ID   AC132576; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 135862 BP.
AC   AC132576;
DT   04-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   30-NOV-2003 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-444F2 from chromosome 16, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-135862
RA   Trani L., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-444F2";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-135862
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-135862
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-SEP-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-135862
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-APR-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-135862
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (16-MAY-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-135862
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; f806e757d94777be35aa488747539644.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456176.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC132576.3:1-135862; mus_musculus.
CC   On May 16, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:30172673.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0444F02
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC126030.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..135862
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="16"
FT                   /map="16"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-444F2"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   1..209
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   1129..1248
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   1329..1469
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2132..2360
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4457..4610
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5731..5779
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   5753..5801
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   6416..6545
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6546..7456
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7486..7565
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7636..8803
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8955..9089
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9090..9170
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9171..9317
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9318..9649
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10148..11111
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11116..11675
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11696..11998
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   12138..12260
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   13056..13204
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13815..13916
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13920..14034
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14071..14227
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15568..15637
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   16008..16057
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   16246..16671
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   17373..17831
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   18061..18124
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   18286..18925
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18956..19204
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   19228..19510
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19512..20590
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20595..21022
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21018..21365
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21366..21782
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21811..22271
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22695..22765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22821..22867
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22981..23134
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   23135..23171
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   23214..23611
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   23898..24193
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25031..25229
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25230..25617
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   25990..26110
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26695..27188
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27232..27642
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27786..27930
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28010..29200
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   29439..29607
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29815..29882
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29873..30866
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32788..33123
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   33657..33910
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   unsure          33997..34007
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   35350..35607
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35782..36044
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   36119..36496
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   36497..36712
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38025..38308
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER12"
FT   repeat_region   39329..39393
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   39369..39418
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   42522..42759
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   43730..44281
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   46672..46856
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   47155..47332
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47441..47706
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48704..48987
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   50018..50461
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51729..52577
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52785..52905
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53094..53240
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53395..54301
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54689..54799
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54803..54901
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   54922..55146
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   56995..57149
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58596..58663
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59419..60031
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60198..60600
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60611..60805
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60822..61069
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61060..61192
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61187..61720
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61761..62806
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62809..62862
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   64287..64919
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65236..65283
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   65879..65945
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   68606..68794
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   69782..69922
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69944..70367
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71783..71980
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   72310..72441
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72439..72674
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75292..75997
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76018..76125
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76704..76923
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77102..77659
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80277..80652
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83034..83287
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   83603..83833
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   84315..85325
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85482..85742
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   88771..88925
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   88926..88977
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   90290..90621
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91713..91826
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   92473..92689
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   93216..93436
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   95616..96206
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96347..96436
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   96673..96980
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   97362..97659
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    98948..99719
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=66.7, o/e=0.83, #CpGs=79)"
FT   unsure          101427..101493
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   104994..105243
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105301..105385
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   106533..106656
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106704..106743
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107321..107563
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   112321..112702
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112945..113549
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115047..115248
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   117965..118033
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   118428..118506
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120414..120539
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   122948..123175
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   123722..123879
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   124074..124174
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   124226..124993
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125381..126536
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126537..126654
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   127038..127462
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127473..128467
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129684..131005
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131074..131589
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131586..131944
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131998..132112
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132007..132141
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   133236..133305
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   133424..133729
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
SQ   Sequence 135862 BP; 42415 A; 24898 C; 24767 G; 43782 T; 0 other;
     gatctatctc acttgctgac atgaacgatt tgatggacag ataccttgtg ctacctgtgg        60
     tcccatgtgc tactgcttat gcacataaca gtaactccaa aaaaactcac tgactcacca       120
     aaaagacgac aaggcaagaa tcattacttt ggtttgtcat cacaggtcca tctgaaatga       180
     atatgtattt gttcatattt cctcaaaaaa aaagtcaaaa ttctcctcaa aaagagatgg       240
     tggtgtttct gtttttctaa aacgttagat ctagctaggt agtcacataa attatggtga       300
     taattaaagc actaagtatt caaattgaaa agggggaaat actgaaggta caacaaagga       360
     atctgagata aaatgaagta tgtggtgttt tgacagacaa attaaatctc atagaatcaa       420
     taatcccaac tttcttcata acattttaac tgttatataa taatcacact taacagccat       480
     ttacattata agcacataaa ggttgcttac agctttcctt ttcctgatgg tgctattatt       540
     actcattcac ttgttaaccc tctaactctt ttccagaaag ggagacataa ttcagcatat       600
     tgaaacacag atttaattta gagaattaga taaaaatgtt gagaatctaa atgaataaag       660
     cattctaatc agaaaacaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa       720
     acaacagaat ttccatcacc tttataatgg gggcaaggat gtcatcttat gctgctctac       780
     atagagtact gtaattcaga gctcaaattt tccaccaaaa gcacaaccat taaaagagac       840
     aaggtacaag atgagtgtca ataagagaca aggtacaaga tgagtgtcaa tgcatagcca       900
     aagagagatg taaccaccgg ggcacagagt tgtggttaga taaatccctg gactctaaga       960
     gggctttgtg attcatattg agctctccac cattagtcat atcccgaagt cctacttttg      1020
     tactctctaa gggtacaaat gattgagaaa gggcagttag agagagcact gtgataagta      1080
     acagtccagt gtgactgctg tagttatgca aaagtaaaat tagcaaagca acagaaacag      1140
     atccagaagt acctcgatgt tgtaattaga actcctaaaa ctatgaggaa ataaaactat      1200
     tgtttaataa ttgcatggta tttgttaatg gcacccataa gtaattaaaa ggaggtggtt      1260
     gcataggttg gtttaccctt tgctctatct ttagttcttc aaaaaatttt aattaatcat      1320
     tccattcttt tacatctcaa atgatatccc acttctcaat tacccctcca caaagtcccc      1380
     attccacatc caccctcccc ccctcctttc tccctctatg agggtgctcc cctactcacc      1440
     ctctctggac ctatctatca ctccagcatc tcattgcaaa gtgcttcagt tgacctggaa      1500
     cctagaaaat gtagcctgca acggatattc cttaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa      1560
     acaaaaaaat acctagtgat ataatgcagg aaaattgaag tctgatgtac aattgtacat      1620
     atcacaacaa tccatccatc atgataataa aacatcacat ataattctca agtcaaatta      1680
     ctcactggag attacagcca tctatatctt tcaagccctt tctgattcca ctaataaggt      1740
     aacggccttt cttttctgta ctatgcacca ttttgagtga aaatatttaa aatttgacta      1800
     acaaaatctc ataaagttaa tttaaacttg acatgctaac caaaactcat aaaacaaaaa      1860
     aacaatttca gaaaattgcc catgtagatc agccctctag aatttattca aaaggttatt      1920
     taataaagta aattacttgc aaagatttga atagcaaagt agcattcaac atcctgaaga      1980
     tttctactgc ttgttttgat taatgatgct taaaccacac atttttagta ctgtctttta      2040
     ctagtagttt gtccgtttgt tatatgttca ctttgctaag cacatcaaac taaaatatat      2100
     aatttctagt tttgttaaaa cacttgattc aaaccattac cccccgggag ctcgtgtctc      2160
     tagctgcata tgtatcagaa gatggcctag tcggccatca ctgcaaagag aggcccattg      2220
     gacttgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagttcag gggaacgcca gggccaagaa gtgggagtgg      2280
     gtgggtgggg tacttttgga atagcattgg aaatgtaaat gaaataaata cctaataaaa      2340
     aaataaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacattgc attgtttcca gataggacaa gattcttgag      2400
     tgtttaatgc acaatcatgt ttgcaaaatg taatttgatg tgaattttct ggtatgctcc      2460
     atatttagac atttattcat tttctcaact gaagtttcat agtagtagta gtattaattt      2520
     ttccaataat taagcattca tagtttaaat cattgaggag acatctaaaa ccacacagaa      2580
     tcctgtcata caataaatat aaattgcttt gtatatgtat tgggcattta attggaaaat      2640
     ttgcccaaga aacaattata agtaatgctt tctctggggc agtcaactta ttactttaaa      2700
     aattgtgctt tcccacaaat aagctgccca ataaataagt aattttgata agtttatcag      2760
     aaattttcct acattaagcc tctttcatta gcattcagtt tgcaatatac ccttactatc      2820
     ttggttcttt ttaaagtatt acaactttga agcattctgc taagtctata ataaccctca      2880
     ggtggcaagc tcaaatggtc tttcgcaact ttggaccccg aagatgtatc acctttttaa      2940
     tagaaacgct tggttgtttt tgcataattc atggctcaca ccagctttta acaaggaaaa      3000
     agtgcacagt ttatgcgatg tttagctggc atgttgcata ttgattatct atcatgtttc      3060
     atgtcttctt tggaaaaaaa attcctaaaa taattcattt ttaagtggta agtccgtaac      3120
     actgggagtg gctcccagat acatatgcaa atatgtatgc aaatgctcag cattctgccc      3180
     cctctaggac ttttttgtgt caatttccaa agcacagaca agtacaggac agggagtgat      3240
     cacacttaac aaagctccat ggtatttttg tgttccagaa catcagtgca cttattaaac      3300
     cttgttccca agcccactgg acatcatcat ctaaaatcat gtgcactaaa ctcataccag      3360
     atgtaaacca gcatgacaca gacatcagga cagagaagga actgtcctgt ccctattagc      3420
     agcaactctt ggtttttgtt ctgttttatt ttgatttttg aatttcgagt aggagcaatg      3480
     aaccaatgga cctaaatata tcattttttt tgcgaatcat agtaactgct tactaataaa      3540
     tcctattttt tataatagca gtgattaaaa aagctgcact cactaatttt atttccacaa      3600
     tgtctgataa tggacaaaat atagcaatag tattaaatcc ataattattt gtgtcccagg      3660
     cacctgaaat attcaagtga atgaaatctg ctcttaaagt tgtatagtta tctttaatgt      3720
     cataaaatag gagacatagt gtaattataa tagattaaaa tgagtaatgt agttcagtaa      3780
     gatatgtaca taaataacta ctcactggaa gtatgtctcc acacactttc aggtgagatg      3840
     gttatctgga tccacccaaa tgagtactta ttccttctgt atgtggcaac tgagtgcaca      3900
     taggttatcg cttcacactt ttaataagat caatgatgaa gattaaagtc tagggaactg      3960
     tacaaacaga tattgaatat tgacctagat accattgtta tgcttcatct gtaatgaagt      4020
     gagttacgtt taatgcttat taagattctc agggatatat cccatagacg acatatttgt      4080
     gagaatgtgc tttcagagaa cacattcagc atttacaaat gcattaccat ccttgctctg      4140
     tataggaaga gcacatgcca ttgtgagtac aatttgtatt cagcaaagtc aatggatgta      4200
     ttattcaaac ttatatgcta gcgaacaact ctaggcaaca tcagcatcaa aataactttt      4260
     aaaattcaat ataaaaataa aaggagttac agtattgaga aagtgtattg taatagtgag      4320
     ttggaatctt tacttgattc atctaatatg ttctattact gcagctttac tgaacattgt      4380
     acttgatgca tctaattcca agggaattgc aacattcaag ttgaaaataa gatctatatt      4440
     tctgtccttt ttttcattat ttatttattt actttgcttc atgattgcag cccccctctc      4500
     ctcccagttg ccctttcaca tatccccact ctctctcccc tccccttccc ctctgagaag      4560
     gggaaggacc cccaccccca tgtgacaatt caccctggca catcaatttg ggacttacct      4620
     taaagccgtt atttttacaa tgggtgattt tttttaattc attctctaaa tcttttgtac      4680
     agtctgaaaa tacattcaac atttctgacc aggaaaactg ttactattat tgagaggtta      4740
     gcaagttttt caacatccca ggtaactaaa agccactcaa ttatgaattt cttatattta      4800
     gctcagaaag ttaataaaac atgtaagttc tggaaaatgt tgtacataaa gagatataaa      4860
     ctttataatt tggatgcact gagaaaatct ggaagttaat gtgttcattt tagaaagcat      4920
     tatagtaagc tactaaataa ggagaaaatg tttatgcctt ggtaatagaa aaaatattgt      4980
     tggataattt tatgtttaat agccatagtt tcattatgtg taccttaaag atttatattt      5040
     tgttgcaaat ttaaatcact tctatttttt ttacaaaaaa aatctcatac gtatttcttt      5100
     aaattgatgt ccaaaggaag aaataaaaca cattaaacat taataaacta ataaacccct      5160
     caaaagactg accgtattgc actactatcc aggatgtaga aagcacaata tggtttatat      5220
     cgcacagaat attctctctg ttctaaagat gtaggatcca ggattgtcta aattatttat      5280
     agaaaatttt attgcaggaa ttcatgttaa attattaaat ctaaaattat tatcaaatat      5340
     ctcaccgttg cagctgcttg gactaatgtt tcataggctt tgttttatta ttgatcaatt      5400
     tcttgagaag gtcatagcca aataagctca gtcattgatt gatacaaatt ctgcattgtt      5460
     actcagtttg aaggctagtt tcacttcaaa tttcaaattt tccacacttc tgcaagaaaa      5520
     actggcatct atactagata tttcttaaca cttctgacta gtcttggtag tgggtaactt      5580
     tcaacaaaca aaatacaaac aaaggggaaa aagaaaaaga aaaaatagga atgatctcta      5640
     gaactaaagc aataacaaag aaaatgtaac agttttaaag ttcttcacac taaacgatat      5700
     tgtgttttgt gaagataagc ttgtgaagag tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      5760
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgagag agagacagag      5820
     aaagagacag agatcacatc cttatcccac ctcctatgaa aagtaaagaa taattccttg      5880
     ataggtgaat ttgatacata ttctataact gtgctttttt tctcttataa ttaatgtatt      5940
     catttattat ttaatggttt gttcctatgt taaatccggc ttgagccata aaatgaatag      6000
     tggaagatat gctgtaactt taggaagact aggttttctt caagcaatct gaccgcatgg      6060
     gagaagcagc ttttgaacag tgtagccaga aagtcaaatg aagttcatat tatggaagga      6120
     gaagtattca atatgagaaa tctatttgtc atttttatgc tttttaattt tctcataagg      6180
     cataagttca atgattccat acccattaat attgtgattc ctaattatct acatctttgc      6240
     caggaaaaga agaaaataac ttttttttct tatgaactct atttgtcatt aaggaactta      6300
     tgcagtgaaa aattacatct gttcattttg taaaagaaat tttgtagata aatttgctgt      6360
     tcctttctag atgaatttaa ctccttaatt tctaaaatgt atgaaagtga tcctagctgg      6420
     gcatgttggc acaggccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc acattctgag      6480
     ttcgaggtca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccacggctac acagagaaac      6540
     cctgtattta taacagccag aagctggaaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac agagaaatgg      6600
     atacaaaaaa tgtggtgcct ttacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaaggaa      6660
     tttatgaaat tcctaggcaa atggatggac ctggagggca tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca      6720
     caatcacaaa agaactcaaa tgatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatatta gcccagaaac      6780
     ttagtatacc caagatataa gatacaattt gcaaaacaca tgaaactgaa gaagaatgaa      6840
     gaccaaagtg tggacacttt gccccttctt agaattggaa acaatcaccc atggaaggag      6900
     ctacagagac aaagtttgga tctgagacaa aaggatggac catctagaga ctgccatatc      6960
     cagggatcca tcccataatt agcctccaaa cgatgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagcg      7020
     ttggctgaaa ggaccctgat atagctgtct cttgtgagac taggcgggga cctagcaaac      7080
     acagaagtcg atgctcacag tcagctattg gatggatcac agggccccca atggaggagc      7140
     tagagaaagt atccaaggag ctaaagagat ctgcaaccct gtaggtgcaa caacattatg      7200
     aactaaccag tacctcagag gtcttgactc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctac      7260
     ttggccatca ctgcaaagag aggcccattg gacttgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag      7320
     gggaatgcca gggccaaaaa atgggaatgg gtgggtaggg gagtgggggg agggagggta      7380
     tgggggactt ttgggatagc attctaaatg taattgagga aaataagtaa taataaaaaa      7440
     tatttaaaaa aaaacccgaa accccccccc aaaaaaaagg aaaaagaaag tgatcctaat      7500
     aaagtctcca aatgaggaag acagtgtccc aactagccat ctcctgtcac caaacagaat      7560
     ctccaaaacc aaaactagaa cacaacaaaa agattcacag agagttttat tgatatttct      7620
     ttgttttaaa tttttattag ttatattatt tacttacatt gcaaatgtta tacccctacc      7680
     cagttttccc ttgacaaacc ccctatccca tccttccttc cctctgcttc tgtgagggag      7740
     ctccccaacc taccctccct cctgactcac tgcccgagca tgagcattct tctatgctgg      7800
     agcatcaagc cttcacagga ccaagaaact ccacttccat tgatgtccga caaggctatc      7860
     ctctgctaca tatgctggtg gagccatggg tcccaccatg tgtattcttt ggctggtggt      7920
     ttaattcctg ggagctctga ggagtctggt tagttgatat tgttgttttt cctatggggt      7980
     tgcaaactcc ttcagctcct tcattccttc ccctagttcc tccattggag tcccctactc      8040
     tgtccaaggg ttggctgcaa gcatccacat ctctattggt aaggttctga cagagcctct      8100
     caggagacaa ctatatcaga cccctgtcag caagcacttc ttggcatcag gaatagtgtc      8160
     tggtattggt gtctgtatat gggatggatc cccaggtggg gcagtctctg gatgaccttt      8220
     tcttcagtct ctactccact ctttgtccct gtatctactt tagacaggta taaagggtta      8280
     atactttgga aaggggtagg tgaccccatc cttcaaccca ggcctgccta gattatgatc      8340
     tctacagatt ttctttctct tttgttgggt atttcagcta atgtcatccc cattggttcc      8400
     ttggaacctc ttgctttctt ggcattttac cttcttgttg ctacccctag ttccctgacc      8460
     cccattggta cacaactcta ttcaacatct taaccctctg tatatctcct ttatctcctc      8520
     ccttgcctga tcctgtcctc attttcctct ccccctcatc tcttcctcca agtccctcct      8580
     accctctgcc tctcatgatt attttcttcc cttgtctaag taggacagaa gcatccacat      8640
     tttggacttc catcttcttg agcttaatgt ggtctgtgaa ttgtacagtg ggaattctga      8700
     ggctttttcc taatatccac ttatcagtgt gtatatacca tgtgtgttct ttgtgactgg      8760
     gttacttcac ttaggatgat atttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcttttc ctttcctttc      8820
     ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttt ccttttcctt      8880
     tccttttcct tttccttttc cttttccttt tctgtttcct tttctgtttc ctttcctttt      8940
     ttttgggggg gggggggaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc      9000
     tgtagaccag gatggccttg aactcagaga tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg      9060
     attaaaggca tgcaccacca ctgctcagca ggatgatatt ttctaatttc atccatttgc      9120
     ctaagaattt cttgaagtca ttgtttttca ttttttgttt tttgttttgg tttttggttt      9180
     tttgagacaa ggtttctctg tgttgccctg gctgtcctag aattcacttt gtagaccagg      9240
     ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccacttgtct ctgcctccag agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt      9300
     atgccaccat gcctggcaaa gtcattgttt ttaataactg agtagtactc cattctgtaa      9360
     atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ctattcctct gttgaaggac atctgggttc tttctagctt      9420
     caagctatta tacataaggc tgctatgaac atagtggaga atgttctctt tttatatgtt      9480
