ID   AC133096; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 195512 BP.
AC   AC133096;
DT   10-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   22-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-271C13 from chromosome 1, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-195512
RA   Higginbotham J., Cotton M., Kozlowicz A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-271C13";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-195512
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-SEP-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-195512
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (02-SEP-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-195512
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-195512
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 69b30f335a3311371dca311f612c8cea.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456084.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0015848; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0015849; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0015800; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0015801; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0016372; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0016373; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0015069; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0019330; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0019309; mus_musculus_balbcj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0019305; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0019181; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0019192; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0019863; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0019874; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0018399; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0018410; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0018732; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0018743; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0R4J0Q2.
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DR   InterPro; IPR018490; cNMP-bd-like.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0A6YY14; A0A0A6YY14_MOUSE.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8BH17; Q8BH17_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9D5X0; Q9D5X0_MOUSE.
CC   On Jun 9, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:51854765.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0271C13
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..195512
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-271C13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    113217..113408
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          114557..115142
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          194007..194057
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
SQ   Sequence 195512 BP; 54307 A; 45493 C; 44636 G; 51076 T; 0 other;
     gaattccata aagggctcta aattcgaagc aacagccaca gatcaatgaa gtgccaggaa        60
     gacaaagcta tttttgaaac aaggcagcaa gccaggagac cagggatggt ctgcccaagg       120
     ccttccaaat gggaaaccat ccaagttcta gactcctctc caacagagag aaattgagga       180
     gagaagttct ggcctcctac gtagcatgga gacataaaaa gggccgcaca gcttacacac       240
     ggttacgtac acagagcaga gtaaagtgta tgccgtcgcc ttgcttcagc tctaacaatg       300
     caacactgtt tgagcaatcc actgctggag agaacacttg gcagacagtg acagacttca       360
     ttccacgttc tcattaaagg gagggtgagg gggttggagt gttgaggact tggagatagt       420
     ggtctggatt gtcatatagg acatccctgg agagttggtc tatagtttca gctaatcagt       480
     tgttaatacc attttgtgtt tggtgaaatg gcacagtctt catctacaat gtgactggat       540
     tgggaatcac caaggtgaca caactctgga gcacggcttt gtgggtattt ccagagagat       600
     ttaactgagg caagaagact tgctgtcaat gtaggtggta ccatatcatg gcctagggtc       660
     ctagactaaa tgaaggaagg ggagaggcag gtgatcatca acatgcttct ttctctgttt       720
     cctgctcctc ccagatgggg tgaggtgagg accaaccaca tgttcctgct gccatccact       780
     tcaaacaaac ggcccttcct ttaagctgtt gttgggtact ttatcacaac aagaaggtaa       840
     ctagcattgg gcccttctga gtgtctgtcc caaggtggcc aggctatagt tgctactgca       900
     agctgacagc agcagaaatg atggaaaccc acagaggaaa gaaaatttta aacagctttt       960
     gagccatgac tcaggtcgat gtacttcttt gaggaaactt ctagagctgc ccttccaatg      1020
     ctgctgctga ccaatctcaa cgagggaggt aaggcaccag ctggcccttg tcactctcat      1080
     gctccacatc ctccctacag gtgacaattc ttcttgcact atcaaagatc attccaacaa      1140
     aagagggccc cagaggcagg ggacagacag tgattctgat gggctggctc tatggtagtc      1200
     tctctgctct cccctgtcca cctggctcag cggcctagat taatgctctg cacccacagc      1260
     tggggtcaca gcttcacctt cacttgctta acagctgtta ccacaccagg cccttctgga      1320
     gcacacacaa ctgagtcaat gatgtaagaa agtgttaagt cattttacag tggaccctgc      1380
     actatgaggg aaacgaggag gcctgaacct ggtgaaactg gtctgcaggt gaggggtggg      1440
     catagtgact ttaaccatgt gcatatttag gggaagcagt aattgaagca acaggaatgt      1500
     acagcattct aagggacaga gaaggcaggg ctgggaagcc agaaagggtc aactcagagg      1560
     caatgaggaa cctcttagga tcttaattct ttaaacaaat ctgcaaagta ctggcactct      1620
     tgaagctctc tcactggaca ggcttttgag cacaaacctt tgcttgcttg ggacacacct      1680
     tgtaggaaac tgccctgttc aggacaggta tggatgggtc aagatggtgc ccaccaagca      1740
     acacaggcag ggcatcccag gggtctccag ggaccccaca gacaggtttg gcatcagcac      1800
     aactagaggt aacagcccat gctcacaagc ccttagagat gcactccaat gtctttagtt      1860
     cctgtataaa taaaacccaa cagcaacagg aactaaagac atcggaggct ttaaaggcag      1920
     tgtgccatgt ctttctggag gaggtagggg aggcatcctt caccacctgc tgggtctctg      1980
     acctcctcct aagtggtaca gctgtggagc cactcaacac cgtggctgcc actgtcttcc      2040
     ttttgctaca gcttgttcca gaaagatccg catggcggtt gtgcactgct tgcaaactgg      2100
     ccagtaagag gaaaggtgtc atgaggacct ttaccatcac ccctttctcc acaatctgca      2160
     gctgagctct gaaatggcaa cagcaaagaa actaaaagct cccacaaagt aatggagatt      2220
     agctgtcacc accagcagtg accgtgaacg ctgtttaaaa tctatgtctg cttctacatt      2280
     ttaaaaatgg atagcagctg ggtggtaaag ggattgggga aaatgtacca tcaagattca      2340
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc tgtctgcctg      2400
     tctgcctgcc tgcctgcctg cctgcctgcc tgcctacaga agccagaagt gtcagatctc      2460
     ctaaaactgg aattataggc agatgtgagc aacctgatat gggttctggg aactgaacct      2520
     gggtcctctg tgagagcagc aagagctctt agccactgag ccatctctcc agcccccaag      2580
     attcactttt aacaactact ttcatgtcca gctggaagaa acctgtagaa aaaagaaact      2640
     gaggaaatca gcatgcagca ggtatatcct ccaggtcctt tgagcctccc cttaccagcc      2700
     catctgagcc ctgactcctt ggtaggacac tggcagtgga gaggaggact gggcctccat      2760
     cgggtgaaat attctctcac ctggagaatt caggctatag aagagcacaa gtattgacta      2820
     cctctgcccc aagcctgggg ttcaagagga ctagggtcct acaggcaaac acacacccaa      2880
     gtgagcaggt gtgagacaca ttattctaga gcacagtgtg agggtataga aagtgaagtc      2940
     tgaagacaga caccctgcac tgaacaaaag atcctaaaag tgtcgtcaaa cactcttgac      3000
     attgctgcac agcaactgtg tagggcatgg ctaaaccaca aacatgaggc aagaaaaata      3060
     atggtcacat ggtcgacaca cagaacacaa tgtcaggact tctcagctct tggtatggtt      3120
     gagggtttta tttagctatc tggtctcatc acaaactcta ggcaatttag gctaccctac      3180
     cagacatggc ttcctcatcc ctaaatatca cctccttacc tgggtatgta cgctgcatcg      3240
     atggaggtgg ccaaatgaaa gcaaccacat ttcctgggtt ttgtcctgtg tccacagcaa      3300
     agcctgccca cagcggggaa gtcactgctt cctgttgcta tgaggacatc catgttcaca      3360
     aaatagagga gacttgtccc agtcactctg tgcaaccagc aaggctaagg caggaaggac      3420
     gctgatgtcc ctgctaccat ctcacacagg tgctgtggat gctgctgcat cctgagccaa      3480
     gcctgacctt gaactgtggg tcttaatttt gagattataa ttacatcctt tctccttcct      3540
     cacaaactct ccggtgtatc cctcaacttg ttctctttca actctatctt tttctgtaat      3600
     tgttgttaca cacgcccctc taaatatata aacaaaccct gttcagtttg taaaatgtta      3660
     tttttatgta tgttttcagg gctgtcaatt tgtattttat ttgtttgttt ttgatctgtg      3720
     tgatcctgga tggtcttgaa ctcataggca tgcccctgtc tctgcctcct cagtgctgta      3780
     attaaacgtt tgcaccacct tgcctggctc ttcctttatt tctttttatg tttgtttatt      3840
     tgtttttttt ttttttcaat cagggtttct ctgtgtatcc ctggctgtgc tggaaaccct      3900
     gtgtagacca ggctagcctc aaactcagag atccacctgc ctctgctgaa atcaaaggca      3960
     tgcaccacca ctgttcagca cttttcttta ttttttaatc ttaaacctac tacatgaact      4020
     attgcaacta agtccttagc acaaccatcg aactattata actaactatt ataactaact      4080
     acttaagtac atcccaagcg tctgactatg gaaagcttaa ccttggagcc atgttcacag      4140
     tcacacagtg gaaaagatat ccccttcttc agagtctgta gaatctcaga taagaaagca      4200
     agtgtggggc tgcagagata gcggaattaa aagcacttat ttttgtaaag gacccaagtt      4260
     cagtacccag cacctatatg gtagctcaca gccatctgta gctccagttc cagcatatgt      4320
     gttatctctt ctgaccaata tggtccccaa gcgtctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      4380
     gtacacatat atgtataaat atgtatatac acatatacac acatatgtgt gtatgtgtac      4440
     atgtatatct gtaggaaaga taattaaatc taagaaaaaa cttaaagtac tgtgagaatt      4500
     tctgagagct tcacagcaca agtgaatcta cactgaatga tcctaggcct gaaaaagagt      4560
     caaacaagga ttcaaacggc ttctcccttc agttaacact cccattaaca ccctcagaca      4620
     cactgagaag gatgtgattc gaagtccagt caactgacaa tgacagctag tcccccaatg      4680
     tcaacaactg ctccagaact cctcacagaa ctggactagg atcatggact gatctgactg      4740
     taacccgacc acagttatat actctgtcag ctacacaaat cccgaccctc tcctgtctac      4800
     agaagacaaa gccttcaccc atctcctgta gacacacttg gagtcattaa acctctctgt      4860
     ttctccctga actgactttc tgcccttacc actacttacc tgtcacactg ggacaggtgg      4920
     ctgaccctag ttgactggga tacctgagta ccaggagtat tgccctaaaa ttctggccgc      4980
     atcatctgtg actgcactga gcccacaggt ctgccaggct gggtgccagg ctacagaagc      5040
     ataagaaagc ctgacacctg ccccctctga acacagaagg ccatcagcag atcggagaag      5100
     cacactgctc cgccgcagcc tcctcctcga gcagcacgac cagacagcta tgcgtggagt      5160
     gggtcaaggg agctttactc tccaatcaac tctcgtatga cccaaaactg ctttaaaata      5220
     aggcttatta actttaaaaa aaaaaagagt ttctgacatt aagtctgtgg ggttatagcc      5280
     tctgcaccct acatgggcag ggcagggatt aattagtaag tcataagaaa gcctccaacc      5340
     atttgccttt taagctataa atcctggagt tttgaattca tcagattatt actttgagca      5400
     atgttcagaa aagtcctaaa ttttcaaaca aatacagcac tttgtggata ttctacaagg      5460
     tcgcacggga ggcacagggc ctgaacccaa ggagaggatt gcacagggca agtgtaaggc      5520
     tcttctaaaa atagcctgtg atgctccacc accccactgg gggtgaaact gaggagaatc      5580
     cacagcaaac caggcatctc taggatagct gctgacatgt aatcttgtgg ccacgtgtta      5640
     ctgtgcacac cagccagacc caaagcagat caacagatgg ctcctgtcac atggggctgg      5700
     ttagcaaaca cacatgagga gagagaggag cagacactct cctaaatagc ctttggactg      5760
     gtcatcacct ttcatgcatg ctccttcatc aatccgaagg ggactgcttt cccagttccc      5820
     caaagcacag ttccagtaat tcagctccac attagacaag aattagtaga cccaggctgc      5880
     cataatgaag ggtctcagac caggggcctc aacagacatt tctgttcttc aggccaagat      5940
     gaaggtgcca tgccaactcc gctctcagtg gctagcaggt ttctgacttt tctctgcaca      6000
     tttctctacg tgtgtctctt cttatgagaa tacaaatcct atgggattaa aatatcatag      6060
     aatattaatt aattctttat ggactctacc actaagtgct gtctcgtggt ggttaggact      6120
     tcagcatgta aatacgggga ggatctatcc atccccagcc ttcagggctg taccttgtac      6180
     cattctcttg tgcaagtcca ggcagtgtgt gctgccagtg agcagccatg gattccggaa      6240
     gtgcagaggg tgcaggagcc tcacaaggag gctcagtcct tctctcccct cacgctaagc      6300
     tacagaggga tgtggagggg aaaagctgca gtcaatctcc agttcaggac acttgaatcc      6360
     cagtgcccag aaggaaaggt cacaatacca gctccaggtc acagagcaaa gaggaccaaa      6420
     catccacctc agacagcaaa tgagcctctc ccacactgca gctctttgtc ttcacagccc      6480
     cccaggccag gtatactaga tgttctgaat aaaacaataa aacacacgtt ggaaaacaca      6540
     cccataataa gccagaggtg gcagaggtcc agccacaagc tgacaaaatt tctttcctag      6600
     cagaattctc taaacacagt aaccttccag cccttaatgt aaaaccttag tttaaacagc      6660
     ggggctgggg aaaggactct ggtgttagga gctggaatct cttttaaaga acccgagttc      6720
     aattcccagc atgcttatgg tggcttgcaa ctgttttcaa ctctagtcct aggggatcca      6780
     acactatctt ctggcctcta agggcaccag gctcatacat ggtgcacgta tacagaggcg      6840
     aaacacccat acatataaaa tttaagcaaa tctttttttt ttttgggggg ggggggttga      6900
     gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt tctggaactc attctgtaga ccaggctggc      6960
     ctccaactca gaaatccacc tgcctcacct cccaagtact gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca      7020
     ccacgcccgg ctaagcaaat ctttaagagc caaccaaaca ccataagggt gtcaagaacg      7080
     gtgccctgcc tctctggttc ctctgcacta agagtcactt ccagtgtcac ctctgttctt      7140
     caatgcacag gttcctgtga gatacagaaa caagactcct gctagtcctg gatctacctt      7200
     ccctgttcat ctgttgtttc ctagtacatg caaacatgtt acaaatgccg taacacatgc      7260
     tcattacacg cagcagcacg tgctcatcat tacatgccat cacaagtgct cataactaca      7320
     ctaacttgca tttttatgtc ttgattaaag ggactgtagc cagcgcaggc tcaagcatgg      7380
     caaacatggc tctggccatt tcccccaagt ccctctgcct tgctaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      7440
     aaaaaaaaat cattagatta cattcctaaa gacagccacc aaggactatt ccattatttg      7500
     gctgtttctt cctcctgaag ctgactacca aggtccagct atcaaagtac taaagtccag      7560
     caattaaaag tatgctttgg ctgctctaat taacatgcac aatgaaaatg aaacacctca      7620
     ttctaacatg gagtttcccc ttttaccatt ataaactgcc attttcctat gtgccacatc      7680
     tgtctcctct ctattcagag gtagtccttt gtgtccacaa ccccctcccc agggacaaat      7740
     atctctgtcc tgccactccc ttgttccctt tcccttctcc ctcatctgtg atgtctttgt      7800
     ctcttattcc ctgccctttg tttctctgtg ctgagaactt ggtcttccgg tgttgtactg      7860
     gctagttttg tgtcaacttg acacagctgg agttatcaca gagaaaggag cttcagttga      7920
     ggaaatgcct ccatgagatc caactgtaag gcattttctt aactagtgat caagtggggc      7980
     ggtccccttg tgggtggtgc catctctggg ctggtagtct tggttctata agagagcagg      8040
     ttgagcaagc caggggaagc aagtcagtaa agaacatccc tccatgacct ctgcatcagc      8100
     tcctgctccc tgacctgctt gagttccagt cctgacttcc tttggtgatg aacagcagta      8160
     tggaagtgta agctgaataa accctttcct tcccaacttg cttcttggtc atgatgtttg      8220
     tgcaggaata gaaaccctaa ctaagacagg tgtgctaagc caatatgaat tcctttcatt      8280
     ggctgactcc aagagaagct cgtgtagagc agcagtgtgt tctgtaccat gtgggtctct      8340
     ccagtctctc cccaaggatg tgagctgcca cgtggcatta cctccacact ctaacatcac      8400
     tagctccatc tgtcttccca cgctcttact gccagatatg cggatacgcg gcacgtctaa      8460
     atgctgtagg cccaacagca taattatgta catattctct gtaaagttgc ttcttcggaa      8520
     gatcattaga aagaaggaaa gagctttgca ctgtaaaggc tttgcaactg cataattacc      8580
     tttacaggca ctttgctttc tctgttctcc gccaacctga aattactgtt gtcatttcct      8640
     ttaagccttt ggtacttcca acagggcagt gttctagcaa tcctgggtag ttgttggttt      8700
     gggcgttttg ttcttttaac tgtcagtcga ccttcatctc tgaggataag cttggctgtg      8760
     taagacactg ggttgactct ctgcttcccc ccagcacgct ttctaagaag tcagctgtta      8820
     actctcctga gctctctgct actcagtcag accccttacc atcagccttg gcacggatct      8880
     tttgagtctg accaacttgg agttaagtgt atttcttgga tgtatggatg aatttggggg      8940
     tttctagcat gttctctagc tgacgccttt gactatctcc cctcctgaca tgtctgaggc      9000
     tccatttact ttctcagtat ctggatcaga tactctcata attcaccttt aagtcaggtc      9060
     caaaggaaac tctatttttc caagaggaaa ctggctatct gtggtgtcca ttagcatacc      9120
     aaagctcaca atggccccca ggcccctcag caccacaagg acctccaaca cacttttgcc      9180
     ccgcccctcc ggctctacag gcacccagct cacaggcttc ccaccctact cattctcctt      9240
     ataaacccgc tattttagct ctgttccctc tgtctccctc cccaccccag cctccccatg      9300
     cctgcttccc tcatgaccag gtccaatctg caggccatgt tcagcctact accttctctc      9360
     tctaccctgg actcttccag atgcctctcc ctcgtatctg caataaaaac tcttttcctt      9420
     cgccacaccg tggagcagtc atgttgtcag tttataccat cagtggatgg tttccttctg      9480
     ccaattaata cctacaatta caagcctctg gtggattttc attttagaat tcttgagtgt      9540
     ccatttagtt attctgcttt gtttcttagt ttgtttaact aattgtcttc ttaatgacat      9600
     ttctatttgg aaaggcgctg ccaccacaac tttctttaag cattacttct ttaatggtgt      9660
     gaagtcttta agtccaacaa ctgggccctc tcctcccttg ggcagcaact gtggccaact      9720
     gctttgactg tcctacagct ttgtcttgta gcacctgtgg gtcctggaac tgtctcctct      9780
     agggcatcct tttctttgtt tgttcttcag tgatgttgtg gggccagttc agtgaattct      9840
     gcactctctg tctctccaca ccacagtcag ctctaatgct gttccttggg agaatagtct      9900
     tgagtataca aaacagcccc tctgggtgac aacagcttta tctgagctag catacactca      9960
     ctctagatct caaccatgca cacactggtg aggcttagcc aggtcaatgg ctttgtgcag     10020
     agtgctggtg ttttcagtct tcacatcccg ttgtgcttac tcaacaaaac tgtcaagtca     10080
     cttctcacga gggagagaca gggaacgtgg ctccttcgtt cagaacgact cctccatgat     10140
     atacaggatg ctgagtgagg tgctctcctt gactcactcc aggcttcact tcctcgaatg     10200
     gaatctctgt tctcaaacca ctatgttaac aggtgacaga cagatggcca ggatctcagc     10260
     ctggggcagg gcctccaacc tacaagtggg ctctagacaa gctccctgga gttgagtctc     10320
     tgccacctgg aggttcagca ggaggaaaga atgagccagc gctcccgcgc tgaagccacg     10380
     gccactgtgc ttactgacac aagagatttt cacaaatatg tgtctcctct tttgctgtgt     10440
     atcttttagg acacttgcca gacattttaa ctgagagctt tcttaaaata attttgaagc     10500
     agggcagaat ggtcgggaca actaaagggc acgacagcct aacatgccat ggtcccctta     10560
     aacaacagga cttcttcaca tgctcttagc ctgtctcccc tagcaggagc taagccatgc     10620
     acttagaaag tcatggtttt gattttttaa ataaagccac tcagacacaa gttctacttt     10680
     acaagtaact tgtaaagtat gagaaaaaaa ctgtccttgt gtgaagtgtg tactcacagg     10740
     tcctcaggca gctggaaggg cagacaacca cacacaccct tcataagtaa aagctctcag     10800
     gaagctccaa cagagggctc ttttcaacag gggccgctct ctgaggaggt cagaaaggtg     10860
     ctaattacat ttgtgagaga gtagccagta ttttcttaaa agctaatatt acaccgtccc     10920
     cagggcagaa cctggtactc acatcacaga gagctgggaa agtggggcta tcaactaacc     10980
     acatctatca caggcagttg gagggacccc tgaggctgaa actctcggtg atgccactgt     11040
     ccacaacacc aggacagaca gacataggga actggctccc acgcatactt gccctgacat     11100
     gcaggaaatg cagagctagg ctggaccctg atgctcctcc atccccaaac tcttcatcta     11160
     tgagacagga atgatcagta acttccaaag tcaatactca gcatatatag ctgctgtgac     11220
     tctacacaga ggccctggta ggttctatgt tccatatgac tgcctctaca tgtgaatgac     11280
     taatgctgga aggtccaagc tcagacaagg tctttgttcc ttgtacaggt cccacgaaca     11340
     ccacactcca gggtcagctt tggcctgtgc ttcccctggg acctgactgt gatcagacag     11400
     aaccaagcca tctttaggaa ggtccagagt ctccagtgtc ctgcccttgg aacccttttc     11460
     agatgtcctc ctagtcagct gacagaacag agtgatgagt aaaacagaaa taagtgacaa     11520
     ccatctgtta tcctgggcct ccaagaaaca acagctcagt aaagccaact cccccaggca     11580
     tgaggctgtt acccagggga acatctgacc gctgcttcta cacagtctga tccagtgtgg     11640
     ctagcactct gagggcagag cagctggact ggttagtaga cactagctgg gtaagcatga     11700
     agactttggc acacacctgt aaccccagtg ttggagacgc agacacagga ggatccctgg     11760
     aggccctgca tttccagcca gtctgagtct tcaagcacta gtttcaataa gagatattct     11820
     ctcaaaaaat aaggtggagg tttggagcga ccactcagca gttatgagca tttactgatc     11880
     ctccagagga cccagactca gtttccagca tccacatggt ggctcacaaa catctgtaat     11940
     tccagttcca aaggatccat gccttttctg acctttgctt gctcctcata cacacaccca     12000
     ttatagacac actcaggtgt acacatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     12060
     acacacacac actattaaaa gcaaaccaca cttcctagct tgcttttcct gttgtcatga     12120
     taagcatcat gaccaaaggt ggagaggaaa gggtcaatct ggcatatgct tccaggtcac     12180
     agtctagctt tgagggaagt tgggacagga attcaaggca gtaaccgaag cagaaaccgt     12240
     gatgttttga aagctgctta ctagcttgct ctgtttgctt tttttgtaca gcccagccca     12300
     tttgcctagg catggtgctg cctacagtaa gccccccacc actaccccct cactgcccca     12360
     ccagcaatca tgaagataat tccttacaga taggtcaatc aggaggagga aattctttaa     12420
     ctggggtttc ttttctttct ctctttttct tcattttttg ggggttggtg aaaggctcta     12480
     gtttgtcaag ctaacaataa aaaccaacca gcataccata ctagaaaaca atacattaga     12540
     tccttttatc ttaagaacta ctctgaaaag actcccaaca gttgacaata agagcacaga     12600
     ctccacccta cccatgacta gtgtgtcccc aagtcccccc acctgggcac tgcttgctgc     12660
     ctatttgccc gcagggagga tgcctgtggc tcgggaacac aaccacgcag agggcccatc     12720
     tcttgagtta tatatgccag ggtcgtatta aatgcacctg gctttctgtt cttttctgtc     12780
     ttcaatgccc ccccactctt gtccactgaa atgtgccagt gcttcctggc tgtggggcag     12840
     agaatctaag cctcccagag aagtaagtgt gaaagctcta aagagaacag ggataggaca     12900
     gaccaggaca gaggggctta tgtctgcccc cagcccaccc tgtgcgaggt cccagttggg     12960
     tgctcatgag gctcttctga catggctgtc accatactac catgtcagtg gtcagcagat     13020
     gccgagatag aaacctttcc ccaaatcaaa tgtgtgtgcc acctgactac attacattcc     13080
     ataatacgaa attctccaaa gggcacaaag ctcatgcccc tgccccagcc ccattttcct     13140
     tttggaacta cagctcggtt ttcattaact gggtctcgac tgcagctggc tcctgacagg     13200
     acctactatt cctaccatca acctgtctga cccagtttga gttttcttca tttattccca     13260
     taaaagagag aaatataacc tcatttcata tcccagtgtg atattttaat ctaggaagct     13320
     atcattagaa cgcctatctc ccttggaaca tgcttttgtt ttgtaagcag aaagagtcca     13380
     cacattgtaa aatagtaatt tcagaaaata aaccaaaaca tctcctgaca cacaaaggat     13440
     acaccaagtt ctgactatga tgtaggcaga atcaggccct gttccctcct gtgcccactg     13500
     acaaaggcag cagctgttct agattctaga ttctgggtgc taacaagtga gtggggattc     13560
     tagggcaagg aggtgttgag tcctaatttc acacaggaca agagcaggaa gaaggcagcc     13620
     caaggataac aaaatgtcag agctgacaga ccagagatac ctgtcacact tcttggatta     13680
     actgtaagtt tcacctctgc ataaccacag gcagggcttg gggtcaggat tctaccctaa     13740
     ccagcttcat ctagctgcct ttaccagagt cgtgtgctct ttgtcccttg tgataaacag     13800
     caaggtcaga aaaagaaaat cagtacagaa acccagcccc ttatgtagat attgccgctt     13860
     cctgggggtg tgtacactgc tcctgtgtcc agccttcttt ctccatctct agtttccagc     13920
     tcagcggatg gtaccacagc tttccagaac aaggcaaaaa gtgaggagac ctcccttcct     13980
     gtatgagctc ccacttccca acaacctgac agtccttaca ggaccttcta ggaccagatc     14040
     cttctcacca aggctcacac cttggtctcc actacatctg aagaggttac aaggaattct     14100
     gggtaagtgc catcaccctg cagctttgta gactgtcctc tacctcattc cccaacaacc     14160
     atggcgatgt acaaagacat taattacata ccaaagagag gaggatggtc agaatttcgt     14220
     ggctgtataa agctggatat ataattatac atgaaacacc atgtcatgca aggacaaaac     14280
     ttaattcttt aagatccacc acctaaactc ccacctagta atgagttacc cctactcact     14340
     ggtgcagctt tggcacaaat gccatggctg gaacaagtta ctttctaaga ctgctccatg     14400
     agatggaact aagacctgaa tcgttaaagg ggccaagaac ccagggctaa ataggtcata     14460
     ggccctaggg agaaccaaat actatatttt gcttacaggc ataccattaa aacaaatccc     14520
     attgaacaga tcatctctca accatcatta aagaagttcc tccttgcagt agacggcaat     14580
     taacatagag aataagagac tatagtgtgc tcagccctaa attagacata cttgccacac     14640
     ccttccccca aagttcaagg cttccgtttt catggaagag gggccagaaa cagatgacat     14700
     cagggagaca gtgtttccca tacacagctg ggcaactgca caaatgaatg cacagctagt     14760
     tattgtgaca gtgtgcacaa ggcctgccaa gctctcccca gacaaagtcc tggcacggat     14820
     ggtagaaagt gggcactgga tcccatccct agctgaggag ctactggtgt cgagagcttc     14880
     tgggaaaaaa gagtcagttt tgttaatggc cctcataagg tgacaaccac tttccagggc     14940
     agccccactc cagagcctgg ctgggcaaca ctgaacttac agaagaaatt cgttaaaaaa     15000
     attaataata atatttcaaa gttatgtagg aagggatgaa agggtagagg gtgattacag     15060
     aaggagctgg ggtatgtgaa tatgttcaaa atatattgta tgaaattctc aaagaataat     15120
     acattttaaa aaaataccca gcagtgaaca aataaggaaa aagagggagg caaggatttg     15180
     ctttgccaaa actagcctgg gacaaattcc ccccaggcct ctatctagtc cagaggccct     15240
     gaatctgcag ggagattcta aaccactatc agcaacagtg tctacagacg gtgttaaaga     15300
     aagctcccat gtagtacctg aaggccccgt gtgtacacta accactttga ggcatcttcc     15360
     tttcaaacag actgtagaga ctgtacaggt caggcctggt ccttaatgta cttctgctct     15420
     gcacccttcc tgatgctcct cctgaggtcc ctgtcacaca tctgaggtcc ttacagtcgt     15480
     cctaaggact ctgtggaagc ccagacctgc ctgtccaagc cacctagccc ctccctggac     15540
     tactaaaggc acacaaactc tctgcatctg tcccctcaaa caggattcct gggaggatgg     15600
     acagtgcact ctgtcctcca accacactca tccctgacag aggtctgcct ttacccttct     15660
     gctgtttata tcagcatcca tacatgataa agcaacctgc taaatccaaa ctggcctgtt     15720
     actgaggctg gccaccagtg tgtacagcat gcccttccca ccaagggctg cacgcactca     15780
     aaggcaagaa tccattcagg cgtgtctagc atgtccagct ctcctgtccc caccccacaa     15840
     gcctgcaagg caccaatgcc atctcttaga cctctttatg aactccaccc tcagataacc     15900
     gctccatcta aggagtgcca gcctgcttct ggtctgcagt gctcaggctt ctgaaacttt     15960
     ttcctccagg cacttctctt cagttagaat gttctgtaca caacccagag ctactacagg     16020
     gcagagagag caatgggtag aagtcagtcc ttcaagagcc aagcaatgtg gtcccagctg     16080
     gacccctgga gaaggaagga tatcagtgct acagagacag tgtccagtag agaatccggg     16140
     aagagacttg catggggccc tctacactgc agtccaagtg gtaaggatgc ttaggagaaa     16200
     tgactggtgc cggagctgag gcaaaatata ccagacaagc cccggccctc acagtgtcga     16260
     aaagcaagaa agaccctaaa aaagaaaaga gctggatggc ggtggcactg cacaccttta     16320
     atcccaacac tcaggaggca gaggcaggtg gatctccatg agtttgcaat gatggtggta     16380
     tgtcaaaggg ccacttgggg caacctgaac aaaccctcag tggccaaagg tgggacaaga     16440
     ggaccagtga gacaacctag ttctggatta gacccaagga tagaccagcc atgcacctac     16500
     tctgaaacaa aggaccaagt aggcaggtaa caggttgaaa gagacacagt gtgtaagctc     16560
     caaatagcct gtgcaaatgt tctcccctca gacacccaca cccgcctctc cacgggtgca     16620
     gtgacttccc tctaggtcac tgtgttggga gcagattaca gcggagaccc ctgataagtg     16680
     ctgcccttgg ccaggtgacc aagctgtacc agatatgatc tgttttgcta atttaacatg     16740
     tatgggtgtt ttgcctgcgt gtttgtgccc caagtgagtg cctggtgccc acagaggcca     16800
     gagagcatca gatgcctgga gctggagaca cagatgactc tgagctgtca tgcaggtgct     16860
     tcctctggaa aattggccag tgtttttaac tgctgagcta tctcaccagc ctgacctgtg     16920
     ctcttgatgg aatgagatga ggtcttcctc cctgaactca gtcttggtct agtcatgtga     16980
     gatttgaagg gcattgtgca ttcctgaaca tgtcattaca acaaggctgc tctgagaaac     17040
     ggttataact gagaggtgcg tgagaagggg tgaaatgacc aggactgcac ttggagtgga     17100
     aaagactcat gtgaaaagtt aaagaaagct aaagcaaaat aaaatatttg cttcagttaa     17160
     tatccatttg gtttttgata aatgtagcat agcaattaag aggttaaggc agagtgacag     17220
     aaatctgtgc tgccttgtga cccttctata atctaaaact attttaaatt aaatttcttt     17280
     tttgttaatt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaggga     17340
     gagggggaga gggagagaga gagagagaga gagagcaagc acagttgcct gcaggttaga     17400
     caggggaggg tgttgaatcc cctagaacta gagtcagagg cagttgtgag ccacatggca     17460
     tgggtgctag gaacttaact tagctcctta gaaaaaaagc aagtgctctc aaccacctgg     17520
     tgtctcctta atttatttta taataatccc agctctaaat caactaaccc tttccctttc     17580
     ttagggtgag gatgctaacc catgtctgat cctccccatt ctagcatatt accatccttg     17640
     gcctaggagc ccaccaaagg acatatgtgg accagcattt gctttcagac ttgctcctgc     17700
     tggcctcctg ccactgcctg atgtcagcgc tgcaatgctc tgtcaatagg gcaagccatg     17760
     gcagggcaag tccccttcag aaggaggcta gagaagcaga gtggtcagac gtctgagaag     17820
     agccggtgtc gtgaaccttt tctgccctgc cttctaggaa tcctagccac cttctggtgc     17880
     agcttgcccc agacatccag acatggagag cctttggtct gaaccgctct ccacctcaga     17940
     caacaggcct tctgggcaac acaaggcgct ctgtatagcc ccattgggaa gtcagtggct     18000
     tttgcacctt tgtgagttga atcctgcctg ggaagacaag aacacagact gagcaacccc     18060
     aacctggata tctgacattg gaaacgctgc aatctctaaa gtcagctcaa ccagtctggt     18120
     ttacctatgc aagcatttca aagatgatag actccaaaat gtgaaaaatt cctggttcca     18180
     agcattccag gaatggttgg ccatacacag gctgatgaga gaggcagaaa tatcttccag     18240
     aatatctctg agagcagaga aagcaagtga cagcgagaga gagaagggag ggggctgagg     18300
     ggctcagcag ttttgagagt gtagcactcc tcctcgagga ccccacctat ggatctcagc     18360
     actcatgcag agtgactcac actgcccagg actccagctc caggccctct tctggcctct     18420
     ctgggtactg catgcatgca catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacctt     18480
     ttaaaagaga aaggagggtg aagagcagat gcatggcagc ctgcacaggg aatatttttc     18540
     catgagagaa ccccagagcc cttacagaac ttcgcaagct atcactggga cacacataac     18600
     tcatatgttg tgttttatga atgttcacaa tgctcacgca ttcacctgat ttaggattga     18660
     ctttccagga aagaatctta ggcagttgat gtcattatga cagtccatga agacacccag     18720
     gagggaggcg aggaaagtta gtcagcagcc ttcttgttgg gaggaatcag gactgagaag     18780
     cacccagcaa gcagctcatt ccctattgcg tgaagttcaa gttccccact gaaggcctgg     18840
     gtttcagaac tctcacacag tcctgcttct gttcggcctt ctcttctcat ctggaagccc     18900
     tgccctttat tttagtaatc atcaaagagg agaacctaga agtgacaata actttttcaa     18960
     tatgagcaat atttatgaac accttgggct taggtggttg gtagcacatc tctgtaccgc     19020
     atctcagggc ttggacagag tgtccttact ggatttctat cgtttggcag cagatcattg     19080
     gaagaaggat gctatcacaa ctgacccctg gattgaccag tcaaaggaag aaggcttttg     19140
     ttatttttgt gtgcatagat gtgctgccag catgtacgta tatctgtgtg ctgcttgcat     19200
     gcctcctgcc cagaggttag aagaggatcc cccaggatta gagttacaaa tggttgtgag     19260
     ctgccatgtg agtgctagga accaaatctg ggtcctctag aagagcagcc agtgctctta     19320
     actgctgagc catctctcca gcctcaacat gaagcataaa aagcataata tttacaaata     19380
     tgaaaccatg agagtcaata aagtaaagga ttctacaact gggttctgac caccagaaac     19440
     tagtcagcat tcctaagtga gagtcggtcg gtcccaagcg tgagaggtgc attagacaca     19500
     gctaacccaa cactcggagc tttttggaga acaagcccag cccacaaggc tgagcaaggg     19560
     caatagagaa ggtttttttg ttttgttttg ttttttttat catagctacc ccagttcatc     19620
     actcaacatc tggaaaataa gatcacacct tagttaaaga aagtgctttg gctgggcagt     19680
     ggtggtgcac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg gaaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc     19740
     gaggccagcc tggtctacaa aagtaagctc caagacagtc agggctatac agagaaaccc     19800
     tgtctccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtcagtgctt taacacataa cctacatagc     19860
     taagattagt gagcacaaag ataaagcacc cacagttttc acaggaattc aaggttgtaa     19920
     cactcacgat gcaaccaggc tgcatgatca ccttattcaa agatttttaa cctataacat     19980
     tctctacgct ggggtagtat ttctttagca gccacaggca gggaaagcag cagaggtctg     20040
     tgtgacagaa tggcctccac acacttacac tccaaccatt cacgggggat gtggggggcg     20100
     gggggagggc tgacaatgca tgataggttt gatgagtgtt ctgtaagagg ccatcacagt     20160
     gagaaagaag ccacagagca gaagactggg gccactgtgg gacagtagcg atgcagcagc     20220
     agcaggccac ttgcctagca tgtgacacct tgggttcaca cctcggtatc aattctatgt     20280
     atgtgtgaaa tgaaaaccag tgaattcaca gcaacttgac agggaagaag aaaggtccta     20340
     cagatgctct tgtcaactgt ttgccttggg tgccatcttc aaagagtact gaacttgcag     20400
     cccacctgtg tggcccaggc actactctgg gtcacagctc ccttgtgaag gtgtgatgcc     20460
     cagcaggtgg ctttccacac agcaccttgg tcagcatgca agcatggact gctggccatt     20520
     tcctttctgg acctgtaaag gtccaagggg taatgtggtc cccacccaca tgcttgtcct     20580
     tctctagcca gagcagcaga agtagaaatt gtctggtaaa tgtaaatgag ctaaatacct     20640
     aataaaaaat ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaacaaccc cagaccaatc tcatggaaaa     20700
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaag aaattgtctg gtgtggtgga ttgaatagga atgaccccca     20760
     tagactcata tgtttgaatg cttggcccta gggatcggca ttaggaggtg tggctttgtt     20820
     gaaggaggtg tggctttgtt ggaggaggtg tctcactaca ggataggctt gaggtctcag     20880
     aagctcaagc cacacagcac ggcattctct tcctgtagcc tgctgatcca gatgtagaac     20940
     tcagctacct ctccagcact atgtcacaaa gtctgcctgc tgccatgctt cccatcatga     21000
     tgataatagc ctgaacctct gaaactgtaa gccagcccca aataaatgtt ttcctttgta     21060
     agagttgccg tggtcatggt gtcttcacag taacagaaac cctaagacag ctggaaatca     21120
     gacacaaaca tacaaggaca gcagccaccc accaggcaaa ctgattgaag ctttactgtt     21180
     ctggagaccc agtggactgg acatgggctg tgcctggcag aagctactgc caggaaagaa     21240
     gaatcaaagg agagaaaaga gctagctggc cacttcagct acattattct ttatgcacag     21300
     ggtgcctacc aatgcctggg actatgacag ggtagagacc caaaggagag caaaactcag     21360
     gcctgcctaa agtgtctagc atggaatgca gagccatgtt agtaaaactc tacatcagga     21420
     aacaagccca atctaagtac tactgtcttc agaggcctgg aaggaagcag gttagggacg     21480
     gagaatttct gggagacaca gcagtcttga gcattcccag gtggtaagat gtggacccat     21540
     caagagaaag tgtctaagaa gtccactcca tttccaatca gtggggccct taccatccag     21600
     tcacagtgct tgtaaccagc agctttcctg actctacctc atgcagagga ggagacagga     21660
     gaggtgggct cttcccagac ctagaatgag gactgcctgc tccaaggagc ttccaggctc     21720
     agccctgaga aaaacctggc ctcctgatga caactcaaat atgtggctgt gcttcagctt     21780
     ccctggaaga ggcaggtatt ggtttaacat atatgctgcg ccttcatcct gatactacct     21840
     ggtccaaaat agcaaactca caattctagg actactgaat ctcacctccc aaagtttcta     21900
     cagtatgctt ccttgggatc ttttaaagtt tagttttcac aatcatttgt gtttttactt     21960
     ggtgtgcttg tgcatgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg cacacatacc     22020
     atgctgcatg tgtaggaatc aaagcacaac ttgaggcagt cagttctctc tttccaccat     22080
     ggggctccag gctcagaagc tggtgcccag gcaggcggca gaggcacccc aactgctgct     22140
     cacttttttc atttgtggct tttttgtttt tttttatttg ttttgttttt ggttttgttg     22200
     gtgtgtatgt tcttcattac cttacacact aaattcactt taaatattaa atatttaaga     22260
     tttatctttt tttccagtct gattcatttt actcaggaga aaaataaagg caaactcttg     22320
     ctacaaagac ttgttaggaa aaaaaaatcc atacagagtt gatttagagg cagccagccc     22380
     atctgagtta tccataggag aattaaacat ctgtggactt cctcactaaa gaaatgggaa     22440
     gacacaacac tggggaggga ttaaaactaa atcattataa ctacccacag ttatttagaa     22500
