ID   AC140190; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 205702 BP.
AC   AC140190;
DT   25-FEB-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   29-JAN-2005 (Rel. 82, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-372P19 from 3, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-205702
RA   Berghoff A., Bielicki L., Meyer R.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-372P19";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-205702
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-FEB-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-205702
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (26-AUG-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-205702
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-SEP-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-205702
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (28-JAN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 1b0362f0739e0a493722e2faa165fb4e.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456099.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000015702; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000015714; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028115; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038712; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038766; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038777; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000046722; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000068860; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027574; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027575; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027576; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027577; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027578; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027582; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027534; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027535; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027536; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027537; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027541; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027500; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027501; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027502; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027503; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027504; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027508; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027545; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027546; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027547; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027548; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027549; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027553; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027278; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027279; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027280; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027281; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027282; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027286; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027993; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027994; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027995; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027996; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027997; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028001; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026728; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026729; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026730; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026731; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026732; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026736; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027255; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027256; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027257; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027258; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027259; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027263; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027394; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027395; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027396; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027397; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027398; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027402; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027365; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027366; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027367; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027368; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027369; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027373; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027503; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027504; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027505; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027506; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027507; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027511; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027393; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027394; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027395; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027396; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027400; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028047; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028048; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028049; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028050; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028051; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028055; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026457; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026458; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026459; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026460; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026464; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026810; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026811; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026812; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026813; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026814; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026818; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC140190.3:1-205702; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000090823; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000098871; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107195; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107197; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107199; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107200; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107204; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107217; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000123365; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000125515; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129267; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131620; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131742; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139498; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139866; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000142449; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000143498; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000168321; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000204709; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062356; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062365; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062369; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062375; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062377; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062400; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062388; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062392; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062398; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062400; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062423; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062317; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062324; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062328; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062334; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062336; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062359; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062307; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062314; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062318; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062324; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062326; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062349; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0061992; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0061999; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062003; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062009; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062011; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062034; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0062804; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0062813; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0062817; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0062823; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0062825; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0062848; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062295; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062304; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062308; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062314; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062316; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062339; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0061963; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0061970; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0061974; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0061980; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0061982; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062005; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062071; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062078; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062082; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062088; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062090; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062113; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062046; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062056; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062060; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062066; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062068; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062092; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062212; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062221; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062225; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062230; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062232; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062255; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062052; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062056; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062062; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062064; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062087; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0062997; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063006; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063010; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063016; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063018; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063041; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0061841; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0061845; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0061851; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0061853; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0061876; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061265; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061274; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061278; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061284; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061286; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061309; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC1325271; 16300676.
DR   GOA; D3YY90.
DR   GOA; D3Z0Z2.
DR   GOA; D3Z1V0.
DR   GOA; D3Z4M2.
DR   GOA; E9Q613.
DR   GOA; E9Q8I3.
DR   GOA; G5E8N4.
DR   GOA; Q8C2T8.
DR   InterPro; IPR000095; CRIB_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001251; CRAL-TRIO_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001356; Homeobox_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001627; Semap_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002110; Ankyrin_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR006634; TLC-dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR009057; Homeobox-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR009116; ANX9.
DR   InterPro; IPR015514; Semaphorin_6C.
DR   InterPro; IPR015943; WD40/YVTN_repeat-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR016439; Lag1/Lac1-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR020683; Ankyrin_rpt-contain_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR022181; Bcl2-/adenovirus-E1B.
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DR   RFAM; RF00100; 7SK.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3YY90; D3YY90_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z0Z2; D3Z0Z2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z1V0; D3Z1V0_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z4M2; D3Z4M2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q4N1; E9Q4N1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q613; E9Q613_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q8I3; E9Q8I3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G5E8N4; G5E8N4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8C2T8; Q8C2T8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; S4R1B4; S4R1B4_MOUSE.
CC   On Sep 17, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:51556424.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0372P19
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..205702
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /map="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-372P19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          37430..37561
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          42656..42672
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          83903..83998
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 205702 BP; 52957 A; 49137 C; 48855 G; 54753 T; 0 other;
     gatctctggt tccaggccat cttgactgtg tttccagttc catcttgact cagccttaca        60
     gacaaacaaa ccctaatgag taaagcctaa agagggcaag ggcagaaaag aaatacggac       120
     aagggctgga ctggggagga cactgctatt ccggggtaat ttgcttagct tagctggagg       180
     ttccagctcc cagcactacg gaatggaggt gggtatggga cagtgttaag tagggttgaa       240
     gggaagtttt tgaaaaagag tggacaggac tttatgacta actgggagcc actatgtaca       300
     cagctttaat aaactagttt aaaatagatc tctctcatcc ttcctccaag gttcatttcc       360
     tattcctgtc gttttatgag tcgctattta atacatgcac ctcatgcttc cagaaaggat       420
     atataaaaag gcttacaatg gaaacaaaaa ttaggaatag taaaagtaga aaaggtgccg       480
     aacaaaatgt attttattaa tgtgtgaaat ttttaaataa tgagtaaaat tatgtacata       540
     tttttaaatc agaagtaatt ttgccgagaa tccatgttaa aatggaaata gcatttgatg       600
     gctgtgagtt tcctagcagt caaactaaat ttgttatgac tgaagtatac agtatattca       660
     agaaagacaa attgggctgg agagatggct caaagttaaa agagtactga ctgttcttcc       720
     agagatcctg agttcaattc ccagaaacca catggtgact cctcataatc atctgtaatg       780
     ggatctgatg ccctctttgg gtatgtctga agacagctac agtgtactca tataaataaa       840
     tctttttttt ttttaaggat ttaaaaaaaa aagtcaaatt tatttagcat taaattccag       900
     ggagaatttc ttattatatg aggtacaact aaagtaatca ggggcttgat agagaacatt       960
     ctcttgctgt gtattaaagg acccagtgct ataacagtaa atccatagtg ccctgaaaac      1020
     actaagacta agcagtaaca tagtaggaac ttgatctccc ctctggtgat gtgccttaat      1080
     acaagagtag agctgagaga gttcatgtgt tctgagtctc tttcacaaac agtagttagg      1140
     aagcgtagtg gtcgtttgtg ctggctagct tagaatttca gccatttgtt atttgcttgc      1200
     tttgacagca tgtgtaccca atccattggt tgtgtccctg cttgaagaca gagcatatgc      1260
     ttgagattct gcccaagcct gttgacttcc ccttcgtcca gtgacacctc ctcccagggt      1320
     agctgccatt gaaactttaa ctctcaggtt gcacatcagg cctttctaac tcttaattcc      1380
     catagctttc tgcagtattc catggacata ccccaaattt cagtggatcc cattatccat      1440
     agaagtattc caatattttt ctttcccagt gctcatgaag gaggatacat tctctcggca      1500
     gctgtacctt cagagtgatg gtcaacagtg agacaaggca gatgaggtaa ctgagcctct      1560
     tggcctacag attaggtcat aagttttttg gctttgccat ttagatttct gtgtagaaag      1620
     cctggagtag agaggtggct cagctgctaa aagaacactt gctgttcttg tcaaggactt      1680
     gggcttggct cctagcaccc acatgatgct aaacaaccat ccatcactct tcattctaaa      1740
     ggatctgatc ccctcttctg tcctccttga gcacacaccc acacatgcac atacatacat      1800
     gcagtcagaa cactcatcca cataccaaaa aatgtgtttc tccattgaaa aaggtgtgca      1860
     gctgggcgtg gtggcacatg cctttaatct cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc      1920
     cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc      1980
     ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaaa ggtgtgcgcc tccttttgac tcttacaggc      2040
     ctagagaagc atccactgtt agaaggaggc tgtgacggag ctagagcagt cagctagcag      2100
     gcgtctttta aatgtttgcc atctttttac agcggagggt ttatgtgcca cacctacatg      2160
     taaaagtcaa gggacaactt gaaggaggtg ttctctctcc caggcgggcc ctggaatcag      2220
     gtgtcaagtt tctttacatg ctgagctgtc tcactggccc taacatggct tcttggcagg      2280
     aacaagctct ctgcttgtgt ctaaatcctt attctatgaa tgtgctgtgc gtacctgtct      2340
     gccttttcac ctacctgtaa ttcactcttc cgtcttggct gttttgaaca atacgtgtgt      2400
     attaaatcaa ggcttttctc ctttttgtcc ctcagagtga tgcagcaggt tcagcaagct      2460
     gcactttgtt tagatccggc ccactacctg tgttaataga gcagtatata gtttccctgc      2520
     tgggtatggt agcaggccta taatcccagc ccttgggaaa gagacacatg aggatcaaga      2580
     gatcaaggtc atcctgggct ccatagagtt tgaagatagc ttgggtaaaa tctgttttta      2640
     ttaaaacaaa acaaggggct agagacatgg ctcaatggtt aagagcatgt actctctttc      2700
     agaggacctg agttcagtcc ccagtcccca tgtcagttag ctcacaatag cctttaattc      2760
     cagtgttggg agctgatgct ctcttctgaa ctccagaggg atctacactt agcacgtgtg      2820
     cacacttgca tgtgcccgcg cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacataag cacatgcatg      2880
     catgcacgta catataagta aaataaaaat tctaaagaaa agagtttctg ttcctttggc      2940
     tttttttttt tttttttttt taagatttat ttattattat atctaagtac actagctgtc      3000
     ttttagatac accagaagag ggcgtcagat ctcattacgg atggttgcga gccatcatgt      3060
     ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggaccttca gaagagcaat cggtgctttt aaccactgag      3120
     ccatctctcc agcccctcct ttggcttttt tataaagaag taatgcctta aagcttagac      3180
     ctgttaccca accagactat tctgatttgc tttctttttt ctttcttttt tttttttttc      3240
     tattgttttt gagacaggtc tctctgcata catagcccag gctggcctgg aacttactat      3300
     gtggaccagg ctgactttac agaaatcccc ctcctctgcc tccctagtgc tgggattaaa      3360
     ggtacctacc accatttcca gcttgtaact tttttttttt aaacactgat agagattgaa      3420
     cccaaggtct actctactgt agagctatag ctccagccaa gagtgtagcc tcagactcat      3480
     gattcttcct ggaatgtgcc accccattta tttgtctttg tttttattta tgtgggtttt      3540
     taaaaaagga tttagttttc ctttatgtat atggatgttt tacttatggt gcaccaagtg      3600
     catgcgttgc ttatggatat caaagaaggg tatgatcccg tggaactgga gttataactg      3660
     gttgtcagca gccatgtaga tgcctagaac tgagcccggg gcttcccaaa ttgcagtgcc      3720
     atctctctag cctcagtttt tgtgtttttg ttacagggtt tcatgttctg cagactggcc      3780
     tcaaactggc aacatcacca aagatgactt tgaacttctt ttttattgtt gtttttagtg      3840
     tattgtttat ttttatttta tgtgcattgg tgtatgtctg tgtgagtgtg tccaaacctg      3900
     ggtcctctgg aagaacagct agtggtctta accccagagc catctctagc cccagtgact      3960
     ttgaacttgt gaccctcctg ctcccactgc cttagcactg agattgcagt tttacaacat      4020
     tgcacccact taattcagtg ttggaggttg aacccagggc ctctttcgtg ctagataaac      4080
     attgttccaa ctgagctata tcctcagccc ttatttaggt ttttgggacc agcatctctt      4140
     ataccctctg ttaaccaagg aattttatat ctatttccct gtgtcacaac ttatttggtt      4200
     gatttttttt tctttctttt ccatatagag tctcattgta gcttatgctg tcctagacct      4260
     cactgtgtaa cctgggctgc cctcaaattt actgcaatcc tcttgctagg cctcctgagt      4320
     gctgtattat agtcatgaat catcatgact catggtccag ctacaacttc ttttcattgc      4380
     agtgtcctat tggtcagtaa atgagggcaa accacattca gagcctttag atccctagta      4440
     attgacgtgg agttttatag aggtcaatct ccagtaacac caggaaacag tggtactaag      4500
     ctaagaaccg tcaactggga agactttgtc tgtggggtgt gaagagccaa ataagaaaga      4560
     attggatggg ccttatcagg ggagtgaatt gatccacttc ctcctcaagg aacattaacg      4620
     gagccatggc cggccagctc tcatctccct gtatcctcag gaatctggag atgatgagta      4680
     tcaaggagac cagtctgata cggaggatga ggtagactct gactttgaca ttgatgaagg      4740
     ggatgaacca tccagtgatg gagaagcgga agagccaagg aggaagcgca gagtcgtcac      4800
     caaagcctat aaggtaagag gacatggttt ccttggtctt gtttaatttt ttcttacagg      4860
     gtgggctgga ggtgggggtt gtttgtctga aacaatgtct tgctatgtag aacaggctgc      4920
     ctcaaaggaa aggagtccag cctgcctctg cccaccatgt cttggggttt aagccccagc      4980
     tctgcctggc ttaggtgtgt tctcctcctc atgctgggtg ctaattttct cggatacaat      5040
     cctcacctct tattttccgg tgtctgtttc taacttgtcc ccaggagcct ctaaagagct      5100
     tgaggcctcg caaggtcagc accccagcaa gcagctccca gaaggccaga gaggagaaga      5160
     cgctgctgcc actggagctc caggacgatg gctctgacag tgagtttacg tctgcagacc      5220
     ctgaggttga taattgttga ttctaacgag aatcctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      5280
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcatgt gtgtgcatgt gtgactttaa ccccttccac      5340
     ccccaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa tgaagctaga aatgtgccgg ctatggtggt gcagctctga      5400
     ttccagccct ccagaggcag aggcccgagg agctctgggt tccaggtcag actggcctac      5460
     agtgaattcc aggacagcca gagctgcaca gtcagaacat acattttttt aaaaaaaaaa      5520
     aagtagaaat gaattcagag ctttcttccc atctcactat ctgcaggccg caagtctatg      5580
     cgtcagtcta cagctgagca cacacgacaa acgttccttc gggttcaaga gaggcaagga      5640
     cagtcccgga ggcggaaggg tccccactgt gagcgaccac taacccagga agagctgctc      5700
     agggaggcca agatcactga agagctcaac ttacgttcac tcggtcagtc tggtttgggg      5760
     aaaataggtg catgagaaaa gctgagacct agaggaccag agaactggaa acttgtagca      5820
     gaataattag aaagttcata cttactatcc ccagcactgg ggagtgcaag ccagcttggc      5880
     ctgcttcacc agttctcgcc tcgccaagac tctgtagaag gggctttgtc ttgaaacacg      5940
     aaaaacacac aaaaagaaga aatgaggctg tgtaatagga gagggatcag gcagttaaga      6000
     gtgtctgaag tagccaggca tggtgctcat acttttaatc cctgtgctca ggaggcagag      6060
     acgggcaggt ctatgggttc aggacagcca gagctacaca gagaaatctt tatctggagt      6120
     cttggtgggg ttgtatgtat ggggaggggt gtcagcgtga ctgagttcca gttagtgtaa      6180
     aataacaatt gcttggttgg tttttcctgt tttgagagaa agcaatatcg cctagtcaaa      6240
     acaggccaga catagtggtg gagatctgtg atctcagtct atggcagaca gagacagcag      6300
     aatcaggcat tcaaggcctt tctggattgt atgagccttg actctaacgg gaaatgtcta      6360
     agtcagggag agatttctag gcgggctctg accaggcttg agaggaccgt gtccacgtgg      6420
     aggaacagca cagatctgtg gttcatttag agataaagga tcagagtact gtgatctgtt      6480
     tactcactaa cagatacgta ttgagtccct gaaacagaca tgttgaatct ttcatggtcc      6540
     tgataatgtg tagctaatgt gagttactac tgcccttcat gatgcaacag ctataactga      6600
     tagtgaactg atagtgtgcc acaggaccta gcaagggaca cagtggagcc agccatggga      6660
     actgaggggt tacatagaaa tgcctgaaaa gaagagtcac ttagtttagc tttttgtccc      6720
     ttgagaatgc aaacttgggc tggaaacatg gctcagagtt ccttccagag gtcctctgag      6780
     ttcagagcca accacatggt ggcttacaac catctataat gagatctgga gtcctggcct      6840
     gcaggcatgc aggcaggcag aatgctgtat acataataaa taaatcttaa aaaaaaaaaa      6900
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggtc aggtagtggt ggcacatgcc tttaatccca gcactgggga      6960
     ggcagaggca ggtggatttc tgagttcaag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg      7020
     acagccaggg aaacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaag agagagagaa agagagagag      7080
     agagagagag aaatacagac tcagctggca atggttgcac acacactttt tttttttttt      7140
     ttaaagattt atttattatt atatgtaaga acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacaccagaa      7200
     gagggagtca gatcttgtta cggatggttg ttagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa      7260
     ctccggacct tcggaagagc agtcgggtgc tcttacccac tgagccacct caccagcccc      7320
     gcacacacac ttttaatctc agcacctggg aggcagagtc aggcagatct ctgagttccg      7380
     ggagagccaa agccacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaag ccaaaaaaga aacaaagaaa      7440
     caaaatcaca ggacagagcc cagagagctg tgatagctca gcaggtaaag cagttggtga      7500
     cagcctgagt ttaattcttg gaatccacac gatggaagcc gagaactgac cctagcacat      7560
     tgtcatctga cctctccaca catgtgttca tgtacataca ctcttgaaaa tacatatgtg      7620
     taatttaagt agatgacagg ccagagtgtg ggaaaggaaa gctgaccatt ctgtcgtttc      7680
     tcccttcgat cctgcagaga cctatgaaag gctggaggct gacaaaaaga agcaggttca      7740
     caagaagcgg aagtgccctg ggccaataat cacctaccac tcagtgacgg tgccgcttgt      7800
     tggggagccc ggccccaagg aggaaaatgt ggacgtggaa gggtgagtga accccgtgcc      7860
     cccggcttct ctaggagttt acttttctca ctgcacacat tcagacctca gctcattcct      7920
     tccctctgct ggctgccagc accaggtaag tagtctctga gcggggagtg aggatgatca      7980
     aagagaagac agcagacaca ggacaagaga ggggtctgtc agtgagtact gtagtagccc      8040
     aagtgtaatg cgtgtagcct tctgataccg cagtgtctca ggatataaaa ctaacaagct      8100
     agcagaaaca attgctgcca tgtatatagg gtatctgatc tcatcctgag gcctccctgt      8160
     tccttcctcc gaggttaaca gaatgtttac ctcttcctct caagccttac gtgtatctct      8220
     tcctaacgtt ttatgtcagc aggccaggaa atctggcagc agaccctgac ctgccttgac      8280
     tctgcctggc gggcagactt ttactctact tgagaagcag acaaatggct ctgacacttc      8340
     ctgttgtttt gttttgagtt ggtcttactc tgtagctctg gctggcctgg aactccttat      8400
     atagcccagg ctagtattca tgatctaccc gcctctttct ccttagtatt ggggtcacaa      8460
     atgtgaagca tcatgcccaa ctttttattt tattttatta tttgtttgtt tgcttattta      8520
     tttattttat tttaatgtat atcagtgttt tgcctgcttt gtctggcctg gtacccattg      8580
     aagccagaag agggtgacat attccgtgta actgaagtta cagacggttg tgagccactg      8640
     tttgagtgct aggcctcaaa cctctatcct gggagagtag cccagctctt aactgctgag      8700
     ccatctttcc agccccatgg cctggtaaat actgaggtca cagccagcaa acctagccta      8760
     ccaccttcct ttgtctgtct ccgcagcatt ttgtgacttt tctcttgccc tcagccttga      8820
     tcctgctcct acagcctctg cactggctcc acatgctggg accgggactg gagctgccgc      8880
     tgccacccct cctgctcact gctctcgcac cttcatcacg ttcagtgatg atgcaacgtt      8940
     tgaagagtgg ttcccccagg ggcgaccccc gaaggtcccg gtgcgggagg tctgcccagt      9000
     gacccaccgt ccagctttgt accgggaccc tgttacagac ataccctatg ccactgctag      9060
     agccttcaag atcatccgtg aggcgtacaa gaagtacatc actgcccacg gacttccacc      9120
     caccgcctcg gcgctgggcc ccgggccccc accccccgag ccactacctg gctctgggcc      9180
     tcgagccttg cgtcagaaga ttgtcatcaa atagagacac ctgaccccta gacagtccct      9240
     ctcctgacct ggctctccac tccgccctcc cttctgccaa ccttcgccct tgtttccctc      9300
     agttcctccc tagttcattt catttacttg tgctcttcat ttttttaatc taataaaatg      9360
     gtaaaatcct ttttgtctga tgtgtaaggt tggggcagag gcagggggat ttctgagttc      9420
     gaggccaacc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctaaaca gacaaatcct      9480
     gtcttggaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaataaata aataaataaa ccacaagttc ttgctaattt      9540
     atccagacta atttcagact cctgggctca agcaagcctc ccatgtcaac cttccaagcg      9600
     ctgggcctag aggggtaaat cactgttcct gctctgtcct tttaagtagc atgtatttac      9660
     taagtagtgg gtgtcataaa gatgcctgca ctcatgtcta tcatttttat tacacttacc      9720
     tgggttatcc atatttaact ctcttagtct gtcttagtca gggttcctat tcctgcacaa      9780
     acatcatgac caataagcaa gttgaggagg aaaaggttta ttcagcttat actttccaca      9840
     ttgctgttaa tcaccaaagg aagtcaagca ggtcagggag caggagctga tgcagaggcc      9900
     atggagggat gttactggct tgctcagttt gctctcttac agaacccaag actaccagcc      9960
     cagagatggt cccacccaca aggggccttt cccccttgtt cactaattga gaaaatgcct     10020
     tacagctgga tctcatggag gcatttcttc aactgaagct cctttctcca tgataactcc     10080
     agcctgtgtc aaattgacac ataaaaccag ccagtacata gtctcttaaa taccagaaca     10140
     aaatccttac actgagtgtg tgtgtctctg tatgtgtcta tgtatacaac cacgtgtcgg     10200
     gtggtgcacc tatgcagagg ccaggcaggg tcatctgtaa ttccacctat cctttgagac     10260
     aggctctctt tctgaacctg ggctcctgtt ctctaggcta tcaggagcca gcaagccccc     10320
     aatgttcctg tgtctgccac cctgttatgc tgttatgtag gtgcggggac ctcacaattg     10380
     tgcagcagtc ttaaccacct gagacctctc tctctctcgt tttttcagga catggtttct     10440
     ctagccctgg ctgtcctgga acttgttctg tagaccaggt tggaccttga actcagaaat     10500
     ctgcctgtct ctgcctccca agtgctacga ttaaaggcat gtgccccctc tcccttttaa     10560
     aaaagttaaa aaggaaaaaa aaattactac aaggctttga gctcaccatg aagttcatgc     10620
     tgctctccgt cttgtagcag tcctatctta gtgtcccctg tcaagggaat tcaggtgtga     10680
     ggcacaatgg ctgttacatt gatacatcat cttctattca gtgctttgag cagaactggt     10740
     accctaccgt aggagtcatc tgattctcca ctggaggact ctgcttgcag ggaaagagga     10800
     catgtcatgg ctgatactgg ccactagagg ctctcagggc tgggcaaggt atggggtctg     10860
     tgtatatgtg atctcccacc actccccacc tggccagagc taaaataata aaatgctgag     10920
     ctcactgttc ccccacgctc tcccccggca ccagactcct cctgctgacc ggacagtgtc     10980
     ccagtagaac agacggacca actgacaagg ggaggtgaga ggtgaccatt gggactggta     11040
     ggtgggaaca aggggtctta cgggtgagag cctggtggga gatggcagag tgggcctagg     11100
     ggaagagagt tggcatgtct ctgctgtgtc ctgccgccga tgtttctgtc ttgactctgt     11160
     agctgccttg tcagtgcctc acgctcagta tcaccttcca tgttgagtgt ggtatgtatt     11220
     tagagcttga ctgtttttcc cactgaaagg tggtgcaagt ttatcatccc acctcctcat     11280
     ttagaagact tttttttctt cttcttcttc ttttacccag ggttccagtg tcacctttct     11340
     ggtgacagat tatgggaacc gaatgccttc tgaggccaca ctgcccttcc cccaatctgg     11400
     aagtgcccca gcttctaagc cttactttcc cttctgattt agacttttag caaacacaga     11460
     aagtgaggtc ttggtccttg acaatgaagg agggagtgag ggtgtcatta gaggcaacca     11520
     ctctaaccca gtcaagcctc cttgcttacc agtttccaac aggcctgggt aatggggaag     11580
     aaaggaggaa ttttcctgga gctctctgcc tccccctccc acctttcaat aggaactggg     11640
     cgtggagcca gctgtgctgg cagggcctcc agcagctgtg tcagggcaag agacgttgcc     11700
     gggtaaggtt gtaggggagg gtgctaccag gatttctcca tcgcacggtg ggtggataga     11760
     cccagcctgg agactagaat ccccatctag aatggctaga aagtgcaggg actaggaggg     11820
     aaactaacag tgaactatct gattttccca tccctggcag actctagtct ctaaggtcag     11880
     tgtcctaact atggctggac ttcttgtgcc ctcagtgtcc acatccaaca acttttctca     11940
     tgtcccccag gctgtgagtg tcacaccgtg gggaaggggt aggggccacc atgtcatcct     12000
     atcagaagga actggagaaa tacagagaca tcgacgaaga tgagatccta aggaccctga     12060
     gccctgaaga gctagaacag ctggactgtg agctacaaga aatggatcct gaggtaggag     12120
     cacaggccag ggcatccctt tgtatgtggg aaggagtgat tctaggtagc tgagaacaag     12180
     acatgaaatc ccaaaaggac cagggaatat ctgtctggag agtgcttaat ttgttcccca     12240
     aaattcatcc ctaagaacat gctcttgcca gctggcctga gacaacgtga ccagacaaag     12300
     aagagtccaa cagggccact ggacagagat gccctattgc agtacctgga gcaacaggcg     12360
     ctagaagtca aagagcgtga tgacttggtg ccctacactg gcgagaagaa gggtatgggc     12420
     accctaacat ctatgcctcc caggagccaa atggctgtct cttgtgcctc cctgctagct     12480
     attctccctg tctccagtag cgatctgtca gagactcagt cttgatgact acatgctaat     12540
     ttgttctctt cagttttttg atttttgaga taggatctcc ttgtgcagcc cgggttggcc     12600
     ctgaactagc agtcctacta ctctagcttg ccaaatgctg agatcacaga catctgccag     12660
     cacaccagcc tgtcctcttc aatccttagg agggaatgag aggaccagag agtccctgta     12720
     caacattcag gctttctgat gtcactagtg atccagtctg accccatatg gaaaagatag     12780
     agaaggtgga gccaccatct tggaagaaac cacctctgcc tgaacagtcc ttcatctctc     12840
     tatcaggaaa accctttatt cagcctaaga gagaaatccc agcacaggaa cagattacgc     12900
     tggagcctga gctggaggaa gcgctgtccc atgctacaga tgctgaaatg tgtgacattg     12960
     caggtgggca gccgccggtc cttgaaggtt ggggatgggg cttgtggcat cttgacatag     13020
     gactaggaaa ggcctgagcc agaacacgat gtctcagaaa ccttctagca gtggattctc     13080
     tatgtagtcc tggctgtact agaactcact ctgtagatta ggctggcctc gagctcacag     13140
     aaatctgcct gctctgcctt ctgagtgcta ggattaaagg cattcactat cactacctgg     13200
     cccaggcaca tttcttttct ttttcttttt ctttcttttc ttttcttttc tttttttttt     13260
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttggagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct     13320
     ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc     13380
     cgagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgtgccacc acgcccagct tggtttttaa cttttcttat     13440
     tcccttgtac attggctcat tcaagagcag ccttacaggg gctgggaagg cagatcaaag     13500
     tggagctgtt ctgcctgaaa ctggctgagg atcttccttc tctgtagatg gttcaccctc     13560
     tcctctcgaa gctccttaag ggcctcctgg gccctctcat gtgttagaag tcactgcctt     13620
     ggcaggttta tggaagagac tcctggagct gagggagggt gagaaactcc gcatgagtgg     13680
     aagaccaggc tctaaaactg ctttagcaaa gagaggcagg aggcagggct gtgcaggtac     13740
     ctcacctcct gtgtccctct gcttcccctc accagccatc ctgggcatgt atacactgat     13800
     gagcaacaag caatattatg atgccatctg cagtggagag atctgcaaca cagaaggcat     13860
     tagcagtgag tgtactagga agcatggccg ccctcacccc cgagctgcca cgggcagctg     13920
     agaggttgca aatgtgagac atggtgcatg aacgtttaga gggctagtgg ggaggtatgg     13980
     tgggggatat gttggggttc cctttctgct ctgttcctca tcaggtgtgg tacagcctga     14040
     caagtataag ccagtaccag atgaacctcc aaatcccaca aacattgagg agatgctaaa     14100
     gagggtacgg agtaatgaca aagagctgga ggaggtgaac ctcaataata tccaggtatc     14160
     agactcccat ccccatagaa acaggaatag ctactgacca acgagggttc gcagttcacc     14220
     atcccttgtg ccccctcagg acatcccaat acctgtgcta agtgacttgt gtgaagcaat     14280
     gaaaaccaat acctatgtcc ggagcttcag tctggtggcc acaaagagtg gtgacccaat     14340
     cgccaatgta aggctagctg acatccccag tcctcttccc ataccctggc atgcaccccc     14400
     tggcaagggc tgtcttaagg gtcacgtggg ggggtgctat ccccatcatg ttttcttatg     14460
     gcagacctca aaatccccct acccttactc ctggctcaca attctgcagg cccgaggtca     14520
     ttcccacccc cccgcgcccg tcacacacac acacacacac actaagcttc tctaatgcgc     14580
     tccatcccac cggcaactta ctcagttcct caagcaattt cctcctgctc ccattctgtc     14640
     tctccacagt cacctgtgga actggcccct tcccctaacc ctaacacaag tccctaccac     14700
     ccaggcggtg gctgacatgt tgcgtgagaa ccgcagtctc cagagcctga acattgagtc     14760
     taacttcatc agcagcacag ggctcatggc tgtgctaaag gcagttcggg aaaatgctac     14820
     tctcactgag ctccgtgtag ataaccaggt tagcattccc ttcccctggc tgacattcag     14880
     ctagcaccca ttgagtttct ccctgggaag cttattttct gagggaaggg agcctgcact     14940
     ctcttcaagc ctcttaactt cccagagacc catgggccgg ggtggtgaac tgccattcat     15000
     atctgatggc tttcacctct ccatccatcc tccagcgcca gtggcctggt gatgcggtag     15060
     agatggagat ggccactgtg ctagagcagt gtccgtctat tgtccgcttc gggtaccact     15120
     ttacacaaca aggaccacga gctcgggcag cccacgccat gacccggaac aatgagctgc     15180
     gtgagtaact agaccccgtg cagagaaggc aggttcgaaa gacacactcg gtagcaaatg     15240
     cttgggtggt ggcaaacatg agtggagctg aataacaggg agacagacaa gtccttcccc     15300
     agatacacac ctatagagaa ggtaggggtg gggagcttgg catgattgta cccctagagt     15360
     ccctttattt tcaggtgtgt attcttgact ttgttttttc aacatgaaac gggcccatca     15420
     gatggcacga ggcagcacct tatgagtctg cccaaggaaa ggaaagaaac gcacccttgc     15480
     caaaacaaca aatggagctc tgtttacggc tcttcctttc caggtcgtca gcaaaagaag     15540
     agataacatc acccttcctt ttaccaacaa gagatgagag cctgggacgc acagatcctc     15600
     atctctctct cctttcctgt aaataaaatc ccttttgttc acgccgcctg tctccttgcc     15660
     tggattgggg tgggaatctt ggcgctaccc tccaagggtt actgccagtt catcaagaga     15720