     gaagcatatt ttgggtatat gcccaggagt ggtacagctg ggtccttggg tagtactatg      9540
     tctaattttc tgaggaacca ccagactgat ttccagaacg gttgtaccag cttgcaatcc      9600
     ccccagcaat ggaggagtgt tcctcttttt ccacgtcctt gacagcacca taataaacaa      9660
     taaacaataa acagtgtcca gtgttttctt tacaatttgt ttagtgatta ttctaatggt      9720
     cctatggaac aatggtgacc tcagcattct ccatttcaag ctttcaggtg tttcatttga      9780
     atattatctt atatatatat aagaacattt agctattata ctcctaagaa ctgatatgaa      9840
     aaattttcca atatttgtta cgccatgaaa gataaattta aagtagcaat tttcattttt      9900
     tgaatttatt acttttcaaa tgagttcaga ttccataaag atgtatttgt tttatcaatc      9960
     tattatgtaa aaagaaaaac tatgactctg aaaattgagt tgtgcactct ataaattatt     10020
     atacctatat agttcaatta aaaaatagta tgcatctgag atatatatat atatatatat     10080
     atatgtacat ttataaagat attgctttaa cactctatag gatcatattt atatatattt     10140
     tttaaaattt tgtttccaat ttttattagg tcttttcttc atttacattt caaatgctgt     10200
     cccaaaagtt ccctacaccc tccccctgcc ctgctcccct acccactcac ttccacttct     10260
     tggccctggc attcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caagaccaag gggcctctct     10320
     tcccaatgaa ggccgactag gccatcttct gctacatatg cagctataga catgagctct     10380
     ggggggtact ggttagttca tattgttgtt ccacctatag agttgcagaa ccctttagct     10440
     ccttgggtac tttctctagc tcctccattg ggggccctgt gttccatcca atagctgact     10500
     gtgagcatcc acttctgtat ttgccaggca ctggcatagc ctcacaagag acagctatac     10560
     cagggtcctt tcagttgctg gcatatgcaa tggtgtctac gtttgatggc tgattatagg     10620
     atggatcccc aggtgtgaca gtctctagat ggtccatctt ttcgtctcag ctccaaactt     10680
     tgtctctgta actccttcca tgggtgtttt gttcccaatt ctaagaaggg gcgaagtgtc     10740
     cacactttgg tcttcgttct tcttgagttt catgtgtttt gcaaagtgta ccttgggtat     10800
     tctaagtttc tgtgctaaga ttctaagtta atatccactt atcagtgagt acatatcatg     10860
     tgaattcttt tgtgattggg ttacctcact caggatgata ccctccagat ccatccattt     10920
     acctaggaat ttcataaatt cattcttttt aataactgag tagtactcca ttgtgcaaat     10980
     gtaccatatt ttctgtattc attcctctgt tgagggacat ctgggttctt tccagattct     11040
     ggctattata aataaggctg ctatgaacat agtggagcat gtgtccctat tatcaattgc     11100
     aacatcttct gattttcctc tgctacatat gcaagtgaag ccatgggtcc ctccatgtgt     11160
     accttttggt tggtggttta gtccctggga gctctggggt gtctggttgg ttgctttggt     11220
     tgttcttcct atgggggtac aaaccccttc agctgcttca gtccttcccc tcactcatcc     11280
     attaaggtcc ctgtgctcag tccaaaggtt ggctgcaagc atctacattt gcaatggtca     11340
     ggctctgaca gagcctctca tgcaacagtt ataactggct cctgtcagca agcacttctt     11400
     ggcatcagca atagtgtctg agtttggtgt catttgtgat ggatctccag gtgggacagt     11460
     ctttgcattg tctttccttg aatatatact ccactctttt tccctgtatt tcctttagac     11520
     aagagcattc tgggttaaaa gttttgagat gtgtgggtga caccattcct ctgaatatgg     11580
     tctttacagg ttttccgtcc cctatgtttg gtagttcagc taatgtcatc ccagttaggt     11640
     actgggagcc tcttgctttc ctggtaattg gcactaaaaa agaaataata aagatctggg     11700
     gaaatggctc agtgagtaaa gcacttggca ttcaaatatg agaacctgac atcacatttc     11760
     tacaactcag ctaattaaag ttatagtagc atacatctct aagtcccata ctcctatagc     11820
     taaatgagag gcaaaaactg caaggagaat cctctggaag cccacagaag accttgtctt     11880
     cttaatacag cagtgcatag caagagactt tatctcaaag aaggtgggtc aaacacctaa     11940
     atatgccctt tggcaaatgt acttctgttc tatgaacatg tatgcacatg tgtacacact     12000
     cgcgtgcgca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca aactatacaa aaacatttta     12060
     aaatgcaaga gaataggaat tttatattga gaaataaagt aaaaataaaa ttcataccag     12120
     agaagttgta acgcttgcag agtgctctac aaccacctgg atctccagcg gtagagaatt     12180
     cccacaccca cttgtttctt cccacatata tatggcatgg atgcaaaccc atatacatat     12240
     acattttaaa aaatgaacat tttaaaggag tattgaatag tcgtaagtga ctgtttcatc     12300
     aagtattaag gaatgatgga atttgattgc aaacttctgt atgagtccgt gggtgtaaat     12360
     cctgtgtcat attaagcacg tgagctgatt gtttggggag gtactctgga attaccactg     12420
     tcctgaaagc aactgcaaaa gacttctgtg catcctaact cattttctat attacctggt     12480
     cccagtcctg gggcttagga gaagcaaaga caataacaca ctctacagtg atattgcgtt     12540
     gaatatagga cgtgaatgtc gaaggaagag tatagggaga aatgaatggg gagacttgga     12600
     ggggggagta ataaagatga gggttagggt gattatagga cttactcata tgaaaatgtc     12660
     tttatgaaac ccatcgctgt ataaaaggag tgtaggccaa caaaagagaa aaactatcac     12720
     aggcataaat gtgggttcta actcagaaag gagtgaaaag ctgctaatac taccatgtat     12780
     gtgtaaaatc acatattcaa ttttattaaa actaatgata tattgtgtaa ggaaggaatc     12840
     gacaacttgt gaagattaaa caggaagaaa aaaattaatg aataaaatga aaaatcatga     12900
     ttctcaaaat tcaaaattta aatgttgaga gaaattgact gaaagagtag aaccctacag     12960
     aatgatttga tttttttcaa caatacttct gctctgattt ttcttattta ttgccatgga     13020
     cagaattggg gttttgttca tttattttat tttttattgg ataattcctt tatatccatt     13080
     tcaaatgtta tccccttttc ctggtccctc tctcgtcacc cctggaaagc ccctatcaca     13140
     ttccaccttc ccctgcttct atgaaggtat tcctatactc acccactgcc tcccgcctcc     13200
     cagcccttga tgttgacagg aatagcaagt agatagggat gaggataaca ataacacatt     13260
     atgtatacat atgaaactga caaagaacaa tctatattat aaaagacaaa agtgcttcat     13320
     gctgtaataa aagtatctga actacataca aattaattga atccaaatta ctaacaacat     13380
     taatgtgtgg atgataagca gccttaaaat taataataac ctaagagata aacacatatt     13440
     cctcataata cttaacaaga tgactctaaa atttatacca aaaaaaagac aagtaaagat     13500
     tatgagtaag caatacattg gtcagaaatc gatacgaaaa tcttagttta aacattctgg     13560
     aatatgctat aattaaataa aataggaagt taatcatatt aaatatttta gttatttaat     13620
     tagcagaagt catatagaaa gtatgaataa aaacactcat ttaggcatat gaattttaag     13680
     gctttgaaaa ttaggttttt ctaacaacat aacttgattt ttctcttctt ttttaatccc     13740
     caagtcctgt catatttcta tcctttgtct ctttcaaatt tattgttgtt atacacctgg     13800
     atgtacctta aagcaaatac aaccttctca tctgtgtaat attactttta tggatctgtc     13860
     atctagactg accactgtta gtagataacc agttggtgtg ctctgccatt aagaagccac     13920
     cctctccatg gtagcagggc tattgccatt gtcagcttat agttagtcag acatgataag     13980
     tctttatgag tatagcttct agtatcccta gaaaataatt acacactgac ctccatacct     14040
     catgaacata aggctgtata aaaaaaaatt caaagattat atgtcccagt acaggggaat     14100
     gccagggcca ggaagtgtga ttggttggtt tggggagcag gacgggggga gggcataggg     14160
     gactttcatg atagcatttg aaatgtaaat taagaaaata tctaataaaa aattaaataa     14220
     aaaagaagaa aatgtcaaat ccagaatatc aaaatacatg aaggaatatt tgaaataagg     14280
     agaacaatca aaagtttaat atgcctttga aacaagtttg ttagtggtgg taataaaata     14340
     gaactcaaat tagtttatat atgtaaaatt attttcatga acagaaaaag aaaaatcaaa     14400
     tgagcaatta tatatctttt caagcaaggt gctaatttat tgatggtcat aaaaatgcat     14460
     tttaaaataa ttgtgaagtg tgagcatcta tcctgtctat tgctaaaatc agcaagtcct     14520
     tgatatctgc aggggtaagc tatggggtgg gggtgggagt gggggtggag tatattttag     14580
     ctaactaaac tttatattta aaagcttaac tcaagtttaa aagaaataat tttagaaggt     14640
     atcttgacaa tgcttatgtg ttatatatgg taccatttgt attatcacaa acgtgaaggg     14700
     caacaagaaa taatattaac aatagattag aataaaatta aaccctaaca gagtaagtta     14760
     gagatgtaaa gacttagtga caaatcatag ttaatctcag tatcctgtag taggcagcta     14820
     tctacatttg aagtccccta atggagacct gaacttttgc atagtaccaa agtctgtgaa     14880
     aaactgaatt tgtaaatggc gtgcaataat atattgggat caataactac taataaacag     14940
     aagagttaaa taggctacta aaaaacctaa ctggatgtta tctccaaaga cactgtggaa     15000
     atctcccagt ttccatctcc ctgggatccc aagaaattat atgaattaga ggtttgctgt     15060
     tactaaataa aaccagagaa cacaaaactt ctgataagga agatcatccc actgtattgt     15120
     tatcctgaga gagttctgaa tatttatttt acatgcgaat gaacggttta aacaactaca     15180
     tcagcattct tttaaacatt tcaatggata taaaaatgca cacatgttat cacaaacctt     15240
     ttctattctt aatggaacaa aaccagacat gaataaaata tcagtaacaa acaaataaat     15300
     ttccactaca cctaacacat atattttttt taaatgacaa ctatttgtct agcaatataa     15360
     gaaataaagc aagtttcagt tgatgagaga tacaactaaa gaatccacaa aataaaacaa     15420
     taaaatatac ttatcggata aaaataaatg aaattgaaaa atggagaaaa ataaaacgga     15480
     aaacagaaat cagaagataa atgtaagata ttcttataat tagtaattgt ctttgctgct     15540
     ttttcctttg ctgtgacaaa acaccatcaa agtgttttga aaacacacac acacacacac     15600
     acacacacac acacatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatacacac     15660
     acacaaatga aaacatttta tttggtgatt cattgttcca tatggttatc cgaaaacttg     15720
     gagaatgtga aaaaataaca agtgcagatg tttgatcagg gacaagggaa cccactatca     15780
     ctgtaggaca attgtgggtg ttttgtcctc cagaggtcac agatgactca ctcaactgaa     15840
     cacgcagcct agtatggagg agcacttctg agcagaggca gaacagagca cagcactcat     15900
     aaagtagtgc aggatgagag tcagagtgat gtcagaaacc aaaactcctg acaggtaaga     15960
     agtatcatta tgagaggcaa attcgtgtgt caaatttcat acttcattgt gtgtgtgtgt     16020
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcattttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt     16080
     ttgttttttg gaaaaacata caacagtgaa ggaacctttt tagatttgtc aatgtcaaag     16140
     aattattgca aaataatttc aagtacaatt ttacctttgt ctacatatac tcattaacga     16200
     tatctttaat agtggaccat tgtgtatgtt tcagttgata cctgatagtt actgtctgtt     16260
     tctatgaaga gacagagtga cagaagagaa tttaaaaagg aaacatttat ttggggattt     16320
     actcatagtt tcagaggatg aatcactgac cattgctgag catagtgaca ggtaggtagg     16380
     gatgcatgtg actgcagtaa cagagatatt tcacctcaga tctatgagtt gtaaggaggg     16440
     ggagagagag agagagagag agacagagag agagagagag agacagagag agagagaggg     16500
     ggagggtgag agagagaaag agagagcctt tgaaacatca aaacccaatc ccaatgacac     16560
     agttacttcc acagggcaat accttctaat ccttcctaaa cagtctcacc atggtgacca     16620
     aacattcaac catataagac ctagggagct gttcttattc acactactac aatgctaaat     16680
     aattatccat atattccata ttttactgtt atgatactat cctttaatag tcaatgagaa     16740
     gaaaaaaatc actaaaccac atgacaatgg tcccaatgca tgtgtttaga aatgttttag     16800
     ccacttttat aagcataaat ttgtgataaa caacaacttt ggagatatgt aaaaacacta     16860
     tgttatctac tttctattac cacattagtg agtatgaaat atgtcaatat gagatgaggt     16920
     aatttagaaa atcctgtttg ttattcacct gtgaaatatt ttataaacaa gcccatgtgt     16980
     gaaccttgta ttttgtatac aaagaaacaa gtgttaatta ctgaaaaggc agacagctgt     17040
     gaaaatattt atctgctatg agcatgtttt cttcagcaca ctgttctatt tttaagataa     17100
     aagcatttaa acacctctaa cactcctgta tcaaatagga ctcattaaaa gattgcgtag     17160
     aaacattgtt tctgaactgt atttagaaga tcttctgagg ttagattttc tttgagtcat     17220
     tgtctaagga gagttctaag attcattaga atatacacca gattctttga gcgtatccaa     17280
     tataattact tgcattcaga ttttaatgta tatagttatc tatgagaccc catttgtaga     17340
     agtaacattt attcacctgt tgtaattgac ttctcagaga attaatcctg aaaatgctca     17400
     ccctgttaag ttctttctga attctgacta attcatttca tctttctgcc tcaaacacct     17460
     ctccaagctg ttcatactgg tttctctcag attctaagtg aactgctctg gttggcctca     17520
     aacaacccct ggcaatcagt tctaatctgg ctccttgcca ctcgctggct tgctctttct     17580
     ttgcctgcaa cctttctttg taaatctttc ctgggaaaaa tgacagccat gcttctctca     17640
     cccctctgtc tcttgctctc actcttgatc ataactctcc tctctttcct attggttatc     17700
     ccgagtgttg tgcagatcct atctctgact cattctgtca aagttttctg attcttcagt     17760
     ttggctccca ctcaatgaga aatcaatttc aaatatggct acttccatca aaaactaact     17820
     ttatattcat ttaagtatct gaaagagttc agcatatttt tatttcactc agttttacag     17880
     aaagggatca tttatatgtg aaaagtgata tgaataagta ggtgatataa taagacatct     17940
     gccaactttg actctagata attttgtcaa atgcatgaca gctggaaatc agcactagca     18000
     acaacattat tctcaaaaca attctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     18060
     tcagagtatt ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     18120
     ttttctatac gattggatat aaataccaag aatactaaca ggaataacta gtacttaatc     18180
     tacttggaag aaaatccatg aattcaaacc aaatccagac actttaataa ttatctccta     18240
     tatactttaa tgtatgcatg tattacaatg atgatagcac tttttattag atattttttt     18300
     atttacattt caaatgttat cccttttcct ggttttcctc tgaaacccct ctccccttat     18360
     ctactcaccc tccccctgct cacgaaccta cccattcctg cttcctggcc ctggcatttc     18420
     actacactgg atagaacctt cacagaacta ggggcttctc ctgccattga tgaccgacta     18480
     ggccattctc tgctgcttat gtaggtggtg tcatgagtcc caccatgtgt attttggttg     18540
     gtggtttagt ccctgggagc tctggggggt actggttagt tcatattgtt gttccttcta     18600
     tagagttgta aaccccttca actccttggg ttttttctct agctccttca ttggaggccc     18660
     tgtgttcagc agtggagggc tgtgagcatc tcgttctcta ctagtcaggc acgggcagag     18720
     cctctcaggg gaaagctata acagtctcct gtcagaaagc ccttgttgac ctccacaatt     18780
     gtgtctgggt ttggtggttg tatatggaat ggatccccag gtggggcagt ctctggatgg     18840
     cctttccttc agtctctgct ccatactttg tctctctaac tccttccatg ggtattttgt     18900
     tccccccttc taagaataac tgaagaccct ttgtgtggga agcggtttcc cctttgcctg     18960
     catggcctaa ttggtaaaca agcaatgtgc gcatgtgcga gagtgttttc atgccaagtc     19020
     acggcccatc ccggggcgtg gtgatgaggc tctgggagag cagccaatca ggtatggaca     19080
     tgccacacta aggtgtatat aagcagcacc tttttggtgc ttggggtctt cctcttcatg     19140
     ttgaaactgg tgtaacaaag ttgctgcaga aggatctggt ttctcacgcg tgtgttcttg     19200
     ctggagagac aatagcgcgt gtgagacctt tggtcttccc tcttcttgag tttcatgttt     19260
     tgcaaattgt gtcttgacta ttccgagttt ctgggctaat attcacttat aagtgattgt     19320
     atataatgtg tgttcttttg tgattgggtt actgcaaaaa ggatgatatc ctccagatcc     19380
     attcatttgc ttaagaattt cataaattca ttgtttctaa tagctgagta gtactccatt     19440
     gtgaaaatgt accacatttt ctgtatccat tcctctgttg aggaacatct gggttctttc     19500
     cagcttctgg acacaattac actgatactt aaaccacaaa aagactcaac aaagaaagag     19560
     aacttgagac caatttcctt tatgaatatc gatgcaaaaa tactcaataa aattcttgct     19620
     aactgaatcc aagaacatat caaaacaatc attcctcacg atcaagttgg cttcattcca     19680
     tggatgcagg gatggtttat tataaggaaa tcaatcaaca taatccacta tataaacaaa     19740
     ctcaaagaca aacaccacat gatcatctct ttagatgcta agaaaggatt tgaaaaagtt     19800
     caacacccat tcatgataaa agtcttggaa agatcaggaa ttcaaggcgc atatctaaac     19860
     ataataaaag caaaccagta gccaacatca aactgaatgg agagaagctt gaagcaatct     19920
     cactaaaaac agggactaga taaggctttc cactttctcc ctacctattc aatacagtac     19980
     tagaagtcct agccagagca attcgacaac aaaaggagat caaggggata aaaattggaa     20040
     gtgaagaagt caaaatatca ctatttgcag atggtatgat tatatatata tatatatata     20100
     tatatatgca tatatatata tatacatata taagtgaccc taaaaattcc accagagaac     20160
     tccaaaacct cataaacagc ttcagtgaaa tagctggata taaaattaac tcaaacaaat     20220
     tagtggcctt tctctacaca aaggataaat aggctgagaa agaaattagg gaaacaacac     20280
     ccttcacaat agtcacagat gatataaaaa gcttggtgtg actctaactc aagaagtaaa     20340
     agatctgtat ggtaagaact tcaagtctct gaagaaataa attgaagatc tcagaagatg     20400
     gaaagctctc ccatgctcat ggattggcag tattaatata gtcaaaatgg ctatcttgct     20460
     gaaagcaatc tacagagtca atgcaatctc catcaaaatt ccaactcaat tcttcactga     20520
     gttaagaaag ggcaatttgc aaattcatct ggaataacaa aaaacccagg atagcaaaaa     20580
     ctactctcaa ccatcaaacc cagacactat tgtatatgcc agaaagattt tgctgacagg     20640
     actctgtgcc tggctaatac agaagtggat gctcacagtc atctattgga tggaacacag     20700
     ggcccctaat gaaggagcta gagaatgtac ccaaggagct aaaggggtct gcaaccctat     20760
     acgtggaaca aaaatatgaa ctaaccagta cctcccagag ctgtgtctct agttgtgtat     20820
     gtagcagagg atggcctagt tagccatcaa tgggaggaga ggcccttggt cttgtgaaga     20880
     tcatatactc cagtacaggg gaatgccagg gccaggaaga gggagtgggt ggtttgggga     20940
     tcagggtagg gaaatgtata agggacttaa aggatagcat tttaaatgta aatgaagaaa     21000
     atatctaata gaaaaaagaa aattgtctat ctagatcttt atcccactta aagtggtgtg     21060
     tttgttttgt ttgtttttgt ttttgttggt tttttttttt ctcatcacat atgtaagaaa     21120
     ttagccctct atctgaagca tagctgttag aaactgcttc ttattctgta ggctgctgct     21180
     tcctctgaat ggtggtggcc cttgagatgc agaagaatct cagttgcata atgttctgtt     21240
     tacttttgat cctagtggct gaggtaatgg tgttctgctt agaaagtctt tccctgagcc     21300
     aatgaatcca aacctacttc cctctttttc ttttatagga ctcacttttt atgttgaggt     21360
     ctttgtcctc ctgcatcgga tgggaaaaca tatgtgacct tctccagata gtgagagacc     21420
     ttggacacaa ctttaagtgg aaagtcctta ttgagtccct cccctcaggg ttcatggaat     21480
     cacagagaag aggatctata aagagtataa gatacagagc agatggagga cacagacgaa     21540
     acaagatatt ctaactctgt agaatctaag ctcatattaa ctcacagaga ctgaggcaac     21600
     atgcacagga actgcacagg tcggggtgaa ccaggtccac accaggtctt ctgtgtattt     21660
     atgtttactg tactagtggg tccagttttc ttgcctttcc ttgtgtgttt tcattctctt     21720
     tgtttgtctt gtctaactca gatgtgtcaa tttttgtttg atcttatttc aatgtatttt     21780
     atcacatttt acctgagtat taaaataata acaatacaat tataaaattt ctctcttgcc     21840
     ttttccccat caaaaatttg caaattaatt cccctagctt ccctacactt taaggcctct     21900
     ttttcataaa ttgatatgac actcaaaaat gtatgtacac atataattgg gaatattgct     21960
     tgctcagtcc acattctgct acttgtatat atgctttctc atatcatgtt tttggtagtg     22020
     gacaacaaaa cggtttgttc tttaagatta tctctcttgc tccctggttt cttctttgtg     22080
     tattaggttt ttccctctct actctggcgt gtactttggt cattcttgtt tagctcattt     22140
     tttgtgcagt tatgtttgtg agattttatg gatgtagtat ctgacattcc caggagactc     22200
     agtctcacca caaagaccct catccccttg tctttgcagc ctttctgccc attttgatat     22260
     tctgcattgt tggggctttc cttggttcat ttatctaaaa ccacacgaac gacaattctg     22320
     taatccttct tgttcaggct ccataattct ggatttatag agataaggca tagttcttga     22380
     tgttatcgct attgttaagt aaagaaaatt gttctaaaat ataaatttcc aatgtaagta     22440
     ataaagattt aatgactact agaattgtag ctacttatta agacctgtta ttgaagaaat     22500
     ggggaacaac agtagaaagc atgccactta ctgtagctcg tgtgcctgca cagactggaa     22560
     ttaaatattg aggaaagatt gcaaaattta aggtagaaag ttcttcactt atttcaaata     22620
     ctggtaaaat atgttatact tcaaaataac tatggaaagt atcagtatcc taaaaaatcc     22680
     cgtacaatga tatttttctt tcattcttat aaaatatttt ctcacacaat ataccctgat     22740
     tacagatccc ctccctttat tccccaccca cattcataac aacaaagtgt agcaaaattc     22800
     tatataataa ttttttaaaa tcacacagaa gttggacaag gcaaaccaac agagtgaaaa     22860
     caaccccttt atacgtgtgg acatttaaga attagggtgc tactaaccaa atacatattt     22920
     ggacatgcaa tactagatgc atacccctac agtttagatt aacacaaaaa atgcttaaaa     22980
     gggatgatga gatagctcaa tgtgtaaagt tgatttctgt caggcctagt gactgtggtt     23040
     cctgcaacca aattggtaaa actggagatc caaatccagt aagtactact ttgactgcca     23100
     tgtgttcagt gacttacttg cataagctca tataggtaca catataaaca cagcacacac     23160
     acacacacac acacacacac caattatgaa tattttatac acatgcccaa aagaatatca     23220
     tgaagtaaaa tatgagcaac tttttaaagg ggtggagtgg tattttattt tacagactat     23280
     agtttatcat ccagcaaata gaatgaaaga ctcaaagcag aaattggagc agaggctata     23340
     gaggagcatt gcatagtgtc ttcctctgtc acggattgct caacctgatt tttcacagca     23400
     tctaagacca ccagtcctca ggtggcacaa cccacagtag actgaaccct cctacatcaa     23460
     tcttcaacaa tcaacaacca caacaacaac aaaaatgcat caatacagat ttgtctacag     23520
     gccattctgg tggggacacc ttttaaaatg aggtcctctc ttccaaaatg actccagctt     23580
     gggtcaagtt tacagaacac tagctagcac agttgacacc tctttcattt gacacaaaaa     23640
     tatctaagtg ttaaatgata acctttccat tttaactgac ccagatctta taataatatt     23700
     gatgcaacat tataaaatag tccatctttt aaaacaccaa tactttacaa aatttcaaat     23760
     attataaaag ctttaaaaag tatcataata taaataatat aaatatataa atatcataat     23820
     ttaataatat gatatgataa tgattccatt cttcaaaccc acatagaaaa tgggcaaaca     23880
     gaaaaattat tatttttatt agattattta tgtatttaca tttcaagtat tatccactct     23940
     cctggtttct cctccaaacc acctcctcct accatgtccc cctgtttcaa tgtggatgca     24000
     gaccttacac ctatctactt ccacctcatt gccctgacat tctcctacac tggggattca     24060
     agccttcaca ggaccaaggg cctctactcc tatttgtgcc aaacaatgtc atcttctgct     24120
     acatatgtgg ctggagccat gggtcccttt atatgtaatc tttggttggt ggtttagtcc     24180
     ctaggagctc tggtgaaaca acaatatcaa ccaagaagga ataaaattac tcttgattcc     24240
     atactaatct tttccttgtg tatctataat tagtaaagga atttctttat agtatatatc     24300
     tatatcaccc tattagtata tatatgtttc caaatccata tacactctat atctctatct     24360
     ctacatctat aaaatctctc tattatggaa tgaaacaaca acccaattta tattcttaaa     24420
     gttcttttca gtgaataagc actgtcataa cttttataca ttgaaattta atgacttata     24480
     tgacttatat ttttaaactg cctcttttaa agaacagtga aagcaaaaca atttctagta     24540
     gtaagtattt tggactatat tcccagtaaa ttttagaact atcccctgat atttttgaca     24600
     tttcttaagt tgtgttatat tttatgttta ttttcaccac tatatttgtt attctttctg     24660
     taaaaagttg ttagtatcac tagcttgcca caattttggt tttactagat gtgtttattc     24720
     ccaggagaat ctaaggataa aaaagaatct tttgtaaaaa cagagtaaag cttttaatta     24780
     tagtaataaa atattatatc aacatatcta ttcctcttgc actttttatt ataaaacaca     24840
     tgacaataaa tttacttact gttgatttta tgcagtgtta tactatttag aaataaaact     24900
     taaattgcca ctctctgaca gttctctata tttatctata tctatgtatt tatctctatc     24960
     tctatctcta tcactatctt tatctctatc aattgatcga tagataggtg tttgtggtgg     25020
     ttaatttttt attagaaatt ttctttattt acatttcaaa tgttatcccc tttcctagtt     25080
     tcccctctga aaaaccccta ccccctcccc acttcccctg acctccaacc caccaactcc     25140
     cattcccagt cctggccttc ccctatactg gggcatagaa acttcacagg tcctagggcc     25200
     tctcctccca tttatgaccg tctagcccat gtggtggtta attttatggt aacttgatac     25260
     aagctaaagc tgtctgagag aagggaacct taattaacaa aatatctcca taacatatgc     25320
     ctataggcaa gcctttaggt tatttcttat aattagtaat tgattggaaa ggaaccaacc     25380
     cattgtggtt ggggcccacc ctatgtagtg gttctgagtt ctataagaaa tcaggttgag     25440
     catgcaatga ggagcaagcc agtgatcagc gttcctttct ggcttctaca tgagcgtctg     25500
     cctccaagtt cctgtgcttt ttgagtagca gtcctgaaat ccttcgagga tgaactgtga     25560
     tacagaagtg taagataaat aaacacgttc cttttttggt cttggtgttt tattacaatg     25620
     ctctaaatct ctgtcattta gacatatatg tatggcaata aaagttggct tgaaaacatt     25680
     atgattttta tttaggaaaa gcttatcaat atcttatact atgtccaagt ttgaaaatga     25740
     agtagattgc aaatttttaa aatccagtat ttattctact gctaatttaa gcttcttata     25800
     gagaaatcat gccataagat tttgcatatg ttcagcaatt catttcagta tagtaatata     25860
     ttcatgaaaa ttttcttgaa acattaaggt agaaatgtaa attactgcca caaagtgctt     25920
     agttcataga gaattaaggg aactacaaag gtatcattct taactggact caaaaattga     25980
     ctctttccta tccttgtatt caaaaagtgc aaggcaggag gagtatcatg agtttaaggg     26040
     cacagtggac tatacgaaaa gtgccagata gcccaggaca ctatgttaag atcctttcat     26100
     gaacaacaga tatgtagcaa aaatggaaat aattttttct tgtgattatg aaaattaata     26160
     ctttcagatg taaaagtttt acgaatgaca atggttaaaa gtaaaactat gttaaatact     26220
     caacacaata tctggaaatt aggacaggct gatacatgag tggcaggtat ttaatgaggc     26280
     cttaaaaaca gcttattgta gcaagctgtt tttgaattct taggagtgaa caataaagca     26340
     gttttgcctt gggagaagca caaatttgat ctttggagtc ataccctcaa gtgttaataa     26400
     ataatcctta gattattcat aaaatattaa gcattataac acaaaaacta taatgttgtc     26460
     aaatacttca aaataactac tgtggtttac tcagtaagct attgtcttct caaaataaaa     26520
     cataatatat agtgaaaagc cctaaggtca tccattcata tccaatctca ttaagtccta     26580
     aaaagcatat tgtttgcaat aggttgatca acaaaataaa ttgagacagt agcaaaagat     26640
     attttaaaag attggatcta tgactctaca tgaatataaa cattcaaaaa tgttaatgga     26700
     aagcaatatt cttcacagca gactgataag taaaaataaa aatgattaaa gtagaaaaat     26760
     cttcatttga caatcaccac agaaataatt tactcaaact tcaatagatg tcactgatct     26820
     gtaaaatttg tatgagctct ggaatatttt gatagtctca aaacaccttt ctgcagaatt     26880
     cttattaatt ataaaaggaa aaccctaata ttagagaaca cacgcacata tacttagcag     26940
     tgatcaaagt ttacattccc agcaatatga tagattgaca agcaatgaaa acacaacagc     27000
     acttccatga aattcctgcc aaaacacata ccacaaatct catcatgaga atgcatcaca     27060
     cacaaaatga ggaatgtttt acaaaatagt tggcatatgc ttgggaaaaa ttttcagata     27120
     atgctgatga aagaaaaaat taaagagcta tttcgaagtg aataactcca aagacacatg     27180
     acgatcaata gaagtagcca attaacatta gattttattt ttactcttta acacctaacc     27240
     aatggacaga aagaagcctc tgacccctgt gattgaatta gggaaaagct gcaagaagct     27300
     gaggaggagg gagacccgta agaggaccag cagtatcaat taatctggac cccagagatg     27360
     tctcagacac tggaacacca atcgagtagc ataaacgagc tgatatgagg cccccaacac     27420
     atatacagca gaggagtgct gtatctgggt tctgtcagag ataatgcacc taacccttaa     27480
     atgaatgaag gcattaggga gtagagaggt ctggtggggt gagggggtgg aagatgggga     27540
     catcctggtg gaaacagggt cctgggcagg aaatatggga taggaacact cagagggtag     27600
