ID   AC134858; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 214282 BP.
AC   AC134858;
DT   05-OCT-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   31-AUG-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-361A18 from chromosome 7, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-214282
RA   Tin-Wollam A., Tin-Wollam A., Tin-Wollam L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-361A18";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-214282
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-214282
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-OCT-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-214282
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-AUG-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 07d3c00e584f5cf2890bce34ae1898cc.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456136.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584275.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000006948; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000050063; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000055193; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000074155; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032145; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032146; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032147; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032148; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032130; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032131; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032132; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032133; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032060; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032061; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032062; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032063; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032135; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032136; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032137; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032138; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031851; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031852; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031853; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031854; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032619; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032620; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032621; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032622; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031181; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031182; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031183; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031184; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031820; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031821; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031822; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031823; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031969; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031970; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031971; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031972; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031930; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031931; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031932; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031933; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032048; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032049; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032050; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032051; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031966; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031967; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031968; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031969; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032639; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032640; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032641; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032642; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030902; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030903; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030904; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030905; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031295; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031296; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031297; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031298; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC134858.6:1-214282; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000007161; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000048444; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000068625; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107966; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107967; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000107968; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000177514; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000205919; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0083505; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0083509; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0083511; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0083512; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0083571; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0083575; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0083577; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0083578; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0083513; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0083517; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0083519; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0083520; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0083537; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0083541; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0083543; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0083544; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0083113; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0083117; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0083119; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0083120; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0084028; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0084032; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0084034; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0084035; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0083633; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0083637; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0083639; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0083640; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0083063; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0083067; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0083069; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0083070; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0083241; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0083245; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0083247; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0083248; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0083106; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0083110; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0083112; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0083113; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0083254; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0083258; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0083260; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0083261; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0083145; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0083149; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0083151; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0083152; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0084302; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0084306; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0084308; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0084309; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0083054; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0083058; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0083060; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0083061; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0082172; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0082176; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0082178; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0082179; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; Q91Y82.
DR   GOA; Q9D140.
DR   GOA; Q9Z0M1.
DR   InterPro; IPR001254; Trypsin_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001314; Peptidase_S1A.
DR   InterPro; IPR009003; Peptidase_S1_PA.
DR   InterPro; IPR018114; TRYPSIN_HIS.
DR   InterPro; IPR033116; TRYPSIN_SER.
DR   MGI; MGI:1343166; Klk6.
DR   MGI; MGI:1861379; Klk4.
DR   MGI; MGI:1915918; Klk5.
DR   MGI; MGI:2447533; Klk15.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9Z0M1; KLK4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q91Y82; Q91Y82_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9D140; Q9D140_MOUSE.
CC   On Aug 27, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:54019598.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0361A18
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..214282
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-361A18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          3016..3033
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          10086..10163
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   unsure          62861..62997
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          83491..83828
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   misc_feature    85338..85355
FT                   /note="Unresolved homopolymeric repeat."
FT   unsure          85356
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          85379..85447
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          85384
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          85396
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          85421
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          85621..85656
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          115152..115228
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
SQ   Sequence 214282 BP; 55975 A; 53611 C; 49077 G; 55619 T; 0 other;
     gaattcagaa gtggatttgg ctttctattg agggccatgt atgagctggc cttgtattca        60
     actccaagag tgaatagcta taacccagaa ggatgcttgg aacagttagg agagggagac       120
     atgccattgc gagtgtgtcc actggctcag aaacaacatt gcaaccccag aaggtcacct       180
     ccgttcatcc acagtgtgtt ggtctaacct actgccatgt tcgtcatggt tctaagaaga       240
     ctggtacagt ctcagaattg gcacccagga gggggacacc accagtcagg ataaaaagtg       300
     agccaccttt taaaagtttt ttatgagagt atctttttat gagagtatct tgtgcaagcc       360
     tactcacata gccaaagaca accctgaatt cccaaccctc ttgccgccac cttgggagct       420
     ggaatcacag gtatgtgaca ccacatctac ctacctgtct gtgtctttct atgaacataa       480
     gaatccccca gtgagggcct agggtttgac tagcagtaga gcactcacct actatgtgca       540
     aggtgttgcg tttaatccca atactctcac caccatagaa aggtagagtg gaatcttttt       600
     ttaaaaaaaa gtgagaaaat gagacctggt gggggggagg ggacactatt agataatgct       660
     tgatacttac atctttgata ttagaaaaca taatgtatat gttttatgta agtgcattaa       720
     acaatattaa atgtatatgt acatatacat gtattaaagt gtatataaga tattaaatgt       780
     aaaaatgtat taaaaaatca atgtattata tgatgaaaga tcaatatgac cactggcgag       840
     acagctcagt gagaaaaggt gcttgccacc accagaccac acatgatgaa aggagacaat       900
     caactcccca actccacgtg taaaccatgg cacacatgca tacagacaat atgtaaatat       960
     aacttacaat ttatttttaa agaacatgag gacagagatg agacctatat ccataagagt      1020
     cctgctggtg ttgagtgtgg aatctttaaa acaaaacaaa acaacaacaa caacaaacaa      1080
     acaacattaa gtctttttgg gctgggagtg agttcagcct caaaggcggt actggatgca      1140
     gcaggcagga tttctaacac tttggtcctg gtcacggtgt ggggtctggg ctaccctgag      1200
     agaaagtcag agttagaaaa caatccttgt aaggctccaa actgaatgcc cctgtgcttt      1260
     ctgcatctgc ttgaattctg ctccagggac cgactcaatc cttgacgagg tgatgctaga      1320
     atgtgtgggg gctggcttcc acccgccctg cctgactgca gtaaagaggg tggagggaaa      1380
     gatctgtgat accaactgtt ggggttgcct cagggatttc agataaccct atgctcaaag      1440
     cagagggaag gcacccagag acagctccac ctgtgcccca gggagctgga ggcggtgcgg      1500
     gggcagggga ggtataaaag ggccagccct atagaaggct ggagacactg gtctccggat      1560
     caaggacaga gcctcgccaa gtcactccca ggtgagagga actttcatca gggggtgtac      1620
     acaattcccc ctggagactg gggctccagg gtcctagaca ggaggccatg aggggcaaaa      1680
     gagggtagct atccacccac aagataaaag caaaggagtt taggtgctgc cctgggtcag      1740
     ggtctgaaag aggagagctg gggtctgaat cctaggatct gagggagaag gccagggtct      1800
     gaacctttgg atctaagaga ggacagctgg aattggactc cagggaagag agaggtggtc      1860
     tggagtctaa aaccccaagg tctgcgggag gagggctcta gctagatttc tgaatcccag      1920
     agagaggaga cctgcggctt ggactcctga atccaaggat ggggtagggc cctgtcttag      1980
     tgcctcgtct ttcatcatcc tttgttctgg caacatttag ctctctcatc tggcagtccc      2040
     tgagccactg tcgccgagat gggagtctgg ctcctttccc tgataactgt gctgctgtct      2100
     ttagccctgg aaaccgctgg acaaggtgag ggcttgctca gtgtccccaa cagcctgagt      2160
     ctgaatgccc tctcccagac agctcaaggc cgggtgacct gatcctgtga ctctgcggtc      2220
     tggtgctgtc ttttcttgtg tcctcaatca gacagactcc ctagagcctc tccagcagtc      2280
     tgtgcctatt atgggggttt tctgagtggt ccccagtctc tctctcccta acccactctc      2340
     acatcctccg catgatcctc caccctatcc tctgcctttt ctcctgagcc ttatagactc      2400
     atctctgact gtaaatccct gtttactgtc tcattctccc cctgatgctg gataaaggag      2460
     aaaggattat agatggctac aaatgtaaag aaggctcgca cccatggcag gtggctctgc      2520
     tcaaaggcaa tcagcttcac tgtggagggg tgctggtgga caaatactgg gtgctcacag      2580
     cagcccactg caaaatgggg taggttctga aagggcaggg agggtaagtc tctttgggtc      2640
     tctgtctctg tcctcactct cctctctctc tgttctgtgt tcccctctgt gtgtatttct      2700
     gagccctctc tttggctctc tagattttcc tctgtgttct tctcttcttc tccgtgggtt      2760
     tctgaccagg ctcttcctct cactttccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc      2820
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc cttcctcatt ccctctctcc cttcttctct gagtgtcatt      2880
     cccttccccc agtcagtacc aagtacagct gggcagtgat aaaatagggg accagagtgc      2940
     ccagaagatc aaggctacaa agtcattccg gcaccctggc tactccacaa agacccacgt      3000
     caatgacatc atgcttgtga ggttggatga gccagtcaag atgtcatcca aagtggaggc      3060
     agtccagctt cctgaacact gtgaaccccc agggacgtca tgtaccgtct ctggatgggg      3120
     caccacaacc agcccagacg gtgagattgc ctcagtgtgg gttccagcat agccctctcc      3180
     ctcacaccaa ggggttcaga cccaggccct cctccctcaa ccccagaaat ccagatccca      3240
     gccttcttcc ctgggctccc tgatcttgag ccagcccctc agctccacac ccgacccagt      3300
     accttactga agccctcctc ctcacagtga cctttccctc ggatcttatg tgctcggatg      3360
     tgaagctcat ctcctccagg gagtgcaaga aggtgtacaa ggacctgctg gggaaaacca      3420
     tgctgtgtgc tggcattcct gactctaaga ccaacacgtg caatgtgagc cctcactgcc      3480
     cccactctcc cgtcaagccc cagtctgtcc acatcagcac aaagcttcta gtcccagcct      3540
     gtcctggtca tggctcagat cctacttcct tagctctgtc actttctgtt ggtcaacaac      3600
     tgccattcat gcgtggatcg cactagccag gggccgggag tttagtggag ctgagaaaga      3660
     tggagacagg gatgtaggat tatgagtgag cctcctgtct ccagcacaaa ctttgtagaa      3720
     gcttccaaac tctgtgacta gtattatttc atttttgcac ttctgagaca gtattcccct      3780
     gtggtccagg ctgatctgaa cctcactctg taactcaggt tagcctgaaa taaccaaagc      3840
     taacttagaa ctaggtagcc aaggctggcc tcagattcac gggaatacac ctgcctcagc      3900
     ctcccaagcg cagagcttac aggggtgagc agttcactgg actggacatc ccttgttaaa      3960
     ttttgtttct aagatatgtt ttcatgtgtg tgaatgtctt gcctgagtgt atgtaagtat      4020
     gttgtatatg tgtatgtgta tatgtgggta ccctggtacc caaagagggc acaaaggggt      4080
     gtcagatcct ctggaactga agttacaagt gtttgtgagc tatgatgtgg attctgggaa      4140
     ctagacctgg gtcctctaca agagcaagca gtgctcttaa ccactgaaac atctctctag      4200
     gcccatttta tttttgagac aaggccatgt agccctgcct ggtcttgaac ttgctctgta      4260
     gctgaggcag gatttgaatc tctgatcctt ctgtctcagc ctctggagtg ctggtattca      4320
     gtcgcctctt gatttttaac tcatttgttt atgatgactc ctgacatttt ctgtctgatc      4380
     cagatgccta actgtgatct tggtcctggg gcaagaatgg atctctcctt tctcctccac      4440
     ctctttcttc ccagctgtca ggagcctctg tctttggaca acacattccg tgctttcttt      4500
     tgattcctaa ttttatttta ttctttgcct ttttgttatc tctccgttct gagctatctc      4560
     cctctcctcc ttcccttctg ctacctccaa tctccctagt ccattctcct ttccttcctc      4620
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc      4680
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttcttgc tttcttgctt tcttgctttc      4740
     ttgctttctc tctctctctc tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttcttctca      4800
     tcttcttgtc tccttctctc ttctttcttc ttcttcctcc ctccttcctc ccatccctct      4860
     tcctcctgct cctctccacc ttctctctct tctttatctt cctccttctc ccctctctct      4920
     actcccttcc tccccaacac cctcacctct caggacagat gctatgctgt atgctgaagg      4980
     gttgattggt ggaagacaca tttctcttgc tgagaaccag gaagttccct ctcccttggc      5040
     tacagtcagc ttcctgctgc tcaagggaat acctacccaa tccctagaga agactctcct      5100
     tctcaccagc cttaatcaat agactttctg agtaaggata ttatatgtaa atgcccagaa      5160
     gccccaccct tttccaacaa gaaactctaa tgatgaaccc aggtcatcaa catgacagta      5220
     tgaattccta ctttcccttt ggtttccccc aaatccatgc tccttaacta ggatggaagt      5280
     caattcagac tgtcaagaca aagactaaac taggtagcct ctagtctgag ggtgacttag      5340
     ggggtcacag agctttcctt tgaagccaaa actaaccttc tctgttcccc atagggtgac      5400
     tcaggggggc ccttggtgtg caacgacacc ctccaaggtc tggtgtcctg gggtacctac      5460
     ccttgtggcc agcccaacga cccaggcgtc tacactcaag tctgcaagta caaacggtgg      5520
     gtgatggaga ccatgaaaac ccatcgctaa catgccagga gccgagctgt gagcctttga      5580
     ggttatgatc atggagtaag gacatcgtgg catccctgta aagtcctgcc tggctttacc      5640
     tttcctccag gacatagcca aacctcaaca ctaggttaag tttataaacc aatcagaacc      5700
     ccagagacct aaaagcaaat caaggcaaga gactaagaaa cctgagggct gtggaagatg      5760
     ccagaaggct aaagctttcc aatacaagag ccagggattc ctacagtcct ttattggaaa      5820
     gtggttggta actgtgagac cttcatccac tgccttggac tcaggtcatc catttctgca      5880
     gagttctttc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gattgaacca agtttggatt cattacagta      5940
     cttatcatag aggaagaaaa gaatggaaac ggttaacatg ttcaaaatag tagattattt      6000
     acatgggagt tggactgctc tcattatgaa gttgtgaagt tgcttaaggt gtactgctta      6060
     gccttatgca agagagactg ttgttgtgtg gtgtttaatg gggacgtggg ctgaacatgc      6120
     caaatgaata ctagtgagac agaataaaat ctaagtgata ttgatgtgtg tgctcataac      6180
     ctggaaggta acgttgggga agctgggagc cacgatggtg gagggaggag atctatgaag      6240
     aagagttggc taagaaattg tagctaggcc agcaagatgg ctcagtggat aaaggtactt      6300
     gctgccaatc ctgacatggc ttaagtttca tctctagagc ctacacagtg gaagggaaca      6360
     actgacgcac gcttgttatc ctctgacctc caagtgtgct ggggcacaag tgtccctgca      6420
     cacaaatatg gacgccaaac cagattaaaa tgcaaataaa gtagtcttca tgtttttaac      6480
     ttttacagac attgtagctt gttttcagcc tggccctggt gggtgatatg ttttctttac      6540
     ttcttgaatt tctgttttct cacgtgtaaa aagggaggat ggaaagacag gataggaggg      6600
     gagaaagaat ggatagtgag cacttaagtc attaaggtga agggatgggg gaaggcccgc      6660
     atttctctca ggtgacaggg aaatttttca atgaggattg gaggagacag aaactggaca      6720
     tttaggtcct ctgggagtca gccaaaagcg agcatccaga aactcagggc cgaggaagat      6780
     ggcggccggt agacttctcc caaaaggtca gggggctctg gaagggagga gtgctttgtg      6840
     attcagagca gagtcacacc taggcaattt gccttccttc tctgggcagt gacacctcag      6900
     actctgctga caaagggata cagtgccacc agggcctgac cctcccatct gcccttcctg      6960
     tttccctccc agaattcctt ccccacaaac attgttcagg ttcttcagac tttccactga      7020
     ctgccctcag ccagtcagcc agaaatgctg cagctactaa actctgcaca tggtggcaca      7080
     gagcacagac cccagcctcc tccctcaggc accagccctc ctccctcaga cttagggatc      7140
     caggtccagc ctcctccctc agtggcaaaa tcctagactc ctcctcccac agacccagga      7200
     atccagaccc caccttcctt tcttaggttc ccagggttta gatcctaccc ctcttccctc      7260
     aaacccaaga gtccagaccc tggccttcct taccagcctt aagtccaggc ctattgtctc      7320
     ctgcacctat gtggccctcc atctccactg agtctcacca gcttttcctc tctcttcaaa      7380
     ccacccaaat caccattcaa ccttaaaact taaagggcct ggtgtactgg tgtatttcct      7440
     taatctcagc actttggagg ctaaagcagg gagatctcta tgagttggag gtcattctgg      7500
     tccatataag ccagcgaaga tggtaaagtg ctggttgtgc aagcccaagg atctgagttt      7560
     gcatttccaa cacccacatc agatgcacac atggctgttg tgagtgtctg tcattctgaa      7620
     gtgtctgtca tggctgaaga gatgggagac agaggatggg aagtgggggt ggggctcact      7680
     tgccagccag tctatttatc tctagacagc cagagacact gtctcaaaaa ataaggtgga      7740
     aacatccaat gtcaacattc acataccaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      7800
     cacacacaca cacacagagt gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaaaga gagagagaga      7860
     gagagacaga cagatagaca gacagaaaca cacacacaca tctcagaaat aaaataaaac      7920
     ataactttaa aaaaaagact tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt      7980
     taatttctat gagtacattt tagctgtctt cagacatacc agaagagggc accagatccc      8040
     attaccagat cccatggtgg ttgtgagcca ccgtgtggtt gctgagaatt gaactcagga      8100
     cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctccaacc ctaaaacata      8160
     actttaaaaa acagtaaccc agcctcacag tggtagtgac tcagcgttgc tccagcaagg      8220
     gtttgattgg ttacaagcac agaattccat gctcagttgg attctttgga aagggctttg      8280
     attttgtttg gtcagacagt agacttatag tgaaagccaa tggctcctgg aacttgcttt      8340
     taaaacctac agtagcaaca acaacaacaa caagccgggc atggtggctc acgcctttaa      8400
     tcccagcact cgggaagcag aggcaggtag atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac      8460
     aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaacaaacaa      8520
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaccaaa ataaaaaaac caaacctaca gtggcacctt      8580
     ccactcattt gctgtgggtg tctatctctc ctcttacctc agaggccagc aagggtggac      8640
     ctccccttca tggctggcct ttggcttcat ctgctgtttt gctggtaaca ttacaaaggg      8700
     aaatatcatc tttgaatcca catggggatc agccatgtgt cctggcgctg tgcgttagag      8760
     acatgaggtt taacagcagt aaccaaccat tttctgattg ggtttgaggc ctgctttaca      8820
     ggaaggaatt caagtctggt actgcaaacc tggtcagtag cccagggctt gggaggtcat      8880
     aggcccgagg gagggggtag agctactggg gggaacctac tgctgtttag tttaaatcat      8940
     tatgttgcca aacttccctc taaatatttg tacccccagt atagtgctgc tctcagcact      9000
     gactagagaa acccctttat gcagtgggca gaaatacaga gacctgcgca aagtgggtaa      9060
     ggtgagtgac tatgagtgac tattgaatgc tcagccctaa ggggacagct acatcaataa      9120
     tgccaaggct cagagaacat ggaggaagag tgtatataca gaatataaga gggcagtata      9180
     gactgccatg aaatgtcgtg ctctggacat gatggttgct cttcactcct gaactcacag      9240
     aaggtatggt tgcctgcctg aaaggaaagg aaagctagag gggcaggctg ggatcaagac      9300
     gagattcatc aatatttcaa cagaacttac tggattgaat actctacaaa aataaaaaga      9360
     agggaaaaaa gaatggagag gacatgaaag tggaggtgtc tggaggagta gggggtcgag      9420
     aaaggggtgg ctatagccaa gatgcattgc atacgggtat aaaattatca aagaacaaca      9480
     caagatactc tttttaaaaa gcaggtatga catgaattat gttagctttg tagatattaa      9540
     atgcccagtg ctcatgaaca aggaggaaag aggaagaaag gaatggaggg agggagggag      9600
     ggagggggag ggagggagga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga      9660
     gagagagaga gatccgaggt ggagacatga agtgtttgtt gaagaccatt gagagagaag      9720
     gccttcctcc tcctggtcaa aagaatggaa tctctttctg gtctgggtgg agacaggtca      9780
     ctgatctgct tcgaagatta gagcatgaca aacgactgta gactcctatc tcctcaagtg      9840
     ttaatccaga tggacctgcc aatcacctgc ttaggagtgc acctcacaag aaatctgatt      9900
     cacctgaagg catgctaagg tgaagggagg agtaatcatc ccctcaatga ggtcatccat      9960
     cgaatttacc cttcccagaa acccctgctc cacgcagggg ctcctgctgc ttccatgctt     10020
     ctctgagttg cttttctttc agctactgac ccaaacccag ggatatttcc ctgaccgtct     10080
     gggatctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctccc cctccctccc tccctccctc     10140
     cccccctctc tccctccccc ctctgctttg cacctgcttg ccaacctcca ttgctaagct     10200
     agagcaagga tcagagtttt ctctcttgcc ctaggcagct tgccttctct ttttttttat     10260
     tatttttatt aattttgaaa taatttcata aatgccctgt ccccttcctt ccaatttcta     10320
     aataaatgat ccctccaagt cagtttttaa attcttttat taacaggtct aaaaattcca     10380
     aaaaaaaccc ctgtttttcc aagaataccc acccataccc ccccacacac acatacccct     10440
     cacccccccc ccatgtgtgc tgcttctcca ttcttttttc cctgtcttct cccctctctc     10500
     ccctggcctc ctatcctttc tctcctcctc tccagtgctg cccctctctg ctctctccca     10560
     tctgtcttgt cccttctacc tccccctttc ctcctcttct cttcttcctc tctgcctgtc     10620
     ttgttctcct tcctccccac tctctctctc cctcctcctt atccctctgt ttgtctccct     10680
     tctatccctc ttctgttcct ttcttctcct tcatctccct cctccctcgg gtaagtagac     10740
     actccgaccc agagctacat ccccagccca ctgtctgccc ttactgtctt gctgtctttc     10800
     ctccccatct gtgttccttc atccttgaag taggatcact tcttgacatc accataaaga     10860
     ctgaatgatt cccctgtgta cacagtggct ggcacagcat cgcacacagc acaaagcacc     10920
     aacgacgata agagtgggtt ctggatgccc atggcttctc acattttccc tgatgactct     10980
     cataaaattt cctttaattt tttttttttt ttgttgttgt tgaatgtttt ggttgactga     11040
     gtcaatttag atataatcat tcatagactt aaacattcgt gccttcatca gagataagga     11100
     tgggaagata atgaaggtta ctgacagatg cacggatctc attctctttg aagattttct     11160
     ggtctcacca gtaactgggg aacaatgagg agacaatggg acaggaatgg gcacgagaaa     11220
     gccatgagag actcaaaccc tacgtgttcc ctccttcctc aaatggatgg ctcctcctga     11280
     gcccacttac cttgtattgt agtaaggaat tttattatca tctttgggga attgtagaga     11340
     gatgggctga atcactgccg tgttggaaca tgtccacatt ggaacactac tatgttgaaa     11400
     tactcccatt ttggaacaat gctagactat ataccatgtt ggaatacact gtttttaaat     11460
     acatcatact ggactatacc atgtcagggc agggcatata gaatcctccg tgttggaatg     11520
     ctgccagttt tggaatacgc catgttggga tactgccatt ttgactcatg ttctatcgaa     11580
     atatcacagt gttggaagtg gagatccagt tcaggctcta ccgcttcctg tgtgcttgta     11640
     cttgagtgac gaacttccct agtccatggc acagttttcc tatccacaac aggagtggat     11700
     gtgatgaggt catggtagtc atgggtcaac atttcctgag ttccctgtga atgcagccgt     11760
     gagtcagcac agtccatggc ctccggcgct caagatccat cgggagagat ggacgttgat     11820
     acagatggct ctgggccagg ctaacacctg gaaggagaca cctgtggaaa ccaacacaag     11880
     agaatgacta actcaaccac ggcaggtggc attgggtggt gtccagtggg aacttgttct     11940
     cagaggcaat gttccagcca agagcaaagg gaggagaggt ggtcggcagg aaaaggtggg     12000
     gaaagcatgg aacagatggg aaatgtcaga attagagact cctccagagg tcacagggca     12060
     tggaaacact tggaacacgt aatatggtct ccaaagctgg agcataaaaa ggtgggtagg     12120
     accggtccac atggtgtgtg gccaaggcac tcacagaaga ggtgagaagg ggtaagatga     12180
     acacccgatg agttgagtta aaagtgtaaa atgcccatca gattccaagc gctccatata     12240
     ccatgatatg aggcaaatgg gccctttgct agctttcata tcctaaattc gtggaccact     12300
     aatggcttga gttatatagt ggaaccgaat gagcttctgc ttttgtttgg tttggtttta     12360
     ccatagcagg gcttgaactc aggccctcac acatgctagg tcaatactgc actgcagagc     12420
     tgtgatgcca atgttttttt tttcattttt agtttttttt tttaagcagg ttgtatttat     12480
     atatttgttc agtggtgtat atatgtggat aataattttt agtcttaaga tggggtctca     12540
     ttctgtagcc ttagctgggc ttgaccttgc aatatttttg cctctgtttc cccacccagc     12600
     tgagatgaca ggcctatgcc acaatattca gccaattgcc ataccttttt aggtgctttc     12660
     ttttcttatc tcttccattt actttcaagg agcaaatgaa aattacatat acttacagta     12720
     ttttaataag tgagcacata cagtgtggaa tggttaagtt tgcttgtgat cacgggcctt     12780
     gcttcacacc tgtgcaatat gaacacacaa gttaacacca ctgaggagca gaactgagga     12840
     agaggctagg catgcgctca atctctgagc cacacttcag actatcactg gggaattctg     12900
     ggaagagatc ctacctccag tccctcactt gggggtttct gagcaggtga tgtaccactg     12960
     agccacatac actaactttt atatcctaaa ttcgtggggc cctaggcaga aggtataaaa     13020
     ataaaccaca tccccagccc cgcactgagc cacacatcca ggcctttgct gggggcaggg     13080
     ggttctagta agatgatcta caactgggcc atatcctagc ccctggttgt tgaagatcct     13140
     ccagtctcaa gctgaggaaa gggacaaagg caagaggtgt gaggacttgg ggcagatctg     13200
     tgagaaacaa ggccaggagt tagtccaagc aaagttcagg aagacccttc ttgaagtcta     13260
     gtgagtggtt cagagagtga ggtgggtgag gaaccagtct gaactgggac cagaatatgg     13320
     ggacagagaa gaatgggcct cacagaaggg aagcatggga caaggttaga aagccagtgg     13380
     gtcgtgtgag gggaactgac tgtgactggg gtacagtgag acatcaaaag gaaaaagttc     13440
     agaagagacc tagtgtgaca ttcccagtgt atcctcagtg ctaactaaag tcttcattag     13500
     ccagggtgat ggagcctgag taatacaaga tcaggttaat gaaaggagag ggtgcatggg     13560
     gtgtcacgcc ctgcaaatgc tggggggcac attattcatg cctgctgctg ctattgcctg     13620
     atgctttcct agtatgtctc cacttcccat ctttatcccc acacccttcc caggtccctc     13680
     caccctccaa aagtccctcc tttgcagccc acactgacca ctgcctactc gtcccacaca     13740
     cgcctgcatc ctctcttctt cactgacttg ctccccagac ccgagttcaa aggcacctcc     13800
     ccatacttct cccaggtcat gacatagctt tacagtgctc ttgcttatct cccttggtgc     13860
     tgctccccag tttctgcagg ccagattatc tctgcttgtg catctctcag tataagcaaa     13920
     aatctccgca gtgactcttc atgtcctcct gcacctcaat aactgccccg cacacacctc     13980
     accatacctt ctcacatccc aggaacctaa gtgcatacca agtgcacaca tgttttccta     14040
     agtggttcag aaagagagcc agcagagaaa cagaagatat ggagtccaag ggtctgggag     14100
     acagacagac atttgcacag aagggaagac ggattttaaa aggcagagaa acacgcatac     14160
     acagagaaag agggagaaac ggagacagag agaaaagaaa gggaagaaat agagatgtgg     14220
     aaagagggag agggagcaac agagagaaag tctgagacag acacagagaa cagaagggag     14280
     aaaaccaaac aaaggcttgc gagatacaaa taacagcaag tacattgaga tggggggcag     14340
     gcagaggcat gagaccagag aacgggaaag tgggcaaact tggaggatgg gtgtccagat     14400
     gcgggactca gcagggctgg acccagcagg gctgtcactc acactgatac aaagagaagt     14460
     cattgcgata gcctcccgcc catcttcctg ggagcatggc accaggtttc cggggaacag     14520
     acaatgaccg attgttggaa gtctctttcc ccatattgct catgccgctt cccagcctgg     14580
     gttaggggcg ggggacagtt tagtgaaaca tcctttctca atagttgggt gtcagctccc     14640
     actctccttg ggacacggag gtcttcagca cccacagagg gacttacagg taggtgagtc     14700
     agccctgacc ccactgaacc tgggcagctg gttccagggc ctcagagata caaacccagg     14760
     agaagaagct gcaggatccc cagaggatat aggtggggta cctgtggagg ccggggcacc     14820
     actggctaac ctgggaacgg ggcatttagt cctcagtctt attatgtcac aaatcctaca     14880
     aatccaaaag caagaatgag ctccctaaag ggatctgcaa tcctataggt ggaacaacaa     14940
     tatgaactaa ccagtacccc ggagctcttg actctagctg catatgtatc aaaagatggc     15000
     ctagtcggcc atcactggga agagaggccc attggacttg caaactttat atgccccagt     15060
     acaggggaat gtcagggcca aaaagtggga gtgggtgggt aggggagggg gggagggtat     15120
     gggggacttt tgggatagca ttggaaatgt aattgagaaa aatatgtaat aaaaaaatat     15180
     atataaaaga atgagctcca atctctctct acctcagttc taaaggtttc agcccaaccc     15240
     tcctatttat gtccagcctt tctccttcag atccaggcga acagacccat ttcttccctc     15300
     aaaattcaga gatctggggt cactgtgttc cagagtgggt cactggcttc cctgtagcta     15360
     tctggtcaag ggtcaccaga agcagagctg tggggcagaa ggaatgcatg tgggcggctt     15420
     aggtgaagaa aagggcgtga ctggcttcct cctggctcag agactagaag agagaggggt     15480
     taaaaaggag ctgggagact ctgagaacag agtccgcctc tctctgggag gccacagagc     15540
     caggagggtt tctggagaca gtctgctact tgggacccag catccaagtg ccccatattt     15600
     catgcaggtc ggatcataag gcagccttct gtcagtctgc tctgcccctt ccctcgagga     15660
     gcgccctgcc ttgctgactt tctctgcctc tggcttcctg tgataggtgg tgtcattccc     15720
     ctccaacctg agtgctggca ggtacactgc tggccaccag caggtgagtg aagggtaagg     15780
     atgtaggcaa ggtgcaaaag gaaagtccca cagaggaaga atgtcaggga ccccttggac     15840
     taacatctct gagagtagaa agggacacca gagcccaggg ctgggtttct tccctaaagc     15900
     cactagaacc aaggacatgg ttggtcccca cactgtcttg catttgctct cagggaccct     15960
     cagattcaag gtgcaggctg ggaaatgagg aaccaggaag tgagaagggg ggcatgtgca     16020
     gagatagaac aaaggcagga gagcaggaca agacagtaaa gatggagagg gtgaggaagg     16080
     agcagggtgg ggttcctgag atgtgaacag aggctgagat atgactaatg gaatcgttgg     16140
     cttaccctct caagatgccc atgaagatgc tgacaatgaa gatgctggcc ctgtgcttgg     16200
     ttcttgctaa atcaggtgat ttaaggacca tagaaggggg aggggctggt agatagattg     16260
     gctctgttga cagacggtgg tttaggacag gactatgcag ctttgagatg aggaaagccc     16320
     tgagggggct ggctaaggac aagtctggag gtgggttgga ggataaagcg tgcttacgtc     16380
     tttgaggatg gagatagctg ggcgtggtgg cacacacctt tgatcccagc actaggaagg     16440
     cagaggcagg tgatctctga gtttgagtcc aacctggtct acagcgtgat ttccaggcca     16500
     gtctggaata caccaagaaa ctcagtatca aaaaggggaa gggaggctgg agagatggct     16560
     cagatgactg ctcttcctga ggtcctgagt tcagttccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac     16620
     aaccatttta caataaggtc tgttgccctc ttcttgcatg caggcatatg tgcaagaaaa     16680
     acattgtata cataataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat     16740
     aaatctacaa aaacctcaga gggtagaggt agagtcgagg aagagaaggt agatgtagag     16800
     gtgacagtga gattagggac ccatttgatt acagttcatt tcagaaggat ctaggctctt     16860
     ggagctcttc tctgactcag ccccttcctc cctcagcctg gtcggaggaa caggagaagg     16920
     tggttcatgg aggcccgtgt ttgaaggact cccacccttt ccaggctgcc ctctacacct     16980
     caggtcactt gctgtgtggt ggggtcctca ttgacccaca gtgggtgctg acagctgccc     17040
     actgcaaaaa accgtgagtt tccttggtct ttaagaagct gatgtaaggg ggtccaaagg     17100
     gtgccttgta gacttcagaa ggggggcaga cctgagcatc catcattctg tgaacagttc     17160
     tcttcagcca ggtatccata ggttccggga ccctgaaggt atctcaagcc cttaaaaaag     17220
     taatgcaaca tttgcgtata acctatggat atctttgcat gaactctaag ttatatctct     17280
     agagcacctg tcaacgcagg gggaacaatt gctctgggta ccacctccag catctcctaa     17340
     attgggccgg gcattcagca ctatagtctt agtgatcgag agatggaggc gggagaatca     17400
     aaagcacaag ctgagcctca gctgcacagg aagcttgagg ccagcttggg ttgcaagaga     17460
     ctccctcaaa aaatgggggc caaaatgata gctcagtgat caacttgctt cacaatcatt     17520
     gggactgaag ttcaaatcca agcattggtg tcacaagcca gataacccct gcaaagtgct     17580
     tgtaactcca actcagaagg ttccaaagcc ttcttctggg ttctgcacat gcatggcttt     17640
     gcaaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactcaaa tcattttttt     17700
     aaggtgggag agatgggtca actgttaaaa gcacatactg ctcttgcaga caggatctaa     17760
     gttcagtttc cagcacccct acagcaagtc cgaactgtct gtaactccag cgtcagaaga     17820
     gctaataccc tttctgtcct tcatgggcac ctgcactcaa atgtagatac cctatccaca     17880
     catatattta aatacaaaag taaatagtaa gtaaaattat ctttaaatgt tgactttatt     17940
     attcgtgttg tgtgggtgtg cacgtgccac agtgcacctg tgcagttccc aggacaactc     18000
     tgtagagtca ggtcctctct gtccacattc atgcaggtag tgaggcatga gctcagcgta     18060
     ctgggcttgt gaggcagtcc ctttgcctgc tgacccatct tgccagctcc tcctctcttg     18120
     ttgcttgtct ttgagtcagg gtctctctgg gttgccctat tggcttggaa tacactctat     18180
     agaccaggtt ggcctagaac tcataggaat tcctccagtg tctgcctcca gagtgctagg     18240
     actaaaagtg tgcaccacca cgctctggtg ctgccccaac atttttaacc tgtggtcaat     18300
     tgaatctgcg aaaggagaac ctgaaactat gtcggttggc tgtcaagttg cgtagtagaa     18360
     aagttagaaa ggcaaaaatc tagaagaatg agattgcctt ttactgagct ggggaagatc     18420
     aagggaggag ggaagagggg aggaggaggg taggtgctct ctctgggggc ttctggcgaa     18480
     gcccagggac tggaggtgag tcctagctgt cttcttccca ggaatctgca ggtgatcttg     18540
     gggaaacaca acctacggca aacagagact ttccaaaggc aaatctcagt ggacaggact     18600
     attgtccatc cccgctacaa ccctgaaacc cacgacaatg acatcatgat ggtgcatctg     18660
     aaaaatccag tcaaattctc taaaaagatc cagcctctgc ccttgaagaa tgactgctct     18720
     gaggagaatc ccaactgcca gatcctgggc tggggcaaga tggaaaatgg tcagtgaggg     18780
     gagatggttg ggagtgatca aagggaccaa agggagaggg tctagtgatg gaggtgggat     18840
     ggtaaatagt gaaggtggga aagaagatgg tgggccacaa ggagatgctg atggagagga     18900
     tcagtaggtc actctgttta tggataaaag acagatggag agaggagaag gttgaggagt     18960
     tggaccaaat gtggataggc tacaaaatga agggtcaatg agaagtgaga actcatgggg     19020
     gaggttatga ttagtgagga agtcagaccg agaatgatgg ggaaaggggc catttgggag     19080
     acagtgacaa ggaaagcgat cctaagcatg aaagagaaac aaaatgggaa tccgctggaa     19140
     agaaatgggg gtgaggggga agggcagtga agacagctgg tgaaggcacg atgggaaggg     19200
     gatgtgtaag cctggcccat cttccacctc ctaggtgact tcccagatac cattcagtgt     19260
     gctgatgtcc atctggtgcc ccgggagcag tgtgagcgtg cctaccctgg caagatcacc     19320
     cagagcatgg tgtgcgcagg cgacatgaaa gaaggcaacg attcctgtca ggtaagaccg     19380
     agaccagaga tctgaaatca accacacaca ggaagacaga gacacaaacc aaagcagagc     19440
     tgaacagaga ttgagaaagt cagcctgaga ggacactgga ggacaaaaca gaagagaatc     19500
     cacctcacac gtgtaaagac agataaggaa gaagcagggc agctcggggc tgagaggttg     19560
     gctcaatcag taagatactc accatgcaag tatggagacc cgagttgtag ggcatggtga     19620
     atggcatatg cttgttatcc tagtgcttga ggacagaggc aggcatatct cttgggttca     19680
