ID   AC147239; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 217470 BP.
AC   AC147239;
DT   08-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Created)
DT   11-JUL-2004 (Rel. 80, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-386C10 from chromosome 5, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-217470
RA   Shah N., Kozlowicz A., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-386C10";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-217470
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-217470
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JUN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-217470
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-JUL-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 3b931e20860264adc8d5fbd0ce0ed917.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456119.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029233; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029234; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029238; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029642; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029610; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029558; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029619; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0029342; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0030073; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028749; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028750; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0029311; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0029456; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0029417; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029543; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029443; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029444; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029445; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0030106; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0028473; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028830; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC147239.2:1-217470; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000031143; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113506; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000113507; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000127278; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000130842; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000202122; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0072215; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0072298; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0072214; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0072227; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0071872; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0072692; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0072416; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0072420; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0071822; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0071961; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0071863; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0072012; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0071874; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0071881; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0071886; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0072902; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0071891; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0071018; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0J9YU61.
DR   GOA; D3YV67.
DR   GOA; H9KV08.
DR   InterPro; IPR000014; PAS.
DR   InterPro; IPR001067; Nuc_translocat.
DR   InterPro; IPR001104; 3-oxo-5_a-steroid_4-DH_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR001610; PAC.
DR   InterPro; IPR001727; Gdt1.
DR   InterPro; IPR011598; bHLH_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013767; PAS_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR035965; PAS-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036638; HLH_DNA-bd_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1930252; Srd5a3.
DR   MGI; MGI:894407; Tmem165.
DR   MGI; MGI:99698; Clock.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9WUP4; PORED_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0J9YU61; A0A0J9YU61_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3YV67; D3YV67_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H9KV08; H9KV08_MOUSE.
CC   On Jun 12, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:38198770.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0386C10
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC124468.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..217470
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /map="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-386C10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   28..203
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   1204..1634
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   2116..2473
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   3517..3588
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   3604..3776
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   4506..4603
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4884..5051
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   6131..6570
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6650..6922
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7102..7307
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   7350..7450
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8398..8532
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   8895..9129
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   9183..9307
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9412..9569
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   9570..9734
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   10049..10261
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   10248..10604
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   10858..11028
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   11530..11670
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   12733..12927
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   13368..13479
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13480..13821
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   13822..14209
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14586..14921
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15053..15134
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   15442..15513
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15857..15965
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15966..16347
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17274..17287
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   17288..17362
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17551..17708
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   18311..18577
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   18826..19041
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   19218..19365
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19679..19719
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   19936..20038
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20623..20696
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21885..21992
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   22499..22641
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22675..23487
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    25296..26687
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=77.4, o/e=0.92, #CpGs=197)"
FT   unsure          25901..25989
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   27273..27340
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   28399..28543
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30055..30267
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   30517..30623
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30556..30703
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   30782..30916
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31380..31457
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   31652..31870
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   31904..32093
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32216..32305
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32316..32548
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32606..33005
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   33846..34552
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34585..34703
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   34601..34800
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   35497..35848
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35936..36175
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37171..37993
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38264..38459
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   39448..39747
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   39788..40052
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   40126..40196
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40528..41018
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   41376..41524
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41531..43191
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43401..43541
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   43780..43977
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44035..44233
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   44392..44478
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   45622..45770
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46007..46122
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46376..46454
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   46519..46684
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   46912..47411
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49147..49278
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49297..49342
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   49410..49654
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   49811..50142
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50266..50376
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   50480..50803
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   50806..51580
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   51572..51928
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   51927..51982
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   54227..54550
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   54635..54807
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55570..56155
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57047..57207
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   57208..57276
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   57321..57407
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58223..58396
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   59252..59569
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   59767..60094
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   60120..60304
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   62160..62347
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(62270..62342)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=38.30 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-16.50)"
FT   repeat_region   64257..64401
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66563..66704
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66857..66942
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68062..68389
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   71673..72310
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72877..73034
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   74491..74569
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   76940..76997
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   77360..77585
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   77945..78064
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   78304..78478
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   78493..78612
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   78742..78931
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   79921..80055
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80083..80335
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   80336..80952
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82205..82292
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   82260..82320
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   83274..83407
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   83521..83637
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   85567..85748
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   85970..86085
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   86539..86728
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   87021..87096
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   88899..89292
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   90984..91593
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91621..91734
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91627..91790
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   92025..92174
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92136..92260
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   92285..92385
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92387..92497
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   92534..92693
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92719..92790
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92983..93168
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   93637..93785
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   95164..95288
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   96067..96208
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96742..96831
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   97019..97143
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97202..97257
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   99730..99785
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   99842..100002
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   101102..101293
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   101297..101454
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101495..101661
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   101670..101740
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   102552..102700
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103910..103940
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   104032..104164
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   104704..104844
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   105765..106051
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   unsure          107316..107421
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          107509..107954
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   112819..113063
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   113064..113158
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   126796..126884
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127877..128149
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   128424..128695
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   129043..129189
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129748..129973
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130380..130574
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   131390..131577
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   132352..132413
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   132432..132486
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   133731..134015
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   134069..134120
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   134134..134285
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   134475..134596
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134811..135170
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   135171..135319
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135320..135379
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   135512..135559
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   136452..136606
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   136670..136818
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137016..137168
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   137314..137480
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   138610..138896
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   139504..139753
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   140874..141100
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   142482..142543
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142544..142626
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   144033..144178
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147164..147237
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   148234..148310
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   148505..148575
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   148786..148932
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149049..149160
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149271..149369
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149374..149595
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149693..149806
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   150158..150583
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   150859..150927
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   150939..151024
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   151637..151965
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   151966..152075
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152076..152164
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   152166..152422
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   152560..152619
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   152766..152837
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   152978..153316
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER16"
FT   repeat_region   153755..153842
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   153914..154614
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   154927..155215
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   158912..158978
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER16"
FT   repeat_region   159123..159245
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   159285..159556
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   159590..159796
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   159797..159882
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   160821..161218
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   161222..161421
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   161694..162228
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   162494..162564
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   162711..163080
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   163151..163295
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   163381..163459
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   163468..163794
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   163815..163921
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   164793..164992
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   165741..165864
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   166621..166824
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   167065..167363
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   167352..167501
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   167681..167792
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167816..167932
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   168789..169103
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   169131..169198
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   169622..169717
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   169718..169986
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   170560..171478
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   171581..171725
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   171848..171962
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   172191..172315
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   172877..172947
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   172948..173161
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   173587..173698
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   173756..174189
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   174190..174230
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   174294..174466
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   175237..175426
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   175983..176136
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   176219..176309
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   176497..176643
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   177195..177242
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   177243..177355
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   178056..178202
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   178433..178855
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   179095..179435
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   181134..181205
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   181365..181512
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   182037..182174
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   183015..183090
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   183145..183211
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   183201..183354
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   183381..183444
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   183726..184076
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   185302..185452
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   185522..185702
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            185528..185600
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=36.03 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-11.21)"
FT   repeat_region   186467..186674
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   187193..187342
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   190398..190493
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   191423..191478
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   191503..191626
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   191786..191912
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   192550..192869
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   192981..193085
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER10B"
FT   repeat_region   193117..193402
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   193403..193839
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   193889..194372
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   195741..195851
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   196778..196894
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   197135..197551
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   197600..197809
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   198675..198819
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   198897..199039
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   199534..199602
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   200238..200396
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   200416..200508
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   200696..200756
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   200757..200954
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   200955..201027
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   201025..201147
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   201487..201667
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   202097..202272
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   202656..202732
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   202913..203143
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   203325..203462
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   203479..203533
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   203534..203884
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER16"
FT   repeat_region   203869..204054
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER16"
FT   repeat_region   204102..204198
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   205051..205262
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   205900..206232
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   206236..206302
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   206758..207225
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   207226..207879
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   208529..208600
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   208619..208679
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   208865..208955
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   208907..208979
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   210478..210524
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   210675..210837
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   211098..211263
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   212331..212523
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   212554..212656
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   213214..213406
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   213432..213486
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   213686..213868
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   215180..215234
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   215351..215476
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   215482..215709
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   217298..217390
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   217407..217467
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
SQ   Sequence 217470 BP; 63146 A; 44407 C; 46335 G; 63582 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttta tctttgaaat tagcttattt atttgtatgg gcattttgtt tgcacgaatg        60
     tctgtatacc acatggtacc cacggagttc tgaagaggac gttggatccc ctggaactga       120
     agttttacag atggttgtaa atcagcactt cggtgctggg aattgaactc cggttctcct       180
     ttaagagcag tgagtgcttg taaaggcggc ccctcgagcg ctttataata aagttttaat       240
     ttagaaaaat aagaatctcc tccctccctt cctgtccctg cccccttcct ccgtttctcc       300
     caggaaaatc ctcacttcct gacagaagaa atagctttcc tcttccctgc tccctagtga       360
     agggaatcgg gtttttcttg gtttgtatat gaactttggg tggttgggta ggtcatacaa       420
     tttattaagc tattgaaagc gcaattcaca tgtctttggg tcctttcacg ttgggctggg       480
     tgttagcagg cacatttgta cagctagccc ggccctgcag tctgtcttgc attgcatctg       540
     cctttcagga attctgctga agtggagcca gcaggaagca acagatcact gacctaataa       600
     ttaatagtat gattactatt aataatagta atactattac tattgctcct tgatttattc       660
     agcaggcatt tctgaggctt taaacatggg cctgttctcc aagagtgtat ttgagaggac       720
     aataaagata acacacagcc aggcagaaat actgtcacca tttgtgaaaa tagactgtgg       780
     gttctatctc tactaggtaa cattttataa ataattctaa aagccaaggt tagcaccccc       840
     tcgaatactg ttacattaag tcacattgga atgaagtcta gatcagttca atacgagcag       900
     ttgagtaggt tgaacacatc tgtaagaata tactctgatg actcccaaga agagtcaaga       960
     aaaacccacc ttcggatgca gttcagtgca taagggcggc tcttttacgt caacaacagt      1020
     cttggacaca acagccaaga ctgggttggt tggagtgaag tggtagaatt ggctatgact      1080
     cttatttctt ttcagtcatc tcattcagga gttctaaagg aaagaaagta ccaggtgatc      1140
     gtgaaatgca gaaagtgttc ttaaaaggtg attgttggac actgtggtgt ggctcagtgg      1200
     tcttgcgcgc gctcgactgg ccaggaagaa cgacgctgca acaggatcct tctgcacacg      1260
     tttattggga gagcttgatt gtagaggcga aaagacttcg agcccagaac tgatgctgct      1320
     tttataggcc taggaggggc gtgtctcaca cccggattgg ttatgcacta agcctcattt      1380
     gcatgttcct cacctgattg gctactctct ctcagtacct tacagaacct cattatcata      1440
     cctcatttgc atgtctcaca tctgattggt tatactctca gtaccttaca gaacctcatt      1500
     atcatgcctg ggccaggcag tgtctttgca aaaaacttta ctgcatatgt acacattggt      1560
     tgtttgtcca atcttatgcg tggtggccag cagtagtcag tgccactcag caacggcaca      1620
     tgtggcttcc cacacagtgg gtgaaggtgc ctgctacctg gccccagtga tgcaagtctt      1680
     tggacctgag atggatccct gaggaccatg taagataatg ccccatgtat ctcacagcac      1740
     atgtgaccca cccttaattt acacacacac acactgagag agagagagag agagagagag      1800
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aaagtctaaa tatcaagaaa aaagatacta      1860
     gaattgttgt taacagttac ttaggtcaat atatcctact gaataaaaat gtctagagtg      1920
     ggaactgtag cagaagcttc tagaaggtca tctaagagaa tgaaagggag cccctacaag      1980
     tgtcagatgt gacccaatag gaagaaaaat ttacatcaga atcaagggga aaatggaaaa      2040
     gcatggaacc ttaaggtgcc taggacctca gaacaggcag gtctgatccg acggtagacg      2100
     acgagatgct aagagcccaa acctcttcag cataagaatt attttgagct ggtactgcaa      2160
     gagaagctct gaaaaccaag aaatcattct tttgagagag aaattgacat ccataaagaa      2220
     atctccactt gtggtacatt agccgttgtg tgtgtgtagc agaaagctga ttctaattca      2280
     ccgagggatg atgcctactg aggtacccac ctgggcatga acaaactcct cctccctgtt      2340
     ggctaacctc gccctagaaa tcaactcctt ggaacatctc tttgtttcag cggaagacag      2400
     tgagtaaacc tgagcttgag cccgcctttt gagatttgct cattgtgata ttcatcttaa      2460
     caaatttctg ttttactgca ttatattcca gaatttgtgt cgctccctac ccccacccac      2520
     ctcccccgcc accctccatc cctgttttgc aatcttcaaa gccagtttta ccaccaaaga      2580
     tttacacatg tgcagtttgg tcttgggtac aatgtgcaga gtaagtgaga actggagcct      2640
     atgatgtacc caaggatagg agacaagcag gaggttggag tgggacctct gtgtggggaa      2700
     tccaaagcag gttgtcctta caattagtgg tcaggaacca aacctgcccc tcaggtagtg      2760
     ttagcccatg gcagctttcc catggactta taataacatt ttatgttcag tctttacaaa      2820
     ttcccaccaa tcagttttca aagacagcat gcagaaagac caggggcggc acagtcatga      2880
     gccatgagga caatgactta cagagatttc caggattagg gtggatggaa gccagctatg      2940
     aaacaatagt gctcattgta atccaaaaac atctacagga aggagttgaa gaaagaccat      3000
     aaaatttcta taaaaatgtt tctacacggt aacaataaag aaaaaaaaaa ccacaactct      3060
     cctatttatc ttaacaccag aaagaacaga atacagagga acaaactaac aaggctgaag      3120
     acttacatga acaaacgtat aaaacggtgc ttaaacaaag aaggcagaaa aagtgaaaat      3180
     acgcccatac cgggcatggg gaaactcctt ttgcctagct ggaaagcttg gatttgaaaa      3240
     caaatgcttg ctgccttcac taagaaaaaa agatacaaaa gcaactaaag gggagcaatg      3300
     agtttggtaa taacttggaa tggaactgaa gtgatatata tccctctgtc tctgcccagc      3360
     ccacagcaat gggaaagatg atatgaaagc aaagagattc atatctgaat ggcgatttga      3420
     tcgtgtgtct gagccactat ggtggttctt gtgggagatg gaaagctgga aaagatggtg      3480
     gggtggggga cagcaggcag cttgtgcttt attacgctgt agctgaaata aacccttctc      3540
     ttcctgaatt ccttgtggtc gtcatgctta tcacagcaat agaagcccga gtagcacagc      3600
     aaacatgtat gtgtctacac catgtgcatg ccagtgcccc tggaactcag aaggggacag      3660
     tggaccccca caacaggagt tcgggatgat tgtgagccca cattttggtg ctggaaacct      3720
     aatccaggtt ctcaacatga gtggcaaatg ctcttatata cgaagccatc tccctaaggc      3780
     cattgtctga aattttaagt tgctacttaa taagaaataa tttctaacat gtcagaaaaa      3840
     tgtgttgctt ttgacaatga aataaaacag atttgcaata aaagaccaaa acttgtaaaa      3900
     ggccaagtag aacttgtgaa aattaaaaat aatccatgga taaggttttt tttaaaaaat      3960
     attagtaaaa taggaatagg aaaattttag aaagaagttg aggaatattt ggatctgaga      4020
     atttttctag agttattaaa agatactatt ccatagcttc aaaattccca gtgagcccat      4080
     gcgagacaag tgaaatgaag aacttgatgc ttcatgggga aaccatagat aaaaatctta      4140
     cagtctttag catttggatt ggctaactgt gcaacagaga acatgcagtt gctggtagga      4200
     tttagttata tttaaattat ttttttagtt tatccacagt catgccttct ttgttttgtt      4260
     tttgtttctt tctcattttc actttttgtt gttgtagttt agctttgttt tttgggactt      4320
     tgtttttgtt tctttctcat tttcactttt tgttgttgca gtttagcttt gtttttttag      4380
     gactgggtct tgttgtgtat gttggcatgg gtcttactag ccaaggctga acttgaacac      4440
     ctatcctgag tggatcacag tctttcattg ctgcacccaa ccacaccctc ttttattccc      4500
     ctcccttgaa atagggcctc acctggatgg cctgaaactc actatgaaga ctccgctgac      4560
     tgtggagacc aggctggcct ggaactcaca gagacctgcc tgcattccag gacacatttt      4620
     ctcaatatgt aattctctct gtaggacatt tcacaatatg gtagcttgct atgagggttc      4680
     ttgaatctgt gtgcctcaaa aaagaaacaa gttcacctga cagtctggca cataaaaaag      4740
     aaacaacata ctttggacat cgtgtgaact gggtttgtcc actgtaatca tcaatgtgtt      4800
     ttttgtgact taaaagctta ctttctcaat actttatata gatggtctaa attgattttt      4860
     aaaatgtatt attactatat gtatgtgcat ggtgtgggtg agacatgtat gatagtgtga      4920
     gtgtgtatga tagtgtgagt ggatagcagt cctctctctc tacctttatg tgggatctgg      4980
     atcctgcctc aggtccccaa gcttgtgtga caagttagtg cctttaccaa atgagccatc      5040
     tggccatcct ctaagataat ctttttataa acttctctgt gatgctgagg acagatgtgt      5100
     cctgtgaatc aaagcatgtg gccccattct tggtgggaga agtaggcttg ttcctgaaac      5160
     ctcggctcca ggaacagctt tgtatgtgca cgttccgccg cctgtcagtc agttttatca      5220
     gcccatttta caatacatga ctatgctaaa agactctctc tctctctttt tgggggatgg      5280
     gggtaggatc caaacgaaga tacagaatgg aatgaaattt taaggaattt tggcattctt      5340
     cctccaaaag aagaaccaaa agatgaaatt gaagagatgg tgttgcgctt acagcaggag      5400
     gccatgggta tgtgcgcatc tggtgggctg caggaagggg atagcgcact gaagggaata      5460
     aagtacactt catgaaatat gggggagcga actggctatt atttcataca aacactgccc      5520
     atccactcag aatgaggaga ttgccaggaa aatggccgat gtgtatgttg aaaggcacat      5580
     gccaattact aaaatgcaga gatatgctag gaagccagtg acacagagac actctaggaa      5640
     ctccgtgaca tgtatctact atgtccctct actttgggat caccctttct ttgtcctttc      5700
     tgtatgctat cttattcacc aatcattcca tgtactcggg ggaacctaca tttatgggat      5760
     ggaattgatc ttccccttcg actcttgaaa gtgtcctgcc agttttgagg gaatcaaaac      5820
     tgctagcatt acagtttgtg taacgtgtaa ccatgtttta gctggtcact acaggtttgc      5880
     taacggtgct gttgatctcc attatctata ctgtgggggt ttgttttgtt taatttccta      5940
     gaagttgatt gtaaagcaaa aataatgttt ggacaacttg attacctaag atttctgttt      6000
     tagttaaacc atatgagaag atgacactgg cacaactgaa agaagcagaa gatgaatttg      6060
     atgaagaaga cataaaagct attgaaatat ataggtacag cactgcggta ctggggcggg      6120
     ggggggggtc tttatgtgag aacatggctg acaggcttac gaagaatctc ctttatgcca      6180
     tcacttgctt ttctcttgct gcttccacga ttctgccgtt tgacagattg cctcagctgt      6240
     gttagcacgt gggtatcttt gggttcatcc tacttgaagt gtagctgacg tgctggactt      6300
     ggaacttgca tctttagtca catttgggaa gccgtcagcc agcagttctg aaaacatgag      6360
     actctgtgtg tctgctgctt tggagactct cacaatataa tgttgacctg ctggacatcg      6420
     gcgctctggc cctttgggct gtgctcactc ttcattctcc ttttaaatca gtgcctctgg      6480
     attaataata gcagtagtcc aaccttttgg ctgattcttt cttttggttg cttaaatttg      6540
     tgaagccctc cagtgggttt ctcaatttag caaattctct ttaatttccc tggagggtta      6600
     ctacctacag cacttgtaat atgaaatgtg taggattttt ttttttcttc tcaggggctc      6660
     agatatttga acatctggtc tttatttggt gataatattg aggaggggtt ggggaaggaa      6720
     acagccttgc tggggaacta catcactgtt ggtgggcttt gagaattcct agtcctgccc      6780
     tgcaaagtag agagaggtga gggtgtgagc tctcagcttc ctgctctggc tgtgtggtgc      6840
     tgtacctctt cactaggatg cactctcaac cctgtggaac cacaggccca aataagtcca      6900
     tctgcttatc agctgcctgg gtggttacaa tagctaccaa acacattaac tttgaaagta      6960
     ttgtaagaga aaaaatcaag tcagaaaaaa aaaaaaggct gtataagtag aaaggaaatt      7020
     attagatacc agctcttgat acaaatagga gggaacagta aatggaagca ggacttattt      7080
     ctgtcaatca aaaagttaac tgggactgga gaggtggctc agtggttgag aacgctggct      7140
     tatcttccag aggacctggc ttcctagcat gaacaaggag gctcacaagc atctccagtt      7200
     tcaggggctc tgaccccttc ttctgtcttc catagaagta caagtggtac acagatatac      7260
     atgtaggcag aacacccata cacataaata aaataaaaat aaattttaaa gatgttttga      7320
     gttatatcgt ggtggtggtc tctcaactgt tttgtttttt gagacagggg ttttctgtgt      7380
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcagaggtcc acctgccttc tcctttcaag tgctgagatt      7440
     aaaggtgtgc tgggcggttc cttcactttt tgatccatct cctgcagctc tcttgagcag      7500
     ctttttccca ggcagtgact gtggcctgga caatttgcat tagggctaca tcaccttaga      7560
     atcctgtgaa ccagggatct gtgtggaccc cgcccagggc acctgtggtc tgagtaccag      7620
     agatggatac cttgtgttct tcactcttct ctcattggtt acaatttagt ctcacaagca      7680
     ggcttgcaag tgtagtcttc ctgcaagctg caaaagagga atctataatg atactcagac      7740
     tctatcaaag cctgcgataa gataaagaag tgacaaatat ctttttcaag aaattaggga      7800
     caaaaatgcc actgggtagg tagccagcta tgaaaaagca agtgaattaa accccgaggt      7860
     tcccatagct aaaaggaaga agaaaagtca aaatgtgcac atatcagcaa taatgctgtt      7920
     tgtgtttgtg gcaaatacac taaactgtct tctttgacat gccttcctct ttctctttct      7980
     cttgatgcat gttacagtgg tggaggagct aaaagctaaa gctaaagcat ttctcagagt      8040
     ttagtgcagc accaaggata ataaatgtgt tttagttctg ctaacacaca cactcacaca      8100
     ctcacacaca ctcacaggat atttgagctc agagctatat taaatgaaga aaaatacata      8160
     agtacataaa taaataagcc tagagcatcc atttaagtgg atctagaatt tctgtcataa      8220
     ttctggagcc attgctctgg cttccttttc tcatcttcct atcgttgcta gggagcctgg      8280
     ttcctggtgc cagcagttgt cattgtgctt cagagtctca gagtaatgtg atacttgggc      8340
     caacaattgg aatctagatt ccccagtttc tggattgcag caaagaaagc cttggcagac      8400
     cagttctgca gtgttgttct gggagtcatt cctggttggc cagcctaagg cctacttctg      8460
     agcaagtttg caaagtgctt aatttcccag gttaagtacc tttctgctta aaatagccag      8520
     agagctttct gtctatgtag tgaatcacaa ttgacttgat tgttaagtac aaaatgcagg      8580
     ccactgaaca ctgcctcttt ctgatggcag gactaacgcc catgcgttaa cctttctagt      8640
     gaaaaagcta gggaaaatga gggggaggga gaagttgata gttgtaccaa taagaaggaa      8700
     cctagtagca gacctagctc agccttatta ttctctttgg gtttcattgt gtttggcttc      8760
     attgttacgc aaagtgactt ttcctacggc ttgggtctaa catgcaaaat gaggccagtg      8820
     tgttctgaag ctcgcccgcc ccgaggaggt tttgtttgct ttaatacagt atgagcagga      8880
     ggtgattacc accatagtta ccggtctcaa gaacaagggc cacaccgtgg cacatgggcc      8940
     acaaaggtca ggatcaaaag cagcaaggga aaaatacccg acacagcctc tgttgtggtt      9000
     cctgtgggaa tggacatgtg aggcagtagt aagcaggctt atgattggcc agttgaatca      9060
     tttaggtggg ctctgggtga ggtctgttag tcatctggta ctgggttcta ggatgactag      9120
     ggcagggagc cttataagaa agaaataaaa cagcacgcac agaaagaaca cggagattga      9180
     caccaggcat ggtggtacat gcccacagtt gcaaacacct gagaggctaa ggcgagagga      9240
     ttagtgccaa ggagtttgag accaatctca gtgacatagc cagaccttgc cacaaaaaaa      9300
     aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaaa gaaaaaagaa agaaagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga      9360
     gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaaaaagcaa ctgagggtgt      9420
     gctttcagag ctggctggct tgcatttgaa gaaggtgttg tctggcaagt gtttgttctt      9480
     tttcttggaa ccagctcctt cgggaacaag tattcccaga gggattagca aagttctaga      9540
     ttccagaaca tcaataatgc agaaaatgag ggtcagtgaa atggttcagt gggcagaggt      9600
     gtttgttgcc aatccctagg gcctgggtct gttccctgga acccatctgc tggaaggaga      9660
     ggaccaactc ctgcaagata ttgtctgatt tccatacatg tgcaatagca tgcacaggta      9720