     accaggaggg gggtaaaatc tggagtgtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagattat atacatatat     27660
     agtttttggt tctcatttcc tcttattatg tcattcattt ctgttgagac tcttgttttg     27720
     ttttggtttt atttgttttg ggttttttgt ttgtttgttt gttcgtttgt ttgtttgttt     27780
     ttgagttttt gagatagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct ctactagaac tcactctgta     27840
     gtgaggctag cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctctaccatg caagtgctag     27900
     aattaaaggc atgtgccacc actgcctggc ctcctgtttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt     27960
     gttttgtttt gttttgtttt ttgatttttt tttcagctag accctactat tttttaaact     28020
     ttttattgat ttttttgtga tttttacatc atgcactcaa tcccactaat ctttatgtcc     28080
     cttcatatct gcttttcact tttgcacccc actcaaaata aaacaaaatt taaaaataaa     28140
     taaataaata aaaataataa acattttgcc ttcagggcta tagtacatca tgaaatgcca     28200
     tacaatatag ctattttctg tacagtgatt tttggaatct ttcattgctc tgagtcattg     28260
     atgtgaatgg aggccactga cttctgctac actctcaaaa ctggatgtta gctgcaatgt     28320
     atctcagata tcctgatgct gacctgtgcc acagagatcc tgtaggtttg aatctgtagg     28380
     accagcactt caacagttca taaatgagtt gactgttggg ataggccctc tcagaagcct     28440
     ccatctgggc cagggtagaa gcagagtttg tcatcccatc agagctctgg aactctaggt     28500
     ccagctcgac tgtgctaccc aggtaaggtg tggcctgctc tcctaagtga tgcagcccat     28560
     gagacacatg gacagctctc cttcttctgg agtcagcttt cacaaggcaa tgtcaccaga     28620
     ccctggtctc ccacacttcc gagacatggg tcatagccag atctcttgaa tatggtgaca     28680
     gtgagagaca aggccagctc agcatagtgc ttagacatca acatagcctc aggagacagc     28740
     cccaaccagg gaaacccaca tgcccatcca tggcaacagg gatctaggac atgaacactg     28800
     atcctagctg taatagaacc acagactatc catggccctc aggggcagca tgagcctgta     28860
     ggtcaccatg gctttagata gcagcatggc cacatagatc agtatgttcc ctggaagcag     28920
     tatagccctc agacatccat gtggtctcag ttggcagtcc ataccactgc catccgtatg     28980
     acctttggtg gtaactcgag tcaaaaatgt tgacatagac ccagcttcaa taagactaca     29040
     gaccaagaca tagccctaag tggcagcatg gcccggacat cactatgacc cccaaatggt     29100
     tgcacaatct ccttatagct gcctgttcct caccctagtt ccacctctcc agttccatct     29160
     cttttcatca tgcaaaaact gctaggcatt tgttttcttt tgtttgtttt ttatttgttt     29220
     ggtttttttt ttgtttgttt tttgtttttt gtttttttat cttgcccatc actttgccag     29280
     ctctgctttc cttcctatct cactatcata tatttgctta tggttttgtt acttcctaca     29340
     gggctcagac agggcctttg gtatctctgt cttccaggat cctctggaca ctggacctgg     29400
     gataatcact tagatgtcta atctttgata ttttgatgtc tatttttact acctcaccta     29460
     gtattattat gtttgctaac atgagtgtga ctaagggctt atttaatgga atttggataa     29520
     tatataagag gctacatcaa gaaagtacat gaaactcttt cttcaaacat gtattaccta     29580
     cttattgtcc ctctagccag aggttggata gaaatcttat gaaaccatgt gatgtgaaaa     29640
     aaatcatggc tttttttaat tcatgaatcc tttaagatat ccttaccagc aggagacctg     29700
     cagttgaatg gactctcaaa tacttttaat gtataagcaa gggacttaga taagagtttt     29760
     gaagttaatg ttgatacaga aggaaaaata aaataagatg tcctgttaaa aagctttggc     29820
     agcgcttagt gctattaatt ttcttcttaa catcactttc attgtgtcct ataagtttgg     29880
     atgccgaagt ccctcttggg aaggagaaga aagcaaccac agggggaaat ggtgaggaac     29940
     ctggtaggga acgggaatgg tgtgggacat gggaacatga tctggtattg ggttggggaa     30000
     aacgactgaa gccctgaagg ctagtggaag gaatggacac aggcaaccta ggaaggtagg     30060
     aggttggagg acccttcaga atgtaccaga tacctcggag gtgagaaact ctcaggactc     30120
     aaagggaagg accatatatg aaatgcagga cagtagggag agaaatttta tgtaatctat     30180
     ctccaattga aagacagggc ctcaagtgag ggatggggtt gtcatcccag tcaaaattct     30240
     gacccataat tgtttctttc tgaaagaact gcaaggatga aaattgagag gagcctgagg     30300
     aaaagaaggt ccactgacag gcccaaagtg ggatccagct caaggggagg tcctaagact     30360
     tgagactagt actgaggcta tggagcactc accaaaaagg acctatcatg actgccctct     30420
     gaaaaaccca acaagcagct gagttagatg cagatatttg cacccaacca gtggacagaa     30480
     actgatgacc cttgtggttg aattaggaga aagctgaaag aagctgaaga ggagggagat     30540
     cctttaggag gagcagctgt ctcaattaac ctcgaccccc aaatctctca gacactgtac     30600
     tagccaggca gcacacacca gatggtatga ggcccccaac acatatacag cagaggactg     30660
     ccagattcgt gtttaatcag agatgatgca cctaaccctc aagagactgg aggccccagg     30720
     gtgtttaggg gtctggtggg ggggggagga gtagacatcc tcttggatac ggggaggggg     30780
     ggtaggttta aggaggtatg ggatgtggag tggttggagg ttggactggg cgggaaagaa     30840
     aatctagagt tttaaagaaa gaaaaaaaat tttaaaaaga aactaactga aactattgtt     30900
     cactatgtcc aatttctgtt ttggaacttt tgaatgaaat taaacaagta aagtgttaat     30960
     cgctgtgaaa ataattacat ctttatatta ctaaaacaaa tgcagagtta ttgtacaata     31020
     agtaatggtt aatcaatttt gagtacatat acaacattga ttttattgat atagactaaa     31080
     tatacattct aggaaaatac aattatcatt cttaaaatct tcaagcatgt ctattatata     31140
     taagaatgtt ttcaggaaat atataattgt tttcaggaaa agtaatttgt atcattaaat     31200
     ataataaact caggagatgt atggatttca tcgttaactg taattttaag acaatttcag     31260
     ttaaaatttt tgtacatttt tatttgttta tttggttttg ttttgaagtt aatgtgagaa     31320
     ccttccaagt taatttttct gttaaatgca gatatacttt ccaggtcttt agtgatacaa     31380
     tgttgaagag atttgattcc tttagtaact ttgccatcac tttttatcat cctgtgttaa     31440
     taaaatgtgt tcctttgcca ggaaaaaaaa acagctttgg aggatgcttt acattgttct     31500
     tggaattttt caccaaattt gaaattacat agagataata taatgtactg gtaatactat     31560
     ttatttataa aacgactctg agcctataga gaagacatta ttaaaataaa tgttaataaa     31620
     aattaggaag gagaattact tgctcaatat tttgttaacc acactttagt tctaatataa     31680
     agtaaatgtc agatttcata actataatca aagacatact tgttaaatgt ataatacatg     31740
     tttctatgaa ttatcacaca tctggtaaat caagaaaaat atatgaaata ctactctttc     31800
     aataattttt aataaacaat aatctctaca atattaacaa aacatgccta ttaaacataa     31860
     aacctacttt ggtttttttc ctttaaaatt attatgcctt caaacagcag ccaagcaatt     31920
     attgataatc acaacatcat tatattcatg attgtatttt gtcacagtaa aatcagagtt     31980
     taagatttgt gtgaccaatt gttattattc caatttggtt gctgagaaaa atgaattatt     32040
     aatacaaact taaaatatct tttttcagat acttaagaat ctcttcccca tatttagaac     32100
     aaatcagcac ttatcacctt gaagattata tgaaataata agcaattttt atattatttg     32160
     aataattgcc ttattatgca atattttgtc atgctttttt tcatagataa caatttttaa     32220
     aatatttaga tcaccagaca ggcaacaaaa tgaccactaa acaacctgaa tgatgtgttc     32280
     attcaaatga ggtacagtta gcaagaaagt ttggtctttt tagttcatgt tttcaatttc     32340
     ctgaaaagaa aatgtgatta tgtctgatat acaaaaacac ctgagttctg tatacatgtt     32400
     tatttcaaga ttaagtgtat gtgtgaagtt atttagatac taccattgcc ttgtgcattc     32460
     taccaaaaat tataactaat ggtcatgcaa caatttactt ttaataatat attctgcccc     32520
     attcttttga aaatttaaga ctaatattgg tcaaggggat tttacaatcc caaatccttg     32580
     ctattagttc attctgtttt gaaaccatgt attgtaaaca aatatgaggt ccttatttaa     32640
     agaatatttc caatatgaac tctgacaaat agtttgtatt acactaagaa tccatgttca     32700
     gttacaaagt ggatttctgt ggtaggcaaa attagaacta gactatgtta ttagctcttc     32760
     tccaaagaat tgataaaatt cagaccacag ttaagcatgt ggtggaaggt taccagttcc     32820
     tagcaaggaa atgtgagcca aagtgataca gtttctttcc tgaattgtcc ccaagataac     32880
     atacacattt atcaatttat ccttggtttt aattacagga ggcagaagac taaaggcatg     32940
     gtatcaaaat tctgtatctt cacaaagcca acaaatggga ggagttttct ttcataattc     33000
     atatgttgaa gaagagagat ctaggagaat tctcactcat tgaataaaac taaccttcaa     33060
     caacattaat ccacagaaat taggtccttt tcattctaag agctcaccta tttgactaac     33120
     ataatatttt actaaataat aagttatcta aatacaagta attattcatt atttatctag     33180
     aagtaggttt ggttttctaa gttttatata aaaaaatcca aaacacgata taaaatcatt     33240
     ttcagtctat actaatataa gctgtttaat tgtagtgcct caattttata ttaaggaaag     33300
     catgaatatt taagttcaaa aggctaaata atatttctag atataaaata acaatttaag     33360
     tatataagaa ttgctataag agttgacacc tccttaatta attgactctc acgagaatga     33420
     tctaagatgt cttttctgaa tggcagacat agtatgagca aggtaattta cagagagaag     33480
     agtctggtcg gatcatagta ccagaaagat gagttcacca tggtgcctca gcacacaatc     33540
     aagtagcaat catgataaca ggagggggaa catgagagtt cacaactcac acacaagata     33600
     aacacatatg gagaggaaac tcgatctcag acagtcgaga caaaacttga tctcagtctg     33660
     caaccctatc ggtggaacaa cattatgaac taaccagtac cccagagctc ttgactctag     33720
     ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtcg gccatcactg gaaagagagg cccattggtc     33780
     aggaaaactt tatatgcccc agtacaggga aagccagggc caaaaaatgg gaatggtggg     33840
     taggggagtg gggggggggg gctttgagat agcattggaa atgtaattga ggaaaatacg     33900
     taataaaaaa aattttttta aaaaacttgt ttttttttcc attttttatt aggtatttag     33960
     ctcgtttaca tttccaatgc tataccaaaa gtaccccata cccacccacc cccactcccc     34020
     tacccaccca ctcccccttt ttggccctgg cgttcccctg tactggggca tataaagttt     34080
     gcaagtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtga tggccgacta ggccatcttt tgatacatat     34140
     gcagctagag tcaagagctt cggggtactg gttagttcat aatgttgttc cacctatagg     34200
     gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttggctact ttctctagct cctccattgg gagccctgtg     34260
     atccatccat tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc gggcatagtc     34320
     tcacaagaga cagctacatc tgggtccttt caataaaatc ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt     34380
     gtcagcgttt ggatgctgat tatggggtgg atccctggat atggcagtct ctacatggtc     34440
     catcctttca tctcagctcc aaactttgtc tctgtaactc cttccatggg tgttttgttc     34500
     ccaattctaa ggaggggcgt agtgtccaca cttcagtctt cattcttctt gagtttcatg     34560
     tgtttagcaa attgtatctt atatcttggg tatcctaggt ttggggctaa tatccactta     34620
     tcagtgagtg catattgtgt gagttccttt gtgaatgtgt tacctcactc aggatgatgc     34680
     cctccaggtc catccatttg gctaggaatt tcataaattc attcttttta atcgctgagt     34740
     agtactccat tgtgtagatg taccacattt tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt gaggggcatc     34800
     tgggttcttt ccagcttccg gctattataa ataaggctgc tatgaacata gtggagcatg     34860
     tgtccttctt accagttggg gcatcttctg gttatatgcc caggagaggt attgctggat     34920
     cctccggtag tactatgtcc aattttctga ggaaccgcca gactgatttc cagagtggtt     34980
     gtacaagcct gcaatcccac caacaatgga ggagtgttcc tctttctcca catccacgcc     35040
     agcatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttgatct tagccattct gactggtgtg aggtggaatc     35100
     tcagggttgt tttgatttgc atttccctga tgattaagga tgttgaacat tttttcaggt     35160
     ggaaacataa cttgtggagt ccttcctgct agtggaactt ttccactatt caaatgtaga     35220
     aagggagata cctattatct ccaatcccct gatctatgtc aggacaaacc tttcaggcaa     35280
     cactaaattt tattgtgctc tttatatcct tttaaatgat tattcattta tttatttatt     35340
     tatttatggt tggatatttt ctttatttac atttaaaatg ttttcctctt tgcaggtctc     35400
     ccctttggaa accttctatc ccatcctcct tcaccctgcc tctatgaggg tgctccccta     35460
     cccacccact cccatccccc cttactggaa ttcccctaca ctggggcatc gaacaccctc     35520
     aggcccaagg gcctctcctc ccactgatgc caacaaggcc attttctgcc acatatgtgg     35580
     ccagtgccat ggattgctcc atgtgtaaat tgtacatttt gtctttcatt ctgcccacat     35640
     gctctatttc attgttgacc attataagat atgagagtcc ttagcagtac caacttcaca     35700
     gattcagtat tatatccctt tgaaatttcc tcgaacacaa agctagtcct tttttttttt     35760
     tttttttttt ttttttggaa tttatcccca ggtaagttct caggaggtgg acagaaaaag     35820
     atcacattct tttcaaaata gcataggaaa ggcctatatc agagttcagg ggctaatgtt     35880
     ggtccattct gcaaactctt gatttaggct ccattttctg ccctattgcc aactcgattg     35940
     cctttgaggg tcatattgca atggcacatt aagcttctta tagcatttaa ccatgtttcc     36000
     aagtcaatat ttcagataca gtcatatttc ctcaaaacaa aacaagacaa aatcatacaa     36060
     ataaacgtgg taactttttt ttcctactgt taggttgtac aaacactttt attaacaatt     36120
     tcttagttgt tatgacaaag cagtaggatc aaggcagctt atagaagaaa gagtttattt     36180
     gggcttatct gtcaggcaaa aggagagtct accatggtga ggaggtattg catggagtag     36240
     tggacatggc agcagaaaca gcgagctatg agctcatatc tcaaacacaa gcacaaatca     36300
     gagactagga gttggggaga tggaaagaac ttcaagtatt taaacttgca gcacttaccc     36360
     tcaataatag acttcttcca aaaaaagatc acttccagtt ttagctctta aacctctgca     36420
     aacactgcca gcaagtggga aagaagtgtt taaatatctg aaactatggg ggacagttct     36480
     cattcaagtt accatagttt cttacaggga tgctttattt atcactctac catcttccct     36540
     atgaagccca ggctcacaga gccaggaatg acacagtctt tagtgatctg agcattcctg     36600
     agtcagttac caatcaagaa aatatctcac aggtcatagt gatggaagca cttcctcagt     36660
     tcagattccc tcttcccact gtgtgaactt gatacacaac tgcaaccagc actgtcttat     36720
     agagaacata tttcctagga atccttcctc agcctatcac ctaggggatt attgatcttt     36780
     aataacacgg ggatggtttc tgtaaagtta tgtgaaaaca gtcccccttg tctccttaac     36840
     ccaaacccat tctatcttcc catggcactg ccatagtcca tactgttctc acggatctta     36900
     gccttgttcc tctaagttac ttctggcttg tcccctctaa acgatagcaa actttatatt     36960
     gtataattac tgaatgaata gcttatttcc ccctaatcga aggaaacagg atcctaagtt     37020
     cattcttccg catgtgcttt aaaataatac tgaagcaagc acaagctagc agaaatgtcc     37080
     aatgccatga gcagcaatga tacatcttag cttttatccc ccatgctcaa tgctgtgagg     37140
     tcatggttta taatctaata caggggacaa aatgagagca attagaaagc tggcctcagc     37200
     tgccagttcc aacaatcaat ggtcccactc acctcactca aaatgctgct tcagcctggc     37260
     tagggaagaa tggtgatctc actgtacctt taaggattca cagaaaacag tgccgtcgac     37320
     tgaatcaata aatcaatagg gatgagcaca tcattcagct ggttccaagc ttaaatctgt     37380
     ctcctattaa tgttttaaga attgaatgtg aagtttatga atacaggtta tatgtcaaat     37440
     gcagctttaa gagaagggct tctagagatt ttcttctttg agatttgcag aaaatcagta     37500
     agagacagtc ctttctcagt tattttatta gggaaggggg aagagatata gaaatgggag     37560
     agagaaagga aaaatgtatc ttgatgaata aaacttcaaa atgtctttga gattaaatga     37620
     aaagaattgt gtctttcaat taagaattaa ttcactttga tgcatagaag ttattgaagt     37680
     tattcattct cattcaattt cactttaaga ctaacattag ttttctattg ctactctttc     37740
     tatatttaca atatttatta gctatttaac cctattatat ccaattattt gaacattaag     37800
     ttcactgttt ttttaaaaat attttcagta tttgtgatgg aagggatttg gcttcttgga     37860
     tgaaaaactc caaagtataa gagggtaata tatttgaata aaatgtaaaa taaataaata     37920
     aataaataaa taagatgcta ctcttgtttt gtttctaggt taaaaataaa caaaagaaat     37980
     aacttaagtt ttatatttat ttttcaaatt ttccagaaat tgtgtgtcgg gagccataat     38040
     gggacaagct aataactagc aataacaagc taatactgaa gtggcctgcc tcagattatt     38100
     atataatctg caacaggtga gcctaaatta agcaaggctt tgaggaacta attttaggaa     38160
     agattactgc tattaatatg cttttcctgt tatttttaaa catatataag aatcactaag     38220
     tagaagtaca ccccctttga agtagatctc tgcagatcca tgaatatgta ctatcttgta     38280
     gtgatgctat atagacaaat ggatgattca agcttaatga tgatcctata agaatgccta     38340
     aaattatatc tgtgattact aagctctttt ataatgggac tgctattaag tccttttctg     38400
     gtagtcaaag ctgcaataag ggctctgcca gtctcctaag tgacaccagt taattgctct     38460
     tagatggtaa ccagactttc tcctactcag agaacattcc aaaaggttgt aaaacaatta     38520
     accaaaggtt attaaaatac aactaacaat ttattatagg tgctaggaca gaagataaaa     38580
     tactgactgg gtttatctat acaaaacttc actaataact tagttatggt tttaaacctt     38640
     cagtgaacct gtggagctga gacaggtgat ggatgtttag tcagataatt actcctaatg     38700
     gatatgcatg taaacattca ccgttgtaaa cttctatttc aatttatgat ttgatttttt     38760
     gtgtgaactt gcgatgaact ttgtaacacg tgatcatgta ttcctagtga tgtttaagag     38820
     cggaggacag agaagagtca gaactgaagg actagggtga aaggaacgga ggtgaaaaga     38880
     actgagctga gagtggaact gacctgagga gaagttttta gacagagcat tttttagatt     38940
     agaaggagaa tgcagagtgg agtaactttg aaattatagg taacataaga tactaagaca     39000
     gcattgtgca gaatgcagag ggaaagaaga aaaaaagatg tcgcagagaa cagaaggagc     39060
     aggcaggctt ctccttacca tgggacagaa gagggacaag gcaggcttca tcttattaaa     39120
     agaaacaaag cttttttttt ttttttctta caaacatggg tttaattcat ttacaattaa     39180
     aaaggtagaa gctttttctt tctctatgta ataaagattg gagtgcattt tttcatccag     39240
     aatgagtgag ttctttctgc accagtgctt ggtcttttgc tccttatgca tatgtaagta     39300
     ttggtgtgta tatgagtatg taaatgggag aatgtatgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg     39360
     cgtgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtaag     39420
     tatgtaattg tgagaatgca tgcaagctgg gcccaactgg gtttgaatga aaatgaataa     39480
     atgagcatga aagaagctga atatgaattt atttgagatt atacatattt gcttatgtaa     39540
     aagttttttc ttctgcaagt gttattctct tctcctggtt caatagaagt ttattgctct     39600
     aaacttcctc ctagcccaac aagcaagagg cagctggaca atagggagaa ggctctagca     39660
     attattcctt tatttaatct ccagctgttt taggatgaga tgctaagtgc cagagactgc     39720
     agctttctgg cctcacagga tcacagacgg caggtcagct acaatagcat agtaacttag     39780
     acttagaaaa gtaaactgcc ttattagaca gcagccttat ttcttgtaag actaagtctt     39840
     accagagaaa tttgtaagac aaagtcttac cctccttcta tgctcttcct cctcaagaag     39900
     aactgaatag aaagaagaat gaccacacac tagggctggc cccaacaatt gtgacttaaa     39960
     catctaatgg aattgatttg tgatcctctc tatctcactt tcttttacct atcatccttg     40020
     ttctgatttt taaaatgtga cttacttgag aaatatcttc aactatcctc attttttcat     40080
     tcaattattg atttttcaat gtcttttgta tacatacata catacataca catacagaag     40140
     tcccataggg ctctgaagga ttcgttactg atgtgtatat gtgtacgtac atgtgtatat     40200
     gtatacatat aaatatataa aaataatgta ttatccataa tttacaaata atcaatatgt     40260
     aaaatacatt atatattatt attaatacac atacacacat atatatgtat taatatatat     40320
     taataaagga gtcttgccag aaatactgtg aagtacacac acacacacaa attctctccc     40380
     tctccctctc tctctctatc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg     40440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtaataatc ccatactgat tcctcagggg aaactaaact     40500
     ttctagtgtg gaactgaaga gttatcacaa acacttgatt tttaccagtt agtgaggtat     40560
     cttagtaaaa caaataagtt aggttgaaag aagaaaggca gttagcatcc taatttcagc     40620
     actttttgag taagtatatt cttcttttat ataatgacaa attagctatt acctcttaag     40680
     tgtacatgta aataatagaa ctcaagatga atacataagg aaaaccagaa aaaaatcacc     40740
     aattattcca caggttagat atacatggga agtcaaaaac atacttatga tttagaagag     40800
     caagggaatc ttcattataa aatttacact gaaatcatct tagttcttta tagaattaaa     40860
     attgattgtc atcatcattt gaagataaat actccatatc tagtggtaaa acagtttccc     40920
     tctgtttagt tataacacac actaaagagg aaggacttcc aatgcttcta agttacatga     40980
     attctactga aaggtattac tctatattcc cgagaaaaag gctctggggt agcattaaag     41040
     acattgactg aacaataaac acctctccct ggacaagatc acatgatttc agttactcca     41100
     tattactaaa gataatgttt taaaaattct tgctaaaaga gtggcaataa atatagagaa     41160
     ttatcaatta tatccaaata attataactt gaaataagca tataagctat gaaataatac     41220
     cataaatgaa atctatgcat acattaagga gatgttgtaa tattgagatg taactttgcc     41280
     taatatgttc attaaattaa ctattgaagt ccctgtttat tttctaatga aagtcactat     41340
     gaagcgatat cattactcat ttatttcact aaaatcattt tctttctatt ggataaggta     41400
     taaagaaacc tcttgagaag attataatga atttatattg gcaaatttca tactccataa     41460
     atattttagc gagaaattaa gatgaagagc aataaaaatc agagtgtata tattatttag     41520
     cttgtgtata tcatctctct ccatctcccc tctctttccc tacaaacaca tgagtgcaca     41580
     tacgcacatg tgcaaacaca cacacacaga tttcttttct tctcatcttt tttatgcatc     41640
     ctttctggct atcatgaagt aaacagctgt gacccacaac attctcccca tataagtatt     41700
     tattcttgct ttgtgcagca aaccaataaa gttggctcac cagaaatcaa tgaagccatg     41760
     aaccaattca aaccttaaaa tgtttcagta aatgttttgc ggtatcatca gccttatcat     41820
     caaacaaaat actattacaa aattaaaaaa aaaagacaga taaaaaattg aaccagtaat     41880
     ggacatctac tgtcccacac aatgtatgct tctgtaatta taaaaggaaa gttggttaaa     41940
     agccactgac aggtgctaga cgatctcagc atatttactt ttcgcaggtg cacagacaca     42000
     aacatgaatg acaagcagaa ccctgcctct gagacatctt gattttgaaa tactatttca     42060
     tgaaatacaa accatttcat atttcattgt caattctatc aaactcagga acttgatttg     42120
     ataatttcag gtgtaaaata ttattttttt actcttttta gaatgactgt tattactgtt     42180
     gatgtatatt cacaagccac tgtgaacata actgatgtac acaactcaat aagggtagct     42240
     ttgcttttgt tccatacaat tgagtccata cttctacagc ttcacttgct tgtattgaac     42300
     atccaaagtg agaaaatatg acatggtgac ggagaaaaac atttgtatca cagaagacaa     42360
     aattcagaaa gcagagcaga aactagggga gatataactt tcaaaagaca gactttattg     42420
     atctattact gccctgtggt tcctaattcc taaagaatac gcatcttccc caaatagtgc     42480
     caccagataa ggaaaagtag tcaaaccaat tcaaattaca accacaaact caaggtcatc     42540
     gcctaataga aagtgcattt agtccatttt aagtgcattt tagtcctcat agtctgaata     42600
     tgaaagtcgt tcaaaagggc agagttaaaa ttcctttgag actcaaagaa atccttagct     42660
     gggaggctgt ataaaatcag aaggaaagtt gcataagacc attacagaat tgcacaggat     42720
     atttccattg cagagggaaa gaatgtgaac ttagcaaggt gaactgggag agagagagag     42780
     agagagggag agagagagaa atttttaatt ctatagctaa tcttgctttt agggagtatg     42840
     gttgcatcat ctactctctg acagatcatc ccaagccttg tgtccatgac actggcagca     42900
     gcagcagcat aaatgtcttc tgtttggact gtttccacta attgatttca ggttgactcc     42960
     agttcctggc atttccaaaa gcctgagatt tgatagctac ttaggcatct ccaatatatt     43020
     ttcacacatc aatcagccta ccattggctc actgcaacta gtgttaacct cttacacatc     43080
     acctggtctc ctaggacgtc cttgtcctca ggattcaagg attcatgctt ctaagtacct     43140
     ggcctctgat tctagaaaaa tactttccta gatagtcctt aaggagtagt gaatactggg     43200
     acattttctt catatgacgt atctgaagcc tataatgggt ttggcttcaa attcttgaaa     43260
     taaaatgttg gagatatttc agatgctttt ttttatgtta ttattatgat tcatagaaat     43320
     ttaacactta tctaaaatct taataatatt gctcctttaa agtattattt gagattcata     43380
     tctatcctgt gttttcttct aatattgttc ttttgttgct ttttaacagt ggggatatat     43440
     cagaatttaa attaaaataa aactgtaatt atgtacattg taaatgtatt tcccaacaac     43500
     attttagaac aaaatgtatg cagaacacca aacaagagtt aaagtaatag atatgcttat     43560
     gcaactagtc cttcaaactt attacagttc ctgagtgtat taaaaggaaa aaaatctaag     43620
     ccagttttac attgttcact catcttattt cctttccatc cgtttattag ttttctctcc     43680
     ccatgtgaga tcatcttttg ttaaattggt cagattaatc tatggtttct gtattattca     43740
     gcattctcga gaggaacaga aagaaaaaaa ttagatgata cataaagggt gagctgggga     43800
     taaatggatt ggctaccaat gacgtggctc ccatgatgtc agtggttgaa aagccttgac     43860
     ttagcgtacc tcgtggtgtg gttctagtct gatccaggag actcagtaat gcagctacag     43920
     tctgactgag agtctgacac tagatataaa tatcagctca gaaactatat actgcgatat     43980
     atacttatat acaaaaggtg agtaaagcac acacagatat acacacatac acctatacat     44040
     ttatatatca tttttaaaat ttttaatctt ttttttctta ttcagccttt tcttgtctct     44100
     tggctttcaa cagagtgaaa gaagactttc catattcaat aagataatgt acttttatga     44160
     gattgcagat ttacatggaa atctcttcca aataatgaat actctcacac tcaacaaata     44220
     tatccttaac caaacaccag caccctgtgg acaagccatg taaaaaggac taaccatcat     44280
     actttacaca aataatgagg cttgcgtttt cctggaagaa cactgaataa caaaactcaa     44340
     gccatcctgg caggtattta atttaatggc atttgtgcac tcaggtactt ggtattcatt     44400
     cagtgggaaa aatgataaac tgtataatat atagctaaat taagcatgat attgtctatc     44460
     tctacataac agaattccac agtataaata tcctgaattc tcttaaaaat aggttatgat     44520
     aattataatt actttattac ctctttctaa aaacatacct aacttagtat taaattccac     44580
     atgacatatc aatgaatact tagcacctat tctgatccct gacattgtta tgatatttac     44640
     atattttgcc tagatgaaga aatggctttc aagagacttg tatattgtta caaattttct     44700
     ctaatgaaat acataaaaca gctcatcata ttttgatgag tttgcagttt tgccaaggca     44760
     tgggctcatt ctttgctttg aatattatct tctcccatgt ccaattttag aaaacttctt     44820
     ggggaaagga tagtaaacaa tttggtcttg atcagtgtac ttttctttcc cacttaggag     44880
     tcacttaatt ctaaacatca agagattgta tgtgcatgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     44940
     tatgtgtaca tgcatgactg tgcatgtgca tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttgtacata     45000
     catgagtgtg catgtgcact gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtct     45060
     aatacatcac ccaaactctg gtaacagcag tttagtatgc attatatttc agtcttatga     45120
     ctgattcaaa cctatttaac gacacatgag aaagttacat ggcttagtgg taaatcaaca     45180
     tttctagaca aggaaataaa ttctagggtt gagaagcttt gtcagctcct acacaacttg     45240
     gattgcaata gggcgtcgga gtgccttgtc agcaataagt ctgacctagc ccactcaatt     45300
     gtgacttctt cctctgctaa gctagatgaa ggaaacaatc ataccaggta agataatatt     45360
     tgcaactaga aattaaatca ccagctattg cataggagcc tggaatggag aaataccact     45420
     catgaaatag aggggtctgt aggaaatgaa gaggaggtca gaggaggctg cacgtcagga     45480
     ggctctctgt tattagtttg aagagtggtg gcacgcatct tgctgctgcc agaatgtgaa     45540