     ttatttatac tctggggatc agcaggcagg ggttcaggtt accaggagag ggggagctct     15780
     gtccgttgtg ttccccataa atctgccaaa ggctttagtc tctcagcagg gtacttggcc     15840
     tcagtcctct gtgacaaagc tgtagacaga ggtggccaga gccccttagt gcctagccac     15900
     agtgtgatct gtgagaaaag gactcactgg aggcggggaa ggagtcagac tccatgaagg     15960
     gcagcgacct ctttctgaca gacttattaa tagggcaccg ggctgaaagc agctgacgct     16020
     tggcaaggtt ttgagagaaa gtggaggagg ggccagaagt atggggagcc atgtaccttg     16080
     tagggaagga gtggccagcc tgcgaaggag cagacttgaa atcctgagac tgaacaagga     16140
     accggactcc aggatcagtg tgctcccagg acccactgca gtttatttgt aggacaaatg     16200
     gggaaagggg ttattaatgt tagtccaagg ggagatcggg gggctcttcc tcatcagagt     16260
     caaactcaac attttcatcc tttatccatc gacctcgtcc atctgggacc catccagagc     16320
     tgcgagcagg agagaaagag aactggtcag ggaggagatt tatgaaaggc ttcctgtgct     16380
     gcgttgcatc ccaggaacct acagcatagg aaggaagaac caacccctgt aagctgccct     16440
     cagacttaca gaagtgtgcc cctataaaga taaataagca aatacaattt tttaaaaggt     16500
     tactggtgat aagaaaaaag cagttggatt ggtctgaaaa caggcaggtc ccggggaaat     16560
     agaaggaaac ccaaggaccg caatccagca ctcactcacc ttcggagggt aaggtaatgg     16620
     ttcaggactc atcgtttggt ggggctcatg ggtgcagagg ccaagagagc tgctgactct     16680
     ttggcatctg atctctccct aggctcaggt tccttactga tctctgcact ctggagttgg     16740
     acctctgcag ttggcaaagg aggactggag acagagggag caggggcttc tggtctgggc     16800
     agtgaagaac caaagtgtgt aaaactaagt acaggaaagc agcaacttcc ccatggcccc     16860
     caagccagaa gagcagcgct tgaaactgat ttctttcaga ctttggtttg tttgatattt     16920
     gagacagggt ttctctgtga agtcctggct gacgggaact cactccggta ggtcaggctg     16980
     gcctcaaact cagagatcca cctgcctctg ctttctaagt gttagaacta aaggtatgca     17040
     tcaccactgc ctggctccag ttccttaaga tcttaaatat tctacatatg aaagaccttg     17100
     gagggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtaaa agcacccgac tgctcttcca aaggtccgga     17160
     gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gactccctct tctagagtgt     17220
     ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaatcttt     17280
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaccttgg aattaggaac ttgagaaaag ctggggctgg     17340
     agagatggct cagtgtttaa gaccactggc tgtttttcca gaggatctgg gttcaatttc     17400
     cagcacccac atgccagctc acaaatatct gtaactccac ctctcacacc ctcacggaca     17460
     tatatgcagg aaaaacacca atgcacataa aataaaaaat aaaggagaaa aaaaggaatt     17520
     tgaggaaaaa ctagcttaat agtttgtaat ggctattcct agttgtcaac tatgtctgga     17580
     atgaactaaa ttccagaatt ggggggcaca cctgtgatcc agatcttgag gctggaagac     17640
     tcaggcttct gatctggatc ttggcatgga gatcttgagg cacagtggct gtgaaaagct     17700
     taggtccagg caaggtataa catgccttta atcccaggag gcaaggagaa ctctgattca     17760
     aagtcagcct gggacaaagc aagtcccaga tccaggtgtg gtgtacacgc cttaatgtag     17820
     gccacacctt ctgctggagg cctacataag accactggaa gaaggaagac tcactcttct     17880
     tccactgctt gcacttactt gccaagcaca tctttagaac ctatttatac aagaccagct     17940
     gaaacaacca gccttgtggg actgagcaac tattagattc ttagacttct cattcacagc     18000
     tgcccattgt tgtaacccaa caacatgact acaaactgta agtcattaca ataaattacc     18060
     tcaatataga cagatattcc ataagttttg taactttcca tattccttat gctctaatac     18120
     atagttctaa gagttttttg tttgtttgtt tggttggttg gttggtttgg tttggttttt     18180
     cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagtcctggc tgtcctggag ctcactctgt agaccaggct     18240
     ggcctcaaac tcagaagtct gcttacctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtcg     18300
     ccaccactgc ccggctggtt ctaagttttt gtcttaagat tttccaaggc caggcatgga     18360
     gtgctcacct ttaatcccaa cacttgaggg atagaagcag gcagatcttt gtgaatatga     18420
     ggtcaccttg gtctaaatag cagggtttca ggacagccag ggctacaaac aaacaaaaag     18480
     tacaccaccg tgctctacta atgttacaat tctctctttt tgaatgtatt tatttattgc     18540
     actttttaaa atataggagt gctctgtctg catgtgtacc tacatgccag aagagatccc     18600
     ttttggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctaagaatt gaactcagga cttctggaag     18660
     agccccctgc gttcctaacc actgaggcat ctcaccaagc cctaatgttc ctaataagta     18720
     tgattattct acaattttcc acttgctaaa aaatttattt taaaatcata aaccaccggg     18780
     cagtggtggt gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggtaagc agatttctga     18840
     ggctagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt     18900
     ctcaaaaaac aaacaaacaa aaaacccaaa aaacaaaaaa cctgaaaaaa tgatggttta     18960
     cgatttcttt tatatatatg agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacacccca gaagagggcg     19020
     ccagatctca ttatggatgg ttgtgaacca tcatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga     19080
     cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaact gctgagccat ctgtccagcc cctaccatca     19140
     tttaaaaaaa atatttccac aagattatta tttctcagaa tacaatctgg agagcaataa     19200
     ctttaaagtc atctatttcc ttctaccctt ttccactcct ggctttccca ttccacggac     19260
     ctgtgcttcc tccggcagca actgttatag tggggagctc tgtgtagagc attctgggtg     19320
     atgattcgag tctgggttag caaaggagcc tggtgatgaa gagacagagt tagagctgtt     19380
     aggagcaaac gttccctcaa gcctgttgtg tgaagtatag ccctgtctaa accacacctg     19440
     atgccctctc acctcagttt tgctttctgt cttcaattcg ttctgctgtc ttggattttg     19500
     ctctgttccc ttgcctgttt gctttttgcc atagaaaagc ttcagacctg agaacaaaag     19560
     caaggaggaa tgaaaagcac aatgcctggt ggcttgctct ccatctcccg ccctccccac     19620
     ttctctgata cttactggac aaatgcttct tgcctgcacg gtgggctgtc aacatggcca     19680
     gcgtgtctag tactggtcga tgggggcaga tggcacaagc aaagctaggg aaacgagaag     19740
     tgaatgatgt gtgtggtgtg tggtgtgtat gttgtgtgtt cgagagcctg cagtcggggt     19800
     gttcttgcta tggtgagtag gtcctacttc tgtcagagta ctccaccacc aactcccagg     19860
     tttcccgatc tccacccctt acacttcact tccagccaaa gagtcctatt atactcctga     19920
     actccttagt gacaaaagtt tgttgagcct ttgatccccg aatccccagg cttgatccac     19980
     tcttcgctct caccgtccat cccgcagcat cagtgcctcg tcctcaggga tgtaactagc     20040
     cagcaggtcc ccaactctcc gtttctgcag ggagcaggat aggagaaatg agtaagaggg     20100
     acggatggaa atgaaatagt atggataagg agtcaaatgg cacacggggc tatgcagatc     20160
     atagggtagt aggggtcacc actcagttct ggtcccctaa gccctcccct agatgtcgcc     20220
     agagcaacaa aacaaaacaa cagggcggct gaaggtgatc agactctcac taaggcttac     20280
     tttgagcaca ttgagttgac tccagtcgtc cccttccctc ttaaaagaca tagcgactgt     20340
     gagactacga taaattcccc tacgcctact tcgctgctcc tttaggccac cgtagaaaga     20400
     gtacactatc gccttctctg cttccggttt ctttcttgtt gaatctgtac ttccggggat     20460
     gatgttccac gcttgcgtcg cgcgaaccgg aagacccgcc tccagcgccc tgagggggcc     20520
     tgcatttcct acaatacttt gagacgctgt gccttttggg aaatgaagtc ttttggttat     20580
     ttattttatt tttttatttt tttgaagagc acactgctca cctggacaca ggacctcaca     20640
     tctcgaagga tccaggtgtt cggagactca agatcctgta tgtggagccg gaatttcagg     20700
     gtgggacctt cctgatgtgg agcgaggcgt cagggatctc agtggactat atactacaaa     20760
     ctcttgctgt cctcaggctc gtactcctca gccacaacct acctggggtg ggccttattt     20820
     ggaacagaga ggatgtggga gcacccggca tcccgactgt tggatgtggg gatacactga     20880
     gggaagagtg ttgatgaggg tgtctagggt tcaaaggtca gagatcaggc ttgcgaggag     20940
     ttggggaggg ggcgtcgaaa gtcaaccggg tcagcgactg acagctcagg gaagatactt     21000
     atgggtaagg agctcgtgga aagagaaatg taaccggcct ggcagacttc ttaagagacg     21060
     gacagtaact ccaggcacgg caagaagcag caagaggagg acgacgaatg tagtctctcg     21120
     agagtcggga gactgtagag agacgagaga agagaaaacg aattatctga atatccattc     21180
     cttgggttcg gccgtcactg ttacttagct gggcttccct cagttgtgac cctaggtctt     21240
     gacagtgagg agatggcttc tccctctaga cagcctcccc tcggggggtc agggctgctg     21300
     catgggagcc gtgctcgttc ttatggaagc ctggtacaat catcctgctc cccagtgagg     21360
     gaaagacgcc tggagcatca attggagcct ggagacaccc tggctggatt agcactcaaa     21420
     tacggggtaa cggtgagtct tccagaattg agatagtccc gagaaagtgg gtggcccgct     21480
     aagatgcccc ctctcacatt atttaaattc tattatggtc tgtttttttt cttccttatt     21540
     ttgctttcac atctcagcag agcactgttg ggacagatct gcccaactat cccagtggga     21600
     ggagcaactc ctgtagatgg tgagggaggt gggtgagtgg gggcggggct tacagccatt     21660
     aactggactt gtgtccctat caacttaaga ctgataaacc agtttgatca aggtcgaatc     21720
     acttaagtgt cagagtaagg tttctgtctg actctaaagc cggtactatt agccatgcgg     21780
     gggtggggta ggggtggggg tggggatgta gagactggta aggaagagct gacttttact     21840
     agcactctga aggtgcccat ttgtagttct tatttccacc ccaaggctct gttttctttg     21900
     tgcagaggca caaaacaagt cccctctaca tacttcaagt gtttcaggtc atctttagga     21960
     gaggtttgat gggcataaaa aatatcttgc attaaagttg cagccttcct gtctatatcc     22020
     tgttttacca catacaaaca aatgttgggt ttagataaat tcctgtgcca ctctacttaa     22080
     agcataaggt aagcctttct ggagacacag catacgtttg tcgatgtgct catggaattt     22140
     aaattctcat gaggagcaga gaagaaacaa gaaatgctgt aaggaatatc cacaaggggt     22200
     cggagatcca gaactattga gtcttgctcg gaagtgggag tggatagtat ttgatgtggg     22260
     gttttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tggggggtgg attttctaga cagtgtggcc tggaacttcc     22320
     ggtgttcttg catcatgact gctgagatta ggagtgtgac aaccacactc tgaggtgcag     22380
     gcttaggagt accgtcacca cgggccttga agacctagaa actttcccct ctgttcccac     22440
     ctacaaatct gttcaaccca gttgtttgta tccttgtctt ccagcagccc acaagctttt     22500
     taagagctga aatcagttcc tttcaacatt gtgcctctaa accctggcat agtctcagtc     22560
     atgtgggagt ttaaaagatg attgaaagct gccaggcatg gcagtgtacc cctttaatcc     22620
     gagcacttgg gaagcagagg cagacggatt tctgagttgg aggccagcct ggtctataga     22680
     gtgagtttca ggacagccag gtctaaaaaa aagtctgaaa gccagacttg gtggtccatg     22740
     ccaaacttct gatgttagcc ctcaggagcc taagtcaaag ggatgcagag ttctaggcca     22800
     gctccacata taacaaaacc agggtactgg agttgaaagt gtaattcagt ggtagaatgc     22860
     agaagagaga caaggctaga cacttcctgt gggggctaaa tatacacagt ccttgaatcc     22920
     tttttgaatc ctcattcaat gaagagccat aggaagttgc tatgccagca agagggttaa     22980
     tagctttttc tagatatcaa gagaaagatg tgggcatgaa agaggaagaa cagtcacgtg     23040
     tggccgtggt gggcgcaagt atgagagaac acatgtgagg tgtttattta cttaatatct     23100
     gaggtctgcc aggggtccag tctaggactg cacacactag gcaagctctt taccatggag     23160
     ctacaactct agacaccaag acttatttac ttattttatt attagtcaag gtctcaatat     23220
     gtagtttagt tggcttcaca ctcatagacc tgcctgcctc tgctttccaa gtgctgggat     23280
     tagagaattg cactattagc ttggagtggt agcacatgcc tttaatccta gcacagggtg     23340
     ggttggtggg ggaataggca ggtggatctc tgaatttgag gtgaacctgg tctatagagt     23400
     gagttcaagg acatataggg ctacacatgc atgtatggcc atttgctatg gggtgcctgg     23460
     tgcctataga ggtcagaaga tcacctggat ctgaagttac agactgcagt tgtcttcaga     23520
     cacaccagaa ggggacattg gatctcatta cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct     23580
     gggaattgaa ctcaggatct ctgaaagaac agtcagtgct cttaatgtct gagccatctc     23640
     tccagcctca cctcaataat ttttaaaaat gtgaaggtat cctaagacta aaaagtatga     23700
     aaattataaa acaagattaa tatcagctct ttatatttta gctagttttt tatggtgtca     23760
     aataatgttg tacgattact taaaaacttt gaattggtgg cctaggaaga tggctcattt     23820
     ggtaactcag ttaataaaag tgcttgccac acacacatag taaaccctat agcagcctcc     23880
     aggctctacc cccaagtaca ctgttttcaa ccacacacac caataagttt ggaatactaa     23940
     gccagaaatg tttgagaaca tctgctctac ttagtgaaaa ggaagaaaaa gagcttgcta     24000
     tgttttatga ggttggtgga ttttactgtc agacattaat ttcgttgctt ttgtttgaag     24060
     atggaacaga ttaagcgtac aaaccgcctt tatactaacg actccatctt cctgaagaaa     24120
     acgctctaca tccccatcct atcagagccc agagacttgt ttaatggttt ggattctgag     24180
     gaggaaaatg atggagagga agaggtgcgc ccgagtaagg atgagatcgg atcatcttcg     24240
     gggaggagga agaatcgagg gtcagggtcg ggtcggccca atggcacagg cctcccgcct     24300
     caccaggaaa cctccacccc cagccatgac ctttctgcct ctgatttcct taagaagctt     24360
     gactcacaga tcagcctgtc aaagaaggct gctgcccaga agctgaggaa aggggagagt     24420
     gggtgagtct ctggccgctc cttctagctc cctgcagaga ccctcttctt ttagctggtc     24480
     acaaactaag aagtaaccaa agtacccgag gacaggcaag tggatgcctt tctccccatg     24540
     tggtccccaa atcatgaaag agccagtggc atctggaatg gggtagtggg tgggaagcag     24600
     ggtctgtggg gtcttacgcc agtggtagcg cgtgggaggc agggtctgtg gggtcttacg     24660
     ccagtgtgct gggatgaagc cttaggagca agttcttcag agggtcgcaa gactccatcc     24720
     aacttgtgaa acaaagggag gcagcctccc ctcccccacc tccccactca ccgctccatt     24780
     ctcaggtcct tgccttgatt tgttgctctt tctcccttcc ctcatcggca gggtacctga     24840
     ggaggacacg ggtctctacc ctagctcccc tcggatgcag cagcgagcag tcctaggccc     24900
     tgtgccactc acccggacgt ctcggaccca gacactgcgg gaccaggaag atgaaatctt     24960
     caaactctga tgtccccaga actgatgagc aaggcaggat gttgaaggac cagcccgagg     25020
     gggagaggag tctgaggtga ggctgaagaa cagagcttcc cagcctgcct cactcctctc     25080
     cagccatctt tgccaagatt tcttcagctg gggacactta gtggcaagcg tagcgagtgg     25140
     gagcagacct cttcccagtt cttgggctga atctagagtt agcctttaga ttcaaaggct     25200
     cttctatgcc ctcgctgtcc cgttgagcat tccctggcct tagagcaggg aagcagagac     25260
     ccctccccat ctccaatgat cttacctaat ttatttggtg ctatattgaa gtaatattta     25320
     tttgctatat ctaactcctt tctcctctta actgggaaaa gaggggggaa tttccatatc     25380
     actgaagata gggaaaccca gaactgtaag tggaggcggc tggctgctcg cctgtcccac     25440
     tttcctagcg aagcttgttg ctgaggcctg ggagttggtg atgctcacca tagaatggca     25500
     gactgcgctg agttttcccc actcccaagg taaagggtgg gactcagttg taactaagaa     25560
     ctccctacaa cctttcccac gccttggctc tgagagaagg cagcgtggtg gatactgact     25620
     aagcatcctt cttccagctc ctctcctctc cccagcgcgt ggtggggcta aggaatggaa     25680
     gatgctttgg ggttcaagga gaacagttac agaagtgtct ttgttacgca ccctagccta     25740
     cctttgcctt gcccccactt catatgtatc tgtaatctgt atctgatctg cagtacaatt     25800
     tgtcttttgt tccttaagtg atgaaatagg catggcggca cagtagtcct gggagtctgt     25860
     ctccggttca ggagtgggaa taagtgttgt ttctagacct ctcctctatg tttagcctga     25920
     gtatggagct cgagagatta aaccgtgagc cctgtgcatg ctttagtggt tttatttccc     25980
     ctgtgcctcc cttcccccag ctccttctag aagctctgga acacagcgtc tgtatgtgtc     26040
     ctagtgctgc ctccaactct agatccagga ggtctctaat gaccaccttc ctgcgtgtgg     26100
     cctttagtgt ccccttcctc gggtttgtgg aggaggagga tcccctggtt ctgggcagcc     26160
     ctcccgggag aagcggacct gagtttcact tcttcttcag tcagctgttt cctttactgg     26220
     aactggatgg gagcgagagc cgcctcactc agttcagcct tgctttgccc cagcagtagt     26280
     ttgggggtgg gggtggcctc agtgtctata gcactcttgg gagagagtga agccagggga     26340
     tcgagaagca ttggtgcagg gttagagagc ccgatgtgtc atttcccagt cagtcatttt     26400
     gccaaagtcc agtgtgctga gctccggagc ttcagagctt gccctcgtcc agcagcttcc     26460
     ggagcccatc acagatcttg ccaaggtgct gagtgaagtc aggcccatag agggcagcca     26520
     gcaggtcggg gtcagagtag tgatcaaaca cgtgcctgat gcggtcatgt gacttgggtg     26580
     tgaggtggtg ctccaccagc tccagcagaa tgtcccggca ctcgacgagc agacctgcta     26640
     gcacggcagc ctcaaaggtg aagtccacct caccgaagct aagtgcggtc atggcgccct     26700
     gccgtagctt ctgacgaaat cgtgtagcca gagccagctc cccagggcca aagcagccac     26760
     tgcggtgcag cacagccact ttaaccgcta ccttgatgag gtctttgatc acccgctgtg     26820
     ccttgggccg gctgtgcgtg tattctttgg acacgcggta aagctcgtct agcacctcgc     26880
     tgctggtctc gtcgataaag agatgcgcca cggaccgacc agccatttta ctcagcagct     26940
     tcttctccgc ttgtagtgcc agactctttg agctgaagga ctccatggtg cttgcggtcg     27000
     gtgtgtgatc agtcactgga agaggcaacc ggctaaatga gagaaaagga gagaaatggc     27060
     ttttcctcat cttcaccgct ctgcctgctt tgtcttccca ctcccctggg cccctccatc     27120
     ctgtaggctt tgcttctgct ttttcccttc cgtgctgtaa acaagacatt tgtgtctcca     27180
     aaacagccgc gaggagcagg gagagcctgg ctggaggagt gtgggcatgg ctggagtcag     27240
     ggcagtgggc tatgcggcgg ccgaccgaca gggaatttgc acagcgcccc tctgtttcca     27300
     ggcttgagat ccaaagctca tgtcagtggg ggtaccataa agtcttaaaa gaagtgagag     27360
     atatagggtc tccagaatct taaatagaac acttggcttt ttttttttta aagaacctac     27420
     tgtgtgccaa gtgtttgata ttaactgtct tggtttacca acttcatatg ggtgacaagc     27480
     cctgttttac agagagaaat ctcagactga aggactcttt tttgttgttt ttgttttttc     27540
     aagacaaaag tttctctgta taaccctggc tgtcctagaa ctcgctctgt agaccagggt     27600
     ggccttgaac tgagatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcctaagtg atgggattaa aggcatgtgc     27660
     caccacctct gggcaaagct aagagatctt aagcaacttg gcctagtaag tatgaaaaca     27720
     ggcttcaagg agtgggacaa cactctcaga caacagatgc tcacagtcac ctataacttt     27780
     agctccaggg agacccaaca cctctggcct ctactcacac atatacataa taaataacag     27840
     acacaaatta tgagaaaaaa taggctacaa gtcaaataac ccctccacat tcgccctcca     27900
     acaaggaggg cgctcttttg aagggtggct gcggcagcag gtagtggtct caggctggct     27960
     aggctgagca gagcgaggcc ttcttggtgg tatatcctgt gcctacggac agggtcttct     28020
     caccatgggc cttgactgtg cttcttctgg ttgttttgct tcttacttcc ccctccccgg     28080
     ctctgcagga tgtggctgtg accgcaatga aggagcaacc tcaccctctc cctcaaatga     28140
     aaataggagt cctctcagag ggaggacagc cagggggctc tctccggcag ccgaatcact     28200
     ccaatgggaa cctgccatct tgatttgttt ctgccttgcc ctgtggatct ttcacactgg     28260
     agatgatttt tctatagggg cccgctttcc ttccctacct gccctcctct tacccagctc     28320
     tctattgctc cctttgccat ctccaactag gtccccagtc ctcccagggt agctatgtca     28380
     ctcgctcttt ttgtcccagc ctctacgtga ccctcatgaa tctctagcct agcaaaggtt     28440
     tctttcactt tgcgtcactg tacttccatg tccgaagata ctgtagatct ctaaatctct     28500
     agtcgttacc ccatgtgcat ctctgtccct cagctctaga ctcagccacc atcccaagcc     28560
     aggtctcact ctcagacagc cttgccccat ccactaaata cactaaaatg gttctgggga     28620
     gagaggggga gacccaagaa ttctacaagc gagagtttca caagacagaa agaaaggtga     28680
     aggtgaaagg gtcaggatat cctgtcagtg tcaccccgaa acccaccctc tgtcattgcc     28740
     agactctcac ctgccgtgtg ctgggtgcca gtctggcctt ggatgtttct gagagctcac     28800
     agaatggaga agctcctaag aggccctttg gtctagcccc accccaggcc ccgcctatct     28860
     actctccacc tccggttcat catcactgtc accaagaagt ccagtgtccc aagagccacc     28920
     tagaaataag acaaaggtca aaaggaatgg aattctgtag gaagcaccaa ctctgaagtg     28980
     gcaaggacgg atttacacac ctccacctaa taaaaggtct gcttctttct tgctgcctaa     29040
     tatttttgtg gtactgaaaa ccgtgcagag tccagatttt aatgtgagag acagtgaggg     29100
     aagtactgaa agatcatcga gtggtgtagt agaacagcat tatacaagca tcttcaggcc     29160
     ctagaaggta agattggcac agactgcccc agccagagca ggcaggaggt aggtgccaag     29220
     gttagggctg ctgagccatg cgtgaccagc aggtgtcagc atcgagccaa aacgctggag     29280
     tacagagctt aatagcttta aagggcctga taaatgaggg tagactccaa tgaggcaaaa     29340
     ctacaccttt aatcccagca ttctggaggc agagacaatc caatctttga gttcaaggcc     29400
     agcctggtct acagagtgag ctccaggcca gccagggctg catagtaaaa ttcttgtctt     29460
     ggaaaaacca cccacaactc cagctccagg aattccagtg ttctcttctg gcctccagag     29520
     tcacctgaat aaatcagtac atgaacatac acttgggcac acacagacac acaaatcttt     29580
     aaaggagtga attatatagc tttcttcagc acagattgag aacccaaaaa aaggccttag     29640
     gattcaggga tttaaaaact gatttggggg cttccagaga ctggagtcag cgactccatg     29700
     gctcagtgac tcactgatct tccagatgtt ctgactttta ttcccagcac ctatatctgg     29760
     tggttcataa ccactagtta gttccagtgg atctaatacc ttctggtctc cttggatacc     29820
     tacacacatg tagaatacac atacatacaa acaataaaag tctttaaaaa catatttagt     29880
     gtgtgcatgt gtgtagacca gagaacaatt tatttattta tttatttctc tctctctttc     29940
     tttctttctt tctttcggtt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct gactgtccta     30000
     ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagactaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc     30060
     tgcctcccaa gggctgggat taaaggtgtg tgccaccacg ccgggcttca gagaacaatt     30120
     tctgatgtca tcttcaggaa cctggtctgg ttcactttct ttgaggcata gtttcactgg     30180
     cctgtctcag agtttctatt gccatgatga accaccattc ttggggagga aagggtttat     30240
     tttgcttaca cttccgtatt ataatccatc attgaaggaa gtcagggcag gaattggtgc     30300
     aaaggtcata gaagacaatg tttatcacat tactttctca gcttcttttc atatggcacc     30360
     caggaccacc agcccacgtg cccacagtga tctggtccct cccatattag ccatcaacca     30420
     aaataaaata aagcaccgca cctgtatgtg ggggtgcaca cttttagacc cagcattggg     30480
     gaggtagagg aaggcaggtc tctgtgaatt caaggtcagt tttagtactt agtaagtaat     30540
     gagccattga gagaacctat ctcctggaac tcgctctgta gaccaagcta gcctctgcct     30600
     cctgagtgct aggattaaag gtgtgtgcca tcatcttcct gctaaacttt ttttcttaaa     30660
     agtccatgga aatgagaact cggagggggc tctgcgttct ggagtggcac tgcttggtcc     30720
     ggtggctggg tgagggctgc tggtgtcacg tttgaggaga actgcgagtg tgtttggcat     30780
     atccccgtcg ggatcccagc tacgatgagt gctgcccggg agtctcaccc acatggggtg     30840
     atacgtttag cctcccctga cgatgatctt ggatctagca attgggaggc agcagactta     30900
     ggcaatgaag aaagaaaaca aaagttcttg agacttatgg gtgcaggaaa gaaagaacac     30960
     actggtcgtc ttgttatagg agatcacaaa tcaacatctc acttctgaac aggggaagaa     31020
     gacaagaaaa ttaatgaaga gctggagtct cagtaccagc agagcatcga cagcaaactg     31080
     acggtatcgg cggcactgcg gactcggctt cagtgaggta gaagatcatt atggagaaga     31140
     tgatgtggct agagatgacg atgaagacga ctcccctgat gctgagagtc cagatgactc     31200
     ggacagtgac tctgagtctg agaaggagga gtctgcagaa gagcttcatg ctgctgagca     31260
     tcctgacgac acagaagacc cgaagagcaa aaaagatgcg aagagcaatt ataagatgat     31320
     gtttgtcaag tccagtggct cctaactacc aaacacctag tctttgtatt aaaagtaaac     31380
     cttattgtta taatgcacag tggaggactg cttatagagc acagacctct gtattataat     31440
     ttttttaaaa aggccctttt aaataactac aaagagtgtt tgctttcaaa tgccgtgggt     31500
     tacatttctc caggcatgac tataaccatt tttgtaaaga gtccgagttg tataaaatga     31560
     gaaataaatg ctgtactcag cttcccttca tattagcatc atctgccctc tccccgccgt     31620
     ttgcctctgt aggtgcatta tgggggacac ttgtttgttt gtggcagctc cttcatcttc     31680
     atcttttggt ttgttcctac tttgctctta cataattcat ctgatactgt gacgtgtttc     31740
     cttggttata ctttgttaaa gtagacctgt ccatcatgga gttggctgcc accagccctg     31800
     ctgcagacca tcactgacag tccatgcttg tttagtcttt gctcgtggac cagagcaagc     31860
     acaggacact tatgtgtgga cgtgccctgt cacatcattc aaaggttgca aacccaaaat     31920
     gtctttatat aagttgattt tactgtatgg taaagttttt gataaaattt ggccagtttt     31980
     tacagaagaa attatttctc tgctcattta gtcctgtgta tttagaaata tgtaaaactg     32040
     gattttttaa aaggtactat gtgaccaaag ttcatttttt cctcctaagg tctaaataaa     32100
     gagaaagcag tttccacctc cccccaaaaa aaagagagaa ctcagcactt accctataag     32160
     atgtctacca tctatgggac ccatcacacc tagctaaaac accaggcagg caaggcagga     32220
     cacaccgtaa gaccagtgca ggaggtaaag accagagggt cacatttgct ggccagccag     32280
     tctagaaaaa atagattcgc tccagattca aggagagatc tcagaaaaac ataaaagtgg     32340
     agggagggac tatgggaggg gttgaccagg agacgggcag tgagcaggat gtaaggtgaa     32400
     taagtataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat agtaacaacg ataattttaa     32460
     aagatataag gtggaggaag acatccactc acacgtatgc acacacacac agttgtagtg     32520
     acctttttgg aattttggtt tctttaaaaa acaaatataa gttttgttta atcctaagta     32580
     tgggatatgg agctgcttca gactgcagca gctgactgtg atttgccttg tactctagca     32640
     aggatgtgct tttttggaat tctggggact ttttagcagg tatataaatg ctagggccct     32700
     gaaaggggtg ctgagttgtt ggctgtttgc tgtaagtcaa gatgtgttaa gtagtcttgt     32760
     gcaaagaaga aacaactaga atttagatat cctgaagcaa aggtcaaatt tgccccaagg     32820
     cacttgacac ctcttggcag gactagtcta aggactagtc cttagactgc cccctttcct     32880
     ctccatcctt tattctcttc tatctagtgt taagagggtg aaagtgtgca aagaggaagg     32940
     agggggagtc tagagagatg gcttagtgct taagagcact tactcctctt ctgaaggtcc     33000
     cgaattcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtga ctcacaacca tctgtaatga gatctgtcac     33060
     tttcttttgg tgctgtctaa agacagctac agtgtactaa attaaataaa tgtttgggca     33120
     aggggggctg actggagcaa gtcatctcag ggattggttg gttttggttg tctagacagg     33180
     gttcctctgt gtagccctgg ctatcctaga actcactctg aagaccaggc tgatcttgaa     33240
     ctcacaaata tcttcctgcc tctacctccg aagtgctggg attatattgt gtgccaccac     33300
     cacccagctt ggaggaagtg ctcttaacag ctgatccatc tccagcccct ccaccttagt     33360
     ttttgaaata ggatgcctca ctgaacacag agctcacgga gtatccagac tgtctggtca     33420
     gccaatccca gaactctcct gggtctgcat ccctagcacc aagttgctgc caccatacct     33480
     ggcttgcctg tggtgatggg catccaaact caagtcttca tgcttaagca gcaagtgctt     33540
     caccaagtga gccatctccc tggtgttttg actacagctc tcactgtaat ccaggcaggc     33600
     atctctcaca ttctcctgcc cagtgctcct aaggtcgaaa actacacagg ctagtaatcc     33660
     cagcttctca ggaagggaag gcagaccaga gggtgacaag ttcaaggcct acctgaagtg     33720
     caatatgaat tagagtttgt atggcatttt agtgatactt ccagctggga aacgaagctc     33780
     aggaatgtaa ctgagtggtg gagctcaagt tgtctggtgc tttccaggcc ttagggatgt     33840
     ttattcccag tgttgccaga tggaaaaaga aaggggtggg ggaatgaaaa tacagtaaac     33900
     atttcttgga gaaggtggtt tgtgttttgt tttgttttca agataaggtc tctgtgtagt     33960
     ccttgctgtc ttggaactct ctctgtagat caggctggcc tggaactcac agagatccac     34020
     ctgcctctgc ctcttccgtg ctgaggtgct gagtgctggg attaaaggca cctgccacca     34080
     ccactcagtc agtttaaagt tcttcccctc cccctgttaa ttaattaatt aattaattaa     34140
     ttaattaatt aatttgttct ccttacatcc tgacctaaaa agttcttaac ttcatgatca     34200
     agctgccaac tctattcacc tctgcagccc tgactcttgt ctttttttgt ctcttaatta     34260
     tttattagtg tgcctggtgt atgattaaag atataagtac actgtagctg tcttcataca     34320
     caccagaaga gggcattgga tcccattaca gatggttgtg agccaccacg tgtttgctgg     34380
     gaattgaact caggacctgt ggaagagctg tcagtgctct taccaaccgc tgagccatct     34440
     ctccaacccc cgagtcatat ttcttttttg catccaccag tccctagaga ttgttgtcat     34500
     caggactgcc agtgaccccc tggtcacatt agctcttaag cctttatccc tttgtcccct     34560
     tcatggcatt tgacccctct gacctctctt tccttcctgg aagtattctc ctctgtaacc     34620
     tccaagggtt ctttttctca tgacagagac aagtggctta ataaatattt ctcaaatctg     34680
     tgaatggctt ccccaacctc tactaagtgt gggtggtctc taaggttaca tcttcaggca     34740
     cccccttttg ctatgcattc ttttcaactg agataatccc caccccagtt acaatgactg     34800
     cgtggtactc accaagaatc caagtgtccc actgaggtct ttctgctaag cttgagcccc     34860
     acatagatca tgatttgttg ggtatttcca ttttactttt ggtatgtatt caccactaca     34920
     cacctttgct cccagcactc agaaggcaga ggcaagtgga tctctacgag ttcaaagaca     34980
     gcctggtcta tatagtacgt tccaggccag ccaaggctac ataatgagac tgtctcaaaa     35040
     cacctaacta aatgaaaaca ggaaatttgc ccttcctgtt ctccatcatg gtacaggacc     35100
     aggttgaaaa ggagaacctg tccagggact tcaaatccac aagcacagcc tcaaagtcag     35160
     tgtgggaaga cagagacagg ctggcctgtg cagccacagc cagacaccaa agctaaagcc     35220
     accagcaagg cctttggcat caggataaat gaaaagacct tgttgactgc acggagggtc     35280
     tagggcagat gaaatcctgg agaaagctct gaaggagccg agttaggaaa cgacaaaatt     35340
     atcaggggct ggaaacttca ggcttggagg ccatgaacac actagacatc aaaacagtcc     35400
     aagcattggg agccagggcc agggctcctg tgtggtgctg catatgccag gtttcagcaa     35460
     cacaggccag agtgcaggac aagtttcact ggaaccaaac acagaaccag caaagaggct     35520
     gtgtgctggt tccaacagaa atatgacgag ttgtttccgg caaataaatt taatccaaaa     35580
     ggctaataaa ctttttttta aagaaatgta ataaatgaat aaaaacagga agtttggtta     35640
     aaaaatacaa caacaacaac aaaacagcct cactctttag tcctgctggc ctggaactca     35700
     tcataccatt tgtctctatg tagccacact gatcttctat tcagagcaac cctcccccag     35760
     cattcagcat gctaaccata catttgtgca ccaccactcc cagcaggaag ccatctcctg     35820
     tcttctttat ccctagcact gggttataat gtctggcaag caataggcag aggataagta     35880
     aatgcatcaa agattaaaag ggacatagtg gggtggggta gattaaaagc tgggcgctgg     35940
     ctccagctct gtcaagccga gttccctcat gactgatgag agaatgacct cagctaggct     36000
     acagacaagc cagtgatgga cgccatattc aggacatggt gagctctgag ttcagtcttt     36060
     agccgtgagt ttaaggctag cctgagcaac atacaaacga acaaaaacca aatgatgggt     36120
     tctacttatt gttccacctg ctgtcctctt gcagcacatt taataaactc ctttacttta     36180
     aaattttaaa aacaagtgag ctgggcagtg gtggcacatg cctttaatcc caggccttgg     36240
     aagacagagg caaatggatc tctgtgagtt tgaggtgagt ctggtctgca aggccagggc     36300
     tactgagaaa ccctgtcttg acaaaactaa taataataat aataatacca aaagaatatt     36360
     gtaatttaac attgttttgt ttttgagact ggatctcact atatagccct ggttggcctt     36420
     gaactctcct agcagaccag gatagttgta aactcctcta cctctggaat tcagggatta     36480
     aaggtatgag ctatcacacc aaacaattat tcagcttttc tttctctctt tctttctttt     36540
     ttttttttag attaatttat ttattacatg taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacacac     36600
     cagaagaggg cgtcagatct cgttacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat     36660
     ttgaactctg gaccttcgga agagcagtcg ggtgctctta cccactgagc catctcacca     36720
     gcctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     36780
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttttta tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg     36840
     ctgtcctgga actcactatg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcttc     36900
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaagcatg tgccatcacc acccagctca ttcagctttt     36960
     aaaaacatct ttgtatgcat gctcatgtgt gaatttagtt tttgagagag tttcactaca     37020
     tacatagccc tggttgatct ctctcagcaa ttctcctgcc tcagtctcct gagtgctggc     37080
     attgcaggca tgagccactg tgaaagctgg gatgctggca ttacagacat aaactgaacc     37140
     acaaggcttc aacttttttt tttctttgaa gcagggtgcc atgtagtcca agctatctgg     37200
     aacacactaa gtagctaaga cagcagctaa gcttcctttc tctactgcca aaatgctggc     37260
     agcacaggct tgtgtcacca tttttcttta atttactgga ggtagcataa aatcacccag     37320
     gaacgcagga aggaccccaa agcctagaat atctgtaatt aataccattt gctcctcttg     37380
     tacatggtca aaacgtttct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct     37440
     ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct     37500
     ctcccctccc ctcccctccc ctccccctcc actcccctcc cctcccctcc ccctccactc     37560
     ccctcccctc ccctctcctc tcccctctct tctcctctcc tctcttttcc tctcctcttc     37620
     gatagggttt ctttctgctc ctgactccct ctgtagacaa gtctggactc acactcagac     37680
     gtctgcctac ccttgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc acaagccacc attacccagc     37740
     taaaacatta gttttcaatt gtctacattt ttgtcttcct agtcttccta cattaacgct     37800
     cattgttaat tgtttcgctt ttttaaaaat tagttttatg tattttttgt gtatggtgtt     37860
     ttgtctgcat gcatgcctag attacctgta tttgtattta tttaagacag gatcgcccat     37920
     tgtcctggag ctaaccatgc gagcaagtct gtctagccag tgagccccag gtatctactc     37980
     tctttgcttc gccagtgctg tggcatctaa gtgtattcta gatggccatt ttgttttgtt     38040
     tttcaaaaca gggtttctct gtttagtcct ggctgtcctg gaacttactc tatagaccag     38100
     gctagcctca aattcataga aagctgcctg cctctgcttc ctgactgcag ggactaaagg     38160
     tgtgtgccac caccatccat tccctaggtt ttttgtttgt ttgttttaaa tattggttct     38220
     ggggattgaa ctcagtttac ctggcaagca gtttactaag ctgactttac caacagcact     38280
     tatatccttt gcatattgaa cttagtcttt caggaagcat tcactgagca ggataaagca     38340
     tggcggtcta tgggttcata gtttactagt taataaagcc acacacagcc agcactcagg     38400
     aggtagaggc tgatgggttt ctgagtttga ggccagccta gtttacagaa tgagtttcag     38460
     gacagccagg actacaggga aaacttgtcc taaagaaaca aacaaaaaaa gaactggtgg     38520
     tgatgatgat atcacatgct acaatagggg aggtgtgggt ctggggagac agcttggtgg     38580
     gtaaagtgcc tggtgctcag acgtggagat ttgaatgaat ttggatcccc agctcccacc     38640
     agaagtcacc tgtcttggtg gaatgtgtgt tgtgtattca gagaatctca ggggctcatt     38700
     ggccagcaag tctagcaaaa aagttgaatc ccagcttcag tagaagaccc agtctcaaaa     38760
     agtaaggaag aaagcaccac aggaggacac ctagccttgc tctggcctcc atacttgctg     38820
     gcacacacac aagcagggag gtgtgcagca ctggagactg taacacagaa gatagcccaa     38880
     ggataggaac ttcagcctgg tgtagtagca cacacctgta atcccagaat tcactgggaa     38940
     ggcagaggca ggaggatcac tgaagtgtga ggccagctgg tctacacaga gttccaggca     39000
     accagggcta ctcagaaaca agaaatctaa gacttttatc tgaaccctaa aatatgagta     39060
     ggaattcatg gggcaggaaa gaggtacaga ctggaggttg aagaaagttc cagacagagg     39120
     aaacagagtg tgaagacagc gtggaggagg aggcagcatg aggaagaccc taaggtgcat     39180
     actggaggaa gctaaaatac caacatagct aagccatgca atggtggtgg tgtgtgacaa     39240
     aacttttcct ggggacacag aatacacatc tattcacccc aaagtccaac ttggtggacc     39300
     aatgagtttt actagggtta tttacaggaa tatgggtgag gagttactta caggagcaga     39360
     aatgactcaa agacaacagc atctccaagc ccactccagc atggataaca gctcacaaaa     39420
     gctgagagcc tggagcacac tgcaggtggc tcggcaggtt ggagactgtt gttctgggtg     39480
     ccttagctgg gctaaacctc tgcctgctca gagctctttg cagctaggct tccttttgtt     39540
     tgagaaccat cctttcattg ctctctaggg cagcaagact gacaagtgaa tctggtcaat     39600
     ttcagggagt tcctgaagct tctttgagtt gtgtgcttaa ggagcttcat accagatggg     39660
     atgtttcaat cctcagagga aacagttaca cagcagatgg caaggcagga ggactgtgat     39720
     caaggccaag ctggaccaca aagagacctg tctcaaagag tcaaaaacaa agataaaaga     39780
     cagagccggg caatggtggc acacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc     39840
     agatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccacagcta     39900
     tacagagaaa ccctgtcttg aaaaaccatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agacaggcta     39960
     gagggctgga gagatggctt agctattaag agcactggct gcttgctctt ccataggtcc     40020
     tgagttcaat tcccagcaat cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatgg gatctaatgc     40080
     catcttctgg tgtgtgtgtg cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     40140
     cagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaaggaaa gatatcagtg tagaaatgaa     40200
     aagccaggta ttgtggtgta tgcttttaat ctcagcactt gggggacaga agcaggcaaa     40260
     tctctctgag ttcaagacta gcctggtcta catagtgaac tctagcacag tcaggggtat     40320
     atagtgagac ctgtcttaac aaaacaacaa ccaaacagat gagcaaataa aaataaaaag     40380
     aaagtattaa aaataaagga aagaatgggc tgtctttcac tggctgcttt tgtcgaaaag     40440
     tttggttcag tccccatcat ccacacccca cccatctata tcttcagttt catgggatcc     40500
     agcgccccct tctgacctcc acagacattg catgcatcta ctacacatgg acgcatgcag     40560
     gcaaaacata caatatatat atggctcaga tggtggcatt agtctataat ccagtacttt     40620
     acaggtggta acaggaagat cacaagttct gggccagagt ctctcttaca gtaatgatta     40680
     tcagtgttag acttggcact gcacacgtat aaccccagca ctcagaaggc tgagacagga     40740
     agattgctga ggcttgaggc tagcctcgtc tacatagaga gcagcaggcc actcaaggct     40800
     acagagcaag gacctctgtc agtaccccac cagcaacatc gtaattacag tgactaaaac     40860
     aattgtcaaa ggatggatgc tgtacgatgg cccctggagt cctggccgac ctggtgaacg     40920
     aggcaggaag attgtttgaa cagcctagaa atttgtcgtc accttgggca gcaacttgag     40980
     actcagtctc aattaaataa aagaagatgg ccgggcgtgg tgagtctcaa ttaaataaaa     41040
     gaagatggcc gggcgtggtg gtgcacacct ttaattccag cactcgggag gcaggggcag     41100
     gtggatttct gagtttgagg ctagcctggt ctacaaagtg atttccagga cagccagggc     41160
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaacca aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa     41220
     aagaagatag atttgaagat gtagaattat gtttctaagt agaaagaaaa agtacaaatt     41280
     tattcaatga atgtattaac aattaaaccc tactagcctg gcacggtagg tggaggcaga     41340
     agggctgggg ggggggggtg tccaaggtca tcagtgggag aggggagggg tatgtgaggc     41400
     tccatttcaa gtgaaaataa atgtgtgtct gagaagatgg cctagccaca cgatcctgac     41460
     aatctaagct tcccaaggct ccggtaaaaa gcaggatgca gagccactca acctggagtt     41520
     cacactccca aggcagctga gggttggaga caggagaacc cttgtaagct tataagccag     41580
     cctgggcctc acagcacagc agcagaaaca agagagacct tgcctcagga tggtggaggg     41640
     agagaaccga cttgtagaca ttgtcttctt accttcacat ggaccctaca ggcagatctc     41700
     tctgagattg aagccagcct ggtccacata gtgaattcta ggacagccaa agctacacag     41760
     aaaaaccccc gtttcttttc ttttttcttt cttttttttt ttagatttat ttatttatta     41820
     ttattatttt ttttaaagat ttatttattt attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcctc     41880
     agatactcca gaagagggca tcagatctca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt     41940
     gctgggattt ttgaactcgg gaccttcgga agagcagttg gtgctcttaa ccactgcacc     42000
     atctcaccag cccttttatt tatttttttt attttgtttt ttttgagaca gagtttctct     42060
     gtatagccct ggttgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctct aactcagaaa     42120
     tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggca tgcaccacca tcgcccggca     42180
     aaacccccgt ttcaaaataa aagtatgcat tttattttat gtggatgaat gttttatctt     42240
     caatgtatgt gcaactcttt gcatgcccag tacccacaga tgtcagagga aggcagctcc     42300
     tctggaacta gaattacaga tgttatgagc tgctggaaat ggaattccag tccagtcctc     42360
     tgcaagagca accagtgctc ttagccacca accaactctc tcatcccagt gtttcctcac     42420
     tgcctggttg catgctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca     42480
     ttctttcttt ctcttagatt tatttactca tagcaatgct ctgtctgcat gtctgtctga     42540
     aagttagtac ccattacaga tggttgtgaa taaccgtgtg ggtgctggga attgaaccca     42600
     ggacctctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta atcacagcca tctcaccagc ctcactgtct     42660
     tctttcctaa catcaagaaa gaacaagaca ccttgacaag tcattccctt actaaagaac     42720