     ttggccagcc agagtaacct aatgggtgag cccaggtcag tgagaaaccc tgtctctaaa     19740
     gactgtacag cgagtgactc ctaagggagg atgcctgtga ctgctggtct ccacctgcgc     19800
     atatacatat ctgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atacacacaa     19860
     cacacgacac ccagcagaaa gaagaagttt agatgcaaag tcagggacac caagagccag     19920
     agagatgcta aaatggctag ccaaatatgg gtgaacctag caaacctgaa agtttaagga     19980
     acaatctcaa taaatggcca ccttggtggg agttttgaac aaccggggag atccaagggc     20040
     cagaaagatg ctacagagag ctatccttcc tcagagctgc agccgtgaaa cccacctgga     20100
     aatagctaag cttcagatga ggggccttcc agctgcaaag agggattcta tgcccatccc     20160
     tcaacacgtg caactgagct cctctggaac tcattcacaa gccttgtctt gtccccagac     20220
     tcacaacaat tctcctgcat ccgcctgtgg gatactggaa taacaggcat gcgccaccac     20280
     accgctctaa tcttcagtac cttacctgga acctctctac ctgtcatcct tccagactcc     20340
     tttttatgcc agaatgactc tagaccgtgg agggccaaca tcaacctacc aagaaagcaa     20400
     gggtggggtt atgggagagg ccaagaaagt gagttagtgg cttgggagca aagcagctag     20460
     gcatggctgg cctgggatca agggatggag agcactgaaa gtttgttgcc ttcttcttga     20520
     gtccctgcct tcatagcctc ctctgctgag cttagcactt ttgtctctac gccccccccc     20580
     cttctccatt gataaccttt acttttatgg accttgatgt ccctctccgt actgtgacac     20640
     tctccctgca gtgatgatca taaacatgta tccatcccag acagagaagc aataacaaac     20700
     caatgaatga caccaaagtc caacttggtg aaccaatgag cttcataggg gttactctaa     20760
     ggagtatggg tgaggggtta cttacaggag cagaaatgac tcatgggcaa ctgcatcacc     20820
     aaaagctcac ccccgcatgg gtgacagctc atcaaagcca gaatggggag cacacacact     20880
     gcacagcctg caggcagctc aacaggtcgg aaagtgtctc cctttggcag ctgaggtagt     20940
     cagagtctct tcttggcagt tcatcttgtc tgagagactc ttggtagtcc ttactgctta     21000
     tatatacttg gggaaggagg gacctagtgc atctgctcag ctccagttcc ttcctgaagc     21060
     atttgagttg tttgcttatt gagcttaagg atctttgccg tggggtgcaa agtttcaact     21120
     cccttagaac acgttatgtc ttaacaatct tctctcctga atggatggct tttctaagca     21180
     ccctctctct ctcacctata ccacggtgga acttggtatc ctggagcacc tcatctgtct     21240
     ctggcttttc ctgggaatta agcccaggat cttatgctat gcgtgctcag caagcgctct     21300
     attggtgaac tagagcccca ttcctctttt actttgagaa agggtcttcc tacatagcac     21360
     aagctagcct taagcttgca atcttccatg gcatcctgaa taggtaggtc agatgacagg     21420
     catgaccacc aatccagcct ttcctccatc tccaagtatc tctgactctc taatttctgc     21480
     cccccaccca cccacccacc accacttctc ttcctactct tgcttctccc cctcctcctc     21540
     ctcattctat gtgagtttct gacgtttctc tttctcttcc acacagggtg attctggagg     21600
     tcccctagta tgtgggggtc gcctccgagg gctcgtgtca tggggtgaca tgccctgtgg     21660
     atcaaaggag aagccaggag tttacaccga tgtctgcact catatcagat ggatccaaaa     21720
     catcctcaga aacaagtggc tgtgacatga gacatccagt tctcccccac gacgcctctg     21780
     accctcgctg gctccatact ctctctccct gaagccctgc cctgctctca gagccttcag     21840
     atgtccagct ctgaccctgg tacttaataa atgtagtgac acagagcaca gaacactgct     21900
     aaatctactt tgctcaatcg ttgcatcccc agggagactg gaggatacag gctacaatcc     21960
     tactctatgg gtgtggttag cagatggaat cgcagtgtgc ccactaacag tctgggtacc     22020
     cttgggaagt gcttttcttt agagtgtgaa tgctctcatc tgtaaaattg ggatactaac     22080
     ggagctggag aaatgctcag tggctaacag cacttatagc aagaataagg agtaagtgtt     22140
     catttacttc taccagtaaa aggtgcacag tgggtgcttt tctttagtcc atttctgctt     22200
     cttagaattt ttgctgctgc taaagtgact aaggtaacaa acaccatctt gtctcaactc     22260
     cgtgacagct tagactccgc tacccacatc ctccaacaac agcccagcat ggaaggcatt     22320
     gagtttttga aggcaaaaaa aaacaaacaa aaaaaaaacc cacacacaaa catatctgta     22380
     tcagctgaga gtgagtataa cctcgcaaca cttttgacaa aatatagtca ttgtttcaga     22440
     cacacaacaa ttaatttaga tttatgcctt ttggttattt tagtttatgt ttagtttgaa     22500
     taaaatatta agcattttgg tgaatacgtc tggaagatgg tcaggctcat ggaaattcca     22560
     gatgtgttgc caagctgggc attgcatggt ggcacacacc tttgatccca gcactcagga     22620
     ggcagaggta ggtggatctc tgtctgaggt taccctggtc tacaagtgag ttccaggaca     22680
     gcctggactg cataacaaac aaaggtgaga ggattgtaag gttgtggtag aagtgagagt     22740
     gatggcagac aggtatcata aaggacctca gatacaagca tctgaggcga gcactttctc     22800
     ctggaggtca taggaagaca cggaaagttt gagagcagcc atatgtgcag tgagacgaag     22860
     ggaagagaac ataactgtgg ggtgtgggag gcgttttgga tggtggtgca gggaggggag     22920
     aggtggacct ggggctgggg cagggttgga gaaaagtggc tgggtgtgga ggctgggtgg     22980
     gtggcactag caatgaggga acatcgtggg tgtgagagtc tctggagacc acgtcagaca     23040
     ctgaaggctg ggatccgagg cagaagttcg tggcatgcct gttgacatcc gatgaacggc     23100
     cagacagggg aaccgggctt gactgagaga aaggaacagt tcagagctaa gaggtagaac     23160
     tttctttatg cagctaagaa tggccttgag cttctcatcc tcttggctcc gcccactgag     23220
     tgctcagatt gcaagcttgc agtgcaatgc tcagttttac gtgcggtgct gggaagtgaa     23280
     cctggaactt tgtacatgct gagcaagcct ctgctagagc ttcaacctaa gatccagtga     23340
     aagactgact ttatagtcaa gtcgcagtgg ggaacaggag agctgacatg gtgagtggat     23400
     gggaagatga acttgtgaca gccaggcagt ctcaagcagc acactccaac tattaggagc     23460
     agcaaatgca gtcatacaac tgaccagagt caccaagaaa aaaatccaga aaatatgtgt     23520
     cccggtccct gagtcgggag ctgtctttcc aaggtggata acaggtacga tgaaagtagc     23580
     ctgatccagc cacacaggct tctcaccaca tggcttagtt aggattactg ttgctgtgat     23640
     gaaaccctat gagcgaggca gctgatttaa aaagcattta actgggagct ctctgacagc     23700
     ttcacacaat gactcaatga ccatcaaggc agggagcagg gtgggaggcc ggcaggcctg     23760
     gcgctggagc agaagctgag agcttacagt ggggcgcaag agtgagcgtg gcatgggctt     23820
     ttgaaacttc aaaaggaaca gaaagcatcc acagtctggg tccagctgct ttctacactg     23880
     aaagcatctt tcaacacatc aagtgagtgt ggaaaggttt aggattggct cctgggtgta     23940
     tactgctttt taagtagaat ctctacacat ttgatattta ctcatacgac aaaaaagatc     24000
     tctctctctc tcccccccgc ccgccccccc atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     24060
     gtgtactggc tggttttgtg tcaacttgac acaagctgga gttatcacag agaaaggagc     24120
     ttcagttgag gaaacaactc catgagatcc aactgtaagg cattttctca attagtgacc     24180
     aagagggaaa ggccccttgt gggtggagcc atctttgggc tggtagtctt gggttctata     24240
     atagagcagg ctgagcaagc gaggggaagc aagccagtaa gtaatatccc tccatggcct     24300
     ctgcatcagc tcctgctttc tgacctgttt gagtttcagt cctgacttcc tttggtgatg     24360
     atcagcaaca tggaaatgta agctgaataa accctttcct cctcaacttg cttcttggtc     24420
     atgatgttta tgcaggaata aaaaccctga ctaagatact ctgtgatttt gtgtgtgtgt     24480
     atctgtgtgt gtgtatctgt gtatctctgt gtatgtatct gtgtgtgtga gcatgcctat     24540
     gggtgtaaat tcaggtgaat atgtgccaag gctctcttgt gaaggtcaga ggacaactca     24600
     ggggtcactt ctcttccacc ttgcttgaaa ctaggtctct tcttcaccac tatgttgcca     24660
     gatgggctga gcattgagtt tctgtggatt ctcttgcttc tgtctctcat acaggcgtgc     24720
     tgaaattatg agatatgctg ctatatttac tcagattctg tgggtttgaa ttcagtctta     24780
     tacttgtata gcaagtgttc taccccctgg gccatctccc acaacctaaa taagtctctt     24840
     ttgttttctt ttccttgtgg tgctgggggt ggaccatcca atgtcaagcc tggtgggaaa     24900
     gcacgctaca ccaagccatc ccccactttc ctcttaatac atgatttttg agtttgtaac     24960
     tacaaacatc aagtttataa tacagtattg ggatatttga aagaatgcag gagcagtaat     25020
     attttcaatc ataacatgct tgaataagaa accttacaaa atatctgaat ttttggtctg     25080
     aaaactaaat gacttccata gagagtgtgt tcttttcagg tatgagattt aaaatgtttg     25140
     aaagtgtctc cttaacttag tttgtaaatg ggacaaaata gtattgtaat gatctcataa     25200
     acacgactct gaagaaacct ccagaagact cacaactggt caaaatgcag agaatactca     25260
     atggtacaat gcacatccat caacaaaact tctgtatcac aaaaaaaaaa aaataatcac     25320
     ccaattctca aagaacttac tgaagagggg gaagaaatat ctcaagaggc agaaactgca     25380
     gaggagtact tttaaacagt gtgttctagg catgtcgtgg tcgctgcact gatgaatgtg     25440
     agtgtagctg tggtgaccct gtattgggcc tgtacaagat caagcccatc gatcttacat     25500
     catggatagg agggacattc acaagcccta gctctagtag aggcacggtt agcagtttgt     25560
     agctgctgag ggagaaagag ctaggttgtg gtgggggaca gtccctagca cattgcctgt     25620
     gctccaatgg atggccccat accatgtaca tgcgggcagc actgattgaa ctcagtggat     25680
     tattaaaagc aaacaataac tccctgatca accagaagcc actgtaaccc caggaaggct     25740
     gcttgcctga agtcttcccc cattctcttg gtactcacag gcttgacact attcccaatg     25800
     tccccctacc ctcttcatca ccatgtccca gcccccaact catgaggaga cccctgctcc     25860
     accagaggcc acactggcta tcagaactcc aggcagacca cccacccgtg tgacttctct     25920
     cactctctcg atgccctctt actatcccca atcccacctc tccccatcat cgtgtcccag     25980
     ctgccaactt gggtggagag accctgcttg actggaagcc aggttggctg cctggccaat     26040
     ggacctcctc aattctcttc cccctccacc ttatccccag ttcccctccc cctcctcatt     26100
     gtgtcctagc ccccaactga ggtggagacc ccttgttcaa tcacaagcca catcagccag     26160
     aatgccagaa aagaaacaga aaccaaggaa caaacagcca cctaaaaaag acaaacttag     26220
     aaattagcac ctagtcctaa aatcagccca accccagatg actagatgtc agtgttacga     26280
     acacaatcaa taagaggtag ggcaatatgt ctccatcaga acacagctat cctactacag     26340
     caacctctaa atattccaac acggctgaag cacaagaaga agaccttaaa accaacttta     26400
     tgaagatgat aggtatcctt aaagaggaaa tgaagaaatc ccttaaagaa atccaggaaa     26460
     acacaaagaa aaaaatagaa agaaatgaat aaatccctta aagaatgtca agaaaaaaca     26520
     aacaaatagt tgaaggaaat gaatgaaaca gttcaagacc taaaaataga aataaaagca     26580
     ataaagaaga caaaaattga ggaaattctg gaaatgaaaa attttgaaat tcaaacagga     26640
     actacagggg cagactttgc caatggaata caggagttgg aagagagaat cttaaatatc     26700
     gaagatatga tagaagaaat agatacacca gtcaaatgaa atgctaaatt tagaaaagac     26760
     ctgacacaaa ctatccagaa tatatgggac tctacaaaga gaccaaatct aagaataata     26820
     ggaataggag aatcccagct caaaggccca aaacatattt tcaacaaaac cttagttaaa     26880
     ttttttccta acataaggaa tgcctataaa agtacaagag gcttacagaa caccaaaata     26940
     gattagacca gaagagaaag tctcctcaca acataataac caagccacta aacatataga     27000
     acaaagaaag aatattaaaa gctacaagat aaaaaatagc aagaacatac aaaggcatat     27060
     atgttagaat tagaccttac ttctcaattt agactccaaa agccataagg gcctggacag     27120
     atatcctgca gactctatgg gaccatagat gccaacccag actataacac ccagaaaaac     27180
     tttcaatcgc catagatgga gaaaacaagg cattccataa taaaattcag ccctacagaa     27240
     gatactagaa ggaaaactac aacccaagga ggttaactat acctatgaaa atacacaaag     27300
     cttaacagga attaataatc attgatcatt gacgttcctc aatatcagtt gactgatctc     27360
     cccaataaaa aggcagacca acagtgtaga tgctaaaaca gaatccatct ttctgctgta     27420
     tacaagaaat acatctcagt atcaaagaga tattacctca gagtaaaggg ttgggaaaag     27480
     tttccaagca aacagaccta agacgaaagt tggtgtaacc attctaatat ctaccaaaac     27540
     agacttcaaa ctaaaattaa tcaaaagaga caggaaaaaa ctttatattc atcaaaggaa     27600
     aaataaacca agacgatgtt tcaaatctta aaatctatac cctaaacaca agggcaccaa     27660
     cgtatgtaag agaaacagta ctaagactta aatctctcat tgacactcac acattaatgg     27720
     tgaaagactt caatacccca ctctctaatg gacaggccat acagccaaaa attaaagtga     27780
     gaaatattgt agctaataga tgttataatc caaatggccc taacaaatac caaacataaa     27840
     agaatatgcc ttcttcttag gagaactttc cccaaaattg atcacatatt tagtcacaaa     27900
     gcaagtctca acagacccac gaagattgaa ataaacctct gcatcctatc agactgctac     27960
     agattaaagc tggattttac caacagaaac aactgaaggc ctagaaactc atggaaactc     28020
     aacaactcct tactgaatga aaactggatc aagacagaaa taaagaaata aataaattaa     28080
     agactttgta gaatctaatg aaaatgaata aacagtctac ccaaacacag gagacacaat     28140
     gaaagcagtg ctaagaggaa agtccatagc actaagtagc tacatgtaaa taaataaata     28200
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaaat gagagggctc tcatactaga     28260
     gacttagcag cacacctaaa gctctagaat aaaaagaggt aagcatacct gagaggagta     28320
     gatggcggga aataatcaaa ctgagggctg aaatcaataa aatagatgca aagagaacaa     28380
     tacaaagaat caatgaaaca aagagttggt tctttgggaa aatcaacaag atagacaaac     28440
     ccctatctaa gttaaattaa aaatggagaa ttcaagttaa taaaatcaga aacaaaagag     28500
     gaaaaaacag cagacaccaa ggaaatgcaa agaatcactt ttatgattaa aaacctgttt     28560
     tccacaaaat tagaaaatct ttaagaataa ctttcttgat agataccact taccaaagtt     28620
     aaatcaattc caaatataca atttaaatag acctataacc cccaaagaaa tagaagtcat     28680
     taaaagaccc aaacagctta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     28740
     ctccttgaag gccagagttt ttagtgcaga attctaccat atgttcaaag aagagctaat     28800
     gccaatactc ttcaaattac tccacaaaaa aggaacagaa ggaacattac aaaattcact     28860
     ttatgaggcc acaatcacct tgatacctga accacacaaa gattcaacaa aaaaagagaa     28920
     ttacagacca atttctctta tgaacataga tgccaaaata ctcaataaaa tatttgcaaa     28980
     ccaaatctaa gaacacatca aaaagatcat ccaccacgac caagtaggcg tcaacccaaa     29040
     gatgcagggt tgagtcaaca tacaagaatc agtcaatatt atagatcata aaaacaaact     29100
     gaaagaaaaa tatgatgatc tcattagata tcaaagacag cctttgacaa aatccaaaac     29160
     acccttcatg ataaaagtat tggagagatt agggatacaa agaacatacc agacataatg     29220
     gaggcaattt acagcaagcc tataggcaac atcaaactaa ctggagagaa acaccaagca     29280
     attccactaa aatcagtgac aagacaaggc tgcccagtct ccttatattt attcaatgcc     29340
     gtacttgaag ttctagttag agcagtaaga caactaagag atcaagaaga tacaaggtag     29400
     aaagaagtca aatattgtca tttgcagatg atataataat acacataagc gaccccaata     29460
     attctaccag agaacttctc gtacagctga tagacaccat caatgaagtg gctggataga     29520
     agattaacta acaaaaataa aataaaataa aataaaataa aataagtaaa taaataaaaa     29580
     ttaaaattaa acacaaaatg gtagcccaca tatatacaaa caataaatgg gctgaacaag     29640
     aaattaagga aacaacatct ttcacaataa ccacaaataa tataaaatat cttggggtga     29700
     ctctaaccaa gcaagtgaaa gatctgtatg acaagaactt caagtctctg aagaaagaaa     29760
     ttgaagacgt tttcagaaga tggaaagatc ttccatgttc atgggtcatt aggatttaac     29820
     atagtagaaa tggccatatt accaaaagca atcttcagat tcaacacaat ccccatcaaa     29880
     attccaacac aattctttat agaccttgga agaacaatat tcaacttcat atggaaaaac     29940
     aaaaaaccta ggatacctaa agcaatcctg tacagtaaag gaacttccag aggtagcacc     30000
     atccccaatt tcaagctgta ctccagagct acagtaacaa ccactgcatg gtattggcat     30060
     aaaaacagac aggatgatca atgcaatcaa atagaagact cagacacaaa tccatacacc     30120
     tacaaacacc tgagttttga caaagaaagc caacattatg taacgagagg gaaaagcatc     30180
     ttcaacaaat ggtgctagtc tgtgcataaa gggatgcaaa tagatctaag tctattgcct     30240
     tttgcaaaac ttaagtccat gtgtatcaaa gacctcaaca taaaactgga tactctgaat     30300
     ttgataaaag agaaagtgag gaatagcttt gaacacattg ctacaggaga caattttctg     30360
     aacagaacac caatggcttt cattgaaatg tggtggttca cacatataat cctagccaaa     30420
     aattaaaggt cagccttgtc tacagcatga agttttatct cagagaacac aaacaggagc     30480
     tgaggagacc actcagcggg tgaaacactt gctgttgagc ctaatgacct caggtcagtc     30540
     tctgagagcc atgtaacgaa cagagagacc ccaactcctg caggttgtcc tctgacctcc     30600
     acttgagtat ggcgcgcaca cacccccccc accaaataaa atacataaaa tgatacataa     30660
     agtagtaaat aaatataata taaagcaatt ttaaaagtaa aacatttaac aactgcaagc     30720
     tgaacttaaa aggaccatat aagtgagaga aaacagagaa ataagcagct gattttatag     30780
     ccatttaatt gcattaaact tcaaggtggg ttttgttgtt tggctttttt ttttcctcct     30840
     atgcagtaga gcccactcca ggctctgacc cctctgttgg catctgcaca tcttcgtgtg     30900
     gagaaagttc atgtctgaca caaggctcac agatctgggc tcctgctccc ctgagggaga     30960
     cctgaagaat cagagtgggc atgttgacag aaggagcagc caggatgcag aagagggcaa     31020
     gtggggttgc caggaggtaa agatcagaca gggaggggtg ccactctact ccccatccaa     31080
     tgccccattt cccaaagcgc ttggagccac ccaccactgg tcctggctct tggcctcttt     31140
     tccattaaca ggttgccctg cccaattgtg tcatccatgt ctggctgtgc aggctggacc     31200
     tgggcaccta gtgggggcag cctgcttccc tagctcttgc tgacccttgg cctaggacct     31260
     tcccataggt ggtgggaatt gatcctgggg tttcttctac tgatggcttt gtctcacctg     31320
     cccgaatgac agggagaggt atagggagac agaaaggaac agagaaccaa tattcagaga     31380
     cataaacatg agggagatga agatgagaga gacggagaga caagacagat ggggagacag     31440
     agggataaag acagggaaaa gcacagacac acacagaaaa agagagagac ataaggagaa     31500
     aaggggggca gtacagagac caagaaagtc agtgacagag agacagatac ataggaggca     31560
     agggcagaga aacacacaaa agcagacaga cacggggaca gagagatggg gagaaacaca     31620
     ctgacagaga gactcattga cagactctga aaggtccata agggtagaca gctagatcac     31680
     aggtagaaga attttacaaa cagagctgga tgaatgagaa aggagacggc ggagttgtaa     31740
     tgaatgagtg aatgtgactc ggggagaaaa aggaacatta gaaatccttg ctcgggaaga     31800
     gtgcctggga gctggtgagg tgccaggcat gaggagggcc cagcctgatc tgaggacccc     31860
     tccccatcct tggggccagg gagggaggga gtggcgctca acactgggtg gggggtagag     31920
     gggaggagag gcaggaagag tgagtgctgg ggcccagact gacaggaacc tcactacctg     31980
     ggaatgtgcc ccagggacca gtgggtggtt atatcaccag gtgccagagc agaggaggag     32040
     gtggtggctg gaaggctcag gccagcttga gaagtctgaa gctatattgg gagccagacc     32100
     ccaccaccca ccgctcaggg aacaggggca aagtggcagg ggaggcccgg gcagggtctc     32160
     agcaggtaag gaaagagagg gaacctgatt tggctctgtc ttatcttgga ttcaccccac     32220
     ccgcctgcct ctctttgctg tccacactta cagggactgt aagatgctga tagtccctcc     32280
     cctccactgc cggtccctga gtgctaatgg tgaggcagag atggtgatga aagtggaaca     32340
     cactcccaga accacctagg cctctccaga accacttagc ctcgaccttt atttcttacc     32400
     aggtgcagcg gtcatggcga ggaccggaca cccctggaaa tgggcaatgg ctaccctgat     32460
     cacaaccctg gttctggggg tctcaggtaa ccaggggtcc cctaagtgtg tggggaggac     32520
     tgcctttgtg gagtactggg tgtgtctcta ggaccaggtg aatgtgtgtc tgtgcctctg     32580
     tggttacaca attaaatgta ggccccatgg ctgtttatgt attgcggaga aggaaagagc     32640
     ttttatgttt ttcatttatt actattttta agacagagtc ttgctgtgta gcccaggctg     32700
     gtctagaact cactatttag accaaactgg ccttgaactt gtggctaatt ctcttatatt     32760
     tgcctcctga gaggtagaat tgtagttgtg tgccattgta tgttttcgct gttattggtt     32820
     tgtttgtttt tttaatctat cttatgtatg tatttgtaaa gatattttgc actatgcata     32880
     tgccagtgcc caaggaggcc agaataggct tcagttggac ctgcagttgc agctgattgt     32940
     gagctgtcat gtgaacactg ggaatcacac ccaggtccac tgcaagagca gtcagtgctc     33000
     ttaattgctg agtcatctct ccagacccct tatttttaat tcttgatacg aatctcattt     33060
     ttttttttag cccaggctac cctaaaacct gttctatagc ccaggttcta taaactatag     33120
     ttctatagta ctagggctct cctagtactc actgtgaagc cctggctggg tttgaattat     33180
     aggcaatcct cctgcttcag cttcccaagt ttgaagatta caagtgtgag cgattctgct     33240
     tgacttgtgt gtgtccttgt cccctgtcaa gagactgcac agcagatggt accgaccctc     33300
     tgagactttg tgtgtagttg ggtgtccatg catttcaggt cattttggca ctgcaattgt     33360
     gtgggtgtgc ggcgcattcc aggttggtgc agatgttact gcacatttgg ccccttgtgt     33420
     ctgctgcacc ccagggtcta tgtctggaat gcagtgcagc tcagctcttg accgtgaaag     33480
     cgcatgaccc tcgtgtttgc agatagccct ttccaagtgc atagctgtgt ctgtgactgt     33540
     agttgtgatc ctatgacagt tcgaggttta catttggggg ggggctgtgt gtttggggac     33600
     ctgcaaatgc cactggatgt gttctcatgc cactgtatct ggggttcctg accctgccta     33660
     gagaaactga gaagtgactg accatagcta ctgagatggt tttcttgcac tgtgccatgc     33720
     tggaaattga gatacagatg tcctttaagt gtgccatgtc cgcaggcctg tgtacagaag     33780
     tgtgtgtggt attcccatcc acacacgccg gcctgtcgct cgggtggtca ggtggatgag     33840
     ctcctgagag accacctgtc acgtgggagc aggtgcgttt ggacacaatg cgtgtgctct     33900
     tggaatgtgc ccgtgggtgc agacagcact gaagcgtccc ttctctgggc agttagcagg     33960
     accgtgaaca gtgactagcc cgtggggagt gaggggtggg gacagagtgc atacagatct     34020
     gtgtgagaat tcagaaagtg agctttactg tgcctttcca gagtcctgtc ccccacccca     34080
     agctccaccc aagggctctg acccctccca ctcttctcac caaatcccta ggccaggctt     34140
     cagcccagag cctaaccctt ttcactaggc tccacccact tgctataagt ggttccagag     34200
     tttagctcca cctccctttc caaagtcagg tttttttttc tttttattag gtatcttcct     34260
     catttacatt tccaatgcta tcccaaaagt cccccatacc ctccccccca atcccctacc     34320
     cacccactcc cactttttgg ccctggcggt cccctgtact ggggcatata aagtttgcaa     34380
     gtccaatggg cctctctttc cagtgatggc cgactaggcc atcttttgat acatatgcag     34440
     ctagagttaa gagctccggg gtattggtta gttcataatg ttgttctact tatagggttg     34500
     cagattcctt tagctccttg ggtactttct ccagctcctc cattgggggc cctgtgatcc     34560
     atccaatagc tgactatgag cacaaagtca gggttctttg tgagacttgt caccccaatt     34620
     gaccttgtct catgtctcca tagactaatt ccaagtcccc agcctctcag gtcttaaact     34680
     tgacatcttg gtgccccagt ctccagaata gatggggtga ccggcttatg atactggtct     34740
     tggcttctga ctccacatct gaaagttagg tctcaatgct caagcctggt ttacccttaa     34800
     gggtctgccc cagggtgccc tccttctctc caggttttac caggagatgt caggaatccc     34860
     tggggctcac aaagtcctgg aagcccactg gagccaggat tctctgtcct aaatcccaac     34920
     ttgctggttg agttgtggtt ttggctcgtt ctacaagctc cctccctgtg gtcctggctc     34980
     tgcctacaca gttctgaccc cacccctata gatctggcca cacctgactg ccctgatccc     35040
     atctttcact cctagcctca cccctacagc tctctttata atcctagatc tccgataatc     35100
     tcttccctcc cttccacagt cctggtcctg actcctatct aaaagcctgg aatatatcaa     35160
     gtcagacggt tggtcccagt ttctgactgt aagagcactc ctgagcctaa gcccctttct     35220
     gaaccccacc tctagaccaa tccttcaccc attctctatt ctcagagcct gttcttgctg     35280
     gggatgtttc ctcttgtgac aacccctctg gaaccgaacc ctctgggacc aacagagacc     35340
     tcagcacgga ttccaagtct ggggaggaca cccgttcaga tagcagctct cgaattgtga     35400
     atgggtcaga ctgccaaaag gatgcacagc catggcaggg cgccctgctt ctggggccca     35460
     acaagctgta ctgtggggct gtgctgatca gcccacagtg gctgctcaca gcagcacact     35520
     gcagaaagcc gtgagtgtgc ctggagaaga gagggtggaa gaaagctggg gacatggggg     35580
     caggagagaa cagaactgga gaaggtgttg ggaaggatgg ctggatggct ggatgatggg     35640
     tgggtgaatg gatgagtcaa tgggtagatg aatggatggg tgggtggatg gatggatgga     35700
     tggatgggtt ggtgcatggg tgggtggggg gataagtgga tggatgaata gagagataga     35760
     taggtaggta ggtaggtagg tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     35820
     tgagtgggag gattcatgga tagatgggaa tttagaagaa aggtggaaag atggatggac     35880
     agaatgatag atgaggacaa cagcatgggg aagagctgat ctcaacactg gtgagagttg     35940
     atctgggcat gggaggtaag ggtaggtgaa attacaaatt aaaaggaaca gagacaaaaa     36000
     agattgtgat agagataaga aaaatgaatt aggacagaca gaggcagagg cgataaagat     36060
     tatataaaga cacatgcatg gtttggtatg gagctggaat taggatctat aaagatgggg     36120
     ttgggaaggg gctgggtgta ggacttagat tggagattgg gatggttaga gtcaagaaag     36180
     ggattgaacc tggctggttt tggagatggg gatagatagt tgaatggagg ttgagagaca     36240
     cacacatggt tttgggtagg gaaaagagta gtgttgggat tgggcacaca ttgatggcct     36300
     agggtgaggt gaatttagga ttggctctag aatggagatt agtgggaatt gtgatgggtg     36360
     gagagagagg cggagttgac agagttggga ccaggaatgg atataagaca aaaggagtag     36420
     ctgggctagt ttgtggagtg agggatggct aagcactttt gggttgattt gttgttttat     36480
     cattattttg atgtttttga gaaaaggact catgtcctgg atgacctcaa actagctatg     36540
     cagccaagga ttatcttgaa ctctcagtct ttcggccttt atctcctaag atctgagatt     36600
     gtaagcctgt gcttccacgc actgctggaa tggttacatt gggtgctgag gatggcttga     36660
     ttatagacaa cacatagtta gacttgaggt tgaaaaacgc tcatgctgac tgttcctgag     36720
     ggtacacact taggttgcag ttggtgtgaa agatgggatg cagataggca gggagctggg     36780
     agcaggatgg aggtgcacac aggacagaaa ctgataaagt taggtgttga gttagggttg     36840
     atgatggtgt ggcgctgggt tttaaatggg ggagggagga gttggggttg agtccagggt     36900
     tgagttgtgg atgaggatgg gaaggagtga ggtcgggggg gggggggatt aagttgagtt     36960
     gaagatgagt ggaattgcgg ttgaggatgg cttagagtgg gaagccattg agactgcctt     37020
     tgataggggg acagagttct gggctgggct gggactgacc attcattgcc ttatccctca     37080
     gagtgttcag aatccgtctg ggccaccatt ccatgtcacc tgtctatgag tctgggcagc     37140
     agatgttcca gggaatcaaa tccatccccc accccggtta ctcccaccct ggccactcca     37200
     atgacctcat gctcatcaaa atgaacagaa aaatccgtga ctctcactca gtgaagcccg     37260
     tcgaaattgc ttgtgactgt gccaccgagg ggactaggtg catggtgtct ggctggggga     37320
     caacgagcag cagccacagt aagtatcctg gttcctccta gtccctgctc ttctggcaga     37380
     atctccccac gtagcacagg ttacccggaa ctagcccaga ctaaaactgt gtatgctcct     37440
     gtcacagcct gcctaggtct tgggcagcaa gtttgcaccg ccatgcttgg ctatgttctc     37500
     tcttgtcctc tgcccatcct gattctcttg cttaacagat aacttcccga aagtcctcca     37560
     gtgcctgaat attactgtgc tcagtgagga gaggtgtaaa aactcctacc caggacagat     37620
     agacaagacc atgttctgcg caggtgatga agagggcagg gactcctgcc aggtaagggc     37680
     tggatgcaac tccacttatc cagaaattta catttatttt atttatgcac atatatcata     37740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcaggtca gaggacaaca     37800
     catggaagtt agttctcttc ttccactatg tgggttccag ggattggact caggccacca     37860
     ggcttggcag caagcagctt taccactgac ccctcgcagt acctcaagag ccatcctgat     37920
     tagcgctact tttctaagca ctggaacttg tattttcaca gagctcctgt tccagggcac     37980
     tgttctatat gatgcttaca cagattgagc atcctcattt tgttttcagt tttcatatag     38040
     gcaatttttg aaaaacaaaa agaagtgggg cgtggatcgt catctcagat atgtgggagg     38100
     ctgagttagg aagaacgaaa ccaagggcca gcctgggaca gagtaagtcc aaggttggcc     38160
     tgggtgacgt tatctcaaag taagtaaaaa atgagtttgg gggtgtagtt aagtggtaga     38220
     gcccctccct agagtccccc agtgatgacc tgtgggcatg gctcagtggt agagtgcctg     38280
     cctagagtcc ccagtgaggg actgggggtg tgagtcagtg gtagagtact ttcaagacat     38340
     gctacaaggc ttgagttcta gccccggccc cacaaaagag taattaaata actaaggata     38400
     tgaaactaac attaatatta tattttgttt aattcaatat atgtggcctc tctatgttct     38460
     caggtgacat tttccagaat ttagttaatc tgtaacaatt ataaatatac agtttacacc     38520
     ctgcttccca tgatgccttt tatcctgaaa aatccatttc agtttgctag acatgcagca     38580
     gctaccatat cacagttcag gtcgggagga gaattcgagg ctgctccctg cggttaagta     38640
     gggtgcacaa ggtgctgctt ctcaggggcc ccctttacat aatggctatc atagctctat     38700
     ttatgtggca tcttcaaaca tgtaatgtgt cattgtaact gaatttgttg ggtgacagtt     38760
     ttctaacaaa tgctaataaa atgccatgag gaaagaaaag agaacacttg ctttaagtgc     38820
     atatagaata ggcctcatag ctagaagtgc tgaagaagca aacataaacc acaaaatcct     38880
     atggtcaggg ctggagagat gcctcagctc ttaagagacg ggtcattctt ccagagatcg     38940
     caagttatgc ttctagcacc cacatctgta actccagctc cagggcatct gacaccttct     39000
     tctggcctcc tctggcacct tcattcccat gcatataccc acacacaatt tcacacacac     39060
     acacacacac acacacacag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     39120
     agagagagag agagtttaac acagtggttc tcaaactgtg gattgcaacc cctttggggg     39180
     tcaagcaacc ctttcacaga ggtcacctaa gacaatccta aatatcaaat atttacacta     39240
     taattgataa cagtagcaaa attacagcta tgaaggagca acaaaaataa tttcagggtt     39300
     gaggggggtc agagcatcag gaagattgag aaccattggt ttaacataat gaaaacaaat     39360
     cttttaaaaa tgtacagtac aatttttaaa aacctatgct gaagaaactt ttcaagtagg     39420
     gctctttcag aaagttataa ggagtcacca gaaaatacac acaaggacaa gtcttctctg     39480
     tggtcacaag gagggcttcc ttatgacata cataggcaga gattgtaaac accctagagc     39540
     cagtctcaca caggctaagg aaacagaaaa gtcctatgca aaagtcttaa ggcagcaatg     39600
     gggatgtttg gttggctcaa agaatggaaa gaaaggaatc catatgtttt gggcacagaa     39660
     gttgtgttga agaaagcaat atatgagctg tggtggtgac tggtggatcc ctgaggcttg     39720
     ctggccagtc agcctggtgg ttcagtaagc tccaggccaa ggaaagactc tgtttcaaac     39780
     cccaagatgg acagtgcctg aagaatgata tctgaggttg tcttctgacc cccacatgtg     39840
     catgcacatt ggtgtgcaca catacataca cagcaacaat gttaaacacc tgcaagattg     39900
     gcactactaa tgaaatcgct gtggtggcta aggactggct ctgtgtcaca ttacttatag     39960
     gcatccactc attaacacag ccagcagcca tcgtgagcct taggtgacag gctcagagaa     40020
     gttaacagat ggactctcaa aattcgatgc aaagattaaa aaaaaaatca aaaaaaaaaa     40080
     ctcactgaga aagcacctga gcctggtagc ataggactat catcccagtt attcagaagg     40140
     gtgaggcagg aggatcacaa gtcccagttc agcctgggct acatagcaag accatgactc     40200
     aaaacacaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaacagg aaggagaaca gacaagatgg gaaggggaga     40260
     aaagagggaa ggcaggcggg aaggaagaat gagagaaaga aaggggagag ggaaggaggg     40320
     aagccgtgat agatgatgga tggatgaatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga     40380
     tggatagatg gatagatgga tggacagatg gacaaatgga tggatagata aaggggggag     40440
     agagaggaaa gagattagac atcttgtgag gagaaagcag aagatgagga agcagagaca     40500
     gagctggagg aggctgtggt gttagctaga gtctggctgg taggccttct acaaactgaa     40560
     tctgaagtaa aatactgact ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     40620
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctccacttcc atctgtttta cctacattct atcctgttgg     40680
     ctctctcacc cttgtctgca cctgcttccc gtgtcccttc tgcattaatg catggtactg     40740
     aatgtcttgc tcctcctcct tcgattgacc tcaccacacc cctgcctcct tctgtgcctc     40800
     cattcttccc tcacagggtg attccggagg tcctgtggtc tgcaatggca agttacaggg     40860
     ccttgtgtcc tggggtgatt tcccctgtgc tcagcggaac agaccaggtg tctacaccaa     40920
     cctgtgtgag ttcgttaagt ggattaaaga caccatgaac tccaactaat gagccacacc     40980
     aggaaccacg gaaccagtgc cacccaacgg caatgaggag cactgtccct ctctgagaat     41040
     gctgaagata acttcagtct ctccagaact tgctctatgt ttcttggcac caagatcacc     41100
     atccctcaca gtggactgac ccccgtttct atagccagac cctagggaca cttcctgaaa     41160
     tgtctaaatt gtgttgaaac ccatcactac ctatggaccc atccataaac ccagagttga     41220
     gccttttctt cagccgtcac ccagatttag acctcaaata aaaaacggga agaaccgtgt     41280
     tgatatttct cctcctgtac caggcagctg tgggcaagca gatatcttag ttatttttct     41340
     atcatataac aagacaatga caccatgacc aaggtaactt atagaaggaa gagtttatat     41400
     ggggcttaca gttcaaaggg ttaaggacca gagccatcat ggggaggagc atggcggcag     41460
     tcaggtaggc atggtgctgg agcagtagct cagagctcac atactgagat agaaccacaa     41520
     gacagagaaa gctaactagg aatgacacgg gcatttaaaa cctcaaagcc cactcctaga     41580
     gacacacctt tcccagcaaa gtcatacttc ctaatgcttt ccaaacattt ctaccaactg     41640
     agaaccaagc actcaaatac acgaaccgat ggagaccatc ctcagtcaca cacctcagtg     41700
     gcttctcctc aggatgatgc atttgcccca ggtggtctct aggtgacttc acacttgctt     41760
     cacaaatagc aactatctta gttactgttc taatggtctg gctaagtgcc tgactaaagc     41820
     aacttaaagg agaaagggtt tattctggct cacagttcca gtgtgcagtc caccgtggtg     41880
     ggaaagcatg ccagcaggag tttgaggtgg gcaatcacat tgcatcccat caggaagcag     41940
     agatgaacga tggtacttcg ctggcttcct cctctttagt cagaccaagg ccccaactta     42000
     cgggatggat gtccccagct tacgggctgg tgctgcccat gttcagggta tgtcctccta     42060
     cctcagagga cttctttaca ggtgtcccca gaggcttatc tccccggtga ccctagatct     42120
     catctagtta atactattag ctaaccatga ccatagtcaa agcatgttgt gtggcaggaa     42180
     gcatagcagc accccaatta caactccacc gtagtttcta gaatacgtgg ttcagacacc     42240
     aatgcataag gttcaatttg ggattgtctt taactgcaca atgctgcaaa aaacaatgta     42300
     cattcagtca aaaacacact tcaaatgctg aattttgaac tcttcccaag ccagtgatgt     42360
     atcttatgct attatcatag tgttgatatt aactgtctcg tgaaggttca agtgccaacg     42420
     ggttggtcca ggttggtagt aatctaggga gctgcaagac ctttgagagg cagatcctag     42480
     tggaagaaag ttaggtcatt agggatgagt tcctgaagat gtcgggactc tatccttttc     42540
     tctctttact tcctggccac catgatttga gcagcttctt ctacttcatg ttcctgccat     42600
     gatgacctaa ctcaccacag acctaaagaa cacacacaca caagcacaca tgcacacaga     42660
     cacacacaca cacacagaca cacacacaca tatatgcaca tatgcacaca cacatgcaca     42720
     catacttgca cacacatgta catgcacaca catttgcaca catgtacatg cacaatacat     42780
     gtacatgtac acatgcacac atacacacat gcacacacat gtacgtgcac acatgcacac     42840
     acatgcatgc acacttgcac acacatgtac atgctcacgc atgcatgcac gcataggggc     42900
     tccctttcag accccagctt aagcacaaac cacacccaaa catatgtttt cacagaaaga     42960
     tcctttatta agtgggaagg aaaaattaaa gtggctggtt tctgactcag gaagagaaac     43020
     agcagcaaag gtaggaggtc aaacatttca gaagaaaaga aaggggatgt ctgtgttgga     43080
     atgggctata aggggcagtg gtacactttg attgcacatg ttcattaggc gagccaaagg     43140
     tagcttttga ttgctagact tcaatacttc gtagtcagcc tccagaggag gaagtgacca     43200
     ataagggaat agacttcggg ggctaaattt aggaatgtaa tctaacagtt tagcaaggca     43260
     gagggaccag aagagaagga caaggcctgc cagagccacc ctagctcacc atggggtcaa     43320
     cttgtccaga cccaaaggcg agatgacttg gacccctaca attccaaatc taaataaata     43380
     ttttcacatg atttgcatgt caaatcaccc gagttgttta tctcgggtga tttgacatgc     43440
     aaatcatgtg aaatctgtaa cacagatgtt ctccctcagg gctgggtcta ggcaacaaag     43500
     ccagactctt ggccttgagg ctatacgaga agcaacttac tgtgtgtgct gtgctgatgt     43560
     ctgggcttca tggtgtgctg tgaatgaatc tggagtccaa acaggtgttt gtttgtttgt     43620
     ttttttctgt ttttaaatat atattatttc atgtgtatgg gtattttgcc tgcatgtatg     43680
     tctattcacc acctgtgtgc agtgcctgcc gatggaggcc agaaaaggca tcaggcccct     43740
     gaggactgga attagagtta gagacacgtt ctgggtgctg ggaacaaaat ccaggtcttt     43800
     tggaagagca gccagttagt taccttaacc tctgaaccat cactccagcc ccacctttat     43860
     ggttcttttt tttttttttt taaacttttt tgggggagag tgagagggat ctttcttgca     43920
     gagattaaag accagtattg agaattagtt ttcgctttct gcctggtgga ttctggggtc     43980
     gaatccaagt catcaggctt ggcgaagaaa gccttcacca tggattcatc tcaccagccc     44040
     ccagatgtct ttaagtgtct ttttttgttt atgtgtatct gtcaacggat agtgcacaag     44100
     agtacctggc ccacagaagc caaaagagag catcggatcc cctggagctg cacctacagg     44160
     ctgttgtgag cctcccagtt tgtgtgctgg gagctaaact taggtctttg gcaaaagcag     44220
     tacgtgctcc taacaactga gccaccttgc tgtcttccag ggtttttttc tgcagaaggc     44280
     tgcatagcca tcctaaacca tgcatgcaca gtgtgagtct cactgggtgt ttgtttgttt     44340
     gtgatggtgg tggtagtggt aggggtggtg gtggtgttat ttctgagaca gggtttctct     44400
     attaggtagc cctggctatc ctggaacttg ctatgtaaac cacgctggcc tcaaattcag     44460
     agacaaactt gtctccacct cctgaatgcc ggattaaagg catgtcccac catgccctgc     44520
     tcaactaggt tcctattcct agagtaaagg gggttctgtg ccatgttcta aatgaccagg     44580
     gttctacatt atgagaaggc tggctggctc agaatggcac agccaacaac aaagcacagt     44640
     gttggagaag agggtgccac ctggagcatg tgttttgatt tcaagaagcg ctgaccctgg     44700
     gggggatttg actttctgcc aagcagcttt tttattctat tttttaaatg gtgttttgcc     44760
     ttatttaatc ctctcatgga aaagagggta cattgtattc acatttcacc acagagagaa     44820
     catgtagaca gggcaatcct tggggttcac tggccagcta gcctaaccta ctcagtacct     44880
     tccaggccag tgagaccctg attcataaaa caagtggaca gttcccgagg actgacacct     44940
     ggcatcaacc tccaccctcc acacaccgac gtaccctccc acacacgaat gtgcattcac     45000
     gtaaagacac tgggtgcgtg acatttactg tagctaaggt ggaaacagca agggaagctt     45060
     gtggtggatt ctcagagtct cacagacaca ggtcccatct acataaaacc tgcttattgc     45120
     agtggcagag tttggatgca ctcggactca ggatcagagt caagggtgaa cagagaaccc     45180
     aagacacata aacactgttt ggtttcaggc tcggggacaa agagctgagg tgcatatctc     45240
     acataccaaa gcagacctgc cctccaggtt ctcccagcat tcctcagtcc tcactggcat     45300
     accctgcccc taaccatgaa ctgtccattg tgggggctgg gctgcccttc ccccagaggc     45360
     tccttcctat ataatcaaga catttttgcc ttctggctct ctcctgctct ctccttcact     45420
     ctgcctctgc gcttttcctt tccttctctt ctccctctct tttgtctctc ttcccatggc     45480
     gacttccctg gcttccttcc ttggggccag taaactcgca acttcagact aaacctgcct     45540
     atatatatat attttaatct ggcttgaatt ggctcatttc aatgggggag aaataattta     45600
     tcagatataa caaggaagag aggccaatgc cctgtgaccc ctctgactct atactagata     45660
     aattggataa agctgagatg atctcaccca aacccttctg cagccctggc caagactagc     45720
     tatcacttat gttagttggc aagtgagctg gaagcatcac agaagccata ggacctagct     45780
     ctaagcaagg agctaggatg gaagctagct aagatcaaag ccaaggggag ggggaatgtt     45840
     tgtttacctg gtagaaggga gcaagcagag ctgggagctt gggaggtagc gcccctctct     45900
     agaaccccca gcaaggggct gagggagtgc tttccaggtc acctgtggac tcaagcagta     45960
     tctgcttggt caacaatgaa gtaggaggga ggttgataag ctcatttcag ctgcacccat     46020
     cttatctgaa gtgtggagtc aggcaaggtt acagaatacc tcctcctcgt tccaagtgac     46080
     agagagcttg cctggcatgt gcaaggccct gagtttaatc cttagtactg tatttaaaca     46140
     ttcttcttac acttgttgta ttttatgcct gtgggggttg gagggcatga agaggcaagt     46200
     gcacgccatg gcctgttctg agaacgattt gcaggattta tttatctttc tacgtctacc     46260
     ctgtgggtcc tgaagactga acttaggctg tcaggcttgg gggcagtcac ctttactgac     46320
     tgagccatct tgccagccct tctcccacca tcagcactgg tttttttgtt gttttgtttt     46380
     gtttgttttt taagcaaaat gaaggaaaag gaagctgaga gtagtggttg acacttgtaa     46440
     ttcccatact agggaggctg aggtagggag aatctggaga ctaaggccag cctgggctac     46500
     ttagcgagaa ctatctcagt aacaaacaca aaaccactgt gggtgtagct gggttggtgt     46560
     actcagcact cacgagatgt aaacagggtg tggcagcgaa tgatgctgta atccaggcat     46620
     ttggagccag gagtgggagg ctctggattt caaggtcatt gttggctgca cagagttgaa     46680
     agcaaggctt gggatacatg aggcctcgtc gctaaaataa aataaaatgt tttaaaaaaa     46740
     aaaggaagac tctgtgataa cgtctgaata tccctcccca atttctcact cagaaggcga     46800
     gtaccccgag gagggctaac caccttaaat cacaggaaca aacggtgacc ggatagcaag     46860
     ccggttgtag cccaccctct caggaatttc cttcctgctc ctgccttgca tgccctgctc     46920
     aacttggagc agggaaaata aaaggcaaga gtcaagatac tgtctttggt tgtttgagct     46980
     gatccagagg gttgggtgtg ggaaaagagg cttccagaag gaggaagctg agctaacact     47040
     cattttcttg gcagctcaaa ctttcttttc tcatacgagg ttgtgtcttt ttccatgcag     47100
     acgctggttc cagagctggg aggaggcagg cgtctgtgag cagtccctta atatcaaggg     47160
     tggagactct caccttcctg cacggtgttg taagatggag gagcataggg ctgtggtggc     47220
     gcaatagcaa gcttcttacc taggacacat cacggcattg tgacaaacag gagggatgtt     47280
     cacagcaagg gagagcttat caccaagtgg gcccaagagc aacatgggag aggagactca     47340
     gacaggtgga tgtgtaagtc taggagttaa catgagttac aacagcagcc cggatggaca     47400
     ggagaacacg gaatgcttaa taaaaggtgt tgggagaacc agttccctcc aaaccggaaa     47460
     ccaaacccag agctggagag atggctccac agataaggtg tttgctgcac agacctaacg     47520
