ID   AC133160; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 163562 BP.
AC   AC133160;
DT   10-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   14-DEC-2005 (Rel. 86, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-531K24 from chromosome 3, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-163562
RA   Adams S., Levy A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-531K24";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-163562
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (07-SEP-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-163562
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-NOV-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-163562
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; f9a50b79446af04cfc2422c45fcd993c.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456099.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027995; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000033767; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027337; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027338; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027301; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027302; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027267; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027268; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027310; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027311; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027054; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027055; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027756; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027757; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026501; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026502; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027029; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027030; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027165; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027166; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027133; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027134; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027273; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027274; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027152; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027153; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027814; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027815; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026235; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026236; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026579; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026580; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC133160.4:1-163562; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000029623; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0061348; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0061349; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0061373; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0061374; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0061309; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0061310; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0061297; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0061298; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0060994; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0060995; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0061775; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0061776; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0061289; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0061290; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0060968; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0060969; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0061061; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0061062; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0061047; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0061048; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0061202; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0061203; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0061013; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0061014; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0061960; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0061961; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0060839; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0060840; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0060264; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0060265; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0B4J1F5.
DR   GOA; G3X8Y8.
DR   InterPro; IPR000157; TIR_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000483; Cys-rich_flank_reg_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR001611; Leu-rich_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR003591; Leu-rich_rpt_typical-subtyp.
DR   InterPro; IPR013783; Ig-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR022113; TMEM131-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR027185; TLR2.
DR   InterPro; IPR032675; LRR_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR035897; Toll_tir_struct_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1346060; Tlr2.
DR   MGI; MGI:2443399; Tmem131l.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0B4J1F5; A0A0B4J1F5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3X8Y8; G3X8Y8_MOUSE.
CC   On Dec 13, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:81778224.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0531K24
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..163562
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-531K24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    44265..44412
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          91544..94990
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
SQ   Sequence 163562 BP; 45707 A; 36940 C; 36953 G; 43962 T; 0 other;
     gatctgtctc tatccaatgg gaggaaaagg gcataggttg tgtcctgggg tgaaaaggaa        60
     gatgataggg tcaccaagaa ggaagatggt ctttgcacag ctgtagttac cttgaggaaa       120
     gagtatctca gcagcatctt ctgccaggct ggagagccac caagcctgcc ccagtatggc       180
     gggttctgat gagtcaacca ggttaggggt ctgtaattca caccaggtta agagtaaatc       240
     taatcctatt gatagaaaat aagcaagagt aatgaccact gctaaaagca agtttgcatt       300
     ttggccaata aattccactt ctcatgccat ccatccgatc acctacaaac atgtgactga       360
     gagagaactc gctacgtaat caggcttcct tttccagcgc aggcttttct ttggtaaaag       420
     cgataatgag tcatgatggt taatcttaac tacttgtcag ggtggagaaa tgccggcaga       480
     tcaggagagc atacatctag gtgtgcctgc aaggttacca gaagtaactg actaaggcag       540
     gaggaaggcc cactctaatg tgcctgccac cattctatac ctcaatggcc ctgatgaaat       600
     caaagaggca agagagaaaa tcatctgccc ccccccccag cttcctgcca ccagctgctc       660
     aacttcatcg caaccgcctc actgcagtaa acgaaaatta tatatatata tatatataca       720
     tatatatata tatatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatcat atatctttgt       780
     tggtccaggt attttgtcac agcaaccagt agttgaccaa cagttacaaa tgccacctcc       840
     tccccgtgac tagtgatgtt attcaaaaag ttaacatgtg acataggttt ttacagttaa       900
     aaaaatggct taaatgacag gttttgtatt acgactatct caatacaata aaaacacaca       960
     cgaaatttca gttgcataag ctatggcctg taggcacctt aaatcttgca aatgaacaat      1020
     taagcgatcc aatgttgggt agcgtgctgg gccgggaggg ggttgatagt gcataatgag      1080
     tgcccagaga gaaatcagcg tcttgtgtta gcctgactcg aagaacttag gtgccacgtg      1140
     ccagtcacat tgcccttttg ctgtttagaa tttcctacaa ggtatttgtc tgctgtttat      1200
     gaaagaggag gtcaaggctc ggggtagaag gccagactcc agatgttgcc actcccaccg      1260
     tcagaaccaa attcggtctc tccacgtgga ttgtaactag aaaagacaat ggcccctttc      1320
     caggaaaaaa aaaaaccttc tgtcccgggg ctgccttaaa gtgtgtgatt tcatgtttag      1380
     ctttcagtgc agaaccatag cagactacat tgattatact tttgctgtat gcaaaacatg      1440
     ccactatctt gggggctgcg gtgaacccct gccatcacca ggcttaggat ctggacgggt      1500
     tgacaaaaca tgtttcttat tagcgatggt tactcccgat gagattacca ggaaagatta      1560
     attacaagga ttcttcttgg catgcccaaa ctgtttccct cagtcaatat ttcaactact      1620
     tgtcatctat tttgtaatac aattttgact tgccattcag attgcaatga cagcaacatt      1680
     ttagaaataa ttggatctct ttctaattga gtgggcttga ctttcttttc gatgtgtgag      1740
     tcaggttcgt ttcctttgct gtgatgttag cgtggccttt gttcgtgacc cagtccttaa      1800
     cagttgagta acagtccagt cctgctaagg agctgggtca gtctccaaac acctcattgt      1860
     atccatgtgc aaagttccca gaggcagctt ctgtgggtgg aactggctac cacgaggcac      1920
     tacttactgc ctgctgaaat gaaaacaata aatagcccat acataaagca cttaccgtgt      1980
     actttgtcta actactttat tttattaagt ctcaccaggg acttactatg gtttggataa      2040
     gtatctgtgg aggcccatgt gtaaaaggtt tggttctcag ccaatggctc ttttgggaag      2100
     tactgagcca tctcttcggc cccaacaata gtgtcttaag cgctattcaa aaccaccgtt      2160
     gtaaaatgta tgaaatgtaa ctgctgcttc ctagatagtt tctttacacc tacagccatg      2220
     aggtaggatt caaattgtac cccgtctgtg ttagagggtt ttcttactaa tttgtccaat      2280
     agatgcgagt gagattggca tgtaccactt ccaaatggaa gtatttgtca tctagggatg      2340
     ggtgctgggg ccctctctgc ctgcccagca attgcgtgta tagatcttct tagagcagca      2400
     ccctaacaca aagcagatgg ggattctgag cctggaaagc agccacccac agcaagcttt      2460
     gcaaatgaga agcaaacttc tgctgtttgg tagcaattgt tacagcagca tagccttgcc      2520
     taacatgacc ataatgtata tcatctatga cctagagcca tatgtaaagc ttttaataac      2580
     catcttgccc cattgatacc tgaacatcgt ttggatagta gcattgtgaa aatggttgct      2640
     aacatgaagt tctgagggga attgagaaaa aaaatctgtg gtcgtttgca tgagaggagc      2700
     cctcatagac ttatatggtt gaatacttgg tctcctgttg gttgaactgc ttgggaagga      2760
     ttaggaggtg tggccttctt ggaggaggtg tgtcactggg gataagcttt gaggtttcaa      2820
     aaacctagta accacttccc gtgttcctct tggtcaggca tggtatagta cttgggaggc      2880
     agaagcaagc agatctctct gagttctagg ctagccgtct acaccacata gtaagttcca      2940
     ggacaacaag agctacatag tgagactgtc tcaaaaaaaa gcaacaacaa tccagtgttt      3000
     ctctctctgt ctcctcagca catgtgtttg cagctgttcc tgcctccgag tctttgctct      3060
     gccatcatgg actccacctc tctgaaactg taagcccaat taggagcttt cttttatacg      3120
     ttgccttggt catggtgttt tgtcacaaca gaaaagctac taatatggat tgttttcata      3180
     aatctatgtg ctaattcaca atctatctct ttcgttctat aaaaaagaat ggtgcaggca      3240
     gcccagtgat caatagcacc atccttcaac acaaagaaca gcccattata tcttgcaaat      3300
     agaaaagtaa ttagctaaac tcattctgaa agataggcac aacatgtaac caccatttct      3360
     gccaacatga cgattatcaa agggtttacg ggcacatcct atgagcaaag gagtatcgct      3420
     cccagcactg tcaaatatct gacactgtcc ccttccaaag ggatgcttgc aactgcataa      3480
     actcagcatc attaccctcc tgctaagcaa actaggcttt ccaaggacat tctccaggca      3540
     ccagaaagcc ctgcttccca gagcacattc ctgtctgcac agagggatac ttgaaataca      3600
     tgaatgggaa gagtgattca gaaaaataag gactaagcct tctcaaattt taaccacacc      3660
     atttttgagg ttaagagaaa agctctattg gttttttaaa ttttaattta aaaatcaaaa      3720
     attcctcttt ttttgaccat gtcagtatgg ggaatgtcat attgaggaaa acaagaaaaa      3780
     ttcttttttg agattcagtg aatctgtcca aatgccagaa aatattatga tcaaatttct      3840
     acatcaggag aactagagac aatgaggtcc tcactcaggg acatcccagt cacagtacac      3900
     agatctcgga tattgactag cagcatcctt ggagacataa gcagcagagc agccatcttg      3960
     agagcagcac acggttgaag cctgtgtagt tagagtagat acataatagt aactcattag      4020
     gacatatgtc tccatcctta tgacatgtga aaagttctta caaattgtaa tgtaccattt      4080
     gcttattttt ttatttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc      4140
     tgcctgtgct tgtacgttca tatatggaaa gcaaagattg acatatgcct tcttttctca      4200
     atcactcttc atttttattg tttgagacag gttctctaac tgggcctaga gctcacttac      4260
     tgaaccagac tggctaacca gagaggccca gcgagtctcc tgtctcctct catcacactg      4320
     gggttacaca tgggtaccac cacgtccaga gctctacaga ggctgagaat ccacacactg      4380
     gttctcactc ttgcctagca gcccttgctt gcgttttctc acattctttt gtcgatgtgg      4440
     tactgaaatt aaaagatgtc tattgacacc tttgaaatgg tgccttgctt gcatttttaa      4500
     acttcatatg tgtattacaa agatttccca catcatttcc ttttaagaga agcaatccct      4560
     gagtgaacaa tttagcttgt gtctgcatgt gtcacgtctg tactttttac agtagctacc      4620
     tattggttag ggaaatgcaa aaatacattc ctacattatc tatctcgtgg gccatgtgaa      4680
     ttccttgtgt atttattata atttagggtg ttcgtataca tttttacttt ccattgaatc      4740
     agtactctgc acaagtgtgt ggagaggtgt gacattctcg ggtgtataca cagtaagtgc      4800
     taactggacc aggcaatgac cacacgcgtt cttcagttct tcatggggaa actcaaaaca      4860
     actcagagct tttaaggcag atgcattcct gtgtgcaagc agtttataaa gtgggcaaag      4920
     aaccatctcc ctttggcagg ttaagctggt cttacatgaa gacaagaaac tgacctctga      4980
     agacagtttg taggtttctc tgactttcca taaaacttaa cctatcacca ctcaaatggg      5040
     accaacagtt ggccggtctt cgctttgttt ttgctttttc tgggtgacac atattccttc      5100
     ctccccgtgg agatcttccc tccttatctg tttgtaacta aaaaagttcc ttgtccgcag      5160
     aaagctgtaa caccttcaac tttaagccaa atgcagaagg gaagaagttt tacttttatc      5220
     tgccaatact aagctaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaacaaaa actcttgaaa atgggaacat      5280
     tattaaatta acactacaga ccatgatggg agtcttttga ttggatagat ggaattaaac      5340
     cccaaggaac ctgatcagtg ccctttacaa ggcacattag gctgcatctt cattgagtat      5400
     gggagcatcc tgtggtgaca atgacatcct atggcaatca ctgccatgtg gacactataa      5460
     attccctcaa ctatcatggg aatgaatatg ctacagagta acaccactct ccaaaatgtt      5520
     caaaaagaaa ataatgtgtt gatgtgacct gattttgaag ctgggtacaa ggaaacttat      5580
     cctttctccc ttattttccc cttttcacgc cccagcccag taccatctcc cctgactagg      5640
     acaagaacct gcagaaatca gaggttttaa cttactacca ccatgcagaa aggactccga      5700
     catgtccttg gtatctgctt gcaaagaaga atctatcaaa agaaaaccac aggccattct      5760
     gttcatcttc agctttaacc cagaaatatg acagcgggtt cctgagcccc tgtggataat      5820
     gcattactac actcaaagca cgattcagct cgggttcttc tagggcagaa gttgctgaga      5880
     agcgctttag ctaattaaaa cttcacagaa acaaggggaa aacaggaaat gttgcacggc      5940
     acagccaaga tgatctctag acacttcaca gactggccaa ggaccagaaa cccaatttaa      6000
     catttgcaaa cgtttctgtg aaatatttga ctcctccctg ggcaactaga gatttacaaa      6060
     ctactaaggg acattcagct tgctaatgaa aactttataa atacttagtg ccagtgaact      6120
     cagccagggt gctaattctg cctgggctgg acaccacagt ctgaaaggat acgttgcatg      6180
     cttagcccta gaccagctca aatcctgcag cttactgaag ctgagcctgc cataaattga      6240
     tgactcaatt taataaatgt gacaaatgtc tttatttggg ctgtggaaaa aatctaccaa      6300
     ttataaagac ccaaagatgc aaaatatgaa ttcagggaga ccaacagctc tccacgctga      6360
     ggtccatctc tgggaggagc acgtgctcac actcgggtct cttctgccca tggggcgctc      6420
     ctatgtgatg cctccttgct attttctgat agccagatag ccacagctct cacctgagtg      6480
     agcacctgtt taacctgtgg tccctgctat tcacagcaga caatcaagcc agcctttctt      6540
     tccaggctct gggctggcaa acaacctcga gccttgggct tttgcttttc cggtcggcat      6600
     ttttttaatg tgagtgattg ggtgatgctt aaagagtctc atcagcagtc gcaatcccat      6660
     cagtgagcag tgacctcctg ggatcccaga gaacagcagg gcaagctggg taggcagcag      6720
     ggcagagaca agggaaggtg ccagtaagcc tttaattaag gacggaatgc aggctaggtc      6780
     tacactgttg tcctgggttt caaatttttc aacccccaga taaaggaatt gtgagtggtg      6840
     gggctaaggt gatggcttag gttataacta aaaggctttg tgttgtgagg aatcgggtgg      6900
     gggggaggat ggggggggca tcagtagact cccctgttct agaggcagtg tggccaaagg      6960
     gactcctccc tgctggggct tattgtcctt ggcactcttt gtttatttat ttattttggt      7020
     ttttagcaga agcaatccag ggaaggccaa ggcatcctct gctctttctt ccaagattca      7080
     agagccattt ctctccttga aagaacagag ggaatggaaa ccagactctc caagataacc      7140
     agccacaacc agctttcctg atgtgacaga cacagagaga gagaaagaga cagagagaca      7200
     gagggacagg agacgccttc gcaaagcagt tttctcatcc atcagcagtc cgctgctgac      7260
     aaacctttct gtgaccaagg aagtgcaccg caccactgaa gaaagatcat gggtgtgatt      7320
     gttttggcac gacttagcaa ctgtgctcta ttgctatttg tttctgtgtg tgaatcgggg      7380
     tttgtctgtg aagtccagac aaacctagaa tgcactacat agccaaagct tgcttgaaac      7440
     tcatgacaat cctcctgcct cagtctccca atctggaact ataggtgagc ttcatggggt      7500
     ccaacttctt tcagtcattt aaattttttt aatgtgtgat tgtgtttgct tgaatgcatg      7560
     catgggtgaa cgtacgggtg gaggacagtg ggcacagaag gtactagaag tgcagttaca      7620
     ggggactgtg aaccgcgcac tgtggatgct ggcaaccgcc ccagctcctc aacaagagca      7680
     gcaagtgctc ttaaccactg agcggtctct acttcatttc ccatttatta cagagcttcc      7740
     aaagtatcca ttcattgact tcttggcctt tgtcaacgag caagttcgat gtacttggga      7800
     cagagagggg gcaggcctcc acaggtggac ggaatctgcc aaacacatgg cttactgaga      7860
     tcctggcaat tatcgttctt cccagacagg ctccttctgg tggggaggta gccatcaagt      7920
     cagacacagg ataactcagc tggctttgtc tctaagggat catcgcctca cacacccctg      7980
     actgctgccc aagttcccca tggcaaaaac tagatgctgg gtctaatccc caccctagta      8040
     gacctccacc aggcagcaaa ctttcctggc ctggtccctt gggttcctgg tctggtccct      8100
     tggctggttt ttccaggttg gatggctctg aggcccttaa catcttaaag agcaacagct      8160
     ccgttcagtt gttagcatag tattcgccct cactctagcc aattcttaaa gtggaaatac      8220
     aaagcacctg gtctctgtgc tcagagttcc tcgcacctcc aggcgtgggc accggtcctc      8280
     cctgcgcctg cgcaggaagg tagcttcccc tggcatgggg acccactagt gacaggacga      8340
     agaggagcct aagaaatgaa gtcgttgctc ctccgagggc caaaggccat cctcttgagc      8400
     aaccggtaag aatgtaaaag atctcagttt ccactggtga gggagagcag ctctccttgt      8460
     actagagaca acctctcgtt tgggaaatgg cgcccccaga tggctgcagc gaatactgga      8520
     gaaagtagtg gccctggtac cgggcagcct taccaggcct ggaagattcg gtacactgga      8580
     gaagacaacc ctcacccctg gaaagtctgt ggataaaagt caagtaataa cacttctgga      8640
     ggcaaccaaa agaacaggac ccaaaggcag gcagctagat ctctgtgtga catggttcag      8700
     ttacttaaat cctttgtgcc tcaatttcct tatgattatg gaaaaaaaaa agtgtaacaa      8760
     tcaagggacc agcgaaacag ttcagcaggt aagtttgctt gccaccagac ctgaccatat      8820
     gagttttatc ttgggggtcc atgggtgcaa ggagagaacc aaacccctaa agttgtcctc      8880
     tgatctccac aggaatgttg tggccctaca acccccataa ataaatgtgg agtggggagg      8940
     cagggggtgg ttaaggataa tgatcacggc cacttgctgg gtggcagtga ggatttctaa      9000
     agacaagatg acattggtcg ggtggttgct gggtcctctt cctaggggtt aggggatgcc      9060
     ctactatgtg ctgctctaga ctacaaatct tgacttcaaa acagccttag agcagaaact      9120
     ccccttcctt tgacccaggc cctgcgtgtt aaccaggaaa gtggacacct agcacccaca      9180
     ttttcccctc taaaggaagt acaggccagt gatgtgaaca cttccgggga gagcgtgaaa      9240
     aatgaatctc catttcaagt ttgccccctg ggcagccaaa gctgcatcat cggagaaatt      9300
     aagaaactac acatgcgtgt tgtgcttcta ggctttcttg ctttgagacc tttgctgggc      9360
     ttctgtgtgc tttcaggaca ccattccaga gtgcaggagg aagcttgctc tcctggcacc      9420
     caggctgccc tgcgacctcc ttggatgctg ggcagaactg ggattagcaa gctccagacg      9480
     ttggagatcc ccctaagcat cttagcttga gagcaaaggg ctcgcctctc cagaaatcta      9540
     gcagccagca aagggttaac caagcagcag agagactagg gcagctttct gtgtccctca      9600
     agattcatca atgcccctta aagacagaaa gcaccagatg gaaaggcaag accaccaaaa      9660
     gacagatgtg gaggctcttt gggcctgcag catttgagta ggacgttgtt ggctgggtgc      9720
     tgggatgggg gtgggactga gggaagggtc cggtactatg agaagcatcc tctaagcaga      9780
     ataggagggc ctggcactgt gaatcgcact gtttactaac taggaacttc ccttcacagg      9840
     gaattgagag gaggctcgac atggactctc agaggcaaag gcttgcgact tttgatagga      9900
     aacctgtgta cctgggaacc tacaggaagc gcagaagagc ctaggcgaac ccaagcactc      9960
     caagtgcttg ctttgcccgg gagttctctc ctctgggcta cataaaccca cacgggaacc     10020
     cggtggggat aaccacagag tgtccttgag ctgtgcttca cacacagaca gtgagtggtc     10080
     taccctctga ggaaggctac tgccctgctc cccagcagcg ggcttgccgc gcggacacgc     10140
     ctgtcacaca agcatgcaat tggctgatga tggacgaaag gagggtgcac gactctagat     10200
     ggagaggaag atggagcttg agcttgagtc caggccgagt ggtactgatg ttggaacggt     10260
     ctgcgacaac aagctatgtt tctgacgacc cgggcaagca agcgggcaga agcgagagct     10320
     tgagcccggt gttactggag actcccgtaa gacttcgggc gacccctcct ggcgagcgag     10380
     acagacgcag gctccccaaa caatgcctag gcccgcggta gtgcgccagg cgcatgggca     10440
     gcccgctgca ctccgaaaca caaaagcgag tgactcaaac tagacgaatt ggtggtgggc     10500
     ttcttgatct tccactcagg ggatcggcag gcgggaggtg accccatgga tgtactttgg     10560
     ggccacgagt agtgaatacc tgagaatact agaattccat ttcagcgttc agcctgtgta     10620
     gctgtttggt ttaacttttt tgtatttgtg tggtttattt tcaaactagt ttttacctgg     10680
     ggagaaagtc taagcctctg gctgcttcag ctagacacgg gaaggtctag agccaattgg     10740
     atggaaacgg ctccactcag gcaggccttc agcagagcag gaaagatgga gctggacttt     10800
     taaagactcc cattgcgggc tccctctggg tgtttacctg cttcgactat ggccagaagt     10860
     gggtaggaaa tagcatttta tcgtcctctc gtcactcctt aaactctcat aaactgcggg     10920
     accacaaaat gtgctgaccc cctaaatcct gagctcacca tccagatgga tggaaaatgt     10980
     aaatcaggca gcaaacatcc aacccagctg ttaaatccag gaagcagcaa caatgtgtcc     11040
     accttacact tgaaagagga ttgttggggg gggggggggc aaagagggga agtcactacc     11100
     caggacttgc aaggtcccac ttaaagagag gctgactctt aagacaaggg aaggtttggg     11160
     gaagagacac cccccccctt aacccacccc ctgcgcacgt ccaaactgtc tctctgtact     11220
     cctttccccg cctggcacct tacaatccac ttaccctaac attaggttcc ctgttctaca     11280
     gagcagagga tggcccgatg ggtgaccagg atggcgtgac caggatgggt gaccaggatg     11340
     gcgtccctgg ttgttagggg atgaatgggc caactatgct gaggacatga ctaactcttg     11400
     tgaccacaga ggtctctgcc cgttcctgcc caccttctga ccttggtact cataagcccc     11460
     atttattgct ttggtggcct atactgaggt aatcctgaac ccctatgtat tagagcccgt     11520
     gcagccttca agcatagaca tctcttcaga ggtcaaattt tctcctccaa agaggagaaa     11580
     tggcgggcaa attcgtgatg cctctgacaa gtcctccaca gtgacaaaat cctatagaca     11640
     ccccagcaaa atagcaactc cgtgcatggc tgcaattcca ttttataagt cagaatgtgt     11700
     cgtgaggctg tggaatcaca ttgctcaagc cagtctgctc aacttgggct ggagaaccgg     11760
     gaggaaaaag cccaggccac aaagagtcta gtactgctgg tttatggtta ctcggggaca     11820
     gggacgcagt gctgagactt aaaggctgct gcacatcgat acgggcgcag gccacgcggg     11880
     gcgtgaaacg cgttccagcc ctgatccgac tgcaaggcag ctagcccggc tccacgcgtg     11940
     tcctcgactt tcgttgcctc ctcctcgctc tcccctcgct ctccctggga cagggtggcc     12000
     cgcgcttgtc tgcttgcaag gcaatcacca gagcgcgcgc gcaggggctg ctgcctcggg     12060
     gtgggggcgc agcccgaatt tcctgccagc gagcgcgtga ggggcattct caacgcagcc     12120
     agccccagaa agtagtgacc ggcctcctcg gattactccg gtttggctcc tcccttgctc     12180
     cccctcctcc acctccagat ttgcataaaa aaggccaaga aaactctggc tgggccccag     12240
     cctctgctca ctctgctccc ccgggtcgga gccccccgga gctgcgcgcg ggcttgcagt     12300
     gccttgcccg cgccgacctc ccggcgcccg gcttcgcgcg ttcgcgccgc ccgctgtcca     12360
     gagcccccac gagcagagcg agggagtccc ggacgagctc gagctccggc cgcctctcgc     12420
     ttcccccgct cggctccctc cgccccccgg gggtcgctag tccacgatgc cgcggggccc     12480
     tgcctcgctg ctgctgctag tcctcgcctc gcactgctgc ctgggctcgg cgcgtgggct     12540
     cttcctcttc ggccagcccg acttctccta caagcgcagc aactgcaagc ccatccccgc     12600
     caacctgcag ctgtgccacg gcatcgagta ccagaacatg cggctgccca acctgctggg     12660
     ccacgagacc atgaaggagg tgctggagca ggcgggcgcc tggattccgc tggtcatgaa     12720
     gcagtgccac ccggacacca agaagttcct gtgctcgctc ttcgcccctg tctgtctcga     12780
     cgacctagat gagaccatcc agccgtgtca ctcgctctgc gtgcaggtga aggaccgctg     12840
     cgccccggtc atgtccgcct tcggcttccc ctggccagac atgctggagt gcgaccgttt     12900
     cccgcaggac aacgacctct gcatccccct cgctagtagc gaccacctcc tgccggccac     12960
     agaggaaggt aagccttccc tattcgatcc acccactccc aagaagcctg aggtgctagg     13020
     acctggggag tggggtgggt ggggtggggg acaccccgca gccaccactc cacatcctag     13080
     tttgtccagg ctggaggtcc caaccttgga tatggcagct ctccttgccc taatctgttg     13140
     ccatacggag ttagagatat ccacccatgc gccaagattc ctccttggtt ctaacagttc     13200
     ctcttaggta gttaagaaag ccaaacaaaa gtggcaagcc tttttttaag attcttgctc     13260
     tgcgtccccg cttctgaaag catttaccat gattgggtcc tagtgatgag cacccaggct     13320
     cagcctctct ctgcacgttc ttgtcccact ggataaaaac aaacgataca cgttgatcac     13380
     cttttgagat tgtttttttg tccttcgcca atgtaggttt ggagataaaa aaacgaagac     13440
     tgtctgggag cgagtggaac cctgactatt ggttttaact ccccaggtgt ttgggggaga     13500
     gaggctaaag gcaatcaaca ggactcatct ctctgtcact atctgctttt atcttaggag     13560
     tggttttaat tagctgggga aaaaatcatg cagaagagtt ccctcaagtt tttagaaaac     13620
     agagggaagt tcataggcaa aaaccatcaa agcaatgaaa acctcatgca ctcttgatac     13680
     ttttcctgaa aggaaaaagt atacaatgtg tctgagctga tttgggcccc ggagatagaa     13740
     aagggggctt ccttacccct ctctggctgc agccgcatct ccctttcaat cgctaatttt     13800
     tttcctgcag acatcattag ttaaagaaaa tacaaagttg tttagcaatc tttcctggca     13860
     ggcaccatga gtctgcaatc atcttattgg ttaggtttct aatttattgc aaatgtttgg     13920
     catttttcaa acatttgccc aacatataca atagaataac caatacaggt tggtagcatt     13980
     tcatacacac tccgagcctc ccgattggaa gtgtttctct ctggttgggt agggctgggg     14040
     ttgttttgtg ggggttgcct ttgttgtttt tcttcctgcc atcaacccaa atagacacag     14100
     ggtattcctc cagagttcac tttcctcctt caaaataagc ctggacgcct gcgaagtttg     14160
     cttgatattt tcaaaaatca gataactttt cttttatggg tcacaaggtt tttttttttc     14220
     tttttccctg tgaaaatttg atttcatact agtgaaaacc tacaagattg cacttgaatt     14280
     ttaatgatat cattgggcat atttataaat tagagaaaga aagtgtttcc ttcatgagag     14340
     tatgtttttt cacgagggcc ccagacagac tgatagctgt aagcccacag cgcgcgcgca     14400
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaccgg gtctgttcag acaaacccca ccaggaagtt     14460
     cttactcact cacatcgcct tgtccctagg tttatttgct ggcacaggca aggctaggca     14520
     acaagcacct gtaccaagga gctggagtgg ggggataatg aaataaatca taactgaacc     14580
     gcagacttgg cagggagtac aaggtgaagg agagccggtt atttgctggc tgtgggaatg     14640
     actgagctgt gcttccaaga tgcaaacaag caggccctat aggttcctcg cagcacagca     14700
     ctgccatcct tcccagccca gatgaggaaa aaaaaaatct gcaaaagatc cctagagccc     14760
     tgctgagcag gaggggcttt ctccatgtcc tgcagatgag aagcatcttt ccattgtgtt     14820
     ttatggttat accttttccc atgcccctgt ggggtttgga ttcctgacgg tcttcttaga     14880
     gatcctggga tggctggagt catgtgagga ggggaaggaa ctgagaagca cagactctcc     14940
     agagcatctt gccacacact cctacccacc cactgtccac ggctcctacc cacccactgt     15000
     ccgcagctcc ctttttattt gagggctagt gctcataaag ctagacatgc ggccactctg     15060
     atgtcaccca accagagttg gaaagggcag ctagggaaca gaggggtccg atttctatgg     15120
     aggaggctga agcaggggtc acacaggaca atggctgcgc tggcctggct cggtcctttt     15180
     gagctgttta cagacgccac ctgctgttcc cttcttagca aactcactga agctcttttc     15240
     acacccccag ctcccaaggt gtgtgaagcc tgcaaaacca agaatgagga cgacaacgac     15300
     atcatggaaa ccctttgtaa aaatgacttc ggtaagtagc cgccaccgcc aacagatgtc     15360
     acatccatcc aagtttcagt caccaggaaa agttaaaagt agacatcatg ggtaagaagt     15420
     cgccagatga ggctgggtga gacatgatca cctctcccgg tccctaaagt cacctaactg     15480
     gctcttaagt cacttgatat gtaactgtcg cactctgagt tacactgaat tacactcact     15540
     gtttccttag acaacaacca aatgtgaatt tcccaaggca ccagtgtaca atggctaact     15600
     tctcatctct tcggcgtctt tttggttttt ttggttctgg tttggtttgg tttggtttgg     15660
     tttggtttgg tttggttttg gtgccaacac acagaatccc atgccatgta tctttttcag     15720
     ttgcttggca tgtgtgccag gcactgggag gcacctatga ccctcagcaa aatagattca     15780
     aacttttaag gtgacacaaa agaaacactt gcactagcat caaatgaaaa tattttcact     15840
     cgatctgtag ccccatagcg acacattggt cacagtttga gagagggaga gggagagaga     15900
     gagagagttt tcccaagtta ggtgaggtga aagaggttgg tcgtgatcga gtagtgtcag     15960
     ggtagatgaa gtaatgcaac ccaggtgacg ttattcaagg agcataaaca ataagtcact     16020
     ccctttagga gatgatagga ggaaggagag acttctgcaa agaacattac ctgcacctac     16080
     tgctgtctac aagctccacc cccaggtgtg tggggggggg ggaactacct aaacaagggg     16140
     taaagccaaa atcccacatg gatgtcccac ccatcagcac tgttgcttta atcgtacctc     16200
     aaggatagac atgcttggtt gtattacagg ggactgtacc cctaaagggt attattcagt     16260
     cgaaagctgg aagttactgg taagcagaga tcactggtct accaaacaac atagagtcta     16320
     acagagcagt gttaacattt ccataaattc aacacatctt taagactgag gaaacgggtg     16380
     ccactgttga cgcacgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     16440
     cgcacgcgcg cgcgcacgca cgcatcccct cattacctgc taccttgaac tctcaggcca     16500
     agtcaggtct cgaacactga gaacagtcct ggtctctgct cctcagggac ttcagatctt     16560