     ttaggggcag gcccatggct gcctgccctc cccttttgta agagtgcaag cctctcctcc     22560
     atggcccagg tgagaatcaa ggggcttcac cctgtccacc ctgcccaccc tgccccacat     22620
     accccaccta caaggtccac taggaccatt tttcatctgt tgatgcctaa agtagaaaag     22680
     aaacactcac ttgtaaaagt gcaacatgat gctagacttc acccataatt aacttttgcc     22740
     tggcccacaa ttctgtctac tcgcagctta cagtccctct gctaacctcc tctgacatcc     22800
     tgagcagggt cccttaggca cttgaggtgt agcacaaggt gtttaaaggg ctctcaactc     22860
     ataaagctag ggttaacacc ccgctgaggt catccccaca gggtaagctg tgtgcccagg     22920
     acgatcttgt agcccatccc tcccagtacc acaccttaga tcactccctg aaggccctct     22980
     aaggggtcag aggctgtctc cacccactgc tgctggggat gcttggctgg ctcttagact     23040
     attctgtcga atgctccgca gccaatttaa acacttccct ccaggaagga aggaacgccc     23100
     tgtggtcttt gcaacagagt gctctgttca gccataagga cagacctcta atgctctatg     23160
     taaatcctca tctccctaag gtgacattat caccactggc cctcaggact gaacacaaac     23220
     ctgaactaca aaaggaccct gggacaaact ttttaaaaat tattacattt tatatcacca     23280
     atgcccagga aagatttgat gcataagcaa aatgacttaa tgtgacccca gctactcaga     23340
     agactgaagc agaagaaagg taacttcaag gccaacctag gccacttagt gacactgtct     23400
     caaaacagaa cacagaggct gaagagatga ttcagtgctg agaacactgg ctgttcttct     23460
     ggggaaccag ggtttggctc ccagcgccca cacagcgacc ctccaccatc agtaactcca     23520
     gttttaagaa acccacattc ttctggcctc cactgctatc aggcatgcat ttggtatgta     23580
     gatgtacacg caggaaaaca tccatatact taaaataaat ctttaaaacc ggataataaa     23640
     acaaaaagtc aaaacaggag ggggagagaa agttaaatgg tagagcgcat gcctagtatg     23700
     ctcaaggctc ttgactcagt ctcaaacatc attagaattt cttcaatcat tttacaatgt     23760
     tgtcaacttg aggaaacttc aactaaccac ctgtctccag gagatttagc ctgtgggtgt     23820
     gtctggggga cattttcttg gttgttaact gatgaaggag ggcacagtta ctgtaggtac     23880
     cgtgcctagg taagtaggcc tggactactt aaaggtagct gaagatgaac ctggatgcca     23940
     aacaagaagc cacacccctc catagtttgt tctccaagct cctggcatgg ctttcctgaa     24000
     gacacactgt ggcctctaag ataaaagcca cagtcctcac cagattgctg ttggcaactg     24060
     tgtttatcac agcaacagaa agtaaactat aaccaagagt ggttctaaag agcttaacta     24120
     taaacaacga aaaccaattt tcctgcaccg tacttagact ggtgctattg gcagcagaga     24180
     ggccaggcct cgagacatcc aggtgatgtc agcctggctg aaatggctta ggagctccaa     24240
     gaatacccat gtacacaaac agacagaagc aaaatgcgca tttgggccat gtttgtcact     24300
     tagcaagctg acctggaagg cctggcactg agcctgctga tggacttgga gtgaagaagg     24360
     gtcacggagt acaagctgga acccaactca cccagggtac aggtacaaag caggtctcct     24420
     gggtgtttcc atgaaacagc ccagtaaaaa acagacacta ggcttctgag tctaacaacc     24480
     tagaggacac actttcatgt cagaattctg ctttaaaata gattaattta gttaaaatat     24540
     aaaaaatttt aaaagcccca tcagtggccc tcagcacctg gagggctggg agctgctgcc     24600
     gagatactgc agattccaga gccatgtctg caagcacctg caactgcacc catctctgac     24660
     acatttccac actgcggtgg ctaacagaca ggggaccctc aacaagagga aaccctgcac     24720
     ctaagaacca gctgtgaccc tggctaactc tggagacttg ggcaaggccc tcacccttct     24780
     aggcctcggt tccctcttct gaaatgggag tagctctgtg tgcttctcag cacttccctc     24840
     tttccacaga tggtccatct gaacacccat cattcaaaca cccaccacaa accatcatga     24900
     agccaaacag gctgcaggag gtgcctggca tctccctcaa gaagccacca ttgtttccag     24960
     aggaaaagct ccacacagga gaggatactc catggtggat tggttttgcc tcaggcagtg     25020
     cacacctaca agaagttctg tatctctctc tctcctagca gttatattgg aatgctaagc     25080
     cagggctaga cctagggaaa gtggagattt ctgcccatag ggtcaggtct acatgggatg     25140
     ctcactctac tgacgcaacc atgacctcat ggggactgct agggcatgct gggaggaagg     25200
     ccagctgtgt gtcttgaacc ctcctcctct gtgcctgagg gctcatgctc atacttccat     25260
     ggtctccagg agttacagaa acaggaccac aaaaatggaa acacaagaga gctggaaaag     25320
     ggaccctgtt ggtctctcac cttccttata gggcactaaa caagggacga gggcaggcag     25380
     tcctttgaca cagtcccaac agcaattcca tagctacagg gcctctccag agcctttaaa     25440
     ggtcatccat gcccgtttct tcttaagtca gcttacaccc tggcctggat gccctggcag     25500
     ccagcctggc atagaataga agcccggggc tagtcctgta cctcatggcg ctgtctgtga     25560
     cattagtcat gtcagggctt catgaacagc gctggagttg aggggggtta aggcaaatcc     25620
     acctgggagg ccaacaatat cctgaaggtc ctcagcacgt aagggatatt aaagaaaggg     25680
     gctgaggctc gccaaccact agattcgcat ttcaaatcag ctcagaccac ttagcaaaca     25740
     aacatccaga ttctgtgccc agctcctgac cagtttgcct taaacagcag ccagtgagag     25800
     gccagaacct ctgtttaata ccgacttgca tccatccacc agggttttca atttcaccat     25860
     gtcaggaatg ccctacatga gcaggtacca taaaaaccat aggtgtaact taaaacaaac     25920
     cacactccca cctgctacat attttaattc tgtattttca tatgattgat cttgccaaat     25980
     ttaaataaaa gttttttttt aaacatatac attttcagcc cttctctttc ctgacatgga     26040
     atgaagggac ataattaagc aatatttctc aaagaatttg ggtaaagatg tcattcatga     26100
     tggtcattta aagtggaacc atagtcagac agacagacag acacacacac acacacacat     26160
     acacacacaa atacaaatac acagtgcctc taacatctgc agtaaaagtt tattttagtg     26220
     taactttgaa tggaaaactt ggtccaaact gttcttattt tggaaactac aggtcagcaa     26280
     ggctatagca aatagaagct tgggagtgga cacataattc ttagagcaca gccctgaacc     26340
     acactggcca gaagaagcac caagggagtg tcacactctg cccaccacac cctcctcggg     26400
     tctgcccctt tggtgtcagg ccacaaagag aaaagaaaag gactcactac gccttcctgg     26460
     gtagggccca agtacacatg gccctatctc ctactagagg ggaagagaag gagaggtcac     26520
     tctgagatac agcctgtgcc ctctgcctcc ttaggctcag aattagagga acatccagta     26580
     aggaatgtgg aggatagagt tgtttctgta tctgtccttc agtagccacc agacccagct     26640
     ccctctacct aggccagaac ccagtttctt gaggaccaaa accacacact gggtagcaat     26700
     ttatttacaa ctgaaaattt ctatcctgga gagaggatgc taacactcaa gaagctagaa     26760
     cttaaaaggc tcacacagct cacccccaca gctgaataag aactagtcgt ttgccaggga     26820
     aaggggactc cccagcctat cccagagata cctggacact gtgtcagcaa acatgaaccg     26880
     aagtcaacct ggtctagaga gtgagctccg agacaactgg ggcaatgtag aggccctgtc     26940
     tcccaaaaaa ggaggacaag aaggccttga agctactaat gaaaaacaaa atcacctttg     27000
     tcaccaagaa gcaggctctg cagggtcacc tcacctgctg cacttcagtg ccaggctagg     27060
     ctgcaccact ccctcggagc agctgcaccg gatcctcctt ctgctcacag gctgttggtg     27120
     gcaaacaggg tcactggcct gttaagaggg acctgaaaac agatgcatgg acaccaggcc     27180
     ttgtgcaact cctgttctgc atccctgcca tggcagctga gcacctcaac caagactgcc     27240
     gggcagctgg ggtggggaga ccttttttta aaaacgtttg tttattgttt ggtttggttt     27300
     ggtttggttt gggttttttt tgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcttggaa     27360
     ctcctctgta gaccaggctg gcctctagct cagcattcca cctggctctg cctcctgagt     27420
     actgggatta aaggcatgtg ctaccactgt ctttttaaaa ccttgcttgc tattaggtat     27480
     ctttcacttt attttaggta tatgagtgta tgtaagtgca ctacaggtat gaacgtgcac     27540
     ttacattcat ggtgcccaca gggacctgaa aacggaacag gatcatttgg aactgaagtt     27600
     acaggtgatt gtgagccaca ctgtgggtgc tgggaactga acccaagtcc ctctcaagag     27660
     aaacaaatgt tcttaactgc tgagctattt ctccagcccc tgccattttt ttgagacaag     27720
     gtcttactat gcagccatgt ctggcctgga actcactctg tagactagtc tttaactcac     27780
     agagatccaa ctgcctctaa attccaagtg ctaggattaa agcatagttg gtgatcttta     27840
     aaccatttat actgggtttc aggattggtt acagctagaa ggtgatatct cagcaaagac     27900
     ctaaagaagc tgggagcaag ccatgcgagc ctctgacagg agagaaagga ggctgagaac     27960
     cagcgagggc caaccgcatg aggctggaag aggagcatca cgttggaagt ggaacagaga     28020
     ctgttctgtg gggatagagg acaggtcaga aatgtcagga ggttgagaag aaagaaggaa     28080
     atcagggttt aggaccatca agatggcaca gtgggtaaag gtgcttgcca ccaagcctgg     28140
     accccacatg ctagaagaga tctgatcccc acaagtcatc atctgacctc tacttgtatg     28200
     ctatggcagg agcacacacg cacacacaca cacgcacacg cacgcacgta cgcgcgcgca     28260
     cacacacacg tacgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgcacgca cgcgcgcgca     28320
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cgcacgcacg tacgcgtgca cacacacacg tatgcacaca     28380
     cacatacaca cgcacacaca cacacgcacg cacacacaca cacacgcacg tatacacaca     28440
     cacacgtaca cacacacgta cacagcaaga acatacccac tcctgcacaa aataaatgtt     28500
     taaaaaaagc aaataataat ttggcaaagg agtcagacaa actacaggtt cagggtcaaa     28560
     tcctggttgt aaaataaagt tttagtgctc actgttcaca caccacagtg gaagaactgt     28620
     gacaacccag gtggtccaca aagcctgaaa gattatttgg ctctttacag aaaaagtgaa     28680
     ccaccccatt gctaatgtac agaccctcta gctgtgtgtg tgtacactca agtacgcacg     28740
     tgcatgcgca tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcacg cgcacgcacg tgcatgtgta     28800
     cgtgaactca gacaccatcc cctagagctt aaagagggaa catggttatg ctgacatctt     28860
     agctgcctac tgaggtggat tctgaatttc tggtctccat ccaggaaagt gagaaagaac     28920
     attactggtg ttttaagtca catttgcggt ggagaccacc ccaggaaatg aatacaggga     28980
     acccaacagg aagtggctat gaagcaatcc atacactcct tggcacatgg tagaaactca     29040
     agaaatccca cctagtaaag agtgccctgc cacactctgt agactaagta agtttctctc     29100
     caacaaagcc ttgtgctggg tagcaagctc tgtgctctac aaacaaaagc tccttcatgt     29160
     ggcttgtcta gcctgatcct gtctttaaag ggagtgtccc aaggctgcct aaggactcaa     29220
     ctcattccat aggacatggt tttaccacag tcatgtgtct tcatgcctgc tacgattaat     29280
     tctaacagtt catagatgaa ctgtgctatg atctcatgga gcagaccctc catctcggga     29340
     tgctatgccg catctccttc agccgcaccc accctccagg taagagaagc gagtggcagg     29400
     ctgacaagca gatgatagca ctgactagca cttgaccctc agatcgcccc gcagtaactt     29460
     ttcatgtgaa gagctccctc tcctccgcag ccctctgctg acttctttag cctttgctct     29520
     gggcactcca actctcccct tccctcttga ggagtgagtc cacatgttga aacccactgc     29580
     atgcaagaat tccacttcct acactgtttt caagtcgccc caccctgcag actgcagcct     29640
     cagcttcctc tgggttttca aggatgagga ggtcttgtga tcctgacagc ctttctgctg     29700
     cctgctctga tcgaggcatt aagactgtcc cagggatcct gccacccagc ttcaaccttc     29760
     ttcctcaggc tgcaatgtga ctaatgtttg agggtcatgt ctctcacaga gccacaaaag     29820
     ccctaccaca tcaagcccag ggtggagcct caaacctcaa gagaaaaagt tgttcccttc     29880
     ttgaaagcca ccatctcacc tggcatctct gcaccctttg tctggcgggt caaggctggg     29940
     tttcctcggt gcagaccttg cactcaaagc tgatactcca agggcaggaa gctgacagtg     30000
     ggtacacaga gtaaggcgtg gctgggagca agggacgcct taatattctt catgtcccca     30060
     caaccagcac tacacagggc agaccccaaa gggctaattt ctaaagtgtg tcaagcttct     30120
     acttgcccac atggctccag tctcccctaa gcctcataca gggggctcag aagtactctc     30180
     ataggtgcct acaagctctc tgcagatggt tatctgttct gttctctggt gtatgtcaag     30240
     gattgcaaga gtggtttccc atgtgcccca agaactacca gctaaacaaa tgagtaacag     30300
     gcaggtaggt gtgtgtccaa gactgcctcc agctcaatcc tgaaggtcct cacagaaacc     30360
     tctgctcccg tgacactgct ctgactactt tccatatcca tttgtcatga actgccgtgc     30420
     tctcagaggg caggaactga aggaactgaa gcaggaactg aagcagcctc atgctgctct     30480
     gctgtggact tatgataccc ttgccctcag acacagttta tacttgctga agcccacaga     30540
     gccaccagga gtgcacagtc aataccagcc cagccagaca acactgctgc aggaagccgg     30600
     gccattctgc tcctggctgt caaaagaggt ccttctttac atacttgaca tggctccact     30660
     ggggacaggc agaacaaagc ccctcagagc cactgttcct aaagccagag ccaaagacat     30720
     cactaacaaa gttcattcag gacacagggt tatttttaaa ggtctttgta gcaactaaaa     30780
     gacactgttt tgaaaatgtg taactagtat tgataagtaa caactattag ctgtcctctg     30840
     taatacacaa aaagtcacag atcatttcac agattaaata aacacagagg tgctaatcca     30900
     agcccatact ctccttgcag ccagagtgat actcagtcct acagagctct ggccctagag     30960
     gagagacaga gggttcaagc cagcctctaa ctgctaacat attgatggca agtacaggct     31020
     ggaaagagcc tagcacaccc aaagagaaga ctgcaaacct ccttatgctt caatgatata     31080
     cagtaatgag gagaggagag tgcacacaag tatgaagtgt gatactatgg tgtgaaaaag     31140
     tggtcagtgt atacataagc atgtctcata cagagtttca cagatcacat ggcacttgtg     31200
     tctgcaggga agggatcttg tggctgcaga tgggatgagg cgagggacag acttggccat     31260
     atgtagtgct atatattata acgtgcctat gtgcatatgc gtgtgtacat gtatgtgtgt     31320
     gtgagcacac atgagtgtac agacaaataa atggaagggg tgtgtgtatg ggtgcacaca     31380
     tgcatgaaga tgcacctgcc tgtagtacgg aggccacatg tcaatcttgg ttatcagtcc     31440
     tcagaggcca tgcactttgt gtttgaagca ggagctcagt aaaggttgga caggctggcc     31500
     agcaagccca gcaatgtgcc tacccatccc tcttcagagc aagccctaag tgttaacact     31560
     atcctagaac ccatatacca ggggttctct tcttcctcat ggtcagcaat gtttcacgtg     31620
     cggcttggag gggggaggtc tgtacttgct tagagcaggg ttcccttcta tcacttcaca     31680
     gatacagatt caccttcaac tttgtacagc cctggatgcc ttgtagtgtg cttcagctgc     31740
     cacactgcat cacgagacac agccactcag gaccagtgtg ccttcagttt cagaggtaac     31800
     cctgggaggg acaaagaacc caatcttggg agagcacaga tacaatttga gcaaggatct     31860
     cctcaaacca caagaatgaa tatgaaatag tttgctttct ttcttttgac agtattacta     31920
     tgtagccctg gctggcctaa tttgctatgt agaccaggat atatacacaa gtttacagag     31980
     atctgcctcc agagtgctgg gatcaaaagc atgagccaca gagctaatgt gtgattagta     32040
     aagcctcaaa ctttgtatac cagttagtaa gccttaagcc ctgtgggaca gagtccccca     32100
     cttctctaca gcccttgtga acacctgagg tgatgtcatc tctattgttg ttgtttgttc     32160
     ttcgacttgg tagtctcacc agaggagaca cttagcacta tccagaactc tctagctgac     32220
     tgctcaagta ggcttcccca gtcaatttct gctaggattt ggagctcttg gtcagatgat     32280
     gttttgctat tatcaatcca ctgcacatac atatacttat gtgcacacgt gtgcacccca     32340
     cacacacaca caaacacact tgctatttat tattttatac tggcctgcta taaattaata     32400
     aactcactca ttcaaaacta aaagtatggt tatcacagat caccttctga cccaaaggtt     32460
     caggaaagcc ctgaggcctt aggcagctgg gtgacagggc tcatgtgaca aggacataaa     32520
     aggccactgc tgagaacagg cttctgtgac gctgacagtt tggttttagc ctgagaactc     32580
     actaagacaa gagctgggcc acaagttttg gtcccaactt cctctccttg agaaggagcc     32640
     gtctagataa acctctggga agagactgtc ttctaagagg gcaaggcttt tcttgctgct     32700
     taattcagtg acagtggcct tgttcattca atactcaaca aacattgact atacacgtat     32760
     ggcaggcact gcaagacact gtaataacac aagcactgag ctgtttgttt attatctttg     32820
     ccctgaaggt cactgaagtc tttttctatc ctagatccac aatgctcatg aagcgtctcc     32880
     agaccgctgg taatcttcat gcctgtgaat accagtgtgg gacacctgcc ctcggtggcc     32940
     ctgccagccc tgaaggggtt actgtgcaag aatcacacag tagaaggagc aggtcaaagg     33000
     attcccaagc cggacgccgg agttagccac tcaccacatt atctgctggc tgttcaggca     33060
     agagtacttc actttaggct gcttctcatt tagctaccac atccccccag ctcctctacc     33120
     ccctccacct aatagtaggt cactaaaccc cattaggagg aactgtgcca cacaccctct     33180
     ccactggggt gagaaagagt agacgaaggc tgggccagac atccagcgtg ctgactgcct     33240
     gtggctggaa ctcctgacct cagggcaagt gcctgactag gttaatcctg tcagctggac     33300
     tccttgcctg gtataatcta gatctgtaac gtccagcctg cccccaaggg agcatggctc     33360
     ccaaaggcca atactctgcc taagcacgct atgattttga cctaggaccc catggatgat     33420
     caaatcatac ctatggcaag catagcagag tcactacaaa tcaacagctc tgatatcaag     33480
     gcctgtgctg gctgccatct taaactgaga tgctttccaa aggcctgctg agtgagtctc     33540
     tgccgagcac tgagtgtgtc tctgccgagc actgagtgtg tctctgccaa gcactgagtg     33600
     tgtctctgcc gagcactgag tgtgtctctg ccaagcagca ctgagtgcgt ctttgccaag     33660
     caggactgag catgtctccg ccaagcactg agtgtgtctc tgccaagcag cactgagggt     33720
     gtctctgccc agcactgagt gtgtctttgc aaagaagcac tgagtgtgtc tctgcagagc     33780
     actgagtgtg tgccaaacac tgagcatgtc tctgcccagc actgagtgtg tctctgctga     33840
     gccctgagtg tgtctttgcc aagcagcact gagtgtgtct ctgaagagca ctgagtgtgt     33900
     ctctactgag cactgagtgt gtctctgccc agcactaagt gtgtctctgc tgagccctga     33960
     gtgtgtcttt gccaagcagc actgagtgtg tctctgcaga gcactgagtg tgtctctact     34020
     gagcattgag tgtgtctctg cccagcactg agtgtgtctc tgctgagccc tgagtgtgtc     34080
     tttgccaagc agcactgagt gtgtctctga agagcactgg gtgtgtctct actgagcact     34140
     gagtgtgtct ctgcccagca ctaagtgtgt ctctgctgag ccctgagtgt gtctttgcca     34200
     agcagcactg agtgtgtctc tgaagagcac tgggtgtgtc tctactgagc actgagtgtg     34260
     tctttgccaa gcagcactga gtgtatctct gcagagcact gagtgtgtct ctgcccagca     34320
     ctgagtgtgt ctctgcagag cactgagtgt gtctctactg agcactgagt gtgtagctga     34380
     gcactgagtg tgtctctgct gagcactgag taagtctctg cccagcactg agtgtgtagc     34440
     tgagcactga gtgtgtctct gatgagcact atgtctgact agtggccaca ccaggaactt     34500
     tcaaggacct cagcctctgc gcttctctgc atggcagcag tagttttctc ctcacctaag     34560
     agcaagcgcc agaggaaaca tgggcatccg atccacctcc ctcctgggtt gggcctcact     34620
     ttctgcatac aggatgcatg cttagctgtc ccaacagccc gtgcttcctc taaacaaaac     34680
     cacagatcat cccacccatt gaagcccgat gcccacctgg gataccaggc aaacatggaa     34740
     atgagctccg agagacacag agcagcacat ccatggggtg gaggaggctc catcaagtct     34800
     gacaggaagg acttcaatgc tttgttcttg ttttaagggg taacagttct actgggaaag     34860
     aatggtctat aataatcagg atgattagct tgcgcatcac gagcaccaaa gactgggagg     34920
     ctggagaggc tgtagccacc cattcactgt ggggcagcag caccctccaa ccccagggca     34980
     gaaaaggcta cagagctatt cgaccactct ggcctggtgt aaaagtaaag ttaaaaggag     35040
     agcctaaagg attagaaaaa cagttactac agatcgctaa ttttcattat tagttctgaa     35100
     atcactcaga aagctcagta acttctgagc atggtggaca gtgtctttct tagtaacaag     35160
     tctgaaactt gtagcagccc agagacagag ctatccattt ccgtgcagcc aggaatgggc     35220
     agaccttcag ttcctgtcaa gaggtacaga agggtgctac taataatatt acatattggg     35280
     cctctttccc tagcctggtg ttggacattc tttccctgca gcatgactcc aggcatgcta     35340
     cacaggcatg gcacatgttc taccactgac ctcgcccaaa ccacccacta cgaacaagcc     35400
     ctcgcctcct cctgaggaca gcagggcaaa gctctgactg cctactcctg acattcagta     35460
     caggaaacac aaataaatgg tactctgacc aagtctttct gttggagaca accacgccaa     35520
     gccccagtgg cctccccatt ctccttatgt atccagtgca cagagtctca gcaccctgac     35580
     tgcttggtga ctggtccatg ctttcacaga gaagtcttta tcatcttcaa atctccccca     35640
     gggccgcaga ggtaagaaca tgtccctaag accggtaagc acaagagtca ctttgttaca     35700
     gttactttac aaaagtttca ccctaatata atccacagct gacaacgctt taaaaagcta     35760
     ccaaccctat ttctggcatg cctaactagg aagaacaaaa agcttctata ccaaattctt     35820
     gtttgctact cctaacacag cttgactcac atatttagtg caagtaaatc gaggttcaga     35880
     ggtacaaaca ggccctagac ctccatcatc acagtaaacc ctatttgaaa taagtcttat     35940
     ggcttagagc tctctttgtt atcaaagggc ctgaatctgt cctggctgtt gtaaggacag     36000
     acttgtgcaa catacagtgt ggcctagcac cctgacagaa tcagaatatc ccaatgcaaa     36060
     tccccaatgc aaaggccagt gttacacagg cctctgagaa actgaggtta acttcacacc     36120
     ctagatacgc ccacctgcca agtcacttca cctgtcaggc actgctggtt ctgagacctt     36180
     ctttctcttt aagccaggat atcctctgac tcctctcttt gaccaaaaag ttaataccta     36240
     gcttagtatt tggctaattt aaatcattaa tacagcttaa aacaaagatc ttcctcctcc     36300
     cagacaagtt ctttaaaaca tcataacttc caaggcaccc gtaacaatga cctcagaaca     36360
     cagctcaggt gatggctaga tggacactga ctagactact agcacttcaa gtaaaagccc     36420
     ctggacctgt gcacacagca gctttcagga cagagatcca tgactaatgt tttcagcaaa     36480
     gtcgacaccc ctgagtgtgt cctgagctcc ttgagggctc ttctcctaga agggacagca     36540
     cccacccagt aactttccat ttgaagtctt tgcctgcttt taaccacttg tgctgtaacc     36600
     gagagcttta actctccttt tgcactgaat caggaatggc tcattggaaa gaagctaggt     36660
     caccacagta ccagtgacaa tcttcacaga cactgcaaac caccgtgaga cccataggca     36720
     accacaaacc actgaagtgc acaatacaat cttgatcttt aatgaaaaga acaaatcaaa     36780
     agcattcaaa ccctgactcc agaacatacc ctaaagttag agtaatcaaa acagtatggt     36840
     acctgcataa aaacataaac aagcagaaca gaaccgagac gaaacacaca catgtgcagc     36900
     caagaggctt cctactaagg cagcaagatc ataactgggg agtctgagtg tctccaacat     36960
     cagagctggg agactgaacg cccacgtgca gagagggaat caaactactc actgcctaac     37020
     actaaaaagt tactacaaga aacaacaaaa ttcttcaggt cataataagt atgggcaact     37080
     tttttatatg tcaaaagcta aaaatgacca gagggatttc atcaaactct ctcatttcag     37140
     cagagagaag aaagtgatgg gcagctgaca aaaagaccac tggaagctcc cagtaaacag     37200
     gaatcgatgt ccagagggct ccaataaacc aacaacaaat gatccaattc aaagatgggc     37260
     agccaggggt tgacccaatg gctcagtaag tgaaggagct gtcatgcaag caatgaggac     37320
     ctgagttgag atcccctgca tccacataaa agccaggtac agcaacccaa cctataatct     37380
     cagtgctggg aggcagaagc aggaggatcc ctggggactg ctggatagcc aggctagcca     37440
     aactggcaag atccagtgtt aaaacaggtg tggagcccag gaaggcatct gactttgacc     37500
     tctgggctat atacacatgc atacgcacgc atgtgcatac acacacgctc acataaacag     37560
     atatttctca aaagaggatg tacagatgat cactaagcat gtgagaaaat gttcaacatc     37620
     actaatcaag aaaatgcaaa tcaaaaccac aatgaagtgt catctcaccc caattagtta     37680
     tcaaaaagac agaaagtgag acttgagttc cagtgtgcag agggctgagg agagatgatc     37740
     agctgagccc gggggctcaa gactgaacaa gacacacata cacacacaca cacacacaca     37800
     cacaaacaca cacacggggg tgggggggat tattcaacta taaaaaaagg aaaatcctgt     37860
     cattcacaag aggatcctgg atgaagtgtc aggcatagga atgtcagtat tgtacacaaa     37920
     tgtgtatgtg gaatattgta cattcttatg gtatactctt actgtacact cttatgtgta     37980
     tgtggaatag tgtatattct tatggtacat acttatgtgt atgtggaaac ttaaaggtga     38040
     catcaaagaa gcagacaatg tggatctggg gaaacagttc agaggttaag agcactgcct     38100
     gtttacacag gactcaggtt ccattcccag cagccacctg gcaactcaca ccatctgtaa     38160
     ctccaagtcc agggatacac ctcctcttgg gctaccacag actctgcatg tacatgttgc     38220
     acagtcatgt aagtaggcaa cactcacaca cgtgaaataa gataaaccta ttttaaatgt     38280
     ctttaaagta gacaactaga ggccaggatg aatttgtgta gatggtgaac gtgtgggttc     38340
     cgttgcacag aatgacagct tctgatgctg tgtagcacaa catgtctgca acaattaact     38400
     gacatttcaa aatacctaat agagaagact ttgaatgttc taacaccaca gtgacggaca     38460
     tgacaattag cctcatcaga tcatcatgaa tgtgtttgga atgttctgta ccctgtggtg     38520
     tcaattagaa agggaagtac cctaggccaa aataggggac aggtcacagc gaggtaagtg     38580
     gagaactcag ataatggtgt ctcagataat aggaagggaa cagacctcgg tcagaggtca     38640
     agcacacata aattatgagg ggaatgcagg ctggggtgga gcagtcgcta tctgtccatt     38700
     ggtttgatct gcagcgcagc cctgagcagt gtgaactatc agaaagagcc tctgcaggaa     38760
     gggtgcaggg atgaggagca ggagcgggac agcccatgac ccatgcacat cacccctttc     38820
     taccactcac tcttgctact cctgctatgg aaggctgaac ttctcctcta gaaagtgatg     38880
     ccagagaaag tgaaaggaga agaggccaga ggccagggaa gcagagcagg aaagcagcac     38940
     ttccccaaat gccaggtgtg gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     39000
     gtgtgtgtga aagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagcgc     39060
     ccactgtcaa gtggatcagg aacacgcaac aaacacttca cccacacaac cctcagtaac     39120
     cacacccatt tggtcatctc agaggattca gagggaggcg aaaacaacgg gaaagggaag     39180
     cacccctaca tgggcaaggc aggaggaggg taaggctcag gcatcaaggt aggtaagttg     39240
     aggatgaaac ccagaaagca caagcctgct catttctgtg ggcatggtct tggtagggtg     39300
     ctgttccaag agcagcccac atacccacct cccttatttc cgaaaaccaa ggtaccttga     39360
     catttcttag catgcagcct catctaatta aactctgccc tgttattatc acccagccat     39420
     gtgatgggac tatttcctct gacatttgta tgtagaacac aaagcaggat gtggaaatgt     39480
     gaaaatgctg gacacttcaa ggcactcagt gtcagactct tacagccttc aacagagttc     39540
     cagaaaaaca gctggctcag caaccactga actgaaagct ggtgggcccg ggctcctccc     39600
     cttcctcctc ctatcaccca cagtttgctc cctggcccct ccctctcccc ctccccacct     39660
     cccacagaga tctgcctgcc tctgcctcca ctataactag cccttggaac ccgttttaaa     39720
     acggggcact ggagagaaaa cactgtaaag gtgagcctcc acatgtgtgc catggcatgt     39780
     gtgcccacag actcatacac taagtagatt tccagaaaac tttggctgaa catacaagct     39840
     cacgtccact gactgctgcc tctctgagtg gcaggctaag acctagagcc atcacaattg     39900
     ggcctggtct aagtggccaa caaccacaga ccacagcaca aagcaaaact aaaagctgca     39960
     gagctccctc cagctgctgc ctttcgctgc cccaccctct tggctctgtg cttgacacca     40020
     aagtcagtca cccaggcttt catgttagtt gcaggcctta tcaccaagaa aggcccatgt     40080
     atgcacacag agtctgctcc ttctcatagc tagtttcccc ctcacacacc tctaaggttt     40140
     gacaacttta ccaaacccag caagagacac attattacaa tatttaaaat acaacaaata     40200
     actaaatgtt ttatttttaa aaatgcttac ccttcctgta ggaaacacac ttgaatattg     40260
     ctactttatt tccaaaaagt ttcaagaact gctatcagcc tccatttcaa catggccacc     40320
     ctttgagaca cactgtggcc ccttccaggc tctctggcca cctctttcta gcatcagtgc     40380
     aaagggccta gagcgtaatg tgagtctgct cttcccattg ctttgatgac cttcgatgag     40440
     acattaagtt gggaagtcaa gaaaactaga catccctcag ctccctaact ccagggaaag     40500
     tgtgccaagt tgggacactc tgagcacggt gtggtggcta ttacttcacc cagaaatgag     40560
     caggaactgt gctggtgaaa cagggacacg caacggtcac actaggtgag accagagtgc     40620
     taacgaccac cattgaaagt catcatcact tgggctgtct ccaggccagt tccccaaatc     40680
     cctctccatt ccctgctagc cagccacact gccgactcat tttttgagaa caagaagtac     40740
     tagagctcaa tagaccttac ttcttagagc acactcagaa atgccttcaa caatggtcaa     40800
     ctgagggagc cagcctgaga cacgcccagt ggactccatg cttgttgggc caaagacaga     40860
     acctggggct aggatgtaat ccacacttta gtgccaggtc tacagggaag atacaggcca     40920
     cacacattca gagaacatgg caggatgcag gcacgaggtg gggaaaaagc aaattgggtg     40980
     ggtaagtggg gcatggagca gtggggacta ggaagggcaa atctcctgca gtccttaacc     41040
     acctgtctgt tcacatcatg gctgacaccc atgtgactct ccctttagga aagccaatcc     41100
     catgtccatc tggggtaggc ttggttaaca gaaggaagca gctttcacac atgccttgca     41160
     gtgtggccct ctagggaaca gacagaagag gatttctggg tcccaaccct ggtttctggg     41220
     ttaggacctg ggtgaggctg acacactgca tttccaatga gttctcaggt gttgctggtg     41280
     ctgctggcct ggggatcaat ctggtctaag ccaatcagca cacagcactc atgctactaa     41340
     tctaggaaaa gcacaaggcc ctgtgcccct gagagcagag aggattggca tgcacacctg     41400
     agtgcctggt ttgtttgttt ctttccctgt gcctgacgga cagaagcatc acaccaccga     41460
     gtcctacaga cccaggcaac cgtcctgcaa tcataaagcg acagtagcaa tgatggcaga     41520
     agacaggaga gaagaatcta ggttcctttc aagactgcaa agctgctgac acaggaatac     41580
     tgccgtgttt acttggcagc tgaaagcatc ccggccagat accctctaat tcagggcacc     41640
     cccctttccc acaaggatac atcttcagag atgtccactt gcctaaacat actccttcag     41700
     atgtccagaa tttacatgcc tacctcatca gtcttaaaaa cctgagtcag tgaattagaa     41760
     aacaaatcat ttaaaaggca agcaacccag aagaggagca taccctatag ttaattaacc     41820
     aagcagacag ctctgcaaca gcgagcccag ctgcacgggg ctgtggccag gggtgcagag     41880
     ctgcaagtgc acgggggatc tcagagacct cggctcccta cctaatgagg tacagcaaga     41940
     cgggtgttat gagaaacagg tcaggaggac tccaggtgtg tgaagcaggg aaggaaggtc     42000
     ccaggaaggg gactggaagg ggcaaacact tcctccacca gtgtcctcac ccctccttca     42060
     agagatcaga ggacacttat gtcttcttga ctctacccca gaaaacagat atctcattct     42120
     tattaggaga gggcatgagc ctctttgact gagccccaca cgtatgactt agcttcctac     42180
     ttctgaggcc ttcactgggg accctcactg aacagcccca tagtaaaaga ctgaatgcag     42240
     gtcaggggtt ttggacaaac accatcagcc cagttgtgca gataaatggg cagataaatg     42300
     gaggcctctg gacattcagc caagagctta tgaagttcta agaacaaatc ttacaatcct     42360
     tggatggaaa tacagtggtt taatagaaac agcaccagag gtggacagac ctggctctga     42420
     ccccacctgg cttctgtcaa caccatcagg caggtgtctg gccatgccct gccttagctt     42480
     cctttcaaga tctaagctca tcacctgaca agacctctct ttcagaggat gctggggaca     42540
     ggcagcctag gtctgtcatg aatgtgctca ggaaggcctg ggtttctttt ccttggggtt     42600
     aacagttcat acttaaagct gccaagaacc cttctctggt aacataagac caatctagta     42660
     tgaaaaacca cagacaaagg ctatgaacag gtaattcaga gaaacaaaaa tgtttaacat     42720
     ataaaggaat tcaatgattt tggccatttg ggagatacag taaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa     42780
     aacaataagg tcatttgggc cattagactg gcagaattaa gatgtcaatg ttgcagagtt     42840
     tagggaaaac agataacgga agggctctga gttagcaagg cttctatgga gagtaacttg     42900
     gcaaaaccat tgcttcgaaa ttactccttg tcctactggt ctaccaggag cttacagaca     42960
     gagaggtggg tgctaaaaga acctgatcca cagttaacag gctactttta catacagcag     43020
     aaaattggaa aggacctacc tgccctccaa tacaagacag tacaatgagt tacagcacac     43080
     ccctactttg gaatatgaag ccctactctc aaaaaggaca agctcatcac atcagtacac     43140
     aaacaacact ccacgacaca gcatgaaact gaaaaagcaa atccgaggaa atggtactct     43200
     tagcaatcag aggtaatggg actactctta ggcttattcg agctgcagtt taaacttacc     43260
     acactttaac ttgttttgag tcaccaagaa tggagctcag attgtcaggc tctgaagcag     43320
     gtgactctac ctactgagcc atcaggccag ctctaacaag agcactggtc cactgaaaag     43380
     gtctcaaggc aatgacccaa agactgacca tgtaacttac agaactcagt ggcagagggc     43440
     ctccccggca tacctgaaat cgaggttgac ttcccgcact acaaatataa gcatgaaata     43500
     taaacataaa taaatgcgat gacatcacct tcactagcac aactacagct ggcatcctgg     43560
     agtctatagc cactctccat gaaaggaata gagttctgga aacagctgat tctgaggctg     43620
     gggcaaggaa aatgcaaatg gcgtctcaga gattttgtgc caggatgaaa aagaagtcct     43680
     tagagtatga tgggaacacg ttccaaaggc caactccagg acctctgagt aacaaagaaa     43740
     taatgacagc aacagattaa agtctaataa atgaggcaac atttcatggc catggatgta     43800
     actcaaagtt acaagtgcgt attggccaaa agaaaaggta tcctttttaa tacaggtaga     43860
     aggatacaag aattagaaaa tctttgtcaa ctctagcata atccacatag aaggcaccaa     43920
     taggctctag ctgaggctgg atataaggag tgacactgcc ctgcatccct gagagataca     43980
     tattaatcac caaggggaaa gtgaaacatc tcagtgacgc ccacatcatc ctcatcaagg     44040
     tatcaaagct aacaagccta gcttcatgtt taatgaggtc gtaggcagta tcttccagtt     44100
     gacaaggctg caactctgct gctcctgcaa caagcaccaa cctgaaccca agtatcaggg     44160
     aacccaaact gagaggcatt atctaaaaca atagtcttca aacatgtcag cgtcaaacat     44220
     ggcaattaaa cacaaaggaa cgctaaaaga gactgtgccc ataaagcacc caaacaataa     44280
     acaaggtggg gggtttcttt tagataaaga acgtcattgg agcaatctct aacatctaaa     44340
     taagacctgt gcattaaata actgcaccgt gtcatgttca tttcctgggt tttaagtact     44400
     gtatgtatag aatgttttgg gtttctcttt tcttaattaa attattttat ttacattcca     44460
     aatgttgctc ccgcttcctg gtcacccctc cctgagtcct tcaccccatt ccccttcccc     44520
     tttgcttctg aggtgctccc tcacccaccc actcacccat ccccagaatg tttaattttt     44580
     aagaattcca cctcacaagc ccatgttcca tgcccccact gactagaaag agcaaggaag     44640
     ctacttttgc agagatatca atgactgcag acgcatagtt gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacag     44700
     gacagaggct tctgtgacaa cctctactcc acccccaccc cactcctcaa aagcagcagc     44760
     ctaaacagga agccatcaga agtcttaaaa agtgtgataa agatgttgaa gttagctttt     44820
     caccattgat ggtttctggc ctgggtgcgg gaagggtcac actgtttaag gggcaggcca     44880
     ctaggagttt gaccatgctc cattgagtat agagacaaca caaatcggac ttgggtttgt     44940
     tgttgtttaa aattttttta tttttatttt ttattttctt gggggaggag gtcacaaggg     45000
     taggggcaga catggggaaa tagcataatc aggatgcatg atgtgacatt cccaaagaac     45060
     caaggagaaa atattgaaaa ataataaatt taaataaaat ttaaaaggaa gaaaatttat     45120
     ctagaaatat ttagaggtac agggtactca gcatcaagtt atgattaagt tattaaaaaa     45180
     atagcaggga agttgtggta tacatcttta atcccagaac ttgggaggca gagacaggcg     45240
     gagctctgag ttcaaggcca ttctggttac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctcca     45300
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa gcctcatccc acccctaccc cccatgagag catgaccact     45360
     agagaaaggt cacagaggca cagcgagatg ctaacatttg gagaatatgg acccagggca     45420
     ccaaaagtag ttcctatcag ttaagagagc ggggatcagt ccaggggttt ctggggactg     45480
     gtttgtgaga gccttttcct ttttaagcac agagagacaa gcatagtgaa gcagacctgc     45540
     aaggagtgaa tagtgtctcc ctaacacatg ctctgctcag agcctctgcc ccaggaccag     45600
     tctcttgctc atcaatcaag ttctgcaaaa gaagcaggag ataatccagc tttctccact     45660
     gtttacagag tcagcctcct gacaccatca agtagttgat gatgctgaga acttctctgg     45720
     aaatggaggc taaggaggag tttttcacta aaaagccaaa ctaagaaaaa aatagcctcg     45780
     atggaaagtt tcccctccac tctgaggtct ctctgagacg ctaaaccata gggtggtgat     45840
     ggaagttact ggtccccagc gctccctagt cccttccttt ggtgcattca ggggctggct     45900
     gagaattctc ctgggtaggc agctggaaag agtgaataat tctttaccac acactttcta     45960
     cttctccagg gtcaggtcat tgatacaaag cttctgtgtc atttccttaa ggtgatttta     46020
     gccaaccaat attgatttta acagcaatac tacaaagtat ccagtttcca aaacaatgga     46080
     ataaactatt acaatgtatc tcctaaaccg agtctgcctg ggggcctaag cagattctga     46140
     aaggaacagt agctagacca agtcaagtag ctaaggaagg atgacaaatg ttctcactgt     46200
     aggaacacag tcctctggtt tctctgtatt tacccaacat ccactccggt aagcccagtc     46260
     tttaaagacg accatcctag tgactttgac tcttctacat catgttgaca agacacaggg     46320
     aacacacctc caggcaacgg tgttcacatg tagtgccacc caggaaacag catttcaatc     46380
     tcctgatacc accacaggta cagaccaata cacagacctc ctcgaatgaa agaactgaat     46440
     tttcgaagag aaaccttttg tcaaagcagt cctcaaacaa gggccctagt ccagatccaa     46500
     agaaaaattc cgtcttcacc caacaaccag gctaagtagg acaacctata gctgttcact     46560
     gcctgacact ggcaattaga tttcaaaaca aacgcagcta atgaggttct gtttacacct     46620
     cttactgatg agggtcttga gaacctgagt tagcaagtga caaaaccttc aggattcaca     46680
     cccagatcaa ccagctgtgt gatgtcccag ccctgtgatg tccccattgt ccacacaacc     46740
     cacccgggga acaggagtga acgaagcaga atattactgc aacaccccaa cttccgtacc     46800
     accccacccc catccccttg gcccagaggc cctaactggc aggtgacaaa tcacattcta     46860
     ctcttaggca atctctcaac atcaaacaca ttaagaggca aagatttaca acggccaata     46920
     cttacttcct tcttacccag agagacattt tcatgagctg tcaaatccag gcaggaggaa     46980
     cccaccatta tgtaatgtca gagggcagga gagaaggggc aagagaaacc aaggcccatc     47040
     aacactcctt cccttcgccc acaaagatat atatttgtgt ctgacatttt gagtgtttcc     47100
     gtggcctaca cattcatgac tggctttgca aaagacgacc acggatccct gcaaacctct     47160
     caggcctcaa ttagcttatt aggaaagcca gaagaatata aaatacataa agcaaaggtg     47220
     agggagatcc tgtcctggcc gatgcgcgaa cagaaaatgc tcaaagagtt gcgaggacgt     47280