     ttaaaacaga gttcactgct tccaaatagt ttgacccaga ccagcttggt gctccaggcc     42780
     ttctggagcc aggttcccct ttcctttccc ctactcagaa ccagtgtctt ttgcacacac     42840
     gagcctcatg ggaccttttg ctgttcacga ttcaggcgtc atgcttacca cgtaaaagct     42900
     tttatttaaa cattgtcctc ttttaggaac attttctcct atcttcaggc atactcccat     42960
     caaaattccc tgaccctcaa gataaactat ctgtagcagg ctagaaataa aagtcactgt     43020
     tagaatgttt acttagcata tcatcaaggt cttgggtttc ttttttcagc actgaaaaaa     43080
     aaaagagtaa ttaaaatgta tccattatct tctcttggaa acaccaagac tgcacaagct     43140
     ggccttgaac ccctcctctg gcccccacct acagaaccca aattccaaat agttttgtca     43200
     taattagctt ttggggtgtt tcttttgaaa atattttgaa atattattta gattttcctt     43260
     tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccaa     43320
     gctggcccca aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggca     43380
     tgcgccacca ctgcccggct ttgtttagat tttttaaaat gtgtttttat tttgatttgt     43440
     tgggccttat tcacttgttt tgaaatgggc ttcatcacct ctctatgtaa tccttgcttc     43500
     tgggcctcat gtataccagg ctgcccttaa actcacagag attctcctgc ctctgcctcc     43560
     cagtgttggg attcagggtg tgtgttacta cactctccat gtaaagtgtt ttgcctgcaa     43620
     gtgtgactgg tacccaaaga gatcagaaga agccgttgac tcccctgcaa ctggtgttat     43680
     ggatggttac gaaccatcct atggatgcca ggacctgaac ctgggtcctc tgaaagagca     43740
     aacacttagc ctctctgcag ccctggcctt gctctttaat ccttagtaaa ccgtaggtct     43800
     tgttttaact cggataatga cagatactct tgagcctctg atcttcctgc ctctacttca     43860
     cgactgctgg gatacagtat aggtagacac caacacccgg gttacaggta tcggggattg     43920
     aatccagggc tttgtgcatg caccctacca acagagccac attccccaac catagtggtc     43980
     gctatctttc ttgtagaatg ttttaccaca gctgggcatg gtggcatcta cctttaatcc     44040
     cagcactctg aaagtagaga cagggggatc tctgggttca acactagcta ttgttattgc     44100
     tttgggaaac tttttttttg taatttattt agatttttaa aaatgttatg tgtacataac     44160
     agaatgagtt ctcggacagc cagatctaca cagaggaatc ctgtctcaac tcttcctgca     44220
     cacaaaaata gttttagaga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgagagaga gagagagaga     44280
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagatgta gcacattgtg tcagtagagc tcatcctgtg     44340
     agagctgatt cttttctttc actatgtgga cctcagggat tgagctcagg gttgtaaggc     44400
     tcggcagcag atgcctttac ccactgagcc gttgtctctc caacccaccg aagtcatata     44460
     tttttttaag atttatttat ttattatata taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacacac     44520
     cagaagaggg catcagatct cattacagat ggttgtgagc cactgtgtgg ttgctgtgaa     44580
     ttgaactcag gacctctgga agagcagtaa gtgctcttaa ccgctgaatc atctcttcag     44640
     cctgaaagtc atatttctca atgtgggata ataagccaca gtaaattgtg cttgagttgt     44700
     ttaatatgta ttgtgctgaa ttaaggtttg atctttctta aattcttaga attatgtttt     44760
     aatccatata tactaaccta ttcagtaagt tcatatttta atgaatatct aagtcccatg     44820
     ctaaaagata ggaaacattt aaacctccac atgttatgta tctttctcct aaaaattctt     44880
     taaaaccttt agaacagtct ctaactctct ctcaagacag ggtttctcag gccgggtggt     44940
     ggtggtgcac acctttaatt ccagcacttg ggaggcaggg gcaggtggat ttctgagttc     45000
     aaggccagcc tggtctaaag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct     45060
     gtctcgaaaa caaaaacaag acagctttta tttattgtca ttgttgtttc tgtgtgtgta     45120
     aatgctacag tatgtgtgga ggtcggagat aatgtttgag atttggttct atccttccac     45180
     catggtttct gggtatcgat catttttttt ttaagattta ttttatttat atgagtacac     45240
     tgtagctgtc ctcagacaca ccagaagagg gcatcggatc tcattacaga tggttgtgag     45300
     ccatcatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctttga aagagcagtc agtaccctta     45360
     actgttgagc catctctcca gcccctctgg gttccaatct taagcccata ggctttgaaa     45420
     caagtgcttt tactcattaa gccatttttc tttgctggtc tatgttccat aattttactg     45480
     tctgttaaac cactttggct ccaggatccc tcagcagtta accgtgttgt agctattatt     45540
     cctttcccat tctgtttatc tcatggcttc ctttgacctt aagtctagga gtctgtcttg     45600
     tttctcactg tcatgtctgt gtgtgaatct tattgcagga cagtttgttt gcccatttat     45660
     ttattctatt caggaccccc cacacacaca cacacactca attaaggctg ctgtagaaat     45720
     tggtaactca acagtttttc cctttagtcc agagaccaag ctgtgggtag aagtacccac     45780
     tcagacaaca ctatcttaga atgtcagtgt ctcccaggcc acccacattc cagggaattt     45840
     tgaaaatatc ctttgtgcca gccccacgca aggaaaaatc ttagcaggca acaccaaggt     45900
     gaaagccaag cagaattgtc taaagtagcc tccttcttcc tcttcactga cattcctcaa     45960
     aagaaaggcc ctttattggg gtccctcggt cttggggaca aggagcaggt tttgccattt     46020
     ggaaggatgt tcaagagcct tttgaggaag tgggacacac taatctcgcg catctgtagg     46080
     gtcagggtag ctgttcactc tctctctttg atgtctctgt atttttctga atcaattggt     46140
     cttggtctcc acctggcttt gagctttagc cctcctacct gtcctctttt gtcaaccatc     46200
     tgtctcctga cagccagcgt ctagctttca gacttagttt ctggcatggt ggctcagggc     46260
     tgacctgttc agactgtgga ggtcggtggg gagatgatgg gcacaagata agtcggagga     46320
     tactttcgct tcttaggcct cctaaactac atgcaggcct tcttattggg gtcaggatga     46380
     atatgaacca gagaaatcac acggagatgc agaagagaca cagacagaag cttaggaagg     46440
     agaatgcgga gggacaaggc aggagactcc catgagagca gggtcgccta agtcgttgat     46500
     ggaagtgagg gaggatcgcg caggctctga cagcccagcc cagccgaggc cccctggttt     46560
     cctgtctctc ttctcgtgtt gtcttccttc ctgattgtga cacttctgtc tgtcgggact     46620
     tcttttctac cagcctgtct gtgtgcgtgt gtcttatgtc ctcgtctcag agattgtccg     46680
     tgggtctttc catctcgtgc ctgactctgg tctcaggctc accctctccg tttagctctg     46740
     ggtggaccgt gcgctcggcg cccctccttc ttgtagtatt attggtgaag aggtggcaag     46800
     gaggcagtgt ctatcccgcc gcttagtatt ccattgggcg gcgggcccga gaggcggacc     46860
     ggaggcgggc ccggctggga ggcgggcggg gcggctgggg ccgagcccag agccccgggc     46920
     ggtcgcattg ttttcctccg ccgatctgcg gcgggaatag gggctcgtac tcggacccga     46980
     ggctcttgta acccgacagt gccctggagt ctaaatctaa gcacggacgt tcgtcacatc     47040
     ttgccgaagc cccaaccacg gattgcgaac tctgcgaggc gcggagctag gggccgcctg     47100
     ctgctccctg gaccttgctg acccggatct cggagcaagt accttggggt agggatgtag     47160
     ctatagggag ggaaaggagc gctacaagag agggtcaagc tcctaagtgt cacagggact     47220
     cgagtgggtc cagcgcgtcc tgtgcctggc agagttaggg tgcgtggagg aggaggggac     47280
     cgtggccgag cccagctgca ctgatgggcg tagggtgtag gcttcttttc cgactggtcg     47340
     tagtcgcgtc ccgtaagatt gggggtcatg gaaggaaggg gtgggctttt tttttttttt     47400
     ttttttgagg cgcgcacaat gcagagggtg ggaagcccag caccttgcct ctccctcggg     47460
     aaactgaggc tccaagacct atggagaagt agacctctac acccctgcgg ggactgggag     47520
     ggggacaagt ccttctggac atcggtgtcg gggttgcttc cctgtccttg tgcaggctgg     47580
     agtctgagca ctcctagggg gaggggtcgg cttgggcgaa gagtccagga gccgggccag     47640
     ggagaagcat cgttccccgc gctcacctcc acgcttcacc tcattccgcc ctgggctttg     47700
     ttagactggt ctcccacgga ggagagcggg cctggcgaca gcatcctagt tcacctaccc     47760
     actccgcgcg ggcctagggc ccgccctcgg ctattccagc ctctagtcct gtttccctag     47820
     tctgggagac ccgcctccgt cccccaaacc cagatctcat tcccacttga tctgcgcctg     47880
     caggcccctc cagcccctcc tcccgctaac gtggctctgg gacccggtcc cggcccagac     47940
     gctgctaccc gcccctcctc ggagccccgg atccagtgaa ggggagacac gtcgagcccc     48000
     tggccccagg cccgtctcaa gctaggcgca cgggaagctc cagacacctg gtttatccac     48060
     gttgggggtg ggtgggaggg aggataagta caaagcctgg gacggagaga gaaggttagg     48120
     gtaaaaggat tttgaggctc ggtgcacctc ctgagcctcc tgaggaaggt gggcaggggt     48180
     gggcaaccat gtctatgact tcctgctatt gtccccggcc tgcctcccta ttccttcccc     48240
     tgctcctcta gacaccgact atgacctcgg ccactcccca gaggtggctg tctggctaag     48300
     aggaaagaag gggggctggc tgtttcatct ttctatcaag gggaggacct aaaaggagaa     48360
     agaatggcca ggtctctcct tgggatttct ccaggtcaca gcatgcctgt ccccaggcca     48420
     gggattggat gggagccacc cagatgttgc tcccccaaac agcttatggg aagccctctt     48480
     aaagatgtat catactcgag tctagtgggc caaggaaaag gccaaccgag tgtttttaga     48540
     ggctggtcta accccgctga aagtgagcat gtgttggggg gtccttagtg tgagagatta     48600
     ggtaggaggg aagcactgtt tgctctctga ggaaataagg gggtgagggt acttgctatc     48660
     agagcatttg cttggaaatg aagagcatgc aaattagatg caaattagcc tctattgtcc     48720
     ctagctaggg agcttttgca ggaggctgtt ggagtctgaa ggttttaaca tgggagtggt     48780
     catcaggccc cacaactccc agacaaccct ttccccaaca ctagtcctgc agttccagga     48840
     gtttctggct aaaggccaaa agctaccctc atatcttccg gtgcgaagct gccctcattt     48900
     tgtaaccaaa caaaatgcac tccccttagc atctccccaa cactggcttc aacagctttt     48960
     cccaggattt gcacattgac ttttaaagga tgtggtgagg gagatgtgat ttagtctttt     49020
     cccttcttct tttgtccctt cctcccttag atcagagggc tcctatccct cttcatcccc     49080
     acaggaccca ccaccccagg taaggaaagg ctacaactcc taagcacagg ggatagaggc     49140
     aggctctgcc agaggccagg aagagggtcc cgctgttctc cccacttgcc agagaccaaa     49200
     gttgtttcca gggtgaagag agcagttgcc cagggcaact tgagggctgg taggagagca     49260
     taggaggcaa gctgtgtccc tttctcttct gggagtacca acacccggaa acataggttg     49320
     ggagagggag aaagacttgg cctttcaagg gaggggtcct taggtagcta agggctctgc     49380
     ctctggggaa gggggggggt catcattagg tgtttctacc ctgccccttc ctccagctct     49440
     cttggggctc cacctgacgt caaccttccc accagtgacg ctagattggg cttgggtgga     49500
     cacttgggtc ctggcttcca gagtgaaatt attggagaga tggacgaggg cttgccttgt     49560
     aggcccagag tctactctag aagacttgga atggacaact aaggcttgtt gtgatctatc     49620
     acaaaagaaa ggactcctag ctccctgacc tgattaatgg agtcttttca gcacctcact     49680
     tcaatcccaa gggaaggcag gaagctggta cgcacctcct gcagtgggtc tagtcagggt     49740
     cagctggctg ggggaggctg ctgggtggga aggagacatg tctcaccgtc cctttcacca     49800
     tatccatctt ttcttggact ttgggctaca attgcctgtc attgaattat ttatatttca     49860
     atttcagagg cagcctgatg agggaagaag gggagagcgg ggcacgttca gccatttctt     49920
     ctcacccgtc ctttctatcc ttcgttcagc atagggggtg ggtctgctct tctccccacg     49980
     atgagagcat gcattggttc ttaggagcca gggaggcaac agggggctcc gggctgggag     50040
     ggggcccagt ggtcgaggag acagctgcag ccagagctaa atttagcctc tgatctggct     50100
     ttgatgcaga ttcatttttg gctaagacag cccctccatg cacaccccat ccctccctgc     50160
     ccagcttctt cctcagccat gggaacggcc cctgaagtat gagcttcggc tgggtcagtg     50220
     acccccaggc tgtctgtccc tctccttctg ttctttctca gccttagaca ggaccatggc     50280
     tgccgcacag ctgcctttgc ctgggcgcag tgcctacagc actcccaggg tgctgtgggg     50340
     gtctgtgagg ggaggggaaa cagacttggt gccctcttcc ttctccaagt gccaaggagt     50400
     cactatttat aattttaagg cttaagtgtc taattatagc tgagaagggg ttagcacaag     50460
     gggggccagg aggtgtcacc tactgagtgt cccagaccta ggcaggagag aggaagaaag     50520
     gctgggaggg gcagaggatt tgtgctgtcc ttacctgggg tcacaccagc aggcagcaca     50580
     ccaaccagtt tgggccagtt ggagagggaa gggccttgag tgacagacag tgacagctgg     50640
     ctgggagtga ggcagagatg gctctttgcc ccaccccata gggtcttctg gggatagacc     50700
     tggggaggag tctgcctgca acaagggtag agagaactta gtcccttccc cccctttctg     50760
     tctccttact ccagggccgg cacatgggtg agggggtacc ccctggggcg tgagctgccc     50820
     cgcacaggat gccccgtgcc ccccactcca tgcccctgct gctcctgctg ctgttgctgt     50880
     catcgctccc ccaagcccag gctgcctttc cccaggaccc cacccctctg ttgacctctg     50940
     accttcaagg tgagtgctcc acccactttg cccacttggg gggggggggt gcaagtagag     51000
     aatgagagag aggcaaggag tgaggatgtt cccagtctta gggaagctaa gagaatggcc     51060
     aagcaaaggg gaacaaacag gtgggatgag ctggaacctc acgcttctca tccctgggca     51120
     tttcttcact cagaggtagt gttgctaggc ggctaaagat gtgacctcta gctgaacgtg     51180
     atggttgcat gctcacaatc ccagcacttg ggagtctgag ggaggaagac tgctacaact     51240
     ctgaagacag cttgagctct gtagtgagtt ccaggccagt tggcataaca tagcaagagc     51300
     ctgtctcaat agacagacat aaggagtgca aggtcttagc cacaccaaac cacggcaggt     51360
     atgaaaccct gctcatctgc tcgctagatt cgtgttatct aacctttctt agcctcagtt     51420
     tccacatcaa taaaaggaag ataaccatag tgttatatct cgtggtgtta ctcagagatt     51480
     aagtgaggtg acagatgtaa cgcaaatgag gcacagtcct gagaacactg tctggtccag     51540
     attaagcact ttatgtttgt gtgttattct tagctacaaa gtggagtcct gtgccaggcc     51600
     agtggttccc aaaaccctta cttctcctct gcctaccaga gagcctaggt ctcactatga     51660
     cagaaaccat aaatctaccc tttcagagaa aaatccttca cctgtgctct agatgttgga     51720
     tttatattta tttcagttgg gctactaggg gtgactgttg ggggacagat aagactagca     51780
     aatactacat ctgacgcaga tcccagcact ctctctgtta aatcatctgt gaaccctggg     51840
     ttccctcatc aacaccaata cctgaagctt ttatgcccag aacaggtaga caatggagtt     51900
     ggtcacaatg gcgaagtgtt gaaagtcttg agggggattc gaagaggggt aggagaagca     51960
     ggtgctttaa ttatgtatga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     52020
     gtgtgtagga gctgttgtat gacaaaactt ttcctgggga gatggaacac gtctactgaa     52080
     cccagatagg gaggccaaat atggatacca ccaaagtcaa acttggtgaa ctgagaagtt     52140
     ttactggggg tacttacaga aatatgggtg aggggttact tacaggagca gaaatgactc     52200
     agagacagct gtaccaccaa agcccactcc agtatgggca ctagcttgta agctggaatt     52260
     gggagcacag tacacagcct gcaggcagct cacctattgg agagtccttt tcaggtatct     52320
     cagttggcct cttccaggca gtctcttctc tgcagctcag cttcatgtcc tctgaggggg     52380
     accctagctt ttattaactc tgacagggaa agggccaact gaatctggtc agtttcaggg     52440
     agttcttgaa gctgttttgt tatttacctc cctgcgtatg gagctggcca gcagaatgga     52500
     tgttttaatc tcaaggagaa cagaggaggt aggttgcttg gagttggagc tagaggtggt     52560
     tgtgagccac ctgatgtggg agctgggaat caaactctgg ccctggaagc gcagtgcatg     52620
     cccttaatca ctaagccatc tccagcccct tgaaaggaac tttctaacac aaaggtggtc     52680
     ggtcctaaga aggaacttgg ctcaactctg gagcaggccc tgccgcctac atggcagtca     52740
     tgtaaatccc tcagtgcact aagccttgca atggggccaa ggtgaactcc cacctataag     52800
     gttatgaagg aaggtaagtc attcaaatga ctcacagtat ctgatgaaag tgaaatgctg     52860
     ttatggtgtt tttgttgttg tttgtttaac agtttttatt tggggggagt gtacatgcca     52920
     tagtggatga gtgaagacta aaaggcaact tgggaattgg ttctctgcct ccactatgtg     52980
     aactttgtaa tcaggcttgg ctgcaagtat ccaagtatct ctaacctcag agccatttca     53040
     acatcctgtt tctttttttt gtttttgttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctga     53100
     ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagactaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaatcc gcctgcctct     53160
     gcctcccgag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc gccaccacgc ccggcctctt ccttttgaca     53220
     tagcatcttg ccttgtactt gctatgtaac caagtctggc cttaaactct tggcagtcct     53280
     cctgcctcag cctcccctag tgctggtgtg caacactatg cctagcttcg ggtactgttt     53340
     ttagtagtag gttttgggcc tctcttcgtg gctgagttcc atctggtagg aagtacgtat     53400
     catctcagct gccatgctca gtataccacc gtaccctcca ggtgcctctc catcatcctg     53460
     gttccggggc ctggaggacg atgctgtggc tgcggaactt gggctggact ttcagagatt     53520
     cctgaccttg aaccggacct tgcttgtggc tgcccggtaa aatggccgag gcaccgttgt     53580
     ggggcagaca tgcatgatcc tgggcagaca tgggacctgc atggccactg cagcatcttg     53640
     caggggacac atgcaggtgc acaagccatg ggacatggac atgcttggac ccagagaaca     53700
     tatgccaagg catggagtga gggggaggct agggatcagg aactttgtgt ggcttggccc     53760
     tgagctggtg aatatgggta aggaggggct aagcagctca ggcagggtgc ctctgctcag     53820
     ccctgacccc tccttaccta cccttcaggg atcacgtttt ctccttcgat cttcaagccc     53880
     aagaagaagg ggaggggctg gtgcccaaca aggtgagggg ctgtattcga ggaggtgcag     53940
     gcagggagtc aaagctggga aaggtgtaac ggggtcccgg gggctgaaaa agacacctaa     54000
     agaggagccg tgatgcgagg aggggtccag gtgccacacg gcctctcttc ttcctgcagt     54060
     ttctgacatg gaggagtcaa gatatggaga actgtgcagt ccggggaaag ctgacggtga     54120
     ggagtggagt gtaattggag ggaaggcgag gactgccttc aggtagtgcg ccgccatgac     54180
     tacttcttac tccttttcta tctatcccag cccaaaggga agagaattca tcctttttag     54240
     ttccctttat atatcccagg aaaagaaaag ggaggttcgg agaggccaga gagcttgctg     54300
     gaggctgagg gctagttaat agcttgagac ttagccacat tgctctgact ggctcaaaag     54360
     tagtagtgtt actttctgtg acccctaact tcagttccag gcctgtcact gacctagaat     54420
     tttgggttct ctaggacgaa tgctacaact acatccgtgt tcttgttccc tggaactcgc     54480
     agacacttct tgcctgtgga acaaattcct tcagccctat gtgccgcagc tatggggtac     54540
     agagggaaga ggactgggag gagaatctaa aataagcttt cagtttgatg ggaagagatg     54600
     ggcatctggg aatgggagtg ggcattcgtg gggtgcaaga gtgcagagga gctggagaag     54660
     gagatgggtg ggtgtgcact gtacggccag actctaagac cccaaggtta caggaatctg     54720
     cttcctgttc ccagataaca tctctgcaac aggagggtga ggagctgagt gggcaggctc     54780
     gatgcccctt tgatgccacc cagtccactg tggccatctt tgcaggtgtg ctcctgggca     54840
     tgtaagaggc aggcatgtgg ctggagggag ttcctctccc accttgatct ctccccaatg     54900
     tccttgagtg gagggttgag gtaggggctg ggaccaggcc taggtagata tctgtgtaca     54960
     ccagtaggag acaagctgca gattctgagc tttctgtgac cccactcccc tcatctctcc     55020
     agagggcagt ttgtactcag ccacagcagc agatttccag gccagtgatg ctgtagttta     55080
     cagaagtctt ggacctcagc ctccactccg ttctgcaaag tatgactcca agtggcttcg     55140
     aggtcagtca tgcttggggg ctgggctgcc tggggcacac caggactgtg tggggctgag     55200
     tctctgagca ggtatggata ccctttcctg tcactttgcc tcagagccac actttgtcta     55260
     tgcgttggag catggagagc acgtctactt cttcttccga gaagtctctg tggaggatgc     55320
     ccgcttaggg agggtaagga gctgggcacc agggatggat gctggacagt tctcctggct     55380
     cctgaggaac gttcttggcc ggccctaatc ttgaaaacaa attccttgga atcttgactc     55440
     ctccccacac acctctgcat ctgcagctct tatctcggcc cagagggacc tgctatatca     55500
     tttttctttg ctgtgaccct gatatttgtc ccttggagct cttaaatctc actgtgcatt     55560
     tcaaccagct gacgtgtggc tctcactgtc ttctctcagg tgcagttttc cagggtagcc     55620
     cgggtatgta aacgtgacat gggtggctca cctcgggcct tggatcgcca ctggacatcc     55680
     ttccttaagc tgaggctcaa ctgctctgtc cctggggact ctaccttcta ctttgacgtc     55740
     ttacagtcct taactgggcc tgtgaacctg catggccgct ccgctctctt tggggtcttc     55800
     actactcaga ccaataggtt ggtacccagc atccacactc ccttttcatg cctactgagg     55860
     aagcttcaag caaggccagt ttgctgccct ggccaccccc ccccccccga ggctgcccct     55920
     ctaatgtggt gcacagaggg cagctatcac ttcttacctg gcaggagctg tgcagtccct     55980
     gtcaacatct accttgcatc ttttctggct ccctcagcat tcctgggtct gcagtctgcg     56040
     ccttctacct agatgatatt gaacgtggct ttgagggcaa gttcaaggag cagaggagtc     56100
     tggatggggc ctggactcct gtgtctgagg acaaggtccc ctcacccagg tacccagtat     56160
     ggagtggctt ttgggggcag aagcaattcc tgctcttaat gttgggttgt aaggaggtca     56220
     ctgtggccaa ggacaagcat gggctggact aagaggctgc aacaggggag ggaagaaatg     56280
     gtgcaagtgt gcctgcttgc agggaagtaa aggtagccag ccatgtttga gagcttggag     56340
     gtggcgtggg gggcaggggg cggggcacat ggcttaacat cagttctctg ccctaaggct     56400
     gccccttccc atgtgcccac caggccaggg tcctgtgcag gtgtgggtgc agctgcctcg     56460
     ttctcctcct ctcaagacct acctgatgat gtcctgctct tcatcaaggc acacccgctg     56520
     ctggatcctg ctgtgccacc cgccacccat caaccgctcc tcactctgac tagcaggtaa     56580
     tcacgcctcc tgccctcgcc aagcccttct ttttcttgtg tggtccatga ggcgaatccc     56640
     actggggtga gggcctatga agcagtagga tgggaggcag ggcatctcgg tgctcctggg     56700
     agtgctcaag cttcattaga caagctgtcc tcacctgaag cctgtcgctc cagggccctg     56760
     ctgacccagg tagctgtgga cggaatggct ggtccccaca gaaatactac tgtcctgttt     56820
     cttggctcca acgatgggac agtgctgaag gtgctacctc cagggggtca gtctttgggc     56880
     tctgagccta tcgtcttgga agagattgat gcctacagcc atgcccggtg agtgcttcat     56940
     gggggcagga gggtgatggc gatgggggaa taggttgggt actctagtgt tggctggcag     57000
     aattaggggc ttgaggtagg gaaagggact tggtgagaag ctccactgtt gggcagggtg     57060
     gttccatggg ttgtgctcag tggttctgtg catcttctcc acctatcaca tctttcttgc     57120
     cagtgactcg aatggggtca ggcagtctcg ctgtccccat tctcattgct tatggcatca     57180
     aattaggtgc agtgggaagc ggtcaccccg agctgcgcgg cggatcatag ggctggagct     57240
     ggacactgag ggtcacaggc tttttgtggc ctttcctgga tgtatcgtct acctctctct     57300
     cagccggtgt gcccggcatg gagcatgtca gaggtgagag gagcctaagt tccatgctgc     57360
     ctggctacac tttcggggtt agtaggagct cagaaaaatc cccaagtctt gagggtagca     57420
     aggaaatgga ggagagggtg ggcaccttgg gtagtctgaa gtaggcagcc acgagggtct     57480
     ggagcagatt gaagtggatg ggatggaaat actgggggac gggggaggct ctctctcata     57540
     agctagggta aatagagggt aacggtgagt ggaggggtag cagcctcaca cagctcagtt     57600
     tcccctagga gctgcctggc ttctctggac ccatactgtg gatggcatcg atccagaggc     57660
     tgcatgagta tcaggggacc tggtgggtaa gtgagaagcc cctgggcctc ctgaggagag     57720
     tgcacagcca agtgtagggc catagtgtgc tacctcctct tccttctagg actgatgtcg     57780
     atctgactgg gaaccaggaa tccacagagc acggtgactg ccaaggtaaa cacaagggac     57840
     ggcggcagct gcagccaaag ttacatatga ctgtgatggc tactgacaac atcccaggct     57900
     tggacatttg tctttctcag catctgtacc agttacctcc ttcattcctc atgaagcttc     57960
     ccttttccct cattctcacc ctccctcaca tagatggagc gaccgggagt cagtctggcc     58020
     ctggagattc tgcttatggt gagttctggc ctcagtgtcc tgttcccttt cttggcctac     58080
     acaaccaaat ccatttgggc tataagcaga ccttgaacag tcagatgaga ctctggaatt     58140
     gtggactcct gggttccaaa gggggtgggg gggctcttgg tggagagcat acgtctcact     58200
     ggctctgacc tggtctctgt taccagtgct tctgggtcct ggcccttccc ctgagacccc     58260
     cagttccccc agtgatgccc aacaagggcc ccagtcttcc actcttggag ctcacacaca     58320
     gggtaagggg gtcatctggg agggacagta ttgtagtgtg gaactgctga gtctcagagt     58380
     tctaagcccg gtactgattg gtgtttgatg cccactaaca cctgtttgga acctcccttc     58440
     accacagctg gacttcccag ccagtgtcct gcacaggcag tttgcagtta ttcttggcat     58500
     ggctacaggg gctacaactg gtacggggaa tacccccgac cagtgctcta gcccgtgtgt     58560
     ttagggatcc tgagactgtg tggagtgaag ctgagaggca gaatgaaaac ttgctgttgg     58620
     ccccacctgt gcccgttctg tgcatcacct accctaaagc tgagactcct ccctccttct     58680
     tggtcagcag gcgtgcgcag ggacctttcc ccagcctcag cctcccgatc cattcccatc     58740
     ccactcctcc tggcctgtgt ggccgcggcc ttcgctttgg gcgcctcagt ctccggtctc     58800
     ttggtgtcct gtgcttgtcg tcgcgcgaac cgccgtcgga gcaaggacat cgagaccccg     58860
     gggctgccgc gccccctctc ccttcgcagc ctggcccggc tgcacggtgg cggtcctgag     58920
     cccccgcctc cgcccaagga tggagatgca gcgcaaacgc cccagctcta cactaccttc     58980
     ctgcctccgc ccgacggcgg atccccaccg gagctggcct gcctacccac gccggagacg     59040
     acgcccgagc tgcccgtgaa gcacctccgt gcctccgggg gcccctggga atggaaccag     59100
     aatgggaaca acgcctcgga gggcccaggc cgcccaccac ggggctgcag cggggcgggc     59160
     gggcccgcac cgcgagtgct ggtgaggcca ccgccccctg gctgccccgg gcaggcggta     59220
     gaggtgacca cgctggagga actgctgcgc tacctgcacg gccctcagcc gcccaggaag     59280
     ggtagcgaac ctctcgcctc cgccccgttc acctcccggc cgcccgcctc ggagcccggc     59340
     gcctcgctgt tcgtggactc cagcccgatg ccgcgggatg gcgttccgcc gctcaggctc     59400
     gacgtgccac ccgaaggcaa gcgcgctgcc ccgagcgggc ggcctgctct ctcggcccca     59460
     gccccgcgcc tgggtgtcgg cggcagccgc cgattgccct ttcccacaca ccgggcgccc     59520
     ccgggcctgc tcacgcgagt gccctcggga ggcccggcca ggtactccgg ggggcccggg     59580
     aggcacctcc tgtacctggg ccggcccgaa ggccatcgcg gccgctccct gaagagggtg     59640
     gacgtgaagt ctccgctgtc gcccaagccg cccctcgcct ccccgccgca gcccgccccg     59700
     cacggtggtc atttcaactt ctgacggaag ctgctcgcgc ccgcccgtcg aggcgctgga     59760
     ggccgctggc cttcccggac tccgagactc tcccggggcc ccccctctcg cctcggttta     59820
     tttattgact tgtctttccc ctgtcctttg gcgaggaact cgcccctcgg agcgccagca     59880
     tttcagggga cctggccgac tcccactccc cgctcccttc cagccacgct gccttaagtc     59940
     gccgctccgg actcccgcgg actgagcccc gggcgggccg gccggggctg gagccgcgcg     60000
     ctgtgtagag tcctcgggcc tcccggggcc gggacgtgcc tcctcctact gtgtaggagc     60060
     cccctgcttc ccaatacagc cgtgtcccca agccgctgcc tgactttcct cgcggtgcgg     60120
     gaggggaagg agggcgcggc gcccggccct ctgggtaacc gtgctcctga aagtcggcct     60180
     ccactgcagc tcggccccca agtctctccg gagcaattgg cttggcgggt gtcccaccgg     60240
     ggttaatcag gaaaggtttc ctgaaggagg caatcaaaga cctggtgtgt gtgggctgag     60300
     ccggggccca ggagagcagt gggtactgat tgggggtgcc ggggaaggcg ctcagcacgt     60360
     ttctggatag aggtcaggca cctttccacg gcctacactc tggggtggga gagggaactt     60420
     ttggagaaat aaaacgaagc tgctgcgtga tttgaatttc acatcagcaa gtcttgtcct     60480
     agagagagaa cttggcttag aagaatttgg ggtgcgtgag cggtaggctg caaagcagaa     60540
     caacaaaagc cagcagaaga tgagccctgt atcaggtgag ggtttgcccc agcagttggt     60600
     tccctaaggg gcagttccag ttgcttgcta gcccagggct agagcgacta aagtgtgtcc     60660
     atcgcggtgc gccatgactc tggctgcaga gtatcctggg tatcaaaggg agggtgaccc     60720
     ggaactcttg tcccacccac caccctggcg ctaggaccac ttaaagcctc tggtgggtgc     60780
     tggcagcgct ggaggatttg agggaatttg gcaggcgcgt gtcgacacta tctgccctgc     60840
     tccagccact tcccgttggc gcctcctaga ggtccgacca aatcctgcag ctgaacatgc     60900
     cgccagttct ctgttgcttg agagttctga gaacaatttg gccaatagtt ccaaatgtat     60960
     tgtttacctc ttcaccttta cctttgggat ggtaactgcc ttaagcttcc tttctcatct     61020
     gaaataatag gatcgagagg ctcaagtact ataatgtgca aatgctttgt gaaagagaaa     61080
     tcctgagatg gtggtgcctc ccgtagttta ggctgtgtac accaaccttt gtggtcagct     61140
     tttactaaac agtttccctt tgtattatga gttcgactta gagattcccc ccccccatcc     61200
     gccaaggttt ttaacccttc gaatgtctct taacgcagtt cagttaagct taagcaaatt     61260
     ggctaaggat ccttcagaat ttaacatctc tcagcttgga gctttttttc ttttttcttt     61320
     tttttttctt ttttttttct tgtcaggttc agtttattcc tccttgggga ccttaaacta     61380
     tgatgggcgg ttgcttgtat cctcaacagt gctgagttac gaggggtgtc tctttcagtc     61440
     acctggctga ttaacctttt caaaacatga tagctagggc agggtacatc tgtaaatgga     61500
     gcataaggat gttgaattct gtactctcgc tagtctctct caaaagatga agagagagaa     61560
     caagatggtt cagcagggaa agtgcttgtc tgcctagttt agttaccaga agctcatggt     61620
     agaaagagaa ctctctaaaa ttatcatccc acttccttcc acatgtgtgc cattgagagc     61680
     agctcccctc ccccaatctc tctcacaaat cctgaagaga tgagagaggg cctgggatac     61740
     agctctattg gtagaaagca tggcgagcat gtactgacaa ctcttggttt taatccaagc     61800
     accgcaagac atggagaggt ggcacacacc tataattcca gcactctgga aagaggcagg     61860
     aggtccgtga gtcggagggt agcttgggct atgatgtaag gtggtatcag gaaagaagga     61920
     aggaaaaggc agaaagggag aaatggtcac tcaaatagca gatttgagac tggcctaaac     61980
     tctgagaccc aaaatcaacc ccaaaataaa agcagatttg taaagaacta agctgactat     62040
     ggcacttgag aggcacagct ctggtgtaca taagtgagtg ccggccagcc agggcagcag     62100
     agatatccag ttgcaaaaac taaaatagac gtgcagttat cccccaatgt ctatatggga     62160
     ttgatgctag gacagtgacc acatctaaaa taactctgga aattcaagtc tctcgtttta     62220
     aagaacatag tatttgcata tgacccatgc ccagtctgtg gtatacctta aatcattcct     62280
     aggctactta acaatgccta atacgccagg cagtggtgat gcacgtgttt aaccccagca     62340
     cttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatttctga gttggaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag     62400
     ttccaggaca gccagggctt tacagagaaa ccctgtctgg aaaaaatcca acccaaacca     62460
     aaccaaacaa aaaaaacaac aaaaagccaa aaacaaaaaa caatgcctaa tgcaacataa     62520
     atggcatcat tttgtttttg tttttttgaa acaatgttgt cctccaatat gcagtagatc     62580
     tattcttttt tttttttaaa gatttattta tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc     62640
     ttcagacatt ccagaagagg gagtcagatc tcattacaga tggttgtgaa ccaccatgtg     62700
     gttgctggga tttgaactcc ggaccttcgg aagagcagtc gggtactctt accaactgag     62760
     ccatctcacc agccctagat ctattcttga acagatcctc cagcagccat agactcacaa     62820
     gttctgggat gacagatagg agcttcccag tgtgaatata cgttctacca tcaatttagg     62880
     aaataatgat gagcagtatc tctgttcagt acacatacag ttttccccca caaacccagg     62940
     cctcacagat gcaggcagat tccatcatgg agctgcagct cagctttagt cttgggattc     63000
     ttcgtgggca gcagcagtta aagttcaatg tcctgcttat tcctttatct gtgcttttaa     63060
     gagaatgttc acttctccag ctgggaaccc agaacaagtg aaagcaactg tgttgcagta     63120
     agagcaagtc cttgggccct tccttgaaac cttttgttct ttaactaaag ctctccaagc     63180
     ggctgccctc ccccacccca ccccatacac ataacctttc tctctgtagc tttggctgtc     63240
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac cagcctggcc tccaactcag atctgcctgc ctctacttcc     63300
     caagagctgg gatcaaaagt gtgcgccact atgcctggaa ctcaatttct tttctaagaa     63360
     atggaaagaa cataggctaa cagagacttg taaggcatga aatacatagg cttaaatcta     63420
     gcaggttagg taggtgtgtg gtgggccatt gttatctcac tcccttggag tctgtgtcag     63480
     gaacactgaa tccagggcaa gcctggacag catagcttcc tttcaccatc tcccaaaagc     63540
     cccacaatta agtgttctgt aggacgtggt tatttgctca aaataatata ggccaccacc     63600
     aaagaggcaa tcccctatta ctcatgataa ctttctactg gcagattata atagtggata     63660
     gtaaattaag ggatagttgc agacattatt gctaaaagtg gaaagacaaa caaacatcct     63720
     ttttaagttc aattaaaaaa aatctgctcg gcagagtttt gtttctgctt ttttcaggtt     63780
     ctcatgtatc ccaggctggc agtgaacttc tcactctcct gcctgtgtct cctaagagct     63840
     gggattacag gtgtgtgtct ccacttctaa tagaccacac tatcagccca cttgctttgt     63900
     tagtaggaaa agcaggatgt ggcgggagcc tcctcctcag ggacctccga gctaatttct     63960
     caggcatcct aggagattat ggggaaagca gggcctcagc aggctgaagc catcaggtgt     64020
     ctaaggcttt ggggacctga gactcaaagg gttccacaat caagagagct ccaaaagctg     64080
     ctcggcatct tggttcttta ggggcaaagt cacaagggcc tgaacgattt attactcaag     64140
     tttgttgcgt cttacggctg ccaccccaag ctttggagca cacaggtatg agtcactgcc     64200
     attcgaccca gcagatgacc ctttagagct gttgactcct tacatttaag gttatgcagg     64260
     cagggtggag ctcagacaga ctgcttgcta acatgcctga ggctctgcgt ttggtcccta     64320
     gcactgggtc agaagttcaa gataatgctg ggcattgaat ttgaggctag cctgggaaac     64380
     atgagaccct gtctcagtaa agaaaagata gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa     64440
     gaaaagaaaa gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaagaaaa     64500
     gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaag aagaaaagga agaaaggaag ggagggaggg agaaaggaag     64560
     gaaggaagga agaaagaaag aaagaaagga aggaagaaag gaagaaagga agaaagaaag     64620
     agagagagaa ggaaagaaag agagaaagag agagaaacaa agaagcaggt tatatacaca     64680
     aaaccagatt tagtggcata gatgtgtgat ccagctactc aggaggctga ggtagtagga     64740
     ttgccatgat ttagaggaca gactggagta tagtgagacg agagagacag agagagagac     64800
     agagagagag agacagagag agacagagag agacacagag agagacagag agagacagag     64860
     attgagagta attggtatgg aagctggagg taggaacctg ggaaatcata tacttataca     64920
     ctgatccacg tatttcagtc tgttatggtt gtttttgagt ttttaaaaat gttacttgct     64980
     tttatgtata gttgtgttct gtgtgcttgt atatctgtgt accacatgtg tgcctggtgc     65040
     ctacagagac cagaaaaggg catcagatcc cctggaacta gttacatgtg gttatgagct     65100
     gccatgtggg tggtgggaat tgaacctggg tcctctggaa gaacagtcgg tgctcttaac     65160
     cactgaacaa tctccctggc ctgtttctga ttttaaacca ttttttaaag atttattttt     65220
     attttagata tatgagtgtt ttgcttgcat gcatctgtgt actatgtgta taccgggtgc     65280
     ctgcagaggg cagaagaaga tgtcacatcc tggaccttct gcaactggag ttaacatagt     65340
     tatggtcaat catgtgagtg ctgggaatca aacccagggt ctctgcaaga gcaataaata     65400
     tgctcttaac tgctgaacca cctctcaagc cccacctcta gtttcttaaa tgcaatctga     65460
     gatgaatttg gatgtctaaa gcagtccaac tagttggctc agccaataaa ggcgcttgcc     65520
     accaagtctt tttattcagt ctgggacctt agcccatgga atgatgccac ccacatttag     65580
     cgtgggtctt tctacctcag ataacccaat ccagaagctc cctcacaggc atgcctcata     65640
     agcgtgtgtc ttgtgtgatt ctaagtcctg tcaagttaac tgtcagtacc aaccgtcaca     65700
     gtactggtgg ccttctctcc aacatcccct tgcttctcta taactctccc taaaattttc     65760
     atttcttaaa gaggctggcg aaactgcaca gcagttaaga gctctgcctg ttcttccaga     65820
     ggacccggat gggtctgtaa ctccagtccc aggggatctg acaccttctt cttgtctcca     65880
     tgggtactgc atgcacattc atgtggaaca cagacacgca tgcaaggcaa aactcacccc     65940
     attcacataa aaaaaaatca agataaaacg ttttaaaaac tcatttagac ttcttttgtt     66000
     tgtatctatc tctcctggaa ctggagttgt aggtggttgt aaactgacca aggtgggtgc     66060
     tagaaatcaa atgtgggtcc tctggaagag caggcagtgt tctgagtagc tgtggctaga     66120
     ctggaacttg ctatgtaaat cagattgccc tcaaactcac agcaatccac ataccctggc     66180
     tcctgagtgc tgggcttaaa gctaccacac ggggcttctc acaatgctct tctactttag     66240
     gtctggttat aggcactgag tagcccccat gcttttgctc aggagctacc cacgatctta     66300
     atgtattctg gaatctgtta gacgtcttgc acaaaacgtt tgtaggcaca gcaatcatcc     66360
     ggtggctttc attttagctg tccagtgttc cttgcctttt ggctaaggtc aagtgcaagg     66420
     aactcctatc tctagtccac ccaacctccc catcctcctt gtgatttctc tcactaggct     66480
     tttcattcaa cagactctgt tcttgtgttt ctcaaggccc ctcaagctcc cacttttccc     66540
     ttcagccaag tggtgatcct atctatgatg cttcagtaac ctcaaggtta tcatgtggta     66600
     tttacaggcc atacacattt gccaaagaga aatttactga cactaagcct agttcgtggg     66660
     agtgtttggt tttttaatta ctgacttgcc tgctgatgta ggagttggcc tcagccccct     66720
     cttgcctctg cctctgactg ctaggttgag ctaccatgcc agctaagaag ctagctgttg     66780
     aatgcaggta cttagtttat ggttttggct ttagtgtcat cttcctccct tccccctact     66840
     gagattgagc ccagggtctc acatatgcta cgcaagtgta tatccttagc tcccctcctc     66900
     cgtttttgag accaagtcat atatagccca tatgaccaag gaagacctga gtttatcctg     66960
     cttccacttc aaatgctggg cttataggca tgcaccatca tgctcatttt atgacaccat     67020
     gaggctcaag cacagggcct tgtgcacagt agacaaatac tcttaccagc tgagctacat     67080
     ggccaggccc atcaggagtt aaacatcttt gaagagattc actaatttgc tgtgtatgtg     67140
     catgtgagag caggtgccta caggctagag gactcccctg ctgctggggt tacaagcagt     67200
     tgtgagctgt ctaacatggt gtttggagcc aaatctgggc ctctgtagag cggcatgtgc     67260
     tcttacccac tgagtgacct ctccagcctg agtcttttca ttaaaagtat ttattttgta     67320
     ttattgtgct tgtgtttgaa tgtgagtatg ggtgcatgtg tgccacagct caagtgtggg     67380
     tttcctgttt gccactttgt atgccagatt aggaggccct caggtttgct gggattgtcc     67440
     tggctccact gagattataa ctctgagctg tttctctggg ggtagtgtta aaattccttc     67500
     tcaggtccca acggcaaact gaggcaggaa ccaaggagtt tactgctgtc cttacagatc     67560
     ctaaatgagg ggcacttaaa aggggtggca cctggaaagc ctttatctca cagccccatg     67620
     ttcaggctgc ttacttagct acaataggtg gtaaggagcc agagacatca ggtgagaccc     67680
     tctctctctc tccccgcccc acccctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     67740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgcag gacagtcaag ctgtcaatat gcccagttgg     67800
     aatgatcttg ggcagcaaag gggcatagct gattgcccca agatggtggc aattctgttc     67860
     agtcctgtta atacttagct ccttcagtgt ggtgttcctc acatgtgaac aaaactgagt     67920
     gaggggggat ggtagtgtgt gcattgagtc cctgcagagg taggtgaatc tctgagttca     67980
     aggccagtgt ggtctgtaga gtgagttcca gaacaactag agctacacag agaaaccctg     68040
     tctcaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc aaggcaagag ttagggcact gggacttgca     68100
     ggcacacacc acacacccag ttggactggc tcagtagaaa ctgtagcaca cagtaaaaac     68160
     atttttttaa ccatgctgta aagaattcaa caatactgac attttattaa gaaatgtctt     68220
     tattttaaat gatagtacaa aattgtatat ataatataga tctgtatagg tatatataca     68280
     caaatgcata tccacacaca tgtacatata agcttgctca tcagaattga actattttat     68340
     cctaaaaaag aaacttttgt tttcctgaac gtttattgta cataaagctg ccagacaact     68400
     tgaaaaacaa gaggacactg tgaaaagaat cctgggctac ccacccctac atggccttgg     68460
     cagaaggaca cattgagcaa ggccagggag cagagttgct actgtaacag ttgacatagc     68520
     aagatgtcag aaactaagtg gaaatataga gtataaccta cttaattctc agaaacaaat     68580
     cacatcagaa caaaatatgt ggttgggaag gagaaaagag agaaaggaaa ggtgagtccc     68640
     acagactaga gatgaccaac taattatgtt ccagtgcctg gcaaagcctt ccaaagacaa     68700
     gagccatggg atggcagaaa cagtagggga ttggaaacag ggaagacaga gaggatcaca     68760
     atttcctgct attaacaagc ctaattactt gtgtagagtt taggaattat cttccttccc     68820
     ctaaccctag agaggttaaa acctttgaaa gggcagcacc agaggctcaa agctatttaa     68880
     ttctaattca catccttctt gcttttggtc tcctggtaag gatagtcaca agaaatggag     68940
     cacaaactcc aaaaagggta gaggcacttc ggtaaatgga gctagagccg atctggcatg     69000
     gtggctcagt ctgtaatctt agtacatggg agatgaaggc ataaggattg ctgtgagtcc     69060
     tgggctagtc ggggctagag tgagacccca attcaaagaa aaacaaaaaa caaaatagag     69120
     gtaagagctt aaagtgcatg ctggcagcct tggtgtaaat tcatctgctc aagtagagaa     69180
     ctgcaagcta ctctctgaaa catcaggaca gaaagtgacc agagttcacc acgtgcctca     69240
     gttcttacag cattggaagt ggctgatgtt aggggatgtc caccttggca ttcttagaat     69300
     gagttctctc tcaacatgag attctgagct gggaatgcag agcctaggcc atctgtccat     69360
     ccacagcccc tcatctgggc tttcctgtct ggaagctaaa gggtttttca tttcctaccc     69420
     agccagggtc tcactgtaca gccctaggct gcctggaact cagagatcca cctgtctctg     69480
     cctcctgagt gcaatattaa aggtgtgtgc cccacgcctg gctctgaggg gttttcttca     69540
     acaggtataa aggcagccag ccatgatggt ggctcacttt ggtccctatc actgtgcact     69600
     gacaaggagc ctttgcattt attttcttgc ttccccacga acatggacca tctcctcggg     69660
     cctcaacttc cttaatgctc cctctacagc cttcccccac ccacagcaac gcatgtatac     69720
     cccgcccccc acacttggat taagggaatt caaagaaacc ctatgtaact taataaagct     69780
     tccaggttat cccagataat ttagagctga atcttaaaga gaaaacggag gaagatccat     69840
     tatgtattta tttacataca aatacactaa tgtgcacgca gcaaagggat ataaaaactg     69900
     tctgttgcca ggtgccttta attccagcac ttgggaggtg gaggcagaag caggggggtc     69960
     tctaaacatt tgagccagcc tggtctacac agcaagttcc aggcagccag agctacatag     70020
     taagactgtt tggaaacaaa acagaaaagt aaatatacat ctgacagaaa ggtgtctttt     70080