     ttcaggaggt gtcctgagtt gaaccttggc tggttcctga actgtggccc tgacacaagg     16620
     aaacacttgg agctgttgag gaaggagaca gacagaacaa gaactccaag tcttaactaa     16680
     taactgccaa gtaggaggag cctcacagga ggtcataagg tttcacatgt ctgtcttcaa     16740
     acaacagacc tcatagtatc tatctcaggg ccagctgtgt tcacagtgga tattcttcag     16800
     tcttgagagt cttaacaaat cacaattctt tgctgccatg tcagataatc atttaggaaa     16860
     atgtataatt ctataaagta tttgtttcag ctttttgtac tatacataca atttctctcc     16920
     tgactttcat ggctcttaaa gcaaatacat ttagcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     16980
     cacaccccac ttgcttgctt tgtggcttac ctaacagaag acaaactttc tcaaagggcc     17040
     atgtgaagtt ctgagccaaa gaagcggtgt gagtaacctg tacagcgcag ccgtcaggat     17100
     ctttgctctc cggtgccctg ctcctttgag atagggacaa tgcaggagta gctcacttgg     17160
     cctctgtgct ttgaggagca gtagatggag caggctgagc gatggagctt atttagcttg     17220
     caccatcctg gcaggcccag cactccccac cctagctcca cactcagaga aatgcaaagc     17280
     ttctccatac ctccatagca caggttacac aacatgccac tgggcttgtg actgtcacct     17340
     ctgcctgtat cctcagtcac accttccaga gcaagaattg taccttggct ctttgattcc     17400
     ctatgttttg tctcagcttc gagtctaagg aggaatcact atcgcctccc ctatgatctg     17460
     tattttagag gtaaagagag gtaactcacc tcctagctca aactgatgac gcttctggta     17520
     tttggcaatc aagaatgttt cattgatcag gtggagcctg gccccggccc catctatgtc     17580
     agagactaga ctcttggcta atgtataacc agttcaattc acccctatag cagcctctta     17640
     taccatagta gagtcatgtg acatttccac atagcatatt ccatagtact gaggagtcag     17700
     tactatggtt cagatgaata ccacaccagg aaaaactgtc actcaccaag tcacagcacc     17760
     cacgcttcac cgtgcaacac cattcatttc tattttggct gtttcgaaag ccagctcagt     17820
     tgagttccct gtctgaattt ttttttaaag gaagagaaaa cctcaaagac atacacacac     17880
     aaaattctcc actattacta atttaaacaa tgcattaaac cccatcaaag ttgggaagtc     17940
     agacatgcgt gtcatctatt acagctgtcg gtggcaccaa gagtcttggg acacactgga     18000
     gcacgaggac gggactttga cattgcctca agagaacaca gtggtagtgg aggaggaggc     18060
     ttggagactg agataggaca cacgctacct gggtggcctg gtacatgtca cagacacttc     18120
     tctcgatttg catcctcgtg gactaatgag cttttaatgg gatggccctc tctaacctga     18180
     aagtcctatc cttttccggc atgtgtggag tcctgacatt taatcccggc ctatgtgttt     18240
     cccaacgcat agtgttcatg gctataaaat gtgtctttta cagtaaacaa cttgcttttt     18300
     ggtcttaaca ttctgatgac tctacataca cattttgaaa agtgcataca tgatctgtga     18360
     gtgcctcggt cctggccagg caagggagag cacgtgagga tgaagtcttc agaaaaacac     18420
     ttttatggct aaacatgttg tgctcttaaa aaaaaaagag acttgcattt ttttttctcc     18480
     ttgttacttt accaaatcaa aagcagctgc aagacccatt tctccttccc ctgtaatctg     18540
     gtcttcagaa aacggtgacc atgataccat ttcctcagga gtttgcctaa aaacctctct     18600
     gacataataa acccagctga acggttgccg ccagggaggc tcacgtatca cggaagagtc     18660
     aggcatttct ccgcatgctg aagactcctc caatagggga gtcgtttgct gggggtagca     18720
     agaactacat gccaagcaac ttatcaagac aagggtcagt gtgaggacaa gagttaattc     18780
     aatcctgcaa gaaggttctg gaacgatagc tggttggaaa caaaatgctc tgccaatgtt     18840
     tggggacttt agaaatggag ctgcctgcag accccagggc caaagcccct acccacaaca     18900
     ctaatggtct gttcggttat aggaagcccc tctttaccac atatcaaggg cagaataggc     18960
     agcaaagctt acaagctcca cagttctccg ccgtcatcac ccgtgttttc tgatgtcctt     19020
     tctgcccctc ttgtcttcac agcactgaaa atcaaagtga aggagataac gtacatcaac     19080
     agagacacca agatcatcct ggagacaaag agcaagacca tttacaagct gaacggcgtg     19140
     tccgaaaggg acctgaagaa atccgtgctg tggctcaaag acagcctgca gtgcacctgt     19200
     gaggagatga acgacatcaa cgctccgtat ctggtcatgg gacagaagca gggcggcgag     19260
     ctggtgatca cctccgtgaa acggtggcag aagggccaga gagagttcaa gcgcatctcc     19320
     cgcagcatcc gcaagctgca atgctagttt cccagtgggg tggcttctct ccatccaggc     19380
     cctgagctct gtagaccact tccgctccgc gacctcattt ccggtttccc aagcacagtc     19440
     cgggaaagct acagccccag cttggagccg cttgccctgc ctcctgcatg tgtgtatccc     19500
     taacatgtcc tgagttataa ggccctagga ggccttggaa acccatagct gttttcacgg     19560
     aaagcgaaaa gcccatccag atcttgtaca aatattcaaa ctaataaaat catgactatt     19620
     tttatgaagt tttagaacag ctcgttttaa ggttagtttt gaatagctgt agtactttga     19680
     cccgaggggc attttctctc tttggtcagt ctgttggctt ataccgtgca cttaggttgc     19740
     catgtcaggc gaattgtttc tttttttttt tttttttccc tctgtggtct aagcttgtgg     19800
     gtcccagact tagttgagat aaagctggct gttatctcaa agtcttcctc agttccagcc     19860
     tgagaatcgg catctaagtc ttcaaacatt tcgttgctcg ttttatgccc tcatgagctc     19920
     tgaccattgc atgcgttccc atcccagcta cagaacttca gtttataagc acacagtaac     19980
     cattcctcat tgcatgatgc cctcaaataa aaagtgaata cagtctataa attgacgagt     20040
     attttaagct ttgtttaaaa catcttttaa ttcaattttt taatcatttt ttttgcaaac     20100
     taaatcattg tagcttacct gtaatatacg tagtagttga cctggaaaag ttgtaaaaat     20160
     attgctttaa ccgacactgt aaatatttca gataaacatt atattctttg tatataaact     20220
     ttacatcttg ttgtacctat tctttgtctt ctgtcatgtc tcctttgacc aacgaccttg     20280
     gagggagctc tgtcatttcc ttctcaggag gcccagtcct ccccacagca ggttgaagtt     20340
     accagctact ccagtggttt aagactggtc tccccataca ttagcatgta ccccacattt     20400
     cagccagatt cgtggccact gctcctgcag acagcagaga cttcgaaggc tctcattggt     20460
     ccatctcagc aattcagtta catatcaatg ggactctgaa ctgtgcctca cagtcctgct     20520
     gtgtattgct ggagattctt agagaagagc agccattgtg aatgtggtaa gtccttccat     20580
     acttaagttc tgaggttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcta tgatttgtag     20640
     aacatccact ggaagccagg atacagagag aggatgctga aagacagggt aagaaagaga     20700
     aagacagaca tccataaatg cttgccttaa tccgtgtagg ccactgtgac aagctttctt     20760
     agactgggca atgaatacac accagaaatc tatttcacac ggagccagga gattcagtgt     20820
     cctatgaagc ctctctgctc catatatgga tcctccttac tattcactaa tatgacaaag     20880
     gggtggcaaa acttccctgg gccgctttga taagagcagc aatctcaatt ctgccagcgg     20940
     gacctcatct caaaggctcc acttcctaat agcaactcac tggggatctc accttatgtc     21000
     gaatttcagg gaaacacaaa cagacctcag caatgaccat ccacatactt cattatttta     21060
     ttataaaact tgcttagaca gtctatctgg cacatgaaag tgaggcccag ggaccagcca     21120
     gcagcgctcc taaagcactc aagccaggga gaaaacagat gctgacacct gttcggtgtg     21180
     ggagtgcact gcagacgcgc aaggatgctc gccttggccc aggtgcttag tgagcaaata     21240
     gtgactgata atgtgccaga cgtgctttag ggactgggga cacgggtgtc ggttttattc     21300
     cttatagaga ccgtgtaagg aaatgaagaa aagcgaagcg caggaagatt atgtcagtaa     21360
     agctggtggc ttgtctggag atggaatgca gacaagtatg aacacagcag tgcctcaaca     21420
     gctctgattt tctaaaagaa aatccctgtg tgtgtgtgag tgtgcgagcg tgcgtgcgtg     21480
     tatgtctatt catccgtctg gctggctggc tggctgtcta tacgagagtg caatgcttgg     21540
     caagtccaga agatgacatc acatacccta aagctgcagt tacagcagtt gtgagtcacc     21600
     cagtgtgggt cctggaaaat aagcttgagt tgtctgcagg tgaggcacat gttcttaacc     21660
     ccccaagtca cctctcgtgc cccaaggctg acacttctaa tggttgtcat gtgagggctt     21720
     catctagcag cattttccct gtcagctgag tagcttctca ccttctatcc ctggccatct     21780
     ctctgcagca cctcaggctt ctctgcctcc acagctaatg cggcccactg cccaggcctc     21840
     agagtttagc tgatacctgt catttttttc ctctgcaccc ctgctagatt ctgcttctca     21900
     tcagatcctc aaggcaaatc ccatggatat ctaaatggca tgagagcagg agtagcagtg     21960
     cgagggggtg gggagagagg gttgggggag gtctgtgggc tccctgcaga cgctgcctgc     22020
     cgccctgcag agtaacaaga agcatgaggc aagaaggaga tccagttcgg catgacttag     22080
     ccagccagtg ttggctcaaa gttctacagt ctgaccccga gccatttact tttgacagac     22140
     ttacatggta aaactttagg gggagaaaaa agagaaaatg atccctataa agtttaaggc     22200
     gcgcctatac tgaaaccctt ttgcaaagca cctgctgccc ttccataaga acgggtccta     22260
     ttgactcaga agcaatgctc aagagcctgg aaagggtctg gagtatacgt gagagtccga     22320
     gggatttgag acttggtcct acagatagca aagatcacca agttattaac tcacccattc     22380
     ccagctttcc aggcagaaat gggtataaac cacttccact gaagagaaaa gcatccgtgt     22440
     ttaacatttc tggttcccct agtgttgtat gtgagcatga gggctgagtg ccactcccag     22500
     aactcatagt cagacagtta aaccaggaag cttggggctt agggaaagga caaaaacaag     22560
     gaagagacaa agaagcaaac agtaaataaa agatccactt catccaaagt caggagtcag     22620
     agtgggatgg acacactcag cagaagtggt gaaaagaaac cacttggaaa caagagaagt     22680
     gcagtgtcaa aggatacact ctcagcacca aggaggtgga ggctagaaga tcaggaattc     22740
     agtctcagct acacagcaag tccaaagtca acctgcgcta ccatagagca tgtcaaagtc     22800
     aacaagcgaa cacacttgaa agaaagaaat ctacttgaat gttctctctg caagcaagcc     22860
     agaggttagc aaacaagcca gagattacat gtttatataa cgggatgcat gactttgggc     22920
     tctagagact acgctgaggc cagacagggc ttctgtcagt cactgtggct catgctctgt     22980
     ctccttcttg ccatgtgcgc cttctggtgg actttccagc tctggccact acttatcctg     23040
     ttcccatctt tgatgtaggc agaagccata aagtgggccc cgagtagggc aggtaggtct     23100
     gtgctcaacc ttgtttattc ttgtttgttt attgctatgt tggtaacagt agtcttaatt     23160
     acttcttcag ttactaggtt tcttttgtag gcagatggag ctgtgaatgt acacccacga     23220
     atggaaacag ggagagcttt ggacttctga gttcctagaa atggtttgtg actcctggag     23280
     aagctcaaac acttaaagta ggagagttcc ctaaacagaa aagctaaagg atattaaaat     23340
     tatatatccc caggcagctc attcctcatc cctttagtaa atagctcaag ataggatttg     23400
     atccataaag acaaaacttc agagttcttt gagtagcatt tcctaactcc acaaaggata     23460
     aacgcactta taaacagagt tcagtagaga gtcatagcac aaagggctca ggtaccccaa     23520
     aatattctcc atccctcctt ccctgttttc tggtcaaaca acagtatgtc tgagatttgc     23580
     aatgttttgg ggagaaagag gtatcaacac tggaaatcaa atgcaggcag aagcccccat     23640
     gactgctctt caccctgtat ttcccttatg cagttatact gaggctgaca gactgagcag     23700
     tgtgatgaaa cacattatgt acgtacacac tagtttatta actcagcaaa tattcactga     23760
     tcaccagtta tttgacagtg gtttattctt caataaatag atggagcaat tctgccctac     23820
     cccagcttta ctctagagga attatatccc attctgctga tacaggagtg ggcattccaa     23880
     aaggactcag aacccaataa agaagaaagg catagtcaac atggtatcgg agggagctgc     23940
     acacggcctt cagcaatgca cagaggagag aacagttagc cagcatagaa catggaatgc     24000
     tgagctcagg tccactttgg gatcatcata taaatgctta cagagataga aatgtcagtg     24060
     agtcactgtg gggtgctgtc tattaagaca gttaagggag agtacactgc ctctgatggc     24120
     tactttgagg tattaacctg actggagggt ggagaaatgt caagtgcgtc agggaagcac     24180
     aactctgggc atcctggaga ctgtgacatc ctgtgggctc tgatctaatc cttgttgggt     24240
     acataacgtg ctaacatttt ttttaatttg gcgggggcgg agggagggta ttttgagaca     24300
     gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg     24360
     aacccagaaa tctgcctgtc cctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgtgctacca     24420
     ctgcccggca catgctaaca ttattaggaa gcggtgagag gtgggaggta gaacctaggt     24480
     ggaagaagac aataagaggt catagggaag gtgactggag ggctgtgtct tgcttggtct     24540
     ctccctttcg atgtttcctg gctgccatga cttggcatga acttctccac accgccatgt     24600
     cctccaaccc tctaaaacca agagcaaaca caacccattt tccttttaag ctgattgtgt     24660
     caggcatttt ggcacagcaa tgagaagggt gactagcaca gcgctgcccc tttgggaggt     24720
     atctgatcca aagactccct accttgctag tctgtgatat tccatgataa cccagaaagc     24780
     accttccttt tctagtgaca gctgctgtgt ctggaaggcc tccgactgtg aggaaagtca     24840
     cctctcctac aatcctacct gtacactacc taatacatcc gctgggtcca ctgtgatagt     24900
     gccaacttgt gatcttttcc tgccttgccc tgagagtcat gcactcactg tgacacaagc     24960
     acagcagagc atcctccagc tcagataaca caggagacag gaccaacctc agcacacctg     25020
     aaaggattgt cccaaagaca atggatagaa gtagacatga atgacagagg aagtcgggga     25080
     aactcacaaa aaagtgggaa ataacacatt cctagacatt gaaattgtga taaacaaaag     25140
     gaaccatatg gagatgcaca ggacagagct aaatcaatgg tcaggcagga gtagctactg     25200
     aaaaagaagt tctcacatag taacctggca tccacctgaa cacgcaaggg gcacaaacca     25260
     cacccaaagt gaacagaagg aaagggacag cagagcttag cacgcaggac aataaagtct     25320
     ctggaattta ctagacaaag tccatcaaca caatcaacaa aagctccgac tgaccaaaca     25380
     aagagacaaa acccaaataa ttagcgtcag gaacgaagga ggggcggtac cagcaacctt     25440
     tcagaaatac gcgtgattat aaaggagtgc tgggaagaac ttccatactt atgtatggaa     25500
     aggaggaggg gaggaaagag atcatgaaaa tgtgtattgg aaaaggaaga tcttgtttat     25560
     taacaaacaa gatgatctaa aatatggtat aaaaaattaa aaccagcaaa taacaggatc     25620
     ttaccaatag aaaactttaa ggaacacaca caagacaaaa aaaagggggg ggggagaaag     25680
     agaaaatatt accactaaaa attaagctcc taaaatttac aagatataat acaacgtatc     25740
     aagcaattgc atttccataa cagtaagcaa tcctaaagat gaattaaaag tatggttgca     25800
     tttataccat attaacaaaa ataaccagaa atagaatcta atgaaagaaa ttcaatactt     25860
     tcacactaaa aactaaaaca aaatcctaga aagaaaatat aaaaacaaaa acaaaaataa     25920
     aaaaaaacct aaattaatgg gaaggcatcc catgttcatg acttcaaaga ttcaatatta     25980
     taaacatcaa aacattcctc caactagtct gcaagcacag cataatacag ttgctatctc     26040
     aggtgcctct tttgtggaaa ctgacaaact ataaaattct tacgaaaata gagagcagcc     26100
     gagatgaggt ggcaagagaa caaaggtgaa tgattcatac tttaaaattt agtatttcaa     26160
     aatctaatac aaaccttcaa gaagtaagat agtttgtcag acccactcaa aaaacgaaca     26220
     gaatcaagtg cgtagaaata aataattata atcataataa ggcaattcaa caactcaatg     26280
     gagagctaat agttttataa tgactgctac cacgacaaat ggttatctac atacgtacaa     26340
     acaaacaaaa caacacccaa cagagaagat ggaccctaac cttacgtcgg atgtaacagt     26400
     aactcggagc taaccacaca ctcttagaga aactgcagtg aatttccaca gccttggatt     26460
     aagcaacaga caacagctac agcacaggag tcccaagcag caagagaaaa cacagataaa     26520
     tgtaagacta agtgcatgcc acagtttact gaggaaaaaa atatacagcc acagagttag     26580
     ggacaacacc tgaaaactgt gtatcagaga caagcatcca tagatacaaa gaaccagggg     26640
     aagactccga ggccatgtat cttctaagac actgaaatat gtgacataca tacaaaaaga     26700
     ttctgtgtga ctgcttggta gggaaataca gaccaaaacc acactgaaac actgcttctc     26760
     acccaccaga atggtagact gatcttcggg tgagcatgtg agatccctca cacattacaa     26820
     gcagaattgt aacactgcag tcattttgga aaatggtgtg gtagatcttc aaaattctaa     26880
     acacacagtt aactggccgc gcctgtccag acacattgag aagaatgaaa atgtatgtct     26940
     gcaaagagag ctggtttaca attttccata gggtcattat tcacactagt cccaaagtac     27000
     aaacatcccc agagtgcctg atttgtgaac agaacgtggt gtgttcccga actggagtac     27060
     tattcatcca caaaaaggaa cggagcgctg tcgtgtgcta cacctatgag agaagccagg     27120
     caaaagccca cataatagag ggctgcattt atgcacagca acgtccatta gagacaagcc     27180
     atggagatag agggtggact gatggtcacc acatgagagg ccagggacag aataaatcgt     27240
     gacagctaat gaacctgggg tttcctggga ggcagggggg caggtaataa atatgttctg     27300
     gagtcagaag tggtggctga tccactttgt gaatctataa aaagcacaga accatcagct     27360
     ttaaaagggt gaatgatgca gtgtgtaagt tatatgtctc aagtgttctc ttaacaaagc     27420
     ctggtgtccc aaggttggta atcatatgag gttgtgtgtc actgagactt gagtgaaccc     27480
     cagctgtttg actagaaatc ccacagcttc caccaccagt gttgctcctg gaccttcttc     27540
     ttgtctcaaa ttacaggccc ctggtgacac ggtcacgcct ggaggatccc ctactgtcaa     27600
     acaccagctc tctaccccta actttgtgct tccatttgtc ttctgacaaa acacacacac     27660
     acaaaaaata acgtgatcat tgttctatag aaatacaaaa tcaagagaaa caggacagac     27720
     ctgggttttg ccctttgtgt tgacttcctt ctcccaagca tgtcagagca cctccacgta     27780
     atggcaaaat cgcacatcct aattaacaag ctgtacacga agaagtacag taacaaagat     27840
     gtacagtaac gtgctaggta gcagatggag tgtgtttcaa gaaatccacc actaggcgat     27900
     cttattaatg tttatcaccc agtgaaccca cacaaaccaa ggacagccct ggtgactcat     27960
     aggtcacaga atcttatgga accacaatag aacagagtct attgttagct agaacatggt     28020
     tatagcacat ggctgtaacg catgcccatt acaaaacatt aacggtttca tataaaacaa     28080
     gaacctgctc acacagatgt gtgcctcctg cccactgtac tgcaagtccc agcaggtgat     28140
     ccttctgaac ttcatggaac tgtgtggaca cactagcagc ctctttcctt atttgcaacc     28200
     cataaccccg tgaaactctc aatggttctg gaatgggtag gtatagaaag gctgtggcca     28260
     caggaacaac agtgctctct cctaagagga ccttctgcgg gtgatgggct gagggagacc     28320
     atatgtcctt cctctccctc cagattccag ggagaggcct ggagcaaagt ggcacccatt     28380
     tggtttggct tcacatggaa gacagtctct attcttcaga ggtttagtct ctctctctct     28440
     ctctctctct ttctcctctt cctcctcctc ttcttcctcc tcctcctgct cctcctgcca     28500
     tctctccctc tctccctctc tccctctctc cctctctccc tctctccctc tctccctctc     28560
     cctctccttc tccttctcct tctccctctc cctccctggc tctgacacgc acacaaacac     28620
     acacacacac acacacacac atagttttgc tttgattagt ttcatttgcc tgtagtcact     28680
     tgtggcctta aaatattgag tgggaaattc caaagataca caattcacca gtttaaaact     28740
     gcactgcctg ggtagcacaa tgaaagttct tttggtgatg tcttgccaag gacataaacc     28800
     acccctttgt ccactgtgtc cacactctat gcactaccca tcagctagtt ccttagtaat     28860
     tccttcagtt attagatcca ctgaggagat gctacgcctt gtatattccg ttcggtactg     28920
     tccacagttt taggaatcca ctacgtcttt ggatgcctcc ctcaagcaca aaggagaatt     28980
     attctacata ccagcacctt gagcaatcca ctactaagca atctggaatt gaattggatg     29040
     caaaagactg ggagagccaa gaattgaaag aggcatattg ccactggggt ctgggaaaga     29100
     ccagtagggg aacagaggca gccaggccct gggatgaggg tgggatttcc aaagagtcga     29160
     aggagaagag agagtgttct gcaagcttgg gggtggggtg ggggagtcct tagatgtagg     29220
     tactacaaaa agcttcagtt atctagaatg gggatggagc ttgttggcag agaacttgcc     29280
     tagcatgcag gaagccctgg ttctacccct agtgtgaagc taatgatatt gatgatgatg     29340
     gtgataaata ataattttca gctattgcta tggataagaa gcagagtagg agatcaggcc     29400
     aaacgtgtgt tagaagccaa aattaacggt ggtctctgga tggagggtct atagctgagc     29460
     ataagaatgt tctataagaa tattcttgtt tctctttcct aagagtgtga ctttggtggg     29520
     acagagctgt ggtgtgattt tggcaattaa ctgaagttct gaagctatgc tggcaagtcc     29580
     tacatagagg accccacacc acaggcttga ggtcagactg ctgggacagc ctggatgctg     29640
     ctacccactc tcttttgatc ttgctataaa ctggtgacag ctaccacggg gaatgagtcc     29700
     acagatgaaa tgatatcaga cacaacctgt gcttagccct gtgcctgggc tgactgagtg     29760
     tctgcgaaag atcagctcct tttatggcta ggccaatgga ctggcttgcc tgggatgggc     29820
     tgtctggctt ctaacttagt aaagaggaga catgttaaag gcgctggcaa aaagaaaaca     29880
     gggcgagggg agggacaggc gccccaggga ggactgaaat gtggttttcc ctcccactga     29940
     ggggcccctg cactcaataa accagaatga ccctggctga acttccaagc ttgaaactac     30000
     ggctgctttt taaaaggagt tcttctttct caagatcaat tgttcagcag aactgaaaag     30060
     cttaccctcg gaagaggatc ggtcctaaaa acctgcaggg caagccacta aaagcaggaa     30120
     tgtggcattt ctcctaggga gtgggcacac cacacccacc cttgtcactg tggagtcgct     30180
     tgccctccac tctaaactac ccagaaaccg gagaacctga aagccccggg tctagctaac     30240
     attatttaaa tgaactggct gttacatgaa ccttaaacca catgtcattt ggttgtgggg     30300
     ctgccctggg ccaagagctg tttgttaata ctgtcagccc cagcttacaa acagactgtg     30360
     ttccaaaagt gcatttgcaa ggctgtggtt tgaaaggcag aaggcatttc cccaatggat     30420
     gcaaggtaat aaatgacaat tggggctaca ggccagcatg caggggcacc caggggtgca     30480
     cgtacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaaat ggtcaagtgg gaagaaaaaa     30540
     tagcaatcag tagtgtcaca ataccaatca ctaaagaatg agaaaagcaa ttaagttgaa     30600
     tatctttcct ttgcactgat tctcattatt taaacaaaac cagatggcct caaagggcac     30660
     aaataggtct ggacagccag gctcaggact ccaggaaaac tggggctata gagactgggt     30720
     agtttggggg tcataccaac ttgcagggat cttggcaatt ctcaagggcc caatgcctgc     30780
     acctgagggt tatccacaaa gcatcccggg ggagcagagc ggagaactta gcttggtcaa     30840
     gactacacag ctgttccttc acctaagatg gaggctgact tcaggctcta gcctgtaggt     30900
     gattagtacc gctgaagcac aagttggcct ctgaccccac taatcagggc acagaaccca     30960
     agtgcctctt ccacactggt aactgagacc agacaagcta cttccactct cactgcctgt     31020
     atgacagtga gatttaatgc tcccaccccc acagacactg aatctacgct ccactgaggc     31080
     ctgcccccac cccccacccc ccaggtgcct ggattgtacc tttgcttgtc caagtgccct     31140
     tggctgtgct ggattcattt ggagacattg aattagctta atgctaatca gttacatatt     31200
     ttatgggggg ggggagaaat gaatcaatga aaggaaaatc tcatctgtaa aacaacacaa     31260
     aggagttttg caagatctag ccaacgagca gttagcttga ccccaggaag ccaggagaga     31320
     ggggaagaat tgatgaccgg gcagagaatg gccaggaaag ctgagaccag gagcttaatt     31380
     tctacacaat tcctctgaag tgttttccag actagcacac atcctcgcaa atgaaactct     31440
     tcccttgaaa ttccaaagcc tttcatttct cccaactgtc catgactgct cccatttcct     31500
     actgactcgg aattctcctt aaactatatt tgcttttggt tgtgatttgg acttgctgct     31560
     gttgttgttg ttttgttatt gttgtttttt cttttaatta gtacttgatc ccactaagca     31620
     agcaagtgtt ctactcctga actatacccc tttgtacttt cctatttgat gcaaggtctc     31680
     aggaggttgg ccaggctagc attaactcac tgtatatcca gggaggcttg cacttgtgat     31740
     cttcctgcct cagccttcta catagcaggg atggaggctt gcagccagat ttttgggact     31800
     ttggtcgggt aaacatgagc aagtaatttc ttctggaaca cggcttgcct cttagggcag     31860
     agggagggag taaaagaagc aatgttacat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt     31920
     atttatttac ttatttattt acttatttac ttacttttta ctgggggaca agggcacaca     31980
     gcctgggtca gaggacaacc gtgtgagtca ggtctctctt tcaccccatg gatccctggg     32040
     attgaactca ggccatcacg ctgggagcca tgtgccttaa cctgctaaac catctggcta     32100
     ggtcccttac ataaaggtaa ggtgcctgtc cttgagtcat gtttaatgta accgatccta     32160
     tccaactcct cacactcaca ttaagttttc actttccctc agtgttttcc cttgctgtga     32220
     tataactgct catgtggata ggtcagtttc tagtcaatcc ctttcttgct catgaaacta     32280
     tttctctaga aatgcatgtg cctttctagg gtgtttccac tctcttctat gggtctgcat     32340
     gtccaatcct gcatctaatc ttaacccgca ctgtattttc taacacctcc actacagtca     32400
     cccacttcat ccattacatc attacaatca cagtctggat gagaggaagt tgcataaaca     32460
     acctcatatt ttaaatatat tagtgccaag caacagaaag atagttaatt tagcccagaa     32520
     tttaatttgt tgtccactac aagctatttg gtttggaaac aacattgcaa attagtctta     32580
     tatgtcactt ctgttgctat aacaaagagc ctgaggctaa atgcttttaa agaaaaggag     32640
     ctatctataa caaagctttg aagggtgaaa gtccacgctc aggctctggg aaggaccttt     32700
     catcatggat aacatcacaa tggtgagaca ggaagctagt gagatttagg gcccaggttt     32760
     actttttata ataacctgct accttagtta ctattctatt gctgtgaata gacagcatga     32820
     ccatggcaac tcttataaaa gaaagcattt aattggaggc ttccttacag tttcatggtg     32880
     ggaagcacga cagcaggcat ggcaggcatg gttctggaga agtaggtgag ggatatatcc     32940
     tgatccacag gctgggggtg gggggaggat acagagagga agagagggag acagagaggg     33000
     agagggggag gcggagatgg agagggggag ggggagatct gaggtccaag acggagagat     33060
     tggtgtcctg gcttaggttt tggaaaccta gaatcccatg cccagtgact tatttcctcc     33120
     aacaaagcca caccaactcc aataagggca cacctcctaa tccttctaat cctttgaaac     33180
     aatgccactc cctggtgatt aagcagtcaa ataaaagaga gccattctca ttcaaaccac     33240
     cacacctgtt cttatggaaa ttaacctctg ttctggaagg aatagattaa ctcctctgag     33300
     agactcaccc aatactctag tgaatcctgt catatctgcc ttgactgagg attttgcaaa     33360
     ccacagcact ggggttcaga ggggttttat tcaaatgtaa ctgttgaagt gaaaccagtg     33420
     agaagatgcc aactttaaga tgccccatgt cttcaggcca gtatttggac ctttatgaca     33480
     tcaaaccagg gaagagagtc tccaattagg aagccagaac ccaataataa taattggcca     33540
     gaactttata ggaaaagaaa attcctattt tcatctggaa atgtcttact gtcttattta     33600
     cttgactgac ttgggaaaat ccagataaat gtgagcacat gctacacggg ataaataatc     33660
     ctgacctttg ccccggaagg caagccagga gctaaagcaa ggatgtcatc tgctcaaaga     33720
     atcccagctc ctccaaatct gccttactca gtctcagtaa cagcaacacc taagtaaata     33780
     aatgctagac tgcaccagcc gcaggccagg gcctcatcac tgaagattag tcaagccttg     33840
     cagagcctag cacctgaact tcccggtttt gcctgaatct ttccaccctc cccctctgac     33900
     acatatcccc gacaggcacc ctgaaggctc cttggagcca agagacaagt gtagtgatgt     33960
     cctcactcca cactagaaat aactttccat tctcctgagg ccctgatcca cgctgcctga     34020
     tatgacttac ctagactttc acaaccatgg tctggagtgg ttaagagcca aggcaataga     34080
     ttcaggcctc tggggcttca aattcctact gtacaaccta ccagctttaa agtgttgaga     34140
     aaccttttcc ccagtcctgg gaatggaatc caagggtttg cttggcacga taggccaggg     34200
     cagcaccatc gaggaatacc cgcagccact tttccaagcc tctgaaccgt catgctttag     34260
     ttccatggag acggcaagaa tatgcctgtg ggggtggggg ttgaatatga acaacctgct     34320
     gtaacacctg gcacaccgca agcattctgt gttagctaag gttttggttt tggttacttc     34380
     cattcacaat ttccaggcct tcacatcctc tttccctcca gctagagcac tgtccctgat     34440
     cgtgccaggg agatctctgg agatagtcaa cagcggcagc atcaccagga accctgttac     34500
     aaatagaaat tctcatgtcc tggccaacat ctcctgtacc agagcacctc agggagggtc     34560
     cagaagtgga gagctgttgt agcctttctg atagagccaa gctcccggca tgcacactga     34620
     tcctcacaag tggtccttga acctgcgtct gtccctatcc tctgctagga agtaagtttc     34680
     ctgattgcag agatgtgacc atctagctgg tcatttgatc tacggtagta acatcttgtg     34740
     ggtgatgacg taaaggcaca tcctataggc tggatgattg actgggtgtt tcttcattgt     34800
     atgcttgagt aaatctacac ttgatgttag gagagaggtg ccctctgaag gtagagggca     34860
     aaggtacgtt gtgagtggtc tcccaagaga ccctacaggt cctggagcac caccctgagg     34920
     accataaagt tctgcatact cttccctgcg ggacttctca gctttgttat ctttgaaagt     34980
     actgaaggtg gaggaacagt ggacccggga aacaagaaag ctccaagctc atcgtgtggg     35040
     ctgccaacca gactctgttc tcctaatgga ccccctctac cagagagcta aaaaggaaac     35100
     ctctttctgc ctccccctcc ttccttctgt ctatcaaccc cttccctcag cttcttccag     35160
     tcttctgctc atctcctctt ccttcctcct cttcccttcc tttcttctgt gctctcctcc     35220
     tctcttccta ccttttttcc ctcctcctct cctactcttc taccttgctg tccctgtcct     35280
     cctcttactc tttcctcctc tccttcctct tcctctcttc cctcctccgc ccttcttcct     35340
     ttctcatgcc ctctggtcgc cctcctccct tgccttatcc tcagcacacc gttctccctc     35400
     tccctttact cttcctttac cctccctctt ccccaccact gcccccttgc ccactccgat     35460
     ccattggttc tgaactcccc acccctcttc ctacctgttc cggaccctcc tccagcccag     35520
     tcacctctgg ttccagcaga gagtacaggg cgtggtggga cgcaggacct ttcatcatgt     35580
     aggaggaccc gcagaacgtg cccatgccac actgaggagt ccctcactac gctagggagg     35640
     tgcgcagtgc atggtgacct gggctccgga ggaggtacca ctgcagccac agccaggcca     35700
     cccgcccggc cactgtcagc tcggctccaa cgcggactct gctacactct cccggcgggg     35760
     atccgacgcg gcgacgatca tggcggagct caaagcggcg gccgtgctgg aggtagcccc     35820
     gcagctcgag caggtacccg cggggtgaga gccagggacc ccgcacgagt cctgaggatg     35880
     tggccccgca agcgcgagac gcggtctgtt ctccaagact ccgcccacag ggatgtaagc     35940
     cggccccgga cggaggcagg gtctccggac cttctgggaa atggcccctt tctcgttcct     36000
     ccttctctcc gggctttctt ccttctcttc atcctctctc ccaggctgtt ccctatctgt     36060
     tcccaccagt tcccactggc tcagggtaaa agagaggcga ggcactgtac ttccaccttc     36120
     tccttccgcc ttgaggtaat caatctaaga gtgctctgag tcactagatg tcaccttaaa     36180
     gggttacttg ctgggctctg ccccaaggtt cggattcaaa cctatgtggt ggggcctacc     36240
     tccagggagt tgatgatgct gatacttgaa gtttctccgg gctagttctt gcctcctatt     36300
     ggtgggaact gaaaattcag tctaatcttt gtgtttgctc atgggacagt tcttctgcgc     36360
     tggcccacac tagaactata tgtacaggcg agatattgaa actatcagag actggctttt     36420
     cttctggagc ctgaatcctt aaaataagga caaaagtatc ccactgaaag tggaagactg     36480
     gccacaaaag actgctcctg atgtaaggaa aagagcagga gaagctggga gcgtggcagg     36540
     agggtgttcc tttgagctgg tcttagagaa ctgattgctg ctttcagtta gacttcacag     36600
     agctggggac ataaagaaag actggagtag ctactgataa ggttgtttgt ttgtttgttt     36660
     gtttgtttat ttttctcgag acagggtttc tctgtatagt cctagctgtc ctggaactca     36720
     ctctgtagac cagactggcc tcgaactcag aaatctgcct atctctgcct cccaagtgct     36780
     gggattaaaa ccaatgcccg gcctgacaag gttatatatg ataattcccc acagctctaa     36840
     acctcagcct gttctctttc cccctaatca cctttagcat gtctggttgt gcattgtctg     36900
     agaacctcca tcagcatcaa aggttcaaaa gagctggctc ctggtcatat ttgttggctg     36960
     ctggcttcct agtatccaga actgagtcta gcaaatggca agtcctcagt atagacttgt     37020
     taggtgaata attcactgac caaatgaaaa ataggctcaa acagcatgac ctagggcctc     37080
     agctcccagt cctccttctc aggcaaacac caaccaccgg ccctgtagtc tagtgagcca     37140
     atttaaatac cttttgtaca tgtgaaactt ctcaaatctc acaagcgatt tcaaacaatt     37200
     tttaaaggca agaaccactt atgcagaaag agaggtcata actttttctt tcaagaattt     37260
     tgtctggtgc agttaggaca acaagctgtc ttataagaag gggattaagt tctgaagagc     37320
     acctgtctgg catgtatgag attctggatt ccaatataca tatatgagaa agagagagag     37380
     cagttctcag aaaagaaggg gaaatggtaa gaacaaagag aagtttctga gaagaggagg     37440
     tttgaaggta agaagacctg ggtagatgtc tccagcattg acatgttcta ctttagtgaa     37500
     aactgtagct ctccacatgt agctacagga tgtggcaact tgcatagcct caaaagtaca     37560
     cttggaggca ggcatgactt aagcacggtc tcatgttctg tctggcattt tagagcagcc     37620