     agagtccgtg tctcccacca acatgtatgt ttatttttac ccggtgtgtt gacacccgag     47340
     ataccgcgag gccttcagcg tcggatgcct atgggataca gcagagatgc agccggcggg     47400
     cgcgttgtat agcatcgcac ggctccccga gaagcccgcg gcaaggggac cgcaagtcta     47460
     ggatcgcgct ccaaagacgc ggccagcgaa ccgctaggct gtaccactgc catgacaacc     47520
     gcgggcgcca ccgggccggg ttcccagtgt ctccagctcc cagccgccca gcccactccg     47580
     ctaagcccgg cacaccggac ctggcacggc ccagctcggc ccacctacct ggcgcgcccc     47640
     ggcccggaca cttgctcagc cttggcctct gtcctccagg ccgcacaccc cggcctcggc     47700
     cccgctggtt gctgtccggt cctgaagacc ggccgggatt tgtttcctgg ccgcctcact     47760
     ccggccggtg gcgtccaccc cagacccgaa cccgccgtcc ccgcgcagcc cgaatcctgc     47820
     caccgccttc tctcagaaca cagcgcacaa ccccgccccg gttccgcccc ctcaccgcgc     47880
     atgcgcgccc cactccccga ccgccgccct gccccctccc tccctggctc cgcccctagg     47940
     aagccgcacc tcccaaaagg tcacaccctc ttatgtgacg tcacccagga gtgggagttt     48000
     ttccaccttc acatgccctg aggcttctgc ccagagaaca agcgattcta gaaaaacgct     48060
     ggaggtcgga agtgcaggtg tagctgatcc atcactcagt gggcgtggcc accaacaaac     48120
     tgtagtcttt tgaacttcct tccagaccta gtctacccaa aagataacgg accttaacac     48180
     ttcctcctca aaattctatt tttctatagg gaagaagacc aatcaggact ttcggagata     48240
     catttttttt tattttatta cttatttatt tccactgaga caggggctcc ctgcctctga     48300
     tcgtttttaa ctttattgta acgttaacat ttctacctga tgaggggaaa cttaaatgga     48360
     caaacaaaaa catttttcag gtttttttac acctcatttg tctggttttt tttttgcttg     48420
     ttctgtttcg ttttgggttg tttttttttt tttttgaaca gggtaatcca ggttggtcac     48480
     ccactcacta gctgcccttc gtgttattca tgttcctgcc actgcctcct aaaggctgag     48540
     agtacaggta tgcaccacca cacccacttt tatcttctaa agagtaactt attaccaaat     48600
     gcttatcttt tattaatcag atgaagggga gaaaatattg attgaacctt aaccctaagg     48660
     ccaaaagcca aaaaactcaa acatgcttag aaaaattaaa aatattgtcc ttatttcatc     48720
     ttctaaaatt caagtgactg atatacctga ttttcttacg gtaaaattaa tagaaatccc     48780
     cctttcaatc tcaaaagcat tctcctatga gataataaat tttatggtca gagtcttaat     48840
     ttgctttctc tcttcctggg ttaaaccact ggccaaaaac gacttggaga ggaaaaggct     48900
     tatttggctt acaggctaca agtccatgat caggcaggaa ctcaagacaa aaacctagag     48960
     gcaggaatgg aagcaaaagc caggagcgaa agttacttgt tggtgtgctc tccatggcct     49020
     gcttagcctg ctatttagat aactcaggac cacctgcctg gggtggcacc acccacatta     49080
     ggtcttgccc ttccacatca accattaaga aaatgcccca cagggtgcct acattgcaat     49140
     ttgatccagg tattttctca actgaggttc cctcttttca gatgattcta gcttgtgtcc     49200
     acctaacaac aacaacaaca aaaagctagc ttgcacagct gtgttattta tattcaagct     49260
     aaagagggtt ttcaaatcaa tagcatcctt ctttaaattt atgagtttaa aaataaacat     49320
     taatctcatt tcaactcatt caagacaatt acgaatctga ccagagttcc aatatttgtc     49380
     ccttgactct tgcacatttg gagtaatatg aaaagaccag tcatgttttt tactatgctg     49440
     atggacaccc ccattccacc acagaatgaa gattagcaag gaaaggcgga gccgagtttg     49500
     tgaacaaata cggcaatgag cattgactac acatgacaat ataccagact tagccttgac     49560
     acagtgtacc agtctttcaa cattcttgac atttggaccc caaacgttgg ccatgtaaac     49620
     atcttagtgg gaatggaaat attcctagga gatgagagtg gccctccttt gaactgtcaa     49680
     actactgaga tgatgcactc caagaaatca caattgtctt gcaaataaat ctctcatgct     49740
     ggaataaaga aaaggttgag aaatctggtg ttgaccagaa gtggaactgt ctcccagaaa     49800
     gagacctcac acatttcttg agacttgtca gaccactctg ctgcagacta gacaatgaag     49860
     aagaagagga tgagtgactt gactgggtct gctcagctat gcagaactgc tgctatcctt     49920
     aactggaatc ctcatgttag gacctgggaa agatgaactg gacgcctgaa gcatgctata     49980
     tataggatat cattggatct tcttgtcctt ttccccggta acgtcacact ggagaaatgg     50040
     tttttcacta ttgtttgttg aattggccta ttaacatgtg gctgagtcta gcctaccagg     50100
     gttccctgag cacaggctct gatcctaata actctcgaaa cagcttcatt cttttctcca     50160
     acatatacaa gggtgccagg taggcttagc aggtaatgac taatggaact taccatcaag     50220
     cctgaggact tgagttcaac tcccatgtgc tggacagaga gaaccaattt ctgcaaattg     50280
     tcttaagttc caccacctac tcatgaatgc tttgtggcac acacgtgtgc acacacacac     50340
     tcacacgggt gcatgcatac ctgcagtaca tatgcacaat taaaaagaaa acactacaaa     50400
     tataaattcc caaggcccac ttcagaccct gaaaatgagg caagctgttt gtaacaagcc     50460
     ctatgttgga taatgaggag catatatatc aattcaaacc atctatgtac aatacaagaa     50520
     ttaagggcca ggcagcatta gcattaggac tagaaccatc ctaaatggga ctttctcttt     50580
     agatcattaa atgtgatgtt catatggacg agtagttttg tcagaaaata tatgcagact     50640
     caagcactgt gggttctgaa gcactgaaga actgtaaaaa gaagcaccca tgttcaccga     50700
     agggaccaaa gggatctatt ccccatcaat tggagttgtc tgataacatc ctggtagggc     50760
     ttgtctctaa catgtctaag aactttatct tagaagatgg agctatttac ctgatctaaa     50820
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaacccag ccacagatgt ttaacattgc agctgcctga     50880
     gctggttgga gctaaacaga ggcttactta aaaacgtaag ggggcggggc aagttggagc     50940
     ggtgggaagg gacagtgagg aaactggggg gggggggggt gtctggaggg ttgatcaaaa     51000
     cacatatgca tgggtaaaac tctaaaaaaa aaaatacttg tttaaaaaac tttaaaggag     51060
     ggtgctggag agatggctca gcagttagga acaccagctg ctcttccaga gcaccaggga     51120
     cctattccaa gaacacacat ggcagctcac aaccatttgt aactcacact acaagggagc     51180
     caatgacctc ttctggcctc cacagtcacc agaaatccat gtggcataga aatatacatg     51240
     caggcaaaat atccatgcac attaaaaaaa ttaatggtaa taataaaaat acatgagaaa     51300
     tgagatgtcc attagcagaa gagaatggaa ggatcagaaa tagttctgaa attctgaatg     51360
     gattttccta ttcacataac agagctcatg cccaggcaag agttaaaata gttcccagtt     51420
     ttccacctcc agccaatctt aagccttaga gcaagcaggg tgtaagctta aggaagttgt     51480
     cgatgtcctt gtggtttgga tgtgacatgg ctccagcact gacacagact cactcttgtt     51540
     ctgcttgctt gtcatcgttc ttattcttat tacaagagga tattgctatg tagctgtcat     51600
     gcatgtgctt tgtcagaaag ggacggctgc agaaagggac ggctgtgctt atgtctgtct     51660
     acaatgtcag aacgcattgt aaaacaaatt cacagggtgt agtgtttttg tggacagcaa     51720
     tttgccatat ggtcctgttt tccttcctag ccctagcaga ggcaaacact tgttcatata     51780
     ctctagtctt catgactggt attaactctc tgatcacata ttctccagca atagatgtat     51840
     ctgatgtaca tatataagtg tggaatggct acaaagggtt aaaaggtgag agaaatcaaa     51900
     cctgagtgga caggaactca aaggccaggg gaagggcttt tcctggtttg ctttctgttg     51960
     ctgtgataaa caccacaatg aaaaggaact tggtttattt ggcttacgtg gtcaaatcct     52020
     gattcttcac tgacaggctg cacagcagga actctaggca ggaacctgga ggaagaagtg     52080
     gaagcagagg gtacagagag acactgctta ctgtcttgct caattcacta cctgcgcagg     52140
     ggtggtacag ccaaccaaag gtccagaccc tcccacatca atcattagtt aaaagaaaaa     52200
     tgtcttatag atgtatttat agcctaatct gatggaggca tttcctcagt ttggttccct     52260
     cttcttgggt gattgtaatt atgttgacag aatgataagc aacacaggtt gttaatcagg     52320
     attctctaac tgaatttata aaatgaaaac acacacacac acacatatgt atatatataa     52380
     tgacttgcaa gctgtggtcc agttaaccca acaatggcta cctatgaaca gaaggtccaa     52440
     gaatccagta gttcacagga ctagatgtct cagctggtct tcagtatttt ccagaatcac     52500
     aaataagtag gctctctctt agtcagcttt tgtaatcctg cacaaaacat catgaccaag     52560
     aagcaagttg gagaagaaag ggtttattca acttatactt ccacattgtt gttcatcacc     52620
     aaagaaagtc aggacaggaa ctcacacagg gcaggaagca ggagctgata caaaggccat     52680
     ggatgggtgc tgcttactga ctttcttccc ctggcttgct caacttgctt tcttatagaa     52740
     cccaaaacta ccaaccagga atggtaccac tcacagtggg ctgcgccctc ccccattgat     52800
     cactattcaa gaaaatgcct tatagctgga tctcatggag gcatttcctc aagagacgat     52860
     tctttcttta taataactcc agcttgtgtc aagttgacac acaaaaccag ccagtacaac     52920
     tgaccccttg tcaacttgac acacaaacac atcactatta agcctcaatc cttactttct     52980
     tattgatctc caagacctaa ataactttaa aagttccaca gtctttacat attaaaattt     53040
     taatcccttt aaaatatcca atatctttta aaattcagag tctttttaca atttaaagtc     53100
     tcttaactgt gggctccact aaaatacttt cttccttcaa gagggaaaaa tatcagggca     53160
     cagtcacaat caaaagcaaa atcaaactca aaaatcaaac tgtccaatgt ctgtgattca     53220
     ctcatgaact tctgggctcc tccaagggct tgggtcactt ttcagctctg ccctttgtag     53280
     cacacatctt gtcttctagg ctccagctgc ctatactcca ctgctgctgc ggttcttggt     53340
     ggttatctca cagtactggc atctccaaaa cactgctgtc ttccattgca actggactgc     53400
     acttccacaa atagtttctc ataggctctt ttcatggagc taagccccaa cttctctgca     53460
     tgaccccttc cgtcctgggc cttcaactac caatgagcct gcaccttcac caatggcctc     53520
     tcctggcctc tcacagtgca aagcatcagc tgctaccctt tcatgtttcc aaaccagtac     53580
     catctgggtg actcttacat gttaccaaat ctggctgcca acacgaggta caacagtggc     53640
     tgcctctaga acacagcttc tctatgctct tgggaaacac tttccagaag atttcacctt     53700
     agtgatgctg gtctcttctt aatcactgct aatttcttag ctccaaataa ccagtatcaa     53760
     tcatcccagt aatgcaaagt ttttacttta gtagttctag tatcttgtta atcacagctg     53820
     attcttcagc cccagctaac caaagccaca gaatcttcac aatcaaaaca gcaatggccc     53880
     tgataagagt ctttaatctt ccctcagaaa tttcgcaagc caggcctcca ttgtttgcac     53940
     tgttctcaac attatcttcc aagctcctac acaacatctc acagagctct taacacccaa     54000
     tggctcttca aacccaaagt tccaaagtcc ttccacagtc ctccccaaaa catggtcagg     54060
     ttgtcacagg aataccccac tatgctggta ccaatttgtc ttagtcaggg tttctattcc     54120
     tgcacaagac atcatgacca agaagcaaat tggggaggaa atggtttatt cagcttacac     54180
     ttccacactg ctgtttatca ccaaacaaag gacaggaact cactcagggc aataacctgg     54240
     aggcaggagc tgatgcagag gccatggagg gatgttcctt attggcttgc ttcccctggc     54300
     ttgctcagct tgctttctta tagaacccag gaccaccagc ccagggatgg caccactcac     54360
     aatgggctgg gccctccccc attgatcatt aattgagaaa atacctagat ttcatggagg     54420
     catctcctca actgaggctc ctttctttgt gataactcca gtttgtgtca agttgacaca     54480
     caaaaccagt cagaacaggc tctgatgcca gtgaaggagt gggcttgcta gtgagggcaa     54540
     gaataagcaa tcagagagat tcttccttcc atgtccttta atagactgcc tgcagaaggt     54600
     gtggcccaga ctggtgtgtc ttctacctca caagatctgg ctaaaggtgt gtgttcccac     54660
     catgaatgat tcagctaagc agaaattccc tcacaggtgt gctcaaccat tttgggggtt     54720
     ttagctaatt tcagatgtac ttaagttgac aaccaaagca gtcatcacag gagtcattaa     54780
     aattagtgtt ggcataactt ttttgcaacc tacttttaat aagcattcaa cctctcttgc     54840
     ccaccaccca gcagaggtag tagaagagaa aagttataag gatatggggg aagtggacct     54900
     gtttagcaat agttctttgg ggccaagctt gatcttcttt atcagcagtt cagtctcata     54960
     gcaaacacca aatacgactc agcagctaca agtcgagtcc tctcggcagg cagacaccag     55020
     gcacgaacca gcagctgtag ttcaattctg aagaaactgc aaagctcccc aattgatcaa     55080
     ggccactgaa ttggaaaaaa agctgtagga acctcagaag caactctttg gtttctctca     55140
     atgacaacat tgccacaagt ggagctcaac aatgctatgt aaggtgaacc agtacaggta     55200
     aattgttagt gaagaacagt gaggcagagc aaagcaaacc aatgctctag ctcccacttt     55260
     ctgtagggtc ttatttacac tccttcgtca tgagtccttt cttgtgtctg ctttagcaag     55320
     acatcctttc acctgtgtgc ctcagcaaaa cattaattga cataactgac tttccaaaga     55380
     aaccagaagt ttcgcttcag atggcaaatc tggaaggttt ctgaagacac ttcttgccaa     55440
     tcaggctgat gtgggtcaca ggtttgagaa gtgttagagt ccatctgcag aggcaaaagg     55500
     acagatggag cccagaggag ctaactgaca gatagacgga gaacaggtac agataggcaa     55560
     gtcagaagac aggtagaaac aattggaata ggatatgtca aaagcagaaa cccagcttgg     55620
     ctgctcccct ggcatagtca ggagttccct gcctgttagt ccctgctgca tgcaggtcag     55680
     ggagtcagat gacaggagat gggggtggta tgtctcctcc tccttctgag ggaatctatc     55740
     ctctttcctc atggtggtat gtcccataag tcctcaagcc tgcttttcct gagataattt     55800
     taatacccta tgtgctcctg cagtcccaat ccaccctgat aaatttataa ggtgacctct     55860
     ttcctacttt gagaaacaat ctattttatc agtctgtgcc acgtaggttg tgctgacaga     55920
     tgttgacatg ttcgctgagg tccatagtct tcctccatcc tcaaagcaga gtcaaaagtt     55980
     gcttgtcaaa aaggcacagt ctgagcaatc actcttctac acaatatgga gtaacttagt     56040
     tcggggaatg gatggcatga tcttaatgcc agccgctggg gaagatgcca aacatcttta     56100
     atcctcacac atgggtattg aacttaagtc ctgattcttc ctcccagccc cacgctccca     56160
     gaaataagga tcagtctcaa atctatttac aaataccttg gccatatagc taggctcttc     56220
     tccgactaga atcacaactt attttaacct acattctgcc acgtggctgg ttacctgtgc     56280
     ttagcaggta ccatgtgtct gtcttgttac atcttcctag tgaattctcg cctggctcta     56340
     tcctagaatc ctttctgcct cccagatgtc ccacttctat tccctgccta agccataggc     56400
     cataggcttt tttattgaca gatgatgcat ccatacaata cacaagatat tctttctaca     56460
     cttgtgtggc agaggcaggc agatgtcctt gagttagagt ctgctttaca tagtgagttc     56520
     caggccagcc agagctacat ggtgagatcc tgtctccaat aacaataata ataattttaa     56580
     gggggagatg accaaatcta ttactcagtt ttactatctc cacaacagcc atggctgatt     56640
     tgaaaggctt tttgcattcc atgatgactg tgagctcctg ccaattgtcc tgccatggcc     56700
     tcctaagaga tgggattata ggtataagtc atcatatata caagtttttg agcacttagt     56760
     attgttttag aaagttgggt gccctactga aggtgggcct ttgtagagga aacgggtcat     56820
     gagggcgtag cttacaggtt gaagcataga ctctcaggtt tagacacagg ttccctttct     56880
     gcttcctggt ctgctgttct gacatgagcc atcggtactg acagttcctg ctgccacagc     56940
     catgagccac tcctgccatc cgctgtgctg tctccacagt gatagactgt atgcctctca     57000
     atcacgagta agccaaaata aagcctacct cccttaagtt gcttcttgtc aggcacttga     57060
     tcaaagtaac aagaaaagta atcaataaag actgtggctg tattgatgac cacgagtgat     57120
     aaaagtatgg ttgagagaat aaaaatatag attacataat taaccctcag gactcactaa     57180
     gcaagcccaa aggcagaaac aatagatagt agtgattgcc aagtggtggt ggcacaggcc     57240
     tttaatctca gcacttggga ggcagtggca ggcaggtctc tgagtttgag gccaatctgg     57300
     ttttcagaga gaatttcagg acagccagag ctacatagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaatat     57360
     aaacaaacaa acaaataaat aaatagtagc aatagtggac cctgggaaaa cgggacgtat     57420
     atttccagag ttgtcatatt attttagata tccatttttt ttttacaaga agttacaaga     57480
     catgtaacag gtcgagaaaa gatacaggct aagaggtagc tgagagagac ctgaagataa     57540
     cacagatgtt gtgtctacta gacaaagatc ttaaatgggc tgttataaat atggtcaaaa     57600
     aactaactta aaagccactt ctttaaaact aaggaaaaat ataagaagat gcatcaaaaa     57660
     cagagtataa aggtgtggga actgtatttt gatgctgcaa gttaaagaga tatcactgaa     57720
     atgaaaattc agttccagaa atacaaccag aaatagtcag ccaaagagag acttagcaaa     57780
     cgagagggtt ggccagttga tagcgcatcg tctgaggaaa cacacaggaa aattcataga     57840
     ggaagatcaa ctaggaagag cttaaaagtt tggtgggaca ccattaaaca ctctagctgt     57900
     gtacagtggg agtttcagga ggagagaggg cagagggatg gagaaagggt ctttggagaa     57960
     atacccacta aaatctttac aaatttgata agaagatatt aacctccaca tccaaaaaag     58020
     gccaataggt ttcttctagg acgacatcaa gaagatttac accttgtcac gcggcgtcat     58080
     gaaggaagag aaagctttga aagcagaaag aagcaaattg atcacacata agtggttctc     58140
     aatacaattg acagctgtct tcttaccaga agaaacatta gaagcaagca acactgaccc     58200
     agtcagcaga ctgttgctgc catgaaagac catgaccaaa accaacttgg ggaggaaaag     58260
     tgtgttaggt ttgtaattcc acatctttct cccttgcttt gggtttgttg ttgttgctgt     58320
     tattgttgtt gttgttttgt tttgtttttt gagacagtgt ttctctgtat agccctggct     58380
     gtcctggaat gcactctgta gatcaggctg gcctcgaact cacaaatctg cctgcttctg     58440
     cctcccaagt gctgggatta aggcgtgggc caccactgcc cagcccttct tctcccttgt     58500
     taaaccatta gaatctctta cttagacatt tccacattcc taaagccagc caccaagatt     58560
     tactccctta tttggccact tacttatgcc ttactcattc ctgaggtcaa tccccaagga     58620
     ccagccatca aaatccatca tgtggctata cgagctaacg tgtccaatcg ggactcaccg     58680
     actcatgcta tcatagactt ccccttttct ccttaaaagc cactcctgta gagtcacctg     58740
     ctgctatctt tgctggatct agaggcaccc tcacctgact ctccctgtcc ctcccaggta     58800
     atacgtttcc tctagagttt ggtatctgtg ttagttctgt gaagagtctg aggccacatc     58860
     actgttacag tttcatgctg taactatgga ccaagctcag tactaaagag ctactccaga     58920
     tatgctctgg aaccagctag ggcagtgtca ccaggaatcc tgctagaaat gttgaacatc     58980
     aggccctacc tgattattct gacacactgt cttgctcaca tgatccccgg cagagtgcca     59040
     tgcacgctaa tgtctgagag acagaaggtg tcacatgaac gcttctttac ttattcagta     59100
     taaattttat ttccttttct atccactctg ttttgctttg ctttcaaagg gtgtgtccta     59160
     attcattctc ttctaaagta aaacagaacc tctggtctga aacaggaggc taggtagggg     59220
     tggaatgagt tggtagggag aggatcctcc ctgagtgtgg aggaaactgg caagttgggg     59280
     gtggcaggac acttcatctc tgtgactcag cacctggcag tcctttgaca ggttacttag     59340
     aaaggatgct gtctgttcct gatatcctca gttgctttgc aatgatccag gtgtgctgga     59400
     gagacgccat ggcctcagga accagaacgg aagcagatcc cgttgccatg ggaacacggc     59460
     agccgatcct gttgccaggg agcatgctaa cacaccgttg cttttaaaaa taaagcagtt     59520
     tcgttcaact catgcatcaa aatcaaagaa cagggttggg gcgggggggg gggggcgagg     59580
     ggcgaggggc gagggggacg agttctgaag ttcctacaaa tgtcagggtt ttgggttttt     59640
     ttgtttgttt gttttttgtt ttggtaaagt ctcatatcaa gtcttataag cttaaacttg     59700
     ctttgtagtt aggatgacct tgaactcctc atcttctgat gcctctgact tctgagagtt     59760
     ggggttgcat gagtgattta tgggtgctgg gaattgtgcc cagggttttg tgcatgccaa     59820
     gagagcactc taccaactga gtcacgaccc cagccctgat cacatttttc attcttgcta     59880
     actgcacaaa agtttaaagt gtaatgcttc ttgaggtatt tttagattct attggctata     59940
     atatggagca ggggttgcag ttgatgcctt atttattcat ttttttaatg tatgagtgtt     60000
     tacctgcata tatgtccatg tcccgtgggt gtgcctggta ctctctgagg tgaggacata     60060
     ggaccctctg gaactggagt tacagatact ttgatgtggg tatagggaac agaagtgtgg     60120
     tcctttgcaa aagcagcaag tgctcttaac cacggaacca cttctccggc cacagggcgg     60180
     tgcatctatt aaccaaacat atatgggtat gtgtatataa caaacaaagt cactatcagg     60240
     cctctagaat agtgtcaaca cagcctgtta ttttctattg tattcccttc gagcttgtaa     60300
     tttgattgat tccatgacac aagaatgaat ggcaacccac aaattttttt cccaagtctt     60360
     cagtagactt gtagtaaact tgaaaggaga gcatttggat gtattctgct tatatttatg     60420
     aagcggatcc aactccgtct agcacaattt agcagagagc tgacagacgt gagtgccaaa     60480
     gcccttgttg gaccttgaag gtgtgtgtag gctagccaca gatgtgaact ccagagccct     60540
     catgtgatac tgaaggcgta tcctagtgac aagatgagtc attttgttaa acgtcagttc     60600
     tctacctgaa aatgatcact ctcaaagctc ccttctcctc atcccacatc tctctcccca     60660
     cttcagctca cccttggctg tgccataaat tacgagatcc ctgaactcag gtgtcacgga     60720
     atgggcagag tgcaccatgg gagcctggat gaacaagggc agggtctgcc agagcagtcg     60780
     gattcaggag gcaagtttgg tttttgtttt ctttatgaga aagaatctca tgtagcccag     60840
     gttggctgca agttttctat gtagccaagg atggccttga actgatgctc ctgccttagc     60900
     ctcccaagtg ctgaggtcac aggaaggagc caccacaccc aactatgaaa atgacactgt     60960
     tccactataa atagatcctt cccggttgcc acaggatgtg ctttccttca cgtgaaaagg     61020
     cagacttcaa aacagcctgt taggggtaaa accgaccgtc aaaaagagtg cgcgtgctta     61080
     atggatgcaa cttgatgtat ttgcatatat gcacgtgcct gtaaggccag taccacaatc     61140
     aaaacaataa gcaggcctat ctcctgctat gactcttacc atttttaaaa tgaccaccta     61200
     aaagagatca aaggcagata ttataaaaat agtttctaac agcaaataca actgacttcc     61260
     tagcatgaag gtttattctc tatcccaggt gcatgctctt tcttattttg ttcatttatt     61320
     tacttattca tttgttgtct tcgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtat gtgtgtatga     61380
     gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgagagaga gagagtgtgt gtgagtgagg gtgtgtgtct     61440
     ttgggggctt ggttctctcc tcgaataatg tgggtctcaa gtactgacct tgggttatca     61500
     ggcttggcat caagagcctt tacctgtgaa accattgtcc tggcccctca tcatacacat     61560
     ctctgaggac tacagcaagg gctcagagat tccagctctt cagtatcagg acctcaaaat     61620
     cagccaccaa aagagaataa catacatcca ccgacagaga aacctgcgct acatccactc     61680
     atattcacct ggccagggat ggtgattcaa ggtgcctagc tgcatgggtg gctgaagggt     61740
     aaagagggac agcctcacat atgtaggagg gaggagaaaa gcagatgtga ccattagtgc     61800
     tgttatcaaa accacctgat ccattgagag agacacatac ttaatggcta ttcctggttg     61860
     tcaacttgac tatatctgga atgaactaca atccagaatt gaagggctca cctgtgatcc     61920
     agatcttgag gcatagtggc catgaaaagc ttaggcccag gcaaggtagt acaggtcttt     61980
     aatcccagga aactgaaaca aggagagttc tgagctcaag gtcagcctgg gacaaagtaa     62040
     atcccagatc cacaccttta aatctggacc acaccttctg ttggaggcct acataaggac     62100
     tttagaagaa ggaagattca ctcttctttg cctgcttgca tttacttgcc agcacatctg     62160
     ttggagtcta cttctacaga agaccagctg aaacaactag cctcttggga ctgaacaact     62220
     aggttcttgg acttcccatc cacagctgac cattgttggg ttagttggac tgcagcctgt     62280
     aagtcatcac aataaattcc ctccaataga gagagacatt ccattcgttc tgtgactcta     62340
     gatgctaacc ctaagatgct taggaattta cttcgtatca gtcattgcat cttcaattct     62400
     ataaataaca tcaccgtaat ggttactttg caaccctgac ttaattacta aaaagaagca     62460
     accacgcctt gctcccagcc cccaacccta agacttgtat ggaaagcagc tctcccactc     62520
     cgcttcctcc accctggctt tcaatcatgt cccccacaca gaggaaggct tcaggtaaga     62580
     acacatgtgt ggctcagcca gaccccttgc tggcatccta aagcactggc agacattctc     62640
     tacaaatctc ttttcctatc agtctttttt atactataat cacaggtaat acacactcac     62700
     gtgtatacac atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgtttctct     62760
     tctctgacaa gtgtagggac tgtgtggctg cgcttcaacc atcagacagc gcagcattgc     62820
     caccaaacct gaatgctgag ttgagtgacc agtgtggagt gtgcataatc gtaagcagca     62880
     gctggaagaa tcaaatcaca ttgtcagggc tgacactggc cggcagtcac ctgggtctgg     62940
     ggttcaccac tgccagcttc atccaggaac acctgataca caggatctcc gtgctgcaat     63000
     gaccgtacca gaagtcctgg gaaaatgtca caggtgactt ccaacgtatc attcatcact     63060
     gtccgagaaa atttccctgg gaatgtaaga gttctcttaa caaagcaagt aatcaggtaa     63120
     tgcttttaat atttcatact tgaaggcgta gacgggggtg agaatatttt cctaaaatta     63180
     tttacatcta tccatctctg ccttattgaa agatttaaga ttatttcaca ggagtttcaa     63240
     aggagctgtg aagttttcat actctactct gtcaccacag atgcctcatt aaaaaaaaaa     63300
     aagaagaaga agaagagaca ccctcaacac ctaacatgga tggatagtca ggggtgagga     63360
     gccagtatgc ttcatggttg tcatgtgtat gggtacagtg agccaggagg taggcttacc     63420
     agagtctgct ggtggctctc acttggtcca gacacatgag cacaattgta gttaatcttg     63480
     atcgttaact tcttcggaat gtagaattac catgaaaaca accttcaggg cttggctgtc     63540
     agggttacct tgggtgacta gggtgggaat gttccacctc agatggggtg acgctgggtc     63600
     caccatggct gcataaggac aggtgtgaca cagtgacaca cctcctgccc ctggagcatc     63660
     gccaagtcat tgatccccac gtgtgctgct gactgctgtt gccctgacac tgatctgttg     63720
     tctcttctat tttactttca gtctctcttt ctggggaata cacttccccc attacacaga     63780
     gataatcatg tcataataaa tgaaacagat gcagttccca gggatcagga atggaagtga     63840
     ccatgaggcc gtggagggca aggatcaggc tttccacttg gcctttaggg ccatgggaaa     63900
     ggatttggac aacgtaactg tagaggccat aaaagcctac atggtccttt gtagaaattg     63960
     cttactacag gattgggcct tgaatttggt gttacgagga gatgcatgtg ccctcctgtc     64020
     cagtgcgtgc tgcattaatt agccagggtg aatttgaaga tatcaaggat agagagttaa     64080
     agttgtttca agaaggaaag gcaagagact gagaaggtgt tgggagccgc ccccacattc     64140
     gctgtcacaa gatggtgctg acatcctgtg ttctaagtgg taaacaaata atctgcgcat     64200
     gtgccaaggg tattttacca ctacttgtac tctgcctttc ccgtgacgtc agctcggcca     64260
     tgggctgcag ccaatcaggg agtgatgcgt cctaagcgaa ggttaactct cctaaatagg     64320
     gacggggggt ttcgctttcg tttagaaggg ggctttcgtt tttggggctt ggggttttgc     64380
     gctcctgctc ctgaagatgt aagcaataaa gttttgccgc agaagattct ggtttgttgt     64440
     gttctttcct ggccggtcgt gagaacgcgt gtaagagttg gtgctgagac ccgggacggg     64500
     acgagaaaat cctaggacaa gaaaacctgg gacggttacc atcaccggcg caaggaagat     64560
     ccctcattcc ggaaccagaa ctgcgggtca cggtaatgaa gtgttctcgt aaaacagact     64620
     gttgagaagg attcaactgc gtgaattcag aacttttcag ctggggaacg gcggtaaccc     64680
     gtaagtatag ctttacaagg taagtctggc cttgaacttt ctaacgagat tcaagacagt     64740
     ctatcagaag taaagtggaa aatagcttta caaggtaggt ctggccttaa actttctaag     64800
     gaaagtcaag acagtctatc aaaagtaaag tgggaaatgg ctttacaagg tatgtttggc     64860
     cttgaatttt ttctagtgtt aggagccctt ttgttccttt tcacatgtta tcaagtggtt     64920
     aaggcagggc ggattctgga caaaattcag gacaatctat cagaagtaaa gcggggagag     64980
     agagtaggag caaagaggaa atatggttca caaaataagt atacaggcct ttccaagggt     65040
     cttgaacctg aggaaaagtt taggtcaggt aagaatacct ggggagagat tggaaggaag     65100
     gagaaggaaa aagaaaagaa aaaagatcaa tcagcggagg cttctaggag aaggagcctc     65160
     tactcatcac taggtgagct caaagagcca gttcttaata gttctgaatc agatgaaaag     65220
     gctattaggg cctggaaggc gctctcccga gcaggtgaag ccactggaca ataatgacag     65280
     aggcaggctc ttgcagccta caaggtctta ttgtctaccc tggagttgta gatcaagatt     65340
     ataaagggga acttcaggtt ctctgttctt gtcctcaagt tgtcttttct atatcacaaa     65400
     gagacagaat agctcaacta ataattttgc caagcctaca tggctgtttt ttcttcctct     65460
     ggtattccta gagctgcaag agggattggt tctactgaaa atgattctga ttacttaata     65520
     atgcctttag attgttgtca aattttatct actcacgtag gggtaaaccc tcgtggcgtc     65580
     aggccattac aggtctgaca aatggatgtc acgcatattt cctcctttga gagaaatcaa     65640
     tatttacatg tttagataag aagagatcac ctccatacct taaatgattt tcaaaagctg     65700
     ttgggagata ttaattggct cagacctttt ttaaagattc cttccgctga gttaaggcct     65760
     ttgtttggta ttttagaagg agatcctcat atctcctccc ctagggctct tactctagct     65820
     gctaaccagg ccttacaaaa ggtggaaaaa gccttacaga atgcacaatt acaacgtatt     65880
     gaggattcgc agcctttcag tttgtgtgtc tttaagacag cacaattgcc aaccgcagtt     65940
     ttgtggcaga atgggccatt gttgtggatc catccaaacg tatccccagc taaaataata     66000
     gattggtatc ctgatgcaat tgcacagctt gcccttaaag gcctaaaagc agcaatcacc     66060
     cactttgggc gaagtccata tcttttaatt gtaccttata ccgctgcaca ggttcaaacc     66120
     ttggcagcca catctaatga ttgggcagtt ttagttacct ccttttcagg acaaatagat     66180
     aaccattatc caaaacatcc aattttacag tttgcccaaa atcaatctgt tgtgtttcca     66240
     caaataacag taagaaaccc acttaaaaat gggattgtgg tatatactga tggatcaaaa     66300
     actggcatag gtgcctatgt ggctaatggt aaagtggtat ccaaacaata taatgaaaat     66360
     tcacctcaag tggtagaatg tttagtggtt ttagaagttt taaaaacctt tttagaaccc     66420
     cttaatattg tgtcagattc ctgttatgtg gttaatgcag taaatctttt agaagtggct     66480
     ggagtgatta agccttccaa tagagttgcc aatatttttc aacagataca attagttttg     66540
     ttatctagaa gatttcctgt ttatattact catgttagag cccattcagg cctacctggc     66600
     cccatggctc tgggaaatga tttggcagat aaggccacta aagtggtggc tgctgcccta     66660
     tcatccccgg tagaggctgc aagaaatttt cataacaatt ttcatgtgac ggctgaaaca     66720
     ttacgcagtc gtttctcctt gacaagaaaa gaagcccgtg acattgttac tcaatgtcaa     66780
     agctgctgtg agttcttgcc agttcctcat gtgggaatta acccacgcgg tattcgacct     66840
     ctacaggtct ggcaaatgga tgttacacat gtttcttcct ttggaaaact tcaatatctc     66900
     catgtgtcca ttgacacatg ttctggcatc atgtttgctt ctccgttaac cggagaaaaa     66960
     gcctcacatg tgattcaaca ttgtcttgag gcatggagtg cttgggggaa acccagactc     67020
     cttaagactg ataatggacc agcttatacg tctcaaaaat tccagcagtt ctgccgtcag     67080
     atggacgtaa cccacctgac tggacttcca tacaaccctc aaggacaggg tattgttgag     67140
     cgtgcgcatc gcaccctcaa agcctatcta ttaaaacaga agaggggaat cgagactcta     67200
     ccccgagcac caagagtgtc tgtgtctatg gcactcttta cactcaattt tttaaatatt     67260
     gatgttcatg gccatactgc ggctgaacgt cattgttcag agccagatag gcccaatgag     67320
     atggttaaat ggaaaaatgt ccttgataat aaatggtatg gcccggatcc tattttgata     67380
     agatccaggg gagcggtttg tgttttccca cagaatgaag acaacccatt ttggatacca     67440
     gaaagactca cccgaaaaat ccagactgac caagggaata ctgatgtccc tcgtcttggt     67500
     gatgtccagg gcgtcaataa taaagagaga gcagcgttgg gggataatgt cgacatttcc     67560
     actcctaatg acggtgatgt ataatgctca agtattcccc tgctttttta ccactaacta     67620
     ggaactgggt ttagccttga ttcagacagt cttggctctg tctggacagg tccagatgac     67680
     tgacaccatt aacactttgt cagcctcagt gactacagtc atagataaac aggcctcagc     67740
     taatgtcaag atacagggag gtctcatgct ggttaatcaa cgcatagatc ttgtccagaa     67800
     acaactagat gtattatggc aaatagctca gctggggtgt aaacaaaagt ttccgggatt     67860
     gtgtgttact tccattcagt actagggcag ctaatttgtc aaaaagtctt tttcagtata     67920
     tgttacagaa ttggacggct gaatttgaac agatccttcg ggaattgaga cttcaggtca     67980
     actccacgcg cttggacctg tccctgacca aaggattacc caattggatc tcctcagcat     68040
     ttcccttctt taaagaatgg gtgggattga tattatttgg agatacactt tgctgtggat     68100
     tagtgttgct tctttgattg gtctgtaagc ttaaggccca aactaggaga gacaaggtgg     68160
     ttattgccca ggcgcttgca ggactagaac atggagcttc cccgatatat ctatgcttag     68220
     gcaataggtc gctggccact cagctcttat atcccatgag gctagtctca ttgcacggga     68280
     tagagtgagt gtgcttcagc agcccgagag agttgcacgg ctaagcactg caatagaagg     68340
     gctctgcggc ataaaatgag cctactctag ggagacatgt catctttcaa gaaggttgag     68400
     tgttcaagtg tccttccccc aggaaaaaca acacgggacc agaccaggac ccctctgggt     68460
     gatgagcctg ggaggaggtt atgtgtacgg ctcctttacc tacacactgg ggatttgacc     68520
     tctatctcca ctctcattaa tatgggtggc ctattgctct tattaaaaga aaagggggag     68580
     atgttgggag ccgcccccac attcactgtc acaagatggc gctgacatcc tgtgttctaa     68640
     gtggtaaaca aataatctgc gcatgtgcca agggtatttt accactactt gtactctgcc     68700
     tttcccgtga cgtcagctcg gccatgggct gcagccaatc agggagtgat gcgtcctaag     68760
     cgaaggttaa ctctcctaaa tagggacggg gggtttcgct ttcgtttaga agggggcttt     68820
     cgtttttggg gcttggggtt ttgcgctcct gctcctaaag atgtaagcaa taaagttttg     68880
     ccgcagaaga ttctggtttg ttgtgttctt tcctggccgg tcgtgagaac gcgtataaga     68940
     agaagggaga aggaaaagag aagaagcgag aatgatgaga gtcctcgggc aaagagagag     69000
     cacttgaact gccagcctcc atccactgct gactccgagt cattattgaa tagcgccaag     69060
     cccatccccg cctttctcag gaccctcctc gtgctgaggc cggaccttgg cagggtgaca     69120
     ctgggggagt gaaaaggagc aatgtatctg gacatgagct tttgtgactc tgcttcctga     69180
     ttgttgattt caccaaccac ctcccgatcc tgctgccact ccctctcacc actgtgggct     69240
     gcaccctcaa gcccttcctt ccttaagttg cttctaaaag ttgaatttta tttatttgtg     69300
     ttgtgtgcct gtgtgtgtgt tcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgggt gggtgtgggt gtgctgcacc     69360
     acacatgtgg aggtcagggg acaatgtaga agtcaactct ctccttccac agtcttggag     69420
     gtctactaca ggtcatccct gtggatttgt gtttgttcat ctgcttactt aactatgtaa     69480
     ggcagagagt aagctgttac atttactacc tatcttagtc aggatttcca tttctgcaca     69540
     aaacatcatg accaagaagt aagttgggga gaaaagggtt tgttcagctt acacttccac     69600
     attgctgttc atcaccaaag gaagtcagga caggaactca ctcggggtag gaacctggag     69660
     gcaggagctg agaggaatgt tgcttactgg cttgcttccc ctggcttgct cagcctgctc     69720
     tcttatagaa ccaagactac cagcccagag atggtcccac ccacaagggg cctttcccct     69780
     cttgatcact aattgagaaa atgccttaca gctggatctc atggaggcat ttcctcaaga     69840
     gaggctcctt tctctgtgat aactccagct tgggtcatgt tgacacacaa acccagccag     69900
     tacactactg aagagatgat ataacctgct gccccatgaa tagtgcaatt agacactcat     69960
     gcacagtagg gaatgtgaca ggccccccag actttaaaca acttgacctc atgtttgagg     70020
     taccattctc ccctcggatc ccatcacaga gaccccaaca ctttgccaaa ataaaaacaa     70080
     agacctgtca tagtccacag ttctaggaaa gtctctaatt atactaatct tgctttcatg     70140
     gcttctctac tttggcttat tactagctgt tcttgttaat taaacagtgt caaaccagga     70200
     tggagttttt gagcataaaa agccaaaacc agaaggctca ggcctgcaag atttgggcca     70260
     gttccctgtg cagccgctgg cctgtaaaga aagactttac atttggcttt aagcatgtct     70320
     gtgtcctctc tggttgaaat agctcaaaaa caatgacatt taacaagtag agacttaagg     70380
     caaagcagta aacagaagac agagagactt aaaaacatca aaatcacaag gacctcaact     70440
     gaccaggaca gatggggagg acccagatct ggtcaccaaa ggttctgaga gtccctggtc     70500
     caggagtata cttacatatt ttgtaaatac atatttttat ataaacaaac aaatatgctc     70560
     aggtgcacta aagaaatagt agtaacagaa gtactacagg cttatgatct gacatttcta     70620
     gaagttccaa tgaataatgt tggacaaaaa taaaggtggt gttaaggttt gccatgatct     70680
     tccattacat tatccatgcc tcttagaatg aaggtggaca ggatcaacaa agacagggtc     70740
     agatttactc tgagatcatt tttcagggtc acagtcttaa tctgatttgc gttgctgtag     70800
     gaagatacag gagactgggt aatttataga gaacaaaagg tttgtggtga tgcatgccta     70860
     taatcccacc tagtcaggag aataaaatca ggagaaaact caatcctgga agttcgagaa     70920
     cagcttgggc ctggtgtagc agcacaggac tttaatcctg gtccttggga ggcagaggca     70980
     ggtggatcat ggagagttct gatctacaaa gtaaagacca ggacagaagg gctgtataga     71040
     gagatcctgt ttcaagacag caaacaaaaa caaagaaaca gtttgggcat catagcaaga     71100
     acacatctca aaaccaaaac aacacaaaaa ccccaaaatg aaataaaaca aacaaaacaa     71160
     aacaaaaaca aagcaaaaca aatagatgga aggcaggaag aaaagaatga aaaaaaaaga     71220
     gaaggaacag gcaggatcca taggtgcaaa gccagcctat gctacataga cattcatatc     71280
     ttacagttgt gtaggctgag agtccaaggc caaggggccc atatctggtg tcttagttag     71340
     ggttttattg ctgtgaacag ataccatgac caaggcatct ctctctctct ctctctctct     71400
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccctct ctctctttct ctctctctcc     71460
     aagacagggt ttcctctgtg gagccctggc tgtcctggaa cttactctgt agaccaggct     71520
     agcctccatc tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggctt aaaggcatgt     71580
     gccaccactg cttggctcca aggcagctct tataaggaca tttaattggg gctggcttac     71640
     aggttcagag gttcagtcca ttatcatcaa ggtgggagca tggcagcttc caggcagaca     71700
     gggtgcagga ggagctgaga gttctacacc ttgatctgaa ggctgctggc agaatactac     71760
     ggttccagga agctaggatg agggttttaa agcccctgac cacagtagca tacctattcc     71820
     aatagggcca caccttctaa tggtgcactc cctggttgag catttacaaa ccatcacatc     71880
     cagcgagggc catctgactt ccctaggtgt gtgtaagcta atggtgaggg ctccatctgc     71940
     tatgcctcct ccagccttct cccacagccc ctctcctgtg aattttcctc ttatgcaaaa     72000
     caagcaggcc tcatcaacaa gtgccccaaa tattgaaaat ttaagaacat tttgtttgtt     72060