     tgcacatgca cacatgtgtg catgcatgca cacacatata cacatgataa aatgtaacca      9780
     cttttaaaag aatacagaaa ataagaagat ggagtcatat acagagaaac aagaggaagt      9840
     accctcgcaa acttaagtat agaaacttat aagtgtattg taaacgactt gaggttattt      9900
     aataaatccg agcatggctt agtcatcgaa ctatgtaaat tttgagagtt actaacaagg      9960
     gtttagcatt ctatgtggat gaataaataa taaaagtgaa tcagttctcc atgtgccaca     10020
     cgcattgccg agaagttacc gtattgcatt tcttattgct gtgataatat acctgacaaa     10080
     ggcaacctaa ggggggaaaa agttgatttt agttttgagg gcacagtctg tcatggtagg     10140
     gacatcatgg cagcaggaac ttgagggagt ggaagctcag ctcgctccct ccttgctagg     10200
     cagcctagac cccaacccat gaaacagtat ctcctacatt caggactcat cttcactcac     10260
     caaggcccac cccagcatgg gttcagctca cagagctggg aacccaagca tactgcacag     10320
     cctgcaggca gctcagcagg gatgagagcc tcctctcctg tgttcatcag tcaatctaaa     10380
     cctcttccag gtagctcagc ttggttctgc ttcttccagg cagctggtct ggtctgagag     10440
     tcttctttga ggtgttgctt gtctgagtct tccttgcagt gtttattgct tactctagca     10500
     aggaggagcc tagtgactct ggtcaatttc aggaacttcc tgaagctatc tgagcttttc     10560
     cacctttctg cttaaggagt ctccctgcag ggtgaaatga ttcaatctcc aggaaactgt     10620
     tacacaacac ttagtcttaa gtaaaaataa attcaaagtc agtaataaag ttcttacaat     10680
     tgctatacat aacatacagt agtgccattt ctcataccaa aagaggttat atggtgttct     10740
     atgttcctta ggggttagtc agtcattcac agtgttgata tgtatgggca tcacatttgt     10800
     tactctaaat tattattggg tattgattga ccacaaaaaa catacacttt gaggaaaggg     10860
     gagatggttc agttgttaca aatgcttgct gatgttgcag agaacctggg ttcagttccc     10920
     cagaagcccc atcagaagac tcagaactgc caataactct aatacaaggg aattagaggc     10980
     cttttggcct ccttaggtat atgcaagcac ctggaacaca aactcacaga ccgatagaca     11040
     cacacacgga gagagaggac ggaagagaga gaataaatat acaaaaataa aagaatataa     11100
     tgcttctgta atatttttgt tttacttaga gaaaagcggt tacaggaatg gaaagcactt     11160
     aagaagaaac aaaaatttgg ggaattgaga gaaatttctg gaaatcagta tgtgaatgaa     11220
     gtcacaaatg cagaaaaaga cctgtgggtt gtaattcatc tctatagatc aaggtaatta     11280
     tccaatactt cagaatgctg gtgctgtgat cttttagaga cactcctagc tttagggtct     11340
     gtgatgagga atatttaaga aaaagaaaca tatattcaca cgagtacatt atagaatttt     11400
     tatctttagg gattaaatta agtatgctaa aatattttca tttctaatct gtggaatgtc     11460
     acatttctaa gaaaaattat ctcggcttgg taattaagat ctcctgtatc tgtcctcttc     11520
     tctgtttatc tgagctcaaa ctcagccaag gatagtcttg aactcctgac tctccttctg     11580
     cctcccagag tccgagacta gtgtgtagca acgcatgtgt ttaatgatgt actggggatc     11640
     aacccctgga cttcatgcat gtttggcaag tctttggaga agggaaactg ggaacccaga     11700
     agagacacgc aaactaaagc ccaggggtgt agaggaaaat gaaggtgtat gtttgggggt     11760
     gggaggacag ggtcagctcc gacctcatct gctcaagcac accatgatag tctagggaag     11820
     ggttggaggg tgggtggaac gggagttctg tgatggatga agcaggcagc actggaaggt     11880
     tgggatcctg ctttcaatca gttttaaatt ttagatgaga cactgggatc caggatgggg     11940
     aagactgtgg gtgaaatatg ttagcgtcag gagagtcaaa gaagtgtgag atgagaaaca     12000
     ttagactaac cagtgacaag tgtagggtcc tttcatttca gcccaggact gccccagact     12060
     ccctatgcac gtcttttcat tatcatttgt gttcctatga tctttcatct aggaactggc     12120
     tcaaattaat gctaaatgga atatagtcta cctaaattag gtaccagact cccatggtac     12180
     tagcttcatt cccaggcaat agtggaattt ccagtaaaaa ccagaggact ctaatacagt     12240
     ccgtctttgt taaaggtcac agcacaagac acaaatatgc ttttatataa gaagcaaaga     12300
     tctatattgt gcaaaagaga ggttttattt atttttctag cttaagagga gtggtctgtg     12360
     tttgaagtgt actgtgtatt ctctctttag tgtcccaatg tgcttggtgg ttaaccaaca     12420
     tctgagtgtc ctagcaagaa agtttccaga aaccaaattt gttaaagcca tcgtgaatag     12480
     ctgcattgaa cactaccatg acaactgttt accaacaatt tttgtttata aaaatggtca     12540
     gatagaaggc aaattcattg gaattataga atgtggaggg ataaatctca agctagaagg     12600
     taatggtgtt catttttaaa tacttacaaa actaacaaat gaaaacttct ctagatgaac     12660
     aagtgtgaaa gtttatttct ttgaagtgaa gtttttcccc ttaattttct tctactttta     12720
     agatgttaac aattatttta gtgtgtatga tagtctgcct acggtatgtt tgtgtccctg     12780
     tgtcaatgtt catgcccagg gtccacagaa gccagaaaca ggtgccgcag tccctggaac     12840
     tggagttcca gcttcccgtg atctgccatg tgagtgctgg gaccgggtct ctgcagccat     12900
     ttctccagtc cctattctat tctccagagt gatgtcctcc tgtcatgctt attatatcat     12960
     agcacatttc acttaaaatt cttaatggtg tgtgtctaga ataactttaa agtataaatg     13020
     atccagtgta gagtccagtc catctctgca tctctttctc agttctgtgt aatgtctgct     13080
     ctagccaggc tgggcttagt cgctacagac cccagacagc cctttgtgct cacactgtct     13140
     ccaatagtct ttcctttttc ctacattcct catctttatc tccagatggt agctagtttt     13200
     gttgattccc tatgagtctt cagctctgga acaggtgcag aaaaacagtt ttctttcaat     13260
     tactttctct cctatagcat acagcactgg agtttatttt tttaacctat tttcttcctc     13320
     ctaaagtcat ccctttgtct tttccattcg tggatactga tgttgaaaca ttcacattgt     13380
     gtgctgctta actttcatcc atcgccacag ttcttatcat cttgtgtaat aaaactctgg     13440
     acccattaaa caggaacctt tcattttacc ttccctccct gtcttagtta gggttttact     13500
     gctgtgaaca gacaccgtga ccaaggcaac ttttataagg acaacattta attggggctg     13560
     gcttaccagt tcagaggttc agtccattat catcaaggtg ggagcatggt agcttccaag     13620
     caggcatggg gcaggaagag ctgagagttc tacatcttca tctgaaggcc actagaagac     13680
     tgacttccag ttagctagga tgagggtctt aaagcccaca cccacagtga cacatgtact     13740
     ccaacagggc cacacctact ccaacagggc catacctcca aatagtgcca ctctttagcc     13800
     aaacatattc aaaccaccac actccaaccc ctggaagcca atctactttt tgtctttatg     13860
     aagctgatga tttgaaacac gttatataag tagggcaagg ctgggttttc ctcttttgtg     13920
     cctgcttata agcatcgctc aacacactgt tgtcaaggct catcccttac cttttttagg     13980
     tctgaacaac gacccaatgt ctgcataggc cacattgcag acatacatcc ttcatcgatg     14040
     gatacttaca ttgcttttac agtttgattg ttataaatca tgctgctaaa acatgggtgt     14100
     aaagattata tgttcagtaa ttttggaaaa aacccaaaat tatattgcta ggtcatatgg     14160
     ttattctatt tatattttga gggattgaat cattttatta ttctttagcc ataatatata     14220
     agtgactata catgtgtgta tttagcactc atactcatac acacacacac aaacacacac     14280
     acatagaaat gtagggattg gttatattat aaatttgaaa ctattcagta aatggcagtc     14340
     tatcatcctg aaacactttt taaagctcaa ttatagtttt ctaaatttct tcctttcata     14400
     ccttaataag tttaaacttt atccttctct cgttaaatac aacttgtgtt tttgtcactc     14460
     cctttctaag aggatgtgag ccgattgttg tttttgaatg acaattcttc tatcctcatg     14520
     cctattagtg aaaaaccttg tttttgaatt tttcactttt taactgtacg aggaaggtag     14580
     gtgtctgtgg tgatgttaac tgtctacttg acaaaagtta gtatcaactg agagatggac     14640
     tttggctatg tctctgaggg gattgctttc gttatgttga gagggagaga tggagggtgg     14700
     gagggaggat ctgtctattg tgggtgagac cattcccaag gcagagagtg ctggagtatg     14760
     taagagtgga gaagccagct gagcacgtat gcacacattc actgctcttc cctaactgca     14820
     gacatattgg actataacct gaaactgtga gctaaataga ctctttctcc cataagtttc     14880
     ttttagcaga atattttatc acaactggaa aagagacaaa ggttctacca atgatagtat     14940
     tgatttctct tcttattggc tttttatgag agttctcatt aacccacgta tctatcaggt     15000
     cttaacattg ttatgctggt gcgatttttg tcaagctggt gaatatacag tgttatcttt     15060
     ttgttcctgg caatattaag gattgaactt agggccttgt gcttactaga catgtgatct     15120
     acccttgagt tataatgtca gtgctacaaa tgatcctgtc ccatttaaat ttggaatagc     15180
     agtaggatca agcattcttt cgtaggtatt ggtcatttgt tctcttgttt atgctttgtc     15240
     tttctcaggt gagctacaga agtgtgtggg gttctgccca ctgcttccac agcatcactt     15300
     gcgggctctc ggaagcttac cgcttcagac tgctcttctc tatgtatatg tatttctcag     15360
     gggtgtatat gatggagccc gagatctttt ccactgtgtt atacttccag gccaacattg     15420
     cttttctccc ccttgataca aagtctggct tcagactctt aggctcaaac agtctttcct     15480
     ttgtctctca aacagctaag gctctaggta tgcatacctg ggtctaggta tacattttaa     15540
     ttgttaggaa aaagttatat taggatagtg aaatttattg gtctttttat attatactta     15600
     ccatgcttcc ctttaaaacc attatacttc cctataaaaa ccctatattt tcttttaata     15660
     actttatttt tagcttaggt cttaaataac attgtaatga aatattaaaa agaagggatc     15720
     tgattttatt ctgttgccct aatgccattt actgaaattt catttccctc tgtttttaca     15780
     tctattttta aactgtaaaa tatgcataat atgaactctc aatgccttaa tcatcttttc     15840
     caacatattc tatacatttc tttttgagaa gggaatctgg cccacattgg ccttgaactt     15900
     gtgatctcct tggctttagc atccctagta gtagacgtac agacagatgt gctgccctgc     15960
     cttgcaacct ctttccttct tgaggctaaa taatacattt tagttataca tccctctata     16020
     ggcagaccat caggttcctt ctgtctttgg tctactatta atgctgctac catgaaagga     16080
     gctgacccct gctgcagttc cttgtctcca ctctctgctg atacccagag ctgcaattta     16140
     cagattacac aggaattcta ctttaagtct gttgttgttt tagagattgc cacacagttt     16200
     cccccagcag cggaaccaca ggatactcat acaggcacag gctatgaaag gctctcaagc     16260
     ccgcaagccc cctgggctcc tatccactct ggttagtttt tggttttcga aaatagccat     16320
     cctggggcat ggaatgaggt gttttctgtt tctgctgtaa tttttaagtg cctcaattta     16380
     tttctgagat ctcttctctg ttctactagg atttttgttt tgttttgttt ttgtctatcc     16440
     ttgcattaat agaacactgt acttattgct tcataataat gtaactattt ctaataaagt     16500
     agaatttcat ataccttatt atcaagttct atcaaaaatc atatagttat tagaatattt     16560
     atagactagc tgttaaagtg ttaaagtgaa aatcatatat ttagtagaat atttatagat     16620
     tagctgttcc tattttggaa ttttgcttta aatttatttc agtttccttt acaaacattc     16680
     tgcttataca gaatttagtt aataaacata agagaatgat agatttccat ggataggcat     16740
     ttagagacat caaattgact atttttgtta ttgatagact tattttgata atttatattt     16800
     tcctcaaatt cttccattaa cagccttact cattttcaga tgtgttggtg tatgtcgcat     16860
     cccaataggc ccattttttt aaaatactga attttaatct ttatgaatta cttagttatt     16920
     cgcacctgta ctggatcttg gttttgtgag gattttactt tgtgtttgcc tatttgatgc     16980
     ccaggggatg atggtatctt gtcagcttgg ttgtgacaca tgtgacttct ttgttacttg     17040
     atttcttcct tatcttgtaa gcaagcagct acttgttatt cagaagatcc aatctgattt     17100
     cctgctcctc tctattgctt ttgccttcct ggtttttttt gttttttttt tttttgttgt     17160
     tgttgttgtt ttgtttttac caaattctac tattttatct cttctttatg cttctcctca     17220
     agtttacacc attttcttcc tcccttcctt ttctctctct cctcttcttt ttttatgtgg     17280
     gggggggggg ctggaacttg tggcaatcct cctgtttcag cttcttagat gataggatta     17340
     cagcatgacc taccacatta ggattattag tttcttggtg tacacctttg accttcttat     17400
     tttcagtcat tttaagataa atatttctac ccatttcccg ttaaggacaa ccttgcctgt     17460
     gtaattctga tagtataaca gtttgtcatt cattttaaat gcattttcaa ttccacatta     17520
     ttattattat attattattt acatttctca tgtgtgcctg tgtgtgtgcg cgcgtgtcca     17580
     taggataact ttcagaagtt cattttcttc cttcaccatg tggatcttag ggctgtctca     17640
     ggttgtctgt cagacttggt ggcaccttgg tggcaagcaa ctttacctga tgagccatct     17700
     caccagcctt aatttccatg ctaattttaa caaagtcaac ttctgtttca atttttccaa     17760
     gattttcatc cagtttaatg ataggttttt atctattgta gaacttgaat ggaaactatc     17820
     agaagttgga gcgatacaga gtgacttgga agaaaacccc aaaaagggca ttgcagatat     17880
     gatggtgtct tcaattagaa acatctccat ttatgacagc gatagctctg gcagtgacac     17940
     tgaggctaag tagaacttgt taataaatag ctttatagtg tatccatcga atgccttatt     18000
     tcctgctgac tttagctaca aatgaattga cctcattttc attcttatgt aagaagtata     18060
     acctacatgt caattgaaaa aatttcaggt atttaagaat attgtctctt gcaaatatga     18120
     atatttactc cttaatattt tgtgacttat tttttctgac tcctgttgga caaaacccaa     18180
     caaatacttt aagtcctctg tgttgcctaa tcacttccaa aaagacacat ggaaggaaat     18240
     aaatatggct tcataaataa aattaagaca ttttgtatgt gtgcaccatg tgtgtatagg     18300
     tgtgcatgcc tgtgaatgtg catgtgatgg tcagagatca gttttgggtg tcttctttaa     18360
     ctgcactcta ccttaatttc tgagagagag cccctcacag agaagctgga ctgcctgagt     18420
     gaggagtgct cccctgttcc attattcaat gcttgccttc tacttccctg tgctggcatc     18480
     tcaggcacac aaccacacct ggccttgaca caggtgtcga gcatctgggc tgaggtctca     18540
     tgtgtgcagt ttaccagggg agtcatcgct acagacctta agttgatata tatctgtttt     18600
     ctagaaaaat catatcaaag aaatagctac ctagttatat catttaattc ctgaattctt     18660
     gttgaggata caaacaactg tgggaggaaa ggaagagcca tattgtagtg aagtcgggct     18720
     gcagctctgg gctctgtaat ccagcttgac atgagcacta gctttccttc caagtgaaac     18780
     caagtgtcaa acatctccat caatatagtc ctgtcctgtt attttaaatt ttatttattg     18840
     tatgtgtatg ggtattttgt ctgcttgtta ctctgcacat cagctgtgcc tggcactcaa     18900
     ggagcccaga ggagtgtatc aaatcccctg cgactggact tacagacagg tgtgagctgc     18960
     caggatgctg ctgagaattg aatccaggtc ctctggaaga gcagttggtg atcttaaatt     19020
     ttgagccatt ccttcattct ccctcccacc ctccctccaa cagctgtcca cttatttttt     19080
     aatgttaaaa tgaacaggat agctaaaata aaaggtaaac ttttcctttt ttactgatcc     19140
     accaaaagat aatagtaagg gtttatccac agacatagtt ctgaagactt aacatttgta     19200
     ataaccgtat acctgttgtc aggcagtggt ggcgcacgcc tttagtccca gcacttggga     19260
     ggcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagttcaaa gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg     19320
     atagccaggg ctacacagag aagccctgtc tcaaaaaaca aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa     19380
     aaaccaacca aacaaacaaa aggatggttg tgtgtgattc tagcctgtca tttcattaga     19440
     atatagatat ttgtcaagtc tgtgagaaaa ctgacatgta atattcttca ctatatgagt     19500
     ggtttgatag ggcagaaaca acagtttcta attgctaata cttaataatt gtgccttata     19560
     aaagtggaca ctttctattt cattctagta ttttttaaca atccttgaca agtgcatgtt     19620
     attgaaatct ctttctctac ttacagtatg gtattaaagt ttgctcctag ggttcctggc     19680
     atttccagaa aacttgttag aaatgcataa tgtctgaccg taggcagact agtggggttg     19740
     acttttcact ctaatgaatg cttaggtgga tggtgtgtgc attagaactc aggagcactg     19800
     tgcggcaaat cccttaaagc ttgaaggtgt ttaacctcac cccacacggg ttagttagtc     19860
     tacccaagtg gaaatgccag cttcagatcc aagtcagaac tgaattcaaa gaactctgaa     19920
     gaaggaagat gctgctttaa gacaggctct agctatgtag ccaaggctag cctcaaatgg     19980
     ggttgtttta gcctgttctt ccctttctgg ctctatctcc acagtggtag acctgggagt     20040
     gggaccgtgg agacgaggaa cacatggaga gtgcctgaca ttcatactgc gtccaagaac     20100
     ttgtttttaa tgaggcatgc tgagctctcc tagaaactgg gtcagcctcc catggcatag     20160
     tccgttgctc aacatggaca cagattaggt ttagccctgt ctctgctgat ctcttagtcc     20220
     acctaccccc caacccccac ccccaagaag tatacctagc cttcttgctg cttgaatttc     20280
     ctttctctgt gtcaaatgat tcaagctcag acagtacttt cagtcagtca aatcataaga     20340
     aatagtacat cctgaccatg tcaaatgatg ggaaagaaag cgtgctctga tttagttcag     20400
     cgcacccctg gccagcagtg tctttcctcc tgtttggtaa gtactgagtg atgctgataa     20460
     atcttcccat ggataacgtt attgtctccc tttagactct aaagtttaga gacaccttcc     20520
     atttctctag ttgatgctga agacatagtc acatcacatg aaatgaaatg gggtaaaggg     20580
     gacagaaaag gacagtactg tctaagaacc caagaagaca tggcatcaga gatacagagg     20640
     taggagaaca caagttggag gccagcctag gctacatatt gagacttgtc tcagaatgag     20700
     ccaataagtg gagatgtagt tcagggatag aatgctttga tccttagtga gcacactctt     20760
     gagcacacgt gtgtgacatg ccctcgtgtg cacacacaca cagaggagga agccgaggag     20820
     gaggtagttt ctggcatcac atattggtag ttatttagaa ggtgagctac ttggtgctct     20880
     ttgctccctg ctttggacct caccctgcac catatactgg tggtatcttc ttctattgca     20940
     gtgttacaca tattactcaa gcagtggctt tctcaacagt gttacatatt cttcaatagc     21000
     atctagtgtt atccactcct acacaggtgg tagatctgtg tatttagagt gacacacatt     21060
     cttagatagg cagtaacttt attatagtca catgttctta tacagagagt tgttttacct     21120
     atactagtgt tccacattct tgtggacact gttaagacaa tagtactggt cacatgatct     21180
     tccccaataa attccagttt atctctcctt aatgatttta tataaatcta aagctatttc     21240
     ttgacaatct tcctccaatc atagttgggg acctaaacct cttcctacct aatcccatta     21300
     acttagtcaa tcagtcacct caggtattga agtaaatgcc gtaagcaaat agtaaataaa     21360
     atagtgtatc gtctggtagc aggggaaatg gttaagatag gacacagaac attaaacaaa     21420
     tatatgcaat taatatatta tgggggaaac agtaaataag aaactgggta ctgtgtagac     21480
     agaggagtag gagtacttaa ataacttgcc aagatctttt gacacttgaa agttgaggag     21540
     gcaggcttaa gaataggtac ggcagcatct aggcaaaggt tctcagcgct gcctctgtca     21600
     aggcctgatg tgggcagaga ttagcaagga attggaaaga tgtttctgga atgtcacagg     21660
     agcaaatggc aggctgtgaa gttggaaggc aggcatgggg cagatcacat aaggtattat     21720
     ggtcatgatt atgcactcag atgaactgaa aatatgagtt ttagaaggaa cactgtgact     21780
     gctctcatac gtaggttctt ctttttcttt tttaaagaca gggtcctgct aagattacaa     21840
     gtgtatacca ccattaacta ctcacagtag caaaatattc ttgttttaag aggcatactt     21900
     gagacagcca agggaagaca tcaagtagct aactggacac gtgtatgaaa actgaaggag     21960
     aggctcagtc tgcaggcaaa atgtctgagt cactggaacc attcccaggg agccagtggc     22020
     agactgtaaa gttggacgac tgtcagtctc accaactaaa gccacaggtc tccaatattc     22080
     ttattcttat atgggtaata ctctgacact cagggagatc acttgacttc cagggttcct     22140
     cagcttaagg caatcagtaa cattttaagc ctatacttat gaatcccata ataccacata     22200
     cattactgaa attccctcta ttttaaaagg actagaaaga atctgaataa tagagccatg     22260
     gaattgtaaa aaacttgaca gtactattct gcatgtctgg atcttccaac tcacgaaaaa     22320
     atacaatgaa accaggagcg ttagtggctg atgtgaacgt ggtatgaaga gcagacatca     22380
     ctttgcgact agtggaatct atgcaactag ggaaagattc tcaacaaaga agacagttga     22440
     aatcaaggca ggaaactgaa ttttaaaagt tgctaaacaa agccgggggg ggggggtggg     22500
     ggatggtggc gcaagccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga     22560
     gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa     22620
     ccctgtctgg aaaaaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaagttgcta aacaatacca ttctgaatgc     22680
     aatcgtggta cacatacaga tatacagtgg ctgaacccca acagcactgt agctccttaa     22740
     ttgggcttga ggcccacaca agaaggaaat cattcctggt attggaaacc tggccaacta     22800
     tctggtgctg gtgctgtcat ggaacttgaa ggagaaccta caactgccat attactaatc     22860
     cagcaatttc taactacatt ctaaatatta atccttatac ccacagataa gtgtaagtct     22920
     cacccttcat caaagaaact ttttctaaac atacagaggc catttcagaa aaccacatca     22980
     aaatgcagag gacaggtgac tgtgttgttc agctagaaca cagatcctgt acctaaggct     23040
     caggaacata gtgagtcaag aggcagagag aagaagacac agagggaagt ttgctgtgac     23100
     actgtgtctt ctacaaatga cagagaagct ccacccatga agtctcaaca atatggctgc     23160
     ctaaataaga cccgaacaag gaagacacca atgagacatg ctaacaagga aggggtaaac     23220
     ctttgataca aaactacagg caactaagga atgctaaaat caggaaaaag tctaccccag     23280
     agaagagccc ttaattggtt atccaatatc aagtggcatt atacaaacca agtgggctgt     23340
     atatatatat atatatttgg gaatacatgt gcaccaatta gagaaataga ggccacgagt     23400
     ttgagggaga gcaaggtgaa tggttgggaa ggaatggagg gagaaaaggg gaggggaaaa     23460
     tgatagaatt atattttaat ttcaaaactg aaagtggcca acacttgaga tgggatttac     23520
     ttagcaggta gtgtcaatac ctagtgcctc tcaattgctc tatgaactga gactattatc     23580
     tgcagtttac attttttttt tttttacaga tgaataactt gaagttacat catttcacag     23640
     atgaataact tgatgaaaag acagttgaaa agagaaccgg aaacacttag tttaaatgac     23700
     aacaaggcac atggtgttta aggccatggt ttagaattgg gaacctagat ttaggattta     23760
     tgaaactatg aggcaaaact tttgtttact ggaaacacag tgttaaagtt gggaaattaa     23820
     aaaaaacttt ttttttttaa atgagggaaa agtcgtaaac tgaaccgtgg gaaatagtca     23880
     gacagtgaca gaggactgag cagaaaatca agggattatc aacaggtctt ggtaaataat     23940
     taaacagaga atgtgagcga gggaggagtc acaggtgact aagaggacaa tgaaaccatt     24000
     aaagggggca aaggtcattt tgatatatat atatatatat atatgtatat atattatata     24060
     tgtatatagt gtgtatacac acactagagg aactataata gaaaaagaga atgaataaag     24120
     ccaaaacatt tgacccaggg aaagcattca aattcatttg gctgcaacct atttaccagc     24180
     ctcagtaccc ttacctcctg cccctttttt actaccagtg atcaagacac taacttgtag     24240
     atggcagaaa agctcttatt ggttttaagc aataaaacaa acacattcac gagtttattg     24300
     attactttaa ctgaactttc caaaggaatc tagcccacat cgatttcagc gctcatgcat     24360
     ctaggctata tcaccatgtt ttaatctgtt ttctggtttt tcccttcgtg gtgcctgctc     24420
     tttcattagt cacacaagaa aagattattt tctttcagta tcaggttcac tgggaaacaa     24480
     tcttcttggc agtaattgcc agcctgagac agagaaccca aggtttcctc ctccacagtg     24540
     tcctgcctgg accacaagga cagagtggag aatgggtggg ttcaaaggac gtgaacctaa     24600
     gcgagcagca gatggattag gacagcagaa actgtgcctt tcgatggcga aacggtacaa     24660
     agactgccaa ggaaagattc tcctggcagg gttctggcta cgtagccagg aatttgagga     24720
     ttctcctcct agttcacatt gctggggggg gggggggggg atcgcagcta attcctagtt     24780
     ttgaagttgg tttttttttt ttttctttcc tgaatataca ccaagaactt aattcttatt     24840
     gagacaaaca ttaccttgta gacaggattt ttggagctaa agagtatagg tttatttatt     24900
     gccttctgtt tgctgtacga gttgattttt aaaagaaatt gctatgaatt agcttctttc     24960
     ccagtaattc gggtgcagta gctaagaaac cagtgtaaac tagggtcctg gttcatccgt     25020
     agcgccatgc tcatcttttg cagtgcctcc tgccttttca taaaaggagc aaacacatcc     25080
     cgaccttttg cttccctggc tacagccgag gtcacttggg tcgtccaggt ccatctcggg     25140
     gagcagccag cctagcgtgt ctctaggagc cgggaaaccg agtcccaggc atcccacgaa     25200
     cctccaggag aggaaaccga gcactgggct ggagaagtct aacttggcgt aggccaagct     25260
     ctctgctttc ccggggacag aggcaccatt ccaggcggcg gctcccactg gttgggagcg     25320
     ccgcatcccg gggaaccgcg agccgcccag ggcgctgcgg gcggccgcac cctccgctag     25380
     gccccgcctc ccggcctgcg aagggaaggg ggcctcgggg catcccggct tccctcggcg     25440
     gccgtggaac gagctcacgc cggcctgcaa gagtgggatt tcctcgggtg cccgggatcc     25500
     ccaggcgcgg cttcggggct gcctaacggg gaaagtcgca tgcgcgcccg gcgcgctgag     25560
     ggaaggcggc cgcgagggga ggggcgagtg cagagcctgg ccggccgcgg agccccgcgc     25620
     ccacgacgca tgcgccggga ggcagcgcaa tcacggactc ggctggcggc taccggctgg     25680
     agagaggaaa ccccggacgg cgagagcgcg aaggaaatct ggccgccgcc gcgcacgcgc     25740
     tcccggtgag tgcgccccac cgggtgggcc tcggcccggc gcgcggcggg cggctggcct     25800
     gggtggcgca tgcgtgctcc cgggttccgt ggaggagggg aaggccggga gggggaggag     25860
     cgcggcggta gcggtgaatt ttgaggggtg ggtcgggggc gcgcactcgc cgcccctggt     25920
     gctgccggct cccggagccg tggcgtgtcc cggctgtcgc cgctcggctg tcgcgagccg     25980
     ccgcgggcag agtcccgggc gggggaggga ggaagccgga gcctcaggca cggtgaggac     26040
     gcgggagggc gcggggggca gtgtgtggga ccggggcagg gaacagggcg cggggcgcca     26100
     agggggtgcg ggccaggccg ggaggcagga gctgcggccg gggtccgggg acgcggagag     26160
     cgcggagctc tggagagtcg cgctcagccg ggcctgcgcc aagtgtcccg gggccgctgg     26220
     gggttacctg cagggcaggg gggcgcggtg ggtcccgcgg gccccggggg ttccggggcc     26280
     gcgtcgcgct tgagactggg cgcggggtta gcgcggggca ggccgagtcg gccgccgaga     26340
     gcgctcgcgc ccgggacccg ctaggccttg tgacccactt tattcctgtc accactcggg     26400
     cacgtttgga gcggcgccca atggggcgct ggggcggcca gctcctccgc ggagcccccg     26460
     ccctcgcggc ggccggcgcg cgccgggatc cgcagtccga gcggcggccg ccgccgccca     26520
     gggctggttc cgttaatggt cctggttccg gggctcgggc cgcgggctgc tctgggcccc     26580
     gggtgtccga ctcgagtcgc gtgcgccgcg ccgggccgcg ctctgcctgt ggggctggcc     26640
     gtcctggatg tggtcctggc tgtcccggta ccgggagtag cgccacgaag tttgtatctt     26700
     tgtggggtgt tttctgccgc tgtggaagtc cgaggtagtc agcagaatcc tgaaagatga     26760
     aggaagagct ttggcctctg acctgacaga tgacagatca ggccgtggtg ttttgatatt     26820
     gcaatgccga accacacact gcatgaagcc tttctagatg ctttaaaaac aacagactct     26880
     ggtgttttct attgcagtga aagaaaagca caagaagaaa cttttacagg cgttgttgat     26940
     tggactaggg caacgattcc caaaatcacc agcaaggtaa tttcccttga ttgcattgtt     27000
     gtagttttaa aagcgactag agaaaattac agaccatccc cattcatatc tgattgaaaa     27060
     aaaatgaata ggctgtaact taattcgtga ctgtctctga gtcccacaga acacttgaaa     27120
     tctggtttgt tttaaaatct taggagaaag aaacatgtgc ctaggttagc ttgaagaact     27180
     ggcaggatca cctgtgaaaa aaaggacaca aaaaattgtc atatagtgaa agaaagctga     27240
     attgtgtcct gttgtatgtg taactatata taatctatat gtccatattt gtgcgtgtgt     27300
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtacacatat     27360
     agactacata tagcctgtgt tgctcgtcaa tatgaggaag tcctagaata aatactagaa     27420
     aaccaatagt tatgggaaag ggtggaaaat gaaatgcttt atgtgcttat agtcttattc     27480
     ttttaatgtt ttatggattt ataaacaggt tttataggga attttgatca ttctctattt     27540
     ttttctctta atatttgaaa agtaaactgg agaaagttta ggtgaacttg attgttgttt     27600
     acattttacg atgctgaaat cacaggcaaa ttcaaaactt gctaaccctt gatgactgca     27660
     tttggcgtta aagttggaat gcgcttcttt ggtagtatag tgcctccttt ttatattttt     27720
     aaaaactata gttttatagt ttttttttcc tttcgtcgat ccctacctca atgtttacat     27780
     tctgtttaca ataataataa accagtttat ttagctgagt gacttttctt gtgggaagct     27840
     attattttct tcaaggaagt cagacatgaa ccccagtgaa atataaatat atgtatgtgt     27900
     atttgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtcagagt gtctgtgagt atatatgtgt gagtatatat     27960
     gtgtgagtat gtacatgtgt tgtgtatgtg attatttctt aaggaaaaca gaattcagaa     28020
     ttaaatgcaa gaaacctaac catttgtgat aacagattgt gtaaacatat attaatgatg     28080
     tgtctagttc tgctggcagg cgtaattttg acagcaaggt taaggttgaa agggtgttgt     28140
     gtgagagtgg atgcaatttt agggagggaa tactcaaaaa ctccctctag tgacaataat     28200
     attccatggg gactagttgc atgggcacca gtattttttt atttggtagg ccaggatgtt     28260
     tgtgctgttt ctgtttgagg cagatatatg acagtcactc tagtgcaaag tggcatttag     28320
     ttttcacttg aatatcatgt atgtagctct tttctaatct tttaacgtat gaatcctgta     28380
     agtgaaggct gtcttctgtt tttgttgtta agatagaatc tcttagtgta gtaacccagg     28440
     ctgttatgga aattactgtg tagtctagac tggccttgaa ctcatgataa tcctcctgcc     28500
     tcagcttcct gaggactaga atcacaggta tttgccacaa cactggatat acatttctat     28560
     ctatttctac ctcatgtctt tcttcagaaa taactgttat caattggatg actagctttc     28620
     tgtatctatt tctgtgaatt tatgaatata tctgctttag ccttaattga tttttttttt     28680
     tatggtaagg tttttggagg agggtattgt gttgggaagt cttattagta tgtagtcaga     28740
     ctggcccatg gtggaagtat tgctcagccg tttgagtgct agggttatgc ttagccagtt     28800
     actgggttcc tgaatgattg ttctgtctgt ttgcctgcac tgtaaatcac accccacccc     28860
     accccccagg gtagaaagga cttggagtat gtcagaaagt tttaacgtgt gatagtaatc     28920
     ttagggaata acctctctac cccttacctc tacagctatt gaagggctag ttgatataga     28980
     agcatttgca gtttggaggg agttcaaact gatgtgaatt cagcctagag acttagattt     29040
     taacattttt atataggact cttaagggcc taattgtagg gtttcaagaa tgggcccctg     29100
     agggtgaatc ttagccttgt aactagttac aaaaggaaag aagagaagaa ccagagagct     29160
     caggctggca tctgaaggag ccagctgcca tctgacagca ggcacctcag agatgaatgc     29220
     tgtggacatg gatctactgc atagatgctt tccgccacga agagcctctt tatttgatca     29280
     ttataaacta gttacgtgtt gatttcaaga ttgttagaaa tatggaatga agtatagttt     29340
     gccagtgaac tgttgtccat gctcagccat gtcagacagg tattgttact atagaagaag     29400
     gtggtcggtc tcttcctgtc tcactgtctt ctcagcacca catgaaatgc cccctctccg     29460
     tacctttcct tatgctgctg ggtcagctaa agtatttatt tgctctgaat gtttgcaggg     29520
     agcaaattat ttataaaagt ttcacatttt atagccaaac tgttctgtga ctatttcagt     29580
     acttgcagat ccatgaagct tccctttgga aatgtaattg ccttgtcgat agcatatcac     29640
     taacactgca gtttttcttt tctgagctca attgctggta gagttgtaaa aaattactca     29700
     tctaacactt tcaagtgtaa gaacagttta atacttacta attggcttaa ttacataatg     29760
     gcatttataa gttgctttac aaccattttt aataaccctg atatatgtaa tttctatgaa     29820
     ttaagtagat aacgaaattc tgctttctgt atgagttact ctgaaaatgt taaattacct     29880
     aaataatcta tactgacaat tttaattttg agttatcact tttgttgtat aattcatgaa     29940
     gaaataattc tgcttataat tttaagtttg ccctatctac aaaaagaagt cattgataaa     30000
     gagtgagttt ttattattgc tttcgatttt ttaaaaggac tatttacttt aaaattctat     30060
     tttgtttgta tggatgtttt gcttgcatgt atttttgtat actgtattgt gtgtatgggg     30120
     ttgggggtgg aggccagaag aatatcagat accctgggac tggagttaca gatggtttta     30180
     agttgccatg tgagtattgg gaattgaatc tgggtcctct gaaagagcaa ccagtgcttt     30240
     taaccattga gccatctttc cagcctctaa aggatttttt ttttaaacaa caacaatgac     30300
     aaaccccctg tattttaaat attaattttt ttggcaaaat cacttttatt tttatattgt     30360
     gagtactgga atcaaggggt ggacaccacc atgcctacca aactctgctt tttagaagaa     30420
     tttttattta atctaatatt taatttttaa atttttatta taaatagtag aaaataaaag     30480
     tagaacttgc ttcccttgtt gttgttggta tttggattat tttgagacag acgactttgc     30540
     tttgtatata gtccaggcca gtctccaggc acttcatcct ccagcgccaa tttctctggt     30600
     actgggattc caggtgtagg ccatacctgc ctctaaacat ttttatattt tggagataag     30660
     aagcacaaat aagtttgtac ctgtagagta agccatttgc ccacataaga atgtatcttt     30720
     tctattaaaa tatagtttaa tcttaagtag ttgacttact ttcttaattt tcaactctca     30780
     gttataactg tagtacatcc cagtatggaa acttgggaaa agcagaaaca acaacaaaaa     30840
     aagcacagat taagaattta aaatactact gaaaatcctg tcactcagaa aagccattgt     30900
     tagtcttgtg gggtatgtga ggctgtgcgc acttagagcc atgactgtgt agacctgtag     30960
     catccaccgc aatgcaggcc attctcttcc ttcagctctt cagcatactt tcctatcagt     31020
     gtgctctcca gggtactgtg tgaatgtgct tattctgatc catgttttca ataccacttt     31080
     gactgttgga cacaaaagct ttaattttta agataatgag aattacaact tgaaaatttt     31140
     tatagctttt aaaaaaatat aatacaagta gaatgatact gaatttgtgt tgataaccaa     31200
     attcaataga ttttatgctt ttttttgttg gaaaaatatg ctagtctgta taatcagtag     31260
     taagaataat gaggtaaagt ctaagatttt taaagttact ttttcaaaat ttatgtcttg     31320
     ctttgaaatg tactcacatt gcattttctg agcataagtc agttgggtgt ttgattttct     31380
     ttgtggtgct gaggatgaaa cctagggcct gtcccatact agggtcacat ggtctactac     31440
     ccagctactt cactggctag tcattggtct gctgtgcttg gtagaaaacc agtttttggc     31500
     catggggcta tatatgatta tgctgtgctt ttcaaggaat tgttgtttcc ttgaagtcac     31560
     tgtcagagtt gtcatgtgtc ttttgttttt tttaatcctt ttagtatctg tagaaaacac     31620
     agtgagtcta atatccttgt aacctctaga gcagtggttc tcagccttcc taatgctgcg     31680
     accctttaat acagttcctc atggggtggt gaccccaacc ataaaattgt tttcattgct     31740
     actcataact gtaattttgc tattgttata aattataatg taaacatctg tgttttctgg     31800
     tggtcttagg cgacccctgt gaaagggttg tttggtccca aaaggagtgg cggtgcccag     31860
     gttgagaccc tccactctat tattcctagt acactaattt gagtattctc tgttctttag     31920
     cggcctagct aaacatttat taatttactg gattctcata gccaacctct agtttaactg     31980
     atttcctcta ctttttctat ttttaaaagc ctcctttctt ctctgctgct tatttgcttt     32040
     ctttgggtat agtttgtttt ctctaatttc tcaagctaga agttgaagtc atttggtttt     32100
     tcattgtaag catactagaa gttctgactg ctttaaatgt ttacttccag atttttctat     32160
     tttggggggt ggagtgagat tcagttgtat tgttgcttgt ttgttttccc ttcttcaggt     32220
     tagctgctaa tccctgggct gagggcatcc tgtttgtcac tcttatgaga atctgggact     32280
     tcagacaaac ataactgtgc ctagcttctg gtgtctctgt gatctgggat tattgagaag     32340
     tttgttagtt tccaaatatt tggaaggttt ccagagatat ttctgttaat ctaattccag     32400
     tgtgatgatt gttttaaatt cattgaagtt tgttttatag gtccaaatat gatcttggta     32460
     aatgtcttat atgtatttga aaagaatgtt gttgggtaag gtgctctgta aataccagtt     32520
     aggtcaaatt ggtttgttgt tttatttatg ccttgtttta aaatgcatgt cagacctggt     32580
     attttctgcc agagagcatg ttagcttttt cattgctgta acaaaatacc tgaatgaaac     32640
     aagttaagga aagactgatt tttgtttcag agtttcagca accttagtca gtggttgact     32700
     ggctccactg tttaggttct gaggtgaaac agaacttggt gagagagggc atgatagaac     32760
     atggctactc agctaaggat agaaaagaca gacaggtctg aacagattat agtcctctcc     32820
     agtgaccttt gaaagtttct tacttccaat aatgccatca gattaggaat ctgtcagtaa     32880
     attaatccat cgattaggtc agagctctgc tgtcctgatc atctgtgtgg ttggatccac     32940
     taactaggga ccatgccttc aacagcacag ccttttggta ggcacatcac atccagacca     33000
     taacagaatg cccatctttt caggtaggtg gaaatgatag ccaagcatct taaactaagg     33060
     ggatgctaag agataggcga ttgctaggtt attgttgtgg tcgtccttca gccatagcct     33120
     cctaagaaga tagatcacac cgcttcctgg gccctgtaca attttaaatt tcctggagga     33180
     aatagaagct aagaactctg aattcctgta ggctgacagt ttcaatactc tagctgagca     33240
     tgaataccct ctcctggctt ctctggtctt catccatgtt ctgcagggac aggtcgaagc     33300
     ttaccctctg gtctgagtcc agattggaaa gtgccccagt taagtgtaac tctggcagta     33360
     tgcaactgct aaaagacccc cacctgcctc tgtagtcttg tcctcgtgct gtctcatgaa     33420
     tatggttttc ataattccat tgccctttct agttctcaaa aaggacagtg gtatactgca     33480
     agctctcttg tatttagaca tgaacatatt cctgctattt aaaaaaatgt ctggaatgtt     33540
     tgatttgggg aaatcatttt attttactta gtgtttagat attaatgttt ttagatttta     33600
     gttttaatac ttaaaaatta tttgttttta gatgtgtaat ttatacatct taaaactcac     33660
     tgagttgtga taaatgtata taaataaaag tccaaaccaa gacacagaat tctcttcact     33720
     cttgaaagtt ttttgttctc tgacaaccac tggtatattc tgtttgcttg ttgtcctttt     33780
     ctgtgaagca gaagtggagg gagggtgttg ttggccttct aggcctgtct ttcacagcac     33840
     tctcctgtca ctagctcgct cttattgctg gatagtgttc tgttgtgtgg ggtgtgcaca     33900
     cagtgtgtct acccacttat aagttgatag aaattggatt gcttctagtg caggattatt     33960
     ttaagaactg ccaaaatttg tgcacatata ttttcatttc acttgggcaa atacctgaga     34020
     atgttattac caagtttcat agcagttgta tgtttgactt tataagatac tgatgagttg     34080
     ttttctaaag tgactgtgca cctttacaaa ttccttacac ccatctttga cagtttcctt     34140
     tgctcctgat tttggtagcc tacactcagg aatgtcagta tagttgcatt gtagccattt     34200
     taatgtatat gtgtgattag gtatcttcag gctttcattt gcctttctat aattaattac     34260
     acgaaatgta ttttcaactg tatttgattg gtgtgttttc ttttgtggag tatgtccaaa     34320
     tttttatcat tttcttaaat gaaaaattgt gttatttgct tattattgag gttgaacgat     34380
     atactctgac ttaaatgtat tcttttggaa ggtttttgtc acatactaga taatagaatt     34440
     gtagaaatta tctcccaacc tgtgacttgc ttgccttttt atatttatca gtggttttga     34500
     agaaagtttt aactatgatg atatttgata cattaattca ttttactttg tttttttttc     34560
     tgttgtagag tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgaaac agggtctgta gccctcattg     34620
     gtctggaact tgctaagtag accaggctgg tctcaaactt actgaggcct gcttccctct     34680
     gctttctgag tgctgggatt aaaattaaaa gcacacccta accctacccc atgctgggcg     34740
     attttttttt tctttaatgc ttcatgtttt tggtgtctca gctaagaact actttatctc     34800
     gtatttgtca cagaagtttt aagagttttg tttttgtatt taagtctgtc tgaatcaagt     34860
     tgattttata taaactatgt agaaaagagt gatattaaga acttcccata taattactca     34920
     gttctgttat catgattgta ctttataatt atttaaattt atagttagca agtagcattt     34980
     ctccagaaaa taataaagca ttaataccca agaagcaaag cagagttctt aggaacctta     35040
     gtggaggatt ttcaaggact tgtgtcaggt tctgctgcat caaatgaaca aacacagagc     35100
     tgcatggagt agctaaatag acccattctg gtcagaattg ggtgggaatc ttaactgctt     35160
     tgaaaagaga ttgttgtgct tattttcaga acatttgtgg gaaaatataa aaaattaact     35220
     atcatactag atgataaaac ttcagtgtat tacaaaagta ataatatatg cagctgctcc     35280
     tgttagtgta gtaattgtta gacatgtgtg tgtaaattta aagtaaaatt tgatagtcag     35340
     tgtttttctc tcattagccc cactcaaacg ttcagtgaga ttgatcgcct gaaactgatt     35400
     gcctttagaa taggaaggaa gaaagtcaac cgaagaccga gtcagctgag gccttacttt     35460
     tataactgag agtcaatata cataagtttt aatacattca tttttaactg atatacaaac     35520
     cttaaagttg tacatattaa tgggtaccat gtagtgtcca atacgtgggt actttacata     35580
     gtaattaaat cagaggatat atatgtagtc tttagtcttt gtttctttat gtggagactt     35640
     gagatccttt ttgtagcttt tggaattagt agcacataat tgctctctgc agtgatgcat     35700
     actgtgtacc ccgatgcttc tccctgtctg aacagtggat tgctacccca taaatgagcc     35760
     tttttctctt ccctgtttct ttaactcacc ccaagctttg ggtaacactc ttgtagttgg     35820
     aagtatgaga tcaactcttt tagattccgt gtaagtgcgc ttggctaaat ccggtaccac     35880
     tctattataa cagatgaaag ggtccttttg ttatggctga gatatagtct atcaaatctg     35940
     tctatcttgt tggtggacat aattatttct acttattggt taatatggaa catatatata     36000
     gcaagcatag aaacataggt ttctcttcaa catgtctgta gttcttttat acacagttgt     36060
     gtaattgatg gattatggtg aatgttttga ggactatcca tactgttttc tataatgact     36120
     gtactaatat atgttttcag ctctattatt gttaactctt gttaactctt gctttgatct     36180
     cctatttgga atttgagagt gtactgcctt gaaaagtaaa gttagtctaa actttttgtg     36240
     attaatctta attcaagcac agagtgctta ctgaaagtac agaaattcag tgcttgttaa     36300
     atgaacttag ggcacagtac aaacttcttt ttcaataaac agttgatgct ttgttgcttg     36360
     ctgtgtctct aaggattagt acgtggttta agagtttaat agtaattgtt tgacatttag     36420
     tccaagttaa atgtatacta tgattaccag cactgaaaca gtcactttaa tgattatggt     36480
     ttagtatttg atgagtcggt gaggcataat tggaatacct ggtgcaaggg cttgcttcat     36540
     tccgactatt accattcttc tccctgtgca ttgaagcatc tcctctgtct tgcctttagg     36600
     tcctctctac tcattcatta ccttctgtta aaagccttga gagtcttccc taaagatgtt     36660
     agtagagtgt tttctctagt tagaaaaata aattggagta ttgtgtcagt cataaggggc     36720
     ttggctttat atactcatag actcaattcc taaaatagtt cctggccata gaatatattt     36780
     agtaataatt tgtgtgtgta tatataatta tccatgttac tttttattag tattaataca     36840
     tttataggcc tatggttttc tcatgtcttt gtctggttct atagggtaat tctgattttc     36900
     tagaatgact tttctttttg aaaaaagtat cttaaagtct cctgtcttca gagctttgaa     36960
     aatttgagga ggactggtag ataattctta gaaataaact gatctgtctg gcactgggtc     37020
     ttctttggta taatctactt gtatttcttg ataaaataat tttgagttat gtctctgtct     37080
     gtttacctct tactaagaaa atgacacttc atttcctttt tttaaaattt gttatcaagt     37140
     tttttcattt tattaataat tttaaaggca ttttattaga tatttccttc atttacattt     37200
     caaatgctat ccccaaagcc cccatgtcct ctcccccccc ccccctcgcc ctgctcccca     37260
     acccacccac tcctgcttcc tggccctggc attcccctgt actggggcat atgatcttca     37320
     caataccaag ggcctctcct cccattgatg gctgacgagg ccatcctctg ctacatatgt     37380
     agctagagac acagctctgg gggtgggggg gtactggtta cttcatattg ttgtttctcc     37440
     tatagggttg cagatccctt tagctctttg ggtactttct ctagctcctt cattaggggc     37500
     cctgtgttcc atccaataga tgactgtgag catctacttc tgtatttgcc aggcattggc     37560
     gtaaccttac aagagagagc tatgtcaggt tcctgtcagc aaaatcttgc tggcatatgc     37620
     aatagtgtct gtgtttggtg gttgtatatg ggttggatcc ctgggtgggg cagtctctgg     37680
     atggtttttc cttctgtctc agctccgaac tttgtctctg taactccttc catgggtatt     37740
     ttgttcccca ttctaagaag gagtgaagta tccacacttt ggtcttcctt cttcttgagt     37800
     ttcatgtgtt ttgcaaattg tatcttggat attctaagtt tctgggctaa tatccgctta     37860
     tcagtgagtg catatcatgt gtgttctttt gtgaatgggt tacctcattc aggatgatat     37920
     cctctagatc catccatttg cctaagaatt tcataaattc attgttttta attgctgagt     37980
     agtactccat tatactgtca ttctctgctg ttgttggcat cagctgccat gtaacagtct     38040
     acttagttct ttgaatggca cctgtgctgt aataatggaa tactcacatt acctagacac     38100
     tgcattttaa gtcttctgtt ccgcaagagg aggataacgg gaacttattt gcatttcttt     38160
     atcttaaccc ttttccttct ccagtttgat ttttctacct tttgacgaag tcgataacac     38220
     atctgattta tttttatttt actttttaag aatgcaagct tttgggctgg agcaatgact     38280
     tgttggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttcca aaggtcctga gttcaatttc cagcaactac     38340
     acagtgactc acaaccaacc atctgtaatg agatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga     38400
     agacaactac agtgtactca tatacataaa ataaataaat aaatattttt aaaaaagaat     38460
     gaaagcattc aggctttgtc aataagttga ctctaaaagc tgaccacaga aacccccact     38520
     taacccccat ttctacccta cagctcctcc ccttcctctc ccaggtcctt ctcctaatat     38580
     tgtggatcat ttccttttgt ttcattagac ttataaaagc tttgtaagaa aaaaaatatg     38640
     tacatacaga catatataca catacatatt ttctatttaa aatttatgtt ggttgctttt     38700
     gataactttg tggctttaat aaaaagtcag acttaagtta gccaatttgc tagtttaaga     38760
     tacattcatt gaagtcagag ggctttgtaa tggttttaca gaagacattg gtccagttgg     38820
     cttcagaaag cttgttctag gaaggttgtc ctgactgttt attattgtaa cagagttgga     38880
     gatgagaatc agtgtgaatc tttcagtgtc tgtcagggcc ctgatgagca aagggtatga     38940
     cctaggagtt tgaaacctgc cgaagccttt gttcaaccta gagaagcatt tcctttgctt     39000
     tggcagagga tagcatcctc caccacacac ttagactatt gtctaaagac tgctgtggtc     39060
     cccagaaaag aaggggagtt gctcaatgac atctattttc aagatttgtc cccatttgct     39120
     tctcacagtc ctctgcctaa tggctgtaat caggagcttt gcacaaccta agaggctggc     39180
     aagtcttctc tcaaggctgt cctaggtaca aaatgatttg taagacttaa ataagaaata     39240
     tgagaagaaa tcaaagaaaa aatgtaagaa atgttttgaa aaatgttgag ctgaacaaaa     39300
     acttaatgag cagggacaat gcagtgtctt ttaagggcac tggaactggt tctcttagtt     39360
     ctctggtgtg tgtgcgcaag tgtgatgtgt gtgtggaggt atgcatgtgc tatggggtgt     39420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg aggtaagcat     39480