     caatctcctt ttgtctgctt ggttttgagt ttttatgacc tatggccagg actcagcagg     37680
     tgctcagatg tggttagggg acgtcagtag tttctgagtt cattgttctg gctttgccac     37740
     ttggaaagac gttagagtta gtaaatagaa cccagaattc cctggcatat gagcctttgg     37800
     gggattatct cgatgtcaat taatatggga agccccacat gaattatgag aggaaccatc     37860
     ccctgtccag gggaccctga gctgtataaa aatggagtta accaacacct tctgttggtg     37920
     tctgactatg gatatgatgt gactggctac ttcaggcccc tgctaccttc tcttcccgac     37980
     catgatggac tctgaactga cactaacaaa acctgttcgt gtttcagttg ctctttgaaa     38040
     aaagtagcac ctctccaaac ctgttgagtg tgtggtgtgc catctgaaga tattataggc     38100
     gactgtttga agcatagttt ctctgaatgc atggaacctt ttctatgtcg tgatctgtgt     38160
     gcttctaatg ggatcatact taaattttga ggcagtagag atccctggga gtggagcaag     38220
     ctttggactg tccttctcta tcttgtcctc aagactttca tagccatccc agctcaaggg     38280
     tgacaaggcc ttcctcctgt tgctcattct ctatggcagg ttctgtttat tttcttcata     38340
     gtgcttgcaa gattgggcac ttgttttgat ggcttctttg tagtcattca tttcctctga     38400
     aacaagggac ctttgcctgt cttctttgac cagtgtatgc catctcttaa cctagcacct     38460
     agcacagcca agacttagtt gctgaatgga tgaatcgata aatgagaaga tagttatcag     38520
     tcctaagggg tggaaaggag tgaacatgtg tatgaggtcc tacttagaag tagggtcagc     38580
     aaaaggttgg gatctagaat ggggctctgg ttccctgctt tcagcagtta gataggtgag     38640
     acatgggtct atggtgcaaa attggagacg ctgcactagg tgtctgaggg agaggggagt     38700
     aggtaacgtc ctcatagagt caggttggtc caccgtagga gttacaggtt gagtagaggt     38760
     ttgtatgaag cactgagaag aaactgaagc tcaaatgtgc aatttggcaa ggctaaaaaa     38820
     aaaaaaaagg taagaggtag attccaacaa gtaatggtag agagaaagat gtctggcgat     38880
     ggaccggaca gaaggaaaaa gattgggaat ggaaactaat ctccaggtag acatttcatg     38940
     aagacgcata caaaaggaga gcctctgtcc caagacacgt tcccacctgg gggacattct     39000
     ccatcttagt gtatgcatcc tgggtgtctt ggtcatctgg atgtcttttt ataagaatgc     39060
     atttcctaca tacctggaga tgtattagga gcagctattt ttggcatatg ccttcctcta     39120
     aatatgtcat ggagtaacag ttcgtgttat cctttcaaag gccccgcaga cttcatttca     39180
     aaggaaagat aaatgaggat acttccatct acttggtaag tatttcaaag agtaactttc     39240
     aggctttggc agctttcttg tttaatttaa gtttttttgt catctgctag aaacagttat     39300
     ttggatgtga gccctcctgg gaaaattctc tagtagtctt atattttctg ccctatgtaa     39360
     gagggcaatt cttacaattc tgtaaattct ttcagagagt ttcttacttt acacccaatc     39420
     cttccattca gttgtatgtc tgtcgcttta tcttactttg tttacatgtt tatggggttc     39480
     ttgtcattat gggtggagaa ccttctgtct ctaacagcta tgacctctaa ctgtccacgt     39540
     atacccacag gagactttgg atgctctcct gcaacagaga acacgagcag cagacagtgc     39600
     tggtagctga cttgcaggac attttctcag ggtgagcgag acctgtacac agctataggt     39660
     cctttctctg aggttagatt gcttccacag aatggaacct tctcatcttc catgcatggt     39720
     atgtgtctgg tcgccaacac tctgagtcaa gtggacaggt ctgtgtccag taagccaagg     39780
     ctaataacac aacagaagcc catttgccaa gaccctagtt actatactct gcctatccac     39840
     cccggatcta cacagcctgc taggcttgga agctacaagg gctctgttct tcctattgtg     39900
     ccagcacagg ggaggtccat tgactctcag ctgaacctgc tgttaccaat cacaggcgtg     39960
     cggctgcccc agaagtccta gggctcctca gtcatccccc cacacacaca cacacacacc     40020
     agggtgttgg catagtcagc tggctttgtg tcttcctgtg acctccatca gtatcctgcc     40080
     tccatgttga tatttcccca gaggtcatct gctttccaat cctgtaactg ttgatcagat     40140
     caccttctct tcctctgttt ggaggcccat gtcagtctgt ccttctgatg gcatccctgc     40200
     tctgtgtgaa ggggaagaat caactacata catctgactt gccatgtttc actggaacac     40260
     cttgttttta ctttttttac tttattctct tctttaaaaa aaaaacatgg ttattattgg     40320
     tgagtttgga catcattaca aaaatataac ggccgtttgt gtttctcctg taaatttctt     40380
     gtttgcatac tccatccttt ggaatcttgt atcttttaaa atatatactg catagctctt     40440
     tgtacaccta ggttgttgac tttccgcctg tcagactggt tgtcttgtct cagtatgtcc     40500
     ttcagtggag acagctgtaa tagatttgat tcttatgtgc tcagaaccca tcagctgctt     40560
     tgctcttcat tttggactct gtgtcatcct tctaaatgtc tcatccactg caagatgtat     40620
     aaaaatattt atccacattg tcttctaagg ctttaagagt tttattcttg catttaaata     40680
     tttgatccat aaggggctta ttttgaaata cagaatgact atagatggat ccaacttact     40740
     gttttccaaa gaccttgcca tttgccccag caccatttat tgaacaatcc cctcccttcc     40800
     ccctccccaa actgattcta agtggctcct ttatcatatg cgcttgggtt aattcctgga     40860
     ccactctgtt ccctcctgtc ttcctatccc taagccagta cagttttcag atggtctcta     40920
     aggacatatc atggatttca gagtccagtg ctccacctca gtcttgtctt atttcatatg     40980
     ttcatctttt cagaagaatt tcaatctcaa tatcatttcc agactcttgg ggaccttgaa     41040
     taagcttacg caatggtatc tcagaaaata tggcctcaaa agtaggcacc accctggcag     41100
     cgtggtaaaa gttgtactac ttaggactgt aacaactttt tataaagtat ttgtaagatt     41160
     attattgtca tatcactatc accttttgtt agaaaataat agtttcaata tcgtgttacc     41220
     taaggaactc accaccggta attaacagaa aaatgtctta agtagggttc tccaccttca     41280
     gctgttctag gctttagaag gataatttat cactctctat ttaaaacatg acagaatcct     41340
     taggactgtt atgttaggag agctatgccc aggactctat cctagaaaaa ggcaaataga     41400
     ttgttcaccc tattggatac tcagttctct atttgagtct aattttaaca ttagcaccat     41460
     taacctaaag atctctaaca gctaaaggag gggagtctta ggcttgttta caatttccaa     41520
     gggtgagtcc atgaccacca tagctgaaaa catggcggca tacaaccagg ccctggagca     41580
     gtagctgagc gcttacttct gatctgcatg ctacagacag agaatgatag actgggccct     41640
     atataggctt ctgaaatccc cagccacaca actatcccaa caaagccaca cttaactcta     41700
     gcaaagtcac tcctcctaac gcttcataaa cagtccctcc acttggcacc aaacatgcta     41760
     acgtgagtct acagagactc tcagtcaaac caccacacac agggactgct actgagagtt     41820
     tctgtgttcc tagaacttag cacctgagcc cagctgctgt gacctccctc taggtcccac     41880
     ctatggaagc cctgggatag atgccagtgt caagtgctgc actaaccact tcctgtttcc     41940
     tggaatcatc caggaagaca ttgcacaagc ctatctgaga aacttaagag tcacccagag     42000
     ccttgctttt tcttctcagc ggattcctca tgcctctcac agaattgcac attcagacag     42060
     agtctgtttg agttggaaat cctcgactga gccatgtcag aattgcttac accttttgaa     42120
     gaaagtgtaa cctggctggt actgtgtctg tataactaat gttctgtcgg ccttctcttt     42180
     gccgtcgctg gggattttag cttttgaacg gtatctttta acactgctta gcctaggaaa     42240
     agagctcata aggttatgtt tttctattga tcggttataa ggttttagtt aattgaaggc     42300
     agtctttggt ggatcctgtg ctgagaatgt cttgctcagc agttcaactg catggatatg     42360
     tgctctgctc agttatgcct ccttacctgg aagccagaac aatactccaa acaaatacaa     42420
     cttctagtca gctctggctc taaagccttg aacttggagc tggtgtctga tcactggcat     42480
     ctgcccagac attatcaacc agatggttct taggcatact ggatttacaa gcaatgtccc     42540
     tgaagctaaa ggggcattgc ccacgggagg ccactctaca atcttgactg atttgccaaa     42600
     acaaaagtac agaatggaga cacatctggt cttctgacct aggaaaacaa tccaatattt     42660
     attaatagtg actcgattgc tggtgtctta ctatattttc tgtttgtttg ttttgttttt     42720
     attctgtaag caagttattt tataattact ttcatcctaa atgattccag gggtgggacc     42780
     gtgactcttc tttttttatt attattttct agtttgtatt tctcatgtaa tgttttaaaa     42840
     tacatgttga gaaaataaag cgattttaat gtgtcctttt atgttctcca gctctgaagc     42900
     tttctgcaga tgatgcatgg aagtaagtta ttagtatttt tattgctgtt tttattaaca     42960
     acaagattct cttcttaaca gtttgagaga ctaaatggag tcatcgttgt atttgtaaat     43020
     gtcctaagat ggagaggggg taagatagca ttgcctgtgt aacgctgata ctttagaccc     43080
     agagagtgtg gattttatgt tccctctgct gtgatctgtg ctgtaccaag ttagatttgt     43140
     gtcttcttag aaatgtggca cgatgaagtt cccgtttatt ttaggcacat gagacatatg     43200
     gttttcttta actgctgttt tctctgtgtt tggggaccca cagtggggcc attgggtatt     43260
     gcgagcacca catgaaagaa ataaaaacga aagcacctcc cttcttgcat tatagtaatc     43320
     aattatggat gtattcctat tcaaagtagg agatacttac tacatgcgta tactaattta     43380
     tgctcttcaa tataggttca gccacttgag atggatttca tgtatatgag catgtgtggc     43440
     gggatgtgta tgtgcatgtg tgcacacaca cacaagtata cacacaatgg attactatca     43500
     tgaggcagat gtggttttct atctatggaa atcccatttt tagattgatg atgaatccac     43560
     atgtccaccc acccggactg tgtggaaaat ccactcattt cacagaatat gtaatgctca     43620
     ttttggattt aggtctgtaa aaggcatgag ttcttagaat ctgtcctttc tttttctttg     43680
     cttccatttc ttacagggag tgagtgagag tatttcttac aggcttttaa aaatagttcc     43740
     cgccttctga gatcagcttc ccacagaccc actgacctta catatgtaac ttccctgatt     43800
     tgactccagc atcttcgctt gataaatgaa gggttctaac tcatcccgtc gtccctctct     43860
     gcactgccgc cctaggtcca tctccaggca ggactccacg aggcgtgact atctcagaaa     43920
     gctcatttct ctgtcttctc cagcaggggg cacccctggg gtttggttcg ggcccttttc     43980
     tgaagtgctg gctccttcca ggccctgtag aaatgctggg aaaggagaga ccctaaatgg     44040
     ccagcatatc caacaagacc ctttgcgagg tcacaggctt ctaactgcaa cactagctaa     44100
     ctgcacttgc acgtggtaac cagccagacg tggaaaagca tctccagaag agcagtgact     44160
     gagggtgccc cccccccctt gtcttggaac tacactttca tcctctctcc agtttgaatt     44220
     gactttaggt ctgactcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcttc ctcctcctcc     44280
     tcctcctcct cttcctcctc ctccttctcc tcttcttcct cctcctcctt cttcttccct     44340
     cttttctcct ttcctctctc ccttcccttc ttcatctcct ctcctccctc ctctcccctc     44400
     cacctccctc ctgtttctct cccttccttc ccctcctctc cctctctccc acgttgtgtc     44460
     tctctgcctc cctctccctc ctctctcctt tggaccagta gttcccagtc ttaaccaccc     44520
     ttgaaatcac atgggaatta ttttgttaaa ataactgatg ctctaaacat tacacagcct     44580
     gtacgtgtat gtaaatagta catagtctcc aattcaaatg tagttttatg tagtcattaa     44640
     aaagaaacat gattaaattt ttaaatttct gtcctggaaa tctccattac tttgcttggg     44700
     ctaccattat gaagtaccac agataggatg gcttaagtac cgaacactga tttcctgatg     44760
     tctctagagg ctgaagggcc atgatcaaag ggttggcaag gctaacaagg gttggtgaga     44820
     gtggctatgt cattgttcat gaattctggc aggctgaaga actaggggtt gagccttcag     44880
     tgtgggggtc atctctcaat gttccctgtt tgccatttaa tgaatctggg gtacatcttg     44940
     ggcactggga cttttgaaag ctccattatg atcttaagtc ggtgtcaagg agacttgctc     45000
     tagatcagta gttctcaacc ttcctaatgc tatgaccctt taatacagtt attcaagttg     45060
     tggggaaccc ctgagcgtaa cattatttca tgagtacttt ataaccgtga ttttgctagt     45120
     gttgtgaatt gtaaacatgt gtgatatata tgagacccct gggcccacag cttgaaaacc     45180
     actgctctag attcttttca aggtctcttt tcagctggta tactgtttag tgacgttatc     45240
     catcaaggta caaaaccaag tgtccagcta aaagttgaaa tccatttatc acctgaatgt     45300
     gtgtgctctt gtccaaggag acacttagac ctgctattcc ccctgtagtg gttgtattaa     45360
     cgtagcagat tatacagccc actctagaac tatcatttgc ctttcagtga aggacatcac     45420
     cattggcaca gacacctgtc tgcgggactg ctttttgctt aaagatagta gaaaatattt     45480
     gaagtcaatt tgcactttcg tttatagact tacatggtta atgagttact aaggaatttt     45540
     cgcagacagg tgactttcct ggagttttga gacagtgaag tgattgatct agaaccaact     45600
     ggagcctacg ccttctcaac ctacatggtc tcttacgtga gaagacaata ctgagatcaa     45660
     agtcgcacac agcaaaggac cagaggaatg gactttgctg ctccttcccc caatcacaag     45720
     ggaaaggaag aagtcaagaa agactacgac caaagcttac ccaccaacaa tgtgaaatcc     45780
     tcattttcct ttgagcaggg gtggtgttca tgttgtgcca cacatgcagt ggccagggcc     45840
     ttttccatac ctgtctgtct gttgcagcct aaactaggag atgctccata tgccccgggg     45900
     ccataaggcc atgcacgtgg agatgttctt gatcttcttc tctgccctga tcactgtcca     45960
     ggtgacgctg gtgcagggaa acagaggcac ggctgttcct acaacgtgag tcctccggac     46020
     atccgctagc ctgtcccctg gctgccacct ttctcttttg tggccactac agattagtgt     46080
     tgctttggct taggtcactc ctacccagcc aaatgcactt ttgctcagtg gcaatccctg     46140
     gctgtatctg ggaaaggttt ctcattgtct agacgtggct ttgggggaca gtgtggaggg     46200
     agagagatct ctccttgtgt ccaatgggaa gaacctagaa atgatggtaa actttcattg     46260
     caggccagct cctgcaacac aaatggccta gcctaaatgc caccaagggc aaggtgagag     46320
     accctggctt aactaccatt ttcccccttg ggcatggaca tcctctgcca aaaacctagg     46380
     aaatgaaatt taggatagca gagatcaaaa gtggaagctc tttagcattg cttcatcaga     46440
     aggaaacagt actaactaat ggatattgct ggctgtcatc ttgccacaaa aggtttgtat     46500
     atccatggaa atgtgcaacc cagatcagga tatccccttc tgcagaccaa tctcaccaaa     46560
     gcgtgtccac caaaccctgc catccctgca ggctgagagc ttaccttcac agacttccgt     46620
     cagaattccc ttgatggctt tggccaacca gatccaaggc tgcactgaca gaatttctga     46680
     ttcagttgaa actaagttca caggtgtttc tgatatgggc tttcctgaga tcacacttgg     46740
     gaaacctctg ctttgcaggc aagcatggcc taaatgcaga ggctctggca gaggagcagg     46800
     tcctctgtgg gtactctgtg ggaatgagca ttgcactggt tatcaaagac ttgtctgtga     46860
     aagataaagg cttgtcttag accagtattt cattttaatt tttccatcag aaacattatt     46920
     tcctatgcag cccagggttt agagaaattt tcagtacagt atgttacata agtttaggtg     46980
     atttttaaaa atattttagt gagataatct tgtttttttt aaacagatcc atcaaaattg     47040
     tacatcacta ttatcttatc aataaataaa ataaaataaa aaccgcacct ccttggcccc     47100
     tggtgggtta cccatgaatg gctttacacc cctgaacata taggtagcac tacctggact     47160
     cagtggggct tggtgttggc catttctttt taataaagga cgtaagatgg ggatatggag     47220
     gatactcaga gtgggaggga gagcgggata gatgcactaa gtgcctcata caccccaatg     47280
     agcatctcaa gaaaaaataa catcataaca aaagaaaaac ccactttttt attttttttg     47340
     gttttttgtt tgttgtttgt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttccagaca gggtttctct     47400
     gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtataccag gctggccttg aactcagaaa     47460
     acaaaaaacg ttttaaacaa caaaaactac ctctcatact gcacttgaat agatttttaa     47520
     atagattaaa actagggtca aatatctgcc ccacagaaga attctatctc acaacaaccc     47580
     ccactctcta aaagggaaaa actcaagatg gaacttctga gtcctcatgc agaaaggagc     47640
     ctgaagacct aagacattgc tttctgctct gtttgtcttt cctttcttat tttctaggac     47700
     ttatttatta tgcatgtctg agtgttttct tgcatgtgtg cacacacatc acatgagtgc     47760
     agtacctggg aagcccacaa gagggcatca tcccctggaa ctggagttag aaatggttgg     47820
     gagctgccat gtgggagcta gaaaccgaac ctgagtcctc tgcaaaaact aagtgttctg     47880
     aaacactgag ccgtcactcc gtcttttctc cacacgtgac aattatctct gaattagata     47940
     ataaacataa tagataattt gtttctgtag taatggaatg tgaattgcag gtagctgcct     48000
     gcccttaaaa ggaaacaaag ccacaggagt ccactgtctg tttgccttgc ttccttatac     48060
     agttttattt gttggttttt ggggtggtga atgctaagga cttcacaggt cagcctaagc     48120
     agcggtctgc ttctccctga ggacctgtgt ccattggagt taaggacaca ttgggtccag     48180
     gtgagctttg caagcctgac ccaatcaccc ccacactcac gctctgattc ccatcatata     48240
     gctctcctat tttaacacaa cctaaagggg ctctacagtt ctaatggtcg ccctggagat     48300
     gaccaggtgg ctgagattgt ggcttctctt gaggcaatcc tgtcttactc tttactatgc     48360
     tgggaacctt gctaaagggg tgctgacaat gaccaagaac agagccaggt ctctgtgacc     48420
     atatcctgtt ggattagctt agaaactaag taggctaaca gtcccttaat ggcattgtcc     48480
     caaaagatca ggtcaagtag ccgttcccct gtgtgtctcc actggtgctg tccctcgtgg     48540
     agggtattca gtaccatggc ctggctttcc cacatgtagc tagccctgac tgctctgggc     48600
     tttgcattcc ttcttgaaaa ttcatttcca gagcaggtca tcagggccca gcatggctct     48660
     ggtggcatct gccaccactg gaactggaag ctatccaaag catccatagc ttgttaagac     48720
     tctgcttatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta tgtgttaaat     48780
     gaactgcatt gagaaaacca gtactgagag tatcactcga gtcaagatcc tgaggctatg     48840
     atatcctaaa ttgctatcca gagagagttt agcttctgcg ttatttctat ggatgctgga     48900
     gatctcatag cacctcccag ggctaccaag agcctcaaac ttattcataa ggtttgtgaa     48960
     gtttctagct cttttctata acataatata acagaggact atatcatcta caatatacca     49020
     aagggtcata tcatctacaa tacaacatat caaagagtca tataatctac aatacagggt     49080
     catataattt aaaacataaa ggaccatata gtaaataaag gaccatatag taaagtttat     49140
     ttccatcatt ttctgctgta atttcgacca atatattagt attatatagc atatataact     49200
     ataataatca ccttataata atttttataa ttactgtaat aataatacaa ggtttccaaa     49260
     ttactattag agccatgatg ggggcttttt gagtggtact taattttgaa ttcattttgt     49320
     acagtgtaaa tacaatgtcc aaagctgtat aattaattgg ttgcagatag aaggttagaa     49380
     tccagccttg ctaattattt cctctcacat caagagaaaa ctccttaaag atcccagagc     49440
     gtgacttcct tctctataca acagacacac ccaaggacat atctcacaga ggtgtgcctc     49500
     agaaacattt ctacaagtat ttctagcatg ggtactggat ggttcggaac cattagttga     49560
     ttctgaatgt gcaaaacaga tagggcatgt atataggatc cacacatatg taaatgcata     49620
     cttcaaagca gtctgctagt ggaagaattc ttttcttttc gtttcgtttt ttggtttgtt     49680
     tgtttgtatg ttttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttgggttttg ggtttgttat     49740
     tttttttttt ttggttcttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agtcctggct gtcctggaac     49800
     tcactctgta gagtccaggc tggcccagaa ctcagagatc cacctgcctc tgcctcctga     49860
     gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccact gcccagcaat ggaagaattc ttttctagag     49920
     gctttggtaa agctaaagtg actcactggt cattggtcta catttcccat tagggcattt     49980
     ggatgaattt ctgtttgaaa gcaatgcact tgtgccctgc cttgccacac cctctactct     50040
     gccctgtttg tttggagaac agttccctgg gctaattttg aaagatgtac tcattggaac     50100
     tggaggcaag atgatgcaag ggaagacgac aggcttgctc aggagctgaa agactccagc     50160
     cactccttta ataacagtgg ccgacatttt cctgatattt aagataatag aaagtaaaga     50220
     aataggaaaa actggcagat tccaatatat aaaaacttta ggaatcatca ctcccatctt     50280
     aaaacagctt gagcaaactg agcatcaaga cctattgaac ctgtcagaaa actgaggaca     50340
     ccaccttaaa atcacagaga tagatgcatg agggcaatcc aggtcaagtc tcccgttcac     50400
     agtagcgtgg agaaaaccta ggcatgaacc taagaaaaca cgggcaggat ctacacgcag     50460
     gcaaccgaaa agcccggaaa tgaatggaaa gatgctttgt gttcaaacta catattgtta     50520
     agatgctgat tcttcaattt tgaaattata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     50580
     tatatatgat atattaatat atataatatt agaatcaata aaagtccaat ccaaatttga     50640
     acaagctgct ctatggattt taataaaaca ctccacagtt tatatcaaaa gaccaaggaa     50700
     ccagaatagg aagccagctc tgaaagagaa catgatcaaa ggatggacac tctccaactt     50760
     cattacttgg tataaagctt caatcatcaa cagtgtggca ttggcaaaaa gaataaatac     50820
     atacttactg gccagaatgg aaagtcccct agcaggacca cacaaataca gtcaagtcat     50880
     ccaaatcaaa gacaaagtca attcaaatga gaaggactgg gcttttcaat aaacggtgat     50940
     agatcagctc aactttccat accaaaaaaa aaaaaggtaa tctggataca aaatctataa     51000
     tttccaccaa attcaaaata tactagtctt aaatataaaa tccaagactt tcataagata     51060
     acataggaaa aatacttcag tccacttgga tttgatgatg aattctcgag cctgatgtca     51120
     aaagatctga ctcatgagta aaaatgaagt tttgttttat ggaacttaaa aactatcctg     51180
     ttgggctgga gagataagag agctcgggtt aagagcactg gctgttcttc cagacgtgcc     51240
     tgagttcaat tcccagcaat ggtggctcat gaccatcagt aatgcgattt ggtggccagc     51300
     aggcatacat gtaggtagaa ctctgtatat aaaataaata agtaagtaaa taaataaata     51360
     aataacctgt caaagatact gaaaagaaaa tgaaaaccaa ataaaaaatc aggcctcaga     51420
     ctgagagaaa atacttacag aagcacacac ttggaaatga acttgaatcc aaaatccact     51480
     taaattttaa ctattaaaaa aaagcaatta atttggggct taggaggagg ctcagcagta     51540
     atgaacattt actgctctta cagaggacct gagtttggtt cctacccaaa tcaggtgact     51600
     cacaacttcc tgtaactcca gttacatgaa gttctggcct ctgtgggctc ctgcatgcat     51660
     atcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaattaaa ggaacctata acaactaatt     51720
     aaaaagtaac aagatatccg gaaggacacc ttatgagaac agatgtgaag acagcaaaag     51780
     agcctatgtg aagaggctct acgctcacat catccgtccc gggagagtga aaactgagct     51840
     gataacaaaa tacaaatgtg tgctattaca aaggctgaca tacaagaaac tgaacatgtt     51900
     aaatgctgct gagaaggcag gaaaagagct ctccttgctg agaaggcaaa attgggaggc     51960
     aaaatttgtg gagctatttg gtagtctccc acaaaggctg cttgtggtct taccacatga     52020
     ccaacactag gtgtttactc agttgaattt aaaacctaca ttcactaaaa gatctggtgt     52080
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtct gtgtctgtgt ctctgtgtgt     52140
     gtgtctgtgt gtgtctctgt gtgtgtctgt gtgtgtgtat ctgtatgtgt gtgcctgtgt     52200
     gtatctatgt gtgtgtgtgt atatatctgt gtgtgtaaca gatagttgag taggtggatg     52260
     gatagataga tgatagatac atagatagat cgatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     52320
     atagatatca tcttaattca taatcatccc aactggaagt aaaccaggtg ccctttaacc     52380
     tctgaataaa tgagttaact gatatattta tgcaatgaaa tattattcaa caaaagtaga     52440
     agctttcaaa tcatggaaag acacaaggga accctggaga agggctgcat attgtatggt     52500
     tctaattata tggaatatgc agaaacacga acctattcag taaaacactg agtgcttcac     52560
     agggaagaga agaagtaaac agatggaatc aggttttttt ttaagagcag taaaattgat     52620
     ctgtgttata ctgcattcat gaatacaaaa cactcatttg tcaaatccca aagagctgca     52680
     tagtacagaa agtggacctt aaggaaaagt tatttaaagc tcacataaaa tattgggaat     52740
     ccgaggaaga atgtagacta taggaaaagg gtctgagaaa atcatggatt tgggaaacag     52800
     cagtgaagga ggatagtagg aaaatgtact tccaagtcat gttggcgact agtgggctct     52860
     gaagatggag gtatctgaga gtgcacgtga gcacagaaca ctagtgcata agggagctcc     52920
     ccacatgggt agggaataag aattccactc tgatccgaag aagtgtgcag ttaggtgaac     52980
     agggagctag ctgggttgct tgctgcttgg ataaaagtgt acagactcta tgcaagagac     53040
     agaagtagtt aggaaatgtc taatgtgggc aaataacttt atacagaaga cactatcatt     53100
     tatatgtgtt ggttatactc tgatggtatc attattttca catttttttc aagcataact     53160
     aagggcatgt atttaagtgg acagagaatt cccgaagcta gaacactttc tgatccaggt     53220
     atggaggctc atgccccgtg ctgcagaact agaggcgaaa agatgagtcc aaggctacat     53280
     agcaagtttc agactactct gaactatatg agaccctgcc ttacacaaga cacacacata     53340
     caaaattatc ttttaatttg tccagattac actctgtggt ctataggagc tgcagagtcc     53400
     agaacaaaga aaaagcaaag aacacaatct acttgtcaaa tagaacgtaa aaatataatt     53460
     agctggccta ggtgatacca agtgtaggtg caggggaggg aaccccctac tttgcttggg     53520
     atattactaa atacttaaaa ggttctaccc acatttttag cacagtatag accaaccatc     53580
     tgaaagtcgg aattgttctc ttttagccag tatttttttc cctcaagatg ataatctcaa     53640
     tatagagtag acattggcag tacttcaagg ttaaatcatt tccaagtgct tttaacagac     53700
     cttaattaca acgtaaaacc tttcaatact gttacaatgt gaagctgttt ttcatatttt     53760
     caggaagtaa ggagagatat ctcccccgaa gaagactcct tcaatgaccc cataaattaa     53820
     taggacctca aaactgccta tacagaatgt agagttcaga tacactgtta atttacctca     53880
     atacaaaaaa aataataatt tatggcagat caaagttttg ctctgcttaa atcaaactcc     53940
     ctattaacag tcatgaaaca ctagaaatta ttgttgtgcc aataatgcat gtgtctgctc     54000
     aaatcttttg aaaaggaagc aagacacata gacacagtta tgtatgtaac gttgcagagt     54060
     cttcttcaag agttaagtga caaaatcaac tatctgggtt tattgagata gaagtgtggg     54120
     taactgacat tctcagatcc gatcgtacgc caggattcca tgcgttcctc ccgtctggat     54180
     tcatgtccac actttctgta agtgcctttg tgctgatagc accagtgttt cctggagtcg     54240
     tgtatttcca taatgtttcc ctccttacat ctgtgtaccc tcctgccccc ctatacacat     54300
     gtgcacatgc acacagttgt aactagctga ggaccctcag aaaagtgagc atcacacatc     54360
     ttccctttaa tattcttggc acgttcatcc ttatgtccaa gtgaaataga atataccttc     54420
     ggtttgattc catctgttga tcttctggcg ttcatttata tacccgacaa caaaaaaagg     54480
     aagcatggta cctttgggca gcatctgatc tgtcaggaaa ttcctcttgc tatgatgggt     54540
     gggtggagag aagattcgat ccagatgctc aggctgcctc ggccagtcct gcagatgtgc     54600
     attctcctca catgcccaga tggtgacccc tctggcattg ttaatgtgtc ccgcgtgcca     54660
     ggcatgtgca tgccttcgtc acacttggtg catgtgtgta tttatgagac gcggcactcc     54720
     tacatttctt atgtggcagt aaatattaaa aatgaggagt tctaactgcg ttgaaaattg     54780
     atatagaatc ttttaaattg ctacgaaatg tggcccttac ttttgaaaca cctcctcata     54840
     caattattca attcatgatg caagctttta acctttctct tgagaaaata tggcactggg     54900
     tataggattt aaagatagtt taagacgcga tctgtttcgt atgcgcattt tctgatgatg     54960
     ccagggccct gttttccttt ctgatctctg tagcctcttt ttaagaatca tgcctgtaca     55020
     ctgagtactg ctatttgttg atgattaaat ccaggcatta cagacacaga tagttggggt     55080
     cttctagaat tggttccata ttttttttta agattcattt ttaagtgtgt gtaggtgtgg     55140
     ggaagaggtg cgcacaggac ccactgttga cctgacgtac acacacacat acaagcaaaa     55200
     ctctcatgca tgcaaaataa taacataaat cttcaaatgt tttttaaatg aacagactca     55260
     ggtttttctt ttccataaat ttcactttta caggggaaat gtaaaagatg agtatattct     55320
     tagaaagatg aagactacaa aaacaataaa taaaaacaga tgatgggatt ttgagaaaca     55380
     cctgtctcct ttgatatcag aagtaatgaa ccttatcttt agtcaccatg atgagaacta     55440
     gcatctgggt gtgtatcttg agttttggtt atcttgcaag tgatctcagg cccttaagaa     55500
     aactgtactg ttttctaaag taaggctcat ttcttctccc tccttttcct ctccctcttc     55560
     ctcctcttcc ttcctggagt tcttgtcccc ttcagggcct gcaatccttt cccccactct     55620
     tccaaaagag tccccaagct ccatccactg tgtggctgtg ggtgtctgta tctgtctgag     55680
     tcagctggta gggtagagcc ttccaaagga cagccatact agactcctca ctgtctgtcc     55740
     tttgtaacca ttctaagtag ataagaggtt gacgctggaa aatgttaaag accaaaggta     55800
     ttatgcttct aagtctgctt tctacaccca gcccaacttg agacccatcc catgggagac     55860
     tattaatgat agtctgttat atgtgtagac aggagtctag catggctgtc ctctgagagg     55920
     cttcatccat cagcttgggg actcctctta tggaagagtg ggggaaagga ttgcgggcct     55980
     tgaaggggaa aagaactcca ggaagaccgg cagagtcaac atggaccttt ggggtctcag     56040
     agactgaacc accagccaaa cagcatagac aggctggacc tagtcctccc catacatatg     56100
     tagcagatgc gcagcttggt cttcatgtgg gtcctgaaca actggaacag gagctatccc     56160
     taaagttgct gtctgtccat gggatatgat cttctagctg ggctgccttg tgtggcctca     56220
     gtgagggaag atgcacctag ccctacagag acatgatgtt ggggggagga agggggactc     56280
     ccaggggagg tgaagattga ggaaaggact gtgagaaggt gtctagggag gagggcagtg     56340
     agcaggatgt aaagtgaata aataaaaaaa tgaaaaataa ttaatcttta aaaaggaagg     56400
     aagggaagga ggaaggaaga gagagggagg ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggagga     56460
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagaatagt     56520
     ggcttgctga taggtctgct cttaaagtac aactgttgaa aaaacaaccc taacaaccat     56580
     tgacttacag cccatcagct cagtctgtcc ggacccccag tagtgtgggt tggacccagc     56640
     cagattaaat gtacctcctg gaggccactt ggactctggt cagtggtaca gacacagaga     56700
     acaaggaaag agtggggtcc ctacaccatg ctctctggaa aggggcacaa gtagctgaag     56760
     aggagaaaga ggaaggggaa caggagagga cgtgatagag gcaggagagc tgagcgggaa     56820
     aactcactgt tacccaggta ggcatcccag aagctgctga ttcactgact gacgatcctc     56880
     taaggccttt catgggggca tgtgttagta acagcagccc ctgggctccg tgtaacacag     56940
     tgtgattttc agagtgcttt cttctctagg ttatgtttga aatctaggtc accctgcagg     57000
     atagggagac agcccagatt caatgctccc agtttcacaa ctatagtgat acttgtatgt     57060
     ccaatgcact tcactattga ggccctacac ggcttcctct gaagcagtca ggtgaaagga     57120
     ccaggcttgg gcgttctggg gtagccccat gtgatctttt agacaactac caattttctc     57180
     atctgtagaa ttaactcaca gctggtaggt aagccattgt tatggaatag acatggtggt     57240
     gaggttgctc tccaccagaa agagtgtgtg tgaagcattt agtgagtgat ggaggtccca     57300
     ggactgaagt ttatctagtt cagcatcata cagcaaactg gggcgccatt cgaggtcccc     57360
     atcactgaag gagactgtgt ttatttctct gataactggt ggccttgctg cagatgtggg     57420
     ttgacccttt gtacttcact ataacgctct actggtggtg gtttctgtct acgtggggaa     57480
     tgttctccat ggttacaagt tacaccctct tcagagcttc ctggagactg ctctcagggc     57540
     aaacaccaag gtgtgtattc cagtcactcc tcgtggtcat gtttagttca tctttaattt     57600
     aggctgaagt ttttattggg ttggtcttgg gttttgttca tttgttattg ttcttgtttt     57660
     attttaaaat aagaattcac aatatatggc cccaaactca caatcctcct gcctcagcct     57720
     ctcccaaagt tggaattaat atttgtatct ttcctagtat tttaaatgat agaaccaaat     57780
     acctacatag gtaagtgatg ctgaaaataa tctgcaggct tgcactagca cgcctagctt     57840
     tatctctttc ttgtaaacat taaggaatat atggaatttc cctcattcgt ggagtgtcta     57900
     caggtttcta ggcatcccct aatccttttt ttttaaacct ttgcagtaaa aacatgtaga     57960
     ccctggctat cacagcatca atccacatat cctgtgcaat ggggactgac ttgtctcctg     58020
     tagagttcat agctgcagac ttcagttggc agaggcagga acaaaaggaa gtgaaactac     58080
     ttcttcttta aatctctaga gcactgtttg catgattatt tttagctcag cgttttgttt     58140
     tattctcctg taagttgggt caaaagcact ttaaagcccg caaggactga aggtttacga     58200
     tctgacctga ccatacctaa cacatcagaa aaacgcggaa gcgtgtctaa caagtggggt     58260
     tttaacatcg aggggcagcc accatcctct tggggtttac acaattccct gggatcctcc     58320
     aggcttatat ggcctcagat gagctctttg tcccttcatc tgtgagtggg gtgcacgtcc     58380
     tcactgagca gcccctccag taaggacagg agagagtgtg tagtgttcac tgtttgtgag     58440
     acagtggtga aaatttaccc tgttggagaa aacaaaatca taggcttcag ggatacatag     58500
     tcatgatatt tctctctgtg tggatttgct tccccctgtt aaatactaag aaagataaaa     58560
