ID   AC134592; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 184917 BP.
AC   AC134592;
DT   28-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   26-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 7)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-381O3 from chromosome 9, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-184917
RA   Berghoff A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-381O3";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-184917
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-184917
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-SEP-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-184917
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-MAY-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-184917
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-JUL-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-184917
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; c57649b73396701cae76b5a31d4ac365.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456147.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000025892; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034311; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034288; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034218; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034282; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0033994; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034804; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033321; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0033966; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034123; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034068; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034210; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034112; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034823; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033025; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033437; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC134592.5:1-184917; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000027020; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000163309; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000212533; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091072; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091147; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091091; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091077; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090649; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091599; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091217; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090578; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0090793; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090625; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0090813; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090649; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0091913; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090656; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089682; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9PX01.
DR   GOA; G5E863.
DR   InterPro; IPR001320; Iontro_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001508; Iono_rcpt_met.
DR   InterPro; IPR001828; ANF_lig-bd_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR019594; Glu/Gly-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR028082; Peripla_BP_I.
DR   MGI; MGI:95811; Gria4.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9PX01; E9PX01_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G5E863; G5E863_MOUSE.
CC   On Jul 25, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:31194040.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0381O03
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..184917
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /map="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-381O3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   1..249
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   353..900
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   918..1036
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   1582..2386
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2961..3139
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   3579..3685
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3899..4450
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4539..5386
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6061..6165
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6166..6356
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(6281..6355)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=23.00 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=4.36)"
FT   repeat_region   6357..6673
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7177..7259
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   7289..7503
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   8179..8610
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   10354..10483
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10485..10552
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   10685..11195
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11197..11940
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11942..13575
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13570..15088
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22329..22791
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24707..24911
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   25912..26147
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26222..26296
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   28974..29092
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29108..29311
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   31184..31234
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   31768..31875
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32061..32287
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32288..32689
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36641..36968
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   37519..37929
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER17C"
FT   repeat_region   38060..38389
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38412..38499
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38944..38990
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   39691..39879
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   39919..40065
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40129..40270
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   41128..41277
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   42246..42397
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42517..42653
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   44794..44944
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   45330..45415
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   45547..45798
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45887..46037
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   46320..46386
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46485..46980
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46998..47179
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   48227..48352
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51082..52021
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   52023..52260
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52399..52641
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   52959..53107
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53326..53631
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53645..53769
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55785..55933
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57535..57735
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   57799..57975
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   60484..60909
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER10A"
FT   repeat_region   61569..61744
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63256..63663
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63657..63771
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63789..64372
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66894..66991
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67467..67732
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   68107..68363
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68984..69102
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69852..69929
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71168..71464
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73587..73703
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   75376..75674
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   76314..76731
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   79108..79160
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   79364..79695
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   80422..81050
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81051..81433
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81434..82514
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   82515..82909
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   82910..84640
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84640..86341
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86902..87266
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87267..87440
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   88125..88245
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89210..89394
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   90517..90701
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   90809..90859
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   90861..91601
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91645..91842
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   93179..93299
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   93330..93480
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   94233..94480
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   95237..95399
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   96469..96532
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96535..96878
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96920..98328
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98319..98890
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99652..99798
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102750..103240
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103383..103541
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103731..104135
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   104233..104374
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110200..110301
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   110673..110955
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   110956..110999
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   111820..112075
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112089..112216
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112959..113117
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   113816..114201
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114275..114579
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   114920..115060
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   122416..122495
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   122510..122695
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   123914..124263
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   124305..124379
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   124408..124610
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125280..125410
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125991..126248
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126611..126834
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   126838..127043
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127043..127284
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128359..128436
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128913..128977
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   132289..132424
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   132730..132947
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133009..133258
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134770..135580
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135595..136116
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139540..139668
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   140380..140524
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   140822..141010
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   141030..141556
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   141550..142540
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   142553..142637
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   142625..142876
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   143852..144056
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   144514..144910
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   145155..145318
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   145417..145469
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   145616..145936
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   145937..146092
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   146241..146415
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   146875..146932
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   146933..146953
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   147254..147421
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   147803..148079
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   148080..148325
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   149021..149341
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   150170..150384
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   151113..152091
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   152120..152569
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   152727..153031
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   154491..155150
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   164127..164234
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   164419..164542
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   164888..165020
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   165146..165267
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165271..165321
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165328..165968
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165965..167018
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   169068..169457
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   169458..169599
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   170449..170595
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   171914..172380
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   174418..174530
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   174656..174901
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   175050..175171
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   175703..176067
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   177192..177333
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   177688..178062
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   181137..181244
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   181296..181403
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 184917 BP; 59118 A; 33806 C; 33871 G; 58122 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttg ttcagttctg agccccattt tttaatgggg ttatttgatt ttctgaactc        60
     caccttcttg agttctttat atatgttgga tattagtccc ctatctgatt taggataggt       120
     aaagatcctt tcccaatctg ttgatggtct ttttgtctta ttgacggtgt cttttgcctt       180
     gcagaaactt tggagtttca ttaggtcccg tttgtcaatt ctcgatctta cagcacaagc       240
     cattgctgtg aagatgatgt cttagtacat gcataagaga tggacaatac tattaaatgt       300
     agatgagaat cttggatctt aattaaattt agtatattgt atagaaagat actacggggg       360
     taaacaacta ctttcttaga tttggggcct ggtttgtgga agagaactaa gaatgtttag       420
     gtaaatctgg tctactgtcc atgcccagaa ggtcataggg tttagagggg atgctactat       480
     tattgttttc ctaaatggtc atattgttca tctgacttgc aaatactcat gcttatgttc       540
     atagattagt tttcagctga aatcagagaa gtttgctgct gcagagggtt tatttaatac       600
     agaaatgcca cactagccaa agtgaccata gaataagcaa agatggagtg cttgattcta       660
     agaaagcatg aaataaggaa cccagtagac gatggggagg aaagaatgta agagtcaaag       720
     gatggcgaga tgtggagcac aaagttatct tctgaacaca acatggcaac caaaaactca       780
     ctgtagtttt ggttacttgg aaaaaacttg cataagattg gggtggtcac cgttttatca       840
     tgagctgcag ggaaattctg ctccttcctg aaaggctact ggaaattaat atttactggg       900
     ttaaagtttc tgattttctt caggagtaca gacagtttta agttgtaact gctctaataa       960
     ataacctccc actcatatat ggactagcaa ctctaattaa actcaatgga ccacacacaa      1020
     ggaagacatg gaggtagtac agagaattgt taggaagaag ggtttcagtg aaagataggg      1080
     aatgaaagag ggtaagagga ggtggagaat attaaaattt gttaaacatg ctggaagctg      1140
     tcaaagagtt agaaaggagg aggatgaggt ggtgctgctg gtggtggtga tggaggagga      1200
     ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag aaggaaaaaa gtagattttt      1260
     ctcctattaa atagaacaag acaggatcca ttgagaagag tacaatgtga gactgttatt      1320
     aatcaaaact tgtaaaccat cattattggg aaaggacagt attatacatt atggtggtct      1380
     tatgagaaat gagactagga aagagtaaaa ataagtgata aggaagaaca gggtgggcaa      1440
     acgacacatg agaattgaaa gagggaaata gactaggggt agcttgcaaa aagaatatca      1500
     aggtgttggg aagatgatgg ggccagagaa tctattaaaa tacactttgt acaaaatgct      1560
     ataatatgta atacttatat acaattaaca acccttttac ctttgcaacc tatgaaacat      1620
     gacaaggagt agcatgacaa gatatatgta aaggtacaat agtggtgcct gcacagtaac      1680
     taacatctat ctaattggac ttaattcatc aatagttcat tagaagagaa ttctgtctgg      1740
     gactgtaaac ctagcccact acatttggat actgaagtca tggatcttag agaagaacct      1800
     attactataa gtttcagaaa gcagtatact atgtaattat atacttaata cttaaaccta      1860
     aaaataagtg tgacctttac ctttctcaca aattcttgtt ttgtaacaga tggagacttt      1920
     atagcaagcc ataactgtta aaaatgcaga taataactga ttgtgggcta ccaagctcta      1980
     attaatacat gtgtaacaaa acccctacat ctaaggctca accagggaat acaaggaaaa      2040
     aggggagaga aagattataa gaaccagata atcaggtctg ccgtgaagat agtgtattct      2100
     agacattata ggaaagctat acacatgaaa tctcaacagc acagccacct aaaaaagact      2160
     taagcaatgg cagtatcagt tgacatgaaa atgtggaaag gagtagtctc atgatgtttt      2220
     atcgctagtt gaagggctac agctgatcaa tcaatatcta ctgagaacaa tgagaatcaa      2280
     ccttctctag ggctgagtcc cttgatgtat tgtccaatcc caagtgttca cagccctaaa      2340
     cacatacata agagaaacac tgaattgact cagcaggttg tatttacaaa atgtgtgaca      2400
     atgaaaacaa tcagagaaac aacaaaaaca acaataaaaa aaatccatgt tacgattgtg      2460
     ttcatctgct caacttttaa ttccatattt tagaggatac tatttcttct tatgaaaaga      2520
     aaatcaaagc taacttgaaa ccagcttaaa caggtattcc aaatattcca gaaagaggca      2580
     ttgttatcag aggagagttt aaacatgggt ggtgacttac ctagactctg tgtgaggtag      2640
     gagacaatga tagacatgat tctggccatt tagaattcta tgatgaattc tatgattctg      2700
     gttgtgtcat atttgaaaaa tagggaaagc atgtagaata attatacaaa gagaaaccat      2760
     aaccacagtg ccatgcactg tgtgtttgta agcctgttat ttcaaattat tgaaggctaa      2820
     tagaatataa ttggttaata aagtacagca ggttaataaa acaaaataaa attataattg      2880
     attatagtat aacaattaca gaaagacaag gttaatttat tgatgaagaa aacatgccat      2940
     accatgttta cgtgtatatg tgtgcatgtg agtatgtgta gtcaatgtag tgggcagaga      3000
     ataggaaaca ttttcccctc ttgatcttta gtttattttt gatatagcct ctctttctga      3060
     acctgcattt gctgtgttca tctaaagtga ctgtccagag agttccctga atgggttgtc      3120
     tctttccctt atccctgggt acttagagtt tgaactcaga agcctaaact ttaacagttt      3180
     agaactaccg tcccatgtcc tcgcctctca tcccattttt ccttgctatc aaatattaac      3240
     acagcacata gttaactata gatacacaaa tctttactat tgtaatgcat gatgaaatat      3300
     ttaatgtatt attttgttct ccttgtttga agcccagagg catcatatac atattgtgaa      3360
     tacagtgggt gatactagac ctacctttgt tacacctttg tgtaaaccat gccattttga      3420
     attgtctaat gatgtactct acagatgtta tcctttatta taaacagtag cagacaacaa      3480
     ttactagaaa atattctaag ataagtagga gagattaata gaagaaactg actgaatgaa      3540
     aaaaaaaact gtaaaattca gaaaaaattg tgagccaagg tgggtgtggg agtgtgggga      3600
     catcttggaa tctggggagg agtaatggga tggtgaactg ttggagggtg taacaggaag      3660
     ggatagcacc tggactatga ggaaagatta aagatgaaaa gaagacttaa atgatttaaa      3720
     tgaaatatac attgtagaat cctacctttt gtataaagag tctttgaata gtaagaaata      3780
     gaattagtac tattcctgct ggcacaagac cctccaggat tctttggagc tgatgttgct      3840
     ttccacccac ccataatccc gaggtcctgg gtgtgctagg ggtcctgtgg catagagtat      3900
     agtactacca gaggatcctg caatacctct cctgggcata tatccagaag atgttccaac      3960
     ttgtaataag aacacatgct ccactatgtt catagcagcc ttatatataa tagccagaag      4020
     ctggaaagaa cccagatgcc cctcaacaga ggaatggata cagaaaatat ggtacattta      4080
     cacaatggag tactcctcag ctattaaaaa caatgaattt atgaaattct taggcaaatg      4140
     gatggatctg gagggtatca ttctgagtga ggtaacccaa tcacaaaaga actcacatga      4200
     tatgcacgta ctgataagtg gatattagcc cagaaactta gaatacccaa gatacaattt      4260
     gcaaaacaca tgaaacccaa gaagaaggaa gacccaagtg tggatacttc gtccctcctt      4320
     agaatgggga acaaaatacc catggaagga gttacagaga aaaagtttgg agatgagatg      4380
     gaaggaagga ccatgcagag actgccccat ccagaaatcc ataccataat caaccaccaa      4440
     atgcagacac acgtgaagag cattgtctgc ttaagtggca taactttatt taagtatata      4500
     tgatgtgtac atttaagtaa atataaaata atatgattcc ccaaagatac aatagtgaca      4560
     cttgtatctg gtggctgcta acagatgtct aactggattt gaggcctatt caatatgagg      4620
     gaaatcaatc acgatactag aaacctagcc aatttcttgg aaccggtaag gtcatggatc      4680
     ttagagaacc tactaataga caaaagctta ctataccaac tatcataatt cctaacttaa      4740
     gtccaaaacc tatcctatat ccacagatag ttgtagctct caaccttcat taaagaaact      4800
     tctttttgca gaaaattgag attgttacag aaaaccacaa taggtcacac tatagagatc      4860
     aacatagtat tgggcacagc gcaaaaggat gtatctacaa tacatctcct gaacctggga      4920
     ttcagagaac attgtagatc tagtggtcag gggaccggga ctcctgctgt aacactttat      4980
     ttctggaaaa tgacatggaa gctacatcca cgctgcttac aatatggctc cctatacaag      5040
     acctgaacag tgataattat caatgatcat gctaactaaa agagaaaaat ctcactgtgt      5100
     ctcacaccta gaaaaataag tacagtcaac ttagtcagct aggagaggga gaattagcct      5160
     ttcccatgga tgagccccta actggttatt caattcacca ctgccagcta tgaaatcaca      5220
     tatacactag ctgcacgtaa aggacgcagg aggttgtatt tatatatata tatgtatata      5280
     tatataaata ataataataa taataaataa ttataataag ggtattagct tgaaagggag      5340
     tgggggcatg ggtggagttt cagggaagaa aaggggaagt gatatatgat tcgtttaaaa      5400
     gataaatata aaaatcagac aacctttgca tttctcttag taattgcttt gattttgatg      5460
     agagaagcct taagacttct catctcacct ttgcatctta gataatgtca gtttccctct      5520
     aaatttcttg attaaatgga atgattgtct caagcccttt gtttccagtt aagtcacatt      5580
     tacaagtttc taaggaaaat gctgtgccac cgaataacct tagcagagct tgacattctg      5640
     ccatttgata atgggatgta cactttgtgt atagaaagct tttaaagttt cacaaatcct      5700
     cattaaaatg taaatgtctg aggatgggat cactctgtaa gttattagca attagtctgg      5760
     tcaagaaagt cccgaggcag aaggaagtgc agctgatctg ggaaaatgac ctttagcacc      5820
     tcagagagct acagtgggga ctctatgttg tagtacacta atttagtcat ttattttatg      5880
     gccatccttt gactttgctt ttgtgcttca atgtctccaa atttggtttc tgtggccatt      5940
     tttctttcca gtagcttctt tctctgattg agctgcatag tacttaggtg ttttgggtat      6000
     ttagatgatt ccaaggttgt tttgcttata attttaaatg ttgtaaatat gctttgaacg      6060
     tttgggatta taacataatt agacagtttc tccctttcct ttctttgctc caactccttt      6120
     ctagtaccac cccctctcca atactgctat tttaaatgac ctcttttttt ttttttctta      6180
     aagatttatt tatttatttt atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca caccaggaga      6240
     gggcatcaga ttttgttatg gatggttgtg tgccaccatg tggctgctgg gatttgaact      6300
     caggaccttt ggaagagcag tcagtgctct taaccactga gccatctctc cagcccttaa      6360
     atgacctctt tttaagtgtt gttgttgttg tgtgtcccta aatacataaa tatagcctac      6420
     tttgcttata atgttactgc tatgtgtata tttcagggct gattgttaaa ctacattacc      6480
     aattggtgta cttttctttg gagaggacta tttcttcttc cctcagtgtt ctttagtttc      6540
     tcatagtact ttgtctgggt ttagacccca tgaacttcct ccctttctat gttagcacgg      6600
     ggtttggtat aatccttatg caggtcatgc ataggctgcc atgctactga gactccatgg      6660
     atgtagtttt tgattcagag tttttgtcct tttccctcag ccaacagtga ctggccagtg      6720
     agctattcta cagattacag ctgagcttcc tacagcttct attttcactt ctcagatcac      6780
     tattttcaca gatgagtcac attcattcat taattagtaa acacagatgg tacattcctt      6840
     tgattctggg ctagggtgct tttttctaaa gataaccaca tcacaaggtc actattaaag      6900
     aaatggcatt tggaaaggcc agtttagagt aagcagtgta acaaaggatt aacatgacat      6960
     gttaccagag agctgggtag atggctcagt gaataaatta cttgctatgc aagagaacct      7020
     gagtttgaat gcccaaggct catgtaaagc taaataaggt aaaatgaagt tgcaatccca      7080
     atgaatcaac aaacattggt gacagagacc agagaatctc acagccagct tgtcatgtac      7140
     agtgtaaaat aagagagcct attgcagaga aagcagaggg gaggactggc tcctgagatt      7200
     gccttctgac ttccctatac aaactgctgc atgcacatgt ctgcactcac acacaaacat      7260
     acacatgata aataaaaata atataaatgg agttgaagat gactctttag tccagagtat      7320
     ctggttctct tgcagaggat ccaggattgt ttcctcgtac acacacggta gttcagaacc      7380
     atttgtaatt ttagtttcag gggatctagc agtcttttct ggttaagttt ggcaccaggc      7440
     atgcacatag tatacataca tactttaagc aaatatttat atacataaaa taagtaactc      7500
     tttaaaaata acaaaatatt attagcaaat aaataataaa taaaataaat aataaataag      7560
     tgtttcaaat tgtaaaattt tggtctgaag atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      7620
     atatatatat atatatgtct ttaagggcaa ttgcttttgt cacaaggaag caaaatgcca      7680
     gtatgctttt ctatcctata gtcacagtta accaaaagac attttttgtg acataatcat      7740
     ttttatgtct tctttggaaa atggaaaata tctgtgttct gctcatttcc ttgaagggcc      7800
     ctttgcaggg atgttctctg ctatatcccc cagacacctt tcatgtgttc aagtaaagca      7860
     cacttgccaa tcattcacac aaaaaaagaa cagttaagaa aatggaggcc attagtttac      7920
     aaccagcacc caccatgctc tcagaattct aaaattggac aatcgttcgt aagaaatttc      7980
     tttattttta taatatcctg cttcactttg gtgattgtta gttacaactt acccccaaga      8040
     gcagttaaca attcttatca atgctttttt atgtcaactg tacagtcact tctctgtgca      8100
     gtagtgctca acttaactag acaacatttg tctcttttta attagaggga tgctatttta      8160
     gcaaagtggt tgacaaagtg tgctggttag attttaaagg tcaacttgac acaacctaga      8220
     tttacctagg aagagagcct taatgaggaa tcatctagac tagtttgacc tgtgggcata      8280
     tataagagct attgtcttgt taattgatgt aggaagatct agtccattgt gggtgttgct      8340
     atcccctaga catggatggg tgtgggtgga gtggaagggg gtgtggtcct agataatata      8400
     aaaggagaaa ggtatctgag atcaaaatgt gtccttattc tccttagctc ttgacagcag      8460
     atgcgatatg actagctgct tgagttcctg ccttaacctt tttctatatt ggacaatagc      8520
     ttggaaatga gccaaataaa ctctttagtt cccagttccc taggacattt tttagggagg      8580
     gtgtctgggt atttgtcaca gcaacagaaa tgaaactaga agagaaaaga attctgcttt      8640
     ctattcttta aatgaaaacc tgccattttc tgagatggct atgagtataa gtatgtgttg      8700
     ttttaatttc atagcaatga ggcatttgat attcataatg ttatggtgtt tatgaaaaaa      8760
     gacatcttta aatcataata tgccccctaa ccatcagttt gatattcttc aaactgacat      8820
     tattatgaga gattatatct tgtggacctc ttaactatga tttaaataat tgtatatgtg      8880
     gaacatgtta ttgatgtaaa ccttaaataa acacaacagg catagacagt caacaatgcc      8940
     tattacaata tgttcaacca aatgtagcaa atgaacagac agttaatgtc catttttagc      9000
     ctcaaattta ccccttggct ttttcagatc tagaaaaggt caaaaataca agaaagatag      9060
     tctcaactgc aatctttaag ataataaaag ccattgtgct ttatttcttt tggtatggct      9120
     tcaattagaa ttacctattt gtccaacttg tcagctctaa gcttcctttg acacattttt      9180
     cagcaaagct cattaggaac tcaagaattt ccttatctgg aaaatacaca atgtgtgttg      9240
     cttaactaat ttaaagtgac attatgatgg aacagcaatt caatttattt agctgttcgt      9300
     ggacatcgct ctaaaacatt acttataaga gcctattgat ttaattaatt caattatgcc      9360
     acagtgtagt taaaaaataa ttaacttttt actgtggttt aattttcaca ttattagtat      9420
     aataaatgga ttttgctata cattatgaac attatccaaa tatcaaatat tgtatgatta      9480
     tatctgatta catgtataat aaagatatat taatttatgt aggtaggcat aaaatgctta      9540
     gctaaaggaa tatttagact tcacagaggt aattaaccta aagtctaagt gccttagtcc      9600
     tctttgcaat atggcacggg taacatctcc ttcacttctt ctaaagtttg ttaaccttcc      9660
     acatagatgc tgaacatatg tactacctgg agatggaaaa cgaggacatt ggtatgcagg      9720
     ttttcttaaa tatataataa agtctattct catacaagat ataactagac atcatataca      9780
     ataaacataa aatatatgta gaaataacta tctgtgtgac ctggtagatg ggttttcttt      9840
     ttcactggaa aaattagcct acatatctca ggtctatgtc actgtaacat aaggtcacag      9900
     gtaagtttaa aatattccta ttaaattcta tggtgatcac tgacattata agatgcaggt      9960
     gtgtctgtgt attcatgaga tatgtgtagc atcacgtaac atctaagttt gtatttttaa     10020
     cacatttaat aagcctattc taaattatca aagtagagtt atcagttaat aatctatttt     10080
     gaaaaaagct aataaagtag aagcagatat ttcaataatg tatacttgac aataaatcaa     10140
     cttgtgggat tttgctaagg aaaatattct gtatcattta aaagaaaaac aacctacaaa     10200
     caattaatta taaattagca ttttaagcat atgtttctca ttgaattaac aagcaacaac     10260
     catacatcca gtagaaaaca aaatatcttt tcaataaaaa ttagttgatg aatactaata     10320
     gaagtaatgt tttaaagaag agttttgata atattttgag acacgatacc atgtatccca     10380
     agctggcctt aaagtcatca tgtagccaag gataacctta atatctgatc tttttgcctc     10440
     ctgtcctaag ttttgtaact gcaggcttgc accatctctc ctgctttctg tggacctgga     10500
     tctgtaacct agaacgttgt gcataatagg caagcacttt aacatgtgag ctccctttga     10560
     accacagaag tcatgttttt gatacttggt tgcatgtcaa gttgtttttc ttatcttgct     10620
     cctatagttg aattaactac ttttttctct tttttccttt tcttttttgt tttttttttt     10680
     actatttatt tatttacact ccacatttta tccctccccc agtccaccct ctgagtgttc     10740
     cacatcctat aactcctccc catggtcttg tctccatgag gatgtcccta ccacccagca     10800
     cccacctaat cagacctcta aactcccttt ggtctccagt ctcttgaggg ttaggtgcat     10860
     cttctctgac tgaacccaga cctggcagta ctctactgta tgtgtgttgg ggtcctcata     10920
     tcagctactg tatgctgcct gattggtcgt ccagtgtttg agagatctca ggggtccagg     10980
     ttaatagaga tggctatttc tcctacaggg tcgcccttct actcagcttc ttcagccttc     11040
     tctaattcaa tcacaaaggg gtcaacagct tctgtccatt ggttgggtgc aaatgtatgc     11100
     atctgattct ttcagctgct tgttgggtct ttcagaaggc agtcatcaaa ggtccctttt     11160
     tatgagcatt ccatagcctc agtaatagtg tcagggcacc aacaatggag agcattcctc     11220
     tttctccaca tccttgccaa catgtgttgt cacatgagat tttgatctta gccattctga     11280
     ttggtgtaag gtgaaatctc agggttggtt tgattttcat ttctctcatc actaaggact     11340
     ttgaacattt cttaaggtgc gtctcaacca ttagatattc ctcagttgtg aaatctctgt     11400
     ttagttctat acctcatttg tttttgattg ggttgtttgg tttgtatgtt attagcttat     11460
     tcagttcttt atatatcttg gatattagct ctctatcaga tgtggggtta gtgaagattt     11520
     ttcctaatct gtaggatgcc ggtttgtctt attgactatg tactttgcct tacaggagca     11580
     ttccagtttc atgaggtccc atttatcaat tcttgatcta aagtgtgagc cactggagtt     11640
     ctacttagaa aactttcccc ctttgccaat gaattcatgt ctttttctca ttctcatttc     11700
     tattagactg agtgtatctg gttttatgtt gaggtccttg atccacttga acttgagctt     11760
     tgtacaaagt gacaaatatg ggtctatttt catttttcta catacagaca agcagttaga     11820
     acagcactat ttattgaaga tgctttctta attccatcgt atatttttgg ctttttttgt     11880
     caaagattaa gtgtgtgtaa gtatgtggtt ttatttctgg gtcttcaatt ctattccatt     11940
     ccatgggaaa tttctccatt ttctgagatc ttatttgatt tctttcttga gagacttgaa     12000
     gctattgtca aacaggtctt tcatttgttt ggttagatat aagatatttt atattatttt     12060
     tggctactgt gaagagagtt gtttccgtat tttctttctc agactgttta tcatttgtat     12120
     agaagaaagc tacagatttg agttaatttt atatttggac actttgctga agttgataat     12180
     tagctgtaga agttctctgg tagaatttct ggggtcactt atgtatacta tcattatctg     12240
     caaatagtga tccctttatt tctcctttgc caatttgtat ccccttgatc tctttttgtt     12300
     ttcttattgt tctaggtagc agtttgagta ttatatttaa tagatatgag gagtgtggac     12360
     atccttgtct tgtccctaat tttagtggga tttcctcaag tatatctcca tttaatttga     12420
     tattggcttt tgttttgcca taaattgctt ttattatgtt ttggtatggg ccttgaattc     12480
     ctgatctcta atacttttag aataaatgga tgttgtattt tgttaaatgc tttttctgca     12540
     tccaaggaac tgatcatgtg atagtttctt tgagtttgtt tacatagtgg attacattaa     12600
     tggattttca tatattaaac caaccttgca tccctggtat gaagcttact tgatcatggt     12660
     gaatgatggt tttgatgagc tcttggattc agtttgcaag aattttatgg agtatttttt     12720
     gcattgatat tcataagtga ggttagtctt tagctctctt ttttggttgg gttcttgtgt     12780