     ataatgtgca cttcagaaga ttcggcagca catagtgctt caagactgat ttcttctatt     45600
     cactggaaga actgcaacca gaacaaatat cttcagaaag tgatttttag gtgttacacg     45660
     tcaggagtga gttacagctc tagatatatg aaaaaaggtg aactaaatcg ccataataaa     45720
     actccttcca acataaaagg ctaaatgtat aactgttaaa cttaaatcat ttacattcca     45780
     ctttaagtta aaaacactac ttaagctctt agttttagga ttctatttca cacagaggag     45840
     aattccctat gaataagcat caatgggcat acttaaaata taatgttaaa ggatggtgac     45900
     taaattgatt gatacttttc ttaattttac attaatggat atagatgaat tttaaatatt     45960
     ttttgccctt tgatagcaga tggcattttt gttttattaa gcaccatcat gtagactttc     46020
     aggagtctgt gagttttagc tgtagttaaa attaacagtt gtttcagctg ccttaaaatg     46080
     tatttcagga ctcttctcca tacctatggc ttttgtatgg ttttgcttaa tttttctcca     46140
     ttctgtttta tttctctacc tgtctaactt atgaagcacc atggaaaaag tctctgtgca     46200
     tttcctcctt ctccatgatg aaagcatgga ttgatgacag ggtagaaaaa cagcatatga     46260
     aacaaaatgg atttggagaa atttgaagtt ttgttcagat ttgccaatga aaaagatcag     46320
     cacacaatcg aagcaatttc taaaagacct ttaggtgttg gtaatgttgt tatgaaatac     46380
     gcttcttgaa acatctcaca gttggactgt tgtttttttc aattgtgttc tgcacgtgga     46440
     ttttatgtgc acagacttag gttacaaaac tccatcctca aacgggcaga ggatatgtat     46500
     gcttcacatt tatgaaataa aagatgaatt ccttagcaga caaagtcata ttatgaaatt     46560
     tcccattgga atcaaggtta gaaacctatg aacttatggt cttcttgaaa attttgaatg     46620
     cataagaaga atcatttcag aacccctgtt ttaactattt attttatttt attttatttt     46680
     attttatgaa agctgtattt gtcatatgta tgtagacatg tttgtgtgga ggtaagacac     46740
     ctatatgaaa gtgtgtacag agaccagaaa ggaggccgtg gaactagatc cctgcaggtt     46800
     cagggtctct tcagcagcag gaagtgctct tacctgctga ttcatactct agccccaaag     46860
     ttctgattct atagatcatt tgctgactca tgaaacactg tatttgtaga agcacctgaa     46920
     gtgtgatata gatgataaat gatgtccatc aataatttct gatagacatt aataaatgta     46980
     gctgacatac agatatttct acaaatgtat gtggaaatta gaaaccaata atctaaattt     47040
     aagagcaata taggtcataa tatatttagt cattcagtct tgccttttaa attttcaacc     47100
     aatattgcta caattgcacc tggccttcct gtccattgtc ccaggtcttt ccaattcttc     47160
     tatttttatt tttattagat attttattta tttacatttc gaatgttatc ccctttcctg     47220
     gtttcccttc tgaaaaacct ctatcttctc cccctaaccc tgctcaccaa cccacgcact     47280
     cctgcttcct ggccctggaa gtgccctatg atggggccta aaaccttcaa gttttatatc     47340
     atggttatta tccttaatat cgtttagcta atatcacaca ggaaacacta aaatttctca     47400
     tagaaattta tcacagtatt ataaagaaaa ataaagtgca ccccagattc catactctcc     47460
     tattatctcc cataattttt cctttctaat ttcatggact actttcaaat caccgtgaat     47520
     gcagttactg ctgtcagtgt gtgcttgagt acagagccat ccacaagaat atggacagcc     47580
     tatcatggat tgtatctatg ggacactgag ttttctttgc atatcacctt caagtgtagc     47640
     ttcatatgcc cctcctctgt ttctgctgaa attctggctg gcttgatctt gtgcaagtct     47700
     tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgggag ggtatacaca ttgcattgac aactttacat     47760
     tcaagcagga aaacacatca agcaattatt tgtactcatg ctgtgagagt atctatgtgg     47820
     aataatatga gaactaatac aatattcata tgttttcacc tatttttaaa agtatgttta     47880
     tactgtgtcc tggatttcca gacagtgaag catgtctcat ttattatagt ttagaagttg     47940
     taactttggc aagctctttc tgattctttt ctttaacttg gttatgacaa gagatatcca     48000
     gaaatgtcat gaagttgcaa gctatgttca gaatgctttc tttgttcatg gtgtggacaa     48060
     aaccatctgt tcacttcaga gcaccagaga tgacttgcgg agattgcaag cttgtcagca     48120
     cctggaagat ggggctctgc ataaatcatt atcttgtctt gagtctcgta agcactgaac     48180
     ccttttagtc tgcatttctg gctgtgcttg gcacacactg gggggaacag taacagagtc     48240
     aaggagagtt gcttattaaa ttactcatct cacatttaca caacagctgc taaaccaaac     48300
     tggcgaaaat atcttcgtag ctatccacag catatgtttg catacagatg ctcactctga     48360
     gcaattcaaa ggctttggag attgataaat gttcagcttt tagacacaaa aacagtggct     48420
     aaatggttat atcaatatgc ttagcatgtc ttgctactct ttgctgaaaa taagtggtgg     48480
     gaaacttcca tgagcttctt tattagcaat ggcatgtagg gaagctaatc aataatatat     48540
     attttaagtg gtgcatcctc ttaattttta ctagttttgt taataaaaac cttttaaaca     48600
     ttttgcagat aaaaccatac tgtggggcat tgtgttctgc atgagtgtgt gtttgattgt     48660
     gttctgcatg agtgtgtgtt tgattgtgtt cctgcataca caggtataca ggtgcatgag     48720
     tgagggaggc ataattaagt gtgattcaag cactgtatac tccatccatt ttgaaacaga     48780
     gcttatgact aactgggagc gtactcaaga tgatagactc gttagccaag ggtcctcagg     48840
     catgtgctta actctacgtc ccctgcatta ggtttgtatg tgcacaccac caattccatg     48900
     ctgttattat gttggttctt ggaatcggtc ttaggtcata ttactaggaa tgcatgtact     48960
     ttaatgacca tgacatttct ccaagccaag gctatatgct ctatatccag cagaacatgc     49020
     tggtatatga atccttaaca caatttggtt attaatatgc ttaatacaat taatttgctt     49080
     aatgatatcg ttattaactt tttagagtgg tagagagatg aaacatctta taattaatta     49140
     caaaacacta ctcagatgag tgactgattt gggggagggg gctttactct aactcaatcc     49200
     gttagtggat ttcagttaca acatgaggag tattaaataa aatgaaataa gttgtgcttc     49260
     tctttgaact tttgtttttc tattggttta ttgatatcat aaaaaattga tcagattcag     49320
     aagaaaggcg gtttgagttt gcatttcatg tctcagtgca tctataataa agactaactg     49380
     cagttgatgt atgtccccat ttttagtact tatatattaa aaaaatattt agaaatacac     49440
     aattcaccag ttttacagaa agtgtctgtc ctcaagtata cagctatgta tagagaagga     49500
     tcacacttct tcattttgtc actgtattcc tactgtcaga ggcttttagt cctataagtt     49560
     agggaatggt actgcaatat atcagaatat atctttctct ctttaaatac accttactcc     49620
     attcattact gtatcttaaa attagtaatt tcccattttt ctcaaaacta cttgatctac     49680
     ccataactct agcagatttt caaacatata gatgacacca atttataaac acatatattt     49740
     gcaaataaaa tcttttagaa aatataatac ttgcagtctc agtacttgta ttttcataga     49800
     atctagttat taataggtag atagtggcat tgcttagtgg cattttgcat gttttatcta     49860
     tatgctacac atcattggtt tttattgaat acttggtttt tttgatgatt agtaagtaga     49920
     aattatttct aaaattttaa attaatatgg gttccttttg gtaagagatt gaattaaaca     49980
     cacttttcta cttatttttg ctttttaaaa attttaatct ttttttttcc aatccagatt     50040
     ttatccctcg agttggtcca ccctctgact gttccacatc ccatacctcc tcttcccata     50100
     tccacaagga tatcctcatc tcccattccc atcccagcag acctacccac tccatggagc     50160
     ctccagtctc ttgagagtta ggtgcatctt ctctgactga acccagacct ggaagtccac     50220
     tgctgtatat gcgttggggg cctcatatca gctggtgtgt gctgcctggt tggtggccca     50280
     atgtctgaga tttcggtggt ctaggttaat tgagtctgct catcctccta tagcgtctcc     50340
     ctcttcctca gcttcttcca gcttttccct aattcaaccg tagaggtcag cagcttctgt     50400
     cgattggttg ggtgtaaata tctgtatatg atactttcag gtgcttgttg ggcctttcag     50460
     attttcctgg catctggtgc ccttggttaa ctttctcatt ccaactgctt atacataact     50520
     tataaaaatt tcaataaaaa ttatgtgacc tttaataaag catattttaa tttttcctcc     50580
     aataatttaa cttttatttg ttttatagtg tgaacactag tacaatttgg aaagtgataa     50640
     taacagtatg taatgtcaaa tttccaagga ttttttataa tatttttaat tacttctgta     50700
     ttattctcca acaattgagc actctaaaat ttcaaggcat taaattcaaa tatttgacga     50760
     atttgtcatg aacttttctg tattgattaa ggtaaattat gattttttcc ataatttttc     50820
     tgtgaggata taatcctaaa ctatcaaatc atgaaaaagc cctatatcat gtataacata     50880
     tggtgatcca agtagttaaa taattatcat tttactcttc tatctgtatt tttatacact     50940
     atattacatg ttcctccata tttgttgcct actaacagtg caaacgctgt tgattgtgct     51000
     tatttttaaa tgacctattt tcaaggccta cccatttgtg tatttattct gcccatttcg     51060
     ctcatgttta catgttaaaa aactaatgcg gcaatcatat aaagtgatac tttttctcac     51120
     acctatgcat tttactttga atattttgtg ctatgtaaag gatttataat ttttaaaatt     51180
     tacctattgt tggttgtaga gacattgagc attttactga ctcatctttg gattgaaacc     51240
     tgcatttgtg atcattgtac cccttgcatg aaaactttct ttctgaagtt gaatcattta     51300
     gttttgcaat tttgtaaaat gattaccttt gggtacaatt tcgtctctag aacacttcac     51360
     atttcacagt gacattatga tttaattaac aatttaaatc agaaaacttg tgatcaatga     51420
     gtaactctaa gacatcttat attttttaag tcttgcaaga gaaatatttg ttgttccgaa     51480
     caatgaactt cctactgtaa accagaacta tatttctaag aaggaggaaa aataacagca     51540
     agaaaaacag ttgactatga aatctaggaa tagctagcat cctattggct tctacaagtt     51600
     taaaattatg taagtaaaga ggatacatca aataaaagca ggaagagcat ctttgacaca     51660
     aaggcaacag tcaatctata cttctaccaa aagattaata aataaaatat ataatacata     51720
     atgtataaaa tatacagaat acataaaaaa acaggacaaa gccagaaaaa caaaaatgac     51780
     ctcattttca aaaatggact accaatttaa acggaaattt ctccaaagaa gaaataaaaa     51840
     tagatttaaa aaatcccaaa cagtgttcat tattcataga aatcttggaa tataaattta     51900
     aactactttg aaattttatt gacccaaact cattatgact aagatgaaga aaacaactga     51960
     caacaacatt tggcaagaat ttgggaaaga tgagccctca ttcattgttg cagagaaaac     52020
     aaactactgc agtcactcag gaaattgttg agaatccaca aaaatctaaa agcagatcta     52080
     ccatattacc tagctgtaac actgcttgaa atatgcccca agtagttagc atctcattcc     52140
     acagaaattt gctcaaccat gttcatagcc ctcctctcca caataccatg aacaaaaggc     52200
     aatgtaaata tctttcagat gaagaatgca tagtgaaaat gtgaaacata taaccataat     52260
     gaaagtctct tcagctgtaa agaaaaataa aattttgtat tttgcaaatg aatgaataat     52320
     attagaaaag attaaactga gctaggttat tcagaccaaa gaaagaaaac cctgacatgt     52380
     ttcctcttgt ttgtggtgcc taactctaaa tctttaaatg caagtatata accgagagta     52440
     actacaaaag ccaacacagc ttaaaggact aaatggtaag aaagcagaaa aggaaatgga     52500
     ggaaacatgg ggaaaagtgt ttaaaaggga agggaggaag aagagtaaca caaagggaga     52560
     gagagagaag gagggatgaa tcacacaaat gtcttaaatg atcatagggt atcatattat     52620
     attatgttta cccattattg ctttatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     52680
     atagatatag ataggttaga tagatagata catagataga tagatagatg atacatagat     52740
     acatagttac atagagagat ttgtgctact atgggtaata gttaccttcc aagaaccttg     52800
     gtctatatac acacacttca gtactagata taaaaaaaat cctcagaagt tgttagtcaa     52860
     gagattctaa aagactccaa aaacaatata agctttggtc tttccatctt cggacaagga     52920
     agatggtcct ggtttttcaa ccattaaatc tgtaagctta tcagaaagga atagtgctga     52980
     aatgtggagg caggatgatg ccttacattt tgtgtcagaa acttgggtgt tctggaggat     53040
     gtaagttatt ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat tggttcttcg     53100
     agacaaggtc tctctgtata gtcctggctg ttctgtgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc     53160
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatcggcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg     53220
     cgtgctccac cacgcccagc tgaggatgta agttattaaa agaaactttt aggaatatgc     53280
     caacacctct ttcctaacag ttttggaaaa caaatagcaa ataattatta ttgatctgct     53340
     tataacaata ataacaggat tttaaattat ttgtattatt tatttatgta cttatttttt     53400
     agtgagagca gattcttctg gtgtacaatg catcctgaac aacgttcccc tccattgatt     53460
     cctcccacct cccccttatc tccccttttg tccatgtcca ctccccctcc atttctcatc     53520
     agaaaaaaca aaaaaacaaa aacaaaataa aaaacaaaca aaaaaaggcc tccaagaggt     53580
     aataaccaac cataagaaag taggatacaa taatacaagg caaaagccct caagtccata     53640
     atgtacaaca caacccaata ggagaagaag tcagagatac agcagctgta tttgttagga     53700
     atctcaccaa acctccaggc taacagccac atctatgcag gccctgggct tatagcttca     53760
     gtctcctgga ggccatatga gccctgctta cttgattcag tgggccgtat tctccaggtg     53820
     tcctccatcc tctctgattc ctacagtctt tcctcctttt cttctgtaga attttcccag     53880
     ttcctggagg agagacccag cagagttctc taatttagac ccactctcca aatagcatct     53940
     aacaaggaat ctctgtccct gctcctatct gctgccagag gatacctctc tgatcatgac     54000
     caaacatgca cttatctgta agtatagcag tatagaagaa tatcattaga aataatttta     54060
     tttaatttgg agcagttatg tttcggctat ccagtctcta gttcatggtc acacaggctg     54120
     tgtagaggca tggagtcact tgacaggagt cttgaggtaa ccagacattg gttggccact     54180
     ccacaaattc tggaccacca tttctctagc acacattgca gacaggtcag attgtatgtc     54240
     aaggatttgt agatgtcttg atgttaaggt ttctctttcc atagccaatg gagtaccttc     54300
     catgcaaaaa caaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaac ccacaaaaca     54360
     aaaacaaaac taaaacaacc agcaaattat ttttaaatgt ttgacttcta acttgagaat     54420
     gaaaaaaaaa tctgtcttgc tattcaaatg aaatagaaat gctaacagaa tttagagact     54480
     gtcttttttt ttcctttatc caaagataac catttttttt aaaacttaca cctattggat     54540
     atccaatttt ataaaagcaa tgacattcaa atgccagtct tcaaatcaac aatttcctgt     54600
     agttctctga acttacttta tgtgattatt aaatgtctgt ttccattttt tacctgtgtc     54660
     acctgttgtc tttctatgta tttgtgtctt tgtccctttt tgcttgtctg tctgccttct     54720
     tgttttcata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata cacatacata tatacataca     54780
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     54840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtgtg taatgctatc actctctgtc tgcctctctg     54900
     tctctttgtc tctctgtgtc tctgcctctg tctgcctctc tgtctctttg tctctctgtc     54960
     tctgcctctg tctgtctctc tgtctctcac acacactctt actctctccc tctctctgta     55020
     tatgtgtgag ttcctctccc cgcataacag tttcctttct gtttgtctct agtcttctct     55080
     gataaaactg gtctcttgtc tgttaaatct ctttatttcc tcctggttca ggatgtaaca     55140
     aaactcatgt tcaatgtata tagattctaa catgaacaag gagtgattac catgtcatag     55200
     ccttaccttt atcttatact ttattgactt agatattatt attgctctta tatttgtggc     55260
     atcctataga aacagcaatg agcaggcata atgtactgct aacacaggtc tttaaaaaaa     55320
     accttgaaaa actactttgt ggtaactatt tatattcaaa gggagcattt agaattattc     55380
     gaagaagaat gccatattta taatttgttt aaaaagatgg agatttaagc cttttcgtaa     55440
     caagctattt ctgagcttgt tataaaagta ctttcaaatc aaagattggt ttgctgttag     55500
     aatctgattt gctcactttt taaaagatag gaacaattat ctaagaagaa ttcaaaggtt     55560
     tattttactt ttactgtgtt ctgatagtgt atagagatat caaaaaatca agaattaaca     55620
     gaagctaaga aaaatagttt gaaaatagta cctaatatta aaatttaatc taatacaaag     55680
     tttagaattg agtaaagatg gtcagatatg cagaactcca aaaaataaat ttcttctgaa     55740
     ctaattggtt tgtagttcag tttatctagc tgatgattgt agcatttagg ttgttttcct     55800
     tagtgatgag aatagatgct atcagagcta gacttataac tcagatctct taacatattg     55860
     ccttttcctt cccatctcta ttattagatg aacaggggag gctaaaacac tgttgtttgt     55920
     tgtttgacct aaaacccaag aactcaaggt cagggcatgc agaataacat tgttacatat     55980
     taataatttc acaagaatta gacaaaacaa tagtaggttt tatgagaatt ttttatgtaa     56040
     aatagcaata tcttggtctt ctgaagagtt ttgagaattc tgttccccct cgccatcatg     56100
     catcatatct tttaaggaat gagtactgtc ctttgccgct atcaaacgat catcctaatc     56160
     attacttctt taaggatgag tttgtcagta atataattct acaccatttt ctaatgatct     56220
     gtgagaagca aacaaaagtt ccatttgatt ttcctcataa taatctcttt ctcacgcttg     56280
     cacttcttga gtctttggct ctaagagtct aagggtctag tcctgaatct cagactttaa     56340
     tttaatttct tttgaagtat ttttattgca aataagcata tgatttatta tgaataaaat     56400
     atgttgctta ggaatctttt aagaacaata tgtgtggtga tttgtgccat agatttagag     56460
     gcagccattc aaagtaggtc tatggagact tgtaaatgca caaaattcaa tattgaccta     56520
     taaaactaat atttgctgct ttcaaaccat gattttcttt tgactcatta aaatacatgt     56580
     ttttccccat aataatgaat atacattttt ttttaagtat ccttcagata actggaataa     56640
     tcaaagggat ttgaacatag atcctcatgg agtcacctca cggaaatgcc agcaaaagta     56700
     ctgtgtggtt tcactaatgt ctgttagtat tatcaagatc aaataaagat aataaaaaat     56760
     attgatgaaa aagtagcctt cacataaggt ttttggaaat agcatatact aaatttacta     56820
     gaggaaattg actggatgct gctttaaaaa tagaaaaaac taccatattt tggccaaata     56880
     tgttttaata ataaaggtga aggaagttaa tttaatacaa ctatttccaa catatatttt     56940
     ttcacataat tattcataac tctcatgaag ccagcccagg cttttgccac tataaaacta     57000
     taatatatat tcatgatgga gtatttgtcc accaaaaata aaatgaatca tatatttgaa     57060
     gttagtttag tggactcaga gatgatcata ttaaggtaaa taagcaaacc acacaaaatg     57120
     aagattggtt tgttttctct tacatgtgga ttggaaggta aaatgagggt gatcaggaat     57180
     tagaaggcca aacaaaaaca taaaaagaaa ataagataca gaaggagtca atttggttca     57240
     aaaaagtact attaaaataa ttcaaaaagt atgaaaataa caatgagaaa gctatctata     57300
     taactaatat ggattattaa cattttcaca ctttgaaatt ctgccaaacc ttaatacatt     57360
     gaagattgca gagtagcttc aatattgtta gtttttgcaa tggtaatgag aatacatatt     57420
     gtgtagcata cattaaaatg ttgtgaatag caaaatagtc agatgatcag catgtgtgca     57480
     tatattcatg tgttcatgtg tgcatgtgtt agatttcaaa tgttgataaa ctttgaactt     57540
     ttgtgttagg tacagattaa tgtcactaga aaagttattg tgaatattct tttataaact     57600
     atgcatataa gacattaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ttagatgata     57660
     aaataaagct ttttttcttt cattgtcaag attttgtttt ccccactgtt ataggaaaaa     57720
     gcctaactgc aatctaacag tggttgcagt agtttattga aatcattgtt caataataga     57780
     cttaccaagt ctttgaaaaa tagtggcctt agactttgag acacactgtt ttccaatggt     57840
     ttctgttgtt tatcttgttg agtattctgc ttttcacatt gctcatgtcc agctttctac     57900
     aattggatct gatatgggtc attgatgcat caaacttgtc agctctaccc atggtggggc     57960
     ttttcacttg ttatcatttg tcttcattct tccggacagc tccttatcca aggagctgtc     58020
     tttcacatcc ttctacaatg gttgaccttg tagatttagt tttctaccca gtcatttaag     58080
     gaacaagttg tgcggtagga aaattatgtc cccaattttc tctgacaact atattatttt     58140
     atcaagcaaa atactctcag ggttgacagc tgtgcttgtc tttctgtgat tcaagctgat     58200
     ttttaaaaca atgcctcact tctggaatga tctgtttccc aaactctgat cagcatttct     58260
     tgtgatttta tttcttattg ttttatagta tacttgtatt tacctgcaga aaatgaggct     58320
     tttcatttgg ttttcagtga aaagcactga tgttttttca ggtgttattt tcttaaagat     58380
     cttcggtttg ttgtgtcaac tatgttatgt ttgaagtgga tttcaaatac agtaaagtat     58440
     tttttacata tattaactta tttgaattta aacttgtcat gaagaaggga gaattaccca     58500
     aaaataagta tccagaaaaa atgtcagaaa aaaatctgct gtttgtatgc taactttttt     58560
     tttcaggttg tatgacaatg actattttta atttattttt attacatatt ttccacaatt     58620
     acatttccaa tgctatccca aaagtccccc ataccctccc cccgtatgct aacttaaaaa     58680
     taaaattaat ctaaaaatga ataaacttgt acttgatata tggctccaac ataacaataa     58740
     aagaggcctt cacttaatgc aaagattact tttcttaatg agaaatcatt taaaaattat     58800
     ataatgaata taaattaaca ctttaataac tgatttaatc tagcttccaa ttacatgcaa     58860
     acaagagcag gaacatgtaa ctctggcaaa tgtaatttca tacatatgtg agctctgtac     58920
     acaacgggag agaaaattca acttaatgtc taagtttaat ttgcttgtta taagcagatt     58980
     tttgtgcttt aatctattac ttagttatta gacaactgca caactagcct gaaacagctc     59040
     acaagggcat attctagaca acacaaattc caattcctta cattttctat attcaaaacc     59100
     attttttaac agtagttgta ttcaatttat tcacacaaca atataattac tgctcattca     59160
     taacaaagtt tctatcacat tttacattta tttttaattg ttttgaaatt tctttcatac     59220
     aatatattta gataatatcc tttctccttc tgaactcttt caggatcctc cctcaatcaa     59280
     aacccttagt tttgctattt taaaaggcag gttatatgga tctttgcaca catcctatat     59340
     ttttaaattc caatcaagtg ttcagtagct gaattttttt tcactaacag attccatttt     59400
     aaaaattgag tgaattttgg aacagaaggg atcaggcagg tggtagagag atggatagag     59460
     agagtactgg aagagaagat tagaatcaag gatgtttagg ggacaatgtg gaaacctagt     59520
     gtaacagaaa ctccttggaa tttaggaggg aggtcctagg gaagactcct agtaatgaag     59580
     gatacagagc ctgaatcagc catcatctgt atccaggaac atttttcagt ggtgagacac     59640
     aaacaccatc ccagtaacaa aacattccac ctaaaacatg tcctgcctga aagatgtgct     59700
     tgagcagagg tggcacagaa gtccaaccaa tgtctgatct aacttgaggc ccctgtgact     59760
     aaacgcgaga gatagcccct acctggaagg gcaggaacct gacagagttg gatagctcac     59820
     aaatctagga taaaaccaaa cacaactggc aattggtctg ggggttgggg tgggaggagg     59880
     gagccaatga aatgactcct ctattgctat tctactgtac ttaaggtcaa cctatttatc     59940
     ttccttgggt ctttatctag gaaatgatgg gtgcagatgg agagacttat agccttagat     60000
     taggtggagc tcttggaagc tgtagaaagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     60060
     gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt     60120
     gtttgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     60180
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtggtggt tgtaggagcc agggaggtca aggaaaccac aagttcatgg     60240
     cccacaccat caactaagca gggctcatag gggctcacag agactgaact gaccgacaat     60300
     cagtagccta ttatgggtct gacctaggtc ctctgcctac aggctatgtt ttcaaggctt     60360
     cttgttcttg tgagactcct aatagtaaga gttggtgttg tctctgggtt tttgcctact     60420
     tttgtgaaac ctttcctcct actggtttaa cttgtccagt cttgatatga gggtttgtgc     60480
     ctcgtcttat tggaacttgt tatgccatgt ttggtgatgt ccatgggagg cctttctgca     60540
     gggaaacaag ggttactgga tatgaggaag tagcagggca tgtgtgagaa gtggaatgag     60600
     aaaccccaga caggtgacca tagatgtagg tccatttccg ggtcttcatt tccattccat     60660
     tgatttatcc ccttgtctct gtacagatat cgtacagatt tttatcacta ttgccctgta     60720
     atacagcttg aggtcagaaa cagtgatttc cccagatgtt cctttaatgt tgagaatagt     60780
     ttttgctatt atgggttttt tcttaataga aaaatatttt aattagatat tttctttatt     60840
     tacatttcaa ttttatcccc tttcctcatt tccactttaa agacccccta tcacatcacc     60900
     ctttccccta ctcactaacc cacccactcc ctcttccctg tcgtggcatt cccctacact     60960
     gggacccttc aaaagaccaa gggcctctcc tctcattgat gttccagaag gccatcctct     61020
     gctacatatg tggctggagc catgggtccc actatgtgta ctctttggta ttctgggttt     61080
     tggttattcc aaatgatttg agaatatctc tataccattc tatgaagaaa tgagttggaa     61140
     ttttgatggg gattgcattg aatctgtaga ttgctttcta gaaaggtggt cacatgatct     61200
     tcaacaaagg agttaaaacc aatactggaa aaaaaagaca gcaatttcaa caaatgatgc     61260
     tggtacaact ggcagtcagc atgtataaga atgcatgatc cattctcatc tccttgtaca     61320
     aagctcaagt ctaagtggat taagggcttc tgcataaaac cagaaacact gaatctaata     61380
     gaagagaagt tggggaagag cctcaaatac atgggtacag ggagaaattt tcctgaacag     61440
     aacaccaatg gcttatcctt taagatcaac aatagacaaa tggtacctca tataatttca     61500
     aaatttctgt aaggctaagc acactttcaa taagacaaaa tggcaaccaa cagattggaa     61560
     aaagatcttt atcaatccta tatatgagag aaggataata ttcaatatat acaaagaatt     61620
     caagaaggta gactccaaag aaccaagtaa ccctattaaa aattgggtac agagtttaat     61680
     aaagaaaatc tcaactgagg aatattgaat ggccaagaag tctggcaatt cctcagaaaa     61740
     ctggaaacag aacttcctgg ggacccagct atagcactat tgggtatata accaaaaatc     61800
     cccaacatgt aagaagaaca catgctccac tatgttcata acatctttat ttataataac     61860
     aagaaactaa aaagagccca gatatccttt aacagagaaa tggatacaga aattgtggaa     61920
     catttaaaca atggaatact acttagcaat ttaaaaaaga tgaattcatg aaattcttag     61980
     acaaatggat ggaactagaa aatatcatcc tgagtgaggt tacccagtca caaaaagata     62040
     cacatggtat gcactcacta ataagtgcat attagcccaa aggctcggaa tgcccaagat     62100
     acaattcata gatgtcatga agctcaagaa gaaagaagac caaagtgtgg atatttcggt     62160
     ccttcttaga agggggaaca aaatatccat gggaggaaat acagagataa agtgtaaagt     62220
     agagtctgaa ggaaaggcca tccagagacc tcccgacctg gggatctatc ccatatacag     62280
     acaccaaacc cagacaccat tgtgggtgcc aacaagtgtt ggctgacagg aacctcatat     62340
     agctatctcc tgagaggctc tgccagagcc tgacatatac agaggcagat gctctcagcc     62400
     aaccattgga cttaacgctc tatccccaat ggaagagtta gagaaaggac tgaaaaagct     62460
     gaaaggcttt gcaaccccat aggaagaaca atatcaacca actagacaca cacacacaca     62520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca gacagacaca gacacacacc agcttccagg     62580
     gactaaacca ccaaccagag attacacatg gagggactca tgcctccagc catatatcta     62640
     gtagaagatg gccttgttgg ttatcagtgg gaggggactg tgaaggcaag atgccccagt     62700
     gtcagggatt ttcagggcat cggggtggga gtaggtgagt gggggttgag tgggtgaaat     62760
     agcaccctca tagaaccaag ggtaaggggg agaaacaggg aaagggtaag ctaagtagta     62820
     agctgatggc ttatcatgtg ggagacccta gattcatttc cctaagactg ttaaaaatat     62880
     tgtatatata gtatcacaca gccttacaaa aagatactat tgacaatatg attgaatgtg     62940
     cagtgtgtta taatgagtga cttagttttt aaatgcacaa atttcttctg tgatggagta     63000
     gaaaaataat atctctattt gaaatgtaaa gaaaatatct aattaaaaaa taaagccatt     63060
     aaccatcaca aaaataagag agagaaagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     63120
     agagagagag agagagagag aaaggaaaag aaaggaaaag aaaggaaagg aaaggaaagg     63180
     aaaggaaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg     63240
     gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagggaagg gaagaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga     63300
     aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa     63360
     aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa gaaagaaggg agtgaaggag gaaggaagga tggaaggaag     63420
     gaaggaaaga aagaaaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     63480
