ID   AC132297; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 152941 BP.
AC   AC132297;
DT   07-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   14-MAY-2004 (Rel. 79, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Mus musculus chromosome 7 clone RP24-330M18, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-152941
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus clone";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-152941
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-SEP-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-152941
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (31-OCT-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-152941
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-JAN-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-152941
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-MAY-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
DR   MD5; bc225f0e44af8f58e2ed4fb1371d752f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456138.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030996; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000066279; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070424; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070425; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000099481; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032598; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032601; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032602; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032603; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032574; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032577; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032578; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032579; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032510; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032513; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032514; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032515; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032585; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032588; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032589; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032590; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0032299; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0032302; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0032303; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0032304; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0033082; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0033083; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0033085; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0033086; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0033087; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031625; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031628; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031629; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031630; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0032265; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0032268; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0032269; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0032270; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0032417; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0032420; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0032421; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0032422; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0032373; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0032376; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0032377; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0032378; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032506; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032509; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032510; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032511; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032407; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032408; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032410; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032411; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032412; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0033104; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0033107; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0033108; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0033109; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0031343; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0031346; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0031347; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0031348; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031742; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031745; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031746; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031747; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC132297.4:1-152941; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000084830; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000084843; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000094128; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000094129; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000094130; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106934; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106935; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106937; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106950; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000123372; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139104; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000210211; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000211408; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0085382; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0085397; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0085401; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0085402; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0085449; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0085464; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0085468; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0085469; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0085398; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0085413; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0085417; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0085418; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0085420; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0085435; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0085439; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0085440; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0084985; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0085000; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0085004; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0085005; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0085925; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0085929; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0085940; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0085944; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0085945; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0085513; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0085528; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0085532; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0085533; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0084924; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0084939; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0084943; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0084944; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0085114; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0085129; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0085133; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0085134; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0084973; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0084988; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0084992; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0084993; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0085155; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0085170; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0085174; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0085175; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0085021; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0085025; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0085036; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0085040; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0085041; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0086202; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0086217; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0086221; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0086222; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0084923; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0084938; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0084942; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0084943; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0084042; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0084057; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0084061; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0084062; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P70352; NAR5_MOUSE.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9D7F1; Q9D7F1_MOUSE.
CC   On Jan 1, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:38093877.
CC   ----------------- Genome Center ----------------------
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Project Information -------------------
CC   Center project name: M_BB0330M18
CC   ------------------------------------------------------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..152941
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP24-330M18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
SQ   Sequence 152941 BP; 40793 A; 35332 C; 35451 G; 41365 T; 0 other;
     gatcatctat atgctcctga caacagttga aattggttag ttaaataaaa tgtttgtcag        60
     tctggccaaa tgatcctgtt gcatagtcat tgtattaagt aaccattcac atttctccat       120
     cttactctct tgtttctctc cttttttctt tgttgttttt cttattttta tgttgagtat       180
     caagatgcta aaagttttag atctgaaaat caggtaagcc taagaaggtt tgaggctaag       240
     ccagatgtga tggagtctac cttaatccca gtagcataaa ggttgaggca acaaaattgt       300
     cagagtttaa gtccgacatg ttctgtaaag tgaggtctag gccaacaggg acagaaagag       360
     tctgtctcag agagggagag aggttggggg gggagagaga ggatgaggga aggaagggga       420
     ggggagtgga ggagagagac agagagagac agagagaaag agagagcgct taaagtttga       480
     agagggatgt atctgtatca gtataaagct gctgaagtac tggggtagca gtggagtgtc       540
     tttttatttt atttttattt tttttcgaga tagggtttct ctgtgtagcc cttgctgtcc       600
     tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatttgcctg cctctgcctc       660
     ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catttgccac cactgcccgg ctggagtttc tttttacccc       720
     taaagtcact aaaattatag tgacttttct gctggcagcc acagatggat catcaagtac       780
     aaagttgctg tttaaagaga agcagcccct aggacttccc ccctgaaaca caatcatagg       840
     acatgctggg tctgggagaa gttgctcctt aacaggacta ttgtttaaag aaggtagaac       900
     aactttcatc aaaacagata gtgtggattt tgtgacttca aggctcggga gactttcttc       960
     tctgcagtta actttgagcc ctttttgaaa ggagttcttt gactggtgca gtaggattca      1020
     tttggagaaa aggccctatg gacccataat tagaagttaa atgcccaaga gtagggctag      1080
     ttgctggaga aacagtgtgg cccaatcagt tgcttttctg ttcttttgac ccgcagataa      1140
     ccctaataag aaagtaggct gcttagtgag ctcaggaggt gactggaaga gtgcagtcca      1200
     catctctcta tctctgctct ttgtctcagt gccctttcct tttagtcatg attgtgcaaa      1260
     cacactctgc ttgaaaggcc ccctgaagct gcaggctttt ggcattaatt gttttctatc      1320
     tattcattcg aggtgtatga cttacaatta gagaaacatt tgactggctt cactgactgc      1380
     ctaatgacgg aatttactaa gttagggcca attatctgtc ggtcatccag caagcttttg      1440
     tttaacagct acctgtatca ggtgtcagag ggatgaaaca atattttttg tcctttatga      1500
     tcttaatttg ggtgaaacag atagataaac agcattcctg taggggagtg aactaaagta      1560
     tgtagaggaa caaataataa gtggccatat ggaagaaaga acaactgttc cttattgtgg      1620
     gagagactag gagagctgaa gggagaggca ttttagtcaa atgataaagg atacatggga      1680
     gttcaagagt tgtagaggac agagcatttc agtagattca caagcagtga tacagaacct      1740
     agagaatacc tgctatgctg agggaaaggt acttgaatta gctggagatg agattggaaa      1800
     ggaaactaga aggctggacc ttagagtact gggaattttt ttttctagat tttatttttt      1860
     atgtatgaat taggcctgca tgtatatatg ggccaacaaa agtcagaaga gaatattgga      1920
     gccctaggga ctagagttac agatgattgt gagctgtcat gtgggtgctg ggactcaaat      1980
     tcgggtcttc gggaggaaca agtgctttaa accactgagc catctcttca gctctaaata      2040
     cgctaaagaa ttttgatttt cgggctggtg agatggctca gtgggtaaga gcacccgact      2100
     gctcttccga aggtccggag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatccg      2160
     taaagagatc tgactccctc ttctggagtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat      2220
     aatcaataaa taaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaatt ttgattttct tctgtatata      2280
     attagatgtt gaactctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgta      2340
     tcatgactca attcacattg gttttggtcg gttttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttg      2400
     tttttttgtt ttttgttttt tgtttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gctctggctg      2460
     tcctggaact cactctggcc tcaaactcag agctttagca tacttgagct ttagttgcta      2520
     tcttaactct ggtatttaat ttctctgacc aactttcttt ttgttactga aaataatacc      2580
     tccttacaga gctgctgtga ggaacacttg caatacttta taagtaagtg gtacagagcc      2640
     atatacaagt cctgacttgt attgttctgc tgagggcagt agagtcccaa gtggtatgtg      2700
     atatggacca aaaatgacag aaaacgaatg acctttattc ccataaccac tcgtactgtc      2760
     tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttttcaagac agggtttctc tgtgtagctc tggctgtcct      2820
     ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc      2880
     gccaccacgc ccggcagaag agggagtcag atctcattat gggtgattgt gagccaccat      2940
     atggttgctg ggatttgaat tcaggacctt tggaagagca gtcggtgctc ttaaccactg      3000
     agccatctct ccagcccttg gtactgtctt tattggtaat actcatgtgg tcactagctt      3060
     ttgtagcact cctaaatggg accaaatttc taaaagaaat tatttattta tttatttatt      3120
     tatttatttt ggtgtgggtt tttttttttg gttttttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat      3180
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggcta gcctcgaact cagaaatctg      3240
     cctgcctctg tctcccgagt gcttcgaggc ccgccccccc gttcttcttc tctctttttt      3300
     tttttttttt tttttttttt gtagaaattt ttagacattg gaaatttctc cagaagtccc      3360
     tgcatccttc tttgagatag tctcaaagaa ctcatggaca tctgtctgct tctgtctcct      3420
     gagtactggg gtaaaaggca tgtgctacca tgcctaggtc cccctccctc tctccctctt      3480
     tccctccctt gcttcctttt tattggtata aatttatact tgagccgggc gtggtggcgc      3540
     acgcctttaa tcccagcact caggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcaaggccag      3600
     cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctgca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa      3660
     aaaccaaaaa ataaaaataa aattaaataa aaaaataaat ttatacttaa caatggtttt      3720
     catcttgaca ttttcataca tgttcatgac tattttgatc atatttactc tttattaccc      3780
     tttcttgtca cactccaatg atcctatagc tagctcctcc tactttaatg ttttctttct      3840
     ttcttttttt ttttttttaa gtgacccagt gattttcctt aggatagctt tcaggaacat      3900
     gggtatctta tcagtgccta tactacccaa gaaaaagtct ccctccttta ccattattat      3960
     cctttagcct atagatcctc agggagaagt gggcattcat gacaagatgt caggcccaat      4020
     ctttcactgc tctgtaatca cagttgctat gagttctaaa gtacagtggc catgtcatgc      4080
     cctggagaca gcgttctcgc acactccacc cttctgactt tgttcctgtc acctttccta      4140
     cagtgtccct tgaacctgtg gggttatata catgtcaatt tatgacttaa tttgacagtt      4200
     acttgttctc agcacttgga tcaatttgaa tgtctgcagt tgcatatatc cactacagaa      4260
     atcatccaag ccctctgaat gcaggtgctt actgcagctg tgtgagacag gctttggaag      4320
     atgaataaat ttcaactgca aattaatagg ctagcctttt acttttaaat aagtgaggat      4380
     ggttatccta tgttggacct tctaattatt gtcactgttt caaatgggat ccagacctat      4440
     gggtttagag ccaaatggag ttttcactag ttcgtagtta cttgtaacta ggagacacct      4500
     agagacccag tctttctggc ttagattata aactttgagg tgagacagac ttgtgtttgc      4560
     atattaatca tacatatgag tctcaggata attggattgt tgttaaacat tttaaaacct      4620
     cttcagtaag gataacagta ttaatatttg tttgatagag ttaatactat tctcagtaaa      4680
     agggaattct cactattctt gcatatatgc atacctattt tggttttggt atccatgtac      4740
     tagtctagaa atttaaagta cttctagaat tttgcgttcc tcattcttat aattctctgt      4800
     agacatctca aaagtaattc caaagttgtc tctttcttct tgttgtcagg tctttcagac      4860
     ctgtgtcact tcctgcttgg ggctgacagt gacttttatc ctccattcta taacagctgt      4920
     aagaagtagg tggagctcca catgtctcta tgcaaaccta tctttatctg tatcccaggg      4980
     ctctatgtaa agatgtcatt taaaaggggt tactttttgt ttgtttattt tttatttgat      5040
     tgtgtggggt tttttttgtt tttgtttttg aaacagggtc taatataact ctatgcactc      5100
     tcgaacttaa ctcgctatta gccaaggttg gcctggaata agatcttgat cttacttgtt      5160
     tcagccttga aagtgcaggg gttgcagtat gctaccatgt ctggccaagt ggattcattc      5220
     actttttttt ttttttaata ttttttatta ggtattttcc tcattcactt ttaaagtata      5280
     gtttgatata taaaattaaa ttaaggaaaa aatatatctt cttagaaaaa gtttatacca      5340
     caagtcactt aaaaagttat ttcattgggc tggagagatg gctcagcagt taagagcact      5400
     gactgctctt gcagaggttc tgagttcaat tacagcaact actgtggcag atatattacc      5460
     tatagggaca ctcaggcatt ttactcctct gtggcactga gacagggcaa acaggttctt      5520
     agttttgttt ttgttttgtt tgtttggttt tttttttttt tttttccaag acagggtttc      5580
     tctgtgtagc cctggcgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct caaactcaga      5640
     aatccacctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac cttgcccagc      5700
     aggttcttag ttttgtagaa aggccatctt gagggagaac taagtgggga ctcttggact      5760
     tgactaatca gtcctctctg ggagttgttt ttgccctctg cttttctcct ggggaagctt      5820
     caggctttgc aacagtgact cattaaccag ccactgccct ggagagggag aagagggtga      5880
     tggtaaatgg gctggaggtc aggccttgga aacagtacat ctctccaaca agttgcagtg      5940
     actgcctgcc tttcctttcg gcttcctttt cttaccctga gctatcacca gcatttccct      6000
     cgaggaacac ttttcttcaa tgcttgttgc ttctgataag ttttgctatt tgtttgtttg      6060
     tttgtttgtt ttgtttgttt ttgagacagt ctcactatgt atctctggtt ggtctggaat      6120
     tctccatata gaccgagacg gcctgaactc acaaagatgt acctgcctct gccgcctgta      6180
     tgctaagact aagggtatat gacactataa ctggctgtga ctactttaaa aaatatttta      6240
     tgtgtgtggg taattttgcc tacatatatg tctgtgtatt gtgtgtgcct ggtgcctata      6300
     gagaccagaa gagggtatca gttttctaga actagaggaa tacaattgtg agctgccata      6360
     tgggtgctgg gaactcaatc taggttctct ggaaaagcag ccagtgctct taaccaccaa      6420
     gccacctctc caatccttca gttctttttt taagctatgt ggttgttttg acttaaaaag      6480
     atgattctga gaagataaat gtatagtttc ctctgtgctg ttgatagtgt accagcttat      6540
     ttattcagtt attcagtgac tgtctttaaa gcaatagagg ggggatggta ggctacttaa      6600
     aagactagct tgtgtaaaca agtcacctaa ctccttaacc tcaggatttt tttttttttt      6660
     tttttttttt ttttaatttt taaaaactgg gcttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga      6720
     acttactctg ttggccaagg tggccttgaa cctcacagag ttctagaaaa ctgataccct      6780
     cttctggtct ctataggcac caggcacaca caatacacag acatatatgt aggcaaaatt      6840
     acccacaccc gcctgtctct gcttcctgag tgctgagtca tgcagcacca ctgcctggct      6900
     agatttcctg agcttttaaa acagccacat gcagtgtgtt ctggtcttca ctctgccact      6960
     tgatatcctg gcataataaa tgctgctgct gttactgtaa ttaatagtgc taaggcacta      7020
     tactaaacac ttgccatgct ttgtttttta atctgcacgt taactcaatg aggtaaataa      7080
     atactatggt tatctctatt ttagagaaaa tgatctgaga attaaaaaga ttaaataact      7140
     tgtctaaggt cacctggcta gtaaatgtta gaaccaacaa tctggatcta gggctcattt      7200
     gtagctgacc ctagagccct tcgtctacat aaaacattcc atctaaaatt acatacatct      7260
     aaaattgcct ggcagggtgg agagtttggg taagggcata agtgtagtag gaagtaaaac      7320
     tggagccagg ttatagaggc cttggaatag tattatttat actagaatca ccccagttct      7380
     ggggggcctc cggggaatta ctctctcatt tttcattgct aaggatggaa ccaaaagcct      7440
     cacatatgcg aggcagtgtt caccactgag ttatatcata gcctattccc tgtcatttct      7500
     ttaaactgtg acaaaaggat agtatacatt aaaacttata acactgacat tttaaaaaaa      7560
     gatttattta ttttatgtat atgagtacac cgtggctgtc tatcttcaga tacgttagaa      7620
     gagggcattg gattccacta cagatggtta tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggagttgaa      7680
     ctcaggacct ctggaagatc agtcagtgct cttaaccatt gagccatctc ttcagcccaa      7740
     cactgacatt ttaaacaaga ataataaaat gaataccaaa ttgctgcagc ctactggcta      7800
     caatgggaga tggagtatta ccagaccctt tgaacaactg tgtgcttcta acttactacc      7860
     actcttcagc ttctatcaga actcactcct cctgcattgt gagttcttcc aaaacccctt      7920
     tctttatccc caccccaccc cgcccctttt ggtggggtaa tgagtgcctt gtagaaccag      7980
     gcaggagcca agtgatcttt cttggttgag aagaaagaga agtggagaaa ctagccacac      8040
     ttcctgggta gcccataagt tagttggcct cgaagtgtaa ggacttggca gggaaattct      8100
     agaggagatt tcaagccttc tacagcagtg gttcaactgg aacgtgttac cttgtgttta      8160
     gagcaggggc aagatggaga gatacagtat ctactctgtc ttcactgtga agtttcagga      8220
     ctcacagtac caagtggaac tgcagagact ggtgggcagt ttagcaaccc tcttattttc      8280
     atcccataca attttagggt gtgccagtct ttaactattt ttgccatttc ttttcataaa      8340
     atgtgaacat ttgtatttgt ggtagtcctt tgaatagaag ccgtcctttc tgctaatagc      8400
     agttgctaag tacagactac agagggatgg tgagaacagg ctgtaggttt gagagagcaa      8460
     tgtgtctgca gtcttgggta tggatctcac caacacctca tcccctctac tcagcacaca      8520
     cattctttta gtagccagag actgtgtttg gaaagctgcc atacaaatgt agttcagtgg      8580
     aacagattta atgagcttta gtaagctagg gactatggct gatcatagag agggaactgg      8640
     ggtatgtcct taaggagttg tcattctaga tgaaagagac tttcacaaaa atatatataa      8700
     aaccatttct tgagctttgt acatgattag cataattttt aaacactaaa atcatgtttt      8760
     tgtgtgtgtc agagaacagc tgttgggagt gagttcttgt ctaccatgta gatcctaggt      8820
     cttcagacca gatcatgcat atctcctgag ccattgtgtc tttttgtaca tggttattaa      8880
     aaataaatcc aatcactggg tgtggtggca cacaccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca      8940
     gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta catagtgagt tccaggacag      9000
     ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaaccaaa ataagtaaat aaataataaa      9060
     aaaataaatc caaccataaa aacatacata cagtgtagga agtccccaag tgattgtccc      9120
     cagtaatcca ctactgttac cagtttaata ttggagggat tgagatttga agtgtgccta      9180
     taaagtaaaa gccgagagag gaactggtgg ggaaaaggcg gtcacactga aggtaccatc      9240
     ctgttccagg aggaatatct ctagcttctt tagcactggt aaaccttctg ctgggacacc      9300