     aaggcacaga gttcagagca aaaccccata aagctgcttt ctcctatgtc agccatgtgg     70140
     tctctgctct gaccttgcaa taatgagacc cccccagagg caggaacatg gagggaaggc     70200
     acaatttccc aaagccagga agaacagata ttgtaacaca tctctctctc tctctctttt     70260
     ttttttttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccttggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga     70320
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa     70380
     ggcgtgcgct aacactgccc agctacagtt ctttctctta taaccaaaat gcaaatgtag     70440
     ggtctataat tccctgtatt aatctacagc cctgacttaa cactgtattc ctgaaagcag     70500
     ctttactgta gaggcctaag cctggccttc tccctgctgg aggcccagct ctgaacactt     70560
     cctctgctac gtgattccca ctaacccagc tccactaatc cgctaacatg tcttaactca     70620
     gaagatctaa gagtcatctt ctccaccaac ccaagccaga tgaggcggtt cactcctaca     70680
     gtcctagcac tcaagaggcc aaggcagaaa gattgccctg agtctgaggc aagtctgagc     70740
     tacagagtag agcccagttt ttagaagagc tacaaacaaa aaaagctgac ttggaaggtt     70800
     atgtgaagtc ataaaatgat attaatgtat tcaatattta atttctactt atttgggcgt     70860
     ttgtgtgtgc tgtctatatg tgagtgtggt gtacatgcat gtgtgtctag gttcagggta     70920
     gaagagaaca tcgggtcctc cattactttc tgcctgttca cttgagacag cgtctctccc     70980
     tgaacctgaa attcaccttt gtggcaaggc tggcagccag caagccccag tgatcctcct     71040
     gcctcatcct tctagaggac tagggataca ggtgcacctg agaccatgca tggtttgtta     71100
     gagtgggtgc taagatctga atttggacct tcaaatttgt atatagcaac aagacagctg     71160
     atcattgtgc ctcatgctgt aatccccact tggagggtca ctggaccctc tttttgccta     71220
     tccattgagc catttctcca gccgcatctt ttgtttctaa gatactgcct tcgtgtagcc     71280
     cgggatggcc tctaactctg aatcccaagt gctgggattt ctcacgttgc cctgtgcttg     71340
     actattcaat aataatctct aactaactga aatcaccctc tcccactcac tgcagtctaa     71400
     tcgaaaggaa agcctacttc ctttttgaga tgataggcat ctattaaagt aaataaaaga     71460
     gaacctcttt cctgtcagac actgtctgtc tctccttttc taactcagag acctcatgct     71520
     caaaagtgac ttggaacaat gaaacttggt cctccttaaa ggtggaaaga agccctgctc     71580
     agaagggagg actagatgga cagatcccat ccccacagat actacttgag ataacgaggt     71640
     ggttaggtac agttatcctc tgcagttagc atctattcct ttaaaagaag gaaggaaatt     71700
     aaactcaaca tgtgctctaa ggatgtaaac aaaagccacc tacaaagaaa cctgctccct     71760
     ctagttacca aggctctgaa atgccactca caatagctta ctgctagcac cccatttcct     71820
     gggtgtctca gaagagcgct gcaaacagaa gaatccacag cagacggatc ctcaacctca     71880
     cacgcctcct ccctgtgctc ccacaacact ctctacacac tagatcatcc ctgatgctca     71940
     gatccctgga gcagacagtg ctagcagtca aggttaactt caaaatggtt atttttgcct     72000
     ataaacctct aatattcaat tttgttaaat gtgatttgga gaattatgtt ttcagtctat     72060
     tttgagccaa aaatgattct atacctctga aacactgcaa caaattatcc cactaatcaa     72120
     ggtaaccaga accatgttaa ctgccaagct ctttccaggt taaaaatgca tgttttcttc     72180
     atgatcacta atcaggaaac ctattctcaa cagttattca aaagtgtact tggcacctgt     72240
     acaataaggc aagcaattct acgttaccca tcacctaccc caatccctct ctgagtgctt     72300
     attcctctcc cactttggtg taagcaggcc tcaaacttga gaaattgcca aggatgactc     72360
     tcgccgtctg acctcttgcc tccctcgccc agttctggga ctgtagacat gtactatcac     72420
     atcctgtcta taagacgttt aaatattgtt ttttgcagtc ctggggattg aacccaggac     72480
     ctcataaaaa gacatacaag ggactacagt acaagacatc ctggactata tagtctctgt     72540
     ggtccatgtt gccctagagt acatctcact gtattgccta gaagtctcat ctgagacccc     72600
     cagtgatcct ctgagtgggg attacaggca cgaggcacaa tgctcaggtg tctaattttt     72660
     gtggtttttg agacaggttc acacaatgta gttcaggctg gccttgcact catgtcaacc     72720
     ctcctcctat agctcttgac tgctaacagg catgagtacc gtgcccagct atacaaacac     72780
     aaacacacac ttcatgctag agagacctgc cccaaccctt cctcaaaagc ctagcactga     72840
     aaatgtttca agtgtctgag caaggggaat gtggagtaag ggagagggga ggtcagcaat     72900
     gggcctgggg tggctccttg ctgtggcagt gatacctgct ccctttgtca cctgagcact     72960
     acagggcaca gactccatgg ccacactaac agaagcagca atgcactcac actaaatcaa     73020
     caggggcaaa cctccccagc ctggtcagtc tgccacactg ctttgtgttt gacagagtgc     73080
     tcagtgctac agaaagcacc agtgtcccac atgacacaga aaatttggcc aaattttata     73140
     taatttaaag agttttaggc ttgactttat ataaatagat gtttggatga aagatgttgt     73200
     tacaatgaca aataaaaatt aatttaaaaa cttttgaaag tgatcctcct gcttgcaggt     73260
     ttataaagtc cagccaatat atagtttcca tctcaagacc agagactcag agcccagaag     73320
     cctctctctg gaagcacagc ctggagggtg ctgctctgca catagcttct acccatcagc     73380
     agcacagctt ctctcctgag tttaagtctg ctgtcaacgg ttttcttccc tgcacttctg     73440
     ccctcctctc gctgtgtaca tacagtgtca aaggacgaac ccagggcttc cttgcaagct     73500
     aagcaccacg ttctaccact gaactatgtc ctcagggagt ccttgttagg gtctgagtaa     73560
     tcctgctagg ctggaactga ccctgtgggc caggctagtt agaatcccaa ggacctgctt     73620
     gcctctgctc cccaagtgca gggatgagag cccgtcactg ctccatctgg tcatttccgg     73680
     gtttttgctg ttattttgag aaagatctca ctgaagccaa agctgatctt taacttacag     73740
     tggtcttccg tctcacctcc caagtgctgg gattataggc tgtgccacta tgcctatttt     73800
     tttttttata ctgtatctaa gcaatggaca caatttatca ggtattccta agtcagccct     73860
     tctttgctaa tttttctcta tttttgaggc agtgtctctg tatagccctg gctataccag     73920
     aactctttgt agactaggct ggcctcaaac ttagagatcc tcctgcctct acctcctgag     73980
     tgctacaatt agaggtgcac accatgacac ttgatttttc tcttgcacta agatcccaca     74040
     ctgtagccta ggctgacctg taactcacaa tggagttcaa gctggcttta aactcgtaat     74100
     ctttctgttt caggttccca aagtgtgaac cactgcattc aactagttta atttttttgt     74160
     tattaattta aaactctttc attgatatgt atatataaat gtatgtgtgt ggatatacac     74220
     acatgccaga aaagggcatg atccctggga gctggatgga catgtaattg tgagcagctt     74280
     gactcgggtg ctaggaatgg aacccaggtt ctctggaaga gcaagcacca cttctccacc     74340
     ccagctgtgc tctgctatat gtgaagacag ggtcccactg tgtagccttg cctggcctgg     74400
     aacttggtac gtagaccaca tggccttgaa ctcaacagag atctgcctgt gtctacttcc     74460
     cgagtgctgg aactcaaggc atgtgtcacc acatctggcc ctcttttatt gaaggactct     74520
     ctttagctca ggctgacctc aaataacttc ctgttgcagc ttcctgagtg ctgacatcac     74580
     aggtgtgtac taccacgcct ggcttaggga cttcttttca gtaggttaac tagggagaac     74640
     ttgtgtgcct gctctttaca actgtatgct atcctttact tttcctcaag aggaggcttc     74700
     ctacaactgc atcaatctca taaatctaag gcatattttc aggccacttg aaaaatttca     74760
     ggtgtaacta ttaaaggctc ttggtgtata tgtattacaa gtactatctt aaaatctttc     74820
     gatataaagc taactattaa aaaagaaatt caacctacaa tgcccagtac tctgtttaaa     74880
     gcaacgatat gagctgagag atttggtcct ggtcctttgg tccctcagat gcccctaaag     74940
     tggctctgag ttttccagct gcacacacag ccttcctagg ctcaggcctt gagcccggct     75000
     attgttaccc tcttaaggac attctaattt gtatgcagta cctgcagtct atactttctt     75060
     cttacaaaga atatgatgag tgagcacaag ttgtagccgt tggtgttagg atgaaatagt     75120
     ttctatggaa acgttagtgt gaggctccgt ggtccttcct gacttcatga cttgtgttgc     75180
     tctttctacc tcgtcccctt ctgtcaccac tacagcatcc acttcagcta cttcctcaac     75240
     tacggtgaca tcaacttcaa ctccgttggt ctgctgctga gccatagcct ccagcctgag     75300
     ccgatactgc tcggcctcct gctctttctt gaggagctgg tgtctgtact cctgggctct     75360
     tcggttggcc tcctggagct gttgctgcag tagctctctt tcactgcctt cctgtaaagc     75420
     aatcagcggc aacacagtaa gaatcccgag tatgaacttc ccagatgaag acggaaaaat     75480
     gaagagggcg tcagccctaa ccaccatggt gtccatgccc tcctcctcct ctgctcacca     75540
     tggtgtccat gccttcctcc tcctctgctc actggtaagc attcattacc ttcatttcct     75600
     caaccctgtt tgtcatctct gccatccttg gtctcttcac caatggcaat ttctcttctt     75660
     cctcttcttc atcttcaatt attgtctcct ctgcaacctg accagcaggc acagttagaa     75720
     ctacaagcca aagcacatca atgggagaaa atgagcacac aatatacaaa ggaggcttgt     75780
     ttgattttaa gtagagaaaa gtgaatttaa tattatacat tgggtatgga ttcttttatg     75840
     ggcaggcaag tgttctacca ccaagccaca ccccatttcc cctgacatgt tttctatgat     75900
     ctctctttag tgtttgcagt ctccaatcac accgcatttc ctagtacact gtctgtgata     75960
     tctctttaac gtatggagtg tcccagtgct caggggcaga tgcaggcacg tctctcaact     76020
     caagctcagt ctagtctaca gcagggctac caataaagac ccaaaacaaa ggtgcacgag     76080
     cttgaagtca acaggtgaga tgcagggcca cagagaaatc agaaaggtgg cctaggcagg     76140
     agggaatctg aaggcatagc ataagccacc gtacctgctt acatagagtc tgacagtagt     76200
     agcatagaaa actctgaatt gcagatatct ggcttcaaaa ggattcaaag atcccaaagg     76260
     gaacaggtgc tggggcttaa gttagattac acggagcaca ggagtgacct ctagacctac     76320
     atcatcttcc ctgtacaaat acatagcaca gccagtaggt accatccttt agtcaccagc     76380
     tggaactgtc attacagaac atgacagtgc ctacggtagg tcacagaagc ccattttcct     76440
     tacagaatcc attttctcgg ctgggagttg gagatcaagg tgtgggagga cttagttcct     76500
     tctgaagctc ctctcctgac ttgtgggggt gctctcttac agggtacaca gcactctaca     76560
     aactgagtgc atctgcagtc tgttttgtga gacgctcttt tactctgcag ccctggttgg     76620
     ccctgaactc actatgtaga tcaggctagc ttagagcttg cagccatact tctccctctg     76680
     cctccctggt tctgagtacc tgactgccca gtgtctactg tgtcttctga tctggttttt     76740
     gagatgtctg tctgtgtagc cccaggtggt ccacccttct ctgtgctgat cccacaggca     76800
     tgcacacacg tggctcctag ggaagctaac gtagtctggg agcctgctga ctgccccttc     76860
     tcagagctcc tctgttctct cctctccggg ctttccccca ctcctgcaat cggtcttaat     76920
     gcctcatttc agggaactat ggtagatcta aaatctctct aagcaattgt ctaccgggta     76980
     taactcacct tgctgtccat cttgcatagt tacaataaat ggctggccaa tgcctccagc     77040
     agggagtgat gtttggatgt tacccagagg gactccatca gtcacgatgg tgatgaccct     77100
     ctggcctcca ctccccacca cttgctgggt cgaggagtca agagaatttc cttcttccat     77160
     ttcttctaaa tgagctaaga attcaaaaac gtcaagctta ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     77220
     agctgggcat ggtggcgccc acctttaatc ccagcatttg ggaggaagag gcaggcggat     77280
     ttctgagttc aaggtcagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gagctacaca     77340
     gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa acaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aaaaaattgg ttgagttttt     77400
     aaggtagagc ctaactgtgc ccaggccacc ttagcaaccc caccccccca agtgctagga     77460
     ttatagaact aagtcagggg aaagagcata gggaagtcat agaacagtat ttttttaaac     77520
     atgtcctaag atgttactag tgctcaataa agataggttc tagggctccc aatgtggcag     77580
     cataccctgt aatcctaact cccagaggct gaggtaggag aatcaccatg agttctaggc     77640
     tagcctgggc tatgtagtga gattctggtc caagaaacaa actctcaaat aaaaaaaaga     77700
     gagagagatt ctatgcataa atagattttt aaatgttagt tcaaatacac ttgaacttgc     77760
     caggtataac tataatcctc ttatttagaa gacaaaggca ggggatctca aattccaagt     77820
     tacatatcag gtttgaggtc agcctaggct acacaagacc ttgtctcaaa gaaaattaag     77880
     ctatacatat actttttagg agcagtggag acagggtccc atgtagtcca ggttggcctc     77940
     aaagtcacta cagagttaag gactatcctc ctgcctccat ctcccaagtg ctggaattac     78000
     agatgtgagc caccagacct gatttacatg gtcctggtga agaagctcaa gaccttgtgg     78060
     aagctaggta cacactcatg tgagctacgt cctagattgt gtctgtgtca gatttcttgt     78120
     ttggggccag catcatcagc tttaacaggg taatgagcat gggattgtcc tatagcatga     78180
     taggctgtac ttccccaaga acttagaatc cttttttagg taataccttc aaagtctaaa     78240
     taaatctata aaacttgaaa aaaacctaag tgtagataat ttaagaatgt gggacattta     78300
     atagtgaact aataaaacat tatagcaaat aatcaaaggg ttaaagttta acagagaggc     78360
     tacatggaag gtggctttgc ccccctgaga cacaatcata gaccagagtg ttcactgagt     78420
     cccaggtaca ttcctgagag ttttatagat gtgagtgcac agtggacatt ggttggtcaa     78480
     caacccatac ataggccatg cactgctagg gcaagcaatg tctgcctctc ctgaccgctt     78540
     ctataacagg agtcacagtg ggaaagtcac agagaacttt gagtaagtgg tactggtcca     78600
     tccataggag acacagcaag gacactcaat gaaaacaagc gacttgcacc tcacgtgtgt     78660
     ggtggtgtgc acctagagct gtacgtgaga ggtaaaggca agggaatcag gagttgagag     78720
     ttatgagacc ctaattcaga aacagcaaaa caatcaaacg atcccattgt tgaatgttat     78780
     ggtggaaatc tagaaccacc tccacaccag atgaggacac taacaacctg gagaacagaa     78840
     atgatttacc ccaaaccagg gggcaaacca aaatagtaag gctaagctta ccacagtatt     78900
     tctttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctccctc cctccctccc     78960
     tccctccccc cccctctttt tttttttttt ttttctgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc     79020
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga gatccgcctg     79080
     cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg aacttctttc cctttgtttc ttctttgact acagctacta     79140
     ccaacctgca aacaacctcc ctaacaacca acacccagca acccacctcg cagagcccta     79200
     gcatttatac ccctgagaag agcatgaggc atcaaccatg gtcagctgct ttgcgcagcc     79260
     ctaagcagcc ccactccaca cctaggatta agtgaaagca caatcttgta gtattccccc     79320
     cccaaccccc atgtttttaa agaaaccaaa attccagaat tcttaaaact gtcactacaa     79380
     cctttagaat tagtactggt aagaaaaatg gctagcgggg ctggagagac tgctcagtga     79440
     ctaagagccc tggctgctct tagaaaggac tggttgggtt cagttctcac tacccacatg     79500
     gtggctgctc ataaccgctg ttcactccag ttgcaaagga tctgcacctc ttctggcctc     79560
     cttggccaca cataggtcgt aggcacacag acagacagac aaacactcat gtgtatgaaa     79620
     cttaagaaaa atgactggtg gtgagggagg attctcatct cccaaatgtc aatgcaagaa     79680
     cgacatcagt ataaggcaaa ttttggtttc tttaaaaacc cagttatgtt ctgtggaggc     79740
     gtttgtttta accccagttt tacgtcctgt ggatgtgtgt ttgttttaac cccaggagtt     79800
     gggtaagagg ttgcttcaca gatgattatg atttgtctcg tgcactagcc gtggtgtaat     79860
     ttttgccagc tgcagatagt ttaactctgg ggactggata atgagagaac tcggagaagg     79920
     tctatggcag tggctgcttc cagtccccat ggctgtggtt tgatgacaaa gagctggaga     79980
     tacccttacg atgaagactg gacttgcccc caaggatccc aatgattcct aacctcagga     80040
     agtagtcaaa agagatctat gtcccctttt ccctctaact tctttctctc ctacctagtg     80100
     ttgggaattg gaagggatta ggatgtgata agggttggaa gggaggcagt tgtataaaaa     80160
     cacagttata tagtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagccaata tatcacaaca     80220
     gttggctatc attaatgaaa gagcaggcaa ccagaccctt ccagggtttg taggagagta     80280
     cctcctccaa ttatctgccc ctagctatat gaattcctaa gatttttttc ttcacaaact     80340
     gtaacttctt cactgctatg taacttgata cttaattttc atttcttttt ttactttatg     80400
     actgtgtagt gcacccagag gccataatga tgtgtgggag ttggttctct atctgccatg     80460
     tgagttccta ggttgctggg cctggtggga gcactcacct gctgagccat atcgctggcc     80520
     cctgaaagct tactgttgta gttatcagaa gggcgttctg caacacatat gcccaactcc     80580
     actggaaacg ccagaactat gttcccagcc aaacttaagc acacatggtg taaccatgaa     80640
     aggtgggagg aaccagattg tggatttcaa tattttactt tttctttttt tttcctttct     80700
     tcttctttcc tctctccttt tctctcttcc tttctccttt tcttctttct ttctttccct     80760
     ttcttttctt ttcttttctt tttttttttg gatatgggtt tctctgtgta accagagctg     80820
     ttctggaaca ctttctgtat gtagatcagg ctgtccttaa actcatcgag atctgactgc     80880
     ctctgcctcc caattactgg gatttaaaat atgtgccacc atgcttggca cagttctttg     80940
     atattttata tgtaatttaa aagtgctgga gaataaaaaa caaaagaaat cgtaattcac     81000
     ttagcagatg ggccaccaag ctgaggctct gagagagctg gagagggggc tgacaccaag     81060
     tgagggctgc aagtgtggcc agtcctgggg tgatgggatc tgactgtgat gccgaggcat     81120
     ggggtcaccg aatccattag aaagggaaaa tgaggaccag tgggaaggag ataaatcctc     81180
     cctcagcctc gccccatcct tactgtgttc cctaatccaa atggacttca gccaactgtg     81240
     tggttaaaat tcttttaagg ctgagatggc tcagcagtaa aggtgcttgc tgccaagctt     81300
     gatccccaga agccacatgg tgggaggagg aagccactcc tgcgacctgt cttctgactc     81360
     cacgtgtgct tcagcatgtt ccactccctc cacaaagtaa atgttccatt gacaacagta     81420
     gattaattca atgtgcttgg cacagtcgac tacatttccc ttacttattt gttttcttcc     81480
     attgctagtg cctagcagaa cgtgatgtca cccactcccg aggcctctgt gcagccctcc     81540
     ttggcagcag gcttacagag catggctcct cacaaactga gcatggtgag gggacaatgc     81600
     tcctcctggg ctgtgcatcc gcagataatg acagaacagg acagccttac agagcacaca     81660
     tgcttaacag cctcagggtt tgaagctgga taaatgattg acaatgtcta tggtcccagc     81720
     acaacagagc tgagccaggg aaatggctca gtacaagtct aagaccagct taaactacac     81780
     agtgaaaagg tgtctcaagt aaacaaatat tccccaaact tcacatttta ttgatttatt     81840
     tttgcttttg gaaacagggt cttgtgtagc atagactgcc aacacagttg ctacgtagcc     81900
     atgtatgact ttgaactctg actctttggc tgccaccttc caagtgttgg gctgtaacca     81960
     tgcgctttca tagctaatac aagcctcaag tttccagttc caaacactca gcaaggcaca     82020
     atgggttaat gctttgaaaa ccactatttt ctactttaac tacaacgtga tgtgctttaa     82080
     aaaaaactgt agtgttttac tcgtgtatct gaatgctgct ctcacagcaa acatctaggt     82140
     tagtgaatta gcgctgatga tgaacgagtc tacctttatg aagtaactca acacttctgc     82200
     agaagtatac tttttatgtt atgaatttca tttcccccag tctttcattg taacttcaga     82260
     gattatggca agcatcaact tatctctccc tccaaatcca gccttatttg ccccgtcttg     82320
     tgacaatgga cctggacctc ataattgaga cttcttgtca gctggcaagg aattaagtca     82380
     atataaaagt tgcagctgcc agggctgggg aatgtagctc tgttggtatc gtgtttgcct     82440
     ccctagaaca tttgaagccc tggtttctat tcccagcagg gaggggcatg agcctgtaaa     82500
     cctagcattc agaacagagg ctggagggtc aaaaattcaa ggtcatcttt ggctatacaa     82560
     gttacaggtg agcccaggct aaatgagact attttaaaag gaaaaaggaa cataaatatg     82620
     catacaaata catgtataac tatattttgg gagacgaaca gtttgttgaa tacattccaa     82680
     gagggcagtg ggccggagta cccagagtac agcctgcagc ctgttggtaa ctcttttgag     82740
     gtagtgtatg ctcacatgga aggcagaggt cagcctctga tgctgttacc caggaagtgg     82800
     ccaatctgtc ctcctgaaat aggctctggg gtaccctgat tagactaagc tggcctcctt     82860
     ttattgtttt tggttttgga gacaggcttt ctctgtgtac acttggttgt cctggaactc     82920
     actctgtaga ccaggctggt ctactcagag atctgcttgc ctctgcctct caagtgctgg     82980
     gattaaaggc atgtgctgat ctttttagtt tgaggacatc ctgatcttcc taacaagttc     83040
     caggagaacc agggctacat agagatcctg tctggaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gtcaaaagtg     83100
     aactgaaaaa aaatgaagtg ttagctggag gtaggggggt ggggcaaagt ggaggtggga     83160
     gtggcgcaca tctttaccgt gtttgggagg tagaggcagg gaaggatccc tgagttccag     83220
     aacagccagg gatgtccaca acgaaaccct gtctcaataa caacaacaaa caaaatgaga     83280
     aaacttatga gcgtatacaa tgaagctcac tgttgccttc tgggggatgt gacactgtca     83340
     cctctccttg cccttcgccc ctggcctcta gctcatgaag tggtttcctg cttcaggact     83400
     gccactccag ccctctcatc atttaagagt tacttctgaa gtcctgaatc aactggacac     83460
     tgggataaag tcctcaagcc tgtgatggtg gtgtacaggt acaatcctac cacttgggaa     83520
     ggagaagcag ggacatcaag tgctcaagac tttgaggcca gtctgggctg cacagaaagc     83580
     ttcaggccta gactgactaa acaaacaaac aaaaaatcaa aacaacgaaa caaaacaaaa     83640
     ccaaaaaaac ccaattcaac cacctcataa aacaagctgt taaattccca tgtttgagat     83700
     cagtacacaa gacttagaag aagacttttc caaaggtaag ctgctcgtca gtcagtcagc     83760
     tcctagctgt aaacagtctc tttctgttcc atgtgttctt cttgatgctg tggttgtgag     83820
     ctacccttta atggctgagc tatctctcca gtcctgtgga tttttctttt tacaagacta     83880
     tatttatttt tatttatgtg tatatgtgtg tgtgcatggc tgcctacatg ggtttatgtg     83940
     catcctgtac cagcaggtat ctacagagat caaaagagag cactggatca cctggaacta     84000
     gttacaggca gttgagaacc acatgaaggg tgctgggacc aaaacccaga tcctctgcca     84060
     gagcagtcag tgctcttaag ccctgagcaa tctcttcagc ctccttgtat agccctgacc     84120
     tccgaattct gtctgtgttt atgtctatgc tctcatttgc tattctgcct ctcaaaagta     84180
     atgcatttaa gatctttcct ttgacataca acttgcctgg gaatgtagtt attctccttt     84240
     tcccttaggt actaggactg aatccagtgt cttgtgcatg gtaggcaagt gctctaagag     84300
     tgagctacat tcacagctca gttatttatt tttactcatt tgcttttata cattttctat     84360
     ttatttaatg gaaacaggct ttcattacat agttcaggct ggcttggaac ttctggtagt     84420
     tttctgaatg ctgggagtac cgaaatataa taccacatgc tttactattt atttactttg     84480
     ttttgttttt gtattttgtt tagtttgcaa tagggtctca ctaagaagct ctggtgggcc     84540
     tgaaacttgt tatgtagacc aggctggcct tatcctcaca gagctctgga acctactgtg     84600
     tagactaggc tggcctcaca ctcacagagc tctgattaca gtgtgagccc ccacaccatc     84660
     acacccagcc tagtctttaa tctttcaaag tcagaaacag aaaaataagc caagagttag     84720
     gaatttattt gaggatgcaa gttctcccat caaagaacac atatatgtga aagaaaacga     84780
     taaaaataaa ctcacttgct cctttttaga gtttaaagca tacaagtgtc aggctaggtg     84840
     tgtggcacac acttgtaatc ctaggactgg gaaggtagaa gccttcccaa attctacaaa     84900
     ttcaaggcca tcctaggcca caagaccttg tctcagcact actccatcta cctaccccac     84960
     aaggaaacat gcaggtgtca atcaactgat actaagtact ttctctgctt tgaataatta     85020
     taataaagta catacataca acatttattc caaacccagc aatctcagtg atgagggcta     85080
     aagtaggcca gtttaaacca catgagataa aaatcaaaca aaaatcacac acacacacac     85140
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acagacacac acacacacac acacactctc     85200
     gagagcagca tatatgctcc tgaaaaaatg gagttggggt tttggatgct tgtttgtttc     85260
     aatacaggtt tctcactctg tgtgactgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg atcaaaggga     85320
     tgagacacca cgacctggct tacaaattaa gtttactcta cttaaataat cgcatgtacc     85380
     tcctttatat taatatttca acagctacta atttttatct tattttgatt ttgttactgt     85440
     tttcaactaa gaatatttaa ttatttccct cggcagtacc acacttagat gctgttatat     85500
     tttcatttta gggtcaggta tagccttttt tccccttaaa ttaaccttga acctctgagg     85560
     tttaccttaa acttcggatt ttccagctcc taccttcttt gtgctaggat tacatgtctg     85620
     tgctctcaag ctgttcatgt agtaatgggt agtgatctca ggcctttgta catgctgggc     85680
     aagcactttc ataactaggc tacatctgag cccaaagctt gccttttcag ttgttgtttg     85740
     ttcaattgct gatttattat gtggatgctg ctggcctgga actgagagat ccacctgcct     85800
     ctgcttcctg agtgccaaga ttagaggagt gcagcaagtc acagatttca gggagattta     85860
     aggtagtaga tgctggcctt aaattcctga ccttcctaca ttcacctcct ggactgctgg     85920
     gattacaggc atgtggcacc aagcctggca aggtataacc ttttcattat taaaaaaaaa     85980
     atttctttgg aggcacaact ttctgacaga taaatatgta gaatatttta tttttaacag     86040
     tgttcatttt tactcccacg attataattc cccacaatct tccttttttt tttttaagaa     86100
     agaaaaatgt ctttgctttt aaagttatta taaatttgtc tatggtggtt catagctgta     86160
     acaccagcaa ttaagaggct gaggcaggaa gactgctaca agttcaaggc cagcattaac     86220
     tacagaatta gtccaaggcc ctcctgcaat acagtgagag cctgtcttaa taaacaaagg     86280
     aacagcacac agagaaagga gggctgtgag cacagctcag gcgtgggagg cccaggctca     86340
     ttagaaagca cgaagagcaa gagcttgcgc tgcttccctt cccttcctgt gggattagag     86400
     atgtgctcta tggcctcgta cacgcaacca gggttctatc tcacagctta atcccagaac     86460
     ttttgaggaa tattgtttat gagtgagtat cagacagaat atctatttat gtctaggaaa     86520
     ctaggactct gctcattttt aagcctaaaa cggaggcctc attatcagaa ccctacctga     86580
     ggttgctttg gtgttggctg aagagacaaa gctagcgagg ttaatgacct ctccagaggt     86640
     gaagatgaac ggagcagtca cagtcacagg gttagccact gggttggctc tctcgtggtt     86700
     agtgttcacc tgattctgca ttgcttcctg ccaaacaaag caggttattt caaagtcagt     86760
     acacttagct ttagtcacac agtcactgaa caacacagcc ccgcccctcc caagctccat     86820
     caagcagaac tagtctggca tgcaatgtcc agggagcgaa gggttctcat tagcactaca     86880
     gcttttctca aactgaagca accgtgttag ctggcttccc cgagcttgtt tctacttgag     86940
     aaagcagagg tgtgttattc acatgccttc tatatgcctc acttaaccgc tctgcatttt     87000
     aacttgaaaa aaaaaggaag ggaaggaact ggtctgcaga gtttaaaagt aatttgcagc     87060
     actaatattc tgtgatcaat tatctacaag acaagatgct agcaggagat ccctgcagag     87120
     caaaaaatac tctctagagc tttgtcctac aacatgttcc attctgccac tgaagaaatc     87180
     cctgagagaa cgtgtaacaa gcagacaaac gaggagcaga ttctcaagtc tagttccata     87240
     tgctgcactc tggcttccaa ggatgtctgc tcaatttggt gaaaagatgc ttatctttta     87300
     tttttacttt cagaagtttt ctacaaacat gataactatc aaaaaagtcc agttatgaaa     87360
     gggctttgaa caataactga aagttgagga gaagaaccag tctttggaaa accagctgtc     87420
     atgaaaaaca aacaaaaccc gaaaatgcac aagcagctat ttttcatatg taattatccc     87480
     cttgactaag aacttcaatt gaaacagatt attcattttc cggatactgt taaattcttt     87540
     cttcagtctg ctatttctaa cctccagcag cttcctcggt ggaagctctc gggcaggctt     87600
     gccgagcctg atgaaagcag tcatacgttc cttagcgctg gctgtcttct ccagccaatg     87660
     taccatctcc gattaccttt ttaaacaacc acaccaatcc tggatttaac tttctaaatc     87720
     cagatgtgct ggttcaaacg tgtaatctca gcactccaga aacggagaca ggaggatcac     87780
     cttgagtttg agaccagcat gagcttcaga gcaagtgcca catgaagcag aagcacacag     87840
     aaagatcatc tttcaactcc ctctcaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa     87900
     acacaacccc ccttcagtct tgagaggtga tacacagctt tagtcccagc acttggaagg     87960
     tagaggtatg aggatctagg taaatttaac aacagccggg tctacaaaac tacttctagg     88020
     aaaatcaggg ctacatagag agaccagtct aaaaaaaaaa agcaaaacaa aacaaagaaa     88080
     gcttctacta tgttcccact gcccacagaa actaccacct cactagttgc atggcagacc     88140
     cagcctacct gccaagcacc tgccatcccc aaaccccagg tccattgctc cttctctata     88200
     catagctact ttttttttaa aaacatttcc tgttctttta catatctgtt ttttggtttt     88260
     tttttttttt taaagattta attatttatt ataggattac actgtagcta tcttcagaca     88320
     ctccagaaga gggagtcaaa tctcattatg gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg     88380
     gaattgaact caggaccctc agaagagcag tcagtgctct tacccactaa gctatctctc     88440
     cagccctaca tatctgtttt ttgtttgtac tttttctaac atggaatttt ttttccttaa     88500
     taatgaatac aataacatta cttttctttg tgtgtgggtg gagaggttat gcatgtgggg     88560
     ggcagaaaac aattggcaag agtcagtttt ctctccttct accatgtagg aacagaaaag     88620
     caaacctaga tcattacact tggccggtac ttttacctga gccagttcac tgacctgatt     88680
     aatttttttc actcttaaat ttatttatat acttattatt agactggatt atcattattt     88740
     tagattggat ctgtgtggct ctagatgttt ggttcaaatt cagatatcca cctccctctg     88800
     cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgagcccc caggcttggc tctgaatggt     88860
     tttagttggt gcgcatgtgc acacagacgt gacagttaga ggacaagtgc tggtatctgt     88920
     gctcactttc tagcgcgtgg cttctagggg atgaacccag gccatcaggc tcggcagcaa     88980
     aactaagtca tctcactggg ccctaaattt attttggttt tgtttgtctt tattttttga     89040
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ctctggttgt cctggaattt attctataga ccatgctggc     89100
     cttgaactca gagatccaca tgtctctgct tccctagtac tgggatcaag gcagtgagtc     89160
     tgaacttcta atccttgtac ctccacctcc aaatggtggg attctatatg catgtgccac     89220
     gttgcctaga gagtgtctta ctgtgtgtgg atgtgtggga ggaaggatgc agccagaaga     89280
     cagcctgagt gtagctcctc agatgctacc ttccttggtt ttctgagata gggtctctca     89340
     ctggtctgga gttcatcaag tatgcaaggg tggttggcta gcaagctcca agccaagcaa     89400
     gctatctgct tccaaaacat taagattata agcgcatgtt tccacagctg gtttaaagta     89460
     tttttaatta taatttattt gttatgtgtg ttgtgcacta gtgatccagg gcacacatgt     89520
     gcatgaattc taaggcatgt tcctccaaat tgtaacattc cctctctcta aatcagaagt     89580
     ctgctccaga aaggaaggcg gctgagcagc ctttggtgca aacaggagat aagcaaaagc     89640
     ccgtatatcc gagaggaaca gacgccggga agattcttga aagccccact aacagtaaag     89700
     ggagcaaaga gttgtggggg aggagacttt gagcagcagg acgaagaaag gaagatgtct     89760
     ggattgtgga gctgcctgaa agctgggcag ctctcagaac cagaaaagat ctgtagtctt     89820
     tagctttgca aagactactt gagaggctag ctttagcttt ggctttatag taagactcta     89880
     tctcaaaaca taggccaggc atggtagtac ctatctgtaa ttccagcata tgtgaggcag     89940
     gaagattacg agtcatcttt aattacattc aaaatctgag attgccctgg gctactttag     90000
     atactgtctc aactgaaaaa aaaataatga aagagaggta ccaatataga atgacatgat     90060
     caagacatgc tgtaatttga taaaatggga ggaaattcta atttacttca gctccctcaa     90120
     aataatctct aaattagtgt actttggggg atataaagaa acacacctga agcatgacca     90180
     aaatctcagt attgtttttc tccattgcta tgtcaaaggc agacttatca aatttgctaa     90240
     aagcgtagac atcagctcca tatttgataa gtaactcgac gacatcccgg tgatggtgct     90300
     ctgtggccca gtgcagagct gtcatctgca gcatgtcctt tgcgttcaca tctgcaccac     90360
     tctgttggga gaaaagcaac cgttcaatcc gtgtaagatc ccgttaccaa acagattcac     90420
     acagagacat ttaatgctag ttctcactta aggactctca gagggagagt cactcctcac     90480
     ggcctcctga atgctgagac attatgcttt cagtgagtgg gtctgctaag gacatcactg     90540
     ggaaattctc acagatggct gaggaaggga aaggaacaga ttttgttgca tttattaaca     90600
     gaaagctgag tagggcctga aaaaaaaaat aggcataagt acagagaaca cctacagaaa     90660
     aggaacgaag aaaaatcaat aaaatctgtt tagcctttaa aaaacaaatc agaaaacaaa     90720
     ataatctcca tgatgactcc tgaaacacag tttccatgag taaaataata agtaaatgaa     90780
     tgaatagata gatagatttg caactcagtg accacctaca ctaagtattt ccagaccact     90840
     ttcctaccac tatttaagaa aaaatgtctt acagcataat ccgaccacta tttttttgtt     90900
     tgtttgtttt gtttttcaag gcagggtttt tctgtgtatc cttggctatc ctggaactcg     90960
     cttgtagacc aggctggctt agaattcaca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcctaagtgc     91020
     tgggattaaa ggtgtgtgcc accactgcca ggctcccgcc agtattcttg ctttacccta     91080
     acaagcagtt ccacgatgtg aacatgtcca tcagctgcag ccatatgcaa aggggtcctg     91140
     tccactttgg tccgggcatc cctgctaacg ccagctcgaa ggagcacttc tgctgtggaa     91200
     taatgaccat actgggctgc aaggtgaagc ggtgatgttc cgagctgttg gaagataaca     91260
     ctcattaagt tcaaccatgt gaagaactgt atcatttctg ggtagagata tatgaacaag     91320
     aaatgaatcc tatagtattc attctggaga aagactcttc ctgggcagat agactgaaaa     91380
     atgatagcat tttaaagtta atgtactgag gctgcagaga gcagcgggta agagcactga     91440
     cttcaagcat gcatgctggt gactcagctg ttactccagc tgctggtgac ccaacatcct     91500
     aacctctaag gttaggcacc tggactcaca tgcacatacc ccatgcagcc atactctcat     91560
     gtacatcatt aaaaagaata aaataaataa aaattaatgt tgatgggaag gtaaaggggt     91620
     cataaaactg tgaagtgtac tgatttttag tgagatagag ttactgagta agactcacta     91680
     gaagacagga ttttaggcat ggctcacaag atagttttat tttcttcctt tttttaagca     91740
     tcaaaaataa tattctgagg tgggtatggt ggtacaggcc tttagtccca gcacttggga     91800
     ggcagaggaa ggcagatttc tatgagatgg aggcccagga cacccagggc tttattgaga     91860
     gatcctgtct caaaacaaac aaacacatga accagtaaga ctctgaggtt atgaagtatt     91920
     catactataa tagtcatcac tccagtggac tggtgagatg gctcactgag ggtcctgagt     91980
     tcagatcccg gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccgt aatgagatct gacgccctct     92040
     tctggagtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata taataaataa ataaatctta     92100
     aaaaaaaagg catcactcca ttgtcaaaat tattaccatc actcatcgct taggaaatct     92160
     gtgaatgcta agatgttcca cattattaca caaacctcaa tcttttgaag ctctctggtc     92220
     tgcaggccag ttgacagagt tgacaggctc accatatcaa acttttttgt ttctttgttt     92280
     gtttgttttg tttttaaagt caggtttgtt ttttctctgt gtagaactga gtgtcctgaa     92340
     acttgctctg cagaccaagc cggtctcttg aactcagtgc ttagattaaa tatatatacc     92400
     attctgcctg gtatctgtaa tatttattta catgtgtatg catgcatgtc cacataggta     92460
     tatgtgtatg caggtcagag ggcaactttt aggaattttt ttttgtttat ttgttttttg     92520
     acacaggatc tcactatgca gctttagcta tcctggagct tgctatgtaa accaggttgg     92580
     cctcaaactc caagaggtct tcctgcccct gcctcccaag ttctaggact aaaggcatac     92640
     atcatcatat ctgcaaataa aaatattaaa aataaaacaa aagggaaaaa atcccaagta     92700
     cttaacagct acaattacaa cctatatatt cagacaattt gaattggaaa actaacaggg     92760
     aacctagaca gtgaggtgaa acaaagctct cctacaagga atgacccagg aacccaagag     92820
     agcgccactc ctgctgagcc ttggggactg ggaaggcatg cttgctcggg aaagcacagg     92880
     gcctttggtt gagcttaccc agtctgtggt gaatggagcc ccatttgcca tcagtgtcct     92940
     cacttcatcg tcttggcctt tccttgcagc ttctagcagc ctcttcccca agtccaccag     93000
     agacatctta atgcatagaa acagcagttc ccaggtagct gcaatccaaa cacaggggga     93060
     acagtcatct gcaacattct cttgcctccc agatgctaat atacagacac gggccaccac     93120
     agccaccatg caatgtgttt acaagatgct tttgtttggg gacaggagct caggcagcct     93180
     actggccttc gacttttcat ctttctgact ccagtaccca agtactgtga ttacaagcta     93240
     gtgtcaccag acctggctcc ctctcagcca cacccctttt tattctgagg cagtatctaa     93300
     gtaatttgac caggctggtc caaaactcag tccatagctt acttaggtag acctacagtt     93360
     tgtgatcttc ctgcctcaac ttcccaacta actaggatta taggttttca tcaccagacc     93420
     cagtggtaga atataattct aaagaataca gttcaaaaca tgcaccctaa tttctaggca     93480
     aggcacaagg gtacctattc gtaaaatgtt gcttgaagga aactgagttt atcatccctc     93540
     catgatactc tgcagcacat gactgggttg taggagtggg catgactgtg tggttgggcc     93600
     tgagaccctg tatagggtag gtaaactccc cactggctca aaactggcca attccaataa     93660
     agacttcctc aatctcaatc caattcctcc actagacaca aaaggccacc agggcctgtg     93720
     agatggctta gcaggtaaaa gtgctttctg taaaagctgg atggcttgtg acctacccct     93780
     cagaactcca ggtccaagag aactgactct gatttcaggc tgtctgctga cctctgagtt     93840
     catgcagttg cagtggagtg tgctccctcc cccatcatac acaaacaaca atacaattaa     93900
     acagaacact gggcagggca catgcaaaat attcctctct gggaacctct cccattctta     93960
     ggagttttca ttttttctac taaggagcat cttttttcaa ctgaattgca cgtgttaatc     94020
     tttttgtttt ctagctacag tgagatgatg taatgcctat caacgtttat agacagaaac     94080
     tcactttcct tttccttcca ggcagcaact cctgtagccc aggctgacca ttaactcact     94140
     gtgcagctga ggacagcctt caactcctga tcctcctgtc ttcacttccc aggtactgag     94200
     aatgtgggca agtgacatca cagccagcat ggccaatgac ttgcttagaa ataatcgaaa     94260
     gtgtggttta tggctaccga gccacattta caaccttaca ggaatggctg tcctggaact     94320
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgtctctgc ctcccgagtg     94380
     ctgggattaa aggtatgcac caccacacct ggccaaacta ttttttacta cagtgatatt     94440
     tgactttttt tttttttttt tttagcatct tagcagttgc aatggtagtg aaaaatagtt     94500
     gcctttgccc aaatcaaatt gtgaggtaag cttactattt agtcactgct atgtgctttg     94560
     gggggggggg gggggagttc tatttaagaa aatccttgcc ctgcaaggag gtatgcacct     94620
     gtaacagcag caggcaggag tggaggcagc agatgagaag cacaaagcca gtgacagtca     94680
     cacagtgagt tctagacagg catgggctcg tctcaattct ttttcatgct ctctctccac     94740
     acgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttggtcggt     94800
     cagagaacag cttgtaagag ttggttctct cctttatggt gtggcttgag ggactcaggt     94860
     catcaggctt ggcagaagtt agccatgagc tgccttgcca atctaagaac ctgagtttga     94920
     tccagggatc cacaaggtaa aatgagagaa gcaactccag acaagttact cataaaccac     94980
     gcctccaata agttaataaa aaattcaaaa tagggcctta cggcaaagcc tgtaatctct     95040
     gtactcctgg ataatgagat aggaagattc caagtgggag accaacctgg gctatatctt     95100
     gagaccctta tctcaaaaaa gaatcaaggg ctggggatag ggctccttgt atagagtgct     95160
     gcttagtatg cacaacgccc tgggtttgag ctgagcatgg agacacataa gttcaacacc     95220
     tgtctgggct ataatatgaa ttcaagaata gcttaggtaa ttcagtaaga cttacctcaa     95280
     gctaaagagt agggaaaaaa cagctcagtg gtagaacact ttttatatgt gcaaggctct     95340
     aggttcaagt cccagtacag ccaagaacaa aactgtaaga cagaaaattg gacatagtac     95400
     aaaaattctt ttgataaagt ttcagagttc tctttttaac taattttatt ggttttaaaa     95460
     catttgtatt gatgactatt ttcacctgag tctatttctg tatggccttg tggcaaaggc     95520
     ctgtgatctc agtagtcctg gtttctagga tgagatatga agattccaag tgggagaata     95580
     tgcaatatcc tctctaggtc aaaacagggc atcagatccc ctggcactga acttacagat     95640
     ggttgtgagc tgccatgtgg gtcctcaaga tgaacaccca actgctgagc catctctcca     95700
     agcccttgca actatccccc ccccccagct cccctgcagt gcagaggaca aaacccaggg     95760
     tattactgaa ctaaattatc aatcttaaac tgacttttaa gaagtgacta catatcttgt     95820
     gagcaatgta atacaatagc agagtgcctg tctagcatgc atgaggctgt atggaccaca     95880
     aaaaaaatta ccacttgcca agctttggta tagcatcaaa gaatacctac catcatctag     95940
     aaaagctatt aaaaaactag gtgtggccag acctgctgtc tcatgcctat aattcctgtg     96000
     taactatcct cacagaaatt cttaaaaaat tgtgggtccc tcctctctac tatcagacta     96060
     ttaggacaac gaactgcaag aaattctcag gtgccaggca gagaaagttg tcacctcaga     96120
     aagagatctc agctctgacc accttgtagg agactggagc caatgatagt agttagggcc     96180
     acagctggcc caggagtgat tagttagtta tacgtacata ctttctatcg acctaaaact     96240
     catgttacat cagaaccccc acacagactg ggggtgtccc gggctctgtt tccagtggcc     96300
     acactgaatc aatccttttc tgcttgtcgt tattactgta catctacttg acatatccaa     96360
     tgatggatgg ccaagcctag cttgttaggg atgccagggc tcaagctctc actcaccctt     96420
     acaagcacag taacaattct ggcaaaccac agctaggaga aacagtcagc aatgaagagg     96480
     acagactgaa tggcaccaat tagctgctga ggtcatttta ttccagagag ttctttcttt     96540
     tgagaaagaa tctttctgta tctggctgtc ctgaaaatat gaagaccagg caggcttcaa     96600
     actcatagat ctacctgcct ctgtctcctg agtgctagat ggccacgatg cccagctagg     96660
     gacttttatc ttcccatttc ccctctcatc tgttttggtt gttgtttttc ctctatatga     96720
     agaagcagag aaatgagtat ttggacttgg tattggagtc ttgagatagc ctggcccaag     96780
     ccgggcagtg gtgacgcacg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggtggatt     96840
     tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctataaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag     96900
     agaaaccctg tcttggaaaa aaaccaaacc aaacaaacaa acaaaaaacc aaaaaaccca     96960
     gagatagcct ggcccataga aattttctgc aataggcttt atctgaagtt ctgagctgtt     97020
     tcaattctgt tgaactattt gggttgtcat aatgcaagcc ttgttaagtg tgtgtgtgtg     97080
     gtatctgtat atatgtctgt gcaccacatg tgtgcctggt accaagagag gcaaggtggc     97140
     cctggatccc ttgaagctag agtcacacct gtgagctatc atgtgggtgc tatatctcaa     97200
     accctgatct tgcagatcag atagtgctct taaccaccaa gccacctctc cagccccaag     97260
     tcttggcatt ttgaaagctc ttttgaagga tctggaaatc tacacgatgg ttaaagcgtg     97320