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagtagt atatgagaga atttttttaa     63540
     aatgtaccta ggaatattgt cttggaaaga acttgaatgt taaatggcag catcaacttt     63600
     gttccagatg agcagtaagt gggtcacaca gaatgttccc ttcattgcta accctaagca     63660
     gtttctttaa ggatgtagtc aaccctaagg aacattattt gagccagcac ttttcagaca     63720
     ccacaggcaa tgtagtcaac acaagtagaa gattataaca ttgtaagcac atgtgatttc     63780
     tggcaagcag gccattatgg caatgacact tcctttatga aatgagaggc ccatacagtt     63840
     aagctaactc tctgggtgcc tagttaccta aaggtataga gtgtcataat agtagtgaga     63900
     agacagtgga gatgaaacta tagcaacttg agaactgtgt ctttataaat gtaatatctt     63960
     tgcatgtact cagttttaag tccaaacatc actctcacaa agatcctgta aattaacata     64020
     catacctctt gttcttattt cactgccttt gtttggtatt ataaatgccc aaataagaaa     64080
     actaggtaaa acatgatttt ttttctttag caagaaaaat aaatatattg gacaaataca     64140
     atcccaatta tttgtgcagt ttttttcaaa ggcttcctaa tagtgaatta ttaagtgtac     64200
     tgcttcacat gcctgcatta tgactctagt acattttatg gcccaattga tgcaagtctt     64260
     gtatggatac taatctgtca caaaatgggg acttggattc acttggactt cagttttgta     64320
     taggtgatag atatggatct atttggattc ctctacatgc agcaatccca ttagaccagc     64380
     accgtttgtt aaaaaagttt tccttttcac attgtatgtt ttttgccttc cttgttaaaa     64440
     atcaagtgtc tactggtatg agggcttgtt ttaggatctt cagttcaatc ccatttatca     64500
     acctatatgt tcctatagta acaccatgta gtatttatta atattgctct gtagtagacc     64560
     atgaggttag ggatggtatt acctcaagaa gttcttctat tgttcaggat tgttccacct     64620
     tcatggatat tttgtttttc tatatgaagt tgaaaattgt tccactgaga tctgtaaaga     64680
     attgtattgg cattttgatg gggaacccat caaatctgta gagtactttt ggtaagatgg     64740
     acacttccac tgtgttaatc ctatggatcc atgaccatgg gagacctttc catctgatga     64800
     tatcttcctc aatttctttc ctcagcaact tgaagttctt gtcacacagg gctttctctt     64860
     gatgggttag agttacacaa agatatttta tattatttgc aactacagta aaggatgtca     64920
     cagaagaaag tataaatatc tgatgccgcc caaatctctg tgaaaaggta aaggacgaat     64980
     tttaaagttc tgcccctagt gttttcctaa attaagatta aataatagct tttctgatgc     65040
     acagagaaac acatatatac gtttgcagtt ttagatgtta aaacttatgc aactacctct     65100
     aattcaccac tataaccaag atagtacata tactgagcac ttgtgcaagt tacctcagca     65160
     tgctattgta taagatgctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     65220
     tctcgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc     65280
     gcgcgcgcgc gtgcgtgtgt gcttggtatg tgtttgctat gcccatgaga tcttaaatcc     65340
     ttacacttgc atcagtgcat gtctaacttt agctgctgtg ttacatggct gctttgttat     65400
     tcattttgca caagtgagac tttgttactt taagtgttac tacaattggc ctctgactag     65460
     accctagcag ttgtgcttat tgttgctctc ctatgagcat ggcttttctt tttttttttt     65520
     tttaatctta tttcatataa gtgaatttag gtaactaatg caatattaaa ttttggaata     65580
     tgatataaag aaatgagaca cagtttatat tactttgtag aaatatagaa tgtcccatca     65640
     attataaaag cactatggca cattctctat attataaaaa aagatttctt tttataaaaa     65700
     aatttataaa aaagatttct atattacttc acaatctcat atttgtttat aatctaaagc     65760
     tattgaaatt atgttgttga agagagattt agagtataat ttactgcatt atatagtagt     65820
     cacatagaat caataaatgt gtcatcatca ctaaatgagt atgaaaaaat gagatgtagg     65880
     cctatagata aagctcggta gtaagctgat ggcttatcat gtgggagacc ctagattcat     65940
     ttccccgaga ctgttaaaaa tattgtatat atagtatcac acagccttac aaaaagatac     66000
     tattgacaat atgattgaat gtgcagtgtg ttataatgag tgacttagtt tttaaatgca     66060
     caaatttctt ctgtgatgga gtaaaataat atctctatat tacttaagag cattcactca     66120
     agaattcact cttgttactt tccaaaagac tgtattggga tacttagcat ctgccactaa     66180
     caacctgtta ggttcaaagc ttgtggtcaa gtagaggttc atttaaagag aagcttcatg     66240
     atgctattca ctgaggaaac atttttcaca tgaaatatta agtgctcaat tatctccacc     66300
     gattaatgaa ttgtcagagg actctggaga aatgaaatgt ttccaaaata tcaagatctt     66360
     cagatgcaaa gtcaaagagt ttgggggatc taaatagatt taataaccag atgatatctc     66420
     tacagggtcc tattaagata ccctgtgtaa caagtagaat ttggtattca gaataataca     66480
     caacttgggg aaaatatctt ttaggatatt ctgtggtttt catttgattt tggtgcaaat     66540
     tttggacagt aggtgttaat aacatagcta accttactgt ctttaacctt gtaatatttt     66600
     tctttatgga aagagttgaa aacatgtttt aacaaataaa aaagaatctt atagtcttac     66660
     attactagta atgagcatat ttatatgtat actcttttag gtgtcatctg aaatttcttc     66720
     tgtgttttta attttgtatt tttatgaatc ttaactgttc ttaaaacagt ataagtcagt     66780
     acacaatttt gtttttcttc tttgtttagg attaaacact cttaaatcag ctacatcaaa     66840
     ataagtttta agtcatggat acatacttat tctttgatgc aattagtatt ccttttttct     66900
     tcatttcttg caattcatgt aatcaatttc ttctttgtaa aatattcagt gtttttctga     66960
     caaagttgac agggatgaat gataaaaatc tttttcattt tctcagtttt gctatcactg     67020
     cctttattaa tggaaatatt ctgtaatgtg ttttgatttt aaataagtaa atatacttca     67080
     atatctcctt aagttagtag ctaaatcccc cagatttcct tattttcact ggaattaagc     67140
     attggagaaa tctatcagaa caatctttat atttttgttg actattgaga ctctagattt     67200
     aatcataata atggaaatca tgaagaaata taaaaagtat actaaaatat ttgtcatttt     67260
     caccattaaa tattagcata ctgtatttgc atgaaaatta ttgatattac atgaataagc     67320
     tctatactct aaactacttt tacatattta gcaggatttt tgctttctat acaatacata     67380
     ttcatacaca tgtatgtata tttgatgtat atatgcatat gtatatgtgt atgtgtgcat     67440
     atttaagttt tacagtgttg gtcatctctt agctatcttg gttttgtcct gtaacttctt     67500
     attattttca tatacattaa aaaaaaatat caattgcttt cttattcagc cttcttctca     67560
     ggtttgtagg atgaggcact tctgaggaac acaagtacag ctgtgtgtca ctgtttatgg     67620
     taccaggata aagaaagggc ctccgtgaga agtgggtcag attcaatacc tagagctaaa     67680
     acagcctagc ctctttttca ctgttgtcta atacgtacag ctatatagac tatgtatcta     67740
     gagatgagta tttaagttgg gttcagattc ttttttaaag ctactcaaca agtatgttta     67800
     caaaggtctc agctactgca atgtttgctc caggctgtgt ttattatttc ttccttattc     67860
     tcttttcttt ttgctttgtt tgcatatgtt tatatgcatg aatttttcta ctgagctaga     67920
     gatgttcact caaagatatg ttgacccgtc cagccggtcc agttattcgt tggtctcgag     67980
     gggactgctc ctgaaaacca aatggggggc gagagagaaa cggagaccaa gcacagaaca     68040
     gacacggagt cagtctggat cttgtcaagg tctcattgta ttcagcaaaa cttgcagttt     68100
     ttatacaaaa agaacaaagg ggatataacc cttacgcaga agggcagagg gggggggcgg     68160
     gggggcattg gtaattttcc ttggcagcta caaggagaag catgatatct aaaagtacat     68220
     cttgtgatta tgacatctgc tctttgtatc aggtctggat catctcgtgg taattgttgg     68280
     tgaccttcat ctggacttag tgagcttggg gaggaggtcc agctttatgt cttaagactt     68340
     gatagtcatc tttttcactt ggattattat aaagaattta gttttgggtc acaacaatat     68400
     gtcagtatca ttcaatatga ttaaggattt ctttttgaag tatgtcagaa atgtttgaaa     68460
     taatgtttta ttgttaaaaa atgtttctca aaaatgtata tatctttata tcttatctaa     68520
     aattttcaat ttatggatac aactttatgt tatttagaag tctttaatag ttctttaaaa     68580
     taaaaatatt tggattttgt catcctattt tgtgtgtatg actgttttac ctgcatgtat     68640
     gtgtaccatg tgtttgcatg atacctcctg aggttagaag ttgtcagatg cttggctgca     68700
     gatctgtgga tgattgtgaa gccaaaacca ggctgctagg aacctctgta agaacaataa     68760
     atattcttag cttatgaacc aagccagcag cccctaaata acatcttcaa aaacatacat     68820
     tgctaaggga aaactgcata taaattccac acattcaaat gataaactaa atatattatt     68880
     aaagatgttt atattattaa taattggctt gtacatattc tattttctgt tcctttctga     68940
     taactcgccg tgtatcaata tttatataat tcatctttct aaattaaaat atgatagaat     69000
     aaatcagcaa ggagatgaat tttctatttc ttgacaaact tcttcattta tatattctgg     69060
     gaagcacggt gaaactcatt aaaagtcaca aagagaggaa aaatacgtgt attttatttt     69120
     catattatga ctttagattg tgaattcatt gaacaattga tgtcaacaaa ttttatggta     69180
     cattttttgc atgtattttc cccattatgt gggaaaagtt agctaaatat ttctaaggtg     69240
     ctggggagat ggatcacaaa agcaggtgct cccaaattgt cttgtataaa cagttctggg     69300
     atttgcactc taaacgaaag caaaaaactt cacattcttg tgaactgcag agccttatac     69360
     tatacagaca ctaacaaagc ctgccttcct ttaatgtcct ctttcccatg gcaaccacct     69420
     gttctgtgtg gatgactggg agaagagatg catcaaagaa cgcttcccaa cacagcatgt     69480
     gcatgctgga attgcaaatg tagcaccttc actatatctc aatgtatacc actgaatcag     69540
     tagccagtaa atgtgctaca tcactggcat gaagccagag aaaggcccta ccaggatagt     69600
     gcaatacagt atgaaaacaa gctagagcac acaaatacat tcaaaatcat attcaaatta     69660
     tagagtcaat ttttttttct gcctgatgca tgtagctcag tgtctttgaa atggtctcga     69720
     tatcattaat taggcaaaat gattaatgta caaagagctt actacaattt tacattttaa     69780
     aatttaaaat gggttttctt ttcatacaat atactctgat cagaattttc tttctcctat     69840
     ctcctccctg cttttctcca tttcccccac ccacccaaac ctacagtttc ttttccgcct     69900
     tagaatataa gcagatatgt aaaaccaata agagtaaaaa tttacacaca gaaatcctaa     69960
     gaaaatgtat gactggatag cacagtattc actcaaagga cccacaaggt aaaacaagca     70020
     taccaacaac cagaaaatct aaaacaaact tgcaaagtca ttgtgtttgt ttgtgttggc     70080
     cattcaatgc tggcttgtga ttggccctta agagtagttt gtacatccag tgatactcca     70140
     ttggagaaga cttttttaag attaaatgtg gctatctttt ggagatagct cctcagtgct     70200
     ggaagcctat ctggctgaat taagttcatg caatgactct ctttgtgtgg ttatatgtat     70260
     tttggctatg ctctgcctag aaggatttgg ttctctggtg tcctctatcc cctctggctc     70320
     ttaaaatatt tccacttcgt atcctttagg gttccctgag ccctgagata ttttgctatc     70380
     tctatactat ccagaagtac atatctataa tcatattttc acactgaaag gcaaacattc     70440
     ttgtatgttc atgctatgtg gatacaattg tgttagttta ttaatactat tatccatttt     70500
     ccacattcat cacaggctga ccatgtgcct tgtgcttttt tctggctaat ttaagaaaat     70560
     tacagtattt tgttttgact ctgcttctaa caccatggga gcatgatgga aatatgttta     70620
     ttcaagtgtt ttaagtaacc atggcacata ctaccaacat aaactagtaa gtctatttgt     70680
     atccatcttc tgacatgtca atgaataatt tataatagaa ttttaaatcc aacataagta     70740
     atttgaaaat aatgaagaat tcagtctgaa tacacaagga aaggggtcta gagaacagaa     70800
     agggactatt caaatataaa tctggctgtg tggcccctac actcactaga caatgaccca     70860
     acagacacac tctctactgt ggcttgctaa ctctcacatc caagttagag atatccactg     70920
     gatatacgta aagtacagaa ggaaaccttt ctgcagctct tctatttact tagagctgtg     70980
     ctggaatgga gagcgaagcc tcaggatcca gataggaatc tctgtgggac tctgggagga     71040
     tggctgggat acagaagaag aggcaggcat aagagtggag tgaatgagcc atagctgcac     71100
     acaggttgtt gacattcact tgtaagggct ctaagtagca tagagtgtat tttgtcagag     71160
     tatagacaga tttgccgttt ccacattttc taattatcaa ggctagaaca aaatgttttc     71220
     aagtgttgtg agaaatggaa aaaggcaaag catagttttg gctgatgtgt agtgtcttcg     71280
     ttagtatgac tataacctca atataatatc tgtctaccta cgtactatca gtcatacacc     71340
     taaatgtgtt acccatgtgt catgtgtaca cctgcctctc cataagttat ttttacagaa     71400
     ggccagtgca gtattttaaa gagaataatg atcatgaagg tgaaagatta ttgccaataa     71460
     aattacattt atctgacaaa agcctacaga tatctcatat ttatccaaat gctgttgcag     71520
     aatatggtgt gtcaatacat ccacataaat attctgtcag cagcttcagg aggtacatag     71580
     cacctttggg agttttcaaa gacactgaaa ataaaaatat gtaaaaactt aagagaaaag     71640
     gacacatttt acacatggta ctggttcaca tgacaagatc tctaacgttt tatgaacccc     71700
     tttccattct gttaagataa ttttttaagc tagttataca tatatgtatg tgtgtgtatg     71760
     tatatatgta tatatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtgggtggg     71820
     tttttttaat atgtatgcag tgcctgcaga ggccagaaaa gaagcacagc gcccctagaa     71880
     atggagctaa gggtgatttt tagttcccag atgtgaatgc tgggaaggta cctctggttc     71940
     tcttagtata ctcaactact aagccatact tttcctcctc catgatttgt attcaaagca     72000
     ttaagctact tgtccttaag cacaacaaaa tagaacacat gaatatctga tattttctta     72060
     ggaaaatgtg attaaatttt gattcataca gtatattttt taccattata tcttgaaacc     72120
     ccagtttttc acacaccaca ccttatccct acccacccaa ttataaataa caataaaggg     72180
     aaccaaaacc aaaaccaaga gcaaacaaca accagtaaac aaaccaatga accaaccaac     72240
     gaaccaacca accaatcaag caaccaatga accaaacaac caccaccacc accatcacca     72300
     ccagcaacaa caacaaaccc actaaaaagc atggaattct atttgtgttg gccaaatacc     72360
     cctcagcatg aggtctgtcc tagagtgtag tatatacatc agatgtcact acattggaaa     72420
     aaacaacata tgttttcttt tccatcacac ggctccattc attgttcaga aatctacatg     72480
     gaagaggaga cagaagatgg taagggctaa ggatcagata ctctaaagat acagcatcat     72540
     ctatacacaa caaggatggc aaacatacat acccctagag actgaagcat gtacatgacc     72600
     tgtgtaagtt taaactagac aaaaccccaa cccctcggaa aggaattggg aaaaaactcc     72660
     caccctacct caaagaaaat gtgataattt tcttatactt gtatttggat atctaaaaaa     72720
     aaatagttct gagaacacat attttatata tactatctta tagtaaaact gtatttagta     72780
     ttatctatga catgaaaaag tcagtgcaga taattcagtc attatgagcc gttattttta     72840
     ctgcatgtct ggtcaaagat aatagcttat actttaatga tgtctttgtg tgtgacaatg     72900
     gcctaatcag ctttaagtgg cagatagtag tgaagtgaaa aattctttaa agtgttgtgt     72960
     ttttaatata atacgtacta tgtataactg gaatgatcat gtgatatata catacataca     73020
     aatatatact ctcctctctc tcatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     73080
     atattccctc agcagttgtt taaggtgaag gaagagaatg ccaatgaatc aaataacgga     73140
     taaagatgta tgaaactcat cagattgcta gaggaagtaa tgtcagtaaa aggagttgta     73200
     gaaatgaagg cagtatttta tcaataaaca aattaatgga aggaacactg gttaggaagg     73260
     attcagctag aggtatacat tatacaaagc tgtgaataaa ggcataatta tttctgcaaa     73320
     tacactgttt aaaaattagc tgtgatttat ttttaaatga aaatttaaca atagtaatta     73380
     acatttgcat gataacgttg caatgatttt tcaaaaggaa ttatgacaac ctcttggctt     73440
     gattggtata ataaattgct gaaaaaagtc ttcccctctt acaaaataga gatttttttt     73500
     ttactattag agaatatacc acaaaaatct aaacaatagc attaaatatt tatgacaaat     73560
     ataatataat ttttataatc ttatgaatat aaaatatgca attcataagt agtttatggt     73620
     tctataaaag gaaagttgtt ttttgtattc ttcaaaggca catgataagc atgattaata     73680
     tctcactagc aaattcagac cagatacaag gttttcctcg aggaggtcct gcggactggg     73740
     cttctttagt gatatgtctg catcgtatgt ggtggggctg gtgaaactaa atgatttcta     73800
     tcatttgctg aagacaaagt tttaaacttc attggcttat ctccagctca tacttttata     73860
     cccatttctt ttccaacgga aacaacaatg gaactgtgaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactgc     73920
     aaagtgactc agaaaagatt ttcgccatgt gtaagatgcc agtgctgtcc aaccgtggca     73980
     atgactgtgg gtgtgttcct atccagaaga gggagttagg atgtgagttc caagcacaaa     74040
     gtccacaaaa ttggaccgga ctctgcattc tccctcacac tcatttttct ctcaagatac     74100
     ggttgtagaa attgatcctg ttttattgtt gttaaggaaa catttaaagt agttgatgga     74160
     atccgcagta aataaataat aaatccaaac tgaagctttt cttgaaacac cacttacatt     74220
     agcacagtct gtgtgctttc ttacttagca tgcttgatga tgtaacaggg ctcctgtgaa     74280
     caaggctggc ggcttgggct ccctctgctg tctgactagt ttcatttaca gcagctgaac     74340
     tatcccgaag aaagaaagaa aaaaaaaatc aatgtctaaa aaattcagct gctacagtaa     74400
     gaagtaccag aaaccaagaa tagcttatct ttgctttgcc ttctgaaaaa gacagcatga     74460
     attttaaacg aggaaatggt gggttttccg gtagattttg taatactaga gagattttta     74520
     atagaactga gaacataagc aactgtaatg aatgaatagt tcccagtgat ttttgccata     74580
     aaaatattta aaatacttag gaataggatt gcatttctaa aacgtcacta cttatatgtg     74640
     tactcaataa agtagcaaag tagaatcttt gcacgagcta gcaatttttt aaagaatgaa     74700
     acctacacta cattgaacac accaatgtat ttgtaactta cagcaagtga aaatttgatt     74760
     tataagtaga aaagatggaa taagtaaaag ataacagata tcagatgttg aagccattta     74820
     acctcataaa attaagtcaa atgacttagg ggaatgatca cagaaaatga aactataatt     74880
     tattttgcat tatgtgctta tattttactt tcttttttga ctaaatttat tggtaaatgt     74940
     atttatttaa acctacttgg ctgtattatt ttaaattttt gggttctcca ttataataat     75000
     aattttgtac tttaagccat agacatgaaa ttttatttta ttcgatatac atatattatt     75060
     ttgctcctgg caatagaata taaaactttg ttacttcatt ccattgttcc aataatacct     75120
     atgtatttac taagaaacac ttaactatat ctatttgcta gatgtacagt gttgaagtcc     75180
     tcctgctctg tgcacatgta tgtaactatt catatacttt atttagatgt aattacaaaa     75240
     tattctctct ctactcaccc aactgaattt tcagacattt tccggatcac tttcagtttt     75300
     tttcttgttg tctaattatt catggtggta cagcctgcct ttaggtgtgg cccacctgca     75360
     agtaatcaca ttaaataaaa ctgaattttt tccttttatc agcatcaaat ggcaatagca     75420
     actcagctac tgatgagaat tttgtccctt tcttctcctt gcaatgatta gatttttttc     75480
     tggtttgagt ttgcacaaat cttgtgtatg ctggcaaaat gtctaagatt ttgtttgtga     75540
     tatagctctg ctctgtccag aaaacaaaac aaagaaacaa aaaactcttt gcagttatcc     75600
     atcacctctt gtatacaatg tattcatgta tactctctca tagctatctg agctttcaag     75660
     cgaagggtat ggtgcatata tcccatttaa gtataagaac tacaccactc ttcttcattg     75720
     cacattgacc ctttgaagct ctctgtacta attaccatct agagcaagaa gacactttcc     75780
     ccaaatgaga gtggagcaat gcagtgatct ccagttatag tagtaagtca ttagaagtca     75840
     tttaaatatt ttatttatta gcaaaataat agcatttggt tctcccctag acctagaacc     75900
     taactagtgc gtacttggcc ccattactac tgttgggtat gcatctcatc tcatggaggg     75960
     ggactcagat ccaatcagaa gcggtgtgtt tccacaatgg gatattgata ttcacagtgg     76020
     atagtcaact gtttaaaaat cattctacgt aaaacattcc acacaggaag acagatgtcc     76080
     catattttct ctcatgtacg gatgctagtt ttgaaccttc agatgcctgt tttttttttt     76140
     ttcacttcat atacccataa aagccaacaa ctcagtaacc agcatccaaa ggggaagagg     76200
     aagagcacag tgatattaaa ggttaaagga aacaattgaa cacgaagggg taagtgctat     76260
     tgggcatggg ttgtcaggat agagaaagaa atatggaaaa ggataattaa cactaaaatg     76320
     cttttgaagt aaatattatt aaatatatat gtgagtttgt gtatgtgttt ctctctctct     76380
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     76440
     gtgtgtgtgt aaagagagag acagacagac agagagacag caagagacta agagagagac     76500
     acacacagag agaagagagt tttaatgggg ttatcctaca acctaccata actacacatt     76560
     tatgctaggc agcaaaatcc taaattctag gatgagtcac ttcatgagtg ggcctcagat     76620
     ccaatcagat gtagcgtatt tacacaatgg catattgtgt atccatagtg gatattcaac     76680
     tgttctgggt ctcataaagt atgaagcact gcaaattatt gcaatacttt tgatgaccat     76740
     tcagttcttg agtaaaacaa cctaagtact gaaggcaccc ctgaaataag aatacagaga     76800
     aatctggatg acactcacat aaatactgca tttctacaga gtagctttca taatgctcca     76860
     atgatctgtc aagccactgg aggagaaaca ttatcattag tcttatccag cagtgaaccc     76920
     tgcaataaat aatctccatc tttcaataat gccatgaatg ttatgggaga aatagatatg     76980
     tctatttata attaatacat ttcatgtaga tattaaacag aacagctctt aacactctct     77040
     tagatgagat tgttactaaa cattaagtgc catttcaaaa caaaactatt aaaaactcag     77100
     ctccagctca aggggaggtc gcaagccctg acactattac tgagtctatg gagcactcac     77160
     aaaaagggac cttgcctgac cacactccag aagacccaac aagcagctga aagagtcaga     77220
     tgcagatatt tgtgctcaac cagtggacag aagttgctga cccctgtggt ctaattaggg     77280
     aaaggctgaa agaagcagag gaagagagtg atcctgtaag agggccagca gtctcaatta     77340
     atctggatcc ctgaaatctc tccaacactg gaccaccaaa caggcagcat acaccagctg     77400
     atatgaggca cccaacacat acagtagagt acttccccca acacatatac agcagaggac     77460
     ttccgtatct gtgttcattc agagatgatg cacctaactg tcaagagatt ggaggcccca     77520
     aggagtttag aggtcagttg gggtgagggt ggggacatcc acatggagac aggtgggtgg     77580
     ggagggggtg tgggatgtgg aacagttggg aggatggagt gggaagaggg aataaaatct     77640
     ggagtgcata aaaattaatt ttaaaaccct tggatcatat atccaaagaa cgaatggaat     77700
     tcatcagtgt atttttgtgc taatcacatt gcctcacagc tacttcaact ctgtagaaga     77760
     aataaactgg aaataaaaag agagaacaaa atgatgacaa ttgtagtaaa cttggatcag     77820
     aaaatccagt aaatgaggga agacaaggca agttaacctg agtgaaataa aaccacacga     77880
     ctccatctct tcactcactg ttgcttctaa atacctaata tgcaccttca ttagagtaag     77940
     agtttagtat ttctatgtgg atttctattt tctttcaaaa atttccatga agatattatt     78000
     tctcaaaaat taagtagaat tcaaaatgtt ttgaaaaata ttaaatacat ttggtgatac     78060
     aggtagctaa ttagtgattt tttatccttt ctgtttgagt aagagccaca aaactaaatc     78120
     agatgagaac tgtgacttca ttaaagcaaa tgaagaaaga aaattaggat aatcaagtat     78180
     aaggaaaagc atgcagggtc ttcatcaaaa gagaacacag aattgtgtaa gatacgccgc     78240
     ggaggtatta gaccgagttg ggggaagaag tactgaatga gatcactgta cacttaagga     78300
     atatatgcga ctttcaaaga ataaataaaa taagaaaatt aaaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa     78360
     aacactggaa gcttctaagt gacagaggat acagatagcc agaccaagtt aaatatcaga     78420
     tattgcttct cacatacagg aacgaagatc gtggattagc tcatttccag ccagctgtgg     78480
     tgctgcgtgc ccattatctc ggagccagaa gccatcttgg gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     78540
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaactctcaa atcaagaaca atcaacagac agacaaatga     78600
     aaattggcaa caaaactcag acttcctaat tgatttttca ctaaaacacc tgaaatttac     78660
     ctattagata ttgaataatg atcatgaact gtgtttggcg tcataaatat taacgtcctg     78720
     ctaatagaat ttaatttggg gggcaagaaa tcagctgaaa gaagaataat atagaaaaat     78780
     ataggacttt taaagggaag tcagggtccg ttgttcactt gttgatattg gagtcactgg     78840
     aagtagaagc tgacttgggc tcggtgaggt atatgtcttt gtgtccacta atataagttg     78900
     ttattccccc gtggatttga aatagcgatt caggtatttt cagagttgta agggctttaa     78960
     agagggtgag acggtttcct agaaactaag atttctagga aaaacctcag tgttctttag     79020
     catataaatt atttccacct gcttgtattt gcatctactg tagtcttata cacttcaggg     79080
     accagaagtg tccccctagg tttctgaaca taatgtgaat agcactgcat gaattttcta     79140
     gtttttaaac ctggatatcc taatgcatga caaaggcctg agcactggga agaataagat     79200
     ctctgggaat tcctaatgtc aagcaaatag aattccaaat gagagctttt gagggtttgt     79260
     tgagaatatt taattttttc ctcaacatta caaaatgtag gatcaccatt actatatgat     79320
     ttgcttcagt aaattgtcca caataaattc tatgacattt tctgcaatag caattaaaac     79380
     tgaagattaa ttgtactttt ttgtcccatt tgctttgcag gaacttgctc ttaaacttca     79440
     atgtcaattt taatcttttc cagtgatcat agtttccact tatatttttg ataggttctt     79500
     gaaatatata tttatcttat atttcatttg atcacatata tttatactta gcaacaatat     79560
     ggccttggaa gaagaaaata gtatctaaat aaacatacta acttcataat tatgaggttg     79620
     gccactgact aaatacaaaa tattagaaaa ataaaataca aatgaagctg ttgaataaac     79680
     atgtagattc tgatgttagt caagatcctt catctacagc tcagagagag atggtgtata     79740
     taacgcttcc ggttcagttc acaaaatgtc aaacaggaaa acaaacacaa acacactgga     79800
     cttatttgtt gttatttaca agagaaattc tgataggagt tcttaaaatg caaactctct     79860
     gattctttaa ttctcattct taaaaaaaaa aattcattca catcaggatt tcatccacac     79920
     agtcgtcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     79980
     cttctttttt caattaattt tgccattagc agttgtgcac acaatgcaat gcagatgctg     80040
     gctctcacat cccaatttgc ttgtgcacct atcagtccaa gcatccccct aagtgctcat     80100
     gacaggtagt tagggctctt ggtgatcata agtttggagc tattttgtag agcctggtga     80160
     ttttgccaat gggtataaaa ctagagaaca gttttctttt tctcttctct tctcttctct     80220
     tcttctttct cttctcttct cttctcttct cttctctttt tcctttcttt ttatttatat     80280
     attatttatt tacattcaaa tgttttcccc cttaccagtt tcccctctgg aaacccctta     80340
     tcccattctc ctccccctgc ttctaggatg gtgctcaccc acccacttac ccactcccac     80400
     ctaactgccc tagcattacc ctatgctggg gcattgagcc ccaacaggac caagggcctt     80460
     cccttccatt gtctaacaag gccatcctct gctatgtagg cagctggagt catgggtccc     80520
     tccatgtgta ctctttgatt ggtgggttag tccctgggag ctctgattgg ttgataattg     80580
     ttgcttttcc tatggggctg aagacccctt caggtccttc agtccttccc ctgactcctc     80640
     ttttggggtc cctctctgtt tatgagctct aacctcatcc ccaagaaatt aaaactttag     80700
     agtacttaaa atatatacca atattataaa tgcatattga aattaaaact atatgcttcc     80760
     tttgtgaggg tgtacatgaa cctgaaaata atcttgaaac ttaaaataaa aagtaaagaa     80820
     tataaataaa atagtcatta tactattatt tagaagctag ataaattcct tcagctagat     80880
     tttgaaagca cagatacata tgacttttta gttaaagcac tctctgtttt ataaaaaaat     80940
     gtagcttaga agaactaagg caaaacattt tacagaatct tttacactag attttccttg     81000
     catttttaca tagaaaaaaa taattctctg actttcccat tgcaaatgta caaaaatgtt     81060
     ttcctaaatt ctatggtaga taaaaactga atggtttgct acaaaattgt agtcaactct     81120
     attccagcta gctagctaga taaatatgaa cacatatata aatagatgag atacataata     81180
     tacttatatg tcttatgtgt tcataaattt caacatatat tttattacta atgtataatt     81240
     ctatcagatg atgctgaaat gttattttta tgttttataa aaattgaaga aagtatgcat     81300
     gatagaagtc atagaggcaa aagcattttc aaataataga acttcctagt cgaggattaa     81360
     aaataaaata aaagcagatc tgaacttgtc acaattattt cgtagtatac ctcactaaga     81420
     ctgaaatcaa agccagtgct attttgtagt gtacatttgt tgaactttgt cttgaacctt     81480
     gttgagaaaa acaaatggaa acacctctct taaaagcaaa agcaaaaaca aaaacgaaaa     81540
     caaaaatgaa ctagtatatt atctctaaaa gacgagatgt ttcctgtagt aagttttgtc     81600
