     aacagaacac agaagcaagc aagcaaacac aaacatgaaa cgaaaaaata aatcaaaacc     13140
     attggccacc tggatctagc agggctgatg gataattaga attctagtaa ccggaattta     13200
     gcaagaggat gctggacatg tggtggccca ttcagatgtt ctggatgtgt gtccttgcct     13260
     ggctcctcat ttatcctgtc cctcggccgc ctcagacaag gacagaggcg ctctagattc     13320
     ctagggtagt gggtaggtga aataaaggga gagtgaagat tttagggact atgacgtcac     13380
     cccttccggg atccaaggtc tggcgcctac agaggcgcct acagaggacc agggtcctta     13440
     gtgcaggctc ctccccttcc acagggtgag acgccaactc acaggagctg cagagacccc     13500
     attgtaccac gagggggtgc acagaaatcg cgggctcaac cacacgctca ccatatattc     13560
     ccctgcaaat ggaattgaag cccagagaat ctcagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga     13620
     tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctata gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctatat     13680
     agagaaaccc tatctcgaaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa acaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa     13740
     agaaaaaaga aaaaaagaaa aaaatggcct aagcctaggt gcttcactgg ttcctgaaat     13800
     ttgtgagaaa tgcacattct tgggcccacc ctgcatctgc cgagccattt cagggatgga     13860
     tttcctaaat ctgttgccaa aagctactca atgactgtaa agcgcagcca gtctaagaac     13920
     tctggggtcc aagtctctcc ataccttggg atctgttgct tggctccggg ttacacaata     13980
     gaactaccca cgaagccttt tcattttaag atttattatt tctgagacag actctttatg     14040
     tagctctagc tgtgtagctc actctggcct caaactcaca gagatccccc tgcatctgtc     14100
     ctgggattaa tggcatgcag cacccgctta gccatgtcct ctagaagcta tgcaaatact     14160
     gggctgtatg gagcactaaa ggagcttcct gtgggcggac ggctctaccc tgccctggct     14220
     ccttgttcag gaaaggagta tgtccctcca aaagcaagaa ggaggaactg gggaacccag     14280
     gaagtctctg cagttttgtg gcgacagctc tctttttgtg tgttctgtgt aatttttatc     14340
     tttgcgacag tgagaggcga cagggctggt atggacagag gccgaagtgg agtctggctt     14400
     ctggggtttt ctccctggac acctgatgat ttcaaaacta aaagtgcaga ggtgccagtc     14460
     agtcactgtt tgggattggg cctgtaggac ccacctgcac ctccttagat gacaaaatac     14520
     ggaccacatc tcactattag tttattctac attgccgtga caaaaatacc agaaacagtt     14580
     tgtggaagaa atgctttata ctggcttata ggttcagaga aatctcagtc tgtcaatggt     14640
     ggggaagctt ggagaagtgg cagagcctgt tgccttggtg atgaaccaat cctcagaggt     14700
     tcactcactg ctagaacacg gggctgggag gatcagtagg acctattgcc aggcaggctg     14760
     cacagccttt agataaagcc ctaagcccac tgtggtagtt aagcaacgtg atgctgaaga     14820
     agtggaggca ggggactcag cctccaaata tctccacttt gctttgtaag ataagctctc     14880
     tccctgaacc tgcatctccc agtttcagct ggaatggctg tgcagtgatc tacttatctt     14940
     tgtcttccat ccctaggagg gggttacaga tgtgttcctc cacatatgtt tttactggtg     15000
     ctggggattt gaacttggtt ccctatattt ttgaaacact ttatctaatg agtcatcttc     15060
     ctaactctgg ctcatatttt gaagtaataa taatataatt atattatact aataatatta     15120
     cactaatatt atataatata taataaaata taattatatt atactatcat tattatgtaa     15180
     tatataataa taattattat tattagtggt gctgcagata gattgcagaa ctttataccc     15240
     gttaagtaag tgctcctcca ctgagccaca accccagccc ctcattgggg gattctaggc     15300
     aggggttcta caaccaagcc acgccctgag cccgtcacaa atgagagaaa cctatctgtg     15360
     ttttgtgcat ttcgctcaca agtctctctc tctctctctc taatatggaa tgcttcatga     15420
     gtttgcatgt catccttgct caggggccat gctaatcttc tctttatcgt tccaatttta     15480
     gtatatgtgc tgccgaagcg agcacgctcg cgagtctctc tctttttttt tttttttttt     15540
     taaagattta tttatttttt attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacgcacca     15600
     gaagagggca tcagatctca ttacgggtgg ttgtgaggac ttgaacttcg gaccttcgga     15660
     agagcagtcg ggtgctctta cccactgagc catctcacca gccccacgag tctcttaaaa     15720
     atgtgttttt acacggttgg gtctcatggt tttatctgag gaacattcta ggatatggtt     15780
     ttagcgtgta cttggctgct gtaaccatga aggtgaccct aaacttgtgg tcatttgata     15840
     acagttttaa gggttgggaa gatggctaat gctaaagtgc ttgttacata aatatgagga     15900
     tctgagttga gtctccagca cttggaaaag cctggcatcg tgttcctgca atcccagtgc     15960
     tgggaagtag atccctgtgg cttgctggca tccagccttg ctgaattagt gaggtagagg     16020
     ttcaatgaaa gaccttgtca ggctggagag atggctcagt agttaagagc actgactgct     16080
     ctcccaaagg tcctgagttc aattcccagc acccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa     16140
     tgagatctga tgccctcttt tggtgtgtct gaacacagct acagtgtgct catataaatc     16200
     aaataaatac aaaaaataaa taaatagaaa aattgaaaca aaaactaaaa aaaaaagaaa     16260
     aagaaaagaa aagaaaaaaa gactgtctga aaaataagat ggagagggtc tggagagatt     16320
     gggtaacaat taccatgttt attattacac ctttctaaaa atgataattc tttttggggc     16380
     cagtgcaatg gttcattgag cagggacact ggccactggc actgatgacg tgaatcccat     16440
     ttccaggacc aacatggtgg actcactgac ctccacaggt gtggccatgc gtgtgagtgc     16500
     acacacacga atagataata aaaaaatgta gggagaggac ttctggcagt gggtggctgt     16560
     ggatccggga gagtcattag cctttggggg tgtggttgct gctaggttgc ccagtgggtg     16620
     tctcatagcc atgagcacat aggcaacatt ggactcaggg ggttcttaat aacagtaagt     16680
     taaaaagctg acatgaagtt gggaaggaaa tgagttgagg gttgccaggg agagttggag     16740
     gaagtagtag gggggtaaat aagattaaaa gacaaagtat gcacgtatga aaatttcaag     16800
     taacagataa aattattgtt gctgttgtta ttttgaggca gggtctctct gtgtagccct     16860
     ggctgtttgg gaacttgcta tatagaccag gctagcctca aattcacaga gttccacctg     16920
     cttctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggataaaagg cgtgtgatgc agcaccacag ccagccattg     16980
     ttgcatgtgt gtgttctcct gtacaaatgt gtacgcgtgc cttagtgcac agggacgcca     17040
     tcagaggaca ggttttatga gtccattttc tccttccacc acgtgggtcc tagggagaaa     17100
     acttgactcg taagacttag tggcaagtgc ctctacccgc tgagccacct cactggtccc     17160
     agaggagcct catgctcatt tgtattccac acccctcctg ccccaggcat gttctccctt     17220
     tgtagcacat gctagaattc actacatatc ccagtctggc ctcacacttg tggcaatcct     17280
     cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agtaagttta tttccttagg cttattgcca gactattctc     17340
     tgcacacagt cggtgctggt ggcgagctgt gccagctagt cttaaagtca acttgacaca     17400
     agcttgagcc atctgaaagg agggagcctc gattaagaaa aatacctccg taggatcggg     17460
     ctgttggcaa ggctgtaggg cattttctta attagtgatt gatgggggga ggggggagcc     17520
     atttgtgggt ggtgccatgc ctgggctggt tgtcctgggt tctgtgaaga agctatgatg     17580
     agcaacctgg taagcagtgc tcctccatgg tcagctcctg ccctgcttga gttcctgtcc     17640
     tgacttcctt cgatgatgaa ccgtgatata gaaatgtaag ccagataaac cctttcctcc     17700
     ccaagttgtt ttgtttgtgg tgtttcatcc cagaaacagt gagcctaact aagaccctgg     17760
     ctgattttct tgtttggcta tttttttttt ttcataagaa aaatgactta aggaagaaac     17820
     atgggcgggg ctcctggttt tgtggctaca gcccctagct ggaatgcttc ctcagagcaa     17880
     gccagctgtt gtacttactc ctaggcaata caggccagca gctgaggctg caacatgagc     17940
     ctcacctcac agaacttatc tcccctctgc ccacataatc ctaagattat gagaagaaaa     18000
     tcagagtggc ccaggataag gttgccgagg cgatgccgct gaaccactgg gctctcccct     18060
     ccccttccct tccctccctc catccctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttagtttt     18120
     tttgagacaa ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgttcagg aactcactct gtagacccag     18180
     ctggcctcag actcagagat ccacctgcct ctgcctcctg tgtgctagga ttaaataaaa     18240
     taaaagcttg tagccgggtg tggtggcgca cacctttaat cccagcactc aggaggcaga     18300
     ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc taggacagct     18360
     agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaatg cctctattag attggcttgt     18420
     aggcaagcct gtgtgtggaa cattatcttg attgatgatt gatgtgggag ggctcagtcc     18480
     actgtgggcg gtgccaccgc tggacagata gctgtggggt gtatgagaaa gcaaactgag     18540
     cgatccagta agcagtgttc cttcctccct ggcctctgcc tgaatgcttg ctctaggttc     18600
     caggcctgat tttcctcagt gagggtgaca gctgcaagct gaaataaatc cctttctcct     18660
     gaagtagctt tttggtcatg gtgtttacca cagtaatagg aagcaaacta aggcactgct     18720
     aacccttctc tggagttggc gtttctggaa atttgatgag ttctcaacaa caacaaaaac     18780
     acagcagggt aaaagagaaa ccctacgtct agcagatacg gcagaacatg ttcgccacct     18840
     cagctttcaa agtgctgaca caggaggacc ttgcattgta agccggcctg ttctacacag     18900
     ttgcaacttg tctcaaagcc aaagaaacgg agctgggcgt gctgacgcac acctgcaata     18960
     gcgatcagga gaatcaggag ctcaaggcta cctttgggta agtagtaaat ctgaggccag     19020
     cctgggcaag aggacagctc tccaagcaaa acctaaaacc aaacaatcac aaaaccaaag     19080
     gctaaacaga caggaagact atggaaaaat aaccctaaat acaaagcaga gaatgatgga     19140
     aacgttggag ttgcagagat gtgttgtcct ggaaaccgct ctgcagtgtt gtcatagaaa     19200
     ccacagggcc atgtgtcgtc atagaaacca ctcctcttag ggatgcttca gaactatttt     19260
     taagtcctct ggcaatcagt gtagctcctt aatgtgagat tgtccggcaa ctgattccac     19320
     taatcacaca tgtatagtat ataaacacac atataaagtt tctatgtata tttatatatt     19380
     ctttttctac atgaaaaata ttttttttta ttgagatagt ttcccaaagc ataggctggc     19440
     ctcaaatttg aaatgcatcc aaggacagcc ttgaaatttt aacccacctg ccaaggggat     19500
     acaggtgggc accaccacac tgacttgttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttgtt gttttcgagg     19560
     cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc acgctggcct     19620
     tgaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac     19680
     cactgcccag ccccatactg acttttaacc aattaattct tttgagacag tcttgttatg     19740
     tatccatgat tggcctggta cttgatatgc agacctggaa agccttgaat tttctgggat     19800
     cctcatgatg agaaaactgg catgcactac tatgcctggc tttataaaca tatcttaatt     19860
     gatttacagt caaaattttc atctttattt aatgtgcata attcctttac ctgcatgtat     19920
     acatgtgtac tctgtgtaac caaagtgacc agaaagtgag acagattttt tggatcttac     19980
     agatgattgt gaatcaccat ggagatggac cctgggtcct attccagtgc agccagtgag     20040
     ctataaccct tgagctatat aacaccagtc tgataaacac ttttcttttc ctgagaaaaa     20100
     gtctcactat atagcattgg ctggcctgga actcggtgtg cttgtggtgg ccagagtcaa     20160
     tatgggtgtc ttctccccat attcactatg tagcctaggc tggccgagaa cttgccatgt     20220
     agaccaggct ggcctaaaac tcagagatcc tcctgtctct gtctcccaag tgctgggatt     20280
     aaaggcatgt gccaccactg tccggctcgc cccaattact tcgtattcta tcatcatctt     20340
     cttattcttc ttcatctcca tcaccaacat caccatcatc accattccac accacaaaaa     20400
     gtcccctgga aaagcttccc ttcttcacta gtgctgtgtt cacggacccg tttcctgggc     20460
     aagtcaccca ggcaacatga cccaacttac tcttctccca aggctagtgg ctttgttatt     20520
     atagaaaggg tcatctattt tactaagtca cgaaggaaaa gagccgccat tcattaaaac     20580
     aaacaaacaa acaaacccct aaggatttgt ttccatcttt tttttttttt ttgagattgt     20640
     tgttgatagg agaatgaatc tgaaggtgaa agatgatttg aataatgcca ccctgctact     20700
     acctcacata ccatggagtg accacacacc ctcccaggag ttgtgaagtc aagaaggagg     20760
     ttcagggctc ccagaggtcc ccatggttta gccacatcca tcctgcagca gatggccttg     20820
     aagagcacac agaactgcaa gatcccactt atctagggag atgacttcct gcactgccct     20880
     tcctcctggc tgcacttgac cttgcccata gatacatcct ccaagccacg gggtccctgt     20940
     gaggcatctc tcctccccat cgctcccaat ccaccttttc catgttagag aatacagaca     21000
     aagggacgtg aggaccatgg aactctagct gtacagacga tacacatttg ctttgtataa     21060
     ggaattccac agtatagtct atctgggaaa taaatactgg attgagaaat aaattacttt     21120
     ctttactaga gcttttaatt tttttaaaaa ttttcatcta tgtgtgtgtt tcttttatgt     21180
     gagtgtagtg cctgtcaaag ccagaagggg atattggatc cccaccacca caacaacaca     21240
     ttataaaaca acaacaacaa caacaattaa ttataaaagt ttccagacat ggaggcacaa     21300
     gactttaatt ctagcactca ggaagtagag acaggtaggt ttctgtgagc tccaagccag     21360
     gcagggctac acaggaccct gccttgtggg tgagggtggg atatatatat atatatatat     21420
     atatatatat atatatatat atgtttatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     21480
     gtgtgtgtgt atttaaagag aaaaagtagt ccgtggtgga gaaacggctc tggagggatg     21540
     cacaatgtga actttttgcc caatgaacac ctaagcagtc acagcagtcg catcttttgt     21600
     ctgtcttcca tgttaagttt gattgcagag cccacacaca gcaggctagg atgatgctta     21660
     gcaaccaatg gactgttgcc atggagaccg ccggggatgc ggatctgagg accttgtgca     21720
     ggaagcaagt gcgcatgagt gatcttcaac gccagctggc cagctcggta tagatcaagg     21780
     ctgtgtgacc tgtgctgact ggagctgaag catagggacg gagtcctggc ctctttgggg     21840
     ccagagcctg cgcttgggaa agcagctgtg ctccaggctc ctagctttga cctgggtgag     21900
     ttgtcagaag cgggggaggc cagaatatcc ctgtgaacct gtggagcgcc aggctccagg     21960
     aaccatattc aggacacgtg agcaccaggg gcccaggctg ggaaggagga tcctgggagc     22020
     gggggtgggg ggtagcgggg aggagaggcg ctatggacga ggcgttgtgt aaggccaaag     22080
     ctgtggagga gtcaggggag acctatattc ctgtccatct tccaggggat ttgacctcac     22140
     tgccttgtta ctttgcagga ttcatatttg gggagcctta ctttacctcc accccctttc     22200
     tttcacgaac aggtagagca gaaagatgtc ggagcccgtg gccatgaccc tgctggaaga     22260
     ttggtgcagg ggcatgggaa tggacatcca cagatccctg ttggtcactg ggatccctga     22320
     gtactgtagc cacgcagaaa ttgaggagac cttgaatggg gtcctcttgc cactgggcac     22380
     ataccgtgtg ctcaacaaaa tttttttgag gcaagagaac gtgaaggctg ctctagttga     22440
     ggttagcgag ggtgtgaatc tgagctctat accccgggag ttcccaggga ggggcggtgt     22500
     ctggagagtg gtctgcaggg atcccaccca ggacgacgac tttttaaaaa atctgaacga     22560
     attcttggat ggcgaaggac gcacttggga ggatatggtg cgcctcttga agcttaaccc     22620
     taacccaccg ctaccgaatt caaaccagcc tccaccgaac tgggcagaag ccctggggtt     22680
     gctcctgggt gcagtagtac aggtcatatt ctacatggat gctgcaatcc gtagtcggga     22740
     tgaagaagca agggctgagg aggctgctga ggctgagttg atggaggctt gggcttccac     22800
     agcgaggaag agagtaaaga aggaacccgg gctgggcgtc gaagtgggct cagctttcaa     22860
     gatggaggac cgaaactatt ggaagaacac agaggaccat ggtgaccctc caaaacctct     22920
     agttcgcagg cctggaggta agattcgctc caggaggagg aagcagaaaa aaaatcttaa     22980
     gcaagagcca atatgctgga ggaaatccca gggcagcaat tacaacagca attacaataa     23040
     ggttaatttg gaagctggtg aagctgccca gagctcagag atcccagagt ctgtcaagag     23100
     caacaaaaaa ccctttgtga agcaggaaga gacagtatgg aagaagaaaa gagtctggag     23160
     ggatcccagc gatcttcctc ggtctgcgct gcctgcagct gacagccccg ggaacctaga     23220
     ggattcagat caagatggtg gaccggagaa ccccgcaaag aagaaagcca tgacctgggc     23280
     ctctaacaag atccctgtcc ccacgaggaa gaagaagaag atggtgagct tgggcactct     23340
     ctcctatgtc ctgcttgatg ctgaagccac caagaacaaa acagcgattc tgaagaaagg     23400
     gcttggtgct agaagggctg tgtcggtacc tcatgatgca cctgcttcaa catccaggcc     23460
     tcagaagacc aagctgggag ccttccctcg agtctccaaa ggtgaatgca catagagatg     23520
     acttggttag ttaaggtggg gttcagtggg gtacagaggg ggccacaaca gggtaaccag     23580
     gaggacctca ggatattggg ggaggaaaaa acaagctacc ctcccaggtg aggattatca     23640
     agcaagaggc tgggcctccc tcctagagcc cttactaggc atcattgggg tcaaggttga     23700
     cccatgacca tctgatccat ttccctccat aaaaatgtag cagttttggc gcaggacatc     23760
     gtgtcacatg cttgtaaccc cagcacttgg gaggcaaagc agagggttga gagtttaagg     23820
     tcagctgggc tatataaaaa tttatgattt gagattctgt agtctgttga ggtgtaggga     23880
     tcaaaggcta acgtttctag ggcctggctg ggtaggggtg gaggtggggg tggccacggt     23940
     cctggtctca ggagattccc aggcagtaaa tatctaatta tggttcttcc tgcttccctt     24000
     ggtgtgttct gatctatcca tagattccag gaagctatga tttggggaac cctgtaccca     24060
     cggaggtgag agagcatcaa ggaagaagac tcaagttgga agagaacttt ttctttgtgg     24120
     ttgaataaaa cctgactgtg aaccgttggg ggcccagtgt gcctgtgtgg gtcagactca     24180
     cacaggcaat ggatgtaagg ccttaggttg ggggatactg tcagggggag attccctctg     24240
     tgtcttttcc tgagttggag ccacttttca tttctgcaca gcctcaaagg tggacaaggt     24300
     aataaatagc tttggaaaat tctagaacgt tctttccctt tgcccacaaa ggggctcacg     24360
     gtattgcgca cccacattca gcctttattc tcttctaccc ctgctttttc ttctggaggc     24420
     atagcttgcc tgctcggcct gcggcccaga agggcatgta gacattttgt tccttgcact     24480
     gtacgaattt ggtaagtcag accttgctct ttgaagcttg ctgtgtggat tcttcagtgt     24540
     tcaccctcca gcagcctaaa tggaaattga gatcctgaga gttagttctg ggaaaaaaac     24600
     aaacaaacat ctgcctgccc ttgaatcctt cagttttcat tgtctttgaa gaaaactagg     24660
     ggcaaggaag atggttcagt gcataatagg gcttgcagtg caagcttaag gacctgagtt     24720
     ctaatcccca ggactcacat aaaagtctgt gcctgtaaca ccagcatcag gtggtgcaga     24780
     caagtagacc ccaagagctt gctggccaac cagcctatct gaaatagtga acttctgggc     24840
     tggggaatcc cctagtgagg ggataggggc atggctccgt ggtagagccc ctgttctgaa     24900
     ttccccaata aggggctgca ggcagggttc agtgatagag cccctgccta gaatccccta     24960
     gtgaggggtt ggcgcggctc agcactacac cccttcccag aatcccccag tgaggggctg     25020
     ggagtgggct tagtgagctt ctgcctagca tatgcaaggc cctgggttcc atctccagaa     25080
     ccaataaaaa acaaaatgga ataaaaatgg cactttagtt cccaaatgcg gtgataccct     25140
     ctttagaagc ctgtggtgga aaggagaggt tgatagaatt aaatttctag ctctaattcc     25200
     gttgacctct atctttgagg cttaaataag ttgctcacat tatagtcaga agaagaaaat     25260
     ctgtctcttt ttaaaagttt ctttaaaatg agctgatctc taccttctga atttagtgct     25320
     gccattaaat ctgaccatgc ctcattctgt gtgcctgtaa accagagagg atggtgccac     25380
     ccccatctgt ggtttctaaa ttatatcctg aggactcctt tttcatgttt aaaagcatga     25440
     aagagaggct tcagatatgg gtgagtggga aaaggggttt gacatcaagc ccgagtccct     25500
     gggttcgatc cccaggaccc acatcacgga aagaaagagg tgacccctga aagttttgtt     25560
     ctgacctcca catttattcc atggcacatg cataccccca taaataaata taattaaaaa     25620
     ttatgtgtgg aagaagcaaa ggtgttggtg tgtggccgta accccagcat gtggagcctg     25680
     aggcaggaga atgtctctga attcaaggcc aggttgggct acagagtaat atcctgtctc     25740
     aaaataaata agtaaataag aacagttttt ttaaagtgtg ggaaaacaac aactcagttg     25800
     tgttgtaatc caaaatactg ctgtattccc ttgtgtgtat aaataactgt atctggttat     25860
     ccacactgtg ctttgcgtac aattgtattt tcctttgtgt atgtgtgtgt tcatctatgc     25920
     atatgtgcat gtgtgtgtat gtggaggcag aggattacct agggtgtcac tcttcggcca     25980
     ccagccacct ttttatgaga cagggttctc tcactggctt gaaactggct agcatgctag     26040
     gctggaccgg aactgcaggg ctctcctgtc tctgcctccc cagctctagg gctacaagcc     26100
     ggcgctacca tgttcttttt ctttttgcac aggttctggg gatcaaactc aattcctcat     26160
     tcgtgcaaca tgctttccct actgggctgt ccctgccacc ccctaatgaa gtttcttgta     26220
     aatgtgaact ttgaggagaa gggtcggaag gtgtggaagg gattggatcc cctgcatgtc     26280
     ctgtaacaat atcctgagtg agtttatgca tctctgtgtc tccatctcct gttcagccgt     26340
     gattgacatt agggtcacta gctaataatc tgggctaacc tgggacagcg aaggatttct     26400
     ggcctggatt tccagccctc tcgagatttc atgaccactc ccaccttcag ttttcttgat     26460
     ctaaaaactc ttgtcagtga gtcagtcaac caccagacac gtttcttgtg gtaaaccttg     26520
     agactcgatt acatctttgt tgaagtagta catcggtaca actatcaatg aatgtaaatg     26580
     tgtgagtgta aaataaagct gtgtaaatga agtctgtgtg gtctgtgtta tttgcggagg     26640
     gtgtgaggag aacagaactc agaggatctc ttgctgagcc gtaagaggca tgaccattgt     26700
     taatttccca gcatagaaga agccatttgc tcttggttgt ggtctgacat tcatgccccc     26760
     agtgaccttg cagtttctac aacaggtaac aaataatgtt gaatgatatg aaggtactag     26820
     gggttttgtt gtgttaactt aatgtttggt atgagggatt gaacctaggg cctcacgcta     26880
     ggtaagtacc ctactgctga gccacagccc agcccctcac tgggggattc taggcagggg     26940
     ctctccccct gagccacgcc cccagcccct cactggggga ttctaggcag gggctctacc     27000
     actgagctac ataaccagcc cttttttaaa gttttagatt tcagtgtgct cagaatagct     27060
     ctggctggct ttgaacttgt ggccttcctg cttcaatctc ccaagtagat ggaatctccc     27120
     aagttgacgt ccgcttatta gaaaagtatc tgaaaagtga gaactcttcc ctctcacccc     27180
     ttagcagagg tttaaaaaaa aatcttattg taagtggctc tgtgcctgat gtgtgtgggc     27240
     acacaggcct atgcattcta tggtggtctg gggacagctt tgtgggacag ttttctcttt     27300
     cttgctttac agggatcgaa agcaggttgc ctggctttcc aggctagtat ctttcacctt     27360
     ctgagccatt ttacctgccc taaggcagaa acttttcttg gaggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     27420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaga aatagtctca ctatgtagac caggctatca cagaaatctg     27480
     cttgcctctg cctccccagt ggtgggatta aaggcatgtg acaccactac ccagcacatt     27540
     tgtgtagcta aggctacaca aagaaaccct gtctcagaac ctcctcattt cccctctccc     27600
     ccccccaaaa aaaactccca aagcccacaa ataaattggg ctcatgaaat ggcttagtgg     27660
     ttaaaggcac ttgctgccaa gcctgaagac ctgagttcat gatggaagca gagacctgat     27720
     tcccccaggt tgtccactga actctgctag caagttgggg catgcacact tttcttgtct     27780
     ctttcacaac aaaataaata ggtaaagtgc aataaaattt tagaatgaaa ataataataa     27840
     ccacccaggc cccgatccag ggctttgagt tggtccaccc caacatctac cccacgtatt     27900
     cactgctgga gcatgggaag ggtcccgtcc tgcagataca aagctgcagt ttctccatga     27960
     cacagagcaa caacaggata tcctagtccc agtgaggatc cagtattgac agtgtagcag     28020
     aagccagaga cctcaaacca gaccaaggac ccattgtaat aaacatttgc aaggaaagaa     28080
     ttgtgcacag tgggacacat tgtgggacac actgcagctt cctgtagtgg gttggcccaa     28140
     tgctgcttgt attctaatac caaatactag ttccccaaga ccttgttgcc ccagagagga     28200
     gagaccccag tgactttgcc cccaaattaa taaataaaga tgctgacaac caatagctgg     28260
     gcaggagaga cacaggtggg gttcaggatt cccaggcttg aggtcagagg agagagagag     28320
     ggagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaaaggtga     28380
     gctgtccaac gagagttacg aggagcaacc ccaatgaaac gtagtaagca ataactcggg     28440
     gttatgggtt atggtagatt ctaacggcat agagagtagg tatctgcccc gcccctgtac     28500
     tgtttaaggc tcattgtaaa tataaagaag gttgggtgtg tcttttagtc aggaactaag     28560
     tggtcaaagg tagggtagaa accccagttt gggattaaaa actttaacaa cagctttcat     28620
     aatgagattt tttttggggg gtggtgaggg gttgggggaa ggtcaaaggg taggtattaa     28680
     aggacgggga gatgatggga ctagagtgca caatgcaaaa tccacacaga atcaatacca     28740
     agttcaataa aaacctatct gtagttcagt tcccactggc tggaactaaa atcttgggtt     28800
     tttttttttt taagtttttt ttttaagatt tattttatta atatatgtaa gtacactgta     28860
     gctgtcttca gacaccccag aagagggagt cagatcttgt tgcggatggt tgtgagccac     28920
     catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactctggac cttcggaaga gcagtcgggt gctcttaccc     28980
     actgagccat ctcaccagcc ccaaatcttg ttataagaat aaacaaattc aattttctcc     29040
     ttaaaaaaag gaactcaaac actttgagat gaagatacat caaactggta attccctgcc     29100
     tcaggctgtc tcccaccgtt tctagaatgg gaatcctgat gataaggcag aaatagctgc     29160
     gctcagtttc tgttggcagg tctgcctggg tttcactgtg ctcattgtga gtgagcctga     29220
     acgaacattt catccatagt cagacctaga gaagactcgg gcttattgac ttggggcttg     29280
     tccctcactg tctgtgcgaa agaaaatgag cagctattag cattaacaat ccaaagctgg     29340
     aggctgtcgg tgatgcaaca tgcttttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggaaggtgga     29400
     tttctgagtt ccaggacagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc aaggacagcc agggctacac     29460
     agagaaactt tgtctcaaaa caccaaacca agccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatcaa     29520
     tgcaaacaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaaccaa aaacaattta     29580
     aagttgaatt gaaaggctca gtaagtaaaa gctcttgcag ccaagtctga ggatatgagt     29640
     tcaattcccg gaaccacacg gtggaaggag agagccaagt ctcacaagtt gttgacctat     29700
     acgtgggagt gtgtatacta actaaattat gcacacacat aaataataaa taaaaaaaca     29760
     cctggggctg gagagatggc tcagcggtta agagcactga ctgctcttct agaggtcctg     29820
     agttcaattc ccaacaacca catggtggct cacagccatc tgtaatggga tctgataccc     29880
     tctgctggtg tgtctaaaga gagtgacagt gtactcatat aaaataaata aataaataaa     29940
     acttaaaaag aaaactgttg acagatttta aaagactgaa gtaagagctc atgtaggtca     30000
     gactagcctt gaacatgctg tgtagtcaag gataactgtc ctcttctgag tgctaggatt     30060
     aaagctgtat acacggtgtg ccactttgtg tatgtgaagg ccagagaaca actgtgggag     30120
     tcagttcttc ccttccacta cacagattct gaggattaaa ctcaagattt tcaggcatgg     30180
     aggcaaaaat ctcttatgac agtttcccca gagacagaaa tgttcatctc tgaaggtaac     30240
     tccttgagat tcaggaagga aacaattcaa gagtttcagg aagtccctga aactggccag     30300
     atgcactagg ccctttcctc tccaaggtta cgtaagcagt aaggacttct tgagagacac     30360
     ttttttaacc tgcccaagtg cctggaggag actctctcca acctgttgag ctgcctgcag     30420
     gctgtgtagg gtgctctggg tttccatctt tgtgtgcttt cacccatgct gggtgggctt     30480
     cggtgatgca tctgagtcac ttctcttgaa agtaacctct cacccgtatt tcctgtaaga     30540
     acctcaataa aaccattggt tcaccaaact ggacgttgga ctttggtggt atccctacca     30600
     ttgtgaaatc cctatctggg acgagtagaa tttgtttgcg tttcccctgg agtactgtca     30660
     cacaacacaa gcaatttcac ccactgtctt agttactgtt ctgttgctgt ggcgagacac     30720
     catcaccagg gcaagtttta gaagaaagct ttcagttgga ggcttgctta cagtttcaga     30780
     gggtgagttc attattatca tggtggggtg ctggggcggt aggaggggaa gagggagtgg     30840
     ggggggggag aggaacagga agagcctcac tgacaagggc ttttgaaatc tcaagtccca     30900
     cccgcagtga cacacctcct ccaacaaagc caacctccta atctttccta aataatccac     30960
     tgactaagca aacatccaaa tatgaatcta tgggagccat tctcatcaaa cgaccatatt     31020
     cactgaagca ccacactttt tttattttaa tcttttgcaa atcttaagat gttcagcatg     31080
     caaaactgtg tcttttaata ttaagctaaa atattaaggc ttacatgtat attatttacg     31140
     tatatatcat ttaatgcttt gcttgcatgt gtataggtgg ctgaagaagg agtcagatct     31200
     ctgagaactg gagttgtgga tggttctgag ccatcatctc ccagccactg ggagctgaac     31260
     aagtgcctgt aactgccacc tctctaacct cctaatgctg aacttcaaca aatgtcaaat     31320
     gtcactcaca tgaatgaatg gccctggtta gaggacacac acatgcattc acacacgcat     31380
     acacacacac acattcacac acatgcacac acacattcac atacatgcac atgtgcgcgc     31440
     acacacacat gcattcacac acatgcatac acacatacat tcacacacat tcacacacac     31500
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac agagcaaaca aacagtatca     31560
     ttgtgtaatc caggctaaat ttggccttgg gatccttctg cctcagcccc ctgatgcccc     31620
     tgagggctga gaccaccccc acacttgtat tcgtttattg tatgtatttc ctgaggtccc     31680
     gggatggaat gcaccacctc acgcatacga ggcagatgct gatctgaact ccagcccttc     31740
     acccgtggat cctgggcagc tgctgtacct ctgagctcta catcccggtc acgagtggcc     31800
     taagctggtc tcaaacttgt gagtctcctc cctcagcttc cagagtggat ggaatttcat     31860
     gcctgcacca ccagacccag attgaaacct tttttttttt gtttgtttgg tttttgtttt     31920
     tgtttttcca gacagagttt ctctgtgtaa ctctggctgt tctggaactc actctgtaga     31980
     tcaggttggc ttagaactca cagagatcca cctgtctctg cctctgctgg gattaaaggt     32040
     gtgtgccacc accgtccagc tgtctcttgt ctttttaaaa tgtcaccccc gggtgggggg     32100
     acaagtagag agatggctca gtggttaaga gcactgacag ctcttccaga ggccctgagt     32160
     tcaatttcca acaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatct gatgctctct     32220
     tctggtgtct ctgacaacag ctacagtgta cttacatata aataaagtaa ataaataaat     32280
     ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca tggggctgga aagatggctc aacagttact cttcctgagg     32340
     acctggactg ggttgccagc ccccatgtta tggcttaaaa ccatctgtag ctccagtttc     32400
     agggcatctg atgccctctt ctgaccgtga aaggcactgc atgcatgaac aaaaattaaa     32460
     aacactccca tattaaacac acacaagctg caatcaggat gtaaagtgaa taaattaatt     32520
     aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cgaaaataaa gtcacagggc cacacaccta     32580
     tgttatatgt gagagccaca cctccctctt gggccttgaa tggaatggag cctgctgcag     32640
     atctcgaaat ttcctgtcac ccacttgtgt tttaaaatta gcactagttt cattcattag     32700
     cctgggtacg ttatctgttc tggtaacgcc tgaaaagcca gggagctgtg gggtcgacag     32760
     atcaggtcat gtgtgcgagc gaagcacagt tgaggcgaag ttagggggcg ggcgccctgc     32820
     agatatcata ggaatgctct agagcaatgg caactgtgta accagcgcca gcaattattg     32880
     accatttcca cgctcagagt tcgggatgtt tctttcttgc ttttgatctt ctgtgagaag     32940
     cgcgggtact tacagaatgt cccagatcaa gtctgaagca aaatatcgcc taccatcact     33000
     ttctcaagac tctgtgggtt taacggaggc ttcgtctgtt cagcaggggc aaacggaggg     33060
     gagaaatctg aaatgaccag aaagaaaaga ggcacgggac gggctcatga ggcccagccc     33120
     tagctgaggg gatattggcc tcatcctatt aatgtctcat taacagagaa aaaaattaag     33180
     gatggattta gatggaggct caaagacaat ttatcagagt ataaaagaaa aacatctcag     33240
     ggcaggcaaa ctggaagtct tacacctgcc ctgagcaggt gatatagaga tatgggtata     33300
     acaccagcat aggagggtag tcatatagta gcatgcagcc acgcagcagg gagaggagct     33360
     ctagaaaaag aggaagcaag cccaaagtac cgcagagtga gtttgtttgt ttgtttactt     33420
     agagacaggg tctcactatg ttgaccgggc ttaaaataca aaatgaacag cagcaaaaaa     33480
     taaaaaaaat tgagtacagt ccaaagccca tcagcataca gcttgttaaa ctagcagagc     33540
     ctcacagggc atgaaccccc tgggctggag agatggccca gccattagga acacaagctg     33600
     cttttctaga gaacttgggt tcaattccag catccacggc tgcaactata gttttacact     33660
     tctggcaaaa cacccataca cataaaataa agtaatgaaa ataaatgaaa acaacaataa     33720
     tgaaagctac cccgctgggc atagtgtctc ccagcactga ggagacaggg gaaggaggat     33780
     ctctgagttc cagatcaacc tggtctactg gtaaatgccg ctacctcctc ttgaaccatc     33840
     tggtcaaccc caagtattat actaaaagaa aaaaagttaa ggtccttcta ctggggccat     33900
     tcccatttgt aggtagcatt tactaaggtt cacatcagat gacatgatac ttcatgttaa     33960
     atgccttgtt ataaggttag gggtcacagc caataaaagt taaaaagtaa cacccggcaa     34020
     gacggttcgg tgggtaaagg tgcttgctac tgagattgat gaccggagtt caatccccag     34080
     gacccagcat ggtgggaaga gagaactgac tcctgagacc tgtcctctga cctctgaatg     34140
     agtgcctgac agccccatac acatatgcac acacaagtaa atgaatgtca ttttaagaag     34200
     ttaaaaggta tagaaccata tttatcaata tggctaagtt agccagattt ttctgtagtt     34260
     cttagacagg tttcccaaca cgtttgagaa agtgtttgct ctctctataa agcatcctta     34320
     ttttggaaga tgtatccttg cctgggggct ggttactttg aaaagttcat tcactatgcg     34380
     cacgtctaca acagaaaacc cctctggact atttttccaa agcacacgcc tcatcatgct     34440
     tcattcctgt gacagagtca acctccaacc ggtggctatg gaaaagcttt ggtttctgga     34500
     taatagtttc atgtggggtc acatgactgt ggtggcacct gccaccaatg tgactttccc     34560
     attcaggctg agcctcttat gtgaatagtt gctggagtgt tgggcttttt aaaatgctaa     34620
     cttctttatt attgttgttg ttgctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     34680
     tgtgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag atcaagcatt tgtgggccac     34740
     tctttttttg agtgagcgtg gagttcagag gacagggtat cagtttctcc ctttcactag     34800
     tggatctctg tgttgagatt tgctttgttg ctaagcattg tagtgctaaa tactggcccc     34860
     caaggtctgg ttgcccccag ggatgaggaa atcctcacta tactaaatga tgctacgtaa     34920
     ccttgccccc caagttatct ctgattggtc aataaagatg ctggacagcc tgttgctggg     34980
     cagaagggag gcggggcttg ggttcccagg catgggatct gaggcagaga tcagtgagga     35040
     aggtggagga ttttgagcca tgaggaagag gtctggaacg agatcatgga aacacacctg     35100
     aagtccaaag agccagacca ataataatat gcaagtatgt ccgtgcaagc ctggtcccta     35160
     tagaggccgg aagagaacat tgaatccgct gggattggag ttacagatta cagttcagga     35220
     gtagtctccc aaaccataca gacgccaagc tcagagagtt tattcaatgc acactctaag     35280
     actgatcgat caagtacata gctcagactt tggcagctga aagctgcgac cctgaacatt     35340
     tctcagggcc agcttataaa ggctaaactc tcaaaaccca caatgaagtc atatgcaggt     35400
     gctggaatta ttgtccagtg gtcagctctg actcaagcca ttgttcacct aacagttcat     35460
     attgatcttt aatttgatag gttctaagtg aaacttaaag ttagggcatt tcttaagatt     35520
     aacaaacctt ataacacaga acatgaccct gctctgagtc aagttatttt tctgtgaaaa     35580
     tgactagcag gcatatcaca gtatgaaata gctggcgggc atagaacaaa atggctgcag     35640
     ctgtgcccgg gggggggggg gtgaggcctc agctcagaca gctatgagcg ccatgtgggt     35700
     tctgggaatt gaacccaggt tttttgctag agcaacctat gtactcttaa ctgcacagcc     35760
     atttctccag cctggaggcc ctgtcttcaa taagaaaaaa atgtaatttt aaattaaaga     35820
     caaattaaat ttattaaatt aaataattta aaaataaata aagctaaata gttgatcaat     35880
     aaaaagtaaa taaataatta aataaaataa ataaactatt acagtttaaa aaattaaatt     35940
     tcaggacgcc ctataagtta agtaaattcc ttccttgctc cagtgttcag acaagtgctg     36000
     gctcttagct tgctcccaca gatcctgaag aattcagagt ggtgtggctg ggaattaaaa     36060
     gaaaaaccgt gtatttctga ggagacatac aaaccctctc ctattcacaa aggaaaccat     36120
     cctggtgaaa tcatacttgc agctcttcta gaagagcaag ctggtcacgg ccattgcaca     36180