     gagctgaggc acattggaag gtcagacagt aactgggtgt tggtctttgc tgagacatct     39540
     tgtattagac aggtttttta tttgcttcta gaccagctga cccttgaact tctagagatt     39600
     ttcttgtctc atctaccatt tcaccatagg agcactgcga ttcataatcc agatacacca     39660
     ttgcacccag ctttatgtgg gttctgaggg ttgagatgca ggtcctcata cttgtgtggc     39720
     gagcgagcac tagggtctcc ccggcccagt tctttacctt aatctcccag ccacagtatg     39780
     agatagctta atttttgtaa tttgtagatg gccagcatgt tcaagtgtgc tggtagattc     39840
     agtctgttga cttgttttct gcttcataga tggtgtcctc caaactgctt ttcacgcgga     39900
     ggaaggaaga gccaggctcc ttcagcacct tttctaaggg tactaaccgc atgcagcact     39960
     cacctcccag aggcctacac tgtaacactg tctgtcacgt ggggttaagc tgccacagaa     40020
     gaattttgtg gggacacatt tagaccatag tactggtata attctttgaa atctgaagca     40080
     aagtgaatac agccaccctt tccttttatt tgtttgttgt tttgtctggt gttgaaggtg     40140
     ttaacctcct ggcttagcct cccaggtact ggattataaa tgtacaccag tctggctcca     40200
     gcagtcttaa cttttaagca tctcatagag gaagaactca agaaatattc agaattctta     40260
     ataccctata aagaaaaatg ttggcatttt ttgtctcttg tttgatattg tctgagaaac     40320
     tctatccctt tctctttgcc atgtttatcc taaacaacat atgttttctc atggctatct     40380
     cttatggtgt agatttgtgt aaccgtgcag tcaaggcata acactagtct actagatctc     40440
     tcagactagg tcataactca gtgatatgct gttacctctt tgcttttgac tccttttttg     40500
     tctccctttc ctcttactgt tatatcttgt aggcttcaat ttttcaaaac ctactttaat     40560
     aagggttccc aaatgcttca acacccctgc cccttcctag cccactgtcc aaaggcaggg     40620
     gagaaaagat ggtaaatagg acaaggggat gtggacctgg ttagaagtag ttctttgggc     40680
     tgattccagt ctccattgtc aggatatcaa aagtccagtt caccaaaaac gaatcagccc     40740
     cagtagaaac agccaggtct ctgctgaatc agcaggagtc agcagcagca accagaacct     40800
     gccaggtctc tgctgagtca gcagcagcag ccagaaccag caggaacacc aggtaaagtt     40860
     ctctgcctcg cctctctccg tgaagtataa gatcggggaa gaagtgggac tagcggagca     40920
     ttgcgtggcc agcagtgcaa gcgctctggc actgtctgta gagttctgtt tatactatcg     40980
     ccaaacatga catgtcctct cctggctctt ctgcatcaca tgacacaatg agaaatttcc     41040
     actttatatc ttgttactgt accctttctt cttgttatca gcatggtatc tgtgcctcag     41100
     gtttcctctt ttaaagttga aaccagcttc cagagttcct tgagcacagt ctatatcagg     41160
     aattatgttt gatagtatga tctagatctg acatgttttc aaacctgtga ctgtatttgg     41220
     gaaatgagcc tctcctgaat tgaggagata accgtgactc ctaccagatg acttatattg     41280
     cccttacctc cagctttgtt tcactttcta ctctgtagct tttccttcat actctttttt     41340
     atttttttta tttttttttt attttttatt ttttattttt ttggtttttc gagacagggt     41400
     ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggcac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact     41460
     cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgca ccaccacacc     41520
     cggcttcttt tttattttta attaacattg tattcttatt gcaatcccct ttccctcctc     41580
     tcctccaagt cccactctca caaactcttc ccctcagtac cctctcccct ctctcctcaa     41640
     agaagaggaa gcaccccatg ggtaccaacc taccctgacg caccagattg catcaggact     41700
     aagtgctaag tgcatcctct cccacggaga ccagacaaaa cagtccacct agggaagggg     41760
     acccactggc aggcaacagt tatagtcagc ccctgctcca attgccaggg acccgcatga     41820
     agaccaagct atacatttgg ggtcttggtc ctctgtgagc ccccacaggc ccacaggtta     41880
     attgattcta gctattcttg tggtgtcctt gacccttctg cctccctcaa tcctcccaac     41940
     ccccaactct tctacagact tcccgaaact ctgcttactg tttggctgtg ggtctctgcc     42000
     tctgtttcat cagctgctgg gtggagcctc tcagaagaca attatgttag gctcctgtct     42060
     gcagatgtag cagagggtca ttaatagtgt cggggttggt tctctcccat gggatggttc     42120
     tcaagttggg ccattcagtg gttggccatt ccctcagtct ctgtttcatc tttatccctg     42180
     cacattttgt aagcaggatg gattttgggt caaaggtttt atgagtgggt tggtgcccca     42240
     ttccttccac tggacttcct acctggctac aggaggtggc cactttggtt ttcatgtccc     42300
     cagctgctag gagtctcagc cagggtcatt cccatagact ccttggagta tcccatgtcc     42360
     caggtcacct gcatattcca gagatgcccc ttccccacac tgatttctgc cctctctccc     42420
     agccctatct tccccacacc cacttctact tttcccacac ctgttcccta cccccactcc     42480
     cttcccatcc tcctttctcc acccatttac ttccctcccc ctgcctccag tgacaatttc     42540
     cccttctgag tgagattcaa gcatcctccc ttgggccctc cttgttactt agcttctttg     42600
     gatctgtgga ttatagcatg gttatcctgt tctttatggc taacatccac ttataagtga     42660
     gtacacacca tgggtgtctt tctgagtttg ggttacctaa ctcaggatga tactttcaag     42720
     ttccatccat ttgcctgcaa atttcatgat atctttgttt ttaatagctg agtagtattc     42780
     cattgtgtaa atgcatattt ttttatccca ttcttttgtt gagggacatc tgggttgttt     42840
     caggtttctg actattacaa ataaagctgc tatgaacata gttgagcaag tgtcccagtt     42900
     ttctgagaaa ccaccgcatt gatttccaaa atggttgtac aagtttgcac acccaccagc     42960
     aatggagaag tgttcccctt gctccacatc ctcaccagca tgtgctgtca cttgagtttt     43020
     ttgatcttag acattctgat gtgttttaag gtgggatctc agaatcgttt tgatctgtat     43080
     tgtcgtgatg tttaaggaca ctgatgaacg tttctctaag tgcttgtctg ccactagagg     43140
     ttgctgttga gagttctgtt tagctctgct ccacatgggt tacctggttt ttgttgttat     43200
     ttttattctt attttgttat gtcgttattt tgtttggttt tttgactttt aagagtcttt     43260
     tgtggaatga aagctttcag tttttgtgga tcgtgtattt gtatttgaag tcatgctgaa     43320
     gaattacacc aagttgtagg tccctatggt ttttcccgtt tatagatcgg tggtctgcat     43380
     ttaaatacat gatctatctg gaggctggag agatggttca gaggctggga acactccctg     43440
     ctcttccaga ggactggaat ttaatgccct gcacttactt tgagtggctt aacagctctg     43500
     catccagctc cagggatgat tctcctggct acaggtatat ggctttacct cccaccctag     43560
     ccccaccccc acccccaatg tagatgtatt ttgagtttct tgtataaagg ttgaagatca     43620
     ggtaaggggt cccttgatga ggtttctttt aattgcctat gattttatgc cacattttct     43680
     atagtattat tgttgaaagg ttatccttct ccagtaggct gcttatttgt tttcaatact     43740
     gttgtctgct tttgtgtcag gcttaatctg tttgcttact atatcttttc ctctgccaat     43800
     cccagacagt cttgatttac tacagtaaca taatcttgaa atcaagttgg agtgacttct     43860
     gtcacttatt cttttcttca aaattgaatt tagctatcct atgcctttcc atttggaatc     43920
     ctgtgtatat ctaaaaatac atcttaattg gcattttgat tgggttgtat taaatttgca     43980
     tactactcag ctttttttct tttacatagt tttataaaaa aactttgaaa acatggggct     44040
     ggaaagatgg ctcagtggtt actagcactt gctcaactct cacaggaccc aggccagggt     44100
     ctcaacatcc acatggtgaa tctgtaactt taatcccagg ggatctggca ccgtcttctg     44160
     gcagccatag gcactgcaca catatggtac acatattaca tacatgcaag caaaatatcc     44220
     atataaaaat aaatttggaa aataataaac ttttaatata gaaggcttgt tcatatttta     44280
     ctaattataa ctaattattt gttttttgag agattgttaa tagtagattt ttttattcct     44340
     ttctttgtag tcttttaaaa attattactt gggtgtgtat atagtcactg gaatagtact     44400
     taatagacag cacacaggga tgcggtgaag gtggaattaa tatgtaaagt actcaataca     44460
     gtgctttgaa cagagtaaag tccttggtaa ctaccaaatt agcagttgaa agggttgcgc     44520
     tcccctcccc cgtttgttcc cacgatgaac cctgaggcta agttgttcag tttatccatt     44580
     tgccccaagg cagctcttca tccagggcag tcctctagtc tgccagtgtt gactctccct     44640
     aaaatttctc tggggagttt gctcagagtc tccttcccag tgcatagcac tatagtcaag     44700
     ggtgagagcc cgaagagtca gacttttagt cctgcgtaac tgagggcaat ttgcttcaca     44760
     ttctccttta tttcctgatt tttccctttt gactttcttt tcttgcctac ctcacctacc     44820
     ctcccccccc caaaaaaaaa aaccaggtac acacgcacgc acacacgcac gcacacacac     44880
     actctgaaaa ttgccctgta cttctttaat tttacacggc tatacagatg ctctgttctt     44940
     gctgatgctt ggctttggaa tgtactgttc ctctctggac aaaaccatag ttttgtctct     45000
     aacacatttc ctttctttcc taggttttag ggcataccta tgtgtacatg tatgcccatt     45060
     ctgtaggata ctttgtattg cttcatttgt attgctctct tggtttctct ctacactgtg     45120
     atgggccttt agctttttaa ccctttgaag ttcccctaca ctgaaagcta gatactgatg     45180
     agatcggcat tcccaatttc tgtcagattg gagcacccta ctatgttccg tctttttaaa     45240
     tagtaataat ggagttgctg taatacttgg gtctggtttg caactgctcg tgttcatgta     45300
     cttacttttc attttgggta aaacccagaa gctgaccttg tcagattacg ggatacgtgc     45360
     ctttggaagc ttccgcaggc actctggtca gtcttaacaa ctgtatggac ttcactcggt     45420
     atcttcagtc ttctctctga gctcagaggc atgctttttt tttttttttt tttttcttac     45480
     ttgtaatatg gtgggatttt agtgtccttg tgaacttaga ccaaatgtta taaacgtatt     45540
     tggggcatag tctgctactt ttctttgtag ccttccttat taaaaatctt taaaattttc     45600
     atgtttatat ataaggaagc agagaatgac ctataagata aaccacagct caagctatgc     45660
     acatagatgg ggtgaccccc aaacagcgaa gcagaagctt taaacattgg aacttgcatg     45720
     gggaccacca cccccagaag gctaactgag ggtctgtgat ccgaacctaa agtcatagtc     45780
     ccagggggcc ttacgagagc ctcaagtcct ggggcaatgt ttggagtgtc tagaatacag     45840
     ggcaaatttt cttgacatac aaagaaaaag gaaattgtgc cacaaaatag agtgataaga     45900
     aggaccttaa acaagccttg agttaaagct aagcacttga tataagtgga aaatgggggt     45960
     tagggtttgc ttctagtatt tgaaaatcga atgagattta gaatatgaat caaatggaat     46020
     ttcagaactg aaaaatgtaa catgtgtagt ataaattcac tatatgggtt cagcatatag     46080
     agatgacaga aagagtaagt gaatgtgaag agaatcagta gacttctcca gactgtgttg     46140
     tgtacatcaa ggtcagcttt ctaacgaaga ttcatgttga gatctgcagt caggcacagc     46200
     tttctgcttg agaagtagtg tgcactctga acatctgcat ggtcctcaca cagttgcttc     46260
     ttagtggctg caaagatcag tgtgtgtagc ttgagcctta tctgcctgtc acactacaga     46320
     ttcagaggta gccttgactt gccattgttt catactgagt cacttaagac taagataaag     46380
     taatcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga     46440
     tataaaaagt ataataacat ggatattaaa agtataatat aaaaagtaat catatatgta     46500
     gtgtgtagtt taagtcagat tttaatgtat atgagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca     46560
     ccagaagagg gcatcagatc ccattgcaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga     46620
     attgaactca ggacccctgg aaaagcagtc agtgctccta actgctaaat catctctcca     46680
     gccctaagtc ttatagctta ataagtgtta attttgtctt aagtacaaat aagtgtagta     46740
     gttattttag taaaaagaaa atattttatg gcctatgttt tctaaatagt ctgtggtcag     46800
     agtgtttgag ttagtcagat ggttgtgaat gtgcttggtc tacttagttg tacaaaagtg     46860
     acttggcagt taacaggttt taataattca aaacaactgt cctttaaaaa aattaattaa     46920
     ttttatatcc ctactgaagt ttcccctcct tcttctcttt ccagtccctt ccccctccca     46980
     catttccctt ccctcaaatc tactcctcct cttcagaaaa gggcaagcct cccatggaca     47040
     tcaaccagcc atggcatatc caattgttgc tgtaagactg ggcacatcct atcctattaa     47100
     agctagatga ggcagcccag taagtatcag aagtcagaga cagctcttgc tctcaatgtg     47160
     aggagtccca caggaagacc aagctacaca actgtaatgt gtagagggcc taggtcagtc     47220
     tcaggcaggc ttcctggttg atggttcagt ctctctgagc ccctgtgagc ccaggttagc     47280
     tagctgattc tgtgttgtgt ccttgacagg tcccccaccc ccacccctcc tacaatcctt     47340
     tctcctcctc ttctacagga tttccaaaac tgtctagtgt ctggatgtag ctttctgcat     47400
     ttgtttctat cacagttgtc cttttaatga agtaattata ctgcaagaac cccagaacta     47460
     ttcaagcctc gaaaaggaga ttatttattt tgggtgacat tttaagtata gtctcattga     47520
     tgggatggat aaaaagaaat attcattatt aagttattaa gttaagtgtg tgttagtttg     47580
     ttttagcagc cctgtgaaaa tgctgtgtgg tgtggtatgt gcttctttaa ttttcacttg     47640
     caacatggag ttgtgtatct gtggtttttt ttcttatgca gagttactga aggtcatttt     47700
     catgcaaata tgcaatgtac attgagtaaa tatatacata tatatgtata tattgcatgt     47760
     ttacacacac acacacacac ttacacttgt ctatatctct catgagcaag ttctaagcct     47820
     tgtgttttag tagtattgtt acaaaatcag atttcttaat agatccctta aagatttgtg     47880
     ctactaatga aaagctatac ttttaagctg ctacagtttt ttttttttcc ctctcaaatt     47940
     ttttgagacc taagggattc acacacattt ggctttttaa gttaatggat tttaaaaaac     48000
     aaaaacaaaa tctgtggttt tagttatgtt tgatatctgt ttcttacttt gaagtcacat     48060
     tgcatcattt ttaatgtgca tttagaaatt atgtcatatt tttaacatgg tatagcaaca     48120
     aggtagtttt atagaaaaga aaagaggttc tcatatttat ttggatacta tacagagagc     48180
     gtatataata tttgtaaaaa tgtatcattt gaattgttga aatggtcttc tattaagaga     48240
     acttgatact ttttttttag ttttgtttaa taatgtttag aaatgattca ttctctaaca     48300
     cttggtaagt tagagctgta gtgtagtgga gccggaagca tctgggcacc actacaaggc     48360
     gggcctcaga acctggcttg gcactggcgt ggttttaaag agtattgagg ttcctctcat     48420
     tgccagttaa actgtagcac tactgttgat taaggtttgt atcagcaaat aaaaggttta     48480
     tggtaccaaa tttaacaagc tgaattctaa agtaggtcat gaatctatag tctgttgggt     48540
     tagaaaaata cagttttaat ctgtaaatta ttatagcaag cttatagtct tagtctttaa     48600
     cttaaggttt ttcatttgtt cttcagtaat tagtattaat taaatcaagt taaaagaatt     48660
     actcccctgt aaacaatatg aataatacat aagaaagtaa ctttttggtt ttttttttct     48720
     ggaataaata atatatattt tatcttcttt tttacatgta ggtagagatg tagtattaga     48780
     cacctaattt ataataggat aaaaagaata ctttggtttt atcggtttta taactataag     48840
     aagaatgcat gtttttgcat tatggaggaa attttagaat gtactgacga gaatatgaac     48900
     accattattc attaaatact taagaagcca tcatatgcta taactttgtt tttaggtttt     48960
     gatgccacta taagtacaat tggatatata atatttatct agctttgtgt taagtaatat     49020
     tgcaatgagt ataaaactct ggatgcttct ctgattgctt atttcccaaa aatgaaacta     49080
     ttgggtcaaa agatctgtac atttcagact atttatgtgt ctcaagcatc ccccaacatc     49140
     tttaaaagtc agagtctggt atgtagccca ggctatcctt gaacttacta gtagctgagg     49200
     gaagatgact ttaaacttcg aatcctcctg ccttccttcc tgagtgctag ttttacaaac     49260
     atgcattatc gtgcctggat tatttggtgt gtcactaaac cagggtttcc tgcttgatag     49320
     gcaagcactc taccaactga acagctttcc tttatgaaga gcaaattcct ggctcatttg     49380
     ctagagtact gaggagaaag cctatcagtc agcagaactt gaggtggctg gtgacactgc     49440
     acgcatcatc agtcaggaag tagatgggga gaaagcactt ggctcagctg cctttgttca     49500
     tccttcatta cagccagggg ccctagccca aggagcagtg ctgctcagtc acagtggggc     49560
     tggtacccca gttggccaag tagattccct cccctccagg cgcatcctcc agggttccca     49620
     cctgggtgag gctgtgccct gtgaaggtca cagtgcagcc atggtggact ctccttggtt     49680
     tttctgcctc cctctggagt gcagaagatc agtgaaggag gcgatgttca gtgagcacaa     49740
     taaagagagt gcttattaaa aacagatgct cacgcttgca gcgtagaccc actgcataaa     49800
     ctcacttagg ttcttcggaa gagtttgagg agaaaagatg tcaactcttc agggtttgat     49860
     agagtcagta aagccagttt gggtctttgt ttctcttagt gagtagtttt tgattattgg     49920
     attagtgtgt ttgtatgctc agatatttat atgttcattt atttatgtgt tcagattctc     49980
     ttcatgtgta agtcttggta agttgtgtat ttgtgggggt ttatccagct tttttgtttg     50040
     tttgtttgtc ttgtttggtg gtgttacagt aatgtcttgc agtcctgttt ctgtggcttc     50100
     agttgaattt tcttctattt ctcatttgac ttatctgaat ctatgtaata aaattgaggg     50160
     catatcaatt tatttgatat atttttaaaa aggcttagct tttttgattt tgggggtggg     50220
     tcttattctg attggtctta tttcctttct tctgtagact gtggacttga ttgtttttct     50280
     ttctggttct ttgaggtttc ttaattttca tttttcagag ctggttgtta gacccaaggc     50340
     tgagtgtgta tcaaagcaag tgcccatcac agagctgtgc tctagatgtg gtgggtttta     50400
     ttgtgggtgt ttaaatgttg ctctgaatgg ctctacccat gcattctgat atgtgctgtt     50460
     tgtctcagaa ctcttaataa cgcgttctca cgcccggcca ggaagaacac agcaaaccag     50520
     aatcttctgc ggcaaaactt tattgcttac atcttcagga gcaagagtgt aagaagcaag     50580
     acaggaaatg gcgaaacccc atcccttttt aaggagaatt atcctccacc taggacgtat     50640
     tactccctga ttggctgcag cccatcggcc cagttgtcat cacgggaaag gcagaacaca     50700
     tggtgggaaa actgcccctg catgtgtgca gactatgttt accacttaga acacagctgt     50760
     cagtgccatc ttataatggc aaatgtgagg gcggctcctc acagatcccc cttttctttt     50820
     aataagagca ataggccacc catattaatg agagtggaga tagaggtcaa atccccagtg     50880
     tgcaggtaaa ggagccgtac acataacctc ctcccaggct catcacccag aggggtcctg     50940
     gtctggtccc gtgttgtttt tcctggggga aggacacttg aacactcaac cttcttgaaa     51000
     gatgacatgt ctccctagaa taggctcata tatgccgcag agcccttcta ctgcagtgct     51060
     tagccgtgca actctctcgg gctgctgaag cacactcact ctatcccgtg caatgagact     51120
     agcctcgtgg ggtttaagag ctgagtggcc agcgacctat tgcttaagca tagataacta     51180
     tatatcaggg gaagcaccat gttctagtcc tgcaagcgcc tgggcaataa ccaccttgtc     51240
     tctcctagtt tgggccttaa gcttacagac caaccaaaga agcaacacta atccacagcg     51300
     aagtgtatct ccaaataatc tcacccccac ccattcttta aagaaggaaa atgctgagga     51360
     gatccaattg ggtaatcctt tgatcaggga caggtccaag cgcttggagt tgacctgaat     51420
     gatggcaagt ctcaattccc gaagggtctg ttcaaattca gccgtccaat tctgtaacat     51480
     atactgagaa agacctttta acaaattagc tgccctagta aatttctcat actgaatgga     51540
     agtaacgcac aatcccggaa acttttattc acatcccagc cacttctaaa agatttactg     51600
     cattgaccac ataacaggaa tctgacacaa tattaagggg ttctaaaaag gtttttaaaa     51660
     cttctaaaac cactaaacat tctaccactt gaggtgaatt ttcattatat tgtttggata     51720
     ccactttacc attagccaca taggcaccta taccagtttt tgatccatca gtatatacca     51780
     caatcccatt tttaagtggg tttcttactg ttatttgtgg aaacacaaca gattgatttt     51840
     ggacaaactg taaaagtgga tgttttggat aatggttatc tatttgtcct gaaaaggagg     51900
     taactaaaac tgcccaatca ttagatatta ggtgatatgg gctctgtcct tccttgctct     51960
     tgacgtccta acccttttcc ttacaaccaa ataggcagaa tcatttctgg aggagcccat     52020
     tttctttatc tcaggtcctg caaatttctc cctggtatta tcagggagga gcagcagctg     52080
     agccatccta tctcctttgc taatagaaaa aacgcccttg gggcttgagc acaggacctg     52140
     tatttcaggg gaatgttgac aatccataac tccagggtgg actactaagc cctgcaaggt     52200
     gagtgaaccc cggccgagaa taaggcccat ggttccaggg ggcaaggatg gtataggctc     52260
     cacccttgtg ggtcttcctg ggtcgtctct ctgactgcgg aggaaggagt ctgcccttta     52320
     tatccctcac agagcgacac tggtcggctc tatgataacc cttgccacac ttagagcaaa     52380
     gagtgagggt ccccccctgt ttatctggag ctctgcaatc tttcttaaga tgcccaggct     52440
     tcctgcagtt aaaacatgtc ctccgatcat ttctgcccat ggagcatttt tgggattgaa     52500
     ggatggcagc cgctaagcct gcattggtga gaggtccccc aagctcccga caaaccctga     52560
     gccagtcttg taaacctttg ttctttcttg gggctatggc tgctcggcat tcctgcgtgg     52620
     cttgctcata aatgagttgt tctaccagag gtgcggcttg ctctgaatct ccaaaaatac     52680
     gccctgctgc ctctgtcatt ctggccacaa aatctgagaa ggactcttgt gcaccttgag     52740
     taatcttggt caactgccca cttgcctctc ccttcttagg tagtgctttc catgccttaa     52800
     cagcagcagc tgagatctga gcatatgctc cccaatgata atttgtctgg ttagcagcgt     52860
     gttgtccctg acctgtaagt aattcaaaag tccacgttct ctgatcccct ttcatggtgg     52920
     cattggccct tgcctgcgtc tggcaggagt cctgccacaa ggctttccac tcaagataca     52980
     ttcccatact gggggctaca gcttttacta ccgtctgcca atcaccagga gtcatagcgt     53040
     gattcgcaag cctttccact tgtgctatag tgaaattagc actgactcca tagttacgga     53100
     ccgactcggc aagctcttta atctgtatat acgctaccgg agcgtggaca cgcccaccct     53160
     cggctccttc aaagaccgga aatgcctgtt gtattttcct ttgttcctcc tttggaatga     53220
     acgagtctgt gcattgcctc tctgtccatt gcctctctgc gcagggctga tgcactacgc     53280
     agggcggggg ctcagcatag ggtggaggtg cactatgacc ttgaagccga ctgccaagag     53340
     gccaagcagc aagctggcct ttgccagccg cttttggctt tttccttgac cgattagctc     53400
     gcattttatc tggctggcac ttttctctct cataacgagc tgtttcctcc tccaagtctg     53460
     tttcttcaga gaagctaaat tttttatctg attcagagct actaagaact agctccccga     53520
     gcccatccag cgatgagcac aggctccttc tcctagagac ctccgctaat tgatctttct     53580
     tcttttccct tttccctctt ttccttctaa tctctctcca ggtattccta cctgacctta     53640
     acttttcctc gggttcaaga cccttggaaa ggcctgtata cttattttgt gcaccatgtt     53700
     tcctctttgc tcctactctc tctccccgct ttacttctga tagattgtct tgaatttcgt     53760
     ccagaatccg ccctgcctta accacttgtt gacatgtgaa aaggaacaaa agggcttcta     53820
     acactagaca aagttcaagg ccaaacatac cttgtaaagc tatttcccac tttacttctg     53880
     atagactgtc ttgaatttcg ttagaaagtt caaggccagg cttacctcgt aaagctatac     53940
     tcactggtac tctcgttccc cagctgaaaa gttctgaatt catgcagttg aatccttctt     54000
     aacagtctgc tttacgggaa cctttattac cgcgacccgc agttctggtt ctggaatgag     54060
     ggatcttcct tgcgccggtg aaactcccgt cccgagtttc ctcccgggtt ttttcttccc     54120
     ggattttttc tcgtcccgga atttctcgtc ccggaatttc tcgtcccgga atttctcgtc     54180
     ccaggtcttc tcgtcccgtc ccgggtctca gcaccaattc ttaataacgc gttctcacgc     54240
     ccggccagga agaacacagc aaaccagaat cttctgcggc aaaactttat tgcttacatc     54300
     ttcaggagca agagtgtaag aagcaagaca ggaaatggcg aaaccccatc cctttttaag     54360
     gagaattatc ctccacctag gacgtattac tccctgattg gctgcagccc atcggcccag     54420
     ttgtcatcac gggaaaggca gaacacatgg tgggaaaact gcccctgcat gtgtgcagac     54480
     tatgtttacc acttagaaca cagctgtcag tgccatctta taatggcaaa tgtgagggcg     54540
     gctcctcaca cagaacactt gataatttcc ctctggattt ggttgttagc ctttcagttt     54600
     tgtaatagtg tactgttaag tttgcacatt taaaatttct gcttttattc tattgtgatt     54660
     agaaagcata cttccgacta aagattgtta aaacttgttt tatgatctaa catgtgacct     54720
     attgtacaga ttttctcagc acatttgaga atagtgtaca ttctgtggtt tttgcatgaa     54780
     ctattctttc atatacgttt ggtctataat gtaagtctgc ttttattttc agcaggatga     54840
     tctgtctgtt gttttatctc ccttcactct gcttcttaga tttagatgct tattggtggg     54900
     agtatgcatc tgtacttgct gtagcttttg cgtgacatga tccaggtgta tatgtatgtg     54960
     tagatacata tatattcttc tctcatgata ggtttttatt aaagtctatt ttgtgtagta     55020
     taggtatgag cacatatgcc ctgggtttgt ttgcttcctg acctgtgtgg aaggtctcag     55080
     tcctttgagt tgtagcctgt gagtaccttt aaacccacag agtcgtattg atgttgtgtg     55140
     ttgcatctta ttctgagctc attcagcttc tcccttcccc ttgagaacat aattcttaac     55200
     attagtatac ttccttgttt ccacctcacc agctcttatc ttcctctttc cttgccggtt     55260
     ttctctgcgt ttataatttc ctattgtaat tactgtgctc tcactgtttt ctctttcttt     55320
     ctatgtgtag gtagaactgc ctcttgttgc catgggtatt acataaaacg tagcaatctc     55380
     tgtaagctgg aaacttgaat tgcatgcaga catttgaatc atttactctt tctcccactt     55440
     tgtgttcccg atgtcacccc ttacatttac ttatagtgtg tgttccttag gatacttgtg     55500
     taattcttaa aaatacttgt ggttcaattt ctgtagagaa ttaaaagtga tttatcttat     55560
     tttttgttct tttttccttt cttttattaa gttttattag atttttttca tatattatga     55620
     tttcctgtcc ctcagcttct ccaagatatc ctgctgcccc aacacacacc ttccttccca     55680
     ttagaatcca cacccttttt gcaaacagac atctaaagaa taatgataaa taagataaaa     55740
     caaaaacaaa cagaatagaa caaacgaaac ggaagaaaaa tagccaagga aaaagcacaa     55800
     gatacatatg aagacacaga gacacaacat ttgtacacac aagactcccc taaaaacacc     55860
     aaactagaag ccataatata tatatgctaa agacctataa gattaaaaga aagtcttatc     55920
     aaaactttat gagacagaga actttcaata atgccactga gtttattctc tgttggccat     55980
     cttctgctgg gcatgaggcc tgcccttaga gtgctttatg tcctagaatc cagcggagag     56040
     aactggtttc tcactatgag tagatataga ctggacttgg cttctgggtc aagaatgggg     56100
     tgggggttgt gtctgcttct ctcagctctg ggacctcatc tgagcagact tgtacttata     56160
     tttgattttt ccctaggtgc ctggccttgg ttatagtttt aaaactattt tctttttatg     56220
     taatcagttt atagaattta gtttttgtta cacatttttg taaaaaagtt ctaaattttg     56280
     ctaaattagt taaaatgttt ttgcgataaa attgtatata agttggacaa attttacttt     56340
     tgttttttta aaacagagtt ctgatggtca gtcacacaga agacggcctt gcgtctgtgg     56400
     gtgttggaga ctccattcta aagatataaa aagtgaaaga ggtaaaggcg acctataatg     56460
     cttcattgca ttcatttttt tctaggaaaa aaatgtgtaa aagaacttag agattacttg     56520
     acatacttat ttgaggaaag cgttatttaa aactttttgt ttccgtgtta acgcagaata     56580
     tttgctattc agtaattact gtttatctat tactttaatt aatgattaca taatgattag     56640
     tagaactgaa gctatccatg cctcatgaag attgcatttt caaggaaagc aagcattagt     56700
     actatcaaga gaattaaaat tgatactaga gatgggtgat ggctttcatc aggtagtcag     56760
     agaaggccat attgaaagtc attttagttg tgagtaaaat ggcaggtgct aagccgtgta     56820
     gctcagaaag agaaaagaag ctgccctggc agcagggaca gcagggactg ggatgcttga     56880
     agagcaggat ataaatgtgc ctggagcatg catgccctag gaagtgcaga gcatacatga     56940
     agatcagctt gcaagagaca tgagtagagc aggcagctgg aaggaagtca gggctctgag     57000
     taaatgtatt agattttaga gactttgaaa acctgtacag tatggtgact ggagggatgg     57060
     ctcactgggc aaagtgcttg ctgtacaaac atgaggacca cctgagttca gatcccgtgc     57120
     tccctgctga aaaaagctgt gtggcattgt gtatctctaa ccccagcact aagtcatggc     57180
     gacaggtgca tccccagaac tccctggttt acacgcaggc atgtacatgc aggtacatgt     57240
     gcatatgcat acatacatac actgtgtgca catagacatc tacacaagct atagagaagt     57300
     cagaaaggct ttgggagaca gaatgtggtg gcacatgcct ttttgcgagg tggagataga     57360
     gaatccagcc tgggccatgt gataacctgt cacaaaaaaa gaaaaaaagg aaggaaggaa     57420
     ggaagaatga atttaaggct ctggaattgg aaatctggac taagataata gatttaggca     57480
     taaagatttg gcataaagaa gtacttaaaa gttctccttc agttacctag aaagtgtgtt     57540
     cagccctagt acagactaat gtttatatag gagaagcaac agtcattaaa ctgaatagga     57600
     aagctagaaa tgttctgtca tggaagttta gagaagaaat cattaagtcc gtacagagcg     57660
     atcacttaca gcacacccac caaggatctt atagaatcag ggaagcaggc cctgcatgta     57720
     gccgtgcagt acttatgatt acaaatggca ctttcagtgg acggtgcagg agtgcaaacc     57780
     taagaatggt gagagaatga ggacacctag acagctgcct gctacctcat caatgggata     57840
     gtgcctgaca caagctactg aaagacagac ttcttgatta ttttggattc tgggttcagt     57900
     agatcatggt tatttgcttt tgggtttctg ggctcattgt gagatggaac attagggccg     57960
     caggaacatg aagcagagga gggagcagga tacaggagga ggggacaaga tacagccacc     58020
     tgtatattgc catcattgac ctactcttgc ctcgcgtctt accttttatc acctcccaat     58080
     aataccttct tatatgggtc tgtcaaatga ctaatctgtt tagtatgtca gagcctgtag     58140
     gattctggtg actctggctc tgccttgcat gtacttccag agactggcat cattaatctc     58200
     ttagatatct agatgatctc aaccattcac agggctgcct aagaccatct cccatatcag     58260
     gtatttattt aatgattcat aacagtagca gaattgcagt tatgaggtag caacaaaata     58320
     attttatgga tggggtcacc acaacatgag gagctatatt aaagggtcac agcattagga     58380
     aggctgaaaa ccactgtctt agatgtttca atccagtaaa gttaaccaac actaaccagt     58440
     ctcagctaaa taaaaagaaa taagcttaca aataatactt cataagggca agagaatggg     58500
     agaaaaataa tagcaacaaa aattttgcac cttgaaaagc aaaagaagtg tagtttctta     58560
     agctagaagt ggaaggtctg agacacttct tgtgtcagag agcctctaaa gttgtcatga     58620
     cttgagagca ctctctgatt tctagaaatg aaagtggtgg tgatgttgaa acagaataat     58680
     ttgctgcaga tattcttaaa gagaccagag agaagcaact ttttaaaaga atgaaagttc     58740
     cagtttggtt tgtagttcca gtcaccagcc ccttggtatc attgtttgtg ttaagcctga     58800
     gcattatggt ggtaaagcta ctgactttgt gatagccagg acgcagaaag gcagacggga     58860
     tgctagggta ctgataccct gatttctcta acattcctac aacttctcag gagtcccttt     58920
     gcctgggaac tgagccttca acacctgaga tttggctgtg ggccatcatt agagtttaca     58980
     ctatggcacc tagggaagag aaaacactgt agccagaaac ccagggaatc atcagggtca     59040
     gagtgagtgc tgagccctgg agggcagcac tgttgttggg cataaataac aaatagacac     59100
     cgtgagaata gatgagagag ttctggagga aacagttgga aaatggtagg atatataatg     59160
     tgtatgaaga tacagaaagt gtatttagat agttatgagt ttgtagtaaa tcagtacaaa     59220
     actagataaa ctacaaagaa aaaaacatcc tttagatatg tttctcttgc tgtgataaag     59280
     tactatacca gggtaacttg taaaagagtg tgttttatca ggtttatagt tccagagaat     59340
     tagaattcat agtggctgaa gaaaagagct gagagctcac atttcaaacc acaagcagga     59400
     gacagcacat cggtgatggc aggaagctct ttaagacaca aagcttgact gtgtgacccc     59460
     ttcctccaac gctagtacct cctcatcttt cccaaatagt ggtactaact ggggatcaag     59520
     tattcaaaca caagaacctg tggtagactt tctctctcaa actaccatag ctactaactc     59580
     aggaaaatac tcaggagggg agatcaaatg tagcatgcta gaacgttgag gcttagcttt     59640
     gaattgcaat tacagctgaa aaatgcaaac tttagaatta taatattgga gagttgggag     59700
     ggggtatatg tttataaagt aagaaagaaa aaaaaatcct caaggttgga aagattgctc     59760
     tgcagttgtc ttagttaggg tttctattgc tgtgattaga aatatgacca gaagcaactc     59820
     agggaaatca aggcagaaac tagaggcagg aactgaagca gaggccatag aggaatgctg     59880
     tttactggct tgctccacat ggcttgctca gactgctttc ttacatatcc tagtacctac     59940
     tgcctaaggg tgggtatcaa ctggagcatc ctacattaat cactaagaaa atacacctag     60000
     aagtatacac acaggccaat ctaatttctc catcagggtt ccctcttctt agataactgt     60060
     atctcctgtc taattgacca aaaataagta aacaaccaga cagggaagca aatcggataa     60120
     ttggctactc ttccagggaa tccagattca gtacccccac cccattgact agtggcttac     60180
     attcacctgt aatttcagtc ccaggggatt ttgtgttctt tttggcctct gtggacactt     60240
     tattcatgtg atgcatatac atataagcag gtgaaagacc tatatacata aaaggagatg     60300
     aatcaattaa aaacttaaaa atcccatgct ccccaagatg cctaaaatcc agacacttta     60360
     gagatccaaa aaggcttatt taagtacatt ggggcaatca ataaattata actacctaag     60420
     cactgtacct ataaacaaaa gagtcaaaag taacaaagat gttcccagta gcagagttta     60480
     ttgctgaaag agaatgagca gtggagggct tctgattttg tagtaacttt cctaaaacca     60540
     ctttacagta aacttcatat ctgcacttac atgtggaaga ccaaattgta aaatataaga     60600
     gtggcaataa ggacactgta gttttcctag gaaaaggaaa aagaatatga cagtagctaa     60660
     agaagattgg tgggtcaaga aaagtagggt tttgttttat tttattggtc tttttcagct     60720
     aagaagtagt ggttgatgaa ctgagttaat gtattgatca gtggcaggag ttggaaagaa     60780
     ggcctgtggt gggtgacagt ggatggggtt cagaaagatg aataattcca ttaataatac     60840
     tgcaggttat tttaaaacag aatccttctt atgcgaagga ttctattcca gaagtggaat     60900
     agagaccatc tctgagacca tctctcctcg tgtgtactgt tgtgtatgaa gtcaaggaag     60960
     agctacactg ccatctaacc tgctggtaca accccttggt ttaatgctgt ctgcccttcc     61020
     ctggttttaa aggagtgttt acacaccagt acctgtgcct cagtaccctg tcaattatga     61080
     aacagtagcg tgatacagac tcacctgctg aatctgtgac ttggatgcaa ggggcttatg     61140
     taaaggaaca tttaattcct agctttaact tgatcctttt gtagtttggt aaactggtaa     61200
     atttcattta agtaattgca attgatccct aaaagacaca ttgcctatcc ttctggtcta     61260
     ttaatgtcaa tactttgtaa aaaaaaataa ataaacttta ttccacatga gtagtctgta     61320
     tacttggaat ttctcttgag cttgtgtagg gacatagtat aatgtctaaa atggagtatt     61380
     cctgatgagc aagtgtaaca tggcatgcca ttttggatta gaagcctgaa ttactaggtg     61440
     ttttctgtgt ttctttatta tcacagtgtt ctgttagaca ctcttcaaaa ggtttgctct     61500
     ggagatattt aatcctactc atttcctttc ctttattttt ctcttaaata agatgtatct     61560
     atcaattggc tggaaaagta gaaagaagat cttgagcaag tgtggtccta atttgagtgt     61620
     attggctgtg agtacagtta caagctgagt aacaactttg ttgaaaatca ctgttgacag     61680
     tagtagagaa tagcctagta gtgagccagt caatcttcta ggccattttg attcatccat     61740
     tttatacatc gtcagaagtg tccttcctag ataggtttat cccactatca ccaccccttg     61800
     tttgtcctat tttctccttt ttgacaatta agcatgctga tgacacataa ctaacacata     61860
     tggcacagat ttggcccctt agttttgcaa ctctatttgt ataaactgtc tccaatgttc     61920
     ttctcatttt agtgatagag ccagcatctg tcatcaccat tgctcagtct tctgatctag     61980
     aaaggtgact taggtaaacc caaaggttct gtaaatgtgt gttccctctt atgatgttaa     62040
     cttagacacg tagagtcaca gtggtctgtc atgatattga tcctgccatt atcttgtaag     62100
     cactcttagt ctcctgagtc ctattttgtt ggcttaagca cataggcaat gcaacatcat     62160
     ttttcttttt tttaaattct ttaaaaaata tttattttta tttatgagta cactgtagct     62220
     atcttcagac atagcagtag atcccattac agatggttgt aaaccaccat gtggttgctg     62280
     ggaattgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagta gtcagtgttc ttaaccactg agccatctct     62340
     ccagcccgca acatcatttt tcaagggctt gtttctcttc ctcttatgaa gggtacatat     62400
     gaaaacagtg atagaatttc ttagactctc ctgtgaaaat atctttaaaa ttttctggtt     62460
     taatagagtt acacattata atattttcta aattctaaat aaaggaaata ataatataaa     62520
     acttttacac ctcaaaactt gggatgttta taaatagtgc catctgttat tcaatattta     62580
     attcatggct tgatgaaact gctttatatg gaattttagt cttgtgactc aatttgaaag     62640
     cagcacattt taattacttc aatgtagaga cagtatgaga cattttatga tacttatttt     62700
     ctctgattgg tttgccatct ccttaacatt cctataacat gcctatgagg aaaataagct     62760
     ctaggttttc tcaaatgcag ttttgtcctg gctcatggcc tgtgcagcta tcggctgcca     62820
     ttctgcttct cagagtccac tcagcctgtg tgtcctctag tccactgctt ctcagacttt     62880
     agtgtcatag aagtcagtga ggatcttgtg gaaatgtggg ttcagagtca gccaggagtt     62940
     cttccctgac catgaggatg cttcctgcct ctgcgccttg ttttcaggaa catgaatcct     63000
     gacgccttac ttcaggcttc cttttgtact gttcacagac atacttggtt gcttcttgtc     63060
     tgggtgataa ccactgggca gtatagcttc attgtgtatt ttgttttcat tgtttagata     63120
     tctgtttcct tgatcagtat agatttctgc ctatagaact gagcctctca tccttagagg     63180
     tacaaggaat atgtactgtt tagcagaaaa taaaatctca acaaatattt gttagaccat     63240
     attattgcag ccagtttgta gttacgtagt caaagcatat actgaagatt aaaaatgata     63300
     ttttattgct ttatagaaat ataatttgaa ttttccatat atcttttaga agaaaaaaaa     63360
     gcttaaaata ttccccatcc aaagatattt gcttgaaaat aatataccag cttcatttga     63420
     aatctgcata gtaacaatag tattctcaag ataatgttgt agaagtgttt tagaaaacta     63480
     ataaccatta atgttttctt ttctcacaag gagaagtaca aatgtctacc acaagacgaa     63540
     aacataatgt gttatggtgt ttaccgtaag ctgtagtaaa atgagctcaa ttgttgacag     63600
     gtatgttttt aaaatcatta ttagaatagt gattcttata attccaagtg ggtggtttaa     63660
     tacagtgaca taatttcata ctggttttat atagattttc agtaaaaagt gaaggccatt     63720
     ttgaaataag atatttaaac taaataaatt cttgtttagc ctgatatata catatagctg     63780
     agtatcactg ccttcagagt tcatgtgtgg aaaacttaaa atatagttaa ctgtaattaa     63840
     actttgttag aaagtaagtt aatggttccc gagcttgttt ccttgatcac ctgggacgca     63900
     ggcgcgtgtg cgtggactcg cctgtggctt tgctgctgtg ctcaccagtc ctgctcagcc     63960
     tttctctgtc ttttctcttg tagagatgac agtagtattt ttgatggatt ggtggaagaa     64020
     gatgacaagg acaaagcaaa aaggtagtta gctatgaaat agaaaacaat aaataaatat     64080
     agtagttata tttatttata ataatatgat acctacatgt atattattag gtgtaggtta     64140
     taaattatct cctgaccttt tgaaaagtaa gcttaaataa attagtcatg tccaaattaa     64200
     acactgtatg aaactatttg tatagttaga ttgtttttaa aaaatgacat atttgagcca     64260
     ggcgtggccg tgcacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg     64320
     agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agcccgggct acacagagaa     64380
     accctgtctc gaaaaacaaa acaaacaaat aaacaaaaaa aaccccaaca actacatatt     64440
     taatttcttt ttcttcatag agtatctaga aacaaatcag aaaagaaacg tagagatcag     64500
     ttcaatgtcc tcattaagga gctggggtct atgcttcctg gtaacgcgag aaagatggac     64560
     aagtctactg ttctacagaa gagcattgat tttttgcgca aacataaagg taaagtgctg     64620
     actttgtaaa atgagtatat ttttatagga ctcttcccca cttaaaacat aatgagttat     64680
     atgatgttta agataaaatg atatctagtg tgttccttct ttcattcaac aaacatttgg     64740
     tgagttctgt attctatgtc cttaggaagt tagagtgatt gtcttggctc tcagcgtaag     64800
     cctggggaga cagatgtgct aacatataac taaactacaa atgagtagtg tctataaact     64860
     gtaagctaag aagcacattt tgtcttgatc ttttatcata aaggaaagaa tgttttaggt     64920
     gtacaaatag gtaatttttt aaacctagtc ttctttttag gttaagtaag tgaaatagtg     64980
     tttttacaca aagagatact atgtacaaaa tcagaaaagc aaagagacat gattgtaact     65040
     gagcatattt gtgttagaag tgtataggtg tatttgagag ttgggtcatg taaggtccag     65100
     accattttaa agggtcattt cagtgtatgg ctagggaata aacactatac ctcaaattac     65160
     ttgttaatca aagaaaatta tctcgattga aattatctcg attgaatcac tcatgaaaag     65220
     aaactgttaa agtttttgat aattaggtag cagagatact aaactgtaag aactagagaa     65280
     ggatgtatgc tttttagctg aagtgaaact acagttctta ggcgcacaga tgctaactgc     65340
     tgcctctgtc gttttccttt cactccttgt aatccactgc tacgctgtcc tgtgtaccaa     65400
     tactctctgc attttttttt cattaatttc attactgaca ttacccaccc atccccaata     65460
     cagcaaaggt tgttgttctt ctttaatctc tttagagtta gaactggcag tctagatctg     65520
     cccgcttgct gctgactttc ttcttctatg gcttccatct tctctgctgc tccccttcct     65580
     gtccggtacc ctctcttttc cttcctgctc tctaaatggg acgtttctca aggcttatcc     65640
     ttgttttctt attttgtcaa cccccttcct gtgagtacct ctttgtatta actgtagctg     65700
     ctatgcatct gtattcaact actaatgaat cttattttca gatgcaaaaa ttctaccttt     65760
     gtattcctag ttaacttact ggataccatt ttccatgtct ccaaactcat ctcctctaaa     65820
     atgtattcat tttgtcatgt cagttcctcc taacctggcc tttccatttt tgtaccattt     65880
     gattagattc ccagggctcc accatgaaaa tacttgggga tgtttcattt acgttagcat     65940
     ctcccacacc tccaccctct ctgcggctta ctcttttgta agtgtgtcag ttccttacac     66000
     tgatcttctg ctgtcttgag ctccctttgt ttccttggca cactcagtga agtcagttcc     66060
     ttaaaccttg taggagctcg ggaaatgatt gttgaatgaa ataaagtgag atgcatacat     66120
     ttctgtcgcc tgacaatata atattcattt tgccgttaac taggtttgtc cccaaaattg     66180
     gatgtataat tctcacaaaa tgaaattagt ggtaaattcc agagacattt taaaagtatt     66240
     tgtttatcta aaatagactt gtattaacta aatcttagtg aatttgtgtc tgtaattgta     66300
     tatatagttg acagcaattt gaagaccata actgtatttc acagaattag tagctgtact     66360
     ttttagttac ttgttgtagt tcagtggagt cacttgtaat atgccaaatt tggtatgtaa     66420
     atatgaaata tttaactatc tggtaacaaa atattaaaat aatacaatcc atacttttca     66480
     ttacaaagta aggtagtgta caacctgtcg tattgatctc taatttggtt gttacagtct     66540
     acatataaaa agaaaaaaca aagctgggca gtggtggcgc acgcctttga tcccagcact     66600
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgattt     66660
     ccaggacagc cagggctaca aagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaacaaccc ccccccccaa     66720
     aaaaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaaagcag     66780
     cagcaacaac aacgttaagg tgttgtggtc ctcttctatg gtaattacta attctattag     66840
     taatgaagag tttacacact tggaagctga ggcaggagga tcataagttt gaagccagcc     66900
     tgagatacat agtaagaccc tgttttttaa aagaaaagaa aacgtatttg ttaagcaaat     66960
     agttcatatt tcattattta ttataatatt ccaataacta aatctattcg ctgtagcaaa     67020
     atgaaatagc aatatggcaa aaggcatgtg ccagggaccc cggaggcttt gggaggctcc     67080
     atattattac aaacattaga aaagaagaca ctgaccaaag tcactctgca agtgattatt     67140
     actgagatgt ttctgcccca aatttttaat ttagtctcct ggattaacta atataaagca     67200
     gctgagatta ggaggaatct tcccattgta gctttccttg gagctgacga tctctactct     67260
     agatatagct agttgaatga tgaaaaagat gaggtaaaaa gtttcttcag aatctttgga     67320
     ataatcttgt aatctgcttg tttttatatg ctaattttgt taacctggaa gcaaatttag     67380
     gcttatcagt cagagtgtat caaagccctc cctatccttt ctccccaata aaaaccccaa     67440
     agaaatgtta ctaaattatc cagaccaatt cctagaagat aacatttcac attttcagag     67500
     cctggcctcc ttttaaggga atcaatatct cgcacctgtt tgttaccatg gagtaggaag     67560
     aacaggcggc ttgtagtgtg ctgtgctccc ccaatggtta gagtatgcca ctaacgtgtc     67620
     aatctgttta cagagaccac tgcacagtca gatgctagtg agattcgaca ggactggaaa     67680
     cccacattcc ttagtaatga agagtttaca cagttaatgt tagaggtatg ttcagattta     67740
     atttttgaaa gttttctttt tttaaaaatt taacagtaat taattttagt atagctctag     67800
     cagtattact aatattgaaa agtcttaatc cagtgtaatg taattagccc tgcttgtgta     67860
     taattaacag ttgatcaagt attgtaagca gataatgcca tgtcataaag taatacctac     67920
     tttctctatt ttcgttattt gaaaattgca tataattcag aaacatatag ttaccgcgtc     67980
     ctcaacctga gatatcgaca tactgcattc taacaaagca ttgcatgtgt tctcacatcc     68040
     cacactgtta ggagttgtat ctgttctcct ctagctgcgc tgctgtgtca tgcatagtaa     68100
     catggactgt ggagctgtga acaacagaac attgccagtg tcctagagga gacagcccag     68160
     tgagcaggcc ccagtgagag ctcctgaggc tacttcatag atgatcttct gctgtgtcat     68220
     ggcatgcaga catgctagat aggagctctc agggacactt ttatgggaac actaattttg     68280
     ttttggtggc ttcatcacct aatcaccttc tagccacctc ccccaggaca gcaatgggaa     68340
     gttaggtttt gacataaatt ctgtaggaca cagccaaaaa tgaacataga tggtaataaa     68400
     tggtgtagtt ttcaaatgaa aatatgtgtt gaaaggtaat tattctgtta gtagacactt     68460
     ttaaaaggaa gcaagtgatg ttctatgaca gaattgcttt taagaatagt tgagaatagt     68520
     ttttgcttat atatagggtg taacatcttc ctgtcatata tacaacacac agaagtcttg     68580
     gaacatgcat ccctaatagc tttacttttc tactttttaa tcttttcctg gatagaataa     68640
     tgtagtttca tttatgtaca gaaaccagtc agaactcagt atgaagtgtc atgaaaactt     68700
     acaatagcaa acaggtggtt tactttgttg gtaaaaaaaa aaagtcataa aagcactgag     68760
     cccagtactc aagagggtaa gagagaggga ttggggtgca tcaggggtgt tgtagctaac     68820
     ctggacagca tgtggagaaa tcagtacatc taagaagtga aattgttaag caaataattt     68880
     ttctgcatca tgtatgtgaa tataatagct ctatctcaat ggcttatttt tttttaatat     68940
     taactagggt cagaagcaag gtaaaacagg ttttagtaag tactgtgggg tgtaacaatt     69000
     agtaaaggtt aaagtttgta tatgtataat ggaagcattt aaaattgaag gataaatact     69060
     ttccattaac tcatggaatt ctcataactg gttgttttaa gaaggtgttc caaaaaaatg     69120
     gacaattttc taggcagata ccaggtacca aagttaaatc aggatcagat taacgatcta     69180
     aaatagcccc atatccccta aagaaataga agcagtcatt aatagtctcc caaacaaaaa     69240
     aaaagcccag gaccagatgg gtttagtgca gagttctatc agaccttcaa agaagaccta     69300