     ggtgttggta tcagagtaat tgtggtttca tcaaataaat taggtagtgt actttctgct     12840
     tctgttttat gaaatagttt tagaaatatt ggtatcaggt cttctttgaa agtctggtag     12900
     aattctgcac taaagccatc tagccctggg cattttttgg ttgagaggct tttaatgatg     12960
     tcttctattt ccttatggaa tatagaactg ttttagatag tttacctgcc cttgatttaa     13020
     ctttggtata tggtatatct ctagaaaacc attcatttca tctagatttt ccagttttgt     13080
     tgagtagagg cttttgaggt aggattttaa aaatttcctc agttcctgtt gttttgtctt     13140
     ccttttcatt tctgattttg ttaatttgga tactgtctct gggctcttta gttagtttgg     13200
     caaggggttt atctactttc tttctatcaa acaaccagct ttttgtttta ttgattcttt     13260
     gtactgttct ctttgtttct atttggttga tttcctccct gagtttgact atttactgcc     13320
     ttctattcct tttgtgtgtg tttgctcctt tttgttctag agctcttagg tatgctatta     13380
     agttgctagt gtaagatctg tctaatttct ttaccagggc actcagtgaa ttttcctcct     13440
     aacactgctt tccttctgtc ccatatattt gggtatagta tgtcaacact ttcattaaat     13500
     tccaggaagt ctttaattta tttctttatt tcttccctga acaagttatc attgagtaga     13560
     gagttgttca gtatcaccaa cagaataaaa gatttagaag agagaatctc tggtgtagaa     13620
     gataacatag aagagattga cacaactgtc aatgaaaatt caaaacataa aaatctccta     13680
     atccaaagta tccaggaaat tcaggacaca attaaaagac caagtttaag aataatccga     13740
     atagaggaga gtgaagattc ccagctcaaa tgaccttaaa atgtcttcaa aaaaatcact     13800
     gaagaaaact ttcccaaccc aaagacagag atggctgtaa aagtacaaga agcctataga     13860
     acaccaaata aatgggacca gaagagaaaa tcctcttatc acataataat caaaacatta     13920
     aacatacaaa acaaagaaag aatattaaaa gccacaaggg aaagttccaa gtaacataca     13980
     aaggtagacc tatcagaatt ataccagtct tctcaacaga gcttatgaaa gccagaagag     14040
     cttggtcaga ggtcatgcac actctaatag accacaaatg gcagccaagg ctactatatc     14100
     cagcaaaact ttcaatcaaa acaaaaggaa aaaagcaaaa atttccaaga aaaacaaaac     14160
     aaaacaaatt caaacagtat ctacctacca atccacccct acagaggatc ttagaagtaa     14220
     aactctcaag aaaaggagga tacttatacc aaagaaaaga caagaaatta agcatctcac     14280
     aacaaagcct aaaggagaga accacaagca tataaagcca cctacaaaaa caaaacaaaa     14340
     aaaccacata tcagcaacca acagtcatct gtctttaata tttctcaata ttaatggact     14400
     caactcacct ataaaaagac ataagctaac agactggata cacaaacaag atcagcattt     14460
     tgctgcatac aagaacacac ttcaataaca aagacagaca ctatctcaga gcaaaaatat     14520
     gggaaaaggt cttccaagca aatggtccca ggaatcaagc tggagttgtc atccttatat     14580
     ccaataaaat agactttcac tcaaaaatta tttagtgtaa tgtggaagga tacaacatct     14640
     ttatcaaagg gaaactctac caagagaaag tctcaatact gaacatttat gtcccaaatg     14700
     caagggcacc tatattcata aaagaaagtt tactacagat caaaacacac attgaacctc     14760
     acacaataat agtgggaggc ttcaacaccc cactttcacc aatggatagg tctataaaac     14820
     agaaactaaa ctgagacaca gtgaaactaa tagaggttat taaccaaatg gatttaacag     14880
     atatctatag aacatttcac cctaaaacaa aaagaatata tcttcttctc agtacctcat     14940
     ggtacctttt ccaaaattgg ccatataact ggtcataaaa caaccctcaa tcaacacaag     15000
     aagattgaaa taatcccatg catcaaatca gattaccatg gcctaaggct ggtcttcaat     15060
     aacagcaaaa tcaacagaaa gtccacatac tttttttcta aaccaatgta tagctgagct     15120
     acttgagaaa ttccctaaac ctttgtggtt gtacttcatt agttattatt gtatgcttac     15180
     agatcttcat tttggtaaac atttcattat tggagagtct tccaaaccta agagaaagta     15240
     ctgcccttcc tagacaggac agggtaagag atgctgtccc tcagtacttc cttgtctggt     15300
     tctgtcacta ttggttttgg tagtctatta gaaagtaggt tcttgctctc gatccttcat     15360
     taccctttgg ttcttttgtt atttctgggt atcattctcc taaaagacag ttttgggagc     15420
     tttgggatat aagattgttt gaaggcattg tctcaactga tgatgctctc tcatatggat     15480
     gttttactgg tgacaactca gttttcaatg gaaaattttt ctactttgtc ttctgttact     15540
     atggatgaac accaaagtga aggcctttgt gtggatccca ggtaccattt tctactttcg     15600
     atataacatg gtaaaatttc tccaattttg atcacacttg tgttctcgta ctagaagttc     15660
     atgcttacag gtaagcatat tgtcttctaa agacctttat tatgatgcct atcagggtca     15720
     ccttgggcac ggagtcagcg gacacccccc aaggtcccga gaggactctc cacttgatct     15780
     taggaacact ggtgagtgga acacaacttc tgttctattc caatcgtgca ggacctgaga     15840
     cagcattagg gaagcagaaa acccggcctg accagggtca caagtccctt ccagtcggtg     15900
     ccagcaccag gtcacctggg tgaggagtca gaggacaccc ccaaggtacc tagaggacag     15960
     attctgaggc agaccctgtt ttgggctcca gacatccggg taccttccct gccagagaac     16020
     aggtgtcatc cccacccagg agggctttgc ctgagcacct ggggaagcca tcttggttcc     16080
     gggatccctc tgagattagt ctgtacaggt gagagtgtgg actatagaag ctaactgctt     16140
     ctgggacagg ccttcatctt ctgcctggag gcaggtctga agtcagatat tggtgcacct     16200
     tccctgcaag aggagagctt gcctgcagag agtgctctga ccactgaaac tcaggagaaa     16260
     gctagtctcc caggtctgct ggtagagaat aacagaatca agagaggaac aagctctaac     16320
     cagagacaaa tataaccact aactccagag attaccagat ggcgaaatgc aaacataaga     16380
     atcttactaa cagaaaccaa gaccactcaa catcatcaga atgcagcact cccacctcaa     16440
     ccagtcctag gcaccccaac acaccagaaa tcctagacca agatttaaaa acatatctca     16500
     tgatgatggt agaggacgtc aagaaggaat ttaataacta acttaaagaa atacagaata     16560
     ctgctaaaga gttacaagtc tttaaagata aacaggaaaa cacaaccaaa caggtagatg     16620
     tccttaaaga aaaacaggaa aacataacca aacaggtgat ggaaatgaac aaaaccatat     16680
     tagacctaaa aagggaagta gacacaataa agaaaacaca aagtgaggca acgctggaga     16740
     ttgaaaccct aggaaagaaa tctggaagag agaatctcag gtgcagaaga ttccatagag     16800
     aacatcagca caacaatcaa agaaaatgaa aaatgcaaaa atatcctaac ccaaaacatc     16860
     caggaaatcc agaacacaag gagaagacca aacctacaga taataggagt agatgagaat     16920
     gaagattttc aacttaaagg gacagaaaat atcttcaaca aaattataaa agaaaacttc     16980
     ccaaacctaa agaaagagat gtccatgaac atacaagaag cctacagaac tccaaacaga     17040
     ctggaccaga aaagaaattc ctcctgacac ataataatca aaacaacaaa tacactaaat     17100
     aaagatagaa tattaaaagc agtaagggaa aaatgtcaag taacatataa aggcaggcct     17160
     ataagaatta caccagattt tttaccagag acgatgaaag ccagaagatc ctgaacagat     17220
     gtaataaaga cactaagaga acaaaaatgc cagcccaggc tactatatcc agccactttc     17280
     aattacaata gatggagaaa caaaagtatt ccatgacaaa accaaattca cacattatct     17340
     ttccatgatt ccagcccttc aaaggataat aacagaaaaa aaaaaccaat acaaggacag     17400
     aaaccacgcc ctagaaaaag caagaaagta atccttcaac aaacctaaaa gaagacagcc     17460
     acaagaacag aatgccaact ctaacaacaa aaataatagg aaacaataat tacttttcct     17520
     taatatctct taatatcaat ggactcaatt ccccaattaa aaaaaaaata gactaacaga     17580
     ctggctatac aaacaggacc caacattttg ctgcttacgg gaaacccatc tcatggaaaa     17640
     agacagacac tacctcagag tgaaaggctg gaaaacaatt ttccaagcaa atagtctgaa     17700
     gaaacaagct ggagtagcca ttctaatatg gaataaaatc cacttccaac ccaaagttat     17760
     caaaaaagac aaggagggac acttcatact catcaaggta aaatcctcca agaggaattc     17820
     tcaattctga atatctatgc tccaaatgca aggacagcca tattcattaa agaaacttta     17880
     ataaagctca aagcacacac tgcacctcac acaataatag tgtgagactt ctacacacca     17940
     ctttcatcag tggacagatc atggaaacag aatctaaaca gggacacagt ggaactaaca     18000
     gaagttatga aacaaatgga tttaacagat atctacagaa cattttatcc taaaacaaaa     18060
     ggatatacct tcttctcagc acctcaaggt accttctcca aaattgacca tataattggt     18120
     cacaaaacag gcctcaacat atacaaaaat attgaaattg tcccatgcat cctatcagat     18180
     caccactaag gctgatcttc aataatgata taaataatag aaagccagca ttcacatgga     18240
     aactgaacat tactcttctc aatgatacct tggtcaagga aggaaaaaag aaagaaatta     18300
     aagacttttt agagtttaat gaaaatgaag ccacaacata tccaaactta tgggacacaa     18360
     tgaaagcatt tctaagagga aatctcatag ctctgagagc ctccaaaaag aaactagaga     18420
     gagaacacat gaggagcttg acacacacct aaaagctata gaacaaaagg aagcaaattc     18480
     acccaagaag agtagagggc aggaaatagt caaactcagg ggcaatatca accaagtgga     18540
     aacaagaaga actattcaaa gaatcaacca aacaaggagc tggttctttg agaaaatcaa     18600
     caagatagat aaacccttag ctagacttaa ctggagggca catggacagc atcctaatta     18660
     acaaaatcag aaatgaaaag ggagacataa caacaaatcc tgaagaaatc caaaacacca     18720
     ttagatcctt ctacaaaagg ctatactcaa caaaactgga aaacctggat gaaatgaact     18780
     aatttctaga cagataccag gtaccaaagt taaaccagga tcagattaat gatctaagca     18840
     gtcctatatc ccctaaagaa atagaagcag tcattaatag tctcccaacc aaaaatagcc     18900
     caggaccaga tgtgtttaat gcagagttct accagacctt caaagaagat ctaattctag     18960
     ttctgcacaa actattccac aaaatagaag cagaaagtac tctacccaat tcattctatg     19020
     aagccacaat tactctgata cctaaaccac agaaagaccc aacaaagaga acttcagacc     19080
     aatttccctt atgaatatcg atgcaaaaat cctcaataaa gttctcgcta accgaatcca     19140
     agaacacatc aaaacaatca tccatcctga ccaagaaggt ttcattccag ggatgcaggg     19200
     atggtttaat atagggaaat ccaacaacat tatccactat ataaataaac tcaaagacaa     19260
     aaaccacatg atcatctcgt tacatgctga ggaagcattt gacaaaactc aacatccatt     19320
     catgataaaa gtcttggaat gatcaggaat tcaaggccca tacctaaaca tgataaaagc     19380
     aatctagaga aaaccagcag ccaacatcaa agtaaatggt gagaagctgg aagcaatccc     19440
     actaaaatca aggactacac aaggctgccc actttctccc tacctactca acattgtact     19500
     tgaagtcata gccagagcaa ttcgacaaca aaaggagatc aaagagatac aaattggaaa     19560
     ggaagaagtc aaaatatcac tttttgctga tgatatgata gtatatataa gtgacactaa     19620
     aaatttcacc agagaactcc taaacctgat aaacagcttc agtgaagttc ctggatataa     19680
     aattaactca aacaagtcaa tggcctttct ctacacaaag gataaacaga ctgagaaaga     19740
     aattaaggaa acaacaacgt tctcaatagt cacaaataat ataaaatacc ttggcttgac     19800
     tctaattaag gaagtgaaag atctgtatga gaagaacttc aagtctctga agaaagaaat     19860
     taaagaagat ctcagaagat ggaaagatct cccatgctca tgggttggca ggatcaatat     19920
     agtaaaaatg gctttcttgc caaaagcaat ctatagattc aatgcaatcc ctatcaaaat     19980
     tccaactcaa ttcttcaact caattttctt tctcaattag aaagggtaat ttacaaattc     20040
     ctctggaata acaaaaaaaa ctaggatagc aaaaactctt ctcaaggata aaagatcctc     20100
     tgttggaatc accatgcctg acctaaagct gtactacaga gcaattgtaa taaaaactgc     20160
     atggtactgg tatagagaca gacaagtaga ccaatggaac agaattgaag acccagaaat     20220
     gaacccacac acctatggtc acttgatctt tgacaaggca gctaaaacca tccagtggaa     20280
     aaaagacagc attttcaaca aatggcactg ccacaactgg aggttaaaat gtagaagaat     20340
     gtgaattgat ctatttttat ctcctagtac taaggtcaaa tctaagtaaa tcaaggaact     20400
     ccatataaaa ccagaggcag tgaaacttat agaggagaat gtggggaaaa gcctcgaaga     20460
     ttgggcacag gggataaatt cctgaataga aaaataatgg cttgtgctgt gagatcaaga     20520
     attgacaaat gggacctcat aaaattccaa agctactgta aggcaaaaga taccatcaat     20580
     aagacaaaaa ggccaccaac agattgggaa agtatcttta cctatccaaa accagataga     20640
     ggactaatat ccaatatata tatatataaa gaactcaaaa aggtggactc cagaaaatca     20700
     aataacccca ttaaaaatgg ggctcagaac taaacaaaga attctcacct gaggaatccc     20760
     gaatagctga gaagcacctg aaaaaatgtt caacatcctt aatcatcagg gaaatgcaaa     20820
     tcaaaacaac cctgagattc tacctcacac cagtcagaat gtctaagatc aaaaattcag     20880
     gtgacagcag atgctggcga ggatgtggag aaagaggaac actcctccat tgttggtggg     20940
     attgcaggct tgtacaacca ctctggaagt cagtctggcg gttcctcaga aaattggaca     21000
     tagtactacc ggaggatcca gcaatacctc tcctgggcat atatccagaa gatgttccaa     21060
     ccggtaagaa ggacatatgc tccactatgt tcatagcagc cttattcata atagccagaa     21120
     gctggaagaa agccagatgc ccctcaacag aggaatggat acagaaaatg tggtacattt     21180
     acacaataga gtactactca gctattaaaa acaatgaatt tatgaaattc ctaggcaaat     21240
     ggatggacct gaagggcatc atcctgagtg aggtaaccca atcacaaaag aactcacatg     21300
     atatgtactc agtgataagt ggatattagc ccagaaactt agaatagcca agatataaga     21360
     tacaatttgc aaaacacatg aaactcaaga acgaagacca aggtgtggac actttgcccg     21420
     ttcttagaat tgggaacaaa acacccatgg aaggagttac agagacaaag tttggagctg     21480
     tgatgaagga tggaccatct agagactgcc atatctcagg atccattcca taatcagcct     21540
     ccaaacgctg acaccattgc atacactagc aagattttgc taaaaggacc ctgatatagc     21600
     tgtctcttgt gagactatgc tggggcctag gaaacacaga agtggatgct cacagtcagc     21660
     tattattgga tggattacaa gacccccaat ggaggagcta gagaaagtta ccaaggagct     21720
     aaagggatct gcaaccctat aggtggtaca acaatatgaa caaaccagta ccccccggag     21780
     cttttctctc tagctgcata tgtatgagaa gatggtctag ttggctatca gtggaaagag     21840
     aggcccattg gtcatgcaaa ctttacatgc ctctgtacag gagaatgcca gggccaagaa     21900
     gtgggagtag gtgggtaggc gaggggtggg ggtagggcat gggggactta tgggatagca     21960
     ctggaaatgt aaatgaagga aatacctaat aataaaaaaa tatgatgctt atctgtattc     22020
     ttaaaaaagc taagtacctg ggactcaatt ttcaagcaag tttattttgg catctgttgt     22080
     ctttagtgtg atttaggatt aagactctaa tttgtttact ttaacaacac taaattctat     22140
     tcattttaaa taaataaaca tcaaaatgtt tggacattta ctaatctctt gctctttcct     22200
     cctttcagtt ttgagaaaca aaagtttgct ctttccaatc cttattttat ttgtaattta     22260
     atcctctgac atttttattc tttgaatttt atttactaaa tagctaattt catcatgacc     22320
     aaagtttttt ttttattaga tagtttcttt atttacattt caaatgctat cctgaaagtc     22380
     ctttataccc tccccccacc ctgctctcca acccacccac tcctgcttcc tggccctggc     22440
     atttcctgta ttggggcata taacctttgc aagaccaagg gcctctcctc ccaatgatgg     22500
     ctgattagtc catcttctgc tacatatgca gctagagaca tgagctcagg gggtactggt     22560
     tagttcatat ttctgttcct cctatagggt tacagacccc ttcagctcct tgggtacttt     22620
     ctctagctcc tccattgggg gccctgtgtt ttatccaata gatgactgtt atcatcctct     22680
     tctgtattca caaggcactg gcatagcctc acaagtgaca tctatatcag ggtcatgtca     22740
     gcaaaatctt gctggcatat gcaatagtgt ctgcattggg tggttcatta tcccatacat     22800
     tttcaaattc attttaaaac taagaaattt taatgtaaag aggtataagt gtcttaggta     22860
     aagcattctt atatttgtaa aacatacatt tactacactt ttctaaattt gaactttttg     22920
     cataactttg aatacataat gggcttagta tattcagcgt cttgcatata gacatttggt     22980
     tttttcaata tctgaagttc taatatatac tttctgtaaa gactattggg tatattttgg     23040
     gattcttgct tctcatatta aaactaaaca tgatcattta tattataaga aataaaagta     23100
     tatttgtgaa tgcaaaaata tgattttttt ataagacaaa gtttttaagg ctccaaacat     23160
     attctttgac cactgagcat tatttcaacc caaatctttg taaaatgctg aaatgaaagt     23220
     catgttacct gatgcacaca aacaacaaca tcatgttcca cgatgcacat aaactataga     23280
     aaaagaaaca agacttattt tgatggactt ttctttttaa catgtattta tagttaagta     23340
     tttactgttc cttatacatc tcttgaattt caaatcacag tggaagaatg agaacactga     23400
     tggcattcac atcccacatt cgaaattctt tcaagggagc tggagagaca acttgatagc     23460
     tttccagtct tcgaaatgcc tgactaaaat gagcattgag atccatgagc tgtttaccat     23520
     ggaaaataga ttcgagtaca atttccaaat cttaatcatt gctgccaaca cacataagaa     23580
     gcaccacagc tttctcacac ttgagtggat tttggaggaa gatctttgta aatttaagat     23640
     ctatgatcta ttcaagaacc cacatcagta aattcacact agaagaagaa caaggaagcc     23700
     aacctttgca aatgattttg ggataatggg taagttggat gaactgaaaa agctatttat     23760
     tacattgtat cccagaacac aaatattata gaaaaaggaa gatttggctg acaataaaat     23820
     ttaaatggaa gaaactgctt aacaaatcca ttaaaatgat ataggatatc aagaagtcac     23880
     tacattcaaa ctggaagcta gcatgctgat tagaaacagg cttttccaaa ggcattgtgt     23940
     tccaggcagt cttccttgca tgagttctca actacaaagc aatatgccat ttgctgaatc     24000
     ttctacttta cctcctctga cttagtttga actttaagtc acttaaagaa atattaaatc     24060
     tggtacatgg cagcaaatga atctaaacct ttcagctatg gtttcaaata cattgtggat     24120
     tttgactctt ttagtaaaga tgacattcat ctcaattttc ccaaatgact aaagaaatgt     24180
     ctaccatttt atctaactta gtaccccttt atttaattat atctttcaga tgttgtttca     24240
     tctattactt ctatacacat gcctcctcta ctcacactcg agttcttttc tgaactggct     24300
     tttcagaatt agtgagaatc ttattgcttg gattctattg ctatcttaat tactgttctt     24360
     ttcactgtta cagaaatggc caatggctcc tggctttgga ctgattgcag ttcctcaatg     24420
     gcaaggaagg cccaggacct ggggcttcgc tgtttacagg ataacaaaca gaaaacaaga     24480
     acagatgaaa ctttcaaagg cttagtaccc ccacaccaca agtgtgtctg gttttgaatg     24540
     tccacattct tcaggaagac atagacttct tcaagagttt tcacaagact accctgggtt     24600
     agcctaggtg taagtccagc catttctcct ttccttatca catacctgtc aagtcattgg     24660
     gaaagaatca cttatgtaat tcacttcttt tctccctcta gactgtggtt cttaataatt     24720
     cttgatatca tgaacctctt taacattata gtaatatctg ttgttccttt ctcagaaaaa     24780
     tagttttaaa agtagaaaca aactacttag gattacaaag aaatcagcta tatgcaaatt     24840
     acatttcaga gcatgaggaa aagcattcat tacatcatga gctatttgtt ttttgttaat     24900
     gcatcaaata aaacctacca acaagagctt tagagctttg ctttcaggta tctacagcgt     24960
     gagacactgt gtcatgggtg ctcctccttc atctgtgctt tattgtcttt attcataatt     25020
     tagtttaagg ccaagtatca attaaagatt aaacatgtta agtacagtgc atttgttttc     25080
     ctatgaatgt ttatatcttt cttttccctg ccctagagaa aaatctttgt actatgttac     25140
     ccataccacc cgctttatta tagatgaaaa atgtgtgtgt gtgtggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     25200
     tgtatgtgta agggggctat acagagatgg aggagtatat gtgtatatgg ccatatggta     25260
     aaagacactt aacaataaag aacatcaaat ctcaccattt cctaagtaat acacacacat     25320
     atatagtgta gattcccaaa cctcactatt tatgcataat acatatatgt aaatatcaat     25380
     tcattttctg tgttacacag acacacatac tttatagcat atatccctga aagctaccca     25440
     tttataagca aagcatgtat atgtctacat gtctagatca gtttctaact gatttggaga     25500
     taaggctgtg aacaagacaa aactcatatg acataggatt tatattttca agttatgaaa     25560
     taaacttggc cttcttctgc tgtaaatact tgtgcatttg tttggacttg aacattcttt     25620
     tgcttctaaa atcactaacc actgacaaat attgcatatt ttcattgaat taagagtgat     25680
     attataagat agttggctgc caagaggtat ttttaaagct tgagtgtgat tataattatt     25740
     ctttataata aacatttttc ttattactga ctatatttag aggtcctata tataaagtca     25800
     tatttttctt atttccccac tctaccttta tggtccaggg aactacacac acacacacac     25860
     acacacacac acacacacac actcacacac taaaaaaaaa aagagagaga gagagagaat     25920
     agaatgaatt taagataggt agagaatatt catctggaag atggagaata tcacaaaaca     25980
     ctgccatcat gacatgatat tgcattgcaa ccacaagtac tcagaaactg tggatttctg     26040
     cacaagatta gactctttat ctgtctatta aggatagagt atctgtccat gaggctgtaa     26100
     ttctgccctg aagaactatt gtctatcaat ggtttctaga aaaggggtgt tatttgtcac     26160
     tagttttgta aacactaaga gactagatct gaagaacaaa ggaatcatgg aggcagaagg     26220
     cagagggtaa aaagaggagt gaatataacg acacatcata cacacacaca cacacacaca     26280
     cacacacaca tacatactcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgccatat atatggcatt     26340
     aaaagtaaat gtattaagaa aataatgtgg aactgaaatt ctcccatcct tgtccataga     26400
     ctcatgaggt ttctgttttc tgaggatatg tatttctgtg cctgtgccag ttttgtaagt     26460
     tttatatact gcttggtctg gaagtgacta ctgtgttctc tcacactgcc tcatcctctt     26520
     gtaaagtctg tctttcatgt tatgtttata caacgagcat atctactttt gaaaagctga     26580
     caatcaggat ctgcttctgt atttatacct catttctttc taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     26640
     aactccctga ttctgtgact gccaaaattt agggcctagt gaaaagcaaa ggcatttcta     26700
     cattatttct aaatttttct ggaatggaga acctcacagg aagtatttaa atcccacagc     26760
     ttgacttact agaagcatag tttagagaca aatacacaat atatgcatat ttttgagctc     26820
     cctaccagga ggttctactg gtgtgaagag actaaaaata gtccaggtct aggggtgaca     26880
     acccttactc ttcaccgttc cctctgacat gtgcgggtta agtagaggta ggattggagc     26940
     tctttggtct ccttgctgtt gtccgtatct tcaaaggtaa ggtaagtacc acaaattttg     27000
     gtaggtgcct ggaatgctta ggtctcagtc aagctgtttt gtgttctttt gtccagcaaa     27060
     ggaccctaga aatcatgcat agtgttctta catctcctgt gaagtgcacc atcccgagtg     27120
     tcattctcta ggaatcaatg tggtttttaa aaagctaaaa cacaccagtc tactgactta     27180
     agaatgtatc tgtcttttta taatttgaaa gggaaacttt gcaaatctgg tatgtccttg     27240
     aatgcttctt aaactttgaa ttactcaaat acttagtcca tcaatgattg ttgaacaaag     27300
     tctgctttgt gaactggtgc agaccagagc aaatatctag gttcactatg aactactcac     27360
     ctagtgtgtg tctcccactg tggactatag acccactgaa gagagataca ttaaaccata     27420
     tttcttgatc acaacagtat aaaattaaaa acaaaaactg agtctgcata ggtcttagtg     27480
     gtagcctgct atgcacaaga atctgggttc gacctctact acagactgaa catataaaca     27540
     agtaaaacaa gctgagggca tagagaataa tgataaatat gcttactaaa tatttttcct     27600
     gtttctaatt attagtgtaa aacatgtaaa tattttcata tatgttctaa atgcatattt     27660
     ctactttaaa atacatataa tcaacatgaa aataatatat ttaagaactt gttagagcga     27720
     attgaacaag ttctaaacat atagttaaga gtttttcatg tgaaaaagat ctaattcttg     27780
     actgacaaga agtctatagt caaattgaca cttctcatga cacaacacca caaatctgaa     27840
     attactaggt tagattttgt tccttgtttt actgtacatt ttaaaatttg ttgactcata     27900
     ggaactcaat catataaact tactcaaaat aacttcctat tatccatata gccacttccc     27960
     ccacaaattg ttctttacat ttgggcatac ttaaaacttt ataacataag ctatagattt     28020
     ttatattctt gggttgttgt tgttgctttt atgtctgatc cattgtagtt tgtatcctga     28080
     tatttgctgc ctaaaaactt aatggtcata tgacattcag aattatttct gcttttttta     28140
     atgaaaagaa tcaagtttaa ttttatactt tgacattccc aaaatgtttt tcaaatataa     28200
     caaatttata ttacttatgg acaatatttt aaataatgct gttctcaaga gggaagagat     28260
     actgcatttt atttcacttt atattaggtt atgccttatg atgagggttt gagaatctgt     28320
     aaagtcttgt atagccctca ttggttattc tgggatgtat gcttttatga tttagtgctt     28380
     tggaatactg ttgacattgc ccaaatgtaa gtcactttgg ccttaatttc taatgttaaa     28440
     ctttcttgtc atgaagggtt tttctcttta tatcacaagt acacacacac acacacatgc     28500
     acacagaccc atatgtgcac acacacaaac atcacattta cacagacaca catacataga     28560
     tacaatacat attcatatac aaacaaacac aacacatgta atacacacaa tatacctacc     28620
     tatacaacat atatacatac aacacacaca aacactatat atacacatag tttgcatata     28680
     cttatttact cagtttgttt tacttattta tatgttcagt ctgtagtaga ggttgaaccc     28740
     aggttcttgt gcatagcagg ctaccattaa gacctatgca gactcagata caaaacacac     28800
     acactacata tacacagaga caaacacaca tacatataaa taacacatgt acatacaaat     28860
     gccacacaca atatacatgt acaagatata tataccatac acacacaatc catgaacaca     28920
     tatgctcaaa catatatcaa accatcatca gcactactac caatttaaaa aaaaaaaaag     28980
     agactatgat ttgaaagaca gcatgggaag gagggatggc acatgggaga atttggaggt     29040
     taaaaggaaa tggtaaaaat gatgtagtta tgttacaatc cttaaaaaat aatgaaatat     29100
     ttactaaatt tttatgcaag tatatatgtg ttcctctgtg gatatgtttg cacacaccta     29160
     cagtttctac cacagtatag aagagtgcat tgttttctgt ggaactccag ttatgagatt     29220
     gtggacttca tgatatgggt actgggagcc aaacttggct cctctacaag tgcccctata     29280
     gctcctaatc actgaatctt ttctctagct cagtagtatt ttgtagtgat gcctaggaag     29340
     acagaagtca ctacacccat agacttgcag tctctgatgg attgctgaac catctcagag     29400
     gagcacatgt tactaggaac aagtttttaa tgcagatgta tagttgtaca tacatgtata     29460
     tgtgtacagt agagtagtta gaacaggacc ataagttggt cttttttggc atgtcagttg     29520
     tttaagaaaa ggaacaactg agatttcagt actaaaatga ggcaaatcta cttgatggtg     29580
     aggaagatag atcacacaaa tggatattgt gtctatgtac ttctaatgtt aagcctggat     29640
     taaaaatttg tatattcaat gacccctgta aaagaattta atgcatatgt attaaatgcc     29700
     taatctttat ttttttaaaa acaaacctac aaagcaaatt acattggtcc atattagttg     29760
     taggatatac ttaagtacat ctaattttgt tgccatttgc ccctgaagaa aatacattct     29820
     tcaatgtttc atttcttttt aaaggtactt atatcatttg taattgagta ctttttatta     29880
     gcttacactc agaataattt tttttctgtt gcattttgta ttaaatgaac aacataggca     29940
     ggaataaaac aaaataaaat atcctgagac atgatcagcc agaaagccat ctgggctgaa     30000
     gctccctcag caatttcaga catggatcaa tccagctcat cactagctca gtgggagagc     30060
     aacactcaga aaagccattg gatctattga cagagactta caatgataaa tatagctgga     30120
     tgctgccaat agcaaaagaa tattgcaata gacagccaat gtgcttcagg gaagaagagc     30180
     atatgaacca tctaggcaga ataaaaagca aatagaggta cacactttcc aggtgtagta     30240
     atcttacttt tacttgtgtt tctaagacag atttttgtct catgagcttc atctgacctc     30300
     acaaaggaca tttttgtttt gggtacatga aaacacacaa aaaattaaat gccagtagta     30360
     atatgataaa tgcatatctc gcaaacctat agtaagactt ccattgactg tcttactttt     30420
     caatttatgg cactatattt aaccctttta ggcttggggc agaagggtta aaaactagag     30480
     aaggaatggt gctccggcgc attgagtttt tgttacgaat gctttgaatt tgattttcct     30540
     ttcttggagc ttggtgggta gttaaaagct ggcaaggcaa ccacaaatca tgtcacatta     30600
     gcagcactgt agatgcctct gaagctcata tatcacctga tactgttttt ggaagtttag     30660
     aggtggatga acaacacata ttcagtgatt gacagagtta aagggagatt gtcccccagt     30720
     gctggcactg agtcaccaca gtgtgacata cacccatatg tgttggcgtc tgtaatagga     30780
     gcagatgtct ctctgacagg ttagttggtg gaaaagagtt tgcatagtaa aaggatgcaa     30840
     gagactgtag gatgcaataa agaaatttgg agacttttct acaaggtctg cagttttcac     30900
     caatgcaggt ggaaggagaa aatgagttct cttttctcag atgttaggag acagttttgc     30960
     attttgaata gctgacagcg tttcatagct gtgtgagaat gacaagggaa agttctgcat     31020
     ttccttcttc acttgcagag gcataaagtc ccttgtgtga ctcacactgc ctttatcatc     31080
     catcaatgtt tctgtccact ccattttaaa taacagtgct tcagaaggaa cagcttcttc     31140
     ctcaaattga catttaagac tgttaagaat accacaatgg ttttacttag gtgtgtgtgt     31200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttctgat tctttggatt agtaaagtca     31260
     ccctgagcaa taatgaaatt aaaggcattc ctttagggaa tcttcttatg caagctttaa     31320
     tttctcttta gtgggtcaaa atagtatctt tggtattttt cttttaagag atgtcaatga     31380
     aaataagact ctaatatttt tttttaatta aaataaatag gatgcccaaa gaaatagaat     31440
     tatttatgtt atagcacaaa ttaattaagg gcacttcagg tctagtactg ataagcagac     31500
     tgtgtttgaa gagaaaacag tggtacatat acccttcctg tgtacactgg gagtatttct     31560
     taaagatgtg tttttggtgg gcagaggtaa gggtggcaac tgacactaaa ttcaccaagt     31620
     tctctataga tctacagaag ataaaaatgg gagtctgaga catatggaaa cttttttaat     31680
     cattctaaag tttaacacac accatgggag aataggtaag agtagacttt catgtatgag     31740
     ttcctaatac gtgataacca ctaagctttt tatttatttt tggactggaa ttctctttgt     31800
     agcccacatt aatattgaat ttatgatact ctgtctttag gcaagtaaaa ctaggattaa     31860
     aattatgtac cttcattatt atcatactat acttttaata tcaagtgatt cctatcataa     31920
     tttgtctagc atgtgctaga attttttggt aattgttagt tttatgcata atggtacaag     31980
     gtttagaatg gtagtttttg attatacgtt catttcagaa ttatgtatgt gctgagtaag     32040
     tactttcatc tacgcacata ttctgttgct ataatgaaac attcagacaa aaagcaagtt     32100
     acagaaggaa ggctttcttt gatttatgct cccagttcac agaccatgat taaaggacac     32160
     cagcacagga acttgagcaa gaacatgaaa cagacatcat ggagaaatgc tgcttgtggc     32220
     tcccttacag cctcatgctt aggtcagctt agagattagt gtcatccaca gtaggctgaa     32280
     acctctctct ctctttcttt ttttttaatt agatattttc tttatttaca tttcaaatgt     32340
     tatcccgaaa gttccctata cccttttcct gccctgctcc cctacccacc cactctcact     32400
     tcttgtccct ggagttcccc tgtactgggg catataaagc ttgcaagacc taggggcctc     32460
     tcctcccagt gatggctgac taagccatct tctgatacat atgcagctag agacatgagc     32520
     tctgggggta ctggttagtt catattgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag acgccttcaa     32580
     ctccttgggt actttctcta gctcctccat tgggggccct atgttccatc ctataaatga     32640
     ctgtgagcat ccacttatat atttgccagg catcaaccta ttatcaaaac aatcttcagt     32700
     catattcatg ggccaatctt atctgggtaa tgtttcagtt ggtttcattc tctgggctgt     32760
     atatctgaga gttaacacta agtaggaaat catatttcac taagattgcc caattttcac     32820
     atttggttat agacattttt gctctgaaca ctaatttaca tttgttggag aattcataca     32880
     ttagttcttt caaaatatgc ctcatgtcac tatgttaaat aattttatat gatcatattt     32940
     atctgaactt taatattttt ctataaaacc ctaccatttt ctggttcttt attcatttcc     33000
     tcatcgacaa tcagacaagt ctttttgaac actatttatt tgatgatgct tacaactgtt     33060
     cattgaaggt aacaatgaga ctatagtgaa atgtcttaat tctcttaact ttaacagatt     33120
     gttgattgag tcataagatt ttaaagttac aaacagcttc aatgaagtag ctggatataa     33180
     aattaactca aacaagtcaa tggcctttct ctacacaaag aataaacagg ctgagaaaga     33240
     aattagggaa acaacaccgt tctcaatagt cacaaataat ataaaatacc ttggcttgac     33300
     tctaactaag gaagtgaaag atctgtatga gaagaacttc aagtctctga agaaagaaat     33360
     taaagaagat ctcagaagat agaaagatct cccatgctca tggattggca ggatcaatat     33420
     agtaaaaatg gctatcttgc caaaagcaat ctacagattc aatgcaatcc ccatcaaaat     33480
     tccaactcaa ctcttcaacg aattagaaag agcaatctgc aaattcctct ggaataacaa     33540
     aaaacctagg atagcaaaaa ctcttctcaa ggataaaaga acctctggta gaatcacgat     33600
     acctgaccta aaggtgtact acagagcaat tgtgataaaa gctgcatggt actggtatag     33660
     cgacagacaa gtagaccaat ggaatagaat tgaagaccca gaaatgaacc cacacacctg     33720
     tggtcacttg atcttcgaca agggagccaa agccatccag tggaaaaaag acagtatttt     33780
     caacaaatgg tgctggcaca actggcattt atcatgtaga agaatgcaaa ttgattgcta     33840
     tttccttgta ctgaggtcaa atccaagtgg atcaaggaac tctacataaa accagagaca     33900
     ctgaaactta tagaggagaa agtagggaaa accctcgaag atatgggtac aggggaaaaa     33960
     ttcctgaata gaacagcaat ggcttgtgct gtaagatcga gaatggacaa atgggacctc     34020
     ataaaattgc aaagcgtctg caaggcaaaa gacaccgtca ataagacaaa atggctacca     34080
     acagattggg aaaggatctt gacctatcct aaatcagata agagactaat atccaatatt     34140
     tataaagaac tcaagaaggt ggactccaga aaatcaaata accccattaa aaatggggct     34200
     cagagctaaa caaagaattc tcacctgagg aatactgaat ggctgagaag cacctgaaaa     34260
     aaatgttcta catccttaaa catcggaaaa tgcaaatgaa aaaaatccta agatttcacc     34320
     tcacaccagt cagaatggct aagatgaaaa attcaggtga cagcagatgc tggcgaggat     34380
     gtggagcaag aggtacactc ctccattgtt ggtgggattg caagcttgta caaccactgt     34440
     ggaaatcagt ctggcagttc ctcataaaat tggccatagt actactgaag gatcccgcaa     34500
     tacctctcct gggcatatat ccagaagatg ttccaaccgg taagaaggac acatgctcca     34560
     ctatgttcat aacagcctta tttataatag ccagaagctg gaaagaaccc agatgcccct     34620
     caacagaaga atggatacag aaaatgtggt acatttacac aatggaggac tacttagcta     34680
     ttaaaaacaa tgattttatg aaattcctaa gcaaatggat ggacctggag ggcatcatcc     34740
     tgaatgaggt aacccaatta caaaagaact cacacaatat gtgctcactg gtaagtggct     34800
     attagcccag aaacttagaa tacccaagat atacaatttg caaaacacat gaaactcaag     34860
     aagaacgaag accaaagtgt gaacacattg ccccttctta aaatttggaa caaaacaccc     34920
     atggaaggag ttacagagac acagtttgga tctgagacaa aggatggacc atctagagac     34980
     tgccatatcc tgggatccat cccataatca gccttcaaac gctgacacca ttgcacacac     35040
     tagcaagatt ttgctgaaag gacccagata tagctgtctc ttgtgagact atgccggggc     35100
     ctaggaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctattgg atggatcaca gggcccccaa     35160
     tggaggatct agaggaagta atcaaggagc taaagggatc tgcaaccgta taggtggaac     35220
     aacaatatga actacccagt actccccaga gctcgtgtct ctagctgcat gtttatcaga     35280
     agatggacta gccggccatc aatgaaaaga gaggcccaac ggttgtgcaa actttatctg     35340
     cctccgtaca ggggaacacc agggccaaga agtgggagtg ggtgggtggg ggactgggtg     35400
     ggggactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta aatgaaataa atacctaata aaaaaaaaca     35460
     aaataaaaaa aagagtttaa aattacatgg taataatcga atatcctaaa aatcttttat     35520
     tgagtattat tttattgtaa atttatatta gttttatgaa ttaaatatgg caaattccat     35580
     cttcttttct ttgctttttc tttttaatgt gatacaaatg gtcatgtata taatgactga     35640
     gctatctatt actcattaaa tataggcaga ttacatggaa ggccatattg gtaatgctaa     35700
     tattaataaa aaaagaatta agactaaaaa aaaagagaga caatggtatg gttcagtatt     35760
     tgattctggg aatgaagttc attgacaaat gttttaagct attaaatatg tgattctgat     35820
     gatgatctta tatggttctt ctggtataaa taagcttcct ggttttatct cacagataga     35880
     attatacaaa attgtctacc ctctccagac ggttctgcac tctttttctg aatttctccc     35940
     ttgtactagg cttctgtaaa ctatctgtag aaaaattatc ttgtgttttc tgtatgcttt     36000
     attgtgtact acagccttgc ctaactaatc tgcttcatga attgttaatt gattggagaa     36060
     aataaaattg ctattttcac tttcagtgcc tcttcatatt gtattatata gttacatata     36120
     ataatttgtt tattattttg gggtatgtat tcatcataga gacaaatata tttaaattcc     36180
     ttcatatata acaaaataga ttttcaacag ttttggaagt gaactgagag atcaatgttc     36240
     aattatcttt cgtttggaga gaatgtttac acttcatcca gggcacattt attctcccta     36300
     ttccacaaat aagatctaaa tctttagacc aagaattatc tgagcttgat ccagaggaag     36360
     gcacaagact gcacaaagca ggcctagcat ggttcatccc catatcagta gggacaggaa     36420
     tggttatcct gagtcatgga gcagacttcc aaatgaaata gttgtctgga aaacagttga     36480
     aaatgaaagg ctcctaggaa tctccaggaa taattttctc ctcaactaag aaatagtctt     36540
     cctttgaatg aagctatgtt ggcttattag aaggatccca ctgattaatc agtatcctaa     36600
     acatataaat atatatatgc tctttctaac atacttaaat gcttaaattg gaattgtact     36660
     caaaaagcac ataagttgaa ctcttgttcc ccagatggtg gcattagctt tagaggttct     36720
     gaagtctata aaatggagtg tagtgggagg tgctatcaag gtcaatacct ggtctctcgc     36780
     tctctctttc tctctctgct ttctgacagc tgtgatacca gcagcttcct tcatgttaat     36840
     taagttcagc cctagcccct gatgctaagc acccctgggc ttaactgcct aaaaatgtaa     36900
     acaaacaaat cttccctcaa gctacttgtg tcagatgttt tgttatgaca tcaaaagcag     36960
     ctaacacagt tgggctaagt ggactctgcc acgtcctttc actagaaagg aaacataaaa     37020
     ataagcagaa aagtggaaat acccacccag gaatactgtg ctttccagtt ttgtgttctg     37080
     aggtgaagct gtgtcctcac agaacagtgc tgttgtctct atgcaggtga gtagggctct     37140
     gaaaattgtc tatttacctt tttgttgagg aacagttctc ctttggttgt aggagcccat     37200
     ttctctttac tgaaagtcta agatgcgcca tcacagtgtg tttacagtct aatttacagt     37260
     ggacctgcta gtggtttaat taaaactgct gtttttgtag atcaaagatt ctaacagctt     37320
     ttctgtagaa tgatagcaac attacttttc agcttccctt acagaaataa aactgaacaa     37380