     tgtcatataa actagtgaga caataaccac aaatttcctg tgggtgaata gaattgtata     81660
     tctaatttga ctttctcttt tctatgacgg tcatctttct ttagagagaa cagtatactt     81720
     gcagagctgt gtagcactgg aggaaggctg gagtgctttc caggacaata acatcctgag     81780
     acatttgcaa aaggtaagta ctgtggatag cagctgactc caaatgatga agcaaccttt     81840
     gttctttgat gcttaaatgg actgttctgt taggcttaca aagtcaaatt cctagttgtt     81900
     ctgctacctg acaatgtccc tgtttctatg ttcaaattag ttgttttttt tttttaataa     81960
     caatttgcat agagcattgt gttaggaaag tcactgcaga gtctttcaga tattatttca     82020
     ttggtcttca tgctctccct ttgggtaaca atgttgaact caccataggc cacaactgca     82080
     atgtaaagtc ccagtgtaag aatttaattt tgaattctca cctacttctc cagatgtgag     82140
     agacaggaac gtagccataa caggattccc taacttttac aaaattttat aaaattaata     82200
     taactgaggc agagagccaa gtgggcctac catgctgtat actcacttgc tattggccaa     82260
     agcatgttct tgttcttact ttcctgaaac aacacttatc aggaatgtta aaaactttgt     82320
     cttgtgtgtg aatctgtctg ttacatcagg ataatatatc catgcacttc cagtataaac     82380
     ttcagtattt cagaattgtg aattcccaat acagctagtc tggaaatatg agagataaaa     82440
     ttctaaaatc tcatataaag gaattctaaa cctcatataa aggaatatgc catgtaagtt     82500
     caaaacctac cacataaagc acactgaagt gtgttttgtt aaaaaaattg tctggaatta     82560
     ttcatgtaat aggacaccag atttaagggc agatgtacat aattcaagca tgttgacatt     82620
     tagagtagaa tgagaagtat tgacatcttt gtaattatat ttaattctta attcaaagag     82680
     atgcatgcaa agtacatcta gtagaataga ggaaaacaaa taaattgaaa ctaaaggcat     82740
     tactgcttct aagtgggtaa tattccactt tatgaaatgt taaaatgtta tatttccatt     82800
     ctattccata ttgaaaaatt gcattcagtt gtttattcca aaatgttacc tataacatag     82860
     agaccaacac aaactgtcaa gaaaatgtaa tatgtaacag atggaatata agaaatatca     82920
     ctaagaattt gtgtgtgtgt tgtatgttgt tgagtatgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     82980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttca atgtacttct tagtatgggg ttttgcatgt     83040
     gtgtttgggt agaggtcaga ggtagaggtc atgggttgac tgcagatgtc tttccacact     83100
     tactgcccac acttgtcctt tgaggcaaat ttgctcaatg agtctgaaat ttcttgattt     83160
     ggctggtcag tgagtttaag agaccctcct tattagccac ccaactatgg ttacactatg     83220
     gttacaggta tacacctatt cctgcttttt atatggatgc tgcaaataaa aatcaagcct     83280
     tcgtgctctc ccaatacagt attttttaaa acttagagaa ggatttgctt ttaattattt     83340
     catttgcttg atgatcgtat taaaaataaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca aacacatttg     83400
     aacccttaat agttttcact gggctgaaaa tgccactgac atcttgaggt aaatcaaatg     83460
     tgataaccca acaagacccg cagcctatga tatatattaa tattccctca tggcaaggag     83520
     aaagacacta ggctagtcct cccggaagtt atgtagggct ctacatttga cttggtggaa     83580
     attcttgagg cagccactgt gtcagccagt gcactgtatt agtggtaaag cttttattga     83640
     cagccataca tcagtgctgc aagtcagact cttagtgata taatctttga gttaaccttc     83700
     actcctgtaa gtaacatcaa tgaactcatt gcataactag catggggcat aattctttct     83760
     ttggtctgtg gccccttctc tatccagggt gtgaagatat acacattaac cttacattcg     83820
     caggaaaagt tatgtgacag tctttcatat atcacattat aatttcaagt attatacact     83880
     gaatccatca tcctaggatc ctggtaaaaa tcttttgtta atatatatgc tgattgaact     83940
     gtcattttga tattttatgt gttaagaaca agtttttgga gaaataagac aatcagaaac     84000
     tccaaatgga aagaacaaaa ctctggaaaa attacaacat agaaatttct gcaaacaggt     84060
     gcctaaaata ggaaagtagg agagacaagt gaataaaaac catactaaaa taccaaattt     84120
     tatgtaaaaa taaggtaaag ttatacactc cctagcaaca ccatgtgtat tgattgacat     84180
     actagatact gagatagtat ataattaaac ataattatgg aaaatcatac agaattattt     84240
     ttaatattag tatattaagc atagcaattt tagggactag aaagacaact tattaggcaa     84300
     cagtgctttc catatggaca tagtactacc ggaggatccc gcaatacctc tcctgggcat     84360
     atatccagaa gatgtcccaa ccggtaagaa gaacacatgc tccattatgt tcatagcagc     84420
     cttgtttata atagccagaa gctggaaaga acccagatgt ccctcaacag aggaatggat     84480
     acagaaaatg tcgtacattt acacaatgga atactactca gctatttaaa aaaatgaatt     84540
     tatgaaattc ctaggcaaat ggatggacct ggagggtatc atcctgagcg aagtaaccca     84600
     atcacaaagg aactcgcaca atatgtactc actgataagt ggatattagc ccaaaactta     84660
     ggatacccaa gatataagat acaacttgcc aaacgcatga aattcaagaa taactaagac     84720
     caaagtgtgg acactttacc ctttcttaga aatgggaaca aaacacccat ggaaggagtt     84780
     acagagacaa aatttggagc tgtgacgaaa ggatggacca tctagtgatt gccatatgca     84840
     ggaatccatc ccataatcag cttccaaatg ctgacaccat tgcatacact agcaagattt     84900
     tgctgaaagg acccagatgt agctgtctct tgtgagacta tgctggggcc tagcaaacac     84960
     agaagtggat gatcacagtc agctattgga tgggtcacac ggcccccaat ggaggagcta     85020
     gagaaattac ccaaggagct aaagggaact gcaaccctat aggtggaaca acaatatgaa     85080
     ctaaccagta cctgggaact cttgtcttta gctgcatatg tatcaaaaga tggcctagtc     85140
     ggccatcact ggaaagagag gcccattgga cttgcaaact ttatatgccc cagtacaggg     85200
     gaacgccagg gccaaaaagg gggagtgggt gggtagggga ttggggggtt gggtatgggg     85260
     gacctttggg atagcattga aaatgtaaac aaggaaaata cctaataaaa aaaaagataa     85320
     aaaaataaat aaataaaaat aaggtaaagt tatacactca ctagcaacac catgtgtgtt     85380
     gattgacata ctagatactg agatagtata taattaaaca taattatgga aaatcataca     85440
     gaattatttt taatattagt atattaagca tagcagtttt agggactaga aagacaactt     85500
     attaggtaac agtgctttcc atattagtct gaaaacccac attttaatcc tcagagccaa     85560
     cacagaatca gacacatact agtagtacct ctaactccat ttctctaaaa agaatatgag     85620
     aagcagatat aggaggattc ttggttgctt ttataacagc tagtctaata tatggagcag     85680
     gggaagttta gacagactga gagagcgaga gagggagaga gaagagacag acagacatag     85740
     acagatagag agacagagag aaactgagag aataagacag agagacagat aaagagacag     85800
     aggaacacaa agatgcagag acagagactt agagagagag ggaggttggg cgggattcag     85860
     tgagggaaga aagaagggag ggagagaatc ctatctcaat atctcaaaag aaagtagatg     85920
     agaacacacg agtgctctct gaccttctag catgccctat tgcacacgtt gcctacgtgc     85980
     acacacagga gttcacacac atatagtcac atcccacaca cacacagtgt agttttatgc     86040
     acagtgcttt gtgtttgtac ttataaacgg attactttgg aatccggaaa gcagcagaca     86100
     ctgtaaaata tgctacccaa acaatatatg tctcaggtaa gtcacttgac atctctgggc     86160
     tacaatcgga agcttggcgc ttatggattt tactgaacta tcttaacaga tacgtagatg     86220
     tctgatgcca ggacttgcgc ttcatggact tacattggct ctgtagttgg agcggcgagt     86280
     gcgtgacaca tggattgcct ggagggttgc atctgtttcg caaacgccca tgccaacctt     86340
     tcaaagaaca aactgaaaca gtgctgcccg gagaacgaac gtgccctttc ctgatgtgat     86400
     ttgcacgttt ctcgctttgg agctcactgt tttgtttcct cctattgcaa ataaacaaat     86460
     gcagacagga gataacaggg taagttccct taggacagga tgacaccaag tatagcagtg     86520
     ctttgttaag ctgctatatt tcccaataat tctcacagct aataattaat ttcaccacac     86580
     agtggccctt tggaattatt aaattgattt ctgcagatta ttgtttaaca gttagtgaaa     86640
     acccaacagt gggtgctgtc agaacccaaa gctcttctcg ttaccaccca ccgggcctaa     86700
     ttgcaactca aattaaacag gtaaatcaaa ccaacagaaa cactgacagt tttcagcaag     86760
     cccagtggtc atctcccaga gcaaaagagc taaaaggcca agcagtttct gtcagtttat     86820
     tatcacgcct gccatattta ccttagctgc aaaggatttt aggaatgttt aaactacaga     86880
     ggaccagcat tatatttgac agctattatc aaaatttctt tcttcattga aaaaaaaaat     86940
     tcaaaatata gagctgcatt tgagcataac ttatgctagt gcctttctaa ttgtgtttgc     87000
     aggattcaca gggaagcatt ctgttgggat aattgctcat gatggtgaag atcggtaatt     87060
     tggctcatga gcacttcaga aaattactca aaatgttgtg aggagaattt cccacaaaca     87120
     cgcagacctg cgaactataa gtaggtgctg ttttcagaat ttttctcaag actctttaag     87180
     aacttttttc taagaatgtt cttgctttca agttgctcaa gaaagtctgt attttttcga     87240
     acagagacaa ttattgctcg tttaatgcat tcaaacgttc ttgtatgaat ttttaaaatt     87300
     agaaatgtga tgtgacttag aggaaattaa atgtgttgtt atacatacaa tgagcaaata     87360
     tatctgacac acatactaat gtattatgga tttaccaaat gtgatattat tgtctatatt     87420
     aattattaag tattatatat taattaacat ttattaagca gtagtatctt aggtattttt     87480
     gataacttat tgatattctc tacaattgtt ggttaaaaaa caataatagt ttctgaaatt     87540
     attaattata ttatgagtta gttttgggtg tccgtactta caaatataac catgaagaat     87600
     ttaaagtgtt catttacatt ttccagtgaa gttagaatta tttgtatgta catacacaga     87660
     caacacacac ataatcacat gtgttattat gatcagtatc tcaagatcag aagcctctca     87720
     gtgtaccagt aaggtgacat ttgtaattgt attcatttat cttgaatttt tgcttatgta     87780
     gtgaaattct gagagtatct acaggcatgc caattgcaca tgaaaggtag aactttgact     87840
     ttttccaact tttcctttaa aatgtcattg tgtccttaag aatatttagt aaattggtca     87900
     caaatgccct atctttagga gagtgagaag ccttgagatt gtaactctag aatgataatt     87960
     caaggtttta tcaacggcca gagtcatcag tctgggactc atctatgaca tagaaaaaca     88020
     atgttcctca taaaaaaatc catcatttaa ttggatgatg atgtttattt atcattaaat     88080
     ggactgataa cacatctcat cttctaaggt aatagacatt acatacagat aatataatac     88140
     acactatata ctcaatgcaa catttttata atcatctttt aatccctgtc ccttattctc     88200
     agattatagc cataacagta aagaatttaa taaatttagg tattttcaat ttaaattttc     88260
     atctccattg aagcactaca cacaatatca atggataaaa taatggtata atttgaaaac     88320
     aaagaagaaa aaagtctctc ctctaaataa ctggtaaaat aatgcccctt ggtttacata     88380
     attgaatcaa aaaagtaatg aattcaactt ttttttcatt ctatcggctt aatgtgctga     88440
     ttacaaagag ctgctcttta ttaagcatct actttttatc agatacattt agggggaaaa     88500
     aaagtagtct tttgggagct tttaagccac agagctttag tcagtggtga cttggctcag     88560
     ttttatgctt ttaaattaga tcctggcatt ggcataagaa ttccagtaat taaaactgaa     88620
     atctgaagta agatgataga aatttattaa tatacaataa tggtatcaga gttactgata     88680
     aataaggaac tgatctgaca tcagtagatc aaacttttct ataagatttt ccttcattta     88740
     agaattacat tgcagggctt gtgcattata tggagagata tctcggtggt taagagcact     88800
     gactgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagtttaat tctcagcaac ctcatggtgg ctcaaaacca     88860
     tctgtaatgg gatccaatgc cctcttctgg tgtagctgaa gacagctaca gtgtactcat     88920
     atacaaatct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctgt     88980
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgggtgg gtgtgggtgt gggtgtgggt gtgtgtgtgt     89040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtacgtatgt gtataagaga attatctctt atactgctta ggaaaagaac     89100
     cttgtagttt tctgttatta gcaattcata gcagacaaag attactcaat tcaaggccca     89160
     gtttctcatt tggaatgtca tgtaatttag aagctcatac attgtctgca aaattttcct     89220
     acaatatatt ttttttctaa atgactaatg aattcaagtg atgatgaggc agacattatg     89280
     attagtttac tattagacat ttgagccctt tgaaaggaaa atcctggtaa aagagactta     89340
     ttcaaaatgt aatgttacag acctaccaca tgtcaaatgc agtaaatgaa gttaagacat     89400
     caatattgaa attggcatgg ctttagccct tccaaatttc ttgagctcac tactgctttt     89460
     tagtttctgt aatttttttc atgagacact atttgcaatt tatagatgtt atcttcaaca     89520
     atcaaatttt ctgaaaattt tctttcttgt atgaacaata aattttggag ttaaattttg     89580
     tgaccagtct atattatggc catttgataa tttcaaggtg cataggtata attatttgtt     89640
     ttataaggga agatgtaaag tgtgtattta aatagcaggc ttcactgaag ttgtcatatt     89700
     cctggttcct ctttataatg tatcccaccc ctactctaga ggtagaaatt gtactggttt     89760
     ctcactactt gatccttaaa tgcaagtgct gcacttgagg gctatttaaa gaatacattc     89820
     tcatatgttt aagatgctgg cacttcagct ctaatgagct aaatgaatct cagattcatt     89880
     acagagtgct cttttccctt tgataaaaat gctggcgcta acatatgcac attgatatgt     89940
     gtgtattcca gaaaacttgc attggtatat taacagtact atggagatac ctgtgataga     90000
     tcaggaggaa ttggacataa agagatccag agaagtgtca cttatcataa cagaaaatat     90060
     gaaatataag aaatatgaaa tgaagtgctg agaaatgatt gttagaaaga ctacaggtgc     90120
     aaaggaacaa attatgacca gtaaattaca ttcaaaagaa gagacagaca acaaagatgt     90180
     aaattcaata gcagaactga gaatccaaca caagcaatga aacagtaggt aaggctgaag     90240
     aaagacagca gatggatcag gggcctcagt gtgtgcacag actctgctca tggttttgtc     90300
     atacagaaag tcttgggtca aacctcagta acccagttga agcattaact agcaggtaga     90360
     acatttactc cgggatctaa taaggtcata aggccacatt cactaagtta gggactagac     90420
     ttagggattt taaaaggctt cagagagctc tcttgatctt tctatctgga aaggacaaat     90480
     cttgggaaac gcatctgtca tccagagagc atgttacatg actgactatt tcctgacgtc     90540
     ttattgtttg acttccaaac agtgaagaat aaattaataa tatatgtaag ttcatgatat     90600
     atttccagta gtccaaacag ataggcactt atgggaacac ttctaaagag agcagcacat     90660
     ctcagtttaa caaacacaca ccttactgcc cgcgtattaa catattttcc ctgtgcttca     90720
     cctaatgtat ggaagatcat tgagtaaatg aatcatgcca tttagtaatt tagcactgtc     90780
     aaccaccaat actagctaga gagacaaact tgttgaaaga catgtaaaat gtaattttaa     90840
     ttttgatttg attctgagtt tagacaaagg gcaacaaatt atataagcaa acttatcttt     90900
     gttttatatc tctttaatga ttagacttcc ttcattaact tcccatactc agcaaatatg     90960
     ctttgcatct ttatgcttct ctaagtgcta ttgtattgta ggtactgtaa tccaaatgaa     91020
     ggaaagaaaa cgtgtcttcc tatttctttg ttttttacct cagagaaatg catttaatgg     91080
     acattcgctc tggacagcaa acgccttttc ccatccctta atgcctttcc tgtccctaca     91140
     acaatttcct tttgagataa ggtcacctga caaaggtagt ctggtgctct ggatatgtaa     91200
     cattttggag attagacacc aaacaccagc tagcaggcta taatcctaca taagaagaca     91260
     cttttttttt cttttggcga tttctgcatt tttgagcgtg actcagacaa gctttctttc     91320
     ctggatggat tccattgcag actcgatttc agtgtgtgga tgtaaggcat taacacgttt     91380
     tactgaaaca tttgtaacct aattaaatta tctttgtgta actgtttcca ccttatgtat     91440
     taaagtcatc atcctaagcc ttgaattgag tgtatgatta aattgggagg atacctcttc     91500
     ttagaaacat gtagtacttt aaaaaaaatg aattcatact gaagacacaa gttttcctcg     91560
     gaaaaaatag ggtgctgcac agttaaaaca ttctatggag ggatggaaca actttggcta     91620
     gaaagaagca aaccaacatt ttctttgctg agggatgctg tgatgtgtgc agactcaact     91680
     tacaaaacac acctttgccc aggttcctca agttaacatt gtagactaga tcactttgct     91740
     cataagccct ttcttgtgca ttgctggata cttattagca tccctgctct ctcccctcta     91800
     gatagcatca tactctacca acaatttttt ttaagaaaaa ggaaaggaag aaaatagaaa     91860
     agaaaggaaa agaaaagcat ttcccaacat taaaaaaaaa tgtttctgga ggaatagaac     91920
     agtcctgagt tataaactat ggtctcacaa aaatgttttt gagctagtaa tcagtgtgtt     91980
     ttttttttaa gggacttgga agatggttct atgtagaaat gaaaacttgg aaatatacag     92040
     tgattagata gatatccatt gttcaatatt gggcatgatt tttattattg tgcgtcttct     92100
     cctatcctcc tttcaacact cttcattaca taatccattc tgcttgaatt ctgagaagtt     92160
     acagccggat ccacattcag gcttcaagtg aagcagaagc atccaagtag aatattagag     92220
     caaagagcag gtctgcagcc aaagacagaa cactattggc tttaatctgt aaagcgtgct     92280
     ggcagtcctt gaccattctc cactgatgtt agcagtagag tgaggtatat atttagattt     92340
     atgttctgta gatgagtagg aaaacaaagg agtaagtttg atcttatggg tataatcaca     92400
     aaagaagttc agtgcctggc actaataaat gtgaatttct gaatcccaaa atagatagac     92460
     aataattagt gttgtcatat tattcttcta ttgcttagaa aagactgcac aactcaggca     92520
     acttataaga aaacatttaa ctggggagtt gttcacagtt tcagaagttg agtacatgag     92580
     catcattgta gggagcaaag gagctcccta caatgtcatg acagtcatgg tacatgtgca     92640
     ctagccagga gcttagagct attctacagg ttggagacag acagagagag agagagagag     92700
     caatatgaac caaatactta taaataaaca cttgtaagta catatttttc cgttatccaa     92760
     tttttaatta aaaatgttca tcaataaaat gcttcaaacc tgtacaaaca cattcaagct     92820
     gaagttttat ttataataaa aacaggtgta cagtatcttt aacatataaa tatggcatag     92880
     actattaaca tataacacat atcatcaaat aaaatgtcaa agttacagtt ttgaaaatga     92940
     agaaagtgtc tataaggcat tatgaaaagt atttcaaaat attgaacaga tctattttgg     93000
     atcaatgtga aaacacctgt ctttatgcgt attatgaaat aacttgagga ctatgagcac     93060
     aaatgtataa taaaatgggt aaatttatct gatctaattc attatacaca gacagactat     93120
     ttatgttcaa ttatctcccc ccagggtttt gaattccttg tttttgataa agttgtgaaa     93180
     gccaaaacca gtttctattt aaatatttat tttttggata gaaacatttg ctcacttgct     93240
     aggaacactg ggttttctct tgcagaaaac ccagctttgg ttctcaaaaa ctcaatgaga     93300
     gttcagaact ctctataact tcagtgccag gagaatccat acactctcct ttcacccgca     93360
     ggcatcaggc atgaacatgt tgcatatgca cacatacagt ccaaactctc atacacagaa     93420
     aataacaaat aaatctataa agtgtttgtt gaacatgaaa accgactcta ttgaattctg     93480
     tgaatggcaa agcaaacttt tttccctcaa aatgagtgta aaccctcttg tagaatgata     93540
     gaacatgagg tttacttaaa atcctttgtg ctaaaataga atgaatgtaa taaaacaatg     93600
     taccatggca gtagacttag agactaaaca ttactatttt gacattttat gggaagaagt     93660
     ggctttgcta acaccaatgt gcttgttact aataatacag ttaattagcc aaacagaaaa     93720
     atcaacaaaa aatggagctt tattaataga agaaacaaat acttcctcaa ttctttttaa     93780
     aatataattt tcaattttat ttcattctaa agatgcattt gatgaacaca ttatgtcagt     93840
     caaacctata attgtatggt aggtgctgcc tgagatgaac aatgtgtctg cccagtatgt     93900
     gataacttcc cttccctgga aagcctttgt acagccatca agtatttcaa tactacacat     93960
     ggacaacaaa atgatttctg actgctctga tcaatattcg gacaatccac acatcacatc     94020
     atgatccttc tcacaccaaa cagattcctg tctagccact gtttgattcc atttttcttt     94080
     cttccctgaa tatgatcttg aaattgacta accgacgttt ctgacaacat gctacggctt     94140
     tgctgcgttt cccttattct ccatcattaa atttgccgag gatgacttgg tgaagaaaaa     94200
     tacatgccct tggagttaag aaaatattat tctggcaagt aacaaattat aggctattat     94260
     tccgtaattt cagagagaag tgagaagtta tttgcccaga gggaacatga agtaaccatg     94320
     aaggaatatg accccatgta tcttaaaaga aattaaaaag taagaaggtg tgatgattag     94380
     ggaacctttg tacgatcaat ctatctcttc ctgttcttaa tttcaagggg aacagttatg     94440
     ctcatacagc atttgcaaac ggggatgcta agatctaaat ctatccactg tagatcttct     94500
     gtcacatgct cacaaacagc ctggtaaaac atcttaagac gctgttgtaa catggaagta     94560
     gaaattattt ttaaagacat gttcattaga aaaagtggca taaatggagg caggaaggca     94620
     gaagcatgct tgtctattta tagaggtctc aggctatctg cctatacaca cagtgcacat     94680
     tttcccctct tttgtggtaa tagaaaaaaa cccaaacagg caattttcta gacaagcaaa     94740
     tgaataggta taatggtttg tgacatttta aaaatataaa cggacacatg gaatgtccta     94800
     tttcctaata gtataatttt gacgcatacg aattctgcca acagagtaaa caaaaataac     94860
     accagggaca gtgacataaa cacaatcttt acagaatggt ccacagcagc attcaagcct     94920
     ggctcccatg tatagtttat atgcctgcat gtgttttaca ggaacagatt gcagatgtaa     94980
     gagcgagaac ctccttgaga agataatttc cacatataat gcaccttatc gttttctatc     95040
     tctctgctac tccttcatgt tcgttttatt gattcttcta aatcaaattt atctgctctc     95100
     acttacccca gtacccagtt ctgctggtgt ttcttactac tcagatttcc atagattcct     95160
     gaattctgtt caacttgctt ttatttttat aaatgaaaga gctaaagcgc catgaaaagc     95220
     ctctaaaatc tttctcaggt ggggaagaaa attgatacct tgtcttccat gtaagtattt     95280
     tgtcagatac aggttagcga tgcctttctg tgatgtttgt accatacact gtgtgcagga     95340
     ctcggccata ttagtacaca tgttatcttg atcatagggg agcatgctgt ttgaccaagg     95400
     acagggacgg tgtgcagaga aaattgattt aggtgttgcc tttccactgt cagtctgttg     95460
     ggagatgaaa acctgaccaa taaatgatag cagatcattc tgccagtaca gtgggaactg     95520
     aatgtgctca tgggataagc tggttaccat gggggaacga agcagtttga agttttgttt     95580
     tgtttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg tttttattgg atatttcttt aatttacatt     95640
     ttaaatgttg ttccctttcc aggtctccct ccaaaacccc ctatcctatt ccccctcccc     95700
     tgcttctatg agggtgctcc cctacccacc cacccaccca cccacccact cctgcgttca     95760
     taccctcgaa ttcccctaca ctggagcatc aagccttcac aggaccaaga gcttctcctc     95820
     ccattgatgc tggacaaggc catcctctgc tgcatatgca gctggagcca tgtgtacttc     95880
     ttggttggtg gtttagtccc tgtgagtcct ggggtgtctg attgcttgat attattgttc     95940
     ttcctatatg gttgccaacc cctttatctc cctcagtcct ttttctcacc cctcctttgg     96000
     ggaccccact ggggacccag ggctcaggtt ggcttagagc attgtcctct gtatttgtca     96060
     ggctttggga gagcctctca ggagacagcc atatcaggct ccttggcact ccttggcatc     96120
     gacaatagtg tctggatttg gtgactgtat atgtaatgga tccccaggta gggcagtctc     96180
     tggatggcct ttccttcagt gtttgcaata tgtggtaccc tgcttgatga acacttagca     96240
     agaataactg gggttatgat accaaagcct gagttagtaa tccccagttg ggggatgggc     96300
     agtttggtga cttgtaattc agtctctaac cttgaagttg gcacacttgt aattttctct     96360
     taaatatttt ctccttttgt gaactgtgat ttgaatccag gtccttgtgc ttgctaggtg     96420
     aattctctac catggataat accttaaggt gtagacgagg ttgaaaatag caagggcatt     96480
     ttgttttgtt ttgctttgct ttgttttgtt tcgtttcatt tcgttttttc agttttccgt     96540
     ttgtttttgg catagtaagt actaactcca ctgccaaagt caagttcaac tctgtgttat     96600
     acacaatgta atgttataga tatttctctg tgtgtgcctg tgtctgtata tgctcatctg     96660
     tctgtaagca cctatgcatg tccatatgga tgccagaagt tgatttcagc tacctcactg     96720
     tacaacttcc ccctgtcctc ttgtttcttg tttagaaaga tgggttttca cactgatcac     96780
     gtggagcttc ctaatttgct aagtcgcatg agtcagtgag ttccaggtcc tcttctcttc     96840
     tgttcctaaa catactatgc taggacaaca ggcacacctc attgtgacga actttctata     96900
     ttgatggtgt gaatcagaac tcactttcct tggcttacat gataactact ttccagaccg     96960
     agccagccat ccctccagcc tttgtccttt agactctgtc ctgtgttcca agactgctgg     97020
     atgctttcag aactttagcc ttcacttcag cttctccttt gctgtctaat ctccctcctt     97080
     tcttcaatgt ttcctgaagc ctttctttaa aacgctattt agaaaagatt tccctttctt     97140
     tatgtcttcc tctccttcat cccatctctc ttttcccaac aatagcaatg cattccttgt     97200
     gtatttttgc tacattgcct gatttattag ataatttttg tatatgcctg ctctctttat     97260
     caagattgct accaaattga ggaaggatta cacatcacct ctttagacag ccaaaagaca     97320
     agattttgct caaccaattt ttccatgctc ttgcagcttg cttactattg ctgtgatgaa     97380
     gcaccaagcc cagaagcatg cagagtccaa agatgattgg cttgcatttc tcaaccacag     97440
     tctgtcatga aaggtgctgt ggtcaggaac tcaacgaatg aacctggaga taggaactga     97500
     agccgaggaa tgctgttttc tgacttgctc ctcatgcttg cttagcctgc tttgtaaaac     97560
     aaccccagaa acacctacct gcccacgagg caaattttca aatgaagcat ccttttctca     97620
     catgattcta gtttgtgtcc cactgacaag aactaaccac tggacataca aaaaaaataa     97680
     ttctctgtct gtctcttttt ctcaaaacac accagtatga atacaatcag atttgagcta     97740
     tatatgccat attataatat gaacatttag atggaaactc caccaatcga ggatagacca     97800
     ttgcttctct atttctttct ctgttctgac cttaatgaag tcgagtattc aaattacttt     97860
     atagtatcag actgttctct gtcatagtcc acatatttac tttaaaataa attggctcta     97920
     agtaataaga aaaagagtgc acacccttac agaataataa tcctctcatc attaagtgta     97980
     ggtccctttg catgtgtgtg tgaacaggca tgttcatgca tgtgcaatag gtacttagct     98040
     aatccgggtg tcaatttgaa aacctgcaag ctttgtgggg aagagattag ttttcatctg     98100
     cagtatgttc ataagagtcg actgtggttg tacatgtgta cttgctgata agaaaaacac     98160
     cagggagctc tctgagtctg gggtgagctg gttgatcact ctaaggaacc tgaacaaagt     98220
     gttggctagg aaccttttgt cagctgtgtc tgctcactct gatcggggca gagaccagat     98280
     cctggggcca gagattctgg ttctgattag tctcttgtca taggtgtcat agtaaagtga     98340
     cagtttatgt ccctgttcca ccagcggaaa tatcgtgatc aaccccagac tttggttgca     98400
     tgacaccaca gctccatgct tactcctcca gtcacacttt caggtgacac acacactcag     98460
     ttgtgagggg tgcaggtaca gtggggtttg caggtgagtg ggccttaaaa agaaccccag     98520
     ctcaggtcct ccatttacat tcccggatct ctctcttcag acactgacaa ggaaatgtta     98580
     cctcacagtg ctaatcctag atggtgtata aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc caagaccctc     98640
     ctagatctta gccctcagca gcgcccccct ttagggaggg gatccactca tcccaatgaa     98700
     ttgggaccta aagatgcact gcatgaatgt ctttcttggt ccatctaaag caggggctag     98760
     tagccataca ccctaggaga cagttgttcc cctgatccac agggaagtgt caaagcacta     98820
     agggtgtcag gccaggccag ggttaagtcc taggatagac acagaccctg ccaccccagc     98880
     tctttaggaa ccaaaggtca atacttcctg tgcctctggg gctcgccctc tgcagtactc     98940
     agcaacccgg ccacacctgc ggggtcgcaa aagagccaga gggtgctggt gtccaggcgt     99000
     ccctgttccc cgtgagcatg caccatccgc atagctagaa aagcccggga ctcctgggct     99060
     cgaacccgtg gctggggctc cactgcggac gaatcccggg gccgcgcgtg cctggctcgc     99120
     agggcgagcg cgcggaggga tccgccgggg ccgcgcctcc ccgccccgtc ccgcccccgc     99180
     ctcctcccgc cggctccgct gccgccgcgg cggccgctgc tgccgccgcc gccgccgcct     99240
     ggatatagtg cggcaaggcg cggagcttgc agtcactttg cgaggaggag cgcgcggcgg     99300
     gctgcgggcg gctggggcac ccgggagcgg cggcgggcta gcagaggcgg ccgtggcagc     99360
     ggaaggttct ctctccgggg ctggacttaa taactttgga actgtccgcc ggtgtcacgt     99420
     cctgaacatg agcctcctcc tctccttcta cctgctcggg ttgcttgtca ggagcgggca     99480
     aggtaggagt gtgcggcttt cttgcttcac tttccctccc cctctccacc caacccggag     99540
     aggcaaagag cgaggctccc ggggccacga aacccaggca ccaaagttgc ggtggttctt     99600
     gaggcgactg ttgggatttt acctctttct ttacgcggcc cctcaaattc tatccgtttg     99660