     tgttaagtca ggctcttagt atgatggctt ggctagcctg gaaccctcta tgtatgtaga     72120
     ccaggctggt ttccaaatca cagagacctc tcctgcctct acttcctgaa tcctgggctt     72180
     aaaggcgaat accaccacct ttgtggagaa aacaagaacc taattctgta ctatgcaaag     72240
     tgtgtctaat tagaactata gaattcaata actgcctctg ccctcccaac ccccaatatt     72300
     gttgctaaaa acctaactta aagagtggtg acggctttcg tctgtagttc cagaatgcaa     72360
     gaggctggca cggggagatt atcaagagtc tgacatcagt ttcagcaatg ttgggagttt     72420
     gtggccaaat agcaggggac tctctgtgca gttcagctgc atgggaagta ggctgggttg     72480
     tcaaggtgac cacaggtact aatgagcttt gtgcttgttt taagtgtctg ggaggggctc     72540
     ccaggtgttc agcgtcctca gtgtgatgtt ctgtctacac aacaatctca aaggcattgg     72600
     cagtgaaccc ttagcatcag ccacttcacg tcctgtttct tccgggcatg atcatgtttt     72660
     taatgttggg gaacactggg tcggagcaac cttaggcata ggcccattgg ccaccggagt     72720
     caatgacggg agtccaatga gcttggactt ctcagtgcca aaaactataa gaaaaagagc     72780
     gaagataaag gttaagaaga gcaataacac atttgtagtg gtttgtatat gctcggccag     72840
     ggagtggaac tattagaggg tgtggccctg ttggagtagg tgaggccttg ttggagtggg     72900
     tgtggccttg ttagagtggt gtggtcttgt tggattggaa ttggcactgt gggtgtgggc     72960
     tttaagaccc tcagctacct ggaagtcagt attctgctag caaccttcag atgaagatgt     73020
     agaactctca actcctcctg caccttgcct acctaggcac tgccatgctc cccaccttca     73080
     tgataatggc ctgaacctct aaacctgtaa gccagcctca attaattgtc ctttataagt     73140
     cttgccttgg ccgtggtgtc tgttcacagc agtaaaaccc tagcaagaca acactaaaaa     73200
     ggtgatactt gcccagctgc ctggggcagg ctatcaacat ggtgagctga tggaatgttc     73260
     tctttggctg cagaagagtg gatggacact cagtgctgtc cagaggacag gaggctcttt     73320
     actcctgggc tcctcttcaa tggatctggc caaccttaga taggacaata caaggagaaa     73380
     atactgtcta ttcacactta gttggatctg taggagggac aagcaaagat gttgtttcct     73440
     gtagttccat tcagcaaagc atcctggact caggctctgg agctgttgtg ggttagtggt     73500
     gttgcagcca acagctgacc tcagggccat tgcaactgtt tgtccctggt acaggccaag     73560
     ggatctcagg tcagccagtt cccaaggctc ctgtagttgt gctggctgcc tgggatccta     73620
     ccagtagaaa agagaggtgg ttagaagggg ggaggggtgc ccatggtaga tcacacctgt     73680
     atttagcatt caggaggctg aggcaggagg ttggaggtca gcctggcctg tacagatatt     73740
     atgtcttaca gttcttggga ctgagaagtc caagctccag gtcattgact ctggtagcca     73800
     atgggcctat gactaaggtt gccctgaccc agtgttcccc aatattgaaa acatgatcag     73860
     gaggaaacag gacctgaagt ggctgttgct aggtgttcac tgccagcacc tttgagattg     73920
     tcatgtagtc agaacatcac actgaggaca ctgagcacct gggagcccct cccagacact     73980
     taaaacaagc acaaagccca ttagttagta cctgtagtca ccttgacaac tgagcctact     74040
     tccccatgca gctccagaac tccctggggg ctggtgaact gaactgcaca gagacaatct     74100
     cctgctattt ggcctcgaac tcactatgtt gctgaaattg atgtcatact cttgaaaaca     74160
     cagatgaaag ccatcaagct tacccaggac ttgttctggt tggccactgc atatcatcca     74220
     ggatgtcatc gagaacagca tagacagcgt tccctccagt agcgctgact gctcagtctc     74280
     tggctcggag ccggaggaaa agttagcctc tttagtgacc atatttgttc agggatatca     74340
     cgcatggttg ctctagtttg gcacctccac caaagcacac ccgtgaaagg attgttctgt     74400
     tttgattacg ctaatctccc agcagatggc aggagaagat ctcgttctaa taagtgattc     74460
     taagcgattt gacaattttc accaggagct gagagtctta cctggacaga gtggttgtgt     74520
     attagcccct tccccacagc aatacagtca ggggttcttc ttcaaaatat taatctattt     74580
     ttatgttatg tatattgctg ttttgcctgc gcgaacgtgt gtgtctgata cccatagaga     74640
     ccagaccagg gcgctagatc ccctgcaact ggagttacag atcactggga accaccaagt     74700
     gggtgctagg aattgactcc agttcctctg acggttttca ggcacgtgtg tcttgccatt     74760
     cctttgtcta tggacatgat agctcatttt gcttgtttat ttgtttgttt gcaacattga     74820
     aaatcttaag gaattttaca ctcgttgaga cattaaagtt attcagtagc aactggaaca     74880
     agagctcaga aatggagtat atcattttga ggcattgctg cagcagtatg ggggagctga     74940
     gccgtggcat ctaattcaga accgaacccc cacaacctcc cacctcccac ccctgtcttg     75000
     gggagagaga ggtggctcag aagttaagag catttgtaac ttagaatcac tttgtagcgc     75060
     gagatcctct actgccatct gctggtaggt tggcataatc aaggcaacgg aacaatcctt     75120
     tcactctgaa ccaacacggt ctgcaaagaa aggctaactt ttcctgtggc tctgagctaa     75180
     agactgaaca gtctgcacca ctggtgggga ctctgtctat gctgctccta atgacatcct     75240
     ggactatacg cagtgaccaa tcagaagatc tcctgggtaa gcttgatgca tctactgttc     75300
     cccttagatg gagcacttct gtaggggatg agtccttggt atggttaaca ggactgactt     75360
     cattgtataa agcagagtca caaacatcac aatagtgtgc tgaagattcg tcccgaggga     75420
     tcgtatgctt gattttactc ctcatggatg acgattctga gtgtacttgt cacgggaagc     75480
     cactgctcag ttgaaggcta cagtttccat tttcctcttc ccatccaacc cccgtgcctc     75540
     catcctgaaa ctagatgttc actagcagga agatggacat ctcttagccg atatgacgaa     75600
     gcagcagtac ctccccagcc cttgggctct tttggcagct gcagagctca gacatcaaga     75660
     agaagacaaa aaggaaaacc aacactctca actaaccctg accccagata gctcccagag     75720
     accaagccac caatcagaag catacacagg ctggtccgag gcccctggca cttaaatagc     75780
     agaggtctgc ctggtctggc ctcagtggga gaagatgggc ttagtcttct tgaggcctca     75840
     gggaagggtg aggtttggta gtggggagca ccctcttgga ggcaaagggg aggaggaatg     75900
     gcacgaggaa ctatgggagg agggaggagg gattgggagg gggtgatgac gggaatgtaa     75960
     ataaataatt ttaaaaataa aagtaaaaga ggacaaaaaa aaatagtagt gcaggtcata     76020
     ctgcaccagg tctgtgccaa ccaggagcat cctccctgcg gggaggcaga gtaagaaacc     76080
     tactgcatct gccacccagt gttgggatcc atttatccca gcagccagca ccttctgcat     76140
     agatgtaatt tactcttcac taatgcagtc tgtctgctgg cagccagcta gtgatgccaa     76200
     ggacagagac tttagcaacc tctgtgaagg aaaagtgttt taggcaagat tgtctagagt     76260
     aactgaactg atagaatata acacacacac acacacacac actggctagt ctaaccgtgg     76320
     ctatctgcgt gctgcaactg aactaataga atatataata tactaataca cacgcacagg     76380
     ctggctagtc taacagtggt tgcatgccac agaggccaag agcctctcag agttctccta     76440
     atctgggact aaagtcctgg aagctccctg gagagctgct ggtactcagt ccatattgga     76500
     aaggtagaag ctggagtctg atgctcagag gatggtggtg gcagcagagg cagcacagtc     76560
     aacaggatag atgcacatac cagctagaat ggaaggcagt caggcaaact agaccccact     76620
     cctgactttc tatagatggg ccacccctta gaaagcactg tcctccctag ggaagagtct     76680
     tctcagttaa ctcttcctgg aaaaggcaga ccttccctga ggtgtgtctc ctctttgttg     76740
     atcccagatc ccataaagct gacaagataa accatcacaa gtgtagaatt agagatggtt     76800
     acttttctcc tgtaaattga tgcaaggctc ttcttcctaa agttctgagc aaaggggtat     76860
     tgtggctgca tggtattctg tggggatgtg atttggaagg ctatcttcag ctcactgttt     76920
     caaacacgga gtgagatctt tggtgggtac aggaaatggt agaaagcctt gggcaggcac     76980
     ctgatcaggt gcagtttggg ggcctgaacc atctccagtg tccctttgtg ctataaaaac     77040
     atcatatata agggggtgaa gccatgggag ggagtatcat ggcatatact ggaatctaaa     77100
     gggggctcaa cacaccttca ggccaatgtc attactttaa gggctgtgta tgagttagtc     77160
     ttctgtgata aaacactgtg accaaggcaa cttatagaag gaaggattta gcgggggtga     77220
     ggcttccact aagagtccac tctttcatta atagtccact gtggcagaga attgtggcag     77280
     ccaggaacag gaaactgaga gctgtcttga accccaagca cagaaaagag agagcaaact     77340
     ggacatggaa tggggctttt ggtgccagtg ctggccctta gtgacatact tcctccgaca     77400
     aggacataac acccaaacag agctgttggc cgggggcaac tgttcaaatg cccaagacta     77460
     tgagaacatt tctcactcca accaacatag ggtccaagtg cctcattcca tctggttgcc     77520
     tggttccttg gaactcagaa catgggttct ccttgtttgt tgctgggtta ggaaattctc     77580
     tagcttgtcc tttctgcttt agcatcattg tgggtgagcc agggcacaac gctgaactct     77640
     ctgttgagaa cctaatctaa gaattcaaag gtcccaaggg aagttcctgt ctaacctcat     77700
     cactaccagc tcattgtgag tgtcacctca caagtgacat taatgattca tgccaggcct     77760
     gggatttggg gggtactaac ctatgataca ctaaattaca cacttaaaag catgaaccaa     77820
     agagacaaga gaaaaatcga gtgttaccaa ttgaaaatgc tacaagatat ataatgttaa     77880
     tatttatcat tggttgatgc tactgatttg ggctatccta atggtttatt tgtgagtgag     77940
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtagg     78000
     gattataaca tgagttctgg tgatggtggt atccatacta taaaaggtaa gcccagggga     78060
     gtttctcgct cagagccaat ggctgcccac tgatcctgcc tcctcaggat caaacctttg     78120
     aattcttaga ttaggttctc aacattaaaa cctgtactac catagcccct gtaatatagt     78180
     atcttctcat gttaagacag tctgaacatg gctgtctgct gtctagtaag cttcagttgg     78240
     agagttcaaa tcaggttcct gtctcagttc atgacttctg tccacatcat cttttggctc     78300
     cagttcccgc agctgagtat tatgttactg ctggtttttg ttccaaatct atgactgtaa     78360
     cctgattggt ctgtcccatc attttactga gtgacatcat tcgttaatat tgctgggtaa     78420
     gttgaccatt ttgatccctg agctctggct gaggatgaga tgttgtccaa ccacagctac     78480
     caaatccact catgtctctt tcgaagggaa gcttctatta gaagaggcta gggatggcaa     78540
     gaaatgctat ggattaatat tcatcctttt gttactgatt tatgagaaca cctgatgtat     78600
     taaatattag tcttctctca tataacaact aatttgaggt cagagaaaaa tgagtgcctg     78660
     catgcctcct tggttgcttg tgcttaactt gatatattta ctcttacaca atttgggatg     78720
     ccctgcctag ggaatggtgc cacccacagt gggctagatc ttcccaaatt tattaactca     78780
     ttcattcaaa cttgacaatt tctccacaga caatttctca catgtctaca agccaaccaa     78840
     gttcagataa ttcttcattg acactctcct cccaggtggt tccaagttgt gtcaggttga     78900
     ccattagaac caagtctcat acaggttgtt tcctaaatgt gttttgctaa gtggaatctt     78960
     ggcattttga cgcacaggtg gtgaagcaca ggataactat ggggagctct gataaaagca     79020
     tttgtgtgtt tcctcatccc agtgtcccag agtaaaaccc acagtcccta cagtagagta     79080
     gggactcctc ttcactgact cagagacact tcgaagcagt gataaaaaaa atcctctggc     79140
     gtcataatga acctgattct gaaaggtatt gctcacaaac actctaatgt ctttgtgaga     79200
     aaacatgagt taaaataacc aagtgtttgg tctataggta gacatgccca gtaaaatgac     79260
     ctcccccaaa ggcatttata aaatgtttac agcaacgtga ctgagaataa ctgagaatag     79320
     aaatttgcac acatgtccct aaccagaatg aataattcct gctacgttca acactcaata     79380
     atatgcagcc atgagactct catagacttc tcctccacgt tgaacatcac agatcaatct     79440
     aaaaaacaaa attatgatga catttatatg gatttcaaaa atgggcgaaa ctaaatctct     79500
     agagattgta ataaaaatat ggttaacttt agagtgtgct agtgtctgaa aaagtccaca     79560
     gggaaccatc tgcagtgcca gagttgtgcc acaatgatct gggtagtgag gacacgtcta     79620
     catgtgaata tctgtcaagc tctgggtgta ggagccacct gcgtcactgt acagaggtca     79680
     cacagcaact aaacattctc tgaatcccgt ggtctcactc tctctcaacc actttcacct     79740
     caaagttgta agtatctcca aacagaccaa gaacaaaaat gtaggccaag tattttgtta     79800
     tgagatgaaa ctgtcagaaa taacaaaatg ttacttctat aaaccataca cctagatcag     79860
     tctatgtgtg ggtaaatata tcacaaataa aaaagccccg actcgacaca gatactaacc     79920
     atggtgaaaa tcaaagactg atacatttaa tcttataaaa acagaaactt ggctccagtt     79980
     ctggctttaa gatttgtgaa tgtggctcta tctacatcaa ataattcaca gatgtctcct     80040
     ggaattctct cgtaaacata tctgtccttt ctctctcatg agcttattta tccggttgtt     80100
     tattttccag atacttactc atagcatgag tgtgactcaa tgaccttcac attgcagaat     80160
     ctaatgctat ttgatttttt aaaaaaaaaa atttctagat ggctttcatt ttggccactg     80220
     gccaaaccat tttgtgtccc tttgacatag ccatttgtgg ttttccagca ttttctatct     80280
     tcacaagatg gtctaggtgt atggtttatt tttctatgca ccagctccag aatcatcctg     80340
     gttcttttaa ttggagaaag atatttagat accaggatgg gtgtttattg tgtcctttgc     80400
     aaaagatatt aatcagagct agaaatctat atttgtacac acacacacac acacgatctc     80460
     tgtatctgtc tgtctgttat gtatatatgt atataaagaa acacatttat attttagggt     80520
     ttgttcttga tccctgtgat ggcggcttta attctcaact tgacccaaca ttggaggaga     80580
     ggctcaatga agggctgtct acactgggtt agcctgtggt ctgtagggga agggctgtct     80640
     acactgggtt agcctgtggt gtgtagggga agggctgtct atactaggtt agcctgtggt     80700
     ctgtagggga ctgtctttgt tgattgatgt gggagaatcc agcttactgt gggtggcccc     80760
     attccctagg cagggaatct gaaccatata agaatagtga ggtcaaactg agaacaagca     80820
     aggaaacagg cacacattca tttctcttgg ctcttgacgg tgggtgtgat gttatttgat     80880
     gtctaaagtc cctgccttgt ctgtaatcta gaactgtaag atgaaataaa gcctttgtta     80940
     cagcaacaga aatgaaacta gagcatcctc ttatttgaaa tttctttctc tatggtaagc     81000
     ttgtcttcca tttttaccat ccattccatt atctactgcc ctatacacag tatacatata     81060
     atttcagaat tattcaccaa cagattcacc atgttaaaga atttacaact agagtgtgtg     81120
     tttgtgttaa ttccttctgt ctttggattt agagttttaa aagatactta gccatcattt     81180
     tgccctaaag tttcaataag attaggccct gtgtttgcaa tacagttaga ctcatttgtt     81240
     agaatcttct tttcttcctg gaatgacact acatccttat ttatattgaa aaatgttgtt     81300
     ttcactaaag tttgctcttt ttatctttga gttagggtct cacctagctc aggctactct     81360
     cagattctat acgcagctga ggctggcctt gaatatctga tcttcctgcc tccatctccc     81420
     aagcgctggg attataggta tatgccatta cacctggctt aaagttgact cttaatgacg     81480
     tatagctatg ggagtccagg tcacgtatgt acaacaccag tactgtaaaa aaaattgtgt     81540
     cacaacaaga attagctcct ttgtgaccac ccaccagcct ctctcagctc ccgaggacca     81600
     ctgagatcct tttcatcttt gtgatgtact ttctctagat cgccatgaca acagaatggt     81660
     ttttacatgg accagtttaa cagtttgttc gttcctatct ctgggcagcg ttggattgta     81720
     tggatttgct ttccacctgt tgagcagcaa cagggttcca tcagtgtgtg tgtttataaa     81780
     taaagctatt ataaacattc atgtacacat tatatttcaa tagtctcctc gaatactgac     81840
     atttatttag ggctctttcc tggacatatc cccagtgcat ggaaaatggg acctaaagta     81900
     tgtggaagac attgctagtt aaattcaagg ttcttctttg tcctcattct tctagaactt     81960
     tccctaagag gcaactgggg aagattggaa ggcaggcaga gggagagtga gtggactttc     82020
     ttctgcttgt ctacatgatc ctctggctat agagcctaag taccacttag tagtggttgc     82080
     ggtgacagca gccactgcct gctctggtaa ggcagttgct tctagcttca tgtaaaaact     82140
     ctagaatctc acctacagag caatgctact cctcaaatat cgctcacatc cctttgtttg     82200
     cagatgtctc taagttcctg gggtatcaga gatggtcaac agtaactcac cctgagaggt     82260
     gtgagttcta gttgcggggc gactcctccg aacacttttc tttgtgtaac tccagggctg     82320
     gggtagacag ctcctttatg cacttaccat cctgaataat gtccacgtct atttctgctg     82380
     atctgtctgt ccatgtagtc actccctctg atacatgctc tctggtagaa catattgtag     82440
     gtcatatatt tgtcctttgc ccttgcattc tgatagctcc tctttgttgc ttttaggatc     82500
     aaggtcacag taagcattgg ctcatgtctc tgtgtaccca ggacattgtc tcttctgctt     82560
     ctgactgtgt acgtgtcttc ccagaagcat acatccccag ttcatcattg cctgatcttt     82620
     ctagggaagc cattgtttga ggaatgcacc ctggggctga atcttccctt aagacaagag     82680
     ctgaagcagg agacattagc acattttaat ccaggtcttt atctttccca tataaatata     82740
     ggtgcaggca taattgatag ctaaggctat taaaatgtat tcattgtcat aaatattcaa     82800
     tgttagagaa tacatagcac tgcagattac attctgctgg tcatatgaaa ttgaatctat     82860
     gctctttaat agacctggac cttctaacca tttaaaagca ttaagcatca gatgccccca     82920
     caagaaatgg tcatgtgacc cacaagaaga gacccaactg cataattgaa catagaggtt     82980
     gttttttttt tttgtatgaa gtacattagg attcaattat agattatggc atctacccat     83040
     tgagacttca atattgtcca ggaaagggtt gggagaaatt tgtttcgtag aaagaaagga     83100
     ggagacggag gaggaagaga gaaggaagga aagagaaaaa ggagcaaaga tgggaaggaa     83160
     gaagaacttc cagcctgcat ttaagtgaag gatggaacac ctaagtcctt gttcacagtc     83220
     tcagaaccca agggcaaaaa tgtgaatgga gttctggttg ctagcttaaa aaaaaaaaaa     83280
     agttcttgca atatgcaagc tttcagctag ctaagagcct gaggatgcag ttccattggg     83340
     ggcttgaagc tttttcaggg taaaggtgca ggttacaagg ccattagcca tgagactcag     83400
     cttttaagtt tcacttttca gctttaaaaa atatgtattt tatgtgcatg gatgttttgc     83460
     ctgcatggat gtctgtgtat gatgtgtgta tctagggcct aaggaagcca gatgagggca     83520
     ctggataccc aggaactgga gttacagatg gttgttagcc accattaggg tgctgagaat     83580
     caaccccagc ccctctggaa gagcagccag tgctcttaac cactgagtca tctctccagc     83640
     cttagttgtc tgctcttaaa acttggacca ctaccccagc tttccaccta acagtctcta     83700
     cttacacatg gttctctact tagagctaga atgggtggta acaggtgact ccagcagaac     83760
     caggctactc ttgtagtgac aggtggggct ggcatccact ttagattcct cggagaaatc     83820
     tcaccatgcg atgccctttt cagagactgc ccaaacccag ggcttgccgg tttctaggag     83880
     ttccccgatt tctgtatcat tggcagccag aagttcttac tctaaggagg gaggctgtct     83940
     ttgaatccac tgagaaatga gaagagatga gacatgctgt cccatcaagt ggccagatgt     84000
     cacagtggct ggatagcagg gaatctagat tagtttccct gacttgaagg gatctccatt     84060
     ttacaatgct gtgatactac aaagtcaaca ttttcagggg cccaggatgc acccatatgg     84120
     gaaaatgcca ggctcagaaa cgtgcccaaa ctgtcctgta taaagttgaa cttaagttat     84180
     aagtttgtgt ttatagctgc ttcctgctgt gttttgtggt tttgctggat gtttttgttg     84240
     ttgttgttgt tgtttggatt gaacccagag ccactggcac actggggagc actgacttac     84300
     atcctctttg tgtcttcaca atcagatggt gatgacgtgg gaataaggaa ggagactaaa     84360
     tatccattta tatatatctt taattgtatt tattatttaa tgtatgagtg ctcttttgca     84420
     catatatcca cctgcccgaa gagggcatca gatcccccta tagatggttg tgagccacct     84480
     tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcatgacct ctggaagagc agctagtgct cttaaccact     84540
     gagttatctc accagccccg taagacatcc atttataaca tagctaggat aaggggctta     84600
     aacattccca tggatttcat taaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa     84660
     cttatctggg ttggaaacag tggagtgtgc ctgtggtccc agctacttgg aaggctggcg     84720
     aggggacaac acttgggcat gggagttgaa ggctggactg ggtaacagag caggaccttc     84780
     acctcaataa atatgggaag gactacacgt ttggatttgt gctggtcgga tttttatgtc     84840
     aacttgacac aagttagagt catctgagag gatgactgag aaaatgcctc cctaagatcc     84900
     agctgtaggc aagtccgtgg agcatttcct taactaatga tagatgaagg agggcctagc     84960
     ccattgcaag taggactact cccgggctgg tggttctggg ttctataaga aagcaggctt     85020
     agcaagctaa gaagagcaaa ccagtaagca gctccccttt atggcctctg catcagctcc     85080
     tgcctccagc ttcctgccca gtttgagttc ctgccctgac ttccttcaat gatggactat     85140
     gatgtggagt gtaagccgaa aaaaaaacct tttcttccta acttgcattg gttatgatat     85200
     ttcatcacag caatagtaac cctaatgaag acaggatccc agcacccatg ctgggtagct     85260
     tacaacagca ggtaactcca gcccagggga tgcaacgccc tctcctgacc tccgccgaca     85320
     actgaacata cccatatgcc aacataacta acaacattag aatcatgtgc acatatgctt     85380
     atacactggg ttgggaactc ttcacgcttt ccaaagccac aaccttcgcc acctcatgat     85440
     agtctggaac ttctggggcc gacagccatg agtcccattt cataggagag gaaactaagg     85500
     ctcttccttg ctgtcacacc actcccaaag gatgagtagc actgaggcga aaccacagcc     85560
     aaacccttta ccccgaggct atatagtgtc gcccagagag ctggccccgg gggggggggg     85620
     ggggagcagg aggcagagcc acctgcattt tcagtcagtc tttgaagcat cctcggaatt     85680
     ctccctgtca ggtgagaagc cacaacacct cctgttcatc tggctctcca gccgagtgag     85740
     ccgctgtttc agcttcatct gggaggcact gtactcagcc aggagtcggg caaacctcgt     85800
     ctgcaggatg tccagggacg actccaggta ctccaccttc tcctcaacgt ccctggtatc     85860
     taccctggcc gcgactaggt cctcatcaat taggttgtcc ttcatcagaa tctgacggcc     85920
     cttttcctcc agagccctct tagcgtctgg gtactcggtg agggcttcca ttaggtcatc     85980
     cttggagagg cagaacaggt ctgagtagcc gatactcctg atgttggccg tcctgcggtt     86040
     cccagacttg ctccccttaa tgtttaagat gctaatctcc ccaaagtaac tgccgtcact     86100
     gaggaccaca aactgggtga ccccgtcatc agccaccaca gccagcttgc cctccttgat     86160
     gatgtacatc tctcttccaa tgtccccctt tttgcatatg tagtccccgg ggctgaacac     86220
     agtggggcgg agcttcagca ccagctccac cagcagcccc gcctcgcagt cctggaagat     86280
     tcggaccttc ttcagcgtgt ccaggtgcac gttgatggcg atctcagcct tcagcttgtc     86340
     cgggaggttt ttgagcactt ccttttcatc caccgtcttc ctgttggccc acagatagtc     86400
     aaaccaccgg ataacccgag tctccaagtc cttggttacc ttccggaact gcatgtactg     86460
     cttgacggag tcgatcttag cctggaactc tacccgggga gcgttcatgt tggaaatcat     86520
     ggagcctacg ttgcccacta tggtggcaaa gatcaggata cccaccagga agtcgatgac     86580
     cacaaagaga tactcttcat ctttcacggg gggtggggtc tcaccaatgg tggtcagggt     86640
     cagggtggac cagtagagac tgtaaatgta cttccgggag agtcgtgcat actccggctt     86700
     ggaggtgttt ggatagaccc aggagtctgt cccaaaacca atgaacttgg aaatggcaaa     86760
     gtagatgcag gcattccagt ggatgatgat gagtgtgtaa aggaccaagt tccctatcct     86820
     gaacacgttg gggtagttgg tccttgtctc tgtgcggtca aagaattcaa agagccgaga     86880
     gaacttcagg aggcggttga acctcagttc tgggtagttc acgcccaact ttaaataagc     86940
     caggtctgtg gggatgagag acaggatgtc cagcttgaag tgcaaggtct ttgtgtaatg     87000
     tttccacagc ctcttggtat ctctgaccat taggccttgc tcaaggaaac ctaaggacgg     87060
     agaaggggac agtcacttgg gcaccaaaga ggcttaaact gcctacacaa cagacggtgg     87120
     tgtgtatctg agagaaacaa tattagacat aactaatatt aatgttgaca gtcaccctga     87180
     atttttctat aatctcttct gtttaatttt gttttttctc ttctgggaat ggaacccagg     87240
     gccttgtata agctagggtt atataactga gctacttccc cagttatcta ttcaggatta     87300
     aaaattataa attaattggg taactttgaa aatagactgg atgttagatg aaagcaagga     87360
     atgaagatta aattttaacc gacaaaccca ttagagattg tgtcgagtga gggagcacca     87420
     gctttcctaa tgttctctct ttgtgttttg tatgtacttg aaaatatgaa tcatcaaact     87480
     tcaaaaattc agatcaaagc ctaccaagca ggcatcacca gtagtagtgt tcagggaaac     87540
     agtgctgggc ttgaccccca gagcttacgc catgaggcac ttttacaagt tcaaggtgtc     87600
     tcggctgcta gcacaagacc tttgctgaaa atgaaaatta aggctgtcat catatatgac     87660
     ccatacaagt tctgatactc ctagtcctca ggttattctt gttcaataat tgcccttcag     87720
     gatccataga gcaactgatt ccaggattcc ttaatctctt tgtttccgag ggaaccagaa     87780
     tccttagatg cttaagtatc ttccatagaa tgatgttaca tctgcacatt acccatacat     87840
     atcctcctct gattatgtta aatcctctct aggtttctta tagtgcccaa tacatgtagc     87900
     ataaatgctc cgaagccgta ttgtgttgtg tagggataaa tgaccaggag aaataaaacc     87960
     tctaaatgtt cagctcagaa cgttttttcc aaatatctgg ttgattggct ctccaggtgc     88020
     aagatctatg gatgctatag tgcttgtgcg tgtgtctatg gagtgccttg tgtagcatct     88080
     tggcttagag actcctcatc attttatgat tcttctgagt ctgaagatct tttcctcttg     88140
     gactgcgatc atggcctcta tctccctcag cttcttgctg aagctggcat tgccaaggac     88200
     agtatccaag tacaggaagg gatggagctg atgtctgagt gagggcgagg tgttgccctg     88260
     aggctcgcct gagacaagca gcagggttct agtggatgat cacagagcac tgtgcctgtg     88320
     gatactagtg tgactgctgc agaggccatt cataccacct ccagctgtgt gttggaggtt     88380
     ctctaagtta atgtgctggg caccactggg aggaagcagg gcttgccact ctgcctgacc     88440
     ggggtgtgaa tatggactcg gggccttggt ttctgactca gtaagatgga gacaaccttg     88500
     cttctttgtt tgtttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttgcgag acagggtttc     88560
     tctgtgtaac tctggctgtc ctggaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tctcaagtgc     88620
     tgggattaaa ggtgtgtgcc accacacccg gcaacaacct tgcttctcgt ttcatgtact     88680
     gggaaagcaa gatgagctga gaggatgtgt gagttagagc tacgtggtgt gattccatgt     88740
     gtgtgttccc attaagcatg gcagtgtgga tggtcgttcc aaaatcttag cagcagtaag     88800
     aagggcctct acaaggttag gtgatgatgt atttgttttc cttagaaaaa gatgcccaaa     88860
     agctgagcag ccccaattct caagcacagg tgtgactgaa ccccaaccag aggctgtttg     88920
     aaagaacgag tggtcctagg tcctgttttg aatttcactt cttcatgcgt taaaacttcc     88980
     ctgaggagcc agagagatgg ctcagtaaga gcactcactg ccctgaattc agttccctgc     89040
     acacatgtct ggttgctcac aaatgcctat aactcaagct ccatcatagg ggtctgatgc     89100
     cctcttctgg acactctggg cacttacact catgggcaca aacccattca cagactcaca     89160
     catttcactt tataaaaaat aagctaaaat atcccaaaat agtcatagaa gtaaattgta     89220
     aaactcctct gagagggaca gagtagtgct tcctggacct tccatatttc tgaggagaag     89280
     tacttggagg actgactgag tgtcatctca cacaggcagt cctgaagggc cctttgatat     89340
     gacagcttag ccttgtgtca ggtgacaaaa gtgaggtcca gacaaccatc ttgacttgct     89400
     tgtataacac tgggacagta gattccagag tccatgtgtc ttagcccctg accaggtctt     89460
     gttgaaggat tcagtatcaa gataccagca cccactctgt gtttgtgggt ctccagatct     89520
     ctcaggcacc tcttggtcaa aggtaggtaa catccagtcc actgccatgg gtcttgttga     89580
     gtattctatg gttcccccta ctgagggcct gtgacctgga ccagtcaagt ccgtggggca     89640
     cactcacctg tccgggctcg aaccagcatg tctaaaacat aaaggacatc tgcagagtag     89700
     tccaagacca gccacagcgt caggtgctct gattgtagct catcaaaaca ggccctgaag     89760
     aagccaagtg tgagatttga caggatggga tggcctagtg tcagagcaca gacccttccc     89820
     tgccctgtgt tgtgaataag ctcattacaa ccagtggcca ttattcctgc agggttacac     89880
     ctgccacata gcactttcct ctgagatgaa aaccttctat tttggaagga accctcttaa     89940
     gataggattt ctagagaggt gaagcaacag atattctaaa gggaagtgaa atactacatg     90000
     gatgctcatt aagacaggaa gtaaacaatt caaagtagct tcaggaagtc cctgaaactg     90060
     agcgtattca ctaagaccct ccctccctat aaaatatgta aacagtaaag cctgctgaga     90120
     gtcaccatca ggaaagccaa gctgcaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaccaaa accaaaacca     90180
     aaaaaaaaaa accccaaaac ctcaggccag gcagtggcag agcacacctt taatcccagc     90240
     acttaggagg cagaggcagg cgggtttctg agtttgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga     90300
     gttccaggac agccaaggct atacagagaa actctgtctc aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaag     90360
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag     90420
     aaagagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     90480
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaagaaag agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     90540
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagag aaagaaggaa gaaaattttc agacaagtca     90600
     gcagccttga aaaagcagag agaccaattg aacttcttag aagaaacaag gactggatga     90660
     gctgccagga aaaggctctg atcaattgag ccactgaaaa aggactccaa cctgctgagc     90720
     tgccttcagg ctgtgtaata tgcatcaggt tcccagcttt cacgagctgt cacccacgca     90780
     ggggtaggct ttggtgatac agctgtcttg gagtcatttc tgctattata agtaacccta     90840
     acccagattc ctgtaaataa ttccaattaa actcattggc tcaccaagtt ggagtcatgg     90900
     gctctgtttc tggagttaat agatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     90960
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgctg tgtctcccag gaaaagtttg tcccatgaca atgcaatgga     91020
     atcactccag actcagagaa gttacactgt cccacagtca ctgggctcat aggaagaaga     91080
     actcaggact taaatgtgta ctgtgaattt taatgataga atgcaaaata aatattctac     91140
     ccgcctaccc attcacccaa ccacccaaac aaagaactat gcaaccagcc acccaactac     91200
     ccaaccaaca aactacccaa tcaaccaccc aaccaacagg tcaaacaacc aaacaaccac     91260
     cccaacaagc actgaaacaa tcaactaccc aaccagctag ccacacacct aaccacccac     91320
     ccacctaccc acacaaacaa ctaccctaac aaccactcaa acaactaccc aaccaaccaa     91380
     ctactcaacc agccactcaa acaaccaact actcaaccag ctatccaccc actcaaccac     91440
     tcaaccactc acccaaccaa ccaataaacc aactacccca ctagccacct acccaaacaa     91500
     ccacacaacc agactacccc ccaaagaacc actgaaacaa gcaactaccc aaccagcttt     91560
     ccatccacct gcctgcctac ccacccaata tcaatcaatc aatcaaacaa acaaacaaac     91620
     aaacaactgg gattgacatt aggtaaaggg gttaacaacc ttttctttct agagttgtat     91680
     tccaaaatat tctagagaat attttcccca ccttttgatt cttcttgttt gttgtttctc     91740
     acacagacag caccccaagt tttcctcttt acccccaaag aacagcagcc tacttgccat     91800
     tcaagtcttc tgcacacttg gaaatagaat cttgacttac tcctgtgttc tcagagtcta     91860
     gatcacgtgt caagagctgc actgccacct tgcccatttg ctgggggggg gggggctccc     91920
     atgctctccc cattcaccag tctcacagac cctcagatag gctaaacccc aggcttccac     91980
     atccacctgt gtggtgttat gctttggatg gcaagtaccc cgcaaaggct catgggctaa     92040
     aggcttggtc accagtctgt agcatgcctg gggggtgata gaacctttag ttggtaagtc     92100
     aaggggggtt gcctttaaaa ggaagattag gtccccgcct gttcccttcc tctatacttc     92160
     cttcttctct gccctggtgt cttgtcttgt cagtgtccca gtgatctttc tgaaactctg     92220
     agctagaata acttttttct tttacatcat ttagtttttg tcatatcagc agaaagctga     92280
     ccaactgcag ggacacaggt gttctctgca tcctggttaa ggaataacat gctaaaaatc     92340
     actgtgtagc ctcctaggcc agctgtgtct gtccgtctta cagactttcc caggaacaca     92400
     tcaaggccca ctgtctactc gaagaggacg ctctcctgca tcatggtaaa caagagggca     92460
     cagtcactct caaagggctg tatcctggtt ggctcaggag atcccctgac ccctgtccag     92520
     ctttctttca caagtacaga gacttgcctc tgcgtgactt cctcataggc ttacttgggg     92580
     acatttctaa ccctgtgcct cctcttggag ggacaatgaa ccctgtatcc ctttcctgct     92640
     agagagggcc ttcggacccc ttccttacct tcagacagga gtagtgggat cttcttgtca     92700
     cctcagcagc ctgcaccctg tagatctgct cagggtaggg gtcccctcac tgcaccctta     92760
     cctagcaaca tgtttaagag tgctccaaag gcctgcatgg catcctctag tggcacaccc     92820
     ttgcaggctt gcttaggaaa gcccctgcca cttccccaac cacaaggggg aggcatcctg     92880
     ccccagtacc cacagcagca gttctcccac ggtggggaag ggtgtgctta ctagaaagtt     92940
     atagctcagc cctgtggctc caacctctgc accccaggaa cccagcagaa cttgctagca     93000
     aaggtccctg ctacactctc ttctttttca ctagctctcc ctgtggaaac tctaatgcct     93060
     tggatcttct gcagaaaagc aacagctcct tctaacacac ttaactaaga gcaccccaaa     93120
     gtctgcatct accttcagaa gaatagcaga acgtgccaca cggttccaac acggcaacct     93180
     gccttggaaa ccagaagcct agaatttacc cacagcatct tcactgaacg tttactcaac     93240
     cacaggttca ctcaaaatgg ttccctaagc ctctcagaac agtggctagc cccttcctca     93300
     tataacccta atgcagactt cagagtgctc agactgtctt ggagcccttc tcacccaagg     93360
     tttaaaaaac ttcagagtcc tttgtgaaat ggccggattt tttacagata gaggaccgaa     93420
     cacagtggtt ctcaacctgt gggtcggcag gggttgcata tcagatatcc tacatattag     93480
     atatttacat tatgttacat tcataacaac agcaaaaata cagttatgaa gtatcaatgg     93540
     tcacagcatt aggaaggttg agaaccactg acccaaagca acagagctct gtggtggctg     93600
     agaagagaga agctcactct ggtgaaacaa cattctgagg cttttttgcc ctctcccttc     93660
     ctgtgcccgc ttcagtgcct acctgcatac aagtagacac cagttataga agactgggag     93720
     cgcgatggca gtcagccagc ggtagtagat gttgctggag gggtccacca caatgggctc     93780
     ctccttcctg ctggaaacag agacggacat tgttccatat gaaagggatc taaaggcctt     93840
     cactaactta gtgacctgag agggatttta ggtatggggg aagaagtaga ggtcacaaca     93900
     ggatcttctg agttccaagg gggtcttaca gaatgcctct gtggggaaga caggcgggga     93960
     gctccctccg tcccagtcca acctccacaa ctgtaaagtc ttgctgactt gtttccacat     94020
     gccccagggt atcattcctg agcattagaa tttgatctgg gaatgaagag gcagcatggc     94080
     tgagtgctgg caagggagca attgactcct ggggagagct ttatggcaat gccagttccc     94140
     agggaccacc cacgccttcc aggctggaag tgtgcatgtt gacagctctc ggtgtctctg     94200
     aggcagttcg taagactgaa cttggaagcc ctggagtgtg tcctccagcc ctctccacct     94260
     cttgctacat ttgtgagaag agggagttac tgacttcatt gtgaatcatt gtgagtaagg     94320
     gtatcactcc attggagtgt tgagaaattg gtgactcggg ttaatgtcat acaactatca     94380
     ctcactttca ctaacctctg ggaagttaca cacagcccaa ggccggagac attttgaagc     94440
     aactgaaatt cacaccgaga tggaaacgtg aagcaggagt ttaaaagtca acgtcatgcg     94500
     aattggctga gtaggttttt gtttaaaaaa aaaaaaaact gactgcaaag gtcatgtatg     94560
     gggttacatg cctgtaacct caggacatgg gaagctgagg caggagaatt aagctcaagg     94620
     ctagccttca ctacatagaa cacactgccc attctatttt gctttctgtt gctgtaataa     94680
     atactgtgat ggtttatata tgcttggcct agggagtggc actatcagaa gttgtggctc     94740
     tgttggagta ggggtgtcac tgtgggtgtg ggctttaaga cccttaccct agctgcctag     94800
     aagtcagtat tctgctagcg gccttcaggt gaagttgtag aactctcagc tctgcctgca     94860
     ccatgcctgc ctggatgcta ccatggtctc accttgaaga taatgaactg accctttgaa     94920
     cctgtaagcc agccccaatt aaatgctgtc ctttataaga attgccttgg tcatggtgtc     94980
     tgttcacagc catggaaacc ctaagacaaa taccatggcc taaagcaatt tgggagagga     95040
     aagagtttat ttcagtttac acttccaggt cagggccacc agcctagggg atagtcctgc     95100
     ccatagtggg ctggatcaat cattagtcaa gacaatccct cacagatgct gcaatggagc     95160
     taactgatct aggcaatccc tcagttcaga ctccctcaca tgactctggg ctgtgtccag     95220
     tcgacagctg aagctaatta ggacattgtc tgacaaacca gaataaaaca aaccaagata     95280
     agaggaccct taaggagttc taaataatag ttaaatttgt ttggcgtaca ttgctatcag     95340
     aacacgtgat ttaaaagatg aacctcttat cttgcagatc tataaattga aagtcaagaa     95400
     tgggtctcac catttccaac acagagttgt gacctcttgg gaggttttag aggagccatt     95460
     ttttctccac cccacaccac tcccttgttt gtagtgatgg cgaatgtccc tgtagctgca     95520
     ggcctgcagg tcccatggtt tctttgctgg ctgtaatgca tagttatatg tagctttaca     95580
     gtgttgtggc agggctgtgg agctggctgg cagggcataa agtgctcact gtacaagcac     95640
     aagaactaga gtatggatcc ctagaaccca tgtaatggct gggtagacat ggcggctgtc     95700
     tgtaatccca gcacccagga gggagaacat gcgtgggcaa gctggttttg aattggtgag     95760
     ctctgggttc atcgagagtc tctacttcaa aaactatagt gaagagtgat ggaggaagac     95820
     actggactca atttcaggtt tccacatgca cagatgtgtg cacctacatg gatacagaca     95880
     gacataggca catgcaagaa agaggaggag gaagaaaaaa aacgaaaaaa aaaaacctgt     95940
     ctactcttcc aatccttgga actggttgtc ctagctaggt ttaactgaac tggacacatc     96000
     cagattcatt tgaaggagtc tgaattgggt tattcggacc tgttgtcacc tctgtgggaa     96060
     actgtcttga ttaatgattg gtgcgagggg agcatcacag atcactgtgg gtggcaccat     96120
     ccctatgcaa atgacctgtg cttatgaaga agaagaaaaa gaagaggagg aagagggaga     96180
     ggaggaagag ggagaggaag aagaggaagg ggaagaagag gaaggagaag gaagaggaag     96240
     aggaagaaga ggaggaggaa gagaaggaag aggaagaaga ggaggaggaa gagaaggaag     96300
     aggaggaagc aacagccact gtagcaggag caactgtgtc atttcttggt ttttgacacc     96360
     atttccatct acagtgtgag ctgtcatcac cagcctaaca cttcaaagtt ttgtcgataa     96420
     atatgttctt taaaccgttt taattttact taagcccgag gatgccttcc ttcacgaagg     96480
     agattttagg tatggaactc taacctactt ttgtaggagt cccagaaagc tccatttagc     96540
     aaaggacctt taccatacag ccaagcctca gctggtcaca gcaggcaaat gtcgtcctgt     96600
     tagccatgac catctgactc tcataggaga aagtgccaag cttcagccaa atgagttgct     96660
     gttgtatcta atccctagcc attagtgctg cccaggcatt acaggctaca gttctgagat     96720
     catatttggt tttggagaca catgattcta gtattgtgga taaaatggac ttaagaaata     96780
     ttaaaaataa ttttatcttt tgacagtgga acaaagaatt attctatttg ctaatcaagc     96840