     caagaagttt tcctttttag cttggaagag gggacatata gagtgagaaa tgtttaaata     58620
     aacatgatgg taactataac atacattttc ttttgaggaa gtttatgagt tttaggccag     58680
     cctggaatac atagtgagtt tcagataagc ctgtctcaaa aaaacccaaa ccaaaacaaa     58740
     aaaatcagct acatgactgc caggtttgca gatagttaac ttaattgcca atttggaagc     58800
     ccttgggagc aatgtcagga gactatttag acatgccaga ggtcttagaa agctttttaa     58860
     agtcagtaaa aagtgaaaac atggccacct ctctcctgac taccaaatgc tatttaagat     58920
     ttgtcaaagt gttttgggtt gcagaatcca aatgtgcttg gcacttgtac ttggagcaag     58980
     tagttccctg gcaaggaggg cattttactt tcccactgta taatgaattc tcctagctca     59040
     gtgcaggctc ctaagcaagt cagctcaccc agtgcagata cttcactaca ggagttactc     59100
     aaattggctt tgctagcttt tgtgacccag atagctcagg tgtccaagat accaggctat     59160
     ctatgtctgt gcccacagca atccctttca actcctgcct gctccagact ccatatacct     59220
     caagtgctgc ccaaagtcaa ggttcccacc gtgttccgaa gcagagtttc ttaaatgttt     59280
     tcaccccaaa acttcttctg tgacctccag gtatacaggt atataaaaca catgtgtgaa     59340
     tccaacattt accaatgata aaccacacgg tttatcttaa agcaattatt tgctgaacct     59400
     ttacttttgc tctttgctaa agattaacag ctgcgcatgc tgaaatggat ttggttttaa     59460
     cacagcacac tgcaaaatgg cattaattgg atatttacat gctgagaaat gatggtaggg     59520
     taatattttc atatggaggc tgttctgagg caggaacaca gtctcttgcc tgaagtaaat     59580
     tcaagcagcc cagaagctcc aggttctact gttcccagaa gtatgtgtag cccaatacgc     59640
     agggagatga gcgtagggat aatctatttg tgacactgat gcagtatgtt ggggacttag     59700
     tgtgcccagt cttttctttt tttttttgtg cccagtcttt tcaacatgaa tgcattgtat     59760
     atataatatg tacatgtaga atatatatat tcacacacgt acatatcttt caggtcagtg     59820
     ttaggaacta gccccatcac tgtcacttta ccaaatgagg cagtcatgga agaactgtca     59880
     agaaagttca ccaaggcccg tggtgcctag ccacagatga cagtctacca agttctgtct     59940
     ccaaaggcat gtcacttggc atagagtggc cttgcagttc aagatgctgt tagccaggaa     60000
     catctcctgt atagacctta gcctaagaaa gatcctgatt atgtgtggag tccaaggaac     60060
     ctattgtatg ttgctatctg gggctgaggc ttggccagga ggagcctcta aatccttgtt     60120
     cacattccta acagcattag ttttgtaaca taaacctcca cgttgaacta gttgcttttg     60180
     caacgatgta aactgctcat cacagacaga tcagagtaac tgatggctca agtacctctc     60240
     agcagaaaga ccttaccacc ttctctggcc ttctttagag acaccatagt ctcctggtat     60300
     actggctgac tttgacacaa gctggagtta tcacagagaa aggagcctcc ctgaaggaaa     60360
     tgcttccatg agatccagat gtaaggtatt ttctcaatta gtaatcaagt ggggagggcc     60420
     cattgtgggt ggtgccaacc ctgggctggt agtcttgggt tctataagaa agcaagctga     60480
     gcaagccaag gtaagcaagc cagtaagaaa catccctcca tgtcctctgc atcagctcct     60540
     gcttcctgac ctgcttgagt ttcagtcctg acttcctttg ctgacgaaca gcaatgtgga     60600
     agcataagct ggataaatcc tttccttccc aacttgttgg tcatggtgtt ttatgcagga     60660
     atagaaaccc tgactaagac acctgggaac aaaagccaat gtgtgcagcg gggccggtgt     60720
     ctgatccaca gactctacca ttgcctgccc ctccatgggc ataagtgcac ctgggtagga     60780
     ggtgccagta catggctctt gtgtgtttgt ttcttgaatg tggaaaggca ttcatcatta     60840
     aaaaaaaatg taaacaattc agttctcgga ctagcccaca agccatattc aaaccatatg     60900
     gattcaaata gtccattcta attggaactc agtgaggtaa accatcttgc tgggcatgca     60960
     ttggcatgca ttggcatgca ctggcatgca ctggcctact cagcactttc cttctaaatg     61020
     atcaagaaag aacacatttt ttttacattg taatgaaagc ttgatttaat aacatcagga     61080
     attttaatta agcacatgat acattacctc caacaggaag caaactgggg gacagtggta     61140
     gggttgcaac aagcagagaa ttcaaaacca tagagggaaa ctgaggaacg cagggtaatt     61200
     cccacacttc agaagctaag tcgagaggac gttgagtttg tgtctaacct ggctgcatac     61260
     tgaggctctg ccttaaaaga acaaaaccat tctaagctcc ttaacccaaa acgtcagcat     61320
     agaaagattt tatttaaata gtgtttggaa agacaaagtg atttcctctg tgcttccccc     61380
     atttctgttc ccacagtctg gtctacacat ggtttcttct aatctagaag atcagttaca     61440
     tgcttggtgt agtgagttat ttggtcatca tgtttacaat gtgtggaatc aatgtaatat     61500
     caagtaagtg tcttcactta agaggttaat atctctaagt acctgcttcg gtcattcacc     61560
     tggtcgtggt cttctctcac ctggaagcac ttggctctgc catgttctgt gaacacattc     61620
     tccatagtag atatctacat gtagctttgt cattggaggg accaagggaa aagccagaga     61680
     ggggcaacct acaaaataaa actttgtaaa gctaacgagc tttaaagaga atctacagtt     61740
     cgcctgcaga ctgggctcac cattgaaaat ggggccagca tggaatagaa taactcatta     61800
     aactgtgtgc tctctttcca tgaaagttta gcgtccagag ctcctttgag tatcttgttt     61860
     cttaaaatcc ttagaactga gttggccatg gacaaactca ctagcttatg tgacgactga     61920
     gcactcaagc tgtgacgtaa gatgcccatc gtgcgtaaaa ggcacaaagg atttcaaaga     61980
     tggcatgaca agaataagga tctgtattga ttgcatgttg aaagggaagt gttttaaaca     62040
     cactgatgga ataatgtcac ccgtccctgt ttacttttaa atgtggctgc tagaaaattt     62100
     aaaatggcca gctctaatcc cttagtgagg ataatgtgct ctgcgaatcg tactagacgg     62160
     cttcatcatt gtgtaaccct cacaagtagt tttccacaaa ctatgattca atgttatggg     62220
     agcatcatta cctatgaggc ccatcgctac agaaatggca gctgcagttc ccaatagtgt     62280
     gtttgtggct atattcccat ttaacatcac tgatctccag cagaggggaa tgggtactga     62340
     aacagaaatc aaaggatacc agaagagtag gcatgagaga aaataaaccg ggataggtag     62400
     tcattatctg tggtcagacc tgctcctcca ttaagatgct ggctcaggaa ttaatgagtc     62460
     catggaccag gcctgtgctg tggaatgggg atttaggaaa aatcacagag ctatggaaag     62520
     cagctcaaat aaaaattccc cagaatatcc ctcatcctga agtcactcca aggctctggg     62580
     tccgtaacag aaatgaaaaa acagagactg gcagcccctg agccataaaa taaagaaagt     62640
     aggtggctaa gcagtcagcc cagtgcagag gtctggtttt attagcagtt cacaggactt     62700
     ccagagagag ctgctaacgt tgctagcgaa gcagaataga ggcacctttg ccaaccagat     62760
     gctcttagtt taagatgcaa aaaggtgagg attgcttttt ttctttttag cacatgttat     62820
     aatgcttttt tttttaattt tttgactgta gaaacatttg aaaggacttt catgaaacat     62880
     ttgggactac agttaatcca agattattac tgcttaggat tttcagacct ttatccatga     62940
     actttcctgc aagaaggcac gccaaggact tatcccttca gctttggaag ggtctatatt     63000
     cactactagt ggtggtgaat atactactaa gatttttctg catgaagctg tgagtttgtt     63060
     tctgtacttt taatcaaaaa gacaattcat atatactgac ctgcatgtgg aaggaagata     63120
     gagtgtattt cccccactgc cttagtcctt ataaatacaa ggtgaatcct gaaagaatga     63180
     atggccatcc actttggaat tcccagttca tataacacac acacacacac acacacacac     63240
     acacacacac acgcgcgcgc gcgcgcgcac acacacacac acgcacacag acacacacac     63300
     aactacctgg tttttctaaa tatcaagtct ttactctatc ctccttaaat taatgagcac     63360
     aaagctggtc agacaagctg ggcatgggaa tgagcacgtg taattctagc acttgggatc     63420
     cagaggcagg aggattgaga gttctaggcc agacctggat ctggtctcac agagctcatg     63480
     catcagtctt gcctgatagg tgcaagtgtt acgactcatg aattaagatc aggactaatt     63540
     gtatgggttg gttagttagt ttgtttgtta tttaagatct ttcctttaga atgtgggagg     63600
     agactgtcac agggaatcct agtgtatttg aaagataact caacttgtag agccaccggc     63660
     ttgttgctgt gtggcagcta cagcggagaa agaaagggcc tgaagccctg agcttccttc     63720
     ttgcctacca cgtgatgtct gtccaggcgt catgctttct catgagaaga aggaaggata     63780
     ttttttccag actttttttt ttagataagt cagaatattt gcaaacattc cacagagccc     63840
     agagtctatg gcagagattc tcggcctttg atgtcctaac agctgcccca gcaaggtttc     63900
     ctttacaact ccagtacaca cgacctcaga agccttcgag ggaagcccca tgcatcagta     63960
     catcagaaaa ccttcccccg cccccagatg attctaatct atgttatgtc taggaactac     64020
     ttctctaatg gttaatgatc tgatcttagc tgcccttgga gttccttggg gtcaagggac     64080
     catcagaatt tgcagctgtc gccctgagat ttaggattcc atcctgagat tataatgtaa     64140
     cttggataca gtatcatctg cagacagtta ttattattgt tattgttgtt gttatttcac     64200
     tttccatccc tatcactgcc cctctctcac aatccctccc cacatgcccc tccccttctc     64260
     ctctgtgaat agaccctcct gcccctggtg ggtccctcga ccctggcaca tcaagtatct     64320
     gcagagctag cctcatcctc tctcaccgtg gccagacaag acagcccagc tagaaaaatg     64380
     tatcccacag acaggcaaca gccatagaga tagccctctc tccagttgtt ccggagccac     64440
     atgaagaccg agctgcagac agattttata aattgcccag gcctttctgt gtccagccaa     64500
     aattaaaacc agttagaaca ggtttgtcta agtactgcat tacaaagaag catttcatga     64560
     ctgtagcagc ccctgtctat ctgtggtttc actttctgca gcttcagagc tacacagatg     64620
     caatacgtga agtgggaaat tctgtaaata aatagtaacg ttgacttcca tgactttctg     64680
     agctcaacag cctttgaaat ccttctccac tctgctccat ctcactgaaa cttgagtcac     64740
     cctttgtcca gggcctatgt gtatgctatg gacctgttag tcaatgagca gccaactcag     64800
     ttattagatc agcaatcaat gaatcatgat acctgtgtcc aagtaaccta catttcataa     64860
     agcttaccct caaagcacag acgtttacta cactgtattc attatttcat tgtttttttc     64920
     ttttttggtt tttcaagaca gggtttcact gtgtacccct gactgtcctg aaactcactc     64980
     tgtagaccag gctggcctgg aactcagaaa tccacctccc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg     65040
     attaaaggca tgcgccacca ctgccccgcc attgttcttt tttttttttt tttaacttct     65100
     tactgtgttt aatttgtaaa ttaaacttca taatagatac atgtgtgtgc atgttttgga     65160
     aaaaaacaca tcatacgtaa ggctctctac tacccaagag ttcattaatt cgtggtaggt     65220
     ttggagcata tcacccaaag gaattccttt gtcctctttc cactggagct gggtggtaca     65280
     atttgataaa gagaacttta tagtctccag ttttaaaaag gaagataaca agaacagcaa     65340
     caaaaacgag ttattgagca aatgcataac taccctgtaa aatattatgg tgttagtatt     65400
     tcccaagcac ctgccatctc ctacccaacc aaaatgccac attcttactt ccttctacat     65460
     tgctttttcc atagactcaa atctaaagac tgcatggatt tggagattgg atccttgttc     65520
     tatggccttt actatggaat atggactttg ctgagatctg ctcagaccac atgacatcta     65580
     ctctaggggt aagtggggtt ttctttgttt gatttattta tttaaatgga ggaggaagca     65640
     gccccatctt ctacatcagt cccttcagca ctgtcatggt tctccagacc cattgctccc     65700
     tggagtcaca ttctatcaag aactatttgt tgttagttta ttggaaaata catccctagg     65760
     gccaacaaga tggctcaatg gataaaggca cttgctgata agactaatga catgacttta     65820
     gtatctggac tccatatggt ggaaggagtg aactgactcc tgcaagttgt cttctgtcct     65880
     tcatatataa gccagtgaca tgtgcccatc tactccacca cacacacaca cacacacaca     65940
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactaa ataatttcta aatgagaaga aaatgcattc     66000
     tttgtataaa agtacttggg aaatgtgata ttttgtaaaa tgtgttactt attcgcgtta     66060
     tcatgtctag catattctaa ttgccaacat ttaaggaatt aattaaagat gagtcataag     66120
     agaaaccact taattctgac tgaaacttca tctaatggaa taaaagtgac atttcaggag     66180
     tcaggatata gctcaagagt aaagcacttg actaacacat gtgaagccct gagttgactt     66240
     cttagtcatg gaaggatata atctgtattt gatgctacat aaaaacattt tagaatcaac     66300
     tcagggtaat cttgtcatgg agattagtca ccattatgca gcacatgaaa aagtagaaat     66360
     ataaaaagtg ataaatgtgc tctgagtgta cctccgtaac tggattactt ttaaagctta     66420
     aatagttttt aatgctttta aggttaaaat tcagaatgga ctaggtcttg gtgaggtggc     66480
     ttctagaccc aggtattggg aacagtcacc tgtggcatgt gtgcatttct gaacactcac     66540
     aaaccaaggg ctccgtgttc ctacgagttc tcatcttgct cctcctgtgt ccggtgcaca     66600
     actaacgtga tgtggggaat ctgtgtaaga agcagagggt ggggtctggg ctctcctttt     66660
     gcccattgtg aatcaggact taaatggaca tgaatctgac ttcctgggct cctgatatcc     66720
     tccctgtctg ccctaggctc aactgtacct tctttctaga gtctgcaacc caacttctga     66780
     gatgtgaagt tttacgtact acacctttgt ggttcctctg ccctgcattg cctaggggac     66840
     atatgcagaa aactgccctt ctcataatgg tcaagatgtg tacaggaagc aacatttttg     66900
     ctcccggttc caataaaacc cagacatcct gtctctaaga taatttcagg tgcctctcat     66960
     gcttgtcctc gaacaccaga gaagagaaag attgtgtgtg ttcttttctc ccatggacca     67020
     agaagaagag cttcaatggt ggacaggaca gcccagtcat caagcaccaa ctctctataa     67080
     ttcttgcttg gtccaacccc tcaggcctaa acgttatcac caccaatcat cttcattcta     67140
     gctccaaaat ctatttttaa aacaacagga aactttattg aaaatgttga cagggtgggg     67200
     cttgtgctga ctttaaactg agtggagatt ataggtctaa aagcagagag agctgtgcat     67260
     agcattatac tctcggtgat catcatcgac agagctatgg actaatgagt ctgattgttc     67320
     tagatgtgta ttctggaatg gaaccattag ataaaagaat agctgataat ggagtctgag     67380
     tttctccttg tcttaagatt ttactgctgt gaacagacac catgaccaag gcaactctta     67440
     taagaacatt taattgggcc tggcttacag gttcagaggt tcagtccatt atcattaagg     67500
     cgggagcatg gcagcatcca agcaggaatg ctacagaacg aactgagaat tctacatctt     67560
     tgtctggctg ctaacagaat aattacttcc aggcacctaa gatgagggtc ttaaagccca     67620
     cactcacagt gacacaccta acagggtcat tccttcaaat agtgccactc cctgagctga     67680
     gcatgtgtaa accatcacaa ccacattagc catggggtta gaactgaaca acataaagtt     67740
     agaattgcaa ctatcagtat gaatatgtgt tctttactat aagtacagac aaatacatat     67800
     aaaagtattt atagacatgt ttatagacac aagtcggtaa gtatagatac atttcctcat     67860
     cctcttagcc aagaaatcat agaagcaatg gcaccccaac gcccagatcc tggtttacca     67920
     caccacccga caataaaagg aaccagggtt tcttagagaa atagctaatt atagaactgg     67980
     gtaaggaata tttagtatga gcgtggaaca tatcatagca ccctagggta agaaagaact     68040
     gaaaacagca acacccacaa tgacagggag gtaaaagggc aaaaagcctc ctacattcac     68100
     agctaggtcc tattattgcc tggagtataa agcaaatagc ccagaggtca gattgatata     68160
     aaacatgaac aagtgcagga tggtggaaag acacttacag aatgcctcct cagtgttata     68220
     agattaatgc tatgttcaaa caaaatgttt ttcacctcgt ggggattcca acgtgttact     68280
     actattgatc agagtgtcat ccgaggctct gggaaaatga aaggatccca agttcacatt     68340
     ctaaatgcgt tattttcagg ggctgatcag gctgagtgct cagataataa tgtgagagtc     68400
     ttgaaaggga aatatatgct tggatgtcct gggtctctaa aagggactct ccaagagtaa     68460
     actggaagga aagatccagg aactggataa gctcagctca gatttgctac tgtggacaat     68520
     aactgccact cagagacaga ataaggtcag aggtttgatg gatggctata gctaagtgca     68580
     ccaggtttgt tggtgctaat gggcccgacc agggatgatc agcccctctg agcattgtct     68640
     ctacaggaga aggcatctca gatactagtt cagttctgtt ttagttaggg tttactgctg     68700
     tgaacagaca ccatgaccaa ggcaagtctt ataaaggaca acatatattt gaggctggct     68760
     tacaaattca gagattcagt ccattatcat caaagtggga gcatggcagc atctaggcag     68820
     gcatggtgca ggcagagctg agagttctac atcttcatct gaaggttgct agtggaagac     68880
     tggcttccag acagctagga caagggtaaa gcccatgcct acagtaacac acctactcca     68940
     acaaggccac acctgctcca acagggtcac accttctaat agtgccactc cctgagcaaa     69000
     gcgtatacaa accatcacag ttcagaagca atgaagaccc caggtgctga cgacgactgt     69060
     ctgattctgt atcttcattg gctgtcctgt gtgcactcga tggcagggtc tatcctctcc     69120
     aatgctgttc tttttccttc ctggtagttc ttcagtgtca gtgggatccc caccaagagc     69180
     ctgtctggcg acatctgtga gatttgcagg cagaagatcc ttgtggcact tgacaaagaa     69240
     gggctcattg aaaacactta ccagttgtca tgtagccaca tgtatccttc ccacggaacc     69300
     ctttcttgga tttcctggag cttttggctt cccaacctct ccttccagct ctgttttctc     69360
     tgccttgcat agctcccacc ttcaaacctt tgtcctctga acctatcttt tcttgagact     69420
     ttctgataat ccacatgctg aatagtgaac gggtgattaa gatgagcttt ctcctttata     69480
     ttagtttcct tttaaaagaa ggctcttcat ctcacatggg caggaaagct ggtcacttga     69540
     gcagggtgct gcctggagaa gcaggtagaa gccatgagtg agcatgtgaa gaaaaagaaa     69600
     aacagaggca gaagtaggct gagagtgaaa agagccatgc ataatttggg gtatcactgg     69660
     atgccagggt acatgtttaa catgcaggag gccagcatca caaaaccctg tggagtgtat     69720
     caggtgtggg ggagaaccca agactgttcc tatagagcct ggggtttaaa tcttggtaga     69780
     acaacacatt caaactccac tttgactgga aataatgtat aaggagctca catgtagcaa     69840
     cagaaagggg aagaagaaaa ccaaagctcg gccttccggt ttctgtctcc gcctgtacca     69900
     gatcctctgc cacagtactc catacccaaa tggcgctggg agggagtgag actcccagga     69960
     gtacagacag gcctatgagt gcaggcagga ccaccactgc tgctcagagg aacccatccc     70020
     agaaccctca ggacacagga actgaggtgc tgcctgggac aggagtcttc cagtctccat     70080
     ctgtgccata gagctacata cacatgtacc tccaggagag agcttttctc ccagatgtgc     70140
     ctacacacct cttgagcaca agtaagacca ccacttctct tcaaattcct ggcccaaagg     70200
     gacccccaca gagccatcag gacacaggaa ccaaggatca gctagggaca ggatctttct     70260
     ggactctctc tgcaccccag agctgaccct gtaccacagc tctccatacc cacattcctc     70320
     ctggagagaa ctggtctccc aggagtactg acacactagt ttgcaggagg gataagccaa     70380
     agtcagagac agcaagacca gctaacacca gagataacca gatggcaaaa ggcaagcaca     70440
     agaacattag taacagaaac caagactact tggcatcatc agaacccagt tctcccacca     70500
     cagtgaaccc tggttaccac aacacaccag aaaagcaaga ctctgattta aaattacatc     70560
     tcatgatgat gatagaggaa tttaggaagg acatacaaga aatacaagag aacacaggta     70620
     aacaggtaga agtccttaaa gaggaaacac aaaaatccct taaagaatta caggaaaata     70680
     caaccaaata ggtgaaggaa ctgaacaaaa ccatccagga tctaaaaacg aactataaac     70740
     aataaagaaa tcacaaaggg agacaacact ggagatagaa aacctaggaa agagaccagg     70800
     agtcatagat gcaagcatca ccaacagaat acaagagaat acaaggaaga atctcaggtg     70860
     cagaagatac catagaaaac attgtcacaa cagtcaaaga aaatgcaaaa tgcaaaaagc     70920
     tcccaaccca aaatatccag gaaatccagg atacaatgag aagaccaaac ctaagaataa     70980
     taggtgtaga agagagtgaa gattcccagc ttaagggcca gtaaatatct tcaacaaaat     71040
     tatagggaaa aaaatcccta acctaaagaa agagatgccc atgaacatac aagaagctta     71100
     cagaactcca aatagattgg accagaaaag aaattccacc agtcacataa taatcaaaac     71160
     accaaacgca ctaaacaaag aatgaatatt aaaagcagta agggaaaaag gtcaagtaac     71220
     atataaaggc aggcctatta gaattactcc aaacttctca ccagagacta tgaaagctag     71280
     aagatcctgg gcagatgtaa tatgtaatac agaccctaag aggacacaaa tgacagccca     71340
     ggctgctata cccagcaaaa ctctcaatta caatagatgg agaaaccaag atattccatg     71400
     acaaaactaa atttacacaa tatctttcca caaatccagc cctacaaaag ataataaatg     71460
     gaaaatgcaa ggagggaaac tacaccgtag aaaaagtaaa aaaaataatc tttttttttc     71520
     aacaaattca acagaagcaa atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt caacctcaca ccagtcagaa     71580
     tggctaagat caaaaattca ggtgacagcc aatgttggcg aagatgtgga gaaagagaaa     71640
     cactcctcca ttggtggtgg gattgcaact ggtgcaacca ttctggaaat caccttggca     71700
     gttcctcaga aaattggaca tagtactacc tgaggaccca caaataccac tcctgggcat     71760
     atacccagaa aatgctccaa catgaaataa ggacatatgc tccactatgt ccatagcagc     71820
     cttattaata atagccagaa gctggaaaga acccagatgt ccctcaacag attaatggat     71880
     tcagaaaaca caatggagta ctaaccagct aataaaaaca atgaattttt taattcttag     71940
     gcaaaaggat ggaacttgaa aaatatcatc ctgagtgaga aaacccaatc acaaaagaac     72000
     acacatggta tgcagtcact gataagtgga tattagccca gaatctcaga aaacccaaga     72060
     cacaattcac agaccacatg aagctcaaga aggaagacca aagtgtggat actttggtcc     72120
     ttcttagaag ggagaacaaa atacccatgg gaggagtcgt agagacaaag tgtgaagcag     72180
     ggactgaagg aaagagcacc cagagactgc cccacctggg gatctatccc atatacagtc     72240
     accaaaccca gacactattg tggatgccaa caagtgcttg ctgacaggag cctgatatag     72300
     ctgtctcctg agaggctctg ccagtgcctg acaaatacag aggtggatgt tctaagtcaa     72360
     ccattggact gagcacaagg tccccaatgg aggaactaaa ggaagtaccc aaggagctaa     72420
     aggggtttac agccccatag gtggaacaat aatatgaacc aaacagtacc gcccagagct     72480
     ctcaggaact aaatcaccaa ccaaagagta cacatgaagg gacccatggc tccagccaca     72540
     tatgtagcag aggatgacct tgtaggtcat caatgggagg gaaatcctgt gaaggctcta     72600
     tgcccctgtg taggggaatg ccagggccag gaagcaggag agggtaggtt ggtgagcagg     72660
     aggagggaga tgggataagg gtgttttgga ggggaatcca ggaaaaggga taacatttga     72720
     aatgtaaata aaaaaatact taataaaaaa tctataaatt aaaagaaaag agaaaaggaa     72780
     aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa     72840
     aggaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagct     72900
     cttgtaaggc ttctaggcag ggacctttaa gaagactggt gccataaggt agtccaacac     72960
     acacacacac acacacagag aggggggggt actagcattt ggcatcttgt tttcagaaca     73020
     cccagctcgt ctacctgagg gttcctgctc aaactgctct ctgttggctg cagggtctgt     73080
     aatggtagga atccgtatcg gttacctttg tgtgactata ggcaagctgc ttcacagaaa     73140
     taacttgaga gaagcaaggc tggttttaca gtttcagagg gcttgggttc atcatggcag     73200
     ggcatgcatg ggggcagcaa catgtggtat gtgctgttta tcatggctga ccataatgca     73260
     gagggcaagg ctggaaccaa agacagatgg taaccttcaa tgatccaccc ctagcggcag     73320
     ccttctgcca tgaagcctca ccccttcatg attctacagc cttccaatat ggtgccacct     73380
     ccttgggaac aagtacctga gcacatgaac ccatgaagga tatttcccac ccagactaca     73440
     atcgctaagc ctggacctat aaactaggtt tctgtgagag cagccctaac tacaaaatgc     73500
     tatcttagga cccttgaaca aagaaaccca tgttgtccaa gtctgttgtt gtagataccc     73560
     caacattgtc tttgggtcgg ccagcagtcc atattttcat atgttcctaa gtatacagta     73620
     aagtatcgct catctttaca tcacagcatt gattgtatag cactgtcccc atatgcgtga     73680
     tcagatcaaa gccctggtgt gatgagatgc ttggaccggc tatcctttgt cactgccgcc     73740
     cacctaatcc agtcaatcaa gcctaatgcc ttcgatatgc gtggccggtg atgcagtcct     73800
     gtttaatctg gacactttcc actgatgcag tgctaaaagt cagaaacgga tccaaatgca     73860
     tctcaaatgt aatagaaacc tttcttcaac atttaagcct taaaaacttc agggaagaaa     73920
     cacaaagata tcccatatgg aattctgcag tgtttttttt tatttcctct tgtgcgacac     73980
     acacacacac acaccaagaa actatcattc tcagtagaaa ttttccaagt ctggccctag     74040
     ctttaagtat gatttacttt tcaaatgttg gaacagagcc tcttctgcca atttcaagtg     74100
     gaaatatttt ctctcttcac ctttaaaagc ccttagggat tgctatacac gtgtgcatgt     74160
     gtaatctaaa atgtagtcac ctttaagtat gtttttcagg gagtattatt aatggcccat     74220
     tttagcatga gtcatattag tgaggaggga gcaaatatga gtcatattag ccaggtcaga     74280
     gtatctgagc ttcgctctgc agcagctctg ccagcgtgca agcttccagc acagaaacgc     74340
     tgaagatgaa agagcacaat tcagtagagg gaatgtttga tgctggcctc gtgatcccag     74400
     aactctctac ctgtctggaa ggtgtggctc tatgccagcc tttttaaagg cagtctgtat     74460
     gtgagttcac aacccttctc aaaacatacc actttgtgct aatccaagga cattacaaaa     74520
     atgtccagga ttccaagagc acaaaatagt ggaaactttt agttgcatag agagctagtc     74580
     tggaggattt agatcagtgg ccttgccagg gttccacctt cacagtcctc tgggttggtt     74640
     tttttttaag ggagagctgt tctatagcat tgctgtcaac atggatgggt agcaggctgg     74700
     ccaaaaataa atgtgctctt ggcctccaaa ccacattccc accaataact gtaaatcaat     74760
     cagtagttac catcaaccat tttcccaaat ccgcaatcct ggaaaacatg gaaatcttaa     74820
     tttccaagaa tagttagttt taaaaagtcc attcaaacct tcatttggta agcatttcct     74880
     acattcctgc ttagcacggg gaaaaaggtg aatagcccat ggtcatgtgg taacctgtaa     74940
     cctacgaggg accagatgtg catgcagcag gttatggtat cttaagatct gtctccggtc     75000
     ctgtcagaaa atgagattca tgcctgctga aggacactgg gaagactttc tacagatggt     75060
     gtgcataaat gaatctgtac ttgctagagg atgagatgtt tgttctgttt atattatact     75120
     aaaataatgg tcctttatct gtaattttta aagttgaggg gaaatcattt aagaagttat     75180
     tagaaatatt tgtaatttag tgatactgtt tatcacgcat gaggccctgg attcagtcag     75240
     gagggagaca aggggagggg aggagtgaga acaactctaa gcttaagaac acacataacc     75300
     ccagtgccta ccagtaggac tcatataaga taaccagtaa tgcacagatt gggaatcgca     75360
     gagcatgtgt gtgggaaaca cacaaataca ggcatcgggg gagtgcaaag atgagtttgc     75420
     atacaaaaat actatacaaa agtattcttg tagtcctcat ctaattttta ctatagtcaa     75480
     gtaaggcgag gacaaggaca aacaaggcca agatgttaag taaattcaac agcgccataa     75540
     agctgctgca gccccctttc catcctccct gtccccgact ctccctaaag tgggggtatg     75600
     cgcactcaga gtgagttacg gtggcctccc gctcctagac agaacagtcc tttccagatc     75660
     accacctccg ggtattgctc tttactgaac ttccctaacg agctacctca gctttcatga     75720
     attctgcatc cgaggctggc acctcgtcgg gaagaagcag acttgcccta tctgcaaaga     75780
     gaaggtagat ctgaagaaga tgatcagtag ccagtatcgt tctagacgtg cacaaaacag     75840
     tagcttaagc atatccaggg acgcacgaca cagcctgaac tgccatcatc ttcataaggc     75900
     tgtggcagaa aacttttgtt gcctaacagc ctatttccac acggcttctc ctttagtttt     75960
     ctgtgcctgt gttccaattc tggctaggag attaaatacc caagatcatt gcgcccgata     76020
     tggctcagac tttccctgtt aagagattta gtgaaaatgt gttggggcaa ttttaaaaaa     76080
     ttggcacagt atgaaaaaga atagtggaaa tgatgaatag attggttggt gggcaaataa     76140
     ttaggttgag tgggtttgtg ggtaaatcat agataaaatt gaaacgttaa aagctaaaac     76200
     tgggggctgg tgagatggct caatgggtaa gagcacccga ctgctcttcc aaaggtctga     76260
     agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc cgtaatgaga tctgatgccc     76320
     tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttacat taaataaata aataaataaa     76380
     tatttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ctaaaactgt gagttagtgt gggcgcagaa     76440
     caaattttat ctttacccaa aatgacttca cttcttttcc tacatcttag gtttttaaat     76500
     ttcttcctat gcttcctcac tttttaggct aaatcctggc aataataata ttgaaaagaa     76560
     acaaagaccc agagactcag gaagctgata gcaacaatta ggactttcga gaagaaagaa     76620
     aagcttgtgt ttcagggttt tgcctgggtg tgtacccggt gccgtcaaag gccagaaagg     76680
     gggtactggg tgttttgtaa ttggagttac gagtagttgt actcaccatg tggatgctgg     76740
     aatcctcggg gaagagcagc cagtgctctt aaccacagag tcatctctgc cgtcccagaa     76800
     actaagactt gagtaggcac caggatgcct gggagaataa atgcaagtcc cattaagacc     76860
     acaagaaggt aacagccctc aatcagaatt aactagaatt aattaattta attaattaaa     76920
     atgcacagtc ccctacatct ctgccccaag gctgtaatac atctgctcta aggattaaag     76980
     ggactcgagc gtgtcacctc ttaaacagaa ggaccctgcg aaggtggcat cagccttgtc     77040
     ttctcatgaa ggctgtcctg tccttgatca gtcagagact ccacagtgct gaggaggcaa     77100
     gaccctcact cttcctcact cttcctcctc agcaacccat agcataggct atatggtgac     77160
     tctcgacagt gcgccatctc taactactac agacctggac tcgttcagct gggacacaag     77220
     aagagcccca tcggtgtgtc tttgggtctt agggccaggc tgtggttgag gccacctgtg     77280
     caactacctg ccccacccac aggcttagcc cagcctgaag tcacaagtcc actgtgtgca     77340
     aggtatctcc tcttactgag gttcatgtaa ggcaagcctg cgtgagaaag ccggccttca     77400
     tttgtaatgt tgctatcagt gatactgcag atcagttaag ctctcttggt acaatttatt     77460
     agtgattcca aagaaaacaa aagatatgtg aactaatata tagaacgaac taatgctact     77520
     cttgtactgt ccccaatctt ctctgctgtg tccactgctg ggaatgtgga gttcaggttt     77580
     tgcgcctgtg ttgcttggtt ttctacaggc agacttctct ttttcctttt tgcagtatct     77640
     cccgtaccct tatatcactg tttggccttc atctcaactt tctttcagaa attgaatgta     77700
     atgtaaataa cagtaaccag aatgatgcag atactgtgga tgcttattta tatatttgct     77760
     tatttttgtt tctttttcaa gaagcagcct ctcaaagcat tacccagact ggctgctttg     77820
     agagcatgct cacgcatgtc tcctgcctca gtctctcttg cggctgggac cacacacgtc     77880
     ggggggccta gcatgctaag ctcttttagt agagcatatt gaatttacag gagtagttgc     77940
     tcctttgaga cactgttaat catatttata agtgatatta atgggtgtgt cttctgcttt     78000
     gctctataga gaacaacccc ttaactaagc ctcagctggg agtgcacaca catgctgtat     78060
     gcaaagatct tggattggct ccgttacttg gtggcctggc agcctgtggc gattagacaa     78120
     gttcaaggca ttaactattt tctgaagccg gaataacatc gcagacttcc ccactgcatt     78180
     gcatgctggg gatattttca aatccttgct gctgctttca atattggcat tctgtttgga     78240
     cggtggagat gatccaaaga ggtcaggaaa caaagtctga tgtcacactt aacatgattt     78300
     atctctgtgg aaagaactaa aagctgagca gtggaataag cacacatgct ttttcatctc     78360
     tcctataaca tcctctcacc catgcaggaa gcacacttgc tgcatctctt ccctccatgg     78420
     gcgttatgcc cactgtttca gagacttgta gtgtgtgtca catacacagt ggtgactatc     78480
     agttcaacat catctgaaag tctgtagcag gctggtgaga tggctcaggg ggtaagagca     78540
     cccgactgct cttccaaagg tccgaagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tgactcacaa     78600
     ccacctgtaa cagatatctg atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac     78660
     ttacatataa taaataaata aatctttaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaaaagaaa gtctgtagtg     78720
     atgttaagta ctcagcagct taaggagtct gtcttttcta tccttcatat tttctagcat     78780
     gcaacagcgc cgatattgtg aagcctctct atacacacat ttctaccttc aaagctctac     78840
     cagcagggca gtggcttttt tgagacccca agtactgcca aattcgtgcc acctgagggc     78900
     caaactaaag gagaaataat cacttctcgg ttcacacaca gatgggcagc agcacaattc     78960
     catcttggta cctaatggtg cctcctttgg agaatgcacc agtatctaaa atcaaatgct     79020
     tctgtttgtc ttccactcca caaagccaag tttcatctgt tgcatctcct acagcagaac     79080
     ttaaagcagt gcccagcaag aggaaccatt cagaaatatt tgttgcagaa gtaagttcat     79140
     gtggcaaaaa gaacttagcc aacagaatac ataagaccag ttggaatgaa ctggtccaag     79200
     aatgacatgc tggactctgg tagtactttg aatgagaatg ctttccatag gctcaatgtt     79260
     taagtgcttg gttcactatt gatgccattg attgggaggc ctagaaagtg tggcagtgtt     79320
     agaggaagtc agtcactgga accagcttta agagtttaaa gacttgaatt attccgagtt     79380
     tattctctct acttcacgct tgtagttcaa gatatgagct ctcagcttgt tgctttagta     79440
     gccattcctg cctgctgcca ttctgccccg tcataatggt gataaactct tattctttgg     79500
     agccacaagt ccaaataaac ccttccttct caaagatgcc ttggtcatag tgttttatcc     79560