     atgccatgct gttttagtgg tcttacatca tcgagggtga ggacaccctt ggcagatccc     36240
     cggtccattc ttagatggtg agaaatgtcc accgtgtgac agctgcacag acacaggctc     36300
     ctgcaggggt gtgggggtgg ggcccggcca ggccctctgt gacttatttg atgacagata     36360
     tccaagaaca aatcacatga aagaaatgtt tcatgttgga cttgaaggaa gaggaaggga     36420
     ggacatcaga gacagattcg ttgtgactgt gacatataat gtgggcttga cttctaacac     36480
     gttttatttt taggttatgc agtttggtct ttgttttaaa agaagccata taaaggcaaa     36540
     cacaagaagt gacccataag ctcattactg aaatagcaca tgtagatatt ttaaaataag     36600
     aaacatgggg tgttagacat ttgaatagta cagaactaaa attacagggt gacccctctg     36660
     cttgtcccct acctaccctc aaatccaagt gaccataata gtcctcattt tctttccaaa     36720
     agaggaaaaa atgtttatgt atataccagc atgcatctct ctctgttcat atatatatgt     36780
     gcatgcatgt atatatgcat gtattacata aatacatgtc tgcatctatg tgacagtgag     36840
     aggcctgcat aactctgtat ttgctgcagc tgaggctggg gaagggccag gactgttagc     36900
     ctcctgttgg ttctaatgct ttgattccat cagggatctg cctatccaaa tgctgaaggt     36960
     ccttgtcccc gattggtttt tgattgatca ataaagatgc cagcagctaa tggctataca     37020
     agggagatag ggtgggaccc ttagagttgg gcaggctaga acacagtgga gaggagaggc     37080
     agaatcacca tgacctgggg aggaaggatg ggacgcagga gtggcatggg ataaagccaa     37140
     ccagccatgt gagatttcca ataagaggcc actggccact tccctgattg ggcctggggt     37200
     agcaggggaa ggtttagaaa tgcccaggct aaaacgttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagctaatg     37260
     tatgtgtgtc taacatttga ggatccaaag atagctcctg ggtaggtgcc atccacccag     37320
     agcacaaagc agttcagccc aatctcaccg ctacagcctc tatgtctccc tcctcacaaa     37380
     agccctttgc tgtcctgtgc tgaatcttgg agtctctggg agcctcagac ctcaaatttc     37440
     aaatacttct ccttcttcta agctttgggc ttctgagtct tttctctctg tacctacaca     37500
     tgcctctgtc agcatcaatg ttaagggttt atctgaagtt ttgcttgtca agaaaggagt     37560
     tcagagctgg gcaggctggt ggcacatgct tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca     37620
     gcaggatttc tgcgtttgaa gccagcctag tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggc     37680
     cagggctaca cagagaaatc ctgtcttgaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac     37740
     aacaacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     37800
     gaaggaagga agaaagaaag gagttcagag aagtggagaa agaacccgtc caagtggaga     37860
     gtctgcaact ctgctgtttg atagtcgtct taatcttgcc agctgtttta tctgaagtgt     37920
     tgaacactta agggttcttt ggaaagttag gtgtgttgga tggtgttttg ctaaagcaga     37980
     cacgtgaaac aagacttcgc tgaagtgaac ccaggtgaaa ggatgttctg ctaaagcaag     38040
     cacatgaacg gacacatgat gaagggttct ttgctaacga caggaatgta ttggtctgcc     38100
     attcatcgcg cagttgagct gcatttgtcg ggactccata gagagaaatg cacaaatgca     38160
     acaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa acttctggtg ctgtgctggc agcttcttgc tgcttctgtg     38220
     gactcggact gattgacagc gatgtcagca gatacagatt cacctggagt tttgctaaga     38280
     cagacccacg tgctgaggca aggcacgtgc tgagacaaaa ctcactgagg acacgtgatg     38340
     tttggaggga gtataaatag gactcaatga cctgtgagag gggcttggat tgcttgtaga     38400
     gctagccgtg caacgcatct tggtctctca gttgctgctc ctcaccttgt tgagagaggc     38460
     acagctgaga actgctcctg gtgtccccga cagtccaaac cctcttgctg actcagcaat     38520
     gcgactgagg cctggctgtc tctgttaggt cgtgccattc tgctgttacc ctgactgccg     38580
     gtgtattcat gaagtgtttg caagtggatt gagctgttgc tgcctgctaa cctatgaact     38640
     gaattgctga tttccagaca atgcaaatgg gatttgcttc aaaaaaccat ttctaaacag     38700
     gtccacttcc ccagtatcct ttctttccca ctacctctga ggggtggtgg gctagaaggg     38760
     aagttaaagc atttaagaac aatcactaaa ataaggtttg aaagtttaag cttacagata     38820
     ttatctccct ctttgtgctt gtctcctcat tcttaagaag gagatagtag taggattgga     38880
     gagatggctc agtggttaag agcaccgact cctcttccta gtggaccttg gttcaaattc     38940
     cagcattcat atggcagctc aagactgtct ataactctaa tacctaacac cttcacagag     39000
     gcatacattt gtgaatcagg taaaacccct atttttatta aaaataataa attttttaaa     39060
     agatgggaat aacaatgtaa gagcggttac cccagaggat tgctaagcaa agaaatgaat     39120
     tcatgtgcta ggtggtatgt atattttctg aaatgaaata agatgcatat atgtcaatgt     39180
     ctagacatat acatttttct ctgtgtgtga tgggcctgga tttgtgtatg catattgcca     39240
     tgtggatgtg tgtgtacatg tgcacgtgga agcaggaagt tgatgtcagg aatcaccctc     39300
     tatcactttt tatcttattc attgagtaag tgcctctcaa tcaaacccag agctgaccaa     39360
     tagtgtctgt aatcagcttg ctccacggat cttctctctc tgccttccaa ggccagaatt     39420
     ccaggcagat caccacacct atccagatgt atatgggttt tagggatgcg ggcagggagg     39480
     gcatttgctc taaccaaaaa gtcatttccc aagccccaac tttgtttttc aaacaaacgt     39540
     aagattcttc ttttcgagcg ggatagatgg ttcagctagg ttaagagccc tgcctgctct     39600
     tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg     39660
     ggatctgatg ctctctctgg tgtgtctgag tacagtgaca gtgtactcac atacataaaa     39720
     taaataaata taaaaaaatg attctttttc ctccctccct cctctgcaat ctgtcttgat     39780
     tcttccacca ccatctgaca ggccagggcc tcagtcctgt gggcctgggc cattcccact     39840
     cttcttccca cacccctccc ttcacgatct catccaatgg caggctgtaa agcacctatc     39900
     atgtgccaat gacttctaac tttcaaacct gcttcctttc atgcctctga aactggagtt     39960
     catatgcctc actccattta gtgttatgag cccccccaaa atgcaattct tcatcctcta     40020
     gccgctccct ccctaacgat ttcaacctgc actaattcac tggagcacaa gtcaaaaaac     40080
     agaccttaaa aagacatgct acatataacc ttgttatagc cctcaccacc ccacccccat     40140
     gcgaggagca ccaagccaca tgcttggatt ttgttttctt tgaggcaggg tctctctaga     40200
     tagcctgggc tgttttgaga ttcaccacat atgtgggaaa attttaatta aggtcgaagt     40260
     cctccatgac ctgaaagcct ctaagcaaca tgggggactc cttcctttac agtggcgtgt     40320
     ttataaaaag atagagaggg gagagacatt ctatggaggt gtggtgaggt atggggaagg     40380
     gcgtgcctta gtgtgcccat gctgagatat cccttccccc tgagggacca gtcacacgat     40440
     ggtatagtat agaatagagt ttattcgggg catggggagg ggagtttaga ggttagtagg     40500
     gcagagaaag gcagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagtagaga agtagaggag     40560
     tcgagctcat gaagggagaa ggggaaagag aagcagggaa agagcaagag gggaacaaga     40620
     gaccaaggag ggggcaagca gtccctttta tagtgggtca ggtctaccta gctgttgcca     40680
     ggtagtttag acggaatgct aacaactggt gtgggccttt tcttctctga cctaacctgg     40740
     agaatttgaa atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaccc     40800
     ctgaagaatg tcatgtagcc tgacttagat tacaggatca atctcctttc tcttgatagc     40860
     actttcagac agcgctggga tccctgaact gcttccccag gctaatgagg cgtttcagtg     40920
     ccctatgccc atcctggatg tgcctactca gtgcccccaa aacttcataa gccttgaatt     40980
     atccagagta aagttaatct gccttctttt ttttttttta agatttattt attattatac     41040
     ataagtacac tgtagctgac ttcagacaca gcagatctca ttatgggtgg ttgtgagcca     41100
     ccatgtggtt tctggatttg aactcaggac cttcgcaaga acagttaatg ctcttagccg     41160
     ctgagccatc tctccagccc taatctgcct tcttacagtc agtcccaggg tggtcattca     41220
     ccgcacatac tgacaaggct tccgaacttc ccatttatca cagactgatc tcacattcac     41280
     agagagcccc gtctctgcct cctaagccca ccatgcttgg ctgacgtcac aaggtttttt     41340
     gttttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt gttttctggg tggttctggc acatgcctct     41400
     aaatcccagc actttaaaaa aaggcagagg caggaggatc tcggagtttg aggccagcct     41460
     gttctataga gagagttcta ggacagacag ggctacacag tgagaccctg tcttgaaaaa     41520
     tcaaaaaaat ataaataaat aaaaaaatat aatagtattt ttccttacta ttcctttttc     41580
     attcctcttt tccctactcc ttccctcctt cactagcaat tgtttctctt ttaatgtttt     41640
     ttctctcttt ctcattctct ctctcattct ctctctcatt ctctctctct ctctctctct     41700
     ctctcttgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtttctgag gatggaacct agggtcttgc atatgctcaa     41760
     gagtttgacc actgagccac gcccccagcc cctcactggg ggattctagg caggggctct     41820
     accactaagg cacgccccca gcccctcact agggcattct aggcaggggc tctccaagtg     41880
     agccaaacca cgagtcaaca taaaacaaaa aataaaaacc aaaagaaacc aaaaaaccca     41940
     aacatttcct gctaaatatc gtggaggcaa tcagatccca aggttcaggc taacctgggc     42000
     tgtacagtga gtctctgtct caatcaacaa acaacataac ctctttcctc cataaagata     42060
     cagcctcaga tactttgcta tagcaatata gactgaacga acactgcatc attatctgtg     42120
     attgtggtct ggcgtacagt aggctgcata tttccaggat ggacagagac ccccaacctt     42180
     ggaccatatg gtaaaagatt caagaagcat ggttcataat tagatttgag gaagaacagc     42240
     gtaagaacta gcaaggagga gatgtgactg tgatgactag aagtgagagg attttacacc     42300
     tggaaagaca atccacccat cactaggaag aataagaata aagtaccacg cactaactgc     42360
     tccagaataa ctgccctgaa ccgcgcccca cccccagccc cagccgcagc tgctgccctc     42420
     cccttcccct tccccctccc ccagcacttc ctgcgcctat aaagaacagc aaaatgtgtt     42480
     ccaggctcgg ctcgctgagc cccaccagtg tgttatagtc actccacacc agggccacat     42540
     atttctccga caaacactct cgtctccccg ccctgtaaac agagcaagcc tgccataacc     42600
     acgagactgg gatacgaaat gcagtttgtc ctgaatctga atgttcctgt ttgcttagca     42660
     cggcaccctc agcctggtga aaggtagctt ctcactaagc actggtctgt caaatgaatg     42720
     ggccattctg ttgctggctc ctcagtttgg aatgtgccta ataaaaccac ggacatgctg     42780
     ccaagcacca aggactcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ccaaaaaaac aaaaaaacaa     42840
     aacaaaacaa aaaaacaaaa accaatagta catattacgg gccagcattt ttttttaatt     42900
     taatttttat cttttagttt tgaataggaa catatctctt ggttacaacg ctttgcatag     42960
     aaatgaggct gagtggggct ggagacatgg ctcaccagct aagaaccacc cttgctcctt     43020
     cccaggaccc aagttccgtt ccccgtacca tgtcagtcag ctcacaacct cccacaactg     43080
     cagcttttgg ggatccaatg ccttcttctg gactccaagt gtacccgcac atgtgtggct     43140
     cacacataga cataaatata aaaataaagc ttgaatagaa ttggaggtga ttcttttcgc     43200
     gccagctctc ttctaagtac atgtgctgtt attattattt tttttttaac ttaatgtaga     43260
     aaggttttat gtattttgtt ttatgtgagt ttctggtggt tgtgagatgc tacctgggtg     43320
     ctgggatctg aacctggggc ctctgcgaga aagaggaagt gctcttaacg gctaaaccat     43380
     ctctccagtc tcttcccatg ctcctttttg tgtgaatgtt gcatggaagc cagggcttga     43440
     aaggtacaag caaatgttct gctgctgagc tctgccccca gccctgtgtc tttgaaacgt     43500
     gagaagggaa gtgtattcac aggaatggat gcacactgtg tttcctatgc tgcacaaaca     43560
     gtccatttat attcagaata attacttttt aaaaatttta atatttattt tttacttgag     43620
     tgcctgtgta tgtgtatgtg tgtatctatc tatgtaggtg ccagaagaga ccagggaagg     43680
     catcagaaat ctgaaagtga agttacaagt agttaggttt attaattaag taactaattt     43740
     attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatgt tttttttccc agacaggatt     43800
     tctttgtgtc ttagctatcc aagaactctc tttgtagacc aggctggcct ctaactcaca     43860
     gagatccacc tgcgcgtgcc tcctgagtgc tgggattaaa ggcacgtgcc atcactgccc     43920
     aggacaagta gttaggtttt gaatatttgt ttatttagtg ccaatctcac tacacagccg     43980
     tcactggatg gaacttgctt tgtgaatctg gctatgtaaa ctaggcggct ttgaactcac     44040
     aaagatcagc cttcttccct cctgaatgct aggaataaag gtgtttggct ccgcccttgg     44100
     ctacaggtac ttatgtgcta ccaagtgggt gctcacaacc aaacccaggt cctctgcaag     44160
     agcagtcagt gctctaaacc actgagccat ctctccaggt ccacctcctg acttctccca     44220
     ggatctgact tcagttggaa ggtttcatga gggtcgactc ataactgtaa tttcagttcc     44280
     agaggatcca atgtcctcat ctgacctgca tggcatcagg catgcatgtg ctacacagac     44340
     atacaagcag acaaaacact cagacataat atataaaaag catttaaaaa ggaacgattt     44400
     ttaaaaataa ctttccacct gtgtatgtat ttacatggct ccacctgttc ttagtttatt     44460
     caggaagtat taatgtttgt tactgtctgt tacaatctgt tgatttgaac atcaatgctc     44520
     aggcaggagt gtttcccagc tggtagatgc tttcctgcca tgctaggagc ctggtttcca     44580
     tcctcagagc tacaatagac caggcactgc tcgctgtagg catgtagtag ccctggatct     44640
     tgagaagtgg aggcaggagg atcagaagtc caaagttctg gttatatagc aaattcaaga     44700
     ccagcctagg agacgagatc tcaggggtaa aaagaatgaa agaaagaaac ttgtagtgat     44760
     gctcaaattc tctgaattga ctcgtggtac ccttcaagat ggcttctgtg tccttaaagg     44820
     ttttttctta ttctttgact gtaccctagc tttctgaacc caaacgacat cgcaggctta     44880
     ctttgtatct tctttgtccc cctgcctgga aacctctcct ttctcaaatg agaaaggtat     44940
     gaggcgctga cccttcactt cccagtgacc cctctttgcc ttagtttctg atttcaaagc     45000
     agcaggatct gccaatagag gaggtgatgc tctggcggtt gccatggtga ccacagggct     45060
     tcagcgctcg gggaagctat gacgtcactg ccggagcaag tgcagccgcc actgccacat     45120
     cctggtcttt aactctgtca cagggcacag ggcgacctct gggccagcca taagaaggac     45180
     ctatttcacc tgcgagtcgc caccccaaca ctcacaaggg tggcagcagc aggtgggaga     45240
     ccagtgacct cgggtccaca gagattgcca aaggccaccg gcagcgcagg ggaagtctgc     45300
     atcttcaaac tctccttgga gcaaccttgc ctaagacctg ggagccacga ctactcagct     45360
     ccaattccgt ggctgacgtg agtcactcgc agggggcagg ctgcagacgg ctgggctggg     45420
     caggggtcct cttgactgag ttggaccaat tgggactatc ggtagcctca cctgtgaggc     45480
     cttgttttct catcactctt gaaaagagac ttcagcatcc tggatccttc tgtggtttct     45540
     cgaggcagct ccacagcgca gcagcgcgcg tacagctgcc tcaaggagtt gggcaaaatg     45600
     gtatttggag tgcaggacat tgcattgtta gaacatggtt gcaaggcctt ggaggtagac     45660
     agttacaagt ccttgatgat cttggggatc ccagaggact gtagccacca agaatttgaa     45720
     gacatcatac gggttcccct caaaccactg ggcaagtttg aagtggctgg gaaggccttt     45780
     ctggaggagg acagatccaa ggcagctatc attaggttgg cagaagacct caattacgat     45840
     gtggtcccca gggagatcaa aggcaagggc ggtgtgtgga gagtggtcta catgcccaaa     45900
     tggcaggaca ttgaattcct caccaaactc aatatgttcc tgcggagaga gggcaggacg     45960
     gtagaggatg tggcccgcat cctcaggcag gagctgtgtc ccaccacgct aggtctcgga     46020
     gagctacctc ccaggaaggg ctgcctgtct ccgcaagggg agaatgaaga caaggggccc     46080
     atcaccaagg gtaatggggt gccccctctg gaggacccag agaaggagga caagcctgaa     46140
     gaaggaaaga agggcaagaa gaaaaacaag aaaaatcggc gccgacagca ggcttctgat     46200
     aagaagctgt gagttatgat gagtgtatat ggggaggggg tgcgcaaggg agggtgggag     46260
     tcatctgaat tggggtgatt gtgggaaggt acattttggg actgagtgac tgtggatagg     46320
     aggtgataga ccagggaatg ggtggctttt gagccagaaa gattagcacc tgaatgtggc     46380
     acattgtttt ggccttgtca ggaaagccta tttattctgc tcaatcttgg ggactgagct     46440
     aggaagcctt tagcatgcca cacaagcgct ctatcactga accacgcacc cagacccgca     46500
     ctgggagatt ctaggcaaac tgtgttagtg aactatatct gcagtctgag cctagtactt     46560
     cctaacttgg gggctagagc tgagtgggtg tggcctacag agtgtttttt tgttcactct     46620
     gtatatgtct atttcacacc cacaatattc cagaatggta cttggatctt ggaataaaaa     46680
     gggaggaaaa atccaacaaa aatccctgac cgtgacattc acaatgatag tggtgttact     46740
     cagatacaat taattgagtg aagtttccat ttaagtaaag ttaaagaaat gtacagccgt     46800
     atgtatgtga ttgtatgtga ttgagtgtgg acacattatt catttaacca acaaaaacct     46860
     tctgagcatc tacaatgtgc caggtacaga acatacagtc aattattctt agtcttgccc     46920
     tcatggctat aattttcttt tctttttttt ttttttaaag atttatttat tatatgtaag     46980
     tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acactccaga agagggcgtc ggatcttgtt acagatggtt     47040
     gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actccggacc ttcggaagag cagtcgggcg     47100
     ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc ctataatttt ctatatttga ggaattgtgg     47160
     gtaatgtttg agactgtgca aggaacatgg aagtgtgtgt gtgtatgtat gtgtgtgtat     47220
     atatgtatgt gtgtgtatat atgtatgtgt gtgtgtatgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     47280
     gtgtgtattg cttcagccaa ggagagtaac ttctgactga caagggtccc agagacttgt     47340
     agaagacgtc tagcaacttt gaagccagca ggaccagccc cacaaaggga gacaaatccc     47400
     agattgttgc catagagacc acagagtgga caggtgcctg ctagccattg cctgaacaga     47460
     aggtccacta tggcaagctt ttgaaagtgt tttgctagac ttgctaaaac tggagctggc     47520
     cccgaaagaa cctgtcctga agaaaaatcc ttgcagggaa tgggtcactc ttcttcgggc     47580
     accatcacca gagacttcaa gctgaagaca gttcatagac catggttgac acccgtgctg     47640
     cccactgtct ccactgagga ccttgctgtt ctgtttgtgt ccctaaaagg ctgtgcctgt     47700
     tcagtacatg gtgactctcc cttactgaaa ggaagggcag ggtgacaccc ttaactttga     47760
     ttggcgcctc gggtaagcat gtgggtctcc ccaagttaaa tcctaggaag catgacttgg     47820
     aggggagaga gtgttgtaga aacaggagat caagagtttg aggccagcct tggctgtata     47880
     gcaagtttga ggtcagtttg ggttacatgg tagtcgtctc aataaataag gaggcctcaa     47940
     gtctataatc tgataatcgt gtgagggtga agaggaggga aactgtcagg agcatcgtac     48000
     gaaggtctag agcccacaga gctccagaga aaccagaatg ttacgcacac agggatgcct     48060
     gtccaatagg aaagatgata aacctgttct tctatccaga aagctgagaa ctggaagctg     48120
     tgctctgtgt tatctgttgg tccaggccat atcaagctcc cacaatcagg accagagctg     48180
     gcttatagcc cagatgacct ctacactatc tgtgtgacca agatcaggcc agacccttac     48240
     gtaggccctt aagctagtac aggtagcaca tctctagaat tcaccttctt agaaggcatg     48300
     acatgcaccc tgagttgagt ttcggtgtaa ttatgtttcc ttgtgcaaca gaggttgtat     48360
     taaacctttt cccagatgat actgggctta aatacatcag gaacagacca tctgttgtta     48420
     gattccctga agtctgatcc aggttgagga agtcaatctg cactgggttt ttattgttat     48480
     ctcttctccc tgttcacttc catgtatggt agctgcccct tctgaaaaac aattaccatg     48540
     aaatccagtt gtggatgggt ggagaagtct ctctttgggg acctacaaac ttccactatt     48600
     tccgggatct gtgagggctc caggtgaatt gcatttcaca actgtaattt gtgtgcatag     48660
     gaaatttaat gttttgagac cgattcttgc tatgcagcct atgttggtct ggaacttact     48720
     atgtactcaa ggctgtcctt tatttagctc atggtcctcc tgcctcagta cctctaggat     48780
     agtaatcaca ggcttgcacc acctatgtct atgtgatttt tctactgtct gataacatgg     48840
     agaactccat gtatcttttt gttttcagac actgtagccc tgcaagcatc aaactcactc     48900
     aatccttccg ccttggatct gtggtcaaga agcctgtagc tctataggtt ggagagatga     48960
     tgaagtcagt ttagtctttg gggcttcaga gcctgaccac atgagtttga tcaccaggtc     49020
     tctgtagtag aagggcctcc atgtgagagt catgcgatgg gcacccacct caacacagac     49080
     acacagacac ataccacaca tacacacaca gcacaccata cacacaccac accacaccat     49140
     acacacacca caccacacca tacacacacc acaccacatc acatacacac accacacaca     49200
     cacacactaa gcagatacac cacacacaca gacacactac ataacacaca cacacaccac     49260
     acacaccaca tcacacacac accacatcac atacatacac cacaccacat cacagacata     49320
     taccatacag acacacaaca tcacacacac acacacacac acacaccaca cagacatacc     49380
     acatcacaca cacaccacat tcaccacacc atacacacac cacccagaca ccacctcaca     49440
     cacacaccac acaaacacac cacatcacac atacacacca catcacacat acacaccaca     49500
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgcacagg cacaggcacg ggcacaaaca cacacacatg     49560
     gtataatttt agataaggaa gaggttcttg gctctatgtt taatttttct gtccttgccc     49620
     gtgtgtttcc actgtcaaga acactgcagc tgtgctcatt atcacattag cctgctctta     49680
     tgcagacgct gcacagcctg cagcacctct gccccatgca ctctgtttaa cattaaggca     49740
     cagtgggctg cataataaag gacagtgtga catttcttgc catcattttg caacctgaga     49800
     cgtgcatgtg tattcaggta tttctcctgt ggccattgta ttcgtgacag gcagcatgga     49860
     tcgttattaa atgctgtcca caaatccaga atccatgaaa tcattccctc gggagattgt     49920
     tggaaccaag tgacatttcc tgacattgta ctgcaggctg ttgtgtgaca tgaacaatct     49980
     gaggtactta cctgcatcaa tgcggcagat gtctggcaga aatccccaaa taaattatag     50040
     caaccctccc cacaactcca cttaagaagt gggtttcccc ttctttgctc tttgtggttg     50100
     atatcctact gtataaatat aagttgatga ataaatgaat gctaatgaaa cctcaatgtg     50160
     tcctgagcat gttgggaggt gggggagatg ggtaagactt cctttgggaa aatgatctcc     50220
     ttacacacac aaaaaaaaag tgggccagga aaatggttaa gcagatgaag atgcttatag     50280
     ccgagactgg tgacttgagt ttgatctgct gcaaccataa ggtaagagca gcaagcagac     50340
     tctcatgcat gtgtgcacac ctctctctgt ctctgtgtgt ctgtccctgt ctatctctgt     50400
     ctctgtctac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acattatttt tttaaattct     50460
     gaaacctcct tggacgagtt gccttatact taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagc tgttatttga     50520
     tgctactggc tgaaagaaca tggaacacac cgctttcttc tgcctggctg gcttccaggg     50580
     acccaggctg ttttccaatg ctggggtgag aggccagaca atttgtttag aataaaaaca     50640
     gatggtggag agacaggtgt gctcagctgt gattcccact cttgggagga ggagtttaaa     50700
     ggatacacat ggctacctaa aggccagtct tggctacatg aaatcctgtc tcaaaaaatt     50760
     taaaaaggga ctggagagat ggctcagcgg ttaagagccc tgcctgctct tccagaggtc     50820
     ctgagttcag ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg ggatccgatg     50880
     ctctcttctg gtcaatgaca gcagactcat atacattaaa taaataaata aataaataaa     50940
     taaataagta aataaataaa atgtttaaaa aggccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacccaaac     51000
     aaaaacctcc ctcaaaacaa acaaaccaaa acaaaaaaag cagggctgtt tctggagttt     51060
     ggttgtagag tgcctgcttg cccagctggc gtgcagaaag cccctgggta ggaggtgcac     51120
     acctgtcatt ccagtactga gagcaagagg caggagaatt agaaaatcaa ggtcactctc     51180
     agctatatac tgagttcact atgtctcaaa agtgaaatga gccgggtgtg gtggcacatg     51240
     cctttaatcc cagcactctg gaggtagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct     51300
     ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagacag gactgcacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa     51360
     aacaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtgaaatgag aggctgggaa     51420
     catggctcag taattaagaa cactcactga tcgctcctcc agagaacctg agttcggttc     51480
     ccagcaccca cataataact ttgtataatc tataactctg tgtccaggag actcactgcc     51540
     ctctcctgtt ctctgcaggt aagaggtaca caaacacgta catgcaggca gaacacacgt     51600
     aagtgtgaaa tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg     51660
     ctctcgcgcg cgtgcgccaa acaaagcaat gacaggtctc atgcttcagg ctaggcatgg     51720
     tggtacatat ttttaatccc agcatttgga aagcagaggc aggaggatct ctgtgagttc     51780
     aagaccagcc tggtctccat agggagatca aggccagcca gggctgccca aacaaacaaa     51840
     caaactcttc cggtactcaa accatccttt ccagtgcccg aagggtcggg ggatggaggg     51900
     agtagcccct tctcacactt taaagacatc gctgcattta tttgtgtgtt tgtattgggg     51960
     tgggggtgga ggtcaaagta caactgggaa ctggttctct tccttgatga tatgggtccc     52020
     tgggattaaa cctatcctcc cacccctctt tgttatctga gacctaaact catcagatcc     52080
     taaactccaa atcgattttc tctgccttcc gagaactgga atcccggtga gccatgccct     52140
     tcgttcttgt gaggattctg gctctgtgac tgtaactatt acaaaaccaa attaacaaga     52200
     aggagccaag acaagaatgg tttcctctta aagctatctg tctggggaaa tctccctgag     52260
     aaaccggaag tctgaaggcc gcgagcgaag caagataccg aggctttgtg atcttaggaa     52320
     acaaagaacc ctgaggtctt tgtttctgct tgtgggtgct gcagatggag cccagggtct     52380
     ctcccatagg caagagctct gccaccatct agacctgccc cccccccgcc cccccgaaaa     52440
     aaaaaaacaa ccaacaacca gcaagatgag gcaggcatgg agtaaagccg ggaaacagtg     52500
     gaatgtggaa tgcgaataag gaggccgggt ttctggctgg gtccttggga gctctcccct     52560
     agcacatctc agttgtcctg gcagcagagg atttttcctc gaggcagaca gagaggccct     52620
     gacagtgaga agctgctact aaccttcagc tcagtgaccc tcaggactga aggaagaaag     52680
     actaacttct tcaggttcct tcctctgcaa agtactgccc cacagcacac aaggggctgg     52740
     ttcagatatc agctttcaat gttattaaag ttattattat tattattatt attattatta     52800
     ttattattat tggatcgatg ggacccaaac tagagccttg ccaccaaaac ccagcactct     52860
     atcattgagc cactctccct ggggggttct aggcaggggc tctatcactc agccacaaaa     52920
     aaagttcttt taaacagtat aaagttataa attatattat ggttctacct ctggttggat     52980
     gatttaaaac acccagcaga aatgaccagg ggctggtaat tataagaata tcaaacatct     53040
     gtgattttca cttttaagat gtatgtgtgt atgtgcacac acacacacac acacacacac     53100
     acacacacac acacacacgg ctgggaatta tagttagaaa ttgaatcctt gggctggaga     53160
     gatggctcag cagttaagag caccaactgc tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caattcccag     53220
     caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta atgggcatcc gatgctgtct tctgctgtgt     53280
     ctggaggcag tgacagtgtg cccacataca tgaaataaat atatagccag agtgggggga     53340
     gaaattaagc ccttgaactt ttgatcttcc tgtctcggcc tccagagaag cctggatcac     53400
     acgattagaa ccaggttaag aagattttaa aattagacct attttacctg tatgtatgca     53460
     tgtgtaccat gtgtctgccg ggttcccctg gaggtcaaaa agaggcacgg gatcccctgg     53520
     acctggagtt acagatgctt gtgagagcca ccatgtggga gctgaacttg gtcctcgtca     53580
     aagagcagga agcgcttgaa ctctccagga tcatctccag ccccatgatt tagggttctt     53640
     tataaccccc acccaatgct tgctagacaa atgctccccc acagagctaa atccccaacc     53700
     tcaagactta gaattcacac gccaccactt ttaaaagccc ttgcggggtg tggtaggggt     53760
     gtcttggctt ctcttcaaag cacctctgct ttggggaaga ggcctaagga aggctggagg     53820
     ggccagagga ggggctgcct ctgtgcctgc tgtgtggaag ttcccagctt ctcccctaag     53880
     ctcagccagg gccccttgtt gccttggaga ccactagtca cgttcaaggc cttgggctga     53940
     gcagctagaa ttccatgtcg tgaagaggag gaaagttcac ctaagcagag ccagcaaaag     54000
     cgtcctccct cctaccccca atggggacgt tgaagccagg acaggaccca aacaaagcac     54060
     cccaccccga ctccaaacct gaacctgaaa aatcctctcc tgcaccttct ttttctccgt     54120
     cccctttccc ttttcctcat tgctcatgat ctgcctccaa ggtttttctg ggttaaataa     54180
     aatcacaaat gtttatctta ctttaatttt ttttttttat gattgtgtgt gtgcgctcac     54240
     gcacgcgcgc tctcgcttgc gtaacctttg caggcatgct tcttgtgaag gttagaaggt     54300
     atcagatccc catcaactgg agttctgggt gactgtaagc cactacgtgg gtgctgggaa     54360
     ccgaatcctc tataagagca gcaagcgctc ttaatcacag agacacctct ccagcccctg     54420
     ggtctcttgt agctcaggct ggtgtgagct ctctgaagtt gcgagtgacc ttaccctcct     54480
     catccccctg ccttcaatta ctgcgatcac aagtgtgcat cccatgcctg atatatgttc     54540
     ttatattgat attaaagtca cttccttacc tggccgttgt tgttgttgct taagcctgat     54600
     aatagtggcc tacgtaaagc ctagtagaca gaggctgagg caggaggatc cctgaaagtt     54660
     tgaggccacg tgggatacat aaactaagaa ctgagggtac aacatctctg tgatcttaaa     54720
     ggttttttta tttttaagaa aattttttat ttaaaaaata tatttatttt atgtgctttg     54780
     gtgttttgat gtatatcagt gggggggggg tgttaaatcc cctagaggtg gggttacaga     54840
     catttatgag cattatgtgg gtgctgggaa ttgaacccag gtcctctgaa agagcagcct     54900
     gtgcttttaa ccatggagcc atttctccaa ctccaagaaa atattttact ttaaaaacgt     54960
     gtttatcggg ctgggcatgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc     55020
     aggtggatct ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttctag gacagccaag     55080
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaacc     55140
     cgtgtttatc gtgtgtgaat taatatatgt acaatctgtg tataggggtg cacatgtgga     55200
     gattgaacaa taactttgta gaattggttt tatgtgggtt ctgggattga attcaggctt     55260
     tggggaaatg tttttaccca ttgggttatc ttgtgtgccc ctttttgtgt gcatgaatgt     55320
     cttctctctc tctctctctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     55380
     tgtgtgtgta ccacgtatat gcagtgctca cagagatcag aagagggtat tggatcccct     55440
     ggaactggaa ataaacaggg ttttgagcca tcgtattggt tctgggagtc aaacccaggt     55500
     cttacataaa ggtagcccat gctcctaacc attgagccac ctctagtccc atccccttaa     55560
     ttttaaacgc acgttcataa ttgcaatagc cttcaaagga tttgagccat cagcactcgc     55620
     accttttggg cttgcacgtc taggatggca ggttggggga cccgttgcct tttgggaagg     55680
     atgatgacgt gggttttggc tgcagctaag ggaagccctg gccccattga ggctctgggg     55740
     ggcagccaca cctctgtggg ggaggagagg gaggctgccc tgaaggggag tggacagccc     55800
     cgctgccagt cttcccaggc ttagagtgta agatgagaag gagaaggtgg gcctcaccca     55860
     ggaggggagg gcgcccagaa acttcctgcg gctctcagct ccaccacaga ctgagcgcaa     55920
     ggtcagtttg gagcgggtgg cagactgcct gggggcggga gaccctcctc ggggctgggc     55980
     ggaggccttt aagcacctcg ccatattgaa aggccacgct gagccgtctt tgtctgcaga     56040
     gtcctcccaa gaactttcag ctatatcctg gtgtctgggg caagggagaa gcgatcggag     56100
     ctcgtgggac cccaacttgg agccgggaca ctggcgattc cagtttggac tgaactttga     56160
     gcctcgggaa tgagcgtgct tcagttcatg taagcatcct ggaaaactgc ttgctacaac     56220
     tccgaggggg ttggggaagc caacttggac ttgtttcctg aagagaaaat tgtagggagg     56280
     agacactctg tgcgagcaga gttgctagga ctgtccaccg ccccctcccc aagactagca     56340
     gccaagtgtc tgggcttttt gcccccactc gagcgtccac gctggagatc ttaaagactc     56400
     tcgaaaaaag ccacgtaggg ggatggttcc cctggggctt ccttccgtct cccgattgcc     56460
     tgatcctctg gagtgtcccc gacgtctgca aagatgtcga tctggacgtg ttagtggagg     56520
     ccttaaggcc tgtgggcacc tttaagaaaa tcggaaaggt gttccgcaaa gaagaggact     56580
     ccacggtggg gatgctgcag attggggagg atgttgacta tctgctcatc ccccgggagg     56640
     tccgcctggc tgggggcgtg tggagagtca tctccaagcc tgcaacgaag gaagctgagt     56700
     ttcgggagcg gctaatccag tttttgcagg aggagggccg caccctggaa gatgtggccc     56760
     gtatcatcga aaagagcact ccacacccac cccaaccccg caaaagaacc aaggagctga     56820
     gagtgaggag agtcccgcag atggtcactc ctccacttcg gctggttgta ggtacctatg     56880
     acagcagcaa tggcagcgac agtgagttga gtgacttcga tacctccaaa gtcaaaggca     56940
     acaggagctc ctccgggagg accaggaagg tgcgcaaaat gccggtcagt tacttgggca     57000
     gcaaattcct gggcagcgat gtggagagtg aggatgatca ggagctggtg gaggccttcc     57060
     tccgccgtgg ggagaagccc agcgcgcctc ctccacgacg ccgagtcaat cttccagtgc     57120
     ccatgtttga gaacaacctg gggccccagc catccaaggc cgacagatgg agggagtatg     57180
     ttagccaggt gtcctggggg aagctgaaac agagggtgaa gggctgggca cccagatcag     57240
     gctccgaggt gggccagacc cagcaggcct ccacagcagc tgagagggct ggagaaatga     57300
     gacacagcca agccagctcg gacgatgata gctccagaaa cacaggagac cggagtgacc     57360
     agatgctggg tactagacgc tggaagccca agatcaagtg ggtttccctg agacgatgca     57420
     ggaaggagca ggtgccaccc ttcgctcagg gaacaggcat gccagctgag gagcacccag     57480
     aggctgcaga gaaccagggg gcagaggctg cagctaacca gagggcagag cctctagcta     57540
     gtccaagggc agaggctgca gctagtccaa gggcagagac tgcagctgat ccaagagtag     57600
     aggctgttgc tagtccaaga gcagaggctg cagctagtcc aagggcagag gctgtagctg     57660
     atccaagagc agaggctgca gctagtccaa gggcagaggc tgcagctagt ccaaggactg     57720
     aggctgcagc tagtctcagg gcagaggctg ttgctagtcc cagggcagag gctgcagcta     57780
     gtccaagggc agaggctgca gctgatccaa gagcagaggc tgcagctagt ccaatagcag     57840
     aggctgctgc taaccagaag gcagagcttg tagatagtcc aagggcagag actgcagctg     57900
     atccaagagc agaggctgca gctagtccaa gggcagaggc tgtagctgat ccaagagtag     57960
     aggctgcagc tagtccaata gcagaggctg ctgctaacca gaaggcagag cttgtagata     58020
     gtccaagggc agagactgca gctgatccaa gagcagaggc tgcagctagt ccaagggcag     58080
     aggctgcagc tgatccaaga gcagaggttg cagctagtcc aagggcagag gctgcagcta     58140
     gtccaagggc agaggctgaa gctagtccaa gggcagaggc tgcagctagt ccaaaggcag     58200
     aggctgaagc taatctgagg gtagaggctg cagcttatct cagggcagga gtcccacctg     58260
     accagagggc agaagccata gatagtcaga gggcagaggg cccagctaac caaagaactg     58320
     gtgctacaga aaatcagagg gtggaggtcc tagctgacca aagggcaggg gtcctccatg     58380
     accagaggga ggaggcagga cctcagggta tacaggaagc ctcagctggt tcgggatcta     58440
     gggcccagaa acaggtaaag acagtgaggt tccagacccc aggacgcttc tcatggtttc     58500
     gcatgcgcag gagagtcttc tggcacactc ccaggttgcc aaccctgccc aggagagtcc     58560
     ccagggcagg tgaggccagg agcctccggg tactaagggc tgacatcaga gcagatgtgg     58620
     aacacagaga gcaagaagaa cagctgtaag ggaagcccag tgcccctgcc ccctgcctgc     58680
     ctttgttagc tactgggatg cctctctcct tttcaggttc cttctctctc catgtttgaa     58740
     aatggggggg gggcaggggt gaggggtcag gcagcaccgc ccacaccttt cctccccttt     58800
     ccaccctcat tctctaacct ttcctcttct tccctctccc tttcttctct ctctttttct     58860
     ttccttctgt ctctattttt tatttaagac agagtcttgc tatgcagccc cgatggcctg     58920
     gtgctccata tataattggc ctcaaactca cagtagtcgt ctaccttagg gcccagagta     58980
     ctagggttac aggtgtgtgc ctctacatct ggccccaatg accctctttt gttttgtgtt     59040
     gtttgagaca gggtctctct atctagcccc agctggcctg gaactcgcag tgtagaccag     59100
     gctggccttg aactcacaga tctggatggc tgcctctgct aggactacag gcatgtgcca     59160
     ccatgcccat ctttcagtgg cctactatat catcttgctt ttatgtgatg agattgtgtg     59220
     ttcagggtgg tgtggctata gaaacactta aatttttttt tatatgttga ttttttaaaa     59280