     ccctgagttt gatcttttga acccatgcaa aggtggaagg agagaattga ctccacagag     47580
     ttgccctcca acctccgttc ccatcagata cacagtaact gataggatta ggcagcgggt     47640
     cccaacagaa acccacacca tgaggcgggt ctcacgtggg aggttattgg gtgagaattc     47700
     cgaaggagct tctgggagag ggaagaacga ataaagtagg agtaggaaga acgtgacttt     47760
     gagattatgg cgcatgcaca agaagacccc tgggcagcta gagaggatgc gtctggtcgc     47820
     ggggtccctc gaaagctggc tgtaaagatg cctgattgtt gtggagtcac ttttagctgt     47880
     ccatggatat gcccgcttgc caaaaataat catgaataat tgtttaataa aaggaaagaa     47940
     accaggtttc tatctggtac caactgaatg caggccagct tgggctacac agagagatgc     48000
     tatgttaaaa ataaaaaaaa ttaagactga aacaaggggt gacggaccag cgggtaaagt     48060
     gaacgtcagg aaagcaagag gtccagaatt tgagctccag ggcctcatga aagcaggcgt     48120
     ggggccggtg acatggctca gcgggtaaag gcacctgcat ataggtgtga agatgtacac     48180
     gtgcctgaag acagagtcta attactgaaa cccacatggc aggaaggata accaacgccc     48240
     ataagatgtc atctgatttc cacacggaca ctgtgacgcg tgttcccaaa cacatgcaca     48300
     caggaacaca cacggtaaat aaatgtgata gaaagggttt taaaacggca agcttgatgg     48360
     aacctgcttg aggcactggg agcactagga ggcctgagac aggcagatcc ctggggcttg     48420
     ctggccaacc cagcagacct cagacaaggg actgactgag gtgcatattt agtatatcaa     48480
     agcagacctg gcctcctact tgaccgtacc ctgcccccca accctaaaat cttcagccca     48540
     gggtctggac tgcctcccca ctatccctcc ccataaggct cctccctata tcatagggac     48600
     attttgcgct tgatccctcc ctcccttcgt cccctccccc tttctttctc ttgctctctt     48660
     tctcttcctc ctccccactt tctctccccc atggggactc ctctggcctc agtcttgggg     48720
     tcagtgaatc cacacttaat gtaatctaat ctggcttgaa ttgcctcatt tcaccaatga     48780
     gaaattacct atcaccgggg aaattctagg tctcaataaa acaaaatgag gagctggaga     48840
     gttgacttgg agccttagaa cacttgttgc ttttgcaaag gacccaggtt ctagttccag     48900
     cacccatgtg gtggctccca actatctaaa ctccaaattc caggggatct gatgccctct     48960
     tctgacctct aagggtacca ggtttacata tagtgtacat atccatatgc aggcaaaata     49020
     tttgtataca caaagtaaat aagtcttgga ggagaagtgc ataaggtaca ttgaataagg     49080
     attcccaaag ttgacctatg gcctccatag gcacactcct gcatccacac actagctaca     49140
     tgtgagacat gcacacaccc cacaaaaaca aaacaggcca ctacaaggcc atgtgtggtg     49200
     gcaaacatgt atgtcctctg cactccagag ttggagacga gaggatcagg aattcaaggc     49260
     catcttcagc tacatagtaa acgtatgtga ggctctgtct caaaatcaaa atttaaaacc     49320
     acttagatac aagataaacg tagagattta ggaaacaaaa attaagacac atatatgtga     49380
     ctctggggaa tgatttgtta agcttgcaaa ctcacaaatt gttgagacaa aattctgagt     49440
     agtttggtaa tatccatttt aagtgttctg gtttaaagga gaatggaata gaccacgagg     49500
     ggcactgctc aaagtggggg aagctattta gggtagccaa aatagacaga gctgaatcta     49560
     aactatgtaa gaaacagctg tgaatttgta tagtgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtgttctcat     49620
     gcacaagagt gaggttgccc tcagaagcta gaaaatggtc tttgatgccc tagaactaga     49680
     gttacaagtg attagtgcta gaaaccaaat tccagtcctc tggaagagca gaaagttctc     49740
     ttaacagttg acccatctct tcagttccct aatttgttaa gaaaagagag atatcttcgt     49800
     taaaagatgg atccaagact ttaaaaatag cataattcca aaaactaatg ttcttaagga     49860
     ggtatttcat gtcatcagtt ctcatgggcc agtgagatgg ctcagtgtgt gaaggtgctt     49920
     gccaccaagc ctagtgacct gcacttgatc cctggaccca catggtggaa ggagagaacg     49980
     gtagtccttc agcagcacac aacaacaaca aaaaactaat gcaccagaaa agccatcaaa     50040
     gccttctttc cagccccagc ctacagctgc agcagtttaa tgtcccacag gatctgccca     50100
     aaatggctgc tcctgtcaaa atggtggcac caagacatct cttcatcttg tagctgtcac     50160
     aggagctgcc tacagctgtg gcacctttcc tgcctcagcc tacagcctcg gtgagatacc     50220
     actgcagctg tccacactgg cagcgcctac tctccagcct cccccacccc aaccccaacc     50280
     ccagcagccc cacagagatg gcaggcacct cagcaaaaac cagctgcggt caggaagaac     50340
     ttcctactct aacccatgga ccctgatgca cggaaagggt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt     50400
     tgtttgtttg ttcgttttaa gccaccaatc cctgagcaga aaagctcacc aatccccggg     50460
     cttcccacaa aaacccacca attcccgagc ttcccacaga aaaccaccaa tccctaagca     50520
     ggaaacctac cagcccctga gcatccctct ctccaagctc aggacttgaa ataccatcaa     50580
     tcctcactcc ggaaatttct gcactgagaa gctccacccc tcagaaatcc tatgtaagcc     50640
     ccgccccttt gcccagttcc ctgctgccca ggagcagagg gctgccatct ctggatttct     50700
     ccctctctca acaccctgga ccctccaata aatctctttc atgagatttt ctgcctggtg     50760
     tgactctctc attggaagaa gccaagaaga aaagaagcaa tgaagcgaag aagtggagcg     50820
     gggccgaggc tcccgagctc ctcagctcgg ctggggatac actcccttgg gagccacaaa     50880
     cgcctctgct gaggaagctt cctttcagag acacgtggtt cctgaacttc tgaatcccag     50940
     gatgccccct cccttgggac actgccccac cgcagcgctg taaggttcct ggactcccat     51000
     gtctcaggat accctcccat ccaagcagaa acacaagaac caactcatca aagctgtctt     51060
     tgacttccac ccgtgtgcca tgactctctt gtgcaccacc cccattccca aataaactac     51120
     attaataatt tgggaataaa aactgaatga agacgtcctt gacactaaat gaagctagga     51180
     aagtggaaaa gcaggggttg gtcccgtgag ggctgcacag tattaacaaa tccaagttgt     51240
     actcaggtcc ccgtggagcc tcttattctg aaaatctctc aggcgttgtg agctctagca     51300
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ccctgtgacc cagcggtttt     51360
     tctcctggct gcgcacccac acccaggagg ggacatgtat gagcctgtgt ctctccttgc     51420
     ttcaagtctc aggatcaaag gttagagcca tcacatgccc attgttcagc tcactctctg     51480
     cctgtctccc taatccagtc tctctacccc tggtagtccc tgtgcccctc ccctcaatta     51540
     atatgaaggc tttctgtatc tttgagggtc tcacaacgtt cgcttttccc caccaacttc     51600
     cagctgcagg ctaaatttgc ctgcctcggt gccgcttggc taggtcacgt gataaggagc     51660
     ccccccccct cctctctctc tctcacaaac acacccactc cctgaagacc tgtgagagag     51720
     agttcctttg gtccacggac ctatggctct ttatctccct tcagtgcccc atcaccctag     51780
     ctcctcacgt tcacacacta aagggccacg gctgcctgtg gtcatgttgt cctaagccca     51840
     aggttctctg attagtggtc tacagtgtgg tttcatcagt tttgcttttc tttctctctt     51900
     tttttttttt tgtaaaagct atgttctatt tagtctgtgt gcatgtgctg tggcacatgc     51960
     tacagtacaa gtgtgtgccg tagtgtatgt gtggagctca gaggagtctc tccttccagc     52020
     ccgtggcccc agggatcaca tgcccgtcat caggtttgtg cctttactag atgaagcatc     52080
     tgactgaccc tagcctgttt cgttaccaat aaattataag accgtcgcgg ggggtgttgc     52140
     tgtgcgcatt ggggtgggcg tcacaaggag aggcaggggc aggtgtgcag accccctggt     52200
     actctgaaga gtcctaaagg acagagagtt tgcggaagga tgtgccgcat tgcacaatgt     52260
     tggtggcagt gacgtacatt aaaatgacac acttgggaca gtcacatgaa cattttgtaa     52320
     gcccggggta gggtgacgga agggagaaga tggagggagg gaaaataaaa gaaattatct     52380
     agtaactagt gaagatgtag catggtggtt acccatccac acctccccag ggccaaaggc     52440
     caagaaaggg aacaggaagc cctgaaggat gtggtcctgc tgtgagggcc tttctctgtc     52500
     tgtctgtcag tctatctgtc tatctttcta tctttctttc ttcctttctt tctctgcatt     52560
     gttttctgtc agcacacaga ataatgagtt tcattataac attttcagac ccatatagca     52620
     acacatttac cttgtggttt ttccttattc cttacttctt tggctgtcac cttcctcctc     52680
     ccaaaaagca caatagtctc ccgtggccag ggttccttcc ttcccttcct tccttccttc     52740
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttg ttggcttttt gagacataat     52800
     ctcaattgca aacacggcgc agtggtacaa cctttgcgtg caatcgccca gtgaggggct     52860
     gagaatgtgg ttcagctata atgaccctgc ctagaatcct ccagtgagca cctgagtggt     52920
     gttgctcagt gatagagccc ctggctagca tattccagac cccagacgct atccttgata     52980
     ccacaaacaa acacgggtaa caaaaatcca tgaaaacaga ataagattct tgagccacac     53040
     ttgagggtca taggaaccat cgaatgcggg actgtgttct ctggtttctc ctcctttctc     53100
     ctcctctccc aggccagagt cctgatagag tgaagttaca tctgcttgct aagaacatta     53160
     gcatttttcc tgtcctgaac tcacagcatg gaactgtaaa ttttggttac tgtcacaatc     53220
     cccattgtga actgattaca taagggacgg tatgatagcc ggtgtgaaca ctcagatgac     53280
     tcagtttaca tccagtccag tgaagccttg ttaccaggaa ctctgaatgt cccaatgtgg     53340
     ccgttgattt tccttccagg atcctcgtgg ctcaccttgc gatcatccag gttgatcagc     53400
     aagtgcccag taaagataaa gcaaacagta tggcgcaaat gaggatgcag gtgtcgcaac     53460
     ctctccctga gcacctccca tacaccaggc tatgctgtcc agagggactt taaactctcg     53520
     gcgatcctcc tgcttcagtc tcccagatgc taggatgaca tctatcaggt accaccctgt     53580
     ccaacttcag acacattttt atcatgacag tttaattggg ggttgaggag atggctcagt     53640
     gattaagagc acctgctgct cttgcagagg aactgggttc aattctcagc atccatgacc     53700
     agcagctcat aactatctat gactccagct tcaggggatc tatagtcttt ttctggtccc     53760
     tgtgggcact gcattcatgt gagcgcgcgc gcgcgcgcac acacacacac acacacacac     53820
     acacacatac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aaccataatg aggcttgact     53880
     ggttggcctg gctgcctttg gtatcacacc ctacaaacca tactccttaa gaatctgcta     53940
     gcctgtttca ctgtcagtat cagtcttctg caaccacgct ggagcacctg agttcccggc     54000
     ccacccagat ggattacaac gggcagaagc tagctgaaca gatgtctcag ggaattattc     54060
     ttttttctgc aatagctggg tttatctatg ggtacgtgac tgaacagttt gggtggaatg     54120
     tctacatagt tatgtcggat ttgctttctc gtatctgatg acatttcctc cgtggcctat     54180
     ctacagccac tatcccctaa agcgggttac ctgttcaaga cttaggcaca gaagacaaga     54240
     aatcagggga tagaaaaatg aagaggcttg ctaaaaataa ctgattggga ctttcacgat     54300
     tcagcacctg tgagatgagc tgaattgctt tcataaccaa aacatgaact taaaccacct     54360
     atgttcagca cagctgtgtc gagatccagt tgctctgcct tcatttctaa tccaaatata     54420
     ttttaagtta taacgatttt gtactatctc tttataagct tattatggag aacaggaaat     54480
     tataaatatg caatacttct ttcaggtgta tatagtgagt aaacacctta taactcataa     54540
     aaaataccat cataagcctt ttaaaaataa aatcttattt tgtagtagtt caatacactg     54600
     taaaatggag gctatggatg ccctgcatgt agcttttgct accccacttt aactccggga     54660
     atagacctcg ctaccagccc ctgaccagag aatattggat ccatggatga aaaacacaga     54720
     catacacagt tgttcaattt caacttgcct tattggctca actgctgggt gcctccaacc     54780
     tacttcagct ggcatgccct tcccagaact cccagctgac cacctaaatc tgcaatcagc     54840
     ttcagttgcc agcgcagcac ccccaacctc ccacctgtag aagcagcctg tggctgctcc     54900
     acccaagatc ttacatggct ggttggcttt tttttttttt tctctcctaa gcattgcgat     54960
     ctctcccttc ctctctcttc tgtgtctgcc ccttgcctgt ggggacctgg aagtcctgcc     55020
     tataccaact gaggagcagg acctcagctt cagaaccacc cctacatctc ataaagactg     55080
     gaatgtcagg accgaaaaac aatgctatta actcaatggt ggcctcgtag gaagtgaact     55140
     gtgtgcactt gtgtgtgcag aggccagaag agggcatcag attccctaaa actggagttg     55200
     cagatgcttg tgagtcacct ttgctggaag tagaacctga gccttaagtg ctgagccata     55260
     tctcagcccc tctgccattt cttgtgactc tggtacactg ttaattttac cttttattat     55320
     tggggtgctc acacaccagg gtgcaagtta taggtcagag gacaacttgc agcctagcaa     55380
     cctgaatttg gtttctgaga tccacgtggt ggaaggaaag aaccaattac tgcaagttgt     55440
     tctctgagct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc     55500
     tcctcctcct cctcttcctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     55560
     agtgtctggt actactttta atataacttt ttaattagtt ctctgatcac aaacactcct     55620
     taactcctcc aggtctcccc catctcccta caacaaaata aaatgtttaa aggactaaag     55680
     ggaccagaga aatgtctcag aggttaagag cacaagctga ccttctagcg tagctgggta     55740
     caattccagg aacccacatg gaggcccaca actctctgtg acaccagttc taggggatct     55800
     gacattctat tctggctttt gtagacacca ggaattcagt agtagacaga catacatgct     55860
     ggcaaaccac tcatgcacac aaaataaagt aaaagttatt ttaaatttaa agtaatgaaa     55920
     aagcttttta agacaggctc actatgtagt catggccagt ctggagctcc caatagacca     55980
     ggctggcctc aaactcagga atctccaggc tccttacacc atcagggcta agctaccatt     56040
     ctatcagctg agctactttg ctagctcctt agttacaact tttgaaattg gctttatagt     56100
     tttaagtgtt atgtatgtat gtatgtgcac aacatgcatg cctggtgcca gtggagatcg     56160
     gaagatggca ttgggtcctc tgcaaatgga gttacaggca gtgacaagtt atcatgtggg     56220
     tactggggaa agaacccagg ccctcctcaa gagcaaaagg tgctcttaac cactgagcca     56280
     tctctccagg cctaatcaca atcttttttt tttaattttt attttaagat ttatttatgc     56340
     ttatatgaac agaattctgc atgcacgtat gcctgcaggc cagaagaggg catcggatta     56400
     ctttttagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttactgggaa ttgaactcaa gaccactgga     56460
     agagcatgca gtgctcttaa cctctgagcc atctttccag gccctcaaaa ttgttttttt     56520
     ttttttaaag gaactcgtcg aagctgtacg tgtggcaaca cctgcctgta aatcttgcca     56580
     cttgggaagt ggcggcagga ggaccaggag ttcaaagtca tcctagacta tttagtaagt     56640
     tagaggtcag cctgggtcac acgagacccg gtccccacag cagcaacaga aaggacctgc     56700
     caatacctga gttgtttgtg tttgcagaac attctccagc tcattgcaca ctgttttata     56760
     accatgacta agtgtgaaca atgcgcccac tccctgatta gccagagaag gtgagcgagc     56820
     cagccctgca gcctgcctag ctcggcgatg aagctacctt gttttaagaa acctataaaa     56880
     cccagaacaa gcttctaact gtgaagccgg tgacctcact cacctcctgc cccagaggca     56940
     tgcttatttc ttgacaaaat cccttgtagt cccagcccaa acacgaagct ttcttaaaca     57000
     ttttctgtca ctatgctaag gccaccttgg tgttactggg actcctagga ttcccttctg     57060
     aattcttagt ttcattaatg aaagaatgtt taaaaggttt atttatttat ttatttattt     57120
     aatctatatg aatacactgt agctgtcttc agacacacca aaagagggca tcagatccca     57180
     ttatagatgg ttgcgagcca ccatgcagtt gctggagatt gaactaggca cctctggaag     57240
     agagcagtca gtgttcttaa ctgctgagcc atctcaccag cccaatggaa gaatttttaa     57300
     aactcatgag gcactcaatg atggttttat tagaatctga gaaaaaaaaa aaacaaggtc     57360
     tccaacacag agtccatggg gacactgagg cacactgttg agaataagtt tattagaaga     57420
     gttatgaatg ccatggatag acagggagca gagtggggcc tcctagttca ggctccagca     57480
     acacagacag cagcattgtg gggatgctga ggatgatagg gcccaggaac ctgacatggg     57540
     gaccccttct tagaggtctc agaggagagg ggagagtcat tgtcagagtc tgcagccagg     57600
     ctgtctgtgc ttcactatca ggtgtcagag gagggaagag agggaaatgt gtcaccaagc     57660
     cactttgtag ccacatgtag ccttttgatg ccctagagtc tgaaaactca tacaatgaga     57720
     aatccagctc ttacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     57780
     acacacctgt catagagatt caaagacatt gctctcagta tggtctctgc cagggtgtga     57840
     ggctgggaga tgggggtggg caccacagct cttagggcac aaataggaag gaatctgttt     57900
     tggattctca cacaggcaag ctgtaaatct ctgcaacaga tttcagaaga ggggagatgg     57960
     agaagaaggc agatgttcat cccttttaga gttaggcagg gaggtcagag ccagagtgcc     58020
     aggaaaatca tgaccaggct tttggcctct gctaagggag agacaggaag ggaaactgct     58080
     tgatggccag ccacagatct tgttaatccc actggttgag aataagacca ccactactat     58140
     tttttgagcc aaatttgaag caggctttat caaatactgg ctggggctat gaacactgcc     58200
     cagaaccaaa ttacattagt cagaggctta tgaaggcaaa tcctacaagg ctaggtactt     58260
     ccagcctgca tccaactggg ggcaagcact tatcctgaca cattccctgc ctatgcattg     58320
     acacctacat gttaccaagc acatcgtgca cttggtgcaa tcatgcctgg ttacagaagc     58380
     aaaccacggg cttttacctt acagaacaac agccccagca ctgggggaga ttatctgacc     58440
     tcggacaaat tgggcttaca ggctgaagac agggtttttt tttttttttt tttttttggt     58500
     ttgatttgtt gttgttgctg ctgctgcttg gtcgttgttt tatagttctc ttaagcacaa     58560
     taatttaaac ttaaaacaca atgttaactc tcgaaatctg agctcagaga gcagtgattc     58620
     caggctccag tgtcctggaa caaaagattg cactggggac acatgcttag atggaaaaac     58680
     agagccattt atcttttaaa agatgtattt tatttgtgca cccgtgtgtg tgcctgtgtg     58740
     tgtgtggggt gtgtgtgtga gtgcacacgt gtgcatgtgc agtgcccaag gagcccagaa     58800
     gactacttca ttagtattgt tttccccaca aactggacct aatctctcca tctgatttcc     58860
     agtgtacttg ggagggagag tgaataaata catggggcaa accatgcctg cttctttttc     58920
     aattataact atataataag aaaaaaaaaa agccaaacac taaaaatgac ccaaaacact     58980
     gtgacagggc agacagtgta ggggagtgcc agtacaggga tgcctgagtg ggtgggtggg     59040
     tgagcaggag gggaggacag atgggaaacc aggaaagggg ataacatttg aaatgtaaat     59100
     aaagaaaata cctaattaaa aaaaagaaaa aaaagaaaga aaatgacatg aaagaagaaa     59160
     aagaaaagaa aaagataaac tcacaaaaca gatttcaatg taacttttaa ataaacttgc     59220
     atcacaatga ctgctctcag tcaacaatct cctgtgtctc atggtaaatg attagaaagg     59280
     aaaacaagaa ggtataaagt ttacatgggg tctgaggatg tgagagctta tattgtgaag     59340
     gtccaagaag gtgttttagg gtgtgcaaat gcaatatgta agatataaga gagtgactta     59400
     aggtatgtaa aagcgataaa tgtttcaaat ttcttttctt atctatgcta ttgttatagt     59460
     aagacttcaa agttcagagt ttgagttcca agaaactatt actctaactc tggtgaaccc     59520
     tgactgctat tatggtcata ggctcaagat tttaaattcc tttgattgtc ttctaagtac     59580
     agacttaaaa gtgcttccta ttgtgctaac aacatctgcc caatctatta tacatcccat     59640
     cttctggata gaggaaaggg cactcgtgct tctaactcag aatcattgtg tgtcccaggc     59700
     tttttcacta tgacttaaag gtgtgaatat actgcctttt ccgcactgtg ggtttcagta     59760
     aacactacaa gcagtgaaat aaaacgtatc ccgtttcgta aactttaaaa cattcttgta     59820
     agcttatgga gattattgga tccatccctc acgggtcaac agcctgcttc cccacctgcc     59880
     tattccactt attcttgagg gcgggatccc ttccctttcc ctggtttgtg actcctctct     59940
     ccctactaat acgaccatgt aaaagtttcc aatgaacacc taagaaaaaa tttcctccta     60000
     aactccttta ttttctgccc ctaatatata tctgtcccag caacctgcca gcttcgtgtg     60060
     ttccctcatg catccccggt agccccaggt gattgagcct cagaaactgc tccagctgct     60120
     gcctgaacac ccctagccca ggtggtccta ctgtgcttgg gcagcagtgg cacagcctgc     60180
     tggagtggaa acttctagtt ctttggaaag tcagttgtgt caaatgatgt tttgctgggg     60240
     gggcacacag gtgaaaggat gtctcgctaa aggagacatg gatgaaagtg tgttttgcta     60300
     gagcagacac atgagagggt gcgtgatgaa gacgtgtata tatatgaccc ccacagacag     60360
     tgggaagagc actgagcctt ggttgggttt gctccacctc gctaacaaca cacatgtatc     60420
     gattcaccgt ctatagcctt gtggaactca gcttgtggta attccaccat tgagagaaat     60480
     ttgcccaaga actgctcggg aggttcctgc agcagcgtgc cttgcttgca gcttgccaca     60540
     cttcagtggc cttgcctcgg ggcagctggc gtgagtacct ggtgtctgcc tgcagaggct     60600
     ggagctgcca gtttgtgtgc agggtctgcc taacctgaag actgatctgc agctgctgag     60660
     ttgtatttgg tgttcgctac aggactgaac tgttgcccaa ggagattgag ctcaccccca     60720
     aagtacggtt gctgaacagg tccaattccc ccacatccta ataacgtttc tcttccacca     60780
     actctggtgc gtggtgggct agaggagagg ttgaaccttt attaaaagaa gattgcaaaa     60840
     gtttcatgtc tacagcttgc tctaccagga ctcagccagg atcccagttt tcttgggtcc     60900
     ccaaagatgt taatgccccc aggcagcagg aagcaggcag tctaaagagc tcagcacccc     60960
     cattcctgcc tcacccggaa ccccttccta tctccttgcc ttttataata aacaaaaagg     61020
     gaggaacgtt atctccagcc tgccttcggg aactccatgc caccagccac atcagcacca     61080
     gttgccaaat gcgacactct ttaaaaggtc gccctgccac cgcactctgt ctgtctctaa     61140
     ctctctgtct ccttctcatg tccccatgcc aagacagtct ttcacttcct tcccaataaa     61200
     tctcttgtgt gggatctgtt gtgtggggtg gtctctgcat cgtacattgg ccctgaccca     61260
     tgaaggtcct ccaccacgag aaccctagca gaatctaagt gactttgatg atgaccctac     61320
     tctccctgag cctcagtttc ccctgttggt tgtcaagatt gcaatcacgg tggttttctc     61380
     tgatggacag gaaaatatgc cagttaacct ggggaaggtc ctgaacactg tcccagtggg     61440
     ctcttgatga attttattca tcgtctccac ccttggatag gacatagact caagcagagc     61500
     caccagcatg acccagctac atgtctgggt gacatgctaa ggattctaag tcagtgcgca     61560
     cagagcttcc tgcacacctg tgtctgctgt tctatccaat actctggttg tgcagtcagt     61620
     cagtgtgtct gtccatagat ggttagccta agaaaatgtg gcacgtgtgt taagtagaag     61680
     gcacagatgt ggtaagagag cagcagattt catagacagg cactgaggtc tgttcagatg     61740
     gaagaatggg gtcttttctt ctgcatttct cgggtgtggc agggagggaa ttcatggctc     61800
     ccactacagg aaactgagcc agcatgaagt gcactcacta tggcgtctcc tgagcaacca     61860
     aggaaaggct tgagttctat gatgctagtg ttgggataga ctgttataat gttaccttat     61920
     gatgttaggc tgggtactct gtgatatatg agctagcctc tgggtacatc ccccaagggc     61980
     actgggggat aactcaacca gagactacag ggacagggag aaatcctgtc tgtcctctga     62040
     tgtcgtcctc gctgtctgct aggcagtctg ggctcaggtt ggggagagaa aatggggatt     62100
     gggtggagag atgaatgggg tgggtgttgg ctgtatctct tttatctggg gtttgggttt     62160
     actttagctg agacctggca gtaagtgtac tctgcctagc aggggtctgt tcacgcaagc     62220
     agagaggaag gccaaatact gcaggttgcc aagctaggct taaagagact agcctatgac     62280
     gtaactatat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt acacggtggt tttactcagc cctaaagtac     62340
     aaaactatgt tatttgtggt gaaatgtata gaattgaatg tgatgcagaa caggctagag     62400
     tcaaatttga acagagaact atcccatgtt atctatcaca catagaatct aggaatctag     62460
     aatggatata taaaacggac atatactaat tcattattat aaatcaatgt ataatatata     62520
     taattataaa tatcaatgta taaatgcatc atatatataa tatataaaac atgaaagtag     62580
     aagaaggccc tgcaagttta accctatttt taataatttt ttttaatgct ttaaactccc     62640
     tttttgtcca ccacccacca gagttagtgg aaaagaaagg ttattaggat acacggaaag     62700
     tggacctgtt tggaaattgt tctttggagt aaattccatc tgggttgtca ggaaatcagc     62760
     agttcagttg acaggagtca gcagtggcag ctcaatccac tcgcaaactc tttacaaata     62820
     taccagccgt ccagttcagt agtgtcggca taatagagca gaaacagcca ggccctcgct     62880
     gaattgtcac aagtcagcag aaggaaccag gataagtttt ttgcacacct ctctcaacaa     62940
     agtgaagaac catgaagatg ggagaccaag aagctaacta tgagagttcc cccctccacc     63000
     tccacccacc ccacctccca ccctaaccca ccccggtctc tctctgttga gtttatttgt     63060
     actccctgca aacatcactt gtcttctatg ggtctcgcct ctctatgtgt cttgcttcag     63120
     tcagtaagtc tgtcttagca aaactccatg tgactccccc ggtaatgtta gcagggactg     63180
     cagctgcctg ctgttgaact ctcgtgagta caaaacattg ctagatatac ccatgggaaa     63240
     ctcactcaac acccagatgc catcattggc tcactgagca aagccaagac tgagccacaa     63300
     gcccctcagc tcctgtccca tctcacactg agcccttcac tttttctctg agagactcaa     63360
     ggtcaggacc tggacacaat gagaagattc aagctggagt gaaaataacc catctaggtt     63420
     cccagttgga gcaaggtgct gggtcctgga gaaactggcc cagggaatct cccgtttatc     63480
     accaccatcg ctgtgtgtcc gtctggcgcc acaaggtggc agtgtagcac agtggaagca     63540
     gagagccaga gaattcccgt gtggctccac cgagggctca aagcaggaat tgtctgatgc     63600
     tctgaataaa gttggccatt gtgtgagact agtccgcccc atttttaggc ttcactctcc     63660
     cagcttcacg ctggtgtcca gagcagcaac acaagtcgta tacgttcaag tactattatg     63720
     ccaagtaaga gtccttattc caaaagagaa gaatcaaagc cacaacaaat agcaaccaca     63780
     ccgaagcaca atcaaaccca gcagagcaga tgccaatctt acagctttaa tgagtgccat     63840
     ctgaaactag gaattcaagc ctcttggatc tgttaggtct caaccccagg actagaggct     63900
     gaggtatcta tttaacatat caaagcggac ctggccttga ggttctcaca gcatccctca     63960
     gtccctatct gttacagggt atgactggtg tacccagggg ctgggctgct cttccccaga     64020
     cacttcccta tataatccag acattttggt cacacccccc cccttttaac ctttttgcca     64080
     tcttggttgc tgcacctggt tcctctctct tccctcttct ttccccctct cctcacatgg     64140
     cttagggtcc cgtccctgaa ctcccccaga tatctctgcc tctggctatg ctctcccttt     64200
     tgtctatggc aaacctcctc caccacacct aggggcagtc aggtccttcc tttttttccc     64260
     actcagaatc caaagagcgt gtacagcgac atactttgag gaatgtctaa ggtctcagaa     64320
     tttaaatatg acatcagagg tttatcacat ttaacttcta atattatctc aattgatgct     64380
     acattaaata aaatcccaac tatctacata ctgtatacac acacacatat tccttccaca     64440
     taaggcaaca ccttccagtt actgtcctcc tttctgtcac tagccacatg gcctcacctg     64500
     gtattaataa ctgccttcct gtatttaccc attccatatg cccctgacct tcagcaaacc     64560
     cctcagcagg ttctggttcc tttcctggag gagtgacctg tatctccatt cctgaagggt     64620
     ctgggtcatt tatcaccctg cctggattgg gtcgttgtac tttctcactg acctaagtca     64680
     cagaacatag tgacaccaag aggtgtcccg aaagatctcc tctaccctcc agacatgttc     64740
     ttccttattt ccataacgga gaagcagcct aatttccccc tggcagtctg gatatatcac     64800
     ttctgcgaat actgttacac ctttcttaat gggctcaaga gcatcaggac ctcaaaataa     64860
     agaggaaact cttagcttcc aactccgtga gctgtgtgct gtgtccccag gaagaagcac     64920
     tgcttctgaa accaaaacct ctaagcctgc agagcataag gttgtgagaa cagaaagaat     64980
     aaatcttcct agccagtctc tagcagtgat agtgagaatc atttccattt ctacatcttg     65040
     gttcctgggc ccataaatcc tggcttggga gaatcagccc catacattgg acaaattcac     65100
     agccttccgg ggaagcttgc ccagcaaccc caggctattg ctacccagct ggtgttttag     65160
     tgaatcttta aaaggccatt tcagctccac caatccagct gtttcaggat ggtgtgggac     65220
     atagtaagac cagactggtg ttccaattaa aacaacagca gaaacaacgg gattgtaaag     65280
     cgcaggctgg atgtgtggat gtgcgtgcag ggaatgcgag accctgggga cctggatgtg     65340
     ttttacaggg gaaaccgtga gcaacacaga gcctgctggg aggcatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     65400
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttg cttccctctc cctttcagaa     65460
     agaatataga aactgggctg gagaggtggc tcagtggtta agagcactga ctgctcttcc     65520
     agaagtcctg agttcaattc ccacaaccat ctgtaaaatg ggatcagatg ccctcttctg     65580
     gtgtgtctga agacagctat agcatactca catacaaata ataaataaat cttttttttt     65640
     aaagtaatat agaaaccaag atttgactat aagagaagag ccatctttta ctattggccg     65700
     gtggaggtgt taaccagggt gataagagtt cagatttagt catgaaaaca gaagtgagca     65760
     cgccagtttc tcaagtccac agtgaaatca aaatgaagac cccatgactc caagggcggc     65820
     tcaggttttc tttctgttca aaaattttta tttttccccc tgtggttgtc aggactcatc     65880
     ccagggcatg tgcatactag gaaagtactc cacccctgag ccatgtcccc agctcctcac     65940
     tggtagattc taggcaaagg ctctacctcc gatgcacacc ccggccctct ctttcctttg     66000
     tattttagta cagcaggctt tcactatgac tttcagatga aactccatca gcagtgtact     66060
     gttctgggga gcaacaaggg acagaaccca cgtccacttg cttgatgtgt gtgctccgtc     66120
     actgagccgc atcccagcgg cagtagtggt cccccaagct ggttgtggta tttaccgaaa     66180
     aaaaagaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agaggggcct cttttcttgc ccaattcagc     66240
     tcccagtccc ccctcacctc cagctgtctg tctcactgtt ggggtccagc tgcgttcttt     66300
     gtgcctgctt caggccagac cctccccaca agctgttgag atctcccaac ctgtctctcc     66360
     tccagagtct ccccatcctg gagattgccc caactttgtc ctagtctctc cttggaagcc     66420
     ctgtggattt tcccacaggc tttgtccata cttaggacag aaaacaccgg tctttatgga     66480
     aggtgacagg tactaagaca gcttcttgcc attgagtaaa gcagggacgt cacctgcgtt     66540
     tgccctcgaa gcttggtctg cttccaacct cgtctgtttt gaaggtttag caggaaagtg     66600
     taacaggtcc cccggacatt gcctgggccc ctagcaggaa tccagatagg gagtctaggg     66660
     ttctaccata gaggagtctc ctcagtaagc agcctagctc acctgcctgc agcacaaggg     66720
     cctgtttttc cagttttgct aggagtaggc tctgcctgga accccacccc ccaacctcag     66780
     tgcctctggt ttcccctgtc caggctgtac ctcacctatg tgtaagatta aaggatgata     66840
     gcgcaggtga gagatgtcca gcctgagtgt gccctggcac ccccatatcc tgtgtccctg     66900
     aaggaacatg acatctgtca aacaccacag tttcctgaga ggcaatgtaa gagtgtgatc     66960
     aatatgaact gtctttgtta gggttttact gctgtgaaga gacaccatga ccaaggcaac     67020
     tcttgtaagg acaacattta attggggctg gcttacaggg tcagaggttc tgtccactat     67080
     catcctggtg ggagcatggc accgtccagg caggcatagc actggaaaag ttgagagttc     67140
     tacatcttgt ttggaaggca aacaggagaa cactgctgtc ttccaggcag ctaggaggaa     67200
     attcttaaag cccaccccct aatgacacac ttcctccaag aaggccacac ctcctaatag     67260
     tgccactccc tgggccaagc atcttcaaac tactacacac tttgctctca agctagaagt     67320
     ctcaagttca ctgccactct gcttgctgtg cagccttcgg ccacagtttg atttctctgt     67380
     gtgtctgtct cttgtttcca tagttgggca taattctggg cttctcagag tcatgtttat     67440
     aaagcaattc caataaaaca tacaaaatag aggtgatcta gaaaggttag tcttccatta     67500
     tatttttgag ttcttgttaa taataatatt attaattatt tattatatta cttttaagaa     67560
     taatattatt tacattttat acatttattc tttataatat tattagttat aatattatac     67620
     atattttatt atatttcatg tatgatataa tattatataa tatttattat ttatattatt     67680
     aatagtatgt gttcatataa taagtattat tacttacaat agtattattc tacagttatt     67740
     atttgttata tttattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttcccatagc     67800
     acccacgttt ctccacttct gactttggcc accttctcac catgcaggct ccatcctgct     67860
     cattgtcttg ttctgttcat cagctacatc cctccagctt cagcttttaa ctgacttcca     67920
     gtgtttactt gtctctctgt gcctcagttt ccttatctgt aaaacgaagt ctacagaccc     67980
     ctattccaca aaatcatcaa gagaaatgaa tcacaggtca gtaaacatac ttcaaaatct     68040
     aaataattcc cttccgtgaa gcatgtcggg aagactgtgt aaagccactg tgtgtgtggt     68100
     gactcaaacc tgccgtctta gcacttagag agccggggca ggattatctg gaattcaaga     68160
     ccaccctgag ctatagagtg actctgtttc agaaagagtt taatagaggt ccaagatggc     68220
     tcagtaggtc aacgcactta cagaagattt gaattccatc cgttgaacca catggtagga     68280
     gaagagaact gattctgcaa gttgtgctct gactttggta agtagcatgc atgtacccac     68340
     acatacatat atacctgcat acatgtatac ttacataaat acatacatac atgtatgtat     68400
     acttacatag gtacatatac acataccaaa caaaataaat atgataattt tgataatttt     68460
     aaaaatattt tatttttagt tttagttaaa tgtgtgttgc tatgtgtggg tatgtgcaca     68520
     tgagtgtagt gtccaaggaa gccagaagag ggcgacagag ccccctggaa ctggagttac     68580
     aggcatttgt gagccaccca ctgggaacca gtcttgattg taactgctga gccatctctc     68640
     cagtctcact gacttctcat gtatttgaaa atgcttgaca accagattga ggagatggct     68700
     cagtgagtaa agtgcttgcc ttacaagcat gaggacctga cttccattcc cagaaaacag     68760
     atgaaaaaat aaaaaatgaa aagccaggta tagtcgtgct tgtactccca acactggaga     68820
     ggcaaaacca ggatccctgg gactcagcct cactaagcca gtgaatcaca agccatggag     68880
     agaccctgtc ttcaaaatat aagaaagatg ggtaacacct gaggaatgat ggctgaggct     68940
     gacctctggc tttacacttt gtatccttac acacatgtgc acctgtacac tcatgaacac     69000
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaaagaggg gtgggagaaa     69060
     gaaagatctc aatttcttct ggaccaagca ctctgggtaa agaatcttcc agtcctactg     69120
     tgtacaaacc ctgaaggtag attcagaagc aaaggagtgc tccccagtta agtaaataat     69180
     agtaacctat tgctatgtct gttactgtga ctctgcctat cagtctcctc tctccctgtc     69240
     tgcctcggtg cttgtggtcc tatctctaac tctacgtgca cctgtttaac ccctccatag     69300
     tgaatgaata tcaccagcaa aaacaagaca caggaatctg tcctcaaaag actcccagct     69360
     taggggaaaa cagatgttag gagaattcac acacaaacag aaacatgcat atgtttttcc     69420
     atggtctctg agagatgtac ggtgtaaagc tcctacccag aatcctctag tgagggatga     69480
     gtgtgaggtt gtcatgtgtc cctccaggta tgcgcttctg ctcttcccat ctgcagatct     69540
     ccacgtctcc atctctctga accttcacgt ccttctgtgg tctggcatcc cccagttctc     69600
     ttggttcaca tttgtccctt cttgtctctg aagtggattc ccatcttagt gcaaataacc     69660
     ccaatatgtg agaccagaaa tgttcccagt gcctacatcc ataactctag gtcacctcca     69720
     cctgacccag tgggaagaca gaaaagcacc acccacctgt ttgctctttg tcttagctgg     69780
     cctccctgtc atcagtactg gcctcatcaa tcacagtgtg tacctatgag tcctgataga     69840
     cccagtatgc ccatttgaat cccagacttt cccaccaaac cccagtatct ccctcctgaa     69900
     ctccagcatc tcccaccaga ccccagcatc cccctcctgg accccagcat ctccctcctg     69960
     gaccccagca tctccctcct ggacctcagc atccccctcc tggaccccag catctccctc     70020
     ctggacctca gcatctccct cctggacctc agcatctccc tcctggactc cagcatctcc     70080
     ctcctagact ccagtatctc cctcctggac cttagcatct cccaccagac cccagcatct     70140
     ccctcctgga cttcagcatc tccctcctgg accccagtat ccctttcctg gacctcagca     70200
     tctctcacca gaccccagta tcccccctcc tggacctcag catctcccac cagaccccag     70260
     catctccctc ctggacccca gcatctccca cttgaatctc agtgctttcc cagtcatggt     70320
     ccagccttca atccctacct ctgtctctcc tcaccaagag caatttcaca aagtaagcaa     70380
     gccatgtcaa ttcctctacc actgaacctt gatatctaag ccatttctga aggctgcctg     70440
     tctgccttgc ttcccatggg aatgtcatcc acggacaaat gccaagacgt cttctgatgc     70500
     aacctcactt gtctggttcc cactcttcct catagtcatc tgactcggac actaccaact     70560
     accatttatc tcttgattcc tctgtcttct tgattgtaca tctctccccc tgatcaccgg     70620
     gaccggagtc ccaggaacat ggagagatca ctcttcctag ttcctgactt gatttagaat     70680
     tccaagcatg agagctgcca attgctgttg actaaggggt gcctccatca caccctcgtt     70740
     cctaggagcc tctgcactag gacatctgca gagggaggat ctgtgtgcag ggttctctga     70800
     attcaggctg agcatggagt gatgcttacc cagatcctat gcatggggaa aaggagatgg     70860
     agaggtgggt cacagataag atttccaagg aagtacgaga tgcaagctgg atttggtgct     70920
     ggggcagttt tcagaggacg aacagaagga cacagaggga gactacggga gtgaggtagg     70980
     gggaatttca tttagtgagt aaaatgagcc tgagagaagg aaaggatgaa tgaaagaaca     71040
     tgaggggggg caagggaggg ggaagaataa aggccagaga ggctggggtc tggacactgt     71100
     tccctccctg tgccccagac tccacctgac ttggaggcag cctgaaggct ttgagctgga     71160
     gcctgcagca tctgacgtat ggaatgtgtc ccctgggggg caggccagcc ccagctgagg     71220
     aagcttataa gccccatagg ggcccctgtg ggtagcaaac cagctcagct tagctcagct     71280
     cagccgcaga attcggagcc cagaagcagc aggtgagaca cacacacaca ttctctctct     71340
     ctctctcttg ctctcacact ctctgtttag aagcatccct gcattcctct ctgaacctct     71400
     ggctctgatc tctgcctctc agactgcctc caaccagata ggtctcttga atgccctgtc     71460
     agggtcttct atctgtccta agtgaagccc tgtcggggtc tttcatctgt cctaagtgaa     71520
     gatctatgcc tccatttctc cacaccccca cccatcccta gatagatgct tctccctcct     71580
     cctcctcctt ctcttcctcc tcccttttac ttcttccccc ttctctctgt ctctttctat     71640
     ccggtcacat cccacaaatg aaaaaggcaa gggagagaga tcatggggag gcagggagta     71700
     agactaccgt ccagattcat tgttgtcttc atttccagga gccaacatga tggtcactgc     71760
     acgaaccccc tggggctggt tcctggggtg cctcatcctt gaggtcacag gtatctgagt     71820
     gtgtgtgtca tggtgtgtgc ccgagtgaac agtgtcagcc aacagcagga ctcagtgtcc     71880
     tactgtttct gactctctga tgtggcagta tgatgtgact gtgtgtggtc atggctgtaa     71940
     agggtgacag gtcctgagaa ggagagacag tcttagtggt accactaagg ggaagacggg     72000
     atctgtgccc agttcctgag tgactagttg attctttccg ttaaactccc tatgtacaac     72060
     aggctagtct caaactttca gaagtcagcc tgcctctgcc cctgagtgct agagttgata     72120
     cctgacccac ttatttattt tttaagagtc ttacttagtc caggctggcc gtgaattcac     72180
     taagcagcca agaacatcct tagatttcca atccttctgc ctctgcctaa gtgctggggt     72240
     tataggtatg taccactata cccagtttac gtggtgctgt agtgctggga tccaaaccca     72300
     agactttgtg catgctaagc cagcactccc tcccagcccc ctctgggata aagatgttgc     72360
     ctgggtgaat gggctgtggc tgggtgtgcc tgaggggagg tgcatggaag cacagccgtg     72420
     ccacaaaagc tgaacagctc ctgaagtcgt gactgtgtgt gagggagaaa tggttcctgg     72480
     gtcctgaaga tcagcctgag aatccaagct gacccgtctt cctgacaaat gaccctacat     72540
     ccagtgtgct gatgatcctg gctcccagac taaggaggct cctggcttta actcctctca     72600
     agggacctaa ctccacccct ctgagccctg acccggagcc ctctcagtcc tgactccacc     72660
     cctctgaacc ctgactccac cctgaagttc tcagaccact ccagtcacca gttgcttggt     72720
     gactgaagac tagtcccatg tcctatatcc tgaatcacca tctagtcctg actctgccag     72780
     ccccttcacc gtaattctcc tctctctggc cctggccttt atgaactctg aagcttcacc     72840
     catactcctg ttctcaaact cggtccctaa gaaccagcct ctttgcctgt ccccagacat     72900
     tcccacatcc ctgaagtacg accttgtccc cagatctgcc cagcttatgt ggtgaaccct     72960
     aagccttctc aggaggcaga taccaaggtc tctacattga caccctgcta tgatgagccc     73020
     tgcctgcaac cagtccagac tcttgcctca accactcagc tttaaagcag tttccttccc     73080
     cttttccatg acacctcccc tgagacctgg gaagccccag ccacatttct gctctgaaac     73140
     tctccctggt ccagcgccct cattctgtcc ccagccctgg ctccacccct gaaagcctgg     73200
     acaagcccct gcactaaatc ttacctcgag agacagcgag gctgtgtcct gaacctgtct     73260
     ctagcaatga cccagaccct aaaacctaat tccatcccca aactcttaac caagtcctta     73320
     actttgatat cctaccctta ggagccctaa tcctacctct tgaactggtt ccctaccatg     73380
     acctccccct gaggctctaa ccactcccct tcactcatac cctgtgggaa agaactctaa     73440
     tccaggattc atagcttgtt tccagtctcg accctacctc ctccccaccc cacccccgca     73500
     acaacaccca cccacccact gcaacctctg attacgtccc ttcactcaaa catcaccccc     73560
     atagctctga gctctcatct ggaccctgct cccatcccag aagccttgaa acgcccctgc     73620
     tccacaccct cccaatcctg actccatccc taggagcctc cgcctcaagt gtcagcagcc     73680
     ggatcataca aggccaggac tgctccccac actcgcaacc ctggcaggcg gcactgttct     73740
     cagaagacgg ttttttctgc tcgggagtct tggtgcatcc gcagtgggtg ctgtcagcag     73800
     cacattgctt acaggagtga gtcggggtgg tagggcagga tgctgagggg aggggtttca     73860
     atatcacacg cggcctgcag agggcgcgca agtggccaca gtgttgaggg gaacccaaac     73920
     ctaagggaca gggcagtcta ggggaaggga aaggcgaagc aggagatcgc tgttgcttta     73980
     gggtggagga tgagttggga gatataggtg ccactgtata ctcaccttct gggtgatcct     74040
     caggtcctac atcgtgggac tgggcctgca taacctgaaa ggctcccaag agcctggcag     74100
     ccggatgtta gaggcccacc tctccatcca gcaccccaac ttcaacgatc cttcttttgc     74160
     aaacgatctc atgctcatca aactgaacga gtcagtgata gagtctaaca ctatcaggag     74220
     catccctgtg gctacccaat gccccactcc tggagatacc tgcctagtct ctggttgggg     74280
     tcaactaaag aatggtaagc tgctgggaac agggttgccc tctctgagaa gttccccaca     74340
     cagccaaaat ggactgaccc tccattgtgt gccccaggga aactgcccag cctcctgcag     74400
     tgtgtgaatc tctcagtggc gtcagaggag acttgccggc tgctgtatga ccctgtgtac     74460
     cacctcagta tgttctgcgc tggaggagga caggaccaaa aggactcctg caatgtgaga     74520
     ctcggggagg gtggaacaga gacgaggcag ggaggtgcag aaggtacacc caaggcacac     74580
     tgaggtagac tgtgagacat gggggagcca ccgctttaat ctcagcaggg taggcagagt     74640
     caggtgatgt ctgtgagttc aagaccagcc agatatacac agtgagaccc tttctcaaaa     74700
     agaggaggag atggaggaag agaatggggt aggggaggaa agaggatcaa ggaggcagag     74760
     acccagaagc caggcatagt ggttcaaacc tataatcgta gccattcagt ccctcccaca     74820
     gtgaggagat agggcgtggc tcaggggtag agcacctcaa taaaggcact gggttttgct     74880
     tccagtacta caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca ccactaaata gatctcggaa     74940
     gaaacagaaa tagccattct gagaaaaagt aaaaacgaag gaaacacaga cacacacaga     75000
     acacaaagac acagtgtagg cagaaaagcc ctgaaggaga cagacagata gacaaggcaa     75060
     gtaacaagcc ccaggaaagc agccagttgt gtggacacag ggctctggca agggtatgcg     75120
     gctggtttcc ttctgtctct gtctacaatg cttacttacg gggatgctct gagactttct     75180
     gctcatgccc tcctggattc tgactctctc tccctcaccc tccccttccc ccctcaccct     75240
     ctccctctct ctcccacctc cgtttcactt tccccctccc cctctcctcc tcttccattc     75300