     ctcgaaagac cccttaaata agagaggaga ccgtgcggaa ttggagataa gcatcgtcgg     99720
     tgtgaaagag atcatgggag ggaaaattgc tccagcttct gggatttttt tttttttttt     99780
     ttttttttgg cttattctct cttattaccc gaaattggat gagtgtgttg gtgtgtattc     99840
     acagttaaat atctgaggtt gcggaaggga agggcatggt gatgttttac agaagaggca     99900
     aaaactacca gcattaaagt cgtttatcaa aaatctctgt ggtgtgcaag aaattcaatt     99960
     cttagagatt cttttcttct ttcccaacac cagttttttt tttttttggg gggtggtggg    100020
     tgggctgtga agtgaacgtt tgatggctta tttatgttgg aaactaacag gggccataga    100080
     tgctgtaaaa cagcaaatgg ctaaaactag ggttgtgttg caggcgttca ttgtgacccc    100140
     ccctcctttg aatatagcat aatctgaaca cgatctatca ttcgatttga attgcacctg    100200
     taagggattt ggaaggttgg ggagcactgg gagtactggg gagcttttta tttatttatt    100260
     ttttaatttg ggtgggggag agagagaaaa aacgtgttag aatagcccta gggacaattg    100320
     gttgaagcaa tctttgctaa tctgtatata gatgataggc attatgaatt tatcattctg    100380
     ccttccatag tctacgttca cataaaatat attcacaatc atttgaaacg ttttgaactg    100440
     tccagacaag tttggacatt taattggggg gagacaaaat accaaaatat gcactggtgg    100500
     aagtcttaaa ggcaaaggta atatccataa ttctcctatt acatgaaagt gcaggaatgc    100560
     catattattt gtgcggcatt ttctatgaaa ttaataaaat gcaagataag ttaaaatatg    100620
     ttctctagat ccaattctaa gcatttttcc ccaccgcttc tgcgttgctc atgtgctcca    100680
     gcagggggtg gtataactcc attttaagca agaaatgctt gtttctgctc ttgcacccac    100740
     tgtccttcta tcatccctca gtagggcttg gcattttgga tgtaaagact tcctttctct    100800
     gtctttctct gaaactacag tgaaatgatg aaccacgatt ggatgtagat ttttatgttc    100860
     tgaagtacaa attcacatgc tagatattgc tctcatttat aaagtgcctc tttctgccat    100920
     cctaacagag gatgggtaat atttcagtct cagaaaaaat tgcagataga tccatcggaa    100980
     gctcatatta gtcttgttca ttaatccagt cacctctctt gcaaagatca gcatacactt    101040
     gttcactaca agatacagag ctgtcatttt gtgggtgggt tgggttggta gttgtgttta    101100
     actgttcatt tgtaacatgg agaggcagtt ctgaattcaa acaaggcagt ctgaaaaatc    101160
     taacttagat gcaattgcaa ttaggagagt gtagtgtgaa gtaatatggg ggcaagtttg    101220
     tgccgattga tgcgctgtct ggaggaaatc atcccagttg tagagtctgt gcatttatca    101280
     tcgctgatgc caagtgtgct ggaattcagg gaaaggggag aggttggaat gcttaagtag    101340
     ctaggcataa acagtgcaca aaggcagata cactttgggt ctctagatgt agcctgtatt    101400
     tgaaattgtg atttagctga tttataatca gcacgcaggg tggttagaga ggagaactgt    101460
     ggcaaggaag cctgcctgca ggggaaccca tattcctcgt caatgaaaca ggacagacgg    101520
     atggcatctt tgtaaagaag atctctctgt ctcgtgcagt ggcatgccat gcagacaccc    101580
     ttagtggagt atccggggga accagctttt ctgtgaacaa gcatgtagta tcgctgtgcc    101640
     atgtgctgta aggaagtcaa agacgcctgg aaacagaaat ccttatccag gagtctaaat    101700
     ttctctaggc tgctgttttc ttctctaatt acgggtgcag ccgcaagtat cagacacacc    101760
     attgggagct attttttttt tctctttttt taatgaacca tgtgtaactt gcatttctgt    101820
     ttgttctttt tttcttttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttcttttttt tttttttttt    101880
     ttttttttga tggagccatg aaaacctaca agacagtgac cctcaggttt gccttggaaa    101940
     tactaaaagc tcaaatggct gatttacgtt tccaacaata tacttgcagg ggattttatg    102000
     aagcatgatt gaagctattg cttgagaaag tggtgtgcag tttgactggg gaaagacaac    102060
     gatgatgtat tcccttttaa gtagtcaaaa cgttttgaac cacaacagta gaatggaaga    102120
     aaatggctca agtgaaaaaa aaaaaactaa cttaagtgga tgccaatccc ataattagct    102180
     aacaagacct attaacttca gtccttactt tcagatcagt gttattgttc atggagatga    102240
     gagaattttt tttattaaaa attgaaatag aaatgttctt ttgaaagcct tccatttcca    102300
     atgaaagatc aatacctaat gaaagaaggt tgtcaactct gaacttagtt gcccatggaa    102360
     aggaatttat aattacttaa cgtgtgcaat tatttttacc ttctctttaa gactcagttc    102420
     caggctctgc tgtcataaat ctctagtgag tctctcatta acagggcatg tgctgttttt    102480
     aagtctaatt cccagtctga aatagggatg ggcagcttct gaaactttcc gggtgtttaa    102540
     aaatcatttt catctccttt taagaaccat ctaatatgat taatgccagt ctgtgactgt    102600
     tgttcacaca tgcaaaacag aaatgctgct ctactgaaac ccagcagggt tattccattc    102660
     tctttaaaaa gctgtgtcaa ccattcatag catcctttaa cctaaaatgt gggggagggt    102720
     cctgtgagaa gcccactcgg tgagtgagtc tggacatctg cttacattta tttttttcct    102780
     aggcaaatgc taataattgt gcattggaga gatctgttcc ttctgaagac agagcaggca    102840
     tgtggatgcc tactagccaa atccacaaat gcccactatg tataggctat gacatatggc    102900
     ctctcttgaa ccctttctct gtccaccctg atctaattct ttgcctgcgt cctctctctg    102960
     tgacgtttct tttgaactaa ctgaatgtcc atctaactta gggaatatag gctctataaa    103020
     ttaatatttc ttttgtcagt gaacagctca gaggattccc tccccggctt gatgcctgct    103080
     gttctctctt tcatttccca agctgactct gagcctagtg agcagtaggc acaggtggac    103140
     ggtcccgagt gtctgatgag tttcttcctt ggcacagggg actgaggttc gctaggatgt    103200
     aatatcttac aggagaagca attaagggaa caaaagaact ccattcagta aagggaaaag    103260
     gtcaagtttc gtgtaatttt gtaaataacg tggccttctt tcacaaatgg gctggtttgc    103320
     tgtgagacgg agaaaggtgc tttgcagtct gaagacagga gccaggctca actgtggagt    103380
     ttgtttttca caggcaagag ctgaagggct gggtagaatg ttgggaagtc tctagagctg    103440
     gccctgctgc ttccgttggc atctgacgtt ggggaactca ttttagcttg cctcttttta    103500
     aggatcattg tctgaatcag tgcacctctg atcgtgtaga gaaaagtatt cagctaggag    103560
     gcgagagcat ctgttaagca cttgtcttgt tattactgcc atttccttat ttttatgtat    103620
     tatgtcatta atatgtctct gggtatatgg aaagtcattc aaacaacatt agtggtctta    103680
     taaaggaaat acacatgatt ttctggtttt gctaaattca gaaaattttg agtttcttgc    103740
     atcttcatat cctgccaatt acagtgaggc taagagtatt taaaagatta tcaattagtt    103800
     ttaatttttc aaattacatg ctaaaggaac acattaagaa gcaactggcc cttttattaa    103860
     aagtaacatt ctgccattta acagagttaa gctgccatta atcgttcagc aaacacatgt    103920
     acttcttgga gctccccatt tacccatttt aatggttcct cactgtttta aattacaatg    103980
     gtgctactac taaatagatg acagcatttt tcttaggcgc acacatttac agcgcctcta    104040
     ccaattaatc aagaaccact agttaagtta gagggcttcg acgtcatgat catagacact    104100
     cctggatgaa aatgactaag aggggtgcta aagaatttta agaatctttg tcaccctaga    104160
     tatgacaaga tatctttgaa ggactttagg ttgatcatag ggttttggct ttgcactatt    104220
     aaattatttt acagggaaag aacaagtcat tgcccctgag agcataatgc ccgggtgacc    104280
     aagggtccct tgaccttgaa gaagcaactg aaattcacag aacacctatt tgctcattga    104340
     aaacttggac attaacatat gccagtgctt gacctagatg ctcagccact aaagtttgct    104400
     gtgatagtga tatctgtaaa atgtcgaaca tattacacat ggtattgttc atgatattca    104460
     acaatcacca tacagataaa atgtaataat gtatagaatt gtatcactta tttattcaca    104520
     caaaatcata aaatttcctt tgtaattaga aatattttat acagttagag actctaatcc    104580
     actgaagagt ggaactctcc catcattgaa tccgttaatt atgatttgtt tatttatata    104640
     ttcattgttc cagacacctt actagacaaa catattagaa ttttttttaa tgaacaacca    104700
     cgtgaggttc cccttaaggt cataagacac atgtattatt tttcaatttg caatatggtg    104760
     ttggctatat gtcttgcact tatgagttag actggagtgt tagggtaggc acatattagg    104820
     ataagtgaac ttagaggata tcagatagaa aagcaaatgg gtaattacca gagatctaat    104880
     tagtccacat gcttacctca cttcaggcaa caccaaactt ttacgtagat ttaaaaactt    104940
     agagagtgtg agagccagta aattaacaga agtgacagtt tcagaatagg acttgaattc    105000
     atagccctgt ggctgccggc acaagacctg aacaagatcg gggcaacagt agttctgaca    105060
     agaattgctg agagattcat caaccccaac atttaactga gatgctatgg acagttgatg    105120
     ctatcccaga gagggagagc caggtttatt taagcatgtg gcaatcatta ggccatatgt    105180
     gctcttgaca gtaccccctc actcaaaagc atattgaata caaattgata tcaatggctt    105240
     gtttgttaag ttataaaaaa tgtagacagg taaaaagttg gaaatgtgaa aatgtggtca    105300
     tgagggtgtg gctcagttta tagtgtgtgc gcttactact tatgagacac ttggtctgat    105360
     tcccaacact tcaaaaggca ggcatcaatc ttacacagca tcagcatcag caaccgcaat    105420
     atcagcaaaa acaacaagag cacacaaaca catacatctc acaagcatgc acagggaaac    105480
     attgacaagc cttgggtggt atatatggtg agtacctact aactatattc ttgtttgagg    105540
     ttgttgtagt cacattgtaa ctcaatttta tcaagactca tttgagattt tagtcctttt    105600
     atattattat tgatgaagat tacaatacag agcaataatc tgattactca tatccattgt    105660
     gatcagtcat tatttggaat taagtactta aactttactt ctatctcatg gcatttaaaa    105720
     aataatgttt gttgttttgt agaaaaaatc tttatgtgtg tggattgaaa gagaatgttt    105780
     gtccatattg gtagttgagg aaataaaaga atacagattg aaaaaaatca gatgcatgtg    105840
     agaaagcaat aaactttcca gcaaaatgat atgaaatggc agaagatatc aagatatcat    105900
     atgattgatt gctccacggt cctagatact ccttggcatt catcctgttt catcttaatg    105960
     aaaattcatt gactcttcat ggtgaggctc agctgtgaca tactctacta tctcctgttt    106020
     ctttcccttt ctcatggtga ctgaaggcac ggaaaccata aatatctagt ctgaaagtgg    106080
     gagatcatta cttgaatgta aaatacagct aaagccaaac ctatattcat gaacctgcat    106140
     tttacctcag tagagcagag agcttcacca tgcctagagg aaatgaaggc aatgatatag    106200
     gagatgaaac aacacagccc aattgtagga aaggatgcag ttgtctcaac cacgggaata    106260
     acccagttct aaatatcaag ttggaagatt tattcagttg tctaatctat tggatggttt    106320
     ggaaaggtca gtcatggcat ccatggtggg atattggagc aagactaagt ttgataggta    106380
     gacctttggg gcctgcttat tgaacaggaa agtaacttga taaagatgtt tgtaaaactg    106440
     ctgaccagat acagatggac caaagaggga atcagtggat atacatatgg ttctctgaaa    106500
     gtaatggatc ttttatcaaa ttttatatgc aatttttgag acgggcctcc atatttcata    106560
     gatatgtctg tcctaaaact tgttatgtag actatgcttg gccctgaact ttcagaggtc    106620
     actgccctct ctgccttcaa aatgctgaaa tcaaagcctg gctgcaaaca taaatctttc    106680
     atacaagttt aacttgaatg actgaggata acatttgaaa tgtaaataaa taaaatatcc    106740
     aatacaaata aagaagggag aaggaagtac ttaaaatact gaacttatct gacagaaaga    106800
     atgataatat ttcaataaca ataatgcaat gcaataaaat agcatttgtg gcaattttga    106860
     ttttttcatg attatctctt taaaagtatt attcaggcac ctagttaaaa attccaatga    106920
     caaatttttt aaaggaatga ttttattttt cctctcaaag ttattactta cctttgcttg    106980
     ttatctactt ttatcttgtg attgtgtcag aatttgtatt ttaatcaatg tttagcatat    107040
     gtttaacaaa cacacacata tggtatttgg ggaaagtttt caaacattgc tatgatttca    107100
     gaatttccac ttaaataatt ttctcctctt gtccatagct ttaaaagcta ttcttgggag    107160
     aatagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagacataa cagaggactg gcagggagag tggagttgat    107220
     taaagggcag tataggtgtg tatgtgtaaa tgtcacagga aaacctagtt gacccttgta    107280
     attagtatgt gtgaataatt ataactgtgg aacactgtgt ctggacaaaa tggcctagct    107340
     ggaaaagtga tggatgtgca cgtccagaga agactcacac ccacataaaa acctgaacac    107400
     agttgtatgc aattggcatc tctgtagggt cgcaaggtca ggtgtagcct ctgagtacta    107460
     accctcgcca gcttagccaa aatcaggagt ctacaggttc actgaggtgc tcttagcaaa    107520
     aaagaataaa taagtggaga tagtcactca acctagatca ttgtatcaca tataacattg    107580
     tatatccatg tgcctataca tttatgcaca aacatacaca tgaatagatg tgtatacata    107640
     cttgacatca cagtcacaaa cactcatata tatagttgta gaaaactaag acctcatatg    107700
     gcacacaaag acttttggta ctgcacacac ccagctgaaa atgtttccat tagtgtccaa    107760
     gggaaattaa agggaataat attttgagtg ccaattttat gctgtgtaac tgtggcgagc    107820
     acttgactca ttacctcatt tattcctgat taaatcatat ttcatagatg atgtacctgc    107880
     gattgagagt gactgatttg tgtagagctt ttaagtgtgt tctctggact gccgtcccaa    107940
     atttatagtc aatgatcatt acacacattc aagctatatt tcagtgcttc tgctccagta    108000
     tgtatatctt gacacatcta tccttactca ctgaaggtaa atagggaaat gatccaccat    108060
     ggtgaaggaa aggtgttgat tgatgtagtc ttttctccag ctctttttgg cttttaaatg    108120
     gccaagagca agctttcttg taaacacaaa aactgcagca atgcctgaag acaaaatcaa    108180
     atgaagaaaa tccactgatg attctgttta tttactttat tctttgcatt tttttaaaaa    108240
     agtttcactt cctgatgaat gctctccatg ccttgaatct tgacccaaat acctgcaaaa    108300
     actaggtgaa atactagtag aaattacact aatatagctt gtagttaaca ctgttatgta    108360
     aaaacacatt ccctatctaa tgtcatcatt atgattgtgt gctcttgtta tggctaggcc    108420
     acagatctct gagagttttg aatgttttcc ctcatattgt attttcataa gatttgacat    108480
     tataatttct tatttttaca ataccgaggt ctcttgggat tgagaatgtg caagtataat    108540
     atcaaagata catctctaca tgccaactgt catgccagct gtacagatga gatttacttg    108600
     agacacatcg tataatgttg ataggtttcc tacaccaaca taagtacact tacatattgt    108660
     tttatgagag acctagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aaagggagag    108720
     ggagagggag agggagagag agagagagca cacgtgagta tgtgcatggg catgcatgca    108780
     tgtgtgcttg tgtatgtgtg agtttgaggt gaggctggct attgaaacta atcctagtgc    108840
     actccaggga agcctcccac cttagaggag ctgtcatctt catccccttt aaagtgaaac    108900
     accctgtcca ttataggaaa atgtgtacta tttttagtac agaacaatct tatcattttt    108960
     acatttacag tttttcctca tctatagatt tctgtagatt aaagtactga gcatactacc    109020
     cacgcagagc aatttcattt ttgccttcta acagcaagat cacaactttg tgttctgcat    109080
     atatcactac atgcaaggaa catgaacaaa gagggtggta caaatgcctt cttacaccat    109140
     acgtcattct ttgttgtgta tgagaagcat gtgaagagtg ggacctataa agattgtagg    109200
     aaacagcctt ttttagaaat accttctagt atttgcaagc tgttaccttc ctctctataa    109260
     attcatacat actgaaatta aacaacatgt caactctttg aaacgggagt ttttctcata    109320
     cccaatcaca aaataatata tattgtatat atgcatataa atgcatgtat atgtatatat    109380
     gaatatatgt atatgcatat ttgtgtgtgc ttataagatt atttatatag accaggtaca    109440
     agttctaagc atcaatcact gaaagttaaa taaaactcag catatttaaa tgtatggcgt    109500
     gtgcactatg agacatacaa cgcaacaaga gattctacag tcaatgttaa tttaccagtt    109560
     tcaagagcaa cagttaccct gaaaattagt gtgaccaaat tagaatgaag tacacagtat    109620
     cttaaagaca caaagttcct tattctaaaa taaatactta aaattgatat ggatctttca    109680
     ccttatatag tccacagctt ttaaatatat ttctgccttt acctcaatgt ttgtttggac    109740
     actgtgaatt agggagttat ttaaataatg tctcattgtg tgtacatttg tgttctggtc    109800
     cttactttac cctttgggtt gattctctcg atgctaggga tactaattag cgctcgactc    109860
     ctcgtgccat ctattactag cattgaactc agaacagtta ttcttacatt ttatgtgttt    109920
     tctacacctc tctttgctag aattccttgt gtgctgggat gtaagctgaa gacacttgcc    109980
     ctgaattcct ggatttgtaa tttgtgcctg tgtggcttgt tcatttcata ctgttttaaa    110040
     aaaccatata acactcagga ttttacattt ctttatcact gaggatatca ttcattgttc    110100
     tatcatgtgt caactgatta ctacctactt gttactcctc aaaattgcaa tgttcttgaa    110160
     ttagctcaac agatatttca catttcatca ctgtcttctc tgcgaacacc acaaatgcaa    110220
     gcaagccttc caattctggc ttcccttcat atagagactt cattgtaaat cagtatgtgt    110280
     tttcttggaa aaacaatgaa tgtttaccaa ataaatactg agtgaatatt tacatcttaa    110340
     ctagaaaaga gcaaaccaaa gtgtcaggtt tattttaaaa tatatttgat cctgggtttg    110400
     ggtaatggtt aagttgttag gagtatattt gttggcctag gtatttattt caagtgtttt    110460
     gtatatatcg agaccattaa tgtgacaaac catgttcttc ccataaatta ggagtgatta    110520
     tttaatttat aaggagtagc atggttgccc tactttaccg ctgatcttac ttcctgacag    110580
     aaaagaattt gactgtcaat ggaaagttca ttaattctaa aaaagttaac atttaaaacc    110640
     ctatatatgt acatcattgg agatagtaat ggaggttaga ctccagacct gtctttgtct    110700
     ctctttgtct ctctgactcc ctaatatctt tctaaaatac atacatatag gaatctatgc    110760
     acatatagaa aagaaattca aaagaaatca aaataactta agacagtaga tttaatttgc    110820
     aatactacaa taaacacaaa tattgtcacc aagatatgtc taatatgtca atggagccac    110880
     tgcttaaaat gaacacaatc ttggaggatg gttaaacatt gctcatgtat tcaatggtca    110940
     tggcaaacct attctaaatt gtacctatag gaagaaaaga aaaagataca gttaaatttt    111000
     taccccgttt ttttttctag gctctttgat tattttaatg aagttaattt atcatctgaa    111060
     atcctctttt gcctggtagc cacctttatt tttcccctct ttgatgactt tctgaaggca    111120
     ttttcaagga ctacctccag agatgaaagc atttaactgt acagagtgca ttttgcaata    111180
     cctcagagta ccttacagaa caatcatttg tctgcacact ctttctttct catgtacctt    111240
     tctgggagta tttttctttt aacttcaaat acaactatca attagtgatt aagtagtcct    111300
     gctgattcac ccattccact ctcatttttt cctcagatcg tatctaattc ataatcatgg    111360
     caattgttaa tctagatgag tcatttcatt tcaaagcccc ctcaaaggtc gaacgggaac    111420
     acatccaaca tctccaggga tgggagatga cttgtgcttt aaaaaacaaa actcaagaac    111480
     gaatccaatg actttatgtc ctcttccctg gcttatgcat gccttaattg tcatatccaa    111540
     aatggttatt aaatgtccaa cttcagtgtt ctactttctt tattacaaga tggactaaaa    111600
     cagaattctg agcattatgc aaccctccaa gaggctactg taaatcttgc attgtagtga    111660
     aatattttac caaaaatgct cttcttctta gcagctggta atgaacgact tctttgggca    111720
     gaatatacct catttaagct aggacaatta aagtagtaaa ctatggcata caaacggaaa    111780
     taaacattta tgatttgtca tctttttctt atgtcttcct attcagctgt cttttacctg    111840
     ccccacccca cctcctattg gaggcctcca gttttcaaat gatgcatata gatgtcattg    111900
     tgtgccagga gaagtttagt ttttaaaagt accaattaag agcacccaac atatctcttc    111960
     tccaagcaga gtgcatgcag ggagctgagg ttgaaagaaa agtgaatagt tagagaaaaa    112020
     accaggtttg ttttgaggaa caaagaaaaa aatgtaagta cttacagaaa aatgtgttca    112080
     cctcctaaaa gaggattgaa tgtgggtggc tgctcacaca aaatttgatc tggcaccatt    112140
     acctgcatgg atgtgtatag gaaatgtcca gaaaaacaca gaatggctag acacgtcatt    112200
     gctttctctg tgaacacaat atttataaaa atttgttgaa ctaattaaat gaaggagaat    112260
     aattctaata actccacagc atattttcct atgcattcgt ttactttttt attattaatc    112320
     attttattta tttacattca agtgctatcc ctcttctggg tctcccctct gcaaaccccc    112380
     acctctatcc ctgttccctt tgcctgtaag agggtgctca cccacccact caccaactcc    112440
     tgtctcacca ctgtagcata tcccttctct ggggcatcga gcctccacgg gaccaagcac    112500
     ctcccctctc actgatgcca gatcagataa ggcagtcctc tgctacatat gtagcaggag    112560
     ccatggactg gcccatttct acactttggt tagtgatgta gtccctggga gctcttactt    112620
     aggggtccaa ttaactgata ctgttgttct tcctatgggg ttgcaatccc cttcaggtcc    112680
     ttcagcccat tccttaattc ttatttttta ttattcaatc ttgtgcaggg gtttttaaca    112740
     agtgataaac tgcaatacat agaatggtat atagcatatg ataggaggag agaaatggtt    112800
     gttacactta ctcaagatta tcttgtgaag aagtagtctg tctctgatca gaccgtctca    112860
     gaaacagctg tactttctgg ttctttcctt actttccaac catgtttttt ttcagttcca    112920
     accctagaaa ggtaacagcg acaaaatcac atgtagttgg agagaacaaa gtggtgtttt    112980
     gatgtactgt gatattatta gtcaagcaaa tgaaaatatt ttaataatta ttgttttgtg    113040
     ctgagaacat gtagggtatg atttcttaac agctttgaag tgtgccacgt gttattatta    113100
     gccatagcaa gaattctaca cagcaatttc tagaaattgt ttaaattatc tcaatgtagc    113160
     tgtatacttt taatccagga tcttcctcat gcctctccct tatcttctgc caactagcat    113220
     tctattgttt gctttcctga gtttaatact aacttttgca ggaaactgta ataacatttg    113280
     cctttctatg cttggataat tttacatgtt gagatgttct ataggtccat ttacatttct    113340
     tcatataaca gtatttcctt tttataaaaa aaattgagct tattagtatt atattttgtg    113400
     tgcatctcat tcaatttagc catatatcct tgggtataga gtcggcattg taaacagtga    113460
     tccagtgaac ctggtaggca gatgcttctg tgagatacag attttattcc gttccattat    113520
     atttcaaaaa agaaccacta gatcatgtga gcctaaacca taagcaaggc agcaagagta    113580
     gataaacaga gttctgtgaa acaaaacaaa agtcaaatat cagcaccaac aaagtcaatc    113640
     aatcatcagc aaaattgtta tcaacctaaa acctgagggg agcactgaca aaatatactt    113700
     ctgctaagtg ataacatatt aaatatacaa ttaaaggatt ttaaacgata aaaagcaaca    113760
     caggaaaaag aaaattagga aagaaaggga gaatgaagtg gcatagttta aaatgggctg    113820
     aaattattaa agtgctaatt aaaggtaatg gggcaaaggg ctaacattat acttccctat    113880
     acatgaccaa gaagtagatg aaaacaatct caatattatt gttcagcagg gattaaatta    113940
     aaaaacaaaa agctttgata taataatgct ttgtggtaga tagaatgcag tttaccaaaa    114000
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaac    114060
     aaaaaaacca gagtgttaat gaagacaggt tgagcaggaa tccatagctg ggaggaatgt    114120
     gaactactag tgacattacc aatcacagca caaagatcct ttaaaaatac aaacaaatag    114180
     atccatattg ttaccaaggt tttgtttttt gtttttttgt tttttttccg gctgagtgac    114240
     ttgggtttgg tgactgttca ttgggtaaac aaagacagat tttaatgact tacaaaggga    114300
     attttgattg aggatcaatc acattttctg atagtagagt gtggtttatg gtatctttat    114360
     ggtgggagag ccaagtgagt aggttactag tgtaattcat taaggactat gccatataaa    114420
     tatttaaata tgttacttat ttgaatgcct tttcttatgg tgaaacactg gaactattaa    114480
     taattaaaca ggtcatcatt gtgtggttga cttagagaat accttcataa tgaaataaca    114540
     tcagtttgag gatgctttta gaagcaagta aaagaagctc tattaagaat gcataaaagt    114600
     aggagtctac tcttgcttta ataggccata tagaggcagt ttgcactgca catttctgct    114660
     tagagtttga actttttctc ttcatggaac acttagctcc agaactacat ggcattgtat    114720
     gcagtcaatc tcaaatggaa aggaatgagc tttcagaggt atgaacagct atgcatgctc    114780
     tgctgtgaat tcacctcact tctcattggt agaaccactt catatgatta gccacaggtg    114840
     aatcagaatt gaggagaaat acattactat aatagctcct gattgaaatt aatatttcct    114900
     gttaatgaca aggaatcttg ccttacttga agctgaaaaa tgaccaggtc aaataagtgt    114960
     gaaattggtt gtcaaatatg ttgtctaaca tgttgtttta gagggtattt tgttaaaaaa    115020
     aaaataaaaa cagtttcttt taaaaattat tgtatgtttt attgatttac atttcaaatg    115080
     ttattccttt tcccagtttc ccctccagaa actccctatc ccatcccccc tcctcctgtt    115140
     tctatgaggg tgttccccca cccttcacag gaccaaggga ctctcctccc atggatgcca    115200
     gataaggcca tcctctgcta catatgcagc tgaagccatg ggtccctcag tttctaaaac    115260
     caacatttat aaagtacttg ctgtgtttat gagctctgag tgtgtgacct tatattattc    115320
     tccaaatata gtttggatgt gtactctgct ttacacatga gtaaacaaag attttgaagc    115380
     caatcaactc aacaactcct gaaggtgctt gctgtccacg ctggaattga gccttagatg    115440
     attggcagaa tgttgccctc ttggtgctga gttgccaggg gaatagatgg ctgatgctgc    115500
     aaatgggttt taccttgctg agtttcagtc tgaagcaagg aattgtcttc tatgtaagtc    115560
     agccagttct cacttaatca agctattagc acgaacttat tgaaaacata tatccatatg    115620
     tagctttcaa aaactaataa ctgaattaaa taagaggtat aatttgagtt tttcttaggt    115680
     gatgcagtga gaagtggcta aatttttatg tgaatgtagg gttgctttta ctttgaagag    115740
     ttgaggctct tctaacattt gactccagtc aacacaaaag catacaagaa tagttctcaa    115800
     ataattaaac tgtatgaact caaagagcac accagaacat ggagacgtaa agggagctaa    115860
     aatatttgaa acagatattt atcatcatta ttttatgtca ttccagacag gaggactcaa    115920
     taaagaaaaa ctaagttaaa ttatttactt aattttaaat atgcaatagt tgaataaatg    115980
     acagacttgg gaacctacat gttcttcata gggaaagcta gaactaaaaa ttagtattga    116040
     ttttaaaact gactgataag ataggggaaa tactgagatg tgtataagca tgtgaacaca    116100
     ctgatcagat ttctaattta atgtttagat aaggatgtta gctgtatcgg ctcttcatgt    116160
     tcatcacagg gtatttattt aaagatatgt gtgtatgtat gtacatatgt atgtatgtat    116220
     gtatgcatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatggtt ttctccctat aacagatcat    116280
     caaactaaag ggcaatcaaa gttaatgctg aggcaattgg tgcacagaag cacatgcact    116340
     gtgattttct tctcatatat ctattcatgt tatttctgtc atgggtattc ttcaccaacc    116400
     ctatattttc caagtaacca actatgataa gttttgtata aaatacattt aattttatat    116460
     aaaaatatat gtttgaatag gtgtggttgt aaataggttg aggtataaag gtacaggcat    116520
     atgtattatt tgtaaatata gctatacata tattatgtgt ataactttga atattgtcat    116580
     tcagtaccat gtaaaatatt tgctggttta tttcatttaa aagtgaattt ctgatatttt    116640
     taacatctaa gaagaaacta tatttcagta tagttatact tcacactttc tgcagctgta    116700
     acctagttag acaatgttta catcttcaag attacatgac agtatgactt gtttttgttt    116760
     cctgagatga gcaactgaac agctctacta ccttattttt aaaagaaact tcaggcacgc    116820
     aaatgttcat aattaatgat actttctagc aaaatcctac tgtgtgaata taaataaatt    116880
     cagcattgca gcacaagtgc tctgattcca gcttacggac tatgatcaaa ctatgtgcac    116940
     aaacgcgaac ccttcatttc atttccctta cttgtcattg aagagatgaa ggcagctaca    117000
     tcatggacat catcgctcat ccttttcatt gctatgctca atgggtacca catcctctct    117060
     caaagctgat gaaaaaccac gtttctcatt tttgtggtat catcacaagg atgaattcat    117120
     gatgctgcag ctgtacattc tttgctatca caatgtggct ccttgggtct cctctgggag    117180
     tttctaaaca gataatctgc ttctgtttct gatgacacaa atcaaattta tttgcataaa    117240
     gggcttctgt aagttctgtt gattatgttt attatataaa acattcctat tttctgcaag    117300
     catacaagac aaataactgg atatgcatca aggaatgttc acattgggta gctcctatca    117360
     gctttgtcat tgtgtggtta tagtttcatg gaaataaagg ggttttatag aggagttttc    117420
     ctttgtcagc agcgttgaac agcctctttt ttcatctctt ctttttttat tacttttgag    117480
     cagcctctct taaaactact tcttcgattt tcagtttact cttcatgcta ttgtcagagc    117540
     aagcagtcat atattttttt ttcttaaatg ttcactattc acatcatgta gccgaccact    117600
     gaagcattct ggctcagtgg ttgacaccaa actgactcag gacttcacac gacacttcca    117660
     gacaccaagg acaatgacgg tttagtgtca ttctgagaca tttttcagtg cacaagttta    117720
     tatgtatatg tgtgtgcatg tgtgactgtg tgttcgtata tgtatgtgta tgcaagcatg    117780
     tgcatctata tatgcctgtg catatatata tacatacata tatatatata tatatatata    117840