     ataaaaactc cactccaatg aaaagctttg cctggtagca aaactttctc cctacagtca     37440
     gagggagact acagcatata tgtcagtctc agaacctgac acctaataca gaaaaaatgc     37500
     caaatccaca attataattg ttagcattct gcctaagctc cgccccacag ttacctggta     37560
     acaggcaggc aggccagact tagtatagaa ggtgctgctt gtcctctcct ctcttgctct     37620
     gttgctcttg ctcttgttcc tactctctcc ccaatccctt ccccctcttt ctccacatgc     37680
     tcatggctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     37740
     ctctctgcct ttctttacct ccattaccct cttaactccc ttccccatgc cctgaataaa     37800
     ctctgttcta cactgtatca tcctgtcgct tgtccctcag gcggaaggaa tgcctcagca     37860
     tgggtcttcc cccacacctc cccagatctc catagaacat cccccccttt atcttttata     37920
     aacacatcaa tgataatttt tgtgtaggat agatgattga ctatatgctt gtcccaattt     37980
     tagtttaaat gatatttttt atctaagaaa actgtcctca gaaaactttc aagaataaac     38040
     aattggagca agggattgtc aactccagct aatacatcca caaaagaact tgtacacctc     38100
     aagctcagag aaaatcataa aatagtgaaa tgattgtaaa agccatttca tcagagcacc     38160
     tatagtaaga taatgtccac taggcacggt agggaaaatg tacctatgaa ataataccat     38220
     agtggccaga attatagcat aattacaatg ccaactgacc cagcaacatg aataaggaaa     38280
     cttcccatga tcttatctgt agatcaagaa ctaaaggtcg ttaatggcac tgagaaatga     38340
     aaaattagat atttctagga atgagcataa gttgttcaac tccaaatgga acatactgga     38400
     cattagtata taacataaat gctaaatgaa cacatgcaca catatacata taacaacaat     38460
     aattaaagaa gagaccatgg atttgtgagg atgggtataa caagggtagg aatgatagaa     38520
     ataaatacag tgtttaagta tgaaatactt taaaacttca ccaaaaaacc ttttgttagt     38580
     tatgataaaa gaacaaaaaa ttaaaagaat aataaagtga atacttaaaa tgtagtaatt     38640
     atgaaataat attcattaag cacatactga tactccttca aagacttggc actatattaa     38700
     atgccagggt gaggaagaag aatcaagact gaatgatgaa gcactgaatg gctatgtaga     38760
     cattggaacc cactcagaag ggaaagtggg gcagactcaa ggccactgag ttctactaat     38820
     agaattattt cattcttcca atgaagcttc atagaatgca gaaatttgaa gctaaacaca     38880
     atgtgtttta tttctgctga ccttatactt ccaatatgaa acagagagtg aagatcatga     38940
     ttttacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gcaggcatgc     39000
     gcacgtgtga gcaagtgtac acatatacag ccctccagaa gttcttttat ctttcactta     39060
     aggtctcttg tgtttcaaca gcacacttca taaacctttt caatagtatg gctaaagtaa     39120
     ctttagtcca atttgcattt caatgatgtt aggaagaacc acatgtatgg caaaggcagc     39180
     actgaacatt gctgatgagc agctgctctg gctggtggaa tcttccctta caatgacctt     39240
     tattgagtct ttatacttct tcactggctt tatatggttc tgaaaggaat tcagaattat     39300
     ccaaatgaat ggagggagat ctatctgtgt gcaacatttt cgtaagagtt tgatattacc     39360
     cttcccattc atgatcagtt gtgttatgtt atgcttcact ggaaaaggag cggagagttc     39420
     aagaaggaca acatctacct tctggcttcc aggagcctgg gattacttcc cacatcacag     39480
     gaacactgaa atcacatgca atgtatttgg catgaatgtt ttataagttt ttttctaatt     39540
     ttttattatg attgtgacaa aagcatacac ttaaaaactg aaaatatttg gttaaaattg     39600
     ggatattaga atactgctcc tatgtaactt ttaatatcaa atacatattt tagagataaa     39660
     ggagatgact aagccactta ttaatctagg tgtatccatt aaaaatgcac tagcttatga     39720
     gattaaaaag tttgatgctc aatttgacaa attacattaa gattctacac aacctctcct     39780
     gtgtgcatct gtctgtcatt caattcctgc caattccttg cccacttgtg accagagacc     39840
     cgttccacgc agacaaaggg acccagagtg tctgcagcac tctattattt catctaaatg     39900
     tcctaaagaa taactctttt tttttttttt taagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc     39960
     tgtcctagaa ctcgctctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct     40020
     gcctcccaag tgctgtgaat aaaggcgtgt gccaccatgc ctggcaagaa taacatttat     40080
     gtagctgtta ttctacacac atttttctct taggaaaata gttgaaaagg ctggcgcaag     40140
     actgctgaga tagtcggggg agcttgctgt ataaatgacg acctaggttc aatcggttaa     40200
     acccacttaa aggtagaaag aactgacttc acaaaattgt cctcagatct ctccatctgt     40260
     gccaggacac tgacaggctc agcccccatc acaataatag taaaacaaaa taagtagaca     40320
     gagtgatgga gataaatggt tagtagatca atgaaagtga attcagatgg aatagttaca     40380
     tactaatatg ggaggtaatt tttatccagt gattcttttt atttaaatga aatacggcaa     40440
     tgtgaaagaa gaggcacaga taataaatag aaaagaatgg cttgatgcct tttggggagt     40500
     gatgcactca aatatcattg atgtaccacc ggtgtaactt tataaattaa cctatttaaa     40560
     taaaaattta tggcttattg aaacataaca aaaggtcaaa atattaggtg tttggaagaa     40620
     ttacaatctg atatttatta taaacaacct tgcttctttt aaaatattag gttttaaaac     40680
     taatatttaa agaaaattac atgaataaag aaaaaaataa actatatttt tcattacaga     40740
     aatgagatca tgatgtatat tttctgtgtg ctcatatgtt tacatactag gtgttaactt     40800
     gtcccttcaa aaagtggact cattgttctg cccgaattaa actacacaca cacagacaca     40860
     cagacacaca cacagacgta tgcacacaca cacacactca ttctcagaaa ttcctacaca     40920
     gtaacctagc ttccattaat tcccactcat gtgataacat ggttttattg catcattgtt     40980
     ggtcagtcaa ttttgctttt gaatagaaaa tattaaaata taaatataat tgtcctatct     41040
     gtaattatta cttttagctc tgtcttttga actcatggcc ttgtacacaa gccccaatga     41100
     actatttctc attcgctcac atctcctttt ttttggtttt tcgagacaaa gtttctctgt     41160
     atagccctga ctgtgctgga atacactctg tagaccacac tagcctcgaa ctcagaaatc     41220
     cgccagcctc tgcctcctga gtgctgggat taaaggcatg tgccaccact gcccgactct     41280
     cacatctgct ttcttactca gaattcttcc agtgttttta tacctatttc tacttcaggg     41340
     agggaaattt tatcaggcat tcagaatttt atacctaaac aatcactgtg ttttataata     41400
     gtttaatcca atgggagtga gtctttgggt tcaatctcca acatgttggc actcctaaaa     41460
     tgcatagatc ttaactcatg ggaactcaag acttacggaa aaacaccttt tcttttcctc     41520
     atttgatcat attaaattaa ggatataaag atttagagat tttcctgaaa tatctgtttt     41580
     tttcttgttg taaacaagaa aatgttgtaa acaagaaaat gttgtaaaca ttggtgaaag     41640
     ctatgtgata tagaaagaga aatttaggta tgtaaagtac atgactttaa agatggaaga     41700
     agaaggtcag tgacaccatt gcattctttg gccattttct cactgtttca cttccaaatt     41760
     tgttggatga tctgtccaaa tgcctttctg tcctctggta atcagaaaat ataccagact     41820
     acagtcttaa accaaaaata tttggtttgg gaaactttgg tcttctgtgt acaatagaac     41880
     atggagcttg aatgtatcac agggtgggga gagacagaga caagatcatg aatttctaat     41940
     ttaaaagaaa cagcattgag gatgaagaaa gtcatgggct catttggagg cttagctttg     42000
     gagggaaagg attatctcct gatgtcagga gggactagga agggatccat gcaaattcag     42060
     agcatgtttc tgttgataga atgtagaggc tctcaggttg aaagttctga tttaatttaa     42120
     ggtgatctga agagaggtga gtaggaatac aattcccttt ggtacctgtg aaaattagga     42180
     aacgtgttta gcagagttgt gagtaaatcc ctctggtaag cagacaaatc tcagtttgta     42240
     tgaaagcccc agtaccgggg aacgccaggg cctagaagtg ggagtgagtg ggtatgggag     42300
     cagggcaggg ggagggtata gggaactttc aggatagcat ttgaaatgta aataaagaaa     42360
     atatctaata aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aatccacaaa tgttaaatta tgcctttctc     42420
     ttattaattg atgacattct agactcagaa gaaattgagt gattaagttt atctaaaaac     42480
     taacattaag tttggagaag tatggattga aatgaagtat tagtcagcct tttgtcatta     42540
     tgacaaaagt tgtgattaat taatttgcaa agagggaagg tttattttag ctcacagttg     42600
     tagaggtgtt tgttagtcca tgactagtct gatgctttgg gtctgtggca gcatatgctg     42660
     ttagagagac ttagaatagc agaaatactg gttgcatggc caggaagtgg ataagaggca     42720
     agacgcatcc aagttcccat catctcttga gaataatttt aaatgaccta agtgatccac     42780
     cagggttcac ctcttcaagt atcgatgagc ccctagtaga gctcgggaag aagcctctag     42840
     cataagagga ctttgagaga gctatccaga tcaaaaccat agaaaacatt aaaataattt     42900
     tttgaaatat tttggatgaa tacaagagat gctgaaaaat ttgataaagt actcaaagct     42960
     tttaaaatcc atttaaatgt attttgacaa atgtatactg attaataaat aaagatacca     43020
     atcaatacat tttattttta agcaaatatt tatgaaaaat acttttcgtt ggaaacttga     43080
     aatagagcaa agcaactaca tcatgaatat ccacccacaa ctaacacttg tctttaaata     43140
     aggggcatca gtactcaacc aaacatcacc ataacttaac tctttttgtt ttagcatggt     43200
     aggcacacca taaactctta gcaaactaga gtgcattagc atttttttgt tctacacata     43260
     ttttcatttc accttgatgc ttatacatgt attattgcat gatggtcatt tttacttgtt     43320
     tacccatcac agatagtttt cttgtcacag aatatttcat gatggttcag tgtctaaagt     43380
     atgaacttta atcatttatc aatgtattgt aaaatgacca ctggtatcac ttcacctagg     43440
     gcagtttctc gactcttagg gaaggcttgc ataatcaagc atgatccaaa caacccgatc     43500
     ctgctcattc ttcctgccag aagcgctcat ccaacatcct ctttcccatc caagtaataa     43560
     ctaagttatt tcctattcac gagacaccat aatggttttt tttctaaaag actcctatat     43620
     tatgtggact ctaccagtct gtatgcttgg ttcaactaaa atggtgtcat ttctaaagtt     43680
     tccactgagc aaaactttac agttttcctc tttacagttt tgcagctttg cagtgcctca     43740
     attagaacat ggtttgcttc acaggaggct gttagtcact catcattaac tgattgctga     43800
     ttatatgtcc tatctctgac ttagaggtgg gacatcagag gacatagcat tccttaatgg     43860
     ttcacgattc acttcctcag ccctgtctca tagtaatgtg aactgctcac cattcctgct     43920
     gaccacaagg ccttgctgct tcctattgtt tcaattcctc tccctgggat gctttctttt     43980
     tcctttacct aaaacctcca ttaacatctt agattattaa ttggaatttt atcttctact     44040
     taaaaagggt cttagtttta gtcttagtgt gacactattt ttaaattgga acattgtctt     44100
     ctgttttctc tttgctatgc atatctacat tttatatgaa gatttaccaa gcatagaaca     44160
     cattgcagat cactggcagg tattaatgta attataggga atgacaattt attaggaact     44220
     gaagtctctt tcacttaaga ttctgcacat tattttattt tatttttcat tttagttaag     44280
     gaggatgctt catttttttc tcttacatga aaatttgttt tttaatgaac accaaagtga     44340
     tgcttaaata tcctaaaatt cattattaga ttccaatggc tgtttacttc aagtgaacat     44400
     tctcattgaa gacgagtttg tttttcttca ataaaaaagc atttggaaga gaagtggcac     44460
     atgtatatgt ttgactctca gtactaagct tcgcatcacc tcctgtgctg gcagccccca     44520
     cggcgcttgc cttgtcactg ctgttgtgtg ctctcttcat agagccaaca cctgtggcca     44580
     cacaagagag tgtcataaga gctgcaggac tcagatgcca atgctgaaat aaattctaag     44640
     gcagaaattt ttggatgtgt gactgcctct attttttgag cctttcagga actgtttggc     44700
     ttggccagga tgtggagtgt ccaaagccta cattccctac tatgctcttt gaccgttcct     44760
     ctttcaaagt aaaggtggag gttttcatgg cagagcagag ttgttaatag cacagattca     44820
     gaagtccaac ttccttcaag agaaacttta attggctact aagtctctgt gtgattttga     44880
     gcagtttatg gccatgatag gcctgagagt tttctcttct gaaatatgaa aacactatta     44940
     cctaatgaat tgcaaatggc tgggttcaca tgcataacac tttctgcctc aggctttgca     45000
     tggtgaggct gtaaaagcac ttcctattat catataaatt ctccaagctt agagcaagat     45060
     tttagagttt ctcttctata tctttctaag tggtaacata aagttaccaa ctgtaaagta     45120
     taatctaaca cagacatcaa tttgctggtt caattaaaga caatttagta aagtgtgagg     45180
     gacaacagaa agctgtgggt ttcatacatg ttctaaaaac caaacaaggg taatttattc     45240
     ttgggtttct gaattgacta atcaccactc ccatagtaat tattgagtaa acatgtatgt     45300
     tcagtccttc attattcctg tcaattattt tcactcactt taaacaaatg tatatctgaa     45360
     ggacttacaa tgtccaaggt ataattctag agcttgagaa taggccagtg actaactcaa     45420
     cccaatgcct ttctgtagta cagcctgttt taaataagtg cagagagagt aaagatgtga     45480
     actgtgtggt atagggaagg aaaacgggca atgccatgat aggcaattga actattctgg     45540
     aagtggagag gacagaatat aagagtggtt ctggaatgct gtcttcattg cagcacccat     45600
     gcactcacag cagcagtaat ttcctgaata tgacctatat taaggatggg atctgtcaat     45660
     gttctacaat gaataggcac atgagacctc acacttttct gacaagctac aagcagttaa     45720
     tagtctccag gggaaagtga tgtgattctg tggagtagac acaagtacgc tgtccaggct     45780
     tcaggagata atctccactt gatcttattt aagtggatct aaattaaagt ccatgggtta     45840
     cacacagaac aaaggtaaga aattaggaag gacttgatgg gtggaagtag tcatcaagcc     45900
     cctgctgtga gaagacagct ttgagcaaag atttggagaa gcaaaaagag agagctttgt     45960
     cttccatctg tatgagcatt gtaggcagag caatgatggt atgtcaaggc tctgtggatg     46020
     ggtgagcctg gcatgctata acaaaaactt agtatttagt gcaaaataaa ccttgggcag     46080
     ctgtgggtaa aggtgtcata tgatctgtat cggtgaggag attcactgtg gctgttgaag     46140
     tttgaggtaa gaccagtgat ggaaaattca gtttgggtta agggcaaaat atgaaaaatg     46200
     atttaggagg ctacaataaa tatgccgtat agaggggatt ttttatgaag agtttaagtg     46260
     aagaattttc agtcttttaa agggccagct agtaattatt gtaaagtttt ttattattat     46320
     ttttcataaa atatatttta atcatatttt cctccccaaa ctccttttag atcctcccca     46380
     tctcccaatg atccaatgtc ataaataaaa caaaaaatga aaatcaaagt agacaaaaaa     46440
     attaagggga aacaaagtag aaaaacagaa tgtacataag aaagcatgga gtccattttg     46500
     tattggctta ctatatctga ccacttctgg catgtgattg acacacccag tgctactcta     46560
     ttggaaaaca aatgattttt ttttttactt tctcagtagg tcagttgctt cttggtgagg     46620
     ggtgcaactt tgtgtcagtt ttcctttctc ggtactagga tgttgtttgg tttgaacctg     46680
     tgcaggattt gggcatgctg tgacagtctc tgtgggttgc tatgtgtcct gtttctggaa     46740
     gatactgtgc cctaagtcat ctatgccctc tgaatcttac aatatttgcc cctccttttc     46800
     catagaaatc tctaaacctt gaagagagca atttgataaa gataacccat ttagggctga     46860
     gtgctctgta tccctcactc tgcacactgc ctagccctga atcctctgta gttcttgctt     46920
     actgcctgga aaagcttctc tgatgtgggc tggacaatgt ttggttctac agacaaagca     46980
     atatatttat tgtatttcca gatgcaaata ttttagactt tttgtgggct acatagcctc     47040
     cgttacaatg gagaaatcag ttctagtata ctaccagaaa tgtagccaca gacaacatct     47100
     gaaagttggg tgaactctgt tttaatatga tttttacaag acataggtgc ttatcaaatc     47160
     tggtctccta gttgtagtta tgtgactcta gcttagatgt ttactaggtt tacttaaaaa     47220
     ttcatgagaa ctggcaaatt ctgattctga aaactcgaat gtggagtctt agccgtgctt     47280
     ctgtatggtg atctttccct tccacaggga tttcacgcag ctgttctttt tcacgagaag     47340
     aataatgtta gcaatattta ggttccatgg cattttcaga acctcactga tctaactcat     47400
     atatgtgagt tccatgtttt aacacatgcc atcatggctg atatatgctg actgttgtta     47460
     ttcttgacta actcagcaac ttcaacttaa acagatttgt accgaatatt aaagaggtaa     47520
     tatttggggc atcttacgct atgtcaaatt agaaaaaaaa aaccttaatt atatttattc     47580
     tactttgcag actgtcaact tgtactaagt acaggtggat aaagtggctc ttgttaacat     47640
     gcgatgttct tggtgcctac ttctaaagtt tgtgttgcta taattgtctt cttctgagaa     47700
     tatctaggat ctgtacagtt atgtagcacc actggtcatg tgcttttgag tttgatgaat     47760
     gctttggcta ctgcaatgta taacccaatg acttcatcct gattactgta tagctatgct     47820
     ctcttgaaga acaggaaggc taaacctacc ttctttcctt gcttttagac ataaaacata     47880
     gttttcagtc taaaattatt aagagaactg ttaagattga aataaaaatt taagttattt     47940
     agttttgtcc tttgctgttt ccaccttcaa gcagtgccta ccttttcgga tctacagtaa     48000
     tatgaaagga acatgtactt accacagtag ggcacagctt accctcaatt tctcttcctc     48060
     actcaataac catttcagcc atgtaaaagt ttctttatgg accatgtttg gtttttgtac     48120
     aaattaatgc atttttttga gggttgggag gatttgtaat atgaattcat tttacaaaga     48180
     gtgttagact taaaagtcag gtggattttt atttggttat tttttgtttt tctacttatt     48240
     ttaaacagcg tctttctttg tacctgaaat tgaccttgaa tttactatgt aggcaagaat     48300
     ggcctctagc tcacatttct cctgcctcag gcttctgaat agaggattac agtattcagt     48360
     acaattcttg gaagctgtat attttattac caaaattttc tatgtaattg aatagataat     48420
     ggttaatata gtgaaaataa tttaaaattc aaaatatgga gtaagtgaaa cggttcaaac     48480
     aaaatatatt tcatgaaaaa aatctaaata gatgtttaga caattcacta tgatgtatgt     48540
     aaaaggaaca gcattagaat gcattagtga caaatactca tgttaatttt agattgtgtt     48600
     tactttctat ttctaaagtg gcctttcaaa attgtttaag gtattttaag agacaaagag     48660
     aacaggtttt tttttcctaa gtgagtcata attcaaatat tccctaaata aaaattgaca     48720
     gaaatattct ggttgggcac taatggagtg aaggagccac actggacatt cacagagaac     48780
     accccttcct atagcaccat aactttagta aatggctaag cgatcccttt cagggtgaag     48840
     aagagtacaa taagatttca cagtgagtac tccatgcatt gctttggcat tgattttggt     48900
     gatgtgtggc tatatcactt gggaaatata ccaaataatc tgagtgaaat acacatcata     48960
     aaattctttc atttaccttt caaattaaaa gctctggttt gacaacagta aaaatgtgtt     49020
     ttcaagttca tgctacagtg taggattatt gttatgttct taatcggatc ccattaaaac     49080
     agaaaaaaaa ttctagaact ttgaaaaata gtgagagcac agtttttaat gagataatga     49140
     ttgctttctt taaatactaa aatctaattt gttatcacgc caaagagaag acaaaatgtt     49200
     aaaaaaaaat tctggatgat tgccatgggt tcaatagatt tgtctttaat tctactatga     49260
     aataaagact tttttctcat tatagacatc taggacatat cgagaggtgc tcaaataaga     49320
     cctcagtgac acaaaatact ctgcagccct aagaagaact cagtgaagat cttataccat     49380
     aactaggatg gcagtctttg cttccatttc ccacaaaatc catgcttcac agattctagt     49440
     caaggctccc catccataaa actctatgaa gtactttgtc ttcatgcttg ggtctgtgtc     49500
     acctggaatg ccctctctgt tcactcacat gtttataaaa attttgatta tttctgctcc     49560
     ttttgtgtct ctcacaaaga ggattagagt cttgaatatg attttgttca tgccttttaa     49620
     tacatgctgc cttggtatct tccgctgacc ttacactaat gattagtgag tgatccatgc     49680
     actgactaac atctgacatt agtgagacat ggcggctaca aaagatttgg tattgctcct     49740
     cggatattcc ttgagcatct tgtttgccat tctgtagaat gaatgctagg acacagtatg     49800
     cagttgagcc atgtttgatc attaataaaa acatttgtgg caggagctgt aaaagaaatt     49860
     agtactatgt ctgatagaga tgttgctaag gtgatgaacc agaagaattc tagagtcacc     49920
     taacagttag agacaaatta ccccccaaat aagagttttt ctgtggctgt aaacaagaat     49980
     ctatcaattt tgggcttaaa tattaagact tcttaaatga aaataaataa ggtgtgtgta     50040
     tgtttgcaca tgaataacat accatttact cttacaatta gggaattttc aattcattac     50100
     aggttacttt tattaagtga tatagtattt aatagccaga gctgtttttc atactgaaca     50160
     ccgtttttta agactttgac aagtctcaat ttatcggaga cccgagtgaa caacaagtag     50220
     tcaggaactg atgcaaaagc aagaggaatt ttattgttcc agcattctgg ggtcgcccta     50280
     cacacaaagg agagagagaa cgaccacaca cagcctgttt ggtaagtttt tatacagttt     50340
     taagagcagc aaccattagg cacaatgtga ctggcagatt gaaaagtcac agtgtgactt     50400
     ttaaactgat aggactttag ggaatgaggt ggcaaggact tcccttgtct gtaggtggcc     50460
     aacagtcagt ccactctgtg ccatgtgtct atgtggtgct cttggcctca cacacatgca     50520
     ggtggcagat ggttggttcc ccttacccac tgtggtctga ggaatgtaat tggtctctct     50580
     tccttctgga ggggaggggt gcctaagtgt tccatgacct ttctcttcca ggagtgcagg     50640
     ggcctgctgg aattttccaa aggtcctgag gtgacctctt cactttcatt catgaataag     50700
     aatactaaaa aattaattgg ggatttaact caaaatatga taggatcact gtgctgctaa     50760
     taatggtaat aacaataaag gaattatatc tctagtaata gtatttcctt tacaagcatt     50820
     ttgtgtataa ttcatactta atgacacagt aggtaggttt atttattcct tttttttttc     50880
     atcagtacag aaaactaact caaaactagt gatatttgag cacatattca gggtcaattg     50940
     tagtaacttg taaagcttga atttcaaatc aggtacttaa cattgtggcc ttagatcaca     51000
     ttttactggc aatatcttgg ctacaggatt tttacttggg tatgcaaaaa actgtcaggt     51060
     gttttaaggc ttcatctaaa gtatgggcct gaagggaagt aggggaagga gtgaggatag     51120
     cccacgttcg accagagttc ctcctgtgct ctgggcaggc agacgcgtga gggctgccag     51180
     atgctttcca ctcggccggg tgggcatcta agccagtgac cccacttgac tggggatgga     51240
     caaggggcag ctcctgatac caggagccct ggggcaacat ctcagcactg gagttatggg     51300
     agagtgggca gagggaaaga ggttcccaca caggcgagag tcattactct gggccttgac     51360
     tggagcacag gatggccttc aaaagggaga ttagaaacgg ctcattagag gaaagcctat     51420
     cccatcaccc aagtgcagcg ggccttgatg aacagagaga gtctatggtt ttagagcttt     51480
     attgtagaaa ggcagggaga aaggtaggag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     51540
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaaa gaaaggctag     51600
     agtaagaggg agagagagta agagagtgag aggagaataa gagaatgaga ggagagcatg     51660
     aggagaggat gagtagagag taagagagaa caaggagaga gggtaagagg agtgaacgag     51720
     gggagagagt gaggtggggc caagcagccc ctcttatggt gggctgtcat cttactgttg     51780
     ctactgggga ggagtgtagc ctaaaggcca gaagcttggg acattgtcta cttgactact     51840
     agccacacac ttctcttgtg ggggctgtgg aggtggtaaa tttgacagta gccttgagtc     51900
     caggagacat gaaggaaggc ctactgtccc atgtaggtga attatcacca ctgggtcccg     51960
     gagttccaca cctcaactcg actggagacc agcctgtttg tgaatagccc attgcccctc     52020
     actaaactaa ccagtaccct ggagctcttg actctagctg catatgtatc aaaagatggc     52080
     ctagtaggcc atcactggaa agagaggccc actggacagg caaactttat atgccccagt     52140
     acaggggaat gccagggcca aaaagtggga atgggtgggt aggggagtgg ggaggagggt     52200
     atgggggact tttgggatag cattggacat gtaattgagg aaaatactta attaaaaaat     52260
     attttaaaaa agaattttta tttcaaatct aggaactatt ttttattgca taataagatt     52320
     ttgttttctt tagttctgtt gtatcatggt gaataatgcc taaggcacat tgctaaataa     52380
     aactttacat ctgacatagg tgggctttga ggtttcagaa gtacacgcca gaccactatt     52440
     tctctctccc tttggctgcc tgtgaatcac tatgtaaatg tcagctactt cttcagtgtc     52500
     atatatacca ccatcttccc agacatgatg gtaatagact gaggtactga aagtataagc     52560
     acgcctctga ttaaatacac tcttttatga gagttgccgt aaccatgatg ccttttcaca     52620
     gcaatgggag agtaactaag aaacatgcca actacactga cagcagagcc attcgtagag     52680
     attgtatgta actgttcttg tttctccatt taggctatac taagccaaca aatgtctgaa     52740
     ccaaaaatta actaaaggca cctattcatc aggactttct gtacactgac agtttatttt     52800
     actattgtgc tttcctcttt ctgtctccac ccttgctgta gtttagtctt tgctcaataa     52860
     tcttctttga tagaacttgc tagattatgt cacttattcc ggatatgtca cttattcggg     52920
     atctaccgtc aaatcacctc aatttttttt tttttttttt tttttggttt ttcaagacag     52980
     ggtttctctg tgtagccttg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg     53040
     aactcagaga tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctgga ttaaaggcat gtgccaccat     53100
     gcccagccta cctcaatttt ttaaagctgc actattttac taattttatt gtttgataat     53160
     taaatacaag aatacagtgt gttctgagta ttccctgctc aaattcttct ttattgcctt     53220
     ttatatctgt taacatttct tacctgctcc catccctttt caaagtgcag gactttgagt     53280
     ttgctttctg acatgcttgg ttgatgcagg ggtacctttg tgattatgta tttggaagca     53340
     tccattagaa tctggtgggg ttatcagtag ctacagaact caaggcaatg attttgtcac     53400
     ttcctgaatc catcaggagt taacagtttt tcagtgggag tcgggctctc tctaccctct     53460
     atgtctgact cttgatgtac ccattcttgg cagatacaga gcagcaggca tccatagatg     53520
     agatgatttt aagattgtaa aagtatatct tgcccagaag atgacatttc atggtcctac     53580
     cagttcttac attctttctt tacctccttt ttgatgcaat acctcagtct tttttttttt     53640
     tttttttttt ttgctttttc gagacaggat ttctctgtcc tgtagatcag gctggcctca     53700
     aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgagccacca     53760
     ctgtctggct aatacctcag tcttaatctg aaacagtaga gtgtttctcc ataataggga     53820
     agctcactga tgtggcttca gcctatttat tctcaactca ctgttccctt ttcttaatcc     53880
     aagatgatta ttaacctgtg agttaagaag gacaagaaga aattctgcta tggaaagaac     53940
     aaggcatttt gcccatttct gcctgctgtt cctagctcag ttataagact ctttgtcact     54000
     gctcatatac tcccatcttc cttggctgct tcactgtctt tgttcaatca ggaaggtaaa     54060
     gttatactta aggttagctt cctcccattg gaatggttta tcctcagttt tggcaactgg     54120
     aagaaggttc ctgtttaatg attcaatcga gccatagatg tagttaatgt ttataaataa     54180
     atgtgtttgg attacttata aaaatacatt tgaaacccca acaagttcaa tataatacag     54240
     ataattactt gagtgttttc atgggagatt caccaaaaca aaagcctacc aagaaatttt     54300
     tgagtttggt ttatgtgttt ggagaaaagt tttcttttcc tgatttggac atccttcaat     54360
     gaagcattaa gattcattat ccatccttac ttatatcaca cttgaataga ctctaaaaga     54420
     ttcttaacat ttgactttac ttatcagtta tcttagtttt atcatcatcc ctaattttat     54480
     ctataaaata gtgttcagga gtcaagcagc acagtcatga aagacatcaa aatgttaaca     54540
     agtatagtaa ttacaaacta gatatgaaga agacaaagaa gagaatggta cctttatgta     54600
     ttacagacat taacaatcct cgctggattg gaccagggtt gcctcacagg gaatgactaa     54660
     ctttgactat ctagtcctat ctgaaatggg gttgtaaaga atcatctgat atcagagtgt     54720
     tactaaatgt aacaattagt gactaaaggt taagaagatt aagaatagga tggcacctat     54780
     gatacatagt gtacattcta aaaattttat ctttcagaac actttcctat accctttcaa     54840
     gtctctctgg aagaagtttt aaagatactg ctatcaattc ttccactttg atatgtgttg     54900
     atactagtac attgatttcc ttaatgttaa ttgctatgtc atccttttat attattttta     54960
     aattggcatc taatgttttt atgcatttta aaagtcaaaa catatatgca gtaaaagtcc     55020
     ctaaagtaga cagagataca accattacct acaaaaatgc ttctgtccat ctcatgagca     55080
     cctcttgcat agactttttt ttttgagaca gcacacatat ataaaatacg atccacaagc     55140
     atttgctaga tttctgaaaa tatgttatgt ggtgagcaga aaacctttct gcaaatatac     55200
     taaacagaaa tataaaagag caatgaaggc atgccaaaac aactcaaaaa ttttcccttt     55260
     tctgctttgc caaacatctc tctccctgga acaattatag tgttataata tgtaagacat     55320
     aaagtgccct taaattctat gatttggtct tgctaattaa tcaagcagag tgaggcaggc     55380
     accagaaccc tcagcatgac acatgatgtt cagcatgaca catatgcatt caaagatggt     55440
     tggtcagagg caccgagaga taacttagag cttgtgggtg ctatctgagg caggctgcta     55500
     tctcacagtt attgaacctt caactttgaa atcttaaaca tcctttagat acacagatat     55560
     agtcaacacc ccactgatat ctgctggaga gttaatgata gagtcattta cttgatatat     55620
     ttgcacttaa tttgatagac cagaaatcaa agagtgatct tgggtagttg ccactggtag     55680
     agaaaaaagg acttagtgct tgttgttctc aatgctccaa ttttaacaaa cttgcagggc     55740
     caatttgctt agaataagaa gctactggtt tgattttgtg ttgctttgtt ttgatgctgg     55800
     gactcactgt atatctctgg ctagcctgta cttgttactt agaccagact agcatagagc     55860
     tcatggagat ctgtctgcct ccacctttcc cttaaaaatg ctgggatcaa aggagaaagt     55920
     caccatgcca ggctagaagc attttgattt agaaattact tctgggaatt gaaatgaaaa     55980
     cattgataat gtgcccaaac tattctctgg tttaagcagc attaaggatc aaaatgtttg     56040
     tgcaaagtca catgaatgat acaaaggcat ggcagactga aagttagaaa tctcctaaag     56100
     tagaaaatta agacttaccc ctgtctgtat catacaggaa gacaaaacaa ttccattcat     56160
     agtgatccag gaggctcagg agtgcacctc tcaatgaagg tcttagctga agcacgaact     56220
     ggctctctcc ttcagtgggg aagcttggtg tgatgagaga gatgtgcaga gcactgcaga     56280
     aggaggtcaa ggtatgcact gacctcttgt catagagtcc aaaaatggca aacacccctc     56340
     tagaatactg ggaacagact gcaggaaaaa gagacagaga agccaatcac caactcttac     56400
     cccattgtga aactgcacac tagtctacag tctatgaaag ttaaaaaaaa aagattaaat     56460
     gttagtaata tgtaataaaa aaacatagaa aatgtgtgca tttattgaac agtaagatct     56520
     aagttcttga gtttgtgctg acagccaagc ttcaattaaa gccctgcatt aagaagccaa     56580
     ttccagttaa agagaaaatt gactaaagaa agtaatatac agccctctaa aacatctcaa     56640
     atccaatact acaggctttt aagaatgaca gatatatttt tttctctgta tttgttcttg     56700
     cctgaaaaca gtaataatat actttgacat ttttagtagg aatccaagac agttgcctgc     56760
     ttcctgtgct atttgtttgc ctcatctaat tttggactac atttgataaa caaactgcta     56820
     actttttctt tccaactttg ctctgtagga atttcatgtt ttatcacaac cttgaagtct     56880
     gcttgaatca tatttgaaga tagaatttgg gtttgagaaa aaaaaaaagt tttagggcat     56940
     acctgagtga accaggagta acggtgtaac gatgaaccta aaacgattgc cccaacccct     57000
     gaaaaggcct gaccggagaa agaggacatc cttgtcacca tcacagttct tcaaggataa     57060
     gaaggcactg ccatcgagtg tgagagacta tattctctta aaaggtgttt ttgcttacta     57120
     cagcatggct agcttatgga acatatttag gtgactgttt agcatctaca ctttaaaaga     57180
     cacagaacta cagtcagtgg atgacataag cctgctcctc ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     57240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tttgcctatt ggcagctgct ctctgtttct     57300
     atctttagac agtaaagcaa cactgcattg taaattctta tatttctaat agtctttctt     57360
     ttacttggtt tatatatcat agcaaggcag agtagttttt accactagaa tatattttca     57420
     ttttggggtt tttagtcaat atttttaatt gctaaattca ttaagaaatt caagaataac     57480
     ggataaccta cagataccca tacactttta gttcactaag aaatgaagaa ttagaaatat     57540
     ttatgttcat cttgtgtata tgagtatttt cctgcattta tgcatgtact atgtgtgtgc     57600
     ctggttctca ctagggccag aagaggtatt cagatcccct aactacatct tttgatgcta     57660
     tgtggctgct gtgagctgaa cttgatcctc tgcaagagca gcagatactc tgaactgagt     57720
     taccattcta gcctctggaa gtaaagacat ttttattaaa atgttaacat ttctggaaag     57780
     ggttttcaac aattttgtaa gatttattta ttttatgtat gtgagtacac tgtacctgtc     57840
     tttagacaca ccagaaaagg gcatcagatc tcattacaga tggttgtgag tcaccctgtg     57900
     gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcagac ggtgctctta atcactaagc     57960
     catctctcca gctccactaa caaatttgta ttgtacaatt tttgagattt cagaacatgt     58020
     agtataatta agtaaaccta actaagatgt agaaatgttt cttttatttc tgctttagct     58080
     cctaaaattg gaaatcaagt ataaatggag tgtaaaatta gcagaaaata ggtggtgatg     58140
     ttggtaaact ttacatagca caatgcgata tattttttaa aacaataggc ttaatatagt     58200
     accaaagact atatttagtt gaaaagtaca agatataatt gacatggaga tataagggga     58260
     aaattcaaga ccttgtaagt aagctcaaat cctaacattg ccactgctta acctgactat     58320
     tttggacata ttattttgtc tcattggtat aaagaataaa atctaaaatg caaaaattca     58380
     acaaagtata taaacctact attctataag gatacacgaa acaaaaccca acatatttta     58440
     agacatcagg ttctatgcat gactatagtt taaaaatttt atattatatt acaaaataag     58500
     agttctagaa aataaaatac atcagttttt cttaagccaa tacacaccat gttcagatgt     58560
     tatacagtag atagcatttt catagctact atagcagttt gtaaagaaat ctagtaagga     58620
     atatcatgta tctctaactc tgtactctgt caggaactac agtgaattcc tggaacacac     58680
     tggcagttct caaaggcatc cgctgacaga gtgactagtt gtaattctct tccaacttat     58740
     atagctgtca gaatgaaagc actgacattt tgaatttcct tgcagttcaa tttctataac     58800
     ttcagtgatc tagtaacgca tgttatagat catgtgttaa cttcatagat attcctccaa     58860
     cactttggct taatttatgc gaatggttca gtcagggcat atttcatttc caaatgtgtt     58920
     ctggttttta taccgatttg aggctgactt tcagcctttc cttaattaaa ggagtaactc     58980
     aattcacgtt tttcgttggt ttaattcgct cttgtgtttt ggccagattt taacccaggt     59040
     taagcattta ctctaccgct gaacttcact cccagcccat ggttcaaata acttacattt     59100
     tcctccagtg aaaataatgt ttatattatg tcctaattta cataatttat gatacaagtt     59160
     atcttgttag tgattaggtt tagaattcaa ggcttcagct tcagcttcca ttttgctact     59220
     aaacctacat tcaggcttta gaaattattc aggaaaaaat aggaacagta tttttcccac     59280
     agtatttctt gaggcaatcc aagagttctc aagagggacc cttgctgcat caaaacaatt     59340
     gatgagctat catgggtata caatgctaga gcccttcttc cactgcctcc ctcccccccc     59400
     cccctctctc tggcgctcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatta     59460
     aggagcactc ctgccttcat ccatccaaaa tatcaacact ctttgtaaaa agtgttaggc     59520
     agtaaacaaa aggttaagta ttatgcgcaa accccctcaa ctgctaattc cttccacata     59580
     ttttcaatgt aaaccttttg acttcccagt gctctggcac tcatcatatc atttaccgta     59640
     tttcagttta ttttagtagg cctcaataaa tttaataatt tcttcatgct aatcataaca     59700
     tgtgcattca tttgcattat gataatctga tttttttcat agctaactgc cattctgctt     59760
     ctattactct tactttcaaa gcattctaaa tacacaccaa ttaacagtgc ttctggatat     59820
     gtatcagcat acatttgcaa atttctgttt atagtgttag tgttttgaaa attatcccca     59880
     tgttttattc tacagccctg gcttggcagg taaaagtcat tgtgtcttca atatgtaaca     59940
     attggctgtt cagtgttatt accctcaggt gaaaccctga acaatacaat gtttggtcca     60000
     atagattcaa atttaatagc ctagtcattt ccatattcat tataaatttc attactgaaa     60060
     cactaaatca caattttctt ggttatctcc catacgcatt tacttgttgc ttagaatcca     60120
     aataactatc caaagagtac atataagagc atataagtgc agcataattt aatagagtaa     60180
     actaagctta ataaaaatat gttctcaata taaaaaagaa aacagaattt agtttttata     60240
     taaaataaca agcaatgaat aatgtgtagt cagtgagtag aggtggtggt atcatgatga     60300
     cagatacttt gagatgcaaa cactaattaa aatgaggttt tgaagtaaat aatgcaatca     60360
     taagtttcag tacatattct atattttgct tcactaatga gataacatgt atatgtaaat     60420
     tagctaatac tataaacaca tggtgataac ccatccattc cctttagagc tgatggtatt     60480
     tttaaaaaga tttttaatgt atatttgaag gaaagaacag ccagatgcat ctggaagagt     60540
     ccagagcagc aagagagaaa gtagtagact gaacatgcca gctactagac ttggccttgg     60600
     gaaaagaaag agcagaatgg agatatagag agaagtcagc agagagcaag aaacaaagag     60660
     agtgtggaca aaagacaggg cataacagag gatcaagaaa gaacagagca aaagcaatgg     60720
     ggttataaga aaaaaatgag tagcctgtga gctagggaag tttagcatag caggaggtgg     60780
     gaagagtgga gaagagctag ccaggacttt ggaatgtgta agtcttctaa gtacttgtga     60840
     tcctgaagaa gcttgatggt cagcttgctt ttagttatac caatatgcac agcaggaatc     60900
     catttgtccc ttttaccact gataagggaa atgctttgtt ttagttggtg gggggggggg     60960
     ggagggtcgg caggggggca gcgtcacaaa taatgacata atgctggctt ttgtctaaac     61020
     atcagaattt gtggaaatga agtttctttt ggacctgaca cttactaaag caatattcta     61080
     tgtgcacatg cctatgcccc gcctgaaaac tgtaccatct acttcaaatc catcacattg     61140
     tctggagatc tatgtgtctt ttgctttcac agtttccttg acacagtgaa gtacctcaga     61200
     ttgtttgtca caccaattcc ttttacaata ccttaccacc tgaacattta gaactgtagt     61260
     ctttcttctg atcaacctga aatcctgggt tatatgaaaa atctgcggag aaaagaacca     61320
     aactccctcc ctcagccata gctaagtttc aaatcctacg ccaggataaa taatgttaca     61380
     aattattaag caatagttat cagttattaa gaactattat ttaactcact acccaattat     61440
     ctataataca gagattatat cttccatgaa gtatacaaat ataagtaaag aaaatcattg     61500
     aaactgttat aattcattaa gattgggatc actgtataat aacaagtgag aagaaaagtc     61560
     tatgtatata tgtattatta tctaaagaga cctcagaagt cttgaattta ataggatgtc     61620
     acagctacta ttggctccca gtagaaataa acggtaagac cctcttgtca aataccctac     61680
     atgtactagt tgtagaacat ggaaaaatga agctgggggt aaactgcaag gtttttccct     61740
     gctgatgatc tgtgggtctg aatgtgtcaa gtgtttgaac taaggcatgc agcactagta     61800
     attgatgctc tccctttcca gtgtaacact tatacatgtg tttagttaat ttaaattctt     61860
     tgtagcctat ttcacacatt tctatcaatg ggagtccttg gcaatttgag actaccttat     61920
     atgtagttta agtctttgct tcaattttag tagatctcta gctgtgataa tttaatagaa     61980
     gcccccccag gcagaataaa ataatgccct gtagtaaatt tttggtttct ttcaattgct     62040