     ctggtgacag agaccaacct ttgtgaagca tccactagca ccttctgtgc taaaagtcag      9360
     tgtgttgggc accttgcgaa tgttactgag ttcatgcttg tactcttaaa gcagaggagg      9420
     ctatgctttc atctaggaat ctgaggaatc cttgccaggg ttatgtagtt agctgcaagt      9480
     gatttgtgat atgtatgtaa gatagtcact ttgtggctta gcttcctcat gtctacagtt      9540
     gagtggtagg gctggagaga tggctcagcg attaagagca cctgactgct ctttccgagg      9600
     tcctgagtta aattcctagc aaccacatgg tggctcacat ctgtaatggg atccagtgcc      9660
     ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagtgacag tgtattcaca taaataataa gtctttttaa      9720
     aaaagtcatc ttaaagttga gtggtaattt acctgcttca taaagaggtg ttgaagccta      9780
     atgaaatgat gcccaatagg tcagtaggat ggtttgaggc atgttagtag gttcttagta      9840
     agcattagct actatctatt atatcctgtt tcttcttcag acccccatct cctcctcaca      9900
     tgtgattcac atatgccatg tactttcttc ccggtacagt tgctcctcct agttttgtct      9960
     tgtttgagat aggctgttac tctgccttgg ctgggctgga actctagtag tgagtggatc     10020
     aggctggcct tctgctccaa cctcccactt gccaggactg taagcacaca gcaccatggt     10080
     ggctttgagt ctcctgcttt ttgtcagctt ctttctcctc aatgcttctc attcctcttt     10140
     taactattct ctaccatccg tgtcctcaac accttcctat ctattgggta gcctcctagc     10200
     tcaccttgct gccagagaac cattttgtca ggttaatctg gctcatacca cagctctctg     10260
     ttaaaaccat cccagatcct ttatttgaat ccttgaagtt caagatttcc caattctgac     10320
     ctcagttcac ctttgacacc tggtctctca ctgctaccac acctttctgc tttcttctcc     10380
     ctttcccgag aggaaaaatt tgattttgtg cttgaagatc cagattaaaa tattacttca     10440
     gttttctaat ccttccctca tctaaactgg ttagtttcct tacatctttt atatgagtta     10500
     acatgtacca tcttgggata aaacttgtag tcacttctga tctgtggaat tgtaacccta     10560
     gctcagacgt tgggtataat tcttgtatgg gtattaacaa tatttaatag caatacatta     10620
     cacatacttc attaaatgtt tctagttgta aagtgaggga attcctttaa ctatcccagg     10680
     aggtgtccag tgggtggcaa cgctgtcgag atcttgtctg agtgtgacat ttcttttagt     10740
     catatagttg cagcagactc tgaggatgat gagtccctgt gcctgttgag ggctctagcc     10800
     agcgcctgcc atactcagaa ctgtgccttg gcccctcggc ccctccccac aaatgcccac     10860
     aggaacagcg gattaggttc tggcagcaca gctgggattt tggcggccat tccagtcaac     10920
     aatagcgcag ctatcgggac agaagagcga ggcctacgct ccgcggctag aaactgcctg     10980
     ggccgctcgt ttgggtggag gagtgggagg agcaggcaca cagcatggca tcttggcctt     11040
     gctacgcaga aggtaggggc tgaagagatt ccctgcggag aacaggctag ggtggccaag     11100
     tcctagggcg ggcaggcggg cgggcaggca gggcgctctg aggaggcctg cgctttgtgt     11160
     ggcggggagc cggcgggcgg ccgtgcgcct gcagacacgc ccccctcgcc gcgccgcagg     11220
     aagctgcccc tgtacaaggc ctgcgccgtg cggctcccct gcgctcggct cccaggcttc     11280
     ctctgcgccg ggcgcctttc ccgccagggg ctggccgtgg gttcggcggc tctgggcctg     11340
     cccgataggg ctggtctcgg aggtggacag gccgtcactg ctactgcctt aagccctgct     11400
     ggaaagcagc gaagggggag tgtcctggcc atctcaggtt ggtgaggccg gccaccgcgg     11460
     gtgcgttttt gtgtgtttac gccacagcct ccagcccttg ctgcgcgtgc tctcccttca     11520
     gcaatggagc ctgcgggctt gcgccctagc cactctcccc gcccccgcac gtcctgctca     11580
     gtttttaggg cacgggcagg cttcacctgg gtcctcctgg taggcgtcgt cccccccccg     11640
     tccccccccc ccgagctctt ggcttcgctg ttgctcccag accgcgcgga agctcgctgt     11700
     gcctttaaag aaagcagact cctggctgtg acgcacttct ggctgtcagc caggaagatt     11760
     gcttctgcct ggccgactga gaagaaaccc aacaactttt cttttgtgtg tggggttact     11820
     ttccactgcc cccccctacc cctgtccttt caagatttaa atgctaatgg cggattaaaa     11880
     cctgtagata cgtttggctt taggagtccg gtaaggcccc cagcactaag actttttctc     11940
     cctcactctt tctcgggtta gttttgtttt gttttgtttt ttcaaaaaaa tggacgagag     12000
     ggtggggtgg ttcatccccc tcacctccct ttgctgcgcc atccttagag gggagggaga     12060
     ggaaagggag agcaagtaaa cactgagaaa caggcgctgg ccctgcgcag agcttgccaa     12120
     catccgggag ttggcgcctt tctttcccct catagatgtc agcgtgtttt tgtttggagg     12180
     gagtaatgtg tgcgcctgtc ctagagctat agagacggcc cagtagaggg cttccctgtt     12240
     tccttgtgtg gtcctagatg tttttgcggt gttggacaat gaaaacgtgt ctttttttat     12300
     tttttatttt tgtcagctgc cagggatctg agtgtgtgaa tgtagtggtt ggggataggt     12360
     gctgatgaac tgccccagag ggctgtgtat gtgcgcttgc gcaggcactt cacacagtat     12420
     ctgcctgtag gccgcagtct agttcatgat tgcaactttt ctgctaacat ttttccgatc     12480
     atgaccttac gaatatgggg gaaaggacta ggtgtcagta ctgttagctc tgattaagcc     12540
     cggcaatgtg aaaatagact gacctcaaca gaagcagatt gtcctttaat tagaacaatg     12600
     aagggcagca ggctctctgg ggagtggagg ctgaagagat acaaagggct tggggtttta     12660
     tagggcagaa aagggaactt ttgaaggttg gcgattgcat ctgcagatct gtactctgca     12720
     gtctcaaaac tgtaaatact caagggttgg tgtttggact ttcttgtcag gagcgtccct     12780
     gttcctaggt gttatgggcc tacttacttc tgggggcttc tcagtcctcc tgaggctttt     12840
     aggtcattaa aaaactcttt gcctcctcct ctttcccctt tttctcctct tgattatgtg     12900
     gccttacctg ccctagaact cagagccatc ttcctgcctc agcctttcaa agtgctctag     12960
     aggtgggagt caccaaggac gatttttttt ttaaagaaac aacggaatgt ggggttttcc     13020
     tgaagtcttt tcattccttt ccagattctc aggactctga gtcagaaatc taggttacaa     13080
     agagagtggt gtatgtgcag agggagaggc ctgagctgaa agttagtgcc ttagagcaag     13140
     tagagaattc atccagtaac ttcatttgct tttgattgca gaaatgctga gaaacaattg     13200
     acttgtccac acagcctact cagggctttc ccccataata gagaaaagat aatgcttttc     13260
     ttggcctttt ttcccccttt ttttcttttg gtatgaatgg tggtggtgca catctttaat     13320
     ctcagcactt ggggggcaga agcaggcaga tctctgaatt ggagcccagt ctggtctaca     13380
     gagcaagttc taggatagtc aggtttacac agagaacacc tgtcttgaaa aaaactaaag     13440
     gaaaaccatc tcaaaacaac tcagcccctt tgttagccag aggacacacc agcaagacag     13500
     ctccttttgt tgtttgggat ttaatttttg tttgtttttc ttttttcttt ttttgatttc     13560
     ctttcttttt taattaatca ttctattcct ttacatctca aatgatatcc cacttgcctg     13620
     ttaccctcca caaatctctc catcctgcat ccatcctgta ccccctctcc tttgcctcca     13680
     tgagggtgct cccccaccca cccactctct cccaccctgc tgcttcagta tccccctaag     13740
     ctggggcatc aaacctccac aggaccaagg gcctcccctc ccattgctgt taggcaaggt     13800
     ggtcctctgc tacataagta tctgtagtca tgtgtgcact ccatgcccgt gcactgcact     13860
     ccttggttcc tgatctaatg tctgggaaca ctgggtggtc cggccagctg atgttattct     13920
     tcctatgggg ttgcaatccc cttcagctcc tctgtttttg tttgttgttt gtttaatgag     13980
     tacactgtag ctctcttcag acacaccata agagggcatc agatcccatt acagatggtt     14040
     gtgagctacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actctgaacc cctggaagag cagtcagtgc     14100
     tcttaacaac tgagccatct ctccagcccc cccccccttt taatttgttt gtttggtttt     14160
     gtttttttga gaagtgattt tcctatgtca ccctgactgg cctggaactt ggtatgtgga     14220
     ccaagctggc tttacactca caaagatgcg cctgcctctg ctttctgagg gtatggacca     14280
     ctacacctgg ctttgctatt gctattgttg ttgttaagac tgggtacaag caatcctcct     14340
     gtctccacct cccgtgtata atgaataaac attttatcaa ggtagcttgg cctttgtcag     14400
     ggccctctaa ggtagcaaac caggtaagat ccaagtcaca ggttagttgc ctgtgtctct     14460
     tgatgtattc ctcccagagg aactcccaac atcagtgttc agtccaacag cgcacaagtt     14520
     gctcaggtga aggagagggt atctatttta gggagtggtg ctggagcctg gaatttttat     14580
     agcagggtaa ctgatagtta ggttttgcct gaactcaggt gtacagatgc tgcagccatt     14640
     ttcttacctg tgagtctcta agcctttgga actttggagt tggagcctgg tgggtttgag     14700
     gaatgacacc ttgaggtgga agcctgtggc cctaacattc tgggagtagg aacagtaaaa     14760
     gaacgagggt cagtgctggc aggggctcct aagttgagaa cttgaacagg tcagtagcca     14820
     agaccaaagt tcactttggt gttatcttga ggtgaggtgg tggtgttcag gcaggtagcc     14880
     gttaagaagg agctgaagcc cagactaagg gatggcacat gggaggaagg agttgggctg     14940
     cctcacagac cctctggcat atcaccaaaa accacaattg ttttcagaag agacctccag     15000
     agctgagcaa cctgacccct ctctggtctg gttcttgcat ctagcaggtg gtttacatta     15060
     gtctcagccc ttataggaaa ctgtggctag tctttaactc cttcagatcc agagcgtgca     15120
     gaccagatgg cagcgtattt cttgatgtca ctctccttgt cctgacacat cttttgtgga     15180
     aacatagagg acttccttcc ttcattcttt ccttcttttg tttttcaaga caaaagtttt     15240
     tctgtagaac cctagttgtc ctagaactca gtctgtagac cagtctggcc tctgatttac     15300
     agagatcccc ctgcttctgc ctcctgactg ctgggattaa agttgtgcac caccaccacc     15360
     cagcttatag aagatatctt ctaagtgtgg aaattagtca tgatacaggg aactatgtat     15420
     ggcagcttgg aaagtataaa gaggacagaa gggacaataa atatgcaagg tcactgcttt     15480
     tctctgtgtt ccttggaatg gggaaaagaa agggtacttt atcagctttt gggaagcctc     15540
     atttttggat tgtggttaca tttcattttc aaagaaccag gtatgtggga actctaaggt     15600
     tcagggtcct gcagtaccat ctggattttg ttgtccttgt ggtcagagtg agttggggtg     15660
     ggtctaagcc ttctgtgaaa tggctcacag aaggctacaa ttgcagggaa tccgtgtttc     15720
     catcaccatc acccagtctt ctgggtgggg cctgcctcaa atttcagggg gagggtggag     15780
     aggatggtgc tttggctgag agcccttggc tgctgcgctg aagtctgctt aaagctgtag     15840
     ttccagtgct gagcactatc tgccactggt ttcaatcatt gttactcaga gaagccatca     15900
     ttaccagcca gtggctatgc ttcctaaagc tgcactctgg tgtcttgagg aagtgctctt     15960
     tgtgatcctt aatgacaaga tctttcagac gtttctagtg ttaaatattg gattcctaat     16020
     ttctgtaccc ggtagtttcc tctggggagg acaccagagg ggttttataa attttgcttc     16080
     tgagatgaaa gaaagaggtt tcttaagcct tgggtgattt tttttcttct ttttttaaag     16140
     cagcatagct gtagagtctt tgagtaggta agatttattt cctgttgtaa atgaaatttc     16200
     tgggtagtga gcattgccag ggaggtcaaa actacatttg gcttgttact gaagaccaca     16260
     gagacttcct tctccagttc tggaaattga acccaggacc ttacacaggt taggtaagca     16320
     ttttacttag ctataaaaac tctgatctga acaccccagt ttgagcagtt gacttcatcc     16380
     tacaggctaa gtttggtttc tcaagctata ggctggccag ctacacacac acacacaaag     16440
     cctaatttca gtgcactggt taagatcatt gtggactggt cccaagggct gggcagtcag     16500
     tcagtgccca cagacaggca caaggaaata ttcaggactg aggaacatgt ggctggctcc     16560
     cttagcatgt ctgtctgtcc tgagaaaaac cttacttgtg accaaccaaa gaccaaattg     16620
     gctcatttct cagtctgtgt cactgataga acaactgata gttaccacat ttaagttttg     16680
     cagggtcagg aagtagttag ttataattag tagttactta cagttaacat ttaattattt     16740
     tcttttatta gtgattcaag tatgtttaat tttactcctc acccttctaa aaaaaccctc     16800
     aaaggcagtg atgtcactgt cttctgtttc tcaagtagct tccaggacag gaaaaacaag     16860
     tagggacgaa gaaaagactt ttttggttgg tggatgagta gagcacactt ggataggagg     16920
     ttccaaggca tgatgggaag tatattacca gagtatgaat ctcttcttcg ttacttgact     16980
     tagtgcctta ttgtcaaaaa aatgatcttt tttttttttt tattcctagt ctttgtgttc     17040
     agaaagtact tagcatctgt tggctctgct gaccttacat tttagagatg taatatttgt     17100
     agaacagtat atgtgaaatg cctttctatt cttgctcatc tttctagagt agtgacatag     17160
     agagcagttg tgtaggaggt aggagaggac agttgtgctc ttggagattg tgggagtcat     17220
     ggggactgat aagacgtact gggaaatacc caagtctgtg atcccgcggg tctcatctgt     17280
     tggcaggcaa atggcagatt cccaggggca aaggaaattg ggggtaagag tactgggaca     17340
     agtgcccaat cttataataa atgttccctg ggggtagggc cttgggcgat ggcttagcag     17400
     gtaaagttct tactgccaag tctatgaacc tgagttccta tctgcagtac ccattggtgc     17460
     cggtgctatg cgtttctctt taatcccagc ccagctaggg aggcagaggc aggaagatct     17520
     ccaagtccat acaaccagaa ccagaaatca acctcttttt ttaaaaacag aaataatttg     17580
     tgttgattac ctgttatgtg ccaggtactg tgctatttgc attatttcag taaggtaaga     17640
     aggcttatgt ggatccatat tgcagatgaa gaagtggatg aaagagggag gttctgctaa     17700
     ttgtctaaag tcacatgacc atggtgccat ggaatcagta ctcagaccct ggttggtttt     17760
     cttccctttc tctctctctc ctccccctcc cccccctctg gtttttcaag acagggtttc     17820
     tctgtgtagc tctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcaaactcag     17880
     aaatccacct gcctctgcct tctgagcgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccataatcgg     17940
     cttttttttt ttttttttaa agatttatta tgtatatagc ttcctgcctg catgtatgtc     18000
     tgcaggccag aagaaggcac cagatttcat tatagatggc tgtgagccac catgtagttg     18060
     ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctcaggaaga acacccagtg ctcttaacct ctgagccatc     18120
     tctccagccc ctggttgttt ttcaaaacca tgactgttcc ttgttgaagg gtactgtgtc     18180
     ccaaagagca gaacacagac aaactttgaa tgttgtgttt tccataactg ggtgattatg     18240
     agcattttgt tgagtgcaag attctttgca gtaaaccctg acaatataag ctttagagta     18300
     atttatacag tctctgcagt ctcaacattt ctgtgctgtc ttagtggatt tagtgctagt     18360
     gatttgttga tgtgttcaga gctggtaaat ggaactgctt ttcttctgtt tattgaccag     18420
     agatttcgat ttattaacca tgctttttct cttgggttct aggtgagttg gagtgagcta     18480
     gaatcagaaa gatgacactc catgccaccc gggcagctac gctcctttct tgggtaagta     18540
     gctttctttc tttctttttt tttttttttt ttttggtttt tgagacaggg tttctctcta     18600
     tagccctggc tgtcctggat ctcactctgt agaccaggcc agcctcgaac taagaaatct     18660
     gcctgcctct gcctcccggg tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc accaccacgc ctggctgctt     18720
     tctttttttt taataagatg tgcagcagaa aaacattctg taagccagag ctctgcaaag     18780
     tcttctcatt tgcagaccag gcaccttttc atatagacac tgctgcacat catatagctc     18840
     agtgcaggtt tctcggaggt attcttttgg ccatggaaca gaacattggg acattgtgag     18900
     tgtgaactca gtctcatctg ttctgtatac ttttcttttt tgtttgagac agggtctcac     18960
     tatgtaacta gtcttaactg gcctggagct aagtgagctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctgcc     19020
     tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc     19080
     tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tgcctctctg     19140
     cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc     19200
     tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg     19260
     cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc     19320
     tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg     19380
     cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg     19440
     cctctctgcc tctctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tctctgcctc     19500
     tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg     19560
     cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc     19620
     tctgcctctc tgcctctctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc     19680
     tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg     19740
     cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctctctg     19800
     cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg     19860
     cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg     19920
     cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc     19980
     tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg     20040
     cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc     20100
     tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg     20160
     cctctctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc     20220
     tctgcctgcc tctctgcctc tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc     20280
     tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cctctctgcc tctctctctg cctctctgcc tctctgcctc     20340
     tctgcctctc tgcctctctg cccctctgcc cctctgcccc tctgcccctc tgcccctctg     20400
     cccctctgcc cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc     20460
     tctgcctcag tgctggtatc aaaggtatgc atgaccacac tgggctgtat acttttctgg     20520
     ctaaaggact ggctgttaac cttgatggtt cgcgttggca ggaactttgg tcttcaaaga     20580
     cctaaccttt gaacaacaat gtcttcctca ttgtctttat tatgtttctg tctgctccca     20640
     ttgctgtatt tcttccttct cctctgtttg aaaatgaagg tggatatttt atgtgttcct     20700
     tattgttgct tcactgaata aaaagagcag cagccaaatg tagtgcagtg taaaattaag     20760
     acagtattgt ctttcacctg acactgtaca atacacgttt tcctgtgcct ccagtgggaa     20820
     gattgttaag tcttcatcta aatccagaaa tggatgtaaa tgagctacaa tattatgtga     20880
     gacttaggat agcattgtta tcctgaagta cagaattttt ataactactt tttataatag     20940
     gtattctcaa atattctagt ctaagtacca tagagtctag tatatggtta ttataaaaat     21000
     gatgtacatt gtgtttatct atagccatta agaagggaga tttttctcca gtaccagtat     21060
     tgttttctat cagtattgct aaaagctatt taaagtctcc tagccacctt taatttaaga     21120
     cagttttgga gcaagtcact ttgcacaggc ttatttaggg taccatattc agttctcagt     21180
     gtaatccatg tgtttttcag tgtgtttctt tactcagttc attcagttct gagaggtggc     21240
     tccattttct tgatcagcca accattttca tagcaggatt tgttgatgat cccttgcttt     21300
     tctgctaatg cttcattgac ttttcccgat agaggagagg agagttcact ggcagccttc     21360
     acaccaccca aagttactct tgctagaatg ggtagaagac tagcttaaaa aaaaaaaaga     21420
     tttatttatt gttaggagtg gagagaggag agatggctca accgttaaaa gcatttgctg     21480
     cagctcttgc agaagaccta ggtttggttc tcacagtcac atggtgactc acaactttct     21540
     ataactccag ctctagggga cctgacatct tttgtcttca ggtactgcgt acatctggtg     21600
     gatctatgta caacaggcaa aatattcatg aattaatttt atgatagcag cttaaaacag     21660
     ggcttttgtt tgtgaaaaaa tggcataaga tatacagatg atagggctgg agagatggct     21720
     caatagataa agcataagcc tgagccaagt tcaagtcctc agaacctata taaagtcaag     21780
     catgttagcc tatgtctata atcccattgc acctatgcca gggtataagg tagggataag     21840
     agaattccca aagctcaaaa gccagccagc ctgttctcca tagctatgaa catcgataac     21900
     aaaagacacc ctatctcagc aaggttggtg aggattgata tcagaagttg tcctctgact     21960
     taacacatat accatgtatt atgtgctcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacca     22020
     tatacataca cacatatatg caattacaca caaaataaaa catgtacatg tacttgataa     22080
     ttgaaactgt cctttaaaga gttacccaga gtggctggag agatggctta ccagttacga     22140
     gtactcactg cattttcaga ggaccaaagt ttggtcctag taccacatca ggcagcttac     22200
     aaatttgcat ataaatgtat aagtcactga aattttggaa ggaataaata aaacctttca     22260
     ccagcaacat tttaataatt cactttcagc attgttatga tctttttctc ctcctcctcc     22320
     ttctcctctt cctcctcctc ctccaccatc tccatgctgg tgatgaacct agtggcttgc     22380
     ctataaaacc agttctaggg gctcttgata aacataaact catggaggta cacattcgta     22440
     cacataataa aaaataaatc ttaaaataac tacctcaggg gaaagactag aagaaaaaaa     22500
     cttcgtcagt gctgagacta tagttgagta ttaagcactt aatagcaagt gtgaaactct     22560
     ctaattttgt cagggctctg tagaggtgga gcttcatggt agggtgcttg tctacgttta     22620
     ctagacctgt cttttatcac cagcactgtt taaagaaaaa aataatcata aaaatgctga     22680
     aagtgaatgt attaaaatgt tgttggtgag aggttatata tttttttctt ctaaaatttc     22740
     ggtgatttat attttgtttt acttaaagta tagtttggac cgcttctgta aatggtaggt     22800
     ggtgataagt tgctgcagac cttaccagca gtgcttgagt tatccagtga gctgtgtcct     22860
     cacgctaatg tttatgctct gcctagggat ggaagacctc aacttgcttt ttttgttttg     22920
     tacagggttt cgttgtgtag ccctggctgt ctcagaactt gctctgtaga ccaggctggc     22980
     ctagaactca cagaggtccg cctgcctctg tctcacaagt gctgggatta aaggtgtgca     23040
     ccaacagtgc tgcacatctg aacctcaact tctttacctt tgaatttcct atcccaagca     23100
     aataacacca gaataaaaca ttctcacatt tataaatcaa taaaaagcaa aattttaacg     23160
     ttgaaacctg ttttgtgagc ttacctttct ctacatgaag tttgtcatca gggtaaacct     23220
     gtctatgagt ttgctcctct cgcaggacac ctagctctag gaaaaaaagc ctgagttttt     23280
     tttttttaaa ctttttattg attctttgtg aatttcacat caagcccctc agtcccactc     23340
     atctccctgc ccctcatgtc catccttcac ccttgcaacc tccctccaaa taaaaataca     23400
     ataaacaaaa caaaacaaaa ataacaaaaa cacaggatag aaaacctctt gtcatggaag     23460
     ctgtagtatg tcacagtgtg tcccacagtc tgttcccttt cattgcaatg agtcattgct     23520
     ctggttcaag atctctgcct tctgtgacac cactgatatt gtatcctcat caggactcct     23580
     ggttatcctg ttgttgccct gtgtcatgga gatcctacag ttttggaaca gcaggactgg     23640
     tcctttgaca cgtcccaacc attcacagat aatagagatt ttaccgtggg ttatctcaga     23700
     gccctggatc tgggcctgag cggtagcata gctggtcagc ccactggctt tctcttctcc     23760
     acactaccag agggaactct ccagcattgc tctttcttgg ccatccaatg ccaccatcag     23820
     taggagggag ggtcagctct cttgctatca tgcctttggg ggccacctca ccagcaccca     23880
     tgccttcaga gccagcctca ctgtgatgcc cagattaggt gcaaggccca catttctgat     23940
     tgctacagct actgaagtag cagggctaac tcctgctctc atgaccccag ggtcagctct     24000
     ctcagctact gtaggtgtca agggggcagg ggagagggag ggcatcactc ctgcaaccat     24060
     gccacctcat gccagatgag tgcaggccag ctctcccgag ttctggactt tagaactggc     24120
     tcacctgtac cctttgacca gggccagccc tactgtactg cccaggcaag gagcagggct     24180
     agcattcttg ctctcatgac cccagggcca cctctcccaa ctgccacagg tagcaaagag     24240
     tacctatgtc acctcacacc agagaatgat gagtgaaggg gccagttctc tcatgttctt     24300
     gtacttgggg ctggctcacc tgagccctga ccagagtcat ctctgctgtg ctgtccaggt     24360
     gatgtttagg gctagctttc ccaagcttct gaccctgttg gtagctatcc tacctgaggt     24420
     gtcaggggca gggggcatca cctctgcacc tgtgctaccc catggcagtg tcagctctcc     24480
     cacacatact ctcaggactg gctcaccagg gcatcagggc cagctctcag agcaccacat     24540
     ccagtgaggg gcagggtcag ttttgcacag tctctagaca tccaggtgct ccttcatggc     24600
     tgccctgacc agggatatcc ccatgttctc ttgtagtagt atgagccatg ggcattgata     24660
     atgacccttg cctctatgga gccacagact cagacatggc cctcagcagc agctctggct     24720
     gggacctcac catgagccca ggaggcaggg ctggcaactc acaacaggct attcctttcc     24780
     atcctggagt ctctagttcc atcttcataa tacttaagct gctccactct ttctctccta     24840
     tcagaccacc acagacttac acattgtggt ggctcctggt gcaggctggc ctcatggctg     24900
     gcaggcacct gaatggcatc ttctgtccct tctgtgtggc atgttggcaa gcaggtacag     24960
     atgtgtatgg cctgcctgtg tcacacactg tagggcaggt ctgtctagct ttataatctg     25020
     gcaattacag cctacaggga ggcgctggtt gaggttggct gtagtggtac tgtagtgtag     25080
     tggtactgta gtgtagtgta gtgtagctgg agcccagcat cgactccatc acagaaatct     25140
     gaggatacat ttgagtatga tgtatagacc agattccctc tgtatcaatt tagatggcag     25200
     agacttattg gcttctaacg cagccgacct gggatcctcc atggtgatct ccatggcttt     25260
     gttgggggtc agaggtccca gggttgtagg cttccaggtc cagaagatgc aagagttttc     25320
     ccagcagagg aacttgggga actgacccac cttggcaagg caaggacggg aagtatattt     25380
     ttatatttgt ctcgtgtcca cggtttgggc aggttcctgg tggtgggtaa gatgaaggaa     25440
     gttcttcacc tagtaattat tgcagccacg tggaagcaag ttccaagtga agtccactgc     25500
     cccatcttct ggagaagacc tcagggcttc catcgggagc aggcatttat tttcttttaa     25560
     ttgtcttagg cttaacctga caacatggac agaaggctta agcttaccat tatcttgcat     25620
     gtcttaatta tctttaacaa tttataacaa agttagtacc ttttataaga ttaggatttt     25680
     acagatttat tcctattgag tttgagcctt aaaaatttca attgaggatt ccttagcatc     25740
     agaataaact ttaaaccata aagttcacag agagactagg agcttttctc ttgtgattgt     25800
     tttcatagtg catctttaca gtctctccac atagctggag cgtagcaagt tggcaagaca     25860
     aggaggcaca catcttcagg tcagtttctg ctacctgaaa ggaccttagg aattcataaa     25920
     ccgtattcat taaacatgct ccttacctta aaacagtctt tttagaagct tgttgttgaa     25980
     tacagttagc agtcatggct aatacagtca tgtgtaagtg ccaggaggga gctgagacag     26040
     gtggggaggg aatcgggggg cggagcaagg aaatgggagg ggctcagagg gttgagtgct     26100
     gttttgacaa gaatttcaat cctgtgtgtc tctgggtgga cctagagatg tgtcagagag     26160
     aagctcaggg tcagaggagg gatgtccgtc ttccacaaga tgggacaccc aaaagggtgt     26220
     agggaggctg cttgatacca gcacaacctt gtgatagact ccatgcgctg agagacagag     26280
     caggcagctc tgctgaggca gaagagacaa attgttatag taggtgaagg ggaagccgct     26340
     gaagaggtgg actttgaaat tggagttgaa tatggtaggt ggcaggagcc agcagcagtg     26400
     atctgacccg gaagggtcaa gcatgagcag cttgattcag ccaggaggga caggacttgc     26460
     tggagggtta agtgtccctc ccagatttca agtgtaagtg atggcacaga gaaactatga     26520
     aaccaggctg ctttgtgggc agaaagaaag attcatagag gaccaaacag ccaaggtcat     26580