     tactaagtat agcatcttaa agaatgaaag acataagccc gtggagcctg gcggcctggg     59340
     tggtatttta acttcttatg tattttaagt gctcacagcc tggcaaaggg aaatgggtag     59400
     aggggggggg gaatcagtct gtcctttttc ttctgtctgt aactaatttt gattgatggc     59460
     ctttttgcac ttaaagagaa aactcaagtt gatatgcaaa taaaaatgtg tacaaggtgg     59520
     cttcttgttt ccgaggtggc aatggtcagt gttggggtga tttttctggt tcaatgacat     59580
     gaccctgtgt tttaccttgt cactttacct gccatgttta ggctgctaag ggctggagga     59640
     tctgagggta cagagcctgt aggcttcaca taccatactg atctccgtga gaaggcacag     59700
     aaaacccaca aggagtgagg tgcaggaggg atggcttggc aggtaagggg ctgctcttgc     59760
     agaggacctg ggtttgattc ccagcaccta catggtggct cacaaccacg tgtagctcta     59820
     cttccagggt gtctgatgtc ctctggtctt cactcaccag gcacacacat gatgcacaga     59880
     catacatgca gcctgaacac acagtcataa acataattga aaaacagtct gaaaaaagga     59940
     aaaagaggaa agacgagcca gcagggaaat gcacgcaggg tgttgcattg gggacccctg     60000
     aagatcaaat ccaggtcatc aggcttggta gaaatggcct ttacccgtga gccacctcac     60060
     cactcccttc agtctgtttg agcccacaga catctgtgtt gctcttgcca ctggatgtgt     60120
     taaaaagatg ttagactaga agtgtgctca aagggggaag tagtgtgcac aactgcttct     60180
     tagaaccaga tcctgggctg ctaagggcct cagggaagga aggtggacgt gtctctgtga     60240
     tgcttggcag cagagaaaga gaataaatgt acacacacag tctctgtaga agtcagcagg     60300
     ggtagcgagc attagtgaaa aagcagtcca gtgctcatta gctgaagaat gaaatatgtc     60360
     ccagaagccc caattctcct cccaccccta gtgggacgat atctggggag aaaacaggct     60420
     ttcacattcg aggtagatgt tctgccactg agccatgctc ccagcccctc actgagggat     60480
     tctaggtgga tgctctatta tgcacccttg tatatccact tttgctttcc ctgctctgtt     60540
     cgacacggtt caggttggcc tttctatagc cccttttgct gttgttcatg gacaaggttt     60600
     gtttccttat agctcagcct gtccagaata tggaccccac ctggaggagt agatttgatg     60660
     ggagttggag ttgtctggga tgaccaggtt aggggtagag gtcaggggtg gtccttgcag     60720
     ttgttcacag ccactggaag gtaaaaggaa aagcattaat agacagtgcc acccagttca     60780
     gcttcccaca gggtctgcag ctcagtgggc tttagggata atattggagt cccaaggaga     60840
     gactttgtga cacggctttc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     60900
     acactgaacc tacagagacc caggtacagg cacaaatggc aagcccctat acaaacacac     60960
     tggtaggccc ccagaaatgt ccataagttt gtgggcacac atatgcagta ttcattcaca     61020
     ctctggttca gacctgccag gttcctgcac atgccaggaa accctctgtt ccctgccaca     61080
     cacactccac catatttaca aatgttagca ctggcagaca tgctgtcaat gctgtagata     61140
     taggcaatgc caccgaaacc cagcagacag ccacggactg gaataacact caaaaaaaaa     61200
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagatagaa aggaagaaag atagatccca ccccttttcc     61260
     tgggtgttat tttcataatg acctttctga atagccttga aacttggaca aacttgggtc     61320
     agtgtgacct tcagcttgtc cctcccttga atggacgtga cattctcttc ccttccttat     61380
     ctagcaggaa catccggaga ggaccagatg tgagagggaa ggaaccctta cactgccctg     61440
     gaccaactgg ataaggatat tattatctct ttaaatagtc aacccaaggt ttttgttgtt     61500
     ttaaaggcag ggtctcatgc agccctggct tgcctggcgc tccctatgct gtggaggaca     61560
     acctttcgct ctggatcctc cagtctttgc ctactatgtg ctgagatagc aggtgtgcac     61620
     caccatgcca gggttatatg gtgctgggga tcaggcttgg ggcttcaagg atgcgaggca     61680
     aaccaggtcc tcaggcccac aagggacttc tgctaggcgg actcctgaat tcagcctggc     61740
     atgcagagag gccaggcata actttggtac tgttagatgt tgaacttgtc ctgggcaccc     61800
     agtccagtca agcagctcag ccacctgatt gggaacctgc cagattggat cgccacctgg     61860
     tggccatagt cagaactgca gcccaggctt ctgggttgtg gctggtttgg gattgagggc     61920
     tgccattcta gacagcttta gaaaatggac acactgaggg acatctcagg acgtcttgtg     61980
     accagcagtc atgaccaagt tgggatgatt cctgataaat gaatttgaag ccacaatccc     62040
     aaactgtgaa tttgggaact gggcgtagca ggtaccattc aaatcctctt tcaggccggg     62100
     acggttatgc caggagccct ggagtagggc actgtggagc ttgaagtcct agcttcttca     62160
     agctttgtcg tgtgggcaat gggttgaaac tcccttccct cgtgctatct cctctcttcc     62220
     ctatggagcg aaatgaagac cggcaaggaa gcaactcaga atctggactc ccaccccctc     62280
     acttcctatt gcctgatttt aaaaatcaca ttttagctaa cataatggta cccagttact     62340
     ccagggactg aggcaggaga attacttgag cttaagagtt cgaggccagc cttacccagg     62400
     tgataaagta tggatatatc tataccctgc atggataaac acatagacaa acagacaagt     62460
     aaacaagtca aacttggtcc atgaagcaga tctgtgattc tggcacctgg ggggctgagg     62520
     cgaggactag agagatggct gagtagttga gtgttgtgct gctcctgcag aggacctaag     62580
     ttcagctcct aagtggctaa gaggcttaca accacctgta actccagctc tagggcatcc     62640
     tgtacgcttt gtgcactggc ctccccaggc acctgacacc tgccctgcgg gtgaaatcac     62700
     acttcggagg ccacaggcta agtagcacat tattattctc ttcttgctgt tgtagatgac     62760
     acctctgatg agtggatggc actgatgagt taataggctg cgggggactt ggagaccacg     62820
     tctgtctatc tcagactgat tgaaaccaca ggctctcatg tgggcttggc caagagcatg     62880
     atgggggaca cctttgccat caaagggcat agtctggcat ggtaacaaat gatgcaagag     62940
     gatcaggatt gcaagacagg acacagagtg agcttgaggc cagcttgggc tacatgaggc     63000
     actgttaaaa taatgaatga gtaaataata caaaaaaaac gacagaaaat cctgcactaa     63060
     gagcacatta atattgccca tttctgaaca ttatcctaag actgattaca cacctaattg     63120
     tatttccctg tggtcctgac cttccttgct tttgaaaaga tgaagctatt gacttcaaag     63180
     tggaacccag ggtattatgc atatcaggca agtaatcttc catgaaacca caccttaggg     63240
     cctcaccaga tgctggggga ttctaggcag aggctctacc actgagccac gcccccagtc     63300
     cctcactggg ggattctagg caggggctct acacttgagc catgccccca gcccctcact     63360
     gggggattct aggcaggggc tctacccctg agccacgccg ccggcccctc actggaggat     63420
     tctaggcaga ggatccatct cagaggtata gttccaagct tttcggtttc catctgaacg     63480
     agtttggctg ccactcactg tcacaagaat aaagtgaaag agctcaggct cccagaccca     63540
     ggctgaggaa agaaggttga gaattttggg ggaacaggag gtggtggtga tggatctttg     63600
     gaggagcttc ctggcttcac tcctgccatc tagccctact ccatcttttt tctgaggcct     63660
     gtacacatct ggaatcagtc tcttagccat ccttaaagat gaagatgctg tgcgaagtcc     63720
     cgtggagtcc ctcgcgctct cttattcttt gctgtccctg gccagccaag attaaccagc     63780
     agcttttttt ttcttttttc ttttcttacc tcattaccct tgaccatgac caccataggg     63840
     ggagggtatg tgcagggacc acttcaagac caggcaggaa gcatctgtgc tcacctggcc     63900
     gatcatctga ctgctttctc gttcttattc cccataacca cgtttcccta tctcaagttt     63960
     aggaggtcca tcatcagatg agccaaactg ggttcctatt tcagggctgt gtgactcttg     64020
     gcgagtcatc taccctctct gagccaattt ccccatctgg aaaaaatgct cacagtaaga     64080
     gcatctagga ctgggatgta gtctagttgt tgctatcttg ctaccccaaa cccaggctta     64140
     gtggtgcatg cctgaaacac cagcacactg gaggtagacg tagtaggatc aaaagttcag     64200
     tcatcctcca ctatatagga agtttctgag cagcctgggt tacatgataa taccctggct     64260
     agctgggcta gagctttaaa cagaatagaa catcactagt gagacagaaa cattagcttg     64320
     tatgggtttt gtaacaggtg taaactgccc tcctcccatc tcaaaggtgg atgggttagg     64380
     acacgctact ccacctcccc ctgcacgctt gtgccctgag aagtgccatc catcgctggt     64440
     gggtttttag ctgtggtcct ggagcaccac ctggtggtgg attctagtct agtctggcag     64500
     ggacttaggg atgcaggtca cctcttgtcc ccaggacctt cattccttcc tcaagtcgtt     64560
     ttaggcccat gtcacacacc tggaaagtac tgtttctctg cctgagtgac ccaggggccc     64620
     ctggcacatt tttaaccact gtgcatggat gggtagatcc aagtccattc cctacaactt     64680
     ggtttcagtc tagaaattat tcactccgcc agcaacagta gggggtgata gtgagtcaga     64740
     cctggagtcc caggctgagt ggcaccttcc caacttttgc tttgcagagt ctccttaaac     64800
     caggctggct gtgtagctgg ggatgacctt tcactcccga ttttcctgct tctgcctctt     64860
     caagtgcctg tgttccccac actcccaccc taatccccat tctaaactta ctctttcacc     64920
     tggtgtgtgg tgaagtccac ctatgttctg ctcccagggt tgaatgtggg aaaggcagag     64980
     gacaggtggg agcctgcaga tggagttcct accggtcttg gcactggact ttgttgtcct     65040
     ctcaggccct tactggttaa tcctgggtaa gtgctttatg gctgagccac atccccagct     65100
     cttcatattg tctgggactc ctttgctggg catatgatga ttttcaggga agatcaatta     65160
     aggattgaag accctggcag caggtggcct atccagatat aaaacagcaa gcttttttca     65220
     gaggaaaaca ttgtctacct ccatttaaat aaaacaaaac aaaaaaaagt gtgtggaggt     65280
     aggggtggag gacaactgtg tgtgtgtgtg taggagagga aatggggaag tgttggctct     65340
     cctccccacc agggagcaaa cccaggctct tagtcttggt gcaagcaagt acttttgccc     65400
     actgagctga ctcactagcc cacactgttg aggccctgtt ctcaggctct ctggcatgca     65460
     cagatggcca ctgttggact acacagcccc tactgtgtga catatgtcct gttctgtgcc     65520
     ttgagaggac gctgacacag catgcactgt ttctatatca gtaaatcatg ggaaactcat     65580
     ggtctgaaca aacatacaga gaaacttcat agcccaacta aaaaaagatg tatgttatta     65640
     ctgggggtgg ggcatgtcta ccacagcctg tgtgaggatc agagggcaac tttatggagt     65700
     cagttctcca gtttttgtca gggatccaac ttggactttg agagtagaga tttctaaact     65760
     cgtgacctag ctggaggacg cagggcacta aggggtgggc cttgaacgtt cctagctggc     65820
     cctgcttgag atctctctct ttgctttctg gcctctatcc tgtgagaagc tgaccacgaa     65880
     agctcctgca gtcttgaccc agtacaacca cggtctttcc tgaatgatgg cgcagtcttc     65940
     tcacctgtga ctagcagcca tccctggagc tgcttctgtc agatgtcctg cacagtgtgg     66000
     agaaaagaac ctgctataga caggggcagt cctacaggtt gctaggggtt tgcacagagc     66060
     accggggact atggaatttt ctgagaggtt gagtataatc caccttccag cttggaaata     66120
     aacaccagcc acacctgctg gccacattct cagttatagg attctgaaat tcctcaagca     66180
     ctactgaact gaaggctcag ggcctctcaa ccaacagtag caacggagga ctcccaggcc     66240
     agggaaacag caacttctcg ggcagactag ctctctgggc agcccaagcc ttgtttgccc     66300
     catgagcata cagcagagca gaacagttgc tgagcgctgt ccctgctgag gacagcttgg     66360
     gagcccagag cactgagcat ggactttgcg gtgctgttgg gagatgaggg ttcagaaggc     66420
     tccgcatgct ccacccacta tgccgtttcc ttgcaaagct cagctagaac agaggcttct     66480
     gaggggtctg aggtcagcct gcagcctgca caggtctcag gggtccgacg atacttctgt     66540
     ggtgactctt gtcctgtgat gtccacatca ctgaggggca cccagaacca aactgtaccc     66600
     accctggagg ggcttgtacg tggtggacac acgtcgaggt gggtttgaga tgaggtttga     66660
     cttacaataa tgactttatt ttattttaac atagttaatt acagaacata aaatagctgg     66720
     ggggtgggcc ccagccttgc cccaccctga ggctaccagg aggaggcctc cctgatgacc     66780
     ctcttttggg gtcttcctat ggcagggtcc tattgcttta ccaggggagg agccatgcag     66840
     gtgaaggggc aagacctcct cttggcccca cccctaccca ggctggcctt cctccaaatg     66900
     cccaggctgt gccctacctc cagtctcctt tctctgacca ggagcctgtc gtctgctgcc     66960
     ccacgctgcc cccaccccct ctgcaaccta aaggggaata aatacaaact ttacaaagta     67020
     aaagggggtc caacgttgcc ctggggcggg gcagcaggcc gagggcgggg ccattcagct     67080
     gggcaagtcc cggctcactg ctgctgacag cctcacatca ttcctagctg cagaagcgtg     67140
     ttggcgtatg ccatgggctt gacattgggg tgaggctgca gcagggacag aaggagagag     67200
     acagtcagga gacttgccca tacaaagcac tcgcccaggc agtgccctgt cccaggtcac     67260
     tcaccactgc tgtgaattgg tggaactggg gccgcaggtc ggagccctgg aggtggatgt     67320
     aggaggcttt gtttcccatc tggtcactgt aggaacaggg gcagaggggc ttgtgtggtt     67380
     ggggctggag attatgagaa ggtggggaac agagggaggg agcgaggtct gagacaggaa     67440
     ggggatgcag aggagaggag agaagaggga gacacacttg ccatggagag atggtggtgc     67500
     caaagaaacc acagtgaagg gctggaggaa agccacggaa aggtggggga agcagaggca     67560
     ggaagaggca gtgggagagc tggagacctg acctcacact accctagcac cagaggtatg     67620
     tatatagtac agggacagag tgacatgaca ccatgaggtc acagcctatc cagaaacaca     67680
     gcccatacag ccctgagtcc tggcttcctc ttatagatac tgagaggaga gagtggactt     67740
     ggatgaaaag gccttgctcc aagggaagac ctgacacctg gggttgggga gcagcagaag     67800
     gcccacaggt gttcattata ctaccatgta tccactctta ggtatccttc ctctggtgga     67860
     agtttccagt caaagccaaa acctgccact gccatggtgg ctcatgcctg caaccccact     67920
     actgggaggc caagacaaca atcatgctgc taatttgaca cctgactgga ctagagtaag     67980
     accctgtctc aaaagccata cattcataat ccacacagaa taaaccctgt ggcttgggca     68040
     aaaagtggga gaggtagacg caccaatagt tgggggcaga aaagacagtg acacagcggc     68100
     caccatgggc cacctcgtag ccctcggctt tgacttcatg gctgcggatg atatagtcca     68160
     gttgattctc ctccaggaag gccttggtga catcaggccc aaactggcaa ctcacaccac     68220
     gcttgctgac ggagcgccca ttctggtagg agcaaaggaa caggagactc tgggtaaata     68280
     agggcctggc tccaccacat ctcagtccaa acccaaaggc agacacccag ctcacctgtg     68340
     gctggggatc tgaccacagc aggtcacaca tgggacctac aggagaaggg aacagtgtga     68400
     gacttacctg tttcccaagc ttcctcagac acgtgcctgc cccacagtac agcagggttg     68460
     cagaggggct gttgagctgg gcccagtttt cctgtagctc tcagtctatc cattataagc     68520
     ctgctgctgg atggaacttt taccactcca atctaagagc aggccctctt ctcgtccaaa     68580
     gcctcctgtg gctctccact gccccagcag caaaccccat gttcctacca agatctgtag     68640
     ctctcagggc gtggcctcag gccttatatc tagtaggaac ctctgagggc cagctctagt     68700
     caccccaccc catcagtccc tgctgtcccc tgaattggcc acaccactgt cagctcaaat     68760
     gttaccaccc cagagttcat ttcacccaca tcatccatgt cctctctgat gttcccagcc     68820
     aacagtccca cacattcagg ttgcaggtgg gaaatccaca taaggtctgt gtgggtccag     68880
     gcactcctct ctgtgcctga gtccactcac ctgagtctgg gggctgccga ttccgctcaa     68940
     tctttcggat gtcatccaga gtgacaccat cttcgctgaa taggcctccg tgcatgatct     69000
     aggggaagca cgagcctctg tgaggggagg agcccccgct gtccccccat cccaccctac     69060
     ccccagcatg ttgcctgcat ggtgggagag gccctgagac tcctcaccag cactttgcca     69120
     ttgatacact gcgccagcgg aagccactcg aacacctcgc tgaagagctc atacatctgg     69180
     gctgtgtact tggccttcac ctcgccctcg aacccgtaga tctggttcat gttgtctgtc     69240
     tcgtggttgc ctggccataa cagaagaaca agagaggacc ctcagcctcc agtttattta     69300
     ttatatacct atctggtaat ttcaggtaca gacctgggga caagatggca ttgctcaatg     69360
     atagctggct ggcactgaac cttgataatg agagcccagc tcagtactca gatggacctt     69420
     tgtgcttaga ttagtgtccc caggaggctg ttcacactgc tgtgtgtgca ttagagaaag     69480
     gcacctttcg tccttgaacc ttctgtctgg catctgccag cagagggcac agtgaccacc     69540
     acactgagct gcctatggca agtgctgcca cctcttgtgg tgctactggg gtggtgcaca     69600
     acctgctcaa ccttatgtgg tggccccgcg gtgtacaggc ttgctgaatt caccaagtgc     69660
     gtggctatac tactctaggc tttacagatg aagacagaag cccaggagag aaggagaaac     69720
     cctcctcacc tcgaagtaga tggaaatgat ctggatacag gagcttaaag ccgaagaggg     69780
     tgaggatcac ttcaacggag aaggaaccac ggtccacaaa atcgccatta aatatctttc     69840
     ttgttaagga agctgtggtt cagatggcag atgggccagg agggcgcagt cctgttccct     69900
     tggctccaag gcttccatct ccaaaggggg tgtatccctg gtctgccttt gaactgaagc     69960
     cccaaggaaa caacctcacc tgtcttgagg aaggcaatgg cagagcctag gcagccagct     70020
     gttccctaag agcagtcctc aaattacagg ggacaggtcc tacctcccaa aagcacagag     70080
     cctaggaacc ctacacagaa actatcccat gtcaaacatg tgagaaaagt ctggggtgtg     70140
     gctcagtggg tggaaaggat gccgaacaca acaaagcctt gggtttcatg tccagcactt     70200
     aatcaactag gtgtagtggc ccatgtctac aatcctagca tgaaggagat gggaggtcaa     70260
     aagctcaaga ccagcaggag actcaaccaa accaaaccaa accgaaccga accgaaacaa     70320
     aacaaaacaa aacagaaacc caaggcaaac cagcatcctg ctcaaacccc cccccccaac     70380
     cctgtgaaga aaaccctatc accccatggt acagacgaag gacaggagag atggcctgct     70440
     gggtggaagg gctgggtgga caggtgtaca gggtttagtg ctgcctgtgt ggtactttgt     70500
     agcaggcgag agagaagcgg ggtgaggcct acaggtgact cggtatcagt aagatgaggt     70560
     ccctatgttc ttctctggtg gggtccccct gtcaacatgg gatagtgctg aggatacata     70620
     ggggttggtc tctgagggta aaccgttgag ctcaaatatg ttgaggaggt cgtagaactg     70680
     gccatgggtg tccccgcaca ctgtaatctt ctctgtctga aagaaaagag gccaccggag     70740
     agggaggggc ccagagagag atgtggggag ggggcagagg ggaatgaggg gtgagaggtc     70800
     acaacagacc aagaaaattc atgcaagaca caatgggagg gacacagcaa tgaggaaggc     70860
     agacaagggg gagggagggc tgtcaggtac agagaggagg gaaggacgct caggtgggtt     70920
     aatgaggtcc tgagctgggg gacctcccga ctgctgcccc gctgagacca catgcaccct     70980
     gccatcctgg gcgcacctct ttcagcgtcg tctccaccag cgtgctcagc ttgcagagga     71040
     cttctttcac ctgtactagg atctggaaga caggccagac tttaagtgtg gctggctggg     71100
     gtgggagtaa aagctgctac ccttcagagg cccacagaaa gcctcagatg cctggactac     71160
     tgggtgctac ccagggacaa gagaggtggc cctcaagtgg tgatctgatc tggcctatgt     71220
     gtcatttaaa catcatcatc aggggcttaa gacatggctc agcagttaag agcactgact     71280
     gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc atcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg     71340
     taatgagatc tgatagcttc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagcgt actcatatac     71400
     ataaaataaa taaatcttaa aaaaaaaaat cctgaaggaa tcacactaca gagtgacaag     71460
     cagcctccgt cccccgcccc cgagcggggt tatggttgct caggctggta gcacaggaag     71520
     tggcttctgt tagggctaag caccagggga aggcagcggc ctcatcacag gcgaggcagc     71580
     acgtgtgtct agttctgttg tagaaatgac ttctataatc tgagacctgt ccagcccatg     71640
     cacgtcctct cttactcctg tccccaactt aagccaacca cactcttcaa gaattcctct     71700
     gtctctgctt cctgaagctc tgagctctgc ccgacactct gcccaagtgc tgtggtatca     71760
     gatgaggtca gtgtagctct cagcacagtg cccagcacag cgccttggcc taggcgggct     71820
     ggcagtggca ggcccattcc cgggtcccag gtgtgtgtgg cacaggagtg ggtgttacct     71880
     ggtaggcgca cttccggtgc agtttcttct gatccttgta ccactgcatg aggtctttca     71940
     tgaaggtgat tgtcactttg ccatcctcaa gcttgggccc gctgtactca tcttcaatgg     72000
     ctggtgtatg gacaaggggg ttagtgaggg gcttcagccg aggagggtca ggaaggagac     72060
     ctggtcccca gggatggcgt aagagattgg gcaatgaagt ttcccacggt actgtggtgc     72120
     tcctgatctt aggatcagct cacaactcct gcaatcctgg gcctctggcc agttgtaagc     72180
     agtggcttcc tgctttggca actgtccttt ggggagctgt tcccctccct ctgctccaca     72240
     ttctaaactc aattagcagt ggctaagggg tgactactaa gtaatctctt cagattcaga     72300
     gcccagagca cctgctcacc ttcgggtgac atcggagtat gagccaccct cctccctagt     72360
     ccagtgcatc agcagcacac agcgcaggga gggttaggct gcactgcact catttgccca     72420
     tctcaagaat ggtgggcacc atgctccaca aagtcaaggt ccactgtggc cggaaaaaag     72480
     atgacggcac acaccctgaa ggacgaagac ccaattctac atgtggtatc ctctcctaga     72540
     taaacccctt gtaaaccaag ttccccgagt gcgtgtgtct gggagggaga cagacatgct     72600
     tgctagctcc tgacacattc ttaggtggca ggtcttcaaa tacggtttct ccatcaactc     72660
     ctggcttcca ggtactggct cctccgtgtt aagcaatggc cagtgcttta acccagtgtc     72720
     tatgcctaca taatgaaatc tctataaaaa ctctgaggca aagacaggtc tctgggagct     72780
     cctagagtct aggacctagg cagcagaacc catggaggtt gctggagggc agttctcatg     72840
     cccatgtgcc ttctctctgc agcttttcat ctgtagattg tgcaacagac tggtaaggac     72900
     ccctgtgagt tctgtaagtc actcaacaaa ctaatgaaac cttaagagca gattgtggga     72960
     gccctgattc acacccattg ggtcagagga tggtcaaaac aaatttggaa ctttgaacaa     73020
     gcgtcactgt ggcggtggca ggttctgcac aagcaccacg gcacacatac atacacacat     73080
     acatacatac atattcactc acatacatac atacatacac atacatacat acatacacac     73140
     actcacatac atacacacac acacacatac atacatacat acacacacac acatacatac     73200
     atattcactc acacaacatg ataatcaatg aatgtttttc aaaagtgggg agtggtggct     73260
     tggggctgtg cctcagtttg tcagaaccga tttgaatctg aacaatgtgc agattggggg     73320
     gtctggttat tggtgggaga aatctggata cagccttggt gaccaggagt ctgtgctgag     73380
     tgctaagaga tggggaaagc ccacgtgctc tgccgataca tcgtcagcac tagtgttaca     73440
     agtgggatct gctaggacgg ctgtggctca cagaaatgtg gtaggggaag gaacaaggta     73500
     agaggggaaa gtaagggcta tgacttctgg gtggccatgt ggtcacccac tgtacagggc     73560
     tacagctgtg ccatgctctc acttaaagca ccagctttac gctctattaa gaaaacgtga     73620
     accgctcaat ctcttggcca aagtttccaa agatggctaa aactgcagta gaaagagtgt     73680
     aaggtctgat gctggcctga gaccaatgtt ttggcctcca atagcagcag ccaggggaaa     73740
     gtcacacagg gataacagac atcacctcca agacctctgg tcaccaaaag tgaaaaaagg     73800
     gccagaggga agacttaaaa agcacttctg agagcagagg gcctggggtt aaggggttgt     73860
     ctgtgagccc attatcagct ttccaaggag cctcactgca gtgtgttcta aaggctttgg     73920
     ctcagaatgg tgcagagcag agggacacac caggctatgc gatgggtagt gttagttact     73980
     gtcaaccgga cagagtccag aatcacccag gcagctgata tgtctgtagg attctcttgg     74040
     ttaactgagg tgggaagacc tgcccactgt gggtggcacc attccctggc tggaacccta     74100
     gaccatgtta agaaaaagga gctgaacagc agtggctgca cacagtcatc tttctgcttc     74160
     cttattatgg aggcaacatg atcagcgctt ttagctgctg tagccccagc ttccctgcat     74220
     ggactgtact gtgtgccaac accccctttc tcttgcgccc ctgtatttta tcatagcaac     74280
     aggaaaagag actaagactt gtatggcact gtgcagatgg ctgcacacac cccagacatg     74340
     acagggttac tctccaggaa cagcttgcct ggcagactga ccaccagcta ctgtaatgtc     74400
     tgctcacttt atatggggtg ccagcctctg ccatcagtgc cgagaggaag gacaccccag     74460
     aggagcagct gatttgtctc ttgtgcaagc catacggggt ggtggaccct tcctgcccca     74520
     aaaccaaaac caattcagaa gccctgctag acgtgggtcc ccactccccc ttataggact     74580
     gagatgccac taaaaacatc aagcaaatga gcaaggacaa atgagcagac aaagaaggaa     74640
     gagctcgtca caggaaggga gctatactta gggttattaa gaaaacaaga caaggtttac     74700
     tggtacgtgc atgcaatcct aaacttggaa ggccacggca ggtagatctc gagtctgagg     74760
     gcttcttgag ctttacagac aaaaaagatg aataaaggaa atgaagagga gggactggcg     74820
     agatggctca gtaggaaaag aaaggctctt gtcaccaaac ctggcaactg agtttggtcc     74880
     ccggtaccca catagtggaa gaagaaaact ggagagctgg gcttccaccc acaagccatg     74940
     gtgtgtgcct tcatcatgca catacaaaca cccccacaca cacactcatc ccaccccaca     75000
     tacatgcaca agcaaagcca agaggaaaag ggtctaagca caacacgcct tcacagatgg     75060
     gatggggccg ggcagccccc gccagagccc gaacatttaa gagagtccac aatgtttgct     75120
     ctatttaccc ccttttggac atgtctgaca tttctaagag atcatggtga gaaatctagt     75180
     cagaaattgc ttggagcagc agacatacta ataatacaaa aataacaaga gctgagattt     75240
     tagaataaag agtaggtgct ttggctcact gaccccaccc taccctggag actacaagca     75300
     gtagatcaaa gggttagagc ggatagaaaa ttccccaaga ccccttgata tacactgggg     75360
     tgcctaaaga ataaaaggct ggagttggag agatggctca gcagttaaga gcacttgttg     75420
     ctcttgcaga tgccccaggc tcaattctaa gcatccgcat aagtggctca aactacctgc     75480
     aactccaagc ccagaggatc aataccctcc tctgatctct gagggcacca ggcacacaag     75540
     tgatgtacag atatacatac acactggcaa aataacccat acacactgaa ataaaattaa     75600
     taaaaggcct caaaaacagg caggcagggc tgcaagtagg agggttcaca ggggctgatg     75660
     atctcagcac aggtgatgga cagacccttc cagctggccg cactgtggat ggacagtgca     75720
     tcgcactagg ctgggcgtca gtcctcttcc tggtagggct aagtgaacat gtaaaactgc     75780
     aactgagctt gctgccggag ccacccaagc ccacgtcatg tgtggcaggg acggaagggc     75840
     tggcctggga acatttctgt gcagcagtcc caggcacagc cttgattggg gcttggtcac     75900
     agcaattcaa tgtggggggc tttctctacc ttgctgtagg acactgactg aagctgtcat     75960
     tgtgttgaag ggcacaacct gagactccat gatggctagg taagtcattc gagggccagt     76020
     gctcgtaagc ttctcccaca gtacctgggg aagcagggag gaaccctcag gagcagggga     76080
     actctcttca aggctgactc taagaagctg ggtactgact gaggaacagc tctgctaagc     76140
     aggacagcaa actgggtggt gttgaggccc atgtctgcac ctgtgccaac gtagtcagga     76200
     aggcgggcaa tgcaaactgg cctggtaaag aatgtgtgtg ctgggaggct ggacaccact     76260
     aaggcaggag tggccaatga tcatcggtcg tttctaggca tctccagcac acatgctaga     76320
     aggcccggct gcaggaaatg aatggccatg ggagctgcag cactgcaaag agagccgagt     76380
     gcagacacgt ccttaggtac agctcgacta ctggttgcca tgggacagtc ctgtggctga     76440
     actccctgaa gagctggtga ctcagggtga tgctggtggc ctcagggact acaaatgggt     76500
     tgtgacaaga ctcaacactg acactgcctc cagagattgc tcttaatatc tgattgtggc     76560
     agggaaccat gctcctcaga accaggtcag cagagaagag gaacaagcac ccaaagaact     76620
     ggctggctac gatgaaggga gataccgggc atgatgactc tgctctgtga gcccagcact     76680
     tgggaagctg aggcaggagg accatcatga gtttcaggcc agcctagccg agaatgcgat     76740
     cctttatgtc cctgccccaa taaaccgaaa ccctggactt gcacacctga gaaaatctaa     76800
     aggggtatgt gcccggatcc acctgtcatc tggaagacag catagacagg acacagctct     76860
     tgtcaagaga aacagatgcc acaatgaccc cattgttgtt tcttcttccc cacctcccct     76920
     cccaactgtg aagcactgtc acagagtatt ggaacccagg ggagtcttag gcatggcacc     76980
     acaaagctta tgcctgaatt cttcgagacc tgatgagggc aggtaatgtc cacaccccat     77040
     caggcaaaat caagggtgac agtaaataat ttggccacct cactcataag acatggtggg     77100
     gaaatggaag caacacgttt ggcaccatgc accctgagcc taaccagaag ggaatgggcc     77160
     aaggcaaggc accggttagg atgcgacaaa ggaaaaatcc tgacagcctg agcttagtca     77220
     taagggttcc cactcttatg attaagatgg aggggaagga ctaggatgga gggagagggc     77280
     taaggaagac agcagttgta ggtgacacct tcattctcag atgttctctg aaaccttgcc     77340
     tttacccacc aagcatagca gggttgagtg tgtagggggg tatacagcca ggcctactca     77400
     ctcatgcttt caatgtccag agagtccacg acagagcgtc tgtgctcgtc acccgcaatg     77460
     gccctctcaa aggccttctg cttcacaatc ttgctgcact cctggtactt catcttggca     77520
     tccttgtcat taggcttcac tttcaccacc tggccaggaa gagggaggga gggaggtgtt     77580
     actctctgga ggaccagcca cctatcccag atgagccacc aggggcactg tgatctcctt     77640
     ggtcgacact gcccggggct gagtcagacc acccaggggc tatcacagct agcagggcaa     77700
     ccctggactt gtgtcaccca ggactgtttt tacatcccca caccaagcat aacagagctg     77760
     ctccataggg tggctttgga gaccaggact ttagcctaag caggtgccct ctctaaacaa     77820
     ctctgatctt gttaaaacca aacaggtgtc cagctgaaca cacaggtctc aggttcccag     77880
     tgcagctggt gggtgaggct agagtcttag aacagcctgg actctttgca ccttagtgct     77940
     ccaatctagg aagtgggggc ctgctggaag gaccgaggac ttggtataca agaggactct     78000
     gtaggcggca gtcagtcact tgctttctct gggagactgg ggctccaatt ttcctgtttc     78060
     ctctggtaat ggggatagga gacacagttc aagtcccagc ttagtcagtg atgatggggg     78120
     agcctgggtt atctcagctg tcgtcagttt ctcctctagg aggggacagt ggcaacaaag     78180
     ttccctccga gagtaaatta ggggccactt taaaatatgc aatagtcagt tgtgggtggg     78240
     cagccttggg gcacagtagt taagagagcc tgcctgcttc ctgtaagccc gaccgaagcc     78300
     caggagcgca gaagacagag ctgggcctag tggtgcatgg ctgcagtctc agcacttggg     78360
     agatggaagc agaggactgt gaacaccagc ctactctggg ctatggagtg agaccctggg     78420
     cagcagactt ctctgtgcct ctgcttggtt accataactt taactggacc tgcctgatat     78480
     tctgatgttt aactgattcc tctgagattg aaacattcca tcctacaggg acggtcttta     78540
     agcagagagg taaacaactc aaaatagctt tcaggaagtc cctgaaactg actggactca     78600
     ctaagccttt ccctgccaga gtaaacaatg aagattgtga ggagtatcca agctacaaaa     78660
     cgaggaccaa gaccaaacct agaagaaaca aaaactagtt gaggtgcctg gaaggtgttt     78720
     agaccaactg agtcacttgg agaggacact ctccaacatg ctgaactgct gtatgctgtg     78780
     cagtatattc caggcttcca gctttgtgag ctgtcactca tgctagattg ggctttggcg     78840
     atatgacttt aactttgagt tatttctgct cctactgtaa gtaatccctt acccatactc     78900
     ctgtaagtaa ccccaataaa acccactgct ttaccatgtt ggtctttggt ggtatctgta     78960
     ctttggtctg ctgtgggttc caagtacaca tgtgtttgca cacacacccc cctgcaccct     79020
     cttgtcactc acctgaggac ctacacagcc accctaagac tgggttcccc acagcttctg     79080
     tgctattaga tagagaagga aatcctaggg ctggtcctca gaatgctccc ccacccccaa     79140
     agctagctgg ctgagtgagt cagagtctgg gcaaagacaa ccgctactcc ctgcaggtgc     79200
     ttggccagca gtagactagg caagcctagg ctgggccatc tgccagacag ctcaactggg     79260
     gtgtgggtgt ggtatcaagc tccagggctg ccagctttag gcagctcctg gagcccttcc     79320
     cagggagagg caggcaggcc aggttctctc tacttcccag gataaagtcc acatggctcc     79380
     aggcctggac ctcaaggccc acccccaccc tatctttttt tgtagcctgg tactgccttg     79440
     cttgctgcag caagcaagca ctcttacagg tccccaggat gccaggtctc ctgtagctga     79500
     ggccttttgg tcatgctgcc tttgcccaca catttcattg ttaagtctaa cctcctttct     79560
     gctcatctcc cccaggaagc ccaaggctag ggacaggctg cgtcctcagc agagaatgaa     79620
     tgcctcctaa aggcagaaag ggtagcaagc aattcctagg agatgtatgt gtcttcaggt     79680
     aggctgcaaa ctaaagagga agatggagct gggtgctgcc accatggtga gtgaccccta     79740
     ctcactgtat tctccataaa tctttatggg gtggccagca caatctccac tggacagagt     79800
     ggtaaagtta ttaacccaaa agtcagggtt ctgtgcactc ctggatgcca gcactcacgt     79860
     ggggcaatgc ctccctcctg ccacctcccc ttctgttgcc tctcaccccc agaacagagg     79920
     cagagctaaa agttctccag gttctgggtt cctgccttcc aggacacgtg ttctgcccac     79980
     tcaggacccc aggttctaga aaacaggaag cagtgctagt actccataga aggttggtct     80040
     gagattttac tgctgggccc acccttgacc cagctgcagc aagcaagcac tctcaattcc     80100
     aaggcctgct ataccagtgt tgaggagaac taggtctgac tggcagaaag acaagctcct     80160
     ctcccgggga agggtatttg tttcatacta cagggttctt cagaggccca cagcatcaga     80220
     actcagtgcc agcaccaaac atcttctctc tcttttgttt gagtcagggt ctcacaatgt     80280
     agcccaggca ggctgggaac tcagagtgat ttgttagcct ataacttctg tctcacaagt     80340
     tctgggatta aaggcatgta ccaccacacc tggtccatag acatgtttta aaaagtggca     80400
     tctgaagcca ggcgcagtaa tccaatattc ccgtgattct ggaagcccag gcaggagaat     80460
     ggcctaggag ttcaaggcca gcctggttaa catagtaagc aaggctctca aaaaaacaaa     80520
     ataaaggggc cagagagatg gctcagcagt taagaacaaa ctccttttct agaggtcctg     80580
     agttcaattc ccagcaacta catggtggct taccagtgta ctcatgttaa aaaaaaaaaa     80640
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggaagccg ggcatggtgg tgcatgcctt taatcccagc     80700
     actcaggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga     80760
     gttccagaac agccagggct atacagagaa accctatctc gaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa     80820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaac aaacaagcca cagacaatat actctatgtg gactgcacca     80880
     tctgtggcag tgttctgtga tatccacatg gttaatgcag acatttcatt gtgtgaaact     80940
     ggatctgggc aagatgcatg tgatgtacca cacttttaaa gaaatgagat gttttaaaaa     81000
     gctgatctct ccagggacag aaggtccagc tctatggcac atacttaata tttgggaggt     81060
     aaataggatt gaggttctga ggttaggtcc tcttgacagg attaggggct ttataaaaac     81120
     ataaagatca gaataggagt gtggctcgga ggcaagcctc tgcctagact ctcccagtga     81180
     ggggctggag gtgtaactca gctgtaaaat gctatcacag ccccacgttt catccttagc     81240
     attaaaaaaa aatacaacaa atggcattgt cagctgttaa ggttcactgg tagtcattac     81300
     tataagtcct gggacatgtg tttgggaact tggattcact gggattgcag aggccattca     81360
     gggcatgccc ctccatcaag acacttgcag cagttccact aacagctgcc tagctctgtt     81420
     ggcaacaaga actgcattcc ctccacctgg gagcaatcca gaccatcaga gcacttccgt     81480
     cactcaggcc tgctgtgggc gccaaagcac cccattcatc agaactggta tacaggatgt     81540
     agactagtaa gaaccaacag agattggccc aaaggggcca gataatgcat cacacagcag     81600
     agaaaagcca ggcttccagc aggtagccca aaaggggcag tcttacacaa catacccttt     81660
     ctctagtaag tgaatctacc aggacatacc tagcacccgc aggataaatc aggcgggata     81720
     ccatcagtga gtgctacctg cccaggggca tggacagtgc caggaactta catgacacag     81780
     atagcatggt taggaacctg actctgagaa cagataccac ctcctggggt tcctatgaga     81840
     cagcaggagg gtgacctttc tcatgtctga acctcagttt cctcattgta aatcagggat     81900
     cagagtggct cctgcagtgc aggggaccct ggtgataaaa tgactgttgc agcatgaagg     81960
     ttgcaggcat gtgagtgctc agataaagac caagtgtgac tgtccgcggt ttgtctgtat     82020
     cactctgtca ggcgtgtcac aatgtatgcc taagaaccta aaggtaaagt gtatcataaa     82080
     gcaagcaagc cccacagact ctcaggcagg gtagagtata ggatagtgtc ccagggcttg     82140
     catggctgcc ttgtgttcca aatgcatagg aaaaaacaca aggaatccca acagatgtga     82200
     cccaggaagg gggtgggccc atgcgcaagg agtgtgtgca ggggcataac atggtcccgt     82260
     gggaaggaag actggctact aagagtccaa cgcatggccc ccaagtggga aagcaaatag     82320
     agacatgccc aggtccttgt gcctttgcaa tgttctggca ccagcaaaaa ctaggggcca     82380
     gaggcccact tcaccatgac ctggctttgg agaaaatctg gaggccatgg ctgatgcaaa     82440
     gtgaaaggca ggccctctcc aaatacacct actcactcaa ccctcacaat gacacttcaa     82500
     ggtaggccta tgcgttccct tgtttgcagg agaggcccga ggtgtctgaa gacacacata     82560
     tacccaggtc tgagctgagc tggccactaa cctagacatc cagaacttgg agtcggtggc     82620
     tgtacacctg actctagccc ataggaagag atatgctggt ggcagtggac agcatctatg     82680
     ctcatgcatg cacacatggt acacatggtg ttgttttaag ctgtctttcc tccagctgaa     82740