     acaaagacaa atcctccatc ttaatgaatg tcaccagcag agggcgctgc ccacaagctt     96900
     attgggctca ctggacatgg cagtctgggc ttgctttggt cgggcttttg agggtatgtg     96960
     ttacaggttt tggcttttca aactcctgct acccaacttt tgaggaccca gcccagtgct     97020
     atccagctgc acccctgaat ctacccagca ctggcccaaa cattatacag acttgcaaaa     97080
     tatggctgct ttaagctaag agcaattcgg tcccaaaggg agaagttatt ccgtatttga     97140
     gaactaaatg agaaatctgg aaataggaag ctagctacaa agaaacggcc cagagagaat     97200
     cgtcacctat gcccaaacat ccccatctgg tggcagtttt cagtttcatc ctttggtctg     97260
     tggcttccag tgtgggtcca tgaaacgggc cctggggcag ccggtaccag tgccctcatc     97320
     cttgcccaca tcctagccac aggacatagc atgaggactt ccacaagctg ctcatggctt     97380
     ccaatcccta agagcctttc cctgcctgga agccagggag caagcacatc tcatggtatc     97440
     cacagctttg tggccaagtc atttttcttt ttctttttct ccccctctcc cctctcccct     97500
     ctcccctctc cattctcccc tctccattct cccctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct     97560
     ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ttcctttcct tttttccccc ttttcgagac agggtttctc     97620
     tgtatagctc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc aaactcagaa     97680
     atccgcctgc ctctgtctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc acgcccggct     97740
     cattttgttt ttcttgattg gtggcatctg agtggatggc tttgctgtca tagttaacac     97800
     aaaccgggca cacccttctt gcaaggaggg aattaaagtc aacatatggg gaagaaaata     97860
     aataccaagc tctggccctt tgtcaactgc aaatcaagca gttggccatt tccttctgat     97920
     gtggatggct tcccctgacc ttcaggaagg agccctggca tccctaagag gcagaagcca     97980
     cagacctagt cacccatgca tgcctgtggt cactcatggc cacgtccacc ctcactcaca     98040
     cagtccagga ctcttgtcct gatactcact cgccaaactc atctgccagc tcagtgtctg     98100
     tgacagaaca tcgtcacagc agatcacctt ttcgagaggc tggtcaccag gggaaggata     98160
     tttcctcctc aggtggctct ggtggctccc tggagattag ctcaagctgg ccttaaaaca     98220
     aggtcctttc cctggatctc agttctcagg accttgaggt tgtagcatag aaaatgcatc     98280
     cttggggctg gagagatggc tcagtggtta agggcactga ctgctcttcc agaggtcctg     98340
     agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacatccatc tgtaatggga tccgatgccc     98400
     tcttgtggtg tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtactcatat aaatgaaata aataaatctt     98460
     aagagaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagaa agaaagaaag     98520
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaaa     98580
     tgcatcctta tagcgaagga aaccacccca ctggtctgct agggaactcc aaatttgttc     98640
     ccttgagtat gtagtgaaag agggtattaa accagaaagg atttatttcc tgaaacccct     98700
     tggcttccca gatgatagaa acaaagaaca aaaagtaata tgagttcctc agagaaatta     98760
     tacagacttg tgtgtctccc cttggcgatg gatttattaa acaattctgg aatggtttgc     98820
     tggtgtctgg agaagatggt aagcaggaaa agagagaggc aaagtggggc ttccatgcag     98880
     gggtaggggt atgagggggt gagggggtgg taatggggtg gcagggtaga gaggtgaggt     98940
     ggtaagggtt ggggtggtgg gatggtggtg ccatggcttc tggggtaggg aaagggaaag     99000
     ctagtgtgct tgtctggagc ttgggtactt attcctcctg caagttgctc caagtgttca     99060
     catcacttct ggccatgggc caggcgctgc aaggaggcag agagaccaca gcaccacagg     99120
     aataagaatg gtttcaatga ctcaggcctg tcttgcctga ggtgactgtg ccagtagccc     99180
     cacccacttc ttcccagcct ttctgttcac gatgcattgt tattatgagg aacaaattgt     99240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtacttaggg ctggcaaaag     99300
     cttgggggaa gagaggaaaa gcacttggct aaatccaggc ttctggttaa ataaggttta     99360
     atgatttgaa ttccccctag tttctgagcc ttagcttcta ctcaatttcc ttctgttcgc     99420
     ccctgagcag ggtggtgagc caggctctgt ggtacctttg ccttctgtac ttccaacctt     99480
     ttcaggtgaa gggagtctgg aaccttcttc attggggatg aggggaggga gcagctactt     99540
     gctatcctca cctgcacaga ccagacatgg ctctccaggg tgccctctcc tgaagatgta     99600
     acttctttct tccaatcagc gggccagaaa attgaccaat ggcaaactca tctccacatt     99660
     tgatctcatg tctcttctgc tcccaacccc tttaggaatc tctgcttcag gtctatggcc     99720
     cccatctgtg atccacccaa ggatgtgata gagggtacca gtcagcttca tacaaattag     99780
     atactatcta tcgtagcatc ccacgagtgt tgtcctccag tggtcgccac caggacaagt     99840
     ttgtgacacg gaggtaagaa agccaggtgg cctcacagag ctaaactgta ccttgcagcg     99900
     gtcactgttg ataggagagc actgtgggag ccagtggctg gaggtgcctc agccggactt     99960
     agtgctagtt tttttgtttt tgctttttta aagatttatt tatttatttt atatatttga    100020
     gtacactgtg gctgtcttca gacacaccaa aagaggacat tggatcctat tacagatggt    100080
     tgtgagccat catgtagttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagttagtg    100140
     ctcttaacca ccaagtcatc tctccagccc ggtttctgct attttgatta tcttttcctg    100200
     agactttctc tccccattta agatgaggcc tcagctgctt gtttctggat tgttctactt    100260
     atgtgaaaat cccccaatga cgagaaatcg ctgggaaaca gtggagaaca catactgctc    100320
     ctggggtcct ggggccctga ttccacaagg cgagacccac atggacagct atttggcttt    100380
     gcagttggga cttggcctct aattaaaaac tccccttctc catggctcct cccaccctgc    100440
     atcaccacat ccatcagccg ccctcagcca gctcgggcat ggccaggcat ctctggttta    100500
     gtcagacttt gctctatgtg gttctagaac acctaaccct ccaatcattt gatcacagtg    100560
     ggaaaaatac tgaatgcagc aaccgtctcc attagtctaa ggttatagga tgattgattt    100620
     aattggctaa ggaagtcttt gttttttcca aaagacatag atacaaccca gaaagctaca    100680
     gaaagtttaa ggctcctttt ccctgaaaag taaggaactg ctgggggcaa aggtcccact    100740
     gggtcctttt ctgggcctat caccctgctg agaggtgagt agaaggctag tgtcttagtt    100800
     agggtttcat tgttgtgaaa ggacaacagg accacagtaa cttataaagg ccaacaattc    100860
     attggggctg gcttacagtt ttaagaggtt cagttcatta tcatcatggc aggaagcacg    100920
     gcagcatgca ggcagacatg gtcctggaga aggagctgag agttctacat cttgatcctt    100980
     aggcaaccag gaacagactg tccttcccgg gtagccagga ggagggagag tcttcttgtt    101040
     actgggtggt gcttgagcat atgacctcaa agcccaaccc cacagtgatt cacttcctcc    101100
     aacaaggcca cacccactct aacaaggcca cacccactcc aacaaggcca cacctacttc    101160
     aacaaggcca tgcctactcc aataaggcct cacttcttaa tagtgccact ttcccatggg    101220
     ccaagcatat ttaaaccacc acagctagaa accttttttg ggtgctggta atcgagcccg    101280
     agtcctgtga aacagcagct ggtgtttacc actgaaccgt ctatcccaac actttatgag    101340
     atggggtctc tcaccgacct ggaactcact aaataggtca agatggtcat ccagcaagct    101400
     ccaaggattt gcttgtcttt aaagcacgtg ttcttaggat tgaacacagg ttttcatgtt    101460
     tgcaaagcag gcacctcact ctctccccca ccctctgaac tctcattcta agagtggttc    101520
     tgtattccac aatctactac atgccctaca gtacaaaaat gtctccctca tatacataca    101580
     tggaagtaca gtggcggttc cagaaagatc catgaggttt ctcctgaagt ttcattgctg    101640
     tctctctcca gggaccttgt atgttcactt agaagcccca gacttgagcc tttcttttta    101700
     tcagcacaaa accaagtggt gttgtcccag ccatacaggg accgttcatt ctcctaccac    101760
     gctcacatct tactaatctt gatgtacctc agaggagtct gacaaaggag aatatttaaa    101820
     tccttaaatg cttcccagaa agcaggttct gggcaaaaat ccacctgctg gtgaaccttg    101880
     ggaggtcagc tttctctcca ggtccagcct tgcttctctt ccgggctgac atgagcatcc    101940
     taaggagacc tttggatgcc cagtgattag tgagctgtgg tgggctgtaa aagaccttga    102000
     tgtggggtag ccccgtggtc acaggtactt ctcacaaata agagaggcag agattcccat    102060
     gtgtgtgtgt ctgggggggg gggggagcag agagaagcgc accaccaaag ggcacagctg    102120
     cagttgcttg ggggaggagg gttgggtgat gcaagaaggt acacaggagt cttggttcta    102180
     tagacgctct taccagaagc aagccatctc tccatcctcc ctctcctcca tgcttacctc    102240
     cctcacgccc ctctccccac ccagtgcttc ctgctctgat atgactgatt ctgcaggttg    102300
     atcattctaa cctgtggctc ttctcactaa gaaatgtttg cacctctata aagtaccact    102360
     tgtgtgtctc ctcaactctc cttgcgcaaa acaggccctg catttgagca agatggttca    102420
     taatataatc tgggttgagg gctctcgtag agagagacag ctgaggtcag aaactcctga    102480
     tttgggaagc tttgtgcagg atgggtcagg tttaaatgaa gttggaaact ctggctcaag    102540
     ggctctctgg actcgggatg gagaatgtta gagcatgcag taatgttaga tagagcattc    102600
     agtaatctcc aaaggacatg tgcttccttt cagggatgtc acacaacggt gtcgctctgg    102660
     gtctccttgg ggcatctaag ctgggtccct gtgcttctca gctgtttcag ctggtgtggt    102720
     gcaggcgacc ttacccttcc cctccgtctg gtggcttctg ttctcctggg ttgggctggg    102780
     cattgctttc ccgggtggag acttccttaa gctcagatcc atgaaatcga tccaaaaagg    102840
     agtcaggtgt ctggtcttca tcgtgtaagt gcctggaggc ccacgcacga atcgagatga    102900
     tgaggcgtga caccctggaa gaggatggga gagacgagag agaatgacag ataagaaaag    102960
     accccgatct ggcctcgagg agccagaaga agcagaagtg atcgccagag tgagtctggg    103020
     atgtgtggct caggcctcca tttctactga gtccccttct ccctcttctt cctttgccct    103080
     ccaggctggg gcagagcctc actgaccaat cacaccgtgt ctttattatg gctttgtcct    103140
     ttctactttc ccgtagacgt gcttcttctc ttggggcatc agtgagcatt tctgctcatt    103200
     aatccttttg cccaggcagg tctcttgttt gttaggatcg ctaagtgaga accggagagc    103260
     gcagcactga agagtacttg ctgctctcaa agaggacctg ggtttggctc cctgcagttt    103320
     agaaccattt ctaagtcctg ttctagggga tcagacgccc tcctctgaac ccgatgggca    103380
     ggagacactt acacatgctg caatacctac ctgccaggca aaacactcag gcacagaatt    103440
     aaagaataaa acctttgaaa aagtattatt tagcatagga gcagtaaaag tatacaatca    103500
     ttgtggatta aatataaatg tcccccatag gttcctatgt ttgaatactt ggtctccagt    103560
     tagcggcact ttttgggaaa attattctca gctctaccca gtgtcccctc ccatgctctg    103620
     ctaagggaat agaaaaatgt catccccacc ccttcccacc cccagctcca gacaactgac    103680
     ccacaatgca ccactcctga ctctgaacaa ctgacagcct cactatgctg gagttgggta    103740
     ttccactcaa gggtatttcc agccctgtgt ctgtgatgtg atgtagccag aaatggggga    103800
     ggcatgcagg cctcacaaag gccacgagga tctacagcag ctgcctcccc agcctctcct    103860
     ctgcccccat ggccctgtct ctacagcaga ctacatggct atcctgacag tgccctgcac    103920
     agcctaccca aggccttttc atctgcactg acttgaagat gttctcttcc ctgcaaccag    103980
     agtcttggga gagcatgtct tattaatata aaacactgga aacagccaga tacaagaagt    104040
     tccttaaaaa ctaaggcaga ggggctaggg agatggatca gtaaatgaaa ctcttgtgca    104100
     agcatgaaga ccctgatttc agctcccaac acccatgaaa aagccagcag ggagtgtatg    104160
     tgtcatttat catagctctg agggacagac aggaggacct ctggagacta gtggctggcc    104220
     atgacctcag tgagagatgt aagatgaaca gcaacagaga cacctaatgt caaccacaca    104280
     cacatcacac acattacaca cagtcataca catatataca cacataccac ataccataca    104340
     tacatgcaca caaaatcaca catagacacc atacacacag atcacacaca gacatcgcat    104400
     gcacagatta catacagaca tcacacacag acacacacac acacaaatac atacaccaca    104460
     cacacatcat tcacagacat actacatata cagaaacatc atatacacac acacagacac    104520
     acatattcac actcatatac cacaggctat acatacatac acacacatca cacatagata    104580
     ccatccacac agatcataca cagataccac acaaacagat cacacacaga taccatatgc    104640
     acacacacat acacacacag acaccacaca tacatatcac acacacagac atactacaca    104700
     gacacacata ctcacatacc acacgccata cacacatgca cacacacaca catcacacac    104760
     acagacacca cccacacaga tcatactcag acactaccca catagatcat atacagacac    104820
     cacatacaca gatcacacat agacatctct tacacacaca taccacagac tccacataca    104880
     tatatcacac acagacatac taaacacaca gacaccacat acacacatca catatacaca    104940
     gagacaacac acacacatca cacatacaca gagacaatac acacacatca cacagacata    105000
     ctacacatac atacagaccc acacatacaa acacatactc atataccaca cacacataca    105060
     cctcccagaa gaaacattct ctacaattaa aaatataatg aataaattat ctatctattc    105120
     atggcccgtt tatgaattta tctgtttatt tgacagtcag cttaccagca gtacagacgg    105180
     catgactgta aaactgttga attggtttaa gaaaattact ggaaagtaat gatcatggcg    105240
     tctgtgagca cctgccgaga cgcccacaca ccagtattgc tagaagccgt ttcagataag    105300
     gctcagaaag gggaaatgac tttcttcacg ttaaagccag gcacaggtgc cctcagaggg    105360
     aagctcggac acttgctaac ctgctgggtg cttttgtgaa gatgtgaaga tgtgtgttac    105420
     agagcctaga cacactgagg aaccctccat agctatatca tcctcactgt atcactgtgt    105480
     gtcactgtgt atcactgtgt ccatccaggg ttgtagcacg gctacccagt ggtctctgtt    105540
     gcctttgctc tgcgtttctc cagtgctgag aaacaatgct actttttttt aattaaagta    105600
     tttttaaacc aaagctgttc atcttcaact ttcctgagct cagaccatca ggctaaaaag    105660
     aacagaacta gtcactgtta ggggattctg ttccttgccc cattcttcaa accttcaagc    105720
     ctatgtggca tgcagtctga ggtacctcca cattctttct gcctcagtct ctctagtctc    105780
     aatgaagact gtgcgaagtc agttacctgg ctggtccctg gcttgtgact acgctccgtg    105840
     cggatccagc cagtcctcgg gtctccatgg cgatcccttg ctgcagtgtg gaagatgtct    105900
     cctcacatgg tgagtgagac ctgggaaatc aaatatgcag catgctaatt gatttcaagc    105960
     tctttcacct caagggcggt cagaagtgag acgggcagca gagggtagac accattgcag    106020
     gttctcaaac cagggtctgc tgcaaatctt accccggaga tccaatgacc ctttctttta    106080
     tattaactta ttgtggaatg tatggtatat aggtatacac atgtgcatgt acctaccgtg    106140
     caagtgtgga cagacacttc aggggacaga caacgtgtgg gagttggttc tgtacttcca    106200
     caggtgtgtc ccagagattg aactcagatt ctcaggctta gcagcaagct cctttacctg    106260
     ctgagccata ttgatgaccc taagtgactc tgaccaggga gagcagcttt tggtagttac    106320
     tgtacatgag gaaggtgaag gcagtagagc cagcagaaag cgctagcatg ctctccacgg    106380
     aggcggggcc aggggaggtc ccagcacccg ctgtcttgtc catgttccca tgcaatgctt    106440
     cccaaacaaa gatctcttct tgccaacgta ttgctgactt ctgtagcaag tctatgtcct    106500
     tctggaagcc tcctttcctg ccctgtgcac ggtgcgggca ctttctgggc agttatgcac    106560
     ttgcctggca ggcttcctac cattctggat catgccatgg atttggccta cctctccaag    106620
     caacagttaa aatcatttga acagtgtttc caagataaag tcattcaccc tttgcccagc    106680
     cctgcctctg tccccagcaa cagagcagta ctcggcgcca ctctgtgcat tcagggtgaa    106740
     cagcatgtgc tgagggggct atgacctcat tgcttgcttt tgcacctggg aacaagggac    106800
     tgaggctcat aatttacata ccaaagcaga cccagcctcc aggttctccc agcatccctc    106860
     agtttctatc aggcataacc tactctgttg ggaaaagtgg gggggggggg gggggggctg    106920
     gggaaggagg gggagaaata tgccacatcc ggccagagtt cctgtgctct gggcaggcag    106980
     acatggggag actgccagtt gctttccaca tggccccggg tgggcatcta agcctctgat    107040
     ccacgcagag gggagggtgg gggtggagaa ggggcagccc ccgaccgggg accctgggcg    107100
     acacgcccca gggttatagg agaaagggat aaggaaagag gttcccaaca cttgtgagag    107160
     tggcacagcg gatctagatg gagcagagac tctctatgat ttaagagctt tattatagaa    107220
     attcagggaa aaagagagaa ggtagaaaaa gagagagaaa gagagagaaa gagagtgagg    107280
     ggtaagaaga gagacaagag agtgggaagt aagagagaga ggtggggact gaacacccct    107340
     ttttatggtc ctcactgttg ctaggtgact ggggaggagt ttagcctgaa ggtcagaagc    107400
     ttgggccatt gcctacatga ctactgacca tgcttctctt gtggggactg tgggaggtgg    107460
     taccttaggc aggggccaga gttccaggaa catgagggaa cgcctaccgt gtcatgtagg    107520
     tgaattatga ccatcgggat tcagacttca gctcgactgg agaccagcct gcaattcccc    107580
     acactacttc caaccctgaa cgttccagtt cccaaaggct ctttactatg taatccagac    107640
     attttggtct ccccactctc tcctctctct cttctttccc tctctctgtg catgctctct    107700
     ttctctctct tccccatctc ctctttcttt cttcccatgg taacttccct gcttcttttc    107760
     ttaggggcag tgaacttgcc tgcccaaaag cagcttccca ataaacatat atatgtgtgt    107820
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgt atgtgtgtgt atatgtataa    107880
     atatgtatat aagtatatag acacacatat ctggcttgaa ttggctcatt tcatcagcag    107940
     cagagaaata acttatcaca ccttggtaca gagagagcta tgctggtgtc tgacaaactg    108000
     cctaaaataa gaccagggat tcattgattc atattctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    108060
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctccctccc tccttttaaa cccaccctaa agctaaattt    108120
     ggccagtctg attaaaagcc agccaggcaa tgtcccctaa ggatctgcac ttcgcttccg    108180
     tgactctaga ggaaacccag caaggcaaat taattctatc acacggcctg ttccaaacta    108240
     atcggctttc ttaactagac ggttgaagcg ggaggcaaac attagcttca ggggaaagct    108300
     ccactccctg tggtgtgtga ttaagtcaga gtccttggat cccaggtgtt gattcccttc    108360
     cagcatcatg cgtcccacag gggatgggga ctcatttcct tgaacagctt gtccaggatg    108420
     tctttgaata gccatgcttg ccagcaggca ccccctcctc ccagcaaggt cacttttctg    108480
     ctgggagcac atggacttgg acagctccat cgactgtgtg gccggcttca gtgatagaga    108540
     cctgtacact gtctggctct tcagggccag atctcactcc ttattcctca ggttcgagtc    108600
     tcccctaagc acagtcatct cactgtgact acattctgac attggccatg cagggagact    108660
     gagaccactc taagattact gggaccaagc caaggggtct gttttggttt gtgtgattcc    108720
     ggtgactcag gttgctgatg accccgatgt ccctatcttg cacaagtgtg actgattttt    108780
     tttaatttta cagttgaata tcaggcctcc ccatttatct gagtcacatg atgttttggg    108840
     ttctttggtg tacagaggaa tcatattttt tgtgtgtcat ctcccaacgt gatcacattg    108900
     actgacatta ttgtgtatca tcaactgcaa ccattttgca ttgtgcccat gcaatacctc    108960
     tgaaagagac caaacagaag ttttaagctg ctgggtgcaa atctccccct gcacccttta    109020
     gagacaattc acatcttacc agcgtgcaca gaaaaggcac tgcttcatga tgcctggaat    109080
     tctgctgttg attatgtatg tctggtgggc atttacatag caaaccttat tatagcctgt    109140
     gccctccaaa gatgctcagc tcaacaaggg aacatagata ccacagggat cctatcagat    109200
     tgccatggat tgaagagctc ccaccagcta gtaacacaca ctctatgtcg taccactgtg    109260
     tcattcccta acaagacttc tgggaaggaa tccccactgt caactacatg gctaccattg    109320
     cttctcagag acactcatct tagcaagcac atggaagaca gatagacaga gcagagaaga    109380
     atggagtatc tgaggtgaca tttgagcccg gtacgaaaga catgggtacc aaattggaga    109440
     agctaggtag tcaatgtgat ctagaacctt ccaaggaaac tgagaggcag aagacaaaga    109500
     gggctgctag gatctgatcc caatgctggt gacaacttca ggtgtgatgc tgccttctaa    109560
     aaacaaactt taacagggtc agactggacc ctggcatccc tgacaagcca gccactgcca    109620
     gacgccctaa ataagccaat ccaagagaca aattaatagc gaaagcagaa aaagatttat    109680
     ttcatgtggc cacattggga agagggacca agaggtccaa ttactcccca attctatctt    109740
     tagagtcctg gcatgaagta aggccacatg tatacaaagc taagtcactc tagtccaagt    109800
     atggtcctgt tggtcgttag cccatctttg tctgggctct aggatctcct gtggtctgac    109860
     aaatagtcaa ccatatgtga aatttgtcct ctggaaatca gttctcctct ggttggtgtc    109920
     aggtttcaga ctcttggctc tctgaagtca atggttacaa tgttgccaac accaacccga    109980
     acaatgcact gaaatgactt ttaagagaat gttcagactg tggcatctga tctctaagtc    110040
     tgtttgtaca gggcagtgag attaggcagg tttccagtgt cccccatcgc tgagcgaggg    110100
     cagaggtgtt ataaacagca aaacaggtga ctttgcagtc tgagtaacat attactcagg    110160
     tgacatgggg tcaggagagc aaacacacat gacctgcctg catctgtcta gagaacatga    110220
     tactattcct ttcttcttcg caagcctgga ggactctgaa tagtgagaat ccagtgccct    110280
     tgggcacgtg tgaccaggga acggaagtca gtgcattttt aagtcttttg gtcctaagaa    110340
     gcaaggtgaa gatggtttcc tttggtgata attgttttgg gctctaccca gtcagcagca    110400
     agaataaaac ctcttctctg taagacagac ccctgtgcct caaagcttgc tcaaaatagc    110460
     cacaccagga aatgagtagg gatttggggt gccctcagac ctcattataa ttctctgtag    110520
     cacatcttga agtctcacta ctgcagtgcc ttaaaaatat gctggatggc tcccaggtga    110580
     ttgggtcaaa caactaagta gaaaagaaag atccaagact tttgtgagac actctatgtc    110640
     actaaggctg gccttgaaat tatgattgca cttcctcagg cttccagata tcaaggttat    110700
     aggtttgtgc taccacgccc aggttgagac attttcattt ttggtatttt caaagtgtat    110760
     tttattttca ttcaaaggga gcattttcat cctttcttct gacgttccct taggaaaatc    110820
     atcccgctaa cttaataaag agaaaggcaa acggggcttc tgaagtgccg agagatctgc    110880
     tggcaaggct gtctcagggg acaaagcatt ggtaattctt tcttgctgtg gcacttaggg    110940
     aggggctagt ggcatactga tgctaagagg cccattctat gattgggagc actgtgctct    111000
     atgtcagtat accaactctc aattatttat tccaaaagct tccccaaagg actagaattt    111060
     gaaggcaata atgtgtttgt ctaaacacca tttctccctc taaaatagtg atttaaaaaa    111120
     caaaacaaca acaaaaacaa aaaaacccaa aacattttgt gtatatggca gagaaatttt    111180
     tcaatctctt tttttttaaa agatttttaa aaagatttat ttatttacta tatataagta    111240
     cactgtagct gtcctcagat actccagaag agggcatcgg atttcattac ggatggttgt    111300
     gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcgggacctt cgggagagca gtcggtgctc    111360
     ttaaccactg agccatctcg ccagcccttc aatctcttta aaaaaatttt tttatataaa    111420
     catgtttttg cctgcatgta catctgtgca ccacatgtgt acctgatgcc tgagcggcca    111480
     gaagagggca acaggttatt tgggactgaa gtgtcaggtt gttgtgagcc accatgtggg    111540
     tgttgggact tgaaccccta gcctctgcaa gaacatccag ggctcttact cctgagccct    111600
     ctccccagct ccatctgctc agtcttatgt gcagaataag tgctagatag tgttggggag    111660
     ccccgggggg accccgactc tgcctcagtc cccaaggcag ctttactttt atcctgatca    111720
     cacgctgggt tctccttgct catcccaagg aacattctgg aacttgttat ttacatgaaa    111780
     tgttagactc cgatggctgc tcaggccacc gcatcttgca gcatcctctc tgacaagtgc    111840
     cgacgaagac accgtgagtc tccagataac aggtgtccct gtgccagcat ctcgcctgtc    111900
     attcagactg gtattagtgg acacacatcc tgcttacccc tttctctgtc tcctgcctgg    111960
     ggatccgaga gcctggccac aagcttgaac tgtgaagcct cccccattcc cggtataaga    112020
     gacttattct tcctccatgt gggttcctgt ctcctctcct cagcccctgc tgtgcttcaa    112080
     tctctgtctg tctgtctgtc tatggcgtta aataaatctt gtagcctcaa ggagcagtct    112140
     ctgtctaatg ttctctatgg tgtcctagac ttttctttgg gtcaacaact ttgtttgaaa    112200
     taagaaccaa tgactcaggg aataggaatc agttcccagg ggtgggaccc caacatctgc    112260
     taacacatgt ccttgaagga gcttccacgt caggtttggg cataatagag ccatagcaca    112320
     gggcccagca gtaaccccag cagattcctg gggtttcagg tgctccttcc cctctcagca    112380
     tttggaaggg aggtgaggta ggtttgcagt tatagggact agtgtttgga aactgctgac    112440
     cgtcgcttct tgtgttagtc gcttcactgc tgtgtgccca agacaagcag cttaaggaag    112500
     aagtatttaa tttgggatct cggttggaag gcaccgccca tcacaaggca gctgatcaca    112560
     cagccagaaa gcaaagagag gcgactactg gtgctcctgc tagcatttcc cttatgattc    112620
     aggctggggg ccagcccttg ccaaggtatt cacagtaagg gtagagctct tctgcacccc    112680
     agacaaccca aaccggaagc tctctcacgg gcatgctcag aactgtgact cctggggcag    112740
     tctagagccc gttaagccaa gtaccaatat caaccaccac attggttacg ctacgggttt    112800
     gctgtggact tgccgggtac gaatccagac aaacgcaaag cgcaaaggct tctgggagag    112860
     gaagggaggc ttgcaaccga gtgagaagaa atggtggatg atggatgggg agtgaagggc    112920
     tgtcatggct gcttagagcc tggagttacc atgcatttat gtttgataag aaggagacat    112980
     ttctagcctt atatggacac ttccacagca gtcggacaaa atggcgagca tgagcaagtt    113040
     tctcgtggct caacatgaac tccacagcaa gaacttaaga cccacagact cctgagatgt    113100
     ctcagcaggg aaggaaggca tggtcatgca agtctgaaaa actgagtttg attcttagaa    113160
     ctcccagggt aggagagagc caacgttcct gacctccgca tgcgcactgt aacacctctg    113220
     cacccttaat aaaataagaa attaatacat gtactagaca ctgaataggt ttcctcctgt    113280
     gtttaacttg gaccaggacc tgaagggaaa tgctgtccca tttcacaaat gaaagtgtcg    113340
     aggcacgaag gtctctccca gaattgctag tcagtcttca gttttcatat ggccacctgt    113400
     gtctgggtgt cactgatgta cctgacagct tggctgggga ggggaaactc attccccaca    113460
     aaggctcagg tcactttctg cctcctgacc ttgccttaga aataaagggc agggcatcta    113520
     acttatgggg tctccctgtg ctcagaacag gggctggtgt aggacaaccc agtacaattt    113580
     ctgtgtatcc ccagggtcct gtggtagcct ggatacattt ttttgtgtgt gtggtagaat    113640
     tatacttgct gccatttgaa tcttcatttg ctgaccttct taaagtaata taactgtatt    113700
     taatatgtgt gtgcaaatga gtgtgtgtgg ggcacacatg aatgcatgtt atatgtttgt    113760
     atgtgtatat gtgcatgtgc atgggtatgt tattcatgcc tgtgtctatg tggatgtgaa    113820
     cgtgaccatg gatgtgactg tgctgtgcat acttgtgtgt gcaagtgtgt gtgtgtgctc    113880
     aagcatgcat atgtttacat gtaaatgtgt atgcatgtgt ttacatgtaa atgtgtatgc    113940
     atgtgtgcat gcacatgcct gtgtctgtgt gtgcatgtat gtgtatatgt gtgtgctctc    114000
     atgcatgtat gtgtacatga gaaggattct cacgtgtgca gaggcagaag acagcctagg    114060
     gtatcattct taggaacaac atgtacttcc tttgagacca tgtctctcac tggctagatt    114120
     gagccagtta acccagagac agctctgtcc tccacagagc tggggttaca agtacatgcc    114180
     aggctcagtt tcggatcttc atgcttgtaa ggcaagtgct ttaccagact gaaagatccc    114240
     ctccgttttg tgatcccctc atttcccatt taattgtaaa cttggaaatc aagtatttaa    114300
     ataaggaact attattaaat aagaataaat tggtactgtg aggactagtg tgatgataca    114360
     acctgacagg atctagaatc ctctgggaaa tgggcctccc tctgaccaca cagaagagga    114420
     tagttagagt tagctgaaga gaagacatgt ccactgaggg tggcaaccat tccttggctg    114480
     ggatgtggga tggagggtat gcgcgaaggc aagctgagca gcatctttta tgactctacc    114540
     ttctgactgt ggatgtggat gtgactgtgg atgtgactgt ggatgtgact gtgactgtgg    114600
     gtgtggatgt gactgtggat gtgactgtgg atgtgactgt ggatgtgtat gtgactgtgg    114660
     atgtgactgt ggatgtgact gtggatctga ctgtgactgt gggtgtggat gtgactgtgg    114720
     atgtgactgt ggatgtgact gtgactgtgg atgtgactgt ggatgtgact gtgggtgtga    114780
     ctgtgactgt gggtgtgact gtggatgtga ctgtggatct gactgtgact gtggatgtga    114840
     ctgtggatgt gactgtggat ctgactgtgg atgtgactgt ggatgtgact gtgactgtgg    114900
     atgtgactgt gactgtgggt atgactgtgg atgtgactgt gtatgtgact gtgactgtgg    114960
     atgtgaccgt gactgtgggt gtgactgtgt atgtgactgt ggatgtgact gtggatgtgt    115020
     atgtgactgt ggatgtgatt gtggatgtga ctgtggatgt gtatgtgact gtggatgtga    115080
     ttgtgactgt ggatgtgact gtgggtgtga ctgtggatgt gactgtaact gtggatgtga    115140
     ctaccattac tagctctttt aggctcctgc tgccctgact ttcccaccat gatgtctgtg    115200
     ccctgaactg tgagccacgg caaccctttc ccccttaaga tgctttggtc agggtatttg    115260
     ttccatggga caggagaaga aacgaaggca gtacagtgaa ctgcgaatca cctgggtgcc    115320
     atctcagggc tggccaacac taagacactc ttcaccatga tctaagacgt gggcaccatg    115380
     catgaaacaa gcccacctta cctgcccagg ccgttctcta cgtggtcgag atctctgtcc    115440
     gcattcttta ttgaaagttg ggtcggggag ggctgtgaac actgggtgtt cacctttgcc    115500
     atctctgcac aggtcacatt cagccccggg gtggcctgct gtaacgtgaa cacagagtag    115560
     gtatagcatc agggctcctg caaagccaac ttactgtaaa caaaggttct taaagcactg    115620
     ggttttcctt ttttaaaaga tttattttta aatacggatc ttttgtctgc atgtgcctcg    115680
     tgtgtatgcc cactgtctat ggatgccaga agaatgaatc ggattctcag gaactggaat    115740
     tatagacagt ttttagccac cctatgaata ctgtgaacca aacatggttc tcttgtaaga    115800
     gtagcaagtg ctcttattaa ccattgagtc atctctccat ccccaatata ccttttaaag    115860
     ttggttgttc agcttagtgg tacattgcat ttgcttactg taagtagtaa ataatagtag    115920
     tatcagtaga ttgcacttgc ttagtgtaat aatagataag ataaataata cttttaaaaa    115980
     ttggtagatt ggacttgccc agtgtaagtt acaaaatagg agggtttatt ttcgaaatga    116040
     aagtttctga gtcattgtag aagcacaggt ccaattacag cagagcgcag gagactggga    116100
     gcttgccaat gtagcctgct ctgactccct tagaagccga gagtagaaaa ttaccaagag    116160
     tcaagctttg ttgacaacct gcagacatag caatcatgta ctctgtaaac tctaaaggaa    116220
     atgggatata acacatagcg atgaaatcac atgtggtttc tgttgaggag gggggaaaga    116280
     ggaatgtaat cagcagaggg aaagaaaaat tccagatggt gctcaagagt gctcagccaa    116340
     tgaggaaagg gagggcgtgg cctgagtcag atttggaaaa acagttctct gtctcggtgt    116400
     cacctgagtt tgcgaagttg caaaacaaac tgctgtcact gctactctgc acctccagtg    116460
     ctcttattat gaaaccaggg tccacatttt ctgacactta acatatgtga ggttctgagt    116520
     ttaacactag cactgaaaac aaaccagcat caataacaac cgaacaagtt ctgaccccag    116580
     acttagcatg tgaaagaaag taacaatatt cggttttcat aaaaccctta aaggtgagag    116640
     ccccggccag gtgtgatgtc atctcaacac tcaggagaca gaggcagggg gctgcaggga    116700
     gtgcaaggcc tgcctggctt atatggtaat gtgcaggcca gccaatgcta cttagtgagg    116760
     tcctatttaa aaacaggtga tgtcaaatgt aagacacact cacctcattt aatgattaca    116820
     atgatcttta tgtagccgtt atcccttcca atagatggcc ataccaacct cagagatgtg    116880
     aagtagcata gcatgtctag ccaaaataag ctcaaacctc cattgcagcc tatgccgcaa    116940
     ttgacacaag gctgtcctgc agctaacagg ggaaggtgtc cctgtggctg aggagaagag    117000
     gaagcgagta cagaagcaca gctgctgaga gtggcgtgtt tatccctcct ggagaggtct    117060
     tccagcctca agataatcct ctgaggttag ggtcacccaa acaggccagc gcaggctctc    117120
     tggaaggagc cccagagccc aagtgtttca aatgtcagta gaggtcactt cagggagaga    117180
     cgataatttc tagaaatagt ccaatgactc atgggactaa atgaattcta tttccaaagg    117240
     agggtcaatt caaattgccc aggacaccgt gggaagcagc cagtggccct gcaaccaagc    117300
     tcagagcact aggctaccta ggacggacct ggctcagttg ggccttgatt tacctctgat    117360
     gtttgatagt ttcaacctgg aattctaaat tttataattt ctaaagagaa gtaagataaa    117420
     gcctgtggtc ttagctagct taaaaaaaat tgctgtgata aagaaccata agcaaaagca    117480
     agttggggag ggtttatttg attttacaga ttatagtcaa ggcaggaact tgaggcagga    117540
     acctggaggc aggaactgat acagaagcca tggagaagct gtgcttcctg gattgctcag    117600
     gttgtttttt atacacttca gaacaatcta cccaggggca gcgccaccca cagtgggctg    117660
     ggtcatgcta catcagtcat caatcaagga aatgcctcac aggcttgacc ataggccaat    117720
     ctgatgaagg catcttctca attgagagtc tttttcctgg atacctctag cttgtgtcca    117780
     gttgacaaaa actaaccagg atagcttttt caaggacctg ccacctagag aggcagctgg    117840
     tagaacaatg gccctgcagg tggtcccaag aaacttggac tttactctga catccagtga    117900
     ggatgtgtca gagatacaaa ggtccctctg gctgcatcag gaaggatata ttcaggggga    117960
     cctgggtctg agtgaggaga gcggctaaaa tctgcttcag ggtctctgga ggagagaata    118020
     gtggcctgca ccagccacct ggccttgata atgaattgga taaactgaaa acccagtgaa    118080
     tgggtagact gtgccaggat actttatcag tgtgtgtaag ggctagtagt gggggagggt    118140
     ttgaggatta tgtcatcata gctggctttc agagcagggc tgcaaaccac caaagcaaga    118200
     aactaaggaa gagaacaggt ttaaaaagag agggattgcc aggtggtggt ggcgcacact    118260
     tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcgaatttc tgagtttaag gccagcctgg    118320
     tcaacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcggaaaaaa    118380
     acaaaaacaa caacaaccaa cccccccccc caaagaagaa gaagaagagg aagaagaaga    118440
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga    118500
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agagggattc cagttggaga tgtctggtgg    118560
     tttttctgtg gaagtactaa gacagcatga caggggcaag ttgtagaaga aggagtttat    118620
     ttgggcttat ggtttcagag ggtgagagtc cgctgtgatg tggaagcacg acagcaagca    118680
     acaggcagcc agagccagag ctgatgccag agctctcatg tctttttttt ttttttgcac    118740
     agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtctt agaactcact ctgtagaccg gctggcctca    118800
     cactcagaaa tcctcttgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaagatg agcgacacca    118860
     ctgcctgact ttctcacatc ttcagatgca aagcacacag cagagagcaa gctgaagata    118920
     gtacaggctt cttcttctga aagcctgctg cccccagtga cttctttcag caaggctgca    118980
     ccatctaacc ttccgcaaac atcgccacca actggggacc aagtgttcaa gactatgggg    119040
     gggcattcca cattcaaact accacacctg tctccacaga cttagagctg atgtatgaga    119100
     ttaactaaaa gcaataaact caacttaaaa atgcccattc aacatttaaa aaaagattta    119160
     tttgttttat gtatgtgagt acactgtagc tgtcctcaga cacaccagaa gagggcatca    119220
     gatcccatta cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcaggacct    119280
     ctggaagagg aagcagtgct cttagctgct gagccatctc tccagtcccc attcaacatt    119340
     tttaacagag cagttactat gtgctagaga acactctaga agcccagatt tgtcagagaa    119400
     taatagatta taaaccccag ctgctagagt gttctctgtc ctctgtggaa ggagctaact    119460
     gcctagtggg gttccctgca aactttaaag cagtttgggg atttctgtag aaagacagtc    119520
     aagagactct cctttgtaaa ggagacctca gttgagaaaa ggcctccatt agaggcctgt    119580
     aggcaaagag tcaggggcat ttccttgaca atcagttgtt gtctgagggt ccagcccata    119640
     gtgagtggta acctccctga gcaggtggtc ctgggttgga tttaaagtaa tctgagtaag    119700
     acatgaagaa gaagaaaaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga    119760
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagcagccag    119820
     tagccaagtg ttcttccact gtttctgctt ctgttcctga gtccattctt tggtcttggg    119880
     tttctgccct gacttctctc agtatttatt agactatgat atggacatgg tggccaagca    119940
     aaacctttcc tcctcaagtt gcttttggtc agaatggctt tatctcaata acagaaagga    120000
     cactaggact ctaggatact tcctgggtgt ggtcctaata tgactcctct aggtccaagt    120060
     gaggccaggg gtcagtgtct ctgagggatg agggaaggga gagcgattgt tttggcagag    120120
     tatccacacg gatgtgccca gggatccttg tgacacaagg tggacccagg gctgggagag    120180
     cacagggtag gtcatagact aggaatcaaa tgtcaccatg ctgtcacagt ctgaagtcaa    120240
     cctcaagggc acaatgaaag agttatctgt caaagtaggg agttggggcg tgtgtaactt    120300
     cacagtgtga ttgataactg ggcctgggta atagatatcc atggtcctct acttcacatc    120360
     tttcctgctc atctttcaat tcagctgttg ctatgccaac tggatcaggc tgaatagcct    120420
     ggcaatacct cggctgtgct gtgggctagt ggccttccac ctgcttcccc tgaggaacac    120480
     attcttgcaa cacttcagct gttccgtcac aggcacaaac ccagcggcac ttaccagact    120540
     taataacccc tgggcaactc tgcattaaac tgaatcaggg ctcagaacat gcagtcagtc    120600
     ttctatccct caggaagagg attttgaaga gcactctaga ggctccttgg agaggccctg    120660
     ccacctagag acatggtctg tttgtgatgt acggtggctt ggctgtccat ccctcccttt    120720
     ttgtccaagg cccctgctgc cctcccttca aatctctccc caaacaaccc acctgcatgc    120780
     atgttctcat ccaaggtttt gtgttgtttt ggctttggga gagggggtta tctccactaa    120840
     gtagctagat atttaagcac atatgagtta ttaagagacc caggttcctc aatgtttagg    120900
     ggtaagccta atttctcctt taattttatc tttcaggttg gacaggacaa aatgtatatc    120960
     attgtgtaaa tataacccaa aagattttgt tctagttggg tcatacatgt cattcatgac    121020
     catctttata aaaaggtaaa aaggatcaga acctgaataa ggaccgtgtg ttttgaatga    121080
     ctacatattt attgataggt tttaatttaa agtttcctct gtgtgtccct ttgtcttgta    121140
     ctttgttatg ctggttccaa ccctaagcca tgccttgtgt gctgctaatc acactgaggg    121200
     gtgttcaaat aaggaatcca gtttttttgg gggagtgtat ggcagggtaa cattacaaag    121260
     gatggggctg cattcttttg tcagaagcca cgctgaacct caccatagtt tctggttggt    121320
     gatcgctaac cagactcttc atctcatcag agattgcagg atccagaagc tcaatcactc    121380
     ctcctgaata agcttaagta ttcttaaaag agacaaagtc taactctttt agttacttgt    121440
     taagtgtaca gttcatagaa ggataaacta agggttcttt cttcccccca ctcctcctcc    121500
     tccttctctt cttcttcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctttt cccttaccag ttcttcagtc    121560