     taagatttct gttgctgtga agagacacca tgactacagc aagtcatccc ccccccaacc     26640
     cccaccccta cccccgcgcg cttccctttt gctcctgccc cgctcgctcc gacccatagg     26700
     gttttttttt tttttttctt ttttaaattt gtttctgatt aaggatggtt gtgagccacc     26760
     atatggttgc tgggatttga actcatgacc tccagaagag cagtcagtgc tcttaaccgc     26820
     tgagccatct caccagccct gactacagca actcttataa aggaaaacat ttcattgggg     26880
     ctggattgca gttcagagat ttagtccatt gttagcatgg agcatggtag catgcaggca     26940
     gacatggtgc tggagaagga gctgagagtt ctggacttga tccacaggca gcagcaaaag     27000
     aactgaaaca tacttcctcc aacaaggcca cacctcttaa tagtgccact ccctgtggtc     27060
     ctgtgggggc catttttact caaaccatca cagccatctg taggggtggg atccgggaag     27120
     agcaaatggc aaataagcaa gtagatttta tatggccgtc atcagggtgg ggttctgaac     27180
     tgatggagga aggtaaaggg aggttcctga agaattaatg gtggtttctt atccacagaa     27240
     aaatcttaaa aggtctgttt ttctagtaat caggaacctt taagcttgtt tacacaataa     27300
     taatctttct gtttaggcac tgcttttagg gagaaaggaa tggcagagat aggggtggtg     27360
     tggggctttt ggaactgaca gtgagctgcc tggtgtgggt gctgggaatt gactcaggtc     27420
     ctccagaaga ctcaccctcg agccatcttt tccagccccc tattttttca aatttaatta     27480
     gttcattttt atatgtatag ggtgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgc ctgtacatat     27540
     gtctgtgtac cataggcttg cctggtgcct gagaaggtac ctggagttta cagatggttg     27600
     tgaactgcca tgtgggtgct ggagttgaac ccaggccctc tgcaagagca gtcagtgctc     27660
     tttaattgct cagccatccc cttcatcagc ctatttcatt atcttaagat atatgtatgt     27720
     gagggctagg accttgctgt gtagcccata ctatcctgaa ctaccagtga tccttctttc     27780
     tcagcttccc aggggctgag gttgtaggca tgtactactg tgctgactta acctactgct     27840
     tcaattttta gacacttatt ttgtatgtgc ttgagtacct gtgtgtgtag agtcagaaga     27900
     cagcttacag tagttggttc tctttttctc ctgtgttgga cctagagatg gaactcaggt     27960
     ggacaggctt ggcagcaagt gcgtctgtct atctactgag ccatctcagt ggatctaagc     28020
     ctattgctct ttaaagagca catttacaaa cagtagaccc tagctgattt cacataacca     28080
     ccttctgaaa tcgttaagag actgacagcc tcgttcctaa gtagtccttg tcttcttccc     28140
     ttctttttgc tacaaatgta gttaattagc aggactagag gtaaatttga gcccaagtgc     28200
     ttatggaatt aatttatgga ctctcctata gaagttagct gcaaatgctg ttggatatct     28260
     tgtgtacttg aaatatttgt gtgtgacccg tgatgaattt tgtagcgtta aaaagaacag     28320
     gcagttgcat cataagtgag aattgagctg ctttttcttt taaaaaacaa cttatttctt     28380
     tcattgtttc ttcctctttc ctctagacta aagcatatgt ttgcaaacag ttactgtttt     28440
     actgttactt gtttattagt ttagtgtgta caatatgtac aaagcagagg tctgaactcg     28500
     ttggccttgt ggggtgggtg cagttatctg ctgagtcttg ctgctagatc taagtctttc     28560
     cattgcactg agtgtgctcc aggactctgg ggaagctctc ctcgcaggct cttaatggtg     28620
     aaagcctgat agtcggtttg tctacggtga ctgtatgggt acactcactg gctgagtggg     28680
     tataggttaa gaatcttggc ggcctggtgt agcaacccca gcactgggga ggtagaagct     28740
     agggaattag atggtgctag catctggggg atgctgtgaa ctgcatgctt ctggcatttt     28800
     taagtgtctc accagattct tccatttggg tcgtaggtga acagtctgca tgttgctgac     28860
     cccgtggaga cagtgctgca gctccaggac tgcagcatct tcatcaagat tattaacacc     28920
     atgtgagtat gtgttctcca gacctcagcc agtgtcggga ctgaccagaa caccaggtgg     28980
     gattgggatg ttagaggggt aagtgggctc aaagatgagc acctagaccg ccttgacctt     29040
     tcctttctag tcattaggcc ttttaatgga agaggtttca gtcttgtcct atccagagac     29100
     ttccttactc tgacacagga ggctcttcaa ggccccatat gcttcaagac acaatgccaa     29160
     gagactaccc ccaaggactt ccaatttcct gactcaaatt tagtcttctg taatcctctc     29220
     ttcaccattc acttctgcct ttcaatctca tgggggaggg gggggcaggc atgtgtgtat     29280
     gcgagtatgg atgtttgtgt gccacttcat tgatgtggag tcagaggata cctttcggga     29340
     gttggttctc tccttccatt aagggtggta ggcattaaac tcaggttatc agacttgtgt     29400
     gtctactgct ttttaccttc ggagtctcct cactggccca gccaggtgtg tgtaagtgga     29460
     taaggctgag cagcccagta cagataatcc cactagagtg gtttgtgtta tccttgaaat     29520
     ttggtgttag gagtaggaac attttacagg gttttgaaac aacttctggt tctgaccagt     29580
     accagttttg gttcctttaa aggaaccata cacaaaaaaa cttttttttg aaaaaggaaa     29640
     gatacatttc cttgacttgt ttgcaaaagc aataaatagg tggtccatgt tgtatgactt     29700
     tccctgggaa gattcataga catgaccaag cacctcagac agggtgctgg caacagacca     29760
     aaaaccattc tgcccgtcta ccgtggggaa tccacgagtt tattacttac ttacaggagc     29820
     acaggtgact cagacagttg caccacccga gagttcatgc tagaatgggt gtcatgggtg     29880
     tcagacagct cagcaaaagt gggttctttt gagttccggg tgcagtttgc tagaccttca     29940
     ggaaagtgtc tcttctccac gctgcttata caactcatag gaagtgtctt gttggtgagc     30000
     ttcctgagtt tcctgtgaat ttccttagcc tcattagcat ccctctgctc ttccagaaga     30060
     aagtttgtga ggaagctcct actccacagt ccagaagtaa ggacagggat ttgtccttgc     30120
     tttagtcact ctagtttatt cctggaggaa atttttttca aagagaaatt cagtacccat     30180
     tttctactgt agagtgctgt ctgattagcc ttagactacc agatattaag atctcatatt     30240
     agactttaca tctgtgtcag atacaaatga cacagagcag ttgcctttgg ggaaacgggc     30300
     attcttaggg tgctgtgact gttagctttc tggtcgtcct cctggagctg ctctaaatca     30360
     ggaggcttgt tcttaaggga aggagtacgg attggcaggc cactgggcat ttttattgtt     30420
     tgttcattta gtgggaaatg cattgacatt ggctcctggg gattttctct tttgaccagg     30480
     caggctcttc acacaatggc aaaaagcagc cacattcttc accaaaatac cacaaaatga     30540
     gtttctatgc tatatattga aattcttttc cactgaaacc tcttgggcgg gatctgtacc     30600
     tttcagatca ctctcagcaa caaactcttc catataccta ctaggatagc ccattaaacc     30660
     ccacttaaat gactccactg ctttccaaag tcccaaaata aacattcttt taaataaaag     30720
     catggtcagg cctatcatag caatactgta gtccctggta ccaacttctg tcttagttag     30780
     gttttattgc tgtgaataga caccatgacc aaggcaagtc ttataaagga caacatttaa     30840
     ttggggctgg cttatatgtt gagaggttca gtccatcatc aaggcaggag gatggcagcg     30900
     cccaggcaga tgtggagcta gagaagctga gttaacactt cttgttctga aggcagctag     30960
     gagaagactc gctttcagtc aactaggaag aggtcttcat gcccatgcct acagtgacac     31020
     ctactccaac aagggcaacc tcctaatagt gccactccct gggccaaaca ttacaaacca     31080
     tcacactctc tcccttgttt ctctcttctg tgcgttggct gctaaacact ttggggaagg     31140
     caaggctgct catcaaggat gagtgcttct tagcaccacc tcttagagtc tttcgccatt     31200
     tcttctgcac catgtctgcc tgtgcctact gtggagtgtg ggaactttgt cctgtcactt     31260
     cagagcctca gcatcaccca ttgtttcata ttttggccct gttttctctt ctcatgggct     31320
     tctcttacac tctactttgg ctgtgtttcc catgttttct gacatgttag agttgagcca     31380
     ctctagctgt ttaacatagc ttcccaaaca ttttgccatt tcctctcaat ggttcccaca     31440
     aaactttgtt gtactgcaaa tggcttagct gagtgccacg ttttatagaa ggaccccatg     31500
     ctccaagtca gcatttctta cccgccacac attttcatca gagtaaagta gtgttcttga     31560
     atcttctcct gcccccaggc ctagaacaga ctgggcctaa aggggagggg aggctgtagg     31620
     gaagcaggga ggcacaaatg gctgagtagt cttgtcctaa tgtttgcttt ttgtttgctt     31680
     tagccatgac actaaagagg ggcaacaaat cctacagcag ccactaccgg aaagactaga     31740
     ctttgtttgc agttttctac agagtaagta tcttaactgg ctggagagct tcagctcctg     31800
     ggacttgggg actcagtcat gggtgtctgg ctgcaaaaag gttagggtcc ccaactctag     31860
     cagaaagaca aacacctgcg tcagcctccc tgggtcttga gttaactgca ccaccagctt     31920
     acttttaaga aaaatgtctc ttcagtccta gagtccgtgt caggtccaga tagctgagag     31980
     ggttgatacc actttggtga tatcagagtt ctccctattt tgaagagaaa ggaaggaaaa     32040
     ggatcatgtt attacctttg taagtaaact cctttccctt gcaagaaaag tattattctt     32100
     aggtaattgc ttgcatacga agtaaagggg ctggtttttt ttttagacac aggttctctg     32160
     tctctgtgtt gtgggaataa caattgctca tcaggttagt ggaggattaa ataagaatat     32220
     ttgtgaaact tggggcacag agcatgtcag ctcccccctg gtcatttttg tatcgcagaa     32280
     ttgtcatctt taacattgag ctgcttgcct gtcatttcta cctcaagaga attatagggc     32340
     aggtgaaatt ttctccctac tgtgaaacag ctctggcagc ataagggcat ggtgtcctcg     32400
     gttgctctta ctggactcac ttgtagacca tctctcttca gccttagttg agacaggact     32460
     ctagagtgat ctcatgtctc tggctccttc cgtggagcta agggatggag ccaataagct     32520
     gacaggtaag tataggtctt gagttgtttt gctaatggcc tagcagtttt cttctagcac     32580
     tatccatggg agcattgggt ggccccaaag ccgagctgac ttcagatggg aatagaaaga     32640
     aggcaggtga gagagagagc agtaggaata agggggtagt ctccttggag actgtacttc     32700
     tgtttctgaa gttgagtttt gagagtttag tgtttgctac atggttgtca ttgcagaaaa     32760
     tcggaaacat ccttcatcta cacaatgcct ggtatctgtg cagaaagtga tagagggatc     32820
     cgagatggaa ctggccaagg tacctgtggg attccagact tgggtggcag agaatgtgga     32880
     ggagtgtcga atgctttctt tctggggctc ttcagatgta gaggcgagac cagccagttg     32940
     gctgaatcag aggccatttt tgtctaagga ttctgtaagc ccgtgatctt tgacaaacaa     33000
     ctttacttga ccaacactga tacccaggat ggaagattgg ttcttgctca gtggtcatca     33060
     tatttttctt tcaagtttag ttgacttcat ttctttttct ggtgtgaata atcccttaag     33120
     ttttatgctc agttatgttc cataagttga ggaattcagc tgtgtagaaa tttttgcact     33180
     atgagcatca agcccctgaa tttatttaat tattattatt gctattctta ttatcgtcat     33240
     ccctgaaaca gggtttttct gtgtatcccc ggctgtccta gaactcattt tatagaccag     33300
     gttgacttca aactcagaga tccactgcct ttgcctccca agcgctggga ttaaagtttt     33360
     gagtcaccac tgcctgcctg gtgagtgagc ccttggattt attttggaaa aaaaaggaga     33420
     ctccttgttt taaacattta tttttctgtg cattggtgtt ttgcctgcat gtatgtctgt     33480
     gtgagggtga agatgaagat tcccctggaa ctggagttac agacagttag gagctgtcat     33540
     gtggttgctg ggaattgaac ccgggtcctc tagaagagta gccagtgctt ttaaccactg     33600
     agccatcact ccccctgtga ctattaagga tagtgacttg agactgctaa taggacttct     33660
     gaaggagact aactcaaaac agctcagagt ggaaacacta gaaagagatc tactgcactc     33720
     agtcactgca tctctgtttg gcttctagat gataatgctg tttttatatc agtccaccat     33780
     gagctccaga aacctccggg actgggagca gtttgaatat ggggttcagg taggcttttg     33840
     tgcttttatc ccacttgcca gcccagcctg ggcttccctc acccaaacgt ttctttttaa     33900
     ataaaaatta ttattctcta aagaggtaat atttgtaata ttgacaacca ttcattgagt     33960
     aaaaaacaaa aatcagaaaa tgtttaagta caaagaagga aatgatactg cagtaatgtc     34020
     attccccaac tatttagtgt acatgttttg aattgtcctg tatttggaga tggtgtaggt     34080
     ttacagcttt tcctatgtgt gtccttatct gtgtgtttgc cactccactt attttagtca     34140
     gcaaagtgat gtctaaaagc tttctggtag gggaagaaca ggtagaacca gcgtgttgtg     34200
     ggcaggccat gaagtttcag ctttagagag ggtggagaag aaccagcagg ccccggggta     34260
     ggcactgctg ggaggtcctg agccctccct ttacagctgt cacagtgatg ctccttctct     34320
     ctccccgtgg cacaggctga gttagcggtc atcctgaagt ttatgctgga tcatgaggag     34380
     tcgctaaacc ttactgagga cttagagagt ttcttggaga aaggtgagta gggccacttg     34440
     taaagatcca ctctctctga gcaaaggact gctgacctct gacctcagca tggcacagag     34500
     ttagtatgca ggagtcacct gtgatggaag gtgatttctg agccatgtgc tgacacctta     34560
     aacaatctgg agtggctcca tgctgcccga cagtagctct caggatgctt gtaagtgatc     34620
     gcctcttacg ttctggtgac cttgactccc acttacttct cacattgttc tgtgtacctt     34680
     ttacttttta tttttacttt atcttataca tatggtatgg gtgttttgac tgcatgtgta     34740
     tttgaatacc aagtgtgtgc ctggtgccca cagaggccag aagaaggcat gggatcccct     34800
     tggaactgga gtaacaactt cgagttgtaa gccatcatgt ggatattgaa cttgggtctg     34860
     cttgaccagc taagctatct ctccataccc ttattttttg tcttttaaac tgtaggctta     34920
     gaagttgaag ttaaacatct tttgtaaacc ttgaaaaagg tttcccttca tgcagctcat     34980
     gttctatgtg ggactcaggt acatacaaac cagtacaggg actaagtgta gatataagtg     35040
     tctcacagag tgagagttcg ccatgtctca tgagcaggtc agctgctgct actgggactc     35100
     tgagccatag ttttgggcaa gttcttttct ggctattgaa cttgggattc ttcatgtttg     35160
     agttcatgag gtgaagatgt taagaatagg agtctaggat gtaagaaagt tctcttgagt     35220
     cagatgtaga tttgcaggcc agcttgtcag ccattgaatc tgtaggcact gggcagagca     35280
     aaaagggccc atcaaatctc tgggaagaga gagaagagga gtggttcgag gtagtaaagt     35340
     cctgagaaag tggttgtggg aaccaagaga agacattatt ctataccttg gtgatatgag     35400
     agctatgagt gccacagagg ctggtggcac caatacaagc tcttagggtc tgtggcagac     35460
     ttggtgctgg gctcttatgg cctctgtagt attggcaata ggactcgttc cagtgtctga     35520
     gtatgagggg agcttcctca ttccaccatg ctcatttgaa tacttttctc tgaggaagtg     35580
     gaagttgcac cttgatttta gtcaaagacc ttgatctcgt tgatcaggtt ctgcctagga     35640
     attgcctctt gagcttacat gtgtcttttg tagagtcaca cttactaagg taacgtgtct     35700
     attatagaag gtgaagagct gttcaccccc ttactaactg ttcctggttt gtttgtctgc     35760
     ttcttacctg tagttcctta cacccatgcc agcaccctct cagaagagct ttctccaccc     35820
     agccaccaga ccaagaggaa gattcgcttc ctagaaatac agaggattgc ttcatcttcc     35880
     agtgagaaca agtatgttct aggcctgtct ccctaggttg gtagcgtcac atccttctag     35940
     ttggtccttg gatccgggag gctgagctgt taggccgcct tttacagcag taggaattgc     36000
     tttgagggca tgtagatttg ggatctgtca taagttagcc ttccctcaag agcaggtcac     36060
     tgtttatgga aatcccttct tccttggaaa atacatgttt gcattctttt tattatatct     36120
     atgtacactg tagctgtctt cacacacacc agaagagggc atcagatctc attacaggtg     36180
     gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactcagg acctcttgaa gagcagtcag     36240
     tgcttttaac cactgagccg tctctccagc cccacatgtt tgcattctta agccaggaaa     36300
     ttaaggcatg gaggagggag aagaaaaggt tctccaggtc atcttctgag acaggaggta     36360
     gcctggcaga taaagaaccc aggcacattg gcctccctaa ccaaacactg gttatggtca     36420
     ctgctgcccc atccctagct gctgttggtt actttgcacc ttagactctc accctggcat     36480
     ctttgcatct cctccttcct cttccagctt cctctcaggc tctccatcct cccctatggg     36540
     cgacatactg cagaccccac agttccagat gagacgactg aagaagcagc tggcagacga     36600
     gaggagcaac agagatgacc tggagctgga gctgtctgag agcctcaagc tcctcactga     36660
     gaagggtggg tacctgacag agggtgtggg tactggtgat ggggagcatt tgggatgtct     36720
     tggtgacagc tttgcctgcc atggtgtccc ttctgttgac agtggagtct caagctcatc     36780
     gctggcacaa acatcagtct gacctggtag acactgggtt cagttccttt cccgtgtccc     36840
     ttttctgtgg cacggatact gtgcttcctt tgctgtcttc tgtcccctgg atctttgctg     36900
     actctgtctc cctccctgtc ctgggcagac gcgcagatcg ccatgatgca gcagcgcatt     36960
     gatcacctgg ctctgctgaa tgagaagcag gcagccagct cccaggagcc cagtgagctt     37020
     gaggagctcc gaggcaagaa tgaaaggtat gactctccct gccatccttc cagcatccgc     37080
     tccctgctag cgaggtgggg accacaccat tcttacagtt cctctcctgg cagcctcact     37140
     gtgcggctgc atgagacttt gaagcagtgt cagaacctga agaccgagaa gagccagatg     37200
     gatcgaaaga ttagccagct ttctgaggag aatggggacc tttcctttaa ggtgagtggg     37260
     gctggctgtg cagaggcccc tcagggctga ggtggtctgg aagtttgccc aagaaggttg     37320
     agaagactgt ctagaacctg gctttgggct ttagtcactt tccttgctat tggtttcttg     37380
     aagggtgctc aggcagctct aagtgatggt gtatgtttct ggatgagaga tgtaattggc     37440
     tgtaattgga ttgaaggtgg ggaaggatta ttggaggccc cggggtctgg gtttcaagga     37500
     atttctgcgg agaggtgcca acttttcacc ctgtttatat ctcaggttcg agagtttgca     37560
     aaccacttgc aacaacttca gggtgcattc aacgacctga tagaggagca cagcaaggct     37620
     tctcaggagt gggcagagaa gcaggctcgt ctggaaaatg agctcagcac agccctccag     37680
     gataaggtaa ccctcagctc tggagctgtt cacgtttcct acatgtagtt caccagtctg     37740
     ttgggtcctg gagtgatgag cgctgccttc tcagggtttg gtagtgatct ttttttttgt     37800
     ttgtttgttt ggtttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagtcct     37860
     agctgtcctc agaatggaac tcactctgta gaccaggatg acctcgaact cagaaatccg     37920
     cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgagatta caggcgtgca ccaccactgc ccggcggtag     37980
     tggttttata ctcagagtgc agcattcctg tgaactctgt gatgtgtgaa gtgtggatct     38040
     tggagaagtt aatctgtctc ttacgggact gatgctttgt taactattgt gtggttgaag     38100
     ggcaactcat gagctcttag tgaattagtt gtgatttcag gtcgggtttc tttgctgaaa     38160
     tgcttaatgt caaaagcata ccagagatag gtttttttca ttctgaaata tttgcataga     38220
     cagtattaaa gttgttcatc cctttatcta atatctaaat cactctgaac ttttgttttt     38280
     taaagtccct agctctgtag cccaagctgg ttttggactc tgttctctac tctttttctc     38340
     ctgtgtgcca gagttgtaag attctgccac aattatttgt taaaatttta agactcttct     38400
     tggtatcttg tttggagctc aaaaggtttt gggtttggga ttgttggatt ccagatttca     38460
     gacttggggt gcccaatctg cattaccgtt gttactaaga gcccagctct gctacttcct     38520
     aacctagtag ctcttgggcc tatcacttag agtctggaat catgagtggt ttttttgttt     38580
     ttttgttttg ttttttttgt tttttggttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg     38640
     gctgtcctgg aactccctct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat tcgcctgcct     38700
     ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaagagca tgttactttg tgcccacagt tgagggggag     38760
     ttgatgtcag gctggggcag atgaggctag gctggcttga tgcctggggt tgttttttaa     38820
     gcatttgggt agtatctgag tcaaggtttg tctgaggaag gctacatggt atgtaggctt     38880
     tgtatatttt gacttaaatt tatgaatgta attgggagta gaaagtcaag ttctcaaaaa     38940
     gtccagacct gtggtttctg ttgatatgca tgcagggtct ggtgagcaca ggttggtttt     39000
     tgaactcttc attttcaagt ctcagtttct tgagttttgg ggagccctta ctcccagctc     39060
     agacccatgg tttctgagaa ttttcttctg agccagggca aaggaaaatc taggggacaa     39120
     gataattgag tctctggtga ctgttcttcg tgtctgttta cacgggtctc ttgcttactc     39180
     caagaaatgt cttgaagaga agaatgaaat tcttcaggga aagctttccc agctggaaga     39240
     tcaagcaact cggctgcagg agagcccagc cccggagaag ggtgaggtgc taggagacgc     39300
     cttgcaggta ggaaaataca gacagacaga cagtaaggcc atctgatagg gttgattctt     39360
     ggtgttctct gatagggttg atccccattt tgtctcttta tcccaacagc tggacactct     39420
     aaagcaagag gcagccaaac ttgccacaga caacacccag ctccaaaccc gcgtagagac     39480
     actggagtgt gaacgtggca agcaggaagc ccagctgctt gctgaacgga gccgctttga     39540
     agacgaaaag cagcagctgg ccagcttgat tgctgacctt cagagctccg tctctaacct     39600
     cagccaggcc aaagaggagt tagagcaagc ctcccaggcc caaggggctc agctcactgc     39660
     ccagttgacc tctatgacag ggctcaatgc caccctgcag cagcgagatc aagagctggc     39720
     cagtctgaaa gaacaggcca aaaaggaaca ggctcagatg ctacagacca tgcaagagca     39780
     agaacaggct gcccagggcc tccgccagca ggtggagcag ctgagcagca gcctgaagct     39840
     gaaggagcag caattagaag aggcagccaa ggagcaggag gcaaccagac aggatcacgc     39900
     ccagcaactg gccatcgttg ctgaggctcg agaggcctct ctaagggaac gggatactgc     39960
     tcgccagcag ctagaaacag tggagaagga gaaggatgcc aagctagaga gtctgcagca     40020
     gcaacttcag gctgccaatg atgctaggga caatgcgcag acctcggtca cacaggctca     40080
     gcaggaaaag gcagagctga gccaaaagat aggagagctt catgcctgca ttgaagcttc     40140
     ccaccaggaa cagcgtcagg ttcaagctcg tgtgacagag ctagaagccc agctgaaagc     40200
     tgagcagcaa aaaacaactg agcgagaaaa ggtggttcag gagaaggccc agctccagga     40260
     gcagctccgg gcccttgagg agtctttgaa gattaccaaa ggcagccttg aagaagagaa     40320
     acgcagggct gcagatgccc tgaaggagca gcagtgccgt gccactgaga tggaggcaga     40380
     gtctcgaagc ctgatggagc agcgggagcg ggaacagaag gagttagagc aagagaaggc     40440
     tgggcgaaag gggctggagg cccggataca gcagcttgaa gaggctcatc aggctgagac     40500
     tgaagccttg cggcatgagc tggcagaggc cacagcttcc cagcacagag ctgagagtga     40560
     gtgtgagcgg ctcatcagag aggttgagag ccggcagaag cggtttgaag ctagacagca     40620
     agaggaggca aggtacggtg ccatgttcca ggaacagctg atggctttga aaggggagaa     40680
     gactggccaa gaggtccagg aggaggcagt agagatccac agtgaaggcc agccaggcca     40740
     gcagcagagt cagctagccc agcttcatgc cagtctggcc aaagccatcc agcaggtcca     40800
     ggagaaggaa gtgagagcac agaagctggt agatgatctc tcagctctgc aggagaagat     40860
     ggctgccact aacaaggagg tggcctgtct gaagaccttg gtgctcaagg caggtgagca     40920
     gcaggaaaca gcctcacttg agctgctcaa agagcccccg agagctgcaa acagagcgtc     40980
     tgaccagcta ggagaacagc agggacggcc attctctagt acacacgcag cagtaaaagc     41040
     tatggagcgt gaagctgagc agatgggcgg tgaactggag aggctgcggg cagcactgat     41100
     caagagccag ggccagcagc aagaggagcg tgggcaacag gagagggagg tagcacggct     41160
     gacccaggag cggggccagg cccaggctga cctggctcag gagaaggcag ccaaggcaga     41220
     gctggagatg cgactgcaga acaccctcaa tgagcagcgt gtggagtttg ctgccctaca     41280
     ggaagcactg gcccatgccc tgacagaaaa ggaagggaca gaccaagagc ttgccaaact     41340
     tcgagggcag gaggcagctc aaagaacaga gctgaaggag cttcaacaga ctttggaaca     41400
     gctgaaaata cagttagtga agaaagaaaa agagcaccct gcagggggtg ccagtggaga     41460
     agatgcttct ggcccaggaa cccagtcgga gacagctgga aagacagatg caccaggccc     41520
     tgagttgcag gcacttcggg cagagatcag taagctagag cagcagtgtc agcagcagca     41580
     gcaacaggtg gaaggcctga cacacagcct caagtctgag cgggcttgcc gggccgagca     41640
     agacaaagcc ctggagacac tgcagggcca gttagaagag aaggctcgag agctagggca     41700
     taatcaggct gcctcagctt cagctcagag agagttgcaa gccctccgtg ctaaagccca     41760
     ggaccatagc aaagctgagg aagagtggaa ggcccaggta gcccggggcc agcaggaggc     41820
     tgaaagaaaa agcagtctta tcagcagctt ggaagaggag gtatccatcc tgaatcgcca     41880
     agtcctagag aaggaagggg agagcaagga gttgaagcgc ctggttgtag ctgaatccga     41940
     gaagagccag aagctggaag agaggctgcg cctgcttcaa gtagaaacag ccagcaatag     42000
     tgccagggca gcagaacgca gctcagctct acgagaggag gtccagagcc tccgggaaga     42060
     ggtggagaaa cagcgtgtag tttcagagaa ctcgcggcag gagttggcct cacaagcaga     42120
     gcgagctgag gagttgggcc aagaattgaa ggcctggcag gagaagtttt tccagaagga     42180
     gcaagctctc tctgccctgc agctggagca caccagcaca caggccctgg taagtgagct     42240
     gctgcctgcc aagcaccttt gtcagcagct gcaagctgag caagcggctg ccgagaagcg     42300
     cttccgggag gagctcgagc agagcaagca ggcagctggt gggctccagg cagagctgat     42360
     gcgggcccag cgggagctcg gagagctcgg atctttgcgg cagaagatag ttgagcagga     42420
     gcgagcagcc cagcagctgc gggcagagaa ggccagctat gcagagcagc tgagcatgct     42480
     gaagaaggcc catggcctgc tggcagagga gaaccggggg ctgggagagc gggccaacct     42540
     tggccggcag tttctggaag tagaactaga tcaagcccgg gagaaatatg tccaggagtt     42600
     ggctgctgtg cgtactgatg ctgagaccca cttggctgaa atgcgacaag aagcacagag     42660
     tactagccgg gagctggagg tgatgactgc caagtacgaa ggtgccaagg tgaaggtcct     42720
     agaggaaagg cagaggttcc aagaagagag gcagaaactc actgcccagg taaggtgtcc     42780
     atgctatgtg ctctgcattc tgtagccctc ctcttgcctc ccatcccaga tctatactgc     42840
     agtagcctgc ctacctttgt ttactgagta gcagaaaaag aaaagtagta actagtagaa     42900
     tcccaagttt gtgtgaaaga gaatgttaat gaaatggcag acaatggtgg tgcatgcctg     42960
     aattcccagc atttaggagg ctaagtcagg aggaagatca tgtttttgag gccacatagg     43020
     ggttgcatag ttggaccctg tttgaacttc cccagtcacc ccccgccccc atcctccaat     43080
     aaggacaata cctatggcct ccttttcttt gaaagctgac tctgaacagt aagttgacta     43140
     gctttttgtt tctttggtgt tttaaaacag gatctaatat aactcaggtt agccttgaac     43200
     tcactatata tgtaaagatg gccttgcact cttgatcttc ctgccttttc ctcccaagtg     43260
     ttgtgatctc aggcttaata tggcctgtta cctgaatcca gttggcctac actcccattc     43320
     tctgggtgaa gtatcagagc ccaagtgagg tcagtctggc agtggctgca tctcactgtc     43380
     tccattactt ctccccatgc acaggtggag caactagagg tatttcaaag agagcagact     43440
     aagcaggtaa tgcctggggt tctcgataaa tgctggctgc ttaagcggtg accagtctcg     43500
     gtgcatgacc ccggctgcag cttgctccgc cagctcctgt tgtgaactgt ttgtgaaagg     43560
     cagggtcaag ccatggagtc caggcccagg ctacccagga gtacagtgtt acaggccctc     43620
     tctgtggcct catcctaccc atcccaggtc ggcctctcca cttctgtcct ttctttcacc     43680
     tatcagagtc aagaagtagg tgtcatcttt cctggtgaca acaaaacctc ccaagtcccg     43740
     ttttgagtta aggagactaa tccaagagga agcacacaga tttatatggc tttgtttaca     43800
     ttattaccct tcttccctac aagtttccaa ggtatgaagg tgacaaatga ggcagccctt     43860