     gatagagtgc tgctcacaca cagctcaact atggagtggg cttcctccag agtgaccttg     82800
     caggaggtat ctcctttcta tacagggaat acattcacgc atgcacaatg ctcgcagcag     82860
     tgttgagccc atgtgcatac agatgaggaa actgaagctg aaacagacag gaggcggagt     82920
     catgggctca tttgctctaa ccaaggccac acacagttcc tgacccagag gccagggcct     82980
     agcacatact ccatgaactc caacatcttc cagaaggacg tcttgggctg ggagctgcca     83040
     caagccccag gcttagagaa cccaggcttg tgctgggcct tcacatggct gataatttag     83100
     ggactggatg tggctcaacc tcaagcagat tctgcaaagg ctctgacttt tctcattctc     83160
     cactgaccca caaagactgg agcccagctc agatgcagcg tgtccaccat ctcccagcct     83220
     cagagagaat gcagttaaga cgccaacctc agcccagagc ggcagagacc ctacaccaga     83280
     gccacagctg cctaggaggg ggccactgct catcaccata ttccagatta ggacattaag     83340
     ggacaagggc aggggacagg ctttgctgcc cctgcccacc ccttttgtca gtcagttcct     83400
     tgtctcttct cactcccacc ctttgctaag ccttcacttg gtttgatcct aggccaggct     83460
     gagtgaccag ctctctcctg ctgcagacat ggctcctcag ctctcttggg gccctgtgca     83520
     cacgacagaa agggctatgt acagcaaaga aagcagtgat ccattctgta ctcggagtcc     83580
     cctgcgcaga cagctgactg tccggaggag aagacacgca gtcagggacc acactggctc     83640
     caatgccagc actgccgcgc atcaactgga gcctcagcct cctcccctgt atgccagggc     83700
     aatctcatcc ccctctctgg gtggccactg tgactcagcc agccagtctc tgtaaggggg     83760
     cacagagcac gcctgtccca agtggatgct ctagtagttc ctactagtag tcatcaaggt     83820
     tgtcacagca catcacctgt agatagtggg ggatgaagaa ctgtcctctg gtcccctttc     83880
     tcaccttcac aggggagcat gtccctgggg gctgcccctc tatgtattgc cctgctctat     83940
     attcttggga gcactactct gtacctacag tcattttcct tgcctgctca gtgatatgga     84000
     ctccaacctg ctccagaatc tcaagctatc aatggtctgt gcagtctctg ctaacaactg     84060
     ctatcgttac taatcaccat cactaataac agccaaagca gtcacaaggc tgagctatta     84120
     ttgaccacag actatgtgcc cgtgctactc caagcatgca cacagcagac gctgggccag     84180
     ctctcaacat tcagaggtac acaggaaggc agagaggcca ggtgacttgc ccagggccac     84240
     agagcacatg atggtcaaga tgcagaacag gaactggcta gaggcctcat ggccattact     84300
     tggccaggcc cttgtataga ggagacacag aatggcttct ccccacctct ggtgccatcc     84360
     ctccacgtcc acctggctag ggtgccggga gctggcccat gcccaaggcc cggctcaccg     84420
     tctcgtagtc acgcagggca gcccggaact tgcccagtgc catgttgctg gccgcccggc     84480
     ggtagtagcc tttgatgtac ttcttgtcaa gctcgatggc ccgtgtggcg tcgcccagtg     84540
     catagccata gcactcagtg cgcaggtagg ccaggctgcg gttgccatag tagatggcat     84600
     tgccggggtt caactcgatg gcctgactgt agaacttgat cgcgttctcg tagtccttgg     84660
     ctgtggagga ggagaagagg catgaagctc tactgctgca ggcagaaatc caccctaggc     84720
     tgggttcctt cttacagatg gcagactggg attcagcatg gagacctgtc ccggatgtct     84780
     gaccacagcc caggccttat ggctcagacc agtctccagc acctgaatca attctacgct     84840
     cagtccagca aggctcaggc ggtccccaag actccccatg atcagaggga tgtgccaggg     84900
     agtgctaggg ctgtgatctg agccaggcaa gataagaaag actgcctgat cctgtggctg     84960
     tccagatgtt cagggaaggc agaccagtcc agagcaggga agaccaagag gataaaggga     85020
     ggaagcgcct taggctacaa ggaagaggta cagcagcttc agaggaccaa gacctgctgg     85080
     tataggacag caggatacta cagcaggcct agatattggg gctctaagta tagaggggcc     85140
     aacggtaact tccagccaag gacaaaaggt caggctttat gtgaaccatg ccacagctgg     85200
     gccctgagtt ctccatcaac ctgtgggatc ctcctgtctc ctcaacatag taccatctgg     85260
     cactcccctg acacaagcca gagggctagt tcaaggtcag atcccagtct gtatcagcag     85320
     aggtaggtct gaccccctcc tcccaaggat tcattaaata aacagaacca gggcccgagc     85380
     tgcctctgag acctgcccag gttggaggac catgtgccag ggccacacag caccctagaa     85440
     catatgtgcc ttcaagcaac ctgagggaga atgccatatt acctcaactc caggtggggt     85500
     ggggggtggt gttcaagttc agagacttgg gcttggtgtc acatgtccag tggcaggtgg     85560
     agtgcctagg caggcagaag tggcagtgcc tccattccca accccttcac tcccaccatt     85620
     gtgcatcttg gtaggaagct ggcacagtac ggtctgagat actgggagag gtgcctggct     85680
     ctgcctctct taggctgggt atacttgaag gacttaaaac accctaccac tcaggtcctg     85740
     ccctgacccc acttccctgc tctgtagaac acttgcagtg acctttgtgt cctgtttgct     85800
     ggacccacac acttccgaag ctcggtgtct gtctcccttc tccaagctcc tgccttgtct     85860
     gggatacagt cctgccctcc agggactgct ggtctttcca ggagtgatat ctgaccccag     85920
     ataacagtga caagtgctcc gggctcagac agcccagggg cctgagtcaa gccctggggt     85980
     agaaatgtga gcttgaataa cctcataact agggtagagg aaggaagaat aaaggaaggg     86040
     gaagtgtaga cactgagacc agagctggaa cagctgctcc taggggcaca gctccgcagt     86100
     ccttcctgga cttccagaag gtagaaatgt cccctctcag gaagccctat ttgacctccc     86160
     ccagcttccc tgtcccagct ctgccgctct ggtggtctcc caggcctgag aaccttaaga     86220
     tggcaggtcc tagaacttcc cagaagccac caaggcagaa agactagcag gcagcgaagc     86280
     tcagaagcct ccccaaaatg tcagtgcctc tgagggcttt gctgtcctgg ctgggctcca     86340
     gaggctgctg gttagtactc caaccagtga cgtgagactt ccttaagggg acaagggcat     86400
     gcagcaggca cttaaatgca ggtggagagc ctcagactct caggctgcac ctgagaaccc     86460
     ataccaaaca gaggagggaa ggagagtaca gggaagagga ggcctccacc acgaaaccat     86520
     gaaggcactg accggctgcc gcaccccagc ctggtgccat ccttcagctg cagtagtatc     86580
     tatcacttac cctctaggta cagtggggtt caaccgttca tctgtgctca cagaggagac     86640
     ccctgaatca tgatgcagta ctcctcaccc tcatctctcc aaccatgaag acccttggtt     86700
     ggtgagcaca gccttcttcc tcagggagga gaaagagcag aggcttgctt cccgtggact     86760
     ctgactgagc tgggcactaa gctctgtccc cagaaccctt acagtggggt tgagcttaca     86820
     gaggaaccat ctacgtttgg gggtggggat cttctgagtc cctgagatcc ccctttcctc     86880
     cacagggccc ccttctcccc gctgagacca gatgcgtcta acagggagag ctgcaccgag     86940
     cacgtgggga ggaaggggat atccgccttc tgctcacaca ctctgaccct gggcaagaag     87000
     tttcactgtg aggtggcttc ctctataaac caaagtggct gctctctgcc acccccaatg     87060
     ccccaggcag ggttcagctc aggagtgcct ggccaccaca ggtttaatga aagctagctg     87120
     caattattct ttttattggt atccttactt atagcctgag cctggggctc tgtgcttgcc     87180
     actgcctgcc cacagcagcg ggaggcctgg atcaggaagg gtgctccttc aagtcagctc     87240
     caggccaggc ccctctggct gcctgcccag ccctaagttc ctgggagccc aaacctcagg     87300
     acctgggagg caggggtgag ggtgaagggt ccttcccgat ggctaactcc ttcccctacc     87360
     tgtcctctgc agcagtagcc cagtttctgg atgatctttt caggacccaa ggaaagatgg     87420
     ccgcgccttc ttccaaccag tacatagctg ggcctagtca actggtgctg gtggcctcca     87480
     accttccaaa ccttgcaagc caggcttacc gtcctgatag gatctctcac actcattaac     87540
     ttccctccct tctagcagcc ccaccccgcc ctaagccccg ttctttagaa ggcatgaatc     87600
     tggaccagct ttagctctcc agggcctctg ctgacagctc aagtcccctc ccaccttcta     87660
     tgtgtagctg catcctaacc cttctaacca cctccacttc tgccccactc cctagtgcca     87720
     ggctccactc accttagcca cctgctcccc tccccgtctc tgggcagcca gcctcagttc     87780
     ctcccactag cctggtcaaa ggctccaccc ctcacctgtc ttcccttcca gtctcctctc     87840
     tccagcctgg cctttgaatc cagtctctga acagcaagga ggaccagtac ccaaagtaac     87900
     tggaccactc tcctaaaacc cctccacagc tccaagccac cgttaggatg acacctataa     87960
     aaccactcag cccccgaagg ctctaactct ggcctcacct ctctccttgg tcttcacaat     88020
     cctcccacct ccacctccag agagctggga tgacaggcaa gcaccatgtc tgggcttatc     88080
     cccatggggg gtgggcacct ttccccaagg actctaaatc cttctcacct tcccccacct     88140
     cctccagatc tgttacagct gggtctgttt ctcttttggg ccatagctga aaaagcatcc     88200
     ctaggacccc cacctactcc ctcttgccat ctgcccccaa ttctccattc cctttcagaa     88260
     ccgagacact tgtgcctgtt ggtctccaat tcctcacttg ccttcaccag ccagggtctt     88320
     ctgggctggc agcctcttta tcatctacaa ctgctgttaa cgtcaccgcg ttcctctggg     88380
     agcaaaagct ctgatggaca gtgcctgggg ctaggtgatc aggcacgtgg ctttctttcc     88440
     ggaagaacct tgttttctta gcctgtggca cctttcctgg tttctcttcc acctcagtca     88500
     cttctcctca gtagcccctt ttccgctgta aacatgaaaa ctccatccta ggttctctct     88560
     agatcccact ctctggtgac ttcatccatt cccagggcac ctccaaccat aggctggtta     88620
     cactcaaaat tttctccagt ccagactggt cccatctacc cactcaatgt cccttttcgg     88680
     acagcgaagg aaacccaaaa ctcatctttg tgacgaattc agattttgca tgctctgtcc     88740
     ccttatctta atcttctctt gtatcagtct tcccctcgta cccccagttt cctcaaactc     88800
     cagccaagcc agtctgtttt caatcactct ccaccccagg gtcttcacac aaactcagtg     88860
     gtcaggaccc acgtgtaaaa ctccttgtca attcgcctca aaaagcctct ttctccaggc     88920
     actcccgacc tcaccatcga aagcagactc taagctgtat ttcctgtgtt gtcaccttga     88980
     cccaaagtga tcatcacaag tttgcaatga ttggttctgc ttaaatccga gtcatgtgtt     89040
     gcattcatcg ctgcagcctc agagccaagc acaggccgtg tagcacatga cacttattta     89100
     atacaagtgt actgaaagaa tgaatgaacg gagacatgtc ctcccacatg gcactcttag     89160
     cccaagatca ccctattcgt tcctgctcca cctctccacc ctactcgttt ccttggatca     89220
     ccccaaatcg ccttccaata taattatcta cctccatccc cataattccc ttctctattg     89280
     ggccttctct tctcggtcat actcatctca ggcctcccca ctcggcagcg ccatcactgc     89340
     cctaaacaca tgtcactatt tggtagcgcc ctcttcaggt ctgaccacca tttagcacct     89400
     ctgtccaggt ctcacatttg gtagcactca catgtcggcc ccctgctttt cccctatcgt     89460
     gtagcagcgc ctgcctcagt ctccccagtg agtggcttct gcttggtatc cacttctcag     89520
     cagctctccc cagtctgtcg tccagcctga gcctcctcct cgcgcctggc tactctgtag     89580
     tgcttgcccg gcgcccaggc tgccgctccg cgttgccatg gttccccgcc gggcctggca     89640
     cccccacagc ctgggccgct gtccaccctc cctcaccccg tccgggccgg gcgcaccttt     89700
     gaagtagtcg ttggcctgtg tcttgagctc ctctgcccgc ttcagagtgc catcggccgg     89760
     gggttcgtcc cggggggtct cagcacactc agtccgctcg ccctccgcca tcgccatgcc     89820
     gcaaagcgac ccccaccctg gcaacggccg ctcgcggcac caggccgaac cgtcgcgaag     89880
     gagtgccgag tgaccgccgc cgctgccgca caagtgtcgt aaagcgcggg ccccaaaggc     89940
     actcctgacg cgcctgcgcg gcgtcccccc caacttcccc ccccccccgc ccccgccccc     90000
     agagcgccgg gaggacaagg tgaccagagg gtatccagac cgtacttgta cttgtagaag     90060
     tagccaatca gaaaggagag aaggggcctt gtggatgggg gcaggccggg agggcgccta     90120
     ctcccaaagt tgcgaggctg caaaagtttc ttggagatcc cggcttcctt tagggttggt     90180
     gattgggttg cgttgcctcc ggcgggtggg gctgctttca aaccagcacc ctgcccaacc     90240
     cggagtttgc tctggagctg ggtgctgcca attactcgtg tgaccttgaa caagtttatc     90300
     tcttgtctcc tcagtaaccc ttttggaaaa tgggtagttt ctcaagcaaa caaaataaaa     90360
     cttgaacgtt gcaaatcaag gctctttttg aattattaac aaggcatccc gatcttcaag     90420
     tcttgacaag tctcaattgt accatgtttg ttccgagccc aacagcatcc ttattaattt     90480
     attttatttt tttattttga gataggattt aattatgcaa ccctggctag cctggaactt     90540
     gctatataaa ccaggctggc cttgaattca aagacccagc tgcctgtacc tcccaagtgt     90600
     tgggattaaa gctttgcatc atcatgtcaa gtcctagaaa aaacctttta aagggtcatg     90660
     gatgtagctc agttggtaga gtacttgtct agagtgctcc aggcttgagt tccaattcca     90720
     gcactatata aatcaggctg aaaggtgcac ctcagtaatt tgaaggcttg ataggtggag     90780
     gcaacagtat cagaatttca ggttcaaggc cagcctggga tacctgagac gctgttccga     90840
     atacaaacaa ccacaccaaa gggatttttt tttttcttcc gagacagggt ttctctgtgt     90900
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gccttgaact cagaaattcg     90960
     cctaactctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgtg ccacaacacc ccagccccaa     91020
     agggatcttt taaatgacac tgttgctgct tgcatttcct gtgcctggat cagagcttca     91080
     gcctcctctg atgcttgcgt tcatcctccc tcctccagtt taccttccat atggcagtca     91140
     gaggcatctt gctggaatac tgtaaaactg gcacccgccg cagccttcca tggctcccca     91200
     gctccctcgt gagacaaccc aaactctttc tgagaagcca cgggtagtct agcctccagt     91260
     aacatcttca gaccccactg tgtatcttcc tattctagtc tttaagtcct caatctagac     91320
     actaacacta tatataagtg ctttaaggct gtgtatcagc ctcacctccc ccgctccacc     91380
     cctgactaca actaacaatc actctggaaa atcgatgttg gtacacatgt ccatttgacg     91440
     tgtgtccaca ggcatcaacg tattcctgaa gagtctgact gagagtgaat ctgaatctaa     91500
     tttctaggca cagtccctat ttgactatac ctgccagtgc cagtgggatc atgtaggaag     91560
     tgaattttct tttgattttt ttttttttga ggcagtatct gctctaacaa atttgaaccc     91620
     agctccaatt gttcctgaag ctatgtgatc ttgagcaagc cacaatacta ttatttcctc     91680
     tgtgaggagg agctagtaat agtgcctgcc tatacatgca gaggaggctt aagagaagcc     91740
     tggcttggtg gctcaccctt gcagtccagc atttgagagg ctgaggagga agatttatcc     91800
     agagttgttt caggctagca tgagccacag agttagttcc aggtcaacct gggttctctc     91860
     tctctgtctc tctctgtctc tctctctctg tgtctctctc tgtctctctg tctgtctccc     91920
     cccccccccc tctctccctc tctctccttt tcccagccaa aaaaccctaa cctaaccaaa     91980
     agttcatatg agttagtgtt tacctgagag acttaacaga agcactctcc atgtagagga     92040
     cattacaggt agcctgagtt caacaaagtg aatcaagctg gaatgagggg ctgtttaggg     92100
     ggtgtaggaa gatcttgtcc acctggggga agcaaaaatg acttcctgga ggagtgttag     92160
     gcctgaggtc acaagtatta ggttttgttg ggtgtttttt gacagggttc tatatagtct     92220
     ctgctggctt taaactcagg ctaccttcag ataagaggtg ctggcattac aggtctgtgc     92280
     cactgagccc tgtcttatgt ggtactgagg atggaactca ggccttcatg cccgctaggc     92340
     agtcacgtta taaactgagg cgcatcttca ggaaagacat ttaaaacaga aggcacagca     92400
     cgtgcaacaa cttgaaagtg gttttgcctg ggttcctgtg tgggtcacat gggagagggg     92460
     tagaggagtg acactcacgg agtcgaaaca gaacagatac accctcccac acggaatctg     92520
     cagactcaat ctcccacaca gtctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     92580
     ctctctctct ctgaattact gtgctacaaa gtcccacaca catatacagc atcacagcat     92640
     cacaccgaca ttaagaaaag aatcaaagtg cactgtgatc agtcatggct gaagatgtag     92700
     atcaatccgt agagtaatta gcatgcacaa gctcctgggt tcagtcccca ggaccgaaga     92760
     aaacaggtgt ggtgaagcat gcctgtcatc ccagcacttg ggagatagag aagttcttgg     92820
     ctacacagtg agttaacgat cagccgtgat agatcagatc ctgcattaaa caaacaaacg     92880
     aactccaaac tccacaggct actgagaagc atcagcaagt aatgatgctg cctccaagcc     92940
     tgaagacttg agagtgtgat acttaggacc ctcatggtga aaggcaagaa tcaagtcctg     93000
     caagttgtcc tttaatatgc acacatatag tatgcacaca cacccaaact catgcacaca     93060
     aaacaaataa aatgaaaaaa aaaatcacaa tgtttgcaac aagaaagtac agaaaaatat     93120
     ccagaaacta acatcaatgt gcagaaagaa tcacaatcct cccaccacag aagcatggta     93180
     caaagaccca catgtttcca caaaatagca acatcagcat acacagagac tcatacacac     93240
     acagagacac acacacacac acacacagca ccagaaagta ttatgaaagc caaatgtagt     93300
     ggtagtggca cacccctgtt ataccagcac ttaagaggtg gaggcaggct gatcaaagtt     93360
     acaggtcatc cttggctaca cagtgaattt gaggctagcc tggtttacaa taggctttgt     93420
     cacattctcc ataaaaaaac aaggaatccc agctacacag tgtacccaca acctccaaag     93480
     caaccccaca gatgagtcaa caccggtctc tctggtgcct aacaaggaga ggtctttatg     93540
     gtggttttgg agacatttgt gggtttctgg gctaaggata gctgggccat gtccttccct     93600
     ccctcctagc caggacaatt tttccggtta agggcccaca acacccatga ggggagagag     93660
     gattcagtcc ctttcccctg tagcacctga acaggccacc tcttgacaag acaaagtagt     93720
     gccttccaaa gaggggtgaa taaggtagag atgggagtct tctcctgtgg aagacccaga     93780
     gtagcaccat cgtggaaggg gagctggggg ttaggaagat gcatagctgg tgggagacag     93840
     tggaggggtc ctgccctctt tccccacccc aagatatgca gatagggctg tgcgtgtgcc     93900
     tgtgtgcggc tggattatgg agctcctagg aaggagaagg agccccaggt ccctagatac     93960
     ctggagtaga gttaaggttg aatgcatgcc tggaggcttg gggtgaggtg tgaaagaggt     94020
     tctagggtag agaattttta gggctatgag acaggagggg cttgagcgtg aacttcatga     94080
     gcagaacatc tgggaggaga agactggagg gttaagaact gagacaagtt cagtgagggc     94140
     tgggaagccc agacggagct agaaggatca gatttgaacc cagggagtca aggggtgcga     94200
     gatcttagat caaggacatc tacatggtga gttctagatt ctacaacgag agacatttga     94260
     aggctacata ctagagcctg aggaaggaga agcagaagcc agaggcaact ggaaactatg     94320
     aggcctagaa ccccaaggaa cccagagaga cagaattaga caaagcgtag gagagggatg     94380
     tgtctctgct ggtagagtgc ttgattgtca cgcacaaagc tggggttcat ccctggcacc     94440
     acacaaagtg agcaagctgc tggacacctg caatcgcagc atttgagagg cagagggaag     94500
     agggtcacaa gttcaaggtc atctctggct ctatagtgag ctggaggcca gtcagagctg     94560
     catgtcatcc agcccattcc tggggaaaga aaagccccca aaccaaggtc tagaatccac     94620
     agggatttta ggatcttaaa tctagaatca agattggggt tctaaggctt agaactagag     94680
     aaatatagaa ggcaagatat ccgctgatat tttcaaactc tgttctagat tcagggtact     94740
     ttgagttgtt aagatctgaa gtaaagagga ctgggcaatt gtggggtcta gaaccaaaga     94800
     aactcatggg ataggtctag atgcagaaga catttataga ggctgggtgt agctcagttg     94860
     gtagagtact tgcctagcat gcatgaagct ctggcttcag tctccaacac cacatacaac     94920
     taggcatgtc tgtaacccca gcacttggtg gggtgggtga aggggtatca cggatttaaa     94980
     atcatttggc tacatagcaa ttttatggtc aatgaattta agacactgtc tcaaaacagt     95040
     aacaaacccc agaagatatt tgctgtttgt tttgttctgt tttgttgatt ttgagacagg     95100
     gtttctccat gtagccctgg catcctggaa cttgctcgat agatcagctg gcctcaaact     95160
     tagagatttg cctccttctg cttcctaagt gctaggatca gagacgtgca ccaccactgc     95220
     ccaccttgat atttgaagct cagtaatagg cagatcacca gagcatctga gaacagagga     95280
     tcctggaagt ttcggggtct agagtttaca taatctaaaa catgggtaat gattaaaggt     95340
     aatgaaatcc agaacccaaa agaatgggca cgtggtatgt ggttccagaa aggccagatc     95400
     caagttcaag acataaaact cactccactc ctccttactg ggggaaagca caggggtctg     95460
     aagaacaata aactcgacat catgaggttt ggaaccaaaa tgatctagaa atcaggtctg     95520
     gatttgaaac caactgtctt acagattaga aagaccggag ctaataagaa gcttggagtt     95580
     ggggaatcca gaaacaagag gagatcgcca attataagat tagctggccc cagtctcaaa     95640
     ggcctgtaat tcccagctac tcgggaggct gaagcaggat gagttcaggg tctatctgaa     95700
     cagacttgag ttcaaggtta gtctgtgcaa ccaataaaga tcctgtctca aaataagaca     95760
     taagacagga ctggggaaag ctccgtggta gagtgcttgc ctagcacgtg caaggcctga     95820
     ggtttaatcc ttgctactac acacaccaat ggtctgcaat gacaggcagc agagggcatg     95880
     agaaccagag gatttttaag aagaggccta gaaccagagg aaattacaga ataagccttg     95940
     aagctagagg attcttggtg gttgtaggct ttagatccag agagctttac agattatgta     96000
     attcaaaccc cactttaaaa tggcagattg ggagctgtga gatccagccc aagaaagaac     96060
     taaagagtat gagatgtgga agtagagggg tttgaagaaa ttgaggtctt taacagacca     96120
     tgttggaaat gatgctgtct agaaccaggg gggaagccaa tgataacaca gtgtagaacc     96180
     agggggaagt caatgacagc acagtctaga accagggaat gccagagaag gctagtggtc     96240
     atctagttta gaaccagtga agaccagagg cagcataacc tagaatcaaa gaagctcata     96300
     ggctgtagag tctagaacag cagctctcaa tctgtgggct gtgaccactt tgaggatcag     96360
     atatcagata tcctgcatac cagatattta cattatgatt cataacagat gcaaaattac     96420
     agttatgaag cagcaatgaa ataaatttat agtcagtggt cactacaaca tgagaaactg     96480
     tattagaggg ttgcagcatt aggaaggttg agaacccctg ttctagaacc acagaaaacc     96540
     agagggccta aagtctagaa tcagagaaaa ggccagagaa gtggcatggt ctagaaccag     96600
     agccaggtcc aaaggcctgc agtctagagt caggtaaaag actggagact gtacagacta     96660
     gaactagaga atgtcagaga ttgaacagtc tagaacaaaa gaaggcagga acaacacagt     96720
     ttagaaccat ggaggccaga ggccacagtg tctagaacaa gggaaggcca gaggtcatga     96780
     gtcacaaact agaggagacc actggtggta cagtctacag ccaatgaagc tcacaggttt     96840
     cacattctag aaacagaaaa aagatgagaa atatggagtc agagagccag ggaaaagcca     96900
     tggattgtat gttttagaac caagaagtag aaagtctaga atcagagaac ccagagatct     96960
     ctagaaccag agaaggccca agggttttca gtctagagcc aacaaagacc aggagctaca     97020
     tgtctaggtg caaggaagag agaaagtggt atagcctagg tccagggaag gctagaagtt     97080
     gcacagtcta caaacagtaa aggtgggagt caagtattca agatccagag attataggtc     97140
     tgtggagtgg aggaagtcgc tggctccccc taacacagga agatcacaaa tgaagtcatt     97200
     atttaggcag cgtctggggc cagcatgaag tcaggagcag acatggcaag cagagctggg     97260
     gggcagttgg aaggctgaga ctccataagt tgtttgaggt gaaatctgac ccagagtctt     97320
     cccacatttg ccacggaaga gggggaagac cagagtctca caattgctgt ggatctgtgc     97380
     aatgcagagt gactgaatgc cctattgtga aaaggacaaa gtcaagccga tagaagagga     97440
     acagggagaa aacaaaaaac aaacaaaaaa accaaaacaa caaccaaaaa atgtgattac     97500
     agttgtctaa gctccatggg gccaggatca gagatggatc tccgattctc ccaacccctc     97560
     attctcccaa ataaagcaaa gagagtcaga aaaaggggta ttgaggtatg gagaactgtg     97620
     gagaacccca aaggaagtcc tgagaggagg tggggagggt cacacacccc tcccaaaggt     97680
     cactgagctg agaataccca agaagcctcc gactgggggc agcagaaggt tggggggctg     97740
     aggtaggact gtggctggct ggggggggca cactcagagg agagaggccc catcctgggt     97800
     gtaggctgct ggtgtggagt gtggctgagt cctttctggg atagaagaag agggctgaga     97860
     ggaaggctga ctcagtgggt ctggcccaag cctgctgctg gcgggaagcg gttcctgggc     97920
     tggacagttt cctcatgctg gcagagagag agcagcgagg gagctaggcc tgcagagaaa     97980
     agggaggcga atcaggagag aatcagcacc catatacgta cgtgcatcta aggcagggag     98040
     gcaggctggc aagatggctc agggggttca ggtgtttgct gcaaaccttg acaatctgag     98100
     ttcagtccct agaaaccata gacaggttgg aaggcaagaa caggccactg ggttccatcc     98160
     ccaggaccca ccagaggctc caagagaagc caaagctttt ggtagctgag ggaaaaatct     98220
     ccataaaaag gcaaacaagc cgaaaggctg cagagccagc actgccccac cctgcagcca     98280
     cagaaggagg tgtttctcgg acacttacta caggacagtt cttgggtgaa ttctgcccat     98340
     gcagcatctc cacagttcat gtctccaaac aggctctcca gggaagaact gtagccatag     98400
     cccccactga cagatagagg agccgaggct tcacaagcag ccgacccaaa acctcatggc     98460
     tgggagttac cttgtggagc tatcttaacc tggctaagct ctgaagtgga cttgtatctg     98520
     ggtccaggag accttggctt ccaccccaag gggtagcctt ccttcttatc cttccttctt     98580
     atccttccgt agcatctctc tttctttcca cagggctcag gagaacaggg aagggttgtg     98640
     ggcaccttct gcattggaca gttttatgtc aacttgacac aagctagagt catctgagag     98700
     gagggggcct caattgagaa aatgcctcct taagactggg ttgtaggcaa gcctgtaggg     98760
     cattgtctta atcagtgatt gatcggggag ggcccatggg ctgggtggtg ctatcccagg     98820
     gctagaggtt ctgggttgta taagaaagta ggttgagcat gtgaggggga gtaagccagc     98880
     aagcagcacc cctccatggc ttctgcatca gctcctgcct ccaggttcct gccctgcttg     98940
     agttcctgtc ctgacttcct tcagtgatgg cctaggatgt ggaggtggtc ctggtgtttc     99000
     atcacagaga aaagcaaccc taagataccc tccctcaccc tcccctaagg tgcttcccct     99060
     cctctttcag ttacttctgg gaccatccag ggaggaagag gcctgacgtt tctgtagagc     99120
     cagactttat gactcaccca agggctcatg agaatgcacg aggggggctc tgggatcctg     99180
     ctggttcccc gggagttgtc gaccttgcag aaggaaactc tggggagtga gggagacaag     99240
     agctgtcatc atcaccatta atgccattat cagtaccacg accatcatca gcctcaaaca     99300
     gccattagca tcctcatcct attagctcta tcagcatcag catttcaaca ccatcatcag     99360
     caccaccact aacaccacca ccaccaccac caccaccacc accaccatca tcatcatcat     99420
     catcatcatc atcatcatca tcatcatcgt atctgacaag gcagtatggt gcagtggtta     99480
     attggatcct ggtaagtact agtcatttga gagactttgg gaaagtcact attctggaca     99540
     tcctctgggt ggtccttcct cctttctcca cctctgtggc ccagcactga ctacagtgct     99600
     gtgcaacttt gctgttttct tactggactc agcagaccct agccagtggg aagaggaagg     99660
     cagctgtcca gctgggctgc tgcgggttgg ctgtgcccca ctctggaagg tgttagccct     99720
     taatggctag ggccagtgct ggctgctaca gcaccgcact cacacccccg acagtcctgt     99780
     tgttaaattc ttctcagcgt cccatctaag tgtgctgtat agactgaccg ttaatgctct     99840
     tttccttctg tgtacctgtc tcaccacaat gatgcttact attattaaat actatgaaag     99900
     tatactcagg aggattagat aagttagtct tgtacttcag cgcagcagta aaatgtgagc     99960
     tattgatact attagtcaca cccttcatat tcaaacagtt cttgcagact atggagcaga    100020
     gaagccctgt aggataggga tgcagtagac aaagggatta cagaagtcat ccaacccagg    100080
     gtggctttaa gaaataaacc agattttgct gttgtgcaca atagattttt tttctcacat    100140
     tgtcttttga gacagggtct cactatgtag ttcgggctca cctccatctg gtcatcctcc    100200
     tgcctaagtc tccctagggc tggggttttg gccatgctcc cacacttggc tccagcattt    100260
     attctttaaa cactacagat ctgaggctat tctgattttg gaggaggacc acggaaggcg    100320
     agaagattcc ttctcatccg atgaactgct gtgggaccgt gaaaggcagc ctgtgttctg    100380
     gtcaagctag gtttaaaccc ctaatctgca ggggcagact aatctgcaag gggcggaagg    100440
     cccatttgcc acgctcccag acacaggctc ctgacatgag gcccagctct ataattctct    100500
     ggccatcagt ctcgtaagct gtccagactc cacccccaca gttacctggc aacagccaga    100560
     tagccacaga ccactataaa aggagatgct tgcccctcct cactctcttg ctccctctct    100620
     taccctcttg ctcttactct tgcctctccc cctccttccc ccacctccct tcccccgtct    100680
     ccccaagtgg ccatggctgc cctctgcttc tctactctct ccctctctct gcctttgtac    100740
     aataaacgcc ttaaaaccat ggactgcttc ttctctttgg acccgccatg ctgaagcaat    100800
     ggagcaggct tccctctaac gagctgcacg tctaacctcc ggctaggaag cctccctgtg    100860
     ctccaactac tgccgccacc aacccaagct gtccaagcaa gccacctgag ctagctagac    100920
     tctctcatcc ctgtggtaac ctgccagagc tctcctccta tccttttccg ttcgtccccc    100980
     ggggccagac tgctctcagc tcttccacag tatctgggat gtcggagagc gaaaacctgt    101040
     tgtccctggc ctccgtgcgg cccaggaacc ccagaaccgg cttttccacg gtgctcggtg    101100
     gtctctggtg cccgagagtc ggagcctgac tccagcagtt ctgcagggaa cttagactat    101160
     gccttttcct cacctctgga gtgggatccc gcggcttctc acagtccaac gcctgcctgg    101220
     ctgttccgtg ggggtcagcg ccagtcaacc atccctgaat ctgcctcgcc cagtggccct    101280
     agccctaagc ggacgcagga ccccattttt tttgccccac aaactgcctc actattcttg    101340
     agttacttca tgtctttttt gggtactagc tacgtatttg cagactgaga ggatcaaggt    101400
     cctgtctcca gctggaccat tgatcttcca tctgaccttc agccagcccc tggccctctt    101460
     tggttttccc atctataaca ttggaggttt tgcatctgct gggttcagag acttggagaa    101520
     cattcccccc gcccacacac agcccgagtc tctaaactta ccaggctgag cggaggcagc    101580
     aggaagcttc caggttctag tcttggggac cgcttgggcg gcttagtttc cagcagctcc    101640
     aaccctttgt cctctgagct ctgggccaag gccctataga gacacaggaa gattctcaaa    101700
     acgcaggaag cctgggcaaa tgtgggtacc ggtgtggaag ctgatgccct tcccacacaa    101760
     tgcttacata catgcctacc agtgtactca tccacccaca gagcatcctt tcactcatag    101820
     gaactgtgac ctacagtttc cccctagtag gtcatctgtc ttctcccccg actcctttct    101880
     gcccatttgt ccatttaccc tactcattca ttctttctcc cacctactca ctcatgctat    101940
     tcacttatcc actcacccat ctgtctactc attcattcat tcactcattc actcattcat    102000
     gaaaatattc attcatgata tattcattca ttcatgaaaa tatccattca ttcattcatg    102060
     catatactca ttcattcact cattcatcta tcatgctcct cctatccatg cataggtgat    102120
     ccacctattg attaatctac cctttaaaga tctatctatc tattcactga gctttccatt    102180
     tatctttttt ttccacctat ctattcaccc atctaacctc ccattcacct tccagccacc    102240
     atccactcat ctattgattt ttttatctac ccatttatcc attcatccat ttacctaccc    102300
     accactaatt tttttcccat ctctgtattt acccattcat ccacctcccc acaatggcaa    102360
     tatagctcag cactggagaa tccacgcaga actcatcagt gaggggttag ggtatggctc    102420
     agtagttgag cacctagcta gagttccgta gtgactgaat gtctccgaac tggtggattc    102480
     tagaaaagca ctctgccatt gaatcatacc cccaaactct cattggggat tctaggcagg    102540
     ggctctacca ttgagccaca ccccatcccc tcactggggg attctaggca gggactctac    102600
     cactgaacca cgcccccagc ccctcattgg gggattctag gcagggactc taccactgag    102660
     ccacgccccc agcccctcat tgggggattc taggcaagtt ctctactgtg gagctgtatt    102720
     tccagcccca gtttcttccc attataacaa aaactgtcac taagtcgtat gcaaatgtgt    102780
     cataatgact gatcctggct gctgtgggat ttggataaat ggtgagaaaa aggtggtcca    102840
     gtaggtggga cacatggagg gcctggctgg agagatggag acaggaagca tgctgaggga    102900
     cggggctgac gcatgagagg atcagggaca ttctatatgc ctgtgttatg cccctctctc    102960
     gctgtggctc acctcttccg agttccaggc atcagggagg ctgtggggcg atcgcccctg    103020
     gaaggactgg aacagttcag tcgtggatca ctcccccagc ggggtagtag ggagggctca    103080
     gggataggag gcgacaggcc atggaagctc cgagcacggg gcctgcgggc caccctggga    103140
     ggtctgcggt ggactttggg caattgctcg ctggagttga gctggaagtc atcatccatg    103200
     gagatgtagg gggccagcat ctccaagtcc agagtgtcag ggtcctgcag gaggcaggag    103260
     agtgttcaca gcagggccca tggcctgggg gagcccaaga gggcatggca actctgacag    103320
     tctcatttgt gcctgtgttt gtctctgttt ctcttttggt gtctttgtgg ctttgaccag    103380
     tctctccaga tctgcttgtg gctgtctttc tgtctatctc ttctctctct ctctctctct    103440
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctttccct gtttctgtat ctatttcttt    103500
     gtctgtctct cactctctgt cacttgtcat ctctcccctt tttgtgtgta tctctccccc    103560
     cttcttcatt tctgtctttt cttaccctat ctctctgtct ttctatcctc ctgtctgtcc    103620
     ctctcctcat ctctttccat ctttcctctt cttggtctct gtctccacct ccctctgtat    103680
     cactgtctgc ctttgtcttt gtctctcttg agtgcttgtt tctctgttct ctgcccctgc    103740
     ctctgtctct tgttttgatt gtctatcatt ttgtctctat atttctttct atctcccttt    103800
     ctgctctttt gtcttctctt tcctatgccc agccaatgaa accatggtct actatgtgtg    103860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtata tatatatgca tatgtatcta ctatctatct ataatctatc    103920
     tgccatctat tatctgtcat ttaactatct actctatcta ccttctatct ctctatatct    103980
     atcttctatc taccaattta tctgtcatct atttatctgt catctatcta tacctatcta    104040
     tcatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat cttccatctc ccaatcaatc    104100
     tctccatcta ttatctatct ataatctgtc atctatcaat cacacatatc tatctaatct    104160
     gtcacctatc aatcatctat ctataatctg tcatctatct atctatctct ctatcttcca    104220
     tctcccaatc aatctctcca tctattatct atctataatc tgtcatctat caatcacaca    104280
     tatctatcta atctgtcacc tatcaatcat ctatctataa tctgtcatct atctatctat    104340
     ctctctatct tctccctacc aatcaatcta tccatctatt atctatctat actatctata    104400
     atgtcacatc taatctgtca tctatttatt aatcaatcaa tcaaccaatc aatcacctat    104460
     ctataatctg tcatctatct acctatccat ccatccatcc acccatccat gtttccatct    104520
     atccacacat ccattcatcc cgtcaccctt ctataaagcc agataagctg accccttcat    104580
     gctggttctc acctgagcta tatctagatc tgtctccacg gtcttgtttt tctgggcagt    104640
     ggagagtctg tgcgcatttt ccaagcccac tgtcaactta tctgggagat cagcctggag    104700
     gggaagagag cagagacacg ggagactgag tctgaggagg tgctgacaat aatagtttcg    104760
     ggcagaggtg ggggtcttag gctgaagatt acaagaggtc aaacagcaat gcaaatgaag    104820
     gtggttttgt ttgtttgctt ctttgttttt gttttgagac attgtctcaa gtagtccaag    104880
     atggcccaga attcccagtg tagcagagga tgacttagca ctttgggtct tcctgcctcc    104940
     agttcctaaa ttctgggatt acagatgtgt ctcttcattc ttggctttat ttactgattt    105000
     attattttaa ggcaaggtct gtgatggtta gctttaatta tcagcttgcc ataatctaga    105060
     ctctcctagg caaagggact gtctacactg aattggcctg tggatgtctg tgggtaatgg    105120
     tctttttttt tttttttaat gtgtttgctt gtttgtttaa atatttattt atttatttta    105180
     tgtatatgaa tacactgtaa ctgtctttag acacaccaga agagggcatt agaacctatt    105240
     acagatggct gtgagccacc attggttgct aggaattgaa ctcaggacct ctggaagagc    105300
     agtcagtgct cttaaccact gggccatccc tccagccctg tgggtgatag tcttaatgaa    105360
     gctaattgag gtaggggctg gagatattgc tggctgatat tgctggagat agtcctagta    105420
     cacatatggt aactcaaaaa acatccataa ctccagtttt gggggatctg atgccctctt    105480
     ctgactgcca caggaaccag acacataagt ggtccacaca catatatgca gacaaaacac    105540
     atgcaaaaat gtaaacttaa ttgatgtgag aagacctagc ccactgtggg tgacaccatt    105600
     ccctagtcag gggtccagaa ctgcataatg gagaaatgac attgagcacc agagggcaca    105660
     catttctctc tgcccctgac tatgggtgtg atatgacctg ttgtctcaag ctcttgccat    105720
     tgtgtcttcc tgccatgata aaataaaacc tggaattgca aatcaaaata aacccctttc    105780
     ctcctatgtt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgatgca catgagtgca ggtacccaca gagtccaaaa    105840
     gaggatgctg tgggatcttc tgggactggg aattacaggt gattgtgacc catccagggc    105900
     ggttcctgac tactaaactc tggttctctg caacagcaag cactcttaac cactgagcaa    105960
     cctctccagc cccttttgtc aggatagttt gccacagcaa tagaaatgaa agttgaagag    106020
     ggtctcattc caggctgctc tagaactcac tagagagcta aggctggcct tgaactcttc    106080
     ctacctcagc ctcccaaatg ctggtattgc aggtgtgcac ctccatgcct ggctgtttga    106140
     tttttgagac aaggttttac tgtgtagttt aggttagcct taaactcagc cctcctgcct    106200
     cagcttccca agtactggga tcacaggtgt gtgttataat atctatcttg taacctatgt    106260