     atggtatctc aagagagtga tactgtcaca tctcctgata acattcaagg agttctaacc    121620
     agagaggcca aggaccctga gactatgctg aaaaaaatat aaacaagcaa acaaacaaaa    121680
     acaagaaacc cagaaactgc taacactgga gagctctctg tgggcatgcc tcccaagtcc    121740
     tcagctgcta atcctcaggg cccatgaggc agtagaaatg ctgatgttgc aattaagaga    121800
     agctggtctt ggttctcttt ggctctgaag tccacaatgg ggcttctttg gtttaccatc    121860
     cacaccgtaa gggctggcaa tgtgaaacat aactttattt tccaaaacag ggaaaagata    121920
     catcctgcca acaatgaagg tgacggtgac ctcgacgtgg actcagaggt cggagctttg    121980
     aaatggtttg tgagccatct cccaaatgca tgtgtgtcgc gtgttctaga acttggacag    122040
     ggaaccaaga acacaccatt tcagattgct tgtattttct ttataatgtg actaaatata    122100
     tctcttcccc ggtccccaag acagtccttt cattaactcc cttggcccag tatgtcccag    122160
     gaactaggaa ctaggcctgt ccctgagggt tatgacgctg gagaatacag gtctatgcct    122220
     tggggaacca accacacaag tcagtgacgc gtgcacatgc agtgcaggtg gattaacaag    122280
     cacaaagccg tggggagggt tagtgctgga ggggttgaaa cagacagagg cagaatggag    122340
     agccatgtgg gtagggagag accccaacca cgccttaggg actcatgtag aggtccctcc    122400
     aaacaatcat actgttcgct caacaccaac cccgttcacc attatgctgt gcaccttcaa    122460
     gggtttgact gagactcata ccacagaatt caacttggcc tttattgttg gcctggctat    122520
     gtgactgggt caggcattga cctgactcac atacatgccc ataatctttt acttctcttt    122580
     tcttgtacta aaacctgaag ccctggagaa atccttcatt ttatttaaaa actgcttctc    122640
     tagattcccc acgcatacat aaagaatgga atgaaaagca cacagggtca gggaagtggc    122700
     agagatctga aggatggccg tcaccatagg acacctcacc tgtcccgggc acctgctctc    122760
     tgtatgctct ggtctctgtt ctgatgtctt gaactgtgta ctaacttatt ggatcctcat    122820
     acagtgccat gagtgattca cactggaaat gtccatctca taaaccaaac tccaaacagc    122880
     caacaattcc cacggtgttc catgtctgga gccttttctt gagccatttt taatggccgt    122940
     aatattcttc ctttctaccc ccaaacttca gggtagaaga aaaattcaca atactgagac    123000
     ctgtaagcca gccataggaa cacacatcgc cccataccca gttccaaggg ttagatacac    123060
     gctagcaatt ttagggtgac atagagggaa agcccccaaa gccttgcaca acaagccgtg    123120
     tttgagagtt taagtggctt tatgtaagag acaagttaag agatcttgaa ggagatatag    123180
     atcaatggga agatgttcac tgattgtgtc taaatgtcaa ctgacaaatg gaccaacaat    123240
     atgtggtaaa tccacataat agatcactac ctgccaagga aaaagaatga aatactagtt    123300
     tgtttgtttt ttaattaaaa tccatattac atgctgtaac atggattgac attatgcttt    123360
     gtggaaaaag ccagacatgg aagactgtga tttcatggaa actcgaagaa tagataaatc    123420
     cataaagaca gaaagtagat taattgccaa ggttagagta gggaatttag aaagaagagg    123480
     gatgttaata ggcacaggat gtcttttggg ggtgtttaca gttctaaaat tatattgtga    123540
     tggttccaaa ctgtggatat aataaaacaa aatcaatact ttaagtgagt gatctttgta    123600
     gtatgtaaat gatttctcta aaagaaataa tattccatct ataattcaaa ataccctaaa    123660
     atgaagaatt aataatatct gccatgagaa attgactaaa cacaatacaa acataatata    123720
     taaaccaaaa tataaacaca attaaaggga gaaatgtcaa aacagcgcgt tcatcatcac    123780
     catcaccaca gccacaagaa cactgctacc ccagtatggt ggtttaatgg gaatgtccta    123840
     cataggatta tatgtttgga cacttggctt ccagcagatg atactatttg aggaggtctt    123900
     taaggtccag acttactgga agaaacatgc cactggagtg gaccttgaga gtatgcagca    123960
     tcaccccact tctagcctct ctctgcttga tgctctggct gcatgcctgc tcctgttgct    124020
     gctatgcctg ttactattgc agccatgcct gttcttgctg cagccatgcc tgttgctgtt    124080
     gctgctatgc ctgcttctgt tgctgcctgc ctgtttctgt tgctgcctgc ctgttactgt    124140
     tgcagccatg cctgttcttg ttgctgcctg tttgctccta ttgcagccat gcctgttcct    124200
     gttgctgcct gcctgttaca gttgctgcta tgcctgcttc tgttgctgcc tgcctgttac    124260
     tgttgctgcc tgcctgtttc tgttgctgcc tgcctgttac tgttgcagcc atgcctgttc    124320
     ttgttgcagc catgcctgtt cttgctgcag ccatgcctgt tgctgttgct gctatgcctg    124380
     cttctgttgc tgcctgcctg tttctgttgc tgcctgcctg ttactgttgc agccatgcct    124440
     gttcttgttg ctgcctgttt gctcctgttg cagccatgcc tgttcctgtt gctgcctgcc    124500
     tgttacagtt gctgctatgc ctgcttctgt tgctacctgc ctgttactgt tgctgcctgc    124560
     ctgtttctgt tgctgcctgc ctgttactgt tgcagccatg cctgttcttg ttgctgtttg    124620
     ctcctgttgc agccatgcct gctcctgttg ctgcctgcct gttactgttg tagccatgcc    124680
     tgttcttgtt gctgccatgc ctgttactgc catgccttct caccatgatg aactctcttc    124740
     attcatataa gttagttttg gttgtgatgt tttattgaag caacagaaaa gtaactgata    124800
     aaatcaacac cacccctgca atcacaccca ccaccaccac caccaccacc accaccacca    124860
     ccaccaccac catgacaatt tgagaatgga ctatgctaga cactgcacta caaacattta    124920
     ctggtatcga ccgatttaat cctaccaata actctatgag gtagtatcag tgctatttac    124980
     tttccagatt agtgtgctgg ggtaaagaat ttacacagcc aggactacct agttaaccag    125040
     tattaatcta atgatgagtc tttgggttta atccccaact cttgagatcc aagggtagtt    125100
     tctgggagca ataaatgtca tgataccctc tacctgctca cagggtccca aaggacatct    125160
     caggtcttag ataaggtata tcagggtgtc ctgggacgtg ctcagggctg agatgggaag    125220
     ggataaagtg agggtcttta cagagtgtgt ggaatctgaa gcccaggctt gccccagcag    125280
     caagatggag ggagtgtgct tgaattcgga gagttcagtt gtttcctgtg gaaagggtgg    125340
     tggtgagatc ctccctcctc taaactctat gcattttcat aacagaagcc agaggcttcc    125400
     agatgccggc tgcagagttt caattcctgc ctgggaagag aaatgagttt ccaggaacag    125460
     gaaaggactt aggggggtga ggagtgtgaa agagaatgct ctgaaaccgg aacgagatta    125520
     ccaattacag ttgttagttc aagaggcagg ggcctgtctt atgcttagga cgggtcttga    125580
     gcttctccag agacgactgg agctgccagc gtcctgggct tctcaggtcc gtgtgcactc    125640
     acaaggcttt gtaataagag ccagctgttt gaattggcat tacaagaaga aaaagtggtc    125700
     cccagctttt actagagtca gggagtcacc ccattgcagc tctcttgaga actactgtct    125760
     ttcttgccca gaccccgtac taataagacc aggccaggaa cctctcagaa ccctctccaa    125820
     gggtgacttc tccatccaac tacatgaggc atctgtcacc aagtagcctt tgggatatga    125880
     ttatgaaagg aatcttttgt catggttgga aatatgaagc tatatgtgag tcaggacagt    125940
     gacatggctt ggtgggtaaa gaggattgct gccaagtctg aagacccgag ttcatatgtc    126000
     agagggaagg aacagactcc cccaacaacc agatggaagt cttacttaag atttgcccaa    126060
     gctaagattc agaatggcta aatgtcccgt ctcaagtcac cctgtggcag agctaggctg    126120
     aagtggcaaa agcttgtctg actttaactc ctccactgta gcgtggtagt tcaagatgaa    126180
     gatgtaagtc ctgcagataa cagagggggt tctgggagtt cactgccact tggggtgtgg    126240
     cctctgtgaa gggtgctgca tgactaatgg ggagattttc tggggggagc attgtcgcaa    126300
     atgtcaaggc atctgaagca cctggaggca catgctcagg ccttgtctag gttgatactt    126360
     ggaagatcgt tggagccagc tggccactca gccaagactc tgagcgttcc ctcccacagt    126420
     tccttactgc ctcagatgcg gcttttccaa gtctgctcag ttaccacaaa tgaaccagag    126480
     gtcccttcta ccgtgtccac cattcactga ttcagaaatg gctcgaggac tcggcagctg    126540
     ctaggggctc acctaggcag tggaaccaga cagagcctgg cacttaggat agggaggatc    126600
     tcgatgagtt tgggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggacaacc    126660
     ctctaagcat ggctgcaagg tctttctgaa cgatggctct aatcatatgt ctcttctcag    126720
     gcacccatga tgtagagtcg catatatata tatatatata tatatgtata tatcatagca    126780
     tcaatgctgc atgagcccca ggttaacctc ccacctcctg accagccgcc cacttctgct    126840
     ttgcaggtgc ctccccctaa gagaatcctt ttgcttttcc tcaacttcaa cttgcagtta    126900
     ctctcaaggt gaccttcccc gagagaccct ctgacaggaa caatcctcaa catctattta    126960
     gcttcagggc tgctgctgtg tctacttcag tctagaaagc aggccactca caggtgctat    127020
     aagcttcctc tctcccaccg ctcagagaag ttccccaggg tagagactgt gcctgcttaa    127080
     ttaatttaat tctgtttctc ccactgaact ttgtttcgca ctaaggaatc atcagtatga    127140
     aataagagag gccagagtga agccccaggg tgtgtaatgg ggggggtggc atagagaaaa    127200
     agacccatct caatcttcag tagggggtgg gggtggaggg gtagtgagtg ttcacgtggc    127260
     agtatactgg ggatgggagg gggtgtcaga gcaaggctct ggggcctggt tattgttatc    127320
     tttcaactcc tgtaggaagc tggcagccag agagagcttc cagaactaga gaagagcctg    127380
     cgcagcttcc aactgtttac ctctgggtac catggcaacc tgaggctggt caccatagca    127440
     accccattct taaccagaag cacatcctgc agctgacagt gaatgagaac agaaaaggca    127500
     taaaatcagg tgcatcagag gcaagaggca cacaaagtcc tggccaaaac cccaaggaaa    127560
     gtgactgaga tcttgtgcca tacagacagc cgttagagag caaccatttc tggcatcaag    127620
     gaccacagag gaccccctcg ggagtgaaaa agaagttgag gaggaaaaag aatcagaaca    127680
     aatttcacat tcatctccac tgacaccaga ggatccctca gacctcagct gaaatctcta    127740
     ctatgctctg catgatatga ctaaatttcc tacagccaga attttagcat agaagtttgg    127800
     tttggtcatg acatgcacct cccgctctgg gtccaaattt tgccaggctc cctttcccat    127860
     ggattctcac ttcgggaggt gtgggcacca aagcacactg cactgggtga gtgccatggc    127920
     cggacaacta catcgctgct tgttttaatg agtgatgctg tatggggtag aagatgatga    127980
     cccacagaga atgttggcac agagctgggc tccctgctat gggatggtgt ttgaacccag    128040
     gtggcaggca ctttctaaag ctttgaggga ttgggaatgg tgaagcagac cccagtctca    128100
     gatcagaata agaattagtg atgatcgctc ataaggaaca gtccagcttc tggagagagg    128160
     ttactcaggg tagagctaca gggagagccc tgagcaaacg ggtctcacct gtgaggctgt    128220
     ttcaccaatg cctgcttatc gaaggctgca gactccacac cgctctgctt aagtctcctt    128280
     cttgaaggag gcaagccgtg cctaggaaga cgcttgcttc tgaagatcaa agtcccaaca    128340
     gcatcagaga gggagatgat gagaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca    128400
     aaacaaaaca aaacctggat cagcttttcc cacttcctag ctccacagtc ccagcccaga    128460
     gtagccagta gattggcagc ctgaggtggt caagggtgga ttgggtgtgg agaagggggt    128520
     ggaagacaag agggagtgca tagttattga ggaaattctg aagactgagc cagacacttt    128580
     atcagataag cggattttaa gggatcaggg gccaccaacc ctagccacta agccttctgg    128640
     ccctgtggct aagtccggta taaatttttc attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga ttctttcttc    128700
     ttaaataaac tcctcactcc ttcctcagtc cacctgactc tttgtctttc taggctgagt    128760
     agggtttgga agagcagctc acatcccctg catgctgcct cagggtgacg ccttccaaat    128820
     ctttgacccg agtgtcccag cgcggttttg gcgctgggag acactaatcc ggtgagccag    128880
     agggacgaga tggactttga gctccttcct gatttaatgg cagtgaagat gctgcctctg    128940
     agtacaggat ggctggagaa cgtatggctg gacccggtcc tgtggcggta aagtcagccc    129000
     agctctttct gtttggttac tcgacggctt agcgggctta gctcagtgag ttgcagaaag    129060
     gggatgctta tggggagcac cgagtacgct tgttcttgtt ccaagcacac tggagggtgt    129120
     cccctatgtc tgcagagaca ggcaggaagg gacctgtttc agcaccgtgg gctgcggaca    129180
     gcgccccgcc actcaccagg accagcttgg acctggagcc cggatccagc ccagaatctc    129240
     tgtttagtgt agtggcccag caacttccag ctcaaccccc acccccaccc cccttgagtc    129300
     cttaccctgt caaagtttgg gcttcttggt gcgcctggat ctgggagagc gactccttcc    129360
     tctctctctc tctctctctg ttctgggcaa cagcccggac ttctttctcc tgctcttcag    129420
     ctccctgtct ccggcatggt cttctgggtc cagcaggcgg agtaactctg ttgcttcctt    129480
     tgactgagag agtcaactga gatgcctgga attcaaagga agtctggaga aaggcagaag    129540
     ccacacttgc ttgtattcag aggaggggaa ggaggaggaa gacggggagg aggaagagga    129600
     ggcaggaagc aggaagcaat aaagtaatag tccagctgtc aactttggac ttttcttctg    129660
     atctcaagtg gccaccacag acaacttcca gtagcccaca ctaagtgagg acagtaaaga    129720
     tcgggaggct tgaagtttaa ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgctac agtcatctac aatgtacaat    129780
     tatacaatct acactcttaa tggtgctttt agaagcaagt ttctcttggg atgcatattc    129840
     ttgcagtttt tagtttcttc tacctcacta tattctagac cagtggctct caatgaccct    129900
     ttcacagggg ttacatcaga tctccttcac atcaggtatt tacattacta ttcgtaatgg    129960
     tagcaaagtt atagttagta gcaatgaaaa tgatgttata gttggtggtc accacaacat    130020
     gaggaactgt attaaagtgt tgcagcatta agaaggtagg gaaccactgc tctagactca    130080
     cagaaccaaa atttaaaacc caccaaccag ctagcagtcc ctattctgta ttgaattcag    130140
     agggacttaa gctctccttg gagataagag ttttttggtt attttttttc aataaggctg    130200
     tgcagttcca gaaactagat ttatgcacag aggtacaggt gagcaggaca atgttgctaa    130260
     gaatggtgac ctatggggca gaatatttgc ctagcatatg tgagaccttg cttcaatctc    130320
     cagctggaaa gaggcagagg aagagagagt gggaggagaa aaaaggggag gaaggagagg    130380
     aaggggagaa ggaagaggaa gaagaggagg aggaagaagg gaggaggagg gaaagtagga    130440
     aggaggaaga ggaggaagat gaagagagga ggaggaggga aaggaggaag aggaggaaga    130500
     tgaagggagg aggagggaaa ggaggaagga ggaagaggag gaagatgaag ggggaggagg    130560
     agggaaagga ggaaggagaa agatgaagga aggaggagga ggaggatagg ttgactccca    130620
     cctctccatc actgatagtt gccatctctg gctctgaacc cctggagcag gtcccaggga    130680
     cacactgagc cttttcgtct gacaagaaca gggtagtgtc ttgagttcca ggctctcatg    130740
     accaatacca caaaggagaa aaaaaaaaaa gcctaaaagc agattctaca gcaaccagcc    130800
     cactagaact tctccaagga gcttctatga aatttcctag aaatacccat caaaattgcc    130860
     tttccatgta gcagatcatc ttcatttgca ccatactcat aggacaagtt gaagcccata    130920
     gccctcactt gaaaaataag aattaggaaa aatatataag tatgcataca tgcgtgtccc    130980
     tggacactca tcataaaaat gggaaacaaa gcctagaaaa aaaaattatc tgaagaaacc    131040
     tcaggcttgt ttagattcaa gagattcaga taaagaatga gcagaaatgt aaaggaataa    131100
     acagagctgg agccagttgt ggcagcacac gcccgttgac atcagaggat gggcagcctg    131160
     tgccttagtc acagtggctc acaagtccag aagacaaaat gacaaggaca aacaaaacag    131220
     gcccaaggca agaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaccctaatc aaccaaatgg aaaacatttc    131280
     aagtctaagc catgaacgtg ggtggggtag agactgcttg ttttactgtc tatgttctaa    131340
     gaaggaactt gaaattaatc caatacacga gaaaacatac atttgtcaga cttgacttca    131400
     tcaggaggct tagtgtccac atactggaga atttctcatg catcttgtgc aactggttta    131460
     tcaggaaatg attcattttt tcctaatacc ggtgatttaa gctacaaatt gaagctgttc    131520
     ttcactggct catcctcggg gaaggcagga agcagatggg tgtcttctgt tgtctggaga    131580
     tgttttagag ctctaaacga attttaaagc cccagttagg aaagtgcagt ggttaccacg    131640
     atatgactat tgggtatcat ctgcaacatg aaagtcccct tgtctgctgg tttctgaagt    131700
     gcacaccact tctaagcctc taggagaggt acagaaaata agaccttttg gaaatctcaa    131760
     ggaaatggag aggttaactg cctctaatag agggagacag aacagttggt gcaggtctgg    131820
     gcatgtagtt ggcccttagg tatcaatgtg tgtggcacta gttatttctg aagaacttac    131880
     tctactgggg gaaaaaaaag gaacagataa cctggggcag gcaatgatta gacaaagacc    131940
     gagggggtgt ttctgtgtat ttgactgcag cggcatctag tagcaaagtc ccaggacaca    132000
     aaaggtccag gtttggctca agacctattc aagtgttgtg tcatttgggt acctgtggca    132060
     ttgcctaagg aatgacaatg tgagggagga atgatcgttt agaaattgtc tatcttctgt    132120
     gcacatgtag gatgcagtta gtgccaagcc atcccagggg agttaatggg atatcccaac    132180
     tgccctatgg caccaagaga cccaggaagg agatcttcag aaactcccaa gttgagtgtc    132240
     aaaacagatc actgtgaaaa gggaacaatg gagaaagtgt ggctttcttc ttctgacagg    132300
     gcagtgagat tggaagggga acacagggac caggtgagcc ctgagcaggc ttaagcctca    132360
     ggcaggccat gccagggagt cagagaaggg tctgtgaggg cacaatgtag cactgagcca    132420
     ccaggagcag agggaagtta gaaagaggat ccctggcatg accggttcta ttcagctgtg    132480
     agttagatgt tagtgacagg atgggccata gccatgccca gagggcttgg atgggatcat    132540
     aaggaagcac atgtgtgatt cagggggaca tcctgttgat tcttagtttt tgaaatttag    132600
     ggtaagcata atggcctgca tcatcttctg agatttgttg ttatcaatag caaatattag    132660
     gttagtagga ttcagaaata ccttgtgtgg ctttcatttt atccattatt tcatttactt    132720
     cctttaattt cattcatatt tattcggttt cattgtgtaa taaatgcata ttctgctcgc    132780
     atgtatgcat gtgtgtgcac aggtgcccat gcctgtttgc atgtatggag gccaggggtt    132840
     attgccaggt gtgttctcta tctctgtcca ctttattttt gaggcaaagc gtctcattga    132900
     atctggggct cactttttga ccggattggt tggctagcaa ttgtatggga atctctgcct    132960
     caacaagtgc tgggggcgca agtgcaagtt gctgagccta acttgcacag gcgctagagg    133020
     tgtaaactca gccctcaaac tcctgtagca agcactttgc tcatcttccc agtgcctata    133080
     attcattgct tactctgtgt gcaatatata gtgcggaaag aaaaaaaaaa ccagcaaaaa    133140
     gagaattaat gtttttacca ttctaattat gtgaaatctt tctagttcaa accaatttag    133200
     atgtgccaaa gacctggtac ttacaggtga aggctgactc aaagcaccca agttgtgccc    133260
     ctgggtgggc caaagcacag gtgttcctgc tggggcctca cagctcctct ggctgtgtgg    133320
     aagagcacac actctgatag gaggataact agattagcag gagatgagca acactctaag    133380
     cagatgagct cagctagcgg caaggggagg ggcagtgggc tagtccaggg agagggtctg    133440
     gatccttggt tggctggtga taaggcagct tgtgaattca agtgttttat gagaaacagc    133500
     agtatgtcag tttttgctgt ggggattccc aaccagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    133560
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtagcctat tttgcccact ctttctcagg aagcaataac    133620
     aataatgtct atttctcata tttaactggc agtttgaaag acagaattaa aatacaatta    133680
     atgagatggg atagttaaaa ttccatcaat gtcacagggg cctgagaagg gccttgggaa    133740
     catgggagct aacctgcctt gtctccaggg aatgccctgt ctgtacttcc aggcctgcct    133800
     tgcccagtgg ccaggaagag ggtatcataa aggcctcaac atcagccctt ccaccccacc    133860
     caaaattcta gtatctggcc accaatgccc caaaatcaca ccagcagaac ttcatatttt    133920
     ccaattttga tccacttaaa atgcaaataa ccccaggaga tacagtccag ataaaagatc    133980
     taagcctctc gattagaaag gttgaggaat attggccatg atgctgggag gatgggtggt    134040
     gagcctgcca tatggggaac aaataggatc ggagcatgca agcatccaga tgaaagacac    134100
     tgaacaagtg tcaccccaac acaaccaaac cctgggtgtc tctggagctt tcctctgagc    134160
     tccaaacctc tattttcctc ctcaacatag gacaactacc cttcctaagc attaaagctg    134220
     gcaaggttgt gacggatgca aactgtttgg gtgacttgtc ttgtgggtgt gagcagtgtt    134280
     ctcactaaat gagatgtgct cagccaaact cagccctcca ccatccgcat ggccatggat    134340
     aaacgtgtgg agtctgttga gcatcttgtg tatatacgat gtttatgatg tatatgtggg    134400
     ggcacggggt gtgcttatca tgtacatgta tagaactcac agggaaatct tagttatctg    134460
     ttctcatttc ccaccttgtc tgaggcaggg tctccttgtc tctgcacatg ccaggttggc    134520
     tggcctgtga gcggttaagg gctctgcctt ctttgcctcc catctcatca caggagcact    134580
     gagattgcag gctcacacta ccatgcctgg cttctgagga tctgaactta gatcctcact    134640
     cttgtagagc aaagctttat tcacggagcc attcctccag ctcttcctac acctgagacg    134700
     gggactcgct gtgtagccct ggctggcctt gagctcaagt aacgggatga taggtgtgca    134760
     ccccatactt ggcttatttt gcacatttca acgtggagag gaagtgcagt tagcacttcc    134820
     atgagataca gtgaagaaag gttattaatt gactccaaat ttgccgatta ccttcaatgg    134880
     tgggctgaag gtataaacca agaaacaaag taacaggaat gaactgagat tctaaacgac    134940
     agtccctatc gacaggaata agagactagg tttagccgac agcctcgctt gatgttgtct    135000
     ctttagagag ctggcaaagg atagtgagga agaaggctgg tttaagacaa gcacttggca    135060
     gaggaagcta ctccgggccc agctcctttc ttgttaacat acccgaattc ttttcctttc    135120
     aattgctaca tttacaatac aatgttgcat tgctgggtgt ggactcttca gcactcagaa    135180
     ggcagaggca gaaggatctc tgcgagttca aggccagact ggtttacttt ttaagttcca    135240
     ggagagccag gactatggag agagacgcat gcgagacgca cacacacaca cacacacaca    135300
     ccctttatgt tagtagtcac aatgttagta atcatggaac attaaatatc tccttcccga    135360
     ctgggtcatc ctagcactcc aaaggttttc agccataccc tactggacca tggttttgag    135420
     tgggggttaa gatggctcaa aaaagagtcc caggcaggcc tgagctacat aatgaaaccc    135480
     tgtctcgaaa cggaaacatt gatctaataa atcaattgta tgtgttctgt gtttcttcat    135540
     aggctcatgc accacgatag caacaatgat atatacataa ttttgctgct caaatttgat    135600
     tagctcttat atcttgataa atagttcctc atgagtgttg gctctggcca aataaattat    135660
     cactgaccat gattacgttc aaatggatta caaagaacaa aataaaaaat gttgaatttt    135720
     taaaaacaga tttatttatt actatgtatg caatgttctg cctgtttgta tgcctgcaca    135780
     ccagcagagg gcaccagatt tcattataca tggttacaaa tcaccatgtg gttgctggga    135840
     attgaaccta gaatctctgg aagagcatcc agtcagtgct cttagttctg agccatctct    135900
     ctagcctccc aattgttgat tttaaaatat atggtttaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    135960
     tgtgtgtatg ggtgcctgta gagaccaaaa ggtgtcagat tccctagtgc tggagttata    136020
     ggtgcctatg agttgcctga tgttcgtgct ggcaacttga attttgatcc ttgtaagaga    136080
     aaaagtcctg gggctggtga gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacccgactg ctcttctgaa    136140
     ggtcctgaga tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt gagatctaac    136200
     accctcttct ggagtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata aataaataaa    136260
     tattttttaa aaagagagag aaaaagtcct ttaaatgctg agccacttct tcagaccaac    136320
     ttctgaccat ttcattcaga cctttgtttg cattattccc catttctgtt cctctccaca    136380
     accatcttta acacctacat ttgaccctct ctttatctcc caagggcaga gtcactccaa    136440
     ggacataaac atgcaaactt agatgttctg gcaattccta tgaacaccag tcacctccca    136500
     gtctcagaac atatattaaa ctaacatcta ctttattttc aaaggtaatg cataaacaga    136560
     gccgattaag gctgtaattt gcatcttaat aggaggaagt tgacggttct cttgtctgtt    136620
     tcttacattg atggatatgt tgtgaatctt ctattcatgt cccactaaca ttcaagtttt    136680
     gatagttccc ttccagtgct catgagattt taatgtaatc ctaacagacc ttttattgtt    136740
     cttttaagaa cccatctccc cacccccatc tgcttgagtc tcaataaata ttgttcttgt    136800
     gatttgagta cattttacat ttcctcctta gttcactcat tgaaaaccta gaaatgtgga    136860
     cttctaacta gatgatgtcc attctttttt tggtgcactt ttgtgttttg tattgtagga    136920
     atttgtattc ctaatacaat tcaatgttta atataattgg gcttattttg atataaggtc    136980
     tacacaattt aacttgaagt ttctttaaat ttaagcaaag ttaaatttaa tgcgagacaa    137040
     aaaaaaggta aagaaaggga agaaaaaaga gagaaagaaa gaaaatgaat tcttctattc    137100
     tagaatcttc caagagactt ctgggaaggt cagctatcta atgacttatt catcccattc    137160
     cttaactgca ctgtcaaggt gaaattcatt gtttcctagc tccagattca cccttcatta    137220
     taccccatag caatggggag aatttctaga agactttctt ccttttagtg ttgaaatttc    137280
     tcagtagagg acactggtgc aacaggaagc agaaaggggc tcccctgttg tctctggggt    137340
     gcaagcatta gtgagaaagc agaaaggagg agacacaggc cctgttctgg ccagcagctg    137400
     gaaagcacag ttccctgatg gcactcagcc tcagcttgct gtgagtcacc cccccccccc    137460
     ctgtggcctt tgtattgaag tcctgatgaa gctgctgtag ctctcacctg catcagtgtc    137520
     tcaaatccct ctgcttgcat gtggcccctc cccagtttgc cttccaatct tttggagcgg    137580
     caacccttcc aacataaagg ctgcagcccc aggtgagctg cttccggctg gcaactacta    137640
     gtaactgcag gtcagctctg gtctgggcta agcagctaac ttccccttgg tccattgggc    137700
     tgcaaagatg cccatttcac tgatatctgt gcaaagcctt aaggaaggtc ctgtttcaag    137760
     tctgtttggc tacttcttcc agctctagga tgccatgaag aattcttata tcttattgtc    137820
     actttaaaaa aacatagttt gggagaaggt atcggggact ttcgggaatg aagaaaatat    137880
     gtaataagaa attgaaaaaa aaacatagtt aattttataa taatctaaat catagtgtag    137940
     tttctatggt acactcccca cagcccagaa tatcttcttt ttaataaaaa gaagggtgag    138000
     aaaccatttc ttcttttaaa aaagattgat attttatgta tgtgagtgtt ttgcctccat    138060
     gtatgtaagt acaccaatgc atgcagatga aagagtagta aaaacaaaat tctaggcctt    138120
     tgggcccagg cttgggaatg tgatctttgt ggctcaatgc tccaaggtat gctaatcata    138180
     aaacagatag ctacatccct ccacccacct cttacacgcg ttctcgcgac cggccaggaa    138240
     agacgcagca aaccagaatc ttctgcggca aaactttatt gcttacatct tcaggagcaa    138300
     gagtgcaaga gagcaagagc tctattgctt acatctttag gagccagagc gcaagagcgc    138360
     aagagtgcaa gagcaaaagc aagagagaga atggtgaaac cccgtccctt tttcaggaga    138420
     atcatcctct gcctaggacg tgtcactccc tgattggctg cagcccatag gccgagttgt    138480
     cgtcacgggg aaggcagagc acatggggtg gaaaactacc cttggcacat gcgcagatta    138540
     tttgtttacc acttagaaca caggatgtca gcgccatctt gcaacggcga atgtgagggc    138600
     ggctccccac acccactcac ttcctgggtt caaggagtat tcgttcaaag aaagtcaccc    138660
     tgacccaccc tgaccattgc tggaacccgc tatgcaaagg tgctattgtt aggggctctt    138720
     agaaactgtc ttgagaaata accctcacaa ttaccaggta ttccttgtga ctcttgtaac    138780
     tttgcacttc cttgtgactc ttaactagta tttttggtat tttccaacaa cgcccttccc    138840
     acctccttga gttgtggttt cttcctttaa ataccccctg acccagctac tcggggtgcc    138900
     acggtcctct acccctgcgt atggtggtgt atgaccatgg gcctgagagc gctcttgaat    138960
     aaaaatcctc ttgcagtttg cagcaagacc gtttcttgtg ggtgattttg gggtgtcgcc    139020
     tctcctgagt cagaacgtgg gggagtcctc acgttgtggg tctttcacag agcctttgga    139080
     ggcccgagga gcaggttgaa tcccctggaa ctggagttac agatgtttgt gaactgtcac    139140
     atggtgctca gaactgaaat ggaacctttg ataagagcag caaatgcttt taactgatga    139200
     gccatctctc cagcccagga gccttttcta aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca    139260
     aactcagttt gggcttttgg gttgtatggt ttatttcaca aagttcaaca cccattcatg    139320
     tgtgcccgtg tgtgggtgtg cacatgtgtg tgggggtgca aattcggaat agaaggaaac    139380
     atctttagct ggatgaaagt ctttcaggat gttaatatca tgcttgattt ggaagcagat    139440
     caggaacaat gcctctgctt aactctgcac tgaaattcct agcaaataca atgtagagaa    139500
     acagcaaagg ctttgaggtg aggagacgat agctgggtat tggcagacag cactttcatg    139560
     cacgtggaaa acctgagcag tgtatcaaaa ctggaagcag taagtgaatc tcacaagtca    139620
     gttaatacat agatctcagt ggttctatag tctaaggaca cacaatagaa agtgaagctt    139680
     aaacaaaccc ttttcacagg accgagcaca tcagtcccct aagggtgaac ccagccctcg    139740
     ctcaggatag agccacgttc gcatattacg gagggcgttg tgaagtctca gaaactggca    139800
     gatgtctttc ttccacactg agctgctgag tccatgggat ccctgccaat agcccggtgg    139860
     gcgtttctga agaaactgca ttctgaaact ttataggaga tcaaaggaga cagttacaaa    139920
     aaccaccttg aaagacagga gcacagctgg aggatttagt gtcagattgc aagattctgg    139980
     atgaagctac tatagtccaa actgagtatt agtgtcttaa gaaacagact agtcaagcaa    140040
     aacaaaaatc tagaaaaata tccatatgta ttcatataat atattcataa tcatatattc    140100
     atatatattc aactgatttt gataaaggtc ctgagacagg accatttgtc acacaaatgg    140160
     agatgtacct gagaagagag aatctcaatt aaggagctgt ctccatcaga ttggccttgt    140220
     gggcaagcct gttggggcat cttcttgatt gctgattgat gtgggaaggc ccaacccact    140280
     gaaggtggta cctctgtggg tggtcctggg ctgtataaga aaggtagttg agcagaccag    140340
     ggaagcagga cagattgttt cgccaggatc tctgcttcaa tcctgccctg gcttcccctg    140400
     atgagggcct taacctgtaa gccaaataaa cccatttctc cacaagttgc ttttgataat    140460
     ggtatttatc acagagtgcc actcactccg gttgagtcag cttgacaggc ctgaagcctt    140520
     aaagccactc acaaggcaga gagtttcacg gaaactcacc tcctggagtt ttggcgttct    140580
     cattaaccca tatactcata ccctattccc gagttagtct ggtgtatgga tccacgtgct    140640
     ctcttttagt attatcttat tataagtgcc ttttaagatt gaattctgac atagctaagc    140700
     cttcgccagt gttccaatgt cctagaaagt ccttgagctg gccatgggct tggaattcag    140760
     taagaatgtt gcctattcag tgacattcag aattgcctct ggtattatac tatcactttg    140820
     aataaaagct aagttactgc cctacacagg aatttaccat catctaggaa gaaggaagtt    140880
     tgagacctaa ggaggaacca aagtagatac ttagaactat agatagctga gttacaccca    140940
     tacacatata tttacagtgg cctaggggga aggtggacta tacaatagac taaaatagga    141000
     actatggcaa gggcacgaag cccttgaccc tggcttctaa gattaagtgg accttaggtg    141060
     gagctctttt taacaatgaa ttctatccca gatggttcct gtcagacctt ctgtgtttgt    141120
     attcctctgt tttgtgtaag aatccagtaa cctcttttta ccttgttggt gtgtcaccca    141180
     acttccctat tttcttctgt ataaaaagtt tgatgcttga tttgacaaat gacattcaga    141240
     ttctacacaa cctctcctgt gtgcatctgt ttgtcatttc atccaacact ttgcccacct    141300
     gggactagag acccgttcca cgcagacaaa ggggcccaga aggtctgcgg caaaagagta    141360
     agaaagtaaa ctatgatgta agtcatagaa aaggtcctaa atatattgga taggtataga    141420
     taaaagtcaa tgccaatccc tgccttactt aggaagggaa attgatttct gatagattgt    141480
     agatagactt aaacataaga gccagggggc tggagagata gctttgttct tgagaggatc    141540
     tgggttctgt ccccagcatt cacatcatgc tactaatgac tgcctataat tccatttcca    141600
     agggatccag taccctcttc tgcctgtgtt cacatagaac atatatgttg caaaccggcc    141660
     agcggctcac atgagctggg tttcacctgg gaggcaaact ggggctgaaa gagagggaaa    141720
     ctaggcggac gagagagaaa tggagccaag acagtgttct gatcaaggct caaatgttta    141780
     atggcgaatg ctcttataaa ggagggggga ggcccgttcc tgccaattca ttcttggagc    141840
     ctggaaccag ctgcaggtga tgacatgcag aaagggtgag gcctcaggaa tagctaggcg    141900
     gcctcccagc aggtagcagt atcttgaaga ggaacagtga caatggctga actatagagt    141960
     gatctaggga ggaaggctcc atcctaggta atctccttag tggtagcaag gtcaaggtct    142020
     ggctcagcca gcttcaggct gagggaaggt tacacatata cagacaagca ggcacaccac    142080
     atcactaaaa ataaacttta gaaagagtca atagttttcc atgtattcag gccactggag    142140
     gagaaaaata ttcgtcaatc ttaccccacc tgtgaaccct acaaacctca taaataacca    142200
     gcctggcaag acaagtctac cattgcaata atgcccttca agtaaccaac cactttgtta    142260
     ttggatttaa ggtcttctcc acaacacgaa acccgtgtgt gacaccatta ttaggccagg    142320
     aacctgtggc tagacaggtg gtaggcccag gggtagaacc tatcactatt gctctgacaa    142380
     atggacatac cattaaactg attcctaata gatcagggca tctctcaact ccagtcagaa    142440
     aagtgtcttt ttctagtgaa tgatgatcaa catagagact gacaattggt caaggtacag    142500
     ataatgagac tgtagaatgc tcagccctaa gtgggacatc accggtgcca caccccaagg    142560
     ttgaggggtc attgaggggg gagggggcag aaagactgta agggtcagtg acggtgggtg    142620
     actatgagct aatggttttc tggacacaac agggcagctg tacaggaatt gtgcaagctc    142680
     cagccagaca agatcccagt atgagagggc aggttaacca gaagtctcca ttcctagctg    142740
     aggagctatc gtctactggt ggctactggg aacaggggag tcagttttgt tgaagggtag    142800
     gtccctaggg gggttcacca ttctctgttg gatgtccatg aactcaggag atggcacaga    142860
     ttggacttta tgggctaata aagaagacac cagttgggtc agtaagcaag ggagaatgta    142920
     tctggaggga gttggaggag gagtgaacat ggtcaaaata cattgaaatt cttttttttg    142980
     gtttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtatagc caccactgcc cggctataca ttgaaattct    143040
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg    143100
     gaactcactt tgtaggccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctccc    143160
     aaatgctggg attaaaggcg tgtgccacca ccgcccggct tacattgaaa ttcttaaaga    143220
     atgaataaca ataaactaaa atgaaaaaca ttaagcattt ttgaaagact ggagaaagag    143280
     ctgagcactg aaatatagga tgaaatttta aagtggcagg tttttctaac ccagctagct    143340
     cctttggcaa ctcctcctca tgcctgacct cattgcaatc tccttcttcc tggaccctca    143400
     cctgcccctt ggccaacttc ttcttcctag ctcttctgcc caagacccct ggctgggatc    143460
     aaaagtccag ctttctatct cctctgccca gacattggct gttcagcctt ttattaacca    143520
     atcagatata tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatc    143580
     ccttcttttc atttaatttt ttttttacat tccagatttt actcccctcc tggtccaccc    143640
     tccggactgt tccacatccc atacctcctc cctgcctccc tgtctccacg aggatgtccc    143700
     cacccctcca cctcccaccc caccagacct ctaaactccc tggggcctcc agtctcttga    143760
     gggttaggtg catcatctct gactgtaccc agacctggca gtcctctgtt gtatatgtgt    143820
     tgggggcctc atatcagctg gtgtgtgctg cctgattggt ggtccagtgt ttgagagatc    143880
     tcggggcatc cgggttagct gagactgctg gtcctcctac agggtcaccc tcctcctcag    143940
     cttcttccag ccttccctta attcaaccac aggggtcagc agcttctgtc catttgtttg    144000
     ggtgcaaata tctacatctt actctttcag ctgcttgttg ggactttcga agggcagtcg    144060
     tgataggtcc cttttttgtg agcacctcag caatagtgtc aggccttggg gcctcccatt    144120
     gagctggatc ctactttggg cttgtcactg gaccttcttt tcctcaggct actctccatt    144180
     tccatccctg cagttcatgc acatcctttt gggtctgagt tatctcactc aggatgatat    144240
     tttccagttc catccatttg tctgcaaaac tcaggatgtc ctcattctta atagctcagt    144300
     cctattccat tgtgtaaatg aaccatatct tctgtatcca ttttcctgtc atggggagat    144360
     tctttgatat tcatgccaaa gctggttctg gactgtagct agatcccagg gcatggaaat    144420
     cggcatctga atacacagag cacaaaacaa cccccaacac tgaaatgcaa gtgtttgttg    144480
     cttttttctt ttgacttcag acataattgg acccacatga ctggctgctc caagctccag    144540
     ctgcagtgac ttcaccatga gagactacat atactttgga ccatgagcca aaataaaacc    144600
     tttcctcatt atgaaaataa gcttttaaat gcatatacaa acaaacaatc ccagaatcct    144660
     tccataggac acaaaaagtt taatatacca aaacaatgaa ctgtactttc atcaaattaa    144720
     aaaaataatc tctccctgcc aaaggatacc atggggtaaa tgaagaggat gtcctattaa    144780
     atatatagca agtactctat agagttatat cgaatatggt atgtgaacaa ataaatgaga    144840
     tactccagat cagaggacaa tgaccccccc tccccccaca agtgttgcaa cttttttttc    144900
     ttgccataaa ggatgttgtc agacaactgg tgagtttgga acaaggtcca ctgattgtaa    144960
     aatcctggta atgttaatgg actgtttttg atcacatact atgagataat acagataaaa    145020
     gaatataatt gtaactttaa ttttttcaaa tcctattttt aatgatggtt cttaaacact    145080
     ttaaccttcc ttctagcctg ccaccgccag aggtagtaga aaagaaagga tacatgggaa    145140
     gtggacctgt ttagcaaggt tctttggatc aactcccagc tggctgtgtt gtctggaaat    145200
     cagcagttca gttctcaggt cagcaggcag tggcagctcg aaacactcac aaacacttca    145260
     cagatacacc agcagtctag ttcagtagag tcgggataac aacagagttg acacgacctt    145320
     gtagagacag ccagacctca acctcaactc gagtcagcag gagggaccag gaggaacacc    145380
     aggagaagtt ctaggctgtg cctctctcag ggaagtgaag atcagaaaat atttgagacc    145440
     cacaagcgtt gcacaggtag cttgttccag caagccaagc tctgtctcca tcactgtctg    145500
     tcagtcctat ttataccctc caaacaggcg ccttgtctta gcacgtgcgt ctgtctcagc    145560
     tgacatcaac ttgccaatca gctcaagtcc ttggaagaga caacaaaccg ccgacggttt    145620
     ttggtgcatt tctctctatg gagtccctac aaatgcagct caactacaca atgtaaggca    145680
     gaccaataca tgcatgtcat tagcaaagga gccttcatca cgtgttcttt cacatgcttg    145740
     ctttagcaga acatcctctc tcctgtgtct gcttcagcaa aacgttcctt caccagtctg    145800
     ccttagcctt tgacatctgt gtccatttta acaaaaagtc ccttcacatg tttaccccag    145860
     caaaacacca tccaaccggc cttccaaaga acccttacgt ttccacttaa tataatctct    145920
     atcatttagt ctgaaatggt ttggagaaaa tgttgcgctg tgaatggtgg cacatttgta    145980
     atctcagagc atgggaggtt gacgagggca gattgctaca agttcaaagc cagtctgggc    146040
     cacatagcaa gaacctcatc tcaaaaagca aacaaacaga atgacatgga gtaatacaga    146100
     agagacagga atggagacaa tgtggtaaca cttaggtcga ggtgttgaaa tggtaacatt    146160
     catgggttat gaggaaaggc aatgtggaaa tcctttaaac tgttttgcaa tttttctgaa    146220