     ccctcccttc ctcccccctt ttctctctca gggggactct gggggtccca tagtgtgcaa     75360
     cagatcccta caagggctcg tgtctatggg acaaggaaag tgtgggcagc ctggcatacc     75420
     aagtgtctac accaatctct gcaagttcac taactggatc cagaccatca ttcagacaaa     75480
     ctagctatgg actgactaca aggcccacat gaagcctgct gagggaacct gagactcagg     75540
     attgctccta gcccttctcc ctcagatcta caaggtcagg ccctagcctc ctccctcaga     75600
     ctcacaagtc cagactccaa tctcctccct cagacccaca agtccagact ccaatttcct     75660
     ctctcagatc caaggattca gaccacaata ccctctttca gattcaggga tccatgccac     75720
     aacctcctcc ctggaacaca ggagtggaac ccacctgcat tttcctctgt gtgcagtgtc     75780
     ctctagtagc ccagtattga cccagccttg cctttgtcac ccttaggctt gtttcccccc     75840
     ccaaacacct tatgcctgtc tcctcaggga tccacaaata aaagacctct cagttctgtt     75900
     tgaagtatcc tcttcgtccc tttccactca agggatatac caacacatgg cttttcctct     75960
     tggcttccca tctgtgcaat gagaatgtaa accaggaggc ccctggcttt tgatgcagca     76020
     gcctgtgtca gtgatgctaa gagacaccca ttccatgatg tcctctcatt tccaaaaggg     76080
     ggatttccag ctttacagct tctgttgtga ttggtctgct tttggttttg tcttttgatt     76140
     ttaagatcta cttcttactt ttatttctgt gtatttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     76200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtacaa gcacacacgc ttgtgtaagt gcagtggcca tggagaccag     76260
     aaaagggcag catatcccct ggagctggag ttacgggggc tgtaagccgc tgaacatggt     76320
     tgctgggaat ccaatctcca ttttctgcgg gagcagccgg tgttctcaac catgcagcca     76380
     tctctcaagc ccattttttg tcttctcaca ctttaagaac gtttctctgt acctgtctca     76440
     ggacccagct gctattgctg gagctgatgg aaaaaaaaat ctaagatgcc tgctgtgaga     76500
     ccctgagaca gagacaggac acactcagca cccgtaatag gaggaattgc tattaagctc     76560
     ctcattaata aattatacca gtaaagtggt gcatatcaca tatctggagt acaagctgag     76620
     gtagggagag gaagagttca aggccattcc aaacaaacaa accagatagg taggtaggta     76680
     ggtaggtagg taggtaggta gatagataga tagatagata gatagatgat tgatttttga     76740
     atgtgcctac aaaggaagta taaaactttc ggccgcctat gtatttagtc ttgttgtgct     76800
     ttattttgtt ttgctttgaa acagaaccgt aggtagccca ggccggcctg ggcttcatta     76860
     tgcagctaag gatgagctta actttctgac cctcctggct gcacctccca agcgctggga     76920
     tgacaggtgt gcgccaccac acccgactat caaaaatgtt tatgtatcat taacagattc     76980
     tcagacagat gaaatatgga gtaagttact aaaggtagca tcaacaagtt cctcgtcatt     77040
     gaagagtttc acagtgactt ggagaaaatg acagaaagac cagccgagac agaaatgagt     77100
     gggtgtgtgc aaatgattca cacagtgtga tccgcacacc tgtgaaacag tgcatcctct     77160
     gtctgcagaa cacacaactc ctcacatgca cacacctacc aagattgctg acactgcaga     77220
     atgtaaccag ctcaagtgtc aattatactc agagcaggaa ctttagggag attttaaaat     77280
     ggcacaccaa gttagaaaac aatctagcag attctttttc aaagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     77340
     tgtgtgcatg catgtgtgac tattgctgta cgtgtaccac aacacatatg tgaagatcag     77400
     aagactgcct tgagtgctgg tccttccacc ttgaggcaga gtctcttgtt tgctgccata     77460
     gtcagcaggc cagcttctag gaattctcct gtctctacct cccatctcac catacaagtg     77520
     ctgggattac agttgcagac actattttgt ctagctttca tgtgggtgct ggggaccatc     77580
     aatggttgca cagcaagtga tttacagggg gggcatcttt ccagccctct agcagattct     77640
     tgcacatgca tctgcttgat ggttatcact ttcacctcca gttatttacc ggagatctgt     77700
     ggggaaaact aaaaatagaa gccctgctta ggaatgggga aggcaactaa gtagagtgct     77760
     taccttccag gcatggagcc ctgggtccca tcaccacact gtataagctg ggcgtgctgg     77820
     aataagccca taactccagt acttgggagg cagaggtagc aggatcagga gttcaagaca     77880
     gtcctcagtt acttgcctag tttaatgcca gtctgggctg tgtgagaccc tgttgtccct     77940
     tccccttatc acacaaatgt tttacttaga aatcaggttg gaaatagctc aagtgtgtgc     78000
     agttagtgaa tgacataggg acctgggatg aaatggatca tgcagtgagt aacggaaaga     78060
     aaatggatgg catgagcagt ggtttgctta catatgaaaa cccttttgta ccaggaagcc     78120
     atacacggac tgctatataa ggtatgaatc catcatgaac tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     78180
     gtgtgtggcc agctagaaaa aggcatcaga tgcccagagc tacagtagca ggtggttgta     78240
     agcagcctgg tgtgggtgct gagagcccaa cttgggttct ctgcaagagc tgtacctgtt     78300
     tatcaccact gagccatcac tccagccagg aactcttaat gcacaattac atgaatcagg     78360
     ttcacatgtg gccatattta tagggaattc cttgattgtt aataggcata gaaagaccca     78420
     gcccactgta ggtggtgcca taccttaggc agggggtcct gaactgaact gtataagaga     78480
     ggaacaaaca gactgagagc aagcaagggt gcatttattc ttgtttgttc gtgactactg     78540
     atgggatgtg actagctgct tgagttcctg cctcgatgtt cccaaaatga gagactgtga     78600
     ctttgaatca ccagccaaac aaaccctctc ctaccttaag tagctttgtg tcagagtatt     78660
     ttatcacagc aacagaaagg gtcacagcat tctgggaggg tcacaggagg acatgcagag     78720
     ttgataaaaa aaatatcctg taactttacg agcgtgagaa tttcacagat acaggccttt     78780
     gtggggtctt gttacactat tcatttgaaa tctgagttct accctgagta ttcatcagta     78840
     aagaactatc cctcaattaa gaaaaccaca tacagtattt accacaaaat gagccaaacc     78900
     gagatagcct acagagcaaa tctcaacaaa accttctttg taatatgctc agtacattgt     78960
     ctggcctcag agtaatcacc ctggaaatcc tgacatagaa ccagaaaggt accacgtgct     79020
     catgactgaa aagaaagaaa aaaatgtatc taaggaagcc atcgctcaaa tgagacacat     79080
     aatagaaatt agaaattatt tttaagtgaa tagtaaataa atatctgctg ccgggcgtgg     79140
     tggccacgcc tttaatccca gcacctggga ggcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagttcgag     79200
     gccagcctgg tctacagagt tccagacagc cagagtaaca gagtgagact gtgcctcaaa     79260
     gaaagagaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     79320
     gagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaggga gagagagaga     79380
     gggagggagg aagggggaag ggagggaggg aggggagggg aggggagggg aggggagggg     79440
     aggggagggg aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag agaagagaag     79500
     agaagagaag agaagagaag agaagagaaa agaagagaaa agaagagaaa agaagagaaa     79560
     agaagagaaa agaagagaag gaatgtatgc ctgttacata gctaccagca cacagtcaag     79620
     ggggaaaaaa gccaagaaat cattactaag acagaaaata aatcttttaa aaaaagatga     79680
     aaaaggaaag aaatattaaa gaagctgggg aaatggctaa gtagttaaga acactgactg     79740
     ctcttacaaa ggtcctgggt tcgattctca acacctggta gcttacaact gcctaacacc     79800
     cctgcttcag gaatatgata ccctcttctg atctctatgg gcacctgcac tcatgtacgt     79860
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac ttaaaataaa tctttaaaat gtttttcagt     79920
     cacaaaattt cacatatttt ataaatagat tttcatggag tatccagaat gggtagctcc     79980
     acagcatcag atgcaggcgc tgaaactcgt ggtgtgaggc ttctgaacta tgatgattgc     80040
     tggtgccttg aggctcatgt atgaaggtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgatgtatg atagatagca     80100
     catgcaaacg ccacaggagg acatcaagtg tctctccaga cagggtcttt tgttgaccct     80160
     ggagctaggc tagtagaggt gttccttcta cctttgtccc ccacagctct ggggttacag     80220
     acaaccaccc ctggcttttt acatgggaac tagggattga acccaggtcc tcttgcttat     80280
     gtaacaagtg ttctctactg aaccatctct ccagtccctc atatatgaag gcttggcaca     80340
     tcttcctctg aaaaaaagat acatggtctg ttagttccca cgggacaatg acagacctca     80400
     gaatgttggt tgtcaatgtt caactctaag gaacaggacg aagcccagga ggggagggaa     80460
     agccagtatg tttctttaaa tgttgtaagg gtcaatggtc tcttatttca gtcatgtagt     80520
     gatttcctct gaatcaagct gtttcctctt gcagggaggg ggaggggctc atgagactcg     80580
     ggaagtaggt acaacataca cgtttttgag aagttcctgc aatttacagg attcacaagc     80640
     accctccctc aaggtataca agcagtgaca atcgatgagg acagaagaaa tcttatcacc     80700
     ccaatacctg caagccctgc agtgagcttc aggaacagaa ctttgtgagt taccatcccc     80760
     aatggaaacc aagccaccaa gatgtagctg ctgtctttct tggtcaccac atctctagct     80820
     cttgtctaca atgtgacctc ttttctggag tacatgaagg ttctgattag aaaccgctct     80880
     tgcccatagt tcagtttgtt acaattagct tcagtagaag caagaatata tcaaaggaca     80940
     acagtatcct gtgcatgccc ctccagaagg tagggcctcc ggggaagtca gctggaggcg     81000
     gctgagactg gctttgacct tctcatcata cccaggcatg cgccctttta tttgtcagcc     81060
     ctagtgttgc tggttgtatc cttttaacct tgacatctgt tcatgtcaaa ttaatacttg     81120
     ccatagtagc aatgtaagtc ccagggcctg ccttcaaagt ctcttatctc caaagtcaag     81180
     atacagccac agattcagtc tctggagcct aggcttctca tgccaagatc agactatgag     81240
     ccccaagctc tgaacttcag ggtaccctgc aaatcccaga accctcactt ccattctgtt     81300
     gctccacact gcaacacacc acacacttgc agaccagggc cagctattgc tgccacctct     81360
     ttgtgtaagt aaaaggtttg aaagccagcc atgcaaccac aggcaggagg atcagaagtt     81420
     caaggccact ctcagttata cagtgagttg gaaaccagtc tggattgcag aaaactgtct     81480
     caaaaacaaa cacgcaaatc ataattgaac tttgaggctg ggcacggttc acatgactat     81540
     aatcctggca attaggaggt taaggcacga ggatcaagaa tttaaggcct ctcttgtgag     81600
     gaaagaggtg gggaggtagg gagaaaggga gggaggcaca gagggagaag gagggaaagc     81660
     caggcacagt agtacactca tgtgatccaa gcacgtggga agtggaggca ggaggatcat     81720
     atattcaagg gcatcaccag atacagctga ttttaatgct aggctgggct acgtgagacc     81780
     caggaaggaa agatggaggt aagcaggggg gagggggaag agaaagagca gatcagagag     81840
     tcacctgtcc ccttcatcca ccccagagga gctatttttg tgccagagca gcaggagtgg     81900
     taattgtagc agcaactgtc tagcccacaa aacctaaaat cattactttc tggaccttaa     81960
     ccatcagtgt tcactaacct ctggtctgga ttccacagtc ctgacagtct ccatcccagc     82020
     cccaaataca gcagaccaga ctgggaaggt gacgtcagag ttcagacctc agctctgttc     82080
     cgcatgctat ctactgtttg catcagacca tgatgggccc ccaagcacgt tcagacaagt     82140
     agacactcag atctgtgtag agagaggagg agagagagga gggagacagg catgagggaa     82200
     ggctggggag aaggatggtg agaggagaga gagaggaagg agaagaagga gaaagggaga     82260
     gagaggaaag gaaaggaaga aaggaggaga aaaaataatt atgtctactt cagaaagaca     82320
     tttccagaca ggtatcttga taggaaggcc cagactgaag gacacagctg gatcgtgtca     82380
     cggtggccca ttttagaaaa cattaactca tttttactta tcccacaaat gtatctcaag     82440
     tacctatcat gcaagcagca ggattctggg gtcattgata agccaatgga agccactggc     82500
     cttcacagac actccattgt aaaaagacaa atcaagaaaa gtagctgtct gataaccagg     82560
     aggtggacgt gttaataaga tatcacttct taatactgat ccctacacta agttaaagag     82620
     tgaaggaggt cagtagcgag gggaatattt agtgtccaaa gaaagacaaa tgtcccataa     82680
     actgatttca actggcccat ccagacaaga aaatcctgtt ccatataaga ggagataaac     82740
     agctgatgtg gcagctcaca gctataatcc cagaactccc aaggctcaag gcaggagaat     82800
     caggaatgca aagccatgtt cagctacata gagcctgaga ccgccagcct gggctataca     82860
     agaccctcct taggaaacaa gcaaacagaa atcaacagag ctgggtgtgg tggacagtct     82920
     aaaacccaaa actggggagt ctaaggcagg agaatctcaa gtttgaggtc aactttggta     82980
     cagagcaaga gcctgtgtct aaacaaaagc agataaaaaa atgactttag gcccaaaagc     83040
     acaagccagg gctttctggg aacttaactg acctgaaagg aggcatggag aatttggggg     83100
     gtgatgggag attctcaatt gtgatggtgg cagtggttat aagtctgggg agatgactcc     83160
     gtcagtcgag gatgtggtgg ccacctataa tccctgctag agacagggca tcctcagggc     83220
     aagctggctg gtgagaccag tcctgtcagg agatctctgg gtttgactga gagactctga     83280
     gagactctgc ctcaatgaat aaggtggaag aacggttgaa aatgattccc aacatcaacc     83340
     ttgggtctat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa     83400
     acatatacag agacacacac atagacacac acagacacac atacaaacag acacacacac     83460
     atagacacat aaaaacagac acacatacat acacacacac aaacacacac atacaaacaa     83520
     acatatacag agacacacac atagacacac acagacacac atacaaagag acacacatag     83580
     acgcacaaaa acagacacac atacatacac acacatacaa acagacatac acagagacac     83640
     acacacatgc atagacacac acaaagaaac agacactcaa aaacagacac acaaacacat     83700
     acaaacagac atacacagaa acacacacac acatagacac acacaaacag acacacacac     83760
     aaacagacac acatacacac acacacacac acatacacac atacacacac acacaaacac     83820
     acacacacgc ggagaacctg aggttgtcct ttaaattctg tatgcaccac agccaagact     83880
     attttgcagg actggaaggc ctccccaaaa gtgaatttta ccttatgtaa cttcttaatt     83940
     ttttaaaaag gatttatttt tatttttatt tttaatcatg tgtgtgcatg aacatggact     84000
     tgttaactca gatttatgaa tgtgagtgcc ggtgcccatg aaggccaaag gaagccctgg     84060
     atcgtggagc tggcctacag gcagctgcga gctccccatc gtgggtgctg gtagccaaac     84120
     tcaggtcctt gtaagagcag caggagccct tatctgctga gctccctcca gtcctgtgcc     84180
     cagtcttcta catgggcagt ggaggtcaga ctcaggccct tgtgcttaca cagcaagcat     84240
     ctcattgact gtgccatctc catagcccca aggatagaga aagtatctgt gcactgtgta     84300
     aaagcatcac cagtcaataa aatcctgttg gcaggaaatg ggtggctggg gggagggagg     84360
     tggaagttcc ggtacagaga gaggaattct ggaattctgg aatagagtta ggagagaaaa     84420
     gggattctcc ttgaacgctg gaagagacag atgcatgaag atgagaaggt aaccagccat     84480
     gtggcactca tagactagcg taaaccccag aatgctggag gggacagtca ccaacctgag     84540
     gaaagagaaa caaccatgct gtagacatag agtagtttaa atgggataag ttatgagctt     84600
     ggcctaggtg tttgttcatg aaatattaag tctcagagtc atttttcata gaacaaagag     84660
     gtgaggtggg aaaccccgta gttacactga aaagaggttt ccgttgtcat acatcctggc     84720
     tatgtagctc agataagtcc atcagtctct ctgttcttgt tttcctctta gcgatatgcg     84780
     gatattaata agacctgcca gatgtggttg ttattaagat gtgtcaatga tgctgaaatg     84840
     gtcggaacag ccacacccgg gcagaggtgg aaccctggat gtattggtct cacgcacctt     84900
     cgttcttatc tgtcattaac ccaccctgag gcttccctgt gacttttcac ccctagtccc     84960
     tgttcagacc ctctcccaag ctttcttctt gtctctggct ttcgctgtcc ctctagctcc     85020
     ctattatcct cccagtcccc ttgcctcttc tcatcatgtg tgtgagtctc tttgcctctc     85080
     agaggcacag tggagactgt ctcagacagt cctaactgtc ccaacttggc aggatgctga     85140
     catctagtgg caagatccag aactgctcca aaacttccca cagtgctccc agcagggccc     85200
     tgccaactag aggtgccctt ggatgggact gggaagctgt ttaagaagtg gcttcaaggt     85260
     cacaggggga agtgcaggat ggatgtcttt ttttctggct ggttctgact ggaggcccct     85320
     aggatgtgtg gaaggacggg gggggggggg gggggtgggg gggggagggc agagcggcca     85380
     ggtcaacata gaaatcatgg cagaaacctt tgaagtctgg ctccaaggaa actttcactc     85440
     cccctccctc ttcctgtttc tgtctctctc tccccttcct ctctcttcca ctcactctct     85500
     ctgcctctta tcctctccct ctctcccctt ccctctctct ctccccacct ctctccctcc     85560
     cccttctttc tttctccctt ccctttctct ttcactctct ctgcctctct ccctcccttg     85620
     tcctctatct ccccctccct atctctctct ctctgccttt ctctccccct ctctttctcc     85680
     cttctctctt ctttcctttc tccaccccat tcccttccat ctcccctcct tctctctctc     85740
     tttctaccca cctttctccc tctcctcctc tctccttccc cctctctctg ttcctctctc     85800
     tctctctcct ccctcttcct gtgtctctgt tttgtctctt cctgccctcc ttcctcatct     85860
     ccccatcttt ttgtgtctct gtctctatcc ttctttccac ctgtctgtct ctccctacct     85920
     ctccttgtct ccagatcttt tttctctgca tcttttcatc tcctcctccc catccctctc     85980
     tcctgtcttc cacatctctc tcttgtggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     86040
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg ctgagggacc tacagaagcc agaagacaaa gtcagattcc     86100
     cccataactg gaattatctg gtggttgtga gccacctaat gtggcgagaa actaatttga     86160
     ttctctggaa gagcagcaag tgctcttcac taccaaacca attctccagt tcatcttgtt     86220
     atccttcttt tttttttttt aattttttat taggtattta gctcatttac atttccaatg     86280
     ctataccaaa agtcccccat acccacccac ccccactccc ctacccaccc actccccctt     86340
     tttggccctg gcattcccct gtactgtggc atataaagtt tgcatgtcca atgggtcact     86400
     ctttccagtg atggccgact aggccatctt ttgatacata tgcagctaga gtcaagagct     86460
     ccggggtact ggttagttca taatgttgtt ccacctatag ggttgcagat ccctttagct     86520
     ccttgggtac tttctctagc tcctccattg ggagccctgt gatccatcca ttagctgact     86580
     gtgaacatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc ccggcatagt ctcacaagag acagctacat     86640
     ctgggtcctt tcgataaaat cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg tgtcagcgtt tggatgctga     86700
     ttatggggtg gatccctgga tatggcagtc tctacatggt ccatcctttc atctcagctc     86760
     caaactttgt ctctgtaact ccttccaagg gtgttttgtt cttgttatcc ttctaagggc     86820
     acttactaag tcctgaaggc cccagctgca catccacatt accgtcctca gcttccaaag     86880
     aactcagctt cagccttgcg aggctaaggc ttctgtgtgt gagctaggta gcagtttggt     86940
     acacctagca ttgactagtg tggattgaga tgtgtaggca tctccttctc atgaggccct     87000
     caggacagct gtttggtacc taagctcatc aaagttgagt gagctgtcta catacagaac     87060
     aggctctgtc tggccatcag catctgcaga agcatctcgc ctcagaccag aggacgaatg     87120
     gtgagttcaa gtgtgtctgc cttggtatca accactgacc ctgtgccctt tgtcacacag     87180
     agactctcca acaccctagt gtccagctgt tgcccatgga actccctgaa gagtcagtcg     87240
     cctgggcaac tcacagccag ctctgtcact aaagaggctg aagccccccc cccccccacc     87300
     aatatttcac ctctcatgta gcttcatgga gggctggggg aggcttcaga gaatattaaa     87360
     ggcgtgtcgg agcctggtag gtcgcttacc ctctgtagat ctattaaaca gacagaatgg     87420
     agaaaaacag agaggatgtt ggttcactgt gccaccttag gaagacaaag aggcccagtg     87480
     acatctctgc caactccacc ttcaggttcc ggatccaaag atttaaacgt aaataaaagg     87540
     caaggggcaa gcatggcata gcatggtcaa ggtgtggtac tccccatcat cctcggctgc     87600
     agtccctctg caaggcggtc tgacaggccc agagctgcat gaaatctctt tccaggagac     87660
     tatacacaca cagtctacgg cagacttcag ccttgctctt ctcccaggga ggctccaatt     87720
     ccttgcagtt tattgtcctg atagtgcagt agccagggga caagtgtctc tggtgtcttc     87780
     cacaggagac tgtagtgttc ctgtcttctg agagtctccg gtgggtaccc aaggttgctc     87840
     tgacctaagc acaacagtca agcacaaccc gagggaagag atactcatga ctgggcctgg     87900
     ggctgagcag aaccctatct tgaactccca ctcctcctga tttccagctg tgtgtctccc     87960
     cacgccatgc cagccttgcc ctgtccttca gaagagctgc tggcagacac tggcccagca     88020
     gagcacacag gccttagagt tcagtgaaca ttccaagatg gagggttgga actcagaaag     88080
     atctgcctct gcctgcctgc ctgcctctgc ctgcctctac ctgcctgcct ctgcctgcct     88140
     ctgcctgcct gcctgtgact gtagtcttac cacttgtccc cttttcactc ctgcatgaca     88200
     ctcctctagc tctacccttg actttcttta tcttaaagtc ccacaggacg cggagactcg     88260
     ccccagattc ttcaccgcct ggagctggag agtaagtcta gggatttact gtgtgggtcg     88320
     ctctgtcata atgctgctgg acagctctca cctgaagttt gtgcctgggg ctcctgctgg     88380
     cccaatctgt gtgtgtgtgg aagggggagg ttatctgtgc gtgaggaggg ggtctgttct     88440
     tctctccccc actctttctt tgctctcttc cttcaacagc cctcctcctc cctcagacac     88500
     aggagtcaaa accttcatct ttcttttcag attctatctt tcatcagacc caaaaactga     88560
     ggcccatccc cccacccctt ctccattaga actatgaatc gttgaagatt tttttttttt     88620
     tttacttaac ctatgctttc attttctcag cctgtgaaaa cgaattgttt taaatgttaa     88680
     acaagaaggg ggccatataa taattcctta atgacagtta gttattagtt aagaccatat     88740
     ctatcttaga tcagggcagc cttggtcacc cacaggagac tctcagaaga gaggaacatt     88800
     aaacaagagt gtatgaatga tttattcaaa gtatgtatgg atatatactt tgtagatata     88860
     tctaaagata atatctaaac tagtatttta aatcagacat attcacagag ctagagaaag     88920
     atagtcaagg gttatagtat tatccaccca taaagcccac aaaaagagat tcaggattgc     88980
     agaccctgac actagagatt cacatttata gatcaatgca gtagaccaga tctcaggcaa     89040
     acccagacac agagttgaac agtgaaagtt gctgaggata taaggaacca tgcttatctc     89100
     tagatgtgcc agaaaggaga gacccaaggt agagggttac ctaccatgtg gaaacatgga     89160
     gtacattttg ggggagatgg tgaatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     89220
     cacacagaga gagagagaga gggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga atttcattat     89280
     tcagaaatgc caaacaggac ttgcacaatc aaagggtcat gaccctttct ttcccttgtg     89340
     attgtctctt taagaacaaa gacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     89400
     cacacacaca ctttccctga cccaaaaaaa aaaatcctca taccctcaca tcattactgg     89460
     gacctagacc tgcatgacac cggaggaacc cagatacaat gaaagaggga catgaggaag     89520
     acagtacaag cttgtcctgt agggaagaag gagggatact ggctgagtta cttcagaaag     89580
     aaattgtgtg tggtatcttg tgtttatatg tcttcagaga aaaatttaaa aagtaccctc     89640
     tgtctggatt gtctcttaag aatgtttaac caggcagggc acgatggcac atgctattaa     89700
     tcccaacact tgggaggcgg agagagaaga atctctatga aatcagtgtc agcctggtct     89760
     atatagtgag ttccgggacc aaaaatacat agtgaggccc tgcctcaaaa agaaaaagga     89820
     agaggagaaa aaaagaaggg gagggaagat atcaggctag ttctccacaa aaagtaatac     89880
     atgcttggta ctgtacattt tgccaaacac cagaagttga ggaacttaca agccctgagt     89940
     gagtctatag ttatcatttt actaaatgga catggtatca acctgccctt gaaattcaca     90000
     gattggtgaa actctccgac ttcatcaaag aagtttcttt gtgcagtgaa tggtggctaa     90060
     tgcagaacac acaactggac aatatgcaga gaataaatgt cagtggagtg ctcagtcaca     90120
     aatgagttat ctatcacaca tgcacacaca cacagggggg agaagggaga gagagagaga     90180
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga atgaatcatg gaagatgggg     90240
     tgaaaaagat tgtaagaacc agtggtcaag aagaaccaaa gcaagagtat tttctggaca     90300
     cagcaggacc attgcccaca gaaactctca gtagctgtgg ttgcctgcac aagacctaca     90360
     caagatcaag ccagtcaaca ctctaggatg aaatcagagg tccataaccc cacccttgaa     90420
     gttaataact tctggcaaag gaagaattag ttctttttga agctgtaacc ccggaaagtt     90480
     agcgactatc aagtggatag ccataagtgt atgagcagca ggaatgggct cagtgggtta     90540
     tttaaaaaga agaagaaaaa gacaaggagg gggaagacaa gaagggagag gaagaagagg     90600
     aggaggagaa gatgacaaca cacactttgg agggagtgtg tagatctggg aagagttaag     90660
     ggtaggagtg agggtaaatg tgatcaaaat atattgtatg catgtatgaa atttacaaga     90720
     atttattaaa gtgttttact taataaaaca ggaatattgg tccagtaagt aggctcacaa     90780
     atcatgtctt ctccaccgtg gtcatgctta cttcccagga tgctggacat gttgtgtccc     90840
     aggtgtgtcc tgtgtaacaa tgggcatgaa gaagaaccct gactgccact caagacagta     90900
     aggaacacat ttccatcagg gaagaagcct agaaaggttg gctggtagcc ttcctacctg     90960
     ataagatcca ggacccctgg ctgttcatac agttcagtac gtaaagagct tgctgggtaa     91020
     gcatgaggac acacccacgt ttgagccccc aaaatccaca taagaagaaa aggcaaagcc     91080
     aagcgtggtg catgcttgga accccagccc tgacttttgg ggacattggg caggtagaaa     91140
     ataatgactc cctggagctc gctaaccatc cagccttgcc catttggggg acatattctc     91200
     tgctgtctgg caatctaaca caacacgact gccctcctgt ttcccaatgt ctctgaaaac     91260
     cctgtgtgca ctctcctgat tccttccaac tctttctgct gcccctgccc ctgcccctgc     91320
     accacatgtg acctacaagc aagaatacac tgccctggtg ctggctaatt tgttgtcgac     91380
     ttgacacacg ctagactcat ctgaggagag aaactcatcg ggttggcctt ttggaaggtc     91440
     tgctgtgctg cttcttgatt attgattatc gtgagaggat tcagctcact gtgagtggtg     91500
     accaccatgg gcaggtggtc ttgaggtatc caaaacggaa ggctgagcaa gccatgggga     91560
     atagaaaata ttgaccatcc tccctgaccc ccacgacact cgctccaaga ccatagccta     91620
     actctccaac acctctgaat gctaaagtat ttctttttta ctttatttat gtactttatg     91680
     catatgagta caccaccatt gatctcttca gacacaccaa aagagggcat cagaccccat     91740
     tacagatggt tgcaagacac catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctaaaaga     91800
     acagtcaggg ctcttaaccg gtgagccatc tctccaggcc attaaagtat tttttatatt     91860
     atgtgtgtat gtgtgtgaaa atatctgctg atgtatttgt atctgtgcgt gagatggagg     91920
     ccaaaggagg ccaggatgtc cctcacaatc agtatccacc ttactccctt gagacaaggt     91980
     ctctctgaac caaccaggag ctcagctggt ggtcaacaag ccccagcggc tgtcctgtct     92040
     ctacacccta caacaatggg gtttcaggtg tatgtgtaac agggctcatt ttttaaaaaa     92100
     gggttgttaa aattggaact cagatcttca tgcttgcatg ctgagcactt tgctcccagc     92160
     cccagtgccc agcttctcat ggagctgaaa cagtgtcaga actcaacctt ctggctccca     92220
     ccctcacatg tgcagatgtg cacttccctt gtcccagtgc tcctcctcat gcttcacaga     92280
     tgctcctgcc cagcagcctc caatcaggag acaggggtct ccatggccga gcctgcagca     92340
     tgtcacagtc catcttcatg gaaggatggc gaatcgctga cctcccgaag caccctctgt     92400
     tcccacacac tctccacaga ctgccatact ctctcaggac aagagggaac atgcgaaaga     92460
     cccagtgtct tctcagtaca tcacaaagac cctgagttca tatttggttg gattcaaaat     92520
     tgcattgatg tgccacagga gaatcagaac aaaagcctga ccaccgccgt ggttaattct     92580
     tcccaactgc accctcgtct cccattctcc ccactcccca gcctctgtcc ttaacccact     92640
     caggatttga agtgctcaga ggaatccaaa ccaacacgtg ctgatgatca atggacccac     92700
     gcttgtcacc aagagtccct ctcaggtagg accgcagagg agttcccgcc cccacctcca     92760
     tctccactct ggcaccttgt cctagacatg gccgagacac tgggatatca gctgagaaca     92820
     acatatcgta gagacctgga agaccagtgg aggtggatga tgcccctaaa ggcaggctct     92880
     ttctactttc ctccagaaac cacagagtcc accactgaga gcctggcctt gctcaagctc     92940
     cctttcaacc aggttcccct ggctcacagg atgcttgtct gacccagatc ccagggtgca     93000
     tcacataaac tgtccctaga aatggatgca agtgagctca cggtgtgacc ctggcctggg     93060
     aaaggggtga gggctgctca caggaacatg tcaagacagt ggctgtagac ctcacagtct     93120
     ggtttctgaa tgagatggga tagcccccaa acccctaggg cttctcacat ggctcactgt     93180
     actatctctg gagcacccct gcagaggcat gggaagaaga agagaccatg gaaggggcac     93240
     aacctgtttc tgcatctcca gaaacctgga ggtcccatgc tcttccctga aaacctgcac     93300
     ctgagaactg ttcctgcctc tcagggacgt ggagccccca agacacacac agctgcaaca     93360
     tggcctctcg gtttccagat ctccttccaa tgatgcaggg atcctggaca cttgtgatat     93420
     tcccatctca gtattgatga ggtgatgtct ctccagtctc tccctcagga gcctcaggtg     93480
     ccagacctac accctcctca ctcaagcctg acctcagcct cttccccttt cagaacccag     93540
     ccttcctgcc cttccagtca cacccagggt cctcaactca gccaaacccc acagattcta     93600
     accctgctct tcttatggac tgacaacagg ctgctgtaga cagtgtcagg acctggacct     93660
     gcagccttgg ttgccaagga gatgaggaat gtagctgaca ggtatttcat gacacactga     93720
     ggtgccctgc agctgggaga ggccagagcc aagttctgag gagacaggag tatgctaagt     93780
     ctcttgcagc caggccatcc ctcccacctc ttcccaggct gcccttcaag gatgtttgac     93840
     cagcaggcag cctcatgcga tggcatctct ggagatcact tttgcttgct gtcccagtag     93900
     tgaaggtact gtccctctta caaccaactt tttactgctt aggacagtaa atattgtctg     93960
     tggaggtgca tctgttttca gtgtaggata ataaagataa catggccaca gaaatgaaca     94020
     ctgactgttc ttccacaggc tttcttatgt acttagaagt attgtgttta ttttagagtt     94080
     tggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgagagaga     94140
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagggaga gagagagaga     94200
     gattctgtgt gtgtttatgc acaagcgcac acatgtattt aaatttttat ttttgcaagg     94260
     ttaggaattg agtctaggaa ttttcctgtg tatggaagca ttctaccact gagccacagt     94320
     cccagaccat ccctggtgga ttctaggcag gtgttttaaa cctgagttac ttctccagct     94380
     cttcatttga atgtttattt atgtaaggat attgggaaca tgctgctttt ttttaattag     94440
     gtattttctt catttacatt tccaatgtta ccccaaaagt tccccagacc ccccacacac     94500
     actcccctac ccacccactc ccacttcttg gccctggcgt ttccctgtac tggggcatat     94560
     aaagtttgca agatcaatgg gcctctcttt ccaatgatgg ccgactaggc catcttctga     94620
     tacatataca gctagagaca cgagctctgg gggtactggt tagttgatat tgttgttcca     94680
     gctatagggt tgcagatccc tttagctcct tgggtatttt ctctagctcc tccattgggg     94740
     gccctgtgat ccatccaata gctgactgtg agcatccact tctgtgtttg ctaggcccct     94800
     gcatagcctc acaagagaca gctatatctg ggtcctttca gcaaaatgtt gttagtgtat     94860
     gcaatggtgt cagtgtttgg aagctgatta tgggatggat tcctgggtat ggcagtttct     94920
     agatggtcca tcctttcatc tcagctccaa actttgtctc tgtaactcct tccatgggtg     94980
     ttttgttccc aattctaaga aggggcaaag tgtccacact ttggtcttcc ttactcttga     95040
     gtttcatgtg ttttgcaaat tgtatcttgt atcttgggta ttctaagttt ctgggataat     95100
     atccacttat cagggagtac atatcatgtg agttcttttg tgattgggtt acttcactca     95160
     ggatgatgcc cacaaggtcc aatcatttgc ctaggaattt cataaattca ttccttttaa     95220
     tagctgagta gtactccatt gtgtagatgt accacatttt ctgtatccat tcctctgttg     95280
     aggggcatct gggttctttc cagcttctgg ctattataaa taaggctgct atgaacatag     95340
     tggagcatgt gtccttctta ccagttggaa catcttctgg atatatgccc aggagaggta     95400
     ttgtgggatc ctccagtagt actgtccaat tttctgagga accgccagac tgatttccag     95460
     agtggatgta caagcttgca atcccaccaa caatggagga gtgttcctct ttctccacat     95520
     cctcaccagc atctgctgtc acctgaattt ttgatcttag tcattctgac tggtatgagt     95580
     gggttctcag agttgctttg atttgcattt cccaaatgat taaggatgct gaacattttt     95640
     tcaggtgcct cgattctcaa tcttacagca caagccattg ttgttctatt caggaatttt     95700
     tcccctgtgc ccatatcttc gaggcttttc cccactttct cctctataag tttgactgtc     95760
     tctggtttta tgtggagttc cttgatccac ttagatttga ccttagtaca aggagatagg     95820
     aatggatcaa ttcgcattct tctacatgat aaccaccagt tgtgccagca ccatttgttg     95880
     aaaatgctgt ctttcttcta ctggatggtt ttatctccct tgtcaaagat caagtgacca     95940
     taggtgtgtg ggttcatttc tgggtcttca attctattca cttggtctac ttgtctgtcg     96000
     ctataccagt accacgcagt ttttatcaca attgttctgt agtacagctt taggtcaggc     96060
     atggtgattc caccagaggt tcttttatca ttgagaagag tttttgctat cctaggtttt     96120
     ttgttattcc agatgaattt gcagattgct ctttctaatt cgttgaagaa ttgagttgga     96180
     attttgatgg ggattgcatt gaatctgtag attgcttttg gcaaaatagc catttttagt     96240
     atattgatcc tgccaatcca tgagcatggg agatgtttcc atcttctgag atcttcttta     96300
     atttctttct tcagaaactt gaagttctta tcatacagat ctttcacttc cttagttaga     96360
     gtcacgccaa ggtattctat aatattattt gtgactattg tgaagggtgt cattgtttcc     96420
     ctaatttctt tctcagcctg tttatccttt gtgtaaagaa aggccattga cttgagttaa     96480
     ttttatatcc agctacttca ctgaagctgt ttatcaggtt taggagttct ctggtggaat     96540
     ttttagggtc acttatatat actatcatat catctgcaaa aagtgatatt ttgacttctt     96600
     cctttccaat ctgtatcccc ttgatctact tttgttgtcg aattgctgtg gctaggactt     96660
     caaatactat gttgaatagg tatggagaaa gtgggcagcc ttgtctagtc cctgatttta     96720
     gtgggattgc ttccagcttc tcatcattta ctttgatgtt ggctactagt ttgctgtaga     96780
     ttgcttttat catgtttagg tatgggcctc gaatttctga tctttccaag tcttttatca     96840
     tgaatgggtg ttggattttg tcaaatgctt tctccgcatc taacaagatg atcatgtggt     96900
     ttttgtcttt gagtttgttt atataatgga ttacgttgtt ggatttccat atattaaacc     96960
     atccctgcat ccctggaatg aaacctactt ggtcaggatg gatgattgtt ttgatgtgtt     97020
     cttggattcg gttagcgaga gttgtattga gtatttttgc atcgatgtac aaaagggaaa     97080
     ttggtctgaa gttctctatc tttgttggat ctttctgtgg tttaggtatc agagtaattg     97140
     tggcttcata gaatgagttg ggtagagtac cttccgtttc tgttttgcgg aatagtttgt     97200
     gaagaactgg aattaggtct tctttgaagg tctgatagaa ctctgcacta aacccatctg     97260
     gtcctgggct tttttttttt ttttttttgg ttgggagact attaatgact acttctattt     97320
     ctttaggtga tataggactg tttagatcat taacctgatt ctgatttaac tttggtacct     97380
     ggtatctgtc taggaagttg tccatttcat ccaggctttc cagttttgtt gagtatagcc     97440
     ttttgtagaa ggatctgatg gtgttttgga tttcttcagg atctgttgtt atgtctccct     97500
     tttcatttct gaatttgttt attaggatgc tgtccctgtg ccctctagtg agtttggcta     97560
     agggttaatc tatcttgttg attttctcaa agaaccagct cctcgtttgg ttgattcttt     97620
     gaatagttct tcttgtttcc acttggttga tttcatccct gagtttgatt atttcctgtc     97680
     gtctactcct cttgggtgaa tttgcttcct tttgttctag agcttttagg tgtgttgtca     97740
     agctgctagt gtgtgctctc tctagtctct ttttggaggc actcagagct atgagttgtc     97800
     ctcttagaaa tgctttcatt gtgtcccata agtttgggta tgtggcttca tttgcattaa     97860
     actctaaaaa gtcttcaatt tctttcttta ttccgtcctt gaccttcatt gagaagagtg     97920
     ttgttcagtt tccacatgaa tgttggcttt ctattattta tgttgttatt gaagatctgc     97980
     cttagtccat ggtgatctga taggatgcat gggacaattt caatattctt atatctgttg     98040
     aggcctgttt tgtgatcaat tatatggtca gttttggaga aggtaccatg aggtgctgag     98100
     aataaggtat atccttttgt tttaggataa aatgttctgt agatatctgt taaatccatt     98160
     tgtttcataa cttctgttag tttcactgtg tccctgttta gtttctgatt ccacgatctg     98220
     tccattgatg aaagaggtgt gttgaagtct accactatta ttgtgtgagg tgcaatgtgt     98280
     gtcttgagat ttactaaagt ttctttaatg aatgtggctg cccttgcatt tggagcatag     98340
     atattcagaa ttcagagttc ctcttggagg attttacctg tgatgagtat gaagtgtccc     98400
     tccttgtctt ttttgataac tttgggttgg aagtcgattt tattcgatat tagaatggct     98460
     actccagctt gtttcttcag atcatttgct tggaaaattg ttttccagcc tttcattctg     98520
     atgcagtgtc tgtctttttc cctgagatga gtttcctgta agcagcagaa tgttgggttc     98580
     tgtttgtgta gccagtctgt taatctatat ctttttgggg ggggggaatt gagtccattg     98640
     atattaagag atattaagga aaagtaattg ttgcttccta tcatttttgt tgttagagtt     98700
     ggcattctgt tcttgtggct gtcttctttt aggtttgttg aagaattact ttcttgcttt     98760
     tttaagggcg tggtttccat ccttgtattg gtttttttct gttattatcc tttgaagggc     98820
     tggatttgtg gaaagataat atctgaaacg gagtctgctt cagaagctgt gtggcttctg     98880
     cctgtcccag aagctgttag cttctgtagt ctacactctc acctgtgcag actagtcttg     98940
     gagggatgac tcccccaggt gctctggtaa agccctcctg ggcaaggcaa acacctctcc     99000
     tttggcaggg aaggtgcccg gatgtctgga gcctgaaaca gggtctgcct cagaagctgt     99060
     cctctaagga ccttgggggt gtccgccaac tccacgccca ggtgacccgg tgacatgctg     99120
     atttttatgt gtacttattg taatcattca cttgaagaaa aatagactgc aaccacattg     99180
     taatttttat attgcttgaa agactttgtt gggatatgga agctatagag ggaaaataaa     99240
     gttgttagag cttttggagc cttgcttcat cccgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     99300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgagtgtg     99360
     tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg ttgactcttt tcactggccc cagacagaga attaagtttt     99420
     actacccatg cccctcctca gtgtacctga cctgtcaaag ctggctctga catgtaactc     99480
     tccgtattca tacgcacaag tgggcatctc tcctgtgatc cctgacaatc ccactggtag     99540
     ctgcagatag acctgacctt agcccgcagt ccctgacaac aagagtggaa agtctcctta     99600
     gccatgcttg ccgtcttagg agcttgggtt gctatctttg catccttgtg tttggctgag     99660
     atctgcagac cctgatgtta tgatcatgtg ctatacgaga ttggagatgt ctttttatga     99720
     ccattgctat aagaactaac aaacaccaaa atgtttctcc tactctgaca ttttcagtgc     99780
     aacatttctg ataccagatg tgtaaggctc atttccctac atgctaaaca atcctccatt     99840
     gcacaccagc caagtgactt cacattaaag tcagcagtga ctctttgtgt ctggagttag     99900
     tatcagaaat tacaggttga gggctctgac ccacaagacc taatgcagcc cacttcagat     99960
     gtcaatcaca gccctttggt gtgccctggg tttctgaaag gtttccatga agtcctgtgg    100020
     ctgcctgctc tggtgtcagt aacttgtcac agcagctcag agaacttggg gacactcttg    100080
     tcactatcat gagttgatga acactgatga agaggtacaa agagtgcagc ctagaaggtt    100140
     ctgggtgtcc tccagagatg ctgctgctta cacaccaaca gatcctagct ggtctgagat    100200
     ggggtccaaa gacacaagga ccagaagaaa aaaaaattca accatgagcc tcctcctgtg    100260
     tacgggcttc tggtttcctc cctccctggc tcctcctttt ggttacttat ctcctccttg    100320
     ttatccccgt atttatgttt ttcactgtct ctgaagtgtt tttcttatgt cttttgcctt    100380
     atatcaagat aaagtgtttc acataagctt tcccaatggc ccttgccctc catctgctcc    100440
     tgatacatct gtaaaagacc tttcagacac tgtgaggaaa ctttggctgt gagggacctc    100500
     catcccaggc cagctatgag tctttcaaat ggtcttctga tgctctatgg atctcttttg    100560
     cttctgctag ctcacatcgg tgtagcactc cttgtagcaa gattagtcac cgtcatcctg    100620
     aatcagctct ggtcgcttcc tcttgctggt ccactctgtc tcccctgcct ctgctccacc    100680
     ttcctgggca gtttctcggt tctactctgt aaccaaatca tctgtttaca gccccctaac    100740
     agttatttct caaaagtctt tgcagaaggc atgatggtag tcatacgatc catcatcatt    100800
     ggttgagtta attctcctga ctgaagggca gccccaccct gcttcttcaa cataccctga    100860
     actactccct cctggtgacc ccttctcagc aggaaacacc taggaaagga tcagtgcccc    100920
     tgctctctat tttatatcct tttaggactt tagtttttaa ttcattattt actttatagc    100980
     ctgactgcat cccctccctc tcccagtctt tatccccact tcctctgccc cctccacacc    101040
     tcctaccttt ctcttcagaa aaaggggagg cctcccatgg atgtcaacca gcattggcat    101100
     atcagtagga ctagatgcac cctctcctgt tgaggctaga caagacagcc cagtaggggg    101160
     aaagggtccc aaaagcaggc aacaacaaca gcaacaagac acagcctctg ctccttctgt    101220
     taggagtccc acatgaagac caagcgacac aactgttgca tatgtgcaga gggcctaggc    101280
     cagtcccatg catgctttct gtttggcagt ttggtttctg tgagccctat gggcccaggt    101340
     tagttgattc tgcgggtttt cttgtggtgt ccttgacccc tctggctcct tcagcccttc    101400
     ttccctcctc ttccacaggg ttccccaagc tttgcctaat gtttggctgt gggcctttac    101460
     atctctttcc atcccattac tgtgtgagac ctctctggtg aaggttgtgc taggctcctg    101520
     tctacaaaca tagcaaaata tcattagcag tatcagggat gcactccctc tcatggcaca    101580
     ggtctcaagt tgggccagtc attggttggt cgctccctca atttctgtcc catcttaaac    101640
     ccaaaacaac ctgtaggcag gacaaattgt agtttgttgg ttttgtggct gagttagtga    101700
     cccaattcct gcatgggaag tctttcctgg ttacaggaga tagccagttc aggctccata    101760
     tatcccatca ctaggatcac taggagtctt agctggggtc acccacataa attcttggga    101820
     gtttccattg tcctaggttt atagttcatc ccacagatga ccccctcatt ccagttctta    101880
     ctcccagtac tctccccttc catcctcctt ccacccaatc cctcgtgctc ctatccccat    101940
     ccctcccaca tccagtaccc tccctccctc catccaccgt gatgtccaat ctattcccct    102000
     tctcagtgaa cttcacacat cccctcttgg gccctccttg ttacttagct tctttgggtc    102060
     tgtggatcgc agcatggtta tcctttacct tacagctaat actcacatat aggtcctgta    102120
     aattaggatt tttacaagat gacagatgac cttgttgggt catctgggat gggactacct    102180
     gttggaacag cctgtctcac cttgggcaag caattttagg aacgagaggc tgctgggcta    102240
     cgtgttgcag ttttctcatt cctaagccct tcacttcatc tgtacaaagg gtcacagcca    102300
     gctttttccc atgcagaccc ctcaatttct tgtgagaaag aggctgcccc ttgctgtgtg    102360
     tgctattatt tggttgagat gcaaaaatct caaccaaagc caagtataca catataataa    102420
     ctcagtgtcc gagttatgca tgcatgggca aagaggatgc attttcagtg ttgtcaggac    102480
     actgtgttaa gatgagactg acctgcaggt agctgactag aatgttaagc gaaagggatt    102540
     ctcctgtgtg tgtgacaaag tccaggggga gcttagttgg taaagcacgt gccaggaatc    102600
     tgtggagact gactctccat gcccagaaag cctggtaagc tgaaagtcag tgagaggccc    102660
     tgcccaaaaa gtaacttagg gggctgagaa agtgggtcgg tgtaagaata tttgaacact    102720
     attccagttt gagaggcagg aatgtggttc aggagtaaag acctgtctag atacaccagt    102780
     ggtaagacac ttccagagat gtcatcgcat gaggctgcct gctggacaag catccttgaa    102840
     gggcagcctg ggaagaggtg ggagggatgg cctggctgca agagacttag catactcctg    102900
     tctcctcaga acttggctct ggcctctccc agctgcaggg cacctcagtg tgtcatgaaa    102960