     cagcaataaa aaaataaccg atactactgt ctgcatttct attgccattc tggtatttca     79620
     aaagcctagt ggaatggcca gtaatctctg agtatagcaa gcaaggactt gttgcaccta     79680
     tagttccaat ttcttccaca ttattcccac aaactagttt caaaggctta caaatggtaa     79740
     aaatatcatt gcaaagaacc cacttcttgg taccatttcc tttatcagtt tcagagtttt     79800
     tttatactga ggtacttgct ctatttagag ttgatttttg tacagaatgg aagataaagt     79860
     gtagctatat tcttctgtgt atagacacac agttctccta gcatcttttg ctgaagattc     79920
     agccttttgt cctgtctgta ttataactgg gatctctact ttatcccact ggcacacatg     79980
     tctattttgg tgctgccact atgctaattt tgttattatg gctctccagt atagtttgaa     80040
     atcagctatg gtgacacttc tagcagcgtt cctttcgctt aggatgactt tcatcatctg     80100
     ggtttttttt tttcttccaa atgaattgtg aagacttttt tcctaatttt atgaagaaca     80160
     atatatgagc tttcattggt gtcacattgg ctctgtggtc tgcttttgat agaacggcca     80220
     ctttcataat gaaatgcttt gcatctatga gcagagcaga tcttagtgtc ttcttcagcc     80280
     aggcaaacga tgtcaccatt gacagccccc tgggggtggg cgttaaattt cactgacaac     80340
     tgaaatacct ctacaatgaa aatggttaac acactgaaga aagaaagtga gtgtgtctgc     80400
     tactggttat agggggttat tagggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcgc     80460
     gcgcgcgcgc gcgtgtgtat aattttgcat ccggccactt cactgaaagt agttttcatt     80520
     tctatgaata atgaagatta aaggtcattt ttaacttacc aaactatgaa gccatttcta     80580
     ttgtggttta aattatttaa aattgataat gggtcaagtc aacacttctc tggctaaata     80640
     tatagttaca tatagagaaa tgagtctttg tttgggcttt ctgggttatt tggtggagat     80700
     gcccgtgtga agtgggaaag taggaagtac atttattgct gtgatggatt tctgtggttt     80760
     ctcctcaagg gtaacaataa tctgaatatg ttcacttatt tcacaggctg gcctatgttt     80820
     tctgcccagt actctcctgg gagcttatga aagaaagaaa cattgaataa tttcccacac     80880
     taaagctcat tacacactaa tgtaaaacag taacatcagt agcaactatc tataactatc     80940
     taactccaca gtacccctag gtcccatttg gataagtctg atagccttgc ctccataacc     81000
     cttctggcca caatggcagc caggaagtat ggttttcttc tacctcagct caaaccctgt     81060
     gcataatcca gcatgcacag agcttgctgc ccattttaag gatgggaaaa agttttgggt     81120
     taggccaagt gacttgctca aaatcacaca tctgttaagc taagtatctc tgacgccaaa     81180
     acccaattaa ccacataaac ccagctctgg ccgagaattt gaaaggggtc aaaggaggtt     81240
     catttccttg tacatgtggt tcccagcacc agaagaaagt tgccgagaat cagtgaagaa     81300
     cccttagtaa attccattaa aatgtgatac atgatcaaat cttacttata aacgttaaag     81360
     gcagtggaat ctaccacata tggagttatt ttgaatcata agaaacctct gggcatataa     81420
     ttattttaaa aatctttttt tcacattttc tttttcagac agaaaaagaa aagcttcaca     81480
     gctgggcgtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggcagagg caggtggatt     81540
     tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca agacagtcaa ggctacacag     81600
     agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaacaaaa aaaaaaacaa aaaaaacaaa acaaaaaaag     81660
     aaaagcttcg tagaactagt tataagactt tgcacaggag aaaaagcaac agaatgccta     81720
     agggggtcag aaaccatagc aaccagacac tggaaattaa tagctgaaat ccagtggaaa     81780
     tctgcaccag gacatgggag acttctttca gatccttaca aattaatagg taatttatac     81840
     ttagagaaaa ctatcaagga ctcagaaaga caaacctagt tcacacaaaa atgcagcctg     81900
     tgtcatttat attggaagat ctggtgggat ggtgggacac aaccccctgt ctaggaagag     81960
     caacagattt gcctggatgc cccaaatact gtgactcctt gcccttggga tcagctacac     82020
     agagggatgg caggtgagta gattagcaaa tgctttctct agccacccta tgtcgcactg     82080
     actggataca ggcactaaac cgtcagtcta aatgtgctgt ctccagatgt tctaagtgaa     82140
     caggttattc agatatcaat acaggagaga gataaagaaa aacagagaaa ccggtctcct     82200
     gatgtcacat atttatataa cagtattcaa gacaaaaccc atagttaata tcctcaataa     82260
     tacaattcta tgttacttat aaactttgtt acagtttgtg tcacaaagac cttagttaag     82320
     gaagtcagga actgggtgga gaacctagga ctttattgca gttctcagat ttacccaaaa     82380
     cacttcctgc tggccttcat ccaagggcca ctccaggtag gtcttggtgt tcattatctt     82440
     gcgcagtttg cagaagcgct ggggaatggc tttcctctca atgggctcca gcaaaacaag     82500
     gatggccgcg tcgttgttct cgtcaaagag cctgaagtgg gagaagtcca gttcgtactt     82560
     gcaccactcg ctccgtacga agttctcaga aagcacgaac acagttttgt ggctcttttc     82620
     gatggaatcg atgatgttgt caatgatcca tttgcccgga acgaagtccc gcttgtggag     82680
     acacagctta aagggcgggt cagagttctc cagctgctgg accatgaggt tctccaccca     82740
     atgggaatcc tgctcactgt aggaaacaaa ggcatcatag caaacgtccc tgcagggagc     82800
     tttcttgggc ttcctcttgg cctggagcca cgcccacatc attctcaggt accacagtcc     82860
     gtggaaatgg tggcacaggg cacctacgag caagatcaac aggagaaggg cacagcagac     82920
     tccagacacc agtgcagcct ggtgacattc caagacggag ggccgggcat cctgaagcct     82980
     gtggccgtgc aggcgaggcg gagagtcaca caggtagctg tctggccagt caaccaggat     83040
     ttgagccaga gctggcgtct ccatagtaaa ggataggagt tcgcaggagc aaacaaagtg     83100
     gttgtcgcct gcttccagag tctccagttt gggaaaagaa ccaagttggt ctttagagaa     83160
     agtacttact gcattctctc tgattttcat gaccagcaac acagggaaca acgaagcatc     83220
     tgggagtgtt ttcagcttat ttctggaaat atagagctct tgcagccgag gcaagaacaa     83280
     agaaaatgag tcaagattgt tgttactaac atccaacacc tccagcgtct gaggaatgca     83340
     cgtttttacc acccggatcc ctgtactgga caaattcagg aagcgcatct tttctggcca     83400
     ctgacagctg tcgggcatcg gatgaaaagt gttcctgctg atgtcaagag aggtcaggtt     83460
     tttcagagtc agcaaaatct ctcctgtttt ttgcattgat ctcaaatgat tctggctcaa     83520
     aactaaggtt tgtagagaag gccaggctcc cttacaggct gagttcttca aatattcttc     83580
     aaccatcaga ttttcgctga ggtctaagaa ttctaatgat tttaaatgct gggagaacga     83640
     gcagggaacc aggaagacct tgctgttctc tactgtgatt cgcttcacct tctccaggag     83700
     ggaatagaca gtactcaggt cataaaacaa atagaactgg gggatatgca acctccggat     83760
     agtgactgtt tctactttac ccagctcgct cactacgtct gactccgagg ggttgaaatc     83820
     gccgagccca ttgagggtac agtcgtcgaa ctctacctcc gacagttcca agatgtaacg     83880
     caacagcttc aggagctcgt taaagctttc atcagtgaga accgagcctc ggaatgccag     83940
     cttcttcatc ggtgagctga cttcatctac gggcagtggt gaaaactgga acctggccaa     84000
     gttagtatct cttagttcta aatatctcac agaactcaga atatctgcaa aaatctccag     84060
     caggaaagca gactcgctta agtgaagagt caggtgatgg atgtcgcgga tcgactttag     84120
     actttgggac tgataattcc ggagacttaa tgccttaatt tcaagttcat tgagagaagt     84180
     cagcccagca aaatctattc tccttatctc actgaaagtc tctacatttc ctatcctgag     84240
     ggtttgtaaa tttgtgagat tgggaaaaag cgatgttacc cccagtgtct ggtaaggatt     84300
     tcccattaag tttaagtatt tcaaagagga aaggggcccg aaccaggagg aagataaact     84360
     agataggtga ttatcagaca aatccaaatg ttcaagactg cccagagaat aaaaggcgtc     84420
     tccctctatt gtattgattc tgctggactt caacatcaga acctggaggt tcgcacacgc     84480
     tcggaggtca ccatggccaa tgtaggtgat cttgttgaaa gacaggtcaa ggcttttcat     84540
     ggctgctgtg agtccggagg gaatagaggt gaaagacctg gagcggccat cacacacccc     84600
     agaagcatca catgacagag actcctgagc agaacagcgt ttgctgaaga ggactgttat     84660
     ggccaccaag atccagaaga gccaaagagc tcgtagcatc ctctgagatt tgaccttaaa     84720
     acaaatgacg ctcatgtgag tgagtgtatc tgaggacata tcattattat cacgcttatt     84780
     cacattctct ctgtctctct gtctttctgt ctctctccct catgcaagga ataagttaca     84840
     ggcaaacaca atacatgaat gaaaattaaa aattaatttt gttatataca gtagcaatag     84900
     cagatgaaga aacgtaaaaa caatcatctg agaggcaaaa acaacaacaa caacacagga     84960
     ctcaataaat gtgggttgaa cataaacaga tgaatgagaa tgaacaagtc agtagttaaa     85020
     gaaatgaact agatgtggcc tatggctctc tagtggcggg ctcctatctt taacgctcac     85080
     caaggatgtc tcttactcaa ctcattgctc ccttggtccg tgatctctca ctgggcacgg     85140
     aaacagccta ctcactctgc cttgctccta ctactaccag acaaaaggaa tgtctagagc     85200
     cctaggcaga gaggcgtcaa tagtctgcca aattgaggga gacattcagg cccccagaac     85260
     cttctcattc tgctgagtta agttctcgga aagctgtgtc caatcccaga ttggctactt     85320
     agatgaatga aaaggaaata aggtagtttg cctcacttcc ccagtatgct ttcctgggag     85380
     aatccaaggc tcgtctccca gggcaccttc tgggccctat accctgtagc tgttccatgc     85440
     aaccacacgt gctgtggtca tatttgctca gtgaaataac gcaacaattt cccaaaatat     85500
     gttttatgct tctgtaatgg ttgggggatg gcatacgtgc gctactaccc aaatgtggaa     85560
     gttagaggac aatttgagga agccagttct ctctttccac catgtggttc tggggattga     85620
     gctcgggtca tcaggcctgg tggcaagtgc cactgtatgg tataggtatg agtgtgtgag     85680
     tgttttgcct gaatgtgcac atgtggacca aatgaagaca tgagagcccc tataaccatg     85740
     tgggtgttgg gaactgagcc caggtcctct gagagatcag caagtactcc ttactgcaga     85800
     tccacctctc cacctccctc ccacagcttc tcttgatagc tggttgtaca ttttcccctt     85860
     tagtgcccct aaggaatcta tctcagacac agcaggcgat gggcctggga tgcagcttgt     85920
     ctgtagcact ttgctagtat gccattgtgt ttgaccccca ggactgaata aacagggcac     85980
     agttgtggac acctagactc aggcaggcgg aggcaggaag tcagtagttc aaagacatcc     86040
     acaatcacac gatgagttgc ggtctcagca taaggcctga gaccatctca aaaaagctaa     86100
     gccagcctat gattgtaggt tgtagatgtt aattctttcc tgacgctact aacttgatca     86160
     tttaagtgaa gtaccttcta ttcaatataa ttaatatgtg gaggcttcca atcgttgcat     86220
     tatgaacgtt ctgaattgtt tccctatgtt aagtgttctc ccttaagctt cacttcttta     86280
     aatgggaggg tgatttttca ttgggcactt atcccgttaa atgttaactt ataaatttag     86340
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa cttggtagct tagaaacttc caaaacatac tgtcaatgcc     86400
     tggcagtttt tgtattcact aattaaaggt ttaaggtgca agtgttcttt gcttagaaca     86460
     gaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaacaa aacaaacaaa aaaacaaaaa aacaacaaaa     86520
     aacttcgagt gtagtgaaat aagatatttt ccagtactca taatatttcc cttttgggga     86580
     ggaaaagggt ctctccgtct gagtccagcc accttaccta ccatttgctc tttgctgaag     86640
     aactttctgt cagatcaaaa gcctccaggc aatctgagcg ttttacaccc gaaataatat     86700
     ttctcctttt tgaaactaga aaagcctttt cctgacatct aagatgtaaa cacaaggttc     86760
     tcgtttatag gactgaagaa gtcataagat acttattaaa agactccact cacgctttgt     86820
     ctgaggtttc ggtaagttgt tttctgaccg gtgatgcaat tcggatgctc cagagatgaa     86880
     cgaaaagcag agaagtgaag cccctacact cagaaacaag atcctggtca gaaggaaaca     86940
     gtccgcacct ccttgaacga catcttttcc acttctaggt cgcagagact gccgtccaac     87000
     cttcaccatc agaaactatg attgcggaca catctcctgc cagtgaccgc ctgcccggag     87060
     cctggggaca agagaggggt ggactggatg taagttggga cagcgtcacc gttcacccta     87120
     gcttcccagg gttcagagac actacagaca ctcccttctg tgaccccagg gccagaaagg     87180
     ctgtaaagac gcagatcaca cagccgcggg ctctgggaca gtggctgcag ctctccggtg     87240
     gccccctctt ccctgggtgt ccctcttcct gcagggatca cagcaggaaa caaacatctg     87300
     gccccaaagc tgatccgccc ggctgggggc gcaggtgctt cactttggaa accaggtccc     87360
     cgcacagcac agcggccgcc ccggtcgatt cgaccctgtc cggggagggg tgcagcaacc     87420
     cggcagcagg accgatccac ctacctagga gtcctccagc cgccgctccc cgtgcccact     87480
     agccatctgg gcaccagcct aggaagactg aagacctgga agtgagggaa ggggatgtcc     87540
     ccaggtcagg gccccgaact tcccggtcgc cagcaccgcc cccggtgcgg caagcgccgc     87600
     ccacaggggt ctgcaagggg aacggagcct ggcatcagag ctggcaggag ccacagggca     87660
     ggcaaaacag aactgaaagt ccagaggctc cgtgtgggaa ttccccaggt gtcctaaaga     87720
     gaaagctgcc tcccagctcg ccttttggct gagttgagct gctgcaagga ttctggaagg     87780
     aagaggatat tctgaagaga cgcactctct ttggttattg gaatgctcca gctaggaaac     87840
     gttaaaaaat tacagccctg tgccagtcac agggagtttt tatcagttca ccatgaggaa     87900
     aacactggag gcctggacaa tgatggctga atgactcggg gggatagcac accttgacca     87960
     aaactgccta cttatggatt ctttctgtat tatctaaatc taaacctgtg gtgacaggat     88020
     gctgaactta ggatgggggc gtcgtacacc ctcattattt agttgtcttc ctgatgtggc     88080
     tacactgaat agctactttt ctgctgtcta ctgataatca tttaaatacc ctatcgaggc     88140
     ccaaaaggat aggctagaca gccagggctg ccaagaccca ggtcctaact ctaactactc     88200
     taatctcaga atctcacttc tccctcaaac acatcttttg aactcttttg ctatctctcc     88260
     atcctcagag gttgcaactt gggctcagga atattttctc tttctcctcc ttttcaacac     88320
     tttgtccccc tgcccttatg tctctgggat ccatttctgc tcagcatctg ataacagagt     88380
     ctaccagcct ccatgcagac ctgaatggca gcattgtgct tgggatatga atggataagg     88440
     atggcacaga tatgtttctc tttccttggc ccccagaaca gccccccttc taagcatggg     88500
     gaagattcgg ggcccccact tctatctatg gctttgaagc taagtacttc cctttctcta     88560
     tcccatagct gcatcgcaga gtgattctga aaacagcgta gattggtttg cttcatggtg     88620
     gagatgtggc tccatattcc agttgtaagg ggaaaccccc tactttaaaa caagttaatc     88680
     acctgcctcg ggtgcctgtg atcccatttg acctcggcaa ggcgagattg gatgcagagc     88740
     aagcaacctt acccccattt tcacaagaaa atgtcctgtg aatcagaaat agcagctgag     88800
     atttgaagtc agaatttttc ccttaaaccc agggggtctc ttcccctcag ctccacatcc     88860
     cttgtcctta taggttgtca accttcctaa ccctgcaacc cttcagtacg gttcctcatg     88920
     ttgtgatgac tcccaaccat aaaattattt ttgttggtac tttataattg taattttcct     88980
     actgttaaga atagtaatga aaatatatat gcaaccacca tggggtctca acccacgggt     89040
     tgagaaccac tgccctatag agaagttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     89100
     tctctctctc tctctctgaa agctacattc cttaaacctg ctgaaaccaa ccgaaaacaa     89160
     gagagaagca aatttcctcc catacacatg tccctggcag ccatgcaagg caaggagact     89220
     caaagaaggg ccagtgtgtt ggtgcgtcaa aaacctcttc acgagcaaga gtttacagtt     89280
     ccaggaggtt tgcttccagg gaagaaaatg cagccatagg cctctgagct ctagcatggg     89340
     ttggcatttc cctgtgagct tcatctctga aagagccaga ggcaatgctc ttcctctttg     89400
     gctgatccag tgttgtatag ataagaagac tcagacaaag cccctgctat ctttgctgtc     89460
     acaaacactg tgagtttgga ttccaaagtg acttcctgtg gactatcatt ttctgacccc     89520
     ttagcccttc aaatatcagt gaaactagat caataagcac caattcaagc ttgagagtga     89580
     acttctgtgc tctgcaaagt ctggttttac aggttcccat gtgactgtgc agcttcagcg     89640
     gctcgggctc tacagcagat gcctgccttc cttcctccgg atttctcaaa cactgagcaa     89700
     aaactccttt gagcttcttt tccctaacac tggaagctgc tcttctctac gctgacttct     89760
     cgaattggcc gtccagggtt aactgagttt attgctctgt gatcctaaaa gcaaagctga     89820
     gcaaaagccg ttgatttctg cctgctgtgg ggactcacat ggaatcccac gattggggag     89880
     gccaaggaag aaggatttca tggagtaatt aggccagccc gggctacatg agatgctgtc     89940
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaattacgt atccacaaat tcctccgggc agcacatctg tgcagtgcag     90000
     gcaattctac agtgatgctc aacttgatta ctaactgctc tgataggtgt cagccaccaa     90060
     caaaacagtc ctcaggtatc tctctggggc cacctccaga gaggattaat gtttcctttc     90120
     atttcgtggt tggcatgaaa attttcactt tgtaaattgg gaaggatttc aaaacatcgg     90180
     tgattaacac tgactatttt atatgttcac ccaaatgaca gttctacatg cgctccaggc     90240
     ttctgggctc ctctctggca ttcagaagcg tctgtctttt aactgagaca cagatcccat     90300
     agaatccagt cggatctcag ttgttgtttt gcttttgttc aagttctggt gttggggacc     90360
     aaaccaggac ctcctgaatg ctagacacat gctctgctgc agttaagacc ccaacagtaa     90420
     tatttttatt ttcccctttt agggaactta tattctggga atataaagtt taggaaaata     90480
     gaaaaataaa gagaaagtgg gaaggaatga aaggagaaag agaaggagat gtagaactgg     90540
     ggagagggag gagagaggag agaaggatgg aggtaggtag gaagggagag gcagaggggg     90600
     agaggagggg aaggagagac cttgattttc ttgtactaga agagccaatc catagatgat     90660
     gaatgaggtg gacttcttta agttggaacc aaacacagaa aactcccaaa gacaaggcaa     90720
     atagttttca ttcgttgtat ccttttaggg ggaaaaaaga ggtgcttaca gatgcaccca     90780
     tttgtgcgtg actggatgga aatgcccagg gcatggtgtt agctcttctg tgtgaaaata     90840
     cctcagatgc aatggcatcc actcagcact cctgagtcat gcgctccctc cccctttcag     90900
     agcttaactg ggcactgatg aatgaagtgt agacaccaga acccactgct tccagacgca     90960
     ggaactgcaa ggagcggagc tgaacagtgt ctcttgacgt aacagactta gtgacccggc     91020
     agctggcccc tttcaagagg acccagaaaa agtggaccaa ttgatatcag tacctgtcat     91080
     aacaccaagc agaaaaatat gaaaagaagg cagagtttta ccatattcta agttccttgg     91140
     agtacctaag gatatactga agtatctcaa gggtcaataa ctgctaagcc caaccacatg     91200
     gcacagtaat acaagggttg ccaacttcta tgcagacgga aaaatgagtc atttggaaac     91260
     aagacacatg accactgtct tgcttagttt agttcctaat tatgaaatct aaccagagtc     91320
     cagagtgtgc cagtcagggc ctcagacaag atcatcacca acttcttggc cagtgttatt     91380
     gagtaaccaa gaaggaattc cccaagttat agagacacta catttgtgtc tctcaaatct     91440
     aagaagttgt atcctctgtg caatttatag acagctgtat ttggcccaaa aatgtttcta     91500
     gaagatttat aagtagcatt tccacatttt atgtcacagg acctatgggc atggatggtg     91560
     cttgctatgg gcatggatgg tgcttgctat ggacatggat ggtacttgct atgggcatgg     91620
     atggtgcttg ctatgggcat ggatggtgct tgctatgggc atggatggtg catgctatgg     91680
     gcatggatgg tgcttgctat gggcacggat gatgcttgct atggacatgg atgatgcttg     91740
     ctatggacat ggatgatgct tgctatggac atggatggtg cttgctatgg acatggatgg     91800
     tgcttgctat gggcacggat ggtgcttgct atgggcatgg atggtgcttg ctatgggcac     91860
     ggatgatgct tgctatgcgc atggatggtg cttgctatgg gcacggatga tgcttgctat     91920
     gggcatggat ggtgctaggt atgggcatgg atggtgcttg ctatgaacat ggatggtgct     91980
     tgctatggac gtggatggtg cttgctatgg gcatggatgg tgcttgctat ggacctggat     92040
     ggtgcttgct atgggcatgg atggtgcttg ctatgggcat ggatggtgct tgctatgggc     92100
     atggatggtg cttgctatgg gcatggatgg tgcttgctat gggcatggat ggtgcttgct     92160
     atgggcatgg atgatgcttg ctatgggcat ggatggtgct tgctatgggc atggatgatg     92220
     cttgctatgg acatggatgg tgcttactat gggcatggat ggtgcttgct atgggcatag     92280
     atggtgcttg ctatgggcat ggatatgctt gctatggaca tggatggtgc ttgctatggc     92340
     cacggatggt gcttgctatg ggcatggatg gtgcttgcta tgggcacgga tgatgcttgc     92400
     tatgggcatg gatggtgctt gctatgggca cggatgatgc ttgctatggg catggatggt     92460
     gctaggtatg ggcatggatg gtgcttgcta tgaacatgga tggtgcttgc tatggacgtg     92520
     gatggtgctt gctatgggca tggatggtgc ttgctatgga cctggatggt gcttgctatg     92580
     ggcatggatg gtgcttgcta tgggcatgga tggtgcttgc tatgggcatg gatggtgctt     92640
     gctatgggca tggatggtgc ttgctatggg catggatggt gcttgctatg ggcatggatg     92700
     atgcttgcta tgggcatgga tggtgcttgc tatgggcatg gatgatgctt gctatggaca     92760
     tggatggtgc ttactatggg catggatggt gcttgctatg ggcatagatg gtgcttgcta     92820
     tgggcatgga tatgcttgct atggacatgg atggtgcttg ctatgggcat ggatggtgct     92880
     tgctatggac atggatggtg cttgctatgg gcatggatgg tgcttgctat gggcatggat     92940
     ggtgcttgct atggacatgg atggtgcttg ctatgggcat ggatgtttgc tatgggcatg     93000
     gatgtgcttg ctatgggcat ggatggtgct tgctatgggc atggatgctt gctagggcag     93060
     gggtggtgct tgctatgggc atggatggtg cttgctatgg gcatggatgg tgcttgctat     93120
     gggcatggat gcttgctatg ggcatggatg gtgcttgcta tgtgcatgga tggtgcttgc     93180
     tatgggcatg gatgctgctt gctatggcat gggatggtgc ttgctatggg catggatgct     93240
     tgctatgggc gtggatggtg cttgctatgg gcatggatgc ttgctatggg catggatggt     93300
     gcttgctatg ggcatggatg gtgcttgcta tgggcatgga tgtggttgct ataggcatgg     93360
     atgcttgcta tgggcacgga tggtgcttgc tatgggcacg gatgatgctt gctatgggca     93420
     tggatgcttg ctatgggcat ggatgcttgc tatgggcatg gatggtgctt gctatgggca     93480
     tggatggtgc ttgctatggg catggatatg gttgctatgg gcatggatgc ttgctatggg     93540
     cacggatggt gcttgctatg ggcacggatg atgcttgcta tgggcatgga tgcttgctat     93600
     gggcatggat gcttgctatg ggcatggatg gtgcttgcta tgggcatgga tggtgcttgc     93660
     tatgggcatg gatgcttgct atgggcatgg atgcttgcta cgggcatgga tgtgcttgct     93720
     atgggcatgg atgcttgcta tgggcatgga tggtgcttgc tatgggcatg gatggtgctt     93780
     gctatgggca tggatgtgct tgctatgggc atggatgctt gctatgggca tggatggtgc     93840
     ttgctatggg catggatgct tgctatgggc atggatggtg cttgctatgg gcatggatgt     93900
     gcttgctatg ggcatggatg tgcttgctat gggcatggat ggtgcttgct atgggcatgg     93960
     atgcttgcta tgggcatgga tggtgcttgc tatgggcatg gatgatgcct gctatgggca     94020
     tggatggtgc ttgctatggg catggatggt gcttgttatg ggcatggatg attcctgcta     94080
     tgggcatgga tggtgcttgc tatgggcatg gatgcttgct atgggcatgg atggtgcttg     94140
     ctatgggcat ggatgatgcc tgctatgggc atggatggtg cttgctatgg gcatggatgg     94200
     tgcttgctat ggacatggat ggtgcttgct atgggcatgg atggtgcttg ctatgggcac     94260
     ggatggtgct tgctatgggc atggatggtg cttgctatgg gcatggatgg tgcttgctat     94320
     ggacatggat ggtgcttgct atgggcatgg atggtgcttg ctatgggcac ggatgatgct     94380
     tgctatgggc atggatgctt gctatgggca tggatgcttg ctatgggcat ggatggtgct     94440
     tgctatgggc atggatggtg cttgctatgg gcatggatgc ttgctatggg catggatgct     94500
     tgctacgggc atggatgtgc ttgctatggg catggatgct tgctatgggc atggatggtg     94560
     cttgctatgg gcatggatgg tgcttgctat gggcatggat gtgcttgcta tgggcatgga     94620
     tgcttgctat gggcatggat ggtgcttgct atgggcatgg atgcttgcta tgggcatgga     94680
     tggtgcttgc tatgggcatg gatgcttgct atgggcatgg atgtgcttgc tatgggcatg     94740
     gatgcttgct atgggcatgg atgcttgcta tgggcatgga tgtgcttgct atgggcatgg     94800
     atgcttgcta tgggcatgga tgtgcttgat atgggcatgg atgcttgcta tgggcatgga     94860
     tgtgcttgat atgggcatgg atgcttgcta tgggcatgga tgtgcttgct atgggcatgg     94920
     atgcttgcta tgggcattga tggtgcttgc tatgggcatg gatgcttgct atgggcatgg     94980
     atgcttgctt gtttgtttct gttctgaatc agaatctcat gcacagtaga caaacactac     95040
     cactgagcta catatttatt ctagatattt tatttttaat gtatttactg ttttataatt     95100
     tcatatacac atatgaaata ttctttggga tttttaaagt atctgtcata tctaagggaa     95160
     ttttgactaa ttagagtaaa agtcagactt ataactctaa tttaaaatgt atgcatatct     95220
     gtagagtcca cacctataga tacaactaac tgcaaatcaa atatatatat atgtaaatat     95280
     atatatatat ataatttttt tttcttacag aggattccaa aaaacaaagc tcgaattgtc     95340
     atgtgccagc cactgtgcca agtgtacatg aatagacagt gtggggcaca ctctgcagta     95400
     gcccttctgc tgtttcagaa attctgagtc tcctgcagtg cctcctctca cccctgtggg     95460
     accagaatgg cccaggatta aagaggaagt gttgaggaga gacacaacct ctgatacctc     95520
     acatgaggtc tgcaggagct ggctcgctcc cctctcccaa actggtgcta tgaaggcagc     95580
     tgctccacca tcaaccctag taagaattta ttaccctgac agctattggg cctcactcct     95640
     tgtttgagct cataaggttc ccacatacac ctacagccac tgagtatgca gaggaagtat     95700
     cttccaatag ccctgccctg gccaatggca taaggccaca caaaccatgc ccggagaccc     95760
     tggccacctc cccagggaca taaataccac tttctccccc tcaccccaat aaaaaacagt     95820
     tttccaaagc tgcgtccagg tgtgctcttt ttacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     95880
     acacacacac acacacactc agtgcacaca ccctgcccag ctgagcttcc ctccagtgga     95940
     cacagggcaa catgccctca gcacatttgt ttttagatct catacatgtg cagtcagacc     96000
     tccacatcct tgggttctat ttccattcat tcaacctacc tttcattaaa aaagaatttt     96060
     taaaaactgt gccaacactg agcaggggga gcagacatgt tccttgtctt tattccctaa     96120
     ggagtataca catcttcaca gcgtgtttac tttgcattcc gtgttgtgag taatctagag     96180
     gtgatcagaa gcattcagga gaacacacag agtttacatg tgtgtaccgg gcagttgtag     96240
     attaagagtc ctgggattgg tcgcttgtgg actgtgagag acaattacat ttcactatac     96300
     tttgtgattc ctttctgttt ttaggagcat atgctgaaat acttatattc tttcttaaaa     96360
     tacttacaag aaattaaaat tcactattta taattttatt aattaaatct aagaactcag     96420
     gaaaaaaagg ttcattcaaa taactgaaat acgtttaaag aatgtgtcat atagtacata     96480
     tatgattgaa gtttaaaacg cttaaaagtt taaggtcttc attgtaagac tagatgtttc     96540
     aagcactcag gaggctgagg caggaggatt tcaagttgta ggttgcagag aaccatagca     96600
     ttggtctggc ctagatacct tgagagaggc atcataggtt tttcagatta gagtccatgg     96660
     attcttggca agatgccttc cagttcccga gagatggtcg tgctccctca ggtagtgaag     96720
     catgcagaca acattgtgtt tttctgtctg tgccctcaga agtcaaggat gcctggatgc     96780
     ttgacaagac aactggcctt gtgtgactgg cagtttgcaa acgtctttgc atcctggcaa     96840
     ctacaactgt atgggtccta gaaactgcca ttgtattctg tttcagataa aggtatgaaa     96900
     catctgatgg ccttcaatca attggcacag tctcagtgtt gctgtggacc tgcctgattt     96960
     aatcccagtg gccctatcag gtgaccttga cccagtaagt aattgtgagt gcttacagga     97020
     ggtcgaccta ggccacacag aatgatctgt ctcaaaacaa aacaaaacag taagcaaaca     97080
     aacaatagct ccttctgcta agtgtataag gaggaataaa tgtcagccac catctcttaa     97140
     aatgtggctt taatttgggg tatgcctaca aagggaatta aaactgaaaa gcttaaggaa     97200
     aaatgagttc ctaacagtat cactttagaa attgcaacat tagtaggtaa ataaagtcac     97260
     agtaaagtcc tgaattctct cttctgcaga gaaaaatgtc caaagacttt ggaaaagtag     97320
     cagagacaag cttaagtgtg gatccttaaa ctgtttctgc caaatctttc tttcctttct     97380
     catcacacta atcaactaac caatgttctt tcttctccct gggagcgcca tacagaccgg     97440
     tctggaccag tcagagccaa ctccaattgt ctaatctggt gtgtcccttg ctgtcctggg     97500
     cagcagccat gcatatggta cctgccaccc agcagttcca taccacttgg gttactaaga     97560
     gggactttgt attaagtcag cttatatggt gagcttaact ctatcttctc tgtggatttc     97620
     atggtattct gcacaaagca cttccctaac cagaagttcc cacttcaatc aggtatgaga     97680
     aaaaaacagt tcctctgagg ccttgccccc tgtcacctgc ccacactgtc ctgtgtcttc     97740
     tgtccctcct agacttgagt actgtcagag gtcccctttt cctgaggtct cctaagcctg     97800
     ggtagtttct ccgcaggagt attgacttct acaacggtag ctggcttcct ttcgtgggga     97860
     ggggcaaggc aaacaggaat tcttcaccct gcaatacatc aggaagaaat tataaaaaga     97920
     ctgaatccca agttgggtgg atggtctggt tattttataa gtaatagata tattgtcatt     97980
     ttaggagata attaataatt atgctcttgg accaagagga aatgagatag aaaacctaga     98040
     ctcagggatt tctatcttct ttctaagtta gctcctttct ttcttaggta aagagaaggg     98100
     agttgagaag gaaagggaga tagagtaaca tcgtaaagta gacaaatagg gataagttat     98160
     tgaattgact cttaaaagca ttttataacc acaatcctat attgatagag atctttctat     98220
     ttttgaggca gaattgaggt tatatttgtt atattggtaa ataattttgt atattgatac     98280
     aggtttaaag ttttcattgg tataaaccat tgtatattga tacaaaattt gagattaatt     98340
     ctgtcacaac actatatata tgtatatata cagaaatatg tttcaactat taaataggta     98400
     tagtgcctat acaagtcatt taataataca aagtttaact cagtcctctt aatagctgct     98460
     attacaaact gttttggata attaaaatat gccagtcaat aatcaatcaa tcaaactcat     98520
     agtcatgtta gatattagtc tggattatca caaaagtata tatcctgggt tgtacagata     98580
     ataggtagct agagacaggc aatgtttgct tgttcaaata tgctataaat agatagatga     98640
     tcttcaaaag cctcagcgag ccacaattaa actgaagttg tttggcattt aagatgctct     98700
     aggtttgaaa agcattttta gcatggtagc acaaattaaa ataaaacatt atttaaatac     98760
     aaaattctaa acccaccaag ataggataga tagaaaactt tatctaaatt gtcaaatata     98820
     aatggactgg acattataaa tgtgtatcat accttatagt tttcacaatt gttataattg     98880
     tattcaactt acctctgaga gaaaaggaac cttattaatt ggacaaatgg ggcaaatgta     98940
     gtgggttggt ctggtgctgc ttgtattgtg atgctaaaca ctggccctta aaacctgttt     99000
     gtccccagag atgagagaat ccacacgtag acccaagtga tgctatgtga ccttgccctc     99060
     caagttattc ctgattagtg gataaagatg tctacagcct ataactgggc agaattgaga     99120
     taagcagggt ttgggggttc ctgggcttca ggtctgagga gaaccacaaa ggggaagggg     99180
     aggaagatgg agagagaagg cgccatgggg tatgaatctt aaaatcatcg ccatgagggc     99240
     tggccaattg gagttaagag cagatgaaac cagatggaag attgtaggta ataatgcagt     99300
     tatcaatagg aaagtagact ttaatagcat agagggcaga tatctgccca gctttagtgc     99360
     tgataaaggc ttaatataaa ttaaaggtca caggtctttt atctgggaac tgaataatca     99420
     aaggcagggt agaagataaa atatattcca caacttgcat cccttctgct tcaccctgtc     99480
     agctgccctg gacatgatcc atgtttacag tggtccatcc ttcaaaatga ctcactcggc     99540
     ccgcttgctt cttggttagt gcatagtagg acatccgcta cctgtccctg caaatgccaa     99600
     agagcagaga cagcaatgga gtcagtcaac attttatcca gaagtctgga actcatgagg     99660
     aaaacctctc ttctctccag ccagcaggtt aataaggagc aaagtaagac agtcagtcat     99720
     tggaggccca gactaggtcc tctgtctatg gccagacccg ttcctaagac ttgtgatgtc     99780
     tgtgcctctg tcattatcac tcctgtcctc ctctttgtca tctccatggg catctgggat     99840
     caggagactc ttgaatttgt aataggattg gtttccatgg tatcagcccc acattatccc     99900
     aggaacctcc tgatctagag agctgacttg ggacaagcat gccattaaca gtgtgtgcac     99960
     actaagctat tgacaacata ccttgcaggt tcttttctac aatgtagagt acaagatgcc    100020
     ccctactgtg tggagttcga tgtgccccat tcaggtctcc atcccctgtc cgtccccact    100080
     gctaggagta actctcctga gatctatttc atacaaagga tggcttcctg cactgtgcgc    100140
     ctagctgact accagcacag cctcttagca gtgtggcatc ctcagcacat gcgtgtacac    100200
     agtggggtat ataccacctg cagcaacaat agttgtgcag aaaagaagta aagaaacatt    100260
     acatttattt acctttgtgt gtatggggag gtacatgtgt gcatgtgcat atgtacacat    100320
     gtgcaagcca cgacacaccc atggagctca aaggacaact tgtgagaatc agctgctctt    100380
     tctgccctgt ggatctcagg gattgaactc aagccatcag tcttggcggc aagccccttt    100440
     gctggtggag ccaacttacc agacccaagt tgaagcaatt tttaacaccc gtgaacaaca    100500
     acacactctt tagcgggaga aacacttgga cacttgaagg ttaacattct cttgcttttc    100560