     cttagagaaa ccccatttca tctctgaggt ggagatattg gcaacataga atagcaaggc    106320
     tcaagccaga ggccctaagc agcacatgtt ccacgtgctc agacaggaga caccgtttac    106380
     cggaagagga ctttggggtc tccgtgtagc ttgtggggtg ctgggcgtgg cagctggggg    106440
     aggtccatcc aggatgggtg ccatgaggcg gcgcaggtct ggactacaga aacggcgagg    106500
     gtcagcagcc agggaggcct cactcagggc cggagggtgc aggaaggcca ggatccgcgg    106560
     agcaggagag tctgcagggt gaacagaacc tagttaccca aggctgaagg ccagaccctg    106620
     ctctgctgtg ccaagcctag aggatgactg tgacattttc agcagcacat cagaatggcc    106680
     actgtgttcg ctgctggaga ggagtagccg aagggcctcg ttctgggtca tctcacagcc    106740
     agattgctgt gttgagactg gcccgacgca gagagaggca gtagatagac aggtccacag    106800
     taaatgcacc tggccttcct tcttggggtc ctgaggacac aatggccttg aaccatacct    106860
     acactgttgc cagggatacc cttctgcgag gaggcactca gccgaggggg tctgcgagta    106920
     tgttgctccg tttgttccag agacagcacc actccggtct cttctacacg gctgagggga    106980
     ggggcaaggc aaagagtggg agtcagagag ggtccttgct cacccgcagc tgcggccgat    107040
     gtcttcccac agaggccatt tcacccagga gctgaaggga atttgccaca aaacaatttc    107100
     ccaccgcttt ttcaccagga tttattttgt tttgagatga gccagcctta tgtagcccag    107160
     gctggcctca gactcattat gtagccatga atgacgtaat ctgattctcc tgagtgccgg    107220
     gattacaggc acatgccacc atgctcagtt tatggggtct gaggatggaa taccaggctt    107280
     caggcatgct aggtaaacat tctactgact gagctacatc cccagccctt ctgaaatgaa    107340
     tgcaaacact taggataagg gggctcaacc tgtaatggca ttgatagatt gactgattag    107400
     tctgtttact gtgctggggt ttgaacctag gacctcttgc atgccaggca aactctcctc    107460
     cactgagcta tgtccctagc tcctgtaatg ttgctgaaat gaaactaaaa gcctggagca    107520
     gtggagccaa catacattcc aacacttggg aggctgaggc aggaagtttg agagttagag    107580
     gccatcttga gctaccacta ggagaccctg tctcaacaag acaaaacaaa acagaacttg    107640
     ttgccactgc ctgtgatccc aagacttcag aggtggaggc aagagggtca gagtctcagc    107700
     tacaaagtga atttaatgtt ggtctgctct atagaagact atgtctccaa aaaacttaaa    107760
     aaaaaaaaaa actctaaaaa atttaacata ttcttcattg cttttccaaa tatgaagaat    107820
     tcatagctac atttctatga ataagcattt atttgagaag cttctattca tagacatccc    107880
     atcctcaagg gaacaggttt ataaatacat ccttcttctg tcccccgcac ctcccagccc    107940
     acagtctctg gctctggagt caatccaaat gctggctgga aaacctggct ttggggagtg    108000
     ggtctgaggt tgagaaaaat gaattaattt gcatctcatt agcataagcc tcctatagga    108060
     cagaatgcag gtgggtctgg tgctcctagc agctcttgga gaagtttgac tcttaacctt    108120
     cattaaacct agcctggaga tgtaccaatt taagccagct acctttatct ccttcaaagc    108180
     atggtgtaca gagtgacacg ggcacatcct cagagaggaa tacctgtaga cacccaagta    108240
     tctatctaga gagagagcat atacgaaaac ctctatgcac ttggtgccat atctgtgcat    108300
     acaggcttca tgagctcatt agtttattca ttccccaaac acctctccgt taagcatcac    108360
     tgcatagagg ttaataacaa ggaatatgaa cccagtgggt tggggtcaga tctcaactct    108420
     gccatttctg agcttcgtgg ccttaaatgt ggctgactgt ctctggactg gtggtctgta    108480
     ggcaagtgat ctaccactga gttaaaaccc ctaactgctc tctgagggat gttaggcagg    108540
     agctccactc caagctattt acccagctcc tcactggggg attctaggca gggactctac    108600
     cactgagcca caccccagcc cctcactggg ggattctagg caggggctct accactgagc    108660
     cacgccccca gcccctcact gggggattct aggcaagggc tctaccactg agccacaccc    108720
     cagcccctca ctgggggatt ctaggcaggg gctctaccac tgagccacac ccccagcccc    108780
     tcactggggg attctaggca agggctctac cactgagcca caccccagcc cctcactggg    108840
     ggattctagg caagggctct accactgagc cacaccccag cccctcactg ggggattcta    108900
     ggcaggggct ctaccactga gccacacccc cagcccctca ctgggggatt ctaggcaggg    108960
     gctctaccac tgagccacgc ccccagcccc tcactggggg attctaggta ggggctctac    109020
     cactgagcca cacccccagc ccctcactgg gggattctag gcagggactc tgcctcagat    109080
     tttactaatt tgaattacta aagtgaaact atgcagcaat gtgatatgtt ggcaaggaag    109140
     tggaggacgt caatccccat acactatggg agggagtgca gaatggcaca gcactgtgaa    109200
     aacagccctg tcagttccta tggaaatgta tgacccgccc attccactcc caggtgttca    109260
     cccaggagaa tggaaatgtg catctgcaca aaatctcact tgagaatgtt tataatgact    109320
     gtgcaatccc ccccaaatag gacacagacc aaaatcccct ggctggcaca tggacaaaga    109380
     actttggtcc attcattctc tccaatgact actagtcaac ctgagaaagg agtggttcat    109440
     atttgtaatt ccagaactca agagcctgag gcaggaggct tgctgtgagt ttgagaccag    109500
     cctgggctac atagtgattt ccgtactaac aggaattcag agtgaccctt tgtctcaaac    109560
     agacagacag gcaggcagga agacagacaa agaaaagtta caagtgccct ggttcaatgc    109620
     ctggactcct tgtaaatatg gaggaatcgc gcagcctcct cagctctggg actgtaggca    109680
     ttcagtctgg ttttacttca catcttgttt ttttttttaa cttaaatgac cagtataagc    109740
     caggtactgt gctatattat atgccagtaa ggtcagcagc cgggatcagg agttcaagat    109800
     catccttggc tacaaaggaa gatttgagac cagcttgacc tgcaagagaa cctgtctcaa    109860
     agcactgata catttttagg aagttagcaa ggggccctag tggtgcacag ccttagttct    109920
     aacatttggg aggcaaaagt aggaatatct ctgagttcga ggccagcctc gtctacatag    109980
     agttctaaaa cagccaatgc tacatagtga gagcctgtct caaaaaatgt tttttaaatt    110040
     aaagtttaaa agtagcacaa taaaagtaca tacagagatg cccatgtgta tttgcatggc    110100
     catatatgtt ccacatacag ggacacatta tgtactttct tgtgcatgca caatatgaaa    110160
     gtctgcctgt gaataccaca tacacacaca ctcacacaca ctcacaaaca cacacacaga    110220
     cacacacaca cacagacaca cagacacata cacagatata cagacataga gacatagaga    110280
     cacacagaca caaacataca tactttgaca catgcataca cagacacaca tacacacatt    110340
     cagacacata tacactcaga catgcacaca cagacagaca cacatacaca cagacgcact    110400
     tagatacacg cacatgcagg cacatatact cacaaacaca gacccacaaa cacagacaga    110460
     cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacacaca aaccagagac tcacaaaaca catactctga    110520
     cacacatgca cacacagata cacacacaca tgcaaagaca cagacacaca gacacagaca    110580
     cacaccacac aaacacacct tccacccttc tgctcacctg atcaggaagt ggacgcagat    110640
     gatactttcc gactgggggc cccgcccccc tgacaccact gtagcctgag tctgagtcca    110700
     cagatagcct ccagtccggg ccaggaagcg atactgcccc gttactgcct ggcccttgct    110760
     caacactggg gagagggtag gtagtggtaa gggtcactgc agggacaccc aggaagctgg    110820
     aattaggagt gggaggtcat agaagacaaa attctttggg ctatgcaggc cttagtattt    110880
     ggggttcagg gggagacagg agtcccacaa agccctggtt ttgtgttcag gagaccaaga    110940
     attggtgtca gcagggggcc atacagcagc tggctctggc ctgggggcat gttggtcacg    111000
     tacaagtgtg gatgctcctg ctgaccgcat cagagtccaa agcgtggatg tattcatagg    111060
     cagaacagcc aatcaggtca tcaggactgt agccagcaac ttctgcaatc ctggagtaaa    111120
     atggagaggt actggtcaag gcccagatgg agggaagggg caggtgtcat agacaacaca    111180
     gcgagacaag agacagggca gtcacagaaa ggcaagggga ggataataca aagataaaca    111240
     gagtagaatg tggtgactta cacctgtaat cgcagcactc aggaggctga agcagaattg    111300
     cgaatttgag gcttgggata cagcaagacc ttatcttaca aaaccagggg ttcagggcat    111360
     ggcttagtgg tagagcctat aatcccccag tgaggggctg agggcacggc tcagtggtag    111420
     agcccctgcc tagaatcccc cagtgagggg ctgggggcgt ggctcagtgg tagagcccct    111480
     gcctagaatc ccccagtgag gggctggggg cgtggctcag tggtagagcc ctgcctagaa    111540
     tcccccagtg aggggctggg ggcgtggctc agtggtagag cctagaatcc cccagtgagg    111600
     ggctgagggc acggctcagt ggtagagccc ctgcctagaa tcccccagtg aggagctggg    111660
     ggggcgtggc ataatggcag agcccctgca ttttaccctt agcatgacaa taagtaaata    111720
     aatgagaaaa gaaacattgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgcgcgcgc gctcgcgcgc gcgtgtgtgt    111780
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtagcaaa gggtagaaaa ggaagcagca    111840
     gagaagataa agaaaaagaa tgtgaaagaa gcatgaagaa ggaacagaaa tttctaagag    111900
     aaaagaataa aaacagttat ggagggaaac caagacactt cattgtgctc tgcactgtga    111960
     aacacatggg gtgctgagaa caacagcaaa aggcagggga cgttattctc ctctaggaca    112020
     gttgaggaca ctgaggcaca gagaagtgaa ctgactctgt cagtgataca gatccaggag    112080
     ggaaacccaa gaagtcagga tctagactca ttgcttctga gcacgtagct tagtctgcag    112140
     aatgtttttc tagcgtgcat aaagccctgg gttccatccc tggcatgcct gtgatcccct    112200
     ccttcagaag gcagaggcag ggcaattaga aatctaaggc ccccagcact tgggaggcag    112260
     aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc    112320
     cagggctaaa cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa taacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaacaa    112380
     aacgaaatct aaggccatga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    112440
     gagaaacagc cagagaggga gaaagggggg tgggggaggc ggagagactg actgacagac    112500
     agatttgagt aggtggtggg tgggtatggt gctgcataaa gctactgccc acctctcgtc    112560
     gcagtatgtg aacttcatgt ccaggctgtg gcgactgaga aaggcccctc ggcccagcgg    112620
     gggctccaga ctggctgggt gggggatggc ttcacagata agcaccaggc attgcagggg    112680
     aggctcggag cgagggctcc cggcagggga agtctgtgca gggggcttgt aggccctcat    112740
     atgtcctgag cagtgcagca cctttgggtg aagtgggggt gttgtgagta gtcatcctag    112800
     ctttgggcta cccacggggc tgggatgcct gctgtgtctg agtctcacag ggaactggga    112860
     gaaaagattc tcgattattc ttgaaagttg cgaggagctc tgtcctcttc gttccaaccc    112920
     tcaggaaact tgcaggattt cattttgaag gctgaaagga cctttgtatc ctcaaggact    112980
     ggtcccggga tactcaattt ataggtgctc tgatgcccta ctggactcag tctcggggag    113040
     ttccaccaaa tctctgaacc tgggaaagcc cagatctaac agggaacgag actttcaggg    113100
     gtcagaccca ccctactgag accaggccca gcctaccttc caggtggccg ctttgaggtt    113160
     gagcgtgcgc cctctgctgg tgagcgtgct cttcattcgc agggaaaagt ggcgctctgt    113220
     tggggcttcc agcttcttct ttgacaggtc tgggaaggca tggaggcggg gggggggggg    113280
     gggggggggc ggggtcatta agtaaatgtt aaagtctccc agcctcagag atggcttaac    113340
     agttacgcgc gtttacggct acctcttgta gagaacctga gcttggatct ctgaatctgt    113400
     aactgcaaaa cccacttccg acctctgaag tcacctgcac tcacttacac aatcatctcc    113460
     cgccccttcc tctccctccc ccttaaaata taaaatcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    113520
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt tcttttcttc tgccccctct    113580
     cctcccccct ccctctctct tcctctctct ctgagacagg tagaccaggc tgagctcgaa    113640
     ctcacagaga tcttccgcct ctgcctccag tgctgggatt gaaggtgtgc gccactacat    113700
     ctggccaaag taaaatctta aaagtctccc cagcctcatc tccaaagtta agacttggaa    113760
     ccagtgaagg gacaccctct ccagggaagg gacccctggg gggtaagggc gcacccaggg    113820
     aagggactcc cagtgtgtag ttagctctgt ccacttttct ctatgcagat gttccagatc    113880
     aggaagagaa aggtcagttt cctactctga actgtgggca ctcactcggc ctgggggtca    113940
     gggcgtcttg aagttcctct tggtcacagg gatggataaa atcaaagata ctgtgtccaa    114000
     tgagctccag ctgcgggggt gggtgggggg agaggacaga agacacactt aacaggaccc    114060
     ctgagctcct ctttcctcgg ctcgctcatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca    114120
     tccatccatc catccagcaa ccattcatca gcacccaatt ttactaggac cctttctaaa    114180
     cgactggaca gatcatatgg atcttgctct tctcagggtt cactgggtgg tgtttgtgca    114240
     tggatgccca aggtgaggct cctgggtatg gccacatgac aataagatgc tagtttaacg    114300
     acagtgccct gaatagttca ttgaggagtc aacatttttt tttttttttt tttggttttt    114360
     cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccagact    114420
     agcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt    114480
     gccaccaccg cccggccgag gagtcaacat ttaaaaaaat aaatatgtta agctggagtt    114540
     gggagagtgc ctgcctactg cagaccaggc cctggatttg ataccaaaca caatgtctgg    114600
     gcattgtgtc aagcacctat aatcccagta atgacaacat gaaggcagga ggatcagaaa    114660
     ttcaaggtca ttctttgcta tgcagtgggt ttgaggctag cctgggatat acgagatact    114720
     gtctcaaagg gggtgggggt aaaaactcaa caaagtaagt gaagtgaatc tgtggctctc    114780
     tggagtaaga gaatgcttta aaaatgggaa tcatgtgttg ggcgtggtgg cgcacgcctt    114840
     tagtcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc    114900
     tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaccaa    114960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg gaatcatgaa ctatggggtg    115020
     acccatgcct ttaatcctaa cattcaggag gcaaaaacag gtccatctct gtgagttcca    115080
     ggccagcctg gtttacatat caagttctag gcaagcacag taagacccta tctcaaaaaa    115140
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tgggggtgca gtgggagcta gagagataca gactggccat    115200
     tagttaagag cacttgatct tacaggggac ctggattcag tcctcaggac ccatatcaga    115260
     tgactgacaa ctgcttataa ttccagttcc aggggatcca atgccccctt tctaacctct    115320
     gagggcacct gcaatacatg tgatgtatac ttgtatattc aggattcatc tgcaatgcac    115380
     acacacatgt acacacacac atacacacac atacacactc agggccccct acatacatgt    115440
     aaaatagaaa aatcttttac tagtaataaa aaacaaaaat aaaaacagga gccacacatg    115500
     tgaaggcctt ggggtgagtc acacctcctg ggcaggtcca agactctgtt ctttgtttca    115560
     gtttaggaag tgagcctggt ggcactgagg aggagacaca tgaaaaggtg gccacagggg    115620
     aacccaaccc aatggtgtct ggatgacaca ttactctccc aataacacct attgtagcta    115680
     ggtttgatgg ttagctctac tacttcctag tttgggactt tgggggcagt cacttgtctg    115740
     actctgagag ctcacactca cagagaaatt ggtaccagga gtggggttat gtatcaggga    115800
     ggaggaacag aggtccactg cacagccatt tacatgaaag acaaaaagaa cacaaacttt    115860
     ctcacatagg gctcacttta aggatgaatt aagttatttc tagtccccaa atgtcttgcc    115920
     aagctccttt tctcctgcct gagattcgtg tccactccct gctgatccct aaatccattc    115980
     cctttcaaaa ctttaaatac gattctggct ctttaacaca gcctccctct tgttttgact    116040
     cctttcatgg ctccccagtg ccctggagaa tcaccttctc attgggacac acattatcaa    116100
     cccgttggct tgtctgacgt cattttccct cctaacttct gctgtcctct gtccacaaat    116160
     caacttagtc atttctccaa agtgttcctt tttcaccacc cctctgggcc tttgcttgtg    116220
     cctgcacttc tccatgtaaa ctcctgatcc tccctgaccc tcccgtcaca tccatatgac    116280
     tttcaactga gctgttcttt tttctttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc    116340
     cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct    116400
     gcctctgcct cctgagtgtt gggattaaag gcctgcgcca ccacgcccgg ctcctgttct    116460
     tttttctaag aagctctgag tccctctcct cccaggctgg gtcaggtctc agcttcatac    116520
     ttcctacatc tagcctgtcc caacacactt tgaccttctg tctggtaata ttcctctctt    116580
     ccctctgccc ttaaacgaag aactaaggtt gtgtgggaaa accaccacgg tgacaccctc    116640
     cccccccccg ctcccccccc catcaccagt gggggtgtgg ctcacctgac tgaggcccag    116700
     gtgcttgctg acattttccg acaggtaagc catgtctccc tcggcggtga gtaccatgac    116760
     gaaaccctcc agggccttca ggtagcaggc gtccagtggc tctccccctt tttccacctg    116820
     gttccactcc cctggtgccc aagccagcgg ggagagggag gatggggcag ctgtcagtca    116880
     cggatctacc cggatcttcc ctccaccttc ccttactcac atgaacacat agaaatggcc    116940
     aggtgggtgg gagaaaattc tagggtcttg gagtcccatg gaagagggca aggccactaa    117000
     gctttggaaa caggaacaca gactcccaga ggggacataa tcctcgcaga ttctaagact    117060
     gaactctgag gagctggaat tccagaggtg tgggcacatt ttctagaatt ctcaagagag    117120
     tatatggatg gtctgccaga taggcaaaat atgaaaatgt cagggacttt cagaagacag    117180
     agttccatca cattttatta gtttgattgt tttctgtgga tgtggaggtc agaggacaac    117240
     tggcagaatt ctaaaggggc caagtctccc ccagaattct atggggaagg gaatttaaat    117300
     ggcaaagctt ccatagtaaa agcttttcac atttctagga ttctaagttt tgtgtgtgta    117360
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tagtgggggg ggcatgtaag    117420
     cgctttgaaa gagagacttt taaagaattt tgaaaaaaaa atggttgtag agcctcccgg    117480
     agtggacaag gattgtctaa tcatggtggc tatgagctga ggcagaaggt taaagaatgc    117540
     aagtcttgcc tggcctacca agctagttca aggccagttt gaataactta gtaaaaccat    117600
     atgtcaaaat aaaacagaaa aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaag gaagaaagaa aagaaaagaa    117660
     aagagaagaa aagaaaaaag gagaagagct gggagtgtgg ctcagtggta gagcccctgc    117720
     ctagaatccc ccagtgaggg gctggggggc gtggccttgt ggtacagtgc ttgggtacca    117780
     caccccttgg atttgggttc aatctccagt atggcaaaaa agaaaacaaa cacataaact    117840
     gcagatgtgg tggtttattc cttttatccc agcacttaaa ggcagggtga gtaagggtcg    117900
     ggggaagagg cagacaggtc tctgtgagtt caaggcctgc ttggtctgta tagcaagttc    117960
     caggccagtc agagctatag tgagatcctg tctcaaaaac aaagcaaaac aacaaccaaa    118020
     aaactcaaca aataaggggg caaaatacca agcctaaggc ctcaagggac ctggctcttg    118080
     gattctaagg ggtggggcct cccacgggat cttcctggac ccagggctcc gactggtcca    118140
     gcacacgaag gggtggggcc tcgcctagag agcgtatccc atggctagaa aggcgggaca    118200
     ggctttccag gggaggggcc tccgcggcag gcagcagccg ggggcggggc gttccgggct    118260
     cacctgctgc gcagaggcgg tgcatgcgca ggtagctgat tgtgaggcgc atgatggagg    118320
     ccttgtccag gtgcgcgctg acgccgcgcg caaagggcag agtgtgcgcc agctggtaca    118380
     gcacctccgt ctcctggctg cgccggctgc gggccgcgtc ccgcgacttc tccttccgca    118440
     gctcggtgtt cgacctgtgg gaaggaaatg gcacgcgaca ggtcgcacgt gggacacctc    118500
     cttttggcgt tccggcggcg actgctctgg gcctggcagt tttctcccct tggagcccct    118560
     tttcttgccc cagattttac ctgtcttggt cccagtccat gtggccctcc ctgtggggct    118620
     ttgctccagg cttctcccct aggttgtgtg cctaaggccc tctgtcctct ccgggactta    118680
     gctgtagctc atttcccgag ctagagacgc cgtctggggg acagggaggc ctcccggtgg    118740
     gagggggtgg tagagctggc tggagtccaa gggagagatg gagctctgag agccccagcc    118800
     tcccaggccc ccttccctcc cagtttcccg ttctcagaca agctgattct caaagacaga    118860
     gatatctcaa agtctaacga cacaccaaag gggcctaaga ggggcagggc cccactaagg    118920
     gtgacacagc aaaccaaccc ctgtgttctg ccctgcacct ctacacttta atacgtttcc    118980
     aagtgtagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatgtg cgcgcctgag    119040
     agagatcttt cttcagtaat attaatatct atcaattacc catttttatt attagttatt    119100
     ttccctgcta tgtggtaaac ctccttaaac tccggacata gcaacacatg cctttattcc    119160
     cagcacttag aaggcagatt tctgaattcc aagtcagtct agtccacata agtcaggttc    119220
     aggccagtca aagctactta gtgagaccct gtctcaaaac aaacaagcaa gcaaccaaga    119280
     cgaaccccaa acttcgttta tctgatccca aagtctattg gacaaggttt ccctatgtag    119340
     ctcaggctgg tcacaaacac ccactaagtg ctatggttgt aggtatagac acttgactca    119400
     tgtctctttt cgagtgttta ttttttaaat gcatattgta tctagtctta tagtcatcat    119460
     tatcaatgtt tacaatattt ctaacccata agacagcagt tgatcagcct atgtatcata    119520
     tgtaagcaca cacctgaccc tcaggagagc ctctagagga tattattaat attaatgttt    119580
     gtttgtttgt ttgcttattt atttatttat ttatttattt ttgagacagg gtgattctgt    119640
     gtagccctgg ccgtcctgcc tctaggggat attattaata ttagtgtttg tttgtttgct    119700
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttatttt tgagacaggg tgattctgtg tagccctggc    119760
     cgtcctggaa cttgttctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagagatct tctgcctctg    119820
     ccttctggaa ttaaaggtgt gtgctagcgc acccagttat tgagacaggg tctcacgtag    119880
     cccaagccaa ggatgaccct aggcttctga atttgaatac tgggattaca aaatctatag    119940
     gcctggcctc aatggggaac aaaggggaaa ctgaggctct gaaaggtgaa gtcctttgtc    120000
     caagagatca cataaccagt ttctctaacc agttgcatgc gatgcccacc tcctacctcc    120060
     agcaagccgg ctctgggata ggaaggaggc tgctcctttc ttaaacgact tcaattcggg    120120
     gcgcagaggc cacttctggg ggttggagga ctacaatgtt ttagtctggg tgcgggggtg    120180
     gggtggagga gccattagtg caaggcggtg agaggcccgg aagggggcag gctggcctag    120240
     ttggtattgg aggagccaag ggggcgcccc tatgaactcc ctcttggctg gtgggggcag    120300
     gggcctcagt cctgcctgcc cagaggacat tccgtcctgt actgtactgt tccagccctg    120360
     tttgtcttcc tgcccagagg gtgggggtag gcgggcctca ctgagctggg ggccctggga    120420
     cagagggaac tgggagagag aaggggaatg gggtgggggt ggggccggcg ccccacctcc    120480
     caagcagctg agctctgtaa tcctactctc cgcggccagg gtggcagggt ttcttcctcc    120540
     atagaaggag ccagctggtg gctgtagagg gactctcctt cccctctcag cctgttctcc    120600
     ggatgttctg acgggaagta cgggcctctc actgcctttc tggtcctgct ctgaaacaga    120660
     gtgggggctg cctcttctgg gtcagggttc cagttcagac accactactg cagttgctca    120720
     ttagctgagt gactttgggc aggttgctta acctccctgg gcacagtaat agcctccagc    120780
     tcctcagagg gtgttttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtctgttt gcttaggttt ggggctgtat    120840
     gagatgaggc tgggagacaa gtatacccca aactcatgat cctcctgcct cagccccttc    120900
     cctgagtgct gggctcacag gactacatca ccatgatgga ttcctccagt ggaccgatga    120960
     ttaaatgagt taatatatgc cagaggctta ggaagtgagg cttggcaatt ggccagggtc    121020
     agtaacaaaa gagactgaag agtctgagtc tcttgtaccc tgggtgcgat tatttgcata    121080
     cagttagtca tgcatgcacg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgat    121140
     tatgagtgtg taatcacata cccagctttt acaccaacat ctcaaaggaa tgaaataacc    121200
     gtgatggtgt gctacacact tagaaactag agacccccca tccccacctt tacagcaacc    121260
     acatggacca gaagtgatca tctccctttt gagaaggtag gaacagggcc aagcttgacc    121320
     acttgagttc gattcccaga acccacacgg tggattagag aactgaacgc tgaccttcac    121380
     acactctcaa aggcaaacaa acacctcttc cctatacaca cgggtacaga aataaataaa    121440
     gtcatatata tatttttaaa gacagaaaca gggcctgaga tgcatgcagt tcagcaggag    121500
     gagcatttgc ctagcggaac tacatgcaca ggatgtggta cctgcctgca aatctatcac    121560
     taagggggtg ggagcagagg gagcctgaat tcatggtcat cctggaatgt gatgagttcg    121620
     aggttagtct gtcttagaca gaggctgagg cccagagcaa tgacagggct agcctgggtg    121680
     gctcaggagg taatctcatg gccattccag tctaccttgc tcagttgtct ctcagggaag    121740
     cttcataccc accatgcacc caccattacc ttcctgcttt ggaagccacc tcagatgggt    121800
     gacagaaatt gccgaggctc ccaagagcag ggtctgttga tttcaggcac ctcattgtgt    121860
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt ggtgggggag    121920
     agatctgttt cctcactggg agagttctga ctcccattat ccaagactgg aagctggtgc    121980
     tctgggaggg aaatccctgg gccagggagt ggaagcttgg gggtttgaac cctgacttta    122040
     gagcctgtgt tctaaaatgt tattcttcaa gaaggtgtgc ccaccacccc agggactcct    122100
     gtctgttcct ttctgcctgg tggccttaag tcctttcctc ctgtcccagc accgctgcgg    122160
     atctccctag ctggcccagc tctgggccaa ccccttggca gtgtgcccag cctgggacgt    122220
     gcgcctggaa ccttgccacc ttcactccgt gttctaactg agaacagagg gtggggccta    122280
     ggggcccagg gtgaggcctg ggaaggggga cttggggccc agtggtgtct tagccaagag    122340
     agaaaagacc ccatctcttt ctcaccccga acagctcagg gaattaagac attaagaatt    122400
     ttcacattct gagcttctct ctgactctta gctgggtact ggggggtgga ggggcttgcc    122460
     aaaactgtag agggtttgag gtgcactggg ggcttagctt tacatctgac ccctttgata    122520
     ttgcttggag gtgacctgag aggccagggg acaaggtttg ggttggagaa aggacttaag    122580
     gtaggggtca gtggggagtc tctctgacct tgatccaact tgttctcatg tcattcggtg    122640
     gggtgtctag ccatctgtcc tgtttttccc ggaaaccctg ctctcaggtg ggtattcagg    122700
     gcagtgtgct cattcttgat ctcctatgaa tactccccac aaagagtaag atggcttgga    122760
     gacggaagct agaagaaaga aaggggcaca cggcgccaga ggtaaccact caccctcacc    122820
     caagccccct ctgatgccaa ctgtcatcct gggggtgcag gaggggcccg gagctcagct    122880
     gtgaggcggg tgcaagttgg atgtgcggcc gcgtgggatg acaccacagg aaagggctgg    122940
     ccttgggtgc taacgggagg aggagtgggg gggggggagc gatgacaccc tagttaagtt    123000
     aggagagggc cctcacacaa ccataaaggg gcgctgtcac gagcggcacc agggatggcc    123060
     tagaaggggt ggggactgag ttcccgggtg ggctcagggc cagaagttgg aatagatggg    123120
     ccagacaggg ccagaaaaag ggcgagcctg ggtgggttga ggtagggggt aaaaactggg    123180
     tgtagagaaa aaccaatcag atctcggaag ccagggagga gggacagggg tgaggcttga    123240
     gggatgcccc aatttagaca gggaatacca agagtctagg aaatttttct ggggtctccc    123300
     gtggcaacct ggcgaaatgg gctccactgg ctatggtccc aaagcctctg cacctgttgc    123360
     aaggtgaaca cagaacccgc ttcttcctag gataacccca gctgtgtcca gccacaggag    123420
     ggcgctgcct tcccttgatt agccagggca tctttcggaa ggatgtctct caaatagggt    123480
     ttgggtgggg ccctcctccc tcaattacag actgggtcca ggcagatgaa attgacacag    123540
     aaccagatcg caggaagtgg ctcagatttg ttctgttggt actgaaaagg agcgacccta    123600
     cttatttaat gctgtttttt gagacaagaa aatgtagacc aaagctggtc tggaacttgc    123660
     catgtaggcc aggctggctt tgaaagcatc aatctcctat agctttccaa gtgctgggtt    123720
     tacaggcatg aatctccttc cccagctatc attccactct ttgaaaggca aaaagacctt    123780
     ggttaggtcc cacacagcct ctaatgagga cctccctatc cccatgtcat tttagagcat    123840
     tttgaagctt gggagactgt tagaaagggc atggtaaaat taacctctct cctggaattc    123900
     agaaatagtg tctttcaggg actccctaga aactccagtt tggggatccc ttattaacac    123960
     cacaagagct agactgccaa ggaagactcc tttcagggat ttggaggaaa agactttttt    124020
     ggaagaagtc ttccttgctc aaacgcgacc acctccaatc cataaggaac ttggagtttc    124080
     acccccagcc agatggagga ttgaacccga tgtatctgga aattgcagct cataacccca    124140
     aagcagttcc aggggagggg ggcgggacag ctggagctct gggggtaaat ccctgatacc    124200
     ctgaaaacct ctaaggtgga gggtgcatcg ggatgtgtcc ccaatcgggc gcctcacagt    124260
     gtcctcaact tgagccacac cccagagatg aggggttccc ttaaagctcc gtcaaagaga    124320
     gcccccagac cccaccatcc tatccccgaa gccctgtacc tcacgcgctg cagccccaac    124380
     gccatggctc gcccttcgcg gttccagagc cctcgatgcc cagcgtcccc ctcccctgcc    124440
     tgtgtgagcc ccctccccag ctccacctct gccactccat tggctggtct ttgcccagcc    124500
     cgcggctctg attggaaggt gggcttgttg ctcccgagaa ggaggaggga ctaaaggaga    124560
     agacttggaa cttcaagggg ttggggaatc cgatgtaatg cacaccccca gccacgcccc    124620
     tgccccagac ttccttggca gtccggagcc cgccgggcgt gatttccctc cagtctctga    124680
     acttccatat gtacacttct gaaccatctg attcactgtt ctctgtgtcc cagttcctgt    124740
     cgcagtctct gccttcactc ccacctttcc caaccccctc tcctttctcc cgctctgtcc    124800
     ttttcttgac gtaccaagtc cccacttctc tccaccccga actctacttc acctgtattt    124860
     cataacccct ttctttgcca taccccatgt ccctccactg tgtggcccca ctgtggaccc    124920
     cgcctcccag aatcttcctt gtccacccgt ctccacccca tcctgacccg tggcctctct    124980
     taactccctg tgcaggttcc tgcggatgaa taattaagct tctgtcaagt aaatatgctt    125040
     tagcttcatc acacccactt gtaaagggaa cagagaaccg atgagagata cgtgcgcagt    125100
     gacatggaca ggtggaagac ggtacagctg ggtaaggaag aggaaggaag ttcctgtgta    125160
     ggctggagag ggcgtggaca ctaaggacag gggtgaagga gcagtgttcc ttccgtatgc    125220
     aggtttgggt acactctaca ctgcggcaga aatggattta ttgtttttga gttattgggc    125280
     aagctccatc ttaggacttt cacacataac tgcgcactct ctttagagtg ctcttctcgg    125340
     ctagacggtt ggctccaggt ttaaggccct tgctgccaac cctgaagacc agtgttcaat    125400
     ccccaggccc tcccccctcc ccccacatcg tggaaggcaa ggtctttgat ttatctgcgc    125460
     gcacgcgcgc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acatacacac accacacgta    125520
     aaatgtaata aaaaacttaa aaaaattctc ctctaaaaat ccacatggct ccccacctca    125580
     actcaggaaa atagtaagct gtctcctccc attgccttct cttctccatc ttccttctcc    125640
     tcttctttct ccttcctctt tcttcctcct cttctccatt ttattttcag atggggtctc    125700
     atgtaacccc gtcaagactg gccagcaaga gctggccttg aacttctatc ctcctgcctt    125760
     caccttccaa gtggattaca ggtgtgtacc attatgccca gctcccatgc catttagttt    125820
     cagttgattt tatttgaata aatctgacta tatccatgct atcagcaact ccagggaaga    125880
     aggcaaaatc cagacagagc caatcactgt aggacttcct tggccacagt gattaccagt    125940
     tttgggaaga tatatgaacc aaactagtat agtgaagatt aactctgagg actttgctgt    126000
     aactgtcagg agagagggtt tatttatttc ttattgtttt attgtgttta tagcacagag    126060
     gattgaattt gggacaaact caaccagaac catacatatc cccagctctt cactgtgata    126120
     ttgagattct aggcaggggc tctaccactg agccacgccc ccagcccctc actgggggat    126180
     tctaggcagg ggctctacca ctgagccacg cccccagccc ctcactgggg gattctagac    126240
     aggggctcta ccactgagcc acacccccag cccctcactg ggggattcta ggcaggggct    126300
     ctaccactga gccacgcccc cagcccctca ctgggggatt ctagacaggg gctctaccac    126360
     tgagccacac ccccagcccc tcactggggg attctaggca ggggctctac cactgagcca    126420
     cgcccccagc ccctcactgg gggattctag gcagatgctc taccactgag ccacgcccca    126480
     gcccttcact ggggcattct aggcaggggc tctgccactg agccacaccc taacccctca    126540
     ctgggggatt ctaagcagga gacaggggca ctaccaccaa gtctgagctc cattgttctt    126600
     tttagcaatc tggctcgcaa agcaactacc ctacgcgtgt attatatttc acaataataa    126660
     aaaaatgact tgacagtaat tgtcattgag gagcgctgag ttaactggag gtcacaactg    126720
     aaagcagaga gctgaaatcc tcaaaataga atgtgcaggt ctgtgagggg tgctctgggg    126780
     catgttcagt gatcctccca ccctcattgc tctccaaagc tgtttttata acactagtaa    126840
     gatgctcttg cctcactctt ctccccctgt acactgacag tttccatggt cacggatatg    126900
     tgataggaaa cttgctctga tgttatattt tattattata aatgtaattt taaaagaatt    126960
     ccacacaatg gattggtgtc aaactgattc cttttcagtt tttcttttct tttgatttct    127020
     ttgtttcttt tctttttttg atttttgaga taggatttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc    127080
     tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct tgaactcaga gatccacctg cctctgcctc    127140
     ccgagtgctg ggattgaagg cgtgcgccac caccactcag ctccccttta agttctctta    127200
     ttcccttctt gctcttgctg actcctatcc ctttcccaat gagtcccctt cctgctttca    127260
     tgtcttttgg gggttgtttg ggggaaagtc ttgtgcaggt agccatggtt gctgagtgtc    127320
     cgtgattgca atgacctcgt aaaatgctcc agaaaccaac attttggggg tttcttccct    127380
     atcttctggt tcttacaacc tttccatcac ctccttttct ttggtgatag agatgtcttg    127440
     tttaggtctg agtactaaac attcccttat ttgcagctat ttgggcattt atcaatttct    127500
     gctttaactg ttgcctgctt ccagaagaga cttattctgc caaagctgca ttagtctgtg    127560
     agtataaaca gaaatgttaa gaaggcagtt tgactacatg tttgtttaag aaaacatcag    127620
     tagtgaattc tcccataggg cccatgaccc cttagccata aatttttggc taggcttata    127680
     gtaccagctg tgaatcccac ggtacggatt gggtctcaga tccaaggaga aagtggttgg    127740
     ttacacctgg accactcatg gcgctaccgc agtgctgcac acgctttgcc ttgtgggcca    127800
     gtatcgcagc aagcagggcc accgctgagt gagatcactg ataactcccc cccccccccc    127860
     ccccagcgat ctgcacacca ccttccagta gcactgtgaa ctctagccag caggaaggac    127920
     gcttccatat cacttccagc ttgatttctc tgtgtcttct gcagcagggc cttattgtct    127980
     agttctcatg ggtggctaat gacaagcctc taccactttt ggggctttta aggaccctgt    128040
     agccaacaga ccctagggag gtatcctgca cctggcatgg gattttcatg gatccaccat    128100
     gcagggcatc tctgtttaag ctcctttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    128160
     tgatcacttt ggcccaggct ggccttgaac tcactaaatc ctagatcagt ggctctcacc    128220
     ctttctaatg cagtgaccct ttaattcagt ccctcaatca tgctgacccc caatcataaa    128280
     attatcttca ctgctacttc ataactgtaa ttctgatact gttgggaatt gtaacataaa    128340
     tatctgatat tcaggatatc tgacatgcca cctttatgga aggatcattt gatgtccctg    128400
     cccctcctgt gactcagaag ttgagaacca ctcttgtaga ggctgacctt gaactcttga    128460
     tcctcctgcc tttgaccctc aagtgctggg agtgggttac catgcccaac ttctccattt    128520
     catatggcct actttaggag tcctccatac tttaaaagga tgtaaaggag tttgggaagc    128580
     caaacccaca agcaatggag ctttaactaa acctggcgtg ccctctggtg gtcagagttg    128640
     gtatgactct gctgatgcct gtgcctgtct agttggctgt gaataattgc atacttcaca    128700
     tcggtaacat atatatacaa catatatata tatatatata tatatatata cacacatatg    128760
     catatatgta tgcatgtata tatatattaa tttatgtgag tacactgtag ctgtcttctg    128820
     acacaccaga agagggcatc ggatttcatt atagatggtt gtgagccaca atgtggttgc    128880
     tgggatttga actcaggacc tctgaaagag cagtcagtga gtgctcttaa cggctgagcc    128940
     atctctccag cccccagtaa catattttta atggattgat tttatatttt aagatctttg    129000
     gagggtgctc tgtagagata tcctagctgt caaaagtgtt tgacaccaag cacttcaatt    129060
     aaggttgaaa gagtgaacag acttctgcaa tttgttttct gacttttata tatgatctct    129120
     ctctctttca tctgtctgtc tgcctgcctg cctgtctgtc tcacacacat atgcaaataa    129180
     atgtaattta aaactttcag tttgactcag tgattcaggg cactgactgc tcttccagag    129240
     gacccaggtt caaatccctg cacccacatg gcaactcaca actgtccata attccaaatt    129300
     ctgacaccct cacatagaca aacatgcagg caatgcacca atgcatataa aataaaggta    129360
     gatgaattta aaaagtttcc agttttcttt tatttttttt gctctatttc ttttttttta    129420
     ttagatattt tctttattta catttcaaat gttatccctt tttctggttt cccctctgaa    129480
     aatcccctat cctctcccca ctctctctgc tcaccaaccc acccactccc ggttcctggc    129540