     attccaactc ttctcaaact attccacaaa atagaagcag aaggtaccct acccagttcg     69360
     ttctataagc caatattact cagataccta aaccacacaa agatccaaca aagaaagaga     69420
     acttcagacc aatttccctt atgaatatca atgcaaaaat actcaataaa accctcgcaa     69480
     accgaatcca agaacacatc aaaacgatca tccatcacga ccaagtaggc ttcatcccag     69540
     ggatacaagg atggttcaat atatggacat ccatcaacat aatccactat ataaacaaat     69600
     tcaaagacaa aaaccacatg ataatctcat tagatgctga gaaagtattc gacaaagtcc     69660
     aacacccctt catgataaaa gtcttggaaa gatcaggaat tcaaggccca tacttaaaca     69720
     taataaaagc tatatacagc aaaccagtag ccaacatcaa acaaaattgt gagaaactgg     69780
     aagcaatccc actaagatca gggactagac aaggctgccc actctctccc tatctattca     69840
     gtatagtact caaagtccta gccagagcaa ttagacaaca aaaggagatc aaggggatac     69900
     aaattggaaa ggaagaagta aaaatatcac tttttgcaga tgatatgata gtatatataa     69960
     gtgaccccaa aaattccacc agagaactcc taagcctgat aaacaacttc agtgaagtag     70020
     ctggatataa aattaactca aacaaatcag tggcctttct ctacacaaag gataaacagg     70080
     ctgagaaaga aattagggaa acaacaccct tcacaaaagt cacaaataat ataaaatacc     70140
     ttggtgtgac tctaactaag gaagtgaaag atctgtacga taagaacttc aagtttctga     70200
     agaaagaaat tgtagaaaat ctcggaagat ggaaagatct cccatgctca tggattggca     70260
     ggattaatat agtcataatg gctgtcttgc tgaaagcaat ctacacaatc catgcaatcc     70320
     ccatcaaaat tccaactcaa ttctttacag agttagaaag ggcaatttgc aaattcatct     70380
     ggaataacaa aaatcctagg atagcaaaaa ctgttctcaa caataaaaga acctctgggg     70440
     gaatcaccat gcctgacctc aagctgtact acagagcaat tgtgataaaa actgcatggt     70500
     actggtacag tgacagacag gtaaatccat ggaatagaat tgaagaccca gaaatgaacc     70560
     cacacaccta tggtcacttg atctttgcaa gggagctaaa accatccagt ggaaagaaga     70620
     cagcattttc aacaaatggt gctggctcaa ctggtggtta gcactgtaga agaatgtgaa     70680
     tctatccaca cttatctcct tgtacaaagc tcaagtccaa gtggatcaag gaccaccaca     70740
     taaaaccaga gacactgaaa cttatagaag agaaagtggg gaagagcctt gaacatatgg     70800
     gcacaggggg aattttttaa aatagaacac caatggctta tgttctaaga tcaagaattg     70860
     acaaatggga cctcataaaa ttgcaaagct tctgtaaggc aaaggacact atcagtaaga     70920
     ccaaaaggcc accaacagat tgggaaaaga tctttaccaa tcctaaatcc aatagggggc     70980
     taaaatcaaa tatatataaa gagctcaaaa agttggactc cagaaaacca aataacccta     71040
     ttaaaaaatg ggatacagag ctaaacaaag aattctcaac tgaggaatac cgagtggctg     71100
     agaaacacct aaaagaaatg ttcaacatcc ttaattatca aggaaatgta aatcaaaaca     71160
     accctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga atggctaaga tcaaaaactc aggtgacagc     71220
     aaatgctggc gaggatgcag agaaaaagga acactcctcc attgctggtg ggattgcaag     71280
     ctggtacaac cactctggaa atcagtttgg cggttcctca gaaaattgga catagttcta     71340
     ctggaagatc cagtaatact actcctgggc atataccctg aagatgctcc aacatgtaat     71400
     aagggcacat gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta taatagccag aaactggaaa     71460
     caacccagat gtccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgcagtacat ttacacaatg     71520
     gagtactact cagctattaa aaacaatgaa ttcatgaaat tcttagacaa atggatggat     71580
     ctggaggata tcatactgag tgaggtaact caatcacaaa agaacacaca atatgcaccc     71640
     actgataagt ggatagtagc ccagaagctc agaatccttc ttagaagggg gaacaaaata     71700
     cccatggaag gagttacaaa gacaaagttt ggaacagaga ctgaaggaac aaccatccag     71760
     agactgccct acttggggat ccatcccata agcaaccacc aaacctagac actatggcag     71820
     atgccaatga gagcctgctg acaggagcct gatatagctg tctcctgaga ggctctgcca     71880
     gtgcttggca aatacagaag tggatgctct caattatcca ttggacggag cacaaggtcc     71940
     ccaatgaagg agctagagaa agtacctaag gatctgaagg ggtctgaagc cccataggag     72000
     caacatcagt atgaagtaac cagtaccccc ccccccccag agctccttgg aactaaacca     72060
     ccagtcaaag aaaatacatg gtagaacttg tggctctagc tgtatatgta gcagaggatg     72120
     gcctagttgg ccatcaatgg gaggagaggc ccttggtcct gtgaaggttc tatgccccag     72180
     tataggagaa tgccagggcc aggaatggga gtgggtgggt tggggagcag ggggagggga     72240
     taggggattt tcagaggaga aactaggaaa agggataaca tttgaaatgt aaataaagaa     72300
     aatatctaat aggaaaagag aaggtgttct gaaaaaggaa gtctaggagc aggtttgtca     72360
     ggaaccctat atatgttgta aaggtagatc gtgcttctcc tgggactaca agattaccat     72420
     gccctcagcc gctattaggg acactgcctc tgagatgagc aatgtcatga gactagctct     72480
     ctgtgtaagg tgcagtattc attttattag tttttttctt tctcttaata gaagtgtgac     72540
     cctgtacaaa agtatctctt taaatatgtg tttgtaaaaa ggatatacac aagctagtct     72600
     ctataacaag aaaaaaaatt cattcatctt tatgttataa tcctagtgca gtatactaca     72660
     tacagacaca ggtagatttc aatgaaaaac aaataaataa aaatgttctg gtgatgttaa     72720
     agcattataa gaacatagaa aatatattta aaaacttgaa aatgtaagtt aattctttca     72780
     taattgtcat tggattttag attcacataa ctgaaaaatg tatttacttt taatatgtac     72840
     agaatatttt aaatttttta ttactgctta tttacttgta tgtctatgag tacattcttg     72900
     ccccagcaca catgtggaga gcagagaaca acttgggaat tggttgtctc ctttcaccat     72960
     gtgcttctaa acattgcact caagctgcag gcctggtagc aagcaccttt acccactgag     73020
     cgtcttggta gcccagatat gttaaagttt ttgtatgtat tgagtagatg tattttctaa     73080
     cactaatagg ccaagatgaa gaatttgtat ataggtatac atcttaaatc cttaatccag     73140
     atgtttgcat acatgtgatt ttacatacct caagtctctg ttttctgatt gaatattaaa     73200
     attttaatca gaacagaact ggatttattt ataaaaatag tctgttttta tttaggcaaa     73260
     gtcaaatact gactggcaag actataatga aattgtgtta ctcttaggta atcaatcata     73320
     ctgattatag atgaggaaac aggcccttcc cattttcagc tgaatttcag atgtgggctt     73380
     tatcttaaca tgttggcatt gttgccacag gtgcttagac catctactga acatgttagt     73440
     gttgttggta ggagtttagg ccatgtagct caacttgttc tttactgacc atgcccagag     73500
     aaagcttgtt tacccccaaa ggctaactaa cgtcctaact agagccaggt cttaatcctc     73560
     acttgtgttg cctctctcca ttcttggaat gcacctgtgc cttctctctc tcatctctgt     73620
     tgcatgagga gtaattgact ggaggactgg ggagtaggtg aggcaggaca gaagtagttt     73680
     tgttaaagtc ctctctggtt atacatttct gctccttggc agcatcatag tttcccctac     73740
     agtctacaaa acaagggctc acactgtgtc agcctctttg ctaaagacgc acagggaact     73800
     tatgtcctgt tccctgtaat taacattcta atcttcctca gactaatcac tgtttaccaa     73860
     gaagatatat ctaggtgaaa ggcagggagt tcaaagtaat caatagtttt tctttgttca     73920
     tagagtaaga ggacaggctt atcacacatg ggatattctg ccatatatct cttaatcacc     73980
     cttctcaagg aacttctctt cctctcctca gaagatttcc acaacttggc aagctgttga     74040
     agcttttctc caaaagagaa aagagcagta gaagtgggct aaattactag agttttcatt     74100
     gcagttcatt gtcttcaaag agagatagat accctgtgga ttctagcagt gtcttaacag     74160
     caaatatcat catcatagtg aaagattatt tgctttcaaa gttgacggtc ttttcatgtg     74220
     agaaagcata gttttttttc tttgcatgaa tttgactctg cacagtagca atcaaaaaat     74280
     tactgattaa attgtaatga ggtgatactg gaagagttgg cttcaattgt agatttcaaa     74340
     ccccccgtta tttaaaaata gatttgtttg agttgttcta aaaaataagt aattattcaa     74400
     aataagtttt ctctgggacc catctctctc tctaggtagt agtagagaag aggtgaaaaa     74460
     gaatatcttt tattctacat ccagcagtta gagactgggg atatagattt gagacagagc     74520
     tcttacttag gatttttgag gccctgcatt catttgttat cactacaaac agctataata     74580
     gtaataaatt gagctggaca tggtgggcca ccagagttca aggccagtct aagctatgga     74640
     agctattgca agacaagctt acacacacac acacacacca ccaacaacaa caacaaaaat     74700
     aaagtgcagc ttggagtggc tgctttgact cctgttccca ttctttatgt gtcacacttc     74760
     acaaggatga cagagacatt cacagttctt accaaaggca gtgagcttct aagagagctg     74820
     tgtagctaaa gaaattactt tcaaattgta ttcttgatct ttctctcctt tagcctacag     74880
     atgttaccct ttcctttagt gtttttggtt ttcagtatgt tctttggtac atgagtcctt     74940
     taaaacaatt gcccttcctt ctttactctg ttgtcaggtt tatgaacagg ttgtaatggc     75000
     ctcttattat ctatttgttt taaattcatt gtaagtgact tgacttcctg ttagcattac     75060
     tctgaaaaat cacaggattt gctcattttc ttgtgtcttg tcctttctgg tctctggcct     75120
     tccccccctc ttccttattc agctgtgctc cacacaattt tctgcctttg tcgtttctct     75180
     ggctcttttc tgtctcttca tgctcctatt tctttgaagc tttatctttg gcctgtttct     75240
     ttactgaagg tctcacctct tgagctccca ctgctgtgat ggctgaggtt gtcagaaagc     75300
     atgctggatc ttctcctgaa gatagttgta tttcttagca tgtgctcagt cctttccttt     75360
     tcctcctact gctgatttca ttttgtctca ttacttttat gattatccca aggcaggttt     75420
     tcttaactga attctgtttt atataaaacc ttctgttgac ttccttttat gtacagaata     75480
     aagatacctt taccaagagt ttataggctt tataagattc agcctcagct tagtttgggg     75540
     ggcttaatct ctgtcccttc attctgttcc tttgttactt tcctatactt caggcacaca     75600
     ctgctctgtg tgtgctttgt gagatgttag cttttccaga tccactgtac tgtacttact     75660
     acagagcata tcatacggtg tgtgtatgca gctgtaaagg cagacattga tttcttacct     75720
     ttagaaacca gcttccagta gatagccaga gtaataattt tccttcagaa atatcaaaag     75780
     aatcacaaaa attagtatac tgacagcaat ttttactgtt gccattttga ctgtactctg     75840
     aattgttcca caatatgtcc tttgtcattt atcttgtttc tgtccaagaa agtgctttgt     75900
     tcttttccct taactgacca ttatgtttaa tttcaggctc ttgatggttt ttttttagcg     75960
     atcatgacag atggaagtat aatatatgta tctgagagtg taacttcgtt acttgaacat     76020
     ttaccagtaa gtatgaaaac cctataatct ctattattta atgtctatat cacatactag     76080
     aattcactag gaagtagact tgagagtgat atttgaacag tggttgaagg gttggggcac     76140
     aaattccagt tgtgtcttta ttagtgttgc tgtttctcaa actagtccta agttcttcat     76200
     tcttagcacc tagtaattta acctgctgtt cttccctttc cattttaatg ccagatttgc     76260
     agtgtttgcc ttttagcctg atgaaaatat atcaaacaaa atgaaaagaa aatcttctaa     76320
     ccaaatttct actgagatac ttcttactat tagcagaatt aatgaataat tttctcaaaa     76380
     gagtgactta caaagactaa aaatagtgga tgcagaactt gtgtgtagtg tgagttgcag     76440
     tgggtatcct gggctgcaga tctgtggctc agtgatgctt agcatgggtt agaaccctag     76500
     ctaggagtga aggaaggaca gacacacaga catgtacagt acatgtacat ttctgttcct     76560
     gcttcctcca caacttggaa cccaaataca ttactagggg agcgattagc tagtcttggt     76620
     tgattccttt agtcgagcag ttggtctcag gctgaaacta tccaggaaga ggaagctgag     76680
     gttactaatg tttgtacatg tgaatcgatc ctttacaaac actcagactc cagaggaaag     76740
     cattgccatt cctcttcagc ctggcccata cctataacag atttgccaac tgcctgtggc     76800
     ccaggtccat gtcaaaatac acatttccta gggtttcact cattgagagc tttttctgct     76860
     tcctcagcaa atgaagaatt agaaggacat tgaaaatgtc tgattgacat ggtaaatact     76920
     ttaatcgtgt gtttgctttt ttactcaacc cataattatt gaacattcat tctgtattga     76980
     gcactaggct aagtgctatc tacaattaaa ggtttttgaa atgatttgaa aattttatat     77040
     aacgtgtatt tatctaagat gggcttctga tataaaaaag tccggtgttt ttcaattact     77100
     tctgaaatgt tcattgtgta aaaatttaca acagtgcaaa gtaaaccaat atgtaaatat     77160
     ttctttttaa gaatatgaaa aaaaaacaaa aaacaaagca gacagacaaa aatcagcatt     77220
     cccttccctc tgatttctct gctactcatt acctgaatat atagagaatg gactctacgt     77280
     ttaaaatgcc agacagtaca aggaaaactg tgtactgaaa atcaggcagt aagcattgta     77340
     ctctcttttt attattatta aagttttatt ggtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg     77400
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tgtttatatg ccatttcctt atgggtaccc accaaggcag     77460
     agaaaggagc tggagttaca agttgtttcg agctgcctga tgtgggtggt gggaactgaa     77520
     ctcaggtcag gactctggaa tagcagcagt aagtgctcct agctgctgtg ccagctatct     77580
     agccctgtgt acttgtttct agaagtggct tgactttact gcttttctaa gggctttctt     77640
     ctgaaaagtt caaataaagc ccaattttaa agaatgagat gcaagtaaag catgagactg     77700
     cagtgatata taagtgatat ataagactgc agtgatgtat aagtgatttc ccatggacag     77760
     agagaagatt ggatcaggtg gatattctcc ctgttcatgc cattttactc gtatgttact     77820
     gcagtctcat gctttactcg caaatcactt tttaaattta ggctttattt gaacttttca     77880
     gaagtctttt aaacaatatt tgcatagtaa gaaagcctag tgaacagggg agggaatgct     77940
     aacagcctgg aatgtagtct gattggtaga acacttgcct agcgtgcaca cgaccctttg     78000
     ttccctctcc agcttttcaa aatcaacagc aataaaatgt cgggtaacaa aagaacagta     78060
     agactttata agattaagag aatgattgat tgaaagtgag tatagttatg tgctttaata     78120
     ttattttggt tgttttgttt tgttttacag aagtattgta caatgctaaa gctaggaact     78180
     catatctcct tatttgtaag aatactggct agtttttcag aagttctcag taattattta     78240
     ttgaatgaat aaaaatgaat taggtagttg gccatcttaa tgattccctt taatatgttt     78300
     cctgggcctt gagagatagc taattagtga agagcccttg atgttctcgc agaggacgca     78360
     ggcttctcag cactcacacc aggtggagtt ctgggggtca gcagtgcaca catgtggtgc     78420
     tcatacatag agcttggaac acacacaccc attgaataag taataaataa aacttaaatg     78480
     ctttcctaat ttcagaagag agcatcagat tttcagaact agtgttatag acagttgtga     78540
     gctgctgtgt ggacacgggg aattgaatct gatcctgtgg aagagcagcc agtgagtgct     78600
     cttaacccac tgctggtgga tcttttgtgt ggaatagttg aattacattt tgaagtggac     78660
     agcctggcag gtctaatgat accatgtatt cagtgttagt agtaaccact cagggcacct     78720
     ttacttgccc tgcctttctg cttttttttt ttttaaagat ttatttgtta ttatatctaa     78780
     gtacactgta gctgtcttca gatgcaccag aagaggtgca tcagatctca ttacggatgg     78840
     ttgtgagcca tcatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga ccttcggaag agcagtaggt     78900
     gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctccagcc cacctttctg ctttttaaaa agcttctatc     78960
     cttttgaacc aattttagat ttacagagaa gggcaccagg tatctctttc ttatgaaaat     79020
     aattgcagga gtgaaagaat ccagagagct ggtgttttct tttcttccat ttgagttgta     79080
     cttgataact gcgggaacct gttgtacgtg ttcactgagg gaacataatg cctgtgactt     79140
     ttttaatgtc aaaatgtgtt actttaagtg cagtgatcaa cagaacatga aaaatagtgg     79200
     ttaatggaaa gtttgacact gcatgaagca gtggtgagca ctacttgtga ttgtactctt     79260
     gcctcttcat ttctgttttc atctttgagg acgcagctga tgcctgtgta tagatagaag     79320
     aacaagatta gataactgca atcatcctgt ggtgaaataa aactagaaaa tgctgttggt     79380
     taagaagaaa cagaaaccta cttctcagct gacattttag ttatttcaga tttatttttt     79440
     tatcaagact atgttgtact ttctgacctg tgcttaaatt ctaattctta tactttttca     79500
     gtataagata gctttctagc atcttgttat tcaaatgcaa aaaaagttct tcgttctttt     79560
     agcagtaatg gctttctact tttccagaag atttcctcat taaaatacag atgtggtttt     79620
     aagctattat caaatgactc cttggtccca gataattttc tttatttata ccggttatat     79680
     ctaaggtaca gagtttagtg taccttgatt ggcagggaag aagatacagg tgtaaaagac     79740
     atgaccattt tcatcattat ggggcaagat atatacattt aaagaacaaa tactcccctt     79800
     tggccataag catgagccat cagttctaaa ggaattcatt tgtatctgtg gttttgtatt     79860
     tgtagtctgg ctgttttgaa ggatgtgatt tttttgaatt tttttttata tttaatagca     79920
     catttctccc tcctttctct tcctttaatc ctcccaatgt ccctgcttac tccatttcaa     79980
     attgatgact tccttttctt tgattgctat tgttatacac atatacataa atatataaat     80040
     acaacttgct aaatcacctt agtgtttgtc ttagtcggct caggaagcag gagctgacac     80100
     agaggccatg gagggatgtt atttactggc ttgcttccct tggcttgctc agcttgcttt     80160
     cttatagaac ccaaggctac cagcccaggg atggctccac ccacaatggg ccctccctcc     80220
     cttgatcact aactgagaaa atgccttaca gctgggtctc atggaggcat ttcctcaagg     80280
     gaggctcctt cgtctgtgat aactccagct tgtgtcaagt tgcccacaaa gccagtgttg     80340
     tttgtgtgta tattatctta gggctaacgt tttggtattg aatatcagtt actgggctca     80400
     tccctgtgaa agactaactc tcattctctt gatagtcagt agagtttata gttctctttt     80460
     agatgtaggg ttctatgaga gtcccccatt tcatattagc atatctattg gtggtgtcat     80520
     tgtataggtc ttgtttaggc agcaataatg tgactatgtc attgatacag ctttcttgtc     80580
     attctatgag acacagtgtc acagctgact tcctggtcct ctgctcttac agtctttgag     80640
     tcctttcttc tgagttgccc cctgagcctt aggtgcaggg tcctgttgta gatagatcca     80700
     ttgtggttgg gcacattacc atgaattgtc gcctgcatct tgacactttt ctttatgatc     80760
     tctgtctgct gctgcggaga cgattttttt ggtgagggga gagagctact tacgtgtata     80820
     cagggataag ttttaggatg cagttaagta gtgtactggt ctagtgaagt gattacagta     80880
     ggctctccag tacgacccat ggcctcacta gctgagagta cttggctagg ttttcagtac     80940
     caggcttgct ttatggaagg aaatgatctg agttggtctt ggaaaaatgc aagatagaga     81000
     tgtggagttt gccaaagcta ctccacttca tatagtagag aagactttga ccatagagaa     81060
     aagcagaagt catagaaaca cacggagggt gggaaatcac cctttctccc atgactcgcc     81120
     tttgttcctt actagtttgt tttaagcaga agctattcag atataatctc tacaggtgta     81180
     aaatataagc aaaaggaaag tacagctgct ttgcccccac agctcggccc tctgtcctgt     81240
     aattagttag aacagtttgg aaagtgagaa gcccagcggg atggctggcc tcagtgggaa     81300
     tggtgaggtt gctgacgtct cgctgtcact gctacttaag gacaggggca tcacactctg     81360
     tgagtccgca gccatcacct gtcaagacaa caactgttga ttggtagata ataaacagct     81420
     ataataatga taattacatg ctggctgccc atcttataca gggctttggc agtgtggtac     81480
     agaatagatg catggaaaag gtgaaataaa aatgggagga gaatggtgtc agatctcctt     81540
     cacgtagctt gtcattgtta ctgtttttgt gtacgatgtc accatttaac agttgtttgc     81600
     ataaattaca aggctgtggc ttagagccta taattttgtt aaatttctca gttccattat     81660
     attttacaat gctcaaattt ggtgaaacta aggtttttgc attctatgtc tggctttcag     81720
     gatcacatcg ctcatgaata tgatagctgg tatgttagcc tcaccaagtt ctcaatctca     81780
     tctcttaata tgaaatttgt agcttgactt tattgatctt atgggtaatt caagattaag     81840
     tgcatgtcct ctgttactta atagctatta gatgtgttgg agatgaatgt ctctcaaagt     81900
     gctgttgtat aattttgttt ttttttttat ttttcagtct gatcttgtgg atcaaagtat     81960
     atttaatttt atcccagagg gagaacattc agaggtttat aagatactct ctactcatct     82020
     gctggaaagt gactcattaa cccctgagta cttaaaatgt aagtaggccc tactcagcag     82080
     agatgccagt cttatatttg gcaagcatta ttctttactt ctcttagttt atgaagacta     82140
     taacatgttt aactaaatta aaatagcact atttcatgaa ctctattaag tgcttttaaa     82200
     attggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgcgt gtatatgtgt atgtgtgtat     82260
     atgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt atatgtgtgt gtatgtatat     82320
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatga attgtgttca ttttaagatt ccagatctat     82380
     tccaatgtac aatgaggtct tatcttgttt gttataagaa attgatcaca attatgccac     82440
     aaaactgtaa tgtataaaaa gatggaaatt agccatattt taaatgaaat cttattatat     82500
     ttaatgaagt aatctttgct gaatgtttaa tatgatttct agagcaccaa atataaaata     82560
     attaataatt taaaaatgtt cctgtcatca attaacacaa agcatcaagt agtgagaagt     82620
     ttctgtaggt cgggctagtg gttgactgga actttggctg ccttcactct tgctgtactg     82680
     gttaccgtca cagtctcttc cacactaagc acagtgacag gggacacatt tttggggggt     82740
     tcatggttta gagatgcctc aggtgctgag gaggacttga tagagcagag ctgtttacaa     82800
     catgacagct gggaaagcag aaagaggaca gaagggctta gggacatatc tgccatggcc     82860
     tgtttcctcc aggctactgt cctcctgtgg tttatagagc ctcccatggt agcactacta     82920
     gctatggtcc tttgtttcga cagtgttgaa ttgctcgcct agaatgcaca tgctgggctc     82980
     agtcccccca aactaaacaa aacaaagtat gtgtgtctaa atttagtgta tatatatata     83040
     tacatcattg tttttgtgtg cccattagtt attagattgt gtttttttat tatttttaat     83100
     tagctttaaa ttttatctta tctggtaata gtgatattaa tcaggttaaa aactctatgt     83160
     gtcctcagat tctatattaa gaactaagat acatattctt acataaatat gtacatgtgt     83220
     atatccatgt taacggatat tctttcagaa gggattataa aaagttagac atggctgggc     83280
     ggtggtggcg cacaccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgag     83340
     ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggtaca cagggaaacc     83400
     gtctcaacac cgcccccccc ccaaatgtta gacatggaga aaagttactt ggagcctgta     83460
     tataattgtt tacagtcaga tttgctttac actggtcctt agaccattct aatacagtac     83520
     ttagaagaaa gatttgggct ggatttaata tagaaatcaa ttttatagct ttaggcagta     83580
     tttgaagtca cagaatgaat ggtgttacct gaggcaaatg tgtagaaaaa ggagaagtag     83640
     aaagttggca ctcagaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agaaagttgc cactcaggtc ccaaagtaca     83700
     aggagtagag ctggtttcag ggactctcag taagcagaac tgcttggaaa actgcctaaa     83760
     gcttctgcta ggaaaataga ccccctgctt tcaggttaga ggagtcttag ctcagtggct     83820
     tgcagatggc cttggaaaga ctggtacaca acagagctcc ttccccggga aggaggagtc     83880
     caggagttaa aatgcaaggt actttgccta gaaaatgtag taggctattt tagctgtaat     83940
     ggcattgagt tggtacagat aatgtgtttg tgaaggagat gaggcagagt tataaaggac     84000
     ctgtgttcat cctgtgctgt ttagttttta ttctttacac aatagagagc caatgaaggc     84060
     catttgggtg gtttgtagtt ggaaggggaa aatcaaggtt gagaattttg aaaaaggcaa     84120
     ctatatagtt aacactagaa gtaatgatag aggaaaaaac atgattggta agtgggtaga     84180
     tccagtagag cacattttaa gactagctag aaagaatgag aaaaaaccac ctgagtggtt     84240
     tttacagtat cagtgtcagt aatatttggg agggacatag ctctggaggt gagagggcag     84300
     taaagaaatg aagacacaga aactagggtg catttaaaat ggatggagtg agttctctgg     84360
     tcctgtaact agattagcat gaaaaatgct tggggaaatg atggaagacc tgatgagatt     84420
     taaaattgta ggcagtaaag aaccacagag tttgcagttc ctaaagggtg agtagcaagt     84480
     gacatggccc tgtcctaaag aaaatgagag gctactcttc aaggtaaaga tgggaacagc     84540
     tgttagttgt aacactggga agcctgaagc aaggcagcta catagtccag gctagactgt     84600
     taccaagaga ccccaccaaa cccagcagtg acaggaaaga aagggaggcc ttagctttaa     84660
     ataaaggaca gtgctagctt taaaggagaa caaaatattt ttgtgaaatt agaatgaaaa     84720
     atgggatggg agaagaaatg aaacggagat tggctgtcag cctgtgctgg ctgcaggcat     84780
     ctgctgcagt catctgctgt tagtgggtac ttccgtggga gaaagtgact gagaattcac     84840
     acaacttttt atcacttatt ccagcaaaaa atcagttaga attctgttgt cacatgcttc     84900
     gaggaacaat agacccaaag gagccatcca cctatgaata tgtgagattt ataggaaatt     84960
     ttaaatcttt aaccagtggt aagttaaaat gtttctttta taatgtgttt taactggctg     85020
     tttttatttt tccaagctct tagatgctta aatatcagta acgacatgtc tccttgctgt     85080
     tttagtatca acttcaacac acaatggttt tgaaggaact atacaacgca cacataggcc     85140
     ttcttatgaa gatagagttt gttttgtagc tactgtcaga ttagctacac ctcagttcat     85200
     caaggtatgc ttctgatttt aattgctcta gtgcattcca gttcatgata tgagatttgg     85260
     tcttgtgaga tttttgttat ctttagaagg ttgaaacttt tacgaacatt gaaatagtag     85320
     tggccattga gttactaaat atgtatgaac ttcatatttt taccacagtt atcttagtgt     85380
     attctttgca ggtatcccat ggcagtatat caccattttc ctgcttttgt acagagttta     85440
     atgtgtggtt taatgtgtgt agtttactat caggaaagaa gtctgaaaaa aaaaatccag     85500
     atgaattaaa aagaaaaaaa aaagaatgtg ctttactggg tataacttgc tatttggttc     85560
     ttttttgatt aattttttta atgtgtatgg atgttttgtc tgcgtgcata tttatgtatc     85620
     acgtgcatgc cggggagcca gaggagggcc tgcctgagac tggagttaca tacagttgtc     85680
     agttaccatg ttagaactga accaaagtcc gcctggagag gccgagccat cgctctagcc     85740
     aacccctgct ctttgagttt taaattacac atttttattt cttgtatcca taagcacgtg     85800
     tttagtaggg aagtagaaaa gtgaactgcc tcagtcccta gagacaggaa agaagccagg     85860
     gtgacattta aatttgggtg acagcgtagt atagaacagc gcctgagtta acagttagaa     85920
     gactatagtc ttgcactccc cgttagctct taggaaagtg gagggctgat acatgtttta     85980
     tttcatgtaa ttcttactct tctgagatag atgctattat aatattttat atttaaggaa     86040
     gcaaacttag ggaaattact tgctgaaagt ctcatctagt aagtgagact tgattggaat     86100
     tatttttctt ttaaagccct ggcttttatc tttactgaag aacatgcaag gagagaggag     86160
     ggagtgtcat ggattgcttc gtataacaga aactaggttt catgtatatg agtggaaaaa     86220
     tagtcagaac tcatgttaga aaccgaaagc aggggccagg catgaaactt gttctgtctg     86280
     tggcttttct ccatgaagag atttcagcat gagaaaccat agaagagtta gggaagttgg     86340
     gtgctcatat ttgagtatta ccaaggtgat ggtaatggct gacccctgaa gagaagagag     86400
     atggaaggat gggaagatag ctgaggtgcg ccggtggtga ggtgagtcag tgaggtaaga     86460
     tgtaaactcc atctctaaag ctaggggaga tggggtggac tcgaaaacac ctagaaggtc     86520
     acattagaag tatttatagg ctagagagat ggctcactgg ttaagaacac ttactattct     86580
     tacaaagagc ttagcattca tggatggtgg ctcaccacct gttgtaactc catgtgtagg     86640
     ggatccagta ccctcacctg ccctcctcag gcactcatgt ggcatgcaag cagaaacaca     86700
     tacatacaca taaataaaaa caaatcttga ttaaaaggaa acatttaatt tggctacttt     86760
     gattattaaa gaatgtgttg attctagact ctggtgtaca gaagtgaggc cattgatgag     86820
     atgggaagtt gtgagctatg aaaagtatgg cagttggctt aaacactgtg aagtaggagg     86880
     tgtggaccag aggaaggaca tgggtatcta agtaggctct taggcacgtg aatgagtgag     86940
     aatgctcact gtaactactg accttaggcc ggctggtgtc tgccaggtgc tgctgttttg     87000
     tctgttttta tatcgggtga ttaggagaat tgttggggat caaacttagg acttcacaac     87060
     ttccagacta gcattttgta tcaccagctg gctacacttg tgtttaatac taaaatctaa     87120
     aatgtataaa aatttgtcta gatgaaagtg aattttataa tggcctatgc taagaatatt     87180
     taatgttttc acgacacaga aaattacttc taaattatac ttgttaattt gtttgtagga     87240
     aatgtgtact gttgaagaac caaatgaaga gtttacatct agacacagtt tagaatggaa     87300
     gtttctattt ttagatcaca ggtaacatta cctttaaatt tcaccaaaaa aaatgtaatt     87360
     ctggacagta atggactcga ggaacataat gatttttgaa attcattatc catttttgaa     87420
     aaaataaaac ccattctcca aatgaatgtt gtctgtagtg taactagtgg aacattataa     87480
     tactgatatg tattattact gtataattta gggcaccacc aataataggc tatttgccat     87540
     ttgaagtctt gggaacatca ggctatgatt actatcatgt ggatgaccta gaaaatctgg     87600
     caaaatgtca cgagcactgt aagtagatct taatgtttct gttgagaact gtttaaaaac     87660
     acagaagtag acgctttgtt ctagtaatga aagacacaga aaagatttag agttattttt     87720
     ataaatgtat acagaaggta caggtttata ttgaccttgg tcttacacat aaaggaaaat     87780
     cttatagtat attttaaaag tacataaagt ttcccaaacc aatttaacta caaaacccaa     87840
     tttttgctta acatcagtta aagtacttta gaacctaaca tttgaaatag tttggggaaa     87900
     atagtttgag aaactttact aaacaattat ttcaaacaat tatgttgttc tgatttctgg     87960
     ttaattaaag ctttacaatt aaaaggcctc agagatgtca tatgtgacag tatctttggg     88020
     gaaagtgtta ttgttaattg ctgcttcata tgtgttaagt atcttggcca gttaacagta     88080
     tgactttcag tatatggaac ttattatgaa tgaaaaattt gtgtaaaatc agcaataact     88140
     gactataaaa ttggaatctg ggagttctag ttatttaggg gatcttaaac tggttcttaa     88200
     aaaaaatctt tgtagtttat acatatttct ggaagccaga aaataattat atctatataa     88260
     agagttaaaa ataaatgcca gcttttattt tataaaaaaa aattgagatt tttttcatag     88320
     ctaagtacag atcaaagaaa aatatttgtt tctttctctt ctttttattt ttttattttt     88380
     agtaatgcaa tatggaaaag gcaaatcgtg ttactataga ttcctgacca aaggccagca     88440
     gtggatatgg cttcagactc attattatat tacttaccat cagtggaatt caaggccaga     88500
     gttcattgtt tgtactcaca ctgtagtaag gtaataactg gaagaacatt tgtaaggtgt     88560
     actaatagtc aaagagaatt tttatgtgat tttttttaaa tgagtgatag tgatcttgcc     88620
     caagttttaa tacttaatac ttttgaatat taagcttact taatatgtgg aaatatgatg     88680
     taggtagtat ataaatatat aaggcctgac atgagtattg tgctatatag caaaagttgt     88740
     accagcattc aaatgccagt gcacttcccg caaagcaaaa accagactag tgtgcccatc     88800
     attcgtccgt catttagttt ctcttcattt aaatgctttg ctcctactga tcatttatag     88860
     atgacctaat ttgtagaata cagattgaat ttaggcattg tcttagtcag ggtttctatt     88920
     cctgcacaaa catcatgacc aagaagcagt tggggaggaa agggtttatt cagcttacac     88980
     ttccatactg ttgttcatca ccaaaggatg caggactggg actcaagcag gtcagggagc     89040
     aggagctgat gcagaggcca tggagggatg ttctttactg gcttgcttcc cctggcttgc     89100
     tcagcctgct ctcttacaga accaagacta ccagcccaga gatgttccca cccacaaggg     89160
     gacctccccg ccttgatcac taattgagaa aatgccttac agttggatct catggaggca     89220
     tttcctcaac tgaagctccc ttctctgtgg tgactccagc tgtgtcaagt agacacagaa     89280
     ccagccagtg caggcattaa gctgtagata tgtattaggg ttatggagca catacagaaa     89340
     gtacaaatta ctgatggtta agtgagattc ctaacaaaca ccaattaatt gcatctctgc     89400
     agtattttaa atgaatgacc aaacatttaa aatttggttc tttccatttg tagttatgca     89460
     gaagttaggg ctgaaagacg gcgagaactt ggcattgaag agtctcttcc tgagacagct     89520
     gctgacaaag tatgtttctt acagtctctt ttttaaatat ctcattttcc aataatttat     89580
     gagagagatt tgattatcct ttataatttt tattttgaat ttactattta aaacctcatt     89640
     tacatctaaa aaaggaatca aagatttttg ctatttaaaa gttaattagg agagagaaaa     89700
     ttggaattag cagattaatc gggatgagta ggtaatgagg caggttttgg ttaaaaaaac     89760
     gtggatgctt gaattaagat gattgacttt aagatgtgac ggagaattag tggctgcaga     89820
     cgagtggaag actttaacca ggcagcacta aggaggggct ccccgggctg ggcttgagga     89880
     gcactgatta tgggggatac taagccagac gtcaccacag tcacaaacca tgtgacacag     89940
     aggtttgttc actccaaacc tcgagcttag ggagtgcagc gttagcaggg gactcagagt     90000
     ctggagacag acgcccccac ttctatggga cctacaagga ggttggtgag gtcttatgtt     90060
     tccaacagat gaggagagaa gtattcagag ccagggtaga aaatgcctgg tgatttgttt     90120
     atcatggact ttgaagatgg gcggaaggtt ctagaggctg agaagcagtg agaggtgtgt     90180
     tcaacaagac aggctgggaa aagctgcacg ttactgaagg aggagatgag acactggggc     90240
     catgccctcc accccagagt gagaaactgt gagatcgggt gttttgcatt tacacatact     90300
     aacatgtatg caagcagtca tgtttcaccc tgaaataaag atgcatactt ggttcttgtt     90360
     cactactgca tgtagaaaga ctttaagggg acactgattc tatcttaagt gtgtggtggg     90420
     tgaggaagca ctagtatata tgttataccc gaggtagcgt tttgcttttg gttatggtga     90480
     aataagtgtt ctcatctctg taaggcaaga ctgtcagtcg agagaaggac cacaacagtt     90540
     taagtacagt aggaaaggct tgagacaatt ttcgagaata gggaaatgag ccccttagta     90600
     cacttgggca attctgctga ctagaattga gcatacttac ctgaagtaag tggctattgt     90660
     aggccaccct tgagcctgtg agctatagta taggaacagg aagcatggtt taagttgtca     90720
     ttttagtcta tactgcttat acatgctaca gtgtttactg ttccaaagca gagacagagt     90780
     gactgaggta ggtttaagga aagggtcatg ggaagataat aggaacggat agggcagtgg     90840
     gtaggtagtt catgtacaga gtgacatctg gggaaatggc aaaatggaag atttggagca     90900
     agtggtgact tcctaagatt ttacagaact tcgtgaaata aagcactatc tttattctgt     90960
     tacttacttt gtaaaactgt gtgataaaat gacaatttta atggttttag agcacacttg     91020
     agcattgtag catttccagt gttacacagc tgtcactcct gcccacgcac agaatgtcct     91080
     catcctccta accgtgaact ctgaaacaac tttctgtcct tgccctccag ctcttttcaa     91140
     ctaagggttg gtttgtttgt ttttgatttg ctgctctgag tactgtgaac aaactcatac     91200
     agtatttgtt cctttgtggt tggctaattt tatttggtat gatattctca gggttcatta     91260
     agttataact tgtatcagat ttccctttat tttggggctg agtaatagtc tgccatgggt     91320
     gtatcctctt attagtctga gaaatactgg gttgtcttca ccttttattt gcaaaaaata     91380
     gtgtgaacat aggtagacat acagattagt ttccacttct ctttggatgt ttactaagaa     91440
     tagaatactg gatcatatgg taggttactc tttgttaaag tgaggaaaac taccacacta     91500
     ttctctgtag aggccatacc atttttacaa tcccattgct aagccataag aattcctgtt     91560
     tcttctcatc tttaccacac tgaatgcttt ctgagaagta gggggttttg ttgttgttga     91620
     tttgttttgt tttgattaca tacagggtct cactatgtag tactcagtag ccaggaaccc     91680
     agttatgtag actaggctgg cttcaaagag agattgtcca cccaagtgtc tgccgtgggt     91740
     tgtttggtcc tagccatgct aatagaacat gaggtagcat gactggtttt gatttgtatt     91800
     tccctggata gtaagtttga ataatatatc tggtgagggt tttatatcct ctttggagaa     91860
     gtatttattt tccttctacc ttctttattt tcttacttaa atactcattc attactcttt     91920
     tttttatttt taatttttgt ttgtttgttt ggttggttgg ttgggttttt tttgttgttg     91980
     ttgttgtttt ttgttgtttt ggtttctctg tagccctgac tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt     92040
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgggatt     92100
     aaaggcttgg gccaccattg cccggctatt tttaattttt ttgatagggt cacatatggc     92160
     ccaagctgtc cttggactga ttatgtaccc aaggataacc ttgaactcct gaccaccctg     92220
     cctctgcgtc ccaagtggct tttgatgtgc caccatgtcc accttgttct ctttttgttt     92280
     tgggttttgt tctttcttga cagggaattt tgctgtgttg ctccggctga gctcagatga     92340
     tcctcttaat agcctttgca atgttgtgtt taaaggtgca ggccaactag gtacagttgt     92400
     tcatgcccat aatcttagct ttttagaaac tgaggcagga ggattgtcac tgggtcatgg     92460
     tttgtagtgt gagactttgt ctcagcaaga aacaaaagtg catctcttca catgcaatgt     92520
     gtctgtttcc atctttataa ttgagttttt gtagagagtt ttatatccta gatattaagt     92580
     actgatcaga tactgatgta ttaatacctc ctctcattct tgtgggttgc ttttattctg     92640
     ttggcattgt cttttgatgc ataaatgttt ttaactttat gaattccagt ttactggtat     92700
     tctaatgtca taaaaccatt tcctttggtt tctttaagag ttttatagtt ttagctcata     92760
     atatttgatc tactttgagt taaatttttg aacttaatac aaaagtctaa cctgagtctt     92820
     cttatttttt aaatagagaa tgaaaacaaa ctattaaata atattttttc ctaattagta     92880
     cacatacata cacatacttt ttagccttat tttaggcaaa aactaagaat gattgaatct     92940
     ctctctctct ttctctctct ctctctctct caattgtaca ccccagtcta gctgtccctt     93000
     gtactttggg ggattccagc tgttcctgcc tcccatcttg ccacaaaagt tttgggatta     93060
     caaaggcatg ctactgcacc cagctgtggg tgggctctgg gaattcaaat gtaggtcctt     93120
     tatggtttaa tggcaaatgc ttttacacac tagctgcctc tacagccctg ataaaactgt     93180
     actgagacct ctacattgag cactaagaaa gcatttatgt tcctcttatc tccttagagc     93240
     caagattctg ggtctgacaa tcgtatcaac acagtgagtc tcaaggaagc actggaaagg     93300
     tttgatcaca gcccaactcc ttctgcctcc tctagaagct cacgaaagtc atctcacacc     93360
     gcagtctcag acccttcctg tgagtgcctc agctgaaaac aagcatgttt caaagaggtc     93420
     ttctcagtta cttgtgttgc tgacatcagt acttttgtca agcacatctt caaatgataa     93480
     tcttttccag ttttgaagta aagcttccat tgagaagcaa attatcttta gaaaagagtt     93540
     aaagtgatga aaggatgata tgtaggtggt aatgctctac ttaaattatt ccttaaacag     93600
     agaaaattct acctttcatt gtaaaaccat gtaaataaga tttatgagtg ttttgactgc     93660
     atgtgatctg tgcaccaagt gtgcccggtc cccatggagg tcaaaagagg ttttcacacc     93720
     ccgtggaact agagttatgg atggttgtca gggaaacgct gggccgtttg ttagtgtgtg     93780
     tgggagttag gaagcctgtc ccttgagggt gctgaggatg atgagaaact gtgcttcaag     93840
     ttttactatc tcacatggtt gctttgtcct ttacaaaggc gttaaaattg taggcatgga     93900
     tttagttttt atctaataac aaaaaactaa ctcagtttgt ctattccttg gagcatatgt     93960
     tgagatcagt cattcatact gtaagtacta attctggtct ctgttgactg tctttagcca     94020
     caccgacaaa gatccctact gatactagca ctcctcccag acagcatttg ccagctcatg     94080
     aaaagatgac acagcggagg tcgtccttca gcagtcaggt acgcctttag cgaactgcac     94140
     agccttgcag gagccacagg tgtgctcaca gatgtctgcg gtaccctttc aggaaggatc     94200
     aatcttttgc tgacatagga cactcaaaat cttttccata tttgaagtaa aatgctagac     94260
     ttttgtttct aattgtgaaa cagtgctaag tgagagctac tattcagttt tagttgcctt     94320
     cagttcagtc actcaacttt tcatggagtg tacatccaag ggcctgagct gggccccatg     94380
     ggaaagagaa gagaagagaa gagtagaaag ggcagctcac tttgtactca acaaagtgag     94440
     gttgattgtc agtgagtgat aagcacatca tattgtattg tggtggaagt actcgaagac     94500
     gagtgtgagc gtcacctcat tgtcatcttt tattttgctt ctagtccata aactcccagt     94560
     cagttggtcc atcattaaca cagccagcga tgtctcaagc tgcaaattta ccaattccac     94620
     aaggcatgtc acaggtattt ttgtttgttt tagttgagca tttacaaatg ataattgcat     94680
     ttaagcaaat atagttttat acatatgtat atataaatac atataaaggc agtgaatctg     94740
     gacgtattta gaatatgtag tgacattttt gttatttgca atgattttgg tggaccctta     94800
     ctagaaagaa tcacagataa atgatggttt tatatcttct tgcttactgt gctgtaacat     94860
     cttatatata acaacagcct acaggtatga taatcttaaa catgaaatat actagttcat     94920
     tttgtccctc cttatggata ttggaagact tgagtaacta tatattctgt attgattcat     94980
     ttatttgcac acgggctatt tatttagttc tgtgtatata ttgagttaca catattggat     95040
     gctgacagta tttgcatatc tgtactaaca agctacttga tctaaaagaa taacataact     95100
     aaaataccat gttaatttag tctacacaca tgatttggag ccttaaatgc agcttaagtg     95160
     gaaaaggcca agtatggtag tgtctacctg tgtgtgggag gttgaagcag aaaaatcagg     95220
     agttcaaggt tatcctcaac tatatagtaa attcacaatc agcctgaact acatgagaac     95280
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag gaaaggtgtt tagaaatgta agatggcctt agtccaaaga     95340
     aggtgtgaat gctgaaattg gcaagaggaa aggaattctc aaagcattac tgtgtacctt     95400
     cgtgtgattt atggctcatt caacatttca gaaatgttaa gaacactact aaatagtaat     95460
     aaatatagtg ggaaatcttc tattttatgt ggcactaaat cctgattttt agccaactaa     95520
     cctattaaaa gctctgtaac agtactctta ctaaatatta aatttaacct ttacatctta     95580
     ttttaaagaa ttgacagaat ttttatgtaa tatgtagaca tttaatacta tttgttcctt     95640
     aatctcaggg tgtcacttca ggatgttatt agcaataaca tctttataga ggtgttttct     95700
     tgagatgtat actgtgtcaa acccacagct aagcattcag tgttctgttc tcattcagca     95760
     tgcactttac tcagttgttc ttgttatcct gtactctctg cttgtttcta ttttttctgg     95820
     tttgtattta attagaaatg cttcaaattg tgacaacatt tacatataaa aataacttta     95880
     gtgacaataa aatatatgta tgacctaaaa ataaatacaa cattttaact agcattttaa     95940
     aaaggcatga gaaagttgaa ggtactaact ttataatgtt tcttaagcct aatggaatgt     96000
     aatatcagat ggtcattgcc atcttcaaaa gtcgctgttt tatgctttaa aaagtaatac     96060
     tcagaagtca gagatgatgg tgcaatacct gggaggcaga ggcagaggca ggaggatcac     96120
     cacaagtgta aagccaacct ggtctctgaa agagagttcc aatccagcca aggctacaga     96180
     gcaaagccat tttcaaagaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aacctgaagt aatattcagt     96240
     ctccttggca caactttaca aagagctagc tcatttagca caacctttct gaaggtagcc     96300
     gtggaagggt aaggtgggca ttgcgactca ctgcagaaag gtgaaagtag gtgttccgtg     96360
     acgtgaaccg ctctgctgtc acacagaaca gaagaagtaa gtgagcagtg tcatcaagtg     96420
     tgtctacatt gtagctcatt gactacacat aaaaaccaga agactgaaaa ccctcaatgt     96480
     agaggaattc attcatgatt tcttagaatt gcttagcctt taaaaactaa agtttaaact     96540
     ggtctaagga tagtatagat aaaaggtata atatgttttt cagaatagca ccagaataaa     96600
     atattggttg tcagtcagat gaagatgagt gattttgata tgtggggagg aaggaggatg     96660
     ctaggaactg aaacttgggt tcttgaacat tctgggcaaa cactatacat aagcccacaa     96720
     gccctttctt tttacttttt attttaagac agggccataa aatgttgcct aggctaacct     96780
     tgaactcact gtttgtccaa ggtaggtctt gaattagtga tcctcctgcc taactttgga     96840
     taattctgct gatgtacaca aagaggggac tctcgagatg acagaatttg gtatggattc     96900
     agtccaggtc cgggtacatt ctcatctggt aaaatgtcca agtgaagtga gcaactgaag     96960
     aactcattct actaaattct taagctacaa tagaagttcg ggttgttttt cttttttctt     97020
     ttcttttttg acaggggctc actctagccc tggctgacct agaactttct agccttgaca     97080
     tcacagagat ccgcctgcct ctgcctcccc agtgctaaga ataaaggaat gtgccatcac     97140
     acctccacac acgcacaccg tctaaatgta atttgttctt gtaatcagtc aagagtgagt     97200
     cagaactgac tcttccaagt tgtcttctga cctacacaca cattcagtgg catgtgccct     97260
     taccaggatg taaattgtaa cttaaaaaaa aagggacaag agcagaggcc gaactcggga     97320
     tctgacaaga tggccgggct gccccgcagg atcatcaagg aaacccagcg tttgctggca     97380
     gaaccagttc ctggcattaa agcagaacca gatgagagca acgcccgtta ttttcatgtg     97440
     gtcattgctg gcccccagga ttcccccttt gagggaggga cttttaaact tgaactattc     97500
     cttccagaag aatacccaat ggcagcacct aaagtacgtt tcatgaccaa aatttatcat     97560
     cctaatgtag acaagttggg aagaatatgt ttagatattt tgaaagataa gtggtcccca     97620
     gcactgcaga tccgcacagt tctgctatca atccaggctt tgttaagtgc tcctaatcca     97680
     gatgatccat tagcaaatga tgtagccgag caatggaaga ccaacgaagc ccaagccata     97740
     gaaacagcga gagcatggac taggctatat gccatgaaca atatttaagt cgatcagatc     97800
     atcgagtgta caccacttct cctgttctgc caagacttct tccttttttt gtttgcattt     97860
     aatggacaca gtcttagaaa cattacagaa taaaagccca ggcatcttca tctttggtga     97920
     ttacatgcac attagcaaat ctgtcttgtc ctgattcact gttgtaaagc atgagcagag     97980
     gctagaagta ccatcctggt tgctgagaga tgctgagaag caggactctc tgctttgact     98040
     ccttccccat catggttaaa gtacaaggca ctgtgaatga aggtagttgt cagggttagc     98100
     tgccaggggt atgggtgtta ttttattttt agggggaaag tagttttatt ttaattttat     98160
     ggcccccttc cccctccccc ctcttaaagg atctaattgc agtggttaaa tgcagctaac     98220
     cagttttttt agaatatgct ctctagccaa gtctaacttt agacgctgta gatggacaag     98280
     cttgattgtc tgaaccaaaa tgggaacatt aaataaacat cacagccctc actaataaca     98340
     ttgtgacttt gctgtcaagt gtagattctc cacccccacc cccaccccca ccccgaaaag     98400
     acgaagaaaa agcttgtgac cattttgtat ggcttgtctg gaaacttctg taaatcttat     98460
     gttttagtaa aatatttttt gttattctaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaag     98520
     ggggtaaaaa ctgaaaatgt gagaacaacc actaatgtaa gtcagaggga ggacacgtgt     98580
     accaggaggg gctcacctgg ctagaaactg ctagtcactg cagtgccata gacaggaaga     98640
     tacccactgg cacttgtggt ggaagagagg cgagcacctt cctttgcagt tcgcccagtg     98700
     gcctctgcgc tgttgccgtg ggtctgcagg cagagactgg ttctgagagc agagatggag     98760
     tgtggggagg agctctcgcc tgactccgct gctcgtttct cacaccgcac agctaaagtg     98820
     tgttgtactc tctttccatg tgctgcttca gtttcagttt tcagctcagt taggagccat     98880
     gcagcatcta aaagaccagc tagagcagcg gacacggatg atagaggcaa atattcatcg     98940
     gcagcaagaa gaactaagga aaattcaaga gcaacttcag atggtccatg gtcaagggct     99000