     cagtcacagg tattaggggc cattggttta tcaatactcc caaatcaagc acacttctac    100620
     gggccctcaa ggggcatgga aacacttgtg caatgtgagt gaagtgaagg tgtgcttaga    100680
     atacaccccg cccccacgtg gcaaaaatca gagatagtca aaaacatttt tttcaagtac    100740
     acttgtatat tttcttctca gctgaatgaa ataacatctc cttggaggag caggaagaca    100800
     ccccattaac agatgcatga atgttatctt aggtgtagct tgcctgcaag atggctcttt    100860
     aagttgtaac cacaaagtgg aatctcttct gaggcgacaa gtgtctcctc cggctggcat    100920
     cgggatttca gccttgcctt cccctacagc acgtgattcc tgggggtttt taattttttg    100980
     aggtctgttg tttctgtcgt cgggttgtgg ggagactagg cagtttggtc actgaaggtg    101040
     tggatggtct gaccattgca ggaggaaggt ggacacaagt gtacctctgt agagttctcc    101100
     aaccgcagca agtgtgatca cagcccctga ctttcagact tcacgtgaag gaaatctgct    101160
     catgcccaaa acaaatgcaa taaagagtca gtgtcagaaa agaagccctg aacagacatg    101220
     agaagtgatt ctctgtactt gaagcaaagc ctctgtactt gatctggggt agtgactgtc    101280
     tttgttgttg gcttaaagac agagcttcac ctaaaaaccc aggctggcct caagcttggt    101340
     cttggctgtt cctcatgaaa ggaatgaaat atgttccaat ttatctcatt tacttccatg    101400
     ttggtggtca gttgacagat ttaaccctgg ttttccatca aattcaagta tcaagtgtgg    101460
     ctcttgggcc acaaccagct ggtactctgt ttagttctgc ctgtcctgct gtgggtgatt    101520
     ttcaaacatc acaaaaaaga aaaactactg catagtttct gtagaggtga gtttagctat    101580
     accgctttgg ctccaggtgg gttgcactcc cagccaccag ccagagcctt atggatttgt    101640
     gcgcgcacaa aaggttgggc agttcttatt ctactagcac acactcccct ccgttacttc    101700
     tgatttaaag tcttttatat ttcatctcta ctattccaca cccaattggg gaagtggccc    101760
     ttgtagccac tttccctggt tcccacatgt gtcacaggtc tggtcattct tctctgccac    101820
     tgcaatctct ctcttctact ctcccccagt tccgtgttgg tgcaaatctc caggtcctgc    101880
     ctcagtctac ctgcccagct attggctgta cagaaattct ttattgccaa tcaaatccag    101940
     ctgggggcag agaccctcag catctgtgaa tgtggccttt aggagctgaa tagaactgac    102000
     agcataagag ccaattgcta acaagtttct ttagttagat gccacatttc tctaaatgtc    102060
     aacaaagaag aatcacaaag gtttccaaag agaaaaaaaa aatctagcaa tgaagcacag    102120
     cgagcattta aaagaagcta gtttgtaaaa caggtacttg gttagagtga tttttttccc    102180
     caaaagtttg atagtaaact gtttagaaaa gtaccaaaag tgtggatgaa aaacggctta    102240
     gaatagtcaa ggttaggatt ttgcagaaag tttagctatc agcaaaacag atggttacct    102300
     ttgctcaaaa attataatta cagtagaatt gcagaaacag gaacacagtc tggaaaagat    102360
     tagcattgca aacagttcta gttttggggg gtaagcccag cttggctaaa tgtcctaagt    102420
     tttatattct tagaggttta tatatgtgag gaacataagt atattaacat acaacagatc    102480
     cagcagtaag cagttagcat ataccaataa ggagttaaga tttagatatg tatatctata    102540
     tcttatgatt tgtgagctgt taaaggatgc cagaatatgt gagtctcact tctctgaaga    102600
     accatggcag tcaatgcttt cagggacagg gaaccttttc ttcagtggtg tagctgctgg    102660
     aaagtttcat gtgcctgtca gtaccctctg acctgtgcta tggtaagaaa gcctacctaa    102720
     gttcattggg gaacagcaac gtcaaagaca tcaaagacat gatactgagg gagcctagct    102780
     gggaagaaga aatcagtgaa agtagaaagg acaagagaag gcactggagt gactatgacc    102840
     aaaatatatt tcatacattt taaatgcctc aatgaaaccc attagtatgt ataattaata    102900
     tatgttcatc taacatatgt aaaaactcag ttccttttcc aagaactaga ggctaacaac    102960
     atcagcagaa aacaagcaaa tattttaatg aaatgcagaa tcatttaaca ttagaccgtt    103020
     ttaaattctc cgaaaagtag attgatattt aagaaaaatc gaattgctct gcaaacaaag    103080
     cataaaaccc ttacccagaa tattgtggct attatcaaca taatcatata tgaaccttat    103140
     aggatttatt ttataagcct cctatgaatt tgtatttatt tttccaatac attacaaaag    103200
     ttatttatag ataccgtgta tctatatgtg tcactgaagc agttgctagt ctcttgtcca    103260
     tggcagtccc agggccagat tgaattttgt tccagattgt ttcagagaca acgtgacata    103320
     taaaaaaaca aaaagtagca ttaattcaga gcacactctt agaagctatg aggtagaaat    103380
     ttacatctca gagcttcctt tggcgaaatc acgtcaaaag acaaggttgt tgtgtagaca    103440
     taagttaata tctttcctta taatttccat ccttggcaaa acaacaattt tgagatccat    103500
     ttaatggcca gctccttcca gaagtcagta ctgtagagta atcaagctgt attatgatag    103560
     cacaacatat tcttctcttt catggggaca taaccaaagt cagaccaatt ctccagaacg    103620
     cattccagga ggctatctcc gggaacggaa gccgtgcctc cccggaacgg aagccgtacc    103680
     tccccgggaa cggaagccgt gcctccccga gaacggaagc cgtgccaccc tgagtcaacc    103740
     ctctgaaaca aaccagacag aaaggatcct agagactaag caggctttat cccagggagg    103800
     aggtggggga agaactcatg gaaagcactt tcaggccaga ggccagatga agctaaagcc    103860
     ccaaaagtac actgggctaa gtgaacccat gagagagtgt aagactctgg ggagccttag    103920
     cttactgggg accccctgag tgaatctcgt ggagccggga ttgatgcaaa aagcaagagg    103980
     aatttattgt tccggtgcac tggggtcgtc ccagacctga aggagaggca tcgaccccta    104040
     gcacctggtg ggtaagtttt tatatggttt ccaggggcag aatagagcaa cagcaactag    104100
     gcacaatatg actggcggaa aggtgcaccc tttaatctga tcggtcttta gggaatgagg    104160
     tgacaaggac ttcccttgtc tgaaggtgag caacagtcag tcctgtggaa tgtgtcccca    104220
     cccgcaggtc ggttcccacc ctgtggtctg agaattgtta attagcctct tccttccaga    104280
     ggggcttctt ggccttctga aagttcctaa gctgaccttt tcaagagggc ctggaggtgc    104340
     aaaggcgggg ggggggggtc cttaggtaaa atcctgggca ccactgggat tcctcactaa    104400
     ctccaccact gactggacag taccccagcc agtatagtgg agtcaccaaa tatatgaccc    104460
     aatgtcggag ctcatgctgc ctgcctctgc aaacaccatt gagcagaaac aggaacgttt    104520
     gtatccactc agaactcagt ctcaacgctt tactggagta gtcagccata ttcataagag    104580
     ttgtgatctc tgtgtctctc gtgttcctgg ccaccccatg cacttaccta tctctggaca    104640
     atcaggctca ggcattcctc ttgaatactg agtctattta gcgtctgtat agtcctccag    104700
     taggcactga gttagaacaa gccagccatt tatagtgtat tcttgataag ctattaataa    104760
     tatgaaatgc agacttcttt ctaaaatatg gatacaagtg tgttgtatat aatatggaca    104820
     caaatggaca cacgaaggtg tatactctgg tatatacctc cctagcccct gtcaaccgtt    104880
     ccttcttcct agacccactt gctaactcct ttcttctccg gcaagccctg tgtgtcaacc    104940
     gaagctcatg agtggatggg tccatagata actgggtttc tgattctctc agtattaagt    105000
     ggggagtcat atctgctccc cagaacttct aattaaacta tgtgaaggat tctgtccctc    105060
     tcttaaaagg tgcagccatg ggatattctg agcataactg ctcaactgtc cctggagtgc    105120
     taggtaaatt gtccagtgaa attcaggcac tgcacagccc ttcctattgc cacatcagct    105180
     tgtcacttcc acttctgaac attgcagagc cctggctttc tttcttatgc ccctgttgtt    105240
     gctatgtgac aaaatcaaag agctagacgg cctctgctgc ccgctctctt ggagctgccc    105300
     aagcatgaat tataatgtta agtcttcagg tagccccaat tcttcacggt ggcatctcat    105360
     gcttgctcta cacctcttca gccacaggca tgctctgcct cctggtatcc tctctgggag    105420
     cttttcattt gcatagtaga aaagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttctgtaaca    105480
     attttataag aggattatta acctcctttt agctacggat gctcagagag tttcagaact    105540
     tgccaagtaa cagctgggtt ggttcttcca cctgattgcg aagcccgcac actgtgcact    105600
     tcactggctc tcctgagacc aacagcttgg tcttcatcac ttactcagcc agcgtaatgt    105660
     agccacacac tcaggtagta cacgaggcca gagtttttat agtgtgtgga tgtcttccca    105720
     ttctgccgtg agtttgcttt acaggaatgt tgcccaacag attttgcaca attcatctgc    105780
     aattgccaaa caagaatgtt ttaagccaag tggaccatgc ctgaaacaat atcatttatt    105840
     attttaggtt caagatggaa gtcgatgata attaaacaat ggcttaagta tgaaagtatg    105900
     agattccact ccgatgggtt tcctcccagc ctgatcgaat aggaatatac atatatatgt    105960
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atgtatatat acacatacac    106020
     atatacatat atgtgtgtgt gtgttcccaa ccaaaaggct gagtatacag aagaagctca    106080
     gtaatggtaa tggtaagctg ctatcatcat cattcttagc ctgcaggctg taactcttca    106140
     ctgcagatct aaaacacata ccctttactt tggctttaat ggacttacag ctaatcactg    106200
     ctctaaatct tctcctggac tgactcttgg cagccttcag gagtggccca tgtgcctcca    106260
     atccagatct gtgtcagctg actactgggt cccagagcaa tgccttcacc cccaataatc    106320
     cagcctccac agcactgttg gggcaatgtt tatgacccat aggggtaagc actgtcagca    106380
     gacttgagct tacatcttga tggctgtgtg actaaataga tcacaagact cagttttcat    106440
     atctggaaaa tggaaatcat tcctgtccac aattcagggt cctgtgagcc cagaaagcca    106500
     tgcgtctagg gaaaccagtc tggagcaagc gtgaggtaaa gatgtgttca aactcggaaa    106560
     atctcattct gagaatggca tgagcagatg gcttcctccc tgctctgggc acacgtagcc    106620
     ttaagacccc cacctctgct acccttgagg cagtcacata gcttggtggc cagacttctt    106680
     ctctccttat aaggtcatgt ccagcaagca cctggaattc ttctttatgc aaataaagca    106740
     agccagcatc tgtgccccag ccagtgatgt ctgctcaccc tgaaacactc ctacccactc    106800
     cccaaggttg gtttaccccc gttcaccccc aatgaagaaa gctatctcac tgacaaccat    106860
     ctccagagaa ggctatttgg accaaggtcc tgtctaacca acccacccat ccagctaaac    106920
     atctttcctt ctagtccacc tagatatcct gagggagaaa gcagatctga gctggcaggg    106980
     cccagaacca aacaaactct caaggttagc cagtgttctc tagaaaggct ttatgattta    107040
     aattagtttc ttctctagtt tgtggttcat ctagtcggtc tagtcagatt gttgaaaagt    107100
     ctggataaaa atgatgggga gggggtactt gtcctgggga gaaaagggaa tatttatcat    107160
     acaatccttt gttctgttcg cccttttcct tctatttcca gaagtcaaca gcctcttctt    107220
     ggaatagata ctagaatttg ctaagtgtgg caattatcaa caataccaca aaccaaccct    107280
     gagcacttcc tgggtaccaa agggctgaag ccctgcctgg gcttcatttg gtaaagtagc    107340
     cccccaggac accatatctc tgacataaaa aataatattc caagctgaag gggtcagcaa    107400
     ccctataggt ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccagtaccct cagagctcgt gtctctagct    107460
     gcatatgtag cagaagatgg cctagtcggc catcactggg aagagaggcc ccttggtatt    107520
     gcaaacttta tatgccacag tacaggggaa tgccagggcc aagaagcggg agtgggtggg    107580
     taggggagca gggtagaagg agggtatagg aaactttcgg gatagcactt aaaatgtata    107640
     taaagaaaat atctaattaa aaaaaagaaa agaaaaaaat aatattccaa agtgatttgg    107700
     agaagcgtct ggctacttaa agggtgctga gacatagtct ctgagctacc ttgctggctg    107760
     tgaaatctga atcaagttat cctggctgta aaatgtttgt aaatgtttgt aaggaagtgt    107820
     gtgcacaggg cacaaatggt gcctggtgtt cataagtgct agatacaagt tggactgtta    107880
     agaacagcca aacaatacat ttatgttata gaaaataaag tggaaaaatg aagctgcctg    107940
     cccatatgca tgcagaaaca caaggcagga gagtaataat aataataaat aataggatgg    108000
     cagaaattac acagttatgg gttgaatgag ctaagaaata gaattgtagg tccactgcag    108060
     aggaatatct ggactcacta aattacagtg ctccaaagct atgttggcaa aagataacaa    108120
     ctacagggaa aaaaaactgt gaatgcataa agatagctag attaactaac tgtgactcac    108180
     ctttcctaaa aagcatttgt ttctaagaaa ataaagaata caaactgatt gcaggaaaat    108240
     tatcagggaa caatctctct cccctctccc ctctctttcc tctcccctct ctcccctctt    108300
     ttccctctct tccctttccc ctttcctctc cctcccttct tctccaccct ccacagttaa    108360
     ttttccactg ctccttcgct gagggcatct atggtgcaga ccaaacagtg ggccaggatt    108420
     ctcccatcat tcaactcttg agaaaacaga ctccactaac agctattact tgagggaaga    108480
     actaaggagc ctatggttgc tcacggaatt gtatccttga aagtactgac ttggctgtgt    108540
     ctgttagctc acacacggaa tcccaaactt gggagatgac gacagggaga tctgaagttt    108600
     ggagcccccc taggctgcgt gaaaccctgt cccaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaacaac    108660
     aaaaaggaat gtgattataa tcagactctc agtcatttac attttatatg aatcagttca    108720
     agctgtttta ttccaccaag tgcatggcca gtttctctga ggaaaaccca atgatgtttc    108780
     tgttaaggga aggctccagg ccaggactgc ccaggtcaac agcaaatgac aactttcctc    108840
     tcagatatga ggagcccagc cctcgcgtag ggagaagcag gggatttcca cagttttcca    108900
     aggacaagga ccaactggag tcagctgaga acgagctggc tctccctcag aaacttcata    108960
     acaagtctag aggcatccag agttattcta ggactggctc caccccagcc cctgggctcc    109020
     agtgagtgac tgagctgaaa ttccactgtt gcataagtcc ctttagacaa gtttcagttt    109080
     taggaaatga aagtggcaag ctgtgacatc tatatttcct ctgattgagc cctccccatg    109140
     cctggcctca caccaggccc ctcccctcag gctggttcag aaaggttttg ctgcagagga    109200
     gtgctaggac aaccactggg taccagagag gtgctgagtg agtgcttgtc acaagcaaga    109260
     gtttgtgtac cctcttagga gcctgcctta gccagccagt gggggtgacc agagggaaga    109320
     cagggttctc tctgcccttg agaagctcac aaaatagaga gggagatgaa ctgagtaatt    109380
     cataccgaag gaaccagtcc cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    109440
     tgtgtgtgtg tcagagagag agaccagttc tttcagggct tccctttagg cagtgtctct    109500
     ggactttgct gattctggta gaaggcacat agctgtggtt atatttaagt gtcttagatg    109560
     ttctttgaag atacacccta aacagtctcc tgaatgtgtg ggtaagcaaa cactctccac    109620
     tatattctat tattcccaat attgcagctg ctgaaaccta agtcttggac aagaagccca    109680
     cttaaaacaa gaacacatct caactcccct tgtggttagc tgtttccata gctgcacaat    109740
     aataggcctg atttgtgaca gctttagtga ccattgtttg gactgcctgc ttagcagtgt    109800
     tcatctagca agtggctttg gtagagactg tctcctacca ggacagaagt agatcgcatt    109860
     gaagtagaaa cttaagtgtt ttgttggggc aaacatgtga accagtgttt tcctaaagtg    109920
     gatacaggtg aaaggatgtt tttgttaaag tagacacctg aaggaatgtt tgactgaaat    109980
     aggcagggat gaaagaataa ggcagtctca ggaacatttc actgaagtag acacacgtga    110040
     aaggatattc tgttaaagaa agcacatgaa aggacacgta ataaaagact ctttgtgtgt    110100
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga acaatacagg tattggctca    110160
     ccttacacta tgtagttgag ctccatttgg caggactcca tagagagaag cgaactgtag    110220
     ggctgtgaaa ggcagcctgg tttctggtcg agcagaggct ggaaacccta gtggtcctga    110280
     aggacggcag gcattttgcc acgctccctc ctgacatgag gccgcagctc tccatagatt    110340
     tgtggccatc agtcacttat gggcaacgcc ccaagcccct acacggggag aggacctgac    110400
     ctgtggtcac atagcctcaa gacagatctc cattttaatg aggtacctaa aggcctgaag    110460
     ggcttagcca attgagctct ccttcccaga cactcctccc tacaaaaggt atttaacctc    110520
     aggcccgccc tgagaagtgg ggtatggttt tatttatcta atttccacca tgacaataaa    110580
     tgccttaaaa ctatgaactg cctcttttct tcgggatccg ctgtagggga gccatggcca    110640
     aggccttcac ctataaagcc attgttgtct attctcccag agaaggcctc tcagtgctcc    110700
     cagccacggc cacaccaagc caagccccac tcccccaaac aagccaagga ctctcttccc    110760
     caagagatcc agctagagct ttccccactt tccccttcga ccccaggccc cactcccatt    110820
     ttcagctctt ctgtggctct cagcagcgcc tgggtgccca agagcctgag aatcagatgg    110880
     ccccaacctc tgtgcaggcc gggaccccga gccagctcct gccgtcctcg ggacctcaga    110940
     gtgagctccc ccacctccgg agcagtgtcc ctaggcttcc catagccgga cacccacccc    111000
     agcatggggt aacttccaac gtctcgcctc cccaagtgac cgagccctgt ggcagagtag    111060
     atgcaggata ttcataaccc tacagcatac caaaaaactg ctggtggtat gttgtgactt    111120
     cttgtcactt ccgaggactc aggctgattg gcagaatgat gacagttgag acaaatgtac    111180
     agtgttgaaa caagacctgt ggggacatgt gacatttgga gagagttata aaaggtctca    111240
     aaggacagtg aaggaggctg agcttggctt gtttgtatag ctaaacacac ttgttagtct    111300
     catgtctttg ttgatctttg ctttgttgag agaggcacag tggagaacac tttctgtcat    111360
     tcctgttggc cctggtccct cctgttgact cataccaagg ctgaggcctg gctgcctgtg    111420
     ttagggagtg caccgctgct gattcatctt tgctatcccg actttacaga actggactgc    111480
     tggtgtgtcc ataaaatata tttgagtgga tcaaactgct gctgacctat gacttgaact    111540
     gccgatttcc agacaacaca gataggtgtt gctccaaaga accattctaa acaggtccac    111600
     tttcccccct atcctttctt ctccactatc cctattgggt ggtgggataa aagagaggtt    111660
     aaaaggtttt aaaaacatga ttaaaaataa accttaaaaa atattaaagt ggtacatgcc    111720
     attaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg    111780
     tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaacca    111840
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattat tttttttcca tttttattag gtatttagct catttacatt    111900
     tccaatgcta taccaaaagt cccccatacc catccacccc cactccccta cccacccact    111960
     cccccttttt ggccctggtg ttcccctgta ctggggcata tatagtttgc gtgtccaatg    112020
     ggcctctctt tccagtgatg gccgactagg ccatcttttg atacatatgc agctagagtc    112080
     aaaagctcca gggtactggt tagttcataa tgttgatcta cctatagggt tgaagatccc    112140
     tttagctcct tgggtacttt ctgtagctcc tccattggga gccctgtgat ccattcacta    112200
     gttgactgtg agcatccact tctgtgtttg ctaggccccg gcatagtctc acaagagaca    112260
     gctacatctg gatccttttg ataaaatctt gctagtgtat gcaatggtgt cagcgtttgg    112320
     atgctgatta tggggtggat ccctggatat ggcagtctct actggatatg gtccatcctt    112380
     tcatctcagc tccaaacttt gtctctgtaa ctccttccaa gggtgttatg ttcccacttc    112440
     taaggagggg catagtgtcc acacttcagt cttcattttt cttgagtttc atgtgtttag    112500
     gaaattgtat cttatatctt gggtatccta ggttttgggc taatatccac ttatcagtga    112560
     gtacatattg tgtgagttcc tttgtgaatg tgttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctctag    112620
     gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa ttcattcttt ttaatagctg agtagtactc    112680
     cattgtgtag atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcttct gttgaggggc atttaaagtt    112740
     acacttcatt ctttgattgg cagtgagggt gtacccctgc cacacctact ccagtaaaga    112800
     ctactcggca ggcccaaaag cttggacgca gtcccaaggt gaatatgttt catggaaact    112860
     tagccgcctg gaaccttggc attcccatag cacaaatgct ccaaatttat ccctgcaata    112920
     gtgtgaaggg tcttgcatgc tttcttgcag tatttaacta gataggagct agaaatctca    112980
     gggcaagctt agcaaagtat atttagaatt ctcattacag acatgaatgg cagcctacat    113040
     tacataatag tagaaagaag gtgggttgtg gtttaaagag gaactagaaa gggttagtag    113100
     aacagaactc ccctgatgca tgtttttcac taggccctga ggaatagcat acttaggtat    113160
     ttactaaggg acccctggtg gtgggttata caatagacta gcattgcatc agacctttca    113220
     cctggctcct gtgaataact gactttagat agggctggct gatcttatct cagttgtaaa    113280
     ctttgcctgg ttcctgccag tctttttgta cacatttcta tgttttgtgt cagataactt    113340
     cattgtacct tggctgatgt gtcacctaat ttctttgttt tcttctgtaa tatataagtc    113400
     tgatgctcgc tttgagaaat tacattcaga tcaatactcc cttgagttcg agtttgtcat    113460
     ttttttgcca acttcctgcc cacctgtacc gggaccctga ttctcccgtg gattgaggcc    113520
     agtccgtggc ataccccgac atacctgtca cacaatgaaa atagcaagta aacactgcat    113580
     taatgcctta gcctgctgaa caccatagct cagcctggtt taccttaact atgctcagaa    113640
     cccaacgccc atgttaaagt gttccatgtc ccatgtaatc tacagaaaaa aactggaatg    113700
     tttatgtgga ggcatttcca caccatctaa agctgaaggc tcattaagtc attcgacacg    113760
     taccagctgt agaagagtcc tatgggcact gtgactgctc actctcaagc cgtgcctacc    113820
     tcctgattct tttcttctga cctaatcctc tgtgtgtgaa gatgtcacat ggcattcccg    113880
     aattgctctg agagaatgaa ttcagtggac ccatacaaaa tgatgatccc ttggcttctg    113940
     ctactgtagg gggtgggatg atacttgccc agggtcacct tcccacaacc tcgacgctga    114000
     cacgtggact ggcaatgagt gtggaagcta agtctccaat atgccactgg tatagctgct    114060
     taccacgatt gcagtctcct aaaaaagccc aaggtcatta tcatacagtc ctggaggtca    114120
     gacatccaga atctgcctca ctggctaatt tgagatacag cagggccgcc ctgcgggctg    114180
     gatattgtag acctgaacct gtgttgccac cttcccgacc atcagaagcc accagcattc    114240
     ctcagctcct gcttcatcct ctgtcttcaa agccagcagc ataatgcttt caacgcttgc    114300
     cctttggcct cctgctccta cctgggccta ctcagataca ccagaataac ccttgtctta    114360
     atgtcagctg acaaacatcc ttaatttcat ctgtagcctt caacctcttt gccgtgggca    114420
     actgattaaa tcaatgttct ttaaaggaac ataagtaata ggatgaatat atattaaaag    114480
     cagatttatt actgtagtct cccctccccc agcctgaaac ctgcttgctc aggggtggag    114540
     cttcctgctc attcgttctg ccacgcccac tgctggaacc tgcggagcca cacacgtgca    114600
     cctttctact ggaccagaga ttattcagtg ggaatcgggt ccccttcccc ttccttcata    114660
     actagtgtcg caacaataaa atttgagcct tgatcagaat aactgtcttg gctacatttc    114720
     tttctctcgc cacctagccc ctcttctctt ccaggtttcc aaaatgcctt tccaggctag    114780
     aacccaggtt gtggtctgct ggccggacac aacatattac attggcatat ataatgtgat    114840
     cttgtctgac aatggctgtc ccacattcaa gcatccagcc atatagtact cacccagtcc    114900
     atcaccctag atgtcccagc agttcctatc tggtgctgaa ggcctagaaa attcctggag    114960
     cgtctacact ggaagctggt tctcaaatca gtgagggcat gcagcaacag agtagatgat    115020
     cttaccatca agagtgaagg caaacaggca ggagctcccc caaattcata tgctgaaact    115080
     taatttccaa gaggagagta gtaagagagt ggtcattaga gagtgattac gtcatgaggg    115140
     tggaggccca tggggatggg atcagagcct cacaggggct tgagggcata ggttcactct    115200
     cttctgctct tctgcagtgt gagggtacag atttttccct ctagagcagc agctctcaac    115260
     ctgtgggtcg tgattcattt ggcaaaccta tctctaaaaa atatttacat tatgattcat    115320
     aacagtagca gaattaccat tatgaagtag taacgaaaat agctttatag ttgggggggg    115380
     ggtcactaca acatgaggaa ctgtattaaa gagttgccat gttaggaagg ttgagaacaa    115440
     cttctctaga gaatgaaaca acaggcacca tggtagatgc agagagcagc cctccggggc    115500
     catcagcctg caggatctct atcctgcact tccctgcctc cagcaaggtc acatacattt    115560
     ctcctcataa gtacccatac tttgctgttt tgttatggtg tcaccaaaga actaagactc    115620
     tgtgcaacac aacttgtata ggttccagga acagggtgag gatatctacg ggagaccaca    115680
     attatgccta ccccaagagt agtacgaagg gatccagagt gtgagagttg gcaggaggaa    115740
     gacacactga agtatagcag ttgccataag atggctctca taggtgcttc tgtgttcagg    115800
     agaatcctaa gcttaagata atggacatct ctctgacact gcctgtctgt gaaatggctc    115860
     tactgccaaa tctccccgca cccccctgtt gccatggttt caaccaacac tgtcctccat    115920
     agcctcatga gtcaaaagct taagctcaaa ttggagttac tggatgttgt ggtggtttga    115980
     atattcttgg accagggaat ggcactatta ggagttgtgg cattgttgga ttaggtgtgg    116040
     cctattggag aaagtatgtg tgtcactgtg gaggtgggct tagagaccct cctcctagct    116100
     gctgggaagc cagtcttctc ctagctgcct ttagaacaag aagtagaatt ctcagatcct    116160
     tctgcgtcat gcctgcctgg atgctgccat gttcctgcct ggatgataat ggactgaacc    116220
     tctgaacctg taagccagtc ccagctaaat gttgttcttt ataaaagttg ccttggtcgt    116280
     ggtgtctctt tacagcaatg aaatcctgac taagatagaa gtggtcttta cagcaatgac    116340
     taagatagaa gtagaagaaa gtttaagctg gggcctggta ggaggccttg gctcactggg    116400
     ggtatgtata tgaagagatg gcaggatccc agcaccctcc tcttcatttt ccttcgcact    116460
     ctggcttttg ctactgccct tcaaccccaa gtatgggctt tcattccact actagaggct    116520
     ttaaagcaac aaatctatgc aattatgaac ccaagcccct tagaccagga accagaataa    116580
     agattttcct tttgtaattt gtctgcattg tctatcacag tgaaggagaa ctcaccaaca    116640
     gtaatacact aacaactttc catttgagcc cattgttcca aattccaaac ccttgggtgc    116700
     cactgactct gtatacttta tatagaaaaa tataaatgta tataaaatat atattcactt    116760
     attgttgctg tttagtttta tttgttgatt ttttttaaga caaggtttct tgctctagac    116820
     cttaagctca catcctcttg tctgagtccc caagtactta gatcataggc atgcatcact    116880
     gtgttgagct atagtctaca ttttaattaa aaacttccag acggggggct ggtgagatgg    116940
     ctcagtggtt aagagcaccg actgctcttc cgaaggtccc gagttcaaat cccagcaacc    117000
     acatggtggc tcataaccat ccgtaacgaa atctgatgcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag    117060
     acagctacag tgaacttaca tataataaat aaataaataa ataaatctta aaaaaaaaaa    117120
     agaaagaaag aaagaaaaga acttcccttt ctgtttaaaa aaaaaaacaa aaaaaaaaaa    117180
     aaacaaaaaa aaacttccag acgtactcta taagtttggt gaaaatgcta aacttgttta    117240
     tttctcatga tacaattaag cttgaaggaa tttttgttta cttattttat agattcagaa    117300
     atactcattt tatgttaaaa tctgttattt ctttctttaa atttattcca tggatcatat    117360
     cttatttctt atatgtaatg aaattgaaga cttggcaata atcatggtag atttttccta    117420
     tgttttactt ttaaaaaatt tatgattatg tatatgtgtg tggttgttgg ggccagcctg    117480
     tggttctcat gtccgggctc gagcctggaa ggcatcttgg aacctggaag aaaagaggag    117540
     atctaggtgg gttgagaaat aatggaacca agacaactag tctgctcaag gttcaaattt    117600
     ttaatggcgg acatgcttta taaaagagag gggaaagccc attcccgcca aatcatcctt    117660
     ggagcccagc tgcaggtgac cacgtgtagg ctccggaaca gctaggcaac aggtagcagc    117720
     tgcggcagtg gcagaacaat agagtgatcc agggaggcag gctccacccc aggtgatctc    117780
     cttagtggca acaaagtcaa gcctgcctca gcctgcttca gtcttatgga ggctacatct    117840
     cctccctgtt attaatataa aaaagaaagg ctggactgag gcataaattt tatttatgct    117900
     ctatagttct gcctgaattc tttgggccta gtgaagaaac ctgtctcagt gggattccct    117960
     aacttttctc atggtaaacc cttatttggt taagactgtc cttactgtcc taataaacag    118020
     tctgcagacc tgccctgagc tattggctct atcttttgta atgctaatta gttactgaat    118080
     aggtaacttc cttactgaat tcctactgaa ttccaagttg tcggcttcaa ggtctttcta    118140
     ggaagttggc gaaggctaaa ctatatcaga attcaatctt aaaaggcact tataataaaa    118200
     taatactaaa agagagcaca tggatccata cactagacta acacagggat agggtaagaa    118260
     tatacgggtt atgagaacgc caaagctcca ggaggtgagt tttcatgaaa ctctttgcct    118320
     cgtgagtgct ctcaggcctt ttggcctgcc gggtaaactt tactagagtg tgcgtggcat    118380
     ctcccctgtt cttttatttt tcagccgaag ttccaggatg tcccgccttg tcatagctac    118440
     agatcttagg agtgctctaa agatgagtgg aaacacaaca attttctaat aaaatatgcc    118500
     aataataata gcaagtagga taatatattg aacccaatcc agggaattca atgcacttag    118560
     gttatcttta aatccctagc caattcatca atgttccaag tgtccaagtg actattgcta    118620
     atatctgaaa tttctgcctt tctagcctta atatatgcta tgtcctgccc tattgttaag    118680
     attatttctt ctaagacatt aacctttgcc tccaattctt acatggctct atggtgtatt    118740
     attaataaac catggtctct tggcatgtac ctctgtctag attaatatga ttttgagatc    118800
     tgggtgtctt tctagactgc ctggccctca tagcaaacct taatcccaaa tcagaccaaa    118860
     agccacaata tgtacaagaa tgctacttat ttggaggcgg gtatgcacgc ctgttgcagt    118920
     cagggtgaag ggcattgact gacctgcttg aaaaacaaag tccagacagt gaaaggcaca    118980
     gtacaaaagc ttcctttggg gaagtccagg tactccattc aattgcaaat tagcaatgat    119040
     caagcttaga cttagagctc ccaggtgtgg gagaggtgac cttgagaatc acagaaaggc    119100
     tacaatcttt ctgggagagg aggctgtgtt ctaatttaac tttgataagt aattaagaat    119160
     attttgctat cttccctggg atactctaat actggaatta ttactagacc agtccaagat    119220
     tgagttagaa taactggtca caatgaaaga aagagaagaa tcaccataac tctttttata    119280
     tgagcaatct ttctaagtca gattacagac tctgatgttc tttttaccct aaggcaaaaa    119340
     gcttaccttt taccttaagg taaaaaaaaa gcaaggcagc ttcacttgtc caaactggaa    119400
     aaatggcaag caaggatggg ttgaaaacat gtacccaaat tagctttctt gtcactagag    119460
     tcagggcact tacctgtcag cctgtcacac aaattagcca tcatgcttct gcagcattct    119520
     gtgaagaaaa cctgtttttc cctttcctaa taaagaagct cttcaggatc aagccatatg    119580
     ccaataagta gatcctttta agatactcta aggcatttat taaattcttt gacatccaaa    119640
     tttcaaaatt ctgaaataaa agtatgattt aaataatgtg cattcccatg cactaaataa    119700
     tatgcacggg catatatttc ccccttcttt gtcttttaag aatctagttt taaagtttca    119760
     caataccttg tccttaagaa ttaataattt gttgacaaaa catctcaaat atttgactgt    119820
     tatagtcagt attaatgtaa catgggcagt gactaattgc actttcaatt gtttctctta    119880
     aagagcggtt gtaactagaa agcttgaaaa gttattaata gtcacatgtg cataatttat    119940
     tcagaaataa gagcattcat ttgcagcaat tgattaagta taaatcttca agaattaaca    120000
     ctgttatgtg gaaacaagta gtaactgagg acactaatag caaagaattt gacatgcaca    120060
     atttccaaga atactaaaat attatcttaa accataactg ttttgaatat ataaagaatg    120120
     agattatata tctatcctat atggaggacc tattgacttc ctgagatata aatccagcat    120180
     ggcattgctt taagatgtct aggcaatcta gaacaattta ttaaatgtcc aaaaacagcc    120240
     ttctaaaaag gacagcattt tttcttatga gttgtatatg cataagcaat tgcaaatttg    120300
     agaattaata gcatctgagg gacgaacaat cttaagcaat tatgagctct aagatagaat    120360
     attgactatt aatatacaaa ttaaggtttg attgttcagc attttaaaac accatccaca    120420
     gcacacaact taattatctg tgctgaaaca gggggaagct caacagaata agcgtgtgat    120480
     ccaattcaca tctacttatt tcccatacag gggttgtttt taaacacaga aattgggatg    120540
     catggatgca tgcatgaatt tatagaagat ataaaagtgt gcataaaaac aatttttaac    120600
     ttatctttgg gatattgatt gtcaatttta tttaaaatga tggtatgcaa tagatcaatt    120660
     attaatattc tgtaataacc aaattaattg ctgtttggag cagggaacag acacttaggt    120720
     ttttaagaca caacttttgt tatagttatc ccaaactata tgaatttatc ctataattct    120780
     ttgttagcac cacagtggct taataggatg ctgaaactgc gctttgaggt gaatgccacc    120840
     tcggccttgc ccttgagagg cattagctaa taaaatactt tccacttagg aaaaaatatg    120900
     cactgaaaga ttcaaactct tagcttattg attacagctc actagaagca aaacatctct    120960
     ataaatatca gaatgtaaag gaaaaaacaa acttttaaat ctataataac tttatataaa    121020
     gtaggcaagc cagattgtaa tgcctttata atttctacag cccgattgac cttttataaa    121080
     ttctgaattt aagcattatt tcaaacatct ggatagatct gcaacaatgt tctattagtt    121140
     aaagggaatt taccctgaag gcagggaggg gggaagttct cagaacttcc ctagtcacag    121200
     attgtgaaac aaagatttca tgccagcttc ctcgaggctg ctctgaactt gcatcaactc    121260
     tcacataaga aaaaattttc caacccaagc attttggccc tcctgtaatg aggacagaat    121320
     tttagaacta ctaagtttct ttgtaatatt agattgtaac tacaaccttg ggaaagcaaa    121380
     acccaatttc aaaacaattt atcaccttaa gaatcaacat taaaacttca ctactacatt    121440
     gcgagatttg gctgccaatt tatacctatg aatgcatgac aatgcaagct ttaaggcttc    121500
     attaaagaga cattgcttta aatcttatct ttaaatttac tttctaggat aagaatcaca    121560