     tctgtcttga ggcagagaag caagcatgct gagaactcta ttgttatttg tgtaaccatg     97380
     gaaaatactg tttgtactat cttaatggcc ctttggggaa attctagatg actaaatctt     97440
     ttgtaaactc atcagtttct aaagcatcat ggggcagaac ttaatctgtc tacagagttc     97500
     ctgagaaata actgagtagt gtggccctgc ctacttcatt tttcgttgtc tctttgaact     97560
     ttctgtgtgc taaaattact gttcttgaca tgcctgcttt aaaaggtatg tatttataat     97620
     atgtgaatat ctaagggcag attttggagt tgcgccctca gcttttattt tattttttat     97680
     tcctttgaaa agtaacctaa aatacagaac gtaatagcta actatataaa ttgtgactag     97740
     atcatttccc cacctccaca ggttctcagt gtgtagtcct ggctagcctg ggaaatatga     97800
     tatagaccag gctgacctag aaatagcaaa gattcaccag ctcattttga aaagaaatta     97860
     agttttactt ttttatgtca agagtacctg aaaagacatt taaaaacaaa caaaacaaaa     97920
     caaaacaaaa acaaacaaat acacacctag gctggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca     97980
     ctgactgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcccagaa acaacatggt agctcacaac     98040
     catctgtact gagatctgat gtcctcttct ggagtgtctg aacagtgaca gtgacttata     98100
     taataaaaca aataattaaa gctatttatt catttatgta tttgagacag aatctcttgt     98160
     agtcacacta gtctccaaca tgtcacataa ccaaggagga ccctgacttc ctgattcccc     98220
     tgtctctagc tctcgagtgc tgagattata gttgtgtatc accacggtca atttatgtcg     98280
     tactgaggac taagtccaca cacagctttg tgccaggaat ctagccaaca gagccacatc     98340
     cttaggccca taaaagtcct ttgtattacc agctggtggt ggcacttgcc tttaatccca     98400
     gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagtttcag gccagcctga cctacaaagt     98460
     gagttctagg acagccaggg cttcatagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaagaaa aacaaacaaa     98520
     caaacaaaaa accctttatg ttgatggaaa tgcctctgaa taacgtacat aaaatcattc     98580
     tggacaggtg acagaggcat ttgtctttaa tcccagcccc ggaggctgag gcaggtggat     98640
     ctctatgagt tggaggccag gctggtctat aggccaagtt ccaggatggc caaggctaca     98700
     cagagagtcc ctgcttgaaa ctgcacccat aaataaataa ataagcaaat aaaataatcc     98760
     ttttgtggag ttattgctat gtttcctttt tcaggaatat ttcgtctttt tacattgact     98820
     tattctctct gtgtgtatat atgtatgttt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgg gcacacatgt     98880
     ggagatcaca actcgctgga agtcaattct ctccttccac catgtgggtc ccaggaattg     98940
     aactctgatc ttcaggtttg tttgcaagca ttttacctcg gagcttctcc tcagctcata     99000
     aatgtccctt tcatgaaggg acactcagga gctgcaatcc ctgccatcag taacactgag     99060
     tgcctgcata agcctgctct atgtaataga aaggtctagg ccactatgtc tgttatgtgt     99120
     ttgtgtggca tgagactcta ttgtcttgtt tttaaagggt ggttacattt aaaaatatgt     99180
     taactgctca gaaaaaaaga ttttgttgtt ggttttttga aacagagtct attatctatc     99240
     tctggctgtc ctggaactct ctgtagacca gactagcctt gaatttacag agatccacct     99300
     gcttcagcct cttgagtgct gggattaaag ttgtattccg ccatgccagc ctctcagaat     99360
     atttctaaac tgctttttgc ttgtaaattt aaaatgtaaa tgtaaaacat atattttaga     99420
     attggcttgt atatagagct acttttgcat gatttctgag gtttgatcga tatggaagta     99480
     gcccatttct attgttatta gcctaattgc taataaaaaa atacattttg ttgtaatgac     99540
     ataggggtgg aaattttatc ttttaagtat ttattctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     99600
     ttttaagatt tatttattat atgtaagtac actgaagctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga     99660
     gggcgccaga tctcgttacg gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact     99720
     cctgaccttc ggaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca ccagccccca     99780
     agtatttatt cttaaaattg tgtgttcatg atatgtgtgg gtgtgtgttc ttagaggcca     99840
     gaagggaaat ctgtctcttg aagctgcagt tacaggtgga cttgagccac cgtattcgga     99900
     accaaaagca gtacctctga gccatctctt gaatctagaa agtggatatt ttaataacta     99960
     ggtatatatg tacattataa aattaacagg attttatact ttagtgagct aactgctcac    100020
     tatacaagca cacattaacg catgcacata attaaaagta aaatgcatac tgggactgga    100080
     gagatggctt ggagattaag agcagttgat gcactcatag atgaccatta agtgttctct    100140
     attatgcaat ctgcattatg tctggactgt caacatgtag gatagtcaat gaaattctat    100200
     tgacatttct gggcttttct tgtttggttt caaaggccaa agtttcacat gtagcccttg    100260
     atggccttga attcagagat ctcctgcctc tactctccaa gtgctggggc taaggacatg    100320
     cgccaccaaa cctagcttgt ttctggtatt ttaaccagca ctgttcactg gcagaaaaga    100380
     aggctcagtg ggtaaaagcc accaagccta atggaactga gttcgatctc ttgaacccct    100440
     atggcagaag agactggact cagaaaaact gtcctttggc ttctagacat gcaccacaat    100500
     tatgtgtgca ttcacaccca caagcacaca aataaaatca aatactgttc gagactggag    100560
     gggtggctca gcagttatga gtactagctg ctcttccaaa ggttctgagt tcaattccca    100620
     gaaatcacat gactcaaaat ggctcacaac catctataat gggatctgat gctctcttct    100680
     gacatgcagg tatacatgca gaaagaacac tcatacgtaa agcatgccat ttgagtgatt    100740
     ctgcttttta aaacctgggt ctccatctgt tggccccaca attaaagaaa tgagtctata    100800
     actcttacta tatttgtgaa ggcctaatgt ttgcttttat tgatgcagta ggccaggaaa    100860
     gttatagatt ttttttttaa atgggtatac gctgagctaa catacagaga gaatttctgc    100920
     atagttcttc tgtgtaatga tgctaaatgt tgctggctct tttacatgat aaagatactc    100980
     atgtacaagc tgggcagtgg tggtgcatgc ttttaatccc aacacttggg aagcagaggc    101040
     aggtggattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacaacagcc    101100
     agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    101160
     aaaaaaaaaa aagatattca tgtacctgct gtatttctaa gatgcaaggt ttaagagata    101220
     actgcttggg acctaaggtg gtggggccct aaacaattgt tagtggtgct tccttttcca    101280
     ggcctgggct cacgtgctcc taattgtgct gactagttat tctctttaaa caaagataat    101340
     tagacatgcc ctcccaatcc acactccaag cagcgcctcc taataatgaa aggatattgg    101400
     acactgatca ctcatggaga accctataaa caatgcttaa ctttcaagct aattttcatt    101460
     aaaatttttg ttcttgttga ctgtgcttct atgaagcatt ttaattgttg gctgtcaata    101520
     ttctgtagaa atacaacaaa agacagagag caacatttct gagttgctag gacttctctg    101580
     acccacagag gatatggaac tcaaagacaa gaacagactc caggcaggac tgacctaaaa    101640
     gccactcctt ctacacctct tgcttaaatg tggttctgaa ggctttattg gtactaactc    101700
     tagacatcat tctcctaacg tgggatcgga tcagaccaat ctggacagag catcatgtga    101760
     tgaggaatag ttgagatcaa agcaccaggc atatcaaagc tgtcttcaga gaaaactctt    101820
     tagaaacaag catgagcagg tgtgtcacga tgaaaatgaa gtcacgccgg gcctgacaac    101880
     atctgcctgt gaccgcagca ctctgggaga ctaaatcagg atgatgatga gttgacgttg    101940
     gcctaagtgt cataagacca tgtttcaaac caacaaagga gggcagttgc ttgtgccgga    102000
     ccttgtaaaa gtaaccgatg ccaagaatta tgggaaaaca gttcttatat ttggttactt    102060
     gacagggaca tgacttctga catgccttct ttcctgccct gtcactcctg atttaaccta    102120
     tagcatctac ctagattaaa atgcatttgc aagacgatga ttttggagat cagtgaggtc    102180
     tatatacggc ttggtgggtg aacatatctg ctgccaacct ggtgtcctga tggatcccca    102240
     gttcccacat cctctctttt ttgttttttc cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagtcctggc    102300
     tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaaatc gcctgcctct    102360
     gcctcccgag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc gccaccacgc ccggctccca catcctctaa    102420
     gttgtcctct gatctccaca tgcatgaaag tcatggtatg tgtgtaagtg agcacacata    102480
     cacaaaatgt aataaagtat tttaaataaa aagcattatg gggagactgg tgggtcattc    102540
     ttctagctcc ccatacataa aggctggtag aaccctaaga ccagagaata acataggcaa    102600
     ttgaaattaa ctaattagct tgtgtgtgtt tctgtgtgta ttcactcacc atagcatgtg    102660
     gaagccacag gacaactcgc aggagttggt tctctccttc aactctgtgg atcaaactca    102720
     agactgtcag tctcgctggc tttatatgct aagttccacc tgcccaacct atacaacccc    102780
     atggttctga atgctacaga ggggaactgt tctcccttac tggatatgca tccacataaa    102840
     cttcacatga gcgtttgtct agtgtgtatc ctaagatttt tctaaattct cttcctagtc    102900
     cctctgtgct aggagttgaa tccagggcca caggcatgct acattcacac ttgcctctga    102960
     gctatactcc caaccctgcc tcctaggaat aggaagccaa taaaatacaa aacaagacca    103020
     ggagaccttt ctgggtcaag tagcacaggc tggccttgaa cacctggatc tttctctctc    103080
     ctcttctcaa gcactgagta cttagtgttc agaactttca ataaatattt taataaccat    103140
     ggagtgcctg agcacttgac aaagcagccc attaccaaag aataataact tttgtttatc    103200
     atttgggtgt ggtggtttgt tctttgcaaa gcatgtacaa aaaacatggc tcacctcagt    103260
     aattccaaca ctccaggggc taaggttaga gaatcgctgt gaggcagcca atccaaacta    103320
     catagtaaga cccaaatatt ggattggaaa ctagagaaaa tcctttatag gaagagggag    103380
     acagcagaat tcctggagga aatctgtgac aagaggtgca cgctaagaaa gaaagcaatt    103440
     gaagaattct cggtctgtac ttttttttct ttttctcccc cccctcaccc cccacacatt    103500
     cccactggga ggccagctgt acaagcatct gtgttgagaa ctggatataa gtccatgact    103560
     gctcttgttc acattatgaa cttactaaag tttcacgtta ttactggacc ttgaaaagtc    103620
     cagttcccac ttcctcccta gtcacatatc cctcagtttt tgacatcagc actctgccaa    103680
     actcaggggc gccaacttgc aagtgggagc cccagtctgt agtggcagcc cggactcctg    103740
     cgccacaccg ccccctcgtg gtcaccccat gtggccttgg cttcccggag tccagctccc    103800
     cagccccagg tcttccaccc acccccttca cctcccagtc ccctcccctt cctcccgaca    103860
     gcatcccctt cctcttggtc cctctccccc ccgccgccac ccccgctccg gcagtgtgca    103920
     ggccggcgcc cacaggtcct ggccgggctg ggccggccac ttatcactgc cccttgcatc    103980
     gcagttcgga agctccggaa ccctgcgtgt cctttccccc tcacctattc cggagcgctg    104040
     ccggcttcgc tctcactggg cccgccagtt tggtcccgtt tctttctcta gttaagactc    104100
     cttgccagcg gcctcacttt tcggcctttt cacatatgca tatttggggg ggcccttacc    104160
     ccccctcacg gagaaatgga ggcaataaaa tggcggaccc ggaagtgaag gcgctgtgac    104220
     tatacgtcct ggcggaggaa tctgaaggaa atgggttagc ggagccactt tgcccttctc    104280
     tcaggacctc aacgcacctc tgagtccgac tccttcctac tgaggacctc gtgagctgga    104340
     aaaacgtata ccgcgggcat cctgagcggg actacttagc gaggcgcagg atcaccgatt    104400
     acgtggctta cgtgagggat agttccggca ggggacggac gcagatggta gttttggcgc    104460
     caaccagtgc agcgctcgga ggaactggtt actggtgcgt gttggcgtcc gcactctacc    104520
     ttcctgctgg ttcaacgccg ggctaacttg agggttgggg gagaatcttg cttccgctat    104580
     tcgggacctt ctggttatgc actcctgtct gaccggacac tttcccagtg tcctgaatat    104640
     aggtcaggaa agaacccctg aacttttggg gggaagacta gaataggatg ggacatgaaa    104700
     ttgcatgtct ttcatttacc agtctatctt ggtttctgtt caccatttta actgatataa    104760
     ggaccgagag aaagctcgga gaaaaccttt caaaaatcaa taacaggacg ctggagcaat    104820
     gccttaggag accccagttc aattcccagc acccacattg cagcttacaa ctgcctttaa    104880
     ctccaagatc tgacaccctc acacaagcaa gcatacattt aggcaaaaca ccaatgcaca    104940
     ctaaaaatta aaatcagtaa taataacaaa cacgcctttg atcacagcag gaggcacagg    105000
     tctcctaatt taataccaaa gtgctaggcc caccctagca gagtccagca gagtcaggtg    105060
     gatttctctg agttcaaggc ccgcctccga agaaaaccac acaaatttaa aagttaataa    105120
     tgggctgggg ggcgtggcta atctctgagc actggctgct tacaggggaa ccctagcagg    105180
     gccttgtaga tgcttggcaa gcccttctac cattgagcta tgtccaaatc ctaaattgtt    105240
     cttcaaagtc aaatattaga cagacagaag gaagcgctgg agagatgact cagtggttaa    105300
     gagcactgac tgctcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaatccc caccaaccac atgttggctc    105360
     acttgtaatg ggacccaatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agagtgcaac agtgtactca    105420
     tatatagtat agtaaatctt tttaaaataa aaagaaaagc ttcacttaaa aaaaaaaaga    105480
     aagaaaaaaa gataaaaggg aaagctggat tcggaagtgt gagtaaaatc tgtagtactt    105540
     cattggaatg gaaaaaacta agccccagac ttaggattta acgtctttat tccataaatg    105600
     aataaacagc tccgcaattc atctgcaata gctttggaag gaatggggac gggtagggtc    105660
     tgaacataac tgcttacttc acggtcttat ggcggccaaa gaactgtgtc aggaatcact    105720
     gattcctatc acatactgca actacagaaa ggcaaagcta aaatacttag gaccaaaaca    105780
     tctgcctgtt ccatgacaaa atcacaattt tatataaatt cccctaataa tactctggtg    105840
     tttctttaga tcagatacat cttttgtctt ttaggaatta tcctcatagt gaagtttccc    105900
     tgtgaagact caaatctgat tttctgagca tttctaccca cagctggaag cagagctgga    105960
     tattaaagga gctacctctg aaacggtgcg atgtttttcc tcatcccact cctttgtttc    106020
     ccacctttaa ctgcctgcgt gtttctgggg aagagaatgc attgtaagca gcagcagcat    106080
     ttcttatctt agccttttag aaatcctgtt ttgtagaaag tgtctcaaaa cttccaggtt    106140
     ctcattactt cttgaagcag tatttgctta ctggcctggt agaggacatt agggaggctc    106200
     aagtaatctt tgaagttgat taaaatgtaa caaacaaaca aaataattgg tctcccattt    106260
     tgcacaactg tacctctctg tggtgcctca aataagggtg attcttttct gggattagtt    106320
     aatattctcc gggctgacgg gaggaaatcc tatgatctag tactccattg attaaaccct    106380
     tgactttgtg cctagagggc ttttgagaga aacggagtag gcagataaat aaataaataa    106440
     ataaatatag atagataaat aagtacgtac atacatacaa acctacaatt caattggcag    106500
     attcatcagc accaccagca caatagaggg aagagaacaa gattaaagtg gaaggcttag    106560
     agaggaaggg acttaagagg gaagataatg aaggtacggg gtgggagaga gatcttggcc    106620
     ttaaagcaag tccaggtcga cagagtggat gctggcaata ggcgctctcc agaagttgaa    106680
     ggtgctgtac tcaaggaggg ggtcaccttc agggttcttc tgctccgtcc cagatgcctg    106740
     cccgttcatt ttgccaacgc tgctgctatc cttgctctcg taggtaggtg tatctgacag    106800
     gcccaggcct tccagctccg acagatccag ttctgggatg ggcatcctcc agaaaagaaa    106860
     ggagctgtac tggctactta cagggtccct catgatcccc tgaggaagag caaatcacgt    106920
     gttagtctcc acgatagagc aagctccttg ccccgtgctt tcccttgctt aagttgttct    106980
     tttctgtgtg ctctagtgaa tcagtcaggt tttctaagac gaatatcaag aactcttttg    107040
     ctatttacca ccaggctcct accttctccc cacctctggc tgaccagact gcctactgca    107100
     caaggttctt cttggctcta attttagctc tagtaatata cctcaggcct tatgcacact    107160
     aggcaggaac tgaatcatgc catcccctct gggtctgatt tttgaggctt tccaaagtcc    107220
     gtccccattc tttatttgtg tgtggtattg agggtttgac aagacgctgg tgtgtgctag    107280
     gtgaatgttc taacattata ccctcagccc tctctgtacc tttactaaga caggatagta    107340
     actgagttgc ctagttcaac ctggaacctg gagtctcctg cctcagtctc ctgagtaact    107400
     gggattacag gccagctcca ctaggtctgc ttaattaatt aactgtgctg agaatcaaag    107460
     gcaggaccgt acatgtgctg gtcaaggatc ctatacagcc ccagatctag atatatggcc    107520
     tcttcaaggc aggtcaataa gttatgatgc ttctgtaaag gtcttttttt tcccttcttg    107580
     ccttcctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttcttcctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    107640
     tctttctttc tttctttctc tatttatgtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagcctt    107700
     ggctttcctg gagctcacac tgtagaccag gctggccttg aactcagaga tccgcctgcc    107760
     tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcgccacca ctgcccagtg gcccttcttg    107820
     cctttaaacc taactacaaa ctcacctctt ccaggacatc acccccaaaa gcagctgagc    107880
     tccatcctcc cagctggctc ctacacaccg tagttttatc tggctccact gagctttggt    107940
     tacagatcac ctgttttatg tgtttatctc ttaagagacc aaaaattcct ctatgggtaa    108000
     aaagccacct gctaggttgg gtggtggttg tgtaaacctt tagtcccagc actaaggagg    108060
     cagaggaggg taatctctaa atctaaggcc agcaagttcc aggacagcca tatttggata    108120
     aggcaggagc tagcccctcc ccagaaacgt taacacggat ttctccttag tgtgacaagt    108180
     cttcactgtg tctctctggc ctttctctcc tcagaataaa tccaaactca agaatcattt    108240
     tcttccagca cacaaggatc ttttccctct gatccatgct agagtaaatc taacaacaaa    108300
     gcaaagagtt tggaggtaca ggtaaggaag tgaagtttag attggaaagt aatggtactt    108360
     aacagaatct cagctcattt tcttaaagac aaggtctcac tatgcagacc aggctggtct    108420
     tgaactcacc aagagctgcc tgcctctgct tcatgagtgc tgggattaaa ggcatgcatc    108480
     atcatgccca gctccttttt ccatgttttt tttttttttt aagatttatt tattattata    108540
     tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac accagaagag ggcgtcagat ctcattatag    108600
     atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggacctttg gaagagcagt    108660
     cggtgctctc agtcatctct ccagcccccc ttttccatgt tttaaggatc agttgtagtc    108720
     cctttgtttt tcatcaacct gcctgcctct tgtatgccta gtagagtctg gggcctcagt    108780
     ggtttactta ctagcaatgg aaaggacaaa aaagctttag tttaaatgtt cccaaaggag    108840
     caaagagaac attccactac caccaaaaat agaagccaga gtttcagaga gcctttctac    108900
     agcacactat cagctcttac cagcctgtga ctcctaaaaa gtggccttaa gtagattcca    108960
     aaatgtccct aaatgatgtg aaatgtctct accaaagtag gaaaagagtt taaagccagg    109020
     acacaatcta caagaagtgt gggggctaaa cagtctgtgg gcgcagctgc agtgactggt    109080
     tttgtcttgt ttttgctttt gagtcttgtt tcaaactcaa ctctagttca ggctggcttt    109140
     gaacacaaac ccttcctgct gaggcatctc tggtgctgga tttcaggaat atattaccag    109200
     gtccaaaacc tctgtaaccc tcgctgttcc attactcaaa atatgtagtc catctgggcc    109260
     tcaaacttct ggcaatcttc ttgccttagt ctcccgagtg ctgggttcca ggtgtgcacc    109320
     ccacccttgg cttcagactt tgctttccca ccttagtctt gtgcaagggt agacacacac    109380
     aggtgtacac agggcatgca cacccatgag actgtggagc aaggtaaagg gggaggacct    109440
     ctggtgtcct gctctatcat tatgggtcct ggtcccttga gacaggtctc tcattgaacc    109500
     tggatcgagg ctggtggcca acaagtccag caaccctctg tctacatcct cccatatcgc    109560
     tgaggtgaca gatgtggaca gccacaccca ggtttctatt tggctactga ggatttgaac    109620
     ttggggtttt ggtttgtttt tttttgtgtg tgtgtgacag ggtttgtttt gtttgtttgt    109680
     tgccctggtt gtcttggaaa ctcattctgt agaccaggct gggctggcct caaatttgga    109740
     tctccctgcc tctgcctcct gagtactgag attaaaggtg tgccacacca ctgcccagat    109800
     gaactcagtt tggtttttgg ctttttaaag cttgtgccac cagagtttgg caagtaaagg    109860
     tttatttgtt tatatattgt atgtatgagt gctttgcatg tttgactgca agccagaaga    109920
     gggcatcaga tcccattaca gatggttgta agccaccacg tggttgctgg gaactgaact    109980
     cacggtctcc agaagatcgg acctcaggtt cttaggcatg tgtaacaggt gggcttaccc    110040
     acagagccat ctccttaagc ctctgcctcc tgcttcccag tgctgagatt aaaggaattc    110100
     aacactactg cctggctcag ctcttttttt tttttttttt ctttttcatt taaaattctt    110160
     taatttgagc tggtgagatg gctcagctgg taggagcact tgactgttct tctgaaggtc    110220
     ctgagttcga gttccagcga ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atccgtaggg agatctgact    110280
     ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagctgc agtgtgctta catataatga ataaatgaat    110340
     cttttttaaa aaattcttta atttatgtgt acgtgtgtgt atgatatatg tgtgcatgat    110400
     gtcctaagag gatgttggtt ccgctggagc tggagtttcg ggggtttatg aaacagcagg    110460
     ggtgctgaaa acggaacttg agtcttgggg aaaaacacca agtgcttgta attgctaagc    110520
     catctcttca tctcatgacc ttttaatgtt aaaaatacca gctactctat ttataatccc    110580
     agcactcagg agtttcagga atatcagtct gggtccaggt tgggcaagac cctggctcaa    110640
     aataaaaaaa taaataaaat tttcaggcaa ggtctcaaag ctcaggctaa ctttaaaagg    110700
     taactcctga tgctcctgcc tccatctccc aaacgctggg attacaggca tgatccagga    110760
     tacctggtgt aaagcaaggc aattcttggt ctgtctgtct gtctttctgc aagctccaga    110820
     ctaagccctt gggaactgaa ccttactcag cagggaagca tcttaacaag agactgctgt    110880
     cgggactgaa gcagggcaaa ggagtttgca gaaaggtgac gtcaccatcc caggaacgcc    110940
     ctctggccat ctccatagta actgcagatg tgctcgtaag catgactgca cctataacac    111000
     cttttagtga accaatccct gctcaggtct agggctacag acactacaaa gcaagcccta    111060
     aaagtcatcc aggtcactga cgctgcttat caggaatgtt tgctgcatta ccaggtttct    111120
     cctagttagc tgacttaaaa aaaaaaaccc ttccttttac atctcctaca gagtgacctc    111180
     attataacag acggcatata atagattgtt ttccagagac aatgctgacc ctgaacttct    111240
     gacccttctt actcctcaaa gattatataa taggctctta aacaaacaaa caaaaaccag    111300
     aatccttagg aaaaaagatt tgtttttgct cttttgacct aggttctagc aatgtaaccc    111360
     aggctaacta gaaagttatt atttagccca ggctagtgtc aaactcaaga tcctctctag    111420
     ttactacttc cagccttctg actgctgaga atacaggtgt catcagcaca tctggcttaa    111480
     aataaaaaca atgtttaaaa aaaaatgtta tttgaggcag ggtctcacta tatagccctg    111540
     actatccttg aactcctttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga acttacctgc ttgcctctgc    111600
     cttctgaatg cttggattaa aggtgtgtga catcacactc tagattctta gattctttag    111660
     taatctagac gacctagcca gtttttgtac atcccaagtc tcatagtttc taatatactc    111720
     ccttaaaaat gtttaaggag ggctggagag atggctcagc ggtcactgac tgttcttccg    111780
     aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acatccatct gtaaggagat    111840
     cggatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaaggc agctacagtg tacttacata taataaataa    111900
     atcttttaaa aaaaatgttt aaggagctag agagatagct gaggctgtgg gcactggtgg    111960
     ctcttccaga ggacctgggt taggttccca gcacccacga cacacaaggc ctgttccagg    112020
     agttctgata actagtcttc tcgggaaatg aggatgcact tggcatatat taaaaaaaaa    112080
     tctgtttgtg tattatgtct ttgagagagc tgtggtgtcc atggctgagc ctctgcagag    112140
     gtgagaggac agtcccaggc atcagtcttt gatgccttgt ttgaccttgt aaactaggca    112200
     agctgagctg tgagctttca gggagtctct tcagccttcc atcttgctga agcactggga    112260
     ttccagccac actcctggag tggatgtagc cacactccca tgctcagctt tatgtgtgat    112320
     ctgggagtcc aaactcgggt cctcagcctt gagcagtact gagccatctc cccagcccca    112380
     gcctggtacc ctcagcaatc ctgtcttagc ttcctagcag ctgggattat agacatgtac    112440
     caccacgccc caggaagaat tttgaggctg gtacagtggc acactccttt aattccagca    112500
     cttgggaagc agaggcaggc agaggcagat ctctgagttc caagccaacc agagtcacac    112560
     agtgagagcc tgattaaaaa aatacatccg atgtggtttt atctttgttt ctccaacaag    112620
     gtcttgatgt atagcctaag tgctgtttta tctgcctctt agtcctggaa tcacaggcat    112680
     gtaccataat gtccagctaa gaatttagtt ctcaggctgg agagatggtc agcagtcagg    112740
     agcactgact gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agctaccaca tggtggctca    112800
     caaccatctg taatgggatc tgatgccctc atctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt    112860
     actcccatac ataaaataaa taatttagga atttagttct caaaaaaagt attttcttat    112920
     attctgttta ctactttttg tggttctaat ctgaatagca ggagagcctt atatggtggt    112980
     gggattcctg tgaccccagc atctggcaag tggcagcagg aagatgaaga atttgatgtc    113040
     agcctggcta caagagaccc tgtctcaaaa aataaagtga gcagagacta agctaggatt    113100
     tgagttattg ttgataaact gacttcctaa caactgtaac ctaaaaaaag ttgcctaaat    113160
     aatttatcag ggatggacag aactatcatc caatgtaaaa agctagtcca gtgtggcaga    113220
     gcacagctgt agtcccagca ctcaggctga agcaggacga ctgtgggttc aaagcccccc    113280
     aaaaccaaac caagaccatg aacgaatata aaacaaaaac aatttaaaag aaaatgtgtg    113340
     agatattaaa aggctgaaaa tctctagcta taccattgac ctatcgacat gtacagagag    113400
     actcaaattt gtcccagaaa acagacataa aggcatatgt ggcattaaaa taaaaaagac    113460
     cggctgctct tcagctatcg tcccctttct ttccctaaat gctcttcacc catcatttta    113520
     tctatttttg cttatcctaa gggctctgga tggtgaaaat tgacatattt gctcagtaaa    113580
     tgccacccag ttattttatg cagagtaact tctaaatttt cattgtctat tcttagagat    113640
     aaaatgatta gtagatacac acatttaaaa gatacacttt ctttaaacta cctggacaca    113700
     cccaaatacc ctttgtccag atccccccaa gagcattcaa ggcctaatcc acagggcctt    113760
     gctgtgtcat gctgccacca tgcagtctaa ggagggatgg tggtggatga aaatggaggc    113820
     ttcctggtat ttctcatgtt gctctaggat tttcctatta gccacaatcc tccccttttt    113880
     ctaggaggag ctgcaaagac aaatctgctg tcataagtag ttcctgtgag ctacactgat    113940
     tgcagcatgc catcgggcaa tcccacaatg gctcccacct gtcccaccta aagcctcttt    114000
     ggagcaaaaa tctgagatag ggaggagatt gttaaaggtt ccaatcactc tcaatagcat    114060
     ctcatgttta aaaaaaaaaa aaagtaccct actccccaaa cctccctaca agagacagaa    114120
     aatcgagggg gatagaaata caagggagta gaggctacaa taattacagt aggaataaag    114180
     attcaccaaa taactggtag cagaaattat agcttgaaaa ggaagatata gataactaga    114240
     cactagacag aagccattag atgcacaggg caaaaattat aggaaaatga atacatgaaa    114300
     tgaagagcta aatgccgaga gatgattaca ggtaaagtgc tagaaatgaa tgcctaggtc    114360
     catggtaagg catggatgga gatcttaaca gataaaaaat ctggtaacga atagtaaccc    114420
     attgttcata gcgccccctt ctctcctctt aaactgcccc ccacctcggt ctcacacggg    114480
     gtctttcaag cttaagaagc ggtccctcgt cttggttacc tgttagcaat gaatgactag    114540
     ggtgttccga agacggaagg gatgcctcag gggctcgggg gtcggctctg gactggagag    114600
     gaggaggctg ctgaaggaag ctgtcgcgga tgtgacggct ttgtctcctc acgccttctc    114660
     cctcgtctgt gacagaatct gccgctgggt ctcccctgca atgcagcccc tcctagcaag    114720
     ggcggaagca ctccccgccc cctctctgcc tgactcggct aattcgaggg ataggttccg    114780
     gaacacgcta tccaccgtag agcctctccg tcggctcgca ccgcaccccc acctctccaa    114840
     gtaccctcgt gctgactgga gcgcatggct gagcagttaa ttgtcctcta acttagatgt    114900
     atgggttaaa aagtcttccg gttaaacaac agaatggccc tcctttccca ctgtaaggac    114960
     taaaggggac tttgggagac tcagaaaggg ccccagcgca tcgtcctctc agcgcctgca    115020
     gcaggtggac agactagcac agacagttgg ggtgccgcgg ttgtccccga gcgcggtgct    115080
     tgccgctgtc cccgcgggcc acgccgtgcg ccccgaagct gggcggagcg ctgcgctccg    115140
     ctctcagccc ctgggtttcg taatcgcgtc gccggcgttt ccgccctccg ccagccccac    115200
     ctctgccggc ccgccctcaa ctccccgccg tgccgagaag cagccagggg acccggagtg    115260
     gcggagcccc cgcccgcagt ggggacgccg gggagccgca ggtaagagcg ccgggcgagc    115320
     cgggctgcgc gcgggcggcg gggaggggag ggcagggcag cggggaggtc gcgatcacag    115380
     tacacgcgcg ggcggcgcaa gccacggaga ggcagggaag cggcgactgc agcgtggggc    115440
     cgggtggaag gtgcgaagcg acaggggctc ctcgccggcc ctctaacctg agagatctgc    115500
     tgtgctagag aatccgaagt ggtgctgggc cccggaaggt ctaagccaga gtgaagcagc    115560
     cacggagaac attgacagag ccagtacaat tcatcgaagt tcccatcctg ggtcgcagtg    115620
     ggtgggggac ggagctggag tctgacggag aatattgggg gaggggaaga aattaggatc    115680
     tccttctgtt aacttttaag tatccccagc ccttccctgg ggttagggca gggttggtgc    115740
     tcggacaaat atctgtaact tgtttgaaaa tggggcccat tcctctcttg ggagtccctc    115800
     agcagcccgc tatgtttgga gggtctccac acagggacca gctgcatccc cgggcttata    115860
     gccagaattt gcccacacga ttctcaagtc tctttctctc cagctgcttc ttgcttcttg    115920
     tgaaggcttg tcagacagcg ggttggagag ggaggccttg gggccggagg cagcgggacc    115980
     gggagaaccg gtttggggct accacaggct cggggaacta cctgtgtaca tccttcctcc    116040
     ccacctctct cctgctcgcc cctctacagc tctgaagtgt gtaaggccca ccgggacgat    116100
     gacggtggtt tagggtttgt catttcaagt tctgggtttc tggtggaagt gagaggggcc    116160
     ctcctgtcaa ggatgtggct ttctgcgctt ttgtccctga tccctcctgg cttccttttt    116220
     actgtgggga tgaagtagtg ggccatggat tcagcatccc accctcccca gctagccagc    116280
     tcaggcttta tttgttccca gcccattcgt tggctgcttt gaagaggagt gacagccaaa    116340
     gcttagtact tccttttctg gctttgttcc tcctcccccc ccccccaccc caccccaccc    116400
     cacccccaac tcccgcacta ccacagtgac cctggctggt cttcacactc tgacacgggc    116460
     ctccaagttt cagagaccct aatgtcctaa gggaatggaa tttcctggtc acttctcatc    116520
     atcattggtg gtttcacgcc aagtcccaca cacactttcc ctccacccag cttggtcagg    116580
     tccctggaag agaaacagaa ctgtccttgt tccctcctcg gccccctttc ctctccctcc    116640
     tccttcccgc ttccagcatc ggccacccct gaccacgccg ccggctcggc tcgcttgggg    116700
     cagggtggag gacgttggta gagccctgcc tcagtctgga ctatctggta gtgttagggg    116760
     tttcctctga ttctttattg ttttctccat ttcccccaag ccttaccacc tgccaccatc    116820
     ttgatgagcc ttgtgactga ctttcccact gaccaagcct cccctctcag ggcagctgtg    116880
     ctctggactt cagtctcatt actcctccct tccaggggtg ggaaaggaag tgaaagagag    116940
     tccagactct tgggttcttt cctaccctag aagccttatt ccactgtttg agtgatctca    117000
     tctcaaggct gctacaaaac aacaaagaaa aatgtccaaa aaacaaattg aactcggttt    117060
     tttgttggtt tttttttttt tttttggtct gtctaggcta ctggaaggct aggcttccag    117120
     cctcaagcct ggagggaaag gtccattctt attcatgcta atgtttaata ttcatgagct    117180
     gtgctacctc ccagagctgg tctgtactat aggagaggga agtgcagttc acacaaggaa    117240
     actcagctgg gccgtaaccc ctggcagcag tgaaagggga gaaagttctt ccttggacac    117300
     aagtgctact ggaaagttcc tgtgtctggt tcactggtgg agcttcgagg tggtggggag    117360
     cagagtggga gacacaggtc agagcatgag gggaagatga agggaggcct aagcaggccc    117420
     tctggggtgt gaggcaggag ctgcacacga taggacatgt gtaaaagggt ggggaggctg    117480
     gaaactgatt cctcagagca gaaagctact cttcgagtta cccctacaag acatggagca    117540
     agggccacgg gtgggccacg gggaggtgtc cacagtctgc ctagctttcg ggaaagacaa    117600
     gggcaggtat tagctgatct ctgggagggg tggctgagct tcatctgggg caagtaagag    117660
     ggaacaaagg cagtggagcc agaaggaagc agtccctctc ttcagaagaa tttgctgagg    117720
     tccacattac tacagctcgt ctctttggag ctaggtggtc cttcaacaaa gtgtaggtgt    117780
     tggggcaagg taagagtaaa gggagggaca gggcggaggc cttgtttgtg agaacaaaaa    117840
     accactattt cctcttcaga ggcacttgca cgcccctccc ctgctgccct agacaaggga    117900
     aaggggagct gaagtcagca gcacccctaa ctgttcattt ctgtcactgt ttggttttct    117960
     ctcacagtct caccccaagt ccttttggcc cccttcttcc ttggtcccag tactcactgg    118020
     tcttcaccct gttggtggtc tttgtgcact attctttctg tgagaagcaa ctgtgagcct    118080
     ctatctttgg agggggtcag tattggagct cagtagtctc ccaagagaga ctccgaagat    118140
     agaggcttat cagaaggttt ctggggagga gagagggttg tttcccaccc acattttatc    118200
     ttctttctgc taaaattcag gattccacat ctaaagaaga caggaccttg tgcctgcctg    118260
     cccaagcctc ttgccagtgc cccaccagtc agagactccg accttcaccg aaaggccact    118320
     tgttggtgtc taggatttct accttttccc accccatccg gttgactgaa cccagggtgt    118380
     tgttacacct gcctgtgagg actggttggt tagcaacaaa cacgagcccc ctggggcctc    118440
     tggcagcggc ctgaagctgg aaccatcagg gaacatgagc gagttttggc acaaactggg    118500
     ctgctgcgtg gtcgagaagc cccagccggt aagtctcccc atccccaccc tgaaacagga    118560
     attcattacc atgtgctgtg aagtggagac accatctctg atctgcctta tgaaaaaaca    118620
     ctttccttac ctccctcttg agaggcaggt gtgttcacat gtaataaagg aggctctgtg    118680
     acagaagaga caagtcacct agctgtcaat taggcctgtt ctgaggtggg caggggctgt    118740
     accagcattc cctctcaccc agaggtgact ttgctttgtc ctttcgttgt cagcaggcca    118800
     ctgtccttac cactctggtg acattgtctc tggcttatga tcttccatct ttgtctttcc    118860
     taccctaata tttgccaaat cagttcatag ctcttagtgg gttttcaaga ctccttctcc    118920
     ttcctctgct gtcgggagga gatggctgca tacgcacttg tgactccctg tcttccccaa    118980
     acagaagaaa aagagaagac ggattgaccg cactatgatt ggggagccaa tgaactttgt    119040
     ccacctgact cacatcggct ctggggagat gggggctgga gatggacttg ccatggtaag    119100
     agggaaggga gagatgttta tttggggtgt attcaagcaa gggacctaac agtaacgtag    119160
     tgaggaaagg agaatgtgag attgtgcatt cctgatctcc agggttagct ccccttttct    119220
     ttacagtaac atattgctct tcgttggagt gaggggtata gatcttgtaa tcattggaga    119280
     gctttttcta aaaccgtggt ctcccttcct attaagaact agtcagagcc aggccgtaga    119340
     gtgctcaccc agcatgcagg agccctaggt ttgctctcca gcactgcata ctgatgtgct    119400
     gactcatacc tggagtctca gtgctcgggg actggggagc agaggctcaa ggtcagcctc    119460
     tgctgcggag tttgaggcca gtctggccaa ggaaccctat ctcagggccg aaggaaagga    119520
     aagaaatccc tttaaatcag tgttagagtg aatcagttgt cagtctaggg ctctgttcga    119580
     aataatgtct cctgcatttc tgctctcagt aagggaagta ggtctggtca tactttttaa    119640
     taccagttac acaactcaca gaaatatatg gaagtattta tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg    119700
     tgtgagagag agagagacgg agagagacag gtaaatgact cattcctgcc tggtcttcat    119760
     gatttccttg agaggaacgg caggcaggtt taacctcttc agatagatgt cattgtcaga    119820
     gaagagagtt gaggtcaagt tcctcctgct ggcacggggt aaattgttgc ttgttgtggg    119880
     acgtggagag ttaggaggtt gtgtgacatg tgcttttcca cagacaggtg cagttcagga    119940
     gcagatgaga tccaagggaa accaccgtga cagaccgtgg agcaattcta gggccttgta    120000
     gctcccatgg gactggtaag tgacgagaga aacccgtttg atgccgtgtg cctgtgccag    120060
     catagtctga tgccctgcct cagtccttag aggcaagagt gagggtgaaa tggtggaccg    120120
     acagaattaa aatgaagaat cgggaacaca agatcaaaac ctgtagggtt ttttccaaga    120180
     aggcagggga ggggatacgg tggcacccag ctggaacctc tgcacactgc agggagaggg    120240
     aggagctgtc ggaggtcagc ttctcctcac caacacagtg aatgccgggc cagcatgggc    120300
     ttcatgcgat cctgtctcaa aaaacaatga ttttgagaag agcgtccttt ggaaagttta    120360
     aaatatgcac tgtaggccag gcatggtggc acatggcttt aatccagccc cggggaggca    120420
     gaggcaggag gatctttgca tgtttaaggt tggcagtaca tagtgagagc ccccttcctt    120480
     gtgactcccc cacagaaatg cacattgtat agcgccttct ccctcaggct tgggagtttc    120540
     ttcttttcca gtgggatttt tgatgggcag gttttgaatt tgagttactt cagcagttac    120600
     ttggaggagg agaattgcta cgggtttggg agcagcctag ggtacagtgt gagaccaaaa    120660
     cttgattttt ttttttttaa ttcaggttct gcagtcttgg agttcccatt ctgtgattct    120720
     gtgtccagcc caaaagaaat gccaccacca gatcccttca accagtgacc caagggcccc    120780
     ccctctttct ctctaacaag tgcctcaaaa ggagtggggg ctggtctccc ttttctccct    120840
     ctggcctctg cccctcctgg agatgggggt caaggcagca ggactgacca agtgactact    120900
     ggtgggccag aggagctccg ctgaagccct gcacaccctt gatctgagct gggggttctc    120960
     tgggaacctg gaatgggttc cttgctcctg aatgaaggtc gggtgctacc tgtttaaact    121020
     tcttgctttt attctctaat cgaggcaggc aggagtggga gccacagctg aaccccgagt    121080
     ttgctaaatt cttcctgctt ccctgtactc tttccttctg gaatgaacaa cacagaggtg    121140
     atggggctag gtgaccactg cccagtccgc tcggaatttc agaccttaag gtcacagccc    121200
     cgccatgtct ctccgctggc accagggtct tgctccagtt aggcctctaa tcccatgctt    121260
     ctgtagtatt aatagcttcc cagaattttt ttttaattaa aattttaatt tgagttcttt    121320
     taattacccc catcttgcta tctctgtctt ttccctgacc ctttaagaaa ctttaggttt    121380
     cccattgagt aagagttaag ggatggatct taacttgacc acattccatt taagacttgg    121440
     agtcctggcc tgccctctgt cagcccccct gctggcccag gtgaaaggaa gaggagggtt    121500
     ccagataaaa agccaggatg tagcaaaatt agctgtatct cagggtcaac ttcctgtgag    121560
     ggtggtgagg taaataggtt gaaagcgctc tttggagtac aggccctcgg tcctttatgg    121620
     aagcgtggct tttcaactcc aacacttgaa aatagcttgg acagtttggg ctgcacagtg    121680
     ctttgtaatg gggagggctg ttctgcacag actacagcat ctcttcccca cccccgaccc    121740
     cctgcccagt gtggcaacca aaatatctcc agaaattgcc aaatgtctcc cagggatgaa    121800
     gttacccaca gcttgagagt caaggtatgt tttccttaag tgacttccac atggcccccc    121860
     acccccagtc gggtgattca ccttgagcca tgggtaagct agcgccctca tagctcagca    121920
     gagctgcaca tccctgtttc agatgtgttg cttgcactcc cgtctctgtt cttgatctct    121980
     gcaagagggc ctttcacagt gccaagacgg gaacggggtg tgctgggatg ggaggacagg    122040
     acagttacgc tggctgtccg tccgtacgct atgcgcctct ctgctctagt ctttgaaccc    122100
     ggttaagact cagggacttt ggaagatcag gtgtcacgga gtggctttaa acgggaaagt    122160
     actgtagaaa cggagtctgt aggccttttg ttttctcagg tgttgtcatt ctggcccttt    122220
     ctttgcaggc tgattagaaa ggcagaacaa gacaaatgag ctcctgcctg ttcctagaag    122280
     agagggctgg ggtctcatta gctctgtaat aggaagcttg ttttgtggta atgggtcagg    122340
     gttgtggaaa ctgatccgct cctggcgact ccagccatcc cgttatccct tgcctagtga    122400
     ctgagacttt catttgtcca aagctctgcg ctccgtatgg catttcaggc tctaagactg    122460
     gtcatggatg ttcatttgga gtttgcctcc ttgtggttca ggcctgcctc ctttaaggga    122520
     ggagcttgca ggcacggagg tcctgtgccc ctagcagcat gctcccagga aggccatgaa    122580
     tgtcaggtca cagtggcgaa aggttgggca ctgtgtgggg ttaactggag aggacacggt    122640
     gtgggtgacc cctgagctcc agtcttgtgt cagtttcttt gagcacagtc ttctggtgga    122700
     tactctcctg catcgagcta ccttctctgt gtgtctgctg ccaccactta acaaggtgat    122760
     tggaatgagt ttgcgagtcg taatttatat taaaaagatg atagactttt aagatacatt    122820
     tttttttcca ataaaagaat taagcaaaac ggtttcagag taatcactac agatgtgtgt    122880
     tacatcaaca gctgggcatg gctgatgcag aaaacgtggc agagatggac ttttgttcca    122940
     acagagcctt tcctgaacaa gagtactgga aggaaaagcc acggtgctct ttcctatcat    123000
     ttggtgttcc agagttactt attttgacca ggtgtgttgg cacacaccct tagttccagc    123060
     tttcgagggg ctggtggacc tgagtttgag gccagtcttt tctacacagc aagttaaggt    123120
     tagctagagc tagccaaaat tgttttgttt ctgggacagg atttctctgt gtagtcttgg    123180
     ctatacagga attcactatg tagacgaggc tggccttgaa cttggagctc catctgccac    123240
     tgcaatgctg ggagtaaagg tgtgggtccc actactgccc agcagtggtt ttttttgttt    123300
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt ttttgctgta aaacagtact ggaaaaaagg aaaatgagca    123360
     gtgtgaatat tttattttgg aagaaagggg taaaggaaca ggctagacct gctggctcta    123420
     atgtcactga gcacttctgt aaacacacag ccaagtgctg gggagaagtc cgtgggcccc    123480
     accatgtgtg gagccccagg tttgacccag acaccaccaa aaagaaaaat gagaccaaag    123540
     tattttttag cttttttttc tatatattaa aaatatatag tgggtgttgg ggttgaaaag    123600
     ggagtttata atgtagacat cttctcttga gggagacatg gccattacct ctggattctt    123660
     tctacctggg gaaggcaaga aaatagagat tataatcata accacattct tttacttgct    123720
     ttaccctgct gcaaaccttt ttctcagccc tactaacttt ggggtttatg cggtacgtgt    123780
     gcgtcccatc accatgtgag aactggatct tcacataggc tctgggcatt gttctcaggg    123840
     tactaggcaa gtgcagtgag cactctcctt gcggagtcat ctctctggcc tgacctggaa    123900
     cttagtgttc attgtgtgtc ccactaaatg tgtatatgtg tgcaagtacc caccatccag    123960
     ggtgtcggat ctccctcaag caggagttag acatgtggtt gtgagtggct gatgtgtgtg    124020
     ctgaaaattt aacctgtcct gctcttaacc actgagccgt cttttccgtg tactgacctg    124080
     gcacggctgc tcccttggct ccacccacca atctatgagg tatatgtcta catgcccagc    124140
     tgtgttgcaa gtcaaactca ggacctcacg catactaggc aagcactctc ctagctgaac    124200
     ttcttaagtc tcccgccccc aagtgtgtta tttttatatt aaaaatagaa tcagactcac    124260
     aaggaggaaa acagaaatag aaaccagcta agtcaccaag catgcctttt gtttattcag    124320
     tcccccctgc cagtcatccc taggaattga cactactttg tggagtcggt ctgaacctat    124380
     agtagctttg tatgtttgag atagggtctc actatgtaac tctggctggc ctgggactcg    124440