     acaggtaact tattctgtct gagcacagag agaatctctt tcacattttg agttcctaaa     99060
     aattggcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttggt gaaaagtcag aggcaagagg     99120
     tctttttacc ccagttctgt aaatattggc tacctgctta ataatatcga gcctctaaaa     99180
     acactcatgc taagaacact tctatcagat cactagtttt tagactaatg aactcgaaat     99240
     tttaataagt tcaagtccat aatataaaat tgtattttat agaacaccta aggtagagag     99300
     tttataatag ttttagtaaa atgccaatag atatgattcc tattacttga ctaagacact     99360
     tactacttag ccaacagggc catctagggc actagggctt tgccgaaggg aaactagttg     99420
     agcatggctt ctgtacacag ttgcaaagga tacaaagctg gcagcagcag ccctctgagg     99480
     agcactgagg aacacagttg atgtgtgtga gagtgaaaga agtgaacgtg tagcttcatg     99540
     ttttattgct actatcaccg ttcacatgaa atgttctaat gacttattac tagactgtta     99600
     aacttcattt tgattggttt ctttcagtag tctccctttt tttgttgtct tgtttcttgt     99660
     ttttggttgt ttgttttttg gggttttttg tttgtttgtt tttgttttta actgtaaagc     99720
     atttttatac tggaaatgta gctcattggt aaaatgcttg tagccctaag tttgattccc     99780
     agtatgcccc cccaatgtaa ttaaaattat ttgtgtgtgt gcgtgtacgt gtgtgtgtgt     99840
     gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gcatatatgt gccatggagt atatgcgggg ttcagaagat     99900
     aacttttgag aatctgttct tcactatgat atccaggaac caaccacagg ctgtcagact     99960
     tatgcagcaa acacttgtac ctattgagcc ttcttgcctg ccaaagaaat ttcattaaaa    100020
     tgtgatcttt gttttcaaag atgtttttgc agcaatcaaa ccctggattg aattttggtt    100080
     ctgttcaact ttcctctgga aattctaata tccagcaact cacacctgta aatatgcaag    100140
     gccaggttgt ccctgctaac caggttcaga gtggacatat cagcacaggc cagcacatga    100200
     tacagcaaca gactttacaa agtacatcaa ctcaggtaat tgactaaaat atctagttaa    100260
     aaaaggctgt gttgtaccag cctttatttt tttataaaaa ttagagcata aactattgat    100320
     ggttaaaaat tttatagaat atgttactgt taaatatttt tatatttgat agttttgtga    100380
     tttgtttaag gacttagtta agtaattgta ccaagttctt gtagctcgca tactttccgt    100440
     atgtaaagtc attgacttgc caaagaggct gagtagcaaa cactgaatag actgttgggg    100500
     aagcaggggc agtttactca gtctgtaggt tgctggcagc tcattactgg atatctgtga    100560
     ctccatttga aaatcatgag tgtgtgactg tcactgactt gcttttaacc aacaacgttg    100620
     tgtgtatttt acctagctat gaagatgctt cttttaaagt cttagtttgc cttccatcaa    100680
     ggactccagg ctaagtctgt tagtacaaat cagtgtcatt tctctctgaa tcatgtatgt    100740
     tgctgtctct cctgctctgc caccattact aagtggtgag tagtagaggc gtggtctcct    100800
     gtaactgtta ggtaatttcc atacgatctt ttctagcaga gtcaacagag tgtaatgagt    100860
     ggacacagtc agcagacgtc tcttccaagt cagacaccga gcactctcac agccccactg    100920
     tacaatacga tggtgatttc ccagcctgca gctgggagca tggtccagat tccatccagt    100980
     atgccacaga acagtaccca gagtgctaca gtcactacgt tcactcagga cagacagata    101040
     aggtagttgt catacttcat ttgttatttg cagatatgta aattgattga ttaaaaacct    101100
     agggctggag agatggctca gcatttatga gcactgactg ctctttcgga ggttctgagt    101160
     ttaggtccca gtaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatcatt aatggaatct gatgccctct    101220
     cttgtatatc tgaagacagc tacagtctac tcatgtacat aaactaaata aaataaatat    101280
     ttttttaaaa aaaggacagg cggtggtggt gcacgcattt aatcccagca cttgggaggc    101340
     agaggcagag gcagaggcag gcgggtttgt gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg    101400
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgataaacca aaaataaata    101460
     aataaatatt tttttaaaaa aagtgaaact agatggtctg gaaggaggct tggcactgca    101520
     gagcccttga agctcttcta gagctgagtt tggtcccagc tctggctctg gggtctcatg    101580
     acctcttctg gcctccccca tgcctgcgtg gatgtggcag acacagcaaa agaaagtcat    101640
     agaagtaagt aaataaaaat atacatttag gggctggctc tctaagccag gaatagagag    101700
     ctcaccttgc atgggcaggc cctcagttca atcctttgca ttatgctttt ttccaaaacc    101760
     aacaatttat tttttaacca taaaatttta atttgttgct tactatatat agacagcttt    101820
     tataagttga aataaatgcc atatctgtca ttaaagactt aacagaataa tgttacattt    101880
     tatttttcat tccaaactgg actgtcagag aagccacact gcagtgcact gtcacccaaa    101940
     gctgttacag gctgtgacag cacagtcggc caaggctgtt acaggctgtg cacagcacag    102000
     tcggccaagg ctgttacagg ctgtgcacag cacagtcggc caaggctgtt acaggctgtg    102060
     cacagcacag tcggccaagg ctgttacagg ctgtgcacag cacagtcggc caaggctgtt    102120
     acaggctgtg cacagcacag tcggccaagg ctgttacagg ctgtgcacag gtgtgccttg    102180
     ggtcttctta gtaaaggtgg caagagagca gcaggaggag agcttatctt tctgctcaaa    102240
     gtttaaaact gtatgttagt atcttccttt acttccccat atctcagatg agaaaatgtg    102300
     tgttgttaat agtttggcca agtgctacag cagagaaggt ggctatgaac tcgtggtttc    102360
     agagcttaga tgcctaaata gatgtaacta ttaaagaaaa aaggcatttg ggtcttgaat    102420
     gagaagtcca gatagctgaa ttaaaacaaa tctttgcata attacagttt actgggaagg    102480
     cttttttaaa caataggatt tctgtggtct taaatacatg atataaaata gtatcatggg    102540
     ttgtttgttt gttttttggt ttttcgagac agggtttcac tgtatagccc tggctgtcct    102600
     ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctgacctc gagctcagaa attcgcctgc ctctgcctcc    102660
     caagtgctgg gcttaaaggt gtgtgtcacc actgcccagc ctagtttcat gtttttgttt    102720
     cctttacaag tatgctgctg cttacatatt ttgcagttgt actgagcaat atgatttttt    102780
     ttaaataaca attatgtcca ggcccaggaa gctacaggat tatataggca atgagaatag    102840
     agactgttgt tgtttggagc ccgcctgcct ccccttttca gcttgtgtga tatgtgatat    102900
     gaaagccctt catcttgaga atgagtattt ttaaaagttg tgttttggct ctgatatccc    102960
     ctgaaaaaaa gtcttttaaa attagtgttg gtgctgtgct gtgcaaacac tctaccacta    103020
     tgtaacatct tttgcctcca aggacagtct ctgaaaacta agagcatatg cttttataac    103080
     ataatgaacc atgtcactgg gcagtagctg agataaatat tgcactgaca gactgagttg    103140
     tccttttgac tctattttgt tttctctcac agattttctc aaggtcagca acttgtgacc    103200
     aaattagtga ctgctcctgt agcttgtggg gccgtcatgg taccaagtac catgcttatg    103260
     ggtcaggtgg tgactgccta tcctaccttc gccacacaac agcagcaggc acagacatta    103320
     tcggtaacac aacagcagca gcagcagcag cagcagccac cacagcaaca gcaacaacaa    103380
     cagcagagtt cccaggaaca gcagcttcct tcagttcagc agccagctca ggcccagctg    103440
     ggccagccac cacagcagtt cttacaggta acccccatga agaggctgcc ctgagggggt    103500
     tgctctgtta taatcagata agctgttaga tgaataggtt tgtaaggctc tgggaaattc    103560
     ttaaacactt tctgtggggt ttcaatatct aaagaaccag ataacagtga gattggctgt    103620
     tttacctttt cttcagtctt agaaagcttt tagactttaa agtcttgcct agccatactc    103680
     cattctctga acttctggat agtgatcgac ttcctactca tgtcaggtca cttactgagc    103740
     ctattttccc tccagaactt aataaaaaga gctatttttt tttcttacat accatcaaac    103800
     tgtacttact gggcaggtac atcaagaacg atccctttta gcctaggagt taccttactt    103860
     aactgatcaa attttattca actgtggttt tgttttgttg ggttcctacc tggcctggaa    103920
     ctcagagatt ctcctgcctc gaggcaccac caagccagct tattagaatt ttcttgttag    103980
     aaattaatgt caaaggtgaa gtccagtgta gatgcaatat aggttttcat tagaacttga    104040
     gctctaaatt cagggtgtcc ttaattgagt catggcttca ccatatacat gtgagctttg    104100
     gcatagcact ttaactcgtc aaacctcatt aatacattgg gcataataat agttcatact    104160
     tcatgccttt ttaaaagaaa gcatgtaaat tgctaaatat actgtacggt atgtagccag    104220
     ctggcagaga tgactgtaat cctggaaaat gtagtaagac atttgtattc atgacaaaac    104280
     ccacccagat accatgtgga taaatcatac agaatgccta tccttaggtc cagaggaaag    104340
     tcccctggat ggcaatcctc agcaaggagc cagtagaact agttagttcc tagactccag    104400
     tgctggggag tctgctgggg tttctgctgg agtccatctg ggctaaatga aatattgcct    104460
     cctcataccc acagttttca tagggcttaa gtctgaagta ctgcaattaa taactgggtt    104520
     agctattatt acaaataata aaaccagccg tagactattc tttaggtgac tataatacat    104580
     gtttgatata tatagatata tatcctgtga gaattaaaca gaaacttaaa atgtgatagg    104640
     ccttaaggtc tcagtgttct agatctatca aagatgacag gcccttaaaa agaatgaaca    104700
     tttggggcca tggacgtggc ttaataagta aagtgcttcc tgctgagcct gatgtcctga    104760
     gctcaatctc caagtcccac gtggtagaag aaattgttct cttatctcca catatgaacc    104820
     ctggcaggtg cacacacaaa cacaatgaat aaatgtttaa aaatattttt aatacaaatg    104880
     aacagtctct tcttccctgc ccccaccaca aaaacgcacc cttcaaacaa aagagccata    104940
     aagatactag atattagata ttagatgcaa tgctttccct aaacacattt tatagacgac    105000
     acataatttc acttttctaa tgagcttctt tgaaattgta cttgtgttgt ggtcagggaa    105060
     ttaaatagta taaatccctt tgtcttacta agacttattc tagtaacaga tcaagatgaa    105120
     aactcgtaaa ggtccttggc aggttttctt gtcttaggtt tgaagactgt ccttgtgttc    105180
     ataggcagac ttggagatgt caggccccca cgttagcttc agttcaaaca agttgtagca    105240
     agtgtgttat gtcccagaag tactttcctt gaaaactctc ccatcttctc agctagtccg    105300
     tttttgtgta ccagttacat acagatgaac agacagccag aagttaaagc atgatggaca    105360
     aacagtcgta aaattgagac tttgaaggtc atacaggaaa tgaagcaccc actgtgtctg    105420
     gttcttgctg gggagtgctc ctgctttatt ctgttacctc atacagccac acaggaccca    105480
     gcctccagct gtgtcctcct ttttctgtag tgttagtaaa agtgactgct atgctgagtt    105540
     tgtacaaagt gaaaaggcca aggctgagag aagtggacag cttgaccaag tcatgcatct    105600
     acaaatggaa tagctcaagt taacccaagt ctgcgtaagg cctgtgcttg ctgtctgact    105660
     ttacggtgtg tggaggctag cagttggtca gcctcaggtg gtgttcctca gtctacctta    105720
     gtttttttgt tttttttggt tttttttttt tttgaaacag gatctgtagt gagaattttg    105780
     gtttccttaa aaacacagaa tacattttca ttgtaatctc gggtatggga tatggggctg    105840
     cttcaaactg tccccagcag ctgacggtga tttgcctcgt cctctagcag ggctgtgatt    105900
     tgacctgctg cagatagggt ctatgattgt gtgacatttg aaattctggg gacttttcag    105960
     agggtattta aatgctaggg cccctgagag gtgggttgtt ggttggttgc tgttgaagtt    106020
     tgttaagtag ttgtgcataa agaagaaaga agggcggcgc catcttcagc tccagatagc    106080
     cggccacctt cctggtgaga gcacgggggt ctgccaggcc tgagaggttt gtggcacagg    106140
     cgccggcggg agccttcttg gctccgggac tccgcggagg gcaggctgca cgggtgaccg    106200
     tgtggaatac agagtgccag ccgtttctgg gacgggcgag agtcgcagag cttctgggcg    106260
     gcgtcatctt cagctccaga cagccggcca ccttcctggt gagagcacgg gggtctgcca    106320
     ggcctgagag gtttgtggca caggcgccgg cgggagcctt cttggctccg ggactccgcg    106380
     gagggcaggc tgcacgggtg accgtgtgga atacagagtg ccagccgttt ctgggacggg    106440
     cgagagtcgc agagcttctg ggcggcgcca tcttcagctc cagacagccg gccaccttcc    106500
     tggtgagagc acgggggtct gcccggcctg agaggtttgt ggcacaggcg ccggcgggag    106560
     ccttcttggc tccgggactc cgcggagggc aggctgcacg ggtgaccgtg tggaatacag    106620
     agtgccagcc gtttctggga ccggcgagag tcgcagagct tctgggcggc gccatcttca    106680
     gctccagaca accagccacc ttcccggcaa gagccacaga gcttctgagg cagcgccatc    106740
     ctcagctcca gacggccggc ctccttccgg acaagagcca cagagcttct caggcggcga    106800
     catcttcgac tccagacaac tggccacctt cctggccaaa gcaacacagc ttctgggaaa    106860
     gatcctgttt tgggccttca ccttcagcca ggaggaggtc caaacaccag ataactgtac    106920
     accttccctg aaagaggaga gcttgcctac agagactgct ctgaccactg aaactcagag    106980
     aagagagctt gtctcccacg cctgctgata gagggtaaca aaatcaacag aggaacaatc    107040
     tcttaacaaa gacaactata acaactaact ccagagattg ccagatggcg aaaggtaaac    107100
     gtaagaatcc tactaacaaa agccaggacc actcaccatc atcagaaccc agaacgccca    107160
     cttcgcccaa tccaggacac cctaacacac ctgaaaaggt aggcctggat ttaaaagcat    107220
     atctcatgat gatggtagag gacataaaga aggaattcaa taactcactt aaagaaatac    107280
     aggagaacac tgctaaagag ttacaagtcc ttaaagaaaa acaggaaaac actgctaaag    107340
     agttacaagt ccttaaagaa aaacaggaaa acacaaccaa acaggtagaa gtccttatag    107400
     aaaaacagga aaacacatcc aaacaggtga gggaaatgaa caaaaccata ctagacctaa    107460
     aaagggaagt agacacaata aagaaaaccc aaagtgaggc gacgctggag atagaaaccc    107520
     taggaaagaa atctggaacc atagatgcca gcatcagcaa cagaatacaa gagatggaag    107580
     agagaatctc aggtgcagaa gactccatag agaacatcgg cacaacaatc aaagaaaatg    107640
     gaaaatgcaa aaagatccta actcaaaaca tccaggaaat ccaggacaca atgagaagac    107700
     caaacctacg gataatagga gtggatgaga atgaagattt tcaactcaaa ggaccagcaa    107760
     acatcttcaa caaaattatt gaagaaaact tcccaaatct aaagaaagag atgcccatga    107820
     acatacaaga agcctacaga actccaaata gactggacca gaaaagaaat tcctcccgac    107880
     acataataat cagaacacca aatgcactaa ataaagatag aatactaaaa gcagtaaggg    107940
     aaaaaggtca agtaacatat aaaggcaagc ctatcagaat tacaccagat ttttcaccag    108000
     agactatgaa agccagaaga gcctggacag atgttataca gacactaaga gaacacaaat    108060
     gccagcccag gctactatac ccagccaaac tctcaattac catagatgga gaaaccaaag    108120
     tattccacga caaaactaaa ttcacccatt atctctccac gaatccagct cttcaaagga    108180
     taataacaga aaaaaaccaa tacaaggacg ggaaccacgc cctagaaaaa acaagaagat    108240
     aatccctcaa caaactaaaa gaagacagcc acaagaacag aatgccaact ttaacaacaa    108300
     aaataacagg aagcaacaat tacctttcct taatatctct taatatcaat ggactcaatt    108360
     ccccaataaa aagacataga ctaacagact ggctacacaa acaggaccca acattctgct    108420
     gcttacagga aacccatctc agggaaaaag acagacacta cctcagagtg aaaggctgga    108480
     aaacaatttt ccaagcaaat ggtctgaaga aacaggctgg agtagccatt ctaatatcgg    108540
     ataaaatcga cttccaaccc aaagttatca aaaaagacaa ggagggacac ttcatactca    108600
     tcaaaggtaa aatcctccaa gaggaactct caattctgaa tatctacgct ccaaatgcaa    108660
     gggcagccac attcattaaa gacactttag taaagctcaa agcacacatt gcacctcaca    108720
     caataatagt gggagacctc aacacaccac tttcatcaat ggacagatcg tggaaacaga    108780
     aactaaacag ggacacagtg aaactaacag aagttatgaa acaaatggac ctgagagata    108840
     tctacagaat atttaatcct aaaacaaaag gatatacctt cttctcagca cctcacggga    108900
     ccttctccaa aattgaccat ataattggtc acaaaatagg cctcaacaga tacaaaaata    108960
     ttgaaattgt accatgtatc ctatcagacc accatggcct aagactgatc ttcaataaca    109020
     acattaagaa tggaaagcca acattcacgt ggaaactgaa caacactctt ctcaatgata    109080
     ccttggtcaa ggaaggaata aagaaagaaa ttaaagactt tttagagttt aatgaaaatg    109140
     aagccacaac gtacccaaac ctttgggaca caatgaaagc atttctaaga gggaaactca    109200
     tagctctgag tacctccaag aagaaacggg agagagcaca tactagcagc ttgacaacac    109260
     atctaaaagc tctagaaaaa aaggaagcaa attcacccaa gaggagtaga cggcaggaaa    109320
     taatcaaact caggggtgaa attaaccaag tggaaacaag aagaactatt caaagaatta    109380
     accaaacgag gagttggttc tttgagaaaa tcaacaagat agataagccc ttagctagac    109440
     tcactagagg gcaaagggac aaaatcctaa tcaacaaaat cagaaatgaa aagggagaca    109500
     taacaacaga tcctgaagaa atccaaaaca ccatcagatc cttctacaaa agcttatact    109560
     caacaaaact ggaaaacctg gacgaaatgg acaaatttct ggacagatac caggtaccaa    109620
     agttgaatca ggatcaagtt gaccttctaa acagtcccat atcccctaaa gaaatagaag    109680
     cagttattaa tagtctccca gccaaaaaaa gcccaggacc agatgggttt agtgcagagt    109740
     tctatcagac cttcaaagaa gatctaattc cagttctgca caaactattt cacaagatag    109800
     aagtagaagg tactctaccc aactcatttt atgaagccac tattactctg atacctaaac    109860
     cacagaaaga tccaacaaag atagagaact tcagaccaat ttctcttatg aatatcgatg    109920
     caaaaatcct taataaaatt ctcgctaacc gaatccaaga acacattaaa gaaatcatcc    109980
     atcctgacca agtaggtttt attccaggga tgcagggatg gtttaatata cgaaaatcca    110040
     tcaatgtaat ccattatata aacaaactca aagacaaaaa ccacatgatc atctcgttag    110100
     atgcagaaaa agcatttgac aagatccaac acccattcat gataaaagtt ttggaaagat    110160
     caggaattca aggcccatac ctaaacataa taaaagcaat ctacagcaaa ccagtagcca    110220
     acatcaaagt aaatggagag aagctggaag caatcccact aaaatcaggg actagacaag    110280
     gttgcccact ttctccctac cttttcaaca tagtacttga agtattagcc agagcaattc    110340
     gacaacaaaa ggagatcaag gggatacaaa ttggaaaaga ggaagtcaaa atatcacttt    110400
     ttgcagatga tatgatagta tatataagtg accctaaaaa ttccaccaga gaactcctaa    110460
     acctgataaa cagctttggt gaagtagctg gatataaaat taactcaaac aagtcaatgg    110520
     cctttctcta cacaaagaat aaacaggctg agaaagaaat tagggaaaca acacccttct    110580
     caatagtcac aaataatata aaatatctcg gcgtgactct aactaaggaa gtaaaagatc    110640
     tgtatgataa aaacttcaag cctctgaaga aagaaattaa agaagatctc agaagatgga    110700
     aagatctccc atgctcatgg attggcagga tcaacattgt aaaaatggct atcttgccaa    110760
     aagcaatcta cagattcaat gcaatcccca tcaaaattcc aactcaattc ttcaacgaat    110820
     tagaaggagc aatttgcaaa ttcatctgga ataacaaaaa acctaggata gcaaaaactc    110880
     ttctcaagga taaaagaacc tctggtggaa tcaccatgcc tgacctaaag ctttactaca    110940
     gggcaattgt gataaaactg catggtactg gtatagagac agacaagtag accaatggaa    111000
     tagaattgaa gacccagaaa tgaacccaca cacctatggt cacttgatct tcgacaaggg    111060
     agctaaaacc atccagtgga agaaagacag cattttcaac aattggtgtt ggcacaactg    111120
     gttgttatca tgtagaagaa tgcgaatcga tccatactta tctccttgta ctaaggtcaa    111180
     atctaagtgg atcaaggaac ttcacataaa accagagaca ctgaaactta tagaggagaa    111240
     agtggggaaa agccttgaag atatgggtac aggggaaaaa ttcctgaaca gaacagcaat    111300
     ggcttgctct gtaagatcga gaattgacaa atgggaccta atgaaactcc aaagtttctg    111360
     caaggcaaaa gacaccgtca ataagacaaa aagaccacca acagattggg aaaggatctt    111420
     tacctatcct aaatcagata ggggactaat atccaacata tataaagaac tcaagaaggt    111480
     ggacttcaga aaatcaaata accccattaa aaaatggggc tcagaactga acaaagaatt    111540
     ctcacctgag gaataccgaa tggcagagaa gcacctgaaa aaatgctcaa catccttaat    111600
     catcagggaa atgcaaatca aaacaaccct gagattccac ctcacaccag tcagaatggc    111660
     taagatcaaa aattcaggtg acagcagatg ctggcgtgga tgtggagaaa gaggaacact    111720
     cctccattgt tggtgggatt gcaggcttgt acaaccactc tggaaatcag tctggcggtt    111780
     cctcagaaaa ctggatatag tactaccgga ggatccagca atacctctgc tgggcatata    111840
     tccagaagat gctgcaactg gtaagaagga cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt    111900
     atttataata gccagaagct ggaaggaacc cagatgccct tcaacagagg aatggataca    111960
     gaaaatgtgg tacatctaca caatggagta ctactcagct attaaaaaga atgaatttat    112020
     gaaattccta gccaaatgga tggacctgga gggcatcatc ctgagtgagg taacacattc    112080
     acaaaggaac tcacacaata tgtactcact gataagtgga tattagccca aaacctaaga    112140
     tacccaagat ataagataca atttcctaaa cacatgaaac tcaagaaaaa tgaagactga    112200
     agtgtgaaca ctatgcccct ccttagaagt gggaacaaaa cacccttgga aggagttaca    112260
     gagacaaagt ttggagctga gataaaagga tggaccatgt agacactagc atatccgggg    112320
     atccatccca taatcagctt ccaaatgctg acaccattgc atacactagc aagattatga    112380
     tgaaaggacc ctgatatagc tgtctcttgt cagagtatgc ctgggcctag caaacataga    112440
     agtggatgct cacggtcggc tattggatgg atcacatggc ccccaatgaa ggagctagag    112500
     aaagtaccaa agaagctaaa gggatctgca accctatagg tggaacaaca ttatgaacta    112560
     accagtaccc cggagctctt gactctagct gcatatgcat caaaagatgg cctagtcggc    112620
     catcactgga aagagaggcc cattggacac gcaaacttta tatgccccag tacaggggaa    112680
     cgccagggcc ataaaagggg agtgggtggg taggggagag ggggtgggtg gctatggggg    112740
     acttttggta tagcattgca aatgtaaatg agcgaaatac ctaataaaaa atggggaaaa    112800
     aaaaaaaagg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa gaaagaagaa attagctatc ctgatggtga    112860
     agatcaaact tgccctaagg aacccagcac ccctaattag cacaaagtgg tctaataaca    112920
     ttgccttcta ttccctgact ttatccaggg atattccttt cttttctatc cttttctctc    112980
     tagtgttagg gcattgaaag ggtggaaaaa gtggagaagg gtggaagaaa gaagaaccca    113040
     caaagtagca aatgccctct acaagggtct catgagaccg tggtttattc actaggttag    113100
     gttggttggc tggtgagcct cggaaatcct gtctctatct ctcacactgg gagtacaatt    113160
     gattctttac caacaggcag acttgtgtgc actgtcagtc tgaccaggca gtgttcgtgt    113220
     cctatccaga cacagctgtg ctctagttta ctgcttagaa tttgggcctg taggaaataa    113280
     aaatatgtgg cttgtctcaa gacagattat actttgtacc atgaaattcc catcaagaat    113340
     tcctcaaaaa agtcaaatct tacgtgttca gaaagaaggc aaggtttttg ttttccaaaa    113400
     atagttttta gattagcaaa cagaatgaga gtttaaagcc ctgtgtctgt gggctgtggg    113460
     cagtgtgaac tgacgagtgt gaaggcagga agccagactg catcatcctt tttgttttta    113520
     gacatctagg ttgctccacg ggaatccttc gacacagctc atcctctctg ctgcctttcc    113580
     actacaacag agcactttcc ctccttcgca ccaccagcaa caccagcctc agcagcaaca    113640
     gcagcttcct cggcacagga ctgacagcct gactgaccct tccaaggtcc agccacagta    113700
     gcacacacac ttcctctctg acatgcgaga ggaaggggat ggccagaaag aatcgctcag    113760
     ttggcatgcg gtcagaagtt gaacagtttc acgagggtgg tcttgagtgt tcagtccctt    113820
     gatgagacgg tagggaagtg ctgcccagtg cttcagatgt ccattaaata ccagccagtg    113880
     ggaaatggtc atagggacac agccaattct gacagtttct ttgcccaggt attttttgat    113940
     agaaagagta tattgccaaa tgctaacaag ctcagctatc aaccagatct ttactgaatc    114000
     cgaagagcac taacagtgtt ggtagcttta gtgggtctgt gcctgcatca aatattacag    114060
     agggcacacc actgccaggg gtttgcttag aatgccatga agatagtcca gtagttaata    114120
     gtccccaccc caaactcctc tccctgttca gacaatgatg gaaccgtgat gactttgaga    114180
     atgttgtgca ggtttgaatt cactgtgtac agatgctgta gtgtctctgt gtctggatgg    114240
     aggagagaaa gccactttga tacagaaagc attatctgtc cctcacaggt atgagtgcat    114300
     ttcattaggt ttgacaccat gtacaaactg ataacaacct ctcttttttc attttgttta    114360
     caacacagta gtgttctcgt tacttttcca gggcacaagt ctttttgtcc gtgctttggc    114420
     tgtgatgtca cagtttgttc agtgaggtaa caatgtgctg ctgggaatgg atttttttta    114480
     aggttaaatt attgctacat ttccacttac tcagaaatat cccttatttc attatttttc    114540
     aattatgttt gagagaattg cactgcttta ttattttaga tggttggttg agagtttaat    114600
     cacatatttt gatatatttc atagttggaa tatttatgta aatggttttc aacaagcctg    114660
     aaagtaattt caagaatgtt tcagttgtaa gagtaaagtt tgcacacaaa acattttagg    114720
     cactttttta acattctcag aggtgggaat tttaactttt aggatttgtt ggaatctttt    114780
     tattatcttt aaaaatttca atgcttcttt tagtcagaaa tgattcaggg ttatttgagg    114840
     ggaaaaaacc catagtgcct tgattttaat tcaggtgata actcaccatc ttgaattcat    114900
     tgtctggttt cagtagcagt tttgaaacct tagtacattt ttagcagcag tgtcattctc    114960
     aagtccccat gaggactgct gcgtctcttg ggctgcctga cagcgtcaca gctgggaatg    115020
     ggatcccaaa atcgtttcct gtttgcatct tcctctaaag ctaagtaact cttttaggaa    115080
     ttaccagtaa atacttgctc agagacaagg gacaagttgt ctttaatttt cattgcagca    115140
     ctagaataat gtaactcaca tgctttttaa acattaagat ttcatttggc aatatcattc    115200
     tctacaggta ataaactcca acaaagctac atacatttta aaaggcattt ttttagattt    115260
     tatggtacta ataatgagtt tttcaattaa agaacaaaag atcagtagga tatagaatat    115320
     caagtattac tgagaaaagg gaggataagt gtggcacatt agaattgacc ttaaaaggaa    115380
     agtatgtgat ggtgaggtgc taaactggtt tcagcagtgc agataaccta aggcagagtt    115440
     gctagatcag ggcttgggga actcggagtc agctatctgt ctctagcttt gctctcatca    115500
     tcagtaagtg tgtctttgtt ttcctgttta cctgactgca attaagttag caagttagtg    115560
     ataaaaagaa aacaaccaaa gaaaattggt acctactctt ctgcataaga agtgtgtcta    115620
     gataccagtc agtaactcac atatcacaga gttcttctag ctgacattca tacgaatacc    115680
     agaaatagtt gtgagaatac acatttatgc aagtttgtgc acacgtgacg aaatcaatgt    115740
     aagtcgagca cccacattgc ttttctccct tccacattgc cttcttctct ttggccattc    115800
     catgtcctcg gagtcggagc tgtgcctcgt ttatcttttt gcatcacata gcgataagaa    115860
     tttagctaca ggagatacaa catgctagtt atgtaatgcc tgctgttctt cacagttcat    115920
     ctccctgctt aaaagtagca gttgataaga aactctagct gctaaggctg ctgtccacac    115980
     ggagatgcat gctgggcaac agttgtcagc actagctgcc tcttagctcc ttaattcttg    116040
     gttcctttgg atggcaaact gtctttgtct gctccccaca cgactccagt attctgaaga    116100
     aagttcatct tttgcctgtt catttctgta gccaaagctg actgaaaccc caaatctaaa    116160
     tcatgaaaag ataccaaaaa gaaacacttc tcagcttctt agaaacctta acttctcttg    116220
     ctgtatttca tggatttgat tttctttgaa atttttgatt ctgggcagcg ccttttaatt    116280
     aagaaattgt taggatgaag gtcaaacagg ttctcattgc cctgcaggta ccttgctctg    116340
     gactgcttct gtatggggtg acttggggtt gctgaacaca caggattaga acagtaaaca    116400
     caaagctgcc cttgaggctg gcgttaaacc agagcctcaa tattgaaaat atcaagtcct    116460
     ctttccttcc ttagagacga gactgtgaga ggaaagcaac tgtggtaggt gggcttgctt    116520
     gcacatgagc accaagacca ttccccaagc tctatcctca gggtagcatt tagagtgctg    116580
     tgttctgctg tcacatagac atggcttagg gatgtagcac taataaaaga atgcccgtgc    116640
     ttttgaatag ttgtgatagc aaactctagg ctaactagca agtgtttgaa ttctgtgtgc    116700
     tgtatagtag ttggtcattg ccttaaagca gtctcttgga agttgggagc actgaagcag    116760
     tccaaccata tatgggcatc acgttgaggg agatgagcct tgttcaagcc ttagaaagga    116820
     cccttagtct acacaggtag attcttttca cttggatatt actgtgttta aaatgtttcc    116880
     actatgttga ggcagttttt taaagtggaa cacagatagg atttttagta tttctttttt    116940
     tgtttctttg gtgattaaag gtttgttggt agacatttgt gtaaaagttg ttcaagccta    117000
     tcatctttcc agtacttgtg gtcctgttct tagtaccaga gtccacaatg gaaagtgtaa    117060
     acactggata ttaatattgc tgagggtgca tagccaggtg tgagctgact ggaacttctc    117120
     agtggtgaag aaacagcaca acggcacttg ccattttcat agtgattgca taaagagacc    117180
     ttctaagttt gtctggattg agtgaacact cttctaagag gagcttctca agtaaatgca    117240
     aaggaaaaga gttgactatt tttatagcat atttaatata tttgtatata actatgagtg    117300
     tagtaggaac cctccacatg cctcccactt ttctaattcc ctccccttct gccgtagccc    117360
     tagtccagcc tcatccgcat gggtaatgtg cctactgtca gcctacctac caaaagatag    117420
     tgctgctgct ttctgagaca ggtgagatca gactctcatg cctggggatc cttatgggag    117480
     gaatagcaca cacttagaac aacataccac agtttaagag catcattttg aaaggtaata    117540
     agcactttat tgcaattatt catttagata aagtttgtat cttaggcatt aaccgttttt    117600
     aaaggatccc taatcatcac ttaggtgaaa tgataaacga cacatttctg agaaatgttc    117660
     aggtccagtg aaccgtagca ggtttatggg aatgatttca aggtagccaa ataaactctg    117720
     acttttgttt tgaatgtggt ggagtcagga gattgtagat gtgtagtttg atttaaacac    117780
     tattgtaaac ctatcttgcc tattgtgtgg acaccaaaag agaccaatga gcctgtttat    117840
     tttcagaggt ctaggaatat gcatctgtct gagtagatat acagaactaa tctataaacg    117900
     gttggtagta atattttagg atacagtaac ttcaagaatt attgagtgtt ttaaatgtgc    117960
     cctgaaatgt tggcatgtca tttcagcgtt cccatttgag ttgctcttgt aatatttttg    118020
     cacaaaaagg actgagaaaa gactgctttg gttgaagaaa actataattt ggtcttattt    118080
     taatgtctcc tgtggaaaca ctggaggtaa atttgttggc atagttacta attcaggata    118140
     tttaaaacag tgttgaacag ctcatcagaa attaagcaaa cttatatatt taaaaattaa    118200
     aaatcttttt ttccatgtga ctgttttgca tattttttcc gttgtcatac cacactacat    118260
     tccttggttt tttttctgaa ataataattt gtgaaagatt tgagtattca acaatatttt    118320
     ttaagacgcc tgggttttcc caggaaaatg tcctagtgaa gtaagttata gctatatata    118380
     gtttgtggag actattgaga ttccatcaac accaccagca aacactgagg tgctgaacca    118440
     agagacaatc ataatagtaa gtatttacag gacttaggag aggctgcaag gaacacttgt    118500
     tcccaaagca gttctctggg tctcctaaat aaaatggctg tgtatttaga tttctacatt    118560
     gtgtagttgg tgatttattt aatttattgc atcattttct tgtcgttgga gaacttgctc    118620
     ttgtttgggg cagtcactac cctaccctct agtgactccc cactgacaga tcattgggat    118680
     ccattgtgca tcacgatggt gatggagggt gaacctgaat gtccctgcac ttccctcctg    118740
     ctctgaattc atttaagaaa agaacattaa aagctaactc cttttagctc tggtcacata    118800
     gtgtcacttg ttgccttctc tgattcatgg gcacttttta tacattcgtt tccccaacac    118860
     agtcaaaaag gccagtaaga cagaaccaag ggcacatgtt gcctctgttg cccatttggg    118920
     gaaatgctag caaagtaata tctattaatg actgtcgtca ctacatccat atatagaagt    118980
     ccttctatat agttgaacag tgtatgcaca ctgaaaactt tgaaaagttg gctgtctttt    119040
     agatcctcca tagtccagta aagtggtgct tgaacatagg gagtctagtt gtgtgaggat    119100
     ccttcctgct cacgtgacca aagtgggcta tggtcctcct ttagcacggt tgcggctctg    119160
     gagtcccaca gtcagggtct aacacacata gggatcccct ggagagcagt tattaaaata    119220
     ctgtcagaca caaactgggt ttattactta agaggcatct aactctgagg ggcataaatt    119280
     caaaatatac catttttaga tgtttgcttt taaatcagtg aaaacaaact gtgacatcgc    119340
     tttaagaaat gacttttcaa atgttttgag ttggcctgta ctggttcaca tttattgctg    119400
     acaatggttt gaagagtact acaaagctta tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaagg    119460
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaaa agttaagttg atttcaagca aagacattgc cttcaaaaag    119520
     tcccttacta ataagcaagg ggtatgtcag ccagaactgg aatttacacc attctaaaat    119580
     tattttgaaa tctattttac tgtggtttaa gttgggaaaa gctccagtat agcactttca    119640
     tattcaccct gtgtaaagat taaagcccaa agacaaatta atgctgtatt aaaaccagtt    119700
     agtgcaaaaa ctataaatat aagttttatc tttgtaaact ctgttaaatc agttggtagt    119760
     tgtacaaaca tgcaccagat ttctcttaag ttccgtgtgg tcttgctgtg ctgttcctga    119820
     cattgctgtc cttactgctt ggttctgggt ttaaactaaa acaagaataa gcagagcgca    119880
     tcccttgcag ctccaaaaga ggggcacgat atggctgtgt atctccagat gagaattcct    119940
     cccctcctaa agcaaacatt gaattgagac ttacactctt tcaggtgttt acccctttgc    120000
     caaaactaga aatatgaagg attatgagtg atttcaatgg tgctatatta ggttccctgg    120060
     ttttcataag ctatgtttgg aaatacagca ctgaataaaa tgcagactct tgctaccagc    120120
     tgcatattgc cgttgtaatt gggtccagta caattggata tacttgttta tcaaagttac    120180
     cctttgaaga agtaaaactg gtacaccagc atgccttcac tcaggcctcc tgctgtatga    120240
     catgcacagc tttaacgtaa aatcacaaca aaccatcata atgctctttt ctctagaccc    120300
     ttgtaatgta ttcagaacct aaaactacag caaaagagcc aagcagtagc aatgtttgtt    120360
     tttttttttt tttgtaaatg taaaaataat tagctctaga cctgtttcct ttgatttaaa    120420
     aataaagaat gcctcagtgc tgctctcagt gtcacctgct tatgtggcac atatgtgtaa    120480
     gagtcccatt ttggatttat agaacaacta ttaaatgttt ttaaatctgt cagtgacatt    120540
     ttcctttctt tattcaacac tggggcctga ttgtgtcaac aatgtttacc ttataccttc    120600
     cactttctct aagcaacgat gtcctgctgc tacaagactt cttcctccaa gactggttcc    120660
     ccatccccat ctctggctgg ggctcggcag cttacagctg ctttctacac ttacctcgtc    120720
     tctcaccagt ctacaaggtg tagtatgggg acatggctta caatttttta aaagtgtttt    120780
     aactcatggg cattgttttt ctattgtcta atcttgtatt tttattgagt ttaaaaactc    120840
     cttaaaagct cgcagaaatg acttcttcaa tttttttcta ctgcctaaca atacttggaa    120900
     agaagagcta acaactaaaa taaccttgaa ccgttttcag aagaacatta ggagacttag    120960
     ctgggttttc cacatctctt caaatacaga ttacattgtg ggcatttgtc atctcagtaa    121020
     atatgaatta ttccatcatg tcccacacag ggaatgcttg gacatttcta tagaggaact    121080
     ggccttcaca tttaaacctt agtctaagaa agaaatcata aagtattttg tatgtaacac    121140
     acgaggaaaa cgagtactag ttataccttt tatttacatt gtttgttaca atgcttattc    121200
     aatatagaaa aatatgaata cattcatagt attctctttt aatttggtaa gtccatgttg    121260
     tcaaatattg actattttta tattgggtgt cctacccaat taaaaaaaat aagagggaga    121320
     atgggcctag ccagcaactc ttatcatttg ttattgatac aatcctaatt cccaaagaca    121380
     agataaaatt gctgattact ggctcaggaa tatggtttta aaagtggaag tcattcattc    121440
     ttttccccaa ggaaatgctt aaggtataca ttaaaccccc agtgaccaag gagaaaacgt    121500
     gtttataagg gggtcatgct acaagaaaac tcaatggtca gcctcacttc agtggacgcg    121560
     tatatcaagc agaagtggag gctgaggtgt caacataatt aagctagaga gaacccacac    121620
     ttaggagtca aaccttttta aaaatcttta caaataaaat caatgattat atcttttggg    121680
     cataataatt aagtgggtca aacttacaaa tcaatgctac aaaatacagt gtttcccatt    121740
     acttttagtt gtaatgtaca ctatgtacag aaaagagttg cctatcttaa gctgaatact    121800
     gaagaacagc ttgttaaaaa ccagactctg gacttataaa cagggcagaa aatgcaaacg    121860
     ccaaaaatac gatgcctccg atgattgtca ctggaaaaga gagagagaag ggagtcagtg    121920
     ttgcttccac tgtgacatca acagttcccg aagctttcct cttcccttat aacagacctt    121980
     ttctctgggc actgcttgta gaaagagaag ttaaagcaaa gttggcaagc agcagttgga    122040
     ctgtagcagt catcacctta acccccccac cccggtctct cgagggcccg gagatggcac    122100
     agcatggaaa aagtgctgtg gccaagcctg ctatcagtgc ccacaagctc ggaccccagc    122160
     ccattttaaa tgttgaaaat gttcaagcct cacacagggt ctgcttatca aatacttcag    122220
     gccaaacttc tacaagtttt tcactggctt acaaaacaaa caagtgtgac catattttag    122280
     ataagcttgt gattttctca tttgtacaca taggaaaaga agtcagtgca cagtaacaat    122340
     gtgtcaaata ttgacaaggc ctagatcagg cacagagatc aagtggtctc tggaaaaatg    122400
     ataagagcta gcattctatt accctccatg attttcaagc attagaacag atgatacttg    122460
     cattttcatg ggaaaaaaaa atgagacctt accagttcgg acagagatct tttgcgctat    122520
     catccttcct ccaattactg ccaatccagt acataagcag tgtcccactg tgccacccac    122580
     tgctacacca taagggtcct ggaagcagat gtagcttgtg ttagcttgtt aagttggaga    122640
     tggtgtttga gaatggccag tgttaaatag aactagctat gggctctgaa ccatccaggc    122700
     atactgttga gtttattaca cagaagatgg ctgcttcagg gaatgtggac agcacaggat    122760
     ggacctgagt tataagtctc gtgtggcaca gaactgctgt gcttcctgag agcaggaatc    122820
     ctaacccttg accctcgagc ttttagctga gggtgaggac taaatactgc taaaataaac    122880
     aaggagcctt cacagaagaa gatgaccctt aagggtagct aagaccccac gtatatttgg    122940
     gaaggaagaa caacagaacg tttcaaagtt tctacagaga gacaaggagg ccctggagag    123000
     gagtccttga agagtagtaa gtcaggaaag gtaggagccc gggatggagg tgtagggctg    123060
     taggctgcca cttaactcct gtgccagagg ccaaggttca atgtctacct acaggacccc    123120
     cccacccccc attggctggt tttagcacaa gccgattcct gctttcaaag tttaatggag    123180
     acaatgaact agttgggagt aagcccaagg agaaataaca actctggtaa gaaatcgtgc    123240
     tgactggact ggggtaggag gagatgaaga caagagaaaa gcagatggat ggggagggac    123300
     atgggatact gtgaaagcta tcaggtgtga caaccaagta accgagaaga tgttataaaa    123360
     aagatgggga ccaactacca ggtagttggc ctcaataagt ctcagcactg ataaacgtct    123420
     ctgatgtcct atctttcctg gtgctgtggt aaaactggaa aaggcacata aaggttaggt    123480
     gtgcttgggt tcacagctca agagtacagt tcatcaccga ggaagagcca tgaaaacagg    123540
     aacttggggc cgctggccac tggcatccag ttagggagca gatggtaatg aatgcttgtg    123600
     ttgagctcac ctgtatacag tccagggtcc taggccaggg gatggtgccc ccagcacata    123660
     agtgagatct ctaccataac ctagtcagca tagatctcaa gttgaaccct actctgtaag    123720
     gtaggcaact gggcggtaga gcagttcttt ttaccaacca caataatgtt tctgaacttt    123780
     gggaagttaa gagtttggga cagaaggacc aagcaaggaa tttcatttcc cccttaaagt    123840
     cagagtggag gtagcaatgc agaaaatccc cagaaaactg aactgggagc aaggcaaaga    123900
     cgcatgttat aagggctgag ggtagatgct gggatccagg agtgcagtgt ggctaactgg    123960
     gaagaaggcg gctgagcagc aggtcagcag ccagctgctg ggaagttcaa aggcaacata    124020
     tatacagtct gaacctgaga ctgtactact gccacaaact gctacttcag aagatgcttc    124080
     attccatctg aaaataaatg gtactagaaa aaaaaattca ctgggttaaa taaagttatt    124140
     ttaataaaga tccttcaaaa gcaaaacagc atgattcata aaaagattaa tgttaaagga    124200
     acagaaccag acagtttaag aggtctttaa gctctgctag tgtcggtggc atggaagggt    124260
     gcctagccca tgagtgctgg gctgggggct ggacaggcct gtgcactgct gcatcccatc    124320
     tgcagacaga aactcacaaa atggggaact gcagggcagt gccccacccg ctgaccctgg    124380
     caggacctcc tccaccacag ggcctcattt tcaaggtcca attctggaat tctaatggaa    124440
     aaacagaaat gaaggcaggg cacagccatt aaggagaatt tttcaagttt gttttatgag    124500
     aatcaaatgg gagagtagag agtaccacac ccacccaccc ccccccgctt tttttatttt    124560
     ttccatctcc aaataaagca tttttaaggt tctccgacaa aacctttccc tataacttgc    124620
     ctgaaatgct tcctatttta aactgtagaa ctatgtgagg aacttctcca aggatttaaa    124680
     tgtctgtgca ctaatataac tgacacagac ttaagatcaa gagcgtgcag ttcctcagga    124740
     cactggcatc tgtgaaaatg acctgacagc tctcaggaga ggacggcgat ccatccccac    124800
     cccaacagca aaccaagaga atcttttaaa tccatgtacc caaaggcaag ggagagacaa    124860
     gctcacttcg ggccctaaca taaggcaccc cacctctcta agctcttatc tgctcaatca    124920
     gggctggaca gtgtcctcta acttaaactg ctgcatcagt gctagagctg cggtggacca    124980
     gaaatgctct ccaaaagcaa gacttggagc agtcccaagg tgagcactct gatgtccttg    125040
     gtttttctgt gagcaaccct ctaggtcagt gagaacttag caggtaaaag gacttggaaa    125100
     ccctctctgc accattaaag cagtgttgac aaatgagtga tccaagagct gctcagatgt    125160
     aatgatgaac aaatcccccg tgacacaaaa tctgctgctg ggttttttgt ttttgttttt    125220
     gtgggttttt tttttctttg tttttaagac agtcttagta tgagatcagc atttacaaga    125280
     ctccccagtg ctaggataat gtgatatact aatttatatt cccaataagc atgcagaagt    125340
     catgagcaga aaagtaagca acaaagacac cagctacagc aaaacacagt aaaagaactc    125400
     aacaagacaa aaaaacgaaa agaaaaatta aatttgggtt caagaactag agacacagag    125460
     aaaacgcagg aggctaattc taggtcataa aatgaacaga tgtgtcctgt ggcccctgac    125520
     cgacccctgg aagggagcaa ctgaaactct ggtcttgata tagacgtggt ccaatacact    125580
     cacctctcta gctgccagga caatggtagt gagttgagag cgatcgcccc attctgccaa    125640
     gaacgttaat gtgagcgctt gaacaaaaat gggtgaaata aaatgtaacc actttttctg    125700
     aggtattgct gtgcttgtac cagtttcaac atctggccca tttaagagtt tggttcgttg    125760
     gaactgaaac aaatgaaaaa taccattaac ccaagtaagc ctatgaatat agcataaagt    125820
     cacttttaaa acatatggca tattctccaa agaaaataca ctgtatcctc cgactgccct    125880
     ttagccacca gcctcataca ctgtcaattt tcccactcat cggcaaatag tatttggatg    125940
     cttcagaaac atgcagaata gttcccacga ttccaacatc tgccatcaac ctaaaaagct    126000
     gactatctgg tggacacctc cctccctgcc agtcacagta acccacactc agccacagta    126060
     cagtaggagt ggaaagtaac taagctatcc gcatgcacac aacactttac aacttacttc    126120
     ttcatccttc ttctttaact ctgcttggac ttcttctagc tcctcctgac cctcatctgg    126180
     gctcatcttc aaaccttccc gaagcattct aatgccaaaa atggcgaaga gtgcagttga    126240
     aacatagtat gtatacaccc tggggatgac tgttgtggca tagccaaaca aaactgtaag    126300
     gaaatgccaa cagtgttaac agtgcttcta ccacagacca aagagagtta cagtaagaaa    126360
     tcataattta cagtgttgaa ggaaaactgg ttcatattag acacatcaaa tatgtaatga    126420
     cctgaaatac ttctggctct ttctttccac accaacttta gaatggcatt ccaagacagg    126480
     catggcctca tttccatggt atatgcatct gctataggac atttcttaat atgctgactg    126540
     gttctccact caaactcaac taatggctgg cttcccttac atctgtgcta ggcacaacac    126600
     ttgagctaga cagactgtga tgtcctctaa gaatgccaac attttataaa ctggaagcca    126660
     cactctactc cataagtaga tgtttctttg tcacagatat caaaagatca agggggacaa    126720
     cataattcac actcctcctt tttaactatg taaatttagt acattttatg aaacaatact    126780
     aaaaattcct tataggtatg tgtagacgca ccaatatgac atatattttc tatctcttat    126840
     cttctgaaag ggccaagaaa cagacatttt actaacaaag agcattatgg tgaactttct    126900
     aaaagccatg aagcaagcac agaatgtacc tacaggatct tattactaga agttgagcag    126960
     aacaagaacc tgccacaaga acaaggcagc cagccagaca ggatcccaca gagtggtctg    127020
     gacaatgtag tcaacaaaca gctggagaaa gctcatgcgc ataagagcga gaggaaggag    127080
     tggacaaggc cagcggtcac ttaggtctgg aacacatgcc agaattagga agctagaatt    127140
     ttgaatgcat caagggaaaa tatgcaagaa ttacactaaa tctctgggga aatgttggta    127200
     aagagcaagg tatatactgt atttcagtat ctcctcacag gcaggatatt agctgcagga    127260
     gaagactaag taagaaaatt ctgtactggg taagccacat gaatgaggaa aagaaatatg    127320
     aatgccacat gatttcatgg gatattcttc tgcagacatg acaccattgc agcgcctagc    127380
     caagattagg taacttgagc tcacccatgc agaaacattc cacacgaaaa ggggaaggcc    127440
     atgggatatg agagagggca tgacattatt ctctaaaaca tgtggctatc ataaagcata    127500
     ataaaagtct aagtagtatt tcagatttaa aaatagaaaa tcaaacatct gatcttgtat    127560
     ggacattgta caggtggaaa cagggaccac aaagtcccca aaaaagaaaa gtatggtagt    127620
     cagtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctatcacttc ctaatataga tataaattat atgtgtataa    127680
     gtacacatta tttacctaga tacagaaata atatataaac atactcaaat tttttacaca    127740
     gattgtaacc caaatgctaa aggagtcagg gaaggtagta atagtaggtg catctagcaa    127800
     gaaaggtata cagtattcat tatacttttt tatctgtatg gctttatgta tttaaaatta    127860
     cttccataga agtttggggg aaatggctca atgggtaaca tattattgca agcatgagga    127920
     tctgaattcg aataaactca agaagcagcc atagctgcac acatctataa tcttagcgcc    127980
     catatgggac aaggggaatg ggagtcagag gcaggagaat ggctagctgg gatcatatat    128040
     atacacagtg gtaaaaaaga gaccctctct caagtgaaag gcaaagacca acaagtcctc    128100
     tagacctgca cacaggcact gtccactcac acaagcccac acatatacaa tagaaaaagg    128160
     aaataaaact actgccttaa aaaattaagc gttggaattc aatgtagaaa gccttttgaa    128220
     atcccctaaa tttattcttt ttctcttcag atacactatc ctcccaaccc acacagaacc    128280
     tatgctgaag ccctccagta agtgcctgaa tacccagata cctccaagcc catgacactt    128340
     ctgtcttgag gcccagagca cagaggcaca catacaatct gctttaggtt cctgcctcag    128400
     gaatccgcat ctacatcctt tgcacacttg ctctccaggt gccagtggtt aagtgtagca    128460
     atgttactga aacacaactg tgttaccatg ccagccctga acatcaaggt gactactaag    128520
     tgatggtgca gcatataatg gaggtcccac tgaacaagga tcatttgtgt tcagggagat    128580
     gaaatgagag cgattccacc ataccgaggc cagtgtgtgg tataaactta ggaactgtgt    128640
     tgccctgggg cttcccattt ggtactatag tatgcagctg gctgcagaca gctgagcagc    128700