     tacctgtcag ctacattcct catctccttg gcaaccaagg ctgcaggtcc aggtcctgac    103020
     actgtctaca gcagcctgtt gtcagtccat aagaagagca gggttagaat ctgtggggtt    103080
     tggctgagtt gaggaccctg ggtgtgactg gaagggcagg aaggctgggt tctgaaaggg    103140
     gaagaggctg aggtcaggct tgagtgagga gggtgtaggt ctggcacctg aggctcctga    103200
     gggagagact ggagagacat cacctcatca atactgagat gggaatatca caagtgtcca    103260
     ggatccctgc atcattggaa ggagatctgg aaaccgagag gccatgttgc agctgtgtgt    103320
     gtcttggggg ctccacgtcc ctgagaggca ggaacagttc tcaggtgcag gttttcaggg    103380
     aagagcatgg gacctccagg tttctggaga tgcagaaaca ggttgtgccc cttccatggt    103440
     ctcttcttct tcccatgcct ctgcaggggt gctccagaga tagtacagtg agccatgtga    103500
     gaagccctag gggtttgggg gctatcccat ctcattcaga aaccagactg tgaggtctac    103560
     agccactgtc ttgacatgtt cctgtgagca gccctcaccc ctttcccagg ccagggtcac    103620
     accgtgagct cacttgcatc catttctagg gacagtttat gtgatgcacc ctgggatctg    103680
     ggtcagacaa gcatcctgtg agccagggga acctggttga aagggagctt gagcaaggcc    103740
     aggctctcag tggtggactc tgtggtttct ggaggaaagt agaaagagcc tgcctttagg    103800
     ggcatcatcc acctccactg gtcttccagg tctctacgat atgttgttct cagctgatat    103860
     cccagtgtct cggccatgtc taggacaagg tgccagagtg gagatggagg tgggggcggg    103920
     aactcctctg cggtcctacc tgagagggac tcttggtgac aagcgtgggt ccattgatca    103980
     tcagcatgtg ttggtttgga ttcctctgag cacttcaaat cctgagtggg ttaaggacag    104040
     aggctggggg gtggggagaa tgggagacga gggtgcagtt gggaagaatt aaccacggcg    104100
     gtggtcaggc ttttgttctg attctcctgt ggcacatcca cgtaattttg aatccaacca    104160
     aatatgaact cagggtcttt gtgatgtact gagaagacac tgggtctttc gcatgttccc    104220
     tcttgtcctg agagagtatg gcagtctgtg gagagtgtgt gggaacagag ggtgcttcgg    104280
     gaggtcagcg atccgccatc cttccatgaa gatggactgt gacatgctgc aggctcggcc    104340
     atggagaccc ctgtctcctg attggaggct gctgggcagg agcatctgtg aagcatgagg    104400
     aggagcactg ggacaaggga agtgcacatc tgcacatgtg agggtgggag ccagaaggtt    104460
     gagttctgac actgtttcag ctccatgaga agctgggcac tggggctggg agcaaagtgc    104520
     tcagcatgca agcatgaaga tctgagttcc aatcttaaca accctttttt taaaaaagtg    104580
     agccctgtca cacactcctg aaaccccatt gttgtagggt gtggagacag gacagtcgct    104640
     ggggcttgtt gaccaccagc tgagctcctg gttggttcag agagaccttg tctcaaggga    104700
     gtaaggtgga tactgattgt gagggacatc ctggactctc ctggcttcca tcttatgcat    104760
     agatgcaaat acatcagtag atactttcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa    104820
     ttaaaaatac ataaatattc agaggtatgg agagttagcc ttggtctcag aggggcaaag    104880
     ggatcattgg catagattag actgaccact gaaacttggg agcgaggatt ttattggggt    104940
     ctatgtaagg aaactttgat tgagagccag tcatgttcct gctcccgtca tcctttcctg    105000
     aacctctacc ttccctgatc aagcttcccg gcccatgggc ccttccccag tcaggaatcc    105060
     acccagtgtc aacagaacaa ggaaataggg gttccaatgc tcagccgctg gccttggtgc    105120
     cagcatccag ctcacacact tagaggcgtg gctcagacct ctcctgtgtg tcagcagggc    105180
     agggtgggag tgtggaggga taagggcttt atatataacg ccttgcagag agacagctca    105240
     gctccaagct cgtcacctgt cgccatgcgg ttcctggttc tgtgcctcat cctgtctctg    105300
     gaggagtgtg gtgagaagtt gagggattca caggaagaga aggggatcag acgcctccct    105360
     tcttcacccc cataagtcct ccctcccata ccagcagctc agcttcattc tccagcccac    105420
     ggctttccta ggaccaggga ctggggttct tatttcttgt ggtgccaccc tgactcccca    105480
     tctcaacccc tccatgctgc ctatcccttc ctgctccttg ttttctatcc tgatgtccta    105540
     gaatgtccag tccactccct gcctccagcc actttaccgc aggcacagat cctgggtcat    105600
     ctctgtctgt catggtgcga tttagaatcc ttcattggag gacatcgctc tgccttccag    105660
     caccccttag cccaaccaca gtattactgt cactctcacg cagccactac tgccagtcta    105720
     tgctttctgt cttgacttct gtcccccagg tcctttgctg agaacacaga tcccatgaca    105780
     caccccgttt tatcatataa ctaagagagc tagtcaaaga ccacacaaat agcccctgct    105840
     tgctacagtc tggaattgga gtttttaaat tttcttgtta ttctgcctcc accttacctt    105900
     tctgaggggg ttttaggggc tcttctagaa ctcattccag ggtcaaattt gcaatctgaa    105960
     aagaccccac ccttccccac tatgttccct caaccccaca caggattctt tcctaacaaa    106020
     cagacctcac ctatgggagc ccatctccat ctgggaaact ctctgttcct gagaacagag    106080
     tttccaccag cccccagccc atacccttct cactccctgg agcccatgca gccccagacc    106140
     ttgactcctc tgctgtctcc cagtctgccg tctagggtca gctttgtgct cagagtctaa    106200
     tgtctccttg gttaggccaa gctaccactc agcaagccag gtgtcagccc tgaaatccag    106260
     tccattctaa caccccttaa cctgacctcc ctcctggtcc tctgtcccat ggcccttcac    106320
     acccacagga aagctttcct tcccagtccc ttttccatgc caaccttggg tcctacccag    106380
     cactcccttc tacaggtgcc ctttccttcg cccaacccag gatcactgga ggctgggagt    106440
     gcgagagaca tccccaaccc tggcaggtgg ctgtgtatca ttataacaag gctgtgtgtg    106500
     ggggtgtcct ggtccaaccc cagtgggtac tcacagctgc ccactgcatc ggcaggtagg    106560
     atgggctggg gtgtggctca tggtcagagc acttgcctaa catgctacgg ggccccgggt    106620
     cctcctccca aacacattag taggagaagg gaaatggagg tgatggtgtc ttctattctt    106680
     caaggaagag tatgccaccc tcttcctcgg atgacctcat gggaggtatg tgtgagggat    106740
     gaaggttggt gctggtccag aaggacagag tggtgggtgg gctggaccac caccactcca    106800
     tgaccaccga gtctctcctc atgtctcccc atgttcctgt ctcgctctct cttggggatc    106860
     ctgctctttg tgtgactatg tgagactgtg ttttggtctc tcctaccctg agtccacgtc    106920
     tgtgtgtccc acctatctct gtcctcctct gggtgtctct atgaccatgt gtcactatgt    106980
     gtctccccct ctagatctcc tcccagctct ctctgggtgt gggtctcact ctctgtccac    107040
     catcactgct gaccacactg aagaactgga ttaagtgaga cctggtggac aggaaggggt    107100
     ggcccccata tgtgtgtgtg agggaaggtc ctcagctttt ccagaccaac ctggcactgg    107160
     atcacgtcca ctctggggac atacaggtag aggctgggct ggcctgtgac agggcagcat    107220
     gatgagtaaa gagtgaggac agggtactgg gagaaagctt gggctgtgac catgtcctgt    107280
     gggccaggct agctgaggct agcccagtgc acctgagtgg ctctcaagcc tgccccatct    107340
     ctgttccatt tctctttctc tctttacctc ctgcctcact tgcccacttc ttctatttgt    107400
     ctctgcctct cgtgtgcccc cattcccttc tcctctcttc tcatcccatg tacttgctgc    107460
     tcccacgtgc tcccacgtgc tttcctgtgg tgctccacgc tgccccttcc ctccgtttcc    107520
     tttgcagttc tcttgtttta gtcatgtgtg tgtggtgcat gtgtgtgtac tgttggtgcg    107580
     tgtgtgtgag cgtgcgtgta tgtatggagg acaggaacag atgtcagccg tcttcctctc    107640
     tcactctcca gcttatgttc tgtcacttga tttatcacat ttacttgttt tgtgtgtgtg    107700
     agtgcatgag tgtgtgtata tgtgagcatt tatgacatgg catgagcttg gaggtcacga    107760
     gacagcctgc aggagtcagt tccctccctc caccatggag gacctgggat tgaactcagg    107820
     tcacacgcct tggctgcaag tgcccttacc cactgagccg cttcactgcc tctttttttt    107880
     taaaatcatc ttaataaaaa aaaaatcctg tgtgtgagtg ttttgcttgt tggtgtgtct    107940
     gtgcaccatg aactagagtt acagacagtt gtgagccagc atgtttgtgc tgggaatcaa    108000
     acccaggtct tgtgaaaaag taatcggtgc tcttaaccac tgagccatca tctctccagc    108060
     catcttctgc ccctattttt tgagacagga gctcaaatat acagcatagc tgggtgccaa    108120
     gaagctctag ggatcatcat gttcctcagt gcgggaattg caggcatgtg tcactcaacc    108180
     tgattggcag ctccgttctg aaggtccaaa gtcaggtgct cccactagtg caatcgggtg    108240
     ctagtgcatc aggtgctccc actagtgcag caagctcatt acccgctgag ccatcccaca    108300
     ccctggcacc ccgtctttcc cattctgtgt ctgtctttca ttccctctcc ctccagcact    108360
     ttcttgctat ctctgctttc cactctcttt ccccatctat ttctcctctt tctccctttt    108420
     gcccagatcc cttgccagct tttcctccct catctctgct tcctccctag caaaagcaag    108480
     gttaggctgg atcaacacag cctgagtgct gatgaagatg caggtcagta tgtctctgtc    108540
     tgatgctcca tcccacactc actctacaac atgagcctcc gaaagctcac atttctcagc    108600
     ccggatgctg gcagcagtca cgacctgatg ctgcttcagc tgagtgagcc agccgacatc    108660
     acagaggctg tgagcgtgat gagcctgccc accgaggagc cgaagctggg gagccgttgc    108720
     ctggcatctg gctggggcag caccaggcca ggtaagtgta tgactgggtc agaccctgga    108780
     acctggagcc ggaagttcag tcctggatgg aaaggctgga gccggaagtt cagtcctgga    108840
     tggaaaggct ggagccggaa gttcagtcct gggtggaaag gctgggcagc cgggctgctg    108900
     taaatctacc accgttgtgt tctctaggcc tacagctgcc agggcaagga cgctgcagtg    108960
     tgtggatccc aacctcatgt ccaatgacgt cttacaatga cggcttactc acagggggtg    109020
     acagaagaat tcatgttgtt tgctgggcac caggaaggag gcaaagatac ctgcatgatg    109080
     agcagtccca agccctagga cgctgagaca acaagagtga aggaaactga ttctgggctg    109140
     aggcccggcc agcatctcct cagctgctca gacactgtag cccgtcagct ccccctgccc    109200
     ccctcagtgt gtcaaagcct cctctgctcc agtcttgtcc cttcctccca aggcaccctg    109260
     tctctcactc ttccacatcc aggcttctca acctacggac gccttttctt atgtatctcc    109320
     cacgtgcctc tgaccatctt agaccctgct cagccaatag gagcacagag cagcccctcc    109380
     cacacagagc accattatgg gggtgggaat gttgcactgc tcttcctggg gcaactgttt    109440
     ctactcagca cagagaagac aacacactat tccatccatc ttggagagct catgggttgt    109500
     taggttagcc tcaggggcat ggaaggcaac tgtatcacca aaaagcctgc cccagcatag    109560
     gtgaccactt agaaaatctg cacctcccta gtcctctgca gttccactca agagtctccc    109620
     ctcctgaggg gcctcctgaa tccccgtgct cataccagga agggaagttt tgacggagag    109680
     aacacagctc cacagaaagg ggcagccata agcaggaagc acaactcagc cgtaatgggg    109740
     tagaacgtca taaggagcca tggggcaggc atgaggactg ggaggcctgg gaaggtcact    109800
     cgtggtagga gggaatgttg tgtgcaaggt cagaagaggc agaacctgac acaggggaga    109860
     cgggtgtacc ctatggaact aggggaagca agtaccaggt ccccagggga gagaagctgg    109920
     agggcttggg ggacaatcaa ggaccttgtg actaaataag tgtcagcaga cagagtgtga    109980
     atggggctca gagcacacag gaggttgctt tcagcaggac ctcagcaggg tcacatggga    110040
     tacttttatt ctatggtgtg ttaagaggct ggctgtgggc agtgctggac tgagcagggc    110100
     caggctgacg ctgttcttga gcgccctctg gtgtccatga gatcaggctg caggaagggt    110160
     gaaggaggcg ggcttgtctt gggcttgagc tgtgtgaaga cgccagccag atcttatctt    110220
     catctggtct taacccactg cctttcttgc aggcatttgc cacagtctcg ccttgcattg    110280
     cctccaagca tcccttctaa cgtcagagct ggcctttccc agcccctgct cacagtcctg    110340
     gctatgaggt agctatccta gaaaaagttc atgggaatgc agccatgaga tgacccccgg    110400
     aggaagtggc acctctattc ccctatgccg agctggggac cctgccttct acccccctcc    110460
     caccccccac cgacatgagg acattgcctt caatacagga gctaaatctg tttcccttcc    110520
     tctttgccca gggctccagg ctatgtcccc tttgagatgc tatcctgcct tcttctggaa    110580
     ggcaaactgt gaagttgcaa tcagtaatct gttggtggtt aagtgtgagg gggtggggca    110640
     ccccagacag aaagtgggct gttctctcac tccacctcca tgccttcttc cctcagggtg    110700
     actctggagg cccactcatc tgtgatagga tgctccaagg aattacatca tgggatggtg    110760
     aacccagtgc ctatcctagg aagtctagct tattcactaa agtgtcagca cacatgaact    110820
     ggatcaaggc caacattaag aacaaccctt gaggtccctg tgccttccct acgaaactga    110880
     caaccaccgt tccacattct gcacggttcc ccttttctgg gcttgagaca tctgggggcc    110940
     caggactcag ccagcagaat gcaaagtctc ctgattctcc caacacaagt gcttagcagg    111000
     aagacaggag cagagagatt tggttcagca ggcctcagag ggttgcatgt gcttccccca    111060
     tctcaagagc atggcaggtc tgaaaactgc tcaagcagaa gtaggtggtg gtggccttgg    111120
     catgcgtgca ttgcagagat ggcagaaggg gatcaccgga gatgggacag aggtacacag    111180
     tggcaaatcc atggagcccc aagcaagatc cgaggcccat gcaactaggt acatagtggg    111240
     gtggtgccga aacgtcaccc tcatttttct ggagacgaca ggatgcctaa gtaaattgtg    111300
     agcagaggaa ggaggtcact ccatgtcaca gggctggcgc aagggagggg aaaccacaga    111360
     gtggggaagc ttattcactt tgtgggtgtt ggtgacaaca agccacaatt aacagaggga    111420
     ctctcagtca cagatgtgga gctagggtgt gtcatgggtg aagaccatga cagggaacag    111480
     agagagatcc tgagacaagc tctcggatgg actgtggagt ggagaggcag accttaccac    111540
     tgccaccacc tgtccagtgg cttctatgga caatgatgtg tgaggacatg tccagagtgc    111600
     ttctacccag agcagctgac caagactggc atgcagggtg ctcactgggc tctgtactcc    111660
     tgtcctctgt actcaaatac aagtacatga ccaacatgct gtccatctcc agggtctgca    111720
     gggcatagtc caggactcca gatacccaaa cccacattca cacttacagt cactccgtca    111780
     acacaaactg ctactgatat cctgggctcc actggactga gactcctcag gcagggaagt    111840
     ctggggcatc cagaattgtc ccaggagaga ctcaagttag ggttttctca tggttgagta    111900
     ccaaggcctc ttggggaatc ttctactgtt caagggatga agggatgaag gaagaaaaga    111960
     ctgaggaaga ggaggagaga agaaaggagg gatgagaaaa ggaggtaaat gggggagaga    112020
     gagagaggat aatatgggga gagggaaagg agaggaagcg gaggagaggg aaaagaaaga    112080
     agtgggaaag gaagagaagg gggaggggtg aggaagacag taggcctgct gatatccttg    112140
     gtctgttgac cagggagggg gcatgtggaa gaaagtgcag gtatggggac agacctgcac    112200
     ttactggagt tatggtggcc actccattgc tgcttcttca cacccttgtg caagaaacaa    112260
     tctcacccta agtctacagg gtagagaggc acccagcatt ccatactgga cacaggagac    112320
     catagagtgt gtcataggga catagagaga tcacagctgg aaaagtaggg tatgtctggg    112380
     catatgggac tacacgggac tgtacacagg gttaggttga ggagtgacac agcttagtga    112440
     actccagttc tcctagggag agtggaattg tggtgtcaac atcctgaagg ctagcaggat    112500
     ctgaggactt tgtgagatac tgctggtagt cccactgatg gagaaagcag catagattgg    112560
     gagcctccac cggagggggg gggggctgag gcctctgagg cctcctggtg acagactttg    112620
     agaccgaagc tgctgctgaa gacactgggt gcggctggat ccctccctca cagtcagcaa    112680
     cccatgaaac ccagaacatg ggcttcagga ctttaattac tggtcaggag gatagggtct    112740
     gagtcacagc tgtggcctgg gataggatgt ggtgtcctga gctactccag gagctgaaac    112800
     tcctgagatt acaccctaaa aggaggctga gaaagagcac ggatgctccg ctgtcctgtc    112860
     caactgggcc tgtgagacac acagacaaaa gaaagccccc caggaaaagc tgcctgttct    112920
     agtggcttta ggaacagggt caagcctgtc taaagtgtag accaggacat agactgtact    112980
     catctttgag tgtctctctc tgcaataaac tgtcttctac acaaagctct gtgcatctca    113040
     gatgaatcct tttttaatgg agatcaccgg ggctggggag ccagaggaaa tccagcagga    113100
     ggtcttggtg actgtaacat aggtgtgtga agggtcatct gatgactaaa aatatttaag    113160
     ttagattcca cgttgagtta gaaatgtcct aatgagggac cggagagatg gctcacagat    113220
     aagagcacta gctgctcttc cagaggaccc aggttcaatt cccagcacct gcatggcagc    113280
     tcacaactgt ctgtaattcc agttccacag gatctgacat gcatgcagga aaaatatcaa    113340
     tacacataaa ataaaaataa ataaataatt taaaaatctt tttaaagaaa gaactgtcct    113400
     agtaagtata ctgaaggaga taagacaaga cattaacagt attgaacatg aaaacatgaa    113460
     gcaagcccag aagaaactag gtagaaaatt ttgaatatac ttaaaaccaa aaattttcaa    113520
     aatgtgagga tctaggctag atgactcagt caataaagtg ctcactgtgc aagtgcaagg    113580
     acctatgttc aagtccccag cacccactta aaagccaggt agggcagtgc ctatctgcta    113640
     gcgaggggag acgaacagat tcctggaacg tgttagccaa ccagtatagc taaatcagtg    113700
     agagattttg tcccaaaaag aaagaagagg aggaagagaa agaggggaag aaggaggaga    113760
     agaaagcaga gggaaaggag gagggagagg cagaaaagag ggatgaaaca taaaggagag    113820
     ttaccacaca gctagttatt tgcaacgaac tgggtaagat gtgaaatgtc tgatttcaga    113880
     gcagaaggct cctcacggag ctccatgtgt gagctgacac aatccctgga aaatacttaa    113940
     catgttacac tgaccaggca caggctgtca gcatccatta cagctctaca ctcaacagaa    114000
     acgtattctc ataaaaatcc tcgtgacaag ggtcatacct acagcaaact ggaatcttcc    114060
     agaattcatc ccgtgagaac aacacagtca gtgctgcggt cttcacagca atgaggacac    114120
     tgtgtgggga atcaggacta cgaaccattc aagacagaac agcagaaaca tggggagaga    114180
     tggagacgaa gagaaagcgg gtaacagaag ctgagaagcc atacagggtg tccagggaca    114240
     cagattaacc tctctgatcc tctctgcctg gccccttgtc tccatcaatg tctgccatcc    114300
     aaggtcaccc tgtgccacag tctctaagat tcaatcctgt gagtgagagt ctcagcctcc    114360
     acctgacttt tgtcttatct acatcttcac cagccttcac cttccaaccc cgagagttgc    114420
     tggaatagga tctagcagct tgatatatga gtactgggtc tctactgtct gggtctgcaa    114480
     ttctagacct ctacaatgga ctttttttgg gtggatgaca gtatgaccct taactttatc    114540
     tagttctgtg aatgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag    114600
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagggag agagaggact aacccctatg actctccagt    114660
     aaatatatca tgtccctttg atgtaaataa tcactcttta cagcggagat cctctatttc    114720
     aggcattatc atttacacac aaacacagaa ctttcctgta cccttagaaa caaaggtcat    114780
     ctcacagatt aagtagacag tgtggtcaaa gcaattcttc aaggaatgag aaatgactga    114840
     acgccggggg ctcggactgg gcatgaagtt gatgtgtcgc agataaacac actgaggatg    114900
     ggtaattctg tcactcactc acagagcccc ttagacccac aaagaccctt tggtggagac    114960
     ttggaattac agactcagcc ccagagatcc aacatataag gacatattag atcatattcc    115020
     aagccactcc caaacataga gctggggcct cagtgtatgt cagcaagtcc cccagccccc    115080
     atgccaactt tttgagactc cctcctttgc acatccagtc tctatgtgca aatatttgct    115140
     tatgggacat gatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    115200
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatattgt atactggaga ctgagttaga tctaatttta    115260
     catccaatga tgtctcaatc ttgcatatta atttatgtac atgaacatat gtgctgtcat    115320
     tgaagcgaca ccatgaggca cagttcaccg tgtcgtccac agcagtttgc tagctatgca    115380
     catgaatcca cagctgatat ggccacaccc atgctgtccc agttagggtt actatggctg    115440
     tgatgaaata ccaccaccaa aagcaaattc agaggagggt tccctcctct cagatgactc    115500
     tagctcgtgt caagctgaca taaaactagc cagcacagaa ggaggggaca gaagccatca    115560
     atgcctgtag gacagaccgt ggagaagggt aagtgctgag gaggaccctg ctctcatgga    115620
     tggtgacaca gtcctgagga ctgtagcccc tctgtcccat gccctagcct agaaagcaac    115680
     ctcgtggacc ttggcagctt gaaccccaca cgcctcaaac atgtctccct actgaatgct    115740
     gtctggggac tgctgttcct gaaggagaaa ggcaggctca gcctcccaga gtactggagc    115800
     ccaggcagga agcctcactg ctggagaagt gttggagaag acaaaagccc acggtcctag    115860
     atcctggggg agacaggcgc atgtactcaa cctacaccct caaatgctct tcatattttt    115920
     ggccaagatt atccctcttt cagcatccct ggagtgcaga ctccagctct cctctagaca    115980
     aaggagtcca gaccccatcc ctcaatcact caaacccaaa gctccaggcc ctggatcctc    116040
     tccctcaaac ccagaagtcc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgc    116100
     cctcatccct gagacccagg ggcctagacc caagctctcc ttctgagaaa cacgggccca    116160
     gactttagcg tcctctctca gacacaggac aattcctggc tcttgtccct cagacacaag    116220
     gttcaaggag gctgcctctt ctattagata gaggaaaaga cttcctgtgg acacaccctg    116280
     gtgccaccta gtggctagtc cctctaagta caaaaccgac cttccacttt tcacagcaca    116340
     acaccctggg caatgaggac ttgggaaaac cctgttcttt gctctgtggt gctgtttccc    116400
     actgggacct tccacactca cccacctctc ccatgcctca agttcctcaa ccgtaaacag    116460
     ggttgtggtt gaggagcttt agggatgcag aaaaggatgt catgcgtacc agattaaaaa    116520
     gaaacagcca gggatggcag tgcacatctt taatcccagc acttgggaag aagtagaggc    116580
     aggtagattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagac tgagttccag gacagccagg    116640
     gatacacaga gaaaccttgt gcgaaaaaac aaaaagaaag taagaatcaa aaaacaaaat    116700
     aaaatgtctt cttccactga ctccgtctac tcccatgagt tttgtgccca gatactgtag    116760
     ctcaacactg acccccagcc agcggggacc ccagccacca acactgctgt agagaggact    116820
     tatgcccctc cctcataaat gaggaaaaca cagcacagaa aggctaagtg atgtgtccaa    116880
     agacatgaag catcgtgtgt ctggtcagga tgtaaactca gcccaccttg ctccagagcc    116940
     agggcctgaa tcccgttagc tggtttttaa cccttagcct gattttatgt gagacttcct    117000
     gctgaaaacg ctcacccttc ttagttcttt ttgagctttg attggctggt tcaacacagc    117060
     tcttctggct caaaattcct ctccacacta actgatttaa tctggccttc tccccctccc    117120
     cactctctta agtagctttc cttccctctc tcctcatgag agttggacat atcctattct    117180
     gtcagatctt tatctgattt gtcactttgt ctaccacgca attaaacatc ctttcaaaca    117240
     tgtatgcttc cttctacaaa caaacttgac cttcattgtt tgggattaaa agtttgtagt    117300
     aaggacttgt ctatattcca gccagagggc tgagccacac cacaactaga aacagggctt    117360
     ttcagtaact aatacaatgt tcaagttcat aatgtgagca aatatcctgc agtacacaca    117420
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca aacacacaca ctgctgatac tagaaaataa    117480
     ctaagttaat agaatggtgt ctgggccagg ctctgtgaat ccaatttgag tctctgaagg    117540
     catctgtgac tgaacaggcg aaggatgggg cttgggaggt caggttcctt cacgtcagac    117600
     atctgctgtc cccagcacca ggactcacaa gcactgtctc aagcaaagac acctcaaaag    117660
     cctgcacctc cagactaaga cagggccctt gttcaagaat gatagaaaca tcacagaagg    117720
     gctgtgagcc tgggacgctg tggagaccaa gtggtggtgg acggagtggg cagactgcag    117780
     gtgagaagac agggaggagg gtgaggtgac agagcagtaa agattagaat gtgagctgaa    117840
     gccagaggag agggcagaaa tgtgaggacc tggagaggcg agcaggaaac ggctggggtg    117900
     ggtgaaccgc aagagggaag aggttagtga atgaagaaca gaaatagaag gacgacatga    117960
     ctgttccgag gtgtggtgag gagaaggctt attgtaggca cgagggagaa cccaagggtc    118020
     cagagagggc agactgagcc gggtcacgtg gggggagcca ggagccaaga agccaagaga    118080
     ccaaaaggcc aagtgggcca aaatgggtag ccagaatggc tgatattgtt tagggaataa    118140
     cagttgggga aagagcaggg taccccagct ttgaggatcc tgtagcaggc ccgaactgag    118200
     aggtaccagg agaacctgac aaccagcagg ttgatatgtt agtaggctca ctccaggctc    118260
     cagactaagt aacggcgagg acagagggta gatgctgggc aagctagaag agagtttcag    118320
     cgggagaaat gagccaggct cctggagaca tcagggaagg gagaaccagg aagcaggtgg    118380
     ctgccgaagg ctaaacgtta gtgtttgaag ggcggcctga gctttacata cgtgagccat    118440
     gggagctgat cgaggaaaga cttctcgaga ggttaaaggg aaagaaagaa caagaagagg    118500
     aggaaagagg gggcaaatgg aagggggaga agaggagcag gcagaggaag acaaggggaa    118560
     gggtagagag gaggaagatg gaggcaggaa aggagaaata taaagaaaac tgggagatgg    118620
     aggaggtggg gtggaaagga gaaaaggagg aagaggaggc aggggagact gcagaggggg    118680
     agcaggggag gaggaagaac aacacacgca ggcttggtgg aggctcaaag acttctgggt    118740
     ctgccatgat acccaagagg agagttgcaa ccagcctggg gctggcagga ggacatgcag    118800
     atgaagtcac cgctaggggg caggacagat actcccaaag cccacacccc agacagtact    118860
     tggcagggtg tgagagatcc taggttgtcc ttttgtgtgt cttagaggct tggagcctgg    118920
     gcggctcaca gtaacatgtg tcatactgga aagtttagtt ccagctcctt ccccagaccc    118980
     acccggagcc ctcagtataa ccccagttag cacccccttc ccctggccac agggtgttcc    119040
     gaggagctgg ctggaagctg gggagaggaa ctctagaccc ccctctcctt ggccttctgc    119100
     atagctttgg ccactcccaa tctgagcttc aattttgctg gattaaagga tgaagcccag    119160
     gaaccatcac acaagaggac acagtaatct gaggacagac agcatcgggc agcagcctga    119220
     gtcccacaga aaaatggccc ggctgaagct catctcagcg tgaagctagg caacgcggaa    119280
     cgtggcaagg agacaagtgg acttgagaga cttctagaac ggcttagcct tgggggtcca    119340
     cagtgtctgt aggtctagga tggagaccgg aaatgggggt gggggttggg tgatctgaag    119400
     ctccagagtg cctggagacc tgtgattcca gacagttcta caccttgagt tcccgggttt    119460
     ctgtggacac agacaaaaca tcctaaaatc tgaaagtcaa tgttctaaag atgtgtgtgt    119520
     cctgcatctc cagggggaat tgagccagct gttcaggttt gtcccagaac gtcaacagct    119580
     tcccagacct agggagggac agagcttgta actggtgtca tgcttggctt tgtgacctca    119640
     gctcagtccc tcctgctcga gggaccttct cattatcgag gttctaggca attgctcaag    119700
     gccctctggg ggttctgaga caccaggagc cagccacaaa taccagaagc cttgggtcat    119760
     ctctgtgatg actcctggtc ccaatacaga gcctagaggc caagttccag atctcaggac    119820
     cacctcagaa tccaaaaaac taagaccccg taacctagtt gttcagtgca tgctgagatg    119880
     ctgcacagcc aatactgcag agatccagag tcagaagcca agctgtcttg agtccagact    119940
     cttttgtctg tctgttaaga tagtatttca ccattcctca ggctgaacag cccaggctgg    120000
     ccccaaacct tccattcctt cccgtcccta cttcctaagt gctggcatta cagtatacag    120060
     gcttgtgata ctgggcctgg atcatacagg atttgttctt tggggttttg ggttttttgg    120120
     gggtgtgctt tgttttattt tgttttgctg ttgttatttg aagcaatcag tatcccaagc    120180
     tagcctcaaa ctcacttgtg taggcaagca tattatgaac tcctgatcat cctgcctcac    120240
     tccctcaagg gctagaattg cagacttgca ccatcatatc tgttttctgt gatgctatga    120300
     tggaatcaag aggcggggag gagagaaaga gggaggggag ggaggagggg gaggaagaag    120360
     aagaagacat ggaaatgaca tcagaagaag gaaaaaaatg caaaatacaa gcctgagatc    120420
     tcaaaagcta ttcacagttc tgagcccagg ctgtggatta cttcaggcat tgaacctcag    120480
     atttcaaaag taaactctct atcacaacat ggttcagtta acaaagtact tggcatgcaa    120540
     gcctgaggac ctgagttcaa tactcaggac ctacacagaa aaccaacgag agcttgtcat    120600
     ccagcactgg gaagatgggg acaggtgggt ctctggagct gggtgaccag ttagcctggg    120660
     tctatcagga agctccaagt ctcactgaga gactctgctc aaaagacacg gtagaggggc    120720
     tggagagatg gctcagcatt aagaatacag gttgctcttc cagggaacct aagtctcgtt    120780
     cccaacaccc atgtcaggta gcaagcagca caaccaaact tctgtaactc tggttcctgc    120840
     ggcattcgat gcctctgcct ccaggagcac ctgcacacaa gcccacacat gtaagcatac    120900
     acataaaaaa ttagaaaaat ttttcaaaac tccctaagtc atttctggga gacacccaga    120960
     gttgatatct ggcttatgca tgcacatgtg cgtgtgtgtg aaaatttaat atattttgat    121020
     gaataaatct aaaattaatt aaccaggcgg tggtggttca cacctttgat ccccactctt    121080
     gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tctctgagtc tgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgaattc    121140
     tagggtagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa acaagacaaa acaaaacaga    121200
     aagatttaaa ctcacactct agacttcagg tcatgacaac cagatccgag accttcccag    121260
     tccatatgct aacataagtc cagattcaag atggtatggt ggcccacacc tgtcatccca    121320
     gcctttggga ggctgaggca gaaggatctc aagtctaaag tcagattagc ctgaaccact    121380
     tacgcaagag cctgtctcaa aacaacaaaa agaccaaagc tctaaaagtc tctctggggt    121440
     ccaagaagca tgaccttaaa aatcagcttc cagtgctacc cagaatttct gtctctgcac    121500
     tgcactgcca tcccagcttc tgctcttgcc ctcctgtccc ctccctccga gggaactgcc    121560
     cctgggtgga atttctcctt gcagactcag acaacggctt cagactaata aacgctcatt    121620
     ataggaacct cgtctcccat cccaccagtc accatggcgt ccagcctgta aacctggccc    121680
     tccactgcct ctctctccac tctacccagc cccaccccga gacccaggct gggctaggag    121740
     cttataaaag caggctttca gtgtctgctc cccttccggc atcccagctg ccccgatgtc    121800
     actggaggac ccggaggggg tgagatcttt gagagagaac ttgggaaagt gggtgagatt    121860
     ggagaggggg accctgcaga tgtgttggtg tccaggaggc aaatactacc ctgaatgacc    121920
     agttgtcaag ggatttgggt cttctgtgtc cttttcctgt tgcttcaagt tgaatttgaa    121980
     ccaagaaaat gtctcgaagc ttctagaaag agcctaggct gaggggggcg gggggaggga    122040
     atagggtgaa ccaggaggac atccctgaaa acacttgtta cagagccaag aacatggcca    122100
     gcacttatca ctggtcaagt cagttcagaa caacctccct aaagtgtccc cagtgccagg    122160
     tttcaagctg gccagagctg gggacaggag ggtctgacct gactccatcc tccttgagga    122220
     taaggagtgg tgaacagcca ggtcactgct accatgcagg ggcaggacag gggccatgga    122280
     atcttaatga cattgcctct ggattgccat gtcttgctct tccaaggctt cccaggtctt    122340
     tcagactgag gtggaagaga gaatagcaag atgagaagga ctagaattca ctcccccaaa    122400
     tttcctgagg tttctccgtg gaccagaccc taacactggg tgtttaactc taacacctgg    122460
     gaatccaggg tcagtccggt ggggtctgct taggagttct cagtctgatt aggagatacc    122520
     acagagagtc tggggaggga gggggtcaga gaaggtcaag acaagggaca agctgagcaa    122580
     tgtctgggtg taaaactgca ggccgaattc cagcactggc tacgcctagg gcaaggtcac    122640
     agagacccag ctgggcaggc tggaagggga ggaggcattt cagcctttct aagtactgct    122700
     gagcatatgg gactttattt aagaactatt agaggtccat gggaagctgt gagcaggaga    122760
     aaggagtcct cagctctgct gtagaagcca gatgtggtag tgaaagcctg tcatccgaca    122820
     cctgagagac taaggcatga aggtggagag ttcaaggcta gcctgggtaa cttagtgaga    122880
     ttctgtctca cagtgaatag caaaaagagg gctggggatg tagcttggtg gtagagggca    122940
     tttctagact ccatcaaata agggaggagg ggtatggctc agtgcagtta tccagctgct    123000
     taggtcagca ccctaccctg acccctgtac ccaagaggaa ggagagagga aagaaagaag    123060
     gaagggaagg agggaggtaa gctctctagg gctttgtgta caggagtgct agactaaagg    123120
     ggacccagga gtctgtcccc atgagaggct ggatagagtc ctgacccagg gccacgggga    123180
     tgagagagag agagacccag gtggctattg aataatgctg gggtctgcca atgccaaaag    123240
     gaacagaggc ccctccaggg atagggagca ggagaggaca caggtggagg ctacaggaga    123300
     tggaaggcag gagaggacac aggtggaggc tacaggagat ggaaggcagg agaggacaca    123360
     ggtggaggct acaggagatg gaaggcagga gaggacacag gtggaggcta caggagacgg    123420
     aaggcaggag aggacacagg tggaggctac aggagatgga aggcaggaga ggacacaggt    123480
     ggaggctaca ggagatggaa ggcaggagag gacacaggtg gaggctacag gagatggaag    123540
     gcaggagagg acacaggtgg aggctacagg agatggaagg caggagagga cacaggtgga    123600
     ggctacagga gatggaaggc aggcctctta gtctaacatc attctggtcc tctcaacagt    123660
     caggaggctg aggctggagg agcttgagtt tgaggccagc ctgggacata taggaaaaca    123720
     ctgtcacaaa agacagaaga aaagtgtgtc ccacaccaga gatgcacttc tgtctacaga    123780
     agggagacag ggacagatgg atctagactt accccagttt ttgtcatccc cgaccctcag    123840
     atctctaaga cccggacctt cttctgcaat gtggcttctc cttgctttcg tcttgctggt    123900
     gtctgcaggt gaggggcacc aaagtcaggt actggtctga tcaaataggg tgctccttcc    123960
     cccagagtat ctgcacctta ggacctgcta acccatactg cacccacaga ccccttataa    124020
     ccctatgccc atttctacct gagccaccag ctaaatgtct ctgatcctca atcctgagtc    124080
     accagaagtt ctgggccacc tgagcccttg aacctgagtt ccaaggatga tctttcttgc    124140
     catgtaacct tggggaaact ctttgacctc cctgagcctc aagtgcttta tacccaggac    124200
     agtcatggtg aagtcccaat aacatcacat aggtgataca tgggacaaga aatcaggatg    124260
     gttgagacac caagagccca gaatctaggt ttgaataccg tggctgccag ttcatcaaca    124320
     ctacaagtct ggtttcccag ccataggatg gaggcaagtg tcctccctaa gaatccagcg    124380
     tggtgctcta ggaggtgtgt gagcataatg ggacaatctg gacactccag gcaggtgcac    124440
     ggcatttcca catagcgacc acgtgaggct gagggcttgg ggaaatggcc cagtggataa    124500
     agtgagtgtc tgcgtttaga tccccagtac ccacttgaaa agcccggcag catgcctgta    124560
     aaatcccaga gcttggaggt ggagacaggg gaatccctgg ggcttgctgg ctatccagac    124620
     cagtcaatct acaagctcta tgtttagtga gaaaacctgt ctcccaaaac aaggtcataa    124680
     cttttgagat gatacagatg gtacttgctg tcaggcctga ataatggagt tcgggaccca    124740
     tacagtggaa ggacaaccac tactgccttc gtttatgggg gagcgggttg gactcaggga    124800
     tggccactaa accaaggtca ccctgggtga caggccaagt ccagaccaac ctctaccaaa    124860
     cctcttgtgg aaattttcac tgtaacctta tgctttctgc cctggagaaa attggagggg    124920
     tgtccattaa cgatcctcct gttgcccaca tgacctctgc ccagggaggg caagcctccc    124980
     cctgggctct ccctgggctg tgcttcagct gcctgctgca cccagccaga gcctccaccc    125040
     tcctccagct gggactagcc gggtgcagct ggatgcccac ctgttcagcc actgccctcc    125100
     tccacagggt gacctcaccc ttcctctgtt aagcaccttg actgccacat ctacgttctc    125160
     acagcctccc aggccctttg gccctattcc tgaccttgga gggcagaagg cagagtgtag    125220
     acagttggct tggttgtaac agtccagccc aggagtaggt atctgtcatg atcttgacct    125280
     tggaggagtg gggcaagcac attgctcagt aaaagaaatt atggcctcaa atgtcctgat    125340
     tatgttatat tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    125400
     gtgtatgtct gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtctgt gtgtgcttgc tgtccagaga cataagcaag    125460
     atccccctcc acaccttgtg aacttcaaag agtatcctta gacattagtg gccctgtctt    125520
     cccattctgt gctctccagc ttggtgtctt tgatcttgaa atctcagctt tgtatctgat    125580
     aggatctgag ctggtggaga actgtccata tctgagtatt caccctctgg ataagtatct    125640
     gggtccctga gttctataaa atggcttgtg ggtgaaacac atttttttca ttgtatgcac    125700
     atgtatatat acccagtatg tgcacatgca tgccaggcac tctctgcctt gttttatttt    125760
     attattttat gtgtaggagt attttgtctg cattcatgtg tatgcacttt gtgtgtgtgc    125820
     ctgatgccct cggaggtaag aagaggtcat cagattccct ggaactggaa ttacagatag    125880
     tcacgagcca ccatgtgggt actgaatcct ctgcaatagc agcagctcct gctcttaacc    125940
     agagagccat ctctccaggc ccaccttagt ttttttgaca gagttcgtca gtagcccagt    126000
     gctcactggt taggccaggc tgtctggcca gagagctcca gggatctgat tgactgcagg    126060
     cactggagct tatgaagcta taagcgtgcg ccaccatgcc tgacttttta ctggggtgct    126120
     tgggactgaa aatgtggcct catgctggca aggcaaggac tttaccaaat gagtcatgtc    126180
     cccagccttt aaattgcggt ttgatgttgg ctgttgtaac tagatctgcg cagatgtctg    126240
     tcatacttta atcacacctg ccatcaccaa cctgaacatc cacacggaca cccccataaa    126300
     taaataggtg ccctttgttt aaagtaacaa atgtaatccc agaacctggg agactgaata    126360
     ccgttcagac caccccggtt acactacaag ttttaagcca agctgtgcaa cccagtgaga    126420
     ctttgcctca aaatactgaa tgaaaaaaat caattcataa tgtcacagta gttacaatgt    126480
     gccaggcaca attcaccaca cacacagaca cccgtggacc ccttcttatt ttcatggccc    126540
     tccccatctt ttacaattga gaaaaacaag catcaagagt cccaagtctg gctggggagg    126600
     cagttcagtc agtgagcagg ttactgtaca ggtttgcgga tctgagttta atccccagaa    126660
     tatgtcataa gccatacgta atgaagcacc ggatggcggg ggcagacaca gtgagttcct    126720
     gaggctcact ggcccgccag cctagcacag tcagtgagcc ctggttcagt gagagtaatc    126780
     tagtctcagt actcgaggtg ctcatggcac tggagattgt cctctgactt ccatgcgcat    126840
     atgtgcacat gcaaacgcgc atgcgcacat gcaaacccag gcgtcaaggc ctcctgcggc    126900
     aagtacaggc aacaattgtc aaaaccagaa tacaaacttc aagacaaatg ggagtgtgtg    126960
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg cgagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    127020
     agagagagac tcacttgtgc cgtgtgggtg gaaaccaggc gatagcatcg gtgtcttcct    127080
     ctgacacttc ttatttttct ttgttttaaa tatttattcc tttttaattg tgtgtgtgca    127140
     caggagcgca tgcatgcgtg gggggggggg gcgcaccggt gcgtgcgaat gtgtgtttgt    127200
     aggtgttcct gaaggccaaa agaaagtgtc aaatccattc cctggagtta gcgtttcaag    127260
     ttgatgctgg gaactctaat caggcccaca gcaaaagcaa gctaagctct taacccaaga    127320
     gcaatccgaa ctcttgctgg cagcaagcac cttacccagg agccatcccc aaccctgagc    127380
     agggatatct taatgaacaa aaggaggggg atctgggtta agcctgtgat gataggctga    127440
     ggagagggca ggaatcctga aaacccaggc ctcaggagag atctacctgt gtctccccac    127500
     agcgcaggat ggcgacaagg tgctagaagg cgaggagtgt gtgccccatt cacagccctg    127560
     gcaagtagcc ctcttcgaac gtggccggtt taattgtggc gctttcctca tctcaccacg    127620
     ctgggtgttg actgccgccc actgccaaac ccggtataaa ggaaggggtg gggggtggga    127680
     tgggatcctg aaaggggatg gggaggtcgt gtggggtgtg gctgcaactg gaaacttcta    127740
     ggtttggggt gcatagactg tgggactttg gtgggggaag ttaacccaag ttcttggttt    127800
     ctgaaggatg ggtaggctgg aagtaaaggc ctgggtggga aggggggtgg attctgcctc    127860
     tgtaggctcc taaaggagaa gaagacagca aatgacccat ctttggggcc cctgatagag    127920
     gagggatcta ggtggtgagg attttctatt ctgaaggaag gaaagaggcc agatctagag    127980
     gctaagttcc atgtgtgtac cttgtatggg actcctgagc tacttccttt cttatccccc    128040
     ccctctctct ccatctcttt ctttccttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttcttcctct    128100
     ctttctttcc ttcattcttt ctttctctct ttccttcttt tcttctttct ttttagtttg    128160
     ttagtttgtt ttttgtttgt tttgactgtg caacccagtt tgctctagaa ctcaccgtgt    128220
     agaccaagct ggtccacaac ttagagaaat ccccctgcct ctgcctccca agtgttgggg    128280
     ttaaaggcat gaaccatcac accccgtgaa actcctgggc tctggagagg tcacggttgg    128340
     aaccactggc ttcaaggact tgagaaaagg agaaagttct ccgaagatcc caggttatct    128400
     tctctgacca ctttgtctcc tcctactcga tcacacagct tcatgagagt gcgcctgggt    128460
     gagcacaatc tccgcaagtt cgatggtcca gagcaactgc gctccgtctc tcgcatcatt    128520
     ccacatccgg gctacgaggc tcgcacccac cgccatgaca ttatgctgtt gcgacttttc    128580
     aaacctgccc ggctgacagc ctacgtgcgt cctgtggcgc tgcccagacg ttgccctctt    128640
     atcggtgagg actgcgtggt gtcaggctgg ggtctgttat cagacaacaa ccctggagcc    128700
     acagggagcc agaagtcaca cggtgagtgg aaggatggaa ctggagatag aaattccagc    128760
     aatgttgtcc ccaggggttc ttgaatggag ggaacaagaa ccaaaggaat taaatatact    128820
     caaagccatc tgtcctcctc agtgagactc cctgatacgt tgcattgtgc caacatcagc    128880
     attatctctg aagcatcttg caacaaggac tacccgggtc gagtgttgcc caccatggtg    128940
     tgtgccggcg tcgaaggcgg tggcacggac tcctgtgagg ttagaaaaga gagggtattt    129000
     gtggtaaaag gagggaatgg ggtgtatcct agcttggttt actgttgctg tgataaaata    129060
     ctccgaccaa aacaacatgg ggagaaagga gttcatttag tttacagctt atagttcacc    129120
     attgagggaa gtcagggtgg gaactcaagt gtgattctag atatcatgga gggtatctga    129180
     cttgaactga gtggggctgg gtactgaaca caggggagtg agttctcttg ggttgtgttg    129240
     aatcagagga ggcttagatt gttttgagtt aatgttggcg tttcctggac tgggattagc    129300
     ttggggtttc attgagatga agagtagtgg ttagttagaa taggggtgac aatgggttgg    129360
     attataactc agttggtaca gttacctggg ttccatctcc agcaccacag aaaaccggca    129420
     tggcagtgca cacctgttgc cccagccctt gggaggttaa ggcaggagga gcaggtgtgc    129480
     atcctctcac tacatggaat gaaatattga ggaaaacccc tccctgcacc cacagggtga    129540
     ctccggagga cccttggtct gtgggggtgc cctgcagggc attgtctcct ggggcgatgt    129600
     cccctgtgat actaccacca agcctggcgt ctacacaaaa gtctgcagct acttggagtg    129660
     gatctgggaa aatgtgagaa ggtactgact cattggccca ccacctacga ccctcatgga    129720
     ccacctggga ctctgaccaa gaatcccccg tagctggcca gcagcaccat tcctgcctga    129780
     gacagagccg agaccctctg catatcaata tttgctgtta gccagggcct cttccctcct    129840
     gatgtcacct gtttagaaga aaacagtttt ggtagggtgg cagtggtggc tgcggagggt    129900
     ctttgatccc agcactcagg aatcagaggc aggtagatct ctgactttga ggccagcttg    129960
     tactacaaaa tgtgttccag gatagccagg gctacacagt gaaaccttct ctttaaaaaa    130020
     agaaaaagaa aagaaaatag tgttgatcca tagtgttgat ccaactttct ctgtaagggt    130080
     gtgactttct ttctttaggt attgttgtgg taaataaaat ttgggggttt caacaccatt    130140
     ttagatcatt tagttcccaa ataaaacctt tatatttaca ataagcctta aagcagctgg    130200
     gcagcagata ccagccctct gttctatttt gtctacttcc ctgtcaataa ccctgagata    130260
     tgactcgcca tgtttcacct gggctgctcc tactccaagg ggcgtccctt gtggccatgc    130320
     tctcacagtc catctatccc atggcaactt cttccttttc ccgtgtcctt cttctcttct    130380
     catagtcttc tctgagaccc ctagcccagg aacttccagc cttgcctgtt tcttctgctt    130440
     acaggctgtg gacatcttta ttaatcaatc atggataact tggggggagg ggcaaggttc    130500
     acacaacaaa agttggtatc tactagtctt ggaacaacca gatcttgggg tacagaattt    130560
     agcattgcgt ataagcagca ctagaccaac ccccacattg tatgacagga aatgggtgga    130620
     gggctaggat ataaagtcta ctgttgcatg tcacccagtg tccccttccc tgggcgagaa    130680