     cttggcattc ccctacactg gggcattgaa ccgtcacagg accaatggcc tctcctccca    129600
     ttgatgacta actaggccat ccactgctac atatgaggct ggagcaatgg ggccctccat    129660
     atgttttctt tgattggtgg tttagtgcct gggagctctg ggggtactgg ttggttcaca    129720
     ttgttgttcc tccaatgggg ctgcaaaccc cttcagctcc ttcggtcctt tctctagctc    129780
     ctccattggg aaccccgtgc tcagtccaac gttggctgtg agcatgcact tctgtatttg    129840
     tcaggctcta gcagagcctc tcagacagct atatcaggct cctgtcagca agcacttgtt    129900
     ggcatccaca atagtgtctg ggtttggtga ctgtatatgg gatggatccc gaggtcgggc    129960
     agtctctaga tggccttttc ttcagtctct gctccacact ttgtctctgt aactcctctc    130020
     atgggtaatt tgttccccct tctaagaagg actgaagaat ccacactttg gtctgccttc    130080
     ttcttgagct tcatgtggtc tgtgaattgt atcttgggta ttctgagctt ctgggctaat    130140
     atccacttat cagtgagtgc ataccatgtg tgttcttttg tgactgggtt acctctcagg    130200
     atgatatttt ctagttccat ccatttgtct aagaatttca tgaattcatc gttttttttt    130260
     tttttttttt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg aaactcactc    130320
     tgtagaccag actggcctta aactcagaaa ttcgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg    130380
     attaaagatg tgtgccacca cacctggcag attcatcgtt tttaatagct gagtagtact    130440
     ccattgtgta aatgtgccac attttctcta tccattcctc tgttgagggg catctgggtt    130500
     ctttccagct tctggttata aataaagctg ctgtgagcat agtgaaacat gtgtccttat    130560
     tttatgttgg agcatctggg tatttgccca ggagtggtat tgctgggtcc tcaggtagta    130620
     ctatgtccaa ttttctgagg aacagccaaa ctgatttccg gagtggttgt aaaagcttgc    130680
     aatctcacca gcaatggagg agtgttcttc tttctccaca tccttgccag catctgctgt    130740
     cacctgagtt tttgatgtta accattctga ctggtgtgag gtgggatctc agggttgttt    130800
     tgatttgcat ttccctgata actaaggatg ttgaacattt ctttaggtgc ttctcagcca    130860
     ttcagtagtc cttatttgaa aattcttggt ttagctttgt accccattta taatagggtt    130920
     atttgcttct ctggaatcta acttcttgag ttctttgtat atatcgatca tatgtagggt    130980
     tggtagaaac cttttcctaa gctgttggtt gctatttctg tcctattgac agttcctttc    131040
     ccttacagaa gctttggaat tttatgaggt cccctttgtt ggttcttgat cttagagcat    131100
     agactgttag ggaatttccc ttgtgcccat gtgctcgagg ctcctttctc ttctattagt    131160
     ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtggaggtcc ttgatccact tggacttgag ctttgtacaa    131220
     ggagatagga atggatcgat tcgaattctt ctacatgata accaccagta gagccagcat    131280
     catttgttga aaatgctgtc ttttttccac tggatggttt ttagcttctt tgtcaaagat    131340
     caagtgacca taggtgtgtg ggttcatttc tgggtcttca gttctattcc attgatctac    131400
     ctgcctgtct tagtaccaat atcatacagt ttttatcact attgctctgt aatacagctt    131460
     gaagtcaggg atcgtgattt ccccagaact tcttttattg ttgagaatag tttttgctat    131520
     cctgggtctt ttgttattcc agatgaattt gcaaattgct ctttctaatt ctatgaagaa    131580
     ttgagttgga atattgatgg gaattgcatt gaatctgtag attgctttca ccaagatggc    131640
     catttttact atattaatcc tgccaatcca tgagcatgga caatctttct atcttctgag    131700
     atcttcttca atttctttct tcagggactt gcaattcttg tcatacagaa ctttcactag    131760
     cttagttaga gtcacactaa ggtattttat attatttgtg actattgtga agggagttgt    131820
     tttcttaatt tctttctcag cctgtttatc ctatgagtag aggaaggtca ctgatttgtt    131880
     tgagttaatt ttatatccag ccactttact gaagttgttt atcacctgta ggagttctct    131940
     ggtggaattt ttagggtcac ttatatatac tgtcatatca tctgcaaata gtgatatttt    132000
     gacttcttcc tttccaattt gtatcccctt gatctccttt tgttctctaa ttgctctggc    132060
     taggactttg agtactatat ttaataggta gggagaaatt gggcagcctt ggctagtccc    132120
     tgattttagt gggattgctt caagtttctc tccatttagt ttgatgttgg ctattggttt    132180
     cctgtagatt gcttttactg tgtttaggta tgggccttga attcctgatc tttccaaaac    132240
     tgttatcatg aaggggtgct ggatttcgtc aaatgctttt tcagcatcta ataaaatgat    132300
     catgtgtttt tttcccagtt tgtttatgta gtgggttaca ttggtgtatt tatgtatact    132360
     gaaccatccc tgcattcttg gtatgaagcc tacttgatca tgatggatga tcattttgat    132420
     gtgttcttgg attcagtttg caagagtttt attgagtatt ttttgcatcg atattcataa    132480
     cggaaattgg tctgaagttc tctttccttg ttgggtcttt gtgtggttta ggtatcagag    132540
     tgattgtggc ttcatagaac caattgggta gagtaccttc tgtttctatt ttgtggaata    132600
     gtttgaggag tattggaatt aggtcttctt tgaaagtctg atagaactct gcactaaacc    132660
     catcctgggc tttttttggt tagattatta atgactgctt ctatttcttt aggggatatg    132720
     gaactgttta gatggtttat ctgatcctga tttaactttg gtacctggta tctgtctaga    132780
     aaattgtcca tttcatccag gttttccagt tttgttgagt atagcctttt gtagtagtat    132840
     ctgttgatat tttggatttc ctcaggttct gttgttatgt ctcccttttc acttctgaat    132900
     ttgttaattt gggtactgtc tctgtgccct ctgtttagtc tgactaaggg tttttatatc    132960
     ttttgatttt ctcaaaaaac cagctcctgg ttttgttgct tctttgtata gttctttttg    133020
     tttttctttg gttggcttca gccctgagtt tgattatttc ctgctgtcta cttctcttgg    133080
     gtgtattcac ctctttttgt tctatagctt tcaggtgtgc tgtcaagctg gtagtgtgtg    133140
     cactttccag tttctttttt ggaggcactc agagctatgc gttttcctct taggactcct    133200
     ttcattgtgt ctcataagtt tgggtatatt gtggcttcat ttttattaaa ctctagaaag    133260
     tctttcactt ctttatttct tccttgacca agttatcatt gagtagagtg ttgttcagct    133320
     tccacgtgta tgtgggcttt ctgttgtttt tcttgttatt gaacaccagc ctttgttcgt    133380
     ggtgatctga caggatgtat gggattattt caatcttctt gtatctgttt aggcctgttt    133440
     tgtgaccaat tatacggtca attttggaga aattactgtg aggtgctgag aagaaggtat    133500
     attcttttgt ttcggattaa atgttttata aatatctgct aaatccattt ggttcataac    133560
     tctgttagtt tcactgtgag tctgcttatt ttgtgtttcc atgatctgtc catggatgag    133620
     agcggggtgt tgaagtctcc tattattatt gtgtgccgtg caatgtgtgc tttgagcttc    133680
     attaaagtgt ctttaatgaa tgtggctgcc cttgcatttg gagcatagat gttctgaatt    133740
     gagagttcat cttggtagat ttttcctttg atgagtatga agtgtccctc cttatctttt    133800
     ttgataactt ttggttgaaa gtcaatttta ttccatatta gagtgactac tacagcttgc    133860
     ttctttggat catttgcttg gagaattgtt tcccagcctt ttactctgag gtagtgtctg    133920
     tctttgtcac tgaggtgggc ttcctgtatg cagcaaaatg ttgggtccta tttatgcacc    133980
     cagtctttta gtctatgtct ttttattggg ggaattgagt cttttgatat taagagatat    134040
     taaggaaaag tgatggcttc ttcctgtttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgttgttg    134100
     taggaggtgg aattatgttt atgtggccat cttctttttg gtttgttaaa aagaagatca    134160
     ttttattgct ttttctaggg tgtagtttac ctccttgtgt tggagtttcc cttttatctt    134220
     cctttgtggg gctggatttg tggaaagata ttgtgaaaat ttgtctttgt catggaatat    134280
     cttggttttt ccatctatag taattgagag ttttgctggg tatagtagcc tgggctgaca    134340
     tttgtgttct cttagtgtct gtatgatgtc tgaccaggat cttctggctt tcattgtctc    134400
     tggtaaaaaa atctagtgta attttgatag gcctgccttt atttgttact tgactttttt    134460
     tctcttactg cttttaatat tctttctttg ttttgtgcat ttgctgtttt gattattatg    134520
     tgacgggagg aatttggagc tctgtagtct tcttttatct tcatggatac ctctttcttt    134580
     aggttaggga agtttccttg tataattttg tgaagatatt tgctggccct ttacctatta    134640
     tccttaggat tggtcttctc attgggtcct ggggatgtgg ctcagttgat ggagcacttt    134700
     cccagcatgg aagaggccct agatagcatc atcaaggaat gaaaacggca ctgtagagag    134760
     aatatcttgt gtctgtatag atgtggcact tatcaataaa aatctggtgg cttctggctt    134820
     aggcaggaaa taggaggtgc gacatcttgg aggcagaaag gatctgggat agtaacaggt    134880
     acgggagact tgcctaagaa gatgtgacaa gacctgagca caggtaatgt agattagaat    134940
     aaatagacta ttacttacta ttttcctgac cctatgggta ccccaattta aacacacata    135000
     tgtaaagatt caaagctagc acccacaaat gtgagagaac acatgccatt tgtctttctg    135060
     ggtctgggtt acttcactca gaatcattat tatttctgaa acaaggtctc tctaaggtag    135120
     ccctggctgg cctccaactc actgtataga tgagaatgat gttgaagccc ctatcctcca    135180
     gcctccacct cccaagtgct gagattacag gcatgtacca ctatgccctg tagaagtttg    135240
     atggttcttc ctcccagtcc catgttccct aaaataagac tcagactcaa aatatattta    135300
     ccaacacctt ggccatatag ctaggctctt ctctgactag atcttaactt aaaatagtct    135360
     atttattcta agtgctccat caactgaacc acatccccag ctctgatttt tgttcatcct    135420
     tgaagctggt gcctagccta agtgacaatg ggattttaat tccactcttt tatttttcaa    135480
     agatttttta tttttgtttt atgtgtatga gtgtttttcc tgcatgtgtg tccaagaacc    135540
     acatacgtgc cctgccccag aagaagccag aagagagtgt cggaggaggt cttggagctc    135600
     tggatggttg tgagcttccc cggagatgct ggcaactgaa gcagggtttt ctgtaagagt    135660
     aacatgtatt ctttactgtt gggccatctt gccaactcct aattctactt cacataagta    135720
     actactgaag acattgttta ttactaacaa ggtccccctc acatcccctc cccattccat    135780
     cttgttccag gttctgtctg atgcaccatt ttataacgct gcggactgtt tttgccattg    135840
     actgtccttt cctcacaata aaagacacaa gaaaactggg ctgcttttaa ggtgctcttg    135900
     tttttgctgt cataagtcat tccacagtcc agggccgacc aatgccccaa tctcctattt    135960
     gcattgtgtc agccatagcc cagagtgtcc actaggtggc gagctcattc cagcacctga    136020
     gctcttttgt acaataggtg gtggcgctta caaatgagga cattttggga gtcttgatac    136080
     ttgcagtatc attatgagag tgggtggaca gggtgaccag tgggaagcca gcctcatcta    136140
     cgtggtctct ggtcaatgtc caggaattat gaagtgttta ttggctccac ccgacttcac    136200
     cgttttaaac acagagaaac caggaaaaag cagggcaaga gctcgttgac tccctggctt    136260
     caatcatctg atgacctaga taccagcaag tgaccagctg gtgggtatgt atacagcatg    136320
     gagacgctgg gcaagggcgg ctctgggtgg gagaaatgta agtaagatag catgtgggct    136380
     ttgctgtagt ggctgtttat ttggcttatc tgtaaaccac agcttttttt tctgtgtgtg    136440
     tgcgtgcgtg cgtgcgcatg tgcgtgcgcg tgtgcatgtg cgtttcagcg tgtggcctca    136500
     ggcagctgct actgctgtct agataataaa gcccaaatcg cttagcactt ttgaatcccg    136560
     tctgggatgt ggtagtctcc tctcaggcga gtactgtggc catctgtcgc ctcgcacacc    136620
     tgactcaagt tagtctgttt tcattcccat cctctaacag ttaaaaccaa gatgactttg    136680
     cgaaagagat cagcaaaggc ctaatcgatt catacaattc ctccattttg attgaggcgt    136740
     gtgaataact tgatttcctc cctagtcttg acttctctgt gccatcgctc tctgtaaagg    136800
     cctaccagga gaggtgttta ttttatttta tttttaaaaa actttttact agatattttc    136860
     ttcatttaca tttcaaatgc tatcccaaaa gtcccctata tcctcccccc taccctgctc    136920
     cgctactcac ccactcccac ttcttggccc tggagttccc ctgtactggg gcataaaaag    136980
     tttgcaatac caagaggcct ctcttcccaa tgatggccgg ctaggccatc ttctgataca    137040
     tatgcagcta gagacacgag ctctgggggt actggttagt tcatattgtt gttccaccta    137100
     tagggttgca gaccccttta gctccttggg tattttctct agctcctcca ttgggggccc    137160
     tgtgatccat ccaatagctg actgtgagca tccacttatg gatgctaggc cccggcatag    137220
     tctcacaaga gacagctata tcagggtcct ttcagcaaaa tcttgctggc atatgcaata    137280
     gtgcctgggt ttggtggctg attatgggat gaacccccag gtggggcagt ctctggatgg    137340
     tccatccttt tgtctcagct ccaaactttg tctctgtaac tccttccatg ggtattttgt    137400
     tccctattct agggaggagc gaggtatccc cactttggtc ttccttcttc ttgattttct    137460
     tgtgttttgc aaattgtatc ttgggtattc taagttttag ggctagtatc tacttatcag    137520
     tgagtgcata tcaagtgact tcttttgtga ttgggttacc tcactcagga tgataccctc    137580
     cagatacatc catttgccca agaattttat aaattcattg tttttaatag ctgagtagta    137640
     ctccattatg taaatgtacc acattttctg tatccattcc tctgttgagg gacatctggg    137700
     ttctttccag cttccagcta ttataaatga ggctgctatg aacatagtgg agcatgtgta    137760
     cttcttacca gttgggacat cttctgggta tatgcccagg agaggtattg caggatcctc    137820
     aagtagtact atgtccaatt ttctgaggag ccgccagact gatttccaga gtggttgtac    137880
     aagcttgcca acaatggagg agtgttcttc ttttaccaca tccttgccag catctgatgt    137940
     cacctgaatt tttgatttta gccattctga ctggtgtgag atggaatctc agggttgttt    138000
     tgatttgcat ttccctgatg attatcatct tttcaggtgc ctctcagccc tttggcattc    138060
     aggagaggtg tttattaatc acctaacata actcaactga ctactcatga ataagctacc    138120
     ctcagcaacc accaactgcc agtccaaaaa ggaaacttta acactttatt tattaaaagc    138180
     atcttatttt tcttttctta aaaaaattaa ttaattatgt atagtgttct gcctgcatgc    138240
     ctgcctgcat gccagaagag ggcaccagat ttcattacag atgggtgtga gccaccacgt    138300
     ggttgctggg aattgacctc aggacctctg gaggagcagt cagtgctctt aacccctgag    138360
     ccatttctct aagtccctct ttttatttat tcattttaca tcctgatctc agcactttgt    138420
     ttctcctgtg gactgaacct cggaacctgt aagtcagccc tgattaaatt aagagttgtt    138480
     ttggctatgg cgcctcttca cagcaatgga aaccctaaga cagctgggct cccaggaact    138540
     gaaacctagg acagaggcct gtaattcctg ttatcttttg atcagagcct ctgagcagtc    138600
     cttgggtttg tctgacttcc agcaaatcat catcaaacac atgagcagat ggcctagctt    138660
     ggacactaac ctgaatggca gacctgctgc tcctggtctc ctgggtggga tttctgtttg    138720
     aacatcaagt cttgaggaca tgttgtgagg ctctctgtgg aagtacaatg ggaaatgcca    138780
     ccatgactca tctctaagac agccttgagc agcagctttg gaggatactg gcccagactg    138840
     agctgtggag gtcagtgcag ctggacgggc acaggacttc atgttgctct gtaggtggtg    138900
     acactgggac tctagggaca ctgggtccta ggtctgtacc atcaactctg cagctttgct    138960
     cacctgtgac aaagaccttt tctcccttgc agcacagggc ccagcatctc tgaacactca    139020
     gagcctcctg catctgcctg attgttcttg cctgattctc taaggttggg ggaggaggtt    139080
     agagtgacca caatggttga aagaggcttt tgcaaggatc agaggtccca tgagggccat    139140
     cttgtctctg ttgtgtgcac agaactgcta cccaagccca aatcacaatc gacctaaccc    139200
     catggaggtg aagacttggt aatggtaaca tgtggaccga ggctcagaat acaacctgcc    139260
     tgtgtaactt gtttaactta caaagaaata atgcaatgat agaaatgaac caccttttgt    139320
     aattgcttcc ttaaggaaat catgatttct gaattccaaa ttaggttgtt aagaaggcac    139380
     gtgacatcag cgtactggcc ctgctactca gatggctggc cgggtggaga acccgaggca    139440
     gtgacagttc agcagtggct gccttactca tctcgcccat tttcattatt tcttcctgag    139500
     gctggattca gcatgggcag tctgaatacc gcagtaagcc ttaaaattct tatgtgcatt    139560
     tattgccaac attcttctag agctccgtca gagcataatc tgtccttaga tcacaatgca    139620
     atcttggtag gaattttgtg ctatctggga tataatggtt aaattaaact tagtaaacac    139680
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaaat gcagtaatgt agataaatat    139740
     agtaagagga ccaggtttgt ttaggtagaa ggaactcaaa atgttgagga gttatgtttc    139800
     aattaagtaa ttgttcttgg ttatatgggc tgtggtggtg gtggggtgat tataaaaagt    139860
     agtagacatt tgtcaactaa gttgtagatt ctaacaacta taatccatgt tattttagat    139920
     tttgagggca tagctatgct ttaagcaaat attctcaaat gttattcaat acacataatc    139980
     acattaacca cacttgaatg attcccttct acattttatc tgattgtacc cacgtgatgt    140040
     tctacaaatc caaacacatg aagcaggaac tgtggtgcag acgttctttc actaacaccc    140100
     tcaaccaaca gtgaaaacag ccattatata tgctttcacg tgcatacaca tgtacttcaa    140160
     aaagcaatgc gccatctctt catccactgt caggcattgg tggagcacca gcaggtcctg    140220
     aaggtactgg gtaaggattg ttcagagcag gatggggtcc tggcatgggg tataatcttg    140280
     cagagccagg ctatgatgct ggtggtctcc aggctcccgg tggcacagtg ccccacggat    140340
     cacaccgtgc tcctgacact ggaggaggaa cagtgggata tggccctggc acattaggat    140400
     gctgcctctc aattcctggt gcccaaggtc cagaagagat gaatttctgt ggacctaaag    140460
     aaccagctgc agttggatct gtgggtgcac catatggcct aggcagctct ggcaaaggca    140520
     aatttggtgt agcatattgc tctgtggggc caggatctgg cattgcaggg gctggataag    140580
     gaacaccagg tgggagggtg tgatggtcca gaaggaggat agcgtcctgg ggtcctaggg    140640
     gtggtccagt tggaggcata aagccacatg tgatgtcagc agagggaagg ggaaatcctg    140700
     gtctatagaa ggctacagta tctgtgctat aaccttaagc aggtcccagc cagagccagg    140760
     gtgcaggtta gtagaagagt actcatgtag cgtgcatgag ccccaatcca tcatcaccac    140820
     aatacacaga acagccccac tggacactca agtgttcact gagcctgagt ctgagatgtc    140880
     ccctgtgtct ccatcaccct gagcttctct aggtgggaga agtccctcca acacattcta    140940
     gttcaatgct gggcctggcg gtatgtgctt gggctaggcc aggctatcct ggccaggcta    141000
     agtatctgtg tcattggtta gtgtcaccac cctcaaaatg aaccaagttt cctagctcta    141060
     gctctctgta tgtagacagc tatagcaagg ataggataga atctcagggt tgtttttatt    141120
     tgcatttccc tgatgattaa ggatgctgaa cattttttca ggtgcttctc agccgttcga    141180
     tattcctcag ttgagaattc tttgcttagc tctgtgcccc atttttaaat ggggttattt    141240
     gattttctgg agtccatctt cttgagttct ttatatatat tggatattag tcccctatct    141300
     gatttaggat tggtaaagat cctttcccaa tctgttggtg gcctttttgt cttattgaca    141360
     gtgtcttttg ccttacagaa gctttgcaat tttatgaggt cccatttgtc aatttttgat    141420
     ctcacagcgc aagccattgc tgttctgttt aggaattttt cccctgtgcc catatcttca    141480
     agggttttcc ctactttctc ctctatacgt ttcagtgtct cttgttttat gtggcgttcc    141540
     ttgatccact tagacttgac cttagtacaa ggagatagga atggatcaat tcgcattctt    141600
     ctacatgata accaccagtt gtgccagcac gatttgttga aaatgctgtc ttttttccac    141660
     tggatggttt tagctccctt gtcaaagatc aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg gttcacttct    141720
     gggtcttcaa ttctattcca ttggtctttc tgtctgtcga tataccagta ccatgcagtt    141780
     tttatcacaa ttgctctgta gtacagcttt aggtcaggca tggtgattcc accagaggtt    141840
     cttttgtcgt tgagaatagt tttgctatcc taggtttttt atttttccag atgaatttgc    141900
     aaattgtcct ttttaatttg ttgaaaaatt gagttggaat tttgatgggg attgcactga    141960
     atctgtagat tgctttcagc aagatagcca tttttactat attgaccctg ccaatccatg    142020
     agcatgggag atctttccat cttctgagat cttctttgat ttcttttttc agagacttga    142080
     ggttcttatc atacagatct ttcacttcct tagtttgagt tacaccaagg tattatatat    142140
     atatatattt tgtggctatt gtgaagggtg ttgttttcct aatttctttc tcagcctgtt    142200
     tatcttttgt gtagagaaag gcttgtttga gttaatttta tatccagcta cttcactgaa    142260
     actgtttatc aggtttagga gttctctggt ggaattttta gggtcactta tatatactat    142320
     catatcagct gcagatagtg atatttttac ttcttccttt ccaatttgta tccccttgac    142380
     ctccttttat tgtctaattg ctctggctag gacttcgagt actatattga ataggtaggg    142440
     agaaagtggg cagccttgtt tagtccctga ttttagtggg attgcttcca gcttctctcc    142500
     atttactttg atgtgccact ttatttttgt tcttagtttt tatactttct caggaacaaa    142560
     tttcctcata cagttatgta gaagcattat agcaagatac ttgattacat ggttttctac    142620
     gcacttttac attccctaga ttcgtagtaa atttaaagta atagttgatg tcttaggttg    142680
     tcaaagttta aggagtcaca gcagaattgt ttatatgttt ttccattaag gctagtacct    142740
     gactaaacat ttacctattt tctagctcca caagttcatt ataagtttaa agcaatagtt    142800
     gtgtcttatt attttgaagt cttgtataaa ctagtcagtc atttattttc tgtttttgta    142860
     cctacaataa attgtccatt cccagtttac gacctttagt taccagatag tggcttcatt    142920
     tctaacctag aaggaatgtt taccttcctc agagatttgt accaagcctc ttttcttttc    142980
     cttgtgcaat tagctcatga tacatgaaag tttacagagc ttgatttaca gctcttactc    143040
     tacagggggc ttgagataaa ttatatcaat ttaggagttc tataaaatca ttatcaggaa    143100
     ttatgaagtc atcaattggt ctaaacagtg ctactacatg aacgtacacc tttataataa    143160
     tttttcagga aatctgccca gagtaggtaa atacccaggg aattattaag ctatgtaata    143220
     gtggcaggaa gggcatatca gcagcgagaa gcagttctag gatgaagtct ctggggtccc    143280
     ttgcctctca gagcacatcc atggcagtca tgcaaaatgt ccatctccag aaaacttgat    143340
     tactgtagcc tttccaatat ggcttctgtc cctccatggt ggtgggaact gaacccatgt    143400
     cctctgaagg agaagcctgt gcttttaacc actaagttac ctctttagct cttagcctca    143460
     gtttcaatct gctggtaccc tctctcacta ttgatgcaca atgcagatga agaagaaaat    143520
     gttttaattg ttctgcccct tttactgaca caaaggggtg actgtgcttg gcagccatga    143580
     actcgcacgg tttgtaatag ccatcaatca aagcctgcca ggctctgcac acagtgtcag    143640
     agacacagtg tatacaatgg attgctgctg tttcagaaca ccatctagac agacagaggt    143700
     catttagacc cttcaactct caaatgcaga ggttgaacct gaacaaacat gcgtattatc    143760
     ccataaacag tctgcggttc tttttgacat ctgggggctc catggggtta tttccatgtt    143820
     gcacacacag gtctggacta ctcctgcttc ctgtcactat tttatgccca tttggggttt    143880
     gaggatttag tgcaggatgc taccagtata gacaatcttt tttctgaatt caccttgctg    143940
     ataggggtgt gtatgtctgg gtaactcatc ccaaggatca gaataagctc cgattgtgtg    144000
     gcactcacca tgaatgtagt ctgagagaga tcctttagac tcgggcatgg tctggctgag    144060
     ggaatcatgg atccttctta gagtggagac caccagggac gtcccggtgg tcatcgtccc    144120
     agttctcctg attccacgtg tcctggggaa ttatgctgag ggttagaatc tgactggtca    144180
     gagctaacag agaagaatga tttgttagat gtgtgaatct cccaacaact catgaaagca    144240
     gccagtgtaa tgccatgaga gccacagtta ggctaggtca ctgggcattt ccttctgagt    144300
     gtcagcatga aggccatggc tgcacaggtg cccaggccat tagtcaattg ttctaatgaa    144360
     cttatgagac ttcactttat tgtcaatgtc cccaagggag ggacacagga cctaggtcct    144420
     cctgatgact ccatgtcctc gggagtaagt ctagtgaatt ctctcctgca ggcaaatagt    144480
     aacagacagt ggtgatcggg acagctgtcc tgtctgtgtc agatcctttt tcatgtttaa    144540
     ggctgcttta tagacattgc aacatttatt caccatgtat gatatcatca ggaaactgag    144600
     acacaggggg cacagtggcc acatgagcct cacacaggcc acaggtgaca gatgtgaagc    144660
     acaagctgtc tccagccacg tatccactgt ctcctccctg gagtccttct caggtgtctg    144720
     tagggcagag aagatctggt gttgatcttg gtcatcaaca gttgagggga catcttgttt    144780
     gagaattgaa aacaaatggt cagttagatc tgactctaga attaagccac ctgtctccga    144840
     agaacttaag tactagacag gaagtcatgt gttttctggt gtgcagctgt tactccggga    144900
     acacaacgga caggcctttg cttcactctc ccattagatc ctacatctac cacagggctc    144960
     cctctgctca ggcgtcactg atttaaaatg actttaccat ctgcctctca tctcacctga    145020
     ttgtgctttt tagagaaatc atgcttgcag ggactggcct taggttctgg gtattagtaa    145080
     taatggtctt atggagaaag taagtatccc aaattcctat cccagatctg ccaaacatac    145140
     ctatccttct agcttgagtt ctagctagtt cttgctcttt accttctacc agtcagattg    145200
     ctgaaaatat ctacctggga ggactaggga gatgggtcag tggttaagag cactggatgc    145260
     tcttgacgac ttaaggtctg ttccaagcac actcatggca gctcgtaatc atctgtaact    145320
     ccagttccag ggcatccaat gcccccttat ggtttctgtg tacactaggc atacttgtgg    145380
     tgcacagcta tgcatgcaac tgaaataacc aaacacatta aaaaaattaa aaggaagaaa    145440
     acagccacct gcttttcagg aaatatcgct gcataatctt ctcctgtggg agaccgagca    145500
     ttataggctg gggagaaaat aatggttatg tttcaagctc atctaagtcc catgctcttc    145560
     tctctcctag atcactctga agctcatcct ttgccctttt gtggtcctgt gcctcatgcc    145620
     agttaccatc aaatccctgg gaaggctggc ccatgttatg atggtctact ctgggtagtg    145680
     agctgaatac cagtcctgct caaagtctcg tgagattttt gaacacacat caagtcctga    145740
     gggcaggctt tgggtgtttc taagggaagt tcagtgggaa atcttcttat atctgatctg    145800
     gagggcagct ttaggcagca atgctttgga ggtctctggc ccaggcttaa tagtggaggt    145860
     cagtgcagcc agagggacac agctccatgg tgcaagggag gcagtgggtc actgaggacc    145920
     aggagagaca ctcgggctat gactccaagc tctgcagctc agctcccata tgacaaagac    145980
     tgtttctccc acacagcaca gaagacccac tatgtctgag cactcaggtc cttctgcctg    146040
     gtttgctaag gacatgggtt ggggttgaag gttacagaga ccaaaactgg cctaaagaga    146100
     cctttgcaag gatccgaggt tgcacagggt gccatgttct ctctgttgtc tgtacagcac    146160
     tgccacccaa ggtcaccttg tcatgtgaca gttctaaccc aatggagagt gaggatagta    146220
     ggcttaaagg gtgaatatga gacttaaata aacctacgag taaaggataa gaagtcaaaa    146280
     cctcttagct gtgtattgag gctgtctgag ggcaacagga ctatcatgac tcagtatacc    146340
     aactgacatg ggaccctagg atgtgaaacc tggaacctag tgagtgccaa ctcaagtgac    146400
     ctaatcaatc tggatattgc ctgtgactaa cttctgtccc atccttgcta cagctgccta    146460
     aatacagagg gctggagcta ggacacccga tcattcctgg gttcatgaca gacccaccac    146520
     acagatatct aggcagacaa aggcatcctg gcctagccca agcacatgca gtcagatcca    146580
     gcagtgagct agaatgaggt gaagggactt ttgccaagag cggctcagga agacacagga    146640
     gacatctgga actcaggctc agtgaacgca tgattgcagt gaggttgttc tgtgtattgt    146700
     ggtgctgatg gatcagggct catgcatgct acatgagtac tcttctacta acctacaccc    146760
     cggctctggc tgggacctgc ttaactgagg ttatagcaca gatactgtag ccttttatag    146820
     accaggattt cacattccat ttgttgacat cacatgtggc ttcattctgt ttgctccaga    146880
     tggcccagat gtcctggtta tgtcttctca gatattcatc tgcatccagt gttaaatctc    146940
     aatctcttct gccatgcagc ctttcaccca ccttcacact agtcttggat tatcagcagg    147000
     aaaccccagt catgctccca agaactgtta attcccaccc tcactactaa taaaagcaac    147060
     tcccatatct tctcgtctgg aattctgcca ttgtcatcga tatgtgaaga catgtacagg    147120
     ttttggtaac tgggtccctg agatgtcagc gctgaacttt ggggtgaagc cttggtttta    147180
     tgagtagatg cagaagttaa ttcccagcct gtgcacatag gaacaagcaa atcccaatcc    147240
     tctcatgaga ttccagctcg gtcccttact cctctccttt catttctgat cttctggggt    147300
     gactttggat tggtcttgga atgtggttgg ggatattttc ccgagtagta gtaccttccc    147360
     agggggaggg atgtacttaa ggtcatctag gcttttcttt tagtcactaa ttcatgctgt    147420
     cctatcctca ccattttctt tcatgttctc cattcttcat ggcccggaag acgttgtttt    147480
     acttactgct aagaatgtca gtgatgttca cctgagcacc cctgagctca ggatacagag    147540
     aatttggaaa agtgaaactc aaggtagatg cccctgagct gcgtcctggc tctgagggtc    147600
     cggcttttta aggatgagga ctccagcaca tgtgatatct gcagggaaga gagagggaca    147660
     ctcacttgga gaatggggga gcttcctgtg gactctttct gtggatgaga aaaatttaac    147720
     tgtttgaaac agtgtcctac ttagcagtca ctgtcacctt gacacaggtc aaatttatct    147780
     ggggagaaga gtctcaactg aataaccatc cttatcaggt ctgactatgg atgtgtctgt    147840
     gagggactgt cttttttttt tttttttttt ccgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg    147900
     ctgtcctgga actcactcag tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc    147960
     tgtgagggac tgtcttaatc gatgaaggag gcccaggcca ctgtggacag caccattcct    148020
     aggctgatgg tccttgaacc tataggtaat ataagaaaac tagctaagca gaagccagcg    148080
     agctagctgc taaatgagtc agccataatc ttgttttctg ccgtgatatt cttccatgtg    148140
     acaaaatgat ccagacccag aagggaaata gaccttttaa tctcttctaa aatgctgttg    148200
     ctcagtgtgt tctttatcac accaagaaaa agagatgtag aacagtgtat tgggaagaac    148260
     agatggcaca tccatttgaa ttaatgttcg acgtactcaa gagctgatgc ccttagtacc    148320
     ctgtgggcaa agagaaggaa gtattgagac ccaagaaatg ggccagctgg cagaggtgca    148380
     gccctttcaa tactgtcttc tcatttaagt ctgaagagaa atgtcccagg actttcctct    148440
     gaaatttctt aaggatgccc atcctctgga tgtacacttc ttctaacttt agcccaggat    148500
     ttcccaggga gaatctggaa acctgtctag acccacccta cactaggtaa agacaggagt    148560
     tcttcagagc acagtgagca ggatgacagg ccctacatct cacgtgtact gaagggatat    148620
     gggcaggtca cagttgactt gttgaccatc cctgctctag ccttagacat gagattgcag    148680
     ttctcccaga gaatgccaga ggaatatcag gatgcatgct caacatttag aaaattattt    148740
     atctaagcca tgcttgacac ttagaaaatt atttatctaa gccatgcttg accttggctt    148800
     gcagacaggc ttccaaccct gtctatagga acctggagtc cacttccaag accctgctgt    148860
     tacttgtttc tgagaatacc cctcagtctg gggatcctga aagtctgctc actcctggca    148920
     tctcccatga gggaagacag aactgctgat ggggagttgt tatggtaaat ctctccaacc    148980
     caattatgcc ctggcaatga aaatacaaca caattaatat gaacacatgc tgtgtgccta    149040
     gattgggcag atctaccact acactaccat cttctccatc taagagaccc cttagaactt    149100
     gcagtttctc caggccttgt gcttctgctc tgcttttctt cttcctcctc ctcctctgca    149160
     ttctttctct ctcaaacctc cttcttttct ttctttctgc tccaccttcc ctctctctgc    149220
     ccaatcatca gctctccttt attttccaaa ttagatggga agaaggttta caagaaaaca    149280
     cctgagtgct gactcattcc ttgttcacaa tccctcacag gagaatgaaa ttgatatcaa    149340
     atataattag ccccagagct atccacaaca gggagtcatc cagacaacgg gcataggtga    149400
     cccaggaaga ccagagagaa tctaggctta cccgacacac agcttagcca acctataatg    149460
     ctagaatgtt gttttgaaac ttcccatagg agtaggcacc catagtcctc tccagaacac    149520
     acaggccacc tcttcccaac acccaggaca tgaaattcct catacaactt tttctgggtc    149580
     tttctcctgg atcaggaaat tgactggtga ctgtgataaa ggattaatct ttcctagtca    149640
     ttactcagct ggtcctttta gagcccacat aggcatctct gtcatcttcc tgctgggaaa    149700
     tcccaccttc ccagagcact gaggacacat ggcagactgg gtgctcagct gagtctctgt    149760
     gtcacaggga cacatagaca gaatggaggc tccctctttg atgctgacag actcaaggtc    149820
     aggagtcagc agatgtcggc cctgggatga gccatttttt ctctgagggc acagggatgc    149880
     ttatcagctt tgttgctcaa tgtgttggtt gaggagaaag ataaagagag aaaagttgga    149940
     gggatgcagg gcagcactga gagtggaagg aaccaagcag tgccttggag acagacccca    150000
     ccactcatag cccattagat tctgggaagt gctcctgtct gagaagaaac tccgctcaga    150060
     acgaggaagg acaggagagc ctgagagctg cactggagct gaaggtctcc tcagagcaag    150120
     gacatgacag tgagaagaca gatggaggtg ttctctgtgc ttccctgcaa ggggtgtacc    150180
     ccctggcagg gcctcctgct cgcaggtaag ggtgcctact ccatgactgt atgtggggaa    150240
     cataactcag agaatggctg gagtttcctg agaagacagc agcccaagag gagactcagg    150300
     ggttttgttt gtaattataa ggcagaaggt gcactgagga cttaggttta gcaggctgaa    150360
     ggtctcattg gaaaggagct gatgagggga gagaaaatcc ccaatgttcc ctactgaaaa    150420
     tgagtcacat tggctgctct gttgtgaatt ctgatgtatc caacaaatag aagtcaaaca    150480
     gataaccaga tgattcagtg tgcagagaca cagtaatctc aattcagtcc tcagttccag    150540
     catggtagat gaagagaagg gagttctgca gggtcttctt tgccctccac acccatgttc    150600
     tgattacatc aggacatgaa aacactgaga catttgtctc cacacttgtg ctgtggcaca    150660
     tatccacaca agctcatgct gagacacatg gccttcacaa acccacacat acaatacaga    150720
     agtaaaagta aaaaagtgac atcacccttg gatataatta tttttgttag ccacaaacct    150780
     gggaactatg tagattaaca catggatccg tctgtccatc catccatcca ttcatccatc    150840
     catccatcca tctttccatt aatccattga tctaaccgcc cgtccatcca tccattcatc    150900
     catccatcca ttcatccacc tatccatcca tccattttcc catccatcca tccatccatc    150960
     catccatcca tccatccatt tttccatcca tccattcatc catccatcca tccatccatc    151020
     catccatcca ttcatccatt tttccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc    151080
     catccaccca cccttccttc ctcccttcct tctttccctt ccttccttct ctcccttcct    151140
     tccctctctc ccttccttct ttctctcttc cttctctctc tttgttctct ccctccctcc    151200
     ttctctccct tcctccctcc ttcccttcct tccttctttt atcttccttc cttccttcct    151260
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttcatct attgatatct aagacttttc caggaactga    151320
     gttttcctaa tgtcagatta ccccctgtcc tcccaaagcc ctgactctag tgggtcagaa    151380
     gtcagagtat ccagaagatg atctcatggg ttgactggta ctacaaaggg aacaaagaac    151440
     aaaaattcag aaagtgaggg ttttctagag gagaagatca gccaggcatg ctcacaccaa    151500
     atatggggac acggaggggt gaatcaggca gacaactgag cagagaactg catatagagt    151560
     tgacaacata gagtgtttga gggaatggat gtcatgttgt tcacctccat caaggaggct    151620
     gggcacacct ctacccatac ccctaagctg agtgctgatc tctgtagagg agtgtgttgg    151680
     tttctttttt ttaaagattt atttatttta tttatatgag tataatgtag ctctcttcag    151740
     agggcatcag atcccattat agatggttgt gagttaccat gtggttgctg ggaattgaac    151800
     tcaggacctg tggaagagca gtcagtgctc ttaactattg agccatctct ccatccctgt    151860
     gttgattttt taaaatttta ttttattaga tattttcttt atttacattt caaatgctat    151920
     cccaaaagtt ccctataccc tccccccgcc ctactcccct atctgtgttg atttcttaat    151980
     tggttcttga ttgtgtcaat aaagaagata gaaaccaatt gctgaaatag cttggatgat    152040
     aatagcccaa caattgtgct atctgactag tttaaaaata ttaaaattgt ctagtgtttt    152100
     atgtggaata aaggtgggca gaagagtgta actggggtgg ctattggagg cttggtgaag    152160
     ctagctgaga gggcctgggg tagcaaccac agtttctggt cagggaacca gctggccatt    152220
     gacagagctg tcgaaagtga gaccagcaac agctgatcta ggtgcctgct gggagtgtgg    152280
     gtagagctct tgggaaggca gaagtgtgat ttaaaaaaaa ttacacgcag cagatctcac    152340
     ttgctcaatc tcagtggtta ctttctcttt ccttttagcc tcccttttag cctgctggct    152400
     cctgtccacc actgcccagg tcaccattga atcagtgcct ttcaatgtgg ttgaaggaga    152460
     aaatgtcctt cttcgtgttg acaatctgcc agagaatctt ataaccttag cctggtacag    152520
     agggctgagg aaaattgttg tatacacact gaacactaaa gtaagtgtga tggggcaaat    152580
     gtacagtggt agagagatag tgtccagcaa cgggtccctg tggatccaca atgtcacccg    152640
     gaaggacaca ggactctaca ccctacggac cgtaaataga cgtggagaaa ttgtatcaac    152700
     atcattcacg ttcctctacg tgtacagtaa gtgatacttt gcaaactctg ggtgctgagt    152760
     ggggttcatt ccagcacaca cacacagaga agtgtcatgc ctacccaccc tttgccttgt    152820
     gtcctcatgt tggggtgtga atatttagtg caggacacac atggggaata atggcaatag    152880
     aacagaatcc ttcatttgac tttaccttgc agtcagctgg atgtatggct gatacatccg    152940
     tgaaggacat caaccattgt ctagacttct ggagttctta gaagtaatgt gtccttgtga    153000