     ggaggatagg gaactcaacc agctcagaag atgcagccac tataccctgg agcctcatcg     43920
     cagagccata ctcacataga gctttctgga acaggaggag tagaagtgga gtagagatct     43980
     ctgcctccat ccttctcagg cctctctgtc ctccctagtt ggtaggctac agagttgata     44040
     cttagtaatc ttcctgcgta ggcctgtagg ccagaagacg acactagatc tcattacaga     44100
     tggttgtgaa ccaccttgtg gttgctggga attgaactca ggacccctga aagagaagac     44160
     agtccccttg acctctgagc catctctcca accccatatc actttctcca ctctccctcc     44220
     tagtctctac aggcattcta agaaaatggg ataatcaaat tggaaagcaa gcagttagca     44280
     atggagcctt ttgcctcttt cctctgctgc ctgttcatgc ctgagttccc ataatgcttg     44340
     gaggaaacat gggtgcttgt ggctgttatg atccctttgc tctttgtggt agttggggga     44400
     ggggcttggg attgtgtgct gccctgcttc tgtctccagc attcttttct cccagtgcta     44460
     accacagtgg ccatgctgct agcctctcta acagccttgg agattggaaa gaggtttggg     44520
     ggctttgctt tggctatttt gggggaggag ggagaaatga atgtactttg acaatgtttt     44580
     agcactagag taggtgttct gttcttttct atttttttta aattcttttg tatgagtgct     44640
     agcctatata ggtatatata tgcattctat gcatgcctgc tgcctacagg gactagaaaa     44700
     ggattttaga aactgaaact gaagtgatag ttcattttga gctggcgtgt gggagctggg     44760
     aaccaaacac aagaacttct acaagaactc atagaatgta taaccactta atcatctctc     44820
     caaaccccat aggtgctctg ttcttgcccc aagctttcta ggttgggctc gggagtagga     44880
     tacagtagag atgtacagag atggtgactc tgaagagtca ggtatttatt ttggtggtgg     44940
     tttggtcagg tgaccctggt aacatctatt tggggccacc tcaggccctg acaacctttg     45000
     gacagcagga tgttacctat gtagagaaag ggcctgagga taataatggg tgggagaaac     45060
     cctttggttg gtcagaggaa cacaactgat ttgagtctat atttatcaaa aggagatgta     45120
     ttacagtagc ttacatgcta tggtctggct gtttcaacaa tagctgtctt ttgatggaag     45180
     agaaaataat ctggtggcaa ttcagtccat aaagctgatc cttcagctga tctttggtct     45240
     gtattggagt cccaaaaaag taggctctaa tacccacaga ggaatgtctc agcagtagga     45300
     tagatagtag gatagataaa cttgccagca agattgagag caagaaggca aaaagcaaag     45360
     cttacttctg tgtgctttga tatgggctgc cagcagaagg tgtggcccag atgtagagtg     45420
     gttttcccac ctcagatgat ctagtcaaga aaacccttgt agctgtgtgc gagtgcttgg     45480
     gttttatttg attgcagatg ttcaagttca aagccaagat tagccattat gtacaagtcc     45540
     accacctgtc agcttcaccc atggtcatat ctccttatgc ttcattaaat tcccaagtga     45600
     aaataactag atcatagtta tgcctatcag gcaatattta tcccatgtac aactgcaaat     45660
     gcattatata ttttagagta gatggcactg ttccatgaga gacattcttc tagtgtctca     45720
     caacttaaaa attaccactg atactatctc tttttatgct gcatcacatg ataaactaag     45780
     gaataagaga caaatatcta ttttaaacgt ctatacatac acaaacatta ttttagcaag     45840
     ctatgaaaaa acacttctgt cagttctaat ccgtgtttct atagctggtc cctcagccgc     45900
     tctcaagctg tagatcaaga tgtatttggg agttggatga cccttccgtg gcattgctta     45960
     tcagatattg gcattgtgat tcataataag aaaattacag ttatgaagta tcagcaaaaa     46020
     taattatatg gccaggggtc accacaatat gaggagtggt attaaagtgt cacaacgtta     46080
     ggaaggctga gaaacactgc tttagctggt tttcataact ttataacaac atgactatat     46140
     tgcacactga ctgaaagcat gtacctaacc ttctggagaa ccctacccca accctcccgg     46200
     cattgtaact gggccttcaa agggccattc cgtctttctc tcagaaggga tgcttcagga     46260
     cagtggagat catgatgagt ggactccatg aacatgggcc actgttgtac ctctctggct     46320
     gcaaatgagt tagaagcaat actgtgtgga atatcatgat gttgcataag gtattctgta     46380
     aacctacgat ggtagttttg gcagaagcat tttgctcagg aaatgcacat ccataaccag     46440
     aataattctc tctccagtaa ggcaaagctc agtgtcgacc tctgctgcta gcagatctga     46500
     cactcggcag catctgtagc caagtcagcc ttggtgatgg aagtctgtat tgttgagccc     46560
     atgtttaacc tccatctctg cactgtggcc actttgctta tggacctttt aggcaatgac     46620
     aggaatggat ggagaaaaga ggctgattgt ccatagaatt attattcaac tccttagctg     46680
     aagtcaccct ttgattagca tttacatagg acacacgtat cttcacttcc tagatatctt     46740
     tcttcttgct ctttccaagt ttccagccaa tcagtctctg ctacagccca tgaatctgaa     46800
     cagttgcaca tctggccatt tctccttcta aacaaaatgg atggccatat gtactgccta     46860
     aagttctgca cattgtgaag atttctcttt acctgctgtt tttcagggtt gtcccagaaa     46920
     agggttgtaa tgctgcagct gtccatttct ggatgctgcc gacataacgt acagaaccat     46980
     cagtaaacca agtcctagtc ttctcttttt cagtcagtgg atcataggac acactctatg     47040
     atgctgctgg tgcaagcttg ggagcagaag gcattgtaac ggtaatagag acagtaggca     47100
     ttctcaaagg gaggatactt gcctgcagat aatggtagaa ccttattcca aatcccttga     47160
     gtaccattgg gtctcctggt ccaagtggta gacagagagc agcctgcaca gaagcctgga     47220
     cctgtagaag agccttctgc tgttccaggc cccatacaaa gctagcagct tttcaagtaa     47280
     cttggtatat gggccagtgt aacacactca agtgagaaat gtgctgtctc cagaatccag     47340
     ataggcccac tgaatgtttt tgctgctttc ttggtggtgg gaagggtcag gtgcaataat     47400
     ttattcttca cttagaagga atatctctgt aggccgcacc actggactcc taagaatttc     47460
     attgaggtag aaggcccttt aattttgatt ggatttattc cctatcctct gatatccatg     47520
     tgttaccaac aagtccaaag tagttgctac ttcctgctca tatatgctgt ttaatgtctc     47580
     cttaaggtaa aactttgaag gtataccgct gtgcttgtca attgaaagca aattgtttct     47640
     ggtggtattt atggacaggt attgagaaaa agacatttgt tggatcaata gcaacatacc     47700
     atgtaccagg agatgtgtta atctgctcaa gtaaggatac catatctggt acagcagctg     47760
     catttggagt cactacttaa atttgcagta gtcaaactgt cattcttcat gatccatctg     47820
     tcttctgcac tggccagata agagttaaag ggagatgtgg tgggaaccat cacctccgca     47880
     tctttccctg ctagaggcaa ctcttaatgg ccttccattt ggccttctca actatcagag     47940
     ccctcactcc acaggtgagg gaagcactgt gggaattttg ccaacttgta aatatatcta     48000
     acccaatata cattctggaa tactggcccc gctatgagtt ggacatcagc ccaaactcca     48060
     ctaatcacct cacctccata agcccctact ttaactggag ggccacactg tttcttgggg     48120
     tctcctggaa tcagcattaa tccagaacca atatctagta gacccagaat gttgggttgt     48180
     ttactttctc tggtgtacaa ttacccttgt aaacggcctc aatggggaaa ggactgaact     48240
     tttatgtgta tatcaaggtt cttcagggga agaaggtact tgaattttgg ttttaattct     48300
     tccaaggcaa acttagaaat ctttaagctg gttatgcata tgcagaacaa gagagtgagg     48360
     gcaaacaggc aaagtacaaa aacttccttc tatgtccttt tatgtgggct gccaccagaa     48420
     gatgtggccc agatttaagg tggattttcc tacctcaaat gatcgaatca agaaaaatcc     48480
     ctcataagct gtgcccagtt gcttgggttt tagctgtttg cagatgtggt ctagttgaaa     48540
     accaagatta gccattacat cttcatcttc ttgtttgttt ttttctgctc ctcaggtgga     48600
     agaactaagt aagaagctga cagagcatga ccaagccagc aaggtgcagc aacagaagct     48660
     aaaggtgggg cagatgtgtg acagggtgga ggaccatctt ctctaagccc ttgggccatg     48720
     ttagtttggg gccagagcag gagcctgggg cttggggggg ggggggttag ttgcccaaga     48780
     aactatcctg ggcctcagaa acattgactt tgtcttcagg aatctctcac agaaaagcct     48840
     tctattacag ccactatcct ttttagttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc aaggcatagg     48900
     tatagttcag tggtagagca ctagttccta ggttcagttt ccagtccagc acctcaaaat     48960
     gggcgggggg tggggggggg cttttttgtt tgtttgtttt tttcgagaca gggtttctcc     49020
     gtgtagctct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa     49080
     tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg gttaaaggcg tgctccacca cgcctggctt     49140
     gacatttttg tagttcttga tttaccctag tcacattttc ccagtcagta ggtgaatggc     49200
     taatgacaag acagaatagg accaattcct ccatcccaga aagttctgtg gaaaaaaact     49260
     ttccccacct tggtaaggga gatagggtct aattatgcag cccagagcac tgggattact     49320
     tggcatgtgc cataatgacc agcacttaac acttttaatg cttctaatct tgttaccatc     49380
     tttgttccag tgtttgcttt ttgtagctct aagcttccca tcccttagtt aagggcaaag     49440
     gatcagggac tagttccact gggactgtgt agcacatagt gggtcccagg tagtggatct     49500
     ctgagcttcc ttgcccatgg actgttgaac aacagtgaac agtaagtagg tccatcatgc     49560
     tccttttgag ggtggttatg agctagcaga tgtaggagag tgtaggtggg atgcagccac     49620
     ccagtacctg tagtgaacaa agctgatact gcaggttaac agaattacct gcgagcctgc     49680
     tcttgaggag ttatggtccc cttaggaggc aatgctggca tcgtaagtga accagcatcc     49740
     acagttgtgg attaggtgga tgaccttggt cagtttgtct aaatctctga tctctttttt     49800
     cctctctaaa acaaggataa aagttatttc ttggagtggt ttggagaagt gagttcctga     49860
     cattgacatg catatgcagt tgtctcccac tgtgctctct ataccacggt attctctgaa     49920
     gatcagattc tgttcccttg ggagagatac ttggtgcttg gcctcatata tggcagcaga     49980
     actgtgagac acattagagc cagcagatgg tctgggaggg agaatgtaat tgttttgtag     50040
     gctgcagttg gagggaatgt gtgtattggg ccaaggtgtc ctaagagtcc tgagactata     50100
     ttagaggagt ctgcagtacc tgtggagact gagcagcaag ggtaggccag tgggtttggg     50160
     tagagtaatc agaatttcct tgttttgatt gacttctcag gctttccagg cccagagagg     50220
     tgaaagccag caagaggtcc agcgcctcca gacccagctg aacgagctgc aggcccagct     50280
     gagccagaag gagcaggcag ctgagcatta caagctccag gtgaggggcc aggaacgtcc     50340
     tgctctgcct ttcttcctga ccctttctag gctctgccac acacaccctg tctgtccaca     50400
     cagatggaga aagccaagac ccattatgat gccaagaagc agcagaacca aaagctgcag     50460
     gaacagcttc aagacttgga ggaactgcag aaggagaaca aggagctgcg gtctgaagct     50520
     gaacgtctgg gccgtgagct gcagcaggca gggctgaaga ccaaggaagc tgaacagacc     50580
     tgccgtcacc ttacagccca ggtgcgcagc ctggaggccc aggtaagaac ctactttaaa     50640
     cagaagcacc tcacccctgt actgttgtac tccatatctc ctctccaagg ccacccctac     50700
     tctaggcttt ttattttact tcctaggttg cccatgcaga ccagcagctt cgtgacttgg     50760
     gcaaattcca ggtggcaact gatgccttaa agagccgtga gcctcaagtg aaaccccagc     50820
     tggacttaag tattgacagc ctggatctga gtttggagga gggaacccca tgcagtgtgg     50880
     ctaggttagg agacatgcct ctctatcctg tgcctgttca ctgagtgtgc gctgttctag     50940
     cctgtggttc ttctacgaca gatgcctgct tagggtacag tagaagtgaa aaagaggtga     51000
     ggtggggcag ttaggaaagc cttgggggaa gcttttctga gttttgataa actgtacagc     51060
     tatgcagagg tggatgagca gcctttaatg cgaggccaag taggcctgcg agcctagagg     51120
     ctgactgcac taaagactga taaacttcag aagtgctgaa attgaggact acaggttgga     51180
     tttgcatctt agtttcctga cagtattgaa gtcaaaggtt agcagtacag ttactgtttc     51240
     tatcaaatgt gtactgtact gtgtgccagt gttcccagtt cttggaacaa ttacaacttc     51300
     agctttctcc tagcaaccat tttaggctct attcattatc tctccttaaa cagatagaat     51360
     tgggcttttg ggggatccac agtgatagag ccaggtctga gcctggcagc ctgtcctgag     51420
     ttcttgctta tcactacttt atagtgtctc atggcagtct aggtctaggt gagatgaact     51480
     gaggctgagg gaagggagtg tgcagctagg agagcttctt ggatgttgac catggttgtg     51540
     tatggtagaa gatgtccaat tacacccatg ttcatgtgaa ggtgtcccta cttagtaaag     51600
     taggagatag aggaggaaga acatgcagag gggtttaggg taggccccat taattgtcga     51660
     gcagttgtgg catctgctgg gggggaggtc tgggcccata gctgtctgac ctgaagagca     51720
     gggtttgggc taaggtagag agatctgaga gctgctatag gaaagggtta ggagcagcca     51780
     agagtggact gtcaaggccc ccttttgcta tctctgaaag accagtggta ctgtatttta     51840
     ccacatttac ctgtaataag attaagtcag tttggggcaa ggagacagac ataatgtctt     51900
     ctagctcagg gtctgcatct cggcaaatgt cttttgctac agcaagctgc ctcgtaccca     51960
     accagatggt accagtgtcc ctggagagcc agcttcacct atctcccagc gcctgccccc     52020
     caaagtggaa tccctggaga gcctctactt cacccccact cctgctcggg gtcaggcccc     52080
     cttggagact agccttgact ctctggggga tgccttccct gactccggcc gtaagacccg     52140
     ctctgctcgc cgccgtacca cacaaatcat caacatcact atgaccaagg ttaggttatt     52200
     gggcatagga ctattggata ttaacaccag ttccttatcc agggctcata aatcaggaac     52260
     actcaggtat gaacaacatc ttttaaaagg gcatagattt gtttatggtc tcttttcttc     52320
     ttagattgat tttatatata caattgctca gttttcatgc acatcagaag actgagtcag     52380
     atcctattac agatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgcta ggaattgaac tcagccagag     52440
     tcctctctcc tgtctgacgg aagacagagc aggatagagg aaataacagc tcattccgag     52500
     cctctggcac gccatgcagc caggatgtag cttggtgtgg ctctcaatgg tctgctgctt     52560
     ctaggcttag attctctttt tttccctgtc tctagtgggc tgaggaacag gtgggaaggt     52620
     gcttttatgc cctctactac tgagaatttg gggataatta gtttaggccc caggaaccgt     52680
     gggtctaggg acagcagagg ttgtgggctg aatccatcta gatagcttag gagatagggg     52740
     ttctggctct tagcctagct acttcctagc tgtgtgagta gagggtactc gccttgcttt     52800
     tatctctgaa ataggctaat aatgcctcct tcaaaatgtt gtggtagaag aatcttggca     52860
     tcttccaaga tgcttctggc tgtatggcct gtttccatac gcagtgtaaa gcagtgtggt     52920
     atctgagagc tttggggcag agggaggtgg tgctggttta tagtattgct gcaatgattt     52980
     gtccttctag aaattagaat tggaagagcc agacagcgcc aactcatcct tctacagcac     53040
     gcagtctgct cctgcttccc aggccaactt gcgagccact tcctccactc agtctctggc     53100
     ccgcttgggt tctcctgatg atggcaactc cgctctgctt agcctgcctg gctaccggcc     53160
     taccacacga agctctgctc gtcgctccca ggccaggatg tccagtgggg ccccccaagg     53220
     tgaggaaatt acaggaattt accagaatcc cagtctagac tggaagcaaa tcttggcctg     53280
     gaaaagaggc aagcttccaa aagctcaagg caggcctcct tactatgcca gagctgcttc     53340
     ccctcactca cctgtgccat ctcctatcta ggactgcaag ggaacacact gaaccaggga     53400
     tgctcactag ttaagatttc cacacagttc ctagtgcgag ttgattcttg ggggagtcct     53460
     ccaggctgct gtctgagaaa cagtgggctt ggtaaagtca ggctgcccag cagtttcttg     53520
     gaagttgtcc ttaggatcta gggaccctcc ccggttatca attcatgacc ctcagtttct     53580
     cttggtgtgg ggcaccaagc tttggcaagt gaataagatg ctacagcctc tggtcatgaa     53640
     ctctttctga tctcccctga gaaagcacct ccatgagaca aatggtttgg tacggcactt     53700
     ttgctgtgca acatcaatac agaacttgtg tatctagccc gaagtcccca ctcccagaaa     53760
     ggtgggagtg aacagtggca acaaaagcct ggccagatta gtagacggtg tattagctgc     53820
     cgtgtttgcc ctaactttct gtgctccata gggaggaata gcttctacat gggcacttgc     53880
     caggatgagc ccgagcagct ggatgattgg aaccgcatcg cagagttgca gcagcgcaac     53940
     cgagtatgcc ccccgcacct gaagacctgc taccctctgg agtccagggt gagatgtgag     54000
     gtcacctcaa gaccttccac actgacttta gtggctagcc tgaatatcta gtcatagata     54060
     tttttggtct actgggaagg tcattctact ggaaggtcat ggaatagctg tcactcagga     54120
     gtgaagtcag atatgactgt gcttggaatt gttagctatc catcaagtat aggtcaacat     54180
     gaacaacagg aaggaaggag ttttaagaat ccagctttag ccctagttct tgctctatac     54240
     agttgggccc attgactgtt gcctcttgtc ccatgcagcc taccctgagc ctggccacca     54300
     tcactgatga ggagatgaag actggagacc ccagggaaac cttgcgtaga gccagcatgc     54360
     agccagctca gattgctgag ggtgttggca taactaccag gcagcagcgc aaacgagttt     54420
     cctctgagac ccaccagggc cctggcactc ctgaggtaga tgatgtgtgc atctattttg     54480
     tctttagcac tatacccagg catgaaccag cccaccaaat cttagtgata gggaagtctc     54540
     tttccaaggg cagatataca gaccgttgga aaggcctttg tcagaagtag ggagagcatg     54600
     tccttttgcc attatctgcc caattatctt gtctcacagt ccaagaaagc taccagctgc     54660
     tttccacgcc ccatgacccc cagggaccgg catgaaggac gtaagcagag cagcactgct     54720
     gacacccaga agaaagcagc tccagttctc aaacaggtta gtccaggacc caaggggaag     54780
     aaggaaggcc aagtgaagcc ttgctggcag agctcaaaag tagcagtctg acagaccttc     54840
     cccataggcg gaccggcgtc agtcaatggc tttcagcatc cttaacacac ctaagaagct     54900
     gggaaatagt cttctaaggc gaggagcttc aaagaagacc ccagcaaagg tctcccccaa     54960
     tcctcgcagt ggaacccgcc gttctccacg cattgccacc accacaactg gcactgctac     55020
     tgttgccacc actcctcggg ccaagggcaa ggtaacgcag tagaaggaag accatcctct     55080
     agactactcc atagggcagc attcgaggca agcccaaacc aaaccactgg aggagggtgg     55140
     gatgcaagag gtatctctgt cttggctagc cactcataat tgaggacccc acatttctta     55200
     ggtgtggctg gcaactcata acttaatgta ggtgtttatg agaccccaaa aaggaagagg     55260
     tccagccagg ggttttgtga actagtcaat agaggttggc aacacaggac ttaatctggc     55320
     caagtgactg tcttttcctt ttcaggtgaa gcattaaaga gtcagcacca gtgcttacgt     55380
     ggccccactg cattgtcagc actgaccttg cttggtcctt tccctcctgc tgtccctcag     55440
     tgccttctct cagctcccag gccaatggcg gccagccttc cccaagacaa tgaggtttgc     55500
     ctgcaccctg gcctgctacc tggactttgc ctggtgcctt ctaggcgtct ttcagagatg     55560
     gcccaggagg cttggagctt ggacagtgtg tggtcttctc cctatcttgc ctcctgattt     55620
     tttttttctc cctccgttgt tgttttggaa aaaagtctac ttttccatct aactagattg     55680
     agactggatt ctttagccca gtcttcctta gtctctggac ctagaaggga ccattggaga     55740
     agcaggctct gcttctctgt tgttcctggt ggctgggcct tagcaggggt ctttgctctt     55800
     gaagcccagg attgggcatg acctggtagg agcctctgtt cttacctatt tccatataca     55860
     gctgcctgga ggatgctttt tttccaggac agataggttc tggatctcag gggtgagata     55920
     gggggcagcc ttcaatggca gctcatactt caccttcccc agacttgcac tggggtagga     55980
     tatggaacga tggggaggtt tttaagggcc ggggatggat cttttctaaa tgttattact     56040
     tgtaaataaa gtctattttt ctcccttgag tgctaagctc tttgggtcag tatgaggaaa     56100
     aaggggaaat tgcagctctt tggagcctgt gtttggtctt tctggcccct gttcctaact     56160
     agtattatgg actgttgcag gggttcatgt tattctgaat ttttatttgg caagaggcag     56220
     tgtctcatgc tgcctgagtc aggcagagtt cctgaggaca gtaccagggt ctaaataaaa     56280
     atgagacctt gagctgctgc agctttatga gtactcagtg tgggccctgc agagacacag     56340
     actgacatat acagttgtga cctgacgcag ccactgttcc gtccttgcct tggggacagt     56400
     acattagggg caaactagga aaacaaaatc acatgtaaag attgaagtca gtgcagatag     56460
     tggtcagagc tgagtggatg ttgccaaagt tatatctcaa ctaggcttcg ggttaacctt     56520
     tttgattggt acaggatgta gaaatctgcc agataggcat ctcaatttca cgttaagtgt     56580
     aagcagagct atcacttggc taaggtgtca tcaggtctca gaggttccag aacaccagtg     56640
     ggatgaataa gacatcagaa aaggtaaact ggatggatgg acaggaggac aaacaggaag     56700
     aactctaagg acttaattac tatgataatc tagggtagaa gtgaagcttg agtttgaggt     56760
     tcagcagcag aaaggcaatc acagcctatg gtgtagactc caccctccag gtagatgaga     56820
     gccaggctct ggtcaaggtc atggtgtggt tggctttatg caacccctgg gcctgctgat     56880
     ctggatactg ggctgtggct agagagggtt tcttgagaag gggacggagc tgtcttcaac     56940
     ccatcctgga gaagtaaatg cacacatggt cagagctaag gaagagctct tgccatcact     57000
     tgctgtcact gcagtcccat gttccttgct tccacctctg gtagatctca aaacagtcac     57060
     tagcttacag gttgtactgg aaaagccaat ccttccttcc ccaggtagta gcgttcctcc     57120
     catccctgga tgccttcttt caggttcctt acccagagct gggccagaat gatgtgatac     57180
     tgggccactt gtccaggatc cacaaacaaa caggagaagt tggtacttcg tagggtgggg     57240
     ctcagttctt ccagcaccaa ggccctgtgc agccaggtgc ttgtgttcct gtgctcgcga     57300
     ctggaaagca gaaggaaatc gtgagagggt tgccggagtt ggggaggagg aaggtctttc     57360
     ttgtagcccc actgctaggt cccttacctt gtgtggccct ccttcagccg gcctgggagg     57420
     tgctcaatga aggaaccatt gcccagccag tagaggatgc tgaagtaggg gaagcggctg     57480
     caggcagtac aggacaaggt cagagttcca tctaggagca catttgactg ttagttattc     57540
     tataaaacag aggcccctat cctgccaagc tccacttagt cataaatcag aaacataaga     57600
     cctgtgtcct acctacatag gaaaattgca acctaggccc tgtgaggttc tacattgcct     57660
     atgtctgagt tctcttctat aggaaccatc tgggaagctg ggcagtagaa tggtgaacac     57720
     agagacaagt tggtctggcc tggtgcttct tggcaggttg gaagtaacac tcccaagtca     57780
     aacccccacc ccccaactct gtattcacag cctgcttctg gcaactgtat cctcttgggc     57840
     tcccatactt gttgcttact cagtggcact tctttttctg gccaaatcac atccagtgct     57900
     gggtactgct tagttgggac tgctggagac caggaagagc atgggtcttt tgagcttcca     57960
     gttaagacag tggcagttgt ctgaggtgca gatgtggctc tggccaaaat gacatggaca     58020
     tacaaaagca ggacccacca agaactgggg cctgaggaac aaacagttac agctgtaaat     58080
     aaaactgaag ctcagctttc tagcacccat cttagttggg gacaagctgc tacctgggta     58140
     ggaacagacc tcgacccaga tactcctagg ttctcaccag gaacctgagt gggtggagac     58200
     cgtttagccc ccacccctcg gctctgctga atgtagtgca aaggagcctt gaaatggagc     58260
     cagaaccaaa gtagctacat aggcgcttac agcaatggaa gaattggatg gaacttcctt     58320
     ggggtggggg gtgttgggta gcagagttag ccacatagct ccattccttt aagagccaca     58380
     aagcctaatg tcccacctgc tgtccagcag tgtctcatgg tcatgatgac ttgcaagcaa     58440
     gtctggtgtc tgtgacttcc tctggaaaaa aataagtaaa agtcagctag ccctacatct     58500
     gtgttctttc cctcaggcag tgttactgac acccatttga gctggtagtt tagagggcag     58560
     acctgtagcc accagctggg ctatccacac ttaaggcact gctggtgtta atagtaacaa     58620
     ttttctctca taccagctcc aaacagcact tatataactt ataccccctt aggaaggaga     58680
     gaaagtacta aaagccaggg acttacctgg gaagcaacag tccgtttgcc agcttgccag     58740
     cctccttctg ggaagggcag gcagcagtca gcttctagga aatcgagcac ctattttcac     58800
     tttcactttc ttagctagga atcccaatcg aaagcaggct gttccgaatg ggcccctctc     58860
     caaactcaca ggaatcctct atctacctca cccctctctc taaggttagc gaaggggtga     58920
     gaaagatgag tctctcacag gtctgtacct gtcttgcccc ttccaccctt cacagccaac     58980
     tttcctttct ccagaacaaa ctccaaggag gcagtattta ttagtactgg gaaccccaaa     59040
     ttgaaccact gaccttttta cattcagtgc ctcactggcc cattaatatc gtagtttctc     59100
     tcaagctccc ccactcccat ccctcacccc aaggtcaggt gtatcactta acaccagcct     59160
     tcacacacag ccacagccac ttgtacaggt tcgttttcag taaatttaga tcttcctacc     59220
     tggctcctaa gccccgaata gcttcttgga gctctaaggc tcagccagga tagctgcctg     59280
     gccccaagaa aatctcacca caggaaggag caacttccct gcctggctcg tgtacaaaac     59340
     tcccagccaa gcgagagctg accccaaata gccaggaagg cacttccgca acactggctc     59400
     cagtagctca gagactggta cttggaaaga acaaaattag aatcaaacaa aaccctgaag     59460
     ccatgctccc tgcatgtgcc agaacctctt ggggcagaac gaccaatgcg cacacttggg     59520
     gcaaagtgct gtgctcttag gtctgtgatt ctgtcaccag agggtagaac tggtgacaag     59580
     tgggatggag caggttggaa ggacctgtgg gaatagattc atacctggtt cagatgcagg     59640
     aggctaaaag ctgtcttcta tgtggcacag tcacatttct tttgagcagt ccacctaccc     59700
     tctaccacct aggttgctga attcagggca aaactccctc agaatccagg atctctagga     59760
     gttaggtcca gaagttgtgc atccacacac agccattggg ggatttctca ttccactggg     59820
     gtttgggtag gggtgcagga cgaggaactg cactgtacct tacaagacta aaggtaaaac     59880
     atagacgtag ccttcacctt agggagaggg gaggacaaat accaaaggaa gagtagcctg     59940
     tctcttggcc ttctgctcag ctctcattcc tctgaggatg gagggaaaaa ggaagccaca     60000
     gctgagtaag agaacaggct gagttgtggg ggtatcaggg tactagtctc agactggggg     60060
     tgaaggcctc agggcccctg atgccgtagg acaggagaca cacacacaca cacacacact     60120
     ctcacagagg gaggatgggt gagaaggcag gaccaatggc tccaggttcc ggctctcagg     60180
     tgggatgcaa gaagccaaga taccccaggg ggcccgggaa agaggtggca aaaaaaaaaa     60240
     ggcaaatgcg tgtccagctt tgcagccagc tcatggagct ttattcagat gtgatgacaa     60300
     gatcctgttt ggttcttgtt gccttcaaat gggccaggcc aaatttctct agacacccag     60360
     tgctgctgac ccatgatgcc ctcccccttt cttcagactt ccaggactac agttaggcct     60420
     gctcagaagt cccctttcag agcccatctt tattcaggcc tcattctgcc tatgcactca     60480
     ccattcttaa cgtcaggcct gggaaaaacc cacaaatgac caagcctacc tagggacgtt     60540
     tcctgggctg gaatcccctc ttagcttcaa gggcacactg atgactggca gaaaacagag     60600
     atccattagt ctgtctgctc tgtgcataca caaacataca cactcttagg ctttcaggaa     60660
     ggaagtgatg tgcagagtac cctttggcac atgtcaacac ttccatgaag ggtgtacttg     60720
     cacaagaagc tgcaacattc gctgctgcca atgtagcttc cacagcttaa tgatatatag     60780
     attgctttta tactctgcct ggcaatggcc ctgctcaggg gcaggttatc catgctgctc     60840
     atatttctag ctgttccaaa acatgtcagt gaatttggag gccacagggc ttccctagtt     60900
     agaaaagtca ttgattttgc cacccccagc ctttagtttc cagacaaaaa ggcaacagag     60960
     tcatacacaa cacccatcat gtccagagat gaagagaccc tttaccgctc agtgctaatc     61020
     tggcacccgt ctgagctctt ctacactgag tgcaaaccag gcttgagcct tgcagaggga     61080
     agggagggga aggggaaggg taggctgaag cacccagcct cctgcaaacc caccagtgct     61140
     ctcagccaga ggtgagaaga cgcctctcaa ccaataatac cgcagctttg cccaaccctg     61200