     tacacagctt catgtatgcc tttgctcatt tgaattagat gtcaaatgcc ggatcagggg    130740
     cgtgacctca ctcatccttg gcttttccat ctgtgaaata ggtcaccata atacttgtct    130800
     actagggtgt ctatgaagat taaatgagtt gtgcatctta gctgatcaga actgtgtctg    130860
     gcactttgtc cacgctcatg agctgtacat ctcaggaaga ggacccaata ctagatttcc    130920
     aagatccacc attagttcta ggcttcctgg cggctaaggc aataaggcaa acactctgcc    130980
     tcggctgcat tggtaacgta caatacaggt ttagacgcag tgaactgcct tgctggttgt    131040
     acccagggct caggtttgaa gcctgcagct ttaccaccaa ggatatagga gtccagtttc    131100
     tgactgtctt cagagatccc aaaatgtgat tcttagggtc actgaatgtt gaaacccttg    131160
     atttggatca ttgaaatcaa cagattagat tgagtgaagg attatcatgg caatttctga    131220
     taatactgtt ttttattaca ggtctttagt gtgtgtttct gtgggggtgt ggtggtcaaa    131280
     ggacatattt tgagagttgg cttccttcta ccaatgaaga tggaatttaa aagttgtcca    131340
     gcttggtagc aaacaccttg cctgagccat ctcgccagcc atgtaatatt tatttattta    131400
     tttatttatt tatctctcct gttagtgaag gatgactttg aacttctgat cctgctgcct    131460
     ttacacacat cacacatgct ggctttacag gcatgcacca ccttacctgg ttatacacag    131520
     caccgtggct ctaggccagg acctcgagca ttctctacaa tgagtatatc agtcagccta    131580
     catccccgtc ccacaacccc aacacaagct tcttttggaa gacaaggtct catgtagact    131640
     gactcagaat ttgctatgta gctgagctga tcttgagctc cagatcctca tgagtcccct    131700
     tcccaagtgc tgaggtacca catttgcacc accacgaagg ttctgaggtg acaatcctgc    131760
     ccagggaagg cacttagttc agatctttgg gactttgaag gatatgaact tgaatatcct    131820
     tatctaagaa acaaagacga gaacggtcat tgtgaaccca acactgttca gggtgggtga    131880
     cactccactg gaataaactg aattttcatg ctttgaataa aagagtgatc aggccatggt    131940
     aatgtgcacc ataacttcta tttattttat tttattttat tttattttat tttattttat    132000
     tttattttat tggtttgttt tgagacagct ctatatatta ccctggctgt cttgaaagtc    132060
     actatgtaga ctgggttggt ctacatcaca gaatactaga gcctaaaatc acacagatcc    132120
     acctggctct ggcttcaaag tgctggtatt aaaggtgtgc accactacac ctagctctaa    132180
     aacttctcac aggaacaata aaatcagtga tccagagttc caagtccaaa aaggaagcat    132240
     tttggcattc tccaaaatag gatgtgtatc tgcaggaagc ttgcagccat cttggatatc    132300
     aatggtgcaa agaacttgtg ctaactgctg gtttctaggg taaccttgga ctagaggtat    132360
     atgaccttcc ttagagcagt gggttgggga tcactggctc caccttcttt tcatacccct    132420
     tcaccatcgc ccctgacctt gccatctgcc ttaggtcacc ataacatgaa cagctccagg    132480
     agcaacagga cctgccccac ccaatctcag acctgggaag gtatccaagg tgacctaggg    132540
     cctacaggag agcaggtgca atggggccct cccctcccac agccatgagg gtgagagaag    132600
     ggagtccaac tctgtcagga agggcagggc tttggccagc atttggctgc caacacggca    132660
     ggggtggggc tgtgggggag aatgagggtt tttaaaggct ccccgaggag cctctacagc    132720
     tccaagctca ctgcctgctg ctcctggaca cctgttacca tgaggttcct gatcctgttc    132780
     cttgccctgt ccctaggagg gattggtgag atgagggaat gggaggagtc acagccctga    132840
     ctctcctact gcctttggcc ctggccatcc ctttcccctc tcccctcacc ccagctacat    132900
     catgagtacc tgctcctcct tctctgccct gcacagtgcc aggtccctca cattccttgt    132960
     tcccaggaca ggcccctgtc cactcccact ttccagaatt ttctcctgtt tcttagacac    133020
     ctgaccatct ctggccttct ccagtctttc taaggaaccc aacctcttac caaccttagt    133080
     acctcggatg tctcttgagt tcattgtttt tcctagagcc tcatagccca acccctgagg    133140
     cagaggcttg cttaaatccc acattagagc cttaggctgt ccagcagctg ccagccttca    133200
     gctgtgttct ccacatcctg acaactggtc ccccatcttc ccaagatgct cattttctac    133260
     caaaatttca cttctcaaat tggattgtga ggtcagatgg gcccacccac ttatggtgtg    133320
     gggaaaatgc ccatgttcct tctttctggg attttagttt agtctgggtt ttggagaagg    133380
     agtcaggtgg tagacaccag acatggacat caagtatctt catcaatcac ttgccacctc    133440
     aggatgggtc tctcactgta tggagttcct gttaggctaa gatgactgtg cagcaagcct    133500
     caggggaatc ctcctgctgc cacctcccca gctctggggt taccatcact cagcatcaca    133560
     cctgactttt tccctgtgtt ctggaaggtt cagttcaggt cctaatgctt acacggccaa    133620
     tcctgtagca accaagccat ctcctgccca gctcttggga atacgttctt agtgtctcat    133680
     gatgtagccg aggcttgtct tcagtccatg gcaatccctc tgcctcagcc tgctgtgtac    133740
     tgaggttaca gagaagtgca gctatgcatg gcttgccaag atttcctctg tttccaaatg    133800
     ctctgcgttg gccccctctt ccctctgatg cctcctggcc tgagccccag tctcctcagt    133860
     gtttctaccc ttcatcagct cctgtcccat cttgccagat ccccactgca cagctctagt    133920
     cctcactatg tgcaggacac cccaaagacc ctaatgcctt accctagtac cttgcatcag    133980
     ctgggtcctc ctctttgcct cacagtggcc tgacttgatc tatgtttcca ctcctgtcca    134040
     gaggctgcct ccaagagaac cctgagcctc tccaatacct agaccatttg cccacctcca    134100
     caggaagcag atcctgtctg tcacagaccc ccagaatttc cttctctcac tgcttgtccc    134160
     atctcaaacc ccattcttag ggagccccac aattcttaga tgtcatctcc accacaggcc    134220
     ctaacaggag cccatgccct agccttgacc ctgctccttt tacctggaaa ttcctcaatc    134280
     tcttcatccc agctgccact tcatgcccaa tccaagaaac cccaaatcta ccccaagctc    134340
     cctttcctgg attcatttat acaaatttag tttcctgaga cctcaccctt tccagaattc    134400
     ccaaaaccca gccaaggccc tgatttcttc tcaagccttg gagacactga attccaaata    134460
     aaaggatttc attctcattg gactaaaaat gaactgaaat gctcccctct ctatttccct    134520
     gccatccctt agcccaaaac tataaagtgg cctgacaata taccccattc ctgatttaag    134580
     agttctttct atcccaacag catagatctc cctatacagg aacagacata tatgtgtccc    134640
     ttcccggatc ccctagccat gtcacctcat cccagccctg tttaaatgtc ccacagcaga    134700
     atacctccct atctgtgcca actctcaccc tctctgtctc tttctgcatg tatgtgtgtg    134760
     cctttttgtc tctttttgtg tttctgtcta tttctatatg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtctt    134820
     tctgtgtatg tttctgtccc tgactctgcc ccttctccct ggttgcctcc tctcacttgc    134880
     tccatctact tccctgcacc cccccccccc cagccagtat gaggtttggc tgggcaaaac    134940
     caaactattc aacaaagaag gaaatgttca gtaccagcgt gtcagcaatg catggcttgc    135000
     caagcctcac cctgatttca acatgagctt tgtgacaaag cacatccaac atcatgatta    135060
     tgacttcagc aatgacctga tcctgttccg cctcagcaag ccagctgaca tcacagatgc    135120
     tgtgaagccc atcggcctgc ccactgagga gcccaagctg gggagcacat gctttacctc    135180
     aggctggagc accatggcac cctaccagtg tgagtctgat gcaagcaaca cagctgggtg    135240
     tggaggatgg gcagagagga tgtagctggc ccctgctcac caccctcttg cttcctgatc    135300
     cacagtccaa aatgcaaaag atctccagtg tgtgaacctc aagctcctgc ctaatgagga    135360
     gtgtgccaaa accgagagtg aaggtgacag atgtcatgct gtatgcagga gagatggatg    135420
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca cttgcaaggt gagctaggct ctccttgcag tgaggtgatg    135480
     gtctgaaaga gggaactgag gttcttggtt cccacttcaa aaccctaatt agcctggtgc    135540
     ttctcatcct cccctatgga atggatgcac cctgggaggg gagggtcctg tagctggtac    135600
     tatctcttgt ctttgacttg tcttagaaga ctgtcctgtg catccctcac cacaacctaa    135660
     tatcctctta agatctgggc ccccaagagc tggattccct cacccattga acagagctgc    135720
     ctcttagagt ccctgtattc ctcccctggg agtcagttcc aggttgtcaa gtaaaactca    135780
     actgccaggt cctgacttac tgctgtccct ctcctttcag ggagactcag gaggcccact    135840
     gatctgtgat ggtgttctcc atggtatcac atcgtggcga tttaaccaat gcagagaacg    135900
     catctacacc aaacttatta agttcacctc ctggataaaa gacactatgg caaaaaaaac    135960
     aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaccc tgagtgtcca ttgtcccctg ttctaaataa aacacaccac    136020
     acagtaaaat gagttcaaat tctgatattc tctaggcttc tgaagtgcag gaccaaatca    136080
     aggttcactc aattaaggtc aggacttcta aagtagatca gcaagaaaca ggagtacgtg    136140
     tacggttggc taaaggaatg gggttgacac aaatacaaac aaaagcacag accaagctag    136200
     ggatgccaca tgagtcttca ctatcaagaa aaatgttcag atcacaaaag aaaaggttag    136260
     agacatcaga aaggtcaact gtagctaggc ctgaccctac actggaagca gaagagatga    136320
     taaacagcca gacactgagg atttagactt ctgacttagt tttattgact tggtcagggg    136380
     tgttatgtta gttaagactt gactccctgg ggaagagtct gtccacagaa cagcagggcc    136440
     tagccccaag cccaggctgc agagtgtcca cctggagccc caggagagga tgtctctgat    136500
     atggctggac caaaggatga agagtagcta tggaacatgg aggagcatca ctcatcttgg    136560
     gaaaagggcc acactgatgc tgctgctcag gacctcaaac cactgtctgc taagaaggac    136620
     acagccacag ctgaaagtat tagaggactt tcagagaagg gtccctggga agactcaggc    136680
     agcaagaagt aggtcctagc gcgtggagcg gagcttgcca cctgtgtccc aagggtgcta    136740
     cctgctctca ggaaaagtat gggacctcaa gagaggtctg atggaaactg agctagaggg    136800
     acagaggtgg aggcatctgg cagcggggat tcgtcagtgt cctgagaggt tgaggcatcc    136860
     ctctcttgag gagccccatg gtagttcaca aagctgttta tagcagacag cttctgggca    136920
     ggctccaaat tcctgtccaa aatggtctgc tgctgcaact gcaatgagtg gtgtctcaag    136980
     gcccaatgga agtagctgag cctctgctcc atggaaggca aactgtagct ctacattcac    137040
     acttggttga ggaagaacaa agttcctgtg gcaagggatc ccggtggtac tcaacacaga    137100
     gacccaaccc aaggcccaat ttggccctgg agactgaccc ccttttctga gctccaccct    137160
     gacctgccca ggcaccgacc ttccatccaa ggtcctgccc ttaccagcac aaagtctcaa    137220
     gacctggtgc atcagcacaa gtagaaggcc agctggtagg atacctgtgg ccttgggcac    137280
     agcctattgc agttgaccac aaagagaatc aggctgagga gaagcaggag ccctgcactg    137340
     aggtggggcc agggaaggac agaaggctag acagggaaca ccccctccca aaaaaagaga    137400
     gagacagaga aaacctccgt gacctgccac aaatagacac atgtacacac acacacacac    137460
     acacacacac acacgacaaa tggatacaca ctcagaggtg gaaggaaact gtgagacaag    137520
     gccatcagtc acaatagtgg gcataagctt ttaatcccag ctacttatga tgctgaggca    137580
     agagaatgcc atattcaaag ccagcatgga ctacagagtg aatccacagc cagcctgagc    137640
     tacaaagaaa gcccaagaaa gacagagaca cccctctccc taggagcagc agagctggaa    137700
     atctagccac gtctctgggt aggaggaggt tctggggttg agtggaggat ccccagtcac    137760
     ccccgtcctt gccaacactt tctgatgcca atgctaagga aactgaagat gaagtctatc    137820
     ttgttcaggc agcggcagac tggtcgaaag gagaggaaca tggtgggcag aaggatgagg    137880
     catagtgcca gggccagaaa tatgaagccc ttgctcatgt gaatgtaaac tggggaggag    137940
     agtcagagag ataactgcag ttacaaccac cacccctctc tctcttcctc agacggtctc    138000
     tcactctcta gctctctctc ttctttctct cacaccatga ggaggtgaaa ctatgtactc    138060
     caacaacagg ggaggagttc tacttcaagg ccttcctgag ctgtttagag acacatagat    138120
     cttatctcga aatacaagat aaaggcagtc cagaggtccg gggttgggtc ttagttggca    138180
     gaatgcttgc ctagctgtga gcatcctgca tttcaccctg agcactgtgc tgagctgagt    138240
     ctgagctgag tctggcagcc cgagcctggg atccctgcac atgggaggat gatcagaaac    138300
     acaaggttgt ctgcagctac acattgagct ggaggccagc ctgggctaca tgagaccctg    138360
     tctcaaagaa ggcagaggaa ggaatgtacc tcagcacctg tctagaatcc atcccacaat    138420
     gaggggcagg gcatggctca gaggtagggc acctgcctag agtcctccaa tgaggttctt    138480
     ctggggatgt ggctgagtgg taaagcccct gggaagtgtg tgtaagggta tgggttctgc    138540
     cttcatcaac accctcccca agccccaccc cccccaaaag aaaaaaaagc atcacatcca    138600
     ctcacatgac caaatctcta cctatgaatt gtaaaataac tctcctgcca ctcatagagt    138660
     taaccaccaa aaatgatgcc cccactgtga gccctaacct actccccctg agagacaaat    138720
     gggagagtgc caatggccca ccctcagagt cacctctagc acctaataga aggacccccc    138780
     cccccagtga tgtataaact gaccagtgaa ttggcccact ttggcacact tatgcaccct    138840
     gtagtcaatg cagaggcaga tgaaaccagt gtaaagaccg tgcacatagg ccatctcatc    138900
     catccactac actgaacaca agcaaagtta ccaggaagat ggagatgtag gaccaacttc    138960
     ccttcctact cccagtaaca gagcacgtca gctggggagg gagaaagcta tggggaacaa    139020
     gatcttttct ccaatctctc ttgatgcata cagaacttca tcgtcttcct cctttccttt    139080
     tccccctctc atctacaacc tcttccctgt ggatgctgtt tgaagctcat ctccagcacc    139140
     acttcatctc tttccattct catgcactgg actcttccgg tgcagtacac ctatctcaaa    139200
     ctccagcatg attatgtgtg cctgaagaca tacagaaaga tcaagtgcat gagtgtactc    139260
     acaagtgctt gaatgcatgc ttccttgctc atcctataga gcaaagaaca gtgcagtttt    139320
     cagaaaaact tcggcacaga ggcctagggc tcagaggaga acttggtggc cagttgatca    139380
     ccaggtcctc acttaccctg gattagggct agcctggtct tcttggagct tacagggcac    139440
     gcatgaatac acccaggtca aatgtgctaa ctgccatgag agctgaaata gtctagatgc    139500
     tcaacgagag gggatgggtc tgaaacctgc aacagtaagt aggtgtcaaa ggctgggtat    139560
     ttccccttct ctgtaccaga acgcatgctg acttcttgat gttttaacat ttgaggcaaa    139620
     gtctccctat gtagtttcac tggcctgagt acactatgtg cacagtctaa cctggacctc    139680
     accaagatcc accagcccct tactgctaag ttctgggatc aaaggtgtgc accaaaatat    139740
     gcagctgcca agctgaaccc tcaatgaggc tcctggaggg aaggggcatt ttctggttgc    139800
     tgtttcttga gaaagggtct cacatggccc aggcttggct aaactcaaca tgtaactcag    139860
     gatctaggaa atgaggaaga gaaaggtcat tgttatccca acatggctca gggtgggtga    139920
     cactcccctg gaataacctg agatttcata cttttgaata aaagactgat caggccatgg    139980
     taatgtgcac cataacttct atttatttta ttttattttt ttattttatt ttattttatt    140040
     tgggttgttt tgagacagct ctatatatta ccctggctgt cttgaaagtc actatgtaga    140100
     ctaggttggt ctacatcaca gaatactaga gtctaaaatc acacagatcc acctggcttt    140160
     ggcttcaaag tgctggtatt ggaggtgtgc accactacac ccagctccca aatttgtcat    140220
     aggaacaata aaatcagtga cacagagttc caagtccaaa aaggaagcat tttggcattc    140280
     tccaagaaag ggtttgtgtc tgcagggagc ttgcagccct ctaggctatc acttgtgaaa    140340
     gactctgttc taactgcaac tttctgggat aatcttggtc ttgaggtaca agaacttcct    140400
     tagaggtgtg ggttaggcag cactcactcc actacccatc gttcacacca attcaccatt    140460
     gccacgacct tgacatctgg caatggtccc cggaacacta acagttccaa caccaggagg    140520
     aattgccctc ccaatctcat ccttgggaag gtatccaggg tgacccaggg cctactggac    140580
     agcaggtgta acagagccaa tgcttaccac agcagggaag gggagtgcag agaatacact    140640
     tctgtcagca agagatggct tttagtcagc atctgggtgg caacaggtca ggggaggggc    140700
     tgtggggaga atgagggttt ttaaagtcac cccaaggaac ctcaccagct ccaagctcac    140760
     tgcctgctgc tcctggacac ctgttaccat gaggttcctg atcctgttcc tagccctgtc    140820
     cctaggaggg attggtgaga tgagggaaag ggagggatca cagccctgac tctcctgctg    140880
     cctttggccc tgatcattcc tttcccctct cccctcagcc cagctacatc atgaggaaca    140940
     cctgctcctc cttcactgtc ctgcacactg tcaagtcact cacaggacag gcccctgtcc    141000
     actcccactt tccagaactt tctcttcttt cttagacacc tgatcatctc tgggcttctc    141060
     caggctttct aaggaaccca acctcttact aaacttaaga cctcaggttt cactacagtt    141120
     cattgttttt cctagatcct tatagctcaa tccctgagtc agaggcttgc ctaaatccca    141180
     cactagagcc ttaggctgtc cagcagcttc cacccctcag ccgtgttcac cacatgatga    141240
     caactggtcc cacatctcct caagctgctc agtttctacc aaaactttct cttctcacat    141300
     tggcttgtaa ggtcagattg gtagcccccc cctttctggt gtggagagaa tgcccgggtc    141360
     acttctcgct ggctttttga tttagtctca tttttggaca aggggtcagt tggcagacac    141420
     cagacttgaa caagtatctt catcaatcac aacattggca gggtctctca ctgagtggag    141480
     acttctgttt agactaagat ggctgtccag caaaactcaa gggaatcctc ctgtttcaac    141540
     ctaaccagct ctgggtttac aggcacacag catcacacct gacattttcc ctggtttctg    141600
     gatggttcag ctcaggtcct aatgcttgca taaccaatcg tgtagcaagc aagccatctc    141660
     ctgctcagct cttgggaata agttctgagt tagtgtctca tgatgtagcc caggcttgtc    141720
     ttcagtccat ggcaatccct ctgcctcagc ctgctgtgta ctgaggttac agagaagtgc    141780
     agctatgcat ggcttgccaa gatctcctgt ttccaaatgc tctgctttgg cctcctcttc    141840
     cctcacatgc ctcactccct gagccggagg ctcttgtctc ctctcagcgg agccccactg    141900
     catagctcta gttcttactc tgtttaggaa accccaaaga ccccaatgcc ttacctagta    141960
     cctcacatca gctgggttct cctttctccc tcacagtggc ctgacttgct ctaactatgt    142020
     ttccacacct gtccagaggc tgcctccaag agaaccctga gcctctccaa tacccagatc    142080
     tcttgcccac ctccacagga agcagagcct tttcctcaca gacccccaga atttccttct    142140
     ctctctgctt gtcccaactc aaaatccttt cttatggagc cccattcctc ttagatgtta    142200
     tcttcaacac agaccctaac aggagcccac gccctaacct tgaccctgct ccttttacct    142260
     ggaaactcct caatctgtcc atcccagctg ccacttcatg cccaatccaa gaaaccccaa    142320
     atcaacccca agctcccttt cctggattta tttattcatt caaatctagt tttctgacac    142380
     ctcaccttcc agaattccca aaacccagcc aaggttgtga cttcttctta taacttggag    142440
     actctaaatc ccatatcaga ggatatcatt ctcattggac taagaataaa ctggaatgtt    142500
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cacctgtctt    142560
     cccttaaccc aaaactataa agtgacctga cattataccc aattcctgat tcaagagtta    142620
     tttctgtaca cacagcattc atctccctat ccaggaccag ccatatatgg gtcccttccc    142680
     ccagatcccc tggccatgtc ccctgatccc agccctgctt agctgttccc ctaaaggtac    142740
     acctccctac atgtgccaaa tctcccatcc ccgatttccc ctgttgcaga tgctgcacct    142800
     cctctccagt ctcgggtggt tggaggattt aactgtgaga agaattccca accctggcag    142860
     gtggctgtgt atgacaacaa ggaacacatt tgtgggggag tcctgttgga acgcaactgg    142920
     gttctcacag ctgcccactg ctatgtcgag tgagtaaggg tagagacagg aaagcaggtt    142980
     ggcagccaga gaacatgact ccaggccagg ctggggtact gaagggcagt ggagtggaac    143040
     tggctgaaag tctatccatg acctcctgga tctctcttta ctccaccctc aggtttgcct    143100
     tcagattcct gtttcttttc tttttttttt tttttctgtc ttattgtcag acagctcctg    143160
     tctgtattta catcttactg tctccgtggc catctgtcac tgtgtgtccc tctcttggga    143220
     ctctgcccac acctgtctgg gtctgggtct tgtgtgttct cttttatcac tactgaccat    143280
     actggggacc aggcctaaag ggcccctgag gatggaaagt gctgtccctg agggtagagt    143340
     gtgagagaag tcctcactct cctcagagca gctctgtttt taggaccttc tgtccactct    143400
     aggacacaca gagaagggct ggtcagaact ggagctgggt gaggtaactg agtacagaga    143460
     gagctggatg ctggggaggg aggggagagc tcagaccttg ggctgcaggc caggccttac    143520
     ctgctgggga agtttagccc tgtcctagct gcacctgagc agctctcagg ccttctgctc    143580
     cttcctgccc cctcttcctt tgtcttatgt tcctgtcttt atctctttct gtctctctta    143640
     catatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtttgtg    143700
     tatgtatgta tgtatttatg tgcctttctg tctctctgtt tgtttttctg tatctttttc    143760
     tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatctttctg    143820
     tctgtgtatg tttctgtccc tgactctctt ccttcctccg ttcctcctcc cacacccctt    143880
     cctatttact ctatccaatc tccccattgc ctcctcttac ttgctccatc tccctccctg    143940
     tctcccagcc agtatgaggt ttggctgggc aaaaacaagt tattccaaga ggaaccctct    144000
     gctcaacacc gattggtcag caaaagcttc cctcaccctg gcttcaacat gagcctcctg    144060
     acactcaaag agatacctcc tggggctgac ttcagcaatg acctgatgct gctccgcctc    144120
     agcaagcctg ctgacatcac agatgctgtg aagcccatca ccctgcccac gaaggagtca    144180
     aaactgggga gcacatgcct agcctcaggc tggggcagca ttacacccac gaaatgtgag    144240
     tcttctccaa ggaacaatgc tgggtgtgga ggaggggcag agaacactcg actgggtcct    144300
     gctcaccacc cactttctcc ctgatccaca gggcaaaagc cagatgatct ccagtgtgtg    144360
     ttcctcaagc tcctgcctat taagaactgt atagaaaacc acaatgtgaa ggtgacagat    144420
     gtcatgctgt gtgcaggaga gatgagtgga ggcaaaaaca tttgcaaggt gagacagcct    144480
     ctccctgcca tgaggtgaag ggctaaaaga gagaactgaa gttcttggtt tccacttcaa    144540
     caccctgact agaatctttg cattcttccc tatggaaggg atgcgccctg ggaggggagg    144600
     atcctgtagc tggtactatt tcttcactgt gatttgtctt aggggactgt caaatccacc    144660
     actcaccaca actccatgtc cctggaagag atggccaccc aagagctaga ttccctcacc    144720
     tactgataga gctactttta gagtccctgt attaatcccc ttgggaatca gttccaggtt    144780
     gtctactaga atccaactgc caggtcttgc cttaatcctg tccctgtcct tctttagggt    144840
     gactccggag gcccattgat ctgtgatagt gttctccaag gtatcacatc aacaggccct    144900
     ataccatgcg gtaaacctgg tgtaccagcc atgtacacca accttattaa gttcaactcc    144960
     tggataaaag atactatgac gaaaaattcc tgagtgtcac attatcccat gttctcaata    145020
     aaacccacca tgaagcaaat gagttcaagg tctgacattc tttgtcctac tagagtgagg    145080
     tacacaacca aggttccctc agctaaggtc aggacttcca aagtagatta gcaagggaca    145140
     ggtggacatg tactgttggc taaggacatg gggttgagac aaatgcagac aaaaggctca    145200
     gaccaactca agaatgccac tgagtctcct ctggcaagaa aaatgctcag atcacagagg    145260
     aaaaggctag agagatcaga atgggagact ccagctaggc ctgaccctat actggaagcc    145320
     gaagggatga taaacagtca gagactgcga attcagactg acaaccctgg gtttcttgaa    145380
     ttaggctggg gtgttatgtt aataaagcct tgactcactg gagaagggtc tgtccccaga    145440
     agagcaggga ctgccccaaa ggctaggtag gctgcagtgt ctctgctccc agtggccact    145500
     ggaggggatt tctatgttag ggctggacca aaggttgagg agtgacttag aaccatgtcc    145560
     tgtgggacag agaatcacca atcttgggaa aagggccaca ctgctgctta tgctcaggac    145620
     cacaaaccac tgtctgttta gagtgacata gccacagcta agagttctga gaacttccag    145680
     agaagggcca gagaaggaca gaagactaga cagaactgga aatctagcca caactctggg    145740
     taggaggaag ctctgagttt cagtggagga aacccagtca ccaccgtcgt tgccaacaca    145800
     tattgatgcc aatgctgagg aaactgaaga tgaagtctat cttgttcaag aggcagctga    145860
     ctggtcaaaa ggagggcagg aggatgaggc atagtgcgag ggccagaaat atgaagcctt    145920
     tgttcatgtg aatgtaaact ggggaaggaa gttggagaga taacttcaga catctctctc    145980
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctccc tttctctcct    146040
     ctctgtctct ctctttccct ttctctctcc tcttactctg tttctctgtc tgtctctctc    146100
     tctctctagc tctctctctc tctctctatc tctctctctc cttcctctca caccatgagg    146160
     agcccaacct aggtactcca ggagatgggg aagaatgcct tttcgtattc tgcctgagca    146220
     gtttagaggc aaataaatct tatctctttc caaataaagg taaaagcagt caactgtgtt    146280
     ggtgttgtgt cttcgttggc agaatatttg cctagatatg agcttcctgc atttcatctt    146340
     cggcactgta ctgagctgag tctgcagcac atgcctgtga tgtctgcaag taggaggagg    146400
     atcagaaaat catggttgtc cacagataca cattgagctg gaggtcagcc tgggctacat    146460
     agacctctca caaacaaggc agagggaggg aatgtagctg tctagaatcc atcccacaat    146520
     gagggacagg aaatggttca gagatacagc acctgcctag agtctccaat gaggttcttc    146580
     tgagggtgta gctcagtagt agagaccctg tggagggttt gtgtaaggca ctaggtgctg    146640
     tcttcggaaa ccccctcctc ctcccctata agcattggaa atgtaaatga gctaaatacc    146700
     taataaaaaa tgggaaaaaa aagaggtata aaggaaaaag acatcacctc cactcacatt    146760
     aacaaaatca ttccctagaa attctaaaat aactctactg caacttatag agtgtcccac    146820
     caacaatgat gtccccactg tgaacccaaa cctagacccc agaaagactc ccgggacagt    146880
     ggtagtatcc cacccacaca gccacctcta gaacacaatg gaataaaccc ccagtctaca    146940
     tatttactga ccagtgattt gtcccacgtt gtcacattta taccccctgc aatcaatccg    147000
     gaggcagatg aatccactgt atgcatggtg cacataggta attgcacatc cgttacactg    147060
     aacaccaaca aagtttccag gaagatgaac atgagggacc agccttgtag gacaaaattt    147120
     cattcctcct cccaggaaca gggcaggata tcaggggagg gaaaaaattc tgggacctga    147180
     ctcttttctc ccctctctca atgcatacaa acattcatcc tcttcctcat ttacatattc    147240
     cccatcattt acaacctgtt tgctgtggat gctgtttgaa gctcatctcc agcaccactt    147300
     catctctttc cattttcatg cactggactc ttccggtgca gtacacctat ctcaaactcc    147360
     cgcatggatt atgtatgctt gaagacatac attaaagatt aattgcatga atgtactcac    147420
     aagtggatga atgcatgctt cttctcttgt cctttagagc aaagaacagt gtagatttca    147480
     gaaaaacttg ggcacagagg cctagaattc agaagagaac tatgtggcca attgatcacc    147540
     aggtcctcac ttaccctgga ttagggctag cctggccttc ttggagctta cagggcacac    147600
     atgaatacac ccaggtcaaa tgtgctaact gccatgagag ctgaaatagt ctagaggctc    147660
     aacgagaggg gatgggtctg aaacctgcaa cagtaagtag gtgtcaaagg ctaggtattt    147720
     ctccttctct gcaccagaac acatgctgac ttcttgatgt tttaacattt gagacaaagt    147780
     ctccctgtgt tgtttcactg gcctgagtac actatgtgca cagtctaacc tggacctcac    147840
     caagatgcac tagcccctga ctcctaagtt ctgggatcaa aggtgtgcac caaaatatgc    147900
     agctgccaaa ctgaactctt aatgaggctc ctggagggaa gtgacatttt ctggttgctg    147960
     tttcttgaga aagagtctca catgaaccct ggcttggcta acctcaaaat gtagctcccg    148020
     atctaggaga tgaggaaggg aaaagtcata gtgaccccaa cattgttcag gacaggtgac    148080
     actcccctgg aataacctga attttcatac ttttgaataa aagactgatc aggccatagt    148140
     aatgtgtacc ataactttta ttcattttat tttataggtt tgttttgaga tagctctatc    148200
     tatattctgg ctgtcttata agtcactatt tagactaggt tggtctatat cacagaatcc    148260
     tagagcctaa aatcacacag atcaacctgg ctctggcttc aaagtactgg tattggatgt    148320
     gtgcaccact atacccagct ctcaaacttc tcacaggaac aatacaatca gtgatccaga    148380
     gttctaagtc caaaaagaaa gcgttttggc attctccaag aaaggatttg tatctgccgg    148440
     gagcttgcag ccctctaggc tatcacttgt gaaagactct gttctaactg caattttctg    148500
     ggataatctt ggacttgagg tacaggacct tccttagagg tgtgttttgg cagcactcgc    148560
     tccactaccc tcctatcaca ccaattcacc attgccacga ccttgccatc tggctccggt    148620
     accgggaaca ctaacagttc cagaaacagc aggaattgcc ctcccagtct catccttggg    148680
     aaggtaacca gggtgaccta gggcctactg gacagcaggt acaatggagc ccttgctcac    148740
     cacagcaggg agtgggactg cagggagtcc acctctgtca gcaactgatg gcctttgtca    148800
     gcatctgggt ggcaacagga caggggaggg gctgtggaga gaatgagggt tttaaggtcg    148860
     ccctgaggag gctcaacagc tccaaactca cctcctgcag ctcctggaca cctgttacca    148920
     tgtggttcct gatcctgttc ctagccctgt ccctaggagg gattggtgag atgagggaag    148980
     tgggaggggt cacagccctg actctcctgc tgcctttggc cctagacatt cctttcccct    149040
     cttccctcac cccagctcaa tcacgaagca acacttgctc ctccttctct gccctgtaca    149100
     ctgccaggtc cctcacagtc cttgctcaca ggacaggccc ctgtctactc ccactttcca    149160
     gaactttccc ctctttctta gacacctggc aatctctggc attttccagg ctctctagga    149220
     acccaacctc ttaccaaact taggaccttg gatttcatta cagttcattg tttgtcctag    149280
     atccttatac ctcaacccct taaatcccac actagagcct taggatgtcc aacacctgcc    149340
     agacttcacc tatgttcacc tcatgatgac aactgctccc ccatcttccc aagaagctca    149400
     ggttctacca aaacttcctc ttctcacgtt ggcttataag gtcagatggg tagccttgct    149460
     tttctggtgt ggagagaatg cccatgtcac ttctcgctgg ctttttggtt tagtctcatt    149520
     tttggagaaa gggtcagttg gcagacacta gacttggaca acaattatct tcatcaatca    149580
     ctcacaacat tggcagtgtc tctcacgaat ggagacttcc tgtttaggct aagatgactg    149640
     tccagcaaat ctcaagggaa tcctcctgtt tccacatacc cagctctggg gttaccatca    149700
     cacagcgtca cacctgactt tttccctagg atctggaggg ttcaggtcag gtcctaatgc    149760
     ttgcatggcc aatcctgtag caaccaagcc atctcctgca cagctcttgg gaataagttc    149820
     tgagttagtg tctcataatg tagcccaggc ttgtcttcat ccacgacaat ccctctgcct    149880
     cagcctgctg tgtgctgggg ttacagagca tacagctatg catggtttgc taaactttcc    149940
     tctctttcca aatgctgtgc cttggcctcc tcttccccct catttgtcac tccctgtgtt    150000
     acaggctcct atcccatctt gctggagccc cacaggacag cattagttcc cactctgtgc    150060
     aagacacacc taagacccca atgcctaacc ctagttcctc acatcagctg cgtcttcctc    150120
     tctgcctcag agtgccctga cttgctctaa ctactttttg accctgtcca gaggctgccc    150180
     ccaagagaac cctgagcctc tccaatattc agatgatttg cccacctcca caggaagcag    150240
     agccttttcc tcacagaccc ccagaatttc cttctctcac tgcttgtccc aactcaaaat    150300
     cctttcttaa ggagccccac ccctcttaga agtcatctcc accacaaaca tgaacaggag    150360
     cctatgccct agcctttacc ctgcaacttt gctctggaaa ccctcattct ctccagccca    150420
     gctgccactt catgcccaat taaagaaacc tctaaagaaa ctccatctcc ctctccctct    150480
     ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct    150540
     ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct    150600
     ctctctccct ctccctctct ctctccctct ccctctccct cttcctctcc ctctccctct    150660
     tcctctctct ctctacctct ccatctcccc cctctctttc tctctcattg cccttctatc    150720
     ccatagtaaa aaaaactata aggtggcctg acactatacc tgattcctga ttctagagtt    150780
     atttctgtac ccacagcatt catctcccta tccaagacca gccatattgg atcacttctt    150840
     cagaacccgt gcccatatcc cctgatccca tccctgctta actctgtccc ccaaaagtgc    150900
     acctccctaa atgagccaag tctcccctcc cccattgccc ctgttgcaga ggctgcacct    150960
     cttgtccagt ctcaggtggt tggaggattt aaatgggaga agaattccca accctggcat    151020
     gtgtctgtgt accactacaa caaatatata tgtgggggtg tcctgttgga ccccaactgg    151080
     gttctcacag cggcccactg ctatgatgag tgagtaaggg tggagacaag aaagcaggat    151140
     ggcagacaga gatcatggct acaggacagg atagggtatg aagggcaggg gatgggactg    151200
     gctgaaagtc tattcatgac ttcctgggtc tctctttact cttgcatcca gacttgggtt    151260
     ccagagtcct gtttctttat tttctgtctt attgtcaatc tttctcttgt ctatattcac    151320
     atcttattgt cttcgtggcc atctgtcact gtgtgtctct gccttgggat tctgcccaaa    151380
     cctgtctggg tctgtctcat gagttatctt ctatcaatat gaaaaatagt tggaaccagg    151440
     cctacagagc ccttgagaat agaacgtgct ttccctgagg gtgagagaag tcctcactct    151500
     cctcagagca gctcttctgt ccactctacg acacacagag aagggctggt cagaactgga    151560
     actgggtgag gtaaccgtgt acacagagag ctggatactg tgggatgtgt gaagagatct    151620
     cagaccttgg gctgcaggcc aggccttacc tactggggaa gttcagccct gtcctagctg    151680
     cacctgagca gctctcaagc ctacccctca tccctcctct ctcgtccctt gtcttctgtt    151740
     cctgtctctg tcccttctgc ctctctgcct ctgtatgtat gtatgcatgt atgtatgtct    151800
     gtatgtacgt gcctttctat ctctctgttt gtttttctgt atctttgtgt gtgtgtgtat    151860
     cttctatctt tgtgtgtttc tgtccctgac tctctcttcc ttcctcactc cctcctcccc    151920
     caccccttcc tatttactct acccaatctc ccaattgcct cctctcactt gctccatctc    151980
     cttacctgct cccagcaagt ataatgtttc gctgggcaaa aacaagctat tccaagatga    152040
     accctctgct cagcaccaat tggtcagcaa aagctccctc accctggctt caacatgagc    152100
     ctcctgatga tccaaaaaat acctcttggg gccgacttaa gcaatgacct gatgctgctc    152160
     cacctcagca agcctgctga catcacagat gttgtgaagc ccatctccct gcccactaag    152220
     gagcccaagc tggggagcac atgccttgcc tcaggctggg gcagcactat acctttcaag    152280
     tgtgagtctg gtccaagcaa cacagctggg tgtggaggag gggcagagag gaagtagctg    152340
     gcccctgctc accaccctct tgcctcctga tccacagtcc aaaatgcaaa agatctccag    152400
     tgtgtgaacc tcaagctcct gcctaatgag aattgtgaca aaaaccacaa taagaaggtg    152460
     acagatgtca tggtgtgtgt aggagagatg gatggaggca aagacacttg tgtggtgaga    152520
     cagccacttt ctgctgtgag gtgaagggct gaaagctgga actgaggttc ttggttccca    152580
     cttcaacacc ctgactaggc aggctctttt tatccttccc tatggaaggg atgtgcactg    152640
     ggaggggagg atcctgtagc tggcatgatt tctcacctta gacttgtctt aggggacagt    152700
     cttgtgagcc cctcaccaca aaccaatgtt ctcatacgat ctgaggtccc aagagctaga    152760
     ttccctcacc tactgactag agctgcctct taagagtccc tgtgttcctc cctgggagtc    152820
     agttccaggt tgtcaagtag gactccaaag tcaggtcctc cattactgct gtccctttcc    152880
     ttctttcagg gagactcagg aggcccactg atatgtgatg gtgttctaca aggtatcaca    152940
     tcatggggct ctatcccatg cagtaaaccc aatgcgccgg gcatctacac caaacttatt    153000
     aagtttaact cctggataaa agacactatg acgaaaaatg cctaagtgtc acattatcct    153060
     ctgttctcaa taaaatccac tatgcaacaa atgagttcaa ggtctgacag tctctatcct    153120
     actggaatac agtacacaac caaggttccc tcagctaagg tgagggcttc caaagtagat    153180
     cagcaaggga caggtgtaca tgtactgttg gttaaggaca tggggttgag acaaatgcag    153240
     acaaaaggct cagaccaact caaggattcc acttgagtct cctctggcaa agaaaatgtt    153300
     catatcacag aggaaaagtc taaagagatc agaatgggag actccagcta ggcctgatcc    153360
     tatactggaa gccgaaggga tgataaacag tcagacgctc cgaattcaga ctgcctacct    153420
     gagtttctta ggttgggctg gggtgttttg ttaatacagc cttggctcgc tggagaagaa    153480
     tttgtgcaca gaagggcagg gactgcccca aaggctaggt aggctgcagt gtctctgctc    153540
     ccagtggcca ctggaggggg tttctttggt agggctggat caaaggatga agagtgactt    153600
     agaaccatgt cctgtgggac agagtaatac ccatcttagg aaaagggcca cactgctgct    153660
     gcacaggacc acaaaccact gtctgtttag agggacataa ccacagctaa gagtatcaga    153720
     gaatccgaag aagggccaga gaaggtcaga aagatagaca gaactggaaa tctaccaaca    153780
     actctgggta ggaggaggca ctggggttaa atggaggatc cccagacacc cttgtccttg    153840
     ccaacacata ttgattccaa tgctaaggaa actgaagatg aagtctatct tcttcaggca    153900
     gcagcagact ggtcgaaagg agaagaacat ggtgggcagg aggatgaagc atagttccag    153960
     ggccagaatt atgaagccct tgctcatgtg aatgtgaact ggggaggaaa gttggaaaga    154020
     taactacagt cattagtcat tcaaacctct ctctctctct ctttctctct ctctctctct    154080
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcccc ccctctctct ctccctcccc    154140
     tcccccagtc tagcttcctc tctccttcct ctcacaccat tggagcacaa cctaagtact    154200
     ccagcagctg gaagggagtg ggggaatgtc ttttcatgtt ctgactgtga agttagagac    154260
     acattgatct tttctgttct aaatacaagg taaaagcagt cgaggggtct tgatgtatct    154320
     ttttttggca gaatatttgc atagctgtga gcagcctgca tttcattctc aacactgtgc    154380
     tgagctgagt ctgcagcaca tgcctgtgat ccctgcaact gggaggagga tcagaaaatc    154440
     atggttgtcc acagatacac attgagttgg aggtcagcct gggctaaaca gacatgttac    154500
     aaagagtgca gaagaaggga atgtagctgt ctagaatcca tcccacaatg agggtcagga    154560
     aatggttctg aggtacagca actgcctaga gtctccaatg aggttcttct gggggtgtgg    154620
     ctcagtagta gagaccctgt ggagtgtttg tgtaaggcac tgggtgctga cttcagaaat    154680
     tcccataaaa aagaggtata aaggaaaaaa catcacctcc actcacatta acaaaatcat    154740
     tccctagaaa ttctaaagta actctactgc aactcattga atgacctacc atcgatgatg    154800
     tccccactgt gagcccaaac ctagaccccc agaaagagtc ctgggagagt ggcagtatac    154860
     cacccacaca gccacctcta gaacacaatg gaatgaaccc ccagtctata tattcactga    154920
     ccagagattt gtcccacgtt gtcatattta tgccccctgc agtcaatcca gaggctatga    154980
     atccagtgta tgctcggtgc acataggtat tcacacatcc attatactga acaccaacaa    155040
     agttaccaag aagatgaaca tgagggacca gcctcgtagg acaaaatttc agtcctcctc    155100
     ccaggaatag agcaggacag caagggaggg aaaaaattct gggacctgga tcttttctcc    155160
     cctctctctc aatgcataca aaccttcatc ttcttcctca tttacatatt ccccctcatc    155220
     tacaacctgt tccctgtgga tgctgtttgg agctcatctc cagcaccact tcatctcttt    155280
     ctattctcat gcactggact cttccggtgc agtacaccta tctcaaactc cagcatgatt    155340
     atgtgtgctt gaagacatac aaaaagatca agtgcatgga tgtactcaca agtggatgaa    155400
     tgcaggcttc ctctcttgtc ctttagagca aagaacagtg caattttcag aaaaacttca    155460
     gcacagaggc ctagggctca gaggagaact tggtggccag ttgatcacca ggtcctcact    155520
     taccctggat tagggttagc ctggccttct tggagcttac agggcacaca ggaatacacc    155580
     caggtcaaat gtgctaactg ccatgagagc tgaaatagtc tagatgctca acaagagggg    155640
     atgggtctga aacctgcaac agtaagtagg tgtcaaaggc tgggtatttc cccttctctg    155700
     taccagaacc catgctgact tcttgatgtt ttaacgtttg agacaaagtc tccctgtgta    155760
     gtttcactgg cctaaataca ctatgtgcac agtctaacct ggacctcacc aagatccacc    155820
     agcccctgac tcctaagttc tgggatcaaa ggtgtgcacc aaaatatgca gctgccaagc    155880
     tgaaccctta atgaggctcc tggagggaag tgacattttc tggttgctgt ttcttgagaa    155940
     agggtctcac atgaaccctg gcttggctaa cctcaaaatg tagctcctga tctaggagat    156000
     gaggaaggga aaagtcatag tgaccccaac attgttcagg acaggtgaca ctcccctgga    156060
     ataacctgaa ttttcatact tttgaataaa agactgatca ggccatggta atgtgcacca    156120
     taacttttat tcattttatt ttataggttt gttttgagac agctctatat ataaccttgg    156180
     ctgtcttgaa agtcactatg tagactaggt tggtctacat cacagaatac tagagcctaa    156240
     aatcacacag atccacctgg cttcaaagta ctggtattag aggagtgcac tgctatacac    156300
     tgctcccaag cttctcttag aaacaataaa atcagtgatc cagagttcca agtccaaaaa    156360
     ggaagcattt tggcattctc caagaaagga tttgtatctg cagggagctt gcagccctct    156420
     aggctatcac ttgtgaaaga ctctgttcta actgcaactt tctgggataa tcttggactt    156480
     gaggtacagg accttcctta aagttgtggg ttaggcagca cttgctccac tacccaccat    156540
     tcataccaag tcaccatttc cacgaccttg ccatctggct ccagtacccg gaacactaac    156600
     agttccagaa acagcaggaa ttgccctccc aatctcattc ttgggaatgt atccagggtg    156660
     acctagagcc ttctggacag tgggtgcaac gaggtcatcc cttaccacag ccaggatggt    156720
     gcaagtagag aatccaaccc tgtcagcaag ggcagggctt tgtcagcatc tgggtggcaa    156780
     caggacagag gaggggctgt ggggagaatg agggatttaa agtctcccta aggagcctca    156840
     acagctccaa gctcactgcc tgctgctcct gaacacctgt taccatgtgg ttcctgatcc    156900
     tgttcctagc cctgtcccta ggagggattg gtgagatgag ggaatgggag gggacacagc    156960
     cctcactccc ctgcttactt aggccctggc tgtccctttc cccttgcccc tctccccagc    157020
     tacatcatga gcaccacctg ctcctccttt tctggccctg tacactgcca ggtccctcac    157080
     attccttgct cccgggacag gcccctgttc cctcccactt tccagtaatt tctcctcttc    157140
     cttggacaca taaccatctc tggtcttctc cagtctttct aaggaaccca acctcttacc    157200
     aaacttagga cctcagattt ccctacagtt cattattttt cctagagcct cataacacaa    157260
     actctaagtc agaggcctgc ttaaatcctc taactgccac gcttcaactg tgtttgccac    157320
     atcctgacaa ctggtgctac tcttcttaaa ttgcccagtt tctaccaaaa ctttcacttc    157380
     tcaaattggc ttgtgatata agatgggtta ctcccctttg tgctgtggga aaaatgtgca    157440
     tatacctatc caatgacttt ttggtttcgt ctggtttttt agagaaggga tcaggttgga    157500
     gacaccagac atggacatca tgtatcttca tcaatcactc gccacctgag actgggtctc    157560
     tcactgtatg gagagttcct gttaggctaa gatgactgtg cagcaagcct cgggggaatc    157620
     ttcctgtttc cacctcccca gatctggggt tacaggtgca cagcatcaca cctgactttt    157680
     tccttggggt ctggaaggtt tagctccagt cttaaggttt acatgagcaa tcttgtagca    157740
     accaagccat ctccagtcca gcattttgga ataagatctg agttagtgtc tcatgatgta    157800
     gcccaggctt ctcttccgtc catggcaatt cttttgcctc agcctgctgt ttactggggt    157860
     tacagagaag tgcggcttat gcatggcttg ccaagatttc ctgtttccaa atgctgtggc    157920
     ttggcctgct cttccctctc atgccttact gcctgagagt aaggctgcca tcccatctcc    157980
     ctagagctcc actgcacagt tctagctccc actctgtgca ggacaccaca aagaccccaa    158040
     tgcttaaccc tagtacctca catcagcttg gcttgcctct ctacctcaga gtggcctgac    158100
     ttgctgtaac tatgtttcca gtcttgtcct gaggctgcct caaaaagaac tctgagcctc    158160
     tccaatactc atattacttg ttccacatcc acaagaagca gatcctgtct gtcacagact    158220
     tccagatttt ccacctctaa ctgctcgcac catatcaaac tcctttctta gggagatcca    158280
     cacctcttag atgccatctc caccacagac acaaacagga gcccacgcac cttttatctg    158340
     gatcccctca ctctctccat tccagctgcc acttcacacc caaccaaaga aaccaaaaat    158400
     caaccccagc tccctttcct ggattcattt attcattgag atccagtttc ctgcgacctc    158460
     accctttcca gaattcccaa aacccagcca aggcagtggt cttttctcaa gccttggaga    158520
     ctctaaattc caaatcagag gattctcatt ggaataaaaa tgaacaggaa gtctctctct    158580
     gtctctctct gtcagtgtct ttgtctcatg ctctctctgt ctctttttct cactgtctct    158640