     aagaccttga gggaggaaga ttgggtttga atgtggaagc cataggatcc tcatggaagt    153060
     gagcatcagg aagccctgtc tgcagacctc tgtcctgact catctcctga tggctctgaa    153120
     aagcaatttt aaaaggctgg attttgactt tctgatggga gtgaacagtg ctttggagga    153180
     gcaaattctt gtgccatgtg taatcagcca gtgtactgtc atgagaacct tagttaggtg    153240
     aggtctcctg gacatctcca atgaatccgc ggggagagta gagaaggaca ggtgctcagg    153300
     ccactaacta actatcctga tgggcttatg agacttccag gagggtcatg gttgccaagg    153360
     agagggacag gacacaggac cttctgacaa ttgcttggcc tttggggtcc agctcaggga    153420
     aatgacaaca ggctctgctg atgtggacag cttcccagat gtgagttgca gttcctccaa    153480
     tgatcagcag gggcagtctt ggggaaacac aagacctaga agagtatttg tctcaaccag    153540
     gaacctagct gcctttcttg gcttcctttc ctgttcctgg aggtcactga cagccttctt    153600
     aggtcctcta tctgtttcct gtatttgcta ccctgctagg aaacaatgtt tagtcgcagc    153660
     tttatgtatt ttctttggga aagatagagt gtcctaaggg aatcacctag acagaggttc    153720
     aaggcatctc agaaaggcca gggagcacat gggtagacac agttcagcaa acagaagtat    153780
     gctcattgtc ttgaaaccct gcaaaggatg attgaaccca gagcagtcct tccaggaccc    153840
     aggtcacctc ctcccacaca ctcaggctgt agctcctgac acatctgctc ctgggccttt    153900
     cttctccctc agaatcctga ctggttcctg cagtgagaat agatctgtcc ccttccccac    153960
     tcatcatgca gcttgtccct ttggatccct tacacacatc tgtcaccttc ctcctgagag    154020
     caaatcccat ctttcctgag cacagagaac acagggcagg ctgggtgccc agctgggttt    154080
     ctgtgtcaca cagggagtgc agaggctccc tctttgatgc tatcaaaggc catggtagat    154140
     cagaggcagc ccctaggtga acagatattc tctcagggaa cagggattct cagaagtttg    154200
     ttctttattg tgtgctctgg atggctaaaa cagaacgagc caagtgaaga ggtgagtagc    154260
     tctcagaaca cagagaggct cacagcccat gggactctgg gagatgctta tgtctgtgag    154320
     gaggctcagc tcagaggatc agagaactgg gggagttgag ctggagcaga tgtgccacag    154380
     agggaggaca gatctggcca cagagatctg ggatgtgctc tctgtaccat ctgcaaaaga    154440
     tgtaccacct gatggtgctc ctgctcacag atgaggagat cacattttac agtgtgtgag    154500
     agaagaggac tcacctactg tctagggtct cctcaagggg acagggactg gagaatagtc    154560
     tcagggtttg taggagagaa gacagcagca tagaggctca tcatcaccac caccaccatc    154620
     atcatcataa gcagcagcag caggaggctc gtggaaaata aggagcaggg ggaggggtag    154680
     attgttctca cctaaagtta atcatcatga ccacaatgtt ttgaagactg aggttctcag    154740
     ctgtgacatc ccaaataaga aactaagctg gtgttgatca gtgacacagt tcagtggata    154800
     tagacatttg cttcaagtct gatgacctga gaaccaatga acactagttg tcccctgatc    154860
     tccacctagg gtctgtatcc tgcacaccct ccccactgag acatgccctt gcacatgaac    154920
     agatacacca gtataataag taaatgtata aaaaagttat agcaaatgga agcaatcaac    154980
     actgtattcc caaacataca aatttgttaa ataaatccat gaccatgtat ggtcctgagg    155040
     cctcctttac tcattcattc tccacagata tttaagtttt gttttgtttt tgtttttgtt    155100
     tttttttttt tacacagcct ttcttttaag ataatacaag acaagtccca gttctcatac    155160
     ttccctagcc ccagtggact ggaggacaga ccagtaaaga aagctagaag atgaatcagg    155220
     tgttgggtgt aatcactaaa aacaagaaac agagtgtgaa ggtcgggagg catcacccca    155280
     acacctgtct acactgagtg tgagcaggga tctgaagaca gtgaggtggg gccatgtaga    155340
     cacctgagga gagagcacca tagagaggaa atgagaaatg agggacatgg agcacatgaa    155400
     ggtaatgtgg tgacctccac caagtagggc agggagaccc tcacacacac acctcagctg    155460
     agcaatggac acaattgctc aggacacagc caaaatacaa cgtcttagcc aaatgcaaaa    155520
     gtcctaatat tgatggatct ctcttccctt ctagcctctc ttttcatctg tgggcgccct    155580
     tccttccctg ccaagctcac tattgaatca gtgccgccca gcgttgctga agggggaagc    155640
     gttcttctcc gtgttcacaa cctccaggat aagcttcgag ggctttcctg gtacaaaggg    155700
     gcacatgtgt ctaggaacct tgagattgcc cgacagataa tagccaagaa ttcaagtgtg    155760
     ccaggccctg cccacagtgg tagagagaca gtgtacagca atggatccct gctgctccag    155820
     aatgtcaccc ggaatgacac cggattctac accctacaaa ctctgagtag acatcggaaa    155880
     atggaattag cacatgtgca acttcaggtg gacagtaagt aattctctgg gatcattcag    155940
     tgctggtagg gctttgaaac acaggactgt cacccccagc atgtagctac caaccctttg    156000
     cactgtgtct tcattttggg ggttgaccac ttgtgctcta cacacatgat gaagagaaag    156060
     gcccatagat caggcacctt cgtctgactc acccctgtat caaggaggac cttgtcagaa    156120
     aataactcaa ccctagatgc cagagtctgc ctagtcttct ggggcctctt gcatgcatgt    156180
     gatgaaacca cagcatcctc acagagtggt gagcactagg aagctctggc atcagttatc    156240
     tgttcctggc ttgactgcaa tgtctttggg aaccattttg tcaggagtcc tgcttcctgc    156300
     ctgtctcctc acagcttgtc catcctgatc ttctagcacc taggacactg agcccagggg    156360
     tagaaaagct tgccatggac tgggccctct gacatcaatc accaattaaa aaatgcacca    156420
     taggcttgcc cacaggccat cttctggtgg tgtcatttta aattgaggct ccctctttca    156480
     aaagattcta gcttgtttta agttgacata aagctagcca gcataattcc tgagcccttt    156540
     ccattacctg ggtctgccaa gaagaccaga ctgctctggg ccatcaccta gccttagtcc    156600
     tggggctgca ggctgagcag taggacatct agaaggtgat gtcagaggct gagtgcaggt    156660
     acaaaggaaa tgagaaaagt cagaaagcga atatgcaggg tgtgcagaga ccaaggtcag    156720
     agggaggcat catctcaaag cacagtgtgc atgagtgtgt gcagtgtctg aacgagggca    156780
     gtgaggggac agacatggag acactaagaa aagtgctcca tgcagaggaa atgacagatt    156840
     ctgtggcagt gagggaatgg aggccatgtt tctgacttcc accaggtagg atagacacac    156900
     ccctgcctgt atttctaggc tgagtgaaga attcgtctgc tcaggatgca ggtcaccgtc    156960
     tttccaccaa gcacaatgat cacatgtaat gatttttctc atttcccttc cagcctccct    157020
     ttcttcatgc tgtgacactc ttgactctac ccaactcatc atcgatccaa tgccacggta    157080
     tgctgcagaa ggggaaagca tccttctccg tgttcttaat ctgcctgaag atttccaagt    157140
     tttttgctgg tacaaaggag cattgatctt ccagatcttt aaaattgcag aatatagcag    157200
     agccaggaac tccatcacca aggggcctgc tcaaagcaga acagagagag tgtacaccaa    157260
     tggatctctc ctgctccagg atgtcactga gaaagacacg ggcttgtata cactacaaac    157320
     gatagacaga aatttcaaaa ttgaaaaagc acacgtgcaa atccaagtga acagtaagtg    157380
     actctctatg gcttccagct gctgggtgtg ccttacacta ttttataact gtattgtatg    157440
     gactgggctg tgcctgctct ctcagccact gcattgtgtc ctcaccttag ggtttgggca    157500
     tttactgcag ggcatacctg ggatgaacca acagcattag atcagatcct gtcccctata    157560
     tttacctgca gagaggaagg caggtgctga gtaaattcag gccaaggagg taagtcacag    157620
     ccctgatcct tgggtctctc accaggcaca tagtagcccc gaggaagatc tgtagggatc    157680
     attcaggccc tccctgaaga aatatttcca ggttccacag agagcaccag gaagtcctgg    157740
     ctgctaatct ccatccctgt ttagactcaa ggggacagtg gggagtgttt ttgtcactgc    157800
     ttgtttttgg attcctgttg gaggtgacat gggaatcagc acgtgtactg ccacgagagc    157860
     catggttagg ctatgtcccc tggacatcta cctcagagac tcaccaggga gagcatagct    157920
     ggacaggtgt tcaggccatt aactaactgt cctattgggc tcatgagatt tcacaggaag    157980
     ggcagggtcc ccaaagcaag gggcagagga cacaggtacc cctctgcagt tggttttcct    158040
     ctgagggcca gctcctggaa ttgtctcctg caggcaaatg atggcagagt tgctgaactg    158100
     gatggtatca aggcaagagg tgtaatggtc accagataaa gagataagaa cgaaaataac    158160
     tcagcctaag gcttcacact ctgcccagtc tactggggct cttgccatga atactcagaa    158220
     tgctcagact gcctatattg ttgcagctcc tggtagtgtt tcctgtcaca gctgaggaga    158280
     acagtgcctg actgggagaa agggagctat ggtggaagga gaggaagggc tccctcaagt    158340
     tgacctctga cctccatcta ggtgttgagt tctgcactca tctatacaca cgatgatgta    158400
     cagcttcacc tgcaccaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatacaca    158460
     cacacacacg tttatgtgag caggagcttt aacctctgtc agtagcttta aatatgagaa    158520
     tttaattaaa acctggtctt ggcaggccct gagacattca ttccatctac ccacaggcca    158580
     caggaatttc cagaaaatta aattcctttt aaaaaacaag acgctaggtt tactgaactg    158640
     gaagtcagac caggcagccc atctcaatgc gaagtcagtg ttgagtgcat ccagagaggg    158700
     acggaatcaa agaggtcagg aagaaaacac tgaggattgt agaagaagag gtgaggaatg    158760
     gtacctgcat tccccacatc atctgagaga gagcaggctt gtgaggacag tgagggtgga    158820
     gacattcgag gacagagttc cccacacagt caggtgcaca cagagggcat ttgcttactc    158880
     tgagtggtgc acacactccc atccatctct gctgagtgat ggatctaagc ttctctggac    158940
     cccatctttt caccaaagac aaagatctta atattgatgg atttgtctct tttccttcta    159000
     tcttcccttt cagtctgtgt tccccctccc tccatggttc agctcactat tgaatcagta    159060
     agaggagcat caggaagcca gggatccaga cccaactcta gttttaccca gagagtgtct    159120
     cctcagggct agcattggac ttcctgtcag atctgacagg gaacaaagct tggctgagtg    159180
     tcctacaggg tgtagaatca cctgtttatc gccatgacag ctgcagtcat gtgggtcact    159240
     tgtgcacctc cttctcctga ggttcaatga acaggtgcca ggacagaagc tatttgttct    159300
     gatgaactta ggaaattctc tggaaaataa tgtccccaag ggtagggaca gagatgacag    159360
     ttctctaggt acctccttac cctcaggaat ccagcctagg gtaagtggaa cagatgctgc    159420
     tgatgtgagc agctccccat ccccaggtca gaacattgct catacctaat cttaagtcat    159480
     aggcagtgca atgatcatgc acagttgtcc tagtacaggg aaactgaggc acatcaaccc    159540
     cagtggctca atcaaggtca cacagccctt gggtttcaga tgcaaggcac aagatagttg    159600
     ccgggcgtgg tgacacgctc ctttaatccc agcattcggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt    159660
     ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacaaccagg gctatacaga    159720
     gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac caaaaaccaa aaaccaaaaa ccaaaaacca aaaaccaaaa    159780
     accaaaaacc aaaaaccaaa aaccaaaaac caaaaaccaa aaacaaacca aaaaccaaaa    159840
     accaaaaacc aaaagccaaa aaccaaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    159900
     gatatgactg tagtgactgc tccaatttct cctccctgga agctttattt atgcaagcta    159960
     tagaggggct ggttgagctg tctgaaggat gactttggtc ccctcttctg tttctttgca    160020
     gagcctgtga cacagccctt catgagagtc acagacagca cagttagagt acagagctca    160080
     gtggtcttca cttgcttctc agacaacact ggggtctcca tccattggct cttcaacaat    160140
     cagagtctgc agctcacaga gaggatcaca ctttccccat caaaatgcca actacgtata    160200
     aatcctgtca ggaaagagga tggtggagag tatcaatgtg aggtcttcaa ccttgccagc    160260
     tcgaaatcca gtctcccagt cagcctggcc gtgatgaatg agtgacccct cttctcatcc    160320
     tacagcaggg ggaggcattc ctttgttaat agggtacaaa atggatgaaa gttacatagt    160380
     aaaaattgtc agtcaccagt catgtaccac cagcatggtg gctcatgcct gtagttctga    160440
     catagcagtg tgtagaagaa caggccatca ttttaagtga gacttggggt ccaaaggaaa    160500
     ataaagacat cagtatggta aacagtattg caaatgtgtt aagagtttag gttgtggatc    160560
     tagtatatca ctagccctga gaatccatgg caactaggtt caggagtccc caaacttcag    160620
     gattctctga gtgccctttt aacatggtac agtgtctgca ccgagacaaa tatgctctca    160680
     tatactccaa tagtgacacc taaccccaaa gctacctgga catcagtcac ccatgggaag    160740
     tgaggaagtg acagaaggga ctgcccatat ttctcagtgc acataactgg ctactagata    160800
     gttttgattc acagtttttt tgatgcacag aattgaaata tttttgtgta aaggacaact    160860
     ggagtgtttc tatcccaagg gtggcagtca cagtgtgacc ttgtacacaa ttctttgtca    160920
     tataaatata cataatatag atgatatata taaatatata atatatccaa ctctatacaa    160980
     tgtatattat atttatatga gatttctccc tttagttgtt ttgaagcaca cagctgggta    161040
     gcatacatct catttatcct gtcacgtgac cctcgccact gcccatttct gaagtatttc    161100
     taaacttatc ctgctctttc cagccgtgtg taaccccatc tactcttgtc tatgcatttg    161160
     accaaacata tctaattata tgaggtcaga agtatagttc aaatgggtgt ttttactcac    161220
     cagtttcaga aacttctata gatttttttt ttttttagga ttttctccaa ataagtttca    161280
     ctcatctgca gatatatttt atagctgatt ggccactttc catttctttg tgttgtggaa    161340
     tggttgtgtt taggattcct aagggaatac tgagcagaag tggtcacagc atcatcctcg    161400
     tgtcgatcat gctcttagag ggaaagctgt cagtgtcccc atcaagtact gagttggctc    161460
     tatgttttgt ttttctttaa aaattattta tatcttttac atcccaatat cagccccctc    161520
     ttttcagacc cctctcacag ctcattttct catccctact cctccttgga tatctctctc    161580
     caatccccct catccaccct agcacatcag tcacttggct caggacttgg cacaccctct    161640
     ctcacagagg ccagacaagg cagcccagtt aggtgaatgg gatcctcagc caggcaacaa    161700
     atttaaggac agcccctgat ccagttgtca ggggacccac atgaagacca agttacactt    161760
     atgctatata tgtttggttg tgggactgca tctgtttcca ttggctgctg ggtggagccc    161820
     ctcagaggac agacatctag gctcatgtct gcaaatataa cagtatcaat agtgtcagtg    161880
     attgttgctc acccatggga taggtctcaa tttggggaag tcattggttg accattccct    161940
     ctgcttctgc tctatctttg tccccgtact tcttgtttgc aggacacatt ttaggttaaa    162000
     ggttgtgggt gtgttggtgt tcttattcct atgctgggag tcctgcctgg ctacagaaag    162060
     tgaaaaattt aggattcata tcccctaatg taagaatttc agttagagtt atttagtcac    162120
     cctgaggcct actgcagcat agagatgtcc tgtgtatgga cactgctttc tgttctctct    162180
     cccctgttct ccctacagct aatctccttt gtcctgctcc cctccccatc ctatctccca    162240
     cccaattgtc tccattccaa tcaaagcatg ctggggtcta cacagtgtca gagacacaat    162300
     gcacaccagt ggatcgctgc tctttcagaa caccatccag atgggtacag gatattttga    162360
     cccaacaaat ctcaaatgct gaggttgaat gtgcacacac atgcatcacc atgtaaatag    162420
     tcaatgattt gtgctatctc tgtatgtggt tgtgtgatcc ttgggtgata ggtgggttgt    162480
     tttcactttg tacacactag tctggactgg tcctgcttcc tgtcagtatg ttgtgtccac    162540
     actgggattt tagaatttag tgtaggaaac acccaaagta gacaaactga aatatttgtt    162600
     ttatctgaat tcatgctgtt gagagcagga tgtttttttt ttttttgggg gggggaagta    162660
     attcagccaa agaatcagga taagcccagg ttgtgtgggc cttatcataa atgtagtcca    162720
     agagagatcc ttggactgag aatctggctg agggagttgt gcactcttaa tagaagagac    162780
     tactgggaag tcctggctct agataattgt cctagtctcc tgactctgga tgatctgggg    162840
     gagggtgagc agagttggaa tctgatccat tagagctaat agaatgattt attagctatc    162900
     tgaatctccc aactcacaga accatcagtg cactgccatg agacccacag ttaggctagg    162960
     tcactagggc atcttattct gagtcttagc atggagagat gtacagatgt acagatgctc    163020
     aggccatcag ccaaatgttg tgatggactt aagagagttt gcaggaatgt cagtgtccac    163080
     aagggaagga tatcaggctc tcctgatgac tccatgtctt ctgggattaa gtgtagcaaa    163140
     ttctctcctg tagacagatc gtaacagaca gtggtgatct ggacagcctt cctgccccag    163200
     tttcaggtcc ttgttcatat ttaaggctac ccagtagaca ctgcaacatt cattcatggg    163260
     atgtgctatc atcaggaaat tgagacacag ggaacatgcc gcagactccc cccccccttt    163320
     ttttggatct cctatctgtg tggaactggt ctctggtggc aagtgggtga aggagactgt    163380
     gaatgacaaa gacgacatga gaaagcatgt tgaatttgag tgtaatttgt caaatcgagc    163440
     atcaaacttt ttatacagaa gagtaacaag aaaccagatg aaaacatcct ctaagttaca    163500
     atgacacaat acaaaaggaa tgtatacatc aaaagatggc aggaaccagg ccacatttac    163560
     cactaagaag ggagccaggt gtaatgctag tctattgtca agccccccac cagggtttct    163620
     tagtaaatgc ctgatttatg ctgttttgtc agagaccata ccgtgagaaa gcgagccctt    163680
     cacaatctcc cactctgaca agctaaatgg cctcatgcta ggaaccggtc atcactccct    163740
     tctctctgtt cccttcctgg cacctgaggc tgaattatag tctcctcttc cttatctctt    163800
     cctgactcct atgaatccaa ggacatgagt tacaagctga gcccggcctg acaccccaag    163860
     gctgttaagg aggatctatg ttccggagat aagacgcaga gtgcccgctg cctggagcct    163920
     gacttcggcc ctcatgtcag cagatgccta cttctttgtt gttaattccc cctcgacccc    163980
     tccctattcc ccttgatgta tgctttaaaa tctcttacac gcgctctcgc gactggccag    164040
     gaagaacaca acaaaccgga atcttctgcg gcaaagcttt attgcttaca tcttcaggag    164100
     ccagagagca agagagcaag agaacaagag agcaagagag caagagtaag agtgcaagag    164160
     ccagagcaag agctctattg cttacatctt taggagccag agcgcaagag agcaagagag    164220
     ctttattgct tacatcttca ggagcaagag agcaagagcc agagcaagag ctctattgct    164280
     tacatcttta ggagccagag cgcaagagag caagagggag aatggcgaaa ccccgtccct    164340
     tttaaattat cctctgccta ggacatgtca ctccctgatt ggctgcagcc catcggccga    164400
     gttgtcgtca cagggaaggc agagcacatg gagtggagaa ctacccttgg cacatgcgca    164460
     gattatttgt ttaccactta gaacacagga tgtcagcgcc atcttgcaac ggcgaatgtg    164520
     agggcggctc cccacaaaaa tccagtgtct cagcctaata aatggagacc ttgataggac    164580
     cctctacttg gtctccagct cctttttctc ttccattttc tcccaggttt acggtccccc    164640
     ttgcacccat gaataactga gtcccgcggg acggaatatt gtttctttgg gcctagtgaa    164700
     gaaacctgtc tcagggggat tccctaactc tttcacggta aacccaccta tttgctaggc    164760
     cattgtgaat tctcttctct gggtaagact agctattgtc tcaagtaaac actctgcagg    164820
     ccagccctga gctattccag ctccgtttgt tgtaatgcct aattagtttc actgtctcta    164880
     ctagaagtaa atttgaatgt tactgaatag gtaaccttct ctctgaattc ctactgaatt    164940
     ccaagctcgt tggcttcaag gattttctgg gatgatggag cactggtgga ggcttaccta    165000
     tgtcagaatt caatctttaa aggcacttat aataaaacaa tactgaaaga gagcatacac    165060
     catactaacg tggggatagg gtatacgtat acgggttatg agaatgccaa ggttccagga    165120
     ggctgagttt ccttgaaact ctttgcctca tgagtgtttc caggtctctc ggcctgttaa    165180
     gcagacttca ctggagtggg tctagcattc tcaccctttc attttatttt tcagctcaag    165240
     ttccagaatg tcccactttg tcatagctac agatctcaga agtactctaa agatgagtga    165300
     aaacacaacg attactaata aaataatgcc aataataata gcaagtagga ttatatattg    165360
     aacccaatcc aggggattca atgcatttag gttattttgt aaatctctgg ccaattcatc    165420
     aatgttccaa gtgttcaagt gacttctgct aatatcttaa ctttttgcct ttctagcctt    165480
     aatattttct atatcctgct ctattgctaa gactacttct aaaacattaa cctttgcctc    165540
     catttaaaaa aatttttatt agatattttc ttcatttaca tttcaaatgc tatcccaaaa    165600
     gtcccctata ccctccctga gccctgctcc cttacccact cactcccact tcttggccct    165660
     gacgttcccc tgtactgagg catataaagt tttctagaca aaggggcctc tctttccaat    165720
     gatggccgac taggccatct tttgctacat atgcagctag agacatgagc tctgggggta    165780
     ctggttagtt catattgttt ttccacctat agggttgcag accctttcag ctccttgggt    165840
     actttctcta gttcctacat tggggaccct gtgttccatc tgctagatga ctgtgagcat    165900
     ccatttctgt atttgccagg cactggcaaa gcctcacagg agacagctat atcagggtcc    165960
     tttcagcaaa atcttgctgg cgtatgcaat agtgtctgtg tttggaggct gattatggga    166020
     tgcacccccg ggtggggcag tctctggatg gtccatcctt tcgtcttagc tccaaacttt    166080
     gtctctgtaa ctccttccat ggatatttta ttccgtattc tagggaagaa tgaagtatct    166140
     acgcattggt ctttcttctt gattttcttg tgttttggaa gttgtatctt gggtattcta    166200
     ggtttctggg ctaatatcca cttatcagtg agtgcatatc taatgacttc ttttgtaatt    166260
     gggttacctc actaaggatg atatccttca gatacatcca tttgcccaag aatttcataa    166320
     gttcattgtt ttaaatagct gagcaatact ccattgtgta aatgtaccac attttctata    166380
     tctattcctc tgttgaggga catctgggtt ctttccagtt tctggctact gctatgaaca    166440
     tagtggagca tgtgtcctta tttccagttg gagcatcttc tgggtatatg cccaggagag    166500
     gtattgctgg atctaccagt agtactatgt ccagttttct gaggaaccac gagactgatt    166560
     tcttgagggg ttgtaccacc ttgcaaactc accagcaatg gaggagtgtt cctctttctc    166620
     cacatcctcg ccagcatctg ttgtcacctg aatttttgat tctagccatt ctgactggtg    166680
     tgaggtggaa tctcagggtt gttttgattt gcatttccct gataattaag gatgttaaac    166740
     attttttcaa gtgcttctca gcccttcata tttctcagtt gagaattcct tgtttagctc    166800
     tgtatcccag tttttaatgg agttatttga atttctggag tccagcttct tgagctcttt    166860
     atatatatgg gatattagtc ccctatcaga gttaggattg gtaaaattct ttcccaatct    166920
     gttggtggca tttttgtctt attgacagta tcttttgacc tacagacctt tgcaatttta    166980
     tgaggtccca tttgtcaatt cttgatctta cagcacaggc cattgagtag tactccattg    167040
     tgtaaatgta cgacattttc tgtatccact gttctgttga gggacatctc tgttctttcc    167100
     agcttctggc tattataaat aaggcagcta tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg ttcttattac    167160
     cagttggaac atcttctggg tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgctggatct tccagtccta    167220
     ttatgtccaa ttttctgagg aactgccaga ctgacttcta gagtggttgt agaagcttgc    167280
     aatcccacca gcaatggagg agtgttcctc attttccaca tcctcgcaag catctgctgt    167340
     cacctgaatt tttgatctta gccattgtga ctggtatgag gtggaatctc aagattgttt    167400
     tgatttgcat ttccctgatg ataaggatgt tgaaatattt tcagatgctt cttagccatt    167460
     tggtattgct aagttgagaa ctatttgttt agctctgtag cccatttatt tattaggtat    167520
     ttatttcatt tacatttcca atgctatcac agaagtccct cacatgctcc cccacccact    167580
     cccacaccca cccactccca cttcttggcc ctggcgttcc cctgtactga ggcatataaa    167640
     gtttgcatga acaatgggcc tctctttcca ctgatggccg actaggccat cttctgctac    167700
     atatgcagct agagacatga actctgaggg gtactggttt gttcatattg ttgttccacc    167760
     tatagggttg cagatccccc cagctccttg ggtactttat gtactccatt ttttaatggg    167820
     gttattttaa ttcctggagt ccagcttctt gagctctttg tatatattgg atattagtcc    167880
     cttttcaaat ttaggattgg taaaaatctt tccccaatct gttggtggcc tttttgtctt    167940
     attgacagtg tcttttgcct taaagaagct ttgagatttt atgaggtctc atttgtcaat    168000
     tcttgatctt atagcactag ccattgctct tctgtttagg aattttcccc ctgtgcccat    168060
     atcttcgaga ttttccccca ctttctcctc tattaatttc agtgtctctg gttttatgtg    168120
     gaggtctttg atccacttag acttgagctt tgtacaagga gataagaatg gatcaatttg    168180
     cattcttcta catgacaacc tccagttgtg ccagcaccat ttgttgaaaa tgttgtcttt    168240
     tttttccatt ggatggtttt agctcccttg tcaaagatca agtgaccata ggtgtgtgga    168300
     tttatttctg ggtcttcaat tctattctat tgatctacct gtctgtcact gtaagcgtac    168360
     catgtagttt tttttttttt ttttttaatc acaattgctc tgcagtacag cttaatgtcc    168420
     ggcatagtga ctccaccaga gttttttttt attttattta tttttttatt ttattgttta    168480
     gaatagtttt tgttatcctt ggttttttaa ttattccaga tgaatttgca aattgccctt    168540
     tcttttttaa aaaatattta tttatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatttattta    168600
     tttatttatt tatttattat atgtaagtac actgtacctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga    168660
     gggcatcaga tttcgttaag gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctag gatttgaact    168720
     aaggaccttt gaaagaacag tcggtgctct taaccactga gccatctctc cagccccaaa    168780
     ttgccccttc tatctctgtg aagaattgag ttggaatttt gatgggattt gcattgaatc    168840
     tgtagattgc ttttggcagg atagcctttt tgactatatt aatcctgcca attcatgagc    168900
     atgggagatc tttccatctt ctgagatctt caatctcttt cttcagagac ttgaagtttt    168960
     accatacaaa tctttcactt ccttagttaa agttacacca aggtattgta tattatgtgt    169020
     gactattatg aagggtgttg tttccctaat ttctttctca gtccgtttat cctttgtgta    169080
     gaaaaaggcc attgatttgt ttgagctaat tttgtatcca gttactgcac tgaagctctt    169140
     tatcaggttt aggagttctc tggtggaatt tgtggggtca cttatatata ctatcatatc    169200
     atctgcaaaa agtgatattt tgacttcttc ctttccaatt gtatcccctt gatctttttt    169260
     tgttgtctaa ttgctaggac tttaagtact atattgaata ggaagggaaa cagtgggcag    169320
     ccttgtctag tccctgattt tagagggatt gcttccagcc tctcaccatt tactttgatg    169380
     ttggctactg gtttgctgta gattgctttt atcatgttta ggtatgggtc ttaaattcct    169440
     ggtctttcca aggcttttat catgaatggg tgttggattt tgtcaaatgc tttctctgca    169500
     tctaaggaga tgatcatgtg gtttttgtct ttgagtttgt ttatatagtg gattatgttg    169560
     atggatttcc gtatattaaa ccatccctgc atccctggaa tgaagcctat ttggtcagga    169620
     tggatgattg ttttgatgtg ttcttgggtt tggttagcaa gaattttatt gagtattttt    169680
     gcattgatat tcataaggga aattggtctg aagtcctcta tctttgttgg gtctttgtgt    169740
     gatttaggta ttaaagtaat tgtgggttca tagaatgagt tgggtagagt accttctgtt    169800
     tctattttgt ggaatagttt gagatgaact agaattagat cttctttgaa ggtctgatag    169860
     aactctgcac taacccatct ggtcctgggc ttttattggt taggagacta ttaatgattg    169920
     cttctatttc tttaggggat ataggactgt ttaggtcatt aatctgatcc tgatttaact    169980
     ttggtacctg gtatctgtct agaaatttgt ccatttcatc caggttttct agttttgttg    170040
     agtatagcct tttgtagaag gatctgatgg tgttttggat ttcttaagga tctgttgtta    170100
     agtctccctt ttcatttctg attttgttaa ttaggatgct gtccttgtgc cctctagtga    170160
     gtctggctaa gggtttatct atcttgttga ttttctcaaa gaaccagctg cttgattggt    170220
     tgattctttg aatagttctt tttgtttcca cttggttgat tttgccccag agtttgatta    170280
     tttcctgcct tctactcctc ttaagagcat ttgtttcctt ttgttctgga gcttttaggt    170340
     gtgctgtcaa gctgctagtg tgtgctctct ctagtttctt tttggaggca ctcagagcta    170400
     tgagtttccc tcttagaaat gctttcattg tgtcccatag gtttgggtat gttgtggctt    170460
     cattttcatt aaactccaaa aagtccttaa tttctttatt ttttccttga ctaaggtatc    170520
     attgaggaga gttttgttca gtttcctcgt gaatgttggc tttctattat ttattttgtt    170580
     attgaagatc agccttagtc catggatacc tgataggatg catgggacaa tttcaatatt    170640
     tttgtatctg ttgaggtctg ttttgtgacc aattatatgt tcaattttgg agaaggtacc    170700
     atgaggtgct gagaagaagg tatatccttt tttttaagat aaaatgtttt gtagatatct    170760
     gtttaatcta tttgtttaac aacttctgtt agtttcattg tgcccctgtt taatttctgt    170820
     ttccaggatc tgtccattga tgaaagtggg gtgttgaagt ttcccactat tattgtgtga    170880
     ggtacaatgt gtgctttgag ctttattaaa gtttctttca tgaatgtggc tgcccttgca    170940
     tttggagcat agatattcag aattgagagt tcctcttgga ggattttacc tttgatgagt    171000
     tcaaagtgcc cctccttttt tttttttttt tgatgacttt gggttggaag tcgattttat    171060
     tagatattag aatggctact ccatcttgtt tcttcagacc gtttgcttgg aaagttgttt    171120
     tccaaccttt cactctgagg tagtgtctgt ctttttcctt tagataggtt tcctgtaagc    171180
     agcaaaatgt tgggtcctgt ttgtgtagcc agtctgttag tctatgtctt tttattggta    171240
     cattgagtct attgatatta agagatatta aggaaaagta ggggctggtg agatggctca    171300
     gtgggtaaga gcacccgact gctcttccga aggtccagag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca    171360
     tgctggctca caaccatcca taacaagatc tgcctccctc ttctggtgtt tctgaagaca    171420
     gctacagtgt acttacatat aataataagt aaatctttaa aaaaaataaa aaaggaaaag    171480
     tagttgttgc ttcctattat ttttgttgtt agagttggta ttctgttctt gtggcggtct    171540
     tcttgtagtt tttttttgaa ggattacttt cttgcttttt ctagggcata gtttccatcc    171600
     ttgtattgtt tgtttttcct gttattatcc tttgaagggc tgggtttgtg gaaagataat    171660
     gtgtgaattt ggttttgtcg tggaatactt tggtttctcc atctatggta attgagagtt    171720
     ttgctgggta tagtagcctg ggctggcatt tgtgttctct tagtgtctgt ataacatctg    171780
     tccaggatct tctcgttttc atagtctctg gtgagaaggt tggagtaatt ctaataggct    171840
     tgcctttata tgtcacttga catttttgcc ttgctgcttt taatattttg tctttattta    171900
     gtgatttgtt gttctgatta ttatatgttg ggaggaattt cttttctggt ccagtctatt    171960
     tggagttctg taggcttatt gtatgttcat gggcatctct ttttttaggt atggaaagtt    172020
     ttcttctata attttgttga agatatttgc tggcccttta agttgaaaat cttctttctt    172080
     ctctactcct attatctgta ggtttggttt tctcattgtg tcctggattt cctggatgtt    172140
     ttgagttagg atctttttgc attttgcatt ttttttgatt gttgtgtcta tgttccctat    172200
     ggattcttct gcacctaaca ttctctcttc catttcttgt attgtgtttt ggattttcgt    172260
     atctatgttt ctgatttctt tcctttggtt tctatctcca gagttgtctc cctttgggtc    172320
     ttctttattg tttctacttc catttttaga tcctggatgg tttcgttcaa ttccatcacc    172380
     tgcttggtag tgtttttctg taactctcta aggcattttt gtgtttcctc tctaaaggct    172440
     tctagctgtt tacctgtgtt ttcctgtatt tccttcttaa agtcctccat catcatcata    172500
     agaagtgact ttagatccat cacttgctta tctggtgtga tggtgtatcc aggacttcct    172560
     atggtgggag agtttggttc tgatgatgcc aagtaacctt cgtttctgtt gtttctgttc    172620
     ttatgcttgc ctcctgccat ctgattatct caagtatttg ctgtcctcaa tatatctgat    172680
     tggagcctgt ccttcctata atcctagttg attcaggact cctcagagtc cagctttctc    172740
     tgtgatgctt tgcttgtggg ctcctgtgaa cctgagattc tgggtatgtc agagttcttg    172800
     gcagtcaagt tcctctgaga ccctgaaata ctggtgtgac caagctcctt ttatcctggg    172860
     attctgttgt caaagaccct gagcgtgtta cagtgcctgg aagtggtgtc tcctttgagg    172920
     cgcgtggagc tgtctagtca gtggtcctaa gatcgcatgg agagtcctct agggaccgtg    172980
     ggggtgtcca ccgactctgc gcacaaggtt actcggtgct ggcaccaacc aaaagggctt    173040
     aaagcacttc ttgatgtcct ctaccagcat catgggatat gattttaaat ctgagtcttg    173100
     ctttttgggt gtgttggggt atccaggact ggatgaggtg ggagtgctgg gttctgatga    173160
     tgatgagtgg tttttgtttc tgttagtaag attcttacgt ctgcctttgc cttttgccat    173220
     ctgttaatct ctggagttag ttgttatagt tttctctggt tggagcttgt ttctcctgtg    173280
     attctgttag cctctgtcag cagaccttgg agtctagatc tctcctgagt ctcagtggtc    173340
     agagtaatct ctgcaggcaa ggtcttctct tgcagggaag atgcacagat atctggtgtt    173400
     cagacctgcc tcctggctga agatgaaggc ctgaaacagg gcctgtccca gaagatttgt    173460
     tgcctctgca gtctgcatgc tcacctgcac agattggtct ctgagggaca tgggacacaa    173520
     gatggctgtc tcacctgctc tggtggtcag agccctccca ggcggacatc tctcctctgg    173580
     cggagagggt gcccatatgt ctggagccca aaatggggtc tgtcccagaa gctgtgttgc    173640
     ttctgcagtc tgcttgctca tccttcgcag tctgtgagct gacctgtgta gactggtctt    173700
     tgagggacct gggacccaag atggctccct cacctgctct gaaagccttt agcttttttg    173760
     aagcacacag ctgtgtagta tgaagctcat ttatattcat gtgaccatca ccactgttca    173820
     tttctgaagc atttctaaac ttatcctgtg ccttccagca gtgtctcact ccatctcctg    173880
     ttgtctatgc atttgaccaa acatgtcatc ttgttatttg ttgtcaatat ttccagaagc    173940
     acagctcagg tgtgtgtttt ggtcaccagt tcctgaaact tcttcttttt tttttctttt    174000
     ttcttttatt acatattttc ttcaattaca tttccaatgc tatcccaaaa gtcccccaca    174060
     ccctcccccc ccactcccct acccacccat tcccattttt tggccccagt gtttccctgt    174120
     attggggcat ataaagtttg cctgaccaat gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccgactag    174180
     gccatctttt gatacatatg cagctagagt caagagctct ggggtactgg ttagttcata    174240
     atgttgttcc accgataggg ttgcagatct ctttagctcc ttggatactt tctctagctc    174300
     ctccattggg ggccctgtga tccatccaat agttgactgt gagcatccaa ttctgtgttt    174360
     gctaggcccc ggcctagtct cacaagggac agctatatca cggtccttgc aacaaaggct    174420
     tgctagtgta tgcaatggtg tcatcgtttg gaggctaatt atgggatgga tccctggata    174480
     tggcagtctc tagatggtcc atccttttgt ctcagctcca aactttgtct ctgtaactct    174540
     ttccatgggt gattgtttcc aattctaaga aggagcaaag tgtccacact ttggtctttg    174600
     ttcttcttca gtttcgtatg ttttgcatat tgtaccttat atctcgctat actaagtttc    174660
     tgggttaata tccacttata agtgagtaca tttcatttga gttcttttgt gattgggtta    174720
     cctcactcag gatgatgccc tctaggtcca accatttgcc taggaatttc gtaaattcat    174780
     tctttttaat agctgagtag tactccattg tgtaaatgta ccacattttt tgtatccatt    174840
     cctctgttga ggggcatctg ggttctttcc agcttctggc tactataaat aaggctccta    174900
     tgaacatagt ggaccatgtg tccttcttac cggttgggac atcttctgga tatatgccca    174960
     ggagaggtat tgtgggatcc tccggtagta ctatgtccaa ttttctgagg aaccgccaga    175020
     ctgatttcta gagtagttgt acaagcttgc aatcccacca acaatggagg agtgttcctc    175080
     tttctccaca tccttgccag catctgctgt cacctgaatt tttgatctta gccattttga    175140
     tggatgtgag atggaatctc agggttgttt tgatttgcgt ttctctgatg attaaggatg    175200
     ttgaacattt tttcaggtgt ttctcagcct ttcggtattc ctcgggtgag aattctttgt    175260
     tcagctctga gccccatctt ttaagggggt tatttgattt tctggagtcc accctcttga    175320
     gttctttata tatattggat attagtcccc tatctgattt aagataggta aagatccttc    175380
     cccaatctgt tggtggtctt tttctcttat tgacggtgtc ttttgccttg cagaagcttt    175440
     gcagtttcat gaggtcccat ttgtcaatcc ttgatcttac agcacaagcc attgctgttc    175500
     tattcaggaa ttttttccct gtgcccatat ctttgagatt tttccccact ttctcctcta    175560
     taagtttcag tgtctctggt tttatgtgaa gttccttgat ccacttagat ttgaccttag    175620
     tacaaggaga gaggaatggg ttgattcgca ttcttctaca tgataaccag cagttgtgcc    175680
     agcatcattt gttgaaaatg ctgtctttct tccactggat ggttttagct cccttgtcga    175740
     agatcaagtg accataggtg tgtgggttta tttctgggtc ttcaattcta ttccattggt    175800
     ctacttgtct gtcactatac cagttccatg cagtttttat cacaattgct ctgtagtaaa    175860
     gctttaggtc aggcatggtg attccaccag aggtactttt atccttgaga agagcttttg    175920
     ctatcctagt ttttttgtta ttccagatga atttgcagat tgctctttct aattcgttga    175980
     agaattgagt tggaattttg atggggattg cattgaatct gtagattgct tttggcaaga    176040
     tagccatttt tacaatgttg atcctgccaa tccatgagca tgggagatct ttccatcttc    176100
     tgagatcttc attaatttct ttcttcaggg acttgaagtt tttatcatac agatctttca    176160
     cttccttagt tagagtcacg ccaagatatt ttatattatt tgtgactatt gagaagggtg    176220
     ttgtttcctt aatttctttc tcagcctgtt tattctttgt gtagagaaag gccattgact    176280
     tgtttgagtt aattttgtat ctagctactt caccgaagct gtttatcagg tttaggagtt    176340