     cctatctcaa aaaaaaagaa aaagaaaaga aaaaaaaaag acaaaaagta aataaataaa    128760
     acctttcctg gcgctcaaac acttaagtca cagcagttta ctcaagttaa tattaatatt    128820
     tcagttttct ccaccattgt taaatataac agttagggta cttaaaatta tgtattaaga    128880
     ctaccatgca tcaaagcagt aacttgatac atttcagtaa agctctgttt gatacacttg    128940
     atggttaaca agagtaacac aaccacctta ctgagctggc agtcactcca taggtcagta    129000
     aaggcaactt tcatcccatc attctttttg gtttggtttg gtttttgttt ttttcgagac    129060
     agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctagcctc    129120
     aaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg aattaaagga gtgcgccacc    129180
     acgcccggcg taaattattt ttaaaagtgt ttttgctttt atacagtata ccagaaatga    129240
     gatattttca actccttaag tttacataac ttaagataac atcagataaa gtatacaaag    129300
     atgcggaggt cctaataggg caatcagacc ctgcccatgg ccagtagaat gggagagggc    129360
     aagagaagaa cagcagagag cagagtgagg cgaaggacca ggcacacatc acatcagctg    129420
     ggagaactga tggagcagtg gagcagtgat gctgcattgt gcagcacaga acaggggcat    129480
     tctgacgtgc tgatgtgaaa tcaccagcag catcagcagt gccctcctga cagcggtcaa    129540
     acagcacatc ccacgtgaaa tcaccagttt tgactctttt tcttataata ttacttcttt    129600
     taaatatatg atacataaat aaaaatgtat atctttatat gaaatataag tatatatgaa    129660
     ggggccactg ttaacttctc ccaagtcact cacaccctct ctacaccccc aacttcattt    129720
     tttgttttag ttaaagaatc atcaagacca tatactccta ggtagaaagc cctctcctag    129780
     aaaatggctg acctaccaaa agctacactc ttagagaaaa tggcctctct ctccacaggt    129840
     cctgagtttg ggatcgggag gacgacgagc cccttcctgg tttacatgag tgaatactga    129900
     cagatttgat cttgcctggc caccaagctg ctgtgtgctc atgagtgcag gggtctgtca    129960
     tatccaggaa acactctact gtaagaagac ctcaggctcg tacaatcttt aatcccctct    130020
     ctgtaacaca ttacttataa agagaaaatt agtttcaaat tattctaaat atctaaaata    130080
     cttttatgtt tataaaaaca caagctttaa ttaaggcaaa tagtaataca attaagaaga    130140
     ctaaaggatg ctgtattcca cataagcagg gtaagaaaaa gcttaatgac aaaaactgaa    130200
     agctgattct ctgctgctac ctcttgcctt tcaggaagaa aacatgcaat ttgctatggc    130260
     ctgttgaata ctatttctaa aattgcaaat ataaataagc ttatctggac tgaagaaaaa    130320
     gaaaacaaaa acaaaaacca ctgaaggaga ataaaattaa ggacttaaga atcaaagcta    130380
     gagctggctc agtggctaag agcacttgct gctcttgcag gcacttgctg ctcttgcaga    130440
     ggcctggttt cagtccccac cccagctgat ggctcactac catctgaaat cctctttctg    130500
     tactctgcag gtaccaggca taatatatga tgcacctaca tacaagcagg caaaacactc    130560
     atacacagaa taaatcaatc caacatacaa aaattaagga taaaaactac cagtgaataa    130620
     atgatgagaa tatgtatttg gttctggctc tgaataacta aaaattccac ctaagtaaaa    130680
     tctgggtttt aataatgtga taccctgaaa ccacttgctg ttgtttactt aattctgtgg    130740
     ataagcagtt tccaatgtac ctggatggat gattcaaacc acacatatgc tttcccccaa    130800
     tcactgtgct cccggtcaag tgcccttacc cgacaagcat gtcatcaagg ccaaggccag    130860
     catggccccg gccagcacag tcagccggtt atagcgcatc gccatgatgg cagctatgaa    130920
     aaacgtcttg tcgccgagtt cggacactat gatgactgat atggcagcca caaacgcatg    130980
     gataaatccc agattcgtct gggcagctgc atcttctttg ttggtatgaa ctggggcgac    131040
     tggtgtcaat cctttctgaa aatcaaaaac caaatacaaa ttttaactca tttaattaat    131100
     attcttttat tttaaataat agtttttatt attattatta ttattattgg tggtagtagt    131160
     ggtctttcca gtgatttact gctttatcta gatgccatta gtaattacag tagtccagag    131220
     taattcagct ctctatacaa agtaattcag aagagtgtat tacatctaga tagcctaagc    131280
     tcgtgttaca atcaattcat tgttctctca ttcaagtttc actagtaatt taggtagaag    131340
     acttggtgtg tttatcaagc attcactgac actataaagg actaagtagg gggctggaga    131400
     gatggctcag cagttaatag aacactgact gttcttctag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc    131460
     agcaaccaca tggtggctca gaaccatctg taatgggatc tgatgccctc ttctggtgtg    131520
     tctgaagaca gcgacagtgt actcatatac atacaataat taaatatgta tctttaattt    131580
     tttttaaatc ttaaaaaaaa gggggggggg ggactaagta gaatccaggg agctctcaga    131640
     ggctacagag gcggctttag ctaagacaag gtttaatata gctacatgtg cagatgctct    131700
     atgatgaact ctaaaaatat cctgaaatgt catttggtaa aaaggcaaac cagtcttggt    131760
     gggtattaac atgaaaatat gacaaaactt aactggcctc cccaaagttc actggaacgt    131820
     tctgaagctc tgccctgtaa gaaggcactg atctctgaaa atcatctgaa atgaagagat    131880
     tctaaaatat ggattggcaa gctagcagag gccaatccag caagtttata atttaaagag    131940
     attataaaaa ataaaagaag gggggaagag agagtggaag aggaaaaagc cacaaagaag    132000
     actgtatagc aaagattttc tgtggcgagg acagatgtga cctgtgaaat ctaatatact    132060
     tagctcctgg ctcattacta agaaacctca ctggctggaa ctctaaggtc agaggagaca    132120
     ccagcaaggt ggtggggtat atgtttcata actgggaaag ttatgtggct ttccttataa    132180
     tataggtaac atcttcaatt tttattgtgt atattattca ttaacatgac ataaacttga    132240
     cttcaaacac tacaggaatt cattaacatg acataaactt gacttcaaac actactattc    132300
     taagaaatca agaatgaagt atgcctgaag aatacagtaa agaaagacgt ggaagagatg    132360
     gctcagtgtt cttgatgaga actcaagctg ggtcctcagc atctacacaa ggcataaaac    132420
     agtagatacc ctgtctgact tagggcttta cttctgtgaa cagacaccat gaccaaggca    132480
     actctttttt ttttccagta atagtttaca tacagcaata atgtattctg aaatgttcat    132540
     ttagtttgag acacaactca tgtctcatta gtaaaaggtc agccatctca cctcaaatac    132600
     cagaatgtac aacagttaca gcatagtaaa aattctacct acttttgata aaatctagtt    132660
     tagttaaaat agtttcattc attctttaca gttatacaga tttgagtaca ctatgtgaat    132720
     tgttacactg tagctatctc tctgcacacc atgtgatcac agaatcatta atggttactt    132780
     ctgaaattga actgacagtt tcactcatgc agtaaagcaa agcaggctgg gtaaacatat    132840
     tcattggcaa ccatattact gtgaatttca cagccacatg attaattatg acattagatg    132900
     gattcataag aactaatgtt ttgcataaat accaatttct ccctgtttat tttataatgt    132960
     aaaactgatt gaaaacagca atatatcata tagtttctat ctgtagtgtt attttaagac    133020
     aggcgataat taaaggacaa tgggatggat gctacttaaa tacatgtaaa acacactgta    133080
     caaatatact tggctttacc atttattcgt acataacaag agtgcctccc aaaatgatca    133140
     gtgaggacaa agtgtactat caaatatggt ttccagaaca aaacccctct aacaagaatc    133200
     aaatttacaa aatttttcaa cctttaaagt tttctttgaa ataaagtccc tatacagcag    133260
     tagtgtttaa caccagcttt tcctatattt ttccttccag ctcttttaaa cagacgtcac    133320
     gagggaagac ccggaatggc gtttaggact ttgggctcca ctggattctg tgctgtcagt    133380
     ctttgaatct ctcttctctg tgttgctgct cactggcgta gggatctgag acagccgggc    133440
     tgaagtgctg tcttcgcggc ttttcctagg gctagggttg taattaaaag gtgtcactct    133500
     ggcagcaaca gtcccactag gtgaactgtg tttgctggag caactagaac tgaaaggggt    133560
     acaccctgct atacacgtcc caccagtctc tgctgcaggg acagggttac tctgtctggt    133620
     tttgcctcag ttcctttctg ttctggggcc tctacctgaa taaaggagtt cagacagttt    133680
     tccagaccca cagtttacac aggactgcca ttgcccacac tttgttttcc accaaggcaa    133740
     ctcttacaag gacaacattt aattggggtt ggcttacagg ttcagaggtt cagtccatga    133800
     tcttcaaggt cagagcatgg tagtgtccag acagacatgg caccagaaga tgtcagagtt    133860
     ctatgtcttc atccaaagga agccaggaac agactgcctc ccatgtggct aggaggaagg    133920
     tctcaaagcc catcctcaca gtaacacact ttctccaata aggccacacc tcctcatagt    133980
     gcactcccta ggccaaacac atataaacca tcacataccc tctcctggct tccacaggca    134040
     cgcatgcggc acacactcac aaccacatag atatagatag atacacacac acacacacac    134100
     acacacacac acacaagcat tctaagggta agtccagcag atggctcact gagttaaagg    134160
     tactcgctgc cacacttgat tacctaagtt tgatgctcaa gattcatggt ggaaggagag    134220
     aaccaactcc tacaagccac cttctgatct ctgtatatat ttgcatgtct atacacacac    134280
     acacaaaata acaagtgaaa acaaaagaat gcaacgaaat aaagcaagca caatcctcca    134340
     tagtctcaaa actttccata tagaagacaa gaaaaaccac atctatagct ctttccactt    134400
     attaagccag tcctgggtgg ataaaaacaa agtatcagga ttttgtgaag acagagatgt    134460
     ttaagaatta agcattgtaa ctgtcccatt tgggactgag ccacccacag tcactaattc    134520
     tgactggttc ggatacctgt agtggcctct gacttctggg gaatgtttcc ttacgagtac    134580
     tgagctgcac ttaactacag atgacagggt gagcactgac aagtacagac caacgacact    134640
     aactggactc agcaggttcc gtgtataatc atacatatgt gtgttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    134700
     tatacacata cataatgtac atataacaat gtataaattt gagaggaccc tagtggagtc    134760
     agaaggggta aagcgggagg gggaaattat gcaaatacag tatacttctg tgtggtagtt    134820
     aaaataggct ttgcaccgaa aaattcctat tttaattctt ggccacaggg agtgacacta    134880
     ttaggaggta tggccttatt agagaaagtg tggccttctt gaagggagtg tgtcattgtg    134940
     taggcgagct ttgaggtctc ttatactcag actccacaca gtgtagatga gagacccctt    135000
     ctgactgcct gtggaggaca gtctccttct gttgccttca gctccttctc tggcaccacg    135060
     tatgcctgga cgctgccatg cttccacaat gatgacaatg gactgaaccc ttgaaactgt    135120
     acaccagtcc caattaaatg tgtttgttta taagagttgc cttggtaaga cgggcagtgg    135180
     tggcgcatgc ctttaatccc agcactcaaa ggcagaggta ggtggatttc tgagtttgag    135240
     gacagcctgg tctacagagt tgaatttcag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt    135300
     catgaaaagc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agagtttcct tggtagtggt gtctcttcac    135360
     aacaataaaa cactgactac tcctacatga aattctcaat ctttaaaaaa atgaaatgtt    135420
     gattagatca gaaaagaacg ttagcattta tctactgatc accatggaag gactggctcc    135480
     ttggtctggt aaagcttcac tgactcagga gagtggctaa atccacagct ctggaatcag    135540
     actgtccggg ttcacatcca aagcattacc aatacaccct tcctccatca tctgccaaca    135600
     aaggcagcca cgcccccaaa ctgttaaagc gtttcaggtg agtcaagtcc tcaggccggg    135660
     gtctatatat agcaacactc agatcctgta acacacaacc gaaccagctc actagacttt    135720
     cggtaatgaa ctacttcatg ttactccact gaggaactgg agagagaata tgctatgtct    135780
     agataaaccc ttacttctat ctactcaatt tcaatacttt ctatctaatc acactagttc    135840
     ctaaaataga tcttctttct cccaaagaag ccagcagaac agaacttaat gtaaaacacc    135900
     agaagctaaa aaaaaaggaa gaaagaaagg aagaaagaac ctcatgatag tttaaatttc    135960
     ccattttaaa aaataaaaaa ctggcaaaat tatttgagaa agcaaggatg caacattaat    136020
     atgtaagcag catttttaaa aattgccaag aaataccatc ttcttcatac tatctttgaa    136080
     gtggcatgtt atacgctgat tcctcccccg tggctcagtc aagggcagtg cagcttgaga    136140
     actcacggag cttctgctga ccacagcctc agccagtcag aattcccttc ccagcgttct    136200
     ccattatgct ccatttgccc agactcctca aacccttttt atcctcagcc cttgacatct    136260
     agccgcatgg acaccatgat aatgtgtcat agaagggttg agagcaacaa aggtgaggac    136320
     agggacaccg ggaagctgac agttctgtgg tagaaacata tatcaatgaa atgctaataa    136380
     tgaagagaca aagcaatgga atgtctaacc gactgggacc aggacctgtt aacattcata    136440
     taaaacatgc tggctggaga ggcagctcag cagtgaaggc actgacttcc aaatctacca    136500
     acctgagttt taaccctagg tccctcacag tgaaaataga actgacttcc acacggtgtc    136560
     ctttgatcac cacatgtgtc ctgaggcaca cataaacaca cagacaaata aatgtaattt    136620
     taaaaactca agattatgga gttataaaaa taagaataag aatgttcgag ctgggcgtgg    136680
     tggcgcacac ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga    136740
     ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt    136800
     ctagaaaaac cagaaaaaag ttctacaaat actaatattg aaaaactatt aaaatgcttt    136860
     agataaaata cttatatatg atattatcat atatatgggg ggaaggaagt tatatatgtg    136920
     attctaaatg caccctgaaa cagtggacat ttccagagaa aggatcaaaa tcaggttaga    136980
     tgagccactt tcccttaaga accaactaca ttccagctct gtagactgca tagttcctgt    137040
     ggtaattaca actctgctgc tataacttca gagaagcagc tgtcaaatac tttatgaaac    137100
     agcatggctc tgttccaaag gaactttact taaaacacca gccaaccagt ggtattctgg    137160
     tgtgtggggc cacaaattag gataagagat ggcaaagcag tacttcccat cacacagtca    137220
     gaattctgtt ccttctagat ttttgccatc atgcacccaa gtatggatac cttgtatcct    137280
     tcaaagactt ctgtgaacaa attttttttc tcttgtgtgt gcacattctt atgagagaag    137340
     gtgcccacag gatccagaag agagtgttgg atcccttgga gctaaagtta caagtagctg    137400
     tgagctaccc tacatgggtg cttagaacca aacttgaatt cttcaccttc tcttaacacc    137460
     tgagtcatct ctctagcccc atcccatgcc tgccgacctg acctgctgct ctaacagcag    137520
     atcagttcct cgtggcatcc caccaagaag tctatgctct gcgttcactc actcaaaggt    137580
     cagggagctc atacctgcgg cacacagcct ttgcctgaac aaatgcagtg tgcgctgtga    137640
     ggttctttct caagatccaa aggatccagg actagaatgg ctaaccagaa agttttacac    137700
     agtgtgtgct ttctgcctga tcctgaccaa caatgacaca tagagcttgt ttgtctcaga    137760
     cagtaagcca ctggatgaat gcttgtggac tgaaaaactg taccgcaaat tgaaagtgta    137820
     cctgctaatg ataacctaac tcaagaagaa agcccctaaa agattctgaa tggaagataa    137880
     acatcgatga ggcactgtag ctaacaacca gggcagtggg ggatatctgc ttctgggcct    137940
     atcaaaagtt gaactgccga agagcaatgg tgaaactaac cagaaggaaa atacatgcac    138000
     atgacagaaa gaaaaaaaaa aagtcaatag atcttaggaa gtgcagggtt cacttaagga    138060
     ttgtggtaag acttttgggg gagggtgggt tggggagtct ggctgcctga taacgtcatg    138120
     ctcctaaaag ctatggggaa aagaaaaatc aaagcaagga gtgtgttcta aacatgttca    138180
     atcagaggtg acaagtagtt tcatatgaag gtttctaaga caagtgtcag aagtggttca    138240
     cagatgtggc taggtcagac tctgggtaca gacctggtgc cagtagccta aattagccaa    138300
     ggctgtttgc aagtggatga gagtcccagg ggagaaggca aacagttaaa gctcacaaaa    138360
     aattaacctg acagctgtga accagaaatg gagagagcac aacagaaaat ctcaacactg    138420
     ccccatcccc aggttaccca ggacttgcaa agttcatgcc cctgaacttg actccagtct    138480
     acactcaggg gaaagttcta gctaggtcct tccctctgcc tctttcacag catacctaga    138540
     gtcgtggact cacctgcctt ttcatttcta ttcccaggtg cttttctctt tgttctgaga    138600
     atggctattt gatggtttgt atgtgcttgg gccagggagt ggcactagta ggtgtagcct    138660
     tgttggagtg gatgtgtcac tgtggctgtg ggctttaata ccctagtcct agctgcctgg    138720
     aagtagaatt ctgctaacag ccttcagatc aagatgcaga actctcagct cctcttgccc    138780
     catgtcacca ttccctcctt gatgataacg gactgaacct gtgaacctgt aagtcagcca    138840
     caatttaatg gtaagagctg ccttggtcat ggtgtctgtt cacagcagaa ccctaagaca    138900
     ggctatactt ttaacccttg agtggcaatg ctgctgagtg ttcaaaagga ggtagctcac    138960
     ttaaggatgc ctcatggtat tcacctactg gtctacaaat ttgcacctga aaccacaata    139020
     tttaaaatat ggaagtataa atcttttccc aaatctctag ctcttctctc aaacatctag    139080
     ggcatcatgc ttgcccaact atgcataatc taatagaaat atcttattcc tatagctttt    139140
     ccttgctacc ctaaccatat acaaagctag aagaaggttg agttgtctta ctgttcaagt    139200
     taaattacag tcatattctt ttttatacaa accctggggt tgggaggcgc ctcagagcta    139260
     agaagcctga agaagaggaa tattttcaga aatccatccc gcagtattag ctgcatgctt    139320
     ctgggttcct agagacacag gatgttactt tgtagaatgt aacagccata cagccatgct    139380
     ctaatggact ggtttgctta gtgaagctat tttctggtcc agtgaaaata actgtacagc    139440
     tctccccaca gctctccaat gcaccactgt tgtcttggtt tctatagcca gcggacgagc    139500
     tcatgagatt gtgagtttta tggatatctt tagctgggct cagtctcccc acctgtgcac    139560
     actaagtatg gtgttgcaac acaggcgatt ttcagatgtg gttatcattt ataaccagct    139620
     gccttaagta acagattacc tgagataacg taagcagcac atgcaatcat tcaaaaggcc    139680
     ataaggccaa ggtggaggct ttcttacaaa gcacaaagta cactggccaa aggatgttga    139740
     ggccatgcct gagagaagat aactaactta gcaggtcagt ctccacaact gtcaaatccc    139800
     tctttaagag aggaacttgg gatataatat gataccttag aaagcctagt tagtggtggg    139860
     gggtaaagga agaagggagg aaagcagaca gaaaggaaaa ggctgactga gctgtgacag    139920
     tagactgttg attattatac taaacgtcag ttactaagtg ggtccctgag ttactaagta    139980
     gatgccagtc attttcacat aatttcactt gattggcaga accctagagg ctgtgatcct    140040
     aattgaacct gaggtgtttg gcttaaaatt ttaagagagc aggtagtcat gtcaaatgaa    140100
     gacagaaaaa gagctctgga cttagatatt ggtcaggtta caagtgtgct tcaaactgat    140160
     gggctggagg cctgtagaga aggctccgca ggtaagagtc ctagctgctt agagttcttt    140220
     acagataaat aagtctcaaa aaggacacaa gagcaaggag ggaactcaga tgacggaaga    140280
     ttaaagcaaa gattagctaa caggtaactc tgcagtagga gtgggtttta aagcagcaga    140340
     accgaaacta actgggccaa gtagtattaa tacagccctc atttattctt tcccttccaa    140400
     aactaggaga aactctatgt ggaactaaag gaagcaatgg gcggggagag aaggaagaag    140460
     caaaggcaga atgcactgga ggtcagagga gagcagagga gggaagggct gggattgtgg    140520
     ctcaacgact ctggcttagt ccacaacact gcccctccta ccaaaaacaa agaggaggag    140580
     gaggaggagg aggaggaaga agaggaagag gaagaggagg aggaggagga atggaaagga    140640
     tgacagtttg atccgaaacg tgaaaaagac agaatgagca cagaagccaa tacgctggaa    140700
     ggagtgcagt ttcaactcag ttacaaatta taccacaaaa agacacgaga tcctagaggg    140760
     tctgctcaga gtatcccaga accaccacta tgtcagtatg ttaatatgta acacacaaac    140820
     tgcatttgga gaacaggatc agcaacctgt acttaacaaa aactctttgc agagggctga    140880
     ggagatggct cagtccgcag tctttgctgc agcctaagcc tagagcctca gtgttcttcc    140940
     aacaagatgg caagtagaca ggagaacccc cagaagcctg caggacaacc agcataccac    141000
     acacagcata aaacgagaga ccctgcctca aaaggtggat ggtggggacc caagacaaac    141060
     aacagttgcc ctctcactcc atacacatat catgacacac ttgtgcccat tctctcatat    141120
     tatatacaca gacacacaca cacacacaca ctcctacacg taagtcctca tttaggaaac    141180
     tgtttcttgg agaccaggtc tcactacata gccttggatg cactcaattt gaagcctcct    141240
     gtgctgagat tgtagtgtgt gtcacccacc acaccattat caagaagaaa tgacaacaaa    141300
     gaaagatgca attcccatct agctgtatag tttaaggaac acaaactcac tgtattctcc    141360
     ccttactcat gatgaaacca ggaaggatgc ttgctttgaa acaaaatcta tagcttgcca    141420
     ccaatagact gattccatcc ccctcaaaat gtatatgttg cttaataaga gattataaag    141480
     caaaaggtat catcatgttc gtaaatataa aatttgaaac aatgcttaga attagccaag    141540
     cctcaacagt attggcaaag tcagaacaag tcttttcaga aaatattgaa atatgcaaaa    141600
     aaggagaaaa caaaacaaga agccatctaa cttacaacaa tggccctgca gacaaaccca    141660
     gttttaaaag atcacagtga ttagagactg aggcaaaagt agcatcttgc tatggaactg    141720
     ggtctataat aaagttctaa gtaccaacat agcccaggtt aacataagac tcaggcccgt    141780
     ggttataggt gtatgccacc atgacctgat aaagcatttt actacaagtt ttcattacaa    141840
     tgtctaagtc ctcctgggtg atttcactga cctaacatat tattttattt ttactaatat    141900
     tacatttgac tcctattaga gtaaatatgt aacaagtaca tattcataag actattttcg    141960
     attaacattt agcaactctg ttttatgaac tttaccattc tatatattta catatttaaa    142020
     gcagattact taattttact gatttttctt aagtgttctt ttgatgacat gataacacca    142080
     aataaatgga gtaccaaaag cttcatttca tgcagaggtc tttacagctc aaagcatcaa    142140
     tcacaatcac aaaaggctga gatctgggtg ctgaagaaga caccttctgt gtttaatgca    142200
     gtttaatgaa aatgggaaca cgatggcttc tgtggcggtg cctcacagtg agtaagccaa    142260
     gaacagcagc aagaggagag tgagaactag aacctcggca ggaccagata acaggactgg    142320
     gcaggcctac caacactgct cctcggccag attagctcta acgtcagaat atataggatc    142380
     tatattctgc ccagggaaga aataggaaaa aaacaagacc aaactcaggt caccatctgc    142440
     agcataaaaa ctgtagttta ctcatgactg tatgttcaaa ggaaatgcca ctgctcctgc    142500
     ctcaaattcc caaggactgg gacaactgta catcaccacc ggccttcttt gtaactagat    142560
     tataaagacg aagaacactc aacacacagc gagccctgtc tgaaaattca gccacctcct    142620
     taacccagta agatataacc acttgtctgc actgtctctt ctaccagatg cctgttgatg    142680
     aaagcaggat ccccctttag tttcacagtt cactctcaat gcggtggcct ccaaaggcta    142740
     aatttagata tcccatcctt ttaaaccatc cactgctcat agttgcaaag tcagctgaaa    142800
     cccagatact caacaaatcc gaatcacttt atattgttgt taaactgtat tttgatcatg    142860
     tatatcaatg catagaaaca agagatattt ttattaagtg gtttaagaaa cacggaagaa    142920
     aaaaaattta tgtatatcac tacatagaaa cgagatattt ttattaagtg gtttaagaaa    142980
     catggaagaa aaaatttttt tcactgtaaa acttttttca ctttgtgaaa agttatacaa    143040
     aaacataaaa tgtttttatt tacagtgttt tgctattaag tgtaaactgt caattcctaa    143100
     tggaaaagaa ccatcaaaat atatgaaaat attaaaacaa aaaaccatag tgtctgcacc    143160
     agcaagtcct ccaacccctt aattgtaaag ataagaatct gtaagacact tcactgaggc    143220
     cacacatact gtcttaacca ctgggacgtt tacttaacat ggttacattt tctccagcat    143280
     cccagaaagg actgcaaatc tagctgtatc taccagtatt tctgtctcaa aaattacaat    143340
     atgactacaa cccctatgaa atgcctaaaa agttatatac tcgtaaactg cactctggcc    143400
     cctagggctg tttcactccc agtggtgact gttttaaagc aaccttctga tgcagagcta    143460
     tgtgggagtt gctcaatgac aactcagcag ttcagagcag agacagacca tgcctgaatg    143520
     gcagcaaggg ttgacagagg gagaatgggc agagaagccc cgtccaccca atgcctctac    143580
     gccaaaaatc tagagccctg ggatctgatg gtgaatggct cctgcttcac atgtgccacc    143640
     tggtctgcac taccatcaga tggccattta tctctctagt gaaacaggtc tgatctgccc    143700
     ccacacacac catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc aaactttaca    143760
     agagttctag aattaacaac taaataatca gttgcagttc aattttctaa gctaaaatca    143820
     ataaatgaac aaaatcacag gtagcagata ataaaagctg agtttttctt catctagtaa    143880
     atcctttagc aagtaaaagg cggctggata tatactctta aaaaaagttt tttccctgct    143940
     tgagttcatt ttatagtttt ttccataaaa gtatttaaaa cctgatagga actgaaatgt    144000
     aaaaatctta gaattttctc atagaaaatt cagccgggcg tggtggttgc acgcctttaa    144060
     tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac    144120
     aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggttata cagagaaacc tgtctcaaaa aaaaagaaga    144180
     aaaattactt agcaaatgcc aaaacataca cggtcttagg aaagagataa aaaaaaagag    144240
     tatgctataa caatgttctc agggcttcaa cacactgaag agcagacaga aaccaagtca    144300
     gaagcaagag tgtaaaaata gataaacata aaaaccctca aaagaggagt gggctgggca    144360
     tcacgagaaa aggcttacat caatgtgtta gccatcaaca ctaaacccat tacaacaaat    144420
     ggctagcagg ggggtgggtt ttcaagcaaa ctcaaggact gcagacagca cctggcaggg    144480
     tgagaagcag ggatctggtt tccagctctg ggtctgccaa gaatcaggtt ttccgaacca    144540
     ccactcttct cagacctgca ctgccccatc cacaagcagg aaatgtcacc tgctctgccc    144600
     gcttaacagc tctcactaaa tcttaccgtc actataacta aatctcctaa caggtgctga    144660
     ctgacctgac ctcttcctga gtacttccag taaggagaat ttttccttag ttctcctcaa    144720
     gaccattgct acattcggga caggtgattc ttagaaagta cttgctgtgt aaaaccaaac    144780
     tcagaatcac agaaattccc atctcctgat actacataga aaaacaaaat actggaaagg    144840
     ccaaagggta acatgaactg tgaagaaagg aaagcgccca ggactcaggg agtgctcttc    144900
     taaccagggc atcctgggaa gggctccgga aggttctgct ggctcttgaa gatgggaagg    144960
     gtcctgaacc acaggcccca tgcctggatt ctgttctaag gtctttgctc aggggaaaat    145020
     ggcagtgagc agaggtcagg tttcagttct ggaagccact ggtttagaac acagcgaggc    145080
     agtggtgggt ccctaaaaga cctggggttt agctggaacg gcatggtgat gggaaaatga    145140
     atatctatcc tgcggtcacc ctgatctgta ctcaagtcag gacagccatt ctcttggagg    145200
     gcagataaag acagaagtag gaaagggaat gccaaaatgg accctactaa gagactaaaa    145260
     aaactccaga atgtaggagt caaaattgga aatagagagt ccaactcaga ggaaagtaac    145320
     atagaaagga gaaattctac gaacatagat taaaaggtta atttctatct atctggtaat    145380
     ggttaaagaa acttatgagg ctctagttta cctataaatg gagttttgga atccctcact    145440
     atagagcgct ctacctttgg gcacaagtct ctgcattcaa gggcaacttc cttcatgcca    145500
     aaacacgttt ttttgttttt tttttttttt taagggaggg tggcaacgca taatctctag    145560
     acactgtatc tggcaagaac cacagggtgt gccgagctga attcgggtga gcatctctgg    145620
     ttgggttgct tcaacaatgg ctgatacttc caacaatgtg atgctacttc gagagagaca    145680
     agtctcccag cggctctgta ctaaaaactt tctacttggg atgatgattt ccagtctttt    145740
     cagtatggcc catgtgatca gcagaaggca gaatccagag caagcctgtc ggtaccaggg    145800
     atctagagga cctctgggga gccccggttg gggccctcac tttcccttcc cccaagcagc    145860
     caggccaggc caggccgcgc ctaagaaagc cgtcttgtca ccctcctccc agcgagcgga    145920
     gcaggggccg gctcccctcc cccagcctct tcggaaagag ggcggcgccg ccagcgcggg    145980
     agcctggtac ccgactgcgg gctccgcggc ctcagcccgc cccatcccca ccagcccggg    146040
     ctctcacctc ggcccgggcc ggctcgaggc cctgcaccgc cgcgggctgc ggctgcagct    146100
     gctgggcggg cgccggcggc tcctggttcc gatggctcag gtcttcctcc gggccggcgc    146160
     ggaccccggc cggggcccag agcaactgaa gcagcaagag cacgagcagc cttcgcgtcg    146220
     gcgcccggcc gctcccccgg gccgcggccg ccatcccgcc cgcccagccg gcaccgcgct    146280
     gcggcaggaa gaagtgcagg cgaagggaag cgtcgagccc ggcgtgccgg caggcgcctc    146340
     cgtcaggcct ggctgccgct cagggggcag ccctgcagca cgcgggacgc ggggaccgga    146400
     ccgggacgga ccggcggcgg gagctccgga gcagctgggc agcagaagcc acacactcct    146460
     ccaactgcct ccgcggccca actcctccgg cccgccccct ggccaacacg acctcccatt    146520
     ggcccgacgt cagcccggcg tcgtgacgtt tccggcaggt tgaggtgcgg ctcgctcact    146580
     ggtcctattg gacccggcgc gccgggccag gtagctggag ctgcttgatg gactctccct    146640
     gcgtcctctc gggtcccacc agagaccccc ttattggccc tggagaggtc aggctgccag    146700
     gctcctacca gtacttcctc aagagcctta ggtctttaag gcctaagccg ccgccacctc    146760
     cacttctatt aaatgtcaag tgagtcccag ccccgctacc tacgtggcag gaactgccac    146820
     acctttaagt tacgatccac ccaccctcac cacgtccctg gaccgcctac acagaatgtt    146880
     ctttgggggt ccatatgctg gggttttttg aaggttctga agtaagattc ggaagtaaaa    146940
     gatgagaacg tccaagcttg attttaaaac attgttgaat agccgcagac caaaagtcat    147000
     cactgccctg gctcaggatg ccttatcctg aaataggata tcctgaaaag gtttggagtt    147060
     gagtggttag ggtttctgtg ggatggaggc cttgagtagg caaaagtaga agacaggaaa    147120
     gaatggttag ttaggcgtta gactagggct ggattttttt ttttttttct aaagaaaagc    147180
     tgagataccg tacgcgcgcg cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caccacaaat    147240
     tgctaaccat gtgccaggca ctaatctaaa tcctactcct gtttcacaag ccattcttgc    147300
     aacctctcct tagcctactc agcattgctc cttacagaac ccttcaagct atagcttatt    147360
     tatgctccca gtattgtgag ataaccaaga tgcttcctac acatagtttg gggtgcagtt    147420
     gttgtacctc caagttcatt cctggagtgt aaatgtcctg agccctcaga atacaacatg    147480
     acagggatca gaagtctaga ctccttcagc cacctccttt ttctgcaaag atttgccttg    147540
     ctcaaaaggg cctgcagagg agataggagt gtcaagtgga gagaataaaa gaagcagccc    147600
     agtagatgga ggcagaagag ttaggtgtca cggatccttg agttctgcta gggaccaggt    147660
     ttattatttt ttttcctggc gttctctagt ctatgatcat ctcagagaaa ggcctcctgg    147720
     ctaaattcta gttaccccac ataaagcaaa gaaaaagcaa atggctcaag ggctacagct    147780
     gcaggagact gagatgctga ttgcaatgtt ccagtggctc tggagcaaga caggaaatct    147840
     gttcaacaga agatgttagg caatggggct ctaaagctct gtccccagaa gggagctggc    147900
     atggcagtgt tacaggagca gagtctgaag agagtgtggt tttcgcagcg cctccatgtt    147960
     gcccacctcc ctggcctcac tggggctctg ccaagtgaac tccaggcatc agattccaaa    148020
     gtgagtaact ctttgtgttc cacacagggc tccatctcct gaggctgtgc ttggctccaa    148080
     atcaaagcta gagctagctt taacttagac ctcgaggact cggaaccttt atccttctag    148140
     tcttgaatag tgacaagctc tctttgaaaa agaaaaaaat caaacaaaac caaaaggaaa    148200
     aaaaataggt taaatttctt tttaattgtg tgttttgaag tgcccaggag tgactttaga    148260
     ccttgtgcct atcaggaaag ttctctgcta ctgggctacg gctacagccc tattggcatc    148320
     ctttgttgaa aaacaacaga agctgtttac atgatccata actactaagg gtctaggaga    148380
     cctagaaatt ccaattaagc tttctggcat tgtcctacgt aaacaagtgt cactgaagta    148440
     taagcactag caatcatctt acagtaagaa ctactactgc atgggtattg cagtgtgtgt    148500
     gtggtatgtg ggctggggat gaaaccaagg actaagtatg tgctaagcag aaattctgtc    148560
     acagggccac ccctatcaac cttttaaggt gttttttttt tatacctgta ttgtgtttat    148620
     ttcccattag tgtaacaaag accagagata acttataaag gatcagtttg tgtttgctca    148680
     cagtgttgga aatttcagac catactccat tgatcctgtt gtctggggac ttgtggtgag    148740
     gcagcacaag atggtggagc acatgggata agaaaatggc tcacagccag gtgtggtggc    148800
     acatgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gtttgagacc    148860
     agtctggtct atagagtgag ttccaggaca gccaggacta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg    148920
     aaaaacaata aataaatgaa taaataaata aatattttaa aaaaggaaaa tggctcacct    148980
     catagctgga aatttaaaaa aaaaaaggct agagttttat cactttagaa aatatttttg    149040
     ttgtttttac tcaggagtca gaggcaggca gatttctgag ttagaggcca gcctggtcta    149100
     caaagtgatt tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaaccaaaa    149160
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataca atgtaactta ataatttctc    149220
     tgtccactcc ctctagtttc ctcccaacac acctacctca aaatatcgtt ttttctctta    149280
     aatataatcc actgagtcca gttagtgttg cctgtatgca tatggataag aagccgtctg    149340
     ctgaggcatg ggcagcacac cagtagccat gtgtacatga caaacctatg gccaatatca    149400
     tgctaatggt aaaaatctaa agttttccca tgaaaaccag aacaagacaa ggctgcccac    149460
     tctctccacc cctagtcaac atagtgcttg aagtttaagt tagagctata aggcaagaga    149520
     aagaaacaag tgggagcggg gtcagggtgt gtgtttgtag aaaatatgat tctgtacata    149580
     agagatccta aagacactct cttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    149640
     tctctctctc tctctctctt tcacacacac acacacacac atacacacac acacctagga    149700
     gtaaaccgaa tgaaggaaat gaaagacctc tacaatgaga actttgaaga cactgaagaa    149760
     atgaattaag gaagacacta gatgatagaa agacccttcc cacgctaccc cctctgagag    149820
     catgttccca gtcagagacc tctctgtagg ccacagctct taaagtttct agtccctccc    149880
     aacatcacta agttgggcag cactcagatc caagtgtata gcatacctct taatggccct    149940
     caaggctttc ctatgctgaa attaaagctt ctatctgcgt agctccagca tccaacacta    150000
     aggagtctgg ggctcttact gtcattctgt tggtagcaat ctgtttattc tgacctgggc    150060
     agaatagtcc tgagtaacct cacaagatgg taccaacctc cttttaaagt tttcacaaat    150120
     gagaaattta gagcaaggac ctatccataa actccgctgt ggggggttgg tctggtgctg    150180
     cttgtattta aatgctatac cccaaaattt ggttactcca atcttcacat ataccagctt    150240
     ttgttatgta aaccttgcct ctcaacttat ccctgattgg ttaataaagg tgcctaaagc    150300
     ctgtagctgg gcggaagagg ggtaggcggg gcttcagata ctgggcttag gggtctcagg    150360
     cagagtccat agaagagaaa ggaggagaaa gaagttgcca tggggtaggt ggatcatgtg    150420
     aacatggcca cgagggccag tctcgaaggg ccaggaggag cgcccagggg gaacatggca    150480
     agtgatatct gggggttgtt gacagagagg tagacaaact agtgtagagg gttgatatca    150540
     gcctagctgt aatggtttaa ggctcattat aaatctgaat gtttccatct gtcaggagga    150600
     tggcctccct ccaccgtagg ttttatggga agaactcttt cctcacctcc taatctgcat    150660
     ctctggtgat atagaattaa ttgagacagg aaaactgggc atactggact cctcccactc    150720
     tgttgttcct cttgggagtt gcagcctgaa ggaaaagatg gcatctgctg cctgggtcag    150780
     acctcgtgct gtcttctact gaatgaggaa agctcttgaa tctggaggcc attatcccag    150840
     cccacctggc taccacattt aaaataaata attacataca tacatacata catacataca    150900
     tacatacata catacatgta aatagccctg tcacagtaat ccccaggatc catttagtga    150960
     aaagagaaaa ccaacttccc caaaattgtt ctatgcccgc agccatgaga gcgcgcatgc    151020
     gcactagcta ctccctcaaa tctggcctcc tatctgtcct actccttgtt tccatgctga    151080
     agtttctgga agtaaggaaa cagcatagct ccggcaaccc agaatcagcc ccagatgaac    151140
     taaaagtcat tttgtttgct tgtttcttta aacactccat ggaataaaga ctggttagag    151200
     aagataccag gtagacaaaa aaatgagaaa gaaaaagagt gggaagcgga acctggaaat    151260
     gtcacagtga gtcagttaaa gatcatccca aattaaaaag gagacacatg gcaaactgga    151320
     gcataagaag atgacaaagg gcaatttcaa aatgcctgac ctcatctctt tcccgcccac    151380
     ctcctaggag aaataaagcc tggtacgaat aaatgctgag ttccccgaaa cagtggataa    151440
     acgtgtagaa cctcgcagag aagtccagcc ggccccgaaa aacttcaaac gagactgagt    151500
     ataactcaga aaggttctgt gcattaagtg caactcagaa gtaattcatg gaatttcctg    151560
     gagctctccc taagaacgca ggctggcaat gctcatcctc acttgtgcaa ttgtttgcgc    151620
     ttccactctc aggatgtttc aaacaatgtg tgggcaaaag ggacttctgc ttgcccatca    151680
     aactctgttc ttcctcttcc tccttcagcc ttccatacga gtgaacagaa ccagcttcca    151740
     tgcctttgag tacctaccat gaactcaaac tccacatcta attcaccagc aagtttggct    151800
     ctctctactt ctataactga tcctaaatgt cagtttttca aaagaggcgt catttctcat    151860
     ggcactgtta aaaaatccta ttatttggtc tccttgcttc tgtttgtttg gttggctggt    151920
     ttggttgttt gcttgtttgt tttgtagctg ttcacatttg tttggttttg tttcttgaga    151980
     gtgttatgtg tagcccaggc tggtctccaa ctcctgatct tcttgctttt acttcccaag    152040
     ggggaagatt acaggtgtat gctgctacac tcggctcttt caagtttaca atctgaggag    152100
     cagccagaat gaattttaaa aatgaaataa gtcattgtat tcacctgctt aaaattctct    152160
     agtgaggatt gtggcgttgg gttggctggt agatgtgatt gttacataac ctgagactgg    152220
     attccccaga atcaaggtaa aggcaggaca tagcatgtgt ctgtctgctc agcactcctg    152280
     cagtaggagt ggcaggcaaa ggcaagagaa tcactcagaa gctcacaggc catctagcct    152340
     ggagtcacag tagcaagcaa caacggacat ctgtctggag ttgtcctgtg acctgcacat    152400
     acgtccacat cacacacaca cataaataaa aaccctctaa tgacatctaa atacacgtag    152460
     gataaagacc aaagtccctg cctctggaag agagattatg caaccccgcc ttctttcgtg    152520
     agctcttctt tgccatctcc acgtcatggg ccacacccag tcagactcgc ttctgcttca    152580
     gaacctttga ccttgctgct tctgtgttta gaacatcttt gtatctcacc tgtaggaact    152640
     taaaggaagg aaatggattt gaatgaacca tctgatacag gtctgtgttc ttctgttgtg    152700
     attcattgct gtaataggga gcatggcctc aagtctatca aacactgcat atgtttggtg    152760
     ggggggagaa gtcagagatc caaactctta tgcaaaattt ccatcttttt taaaaaaata    152820
     gttggcaatt gttttaagcc ggaactacat ctatatagtt ctaaaatgaa tgccaagcaa    152880
     cattaacatc tattagaaag ggcttccttc agaaaagctg gtttagtacc aatccagcca    152940
     actcatggag agcagggacc aaggtttctt ctagctttgt tgaggagagc tcttggtacc    153000
     acgtcaagga tattggcaag aatttgacat taggcaagga taagaaagta ggctcaagat    153060
     ttttatcttc ttgataagtc ccagaatacc acgggacctt ggattatgcc ctgctccttg    153120
     actactttgt gtatgccttg gaactgacca tattccttgc acgcacctag aatgatataa    153180
     aagcatcttg ggaaagagta aaccagcatc agccctcctg gagtcatact tgctggagga    153240
     ttgtctgatt gattgtcttt tctttcttta atcctcactc cctccctcga gaccctgtgg    153300
     actgcgtagg ctcggccaca tggcaccacg gcttgagtat gagaggctcc gtgaagcacc    153360
     ctgcaggaaa aggaagcacg cccaaaggaa aacataggaa gtctgggcca gcgctgagta    153420
     agcgtagagt gctttctgta catatgctta ggtgatatgc tggactctag aggagcgaag    153480
     agaagtcagg agcagcttac ccagtttctg ctttcttata gaaatttctc ctggttccct    153540
     gaggaaggta cgataagttt acagacatgg gagaaggtgg gagagaggaa aaaagggtac    153600
     tcactataca ccacatggtc ctgaaaaaaa ttctcataga tgcttttagc ctttgggctt    153660
     taattagaga tagtttagac cccagactag agagggagaa gtgggtttca gaaaagcagt    153720
     cctccccact gtccagggaa gctttggcaa cagagaagga atgtaaaata agctgttcca    153780
     gagcttgccg agggtcaaga ggaggtcagg agacgccctg cttcctctct ggttcccaca    153840
     gggagactgc ctcattctgg tttggggtcc ctttggttgg tgctctgtgt ttcatattca    153900
     aaagaaaaaa atgcttaaaa ctttttctgc tggatcaatt tgcgttcagc aggtggcaag    153960
     gtgctccttt cttggaatta aagctaaaaa taaaaaataa aaatttgtct atttattcta    154020
     aatatggaaa tatgtatagc tacttcacgt ttgtttctga cttgtcttaa aagtataagt    154080
     atgttctgcg tgtcttggtt atagactatt gttttataag ttattgggta tgtttcaaaa    154140
     atgtaacatt ggtgacagaa agttggctta gaactggtaa cccagggttg gagtcattca    154200
     gagcagcaac acatggcagg agccagccca ggaaaacagg gttctaaaga tacctctaaa    154260
     ttgggataat aacttatgta actgctgtcc tagaagcaag atttataaaa gacaggattt    154320
     aagacaatgt ttctttaatg aggtattaaa agacacagtg ccatgtcatg catccataca    154380
     caagaatggg caaccaactt tgtaacgtga aaataatgca cttggtattg attttagaga    154440
     gactgaatta cttaccctgc taaaaattgg ttttgtcctc caaatttatg gttatgctct    154500
     gatattgcaa aagaaacttt ttggtttttg gtttttacat atatatatgt atatatacct    154560
     aatggtacac tggcagttta caattcaatc acaagctcaa gattttaatt cccctttggt    154620
     tgtcctctga atatgaactt aaagatgctt ctcagcattc aatctgtgta tgtagcccct    154680
     tctggattga ggaaaaatgt tctgtgccct ttaacccaaa ccgatagctt ttactaggtc    154740
     tcaaaggcat gagtctactc ctgttgtcaa acagaccact gttaactata tttctaagtt    154800
     gcatgtccta aaggacagaa acttatgaaa cgagcccata aaactcttta aaagaagcag    154860
     ttacataaaa aagtgggtgg aatagttgta tacttcacta caaaatttta ttttgaattt    154920
     ttgaccttaa atgctaagga actctcttct gctgagtgtc tatgtcaccc tacaactcgg    154980
     agtacttatg tctaggtgaa atggaaggat ccacttactg gcgtatgaca tgagtctgat    155040
     caggtattaa tatggggaag agggcacgtt tgtggttttt ccgcagggtg ctgaaggagc    155100
     atggtggctg ccagagtgat tggtgcaaca tgctgattca gggacaaaga atgatgctga    155160
     ctgtgagttt gctgagtgcc ctgacaatgg taatgaggaa gctatactgg gcacatgttc    155220
     ctactctacc actgatacat ccagcagtgt gatccacatg ggagattctt atgaccagta    155280
     agaaaactcc atttcttgga tctccttgga caagggagcc aacttataag accataactt    155340
     tcaatgcact tggtaacggg attcccattt gctttgtgaa gaatagtatg aataatgggt    155400
     gtatttctgt gtttactcaa atttggaaga aaaacgtttt acaaactgta accgaaagca    155460
     tagaaatggg tgtgcctaaa tagtatgagg gatctgcccc tgacccttgt gacatgcgac    155520
     cttgagaatc tgaacccaca gagaatgtga aactagcatt taacaaaagt gttagatgga    155580
     aagaatatta taatcaaccc tcaatgtggt ttaatgtttc caataatatg caaattattg    155640
     attggactgg gattcaatca aatattgaac aaaaggagat gtccgtagat ctctggtgga    155700
     atgtttaggg tcacttatat atactatcat atcatctgca aaaagtgata tttttacttc    155760
     ttcctttcca atttgtatcc ccttgatctc cttttgttgt ctaattgctc tggctaggac    155820
     ttcaagtaca atgttgaata ggcagggaga aagttggcag ccttgtctag gccctgattt    155880
     tagtgggatt gcttccagct tgtcaccatt tactttgatg ttggctactg gtttgctgta    155940
     gattgctttt atcatgttta ggtatgggcc ttgaattcct gatctttcca agacttttat    156000
     catgaatggg tgttgggttt tgtcaaatgc tttctcagca tctaacgaga tgatcatgtg    156060
     gtttttgtct ttgagtttgt ttatataatg gattacattg atggattttc atatattaaa    156120
     ccatccctgc atccctggaa taaaacctac ttggtcagga tggatgattg tttttgattg    156180
     ttttgatgtg ttcttggatt tggttagcaa gaattttatt gagtattttt gcatccatat    156240
     tcataaggga aattggtttg aagttctcta tctttgttgg atctttctgt ggtttaggta    156300
     tcaaagtaat tgtggcttca tagaatgagt tgggtagagt accttctact tctattttgt    156360
     ggaatagttt gtgcagaact gggattagat cttctttgaa ggtctgatag aactcggcac    156420
     taaacccatc tggtcctggg ctttttttgg ttgggagacc attaatgact ccttctattt    156480
     ctttagggga tatgggactg tttagatcgt taacttgatc ctggtttaac tttggtacct    156540
     ggtatctgtc tagaaatttg tccatttcgt ccaggttttc cagttttgtt gagtatagcc    156600
     ttttgtagaa ggatctgatg gtgttttgga tttcttcagg atctgttgtt atgtctccct    156660
     tttcatttct gattttgtta attaggatgc tgtccctgtg ccctctagtg agtctggcta    156720
     agggtttatc tatcttgttg attttctcaa agaaccagct cctcgtttgg ttgattcttt    156780
     gaatagttct tcttgtttcc acttggttga ttttgcccct gagtttgatt atttcctgcc    156840
     gtctactcct cttgggtgaa tttgtttcct ttttttctag agcttttagg tgtgttgtca    156900
     agctgctagt gtgtgctctc tctagtttct ttttagaggc actcagagct atgagtttcc    156960
     ctcttagaaa tgctttcata gtgtcccata agtttgggta tgttgtggct tcattttcat    157020
     taaactctaa aaagtcttta atttctgtct ttatttcttc ctgaccaagt tatccttgag    157080
     aagagtgttg ttcattttcc atgtgaatgt tggctctcca ttatttatgt tgttattgaa    157140
     gatcagcctt agtccatggt ggtctgatag gatgcatggg acaatttcaa tatttttgta    157200
     tctgttgagg cctgttttgt gaccaattat atggttaatt ttggagaagg tcccatgagg    157260
     tgctgagaag aaggtatatc cttttgtttt aggataaaat gttctgtaga tatctattaa    157320
     gtccatttgt ttcataactt ctgttagttt cactgtgtcc ctgtttagtt tctgttttca    157380
     cgatctgtcc attgatgaaa gtggtatgtt gaagtctccc attattattg tgtgaggtgc    157440
     aatgtgtgct ttgaacttta ctaaagtgtc tttaatgaat gtggctgccc ttgcatttgg    157500
     agcatagata ttcaaaattg agagttcctc ttggaagatt ttacctttga tgagtatgaa    157560
     gtgtccctcc ttgtcttttt tgataacttt gggttggaag tcgattttat tcgatattag    157620
     aatggctact ccagcctgtt tcttcagacc atttgcttgg aaaattgctt tccagccttt    157680
     cactctgagg tagtgtctgt ctttttcctt gagatgggtt tcctgtaagc agcagactgt    157740
     tgggtcctgt ttgtgtagcc agtctgttag tctatgtctt tttattgggg aattgagtcc    157800
     attgatatta agagatatta aggaacagta attgttgctt ccttttattt ttgttgttag    157860
     agttggcatt ctgttcttgt ggttgtcttc tttttgggtt gttgagtgat tactttcttg    157920
     ctttttctag ggcgtgattt ctgtccttgt attttttttt tttctgttat tatcccttga    157980
     agggctggat tcatggaaag ataatgtgtg aatttggttt tgtcgtggaa atctttggtt    158040
     tctccatcaa tgataattga gagtttggct gggtatagta gcctgggctg gcatttgtgt    158100
     tctcttaagg tcagtataac gtctgtccag gatcttctgg ctttcatagt ctctggtgaa    158160
     aagtctggtg caattctgat aggcctgcct ttatatgtta cttgaccttt ttcccttact    158220
     gcttttaata ttctatcttt atttagtgca tttgttgttc tgattattat gtgtcaggag    158280
     gaatttcttt tctggtccag tctatttgga gttctgtagg cttcttgtat gttcatggtc    158340
     atctctttct ttaggtttgg gaagttttct tctataattt tgttgaagat atttactggc    158400
     cctttaagtt gaaaatcttc actctcatct actcctatta tccataggtt tggtcttctc    158460