     ctctctctct gtctctctct ctgtccctct ctctttctct ctttctcatt gcccatctgt    158700
     cctttagtca aaaactataa agtgatttcc acagtggttg tacaagcttg caatcccacc    158760
     aacaatggag gagtgttcct ctttctccat atcctcgcca gcatctgctg tcacctgaat    158820
     ttttgatctt agccattctg attggtgtga ggtggagtct cagggttgtt ttgatttgca    158880
     attccctgat gattaaggat gctgaacatt ttatcaggtg cttctcagcc attcggtatt    158940
     cctcaggtgg aaagagaggc ccataggtct tgcaaacttt atatgcctca gtacagggga    159000
     acaccagggc caagaagtgt gagtgggtgg gtaggggaat gtggggggag ggtatggggg    159060
     acttttggga tagcattgga aatttaaatg aagaaaatac ctaataaaaa ataataataa    159120
     ttaaaaaaaa ctataaagtg gcctgatact atacccaatt cttgattcta gagttatttc    159180
     tgtacccaca gcatagatct ccctatccaa gaccagccat atacgggtcc tttgcccaga    159240
     tcacctgaca atgtcccctg aaccctgtcc tgcttaactt tgtcccccaa aagtgcacct    159300
     ccctacatgt gccaactctc ccctccccca ttgccacttt gcagatgctg cacctcctgt    159360
     ccagtctcga atagttggag gatttaaatg tgagaagaac tcccagccct ggcatgtggc    159420
     tgtgtaccgc tacaaggaat atatatgcgg gggagtcctg ttggatgcca actgggttct    159480
     cacagctgcc cactgctatt atgagtgagt aagggtggag acagaaaagc agggtggcag    159540
     ccatagatca tgacgacggg acaagctggg gtactgtagg gcaggtggtt aggactggct    159600
     gaaagtctat ccatgatatc ctgggtctct ctttgctcct ccatcccagc cttgggttca    159660
     gagtactgtt tctttctttt ctgtcttatt ttttgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt    159720
     ctgtctgtct gtctactgtc tgtatcacat cagagtgtct tcctggccat ctctcactgt    159780
     gtgtctcttc cttggaactc tgacaacatc tgtctgggtc tgggtctcat gtgttctctt    159840
     gtatcactac tgcccatagt ggggacaaat cctaaccagc ccttgatgat agaaagtgct    159900
     gtccatgaag gtaggctgtg agagaagtcc ttactctcct tagaccagat ctgcatttag    159960
     gacctactgt cactctgagg acacacagag aagggctggt cgtaactgga gctgggtgag    160020
     gtaactgagt tcagtgagag acctggatgc taggaaggta agagagagct cagaccttgg    160080
     gctgcaggtc aggccttacc tgctggggaa gtacagacct gtcctagctg cacctgagca    160140
     gctctcaggt ctgccactcc tccttactac ctcttccaag tgtgtgtgtg tctgtctgtc    160200
     ttgtgttttt ctctctctga gtctttctct tcctgcttcc ctctttcccc tcttctccta    160260
     tactttttaa ctctccttgg ttgcctcttc tcaatctctc catgtcattt catgccctct    160320
     agaaagaaca acgtttggct gggcaaaaac aacctatacc aagatgaacc ctctgctcag    160380
     caccgattag tcagcaaaag cttccttcac ccttgctaca acatgagcct ccatcggaac    160440
     cgcatccaaa atcctcagga cgactacagc tatgacctga tgctgctccg cctcagcaag    160500
     cctgctgaca tcacagatgt tgtgaagccc atcgccctgc ccactgagga gcccaagctg    160560
     gggagcacat gccttgcctc aggctggggc agcattatac ctgtcaagtg tgagtctggt    160620
     ccaagcaaca cagctgggtg tggaggaggg gcagaaagga cttagctggc acctgctcac    160680
     caccctcttg cctcctgatc cacagtccaa tatgcaaaag atctccagtg tgtgaacctc    160740
     aagctcctgc ctaatgagga ctgtgacaaa gcctatgtac agaaagtcac agatgtcatg    160800
     ctgtgtgcag gagtgaaggg tggaggcaaa gacacttgta aggtgagaca gaccctccct    160860
     gcagtgaggt gaaggcctgt aagagggaac tgaggttctt ggttcccact tcaacaccct    160920
     gactaagcag gctctttgca tccttcccta tggacgggat gtgcactggg aggggaggat    160980
     cctgtagctg gtactatttc tcctctgtga catcgcttag gggactgtct agtcaacccc    161040
     tcacccccgc tccatgtctc tggaagagat ggccttctaa gatctgtgtt cttacctatt    161100
     gaacagagct gcctcttaga gtccctgtgt ttatcccctg ggagtcagtt ccagcttgtt    161160
     gagtagaatc caactgccag gccctgcctt actcctgtcc ctgtccttct ttcagggaga    161220
     ctcaggaggc ccactgatct gtgatggtgt tctccaaggt ctcacatcat ggggctataa    161280
     cccatgtggt gaacccaaaa agccgggcgt ctacaccaaa cttattaagt tcacctcctg    161340
     gatcaaagac actttggccc aaaacccctg agtgacacac tgtctgttct caataaaatc    161400
     caccatgcaa caaatgagtt caaggtctga cattctctgt cctactagag tgtgataccc    161460
     aatcatgatt ccctcagcta agatcaggat ttccaaagta gatcagcaag ggacaggtgt    161520
     acatgtactg ttggctaaag ggacagggtt gaaacaaatg tagacaaaag gctcaggcaa    161580
     actcacggat gccacttgag tctcctctgg caaggaaaat tctcagatca cagagcaaaa    161640
     agttagagac atcagaaagt tcaactgtag ctatgctcat cctacactgg aagcagaaga    161700
     gatgataaac agtcagacac agagaattta gacagcaaac caagttgtac tgtgttgggg    161760
     aagccaggaa ggaggcaggg gtgttacgtt aattaagctt tgacttcctg ggtaggagtc    161820
     tgtccacaga agggcaggac tagtcccaag gctaggctac acagtgttca cctgggcccc    161880
     ctggagggga tgtccctggt aggactggac caaaggatga agagtgactt agaaccatgt    161940
     cctttggggc agagagtcac ccatcttggg taaagggaca cactgttcca gttgcatggg    162000
     actacaaacc agtgtctgct aagtgggaca tagcctcagt tgagaaagta ctggagtact    162060
     tcctgagcag ggtccctggg aagactcagg cagcaaggag taggccctag cctggggaac    162120
     tgggcttgtc acccatgtcc caagggtgca acctgctctc aggggaatta agagacctca    162180
     agggagatct gatggaaact gaattacagg aatataggta gagacatctg gctgcagaga    162240
     ctcttcagtg tccttagaag ttgtggtgtt tctctattgg gggagcccta tgttatttta    162300
     cagagctggt tacagctgcc atcatctgga cagactctca aaaattttat ccaaaatggt    162360
     ctgctcctgc atcaacgacc actggtgtca cgaggcccaa cacaaatagc tgagcctcca    162420
     ctccatggaa ggcaaactgt agctccacat ctgcacttgg ttgagaaagg acaaatttcc    162480
     tgaggaagag tcctcatggg tcctctactc aaagccacac cccaagtccc aactccactc    162540
     tgaatgctgt ccccctcatc taggctacac ttctgccctg cccagacccc aagcttccat    162600
     ctgagtccct gccctcacca gcccaaagca tcaagacacc atcacaggta gaaggccagc    162660
     tggtaggata cctgtggcct cgggcacagc ctattgcatt tgagcacaaa gagagtcagg    162720
     ctgaggtgaa tcaggagtcc tgcactgggg ttgggcgaga ggaggacaga aggatagaca    162780
     ggaaacacca ccacccccaa aatgagagag acagagacaa actccctgac ttgtcacaag    162840
     taaacacaca tgtgtataca cataaaacac acacacacac acacacacag acaggacaaa    162900
     tggatataca ctcagagggg aatagaaact gggagacaag gccttcagtc aaaaatagtg    162960
     ggcataagtt tttaatccta gctatttatg atgccgaggc aagagaatgg catattcaaa    163020
     accagaatag actacagagt gagtccacag ccagcctgag ctacagagaa aacccaagaa    163080
     agacacatag acacccctct ccctaagagc agtagaactg gaaatctagc cccacctctg    163140
     ggtatgagga ggctctgggg tttggtgaag gattcccagt ttcccttgtc cttgccaaca    163200
     cttaaggatg ccaatgctga ggaaattgaa gatgaagtct atcttgttca ggtgtcagca    163260
     gactggtcga aaggagagga acatggtgga caggataatg aggcatagtg ccagggccag    163320
     aaatatgaag ctgttactca tttgaatgta aactggggag agaagttgga gagataactg    163380
     cagttacccc accccacccc ctcccactct ctctttcccc tctctagctc tctctctcct    163440
     tcctctcaca ccatcaggag cccaacctag gttctccaac agctggagag gagtgtcttt    163500
     tcatgtcctg cctgagcagt ttagagacac acagatatta tctgtctcca aatacaaggt    163560
     aaaggcagtc gaggggtctt ggtgttgtgc ctaagttggc agaatatttg cctacctgtg    163620
     agcatcctgc atttcaccct gagcactgtg ctgagctgag tctggcagcc ctcgcctgtg    163680
     atccctgcac ttgggaggag gatcagaaaa tcattgttgt ccacagatac acattgagct    163740
     ggaggccagc ctgggttaca tgagaccctg tcacaaacaa gtcagaggat gggaatgtag    163800
     ttgtctacaa tccatcccac aaagaggggc aggaaatagt tcagagatag agcacctgcc    163860
     tagagtccac caatgaggtt cttctggggg tgtagcctag tgatagagac cctgtggcct    163920
     gtgtgtgtaa ggttcagggt tctgccttca gcaacaccct tccccacaaa acaaaaacaa    163980
     aaaggaaaaa atcatctcca ctcacattac cacaatcact acctagaaat tataaaataa    164040
     ctctactgtc acttgtcgag ttacccacca tctatgatgc cccactgtga gccctaacct    164100
     acacacccag aaagactctt gggagagtgt cagtggctct ccccaacgtc acctttacca    164160
     cccaatggaa ggaaacccca gtccataaat tcattgacca gtgaattgtc ccacgttggc    164220
     aaaattatgc cccctgcagc caatccagat gccaatgaag ctatcgcatg caccaagcac    164280
     ataggtaaac cgcacatcca ttacaccaaa caccaacaaa gtggccagga agatggacct    164340
     gtgggaggag ccacatagga aaaaatttca gtccttctcc caggaacaga gcaggtaagc    164400
     tgggaagaga gaaggttctc tggacctggt atgcttctcc actctctgtc aatgcataca    164460
     caccttcatc ctcttcctcc tttcgtttct cccaactcat ctacaaccag ttccctgtgg    164520
     atgctgtttg aaactcatct ccagcaccac ttcaactctt tccattctca tgcactggac    164580
     tcttccggtg cagtacacct atctcaaact ccagcatgat tatgtatgct tgaagacata    164640
     cattaaagat caagtacata aaagaactca caagtggatg aatacatttc tcctctctca    164700
     tcctttagag caaagaacag tgtagttgtc agaagaactt gggcacagaa gccaaggact    164760
     caggggagat ctaggtggcc aactgatcac caactcctca cttaccctgg attagggcta    164820
     gcctggcctt cttggagctt acagggcaca catgcacaca cccaggtcaa atgtgctaac    164880
     agccatgaga gctgaaataa tctagatgct caatgagagg ggatgggtct gaaacctgca    164940
     acagtaagta ggtgtcaaag gctgggtatt tccccttctc tgtaccagaa tccatgctga    165000
     cttcttgatg ttttaacatt tgagacaaag tctccctgtg ttgtttcact ggcctgaata    165060
     cactatgtgc acagtctaac ctggacctca ccaagatcct ccagcccctg actgctaagt    165120
     tctgggatca aaggtgtgca ccaaaatatg cagctgccaa attgaaccct taatgaggct    165180
     cctggaggga agtgacattt tctggttgct gtttattgag aaagggtctc ccatgagccc    165240
     atgattggct aaactcaata tgtaacttag gatataggaa atgaggaagg gaaaagttat    165300
     agggacccac atcattgttc agggtggtat actctacact ggaataacat gaattttcat    165360
     acttttgaat aaaacattga tcatgccatg ataatgtgca ccataacttc tatttatttt    165420
     attttatttt attttatttt attttatgtg ggttgttttg agacagctct attacgtggc    165480
     tgtcttgaaa gtcactatgt agactaggtt ggtctacatc aaagaatact agagcctaaa    165540
     atcacacaga tctacttggc tttggcttca aattgctggt attgaggatg tgaaccacta    165600
     gacccagctc ccaaacttct cataggaaca ataaaatcag tgatccagaa ttctatggga    165660
     aaaaggcaag cattttggca ttctcaaaaa aagaatttgt atctgcaagg agctttcagc    165720
     cctctaggct atcacttgtt caaataatct gttctaactg ctactttctg gaataatctt    165780
     ggacttgagg tacaggaact ttcttagagc tgtgggttgg gcatcacttg ctcctccatc    165840
     ctcctttaac accaactgac cattgcccct gaccttgcca tctggctacg gctccaggaa    165900
     ctcaaacagc accaggaata gcaggacctg ccccaccaaa tctcatccct gggaaggtat    165960
     ccaaggtgac ctagggccta ctgtacagtg ggtgcaacag ggccctcccc tcccacagca    166020
     gggagggtga gtgcaggaaa tccacctctg tcagcaatgg cagggtttta gtcagcatct    166080
     ggctgccaca gggcaggggt ggggctgtgg gggagaatga gggtttttaa agtctccctg    166140
     aggagcctcc acagctccaa gctcactgcc tgctgctcct ggacacctgt taccatgagg    166200
     ttcctgatcc tgttcctagc cctgtcccta ggagggattg gtgagatgag ggaaagggag    166260
     gggtcacagc cctgactctc ctgctgcctt tggccctgat cattcctttc acctctcccc    166320
     tcaccccagc tacatcatga gcaccacctg ctcctccttc tctgccctgt acactgccaa    166380
     gtccctcaca gtccttgctc ccaggacagg cccctgttcc ctcccacttt ccagaacttt    166440
     ctcctctttc ttagacacct caccacctct aggcttctcc agtctttcta atgaacccaa    166500
     cctcttacca accttagtgc ttgggatgtc tcttgagttc attttttttc tagagcctca    166560
     tagctcaacc cctgagtcag acagaggttt gcctaaatcc cccactagag ccttaggctg    166620
     tccagcagct gccagcgttc agctgtgttc tccacatcct gacaactggt cccactcctc    166680
     ttaggttgcc cagtttctac gaaaactttc acttctcaaa ttggcctgtg acaaaagatt    166740
     ggttactcct ctttgtgcgg tgaggaaaat gtgcatgtac ctatccaatg gctttttggt    166800
     gtactctggt ttttggagaa ggggtcaggt gggacacgct agacaaggac aacatgtatc    166860
     ttcatcactc actcaccacc tcaggatggg actcacactg aatggagagt tccacttagg    166920
     ctatgatgac tatgcagcaa gcctcaggga aatcctccta tttctgcctc cccagctctg    166980
     gggttacagg cacacagcat cacacctgac attttccctg tgttctggag agtccaggtc    167040
     agatcctaac gcttacatgg ccaatcctgt agcaaccaag ccatcttcag cccagctctt    167100
     gggaataagt tctgtgttag tgtctcatga tgtagcccag gattgtcttc agtccatggc    167160
     aatccctgtg cctcagcctg ctgtgtcctg aggttacaga gaagtgtgtc tatctatgcc    167220
     atggcttgcc aagatttcct cttgttccaa atgctgtgcc gtggcctgct cttccctctc    167280
     atggttcact cctcacgcca caggctcctg tcctgtctcc ctagagcccc acagcacagt    167340
     tttaattccc actctttgca ggacaccaga aagaccccta tgcctaaccc tactacctca    167400
     catcaaagtg tcttcctctc tgcctcacag tggcctgact tgctgtaacc atgtttccac    167460
     tccagtccta ggccaccttc aagagaaccc tgagcctctc cactactcat atcacttgcc    167520
     ccacatccac aagaagcaga tactgtctgt catagacccc cagattttcc acctctcact    167580
     gctcgtccca tatcaaactc ctttcttagg gagatccaca cctcttagat gccatctcca    167640
     ccacagacac aaacaggagc ccacgcacct tttatctgga tcccctcact ctctccattc    167700
     cagctgccac ttcacaccca accaaagaaa ccaaaaatca accccagctc cctttcctgg    167760
     attcatttat tcattgagat ccagtttcct gagacctcac cctttccaga attcccaaaa    167820
     cccagccaag gcagtggcct tttctcaagc cttggagact ctaaattcca aaccagagga    167880
     ttctcattgg aataaaaatg aacaggaagt ctctctctgt ctctctgtct ctgtccctgt    167940
     ctctctgtct ctctgtctct gtctctctgt ctctctgtct ctgtctctct gtctctgtct    168000
     ctctgtctct ctctctctgt ctctctctgt ctctctgtct cctgtctctg tctctctgtc    168060
     tgtctctctg tctctctctg tctctctgtc tcctgtctgt ctctctgttt ctctgtctct    168120
     ctctgtctct ctctctctct gtgtctctgt gtgtgtctct gtgtgtctct ttctctcttt    168180
     tcattgccca tctgtccctt agttaaaaac tataaagtgg cctgacacta tacctgatac    168240
     ctgattctag agttatttct gtccccacag catagatctc cctatccaag atcagccata    168300
     tatgggtcct ttgcctggat cacctgacaa tgtcccctga accccatcct gcttaacttt    168360
     gtcccccaaa agtgcacctc cctacatgtg ccaactctcc tctcccccat tgccactttg    168420
     cagatgctgc acctcctgtc cactctcgaa ttgttggagg atttaaatgt gagaagaatt    168480
     cccaaccctg gcatgtggct gtgtaccgtt acaacgaata tatatgcggg ggtgtcctgt    168540
     tggatgccaa ctgggttctc acagctgccc actgctatta cgagtgagta agggtggaga    168600
     cagaaaagca gggtgatagc cagagatcat gactctagga caggatgggg tactgtaggg    168660
     caggggggtg ggactggatg aaagtttatc tgtgatatcc tgggtctctc tttgctcctc    168720
     catccagtct tgggttcaga gtactgtttc tttcttttct gtcttattgt ctgtctgtct    168780
     gtctgtttcc tgtctgtatt cacatcagag tgtcttcatg gccatctgtc actgcgtgtc    168840
     tctttcttgg aactttaaca aaatctgtct gggtctgggt ctcatgtgtt ctcttttatc    168900
     actactgacc atagtgggga ccaggcccaa tgggcccctg aggatagaga gtgctgtccc    168960
     tgagggtagg ctgtgagaga agtcctcact ctcctcagag cagctctgcc tttaggacct    169020
     tctgttcact ctaggataca cagagaaggg ctggtcagaa ctggagctgg gtgaggtaac    169080
     tgagtacaga gagagatgga tgctggggag ggaggggagg gctcagacct tgggctgcag    169140
     gccaagcctt acctgctggg gaagttcagc cctgtcctag ctgcacccga gcggctctca    169200
     ggccttctgc tcctccctgc cccttcttcc agatatgtgc atgtctatct gtcttcttgt    169260
     gttcctatct ctgagtattt ttttgtcctc tctccctctt ccccatcttc ccctgtactt    169320
     cccctactct ccttgattga ctcttctcaa tccctccatg tcttccatgc cctctagaga    169380
     gaacaaggtt tccctaggaa aaaacaacct atacgaagag gaaccctctg ctcagcaccg    169440
     attggtcagc aaaagcttcc ttcaccctgg ctacaacagg agcctccata gaaaccacat    169500
     ccgacatcct gagtatgact acagcaatga cctgatgctg ctccgcctca gcaagcctgc    169560
     tgacatcaca gatgttgtga agcccatcgc cctgcctact gaggagccca agctggggag    169620
     cacatgcctt gcctcaggct ggggcagcac tacacctttc aagtgtgagt ctggtccaag    169680
     caacacagct gggtgtggag gaggggcaga gaggacttag ctggcccctg ctcaccaccc    169740
     tcttgcctcc tgatccacag tccaaaatgc aaaagatctc cagtgtgtga acctcaagct    169800
     cctgcctaat gaggactgtg gcaaagccca catagagaag gtgacagatg tcatgctgtg    169860
     tgcaggagag acagatggag gcaaagacac ttgcaaggtg agacagtccc tttctgcagt    169920
     gaggggaaag gctgaaagag ggaactgaag ttcttggttc ccacttcaac accctgacta    169980
     ggcaggctct ttgcatcctt ccctatggaa gggatgtgca ctgggagggg aggatcctgt    170040
     agctggtact atttctcctc tgtgacttcg tttaggggac tgtctagtca acccctcacc    170100
     ccaaccccat gtctctggaa gagatggcct tctaagatct gtgttcttac ctattgaaca    170160
     gagctgcctc ttagagtccc tgtgttcaac ccctgggagt cagttccagc ttgttgagta    170220
     gaatccaact gccaggccct gccttactcc tgtccctgtc cttctttcag ggagactcag    170280
     gaggcccact gatctgtgat ggtgttctcc aaggtatcac atcatggggc tttaccccat    170340
     gtggtgaacc caaaaagccg ggcgtctaca ccaaacttat taagtttacc tcctggatca    170400
     aagacactat ggcaaaaaac ctctgagtga tacactgtct gcctttctca ataaaattca    170460
     ctatgcaaca aatgagttca aggtctgaca ttctctgtcc tactggagtg tggtacccaa    170520
     tcatgattcc ctcagctaag gtcacgattt ccaaagtaga tcagcaaggg acaggtgtac    170580
     aagtacagtt ggctaagtgg atgggactga gaataatgca gacaaaaact cagacaaact    170640
     cagggatgcc acttgaacct cctctggcaa ggaaaatgct cagatcacag agcaaaaatt    170700
     tagagacacc agaaagttca actatatcta tgctcaagcc tacactggaa gcagaagaga    170760
     tgatagacag tcagacatag agattttaga tggcaaacca agttttattg agttggggaa    170820
     gccaggaagg aggcaggggt gttaggttaa ttaagctttg acttcctggg taggagtctg    170880
     tccacagaag ggcagggact agtcccaagg ctatgctaca cagtgtctac ctggggcccc    170940
     tggaggggat gtctctggta gggctggacc aaaggatgaa gagtgactta gaaccatgtc    171000
     ctgtgcggca gagaatcacc catcttgggt aaagggacac actgttccag ctgcatggga    171060
     ccacaaatca gtgtctgcta agtaggacat agcctcagtt gagagtactg gagtacttcc    171120
     tgagcagggt ccctgggaag actcaggcag caaggagttt gccctaaccc aaggaactga    171180
     gcttgccaac tgtgtcccga gggtgctacc tgctctcagg ggtagtgagg gacctcaagg    171240
     aatgtctgat ggaaactgat tcacagggat agaggtggag gcatctggca gcagggactc    171300
     atcagagtcc ttagaagttg ccgtgtccct ctcttgggga gccctacggt aatttacaga    171360
     gctcattata gcttacagcc tctgggaaga ctcccagaat ttttggccca aatggcctgc    171420
     tcctgcaaca acaaccactg ttgtcacgat gcccaacaga aatagctgag cctccactcc    171480
     atgaaaggca aactctagct ccacatctgc acttggttga ggaaggacaa atttcctgag    171540
     ggaagagacc tcgtgggtac tctactcaaa gccacaccag aaatctgaac tccactggat    171600
     gctgtccccc tctcctgggc tctacttcta ccctgcccag accctgctct tctatcggag    171660
     gccccactct caccagccca aagcatcaag acctggtaca ccagcacagg tagaaggcca    171720
     gctgataaga tacctgtcgc ctagggcaca atctattgca gttgaccaca aagagagtca    171780
     ggcttatgtt ttgctgcctg tagagttaga aaatgatcct tggtttaaat attcagaaat    171840
     gatatgcata ggaatatttc catagatttg tcagggctgc atattataga taaaaaaatt    171900
     ggagataaaa gttattgtct tagaagtagt agtcttagca atagggcagg atatagcaaa    171960
     tattaaggct agaaaggcat aaaattcaga tattagcaga agtcacttag acacttggaa    172020
     cattgatgaa ttggccagag atttaaaaaa taacctaagt gcattgaatc ccctggattg    172080
     gattccatat ataatcctac ttgctattat tattggcatt attttattag taatcattgt    172140
     gtttccactc atctttagag tacttctgag atctgtagct acaatgaagc aggacattct    172200
     ggaacttctg ctgaaaaata aaacgaaagc gggagaatgg tctgcccact ccagtgaagt    172260
     ctgcttgaca ggccaagagg cctggaagca ctcacgaggc aaagagtttc aacgaaactc    172320
     agcctcctgg aaccttggca ttcattccca tagctaggat gctccagatt tgaccctgca    172380
     atgtcatgga ggctcttgta tgctttctta cagtatttta gtggatagga gttagaaatc    172440
     tcagagcaag cttagcaaag tatactaaga atctccagta tagccaggta tagcaggcta    172500
     cattgcatat tagaagcaag atggtgaatt cttctgacaa atggagattc cctacagata    172560
     cttaaaagaa cagccaagtt atactcatat gcaagaattt accaaggcct aggaaatggg    172620
     gggggggttg tgatattgca ttattcatga gaaggtctgc tagagcagaa ccccctggtg    172680
     ctagctttca tgaggctcaa aggagtagca caaattgtga caagggtgtg aaatccttac    172740
     ctgtcattag ctgaccatag ggagggctgt tttatcttta ctgtaaatat tacctggtac    172800
     ctgtaagtcc ttttgaagtc attcccattt tgtgtcagga aacttcagtg tactttgcct    172860
     gctgtgacat cctacccctt tcttttctgt attatataac actgatgttc actttgtgac    172920
     attacattca gatacagcac actctctcct gtctgtgtct gtctgtcaat tctcgctgac    172980
     tctatgccaa tctgtctgag accttgattc acacagattg agtagggccc attgagcccc    173040
     agtccttggc accaactcca atctggatgc tgtcttcctc ttctgggatc cacttcttcc    173100
     ctgcccagac cctgctcttc tatcggaggc cccactctca ccagcccaaa gcatcaagac    173160
     ctggtgcacc agcacaggta gaaggccagc tggtaggata cctgttacct agggcacaat    173220
     ctattgcagt tgaccacaaa gagagtcagg ctgaggagaa tcaggagccc tgcactgggg    173280
     tggagcaaga ggaggatgaa aggctagaca agaaacatcc ccctccccca aaaggagaga    173340
     gacagagaag accttcctga cttgccccaa atagatacac atttttatac acatacatac    173400
     aaacacagag actctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcac    173460
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    173520
     agagagagag agagagagag acaggacaaa tggatacata gagtggaata gaaactggga    173580
     gacatggcca tcagtcacta tagtgggcat aagcttttaa tcccagctac ttatgatgct    173640
     gaggcaagag aatgccatat tcaaagccag catggactac agagtgagtc cacagccagc    173700
     ctgagctaca aagaaagccc aaaaaagaca ccgagacaca cctctccata ggagcagcag    173760
     aactggaaat ctagccacac ccctgggtag gaggaggctc tgggtttggg tggaggatcc    173820
     ccagtgaccc ctgtccttgc caacacttac caatgtcaaa gctgaggaaa ctgaagatga    173880
     agtctatctt attcaggatg cagcagactg gtgggaaggg gaggaacatg gtgggctctc    173940
     tctctctgtc tctctgtctc tctctgtctc tctctgtctc tctctgtctc tctctgtctc    174000
     tctctgtctc tctctgtctc tctctgtctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    174060
     tctctctctc tctctcttgt tctcttgctt cttcctctca caccatgagg agcccaacct    174120
     aggaggtact ccagaagcta gagaagagtg ccttttcatg tcctgactga gcagtttaga    174180
     gacacattga acttatctgt ctccaaatac aaggtaaagg cattccaagg gttctggtat    174240
     tgtgtcatag ttggcagaag atttgtatag ctgtgagcat cctgcatttc atcctcagag    174300
     ctgtgctgag ctgagtctgc agcacatgcc tgtgattcct acacttgggt ggatgatcag    174360
     aaaatcaagg ttgtccacag atacacattg aactggaggc cagcatgggc tacatgagac    174420
     cctgtctcaa acaaggcaga ggaatgaaat gtactgtcta gaatccatcc cacaatgagg    174480
     ggcagggcat agttcagagg tatagcatct gcctagattc ccccaatggg gttcttctag    174540
     gtgtgtgact cagtggtaga gaccctttgg cttgtgtgta taaggctctg ggttctgcct    174600
     tcagcaactc caaccaccaa ttcccaaaaa gaaaaagata aaagaaaaaa acatcgcatc    174660
     cattcaaatt acaaaattca ctacctagaa attctaaagt ctctactgcc actcatagag    174720
     ttacccacaa acaatgatgc acccaccaag atccctaacc tactccccca gaaagactcc    174780
     tgggagaatg ccagtgtccc accttcacag tcacctgtac cacccaatgg atgtatatgt    174840
     atatatcagt ctatgtatac actgatgaac aaattggcca acattggcac acatatgcct    174900
     cctgcaatca atccagaggc agaggaagcc agtgtacgga tcatgcacat agataatcca    174960
     aacatccagc acactgaaca ccaactaagt tgacaggagg acggacatga ggacccagcc    175020
     agaaaggacg aactattgtt cctcctccca tgaataaagc aggtcagctg ggtagagaga    175080
     acgctatgga gacctgaatc ttttctctac tcactttcaa tacatataaa ccttcatcct    175140
     cttcctcatt tccatttccc cctctcatct acaaccagtt ccctgtggat gctgtttgca    175200
     gctcacctcc agcaacactt ctactctttc agttcccatg cactggcctc ttctgatgca    175260
     gtacacctat ctcaaattcc atcatgatta tgtgtgcttg aagatataca taaatgatca    175320
     agtgtataaa agaactcatg aatggatgaa tacattcttc ctctctcgtc atttagagca    175380
     aagaacactg tagttgtcag aagaacttgg gcacagaagc caaggactca gaggataact    175440
     aggtggccaa ttgaccacca gcttctcact taccctggat tagggctagc ctggccttct    175500
     tggagcttag agagaataca tgcatgcacc caggtcaaat gtgctaactg ccatgagagc    175560
     tgaaatagtc tagatgctca atgagagggg atgggtctga aacctgcaac agtaagtagg    175620
     tgtcaaaggc tgggtatttc cccttctctg caccagaacc catgctgact tcttgatgtt    175680
     ttaacatttg agacaagtct ccctgtgttg tttcactggc ctgagtacac tatgtgtacc    175740
     agtctaacct ggacctcacc aagatccacc agcccctgcc ttctaagttc tgggatcaaa    175800
     ggtgtgcacc aaaatatgca gctgccaatc tgaaccctta atgaggctcc tggagggaag    175860
     tgacattttc tggttgctgc ttattgagaa agagtctcac atggcccagg ctgggctaac    175920
     ctcaaaatgt agctcaggat ctaggaaatg aggaagagaa aggacattgt gaccccaact    175980
     ctgctcaggg tgggtgacac taccctggaa taacctgaat tttcatactt ttgtataaaa    176040
     gagttttcag gtcatttaaa ggcaccataa acttctattt attttatttt attggtttgt    176100
     tttgagacag ctccatatat aaccctggct gtctttaaac tcactatgta gattaggttg    176160
     ctcttcatca cagaacacta gagcctaaat cacacagatc cacctggctc tggcttcaaa    176220
     gtgctggtat tgtgaaaaag tataatgtaa aaacaaaatt ctaggccatt aggcccaggc    176280
     ttgggaatgt gacctttgtg actcaatgct ccaaggtatg ctattcataa aacagatagc    176340
     aacattcctc cacccacccg cttcttgggt tcaaagagtg ctcattcaaa gaaagtcacc    176400
     ctgacccacc ctgaccactg ctggaaccca ttgtgcaaat gtgatattgt taggggctct    176460
     tagaaactgt cttgagagat agcctgcaca attaccaggt attcctcgtg acttctgtga    176520
     ctttgcactt ccttgtaact cttaactggt atctttggta tttcccaaca atgtcctccc    176580
     cacctccttg agttgtggta tcttccttta aataccccct tacccagcac ctcggggtgc    176640
     cacggtcctc tacccctgca tggtgtatga ccgtgggccc aagagtgctc ttgaataaaa    176700
     gtcctcttgc agtttgcagc aagaccattt cttgttgggg atttgaggtg tcgcctctcc    176760
     tgagtcagaa cgtaggggag tcctcacgtt gttctttcaa ttgaaggtat gcaccactat    176820
     acccagctcc taaatttctt tttttttttt ttcaattttt attaggtgtt ttgttcattt    176880
     acatttcaaa tgctatccct taagtccctt ataacttcca cccccgggtc tcctacccac    176940
     ccactcccac ttcttggccc tggtgttccc ctgtactggg gaataaaaag tttgcaagac    177000
     caaggggcct ctcctcccaa tgatggccaa ctaggccatc ttctgctaca tatgcagcta    177060
     gagacatgag ctctgggggt actggttagt tcatattgtt gttccaccta tagggttgca    177120
     gaccccttca gctccttggg tactttcttt agctcctcca ttgggggccc tgtgatccat    177180
     ccaatagctg actgtgagca tcaacttctg tgattgccag gaactggcat agctcacaat    177240
     aggcagctat atcagggtcc tttcagcaaa atcctgctgg catatgcaat agtgtctggg    177300
     tttggtggct gattatggga tggatctagg aacaataaaa acagtgatcc agagttccaa    177360
     gtccaaaagg acaagaattt tggcattctc caaaaaatga tttgtatcta cagggagctt    177420
     gcagccatat ggctatcact ggtgtaaaga ttttgttcta actgcaactt tctgggataa    177480
     ttttggactt cagatacagg accttcctta gaggtgtggg ttaggcagca ctcgctccac    177540
     taccctccgt taacaccaat tcaccattgc cacgaccttg ccacctggca atggtcccca    177600
     gaacactaac aacagcaggt ctttccccac ccaatctcat ccttgtgaag gtatccaggg    177660
     taacctaggg cctatggaac agcaggtgca atggaaccct cccctaccac agcaggaagg    177720
     gggagtgtat ggagtccacc tctgtcatca agggcaaagc ttattcagca tctggctgcc    177780
     aacacagcag gggtggggct gtgggagaga atgagagttt ttaaagtctc cccaaggagc    177840
     ctcgacagct ccaaactcac tgcttgctgc tcctggacac ctactaccat gaggttcctg    177900
     atcctgttcc tagccctgtc cctaggagga attggtgaga tgagggaagg ggacgggtca    177960
     tagacctgac tctcctgctg tctttggccc tggccatccc tttcccttct cccctctctc    178020
     ctcaccccac ttacatcatg aaacaacacc tgctcctcct tctctgccct atacactgcc    178080
     aggtccctca cagtccttgc tcccaggaca ggcccctgtc caccactttc cagaactttc    178140
     tcctctttct tagacacctc acaataactg ggcttctcca gtctttctat ggaaaccaac    178200
     ttcttactga acttaggtcc tcaaattccc tacagttcac tgtttttcat agatccttat    178260
     acctcaaccc caagtcagag gattgactaa atcccacact agagtcttag actgtccacc    178320
     agctgccacc cttcagttgt gtttgccaca taatgacaag tggtccccca tcatcccaag    178380
     aagctcaggt tctaccaaaa cttcctcttc tcatgttggc ttgtaaggtc agatgggtta    178440
     cccctccctt tctggtgtgg agagaatgcc catgtcactt ctcgctggct ttttggttta    178500
     gtctcatttt tggagaaagg gtcagttggc agacgctagc attggacaac aagtatcttc    178560
     atcaatcact cacaacattg gcagggtctc tcacaaatgg agacttctgt ttaggctaag    178620
     atgactgttc tgcaaaactc aagggaatcc tcctggttcc acctacccag ctctggggtt    178680
     acaggcacac agcatcctac ctgacttttt ccctgtgttc tggagggttc agctcaggtc    178740
     ctaatgcttg catggccaat cctgtagcag ccaagccatc gcattcccag ctcttgggaa    178800
     taagttctga gttagtatct catgatatag cccaggcttg acatcagtcc atggcaatcc    178860
     ctctgtgtca gcctgctggg taatgaggct acagagaagt gtggctgtgc atggcttgca    178920
     aagatttact gtttccaaat gccgtgcttt gtcctcctct ttcctctctt gcctcactcc    178980
     ctgagccgga ggctcctgtc tcctctcacc agagccccac tgaattgctc tagttctcac    179040
     tctgtgcagg acaccccaaa gaccctcaca tcagctgggt cctccgctct gcctcaaagt    179100
     ggcctgactt gctctaagtg tgtttccact tctgtccaga gtctttaatt ccttttccac    179160
     tcctgtccag aggctgcctc caagagaacc ctgagattct ccaataccca gatgatttgc    179220
     ccacctccac agggagcaga gccttttcct cacagacccc cagaatttcc ttctctctct    179280
     gcttgtccca tctcaaactc ctttttaagg gagccccacc cctcttagat gtcatctcca    179340
     ccacagaacc taaaatgagc ccacgcccta gccttgaccc tgctcctttt acctggaaat    179400
     acctcaatct cttcatccca gctgccactt catgcccaat ccaagaaacc ccaaatcaac    179460
     cctaagctcc ctttcctgga tttatttatt cattcaaatc tagttttctg acacctcacc    179520
     tttccagaat tcccaaaacc aagccaaggc cgtgacgtct tcttaaacct tggagactct    179580
     aaattcgata tcagaggata tcattttcat tggactaaaa ataaactgga attctctctc    179640
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc    179700
     cctctccctt cccctccccc cccctctctc tctaccttgc tgtttcttaa cccaaaacta    179760
     ttaaagtgac ctgacactat acccaattcc cgattcaagt gttatttctg tccccacagc    179820
     atacatctcc ctatccagta ccagccatat attggtctct accccagatc ccctggacat    179880
     gtccatagat cccagccctg cttagctatg tcccccaacg gtacacctcc ctacatgtgc    179940
     caactctgcc ttccctgatt gcccctgttg cagatgcgca cctcctgtcc agtcttgagt    180000
     agttggagga tttaactgtg agaagaattc ccaaccctgg caagtggctg tgtacaacta    180060
     caaggaacac atatgtgggg gagtcctgtt agacctcaac tgagttctca cagctgccca    180120
     gtgctatatc cagtgagtga gggtggacac aggaaagcag ggtggcagtc acagatcatg    180180
     actccaagac aggctggggt actgagggac agggaggtgg gactggctga aagtctatcc    180240
     atgacttcct gggtctctct tttctcatgc atccaggttt gtgttcagag tcctgtttct    180300
     ttttttcctt attattatct gtctatctca tatctgtatt caaatcttgc tgtctccgtg    180360
     gccatctgtc actgtgtgtg tcccctcggg actctacttg ccctgtctgg gtctggtctc    180420
     atgtgttttc ttttatcact actgatcata gtggggacca ggactgaagg gtccctgaga    180480
     atagaacttg ctgtccctga gggtaggctg tgagagaagt cctcactcca cttagagcat    180540
     ctctgccttt aggaccttct gtccactcta ggacatgcag agaagggctg gtcagaactg    180600
     gagctgggtg aagtaactga gtacagagag agatggatac tggggaatga gtggtgagat    180660
     ctcagatcgt gggctgcagg ccaagcctta cctactgggg aagttcagcc ctgtcctagc    180720
     tgcacctgag cagctctcag acctacccct cttccctgcc ccctccctcc cttaccttct    180780
     cttcctgtgt ctgtcctttc tgactctctg cctatgtatg tatatatgta tatatgtatg    180840
     tatgtatgta tgtgtgtatg tatgtatata cgtatgtatg tatatatgta tgtatgaatg    180900
     tatgtatgtt tgtgtattta tgtatgtata tatgtgtctt tctgtttctc tgtttttctc    180960
     tatctgttta gtgtgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt atctttctgt ctgtgtgttt    181020
     ctgtccctga ctctttcttc cttcctccct cactccctcc tcccccaccc cttcctattt    181080
     attctaccca atctccccgt tgactcctct cacttgctcc atctacttcc ctgcccacca    181140
     gccagtttga gggttgactg ggcaaaaaca acctattcca agatgaaccc cctgttcagc    181200
     accatttggt cagcaaaagc ttccctcacc ctggcttcaa tttgagtctc atcatgcacg    181260
     aaaaactaca tcctgaggag gacttcagca atgacctgat actgctctgc ctcagcaagc    181320
     ctgctgccat catagaggtt gtgaggccca tcgacctgcc cactgaggag cccaagctca    181380
     gtagcacatg cctagcctca ggttcgggca gcattacacc cactaaatat gagggtggta    181440
     caaacaacac agctgggtgt gggggtgggg cagagaaaac tggactggat cctgctcgcc    181500
     acccaatttc cccctgatcc acagtacaaa aaccagatga tctgcagtgt gtgtccatca    181560
     agctcctgcc tattgaggac tgtgtcaaaa accacaatca gaaggtgaca gatgtcatgc    181620
     tgtgtgcagg agagatgggt ggaggcaaag acacttgcaa ggtgaaagtg tctccctaca    181680
     gtgaggtgaa gggctgaaag agagaactgg gttcttggtt cccacttcaa caccctgact    181740
     aggcaggctc ttttcatcct tccctgtgga aggcatgtgc cctgggaggg gaggatcctg    181800
     tagctggtat gatttctcct cttagacttg tcttagggga cagtcttgtg agcccctcac    181860
     cacaacccaa tgttctcata cgatctgggc tcccacaagc tgtattccct cacctattta    181920
     acagagctgc ctcttagagt ccttgtatta ctcccctgag agtaagttcc aggttgtcta    181980
     ctagaatcca actgccaggc cctgccttac ttttgtccct gtccttcttt cagtgagatt    182040
     cattaggccc actgatctgt gatggtgttc tccaaggtac tacattaaaa gaccctgaac    182100
     catgtggtac aattgctttc ccaggcatct acaccaaact tattaagttc acctcctgaa    182160
     taaaagatac tatgacaaaa aaaatacaaa aatatcacat tgtcccatgt ttaaaaaaaa    182220
     aaaacaacaa caacattaag caaatgagtt caaggtctga cattctctgt cctactggag    182280
     tgaggtacac aacctaggtt ccctcagatg aattcaggat ttgcaaagta gatcagcaag    182340
     ggataggtgt atatgtcctc ttggctaagg ggatggggtt gaaacaaatg cacacaagag    182400
     gctcagacca actcagggat gccacttgag tctcctctgg caaggaaaac gttcagatca    182460
     cagaggaaaa agctatagag atcagaatgc gagactccat ctaggcctga ccctatactg    182520
     gaaacagaag agatgatgaa cagttagaca ctgcgaattc agactgccta cctgggtttc    182580
     ttaagttagg ctggagtgtt atgttataaa aaccttgact ccctggagaa gagtctgtcc    182640
     ccagaagggc agggattacc tcaaaggcta ggctgcagtg tctccaccag gggacactgg    182700
     aggggatttc tttggtaggg gtagaccaaa ggttgaagag tgacttagaa ccatgtcctt    182760
     tgggcagaga atcaaccatc ttggaaaaag ggctactaaa aagggctgct gctgctcagg    182820
     accagaaacc actgtgtgtt tagagggaca tagtcacagc taaaaatatc agagaacttc    182880
     tgaagaaggg ccatgaagga cagaaggcta gatagaacta gaaatctagc cacaactctg    182940
     ggtaggagga agcactttgg ttgagtgaag gatccccagt cacccttgtc cttgccaatt    183000
     cttaccgatg gcaatactga ggaaactgaa gatgaagtct atcttgttca gtcggcagca    183060
     gactggtcga aaggagagga acatggtagg caggaggaag atgcatagtg ccagggccag    183120
     aaatatgaag cccttgccca tgtgaatgta aactggggaa gaaatttaga aagataacta    183180
     caggacttag tcattctaac ctcgctctct ccctctctcc ctctctctct ctctccctag    183240
     atctctccct aattctctct ctctttcctc tcacagcatg aggagttcaa cctcagtact    183300
     ccagcagctg gggagaagtg acttttcaaa tcctggatga gcagtttaga gacacataga    183360
     tcttatctat ctccaaatac aaggtaaaag aggtcaaggg gtcctagtgt tgtgtcttag    183420
     ttggcagaat gcttgtctag ctgggagcat cctgcatttc atcctcagca ctgtgctgag    183480
     ctgagtctgc agcacatgct gtgatccctg cacttgggag gaggatcaga aaatcatggt    183540
     tgtccacaga tacacattga gttggaggcc agcctgggct acatagacct gtcacaaaca    183600
     agtcaaagga agggaacata gctgtctaga atccatctta caataagggg caggacatgg    183660
     ttcagaggta cagcacctgc atagagtcct ccaatgaggt tcttctgggg ttgtgactca    183720
     gtggtagaga caatgtggtg tgtttgtgta aggcactggg ttctgacttc agcaacccca    183780
     tcctcctccc cacaaaaaat agatataaag atagtaacat cacctatgct catcttaaca    183840
     aaatcattac ctagaaattc taaaataact ctgctgccac tcatagagtg tcccaccaac    183900
     aatgatgtcc ccactgtgag cccaaaccta gacccccaga aagagtcctg ggagagtggc    183960
     agtatcccac ccccacagtc acctctagaa cagaatggaa ggaaccccca gtctatatat    184020
     tcactgacca gtgatttgtc ccacattggc atatttatga cccctgcaat caatccggag    184080
     gcagatgaat ctactgtatg catggtgcac ataggtgatc gcacatccat tacactgaac    184140
     accaacgaag ttaccaggaa gatgaacatg agggaccagc catgtatgac aaaatttcag    184200
     tcctcctccc aggaacagag caggtcagct ggggaaggaa aaaattctgg gaacctggat    184260
     cttttctccc ctctctctct caatgtatac aaaccttcac cctcttcctc atttccatat    184320
     ccccctcatg tacaagttcc ctgtggatgc tgtttgaagc ttatctccag caccgcttca    184380
     tctctttcta ttctcatgca ctggactctt ctggtgcagt atacctatct caaactccag    184440
     catgattatg tatgcttgaa gacatacatt aaagatcaag tgaatgaatg tactcacaag    184500
     tggatggatg tgtgcttcct ctatcatcct ttagagcaaa gaatagtgta gatttcagaa    184560
     aaacttggac acagaggcct aggactcaga agagaacttg gttgccagtt gatcaccagg    184620
     tcctcactta ccctggatta gggctagcct ggctttcttg gagcttacag ggcacacatg    184680
     catgtaccca ggtcaaatgt gctaattgcc atgagagatg taatagtcta gatgctcaac    184740
     gagaggggat gggtctgaaa cctgcaacag taagtaggtg tcaaaggctg ggtatttccc    184800
     cttctctgta ccagaaccca tgctgacttc ttgatgtttt aacgtttgag acaaagtctc    184860
     cctatgtagt ttcactggcc tgagtacact atgtgcacag tctaacctgg acctcaccaa    184920
     gatccaccag cccccgattc ctaagttctg ggatcaaagg tgtgcactaa aatatgcagc    184980
     tgccaagctg aacccttaat gaggctcctg gagggaagtg acattttctg gttgctgttt    185040
     cttgagaaag ggtctcacat gactcaggct tggctaaact caacatgtaa ctcatgatct    185100
     aggaaatgag gaagggaaat gtcatagtga ccacaacatt gttcagagtg ggtgacacac    185160
     ccctgaaata aactgagttt tcatactttt gaataaaaga gtgatcaagc catggtaatc    185220
     tgcaccataa cttctattta ttttatttta ttggtttgtt ttgagaaagc tgtatatatt    185280
     tccctgactg tcttgaaagt caatatgtag actaggttgg tctacatcac ataatactag    185340
     agtttaaaat cacacagatc cacctggctc tggcttcaaa atgtggtatt aaaggtgtga    185400
     accactacac ccagctccca aacttctcat agaaacaata aaatcagtga cacagagttc    185460
     aaagtgcaaa aaggcaagaa ctttggcttt ctcaaaaaaa ttaattgtat atacagtgaa    185520
     ctggcagccg tctcatctat cactggtgaa aaaaatcttg ttctaactgc tactttctgg    185580
     ggataatctt ggacttgagg tacaggaact tccttagaac tgggggttgg gagtcacttg    185640
     ctcctccatc ctcctttaac accaactcac cattgtccct gaccttgcca tctggctaag    185700
     gtccccggaa ctcaaacagc tccaggaaca acaggcactg cccaaaccag tttcatccct    185760
     aggaaggtat ccagggtgaa ctagggccta ctgtacagcg ggcgcaacga ggccctccaa    185820
     ttccacagcc aggagggtgc aagcagggag tccacctctg tcagcaaggg cagggcttag    185880
     tcagcatctg ggtggcaaca ggacaggggt ggggctgtgg ggagaatgag tgtatttaaa    185940
     atatcctgaa gagcctcaaa agctccaagc tcacctcctg cagctcctgg acacctgtta    186000
     ccatgtggtt cctgatcctg ttcctagccc tgtccctagg agggattggt gagatgaggg    186060
     aaagggaggg gtcacagccc taactctcct gctgcctttg accctggcca tccctctctc    186120
     ctctcccctg accccagcta catcatgaac catcacctgc tcctccttct ctgccctgca    186180
     cagtgccagg tccctcacag tccttgctct caggacagat gcgggtccaa tcccactttc    186240
     cagaaatttc tcctctttct tagaaacctg accatctctg agcttctcca gtctttctaa    186300
     gtaacccaac ttcttaccaa acttaggacc tcagatttcc ctacagtata ttgtttttcc    186360
     tagagcctca tagccctaag cctgagtcag aggcttgcct aatcccacac tagagcctta    186420
     ggctgtccag cagctgccag ccttcatctg tgtttgctac atgatgacaa ctggtccccc    186480
     aacaatggga gggtctctta ctgaatggag acttctgtta ggctaagatg actgtccagc    186540