     ttcaagcaag gttaggccta ggaatggggg acaattccta tgctccacaa taaaaaaatt     61260
     taaatatatt catcaaaata attttctttt aaaaagcccc cactgctgac agccccactg     61320
     gctggttctc catcatttcc ccaccaaccc agacacagct ggggtggtcc tgaatggccc     61380
     aagtgccttt gagtcttttc cacccaagtc tttgtgggca gcacggagag tgccctgagg     61440
     tccatagtgg gtggtgggtt ctccagggat gtgatttctg attactcgag gcccaggatg     61500
     tagctgatgc cttgtaccag gccaatgatg acaggctgcc aggctaccaa gtatcgaagc     61560
     cagtctagca gctgtccata catgacatga ggcctttccc agctgttagc atgttaagga     61620
     tcacacgcaa tatacagtag ctgttactct aaccagcatg gtaagaaggc ctaccttggg     61680
     tctgcccaga gttttgtttt aagatttatt tattttttat ttatatgagt acaccgcagc     61740
     tgtcttcaga cacacactag aagagtgcat cggcattccc ctacactggg gcatagagcc     61800
     ttcacaggac caagggaaac ttctctcact gatgtccgac taggccatcc tatgctacat     61860
     atgcagctgg agccatgagt ccctccatgt gtttctttgg ttggtagttc agtccctggg     61920
     agttcatatt gttgttcctc ctatggggct gcaaacccct tcaactcctt gggtcctttc     61980
     tctagctcct tcactgggga ccctgtgcac agtcccatgg atggctgggg agcaggggga     62040
     gggaggaggg ggcaagggga ggggttcttt ggagcggaaa ccaggaaagg ggataacatt     62100
     tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaaa tatccaataa agtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gttgccttgg     62160
     tcatggtgtc tgtgcacagc agtaaaactc tgtgactgat gggtactaga acggacctcc     62220
     tgaggtgtgt gcagtttctt acaacaatta cattaatgca tggctgcatg cagcccagca     62280
     agagagtcac tgtattccaa gggctgggaa aagatactct gaagaaaaaa aaaaaagaag     62340
     agtacatctg atcccattac agatggttgt gagccaccat gaggttgctg ggaattgaac     62400
     tcaggaccat ctggcagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccact gagccatctc tccagcccct     62460
     gccaagactt ttaagctgtt ccatagccta gtaaaaatca agctacccag attctcttca     62520
     gctctctagg ttggaatgaa aagctgaacc cagaaaatca aaagaaggag agcagagggg     62580
     actggagaca gaaatgagaa gtggaggggt aaaatagata caccaccttc tcagaaatga     62640
     caaacagcct agcctgagtc tgacagacat gacactctac aaacccatgg cagaaaaggc     62700
     tgggaatagg ttatagttac ctgcccctcc cccacttttt ttgccttttc cagacagggt     62760
     ttctttgtat agttaaggct aactcactct ggggaccaac ctggctcaaa ctcagagatc     62820
     aacctgcctc tgcctcccaa atcctgggat taaaggtgcg caacccccac cccagctaac     62880
     tagtagtctc ctagtaagta ctttccactg agctaactat attcctgggc cccagaaggt     62940
     tcttgcattg tacaaaattt aaggttttct ccatcaagaa aaagactgag tctattgaca     63000
     tgtgtacaaa tttccttcta gataaaagct ttctttcatc ttggcaggaa gcttgttaag     63060
     aagtaaacta ttctagagct aaaacatccc acccagcagg gaagctcctt aagcccagaa     63120
     agtaaacaat tcaaaagctt caggaagtcc ctgaaatcaa ccaaatacac taggccactc     63180
     tttcctcaaa agtctatagg cagtgaaaat tgctgatgag tttcctagca gactctgagt     63240
     taagttgagc tgcctggaag actttaagac cagccgaact gaccagagga gctcaggcca     63300
     agtgaattgc agggagtttt aggcttgtga ctttcagcag ccatcatcta tagtagcttt     63360
     tgatggtgca gctttgagtc atttctgccc ctacaaataa cccctcactg ataagaaaca     63420
     ccaatacaac tcactggttc actaagttgg acttgggtgt tttgtcatta gttccttatc     63480
     tggagtgagt aaatgtttct taatatctac ccaggaataa tgtcacagaa caggacagtc     63540
     agagagaaaa ggagccaaca ggttattcat aaggagtcca cccggacaga gacttgaagt     63600
     aggccctact aaggccaaaa tgtcttttgt ggcgtttcct ttccttttac ttgtaaatga     63660
     gggaaaggaa ggggtctgaa gagagagaat gcctgcagag cttgctggga gcaaaatctg     63720
     tggagaagct gttgaaatgg gtggagcact gctctaaagg catcaaaaat atcagcctgg     63780
     cctgggtctc taagagctaa gggcagccat aaaccccagc aaggccagat gaccataagt     63840
     gttcagggag cagccctaga aggaccatgt agaaaacctg aaatgggaaa ggccagagtc     63900
     tcttgttcag agactgtggc agtgtactcc tatgttccct tatctgaatc cagtcctgct     63960
     ggttccacag aacacaaggg cagctgggac aggagctgaa acagagctgg atccttgcaa     64020
     gtgaaagtga ggccagagaa atggctgggt aggaggacag tgcgaagtaa aacaggccct     64080
     tcactagaag tgaacggaga aaggtgtctg ccagctccct gcccctcagg ccctgcctgc     64140
     acaggtgaag gtggcctgca gttgcacagc atgggtaagg cgtcactcac tggtgaaata     64200
     acagtggaca tggctcagtc tctgaaagtt gctagcgaat caagtgagct gacacaggtg     64260
     aagaacttga tagagaggga gcaaacacat gacaagtggc agtggctgct tccactagcg     64320
     atttaggaca tcccacttcc ctagaacaga aaccaaattg aatgctggaa gcagtagact     64380
     ttcttcccac cacccactct caacaaggac ccaaaggata cggattgctg aacatcctct     64440
     tcaggtccac cttctccttg cagtagggac atgtctgctt ctttcccacg atgcaccagc     64500
     ctcgaataca gaattcatgg aatctgagca ccattggtca agggaagtga ctgaaagcca     64560
     gactggcact ttagcctcat cctggatctc caggagccag agcatcagct ctagagaaag     64620
     gttcagattg tgccattact tcctaccact gtgtgatctg gggcaggtcc ctgttctctg     64680
     aatgtttcct tacagggggt gagggcagtg atccttattt acatggttgg tatgagccaa     64740
     gacagagaga atacccaata cccaatgtgg catagaatgg gagcttagta aatacaagat     64800
     caaatgaacg atgctactct cagtagggga tttgactcac tcaaccattc cattagaggg     64860
     agggtttcct tcccttgtga cacgtgtcag cttgagcagc ctccctagct gcagctgtgg     64920
     gttttctatg gcctggcagt ccataactac ctttcactga agaggaaagt gccagtctgc     64980
     aaaggctgag gaacgctgca gtttctgctg tggctcacct acactccgtc caattctgga     65040
     caacacacta tagtaaccac caccctcttc ccaccatgac tggagtgtgg gctcaggaga     65100
     gaagtagcac aaggcaggat acacgtgatt gcaggaaagc ctgtacgtgt tctcgatgat     65160
     gccctcttca ttgacatcca caaagatctg ctgcccacac acagcacaca cgctgtctga     65220
     gaggtgcttg gtaggcatgc ccgactcact gtagaactag agaatgagag cgggagggaa     65280
     ggccagaaaa cctgtgagca tctgtctccc taggaagata cgggcagtgg tcacagtgca     65340
     tgtgtatgta gtctggaagc agagagttga atgctggcac tcagctcact ttttccttag     65400
     tctaggaccc taccccgggg gacagtgcca ctcacagcta aggtggatct tcccacctca     65460
     gctaatatga tttagaatgt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca cacacacaca     65520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaagagg ttaggtgatt     65580
     ctagctcctg tcgagttaac aatatttacc accagtcgcc taaggtctct ctgaatccat     65640
     aggtgcctcg cctccagccc agtcttcaca cagaagacag actgaagatt tacagtattg     65700
     ggtctgggga agttttctaa ggaaggagtt cttaagtcaa ctgtgctaac acctgtgagg     65760
     gctgtctaca acaccagtgc ttttagtgac tgggactcta agtttctaga agggagcaag     65820
     tagaagccag gttagaacat gctaaagagt tagtgacagt cataaatagc caggagtggt     65880
     ggcacacgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggtggatttc tgagttcgag     65940
     gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc     66000
     tcaaaaaacc aaaaaaccaa aaaacaaaaa ccgaaaaacc aaaacaacaa caaaaaccca     66060
     cccaaataaa taaatgaata atgcacacag aaagtccggc agagacaagg caaagtaacc     66120
     tgcacgatgg cacacatctc accgcgagct gtcaggcaca ttaaggccgg cactcgggag     66180
     gcaggtgcaa ggggatctct ttgagttcaa gaccaagtag gcatgcacat agcgcaaaga     66240
     catacatgca ggcaaaacac taacagcaca caaaataggt ttttaaaaaa tcgacaacag     66300
     aaaggaggtc aggatctgca aacagtccaa ccctagttcc ctctactcct tcagcagtga     66360
     agacagcaca cattcctgct gtgtgtgcta ggacatctga ggaactggga gctaagcctg     66420
     gggtaggggc tttctcagag tgtcagtgtc agagtgccct aaggcaccat acaaagagct     66480
     ttcccaggag cttccctcag aggacaaatg taccacagaa catttctcaa tccttctacc     66540
     tcagcatgac ctccagcatg agcagaaact acagtgcctg gctgtcacaa gcttgtgact     66600
     tcaaaatggc ccgtatgaaa aacagtctcc atccatggtc tcctgacaca atttaagtta     66660
     ctttagttca gactgcagac atcttcacag aagtgaaaga aaactgttct gaggtaatgc     66720
     agcctagtgg agaggaactg agaatgcttg ttaatacaat tataaaacct cagtttattt     66780
     ctacgaactg tgcaatcaat tagccacaag gctctcagat caaagcatta tccacaggag     66840
     ataaatgggt caagtttctg gctctgaggt ctaattgggg acatacttat aaaatcaact     66900
     atagttctct tatagacaga aactgtgacc ttagaatgta tagaagatta actgaggctg     66960
     agcatgtgtg caagacaaca gaatatcact cagcctttaa aagggagggc aatggggctg     67020
     gagtgatgac tcagcagttt ataacactgg ctgttctaga gactgaggct tgacttccag     67080
     cacccatatg ccagctcaca gccttctgac tacagttcct gggactaaaa cacactcttc     67140
     tagcttgtgg tcactaggca tacatgtggt gcacagtgat acatgcaggc aaaataccta     67200
     caaacttgaa aacaataaaa aataaattat tttttttaaa aaggtaagta attctagcat     67260
     atgaatgaac cttggagatt ttacaccaag tgaacacaaa accactcagg cttcctctca     67320
     tgaggtgcta caaagttgaa tttagagaca gaataagaat ggtgattgcc aggaaagggc     67380
     tgagggaaac ttgtctgttt taccactgac accccgccaa aaaccactaa gattttacta     67440
     gaagtaggta attgtgtgct tgtaaaatgt atctgcttga ccggtaaaag cttacaagat     67500
     aatttacttg aacaaataaa agaatgtatt ggctgatgaa tgcaagaagg ctggaatatc     67560
     cagatttcct caaagcactg atcagattca tatgtatagg cacaggcacc ggcaccggca     67620
     caggcacatg tatgtatcaa acagcaaacg ggctggagag ctgcacagca cttaagagta     67680
     cttgttgcaa caacattatg aactaaccag taccccggag ctcttgactc tagctgcata     67740
     tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacacgcaaa     67800
     ctttgtatgc cccagtacag gggaacgcca gggccaaaaa gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg     67860
     gagtgggggt gggtgggtat gggggacttt tggtatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgagcta     67920
     aatacctaat aaaaggaaaa aaaatggaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagagta cttgttgctc     67980
     ttgcagagga cctgggttca gttgccagca ctgacagatt gctcacaatt atctttaact     68040
     ctagtttcag ggatttgaca gtcctctgac ctctgcaggc atcaggcatg caagtatgca     68100
     catatatata gacaaaacat ttattcacat taaaacaaaa acatcctaaa attgtgcttc     68160
     tatttaaaaa aaaaggcata tttccttggg tctttcagtt tggttattat attcctaaat     68220
     tttaagctca aagcatctct tcaccatctg cacctaattc tctgcactgc ctcctgtctc     68280
     tgggtaaggt ggactggcaa aggtaagttc tttctgtcta aagagaccaa actctatcgt     68340
     atcgaactta tctcttaaat actttgcatc ttcctcttcc accaacccta ctctcgtcta     68400
     aagtgctttt atctctccca gattcccaga actgtctcct ccaagggtct attctaatct     68460
     ggacccctct tttttatttt gtaaattatt tatttattat tataaataag tacactgtag     68520
     ctgtcttcag acacaccaga gagggcatca gatctcatta cagatggttg tgagccacca     68580
     tttgctgaga tttgaattca ggaccttcag aagagcagtc agtgctctta gctgctgaac     68640
     catctctcca gcccctgaac ccctctttta aagcccgttt ttactctcac ctgttaacta     68700
     tttctctaga cattagcatt ggttcctccc aagcatctac cctttcaagt cacggagaca     68760
     gctgagactg catgagcaca aagatctgag tttgaccttg agtacccacg ttacaaaagt     68820
     tgcttgcagc agcctatgtc tctgaactga acgcaggaga ggagaggaca gacagctgga     68880
     tgcctggatc tcaatggcca gtgatcctag gtgaattgat gagctcctgc tttgctgaca     68940
     gataattttg caaaaattaa agtgtagggc agtcacgatg gctcataggt aaagcacttg     69000
     ctgtgcaagc ctggtaatct gaattagagc ctaggaacag gtggaaaggc acaggagaga     69060
     agcaactcca caaacttgtt ctccgtctac acgagtacca cggctcatgc acacctacac     69120
     ccacacatca tacatacagg caataataat taagaataaa gataatgagc gcacgcatac     69180
     acacacagat acaaaagaag aaagaaaaac cctgcccaca ctcagtccgg ctgacagaac     69240
     tcttatggtg ctacttcctc tgttcagtac atgcttcatc atttactcct gtcaaagtca     69300
     gcttaaaagt aattgttttg aggaagccat ctttgagctc aatgaagtca aatgtgtcag     69360
     gaccacatgt gtgcacggca tctgcacctt tccttcataa cacttactat gttttatgct     69420
     agtgtattac tttaacattt accttcctca ttaatgagta ccattatttg gggcaagagt     69480
     ctgctttatt tttatactca gattttatat gtaggacaaa gtgagtttaa ttagtgttgc     69540
     ttgcataagt atgggtcacg acacttggaa aggttcccaa tggctacacc actgggtaaa     69600
     ataactacct cttcactagc agcgtgaact accaatagtt cttcagggtg catgttctat     69660
     tttcaggtac ctttgtaagc atacagcaca gggcccaggc atgtatcaag cattaaaaaa     69720
     gcatttgtta agtgaatgtt acctttcaat ggggtaaaac atttctttcc tatgttgact     69780
     caaagttttg atgtggctta gtttatctta gtgccttatg tcaaggatgt gatgctagtt     69840
     ggaacaatct ggagtaacaa gcaggcagtg ttaagagcac agttaacagg ttatggtggc     69900
     ataatcctag tgctaaagag tccgtggcag gagaattctg agtccaagga ggcagctaag     69960
     gctacatata cataccttat ctcgaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agagagagag     70020
     agagagagag agagagagag agcacgcatg cacgcatgca cgcacgcacg cacgcacaca     70080
     cgcacgcaca cacgcacgca cgcacgcaca gatgagctta cccctatggt tgatgccata     70140
     tagtctgcac acatttctgc aaagtcacgc tcaagaactc catagtagag gccatagaag     70200
     agaagagaaa tgccaaagtc cattgcatct tctggtttaa tcctgcagag gaagcagcat     70260
     ggcagtaagg cctgctctga gaaacaactg ctttggatta ctgattaagg acactgatca     70320
     aggtaaggcc taaatttagt tggattgcta aaaagctaag gcaagtgtca gtaaattatg     70380
     aacaaatcca cgttgctgtt tttatatgtc cacaacatct tttgagaaag ccattactgt     70440
     gagctgcaaa aaccaagcta gtgtatcact gccccacaag cctggtccct agtctcaact     70500
     ctggctgtag ttccagcctg atgtgacagg caaagccagg ccttgtacta gcatggagta     70560
     cctctcagag ctatgtgtta acaattccac tattgataaa tgctggatac caagtagtgg     70620
     ggattaaaaa aaaaattaaa aagcaaaaaa gcaactcact gaatggcttc acctcaagct     70680
     ggccacccaa actgtcgtgc ttgggtatcc gagggcaggc agggcgttta tgacctgggt     70740
     agatctgagg caaagactga aatcaccctt tatctcctgc tggatctctt ttaggaatgt     70800
     ctgaactggc ggcaattgca taaagtatcc cacctaagtg caatgtgccc ttgggtctcc     70860
     agggaagcag ggcacaacag aagaggcgtt tcctctcttg acctatagag actttatcta     70920
     atagctgagg ttttccctac tcttccatat aacctactat attcacatgt ggccttttac     70980
     aaaaagagtt tatcaaatat agttttgggg aatgtatata attagtaaat atttacatat     71040
     ttattactat agaatagttc tgtaagtaca tatatgctac aatgtcatca aagttaaatc     71100
     ttgggtcaag cctgtttaca aaaagtatat ggattctatt aacagtttta aaactccaag     71160
     gaccaataat gtatagttta gaatctatga atgttgtcaa aaactatctt tgctaacata     71220
     gttttacaaa gaactctatg aattcactta taggtctaag atataattct cacagaaagg     71280
     atttgcttat cagccttgca gtcttaactt catgatttag ttatcactca ttttatccca     71340
     accaatctaa tcaacagtgt tagcagtcca gtgctcagca gttgagaaca atgactgctc     71400
     ttcaggacac taggattcag tttcttagaa ttgtaacccc agttctaagg aattcaacac     71460
     tttttctggt ctctccaggc tcctgcatgt atacatgcat gcaaaacatt cataaacata     71520
     agattaaaat aaatactcaa gttctttaaa tttttttccc tcttgttgca gggtatttga     71580
     ttgcactgta taacctgagc agtcaggact gcttgacttc ttcagctcat ctgtggcaag     71640
     agggcctgaa acctggtgta gatcttctag aaggcctatg acaacaggaa gcaacaagcc     71700
     ctcattgcta gagctgtgcc cttgttaacg gaagacatgc tgaccagaac agtactaaat     71760
     gaaagaacct acatgaccaa caatggagca ggacttagct acccacagga taccattcta     71820
     gaactatttc cctgaagtct ggcaagcgga agggcaggca cacaggcaga actacctgtg     71880
     gactgagaac acacggaaca gaacgtgttc ctgaaggagt ggggcttcca ggacagggtg     71940
     ttgcacacac tcatcagtgt ggactcagcc tctcacccct cggctgtccg actacatgaa     72000
     ggtccctgca gtgctctctg ttgtgtttct tctcttgaag ctcacagggt tctagcctaa     72060
     gaatttgcaa accttttctg ttaaggacca gataaatatt ttatatttta tggcccaatt     72120
     agtctctatc acaactattc aactctgttg cttgagtgca aaatcagttt cagacagtta     72180
     acaaattata tgaatgacta tgtcctaagt gtgatggtac aggcccacag tccctgcact     72240
     gaggaggctg agtaggaaga ggccaagtct gaggtcagtc tggactacaa atggaaaaca     72300
     gtatttgttt tattacaaca catgataggc tgatttgacc aaaaggtaaa gtttgctagt     72360
     cccaggtctg tacagatgaa attatgagga actggttttc tgcttactct tgttatactt     72420
     ttgcactgaa taccaaatgt tggaaaatac aagcaaaaca atgatttggg actcttgcct     72480
     ttgttgatac tcagacattc catgttttct gccacttggg accatgttct ctttcttagt     72540
     acccaggact tctagacatt cctccccaaa tacaagaaaa atgtaaaggc aaagggtact     72600
     cacttgaata ataagttaag accaaagagg gtaaacatga cagccatgta gccaacaatg     72660
     ccagtggcat agctgatttt atagatcagc agaaaccatt tataaaccaa cctggaggaa     72720
     ggaaataaaa agtaagtata gctggcaccg accggtggtc tcagggccac tcactcacga     72780
     gaaacccttc ttctcaaccc atgggcatca ggatttgttg gacaacttca gttactgtca     72840
     aagctgttga caccctcaac tgcagaaatg cccctcaatc atcacatcca agaatgcttt     72900
     ctatcttctg gacttggacc caaaaaaatc tctaaaaata agttttagtc tcaagcaaat     72960
     aagacacagc tgacctaagc cagtttcacc ctcattaaat ttaaggaagt aaaaaaacta     73020
     aaagccttca gaacatagca tgcaaagcct tgctgttctt gtcagcacag agacacggga     73080
     gatgaagcag atagaactgg ctacagactt tgtgtctggg tctggtttgt ctgactacag     73140
     ctttgctcct atccatatgg aaataatgcc aggaaggaca cctcatgaat ctgcttttga     73200
     aatgacacat ttcttcagag aagaaatgag gaaggcactc aaacagtacc cctgaattaa     73260
     tgtgtatgct ttgtgtttgt gggcagaata gggctttgta catcgttgag ggtaagctgt     73320
     gtacccaagg ctcagtgatg agcaatgtgg aatctgaatg gtggactcca gctggagtca     73380
     ggaaggagag gattctctgt aagaatcaga cctctataaa tgctgcagga ggaccctgac     73440
     accaggactc actgagctga atgacattat atcaaactga tataacccac agtcatctga     73500
     gaggagggaa cctcaattga gaaaatgcct ccatataggc aagcctgtag ggtgttggca     73560
     ttttcttagt tagtgattga aagggggaga ggccagccta ctacctttac atctatccct     73620
     gggctggtaa ttctaggttc tataagaaaa caggctgagc aaaccataag gaataagcat     73680
     gtagtcagca ctcctccatg gcctccacac cagctcctgt ctccgggtac cttccctgtg     73740
     tgagttcctg tcctgacttc ctttgatgat gaacaatcat atgaagtgtg agctgaacaa     73800
     accctttctt ccccaagttg ctttggtcat ggtgtttcat tatagcaaca gaaaccctaa     73860
     ctcagattgt cactaaccat cctaagataa taacaaatga gcagtttagt aatttgcttg     73920
     gataactagg ccaaactttc tttcttcctg agagctgact cactgcatct ctgctagagc     73980
     caaggacgga aacttaggct ctagctatgc ttccctgctc tggctaagca gacttctcag     74040
     gctagggaaa agcctcagcc atcttgtagt attgcattca aagccacaca tagctatact     74100
     gatcatgagg gaaagagaca gtagaaaaga catggaattt taattattcg tctcctaatg     74160
     gtcttctaat attaatcttg gattagtaag cttttagctg aatacactca ggtgagtcaa     74220
     atcgtatttc ctaactaagt tcatttcttt gtataacagg gaaaagcaaa ctttcttaca     74280
     cactgtgcag tggtgtagta tggtgtggtg aggtgtatgt aatatattca tgaaagctac     74340
     atgagtaaat gaggtcattt ataaactaag aagcacctac catcaatctt atttactatt     74400
     acaagacaat ccttcacatt actaatagga gacagtcatt gttagctaga tgctaatagt     74460
     gtttgccact gctaacttca tgtatatata tggcacatat gcagaggtca gagggcaact     74520
     ctgtggagtg ggtgcttccc tacctttatt tgtgttctgg ggatcaaaca ggtcgccagg     74580
     cttaagcaag aagcatcttt actggctaga cggtctcact atatgtaacc caagctgcct     74640
     ttgaactggt tcactgatgc ccaaggctga gctcaaactc acaatcatgt ctcctggagg     74700
     ttcaggtcta aatcgccata cccagcactt ggacactcac atgtgatagt gtagctttta     74760
     ttttggaaaa tcattttaaa agaagttgaa catttatcac atttagggat gaaaaattca     74820
     aggcttggaa aggtgaggtc taactgttca caagtttcaa tgccaagtac tccaatctca     74880
     tatccatctg actttagatc ctgtgcctac tcttgtggcc tagagaggtg ccagggctca     74940
     ccatcgtcgc tctcacagtg acgctcacag gacagtaaat agagcataca aagtacacaa     75000
     agctgtctgc aagctgggaa gactttgggt caggataccc agctcacctc ataggcataa     75060
     gcccatgcac acctctcacg gcacttacca aatgcactcc aacaggtgct ttctcgaccc     75120
     tctcctccat taaactgagc actccttgag ggcagggtct tatccagttc tgtatcccca     75180
     gcactcagca aagggactgg cacacagtag gtgcttgttg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg     75240
     aatgaatgaa tgagaaaaat atctttttct gtcaggtatg gatcttaaaa gacctcacaa     75300
     gctggttggg aggattaaac aagaaatata tttgggccgg gcgtggtggc gcacgccttt     75360
     aatcccagca ctcaggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gtttgaggcc atcctggtct     75420
     acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaaa     75480
     aagaaatata tttgggtaaa acaaataatt atagagatag tagctttgtt acataaaaag     75540
     gaagtagtat tcatcaatca caaagctgca aatttactga tattcattta ttcaacagaa     75600
     agtcagagta atcaaatatg tgccagaccc tgtggcaaga cctggataca cactgaccag     75660
     cacagagggt gggtcctgat ctcacagttt agttggggag acaaatattt aaagtaacat     75720
     tttgtggtaa actgtgatag gttctatgat ggcaaactac agggtcttaa tagaaactat     75780
     aatggaaaat ctaattcaga gctctgagaa ggttattgaa aaggacactt aaaatgagac     75840
     tgtagtgatc acaaaggttt atttgttctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttt aaacaccaac     75900
     agatcttgat gtagactatc aagtgaagga tagggaaaat ctggtattct gaacctgtgg     75960
     atatagggga gtgggtctcc aaatcagctt gttttagaga ggccctgcac caactcattc     76020
     tgggacaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaaacaac aggctttttg ttttcattct     76080
     aaactcatct ttctcccatg tgttccagca catttgcttc aagaaaccca gcttgggggc     76140
     tggagagaag gcttggagac taagagcatc tgctgctctt ataggagacc caaatttggt     76200
     tcctacatca cagttcacag gagtctagtt ccaggggatc tagtgccccc ttctgtcctc     76260
     tgtggtcagt acaaacatgc aagcggtaca cttaaaacac ttacagacaa aacactcaaa     76320
     atacatcaaa aattttaaat taaatcttta aaaaaaaaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa     76380
     agaaagccag gttcttctcc tctcctgcat tctcaccttg gggttgtctg tactagaggc     76440
     ttccttgtgg ctcggaaggt gacaaaggct gtgacagcag agaagaagat ccagatcacc     76500
     aagaacctcc accaatgcag cttcactgtg aaatagaggg gaacaaccca catctgaaag     76560
     agggtcacca tctgaaacac aaacacaagc acttcagctc tagccgctcc cttggcagct     76620
     cctgtccaga atgctgcacg tttagcctga tcttctctca cgttcccaat gttttggttg     76680
     ttgtgaaata ggtctcaact atgtaggcct acctggcttg gaacacacat ggatttgtct     76740
     gcctatgcct tccaagtgct gagattaaag acatgtgcca ccacacccag tcacatttca     76800
     attttgtgta aatataactc aactagtgtg atcaaaattg caaagctggc actatgcctg     76860
     actttcccac tttatccttc gttaaactgt atcctagata tagtctttcc ttttcattga     76920
     gttcttgcta tctcttacac agctttccct gcacttatga ggaaaaccag aagaagacac     76980
     ttacagtagc accaactgga ccattcccta tgctttgggt tacaataacc ttcctgcctc     77040
     cctttctgcc ttctaggaca tctgaagtct ttggtctccc ttccaatcag aattagttat     77100
     aatccctaat gccccaaagc attttctttt ccactatcac ttcagtgctt ctctatatga     77160
     gatgggcttt gttcagtttg ttcagatggg ttttcagttg tcaaagccac tgcccaaaag     77220
     catggcaacc tcaggctgcc taactaaaag cacactcagt tctctgctct gtcactgggg     77280
     ccttggcata gaagctaagc atcttactaa ctacaattac ttacttactg gcataaggta     77340
     gcgtgactgt aagagttatc agggttataa aacacctgga aacagcatcc tgtaaaagca     77400
     gcccaaaaca ctggatatta agcatgggaa aggacccaga aaagactggc cattagaacg     77460
     ttctctatag gcccaataag cagatgtatc caattatttc tatgacttgg caagaccgtc     77520
     ctttgttaga atagtctata gggtagagaa gtggttagca cccctagcaa atggccatct     77580
     ttatttctag agtcaactat catttcacta acatatgcta ttgaccttaa aaaaaaaatc     77640
     ttgtgtcctt cctatgtctg ggtccaactc ttgtcttaga ggggtgctga atttactaac     77700
     agtgtcctaa gactggtatc ttacttagaa ctattgcttc tttcccaagc tgtcccttct     77760
     tcaaataaga gtcagtcaag tagccattca acaaacactt actggaccac atgctaagga     77820
     ctggggaatt caacatgaat aataaagcct tgtgaaggac ttaaaagtct tttgaagaaa     77880
     acaaaaattt aactaattca aaataagttc tagtgggtgg gtgggtgagc accctgatag     77940
     aagccgatgg cttcaagggg gtatggagta ggggatttgt agaggggaaa ctgctgggcg     78000
     gtggtggcgc acacctttaa tcccagcact tggaaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt     78060
     ccgaggccag cctggtctac agaccgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctgca cagagaagcc     78120
     ctgtctcgaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga catgtagagg ggaaactggg aagggggaca     78180