     tttttttgtg ctttgtgagg tatatatgtg gtgggtttat gaatctttgc tcagggactt     62100
     ttagaaaaat aaacaggatg taaatttaac agaaaactca tacaaaagtg gaataatata     62160
     ctaaaatttt cagtgcaaac tatttcttgt ctttcccatg tagacctcca aacaagcaaa     62220
     aagctgttaa gtttttaagc tgttaagaag ccaataataa aggctttttt gctctgcatc     62280
     ctcttgtcat tggcaacaca acctttagaa atcctttttt atttttatgt tcatgtcagc     62340
     cccttgtcca gtgtatcatg tatgtattca ttaagcctcc tctatggagc tgcaatacct     62400
     gtttctcttt cttctttatt ttgttctctg ttcctaggat aagttaattt taagggtaag     62460
     ttaccatgct atcaaaatat ttctctaatt aaaaaataga tttattttat tttctatgta     62520
     taggtatttc acagttatgt gtttcttgcc tgattttgca ttctgaggaa tgcattttct     62580
     gaaacaggaa gtgaatgaat aaaccactat attatcaaaa agaatataat tttatatgtc     62640
     acacttcagc attctcctag acagtttatt atttcatcgg tgttatattt aaatcaaggt     62700
     aactttagta ctttctgact tttttaatac tattatgatt agatgttaca tgtgccaaac     62760
     atatctcata aatatttaga aacagttaag tttctcttca acagtgatgt acaatcaagg     62820
     aaaaagtact gcacattaat atcaaagatg tggtattata ataccctaca tgtatttata     62880
     aagggttata tttatcccac aagaaataga atgtgttaaa taaatcattt atggaaaaga     62940
     gactagtaac ccgcctaaag agaggcaagt aagctaataa cagagactag agtacgttta     63000
     taatcctaag actatgagag tgagggaatc tgcacatgag ctagatttgg tcctgtctag     63060
     ctgattctag actagaatct aggcctttgt ataggatgaa cccctgacat catcttcaat     63120
     gctattgtta tgacagatca cctcatatta atgtcattta cctatactaa atgtctctat     63180
     gtcaaaaaag aacagttctt acaaagactt aaaattgatc gcatcggtta ggctctgctg     63240
     accaatactg atgcatattg actgagcatt gggaccccca atggaggagt taggggaagg     63300
     actgaaggag ctgaagggat gtgcaacacc atagaaagaa taacaatatt taccaaacag     63360
     accacacctc ccccagagct cccagggact aaaccaccaa ccaaagagta cacatgaagg     63420
     gactcatggc ttcagcagca tcaatagcag agaattgcct tatatggcat caatgggaag     63480
     ggaggccctt ggtcctgtgg aggttcaatg ccccaatgtg ggagaatgct cggccagtga     63540
     ggttaagagt gggtgcgtga gggagcatca ttatagaagc aggcgggagg gggaatggaa     63600
     taggagtttg tggaggggaa actggaaagg ggaataacat ttgaaatgta aataaataaa     63660
     atactttgag atgggtgggt ggccccatct cttgactggg ggccatgcct gtctactgga     63720
     ggtggtctct ataggttcta tcaccccttc ctgcacattt tggctaaagt cctatcacaa     63780
     agttaagaca ggaacaaaaa ttggagcaga aactgaacca tccggggact gcccacctgg     63840
     ggatccatcc tgtctgcaga caccaccccc caccccccac cccccacccc gacactgttg     63900
     ctgttgctaa gagacacttg ctgacaggaa cctggtatag atgttcttgg aaggttctgc     63960
     cagtatttga ccaactcaga tgtggatgct tagagccaac catcagactg agctcaggga     64020
     cgccagcagg gaatctggtt gaagagctgg agcagcaacc ccataagaag aaaagtccac     64080
     ccagtgttcc tggggacgtc caccaaccaa ggagtgtaga ggaagggatc catggctcta     64140
     gacagcagta gcagaggaag gccttgtcta acatcaatgg gaggggaggc cttttgttct     64200
     gtggaggttt gaggacccag tcagtgtagg gcatgttgga gaggtggggt gggagtgggt     64260
     ggtagttggg ggagcaccct catagaggca aaagtgaggg ggaaaaggca gatgtgggat     64320
     ggaggttttg tggaggggta acctggaaga gggatatcat ttgagatgta aaagaatgca     64380
     ttaataaatt ttaaaaaaga aaaataattt aaaaaagaaa aaaattatag cattaccggg     64440
     tgctgtaaat gtcctgtccc ttgctggcaa cacagtagat gccttatgct cattttttta     64500
     aaaatttacc ctttaaattg gtggccataa caatgtggat agaaatccaa aagctgaatg     64560
     tactctttca ctttgatggt tttgtgaact tactatttgt tatcaccttt gaaattctga     64620
     tgcaatgaat aatttttgta gctcttattg tcaccagaat gatttgggat aagtaggaaa     64680
     aagctaaaaa ttaccaatgt ttagaatcta attttaaata tgtatagaag agagaaaaat     64740
     atgtatagaa ggagggggat atggccaagt ataataatat acatgtatat aaaattgcac     64800
     aagaacatca ataattctgt gtgctaataa gaatagattc aaattttaac ataaatttaa     64860
     agctagagga taaatttata atttctatta taaagatatt tatatgttac caagggccac     64920
     tgtgtatatt tctacattga taattattat tttcactatt aatgctattt gtattaacaa     64980
     attgtaggaa aaaagcttta gttactactt tttaaaaaaa ggagttggtt tataaaaaat     65040
     agctagcatt ttaaattata ttttcccttc ttcctatcta gttcataaat gtccttgtac     65100
     caaaaatatt aaaaaactgt tttctaccac taaaaggctt aattacttat tcttttaaaa     65160
     aattctgtat ctatagcaac ataagcgtga ttggagccta tagctagaaa gtatggcaaa     65220
     atgaaggaat gactaaaatc ttgaggaact cctgtcaagc tgattcagaa ttaacagtgc     65280
     agcacatggc gtgtctctcc taggatctga gcaaccataa gagagggagg tttagaagac     65340
     aaagcttgtg ggagtctttg aatgtgaata accaatgttt tcatttctca acatagagat     65400
     gataacttag ttgtagaaaa cattcataaa gtagtgagaa gaatatctat caggttttct     65460
     tcctgtggtg gaatgaatgc attgccagag aatgaattgt attgaacata ttgtaagtgg     65520
     ctttggctcc agacacattt ttcaaataga tcaaatgctt atttactaca tggattattt     65580
     ccatcactgt gacatttttt aataaaattc agtcagtata gtatttacac taagaagtga     65640
     atcacagact agagaacgag acagatatgt gatgtcatgc cctaagacat gaagataact     65700
     acagaaatag acaataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taatgaaaca     65760
     tagaagggaa gtgttagcca caggatgggc ttgatatgtc taaagacaga gaccccaaca     65820
     agtgggctag tatatcagac aaagaaaatt aatacaatgg taatctggag aaaatgtaat     65880
     tggcacagag tgtagatatt gtgtttctgg gagttagata gaattcagtg gattatcggt     65940
     agggtgaatg agtaaggtgg acaacaagag gaatggtcac accatgatta ttgtgagtga     66000
     atgaatggac agcagttaca tgaccttgat agatagcttt tttttttttt aacattatag     66060
     gagaagtata gttttataaa gaaaaccatg ggttcttttg tggacatgtg gatattaaag     66120
     tgtcaagtgt caagcaggtg actgcacata agaatgtgaa gcaaggaaga gtaacaaatg     66180
     agaaaaagca gatttaatgt tcagtgttgg gcggaagtga ttatgaagga tagtatgaga     66240
     ttcacaaaga atgtgcaaag atattcatta ttaacactag gattgcggga agaaatcatt     66300
     taaaaatgaa agcaaaacat gaaacttgga agaaatgaaa ggagggaatt tcagagtgtg     66360
     aaaggtcatc agtttaaatg ctataaataa actttctgca gagccacatc tgagggtttc     66420
     cctttagagg tccatgaatt gttttagcag ctttataaag ttattgttgc tgttacattt     66480
     ttgttttttg tgtttttact gattccattc cttgaatttt attctcttat tcatcaccat     66540
     aaaaggataa ttagtcagtc accctccccc aagcccttgc ttgtagccta aagcaaccac     66600
     taacctgtct acatttttta aaagaccaca agcatatgct ggataatcca ggtgactggc     66660
     ttgaaatagt gatactatgc aggagatcag tgcctatatt ccatttccac tgacatcaca     66720
     tttaaaactg ttctatggag tctagaagta ttactcaaac acttgcccat gaaaggacaa     66780
     attacatctt ggtttaaaaa atggagatat ggtatggtca tctggtatac aaacacatac     66840
     atgcacacac ccatatcaca tatatccaca cacatacaca taaaaacaca aaactgaaat     66900
     tctagcaata gtgaagctga ggcaggaaca ttacaaattt gagactagcc tgaattacaa     66960
     agtaagacac ccttttctca ttaaaaagag acattaggaa gaaaatttct agcatgtgaa     67020
     gaaaataaat aagagtaggc aatggggaaa aaacataacc cagaccacta atatacatgt     67080
     atgaaactat taaagaatta atgaaataaa ctcctgaaga aaatgtttcc taacaaaagc     67140
     atctattcag tttgcaagta tgaagcctta tgtaaacctt tcatgtacag aataaaaaaa     67200
     aaaacaacaa tgaaatgaaa gaaagaatca taaatgaaca tggagaggta ataagctttg     67260
     aaagcaggac acagcagtca tgtggaaact aagactttct gcaagataca gcattaggaa     67320
     cttgagcaaa gggaatacat gtgagaggtt ggtatacctg agttcaatat tactctcttc     67380
     ctttggatcc cccatacact gttctgggtt ccttctaatt tcacagcact ggccttcagt     67440
     tttcattgct ttcatgtcct tatctcttgc gcgcgctgga ctggccagga agaacgacgc     67500
     tgcaacaaga tccttctgca cacgtttata gtttataggg agagcttgat tgtagaggcg     67560
     aaaagacccc gagcccagaa ctggtgctgc ttatataggc ctaggagagg cgtgtctcac     67620
     atctgattgg ttaacttgtc tctcatcttg gcaaaagaac cttcactgcc tatgtatgtg     67680
     tggtggccag cagtagccaa ctgccactct gcaactgcca ctctgcaaca gcttcccaca     67740
     cttatctatt cagtttttaa cacaaaaaca gcatgccatc atatactctt attctttaaa     67800
     taacttcatt tttttctttt aacccaactc aaggtttgga actgaatagg aagactgtca     67860
     gagtaaaagg aggagctcaa gggtccttct tcctgccact gccaagaacc ctgcctagag     67920
     tctcttacag agttaccttg ctgtgtaatt gaaccatgta atactctgct ctctgtcact     67980
     ctcacaaaat agctgtgata attaacttat attaagagca gatttgtttt gactcatagt     68040
     tgtttagtta tgcacatgtt caaatgaact cattgttgag atcccaagac ggggccatgt     68100
     atcttttttt ttaaaattag gtattttcct catttacatt tccaatgcta tcccaaaagt     68160
     cccccatacc ccccccccac tcccctaccc acccactccc actttttggc cctggcattc     68220
     ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcaag tccaatgggc ctctctttcc agtgatggcc     68280
     aactaggcca tcttttgata catatgcagc tagagtcaag agctccgggg tactggttag     68340
     ttcataatgt tgttccacct ataccaactc aaggttttga aagttaataa acaacaattt     68400
     gttcttttct tccctctgaa agtcacattt aaatatcagt agtttacttt ttggttatct     68460
     gtatgggacc aaatccccag gtcggtgggt gggcacatag attattcacc tcctaggcca     68520
     attctctcct ttactccatt ccaataaaaa gaagaaatag ctgccaaaac attctcagtt     68580
     cttagatttg ttttctcttt cattgtgaag atcatgtgcc aaccttctca ggattgcatt     68640
     caaatctata aaatatatct tttcccattc tctcctctat aaaaatgttg ccatcttcta     68700
     gtccaattga atatgagact ctcctagagc aagcttccta ttcttcctcc tcagttactg     68760
     tctttagaac aaagagtata agtaagattg catttcatgc ctacttaaag tgcttatact     68820
     ttcccctgaa tttgcagtag tattggtaag acatggggga tatagtctgc tctttctgta     68880
     atttactgtt tctcatctca attgtagtgc cctttatttc tcaaggcaaa actattctct     68940
     attattttta tttttcatct gatttatatt caattttcat ttgttttccc tttatggcat     69000
     tatgatttaa ttttgacatt tatgctttca cttcctccaa accatcccat atacccccat     69060
     ccacattctt tcaaattcat gacctctctt ttttacaatt gtattgtatg catattgcaa     69120
     taacagtata tattgttaac tatctaacta tatcaagcta tataactatg caaatatata     69180
     acaatataac tgtataatta tataactaag tatataactg tataattata caactaacaa     69240
     gatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tctttcatag     69300
     atgtctacag ttctatccaa ccacacaaaa ttgtttctat tgtctttgta atcctcccta     69360
     tactttcaaa ttacctattt gcttgtttta aaagtcatct ccaggataat acatatttcc     69420
     caagaagagg taacttgact gctttgttct ctgttttgta cccatgtcta agcttggcat     69480
     tccaaacact cactagttgt tggatgatta aaataaacat ttctggtgat gtaaatctag     69540
     aagaagatga gtaggacaat gtgggttgac tggcacagag caacaaaagc acttcctttg     69600
     tcttatgagt tggttctctc tactgattta catttctata gactctctga tagtctctag     69660
     acacctatgt gtattctgag ccccctttga ctgtgcatca actcatcact aggatgtaat     69720
     taaacctcag tttctgaaaa ttgctagcta ttatggcata aaatctaata aacacttctg     69780
     atcaaaatca tttgtaatca taactgtgca tagatttgtt aacaattgaa atgcaagtaa     69840
     tgagacaaaa gacagaaaca ggttgcatct tattttatat atacatatat atatatatat     69900
     atatatatat acatatatat atatacatat acatatacat atacatatac atatatatga     69960
     tatcatttat gtgtatttat acatttaagc agggaaactt tatactgtca ctttcatatt     70020
     cattctttca ttagttgggt tttgatgatg ttttcagtat attgactggt atgctgcgga     70080
     atcctagcta ggaactgaag ttccctccta actctttttg taatctcctg ctcctggatg     70140
     gctctggtta tttctgttca ctctgtattt acctagtaat accagttaac cttaaaaatc     70200
     ttgttacata tctttctttt catatttctt ttttttaaca gtgtggataa aactaaatta     70260
     tattaaaatg ctaacagcat attttagagc tttacaaaat caaactaaac caatttggca     70320
     atcttcctct gatccccccc cctttttttt ttttttgatg ttcaaatgca agttcttcat     70380
     gttcatattt gaaaaaggct caatcagatg ataggaaagc atgctgggcc aaaattcatt     70440
     aatttatgcc cttaagacat tgtcatgggt tattaatatg tgagtgctat tttttaagat     70500
     tctaagtggt gagtttgtta cagtacagaa agttactgag ttaatcatca caacagcaat     70560
     ctgaaatgca aattgcacaa aaatatttca ctttaattat atcacaatta tagactctca     70620
     gtctctcaga tgtcttcccg gaagctgctc tggacagtgc cattagagca gcaatgcaat     70680
     catgagcctc cactggaatg accttgctta tgtttctctt ccagttttat gaaacctcag     70740
     ccagaaagca cattttactt ctaaattaaa ctaattgaga gctcagtaaa aatgtgcagg     70800
     cttggttgaa catttctttc cagagtcaga ccattataat ggagacatta tgcttctaag     70860
     gcccttaaag gaaagagcag aaggttcttt gtggcaagca ggatgaacag aaataaagat     70920
     gcagggtaaa gatggcattc ttggcagtaa tttggaaccc ataaagattc tataattctt     70980
     ttatcctaat aatatataga ttcccaccag gaggccttca ttaaagaata ttagaggaga     71040
     tgaacgaacc tggttctaac atatatctaa atgaaacagc tgtgcttgct tcatgtcagt     71100
     ttctagtcac agctaaataa agaatcatat aggaaactaa ggtactcagt gatttgttaa     71160
     tcatcactct tttttttaaa ttttttatta gatattttct tcatttacat ttcaaatgct     71220
     atcccaaaag ttctctatac cctccccacg ccctgctccc ctacccactc tctcccaatt     71280
     cttggacctg gtgctcccct gtactggggc atataaagtt tgcaagacca aggggcctct     71340
     cttcccaatg atggccgact aggccatctt ctgctatata tgcagctaga gacacgagct     71400
     ctgggtgtac tgattagttc atattgttgt tccatctata ggtttgcaga ccccttcagc     71460
     tcctactcaa gtttttagaa tgtgttttta ccttctagtg acttcttcat ggaagcgttt     71520
     aattatcaat atattttata ctgtgtgaat caattccata attacagcaa gatttttttt     71580
     cctagcaaaa gacattttag aaagtataaa taatatgtga aagctcttct tcatcagata     71640
     agacactaag atacatttta gaggtagaag ccttcaatta aaaatggagt agagtaatat     71700
     ttggacagat atttgagtgt gttgtagaaa ctcttttcca atgaatgcga caaatctggg     71760
     aacctgtcat cgcttgtttt ggatgcagca ttgcttggct gttgtccaat gtctgtgtgc     71820
     agcactagat ggaactatgc ctgcagtcat tattgttctc ttcttcagtg tcctatataa     71880
     gatcagaccc aaagttgatg atctataaat gtaacatttg taactgaaac agtggcacaa     71940
     ggaggtcttt gtgtgaaaag catctgacat ttataaagat tatacttaat taatgcactg     72000
     aatgaatacg atgttttaag ttaggatttc taggcaacat aactggaatt cagagtttac     72060
     atactctcaa tgggatcact ttctccatta ttttaatccc aaatctttag tgtcatgact     72120
     gtgagagaat agttagcttg ggaagtggaa aaataatgat tattgcactc atactacgta     72180
     ctaagttttg aaatagtcat ttttcattca ttcacttaat tataggttac ttgcatttat     72240
     tttcaaaaga taatacttgg taaaatgata caactcactt aatcttttat atatagataa     72300
     ttaaactgaa tttaaagtca agttatgctc attcctttcc atcagttaaa aagaaaatca     72360
     gagtctaagg gcttccttct tgctggcctg caaaggggat ttccatgctt atactttttt     72420
     tgaagtggaa gagatgctct aagaatactt aaactgcaaa gagacagcag tgaatcttaa     72480
     gggattatgg aaaagtagct tcctgttaag aagccacatc tcaaagtaaa ctgactttca     72540
     gctgacaatt taaaagcacg aacttactca cccgaggcaa atgggattct gcacacagtg     72600
     tctcaagact tctcatttgt aactgtgcct tggtaaatca tcctgcataa agttctagaa     72660
     gagaatttct tgctcgctgt gactaggcag ggtttgaaaa aggcacctat cttaatcact     72720
     tcatggatta aaaacaagtg ttaaagcgtt tctttttctt tctacaatat aatttagaac     72780
     cagaagcaga taatggaaag gatcatcaga cggctgaatt aactggattc tggaatgtat     72840
     tgtttcgccc attttcaagt tccaaaaaca attttcaaac atttgagctg cacaataaga     72900
     tggaaaatac aaaactagac taatgaacca ctctgatcat attcttctat tggttgtgtt     72960
     tgtaagccta tatttaagtt tctcaggaaa catttccaca attttaatgg tgaaaataga     73020
     ttccaattta taaagttata cttctctcta aataccagaa ttttatagat ttgaatgatg     73080
     gcaaaataca ttgcattttt attctctata gtgccaagac ctaaattatt tttcacatac     73140
     tatttttaat aagtttttat gactgtgcct atgtgtgttt gtgatgaaaa tggaaatatc     73200
     attgggcttt agaagttatg actggatatg actttgtgta atcaccataa taataagcat     73260
     taaaacttaa aatacacact gttcactttt ctgctaaaat tgaaaatttt ctaacaactt     73320
     ttatatttct tacaatagtc atgattttat ggaaccaaat aaatcaagtc ttagaatata     73380
     gaatttaaaa aataaaatac ctttggatat atttcttagc aaataatatg agaattttaa     73440
     acattctttc taaaataaaa ttcattatgc attgtttgat tatatagaga aaacatgtga     73500
     gatgttaaaa agaccaacag acatgtattt cgtaaacaac accataaaag aatattttac     73560
     ctgtttttta aagaatttaa ttgttatttt ttgtatagcc ctggttgtcc tggaactcac     73620
     tttgtagacc aggctggcct tgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg     73680
     ggattaaagg tgtgtgccac cacagcaata tcttccagaa tttattcaat agaattatca     73740
     tgcacagttt tctgaacaaa tggatatttc aaatacaact tacatattca cctatttcct     73800
     tatgagcata tagaattagt aattatatat ttctgtttaa ccacttttct cactatccat     73860
     aaaaaatcta ctgactatta actgcctcta aatgaagcta aagcaattca gcagccacag     73920
     gctctgcgtg taatgttggt ggacaaagca agtcaagaaa tagatgttta aggttagtaa     73980
     caaacctaag aaaatttgcc tgatattgtc tattaccaaa tgggattaaa tgccaaagag     74040
     cctggagatt ctgcatgtct aacttgcaaa tgttggccac caatgaaaac atatgtccac     74100
     tttagagtaa atcaagatca aattttattt gtaggcagta tatttttaga attgactatc     74160
     tggctctatt gttagtcttt catttaggtt tgatgataaa ttgccaacta tagtcataat     74220
     gtctaaatgg tacttttata tcactgctct tagcactttt tgagatacct gctgtcgttc     74280
     agtgtttcat acatgtataa atatagaggc ttgtaagacc attgtcttac aaagagaaaa     74340
     ccttacttct gggccatggg attatttcat taaagacact ttacagaata tctatgttga     74400
     gtattttctc gtacaaaaac tgggtctcaa tgaaataaag taggatgatg gtctttatac     74460
     atggtgagta aatgaggaca tccttacctt ggagtaaaaa catgttctct aaggggagca     74520
     gcaacttaac agtgaaattc tgcttataaa tcaagtttta aatacataca gtatatttct     74580
     tacagatagg ctgggtagga caaagtgtat tagaagcact cttattttac agtacatatg     74640
     ttatgtgtac tgtcctctgc cctgctataa gttgtatttt gtaaaattgt cttggttatg     74700
     atattttaat tactcaaatc cttagccatg agtctttata tgttatattt gtttttttat     74760
     ttttctacca ctgattaagg caaatcagcc tcctcacttc tctgattagg ctgtggttaa     74820
     tattgagtct ttaggcagaa ttttggtttt gtaaattgac tttttcctct aatgtaatat     74880
     gcacaggcat cattcaggtt tcagtattat ttttaaaata attattttga ataatgtgtt     74940
     gtgtttaagg tagcttgaca ttaattcatc aaatattaat ttgcaaaatt tatttcaggt     75000
     aaaatgggat tctgagaaca taaaaataag taaaatgtat atgtaaattt gagaaaatac     75060
     aaaatgaaga ctgtgtggga taatgcctaa tttcattagg aaggcataat taatcatcca     75120
     gcaaaattga gaatctcttt tgagttagct actgtaatag atactttcag gcacacccat     75180
     gagggaatag attgtatcat ctccacagaa caaacatttt tttcttgaaa ttaatattga     75240
     taaaaaagga gagtgggcaa taaggtgcaa acttaagtga gctgtctatt atctatatat     75300
     gtatttatta tctatgcatc tgtctgtctg tctgtctatc tatctatcta tctagtaatt     75360
     tatcatctat ttatttgtgt gtggtctatg catgtttaca tgcaaaggac aaaggaggac     75420
     accagatata ctcctgtttt gctctctgcc tcatttcctt gacattgttc tcacatatat     75480
     cctggatcta gccattcttt ggctaggctg tcctccagaa agccatggta tatcttattt     75540
     ctattttcat actagcagtt tgtgctgggt tataggcaca cttgtatttc ccagattcta     75600
     atgggtgctc aagatctaaa cacgggtcct gatgtattca cagcaaatct ttataccctt     75660
     tgaggtaccc ctagactgtt gcctgggttt taactaggaa tatgatggat actagatcag     75720
     aaaaattatt tttatagata ataaataaaa attgtgaaga gctataaaga agcctaataa     75780
     ttttgaagtg cgcccaccca tgaaagtaga taaacaggag caatataagt gtaagaaaga     75840
     accaagccaa gtcttggaag aaggtataag acatatctga aacttcattg taaggacaag     75900
     agaacccact cttgcctatt atgattcaca agagcaactt tgtgttagaa ttccagttat     75960
     tatatgggaa gctgaacaag attcttgtta gatttcaggg cattttgaag tattgcacta     76020
     gtccaaagca tgtgaatagt taataagttc actattacat cacttcaagg atagagagaa     76080
     acatggagac tcaaggaatc ctgtgaaagc agaagaaaga agtttgggtg tttaatgata     76140
     aataagctgt gtggaaattt tttgcctaaa aatttgggct aaagcaagtg ctgaatattc     76200
     atgtatttgc agttcactaa aatggaataa actgtagatg gttgactatg gccaattttg     76260
     tggaagtatt tgcaattttg taggaaaatt caagaaggta tgtccacttg gcatgtgatg     76320
     gttaggcaca attttcaatt tgacaaaatc tggaatcacc tagaaagaga ggcacaaaca     76380
     gaggttgtag gacatggatg tgctttgggt atatttctga gagacagtca tgattattat     76440
     ctgatgtgga gtgacacagc ctcattgtgg gtggcaacat ttcttgactt tgggttcttg     76500
     ggctgcataa gagtagagaa agaatactta gttctaagta tgtaaacatc tagttttctc     76560
     tgcttttggt tgtgaagttg taatgatcaa ctatgccagt tttgtaactt tgatccctcc     76620
     ataataaaat gactatatcc tggaattgtg agctaaaaga aactctctct ctcccctgag     76680
     ttacattttg ttaaggtata tttatcacag caacataaat gaaaaaggac aacgaaatta     76740
     tgtgcacgta tctgaagctg gagatgggtt ttgtttcttt ctttgtttgg tgttgttttg     76800
     ttgttttgtt tttgtttttg ttttgttttg ttttttggta tatttttaag agaccactgg     76860
     attcatggga gtagaaattt acactgagaa caaatgtaga gttcagtcat aagaaaaaga     76920
     ttgtttagca cagggtgaca acatagaatt caatgttaaa agtgtctttg tatgctgttg     76980
     ggaaagttta tcaaggaaga aaaccagagg agttcataga aaacaaagaa tgagaacagg     77040
     ctcttaagga catagaaaac gtgccaattc taccctacaa gagttttatg tataatataa     77100
     tttctatact ctataatgcc catataactt atgaggaaat aagttattac ttattttctt     77160
     gcaaaaaagc accagcttgg catatgaatc acatttattt cctgctcact atgttcaaac     77220
     tatatagata tatgggcact gatcatataa gtgccttctt ttatatatta attttacagg     77280
     aaaatatcat tctttgactt gatcattttg taatagtaag gtagaaattt ctgcttgtta     77340
     tcacacactg taaactaaaa gatctcaatt tactcctaga cattgactgc agcaccggac     77400
     agagattaat atgaaaaatg atacggaaat caggctttaa gtatgagata aacattctag     77460
     acatttaaat acaccaaaga aggcagtgaa tgcaaaagaa atagatacag tgcttagcat     77520
     tgtgatgttg actgtagtag gtgctgcctg gtgtctgaag ctcttacctt atgcattctg     77580
     aggtttggtt gctgaaatta gggtcagaat ctgaactctg acagtcctaa taagtcaagt     77640
     ttggctgccc attctccaat aactcaacta aacaaataaa aatgaaagac tgaaaattat     77700
     ttatacaatg tggctacctt ggagaagaaa gcaaagaaat ctattaacag gtcacagtca     77760
     tctttgtggt gttaccttga agccttgtgg acaatatcta tgtataggta agcaaccttt     77820
     gacatggtgt ggtcctaccc atcaccacta gactccagtc tctacaagct cagttctggt     77880
     tgttattctt tttcttggag agcagttctg tgccgtggtt ggttagtgtt ctatctcttc     77940
     cctccactgt gcatgagatt cctgatggaa aactcagttt ctttgggatc cattgttaaa     78000
     tttctaataa caaaagggga agacatagat aagacatctt atcttataag atatcttagc     78060
     atatgttctc tcctttgcgg acagttataa tctggtactg tttaattttt caagcctaga     78120
     acacatctaa gctgcagata gatgtatcag ctacccactt ctttttattc agctgcaaat     78180
     ctacctgttt tggggatctt agtgctgggt gctatgaaca ttttcctttg tcaactggtg     78240
     gaaagagctg agaagagtct gagcttaggc aaaagctaat atctgctaaa attaagagga     78300
     actcactggt gaggaagcaa taatttgaat tcttgctcat catctggagg ttactaacta     78360
     aaactttggc accctatttc tctacttgcc ctttggaaca ttatcttatt aatgtcaatg     78420
     gctactggct taatcactct cttattatta tagaagtttc tttgttttgt ttttctggac     78480
     aaaatgtaaa atgtatgttt ttattttaca aatgtaatta ttgagccctg caagtccttt     78540
     aaagatactg gctcagatga cagacttact acttgcctgg aaagcactaa cttacagcat     78600
     caaaatgctc aatttttgga tcattttaga aggaaatatg ctttaaacca tttagggaac     78660
     ccattatgct aagttacatt ttaaagattg cataatttga ttaaattgac atttaaatgt     78720
     caagtacttc tccagcattt cctctgtcat aattgctcac tgctgagaca ctatatgcaa     78780
     ttataaaggc tttctctccc ttcttttata aattgttctc gctaaactta tatattgata     78840
     agttccaaag ctaggtttcc atccaataga ttgaagggta ccaatggttg aatggttata     78900
     tcactagata tgttagtatt taagtatata aataaagaga aataaagttt catttaagca     78960
     gctgatttgt agagctgaca gattctaagt atggggactg ctgctgtgat atgaattctt     79020
     agaaatacta tgatcatgga aaattgaatt tacatttcaa atgtttatcc tttcttttat     79080
     ggaatattgt aaagatacct tacatgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     79140
     cacacacaca cagatacata cacatctacc tctccacata tatagatgac ctgaaataga     79200
     ataatataga aatgcaaatt aaatataaca ttttcacatt tagactataa agcacttcaa     79260
     tgaacttaca gtcagcattg gtaacgttgt gataggtgct ttttctgacc cctgatagaa     79320
     gtatgaatta actactttgg taaaattggc aattggttcc ttgaagaaac aaccctatga     79380
     gtgtctgtga gggtgtttgc agagaggatt acaaaggaag gaaaattcat cttgaacgtg     79440
     agtgtaccat gctataagta gaatgtcaag acttcttcaa aaggacaaga agagaaagca     79500
     tggacatcag cactcatttg tctttgctcc ttgcctgaaa actcagggaa atcagctact     79560
     ttgcactcct actacagcaa gatgctttca ttactgtgag tctccatgat gggcagaacc     79620
     tactaaactg taggccagaa caaacccttc ttttattaag ttaattatca gttattcagt     79680
     catacaaaca aaaaatatct agtatttcaa gcttactgat tgacattcta gaaggaatat     79740
     aatttatgac tattgatgct aaatccctct aggaaaagtt tctcaaagat gaacaaaaag     79800
     atattctcat ctcaatattt tagcagtcac tggaaactgg aaataatcta attttcaaac     79860
     taaattgctt cacaatggtt tcatagttat atttacagta taaatttaaa ttaagaaaga     79920
     gtagagaaaa aatgtaatga tctcagggaa ggttgtctga gggatatata tatatatata     79980
     tattcacctc tcagcaaaat ttactataat aggcactaat tataataagt gaaagatgaa     80040
     tgcttccaga aatagtaaac aatctttgag cttaagaaca gagttttgag atcagtgccc     80100
     aatactagac cactcctaga gcttgtgtgc ctcccaggag gtctacagta atcaaagaca     80160
     cagtgagaat cttgcccaaa tacacattcc agcaaggaca accacttggc acagttgaag     80220
     caggaaatac tatccccacc tccactccca ccaacaagct gcatctttct tccagactgc     80280
     ttcttgcctg agccagatca gtggctggat acctacccac acctattata gcttgtttgc     80340
     taccaagaag gtatgctcta acaaagaatc aaaagaggcc caacctaatc agagacagca     80400
     ctccttgcct ctaaataggc caactctaga aagagatatc taggtcagtt aataccagag     80460
     aaaacctggt ggccaaaggc aagcacatga tcataagcca cagaacccaa tgaagtccag     80520
     caccaccaga tcccagtttt cccaccacag caagtcctgg ataccctaac atgactgaaa     80580
     agcaagataa ttacataaaa tctcatctca tgaagatgat agatgcctta aagaaggaca     80640
     taaagaacta acttaaagaa atacagaaaa acacagttaa acaggtggaa tccctcctta     80700
     acaaaataca ggaaaacata acaaatcagg tgaagacatt gaactaaaca gtccaagacc     80760
     taaaaatgga aatgaaaaca ataaagaaaa cacaaaggaa ggcaaatcct ggagatggac     80820
     aacatagaaa agagatcagt agctacagat acaagcatca ccaacagaat acaagagatc     80880
     aaagagagaa tctcaggcac agaaggtacc ataaaaaaat attgacacat cagtcaaaaa     80940
     aatgacaatg tataaaaatc tcctaactca aaatatttag gaacttccat acacaatgaa     81000
     aagatcaaac ctaagaataa taggaataga aaagggtgaa gattcccagt tgtcttatac     81060
     agggtttcta ttcctgcaca aacatcatga ccaagaagca agttggggag gaaagggttt     81120
     attcagctta gacttttcac attgctgttg atcaccaaag gatgcagaac tggaactcaa     81180
     gcaggccaga aagcaggagc tgatgcagaa gccatggaga gatgttcttt attggcttgc     81240
     tcagcctgct ctctgatagg acccaagact accagcccag agatggcacc acccacaagg     81300
     ggcctttccc ccttgatcac taattgagac aatgccccac agctgaatct catggaggca     81360
     tttccccaac tgaagctcct ttctctgtga taactccagc ttgtgccaag ttgacacaaa     81420
     actagccaga acaattgacc ccttgtcaac ttgacacaca aacacatcac tagtaagcct     81480
     caacccttat ttttttattc atccccaaga tctaaataac tttaaaagta tcacagtctt     81540
     tgcaaattct taaaatttca atctctataa aatatccaat atctttgaaa attcaaagtc     81600
     tctttacaat taaaagtctc ttaactgtgg gatccactaa aatacttcct tcgagaggga     81660
     aaaacagggt acagtcacaa taaaaagcga aatcaaactc caactgtcca atgtctggga     81720
     tctactcaca atcgtctgta ttccgccaag ggcttgggtc acttccccgg ctctgccctt     81780
     tgtagtgcac acctcctcct ctaggttcct gttctccacc tttgctgctg ttcttggtgg     81840
     tcagctcatt ttactggcat ctcctaaata ctgcatgacc ccttcagtcc tgggtcatca     81900
     attgcaactg aggctgcacc ttcaccaatg gacttccatg gcctctcaca gggccgaacc     81960
     tcagctgttc tgcatgaccc cttcatgcct tctaaaccag taccacctgg gtgactctta     82020
     cattaccaag tcctgttgca gcacgagata caactttggc tgtctctgga acacagcctc     82080
     tttgtgcttt cagaaaacac ttcccagaag atgtcatctc aatgatgctg gtcttttctt     82140
     aatcacagct aatttctgag ctccagctaa ccagcatcaa agtcccagta atgcaaagtt     82200
     ttcacgttag tagttctggt atcttgttat tcacagctga ttcttcagcc ccagcaaacc     82260
     agaaccacag aatcttaaca atccaaaata gcaatggcct tgataagagt ctttaatctt     82320
     ccctctgaaa tttcacaagc caggcctcca tcttctgcat tgttctcaac attatcttcc     82380
     aagctcctat acaacattcc acagaactct taacacagaa tggctcttct agccaaaaga     82440
     tccaaagtcc ttccacagtc ctccccaaaa catggtcagg ttatcaccgg aataccccac     82500
     ttctggtaac aatttgtctt agacagagtt tctattcctg cacaaacatc atgaccaaga     82560
     agcaagttga ggaggaaagg gtttattcag cttacacttc catactgctg ttcaccacca     82620
     aggaagtcag gactggaact caagcaggtc agaaagcagg agccgatgca gaggccatag     82680
     agggatgttc tttactggct tgcttaccct ggcttgctca gactgctctt gtataggacc     82740
     caagactacc atccagagat ggtcccatcc acaaggggcc tctccccctt gatcactaat     82800
     tgagaaaatg ccccacagtt ggatctcatg gaggcatttc cccaactgaa gttccttatt     82860
     ctgtaataac tccagcttgt gccaagctga tacaaaacta gccagtacac cagttcaatg     82920
     tttcagaaaa tatttaaaag aaaatcattg aataaagcta ccctaaagaa agatatggtt     82980
     ataaatgcaa aagaaaccta cagaacacca aatagattgg agcagaagag taaatcatcc     83040
     catcacataa taatcaaagc actaaatgta cagaatggag aaagaatatt aaaatataga     83100
     ggcaggcctt ttagaattat acctgatttt tcaacagaga atttcaaaac cagaatattc     83160
     tggacagatg tcatgcagct cctaagaaac cacagatgcc agcccagact tctataccaa     83220
     gtaaaaccct caatcactat agatggaaaa accaaggaat ttcatgacaa aactaaatgt     83280
     aaacaatctc tttctaccca tctagcccta cagaggatac tagagcgaaa actcctatac     83340
     aagtaaggta actacacctg agaaaatgca ggaaattcat catctcagaa caaacccaaa     83400
     agaagagaat gacacacaat gatcccacct cgaacaacaa aataacagga actgacagtc     83460
     attggccatt aatatttctc aatgttaatg gactcaattt cccaataaaa aagacacagg     83520
     ctaaaagact ggatatataa agagaattca tcattctgct gaatacagaa aacacagctc     83580
     aggaacaaag acagactcta tctcactgct tccaagcaaa tggacctaag aaacaagcta     83640
     gagtagtagc cattctaaca tccaataaaa tagactttca accaaagtaa taataaaaaa     83700
     gatgtgtttc catacatatc aatggaaaat ccaggaggtt gaagtctcaa ttctgaccat     83760
     ctattcacca aagccatggc acacacaagg taactttact caaaacagac tttgaacttc     83820
     acacagtaat agtaggatac ttcagcactt cattctcacc aatggacaag tcattgaaac     83880
     agaaactaaa cagagacaca gggaaattaa cagaagttat gaaccaaatg gatctaaggg     83940
     acacctctag aatatttcac cccaaagcaa gagaatataa cttctcagca cctcatagaa     84000
     ccttctgtaa aattgtccat acagaaaaac aaacaaacac cctcaacaga tataagaaga     84060
     ttgaaataaa cctatgaatt ttatcagatc accatggact aaggagacta aggctgaaat     84120
     tcaataacaa acaaaacaat aaaatgctca caaactcatg gaaactgaac aactctttac     84180
     tggatggtaa ctttgtcagg gaagaaatta aagactttct agaattagac gaaggcataa     84240
     catagccaaa cttattaaag acaatgaagg tagtgctaag aggaaaattc atagcactaa     84300
     gtgccttcac aaagaagttg gagagatcct atactagcaa attaacagca cacctgaaag     84360
     ctatagaaca aaagaagcaa acacactaaa gaggaataga tggaaaaaaa tagccaaact     84420
     caggctgaaa tcaaccagtt aaaaacaaag agaacaatac aaagaaacaa caaaaccaag     84480
     agctggatct gggagaaaat taataacctg tacttagccc aaagaactaa aaggcacaga     84540
     gaaaggatat agattaacaa aatccggaaa gaaaggctcc cctttctttc acatcataac     84600
     agaaactgag gaaattcaat cagatcttac caagaaaatc aaagtatata agaactaaag     84660
     aagccagctt tcaaaaaaac ccaaaatctg attaaaaaat ggactataca gccagagaat     84720
     tcacaacaga ggaattttta ttggtcaaga aacacttaag gaaattttca aagcacttag     84780
     tcatcagaga aatgcaaatc aaagcaacca tgagattata cctcataaca atcagagtgg     84840
     ctaaggtcaa aaattcaagt gacagtacat gctgtcgagg atgtggataa agagaaacac     84900
     tcctgtctta ctggtaggat tgcaagctgg tacaaccact ctggaaatca atttgttggt     84960
     tcctcataaa attcaaaata gttctactga agattcatat atagcactct tgggcataca     85020
     ccaaaaagat accgcaacat accacagaga tccatgctcc attatgttca tagcagacat     85080
     attcatagac agaagctgaa aacaacccag atgtccctca gccaatgaaa ggatacagaa     85140
     aatgtggttc actaatacac tggaatacta ttcagctatt aaaaatgaga acatcatgga     85200
     tttttcaggc aaatggatga aacttgaaaa catccttctg agtaaggtaa gtcagaccca     85260
     aaaatatata catggtatgc actactgatt agtggatatt agcccgaatg tacagaatac     85320
     ctaggataca acccacagat tcagtataac aagtagaaag gcccacgtaa ggatgttttc     85380
     cactttgaag ggtgaaggaa ataatcacag gatgcagaag gagaaaggga tctggatggg     85440
     agaggaaaga gggaagagga ggaaaagggg gacaggaccg ggtatggggg cactggagtg     85500
     aagctcagag ggccaggaga ttgagtggga ataagcaacc tctggggtgt gagatgtgag     85560
     gggaccctct agagagtaac agaggttcag gaggtgagag actctaagga ctcaatgggg     85620
     gtaatcttag ccaaaaaagc ccaacattgg caagagaaaa ctggaagagt ccacctccag     85680
     tagatataca gggtcttagg cagagggata gggttactaa cccacagtca aaatttctga     85740
     cacagaactg ttcctgtcta aaacaactgg cggaacaaaa atggagaaga gactggagga     85800
     aaggtggtcc aataactggc ccaaatagga atctatctca tgggagggca tcaagggctg     85860
     acagtatcac tgatactatg aggtgcttac agacaggcat tgctgtcttc ttcgaaggtc     85920
     taccagtagc tcgctgagac agaagcagat aattacactc aaccactgaa ctgaagtcag     85980
     ggactcctct ggttgaatta tagtaaggat tgaagaaact gaaggggagg ccgactccat     86040
     aggaagacaa gcagtctcaa ctaacctgga tccctgggag gtcctacaga cagagccaac     86100
     caggagcata cacaggccag cctgaggccc ctggcacaaa tagagcagag gtctgttggt     86160
     caggccatag tgggagaaat tgttcttaat ccttgaaaga tttgaggccc cagggaaggg     86220
     ggatgccttg tgggtcgagg agtaccctgt tggagggaat gggagaggaa tggcataagg     86280
     aactgtgagg gaggggactg agagggtggg caatgattgt gatgtatagg aaaaaaaaaa     86340
     aaaagaccag agcttttcca gcatctctgc tgtagtgtac cacagtgcta cataagtttt     86400
     catgtccacc attgatgaca ggaacttgag acatattcct ccataggaac agtcaagggg     86460
     ttattccagg cagaaaaaaa aaaagttact caaggtcaat gagtaatttg tacaaatttt     86520
     tgttcaatta gtatgtcctc ttctctttag tagtaattcc actatgacag ggcactgtag     86580
     attaattcgt ttttggggtc ttctatagca ctttgcaatg aataagtatt aataaaaatc     86640
     aatgaaacaa tagatactaa gtatctattt gagtatcata tataaattat ttttataaat     86700