     ttatgtagac caggctggcc ttcaatttac aaatacccac ctgtctctgc ctccaaagtg    124500
     ctgggacgaa aggtgtgcac taccacacct gactcctttg tgaagtttta agttgctggg    124560
     tagagtctca gaaggacagt ctttggggca catgggtact ggtacaaaac ctggtttcag    124620
     ttgtgtggcc cttgtcactg ctttccccct tccatgatgg gatttgaacc tagtaccttg    124680
     tgcatgtgtt aggaaagccc actgaactac acctccagcc ctgatagctt gtaaaactgt    124740
     tccttcattt gtcaacaggg taagacccta taaggtgagg gcagatccaa gtgccatatc    124800
     tggagtgagg cctcagatat attggctgtt actgttacaa agaataagtt gtactaatca    124860
     gagatggaga gatggctcag taggtaagat cactggccgc tcttctagag gatctgtgtt    124920
     cagttcccag cacccacatg atggctcaca ccatctataa cagttccagg gaatccaact    124980
     cccttttctg gcttccatgg gcaccaggtg caccaacata tatgcaggca aaaaccccaa    125040
     cacaatttta aaaaactctc ttgatcatta acttgttcat atgttctatg tccattgtct    125100
     atgcatttag tcttgacagg caagcatgct aggaaagttg tcaatttagg atcagccagg    125160
     actacttacc aaaactcgga aagaaaaaaa aaaaagtaaa gaagtcctat ttatttggtc    125220
     agtaataatc tgaagatcag tgagacatgg catttgaagc tgggcagtgg tgccgcacgc    125280
     ctttaagccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcgaattt ctgagttcga gtccagcctg    125340
     gtctacagaa tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa    125400
     caaaacaaaa acaaaaaaac aaaaagacaa acaacaaaag acatggcatt tgttcaagaa    125460
     gtaacaagac atggtggtac acgcctcttt tcctggccct tgagaagtgc tggcatccct    125520
     ggctacacag tgagctcatc ctggagacta tttcaggcgg gtgagatggc tccaagcctg    125580
     acaacctgaa cttaacccct ggaaaccaca cggtggcatg aaagaactgt ctcttacaag    125640
     ttgccctgtg acctccacac atgcacacat acaacacaca tgcacacaaa tgtaagaaag    125700
     ccaggtggca gtagtacgta cctttaatcc cagcagaggc aggaggataa gagttcaagg    125760
     ccagcctggt ctacctagtg agtcccagga cagccaggac ataaattctg tctcaaacaa    125820
     acagtctcaa aaagaaaaga gccgggcgtg gtggcccacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg    125880
     gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagctcca    125940
     ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaaccctg tctcggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa    126000
     cagacagctg agcctccctc cgtgctgaag gctgaggtgc tgggagttat aggccagtct    126060
     agacaacgta gtggaactcc atcaaaacaa aatgggggtg gggtggttag ggaagtaagc    126120
     aggctggcca tctagttccg tagaatactg tgagttaagg gctcagatct ctgtagcatg    126180
     tgcatgtgta ccccatacac atcaaacaaa acagaaaatg ggccaagact agactaacca    126240
     gtgcaaatta aggctcagta actgaccagt cagtcagtca gtcactcttg caagaacaat    126300
     ggctgtgttt agcaacggga tttgggacat gggagacttt aagattcgtc aagaaaaagg    126360
     tcctgggctc atcagtgaaa cttactggtt gagtctctgt gaacactgaa gaaaggctgt    126420
     tccagatatc ctccaggcca atcctgacac gtttccaaaa ggcaagagct gggctggggc    126480
     tcgggctagt gggtggcagg atgggtctgc gtctcaggtg gacaggaacc agagaagtgg    126540
     tgctgctctg aaagggagca cgagagctgc agctatggtc agaacagagg ctcgagtcca    126600
     gagggcattc ctccaggtgc ctgttgcaag cgcacaactg gtaggtgcaa ggccggtgtt    126660
     ctgtgcggag ttcattcagt gccccaactc gaaggcgccc agaaaggcca tgcagctttc    126720
     cagcccggct cctactcata gtgcctgact tacagtggca atgccaaggg ccccaaggca    126780
     tcagtactac ccgcagatcc tcaggagatg gcatggctgt gaatgagggt tttagccatg    126840
     gggatggggt ggacccgggt gtcgaccact gttgcagggt ggactcagaa gacaggtcca    126900
     ccacagtagt ctttgaactg agggaccgca cgtcagtggt cagcttaatc tctcgctcct    126960
     ggctattggc tagaaacctc ccggtagtgc cggaacttcc cacagtattg gtggtcgaaa    127020
     ataaacttac agggccgttg gtggtttttc tggtatcaac caccccctct tccaaggagc    127080
     catcctcctc ccagtcactg gggctgggca ctgatgaccg gctatagcct gtcacggtgg    127140
     acaggagctc agcagctgcc gggagggcca ggcggtcagc agtggccagg gcatcatttt    127200
     catcctccag ggttaccctc agcttcccgg gtacagtggt ccgggcggtg gggtttgtgc    127260
     tgtggaggct gcgggctggg cccccaaagc ggaagctgac ccgctgcatc ccaatcgtgg    127320
     tagcggtcgg ggtagtcgtt tggtcttcgg cccccgccgc ccggtactcc agacttagca    127380
     gcagggccca gagcagcatg caggcggcgg ggaccatggg gctgggagtc ttgaggtcga    127440
     gaggtaggcc caggctccta ccttctctcc ctcccttccg ctctccacca acccgccagg    127500
     tctcgaggtc gtttgaaccg accaggaggg tgctcagagg cacgtgcctc gcccctcccc    127560
     taagtgctct tactgcgcag ggccagcagc cccaggggct gagctaaaag tccggaggaa    127620
     ccctggtaag caagaattct gtgcaggaac cagaaagatt gtgatgtaag ggcttgaggg    127680
     gaacctgttg gtccctaggc acagacttaa atctctcatc acagtttatt aaaggtcaca    127740
     ggtctgaatt tactgagagt gaaaacacag gttttgacag cagttctcag gatcacaggc    127800
     agctgactac taagaagggg ttggcttttc aagattttgc aagctggctc ctgggctccc    127860
     ggcagacagg ctggctgtgg ctgctggtta agccttccat ccacctcccc tcaaagactg    127920
     ctaagacaac taaactggga aggatcccag tagttttgat tacagagaag gaaaatgaga    127980
     cccacatatt ttacagctaa agcagaatta aaactcagag ccttacactt ccaatgccac    128040
     acagccttct ttttggacag ccgaaatgca agccaccccc caccccgttc tggggttccc    128100
     acccttaaat cccagcttga aggcagtgtc cagaagtggg cgtcgcactg aaaagtgagg    128160
     atccggtgga gctggccctc aggatgagat gagacatagc tcccccatgc agaccactca    128220
     tgatctttgc cagatcctag gccctctgcc cagctttgtg ttaggtgcct ttcgagccat    128280
     gcagatcccg gtccagccta gagggataag ggaatggaaa gatgaatggg aggagctaga    128340
     aaactgagtg cttgcatcac ttcccatcct ttgctcctaa catgctcccc actggattct    128400
     atctcttcct tgcaggcttt acctcttcct agtacagaag gcacgtaaga acctgaggac    128460
     gacacagact ttccgtgttg gggttattct ttggtgcccc ccacctcagt gtctcttcca    128520
     tgacattttc tttttttaat atagtttttt tcttttcttt tcttttctct ctctctcttt    128580
     ctttctttct ttcttttttc tttttctttt tttttttttt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt    128640
     ttttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtgaggc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac    128700
     caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccacct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggatcaaag    128760
     gtgtgtgcca ccactgccca gcttctgtga cattttcatc tgtcctttaa gttctattta    128820
     tatttactta tgactgcgcg cgcgcgcgcg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca    128880
     cacacacaca cacacacacg tgtgtgcgcc cgtgccatgg acttattcca ccgtgggggt    128940
     tctggagact gaatcccttt actgattcat tgcactggtg cgcctttcat gtgacaaata    129000
     atatagtgtc cttcatttct tctctaggtg tctgcagttt tcccactgac acaattaaag    129060
     gcagggcccg tgtatcttag ttcttcgtat ctccccagag acattaagaa acacgattgg    129120
     ctttagacat cccatcccaa accagcttcc ctaagtgcag gactcactgt ctgacaactt    129180
     ccggtatgtg cacttgctct agcgagatga gctgggccag ctctccgagg ctgtccagaa    129240
     agcggatctt tcgtgtgaac ttggagctga agagaagaat aaaccagtct tactttgtat    129300
     tggatcctgg aggatctcac atagggaaca gggacaagcc gaatggcaca gctagaaaga    129360
     gggctgggta agacctccac aacctcggta gtggagacag ccgaagggat gtccttatgc    129420
     ctcgaaccag tacctgatga agggccgaac cagtgccagg aaggccttca cataccacgt    129480
     agcgtggacg accaccaggg cgcgaaggtt tttccgaagc ctgaggaaga gtccaataca    129540
     atcctgagtt ccctgttcac attttttagg aggagcaggt gggttatctt ccatgctgca    129600
     ggtgccttgg tgtatctttt tccaaatttc cctggcagct gtgcctaact ccacattcag    129660
     ggaatgctcc tttaagagta cctcagtctt tgcaatccgt ttccctccag cccacataaa    129720
     ttccttttgc aaacgtctgt ctccatctct tccactatgt agcccaggtt acataaaact    129780
     ctaagaagaa gctaggtgtg atggtgtgca agaggatcag gggtgtaagg ctaactgggg    129840
     ctatactcca attctgaagc cagcctaggc cacatgagcc cctatataaa acaaaatgga    129900
     cccctccccc aaacaagaaa caacaatgct cttaagaggg aaaaaatatt ggcaaagagg    129960
     aaaaacacag gaaggacact aagtaagggt gagatgggac aagccaggca tggtgatgac    130020
     ctgtaaccta agcactgggg agcgggtggg gcgggaagac caggagtgca aggctatgtc    130080
     tggctacata gtttaaggcc agcctggact acatgatgag gaaacaaagg agggagaagg    130140
     cacaggagtg ggaatgattt ctgtgtcagg ggtgagggaa gagagagcag tggagatatg    130200
     gaaagcaagt ggtaagactt ggagaagaaa gagtggctcc atgcgccagg caacatgcca    130260
     tgcggattca cgaggaaact aaacaggaaa gctgtgagct acccaaaaat gtagctagta    130320
     agccatacgg cggagatgtc cctgaccgta gagaatacaa caggagacac ggagacacat    130380
     aaaagaaggc actgggcacg atgactcagg tcagtgatcc cagcacttat gaggctgagg    130440
     attgaggaca acatgggcta tacagcaagt ccgtctcaga aaaggaaagg aaaagaaaac    130500
     cccacaaaag atccaactgg aagaagagaa tggaagcgat gctagagagt tgtggccctc    130560
     ttgtaattgg gtctcacctc ctgtccaagg tacggtaaca ctgccggatc cagctcagag    130620
     ggggcacttg ggccctgctg gtgcctccac tcaagtgaac aagcagatag ttttcagcta    130680
     ccagcagctc caaagttccc accatatacc tggggacaac attgtaggga aggtggatgc    130740
     tgctgtttcc ccaaactcag gaacacgaat agagagagcc tccagtcagc gatgggtttt    130800
     gggcacaggt cttttctctt aggttggagg ttttgcagca aaagccaaga tggcgtggac    130860
     ttctttctct tccacgcttg gaaaagccca tgaagatagc cctcacaaaa cagcagacta    130920
     agccaactta tagttcctga ttccaaagtg actatcagac ctaagaacac ctacagggcc    130980
     ctaaagtcac ctaatatggc aatacccata tcttaccagc acttcaacac ttcctctccc    131040
     ttccctatcc cagcccaggt gggcaactgc cctgtgaggt cagggaactc acccaggagc    131100
     aatctattct ttttgtttgt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttg ggttttgttt gtttgtttgt    131160
     ttttcaagac agggtttctc tatatagccc tggctatcct gtaactcact ttgtagacca    131220
     ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccacctgt ctctgcctcc taagtgctgg aattaaaagc    131280
     atgcaccacc actgctcggc cgtttttata ctttcaatct gactcaattt gatttattgc    131340
     attggtggag acacctttca ttttctagtt ttcccccggc tttgtccctt ccacaaaagc    131400
     cctttcgggt ttcacctcac ctgaataagt gttccatgat gtaggtgtag ttggggatgc    131460
     tgcttcgggg tagatagcag gaagcaaaga ggatgacagc attgaggcca tcaccatggt    131520
     aacctgagga ccaatataag gaaaatagac tcaattacag atctgtaaat agacagtact    131580
     tctgtttagg gtgaaggata atgaggtctt tggaagtcaa agaatggatg ttacacaacc    131640
     caacaactga acctccagct aaggccgagc tgtcagtgtt ggtgattctt ttattttgca    131700
     tatggctgtt ttgcttgcat gtatatatgt gtattgtggg atcagaagaa gttgtgagac    131760
     tcccctggac ctgggagtca gtcctgagct gtcatgtggg tcctgtgaga gcaacaactg    131820
     ctgtcccctg ctgagccatc tcccatctcc cagtgacttt ccctgtcagt cactgtagct    131880
     gttgttttaa tgtatcattg tgcacgtgca caggcgagtc tacgtggggg gtcagaggac    131940
     aacttcgtta attctctcct caaacctccc catgggttct ggggctcaca ctcaggttgc    132000
     cagcacacat ggcaagcacc ttaactcaat ggcacccagc caaacagcgc catggtttct    132060
     gcccttgtac tgcctttgcc actacctcca tgagataaga ctttcttata gggctcaatg    132120
     atggtcatgt ccactcgctg ctctcgttgt cctgttcgaa acactctcca gcgatgaccg    132180
     tcttctccag ccacatcgca cacgcatccc cggcccagtc tttctgctgc ctcactggcc    132240
     cccaggccct ctgcccgggg caagtcatct aaaacacaca ggagggaaga atgaatgagg    132300
     cagagttctt ataatctcct ggatccgtac agtttactcc tccagtcttt ggtttgtttg    132360
     cttgggtttt tgatagaagg tctcactgtg tggctcaggc tggcttccaa ctcctgactc    132420
     ttctgcctca gccttctgag tgctagtata cctgttttaa cctcccatgt ttcattgttt    132480
     tcactggctc tcagtctgtg caattcattc atcaacttgt gtctcttttg cctcttctta    132540
     actttctctt tcactagact atacccttag ggttctctgt ctgtctctgt ctctctcctt    132600
     ttccccttca ccacaattcc tccctccttc cctccccata cctggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    132660
     gtgtgtgtgt gttgttttgg agacaagtat ctatttagcc ttggccatct tggaactcag    132720
     tatgtaggac caagggtggc ctggaactca cagagatctg cctgtctgcc tcctgagtgc    132780
     tgggattaaa gatgtgggct ctggtttttt aaaacatggg ttgtgggatg taactcaggt    132840
     cctcatgctt gtacggcaag cagtttgcca attgagatat cagcccaact tgttttcagt    132900
     ctactgtcat taaatgtgac cagacatccc atgattaaaa cctttgtatt attcctcatt    132960
     gtgtagccta caaaagtcta taaccattag catagcaaca agggccacca tgatatgaac    133020
     gttggcagtt taacccagtc agtcactgta gctgttgttt catgtatcat tgtgcacatg    133080
     cacagatcag tctatgtggg ggtcagagga catctttggt ggagtcaatt ctatcttttg    133140
     atattcttcc tctgcctccc agcccttcat atacagtcag gctttgtgct ttgaattccc    133200
     ctgtgttgca tgctattgcc tgaattgcta catctatctg gaacaccccc actctaaccc    133260
     tgataaacat gactcagcat tcaggcctgg actcagaatc ttctcgaatt ccctaacatc    133320
     cacatggaga gcctgacttt cagctgcaat catttatggg tacttagggc ctactagaca    133380
     gtgtttccta cagttagggc gcctgtgtct gtatttgttt gtttagtttg tttgggagac    133440
     aaggcttcac actgtagctc cttttgtagc ctagactgtt ctcaaactct tggcaatctt    133500
     cccgcctcag ccttagctct ggatcagagg cgtgcagcca cccccaccag cttctggccc    133560
     ttattacctc aggctttcag gctggcttct ggctgcagtc ccagtacttg ggaggccaag    133620
     acaaggagga tcttgagttt gagaccagcc taggttataa gagataccct gtcccaaaca    133680
     gtagtaacaa ttcagtcctg ggtcgggcag catggggcag acatctactt acttattttc    133740
     ttttcttctt tcttctttct ctctttctct ctctctctct tctttctttc tttctctttt    133800
     ttcttttcta ttttcttttt ctttctttca ctttaatgtt tttatctttt gtttatttgc    133860
     tttatttatt tatttatttg gttttttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc    133920
     cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctatgtagac caggctggcc tcgaaatcag aaatctgcct    133980
     gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggataaaag gcatgcgcca ccatgcccgg tcatgctttt    134040
     ataatttttg agacaaggtc tcactatgta gaaccaggct ggctcatact cacagagatc    134100
     tacttggctc tgcctcccaa atgctgggat taaggcttga accagcacat gcagccttga    134160
     tcattattac tgttgttgtt gttattatgt gtatgtgtgt gtttcttgaa tgtatgtctg    134220
     agtaccacat gtgtgcctag tactgtggag cccaaaagaa ggtgttagat cttctggccc    134280
     tggagttaca gatggttctg agtcactatg tggaatggaa ctcctgtcat ctggaaaagc    134340
     agttagtgct cttaactgat gagccacctc tcctgccctt ccaccttttt cttaataaat    134400
     gtctcctact agcccttggc tggtgtccta ccgactctgg aagctgttcc tttcttcttt    134460
     gaggaaatct atattgcctg tctggcctct caactactat ctcatcttct cctctcctct    134520
     cctctcctct cccctcccct cccctcccct cccctccctt ctcttttttt ctttctctct    134580
     ctctcttcct ctccttcctt ccttcctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    134640
     tctttctttc tttccttctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt cctttctttc tttctttctt    134700
     tcagattcat tcattatctt aagttgtatg aatgatttgc ttgcatgtat gtatgtgtac    134760
     cacatgcatg cctggtgccc ttgaaagtca gaaggcatca gatcccctgg gactggagct    134820
     agacagctgc catatgggtg ctggctccta aatccaggtc ctctggaaga gcagccctgc    134880
     tcttaaccac tgagccaaca ctgctgcctg cctgattagc ttaattaaca tcccacccca    134940
     tccatcctcc tcgagctgca ttttctatca gcttctacct ctaccagccc caccctcggc    135000
     ttggctccca ccttcccatt caaactcatg tccgctgtcc agctgctcag agtctgatgg    135060
     tgtctccaac tcatccacct ccaggtccaa gctgccagca gaagaggaag acgcagagcg    135120
     ggtgggagag gctccgtttt ctcctgttcc ctcagtcaga ctcagctgcc attctggggc    135180
     ggaaagacgc ttccgcatag ggcgctggcc acacaaggcc agactgctgg gggtgcctgt    135240
     gattggaaga taggagaaag aaaatacaca gatggaaaaa cgtgttgagt ggatggtgat    135300
     ttgagatccc tgtgtggaac ggaggcatac gcctgtaatc ccaagactgc aaaggaagac    135360
     agacaagagc atcagagttc aaggccatct tgactacaga ttgagttata gagcagcctg    135420
     ggctacgtga gtctgcatca gaagaaaaac acaaacgcac aaggcctcct atagacagaa    135480
     gccttgatgc caggcttggt ggctcacatc tgcaattaca gcatttagga ggcagaggca    135540
     ggaggatagc tgcaactttt gtcctcctgc ttgtttttgt gtgtatgggt atttcttata    135600
     cgtctgcatg tctgtgtacc acacattgcg ctcttagagc ctagaagggg gtgtcagatc    135660
     ccctgggact ggagttaagt ttggttgtaa gccaccatgt gagttctggg actcaaacca    135720
     aggtcctctg taagaacggc caatacttct caactgctaa gccatctctc cagtcctgat    135780
     aaatgcaagt ttgaggtcaa ctcaggctac acgagttcga gaccagcctg ggctagaaag    135840
     ttgagtcagt ctcaaagaaa cccaattata ccacagtggc tctcacctgt aatcccagca    135900
     cccaggaggc agaggaggag atctctgtgg attcaaagtc agcctagtct acaaatgagt    135960
     tccaggccag ccagggctac acagaaaaac actgtttcaa acaaataaac aaaccaacca    136020
     acgaataaat gaacaaaacc caccgagcac caacaataaa aaaattaaaa tttaaaggcg    136080
     ataatagctg tgcattttga gaaagggatg taacctaggg taagtggaaa gggagaaagt    136140
     tgggtacaaa gagacagaat acacagcgac accctcgcct taacaacagt gccagaagtc    136200
     aactcaaacc ccaggtctag tttccacctt cctttcccta cctgcctgtg agcctctctg    136260
     agggtcttca gggtctccag gtgagccagg ttcctcagga agcaatctag aggggaggga    136320
     atgaacaggg ctttaaacac agaccccagc cagctgcctt gtcatccttc cctctccacc    136380
     atgcttcttt cttttcttgc cctaatttcc cataaatttg tttggtttta ggtctgtggg    136440
     tgcattttgt ctacatgttg atctgtgcac cacacatgtg cctggtgctc ttggagctca    136500
     gaagaaggtg tcagatcccc tgggactgga gcaaaggatg acagagaggc accacgtggt    136560
     ctccgagact caaacctggg ggcgagcagc tctcagcctc acctaggaaa ctcttcatct    136620
     tgccactcct ctcttagctc cagctctcca agtttcatgg ttgctcctgg ttctgaggct    136680
     cctgccttct ccttagccct gagagtcagt ggcccagaag aaaagaccat gaatcaacct    136740
     agacagtatc ctaagggagc cagacatcag gtggaagcca ctggtgtgaa gaacatggca    136800
     aggaggcccc gtctatgtgt acaggcgttt tcccttccca cttgacagag cagctcatct    136860
     gctgctcagc ttagcagagg ggatggccta gcaagctaat ccacttgatg gtagtggctt    136920
     cacctacagt gtaggagtga aaggcgtccc atatcccgac tggctggaac ccagacagac    136980
     ctgcccagtt aaccctggga aaagcagtag cagatggcac ctcgtcagcc cagcctttcc    137040
     cctgctgtgc ttggaaacta tgggacaggt acaaggatgg agggaaaaaa ggagatactc    137100
     actgggaagc agaaccaggg tgtacatttg gttctgggcc aggtttccta atggctattg    137160
     tagaggatgg gagttatagg agagaggggg agggggaggg agaatggatc tattacacat    137220
     aagatagaaa cttttcttta aactgtggag ttggttccat actgtattcg tttcctgtcc    137280
     caaaaccact cggtcccttc tctgctaact tctccccatg ttcttctttg aggaagccag    137340
     gaaggcctgg ctggcaggga acgccctctc tggctccagt caggccaagg tctcacttac    137400
     cctccttcta acgtctctct tcctgtttct tgcctggtcc ccatcttccc aggtcgtcct    137460
     gtgtcctgtg ggacttgagg aggataggag gctgtggccc cagcccccaa actctttact    137520
     ttcctgtgtc agctgctgct tttgctctaa ggaggcagga ggtgtggaag ggaggtaacc    137580
     tcatcttcaa acaggttttg ccacctcccc tcccaaggag caggtttgcc ccaaagccca    137640
     gcctcttgtg tgggggcggg ctttcaggtg aagagtgagt gagagctctg gtctccattc    137700
     cagattcttt ataacctggg agccctttgt tttgcccgct aaggagtgag gggaggtgtg    137760
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgca ttcctgtaga agcctgaagc tggcattgga    137820
     tatcttcctc catctgctga ggcagggtct ctcaattgaa cccagagctc actgattcta    137880
     ctagctttag ctccccagac taattctagg gattcccctg accagagagt gctgggcttg    137940
     cccagccttt gtgtgtcctg gaaattcaaa gttgggtcct cttgtttgga tgagtgtctt    138000
     atgcacctag ccagctcctc aaccttctat ttttctaagt gccttaagct ttagaacagt    138060
     ctgatgtgga atggatggtc acatgacctt tctgcctcag gtcctacagg gagctaggtt    138120
     ttacttattt ttagactact atttattgtg tgtgtatgag tacgtatgtg cacccacgca    138180
     tgtgcaagga cgtcagggag ggtgttcttc cctctatcac tttgctggat cctggatctt    138240
     gcactgctta gactggaagc ccaccagcca tcttcctgtc agctctgctt ggaggcggag    138300
     tataggcttc tgtaaagtgg catcctgtta cacgagtgct gggatctgaa ctcgttttca    138360
     agactgagga gaacacagtt ttagctgctg acccaccacc tctctagaac ttggagctta    138420
     aaacaattaa aaaaaaattt aatgtgcata ggtgtattgc ctacatatct gtctgtgcac    138480
     caggtgtgtg actggtgccc ttggaggata gaaagtttca gatttcctgg gctggagtta    138540
     ctaggagctg tgagccctgt gggtgttggg aaataacagt gggacctctg gaagagcagc    138600
     cagtgctctt aaccactgag ccatctcccc agctcttaac atttttataa attatgtttt    138660
     atttttgagt gtgtgggtat gtggcacctt gtgagaattg gtactgtcct tttaccatgt    138720
     aggtgcaaag aatcaacttc agatggtcat cttagccctg cctgcctctg cccatactat    138780
     ctcatggacc tagctcctac cttttaaaag taggtcctgg tgagggcctg taatctcagc    138840
     ttctcaggag gctgaggtag gaatgcaagt tcaaagccag cctgggcaac ttagtgagac    138900
     cctgtcttta aatagaaagt taaatatatc tgggggtgct gggcatggtg gcgcacgcct    138960
     ttaatcccag cacttgggaa gcagaggcag gtggatttct gaatttgagg ccagcctggt    139020
     ctacagagtg agttctagga caaccagggc tatacagaga aatgctgtct caaaaaaaac    139080
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaaaaaccc aaacaaaaaa cagctggagg    139140
     tcgggggtgg gtcaatgcct ttaatcccag cactcagaag gcagaggcag gtagatctct    139200
     gagttcaagg tcagcctggt ctatacatca agttccagga cagccaggac tatgcagaaa    139260
     aactgtgtct caaaataaag taaaaaatgt gctagagatg aaaaacactc agtggtagaa    139320
     caccatgtac aaggccctgg gtaccatccc cagaaccaca cacacacaca ggcaaagcta    139380
     aggaactatt ttggtttaag tccatcttgg acctactttt ctagcataag gaaaacagag    139440
     aagacaagcc aggtatgtca catctgcaat tccagcatgg ggaggcttct gctggaggac    139500
     tgctatgcat cagaggctag cctcagctac aggataagct agggcagctt gagagattgc    139560
     ctcaaaaaaa gaaacaaaac catctgagac aactaactca ctctgtgagc caggctggcc    139620
     tcgaaattac agggatctgc ctgcctctgt ctccggagtg ctgggattaa aggtgtgcac    139680
     caccactgcc cagctacaac tgaggtgtgt gtttgtttga ttggttgttg ttgttttcga    139740
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag cctggttgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc    139800
     ttgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggactaaag gcgtgcgcca    139860
     ccaccgccca gccctggaag ggaagctctg gaaacaggag tcaaggaaag gttgaagata    139920
     aacaggaata tctcatagcc gggtcatcaa aggacaggtg ggagacaggg agatgagtct    139980
     gtgggagacc cggagatggg gggaggccta gagatgaatc acttgtgtga gaccaggaga    140040
     tgaatctgtg ggaggtgcag ctattaccag agggaaggcc tgattatact tttaaaaaga    140100
     aacaagacct caaacagaaa gaaagtattt aatatgaaac aaaaatgcaa aacaaagtac    140160
     caaagtcaca gaacacaatc cctttggttc agtgatcgca ccaatatttc acgttcccat    140220
     tggctacaga cgtcatacac taaagtgaag tcagactgcc ccaaaccacc acacacccta    140280
     ctgttcagcg atattgtttg caacttatat agggtaagaa caggggaaac agcttgattg    140340
     gaaaaaaggg ggatgggagg tgggggaggc gaggggagac tacacatgcg gaacaaatta    140400
     ctgggagaga gctcgctgct gggtcaccat tacaaccctg tacatgctac atgaggctaa    140460
     gttccttggt acaatcacac ataaacacga aacaatccag tgacccagag cgcgaacgct    140520
     cccagggagg acaaaagtaa tgaggaagca gaggggagaa aggctgggag gaaggaaggg    140580
     cacatctttt cctaacctca gttacaggtg gggaaatggg acccgggaca gaggatgtct    140640
     caccagaaga ctctccacgc attcttcaac ttgagcaaaa ccagaaaaag actgacaaga    140700
     ccttggcaga cccactaaga caggggatat ccagggctca gtcaggttct gccctcttgg    140760
     caaaaatgcc tctgaggtcc catggccacc aggagaaagc aaggacctca atcctcaggt    140820
     ccccgtcagg cttcccatca ttctgagaca gaaggagcca aagatatagg aagtcaagac    140880
     aagagaccag ccaggtttaa tgcagtgctt gacaatctca gcactcagga gagttaggaa    140940
     ttcaggacta gcctcagata catacagagc tcaaggccag cctgggctac atgaggctct    141000
     gtctcaaaaa taactttaaa aaaattgaaa aggtcaattc atggagagga gcggtgaact    141060
     ggtttcatgg cagacgctgc ctctgttcac agtccttctg aagacactga gatggggtct    141120
     acattccttt agtcctgctc tgccaggaca gtggtcctat cacactgtac ccaccaaaga    141180
     caggaaaatc agtgcagatt aaataataaa attaaataaa tcttgtctta ctggtagagc    141240
     caggagagga gaggcagaga gctgtcccta cagcagccgc tctctttctc tttctcctcc    141300
     caaggttatg agaacagtac acccgatcct gaagccactg acgtagttgc tgaagtggtc    141360
     aaacatctca aaacatgcat ttgaggcagg ccagtcacct cctccacact tccccaccct    141420
     acttccaatg gtcacttatt tgatgtgcag gctctggcag actgggatag tgagatctga    141480
     ctgcacttct caaagacagc ctcagcggag aacttaggca gcccctgatc cagagggcac    141540
     tcatccacca agctgttcat aggcgtgggt ggcagcggag ggtcttcctc atcttgactc    141600
     agcccagaaa tcagggagtt acttgccttg tccaagtcct tgtccacctg ctccctagac    141660
     atacccacag ctacctcaga ctgccccgaa gccatcttcg ctgagtcaag atatgcggag    141720
     agggcttcct ggagcacagg cagcagcttc ttccgagaga cctgggtgtt gccttggtga    141780
     taggcctgga ggttagggga ggtgcttggg ataggtgtca gcttcagggg tggggaggtg    141840
     gatcgttcca ggatgccaca gatctgtaga agacaagaac aggagatgat ggtcaagtga    141900
     cacaccacag agctgagctt tctttaacag gaatgaaaag tgttttgttt gcttgtttgt    141960
     ttgtggagcc tgggtctcac aatgtagccc tggatggctg gcacccacag agactcatcc    142020
     cctctgcctt ctaactgctg agactccccg ggtattacca tggctgcttt gtgaggggct    142080
     tgggatcaag cattttgtga ggggcttggg atcaagcatt tggaagcctt ctgccaggtt    142140
     tacatgctaa gaccaactcc cgaccttctt ctcttctctt tccttttctt ttcttttctt    142200
     cttttttttt aaacaaaggg tcttacattt actacaaccc tagaactcac tagggagctc    142260
     aggctggcct tgaatacatt gtaatgcccc tgcctcggct ttccaagcac tgatattaca    142320
     agtgtaaggc acactacgtg gctggaacat ttagatgaca tattttgttt cattaacaaa    142380
     gaagccgaag tgcacagaag ttttcttgag tgaaatcacg tagaagatgg caggatctga    142440
     gacagaccag gggtgcacgt gtgcccccat gttcatggcc atcagtgagt acaggactaa    142500
     cagccatgca gagatcagag gactaaggcc aaacaaaccg aataggaggg tgggggtggg    142560
     ccaagcgtgc tgccaactta ggtgtttaca gacacctcgt tatggtggta cagccactac    142620
     gcgcactcac aggtggctag ggtgatcaag gcttacacag attagctcac agttttgttt    142680
     ttgagtcagg gtttctctgt gtagcccagg ctgtcctgga atctattctg tagaccaggc    142740
     tgcctctaac tcaaaagatc tgcttgcctt cacctcccaa gtactgggat taaagatgtg    142800
     tgccagcatg actggcatat taggtcgcag tttatacaaa atgaaactga catttgaacc    142860
     caagactgtt accaagagta gcattctagc tgggcgtggt ggcacatgct gttaatccta    142920
     gcacttggga ggcagaggca gacagatttc tgagttcaag gccagcctgg tctacagagt    142980
     gagtttcagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaagaac caaaaaaaaa    143040
     gaagagtagc gttctaaatg tattctatac cagtagcaga aggaagagaa gaggtggcag    143100
     agcagactga aaaggatcct agctcccagt acagaggaca tgggcagcta tagtcatcag    143160
     agtgttggag tggggactag gttctggagg gggaagggct ctttcctata gctgaagtac    143220
     cttcctctca gcagcatggt tagtaaaagc cacatgttct caacatggac cctgccacaa    143280
     aacgcacttc atgcaaatga ccatagcaaa ctgtgcaata gtgactcttc catcactact    143340
     ttttgctgat gaccagaaca gactgtagtg attcaaatcc tctggcttag ttcaagggac    143400
     aagcgggtag ggaccagaga cagaaaaaca tgtctaccag attataaaac ctgttctttc    143460
     ctagtaccag ctactcctgc agccagggga gggagaggag gcagcagcaa cgaggagaca    143520
     gaccttgcct gagttcaaag gacatctggc tggactatcc tgagcatctc cccagtacag    143580
     gcaactcaga gtctcaagtc acctgaatca gtaaccaacg agaaaacaga aaggaaggcc    143640
     agggagggtg ctggccccgc acagtgccct tctctggact gtggtatcca gactgacccc    143700
     agtgtgctgc acagttgaaa aggtttctac tgttgtgtga aggtgacggg tgtgtttctt    143760
     gtctttgtag tgccccactc ctgagctaca cccccagttc tgcccataaa ttatcaagac    143820
     aataaagaga aagaaccaat tttcttttag ttttgttgtg gtggtagttt ttttggtggg    143880
     gatcaaaccc agggcagtgg atagttgagc attctatcga tgagctaact cctcagcctc    143940
     cccctggtat ttttttttgt ttgtttgttt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct    144000
     ggctgtcctg gacctcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc    144060
     tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcgccacca cgcctagccc ccctggtatt    144120
     ttttaaagat aggatctcac tatacagact tggctggcct caaactcaca ggctatcctc    144180
     ttgcctctgc tatctactgc tagggttgga agtgtgtgca gccatgcctg gcagcagccc    144240
     ttagggttct gaaatagttt ctctgttact aaagagcacc aggctgcagt ccctaaatgc    144300
     tgggaacaga ggtctgagtc agtatgccca gtgagagcaa gttctaacta caggtgacaa    144360
     cacttccttc tacccagggt ttgttgcagc agcttgtaag cctaaattgt tgtctctagt    144420
     cttcagaact gtcaccctcg gagtgacagg atggaaactc actgtcattc gaagtgcctc    144480
     gtgtggacag aagatagcta attgccgtac tggctcattt tgagtgttga aaaagatagt    144540
     catggcaacc agggcatcat agctgtgatc atggcagaaa gaactgagat ctgtgaagag    144600
     gtctgtccgc tgcagaaagg cctagaaggg aagaaaaaga aagcaatcaa agtttacagg    144660
     cagaccgtcc ttatcaccaa tgaactctaa agagtttttt gagcatgcag ctcataattt    144720
     gtgcatcact aaaaatgtat gtagtgctta catactggaa actgtgatag aatagggaga    144780
     atacaggctt tcaattaaga cagcattgtt ttgaaaagta gctcaactat attatgaata    144840
     agatccagaa gtgatattaa ccccctgaac ctaaggttcc tcaataaaat aaaaagacag    144900
     caagtagctg gtctttgcca ctttgtagtg gttcttcttt ttcccatcct ttattcccca    144960
     ccttccaatt ttaccctgta tcaatagata ggagagaaag aaggagaggg gagaagggag    145020
     agagagagat ttctgaatct aatttcttcc ttctttgagc acgactacta acaaaccaca    145080
     aaccaatccc cttgtgccat gagcaaacac caatctttcc ctctcagggc tctggcattt    145140
     atatataccc tctgaaaagt tctaagaatt ccaactgtca catatttgca aaagctatct    145200
     tcagctggca aaaccatgcc tctactagag catgaggtaa atcatagtca gccgcttcag    145260
     acagtctgaa aaagccccac atccctacac ctgggattaa aaggaaaacc tactcttata    145320
     atatttctgc gtttttaaaa aaaacgccca aattccagaa ttctcaatat agagccaact    145380
     ttcctgccct gtccaaaaaa caaatgacct tcacaaaaga aaaaacaaaa acaaaacaaa    145440
     gcctcacaca caaaatcact gattgctcta cagagaatga cttataggag tacaaaataa    145500
     gtggatgcag agaaactagc actcgggctc ttacagcagc acagtgaggg acgatggact    145560
     gtagagaatc ccggaggaga gggaggcaag aggagaggga ccgaggtact ccagagtgag    145620
     ggggagtgga ggtgagtgaa ggtgtccctt gccccttcca ctggcttgct cttaccttca    145680
     agtccatgta gattgcactg attgccacct tggtgccctg tctgtagact gtcttctggt    145740
     cctttctgag catctgttca gtggtcagtc ctagaaaata gaagtcaatc agggcacttg    145800
     gcctaacacc gcaaaggtga agacgagaaa aatgggacaa tagtttctct tcagggcgat    145860
     gaacaggacc aataactgaa aatgtaatta tacaaaggtt tacttaaata atcaggtcac    145920
     aggcaggaga aatggtgcag cagttacaag cactggctat ttttcagagg acctgggttc    145980
     aattcccagc acccacatga tggctcctaa ctgttactgt agttccaggg gaactgtcac    146040
     ccttttctgt tggcccatgc acataatgca cagacataca tgcaggcaaa acacccacac    146100
     atatccaata aataaagaaa actctaaaat gctaacaatc aggtcacaat agttaaatgg    146160
     ctgcctgtag attgagggac tttgtaggag ggtaaaagaa gagcagcttt actgggtgtg    146220
     ggggtggtgc acacccttga gcccagtgct ctgcaggaag aggctggtgg agctcaggag    146280
     tttgagatca gccaggtcta caacatgagt tctaggctag ccagggctac atagtgagac    146340
     catctcacta accaacacct gcccccccaa aacaagcaag aaaccagagc caaaacagca    146400
     gaggccttta cgattctcta cccttccctc ggcccattta tttgtttatt atttttgctg    146460
     tgggtcacac ccagggcctt gcacatgctg ggccagcatc cgctctccag ctacatcctc    146520
     agccctgaag ggttttgctc tgttcactct aatagcacgt ggagcattta tgtttccttc    146580
     ttttgcttgc tctttttcta aatgtcaata ggtggattat ggaagctttg ggttcagttt    146640
     gtcttctgaa cactgagagc ttcctcttcc ttctgctgaa tgcacagctc ttgttctgac    146700
     gacttagcag ccccccaata ccgctacatt ttatatatgg cctacattct ctgattaaac    146760
     agggactcaa aacttttctt gtttttgtga gtttcacaca ctgtagtgat catcttcgcc    146820
     ctcccccata tccttagacc cacctgccgc ccctgagcac cgagctctgg ctttctcttc    146880
     tttccttact acagccatca agttccattt gtgctgcaca gtcttggatt ttatttttat    146940
     tttttttttg attttttgac acagggtttc tgtgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca    147000
     ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cctgagtgct    147060
     gggactaaag gcgtgcgcca ccaccacccg gccagtcttg gatttttaaa taccttttat    147120
     ttcattttgt tttcttttcc tttttttttt tttttttctt tcttttccag acagggtttc    147180
     tctgtgtagc cctggctatt ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag    147240
     aaattcacct gcctccacct ctcgagtgct gggattaaag gcaggcgcca ccactgctcc    147300
     gctcattttg ttttctgata cagggcttct ctgcatagct tttacctttt gaggcagagc    147360
     cttattgtgt gcccacgctg tccttaactc actatgtagc tcaggctgcc acaaactgtt    147420
     tatcttctgc ctggcttcac cagtgctggg attacaggat ggactatcac cccagccctt    147480
     ctcatcttct gtagtgagaa tcaatgttgg tttctttaaa aacacagaaa tggggctgga    147540
     gagatgtctc agaggttaag agcactgatt gctctttcag agatcctaga ttcaattccc    147600
     agcaaccaca tggtggctca taaccatctg taatgggatc tggtaccctc ttctggcctg    147660
     caggcataca tgcaagcaga atgctgtatt cataataaat aaatctttaa aaacacaaac    147720
     acgggggttg gtgagatagc tcagtggtta agagcactga ctgctcttcc aaaggtacca    147780
     agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cataaccacc cataatgaga tctgacaccc    147840
     tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga cagttacagt gtacctattt ataataataa ataaatctct    147900
     aaaaaaacac acacacaaac acagaaatat aagaatatgt tcactttagc tggacggcgg    147960
     tggtgcacac ctttagtccc agcacatggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga    148020
     ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacacccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt    148080
     ctcaaaaaac caaaaaaaga aattgttcac tttaacccca ggtgtgggga gatggggtgc    148140
     ttccaactgt ccacagtagc tctttatgat ttgcatcacc ctctagcaga ggcttggttt    148200
     tgccagctgc agatagtctt tgtaattgtg tgacatttgc aactcaagac acttttcaga    148260
     aggtatataa atgctagggc cccaagaggt ggtgtgcatg gttattggta atttagggag    148320
     gttggtttgt tctactagta gtcctgctca aagaaacaga aagaaagaaa ttagatacaa    148380
     ggatatctct gtctgtctgt ccccaccctc atcctttttt ctctcctatc tagtgaaaag    148440
     ggttgaaact agggggagaa agggtaggaa aaagaacccc caaaggagca aagaccggct    148500
     ataatcctct cgcaggctca ggatggaatg acataacatg actcatctgt tcgtgagcag    148560
     acatgtatgt tactcattac catttctatg ctctgaaatc aaagcttgcc cactgactct    148620
     ctcatggaaa atatgacaca tcatacctga gacgtcaaac ttggccttct gcagggaatc    148680
     aaatatgtcc tttcttttgg gcagatctgg gaaaagggct tccagttctt ccacatattt    148740
     gctgtccttt ggggttgcct tcccaatgtt ggtatccatg ttgacacagt ccaggatgat    148800
     ggttcctata agggataagg cagagcagga gtcctgtgtg tgagtgaacc ctccactcac    148860
     aatctttagc acatatataa ctccaaatcc aatgaacaca attcagagga tacaacccag    148920
     gcaaccccac tgaagtcaaa ataatacact tggattgacc atgtcctaag agaaaactcc    148980
     caaagtacaa tgcagttagg gacatggaca gacagacaga agcctgggtg tggagctgta    149040
     cagattgctc agcagttgag agcactggct gctcttccag agggcctggg tttgagtcaa    149100
     ataaccaata tggcagttta taactctcat ctcaagagat ctgaagccct cttctggcct    149160
     cctcaggtac ccagcataca cacggtacac agacatatat acacagacaa aatacccata    149220
     cacataaaat taaaaaataa aaaaagtaaa acaaggagac tgggcatcct gagtcttgta    149280
     gattccagaa ggaatctagc tcttcagcaa accaaattcc attacactat ctttttaaat    149340
     ttttttttta caattttctt tattctttga aaatttcata ttctttcccc taccccagct    149400
     ccctctccat tccctaccca cccaactgcg tgtagccctg gttatcctgg aactgtcttt    149460
     gtagatcacg ctggcctcga actcagagat ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca aatgctgtga    149520
     ttaaaggcgt gcgtcaccac tgcccggcag ctgtcaattt caaaaagttt gttggctatg    149580
     gatgaagctt tgtgcttctc ttctgtctgg atttggtctt ccatcacagt atcttaatat    149640
     tggaagagtg tgcctagtct aatctaaatg agatcagcac tacacacccc gtggaaaaat    149700
     ataaaaggga aggttaagag gcctgctgga gatataacaa ccatttcctg gtggaactgc    149760
     tatcagagat gtttcctgtt tcttcagtga gtcctctttc ctttaaacat tgctgcaaac    149820
     gggaaccacc aagacccgtg ccctctgctt cccctgtact aactccaacc caggcagtga    149880
     aacaatgacc agctgctgca ggaaccctgg ccctctgggg tgagtaaact tcaagagtca    149940
     ccgccaccag tgaggctgga gtctagactt tcaccgcccc cattccggga taagggcaaa    150000
     ggtcacaacc caaacctgat tccttaccat gcagtagggc tgcagtttgt ctgtccaagg    150060
     tctctggtgc cccctgcagg attctctctg tcaccagggt ggcacaggac cccaccagct    150120
     caactgaaac gtgacaggga ggacagtatt tctgctcaat tggtcggtgg tccagcacct    150180
     ctgctacggc ctcctccaga gctgcatcgc ttctggggag ggtggtggtt aacagaaaac    150240
     agaaagagaa gcaggtaaga gctctccagc tgcccaaatg gatctccaac tccccaccaa    150300
     gaggaaaagt atgcatgtcc catgtgagta cacagaagtc acctcacccc accgtcccct    150360
     ctccactctc tgacgtggaa tcagaagcag cttttaaaca gcacacaagt gaactctgtg    150420
     acgtttctgc tgtaaatacc tacacggtca ctgtccttta gggtcacctt tccaactgaa    150480
     ctctatacct gaccttgctc tcttgacaat gaaacatcac gaaagtcacc atgtcttcct    150540
     ttccagccct gtgctacggc cttctaggcc catcagtatc ccctacctga actgtttcaa    150600
     ttaagggctc atctaagccg tccctcaaaa gattcctgga tgatcacttg aaaaacaaac    150660
     aaaatgaaaa tcaaaaacaa caacaacaaa aaactttatt ctgttaggac ctggaataac    150720
     tataattaag ttttctacta ccccaaaata cagtccaatc tccttagaga ggcctacaag    150780
     gactccatga tctgtaccct gcctacctta gtcccatcaa ctcacatctt acctttccca    150840
     cataattcat gcccagctgt gcaaaacaag tcccagttcc ctactcagtg tgcgatttca    150900
     tgcctgcctg gcttcacctc tgctaactcc tctctctgcc tgaaggctcc tctcagacac    150960
     ctgcccacct cggacaaaca caaagctctc ttttaagact gggctgccct cagtagagtc    151020
     cttttgccct cagtttccct ccagcacaat gagctaggcc catgtatggc ccatcgagtc    151080
     ccactgtcct ctagagtgac agttaatggc gtgcctctgg cacccactac agtgctctct    151140
     ttattacctc cctcttcctg actgaaagat gcatgaaaac tgtcgcctct atccacttca    151200
     ggaaaatgtt ttaatcagta aattcatgga tgcatgaatg cccccaggca actatcattt    151260
     cttggtataa ccacagtgtg ctcaagggaa aaatatccat ttttaagact agcaggagcc    151320
     agacatactt agacaagaat cacactcatg ttgctttttg gcagccttct ctagtcctaa    151380
     attggaagtg gatttattat ggatgtacac atttgttgaa cagacatgcc tgggatattt    151440
     atagtctact agaacatatt atccctgtat cttaaagcag caaaagttct gacattaaag    151500