     ctctggtaga atttttaggg tcacttatgt atactatcat atcatctgca aaaagtgata    176400
     ttttgacttc atcttttcca atttgtatcc ccttgatctc cttttgttgt agaattgctc    176460
     tagctaggac ttcaagtact atgttgaaga ggtagggaga aattgggcag ccttgtctag    176520
     tcactgattt tagtgggatt gcttccagct tctcaccatt tactttgatg ttggctcctg    176580
     gtttgctgta gattgctttt atcatgttta ggtatgggcc ttgaattcct gatctttcca    176640
     agacttttat catgaatggg tgttggatct tgtcgaatgc tttttctgca tctaacgaga    176700
     agatcttgtg gtttttgtct ttgagtttgt ttatataatg gattaccttg aaggattttc    176760
     gtatattaaa ccatacctgc atccttggaa taaaacctac ttggtcagga tggatgattg    176820
     ctttaatgtg ttcttggatt cggttagcga gaattttatt gaggattttt gcatcgatat    176880
     tcataaggga aattggttga agttctctat ctttgtttga tctttctgtg gtttaggtat    176940
     cagagtaatt gtggcttcat agaatgagtt gggcagagtt ccctctactt ctattttgtg    177000
     gaatagtttg tgcagaactg ggattagatc ttctttgaag gtctggtaga actctgcact    177060
     aaacccatct ggtcctgggc ttttttggct gggagactat taatgactgc ttctaattcc    177120
     ttaggggata tgggactgtt tagattgtta acttgatcct gatttaactt tggtacctgg    177180
     tatctgtcta gaagtttatc catttcatcc aggttttcca gttttgttga gtatagcctt    177240
     ttgtagaagg agctgatggt gttttggatt ttttcaggat ctgttgttat gtctcccttt    177300
     tcatttctga ttttgttaat tagaatgttg tccctgtgcc ctctagtgag tctagctaag    177360
     ggtttatcta tcttgttgat tttctcaaag aaccaactcc tcgtttggtt aatccttgaa    177420
     tagttcttgt ttccacttgg ttgatttcac ccctgagttt gattatttcc tgctgtctac    177480
     tcctcttgag taaattttct tccttttttt ctagggcttt tagatgtgtt gtcaggctgc    177540
     tagtgtgtgc tctctccagt ttctttttgg aggcactcag agctatgagt ttccctctta    177600
     gaaatgcttt cattgtgtcc cataggttag ggtatgttgt ggcttcattt tcattaaact    177660
     ctaaaaagtc tttaatttct ttctttattc catccttgac caaggtatca ttgagaagag    177720
     tgttgttcag ttttcacgtg aatgttggct ttccattatt tatgttgtta ttgaagatca    177780
     gccttaggcc atggtggtct gataggatac atgggacaat ttcaatattt ttgtatctgt    177840
     tgaggcctgt tttgttgacc aattaattga ccatataatt gaccaattat atggtcaatt    177900
     ttggagaagg tcccgtgagg tgctgagaag aaggtatatc cttttgtttt aggataaaat    177960
     gttctgtaga ttctgtcaga tccatttgtt tcataacttc tgttagtttc actgtgtcct    178020
     tgttttgttt ctgtttccac gatctatcca ttgatgaaag tggtgtgttg aagtctccca    178080
     ctattattgt gtgaggtgca atgcatgctt tgagctttac taaagtgtct ttaatgaatg    178140
     tggctgccct tgcatttgga gcgtagatgt tcagaattga gagttcctct tggaggattt    178200
     tacctttgat gagtatgaag tgtccctcct tgtctttttt gataactttg ggttggaagt    178260
     cgattttatc cgatattaaa atggctactc cagcttgttt cttcagacca tttgcttgga    178320
     aaattgtttt ccagcttttc actctgaggt agtgtctgtc tttttccctg agatgggttt    178380
     cctgtaaaca gcagaatgtt gggttctgtt tgtgtagcca gtctgttagt ctatgtcttt    178440
     ttattgggta ttgagtccat tgatattaag agatattaaa gaaaagtaat tgttgcttcc    178500
     ttttattttt gttgttagag ttggcattct gttcttgtgg ctgtcttcct tttggtttgt    178560
     tgagggatta ctttcttgct tgttctaggc ataatttcca tccttgtatt gcttcttttc    178620
     tgttatttat cctttgaagg gctggattcg tggaaagata atgtgtgaat ttggttttgt    178680
     ggtggaatac tttggtttct ctgtctatgg ttattgagag tttggccggg tatagtagcc    178740
     tgggctgaca tttgtgttct cttagtgtct gtataacatc tgcccaggct cttctggctt    178800
     tcatagtctc tggtgaaaag tctggtgtaa ttctgatagg tctgccttta tatgttactt    178860
     gacctttctc ccttactgct tttaatattc tctgtttatt tagtgcattt gttgttctga    178920
     ttattacgtg ttgggaggaa tttcttttct ggtccagtct atttggagtt ctgtaggctt    178980
     cttgtatgtt catgggcatg tcattgttta ggtttgggaa gttttcttct ataattttgt    179040
     tgaatatatt tgctggccct ttaagttgaa aatcttcatt ctcatcaact cctattatct    179100
     gtaggtttgg tcttctcatt gtgtcctcga tttcctggat gttttgagtt aggatctttt    179160
     tgtgttttgt attatctttg attgttctgc cgatgttctc tatggaatct tctgcacctg    179220
     agattctctc ttccatctct tgtattctgt tgctgatgct cgcgtctatg gttctagatt    179280
     tctttcctag gttttctatc tccagtgttg cctcactttg ggttttcttt attgtgtcta    179340
     cttccctttt taggtctcgt atgttttttt tcatttccat cacctgtttg gatgtgtttt    179400
     cctgtttttc tataaggact tctacctgtt tggttgtgtt ttcctgtttt tctttaagga    179460
     cttgtaactc tttagcagtg ttctcctgta ttttttaagt gagttattaa agttcttctt    179520
     gatgtcctct accatcctca taagatatgc ttttaaatcc gggtctagct tttcagttgt    179580
     gttggggtgc ccaggactag gtggcgtggg agtgctgcgt tttgatgatg gtgagtggtc    179640
     ttggtttctg ttagtaggat tcttacgttt gccttttgcc atcttgtatt ctctggagct    179700
     atagttatag ttgtctctgg ttagagcttg ttcctcaggt gattatgtta gcctctatca    179760
     gcagacctgg gagactagct ctattcttag tttcagtgat cagagtactc tctgcatgca    179820
     agctctcctc ttgcagggat ggtgcccaga tatctggtgt ttgaacctgc ctcctgacag    179880
     aagttgtgtt cctctcacca gaggacttag gatcccgtgg cgtaacctgt gtgggtcctt    179940
     gtgggtgtcc gtagactccc ctgggtcagg aaccccggtg ctgcagtggg caggccggaa    180000
     tggacttgag ccctgtatca ggccgggttt cctgcttcct taattaatgc agtctcagga    180060
     cctgcgtgat tggattggag taggcgctgt gttccactca ccagaggtct taggatcctg    180120
     tggcggatcc tgtgtgtgtc cttgtgggtg tccgcagact tccccggacc agtgactacg    180180
     gtgctggtgc tgcagtgggc cagccggaag ggcctgaaac ttctatagat tctttagaat    180240
     tttctccaaa taactttcat gttatctata gatatattct atagctgacc accttccatt    180300
     tctttgtgtt gctgaattgt gtttaggatt tctaagggaa taccaagcag aagtggtcac    180360
     agcagcatcc ctgtgttgat catgctctta gagggaaagc tttcagtgtc cccattgcat    180420
     cctgagttgg ttgttggtat ctacatgcac ccctaccgca ctggcattgt cttctatttc    180480
     tagtttatct cttttcatca ttaaaatctg ttcacacttg cctaatgtct tcattgattc    180540
     acttatgagt tactcatgga gtctgttttg tgtctcttca tgcttctatc tctgtaggtt    180600
     ctggacttct gggtatgtgt ctgcttcatc tcagtcaatc tacagttagc acataagtat    180660
     ttagtgcttg tggagttttt agtattctga agaatggata gttaggtctc aaatttcagt    180720
     tctggtatta atgttaatct tgtaaacaca atgttaatct cattaaaggt tgtcaatttt    180780
     gttattctgt ctgaagaata aaattttgat ccagtgattt ttctactatt atcatttatt    180840
     tatatcatta ttctaatctg tgggaactgt agcagggact atggaggaaa gatgctgcct    180900
     ggcttcactc cagttacctg ttcagttacc ttctccttgt acatctcagg cccacctgtg    180960
     taggaatggc accacctaca gtgggctgtg cctttacata tcaataaata accaagtaaa    181020
     tgcttcaggt atacacccac agatcaagat gatggaggca atttcttgag tttctccagg    181080
     tgtctctatc ttgtgtcagg tgctttatac taagcaacac atatgttgaa catacctggc    181140
     ccatcaggtg attttcagca aggtctagtg cctagtttct ataggtcaga ttatctgtat    181200
     ccacctaaac ctcaagtaag ctctccatgt ggttcacaca tctgagagaa gggatgttaa    181260
     taactaagga ctaaaaggct ctgttgcaaa acttgcctga cccttcatgc tcatagatca    181320
     ttcctagatt catgctccca taagacagta gtggctcgtg tcaatcatca tgaaacatct    181380
     gatcagaatg gctcctgttg tggtccagct gtactactga gctgagagag ggcctgctct    181440
     ttgtcttttg gctcaggttc ctgtttgcac ttcaagtcct gaggacaggc tctgaggatt    181500
     ctcactgaag caatatggga actctcatcc caacctacct gtggggcagg cttagccagc    181560
     aaagccttgg gggtgggcat gggctcacgc tgagcagtgg aggtcagtgt atctggaggg    181620
     acacaatgct atgtgctgta aggcagtcct atgtctgtct accaccatgc tctgtagatt    181680
     agctcacaca ggatgcccca ccatctctga gcactcagat cccctgcatc tgcctgtgat    181740
     tcacctcctc atgccttttc cttggacact ggttggcaga gagatgagat gtcagcatta    181800
     gtggaaaaaa gtacttgcat tggtcagagg tcccacaaag gggaaatctc ttgtctgctg    181860
     tctgcacaac actgttacac acaacctcaa gtatcaactc cagcccagtg gaggctgaga    181920
     acttggtagc attaacatgt gaacatgaaa ttcaggatat aatctaccct atggtggata    181980
     agtggtcaga gcctgtcaga aggtgatagg ctgaggctgt ttgacatcca taggacactg    182040
     taatctgagt catgaggact ggcactgagt accagtcaat gctactactc tcaacttgtt    182100
     tcactcctga gtctccctct ccttgcatct ctgatttctt ttatctcaac ctgaaatgtg    182160
     attccaatat ctctaggctg tttagggtag tggcaggggc ttcccagtaa agaatgtcct    182220
     taagggcatg ccaacagaat tttgtcacaa actcatgacc ttccgtcccc tccattaatg    182280
     tctacaatgg ctgttctgta gactgtacac cctgattttg acctgtgata atacccttct    182340
     atttcccaca tgagaagaga aaactcagag atgggggcca gcagctcaga ggtctgcttc    182400
     tagatatgct actgcttcac aggtgactgg ctctgctctg tgattgaaga agttgtctgg    182460
     ctgaccttcc tgagtcagga taatagaggt ttacaatgat ttgatgatgc tatttaattg    182520
     gttcttctta aggttaagca taggtcaatg atggacatca gaaaatcaga atcagggaat    182580
     tggaaatgtg aacctcaggg taggacccct cagagctgag tcctggctct gaagatccag    182640
     ctgtgtgaac acatgtggtg ctcatagata ataatgtgca ctctcttaga gaattggcag    182700
     tgtcctgtcc tggatagcac taactgtcaa aatgacaggt catgaagtac ccatgtagtg    182760
     actagttctc aaaagagaca tcttaatcag gtcagtcttc agaactgttt gtgatgaatt    182820
     gtcttgattg tcttaatgta ggaggatgga ggttactatg gtagtgccat ccttatgtag    182880
     gtggccttgg gttgtctatg taagttagct aaactgaggt cagatatata gataggtaga    182940
     tagatatatg aatagataga gacacataga gaagcagaga cagacacaca cacacacaca    183000
     cagacagata tattgataga tacggagaca aagagacaga gctgacaatt acctttcctc    183060
     atcagctcct gcattcaagt tcctgtctca aatttctgtc ctatcttcac ttagaaatgg    183120
     ctttggcctc aaggtgtcag gcaaataaat cctttgctcc ataagttgct gatatcacag    183180
     cagcagaaag gcgaatagaa cagagtcttt ggtgctgagc atagaacaga cccatttaaa    183240
     ccatatgtaa tattctctgt actcatatcc aaagctattt ccatcctttg gggaaagaga    183300
     atagactgag agtcagacca gacaagtgca ggtgcaaccc ctattctatc aatttctgcc    183360
     ttcagtgtca agagacaata tcaggatttt ccttaaatca tttggaagta tttgctgata    183420
     ctgcccatcc tgattctacc catcttctgg atgcatatca tctctgtccc tggacctgga    183480
     gttcccagaa caaatctttt ttttttccat ttttttccat ttttaaatta ggtatttagc    183540
     tcatttacat ttccaatgct ataccaaaag tccctcatat ccacccaccc tcactcccct    183600
     acccacccac tccacctttt tggccctggc gttcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg    183660
     caagtccaat gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccaactag gccatctttt gatacatatg    183720
     cagctagagt caagagctcc ggggtactgg ttagttcata atgttgttcc acctataggg    183780
     ttgcagatcc ctttagctcc ttgggtactt tctctagctc ctccattggg agccctgtga    183840
     tccatccatt agctgactgt gagcatccac ttctgtgttt gctaggcccc ggcatagtct    183900
     cacaagagac agctacatct gggtcctttc aataaaatct tgctagtgta tgcaatggtg    183960
     tcagcgtttg gatgctgatt atggggtgga tccctggata tggcagtctc tacatggtcc    184020
     atcctttcat ctcagctcca aactttgtct ttgtaactcc ttccatgggt gttttgttcc    184080
     caattctaag gaggggcata gtgtccacac ttcattcttc attcttcttg agtttcatat    184140
     gtttagcaaa ttctatctta tatcttgggt atcctaggtt tggggctaat atccacttat    184200
     cagtgagtag atattgtgtg agttcctttg tgaatgtgtt acctcactca ggatgatgcc    184260
     ctccaggtcc atccatttgg ctaggaattt cataaattca ttctttttaa tagctgagta    184320
     gtactccatt gtgtagatgt accacatttt ctgtgtccat tcctctgttg aggggcatct    184380
     gggttctttc cagcttctgg ctattataaa taaggctgct atgaacatag tggagcatat    184440
     gtccttctta cccgttgggg catcttctgg atatatgccc aggagaggta ttgcgggatc    184500
     ctccggtagt actatgtcca attttctgag gaaccgccag actgatttcc agagtggttg    184560
     tacaagcctg caatcccacc aacaatggag gagtgttcct ctttctccac atccttgcca    184620
     gcatctgctg tcacctgaat ttttgatctt agccattctg actggagtga agtggaatct    184680
     cagggttgtt ttgatttgca tttccttgat gattaaggat gttgaacatt ttttttcagg    184740
     tgcttctcag ccattcggta tttctcaggt gagaattctt tgttcagctc tgagccccat    184800
     tttttaatgg ggttatttga ttttctggag tccatcttct tgagttcttt atatatattg    184860
     gatattagtc ccctatccga tttgggatag gtaaagatcc tttcccaatc tgttggtggc    184920
     ctttttgtct tactgacggt gtcttttgcc ttgcagaaac tttggagttt cattaggtcc    184980
     catttgtcaa ttctcaatct tacagtacaa gccattgctg ttctgttcag gaatttttcc    185040
     cctgtgccca tatcttcaag gcttttcccc actttctcct ctataagttt cagtgtctct    185100
     ggttttatgt gaagttcctt gatccactta gatttgacct tagtacaagg agataagtat    185160
     ggatcgattc acattcttct acacgataac aaccagttgt gccagcacca attgttgaaa    185220
     atgctgtctt tcttccactg gatggtttta gctcccttgt cgaagatcaa gtgaccatag    185280
     gtgtgtgggt tcatttctgg gtcttcaatt ctattccatt ggtctacttg tctgtctcta    185340
     taccagtact atgcagtttt tatcacaatt gctctgtagt aaagctttaa gtcaggcatg    185400
     gtgattccac cagaggttct tttatcctta gactttttgc tatcctaggt tttttgttat    185460
     tccagatgaa tttgcaaatt gctccttcta attcgttgaa gaattgagtt ggaattttga    185520
     tggggattgc actgaatctg tagattgctt ttggcaagat agccattttt acaatgttga    185580
     tcctgccaat ccatgagcat gggagatctt tccatcttct gagatcttct ttaatttctt    185640
     tcttcagaga cttgaagttt ttatcataca gatctttcac ttccttagtt agagtcacgc    185700
     caagatattt tatattattt gtgactattg agaagggtgt tgtttcctta atttctttct    185760
     cagcctgttt attctttgtg tagagaaagg ccattgactt gtttgagtta attttatatc    185820
     cagctacttc accaaagctg tttatcaggt ttaggagttc tctggtagaa tttttagggt    185880
     cacttatata tactatcata tcatctgcaa aaagtgatat tttgacttcc tcttttccaa    185940
     tttgtatccc cttgatctcc ttttgttgtc gaattgctct ggctaatact tcaagtacta    186000
     tgttgaaaag gtagggagaa agtgggcagc cttgtctagt ccctgatttt agtgggattg    186060
     cttccagctt ctctccattt actttgatgt tggctactgg tttgctgtag attgctttta    186120
     tcatgtttag gtatgggcct tgaattcctg atctttccaa aacttttatc atgaatgggt    186180
     gttggatctt gtcaaatgct ttttctgcat ctaacgagat gatcatgtgg tttttgtctt    186240
     tgagtttgtt tatataatgg attaccttga aggattttcg tatattaaac catccctgca    186300
     tccctggaat aaaacctact tggtcaggat ggatgattgc tttaatatgt tcttggattc    186360
     ggttagcgag aattttattg aggatttttg catcgatatt cataagagaa attggtctga    186420
     agttctctat ctttgttggg tctttctgtg gtttaggtat cagagtaata gtggcttcat    186480
     aaaatgagtt ggttagagta ccttctactt ctattttgtg aaatagtttg tgcagaactg    186540
     gaattagatc ttctttgaag gtctgataga actctgcact aaacccgtct ggtcctgggc    186600
     tttttttttg gctgggagac tattgataac tgcttctatt tctttaggtg atatggaact    186660
     gtttagatgg tcaacttgat cctgattcaa ctttggtacc tggtatctgt ccagaaattt    186720
     gtccatttcg tccaggtttt ccagttttgt tgagtatagc cttttgtaga aggagctgat    186780
     ggtgttttgg atttcttcag aatctgttgt tatgtctccc ttttcatttc tgattttgtt    186840
     aattaggatt ttgtccctgt gccctttagt gagtctagct aagggtttat ctatcttgtt    186900
     gattttctca aagaaccaac tcctcgtttg gttaattctt tgaatagttc ttcttgtttc    186960
     ccttgtttga tttcacccct gagtttgatt atttcctgcc gtctactcct cttgggtgaa    187020
     tttgcttcct ttttttctag agcttttata tgtgttgtca agctactagt atgtgctctc    187080
     tcccgtttct tcttggaggc actcagagct atgagtttcc ctcttagaaa tgctttcatt    187140
     gtgtcccata ggtttgggta cgttgtggct tcattttcat taaactctaa aaagtcttta    187200
     atttctttct ttattccttc cttgaccaag gtatcattga gaagagtgtt gttcagtttt    187260
     cacgtgaatg ttggctttcc attatttatg ttgttattaa agatcagtct taggccatgg    187320
     tggtctgata ggatacatgg gacaatttca atatttttgt atctgttgag gcctgttttg    187380
     tgaccaatta tatggtcaat tttgtagaag gtcctgtgag gtgctgagaa gaaggtatat    187440
     ccttttgttt taggataaaa tgttctgtag atatctgtca gatccatttg tttcataact    187500
     tctgttagtt tcactgtgtc cctgtttagt ttctgtttcc acgatctgtc cattgatgaa    187560
     agtggtgtgt tgaagtctcc cagtattatt gtgtgaggtg caacgtgtgc tttgagcttt    187620
     actacggtgt ctttaatgaa tgtggctgcc cttgcatttg gagcgtagtt attcagaatt    187680
     gagagttcct cttggaggat tttaactttg atgagtatga agtgtccctc cttgtctttt    187740
     ttgataactt tgggttggaa gtcgatttta tccgatatta gaatggctac tccagcttgt    187800
     ttcttcagac catttgcttg gaaaattgtt ttccagcctt tcactctgag gtagtgtctg    187860
     tccttttccc tgagatgggt ttcctgtaag cagcagaatg ttgggtcctg tttgtgtagc    187920
     cagtctgtta gtctatgtct ttttattggg gagttgagac cattgatatt aagagatatt    187980
     aaggaaaagt cattgttgct tctttttatt tttgttgtta gagttggcat tctgttcttg    188040
     tggctgtctt cttttagttt tgttgaggga ttactttctt gcttgttcta gggcataatt    188100
     tccatccgtg tattgcttct tttctgttat tatcctttga agggctggat tcctggagag    188160
     ataatgggtg aatttagttt tgtcgtggaa tactttggtt tctccatcta cggtaattga    188220
     gagtttggct gggtatagta gtctgggctg gaatttgtgt tctcttagtg tctgtataac    188280
     atctgtccag gctcttctgg ctttcatagt ctctggtgaa aaatctggtg taatttgata    188340
     ggcttgcctt tatatgttac ttatcctttt tcccttactg cttttggtat tctatcttta    188400
     tttagtgcat ttgatgttct gattattatg tgtcaggagg aatttctttt ctggtccagt    188460
     ctatttggag ttctgtaggc ttcttgtatg ttcatgggca tctctttctt tagatttggg    188520
     aagttttctt caataatttt gttgaagatg tttgctggtc ctttgagttg aaaatcttca    188580
     ttctcatcca ctcctattat ctgtaggttt ggtcttctca ttgtgtcctg gatttcctgg    188640
     atgttttgag ttaggatctt tttgcatttt ccattttctt tgattgttgt gccgatgttc    188700
     tctatggaat cttctgcacc tgagattctc tcttccatct cttatattct gttgctgatg    188760
     ctggcatcta tggtccagat ttctttccta gggcttctat ctccagcgtt gcttcacttt    188820
     gagttttctt tattgtgtct acttcccttt ttaggtctag tatggttttg ttcatttcta    188880
     tcacctcttt ggatgtgttt tcctgttttt ctataaggac ttgtaactct ttagcagtgt    188940
     tctcctgtat ttctttaagt gagttattaa attccttctt tatgtcctct accatcatca    189000
     tgagaaatgc ttttaaatcc aggtctacct tttcaggtgt gttaggatgt cctggactgg    189060
     gcgaagtggg agtgttgggt tctgatgatg gtgagtggtc ttggttcctg ttagtaggat    189120
     tcttacgttt acctttcgcc atctggcaat ctctggagtt agttgttata gttgtctttg    189180
     tttagagatt gttcctctgt tgattttgtt accctctatc agcagacgtg ggagactagc    189240
     tctctcctct gagtttcagt ggtcagagca gtctctgcag gcaagctctc ctctttcagg    189300
     gaagggcaca gttatctggt gtttggacct cctcctgact gaagatgaag gcccaaaaca    189360
     ggatctttcc cagagctgtg ttgctttggc taggaaggtg gccggttgtc tggagccgaa    189420
     gatagcgccg cctcagaagc tctgtggctc tcgcctgtgc cagaaacggc tggcctctgc    189480
     actccacacc ttcactcgtg cagcctgccc tccgcggagt cctggagcca aggaggctcc    189540
     cgccgccgcc ggggcctgag gtacaaacct ctcgggccgg gcggaccctt gtgcactcac    189600
     caggaaggtg gccggttgtc tggagctgaa gatggcgccg cctcagaagc tctgtggctc    189660
     tcgcctgtcc cagaaatggc tggcctctgt attccacacc gtcacccgtg cagcctgccc    189720
     tccgcggagt cctggagcca aggagactcc cgctgccggg gcctgaggca caaacctctc    189780
     ggccccagaa caaatcttga accctcctta gattcacccc tcactgcctg gagtcagtga    189840
     gcagggtgac tagcctcaca acacacttgt gcccaagtgt caggccacct cacagtactt    189900
     gagcctggag gccattcctg ctgtagacac agacatgaac tgcaggcctt ttcatgttct    189960
     ctagggggtg atataaagac acatcatcca cgctcaaaaa attatttcat tgtgtgtata    190020
     cacaactttt gttacctatc catcagttga aggctgttta agttgtctcc actttctagc    190080
     tcctatgcct agagtagcaa tgaccatggc tgagcaggat ctgtggagta ggatgtcaag    190140
     tcctttgatc aaatgccagg agtggagtag ctgggttatg tggcaggtta ttattattat    190200
     tattattatt atttattaat taattattgc tagtactcca taggattcct atagtggttg    190260
     caccagtttg caaccccacc aatagtgaat gagggctccc ctttccccac actccatcag    190320
     cagttttgta gggtgtcagc cattctgaat gggataatgt gaaatctcaa tgtagtttta    190380
     gtttacattt ccctaattgc taaggatgaa gaacactttt ggggatttct ctcagtcatc    190440
     tatttttcct tttttgaaaa ttctgttcag atccatggcc attttaaaca tatgtcctct    190500
     cttaccctct cctgctccta ggttttctga ggccactgcc tatggtagtt tggccatgac    190560
     atgtttcata gtgtgtttgc tgttgctgga gagagaaact actgactatc atagattggt    190620
     tttgtatcct gacactttgc tgagattctt gtttcttgat gctttctgtt ggaattttag    190680
     aatctcttct gtataatatc atgccttctg caaataggga catttagact tcttctttct    190740
     gtatttgtat acctttaatt ttcttctttt gtataattgc tccagtcagt gcttccagtc    190800
     ctgtattgag gaggagtgaa gatagtaggc agcctgtctg tttcttggtt taagagggat    190860
     tgcttcaaca ttttcctctt ttcagtacta ttggttgtag tcttgttaca tatagtcttt    190920
     atcatattaa tgtatgctcc ctccacccct tacttcatca aggactttta tcatgaaggc    190980
     atgtaaaatt ttgtcaaaga ctttttttct gcacctaatg agatgatcat aataggttat    191040
     gtttaagagt gttctttctt tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    191100
     tctattggaa aactgttcag atgtaaagac aaagaaataa gaaaactaac agaaaaatgg    191160
     gtggaactag aaaatgtact gatcatagga accagaacca agaccaaaga caaatgcctt    191220
     atgttttttc tcacttggag ttagcagatt agtgtcttca gatatatgag cttaaccaca    191280
     gatagccaga gaaaccagga aagttaagag accataagga cagggaacac aacattgatt    191340
     caaatggatg ggccatctga tcttcccctt acgctgctct atgtctcttt ttcttggtgt    191400
     gataaagaat atactgagca acagcacttt aggggagagt aaaagatccg tttcccttct    191460
     ggttctgggt cattttgtag catggaagga tatcaaggca caaaacaaga ttatggctgg    191520
     ctcattcagt ggctgactct ctggcttatg cttagctaat tttcttatac aacctgtatg    191580
     accaaggacc atctgcctag ggatggtgct gcccacagtg gcctgggccc tccttcctca    191640
     attaaaagac cctgaggcag gaggagcact gggaaataga atactgggtc caggtgctat    191700
     ggagaggaaa tgggaacaaa acagggaggt ctttattgtg gagaaggagt aagggcaata    191760
     atgaaggaga aggaagtgga ggtataaata acagtaaaga ggtctgaaaa atctactaga    191820
     agatcatatt agtttgtatt tatctaagca tgtatattta aatgaggctg tactacatga    191880
     caatactccc cctaagagcc acggactaac aaaaatacag tgtcagggat aagaaacctc    191940
     acttcaaatt gttgttcagt ttagttcaag aattcccaaa tgatatatga cactgatgtt    192000
     acccttggtt gcctcctaga aattgtagat agattcctct gttgaagaca ccatgaacct    192060
     ttgggacaca aggttggtac ataaggttgg aggtgtctag ctgaatctga accagaaact    192120
     acctaactga ggttctaggc aagctgacaa cagagagtag aggaaaacaa tccatagtcc    192180
     tactcagttg tgatcctata aaaccatagc tctgaacacc atggcaagat ccctaatggt    192240
     gcaacagtgg catggccgtc ttgtaggaaa ccaacaactg tgtaattgga cataagttct    192300
     gctcagtagg agggaaatca tacctggttc tagaatctta atcaaatact catggctagt    192360
     gaggtcatgg atcatagagg ggaacctaag tggcttcttt tctaaatcag tataatttct    192420
     aggttcattt taaatataca ttattatatc tacagataaa tgttgctatc accatcataa    192480
     aagaagcctc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    192540
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttttt ttttacagat gaggaccacc aaagaaatcc    192600
     aagattgatt ggaatgcagg aaacaactga caccatgggg tttccatcac caactgatct    192660
     gtctgtacca taacctcttt gtttgagggt ctgggtacat ttttagaagg ggaagtggaa    192720
     agaatataaa agaaagagaa ccaggatgtc tatagtgaga tttttgtctt taatatatga    192780
     caggaaagct gcagccaagg tatctcatcc acatggcctc ttccacagtc atgtcaacac    192840
     caactgacat gccagcattg atggacaaat ctcaagagga tcctctccta tataaagagc    192900
     tttagtaatt aatgaatgct gagaggagag tcattatttt ccagggatga gcccccgata    192960
     ggttaaccaa tcccaagtgg tacacatggg tagcactaaa tgggtccaac agatagtatt    193020
     tatatattta tatacaaaaa tgtaataatg atagttgaag aagaaatcat gaagttgaga    193080
     aagaggagaa ggcatgggag gagggggagt agagaaagtg attgaatgca atgatcatgt    193140
     agaaaattct aaaaaaaatt gcacttttaa agaaattctt cttaaagaaa gagaatgaaa    193200
     ataagaaaga gctagggcct tgttggaata ggtgtgacct ggttggaatg ggtgtgtcac    193260
     tgtgagtgtg ggtataagat cctcacccta gttgcctgga agtcagtctt ccactagcag    193320
     cctttggatg aagacataga tcgctcagct tctcctgcac catgcctgcc tggatactgc    193380
     catgctccca ccttgatgat aatggactga acctctgaac ctgtaccagt cccaattaaa    193440
     tgtttttttt tttgtttgtt tgttttttta taagatttgc cttggtcatg gtgtctgttc    193500
     acagcagtaa aaccctaact aagacagaag ttggtaccag gagtggtata ttgctgtgaa    193560
     tggcctgacc atgcttttat ttgaaataat gtggattttt ggactttgga tttggaactc    193620
     agtggaatgc tttaaatggg gcttaatgga ccatcctagt aggaatatgg aagactttgt    193680
     tgctgggagt aatttgaact gtgttgacct ggcccaagtg atttcaacgg agaagaattt    193740
     cagtatgtgg cataaagact gtttttgtgg tattttggtg aagaatgtgg ctacttttta    193800
     cccttgtctg aaaagtctgc ctgaggctaa ggtgaagaga cttggattaa ttgcattaat    193860
     tgcattgaca aaggaagttt caaaaaagcc catcagagac tttgttctct ggtcaagtct    193920
     cacaaagaga agtttaaaca agcatagcaa gcttaaaaag gcaaaatata aaatatatgg    193980
     ttcgagtatt aaaggcatac caggaagtga agtggagcaa aatcttgtgt tctaggagat    194040
     aacagattaa gggagtggga ctttggggca aggttctacc cagcttaatt agatccaggc    194100
     atggtggtac cacctttaat cccatgaggc aggcatgctg atctctgcat tcaaggtcaa    194160
     tttacagagc aagaaccagg atagccaagc ttaggcagtg aaggatttag aaaacataaa    194220
     gctagtgata atgtaatagt acaaggggat catgttctag ttcctgtaag cagcagaact    194280
     cggcagcttc agccatgtgg ctctggctct agagttaaga atggaaggaa ctactgggaa    194340
     aattgatgct ggttagctgg agctaaggaa ttagcagtga ttaagaagag accagcatca    194400
     ctgaggtgaa atcttctgga aattgttttc tgggagcaca aagaagctgt gttccagaga    194460
     tacccaaggt tgtacttcat gctgcagctg gacttggtaa tgtgtaagag tcactcaggt    194520
     ggtactgctt gtgaaggaat gacaggatca tggagagaag ctgaggctta gcactgtgag    194580
     aggtcaggaa aggccattgg agaaggtgaa gcctcagctg tagttgatgg cctaggggtc    194640
     atgcaaagga tttgaggctt ggcaccctga agagagccta tgagaggcta ttggtgaagc    194700
     ctagttggag tggaacaccc cagtgtattg gagatgtcag taccatggga tgatcaccaa    194760
     gaacagcagc tgtagtggag tggatcaagc tgagcataga gtgctacaga gggcagagct    194820
     ggagaagtga tgccagccct taggaggagt ccaaaagatc aagtggaatc ccagacactg    194880
     aaagaagaag ctgtaacatt gaaattgcct tggagactca aaaatgttaa agatgccaga    194940
     gccatgggat acatgctgag gaaagctgct aacagggagt ggaaccagcc tcagagaaag    195000
     cagtttgttg cagtcaacaa agatgaaaaa ggagtggata tctgaagacc actttaacat    195060
     cagctgtgga gatgcagagt ttggagtttg cccagctggt ttactgcctt gctttgggga    195120
     ttacagttaa ttaagttgaa tgaatctcag aagagacctt gaactttgga cttttaacgt    195180
     tgttgcaact gctatagact atgagtgtag ggagccattc cggacttcct ggtcagcagg    195240
     atggaagtct gctccaggta gtaaacaagc ccatgtttgg tggatggccc gcccttaatc    195300
     cctgattggc tgagcaagcc tgcctgatga ggtgatgtga cctgtggtga ttggtggggg    195360
     tgtggttgtg gctggagaga aaaacacttg taaccagaga ggctggggga tttgaagtaa    195420
     gtagctgcct gagtaaaaac tgcattaaga agaaccggtg gttgcatctt tcttgctggt    195480
     caagtgggac gcgacatatg aggactttga aagttggact aaatgcattt tgcattatgc    195540
     tatgtttaag tatggccccc atagactcat gtttttgaac aagtctatgg ggaccaggga    195600
     gtggaatgtg atggtttgta tatccttgga ccaggagtgg caccatctga aagtgtggcc    195660
     ttgttggaat aggtgtgacc tggttggaat gggtgtgtca ctgtgggtgt gggtataaga    195720
     tcctcaccct agttgcctgg aagtcagtct tccactagca gcctttggat gaagacatag    195780
     atcactcagc ttctcctgca ccatgcctgc ctggatactg ccatgctccc taccttgatg    195840
     ataatggact gaacctctga acctgtacca gtcccaatta aatgttgttg ttttgttttg    195900
     ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttt ataagatttg ccttggtcat ggtgtctgtt    195960
     cacagcagta aaaccctaac taagacaagg tggcattgtc ttgacagtgg acaggaggag    196020
     ggggttgaga aaatggctcc taagataaga gcttgagaga ggacttaggg tttgctcttg    196080
     tgggggttgt gtaaggcaga gggagacaga agctaatcta cagtaagttc tcagtgaaga    196140
     gcacaggata aaggatgtgg aaaatccaga ctgttttctc ttcgaagtca atcaccattg    196200
     gccattatat gctgaagacc aaagacccag gctaccagct atgagagagt gagtctccaa    196260
     atgaatatca taccaggctg agccactgag atggttctgt gggtaaaggc acttgctgac    196320
     aaggctgatg tgctgagttc aatgtccaaa tcactcatga tggaaggaga ggatcaattc    196380
     tttcatgccc tctaaccttc ttgtgttaac agaagcatgt tcccactcac taaaacacac    196440
     acatatcctc tgtctgacac acataaaatg cataagtaat gaaaacttaa aaataaaact    196500
     gaatattagc ttattttgtt atctactgcc atgagactct ctcaaaagtc agtgtgttgg    196560
     tatactcatt aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaattca tccatccttt cagtcattct    196620
     tccacaggag tctgagcctt ttctaggcac tgtgccttcc cacaaacata ggcagatttc    196680
     tttttttctg aagctctagt tgtcatggac tggaaggcag acttgcatct cgaaggtaaa    196740
     attagggagg ggttgactgg aaccataaag ggaataaaac aagaaaatga gaatggtggg    196800
     atagggagat gttcagtggt taagggtgct tgctgcattc ccagaagacc agagttcagt    196860
     tcccagcatc cattttagga gacttcacaa agccatgtaa tttgagctcc aggggattcc    196920
     acacagtcac ctgcctcaga gggctcctgt atgcatatag tacaaggcac acacgtacat    196980
     taaggtaaaa taaaccttat aaagtgaatg ataaagagat ggcctagggt ctctagagga    197040
     agaggttagt gaagacatcg atccacccac aaatgctctt cagagtgagc agagattaca    197100
     tagggggaat gacacggtca ggggcactga ctgaaaatag gtcacgtcat attgctccca    197160
     catactccaa agactcctac cagtactaca aatactgtgc acacacccag acacacaccc    197220
     tgaggcagag gaatgaacat gtctgcttag gacacacgcc ccagcttcct accaaatgta    197280
     aagattcccc tctttctctt cttccagcca tatttttcat tcatttttct gaaggaaaat    197340
     ttagatattt acttgtgtgt gtgtgtttaa gtctgtgtac aacacacatg catatggtac    197400
     ctgcagaagt ctgaagaggc catcagacct cctagaacag gagttaaagg ccatggtgag    197460
     tcatcccgtg ggtgctggaa attgaaccca catcctctga aagagcaact agttctctta    197520
     accactaacc catctctcca gctttttgcc tcactttcaa gctgctggta cactccccac    197580
     actgctctgc tcactattgg tgcccaatgt agcccaaggg gaaaatgttc catttgttct    197640
     taatggacag agtgtttcaa gcctttcact gacacaaggg gaaactggtg ttgacagcca    197700
     tggacttgca cagtttgaaa tagccaccaa tcaaaacctt ttggggtctg catacagcgt    197760
     cagaggcaca atgcatacca gtggatcgct gcccttacag agaccaccgt ccagctgggt    197820
     acaggatatt ttgagccttc aaatctcaaa tgctgaggtt gaacctacac aaacacatgt    197880
     gtgtcaccat gaaaacagtc aatggtttgt gtgacctctg ggtgctaggt gggatgtttt    197940
     tatggtacac acactggtct tgactgttcc tgcttcctgc tagtatgttg tgtccacact    198000
     ggggttttag aatttagtgc aggaatagag tacacaaact aaaatatatg aatgttttat    198060
     ttgaattcac actgttgaga gcagaatata cttttggggg aaagtaactc agccaaagaa    198120
     tcatgataag cccagattgt gtgggtctca ccacaaattt agcctgagaa aaagatcctt    198180
     ggaaccaagt ctggctaagg gaactcttca atcttaatag aagagactgc caggaagtcc    198240
     tggctccaga taattgttcc aggctcttga ctccaggtga cctggggcag tgtgagcagg    198300
     gttgggatct gttacattga acagaatgat ttatgagctg tctgaatctc ccagccataa    198360
     tcttgttttg tgccttgata tacttccatg tcacaaaatg actcagaccc acaagggaaa    198420
     taaacctttt tactctctcc taaagtgctg ttgctcagtg tgttctttat cacaccaaga    198480
     aaaagagacc tagaacagtg aagagtagat ggcacctcca tttgaatcac tgttgtgtcc    198540
     cctgtcccca tggtctctga agttttctgg aagacactaa ttacaaactg caagtgggaa    198600
     agaacacggg gggggggtgg catttgtctt tggagttggt tttggttcct atgatcagca    198660
     tactttctag ttccacccat tttcctgcta ttttttattt ctttgtgttt acattggaat    198720
     agtattccaa tagataggat agataggata gataggtaga tagatagata gatagatatg    198780
     tgtatacaac actaatatat acatacttat atacataagc tatattatca tctctaggtg    198840
     cagaaaaacg tctttgacaa aaatctaaca tgccttaatg ataaaagttc tttacaagaa    198900
     ataacattat atagtgcagg taaagacaac aaattatttc caaaaaccca tgtgcatttg    198960
     taactaagca attcgttata gattaacaaa gtgtaagcaa gcaaagtagt tttctcagcc    199020
     agtttctctt atgggcagga agaaatttac aaagaaggca gtaattagtt tattatttat    199080
     ctttaaaagt aatcttgtaa aaagcttaaa agaattacaa agccaaaatt ttatataaaa    199140
     gtcagtcata tctaccttaa atcctcagaa tgcacagcac attactcatt tgcaactttc    199200
     aataaatcac atcaggaagc tgagggcaaa aatgggtaac atcatcacta gccagcctca    199260
     atgagagtca ggtcagtcag tgctgccatt cctcttgttc cctgactata aaaggtccta    199320
     gcttaactac taagagtgtg actttctgaa cttcagattg ttccctaaga ttttctacat    199380
     cggatcccat agtaaaaaca tctcaacata gtttcactaa caattttatt tttccaaatg    199440
     ttttctaagg gtgatggtca ttgtggacag tctacgtctc taagttcttt cctagggtgg    199500
     ggtttgaatc attaatctgc cccagcagca attctgaaag agatcaatca ttattattgt    199560
     gagtgccaga aatattgccc agtgagggac tagaagaccc cttagatttt tcacataatt    199620
     tagatgaaga aggatatgag ggcagcaagc agagcagacc ttcataacag cgtgaagtcc    199680
     tcaggacacc agtcctctgg ccatgtcaca gtgaggctca ttcatgggct gtagtaacta    199740
     gtgggccaca ttccatgagt tctaaagtca tttccaaatg ttgttcctcc tgtatggccc    199800
     tcgacaatta agtccagtga attc                                           199824