     aaagaaacat atatgcccag atgttattcc ccaaattgaa actaaacagc agggtctgtg     86760
     aatctggtta atttcccaat tagagggtga gggaaaacaa agcataaaag tcacgtgaga     86820
     tatctggcag ggggatacta gtgatagaga agcattcttt gttctcatgt atttcttata     86880
     agtttatact taaagttaaa atagttactt gttctgttga tgtgagaaac tacccaacaa     86940
     gagcaactta aagaagaaag gaaaatttta ctcaggctca tagtttgata taacaatcca     87000
     tcatagtaat atggtagaaa tggtgacagg agctcaaggg atttggtcac atagcttctg     87060
     atatcagaaa acagaaacat aaaaatattg gtgctcattt ttctcttttt attcagtcta     87120
     ggaaacaagc ccatgtcctt tgcataatta gcatgggtct tcccatttca attaacctaa     87180
     ttagaaactc tattgatatg accaaagatt tatctccaag gtaatactac atcctattca     87240
     gttgacaata aacattaacc atcccaggag aggtggatca gagattaaga gtaccagctg     87300
     cttttccaga ggccctgtgt tcaattccca gcgactgaat ggtgactcat aaccataaac     87360
     aaatgtgaac tcgtgccctt ttctggccat ccaaggagaa cactgtatat ataattaata     87420
     aataaagttg taaaacagaa tatattaaaa aactagaaaa atctgaattt gtcttctttc     87480
     aaatattttt tttgcattta gtagcttaat aagactaccc agatgcaaaa ggtttctaaa     87540
     aataaagtcc caggtctcag tataagatag atcagtacag gtctcaattc cagaaacaag     87600
     ctttattccc ttcgagaatt tcttgaaaat gtgttctttg aaagaagctg ccccaactca     87660
     agctttgact tctataaatc aacatatact tctgttaaaa atattgaaag aaagcatggg     87720
     ctataaccat tggagaagca caaattgggg tgatacttac aggtaattta tcctggacag     87780
     ttctacatgg attgggagac tcttctcacc acctgtggga agagtgaact actctacatc     87840
     ctgaaactgt gactgttgta cagtcctgaa gttcctctat catatgagaa gttgaagact     87900
     atctacacaa ccatccccat acttgtaaac atggaagatg cctggcaatg agagaaaaat     87960
     atgagaagta agtgtccaag aagaaacaca tgaaaaatga gtgggtaggt agaacaacca     88020
     agggttatcc cacttcatgt tctgcttggt ccttaatggt atagaaaaca ctgctcttga     88080
     aatgaggaga aacacttggt ttgaaaaact aagaagttct tggctgtatt tatatttatt     88140
     tgtatacaaa aataaccaaa taaaaagaag ccatcaattt gagatagaga aatgagggtt     88200
     atgggaaggc ttgaaaggaa gaaagggaag gtggtaagtg atgtactgtg ttttaactga     88260
     aaatacattt ttaaaaaatc taggcaataa aaacagaaac aaaacaagca accaaaccaa     88320
     accaaaccaa accaaccaac caatgaaaca aagaaacaaa aaagcagcgt ttgactcctt     88380
     acatccattt gtttctaaga tccagtgatc tggtagacac atgattcagc ctcattgcat     88440
     ctaaagtgtt tgggggaaag agagaatatt gcactgttaa gaacatcctc acgatttaaa     88500
     aatgttattc ctccatatac tcttggctat aaaatgtact agtttgaagt ttagatttga     88560
     tgtcatttta ccatgcattt tacagaccac attttttttt aaactgatgt ggcaggtaaa     88620
     ggaatggacc ttgcaataca ctaaaattta agtatagtgt cttattttta aagaaatctt     88680
     agatgaaagg gcttgagtga aagactaatt ggcaggtttt tacatcaata tgagcaaagt     88740
     caattttgaa ggatgttagt tgttgagaaa agcacaatat agaagatgaa attgtccaca     88800
     ttgtaatttt agtaggaatt gtttggaaaa ttatccaggc atatagagct ctttatctaa     88860
     gtgaccttgg atgtcacaaa gtactaaaag ctcatcttag atgcttgtga agtacagact     88920
     gaacattgcc tgtgtgtctt gaaactatgt ctcattattc agaaacttca aaaagaaaag     88980
     gtctattgct gaagaagata tcactagtgt gcaaaacaca ccaagtatgc acgcttatgc     89040
     aaaaataaaa tctggtatta tttccagctt cctatgacat gttttgaggt atgtaattca     89100
     ctattctcta cacacacttt gtcacctctc tttcccccta tgatctcctt ccaacattca     89160
     ccgtatttaa aagcaaacac atgtaaagaa gaactactgg aagagggaag ggaaatggat     89220
     gagcagaaga gtccttttct ctaagaggaa tggaatttac tttccaacag ctatgtttag     89280
     tggctcacca caccctgtta gtctagttct acaagacctg atgtctattt ttatggccac     89340
     ttatgcacat gtaaacatag accccccctc aatacacata attaaaaata aatcaaatca     89400
     tttttaaagg atttctagtt tgaaagtcat atttcccaaa ctccaggagt ctgaataaca     89460
     aggcacagtg gcttgtgaaa ggtattgtac ctgtgtagtt cctctaagta tacataattt     89520
     ctgtcagggt tctctccaac agacatactt agtgatagga aatataagga caatcattca     89580
     gtcatgctta tgtacttggg ggatatctag aaatttgtag cacttgctga aatattgagt     89640
     acattaacag tatcagtgca taaagaagct cattgtgtct attctagaaa tcaacaccac     89700
     acagtcaagc tatagttact cagattcctc tcatgtttag caaagaagtg ggagttttta     89760
     aggaagaagg tctgtgacaa tgttaacatg tctttcagac agccatggat ggattttcaa     89820
     agctcattca tgccttactt atattccatg aatggttcca aacttctaag ttggcagctg     89880
     attgaaattg atgggaattc tgtttgaggt gctccagcag gcatgcttct catatatttc     89940
     agttactcaa agtgagctgc caaatgagta agagaatgga agggcacatg tgcatgtgtt     90000
     tcttcttcca tctgcaccat gaaaacagtc agcccatgcc tctggacaga tacttctaat     90060
     aacattgact aagtcaaaat aaaatctatc acatttacag gcaaatctat gaatccaagc     90120
     acatcaagta cttgttggac ttcacctaca gtgggtttgt gggagtttcc acactctgtt     90180
     ctgtattgtt gtcatggaca gaaatgattt tgttgttggt cagatgtttg aaatcatccc     90240
     catctctctg aaacacccat ctgccactta ttcctctgac tgacacattg ggtgacatgt     90300
     gctttatgaa aacatcacca ttgacatgga agagaaagaa cattgtggtg ctgtttgcac     90360
     acatcaatca ggtatcaatc atctgtgatg tccttgaaca gggctacact gttgagcact     90420
     tagcaatgtt cacttcattt tctttcagat actatgacac atattttata tatttttgtt     90480
     gtgacacaga acattatgtc cttttattac cagacttttg gctactttat gagttccttt     90540
     tcctatcact ttctccgtat tccttccacc ctcaccccca acagtgggta ggagagaaag     90600
     aagtgtagag gggaaagggg gtattgatct ccttagacta cttcttgata attagggact     90660
     ttgagttcct tggggcaata ctgatcgtct tcagcatatc tctaaccagc aacagcagga     90720
     acagcaggaa cagcaggaac agctggggca gcagttgtgg tagcagtggc agtgatgggt     90780
     gtggttgggg gtggggcaga tgtacaaccc tcttagggct ctggcattta tataccacca     90840
     ttaaaagtcc acaacattct tacggagcct ggtgagattg tcacttgtgg ccaggcaggc     90900
     atgtcagtga agcaataagg acaccaaccc actcagcaaa cttttgatcc aaaatttaca     90960
     agaaattcgg gggttggaaa tcaaacaaag actgaaggaa cagcaaacca ataacaggct     91020
     accatggaga aacaccaatc cctgacacta ttactgatat tctgttatgc ttgtagacaa     91080
     gagtccagca tggctgtcct ctgagagggc tcatcagctg actcatacag gtgcagacat     91140
     cctcagccaa acagtggcta gagcttgggg actcttatga aagaataggg gtgaggattg     91200
     tggaccccaa aggggatagg aactccacag gaagatcaac agaatcaaaa aactaggact     91260
     cttggggctg acagagactg acctactaac caaagaacat atatgggctg aacctaggct     91320
     tctctgctca tatgtggcag atgtacagct tgaccttcat gtgagtagcc aacaaatgtg     91380
     ggagctatcc gaaaagttgt tgtctgtatg taggatattt tcttctagct ggcttgcact     91440
     gtatgacgtc aatgggagag gaagtgccta gccttgcaga aaattgaagt gccagggtgg     91500
     agagatacct gtccatctgc tcagaggaga aagggaaggg gcatggagaa gtatgggagg     91560
     ggggcagtga gcaggatgta aagtgaataa gtataaacaa acagacaaac aaacaaactc     91620
     tttagaattt aaaaaagaaa agggagtgcc cagaattcta gacacttgca aaacctgtca     91680
     tcagttggca aaatcagggc cccgtcacag catgaagtaa accacaattc tctctctgtg     91740
     gacaatctga agcagcccca tttcccatac ctgggactag aacaaaaaag atattcctat     91800
     aacatttcta tcttttgaaa agaaacccaa attctcacta cactcttttc aaagttattt     91860
     gagacttagc atactgtaaa aggcacattt gttatattga taccaggctt atgtttgaag     91920
     taatgcattg cacatgagtt ggtttagttt ttactgtaca ataatcactt actccaagag     91980
     aaccaaatgt gctacagaaa ctcttataga cccccaagtc tatagaagct catttattag     92040
     attgaaggcc aaagtttatg ctaagttaac ttttaagaca ataagaaaaa cacttatgtg     92100
     attattcctc aaactagtga ataaattatc agtggcagag acatttttct gaaaaaaaat     92160
     tttttttata tccatcaata aaggttgaag agagaagagg aaggcaaagt ttccttatag     92220
     ataagagcat gtgctactga gtcattaaca gtgaggaagt ctaatttttc tcctctcaaa     92280
     gtaaggcatc aagacactaa aaggtaatat tgtctctaag aatggcttac aacacacctt     92340
     cgtgtaaagt ttctagtgca acctttagac tctgatacat acagatagct ccacaaattt     92400
     acaggattgt tggagaaaat agtcgtgatg acaatcataa agcagccctc cccgggatct     92460
     ccctggagtg tgctcatgtg cagtcagcat tgcacaggga ttttgcagcc atgatgtact     92520
     tttccaggcc cttagaaatt gaccttcaca ttagacatag ggtattacat gttggaagaa     92580
     tatgagtatt tcaggctttg ggagtctgtg ataaatttca atttaagaag ctaaatgttc     92640
     tattttgttt taattgatag gttatacttt gaatcactaa aatcgaagaa gttgaaaatc     92700
     tggttgttat ttgaagtatt cacagtatta aaagactata aataaattgt ctttacccac     92760
     atgtatagga atttttttca ttgtgttttt cttttcttta gctgtctcaa aatttgtatt     92820
     taatctgtgt attccataca acagaacttt gtcctttcag actgggggtt cttcaaaaaa     92880
     aattcagaaa cattttcatg cacaactaga gttcttgcct atgtgaagaa agacactgta     92940
     acatatgaga aattttatag atagtctcat agtattataa aatcatggcc tttactctac     93000
     tcaaataatt agatttcaaa tgtgaacttt tactttactg tttatgacag tgtggacctc     93060
     atttgcagat tggtgatcaa gtctttccaa gtcggaaccg agttgaagta atgagaggtc     93120
     tcaggccaga catgttttac ttaccatgtt tttatattat cccaaaagct agatttgata     93180
     ttatatatta ttattaattt ctcatttgtg actaaattat aaattaaatt tactatgtag     93240
     gaaaaacaca gcatccatca caaaatttgg tacaatgcag ggcttctgat atctcctaga     93300
     cagtgtaata tattcttaaa acccaagagg ctctctttaa gctctcacca tttcttactc     93360
     tcctctctag tcctccttct ctctctcctt ccccccacca cgtgtccatg gccggcctct     93420
     ctccctctct ctaccttctc tcttttccca tgtctttcta caataaagct ccaaaaccat     93480
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagccca agagcaccag catagacatt     93540
     gaactctaca acctactcca actaagtagc ttctgtatag ggttgttctt gataattttc     93600
     cctcttttta attaaaaatt ttgacaattt caaacctgaa tcctgtatgt acaacattct     93660
     caaatctccc tttacccctc tatctcctcc cctgctctcc tcactcttgt tcaaatcatg     93720
     actttcttat ttatttatat ataattgtaa taaaaacaca cacattgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     93780
     ttaaggatga ccctttgaaa tgataacttt ctgatctgac ttataatata aggtagatga     93840
     ctactgaaga gagcaaaaaa tgatctcagg gttcttgttt ctcagaagga aaaggaaaaa     93900
     atacatataa acaactatga attaaaaaaa tatttataat gaggaataac ctgaggctaa     93960
     atatagtttt aaaatctgat atataatgat ttatttacaa ttaatttact cagtgacttt     94020
     ctatttaaaa caagctaaaa tatcaactgt tagtaactga tgcacagtaa agtaaaaatg     94080
     cacagcgtga acattaatag ttgtctttac atttttcgtt atactctctt gatactgcac     94140
     tacaggtaca atacatttca ttctatctta catatatttt tgctgatgtg aagcaatttg     94200
     aacatgtgtg caagttcaca tgtatgaaag catgtgtgta ggttctaggc tgatgttgag     94260
     tgtctttaat tgctctctat ttattgaggc agtgatttgt ttagctgaga gctcaccatt     94320
     tcagcaaccc tagctaggca ggcattccct gtgtccactt cctcagggct aggattatag     94380
     tgattgtaac atgcacctgc cttttattga gtgctggggg ctagatactg attcacacac     94440
     tcgtacaaca aagtctttat agacttgatt atcttcccag ataccaaatc accataagcc     94500
     agagtgagat gtggatcgtc atggggaaag ccatagtgag tgattaaaac atttctgcaa     94560
     taaagaaaga gtgcccagaa cacacatagc attttttact tgctacttgg atataatgtt     94620
     ccaatgaatg atgttatgtg taggaaatgt tgaagaaaat cttagaataa attccaagag     94680
     aaggcatttc caggtaatca tgtaagtatg taggatgtat taggtaatta tctgtataag     94740
     gcttggtaag attccattgt cattagaagt atatgacaat ctttgttctg gattaagatt     94800
     tataatagct actgctaggg taataatgaa tttgatgcaa agcagatttg agtaacaata     94860
     aaccaatcat tgtatctgaa agatctgttg atgtttaggt atacattttc agaattgatt     94920
     ataaaccggt atatatttca tttaaaaaaa aatacagcaa attccctttg aacatatcat     94980
     agccaaatgt taggcaaact agcttaatcc tcaaaaagaa aaaaatcttc acgaattagc     95040
     ctgattttca tttgacctgc taaatgttat catttagtgc agtgacaggc ttaataatac     95100
     atttcttatg gaaaatcaat catagaacat ttttatagaa ctgcattgat tgattggctc     95160
     tctctttccc ttcatatgtg tatctgtgta taagtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg tgcatctgtg     95220
     tgtttatgtt tatgtctgtt tatctgtgtc tgagtgcctg tggatgcaca tgtgactatg     95280
     ctactgtaga aaatttgcta aaattgcttc tctacttcca ctgaacggag cctggcatca     95340
     atctcagatc tttgggatgg gcagcaagaa ccttgatcca ctgattcgtc tctttagcca     95400
     taaacccact cttaactttc tactaaatgt atttcaaaag ctaacctgtt tttaaaacaa     95460
     ttaaaaacct ctttaaagga aactgaaatt atgcatattt tcaattctat tatgaaatgg     95520
     ttgttcactt ctaatttcct tggactactt atttattggt ttctgggttt ttaaaataac     95580
     tttaataagg gtttatttga aatcagtaat atgtccttct tgaaatcagt acacaacctt     95640
     aggagttggt ttatacttta aaacccataa tttttacagc agtgtgcagg ccattaaatt     95700
     gacaatttcc attttgtgca caattctcaa cttaatttcc aattttacct atttgtacta     95760
     agcttctagt ccatacacat tatgacggac taaaaatata tttgtaagtt tgtgaattca     95820
     ctttccacag taggtcaaaa tgaattgttt tattgattag agggtgtgtt attttttaac     95880
     tcaacctact atttttcaaa acaatggaaa cagtcaatat tcagacagac atttacttac     95940
     atttctgttt gacattataa gttaacatca atcgtttgac tgtccttact ttcctatttt     96000
     tactatgact aggtatataa aaaagtcccc tggaggttta ccttagaccc tgttatggtt     96060
     tcagctggat gatgttggga aaagaatctc tctactttct tccgtatcat taataatgac     96120
     aataacataa caaatacaat agaaacaaac gtagaaaaat ggtcatcacc aagaatgcta     96180
     tatgagtatc acatgctatt agtgctaata ccatgacatt ttaaatatat aaacaaacat     96240
     atttatgact atataaataa agtaaataaa aattataaat tttatgaata tttgtacaga     96300
     atttacatta ttattatagg aatatcttct attaatttcc aagttaattt caattattat     96360
     atgtacttgt tgcttgattt tcctattgag ttgattattt ctaaaatatt tatttagtat     96420
     tccaatttat ctatgtttaa tatttagtca gttatactta tgtttatact tgttttttcc     96480
     tgaattactc ctgtcatata tatatataca tacatatata tatacatata taattttttt     96540
     attagatatt ttcgtcattt acttttcaaa tgctatctca aaagtcccat ataccctccc     96600
     cccaccctgt tcccctaccc actcattccc acttcttggc cctggcgttc ccctgtactg     96660
     gggcatataa agtttacaag acctaggggc ctcttttccc aatgatggcc aactaggaca     96720
     tcttttgcta catattcagc tagagacacg agctctggtg gtactggtta gttcattttg     96780
     ttgttccacc tacagggttg cagctccttg ggtaatttct ttagtgcctc cattgggggc     96840
     actgtgttcc attctatagg tgactgtgag catccactat tttctttctt ttttttttat     96900
     ttttatttaa acaagttttt tttttattag atattttctt catttacaat tcaactgcta     96960
     tccggaaagt cccttatata accccccccc cgccctgctc tccaacccac ccactcccac     97020
     ttcctggtcc tggtattcca ctgtattggg gcacataatc ttcccaggac caagggcttc     97080
     tcctcccatt gatgacctaa taggccatct tctgctacat atgcagctag agacacaagc     97140
     tcagggggta ctggttagtt catattattg ttactcctat acagttacag acaccttcag     97200
     ctccttggat actttctcta gctcttccat tgggggccct gtgctacatc caatagatga     97260
     ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt atttgccagg cactggcata gcctcacaag tgacagttat     97320
     ataagggtca tgtcagcaaa atcttgctgg catgtgcaat agtgtttgcg tttggtggtt     97380
     gattatggta tggatccctg aatggggcag tctctgaatg gtccatcctt ccgtctcagc     97440
     tccaaacttt gactctgtaa ctccttacat gggtattttg ttcccctttt taaggaggga     97500
     caaagtatcc acactttagt cttccttctt cctgagtttc atgaattttg caaattgtat     97560
     ctcgggtagt ctaagtttct gggctaatgt ccacttatca gtgcgcgcat atcatgtgag     97620
     ttcttttgag attgggttac ctcactcagg atgatatcct ccagatccat ccatttacct     97680
     aagaatttca taaattcatt gtttttaata gctgagtagt actacattgt gtaaatgtat     97740
     cacattttct gtatccattc ctctgttgag ggacatctgg gttctttcca gcttctggct     97800
     attataaata aggctgctat gaacatagtg gatcatgtgt tcttattgac aggtagaata     97860
     tcttctggat atatgcccaa gagtggtatt gctggatcct cctgtaattc tgtgaacaat     97920
     tttctgagat actgccagac tgatttctgg attggttgta gaaggttgca atacaaccag     97980
     caatgtaggt gtgttcctct ttctccacat cctcaccagc atctgctgtc acctgaattt     98040
     ttgatcttag ccattctgac tggtgttagg taaaaatctc agggttgttt tgatttgtat     98100
     ttccctgatg attaaggatg ttgaacattt tttcaggtgc ttctcagcca tttggtattc     98160
     ctcagttgag aattcttttt ttaacactgt gccccatttt ttaatggaat tatttgattt     98220
     tctggagttc agcttcttga gttctttgta catattggat attagtctcc tatcaaattt     98280
     aggattggta aaaatccatt cccaatctgt tggtggcctt tttttttttt aaatttttat     98340
     taggtatctt cctcatttac atttccaatg ctatcccaaa agtcccccac acccacccac     98400
     ccccactccc ctccccaccc actccccttt tttggctctg gctttcccct gtactggggc     98460
     atataaagct tgcaagtcca atgggcctct ctttccagtg atggccgact aggtcatctt     98520
     ttgatacata tgcagctaga gacaagagct ctggggtact ggttagttca tattgttgtt     98580
     ccacctatag ggttgcagtt ccctttagct ccttgggtat gttctctagc tcctccattg     98640
     ggggccctgt gatccatcca atagctgact gtgggcatcc acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc     98700
     ccgggcatag tctcacaaga gacagctata tttgggtcct ttcagcaaaa tcttgctagt     98760
     gtatgcaatg gtgtcagtgt ttggaagctg attatggaat ggatccctag atactgcaat     98820
     cattagatgc tccatccttt tgtcacagct ccaaattttg tctctgtaac tccttccatg     98880
     ggtgttttgt cttattgaca gtgtcttttg ccttatagaa gctttgcggt tttatgaggt     98940
     cccatttgtc aattctcaat cttacaacac aagccattgc tgttctattc aggaatattt     99000
     tccctgtgcc catatctttg agacttttcc ctactttctc ccctataagt ttcagtgtct     99060
     gtggttttat gtggagttcc ttgatccact tagatttgag cttagtacaa ggagataaga     99120
     aaggaaaaat tcacattctt ctacatgata actgccagtt aaaccaggac catttgttga     99180
     aaatgttgtc ttttttctac tgaatggttt tagctccttc gtcaaagatc aagtgtccat     99240
     agttgtgtgg gttcatttct gggtcttcaa ttctattcca ttgatatacc tgtctggtgc     99300
     tataccagga ccatgcagtt tttaccacaa ttgctctgta gtacagctta aggtcaggca     99360
     tggtgattta ttattgagaa tattttttgc tatcttaggt ttctaactct gtgaagaatt     99420
     gagttggaat tttgatgggg attgcattga atctgtacat tgctttcagt aagaaggcca     99480
     tttttactat cttctttgat ttctttcttc agggacttga agttcttatc ataccggtct     99540
     ttcaattcct tagagtcata ccaaggtatt ttatattatt tgtgactgtt gtgaagggtg     99600
     ttgtttccct aatttcattc tttctttttc ttttcttttt tttctttttt cttttttttt     99660
     tatgagacag ggtttctctg aatagcccag gctgtcctgg aactcacatt gtagaccagg     99720
     ctggcctcaa actcagaaat ccacttgctt ctgccaccca agtgctagaa ttaaaggtgt     99780
     gcaccaccac cacctggcgt ttccctaatt tctttctcag cctgtttatc ctttatgtag     99840
     agaaaggcct ttgatttttt ttttgagtta attttatatc cagctactgc actgaagctg     99900
     tttatcagat ttaggagttc tctggtggaa tttttagggt cacttatata tacgatccta     99960
     tcatcagcaa atagtgattt ttgacttctt cctttccaat tcatatccct ttgacctcct    100020
     ttgttgtcta atttctctgg ttagcacttc aagtactgta ttgaataggt aggggaaagg    100080
     tgggcagcct tatctagtcc ctggttttag tgggattgct tccagcttct ctccatttac    100140
     tttgatgttg gctacttgtt tgctgtagat tgcttttatt atgtttaggt atgagcctta    100200
     aattcctgat ctttccaaga cttttatcat gaatgggtgt tggattttgt caaatgcttt    100260
     ctcagtatct aatgagatga tcatgtggtt tttgtctttg agtttgttta tatagtagat    100320
     tatgttgatg aatttctcta tattgaacca tccctgcatc cctggaatga agcctacttg    100380
     atcatgatgg atgattgttt tgatgtgttt ttggattcag tttgcgaaga ttctattgag    100440
     tattattgca ttgatgttca taagggaaat tggtctgcag ttctcatttt ttgtttggtt    100500
     tttatgtggt ttaggtgtta ttgtatttgt atctttatag aataaattgg gtagagtact    100560
     ttctgtttct attttgtgga attgtttgag gagaatggga attaggtctt ctttgaaggt    100620
     ctgagagaac tctgcactaa atctatctgg ttctgttttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    100680
     tgtttgtttt gttgttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt gggagactat caatgactgc    100740
     ttctatttca ttaggggata taggactgtt taggtcatta atctgatcct gatttaactt    100800
     tgttcctgta tctgtctaga aaattgtcca tttcatccag gttttccagt tttgttgagt    100860
     atagcctttt gtagtaggat ctgatgatgt tttgaattta ctgaggttct cttgttatgt    100920
     ctcctttcca tttctgattt tttaattaga atactggccc tgtgccctct aggtagtcca    100980
     accaagggtt tatctatctt gttgattttc tcaaagaacc agctcctggt ttggttattt    101040
     ctttgaatat ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ccacttgatt gatttcagcc ctgagtttat    101100
     ttcctgcctt ctactcctct ttttgttcta gagcttttag gtgtgctgtc aagcatctag    101160
     tgtatgcttt gtctagtttc tttttggaag cactcatagc tatgagtttt ccttttaggt    101220
     ctgccttcat tgtgttccat aagattgggt gtgttgtggc ttcattttca ttaaactcta    101280
     aaaagtcttt aatttctttc tttatttctt ccttgcccaa ggtatcattg agtagagtgt    101340
     tcttcagctt ccatgtgaat tttggctttc tattatttat gttgttactg aagatcagcc    101400
     ttagtccatg atgatctgat agattcatgg gacaatttca atatttttgt atttattgag    101460
     gcctgttttg tgaccaatta tatggtcaat tttggagaag gtaccacgag gtgctgagaa    101520
     aaatgtatat cctttttgtg ttaggataaa atgttctgta catatctgtt aaatccattt    101580
     ctttaataac ttctgttagt tttaatgtgt ctctttttag tttctgtttc caggaactgt    101640
     ccaatgatga gagtctggtc ttgaagtctt ccactattat tgtgtgaggt gcaatgtgtg    101700
     ctttgagctt tactaaagtg taatgatgaa tatggctgcc cttacatttg gagcatagat    101760
     attcagaatt gagagttcat cttggaggat tttatctttg ataagtatga agtgcctctc    101820
     cttgtctttt ttgataactt tggggtgaat ttgatttcat tccatattaa aatggttaat    101880
     ccagtttgtt tcctcagacc atttgattgg aaaattgttt ccagcctttt aaactgaggt    101940
     agtatatgtc tttatccctg agtagggttt tctgtaagca tcaagaagtt gggtcctgtt    102000
     tatgtagcca gtctgtttgt ctatgtcttt ttattggtga attgagttca ttgatattaa    102060
     gagatattaa gaaaaagtaa tgattgtttc ctgttagttt tgttgttgga ggtggggttt    102120
     tgttcttgca gctgacttct tttaggtttg ttgaaggatt actttcttgc tttttctagg    102180
     gcataatttc tgtccttgtt ttggactttt ccctttatta tcatttgaag ggctgaattc    102240
     gttgaatgat actgtgtgaa tttggttttc tcatagaata ccttggtttc tccatctatg    102300
     gtaattgaga gtttttctgg gtatagtagc ctaggctggc atttgttttc tcttagggtc    102360
     agtataacat ttgtctagga gcttctggct ttcataatct ctggtgtgaa gtctggtgta    102420
     attctgatag gcctgccttt acatgttact tgaccttttt cccttactgc ttttaatatt    102480
     ctgtctttat ttagtgcatt tgttgttctg attattatgt gttgggagga atttcttttc    102540
     tggtccatct atttcgagtc ctacaggctt cttgtatgtt catgggcatc tctttctgta    102600
     ggttagggaa gtttcttcta taattttgtt gaagatattt actggtcctt taagttgaaa    102660
     atcttcattc tcatctattc ctattatctg tatttttggt cttctccttg tgtcctggat    102720
     ttcctggatg ttttgaattt acttcaaaat tctctgacac cattatgaga tatgatttta    102780
     aaactgagtc ttgcttttcg ggtgtgttgg ggtatccagg atgtgctgtg gtgggcgtac    102840
     tgtgttcttg tgttgcccag tggttttggt ttctgttaat atgattcttt tgtttgcctt    102900
     tcaccatctg gtaatctctg gtgtgatgtt ctagctgtct ctggctggag cttgttcctt    102960
     ctgtgattct gttagcctct gtcagcactc ctgggagtct aactctcacc tgagtcccag    103020
     tgtcagagct ctctttgcag gcaagctctt ctcttgcagg gaaggtgtcc agaagtctgg    103080
     agctccgatc cacatcctga gtcctggggt cagactcctc cctggaggct gactctcctc    103140
     tggcaaggaa ggtgcccagg catctgtgtc ttagctctgt cttctggatg aggatgaagg    103200
     ccagaaggga ccctatccaa gaagctctgt tgcttctgcc acccacatgc tctccagtga    103260
     tcccaaggtc ctggatgtgc tagtgggcct gttgagtgga gagccctttg gggaccttgg    103320
     gaccctctgc tgagtttgtg ctgaagatga tgtgcggttg gtcctgaact gaaagattcc    103380
     cagcctctgg tcgggtgggg ttcatttgtc cctgttcctg ctggcacaag accctcaggg    103440
     attctttgga actgatgttg tgttccactc acaggttatc ccaaggtcct gtgtgtggta    103500
     tgcagcctgt ggtgtggata gtcctctggg gaccttggga ccctctgacc tttatctatt    103560
     ttcatttgtt ttattttaca ttcaattaat tacacctgaa tacaactttt cattgaagat    103620
     gtatgataaa ttagacaaaa tattaataca attatgcagg ggactacata aatatatttg    103680
     ttttgtgtta aaatatttaa cacttatgga aaatgttaat ccaacctacc tgtgatagtt    103740
     atgtttaatt atcagtttgg ccttaccttg gaagagagtc tcagtgagga attatttgca    103800
     ttggattagc ctgctgttgg catgccagta aggaattttc ttagttcagt taatagaggt    103860
     gggaagaccc aatcaaatgt gttggcatca tttcacaaac tgggttttat attgtatcct    103920
     ttattgtgta gaaagggggt gaggcatagt cagctgatgt gcattcatta ctctctgctt    103980
     ttgactgtgg ttgtaatttg ctgcttaagt tcctgctttg atttcagcac aataattagc    104040
     tgctagttgg aaatgcagcc aaatcaatcc ttcctccctt aaagttgctt cctgtcaagg    104100
     tgtttcatga cagaaacaga aattaaactt gaacactatg taagtgaaag atattaaata    104160
     ttgtactata agttctaaat gtgtatcatt atcattatca tcattgtagt cattgtcatt    104220
     actgttattt aattttttga gacagggttt ttcaatgtag tcctgactat tctggaactt    104280
     actatgaaga ccaggctggc ctcgaaccca gagaaatcca cctacctctg cctcataagt    104340
     gttgggatta aaggcttgca ccatcatgcc tgacaaaata tgtattattc ttaagaatct    104400
     cattttgtgc gtcagtcatg tgttacaaaa gcattacttt tcaggtggaa caggctaagt    104460
     aaaggtgcag ccttcattgc tgatttcctt acatcattta agtctatttg agaaggttaa    104520
     aattatggtt gctttacact gaaactaaca acaaatacct gaaataaagc tttaacattc    104580
     atgtgaacat gcatgaacac aaatgcatgc aaacacctgt acaacagtat tctataaaag    104640
     aactgaattc ctgaccaatg tgtgatgtat attgccctga tatgaagtag tgaaacactt    104700
     tgaagccatt tagttacata ttataaaact ctgtgatcat tttgagcata tgttgatctc    104760
     atatgatcta cagagactca ttatggtgaa caacatatca cgaaccaacc cccaacatgt    104820
     aaatgcattt aaaattgtag tcaaagactt agtcaacaaa gaaatttgaa cattacagtg    104880
     ctaagcccat tgataagaac agaagataga ctgtaggtat acggcaagtt aaataaacca    104940
     ctgtagttta tttgataaac cttgtgatca tagtaatcat agtatgatta acagaagaga    105000
     taaatggtat gtaatgcagt cccatgggat aagtaaaaca ctggatatga acagaataaa    105060
     tcaaagctat accaaactgg gagacaaatt ttactgaatc ctgggaaaaa cagaaactat    105120
     gtttagagcc aagaatagca taacgttcca ggtaactcag gattcaaatg gataaaagat    105180
     aagaaatcag cctttatgta tacctcagac aaatttggct tcaatccaaa attaaatagt    105240
     acacaaatat atgtgtaggt ctttatgaga ttggaagtaa atcattttgg aaagaacaaa    105300
     gcgtgaggca ggaaaagcag tgaagagtaa gcatattagt tttcacagaa gttgacggtt    105360
     ctcagagtaa gattgttttg gtggggtgga aaagaaaagt tgcctttgca tgatgaagac    105420
     ttattatttt aaaactggag acaagagaaa cattcagggc aatagcccag cttctggctt    105480
     gaacatttgg gtaaatgtca gccattacta atatacagac aagtgcagac aaataaagga    105540
     aaaataagac aagagattct attcaggact agacagattc attgaaattt tgccagcatc    105600
     tgtccaacga atagtcacaa gagatttgag tacttctgtt ggcagtgagg ctttaatatg    105660
     gaggaaagta attggaccac atgggactgt aaacagtaat aggaatgaac tacactgggt    105720
     taccaagatg tgcctggcat cagctttcaa ttgccaaagc aattgaagta aaagaagacg    105780
     atatgctaga cttagtgaag atgttcactt ctcttggatt caactgtcat accagaaaat    105840
     agctgaccta ttgtcctctt cctgcaatta cggaacaaat gcattatata aagtaaacac    105900
     ttaccaaaaa tgtctctgtt gcttgagctt tgacacaggc ccagtgatgg caacatctcc    105960
     tggtaagaga cagacttgcc atgatttggc aatagcatgc aatggaagat cacatctctg    106020
     tgtattgtta gaaagaatat gatcctatat tttttcataa tatattttat gaatatttat    106080
     tgcatatctt gctagtttct ctgcaatgtt ctaggcactg gaaatagcat agtgaatgaa    106140
     tgaaatagat aacattccta acatcctgaa gacagatgat cagcaaatat ggaagctagt    106200
     gataaatatt gtcactatcc aatgcagtat tagcaattag aaaatgaaga ggattccagc    106260
     aagtaaaaac ggggatatgt gaggtaagat agagagtgca gtctgtaagt gtagtcattc    106320
     aggaaagcct ctttgataaa gagacgtttg atccaagtaa agactgatgg agagggccat    106380
     gtgtgcgcca tgaaatcact tcaggcggtt acctacaagt acagggcctt gttagctcct    106440
     cagcaaggga taacaaggta aacagataaa agaaaaattg ccattaaaca acttgcacct    106500
     tagtaggaaa gtaagtaaga ttaaaagaag gcatctatat gaagaaaaag ttacaatatt    106560
     tcctctcaca taagtgattg tgggaaaaaa ggaggaacaa aatatctaag aattaagaac    106620
     agaagcaaaa attgtcaccc acatgtcatc catttccaag gacacagcaa atggacagtc    106680
     atctactttt tgtgcatacg cttagtttta gttaagacca catgcgaaaa atgtgccctt    106740
     gagagcacag ctggtttcct gcataatcca aatagctgtc tttgaaatca aagagctttg    106800
     gtgtagacaa aaacagtcta gggaaagcat ctgttttctt cttttctttc tttctttctt    106860
     tctttttttt tcctgcactt tatttcctgt gtggctaatg taaccctcca acaagtactt    106920
     cccctatgta ttactgagaa gataataaaa gtgctcagca tacaaatggt atacacgaaa    106980
     gaaaacaaaa cattgttgtt gcagcagtaa taaatagtac catggagcta agaactgaaa    107040
     aacacctagt tgtactccta aatcgcatga tatatttgaa agttgagggt aagagctcag    107100
     gtgaccagaa tgacagccag ttcagaaaat tagtagttct tttgtgcaaa gatttgcagc    107160
     tgatttcaca gctaagtgcc tgtctcccaa acatcagttt gtctatgtat agcaatagca    107220
     gctgcaaact aaagaatcct tatagaatgt gtggcaagga agctttgtta aaaaataggg    107280
     ttttcactgg cacctgcaca tggaccataa ttagtgtcta ccatcatcat caaatatgag    107340
     gcaacaatat actgtgtgca tagtgctgtc ctcattttca aggcaaatat gatacttctg    107400
     tcgtctttgc ttttctgata gatcacacag aggaagtttt tcttggttct gttgcagtat    107460
     acttgaggcc acacagttac ttccaggtta attcaatcga cgtttcccct tctgtcttat    107520
     tgtgagtcag gcccatgtta ttaaggaaac agttcgaaat gtggatgtca ttgaataggt    107580
     gagaaaatta aaaatgaact ctaacttcac cttggtttag tcgtagccac acaactactc    107640
     tcttaagctg agagttcttt acgcatacaa atagcctcaa aggaatcaag atatatcgca    107700
     gtctctcatt aatttgttgc agaaatattc cctttctttg acaactcttg tgatgctgaa    107760
     actacaaatt ttcagactta ctgcagtaat tatatgccac attaatactt tgtcattagt    107820
     catttaacat taacataatt aaattatatt ttatgcctct agatgtcatt aagaacttca    107880
     tttgtttgct cacaatatca atactaatga caaatgaaaa ataggtgtta ggtgtaaaat    107940
     cagtggcata gtaagcagag actttacaca aatgaatcat ttttcttatt ttcaaaacaa    108000
     catgttggat gtgtgagaag aagagaaagt tctcagttta aaataacatt tgctctttcc    108060
     ctgactgcac caaatctttc cctattcctt ccatctctat tcctgttctt gccacagggg    108120
     aaaatcaaag aagcctgtat taattgctgt acagatgaat gaacaagcaa ggcgaggtgt    108180
     ttcaagtcat cttgtggcag aagtctttgt tgcagacaat gtttgcatct ttgggcaaac    108240
     tcccttctga catatgcact tctaagacat atttcacagc cttgtccttg agcttctctc    108300
     ccacctctaa tccagacaat ggtctttcta gactagttta cctgtagaat ttcttcactg    108360
     attacccttg tacttttcct tgtatttcaa agtctgaaat ctgtaggtaa tagtggtgaa    108420
     cctatatgtg tataaatatt tttatgaaga caaagagtta atatctacac ctttataggt    108480
     atacatggca acttaaaaaa atgtatactg catccgaaca cagagtaaaa aaactatact    108540
     taagtctatc ttcacatcat ctccctatca tcttcacagg gctttaagga ttcttctccc    108600
     cccccctaca aattaataaa gtatctagaa tgctattaaa tatgaagaat gactatttca    108660
     gaatataaaa tgttagtaca aatattctat ttttaaattt ctttgatatg tacattttaa    108720
     tataataaac tttgaaaatc tggttttgcg tgcaaatgtt ttggtcaact aaattttggt    108780
     aagaaattat atgtagcaaa ctgtatgaca ttaataattt atgtgtgctc acattgtaca    108840
     catgcttaca attattaaac attaagtgtc ctaaagagac atgttttaca ttgatgcaca    108900
     cagattcctt gtgaatgtca gacatgctat acaagaaaat cctaccttgc cttcaaggtg    108960
     aaagtgcagt ggtagataaa agcaagaccg aactagatga gaagacttat tctgacagca    109020
     aaccgcaagc taaggacatg tgatcaaagt gtcctgaagg ttaggagagg attcagagag    109080
     gagttagttc taaactccaa gtatgagaaa tataaactgt ttggagatgg ggaaagtgga    109140
     tagaaaatgg ctaatcaacg aggattgagg agcaacttaa aacttcaggc atggcaggca    109200
     atttgagtcc ttgaggaaaa aagaattctt caggttaggt aaaatgccag aatatttctt    109260
     ctaggacatg gcaggatatc atcacgtccc taagcaaaat accacttgga tttatcaggg    109320
     gctttcaaac aagggataca aattggatgc aaggttgata tttaatattt taatattaat    109380
     ttttatattt atgtgatatt taagagttca gttattacta cgagaatgaa ataagtttga    109440
     ctactgaagt ctgtggaatt tagcttcagg actttaaaga atgtcatcca gccaagaagt    109500
     cagtagagca gaaaagcaag agaaacaaaa gaacaaaatt cccatggtta tgaagattaa    109560
     aggcatcatg acagcaatag tatcctctaa gcagtagtat ctgttcctta caagttacaa    109620
     aagaaacagt tgagtatact gttcagacaa aaacaaaaca aaaacaaaaa cagcaacact    109680
     tttttttttc aaatgatata tactgtaagt agcaagaaga tgccactacc cctacttcag    109740
     cctcaaatat ccttcgatcc aagtttggca gaagagagca gattcagtca agatgaccag    109800
     agtcaagctt ggctttgtga cagtatctgt agactactgc aacacataag agaactggtt    109860
     gcaaataggt tagaaatttg gtagaaataa aactctttaa ttggacccgt aaaagtaata    109920
     tagtaagcga aatactcaaa tgcctgagaa gcagagtttt atgcatgcaa gtctactgtg    109980
     catagatact atatatttat ggtagtcgaa gaagaactgc aaattaaggt aagatctgtt    110040
     tcaggtctgt ttaactagct aaggtaagac aagtttcttt gtcgacctta gtctccagat    110100
     gccacattta tttatattct gtgacagaac agtccaggga taatacttct tactattgtt    110160
     aatagaaaca gaggtgcaat atcatcaaaa atttcatata acatgatagc cactcactgc    110220
     atctgacttt taagtcttga aatggggctt gtgtgctgaa aaattggaat atataaatat    110280
     tatttcattt taattaaatt agaaaacttg atactcagtg tagaccacag aagtctttat    110340
     gaaatgtgtt aggaaacata ttagaaatac actggacaac aatcttgtgt ctggaacagt    110400
     ttaagtacct gaatatgcct tttcaagtat aattttaata aatctgtaat cttcaattct    110460
     aacttttaaa agtaattcaa tttatacatg ctgtagtaaa taaatgcaca tcatttaaaa    110520
     atatttaaaa taaaaagaat ttaaaatctt aaattaatac tgctaatgtt atgtattaag    110580
     cataaatact aaatattacc atgttttctt atcatgtgag cagataatta ttataatttt    110640
     atacattctc tctctctcag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatgat    110700
     gcataggcac ttccttccac taatgtgcat tcaaaacaga aagatatagt ctagtctgct    110760
     ctgtcattat ctacctaatt cttttgaaca agttctctta ctaaacattg agctagatag    110820
     cagctagcaa gcccagcaag gctcctgtca ttgtcccctc ctgttattgt cttctacagc    110880
     atttaagtta gaggcctgtg atcacacctg gctttttatg taggtgttag ggtttggcac    110940
     tcagggactc atgattgtaa ggccattact cttacctgct gagtcatttc tccaggctcc    111000
     agttttgttt tcttttctgt gtttacttaa aaattaataa tatgtctttt cttttttata    111060
     tagacaaaat agatgcccac actggaaatc ttttctcata caggacacat agccaactat    111120
     ttttacgtca agccttcttc tgaaaagttt ttgatattga agaaaattaa gacaatacat    111180
     aatttttcta ggaagaaatg ctaagtgtcc tccccataca cattgtcata aaatgccagt    111240
     gtctacaatc tctaaaggag aaaagagaca agccaacctt ctcatttaaa gaggaagtaa    111300