     tatatatata tatgcatgtg gatgtgagtg tatgagagtg tgtgtatcta tgtgtttgtg    117900
     agtgtaagtg tgtgcaagtg tgtgcatgtg tatttgtgta tgcatatgca tgagtgtgag    117960
     tgtgtttata catatatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatatg tatgtatgtg tgtgtatgtg    118020
     tgcatgtgca tttgagtgta tggtactgtg tgtgtatgtg tttgtgtatg ttggtgtgtg    118080
     tgcatatgtt agatattgat tctgttatga aaacagtggc ttcttcaaat gtgactattt    118140
     tatttccaat tctgttacac tttcatgaat catagatttc ttttcatatt aatatgctaa    118200
     tatattttct ttattttatt taaaagtcct atattttata attatacttg cattttatgc    118260
     catgaaaatg ctttttgact ctcaacattt ttctaagtct gtggcagagg ctgcatagca    118320
     gtcaaaggaa aaccatggaa attttacagc ttcacattca aatcctggtc atccaatttc    118380
     tctcctgctt cttccttccc tctccctctc ctcccagatc tccctctcct tgaattcatg    118440
     agctggcaat cttttcactt cagcctccaa ggagctagga ttacaagcat aatcctcagc    118500
     gcttggttta cctggggtct ttagaagctt atcttctttg ctaggttttt tcccccatac    118560
     ccttctccat ccttaatttc tatgtagata ctgatgcttc ctgggctttg gtagagtcca    118620
     ttctctggca ttctgcatga tctcatttca cagcataatc cagacaacag tgatttccac    118680
     tttaactcca aatgaatccc ccttcacaac ccagctgctg gtgctacaca gtagccatgg    118740
     tacttgtatt ttctgcttca aaatcctcct gactcaccca tcagtctttt atataataat    118800
     taaatgctaa tgaaattata atgatatata ggtgcatgac tgaggtaggt tctctgtggg    118860
     aaagatgatt tttctcttta gtaggctctg agctttctat aatcatgggt gaaaagcaga    118920
     caaaggtcca ggtttccttc agattattca atgatagctg tcatcaagct ctggttacag    118980
     ggaaggttag taggttgcca gtggggggcc ttaaggtgca agaaaagtca atgatctgcc    119040
     aagaagcgtg caactccata aaatctaagt ctacgtgaga agtagaaaat agaatggtgg    119100
     agaaaattca agtagctaca tatttttgcc aatattatac caaattctga gttttctaag    119160
     gaaaggaaat caagtgggct tatgattttt attttcaagg atagaaataa tactatcaat    119220
     ttttaataca caggaaataa tttatcatgt gattcctctt ataagataat gatggtcagt    119280
     ttcttagaag acagcgccca tactggtctt agcaataagt ctcagaaacc acatgtggca    119340
     catcttcctc acctaactat gcttacaaga agcatggaac aaataacaaa ttttatttgt    119400
     ctaggatatg atttactcaa atgcaataat gtgcaatata tggcagacac aaagactaac    119460
     atttattgtt tagtttgtat atgttgacca tgttagtggt ggggaatgtg ttaaaatatg    119520
     aaatgatgga taattttgga aggtttagaa ttccttcctc gaggattttg actggtattt    119580
     cataatccat tccttttgtc aagctaagct ttgtttaggt acagattcac tttctaacag    119640
     gattttctac cgggcatcag taataacatt cttatttcta aagcagttat tcaaagaata    119700
     tttgatattt ctgtgtaagt aacaaaatgt gatagcagca gcccatgtgt agtattgatg    119760
     cacccagagg accaagaatt tgattgacaa cacagtggaa atgagtctct gagaactgaa    119820
     aatgaattta tgttctgctt cccacacctc agcatctcga agattccgct gctgatatgt    119880
     gcagacacat agcttttgat cctgcctttt accctggggc ccaggggaga gctaggtttt    119940
     gtgttttcca gcagcatccg gaatagccag ggataattga attgctttta taaaacaagg    120000
     attggccata catttttcta tacaatatcc tggataaaat aaatgccctt aaagggataa    120060
     gtgagttatt tagttactta gagctagtga atagtatcgt gtggtatgca atcaacattt    120120
     ttaattagaa caaaataaaa gtaaataaat ttttgttagg gaaacatttt ctgacaaaat    120180
     gaaattcttt caaacatttt aagcgtgttg tttttgtggt tgcctttcat tctaaagaaa    120240
     atggtattac aattataata ggttgggttt taaatatgct ccagcacact ggcactctca    120300
     tgccactctg tgcaagaatg tacccgaaag aaaggtctgc tactgtttgt agcattctgt    120360
     ggagaaaaat ttgaattctc agttttactt tttattcttt cttatatttt tatttttata    120420
     tatctcaggc tggtcttgag tgtgttatac agccaaggtt ttaccagggc tgtgaatctg    120480
     cctgcttaca actccccagg gtgtagtgac tccagacata tatcaacaca cttagccttt    120540
     ctaccatttg aaatgctaga ataaatgtcc ggatgagtat tcacgtcatg ttgggagttt    120600
     actattttac tagaaattga agcaatatat tttacttaag gattaatctt ttctttaaaa    120660
     aaaagtcatg caaagcagaa attctcttta aaacctgtca gaggtagctg ccagtctctt    120720
     ctggatagga cctatgaagt tggtggttgg aagaaggtaa tgaaccaaga gtgttgaaga    120780
     taggagctgc tgtgcaatgc tgtgagaaca tagactacag caagtgattc ataaaacgta    120840
     tgcttcagtg ctgtgaggtg ctccctgaca ctgttgagta cattaatagt gccattgatc    120900
     aaaccattta aaagcagttc aagagtgttc acagtgtgtt ggttgaactt ggaaacatcc    120960
     agaagtcaga tagagattga ccaagacctt cttctattta gggtcattta aaatgataaa    121020
     gctaagaagt cagtgttctg agtgggtaga gagctagaac agtcctggca cctgggatca    121080
     gttaaaccta ctttttgtag taggagaaca acagttttgc gactctacac cagagcaggt    121140
     gctgatggtc ttctactacc actgtgtgaa acatgctgac agcccagaaa ctagaaaagt    121200
     aaaaagaagt tagagaaatt gtaaaaatat ttagcatttg aattgaagca ataggaattg    121260
     aacaaatttt catagactca agattttttt aaaaatatgt ttttacagca cagttgaaaa    121320
     acgatgttca gtatctattt taggcttagt tcctcttcat taacattgtg attacctcac    121380
     aatttcagtt tttcaaaaat atgtactgag ttaggggttt tggttcttat caagttcaag    121440
     tctcccaaat gcaatcatct tgttattgaa caaatactac taaaaccata atctgattca    121500
     aaaatttatg ttgtgtgaaa catatttgct tctaagtctc tttaacgagg cctaaccagc    121560
     tcttcggagg gaaaaatcaa atgttgtgat ttcccttttt atatacagac cttcaatctg    121620
     aatgcatcgg ggtcgtattt gtggtcactt tgttgttctt gttgtactta atcttcctag    121680
     catctcatcg tcattgccag aatccatggg tgtgcagcct gcatataaaa acagagctaa    121740
     ctgcagtgca cactgcctta actgaattga aatgaggcag ctcagagcta cataagcatc    121800
     tcagtaaaat ccagaagtga gttgggatgc aaaatgccca agtggtcttc tgattttcat    121860
     gagatatttt atattttatt ttattttatg tcatttatct acactattct gtaattatat    121920
     taaaattcca tttgtatgca agtctatgat cctgtgcttt taaaaactct acaggtaaat    121980
     aaaacaagtg tggcaaggtg ctcacgtgta agaaaatgaa atttatgttc actaccatca    122040
     ccgatatata actcagattt aaaaaatata taagtacatt taaaataact tttgtagtaa    122100
     aatttagtcg gaaatccccc taatttctgt aactatattc atgatgatgc agctgaatat    122160
     cagaccaact gaaagacatt tttccagtta caatgggaat tgtaaaatga tagagctgtc    122220
     catcaagttg agattatcac tcagtcagaa atcttcaatg tctgcttcaa gacagcacaa    122280
     agtattgccc accgagatag acttttttta cactgttctt tacaagtgct tgtttcctct    122340
     ctcttcattt ctgcatcggc ccacacctta gttctttaat tcttctgatg aaatctgtga    122400
     cagtggtcaa ggtggattct gactcagtca caagccttta atgcagctag gagaacagtg    122460
     gactctttgt gatgtaaaat tcttggttgt cagattgcca gtgtgtcttt gtgcctggaa    122520
     tgcaaagtgg ttttaatcca tacatccttt ttttttctaa gctgggatgc ctgccaagcc    122580
     tgtgtctgtg attaacattt gaggttgtca gcttgagaca aatgtagaga ctcagaactt    122640
     aagacaggga acctgtaggt aatatatgtt cagcaatagt attagttttg agaactgtaa    122700
     tatataatta ccatcataaa ccaattcttt ccaggaggat acttggatac atgatacttg    122760
     gttgctttaa actgccccag gcttgctttt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat    122820
     ttagtaaatc atactaaatt tcatataaag ttgctataat taatatctct tgctaaaata    122880
     acattacata aacataatag ttgcataggt gagggtaaaa gcccccattg tttaaagtgc    122940
     cccttgtgct ggctaaatga ctcagagttt ggatgcttat gtggcttttg tagaacacct    123000
     tgctttgagt tctaccacat acatggtata tcacactacc ctctgtaaat aaacttccat    123060
     ggggcttcat gtcccctttg atatctctag gcaagaggca tgaaattaga acacatgtat    123120
     acataaatac aagaaaaaaa acactactca cctgtggaac aaagtgagca aatctgataa    123180
     aaagtaaact tcaaatctga ttaaacttaa tttttgaatt acaggttaat attttaccag    123240
     aagtagagct tgtagatcac acgctttatc ttgtaaatag tttctggggt caaatcaaga    123300
     attgatataa tgtatttggg ttttcacgtc ttcgctatat caatatgttg ttgacatatt    123360
     tgtgagggtg tacagaccca taagagcaga atagggaagt taagaaatct aaattactaa    123420
     ctactaccat gtgtaaatgg attatgttcg atatattaaa cagacaaatc tgggagaaat    123480
     atttacattc tagacatgac taagtaagac atttggtctc agatttgtga attaatcgtc    123540
     taatgctaca caactgatcc atagataaca cggaatttga aagcaatcct tgtttaattt    123600
     ccaaaatcca tttctgatga tctcccacat tcatctttgg ctaccttaaa tgaactttcc    123660
     ctatcacgtg tatcatggta gaaaagaggg atttatgttg attaattggg aaaagatcat    123720
     taaaaataca tccatgtcta ttgagtactt attatgcctg atggcgtgct atgcatttga    123780
     catgtattat cttccttgag cctaagaata tcttctaatt attattgttg acagagttta    123840
     tatataggga agggaatgct cagaaagcta aatttacttt tctggtttta gaacaatgga    123900
     gcttgagttt aaagggcatg cttttgttca cgattatatt tgcttctttt ttatctatta    123960
     tctttcatca aatatatgat gatcatattt ccactccccc caaattcacc cagttgatag    124020
     tcccatctcc acttaacaat tttatatttc acttgctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    124080
     tctctctctc tctctccctt tctctcaaat aaaaccctac caaaacaaaa cctagaagta    124140
     gaatcaaaca acagtaagat caaaaaacta ctgaaacata aaacaagaag accctaaaaa    124200
     ccacaaatat atatcaggcc ataatgtctg tttttgcctt ggcaaatctc ttgggcatgg    124260
     ggcctgccat ggagtgtggt tcatgacact ccactggaga atcctgattt ttttcttttc    124320
     ccagcaggta tggattacaa atttcttctt ggttaggggt gaatgtttgt gtctataagg    124380
     ctttccagtg ctgtggcttt gtctgcctag aacccgtgga ggtcttgctc atgttgcctc    124440
     agtatccgtg agttcatacc tgtcccagtc ctgttgtgga agtcactaac acctctggct    124500
     attacatggt cttatctctt ctgcaaggta aattcctgaa atttgaaggg agaggtttga    124560
     tggaaacact ctctttgagc tgtccattcc aaagtctcct actctctgcc cattgtccag    124620
     ttgtgtggtt ctttgttact ccccgtcttt taaaagaagc ttctctgatg agggacgagg    124680
     caggcactaa gtgaaaccca ttgaaataag acaatatgtc attaggagtc attttattcc    124740
     tatgattttt tttaaatcaa aataatagga gtaggtaccc ttagactcat gactgatgtt    124800
     aggtcctgct tactttagta atatcaggta tggtttctat catatggagt gagccttaga    124860
     tccaacaaaa acggggttgg ttgttcccat agcacttatg ccatttctgc actactgtca    124920
     tttggaggca gattgtggtt gtatgtctaa agatgatagt aatgattgat ttttgtttac    124980
     ttctctagca gtgagtggtg gaatcggtga gagaggaggc aaaaaatgag gctgactaaa    125040
     gtcaaatgta atatgcaact ttttttcaga ggatcagaca atttatatac cccaagaatt    125100
     aagaagagac acatgagtaa gttgtccatt cacaagcaca acctatatgt ggcttcgtaa    125160
     aggcataaaa ataaacaact ataacctgtt gtaatgaata atgtgcagaa aactcactcc    125220
     tatcttctac acccagggag agcatgataa tgcattccaa gtatgagtct gcttttgaag    125280
     gatctgagag gacaagaatc ttgaattgtt ttctttcaag aatcttgaat tgtttgagaa    125340
     ttctcacaaa acttcattct cagactgtgt tctgatttta tttcccttgt tagtgtgtag    125400
     aataattctt gctcctttga ccctagttag tagcttctag ttaggcacca cattgatttc    125460
     ttcatgtagt tgatgtcttc aaaagtagag ccttactatc aggatatatc aagcaaacaa    125520
     tggcatggct atgtgtttgg tagggagccc tgtttgagac ccctttggac aatgatacaa    125580
     agtgtaaatc gttctagtat tgattttact ttgtggccta caatgtctta ctgggccatt    125640
     gtttccctgt tatatggtga cttcatttaa tttttacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    125700
     cacacacaca cacacacaca catggaagct tctacagtaa tagatccata agggctttca    125760
     aaatgtcatc agcgttagct gttcctcttt ttagtttctc cttaacccgg ctctctcatg    125820
     cccttcccat gtaatgtgtc cattctagtt ttacatttgt ctctttgaat atagtattct    125880
     atttcccctt ccttggaagt tcacctcttc accgctggtc ccttactagt tacctaacta    125940
     gtgtggttat tagaatgaaa cacacatatc caagtcttaa aagcaaacaa gcaactagga    126000
     gagaaaataa gaactgtgtc ctttgggatt tgggtgatct cactcagggt gattgttttt    126060
     acctccatct acttaccttc acttttctca ttttcatttt tctgaagagt tgaataatat    126120
     tccaatgtat aaataaatta cattttttgt attgacatct agtctcttta taatttccag    126180
     ctattttatg actagaacag acatgaacat ttatgaccaa gcattgctgt agaagatgta    126240
     gagttttagg tatatgtcca aaagtaggat agctgcatca tggaggatat tgattgtcct    126300
     tatttgaaga aactgcacag taattttcac agtgtatata ccatttaatt cttttcaaac    126360
     aatgaataca tacccacaca acccctacat ccttgccaac atctgctgtc atttgtttta    126420
     ttaaacttga tcattcctag tgggtagttt gaaacttcta agtagttttg atttgcattt    126480
     tttttctgtc agataaggac actgaacatt tctttaaagt gttttccaga tatttgtgtt    126540
     tagtttctca ttactacttt agaaattaac ataaatttat tggtttataa aacatgcatt    126600
     tatttttgca cttcctggag gtcaattatc ttgatggttt aaaatcagca tgtcatcttg    126660
     agtctttact gtgatactat tttttccgtt caattctgtg gctcatttcc tctcattatt    126720
     tacaagaaac atactgaaaa attcagacaa ttgcttatcg cctgcctttt ctctatcatc    126780
     ttcatatctt ccccaattat tccatcttaa tttgaatcac ttaccaggtt cattatagaa    126840
     ttatacaaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa gacaaaacaa aaaaactatg aaaaaacaga    126900
     aacaaaaaca aagatgttct gccagaaaaa acattctgtt cagatccttc atattttcac    126960
     atctgggggt ggtggtcaag gtttgaattt tttctttttt ttttattggt tattttagtt    127020
     atttatattt caaatgttac actagcaaga ttttgctgaa aggacccaga tgtagctgtc    127080
     tcttgtgaga ctatgccggg gcctagcaaa cacagaagtg gatgctcaca gtcagctaat    127140
     ggatggatca cagggccccc aatggaggag ctagagaaag tacccaagaa gctaaaggga    127200
     tctgcaaccc tataggtgga ttaacattat gaactatcca gtaccccgga gctcttgact    127260
     ctagctgcat atgtatcaaa agatggccta gtcggccatc actggaaaga gaggtccatt    127320
     ggacttgcaa actttacatg ctccagtata ggggaacgcc tgggccaaaa ggtgggagta    127380
     ggtgggtagg ggagttgggg ggggtatggg ggacttttgg gatagcattg gaaatgtaaa    127440
     tgaggaaaat accaaataaa aatatattta aaaaatgtta taccccttcc cagtttcccc    127500
     tccacaactc ccctatcccc tcctccctca ccccttcctc tatgagggtg ccttcccacc    127560
     tgcccactga ttattgcctc agaggcccag cgttatctta tcctgggtca tcaagccttc    127620
     acaggaccaa tgggttccct tcccagcgat gccagataag gaacccctct tctacctatt    127680
     cagctggagc catggctccc tccatgtgta ctctttggta ctttagtccc agggagctct    127740
     gggagctctg gttggtctcc ttcagtcctt gccctaactt ctccattagg gtccctgtac    127800
     tcagcccaaa tgtttgactg tgtatatctg catctttctt ggtccagctc tggcagagcc    127860
     tctcagggaa cagttataac aggttcctgt cattatgcat ttcttggcat cagcaatagt    127920
     gtctgtgtta ggtgtcagca gatggcatgt atccctaggt ggagcagtct ctgtatggcc    127980
     tttcctttcg ttcatgttct attctttgtc cctgcatttc ttttggcggg aggaattctg    128040
     aattaatatt tttgaggtgg gtgggcggtc ccatccctca aatggcagcc attcctatcc    128100
     attggatatg gtctctacag tttctatctc ctctttgttg ggtattttag ctaaagtcct    128160
     ccatgttgga tcctgggaac cttttgggtc actagcatct ggaactttct agtggctata    128220
     cccattccct cttccccact gctacacacc tactttcaaa ttcctgaccc tctgtccttc    128280
     tcccccatct cctcttaaat ctgaactggc cccccttttc cctacccctc ctctcccctc    128340
     tcagatccct ctctccttcc gtttcccaga gattccctac ccagtattac tgtagcatcc    128400
     acacttggtg tgatcatctt tattcttgtg tttcagatgg gctgtgagtt gtatcctggg    128460
     tattgcgagt ggcttcattt tatcatcatt caaatttcat ctatggatgc tgcatttgca    128520
     ttatttcctc catatttgtc caattattcc catgccacgt ccattggtcc cgttctcaaa    128580
     ttccttacat atttgttagt tattattaca actaaacagc ttgagaaatg atagttaaat    128640
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacaagc atgcacacac aaaatggata tcattcggac    128700
     agacaatttt ggcctctgca agtgcttttt aaaagaatgt attacttttc cctgcaggtg    128760
     attctcaagg ggttgttatg tcttatctag ttaccctgac atagagtagc attgtttaag    128820
     ttcagtatat agcactgctt acatgttaga taatgaaagt attacatata cattggccaa    128880
     taaacattta caaatcaaag cacaataaaa agtcccttac aaatttaagg gatcattctt    128940
     atccaattca atagcttaat gctaatgcta gtgatccaaa taaaatgtat taatgttgaa    129000
     aaacccttac ttgttatttg aaaatttcat acaatgtgtt cccttccctg atatacttag    129060
     ttttatttta ttagaaaaaa acacccctaa aattttaaat gcagtaacca catagaatgt    129120
     catttttcct atttttttta acaattgtca attcattctt gaattccata atactgaggc    129180
     tagcatagct atagaaaatg tttttcaata taaataatta tcgttttcag gtctgctgtt    129240
     gtatgtggat tattatgtct tttatttatt ctttttgtca tttaaattta tccatttgcc    129300
     actttgttaa gtatttttgt aagatgatat ggtgattaac atagctaaat atcatatact    129360
     aggcattcta gcaaatataa tgccatccac tgagttgtgc tgcagctcag taaactctca    129420
     aggcatggtg ttaatcggtg ctggcatttg cttgtacttg atcacaggac atgaactgta    129480
     ggcagcctgt gtgtccagaa aataccagat ctcaggcaag ttagatggcc attctcattc    129540
     cgattttagt aacctgtaag gctttattca tatcttgtga tggcttcccg caaatagtag    129600
     ttggtcaggc ctatttcacc ttagctttaa aaaggaaatt catggcttaa tttagtgtta    129660
     cttcataata cacactactt catagctgct tctgtccatt ggttcgatgc aaatacctgc    129720
     atctgactct tttatctgct tgtgtctttc agagtgcagc catgagagat ccctcttttt    129780
     aagtgctcca tagcctcagt aatactgtca ggccttggaa cctaccctag agctggatcc    129840
     cactttgagc ctactgctga acttttttcc ctcaggctcc tcttcgtttc catccctgca    129900
     gttcttttgg acaggaacaa ttatgggtca gagttttgac tgtgggatgc gaaccccatc    129960
     ccttacttga tgccctatct ttcaactgaa gatgggctct gtaaattccc tctccctact    130020
     gtcctgcatt tcatttaagg tccctccctt tgagtcctgt gaatctctca ccttttgaag    130080
     ggtaccccca aacctcctat ttcctgcgat tacttgattc cattctttct gctggctctc    130140
     agggattcag taattttccc ttacctaata tcaaatcagg ttcccctctc tccctcactc    130200
     tgcccccccc ccaactgtgt ctactttccc tcacaagttc ctccctccct ccccacttgt    130260
     gattgctttt ttctctcttc caagatggac taaggtttcc tcatttgggc acttcagctt    130320
     gctgaccttt ttgagttcta tggactgtat cttaggtatt ctgtactttt ttttttggct    130380
     aatatccact tattaatgaa tacataccat gcatgttttt gggtctgagt tacctcactc    130440
     aggataatat tttctagttc catccatttg cctgcaaaac tcagtatgtc cttattctaa    130500
     atagttgagt agtattccat tgtgtaaatg aagcacattt tctgtatcca ttcttctgtc    130560
     atgagacacc taggttgttt ccagcttctg gctatcacaa ataaggccac tatgaacaga    130620
     gtggaacatt tgcccctatg gcatggtgga gcaacttttg ggtacattcc caagagtgga    130680
     atagctgggt cttcaggttg atctattttc aattttctga ggtacctcca cattgatttc    130740
     cagagtggtt gtaccagttt gcaaccccac cagcaatgaa ggaatcttcc tccttctcta    130800
     catcttctcc atcatgtgtt gtcacttgaa gttttgatct tagccattct gattggtgta    130860
     aggtggaatc tctgggtcat tttgatttgc atttctctga tcagtaagga ctttgaacat    130920
     ttctttaggt gtttttcagc gattcaagat tccagttatg aattcttgat ttagttgtat    130980
     aacccatttt taattgggtt gtttgggttt ttgtgtttgt ttgttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg    131040
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg atattcttga gttctttttt atttttatgg    131100
     atattagccc tctattagat gtggggttaa tgaaggtttt tcccccctta atctgtaggc    131160
     ttctgatttc tcttttcaac tatgtccttt gccttacaga tatgttccag tttcatgagg    131220
     tcccatttat caattcttga tcttacagca tgatccatta gagttctgtt taggaaattt    131280
     tccctgtgcc aatgagttca atgctctttc cctctttctc ttctattaat ttcagtggat    131340
     ctggttttat gttgaggttc ttgatcgaca agaacttgag ccctgtacac ggtgacaaat    131400
     atgggtctac tttcattcta catgtagaca gccagttaga ccagcaccat ttattgaaga    131460
     tgatttattt tcccattgta tatttttggt gtctttgtca aagatcaagt gacagtaagt    131520
     gtgtggtttt atttctaggt cttcatttat attccattga tcaaagtgcc tgtctctgta    131580
     ccaatcccct gttgttgaat tagggaaggc tgaaaaaagc tgaggaaaag gcaatcctgt    131640
     agcaggacca gcagtcttac ttaatctgga cccccaagtt ctcttaaaca ctggatcacc    131700
     aaacagacag catacaccag ctgatatgag gtccccaact catatgctgt agaggactga    131760
     agggtctgtg ttgattcaga gatgatgcat ctaatcctca agagactgga ggccccaggg    131820
     agtttagagg tcaggtgggg tgctgagtgg aggcagggat ggagtggcga ggaggtctgg    131880
     gatgtggagc agttggaggg tggatggcag aggaagggaa tggaatatgg agtgtaaaaa    131940
     ataagttaat tttaaaaaat tacttcataa aagaaaacca aattaaatgc agatattttt    132000
     gttttgtttt gagacaggat ttctctgtgt agccctggct attttggaat tcacattgta    132060
     gacaaggctg gcctgcctct taactgctag gattaaaggc aggtaccaca acttaggcaa    132120
     ttaaatgcag tattgaagtt cttaatgttt actagatgtt tttaaataac caaaattgtc    132180
     aggcactgtc ttcgatccaa tttgttgcaa tgtcaaacag tctcacttta ggaaaataaa    132240
     caaactggat atagatattt taaaatgagt gtatcataaa ataattattc cattatggag    132300
     aactatgctt catctctcct ctggaagtgc cctctacctc gtagtagctc tctgtacatc    132360
     agagattgtg gaaatggaat caaagttaca gtacttaaaa tatatccatt tattatttag    132420
     taagtaaaat aaattacaag ttacgcttcc ttaagcttaa tacagaaaat ggctatttaa    132480
     cgatttaaat ttgccatgat catttttttg tgtatgtgat gctggctaat cagtctttgt    132540
     gactcctttt tccataaacc caactgtatt atcctctaat tacagggtga ggattgcatt    132600
     agcaccagcc aatgctattt taatggctac aagccctatc tgaaaagtag ttctaatttc    132660
     tttactactc cactttgaaa aggaaaatat ggattgactc taataataca aactatttct    132720
     cttagtattt cttatctaca ccttttgttt tgtctcagtt ctgaaatatg gattgtttct    132780
     tagtatacat ttttaaaaaa gaaaagcagt ataattatag tgcattatga aactaagaaa    132840
     atgttgaagt atcaatttac tcaaacaata aaatagacac agatccaatt attgctttat    132900
     ttcataaagc aaatcaatga ttctttgtga gccaagatgg aacttgtcac tgtttttcat    132960
     catctgaatt ccattttgtg tatcatatat ttagaaatat gtccacgtat cttgacataa    133020
     ttctgttgtc ttattctcat atgtttgtga accaaagcat aatgacaacc tatttaaata    133080
     ttacagcaat tcaaagttgg tcactaaata tttcattttt aagctgctat aaataaggga    133140
     atgtagagga aatttaatcc agcaagatcc ttgctctggc aagggataac atcaaaaaca    133200
     taagtctttg tgaattgctg gaatgcagac atgctacaaa catttaatcc ctctggcttg    133260
     aatacagaca ggcctttagt atacaccttt aatcccaaac aatgatgtct agctgtagag    133320
     catttcaaat ccgttcagtc acttcagttt gtgcagtaca gttacattca tttgagtttg    133380
     ttcatgaatt tatatagttt gtgcagttag ttcagtgcag gtcggcagag gcagttgaag    133440
     ccagtgaata agaagccaga agattaaaac aaatttgcag gagttagtgt gagaccaagc    133500
     agagcaattc ggtgataagc tgagataagc cagtttgaat cagtcagctt gaagaggagt    133560
     attgacccag aaaagctgag ctgaaccagt ctgccagagt tcaaagagaa ctagaaaagg    133620
     tgagcttatt cagttgtaag tctcagaagc tgaaacattg taggcctcgg ttagacttat    133680
     aggaagccaa aagcttccag tccatggcct tgggatggtt acaacagaga gggaaatgct    133740
     ctgggctgag cctaagccac atattcatac atcttgctat ggctttcatc atattctttc    133800
     atctgaggaa ataggtaact tttacaaggg agaatgatgt tgcatgttgt gttgagagga    133860
     cagatttagg atgataattc cttactatgt aattaattaa tatttaatgc ttacgtgatt    133920
     cgaattagat agtgaaacta aaataagccc atgttttaaa atgttcgata gaaaagacat    133980
     ttgaaaatta gaatagatat aattttgttt tgtagtattt ttacttaaat gctgttgttt    134040
     gcttcaggag ataatgacag ttggaaagca aattatttaa acacagtatt tacaatgtgt    134100
     ttcagcttta atttatgatt tcatttaact tatcgctcat aattttcttg agattttttt    134160
     tttttaatct tttggtacac taccaattgg catgacctac atctacatat cttttaatgc    134220
     ctgagtgtat tgatttttat tgaaagtaga gtgagcaaga agcactcagt aaactaaaat    134280
     tattttcagc taataatgct ctcttccaag tactgattga tgtatacaaa tattgctgtg    134340
     actgaactat ttttgaataa aataaattca aatgattctt ttgacgtctt aggataagtc    134400
     attttgtaaa caggacaaaa ctgtgaatgg actgttgctg acaaagtgcc aatcctggtt    134460
     tccttgacgc acaggagata tactgattta ttgaatccta ttttgattat tgactgaatg    134520
     agaaatgtct gtttttttag gcttctatta ggctgcctct gcaaaatata ggtggacaaa    134580
     ttagaaccca accaacctga agtcttctta caatacacat cctgccagag tcacatgaag    134640
     gagctcacag ccatccgtaa ctgtccaagg gagattaggg caaagtggtt ccccttccag    134700
     aaatatcact aaaaacaaaa aaatacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacataa    134760
     caaaaccaga tttgttggta gagaatctaa gatatagaag tgtattaaaa atatccacaa    134820
     aggaatttta tgatgcttta aataacattt tgataaaaag gtaaattaat tatggatgcc    134880
     tttcagaagg aacaccaaat cctgcttgac tataatatca ttccaggaag aaataagaaa    134940
     ctatattcaa atatatgtat aattaaaatt agtatttgaa taaacatttt gattttttga    135000
     ggtgtgaaaa cattaagcat taaaatgaga aagcttcccg aactccccct tgacgtagat    135060
     gtttgcaaat cactggagta gccagagggt cactgatatg atttttctct caagtgctgc    135120
     aataaatgtt agaattgctt gctgatgcct aatcctccgt taacatcata catcagcact    135180
     tgtcagatca gggaagcata ttaactagag ttattatatt tcaaaacagg agtgtttctt    135240
     attatgacag cttccaagag tggggcctgt gagatgagta cctgcagata tttcatgtcg    135300
     ttgaggatga tacacatttc cagttgtgac tgttcagggc agcctttctg agcatgtcat    135360
     gactctcccc tcagccctcc attttaattc ccgtcatacc aaaatgttat ttactccttt    135420
     taccgaggta ccagctgcca gccatgtaca atttaataga attatagaat tttagagaca    135480
     ggaaaataaa acatagaagt tattatttct gcatccccat ttctctattg aagatgttga    135540
     tgtctattac tgaagattca actaaactct ttctagaaat attttacacc tctctctgtt    135600
     aacaaaatgt tctgactatc taccatgtct tccttctcct tctttccatt tccaaatgta    135660
     cacattaatc catatactta cctatagata ctggaaggac attagaagta gctaaggtgg    135720
     aataggttgt tgtaaagctg tgaattcaat tagttttaat aaaggagata gagcatcctg    135780
     tagatttgtg aacttaacct tgccacaagt aaatactccg agtttactgg taaagtatct    135840
     cttatacaaa ctgtttgaga tc                                             135862