     ttaaatatta tctcagctag aagtgtctta ggaggcccag ttttttggcc tgcttatgaa    121620
     aagactcctg agttgctaaa aggcagaggt cccagggagg acactgtggt ggaatgctgc    121680
     ttaggtatgg ggtggtttga atggccttgg caggtccata agtttgaatg cttgttccct    121740
     agttaatgga actatctggg aaggattggg aggtatggca ttggtggagg aggagtggcc    121800
     ttgttgaagg aggtgtgcca gtggaagagg gctttgagat ttcagaagcc cactcccagc    121860
     ccctgcttct ctccctccct ttctctcttt cttctgcctg ctgtctctgg atcaacttaa    121920
     gctctcagct tctgctccag tgccatgcct gtctgctacc cagctcccaa ccctcagaaa    121980
     caataagcaa ggctcccaat taaatgtttt cttgtatatg tcttggtcat actgtctcct    122040
     cacagcaata gaacaatgac taagacaaag ttggagatat attagaagag ttcttaacac    122100
     tgcagatgac agagagacag cagcatgagg agatatcagg catgtgtagt ggagtgaagg    122160
     tctttggaat gttttcacag taattgggtg ggagagagag agtgaaagtt tcctttttag    122220
     ggccatagct agacagttgc ctggagccat cagtgagcac ttagttaaag aatgttaggc    122280
     aaacatcttt cctggtcttt gttaggatct aagcaacgga cgccataaag tcataccatt    122340
     gtacagatct cacatgggac atttatggag ggaggtggtg ttcagaggct ttctctgggt    122400
     gagggtggag gggagaagaa agcagggaga ggagagactg gccttttata agggttgtaa    122460
     tgcaagcaca gggtatgtaa ccgtggcaac agtgggaatg agctcatctt agcagctatt    122520
     gatgatgtct gctgtcactg tatgcctggg ggcaggcagt ggagatacct gattcctccc    122580
     ctttgtatat tataaaagag gggacgttga aagggatgat ttcgaggcag ggatgagggt    122640
     tgtgtgctct ctagactact tcttgctgtc taggtgtggt cattttctag aaacttcaat    122700
     gttaccatca gagaacaaga gtttcaggct ctgtggcttg tggttggtag atctgtaaca    122760
     ataactgatt aatttctgat tagagatttt ctttgaactt gtggttggag aaatgcagag    122820
     aaaaatttgc caaagcagga tatgattaat aaatgaagga aaatgacaaa gaggggagtc    122880
     tggaagggca atcccacttc cacatggggt tccaaatgcc taggggacag aggcattggg    122940
     ttgctcctaa tgatattttg gaggtctgtt tgaagttgtt tgattttgtt ttgtactatt    123000
     cccacttggt tgacatagaa gcagcattcc tcttggagga aggggcaaag gtcacctttt    123060
     taagctgtaa gaaaaatttg gtctccataa attttggagt accactgcag gcagggagtc    123120
     aatctgtcct tgaagagtga gtgtggtttg ggtctcctac tggagatcct gggtgaacca    123180
     ggaagaaaac taatgataca aagtcaagga agtggccctt cccattgttc cagggacgac    123240
     acctgcagct attcctgtga caaccaggag gggcaagatt tgaactgccc ttttataatg    123300
     ccaggcagct attgcgtcca caactggaat cagtagggat tctttctatg tatcattccc    123360
     aacgtgggga agagaaatac tagcatgcaa actccttacc agctagaggg tagacaatgg    123420
     tagacctgag taccacaaag aatggaggtc tgtggactgt agggcactgg ggctgagatg    123480
     aggtattaag gattatcgct ttgttgttgt ctgggggatt taatgcccct acagaatgag    123540
     tccaaatgcc ttagaacaga ttgccaaaga aggtaataag aaaaagggtt ggagtcatgg    123600
     caccaccagg ctcagggaag ctggtgagtg gtgaggtggg attatttgat agggtcatag    123660
     gagaggctgt aagtggtaca tgtgagctac ttctgggtgg tctattctct ctggatatta    123720
     attgtgctta ctgggagcct ggggttgaag agacatagca gttgccagaa gtgaccattt    123780
     ccctcctgga atttcatgag tcctgtatat acaagtagag ggtcttatct cagatagaag    123840
     agggaatcag gaggagattt taagtatggt gaatggtatt gacaagacca gtatgggaag    123900
     cctccatatc tgtctggcca ttttttacaa ttactttctg tctggtcaaa gagtaagcag    123960
     acaaaaagga cagttattcc tagaaactat aaaaatttcc tctttaacag aggggactgt    124020
     gaaaggctgg ataaatgttt tctatccaaa gtaacagctt tgtggattgg agtaattgtt    124080
     agtctcaagt aggtgacctg agggatggaa aattggatct tagatagtga gactctgtag    124140
     ccacagctgg acgagagcct aagtgtcagt ttggctaatt tgtagggatg gactgcagat    124200
     gataatgcca tctacatact gtatgagctt ggattgggaa gagataaaga aaaatgtatg    124260
     acagggtaga gggagaccac tgtagaactg atgagctgaa gatcttgaaa taggcagtag    124320
     gttattgggc ttcttaaatg caagtgtagg ggtgttatag ggcaaagatg tgggggcaaa    124380
     gttgtttttc acaggaagtc agacataata tccttaagtt ccttgagact ctagagacag    124440
     agcgtgtgta gttgggggtg ggggtgggga gggatggtac tgagctcggg tgatgtaccg    124500
     gtagagtctt gtaatcagat gacaataaag gaatgatgtt tagcaactgg ggtttttgat    124560
     ttgccagata atgagggagg gatccatctg ggatgctgga aaagctttat gtgttgaacc    124620
     agtaggttgg gtggttgggt aagaaaagga gaagggctgc tggcaagctt gagctcgaga    124680
     gaatggtggg gcgggcgggg ggggggggca aaggaaatag agactcccac tttggctaga    124740
     ggatcccttc ccaataaggg aataggacag gttgtcacca ccagctagat ggttcccagc    124800
     taaacagaga aagtacgcac agaaagctct cagtttagaa caccatccat cccctgaggc    124860
     agtaggcaaa gggttgctcc tcgattgagg ttgctttggc tttctgcagt cttcttatca    124920
     cctggatttc tccaaaatgg ctgaattgct tgagagctat ttcttcaaag ccatgaacaa    124980
     aatcagagtc agttaattgc tgcagactaa ccccttctgg gtctcctatc tgcgtggaac    125040
     gggttctgat tgtaggtggg caaaggagtc agtgagatgg aggggtaaca aacaggcttg    125100
     acacaaggga gtgtggatct gaatgtaatt tgtcaaatcg agcatcaaac tttttataca    125160
     gaagaaaata gggaagttag gtgacacact ggcaaggtac aatgaggtta caggattctt    125220
     acataaaaca aagacatgca aacacggaag gactgacggg aaccaactgg gagaaaattc    125280
     aatgttaaca gctgggatca aaaaacagcc ccacctaagg tcagcttaat cttagaagcc    125340
     aggggcaagg gctttgtgcc cttgccatag ttcctattct agtctattga atagtccacc    125400
     tcccccccta ggccattgta aattcttgtg tatgggtgta actcagctat ctatagttct    125460
     aagaatctat tctggctcct ccttagacca caaccttcct tcttcctagg taatggtaaa    125520
     ttcatgtgta gggcagtgac ttagctatcc atgcccaggg tcagctcaag gactgactgc    125580
     ctagaactgg tgaagaatct aacttagcta tatgtcaaaa attcaatcct tagaagcact    125640
     tataataaag caatattaag ggaaagcaca cggatcattt accaactaaa gcaaggacat    125700
     tggagcattc attatacagg atgccacggt tctaggagac taagtttcca tgaacttttc    125760
     acctcaggac agcgcccagg ttttttgggg cctgtcacta ctggagtgga tgtagcagct    125820
     aataagacag aatctcacat agcatagcca tggggtgaca acctatcacc tttatgatat    125880
     tctgttggct aaaggccaat tatagtcact gccactatca aggggaagga actttacagg    125940
     gattcaaacc aggaatcagg agtcatggag gccactgaag ccacactcaa caccccataa    126000
     tgattccaag gagccagttg aactgagggg agattctggg ctatagtccc acctaaccag    126060
     agtcatgtga tatgtcctta ccacagttct cctgtatttc ctgagagatg aaatttctgg    126120
     taagaagtat taatgactgt gatgatttgt atatccttgg accagggagt ggcaccattt    126180
     gaaggtgtgg ccttgttgga ataggtgtga cctggttgga atgggtgtgt cactgtgggt    126240
     gtgggtataa gatcctcacc ctagttgcct ggaagtcagt cttccactag cagcctttgg    126300
     atgacagcct ggatactgcc atgtccccac cttgatgata atggaccgaa cctctgaacc    126360
     tgtaagccag ccccaattaa atgttgtttt tttataagac ttgccttggt catggtgtct    126420
     gttcacagca gtaaaaccct aactaagaca atgacctcta caaataaaca aaaagtgtgc    126480
     atattaggtg gcagtgtgag gagcgggtgt ggcagcagtc ccaagatggc acccgggact    126540
     gcagccaagt cttatgactt gcacctgact tcctcataca cctgaaaata agccattgtg    126600
     agaactgcac aggtgcacca tgatgcaaga tcggaccata tgacaagtga tgattctggc    126660
     caatggactg ctgttacgtg gactgggctg atggggcgtg gttgagggct tatataaggg    126720
     attgcgattg ggggcagagg aaggactttt cctggagaga gattcctaga gtttttttcc    126780
     tggagagaga ttcctgcatg catgttgaaa ggttactgaa taaactgctt tgagaagaac    126840
     gctgtgtcgt tgctcttttc tgctggtcag agacagaagc gacaagtaag taccacggag    126900
     aaatcagtgg tgccggggga aaggagggcc agcatttcat gtgtgtatgg gaggagtgta    126960
     gtcacagagc ctattggaaa cccatccacg ttcccagtgg agttttcctc tagggtgttt    127020
     actcagtaat ctctgcttat gtcactatgc ctcctgcaat ctagctattt gactcatatg    127080
     gccctctggg gtggatgcaa cagggccgtt ctaatttgct ttccattgct gcaataaaat    127140
     actaaccaaa agcaacttgg ggagaaaaga gtttattaca tctttcaatt cagatcacag    127200
     ctcatcactg aaggaagtca cggcagaaac agagatgata cttcctggtt tgcttcccat    127260
     ggattgctca actgcttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gttttatatc atccaggacc    127320
     ttcccaggca ccaaccacag tagactgagc cttcccacat caatcattaa tcaagaaaat    127380
     ggcctgcaga ctcacctaca gacaatctga tggaggaagc tcagttaaga ttctctcccc    127440
     cttcccagat gactttagca tgtgtcaaat taacaacaat aacaacaaca acacccaacc    127500
     aatcaaccaa ccaaaaaact agaaacaaaa ctaccaaaac aaacaaacca aacaaacaag    127560
     aaaaacctaa aacaaaacac ctgaccagtg aggggcaatg attactcata tatgtgcttc    127620
     aacctagaag ttacagatgt gacttctgct caaattcatt gtctaaagca ataatatgca    127680
     agaaagtagc atctctatat ggccacaatc aggaaagtcc tctaataaag tcataggtag    127740
     caatcaggat acagaaaatg tcacacagaa acctaggaaa tgagtgtgtc agacaagaca    127800
     gaactcacaa agacttgtgg gtcacagcat ccttagtgta tagaagagag ggcaaggagg    127860
     caggatggcc aacagtggga attagagagg aggaagagaa aagggtgatg cccttggggg    127920
     ctatggcact tcagtgtgat tggaaagata caacttggta ttgagacaga agtgtgagct    127980
     ggttccacat tcaggaaggg acattcattc atagctgctc ttgtgctctt cttcactttg    128040
     ggtttttgag gaatcgtcat gctctgcagg ccaagctgtc ctgaaactca ctgtgtagac    128100
     aagcaattct ctgagctctg tctctcaacc ctggatttca ggtgtgaaac actactgtct    128160
     tcatagatgt tctctggact attccaatag cccatctttg gcattaaagc ttctttactc    128220
     tgtggttgaa acgttgttgg gtgtatcagt tactattttc attgtcaggt caaaaaatat    128280
     ttgaaagaaa taacttagag gagtgaagtt gattttggtt catgatccat catgatgaag    128340
     gaagcatggt agaatggctt ggtccagagc tgggcgtggt ggcacatgcc tttaatccca    128400
     gcacttggga agcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt    128460
     gagttccagg acagccaaag atacacagag aaaccctgtc ttgaaccccc ccccccccaa    128520
     aaaaaaaaac caaaaaaacc caaaaacaaa acataatggc ttggtccatg gaggcagaag    128580
     cttgcagtgg gagaatctct cataaccaac caggaagcag agatgtcatg ccagcagcag    128640
     ggctgagcta taaccctcag agttccttcc caagtgccct atctcttcca gtaaggtcct    128700
     atgtcttgaa ggtttcacag tctcccagaa cagcacacta actagagatc aaggactcag    128760
     atacatactt catgctcaaa ccataacatt cacttctgca cctcataggc tcatgagcat    128820
     ctcataatga aaggcccatt catcccaccc ctgcctcata ggctcatgag catctcagga    128880
     tgcaaaactc attcattcca actttaaaag tcaccatagt cttaatagtt tcaatgtttc    128940
     taatacccaa gatacactgt taactatgaa caatataaaa aatatataca gttgcctcat    129000
     tccactatat gatggcacag agtaatgtgc caggaataga gaaatggaag tatatagcaa    129060
     gcaaagattg aaccaaagta agacagacac tcagcaggga aagctccata ttcattattc    129120
     gagatgacat catctgagtt cttgtggagc ctgtgcctac ggcctgctat ccccaggaca    129180
     catgggcttt tttctttgac taatttcact ggcgtctaca ggtctcctag aagatgtccc    129240
     atgctcctgg cctctctaac atcccaaagt caccacagca gcataggctt caactttcat    129300
     cccttcacac agaagatact cagggtcctt atccaagaaa tctgtacctg tggaaacatt    129360
     gcctagcctc accaaatgta acccctgtga ctccatcttt cttgccttct aagtgcctac    129420
     aaattcagct ctacgtggtc agggacattc ttctgtcaac ttgagatgta gcctgtagac    129480
     gtttaattgt cttattcttt gtcctaggct caaaaagcag cctagatctg catgtgctac    129540
     tctggtatag agggaaagac tcatagacta aaggtgttgg ttatccaggg cccactgaat    129600
     ggggttggaa gttggcagat tgtccctcag ctcctcattt cagctaacac aagaaactag    129660
     gctaaggttg atagtggggt aaggaacgta ttctacccct aaagaagtac agttcttcac    129720
     aggagggaga gtggacatga cttccacagt cagaggcttc taagggagtc aagacacagg    129780
     gctgacagag ctgagtctcc agaggaacag aaatgaagcc cagagctcag tcatggcttc    129840
     caactaacag aagagatgtc actatagtgg ccaacttcta ttttcaagca tcctaggata    129900
     tatagtcaaa aggacaaagg gacaaaagat agaaggactt gtagtgatag aacctagtgg    129960
     ggaaaccccc actcaattcc cgattcggcg tgcacccaaa aaatcacgaa ggaccatctt    130020
     gatgtaatta catgaggtca tttaattatg gagctccgga ccgacatgca tcccacacag    130080
     gagataatgg atgtcagcca cgaggctcaa aagctagggg tttttatggg gtaaggggct    130140
     taggggtgtg gaattcagcc tagcaacaca ctattggctt attcaaacat cagcagaaaa    130200
     attacatgta tgtgcagggt gtcagagttc tgtgagttgt tgactcagtt tagatagccc    130260
     tgctatgtct tcacattccc ctttatctta tggtcaagat gttccaggaa tgttttaact    130320
     acagggcata cccaggtttt ttggtttttg tttttttttt cttttttctc agccccaggc    130380
     agcctctaag ctcacaaaca accagcaatt tctgagtact ttatatgact tacaggtctt    130440
     gaaatttcat ctttctttca gtagctcagc tgatactagc tgatgtggcc tttgaactca    130500
     attatgtgtc aatacatact attcagccat ggactgctct aatgtatcat tatcattatt    130560
     attattatca ttgtatgtgc attgtgcatg tatgtatggt atgaagtatg tatgtgtatg    130620
     tgaatatgca cacacataag tagaagttag gtaaccattt tcagatgtcc tctccttcca    130680
     tggggggctc tggggatcaa acacaggcca tcagatttat gctgtaagct ctgtctctca    130740
     ctgagccatc ttgcctgctt ttacctgcta agccatcttg ctggatggtg gataacacaa    130800
     agctataagt caggaaagaa ttcaaggagc ttgtgtcaac ccagcctgaa gcagatgacc    130860
     aagtgtgtga ggatgctgaa cctgcagccc cgagcctgtg ctgactgagg atccgaaaga    130920
     ctttcccaga ctctgcattt ctcacaggac cgatatgagg agaacaacaa ttgcagaaag    130980
     aggagcatct gaccagaagt gttttaacag ggtagggctg gccatagttt attctccggg    131040
     caacagaaga cacagcaagt ccctgacagg ctcatgtaag gccactagct aagctgggtt    131100
     tacatcatag caaagaactc atggtcacat tgtcactgca ggactgtccc catgtcctca    131160
     gtactgtcct ggtattagcc tgagagtctg ataggctgag acatgtgtag ctggttacag    131220
     ggcagtgttg cttcatcctt tctaatagat tctacagtca gctttccaga cacgggtgtg    131280
     gcctaaatgt gggttgagca ttagctaaac tgaggtttaa atcctcatct gtggtgtctc    131340
     tgacgtgctg tgtgatttca gggaagttgc tcaagatttc aaaacccagt gtgcagcaca    131400
     catgcctgac agcacctacc ccctcaccag gccccctctt cctcactccc ctttatgcca    131460
     tcaaggtctc cctattttcc ttgctttctc gttttgcact tctgttgctt gctgtcaaag    131520
     agactctctc aggtagggcc ttcctcaccg ttcttctctg cttacccgtt acacgccaga    131580
     aaagtctcct ctccatgctt ccagatgttc tttgtctata aataaataaa tagactagaa    131640
     ttattatctt aattgtacaa acatatggag cacagtacag caactggatg catctatata    131700
     gtgcgtaatg atcaaatcag cgtagtttct gtctctttta gcattttaaa aatcatctga    131760
     ttgctgttta ataattctat gtttttatag ggcacagcat ggtgtgtcca tgcataaatg    131820
     ctgtgtgtac tgatccaatc tgtaccattt ccatctcatc tctgtgcttg gagtctttca    131880
     gctcatccct tccaattacc gtacaagagt tagtaggtta ttgtgaagtg tagttcccca    131940
     ccctcaccct agtactgtgc cagaacacct agagcttaat actcctctag tactatgcaa    132000
     tcccatccac atgaagatga gcagcaaagc aatatcatgt cccttctaag actgggttgc    132060
     tttaaatata tatattgccc cagtacagga gaatgccagg gtcaagaagt gggagtgggt    132120
     gggtgggtag gggagcaggg cagggggagg gtatagagga ctttcaggat agcatttgaa    132180
     atgtaaatga agaaagtatc taataaaaaa ttgaaaaata tatgtgtgtg tttatatatt    132240
     atatatgtca tatatcatat attatataat atatatctta cttattcact tcacatcctg    132300
     attgcagtcc ccctcccacc cttacaaacc cctccccaac cacacactcc ctgtccccct    132360
     tgggttatct aggagtaccc taccctggga catctagtcc cagcaggact tagaacaacc    132420
     tctcccactg aggtgactgg gtcacttcta ggaaaggcca tgtcttccct cctttgtttc    132480
     ttctcctcac tctcctcctc tctccccctt ccctcttctg ttgcttgtgc tgacatcagt    132540
     cagctgcccc aataaagaaa tacctgttgc atacactgaa ggcaacctgc agccagtatc    132600
     tagccagaag ccaaatactg ctaacagcag ccatataatg taacttggag gcaaatctat    132660
     ccctgcccca ccccccacac ctactaagtc tagatgacct tagcctggga gttacttttc    132720
     ccacttccat gatgaagccc aaaagccatg tgtggtggtt tgaatgaaaa tggctcccat    132780
     agactcgtgg ggaatagcat tattggaggt gtggtcttct tggagtacat atgtatagcc    132840
     ctgttggaag aagtgtggtg aaggggaggg gaggatcatg gtgcctcttc acagcagtaa    132900
     cactgagaat ggagtcaggt gaaatgtcac caggcacaaa caaaggtgtg tgtttgcagg    132960
     tctttcttcc tcttcctttc cctcttccct cccccttccc tttcccccct tctcctttct    133020
     ccttctcctt ttccttctcc tctcctcctc cttctccttt tcctcctctt ccttctcctt    133080
     ctccttctcc ttttccttct ccttctcctt ctccttctcc ttctccttct ccttctcctt    133140
     ctccttctat aagtgaaaga ctttctttgc caatagttgg tcagtggggc tggggaaaca    133200
     gctcagtagg taacctgctt gctgtgtaag tgtgaggatc tgagttcgga tccaggcagg    133260
     tgtggcgacc tgcctgtaat ctcagtgctt gggaggctgg gatgaatgat ccctacaata    133320
     agctggctag ctagactagc cagatcagtg agctctgggt tcaactcgga ccatgtctca    133380
     ggaaataagc tggaaagcaa ctgtgactga cgaagagact tccacagaca catgcatgtg    133440
     cactttcaca cctgcagcca cactcatgca aatacatgta cctttcttta tatgcacaag    133500
     cacacattcc atacacaagt acacatgcaa gttaagaagt taaaacaaat aattggttga    133560
     aatccaagtt tcttttattt tgttagtgtt ttactccaac aggagcactg aattgttgaa    133620
     atgtccaagg actggggata tagctcagag gcagagcatt tgcctagcat gcacaaggtc    133680
     ttgggttcaa tttccagcac tggaaagaaa atgttcaaat gtctaggtca tgaagaagta    133740
     acgttggatg ttgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgggg ggcgggggat tggtgctgat gttaaggtcc    133800
     tattccccat ttggttcttg atctatcaat aaagatgcca ggggccaaac gctgcaagga    133860
     aggaaagagg tgggtgtcct gggttcccgc aggaagctaa gagacacagg aggagaaagg    133920
     gatatttctc tatacttcag tgggagaaaa ggccaccagc catgtgagat ctagggtgca    133980
     gtggtcattg gccacttccc tgactgagcc tggggtagca actaaagctg aggacagatt    134040
     taagggtgtt gaattgggac taaatgtaac tgagcaactg aagttgaggg cagatttagg    134100
     gtgctgagct aagagtattg ggaggaacac actagccatg agagattaga agcactcagc    134160
     aattgagtca ttaaggcagt ttgaaaaata agctagtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtctttcat    134220
     gcacagatct gagggaacct ggttggcagc atgatctgcc cggagcttaa agcagtaaga    134280
     actacacaca acaggatgta gatttggagt ttgcacaaga atcatgggct gtgcatttgt    134340
     caaagccatg ttattcaggt aacttttaga atacttgtcc atcctttaga ttaactgtaa    134400
     ttagactgca tgcattttgt atgctggcaa taccctgttt aaagaccttg ctgtgtgcct    134460
     ttaatcccag gcaagtcatt actacatacc taagtttatg ggacgtcatt gggtaacatg    134520
     taccgaagtt gcactttccc tccgccttta aatcacgtgc tttacagcat gacgtaaact    134580
     ttatgaggac tttaaaattt gtttttaaga tacttttcac cattgttaaa taaaattccc    134640
     ccaagattta attaaaagtt ttagggaatg gagagggtag tggctgtaaa catgcccaga    134700
     acagaggtgc cttcctcata aaggaggagg gaaaacacag aaagacaagt gcgaatcact    134760
     tggaatcctg ctcacgatgg ctctccgacc ccgtgtgccg cgagtagccc ctgtgtgctg    134820
     tgagtagccc ctgtgtgctg tgagtagccc ctgtgtgctg tgagtatccc ctgtgtgctg    134880
     tgagtagcca ctgtgtgctg tgagtagccc ctgtgtgctg tgagtagccc ctgtgtgctg    134940
     tgagtagccc ccagtttacc tccagcgttg cctatgacct tcttctacat ctactgtgtt    135000
     tttgttttct gagacacagc ttcactactt aagactaccc aggctggtct tgaattttat    135060
     gcttctgtat caccctcttg agtgctgggg ttacagagga aggccaccat gcctggcttt    135120
     cacagtaagt tttacagact tcctagtata gccagacctc ctcacttatc ctcaagggat    135180
     atgtttgagg agaaaactct gtgtgtgtag gggtgtggtg tggtgtgtgt gggtatgtgt    135240
     gtacatgtgc ctgtgtatgt gatgtgtggg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacatgcc atggcacaca    135300
     cgtggaggta ggagaataac tgtaaaggtt cagttttctc cttcgacctt attgaggcac    135360
     tagtgttgcc tttgatctct ctgttgtttc cctgctagct ggccacagtg agcttctgcc    135420
     tcattctccc acatccaccc ctccatcttg ctgtaagtat cacagatgga caacaccaaa    135480
     tcctacttaa cattttatta tgtttagttt ggtgtgtgtg ctcacgtgag cgcatggaca    135540
     tgcatgccac ggcacaggca tggaggaggt cagaggacaa cctgcaggac tcagctcttt    135600
     cctctaccac ctgagtccca gaaattaaac tcaagacatt gacattgagg tggctctctg    135660
     tggcttctgg tgatcaaact tgggccatca agcctgcctg gcaagctctt ttacctacca    135720
     agccatcttc ctagcctctc tgaagggatg ctttctgaca tccccgtaga tgcctgaaat    135780
     gtcagatacc aaaccacaca cacagatttt tctgatatcc ttccgcacca tgtcagtgcc    135840
     accggtattc actcctttca caattcagac cctgtgatct cctttgcaac gggtcctcat    135900
     gtgctttgtg accaccactg aacagaataa gcgttatatg gcagaagaga taagtcccac    135960
     atttgcaatg agggagtagc atagcctggt ccagcatggc cagagctggg gactttcttg    136020
     gacatagatg aatcaatgtt gcttctcaat cagctaaact gttctgtcat gagtagaaca    136080
     gtttcctaaa ggttccatct tatgatttaa aacaaccaga ttacctacgg tcttgtaccg    136140
     cagggttgct gaccttcaac ctctcttctg cccagaagca aacaccagct aaccagaact    136200
     gccatgcttc aggcctcatt tgcacagcaa gaaccaaaag gtggacaggc agaccccaca    136260
     tatgtccagc cacaccgcca ctgcctggag gtagccagtt cttccactac cttgatcctg    136320
     ctcccttgca gagtagctaa caaacttggc cttttctata ctgttctggc ctggataaat    136380
     tcattcactg tccacaatat gaactcacca tcgactgatg ctgaaggagt caatctgaca    136440
     accaagatgg tgcttgttga tgaatggtgg aggtatagat gactgggcag cagcatggtc    136500
     catgttccca tcaggatggg gtggaaggta gggccaggga aaagctcact aagctactca    136560
     gaacagtgtg gtgcagtttt ctggaatttt ctacttaatg tttcctgacc atagttggcc    136620
     atggttacag aaaacacaga aagtcagact gtgactaaag ggagaccagt gtccccagta    136680
     tctggatggc catcatttaa aatgttcttt ggaatgttta tttctaactc tttaaatgtt    136740
     atattgacca cactcttata gtatttgtca taggcagaat gatgacccaa ggggtaacat    136800
     cttatacctg gatcctatga ataaagtggc tttgtatagc aaagacaggg ttagactaag    136860
     gactttgagc tattgatgat ccaggggaga cccactccag tcacagggtc ctaaagcagg    136920
     gagccttgcc tgcctgtggt cagagtaaaa gatgcagcca cagaagcaga gttcaataga    136980
     tactgccctg aagctctgaa gaaagggtct gaggcaaggg gttatggtga gctggaagct    137040
     ggaggagcta ggcaaggcag cagaaccccc tgagactcca gagagggaaa caacctgtct    137100
     gttaggtcca aagttgccct cccaaaatgg cagagctggt gacaatgcca tagactgggt    137160
     gttgtagtca gtgttctgtt gttgtgaaga gaccctgacc aaggaaactc ttataaaaga    137220
     cagcatgtaa ctggagcttg cttacagttt cagagggtga gtccatgatc atcatggcag    137280
     ggagcatggt ggcatgtgga cagatgctgg aggagtagct gagctctaca tagtgatcag    137340
     taggcagaca aagagtatgg taggcctggc atgggcttct gaaacctcaa aacccaccca    137400
     tagtgacaca cttctgccac caaggccaca cctcctagtc cttctaatcc tttcaaatgg    137460
     tgcctttccc tgatgactaa gcattcaaat atatgattct atgggggcct ttcttattca    137520
     aaccactaca ttggataaac aaaagcctaa attcagcatt ctgcaggaat ctcctaaggc    137580
     cagtttctct ttagtaggac ctcccttaat tcaatcccaa agaccaacta cttcaggcaa    137640
     gggcatctgt tttccacaaa cctgaacacc ctttatcagc tcaaagaccc caccctgctg    137700
     actatcaagt aaaatccact agcttttctg ccattttgct tctctctgct ccctcaccct    137760
     tggcaatagc ttttgcaaag tggtccagtt tggtacccta gcttacacag cttaatgctt    137820
     ttaggcctcc gtgatccagg tttgaatttg ggcctacaaa actgcaaaag aaagcaccaa    137880
     gttttgtggg aatgtttaac tgcattataa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaccc caaaactaac    137940
     acataatcta aaatgtaatc cttttttgaa attaaaaaga ttaaaagaaa tgaatgacac    138000
     gttgaactat tatgaacaaa tttcccatta catattgtcc cccaatacag gctttttttt    138060
     tttaagtgaa aatcgggctg cggaggtggc tcagtcaggg aagtgcttac tgtgtaggca    138120
     taaagtttct aaattagatg cccaacctca gcacccacat aaaaatccag ctgcactggc    138180
     tcgtgcctgt gatcccagtg tcaaggagga agaggcagaa cggtccctgg tacttgctag    138240
     ccagccaccc tagccaaatc agtgagttct gggttcactg agagacactg tctcaaaaaa    138300
     aaaaaataaa taaaagtagt tagtgattga aggcacacaa cattgacttc cacctgtgct    138360
     tgaatacgtg tgcacataca tcaacacacg cctgtgcacc aatccacaca agtgcattcc    138420
     cctgttcccc ccacacacac aaagtaaaaa gcacacaatg cacttcacac acaatctctc    138480
     ccaaagtcat agaaccaatg aacatcaata cccaacaatc aaatacttgg aagtatttaa    138540
     agtgggattt acaaatttac aagttctttc ccatgaaata aactgaaaca ccaaaggggt    138600
     atgaaaaacc tttatattcc ttagtattat gcaaaggaac agagttcaca ggatggacaa    138660
     tcaagccagt gtgttggctg gtttgtatga tactggctga gcaagcctac catggctgct    138720
     tctctctgga gagcctaaga gtccgtagtt gtgcagtcca cagggctgga catctcaatg    138780
     tctcaaccta gagctgaagg cctagaggat gtcgggagag ctgcttgtct tcagtcagtg    138840
     ttggaagccc aaagaacata ggttctgata ccagccaagg aaagcagtta gacctgaggc    138900
     aaacaggaaa aaagcaaagc ttgtccctga ttccaccttt cacctggctg gcaccagaaa    138960
     ttatcgccta cattgtgggt agttccttct agttcaaata acatcattaa gaaaaaccac    139020
     ttacaggtgt gtctaccagt ttatctctta gtagattctg gagtctgcca agttgataac    139080
     caagataacc cctcacaact tccctgaagt cctgccaaca cttagacacc attgggatac    139140
     actacttagt attttctcca tcacatattg gttatgttgt cttatattta ggaaatctaa    139200
     agaaagaaag gtaactacat tttaacaggc catatttcca tggttttaca cacacacaca    139260
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctataagcta gaaatagcta aaaagattag    139320
     ttctttttct tgtttaagaa tatttttata tatgatttcc ttgattggtt tttgctcaat    139380
     tgcttttcat ttttttgaac aaagagtacc aaatgatttc atttgacaat attgacaaag    139440
     caaaaggaca atggaaaggt tggagatgct gtgtggactc tgtaggacac aggaagtctt    139500
     cataatgaca ttatgagaag ctgtgggtct actggctttc tcttgtgctc ctaggaatcc    139560
     tcagaggaca gcatgccctt gacagtcaca cagcacaggt tcacacaatg aaaatgggcc    139620
     aagatgattg atgtcagaaa gataagtgca gacctggaat ttctgcccaa gctcaccagc    139680
     aattcatccc acttgaggga accaaggcta agtcgtcatt ttaatagaaa aatctaagtg    139740
     aagccttggc gtttttttct cctaagtttt tgagaaacat caagcaaatc caatccttgt    139800
     ctgagagtct ctgcacatcg ttgtgaagga catttgagaa ctctgacgtc tgaggagtgg    139860
     tgtacttctg tgtctcttgg cacaaacagc ttacagaagg cagtaccttc atggctttcc    139920
     ctatcaagag tccatgcacc aagtctcagg ttcattcttt atgttacaga gacccatttt    139980
     gttattggtt ggatctaaat aacaagactg cagcttccaa acgagcaagg ggttaggttg    140040
     gttgtctctt cagccagaat caaggaggca agtgccttag cagcggtgtg cttgcttggc    140100
     agcaaatgaa aatgaacacc tttagctggc tgtgctcaca caggtctctt gatttcagct    140160
     actcgagtga acaggcagga ggtttgcaaa ttcaaggcca gccagggtaa tttagtgaga    140220
     ccctatctca aagtgaaaaa tatgaaagga ctcagggcag gtgtgactga gttcagttcc    140280
     cactgccata aacccaaaac aagtacctaa tgtgtgcgtg tgtgaaataa attactgctg    140340
     tgtttgtgtt ttaattataa aatgctgcaa gtctttttga aaattagctg tagttaagaa    140400
     tgagtaaatg caaacgtttt tgtgcacaaa tcaatatttt cctggaagct agaagttaag    140460
     acatccaatg tacaagatgg acagatctga aagcctactg ggaccatgaa accccaacac    140520
     aacgtaggtt attgccattg tcattagttg cctcgcagaa tttgaaagta agtccttgtt    140580
     gctgcagaca tgacactctg gggatgtagg acttggagtc cccactctag agctggtctg    140640
     gaagctcatt attgaggaat ggctctggca gggacacaag gtgcgtgcag gctgctgagg    140700
     agacgctggt agccctatcc agctgtagcc tgtggatcac aacaatgacc ggattggcaa    140760
     catagtgcaa cagtgtggct ttatttgtgg agttaccaac agctgtctaa ttggacttga    140820
     ggcttagtga gccgacagaa aatgaagcct gatactgtag ggctagccag ttatgagtgg    140880
     ctgaagtgac cccagaggag aatctactac aaccacttgc ctaatgctgg ctgattccta    140940
     actggattct aaatacttat ctgtatagtc tcagatacag gtggctttca tgacttacca    141000
     aagccgcttc cctttgtagc agggaatcct tagagaaaaa ccactagtca aaatgcagag    141060
     aacagctgat cacagggtat ctgactctga tacatcttca acgcaaccac cacacctaag    141120
     gttcagggag ccttgcagaa gcagctgact aactggaaga gtcaggaaca ccaagtgtac    141180
     actgaggttt gctctagctt tgacaaggaa gcctcagcca tgacaccttg gcagtgtggc    141240
     tgcctagaga ggacatggac aacgccaaca cctgttgaca tcccaacaga tgggagaaat    141300
     ctcacggggc accaccagta gatgaagggc taaaagcaat tgacaactct tgagggaggg    141360
     agaatgagcc ttccccaggg acgggcatcc tgacggatat tatccaatac caagtggtca    141420
     gccctagaaa catatacctg tgggcaatac cgaacagtct gaccaggttg tattcatgtt    141480
     tgttatatgc atacttaaca accatagcta aaggagactc catgagttgg gaagggtaca    141540
     caggagggac aaaatggagg aaggggagga agaaaacgat gtgatttaat ttatttaatt    141600
     aaaataactc actagagaag ttggcctcag ccaaagctgg gatctggtat ttaacctgcc    141660
     ctggttccct taaaggatga ctgactgcat caagtacgag cagcagctga gggtctcggg    141720
     acatctcaat aaattctgtt aaggcttata gctctctgta gcacaccaca ccatatcccc    141780
     atcttacaga ggaagatgtg ggtacagagg tcacaggtga gctgcagtta gggcaggtag    141840
     gagggctgga gacaggccag gcctcttcct cccccccacc ccccaccggt gaccctcgag    141900
     ctccccctgc tgttgctggg tctacaccca cagacccttc aaagtgcact gcgactgcag    141960
     tctgcagtaa ctaactgttc catgcctctg tccctgtggc tgtggggatt cccttctcct    142020
     cagtggtccc cccacatgga cccagacttc agcactatgc tacattatcc cctagttccc    142080
     atacaccacc ctcactcagg ccacagcagc caacttctgt tgttcaaact tggatgaaca    142140
     ttaccactgc actcgagggg aaaacccacc cttcttttgg cccctaaggc attcatgaag    142200
     gtggccttcc atgtccttct attgtgaccc cccagaccaa taagcccagc tacaccagcg    142260
     gcctgcctca ggctcttggt ctctattgtg tccctcccat tgcgaacctt tgcccacaga    142320
     cactagcttt cttgtaccgg tcaaagtttc tacctcaaat gtatctgaga tgccctggtc    142380
     acttctgagg gcctgctgcg tgttccctca ccccagccct cctcaccaat ccctagagac    142440
     tgagcatctc aagtaacccc ttaatttttg gcctgtcctg cttcaggagg ccacaggaca    142500
     tccagatggc atcttactct ttgccagaat tgtctgtcct gtccacagtc tgagacagct    142560