     tgaacaccaa agacaaaaaa aaaagtacac attcacatag caaaagaact gataaaactg    111360
     atttgtaagt taactcgtgt aatttaaata tttattcttg aatggattgt ggttctttaa    111420
     taactgtgcc attattagaa ctgaacgtta cccaatatat gattttcttt taatatcttg    111480
     aaaaggtcat aaagattagt ctccatctag ccttgacagg gaaataaatt ccaatttacc    111540
     aatgtgcgac tataacgaag gttctgaaaa aaagtcttat ttattttgta tactttgcat    111600
     ttttgaatat tttaatcaaa taaaccttag aaagtttgtg aattaagctt tatcttccta    111660
     tctcaattga ttcaaataca taactcagaa ctgtggcttc tatgcagtca gtcccggtta    111720
     ttcccttttg ctcacatgct agcttcccag aaattctcca tcagactcag ttattttatt    111780
     ttgggacatg aatggttgcc acttaaaaca gtaagtaatc tagtaatatt agaagatacc    111840
     ctcaaagagt ctcactagca acaccaaaca tgagctgaac aagagcaaca gtagacatgc    111900
     taaagtagac aagcccagag gactcaaacc tacacataca caacaaagca aatcaaaaca    111960
     acaacaacaa aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaac taccatcaac taaagaatgc taagagttgg    112020
     agaaatattc ttccttaggg aagagcatac aaattggtta tctaaaacca agtaggttat    112080
     atttaggggt attcatgcaa tagaaattaa tgtaaaaatg aggtcatgaa tttgaaaaag    112140
     tgtaagaaga ggcattttgg aagattagga gagagaaaag catagggtga aatgatgtgt    112200
     cattatagtc tcaaaataag agaaataagt gaaaaaacat taagtcctac atcacaaata    112260
     ttctcataca aaaaactcag atcctatgga tattaagttt gaccaaatgc aattagcttc    112320
     ttaaaataaa taacaaaaat aagtaacttt ttaaaccaga gaatatgacc tagataactg    112380
     agtaagagaa ataacaaaaa ggggaattca agtttgagct tgctaaaggc aggaagactg    112440
     aggccatcat ggaatctgag gatgtcggct ttttcagttg tacagaaatg gtatggatcc    112500
     aagatgtgtg gaaatattgc atttccctgt caccttaaca ttaaagagag ttaacggtat    112560
     agtcactatg gaaaaatgca gtataacaat ttttgtgtac tgcaaggacc aggagaagaa    112620
     tattctaaat atggaaagct gcaaaaggat attcactaat tgaaaactga tggcacaatt    112680
     attgaaaaat gatgacttga tggcttttca gtatagatag actaagtctt tgaacaagaa    112740
     aagtcttgtg tcctggtatc tacaggtcat actatagatt agtctgaaaa atcaaacaaa    112800
     caaaaccaat caaccaataa aaaataaata aaataaaaac acaaaaacag tttgcaaagg    112860
     aaactagatt tggaataaca aagtcctagg ttgactgaat taaaggactt gatcatgagg    112920
     catactggcc ctatggaaaa cagtaaagtc agaactgtaa cagccattgg tgttagttgg    112980
     gtggtgaatg cttatcatcc cagcagtagg gaactgaaga tcaccatttc aaacttagcc    113040
     ctcactacat aatcagttca aagttaacct agtatacttg agaccctgtc tcagaaaact    113100
     gaaaaacaaa atagtaactt aaatgtgcag tttttggaaa actttgctcc tagaagggac    113160
     ggatatgatt ttgcatgaga ttcactcctg aaattgacag caatatctat ccaattctgt    113220
     tggtattctg cttcagaatg gaatcatgac ggctaaaatt ttagaagaat gatggagcaa    113280
     gataaagaaa gacactccag atttaatatg tccaagattc acgtggattt acaatcatga    113340
     gcttttataa tgaaaacgag agtccaagtt tggagtcaaa atactgttca aaagcacgta    113400
     aatgggcagg gtcccttttg gtttgcccct ctacctgcac ctatggcaga tctgcttgcc    113460
     tgctcccaaa cctacagcca tgcctgtctc ccaggaggtc tgccctaacc aggggcacag    113520
     gtgagatctc tgccccaata ctcacaacac ctgggaccac ccacagagcc caattgacat    113580
     aggatctgcc ctgccctgcg agggccttat agttcttcta ctgtgcaact ctacctgcac    113640
     ccatggcaga tgcatgtgcc tgctccccaa ctacatacct ctgcttgctt cccagaaaga    113700
     ctgctttaac cagggacaca gaaggcctac tctaaacaga gacagccctg cctgactccg    113760
     ggaggcctca tctctaacac gctcataaaa ctctaccaag gctctgagga ggcctgctca    113820
     aatctgagac acccaggcca gttaacacca gtgataacca gaaggtgaaa ggcaagcaca    113880
     agaacataag caacagaagc caatgtaatt ggggaccatc agaactggct tctcctaagc    113940
     attagcacac aagattctga ctcaaaaccc catctcatga agatgataga ggcctttaag    114000
     gggaatataa ataattccct taaagaaata caggaaaata cagaaaaaga ggtagaagac    114060
     cttaaagggg aaaacaatta aatcccttaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaagca ggtaaataga    114120
     gtcaaacagg tgaaggaact aaaaaataat ggtctaagac ctataatcag aaagaaaaag    114180
     aagaagaaga agaagaagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag    114240
     aaggagaagg agaaggagaa ggagaaggag aaggagaagg agaaggagaa ggagaaggag    114300
     aaggagaaat cacaaatgga ggtaagcctg aagatgaaaa cctcagaaag agaacaggaa    114360
     ttacagatac aagcatcacc aacagaatat aagagacaga agagagaatc tcaggcacag    114420
     aagataccat agaaaaaaat tgacacattg gtcaaagaaa ataaaaagtg tatcaagctc    114480
     ctaacccaaa atatccagga aattccatat acaatgaaaa gatcaaaact aagaagaggg    114540
     ggaagattcc cagttctaag ggccagaaaa catctacaaa tgtcatgagc cataatggga    114600
     caagctaata actataaaac tgaggtggcc tgcttcggat tattatataa tctgtgacac    114660
     aggttcacag gtaaaccctc attaagcaag gctatgagtg actcatttta ggaaagattc    114720
     ctgtggacca ggggcttggg tcccttccag ttggtgccaa ctctgagcca ctttggactc    114780
     gaagtctgta gacggtccca tggttcccag aggactctcc acactgcagg cactctagca    114840
     cacttaggat cttaggatca ttggtgagtg gaatgcaaca tctgttccaa aacaatcgtg    114900
     aaaacaaaca aaaaaagaag ctaagtgtgg tagcccacac ctttaattcc aacagtcggg    114960
     aggtagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtatacaaag tgagttccag    115020
     gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaaa caccaaaacc aaaaccaaaa    115080
     ccaaaaccaa aaccaaaacc aaaaccaaaa ccaaaacaat cgtgttgggc agggacgcag    115140
     aagcgctgcc tgaccagcag ctcgggttcc cttctggtct gtgctggtat accttgttat    115200
     caaacacagc agacagcgca atggtcccca gaggagacac cacttccagg atcttaggat    115260
     tccaggatac caggaacttg gtcacataag gatctgaggg tctcagaggc ttgactgcca    115320
     aggactctga cacacccaga atctcaggtt cataggatcc caaaatcaca ggatcacaaa    115380
     gaaagctgga ctctgaagag tgctgagtca accagaatta caggaaggac aggcttcaac    115440
     cagatgtatt gagggcagca agtacttgag ataattagat ggcaggaggc aagcataaga    115500
     acagaatcaa cagaaaccaa ggttacttgg catcatcaga actaaactct cccatcttag    115560
     caagtcctgc atacaccatc acaccagaaa agcaagatat ggatataaag tcacttctta    115620
     tgatgatgat ggaggatttt aagaagaaaa taaataactc ccttaaagaa atacaggaga    115680
     aaacatccaa tcaggtgaaa gaattgaaca aaaccatcca gaatctgaaa aaggaagcag    115740
     aaacagtaaa gaaagcataa agggagacca ttctgaaaac aggaaaccaa aaaaagaagt    115800
     caggtgccaa ggatgcaagc ataactaaaa gaatacaaga gatagaagag agaatgacag    115860
     gtgcagaaga taccatagaa aacatggaca caactgtcaa agaagatgaa aaatgcaaaa    115920
     acatcctaac ttaaaacatt cagaaatcca tgacctaatg agaagaccag acataaggat    115980
     aataggcata gacaagaagg aaaatttcca acttaaaggg ccaatcttca aaaaaattat    116040
     agaaaaaact tccccaacct aaagaaagaa atgcccatta acatacagga agtctacaga    116100
     actccaaata gtttggacca gaaaagaaat tcctcgcatc acataataat caaaacaccc    116160
     aatgcgcaaa acaaagaaag aatattaaaa gcagtaaggg aaaaatgtca agtaaaatat    116220
     aaaggcagac ctatcagaat tacaactgac ttctcaccag agactatgaa agccagaaga    116280
     tcctgggaag gtgtcataca gaccctacaa gtatacaagt accagtaaag gctaatataa    116340
     ccagcaaaac tctgatttac tatagatgga gaatggatgt ttccatgaca caaccaaatt    116400
     tacacaatat ctttccacaa atccagccct tcagaggaaa attaagggaa aacttcaaca    116460
     caatgggggg agggggagca agaaattaat ctttctacaa atctaaagaa gatagccaca    116520
     tgaacagaat ctcaactcta acaacaaaaa taacaggaag caacaatgac ttttccttaa    116580
     tgtctcttaa tatcaatgga ctcaattccc caataaaaag acatagacta acaaactggc    116640
     tacacaaaca ggacccaaat ttttgctgct tacaggaaac caacctcagg gacaaaggca    116700
     gacacaacct tagaataaaa ggctggaaaa caattttcca agcaaatggt cccaagaaac    116760
     aagctagagt aatcattcta atatcaaata aaattgactt tcaaactaaa gtatcaaaaa    116820
     agataaggag ggacacttct tactcatcaa aggtaaaatt taccaagatg actcttgatt    116880
     ctgaacatct atgcttcaaa tgcaagggaa tccacattta ttaaagaaat gttgctgaaa    116940
     ctcaaagcac acattacact tcacacaata atagtgggag acttcaacac cccactctca    117000
     ttaatggaca gatcctggaa acagaaatta aatggaaacc cattgaaact aacagaagtt    117060
     atgaaataaa tggatgtaac agatatctat agaaaattta tcctaaaaca aaagactgta    117120
     ccttcttctt agcatgtcat agtgcagtct ccaatattgg ccatataatc gggcaccaaa    117180
     caggcctcag cagatagaaa aatattaaaa taatcccatg caccctgtca gatcaccatg    117240
     gactaaagct gatcttcaat accaacataa ataatagaaa acccaaatac acgtggaagc    117300
     tgaacaacag tctactcaat gataacttgg ttaaggaaga aataaagaaa gaaattaaat    117360
     actttttaca gtttaatgat aatgatgcca cataacatac ccaaacttat aggacacaat    117420
     gaaggcagtc ataagaggga aactcatagc actgagtgct accaaaaaca aacaaacaaa    117480
     caaacaaaaa ccaaaccaaa acaaaaacaa aacacaaaca aacaaaagac tagagaggca    117540
     tacggtagca gcttgacagc gcacctaaaa gcaaaagaaa caaaaggaag caaattcatc    117600
     caagcagagt acatggcagg aaataatcaa actcagggct gaaatcaatc aagtggaagt    117660
     aaaaagaatt atacaaagaa ccaacaaaac caggagctga ttttttgaaa aaaatcaaca    117720
     agctagataa acccttagcc agactaacta gagggcacag ggacagtatc ttaattaaca    117780
     aaatcagaaa tgaaaaggga gacatcccaa cagaacttga ggaaattcaa gacatcatca    117840
     gatcttacta caaaagtcta tactcaacaa aactggaaaa cctggatgaa atggacaatt    117900
     ttctagacag ataccaggta ccaaagttaa atcaggatca gattaattat ctaaacagtc    117960
     ccttatgctc taaagaaata aaagcagtca ttaataatct cccacaataa aaaaaaaaaa    118020
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagccc aggaccagat gggtttagtg cagagttcta tcagatcttc    118080
     aaagaagacc taattctaat tctcctcaaa ctacttcaca aaataaaaac agaaggtact    118140
     ctacccaatt cattctgtaa tgccacaatt accctgatag ctaaactaca caaagaccca    118200
     accaaaaaag agaacttcag accaactttc attatgaata tcgatgcaaa aatactcagt    118260
     aaaattcttg caaactgaat ccaagaacac atcaaaatga taatccatca tgatcaagta    118320
     tgcttcattc tagggatgca aggatggttc agtgtacaga aatccactaa cataatccac    118380
     tatataagaa aactcaaaga caaaaaccac ataatcatct cattagatgc tgagaaagca    118440
     ttcgacaaag tccaacaccc cttcatggta aaagtcttgg aaagatcagg aattcaaagc    118500
     ccatacctaa tacataataa aagcaatata tagcatacca gtagccaaca ccaaactaaa    118560
     tggtgagaaa cttgaagaaa tcccactaaa accaggtact aaacaagcct gcctactctc    118620
     tccctaccta ctcaatatag tacctgaaga tctagccaga gaaattagat gacaaaagga    118680
     gagcaaaggg atacaaattg gaaaaaagtc aaaatatcac tatttgcaga tgatatgatt    118740
     gtatatataa gtgtccctaa aaattccacc agagaactcc taaacctgat aaacaatttc    118800
     agtgcagtag caggatataa aattaaacaa gtcaatggcc tttctctaca caaacaataa    118860
     acaggctgag aaagaaatta gggaagcaac acccttcaca atagtcacaa ataatataaa    118920
     ataccttggt gtgactctaa ctaaggaagt gaaagatctg tatgataaaa acttcaagta    118980
     tgtgaagaaa taaatctaag aatctcctat gctcatggat tggcagaatt aatatagtca    119040
     aaatggttat cttgctgaaa gcaatataca aattcaatgc aatccccatg aaaatttcaa    119100
     ctcatacctt cacagagtta gaaggggcaa tttgcaaatt caactggaat aacaaaaatc    119160
     ttaggatagc aaaaactctt cccaacaata aaagaacctc tggtggaatc acaatcccta    119220
     acctaaagca gtactacaga gcaactgtga aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca acaacaacaa    119280
     caacaacaaa actgcatggt actggtacaa tgacagacag gtagatccat ggaacagaat    119340
     tgaatttcca gaaatgaacc catctactga tggtcacttg atctttgaca aaggtgctaa    119400
     aacaatccag tggaaagaag acagcatctt caacaaatgg tgctggctca actggctgtt    119460
     atcatgtaga agaatgcaaa ttgatccttt cttatctcct tgtacaaagc tcaagtgtaa    119520
     gtggatcaaa gacctccaca taaaagtaga gacactgaaa cttatagagg agaaagtagg    119580
     gaaaagcctc gaagatatgg gctcagtgga aagattcctt aataccaatg gcttgtcctg    119640
     taagatcaag aatcaataaa tgtgacctca taaaattgca aagcttctgt aaggaaaagg    119700
     acactgtcaa caagactaaa aggcaaccaa cagattggga aaagatctct ttatcaatcc    119760
     taaatctgat agggggctaa tatccaatat atataaagaa ctctagaagt tggactccag    119820
     aaaactaagt aaccctatta aaaaatgtgg tgcacagata aacaaagaat tttcaactga    119880
     ggaatactga atggctaaga agcaccttta aaaaaatgtt caatatcctt aatcattaga    119940
     gtaatgcaaa tcaaaacaac cctgaaattt cacctcaaac caatcagaat ggctaagttc    120000
     aaaaattcag gtgacagcag atgctggtga ggatgtgggt aaagagggac actcctcctt    120060
     tgttggtggg attgcaagct ggtacaacca ctctcgaaat cagtctgtcg gttcctcaga    120120
     aaattagacg tagcattaac agaagatcca gcaatatttc tcctgggcat atacccagaa    120180
     gatgttccaa cttgtaataa ggacacatgc ttcactatgt taatagcagt cttatttata    120240
     atagccagaa gctactataa atagcgagaa agaacccagg tgtccctcaa cagaggaata    120300
     ggtacagaaa atgtgatata tttacacaag ggagtactac tcagcaatta aaaactatga    120360
     attcatgaaa ttcttaggca aacggataca tctggaggat atcatcctga gtgtggtaac    120420
     ccaatcacaa aagaacacac atgatatgca ctcactgata agcagatatt agcccagaga    120480
     cttagaatat ccaagataca atttgcaaaa cgcatgaact caagaagaat gaagaccaaa    120540
     gtgtgtatac ttcactcctt cttagaatgg gaaacaaaat acctatagaa ggagatacag    120600
     agacaaattt agagctgaga cagaaggaaa gaccatccag agactgcccc acccggggat    120660
     ccatcccaca accaccaaac ccagactcta ttgcatatgc ctgaaaaatt ttgctgatag    120720
     gaccctgaca taggtctctc ttgtgagtct ttgccaatgc ctggcaaata cagaagtgga    120780
     tgctcaaagc catctattgg aaggaacaca gggcccctaa tgaaggagct atgaatgtgc    120840
     ccaaggagtt aaaggggtct gtaaccctat aggaggatca acaatatgaa gtagccagta    120900
     tcactcatag ctgtgtctct agttgcatat gtagaagagg atgacctagt cggccatcaa    120960
     tgagaggaga ggctcttggt attgcgaaga tcatatgccc agtacagggg aatgccaagg    121020
     ccaggaagca tgagtgggtg ggttggagaa cagggcgggg ggagtgtata gggggttttg    121080
     gggataggat ttgaaatgta aatgaagaac atatctaatt ttaaaaaagg aaaaataaaa    121140
     ataatatgtt ctccttaata aaacagacct taaagagaga gaaatagaga gagactatga    121200
     aattgagagg aaagagttgg gggatgagga caaattggaa gagaggaaat cgtatcaaat    121260
     ttattttaac aatattaaat ataacataaa attaaaatac atggaatgta tgatctatta    121320
     atatatgtaa atctgttaat atcaagcaaa tatggttaat ctgcaaagca aaagttgatc    121380
     tcttcattta agttcatgct gatccacatc ctcttgcaaa tactcaagct tttgagtatt    121440
     tctgtctttc taatgtacct tgattttgtg ctagagactc tcctagattg ctctatttct    121500
     acattcatgc catattagta tacctcttgt ccatgtcttt tatggtcagg aatctacaag    121560
     ggtttttctt catgagagac acatcattag ataggatgtg ttaatttcaa attaagacta    121620
     ttttgaaggt tacatgtgat aactgaattt tttgatagta ctatttagca aattaaaagg    121680
     aacaggattg tggatctcaa aaagtaagca acagtttgca ctgaagagat atcctttgag    121740
     aatgagagta gacttagcag ctgctctcct tcctgaatta gacctaactt cttagcaatg    121800
     tttgcatggc aaattcctct ccatctacat ctcagtctga taaaattttc tctttcgatg    121860
     gaaatgttgt tggcctctga gtcaaaagca ttgaagcaaa atcttggtta tggattgcaa    121920
     tggaatttgc attaaagtat aacttagtaa catattgcta aatattacac acacaggcct    121980
     ttatataaat acatattttt atatattgaa tttgatgatc tgaactattc actttgcagt    122040
     ggtatcaaaa gttaatcacc cgatgttcct cctatataag tgaaacttaa gttttacttt    122100
     tgctaccaca ttgtaattga aatattacac tatcatgagc tcactctgcc ccaattactg    122160
     ttatatatac actgcctaat atcttcaaat gtatttgtat acatacaaac acattcacat    122220
     tctaccacca acacatactt ttagttactc tgatttcttt tttcctacaa cttatatata    122280
     gatattcatt tagtcattaa tgatggaaag gcatttggta aatctcttct ctttagtaca    122340
     aacagtactt ctgtaggaat tttttttcta gagcaccttt gaagtcctaa tgctggaaaa    122400
     attaaaaaat gttgcttatt tttattttat gagaatgagt attttcctgt gtgcacctgt    122460
     gtgcatgtgc acctgtgtgc acctgtgtgc atgtgcacct gtgtgcacct gtgtgcatgt    122520
     gcacctgtgt gcacctgtgt gcatatgcac catgttaggc agtacctgag caggccagga    122580
     aagggcaggg tatccttgta actagagttc tcagtgcttg tgaacttcca cgtggaatcc    122640
     taacttttga aagggcagca agtagtctta acagtgaacc aatctctctg gtcccatcaa    122700
     atttgcatat gaagtgatta tagctatatg taggcatgta tccattcctc tttaatgctt    122760
     ctagcatata atttccttgt tacatattat attacaaaaa gaacaatctc tattttattt    122820
     actaataaac ttactggata aagacttatg tttgatgaac actgcagacc ttacccttaa    122880
     ggtgttaaat atattaaagt aagttccagt tggggagagg tatgccaact gagggaaaat    122940
     ttttaagtca gtcatgatag ctgcttctga gttttctatt aaaaaatcaa ctaaaggggg    123000
     aggtctttaa gtgccaagca acacagtaaa ttgtcctttg attcctagat atgttccttt    123060
     gctttgtcaa taagcagatg atttaagtaa ttaaaatttt atggaattca aaatgtgtag    123120
     aagattttag tgaaggactt aaaggtgtca caaaaatcat atagaagttg ggtttttttc    123180
     ccatataaat aaatgttaat aggggaagca acttttttcc ccaggaattt actacaagtt    123240
     cccattaatt caaaactaat tgcttgaaag tagaatacta tccaaaccat gtgccattaa    123300
     ttgagttcct gagcttcaga tacggtggaa attttatgaa tgtgaattct atgcctttca    123360
     gctactttaa aagtatatac actaaaggtc ctttgtagtg ctttataaat gttcttcatg    123420
     cagaaattcc cttttttgca caggcagtgc actttcaatc ctacagatcg ctgaggactg    123480
     agatgacaca gttggcttcc atgtgtaagt gagccatctc taagcctagt gcttctgtgg    123540
     tcttcattat tatggcacag cttcttcctt taatcagcat tgggttcatt tttagaggaa    123600
     tgcaaatttg cttgagattg tcacatgatg atacttgaag aggccttcat tttcttgtta    123660
     acctgagagg taggttttct ttgaagcttc aatttcaagt agtaaattgt tttgagagtc    123720
     atataggcat ggcagcaata catatatctt aactgaaaat aagtaataat tatttttaat    123780
     ctatatatat tttctaattt cttggaaaag agaagtccca tggttttact cagtgactga    123840
     attttgatac acccagcatt tcttcacaga gctactgtgg tctccttaag tgcacccttt    123900
     gacttttttt ttaactagat attttcctta tttatatttc aaatgttatt cccttttctg    123960
     gtttcccctc tgaagacccc ctaccccata cccctcacca acccacacac tcctgcttca    124020
     tggccctggc attcccctat actatggcat agaatcttca caggaccaag ggtctctcct    124080
     cccattgatg acaaactagg ccatcctctg ctacatatgc agctagagcc atgagtccca    124140
     ccttggcttt tctttggttg atggtttagt cccagggagc tctggggata ttggttagtt    124200
     catattgttg ttcctcctat ggggctgcaa acctctccag ctccttgcac cctttcacta    124260
     tttttttttt tttttttaga ttttaaaaaa attctcatta aaaaaaaaat tcaaagtcat    124320
     tctcagctac tcaggaaact ggaagccaga ctaggttgtt aaagattttg tctcagaaaa    124380
     taacaaaatc caacaaaaga atcacacttt tttttcttaa caatttttta attaggtatt    124440
     ttcttcattt acatttcaaa ttctatccca aaagtcccct ataccctccc cccgccctgc    124500
     tcccctaccc acccactcct gcttcctggt cctggcgttc ccctgtactg gggcatataa    124560
     agtttgcaag acgagggacc tctcttccca gtgatggcca actaggccat ggaaggcatc    124620
     ctaggcagat gggattatat atcttctaat cgccgttttg tttttgtttt ttgtttttct    124680
     ttttatgaga aaataaatga gactaactaa attaaattta aaaattaatc tctctatctc    124740
     ttttacacca gaattattca tacacatacc atccattttt gcaaaataca cgattgattt    124800
     aaaactctct tgaaacagtc atccattggg tatgaaaaga atcaaatatt atatatctat    124860
     atctatatat gcatgtattt ttaaatcata atttaaataa tttcaaaata tctaactact    124920
     tggtagaaaa ataacatctg cagtattaac tatttaattc cacatatatt gtcactctaa    124980
     gctttgtaaa ccttgcaggg aattgaaaaa tacacttcaa atataaaaca caacttcaaa    125040
     tttgttatat ttacaaaggt tctcagtaca ttaaaagggc ctgaaagcat attaaaagct    125100
     aaataattct atacataaat ctccaagtta aaatttgata ttacaaagtt atgttaaaca    125160
     tattttatag gatatatttg tattaaaatt ataaattatg acaagtattt caattacatt    125220
     gtgatgtttt acgtagtttc cttttattta aatgttaaaa tttttaataa ttttaagaac    125280
     acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcagatgg atttctgagt tcgagaccag    125340
     cctgggctac aaagtgagtt ccagggcagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa    125400
     aaaaacaaaa aaacaaaaac aaacaaacag aaacaaaaac aaaaaaaaag aagaatataa    125460
     acttgaaata atcatagtag agtttttttg caagatgaat atgagaatgt ggtaatttat    125520
     aaaacatcac cttgttctaa ttgatatgat tcctagtgag tggatataaa cctaccagga    125580
     gtcctctaga aacgaagaat aaagaatact agtctctttt gtaaaagaag gaagagtttt    125640
     tcttcatgac atgaacttaa atagttgttc agtttggcct tacacattgc taactacagt    125700
     gagtaagcca cagaaccagc cagaatggaa tattctcctt tacatattca cacatgccgt    125760
     tacttcagag tatagcatag tatagacact ttgtttcagt atcattaggc ttatgattat    125820
     tattttcaat aaactatatt tacatcattc ctctccttgt tttcctggac tgagaagcct    125880
     agtccttccc ttttcctaac ctgtcctatg ctttccccac tcatcaaatt ggtggtttca    125940
     tttatcatta tcatcaccat tatcatcact atcatcacca ttgttgttat tacatatacc    126000
     taataattca tatacaaatt caacctcctg aattcattta gtgttgtctg tatgtatgat    126060
     ttcatgactg acaactttgt tttggataat aacttaggag tctcagacct tggagagaca    126120
     ggtctctctt tcactctctc agtagttatt agttgcctgt agttctttgc ctgtgggtga    126180
     aattttccct ttttgtgcaa gaatttctac tagtgttatt gttcagatct catttaggta    126240
     accatattta ctttttcatt gttttgccca agggtctcaa tgctattctt tcatttaatc    126300
     ctttgtattg tactttcaaa ctagcacaat ggcagagtag gtcatactat acagtgagat    126360
     aggtaaggta tattgacttc ataaaaagtt ataaggtggg gcatttatgt agaagcatcc    126420
     atacatgata tggaaaaaaa aagagtgtct ggctgttata tagttgtttc ctccatattg    126480
     agatctgtct ttctagagga aagatggggc tcagaagact tggaaaatta acaaagatac    126540
     tgaatgttat aaaaagtgat aacaccctca acaagatcat aaaaaccata acagttgttg    126600
     ggtagagcag aagctgctaa actgtctgaa ggttatatag gagcattgaa ttctgtagct    126660
     ttcttgtgtt gtcacctata ttgggtaaat tttacagtag tgtaggacat attccattac    126720
     ctatgcttct gtaaggaaac ccagcaaact ccctgcttta caaaggaaga tctgggtgga    126780
     attctttctt tggtttgtca tcagtgcctc agacaaagtg gacagacttt ttttttaatt    126840
     ggatttttta tatttacatt tccaatgtta attcctttcc tggttttccc tctacaaacc    126900
     tcctatccca tccctccatt accctgcttc tataagtgtg ctccccctac ctgcctcact    126960
     gccctaccat tcctcctcta cactggggca tcaagccttc acaggaccaa gggcttcccc    127020
     tcccagtgat gccagataag gtcctttcag ctccttcagt gcttccccta actcctccat    127080
     tggggtcctt gtcttcagtt ctatggttgg ctgggatcat ctgcatctgt atttgtcagg    127140
     atctggcaga gcctctcagg agacagctgt atcaggctcc tgtcagcaag tacttcttgg    127200
     catcagcaat agtgtctggg ttgggttcct gcatgtggga tggaccccca ggtgggaaca    127260
     gacatttctt aatgtctctc ttcctgaaac acttgacata gaactcttga cataaaaaag    127320
     cacggctata gatgcagaga agaggcagtg aacggctcac agaaagtgga taacattctc    127380
     cagaacacgg gtggttgatg tgtgtctagt acattaagat taaagatgta aggatgattt    127440
     aggtagcatt ttctgttgca acaacattaa agagcacaga tcctcatttc attaaatata    127500
     atgcgctttt tttaaaaaaa agatcataga gatggttata acaacattaa agtaaattaa    127560
     attgttgaat tagagaaatt agctatccaa tctgatgtca cataagacaa ttcaatttgg    127620
     ttataatagt gcatgtgaac atactaaaat taaactatta aatggatgtt gctatagact    127680
     aaataagata tttgtagttt tatatcagca taagaaataa gcattggaaa tgatttaatt    127740
     tccaattata gtcacattta gatgaattta ttagtcattt atagcaatcc caggagaagt    127800
     tggattgtgg aaatgacaat aagcttgggg ctagatgaca gatatatata tatatatata    127860
     tatacatata tatatatata tatatgcaac aaaatcataa gtaatttagt tttaagcatg    127920
     atattattat tggcaataca gacttatgat gagctaatcg ttgtttgtgc aaaatgtttt    127980
     caattcatgt tagaagtgga tgtatttatg acagaattgc cagagttgtc tgaatgaaca    128040
     agcttcatca tcacacataa aaaatgttgg agaccatctt cagctagaat catagtcata    128100
     gtaagtaaat gaaatatggt agtctcaagg tgacactttt ctttgtaagt tatctacact    128160
     gttaacccca ttttctcatt aattcacaga aattgtttta ttcctaactt gaagcataaa    128220
     ggcaatgtct aagtgtgtct tctaagagtt aaagatgttc tttgaacttc ttgcagctcc    128280
     cagcccagtt ttatgtgtac agtgttaatc catgacattt tctttccact ttttgaaaaa    128340
     gcctctgtgt aatagaaatg agaagctctt ctcattttat acaccagtct ggcctcgaaa    128400
     taaccaagaa ctgtctgcct ctgcctaaca agtgctacca tgcacggttc aatgactctt    128460
     ttgaataaaa ataacaaata ttcaattcat ttaaactata tccatttgtg aaatgacaaa    128520
     taaattgtag taattaattt taaaaatgca ttttcattat ccacaatcac attgtttgcc    128580
     ttctgttaaa ctttgttttg tactgcctca cactaaatgt taatgttgga taaaaacagt    128640
     gtcaagactc gggggttcag acacgaggat gcatgataaa gatgttttag tgttagtgat    128700
     aactgtatag ttggcgcagc atcatttctt caagcataga agcaaacaga ctcagtcacc    128760
     aggattacct gacatgcttc ccaaacacaa tatgcaccat ttaaagacac tggaatgagc    128820
     atatggctta agggtgggaa tagcctttct ttctctttat acatttttga gtagtatgtg    128880
     taggttcaca tgtaagtatg agtacgtcat cctgtacatg tacatgtgga ggtgagagaa    128940
     caacactatg gaccttcctc tatcactctc cacctcagga gctataatac attattctca    129000
     agaattagca ttagctcatt caactttaaa agaaaacaaa aggattttgt gaacatgctc    129060
     tactggatac agaggcactt aatctattaa gagtgtgcaa gtaagcccac tgctcataat    129120
     catacaagca agagtactga acatcagtga gtcaggaaga aaataaaaga catcaaagta    129180
     aggtggtgtt aattaaggta cacaggaggg tggaattggc tataggagtg taatactgag    129240
     agtaacagag tacactgtat ctctctgtgt gtgtatataa aactttcaaa aataaataaa    129300
     taagcaacat tattcagtaa aaataattta aattatctat ttattccaga ggtgtactat    129360
     ttttttatta gatcttgcat ttactagtct tactcagggc agagagaaga gcagacaaga    129420
     agtttaagag tctacagttt acacatataa tcctgtgttc tgagtttaca tggcattgct    129480
     gaacattatt ctcatgcaat acagctgcac agatgtcaac ttatagtagc tgtctgcttt    129540
     actcattttt aaaataagca gcctgaagaa attactttgc aaaatttcat tatcttctca    129600
     tgtaattcct gaaaaaatga caattggtag ctacaaagaa ccatgtggta ggaaacactt    129660
     ttgcctacag tgcttataaa cagatgaagt taggattttc tcagtctaag caggctgtca    129720
     gctgtgttat cagaatatga aggagaatat gtgcatcaat atgtgatctc agtgtctgta    129780
     tgttgctgag ctatgctgtt tcatagagag atagacagtg tgtgagatac tgaaaatcaa    129840
     ttcaggtttc ctgggatcag tataataaaa ttggaagtag aacatataag cacaaatcct    129900
     gacatgctga gattactttc tgtgatggaa aaacaaaaca tgggtgaaaa tataaattat    129960
     aacatcatac aacacttgta aaacactgaa aactgagttg tgtaataaag catatcttaa    130020
     acctattgtt taaaggacac ctagtgagga aaaaccaacc acacccgtga aggcacagtg    130080
     ctctgactat gtcctcagtg gtggtgaaaa aaggattctg gaaactatca tggaaaatat    130140
     ttaatttttt aaaggctacg gaaaagtttt aatcttaaaa tttaagtata aatatgtcat    130200
     atgatcatga ttccatatct gcacttatct gtgtatgtat ttacacatat aacttataaa    130260
     ctaatttaac tgtataatgg gcaggtagat gtccagagag aaaacgtgag atcactacat    130320
     gagaaaagtt atgcttgtcc agggaaaaga gagtgttgta aagtagaacc ggagctgtga    130380
     aataaaaaga caagaaagag acaatgtgag gctataatga caagaacaac ctgggtattt    130440
     tagtgactac tttaatgtgt tcctgtgata gccactatga aattgacaat acaggaaagt    130500
     aggagagtgt tggggataaa taagctcaaa gtatattatt ttctctcgtg aatgtaaaat    130560
     ggccctctaa tgcagaataa taataaaaat ataataccat aatgatttcc tggatttgta    130620
     gtcaagcata atgatttcct gaatatgtag tgtctgtggt catgacaacc tcacggcagg    130680
     attcagatgc atgtaaccca ggaaaggtat caatactact gctgtcaatt tagaagttat    130740
     attttaagca tctatttaac tgtattggct gactaaaaaa acaacaaaaa aagaatgaat    130800
     aatggcattg taacatatga aaaggagttt ctccttgtta aaggaacaaa ttgaatgtac    130860
     agaataagag gaaaagtatt caaaccatac atatatctga ttaaaacagt tggtgagatg    130920
     gctcagtgtt ttgataccaa acacattact cttcatatcc atttaatatc aatttgattt    130980
     ctaagtatcc aaagccattt aaaattatca ctctactctg tttttctcat cctagtaatt    131040
     tatatcatac cctttaatat aaccattaaa accaaaggag catatctata tgtctgtgtc    131100
     tatttctgtc tatatctttc tttatctcta cataatctag catgtacata tatatgttgt    131160
     ttctctatta tcaatgtata tctatgtata tacatctgta tgaatgtatc tgtatttcta    131220
     tcatctatct gtcatgtatg tatgtatatc tatcatttgt ctatcatcta tgtatatcga    131280
     tgtatttcta tcactatcaa tctatctatt gatctatcat ttgtctatag atagctattt    131340
     ctttacatac agttgtttga tatgaaattc acttcactgt ttagtgcaaa ctacagcata    131400
     agtagagggc tgttgatgta tttctatcac tatcaatcta tctattgatc tatcatttgt    131460
     ctatagatag ctatttcttt acatacagtt gtttgatatg aaattcactt cactgtttag    131520
     tgcaaactac agcataagta gagggctgtt tgtgattttc ttaatatgat ttcttgtata    131580
     aattgggtca tctttatgtg gtatgtgtgt cttgagcagt tctgaataca tgtgactata    131640
     ttttaaactg cccaaaggat ttgacagtat aattagaaaa acattgttgt agatattatt    131700
     gcaggcattt tgtttatata caaataatta ataaatgaag ataaataaag aatatgaaca    131760
     tacccagact ctaatactca gcaggtagcc tttaattaac tcagggagaa acttaaaaca    131820
     tgacttaatc aatcctgatt ttaaagagag agtgaaataa gacattcaca aagaagaaaa    131880
     caaagaaagg aattaaatta atttttggat gaggcacaaa gatgactaga taaaacagtt    131940
     aaaaacagaa agatagccag aataattcag gtaaatacaa tatttatata gatatccttt    132000
     tttataagta actaattgaa agcaaaataa accagcatta gcatcagata ttagtaaatt    132060
     ctatttagta atgcaaattt cacagattca ataataccaa caaaataaac attaactatt    132120
     ttgtgactac tgctttgtga caaacactgc aattcaggtg gataaacact ttacctcata    132180
     ttatcttatt caattaactt atttttgtat gtgttaatga aaagcgatta aatcttccag    132240
     aatatcttgt attctagaat attggactat tcccaaaatc acgaatttgg gccttgaggt    132300
     tgttcagtga gtccaagttc ttgacaccga gcctgaagac cagagtttca tcgcttggat    132360
     ccacattatg ggagaatttc cacatgtcgt cctctgacct ctacatgagt gctatgtcac    132420
     acacataata agtaaatgcc attttaagaa attagaaaag atatcttgat gcaatcaaac    132480
     cattttaata ctttaagaat tgagtgttat tgccatattt cctcctcttc ctctccctct    132540
     cttcccctat catttgagac ttcctattcc attgctttct ttataccagt gatttctaac    132600
     tcttctctgc ccacagcctc tccccattgt tttttcataa ttttctgact tctatgggtt    132660
     ttgcaactga aacacgcccg cacgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    132720
     cacacacaca cacacacacc ttaagggtca atgctatact ccacaatgga gaataaacct    132780
     tcagcttttg tcttttggga gttgagtcat acctcattca aaatgattgt ttcctgtgaa    132840
     gtttaccact gaattttatt atttcatttt tttaacaata ggctaaattt ccattgtcct    132900
     aataaggcat attgttatta ttcattcctc agttgttgaa catctggatc agtgagtaag    132960
     attgaacaga tacctctaga gaaggatatg gagtcctttt ggaatttgtc atattgtaga    133020
     tctatgccca gctttgtgag gaacccccac actgtcagcc atagtggctg taccaatttt    133080
     cactcctcag agaagtgaat aactggtccc ttcttccaca tccacattca tgccagcatt    133140
     ggtcacttgt tggtttgatc ttacccatta tgtttgggta cgataaaaaa tattaaatac    133200
     ttctagtgcg caattttcag atagttatgg atgttgcaaa atatagtttt ttatgttttc    133260
     tagttattac aggaaacaaa tcttgtggaa gtatagttta agatgaagac agaacctacc    133320
     aatacagaca tatagtttag agtgacaaac atgtagttta gagcaatagt cagtatccat    133380
     ataaattaat aaactgtttt tatattaaat taaaaggttt cctttttcta agataaaaaa    133440
     ttttggtcat gaatatattg tcattaatgc atttaaaaac aactaagctt gtgtccaaag    133500
     ttatctcaac atactcagtc tgatttatga atagctgtca ctttctatcc atatagaaaa    133560
     tcattacaat gatataaatt cagatgatgg aaaggcactt gattttgata aattattgaa    133620
     attcactaga ctgaacacct attttctgtc catctgaaga cagagtagaa cttcaagtac    133680
     aacatattta cccatgcaag taagcagaac tgcttcctga tagatagaga taaatcttgt    133740
     tatttatctc cattaaaatg ttttatccac atgaaattta ttaaaggaag cattccaaaa    133800
     tcagatgcta tatctctcaa tgttatgtta atgcagagtg ggattatttg acacaaatga    133860
     cacaataaaa agagtttttc aattgcagtg ataatcttaa tagatttcat tttttctctg    133920
     ttaaaagtaa aattataatt attgtgtgtg tattattatg tgccaatttt tttaagtgta    133980
     gtaaggtttc tacttccagt agtcttcttc cagctcctgg aattttggtt tctatctctt    134040
     tctgtttgaa atcctgtccc taacttggag caagccccac tctctatggt caatataacc    134100
     ttaaaatctt aaatgtctta aatgtctaga atcagagcga ggcggattgg gcaccattta    134160
     gttctttact tgctatgcat aattaaaggc tcggattctt tacatgacat gaaaatagaa    134220
     tcacccagct taagcaggct tagtctaatg ctagtaggta aacaattaca gccatgttag    134280
     ttaaagacta tgggcctcat actatggtct cattagcatc gatcttttat tccttttcat    134340
     gtcttttcac gattattagc caaataccct gatgtttaca tacactaaga tagtttacac    134400
     attcagatgg tgttttttca agtgacgaaa catatttctt gtagaagttc aggagtcagg    134460
     tgaggctaga ggcattcctt ttaaatactt tcaaatgaga taacaaaggt tattgcctaa    134520
     tcctggaaac ttggcctatt ggattgagca tacatttaat gctcaagatt tactataatg    134580
     gatggcctat cataataccc atgcttcaga aggattggag aaaatacaga agtagctcaa    134640
     caatgttgta attctgtcat aatactgaag taattggttt tttaattagc ataactacca    134700
     ggaaatacta tagttgatga tacagttttt gaggggttcg cattttattt attattttat    134760
     tgaatatttt attttctcca tttacatttc aaatgttatc cactttccta ttccccgctc    134820
     cggaaacccc ctatccaacc cccctacccc tgcttctatt agggtgtttc cccacccacc    134880
     cacccactcc caactacccg ctctggcatt cccctacact ggagcatcaa gccttcatag    134940
     gatcaagggc ctctcctctc ataaatgcca acaaggccat actctgctac atgggtcatc    135000
     ccgtgtatac tctctggttg gtggtttagc ccctaggaga tctggggggt atggttggtt    135060
     gatactgctg tttttcctat ggggttgcaa accccttcag ctccttcatt cctttctcta    135120
     actcctcaac tgggtacacc atgctcaata caatggttga ctacaagcat ctacctctgt    135180
     atttgtcagg tactgacaga gcctctcagg aaacagctat atcaggctcc tttcagcaag    135240
     cacttctttg tatccacaga agtgtctggg tttggtgact gtatatagga tggatcccca    135300
     ggtgagacag ccactggatg gcctttactt cagtctctgc tctactcttc atctttgtat    135360
     tccctcctgt gagtattttg ttcttccata taagaaggac ctaagcatcc aaattttggt    135420
     ttttcttctt cttgagcatc atgtggtctg tgaattgtat cttgggtatt cagagcattt    135480
     gggctaatat ccatttatga gtgagtgtgt tcttttgtga ttgagttacc tcattcagga    135540
     tgatattttc tagttctatc catttgccta agactttcat tgttttgggt ttttgttttt    135600
     gtttttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgggttt tttttgatat ttatttacat ttcaaatgtt    135660
     atccactttc ctagttttcc ctctgaaaac ccctatcccc tcccccttct tcctgctcaa    135720
     caaccaacac actcctgctt cctggcccta gcagtcccct acacctgagc atagaacatt    135780
     cacaggacca agggcctctc ctaccattga tgacgcacta ggtcatcctc tgctacatat    135840