     agttttgagt tatttaagag gactgttata aaagggaatg catagataag ctccagccac    146280
     agataaaata gtcacacatc tgacaaagga ttcatttttt aaagtgcata aaaatatcgt    146340
     gtgctgataa caagaaaact ctgctctgtc aacaagcagg gatactgttt gaacaaagac    146400
     atcttgtcaa ggaagataca agggatgggc aatctaccag tagaaaatac tcattagtgt    146460
     caaagtccta ataagaaggg tgaaatacaa actaacatta tagtgagtta ctagagtgac    146520
     tacagtgtcc acaaagtggc agatccaggt ctcggaagct acatggagtt aaagtcacat    146580
     tagggttggt agtacaacag ggtacagttg gaagcaagca actcctttct ttttcttaat    146640
     attttagtcg gcatgcaaaa tgatgcacat cagtacaaca ttcctacatg cctctcattt    146700
     taattgttat ttactcctct cctcatagct ctcccgtgcc tctcccagtc tcttcctggc    146760
     cctttccctt ccccctgatt gtcccttctg cttttatacc acacagatct tatcaccctt    146820
     tctttgtcct tcctcctggc cctgacctca tcttcctccc ttttaaatcc tctttatacc    146880
     tccatgtggg aagccaactc caagatggtg ccgtttccgg ttgccgttgt cataaacaac    146940
     accaccgtgc aggcgacaat tcaaatttgg cgccaacccc tcccgagcgg gtgcatgcaa    147000
     attgggtgct ggcagactga ccaatcccag ggggccacag agccttttct tgttctgggg    147060
     tgcatataag cagggctccc tgggcgcccg gggtccccgt agaagcatcg aggcattcct    147120
     gcaataaagg ctgttgagaa gaatctgact gtgtcgtgtc gttcttgctg gtcaagagca    147180
     gacgcgacac ttccatgcta tttataatat gtatttcaca tatgtataat gcctatttta    147240
     attttcagac tatttttatt tactctttgg caatttcaca catttatgca ttttgtcccg    147300
     gtgcaggctc tcggcttcac ctcattttcc ccagacaccc ctcaataagt ctttctctaa    147360
     ccttagtgtt cttttgtttg ctcatttgtg tggttggttt tgtttatttg taacccactt    147420
     agttcaatga ctgctgcctg ctagtatgct gactggtctc tccgatgggc ttgaacttgc    147480
     acagcgatcc tcgctgctga ggcttcctga gtacagcagc cgtgccatgt gcagaagaca    147540
     tcgtctcacc gctctccttc ctgccctcca gctcttacaa tctctctgct ccttgtccac    147600
     catattctct gaggctggag gtgggtatga tatagatgta tttaggactt gagaggacaa    147660
     cataaacccc acttgtctac atgtaaggac cagacctgat tttggaaaga aggccataag    147720
     acaccagctc caggaacaga ccataaaatc cagaaaggcc atagcccccc tcccaaagaa    147780
     cagcccgtgg ataaccacaa aaaatgggga aatatcttac ctcaggatgg gccatctgga    147840
     ctgggcagtc ctagctcatg ctatggttaa acatgcatga cataggaatg caaatcacta    147900
     accacctgtg actccctagt acctactaat gaaattttaa ttacctattc cttctagaga    147960
     gttctcctgg ttctctataa gaaggcctgt gcgcctttgt ctggggtcac catttcaaaa    148020
     aatggttgat ccccgcatgc tggatgtttc tgcagaataa atactctttg tctttgcata    148080
     gtgtctgagt ctggggtctt cctccagtga tctctggacc cttacaggct gaacacacaa    148140
     gagtcatgca ttctctgcac ttggaccggc tctggatctt tctgtttccc actgcagaaa    148200
     gagcttctct ggtcaagact gaccactaac ctatttgtat aaacataagt atttggagac    148260
     aattgggcat catgtgtatg cactttcaaa tgttcatgat aaaaacaaac aaataaacaa    148320
     acaaacatgt aacttttgct ttctaaacct gtgtggatct gagcccatct ctttttctgc    148380
     cagtgtctta agcttactca tctttacagc taaatacaat tccattttat gtgtgtacca    148440
     cactttcttt atccattcat ctgtcaacag acccgaggct ggttccttct cttagctatt    148500
     gtgaacagtg cagtaataaa tatggatgtg aaagctcaca accgcaggga agttgattta    148560
     gttagggttt aacagctgtg aagggacacc atgaccaagg caactctata acagaaaaca    148620
     tttaattggg gctgggttac aggttaagag gtttagccca tcatcatcat ggcggaaaac    148680
     atggcagcat tcaggcagac gtgatgctgg aggagctgag agttctacat cttgatcagc    148740
     caagaggaaa ctgattccac actgggtgga gcttgagtat aatctcaaag cccacctaag    148800
     aagacaacac atactccaac aaggtcacac ctcctaacag tgccctccct gtagccaagc    148860
     attgaaacac aggaatctat gggtgccaaa cctactcaaa ttaccacaga gtcaaggcag    148920
     gaacttgaag cagccggtca cactggtcac agacaggagc agagagaaat gaatacatac    148980
     atacctactg tgagaaagat ttatcatgca atttgagatc ccaactgagg agatggcgcc    149040
     acccacattt aggctgggtc tccccacgtc aatgaatata attgcaacaa ttcttcacag    149100
     atgtgctcac tggccaactt catcaacaac ctttcaccca aactcttttc aggtgatcct    149160
     aaattgtgtc aagttgacag aattaaccat gacacctggg tagtcagtat gggggtcctt    149220
     agcaatgggg cagtagggca ctttctaaag agaaggcaac cctccaaatc tggtagagtg    149280
     tgccaagacg acacaggcac gtggcccaga tgaatcgctg atatttatac atttagttgg    149340
     ctagaaatta cacactgtta aaatcatatc agatgtgcct ttaaatttaa agtaagtgca    149400
     ctgcatgtgt gcctggtacc tgtggaggag gccagaagaa agggctggat cttctggaac    149460
     cagagttata gatggttgta agcctcgaca tgggtgctgg gaactgaccc ctattcctct    149520
     ggaagagcca gggctcttaa ccaccaagcc atctctctgg cccctagatc atttgtattt    149580
     ttaaatcact gagtacagga gaaggacaag aggctatcca tcttcagtgc ctgtgaattc    149640
     atcctgagac cagccccaac ctttcctgga gcactactgt gttataagcg tcgcggcttc    149700
     tttctctaat ttaaaccgta tttctgaaga ccttcatgtt ataacaatgt catccttcga    149760
     ggaactcaga ttttaaattt taagactcct tcatttcctt cataaaccat atccattcct    149820
     gggacacatc tcacctgtca atcttcacac taaatctgga ctttttcgca cctccacctt    149880
     ccgcttgaag ggcacccctg ccctcttata agcgtcgctg tgacccatcc tgcagccagc    149940
     tgccccagga tgtggcagca ccatccttct ctttttcctt cgcctctttg ctcacaaatc    150000
     cttttctcgg ggtggcattt tcccagtgtc ctgttcagga tcaaaccatt tctcatccca    150060
     cgcggacttt ccgccttccc gtcatgcccc actttcttcc gcagcaccgc ccccaccccc    150120
     ttctcttctg ttgtcctact attctataag caccacaaag gcagagactg cttccctctt    150180
     ttcctttgcc tcccagaacc tgcaatgaag ttgagcgcat ggcagaaggt gctcactgca    150240
     ttcttcctca gagtttggct cccagcttgg atacccattt caggaatgca aatggacaaa    150300
     ggaggaatcc tttcccgttc tgtggacaat ggagggttaa cacacatcaa aatgccttga    150360
     ccatcaatga ttcagtttct gtgtctgcag cattgaaggc agtcagatag atgcacaggc    150420
     tccatacttt ttcctcagcc tctagatcgg gggtgctcaa accgtgggcc gagacccttt    150480
     gggggttgaa tgactctttt acagggtggc atatcagata tcccgcctgc cagcttattt    150540
     gcattttaag attcataaca gtaacatcac agctatgaag tagcaacaaa aataatttta    150600
     tgtttggagg tcaccacgtt aaacggcctg tgttaaacgg tcacagaatt aggaaggtcg    150660
     agcggacagt gcctgggttc tctcaagccc agatgtgaga atccttagag gaccatgaca    150720
     tggtgattgt gtcccaccag gttgagagct gctgatgaag aggaacctgg atttgcctct    150780
     ggaccctgcg atgagacact gtgccaagaa gccacagaca cctcgaattt ccaactctag    150840
     catcgaggcc tgtcggaaca ccaaccaaga agggagtcgt gcaagatatc tgagggcttg    150900
     tgagaaaact ctgagaaatc aagagcttgt gacctctgtc tccttctctt ctcgtctctt    150960
     ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctctctttct tttttttttt    151020
     tttttttttt tagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc    151080
     aggctggcct tggactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaaga    151140
     agtgcgccac cacacccagc tgacctctgt ttcttaaaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca    151200
     aacaaaccca gaatcactct tggattaagc tctcacgccc ctcccaggtg tatggtgtat    151260
     ttgtgattta cttcagattg tttattacag ctggctattg tttatttata tgcctttgtg    151320
     actgtactct tcactcaagc gactcttctt aaccctcaga gtgtaaattg tctgatgctc    151380
     tgagtaaagc cagctcttgc atgagacttt tgtctggctc actaatctcc cctctcccca    151440
     ggtcctcctg cctcctgcct gagcgagcag ggctgagcat gggaaggagg ggcttctgtg    151500
     ggacgcggct aagatcctct gaaatgtctc atccagtttt tcattccgga gacctaggtg    151560
     acatttaaat gtgtcccact tatctacaag tggacacagc gcacacgttt gatctgatgt    151620
     aggacaagga atgacagatc ttcaaggaga tggggtgttt tacattccca ctgagctctc    151680
     tgggaagtgc tgcttgtgaa gtttccatct ccatttgagt tctgatttct catcaagagg    151740
     tgagaattga ttgtttctgc ttctgccagt tttcccttgt tccacccctc ccacccctca    151800
     gtctttattc cccccccccc acctccctca gtctttatcc ttcctttctc ctctctcccc    151860
     ctcccctccc ctcctcctcc ccttcccctc cccctccctc ctctcccctt cccctccttt    151920
     tctcccctcc tcccttcccc ctccccctct cccctctcct ctccccctcc ctgttccccc    151980
     taaccccaac accacggctt ccatttgccc atagggataa gaatatctcc atcatcattt    152040
     tccttcctct gtgtcctcac tacctggatg ctgcctggac cctggattac tattaacaca    152100
     aaattcatag caactctctt gtcaaagaag ggggcgaaga acatgggaag cagatctaga    152160
     cagttcttca ttactaacag cattagatct attcccatac atgagtccac tcatcagacc    152220
     tgtccattga aaaaactaaa tgaagggaaa cttagaatga gggctgacta gctcaaggtt    152280
     aagtgataca tttaatttgt actcactgat gaccactttt tggaatccaa attttactct    152340
     acgtagatag atgctctgta tccgtaccct cctgagttct ttgaaagtga tgtcacagga    152400
     tggagagcct ggtgggtttt taatgagtga atcccccttt attaaaaaga aggcacagaa    152460
     ctagaccaca ggctagagag cctagaaata gagcaggctc aggcttggag gcctttgaac    152520
     tctcttggta cctgggaggg agggagggcc aggagcgtag gcctgagagg gaaaatccca    152580
     ttcagagact ggaggtcctc tctaatcacc tgctcaggtc ctgggtctcc aggaaggact    152640
     tgctaaaacc tccccagaag agctcctggt cctttcagta ctctggcaaa aagtaaatca    152700
     agattagcac gtgaaaggat ccagtttgca gaagacatga catcatctca tgaacagtgt    152760
     gtatgagaca gtgtcctaaa ctacaaactg gggcagccgg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    152820
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgggtg gtaataaatg accacacaca tttctggctg ctttatggac    152880
     tcattcgtca ggccctgagc ccacacctac tcctggactg ctttcccatc tcatttccat    152940
     ttctggatag ttctgtagct atcctaagag ccaggacttt ttcccatctc cccctagtgg    153000
     ctgggactta acctctgctc tctttttctt ttaaactcta ataaaattcc cctgagcatc    153060
     ttagttattc caactctaga ttctttcatc agcgaggtta aacactccaa aagggaacct    153120
     cagtttcccc aggaacaggg gaatgagagc tcacataggg cagaggaaat ggtagctata    153180
     aggaaaggca agcctcacct cagactgact gtgtgtcttt ggaagtgggg cttgcaagtc    153240
     cgtatagtca atagggccat ttggagacag attaaagctg caagcctcca ctgaaggtgg    153300
     tccctcagta tagtggttcc aggaccctta tggatacaaa actctgcaga tgcttaagtc    153360
     tcttataaga catgatgtga tatttgtaca ggattctgtg cccatcctcc tatagggaga    153420
     tttaaaatct ctagatgaca caattcttaa tacaatgtga gtgctgtgta aacaggtgtt    153480
     attctgtatt cttcagggga atcgacaatt acaaagtctg tgcatgttag tatagatgca    153540
     cttttcctgg gtattctctg agactggtta aatctacaga tgtggaacct gtctgctcat    153600
     gtagatgcag actgcaatga tcacctccca tggtttctag atgcctacgc agggagtagg    153660
     gctaatacag attcccagca gccgagaatc atgtccatac tttctggaag gacagaaaca    153720
     ttcacagagg cattggggac tgtgaataag tttgttagat attgcctcca aacgctccca    153780
     gggagaggtt taaggcactg cagcatttcc acagggaccg tgtgcaagtc tccacaatgg    153840
     caaagctacc ttcgaaacaa taattaaagc aggatagaaa aacagagaca attatgggga    153900
     catggaaaga aaaaaaaaga gcctttcatt ttggagactg gctgaggcct cttgccagct    153960
     gaggaccaag aattcttgta cggatgattc agtgtttaag agtacttgct gctctttcag    154020
     aagaccctgg ttcggttctt agcactcaca tggtggctca taaccatatg taactccagg    154080
     tccaggggat ccagcaccct ctactatcct ccataggtac taggcacata tatggtgcac    154140
     agagacccct gcaaacaaaa tgcccataca cataaacaaa tcttcaaaaa atgttcagga    154200
     tcattaccaa cattttcttc tttctttttt tttttcaatt tttaattttt ttcacttttt    154260
     tattagatat tttcttcatt tacatttcaa atgctatcct gaaagtcccc tatactctct    154320
     cccctccatg ctcccctacc caccaactcc cacttcttgg ccctggcatt cccctgtact    154380
     ggggcatata aagtttgcaa gatcaagggg tctctcttcc caatgatggc cgagtaggcc    154440
     atctttagat acatatgcag ctagagacat gagctctgga agtactggtt agtttatatt    154500
     gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagacccct tcagctcctt gggtactttc tctagctcct    154560
     ccaatggggg ccctgtgatc catccaatag ttgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtatttgc    154620
     caggcaatgg catagtctca cacgagacag ctatatcggg gtcctttcag caaaatcttg    154680
     ctggcatatg caatagtgtc tgcgtttggt ggctgattat gggatggaat caccaacatt    154740
     ttcagtgaag gttgccaaca tagaaagaga atttgcttta tacaaaaaca ttttccatga    154800
     agagagctaa aatagcagat cggtttaaag tctgcttata gatggtcttt ccccatggct    154860
     gactcctttc ctggagtatt ctggaactct cacaggcaag acaattaact cctgaataca    154920
     gtgacatatg ctaatttcct gcatccctat gacctagagt ttgcagttcc agtgatgatg    154980
     caattttttt ttttaggttg ctgtttattc agtgttaaat gttacagagc tcttaccctg    155040
     tctgaaccat gcctgagagc ccaaagacag aaatggtgac atggacagcc tcattcaccc    155100
     agacattgta ttaaaacttg atccatatgc attttgataa tttcatgatc ctacaaaaat    155160
     tataacaggt cttggaattt acatctgctg caggtcttca gcgttccagt agagtgtgcc    155220
     attaaacaaa gctcatcatg tctctgtccc cgtcttaaac cctaacccca aacagaattt    155280
     gtgtatgtgt gtccagctgg ggtaaagcag actttaaggg aagtttgtgg ctcaaggtgt    155340
     gagattactt gttaagattt ctggtgccca aatgaagtct tcagtttaag aatcttaagc    155400
     ttctaatcac cccacctcct cctggctggt tcagatcatg ccaacattat tgcccagaag    155460
     tggcatacag tctggtagga gacactggcc tataccttct gcttcccaca ctgctgcagt    155520
     aatccactaa actccaagac atgctctcaa gctgggaaaa catcccctat actgttccac    155580
     tcctgtcagt agtgagcaag tctgaactgt gtttggcaga gggattcatt cacagagaaa    155640
     cctaggcact gccatcgtat cacataggat ggtgcatttt aatacggaac agaacaacaa    155700
     agaatggtaa gatggcaaat tgttattcat ctttatcata attaatcatt ttacttttct    155760
     ttttgttgct gtgataaaac attttgacca agatttgcga aggggggcgg ggggagagag    155820
     agcactgtgg tatttggttg ttacatcatc actgagagaa accagggtag gaaaacaagt    155880
     ctagaacctg gagtcgtgaa ccatgtagga acattgcttg ctggcttgct cactcacagg    155940
     ctcatgctta gcgttctaat atatcccagg accacatgca tagggaatgg tgccactcac    156000
     agtgggctgg agccttccac atacaatcaa ggcaatccct catagacatt tacacagacc    156060
     aacctgataa agacaacttc tcagttgaga tcgatttttg ccccaggtgg ttctaggctg    156120
     atgatggtga atgctaacta ggatgttagt ataaagtgaa aaacccaccc caggaagatg    156180
     aggtacctgg actttgcagg aaaagcatgt ttccagtcat atgcttgcca gattcagagg    156240
     atgactctga taaaatccca gcttgctgta gcttccaagc tgagagagga gtgagcagaa    156300
     aacctggagg cctttccaga agtgtctaga accatacaaa caacacatag tgccccagga    156360
     agatatacac tgtcttgaga agcacgtgtt agaaggtttg ataagatttt attattattt    156420
     ttaaatctag gtcacagaaa aacagcaaag gagacatttc tctaggaggc acaaggttta    156480
     ggataaatac agtgagtggt gggaaagagg gtagaaggac agacagcttt gttcagttat    156540
     gccccaccca cagcctcact tccacctaca gctacagccc ccagcccgct cgcccctgct    156600
     ccccaccctc cagggacagt cctgagattg taaattcttg gaccaccagc tcctaatgaa    156660
     gtcccagtcc ctgggaaagt gagtacaaga gctgcttcag ccaggggtca ctccagaagt    156720
     tggggatgtg agcgaggtaa gagtgagtgt gtgacatgat gctgagtcgt gctacctgga    156780
     aacaaacagt gttcacatct acatctgcat ttttcagtcc tggttttgca cacttattag    156840
     gtttagtcca agcaaagcct catctcgtta ttcacagaat ctgtgttaat ggatgtgtct    156900
     gttaaagttt gtgattcctg ccaaattacg gttccagaca tgtttgcaga caggtgtgtg    156960
     ctgaaagcta tgaagaattt gattcaccca accgattcct tcccattctc ctgaaacatc    157020
     tcgtcacggt atatttggtg gtaaatttct ttaggcatct ttgtgcttgt tattaagatg    157080
     attccattgg ttggtgtcat agtcagggtt tctatggtca caaacatcgt gaccaagaag    157140
     caagttgggg aggaaagggt ttattcggct tacactttca aactgctgtt catcaccaag    157200
     gaagtcagga ctagaactca agcaggtcag gaagcaggag ctgatgcaga ggccatggag    157260
     ggatgttcct tactatcttg cttcccctgg tttgctcagc ctgctctctt atagaaccca    157320
     ggactaccag cccagagatg gccccaccca caaggggcct ttcccccttg atcactaatt    157380
     gagaaaatgc cccacagctg gatctcatgg aggcatttcc ctaactgaag ctcctttctc    157440
     tgtgataacc ccagcctgtg tcaagttgac acaaaaaacc agccagtaca gttggaatat    157500
     ccttaaagtt gggactggag agatggctca gaggtaaaga gaacttgctg ttctcacaga    157560
     ggacccaggt tcagttccca accctcacat ggaggttcac ccaactgcgt gtaactcctg    157620
     taccagggga tccaatacct tcttctggtc tctgtaaggg gcacatgtgg tgcacacata    157680
     tacatggagg caaacatata cataacacat aatgaaagaa agtttaatgc tgaagtccta    157740
     aaggagactg atagacagcc tttggcattc ccaattgcaa tgttggaagg aatatggact    157800
     ccccttccac aggacactgg cattcctttc tcctctgttt ttctgctttg ctgtttaggg    157860
     cctacagtcc ttggggcact ttctcctggc tcagttgcac cattgtctgc tagctccatg    157920
     atatcctgac ttgggtgctc tttgaaagaa caggggcgac tttgcacatt taatctgtga    157980
     gatgcctgga tcctacagga aattttatcc caacgaggga taggctcaat tcatcccaga    158040
     actgagctca caataggcag aaaggaatca tgtgtccttg tcaccatttc agctcatggt    158100
     atcatcaagg tggtgggaaa ccaaacaatt ggccaccatc ttggttagcg gcaccatcga    158160
     gatggcaatg taacttcacc attatcttgg ttaaagcagc catatgccat aaaccaaaat    158220
     ggtggcactc cataaaattc ccagtaccat tgaaccctca ggggatggcc atttagagtc    158280
     tcctgtgaca ggcattgtca tgcatcccaa tattcttctc ccatcttttt ttctttttga    158340
     ctttttcttt tcccacatgc ttaggaggat catggaaaca ggagacccag atagactctc    158400
     ctatccagtg atgaggtcaa tgcattccct ttatctgata ttaaggagga aacatcagac    158460
     ctctatagtg agctctttgg acttttactc ttttgcaggc tctgcttgct ggtttctggg    158520
     gagcacttaa gacttttcca gctatgtgcc tccaacactg gacagctacc agcaggagtt    158580
     gacactctga tagacctggg aagttcacat gaattggcag caggctaggg ggccagtctt    158640
     tagaaagcac agatctctat cggagactca aagaatacat tgccaggtgc tagacacatc    158700
     acaccagcca ttgcaggatc ggcttactca agctggaagc tgaagacact gggaggctgg    158760
     agatgctgga ggctggagac ccaagttctt cagggttgat gcctgctctg tctgccaggt    158820
     acctccaagc ctgtttctct ctaactgaga tagaatgctc ttcctccctt ccccctcctt    158880
     tgctccatag ttccctgcta ttgtttctgc cctggcacgt tccaggcacc tggcttctgt    158940
     ttccagtttc ttccatttct gtttccattc tccaattgta gcaacagacc cacaaaagaa    159000
     aagctgatca ggccattcct ctcttgagtt cctgtagatg ctttcccatt tttgttttct    159060
     agatgctagg gacttctatt caagttccat gtggtaatta caacgtggct gttctaaccc    159120
     aggcagcctc actggtatgg actccaggtt atacattcaa ggaaagtggg gtcaaaggga    159180
     ctgtttaaga gaaatatcgg atattcaatc tgcagaggag ctcagctctc tgacttacca    159240
     tcagatgtca gctgacttcc ccgacatgcc ggttaatagc ttctctagtg ttattgttca    159300
     ttgtggccca ttaaaacaaa agtttagtaa gggggatggt gggggggggg gaaaggaata    159360
     aaaagcccaa gaacattgaa atggagagac aggcaggatg tggaggaggt gacggttctc    159420
     tagtgactgc tgacagtcct gaagcctggc tcagcgcctg ctgggcttct ggttgagtta    159480
     agtggagcat cagggcatcc atgctttcag ggactgaagg acttccctcc tccacaccac    159540
     acccttcagg ctttcctctc aagcctggag aggaaagagt gcttctgggt gccggtgggg    159600
     gagatgcagc tctcccaggc tcctccccca ctttgctgtt ctccaactct ttcctttttg    159660
     tcttcaagcc taaggccgag ctggtctcat tctcccatga ttttagaagt gggtgcctcc    159720
     tctcctgtct tcagttagct ttcaggaatg tgaacaccac gtttaatcgg cttgtgcacg    159780
     ttttgaatat cagaacgggt cctgtctttt ctattttcca aaagtctcca atatgtttct    159840
     tattaataat ctgtactttt ttttttaaca gcctaaggac tgttaccgcc tagaaagaaa    159900
     aaggagactc tgagagagct atttcagctt tgaaattagt gagcagaact gctactttga    159960
     cacactgata gtaaattgtg tttgaagaag acattagcaa gttgggcctc tgtggcgcct    160020
     gcttttaatc ccacagattg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat cggaaggacg gaggggtggg    160080
     agagagggga gaggggagag gggagagggg aggtaacaaa tgagcaatca gaataatgtt    160140
     tccaatgtaa gagagtttat tcgggttctg cactcagagg tacctacaac agactacaga    160200
     caaaatcaat taggaagggc tcactaaaaa tgttcaggaa atagtaacat agagaacact    160260
     cggccttaca gctctcagac aagccacgga ccaagtagta atctcagcct ctacactgtg    160320
     tggcaaaaat ccttaatcca caaggaagaa ccaatttaaa gcaaccccgc aggtgtggag    160380
     cctaactgcg tggagtcctc aaagagccct gggctttctg tttctgacag ccgcctgcca    160440
     ggctagggct gctaagtgtg tatccaaaga ctgacaacag ttttgtggtg agaggggagg    160500
     cgggggcaaa gaatgctcag aaagatccct aaactcagac agtaggagcg ccaggctggg    160560
     ggacggggga gctggctctc atccacaggg aaggtactgg gtagaaacaa ggcaagcctt    160620
     acctcagaag agaggcttgc tccacagggt ccagaggctg gggtctgagc agccctgggg    160680
     gacagtggct tgcttaaagt tagctgccac tggggttctt tagggtccct cagcggtggg    160740
     tcctcagccc ctttcgctgt gggtggctgg actctgtcag ggcagggctg ctcctggtgg    160800
     cagtgtggcg agggcggagt tggcggcgtc cgaggccacg tgtggaaaac cttctctggg    160860
     aaaatggatg tcagcatgac tggggtgggg acgatttctt gtgctgggac ctacactggc    160920
     ttggaaactg ggggacagtc tcacatacgc taggcttcaa agtgtcatca tataggttca    160980
     gggtgcctcc caatccccca ccctgggctc agggaagggg ccggggatag gttcagggga    161040
     cctggtgctg cgggaggaac catcaaaatc tgaacacatc agctcttgga gagggagcct    161100
     cttggtgcgt ttctttctct tttttctgag gttctcttgt ctcggctgtt tcaaattccc    161160
     agtggcttct tcagtcacag tccagatgtt ggaagaatta cttccatcta cttcctccct    161220
     agagaaagag agacagagga gaggttcagg cacgtccatg ccagccgggg cttgactgca    161280
     acgggaggtg tgcagaaatc tccaactctc ctcatatgct ttgtccacag ccttaggtgt    161340
     tggacacttt aggcgtactt cattcaatgc atgtctgtgc gtagtagcgt cacacagaag    161400
     ggaaaaccta gccatgtggg ccagtcccta ctcaatcaag aaacggctaa ctcaagctca    161460
     ggtgccaacc actgtccacc agcatcgagc cagcctggct ctatcattgc ttctgcccca    161520
     accccccccc ccgcccctga attagagctt taaaatatag acagtttcca tagccctgag    161580
     tttctcaaat tcggtggttc aaggtgcatg gtcagaaatg ccaacagcga cgtgactttt    161640
     aattacattc aattaaaaaa accccaaaac tacaacaaaa caaaacaaaa accaaaccct    161700
     gcctatgatg tcataaataa gacttattta gggaatgcac tggacaaagc ttatttacca    161760
     aggagtgttg gcttttcttc agagagggca tcttggcaat gctatgacta cattctagtc    161820
     cactcaccat ggcccactgg tttggcaatt ttttttttcc tagggacccg tgttaaggct    161880
     gtgtcaggct gtgttcagag caccaaatac ctgggattaa atggcacctg accacccttg    161940
     cctccgctca gaaccagttt tgttttgtct ttgccctaat taactttgga gcatcactgc    162000
     ttccaatcct tttagaagac gtcagagaaa aaaagacgag ctgggagaag ccttctagtt    162060
     attatcaaat agaaaaatcc catcactcaa atgactctgc aagggattaa ggttttatcg    162120
     gatgtgatta ttttcaaaga ctgccacaaa gctcagaagg gaattcccaa gagagagaaa    162180
     gagaggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gctggcctaa ggaagagcag aattaaaaaa aaaactttcc    162240
     tggaccccac acacaaactg tcttgtgagg tctgagctcc tgttgacatc aaatctctgg    162300
     tagaacaggt gcctccagac acttggaggc catgcctggg ggttgtgctg gggacacctg    162360
     ctctgtgaaa tctgaactct gatcccccat ggcttccaaa gcccctgact aggagctaag    162420
     cccccctcag agctaagttg cttgtgtttt gcttttctcc actggccctc agtcagcatt    162480
     gattatagac tttgtaacac acagctcctt aggagtaaga acaatgagga gttttcttca    162540
     ttctacaaat actcagagag taagcaggga cctgtctacc tgccttcagg gaccaaggaa    162600
     ggagggtcag aggggccaag aaaataaaat atataatcac ttttgcaggg actagtcaca    162660
     tgaatgagtt aaaggccacc ctctaatgga attttaggca ggcaataaag agcaggtatt    162720
     actgttatag taaggataca ttagtaactg ggaagatgtt acaaaagaga atacatttat    162780
     tttcacattg gctatttggg ttgtgaataa gcaaagcaca ctaggcacct gaaagcaaat    162840
     tagaaacagt tgcctctgag aaataggttc cagtagaatt gatatgttct ccacttctta    162900
     tatttaaaaa aaatcacatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatgtatg    162960
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatttttata tgtatgcgtg ctttgcctgg atgtatgtct    163020
     gtgcaccaca tgtgtgcctg gtgactgcag aggccagcag aaggggtagg atcccctgag    163080
     gctagagata tggacagtgt gagccaccat gtggatgctg agaatggagc ctgggtcctc    163140
     tgaaagaaca gctagtgtgc ttaaccactg agccatctct ccaaccctat gttccccaca    163200
     tttaaaaaga tgttttgcag ctgttataca tgataaggaa aatcaataaa gcttttggct    163260
     ttgaagaaaa atatgaacgg acaccgctga taaaaaatag tctataagaa tgcaaaccaa    163320
     atacaatgat tatttttgac atgttagact gtggatttaa aagggtttgc tggttgcttt    163380
     taatttataa gtaatatgac tgggcattcc ttttgaaaca agaacagaac aagacaaatt    163440
     attgtgtaga acaaaaggaa ggtttgatca gaagaagaaa gctgtttcct cttaaagatt    163500
     tgtttttatt ttatgagtat ttttgcctga attatttaag tgaagcacgt gtgttcacta    163560
     cccaaggagg ccagaagatc atctggcggg agattggctt gcccgggggc tacaaggaag    163620
     catcctcaca cagggctggt gtgcaagctc tcactcctgc tcttttcccc ttactctgcc    163680
     tcttggccac aaccactctg gagctaggaa gggctgccct gaccccgtgg gcataggcca    163740
     tacctgtgac tggacacgac ccactcaatg gctttatttt tcaagctcac actacagcag    163800
     cattagatta ggtgatgttt aattgttgta ggttataatt tgattgaata caggattaag    163860
     tgtctcttat ctgaaatctt tggctccaga agtgttccag attttgggct atttgcatat    163920
     atgtgaggga taccttgcag atggaactca agtctaagtg tgagattcag tcgcttttcc    163980
     cacccgtatg caccttgtgc aagctgaggt ttactgtatc ttagatgtct ccgagctgtg    164040
     actgtagcct aactcccaag tcaggtgtga cattctctga ttgtagcatc aggtttgttc    164100
     aaaaaaaatt tttttttccc atctctgagc atgtcagatt ttggatattt ggattaggga    164160
     catctaatct ataatataat aaacaggatc aaaacgtgta cagagtgggt tggagtgagg    164220
     agccaggtac tgtgtcttaa ttggctcttt agaaggttct ggtctcactt ccagggagaa    164280
     agtgctgaga aaccatgcta cattgttctt aggatcaaaa tccacctagt cagtggatgg    164340
     agctttgtca atgtactggt tctcctgctg gcttccagag gccttttttt ctatactgcc    164400
     tcagtgtctc ctttgctctg gcatggatgc cacactgatg tcttatgggg aactgaaagg    164460
     ctctgaatcc acagctgaag aggcagaaaa tcaagagatt gatagcatcg gtctgagagt    164520
     ctctgtgact ttgaggacag cgtgacagtc cttgtagcct ctgtccttat ggacaacgta    164580
     gggaatcgcc aggcagattt tttgctgaat tgcttatttt tcaaggcttg gctctgggat    164640
     agaaaacggg ctctcatctg actgcaggga tgaagggagc tgatgaaatg cacagacgtg    164700
     ctgatttcta atgcccagct ccctcccagg aaaatccagg tcagagcaag gaaagcgacc    164760
     tgtccacaca aggccagaca ccacacggag cacgcatgtt tcagtcaatg agttaattcc    164820
     aaggctgttg agcaggcagt atcaggctgt ttggcactgt tcaggaagga gactgggtca    164880
     ctggggaatc acccctccca cagaaacata tccccaaatc catggaagac acagagctgc    164940
     tcaaaagaga gaccacagga agctaatgtt tgtgctacag ggaatagtga gctgaccaca    165000
     gactcaaacg agctatatca ccaagtcctg ggaaattctt ccttctggca gtctcacaca    165060
     caacagggtc cccaagatct cacagtgcca atcaatcaga tggatttttt ttttctggag    165120
     cctagagaaa atgattagtc ctacttggct ttcctgaaac cacatttgga atattgtcac    165180
     tattgttaac tagtgctact atgactatga aatcaaaaaa cttctcaaga gcacattttt    165240
     ctagggatct gacttgcccg ggccttgctc tgtcaagtag tcagggcaga ctccctggaa    165300
     ggatttgcag ccagctacag ggcaccaggt gtctaaattc tgctcaggcc tgtcagatgc    165360
     cctagtctgg agatagcatc gtgacacctg gttaaggtga tttccccaca gggagaaaac    165420
     cagaagccag agcatcaaac ccaccaggtg ccttcccctg cagcaatccg aggccacagt    165480
     gctctgatag gaaggaatag gaccccaaga gagaaggcca gggacatctc tgcctgggtg    165540
     aggagaaagg atgccaaagg ggtagggtgg gagaattctt cctgttctgc ctgcttctta    165600
     gagtttctga catctccaga gaaacaacac atgtcttctt gaaaagaagt gttctagacc    165660
     gattagagag tattctcact cagaaagggt aggtatgact ctatagaaca cggaggaaga    165720
     gggaaggcag agaagtcttg tcccctcagc agagctgctc agtgggtgac acaagaggcg    165780
     agaagcagct gcctccccct gcccccacac gtttcctgag gcaaaggaat ggaggccagt    165840
     gctgtccttt gagagctaga cttttgctaa tgggatggcg tattttgcaa gaccatctta    165900
     tcaaaggtct cggagagtca cttagctgtc aagtaggggg tgggaatgga aaactgcgtg    165960
     acctctgact ggtcagtttt gatcacagag ttcgtctgaa tagtttcctt cccatctttt    166020
     cctgtgtaaa accctccact gaggaccgga aaggaatcta cctgtcagtc gccactcgct    166080
     gatctaccca gggatgtgaa agtgaggggg ccctggcttg gtattcactg aagaatcaat    166140
     ccctgaaata ctgtcctgtg cgagtcatga cctgtggtgc atttctttaa tgacatgtgt    166200
     ggagagccat gccgcgagca atcgccatta taagatggca ctggcttcca ctgtgcctaa    166260
     ctagtaagca agccttgtgc gcaagtgcga gagtgaactc acgcctagtc actgcccatc    166320
     tcggggcgta gtaatgaggt gatgggtgag caacaaatca ggagctgaca caccacatca    166380
     ggtgctgaaa caccacgctg agggctatat aagcagcacc attttccggg gtctgggtct    166440
     tccctcctta agaagcaata aagcttgcca cagaagaatc cagttgtccc agtgtgttct    166500
     tgccggcgag aacgatagct caggacagac atgtaaacat gaacatgaga gtcaaaattc    166560
     tcatgcttgg tataacagcc ggaggactca ctacagacat gcaaaaggag atggcgagta    166620
     cgttaagtga gacttaggta ccagcagagg acataaagga ggatcgaggc tagagaatgg    166680
     ccacactgga ttgtggtgtt cagccctggc tatagaagca gacgctgatt aagctctgga    166740
     gttagcacgt tgaagatggc tcctgcctgt tgctcctaga atgtatcaag aacagaaaga    166800
     aagagaaagt gaagagtcaa tgactctatc tcctgtgtaa agctctagag gtgagagcag    166860
     ataattagca gccaagaaat ttaaataagg cccagggaac atgggaagca aagattcttc    166920
     ttcatatggg aagaaatggg ttttaattaa aatgtgattg atgataatgt tgaactcagt    166980
     gaaaatagtc aatacctaga ctagtattca tattgcttta tcatggacta gagtttagaa    167040
     aatgtttgtc tccaaagggt cacttgctgc agggttggcc ttcagtgtgt ccctgggaga    167100
     ggcgatgggt cctttaaagg tgagacagta ggagacaatt aggtcattga ggacttagct    167160
     cctttaagag atcattgtgg tctcttggaa tgagcaattg atagataaga acaaactgac    167220
     ctcctccata gtctctagtg tcttcatctt accatggtag ccaccatgtt cagacatgtc    167280
     caagaaggcc ctgaccagag gccaagtgga tagtcacctg acccaacttt ccactttcaa    167340
     aagtgaacta caaacacctt ttttaatttg aaaagttcct agccttaggc actttgttat    167400
     atcgacagaa agtgaactga gatcaggtct agagcaaggg aaattttcca taacgaaaac    167460
     ccacccagga tgcagtagtg tagatcaccc tagtatatgc cagaagctag ctaggtacca    167520
     ggatatttcg tgatagtcag aatgtttgag ttcagtctta gactttccca ggtggctaag    167580
     aaatcgtctt ctgggaaagt aacacatagt tcatgcaaag cacagagacc tggtgttggg    167640
     aaggagttag tatgccctgg agggctcgtt aggagtgact agggatgagt gagacccagg    167700
     agacaggcta caccacacta atacgtgcct aagatgggtg gctggagaaa tgaatcagtg    167760
     gttaaaagca cccagaggac acaagttcaa ttcccagcat ccacacggta gctcacacct    167820
     gtccataact tcaggtcagg gggacccaac accctcacaa agacacatgc atgcaaaaca    167880
     ccaaggcatt taaaaataaa aaggtggaaa gattaagata ggattagggg ggcacagatg    167940
     ggcatgggat ttgaggactt ttaaatgagg gagatggtgc aagaacaatt tgcattcaaa    168000
     gaagattaat tggttgagcc cccagggaag atgcctgggt ttgatgggtt tggggcaggc    168060
     ctgggctgga gtagctcaga gcttctacag aaagcactgg ggtgcaacag agctgaagga    168120
     caactccagg cttggatcgt cataacctag aggcaccttg ggcatgggaa atggctagca    168180
     gattctagac aattccatga ctcgtgggga ggatgatgaa cagagagtcc agaattggga    168240
     gcagcaagct ctttcttttc atggcagggt tagatgtttg tatgaaggac cagtgaaaat    168300
     gacattggct ctgagatggg agctagacag agtgagaaag aacagctcag ctggaggaca    168360
     ttgatcatca cagaactggc tcttccatct ccactcctct cacctagtct cagacagcat    168420
     gggtctcagc gataggatat tgtttattcc agtataagca ataaattgct tgtaaacaaa    168480
     taaagagata cttgtggata cctgagaggt gtgggttggg tgtacttacc ctgctccgtt    168540
     cttctcaacc agggatgagt gtatcattga gcaagacagg gcatacttgt tttggctgat    168600
     cttaatgaga gcactccgag ggcaaaattc ctgcaatagc acagaaagag gtcgtgtcat    168660
     cgaacccagg aagtctgcac ttcgtgaata gctttattcc agctcaagcc atcttcacag    168720
     ctaccagtca ctaccctgct gagagtgcca ctcaaagagc aggttaagct cagagtttgc    168780
     attataaatt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg aattaaagcc agtttttcct ctctgtcatt    168840
     cctctaaatt cctggtcaat tgctaagtct atcttggtta tatacataga cacacataca    168900
     cacacaacat gcacacacaa catgcacaca caacatgcac acacaacatg cacacaccac    168960
     atacacatag acatactaca tacatgcaca caccacacac acataagcat atactacatg    169020
     cacacaccat acacacatat acacacacaa catgcacaca ccacacacac acataagtat    169080
     actacatgca cacaccacac acacatagac atactacatg cacacaccac acacacatag    169140
     acatactaca tgcacacaac acacacacag acatactaca tgtaccatac acacacacat    169200
     acaagcacat actacatgca cacaccacac actacataca cacatgcaca ctacatatgt    169260
     gcgcgcgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatac acacacacac acacacactt    169320
     ttacctttgc tccaacctca gccatctctt ttctgaaagt cttgctttcc cacgtgaggt    169380
     ttccagaacc tttatgtgtg tgctttccaa tgtcctttcc cctgactgta gcattctggt    169440
     ccccagggcc cttttgccct ggggttaaca acaaagtcac tccctggaat ctgagacctt    169500
     tctttaagga cctcaggcca tcctgtgcat atctccctgt tccctgaggc atgctttggg    169560
     acaccatttt acctgttcct ggcttgcttg ctcccatgta gatatactta agcagcacta    169620
     cacatgggat gctcatccaa cagacagacc atgaggtggc agaggaggac agggctgaga    169680
     agggcccaag gagtgtctat atctacagtg cttgcagagg agcacaagat gatacccaga    169740
     aagagtgggg agatgactca gtggatacga gattgctgtg ctagtgtgag tggagtttgg    169800
     atccctagga cccatgtaaa ggctgcatag gcatttttta aggcagcgct agaatctctg    169860
     gctagctaga tgagctgagt gaactccaga ttcaagcagg agacctgtct cagtaaataa    169920
     agtggaaagt ggtagagagg cagacagcag tggcagcctc tggcttctac acatctggac    169980
     atgcatccag acaggtgcat ataacacata cagaaagggg gggggatgag aaagggggca    170040
     agaacagaga tagagagaga gagagagaaa gagagagaga gagagagaga gagcccagag    170100
     tgagcctgtc cagccatcta ctgcagtttg acaaggaaag ccaagtaact ctcccacata    170160
     gaaacaagga gaagatgtgc tctcagcatg agcagagccc aaaccccaag gcattctcga    170220
     gtaggggagg agacagccgt gctccctatg gccggctttc ttttttgggt ggctgcttac    170280
     tctgcggttg ttacacttca aaactgtgta gaacttctct gaagccacgt tgtgatttgg    170340
     aagtgctata acaatggcgg ggacgtagaa gtcaaatcct ttgcttgtca tgattttggc    170400
     aaacacgtaa tccccaacct gtaggagaaa gcgcacttcg cagcaaatct tttgttcaca    170460
     gagctcatac ataatttaag tttctttcaa gacaactcta gatgactggc aggtatgggt    170520
     gagaaagtca tatagaactt tttttttttt taaaatcaaa taagaaaggg atccagaatt    170580
     ctctaagctt atttggccgc acctacagtt ttggggaaca ctttggaaaa cccaagtttt    170640
     ggtaggcgtt tggcaacggg caggggtccg gggatagtca tcaagatggt aaggattcag    170700
     gaactcccag agattggtag aatcaaagac tgggatgaag gaggacctag ggtgtttgat    170760
     ataaagagat ggggaccgtg tcctcagtgt cagaagggtt gtcccctgga caaagaaagg    170820
     agtggtgttc caagtacaga catggaagcc atggggaaga tcactgtgat ggtttgtata    170880
     tactcagcct agggagtggc actattagaa gtgtggcctt gttggaggaa gtgtgtcact    170940