     gcaaatttaa gttattttga acattttgaa taattattta actatatatt tttgtttctt    151560
     tatatcataa acatcacata actagagaag tgatactatt tttttttatt ggatatgacc    151620
     catcaattat agttagcctc cgaggcaggt ggatttctga cttcagggct agactggaat    151680
     acatagtgat ttagaggcca gccaaggctg catagtgagg ccctatctca cacgagaagc    151740
     aagcaaacaa acaaacgaga aaaaatgaca acaaatgagc ctttgagact ctagtggacg    151800
     gctctccttc ctcctttctc cccgtgcagg ccgagtgtcc ttcactgact tacttgggta    151860
     aaatatggtg gtcaacaagg atgagggtga gctggccagc ctggtgcagg gctaggaggt    151920
     caatctcgtc ccggaagatc agggctggct ctggaatctt aacctcctgg agaaagaaga    151980
     cattgtcccc gcgcagagga agctcagaac gctttatatt taaaactggt ataaagatgt    152040
     cttcagcttc agacgtctgg ttacagaatt gaaaagaaga cataataagg cttaggaaaa    152100
     tgcaagaaaa agtaaccccc accctaactc tgaccctgag gttgggttct gagttctctc    152160
     cctaatacac aaatgcaaaa cagaaggcca aagaagacat gaccttgggt aagttaccac    152220
     ttctcaaggc cacaattatc aagcctatga aaataaaagg atggggctgg agagatggct    152280
     cagtggttaa gagcactgac tactcttcca gaggtcccta gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac    152340
     atggtggctt acaaccatct gtaatgagat ctgatgtcct cttctggggt gtctgaagac    152400
     agctacagtg tacttacata taatagataa atatatttta aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa    152460
     gggatggttt gttttttttt ttaaatactg gataagcaag ccgagcgagt gccttgacca    152520
     tggaagcaca cattctacaa ctgagctgca ccctaatgtt ctgagagaat ggtccttgcc    152580
     ctccatctta gcaatgacat ggaagtcaac aagctatttt aaggaaaaga cctaggtaga    152640
     cttcaagcta caggaaatag gatccaggtt ccatttccag catccacatg gtagggtagc    152700
     tcacagccat ttataactct ggtcccaggg aatctgatgc cctcttctgg attctgaggg    152760
     cacctggcac acacttggag cttagacata tatacaggca aaacacccat acacataaag    152820
     taaaagtaaa tatgttgctg ggtatggtgg cacaagcctt tagtcccagc actccggaag    152880
     caggggcagg tggatctcta tgagtttgag cccatcctta tctacaaaga gagttccagg    152940
     acagccaggg atattacaca gagagaccct gtcttgaaaa aacaaacaaa ccaacaaaaa    153000
     actttctaat tgacctgggc tggcaaagat gtagcttatt tggtataatg cttaccaggc    153060
     aggcaagaga cctaggaatt cccaacactg catacaccat atgatggttt atgcctataa    153120
     gcctagcata caggatgcag aagcagaatt aaatattcag tgctaccctc agctgactag    153180
     tgagttcagt gtcaatgtga aataaatgaa agcctgtctc aattaaaaaa aaaaaacctg    153240
     ggaaagataa attctagatc attggtatcc ataaggaacc gcaataataa gctatttaaa    153300
     cataacttta tggttttgca aattccttgt ggtggcttaa atgaccccat taggcccata    153360
     tgtatgaatg cttagttatc aagggagtgg cactatttga gagggattgg aaggtgtggc    153420
     cttccttatt ggaggaagca tgatgtagaa ctagaagtgg gctttgaggt ttcaagggtc    153480
     caaggcagga ccagtggctc tctcttcctg ctgcctgtgg atccagatgt agaactctta    153540
     gttacttctc cagcaccatg cctgcctgca tggcaccatg cccactgcca tgatgacagt    153600
     ggactgaccc tctgcacccg taaagccagc cccaattaaa tgcttttttt tctcctttct    153660
     tttgcttttt tgatttgttt tgtatttcga gacagggact cctctgtgta gccctggctg    153720
     ccctgggact cagagatcca cctgtctctc ctgagcgctg ggattaaaag tgtgcgtccc    153780
     cttccctgac gaatgctttc tttttaaaga gttgccttgg tcatagtgtc ttttcacagc    153840
     aatagaaaga catccccgaa accagtctta cacgtcccag agggtaacac agtactcgac    153900
     aaagttcggg gatctttatc ctttgtgctg tgcaccggtg catgtgtacc tgcataagca    153960
     cgtgtagagc tcagaggaca accgcggatg tcatttctca ggcaccagca tcctgcttgc    154020
     ctgaaactca acaggtaggc taggctggcc agccactgag cccccagacc tgcctgtctg    154080
     cctccctagt gctgggatga gaaggcagtg ccaccacatc tgactttgtt tatgtcattc    154140
     taggggtcat actctggact tacaaactga ggcctttgtt gactgagcta gcccagccac    154200
     tctccaactt tgatttttta ctgaattatt caccttgttt tatattgaat atttggcctc    154260
     tgtgtcatat gtgtaccata ggtgtgcttg gtgcctgtgg aggtcaaaag aaggcatttt    154320
     gatcccctgg aactggaaaa gtaaattgtt aactaccctg taggtgttgg ggaataactg    154380
     aaccctggtc ctctgagtca tctctccagc ctccccacac ttccccccca tctgttaatg    154440
     aaacaaaatg acccttatcc tcttgcctcc tgcttccaac atctgtctgt ctgtctgtct    154500
     gtctatgaaa cacagtggcc tttatcccac ttccaagggc ttacacatga gtcatcaccc    154560
     acatgagatt tcacttcagt ttagccaagg ctaaacattg gtaagtggca gagctgggcc    154620
     ttgatccaaa tcttttcact ccaagggact gtttctctat actcaccttt gttaggtaga    154680
     aggccaaggc gagagcagac accatggagt ctaagtcgca ggcttcattt cccagcacga    154740
     catgtagagg cctggaatcc tggaggggag ggagaactga taaaccatct ctgtgtattt    154800
     ccgttacttc actcaagtgg ggcatcacat acatcttctc gctgaccctc agagatgata    154860
     ccatgacagg gatcagcaga gagggcctaa gttttaaagc taggccttaa gcagccatat    154920
     acatcccaaa gatgcatttt cccctccgct cacctgtgtc cctgcatgct aactctcaga    154980
     ggaacactac gccattgtca gactgctcat gcttcttcgg gcactcgctg taagcacaat    155040
     cagaacgctc tggaaatgga cagttaagcc acgccctccg gggttccagg cctaagccac    155100
     tcagcacccc gattttcaaa ctacatgaat aatttttaca tccctaagtt ataatctctc    155160
     accagcaaga aggttcagcg gataagggtg tctgcctgat gacgcacgtt tgacccctgg    155220
     gagagctgtt ctccagactc tctgccatgt ggtccaggga cctggactta gtggcacctt    155280
     cacccacact cattgcttta tctgctacgc taagaaagta aacgcatagc ccacagcaaa    155340
     agagctgctg ctgctgttgc tgcaacttct ctggagattt gtgttggctt ggctttagag    155400
     aagttctcac tctgcagccc tgagtggcct tgaatccgtc gtctgcctcc gcccctcaga    155460
     tgctgggatt acctgagagg catgagctgg cctgtcatgt ccacttattt cagtgaattt    155520
     gtgtgtgcat gcaagtgtgt gcctatgtaa gcacggtgcc agcctcaggt gttggtcccc    155580
     tccttccttc tttttggggg acgcatctct tggtcactcc agcatgccta caagttccca    155640
     ggggttctgg cttccatcct gctttgctgt aggtgcacta agattacggg tgcttgttgt    155700
     accagctggt tttacatggc ttctggggat ctgaacttct gtccttacac tttcatgata    155760
     agtactttat ttagccatcg tgctggctcg ttttatgcca atttgacaca agctacagtc    155820
     actagagaga aggagcctca attaagaaaa tgcctccata ggactgggcc gcacgcaggc    155880
     acgcctgcag gggattttct ttaactggtg gttgatttgg gagggtccag cctactggca    155940
     gactggtgat cctagattct ataagaaagc ctgaccagcc aggctgccag ggcagaggca    156000
     cgagcgcggg aacgttccgg ttcaatcgtt tttaaaaata tttcccacaa cagacccgtg    156060
     tttcctcaca gcaataggaa ccttaagacg gccatctccg cacaggaacc tttgtgtttt    156120
     ggtttgagat atgacctccc tacgacactc gagatctacc ggcttctgtc cccctccccc    156180
     cagtgctgga attaaaggtg tgtgtgtgtg ccagcacaga gggcatagaa cttttaaaag    156240
     tccagctgct gataatgccg agggagacag aacaactgag gccattaccc gagttcccat    156300
     tcatctcctg agcgcccacg atcctcaaat gcatttagac taaggcatct ctaagagcag    156360
     atgggcttta ttttcactca gacatcatcc tacatactta cacacccact aactgactgt    156420
     tcagcctcta taacagccaa atagacaggc acatacttca agcactaccg tgctggatgc    156480
     aatggcacat gctggttaat ctcagcactt gggagttgga ggcaggagga tcagaattca    156540
     agaccagcct cagctaaata ccaagttcca ggacagcaca gactatctga gttcctgtct    156600
     aaaaaaaaga agagagtagt tataatcctg actttaaagc actggggact gcatgtgagg    156660
     aactgcaggc actctactat tgatccgaac gggccttgac tcttaggtct tcctatttca    156720
     gctttgctag cactggggtt accgtcatgt gctgtcatgt ctagtttatg tattgttgct    156780
     gagtgaaccc tgggttgtgc ttgctaggca agcactctat caactgacct ataccgccag    156840
     tctttaaact agcttattta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggtg ggggtggggt gggggtaggc    156900
     atggtggcac atgcctttca tcccagcact ttgggagcca gaggcagacc tgccagtttg    156960
     ggggcagcct gatctacatt tcaagttcca ggtcaaccaa ggctcacagt gaaaccctat    157020
     ctcaaaaata tataatgccg ggctggtgag atggctcagt gggtaagagc acccgactgc    157080
     tcttccaaag gtccagagtt caaatctcag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatccgtg    157140
     taacaagatc tgactccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat    157200
     aataataaat aaatcttaaa aaaaatatat atatatataa tgccaccacc ccacgcccaa    157260
     cgcccaccat ctcttctgcg tgtgcacgga aaccagagga tggcttgagg gtgcaggttc    157320
     cctccttcca ccacgtggat tccaggtatc aaattcaggt tatcagggct tgaatgagac    157380
     aaagcagggc gtaccagtcg gtgcagggtt cctttgtttc gatgttgtta ctctgagctg    157440
     gctagcctgt gctgtggggg ctgttcagca cattacagaa catttaacag gatctctggc    157500
     ctctccccac tagatgcaga tagcactgca atcacaacaa tcaaaccctg tctccacaac    157560
     tgccctagct gaagattgcg gggtcacatg aaggaggcag caagcctcta taaaagagaa    157620
     agccactatg gctccttgtc agggaaatct gccaggcacg gagattagta aactaggaaa    157680
     gaggtcagaa gaccaagaca tagcaagggg ccattcatga tcgagtaatg caacattagc    157740
     aaaaacttca ggggaaacct acaatcactg tccttattta tgtgacgctc cttctaccag    157800
     aacagttaga cttctagggg tatgctctgc cataggcaac tttgttctct ttttaagatt    157860
     tatttcacgg gcagggggag ggtatagggg actttcggga tagcatttga aatgtaaatg    157920
     aagaaaatat ctaataaaaa ttaaaaaaat atatttattt cacgtgtatg gtattttgtc    157980
     tgattatgta tatgcaccgt gagcatgcct ggtgcctgca gaggccttga gagggcatta    158040
     gaacctctgc atctggagtt acagatgatg ggtgtgagct gccaggcggg tgctgcaggt    158100
     aaacgagagg agcccgtgtg tgttcctaac catgagccac ctccagccct tcatctgcag    158160
     ctactaaaga ggctgcggcc tttgttctgt ggtgctggag actggcccta gcaactcacg    158220
     catgctaggc gagtgctcta acactgagct acaagcctat ccccagatag gcttcttttt    158280
     ccaatcattt tcttccccat tccttattcg taccacaaaa agtaaggatt atttgccagg    158340
     cctctggggg caaagggtcc ctaaaggaaa tgtgctctca agatgtgccc atgcccgttt    158400
     ctctaggccc atttcaagag tatggaactc ttgagccaga gaaatggctt agcaggtgaa    158460
     ggtgctcgct gccaagtcca aagacctgcg ttcaacccct gtgtgccaga acacatacct    158520
     acaaaataat tgattacttc ctaaagtact tgaatccctt gtcaggtgtg gtggctcatg    158580
     cctgtaatcc cagcactaac taaggaggct gaagatggaa aatcacgagg ctgaggccag    158640
     gctggattac acagagagtt ataggcctgc ctgtattaca tagcaaaacc ctgttccaga    158700
     aagatgaagt gtgaggtgat gtaggagtgc acgtctgtaa cctcactcca ctcagggggt    158760
     gggcacagaa ggaccaggag tctccatcca ctgtgctgta tgtttgaagc cagcatgtgc    158820
     taacgtgagg ctctttcctc aaaagccaag aaacaatcaa gcaaaaacac acatatcagg    158880
     gctagagaca tagctcaggt aaccgagtgc ttgccctaca cataagaagc cctggtcgcc    158940
     aggtgtggtg gcgtacacct ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct    159000
     cagttcgagg ccagtctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagaac taatcagaga    159060
     aaccctgtct tgaaaaaaaa aaaaaccaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaacaa aagaaaagaa    159120
     aaaattcatt tttgaagatt tctatttcct acatttggat gttttgcttg catgtatgtc    159180
     tgtgtaccac ttgtgtgcat tgcccacaga gaccatagag ggagttgtat ctcttggaac    159240
     tggagttaca gactgctgtt agccaccatg agtgctggga attgaaccag ggtcctctaa    159300
     aagagtagct ggtattctta accaccgagc catctctcca gccttttctt cctttttttg    159360
     taatgttttt tgttgttttt gtttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc    159420
     ctttgtagac cacgctggcc tggaactcag aaatccgcct gcctttgcct ttcaagtgct    159480
     gggattaaag gcgtgtgccg gtgtgcacta ccacacccgg caatgttttg tttttaagat    159540
     ggagttttgc ttcaaactca gaatcatcct gccttagcct cccccttgct ggaactgcat    159600
     gtgcagacca ccgcacctgg caacacgaga ctcttgcaaa gcaataagag aattctatac    159660
     ccaagacccc agtcacgtga cataatatct cctttgactc ctcctgagac taggggaagg    159720
     tcccagtctc ccagactcca aagattgtcc aagatggctg tggaccaaag tgacaggaaa    159780
     acccaagata actgactcag agataactga ctccctgaag ccagaagggg tgtaaacaca    159840
     gctgagggaa gcagaagggg accagagaaa ggctgagtga ggggtgcgag gaaggtctca    159900
     gagagctttt caaatcactg taacattgca gctgaatcat ggccagtcag ctccccagcg    159960
     cggaggaaag ggaccaaagc cacttcacag cgtgaaggga ggagacatgg tctccaatta    160020
     taagatgagc accaaactct ggtgcttagc taaggccagc agcagatggc cacgctttgt    160080
     cacaggtggc agccctggac ctggggtggc caaaggcatg cagccttctc ttccttccca    160140
     ccacccacca gcaccaccct ctgttgccca ggtctgcctg gattagccac cccgccccca    160200
     aatgatggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg agtgtgaggc    160260
     cctctctgca ctgtcaggaa gtggtagaac accatttgga caatcacaga ctaggaccgg    160320
     gtccaacact gtttcctact tgatatgggg tcctggttcc tatataatgc aagtgcaggg    160380
     ctggcaggat ggctcagtgg gcaaaggctg ccagtcttga caccctagtt cagttcctaa    160440
     gaccaacaca gtgggaagag ttgggaatct tgccaagctg ttctctgacc tttacagatg    160500
     tgcttgctgc tgcaagctcc caccccccac cccccacaaa atgtataaat aaatgttaag    160560
     agtttttatt ttatgggcta gagagatggc tcaggcattg ttctccagct ccaggggacc    160620
     ctacgccatc ttcttgcttc tggggggcat ctctactcac atgcatattc ccacagatag    160680
     atacacacgt atacatataa ttaaaaaatg ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc    160740
     ctgactgtcc tgtgccatta cattcagcta aaacttttta aaatgaggat aaattgggca    160800
     tgttagtgca tacctctaat cccagtactc gagggggggc gggggagggt gaggcagagg    160860
     actgcagcaa ctctgaggcc agcctggact acacagtgag ttccaagcca gcctggatta    160920
     ctgtgagacc ctggcccaga agagcaagaa aggataacac tgtaactcct ttcatgccat    160980
     gcatgattaa gagaggcatc gcctaagagc ctcctctgtg ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca    161040
     gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aacattccat aatgagatct ggtgccctct tctggggtat    161100
     ctgaagacag cgacagtgag cagggctaga gtgagagcta gagagttggc tcaacagtta    161160
     agagcactga ctgatcttcc gaaggtcctg agttcaaatc cacacggtgg ctcacaacca    161220
     tctgaaatga gattggatgc tctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac    161280
     atacaataaa taaataaatc tctctttttt tttgtttctt tgagacaggg tttctctgtg    161340
     tagctctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc    161400
     gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc accaccacgc ccggctcgct    161460
     ctcttttttt aaagagcctc ttctgtaaat gagatatatt cttcctcctc cctccccaca    161520
     ctggtcccac cctctagaaa gctcccttct ctgtgaagcc ttccttggtg tccaggaaag    161580
     aggattcctt aaggggccct tccatgaatg tgtgcctgat tcacagcgca gcttagggtc    161640
     cacactggaa gatcctgact ctgctccaga atgtggagtc tcttgtgggc gtggctgccc    161700
     caacttagaa gacactgtcc tcctcgttta ggaaaaatat gtgactctca cctccaaccc    161760
     acctctccac tggctgaata cataggccaa acagtgtctg ctttctaact aggggaggag    161820
     ctcagggaaa aggcagctaa acttagcagc agaggaacct gagctgccga gggaagaaac    161880
     tgaatctgag agccacgaga aacaactttt tttttttttt aaagacagga tttagctcta    161940
     ctgacctgac tggccttgaa ctcacaaaga tctggatgcg tcttcctggg atcaatggca    162000
     tgtgccacca aacctactta atgtcactgc atcccagctg acctagagtt cactatgtac    162060
     accaaattgg ccttgaactg ctggtaattt tcctgcttct ccctcccaag tgctagggtt    162120
     acagcgtata ccaccaggcc tagtttgtgg ttgtttacag atagtctatc tatgtagcca    162180
     tggctgccct agaatttgat atgtagacca ggctggcctt taattcagag attctccagc    162240
     tagtactaaa ggtgcaatac ccagccagaa aactttctga aagaaagggg caggttatgg    162300
     ctcattgggt aaaggtgtat gctgcccagc ctggcgacct gagttcaacc actgggaccc    162360
     acatggtgga gcattcattc ttgaaaaatg ttctctaacc tccacttgtg taccatggca    162420
     tatgagtgta ggcacataaa taaattaatg taatataaac actaatctaa aggagggagg    162480
     ctggagagat actcagtggt taagaatact tgtagctggg catggtggtg cacgccttta    162540
     atcccagtgc ttcagaggca ggcagatctc tgacaaggac agccagggac acacacacac    162600
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    162660
     agagagagag agaccctgtc ttgaaaagca acaaaacaaa aacagcactt gttcttgcag    162720
     aggactctag tttggtttcc aacatctaca gagtggctca aaaccatccc ctaacatcta    162780
     tttcagagga tctgacacct tctttctttt gagagcaaca ggcatgcatg tgatgtccgt    162840
     atatacagac aagaaaaata ctcatacaca taaaaaaata ggtctaaaaa aatttggttt    162900
     tagagaaaaa ggaagaccat tagttgaaat aatatatcct gaagtgtctg tctgtctgtc    162960
     tgatggcctg gaaggcaggc aagaagaggg tttagggggg aaaaaaaaac cacttccctt    163020
     ctgaggatga ctatggtcga tagctaacag aaaaactggg gccttcgatg aaaggatgag    163080
     ccgccatcct ctctgggttg cagtgtcctg cctgagaagt gcacctttgt tcctaactca    163140
     gcctaaaatg tagccccacc ccaaagagag agtttttcct actcaagtac aagatgagtc    163200
     actaggaata ggagctcact tacaaacaaa aacaaacaga aaacaggctt tcctttcccc    163260
     cctttccctt gcttattttt ggttgttttc aagacatggt tttacgccta gctccttggt    163320
     tttttgttta tttgtttact ttttccaaga cagggtttct ccgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc    163380
     tggaactcat tgggtacacc tgcctctgcc tgggattaag tgacaggatt aatggtgtgt    163440
     gtcaccaggt caccagtacc agtccctttc tggtcttctt tttacacagc ccaggtctag    163500
     gaacctattc tgtagtccag ggatctttcc aactcaacct cagccactaa gcccagctat    163560
     gtagatttcc tttcagtgga acacactatt gtcatgcggc aaagactaca gaaaagtttt    163620
     ctggtgtcac atgctaaaaa taaggtattg caggagaact ggctacagtc cactatctct    163680
     gtcctgtgca aaagccaagc atttgtgact cccacagaca tcatttaaag gtgtgtctgt    163740
     ctgaatctgg tttctcttta cagaggcaca tgtgagggta atctggctga gacatctgtc    163800
     atcttattga tcatcaagat ggactctgct gatccaccct gcttggccag ggtccaactt    163860
     tcccctcact gccctaccta cattcctcct gaagaggaca acctctatca gaagactgca    163920
     ctctggtcag agtgcacatg tctctgtact cctctgctgg aagctccaaa caagctcttg    163980
     tttgtttgaa acaagatctg tctatgtagg cctggacatc ctggaaattt gctatgtaga    164040
     ccgggctggg attaagctca ctttatacaa gaaacattaa caggaggctg gaaagatagc    164100
     tcagcggttc ctagcaccca catggttggt tcacaacagc ttgtaattcc agctccagga    164160
     gacttaataa cccccgctct gaactgtgag ggtgcacgtg gcagattctc acagatacac    164220
     aaacacacac aaatttcttc ttaaaaagga aacattaaca gattctagag gaactggatg    164280
     aaaagtaata aaaaatggat tttgttttgt tttgtttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtat    164340
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcggacc cagctgaaaa    164400
     ggaataaaaa aaggatcttt tatcttttac acttcacatg ttttgtgctt caatgttttc    164460
     cttatattct tccatagtta aaaagaattt gagcccggca tggtagagca cgcctttaat    164520
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgtgtt cacggccagc ctggtctaca    164580
     gagtgagttc caggacacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtctcgg aaaaaaaaaa    164640
     aaaaaaaaaa gaattcacat tactggcatc ccccagccta tactgctcct ggcttctcag    164700
     ctaacattcc tagagtccat gttcaactta ctccctgccc tagtgaggct gtgtgctgag    164760
     aagatctaaa gctcggtcac cttcaggagt gagtacacag tttcacaaag gaactagatt    164820
     ttgctccttg gagggggaag ggtgtgggga aggacgggat agggtgactc taggaaagtc    164880
     aactctatta ctaaacttca tcgaagtaga ctcactgtta tctgtggcac tcagaataac    164940
     tctctacatt ggaggctgga tatacggcgg ttaagagcgc tgctcttcca gaggccagaa    165000
     attctgttcc caggacccaa gtcacacctg cctgtaactc agatccaggc atcctcttct    165060
     ggtctcctca gaacatgcat gttcagacat acacatacac acagtcagac agacaccatg    165120
     tggttgctgg gaattgaact caggacctct ggaagaactg ctagttctct taaccactga    165180
     gccatctctc cagccctgag agttgttctt taattttttt ttttacttat attttaagat    165240
     tttggaaaaa aaaaaacttt aaaaaaattt taaatcattt gtgtatgtat aagtacaggt    165300
     gccttcagag attagagatc ccacattccc ctggaactga aattatgggg tttgtgagca    165360
     atccagtgct agaaacagaa tttgttccat tgcaagagca gtaggccttt taatgggtga    165420
     gccgtctttt tagcccctaa ataatatgtg tgtgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    165480
     tgtgtgaaga tgataaaccc attgttttgt gaagatagag tggaagaggc agacaggatg    165540
     agatgggtca gcaggaatgg gcatttgtta ccaaacataa taacctatct ttgattgctg    165600
     ggaggacggg ctgggaggac gggctgggag gacgggctgg gaggacggga ccatggcaaa    165660
     agtctcctct gacctacaca tgtgtctact gcatgggtgc ggctcccaac acgccactaa    165720
     ataaataagt ttaacaattt gttcagagtt agagaaatgt ctcagtgctt ataactcaga    165780
     ctgatcttag aaagtactta gcacccacat ctggtgactc acaaccacat gcaactccag    165840
     gtccagggaa tccaatgttc tcttctgcag cctatgggca ctgcacttaa atgggcagat    165900
     acctacacac atataaaaca aaaacaaaaa aaactatttt caagggcttc tgattccagt    165960
     acttggaagg cagaggcagg tggatctctg aatttgagac tagtttgatc tacatagttc    166020
     caagccagcc acggctacta catagtgagt ccctgtctca tataaataaa ataaaaaaat    166080
     agccaagctg ggcaccacag gtgactctta taatcccaac accaggaagc agaagcagga    166140
     ctataaattc aagctcgacc tcaactacat cgggacttca aggccagcct gggcttataa    166200
     aaggccattg caaaaacaaa cgcaataaaa agtaaacaaa atatgcagac ctcaggcaaa    166260
     gtgtgaaagc acactttaac cagcatcagg tgggtggagt caggagccgg cccacaagaa    166320
     aagaagtaac aaaattgcct ttgtattaaa acaacttccc ccaaataagg tggttctttt    166380
     tcctcagggg ggttatgaag agagggtctc accaaggcac ccaggtccgt atgcacccca    166440
     ggctgcactt tagctaataa gccttttgcc tcaaccaacc cagagctgat tacagattag    166500
     caggtccatg cctggcctga tattcttcaa aaggaaattt ttagtgtagc tggcatcaag    166560
     ttgaacctca ccctaaattc aaattaagaa tattcgtccg gggcctagca aacacagaag    166620
     tggatgctca cagtcagcta ttggatgggt cacacggccc ccaatggagg agctagagaa    166680
     attacccaag gagctaaagg gaactgcaac cctataggtg gaacaacaat atgaactaac    166740
     cagtacccgg gagctcttgt ctttagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagtcggcca    166800
     tcactgcaaa gagaggccca ttggacttgc aaactttata ttcccctgta cggcgaacgc    166860
     cagggccaaa aagagggagt ggtgggtagg ggattggggg ggtgggtatg ggggaccttt    166920
     gggatagcat tgaaaatgta atacctaatt aaaaaaaaaa aaagaatatt cgtttatcca    166980
     cgaagctgga tctccagcag aattagggga ctttcagggt ttgttaaaga atagagtcta    167040
     ttgcccagag gattgttttg ttctgtttct gtcgttgtgg gttttttgtt ttttgggttt    167100
     tttttctccc agtccagacc tggcctgaac tgaagtctca gcctcctctg agttggaact    167160
     agaggcctgt ggctaccata ccgagctaag ttatttgaaa ggaagatgcc tatctgtttc    167220
     ttcaggggca gagaaactta cagcaggggg ccaggtgact tggagccttt aaagggaaga    167280
     gcgacctaat gccacacagc ctgtcaacac agctgggcga gtccagctgg ttcaggaagc    167340
     accaaaaata agctacaaag aattcagggc cgtgcttatg gtttagattc caaacacact    167400
     ttgtgtttat cccttaccaa ggaggcggta tttttacgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    167460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg cgcacgcgcc tgcattaaca ctaaaggaga acactggaag    167520
     caaaggaatg taagttgtgg gtcaacatat atgcctgatg aattattctg tatatttggc    167580
     ataaaaacaa agatttaaag taaaacacca cgaccgcctc tacctaggag ggaaaaaaaa    167640
     aaaaggcaaa ccgccattca gaggcaataa agcggtgcac ccagtgccct ccactcccag    167700
     aggttcacct ggacccagtg ggctgaagcc cgcttgcggg agggaaactg agaggggcgg    167760
     ggagaaggga gagacacacc tcgccgggcg aggctggcgg ccgccgcaca ggttctgccg    167820
     aaggacccga ctcaagcaaa ccaagagact cctttctccg ggctctcccg cctatggccg    167880
     aagggcttgg tcctctagct cccccgcgtc catctctgtg atccctccac accgaccgtc    167940
     cgggctcccc agatcccaca ccttcgtcct tcccagaccc cacgctgcat tcctttcggt    168000
     cacggactgg gacccgttac ctgcaaagcg gctcgacagt cctgcaggta gtcctccatg    168060
     gtaaagcccg aggtgtgccg ttgcccctca gccaggagag gtaacccggc agaatgtacc    168120
     ccgccctaga cctagggtct agagccgaga gtcagggggc gggactcgaa cccgccacta    168180
     aagggttcgg cctccgaacc ccaggaggaa gtgcgtaatc cggcactccg ggagtccggc    168240
     gttgccccgc cccccagcgg cagaggctgg gttctgagcc caaagactca tgggacgtca    168300
     aggaggagta tggtatatcg cggtgcctcc tgggaaatgt agtccagcag ctcgtgtttg    168360
     tcctcaagtg agcagttttc ggagggctat gacatgcaaa ttgtgtatgt gtcacaataa    168420
     ctcgccttta tggcatctga acttgcagat aggactaagt atagtacctt tccatatatt    168480
     acaccgaaaa tctgttcgag attgatgtaa attaatctct caattttttt taaaatacaa    168540
     attctttcta tctagcccaa cctgtctgga atttgtaatc tttctcctca gtttcctgaa    168600
     tactggattc acaggcctgg tttggttagg actttaaatt acaacattgc tgtacatatt    168660
     atttattaaa atagcttccc tggttaggtg ttttttcttt ctttttttta aattctcccc    168720
     tttaccaaac tgacaaatcg tgatcaatgt gtttgttcac gataggaaaa cattaccata    168780
     atgtttgact tgttttctta aaacctactg tcgtgccaac tcttcctcct tcttcatagc    168840
     ctttcttcta cagcctgagc aaatactcct cattcatggg ctgttgcaac cgtgactttg    168900
     cttcctgggt ctctgttgca acagttctct cggctttccg agttgcttga agccttatcc    168960
     tttggccgtc acatcaatag agtttagagg agccttcaga acctaaggct gggttccaac    169020
     atcccttaac tgccacttgc gtgtcccagg gcagactact tggggggaaa atgtcccttc    169080
     atcataacat gttccctcat tttttaatct atccccagat cgtcctgctt ctcggggagg    169140
     tgagaagagg cagaagagcg tcttcctcgc ccccgaccag gtacacagct gaaccagttt    169200
     cattcctagc ctttcaaaaa aagcatacgg ggaagaaggg aagccttggg aaagagctca    169260
     ggggctccag aaaaccagga gtgggaattt tctttcttat tgaacgagta catatgcaaa    169320
     cacaacgccc ttccgccctg ctttcttggc tccagagcag agggctgcgg cgggcatcca    169380
     gggaggtcta atcaacagcc gctgtcccgc cctgctcctc cgggctctgc caggccgctt    169440
     gcttttcccg gttctcacca gagaggcaca cgcgctccgt cccttccagc ggcaggcgga    169500
     gggaagagaa agggtctgtt gtttttctct cttcctttct gcggctcacc gggctgctga    169560
     ccggctcaga cagccctgat ggaaatcctc ggtagctgag caggcccctc ctcctcctcc    169620
     tcctctaggg accgcgtcct tggctaattt gtctttgtcc ggacaggggg aaaagaggga    169680
     cagagagaag aaaaagaaaa accacaaact tcctttgaaa gccagtttgt aggcacggcc    169740
     tggagcgcac gccggaggct cggtgactcg ggaatcctga agactctggg aagccaggcg    169800
     ggaccgcctg cgctgtgcct tgcttgtcct cggccccgac cctgctccag cgtcccccgt    169860
     attgggcgtg tgtccggaag tggcagcgac ccaggctgga cgccgcgaga gtaaacccgt    169920
     gtcaagccgt gtaagctctg gggctgacag ctgggaggcg gctggcgcag tcggcgcccc    169980
     tcaacgatgt ccccacctcc cgcgtagaac cgccagagtt gagtcctctc ccagtgccgg    170040
     aacctcatct acctctttga ggtaaaaact tttgttttca aactatcttc acctcgtctc    170100
     gcagctctcc ctaccctctc tgggcgaagt tgacacctga tgtcccatct gtggtctctt    170160
     aagtctgggt cgcttacagg atcccaggca cccggagcag taagagatgg agcagtaaaa    170220
     gagatgcggt cttcaatttc ccccttataa acccaaaccc tctctctccc tctcctagag    170280
     agccagaatt acagggcttg ctgtattcta gaggaatctc aaagcatgtt ggcatgaaga    170340
     attgcatttg gttggaaaga ttgggtaata ccagttaaag acgtagggag aagagtcctg    170400
     agggtgggtg aagtctttaa ggatatacct atttcatatg cttttcccac tctgtgaata    170460
     gtatctgctg ctgactagga aaggaccaga gatttgactc cctgtgggtc accataggta    170520
     attccaggaa gaggaggtgt agatttggac tgaggaaaga agaggaggga cagggccata    170580
     acccctgttt gtttgggtcc ccctcccctc atgctttcct ctggccttgc agggtgcagc    170640
     cctgttgctc ttcctgccct gacactggag ctgtcctcat tcactgagcc cccactccct    170700
     cccatggttc ttgtagctcc tctctttggt cgactagctt tcccaacccc cacttaatta    170760
     ttgatcattt ctagccttgg gcagaaaatg agctgtgctt gtctttaggc tttttaatat    170820
     ttcccagaca tggcctctgt ttcaaggttg actctaagtg ccatgggagg gaaagagatg    170880
     tggagaaaga ggggtggaag gcctccaggt aatctttgct actctaagtc taaattaaca    170940
     aaatatgaat tacctgaagc tagcagaagt tatatttgaa tcaggagaat gatcaattta    171000
     ctgtatttat gttatttcag gaactttgat gtttctctgt agcccaggcc gacctcgagg    171060
     ttctccggcc tcaaggcccc ctgagtaatg gggatgggaa ggcctggaac accacaccca    171120
     gctgacgctc ctcaaggcct tttcatagtc tccaagcctt gaaggtttac aagaagaaag    171180
     caggcaacca gatacgcctg tctctgccca caagggctgg cattaaagat gtgtgccgcc    171240
     atgcccagtg atcccagttt aaaagaaaaa gacaagattc cgattgatgc actatctcct    171300
     ggctttctct ctgttccggg gctggagatc aaacccagga ccttgcgtgt gttaagcaca    171360
     tgcccttctg ctaggctgta cccccgaacg gtcctcattt gtgtcctgtc agtgtgtagg    171420
     gaggggagta aggagactga agggagatat ttcagaggca ggaactgctt ttactatctg    171480
     caggcctatc tagacctcat ttgatgccaa gtgctgatta actgcaagtt aaacaggtcc    171540
     agtgttcaca tccaaaatga tctgtatggg agccataaag agcacgtgtg ccaacaggtt    171600
     gtgaggcttg gacccagagc attgcatata tcaggcaagg ctccactact gaactatata    171660
     cctccagctc tttttttatt ttaagatatg gtctcacaaa gatcctcctg cctcagcctc    171720
     ttagtagcta aaataacagg tctttgtcat tatatacaac tagtggagat atacatctat    171780
     gtttgtgagt gcttgttttt gtgtatgtac accatgtgtg ctcattgccc acggaagcca    171840
     ggagacggtc ggtcgcagct ttcctggaac ttgagttaca gtttcttgta aacccctctg    171900
     tggatgctgg acttgaatct tgatcctttg tgccttaacc tcttgagcct cacctctggg    171960
     gtattttaat gtaaatcaat aaacagcagt ttcccattcc ctataaatat ctaacaagag    172020
     atctctgggt gcaagcactg ccagaaacaa ctaggatctg aagttgctgt gtcaacttga    172080
     gctagtgaga gcaatctact gcaaggattg tggagagtct tttgtgtgcc ccctaactaa    172140
     agttgttacc ggtagtagga ttagaacctg tgcctggggc agccctaacc agccaagtgt    172200
     ggcctcttgt tttcaataag ccaactaaag aagttgaact ggtaggcagg ccagtcagag    172260
     acagctaaac tagtcaaggc tctggctgcg tgatggccag agcttcagcc ccaggttcca    172320
     cgtggtggaa ggacaaaaca aacttgaaag tttccttctg gcctccaggt gtgtacacac    172380
     agagaaacta agtaaatgta ataaaattaa aataatagtg aaaggtagaa aggggggggg    172440
     agagcaagga ttattcaatg tggccacttt aggattagcg acagagagat ttggtcatgt    172500
     ccccatgtct gtcatcagag tccctaaatg aagggtaaag tttcagtaga gagcctgatt    172560
     tctgcacagc taaacagcct agggctggtc aaggtgtggt ctgccaatta ttgacctgct    172620
     tgtttgggct ttagcctcgg ctgtcaggct gtcaggcaag tcgttagaat gctgtgaagt    172680
     cttttcctgg ataccggttc ctctctggct ggattcaagg gtcagtgttt ttctcctgca    172740
     ggcttgagat tcctggggga aatttcaatt ccttgggatc cactgtttca atggtcaggt    172800
     tgaaagtgag cggaggggca tgaagtgtct ctttaaaagc agttctcagc caggcgtggt    172860
     ggcgcacgcc tttaatcccc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg    172920
     aggccagcat ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag aagttgaata atcctgggaa    172980
     atgaggagct gtattgaatg ccgcagcata ggaagactga gcaccgctgc tttagagcac    173040
     cctcaatccc tcagctatac ccagattaca gagttgctta tccaaccctg attcaagtcc    173100
     cacccacggc tgcatttcct ttcctcgaca ggaagcccct ccctaagctt tttgctggtt    173160
     tgggattgtg atcttgtgag agctaggctg gtgactcaag gcctctaata tcagcacatg    173220
     ggcggctgcg gtaggagcat caccaagaat tctaggccat cgcctggcat ggcagtgcac    173280
     acttgtaatt tcagcactca ggagacaggc aagtggatct gagtttgggg ctagcctagt    173340
     ctacataggc cagcctcacc tatacaataa gaccttgtct caatcaatca atccatccag    173400
     aatccttgga ggaacaagat ttcttcttcc ttaccagctt ggcacaaaat ttaagaacat    173460
     ggtgttactt tttttttttt ttaacatctt catctaccag atcatatgat gactactctc    173520
     tggtccctgg ggtgagcagg acaaaggtag cttgtcctta aggacaccag ccatgtgctc    173580
     agagtgttct ctgaagggac aaggtttggt ggtggatatg gggtctgtaa ctgacaaggg    173640
     tacctttaac gaggcagcct aaacatcacc ctgttaataa caataagggt tgtgtggttt    173700
     tgctcactgg tttggtttgt ttgcttggga agctacacca gggagttaca ccagcccact    173760
     gtgggatagt tttaattttt ctcttcagcc ctcttcttcc ttcttggctt cacttacact    173820
     taacctttct gttctgcctt ttctaaaaaa aaaaaaaatg ttttattcta ttttgtgtgt    173880
     gagtattttg cctgtgtgtc tgtgccagga gagggtagtg gactccccac taccccccct    173940
     cccccagcca tggagttgag gtggctatga ggggtactgt gggtgctgga agttaacctc    174000
     tggaagaaca gccagtggtc tgagccgtcg ctgtagacct ctctgtcttt tccctcattc    174060
     tctatgattt tctctttcag ggaagaagcc agctgcaccc agtatctcca tcctttccaa    174120
     gcctgataac ccatgtccag tcggccccat ctggtcacag caagtcagag gtggaatgag    174180
     ctgaatcctg tttatacact ctgagaaaaa cttaatctgg agccagagta gcctacacag    174240
     ttctctttga cttttcttgt tccctttgct ctgtaattca gtgaccttgt aggcccagtc    174300
     tctcttctac acactagaat agccataggc aaggtctctg aggtctcaga acacttcact    174360
     cccctcagct gactgtaccc actatggaac aacctcagac tgagaaccca gcccctagta    174420
     aggccactag tgcagaaact gttgaatctg aaaaccatga ggccctgtct ggaccagaga    174480
     agcatcctca ggacaaggat ggtgcagatg ctgatggagc agctggagaa caggagccag    174540
     gagaccaaac tttgccacca gcccaggatg gtgaaaatct tgagtgtcct cctcctgaag    174600
     ctagctcaag tcctcctggg ccagcttgtg ggacgtcacc taaggtagag acagcagagg    174660
     tgtgttccag gccacaggaa cttccccagt cccccaggat ccaacagcct gagctagatt    174720
     tctactgtgt caagtggatc ccctggaagg gagaacggac cccgatcatc acccagagca    174780
     ccaatggtcc gtgtcctctt ctagccatca tgaacatcct ttttcttcag tggaaggtga    174840
     gtgcagagcg tgaggtgctg ggcaggtaag atgtccacag atgtgccttc caaagatgct    174900
     tgctttattc atgtagacaa ttccttacaa gaccacgcta tacaacagcc actgaaaaag    174960
     taattcttgg agggatttct aactgttccc tccccctgtt ctcaaatagc tgaacatttc    175020
     tacatttccc gtttcttccc tcaacccagc tttaagagac ctggtatttt tattaataaa    175080
     ctgcaaacct accctgggca ggttctgagc tatcctaatg ctctaaggtt gcctaccttg    175140
     gcttgctctg gtccatgtgg gtcctcaggg agactcccct ttgcgacctg ctcatggtaa    175200
     ctcttggtgg tctctttacc tctcctctgt tcgtggtcct tctctctatc cctactctat    175260
     ggtctccttc aggaccccca cctgggatca ggagtcctgc cctgtcctct tctctgccca    175320
     gcgacagatt gaaatgctct ttattgacca atcagatatg atggaaaatg atttgtacat    175380
     agtgttgagc ctggagatgc tggactgtgc cattatcata cccgatgttt gagcgtacac    175440
     atcagcatct gggtacgcag tacacaaacc atcctccagc aggttactgc aatctcacag    175500
     acatagactt cttttttttt ttttttgttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tacagccttg    175560
     gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggtctcga actcagaaat tcacctgcct    175620
     ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gtgccaccac gcccggctca gacatagact    175680
     tcttaccacc tggaaatggt tggttacaca aactgcaatt cagggtccac tgggaaatcc    175740
     tctccagtaa aaacactttg ggattttttt taaagattta tttatttatt atatgtaagt    175800
     acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa gagggcatca gatttcatta tggatggttt    175860
     tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct ttggaagagc ggtcggtgct    175920
     cttaaccact gagccatctt gccagcccac actttgggat ttttattcga gctcaaccca    175980
     tgtcagacat gacacagttc tgtgccaggc caggagggtg gcactgtgag agatcccagc    176040
     atgtccttga gtgcattggc cagcaggcca gcagctagtg ctgacaggtg gacatatggt    176100
     gctggaaact tgaggatcac tgaagccaga gtcacacaga ggcttgtcta acggtatcaa    176160
     cacagagcct ggggatgcca tgtccctgga gtaggataat gtgtctgatt ttttttatta    176220
     atcttattcc agtggacatt agttttgttg tattcactga gaagtcaatg ttgttgtggg    176280
     gctggttcgt tagtatgtca gagcctgtct tgtgactaga tctgtatctt gcgagaatta    176340
     cattattcta agtcacacag aatgttttca cctatgtctc taacagtagg aggcgcctca    176400
     tagaaggcgt gaggtaagga agtgctccct gtgaccctct ccaccatccg gatttctctc    176460
     aagccagttt taaatttcca gatcactctt aggtgcaccc gtgtcccctg ctctctcact    176520
     ctgggaatgc ctggcagcat gccccgtttc ttccctcgcc ccagctttaa gctccttttc    176580
     cccattctgt tccaccgtcg gattgttgtt ttaacaaaat ctcaatcatt gggttttacc    176640
     aatgaagact caggtaccgg atgctggggt ggagaaagca acattgacct tcctcctcag    176700
     ctgatggatg tcccagcagc agcgcccctc tctcccactg cccgtcaagc tgaatgtccc    176760
     tcccttgtac ttcctgtgca tctctctctt ggctctcctg actccctctt actttccagg    176820
     aaataatcca tttcctgcca cctggttgct tgcccctcct cttgacctat ggttgacttt    176880
     gtttaattct gtttacaata ttcaaacaga atgctcttga tttaaaatgc aggctaaggt    176940
     tgaacctcac cacagctgga aacaggtttt cccagtatcc acgctctcta ggatcacagt    177000
     gtaatcaata tcccacagca atagctctct cttcttctgg ggttcatggt gtgatcaaac    177060
     atctctcagc atgggctctc tctttctgtc tctatctttc ttgtttcctt tgtttattta    177120
     ctttttgttt ttgttttgtc tccctttgta gcctgaactg gcttaaactc actacataga    177180
     ccaagctggt ctcacactcc tatagagatc cacctgcctc ggcctcccta gtgctgggat    177240
     taaagatgtg cgccaccaca ctcgtgcttt tttgaggttt tgagacaagg tcttacactg    177300
     taggccaggt tggcctcact cctcctgcct cagcttcctc agtattggga ttacagtggt    177360
     gagccgccac gcctagcttg gacccggcct cttgctttgt gttccttctt cactgctggt    177420
     agtaaaagct cacatgtgac cacccttccc tcttcaggtg aagctgcccc ctcagaagga    177480
     agtgatcaca tcagatgagc tcctgacaca ccttggtgag tgatgtagta agggggaacc    177540
     ctcaggtgga gctctgatgt gggattgagg ttaaggacga gtccgagtct tttctgtaaa    177600
     gctgaagtat aaaaagcaaa gatcaaaggt tgagaatttt tcagttaaag caccagccag    177660
     ttctgcctgg agtcactacc ccgcccacca caatcactgg tgctgggatc aaatgtagga    177720
     cttgaccatc ctaggaagca ctgtagcatt gaattgggtg ggtctttcac ctctataagc    177780
     ctatttattc ctctgagaaa ttaaaattct ggattggagt ttgaaaatcc atggtccttc    177840
     tccagaagag ggggcagctg agttttgggg acgattggca ggctagggta ggctgatgag    177900
     tttcctgtct tacaggaaac tgccttctgt ccatcaaacc ccaagagaag tctgagggcc    177960
     ttcaacttaa ctttcagcag gtgaggcaag agggcagtgg atgagttctg cagccttgca    178020
     aggggaccca ggacctactg agaagtcctt gtggctgaag ggcagttgat gaggtctgca    178080
     gccgtccaag gggaccctgg acctactgaa aaccctttct gtgtgaaggg cagtagacat    178140
     ggggtctgtg ggcttgcaag gggaccctag acccattgag aagttattgt ggttaatttc    178200
     tcatcttggt accttcttag tgaagaacaa catctctctg tcatgaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    178260
     agacattcat ttttttattt gataaagagg attaaggcag cccagcatag tgatgtatag    178320
     tgatgtgtgc ctttaattac agcacttggg aagcagagag aggtagatgt ctgtgagttc    178380
     aaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagtttc aatacagcca gggctctgtc tcacaaaagg    178440
     gggtttgagg taagaggtgg atgaaacaaa cggtttgtaa gaaagccaga catgaaacat    178500
     gggatggtgg gtggcaggga gggaaggcta gaccagccat cttgtctttt ctcccaccag    178560
     aatgtggacg atgcaatgac ggtgctcccg aaactggcca caggtctgga cgtcaatgtg    178620