     cccagccccg agaaactgct tagcaaatat taaacaaatg ataactaact tcatgtttct    142620
     ttagtattaa ggttaaagat gacatttcag taaaggtgaa aatttttatt ttgcgtgcat    142680
     aatagcaaaa aataaaaaaa taagtgtctt ctcaatttcc caggggaaac ggagataatg    142740
     ctgcccacgc tgcagcgttg aacgaagcag ttctgaaacg gcactagcat ctcatgtctc    142800
     atactctaga agccaagtct gaacttgatg ccgcaaaggc tttggggctc ttcctctacc    142860
     ccatgatgct tttactgtag tggacaaagc acaaaggtca ccatgtaact gttttagttc    142920
     atgggcactg ttggttcacg gtgctaagga actgttcccc acctgcagaa tttgtcatcc    142980
     caaacaagag ctctatgcca ctcaaggcta actccctact ctccctgtgc tcgtcctagg    143040
     aagcgactgt tctgctgtca atcacccgtc tgtccgcagg acgtcacagg cagagccagc    143100
     cagcatttac ctggctattc cttttagcat actgttttca aagcttatcc ttccggcatg    143160
     gatcaattcc acgcctcttt aagacagggt ggaattccat ctcttggatg taccactgtt    143220
     tataatctgt caataaacgt gtgctgtttc tactctctgg tttttaatga atagcaacag    143280
     gaacatggct gttaaggtat ctaagacctt gccttttgtt ctatagaaac aaaaataaaa    143340
     atgaattaat attattcaat cctggagggt ctgtttcacc cacaccagga ttctaacttg    143400
     atgtctagtg ggctccccag aactatatgc ccagaaggct ctgccttacc aaagggagcc    143460
     tgagcttata ggacatctgt ctcccttcag ggctcccaca gtgaaaggaa accaaacaac    143520
     ttcagtgccc cactcaaaat caccccaacc tcaacctcca atgaagacaa agtggggata    143580
     aaaataaact tttattcaaa gttgaaactg ttctccaact ttattcttag caacagacat    143640
     tgccttttca gagcaggctt ctaacgccag tgacaagccg agggccctgt caccagcacc    143700
     tgactcccta agtattagtg ctgaggaagg aagtgccccc cttcccagat gtccaaccct    143760
     gactgcctag cagagcggca aggaccaact gctaccacag gataacagta agcagcccca    143820
     ggaccagaga gcaagcccct tttcctggac agcccccatc aggaagggac ttcctgctag    143880
     gtggactttt ctggctagtc ttcaccagac cataaggtcc tcttctaaag cactcactgc    143940
     cagaggcagt gatggactaa gccacactct gcagcatccc cacgggtact tgggatgcgt    144000
     ggacagaagt cacagcctcc ccttcctgtg gtggaagtta tgacctggga tgccaagtct    144060
     gtaaaactca tttgcaaagg gattaaaaaa acaaacaccc agattttaaa aagcaaaaat    144120
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaacattta tttttatata aaagtgccaa aatatccacc    144180
     aatgttgtac tctatcgcga caaccagttt acgctaggaa tcaaaacaca aggcccttta    144240
     ttcacattgc tcaaagctca gtccctcaca tgttcccaca gtagctggag tctctggaca    144300
     gggggaagtt tgcattgcga tttgctgtgc tagtccatat gtccaggttc atgtaggcac    144360
     ggaacgggtt aaagcccagg tagtactcct tgcacatgac ctggttttcc atgtgggttg    144420
     catgctctgt ggcagggctg atggggcagc aggtttcata cacttcactt tgtggggccc    144480
     agatggaacc aaagagtcca gacatgggag acaagcttcg ggtgctcgtg aggtaggact    144540
     gaagcggaaa caaaggtgga caagagaacc aaaggttaga aaccaagaag gggctttcca    144600
     gacaaaacac tgagactgaa gagatagcct aggggacaca gccatgatgt catgtctacc    144660
     tgcctacctg agagctgtta aaccatccca aacattgcta tgacattttc atctgatctg    144720
     ttaagtctat ttgcaatcta aagggttcag tcaaatgtct cccgtgaaga aatgtgtggt    144780
     gtgggcacaa ggggagacag tgttgtgtgg tgtgggtctg aggagagaca atgttgtgta    144840
     gtgtgggtgt gaggagagac agtgtgggca ctacagacag ctgcagagcc cctctttcac    144900
     ctctaacccc actgaaggcc gcggaggcca ctgaaggccg tgacacagac ttcctgcctg    144960
     tctccacatt acagccttca gaaggcggcc actactcttg tatatgaatc ccatcagtct    145020
     gcctgacctg cactctgtgc tgaagcgagc agagcacagg aagagagagc agtgcagggg    145080
     aacaggaagg gcgacactca ctggagagtt gacgagactg gcatggcccc aggcagcggg    145140
     catgctggcc ggagtgttcc aggtagaggg ggtgctgtgg ccaatgaagt ccgtctgaac    145200
     tttcgaggag caggggaagc cattggtata attcatgttt tctgtgaggg atgggagaaa    145260
     aactgttggt gaggtgctga attctcagtg gaggataaag gcggccctaa ccctgagtgc    145320
     aatctgcatg ctaagacaga gcgcccggca gggctgcatg tctgtgctca ctcattacat    145380
     ggggatactt ctaacacaga ggttagagta tttctaaaga agtggacagt gccaaacttc    145440
     ttccctcccc tcaaacccaa caacattcag ggccaggtgc ggatggaacc ctcggggctc    145500
     aggcattctt ggatacacct cccagctacg tgctctcgat tttgttaatt accagccctc    145560
     ctcaccctca tcaacctgca tatagatcac atggccccat aaagcactta caagtactaa    145620
     agctttaatc ctagggggac agctgctgta gctccctctt gtggttagct ggctataacg    145680
     cagtgtcaga atcaacaccg gacacgtggc tgggaagggc agtgccagcc aagagaaatg    145740
     ctggcccagc tgtatcctgc agtttccaga tactcgggga attccccagc tcttaatact    145800
     tattgtaaca cacgtgtttt gatggagcac ctgtatgtgc ccactattcc tgccccaagc    145860
     ttggttccct ccttcagggt tccccagacc caggggtaaa gtcgggacgc gctgaagaat    145920
     gagtctatcc cataggagag tctcctgctg agaagttgtg gccctgttct ccaataaaac    145980
     agctgccctg ttcaggctat agagccataa gtgactcagt tcaacctaat ttacaggacg    146040
     cagtgggatg aggttacaca cagaagaccc cagacaccag agcaagggct gccgggaggg    146100
     tccatttgaa attgcctctt cccatgtgca caagtggatc caagtagcag ccccctcaag    146160
     gatcatccag gctgcacact gttaggtgca caggcacctt gcttgacttc tgagaatgca    146220
     agagtgcatt ggcaatgacc gagtgcctta ccttctggga aggcattgta atcgttcagt    146280
     tccagagggc agtacacact gggaaattgg ccttcgcagg atgcactcca atcaatgaaa    146340
     ctgctacaaa aaaacaaaca aaaatcaagg actagcttca agtacagcac gccaagaaag    146400
     gagtaaagac agaggaatgg ctctactgcc ctgcatcctc atctgcaagt ctccaggata    146460
     gggacataag cagtgtgttc tgtcaagtca gagccagagg cttagcttct tgccaaggac    146520
     attgtacctg caggacagtt ggctgggtca agggcacgct gccttccaaa ccgcatctgt    146580
     tagctagaca cggaatctgg cgcagctgta ttagcaccat gggaagacaa ggggaccctc    146640
     agtgccccag tatacacctg aagagctctg tcatgctgct cctgctaatc aaatgtccag    146700
     ctgtccccag attacaagca gcatccagct tggaaaggtc agcactgtaa cctgtctggt    146760
     actgcggtca ctgcaggctg cggtgcatta caggaataaa taaggtgggg atactgttac    146820
     aatgagccgt caagtgggtc ctgtgacatc agacactgac atttgccagg tcccctcact    146880
     gagtaacaat agtatggcag actgaagcaa ccgctattgt gtaacaattt gctgatatca    146940
     gatttctgat ccgtttcagt ttgtaagtgt gttcaagaat aagccacagg aaaataaaga    147000
     tctgcccggg agaaggtaat aggagcactt cagatttgtt ccacgtatga aatcatgctt    147060
     tcaacctata ggggaacgcc aggtggggct accagctgta ctgctctgac ttcatgttcc    147120
     tcacagcggc tgctgttgga cagcacagtg taactccaga aggcagaaaa cacaaagctc    147180
     ccaggcatag tccgagtatc tgggattgcc ctgagctcca gctccggctc tagttgccaa    147240
     gcggagctgt ataagagcag tggggcctac ctgtcaggga tggaggtggg ctcctgagac    147300
     acccctgggg caccgttctc cactgggcag ttgaagctgc tggtcagaca cactggctgg    147360
     gaaggccaca ggcctccggg tggatacaga cctgagggtt caaggaggaa ggtttaagag    147420
     cagaacacag catggcagag tccacacggc aattcttttt ttgtttgttt ggtttttttt    147480
     gtttgttttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctggccttga actcagaaat    147540
     ctgcctgtct ctgccttcca agtgctggca ttaaaggcgt ggcaattcta agtctggtgg    147600
     ttcaaggctc tctgagggcc tttctgctga agatgtgact gcagacaggg agtgagtcag    147660
     atgcgtctgg aagctccagc taggtgggga gcagtctgag aaggtccaaa gtgggtggta    147720
     ctgggtctcc acagagaaaa accatgatta aagagtgagg gagggaggga ctaggggctg    147780
     actggactgg cactgtgctt gggtgggaaa accctggctg ctgagcagtg ggagtgctgg    147840
     gcagaagttc ctatggctac acccatttta cacattcagc cagcagacat actggggcct    147900
     gcagcaggac agcaggcaga cacgccggct gctggacaga gacatgggtt cctctcctgc    147960
     aacatctaca tccatcttgt tcaggtgtct ttctgaggct gctcaggaca ctcgacattg    148020
     gtgtagctga caaaatggca actatccctc tcaggaaacc tatgtctcat tctgtcacac    148080
     agctgccagt ctaggagggc tgcaccttcc ctgccaggcc gccttagcac tgcatgtaac    148140
     atgcctagct ttcacaagag ccaaaggaag cactacactt ctggtatggg accaccactg    148200
     cctgccatac cacacagggc ggaaccaatg tctgcctgtg gctccaccag gaacacgcag    148260
     caagctcagg agaacaatgc ttcccaccca tcaagtcttg ggttccctaa aaccaggagt    148320
     ccatcccggt ctgtgttatc cctgcagcaa tggaggaaga actgacagac gaagctcacg    148380
     tctcttgatg tcctgtgaga cttgtctaag ccagagtctc ttgtttccag acaagacatt    148440
     aacttctgag taggaagaaa aatctcaggg gcttcccagc cctgacagtc atgtcatccc    148500
     acttatgtgt aacacataat ggcatgcagt aaaaaggagg aaggcagaag gaggtcacct    148560
     gtcaggccgt cagaaaggac ttctgggagc aggtagtcag ggaggagacg gggagcaagc    148620
     tgccaggctc tacagactga gacggggagg gtgacccggg aaagaaggcc ccaggatgac    148680
     tgagatcggg gcctaggccg ttagaaagag ggactggagg tgcgagcact gtgtacagta    148740
     gctgttagac tccgaacaaa ggtgttcaac cacaagttgg ctgtaagata gtttacattt    148800
     caggagagag gcccaagcta tagacacaaa tctgagagat gtgggaattc aagatgagac    148860
     ttgaagtttt aaatgtggag aagactggca gaggggccaa ccacagaaaa gagggacgag    148920
     caggaatcaa ggctcaggct ctggagaacc agggttcctc tggggtgatg aggaaatgaa    148980
     tgcgcaacca cgacagaaac tggtctatgg ggaccaagga tggggtaaca ctgccatgtc    149040
     aggggcttga cttctgcttc aggggagcag tggtgagaag gtggggacac aggcattgag    149100
     ggcgaggaca gagggagctg tcatcaccaa cacagactcc ctaaggaggc ctctgggcca    149160
     ggagccatgg aacccaagag caggcagaga tggacatcct gaggcagggt atggctactg    149220
     ctggggtctg acagatgagg ggtcaccgaa cactcatgtc ctgacaggaa ggacttatta    149280
     gaggacttat tagcaactga cagtggagaa ggggcaggaa tgggcgagac tcccaggaca    149340
     ggaggaggca acaggagaga agcagacggc cttccatggt aggccagtgt gggtgaggag    149400
     aacttctgaa ggtctggagt aaaaagcaag agcaactaga ttgaggcaga aggcaagtag    149460
     accaggacag cggatgccgc tgtgggtagt tgagaatagc agacctgctg gggctgggca    149520
     ggactagcaa caccaccatg agctttgcaa aggcagttac ctatggaggt caaggaattc    149580
     actccccagg ggccaggcat ttttgcaggg caggggcaaa agtagcaagg tgagggagag    149640
     cacaatgggc aggacagtgt ccatgcacag cagaccaggg gacaactgac ctcatcagga    149700
     cttggctaag cagtgcaaga ggtgatttaa aaaaaaaaaa agtagttctt aatgggtagc    149760
     aggtaacgac atctgaaaca cacatgtaaa cccagcctgg gacaccaggt ttcacagaaa    149820
     ctctagcaga cagaagaaaa gcagagtagc cgccactgag gtaaagccag tttttggtgt    149880
     ggggatggaa cccagagcct ggtgcttacc aggcaggggc tcctctgctg agctctgcta    149940
     gccctgggta tctggagttt gttgcttctt aatagaggag aggattaact aaatcttatc    150000
     ctctagtaac tcacagaaat gagtgagcca gccaaacctt catccaaacc ttggcttggc    150060
     aaagtagaaa tgactgaaat ttgcattttc tttcattgga aacatttgtg ttgtatggat    150120
     taatgactgg gtccagttca ccaacaattt atttccacta atgatctgac aagtccagaa    150180
     catttgcaag atggcaacga ggcagcttaa tctttcctct tactctccag tggttgcaag    150240
     cttttgcctt gccgtgtggc tcaagccggc ctggagccct cccccctccg ggcagcactg    150300
     tgtgtcagaa gcttctgtgc acagaaacaa gtgcgtgtgt caagcctaaa gctgccacaa    150360
     gggaaaaact cgggcacgtc ctgccacaac tcctgaccct gatttggaag aaccccagaa    150420
     taagacagga tgccagaaaa aagacagacg gaaaacgaag agaaagagtg ttagggttgg    150480
     gaatggatgg tgggaggcag ggctcctcac tggaggcccc agtgggaggc agggtttcct    150540
     ctggctgtct ttcccacctg caggaagtgt aggcagctag cgctcagctc tgccacatcc    150600
     tggtgcagga gcctgcctgt ccagccaggc tgctgacgcc cagttagtgg gtcccacacg    150660
     gaggggcagg cgagcagagc aagcccactg tgctggcttg ctcacacctc agctctgctc    150720
     tcttgtttct gttatctctg actgggtcag tgagctcggt gcagaggagg ctctgctgag    150780
     agctctggaa catttctggc tggctgtgtc atggctgctg agggtgttca cactgatgca    150840
     gaatgcttgg ctgtggatgt ctatccacag agcaggaggt tgggaggcgc ccccggcctg    150900
     aggtgccttc tccagtgccc agcacagagc ctggctgatg cctgccatga gccttacctt    150960
     tctcttctcc agcacctgca ggtgtggcag gaagaccagg acagggggac tctgtgaact    151020
     caggcaggac actcacatct ctgcgggcaa agggaagaca ggaaaccatg acttccatgc    151080
     aggaaaattg aaaaccgcat tgccaaatct cctttgagtc tgaccataat cccttcagaa    151140
     acacagatat gaaagatgca cagagccagg caagagctga gggatactat gacgtcttgc    151200
     ctgaaacaac caactggact accgtggcgt cagctgcagc ttccaatata gacagcagca    151260
     gtcttcacag cccagtggct ttctacctct gacaggtcac agggagcttt catgtgtgtg    151320
     agccaagtct tcctcacacg gcatccaggg gccctggtgt cacgccaaag tgctgtcctg    151380
     catgctgatg ccacattcct ctcattatga aagacactgc tgaccctcag tcatcactgg    151440
     ttccacatgg gtggtctgag aacttctgga gggagtcctg cacagcagct gccgtgtact    151500
     gtgggatggg acctacaaag gctgagtggg cactgaaaac ccactcgtct ttctcttgta    151560
     aggatgccct aaaaggctgc ctgacactgc catcaccatt tgtaccaagt tagcactctc    151620
     agtatatgga catgacttga tgtatatggg aagactggca aaaatagtcc tgtgaaaata    151680
     gtctcatttt gtccctattt tgagacaggg ttttgccaca taatactgga taatcagtct    151740
     agtccttagt agtgcaaagc acaggctact caaattcatg acaatcctcc tgcctcagtc    151800
     ttctgagtgc cagaatgaca ggcacatgtc accatccatg ttatatgagg gatctgtaga    151860
     gttggccatg tgtgtaggtc ctagaatcta ctacgaatag aagctggggg gcaactgtat    151920
     ctctgctccc cacccccatc caatgctgaa gaaagcattg tacaaagaga ctgtgactat    151980
     gtctaccagg cccttggagg cactgaacta ttggtgcaca gactgaattc aagtcctact    152040
     caggggagat ggttcctagt gtggccacat cgttgagaag acaacaaaac cagagagtct    152100
     ccacatgagc catgatgatg gtcactaata taatcagatc tggcttctct gtctgtaaaa    152160
     ggcttttcga cttcagccta catagcaaag caccaagaag cacctcactg acagaaaagc    152220
     agaacgtggc cctgaggcag cgaggagcga gggaggacct ccaatactca cgtagagctg    152280
     cagacgtgct gtgggaggct caaggggacc gaagcttctg aagggaaatt ctgtggggaa    152340
     acaccatctc ctgcattgaa agcaaggtgt tatcagagca tgttgacatg atatagctgt    152400
     ttcactttaa accagcatac attctcgttc tttgaattat ggatggtttg cctgtgtggg    152460
     cacaggtgtg tgtccccatg cacggggatg gcagaggtca gtgctggagg tcttcttctg    152520
     ttattttctt ggatgttgtg acaaggcctg cccctaaaca cagagctaaa cccatgagct    152580
     ccaaggatct gcccttgccc cgccctccag agcatcacca caccagcatc catgtgggtg    152640
     gtgctaggta tccaagttca ggatgctttt cctgtcatgc tctaaccttc tggcacaacg    152700
     tgaagactgt actaccatcc ttcaagtacc atcctttctt cctccacaaa tctgcccttc    152760
     tatgtttcct agaagttagt tttcaattca agccccgtgt gtgtactgct tggaaaactc    152820
     tcgatccttt ggtaaacaga gtacaaaaat agtgtgtgaa aaacaggctg actctagcta    152880
     tgaaaatcct cctcacccac caaaatgcca aaagcctgtc cctcatctac tctgtgtttc    152940
     cacaagacag agactttctc caaggagggg gcctatctgt tcacagaggc tgagaaaatt    153000
     gtaacctttt tacacatgaa gcacattacc aactagacac gcaacatgta cctgtgacac    153060
     tgcaacctcg ggagcatcag ggaaaccctg agggggtgag tggagaacag ggagggaaac    153120
     agaaggatgc tgaggacctg ggctgcagtt tctcgtctac cttttccctc ttggcatttg    153180
     aatttggatt tgaagcccga attctgcaca tgctaagcca ctgaactatt ccacatccct    153240
     gttttttgtt acaggttttg agtcagggtc ttacattatg atctacaagt tgtgatccct    153300
     gctaccagcc cccctgagtg ccagtgctgg gctcctgtcc agggctgggg caccacacct    153360
     gtctaccagc ttccgtgaga ggcatccata atggggaggg caggggatgg gaggcaagtg    153420
     ccctgggctt ctgggaaata ctgagccaag catgaatggc cacccgggat cctgcacagt    153480
     attgccttga gccctcgtgc agatccagac tgggagcaga gacatgcctg cagttttctc    153540
     aggacccaag gtgaacacgt ctacatacac ggggaatcat ggaatgagcg ttactgagtc    153600
     tctgcatgtc ccttcactgt gctgaaaaca acgtcacaaa acgggctact cacccaggac    153660
     tattaaaaaa ttaaaaaagc aaaaagcaga atgctatttt gagttactat ttcatttata    153720
     caacctaaga acaaacaatt acccatgttt ctgatggaat tataagcaca aaaaaattat    153780
     actaaaagta cacacaaaaa caatcatgat agtgattctg ttgggaaaag tgggtagatg    153840
     atcaagggct ttcttccctt taaaaaatca atcaatctca atctctctct ctctctcttt    153900
     ctcccccccc ctctctctct ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt    153960
     gtgtgtgtaa gcacttgcta tcatacttga tggcctcagt ctaatccttg gggcccacag    154020
     gatgtaagga gagagccaac tttcacaagt tgtcctctga catccacata tgcaacatgg    154080
     gtgtgtatgt gtgggatgta tgcatataaa cacttaaaat atacacacac atacacatgc    154140
     acacgcccaa taacaaataa atgtaatacc actataacaa caaaaactgt aaaacagcaa    154200
     ttgtggggaa aaaagatatt aattctagga gacaggaata caatcataac tgatctctta    154260
     tcactaaaat ctcaaaaata cgggaggata cgtgccaata atagcattat tcttattcat    154320
     aatagccaaa aagaagcaac caactgccca ctgaggggct gcaataagca aacatattat    154380
     acatgcataa tggaatgtct tcaatcctcg acaaggaagg gagctgacat gttctgtaat    154440
     gagtcctcgg gatatcactg agtgaaatca atctttcagt gaaaaataat catatccgat    154500
     tcatatacat ggccaacagc ataatccaaa atcatgtctg ctccacacaa aaacagtcat    154560
     acatgggtca taaccagtca cgatctccat acaggacaac catacactcc acatctgaca    154620
     accatgcatg tctacaatcg ttcatggctt agttacttga gatatccaag cagtgacgtt    154680
     aggggcagag agcaggagca ggtaagcagg ggcttggaga ggaacagcag tgactactaa    154740
     tggacacaga gtctcagttt gcaaggatgg gaagttctgg tggcgatggc tctacagtct    154800
     gaatgaacgt gatttaggcc accacactgt acatttaaaa tggtcaaaaa acaaaacaaa    154860
     acagtcagcc ccgtgaaata ctttagtaca ataaaaaaga tatacaattg ttcaggtctt    154920
     cgaagtgttt caaagacaga aatagtacca gtaacaatgg agatcaggag gagaaaggag    154980
     gagagctaag cagacagccc gaggcaaggc aagcgctctg tcccctgcac ggtagccctg    155040
     cactggctgc aggcagacag ggggcctctg actcaccagg tggcaggaag tgctgtatgt    155100
     ccaccactgg cctcctgtca caatcagagc tgctactgct ccagctgccc cagctgcccc    155160
     ggctggcccg cacactgccg gaggagctgc cacagtcgga gctagagtcc gagcaaaact    155220
     tgtctgcaca cttcttctca gacttctggt agtaactgtc tggagaggca gaagaggggc    155280
     tgtgctgcac caaggcagtt cccactagtg ccgtgggagc aagtggacaa gggggtaaga    155340
     agggcagggt acactcagac gccacctctg ctcagctagt gaaaaatgac cacagacttg    155400
     aaagaacagc agggcacaag ctaagtctgg tttgcctggg atagacagca ggaccgggta    155460
     gaaccttcat ctaagactgg ctccagggct ctgtggagct cagaagagga gcacttgccc    155520
     agcatgggat ctgagcctca aactgcaaaa cagactgaat tatactcaaa tggctctaga    155580
     aataacaaac aaaaatttct atcaagaaaa ttgagtctat tctactgaat agatgagaga    155640
     cttataatgc cccctttatt attaaaatgt ttatttcagg cttcaaaata ttgctgatta    155700
     ctgatgccca attgatactt gagagcaaca cccctctttc aaggggatca ccaaggaaga    155760
     gggataaagg ctgttgcctt agtgtccagt gtgcaaagtg gagctcatat gtgggtatgt    155820
     cggtgtagac tggatcacag attatattcc aactgccacc cttagtggct tcctgccccc    155880
     tgtcctccct cctacaccgg ctctggcatt ggtgtccgca cagcttccac tcccagggca    155940
     ctgcccacct tgtgtaccag cagtctgatc cagaaactac agagccatgc agaaatcacc    156000
     agttcaaaag tgggacatcc tgccttacct ggctctgccc tttccccaag gggcccagcc    156060
     taaggtctgt gcacactggt cctgtacctt caacagtata cacaagacaa ttgagaatag    156120
     acagacttga gggacagcag ccatgttcag gctcaaaagg gcatgtgctt tctgatctaa    156180
     ccctgacaac tttctgttgg agttgccaac agctacgagg cctgtaaatg acatttctca    156240
     aaagctcaaa gaacagatcc caaggacacc actagaagcc cagtgctaca taccctcctc    156300
     tctccgttca ggggagctgc ccgaaacttc cgtgccagcc ttacatttct ccccagcgcc    156360
     gtcctgtgca caccagcttc tgacgtcact gcagacaagc ctctgttcgc tctgctcaga    156420
     aggcctggga gaactgcgag aaagaccaca tctctatctc attacacagg cacactttct    156480
     gtgtgtcagg taaaaatcac aacctgaggc cacctctctc agtcctgtgg gaggaggatg    156540
     agcaagaaag gccccaagtc cctaaaagat gtggagacgg aaatgtggct cagtggtaga    156600
     actgtttagc acgcacaagt cataggttcc attttttttt cactcctgca tccccaaaga    156660
     ggttagcatt ttgaatcaga atgaatttaa ggaaacttcg tctatttcca cattgtacag    156720
     tgagaagaac agtgttgcgc agtcgcttgg cagttcagga gagagccagg gctcctggcc    156780
     tgatttatct gtattttcag tgtgtgaacc tgctgctttg tgtctcctga aggtctgagt    156840
     gtttatttaa atatatccct cctcatttgc aaacatttgc ttagcaatta ctgatctaac    156900
     cctacttggc gcacagttgt gaaagtgcag tcagtataaa gaataaggct ctttccccaa    156960
     aagctcttaa gttaaaccac acttcctcac ggaagtaatt acaatactat tttctaagaa    157020
     atgcacaaat gcacgggctg ggaagacttg ctcacttgat caagtgctca gtatgtacgc    157080
     atggaaaaca gaattccatc cctaacacac gtagaaaact agacacagcg acctttacac    157140
     ccagatttga agcagcagag acagaaggat tcctagagct cactggccag gcagatgagc    157200
     tgtctaggct cagtgagaaa ctgtctcaaa atgtaagaag tgattgcgga agatacccaa    157260
     catcagcctc tgaactcaca tgtgtgcaca catacattaa catgtattcc taccacatac    157320
     ccacaagtgt gcacacacac ccacgttaac atatacttct accacataca tacatgtgtg    157380
     cacacaccca cactaactta acatgtactc ccaccactta cccacatgtg tgcacacact    157440
     gatacatttt ttttttaatt aaagaaaaca tatagaagca ccctgtgagt tctctgcaca    157500
     ggtcatggca gtgactgtgt gatgtgtgtg ggatgacgag aatgcggccc agacatggga    157560
     gatgcagagc aggatgtcac tggcttctgc acaaggcaga aagatgtgga cggaacgggt    157620
     atccagcagc acctgactag gtctcccatg ttctcatgag cagacacaga ctactcccta    157680
     gttactttta aacaatttga ttatttgctt ggatctcaga aatatgctgt aagaagtttt    157740
     ctaagactac ttggtgaagt tgtactctta tgtttctata tgttcctatt aaggaaaata    157800
     cagtatgtta aagtgaccag taaaatttat gaaaatacat ataggaaaat acaaaaggcc    157860
     taatgtttcc tttatacaga atactgtact ccaattctca aataaataac catatatgct    157920
     ggggtatgta acatgataat ttccactgtc ctgactgcct tgtgtgaatt atgtatagag    157980
     caaagcccga aagctgccct gcctggaact ggcacctgac tgtcttcctg gaatacagac    158040
     gaggacctgg gaggagctat gacaacgctg aaccatgggc tctgagcttg gtgacagcct    158100
     tcctgggtgc tctgacccct cagaatgctc aattataaca cagtggaacc tcacacctac    158160
     tcaaatgtgc aagggctaga ggaccttata aacagcatgc tggagcacct aaccaagctc    158220
     acagggtagt gatgcctctg gataccagga ttcaaaggca aagcctgcat gagggagaga    158280
     gctcctgcct tggctattta gagactgata aggacagggg tcaggacctt ggaatggagt    158340
     tttgtataga aaactgggca ctgcaggggg gcatcctgca gagggagaac tgcggaaccg    158400
     ggaaagccta actgtaggta catacagggt ggagaacatg tctgttagag gctccaacac    158460
     acatgtgctg tgctgggaat caaagatgaa aaactagaac tcaaaggcca cttcgctgga    158520
     tgtgctcatc tggttaaaaa acccttcaag ctgggaaact tacagtacga tagatttagg    158580
     gtttacccct gcctggaatc ccagcaacac agagcttcca cagacagtgt ttagtcccct    158640
     actcttccag ataaagaaat gcaaggctga gaagacagtg tctccaaaca gcagggtttc    158700
     taaggcacag aacctaactt cataggtagc acgttataag ggacagctta ggtcttttct    158760
     ctaaaatttc ccacagcttt tagcatttta taaggagcag gtaaaaatat aagtcttaaa    158820
     aggttatgtt acagtattta ttttttaaga tttattttat gtatctgagt acactgtctc    158880
     tgtctatcag aggagggcat cggatcccat tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg    158940
     ctgggaattg aatccaggac ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaaccg ctgagccatc    159000
     tctccagccc atgttacagt atttttaagg agtaaaatta caatgagaaa ctctactgag    159060
     tcagcaaatt cctctgagtg tgaatacaac actgtcctat gctgtggtgc ccacctaagc    159120
     ctacagagga ggcactgctg tcagtggaga tctgccctga actgggaagg ggctgcagga    159180
     acacgtacct ggaggcctgg gcagaggccc ttttcttgtt tctcctacaa ggtcgggttt    159240
     tattccagtt gagggcttgt gtgcttcctt ctctcctctc ctgaagcttc ctcttcctgg    159300
     aaggatcttc ctgctgaaga ggaggaagga aacatttgtg ctttcaagac actatctgaa    159360
     gagaaactca tgactgcctt taactctgga ggaccaactg tctgcatcca gaacgcctcg    159420
     gctctgcaca ctcgagaccg gcctttctct gtctctgctt tgttctttct cattcttgtg    159480
     tctctgcttt ctctgtctgc caaagacaga gaagaaaaag taattgttgc ttataaaacc    159540
     tccaaggggc tgagagggag agatctgcca gtgctatcca ggtggctgcg ctaaaccttc    159600
     tgcctccact tggtcatttg gtgtctgact gaatcaactg cccgagcaga atccaaatga    159660
     cccgggaagg taggagctgc atctctactc taactcgcct gaaatgaact tttcacgaac    159720
     agccagacca ccagagaatg ttctaaacta ggtacagctt cttgggtaaa tgaagtcaga    159780
     acatgtttca tgtgcaaatg tggttatgaa gaacttaatc cagtgtactg acagttacag    159840
     gtacatgcgc tacatagaca cacatttaaa actttgtcag gtgtggtcta tacataggct    159900
     cagttggtgg ccatgggatg gtcccttaag ttaaggtcct ttaacgcatc ttccccatcc    159960
     tctagggtgt gcgccaaccc ctcccccact ccttccctac tcccctcttc agcagagcac    160020
     aggcaaagag agtcaggctt aacaacactc ctgcagctcg gaaggacttg cctcctccat    160080
     ggtcttcaca aatacaaaga tgtaccccac accagagacc ctggacccct ggaccagagc    160140
     ttctctattg ctttagactt cttttgtgaa caaagcaaag gttagttcat ttcctttgtg    160200
     gtggcccaga aatcagagga ggaacccttg gcaagctaac agacatctgg ctaacgggcc    160260
     ttggaaggag aaagagggaa gcttgtgttc aattccctac ttgtcctcag tccaggctat    160320
     cagagcctcc tgcatgtgta acaggaaaag gcagagaatt taggtcacac aggcaggggg    160380
     ggccatggag ttttgctttc tttttatatt cttttaatcc tcccaatatt aaatacatga    160440
     tttttttttt ttactctaaa tgtgtttaaa aatattgtaa gtcccacaca gaaagacccg    160500
     ttctccaggc ttctgtctga tggtccacag acaggcacag aagagactac tcgggcagaa    160560
     ccacggctgc cagcaatcac cgttgtttgt cactaattgc tgctggggga actttgtctg    160620
     tgtccacctt gactgtaaga gccaacaaag gcttgtcaac tcatgcacta aagccttgct    160680
     gtccaagaac aaacacaggt caagtgttgg tctttaaatg gggtcagaga gtgggggctg    160740
     gtcagtggtc actaacattt gtctgccttt cagaaatcag catggttgga acaaactgtc    160800
     agcctgcaca actgagaggt ttgttccaac catgctgatt ttggatgggt gtttaaaaaa    160860
     aacttccctc taccacttaa ctttacacac gtacaaagtg gaggaaaatc atctttccct    160920
     agataaaata aaaagataac acaactgttt ccacccagaa gtagtcctgg atccaagtcc    160980
     catcacccaa atcaacaaca acacccccaa accaaacacc cttgctcatc tatcacatgt    161040
     ccaatatttt gctaactggc ctaggggtat agctcagagg tagggcatga gcttattagc    161100
     atgtgggggc cttgaaccca acaacagaag attgttgaca caaatgatgc ttcagggaga    161160
     atgaggccag ctcattcaac tgccacccag gagaaagtca cctggagtca ccctcctgga    161220
     aggcagcctg acaatgagga agctgaacca gtcagtcctg cctgcagcca tcacggtgag    161280
     tcagaacgaa tcattcatca cagagttatt tatgaagtga agaggagagg cagcctgcag    161340
     aaggaggatg gagtagcatc ttcccactca atactcaacc acatgagaaa atcaggatta    161400
     caacttccat atacacgcag taatagttac tcttaactat cttacactaa aaaaaagcta    161460
     aagatctcat tcaaaaaaca ttacatttta gatacataat acatctctcc cccctttcct    161520
     tttaatgttt ctgtgatcaa aattgctttt ctaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aagcatttaa    161580
     gagaaaataa aaacccagag ctaaggctta gtctatggct tccaagccag gtcttcaccc    161640
     tccttgtcaa cagagagagc tagttgtctg tgcacaacag atttatagaa gctatgaagt    161700
     caggcactaa gaatgagcaa gaaaaaaacc ctgcaaactg catgcacaca gtgctcaccg    161760
     agggctgctc cctgagtgac tctctctaat ggacagtgtg gtgcagaaag cttccactga    161820
     cctgaaggaa caaacccacg gaatcaggac acaaacaccg aggcaatgac caaggtcagc    161880
     cacatgatgg caccagaata tctaccttgc aaccaagggc acatccttgg gtcccaaagt    161940
     ccattctgaa ttccccaaat ctttggtcct gcagtctgct aagcaagctg ccaacactgc    162000
     gtgcagatgg ctgaaagctg cacagaccca gagtgtatgc aggcacagga ctgatcaggg    162060
     gccagtgaag tcctcaaatg atttgatggt tgagatgaat gggagaaaat atcaaaccaa    162120
     aacaaaaaac aaaaaaacct cataatgaag gggcagcata cacaaggctc atctggccca    162180
     aggctcatct ggcacggtgt agggttctgg tacatgtgtg tggcagaggg agccagcagc    162240
     atcacctctg cctctcaggg cgacatgaga ccacaggaac cttggcgtca ttggctccat    162300
     actcaactcc aaaacgtggt ttctgcgtcc cttcctgcat ctgttcctct gcctcgcatg    162360
     cacccctaca tcacccagta cttagattca ggccacacct ttgctcatgc cgtagagaaa    162420
     gtgtgactgc agaccttgat tgtcactctg acctacgtct gggatcaact gaagccacag    162480
     aagttgggca cacctgtgag ggattttctt gattggatca cgttaggtag catcccctaa    162540
     atctgggccc tgcgatgaca gcccacataa aaggacacgg ggagaggaag ctcttgctct    162600
     caatcttgct gctgaattcg tctattcaga cgctatgccc ggtattaaat tcaactcctt    162660
     caggattcca acacagactg aaaaccagca gctgtcaagg agtcctctgg gaccccagca    162720
     ctagattggg acagcaggga tattcactct catggactaa acaactccag gattctcaga    162780
     ctgcactgtg acacagccct tgttggacta tatagaccac atctggtaag tcagtctaaa    162840
     tataaacata tactatatat gtgtatacat atgcatgcat gtgtatatat tcatatcctc    162900
     attttatcag ttcatatata ttcataatac atatatgtat acatacataa tgcatatgtg    162960
     catatgtata tagagaactc tgagtaataa agtcaggcta ctacaggtcc agctccatag    163020
     aggtaacccc tattcctaac tcctgcctgg cagtcccaat atggagagct caagagcctt    163080
     cctgcccatg tttccctgtg ggtgcctgcc tttcaaccag atgggctccc tagacactcc    163140
     cagctgtcgg ccctgttggg tccttttgga gattctgcag tgcttgctgc ctgccttctt    163200
     tgacctttct gtgtgctatg cttgtacaag atgctactcc ctccagggct ttccagaacc    163260
     ctgtaggcca gccttagtct tgctgcttga ttacatccac gttcctgtgc ctttataaat    163320
     ccactgtgaa atgtctatgg tttacatatt tacagtactt ccatttaatt taagcaagag    163380
     tcatgcttct tatgtaaggt tgaacagcct ggaatataga aataaccagg ctcactgact    163440
     atctcataaa ccttccttct gaatatttct ccatgaggta gatgtgtagg cttacacata    163500
     cataaggtga caggacagga aatggataag gtgacattaa gacaattagt tccttttaga    163560
     tc                                                                   163562