     acatttgaaa tgtaaataaa taaataacct tgccccaaaa aatgtagaat ggcataagcc     78240
     ctggtggcca acaaagtgca cttcactctc ctgagagtgg ggcaagccaa caaaagctcc     78300
     caaaggaggc atcatttgat ctttgtctaa tgcctcctaa gttgagaaac aaaaggaggt     78360
     gaggagtatt tcaggcccat ggaacatggc atgttgatct ttgaggaaag gtaagaaatg     78420
     agcctatgat ggacgtcagt ttgcaagaag gtcgatgtgt atcacaactg gaaggctgtt     78480
     ttattatatt ttctttcctc acagaaatgg gatccaagta atcctcttaa tgcctagatc     78540
     taaggggaca aaagccccac tgcattattt tgcagaatcc caggtggaca agtctgctgc     78600
     tcatcactcc aggaagtagc agctgtttag ggggcggggc ctgaaaacaa actctatttg     78660
     gtaacagaca gaaatgatga aagcttctcc ttggagattt taaaaatagg atagatactt     78720
     ttccaggcat gcacttttcc tttcccctaa catccctgag ggagctaagg agtaagtaac     78780
     actagaatct gactagatga tgaaaactga ggcacagaga agcccagaag gctggtctgg     78840
     agcaggcttc cagtccagat ctgctgtgtc cctagcagcc tccctgacat gggtttgtgg     78900
     aggaaccctg gaagggaggg gaggttaaac gatgaaatga tcaacaaagg gggacttata     78960
     aaggacatga gagccaagga aaggactcag gcagccatca aggaaggaga ctcatgggag     79020
     ctaaatcaga agccaccgtg gcaggtggga ggtggtaatt tcctaaggct tctgagggaa     79080
     aaatcattaa gaatcaggtt ttgagcctgg aaagatggct taagggttaa gagcacttgc     79140
     tactttttca gatgacctag gcttgtttcc cagcatccac atggcagttc acaactgcct     79200
     ctaactccag ttccaggtgc tcttgtgccc tcttctggag tccatgggca tgtatgtggt     79260
     acatatacat gcaagtaaaa cactaaaaca cacaaaaaaa gaataactaa aaaaaagcat     79320
     atttgtattt tgtgtatggg cacatgacac caccctaaca cacacacaca cacacacgag     79380
     atggagagat ggttcagctg ttaagagcac tggctactct tctagagcac ccatgttcag     79440
     cacacacagt ggctgaccac tgtcaagaac tccagtccca ggggatctga tatcctcttc     79500
     tgccctctgc agcaaactat gcacagactc acatgcaggc caaacaacca tacacataag     79560
     agaattaaaa ataaaaaaga atcaggttta agcctgaaca cagtggcaca tactagtagt     79620
     cccagcactt gggagagtaa ggcaggagaa gcaggcattc aagatcagct gtggctacac     79680
     agtgagttaa agagagaaag cacacaagtg cacacatgct atgtgtgcat atgtagaggt     79740
     cagagggcaa ctgaagtggg ttctctccag ccaccccatg gaatgcagag atcagtattg     79800
     gtcatcaggc ctctgctctc acaaagccac ttcactggcc cattttcttg ttgttatttg     79860
     tcactaacaa gctttaaacc cacagctttg aacatgctag gcactttcca ctgagccatc     79920
     tccctattct cacagaacat ttgctttata gtattcaacc ctacttgtta ccagggaagt     79980
     actctactgc atgtctagac aacaaaaagg ctttctgggt aatgattatc acatacaaac     80040
     tacaagtaac ttaagatttc cgatatttcc ttcatgaatc tgtctcacaa tgttcaaaag     80100
     gaagttatct actttttctg gccataagag tggtctcata ttggattggg agtggtggta     80160
     catgccttta atcccagcac tcggaagaca ggcaggaaga catatctctg taaattcaag     80220
     gtcagcctgg tctgcataat gagttctagg acagccagaa taaaaaatga gaccctgtct     80280
     caaagcaatc gaacaaacaa aaagtggtct cctgttttat ccttgttttc atataccaaa     80340
     tcacttgccc cttagagatg catatattta caccccacaa actactcacc attccatatg     80400
     gaaaatgatt gctactgtat ctatctgcct atatgacccc tgggtcaggc tggaccctgg     80460
     gacacttaga aaaatctctt gataactaaa aagtgagttg tgccaggtgc ggtggtacac     80520
     accagtaatc ctagtacttg ggaggaaaag acaggatgat taggagttca aagtcatcct     80580
     cattgacatg agttcgaggc cttcctgagt taattgattt tgactcaaag gacatttttt     80640
     aaagtgaggt gtagcttaca ttgtaagaac ggggatgcct ctgtttccac tgtaccagga     80700
     gcagctgggc caccaccaag gtagcaatga ggatgaggac catttcagcg tgcatggctt     80760
     cgtggccacg atgtttggca tgcattcgag catgttcgac cctgaaagcc aaacagatag     80820
     ggtgagtcaa tgacaggata ttgggggggt ggaggggggt ggggtaaagg agcagggttt     80880
     cttagggcat cttgttgccc atagctcaga acatggccct ggatttcttc atttgttatg     80940
     tttgtttatt tttgagacaa ggcctctcta caaagccctg gctgtcctag aaatcatttt     81000
     gcagaccaac ctggcctcaa actcagatat ctgcctgcct ctgccctcct gagtgttgga     81060
     attaaagatg tgcaccacca tgcacagcag tcctgggttt tcaactgaag ggtaccatga     81120
     aaaagaagga gttaaggccc atggctaaga aaatggacat gggctagaat agcgcctcca     81180
     ggctctagtt gtgaagctcg gctactagga ttagagatga acaaggtgct gcctgcccat     81240
     tgtggcagaa acataagaaa cctttcttga ctcaggaaga aaatgccaga agctagtgtc     81300
     agtgccattt caatcctatt tcagcctgtc acgaggagga gagggcagag gttacagcta     81360
     taaagtctta gactcttaca atttatcaca cactaaaggg gtaacactgt aagcttgctg     81420
     attttagagt cttgctttat tcatcagacc tttttgccag gtctagaggg cttaggacta     81480
     actaaaggtt aaaaactctg agctgctcca agtctgtatt aatacaacca tgtcttcatc     81540
     atcagtatca agtaaacagc ctcctcaagg gctcacggaa gttcaataac cagactgaca     81600
     gacagtatat ctggaggcgt cttattaatc taaagctaga attttctggt ctgggatgta     81660
     taagaaggat agctgagctg ggcctagcac atatctttaa tcccaacact ctgcaggcag     81720
     aggcagaggc atctctagga gtttgaggct agcctgtcta aacacatatg taagacctta     81780
     tctaagcaca tatattttac aatgaaatga aaatgtacct acctaatagc tttaatatgt     81840
     tgcagttaat cctaaactct atgaaaacca gacatagcct tatcttattc cccatgccaa     81900
     agctccaaat atttcctgtt tctataacca ttttcctgtg ccatttcagc tcaacagtcc     81960
     tacctaccta cctacctacc tacctaccta ccttccttcc ttccttcctt cctcttttgc     82020
     tctcgctctt gttctccttc ctttttcatt tttttcctcc ttttcttttt agtccaggct     82080
     agcctcaatc tcatggagac ctctgcctcc agattcctga gattaaaggt atgcaacacc     82140
     attcccatct ggtcctaaaa tggtatgaac aaggctggag agaaagctca gcagttaaga     82200
     gcacagaggt cctgagttca attcccagca tccacatggt agcttaaaac catctataat     82260
     gggatctgat gccctctcct ggtgtctgaa gactcataca cataaataaa tcaattaaaa     82320
     aaaaatgatg tgagcaccat taatcttggc tgcattcttc tatacatgat ctaataaaaa     82380
     aatcttcaga ataagcccct tctccctggc ggttagtgct gagagtgcaa agtgtgtgct     82440
     ccgggcttgg aacacacatt attatttaaa aaatttaaaa aaaaaatcta aaaaatcctt     82500
     tgaaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat ttacaaaata tccacgtctc ccccgtcgga     82560
     gacatttttt ttcttccttg gattataaaa ttcttgcttt aataaaaatt ccttaaacag     82620
     taaaaataaa aaataaaaaa aatcttcaga ataaatagta cttaaaacat ttgtgtctcc     82680
     aatatagcag aagacagtca cattgtcacc ttccttagca gaaaggcata tatgacgcag     82740
     catgacatgt cattcaaaat cactctagat ttatcatttg aattggtatt cctgccagtc     82800
     tataaataat tgatcatctt aagctcaatt aagggttttt ccgactaagt tgtacctgat     82860
     ttcagctcaa ttgttaacct ctttttgaag tctgtgaagt aagcaccctg aaaagtaagc     82920
     accctgagag aagtcatgaa aataaaatag ttgctgatca aaaaataagt agcatcagag     82980
     ctgaaatcag aagatacatc tcaatcacct tttccaagcc agaactgtac acaggtgatg     83040
     atgatgatga tgatggtgat gatgatgatg gtgatgatga tgatgatcat cgtcttcaaa     83100
     gcaagtacac gggaagctta ccagtgcaag gcatggttct aagaacttga cagacattaa     83160
     ccctcatacc tctaagtgtc cgtacctgtt aggtatggat attgttatga ctctcagttt     83220
     acaaatgggg tgaactctca ggcctggtct taccagccta tattccagct ccttctgagg     83280
     ctagggcaga aggatggcaa gtcctaggcc tgtctaggct atacagtaaa ttcaaggtta     83340
     gcttgggcaa cttggtcaga ttctgtttca aaataaaaag gaaaaagagg gctgggagta     83400
     cagctgagtg gtagactact tgtttaatat gtttaaggcc tggctccaat ccttgttata     83460
     gaaaaaaggg gtagtaataa acgtggcagt gggaagttaa ataaattacc ccacatcaca     83520
     tgactagtaa atggcaaaac tggtttcacc acaggaggat gcttagtgca aatgcctact     83580
     tactctagga ctgagtgagc tgctcagaag tgacccagat acttggaaag attcccaaag     83640
     acctgtccaa ctggtcacaa gacgatgcat tccatacaca gagaagaaaa agagtagtta     83700
     tgcaattagc tgggtgagcc aaactgtcac acttacctcc actgctcctc tggggagagg     83760
     tctgacatat caacctgtag aaagacacca ccagaaaaat ctgtcaatga cttataactg     83820
     tccccaccct aaataagggg ctcaaaaaca ttcatcaata ttttcaagga ctcaaaagag     83880
     gaggcttcat atctctaact ctaggaagcc tttctcacca ctacttcaca ccagtgtctc     83940
     ccttctttag gtactagttt ggttcaggtt ttactactaa atgaatgttg catggctgag     84000
     ctattcaatc aaagagtggg actcctaact cccaagatgc tcacagtgtg atgcattatt     84060
     atatggtaag ggtaagctat ggaagaatgg acaaatgggt tttaacccaa attgggctgt     84120
     tataaaccag gggagttttc ttggaatgat tgtgaaatat tatccagaaa taagagcaat     84180
     gttcttatca aaggaaatta catgaacagg aaggagggta aaactgtaca gtgcacaaag     84240
     agttaagtat gactagggca aaatatgagt cagaattagt aaaagatgaa gccatgtgaa     84300
     atactgtcat atactgccat atgaataaac acataaaagc aagcagaaca ttagactagg     84360
     ccaaaatcat ctttggctcc tgttttgcta ctgaccttag aagtgtatgg ccttctaaac     84420
     tcaaagttct ggttctacct agggtctctc aaacttggca ctactgatat ttgggggctc     84480
     tgtttatttt ctgggaggag tgtgtcctgc atatgatcag tagcacccaa aaagaatatc     84540
     tacagacact gtaaaattta gggaacaaaa gttgccactg tcaaaaacct ctgttccaga     84600
     atattagtat agccttggtg ccagagtgta tcttctgctt ctttggagcc atataacgcc     84660
     atgccaaaat tccagtactt aggccaaaca acatagtttt atagcaaatt gggcaggaaa     84720
     tgttccttga cagcaaagga gacaggggct tagaaacata atttagcatt ttgaatacct     84780
     cccacagttt tggactggcc tagtacacct ttcccacata ctgggaaaat gcctcagagc     84840
     caatatacac tttatactgc ttttgtgtcc tttaaagaga acacagaact aagcagtcaa     84900
     taaatattta agaaattgag aaaaagcctc tcccataatg taagtatgtt aaaaacaaaa     84960
     caaaacaaaa aacaaaacag tacaccactt ggacatactg aaacaagaga gtatacaaac     85020
     acttgaaaat gccatgtaag tatcaagaaa gcatctagaa aaatctattt aaaaacttta     85080
     tgtgaatctc actcacaaga ggaagtaaaa tagacgtcgg agatgaatgg agggaggaag     85140
     ctgggtagga gaggaggtga agaggggaat aggaatggag atcaggtggg ggtgggtgag     85200
     agagagttgg gagagagaac agaaagtggt gggggacatc tctgagacag gagaagctca     85260
     caggagtctg tgagtgtgac cctagctgat gggagaccaa agtggccacc tcctggagcc     85320
     aggtgggatt tccagtagag ggagggagac atcaactcac ccacaaaaac ttcaacccaa     85380
     aatttgtcct gcctacaaag atatagcaga ttgagggaat ggctaaccaa tgactagccc     85440
     aacttgagac ccattctata ggagagagcc aacccctgac actatttatg atactctgct     85500
     atgcttgcag acaggagcct aagaagagtc cttggagagg cttcatccag cagctgatgg     85560
     aaacagaagc agagcaaaac atcaggcaga gtttggaagt cttgtggggc atagtattga     85620
     gaaagccaga ggggccaagg acaccacaaa aagaccttca gagtcaatta acctgggccc     85680
     atgggggctg acagagactg aaccaccaac taaagaacat gcaggaactg gacttaggcc     85740
     ccatacacat ttgtagcaga tgtatagctt agtcttcgtg tgagtcccct aacaattgga     85800
     gcaggtgtag ggggctgtct ctgactttgt tccctgcctt tggatcccct tccactagcg     85860
     ggactgcctt gtcaggccta agtgggagaa gatgtgctta gtccttctga ggccttacat     85920
     cccaggatga gatggtaccc agggggtggg ggagctttcc cttggaggtg cttcaccttc     85980
     tctgagaaaa aagggagaag gtaaaggggg gggcaggact ggaaggagaa ttggaagggg     86040
     gctgcgatta tgataaaaag caaataaata aataataaat gggaaaaaaa ctttatatga     86100
     ggaaataaaa aaggtacata ctcaagaaag taagacaacc cattgaaggg caaactatga     86160
     atacacagag tactggacca ggcatagctg tatctctgaa agtgagccat gcatattatt     86220
     atgtatgtct tacttccatc atctgaaaat agaataagac ctttgactcc atcatatggc     86280
     ttgtaaggaa agtacactga caatgaattt ggtttcttcc agaagagtgg gcatactgta     86340
     taaactacca gaggaggcta gcgcattcaa agctggagaa acaaggaatg cttccagagc     86400
     ctcagggaaa agatcagaag agcaagccct aaggctgaga ctacatttgg ggcttaagcc     86460
     atcagcagca gttcacaaag cagtttaact gttaagagta acatatggtc tggctttaat     86520
     atttgtgtcc agaaccaaaa ggtgacttta attacattca aaccactctt ctggatcaag     86580
     tgggaaaaca aggaaagctg taaactatag ctataattaa cctgtaccat ctgggaaggc     86640
     atctttattt ggtgcctcat taagggagtt tatccacctg gagccaagca ctaacccaat     86700
     atgaaggtac cttgtctgaa actcaggtag ataattaggc agcctctcag ggtcagggta     86760
     ataactgacg gtcctataaa caacacctaa aacatcctag gatctcacaa ggctccatac     86820
     aagtcattgc taacctaagt taagatttaa aagaagttaa accaaaaatg ctagatgggg     86880
     caagggaaaa atttgcaaag acagaaaatg atcaaacctg aggagtttgt ttcctcaggt     86940
     gtgtaagatt taagcaccca cccctgtgta cccacaacca gatgacctgt cctccacaaa     87000
     cagcactcac tctttgatct ctgtctttac atagctttgt cccttaagcc cctctcttcc     87060
     accaaatcaa attctttcca caaagtactg aacaaattct cctgggttat tggaaagctc     87120
     tttagaacat cttccatact tttactatgt gtatctaact actagaatac caggaccctg     87180
     aaagctaatt atgaaacaca aacttcagaa tccacataaa tcccccttta tcagaatctg     87240
     taatctaata agatactgaa ataatttata tgtacacgtt tgagaagtat tgctaccata     87300
     tgtagtactc atattcacaa tttgcattta taggcataga catatctgta agattctttt     87360
     cttaaaaaaa aacaaaataa ttttactact aagatctaat tcacacagtg agaaaatagt     87420
     ccatttttaa agtacagtag tcatggtttt cagtgtattc acagtattgt acctcttcta     87480
     cctctataaa gatttgttta atataggcag ttcatatact actgccataa catggtcttt     87540
     catggctggc ttctttcatg tagcataact gttttcaagg ttcattaatt ttgtagcaca     87600
     tatgatagtt cccccctttt gaatgtcaac aacattccaa tgtatagata tatcatattt     87660
     ctccattcac tagctggaaa cactagagtc attgacttct gagctattat aaagaatgtt     87720
     gctaggccgg gcgtggtggt gcacaccttt agtcccagca cttcgggagg cagaggcagg     87780
     tggatttctg agttcgaggc tagcctggtc tacaaagtaa gttccaggac agccagagct     87840
     atatagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaaaca aagaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa     87900
     ataaaaacaa gaatgttgct atatgaacat ttgtccctaa cgtcatgtaa aagtatgttt     87960
     tcatttctct tgaaaacata gctagaacca taactgctgg gccacatgac aactctactt     88020
     ttatcttttg agaactgcca aactgtttct catagcagct gcatattaca gtcttgtgca     88080
     cagtatgtgg aggctccaat ttctccacat ccttcccaac atttgtaatt ttttttttca     88140
     aaatgcctac atttctactt agaatggacc acatgccaca gggcaggagt ggaagtaaga     88200
     ggacaacctg cagaggttgg ttcactccct ccgctatgta ggtcccaggg atgttgtcct     88260
     ctgacttcaa tgccaccacc taaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     88320
     taatacattt atttattttg gagagtgcaa atgtcatggc gttgagtatg gaggtcagag     88380
     aacaacttat gaaagttggt tctctccatc acacaggtct tcaggcttgg cagcaagtgc     88440
     ccttacccac tgtgccatat cattgacact tgagttaatt tttatgtatg ctgtgcagca     88500
     ggggtccaac ttcattcctc cataaaattg aatttaaaaa tatggctggg aaaggcttag     88560
     taaagtactt gctatgcaag tttgaagatc tggatatggt agcctgcatc tgtaacccca     88620
     acacaaagga aggttggtgt cttagttagg gtttttattg ccatgataga acaccatgat     88680
     caaggctggc aagatggctc ggcaggtaag agccctgact gctcttccag aggtaccgag     88740
     ttcaaatccc agcaagcaca tggtggctca taaccacctg taatgagatc tgatgccctc     88800
     ttctggtgct gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacttaacat attgtaataa aaaataaatc     88860
     ttaaaaaaca aaacaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc catgatcaaa acaaaagtgg aatggtatat     88920
     tatcctaaag cttgtagtca gtccatcatg agggaaagag gtagcagcac ccacactgac     88980
     taattattaa tcaagaaaat gtatcacagg cttacttacc cacaggccaa tctggtggag     89040
     gcattttctt gatttattca aaatgactct agctgtatca agctggcata aaactagcta     89100
     gcacagatga gataaatgga ctgaacatga taggacggac agaacacaac aggtagactc     89160
     ctggagctta acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac caatgccatg gtataaggat     89220
     gtataatcca agtcatctta cagacattac ttgctttgaa ttcctaagga aataaaaaca     89280
     tttttgtgaa ttcctagatg ctatgctttc tgtaactacg gagtaaataa gcctgggcct     89340
     gctatctcct cacagctaga gattaagtgt tctccctcag cctccaaggt ttctatgtgc     89400
     tgcttctaag attcttttct ctactgagct atctgaacac tcggagtaag ttttagattc     89460
     acactaaatt tcacattgcc taaaagcttc ccccaagatc atattgggca aaaatgagta     89520
     ttctgtgttt aaaaaacaac aacaaaaagc ctgacatgga agccaggtat ggttgtacac     89580
     acttttcttg gtaagattta ttttatgggg ccgggcgtgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc     89640
     agcacttggg agacagaggc aggcagattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacagag     89700
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacagaga gaaaccttgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     89760
     aaaaaagatt tattttatgt attagtagtg ctctatctgc atgtatacct gtgtaccaga     89820
     agggggcacc agataccatt acagatggtt gtggctagga attgaactca ggacctctgg     89880
     aagaacagcc agtgctctta accactgatc tctgttcata cttttaattc cagcaattta     89940
     caggctgggc atgaagaatt ataaattcaa gtcaagttca gcctgggcta gataagagtt     90000
     gtttaaaaag aaaggtgggg gggggggggg ggtaatcctt gacatgccaa taatctacaa     90060
     atgtcaaagg caaaaaaaga tgcctggaat tttgacagca ataaatattt ttctttcatt     90120
     cattcactca attacaaaca aacatgaagc atttaccctt ataaaatttg cattttaatg     90180
     cagaagacaa taaaaaaaag acaaaatatt ttatttacct atatatatgg gtatctgcct     90240
     actatgtaaa tctgtgcatc acgtgtgtgc ccggcgccct gggaccccct aggactggag     90300
     ttacagatga ctgagttgcc atgtgagtgc taggactcaa acccacgacc tctggaaaag     90360
     cagccagagc tcttaacccc tgagccatct ctctagcccc atgaaactat ttatttaagt     90420
     attatgagca aacataacac aggctaagag aagagcgaag gagacaattt cattattcca     90480
     tatagacagt ccactttccc taaaaacttt ccagtatatg cagagcaaac ggagcaaaat     90540
     gaacaatgac aaaaatccat gtggtgggtc ttgtttgtac attttcactc caagaagtgg     90600
     ccttaggaca acagctctcc ttttctcaat aaagagagaa acagtggtag gctccaatgt     90660
     ggcattgcta ttcattgcta tgtcaataaa taaggcatgg tcccacgtac ctcagtttct     90720
     ccatctataa agtgagggct gacttagatg gtgttcaagc tcttttatgc taacatagtg     90780
     taattcacac cagatcagct cattctaaat ttctggaatc agctacaata ctttgctcat     90840
     caaaactgcc agtttcctta gttaccacag aagtaaaatc aaaatgcctt ttagtctggt     90900
     gaagtatgcc aaagctaaat gctaccaaat taactcacaa tttatcacag aagatgcaaa     90960
     tatcaggagt atcttatcaa caagatcatg atctccacct accacatgca taagatacat     91020
     acacctaatt ttaaaaaaaa ataatctttc aaatctcaac ttgagatcaa cttgagagac     91080
     ttatgacata gatagcactt tatattctag ttggactatt ttctcacctc tggcaaatgg     91140
     cttctacgtc atccaaatgg aatcagattc cattctacaa tgtccttctc acataccaca     91200
     gtgtttcctc aaatcctctc ccctttgcta tttggctcac tgctttctac cttgcaagat     91260
     gtagatcaat tatcacttcc tttgtgtaat attctaaaat tttattcatt aatatatatc     91320
     aactctaaaa tcctaaatga catttagctc cagattggaa atataacaat gaatgcctct     91380
     catcaacagg acagggtcct ggttgtcctt tctaccaaag cagctgtggc agtttaaata     91440
     tagggtcact tgttagaata cttggtcctg agtttgtaga actgtttggg aagtattaga     91500
     aaggtatgtc actggggtca ggttttatgt ttcaaggctc catcattctc actacacaat     91560
     cctgcagatc cagatgtaaa ctctcagctg ttactacatt cctgtctcta tttcaccaac     91620
     ttggactcta aaccattgaa actgtaaacc caaataaaca ctttcttttg taagctgcag     91680
     tggccttggt gttttgtcac agcatagaaa agtaactaat atgggaacat gtagcatcaa     91740
     gatgctatct ttgagacaaa aggctggcac ctggattttg gtcttttcag tctctatacc     91800
     tgtgagaagt aattcttgat gtttgcaaac tactcaaaga tattttgtta tagtagtttg     91860
     aacatgccac acctcaacta ccaaattcta atatctttca tctggaatat gtgatagcct     91920
     ccttttttaa acatttattt tatgtatgag tgttctcttc ccatacacac cagaagagag     91980
     aatcaggctc cattacagat ccttgtgaca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga     92040
     cctctgggaa aacagtcagt gctcttaact gctgagccat ctttctagcc ccctgagata     92100
     gctcttacct gtcctctttg actgactcct acaacccagt ctcctcaaag gaatcaagat     92160
     catttttaaa atgcaaatca gttcacctcg ttcccatttt cacaatcatc caaaaatctt     92220
     ctcattgtcc tcccaataaa attcaacatg tttaaagcat atacaaaggt ttgcatgtct     92280
     aattctgcca gactccctga tctcaaacag cactattctt tccttgataa ccatgaccta     92340
     ctcacagggg gtttctttta tgatgatagg ggatatctag ctcattccta ccagtttata     92400
     tttattctcc cttcacttga aatataccta cttctacctt gagactacta aagtgtagct     92460
     actctagtcc tggttcagta ccccttcttc agaggctctc cataaacacc atgtttaaag     92520
     caaccctttc cctctagtga cctttacttg ttactctact tttctcaaag cactatcacc     92580
     gtctcgaatt atcctgatac tagctcatta tctagttccc cctggctatt tgttcattgc     92640
     taaattacta gaacctaaaa aataaaaata aaaaaaataa agacatacag atggtcccta     92700
     tgttggtttg aatgaaacat gaaaaatgct cttcatagtg tgaggcattc agaacacttg     92760
     ttttccggct gattgggcaa cttgggctta ggaggtgtgg acttgttaaa agtcattagg     92820
     ggtaggcttt gagagcgtaa gatctcaccc tacagcagtt cactctctct gctttgtgct     92880
     catggttcaa gatagaaggt ctcaaaagca ccctgctcta actaccatga ctgcctgctg     92940
     cctctgtcct gccattatag agtccatccc tttgaacctt aagtcaaaat aaacgctttc     93000
     ttttgcctta atcaatggtg ctttatcata gcaacaaaaa aaacctaata cagtccttga     93060
     tttacatttt tactttatga tgatgcaaaa gcacatgcag tcaaacctca aatttcaatc     93120
     atttctcttt ttttgttgtt gttttgtttt gtttgttttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt     93180
     gtagccctgg ctgtgctaga acttactttg tagaccagac tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc     93240
     cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg caccaccacg cccggctttc     93300
     aatcatttct tgaggtaaca atatataata taatataata ttctctttta aaattatttt     93360
     tatagggctg gacagatggc tcagtggtta agagcactga ctgctcttca gaggtcctga     93420
     gttcaattcc cagcaaccac gtggtggctt acaacccttt gtaatgggat ctgatgacct     93480
     cttctggtgt gtacgcatat acataaatct ttttttttaa ttttatctaa aatttgtatg     93540
     tgtgtgtgtg catacatgca ccatggaatg tgtggatatg catggagttg attccttcta     93600
     ttatgggtcc caggaactga actcagtcag cagtcttggc atcaagccca acttcagtca     93660
     ataacaagag caaaagggta aacaacttgt actctacagg atgctaggtt ggcatcaagt     93720
     atattaaatg gttttttagt ttctactttc aagttgtaat ggacttacca ggacaaaccc     93780
     aaacagaacg tctgcctgtg aagaagtaaa gaattactga acttgaatta catatttata     93840
     cttatgccaa tcatctcagc tctccagaag cacacggagg aggatcacag gttcatggtc     93900
     aagccctgtc tcaaaattaa agaataggag ctggcgcagt ggctcacagg atagagtgca     93960
     agcatgagga cctaagctca gatctctagc ctgcacataa aattagggta tggcaatgtg     94020
     catctgtacc cagtatcagg ggacagagac aagcagatcc tagacacaca gcccagcttg     94080
     cctaactgaa atggcagctc tacactcaat gaaaccttgt ctcaaaataa tggtaacagt     94140
     caccacaaca ataatgaatg tggagtcaaa tatatacaca atctttaaaa tttacaaaaa     94200
     aataaatgct tagtgaatgt gttaggcaaa ggatatgaag gccaaaacac aaagagatgg     94260
     aagcacaggg ctgtactatg ttcacacctg attcctattt gttctctgtt ctcactgcct     94320
     ttgcttaagc ttgggttttt aatcattttg cctagactac cataagattt tcctaattga     94380
     tttcttcttc cctaaaccaa atttctccaa aaataacttc cacactactt ccagctgcca     94440
     agacatatat ctaaattgct acttccctgc tctaaattct cagtgttttc ctaacatgat     94500
     attgaagagg cctctccaac cccatccctc actgctattc ccttatattt aacctatctg     94560
     catttctaca gaacttgtag aagttcccag agtatcccat gctgtttaat acatgaaaga     94620
     ctttacattc tttccattct gctgtactac tcttaacaca tctcacagac ctcaaatacc     94680
     tattgaatga aaagtctttt tcctttgcag ttgttttcgt ttgtttgctt ttgtctttgt     94740
     tgtttttggt ttttttgttt tttgtttttt ttctgagata ggatttctct gtgtagccct     94800
     ggccatcctg gaactgctct gaagaccagg ctgacctcta attcagagat ctacctgcct     94860
     gtgtctccta agtgctggaa ttaaaggtat tcaccaaaac atttcccctg tgaaatcctg     94920
     gctggcctga aactcactac acagcctagg ctggccttga acttgtggca aaaacttgct     94980
     tttgcctccc aggtgctggg attataggaa tgtgccacac tacacctagc tttaaaacat     95040
     aaataagcct taagaactaa attcggatga ctgcagagat agttcagtga ttaagtgcac     95100
     tggctgctct tgaagaggac ccatattgct cacagcaccc atatggcagt tcacaactat     95160
     ctgtaacaac agttccaggt gatctcctga cccccacagg taccaggcac tcacatggta     95220
     catgtacata tatgcaagca aacattcata tgaataaaag caataaatct gttatacgga     95280