     gtgggtgtgg gctttaagat tctcatccta gctgcctgga atccagtctt ctgctatcag    171000
     ccttcagaag atgcagaact ctcagctcct cctgcaccat gcctgcctag atgctgccct    171060
     gctcccacct tgatgataat ggactgaacc tctgaatctg taagccagcc ccaatgaaat    171120
     gttgtccttt ataagacttg tcttggtcat gggatctgtt cacagcagta aaaccctaac    171180
     taagacagtc acacacaggt acagatggtt tttgcaaaga ggctctcagt gatcagggga    171240
     agggtgctgg aggcatgttg tgggtctgag ccaggaagta ggaacaggcc aaggctagcc    171300
     catttgaccc ctccttggct tgtgccatgc aagaaaacag caacatgagt cttcgaaggg    171360
     ctttccttct gtgccctgcc atcccacctg ggtgtcaaga tggtggcagg aggaaggacc    171420
     aggcatggtg tagtgcttat gcatctgtaa tcagatgaca acacattggt atgtctcatt    171480
     tgtggaaggc acactggtgg ggggtggggg atcactgcat tatgacgtaa caggccagca    171540
     gtggccagct acaaggtcat gaaaatcact ggttctatca taatggatgc aatcttccaa    171600
     gctgaaagct tcaggagtct gggagccaca caggttattt ctaccttgag acaagtgtct    171660
     tgagatagta tataggccac tgtacacaac ggccagctac gtatgatgga gttggcacat    171720
     cagtcaccag cagagaaatt accaggtgat ggggaaacta cctgctgctc ttcctgccca    171780
     aacacaagct ccctgctgga gccaagaggg aacttagcat cctctgtaat ctaaaacctg    171840
     tggacagtat aaagcagtgg ttttcaacct tcctaatgct gcagcccttc aatacagttc    171900
     ctcatgttgt ggtgaccccc aaccataaag ttattttgtt gctgcttcaa aactctgatt    171960
     ttgcttctgt tatgaatcat aatggaaaca tctgtgtttt ctgatggtct taggcaatct    172020
     ctatgaaaga gtcatttgtg ctccccaccc ctccccaaga aaggggttgt gaaccaggtt    172080
     gagaaatgct ggtataaagt ctcagaaggg agcagagagc tggtacctga agttgtggac    172140
     agggcatggc gcccccaaca ggcatgatga aggagatggg cacgactttg gtgtctccgt    172200
     acctgaagtc gaccaaggcg tgggaggaac tcacacattt cttcacaacc cctggaagag    172260
     tcagaagaaa caaaaccctg tgaggacagt ggtgggtttg ctcccgctgt gctctgtgct    172320
     gggtctcgta gcatatgtct gtttaaatga gcacagcctt gtgatccctg caggaggaag    172380
     agaagagtca gatatagttt gatacctgct ggggctgaac gcaaaggaga gaaatagagt    172440
     tttctggttt cagaggtgcg ggaggagtgc ttgctcactc agtaccagca gtatccatcc    172500
     tgctggctgt tctgcaaaca tcttcctcct gggcacctcc cataaccaaa tctcctcatc    172560
     tatttattct agtcctatgc cttagagact gagcgcaggg agttacaccg ctaaagtaaa    172620
     gaggaaatct cagtgcccag ctcagtcagc ttttcattta agattagata aatgaaaagg    172680
     taactggaca catgccatgg cttttctaaa aaaggaaaaa gaaaggaagg gaggaaggaa    172740
     ggaagggagg aagggaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa    172800
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaagag ggaagagacc agcaagtagt ttgttttttg gttatactca    172860
     aagagaacat tgcatttact tttttaatct tataatttta tttatttaga aatggagcct    172920
     catttgtagt tccggctggc ctagaactct aactagacca ggatagcctc gtgtttacag    172980
     agctctgtct gcctctttcc ccctaaacat tgggattaac agcataagcc accatgtctg    173040
     gccgatttta taatcttttt tatgtatgtg tattgctgcg ctgaggactg agcacaggag    173100
     cctgtatgtt taaggtaagc acgtgtaatt aacagaggct agcatgtgat cacatgccat    173160
     cggcaccatg atcttaccag gggtttgtaa agatggggca gttgagtggc cacagtcaaa    173220
     cagctaatac aggaaagagg gagttcagat aaaggaaagc tcgaggttag ctggccagaa    173280
     gtatgtttaa agtggtaccc caattcctct gattcttttt tccattgtaa tttgtaccta    173340
     tgatgctggg cagaaatcac tatgattttt ccaagttgtc ctctgacaga ccccacacac    173400
     atacgcacac ccacacccac acacacacac tccctacaca ctgaggctta tgtgcccacc    173460
     cttcccccac aaataaaaca aataaatgta gacaggcatg ctcagaatat tatacatata    173520
     cataacacag taggttataa aataaattat tcactatgca aatgagagat gaaaagaaat    173580
     gtcattttct agtactcttt tgcctcatgt acggggagga aaaagaagca ttgttttatt    173640
     tgagaagcag actatcttag tgtgactcat gaagcatcag tgttctgggg aaagctcagg    173700
     ctggaccggc cctctgctcc tcagcaaagt gtaggctgag ccagccctct gctccttggc    173760
     accatgttca ttagtaaaca aatctgaagg atggacgtac ctggaaaata gaagccattt    173820
     tcctcacatc tggcaatgac cttctggcct ttgagagggt ctagttttct tgatttgatt    173880
     ttcttcgttg gatacccttg caatttctgc tgctgaaaag gaccaacagt aaaaactgat    173940
     gagccaaatg taacacagac agtaaaatca tgaatggagt cagcctgtgg tcacttctgc    174000
     tcctttgggg cgcctctgtt ctaagtctcc tcctcctctt cctcttcctc cagcattttc    174060
     atataacttt attctctttt cctattcatt cattcattca ttcattcatg catgcacgca    174120
     ttcattcatt tactttacat ctccatccca gtcccctcct ctattccagg ccccacacct    174180
     cccctcctct tccccttctc tttcttctct gataagggag gaggctcccc tgagtaccaa    174240
     cccgctctgg cacatcaagt cactgcagga ctaggtacat gtcctcctcc tgaggccagc    174300
     ccaggcagcc cagttaggca aacaggatcc acagcaagca agagtcagga acaagcccca    174360
     ctccagtttg ctgagggacc cacatgagga ccaagctgca catctactac atatgtgcag    174420
     ggggcctatg cccagcccat gtatgttctt tgattgttga gtccatctct gggagaccct    174480
     aaacatccag gttagttgac actcaagtct ttttgtggag tccctgtacc ctctggaggt    174540
     caccctttgc ataagggttc actttggcat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    174600
     atctatggtt tagagtgaaa gaaaattggg ttacctagtt gaagaaaagg gaaccttctt    174660
     tttaaagatt atacctacaa ctagacttgt taagattcta gatggcttca cagccagaca    174720
     gcagactact taagaattgt ggcccagctg ggcggtggtg gcacatgcct ttaatcccag    174780
     cacttgggag gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg    174840
     agtttcagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aatcctgtct tgaaaaacca aaagaaaaaa    174900
     aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaga attgtggccc aaactgctgt caacctagaa ctagaactat    174960
     aaggagactg tgccttcaac agagaattca atccacagtt agcatctctg atggataagt    175020
     gtgaaaacac agggtttatt tagaaacaca gtggcccggg ccgcacagaa acgaaacacg    175080
     tgggttatgc ctgggttatc cttagtcctc actccgcctg cctgggaaat cagcctacta    175140
     gaatggacca ggctttcaaa gttctggaag aaaattccaa gttggaattc taagtcccag    175200
     caaactactg accaaatcaa agggcagatt gaacagaaaa tcacctcctt aagtagaaat    175260
     gttcccctcc agtacatctt gccttaggaa gctacttgga aatgtattcc agcaaaatga    175320
     gggcatgaag caagaaagaa caacacaaag aatctaggat gcagattcac tccaagagat    175380
     caggagaaat ctccagggga cagatgtgta tggtcagacc agcaggaagt cttagggggt    175440
     ggagggtaag gacacaggaa tcctgaaaat acatacatct atgcatacat acacacgtaa    175500
     aattgtgcac acaaatctaa tgcatacaaa agtaataatt taaatacaga caaacttgta    175560
     gcacaacctt acatagaaag acacaaaggt taaagaaatc attttctctt gatcctatta    175620
     gcaattttta gttttctgac tataagactt tcaaaggtgc ccacgtgctc ctaacctatg    175680
     gcttatcatg gcactggaca atataattat aacaatgcag gtgctacttt gtgggtttaa    175740
     aagaattgca atgaaacttt ggacgcgtac cccactaaca cagtgtttta aagacagctt    175800
     ttagacgctg gacttgcaag caaaaaacaa agccctggca caaagatgac caccatgtgg    175860
     agtcaggaag tcaagaaaag tctgatgcgt ccagaaacac aggcttcagc ccaggaaata    175920
     aaaaaaaaaa aatcacaaaa tgcaagcagg agaagcggat gatgagctgt tatctgagtg    175980
     aaatgaaaga tattgatttg atactataat aatttgatac ttcctaaaat agtacattta    176040
     ctatatagct gatcaatagg actatctcac taagctaaat gggatcttaa taaccatgca    176100
     gagacttaca agcgagcttc tttggaagct gtacgttctc ggattcaatc actctatcaa    176160
     ggagaatggc ccagcatcac tggatgcctt ggatgaattg gtagcatcga tggtggatgc    176220
     tacttaactc ctggagttgt attcataaaa caacaaaaac agcaacaaac atccagccct    176280
     tgtaggaggt tcagaatggc cgtctggaat ctgaaaatgg tctcaggggg atgagtcagc    176340
     gccaggagac cgacaatagg tttccaaatg ctgccaactt agctgtgtgg atgagcagca    176400
     tctctcagtc ttgctaggaa acccacatgc tttctaccta ccctgttcaa aggatcattc    176460
     tcttctactc attctgggac gcgactaaca caggaatact agtgactccc atttcctgct    176520
     taagtttcca actgctcttg ccattgtcaa gaattcttcc tgtctactcc acagcgtgta    176580
     cttttatgga agggcagtca ctcgtggggc ttccttagtg gtacctctgt accccaggag    176640
     atctgtaaga ctaaacttac agataaagct gagtcgtcaa ggcgaagccc acgaaagagc    176700
     ctgtgccgaa gacgctttgt gccaagcaaa cagaacacga gcctcccaga atggaaggac    176760
     agatcgtcag ggctgttaga caagctgtcc cttcagccag aatgctcatg acttcgttct    176820
     agaagctgct gcctctttag agatgctgca tggtccacac tgaagaacac ctagccgatc    176880
     tcattcttgc ctgaccttgt ccgggtgcat gttcagaata caaatgctag cttctaaaag    176940
     aaatccatac gatgagacag agccctaagc ataggccccc cagaagggtg gcaaaccagc    177000
     gaccactggg cacatgttac agccttgatt acgaaatcca gagaatacgt tgatattttc    177060
     tttagatcca accacaaggt gatgtatgct gaggtcccaa aagatgccac cctcctacca    177120
     tgtcattgcc tctttcctgt ccatgttctt gggattaggc tgctagaaac agtaaagtta    177180
     cagaagattt aatgctttta actttccctt cagtaacagc atgtggatcc cataccggtc    177240
     gtagccacgt gcctacaact taactactac tagtctccat ttcagtagtt agagtaagaa    177300
     cactcactaa ctgttcttgt tctttggaat cactaaactc tacctccagg accctgaaat    177360
     cactccagtg gctgcccagt ttgcttagca gtgcctgctt tgtcctttgg tcaaggaggt    177420
     ctgtgactgc tgtaattagg ataatgcatg gagggccagt gtgctttcac ccttctctct    177480
     agggtgccca attatgaaaa cggaagattt gcaaactgtc tttgtgaata ataattcaac    177540
     tccattcggg ggcttggtga ataggacaga gctagtgtga gctgccctca tctcccctct    177600
     tgcaggtttc tagggccttc ttccaaccct aaagacatgc aaggtcttca ctttgtgaat    177660
     cgctattatg atgcttaggg agatgttgca gggatggaag ctaaagcaga tggcccctca    177720
     acccttccca gatgccaggg gaagctctgg ggtcggaagg agacttaact taatcactga    177780
     aggcaaggcc tccaagccca atgctcccag cccagagctc ccagcccagt gctcttagca    177840
     acatcaaagg ctatcatgaa aagaaaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaatgt ctgagatatt    177900
     caatactgaa agtcactgac gcccggggat ctgtcatgtg ggtgttactg gtgccccttc    177960
     gatctcactg cctggcacgt ggccaccaac accagtttcc tgtctaatac acgtttctca    178020
     cacaacatta tggtgtacaa ataaactctg agtctttagg aaaagtcctc aacacatcga    178080
     cacctctggg tactgcctct actcactcag ccccaaatcc attctctgtt tttcttctct    178140
     gaggggcctg ctctgtacag ccagacactg ctccccacca tggactagac cctgttttcc    178200
     tcacaggttc tggaacagct gaccacagaa ggcactggct gaggacagag ggaaaaatca    178260
     gagcattggg tttttgccct tccttgctct tggtttccat cttccaccac cccttgctgc    178320
     tgctgctgtg tgtcccagtg gttcctggtg actgactctt gactaccttc ctgccgctat    178380
     agcccattta ttaatgcttc tctctgtgga ctggctaaat gggattgcat cctatctggg    178440
     ctgtgtcagt taagttctcc atactcagtt ctccccctcc agtgggcaac aaccaccccc    178500
     aaacctgctt ttggtgcttg ggcagcatct gtgcctaggc acaaagagca ccttggaagc    178560
     cagagaatgc tgggatctat ccagtgagaa ccctccagtg aggagggacg cctttagaca    178620
     gtaaaggaac aacgtgggtg tggcttctgc caccttgggg atcactggag gtgagagctc    178680
     atgctggaac aagttaccaa ccagtcagag aatttttttg ttatttgtgg ggtgtttgag    178740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgcatg catttatacg acttcctcct tcctttgatg    178800
     tcccctgatg tgactggagt tcctgggcag cgccctatgc tgagaactct agctgctgtg    178860
     gtgcattgag gtggtggctg agtttcctct ctcctctcct ctctcaccct cctttccacc    178920
     tgccagtctg tctgagaatt tggcccactg aggccttcac acctatccat gttgcagaac    178980
     ttagctcaca ttaaggcact gctgtctggg gataaggtgg ctggtttgca cctgttgctc    179040
     tttctccgat gacaatgttg tcaatgcata gccatgactt gtgactcccc catcttcaca    179100
     tgaggaggcc ttacactatc agagaatact catagtgcta gaagatgggc ttcccaccag    179160
     atccagatgt cagcaaaaca ggctgatgtt ttcactgtgg cacgagaaag gctcactagc    179220
     agggctaagt gatctctctt actctctaca agagggaatc taaaaaccac agacaaaatg    179280
     ggctataatg catgaatgac aactggttca gctatactga cttcacttta tacagttcaa    179340
     agaggttttt cttccaggtc tccctaccca gcattcctct tatgcatagt gcccaagtca    179400
     cagcctagca caaggtcctc agagtcacac gctctctcag ttgcacctta cccaacctca    179460
     ctcacacctc tcccctgtct gcaaagcctt tcataaagca gcacaccaaa tccaaatcca    179520
     tcattcatgt aaagtccacg gactccggat tcctcatttg ccatgcccat gagaagcaca    179580
     cacatgcagc cagctgtgtg ggcaaatccc caaggctttg tcagggctgc cgatgacagg    179640
     ttcccacaac tggaaagaga tttcatgcct ccagatcatc caaggtggtc aaggccacgg    179700
     ggataaagag tgccttggat ctttctagtt gtggattctg gaggctttgc tgtgggaaaa    179760
     gcctgcgttt cttagggaga tgctgaaaac agtacatttg agctttccta gaccgggctc    179820
     ccatggagcc tacggaaagt cagagaaaat tttctgaggc ccctcacagc tcaaccttgg    179880
     gggagtatag agtttaaaat gtgtgatcct gataacatag tggttctggt aaagtgaggt    179940
     ttcaggaatt ttagtcttaa ggtttcttct ttcctttcgt ggtcagtgag ccaagcatct    180000
     acctctgggg atgtcagaaa gctggtggat tatggatcgc agggggaatc attagacact    180060
     ggagcacaga atctgcagga tgcttaccag actgggaagc ataatggtta aggtcttaca    180120
     tctcctctgc agccagccag ggatggaagc ctgggggtga aaacaagccc aggctccctg    180180
     tacacagtgt tatagcccat ctccttatgt taccttcagg aaaaccatga tgctgtccca    180240
     agttcaagag ccaaagggat agctatagag agtggtaact ggcttcagca cagagcatgg    180300
     aaaagccttg ggtctccaac tcgatcgtgg gccaagcaga gtgaccacgg ccttcggaac    180360
     acacgtggcc attcttcata gatcccatgg gaaggactgt tgttactgct acacatcagt    180420
     aaactctggg agggggggtc ttaggagttg aaagcgtctt cttctctaac ttctagccat    180480
     tgttccaagt cattgccctt tgctaagaga atttgaaatg agactatgca tatgtatgaa    180540
     gaggttgaaa tgacttgcgt ggatgatgga tatttcgttc actgtaggtt cttaaaagga    180600
     ctgtaacctg gcctttgctt ccttgagctt tgtttccacc aaagtttttt ttactgggat    180660
     cttggcccta ctagtagact atgaggtcag attagttggc attgataaaa atggaattaa    180720
     aacaatctca caagaatttt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    180780
     atatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    180840
     atatatatgt ggagttaaaa ccaggcaaac tcgcctcatt tgacagatgc tgaaactaac    180900
     tgacagaaat tctgaaggcc agttgtctca gaatggctct cggacttttg tttgatggct    180960
     atctggaaac tatttagacc ttaggatgat tctggaagga caacccctca tctataagtt    181020
     cctacacaca gccagaaagg agtgctgtat actagcaaca gctacttaat agtaccagtg    181080
     ttcacgctct ggtcctcaaa ggccactcct aagacagcgt tctaacaaaa tacttcacct    181140
     gatgcaccgt gggagtcaca aaagcacgag gaaaaggcta aaactgaaaa acaaaacaaa    181200
     acaatagaaa ctatccaaaa ggaaatcgtc cagtaaagag ttaaatactt caggggggga    181260
     ggggagcagg gggggggagc aggggggggg gagttaaata catcatgtat ctatctacca    181320
     gtgatgtctt ctgaagagag agcaaaaccc acagaaattg tatgaaatga tgctaagttc    181380
     aaggcagagt ataagacgat tacagacctt ctgacttgtg ggggtaaaaa agatgtgttt    181440
     aaggaggaaa aaaagatcac tgggaagcgt tccaaatgct actaatgagg cagaggcagc    181500
     gaggctatga gctggtttgg gggattttca gtactgaaaa catgaatgtc ctctctgttt    181560
     aacaacccac cgctttaata ctcttgtttt aagtaaacaa taaagaaaag aaagttggaa    181620
     gaaatgtgaa aaactagcgg agactgacta aagataaata gtgagatccg agccttgaat    181680
     cagagtccag gcatctctag ggacaaaatg ctgctgttca gttttgtttt tcaatggaaa    181740
     gattccttat tctaaaacca ggatgttaaa gtcaaatggc atttctttta actctcttag    181800
     aaaccagtaa gtgatgagtg ggtaggagag agaggaggtc caggtgggag atggccacca    181860
     gtaagagctg gtccgggcct ggggaactag gggacccacc tcctgcagtg tcttgctctg    181920
     gtagttcttc ctggaagtct cctggagctc cagggcttgc tggatgtaca ttttcccaac    181980
     caagatttcg ttttccagca ccgagagctc tttcaatgaa atgggccaat tcagccgctc    182040
     cagggccttg ttcaagacat ccttgttttc caagtactgt atgggcttga ttgcatccaa    182100
     cctgaggaag gaagaaaggg accgtcaaaa cgagaacaaa ataagtctaa gaaggaaaaa    182160
     aagcaagcaa gcaaacaaac aagaacaagg taaccaataa cagatgttag gtgacagaag    182220
     atggtgctgg ctcagtgcca gtcgtacctt caggtccacc tctccagcct ctagagctct    182280
     cattttccaa aatagttgta attagaagct gtccttggaa tggctggaaa acaagcctga    182340
     gcactgtgca aagccatttt cgtcaataca gtgttgctgt atgatggagg tccctcaata    182400
     gcatcagcta gtgatgtagc cattcacatg gggagggggg caaactgcct aaggacccat    182460
     ttttcagcac atatatctgg agttaagtga catatcgtca tgtagggcat ttttgttgct    182520
     tttaaagaca cagagatagg aatcctcata cagtgctgat gtggctggag gcagtgggcc    182580
     tggagccttc tcaaaaactg cctatgtggt gagctcactc ctcacttctg tacacgcctg    182640
     agaaataaaa gaatggtcgt atgggaatgt ccatgcaaat gagcacagca gtattatggg    182700
     taatagtcga agaaagaagt aatgaccgga aggcccatca gtgggagaga ccgtcagtgg    182760
     tgtgtggaac agacctatca gtggcaaggt catcagaggt gtgtggaaca gaacctctgg    182820
     agagcacaca cacatgtata tgtgtggatt tatgccacga ttcgcatgaa ctttgaaagc    182880
     attcagtttt ctcaggaagg aatagaagac agactcagaa gtgctacttg tcatgtgctt    182940
     cctgtcacat gatgtctcgt gagcaggcag tcatggaaac agaaggcaga cagactggac    183000
     tcagcaggaa gctggagaag acagcaacag ggaacagctg tgtcatgggt aagtagcaga    183060
     ctctttctgg ggtgatgagt gttttggggt gttacacact ctaaatgcca ccggaccgta    183120
     cgctttggaa tagtcgggtt tgggcatgta aatcttatca gtatttcaga accgagattg    183180
     aaacggaata acttacttct ctttttcctc ttcagacaga gcttgccaga caattttatt    183240
     taagcatctg tggggggggg ggaaatgcag caacaataat ttaagagcaa tacacttgtt    183300
     ttaagtaaaa atgttgactt caggctctga gggggttgca caggaatccc aagccagctg    183360
     ctaaccttaa ccggaccata ccactgatat ccacttaaac agttatcccc aaccttccta    183420
     atgtgtgaca ttccatacag ttcctcatgc tgtggtgacc cccaaataaa attattttgt    183480
     tgctattttg taactgtaat tttgctactg ttttgatagt aatgtaaatg tctgatttgt    183540
     gacccctaaa tgggttgtga cccacaggtt aagaaccaat gacttagagg tcacataggc    183600
     acacctccct cctaaggaac tctgaggagg cctgtggctg gctgagcgtt ctgtcaatca    183660
     ctaagaagtc tttgctgcca tcaagaaaac gttgtaagca agctggtcct tttcatctct    183720
     gcattaggaa gtttctcatt ggctaacaag atggtatagc aggaaaacat cttgctgctg    183780
     aatttgattt ccctgtggag aataggaacc gactccctca agtcatctcc cacataggca    183840
     cgtgtcacag tacatgcaca cataacaagt ataatacaag gtcatattta aaaagtaatt    183900
     tttgggccat acagatgtac ccctcttagc ttggcttctg cagatactct tctgcctgga    183960
     ttctgagagc aaaatgagtc cgggctataa gcatctaatc aggattcaag ttttaagtca    184020
     tccatcctat tttctggatg gcagcacaaa gatggacagc cagaggagca cctcaagcat    184080
     ccagtcatca cctagggctt tgtggaccgt aggggacaaa acactggctc taatacatgt    184140
     ggagtaggga atatcacctt ccacaggact ggctcttgtg accactgagg ccatgcggta    184200
     tcagcacagc atgtagagaa tacactttgg gtagaggtgc tattctgccc tggaggggct    184260
     ggggaaccaa gaccggatga tgtgtgtagg agaagagccg tggtactcgg acccagacct    184320
     cagcttctct cattcctgag actttgggct aggtcgactc aggatgataa gagagtctct    184380
     tcgctggtgt agttctgaga actctgagct ggtctgtgca tagcatatgt attgtgtctg    184440
     acatcagcaa agattctgta agtgatggca aaaagttagg aagagtgggg gccagagaga    184500
     cagctcgggc gctaagagag cttactgctt ctgcagagga cctgggttcg gttcccagca    184560
     tccacatggt ggctcacaga atctgtttgc ctcctcctta cttccaaggg caccaggcgt    184620
     gcacctacat atatattcag gcaaaaatac ccatacacat aaaataaata catctcaaac    184680
     ataaagagtc aggaagaggg aactaggcca gccagtgctt tggtcttact tgaaagtttg    184740
     actctttggg ttccatcagg aaactgggtt tctttagtcg cttggttcat gtaacaatga    184800
     ttagggcttc taagactatt tggttgtctg tgattttctt aaaatatgtt caatgctctc    184860
     atctatctac acttgaaagc aaactcactg taacacagaa gctgggtggg tgggtggatg    184920
     ggggaggggg ttggtcagaa aagagattta gtgcaacaca gatctggaat caaactcagc    184980
     acccagctcc ctttcccctc ccctcccctc ccttatcctc cattcctctc ccctcccctc    185040
     ccctcccctc cctcctgctc ctgccctcct ctctcctccc cctgcactgc cctccctccc    185100
     tcccacctgc ccacagctgc tgtatgatcc tgttcaacag aatcctttga agctctgctt    185160
     ttcagggata aaacaaggct aacagcacct gtctgtgcca ttgagaggac gaagcaagca    185220
     gaaagcagaa agtgccacaa atacccagcg ttcctctcct cttggtggat cagaagatgc    185280
     ttgagcccag aaaaacagag agcccactgg tatcatgggt ccagttagat agcatggata    185340
     gaattttatt tcctttagga aatatttccc gggggtacat atctgcaaca tctgtgtccc    185400
     ctcttgtcca tgggtattgt taaaatttta gtgctttagt gagttggtgg agtggttgtg    185460
     gcaaagccac caggagtatg tggagtgcca ggaaggtatt gcacttgaaa tctttttttc    185520
     tagctggtcc agccccttaa ttctggctgt aggttcacat ccactggctt gctatagcaa    185580
     gaaaggactt gtctacaaag caatgtgtaa ctattggcac atcgcaaata tgaccagtga    185640
     ccagcagcaa agagatgacc ttaaatggag tcccaagtac agccccagac tagaactgag    185700
     acctcctatg ggttttaggg ctgtgatctt aactttggca atcaaaataa gccgcaagaa    185760
     aaatactggc tctgaattca aacagcctta gaaacagcca agcttatgtt ctgatacaca    185820
     aagcctagac tcttgaaata ctgggacaga aggacaccca cccatggaca ctgtatccaa    185880
     aatagctcct tttatatcat cttgtgagcg tccatttgct tagtcacccc tagtttgaat    185940
     gggcatatgg aggtatgata ccttttattt tcaaagtgac attggcttac tttgggggaa    186000
     aacacaacag agctgtgata ctgatggtgc agtgcagcac attgcttatc atttacacat    186060
     ggtgagaaag ctgcacacca ataaaactaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggaactga    186120
     catttataca agcaaaattc ttcaccatat tgcatgcaaa agcccaggaa gtttttattc    186180
     tatataatat tcttactatt aatactgcta atctaatatt aaataactta aacaccaagg    186240
     taaaaaaaaa gccaatatca attaaataaa taaatttaaa tattaaacat caaactagag    186300
     cagatgttat taatgtaaaa aaaaattatc actgaaagta ctgaaaaagt gtaacgtaaa    186360
     aaacaaaaaa gatctaggcc tttaggccca ggcttgagaa tgtgaccttt gtaactcaat    186420
     gctccaagac atgctaatca taaaacagat agcaacagtc cttcacccat ctgcttcctg    186480
     ggttcaggaa gtgtttgttc aaaacaaaag tcaccctgac tactcctgga acccactatg    186540
     caaatgtgct attgttacag gcgcatagaa actgtcttga gaaataacca cacaactacc    186600
     aggtattatt ccttttgact tccacttcct tgtgactctt aactggtatt atctaacaac    186660
     gccctccaca cccccttgag ttgtgttttc ttcctttaaa tactccctct cccagctact    186720
     caggggcccc caggtcctct aaccctgtgt agtgtacggc tgtgggcccc agagcactcc    186780
     tggaataaaa gtcctcttgc agtttgcatc aagaccgttt cttgtgagtg atttggggtg    186840
     ttgcctctcc tgagtcagaa tgtgaggaag tcctcacatt gtgagtcttt catttgtctt    186900
     tcagtacaag ttgaatatct cttatccaaa acttttgggc ccataaatgc ttaggatttt    186960
     agattttgaa atatatctac atgtagcata ataagatctt atggatgaac acaagtccat    187020
     acacaaaatt tatctatctt tttttttaat ctacctatac tcacagccca gaagtaaatt    187080
     tatgtacaat tattagtgca tgcgccaacc ttctaactga ggtatttcac aggagatcag    187140
     aagcagcatt tactacatgt gccatcatat ggccactcaa aaatttcgga atttttagga    187200
     gtttttgttc aacttgtagc aacaaaattt ccctagggtt agcaaaagct tttttgagag    187260
     ttactcgtgg ggacaagtca ctaagtctgt gttttgcatc ttcttctcaa gggagtattg    187320
     gtctgcctgg gaacagggct ctccttcctt tctgaaaccc tcaggtaaag gtcagcatgg    187380
     caggacgagc caagggacca ctgtgtgcac atatccacca ttattctagg atcaacagac    187440
     tcaggatggg agacagatcc acaaggaatg catcttgtga tttgtacaat cctcttctac    187500
     tggctggttt tctgtgtcaa cttgacacaa actggagtta tcacagagaa aggagcctct    187560
     cttgaggaaa tacctccttg agatccagct ttaaggcatt ttctcaataa gtgatcaaag    187620
     gtaggaggac ccacagtggg tggtgccatc cctgggctgg cagtcctggg ttctataaga    187680
     cagcaagctg agcaagccac gggaagcaag ccatggaggg atgttactta ttggcatcag    187740
     ctcctgcttc ctgcctggtg tgagttcctg tcctgacttc ctttggtgat caacagcaat    187800
     gtggaagtgt aagctgaata aaccctttcc ttcccaactt gcttcttggt catgatgttt    187860
     atgtaggaat agaaaccctg tctaagacac ctcccaacag ccctgtggtg tggcttctct    187920
     aattaagtca tctgctgtca cgaatgtcac atgcttgtta aggatgtgac actgaggtta    187980
     aggatgaagc gtgcaaacac tgcctaacct ccgagctcta gcctgtggct ctataccaca    188040
     tgtttacagg ccaagtaatt atgggactca aatatctgaa ttcttcaagc aagctacatt    188100
     agaatttgaa tgggatttta ttgcatttga atacagaaat ccaacttgaa catttcaata    188160
     gctaagctgg gattgtatct gatttgaatg gatttcaaat agttaaatgc ttgcacaggc    188220
     ctttgataga aagagatgaa agccgggcat ggtggtgcac gcctttaatc ccagcactcg    188280
     ggaggcagag gcaggctgat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttct    188340
     aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcagaaa aatcaaaaaa agaaagaaag    188400
     aaagaaagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaag aaagaaagaa    188460
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaggaaagaa agagatgaaa gggaacacaa    188520
     ggctggccca gctgtgagct ggtggattag aaagtagctg agagtggcaa agaccacaat    188580
     ggggtaggga gaggtgtgga gagtcctcag agcagaggcc acgaggaagg agggacagca    188640
     gaataacagt atcttaaaga gagagcttca tgcagactcc agactcaggg agaacagaga    188700
     acttaggata gctcatcttg ctaccaagat aaagatggaa ggcagaaaga tgcgggggag    188760
     ggggacgggg gaggtacagg tggagcatcc ttaatccaaa acaacaagac tcaaatcgca    188820
     accttatcgc aggccactgt gacaagtggt aaatcctatc cacaccagga aactttgttt    188880
     ctgttatgaa atcattttca aatagtaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata    188940
     aataaataaa taaatgtgtt tagactgcag cctaatccca agggtacctc attttatgct    189000
     atggaaatat caaagataca gaagaaaacc tggaattctc ctttcatttt ggatgaggat    189060
     gaccctgggt tgaggatgct ataaagacca ctgaaggggc tcgcatgcct ttggggaggg    189120
     cagtgaagga ggctgatggg aaggagacca gggagtcatc caggggtggg ttggctgtgg    189180
     ctccctgtgg gcaggagttg ggctttgggc acagaataga cctgcctcac cctaagttat    189240
     aatggatgga tcagtgggca tctggccacg tcaccaacct ctatatttct agcacttacc    189300
     tttctcatgt gtagataaca aaaacccaac tgtggagctt ccagaatcta gaaaaagttt    189360
     cccaaagaag ctgagcacct tcaaagttca cataagtgtg cacaggaagg actgagtcta    189420
     ggccggtgtg caggtggtta ggtcatgggc aaggatgaca accaggtcac ctgtccctta    189480
     agaaaggtgt gggccaaatc agcatgggct aaggaactgt ttgagtgaag aattctctct    189540
     gtagttaact tagtcaccat cttgatgcag aagcgtgtca atagactgca cttacagagt    189600
     tgtccctcag tggtcgcggg gcatggctac aagtctcccc tttaccggct acagatttat    189660
     catggtcatg gccactcagt tctcgtctgc caaaagcgat tgcattttca catagtcaag    189720
     gcacaccttc tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgcaag tcaccataag tgatttgcac attactccaa    189780
     attcccaaga ttgtgtgtgc atattcattt ttgtatctgt gcattcatgt aaattctgtg    189840
     tgcatactcg ttttgtattt ggagaaatgt tacaagaaag caaaatctgc ccaagctcag    189900
     gtcagacacg gtttgctctc ctgctcattc tcgctctgtg gatggctgaa tgggagagat    189960
     gtctccacga tctcactact gtggcttttg ctagttactt ttcaaagcat taggtgccaa    190020
     cctgatcaat tccattgtgc tcagagaaaa cttcctggaa acacaagatc tctatagttt    190080
     agggcataat taagagtctg ttggaaatat caggctcagg agcctgaaga attgtccagc    190140
     accaagggaa gagggaccgc gcatgagctc ttacttccag gctggtgttg atatggggcc    190200
     attttataat tttcagagga aacaggctaa gctaagccca gagggaagaa gcccagatga    190260
     atcctctgtc gatcgtgacc gcggctcgta ctcacttttc ataggatttg atggcctgtt    190320
     ccacattttg cttgtagata ttgaggttga ttccatgggg gttaattaat accatcttat    190380
     tgctgttgtt gcacacatgt gccagaggga acacctacac agacagcaac agcaacagaa    190440
     agcagagagt cactcggcag gtccacggga gccttcaggg tatgtgtatg tgggtgcatt    190500
     agagaactag aaaaactcta aaaaacctca ctgtgagtgt agaaaaggag aatatagtaa    190560
     atcttaaatg actatacatg ttaaaaatca ctaccataaa acaaaaccaa cagaaaaaaa    190620
     ttgcttcagg aaacctttgt cataactgaa cactatcacc agaggctttc atcacgttga    190680
     taagtatagg caataataaa taaaaatata tattatattt tatatacata tatgtatata    190740
     taatataata tataataaaa tataagattt ttacatgtta atactccata cataatatta    190800
     aatgaaaatg aaaagggtct ggcaggtaaa caccaaacta tgctattgat gttttaaacc    190860
     gtacatgatt ctgaccacag gaatagacaa gcattctgga aacgagagaa attacttttt    190920
     agatttattc attttttaaa tgtgttttgc ttttgtgcat gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc    190980
     atgtgtctgt gtgcatgtgt gtgcatgcgt gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtgcat gtgcaccagt    191040
     tgcatatgtg ctacctgtga agatggaaga gggcattaga tcctctggaa ctgaagttat    191100
     aggtgtcagg aatcatatgg gtactggcaa tcaaactcag gtcctttgca agagcaacat    191160
     gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc atctctccag ccctgagaaa ttacttttaa taagaaagtc    191220
     cttttacttt caatcaagat gaaacagttt ttgctgttaa gcccccctca gcttctaaaa    191280
     ctgtgccaac atatattata ttaataaact agtacaaaga gagaagaaag aaacgataga    191340
     tgaatagtta taaaagctga agagaaatgt aaacaagtga accagggtga agctgtgggt    191400
     ttctggcttt gtgtccagtg atggcatgca gtgagagccc agctcctagt aggtaagact    191460
     aggagaactc tgtacaccaa gggtccagcc tgggctcagt gaccaaggtt agccctgtgt    191520
     aaggatccct tggaagaagg tactgactag caagtaactt cactaccaag agctgagcca    191580
     agcctttctc taccagaccc acacactgaa gactcattta aaccttttga atatgtgctc    191640
     cagaccataa gcatgctcag aaagatgccg ggcaactttc cttcttgaaa attgacccca    191700
     agctaagcac actcaggatt aggaacacac ctacccctaa aggttttccc tgtgtgagta    191760
     tgtatgaagt ttccaggaaa acccccatat ttccttcatc tggagaggct atcgtatgtg    191820
     tgcaaacaca tataaataac tcctatgttg cttttatcta ctgcaaggag gaaattattc    191880
     ttcacccttt attagctgtg cttgtttgag gctttgcacc cgactgagat gagaatcttt    191940
     tgtttggtat caacgaggct gctcaaagac agacgaaagc ttactgaagt tctaagaaga    192000
     aatggctgca catttttgaa tcatgagaaa atgatattgg aactgaaata tagaaataat    192060
     cttaacagac tgaataaagt cgaaactagt cattaaaaaa aaaaaacaaa acaaacttgt    192120
     gaaataatgt atagacttcg cccacaatac agagcatgca caaaagaatc ccacagataa    192180
     atgggtgatg gaaggttatg tggatggaga tttagaaacc tcaatgggtc gtaatagaaa    192240
     tgtccaaaga ataggatcaa agagggggga tcatacaagg agaaacatct gctctaatgt    192300
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcaatt gcacgtgtga    192360
     gtgcacctgt gtgtgcatgc acacatgagt gcactgtgcg agtatgtgtg cattcctgtg    192420
     tgtgtacatg tgcatgtgtg agtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg catgtgtgcg    192480
     tgctcaagtg cacatgtgtg catgaattta tgcatgcaga gacttcacaa atggtggctg    192540
     tatctatagc tttaaactgg aaaaaaaaaa agatggcaag acaccctccg ttaacaattg    192600
     tgataaaggg tgggagctgg tcagcctgag tacttggggg tggggtgggg tggcatcctg    192660
     gaccttgtgc agagggtgtg gctgtgaagg atctctttca ctgggtcagc tcacacagta    192720
     gagggagagt gtgcagccaa ttcaaaggtt cagctactac taccttgtca aaatgtcgca    192780
     atagcctccc atgctccatt ttctgtcccc caaataaggg ttgcactatt tggaatattt    192840
     tctttaacag tatagttata gagatatggc ttagtatttt tgtattgaga cattaaaaag    192900
     aaacataaag gtagcatggg gccaggcagt ggtggcgcat gcctttagtc ccagcacctg    192960
     ggaggcaaag gcgggtggat cactgagttc gagatcagct tggtctacag agtgagttcc    193020
     aggacagcta gggctacaca gagacaccct gtctcaaaac aaacagacaa aaagtgatgt    193080
     ggagtcctag acctacctcc aaaagtatct aaaacatgaa cattgcggtt aaaactatca    193140
     aaaacagtta ttagcaaaac ttgggagtta caggaggtag gcaagacttt taaaagattt    193200
     ttactgttta attcttttaa acaatgtata ttcactcttg aattaaatta tcaggactca    193260
     ggcaaataaa ggaggcagag gtttagaaag tggaagagaa caaacaggaa caggagctta    193320
     agagctccat cagcgactta gaaaccgcag ggagtcagca tgtgactcct gagctcgcct    193380
     ttaaaaggga ccagaacaga acaagggggt aaaggtgaaa tgcccgggct ttcaaactga    193440
     agattgccta aatttgtatt taaaaaaaaa atcattcctc taaatagagc aatgtcacaa    193500
     aaacttgaaa ggaaaaatat caaccaaaac aaaataaaag acatttatgt tttccatgac    193560
     ctagcaggaa aatacccctt tagaaatcta tgtctctcct agtttacagg ctagggctca    193620
     atgataaatc agtagtaaaa agtgcttagt caggtcttga ctgttgacct acttaaccaa    193680
     agccaaactc atcttgtact tcccagtttg gtggatcgag acctcacgcc ttgcacatcc    193740
     attgtggact tgaacgaagc tgttcaaatc ccacttgtgg gtagccactc tccttccttt    193800
     ctgcacacag gattcgggga acacaaacgc atactccaca acttcagtct ttggtcttag    193860
     tttttacaac atggtggcta cttaagagat caggtgctac cccctcttta tgatgtcaaa    193920
     ttcagtgtca taagggacat tccagagctt aggggagtca tggctgccta ggctttcaga    193980
     gtaacagcgg gggggggggg ggggggcggg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    194040
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtcag ggagaagcca agagccctgt ttgagaggaa ataaaagcat    194100
     gtgattacag ccccctgcaa atgggggaat tcttccagac agtatttggt aatgagagga    194160
     agcctgagac atcatttact ctagttctct gaagcaaaac tagagacctc attacattcc    194220
     tattgataaa cgccccttag aggcaagcac tgtatcacaa gggtggcaca ctaggagtgt    194280
     agtgtgggtg ctgagaggga ggaaggcgag atagagagac agagattgga gaggcaggca    194340
     atgactggag aggtagaaat ttctagaatc catgggtggg ataaaaatgg gctgataacg    194400
     ttttccccac tgttagagga aataacttgg accaaggact aaaaaatagc tttataatga    194460
     cattactaca acaacatgga taataataat gatgatgata ataatgataa tagtaatgaa    194520
     accgatcctc actctctacc aagaacaaca gaggcattct cttcatacgt tttctctcaa    194580
     tcccgttata gacaaatgca tttcattata atttttgttt aatggcaaac taaactgtcc    194640
     ataaactgtg gttctttctt actctttttc tttttatgtg tatgggtatt ttgcctacac    194700
     gcatgcctgt gtaccatgtg tgagcctggt acctcacagg ccagaagagc ctgtcagatc    194760
     ctctggaact ggagtttaca gatggttgta agacagcaca taggtactgg aaatcaacct    194820
     caggtcttct ggaagagaag ccagtgctcc taactgcaga gccatctctc cagcccactt    194880
     tactctgctt ctgtgcgtgt tgcctgctgg agttcggcgg tttctgtact agcctggcca    194940
     cctgaccttc atttaccatg acccacgtaa agggagggag actctactcc acaaggctgt    195000
     cctctcacct ctatgtacac agcgtggcac atttgtgccc tactttcatg atacacgcgt    195060
     gcatgtgcac atacacacac acacacacac atgcacacac ataaattgta tttgctgaca    195120
     taatatatgc accaagtaac cacttattga ctaacgtgaa aaactaaaac agaggctgca    195180
     gacatctttt tggcaatttt atatttaaaa tatgaagctt agagtctgct aaatttgtct    195240
     tcttagaaat gcgtgggatg aaggaggaca ttgtcagttg cgggagaagt ttcctgacta    195300
     caaataatgt gagaaggatt tttaaaagat ttataattca aacatggcaa ggtatttgaa    195360
     tattgaaatg aaaccatgcc accctcacat agtaatataa aaggccaagt ttttatttgc    195420
     tttattttgt gttttatttg ctttattttg tgctgcgatt tctgtcttag tggcaccaca    195480
     aagatagagg gaaaggaaca ctctcagaat tc                                  195512