     ctccaacaac tagagccatg agtcacatca tgtgctttct ttggttggtg gtctagtccc    135900
     agggagctct gggggtactg gatagttcat attgttgttc ctcctatggg gttgcaaacc    135960
     ccttcagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct cctacattgg ggaccctgtg ctccatccag    136020
     tggatggctg tcagcatcca cttttgtatt tgtcaggcac tggcagagcc tcacaggaga    136080
     cagttatatc aggctcctgt cagcaagaac ttgttgttgg ttccatgtcc tttgctttac    136140
     agaacctttg caattctatg aggtcccact tattgatgtt gatcttggag cacaagccat    136200
     tggttttctg ttcaggatat tttcccctgt gcacatttgt tcaaggctct tccccacttt    136260
     ctcctctatt catttcactg tgtctggttt tatgtgtagg cccttgatcc acttggactt    136320
     gagctttgta caaggagtta tgagtggatt gatttgtatt cttctacaag ctgactgcca    136380
     attgaaccag taccatttat tgaaagtgct gtctcttttc tactggatgg ttttagttcc    136440
     tttgtcaaag atctagtgac catatgtgtg tgggttcatt tctgggtctt cagttctatt    136500
     acatcgatct tcctgcctgt ctctgtgcca ataccgtgca ggtttttatc gtgattgctt    136560
     ggtattatag cttgaggtca gagatgatga ctccaccaga agtcctttca ttattaagca    136620
     tagttttcac tatcctgatt attttgtttt tcaaaatgaa tttgcaaatt gttcttttta    136680
     actctgtgaa gaattgtgtt ggaattttaa tggagattgc attgaatctg tagattgctt    136740
     ttggcaagta ggacattttt actatattaa tgctgccaat cattgagcat gggagatctt    136800
     tccatcttct gagatcttct tcaatttctt tcttcagaaa cttgaggttc ttgtcataca    136860
     ggtatttcac ttgcttagtt atagtcacac caagatattt tataatattt gtgactattg    136920
     tcctgagtgt cattttctta atttctttct cggcctcttt ctcctttgat agaggaaggc    136980
     tagtgatttc tttgagttaa ctttatatcc agccattttg ctgatgttgt tcatcaggtg    137040
     taggagttct ctggtggaat ttttgggatc acttaagtat actgtcatat cacctccaaa    137100
     tagtgatatt ttgacttctt tcatttcagt gtgtatccgt ttgacctcct tttgctgtct    137160
     aattgctctg gctaggtttt gagtactata ttgaggaggt agggagagag tgggccttgt    137220
     ctactcccta attttagtgg gattgcttta agtttctctc catttagttt tatgctgact    137280
     cctggtttgc tgtatattgc ttttactatg tttagatatg ggccttgaat tcctgacctt    137340
     tccaagactt ttaccatgaa gggtattgca ttttatctaa tgctttctca gcatctaatg    137400
     agatagtcct gtgggttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt tccctttgaa tttgtttatg    137460
     tagtggatta tattggtgga tttatgtgta ttgaactgtc cctgcatccc tgaaatgaag    137520
     cctacttaat catgatggat gattattttg atgtattctc ggatgtggtt tgtgagaatt    137580
     ttattcagta attttgcttt gatattcata agggaaattg gtctgaagtt ctcttttttg    137640
     taggtctttg tatggtttag gtataagcat aattgtgact ttctagaaag aattgggtag    137700
     tcttccttct gtttctactt tttggagtag tttcaagagt attggtatta gggcttcttt    137760
     gaaagtctga tagaattctg cactaaaccc atctggacct aagctttttt tggtttggag    137820
     aattttaatg cttgctttta tttctttagg ggttatagga ttgtttaaat ggtttatctg    137880
     accataattt acctttggta gttggtatct gactacaaaa ttgctcattt catccggatt    137940
     tttcaaagtt tttttttttt ttttgagtat atgcatttgt aatcagatct aatgattttt    138000
     tgaaattcct cattttctgt tgtctccctt ttcatttctg attttgttaa tttggatact    138060
     gtctctgtgc cttttcgtta gtctggctac aagtttatct atgttgttga ttttctcaaa    138120
     gaatcagttc ctgcttttgt tgattctttt tatagttcgt tttggtttta cttggttgat    138180
     ttcagtcgtg catttgattt ttttctgctg tctactcctc ttgggtgtat ttgcttcttt    138240
     ttgttctaga gctttcagat gtgttgtcaa gctgctggtg tatgctctct cagttccttc    138300
     ttgaaggcac tcagagctat gagttttcct ttatcattgc tttcattgtg tcccataagt    138360
     ttggttatat tctgccttca ttttcattga attctaaaga gtctccaatt cctctccttt    138420
     tttgttcctt gaccaagtta tctttgagta gagtgctgtt cagcttccat gtgtatgtgg    138480
     gctttctatt gtttttgttg ttatagaaga caagcctttg tctgtggtga tctgattgga    138540
     tgaatgggat tatttcaatc ttcttgtatc tgttgaggcc tgttgtgaca agaggttaag    138600
     agccctgatt gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc ttcaaccaca tggtggctca    138660
     caaccatctg tactgtgatc tgatgccttc ttctgctgtg tttgaagaca gtgacaatgt    138720
     ataattttgc atttattaaa tcaagcctct atctgaatac taacctaaaa aaatagatga    138780
     tataaaatat tcccaaaact ttcactcata agagtatgaa tatacccccc cccttttttg    138840
     ataagtgcaa aagttaaaat caaatttcag acaagtagtt tgtaattagc aagattcttt    138900
     tggaattata tccccaatat tggcaaatta tatttcaaat aatgcctatt tggatgtgaa    138960
     taaattaatt aaaaatgctt ttataaatat ccatttttca ccacaatcaa atgttttgat    139020
     ccttggggta tcattaaaca aaatgaatat tattcaattg aatgtttaga ggttgcacat    139080
     gatagaaaaa aagtcagatc ctcacaaata ttagaaccat gtatgttgaa gtattatttc    139140
     cctacttggt tcttgattgt gtcaataaag acggtgtgag ctaattgttg ggcgaagggg    139200
     aaaaagtggg atttctaggt cccagaagga agagcagggg accagataga gagatgtctt    139260
     tttggccagg ctttggagag aggaggatga acaccatgta atgtctgggg gctactagaa    139320
     ttgggggcag cttctgtcaa tggcagtatt ctgatataag atagctgatg agtttagggc    139380
     aatagattct gcacatagca gttgtgttat ctggctgggt ttaaagtgtt ataactgtct    139440
     ggtgttttcc atccacagaa caaaggtggg tacaaatata tgcacataca tagattttta    139500
     tgctcacctg ctcacacatg cactcacaac tttaatgtag gtttggtaac tcatacatat    139560
     aaatactagc atttggagga taagggagaa tggtcaagac ttcaagacca tactcagcta    139620
     cataaagaat ccaaaggtac tctgggctat atgagattga atcacaaacc gaaatcaaac    139680
     agacaaaaac acttgagcaa aatagatgaa ctttacataa agaattgatg tgatattttt    139740
     tattagttac tctgttcatc tgacatctgc aggagtggga gttcagcata aaatccaatg    139800
     gtaaattttc cttgtaaagg agagatattt ggttttatcc acagtgtgaa tatctttagt    139860
     aaagtgtttg catacaccac ttactaacat tgttatctta tacacttccc cattatgccc    139920
     tgtggctcta atcaaggagg caatttacca tgagagatta tgagcaagtg ctgttgcact    139980
     aatgctgata tcaaaacaga ggagcccctt ctgccatttt ctgtgagcaa aatagtctca    140040
     gcttgggaat tcttatgctc tgatttatca ctatcttttc taagaatgct tagcccattg    140100
     ctgcaactct ttctgtatca gtgcatcttt ctgtaaccga aggacattct tattctttaa    140160
     accttatatt agatttgtta tatcatatct ttcatttcaa agttctactt cagaatgagt    140220
     tgaaaaatta aaactccttt atttgctctt gattatttat ttataattta agatattttt    140280
     attcattaag atgttttaat ttgtttaata tgatttggct aacctggtct gcagttacct    140340
     agacaagaac atataactct tttttttaaa agttaaactt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtggtgtg    140400
     tgtgctcctg cctgtcccac agatccctat ggatgtcagg agaaaatttt cagaagtctt    140460
     tcctcttctt ggggaatcaa acttatgtca tcaaatccaa ggcaagcact attactgagt    140520
     caccctagac ctcttcattc ttatctgtta ccttgctaac ttcctaatgt ttcacatctc    140580
     caaatgatga ctgcatgtct aactgtgtta acatctgcga ctttgtgtct tctagaaaac    140640
     actttttttt ccatttattt ctcataaagg ctagttatag acatggaaaa acatccattt    140700
     taaagggaag cagacctagt tctgatttcc aggtctgctt cttagaaatg aatgtatctg    140760
     gagattttat ttggtcttcc ttagttttct tatatgtaag acatatttaa ggggtgtgta    140820
     atgtaacctc caccagcctg aagcaggctg gtacaaacct tgtagccact gaggtggggc    140880
     cacctgtggt gcagctttct gacttggctg gctccttttt gagatgacaa ctgccctgct    140940
     cttctgctac ctgctgagag gctgaacctg tcttcctgag agattcctga ataagcagcc    141000
     agcctgggga cagaatggct acaggcacca aagtgtaaca ttagtagcaa gacagcttta    141060
     aattggtggc ttaggtttgg agtctttcca acacatagca taaagcaggc caaaaagcta    141120
     ggcctctaaa gatacttcta gttgagataa tatttaatgt gattcttatc ctaaaaggta    141180
     gacttgaaga taagatttaa aacgatgttt ctttaatgaa gcattaaaat ttgcactgtc    141240
     atgcattcct aggtataaat tggcagccaa acttcgtaac ataatagtaa tacttcaaat    141300
     attgatttta aagatgataa attgttttga aagggggttt tgctttccca aggttgtgga    141360
     tattatccta acattgcaaa agaaacttga aaattatggt taaaactgcc agtgttccat    141420
     tgactgcagc ttgcagtttg atcacaaatt taagattttc tactcaccca tatattgtta    141480
     attaagatta ttacaagagc aatcatctta tgagagcact aatacggctc tctgtggcca    141540
     taccacctaa caaagctcag agcagcctca ggcttgtgtg actttctttt gttttgcaaa    141600
     cggtgcctaa ggaagttctt gaaacttgcc tctcctgcct ccaggggact tttcttttag    141660
     ctgaaagaac actgttgcag atctatccaa aggttgttct aaataaagtt caaattcata    141720
     gtttataaag ggtcaatcag actgtagaac ttacaaaggc attacattct ggcttgccta    141780
     cttcatgtaa agttattatt tttatagatt tattattttt attaggttta aaagtttgtt    141840
     tttttccttt gaattctgat cattgtaacg agttttgctt ctaatgaact ggtaatcact    141900
     ggaaaatttt gcctctaggt atggctaata caactttaca ttatgtaaga aaaattttta    141960
     ttgtctctgc ttctatacaa gaagctaaga ttttgaatct ttcagtgtac attgtttcct    142020
     aagttgaaag tattttatta gctaatgcct ctcaagggaa ttttacttca aatctttact    142080
     ctcacacaat gagctttaac ttgtggggag tagctgttgc tccagaaaat attcagaggc    142140
     aatatcttta taatatttag gggtttagtt atactagaaa attgtggtac agaaaatcta    142200
     agaatgaaaa attgatttgc ttcaaaattt tattttcaaa agcttccagg agatgttaat    142260
     tggctaagac ctcactttaa actcacaaca gaggaactta agcctttgtt aggtgctatt    142320
     aagtgagatt caaattaact ggtgagaaac aaaaggcttt acagaaggta gaaaaaaatt    142380
     ctgtgatcaa ttgttatcta ttatgattaa tggtaatcaa atgttagctg cttattttag    142440
     ttagggttat taaatgtgcc cacagcaatt ctttggcaag agaaaacatt attgcaaagt    142500
     catctttctt cacctcctgg ctgaccgttg gcctacgtgg aaggcctgtc atactgtctt    142560
     ggttccatct ctctctctac ccgcctagat tccctctttt ctttcagctc caagatgcct    142620
     cccagactcg aacccggccc caacaactag tgtaatcccc atgtacataa atgcttggca    142680
     ggcttggctg ttgaaagtaa tcacagcact ggggagagag ataaagagga ttccgggatc    142740
     ctggctacac caactaaaac tggtgagctc taggtttctt gtaaagtttg gcatcagtat    142800
     gcaactttta aagtgatgga ggaaaacatc caatggcaat tttatggctt tgcaagcacc    142860
     cgcgctcaca tccacagata tctacgaatg gatatgtata gatgaaaaca cccatcctaa    142920
     caagtatata ccatacacat acatatgcaa taaatgtaat ttttaaattt aaaatacatt    142980
     aggttttatt aaaacctgtc ctctaattta gttaattttt ggaaaaaaaa atcttctaat    143040
     tacaatcagt ctgttatttc atttattttt tacttctgcc ccattcctca cttgaaaata    143100
     aaaatataga aattgaaagg ccaatattcc agtactcaaa tttgatagat attaagaatc    143160
     ggccgtgttt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg tttgtttttt gtttttcttt ttacacagtg    143220
     gtttttactt tccctttttg tatcatctgg agtatttaaa agcagtatcc agattatcca    143280
     gatatatatt atttcttcag gttacacagt aatttacatg aaaattaagc agaaacttca    143340
     caatataagg acaatttctt atgcttcata gtacttttat atctaaaatt aaatgatttc    143400
     atctaatact catcagtgtt catagttttg catgaactta aaagtaatta gttttccctt    143460
     tgtactatct taatcataac taactttagt taggtctcaa taaagagcaa tctacagagg    143520
     gcaacaactt aaactccgat gtgttttaca ctaaatttag ctagtttagc aactccatat    143580
     aatatgattt tatttcactg caaagaggta gtttctccta gtatagggat aagtacaact    143640
     cagtgttttt cttctcacat acctctccaa atctggcagc agcatgtttt attttaaaga    143700
     tgagtattgg caaggtattt aataatattc ttgttttatt ttattactct aaattttttt    143760
     tcattccatt ttaaaactaa catgaacttt tcaaacttat ggtgtttctt attctgtcta    143820
     tcttgcttta atatacaaac ttcttttaca aaaagattta ttttatttta tttttcattg    143880
     tgtgtgagac agtgtgtttg tataaatagg tgcacataaa catatgcttt cttagagaag    143940
     agagaagata tcgtattcct ggagccagat ttacaggctc tttaacttat aggcagagga    144000
     aaggtgagtt ccggaatgaa acttggatcc tctggaaggg cagtattaac tgctgaattt    144060
     ttactcacac attacctatg gaaacacatt atgtacagtc attgtaactc tgacaaacac    144120
     tcagtttgat gtttgacttt gataataaac caatgttttg tattattatg atgtgactct    144180
     tttctctaag gttgcaatga atgaaaactc ccctttaaaa ccctacagtt tccaatgttt    144240
     tgttttattg ttcacttaca ttctttcctg atagcctgcc cccattccat cctgtgagat    144300
     aaacctgaag tggtttgtca agtcctgttt ctcctgaagt ctatagttgt ctttcccaat    144360
     gatcatcagg ttcaatcaag tatctgaatc ttgatcttct gagcagacat tatcctaaga    144420
     actccatgct ctctctcctt ccagacctca atactttttc atatgttcct ttttaaccag    144480
     tcacttttct aagaagcata attgtagcac actttttcta tgacttgtgt ctgatattac    144540
     ccttgtttca tttttatact tcacagatgg atggtttttc tgattgtaat atattaggca    144600
     catagatgtc taggaaaaga tgattcttca tgttcataaa acgtttatta gtctgctatc    144660
     tggcatttac aactgataag caatctggtg ccattttgaa tcttattctt tgtacataac    144720
     ctctattccc ttcttgagct tttagcaact ggtctttacc ctttagtgct acgtgttttc    144780
     taacctttct cctgatactg gacccaatag ctgttcaatt tgaaaactta tatccctgag    144840
     attccaagac tatctgcatg tgattgttct tcaaattaat tttctcattt gtttcttttt    144900
     ttcatttgct tagaaatgta tcaagactcc taaagttact ttctctcacc ctttctagaa    144960
     gtttgttttt tagaaattcc ccttgacttc tgtgtttgga agttgtctta aatggcatag    145020
     agtttttgta gctgcagtga gatattgctc caggatgtgt gcctgggttc actgatgtta    145080
     ctgaggctgt tgctgcttta ataagagcct atccacaaat ggatgtgatt gcaaatatcc    145140
     tgcatagatc caacaaaaat ggatacagaa tatttcttaa gatacatttt gaaagaagaa    145200
     atacatatgg ctaattagta gttcaaacat agttcaatac ttgtatttat caaagaaata    145260
     gaaattaaaa ctatgttgtg attctattcc acaccattga gaatgtcaag catcaaaata    145320
     taaattatag agggtgagac agaagaggga gtgtcagtgg aatagcaaac actaacaatg    145380
     ttggcaaagc catattcaca cctcctattt tgtatgcttc agatacacac gcacacacac    145440
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa cttagtaggt tgcatgtata tatttgtgtg    145500
     tatagatata tgctacttag gaacttatga aaatttagag gatgaaagca atcactcttt    145560
     accttcttaa ctgtaaccac tttgtggacc aaacaatcct tcacagaggc tggagtggtt    145620
     tgaatatgct tggcccaggg agtggcacta ttaggaggta tggccttgtt ggagtagaag    145680
     tgtgtcattg tgggagtggg ctttaagacc atagtcctag gtgcctggaa gccagccttc    145740
     tcctagtggc cttcagatga agatatagaa ctttcagctc ctcctacaca atgcttgcct    145800
     gaatgttgcc ataacccttc cttggtgata atggactgaa cttctaagcc tataagcaat    145860
     ccccagttaa atgttttcct tataagtgtt gccttggtca tggtgtctgt tcacagaagt    145920
     aaagccctaa cagacaagta gcatgtcaga tgtttacatt atgattcata cataacacta    145980
     acaaaattac agttatgaag tagcaatgaa aaaaaaatat aggtgatgag aataccacaa    146040
     cataaggaac tgtattaaag agcctcagtt ttaggaagat tgagaaccac tgtactttcc    146100
     ggagggaata tgaccaattg tattttaatc agagaaaata tcctttatct tttaattgtt    146160
     aaaacactat tttattaatt tatgtgtata tgtatttttg cttatacata tgcctgtaca    146220
     tacaatgtgg aggacaaagt tacctcaaat tattctgtag tcagaacata gtttgaatag    146280
     tggtgaggtg attaatttaa aattaggtca ttaaatgcag gcacaatgta acaagacaag    146340
     tgtccctata aaaaagatca agatacagat aacccagtag atatgcatgt catttatata    146400
     taaatgacag aggttcatta taagtaactg tagaaaattg agctgaattt tagcttatgg    146460
     aattgtagaa agaatctttt attgaagaca ctaaataaat cagtggtact atgtgatgga    146520
     attcttagtg aaggatgctg gtttgacttg aacactgtaa gaaacagatc agaaaaaaca    146580
     cttctttcta gcctggtgtt attttgtggc ccaaatattc tcttgcctat ggaagagtgg    146640
     agaatgagga ggtactagat ttgatatagg taggaactta aaatttacca tcagaccctg    146700
     aatttgtgtg tccagatggt agaacataaa atgatatcac atttcccata agtgtgtatg    146760
     gcttgtgtta catcacacaa ttctttgaag acttaactct gccccaaatt atgaatgcct    146820
     tacttgccag ctctgtttgg atttatttac tataaatggt gtttagatgg tgtttagatc    146880
     cgtggcagag tattttgcct gagatgcatg aagtcctagg ttaaattccc agacaaaagc    146940
     acaaagtaaa accaaccaac caaccaaata caaaacaaca atctattttg tctattctgg    147000
     tctctgttta gcttaagaag tctagtaaac agaaaattta acaatgtctt ctagttagtg    147060
     ctctacagaa agagctgtga agcaacagca aaaagagaca ccaatggtgg aaacaataaa    147120
     ctttagtgcc aagctaatag actttacaat taccttggag atagacttct gagtgtctat    147180
     caggaccatc tcatgtactg gtatccaaac taaatgtaag tgagtaggat tgaatgataa    147240
     actgcgtttt ttgttctgac tacacagtat tacatgacca catgcctcaa gcaccagccg    147300
     ctcaacattg ttagcgtggt gaacagactt cccaaactgg gatagcaaat gaaccctttc    147360
     ctctttaagt tttttttttt tttgtcatgt gttgatcata gcaagaaaaa tgactaatat    147420
     aaaagaccat gatagctagg agaaaaaagt ggtacagttc agtgctttaa gctatactgt    147480
     tgggagggtt agtttctcaa attaaaagtt aatatagcat ctaatttctg aattttatta    147540
     tgcaaagaag ggtagtatta ttttatttag tttctcatta gatgctaata aagttttaga    147600
     tttagtggat aaataaaata cttcattttt actctctctg ctgtaattag ggcagatagt    147660
     ggataagtaa aaagaatcac aaacattata tttactcact gaaagctgca aagcaatggc    147720
     ccgtgagagt aaacataatt attgaccaca gaatataact gaagtataaa aattaaaaac    147780
     tttctaattg aggttataca tgtgtgcaca tgcatatatg ggtggatata agaaataagc    147840
     atagttgtca tttctctggt tcatattgtc catctttaaa atttgtttta gacagaaatt    147900
     ctcgagcata gctggtcagt ttggttggat tggttggtca ataaggacca gggatttgat    147960
     tgtctctact cctgtgcact gagattacaa gtacccacta cattaaaatt ttgcaaatgg    148020
     tctcaggcga cagaacctag gacctcttcc ttgttcaaca aggacatttc tggctagagt    148080
     aagcaattaa aacctgagag tcctactcat atgaaggaaa gctgaattgt gaagatgtat    148140
     ctcaactaag attagtgtga aagaagattc taagacaaga ggagttacca gctaagctgt    148200
     cagaaacagg tttagaccag agtcacctag aaaagacacc cataatcttt ccaaggtgtg    148260
     tccaggctat gcagtgtact tcatttttca cagcttttac acatggtggt gcagctgtct    148320
     tgagttgaag ttaagatttc acatatgttg aataatcatt tatatttagc tacacccctc    148380
     ttatcaaata atattatttt attaatattt tcacaactat tttcaggtgt ctgctattat    148440
     taaaataatt ttattattat aattaaactg ataaaacagc agatagaaat gtttcaaaga    148500
     aatctagaca acataaggaa agttaacagt gatgtttttg ttgttctttt tgcttttaaa    148560
     tgtgtctggg atcttaaaaa ggcacttacc cagttttata aataagaata gtgttcatct    148620
     cttaactttt taaaaaaaat gtgttaaagg aaaatttata gtagtctctc aatcagaata    148680
     agtccatatt acagtgaaaa gagcacactg actgtgaacg ctaggactct gctgtgtcct    148740
     tagagagctt actatggaga cattggaagg ctgtacatcc ccatagctat gtctatgtga    148800
     gccttatata tttattcgct tttatattta tcttaatatg ttggaaatag aatataggac    148860
     tctgtgtgga caaggcatgg ccctaacact gtgcaaaacc aactatcctg tgggtcttta    148920
     gagacaagaa attcctccat atcttagact gagcttgaag tcctgccttg gcacatgact    148980
     gtcactcatg ctcaagagaa atttattaag ctgtttataa cttttttctt ttattgaaaa    149040
     tatattcttt tattatataa tacatattga ttatacttct cttctctcta tttcttcagg    149100
     ttctttctat ctttttttcc attcagattc actccctttc tgtctttcgt tagaaaagaa    149160
     caggcttcta agaaataaaa ccaaatatga aaaataaaat ataaaaagat gaagcaaaaa    149220
     ctaacatatc actgttggtc acatcaaccc aaggaaaaga gtactaagaa caggcacaac    149280
     aatcagagac ccactggttc tcatggtcag gagttccata aaacccctaa tctaaagtta    149340
     tgctcaattt aactctctaa tatgatcaca gttgtatcta aaatatgaat aatatcaact    149400
     gaaagtacaa atatcatcag aaggcatcat gtgaactata cttcaacata aacgggtaga    149460
     ttgtttcatt gaattgttta aaatgaatct aaattttcta tgatgaaatt cttttagact    149520
     ttattttcaa tattattttc tttattttca aaaattacaa agcacaaaca atgattggtt    149580
     tttaaatctg atgaaacctg aattttgaca ctgagatgtt tattattagt aaactcattg    149640
     tccctaatat tttattcaaa taacaatata aatacaattt attcatttaa ctaattccaa    149700
     ctagtttagt atactttcaa tacatttgca tttattgagc actgtcattt tgcgaaaact    149760
     ctgtttgttt gcattttcct aaattgaaac cagtaggtac aatgagtcct acaatgttca    149820
     cccagagttg caaagagtta aactaagagt cattatttaa ctaagagtca ttagttaaat    149880
     aaactattcc tattaaataa atattcttga aacttagaag aggataagat gcattttctg    149940
     tgtctttatt tcatatcctt ggttatttct tattttaaag ataaaatgaa gaggttctac    150000
     tgaaacattg gcatcaaact aaatgtttat tgtgtttcta ctatatgaat gcatggattt    150060
     caaagctaaa aattgtaaaa atgacttgcg tgagacttgg caaatcaaat catatttgga    150120
     aaaagcaaga tgaagagaca atgagctctg acaactcaag aatagacaag ttgaagagat    150180
     ggcaccgtgg ctatgcttgc tggttgctgt gccagaagac taagttctgt tctcagtact    150240
     gacattagac atcttacaaa ggacaataac tctagatttg tggattgtat tcctctgtgg    150300
     cctctagaga tgcccctagg catgtattaa tacacacaga gactctcatg cacacacatg    150360
     agtaaaagct agacataaat ttttgtgcat ataaaaagta gatgtataaa gagatcaagt    150420
     cctccaatgc acagtaaaat gaacaactgt gatgactaga gaggcacagg aagtatatgg    150480
     aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa accaaaacag atcttcaaag aatctgtgaa aaagacaatt    150540
     taacaaaagc tgatctttaa taaaaataca ggttgaattc caaagatatt attataaagc    150600
     aggagaaaat aataagcaga atgatgtaca agacacattc gagtagaaac tcaatggcaa    150660
     agtttgtatt tgaagcatta ctattttatg ctgatcatca tgtttgttca aaagtgaata    150720
     atatgttcta cttcaggaaa tttttattat tattattgag agcaacattt ctttattgga    150780
     ttcagggtag tgtgcactgt ttctttagta aatgtcccaa gtctggaagc ctctattgta    150840
     acacatgatt cccaagcttc tattctgcct ctcaccatta ataacagtat gatttatctg    150900
     ttttcccaac tgcccattag tcaattttct tggtctcctt tactgttcca ttataatgtt    150960
     tccattgttc tttgataaag ctttctttca tacaaacaaa cctagtcatt cacttctcag    151020
     gatgtttact ttagttggga taagaagtag aggtaaccaa tattgtctac caggtgacac    151080
     aatgacacta gcctgtgtgc atataacaaa gacagctaaa tttttataaa gatactaaaa    151140
     ctatatattg tagaaaagat aacatcttca acaaataatg ttagaaaaac tagttatctg    151200
     tatctatatg agtgtcactt gattgttctc tctagcatcc tacacaaaaa tcaactccaa    151260
     atgcattgta aacatcactg taagtcctga aatcctgaaa acagtttagg ataaagtaga    151320
     taaaacattt ccagatataa gcagaggcaa ggatgtgcta aataagacat tagttactta    151380
     ataaataact ccaacaacaa acaaagtggt tttctcatgt tcagaagttt ctggagagga    151440
     gaggaaatga tcaagtgggg agactgctta gatggcagaa gatagcagga gacaggcact    151500
     tttcaactat actgcatcaa tacttaaaac atacaaagtc tttaaaaaaa tccaaattat    151560
     cactaaatca tgctactcta tcaataaatg ggctaactac ataaaccaat attgttgaaa    151620
     actgaacttc aagtggtcga taagttttga gaaaaaaaat cttcaacctt actagttatc    151680
     attaaatgta gattaaaatt acattgtgga tctatctcat cctggtcaga atggtagtca    151740
     ttaattatac aagaaacaca tggtgtccag gtgaacaaat gtgaactttt atctactgtt    151800
     cgtggaaatg taaattagcc cagccaccat ggaaataaaa atggaagttc ctcaaatata    151860
     ctacaaagag atctaccatg tgactcagct acggcattcc tgggttttta cccaaatgaa    151920
     cctaagttgg catatcataa agatatttga attgttagtt tccataacta atttatagaa    151980
     ctagctatta tgtctctcaa tagaggatga ataacggaaa tacaacagaa tataagccat    152040
     aagactgaag gaagccatgt ctttcatagg cacatggatg tatttggaga aaaaccagtc    152100
     tcagaaaaag caatacgttt gcagtggcta ttcctggtgt caacttgacg acattgggaa    152160
     ggaactacaa tctagaattg gaaggcccac cagtagccct tatctggagg cctggagata    152220
     gaagtttctg atctggatct tggtatggag atcttgaggc atagtggcta tggattccag    152280
     aagattaaat ctcagagttc aaggtcatct gggattaaag gtgtggtgga acacaccttt    152340
     aatctgggct acaccttctg ctggagacga tataaggaca ttggaaaaag ggagtcttgc    152400
     tcttgctcct tcgcctgctt gctgtgtgag attgagtaac tgctagatac ttggacttcc    152460
     gttcacagct atgactgaac cattgttggg aattgggctg cagactgtaa gtcatcaata    152520
     aattccttta ttcataaatt ctgtgactct agagaccctt actaatacaa cgtttcctct    152580
     caattctgga tcacctattt tgtgttcata aaattgtgtg tgtctgtgtc tgtgtgtgtg    152640
     taaaaagtag aagccaagct gtttaggaga ctagttgtgg ggtgagtaaa ggagggatag    152700
     tgctgttaat ttattttggt gttgatctga tgaaataact taaaaaagaa aagttaattt    152760
     gggtatttat tgttcaaggc atggtccaca acacaggaga actgaggcag caggagtttg    152820
     gtgcagctga tcacagtgca tccatattag caaacagagc actgaacaca tgctgctact    152880
     tagattatgt actccatctt acacaaccca gaatctgttg ccacggaata gacccaccta    152940
     cacatgatat gagttctctt acattttctc tgacagctcc atctcccagg caatcctaga    153000
     tcaatttgac ataataatac tagccattgc agaaagtata agaagagtaa gagagtgtgc    153060
     taaatgtaca acatacttgt gtgaaaatgt ccattcataa aacattacca tatataatga    153120
     atataccccc aaattctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    153180
     tctatctatc tataggtaca tatctttaga agacattgtt caccataaaa atatattgtc    153240
     atttttcttt tctctattac ttttaatgtt tattcttttt tgcttgaatg attttgctct    153300
     ttatcaatat catacgtgca tataatgcat tctgattatc atttcctcta tcttcttttg    153360
     tttctttcca ctcctatcaa cattttctca tccccacctg tctgttcctg gattcataat    153420
     atttttaaaa tataaaatat gtagttgatt tttcccaaca gaatttagac tctccagtgt    153480
     tgccatataa ttagggcttc ctgggcattc aagattcttt tacagccaat catagttaaa    153540
     ttgctcttta tgacacttca tgataaagta gtgttttctt ttgccataaa aaaatatgtc    153600
     cacgtgccat agtgttctta aatcatgagt tactaaacct cagtgttgat tattctgagt    153660
     gctgtgttca cctcactttg agacttctct gttcttggaa gatatagaac tgcaaagcgc    153720
     actatggcat tttccatact ctagtgtgca tgtacttgtt ttctctttac ttatgtctct    153780
     tactagactt caaatatcaa aacagcacag cacttatgtg agtttttttt ttcatgttag    153840
     ctaatgttat gatacacagt caactcagct ggtaagtagt ataaaaaatt gtactgagga    153900
     atgtagatgt cttgatatga ttcatgatac attatagaca tatttcttag agaaaaatca    153960
     gtacaactaa aaaaacattc cttttagcat aagtacaata ttacatttaa taaagcttct    154020
     atgaagaaaa tgattcttta caggtgatag gtttagtggg gtgcctttgt taataaaatg    154080
     aaatacatca caactaatta tgcattcaca tctatacctt tcagagcagc aaagcctaca    154140
     tttgtatctg actctattaa aagttattta gatttacaga acatattttc aaatgtttga    154200
     ttttactcag aacaacaagg aacataagaa atctgagcca agcatcactt ttgtagattt    154260
     cttcttaaat gatctaaatt ctttattatc tgcagttaag attaagattt taaaaattaa    154320
     catcagtttg aattcatata ttggtgattt tttttctgtt aaaataacta gaatgtcaag    154380
     aaactgataa ctatgggaca ctattaaaac atagttcact gaaggaaatt tggaaggcag    154440
     aatggtcaca acagatatgg ttaattccat tgtagtcaaa tgcagttaaa ggggccacct    154500
     acttatctcc aaatttttaa cccagaattg cccctgtcta aggcaaatat ggggacaaag    154560
     tgtggaacag agactgaagg aaaggccatc cagagactgc cctacctggg gatccatccc    154620
     atatacagac accaaaccca gacactattg ttaatgccaa gaagcacttg ctgacaggag    154680
     cctgctgtat tctaagaggc tttgccagaa catgacaaat acagatgtgg atgcttgcag    154740
     ccaaccattg gtctgtgcat ggggacccca agagaggagt tagggaaagg actgaaggaa    154800
     ctgaaggggt ttgcaaccca atagaaagaa caatatcaat taaccagacc tcccacgccc    154860
     tgccaaagct cccaggaact aaactaccaa ccaaagagta cacatggagg gacccatggt    154920
     tccagctaca tatgtagcag agtatggcct tatctggcat caataggtgg ataggccctt    154980
     ggtcctgaga aggctggatg ccccagtgta gagaaatgcc agagtgggga tgtgggagtg    155040
     ggaaggtgag agtgagtggg tggggagaat cctcataaaa gcaggaggag gggggatgga    155100
     aaaagggatt tgcagaggga aaactgggaa atacaaataa ataaaatatc atcatcatca    155160
     caataataat aataataata ataataatga taataataat aataataaac tggacattta    155220
     tagtaaggaa tcctgctttc catgtctcca gtctcagggt gttccttaca aacagctcaa    155280
     ggattaacta aacacacgct ttctgaaaca tatgtgtaca atgaccttgt caaacccaga    155340
     ggaagtgtct ccatacggct gcactaaatg aaactgaagc taagcttcag aaggtggaca    155400
     taggaagcct ggagactagg aaaaaaaatg actgttcaaa tcatgctaca gctcatgtat    155460
     atcatgtaat tctatttatg gggatagaca agtattgaca acataggata gtttctcttg    155520
     gtatgtttac cagtgggcta aggaaagtaa atgacatgga aaataaaata ttattgacct    155580
     ttaaaagtca tatgtaatgt aaaataaaaa gttgtcctta atgaataatt tagaaaggac    155640
     tcagaggtta taaaaagata tactataccc agatttgtag atctccttaa cattgtcttg    155700
     tagtacacat attatgagaa atatctgcct ttaattaaat gaaagattta cactattaga    155760
     tcttccattt gagggcctaa tcagtcaaac cacacttaag aaacatataa aattttatct    155820
     tttattaagt tgtcattaga agtatctcac tttcttttgc aaaactctct tgtacatcca    155880
     tgacagtaaa tgtacctgac agctaaccgc atatatcaga attcttgcta catgtgcttg    155940
     ctagcaaaca tgtgggtcta aggtcctctg tgctcagaaa gaatttcaaa tctctggaaa    156000
     ttcaggcagc attctacatg acaaaaaaaa aaaatactgt atttatgatg ttgtttttat    156060
     tctatattag gaatactcta tattattttg tcagactttg agtttatcaa aaatgattga    156120
     aatgaataag ttcaggattt actttcatat ttgaacatta agaaaaagta ttaaagcata    156180
     gcttttgttg tttatctcat aaggctaatg tctgcaattc agtactaaat tcccaggtaa    156240
     gtgatgatga gggtttctgg aggggacaat ttgtctgtga tgcttggggt tgtaggatct    156300
     atctaaacct gttccagggc tctgcagttg gaaaagatca gtcactgctc aggactctaa    156360
     tgtgaaatag caagaatcca aatctagact cactctagtg aatcccacag atcttccatt    156420
     catgcagtat ttctcttatc aaaaagagga atttccttaa ttcttaattc gattttatta    156480
     tacccatttt cctcaagtaa aaccaatgaa atatataatg caaattcttg tacctcagac    156540
     tcatggcaag atgccatttt tctgttccaa gaactttact gtgttatctt ccgtcttaaa    156600
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcta gtttttttcc cttcaatcac agattgcaca    156660
     tttaaacaat ttttagcatt cttttttttt ttttttttaa taatgaattt ttatattttt    156720
     attgtcaata catttaacag tatggatgta attacagtgc aaatttaata caaagacata    156780
     aaggcacacg acacaggaga tggtttcttt tttttttttt ttccattttt tattaggtat    156840
     ttagctcatt tacatttcca atgctatacc aaaagtcccc cttacccacc cacccccact    156900
     cccctaccca cccactcccc ccctttggcc ctggcgttcc cctgtaccag ggcacacaaa    156960
     gtctgcgtgt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggccg actaggccat cttttgatac    157020
     atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctcaggggt actggttagt tcataatgtt gttccaccta    157080
     tagggttgaa gatcccttta gctccttggg tactttctct agctcctcca ttgggagccc    157140
     tgtgatccat ctattagctg accttgagca tccacttctg tgtttgctag gccccggcat    157200
     agtctcacaa gagacagcta catctgggtc ctttcgataa aatcttgcta gtatatgcaa    157260
     tggtgtcagc gtttggatgc tgattatggg gtggatccct ggatatggca gtctctacat    157320
     ggtccatcct ttcatctcag ctccaaactt tgtttctgta actccttcca tgggtgtttt    157380
     gttcccactt ctaaggaggg gcatagtgtc cacacttcag tcttcatttt tcttgagttt    157440
     catgtgttta ggaaattgta tcttatatcg tgggtatcct aggttttggg ctagtatcca    157500
     cttatcagtg agtacatatt gtgtgagttc ctttgtgatt gtgttacctc actcaggatg    157560
     atgctctcca ggtccatcca tttggctagg aatttcataa attcattctt tttaatagct    157620
     gagtagtact ccattgtgta gatgtaccac attttctgta tccattcctc tgttgagggg    157680
     catctgggtt ctttccagtt tctggctatt ataaataagg ctgctatgaa catagtggag    157740
     catgtgtcct tcttaccagt tggggcttct tctggatata tgcccaggag aggtattgct    157800
     ggatcctccg gtagtactat gtccaatttt ctgaggaacc gccagactga tttccagagt    157860
     ggttgtacaa gcctgcaatc ccaccaacaa tggaggagtg ttcctctttc tccacatcct    157920
     cgccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgaatttttg atcttagcca ttctgactgg tgtgaggtgg    157980
     aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttcc ctgatgatta aggatgttga acattttttc    158040
     aggtgcttct ctgccattcg gtattcctca ggtgagaatt ctttgttcag ttctgagccc    158100
     cattttttaa gggggttatt tgattttctg aggtccacct tcttgagttc tttatatatg    158160
     ttggatatta gtcccctatc tgatttagga taggtaaaga tcctttccca gtctgttggt    158220
     ggtctttttg tcttatagac agtgtctttt gccttgcaga aactttggag tttcattagg    158280
     tcccatttgt caattctcga tcttacagca caagccattg ctgttctgtt caggaatttt    158340
     tcccctgtgc ccatatcttc aaggcttttc cccactttct cctctataag tttcagtgtc    158400
     tctggtttta tgtgaagttc cttgatccac ttagatttga ccttagtaca aggagataag    158460
     tatggatcga ttcgcattct tctacatgat aacaaccagt tgtgccagca ccaattgttg    158520
     aaaatgctgt ctttcttcca ctggatggtt ttggctccct tgtcgaagat caagtgacca    158580
     taggtgtgtg ggttcatttc tgggtcttca attctattcc attggtccac ttgtctgtct    158640
     ctataccagt accatgcagt ttttatcaca attgctctgt agtaaagctt taggtcaggc    158700
     atggtgattc caccagaggt tcttttatcc ttgagaagag tttttgctat cctcggtttt    158760
     ttgttattcc agatgaattt gcaaattgct ccttctaatt cgttgaagaa ttgagttgga    158820
     attttaatgg ggattgcatt gaatctgtag attgcttttg gcaagatagc catttttaca    158880
     atgttggtcc tgccaatcca tgagcatggg agatctttcc atcttctgag atcttcttta    158940
     atttctttct tcagggactt gaagttttta tcatacagat ctttcacttc cttcgttaga    159000
     gtcacgccga gatattttat attatttgtg gctattgaga agggtgttgt ttccctaatt    159060
     tctttctcag cctgtttatt ctttgtgtag agaaaggcca ttgacttgtt tgagttaatt    159120
     ttatatccag ctacttcacc gaagctgttt atcaggttta ggagttctct ggtagaattt    159180
     ttagggtcac ttatatatac tatcatatca tctgcaaaaa gtgatatttt gacttcctct    159240
     tttccaattt gtatcccctt gatctccttt tgttgtcgaa ttgctctggc taatacttca    159300
     agtactatgt tgaaaaggta gggagaaagt gggcagcctt gtctagtccc tgattttagt    159360
     gggattgctt ccagcttctc tccatttact ttgatgttgg ctactggttt gctgtagatt    159420
     gcttttatca tgtttaggta ttggccttga attcctgatc tttccagaac ttttatcatg    159480
     aatgggtgtt ggatcttgtc aaatgctttt tctgcatcta acgagatgat catgtggttt    159540
     ttgtctttga gtttgtttat ataatggatt acattgatgg attttcgtat attaaaccat    159600
     ccctgcatcc ctggaataaa acctacttgg tcaggatgga tgattgcttt aatgtgttct    159660
     tggattcggt tagcgagaat tttattaagg atttttgcat cgatgttcat aagagaaatt    159720
     ggtctgaagt tctctatctt tgttggatct ttctgtggtt taggtatcag agtaatagtg    159780
     gcttcataaa atgagttggg tagaatacct tctacttcta tcttgtgaaa aagtttgtgc    159840
     agaactggag ttagatcttc tttgaaggtc tgatagaact ctgcactaaa cccgtctggt    159900
     cctgggcttt ttttggctgg gagactatta ataactgctt ctatttcttt aggggatatg    159960
     ggactgttta gaaggtcaac ttgatcctga ttcaactttg gtacctggta tctgtccaga    160020
     aatttgtcca tttcgtccag gttttccagt tttgttgagt atagcctttt gtagaaggat    160080
     ctgatggtgt tttggatttc ttcaggatct gttgttatgt ctcccttttc atttctgatt    160140
     ttgttaatta ggattttgtc cctgtgccct ttagtgagtc tagctaaggg tttatctatc    160200
     ttgttgattt tctcaaagaa ccaactcctc gtttggttaa ttctttgaat agttcttctt    160260
     gtttccactt ggttgatttc acccctgagt ttgattattt cctgccgtct actcctcttg    160320