     cgattcacgg gcgtctccga ctttgagtat acgccggaat gcagcatctt tgacttgctg    178680
     ggaatacctc tataccatgg ctggctggtg gatccacagg tgaggacagc aggccctggt    178740
     gaatcttggc caagctggca tgaataaagc aaaaagggtt tggggcaggc tggggcatct    178800
     gggaagggga ggctggagga ggggtaggat ttggagattg agatgaccca ggattccttg    178860
     gattctaatg ttgggcggag tcacatccca gggggggggg ggaagcacac acaaataaga    178920
     tcaagatcgg gtctttggac atcaaaagtt caaaaagttc agaaaccttt gatcatgaga    178980
     gccacagtcc agtgggtttg gttcatttcc ttccttttaa aaaaaagttt atatttgctg    179040
     taccccattc tactccccag agtcccgagg ctgtgagtgc tgttgggaaa ctgagttaca    179100
     accagctggt agagaagatc atcacctgta aacactctag tgactccaac ctcgtgacag    179160
     aaggtaatgg tgatagcccc tttccttgta gatctcttat ggagggaggg acagtggagt    179220
     aggcttatta ttgttgtagt tttgtgtaat acagagagag agagaaaaaa aagaaacctt    179280
     tttttttttt tcctttttga tataaggttt catgtagttc aggatggccg tgaaatcact    179340
     acatagctca ggctagtctc aaactcctga ccttcctgtg ccaacctcct gagagcccag    179400
     attacagatg tgcactcttg ctctgttgga tgactgaata aatatagcca ggctttaagg    179460
     aagggtttgt agctcaattg tgaggactgg ggtgcagcag gggctcttag ctccggctgg    179520
     ctttggagct gaggatgatt tttgaacctc tgatccttct gcctccaggg tccaagtacc    179580
     aggactacag acatgcattg ccaagcctgg cttcaacttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggggg    179640
     ggtgctgctg gttgtcagat ctggggcctt gtacgtgcta agcatatatc ctaaccctgg    179700
     actcctccag cctgaggaag gggcttcaca aagtggaact caggagagcg ccttagggct    179760
     ttttggacaa acctccttat cttggacttt atttgctttg gagctaggct gggggttgtg    179820
     ggggctttag tttttatttt gagacagggt ctctaggctg gaactgctat gtggaacaga    179880
     gatcaccctg cctctgccta gccaggcctg ggactaaagg cgtgcacacc gcgcccagga    179940
     ttgaatttag ggcctttgcc tgcctgagcc acatgcccag cccttttgat ttgttttgct    180000
     tttttcctct catgggtttg gattcaagcc atgtctctcc tggtttatgc gttctggcag    180060
     gcttggttgc ggagcagttc ctggagacca ctgcggcaca gttgacctac catggcctgt    180120
     gcgagctcac agcagctgcc acggaagatg aacttagtgt cttctttcga aacaaccact    180180
     tcagcacgat gactaagcac aaggtgacgg gactctggag gaggggagca ggaaccgtgt    180240
     catttccccg tgcctctttc cctgggttca gtgtgtcagg caggataaag tgggctaagc    180300
     catggtaaca aatgacctct aagatccgtg tggtttacca cagtgtttgt tgctaactca    180360
     tgatgcatgt ccagggcaaa ctggctacac cctgtgtcac accatcttta ccctgggact    180420
     ccggttgaca aaaaagcctt tctatatgca ggaaaagaga gtaatatagt gcattcctta    180480
     tcaatgcatt tgcttgaaaa tgacactgac cagagcagac cctgaggcat aaaccagcta    180540
     tcaaagagac aggacggtta accctctccc agaaagggca gtgggaattc ccagagtcag    180600
     gaggggaagt gttttaggaa tggagtagaa gagggatcac tggttctgcg cttccctcca    180660
     tcccacctat cccccttcca gcctatcatt atgcagccct agctggccta gaactcaaat    180720
     ctgtctacat ccagagtgct gggattaaag gtgtgcactg ccacgcctgg ccttgcctta    180780
     aatttctgat cttcctgttt ttctggttct caaaggggtt tatgtctgtt ttcctcatga    180840
     aaaaacagag aaacaaggaa agatggtaga aaactagatc tggtgtgatg ccctagcccc    180900
     acgggttcct taaccacagc gcacccagct gtgttcagat gtcccttcct gctccccata    180960
     accacacaca cttaggaaat accagatgct cacagtgtca agctccaggc agtgcacaga    181020
     ccaattcaga agttctcagg atgtaccttg gctgtaagct gcttctctga cacctctccc    181080
     accattttgc tgtctttttc cggcttgtgg gaagggtgtg ttaggcagca cgtcccggca    181140
     gccgtcagac ctagggacct tgaggacttg tcaggcacct gatccagtac tcagctaact    181200
     tccggctctg gctgtctctc ccttttgcag agtcacctgt acctactggt cactgaccaa    181260
     ggttttctac aggaggagca ggtggtatgg gagagcttgc ataacgtgga tggtgacagc    181320
     tgcttttgtg actcggactt ccacctaagt cattccctag gcaaaagcca tggagcagaa    181380
     ggtgggggtg gctctccaga gaagcagctg caagtggacc aggtgtgtgg ggcctcttgg    181440
     aatggcacag aatccattgg aatcgaagct gttttctata cgggaactgc atgcattatt    181500
     ttggctggag cctgtcccac actcctgcct gttcatgtta tccagaagtc atttccttgc    181560
     ttggggtgat ggattttctg gcagacagat aacgtatttg actatgtgtt ttactagagg    181620
     gagtatctga aggaaagctg gtttggaagt ttggcctgaa tctctgtcct tctggtctta    181680
     gtccactcgt gacttgtttt atccctagga ctaccttatt gccttatccc tgcagcagca    181740
     gcagcagcca caaggcacgt tgggcctcag tgacctggaa ctggcccaac aacttcaaca    181800
     agaagagtat caacaacagc aagcagttca acctgtgcga acaagggctc cttcgcccca    181860
     ggtgagcgtg cccttctttg gtcggcaagg gagctgactt gacctggcat ggagtgtgta    181920
     ctgtttctgt atggggcacg gactggcctg gtgtggaatg cataaggtct ctgcacaggt    181980
     ctctggaaag tttcccctca taacctgtgc tacctttggt tttgaacccc catgtctgtg    182040
     acctctccca aggttattgg ataactaatt gctaaatctc acacagggga gaggagccac    182100
     atctggacgt ccagctggag agcggcggca gaggtcaaag actgagtcag actgtgttct    182160
     gctctgactc tgccccctac agccagctca ggctgtgact tgcaggatcc caccccatct    182220
     caatccctga gacacagaga ataacctata tgcactgttg gggatcagaa cagacaatag    182280
     gtgccaaggt cagacttggt accatctttg cccttgtact gctatcttct cttcctctct    182340
     tccaaggcca cataggtgtg ggtgggtgaa aatctctggt gccccacccc ctttcctgga    182400
     atagtcccgt ggatacatgg acccaggctg cttgctggtc aagacaccta tctggaaagc    182460
     atctctcttg tgtccctgcc tgtttgctcc tgggctaccc cacagaccct gccgtctttg    182520
     ttttagggtt tggtttgagt ttctatcttt attattttta atgccttcct agaggtttgg    182580
     aaataaaact tctttcctga gatttgcgtt cctaccttgg agcaggggag taaaatattt    182640
     gacccggttg aggaatgtga acaggggagg agccagggag gcgacaggtt gcctgtcatt    182700
     tctcacagag ccagcagggg gaacccaaat gttggctctt ccgctctttc tttttactgt    182760
     tcttaattac gtgagatttc ctggggagaa gatccaggag tggggtgtgt tggtaactgt    182820
     taagtgcagt actggggtaa aaacaggatt cctgttgaat ggctgagcat acttcaaagg    182880
     cacctcaact ccatggcctc ctcctgatcc atggcctcct ccacccagac tttaaccagg    182940
     aaacaaaaag atggtgaact gccaaaacat ttgactccca gggagatgtt ctggccttag    183000
     gagggattga gcagggcaga gactgtcaga gaactcccgt tactcctctc tagaatggag    183060
     ctggaagatg ccagtctgag aagagggaaa tccaaaggaa ctcagaggtc cagcctcgag    183120
     aggaggccag ggtgcatggt gttccttggg gttcttccat gttttcaacc aaatatggga    183180
     atctcagcgg tttcgagtgt cgcgtcaggg tgggtcagga aggtctcaga tatcttcagc    183240
     tctacacagg gccagtagtg ctgaacgaca atcccctctg actacatcct gcaggtaagg    183300
     gaatgagtgt tagaaaaact cattattgcc acctcctcca ccaaacagtc taacctcacc    183360
     tcctgctgat acatagctca tcctcaagga aagatactct ctctctctct ctctctctct    183420
     ctctctcatg cctggagtcc cacactcaat ggaaggaaag ggggtggagg gaagagctag    183480
     gatgctaggg taagaagtag ctaagtttag tcaggcagtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc    183540
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caagcggatc tctgggttcg aggtcagcct ggtctacaga    183600
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tcttgaaggg gaaaaaaata    183660
     gctaggtttt acctgaagag aagaatagag agacttccca aatttcttct tgaactcagc    183720
     ccgaatgctt agaaggtcac tctcgcttcg ggagataagg acccgcgtca gcacttggaa    183780
     attaggctca gtttcctagt aaagaaacac actgggtggg gagcatgtgg caggcagcga    183840
     ggggtattct cactaagaac agagggtggg caggaagcag aggaaggaag cagaggaagg    183900
     gtagaagagg caataaagga gccaaagtcc tctcactgtg tatcactgcc tggcctcaaa    183960
     ctctgatctg aatgctggga ctaaatgtgt cagccattta cagcccaaca tttggtttta    184020
     tgtgaatgtg tgtctgtgtg aggctatgtc aagtgtgtat agatgccttt ggagggaggg    184080
     cttcatatct cctagagctg tggtgaactg ccggacatgg gtgctgggaa tcaaacgcag    184140
     gtcctctgga agagcctgaa acccttaacc actgagccat ctctccaccc caggtttttg    184200
     ttttggagac agtgtctcat gtaccctaga ctgaccttga actcgatatc tagctgagtt    184260
     ttgagataga tctcatcagg tgactgtctg gccttgaact caaagacaga gattcacttc    184320
     cctctgcttc tagactggat ttgaggtgtg ggccaccatg ccggacaagc ctccaactct    184380
     tgatcttctt gcttctactt ctcagatgct gggattgcaa gtgtatgtct cctggctagc    184440
     aggataggtt ctgacattta tatccaagaa tgtgagtctc acaatcccaa tatactagga    184500
     cacgcgttag cttcctttca tgtgtgtgct ctacaggcta aacaagtact gtgccactaa    184560
     gctcctccca gcctacacac ttgactttac atcaggaact cagataagca cgggtcttcg    184620
     aacgaatcct ggatttgact caggagccag gctttctggg tataacaatc tgttgtcaag    184680
     atggctatct cgatgattga gcaagagcga atacaggctg tcctttgaac agtcatcagt    184740
     agggcatggt gctaaaggct tctctgtcta ccagagtgtg atggcactag cctttcctgt    184800
     attacacagc ccttctaaat tgtgtttatc tttatgtgca ttggtgtttt gcctgcattt    184860
     atgtctgtat gagggtgtca gatcttggag ttacagtaat aaactgctat gtgggtgcag    184920
     ggaattgaac tcaggtcact ggaagagtaa gtagtcagta ctcttaacct ctgagccatc    184980
     tctccagcct cctctttttt atttatttat ttacttactt tcttggtttt ggttttattg    185040
     ttgtttttct gagatagtgt tttgctatat agtcctggct ggcctaaaac ttaccctgta    185100
     gaccaggctg gcctcaaata cagagatcca ctgcctgtct ctgccttcca aatgctggga    185160
     ttaaaggttc ctttaaatac acacacacac acacacacac acacaaacac acacactgtc    185220
     cttgttggat tagacaaaaa aagaagaaaa acaaagagat ggtaatgtct tcagcaccct    185280
     ggttctcctt tctccacact ggctggatct atttatttct tgggtttttt caaaacaagg    185340
     tttctgtgta atcttggctt tcctgaacct gactctgtat cccgcctcct gagtgctggg    185400
     attacagggc gtcatcgtca tgctacctag tattctttct aaagcagcag ttctcagcct    185460
     gtgggttgcg accccttttg caggggctac atgcatatca gatatttaca ctacgattta    185520
     taacagtagc aaaattacag ttatgaacta gcaatgaaaa taattttgta gttggggtca    185580
     tcacaacatg agggactgta taaagggtca caggtcagga aggttgggaa cccactgtgc    185640
     agagtgttac cttcacctct gacagcagcc atactagaca aaggttttga tgtgtagcaa    185700
     tcaaggcaga ccttggcttc agcgccttgt gggttcaact aagttctaac aaagcacact    185760
     cctagccagg cagtgatggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaggt    185820
     ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctgatct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta    185880
     tacagagaaa ccctgtcttg aaaaaccaaa acaaaacaaa aaacaaaaga aacaaagcac    185940
     actcctctac ctattacaag acaatctgtg aacatggggt gggggtagct tgtgggttct    186000
     acggtaggtt ctgaagggca gcacagtatc aacgggagtt ttgggttctt tggaaaacac    186060
     agaaatgttt taagaatgtg ttttcatttt aatcccaggt gtgggtacgg ggctgcttca    186120
     ggtttgtcca cagcagctga ctgatttgcc tcctgctctg gcgagggcat tttgccaact    186180
     gcagggagtt tcctgtggtt gtgtgatgtt tggaattctg gagacatttc agggggtaca    186240
     taaatgctgg agcccccaca aggcgggcgg gctgttggtt ggttgctgtt ggtctaggtt    186300
     tgttaagtag tcatgtgcaa agaagaaaca agaaattaga tatcctgatg gggaacatca    186360
     aacttgctac gaggaactcc atcgaccccc taatcagcag gaagtagtct aacataatgt    186420
     cacccccttt gcgacctctg actttattca ggaatctcct tttctcttat ctcatgttag    186480
     ggggttgaaa acggtggaag agagtcggag aaaggtgaaa aagaagaacc cacaaagtgg    186540
     aaaaggctag cgagcaacag ggcagggaag gagcagagca cctcttacct gaagggcttg    186600
     gtggagtttg ttagcaaagt acagcgctgt gtttctcaac atggaagcta taggcaaagg    186660
     tgggaggaca gagagccatg tcagggccac agctttccgt ctcggtaaaa ccccatacat    186720
     cctgagcagg tgcctaccta ggctgatcag agccagctgg gcatctccat ggaaacagtt    186780
     ccggatagca tcctccagtt cctggccagt gcatctccgg tactgatcaa acacttttgg    186840
     tatgtgtggg gagtggttag agaggtcaat tggtatgtgg gactattact taccacagag    186900
     aatggtgacc cgccacactc atcagtagat agaggaagct gggtggggat atggaagctt    186960
     gggtacctcg gatgaggtgt tcaggactgc gttgtgtaag gagcaggacc cattgccctg    187020
     ctgtactgga ttctccagcc tgctgaagtg cctggggaag aggaagggac cggtgagtga    187080
     ggaccattgt aacctggaag ccacagttag ggtgtcccca aaagtctgtt gtgatgaagg    187140
     aaatagggct gaaggtgaaa aaggatagtt taatcccagc attgggtggt agaggcagat    187200
     ggatctctga gttcaaggcc aggctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta    187260
     cacacacaca caaaacaaaa acaaacaaac aaaaaacaaa aggaaaagaa aaagaaaggg    187320
     gctctgctca gctgctctca caaggaacta atccctaaag ataagatcta aggagactta    187380
     cttgatccag agtccacaag aggagactct accagcagaa ggcagaagag gtttgcagta    187440
     cagataggta catggggtct ggaccctagg acatgatcaa ggagggagtc tacaaagtct    187500
     acatacaaac tctgaagtcc tgctcacccg gacatcttgt tcttccaagt tgtaatcaat    187560
     aattccagaa tagctctcac ggtcccccta agaggagaca ccgttctcag aactcttgga    187620
     aggccagagt tttgctcaga ccctggcctc tccgaagctc tccctgtctg tcacaggaca    187680
     acagagctcc ctcgtctgac ccatgcgcag ctgaggaaca caaatccctt tcaggccaag    187740
     cctcaccttg ctcagggcca gaagcaggtc ctgcaggata ccattggtct cagtcctgat    187800
     atcttcctca gcctccacct ggaagtctgg gggagaggca gagctttttg gttcctgatt    187860
     gtcttggggt agatagctct gggacttgcc aagcacctga cctatggacc ctaatggcct    187920
     cctctttttt tttttttaag atttatgttt ttataagtgt atggagccag ttgcccaagg    187980
     aggttagaaa aaggaaccaa gcagccaagc agcaggaatc agagttagga aatcccagaa    188040
     tatgaagcaa gctgattagg tcttatcctc taatcaatgt ccaagaagtg atgtgggcag    188100
     tgtatgaagc agagagtgat tgggaatggg gagaacagaa aaatgaagac tgtagtatgt    188160
     atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat atatgtatgt atgtatgtag tatgtgctga    188220
     aaccttgggt tcaatccaga aaaaaaaaag gggaagaagg aagagagaaa caaaatgtca    188280
     gccatgcttg caagcccagc actggggggc tgagaatcat gaattcacac tatctcatct    188340
     acatggatct atgcagtcag gggggtgtgg ggtgggggtg gtgggggaca gaaaaaggtg    188400
     gtgtggtgag gagaggaggg tgggaaaggc tgtttacaga ttagtaggtg aggtttgtgg    188460
     caggcagggc cagcatatct ttaaaaaggt acacctatcc cccaggctgc aaccttggga    188520
     tgtggtttga tggtagggac agcaagggga ctgttatggc gcctaatgtc attactgtga    188580
     aatttgccct ggggctccag actgagttaa tcactgtttc tcctccttta atgatcacat    188640
     gtggctctat cccctgggga gactgaggca ctgggggggg gggggttgtc cccgaccttc    188700
     agggactgta ggagagtagt ggactgtccc actcagctct cggggacccc ttgccccatt    188760
     gcatgcttac catgcttata tactgccagg catgcctgca gtccgggcgc tgctcgggtg    188820
     gccaggattt ccaaggctac atcctcagca gaaccagagg tctgtaagaa attatgaggc    188880
     cacgtgacac tgagcctcca tgtccttagc tcagcaagat ggtagacagt gctggagagc    188940
     tggcactagc cacttctctg tctaagggtc atcacaggat caagggggcc tctaggccta    189000
     ctctctgcag aggtcaaggc cagtcaacta actgtgcttc ttcctctctc cgttggagtt    189060
     cttggacccc agacaccagg gcagttgtcc tctcccgcta ccttcaaggc tgtcctcagt    189120
     tcctgggcat caaattgggc tgcaggctgt aggagagcca ccacgatttt ctccagattg    189180
     ccagagagcg ctgcctgcaa ggacttcaat agatcctgca gaagcggacc ccagacagat    189240
     agagatatag gtcaaggaag gccccaaaat catgggaagc tttgattttt ttttttttaa    189300
     tcccaggttt gactcccaag tccctgacta gccaggaggg aggagcagga tgtggctgga    189360
     tctcaagtcc tccaaggggt ccccaccctg tccacagctc acaggatgtc agtgctcaca    189420
     cctgtttggt gcgctcttga aaggctcgag aaatgagctg tctttgctct ctgctccgat    189480
     tggtcagtac atccacaatg gtatcatagt ccacacctaa accaagagaa aaccaggttg    189540
     cagccacaga gttcacgatc atgaattccc agctcctcag ggaagagaat taggtctagg    189600
     gaaggggagg gagtactggg actatctcac cccaacttcc atctgttctc aaaggagatg    189660
     ataagaaaat gtcagaaact ccgtttaaag tgctggagag atggccagag atgaagaaca    189720
     tgtagtgctt tttcagagga ctcagtcagc accctcatca ggtggctgat aaccacctgt    189780
     aactccagct ccaggggatc cagcatcctc tgacctccat gggcactatc ctcacaagta    189840
     cacatataca cacatgcaca cactcaagta aataataagt cttttaaaat gtcgtggagg    189900
     gctggtgaga tggctcagca ggtaagagca ctgactggct cttctgaagg tcctgagttc    189960
     aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ctacccataa tgagatctga ctccctcttc    190020
     tggtttgtct gaagtcagct acagtgaact tacgtataat agtaaataaa tcttttaaaa    190080
     aataaaataa aataaaatgt catggaaagc tgggtgtgat gacacatacc tgtaattctc    190140
     agcacctgag aggtggaagg aagaggatga ggagtcagtt attaggtaca cagtgagctt    190200
     gatgctagcc tggattccat gaggaaagga aaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga    190260
     gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggaaagga aaggaagaaa gcaagccaag    190320
     aaagcagctg gtgttggtgg cggtggtggt ggcagcacat gcctttagtc ccagcactca    190380
     ggagacagag gcaggcagat ctctgagttt gaaaccagct tggtctacag agtgagttcc    190440
     aggacagcca ggactacaca gggaaacctg tgttgaaaaa caaaacacac acacgcacag    190500
     aaagaaggaa aggaaaagaa aggaaggaaa tgaatgaata aatagatctt actcaaattc    190560
     taattcaggt ctaaaattgt cctaatataa tggtttaaga aagaaaaggg gctggtgaga    190620
     tggctcagcg ggtaagagca ctgactgctc ttccgaaggt cctgagttca aatcccagca    190680
     accacatggt ggctcaaaac catccgtaac gagatctgac gccctcttct ggagtgtctg    190740
     aggacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata aataagtaaa taaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa    190800
     aaagaacata aagaaagaaa aaaagtgcac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag    190860
     gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agagttccag gacagccagg    190920
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaaa caacaacaac aacaacaaga aagaaagaaa    190980
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gagagaaaga aagaaagaaa    191040
     gagagaaccg taaattaatg aaataaaaat gttaaagggc gggctggaga gatggctcag    191100
     cgattaagag cactggcttc tcttctgaag gtcttgagtt caaatcccag cagtcacatg    191160
     gctcacaacc atccataaca acatctgatg ccctcttcta gtgtgtctga agacagctac    191220
     agtatactta catataataa ataaataaat ctttttaaaa aatgtaaaag ggctttttgg    191280
     gtggatccac tcctttggct tagagtccag gatctattat aagctgtgtg accttgggcg    191340
     agcctcctaa tctctctgag ccccagtttc ctcatgagca gaatggggta ataagcctga    191400
     gctcccacgg tgttgtgagg gagactatga catcagcaca gaactacgtg ctggaatcag    191460
     gctccatggg cacacccaga acatggctag ctcctccttc ctggatcctt aaaaagactt    191520
     tttaaaaaac atatttgttt gtttgtttac ttgtttactg tgtaagtggt aggcacatgt    191580
     gcttgcctta gcatgtgtga ggtcagagga caagccctga gatttagttc tctccttctc    191640
     ccatgaggtt cccaggattg aactcaagtc ttggcagcag gggccttaac ccctgagcca    191700
     tctggctgcc cctcttcctt cctgacctat agagattgtt tatgagaaag taaacctggg    191760
     tctggagaga tgctcttcca ggggacccaa gttcaattcc cagcatcccc atgctaactc    191820
     acaaccatca gaaactccag ttccaggggt cctggcaggt tcttctggcc tctgaaggca    191880
     ccaggcatgc ttgtggtgca cagacataca tgcaggcaaa acacccatat gcatataata    191940
     aaagaattat aataaagatt taaaaagaga gtgagaaaga aagagaaaaa aggcaaacca    192000
     gcagttgtgc atgccggctc ttgcctataa tcccagctct tgggaaactg ctgcaggagg    192060
     attactgcaa atttgaagtc agtttgagat gcagagtgag gccctgtcag gtgtggtagt    192120
     gtgtaccctt aatcccacat tagggaagca gatgcaagtg gatctgtaga ccagcctggt    192180
     ctccacagta agttccaggc tactaggtta caaataagac tctatctgta aattaaataa    192240
     ataaataaca gatcaacaat gaaaggtaaa ccctaaacaa ccagggcatg agcttacctt    192300
     ggcctgcgat agccttcagc agtctttgta catccttgtc cacactgaaa ctcaagaacg    192360
     tcctgagggt gcccagggtc ccccaggctg cggtctgtaa gagcaggaga tcatggcgtc    192420
     atgaggagtg agtctaccca cctcttcctt ccactttgtt catttgttgg gtttgtgcat    192480
     gggagatcag agaacaacca aggttatctc cttccatttg ggtcctaggg attgatctct    192540
     gctcatcaag gcttttttac ccagctgagc tatctctcca cagccatttc cactttcctg    192600
     ttcccccagc atcttctggc ctttaagttg acacattaaa atttattgtt ggggttggag    192660
     atgtggctca gtgggagagc actaacctgg caagtgtggc ccagagaatt aaatcaccaa    192720
     tactactgag aacataaata catttctgaa gtcccaacag cccatacctt gtcggcaaga    192780
     cccagggagc tgaggatctc ctgagtcaga gatgttccca gtggtccaca gctcgcagac    192840
     atggtgcagc tggcttccct gaggaaggaa acaggagtta gctgagggga atgttccact    192900
     tgggtatgtt gatggcctct tatctggggc ctggactttc tcaacgcatt cctttcctgt    192960
     gttgcagaaa ataaacagac aaataaataa taagttacag aactagtgca caggctcaag    193020
     agaagaggaa ggcgagagga aggacttagc ttctggcttt caccttcttc tagtaagcca    193080
     agatgggcta gggaggctgt aggaaccagc actcaccaac cagttccccc cactccaggt    193140
     cccctgaacc cttagtctga ggtgatgccc tctgaggctc aagttcctcc tcccttccct    193200
     ggcctggctc ttcaggcagc tggggtgagg tgacaatgat gggaacaggt gcaagacagc    193260
     tccttatcac attctctccc ccacaggtaa cctgcaaatc agcttcctac ctgtctgccc    193320
     ctcccagaca cccccgcccc catcctgggg gtgggggaat ctcagatggg atcctttggt    193380
     cagcaggtgt aatctgggct gtccttgtgc ttggacagaa gctagcagct gtcatgctgg    193440
     acatacccac ttctcccacc atcagtgagt tctcccgtcc ccagatgagg gctcagttcc    193500
     agaacttacc tgaaaggtgc tgaaaataag atgggtgtta tggttcagcg tcgtgaaggc    193560
     accagctccg gagtagccgg gcagagaaga ggaggagtgg acagcctagg ttgagcagtc    193620
     agtcagatga cctctctctt gaagaccagc ccagctgttg tctccaactc tggcccctcc    193680
     cagacgtggg agaggaccag gctgtacagg gtctacaagc aaacaaacac ctccctgcct    193740
     agcatctctc ctcccaggaa ctggccctga acccacgcaa gtgaactctc aacctctcag    193800
     cccagcccag gacacagaag gctttgtgcg ctgccttccc tgtggggcca ggttgggacc    193860
     acagacacct tgtctcttga gtcctacttc tgacctggct ctaccactgg ctccagctcc    193920
     ctgggggtaa aaagggaggg ggggggttaa ggggaatgca ggtcagacag gctccaggct    193980
     gatttcaagg ttgatagaga agaacctgtt gggacacata ccatcagggc accccagcct    194040
     gcaccccacg gggggtcctg gcccataagc tccagtgatt tttttttttt tttttttttt    194100
     tttttttgcc ttaggaaagt cagccagcat gggtggggag gcaagaggac tgtttatatc    194160
     tgtgaggagg aagggcacag gtaatcaggg gttggaaaag acctagagtc aaaagagaaa    194220
     aatgcagaga gggtgtttcc ctgcagaccg gttacagctc gaaaccctgg gagcactgta    194280
     ctcccaaagc agccagcaaa tggaagaggc tcctggggcc tggatttctc agactcctgt    194340
     cgccttttag cagtcaatgt cccctgactg cttgggttgc aagtgataca atcccaacag    194400
     cagagcctga ggctgtcagc acagagcagc aggtgcacag tccctctcag ccacagggac    194460
     cccaggcagc tgagaaagca tcggggctgg ctccataggg tttggggagc aatctttttc    194520
     ctgtctccgg acctctgtaa ctctctaaat ccagatctcc ttgatctcca agaaccctgg    194580
     aaggagagtg ttacagcatt atccactgct gtcctgcaaa caagtttggg gacactggga    194640
     ataaaggcct ccattgtggc aaccatattc tgaatttctt cctcactaaa gtggaaaaca    194700
     tattccagtt ttaaaaccag aggacccatg atcagtctct aatttttttt tttttttttt    194760
     tttttttttt ttttttttga gacagggttt ctctatatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc    194820
     actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc    194880
     tgggattaaa ggcacgcacc atcactgcct ggctcagtct ctaattttta ttttatttta    194940
     ttaacttaat tatttttttc acattattat tgttgttgtt gttactaata gtagtagtag    195000
     tagctgttgt ttttgtttga gacaggtttc tctgtgtagc tttggctgtc ttggaacaca    195060
     ttctgtagac caggctggcc ttgaactcag agatccactc gtctctgccc cccaagcact    195120
     ggaagtgaag gtgagggcag cacacccagc aatatataat tttttgtttt gtttttcaag    195180
     acagggtttc tctgtatagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc    195240
     ttgaactcag gaatctgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcacca    195300
     ccacgcccag ctgcaatatc taatttttaa agaattcttt actgtgaatg cgcacaagga    195360
     agggagccca agggagtggt gctttcagct tgagctgttc taaggacaac acatgacact    195420
     caggcaatca gggttgctgg caatgcccat tcttactgag ctcctttgtt tgtgggaagg    195480
     cacagggctt tattctatag cccagactag ccgggaactc atgatgaagc ccaggctggc    195540
     cttgagctca caattgccta accttagctt caagtgctaa gatttatggg tacgagcctt    195600
     taaccccggc tctgccactt gttacattct gtagtcttag ctagacattt catcatctct    195660
     acatgaacag cgtggtacag gggctggaca gatggttcaa tggttaagag cactgactgc    195720
     tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caatttccag caactacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta    195780
     atggaatcta atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac tcacatacat    195840
     gaaataaata aacaagtctt aaaaaagaaa aaagaaagaa aaaggtgata gaaacttcag    195900
     ggctgaggag acaagaggct ggggcatctg acgtaataaa tgaagcaatg tgtgtatggc    195960
     caatagcagc atagaatcac cttgtatatt aggggtgata gattaagtaa atgaaaatat    196020
     acaactctca attaagttac ttcaggtaaa caatgaataa tttgttggta taagtatgac    196080
     ccaaatattt aatgtgatta cttctgataa cgttatttat tgtttacccg aaattctttt    196140
     ctaatggcaa tatctcgagt tctatctcac aaccgccaga tagggcttaa tctctgcact    196200
     gtggccgagg ctgaacgcct gtggggctag acttcccaga gtcaggattc tcattttctg    196260
     catggtctgg acaggtgcag aaccttcctg tgcttagttt ccctatcaga gaacagagac    196320
     aggaggcagg ggcactggag agatggttaa gagcactggc tgctctttca gaagacctgg    196380
     gttcagtctc catttaccct gggtaaatcc cgcatgatta tttacagtca tctaaaactc    196440
     cagtaccagg agaccccatg ccttctggcc tctccaggca ccaagcaagc acacgtggtt    196500
     ctcacacatt catacaagtg aaacacttat aaagttaaag taaaacaaaa caaacaaaca    196560
     aacaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaacccaaaa aataaaagaa aaaagaaaca tgtctggggc    196620
     tggagaaatg gctcagcggg taagagcacc cgactgctct tccaaaggtc ctgagtccaa    196680
     atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaagg agatctgact ccctcttctg    196740
     gagtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta catataataa taataataat aaatcttttt    196800
     taaaaagtct gttgtcttag gtaaggtctc tattgcttgt gaagagacat cacaattatg    196860
     gcaacgcaaa aagaaaaaca cacaattggg gcttgctttt agtttcagag gtgtagtcta    196920
     ttataatcat ggcagcatgc agacagacat ggtgctgaag aaagatctga gaattttgtc    196980
     ttgatctgca ggcagcagga aaagatatat gagccactaa tcctggtttg tgcttctgag    197040
     atctccaagc ccatccccta gtgatatact tcctccaaca aggatgcact tcttagtagt    197100
     gccacaccct atgagccaac cggggacatt ttctttcaaa ccaccacaag cgtttatgtt    197160
     atagattgtg ttaagaatta gataaatata tagaggggtg gagatgtatg tagttcaggg    197220
     gcagagagcc attgccttac aaggacgagg ctcagattca atccttagca tcccacctcc    197280
     aaatacagat aaaacaacta gaaaagtgct tgccatggag tattatgtat gaatgtcaaa    197340
     atgttaacat aggacaacaa agtattgtta ctatcttatt tcgtactagt aactgttgct    197400
     tctagattgt gaagtccaat cttggccagc ttcaattttt ccctgccgtt ccccaattgt    197460
     gccacaagag ggcatgagta accactaaga gtatttacta aggaatcaca tagggacagg    197520
     acacttgaag tacctgactc cacctgaacg tgtctcataa cccagtggtc agaagtacag    197580
     catcctgaga atggacttgg acaggttcca gaatggactt ggtgagtagc taagataaca    197640
     ataagtctca ggaagggctg gagagatggc tcagcagtta agagcactga ctgctctccc    197700
     agaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagaaacca catggtggcg cacaaccatc tgtaatggga    197760
     tctgatgccc tcttctgggg tgtctgatga tagcaacaat gtacacacac atataaaaat    197820
     aaataaacct ttaattaaaa aagaagaagt ctcaaggaga tagataagca cacacaactg    197880
     gaagatggag actgaagaag tctcaaggag ataagcacac acaactggaa gacggagacc    197940
     gttgctttgg agatgctggg aatggcaatg taacgcagtg cacatggggc ctctccttct    198000
     gactcttcag aattgattct ggctccccat accaagcagc acactgtgaa agggaaggag    198060
     ggaggaaggg gagggcatct gttagccctg gccaaagctt cccaagggac cactagcaag    198120
     aaccagcaag ttctctaaat tcggagaagt ctgaactcta aagtcaccca gatagtcaca    198180
     tggcagaagc aaaccctgct tgagtcctga ggagtgtgtg tggcacatct acagcggctc    198240
     tgccgaaacc tgagtggagt ttcacccctt tcagtcttat tacacactag gaacagacag    198300
     gctgttttca gatttaccaa tcacctgtaa acctcctgca ctacatttta ggattataaa    198360
     cttggtggac atctcagcaa tttcctctga tccttcctta gggatttgag gagggtaggg    198420
     acttcccaca cccacgaagt ttgaaataga atccaggtgt ttcaatgtct cttttccctt    198480
     tttttcgaga caggatttcc tctctgttgt agctttggtg tcctggaact tgctctgtag    198540
     acaaggctag atttgaactc agaaacctga ctgcctctgc ctctcaggag ctgggactaa    198600
     gggtgtgcgc caccactatc cagctgcttt tagctttttc atctcttgat gaggtgactt    198660
     agggtgactt agggtgtccg cagcggcgca gcgtgactga cctgcagtga ctgacctgct    198720
     gactccttag cacttcttca accccctcgc ccaatcaatg ttgcttctct ttcatttctc    198780
     ttcttcactt tcaaggcctt ccccaccaca tatttacttg ttatttattt gtttatttat    198840
     gagtttggtt tgtgtgtgtc tgtaaacata cataatacat tcatatacat acatatataa    198900
     ttattattat cttttttttt ttaatttttg gagacaggtt ttactctgta gccctggctg    198960
     tgtagaacag actggcctca aactcctaga aatctacttg cctctgctgg gatttacagt    199020
     gcgtcactgt gatgggcagg caggagtctg tgttttacaa tctccttttt gccattaggt    199080
     tgcatgtgtt ggccttccgt ggagctggtt caaatagcta aacctagccc cgtggcctgt    199140
     ccgatgcctt gggacacctc agcagtttat tcacaggaag tgagtcacca caagcagggc    199200
     acacttgggg cattgtgggc atggcaatgc caactgaggg tggaggatgg gttagaaagg    199260
     caggcgtggt gattctaatc tcctggtcca gccagggaga gtgtgtgggg aacagcaccc    199320
     cagtgctggc ggaggccagg gttctcctcc ttccatttac tcttttgtat accttcttat    199380
     ctccatttct caggccctca ctctccgata tcctgcctct gcccacaaaa ctccccactg    199440
     ctttctgttt tctctttctt cctctcttcc tctcttttaa agttaattgc acttacccag    199500
     aggacatatt taaaaagtct ggtacagctg agtgtgttag ttcacacctg aaaatccaaa    199560
     ccgtaggagg attttgagtt tggaaccggg ctgggcaaca tagtgagata ctttctcaaa    199620
     aagattaaaa atacatccca ggacagccag ggccacagag agaaactctg tctcgaaaaa    199680
     acaaacaaac aaatgaagta tctggtggaa accatgggaa agccaagtat taaaaaaaaa    199740
     aaaaaaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaaa gaaaagaaaa agggacaatt catcaagaac    199800
     ggtggggagg ggttaaaaag ggttagccag tgcccaaaca gcagacttgg ttggaaaaag    199860
     aagtgagggt gtatgtgtgt gcgcgttgca gaagatttta ggaaggctac tgaagaggga    199920
     tagagcagag tgcaggggac agccaggctt ttgtggtgta tcatctgtgc tggggtctca    199980
     ctgcaaggac caagtgggca gacaggctgg aaatcatcca ctgcctctct aactccccaa    200040
     acagacaaga tcgagagcca aactctcaca ctagagtagt gaggttacat ctcttcctaa    200100
     gatcacaggc aaagccctgg tgctagaagg caggcataca ttgtgaggca agcctctggc    200160
     acaggcttaa tgatgacaga caaacggcgg ggctggagag atggctcggc ggttaagagc    200220
     acaggctgct ccttcagagg acctgggttc ataacaaagg cgggagagac agctcagctg    200280
     tcatgttctt acttacagag gacccgtttg attctcagca cccacatagc tgcttacaac    200340
     cttatataac tccagttcca gggaatctga tatcctccac tgaccttgtt ggccaccaga    200400
     cattcgtgga acacatgcat acattcaggc aaaacactca cacacataaa tttaaaaaga    200460
     aaaaacaaaa ctattttatg aaggtttaaa aaaaaacata gtctcccaaa tgctgggact    200520
     gtgcttgggc atgagatgtg aaattgcacc aggcagggtt ttggttttgt tttgttttgt    200580
     attttttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca    200640
     ctctgtagac caggctggcc ttgaactcag aaatccgcct gccttttcct cccaagtgct    200700
     gggattaaag gagtgcgcca ccacttccca ggggatagtt tttaaagcat tttttacatg    200760
     gaagaagcta agcttaactc tcccggttaa gggtcacttg acaacttagt caagttctgt    200820
     ccataatggg agtatgggag atgggagtta aggctgctgg gcgctttctc tctctctctc    200880
     ccccccatcc gtccccttat ttattaattt atatgagtac aatgtggctg tcttcagacg    200940
     caccagaaga gtgcatggga tcccagatag ttgtgagtga ccatgtggtt gctaggaatt    201000
     taactcagta tctctagaac agcagtcggt gttcttaacc gctgagccat gtctccaacc    201060
     tgctgctctc ttcttgaggc atagatttta tgggactatt taagggaaaa caggttctaa    201120
     tacgaaactg atcacggcta accatagtgt agcctggagt acattttaca aaaggtttga    201180
     gtagctctgt taggactcta aacagcaggg ctgggggagg gggcattgtg gatctcaccg    201240
     tagggagcat cgggatctgt gcagggtttt ctccgcgtgc acccttcctc tgatgcccag    201300
     tgaagccgga cgatgggatt gtagcattca acccgggggt aaatcatggg ctgaggtcgc    201360
     cgaccacacc agggccgcgg ggttgggcag aggcagccag ctctgaactg ctctgggctc    201420
     aagcaccagg gggtccctga ccaatgtccg ggtgggccgc aaccgcgcca ctcagagacc    201480
     caggcgccct gcggggcacg tgccacccgc cccgtcgggg ctcctccgct ccataggcgc    201540
     agcgcagggt tccgggcacc gggccccgcc cggccgcggc ccacacccaa ctcagctccg    201600
     ctactgggct cggcctgggc tcgccggggc tcggcgggca aaggaggaag gagggaggga    201660
     gccgcgggca gcggaagggg gaggagagga cccggcccag tcagtgcgca ccggccgggc    201720
     gctagaagtg ggaaacggag tagcggcgcc cgggccggag cagctctgca ccggacgccg    201780
     agtaagtctg tgcgcgggtc cgcgagggtg gcggggcagt gacgggcgcg ggggctcagg    201840
     gtgcagctcg gagggagcgg ggcctccacc ggctcatggc ggccggcctg ccggagggcg    201900
     ggccgagcgc tgctggagcg ggcgatccgg gcccggctgg ggcctcggac cagagaaggc    201960
     ctgcggggca acaggtaggg ggactggggc cgggcgctcg ctcaggatcc atggtacaga    202020
     cgcccctttg ttaggagtgg agcagtagcg gaccttcggt gctagaagcc cctgcgggcc    202080
     cgcgtgcgtc ctggggcctg agtgtggagg ccgaggagga acggtggcgg cccctgctgt    202140
     tgctgctgtt gctgctactg ctaccgccgc cgctgccgcc tctgtttctg acccccttgt    202200
     gcccatccca agagggaggt cagagtgtcc atgtgcctaa cgggaaacag gaaggagtac    202260
     actctttagt gtctgtcccg gccccaaagg gctcacattc ctataccgtt atggggcgtg    202320
     tttggccagc tctgggttgt aacttgctaa ttacaggccc agaggccctc aagttagttg    202380
     gctacctgca ggtgggtggc atttcttttt agcctgagct tgggaattcc tgtgcctaag    202440
     ctgcactcct ggcatccaaa ccagatctca cttatccgag tttccagcct cagctgtcag    202500
     ggtgttctaa gcgctgtgag gtctggagtg agccggtctt ccccagaact gagttaggga    202560
     aggcctcccc cagaaattac ttctgtttgt gtgagagctg gggtaggggg tcacttccca    202620
     tcccagagct aaggtgactg tcttgcattt gtgatggggc ccctaaggtc aaatattccg    202680
     ttccttaggt cttgtttctg gccacatagt gcctaatttc taaggggtgt ggtgtggtgt    202740
     gctgtgtgtg tgaactagtt ctggtgcctc tattctcact ggagcctctg actaggtttc    202800
     tctctgtcgc tggccacagg gagactgaca ttgtacagtt cctttcaaca ctaccccatt    202860
     tgccgctgct acttcaacct actggcctct ccctgtctct ggaaggcata ttcttatata    202920
     gtgtttgggg ttggagcagg gaagtttgtg aaacatccca gagaagcctg aggccacggt    202980
     tgtcacagcc tcacccctta gctttaccag aatctgccct gtatttttgg gctcatactt    203040
     tagcccgaag cagttgactt ctattgctct tcaatatcta gaaagaagtt cttttttttt    203100
     ttttttttta aatggttgtt gattttgttt tttttttttt ttagatttat ttatttcatt    203160
     atatgtaaat accatagctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga aggcatcaga tctcattacg    203220
     gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact caggaccttc agaagagcag    203280
     tcagtgctct taaccactga gccatctctc cagccctaga aagaagtttt ttgttttttg    203340
     tttttgtttt tttggttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagtcctggc tgtcctggaa    203400
     cttattttgt agatctggct ggccttgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctctggag    203460
     tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc accaccacgc ccggctctat gtcgccttct taatggttgc    203520
     tcagacttga gagccctgtg aaaccgtctc tatcccacta tctactgtct cactggccct    203580
     gaggttttct tacaggtcac acttctatcc tcccagcttt ctggctctgc aggtgcccat    203640
     ctctcaccct attacacttg cattggaggg tggggtgggg aggaatcaat cagagttgga    203700
     gccaggcaaa aaccttgctt aggtttcaag taatataatc cttgtgaagt ccgtgctgta    203760
     ttggctcctc ttcagcctgt gattctgaaa gtggtgcctg tctctgaggc aggtgtgtgt    203820
     gaggaagaca gatggacact acactggatc tcctcacgtg tgcaggcggt ataatttttg    203880
     tgagtggaag agttgcaggt gtaattaagt tgcaggtgta atcaaggtgt aatcagccct    203940
     taggggctgg atgtcgcctt ctctctagtt ctgatttcat gttgatggaa tgctctgtct    204000
     gatgtgctgt gccaagtagc cgccaggggc gcagcaagga gccaactggc tctgaggagg    204060
     tgtgtaaggc tgactagaaa ccctagtccc ttctcctcct gttgagtcaa acgtcctgac    204120
     cctgcttgcc tctggtgctg cttctctact gtggaagttc agaacaacaa agaaggacac    204180
     atcaagcttg aagcccagtg tgcaggcccc cagcagtctt cacttcccag ggacacagcg    204240
     caagaatccc caggttgaga taggtgtgct gttctgtgac tacccaaccc ccaccctcta    204300
     gctccttacc tttttggtag ggataagcaa ggcactagac attcctacgc tgctggagcc    204360
     cgggagagag gctccaccca ctcggggccc ttagctagct ctctgaatct ttaactctcg    204420
     aaaggctcta tgaagaaaaa catcctagtt atgggacggc ttggagatgg cccaaggcta    204480
     gggttgcctg tgtgcttgat tttaggtctc actggaggaa aagttaggca ctgaggaaca    204540
     cagtagccag gcgacaaggt caggaattag tccctatttc ctatccagtt aacccaaaag    204600
     gtaggaagga agaggtgggg tgtccaaaat tgttccttca gttggccttc tgccttcttc    204660
     ccttttcttc tctattcagt tttctccttt tctctaggaa gaaagtgtgc ttgtgtgggc    204720
     agtcacactt aattctgtcc tttggagagg cttccactct ttttattttt ttggtttttt    204780
     tttttttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt    204840
     agaccaggct gacctcgaac tcagaaattc acctgcctct gcctcccaag ttctgggatt    204900
     aaaggcatgc gccaccaccg ctcggtgagg cttccactct taacaaatta atttttcagg    204960
     ttgaggtgga ggggaaagag gtagtgctct ccatcatggg gcctggaatg tataattggg    205020
     atgtgtgtgc cgggtgtgca gctgaaaatc ctttatcgtc tatctatctg acctctgagt    205080
     tcatccacaa gagcagtgac caggagtggg gacaagaggg taaagtcctt gagctggaat    205140
     actgactggc ctgtgacatg ccgagaggga tttcgcaagt gcttctgtga aaggtggagg    205200
     cggggctgtt gaaagagcca accagaccca ggaccagcct agctcagctg tggactgagg    205260
     gctctgtcct ccttcagcaa ctccatagtc agtgcctagt gcctctgctc acgctggccc    205320
     acaggctgct gcttcagttc tctccacctg ggaggccacc tttctcctgt cacagctcat    205380
     agtctctagg tcagtctgca tgcagttacc tctccttatt cacaggggga gagctgggga    205440
     gcctggagtc tcagaatttc caggcatgct cctggttgaa ccttgctgtt ttggattccc    205500
     tgtccccagt cctgactgta tctgtacttg taccctgatt tccttccttt ttccctcttt    205560
     atctccctcc atttcttttc ttgttttttt caaggcaggg tttctctgta gcctgggctg    205620
     gtctgggact tgcttttcct ttgtagacct tgctggctca aattcttttc tcacttcctt    205680
     tctgaacaga ggcttataga tc                                             205702