     attgtgtcct ggatttcctg gatgttttga gttaggatct ttttgcactt tgcattttct    158520
     ttgattgttg taccaatgtt ctctatggaa tctaatgcac ctgagattct ctcttccatc    158580
     tcttgtattc tgttgctgat gctcgcatct atggttccag atttctttcc tagggctttt    158640
     atctccagca ttgcctcact ttgtgttttc tttattgtgt ctacttccct ttttaggttt    158700
     agtatggttt tgttcatttc catcacctgt ttggataggt tttcctgttt ttctttaagg    158760
     acttgtaact ctttagcagt gttctcctgt atttctttaa gtgagttact aaagaggtct    158820
     tatgatcccg tggcgggtgt tgtgggtagc tggcgagtgt cagcagactc tgtgccctag    158880
     ctaccccggt gctggccgga ccggaagggc gtcttctttt cctttaatcc ttactctctc    158940
     cctcaaggtc ctgttgactg actgagtgga cttggtcact ttgtgctgtc attcttgggg    159000
     tatggcactt accttcatgc ctcagtgtgt cctccagact agctcctaaa ttccaggctg    159060
     caggatgcat gtctggttgt taaagtagga acagaatgat acattttatg agacttcccc    159120
     acagtgcacc tgtttatgtc ttattgctag ggaagctggg aaatgtagtc tttctgtcag    159180
     gatattttag tacagaaact aaggggagta agtctactgg ggtcagaaat taatagtcta    159240
     tgtcaaagta acaatatcag tcagggttct ccacagaccc agaacaaatc tgaacttttt    159300
     aaggctggaa actgaaacaa gactttatgt tatgatcctg aagcaaaatt cctttttccc    159360
     aaaagacctc agattttgtt ctcaagacat tcaaccaatt tgttgaaacc atctgtttga    159420
     actcattcac caaagatggt ctcctattag cgtcaactga ctgcagatgt taattatatc    159480
     tattaaatat tttaaaagca agctagttta gtgtttaaac aacaagaaag gttgacacat    159540
     aaaattcatc atcacaggag ttcaaaattt taatttgtaa aatttgttta gagatttgtt    159600
     aaatcatttt atgtgtacat ctgcgtgcct gagtatatgt gtaccatgta catgcagctg    159660
     cctatggagg ccagaagagg gcgtcagatc cccggtactg gagtaattgg tagctgtgag    159720
     ctgctgaatg tgggtgctgg gagtcaaatt caggtcgtct gtaagagcag taagtactct    159780
     taaccatgga aacaccaatt caaaaatttt aaaaacacta tggcaaaaga gtgcctgtct    159840
     gtgggctgca tttgactttc atcctgcctg tttgtaatct ttatatggtt gagcaagcag    159900
     gttatctcct gataggctta cactgtgaat accctgtaac tctacaccct gcatagaacc    159960
     agaatctcac gcagcataac aggagctctg cagtgaagac accaagtact gcctcatttc    160020
     tgtgcctgag ctcaagtaga cagtcccgat tctctttggg ttttgttagg gttttttttt    160080
     tttttatttc taatcactct ggcgatggat cggagaccac ctaaaacaaa aaaataaaat    160140
     aaaataaaat aaaccttttc tctgtgacca ttctctaaat tcttttgttt gtaaaagcca    160200
     gacttctggt gctatctaat aatttagaga attggtagaa ggatggagga gataattaac    160260
     tggggcccac aaaaagccac agccttttca acctgtaatt accagtcatg catgcacact    160320
     gtcccactcc acagaggaat ttgacttcta ctcagatctc agttgtcttt tagtgttggc    160380
     cttgaaacat cctgaaaaat ggagacaggc gtggagctgt tttgtcacag atctacacgc    160440
     aggcatgctt ttctctttct ggtatctgtt gtaattgtct tccctaactg taaagcttca    160500
     tgcacgacat cttttgtcgt aatactgcac atgcctgcat gtttctttga gtcagtttga    160560
     tcagtttaag tactagataa aggactaaaa caggctcatg ttcattaact ttgataaata    160620
     aaaagtccta caattaattg gttttattca acagccatca tagaaaaatc aaaacaagtg    160680
     caattcaata catctgtgtt agctccagaa agcaaacgtg atttgtctgc ttgaagttct    160740
     gtttcctatt atctcatttt caaatgcaag tcatctttat tgtgattttt tgtctctact    160800
     gaaaagtcca ttaagagtaa ctcttgtgag actatgccgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt    160860
     ggatgctcac agtcagctat tggatggatc acaggacccc caatggagga gctagagaaa    160920
     gtacccaagg agctaaaggg aactgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacatta tgaactaacc    160980
     agtaccccgg agctcttgac tctagctgca tatgtatcaa aagatggcct agtcggccat    161040
     cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacacgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc    161100
     cagggccaaa aagggggagt gggtgggtag gggattgggg ggggggtggg tatgggggac    161160
     ttttgggata gcattgaaaa tgtaaacgag gaaaatacct aataataata aaaaaagagt    161220
     aatttatttt atatatttgt gcgtatgtgt gtttaagttt tcaggtatgt ctgtgtatca    161280
     tgtgtgtgct gatgccatgg agccagaaga ggacgtcgga tcccctgggg ctggagttat    161340
     gggtagtggt aagtactgtg aatggaatct atgtcctctg ctagagcagc aagcactcta    161400
     actgatgaat catctttcta gtacctgaga gtcatcatct ctaaggaaac atgggtcaca    161460
     taatagcagt cacctgtctg ttctttgggg aaaaaataac aaaatagtac tgcatccttg    161520
     aaaattatag aaattataga atattgatcc aatggacctg ctataactga atttgtgaat    161580
     ggatttttat ccagataaac ttggtttgtt cgttttgttt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt    161640
     tttgttttgt tttgttttat ggcaccgcca tagccttaac aaaaatgata ccctgtaggc    161700
     ttagattttt ttcaaaacct actttattta ggattcttaa actctttaat ctcccttcta    161760
     gcccaccaaa cagaggtggg ggggggggag aagggaatag gaaaaggggg ttgtgactct    161820
     gtttaggtgt agctcctggg gacgattaca ttcttcatta tcaggatacc agcagttcca    161880
     ttcaatagca aacaccgaat cagtagtggc agctcaatct aacagaaaca gcaacctaat    161940
     cagcagaagt cagcagaagc agctggaata ccgtgagaag ctctttggtg ggtttctatc    162000
     tatgaagtga agaccagaga agaaaagacc agcaaagaag caaagggttg caccatgtag    162060
     cagcaacgca agagcatcct ctcgctgttt gcagggctcc attcatattc cttctaaaca    162120
     tcttgagagt tttcagcaaa acagcacatg tcctctgaca agacatcatc cagaaaaaca    162180
     tcatgtgaca cagctaactt gttaaaaaaa caagaaattt ccatttcact agtcattgaa    162240
     gagagcgccc ttattttttt tcctgatggc aactttggca caaatgtaaa cacttacttt    162300
     atggctaatt atccccctat tgttttcctt ttaagataga caaaataccc actaaatggt    162360
     ttcatatgga atattttaag agcatgcatt ctcttgcatg tcttgctctt ttcctacgcc    162420
     tcctcaacat ttatagtaag cattgtcttc ctttatgact taagaaaaca taatgtcacc    162480
     cttgcctgag gttagagcta gctgtataat ttgctaagct tagtgcaaaa gaaaaatgtg    162540
     ggcatccttc tcaaaaggca ggaatgggtt gcagtaaaag acgctactgt gaggggggga    162600
     aatactgatt catgagaaac acatacactt aaaagttgcc caaatactat tttatggaat    162660
     aaatggtcta tcaataatct tagtgaggta ttacatttct tttcggctca tgttatagtt    162720
     aggattttat cgctatgaag agatgccatg accagggcaa ctctgaagga aaacatttaa    162780
     ttgggctggc ttacaattca gaggtgtagt ctattatcat tatggcagga agcatgacag    162840
     catgcaggca ggcatggtgc tgaagaggta gctgagaggt ctacatcttg atcgacaggc    162900
     agcagaaaga gagaaccact ggtcctggct tgagtatttt aaacctcaaa gcccaccccc    162960
     agtgacacac ttcatccaat aaggtcacac ctactccaat aagaccacac ctcctagtcc    163020
     ttccaaataa tgccactcca taagaacctg tagaggctac atttcattca aaccaccaca    163080
     actcactttg ctgaaaattc ataaaaaact atgctttcta ttttcaatag atatgaaatt    163140
     cctatcattt aatttctttc ttcagtagat gtgactgaaa gccatgctgg ttactcttga    163200
     caaatgcaag atcactcttt gtagtctttc attttaaaaa ggctctttct gttggcccaa    163260
     gtgatattag agtatttata gactgtgata ccactgaggt cagtcccctc ccccagcaca    163320
     ccctctctcc actctctcct tcttgcttcc tgactcccaa cctccacttt ctttcttttt    163380
     tttccagtac tgagaataga acctggagcc ccatgtatgc ctggtaagca ctctaccatt    163440
     aacggcattt ccgagcccct acttccaatt tctgattaat tctttcaaac cgaaatttta    163500
     gtatttctat agttgttggt tctcatggga aaacaaattc taggcagatt taaactcttt    163560
     attcaaattc attttgtatc agtatggatt taattttaag tataagtaca tacaatgcca    163620
     tgtttatgtt tctgctaaaa tgaagaaaca taaatgtttc tttaaaatta tggaagctga    163680
     aggtgctatc atggtttgca tacaatccaa aaggtctgtt tgtgtattct gccattgctt    163740
     ctgcaattac aaagaaaaaa aattaaaatt gtcttctttg taagcagctg gttctttata    163800
     taaagctaat gaatgctgaa gagtgagctc agcaggacaa gcccttgctg ctcttgcaga    163860
     agatttcaat ttggttccca gcacccacat caggtggctc acagttgcac gtaactccag    163920
     caaatccttg gcgttaactc aaagaaacag tctataaatc agcaccttcc tttccaccac    163980
     agttctcctg tcagaggcag gagtcctccc ccataccttt ctttctgcgt tacacgttag    164040
     agatgtcaga catttggttt aacacataca ttgctgctct ttcgtgtcac accaggaaca    164100
     tgtagacttg ggaactagta ttcctttact gaaagacact gaagtgatcg agagaggtac    164160
     acaacctatt ggaactgctt atgggatcca ggaggaggta acaccattag tgcctcctgt    164220
     tcccactcca caaaagtgcc cttgggtaaa cttcctgagt gtggggagag tcagcctggg    164280
     ttttccttct cttcagagac tactggtgac tttccagttg ccccttttgc cccttaagag    164340
     aagttctttc caagacccaa gatgaaaaaa tagctttttt tttcttacct tacaaaggtg    164400
     actttgtaat attatgttgg atcaccctat gaaataccga tgagtaggaa atctaagtcg    164460
     aacatccact gtgtggaggg aaagagctaa agacagagag taagagctat accgttacaa    164520
     ctgttagctt tccggttgac acgttggaga gctcgcactc tgccaaggag cagagaggat    164580
     ctttcttgtg ttacttgttt gaatgctctg tggagtcatg caacaggcct ggctacccta    164640
     aggcaggtta atgactcttt cttctgtaga caggtatgct cctcaactgc ctgggccacg    164700
     caggaagagc ttcacatctt caaaggcgtt aaaaatgtcc ctagcctctg tgcaggggtg    164760
     agtgcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tacgtgtgtg ggagggtccc tcattacttg tcacggggca    164820
     tgccaagcta gttggcccgt gagtttctgg ggattctcaa gtttccaccc cccatcttgt    164880
     cctaggagta ctgggattat agacacccta cctcagttgc tttttgtgtg ttttgggttc    164940
     ccaaattcaa atcctcacac tgacaagagc tgtgcccact gagccagcac ccttcaaatg    165000
     cctttctgat ctttgaatat cagagtgtat tctatgaatg ccaaaaatta cgtatggcaa    165060
     gtcgcatgtt actcatttct tctgacacac cctcagacac ttctgcttct aagcagtcac    165120
     atcctatgca agaccttgca ggaggtgcaa ttcagggagt ggaatgaaat aaataaatat    165180
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatttaa atctcatgtc cttccttgaa aaaaaaaacc    165240
     agaaacaaaa cctaaccact tgcggatctg aagttgttct cctcagaggg gaaagcactg    165300
     aagcacatta aaccctgatg atgaatggag gaaactctgt ctagtctggt gtgctttgta    165360
     actctagcac acaaagaaca tgcctggagg ataaaagtgc aacgccgtgt aatgaactcg    165420
     gcaagaacaa ggtcatcggg gacacagcta agtaacgttt caaatgaggc actcagggtg    165480
     actttggtaa gctacagtaa gttgataagt tggttttttt tctttcttaa atgtcttaga    165540
     ttccaggttt cctccatcta cccgcttttt agcgtgctct caccaaacat tcctagtaga    165600
     aggtgtctgg tgggaaggga accatttccc ctctttgcct cttcatctcc tttgctttat    165660
     cctctggttc tatgagtaac ctaaaatcta cctaaacttt ctcgcatgtc ttttttttta    165720
     attacattta tgtatttatt tgtgtgtgta cgcatgtgct tgcatggcgt gtagagacca    165780
     gagggacgcc attcaggggt tggccctgtc tttccacaca agctcaagag caagcacctt    165840
     taccctctga gccatcttgt ggccttgctt ccacaccata agagcaaaaa tcatgaaagg    165900
     aaaccatata gacaatttta gatgagaagc gagcgagacg cattggaggt acaatctggt    165960
     cacaagtgtg tgggagggag agatgaagca gtagctaact cctggtgagt taaaacccaa    166020
     cttttataat ccttcatgct gggccagagc tgcactaaaa actgtcctcg tagcccagac    166080
     acaagccaca atcctaccct cttactaggt tacagtgatt tctccagtgg ggcttgtttt    166140
     taaacctcaa acatcttata caatctacag ggcagaaagg tcatgactgg ggtcagtagg    166200
     ccactgggag caggtcccaa ggtcaggagc taagaaatct caaaatgctg accttctttt    166260
     gatttagttt ctatgggaac acatactaaa gttacaggct tcaagttaaa gacccactgt    166320
     tctcctcggc agacatggtt taatgtcaac atttggagag gtttcactca gtctcccacg    166380
     aatgctgctt tcctcttatg agaacctgtt tttaaaaaaa tgtgggtgct attataggtc    166440
     tgctggtccc tgctgacaaa atacttcttt cgattgttca gcttttattc ctttctcaaa    166500
     atgatttcaa gagtcttagt agtctaaaca cccaaacaat gactgctttt tacatatcaa    166560
     tataaaccac atttaacctt ttttttaaat taaatttaca tgtacttatt tcggggaggg    166620
     gcatgccaca gctcatatgt ggacggcaga ggacaacttg tggaagggag ctgtctcctt    166680
     ccaccgtgtg ggtcctggga ccaggccctg ggattacagc tgtactagtc catacctggc    166740
     ttcttacgtg ggcagtgtgg atccaatgca ggtcttcaca cttgcggagc gggcactttc    166800
     ccgacgagcc gtcttctcag ctccctccct gggcagctct tcataatcct gttctcattt    166860
     gaatgactaa atcttgcctt gccccaaact gacacatttc atgcctgaaa tcttcctagg    166920
     agagatttgc tattagagaa aaaaaaatag atgaagtgtg ttctacgcat tatttatgga    166980
     ttactgtcat ctccactgtg tcttgtccat ttcttagaaa aacttaggtc aaactaatta    167040
     tagagagaag ttgaggggct ggcaggctgc atcctgttgg gggccaggtt gacatctgtg    167100
     gcacttgtta tcaccgagga catgcagatg tgcaccgtct gagctgcagc ctgaagccac    167160
     gtagatgtct gtatgccatg ctggtgccag gagcctacag tgtctcctga ggccacggct    167220
     ccatggagct gctaaggacc actcctggct ccatcttcct gatctggttg gggtctgtgt    167280
     tgatgactgt ggcctgtgtt gccaccaaag gccctgtgga tgtctatggg ccttgctgct    167340
     aatggtcata ttgatgtgaa tgatctgttg ttccacctga gaccacattg ctatctgtag    167400
     ttccagcagc ctccgaaagg ccctgtctgg ggccatgcaa ctactgtgtt ctgtgctgtc    167460
     actagaaatc atgtggaggc tccaagattc atgcttctac cgactataca gggcaaagag    167520
     gctacgtttg ctgtgacatt ggtgactaca gacacacttt gagaggaaag gacccggaag    167580
     gctttgggac agcctgtgta cctacccaaa cctccctact ccaaagtaac agccgagaca    167640
     gtcagtcacc aaagagaact cttaaagagt gtgccaggga agctgaagca cagctctcca    167700
     caatggtggc ttctggtggg ggaggagagg gggaggactc agttctattg aaggggcagg    167760
     ccactgggag ttccaccatg ccacagtgag tgtatagata acacataaat tagactttct    167820
     tttcttattt ttatttttcc tttttggggg gaggtcacaa gaaggggcag atggtgtgcg    167880
     tgatgtgaaa ttcccagaaa atcaataaaa gcattacgtg tgctaaaaaa aagtcatact    167940
     aattaatgaa tccacccagc catagtattt gagagtgaca ttttcctaca cacaaaccaa    168000
     actggatttc tttctccccc ctacacaccc ctttttaaaa aacatttttt ttttggtatt    168060
     ctcccatata ttatgtccct ccacccccct acccccaatc cacccatccc caccaaacac    168120
     ctgagcagaa caacataaag aagaaacggt atttatcgct acaggtttct aagctctcag    168180
     ttcacggtga gctggctttg tggctttcag gtcagtattg tgtagccgtt tcctccagga    168240
     tggacatgat cgctactctc ttgaatcaga gcagctcatg agattggtct tattaatgtt    168300
     cccttatgga ggaagcagga agctcataca acccttataa gacctctctc tcttcccctc    168360
     ccctaaagtt acagaagtgg ttaacagaaa ccaggggtca gctccttggt actacagctg    168420
     cctataaagt gcccaggtga ctcaccatcg atatttcatg catcatctat gctatagagc    168480
     agcatagcgt agcttcggta gcatagcttc ctgtgagcat ctgtgctgta aatgagactc    168540
     tctggtggtg tagccaccta taagctaccc aagggacttc ctggtgctaa agcagccttt    168600
     gacgcaacca cttatgcccc ggtgagcaac cacgagagac ttatcatcta caaggtcagt    168660
     agccgtggac tgtctctagg aggtgggagg gagggatcat ggtgcagcta tggtcttccc    168720
     agggtgggaa ggcttgccat cttccggtag cagcagttgt gtggtctggg tgataagaca    168780
     tgccactggg ggttggaagg agagttcaga tggtgaagtg cccacatgca agcacgagga    168840
     cctgagtttg atatgcagaa cccatgttaa aaaacaaaat ctgggtgtgg ggtgtgtgcc    168900
     tgtgattcca aaactggggt gggggagggt tgggggggag ggggagaaag aaaaaagaga    168960
     tacccagggc tctctgagaa gctagcatag atgggcaagt tccaggctag acagggatcc    169020
     tatctcaaaa ataaaaaaaa agatagatgt cacctgaaaa atgctaccct agatcgtcct    169080
     ctgactgtta taggcatgca cacgtgtgcc catatgtgta tgtatatgtg tgtatgtata    169140
     tatgtatgtg tgtgtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatacaca    169200
     catacatatg actgattttg agctgtctgc tcagtgaggc aagagatctt gtggggtgag    169260
     aactactcct ctgacagtgt gaacaaggtt gcctgttgta gtgatgtgca gggcaactgg    169320
     agactccacg ctgaactgca gatttgttgg ttcctgctta gtgttcagag cacatgggta    169380
     cagatgttgg cgcagccctc caaagcacag gggttatgac agtcagtggc tacatgcaga    169440
     gacgacagag tgatagaggt gaggactgca ccagtcctgg gtgaggccac tatcactcct    169500
     ccctgcaggg tacaccgagt gtatttcttt cctgtaagag gttgatttgg ggtgatgttt    169560
     tcagtgtgaa gtgttactgg gggcttgtgt taataaatta gttagctagc tagttattgg    169620
     cttttgagat gggattatct ctgtgtagcc ctgaatgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc    169680
     aggctatcct tgaactcaga gatctgcctg actttgctgg gatcaagtac ttaaactcat    169740
     ggtctccagc tgttggtgat gtcttgagag gctatagaac ctttaattga tagaggctca    169800
     tcagtggaag gcaggaattg gggcaggctt tgaggctgac tgtcaggcct gcttcctgtc    169860
     tcccctgtct cctgatctgc tacatggcaa tctggtatct gctgctgtgt gtttccacca    169920
     ctacagaact acctgccact atgtcttcct caccatgaag gctatctccc ctcaagctgt    169980
     gagcccaaga aacctctcac agagatgagg aaatataggc tggctcacct gatgcttcac    170040
     acttcacact tcacacccag cagggagttt tgccttgggg tgtcaactgc agggagagtc    170100
     acatgcttgg gcaaaccaag cctgtaaatt tgcaagatta cttatctagc ctaaggcgct    170160
     attggccaga ggtagccccc gtgaggtcag acagcttact tacagaaact gactggatgg    170220
     tgaagggtta aatggggtga tgacgctatc tgtactactg tgcccaacac tgctcttttg    170280
     aaagaacaac aaacacacaa gggaggaatc ttttcaggat gtattggacc ctgctaacat    170340
     tttgtaagta tcctcttagc tgatgaattc caaggccaaa ttcacacttc cttagaacaa    170400
     gacagccagg gaccttcaga gagcctgctc agtctgagag aaaagatttc actatccagt    170460
     gctagactct aagtgtctta gagatctgga gaggcatttg agaagaacag ccgttaaagg    170520
     gtttcaaaac agaagcactc tgcctggatt taggggacac ccagacgccg tagggttatg    170580
     gaatgaatat ccctgtgaca ggtgcaggtt actgaactat agttatcaac aagggaggct    170640
     tctgggtccg cccactccta cacagatcac aggctattgc caccgctgct gtttgcatgc    170700
     cagagctaga ctgtaagtct ctatggctgg aaaccttgcg ccctctggtt gaaggttctg    170760
     gataaatcca tctgacactg aaatggaagg ttcctcactg gtggctggct ttcatagtgc    170820
     tgtaaggtac ttagccaatt actgagtgaa acaaccatcc tgctcagctg tggactggct    170880
     ccacatacta atgccaccca caagccaggc aagacgtgcg tggccccagg agcaacagcg    170940
     gcacaactgt ctgggcacaa acaactacct tccagttgga tttaagatcc acgccagaga    171000
     gagaatccag gattgagact ttaagccaaa acaaaaacgt gtggctgagg aaagtcatag    171060
     actcaatggg gaagttacta ctattgttta gttaatgaaa tgtgttgtgc ctgtggtctt    171120
     ctaaacattt atattcctgg ccataaatta tcactgctgc tggccttggt cagggtagca    171180
     gttattgcaa aatgtcgtaa ctagtcgcat tgcctagaaa aagtgactgc tgttactgtg    171240
     gtagagtggg tcaatgttta gccttcaatg gaagaaaata attatatacc ttatcacctc    171300
     tctagggccc aaggaacatg cgcattgtag gcatggaaag aatgtaggag caagatgtaa    171360
     tggcattgtg atgctttacc cagtgagttg gatgtcctca ctgccatctt gaatcaaagc    171420
     aaccgtaagt acccacatga gatccttatc atgttaggcc tagtaacatt ccctcatgag    171480
     ggccataggg aggtttccca aactcatagg ttcataaggc catccctttc ccaagtttat    171540
     ataaaggtta aatagtcagt tgtgggatgc aaaatatttg tttctttgtt tgagacaggg    171600
     tttctctgtg tagctctggc tgtcttggta ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggctttgaac    171660
     tcagagaccc acctgcctct gcttcctgag tgctaggatt aaaggcatgc accaccacgg    171720
     ctggcatagt agttactcat aagttgttca ggggactttt ctatgatgca aataccatgg    171780
     gtaggacttg gaagtggtat agcttcaagc tgcccaaggg actggtggtg tagctgccac    171840
     ccatgtacaa tggttcactg agcaaggttt agatgtaagg atttttagtc tgttggtacc    171900
     ttttctatct ggggtgaata agtgtttctt tacatcttcc taggagaagt ctcatgacag    171960
     caagccagaa acatcctggt ggccgggcat gccagaggaa atgtactcac ttcaaagaag    172020
     gcaggaagca gacagagttg agaaactgcc aagggacaaa caaacaaaga ttgccataga    172080
     gagctttgtc ttcaacagac cccacctatt aaaagtccat ttgaacagct agtaatttaa    172140
     tcaatggact aacttatgag ccaatcatct ctttaaaaaa ctgtatgtat ggtgttatat    172200
     gccctggaac tggagttaca gacaattgtg agccatcagg tggatgctag gaattgaacc    172260
     tggatcctct ggaagagcaa caagtactct taactgctga gccatctctc tagccttcca    172320
     accaacattt aaaagacccg gtagatacaa gcaaccctct aacacacaaa cctctgggag    172380
     atacttatct atcctaccca taaaagtttg cagtaataat cacacataac actagaaata    172440
     ccacacaaac acaactttgt gcagacaaga aactcatgct cacgctaaag aagatgctag    172500
     tgtgtgggat gagttacagc tgaaaacaaa ggctactttc agcacgttgc tgtagtagca    172560
     cagcatctga ggtagctcag catcgcttcc tcctaacctg acagtgttgc tgtcacatcc    172620
     taggaggtga gaatttgcac atcaagctgt ttctgagtca cccacatgaa gagtttataa    172680
     acctgtatga tacgctccct tttgggaaat tttcataaac acaaaacaca gtgttgattt    172740
     tggactcttc agatgtagca tggttctcag gtatgtggta ctgttcagac cccatccaac    172800
     acccacacta ctttattcac agcctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    172860
     tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    172920
     acacacacac acgcccactt tcttattttc ctgagagaag gtctcatgca tcccgtgccg    172980
     gtcttgaaca tgttatatag ccaaggatga ccttggaatt ctgatcgtcc tgcctccatt    173040
     ttccagttct gggattacag ggattcacaa ctagacctgg ttttatacaa cactgaggtt    173100
     caaactcagg gacccaggca tgctaggcaa gtgctttagg acctgagcca cagcccagct    173160
     ctgttgtgag cccttctcta gtccctcttt caccttcact tacaggtgat gtgcttgggc    173220
     aaggaaaaag aggaagagag agaggagagt gtgcaaggga cagccaaggg cgggggtgta    173280
     ggccctgcag ctctctcata tactgccagg gccccacaga tgtacgccac catacaaacc    173340
     ctcagttgaa actatgttac agtaaagctt catcctaaag caacacacaa cttcccttta    173400
     gactctttat ttaaaatcat gcctgccatt tgtatgggag ttaagaccaa actgccacac    173460
     aatatccctc catctcttat gctggaagca ttttgtgcct gaggcctagt cccaaagata    173520
     gcaaatccta aatgataaat ggtaaaccaa gatttaaacc ttttttgttt gttttttgtt    173580
     tgtttgtttt ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggat gtcctggaac    173640
     tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg gctcatgaag    173700
     cacaaggtgc taaagaggag gtgaagcaac tggatgtttt gaggggagtt agcagattcc    173760
     atcctgaaga gaagctcatt aaactcagga aagaaacaat tcagtggctt caggaatttc    173820
     ccagaactga gtagattcac taggctcctc ctcctctgaa acacataacg tgccaagctg    173880
     ctgagagaca ctcagacaag cgaggctgac tggaagaagc agagaccagc tgagctacct    173940
     ggagaggaca ccatctgacc tgttcagctg cctgcaggct gtgcagtgtg ctctgggttc    174000
     ccagctctgt gagctgtcac ccatgccggg gtgggccttg gtgaggcagg tgtctttgag    174060
     tcatttctgc tcctgtaagg aacccctcct cccatacttc tgtcagtaac ttgaaaaaac    174120
     ctgattagct catcaagtta gattttggtg gtacccttat tccagtgtat catagatttc    174180
     ctatccaagg ctaggtttgg tggacatgcc tttaacccca acatttggga tgtcttactc    174240
     agtagggtgt atgatatctg tattaactga gcaagatgga ggttagagac acaggcagag    174300
     tgtgcaggat acaagaagtg ctggcttcag tccacagcac tggactgcac ataccggcaa    174360
     ttccagcact tgggagattg agacagaagg gtccaaagtg gaagatcacc ctctgataca    174420
     taatgacttc aaggcagcct ggcctacatg agaccctgac tcaagagaaa aagacaaaac    174480
     aaatgaacaa gcaaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaaa    174540
     accccaagta ccttagctag taagcagtaa gctcaagttt tttctcctag tgccagcagc    174600
     tgaattcaga gcctcatcga ctttaggcaa gccttgaggg tccaactaca tcccagccta    174660
     gaaatattcc actgtaggaa tgtggaggct ttcctgttgc cgggaaaatg gtattttctt    174720
     tcttgcttca gtctttcacc ctatgcctct gcttcccatt gacctgactg gacacttcct    174780
     ttaacataag ctacctaagg gatagcttta ttccttgcta tcctttggac tttccccaca    174840
     gttgaaacag acccaggcat atgtaaacac tgtaaggata gagagagact gcttccttcc    174900
     atgttaccca gtccagggcg tgctgtatgc atacgtataa aaatatttta tttctcgatg    174960
     ttttcagtac aaacatcaaa aagagaattc catcaaagaa gtttctaaac ttattattag    175020
     gttggttgca gggcaagtga gggagtgggg ctataacggg agatatcggt gagaaaagga    175080
     agaatgttaa ctcactccaa caaactcttt actccctgga accaccggtc tgatactgta    175140
     cattcatatt attttcagag tttcctgttt ttattggcat gtgacattta ttaaaaacct    175200
     atgatctccc acagcactca gtgcagttaa ctgttcccac agctagagag agagagagag    175260
     agagagagag agagagagat agagagagag agagagagag agagactgac tcaagcatgc    175320
     atgtatccat gcacagctgt ttatactggt tagtgcggcc agaaagcagt ttggagacac    175380
     ccgtttactt gttatcagtt agctctgtaa agcttggcag aaagccgatc ctgcaagcct    175440
     aggtctgctg gaatgtgttc tccaggaata acgcctcgct cggtgaacac tgctcggctg    175500
     gctctgaagt agaacaagga ccgtcaaaca ttcccgcaga aagtgtactt tggtctctgt    175560
     ctcagtgcct ctaggaatgg aatctgtcac ctggctttct tcaccataaa gcccgcttta    175620
     aaacaaaaat gggaggaacg ctttcctatg ctttgggtag gagacaaatg tgcttctgta    175680
     gaacttgtgg ttgaagaatg cggacaaggc ttggctggag aagacatacg tcaccaccag    175740
     ccaccaggtt aagttgtgga gcccaaaggt gacagccatg gagatgtaga tcatcagctc    175800
     tgctaggtag ttagctgaag acacgtactc gaaccagtct ccaaagggga tccggtgctg    175860
     gcagtggatg accacacctg aaacggaagg gcgatcactt gttaccgctc cacttctaag    175920
     atcgctgaca gaacctctac cgagtatcta atcctgtcaa cccccactgc ccatcaattg    175980
     tagccaggca ggagtgttgc atggcttcaa ttctagcagt tgggagggag gcacacgcag    176040
     aaggatctct ctgagctctg aggtcagcct ggtctaccta gtgagttcca ggacagccag    176100
     ggctacacta gaatgacctc catctcaaag caaaaacagc aatgagaaaa aaaccaacca    176160
     accaaccaac caaataaaaa caaaaccaaa aatcaaatcg aaaaacctaa aaagccctct    176220
     gcttgggttt cccaccattt ctcacaagca cactgcgtaa ctttacataa actgctgaat    176280
     ctccctgtgc ctctgtttcc tcacccatac ccacggagag tcagcccagg ctaactcaga    176340
     agccaagttt ctttccctca gctggggtca caggactcca tacacaaatg agttttccat    176400
     caagtacatg tgtgcggcgc cgtccccaga tctgccacct cactttacag cagaggattg    176460
     tgattcagga tggtgtttgt caaaagcggg tatctggctg ggcggtggtg gcgcacgcct    176520
     ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag tggatttctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc    176580
     tacaaagtga gttccaggat agccagggct atacagagaa acactgtctc ggaaaaaaaa    176640
     aaaaaaaagg gagtatctgg tatcgacaag ggaaggaagg gatagaggaa gcagcccctg    176700
     aaggcgagag gccatttgag aagccccgga agtcacctca ccttttttgt ttctcctgag    176760
     gttgctgagg atgacgtggc atttatactg atgggcggat gaccagaaga acatcaccat    176820
     gcccaggatg tggaaccacc gggcttgtat cagtagattc ttccccagaa catacactac    176880
     gggagtacga gttctgttag ccagtgccac agagttgcag cggtcaaaga attacatcac    176940
     catattaccc ttgcccaatg gcctccggac agctagagca gcttcccagt ctccgaagct    177000
     ctggtggtcc caggcagaga ccgtactgac atcttccctc aaacattctg caagcgcttc    177060
     tggagcaaac tcagtccacc cccgggtgac ttacggtggg gtcagattgc tttgtgcatc    177120
     tacggctgag tcttcttgct cactttttcc catccagaaa aaaattctct aaagaaacat    177180
     ctccctgagc tgccacccag agcccggcca gggagatcct caatacagaa agctgagcta    177240
     acccaggcat ggtgggtaca tgcctgtcag cctagcactt gggaagctga ggcaagagga    177300
     tcacgagttc aaggccagcc aagtacatag gagttcaagg acaatttgaa ctacaaacct    177360
     gggagggagg agggaggagg gagatggaga agaaagcatg catacactgc ccagttctgg    177420
     ctagtagaga gattttctga ggtaaagggt aactggtctc tcataaagag aagagcaaca    177480
     caacaaggcc ctttctggat cagagagaac ccagtctgag acgctgttcc caaagcagca    177540
     gctcctgtag cgaggccttc cctttgatgt ggcaccaagg aaggaacgga gactgcagaa    177600
     ggactcccag agcaagtcac tggcacgaga acagcaaaca gaatccttac catcattagc    177660
     agaactgact tcctcgtctt aactgaagag ataaacactg tccactgaac atcggccata    177720
     gccaggggcc ctcaagctga ggcaaagccc taaaaagctg tttgaggtaa cagcactgag    177780
     ggtcgtggag gctagttaat ggctgacaag gatccaccaa actcacctgt ggtgatttca    177840
     gttccaaact cgcctcttct gggccacaga cactcctttc tcttacataa gggccctgta    177900
     agattggtct gcgcccttga ccaccgacac gggttctgag gccagacaaa cccagtggag    177960
     tggacccagg cccacagaca ctcaaaccta caggattcct accagatcct acagatggca    178020
     aagacagctt tccccactgt ggaggtgagt tttgatttgc cttttttgag atcgggcctt    178080
     gctttgtagt ccttgctggc ctggaataca gtacctggac aaagctagct ttgaacttga    178140
     agtggtcctc ttgcctttct accctatgca ctgagagtat agctgtgagc aacctaacac    178200
     ccctggctgg catacacacc cgctgcgagg cactctccac ttaaacaacc ccctccctct    178260
     tcgtgaagct gcttcttgtc tgcagtgttt ggtctcaacg ctaagcggga gtaaccaata    178320
     cagtcattct gccccagtga ctccaggtga ccccatgagc aaaatgaaat ggaagcagtt    178380
     ttatagtgct taggaagata tttttgtgtg ttcctcagct gccttttttg actgtgggaa    178440
     gccacatgtg ccattgcaga gtggcactga ctactgctgg ccaccatgca taagtttgga    178500
     caaacaacca atgtgtacat atgcagtaaa gttttttgca aagacactgc ctggcccggg    178560
     catgataatg aggctttgag agtataacca atcagatgtg agacatgcaa atgaggtatg    178620
     ataatgaggc tctgtgaggt acagagagag agagtagcca atcagatgag gagcatgcaa    178680
     atgaggcgta gtgcataacc aatccgggtg tgagacacgc ctctcctagg cctatataag    178740
     cagcaccagt tctgggctca gggtctcttc gcctctgcaa tcaagctctc ccaataaacg    178800
     tgtgcagaag gatcctgttg cagcgtcgtt actgctggcc agtctggcgc gtgcaagatt    178860
     tgaccatttt ttttcttttt ttatgaggca gaatgtagaa gctgggctcc agccacagaa    178920
     ataaattcag aaaagtgatg taaggccaac agaagctgac agagagaaaa ctaatgggca    178980
     accaaggaat ctggaaagtt ctctggccaa ataaccccag atgatggctg tgcatctgaa    179040
     cacccagggg agacctgggc gggaagcctg atttgatgag tgattactat ggattttacg    179100
     tgagagctgt tctccggagg ttcagggatt tgaaccctta ggctccagtt ggtgagactg    179160
     tggaggttta ggaggtgcag ccttggaggg agcacagcag gtgagcctgg gactatacag    179220
     cctctcccta cttgcagttt tctcattctg cttcctaaac ctggctgaga cgtgagctct    179280
     cagctccctg ctcctggtgg ttcgctgcca cgcctagcct acctgctggg atcgactctc    179340
     agccctctgt cactgtgagc caagttaagg tcctccttct ggaagccatc ttggtcatag    179400
     tgttttatca cagcatccag aaagtatcca atacaatgaa atctggaggg attagaagag    179460
     cagctgcctg aatagctgga acgaataact aattcacaag ttgacgggct acctggtcaa    179520
     taagcctacc tttcaaataa ttcttacagc cccgggaagt gtattatagc aacagggcag    179580
     actttaagga gcactctgag actgaaatca aacccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    179640
     ggctcagtca ctggtagttg gaaatacaga tcttcatctt aacttatgat ataggacatg    179700
     gaaaaaaggg tcccagaaga tctgggctga aagcccaagg cttcaagatc aagctagcct    179760
     cagcaccaaa acaatcattc caatcaccaa agaggagaag aactctgtgt catatgtaca    179820
     tatcgtctta tgaaaccgag agtcagacag cggtgtgcag gtccgtgtaa aacaccaacc    179880
     aacctcactt ccttctcaca cacaaacgtt tgcttccctc ttcctggcta gagagcactt    179940
     ggaaacctta aggcaatctc catttagcac aacactcggt tttcctcttc cctcaggctg    180000
     ccccacatga agaagggctt tgtcgagaag gcagccatcc caagaaagaa agtcaagaga    180060
     acagtttgca ttccttcttc aaatccaagc tacttacctc aagcacctct gtctcctggt    180120
     ctgggattta atcccacaga gtgacttcta gacaacgggg ctgtggggag gcctcttcct    180180
     ttggtggccc tttcttcgga ggctcccacc tgctgttcag atctcagctc tccttccacc    180240
     tcccacagtt taacttcatt ccttaaacgg ccccaggaat gatttgtact gtcctattgt    180300
     cactgaagga tctgctacgg atcctaggtg ctgttcctag gttttagtgg tcacgatggt    180360
     taagtatcta cctgttgaca tgatgacttt agaacctact gccagggcca cttatgatga    180420
     ctttagaacc tactggcagg gccacttacc attcttatca tccatgggca cttggctcag    180480
     tacagtcagg ccaacaagca catagtagac aagcccgaaa cagtactgca caacgtgaat    180540
     ggctgcatta gagaagacac tgacgtagaa gcactcaaag agtctccgaa ggctgtggac    180600
     ccagaggaac accaagacca agaaggcaga cagagccagc tcagccgctg caatgcagga    180660
     gagaagggga catggtcagt ctcagtctct cctccaggat cgggtcaagg gttgagttta    180720
     ctcactgtgc aacctaagac cagagtcaaa gggctacaga gaccatttaa actaaagctt    180780
     cctccttcaa agtgtgagga cacaggctga atgagtcacg tggtaaatta gtggcagggt    180840
     gctggggagg gggacagcac tcatctctga tgccctcatt taaaagcctt ctggggtaca    180900
     tgggcatcac catgaaggct cgaggtgctc agggctcaga gtccgtgggt ctttagttcc    180960
     tgaaccgact cctgaatgta gtcggtcagg gacagactca tagtaatgtt ggatcagtcc    181020
     tatctggtgg gaccacatca agggagagac agaggcaggc atcaagcagg tgaatattcc    181080
     tttccagatt taaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaagg acaggttgga    181140
     gttgaatagt gaagcactta cctggcatcc gagaagcctt ggactccatc tccagggctg    181200
     ccaaaggaaa agcaaaggag aaatgacacg cttgcagaga gagagggccc catgatccac    181260
     cttcctaaag gcctgtcatt acatgctcca agaacatagg agaaaaagct cgttcttaaa    181320
     atatcataaa cgctagtccc tgttcttaaa aaagagtaac acaagccagg tggtggtagg    181380
     gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttggaaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttcgaggcc    181440
     agcctggtct acatcgtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg    181500
     aaaaacaaaa aaaccaaaac aacaacaaca acaacaaaaa agagtaacac agtcaggcac    181560
     tgcaaggaca tagcccagtg aattcttatt cccaggtctc actgggaccc aggtgaagaa    181620
     cctgaccagc aatcccttag tgtttctttc taagtatgac cctgccccaa ggtcaaggac    181680
     tccactccaa agtctatcag tatagagtca cttgctcttt gtattttaag taaatgaaaa    181740
     cccagttttc aattctttat gaacatgtta aaacaaataa taagaactcc tcaaatctaa    181800
     tctaaataca taaacatggc aagcaacaaa gagacacatg cataaacaca gcaagcaaca    181860
     aagagacaca tgcataaaca cggcaagcaa caagagcatg cacacattag gacccccagc    181920
     gccttccaca gagcccttac cactgctact cagtttcatt gtttagcaga agactcacaa    181980
     tacaacattt ctctttttga actactaatt tatttactct cttgaaagca tgtggggtgt    182040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggta taggtcaagg acagcttgca ggagtcggtt tccacaacat    182100
     gggtcttgca catgcacctt aaatcaccac atctggtggg aacaacttta cccatgatcc    182160
     atctcaccag tccccaaacc tttctaaaag tttaccaaaa agtgattttt ttaaagtcaa    182220
     atttctctga gccctaagac ttgattccag ctgtggctgg ataaatgata aataaacgtg    182280
     tctatgcaaa cctgaggttt ttccaaagct tcccctgctc gtgtgagacc atcttcataa    182340
     gattatcacg cactgataat atcagaagga ggacagccag tcccgcgttc agcacaggtt    182400
     tgcgagacag ccaaccagtg cctgacccct gggcttggct aaggctcact gaggactggg    182460
     gaccaactaa ccaggcaaac tctgtccgcc ctcacttacc aggccctgca gagggacatg    182520
     attggtgaga acacgaacag gaaccaggaa taggctaggg agccaaatta ccttggaact    182580
     gtgtggcccc aagagttctg agcagagcac taagccagtt tggaaaaggt gctcccagga    182640
     acaacgactg agaaagtagc cagagcaggg agccattcca cacaactgag atgacgtaga    182700
     agtgagaaaa gtacctgcag aaggaggaag agttaggcag cagccagcta caacctctcc    182760
     aagtccccgg acccgccccc tccacccaca tcccagagca gagtttcagt tgtaaagaga    182820
     acctgaattc tacaggtggg actagttcga aaggtacctc caagtcacaa gacccattaa    182880
     actggagtag aaaagggatc agttaacaat ctgtttctgg gtaacaagaa tggtccctga    182940
     attctcacaa ggcgctgaag aactaaatcg tgctaatatc agtgagatct gcgaaagtcc    183000
     gttagatccc aaactggatc atagtaattg aacctggtcc tttgaaacag cagcgaatgc    183060
     tcttaactgc taaaccatct ttgcggtctc atacacctca cttaaaaaat ttaaatttat    183120
     cattcatacg cgtgtgcgca cgcactattg cagatgaccc aagttcgatt tccagcacgc    183180
     atgtcaggga gctctgcctg caccttcagc taaactagct ggtcattagt tcccacgctc    183240
     cctagcactg gaattatagg tgatgtacta tgtctggctt ttatgagtgc gctagggatc    183300
     gaactcagct tctctcgctt atgtggcagg ccatttacga cttgatccat tttcttcctc    183360
     ctcaagcctt ccaaattaat ttgaactcat gacctctgga agagcagtca gtactcttaa    183420
     ccgcttagcc atctcaccag ccccttaatt tttttataat gcgaaaaaaa ttgcaacaat    183480
     aacgctaggt ggcaacgcct tatgattcta tgtctccaac aactaagacc atgaacctat    183540
     tttatataaa tcatttacaa agcaaataaa cataatggca caaaaccaat gaaatgaatg    183600
     taaaaggtgc agctgctttg ctaaaacaaa atcactcacc atgccaggag caccactggg    183660
     gtactactat gtggtggcca actccagcaa ccctctctgc tgtgctgtaa tggggacaca    183720
     cccactgtga tggttcatag gtatggcccc tggagactca tgtgtttgaa tgcttagcac    183780
     atagggagtg gtactactag gaggtgtggc cttgttggag tgggtgtggt cttgatagag    183840
     gaagtgtgtc actgtgcagg gatgtgcttt gagctctcct atgctcaagc attgtgatac    183900
     agtgacattg tacacacagt ctctccttgc tgcttgcgga tcaatatgta taactcttgc    183960
     tccagcacca tgtctgcctg ctgctgtttc ctgccatgat gataatggac taagcctgtg    184020
     aaactataag ccagccccag tggacatgat ttctccttac agcaataaaa gcctaagaca    184080
     gccatctttt tactcaggta tgggggaatt ctaattcgaa tgcttgcata cctccccagc    184140
     tccctcacag gttcttctga gctctaccct cctatgcctc tcctatctga aacacctagg    184200
     atttttgcaa atacactgac agagaacttg aagggtgaga cccaagtcta aacacagaac    184260
     atacttatat cactaatacc ttatatacct gatatgctaa aggtgacctt atataaatgt    184320
     tactgtttaa tgtatctgcc gtttgaccat caccaatctc atgaaggtag gtgtaaaaga    184380
     ttttctacat ggggcactat gtccacacgc aagagtttgg atgtcaaagc gtttcatatt    184440
     ttttgagtta gagatgctca gtttggattt tttctcctct attcaaatca attcaggtaa    184500
     ttacgtgacc tcccctggtc tttcatacac taacaataat ctccttttct tcttttcact    184560
     ttgccttgag acaatcaaag atgactgggc gccaaagaga attaaacatc agctcagaag    184620
     cctttccacg tgggccagaa catgcctgta aaggaagtca tgcctgcacc catggccaga    184680
     atcccagttt gacaaactct gccctgatcc catcatcctg ctccagccca ctctgtgccc    184740
     agctgcagct ggcaaatcct gccagaatta tccacccacc cgactgttca gaaaccacgt    184800
     aaagaaaggc ctcatttcct caacagcttg tgcatcacag ccatttgcca ccatagctcc    184860
     tagagtcagc tctgttccag gtcatcctta aaacatactg tccggagctt agcccaagtg    184920
     cgggctgaac actctggcca tgcaaggtta agacgctttt cactgtatgc tttgcaggtt    184980
     ttggggagaa ggaagggctg ggtacttgat ctattttttc tttcataagt attgaggtcc    185040
     aacttaaagt gggttaggcc aagttctagg agcctgaact tgaaggatgt aaacagacct    185100
     ggtctaagtc ttaatgggag acccgtttag tggagtaagt aatgttttca ggcatctatt    185160
     gtaatatttg acaagggacc agagtagtag ggatgtcatt atggatcagt gatttggtgg    185220
     cttttctgga agggacatct gtacagaata tgcaaacctt gcatgcttcc ttaaaatgct    185280
     tctttaataa actttattat tgctgggcgg tggtggcaca cgtctttaat cccagcactt    185340
     ggggggcaga gacaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc    185400
     caggacagcc agggctatac aaaagagaaa ccctgtcttg aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaac    185460
     caaacaaata aataaataaa ctttattatt aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa agaaccttga    185520
     gggggctgga gagatggctc aatggttaag agcactgact gcttttccag aggtcctgag    185580
     ttcaattccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca tgaccatctg taattggatc tgatgtcaac    185640
     ctctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctactcata taaacaaaat aaataaatct taaaaacaaa    185700
     aacccaacct tgcaaataaa taaaaacatc acacactaaa attagctaaa ccaaggtcta    185760
     ttcaattgag taataccctt ctatattgtt agcatgggca ttcagaatgg agctgtgaag    185820
     ttgtacatta gattttacac tttcagtatc taatatattt tatgtactta tctgccacca    185880
     aataactaaa aaattaatgg tagaattagg aaaacaatta gttctatatc ctcctttaac    185940
     aactggtatt ctatatccag ttctttcctg ccccttacat ttagcctttt tccttctcct    186000
     ttcttcatgg tataatgtag ccacatgtat atgtgttcac acatacatgg atcattggct    186060
     agggtctgca tatgagagag aacatttaat ttattttttt gtgaggttgt gtgacttcac    186120
     ttacttaata gcatacatct taagcctaag cattccacat gaagttaaaa ttttgcagga    186180
     aaatggatgg actatgaaaa tgagtgtaca ctattaagtg aggtgccttt cacactgtcc    186240
     aagcagagga aaagactaca agggccctgg gggtgtgtgt gttctgggtg tgctccctct    186300
     gtggcttcct tgtggttgtg taacataacc aggaagaggg gacagaggac acagagccct    186360
     ataagggtgc tggcttttgt actagggaat ccctctaggc ttaccaaaaa taaagcattt    186420
     tttaaaagtt ttcagtttca aaagatccat ctgaatattt tgagatgggc tggggagatg    186480
     gccgagcagc cgttaaaaca cttgctgctc ttccaaaagg ccaaggttca attcctagca    186540
     ctatagtggc tcacaaccat caaacccatc tacttccgag ggatagggat ccccgttctc    186600
     gcctccaggg gcaccaggca tgcacatgat gcccagacat atatgcaggc aaaacattcc    186660
     taagcaaaaa ataatgagca tctatctatc tgctgatgac atggaggctg tttagttgtg    186720
     acataaagga catagcctgg gaagcagggg aagaggcatg gttatgaaat gtcatcttca    186780
     caacaatacc atagtttgct ttcttctcgt ggcacatgga aaactactgg tttcttatcc    186840
     aagggcacag cagtggctac agttggctct aggtgcagct agaatgactg gtgtttacat    186900
     cacactgttg ctcccttgcc ttcagacgag gcttgcctga gcgtcttttc ctagccctgc    186960
     atcacacaca gccaatttat gtgaaaccta caggcaggtg aatcagttgt ttcaaatgaa    187020
     ctgctaagct atgccttaca tacggcgcta cttctcccac gccagcttta ctttaaacac    187080
     acatcactgt ttttcagtct cacattctgt tctgctgtct gaacgtctta acacaggaaa    187140
     cactttctgg tctttatagg aggtcctatg tcttgctttg tcttacttgt cttttttttt    187200
     ttttccggag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac    187260
     caggctggcc tcaaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct tccaagtgct gggattaaag    187320
     gcgtgcgcca tcacagcccg gccttgcttg tctttataaa gacttaaaat gcacatctca    187380
     aatcctcact gccttctggc taagacatgc tcctccttct gttcctccgt tttcctcctt    187440
     ctgtaacttg cttcctagaa atgccgtttt ccaagtcctg agagtaggac acagctatct    187500
     ttatgactat acatggtgtg ggtactcctt tgaccaacaa ctacttgggt gtttgttatg    187560
     ggctatggct gaacgcaggg aggaaaaagg actcttggca gatgcagaat tatcatttta    187620
     agtaaggcag gtatggaagg ccttactgaa gatactgtat ctgagctttt accatgagcc    187680
     cggtgagggg gacaagcaaa caccctgaaa acttagacaa acaagcaagc caacaataga    187740
     tcccatgctg gagaatagga aacaacattc caggaactga cttaggtttt attcttgctt    187800
     ccttaggaga aataattacc agcgaaagga cctaaatact accctatgtg cagaaacggg    187860
     gttctgcgct gcctgtttgt aagtgtggaa gtcaccaact taatttttat tttcattcct    187920