     tggttgtgag ctaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca gggcctttgg aagagcagtc     95340
     agtgctctta atagctgagc catctctcca gcccctttat ttcattttat atgtatgaat     95400
     gttttgttta catgtaggta tgtggtacat aagcaagtat gccctgccca cagaggccag     95460
     aagagggcat cagatccccc agaaccagag ttatggatgg atggatggag ccaccatgtg     95520
     agtgagtgct gagaatcaaa cctgggtcct cttcaggagc aacaagtgat ctaaactcgg     95580
     agctatctct ccaatcccta aaattaattt ttagaaatct taaagaggaa gagggaaaga     95640
     aggaagagaa agaaaggaaa gagaaagaaa agaaggaaga ggaggaggga gaggaggaga     95700
     aagaagccag gcttgatggc atacatgtgg ggcagaagca ggcaaatttc tgtgagtttg     95760
     aggccaaccc ggtctacata gagagttcta ggacagcctg ccctcccttt taagatgtat     95820
     ttactcatgg attttatata tgagtactct atctgcatgt tcagctatgg atcccatagc     95880
     actatggtta atagatggtt gtgaactaac atgtggttgc tgagaattga actcagctaa     95940
     tacacctaac tgctgagtca tctctccagc ctaccagtct taaatttttt ttttaaatac     96000
     aagatgggga gtggagagag agagagaaaa agaactaaat cagagactag agaatagctc     96060
     tactggtaag gtagctgcta tgcaatgagg aagacctagg tttagacccc cagaacacac     96120
     tctgaagcct ggtatggtag tatatgtgta acactcacag gtaagaatga gggtaggtag     96180
     acacaggcag gtagatccct agcactctcc agccagtcag tctaaccaat tagataactc     96240
     agagttcagt gaaagatcct gcctcaaaca catgatgaag agcaatggag aaagacaccc     96300
     agtgtcaaca cttgacccac acacatatgc actcatatat gtaattgtat gtacacatgc     96360
     agaaacatgt ataaaaacat gcacacacat acactacaca caacccagac atcttctcta     96420
     gtacaagtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctttct ctttcttttc ttaaggtatt agagattgaa     96480
     cccaaggcat tacacatgct aggcaattat taagtcttac ttggggatcc ccatcagagt     96540
     ccatcactcc ctctttcgtt accatagtac ctaacacaca cttaaactat atggtagcaa     96600
     cttgttacca aatctgtttt accctacaat tagctgtgtt gtacccttct ttgtgtcccc     96660
     agcacagtat ctagtactaa atagctaaag acagaaaaga tgaataataa tatatctaaa     96720
     ttcctcaggc tggcactcaa agtcaatctc atgttagccc caacctacat tatcatgtag     96780
     gttcctctcc ctacttgacc atatctcctt ttgtttgttt gcttcttttt cgagacaggg     96840
     tttctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctatag accagatctg cctgcctctg     96900
     cctccctctg ctgggattaa agtcataatc tttaaagtgc tcccaaacag ctgatataat     96960
     taaatacaca ataaatatat gataaaattt gagagaaatc agagccacat caccaggttc     97020
     aaatcccagc tctacttaca agctgtgtgg ccctgaataa atcacttctg tgctggtttt     97080
     gatgagaaga ataacttatt gaagtagaat taaagtttag aattttaata aattttaaga     97140
     attagaatta accggggcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca gctaatggat     97200
     ggatcacagg gctcccaatg gaggagctag agaaagtagc caaggagcta aaggggtctg     97260
     caaccctata ggcagaacaa cattatgaac taaccagtac cccggagctc ttgactctag     97320
     ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtcg gacatcactg gaaagagaga cccattggac     97380
     ttgcaaactt tatatgcccc agtacagggg aacgccaggg ccaaaaagtg ggagtgggtg     97440
     ggtaggggag tgggtgggag ggtatggggg acttttggga tagcattgga aatgtaaatg     97500
     aggaaaatac ctaataaaaa gtatatataa aaaaagaatt agaattaagc taattcttaa     97560
     ttatagtgcc tggttcacat taaactctag aataggtatt attgacatca tctgaatatg     97620
     aggaaaaata agtgtttttg cagaacacta gaagattaat ctcagaagac agatgcaatc     97680
     ctaagggaaa taaggaataa aatgtcatac aaggccgggc agtggtggtg cacgccttta     97740
     atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta     97800
     cagagtgagt tccagagcag ccacagctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaaccaaaa     97860
     aaaaaaaaaa aagtcataca aggcctcaga gtaatagagc agattcagtt attctgaaca     97920
     ccaacaatga tgggaaagag cccagttggc ttgccctttc cggggtttct ccccagctgc     97980
     ccagggccga aagccccatg gctatgatcc agcatcctcc tgggaaagct gcactttaga     98040
     aggcactaat gagtttgtgt ttatctacag attttcctca gaggaacaca gataacaaat     98100
     gacttcaaga agggaaaaca taaagaagta aagatagaga tgagaaaaga ctctagcccg     98160
     ttctttggtt agcttccagg aatagctttt aggagaaaca gcctcaggtg tccggagact     98220
     tgggcactgt ctgaagtgct tatgcccccc cccccaaaag tcagatatgc agagaaacag     98280
     aatctgggaa aagttgtgaa aaggaataaa aagttgaagc tatacagaat ttaaaattct     98340
     taccaatcta aataaccaca gtagaggtat tcagagggaa taggctgggc tgtagagatg     98400
     gctcagcagt taagagccct ggatgcgatt cttagaagat ctaggttcaa ttcccagcac     98460
     ctacatggca gccttttact ccagttccag gagaatctaa tgccttcttc tgtcctctgc     98520
     aggcactgct tgcaagtggt gcacagacac agatgtagac aaatcactta tacatgtaaa     98580
     ttaaattatg tttttaaaaa agacagggaa taggctggcc atggaaaggc cacttcctag     98640
     ggatttcaac gtgtgctgat aggaatgact gaggatgtaa gttcaataaa gatctgaata     98700
     ataacactat gtcagggccc atgtagtgta ggtgctggga atgcaaaaca tgaaaaatta     98760
     tacggcccta tctcctcgga gtcctctacc tgatagggag ttaaataaca tagtaagtgc     98820
     tgacagatgc ctccactggg cacaatgaag gcaaacagta agtcctcaga ttctgtgtct     98880
     ataatccaca ggcaaggaac aatgtgacat taaaataaag tagaaatgct tcataagcag     98940
     tttatattga gtactggcaa aaacactggc gtcgggacac atgcctgaca tctcagcact     99000
     tgggagacaa gcctgagcta cacagtgagt tcagggcaag gcctggttac acaaggcaac     99060
     cccatctcaa gaaaaaaatg ccaagaatgg tggcaaatga ctttaatcct ggcatttggg     99120
     aggcagaagc aggtggatct ctatgaagcc agtctggtct acatgagttc cagggcagct     99180
     aaggtgaaac cctgtctcaa aaataaaaac aaaagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag     99240
     aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag     99300
     aggagaggag aggtgaaggg atactaatag tgtggcctac tgaattgttc caaagataga     99360
     aagcatatct gttaactttg taacgcagtc atctcttcct taacaaacac ctccctgcat     99420
     tctcatttat tcaatgaaca ttgatgtgtg ccaagctctg agcaaggccc tgagaaaggg     99480
     aggtatacag atgatagttc ctcagttcaa ggggtcaaaa tattcctctt tatctttttt     99540
     cttctttctc ctaccctcct tgctaagcaa atggcatcat aattccttct agaaatgtat     99600
     gagctattca atcaaaaaac gacttacttt gaaaaaacat aagccatgca tggtggctca     99660
     tacctataat cctaacagac taaaactgga ctatgaggtc agcataggtt atgaagcaag     99720
     ggcctctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacttaaaa ttcccaaaaa tgggctggag agatggctca     99780
     gaagttatga gcactgacta ctcgtccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaactacat     99840
     ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagagtc     99900
     tgaagacagc tacagtgtac tcatacataa aataaataaa tagaaatatt ttttaaaatc     99960
     cccaaacgaa agcaagggtg agctgggagt tgttttaaac ccatagaaac atagtaggat    100020
     atctgccaga gtagactcat tactaaagtc aaaggtcaca gaacaagacg gtatgcagaa    100080
     gcctttttgt ttactccttc actaccatga gtcttttctt ctcatccata ctgttagtgt    100140
     acattactga gaataattac atcttcgctc attcagacat tcagggggca tgcagtaagt    100200
     acctgacaga acatgtagga aacacaaagt aaaacactgg ggttcaggac tttcaacttc    100260
     agagctgcaa gagatcacaa aggtcgcagc gtccaaatct atcctttcac agataaagat    100320
     acagaaaggt tgaaatccaa gctcacttag acatttatag aaccatactc catgccagat    100380
     atcagagata agagtagtag ggctttcagg gagaacccca ttagtgggag agaaagacaa    100440
     aaagctcatc cactgaaaag tccccagtgg aaatgagttc cacactgaca cagtgggaac    100500
     agtagtgcag accaggacaa gaagcagaca gtgttcaaac tgcccagagg agctcagggt    100560
     acagatgcta gagtggccat ggtttgaaga ccaactaact ctgtcattta cctgtgtgct    100620
     tgatgctaag ttagtctctt aaactatgta tgcctcaatt tccaaatcta cagaatggac    100680
     atagtaacag tacacctatc ctataaagct gaagtattag aaagtgttta aaatccttag    100740
     cccacagtaa gcactctgta gtagtttacc ttcaactttt cccttgggaa tcttttctgc    100800
     cataccttac cttcagaagc ctcctcaaca cagctttgta cccatctgtt atcagctgct    100860
     gtttataaga caagtcttct cttcttactc tgaaatctgg gtttgctgct tcctcctcta    100920
     gtggtttctt ctccattcat ttttcatgca taagagactc caaagacagg cagacatcca    100980
     agatcaaacc tcaatcacat atggctcaat ccctccaatc taccttggac caagaatccc    101040
     cagagaaaga aatccctgga aacaaggcac atttatcaaa tgtctacagg gagagatcca    101100
     caggaggaaa acataaaaaa caaaacagca acttgctctt gctttgagaa agcaagagaa    101160
     cagaactatc tgagcctggg gttggggttt tactaaagta gctgggaaga acacctatga    101220
     cctggccttt ctcaatcact acaccaactc catgaccaca gcaactgtga cgcggtcgtc    101280
     catggctcag gctttgagcc tgccctagtc tgtgagctcc ttgaggacat catcatactt    101340
     tatccattgt attatggggc atagaatagt gactagcaca cagaaatctg atgcagaagc    101400
     tcagcatggt gacacacatc tgtgacccca gcatgctgag gcagaggact ggtcaaagtt    101460
     caagaccagt ttagtttaca tgtcaagttc aatgcagcca gggcttcaca ccaagatcct    101520
     gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaga tatttataaa gaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aactgtgggg    101580
     cttggtggtg cacgccttta atcccagcac tcggaaggca gaggcgggcg gatttctgag    101640
     ttcgaggtca ggctggtcta caaagtgagt tccacgacag ccagggctac acagagaaac    101700
     cctgtcttga aaaaccaaaa ccaaaccaaa ccaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aacaaaaaaa    101760
     ccccaaaaaa caacaacaac aacaacaaaa aaaaacgggc agtggtgtcg tacaccttta    101820
     atcccagcac tcgggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgaa ttcaaggcca gccaggtcta    101880
     cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagacaaac cctgtcttga aaaaaaaaaa    101940
     gaataaacct cagaatatga tgaaaatcgg gggaaagctg catatggtaa tacatgcctg    102000
     taatctcagc acacaagaag ctgaggcagg agaattcaag gccagtgtgg gatacataaa    102060
     aaggccctgt ttcaacacaa aaataaacaa aaggcaaagg gtaaagtcat aaaagtccca    102120
     gaagccagga aacgcttggc tagaacccta aaggacagat taggacttag aaaggaaaag    102180
     gttttcaata tacaggggtt ccaggtcatt cttgggtata cactgagtct gaggccagcc    102240
     cggtctacct gagactctgt gtcaagatag ataaacagac agacagaaac tagggcccac    102300
     aacatgtaaa ttactcattt gtggcagtaa ctctttataa ccaagaattt aacatgatca    102360
     atttatcagt aaattaaaga tcaaggtatc agtaaactaa taaaagacaa cactcttgat    102420
     tgacattcat tatgatcctc aaggatattt atactgcttc aagaattttt ttttttttta    102480
     atttaaaagg ggtagtttgc caggcatgat gtgcatgctt gtaatcccag ctgctcggga    102540
     aactgagaca agaggattct gagtataaca ccaacctagg aaacttatca agaccttatc    102600
     tcaaaagaaa atgtaaaaac agagctgggg ttagaaagat agctcagtgg ctaagagcac    102660
     acattgctct tgcagaggac cagcacacat attgggtact ttacaaccac gtgtaactcc    102720
     agctccaagg gatctgacac cttcttctgg accccacaga tacccataca tttgtatgca    102780
     tgcacacata cacatgaatt aaaatcgatc ctttttaaag aaaagacaaa gtagcatcta    102840
     acaaagtagc acatggcttc tgtaagtaat aaatgagata accaaggtaa agaccttaaa    102900
     tggtagctgt cttaaagatt ccatcaacag tgctgtttcc acaggtagtt ctaccctaag    102960
     cccatctttc tatcctgctc tccaaggcag aagaagttat tagccagacc aaaagatgga    103020
     actgctattc cagactacgc atgtactaat gacatctgat tttggaaaat atagacataa    103080
     tattctgaag aataaatcac agcatgtgcc ttcttccaaa gtgcatcacg cccatcttaa    103140
     ccaggctcct cattattctt ttccagcctg gactccagaa taaggggtgt caggcaggca    103200
     gaaagttcag gaagaaagca acactgatct acatgcaaat cacagctttt tatggtaggt    103260
     taaatcttta gtctttcagc tatttccatt tctatcatga cttcccgtaa ccaactttag    103320
     ggttgtttct tgtgcctcac tgcacttgtc tcacacacag gcacaagaac acaaacatcc    103380
     caacacttac ttactagctt tgtaatggcc tatttgcata tctacccact ggactgtaaa    103440
     ctgataaaga tcctgtttta ctcacctttg aattcccaag gcatgacata cagtaaactc    103500
     ccgtagttac atattaatga tataggtcac cttatcattc attgactagg gaaagcttga    103560
     gcacaaacag aggagacact ggtagaaggc acacaaactg agatctgtca gatccttctt    103620
     tctagagctt catgataact tcctgcttct caagttactt ttttaaactc ataaggaaaa    103680
     gaacacaacc agttcacaca gaatttcctc acaacaagga tatattcttt cttggaaaat    103740
     aagcaacaag ggttctggga tggatgttag tggcttcatg taaagttgac ctgtagacct    103800
     aacactgaaa tatgtatcat ccaactaata ttacttaaat ccttaaaaca ctaagaagca    103860
     gaaagtcaaa acgtagccgg gcatcagtgg cacactcata taactccagc actcacaaga    103920
     gagaaaagga gagaaaaagg gcagagttca gtgacagcat gtctccaaaa agtcagatat    103980
     atgaatggtc tggtgctgct atgtattcaa atactaaatt ctgtacccca agatctggct    104040
     gcctcaaagt gagaaaattc ccatgtacac cagtctttgc tgtgaaaacc ttgctctcta    104100
     atttaaaact attggctaaa taaaactggg gctagccaat tactggggaa aataggagga    104160
     ggcagggttt aagttaccag gcagaggtca cagctaggga tgaagaggag aaaggagaga    104220
     gagagaagac aggaaagagg aggtctccac tagccacgac ggaccaagaa catgaaccca    104280
     aaattgctgg agctgaaata acccttcggg aagactcaaa cagcaagtat ttggggagca    104340
     gagttgggga tgtagccagt cgagccatta gaaaactaga cagggccagg cagtggtggc    104400
     acatgtcttt aatcccaaca cttggaaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc    104460
     agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccaggacta cacagaaaaa ccctgtctca    104520
     aaaaaaataa ataaataaat aaaataaaat aaaataaaaa ataaaaaaag agaaaaagaa    104580
     aattagatag gggtaattta cccagtaatt gtgctaaagt taaataaata aatcgtagtc    104640
     aaagtctcat tcatttaaaa gctagactgg gatagaaata ttcaattaag ttacatatga    104700
     aaccatctca gtgaagagcc ataattaacc aaccataaat tttaatttca gcaacttatt    104760
     tattattcaa aatacctcag ttaatagctg ccaactgtaa acacagagac ttaaagctaa    104820
     aaggggcctt gtaaagttat ttctacaacc acttcacctt tctaaccaag caccattcaa    104880
     acacctttag tctctaacaa ctggcaagtg agaaactagg ccacctgtta cctgttagtc    104940
     tagtgttttc agtttattcc aaccagaaag caaaagcaaa aacaaattag actcatacca    105000
     taccaagtaa ctgtcattcc taaacctact ccttgcctca ggctcttcac caatctaaac    105060
     cacatcaaag acataggaag agactctccc tgacaatcac tactcactct cctagtcctc    105120
     cggtgttatc tctatccata cgctggcaca cagaagacca caaagcaact cgacactacc    105180
     actgaccact tggcctcaga ttgctcctta tcgcttacct tcgtactttc cttcagagcc    105240
     caggactttt catttctttc aagctcaatg tctccttcaa ggaccactag taattcaata    105300
     cctagattgc taaacgccta gtagataaag ggttcatacc ttttcaagtt caccttgaag    105360
     ggaccggtga gagaggaggg ggcggggagg atgaacgaga ataagaatat gaagtagaaa    105420
     accattcaac aactggaaaa ctttccctgg ctctcttctc ggaaccacaa tacacataat    105480
     gcaatgtctc ttcttatccc ataacgacac tgtagacttt acaagaggaa ggtctcttga    105540
     gttccaaaca cttaacccag gtcttgtcac agaactaaaa atgttggttc agtgagcaaa    105600
     atggactgtt tctgctacat gactgttcat tcattcacaa tcattcattc attcattcat    105660
     tcgttgacca aaactttact gaacatgcga tatgtacaaa ccttcaaata taagaataag    105720
     atggttcctg cctataatta aaagctgtaa tactagtata ttagcattgt gtccccaacc    105780
     tccacatcaa gctggtagtc ctttcccaca gtgaaagcct cggccttgcc ttacagaaaa    105840
     gtccacgccc ctccaattaa tgctacctct tagccccaga gcctaccttg gacctccgtc    105900
     ttaattacct caaaatcttt aacgtctctc cctagcctct gccctgccct tcatcaccac    105960
     ccttaaagct actgccaacc tacttcacca tgaacgcctc ggggtccctg agtcagaagc    106020
     cctcagattt ccctcacaga aaacccgcct ccccgtcagc tcccttttcc tcaagatctt    106080
     tcctgtttct cccaggacct ccggctccca tccctcactt cctctccctc cacttccaag    106140
     ctgcctttcc tttcttgtct ctcaattcct cttacctcat ctagctccct ttccgcaaga    106200
     gcacctcctc caacctccac ctccaccact gccgccatct tcacggccgg cccccacccc    106260
     ggtcccccgc gagccagctg cttccgccgc tcaagcgctt gtagccaatc ggaggcgcgg    106320
     cctgggcgga gcagcaagac cggcggatgc ctgtgaggaa cctagagacc gtctacctgc    106380
     tccttcggaa ttaagaaggg gcgactcgtg cgctgccaag cttcagcagg agagcgttct    106440
     cggaaaacga aaagttgttc ttgaactatt tcattgtaaa catggcacca gtccgcactg    106500
     tggagaggaa aagggagagt ccctgaatgc gcaaatttcg cgacactccc tcgcttagga    106560
     cacgagcaga gacgcgtgtg cactaagaac tacatttccc atgctgcact gagtccgacc    106620
     cggaaattta agtcccactc gctaagggcg gactggagcg tgtaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa    106680
     tatatatata cacgcacgcg gggttttgtt attttgtttt tagatgtagt aactgctgta    106740
     tttcctcttg gaagtcgtct ttcagaaaaa gcggctcccg taggactcaa aacccgttcc    106800
     tacagtagaa aggcttgggg ccagaaggcg gaggtcacgg aacggaattg gcgggagaat    106860
     aagatccgga gctccggagc tgaggctacc acgacgtaaa gtttacgaac tcgggtgaga    106920
     agggttggga tttgtcatct ggagagaagt agtgaaaggg aggagggtgg ccaacaagaa    106980
     aacgaacaga gcacccggtt ccggagtttt aagcctcaga atctgagcgt ttaagaatca    107040
     aatgggacct cagtaagtag cagataattg ctaatcatct gggtgtttct tccttttacg    107100
     ttagatatgt aagtaagaat gagtcaaaca aaaaacctgt tctccaggag ctcacaacct    107160
     tgtcaagaca taaccatata gttgttactg gggaggcact tgttaaatat taagtaagaa    107220
     ttagcagaat ggagctgttg ctttgattaa gacgagcatg tgtgtgacgt tttaaagaga    107280
     gcaagtattc caagcagaag aaatagcatg agaagatagg aagaaaactt aagcgatgat    107340
     agattggaaa gccactgtgg ctagaaatga gttaggattc atggaattat atgagtagga    107400
     tattgaagaa aaagtcagat ctgaggcgaa attactagat caagacagcc ctggcatgag    107460
     cataatgcct gagataccaa catttgggag gcagaaggat ctggagttaa gggttgggct    107520
     aaacaacaca gtaagaactt catctcaaaa atactttctt ggggaccagc aagatggctc    107580
     agtgttggag ctggaggtat ggctcgaaga ttaagagagc tttttcagga gacccaggtt    107640
     gagttcccaa cactcacgtg acagttcaaa atcgtttgga actccatttc cagaagatct    107700
     gacaccctct tctggcttcc tccagcacta ggcacacagg tagtacatat atgtgcatgc    107760
     aggcaaaata ttcttacaca taaaatataa atcctcgggg tgggttgggg ggagaaaaga    107820
     tggctcagtg ggaaaaggca gttgctacca agcctagtgg cgtgcattcc gtctccagaa    107880
     ctcgtatggt ggagggagaa tctgactctg caagctctct tctgacccct gcacatccac    107940
     ccacacacaa ataaatgtaa aaaataaatt taaccaggca tggtggcgca cacctttaat    108000
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca    108060
     gagtgagttc caggacagcc aggactacac agagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aaaaccaaaa    108120
     taaataaata aataaattta ataaaaaata ccggctagct tgggttacat agcaaataca    108180
     aggtcagcaa ggactatgta gcaagatcgt gtcttttaaa aaaaaagaat cttgagagac    108240
     ccttacctaa agacattcag atatcattaa acacttgtta ctaatgaatt attgaacctg    108300
     aatgataaat acataagagt tcatttactt tcttgtgttt ttgcagatat ttaaagtttt    108360
     aacctagtcc aagcgtggtg gggcattcct ttaatccctg cacttggtag gtagagctag    108420
     gtgattcgct gtgagtttag atacctggtt tacagttcca ggtttacagt tacagttcca    108480
     ggacgatcag agctgctcta cagggaaacc ctgccttgaa aagccctaat aaataaaatt    108540
     ttagtctgga gagctgattg agtgaatgaa gtatggtttt tttggtgtgt gcagagcctg    108600
     aattcagatc cccagcaccc acatagaaat gccaggaggc tggctgtagt gatgaaaccc    108660
     tttaatcctg catccaggag gcaggggcca acctgggctg catagcaagt tctaagttct    108720
     agccaagaca gtatttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agcacagcag caggtggtgg tgcctgtaac    108780
     ctcaacaaca ctgggaagta gagagaggag gtcctggggg atttgctggc aagccctcct    108840
     agccaatctt tgagctaggt tatgtgagag tcaggagctc ctgactcaga aagcaaaggg    108900
     gagaatgaga gagggcacct gccatcatgg gccttgtgag tacataggag cgcactccta    108960
     aaacgtttct gagctgtgta tggtggctca cgcttataat cacaacactg agcagagttg    109020
     ccatgagttc aggatcagcc tgtgccacat agtaagttct agacttgcct gggctacaaa    109080
     gtgagattgt gtctcaaaaa aacaaaaaca aaacaaagca aacccaaaaa agtttagcaa    109140
     aagaccaact aaaataccca gatgaaacgg gccagtggtg gcacatgcct ttaatcccag    109200
     cacttgggag gcagaggcag gtggatctct gagttcaagg acagcctggt ctacagagtg    109260
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaca aaccctgtct caacaaacca aaagaaaaaa    109320
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    109380
     gaaagaaaat gtgtgcttat ttatttatgg ataagttctt cctatgttgc ccaggctagc    109440
     cctgtacaaa tatttttttt ttcctgtagt gcttgtctct gaggcttact acctccctct    109500
     gctaacctag gcttcgtcct ggaagcttct agcatctgta caacccttat ctgggcctag    109560
     aatattttca gcctccgcta tttactcctg agtaagaagc tcatcttttc tcgttctttc    109620
     tgagctctgg ctggctggtt aaactcagct gtcctagctc aaactcctcc ccaggctgac    109680
     tggttcaatt tggcttcttt ccacttctca ctgaattgcc ctgcttggct ttaaactaac    109740
     tctagcaatc tgttctaatc tcctggcttg tcattctctg gcttgttctc tcttcaacct    109800
     aactctgtaa aactcttcca ataaaactgc ctcctccccc tctctctgtt ccctcttctt    109860
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgtttttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt    109920
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctagc ctctaactca gaaatccccc tgcctctgcc    109980
     tcccaagtgc tgggatcaag gcgtgcacca ccaccgccta gcttgcactg tttcctctta    110040
     cgtagtgact ctttcctctc tgttctcatg agagttgggc atatcctatt ctgtcaaatc    110100
     tttctctgat tcgtcatttt gtcagcttct aaattagaca tcactttcaa acacgtgtgc    110160
     ttccttctac aaactagttt taccttcatt gtttatatta aagctaacgg ctgagccatg    110220
     cacaccacaa ctagaaactg cttttccttc ctagtaaata acacaatctc cgggttcaca    110280
     atgtgatcaa atatcctgca acatggcccc aaagtccacc tcaccctctc ctgtagctgg    110340
     gataacaggt gcatgatgct atacctggct cctgtgtttg ttgtttttat ttatttattt    110400
     gacatacatt tggtgtatgg cctacatgta tgtttgtgtg agggtgtcag atcctctgga    110460
     actggaacta cagacagctg tgagctgcca tgtgggtgct gggatttaaa cttaggtcct    110520
     ctgtaagagg actcaaggcc atacttgacc tatgaggata tagtgaccac catcaaatat    110580
     gctcactttc tgaatacctg cagtttccat ctttgctaga tcccaggctt tgggcccagg    110640
     gccagtctcc tggggattgt taggggcttc ccaccagtca tttgcttcat ccattacccc    110700
     cctcttttcc cttccattat gctgatcttt tttgaggggt acccaagtct attttacagc    110760
     agtgtcattg ccatggtaga atatttggta ttcatcccta atgacagtac tactacgtgg    110820
     tgattatgac aatcaaaagc aaaccccaaa cctctgagcc atgtaaaaac aaaatgagtt    110880
     ggaaaatcaa tcttgatcca tctctcagtc ctaacaatgt tttattttga atcagggtct    110940
     gcttatgtac cccatgctat ccttgaacct gctatgtagc atagactctg tgtcttcttg    111000
     ctttagccta cccaaagctg ggatcatagt cctagggcac cacatccacc tcggaggaat    111060
     gaaagctatt tcaggaagat tccttgaaca gacaaagcaa ggtatgtaat gtatttagtt    111120
     gtactgttac tgcccgtccc tgttatgtcc taaggccata gagatggatg atttatggca    111180
     ccattcatct tcttgggaac tcactgaaat ataaatccaa cattactatt ataataatag    111240
     ttttggtgtc cacccctgca ctgtccacag acccttgcct gcagaccagg gtgctcagtc    111300
     gctggctgtt catgctgtac cttcttgaac tcgactgtgc agatctgcag gttgttccgt    111360
     ggatggaggg gactctggtt cctctgtgcg gtgacacaag gcactgaccc ctctggggtc    111420
     ctaatcatct taacctacgc agacactgag ggggagggga gaggagccag gagggagcct    111480
     tccaggtctc tccctctgtg tgtgtcctct gtagcaccag ttgattctac tgcgtgtgac    111540
     ctatagcctg gcagttggtg tccctgggtc acttctacaa ccactgtgtt tcagtaatta    111600
     cctccaaata aaaagcttcc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaataata ataatagttt tgggtttttt    111660
     taaagattta tttattatat ataagtacac tgtagctatc ttcagacact ccagaaaaag    111720
     gtgtcagatc tcattatgga tggttgtgag ccaccatatg gttgctggga attgaactca    111780
     ggacctctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta accgctgagc catctctcca gcccagttta    111840
     tttgttttaa tttgctgctt ttcccctgag gctgtctcac aattggggga gaaggggatt    111900
     tctttaggta atccagatct actccctgca gaccctgata gccctgagaa gtgaggctac    111960
     tactgtaaat atatctgtta tcaaataaat actgttatca aagaaacaag agtgagtcca    112020
     gagatagtag tggcttacac ctttaatcca agcacttgga aggcagaggc aggtggatct    112080
     ctttgagtat aaggccaacc tgttctacag agttccagga caaccttgtc tgcacagaga    112140
     aaccgttttg aaaaacaaag aaagaaagaa acaaaaataa atagcttatt ttacttttgt    112200