     ggtgaatttg cttccttttt ttctagagct tttagatgtg ttgtcaagct gctagtatgt    160380
     gctctctccc gttttttctt gaaggcactc atagctatga gtttccctct tagaaatgct    160440
     ttcattgtgt cccaaaggtt tgggtacgtt gtggcttcat tttcattaaa ctctaaaaag    160500
     tctttaattt ctttctttat tccttccttg accaaggtat cattgagaag agtgttgttc    160560
     agtttccatg tgaatgttgg ctttctgtta tttattttgt tattgaagat cagccttagt    160620
     gcatggtgat ctgataggat acatgggaca atttcaatat ttttgaatct gttgaggcct    160680
     gatttgtgac ctattatgtg gtcaattttg gagaaggtac catgaggtgc tgagaagaag    160740
     gtatatcctt ttgttttagg gtaaaatgtt ctgtagatat ctgtcagatc catttgtttc    160800
     atcacttctg ttagtttcag tgtgtccctg tttagtttct gtttccatga tctgtccatt    160860
     ggtgaaagtg gtgtgttgaa gtctcccact attattgtgt gaggcgcaat gtgtgctttg    160920
     agctttacta aagtttcttt agtgaatgtg gctgctcttg tatttggagc atagatattc    160980
     agaattgaga gttcctcttg gaggatttta cctttgatga gaatgaagtg tccctccttg    161040
     tcttttttga tgactttggg ttggaagtca atcttatcag atattaggat ggctactcct    161100
     gcttgtttct tcataccatt tgcttggaaa attgttttcc agcctttcat tctgaggtag    161160
     tgtctatctt tttctctgag atgagtttcc tgtaagcagc aaaatgttgg gtcttgtttg    161220
     tgtagccagt ttgttagtct atgtcttttt attggcgagt tgagaccatt gatgttaaga    161280
     gatattaagg aaaagtaatt gttgcttcct gttattttag ttgttaaagg tggcattctg    161340
     ttcttgtggc tgtcttcttt taggtttgtt gagggattac cttcttgttt tttctagggc    161400
     gttgttcccg ttcttgtatt ggtttttttc tgttattatc ctttgaaggg ctggattcgt    161460
     ggagagataa tgcgtgaatt tggttttgtc gtggaatact ttggtttctc cctctatgat    161520
     aattgagagt ttggctgggt atagtagcct gggctgcagt ttgtgttctc ttagtgtctg    161580
     tataacatct gtccaggctc ttctggcttt catagtctct ggtgaaaaat ctggtgtaat    161640
     tctgataggc ttgcctttat atgttacttg acctttttcc cttactgctt ttagtattct    161700
     atctttattt agtgcatttg atgttctgat tattatgtgt cgggaggaat ttcttttctg    161760
     gtccagtcta tttggagttc tgtaggcttc ttgtatgttc atatgcatct cattctttag    161820
     atttgggaag ttttcttcaa taattttgtt gaagatgttt gctggacctt tgagttgaaa    161880
     atcttcattc tcatccactc ctattatccg tacgtttggt cttcttattg tgtcctggat    161940
     ttcctggata ttttgagtta ggatcttttt gcattttcca ttttctttga ttgttgtgcc    162000
     gatgttctct atggaatctt ctgcacctga gattctctct tccatctctt gtattctgtt    162060
     gctgatgctc aaatctatgg ttccagattt ctttcctagg gtttctatct ctagtgttgc    162120
     ctcgctttga gttttcttta ttgtgtctac ttcccttttt aggtctagta tggttttgtt    162180
     catttccatc acctgtttgt atgttttttc ctctttttct gtaaggactt ctacctgttt    162240
     gattgtgttt tcctgttttt ctttaaggac ttgtaactct ttagcagtgt tctcctgtat    162300
     ttctttaagt gatttattaa agtccttctt gatgtcctct accatcatca tgagatatgc    162360
     ttttaaatct aggtctaggt tctcaggtgt gttggggttc cctggactgg gcgaagtggg    162420
     tgtgctgggt tctggtgatg gtgagtggtc ttggttcctg ttagtaagat tcctccgttt    162480
     acctttcgcc atctggtaat ctctggagtt agtagttata gttgactctg tttagagatt    162540
     gttcttctgg tgattctgtt accgtctatc agcagacctg ggagacagat tctctcctct    162600
     gagtttcagt gctcagagca ctctctgctg gcaagctctc ttacagggaa ggtgcgcaga    162660
     tatcttgtat ttggacctcc tcctggccga agaagaaggc ccaaaacagg acctttctca    162720
     gacactgtgt tgctttggca gttcccaggt ggtacagact ctcacctaag cagactaatt    162780
     tcctaagttc cttggagtcc cggaccaaga tggcgaccgc tgctgctgtg gcttaggccg    162840
     cctcccctgc cgggcgggca cctgtcctcc ggtctggaag gtggtcggct gtccccggcc    162900
     cacacagggt gctgcctcag cgcctctgtg cttctgcctg ttccagaagc tgtcaggttc    162960
     tctggcgcac cctctcacct gttcagacta attccctaag ttcggcgggt ctcggaccaa    163020
     gatggcgacc gctgctgctg tggcttaggc cgcctcccca gccggacggg cacctgtcct    163080
     ccggtccgga cggtggctgg ctgtccccgg cccacacagg gtgctgcctc agcgcctctg    163140
     tgcttccgcc tgttccagaa gctgtcaggt tctctggcgc accctctcac ctgttcagac    163200
     taattcccta agttcggcgg gtcccggacc aagatggcga ccgctgctgc tgtggcttag    163260
     gccgcctccc cagccgggtg ggcacctgtc ctctggtccg gaaggtggcc ggctgtcccc    163320
     ggcccacaca gggtgctgcc tcagcccctc tgtgcttctg cctgttccag aggctgtcag    163380
     gttctctggc gcaccctctc acctgttcag actaatttcc taagttcggc gggtcccgga    163440
     ccaagatggc gaccactgct gctgtggctt aggccgcctc cccagccggg cgggcacctg    163500
     agcattcttg caattcaaaa actggtgttt tactttcctt agaaatagtc aatattccac    163560
     agaaatgatt ttaacttcct tgttttactt tctgttccaa aaaaagaaac taaggataat    163620
     ttcaaatctg tagtaacatt atttcagaat gtttcaaaga ggatgctaca atatttgatt    163680
     aaatatgtac attactgcaa atattttaaa atgataaaca taaaaagatt ataattttaa    163740
     gtcactatac ttaataaaaa ccttccatgt tatctaagtt cttgactcct tagtttataa    163800
     tactgagcca atatacatgt gtacagctac ttttagtttt ctgatcaaca ctgctgagac    163860
     tttcccacaa ggtacctaag catagcaaag atcttagaga gctctgtgct caaaattcat    163920
     tcagtgactc tagaagttaa tttctcacat gttacaacat atatcaagat aaataacgta    163980
     tctacagact gtcagaatct cagatgtaca aactggcatt ccttcagatg aggagtagct    164040
     taagacagaa tttggagtca ggatgtttgt gttcaaatct gctagctggg taaggaattc    164100
     tgtgtgtcta cattctacac acagaatgtg atggttaatc ttgggtgtct acctaacttg    164160
     aacgagaatc agctgttaca caaggttcta ggaatatcag tgagggaatt tcttgattag    164220
     attaatgtgg caaattctat gccagcaaag atgaaaagaa ggtctaggga gaagtcttta    164280
     tttttcactt atttgccttg gtattttcct agtgagttta tctcaccaca gccattcctt    164340
     ttgctgatgc tacattcttt gtacatgctc aacagattgt aattgttaat atttatgagt    164400
     atcaaaataa acatattaat gtaataatag ttgatgggga aaaagccatg aattgacgaa    164460
     aagcagagaa gggtatatgg gagagtttgg tgggagaaaa ggaaagggag aaatgttaat    164520
     aaaatacaat atcaaaaata aacaacagca aaaaagattg tcttttttct gtgtttctgt    164580
     agggaaaatc attttaactg tgggtgggac catttcctgg gggaggattc catgctacat    164640
     gcagtataaa aaaactatgg gtttaaaact cacaggagtc gagtccaatc aggagttgca    164700
     ttactctctg tgaaaattct aacacctaaa taaatcggtg acttcattaa ccatatgttt    164760
     atggatgcta agttctttta aagtctatta tgtttgcttt ctcagaggta gttatactgt    164820
     ttgtatgact tatacaaaaa ttattttatg agatgatgtg tatgttcagt gtgtgtgtgt    164880
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgcgcgc gcgcgcattg tgtacatgtg    164940
     tgtagctaac ttcaaggagc aagttgtttc ttctcaatgc agtcccagtg tttgttgcat    165000
     tcaagtgatc ttgctgatgg tcttcactgg gttatatacc actcaggagc aaaaagcctg    165060
     cagtggatta attaatagtc tatacatggt gaaatcgtca caagaaaaca cagaagtaag    165120
     gggattttag aaagtcttag tgaggggttc attccggtca gcaccagccc caggcatcct    165180
     tgggcacgat ctcagaggat ggttcccccc atccccagag gactctacac agcacagaca    165240
     ccctagaacc cccaggatct taggatcact gaggagagtc agcctccaga gagggctctg    165300
     acctcgggac tcaggtgaga gcaggtgggc caaagaagca acagagtttc ttggacagag    165360
     ttccttcagg ccttcatcct cagccaggag acagagctga gacccagacc tcagggcacc    165420
     tgccctgcca gtggagagtc agctccagag agggctctga ccccaggact caggtgagag    165480
     ttggactccc aggagtgctg acagaggcta acagaatcac aggaggaaca agctccagcc    165540
     agagacagct agaacatcta aaccagagat aaccagatga tgataggaaa acataaaagt    165600
     cttactaaca tggaccaaga ccgctcggca tcatcagaag ccggtactac caccaaagaa    165660
     agtgttggat accccaacac acccgaaaag caagatttgg atttaaaatc atatctcacg    165720
     gtggtggtag atgattttaa gaagggcatt aataactcac ttaaagaaat acaggagaac    165780
     actgataaac aggaagaatt ccttaaagag gaagcacaaa aatcactcaa agaaatacag    165840
     gaaaacactg ttaaacagat agaagtcctt aaagaggaaa cacaaaaatc ccttatagaa    165900
     ttagaggaaa acacaactaa caggtgatgg atttgagcaa aatcatctaa gatctaaaat    165960
     gaaagtaggt gggatgataa gctggtaaaa ccactctgga aatcagtctg gtgtttcctc    166020
     agaaaattgg acatagtaat acaggaagat ccagcaatac caatcctggg catataccca    166080
     gaagatcttc caacttgttt taaggacaca tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt    166140
     ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaagccaga tgtccctcaa cagacgaatg gatacagaaa    166200
     atgtggtaca tttacacaat ggagtaccac tcagctatta aaaacaatga atttatgaaa    166260
     ttcttaggca aatagatgta tctggaggat accatcctga gtgaggtaac ccaatcacaa    166320
     aagaacactg atgataagtg gatattagcc cagaagctta gaatatccaa gatacaattt    166380
     gcaaaacaca tgaaattcaa gaggaaggaa gaccaaagtg tggatactgc gttccttctt    166440
     gaaatgagga acaaaatacc catggaggga gcttcagaga caaagtttgg agcagagcct    166500
     gatggaagac catccagaga ctgccctgcc tggggatcca tccccaaaac aaccaccaaa    166560
     cccagacagt attgtatatg ccagtaagat tttgctgaca gggccctgat atagctgact    166620
     cttatgatgc tatgccagtg cccagcaaat acagaaccag atgctcacag tcatctattg    166680
     gaaggccacc aatgaaggag gcagagaaag tccccaagga gctgaagggg tctgcacctc    166740
     tataggaggg acaacaatat gaactaactt gttaccctcc cccccacaca cacacacaga    166800
     gcttgtgtct ctagttgcat atgtagcaga agatggccta gtcagccatc aatgggaagg    166860
     gaggcccttg gcctttagaa gattatatgc cccagtacag gggaatggga gggccaggaa    166920
     gaaggagtgg gtgggctggg gagtaggaag tggggagggt ataggggact ttcgggatag    166980
     catttgaaat ctaaataaag aaaatattca ataaaaaaga aatattagtg attgttatgg    167040
     tagacacaga gagaaagaat aaggttttca taagcttgga ccataatttt aaagggagac    167100
     ctgcaatatc ttctccattt ccgggaatct tgtccatgtc agtacttagg tcaaataacc    167160
     atcatgagac atgaaaatcc aaaccaagtt tagatgacaa cctgaatgac tgacctttct    167220
     aactcagaaa ctttcattgt aggttttttt ggttcttgct ccttagtatc cttcattatt    167280
     ccactagtca gatgtagcaa ttcacgaagg tttgattttt tactttttaa tagaacagta    167340
     ctaacagata atctgtcatg actaatacct taaaaggaca gctaaccttg agtcagaaca    167400
     ctaatagcta agggttgagc tctagagctc actagttgct ttctcaagca caaactctga    167460
     ttcagatgtg gttctgacag aggaaaactg caggcatgat acagaaccta ggagagatgt    167520
     cctctgggcc caaacacagc tacaaggata ggaatagact gaaggaagaa ctcagttaag    167580
     gggtcaatga tactctttga caaagctctg cctacaatgc tacctctagt agctagccaa    167640
     gcaatatata aacagcaagt agaaaaataa aaattgttca ttctcgaagt gaattcagat    167700
     tctgtgtctc tatctatcat acccttgctt ttcacatcct gtgatgacct cagctacaat    167760
     ggtcacagca tctgacaaaa tactaatttt gttttactta tcaactatgt attaactaat    167820
     gtagtactat ttttcaacca tgaggaattc aatctccatt ccatattatc ctttcatcag    167880
     ggagccctta ttccaaaagg gttagaaaac ccaatggaaa cattttacaa aaatataatc    167940
     tcaaagtagc atggggccag agcacagtgg agggacaact agctgggtag tcacaaacaa    168000
     ctccctatca taagcaacta ggtgtccata ccgtatcatc tctttcaatg gctgtactaa    168060
     aacgtgcaaa caatatatca gtctatcttg gatcgttaga aagttacaat actcaatagg    168120
     caaagaaaat agtataatca atgacatttt aacaacaaga actaaagtca gcaaatatca    168180
     acaacaataa cttcatttca ttaatgaggg ttttggctgg ggtgtagaac ttaccaagca    168240
     tcttcaaggt ccacaatacc acacacaaat cctgctattc acattttgaa atggatgatg    168300
     tgtctaagca aaaacattcc tatggtaact gctaagtgag cgaggcattc tttcactaca    168360
     gtctgatact ggcaaacata tcttgaaata tctctaataa ttagatgaat tagagtctaa    168420
     tgtatctttt cccttgtggg tacaaaaaga tgaactcaat atttagtgtg aatgttaaaa    168480
     aaaatacttt cttttattta gatattatca actaaatcaa gtgcaaacac tctttctaaa    168540
     caagtgacag attcagaaat gtatgaaata aaatataaaa tattgttaaa aaacagaatt    168600
     cttatagcat tttagatttt tccatctttt gtatatatca tggttctaat aaaattgcaa    168660
     cccaaaacag cctacttttc cactcaccaa catatgctag atatttaaga aactgaaaca    168720
     tttataagca atacttatca aagtaaagca caaacataag tttaaaccat gaaaaaagca    168780
     aaagtatgct taagggtgat gaattccacc accaccacca ccagtagaga ctcaaaaaac    168840
     atctcacttg gtacatttgc aatgttggta ttttagaaag cactggttaa tgtgcatcct    168900
     ggtccaaatc tcaaaaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atctcaggaa tttttctgta    168960
     aaaaatagca aaacaaaaca aaacaatgaa ggtacacatt tgtcttcatg ggtcaataaa    169020
     tgaagctctc tggaggctag cccatcctga taggaaatat catttgatct tttttttttt    169080
     taattgggta tttatttcat ttacatttcc aaagctatcc caaaagtccc ccacacgctc    169140
     ccccacccag tcccccaccc acccactccc acttcttggc cctgtcgtcc ccctgtactg    169200
     aggcatataa agtttgcacg actaatgggc ctctctttcc attggtggcc aaccaggcca    169260
     ttttctgatt cttatgcagc tagagacagg agctctgggg ggtactggtt agttcatatt    169320
     gttgttccac ctataggatt gcagatccct ttagctcctt gggtactttc tctagctcct    169380
     ccattggggg ccctgtggtc catccaatag ctgactgtga gcatccactt catttgacct    169440
     tttaaaactt tgcttgtggg gcttatgaga tgactcagcg gataaggaca ctggctgcca    169500
     ggactgaaag cctcagatcc tacatggcaa aaggagagac ccaatttctg caagctgtct    169560
     tctgattgtg cttaagtaca cacacacata cacagcacaa acatacatgc atagagtcat    169620
     acaccaaaca cacacacaca ttcatacaaa ataacaaaaa ttaaaactaa accaatagac    169680
     aaaatactaa tgtatcaaaa tgagagcacc aaatatccct acacaaagga gaaaatgaca    169740
     cctgaaataa aagacaaaat agcaaaagtt actaaattac tacttaggaa ataaaatgca    169800
     atttagataa agttctccat tgatgaatat tttcacacct gttctcttgc ctgtgagttt    169860
     aacacttctg taaattgatg tgtttgttca tagtcactgt gtttttgtag catatgagta    169920
     ttaccaagtt cagaaaagca agaagaatca attctcccag gttttgtata taatacaagt    169980
     actgtatata atgttctgat atagcatgca tatatatgtg tgtgtctatg tatatatgtt    170040
     catattatat atgtatataa tatatgcata taatatatag atctataatc taaatgtaat    170100
     tttcaattgt atatatccac tcatatagat ctacatacat atttttccat tttgtaaaaa    170160
     aatatattga tattatgttc gtcgtgtttg tcgctaagga cttgtagaca tgatgattac    170220
     tgggttagag ggacattttc ttcagcagta ataatcatgg gaaagttacc catgtttcta    170280
     taagtaacta ttaggccatt gacaaacaaa atggaagata taaaaataga aagagttata    170340
     tttgggaggg agccaagaga ggaaattggg acataaaaat tgtaaaagaa aagaaaaata    170400
     ttttgattaa aaaatacata catgaacgtt atttgtttat tcatttggtt tttttttcca    170460
     aagagagttt ttctacatag cgctggatat tctgaaactg attacataga ccagattggc    170520
     cttgaactca cagagatcca cctgcctttg cctcctgagt tctaagctta aaagcagtac    170580
     atcactctac tctgctaact tattaccttc accttacaga ttatgtgcat gactattccc    170640
     atgtaattga aataattgta ctctttggtg agctgtatac ctatatgcgt gtggtattgc    170700
     acatacacat taaaaaaata atacatttta ttattattat ttaattcatt tctttagaaa    170760
     cctgttctta tttcactgta atatatgatt gtatactaag tcaaaattgt accatacatt    170820
     tttttgtacc agctgaggta atgatttgat ttccatcaaa aaattcaaaa gaggtgatca    170880
     tatgaaattt gagtacttgt agaatttgct gcgtcatgca gcatctgtaa taatatgtga    170940
     gaagatttgg ttatctgaac acttttcttg gctttgattt tctttcttct caacatagcc    171000
     aaatctcttt cagtctgtgt ggtctaaaga gaccaggctt gtagttgcta gttgcgaaga    171060
     tgcaaggctt gagttggttg ctgggtgtta aagctcttac tgaaaacttg tgagtgtaat    171120
     acatatagtg acggcttccc agaatcaggc aagtagcaaa attacatttc ttgtctatga    171180
     agctgctgct gagcacagta ctctgtatga gaacagagca gaccttgcta tatacatgaa    171240
     tgatgagcag tactttgggg actccttcta aaacacatat gtaattatgt tataaactgc    171300
     ttaaaatgac tcttgtttcc tgttccagga taaagaatca cagcctattc cagcctgcag    171360
     gtcagcctac agacctccac cgactacatc tcacctctgc agcattatcc tcactatcct    171420
     tctctcctgt ccattcaatc tgctggtctc actccacctc cttattttcc atgcaagctc    171480
     ctgttcctta gagtcaccca aatacttcta cactttatgt tttaccattg tgttgtttgc    171540
     cttgaataca tgtttttgtc tcccatcata tgactatcat atattttcaa ggctcaaatg    171600
     tattgcaaca ttatttctaa attttcttcc ccaaaacgta tgtccttgaa agagaaagaa    171660
     gagaagggat tagagaacag atttggatga aaccaactac atatttttaa atgtcatttg    171720
     taaacaagca ctgcaaacta tcttcacaga gcctggaata ctgtacctcc aggataatcc    171780
     aagggacctg tttttaactg aatgtcagcc aggatgagaa tgggagatct atattccccg    171840
     aaataactga agctttaaaa gacatctaac acatctgtca actgatatat cattagaaaa    171900
     ctttgatgac agctatagta actattcctg gttgtcagct tgactataat ctggaatgaa    171960
     ctacaatcca gtattggaag gctcactagt ggtcttaatt tggaggctgg gagatagaag    172020
     tttctgacct ggatcttggt atggagatct tgaggcatag tggctatgaa ctccaaaaga    172080
     ttaagacagg gagatctctg agttcaaggt catctgaaat taaaggtgtg gtggcacaca    172140
     tctttaatct gggctacact ttctgctgga gactacataa ggacattgga agaaggacga    172200
     cgctctttca cctgcttgcc gtttgggact gagcaactga cagatccttg gacttccatt    172260
     cacagctgct gctgaccatt gttggaagtt ggattacaga ctgtaactca tcaagaaatt    172320
     aatttactat atagagacta cccataagtt ctgtgactct agagaaccct gactactaca    172380
     acaacctctg tgcatctgtc gaaaatactt cattctttct tgactgtgac actagccttt    172440
     tagtgttaaa cacagaaaga aaagatattc tattaaagaa aaacataaag aaaaagaatc    172500
     tatgcataga aagaaaattc ttttagtcag aactgttgtc acaatcagat agagttcaca    172560
     taaagcagtc tttcttcaac agtcagtttg ggtcttaact aatctgataa ctcattcttt    172620
     aaataagtat tgccaagtaa agctttcatg tctaaaattt tagatcaatt gtgataagtt    172680
     gattttcaaa aatgtatcga ttttatacaa actggattgt ttaatatata tatacacata    172740
     tgtatcatat atattaatac attatctgcc aataagctat attcatattg attaaaatac    172800
     attaatcatc tattatctat gtatctatca tctatatatc agttatctat ctggtatgta    172860
     ttattcttac tatatagccg accaatcatc tatgtgttta tgtttctgcc tgtcatgtat    172920
     ttccctaaca tctgtccata atgccatctc tatgcattta ttatctaatg gcccatcatt    172980
     cctctgtcct ttaaggaaga caaagagttt agtctcatta tggaattttc aaaccagata    173040
     tattgagatg cttttgcctc ctactaatca tcttatctca tcccagacaa cctcctttcc    173100
     ttccatggag cacatgacat tttgccttcc gcattcactt ttccaatacc tcttattctc    173160
     ttcttatggc catttataat ttcatagctg tttacaccat cacaactgca tatgtacaga    173220
     aaatgaaagt taggatctac atcctagaga gaacatgtag tttttatctt ctcagattaa    173280
     gggtaggaaa acaaagaaaa tttttagtgg ctaataatgc catggaacag caaatatcca    173340
     actagattat tggctgtcac agcaacaaaa gaaatatttt gtcttgaaag tttcccatta    173400
     ggaatgaaac atgcaaaatt tccaagggaa aagtaatgca ttttcttgct tctaaatctt    173460
     tagagggaag aagagatgga atgccttcta aatatggcta ggtataatgg atgtctacat    173520
     agatataata agttcttaaa caagcataag ctcatttcaa acaagagagg aataaaatac    173580
     tataaaatga gtaaactgac aggaagttta tgtcagaagt tgccgtggag gtgggaagat    173640
     ctttcatgag cagcattgta cattttaaga tcatgccctt atctcagaag tcctccagtt    173700
     ccgtgagctt tcagatgcgc tgaggaagca ggcagtttct ctacaaatgg cgtccctcag    173760
     agtgtgctca ctagttcacc agaactttcc agtgggctct gctttcaaag tggtttgaat    173820
     catcatttca acttcttctg ttagcagaga ccaaatgtca taaatacatt tgaaattcag    173880
     gtctatcaga tttaaatttg taaaaggttt atctgaccta gactttgcat atcaatatgc    173940
     attaaagcct caatgtcttc ctctctctac acactccttt cctcatctca ctttaaaagt    174000
     tgagtagaaa cattgagaaa tgagcatgta aaaaggagaa aacaagatta ctattttgta    174060
     ttagcttctt ggttgtttaa taccttttcc ttgacttctc caaaatgaca aatgaaaatt    174120
     cttggcgagc ttcagtgttt ccccaagatt agtgaagaga tctcccatcc ttgcagcaga    174180
     ttcttgttga tcccccacta agccaggaac tatatgaggt gtgtttgtat tcgttaacaa    174240
     aaccctttgc tttggaagtt tttagtctgg tttattttta atctgggaaa cacagattgg    174300
     aaaatgtaaa aatttttaaa agaatactta aagattgtga caagttcatt agttattagg    174360
     ttgatgttct ggtagagagt aagtagaatt gtgttttagg gcagatgcta ggtggtattt    174420
     ctgaagtagt cacacttact ctgaatcttg aaggtttata aaaagctctt taagcaaaca    174480
     actggataag ggggttctag acagggagct taaagtacaa aggccacaga aaactgaaga    174540
     ggagagtagg tcagtgagct gaagaaaaca aaaagacaag gaaaagctac aggtggtctt    174600
     tgaattgtaa attcaggtgg acactcttga ttctggccta taaagtagat ggagagggat    174660
     ggggagatag ttccatgggt aaagcatgag gacctgaatt tgaatcacac tgaggtagtg    174720
     gcacatgtct gttatctaag tgtgtacatg tggagatgga agaagatgta ggagagtccc    174780
     cagaaattgg caattcaact agcctgggag gcattgctgt gaacagcaaa gatcttgcca    174840
     atgtaaagac ccatacctaa ggtaattagt catacctaag gtttgacttc tacaaacatg    174900
     cttggaagat acaacataca gaccataaac ttattagttc acatagatac ataaacagac    174960
     acatccacac acagacacct gaatattgta gatgaaggga acagtgcaca aacaggtgcg    175020
     taatgatgaa atttgaaatg gaacatcact gaattcgaca tggttggtgg catgaagaaa    175080
     gtggaaatat ttgtgatata ttttgagtgt agaagcaaga ggatttggtc agatggcaat    175140
     tgagagtcat aaagagaaga tgaaatcaag ggagatatta tattcactac atgataaaca    175200
     tgtccgatgc agttgtacta ccactcacac ctgttggaaa aggaaaaact agtgacaaga    175260
     acacatagag gattttcaca agagataaat catagactgt gaacccagct tctccttgct    175320
     taagaaatga aacgcattct acaccgatgc gtcactttaa aacttttaac ctagaaaata    175380
     gcttatccaa ataacaaagc aggaatagag tgatttttca cttttacagg aaatagatct    175440
     caggtcaaat agatctctta gaaatataaa gtttaaaagc aggaatatcc tagaaatcag    175500
     cgaatacatt ttgaggtttt aagaatagga ttgcttctta gactcataac acaaagtcca    175560
     gaagtcaaga agcaaatgac tcatatattt gagaaataca aactttcaaa gaaagacctt    175620
     tgtcaggaga ctaaggctga atgaaatcga aatgcctgat atgtaactta actgctccta    175680
     attactagaa tgtaaaagca tttttctaaa gaaaaaagtc atggactgtc aaaggaaaag    175740
     accagacagt tcacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga ggtaaacaaa gcttttaagc ataggcaatt    175800
     ttccttctca ctattaaaaa atatgcaaat taaagtagca attggatgtc attttcacct    175860
     ctcaagatga gtgaacattc aagagactaa taatggccag tgttagcgag tcagagaaaa    175920
     caactcttct cacatactgg aggttctaaa tttatacagc atttgttaaa ggagaaaatc    175980
     tgaccatatc aattaaaagt gcaaatccat gtacttcaca tagtgatttc accactagga    176040
     gttgctgcta tgctatagca atattcacca tgggtcacag tcataacagt aaatggtgac    176100
     tggtggggat attaaaatgt ggaaatggaa acatttgaaa attcataaac atgtgttagc    176160
     tttaaataaa aatatgtaaa atgaatacaa tgcagagcat gatatattta aagttactga    176220
     tgacaaagct ccattttgga acaagcacct gcataataag agtgagtcac actgattagc    176280
     ttagggtaca cattttctac atttgaaaaa taggatatat tatccaaagg atgtaaacat    176340
     ctcaaattct ctttctaaat aatttctaat atatcgttga gtgtgttgct gagggtacag    176400
     tagtttactc cagtgagatt atgtgacggc acttgaaaaa ctcactactt tacacttagg    176460
     tcaacattcc ttaactatct atcactcctt gtttatttag aattagaaaa catgtcaacc    176520
     atagagaact ttcctgacag ataagaacaa ttttaagtaa tttactagag aaatttatca    176580
     tggctcttca tattcttaaa tgaaataatt cacttataga actagtagac atcaattaaa    176640
     gaacatttgt cctgaagtgc caaacagctg agtcatttgg ttatgtttta tacatagtgg    176700
     catttgtgac atgaaattgt gaatatgaag taataggagt ttcagttgtc aacagtcaga    176760
     cttctaaagt cttcacattg tatttcaagt ctcacggaag aatcagtgtg tgaagtgaaa    176820
     tgctgggtat tcttgctgac acaacagaaa atcattaaaa ataaattctt aatatttaca    176880
     ttaaggtcta aaaaatttgc agtcatataa gatgaaggtc accttcttgg tttgggattg    176940
     agaaaggtac tgtagcaaga atggctgtca gatagatagt acagtggttt agaaaagtga    177000
     cctaaagatc tagcaatgat gcttcatggc cttgggcaaa ttttcttaag tttttaaatg    177060
     ttcttttgct ataaaataat gaaaagctat gtttaccttt tatagttgta taaaaatgat    177120
     cgtaacacaa agctgaagcc tccagtaata actctttaat atcatgatta ttaccatcag    177180
     gggccaaata agtttgagag aacagggagt cctcagcatt gactcctgta aattattcag    177240
     agacactaaa gaccaagaga caattagatt taatcctctg taagtcagta atgactttca    177300
     aaaacacagt gttccagaag tggtgattac aaagaaaaag atagctcctg ttaaaaaaaa    177360
     aataaggaag gagcagatac aaactatgca gtgctttatc ctaaggaaag cacttaaagt    177420
     ccttaagact acagtaggag agtcagatag taagaccaaa ggcatcccct ttgaggaaaa    177480
     acagtctatg cttcctgtta ggtaaaaaca gagacagttt gtaagaaaga ttgcaggttg    177540
     gcttcattaa gagaagatgc tcaaacattg aagactatct ctttgcaaat gtgtgcatga    177600
     tgcactaacc acacaatttt ataaagtagg caaactcttt tccctccttc aaaacaatgt    177660
     aaaatcattc atagaaagtt tcctcttagc tgaagggtta gcagtcctat aggaggaata    177720
     acaatatgaa cgaaccagta ctcccagagc tcccagggac taaattgcca accaaagact    177780
     acacatggta ggactcatat tagtggaaca tttgtgtgta tgtaacagag gataacctac    177840
     tcggtcatca atgggaggag aggcccttgg tcctgtgaag tctctacacc ccagtgtagg    177900
     ggaatgccag ggccaggaag caggtgtggg tgggttggtg agcaggggga ggggggagga    177960
     aataggaagc tttcaaaggg gaaaccagga aaggggacaa catttgaaat gtaaataaag    178020
     taaatatcta attaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag gaagtttcct ctcttaggac attgtaaggg    178080
     tgataagtag aacctgagat ttgtgtatgc aaattaaact gctgtctgtg agatcaaaaa    178140
     gcatctctat gaagtatcaa aaatacataa aacgtatata acctttctaa agcctaaaga    178200
     gaaaatacaa gtacattgac atattaagaa tgactctgaa aaatgttcat tataggtgaa    178260
     aatttaattg aatttgaaag gcaagtgaat ttttcttcca ctcattactg ctgttaatag    178320
     acattcctac tcagcagctc tgcctctcct gtgtgtagat gacggagctg agtgttaagt    178380
     cactcaccct ttcttatctt gcaaattcaa attctcttct tcaaaagcct gataattccc    178440
     ccttcctacc tctaattaaa agataagaat ggtcttgacc aacagaccca ggaaattata    178500
     tattagtgga acatttgtgt gcttattaaa ggaaaccttt ataaattttt tcttgttcca    178560
     aagtacaaac agacacacta aagagaatag attaaacaaa ctactagtag cattacaatt    178620
     gctttatagt tcaagattct acagcttttg acagagctag tcctccttac ttgaagtttt    178680
     cccacatttt ttcttccaaa ctctgtaacc cactttcctt cagcctcctt tacttggaca    178740
     tttttctctc ctccctgtgt cagtattgaa tcatttgggg gttgaagctc cacagttctt    178800
     tcctgctgtg ttcccttcat ggctctagcc tacactggat ctgctctcca ctggaactga    178860
     gacaaagacc tccatttgtg tttaatgttc tactgtgcag attctttcaa atcaatcagt    178920
     atacatgaag cttaccttct tcacccaaaa ccctgcccat gtacctattc tcttcattag    178980
     tcagtatcat tagtaaaaac atttttccta aggacataga tgtgagctaa caatctttac    179040
     tctcgccaca cttttctgcc accctcccac gcagacctag acaatcagta agtcctgaca    179100
     aacattctgt atttggggac atgtgagttt ttttctctcc tgagcatctt ctactttaac    179160
     ctaagcatcc atcactttaa attgcattac tctgacattt aactaatggg acttctgtgt    179220
     tccattactt acccttccaa aatgttcttc tgccacccta ttgctcttgt aaatgcaaat    179280
     ccgatcatgt cctcatgcag gtcaaacaat ttatgagttc tctttccttt ccatggggtc    179340
     tccttgcaac aggtatagat tttctacacc tccaaaaagc tttgttctat ctgctcttat    179400
     gcttttctga ctcctagtcc aaactagctc tgaaagacct ggcttcctgt acctgttctc    179460
     ttctcatata ctctctttat ctactcatag ccttattcct tttttttcca gatgactcag    179520
     caagaggctg aaatgaaacc ctaattagac aatatcacta aaggtgctaa atttattgca    179580
     caggaatggt aaattcctgt gttttttttg tgttgtagga agaagctttt cttttatagc    179640
     actttatctt gctttgtcat aatttatact aaacctgatc tgtctctttc acctacagta    179700
     tgagctcatg aaagatagca gctactatta aaatgttttg tattctgagt ttcctgtaga    179760
     gtaccttagg tagaatttct cttcctgaat atgtttaata aataaaagaa cgtatccatt    179820
     atttaatctc ataaatgaat agatggattt ttttaatcta atatgatttt atcctttact    179880
     tcagcattca ctgccatttg attaatgaac aaattgccca gaactgcctt gctctatttt    179940
     cttcaaaata ttacaattag ggaaaggatg aatggaaatt ttttcttctg tccaatttga    180000
     gcaatctcaa tccagacgtt ttatttgtca taacgtggca aatttttgga gtgatacata    180060
     gaagacatgg taaaaacacc tacaaagtct ctgacaagca aagaagctac tttgagccag    180120
     aagacataaa gctaaagtgt aagtaaggtc tggttcctcc gactgcttaa tgtagcactg    180180
     atttggggca aattaaatca tgctacgtga aagcagtcca aagctagagc atgatctcag    180240
     aacataaagc aacagcactt catttagaat ctgcctttaa aatccagaaa gatagtggaa    180300
     ttcctctgta tataacatat cgagaaatga cttattgata gataggcaaa tgatagatgg    180360
     ttgatggaca aattatttct cattggaagg aagtgaacat tcttttcatc ttccccaaat    180420
     aaacagacct tgagaaaaaa ccaatttggg gataagtaaa gaattttcta cagtttgtga    180480
     aagtttcaca aatattcatg taaccaccct gaaacacatt aattataact tttataaatt    180540
     ataaaatgtc atttcatttg caaagcagag aactaaagcc atgagactca taattctgtc    180600
     attagtctta gaatggaaga taggggatat agaaaatcac aagaaaaaaa ttacttctag    180660
     tcaatgtagg ctgtttttgt caattcaaac cataacagcc taacaaatca cagcttggta    180720
     actaattttt ctaaaaccaa atacaaacac acttaattat attgtatatt ttatatcttt    180780
     cttttgaagg ataaaaaatt atctacagcc tgcttaggat tatatttgca gcctaacgca    180840
     gtctcttatc ttttataaga cctgatattc caaaagtgaa gaacatgcaa caatatttaa    180900
     gcattgttga atctgactgc agatttgata ggagggtacc cttaacctca atgtgttttt    180960
     tctaatgtac aagagggaac ttatatgaag catgttatat gtaatttcat attctctgta    181020
     aatttaaata aactatattt tatgtagcct gttatgtcta ctattgccct tgaatatttc    181080
     aattttgcaa gtaaattgtc caacaaaaaa gtttgattta cctttgataa aagaatagac    181140
     ataagcagat tggtttctgt gagttcgagg ccagcctgat caacagaacg agttgcagga    181200
     caggcaggac cacacagaga aaccctgcca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggagagaa    181260
     aatgaaagaa aaaggaaaaa agatatgaat ggtatcaggc atggtggcat acacttctaa    181320
     tgtcagcact taggagggct gagacagtag gatcatgaat tataggttaa tatgtgctac    181380
     aagagtgtta tcctatttca aaaccaaact attttcttca tagttattat agtgtaatat    181440
     acagttattc aatgtttgta acttctctat cagcatctgg taaacaattg agcagactgt    181500
     ctaggcagag aaataggaaa aaataagaca ccattagaaa ctaggtaaac aaaagtacca    181560
     acaatcaggt agtcctctcc acagactgtc aaagatagaa tcagtctaga actctttaac    181620
     tttctttggt gtcttggcta tgtatcaggt ttatcatatg attcccaatg tctattctta    181680
     acttaaagca tcagtccacg cacagaatgt aggtagataa tgccaccgag gctgattgat    181740
     cacgggatgt tgtttctata gataatttaa attcataata caacgtctca aatatttctg    181800
     tattttaaaa atcttggtga tagacaaagt ttagtagttt gtttactagt tttggtaaaa    181860
     tttaacaaat ctattctcca aactaatatt ttttaagtag tgaaaatata tctgcaaagt    181920
     taggctgttg tgagttgtat caaatgtttt gtaagaacat tatcaacatt atcaattttt    181980
     ttacagatag agctatattg atacttatac aaaatacatt tattaaaaga ttgtaattaa    182040
     gaaacacaga gaatattgat tgcataagtc tggaatatct gctttcatca tcttgcatgc    182100
     tcttatggat cacaatagtg gaatagtgta catatccaat gacactaaat gtttgagtca    182160
     aagtgctact tattacactt ctgttattga aattggttat aattttatta tctgtaaatc    182220
     taatttcctt tataatattc agtggaattt gactatctat caatataaat acttttactc    182280
     tctatcaata taaatactta agaatggaaa gcaaaaattt aatttaaata ctgctgaaga    182340
     taaattatgg ctaacaataa aattactgct tcctccagca atatgatact tatacccacc    182400
     aaattactcc atttgagtta atcatgtcca gttttacaag ctggtgtact ctatacattt    182460
     agtagttgag agctaaacag cctttttaaa agacaaactt aattttggtc ctgataacca    182520
     gcattagatt atatcttttt aacatgcaac caatgcattt tattcttaag tctgtttttg    182580
     tgtgagaata gttaccataa aagaaattaa atgtaccctg actaatgttc cttagtcata    182640
     caaagaagaa acccaagctg ataaagattc agtatcagta tatcacaatt aaaataatag    182700
     agtgtaagaa atattatttg tattcattcc aaataacaag tttaaaaatc agtctctgcc    182760
     attacaaagg aaaaaaaaaa aacacaactc atgttaattt tctaaattac taaacttcaa    182820
     ggtctatttt taccatttgg taataaaagg caaaatttga cagattaggt tgatatatag    182880
     ttgcagctta gggtttacct taattactat ggaatcatat gtgtatgtgc tttggaacac    182940
     tctattcaat aaacaccaac cacctgattc acattctcta ctgcctgcaa ccaaatgcag    183000
     ttaggattta tctaaagggc atttgctata gtcatttatc aagaaaaaaa tattcttttt    183060
     ttcactagaa atcatttttg cttatttact atttgctttt aaacatctac agagaatcaa    183120
     ttgtatatga atgtgaaaaa cattaaattg ccaacactgt gtgaaacttg gatatattta    183180
     aagttacttg ttttagtccc ctcagtcttt acttgtggga gcaacatcct ctatagctta    183240
     tacttttaaa gttttattat catgtagcca gctgccacat tctcagttta ccattgcttt    183300
     ggcactatca tttcattcat gcatattttg ttacataact aaaatacttc tagttaaaat    183360
     aatgctgtga ggataactga cagtctggag agagttagca ctttagagtt ttcaaagctg    183420
     aatgtcatta tgcagccatt ctggctcgtg agatattaat ttgtgaaaac aaatcacagt    183480
     gtactacagc attttggaaa ctcattcaaa attaaatgat actatgcaaa tgtaattaat    183540
     ggcggacaat ctatcccaaa tatatctgga caataaatta gtttccaagc tggtaaggtt    183600
     ttgagaaaat cttaggagag tcatgaggta aatataaaat aagaatacat tgaataaatg    183660
     aataaataaa taaataaata acacccctta aagagaattc ttcaagtaga attgtgtgaa    183720
     atgttgatat ctcatttagt acttagcata tgctgaaagt aactcataaa atttatagat    183780
     aactatccac aaacctagct ataatttgca cgcgttttta tttaaaataa cctccccttt    183840
     tctttaatat tagttttatc accaagtaaa acaaacaggc agtaattacc aagtggaact    183900
     tatagtaagt ataagagttt taacaataaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaagctag    183960
     aacattttac aaaattgtcc aaagcttcca cagcttcaga aaattgagtt ctaaaatgta    184020
     gtattaaaca gagctgccaa ataaagactc attctcttat ccagtaaatg atctaatgtc    184080
     aagtaaatat gtgcacaaac actgcagttc ataaaataga taactttttt cacttaaatc    184140
     tattttctgt tgtacttctt tcttttttca gtttattttt ttgacctgac aatttttaat    184200
     taaaagattt tcaaacttgg tgcaagagaa acaaagcaca tactatttta tgtagaacca    184260
     cttctatatg tttttagaca atccagagac atgtttaaac caagtagata tgcacagcaa    184320
     agtgaggaag catctgaaac atcccccact tcaagaaccc aaagcagagc agagtcagtg    184380
     atggcttaca tcttagtggt ttatattaat gcgattagtt agctttttta gccacatcaa    184440
     gttccatagc atcttgacag ggtacatatt ccaggtggca ttctatgggg tcacccattt    184500
     agtttcatta tgtgggagat tcagctggat tggttttaga atccaagtag atcagagact    184560
     aaaatgatgg gcaatagggt agggattcat ggagttccat gaaaagatat ccattaaaac    184620
     agcaagagac atttacaacc tccaacataa gggcagagca gcctccaatg acatcactgg    184680
     atcttatgta gtatctactg actgacttaa atgcattttc cacatcactt gttctcttgc    184740
     atcctctcat ggcttttact actgggaaga gcatgtgtct tctttaaaag gaaggcaggc    184800
     acttacttca gtaaaaatca agaagaaccc aaaaggatga aataaaacac taaactgagt    184860
     acagttttca ctagtattcg gaagacagga acaatactaa acattacaag agaattc       184917