     ggcgatgtca ttacattttg caaaaggaga aactattcaa aaatgtttaa gtcggaagca    187980
     ctttagctaa ggttaccaaa tactataaaa tctggattag ccgagatgtt acaaagtgtc    188040
     tcccgccagg gtaatccact gccattggac ttttcagaca ggactcaggt ctgcaaggtg    188100
     gaagagcttg cctggcaccc tggaggtcag gagttcggca tcttacaccg acaggcaggc    188160
     tgcaagggct agccgccaca ctcactgtac aaccagcctg aatttgtgaa cacatggatg    188220
     aaaatgttga agatggcagg tccctcccag gtctgtcatg aggatcaagg ggagaaaggc    188280
     tttcaagtcc ttagcatgtg acatacgagc aactccgctg tggtagtgct ctctaactca    188340
     attattataa tttccccatt atgaatgtgc taagcacaat gccatgggag gtcctctgga    188400
     aatagggaaa tgaaaacttg tcaactccag ttatcccctt ttcatataaa aggggggggg    188460
     ggggcagcca ttacaaagga caatgttttg atgcaaatat tcccgttttg gttgttttgt    188520
     tttgttttta aacctttgtc tcaattaaaa atgcctttcc ttataggcct ggatttgttg    188580
     gaccttctcc agtattgaag gaaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa ccaactcaat ttagggaaaa    188640
     acaataggcc ctgtcacctc ggagcacctg aacaccttgg gaagttctgc tctgagttct    188700
     ggaagaagga aagaataatt atttcacaat actgttaaga attagaagaa gcccagagta    188760
     ccaagtgtta ccgggatgaa tacagggaag gcccacctct ttcttggctg tcacacaaag    188820
     gcagacttga gtgtagcagc tgaggagtcc catccagaga gactgagtat aagtgatttt    188880
     taagtgtgct ttgaactctg gggacactag aacctctctc aaaagtcaga aaataaattg    188940
     ctatatagca taagggatat aggccaatca aacccgagga taagaggacg gtaggatggt    189000
     cttaaaattg ggcctctaag gaagagttct tccgggtctt aatctcttta ccattcattc    189060
     ttcacaatga catggtactc tgctctcaca ctaaccccct gaaagacccc ctccaacagt    189120
     caggacatag ctggggccag ttgatagccc caccgccatc tgcagaggtg ggcaacggct    189180
     acagatttct aaagcaatct agatgaatcc gtcagaaccc atcacattcc ttccaattca    189240
     attctaaatg caaatgcgtg atgaatttca taaaaaaaaa tgacacagct ttattatcta    189300
     gaatactgtg ttaagatgac ttctccatct acatactgaa ttcatcgtgg agttaaaaaa    189360
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaagga aaggaaagcc atgtggcggg tctcacatat    189420
     tctcagcgga gtccatatgt accccggaag attttagtat ttcacaactt ggttactgag    189480
     ccttccggga tgggttgggg cagggcatac tgggctagtt tgccagagca cctgtggaga    189540
     tgcaggttag tgatgtctgc acagccccag gggagcacac tctggacttc tttcttgact    189600
     gtgacagatc gggctgagaa ctgcggaaat cgaggaagaa cttgcctcca agtccatgaa    189660
     tttccacgac ctcaagttct ggggagggga agcggaaaac tgggggtaaa gaagtcaggg    189720
     cggctccctg ggggccgggc caacttgaga tgctctgtca tttccgggga cggctcgggg    189780
     acagcccctg gctcacgtgc ctgcgccgcc tctgttgccc cctgccgggc gcgccccgcc    189840
     accgacgtta cctcttgggg acatcgaagg ccctgcagac ggcggggcgc cgcgagccgg    189900
     actgcttggt cttcccgtag cggagcaggt cctggaagag cgcgcagctc ggcagcagcc    189960
     tggcgggcgc cagctgcagc agcagcgcga acaggaaggc ggcggccagc gccagccaca    190020
     gcgtccgcag ggggttcagg gccgagagct caaacccggc ccacccagcc atagcccggg    190080
     agccggctac agatgcgcgc cgccgcgccg ccctccttct ctcaccccct ccctccctcc    190140
     cgcctcggcg gcgcgcttgg cggtgacgcg gctcctgggc gggacgcgcg gccccgcccc    190200
     tggctaggcg ctcaggagct gggttgtgct cctgctcacc tggtttgagc aggctgcgct    190260
     ttagacttgt actgcctcta atctaattcc gagatgcaac tccaacttga agttctgcag    190320
     gagcatgcga gaccacgtgc tacagtccaa gtcttgtaga gatacgttac acctatttat    190380
     taagtggagt ggagctatgc caagaggtgt gggtgggagc ccaagacagc ttggggggaa    190440
     ttggttctct ccttccacca tgtggcgctt cggggatcct attctagagg tcaggttctc    190500
     accagcctgt gtaagtttct ataaactttg actgcgggat tactgctgcg aaaaagtgtg    190560
     aagagaaatt ttggttgaag tacaggctga attcttggct gggtccctag agggggcccc    190620
     caggagtcaa gatgcgaagg atcttaatac cacgctggtc taccagaagc accagattca    190680
     ttagcatact ccagatgggg atcgctgtaa attcagggat gacctctgga aagacctcgg    190740
     tgagggaatt ctacactttg tcaactgtag gctggagctg ctccggcaaa ctctggattt    190800
     tggagtggaa aagcagagta atgccctcaa tggacctacg tttttcaccc atctgctcca    190860
     tggacaaagt gtttaactag ctgtgtctgc tgcctttatg gctaggaatg aaaagatttg    190920
     gaagaccttt atgcactcat tggctcgagt ccatggggca gtgggggtga gggggaaggc    190980
     aaggtatgag acagcaaatc tccaaaaacc tccctccacg gatctggctc agatgctgtc    191040
     tttcaggcat cagtggaaaa caccatcacg tgttagatga aggcctggtt ccctgttgac    191100
     agctgcttag tggtatttca ggctatcggg tccttgagta atgcaggcta ctcagaaagg    191160
     aggaagcaaa tgggatccaa ttgtgtaccc ctataataca agtctttatc acagccttgc    191220
     tttcaacaga aaaatgacta cacccctaaa tctgccttga tgcgtttagc caaattatgg    191280
     tacactccca ttttctctct taaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaga ttacagagtg ggggaaaaaa    191340
     agaatacttt tatttataga ttgtatgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgactggcc catccatgtc    191400
     aataatcatt aataatatag ttaagcttcc tctcctcagt tatataactc tggcctgtgt    191460
     caagttgaca aaactaacaa aagcaaccag gacattcgag ttcctgctcc agcctcctgc    191520
     tatcgtgcct cccctgacaa cacgggccct tcctctggaa ctgtgagcca acacgttctt    191580
     ctgtaagttg ttcttgatca ttgttttgta tcacagcaac aacaaaaaga tattgttact    191640
     aatacagagt ctcagcaaga gcagtattta tcttagcaat tgagccatct ccccgcctcc    191700
     cactaacacc gtatcagcag aatgccatgt ggctgttggt aggtaactat ggagactgag    191760
     cacacagaaa gcagtcaatg aaaccgttgt gtgacaacgc tttccccggg gagacataca    191820
     cacatctact gaccccagat aggaagctcc tgatggacac acactgatgc caccacagtc    191880
     tgagtccgtg aactaagaag ttttctgggg ttgttaggct ggaaaccctg ctcatcccct    191940
     gcccaagcta ggaaacaggt ctgccttcct ccccctgagc ccactcacat ggaggaaact    192000
     ccaaactctc atgtcatccc tcctctgaga ggaccccaat cactccattt tagaacaggc    192060
     agccatgtta ggccttaagc ctcagtttcc caaggaagca ggcaaggctt ctcagaaaaa    192120
     ccccagacaa tgggccacca atcagcaact gccctgacat ccggctaagg gagacagtca    192180
     gccccaggac tgagacagtt cctggaattt atctaaggcc tgacaaaagt ggcaaaacaa    192240
     atacagcaac caataaaaaa ggtaactgct gcttacctag ccaatcatat ttaaaatgac    192300
     ctaaccatcc ctagaattat cctatctgca cttagaagaa gcttgcatgc tctccccggg    192360
     ggtctccatt gtgtataatg gctgatcaat gaatgctgtt tgtttccaaa gaataaacac    192420
     tctttgcttt ttcatactac ttaactttgg gggttttcct ttagcaactc ttggaccctt    192480
     acacttcata ttcctgtttc cagcacccca ctcaagaatg cctgcccagg ggctcacttt    192540
     ttgaccatgt gtgatggttt atatgtgcta ggcctaggga gtagcactat tagaaggtgt    192600
     ggccctatta gagtaggtgt gtcactatgg gtgtgggctt taatacccat gacctagctg    192660
     cctggaagcc agtatccgct agcagccttc aggtaaagat gtagaacttt cagctcctcc    192720
     atgcctttct gaatgctgcc atgctcctgc ctggatgaaa atgggctgaa cctctgaacc    192780
     tgaaagccag ccccaattaa atgttgtcct ttataagact tgccttggtc atagtgtctg    192840
     tttacagccg taaaacctta aatgagccat catgtatgga cacaatccca gctcctagct    192900
     gacacaccat tactcctcac ctaagcccta taaaaccctc tggctttagt ctgagtgata    192960
     tgtgacaggt gatatctcca cctgtgagat cggtgagccc acctgaatgc tgcctcctaa    193020
     taaacctgcc tttaactact ttcatctgat ctaatctggc ctatatctga atcacggaga    193080
     gagaaaaaca cctatcagtt acttacagaa atatgggttt cagaggttca gtctattatc    193140
     atcatggtag gaagcatggc agcatccagg cagacactgt gctggagagg gagctgagag    193200
     ttctacgtct tgatctgaag gcagcagaaa gagaacctgt gcactacact gggagtggct    193260
     tgagtgtaag agacctcaaa ggtcaccccc acagtgactc attacctcca aaaaggccac    193320
     acctcctaat agtgccactc cctatggacc aagcatacaa acacgtaaat ctatggaagc    193380
     tatacctatt taaaccacca caatgggtaa ggggctactc atgagatcaa aaaaaaaaaa    193440
     aaaaaaaaaa gactcaaaga cagctgcatc accaaagtac actccagcat aggggcagct    193500
     cacgcagctg tgagcttgaa cttggagcac actgaagagc ctgcaggcag ctccacacgt    193560
     tggagagtgt ccaaaggcct taacagtttc taaacctttt gtagggggct gtgatggttt    193620
     cttcgtcttc catgcagctg ctgccagggt tatctttgca gttcttcttc tcagagagtc    193680
     tttaagctca gctcccttct gtctgagggc aactctcctt ttattgctta ctctggtagg    193740
     gaggggccta atgaattcgg tcagtttcag ggacttcctg aagctctttt gagttgctta    193800
     cctgctgact taaggggctt cctgcagaag ggcatgtttg attgtggaga gaactgttac    193860
     acaacagatg cttaaaattg ctacacactg ttgaggtttg gtctgtcact atgtattgta    193920
     atgctaaagt ctgttgtaac agggtctagt tgcctcacga gagtgaattc tcacgtatgc    193980
     cagattttgt tgtgcaaacc ttgctcctta attaaaaacc attggttaat aaagatgtct    194040
     acagcctata gctggcagaa gagaggcagg cagggctttg atttctgggc ttgggtctga    194100
     ggagagaccc agaggaagaa aggaagagga ggaaggagga agatgccata ggggaagtgg    194160
     attatgaaaa catggccatg agggctggtc tgttggagaa ggagcagccc aggcgggatc    194220
     tgcaaatgat atctcagggt tactgacagg aacaatagac aaactagcat agaaggttaa    194280
     tatctggcca gctctaatgc tttaaggttt attataaaga tttgttgtct tttgtttggg    194340
     aactaaatgg tctaaggtgg gacaggaccc cccaaataaa atttactgta acactatggt    194400
     gtccaactta cagcaattag aacccaagcc tatggagacc aggtgaaaga tctccatcag    194460
     agcttgctgg cctggtcttt ttaaaaagaa caaaagcaga ccaaagcctg agggcacaac    194520
     agctgcaaca gctccaagct cagtgcagtt aaaagtacac tagagagagc tgggcctgaa    194580
     gccatggcct gaagggtgta gaagcgtggg ttggaaaggc ctggccaggg ctggcttagg    194640
     cagaaccagg atccctgagc tatctgaaaa gctagggctg gtctagcaac agcacaaggt    194700
     gcaaaataaa aagccccaag catctgaact ggaaaagtat taagtttaaa gttggtaaat    194760
     cgaaactctt aaggagagag tcagagacta cgggttcttt ttagttgctg ttgtcctgga    194820
     gctagttaca atatgcgcag taatgaccac agctttctgt gccctctcta agaagaagaa    194880
     agcagcgttg ggtaaggaga gaacagagag atagaatgcc aaattgcaag caataaaagt    194940
     agaggaagaa aaaagcctct tccccatggt ggctgggggg aagaaagttt gtggcaactg    195000
     gaacttagag cttgctggct atgagatgat tgtcaccaac acagtgcacc aacacctaac    195060
     atctaaggca taatgtaggg gtatgctgtg tgaaactatc tttgtccttc ctcgcctacc    195120
     taaggcattc tctgattggc tttcataaaa atctgatggc caattagctg ggctggaagt    195180
     gaaaggtggg acttcctggg aggaagaaag gaactctagg aagaagaagg aaaacttttt    195240
     gccaggagac atgggaggag tcagacatga ttactactag cttggaaggt atagttagac    195300
     atgtgactgg atggagtgag gtagtcaggt tgacatagat gacctaaatg agattctgcc    195360
     cagctaaggc cttaggcctt caaatattaa agggtctcta tgtggttatt tgggaaaagg    195420
     ctggttaagg aataatcgcc actgtattaa tttccagcac taatatatac agaatattaa    195480
     caatcatttt aatttacaga ataatatgct gcagcatgag ataacatagc tggccccaaa    195540
     atttagagtt ttcttgtttc tttgcttgat tttttttgtt tgaatttttt tttctgattg    195600
     tgctaaatag aaaagatatt ttatcgtttg gcattactaa aatatagaag atttttaagg    195660
     attttaagta agttcagaat gttgctacag ttcaaatttg ctgttttcta aatcacagag    195720
     ttagaatgat ttgaaactga gcaaggggtg gcggtacaca tctttgcctt taatcccggt    195780
     acagaggaaa gagataggca gagtgctgca gattctaggc cctgggtggt ctacacaatg    195840
     aagtcaggga cccctgctga taagacaaag ctgcctgcaa atgacaatct gaaatccaga    195900
     atgacacatt ttattttcct taaagatcat aagtttctgc cttatactaa atagaaatct    195960
     tccttagcca tttaaaagat aaatacacat cagccataaa ttcaaaaaaa aagggaatat    196020
     aggtatattt aactatgtat gtaaggtgtg tttatgattt caattggaaa gataatactt    196080
     tttctgtgcc cccaaaagca ttttgcctta gaaaagatat attttgctag ttaatgtaat    196140
     gacccagagt tcgccttgga gcagggttgt ttgcttttat ctttccagga gaagaaaaac    196200
     atccatagaa gaaaaggaat ccagggaccg ctagacaaga gaataaaaaa tactactgct    196260
     aagcttatta acattaaaac ttgcatgtct ttaccagctt ggcagtacag aatataatgc    196320
     cttttgtcag aggagataag taaatcatta aatacatatg ccagagacag cgtgatactg    196380
     ttttaaatgt aaaaagacaa gggactgatg ccaattaagg cataaatgtt gataccccat    196440
     cattttatcc aactggacac actgacagac aatgattaaa ataatgtggg ttgaggactt    196500
     gctaccccta tgtaaaagga aggtatcctt ggaaagtggg ggtcccacag gagaacccat    196560
     ggccaagatc tctgagcaag tactctatgt ctgagggtat gctaggccat tgagatggaa    196620
     aggagtttaa ataaagttgg acacagggaa gactgctaaa ttaaaagaga aaatggaagg    196680
     atagacatat ccacataaaa actaatctcc caagaaggga gaggataaag gtgatataaa    196740
     tgttttcaat ggtttatata tactaaataa attaactcat acatttgatc ctgttacttt    196800
     ggaaacaaag acagacacag atagattcct tgtgagatgg aggccagcct gatctacaga    196860
     agtccaagtc agcctgggct acacagagga actcaataag taataataaa tgtatgccat    196920
     tgtagaataa gtatccttac ttggactccg ttcaatcttc ttttgaatta tcaaaattat    196980
     gatgattata tataggttca atattatact tcttctttga gagaggtcaa aatggagaag    197040
     acctgaataa aaatggggct gctagattgg atcagtctgt acttataaag acttcaaatt    197100
     gctgaacaaa aatctgttat gtgtgttatg tttgtttgtg tcaatagaaa aggaaagaaa    197160
     ggctttgatt tccacccaaa ataataagaa tcaattttga tagagagaga cctcctgaag    197220
     atcttggctg ttgaaagaaa ggagaaagtc taaaggacca aacgaactga taatgtataa    197280
     tgctaaaccc tctattgaac aactctgaaa ctgactggaa tgtatatata tatatatata    197340
     tatctccaga cagaaactac atggccagta aatcttgttg gctacagaat tctcatgact    197400
     tattattaca tcctatcctt ttagatggca tgaatggaga cttatgttac agtttgatta    197460
     tataatcaaa ctagctcaaa aagaaagata gtctttcacc tgctctgatg cagaagagaa    197520
     agtcattgtt ggctaaactg tgcaccttgc agaattcatt acattgttat atagactgtg    197580
     tattacttat aagaaattgt ggagaagcag cagcccaggc agacctgggg ggcaagcaat    197640
     atcttggggt tactgacagg gaaaacagac aaactactgt agagggctga tatcagatca    197700
     gctctaatgt tttaagactt attataaaca taaaggtttt gtgtctttta tttgggaact    197760
     acatggtcta aggtggggta gaaaccccca aataatattt actataacaa atcacagcta    197820
     gctgaggggt ctcttcctct acctgaatgt cattcatggg taggcaagaa gccctttttg    197880
     gttcagatta ctagcagctt tcagtttccc tcagggtctg gcatcaagga ctggtggcag    197940
     tggacaagca gaaacagtgg caagtggcgc cctgtccaac agtctggtgt agaccctggc    198000
     tatggaggcc cctgggacct tggcaacagc agtgttaaag ttctcagctt ggtgtctgag    198060
     agccttggtc ctgaagattt gacagctttc tcatactcct ctagcaatca cagagtacag    198120
     acaggttttc ttctctggct ccttgtggcc gtttatcagc ccttagcttt cttgtctgca    198180
     ccacttcact tttttgctga tgaaatgtta gttcctcctt ctgctgtcag tggcttctgc    198240
     tctagcttgg agaactgaat gcctctgaac aatttgggca ctcaagatac atagatacat    198300
     agatacatag acacatagac acatagacac atagacacat agacacacac acacactcgc    198360
     acgtgtacac acaatttaga aatgataagg aatttagctt tttcgtattt gtcattcctg    198420
     agagtgtaaa taacaaattc ctgtatcttt gaattgtatt gtgttagaat gtttgctttt    198480
     taaaattgct ggcttgagtt ttattttaaa aagctcacta ggtgaatttt ggcttggaat    198540
     taggacaaaa tttcccaaca gttctgaaat ggccctatgc atatttctgc cattttttac    198600
     tatatattta tataagaaag tattttcaat attgataatt ataaattgaa cttttgtttg    198660
     tttgtttgtt tttgttttgt ttttcaagac agggtttctc tgtatatccc tagctgtcct    198720
     ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggtctc gaactcagaa atccgcttgc ctctgcctcc    198780
     caagtgctgg gattaaaggc ctgtgctacc acgcccggct gaactgctta ttaactctaa    198840
     aaaaatgttg ttctacagcc tgcagtaaca aatatttagc caagattaat tatgatttta    198900
     atataatttt atgtgtatgg gtatttgccc tgcatatgtt tgtgaaccac tcacatgcct    198960
     ggtgcccgtg gataccagaa gaagacatca gatcccctgg atgttgtgaa acaccatgtc    199020
     tatgctgaaa ggagctaaag atcaggcaca agacatccat gaccaagttc taagcacaaa    199080
     ggagatttat ttgccccaga ggaacagagg acagggaaga agagacaaag acaggagaca    199140
     gaggaggagg cagaaggaac aaaggagggt gggggacagg gatatttgcc ccggagggac    199200
     aaaggactgt ctctggagag agaggagaca gacttgtccc ataggcaaat ctcagcttat    199260
     aaatgaaaaa ggggaaaccc cttgttagga tgaggtgttt aattttaatt gggcatgtca    199320
     attaggtgag ccaaaggggg cttttgattg ctggacttca atactttgat agctgcatct    199380
     tggtagtcag tcagcttcac agggaggaag tggccaaata aacgagtggt tcttggtggc    199440
     ttgctttagg aatgtaatgt aatgtttttt tcagcaagac agagggaata gggaaagggc    199500
     cagtcctgcc agagccatgt ttgccatgct cgagcccttc aggtgctagg aatcaaacag    199560
     ggtcttcact gctcctaact gctgagtcac ctctccagcc ccaaggagaa ataaatatgt    199620
     acatctatct cattaatatg cacattcgag gtcatcttta ataaatgatt aaactatatt    199680
     ataccaaaga attgtcttta attaaattat gattcactat tactaaacat ttggttttta    199740
     taactacttt taatctacca agttttctgg gattgtataa agtttctcag acaaaagggg    199800
     gccacagtgc actaagcata gaaaaccttg actttcagga aagtgaacac tctgaacgga    199860
     aacagattca tgctgtcagc aagctctgca cactccacca tgtggtgact atactaacag    199920
     ctgcccacag tgaggcgtgt tcccttcagc tatttcaaaa tggtattttg gaggtgtgtg    199980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgctggct ttaaaatatt taagacaaca aatagctatg    200040
     aaaatgtaaa tgtgtatatg tgtgtattga ttttaaaaaa tggcagatta cagagacaca    200100
     agcaagtagt tttcttagga tattggtaat gcatataatt aatcatctaa agtgaacaat    200160
     caacaacatt aattctacat aaaaagctag ggtaggtgaa aaaatatata cttaaaaatc    200220
     tttttaaaaa attgcaaggg ctagagagat ggttcaacaa ttaagttcac atactgttct    200280
     tatagagggt ctgagtatgg tttctagcgt gaaccccaga gggacccagc gcctctggac    200340
     tccctggcac aggcactcat gtgcagatac tcatggacag acctcacata tacatataca    200400
     tatacatata catatacata tacatataca tatacatata cacatacatg tgtgtatgta    200460
     tatatgtata tacacatatg catatatata catacatata tatatataat tatatacatc    200520
     cccacatata cataattaaa aataaaataa aatcttaaac aaacaaacaa acttgaaatc    200580
     agtaggcctc atctcactcg tttcaatccc ttggattcag gtttgaaatg cctatcagaa    200640
     ctggtgggca ggctagtggg acttctacag tcctttggat gtaaatacac agctttcagc    200700
     aaagagcagt tctcccaggg atatcaactg agcacagtat aacaataaga ccaggtgggc    200760
     tggagagatg actcagtggt taagatcact gactgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagtttaat    200820
     tcccagcaag cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatgg gatctgatgc cctcttctgg    200880
     tgtttctgaa gagagcaatg gtggtatact catatgtata aaataaataa ataaatcttt    200940
     aaaaaacaaa caaacaataa gaccaggtat aaaccttcat gtcaaggctg gaggaggcct    201000
     cccagcagga ggaacgaagt cccaagacct gttcttttct gaaggaaaat ggaggaggag    201060
     aaatgaaggg gagagggaag gtggggaggc agggagaagt agagggagag acagctgcat    201120
     tagagatgta atatatgagg gaaggataga aaacagatga aaatgcacag cttttagtat    201180
     ttgcttcttt gtgctgggac attccagggt ttagctctcc atgtgagtac agtcccttct    201240
     gcagcattta cactccacca gggttttctg tttagtttca tttgtttttc cgttagctca    201300
     atagggatgc agacacagtc aaccttttga gggagtcttc cagaaaagtc acttgtaagt    201360
     gtgttacagg gactgatttt tcttgggtgg gggcttctct tatagctatc tgacctgctg    201420
     aaagaatcag agtagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtattcga    201480
     tggactgtgc tgtttatggg cttgttcctc atgacttact cagcctgctt tcttattgaa    201540
     cccaggacca ccagctcagg atggcaccac ccataatttt gggtttggac tctcctcagt    201600
     caattattaa tttaaaaggt actctatatt tttgcctgca gcctaatctc atggaggcat    201660
     tttctcagat aatgtgacca taaaatagcc agcatactgg accttcaaaa tacgagttca    201720
     aatccaacca cctgcagtgt tttactgaag gctcaaaggc atcttaacaa acaggaaaaa    201780
     ggaataagga ctgaaaagta agaaaactct agccatttga agatgttatg agactgcaat    201840
     gaaagaggat gcaacagtgt ctacggataa actctcaggg ctagaagagt tcaatgagat    201900
     tgccaaagac aaaaaacaac ttttaaatat tgctttttct atttcccagc aagaaacaga    201960
     aaacaaatgt ttcaatggta caaattatag tgtcataaag tatcatctgt ctaggaatca    202020
     ttctaataaa acttcacaaa aaacataata aaacattact ggtattaaag aaaaatgtgt    202080
     ttaaaagaaa cgagaagctt ataaattgga acatgtaata cagttaagat gataattttt    202140
     ctccaaactg ggttatgaaa taaatctaac acaagaaaac cccagctgtt tgtcgaaact    202200
     taacgagctg atcctaaaat ttatacagac gtgggaaggg ctaaatggga gccaagaaag    202260
     tcttgaagga agcttggaag gcttgcttct ggagatgcca agaccaacat gaagtgcagc    202320
     ttattgtatt agcttggaac agaggcatcg agaaatggct aaagggacaa aatggagagc    202380
     ccagatttag acttcccaca tgtgaacact tgacagatgt ctgtaattgt gtatagttca    202440
     tcagtggaga aaggatgaac tcaacagaaa atggagctag gggtagagat agaaaccaga    202500
     gtgcaacaac aacaacaaat gtcctttctc ttatgacatt catagaaatc atttccagga    202560
     gaattaaaga cctagtatga attgtagtga aaacttccat gatagccagg cagctgatgc    202620
     agagttggaa gccagcctgg gctgcctgat gagatggtct gggaatataa gtcatcagaa    202680
     tgcttgtcca gcattgttaa agacccaggt ttaactccca gcctttaaaa aatataacct    202740
     tgtagaaggt gacataggag actagtctca tggcctggag ggttttattc aagatttaga    202800
     aatcaggaac tgatgaaaat ctgaatacat cctgaaccat taaaatcaca gtctttgctg    202860
     aatgagtata cgctataaaa taagatacac gtacagggta gttggtcggg ggagtatttg    202920
     ctacatatat atccagaaaa taaatttata ataaataaat aaatttatat tctataaatt    202980
     catttttaaa aagacagaca aaccaacagg aaaacagaca gaagacttag tcattgttcc    203040
     cccaagaggc attcaaatta ctaataagca catgaaaagg taacctagcg aattaacagt    203100
     cagggaatta ccaatcagaa tcaagatgaa atacagccac atataaatat aactggactt    203160
     taactgaagt tccaagtcta aacgttctgt tgaactctgc aagggcagaa ggaactgctg    203220
     accaacttgg gagaacaggt tctcactgat tggtaaagtt gaaagaatca aatcctataa    203280
     cccaatgagc ccactccaca gtgaaacaga gaaacgaaca cataccaggc ccagcagtgt    203340
     aggcctccaa tcccagctac ctgagacact gaagcggaag gatcacaagt ttccaggctc    203400
     gattgtgctg tgggatgact tcagtagcaa caagggtaag tcagtgtgac actgtctcaa    203460
     aataagttta aagagcaaga ggtcaatgag acacttcaga gggtgacgat gcttgcctct    203520
     gagcctggca acctgaccaa gcccgctcag tcagtcaaca ggttctccag cgcgggagtg    203580
     aggattaaaa agaaaaaaga cagacaacat tgtagcatga ccccagtcaa ttctgagact    203640
     gaggcaaatt tttattttcc aattcacttt ttataccatt ttaattacat gcaagtattt    203700
     tgggcaagca gtacaataag gaactaacaa agcagcaagt gaagtccctc gattattccc    203760
     atgacagttg tttaaaaggg cttgtcataa tgaccaaaat acttgagccc acttccttgt    203820
     ccaagcccaa aatcttggct gaagcctagt tcttctgttc caccctaaga ctaaaattcc    203880
     cgccttacct tatttctcta ttacagccta aagttagatt cttgcagaaa cttaattcct    203940
     tattgtgccc taatgtcgga ttcctgcttg agattacttt cttgtcatgg acaatgtcag    204000
     attccggtgt gaagcccatt tctttgtcca tggcctatgt cagactcctg ccaagcggta    204060
     ccccagaagg ctttccatag cattctaagt tcacttgcca ttctccagga tccacatggt    204120
     gagagagaat agattccagc aagtcatcct ttgacctcca cacgtgacct gtaacacaca    204180
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tacacacaca cacactctct ctctctctct ctctctctca    204240
     cagaataaat aagggagaaa ggagagaaag tatgagggaa agggggacag agaggagagg    204300
     tgaggggagg ggagaggaga tggggaggag aaggagaggt ggagagaagg gagaagtagg    204360
     gaaaggaggg gaagggaagg ggagaagagt agaaggggag ggggagggaa aggagaagga    204420
     gaaggagata acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgggggtgg ggtggggtgt    204480
     aggtgggggg tggggcccgc gcacaagaga gaggactcaa tgtcagggta cttacctaat    204540
     tatatggctc caggactggg gctttaaaat ctctagtact ggaaaacaac aacaagatcc    204600
     taaaaacaag aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaagcaaa caaaaaccaa caagaaatac    204660
     acaagaatat tcaaaggcca ttctccttaa agctgtaagg agcccgaagt ctttccaata    204720
     aaatggataa acactgggag agttgttcat atagttcaat gcacggctac acataactca    204780
     ccaatacagc atggaaaagc atcgagaaca gataagatac acaagcatac actatagaag    204840
     tttatctacg taaagttcca aaagtaaatc aaagcaagca aatggttatc aagagtcaga    204900
     tgcttccaag gaagtgatgt ttgcgttagg gaagggagtg tagagagagg tttataatta    204960
     ctgttatgtg gacaatcgtg tctcatgcac tgttatatgt tttatatttc acaaaaagca    205020
     ttttagaaga gatatatatt aaaaatttgc ttatttttat tgtatatgta tgaatgtttt    205080
     gcctacatgt gtatatgtgt accacataca tacctggtgc ctgtggaggt cagaagaggg    205140
     cattggatcc cctgggactg gagttatgga gagctgtgag ttctcataag ggtgctggga    205200
     actgaatcca ggtcctctac aagagcacta agtgctcttc acttctggcc atttgtccag    205260
     ccagaaaaag atattcttaa tctgataact tcttgctacc ttgctctgag ctacttctgt    205320
     tctatgatcg aagaagctac cagatgtttc caatggtttg agcaacccag ttgtggcaat    205380
     ttgtgaggac attcttatca aattaatatg gttcataagc aggatgtgga atttgtgatt    205440
     actggtgtct gtgagctagt tcactttcaa agcccaggca ctgcctgagg gtgctttgcc    205500
     ttgccagaag gatgcaaaag gagagaacaa tacttctcta aggaggccgc catgggaggg    205560
     gatggagaag gaattagagc taccatgcct gaaaagctct acagctagat gagttctctc    205620
     ctctggccta ggcctgtcat ggatgccatt gctctggaca cttgcaggta catctcaata    205680
     tgctctgagg tctcactgtg gtatcctata acttcttcct tagttctacc ttctatgttt    205740
     cttggatata tttttctctc ctgcctgcac tgtcatgctc cttcaagaca tttgtgtcag    205800
     ttacatgtcc tctgatagat tctgtaggga tatactagca gggtataaaa cccagactct    205860
     tttctaggga gttaggttct ttgtaaaagt gataagcaag ggggtaagga gatatagctc    205920
     agtcagtaaa gtgtttattg tacaattgta aggaccgaag tgtgaacttt aatgcccatg    205980
     taagaaagat gggtcttgtg tatgtgcttg tcattctagt actggcaaac tggagaaagg    206040
     aggaccacct ttggaggtgg cttgttgact acccattcta tctgagtcag tgggctctat    206100
     gaatttaggg ttcagtgaga gattttgtac aaaagaaact ccagtaaatg aaaaataatg    206160
     tacagaggta ttgaggaagc catttaccat tgacctatat cacccacctg catacacaga    206220
     cacacacaca cacacagaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catacataca tacatacata    206280
     catacataca tacataagtt ttcaataaga taaccatgat gagacattgt atatatggca    206340
     ggcaaggaat tgttccatat accctgaagc atctttcctg tgtgtacata aaagcagagt    206400
     agataaagca gcatctctgg agggcagtgg ggggggaggc cagggctgtg gtattagaca    206460
     tagaaatcac ccagagatct tccaaagaaa tgagaagttc tggaagaaag cagcttgcaa    206520
     ctcagctgga gacaatagct agcacacaca agatgctttc taatcacctt gacctgtcac    206580
     aagtgtctga tatattaaat tacttaaacc tggacctcct gaggtcagac ctagttatgg    206640
     tcattttata gaggaaccat ggagagagaa ctcaatttaa aattttcaaa gtctcaccac    206700
     taatgaatgt tgtgggccta tcaaaaaggg aagcctcatc ccagaggtgt ggctcagaag    206760
     aagcatatgt gagaccctat acatggccaa taggcacatc aaaaacctaa aggaaaacct    206820
     aaaggaagtg atactttatg ctcaccgagg agtctaaaat aagaaaaaca aaatgaaaac    206880
     cagtgttagc caaaatatgg gcaagtctaa aaccccacat actggtggga atgtcatgag    206940
     cctcgaaaac agtctgaaac tccctcacaa agataggcaa tggagctatt agctctaaca    207000
     cttctactcc taaccataaa ccctctggaa cagaacagat ccatccacat acaaatatat    207060
     ccacagatgc catggcagca ttattcatga taaacatttc agagggtctc tgtgcacagc    207120
     tagattttaa agatagtatg tgtatacaat agaatatctg gccatgtgga gcaagacata    207180
     ggacaacaaa gatactcctt gattacattc taagggatag aaacctgaag tagacatttc    207240
     tggtttcttt ggagactcag ttgtgtcatg taatgttttc tggaaattgt cttgtgagaa    207300
     gatttttttt ttctgaagca gacacatggg agaatatttt gctgagagca gacaagtggt    207360
     gtttttctgg aagcagcctg gaaaaagggc atgttgtgtt ttgcagagtg ggagcttgag    207420
     agaacatgcc atgcttggaa agagtataaa ttaacccaac agacagtaga tgatgccgcc    207480
     gtgtggtata ggttcgcctt accattcttt gctgatcgtt gattgttgtg aattcataga    207540
     gaaacacaca ccaaagaact tttggtggca ttctggcagc ttctgcgaac tcaggccaat    207600
     tgacagagcc tcttttggat tgaactgttg ttgccgattg gtgaatgatg tttgtgagtg    207660
     gatcaagcta ctactcttga tttgtgtgaa ctcaactgct gatatcctga caacacagat    207720
     tgtatttgcc tcaagcaact atttctaaac aggtccacct cctcctttgt cctgttaacc    207780
     attttttttc ctccattgcc tctggttgat ggtgggctag aagggaagtt aaaacatatt    207840
     acatgtatta aagtaggatt tgaaaaacac aagcccacag aaacaagtca taaaagacca    207900
     tgtaataaaa attctgaggt ctgaagggtt aaccacctcc ctgtcaattt tctagcctca    207960
     tgtgacagtc ttacttaact tctggcttct gggaaagtaa gagcccagaa tctggtgagc    208020
     ctcacagccc attcccttct caaactcttt aaagcagata gaacagtgat tgatgacagt    208080
     ggagaaaggt actgagatgg tcctccaacc tttcctgcct tggttttggt aatgcctcca    208140
     cacaatgcct ggatctcatc cagtcctcca tccatccatc tatccatcca tcgatccact    208200
     catcaaatat ttatcgggca gcttccagta caaagcacct agtgaggagt gcagacactt    208260
     tgcatggagg ccgaagagac agccatttca cttaagtgac atttctaaag atctggatgg    208320
     ttaaacaaaa cccagtattg gctcttttaa gactcagcct ctcaaactct acttctctcc    208380
     atctttgctt gtccttaagt gatcttgtgg agtcccagag actgatttca tgccaaaaat    208440
     tcccacccta accttccctt tgaactttat tctcatctag ccaatttaaa ataattaatt    208500
     tattcaaaac attttaaatt ttcttctaga gctgggaata tagcttagtg ctaggttgct    208560
     tgcttagcat gtgtgaagcc ctaggttcaa tccccaggac ttaaagaatg ctatttcatt    208620
     atctccagca tcagcaccaa catcctggtc caagtcataa gcatctatca ctaggattag    208680
     cacatgggga attccagctt gtctcaccca cttgctttga tttcctatgt agcagctcaa    208740
     gggttctctg cagcaacgat gctggatcac agatgaatct ctgaagcctg ccttttctca    208800
     tactcagaat catccccatg ctgttatccc gctgacatct ccctactcca tttatctatt    208860
     taatagacag tcttgcttag tagcccaggc tgtttttgaa cttgtaaccc tcttgcctca    208920
     gcctcctgag tgctaggact agatgtgtgc atcactgtct caccacactc aacttctttt    208980
     atcttaatgg tgtctgctcc actctggctg gcctggcttt atgttgttca acttttagta    209040
     gggttttatg tgtggctcag tgcaccacgc cgtcttccct atgaggcgat agatatctac    209100
     tgtgtttttg ctgtctcctc catcttcctc cccttgctct tcacgtgtct ggctacattc    209160
     tgattttctt tgcacctagt tactgtgtgc ttactgtttg tcttttctca ctaagacaaa    209220
     tggcaggagc tgctcagttt cctcttgtgc ttctggtgcc cacagcagtg cctggtgtta    209280
     acatgtgggt gcacatctgt gaacagaaga aatgctgtca gtgtgcattc actccaagtc    209340
     aatgataggt ataagttaaa cttcgagtct agtacttctg ttgctattac tattttaaca    209400
     atttgatgtg accaccatcc ctctttagtt catcatgagt ttattatttt atatatcaag    209460
     tgggaccgga gtcctattat tttatttagg ttaatgacaa aacatgacat gagtaatggg    209520
     taaaacatga ggaaatggga caattgtgag gaagagagtg ggaggcaagc cttccttcct    209580
     ctccgcctta catcatatta aacagaacgt cgtaaatgta tctcctatcc tctctggtat    209640
     aatcagtcca tatggcacaa aggtccactt cccaagagaa ctcattttcc atttgacatg    209700
     caaaaaacct gatcttttgt gagagaaagg agtggactgc atgtgctgta tacgggaaat    209760
     tgattaggct taaccaagat cataagaaga tctctgcaaa acgaatgaaa taatcttcaa    209820
     gccctgtctc ccctaagaat tatccaccaa tattattata agggagacct catctttcca    209880
     tgcaacactg tcctttgtct atcaagcatc gtgtgagtct gaactttctt ttaacagtgc    209940
     tcctggttac aaggggcttt gggcatgaaa gcagcgttca tcacaagcta tagtgttttc    210000
     ttgaatttgt atgtggcaat gtaagagttg gcagggttcc ctagatgtag aaccccatca    210060
     gcagaataaa tcttttcatc tgataaagtt tgtctcaagg ttttgtatgt gctaactgta    210120
     ttgtgagaac ccagacctcc agtggataag acactcctgc aaggagcccc atgtcaaaat    210180
     ggcaaccctt cctcctgtct acatagtgtg gaggaatcga ttttacaggt ctttacttac    210240
     tcagcagcta ggatacatgt gtcttattcc aaactctgtg tttcttggtt gaagtatgtt    210300
     atttgtagca ataggcttag aaagcacagg ttctttatgt aagtgagcgg tttgcacaaa    210360
     tgcagaatat gctatgaaaa ttcccaagga catggtatct ttttacatat ctaaaaaata    210420
     ttttatttcc ttttcctttt caagtgccct tcctccaccc agtgtagcag tagcaattgt    210480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaccttg aagagatcag tggtatgctg    210540
     ggtgaggtag tattggctgg gggacatgca gtactttaaa caccactggg gaatcagatt    210600
     ttaggggagc cagctagata actacagaca agccattact ctgagttacc aggaggttgg    210660
     attatgttag ccagtctcaa acacaatatg cacaagagtc accccagggt ttggcttaac    210720
     tataagttct gcttcggtag accgaagatg ggggcctgag tgtctgtgtt tctaaccagc    210780
     tcctgggtaa cgaatgtgag cctgcagctt gtctgtggcc cccattttgc aaagtagggc    210840
     ggaagttggt gtcacctggt aaacagatgg tgtgagctat atactaactt tcatatgtct    210900
     acatttattt agtcatatat atgtatataa gccattactg tgtgtgtgta tatatatata    210960
     catatatatg acacacacat atatatatac atgtatatat acacaaatgt atgtatatat    211020
     gtgtatatat ataacaggtt tgtgttatat atatatatat atatatatat atgtatatgt    211080
     atatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgcacat gtgacagtca    211140
     gaaaacaaat gactagaagg agagaattag ttctttcttt atatttgtga gggtccagag    211200
     actgaactta ggaagtcaga ctttagtggc aaatgacctt acttgctgac cccttgccaa    211260
     ccctttcaat ttaaaaaaat atttatttat gaacttaata tatgtatgtg tcaatgtgaa    211320
     ctttcacatc tctagcagtc acagtgagta ggtaaaaata atagttgtaa taatagtgaa    211380
     gtagccgtat gtactgtaat cacaatataa acactgtact caatacgttt cacagccttt    211440
     tctccacttt atactttcta aattctgtat tttgtgttta tggaacaact cagtttgaac    211500
     tttcccgata tcagcttctt gaaggaattc atgcctgtga gctccgcagt cagggaaagg    211560
     aggcagggat atctggagtt caagtcagga gcgtcagcct gagtgtcgta agatcctatt    211620
     tcaaatgaaa caacataaac cgaagatgct cagtagccac atgggtgtta ctggaggatg    211680
     cagggtgggc cacatctgcc acctgtacca ccacctgtat cagtcagtac cctttctcat    211740
     gattcatccg cctcccattt caaatggact tctgcctgca gatggcgcta atgccctgta    211800
     ttttgttccc tgaaacttgt ttttaaacgg ttgagcaaac ttaatattac ctatgcaatc    211860
     ccttcttgat ttgttcattc tgtaattttc gttactatga tctatggaag gtaagcctta    211920
     tgtgctctgt attctggacc aacagaagga aatgttatct gttcttgggg gcaaggtata    211980
     aagttgatct ccaattatat aatatccttg gtccgggttt gataaccaga tgtttaatgg    212040
     aataacaatg gaggcaggaa aactgctcac gagcttctgt caggctcaga taacttggta    212100
     aaatttttta tggagcaaaa gaaagtattt ctttttccat tttgcctaat acaaggagta    212160
     ttgtgaggct tgtgttacat tttctggaaa ggaaccaatg catgcagtca ttaacctcca    212220
     cttccacggg gtcatcttat ccctactcca gccacaccat atccaagaga ctgcatcttc    212280
     cggaagaatg tcttctcata ataaaacata gtcttaagaa gatgtgccca ggggctggcg    212340
     agatggctca gtgggtaaga gcacctgact gctcttctga aggtccgaag ttcaaatccc    212400
     agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccacccg taatgagatc tgatgccctc ttctggtgta    212460
     tctgaagtca gctacagtgt acttacatat aataaataaa taaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa    212520
     aaaaaaaaga agacgtgccc agcacccgtt agattttgtt ttggaggtag catctggcta    212580
     tgtagtccag gctagctaaa actctcggtg tagattaagt tgacctccag ttcccattaa    212640
     gccttgtgcc actgccacag cagtcccccg gagagcttgc atgtgtcact gctcctgctc    212700
     cagtgtccaa tctcagagga gcctgttgtt ggtcttctgt ctgcgtaact ctctagtgag    212760
     agctaatata ggttaggaaa taccttaggt gttgtgtaca gagactgatg tgaggcacaa    212820
     ctgccacagt aaagcgatgg ggtagttact gcccatcacc tccactttcg aagaggaaac    212880
     ggctgtgtgg acagtaactg acttgtcctg gagcatctat tacagggtag agaatgaatt    212940
     tgcacccagt ctgcctgact ccataagtaa ttctatcttc tacattatat ggaggaagct    213000
     tgctctctct ctctccctct ctctctctct ttaacttggc agtcaacaaa acgctaaaca    213060
     gaaactgtcc tctaattttt aaagcctaag gtattctcag tgatacaaag ctgccttttt    213120
     aacataaacc aaacttgtct agaccaaagc ccaagagcaa agtgcttctt ctggtcctag    213180
     ttctcattgg gttatctaat gactcagaca aagtgtctta gttgctgttc tattgctgtg    213240
     atgaagcacc acactgttac atatgcagct agagccatga gtttattttc gagggttcca    213300
     gagctcctaa gcgtccatca ccaccacaat aggcaggaag caccaggcac ggcgaaagga    213360
     accattgaga gcacacacac acatctagaa ctgcaagcag aacacacgcg cacgcacacg    213420
     cacacacaca catgcacacg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgcaca cacacacaca    213480
     caaacacgca cacacacggg aagtgaggag attggggatt cacaggtgaa aatgtgttca    213540
     caggcaaaaa aatgttgtac attttctggt agaatgtgcc tttcttcccc acctcctcca    213600
     ctgtgtttcc ccctccccct ttcctaaata gagtgtgact gcattcgagg acctgcaact    213660
     cttgggacca gttcactcta aggcagtggg tcgagacccc ttcgagtact cacacaccct    213720
     tttcacaggg gttatctgag actataggga aaacacagct atttatgttg caatttacga    213780
     ctgtagcaaa attacagttg tgaagaagca acggaaataa ttttacggtt ggggttcact    213840
     gcaacatgaa gaactgtatt aaaggatcta gaaaaccagt ccaagagact tttcctaatc    213900
     agattccttc ttttgttgtt ggctagaaac aaagccactt aggccagaaa gtcgtgtcac    213960
     ttcaatgggg aaggaagatg tattttggtg aatttatagg tggcatatga ccacaggaca    214020
     gcctttcagt actcagaaga gcgcaggcaa acatggagaa cagttttcct gtgtggtgag    214080
     cttggagaag gaggggtgag ctggaaaaga gggccgactt cctcacggag aagagcagac    214140
     gacagcggcc tgttttgagt gctttcaccc tgtgcccaag gctggctcaa gcacagtgga    214200
     gttgaattat gtgaggggct taattgaaag gaacgttctt acagaggaaa tgggcatttg    214260
     gtttcctttt tgtagagcag gcaggtgaca gatagtgact ggtgtgaatt aggacttcct    214320
     tcttacctcc cccacctgtc ccatgccctg actacctgga atctcttggt cactgggata    214380
     aggtgagtag cagaggtgtt cccacagagg ctccacaacc acaggaaact gatttgacct    214440
     tctgacctgc tcctaagtga cactggcaag tcccgtagct tcttaacctt tatttcctcc    214500
     tttggaaaca caaataccat ctgtgctgat agcctggcag agctgctggg agagtcacat    214560
     taggtaatgg aattctcaag ggcagccagc gtaaagtccg gtgataacgt tgatgggcaa    214620
     tggacttctt gaccgtggac ttctgtagtg tgaaggctca catgaaatct ccttgccttt    214680
     gttttgttag ggagaacaga tgggagacca taagcagtct ctacaggatg ctgctgttca    214740
     ttgaattcca actcacaagg gccagccagc accttgcttc caacaggatt agtttcctga    214800
     ctccctacta tgcccgggtt gctaagctcc attcacttac ccaggcctgc ctgcctgaag    214860
     gctccaaaat gaagatacta ggtcaagttc acaggtgcta agtggcaggg ctgagattcc    214920
     acagcaaggc cgtgctctca cgtggaaggc tgactgtgag ggtgtggtca tactatgctt    214980
     ctgatcgagc tgtccaagag ggctcaattc ctccaaacct cctccacact ggaaattcta    215040
     acattgaaca ctttcctaat atcaccatat taagatgggg ggaaatgaca tttcatttct    215100
     gtttttattt taatttgcat tgtattcata tcttattctg tagcaaatat gtcttccttg    215160
     gggaagccca tatacactct ctaagctctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    215220
     tgtgtgtgtg tatggggtgg ggggcgtgtg tccctcccca gtctgcttcc tgctagaacg    215280
     gaaactagag aagatgctta gaacaatggg gccaatccag agcccctcag ggacactgtc    215340
     cttgtttcta ttttgttttg gatttagaca aggctatgta gctttgactg gcctggaact    215400
     tgctagatag accatagaga tatgcctgct tctgcctccc aagttccaga attaaaggtg    215460
     tctgccatca tgcttgtttt gttgttaagt cagggtcttt tgtagtcaag gctgacctca    215520
     aactctctat gtggatgagg ctaaccttga gtttctgatc ctcctgcctc taccaccata    215580
     gtgctagaat tacagatatg tgccactgcg taccatgagc agttgatgtg gtcctgggca    215640
     ttgaacctag ctagagcctt cttgcacatt aggcaaaccc cttgctgact gtgccccacc    215700
     cccagcctcc tcagatctta ttttgaaatg tttgaagcac actaacattc cttgagaagt    215760
     tttatgcctt tcagagattt tagctatgag attttgtgtc atacctatac ctgttttgtg    215820
     actgtgaaag aactctctct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtag    215880
     gggacagtgt tgggatgggg tctagatccc tgcatatgct acccaagcac gcaaccttac    215940
     ctggggccca aattgtcttc aggtttttag gatgtctgct gataaatata aaaagagggg    216000
     tttttttgtt tgtttgtttt tgtttttttt atagtcacct ggagagatac tatttttatt    216060
     tattttagta ttttgtttat gagtgtgctc acacatcgca tgttggaata cgtatctcta    216120
     ctcttacact atgcaagtct agtatgaagt tgtaaaagtg tgtgaggggg gtctttcctc    216180
     ttcttcccaa gctcccagaa ttgagctctg ggactcaaat tatacttaca aatgccttgg    216240
     ccataaggta tggctgttcc ctgactagct catgtattaa ttgtcacatt attctattct    216300
     aagttctgcc aattggctgg ttacctctat tcagctctta agcttttgtg ctcctccacg    216360
     tccccaggtg aatctcccac acctggctct gtcccagaat tcttgcttcc tacgagaatt    216420
     ctggccttct atttcctgcc tcagctatag gccaattatc tgtacttgac aggcaaagct    216480
     tccaagcagg cataagagat ttcttcgaca tgaggtggtt attttcttat gtttaccaaa    216540
     aacttcacta attggtaaag ttattactgt gtgggacttc agactcttgg gatctatata    216600
     gattagattc tgggatccta tatatccttg gggtaacaag tcactcagat ttaccaaaag    216660
     gaataattag ctaatacccc ataacctgac aaggaccagc aaccccaaaa ggaaaaaaca    216720
     tgaatcttct ctacagggaa ccacaggcca atctcagcca cttgctaaca tatctagtag    216780
     tatgggacat attagggtac aagaagaaag tgttgtcaag caactcctga gcctgatgcc    216840
     cagtgtttca ctctggttat ttggagctgt ccagctgagg agacagaggt atctattgcc    216900
     tcctattcta caacaaagag agagccagtg ggctgttcat tttgcacacc acattcttag    216960
     agaaaccttt tttccccctc tcccataaac agaaaagagt actatttata gtggctagga    217020
     tgaagatata ggctgcaaac cttttctaca attgcttagg aagaatgttg aattatgatc    217080
     tgaatcattt cagttctgtt gtgaaagtga ccgattgatt gttacttatt tccttttttg    217140
     gacttaaaat ctacttaatg gactctgaac attaggtagg gacagcagtg gtttaaattc    217200
     aagctgattg ctttattctt ttgggaagaa aatgttctga aattccatgt tttgtgacct    217260
     gaacctgaga tttactaaca ttattatttg actgaacttt attgtaataa gaacatttaa    217320
     tagatatctg cttaccatgc ttttaatggc caaagcatga ctaactagag gtacagtgct    217380
     gtatagctga aaatgaatcc cccttgctta gttactgtct tattgctgtg aagagacact    217440
     atgaccaagg cagctcttat aaaagaattc                                     217470