     taaactcaag cgaatcctcc tggttccacc tacccagctc tggggttaca ggcacacagc    186600
     atctcacctg actttttccc tgtgttctgg agggttcagc tcaggtccta atgcttgcat    186660
     ggccaattgt gtaacaacca agccatctcc agcccagctc ttgggaataa gttctgagtt    186720
     agtgtctcat gatgtagccc atgcttgtct tcatccatgg caatgcctct gcctcagcct    186780
     gctgggtact gaggttatag agaagtgcag ctatgcatgg cttgccaaga tatcctgttc    186840
     ccaaatgctg tgccttggcc tgctcttaac actcatgcct ctctccctac gctgcaggct    186900
     cctgtcccat ctcatcagag ctccaatgca cagctctagt tcccactctc tacaggacac    186960
     cccaaaagac cccaatacct aacccttgta ccttacataa ttggatcctc ctctctgcct    187020
     cccagtggcc tcgcttgatc taacagtttt tacttctgtc cagaggcttt aattcctttt    187080
     ccactcctgt agtggggctg cctaagagaa caatgatcct atccaatgcc cagaccactt    187140
     gcccacctgc acaggagcag agccttttcc tcacagtccc ccagaatttc cttctatcac    187200
     tgcttgtccc aacccaaact cctttttaag ggagtcccac cctcttagat gtcatctcca    187260
     ccacagaccc taacaggagt ccaggcccta tccttgaccc tgctcctttt acctggaaat    187320
     tcctcaatct ctccatccca gctgccactt catgcccaca ccaagaaacc tcaaatcaac    187380
     cccaagctcc ctttcctggt ttcatttatt cattcaaatc taattttctg aggcctcacc    187440
     tttcaagaat tcccaaaacc catccaaggc tgtgacttgt tcacgagcct tgaagactct    187500
     aaattccata ctagagaatt tcattctcat tggactaaga ttgaagcttt cctgccatcc    187560
     cttaacctaa atttctaaac tggcctgaca ttatacccga ttcctgattt aagagttctt    187620
     tctataccca cagcattcat ctccctatcc aggaccagcc atatattggt cccttcccta    187680
     gatcccctgg ccatttcccc tgatcccagc agtgcttaac tgtgtccatc aagggttgac    187740
     ctccctacat gtgccaactc tcccctcccc cattgctcct gttgcagatg ctgcacctcc    187800
     tgtccagtct cgaattgttg gaggatttaa ctgtgagaag aattcccaac cctggcatgt    187860
     ggctgtgtac cgctacaaca aatatatatg cgggggagtc ctgttggacc gtaactgggt    187920
     tctcacagct gcccactgcc atgtcaggta agtaagggtg gagacaggaa agcagggtgg    187980
     aagccagaga tcatgactcc aggacaggct ggaatactga aggccaggtg ggtgggactg    188040
     gcagaaagtc tatctatgac ctcctgggtc tctctttact ccatcctcca aggattttgt    188100
     tcagagtcct gtttctttct tttctgtctt tttatctctc tgtctcctgt ctgtattcaa    188160
     gtctgagtgt ctccgtggtc atctgtcact gtgtgtctga cttgggacac taggcacacc    188220
     tttctggttc tgggtctcat gtgtcctctt atatcactac tgaccatagt ggggaaaaga    188280
     cctaaagggc ccctgaggat agagagtgct gtgcctgagg gtaggctgtg agagatgtcc    188340
     tcactctcct cagagcagct ctacctttag gaccttctgt ccactctagg acacacagag    188400
     aagggctggt cagaactgga gctgggtgag gtaactgagt acagagagag ctggatgctg    188460
     gggagggagg ggagggctca gaccttgggc tgcaggccag gccttacctg ctggggaagt    188520
     tcagccctgt cctagctgca cctgagcagc tctcaggcct gctgctcctc cctgccccct    188580
     cttcccttgt cttctgttcc tgtctctgtc tctttctgcc tctctgactc cttatgtatg    188640
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgatgt atgtatatgc ctttctgtct    188700
     ctctgtgttt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg tatgtgtgtg tatctttctg tctctgtgtg    188760
     tttctttccc tgagtctcat ttccttcctc cctccctcct ccccctcttc tgactctgac    188820
     caatcaccct gattctctca tctcactccc tccatctcct gccttgtccc ctagccagta    188880
     taatgtttgg ctgggcaaaa caaagctatt ccaacgtgaa ccctctgctc agcaccgaat    188940
     ggtcagcaaa agcttccccc accctgacta caacatgagc ctcctcataa tccacaaccc    189000
     agaacctgag gacgatgaga gcaatgacct gatgttacta cgcctcagcg agccagctga    189060
     catcacagat gctgtgaagc ccatcgccct gcccactgag gagcccaagc tggggagcac    189120
     atgcctagtc tcaggctggg gcagcattac acccacgaaa tgtgagtctt ctccaagcaa    189180
     cacagctcgg tgtgggggag ggacagaggg gtctggattt ggccctgctc accacccact    189240
     tttcccctgc tccacagtcc aaaccccaga tgatctccag tgtgtgtcca tcaagctcct    189300
     gcctaatgag gtctgtgtca aaaaccacaa tcaaaaggtg acagatgtca tgttgtgtgc    189360
     aggagagatg ggtggaggca aagatacttg caaggtgaga cagaccctcc ctacagtgag    189420
     gtgaagggct gaaagagaga actgaggttc ttggttccca cttcaactac ctgactcggc    189480
     aggctctttg catccttctc tatggaaggg atgcaccctg ggaggggagg atcctgtagc    189540
     tggtagtagt tctcctctgt aactttgctt aggggatggt cctgtgaggc cctcaccaca    189600
     acccaatgtc ctcataagat ctgggctccc aagacctgga ttccctcact tgctgaccag    189660
     agctgcctct taagagtccc tatgttcctc cctggagtca gttccaggtt gtctactaga    189720
     atccaactgc caggtgcttt cttgctcctg accctatcct tctttcaggg tgactcagga    189780
     ggcccactga tctgtgatgg tgttctccat ggtatcacag catggggccc tatcccatgt    189840
     ggcaaaccca atacgccggg agtctacaca aaacttatta agtttaccaa ctggataaaa    189900
     gacactatgg caaaaaaccc ctgagtgtca cattatctgc tgttctcaat aaaatacacc    189960
     atgaaacaaa tgagttcaag gtctgacatt ctctgtccta ctggagtgca ggaccaaatc    190020
     aaggatccct cggctaaggt ctggacttcc aaagtagatc agcaagggac aggtgtacat    190080
     gtactattgg ctaagggggt ggggttgaaa caaatgcaga caaaaggctc agacaaactc    190140
     aggaatgctc gtaagtctcc tatggcaaga aaaatgttca gatcacagga aaagattaga    190200
     gacatcagaa tgattgactc caggtaggcc taaccctata ctggaagcag aagagatgat    190260
     aaacagtcag acactgagaa ttcagattgc caatctgggt tttttgaact gggctgggtt    190320
     ttatgttaat gaagccttga attgagggag aagagtctgt ccacagaagg acagggactg    190380
     ccccaaaggc tagcctgtgg tgtctcaacc agtggacact ggatgggatt tctttgatag    190440
     ggttggccaa aggatgaaga gtgacttaga accatttcct gtggcacaga gaatcaccca    190500
     ttgtcttagt cagggtttct attcctgcac aaacatcatg accaagaagc aagttgggga    190560
     ggaaagggtt tattcggctt acacttccac attgctgttc atcaccaagg aagtcaggac    190620
     tggaactcaa gcaggtcaga aagcaggagc tgatgcagag gccatggagg gatgttcttt    190680
     actggcttgc tttacctggc ttggtcagcc tgctctctta tagaaccacg actaccagcc    190740
     cagagatggt cccacccaca agggaccttt cccccttgat cactaattga gaaaatacct    190800
     tacagttgga tatcatggag gcatttcctc aactgaagct cctttctctg tgataactcc    190860
     agctgtgtca agttgacaca aaactagcca gtacacccat cttgggaata gggccacact    190920
     gctgctgctg ctgcacagga ccacaaaaca ctgtctgttt agaggaacaa gccacagcta    190980
     acagtatcag agaacttcca gagaagggtc cctgccaata ctcagtcaga aaggagtagg    191040
     ccttagcgag tggaactggt cttgccacct gtgtcctgag cctgaaggtg ctacctgctc    191100
     tcaggggaag tatgggacat caagggaggt ttgatgaaaa ctgagccaca gggacagagg    191160
     ttgaggcatc tggctgcagg aactcattag tgtcctgaga agatgacata tccctctgtt    191220
     ggagagttcc atggtaatgc acaaagctgt ttacaacaga caacttctgg acaggctcca    191280
     agttcctgtc caaaatggac tgctgctgca actgcaatga gtgatgtctc gaggcccaat    191340
     ggaagtagct gagcctctgc tccatggaag gcaaactgta gctccacatt agcacttggt    191400
     tgaggaagga cgaagttcct ctgggaaggg accccatgag aacttgactc agagccctac    191460
     cccaaaccct aagcccagga ggctgacccc ctttcctggg ctccaccctg ccttttggag    191520
     gcactgcctt tccatctgag gcctcgccct cacctagcca cagcatcaac cacaaacaga    191580
     gtcaggctga ggggaataag gagccctgta ctggggtggg gtcagaagag gacagaaggc    191640
     tagacaggga ataccaccac tcccaaaagg aaagagacag agacaaactc cctgacctgc    191700
     caaaagtaga cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgacaaat    191760
     ggatacatac tcagagcaga aaggaaaatg ggggacaagt tcatcagtca caatagtggg    191820
     cagaagattt taatcgcagc tacttatgat gatgaggcaa gagaatggca tattgaaagc    191880
     cagcatggac gacagagtga gtccaaagcc accctgggat acagagaaag cccaagaaag    191940
     atgcagagac acccctctcc ctaggaggaa cagagctgga aacctagcca cacctctggg    192000
     taggaggagg ctctgggttt gggtggagga tcacagtcac cctttccttt gccaacacta    192060
     ccgatgccaa tgctaaggaa cctgaagatg aagtctatct tgttcaagca gtggtagact    192120
     ggtcagaagg agaggaacat ggtggtccag agaatgaggc atagtactag ggccagaaat    192180
     atgaagccct tgtttgataa ctacagttac cccaatctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    192240
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ttctttttcc aaccctctct    192300
     ccctccactc ctctatctct ttctctcgct cttgctctct cactctctcc ttcctctcac    192360
     actgtgagaa acccaaccta agtactccat cagggctggg gcattgttca gagggaaagc    192420
     acctgcctag agtcctccag tgaggttctt ctgggggtgt agctcagtga tagagaccct    192480
     gtggagtgtg tgtgtaaggt tctgagttct gccttcagca accttctcct cccccccccc    192540
     cagaaaagaa aagaaaaaca gcatctccac tcacattacc aaaatcacta cctagaaatt    192600
     ctaaaataac tctactgcca ttcatagagt tacccaccat caatgatgca cctactgtga    192660
     gacctaacct actcccgcag aaatactcca gtaagaatgc cagtgtccca cccccacagt    192720
     cacctctagc acccaataga agaacccccc atctatgtat acactgacca gtgaattgtc    192780
     ccatgttgac actcttatgc ctcctgcagt caatccatag gcatatgaag ccagaccatg    192840
     tacatatgcc atcaaccgat ctaccatgct gaacaccaac aacgttacca ggaacatgga    192900
     tatgagggac cagccatgta gaaccaactt tctttctcct tgcaggaaca gagcacgtca    192960
     gctggggaag gagaaagttt tggggacctg gatctattct ccaccacctc cgagtgcaaa    193020
     tcataatcat gctcttcctc ctttccattt ctccctctca tctacaacct gtttcctgtg    193080
     aagctgtttg cagctcacct ccaggaccac ttcaactctt tccattttca tgagctggcc    193140
     tcttctgata cagtacacct atcttaaact ccagcatgat tatgtatgct tgaagacata    193200
     cataaaagat tgagtgaatg aaagaactca caaatggagg aatacatgct tcttctctcg    193260
     tcctttagag caaagaacag tggagttttc aggagaactt gtgcacagaa acctaggact    193320
     cagaagagaa cttggttgcc agttgatcac cagctcctca cttaccctag attagggcta    193380
     gcctggcctt cttggagctt agagagaaaa catgcatgca cccaggtcaa atgtgctaac    193440
     tgccatgaga gatgaaatag tctagatgct caacaagagg ggatgggtct gaaacctgca    193500
     acagtaagta ggtatcaaag gctgggtatt tccccttctc tgcaccagaa cccatgctga    193560
     cttcttgatg ttttaacatt tgagacaaag tctccctgtg tagtttcact ggcctgagta    193620
     cactatgtgc acagtctaac ctggacctca ccaagatcca ccagcccctg actgctaagt    193680
     tctgggatca aaggtgtgca ccaaaatatg cagctgccaa actgaaccct caatgaggct    193740
     cctggaggga ggtgacattt tctggttgct gtttcttgag aaagggtctc acatggccca    193800
     gggtgggcta acctcaaaat gtagctcagg atctaggaaa caaagaagaa catggtcatt    193860
     gttatcccaa cactgtttag ggtgggtaac acaaaactgg aaaaacctga gttctcatat    193920
     tcttgaacca aagtgtcaat agaccatggt aatatgtacc aaaactttta ttcattttaa    193980
     tttattggtt tgttttgaga cagctctata tattaccctg gctgtcttga aactcactat    194040
     gtagactaag atggtctaca tcacagacta ctagagccta gaatcccaca gatccacctg    194100
     gctctggctt caaagtgctg gtattgaagg tgtgcaatac tacacccagc tctgaaactt    194160
     ctcatagaat caataaaatc agtgatccag agttccaagt ccaaaaagga agcatttggg    194220
     cattctcaga taaagaattt ttatctgcag ggagcttgca gctctcctgg ctatccctgg    194280
     tgcaaagaat ttgtgcagac tactgatttg tagggtaacc ttcttattga ggtgcaggac    194340
     cttacttaga gctgtgagtt gggggtcact cgcttctcca tcctcctttc acacttcctg    194400
     accatcaccc ctgaccttgc catctggcta cagtccccgg aactcaaaca gctccagaaa    194460
     cagcaggtcc tgccccaccc aatctcatcc ctgggaaggt gtccagggtg acctagggcc    194520
     tactgtacag tgggtgcaac gaggccctcc catcccacag ccaggagggt gcaagcagga    194580
     agtacaactc tgtcagcaag gacagagctt cggtcagcat ctgggtagaa agaggacagg    194640
     ggaggggctg tgggggagaa tgagggtttt aaagtctccc tgaggagact ccacagctcc    194700
     aagctcacct cctgcagctc ctggacacct gttaccatgt ggttcctgat cctgttccta    194760
     gccctgtccc taggagggat tggtgagatg aggaaatggg aggggtcaga gccctgactc    194820
     tcctgctgcc tttggccctg gccatccctt tcccctctcc cctctcctca gctatatcat    194880
     gagcaccacc tgctcctcct tctctggccc tgtacactgc caggtccccc acagttcttg    194940
     caccgagcat acttcccact ttacagaact ttctactctt tcttagtccc ctgaccatct    195000
     ctgggcttct ccagtctttc taaggaagcc aaccccttac aaaaattaag acctcagatg    195060
     tccctccagt tgattgattt tcctagagcc tcatagccca agccctgaat catggacttg    195120
     cctaatccca cactactgtc attggctgtc tagcagctgc cagctttcaa gtgtgttctc    195180
     cacatgatga caactggttt cccatcatct caagttggcc agtttctacc aaaactttca    195240
     cttctcaaat tggcttgtga cataagattg gttccacccc tttctgctgg gggaaactgt    195300
     ccatgtccct tctcactggc tttttgttta gtcttgtttt tggagaaggg gtgattttgc    195360
     agacacccaa tgtggacatg aaatatcttc atcaatcact ggccacctgg gcctgggtct    195420
     ctcactgaat ggagtcttcc tgttaggcta agatgattgt gcagaaagac tcaagggaat    195480
     cctcctgttt ccacctacac agctctgggg ttacaggcta caacatcaca cctgactttt    195540
     cctctgtctt ctggagggtt cagctcaggt cctaatgctt gcatggccaa tcctgtagca    195600
     gccaagccat tgcattccca gctcttggga ataagttctg agttagtatc tcatgatgta    195660
     gcccaggctt gacttcagtc catggcaatc cctctgcctc agcctgttgt gtacggaggt    195720
     tacaaagaag ttggtctgtg catggattgc gaagatttac tgtttccaaa tgccgtgctt    195780
     tggccttatc tttcctctct tgcctcactc cctgagccag aggctcctgt ttcctctctc    195840
     tagagcccca ctgaatagct ctatttccca ctctgtgcag gacaccccaa agaccccaat    195900
     gcctaaccct actacctcac atcaactggg tcctctgctc ttcctcaaag tagcctgact    195960
     tgctctaagt atgtttccac ttccatccag agtctttaat tccttttcca cacctgtcca    196020
     gaggctgcct ccaagagaac cctgagcctc tccaataacc agatcacttg cccacctcca    196080
     caggagcaga accttttcct cacagacccc cagaatttcc ttctctcact gcttgtcctg    196140
     tctcaaactg cattctcagg gagccccacc cctcttagat gtcatctcca ccacagaacc    196200
     taaaatgagc ccacgcctta gccttgaccc tgctcctttt acctggaaat tcctcaatct    196260
     cttcatccca gctgccactt catgcccaat ccaagaatcc caaaatcaac cccaagctcc    196320
     ctttcctgga tttatttatt tattcaaatc tagttttctg atatctcacc tttccagaat    196380
     tcccaaaacc cagcaaagac tgtgacttct tcttaaactt tggagactct aaattccata    196440
     tcagaggata tcattctcaa gggattaaga ataaactgga attctctctc tctctctctc    196500
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttctttc tctctctctt ctctctctct    196560
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cccctccctt tctgtccctt    196620
     aacccaaaac tatagagtga cctggcatta tacccaattc ctgattcaag agttatttct    196680
     gtccccgcag catacatcta tctccctatc cagtaccagc catatattgg tctctacccc    196740
     agatcacctg gacatgtcca cagatcccag ccctgcttag ctatgtcccc caatggtaca    196800
     cctccctaca tgtgccaact ctgccctccc tgattacccc tgttgcagat gtgcacctcc    196860
     tgtccagtct cgagtggttg gaggatataa ctgtgagaag aattcccaac cctggcaggt    196920
     ggctttgtac aactacaaga aacacatatg tgggggagtc ctgttagacc tcaactgggt    196980
     tctcacagct gctcactgct atgtccagtg agtaagggtg gacacaggaa agcagggtgg    197040
     cagtcacaga tcatgactcc aagacaggct ggggtactga ggtggggggg ggtgggactg    197100
     gctgaaagtc tatccatgac ttcctgggtc tctctttcct catgcatcca ggtttgtgtt    197160
     cagagtcctg tttctttctt tttttcccct gtcttattgt ctgtctactt catgtctgta    197220
     ttcaaatctt actgtctcca tggccatctg tcattgtgtg tgtccccttg ggactctcct    197280
     tgccctgtct gggtctgggt ctcatctgtt ctcttttatc actactgatc atagtgggga    197340
     ccagacctga agggtccctg aggatagaac ttgctgtccc tgagggtagg ctgtgagaga    197400
     agtcctcact tacttagagc agctctgcct ttaggacctt ctgtccactc taggacacgc    197460
     agagaagggc tggtcaaaac tggagctggg tgaggtaact gagtacagag agagatagat    197520
     actgtgggat gagtggtgag atctcagaca ttgggctgca ggccaagctt tacctactgg    197580
     ggaagttcag ccctgtccta gctgcacctg agcagctctc aggcctaccc ctcctccctg    197640
     cccactcctc ccttgtcttc tcttcctgtg tatgtccctt ctgcctctct gcctatgtat    197700
     gtatgtatat atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtttgtgtat ttatgtatgt    197760
     atgtgccttt ctgtttctct gtttgttttt ctctatcttt ttcgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg    197820
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctttctgtc tctgtgtgtt tctgtccttg    197880
     actctctctt ccttcctccc tccctcaccc cccccccact cttcctattt actctaccca    197940
     atctcccctt aggctcctct cacttgctcc atctacttcc ctgcccacca gccagtttga    198000
     gggttgactg ggcaaaacaa cctattctaa gaggaaccct ctgctcagca ccgattggtc    198060
     agcaaaagct tccctcaccc tggcttcaac atgagcctca tgatgaacaa aaaactacat    198120
     cctgaggacg actttagcaa tgacctgatg ctgctccgcc tcagcaagcc tgctgccatc    198180
     acagatattc tgaagcccat cgacctgccc actaagaagc ccaagctcag tagtgcatgc    198240
     ctagcatcag gctgggacag cattacaccc actaaatatg agggtggtat aactaataca    198300
     gcagggtgtg gaagaggggc agagaaaact ggactgggcc ctgctcacca cccaattccc    198360
     cctgatccac agtacaataa ccagatgatc tgcagtgtgt gtccatcaag cttctgccta    198420
     ttgaggactg tgtcaaaaac tacaatgaga aggtgacaga tgtcatgttg tgtgcagaga    198480
     gatgggtggc ggcaaagaca cttgcaaggt gaaagtgtct ccctacagtg aggtgaaggg    198540
     ctgaaagaga gaacaaggtt cttggttcgc acttcaacac cctgactagg caggctcttt    198600
     gcatccttcc ctatgggagg gatgtgcact gggaggggag gatcatgtag ctggtatgat    198660
     ttctcctctt agacttgtct taggggatgg tcctgtgagc atctcaccac aacccaatat    198720
     tctcataaga tctgggctcc aaagagttga attccctcat ctattgaaca gagatttctc    198780
     ttagagtccc tgtattcctg ccctgggagt cagttccagg ttatctacta gaatccaaca    198840
     gccaggctct gccttaattt tttccctgtc cttctttcag ggtgactcag gaggcccact    198900
     gatctgtgat ggtgttctcc aaggtactac attgaatgac cctgaaccat gttgtacact    198960
     tgctttccca ggcatctaca ccaaagatgc tcacctcctg aataaaagat actatgacaa    199020
     aaaaatgccc aaatatcata ttgtcccatg tttttttttt aacccaccat gaagcaaatg    199080
     agtttaaggt ctgacattct ctgtcctact ggagtgaggt acacaaccta ggttcccgta    199140
     gctgaggtaa ggatttgcaa agtagatcag caagggacag gtgtatatgt cctcttggct    199200
     aaggggatgg ggttgaaaca aatgcacaca agaggctcag accaacttag ggatgccact    199260
     tgagtctcct ctggcaagaa aaatgttcag atcacagagg aaaaggctat agagatcaga    199320
     atgcgagact ccatctaggc ctgaccctat actggaaaca gaagagatga tgaacagtca    199380
     gacactgcga attcagactg cctatcttgg tttcttacat ttggctggag tattatttta    199440
     ataaaatgta aactcactgg agaagagtct gtccccagaa gggcagggat tgcctcaaag    199500
     ctaggctgca gtgtctccac cagggtccac tcgaggggat ttctttggta ggggtggact    199560
     tagaaccatg tcctttgtgc agagaatcac ccatcttgaa aaaagggcca ctatgctgct    199620
     gctgctcaga ccagaaacca ctttctgttt agagggacat agccacagct aagagtatca    199680
     gagaacttct ggagaagggc catgaaggac agaaggctag atagaactgg aaatatagcc    199740
     acaactctgg gtaggaggaa gctctgtggt tgagtgaagg atcccaagtc acccttgtcc    199800
     ttgccaacac ttaccgatga caatactgag gaaactgaag atgaagtcta tcttgttcag    199860
     tcagcagcag actggtcgaa aggagaggaa catggtaggc aggagaaaga ggcataatgt    199920
     cagggccaga aatatgaagc ctttgctcat gtgaatgtaa actggggaag aaatttagaa    199980
     agataactac aggacttagt cattccaatc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    200040
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tccatcctct cacagcaaga ggagcccgac ctaggtactc    200100
     cagcagctgg ggaggagtgt ctttacaaat cctggatgag cagtttagag atacatagat    200160
     cttatctatc tccaaataca agataaaagc agtcaagggg tcttggtgtt gtttcttagt    200220
     tggcagaata tttgcctagc tgtgagcatc ctgcatttca tcctcagcac tgtgctgagc    200280
     tgagtctgca gcacatgcct gtgatccctg cacttgggag gaggatcaga aaatcatggt    200340
     tgtccacaga tacacattga gctggaggtc agcctgagct atatagacct gtcacaaaca    200400
     agtcagagga agggaacata gctgtcttga atccatccca caataagggg caggacatgg    200460
     ttcagaggta cagcacctgc atagagtcct ccaatgagat tcttctgggg gtgtggctta    200520
     gtgatagaga acctgtggag agtttgtgta aggcactggg ctctgacttc agcaacccca    200580
     tcctcctgcc ccccaaaaat agatataaag gaagaaacat cacctacact ctccttaaca    200640
     aaatcattac ctagaaattc taaaataact ctactgccac tcatacagtg atccaccaac    200700
     aatgatgtcc ccactgtgaa cccaaaccta gacccccaga gagaatcata aaagagtgcc    200760
     agtatcccac cccaacagtc acctctagta cccaatggaa tgaaccccca gtgcatatat    200820
     tcactgacca gtgatttgtc ccacattgac acatttatga cccctgcagt caatccagag    200880
     gcagataaat ccactgtaca atcagttcac atagataatc cacacatcca ttacactgaa    200940
     caccaacaaa gttccaggaa gatgaacatg aggggccagc catgtatgac aaaatttcag    201000
     tcctcctccc aggaacagag caggacagca ggggagggag aaaaattctg ggacctggat    201060
     cttttctccc ctctctctca atgcatacaa accttcatcc tcttcctcat tcccatatcc    201120
     tcctctcatc tacatcccta tggatgttgt ttgaagctca tctccagcaa cacttcaact    201180
     ctttccattc tcatggactg gactcttccg gtgcagtaca cctatctcaa actccagaat    201240
     gattgaagac atacaaaaag atcaagtgca tgaatgtact cacaagtgga tgaatgcgtg    201300
     cttcctctct tgtcatgtag agcaaagaac agtgcagttt tcagaagaac ttgggcacag    201360
     aggcctagga ctcagaggag aacttagatt gccagctcct catggagcct ggattagagc    201420
     tagcctggcc ttcttggagc ttacagggta cacaggaata cacccaggtc aaatgtgcta    201480
     actgccatga gagctgaaat agtctagatg ctcaacaaga ggggatgggt ctgaaacttg    201540
     caacagtaag taggtgtcaa aggctgggta tttccccttc tctgtaccag aacccatgct    201600
     gacttcttga tgttttaacg tttgagacaa agtctccctg tgtagtttca ctgacctgaa    201660
     tacactatgt gcacagtcta acctggacct caccaagatc caccagcccc tgactcctaa    201720
     gttctgggat caaaggtgtg caccaaaata tgcagctgcc aagctgaacc ctcaatgagg    201780
     ctcctggagg gaagtgacat tttctggttg ctgtttcttg agaaagggtc tcacatgaac    201840
     cctggcttgg ctaaattcaa aatgtagctc aggatctagg aaatgaggaa gagaaaggac    201900
     attgtgaccc cgactctgct cagggtgggt gacactcacc tggaataacc tgagttttaa    201960
     tacttttgaa taaaagagtg atcaggccat ggtaatctgc accataactt ctatttgttt    202020
     attttatttt attttatttt attttatttt attttatttt attttattgg tttgttttga    202080
     aaaaactcta tatattaccc aggctgtctt gaatggcagt atgtagacta ggatggtcta    202140
     catcacagaa tactagagcc taaaatcaca cagatccacc tggctctgac ttcaacttgc    202200
     tgataatgaa gatttgcacc actataccta gctcccaaat ttctcatagg aacaataaaa    202260
     tcagtgatcc agagttccaa ttccagaaag actagcattt tgacattctc aaaaacagga    202320
     tttgtatcta tggggaactt ggagatgtct tggctatcac tggtgaaaaa aattgttcta    202380
     actgctactt ccttgggata atcttggaca tgaggtccag gaacttcctt agtactgggg    202440
     gttgggagtc acttgtgcct ccatcctcct ttaacaccaa ctcaccattg tccctgacct    202500
     tgccatctgg ctaaggtccc cggaactcga acagctccag gaacaacagg cattgcccaa    202560
     cccaatatca tccctgggaa ggtatccagg gtgacttagg gcctactgta cagagggtgc    202620
     aatgaggccc tcccattcca cagccaggag ggtgcaagca gggagtccac ctctgtcagc    202680
     aatggcaggg cttagtcagc atctgggtgt caacaggaca ggggagggac tatggagaga    202740
     atgagggtat ttaaaatctc ctgaggagcc tcaacagctc caagctcact gcctgcagtt    202800
     cctggacacc tgttaccatg tggttcctga tcctgttccc agccctgtcc ctaggaggga    202860
     ttggtgagat gaggaagggg gaggggtcac cgccctgact ctcctgctgc tttggccctg    202920
     gccatccctt tcacctctcc ccttacccca gctacatcat gagcaacgcc tgctcctcct    202980
     ctgccctgca cactgccagg tccctcacag tccttgctca cagaacaggc ccctgtccac    203040
     tctcactttc cagaactttc tcctcttcct tagacacctg atcatctctg tgcttctcca    203100
     gtctttctaa ggaacccaac ctcttaaaaa tcttaggacc tcagatgtct ctcgagttca    203160
     ttgtttttcc tagagcctcg tagcctaacc ccttaatcaa gaattgccta aatctcacac    203220
     tggtgccact ggctgtccag cagctgccag ccttcagctg tgttctccac atcctgacaa    203280
     ttgctccccc atcttctgta gatgtgcagt ttctaccaaa acattcactt cacaaactgg    203340
     cttgaaaggt cagatgggtt ccccctccct ttcttgtgtg gagagaatgc ccgggtcact    203400
     tctcgctggc ttttaggttt agtctggttt ttggaagagg aatcaggtgg cagacctcag    203460
     atgtggagaa caaatatctt cattaatcac tcacaacatc tctggcagca tctctcactg    203520
     aatggagagt tccacttagg ctatgatgac tatgcagcaa gcctcaggga aatcctcctg    203580
     tttctacctc cccagctctg gggttacagg cacacagcat cacacctgac tttttatctc    203640
     tgttctggag ggttcagctc aggtcctaat gcttacatgg ccaatcctgt agcaaacaag    203700
     ccatctcctg cccaagtctt gggaataagt tctgagttag tgtctcatga tgtagcccag    203760
     gcttgtcttc agtccatggc aatccctctg cctcagcctg ctctgtactg gggttacaga    203820
     gaagtgcagc tatgcgtggt ttgctaaact ttcctctgtt tccaagtgct gtgccttggc    203880
     ctgcctcctc tccatcatgc ctccctccct gtgctgcagg ctcctgtccc atctcatcag    203940
     agccccattg cccagctcta gtccccactc tgtgcaggac accccaaaaa cctcaatgct    204000
     taacgctagt atctcacatc agctgtgtcc tccaatctgc ctcacagtgg cctgacttga    204060
     tctaactgtg tctccaagtc tgtccagagg ctgcgtccaa gagaaccctg agcctctcaa    204120
     ataccaagat catttgctcc acctccacag gaaccagagc ctgtctgtca gagacccata    204180
     gaatttcctt ctctcactgc ttgtcctgtc tcaaactcct ttagggagcc ccacacctct    204240
     tagatgtcat ctccaccaca gaacctaaaa tgagcccacg ccctagcctt gaccctgctc    204300
     ctttacctgg aaatacctca atctcttcat cccagctgcc acttcatgcc caatccaaga    204360
     aaccgaaaat caaccccaag ctctctatcc tagattaatt tattcattca tatctagttt    204420
     ttttgaaacc tcacctttcc agaattccca aaacccaacc aaggctgtga cttctttata    204480
     aaccttggag actctaaatt ccatatcaga agatatcatt ctcattggac taagaataaa    204540
     ctggaaagct ctctctctct ctttcctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    204600
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tcttgcttcc ctaccttacc ttaacccaaa actataaaat    204660
     gaccttacac tatacccaat tcctgattca agagttcttt ctgtacccac agcataaatc    204720
     tccctatcca ggaccagcca tatattggtc tctaccccag atcccctgga catgtcccca    204780
     gatcccagtc ctgcttagct gtgtcccgcc aatggtagac gtccctacat gtgccaactc    204840
     tcccctccgc attgctcctg ttgcagatgc tgcacctcct ctccagtctc gggtggttgg    204900
     aggatttaac tgtgagaaga attcccaacc ctggcaggtg gctgtgtact accaaaagga    204960
     acacatttgt gggggtgtcc tgttggaccg caactgggtt ctcacagctg cccactgcta    205020
     tgtcgagtga gtaagggtgg agacagaaaa gcagattggc agccaaggaa catgacttca    205080
     ggccaggctg gggtactgaa ggacagtggg gtgggactgg ctgaaagtct acccatggcc    205140
     tcctggactc tctttcctcc tgcatcttgg tttgtgttca gagtcctgtt tctttctttt    205200
     ctgccttatt gtctctctgt ctcttgtctg tattcacatc ttactgtctc catggccatc    205260
     tgtcactgtg tgtctctccc ttgggactct gcccacacct gtctgggtct gcgtctcatg    205320
     tgttctcttt tatcactgcc gaaaatagta gggaccagga ctacagggcc tctcaggata    205380
     gaacgtcctg tccctgaggg taggctatga gagaagacct cactctcctc agagcagctc    205440
     tgcctttagg accttctgtc cactctgagg acacacagag aagggctggt cagaactgga    205500
     gctgggtgag gtaactgaat acagagagag ctggatgatg aaggatgagt cgagagagtt    205560
     ccgaccttgg gcagcaggcc aggccttacc tgctgtagaa gttcacctga gcagttctca    205620
     ggcctgcctg tcctcccagc ccccacttcc cttgtcttct gttcatgtct ttatctcttt    205680
     ctgtctctct gactctatat gcgtgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtgtgtgt    205740
     gtgtgtgtat gtatgtgtgt gtgtttgtat atgtatgtgc ctttctgttt ctgttcgttt    205800
     tattatatct gtttctttga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatcttt ctgtctgtgt gtgtttctgt    205860
     ccctgactct ctcttccttc ctccctccct cttcccccac cccttcctat ttattctaac    205920
     caatctcccc attgcctcct cttacttgct ccatctccct ccctgtctcc cagccagtat    205980
     gaggtttggc tgggcaaaaa caagttattc caagaggaac cctctgctca gcaccgattg    206040
     gtcagcaaaa gcttccctca ccctggcttc aacatgagcc tcctgatgct tcaaacaaca    206100
     cctcctgggg ctgacttcag caatgacctg atgctgctcc gcctcagcaa gcctgctgac    206160
     atcacagatg ttgtgaagcc catcgccctg cccacaaagg agcccaagcc ggggagcaca    206220
     tgcctagcct caggctgggg cagcattaca cccacaagat gtgagtcttc tccaaggaac    206280
     aacgctgagt gtgggggagg ggcagaaaac actagactgg gccctgctca ccacccactt    206340
     tctccctgat ccacagggca aaagtcagat gatcttcagt gtgtgttcat cacgctcctc    206400
     cccaatgaga actgtgccaa agtctaccta cagaaagtca cagatgtcat gctgtgtgca    206460
     ggagagatgg gtggaggcaa agacacttgt gcggtaagac agaccctctc tgcagtgagg    206520
     tgaagggctg agagaactga ggttctgggt tcccacttca acaccctgac taggcaggct    206580
     ctttgcatcc ttccctatag aaaggatgtg tcctgggagg tgaggatcct gtagctgata    206640
     ctatttcttc actgtgattt gtcttagggg actgtccaat ccacccctca ccacaacccc    206700
     atgtccctgg aagagatggc cacccaagag atggattccc ttacctactg atagagctac    206760
     ttttagagtc cctgtattaa tcgccttggg aatcagttcc aggtggtcta ctagaatcca    206820
     actgccaggc cctgccttac ttctgtccct gtccttcttt agggtgactc cggaggccca    206880
     ctgatttgtg atggtattct ccaaggaacc acatcaaatg gccctgaacc atgcggtaaa    206940
     cctggtgtac cagccatcta caccaacctt attaagttca actcctggat aaaagatact    207000
     atgatgaaaa atgcctgagt gtcacattgt cccatgttct taataaagcc caccatgaag    207060
     caaatgagtt taaggtctga cattctctgt actactggag tgtagtacct aaccaaggtt    207120
     ccctcagcta aggtcaggac ttccaaagta gattagctag ggacaggtgt acatgtattg    207180
     ttggttaagg acatggggtt gagacaaatg cagacaaaag gctcagacca actcagggat    207240
     gccacttgag tctcctctgg caaagaaaat gttcagatca cagaggataa gactagagag    207300
     atcagaatgg gagactccag ctagccctga ccctatactg gaagctgaag aaatgataaa    207360
     cagtcagaca ctgcaaaatc agactgccta ccaacttcct tgagttgggc tggagtgtta    207420
     tgttaataaa atgtagactc actggagaag agtctgtcca caaagggcag ggactgcccc    207480
     caaagactag gtaggctgaa gtatctccac tcccagaggc cattagaggg gatttctttg    207540
     atagggctgg accaatggat gaagagtgac ttagaaccat gtcctgtggg gcagagaatt    207600
     acccatcttg gaaaaagggc cacaatgctg ctgctgctgc aggaccacaa accatggtct    207660
     gtttagaggg acttagccac agttaagagt atcagagaac ttctcaagaa gggccagaga    207720
     aggacagaag actagacaga actggaaatc taggcacaac tctgagtagg aggaggctct    207780
     ggggttgagt gaaggatccc cagtcaccct tggccctgac aaaacttacc gatgccaatg    207840
     ctaatgaaac tgaagatgaa gtctatcttg ttagggcagt agcagagtgg tcaaaaggaa    207900
     aggaacatag tatgcaggag aatgacacag tgccagggcc agaaatatga agccattgcc    207960
     catgtgaata tgaactgggg aggaaaggta ggaagataac tacagtcatt aggaattcca    208020
     atctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccctcc    208080
     ctccctccct tcctcccccc tctctctgtc tctaactcta actctaactc taactataac    208140
     tctaactata actctaactc taactataac tctctaacta taactctctc tctccttcct    208200
     ctcacaccat gaggagacca acctaggttc tcaagcagct ggagaggagt gtcttttcat    208260
     gtcctgcctg aggagtttat agacacacag atattatctg tctccaaatg caaggtaaag    208320
     gcactagaga ggtcttggtg ttgtgtctta attggcagaa tatttgccta gctgtgagca    208380
     tcctgcattt catcctcagc actgtgctga gctgagtctg cagcacatgc tgtgatccct    208440
     gcacttggga ggaggatcag aaaatcatgg ttatcactcc atacacattg agctggaggc    208500
     cagcctgggc tacatagacc tgacacaaac aaggcagagg aagggaatgt agctgtctag    208560
     aatccatccc acagtgaggg acaggaaatg gtttagagat acagcatcta cctagagtct    208620
     ccaatgaggt tcttctgggg ttgtggctca gtgagtgaga ccctgtgaag tgtttgtgta    208680
     aggcactggg ttctgacttc agaaacccac tcctcctctc tcataaaaaa tagatataaa    208740
     agaaaaacac atcaacctca ttcacattta caaaatcatt acctagaaat tcaaaaataa    208800
     ctctactgcc actcatagag tgatccaaca atgatgttcc cagtgtgagc ccaaacctag    208860
     acccccagag agaatcgtaa aagagtgcca gtatcccacc ccaacagtca cctctagaac    208920
     acaatggaat gtacccccag tctatatatt cactggccag tgattttttt caacattgat    208980
     acatttatgc cccctgcagt caatccagag gcaaataaat ccagtgtatg ctcagtgcac    209040
     gtagataatc tacacatcca ttacactgaa caccaacaaa tttaccagga agatgaacat    209100
     gggggaccag ccacgtagga caaaatttca gtcctcctcc caggaacaga gcaggacagc    209160
     aggggaggga gaaaaattct gggaccggaa tcttttctcc cctctctctc aatgcataca    209220
     caccttcatc ctcttcctcc tttccatatc cccctctcat ctacaacctc ttccctgtgg    209280
     atgctgtttg aaactcatct tcagcaacac ttcaactctt tccattctca tggactggac    209340
     tcttccggtg cagtacacct atctcaaact ccagcatgac tatgtatgct tgaagacata    209400
     cattaaagat aaggcgcatg aatgtactca caagtggatg aatgcgtgct tcctctatca    209460
     tcctttagag caaagaacgg tgtagatttc agaaaaactt ggacacagag gcctaagact    209520
     cagaagagaa cttggttgcc agttgatcac caggtcctca cttaccctgg attagggcta    209580
     gcctggcctt cttggagctt acagggcaca catgcatgca cccaggtcaa atgtgctaac    209640
     tgccatgaga gctgaaatag tctagatgct caatgagagg ggatgggtct gaaacctgca    209700
     acagtaagta ggtgtcaaag gctgggtatt tccccttctc tgtatcagaa cccatgaaac    209760
     ttcttgatga tttaacattt gagacaaagt ctccctgtgt agttagtttc actggcctga    209820
     atacactatg tgcacagtct aacctggacc tcaccaagat ccaccagcct ctgactccta    209880
     agttctggga tcaaaggtgt gcaccaaaat atgcagctgc caagctgaac ccttaatgag    209940
     gctcctggag ggaagtgaca ttttctggtt gctgtttctt aagaaagggt ctcacatggc    210000
     ccaggctggg ctaacctcaa aatatagctc aggatctagg aaatgaggaa gagaaaggac    210060
     attgtgaccc cacctctgtt cagggtgggt ggcactcccc tggaatagtc tgaattttca    210120
     tacttttgaa taaaagagtg atcaagccat ggtaatctgc accataactt ctatttattt    210180
     tattttattt tattttattt tattttattt tattttattg gtttgttttg aaaaagctct    210240
     atatattacc ctggctgtct tgaaagtcac gatgctgact aggatggtgt acatcacaaa    210300
     atactacaac ctaaaatcat acagatccac ttggctctgg ctttaaagtg ctggtattga    210360
     aggagtgcac cactataccc agctcccaaa cttctaataa aacagtaaaa ttagtgatcc    210420
     agagttccaa gtccaaaaag gaagcatttt ggcattatcc aagaaaggat ttgtatctgc    210480
     agagagcttg cagcgctcta ggctatcact tgtgcaaata atcttttgta tctttaactt    210540
     tctggggata atcttggtct tgaggtatag gaccttcctt agaaatgggg gttgagggtt    210600
     acttgcttct ccatcctcca ttcaacccaa ctcaccattg cccctgaact tgccatctgg    210660
     ctatggtaca cggaatatta acaactccag aaacagcagg tccttcccca tccaatctca    210720
     tccttgagaa ggtaaacagg gtgacctaca gcctactgta cagcaggtgc aacgagtggt    210780
     agtgcatgga gtccacctct gtcacaagga agaactttgg tcagcatcca gctgccaaca    210840
     tggcagggga ggagctgtgg gaggaatgag agtttttaaa gtctccccaa ggagcctcaa    210900
     aagctccaaa ctcactccct gcagctcctg gacacctgtt accatgtggt tcctgatcct    210960
     gttccttgcc ctgtccctag gagggattgg tgagatgagg gaatgggagg ggtcacagcc    211020
     ccgactcccc aacttcctta ggccctggcc attcctttcc cctctctcct caccccagct    211080
     acatcatgag gaacacctgc tcctccttct ctgccctgca cagtgccagg tccctcacag    211140
     ttcttgcact gagtacaggc ccctgttcct tcctactttc tagaacttta tcctcttcct    211200
     tagacacctg accatctctg gccttctcca ctctttctaa ggaacccaac ctcttacaaa    211260
     tcttaggacc tcagatgtcc ttcaagttca ttgtttttcc tagagcctca tagcccaacc    211320
     ccttaatcag gaattgccta aatctcacac tagcgcctct ggctgtccag caatggccag    211380
     ccttcagctg tgttctccac atcctgacaa ttgttccccc acaactgggt tctgggttgc    211440
     ttctccagaa cgaccatata ccctgatccc agccctactt aactctgtcc cccaaaagtg    211500
     cacctcccta catgtgccaa ctctcccctc ccccattgcc cctgttgcag atgccgcacc    211560
     tcctgtccag tcttgggtgg ttggaggatt taaatgggag aagaattccc aaccctggcc    211620
     ggtggctatg taccactaca acaaatatat aatgtggggg tatcctgttg gaccctgtag    211680
     tggctattcc tggttgtcaa cttgacaata tttggaatga actacaatcc ggaattggaa    211740
     ggctcaccag tgacccttat ctggaggctt ggagatcctt atctggatct tggtttgaag    211800
     atcttgagcc acagtggcta tggattccag aagattgaat ctctgagttt aaggaacaca    211860
     cctttaatct gggctacacc ttctgctgga gacaatataa ggacattgga agaagggagt    211920
     ctagctcttg ctcttgctcc ttcgcctgct tgctgcgtga gactgagtaa ctgctagatc    211980
     cttggacttc cattcacagc tgcgactgaa ccattgttgg gaattgggct gccgactgta    212040
     agtcatcaat aaattccttt actatctaga gactatccat aagttctgtg actctagaga    212100
     accctgacta atacagaagt tggtaccagg agtggtccta gagtaacaga agtacaagga    212160
     tgaatctttt aaaatattgg aattggcttg ttgatccacc agcactttca actattgaaa    212220
     cctctccaga ttcactccct tctgggagct tagagaattt tgaagaccca tggttgaaac    212280
     tatattccga acttaaagaa gctaatgccc ttgattttct taatgaatta ggtgattcag    212340
     tgcacaaagc tttctacaag atggggaaaa aatcggaaaa tgattttact ggctggctgc    212400
     tcttagtatc tgtggaaaga atgatgaatg aaaggaagga gttgtgtgat aaaatcgaaa    212460
     ggctccagac acaagtaaac gatctaaaag ttgctaagtg tgtccttgaa gaaaatcttc    212520
     tctcttgtag caacagagct caagttgcag aaaatcaaac ggaaactctc attgtaaggt    212580
     tggctgaact acagccaaaa ttcaagtctc agcctcagag tgtgtcaaca gttaaagtaa    212640
     gggctctaat tggcaaagaa tgggatccta caacatggga cggggatgtg tgggaagacc    212700
     atgttgaagc tgagaatttt gaatcttcag attctcaagg gtttgcccca cctgaggaag    212760
     tagtaccctc agccccaccc cttgaaataa tgccttcccc acatgaggaa attaattttg    212820
     cagagtctga taaaccagca atgactttca ctactgatgt ttctcaaggc ccaccaatag    212880
     tttcttctag acctataacc agactcaaag caaaacaggc tcctagaggg gaggtagaaa    212940
     gtgtagtcca tgaggaaatt cgctacacta ctaaggagct taatgagttt gctaattcat    213000
     tcaagcagaa acctggtgaa tatgtgtggg aatggatttt aagggtgtgg gataagggtg    213060
     gaaggaacat aaaactagag caggctgagt ttattgacat gggtcctctg agtagagatt    213120
     ctaggtttaa tacggaagct cgcatagtta aaaaaggtgt caaaagtttg tttgaatggt    213180
     tggctgaggt gtttatcaaa agatggccta ctggaaatga cttggagatg cctgatattc    213240
     cgtggcttag tgttgatgaa gggattttaa gacttaggga aattgcaatg ctagagtgga    213300
     tatattgtgt aaagcataac tgtccacaat gggaaggttc agaagatatg cccttcacca    213360
     gctctataag acgcaaattg gtgagagggg caccagcaca tttgaagggt tttgttcttt    213420
     cccttttcct tgtgccagat cttagcattg gagatgcttc tgctcaatta gatgaattaa    213480
     attcactggg tttagttgga ttccgaggta acaagggcca ggtggcagca ttgaatcgcc    213540
     agagacaagg tgattctagt tattataatg gacagcgtag acaaaagaat gtttataata    213600
     acatacccag taatggtcag cacaggagag gtgaaattta taatggcatg actcggttgg    213660
     acctttggta ctggctaacc aatcatggta tttccaggga tgaaatacat aggaagccta    213720
     ctgcatattt gtttggtctg tatatgcaga aaaattctca aacaaatgaa agaaaggcta    213780
     cattagatca tggtaaacag ccaaatgaaa gaaaggctac attagatcgt ggtaaacagc    213840
     aatctcggcc agtgaatcaa tttccagact tgagacagtt tgcagatcca gaaccccttg    213900
     aatgaagggg tggccaggtt ccgctgagga aggatcttga taagacactc aaaggttttg    213960
     ctgttaccct ttctccagtt cttccccaga gggacctacg gccttttaca agggtaactg    214020
     taaactgggg aaaaggaaat aatcagactt ttcggggtct gctggatact ggttctgagt    214080
     tgacactgat cccaggggat cccaagaaac attgtggccc tccagttaaa gtaggggctt    214140
     atggagggca ggtgattaat ggagttttga ctgatgtccg actcacagta ggtccagtag    214200
     gtccccggac acatcctgtg gtgatttccc cagttccaga atgtataatt gggatagata    214260
     tactcagaaa ttggcagaat tc                                             214282