     tctttttctt tcttctgttt ttttctcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcttcct    112260
     ttctttcttc ctttccttat ttcttttttc ttttaggagt aatataaaga ttcttgttct    112320
     cccaaaagct accaagagca aaacatcaac agtaccaccg tggctacaga agacatcggg    112380
     ggaggaagcg tgtcttcctc gcacttaagg aagctggtgg cgtccgatgg ctcctgtgaa    112440
     gatcagccat gtggtgtcat tttcctctca ggtatattag ccacccatca cgattgcttt    112500
     tctcttggtg attaaaggga atggataaac atagaagatt tgctgtgctt tgtagatggc    112560
     tgacaaagcc ctaggcctat ctataccaga gtccctagat ggcagtttgg tcattatgct    112620
     aatgaaatta atctagagga ctcaaggcca tacttgacct atgaggatat agtgaccacc    112680
     atcaaatatg ctcactttct gaatacctgc agtttccatc tttgctagat cccaggcttt    112740
     gggcccaggg ccagtctcct ggggattgtt aggggcttct caccagtcat ttgcttcatc    112800
     cattaccccc ctcttttccc ttccattatg ctgatctttt ctgaggggta cccaagtcta    112860
     ttttacagca gtgtcattgc catggtagaa tatttggtat tcatccctaa tgacagtact    112920
     actacgtggt gattatgaca atcaaaagca aaccccaaat ggggttcaag agatgatgca    112980
     gtggttagag cacttgctgt cttgcagaag acgtagtttc aattcttagc accctatgca    113040
     atagttcaca tccatacttt accccagttt cagggaatcc aacagccatg taagtagtga    113100
     acatacatgt atcctggcaa agagtcatac acataaaata aaaataaata acattttaaa    113160
     atccctgcac atttcagaga gcttccttag atggtgctta ggaactacta tattaaccca    113220
     caaaattaac taaaaagttt ttcaccttcc ttacctgcaa gtcagcttga actctcctca    113280
     ttgtcctcct ctttttcttt gttttcttga gactcacgat atatccctga caggcgtaga    113340
     actctctcta tacaccagga tggcctctaa ctcaaaaaga tgtatctgcc tttgctcctg    113400
     agtactgttt tcgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gagagaaggt cttgccctgt    113460
     agcctaggct ggcctttaac tcaactgtgt atccagggtt ggcctctaac tctcaagtcg    113520
     tcctgcttta acttcctggg tgctggaatt ataggtctgt acccaccttc taatgttttg    113580
     tcatagactc ttccagaact ctgtggagac tgttctagaa gctgaagaga ggatgagagc    113640
     gtgtctatag cctccctccc cagctatgtt ctagagcttt ccttttactt tatgaaaaaa    113700
     acactcagac acatgtgacg ttaacagtta aaagaaagat attattgctg aaacaagctg    113760
     ggtgtagtgt tacacatcta tagttctaac tcttgggagt ttatgtttga agctagcctg    113820
     gactaaataa acaaacattt catagaatta ttttgaaggt aaataaatgt ctgtgtaaag    113880
     gtcttatgaa taaggagcta ttagtacagt atagtgttaa gagctctatt ttaggaactt    113940
     ggggttgtgt cttgctcagt aatttagcct gaagttttgg gtcggtttta aagctcctcc    114000
     cagccctgcc tgccatgctt cagtttattt ctctaactag gcagaggtag tggtcacaac    114060
     ccaagagtcc ttaaggagga ttaaatgtgg tagtctggta agtgaatgac aggtaaatgc    114120
     ctgagagtca ggctccctga gttcctaggg ctgcccctgg tgctttctgt catgttgagg    114180
     ggcctcagca ggtctggaat tgtaggtatc tcttattctt aggtgtctct tgcccttgtg    114240
     agctcagaaa ccctcctatt tttctcttaa tttctctgat gtaggatccc aaatatcctg    114300
     tggagaactt gctgaaccca gacagtcaca ggggaccctg gctcagctgc cctcaggaca    114360
     agactggaca actgaaagtg gagtttcagc tggagagggc agtgcccata agctatattg    114420
     atgttggtga gtgaattttc agggcctttg ggacctctga ggaatgagat gaccctcccc    114480
     actcccctca gctatctcag ttccctccaa ctgcgtagcc ttctggaaaa aggcctgcct    114540
     agatgtgagg agacaatgtg ctctttaccc ttggggaagg cttggtgctg aagaaaccca    114600
     gcatcttcgt tcctagagaa tgcaataaag tccccagaac acacatttaa agctaggcat    114660
     gggtctggga gactgctcag gaggtaaagc acttgcgata gaaatataag gatctgagtt    114720
     tgagttccca gaatccatga gaaccagatg ggatactcca catctgtaag cccagtgcct    114780
     ctatggaaga caagaagctc tcagacaagc tagtgtgact aacacaacag caaacaacaa    114840
     cagagatagc ctacctcaaa caaagtagaa ggggagggcg atggacacac acacacacag    114900
     ccaaatgtgg tgtcatagtc cctgtaatgc cagcacttgg gagggagaga tgaacttcta    114960
     cttgaatcac tggtgtgctg catagttgaa tgtcaacttg acacaagcta aaatcatctg    115020
     agtggatcga gcctcagtta agaaaatgcc tccagttcaa ggccagcttg gtctgcagag    115080
     ttagttccag aacagccagg gcgacataaa gaaatgccgt ctcaaaaaca aacaaaagaa    115140
     caaaaacaaa taaataaaag aaagaaagaa aatgcctcca taagattatg ctgtaggcaa    115200
     gactgtagag cattttctcg ttttttttct tttttctttt ttttggtttt tcgagacagg    115260
     gtttctctgt gtagccctgg atgtcctgaa actcactttg tagaccaggc tagcctagaa    115320
     ctcagaaatc tacctgtctc tgcctctcaa gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg cgcctccacc    115380
     acccggccga gaattttctt tctttctttt ttttttttaa tatttatttt attatatgta    115440
     agtacactgt agctgtcttc agagactcca gaagagtgca tcagatttcg ttatagatgg    115500
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga actttggaag agcagtcggc    115560
     gctcttaact gctgagccat ctcaccagct caagaatttt cttaattatt gattaatgtg    115620
     ggaagccctt tgtcagtggt tcctggtttc cgtaggaaag caggcagctg gacaggggca    115680
     gtacacacct ttaatcccag cacttagtag gcagaggcaa gtggatctct gagtttgaga    115740
     ccagccttgt ctacagagta aattacagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aacactgtct    115800
     tgaaaaaaag aaaggaagga aagaaggaag gaagaaaaga aggaaggaag gaagagcaag    115860
     caagcaagca agctaagcaa accatgggaa ttgagcacct tccatggcct ctgcaccagc    115920
     tcctacctcc aggctcctgc cctgtgtgag ttcctgtcct cactgctttt agtgatgcca    115980
     gttaccttga gtgttttgtt tttcagagct gaggaccaaa cccagggcct tgcgcttgct    116040
     aggcaagtgt tctaccactg agctaaatcc ccaacccctt caatgatgaa cattgatatg    116100
     aaagtataag ccaaatggac cctttccacc ccaactttgc ttcggtcaca gtggcctact    116160
     tggcaagctc caggccaata aaagattgtc tttaaaatac aaggtgagag ccgggcagtg    116220
     gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc tagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg    116280
     aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg    116340
     tctcaaaaaa ccaaccaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaacaagg tgagggtatt gaagagatgg    116400
     ctgagtggtt aagagcactg gctgctcttc tagaggacat aggttcaatt ctcagtaccc    116460
     tcatggtgac taacaagcat ctgtaagttc agatccagga gatctgactt cctcttcaga    116520
     tctctgagga taccaggcac tcaagtggta cacagacatg aatgcagtaa aatacccata    116580
     cgtgtgcaat aaaacaactt tttaaaagaa gatggacagc tttctgttaa gactctgtcc    116640
     aagttggctt tagaattctt cagactaaag actggttaga ggccactgtc ttggatttct    116700
     caggaatccc ttctaaggaa cagtgcctcc cagggcaggt ttcaggctga gatggctatg    116760
     gtgacccttc accatcattt aatggtctgg ggtttcattc cattgcagtt ggtggctcct    116820
     tgtgtgactg ctgtagtgtg ggtgtccctt cccgccccgt ccgtactctc cgtcatcctc    116880
     atcagccttc cactttttgc cctcaggaaa ctgtggctgt gctttcctac agattgatgt    116940
     gggtcgttct tcctggcccc tggacagacc tttcgtcacc ctgctccctg ccaccatgct    117000
     aatgtcccgc actgactcca agtcggggaa gaaccgctca ggggtccgga tgtttaaaga    117060
     tggtaaagag ggcaaaagca gaaaggcaga tgcagtgtag aggcagggct tagtgctgct    117120
     ggggggtagc ctgtgggagg gagcccgtgc tagggcttag ccgcatctgt taggagcaca    117180
     gggtaggcta gtgtttgtgt gagttctgcc tggtgacaag gatggggata tagatgagta    117240
     tgatttatat atttacctgt gactcgttgg tgtctggttc attgtgtttc agggttttgg    117300
     ttgttgtgca gcccaggcta gccttaaata cttcctgccc tagcctccca ggtgctagaa    117360
     ttacagacat acgccaccac atccatttca atacatgttt ttatttgaat aattgtgttt    117420
     aatttctagc atgacaaaaa aagaaaaaag tatagaataa attttgctgg ctatatttat    117480
     ataatacata gtttttcttg aattcttctc atgcaaatct gtgtttacca ggcatgtaac    117540
     agatgcataa tatatgattc ctggactctc aggcatacag tctgtttatc tgtgtttaaa    117600
     ttggacattt ttgtcttgta gaataagagt gagattttgg agaggttttt gaggtatagg    117660
     gaacaataca ctgactggat catgttaaga atcaaaaatg tgttggggct ggtgagatgg    117720
     ctcagtgggt aagagcaccc aactgctctt ccaaaggtcg gaagttcaaa tcccagcaac    117780
     cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tccgtaacaa gatctgactc cctcttctgg agtgtctgag    117840
     gacagctaca gtgtacttac atataataaa taaataaatc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    117900
     tcaaaaatgt gaagtttggg gtgctggaga gatggtgcag aggttaagag cactgtttac    117960
     tctagagttc agtttccagc aaccacatgg tggctcaacc atttctagtg agatctggtg    118020
     ccctcttctg gcctgcaggc acacatgcag gcagaacacg gtacagagta aatacatttt    118080
     ttatcttttt tttaagttaa gtttgtggta ttggtgtttg atactgtgga ggctgcatag    118140
     agtgggtagg agtgtgtggg aggttgcagc ctcatgttca ggagggtgga gactggtatg    118200
     gaactgtggt ggaggagtgg gtagaagaca aggaactagg ctgaaagggc cctgcctcac    118260
     cagttttcca gaccttcccc tgagcagcac agcctgaagg gacgtgtacc gctgatctcc    118320
     attcttcctc tggttggcat ctgccgcgtg ttggccttga cttggcttgc ctttcttctg    118380
     atgcggacgt tctccctgcc tcctccttct ctgttgctca agctcacact tgcatacaca    118440
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caccttcccc tctccttctc cctctctcca    118500
     gggtctcatg tagcctaagc aaacctgaaa cttgctttgc aatcaaggct agcctcttgc    118560
     ctctattccc aagtgctgag atgacacatg cccgctttcc tcccgccctc cccctctctc    118620
     tctcatttgt aaatatttat ttctattgtt ctatttatgt agatgggggg gtggatatat    118680
     gtacttgtac ctgaggaggc cagaagagag tgtgggattc ccgggactag aattacaggt    118740
     aaaccatgtg acatgggtgc taggaactga actctggtcc tctgcaagaa taacgagtgc    118800
     tcttaactac tgagccctct ctccagccct tcctttttct ctgatgtttt ttcttcaggt    118860
     gatttcctga ctccagcctc aggagagtcc tgggatcgac ttcgattgac ctgctcccaa    118920
     cctttcacac gtcatcagtc ctttggcctg gccttcctac gagtgcgttc ctctctgggc    118980
     tctctggctg accctgtagt agatccctca gcccctggga gctctgggct taaccaggta    119040
     tgttctaact tttcagtttc tagttagaac ctgatacttg attgaagaaa agagagagaa    119100
     agaatataag attttctgcg tatgaactaa tgacatggac tgatccatgg tatggttaag    119160
     tggaaggttt ttttgtagat ataaaaaaga gagcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcga    119220
     ggccggcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagtcagg actacacaga gaaaccctgt    119280
     ctcgaaaaaa cagaaagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    119340
     gagagagaga gagagagaga aattcctttt ggtagagggg actggcttta caagcccctg    119400
     agcaaccacc agaaatccta ctagagttca ggctgagacc atttctggat atttgagctg    119460
     ccagtgccag gtggaataat ggtttttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttggggtt ttttttgttt    119520
     tttgtttttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg    119580
     tagaccaggc tgacctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat    119640
     tagaggtgta ttagtccctg taggctggtt ttacccaata gtgtggattc ttttagttcc    119700
     agagcccttc tgatcctgac aaaaccctga gcatacaaaa atcacagtgt tatagattgc    119760
     tcacggcaga tacaatcatg ttcgttccta ggcagcagtg tcccctgctg gtaaatctgg    119820
     gtattctcca ttttctcctc agaactctac agatgtgctg gagtctgatc ctaggccctg    119880
     gctgactaat ccttctatcc ggaggacatt cttccccgat ccccagacgt atgtacctgc    119940
     tgttgatatt tctcaaggac aaggccatat agctcatggg cacaaaaacc catcccgtgg    120000
     tcccctggtt agtcacttaa ggtctaaaca tgtcagaatg gcaaactatg tttcattcaa    120060
     gtaagtagag taatgtctgt attctgagtg aaaccagtta ctacgtctct gcaggagcac    120120
     caaggaaatt tcagagctca agggtatgtt gaagcagttg cagccagggc ctctggggcg    120180
     ggcagcccgc atggtgcttt ctgctgcccg taaggcccct ccagccagtg tggtaagccc    120240
     aaacaacagc cacggagaac caggtcccag ccgtgcagag agtgcaggtg aggctgccct    120300
     tcttccccga ctctaccgca gcgtactgga ctagctcact ggcttcaagt gaagggaaaa    120360
     ctgtcagggg agagagaaat taaatcctac ataatggctg taagaatact ggcctaggaa    120420
     ccaggaacct ttgtctttgc ctctctttgc tcatgtttat aggaaaaggg ttaaaccaaa    120480
     taatagctca gcccggtgca gtattagcat tctgtgatca tctcagaaag acaactgtgg    120540
     tgaattcctc aagcccaact cttgggaagt ggaggaagca gaaggtcaat agtcaagatc    120600
     attctcggct acagacagag ctgcaggcca ccttgaggaa cacaagaccc tgtgacaaag    120660
     gaaaaggaat gtcagcatct cagagtgtca acatctcaga gtgtcagcat ctcagagtgt    120720
     ggcggctatt tcattggtga caaacacgag ggaatgacag ggccaaccag aagtcacagc    120780
     ttttttaccc ccttaagata agatctctca ctacttagct cttagctggc ccagaactca    120840
     ctgggaccta ctagcctctg cctctcaagt gctggattaa aggtgcatcc tagcgttctg    120900
     caaccttctc atagatgccg tgccatttgc tagagaccac ctacactcag aggagctctc    120960
     ggtacaaaca ggcagtcggt aatgggggtc atttcagagg ctgtaagagg agactgaaaa    121020
     gaaaccaagc attcggggat ttgggggtat actgttgata aggtactgag attatgtaag    121080
     ccctttgaaa tacattcagt gccgtacgta ccaagtgtgt ctgaaatttc aaataagtaa    121140
     ttagtgacta ttgggttttg ttaacactca cttgacaggc atttaatgaa tatcgctatg    121200
     tgctaacctc atatggagcc agagatagct ataattaata aaataacagt gctcatatct    121260
     tagtaaagaa atgcccgtgt caaacaagga aatctaaagt tcatctataa gtactttgaa    121320
     ggaaaagacc atagaatatc aagatttcag tcagaaaatc cagggaaaga ccttacagga    121380
     aaaagtattt ccttattgaa tgagcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt gagcagacag    121440
     agaagataga atatcttgaa agaaaagtta aagtgtggag gccttcagga aatagctaga    121500
     ctgtttgatt ttgtctttca aaagaatgtc ttaacactca tcccagttga ccttaaacct    121560
     gctcccagtg ctgggcttac aggcacgagc catcatgtct gggggacaag aaattattaa    121620
     cgagcatttc taacgcagag cccagagcag aagaaccaaa caggaagacg gctgtgggca    121680
     gaaggaagag gaggaaagtg caggagccaa ggaggtaggc agccgtcctc cccagcccgc    121740
     tgctctccta agcccttccc cggtcatagt gagccagaat cagaagatca ggtcacacgc    121800
     acactgcatg tgatcacaat gtacatctta cagcttagac ctgtaatcct agcactcagg    121860
     aagcttatac atttgacaac taggactgct ggactagtgg gatacacagc aagtttcagg    121920
     ccagcctgaa atcagtgttt gctggtgtct atggggacag acagacgaat gtggagtgac    121980
     tgacatgcat ttggagtttc ctgggggttg atagaaaacg tcctagaaat acttagttac    122040
     tcagctttaa tccatgtttc caaaggctaa tttttttttc tttttcttga gacagggttt    122100
     ctctgtgtag ccctggttgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcaaactca    122160
     gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc taggaccgaa ggctaattta tggtatgtgt    122220
     ataatctcag ttttaaaatt gaaaaactgc taggcatgat ggcatacgcc tttaatccca    122280
     gaagctgaaa ggcaaagaca gtccgaactt gagttctagg aaagcctggt ctacctctaa    122340
     gttctaggat atacagggct acatagtgag accctatttc aaaattaatt aatttttaga    122400
     aactgaggcc aatggtagaa gctctgttgt caaatgctcg aaggttaact gctttcctcc    122460
     aagtctgtca tatcgagtgg gaaaatcagt tactctttcc actttcttct tcatgcttct    122520
     gatccagatt ctataccttc agcctttgta gtctctccca gatagctgcc cttaaactgt    122580
     tctttcccac agatcgttgt ccaactcgag ttctcagcca aataggagga caggaaggac    122640
     aagacaaaga cagcaccgac ctcagaccaa aagtgatgac ggtggtgtgc aggctgctgg    122700
     acagtgtcct atttgtgcag gtgaactgca tcaatcacca tgggggtggg tgtcgttcta    122760
     gacaattagt gggctccaag tacaatagaa gaccctgtct caaatagttg gagaagcaat    122820
     acgatacgaa gtatcagcct ctggcctcca taagtgcatg catatggtac acacatacca    122880
     atcagttttg ttacacacac agttttgatt tgtccaagcc tggcagcaat gttctttatg    122940
     ctcatagctg atctttccca gtagactcaa tgttctgtaa ggatgtccat gtccctctcc    123000
     gcctagtaaa tgtctgatgg atgtctgcag acatatgata gtgtctctca gcaagcactt    123060
     gcactgtggc agcagatact cccttcagca actggggatg gcagcttgcc tgggagcagg    123120
     cccagtttaa ctgtctcctt ttctccttag gtttcttcag tattgagact cttccccagc    123180
     atgctgcaac ttgtggagag agccccccac cccagccagc ttctcctgcc tccttgtctt    123240
     cctcggagtc cgtgctgtgg gtctcctccc cagagagctc gccgccacct tcctgggtcc    123300
     agtgccctat ctgtgaatta cagttctcag caagagaaat agaagaacat gccagcgtgt    123360
     gtggggaagt tttgccagcc tgagcagtga cgttctgttg accctttatg ttggagcctg    123420
     gggaatggat ctctggtggc taagaagggt tgggtcccct ccctccagct attactcagg    123480
     actccgcctg cctgagaaca ctgtggaccc agcttgctcc ccattcctgt tgtcaaggct    123540
     ttgtcactat ggtacccaat tctcaaagga tattttcccc ttagaacttc tttggtagaa    123600
     ttgatgatct ctccaaggcc ttaggatact atctagaatg tgttacctaa tgcccatttt    123660
     cctgaatgaa aaactgaggc tcagtcaggg ggaaataatg gctgggaatt ataaagttat    123720
     gctgtttggg aagatgagtg aatgagtctt gagtgtgaaa ctaacgagtt ccatatgacc    123780
     ttgaccttct gtgttcttca tgggtatctg tctcagatgt agtcagatga ctctgaaact    123840
     ttacttctca tgggtgtgaa atggatcttc agtaacatga aaaccctctt cctactcaca    123900
     tggttcttaa gggagccaga gagattcctt tctaaggagt agatgattct gggcatggct    123960
     tgtaagggtt tgagcaaatc tcattccaac tatttgagat agttggacca cagtgtctcc    124020
     cctggagctg tggtagttca attctgcttt aaagaattgt gcacgcttcc ctttttcccc    124080
     aggagacgtc atcatgtggc actaacaccc gttccccttg tccccaaggt acgaggcagg    124140
     gagagagcag ctggtcctga tgaagggagg gcacagggtg gggctttggg tagaaataaa    124200
     agagaatgct aggcacagtc aagggagagg cagagctgga gttcaagcat tcagcccctg    124260
     cccacagagg tgggtgcagc catggacccc ctttcggtaa gagacccctg ctttcctccc    124320
     ctcttcatcc cagtccccgg ggatgcaggg acagcctgct gccagacaag tctgggatgc    124380
     tgctgctggt gggagagccc tcggatccct gatccagggc ctagaagaaa agagcaaagg    124440
     gctgggcctg gtagaagaac aggaccaaac actaaggagt agagatgctc cccaaagtag    124500
     aagacagatt gagagcgggt ggtggaaggg aacatcttaa ggtcctgcta gagccctctg    124560
     catagacaaa gggtttaggg aaagcccagc ttgaagaccc tccatgtgtg cgtgtctgaa    124620
     cttgtccttc agagagagaa acagctagaa gatcaagcaa gctgggatcc tattcttgcc    124680
     agattctgtg tgcttgtgtg taggttaggt acctagtgtg gccccgacca cctactctaa    124740
     tcacctcttc agggaactga cactgggccc tgctacgtgg gattttttat aagagtggaa    124800
     gtgagcagag taaacactcc ccacactagc gtttcctaag tgaatctaca taataaaatg    124860
     gtgaacaaga cagtatgtgt tgccgatctg tgtttgggac gaggaaggca tgatagctga    124920
     ttacagaagg taatcttggg aactcagagt gctatctctc cttcacctag ccacagccca    124980
     actggactga gattgtgaac aaaaagctca aattcccccc cacactcctg cgtgccatcc    125040
     aggagggcca gctgggtctt gtgcagcagc tgctggaatc cagttccgat gcctcgggtg    125100
     ctgggccagg tggtcctctg cggaatgtgg aagagtctga ggaccgctcc tggagggaag    125160
     ccctcaacct ggccatccgc ctgggccacg aggtcatcac tgatgttctg ctggccaatg    125220
     tcaaattcga ctttcggcag atccacgaag ccctgctagt ggctgtggac acaaaccagc    125280
     cagcagtggt gcgtcgcctg ctagcgcggc tggagcggga gaaaggtcga aaagtagaca    125340
     ccaagtcttt ctctctagcc ttctttgact catcgattga tggctcccgc tttgcccctg    125400
     gtgtcactcc actcacactg gcctgccaga aggacctgta tgagattgcc cagctgctta    125460
     tggaccaggg ccataccatt gctcggcccc acccagtttc ctgtgcctgc ctcgagtgca    125520
     gcaatgcccg ccgatacgac ctgctgaagt tctcactatc ccgaatcaac acctaccgag    125580
     gcattgcaag ccgggctcac ctctcgctgg ccagtgagga tgccatgctg gccgcttttc    125640
     agctcagccg ggagctcagg cgccttgcac gaaaggagcc tgagtttaag gtttgttacc    125700
     cccccccccc atttcttaac tccatcctgc cctcagtgcc ctgtgtctgt tgttgcactg    125760
     ggacaggatt gggctttgtg gtggctgttg taggaagttt gagaagtggg aaacagcaag    125820
     cagggatgga gcctcttgtt ttaagaacaa cgattttatc cagaacagac tttcattcca    125880
     gtgacagcca cttatgtgag gaataagtgg cttccacctt agggtactct agatccatct    125940
     aagggaagag agaagactag aaagcagctt agatgggaca ttcagtgagt gttcccctta    126000
     gggatgccca gtgtatacgt actgtgtgtt gggactctca agcttgtgat catgaaaagg    126060
     gggacaagac gttcccagga ctttattcag cgcctctgcg gatggtcctg acagggcttg    126120
     caaagcacag aaaacaggaa aagaaagagc aacctgcggc ttctgtgttt tggaaaaatt    126180
     cttaggggaa gaggtgtcta agcttggctg tggaagggac tggttagaga agatgagcag    126240
     cgaaggtggt tgaagtggag ctgaaggcct agcgagtggt acataatgag gctggagaca    126300
     gctcagttgg cagagcaccc gtgcatgggc tggactttca tccccagcac tgtgtggtgg    126360
     gtcacacctg cgatcccagc acctgggtcg tagagagctc aagagcatct ttggtaagtt    126420
     ttaggccagc ctggaataca tgagacctta cctcaacaac cctaccccaa aaaaagtatg    126480
     aggacctggg atggaccaaa gatatatgga gtacctggtc taggcctggc attgcaccac    126540
     tcctgtttgt ccatcagtga gcctttggca ttccctttgt gccaagccag actgtctcca    126600
     tcctcaagac tgtcattagg tagggaacct atgagggtct catgaaagcc taggacaagt    126660
     tggggccaga gaaccaagag aatagaaagg tccccaccag gaaagagcag tgctcaaagg    126720
     acttttccca tctcatagca gcttgtggag tgggcaggac aggaattctc atccatactt    126780
     tacaggcaga gactgaggac tttttaaaaa tgtttcctgt ctgagggaga gtgctaagga    126840
     ctgacttaga acctcgctgg agaaaaagct ccaagtagaa caagacaggg tggaaaatat    126900
     gcagctagga actccgcact cttttctgca tctccttaaa ctgctggtac tggttccata    126960
     tcagggcgga aaaagtcaac aaaatgagca caagtgtaag aggtagggca gtgaggtggc    127020
     ttggcaggga gagatgccgc tgccgttgcc gttgccgttg ccgttgctgc cgctgccgct    127080
     gctgctgctg ctcaagcctg gctacctgag ctcaatccta ggacccaaat aaaagtagaa    127140
     agagaaccaa ttcaacaaag ttgtctgacc agcacatgcg tgctatggta tgtgtacctg    127200
     catacttatc acatacaata actgtttaaa taaagtatag gaagtcggag ttgtagtggg    127260
     acaggagtca gcgattagaa gaggaaatcc gaggagcaga caaacgtgtt aggtttgggc    127320
     tgtagtgtct tagtgatgcg gtggggataa catcagttaa gtgaaggtga cacaggaccg    127380
     atgaggtagc aggggaatgg aatagacccg gtgatgtcag agctaaccct ggcccacggt    127440
     tccgggaaag gggaggagca ggagcagggg caggttggtc tgatggcaca caacactttt    127500
     cttacagcct cagtacattg ccctggagtc tctctgccag gactatggct tcgagttgct    127560
     gggcatgtgc cgaaatcaga gtgaggtcac cgcagtgctc aatgacctgg gtgaggatag    127620
     tgagactgag cctgaggctg agggcctggg tcaggccttt gaggagggca tccccaacct    127680
     ggcaagactg cggttggctg tcaactacaa ccagaaacag gtcggttggg tcctactgcc    127740
     tgccctccct taccctggtc atttgtcctg tgttctctaa ggcatgtcca gagtcagcca    127800
     tatctcggga cttcctctat ccttgggaat tctgagacct tgattctgac cttccatatg    127860
     agcccttaac agcaagaggg gcggtttccc atccgctcct ggttaccttc aatctgagca    127920
     ctaacggtcc ttggaaagct agtcaccacc aggatcccac actcaggtct cacacaggct    127980
     tagctttgcc tctagcctaa tgaataactt tggcccagac ttatgctttt agactacaac    128040
     acctgactct atataataag gagttaaatg cctggtgatt ttttttcttt tctgtctcat    128100
     tagatgcctt acccaacaga caagctaaag acaggatctc tgtccagcct cccacagccc    128160
     ctgactcttt actctcaacc ccatacagat agcctgaccc acaaagcatg ctaccaaagc    128220
     tctcctgtgt gccatcttca ctgacctggt actcatgaca ggagacccat attgcatgcc    128280
     ccttccctcc tcaagatcct ttgtccagac ttctattaca tatacctact gaggcaggca    128340
     gggagcactg agaattctgg gactaagacc ccaagttcta cccactcccg catgacttca    128400
     agaacttggg ttgtgaagag tcttggaatt catactgagg cctactgaaa tcacttgccc    128460
     atgggcacat gggaaggaaa gcccttctct tctgggtggg ctggcacggg gacaaaagga    128520
     tgcttcatcc cgtgtggcag gaagtagggc tctgcctccc tccaaccagc tcctttgacc    128580
     ttcctgcctg gtgtccatct tctctcatgg cacatctctg cttagtttgt agcacatccc    128640
     atctgccagc aagttctgtc ttccatctgg tgtgggaacc tggctggctg gcgtggaagc    128700
     accaccatct ggaagctctt tgttgccttc ctcatcttcc tcaccatgcc cttcctctgc    128760
     attggctact ggctggcgcc caagtcccag gtactaagaa taagatgagg gataccttgg    128820
     tttgtgtttt ggaagcaagg tcctcactgg gagcgtaggg gtggattgga ggcagggaca    128880
     ggcattacaa aaccaggcac ctgactgggt gacccagcgg agcaggttta gaataggggt    128940
     ggtgacgatc ttacctttca atttggttgg gcatgaactt ttcctgtgag acactccctg    129000
     cccccctgcc ccccccccaa aaaaaacact tacctcccat ggttataaag gagagatcag    129060
     aaaatagagg gcctcatgca tactccattc ttcttagtac atgcctggat aaatgggtga    129120
     tcctgaaagt gcagactcac atgggagcca ggtagtctag cgggctgtag ggaccagcag    129180
     cagcagcagg cctcggtcag ccatgcttta ccctctccct cgaagctggg ccgcctgctg    129240
     aagatcccgg tgctgaagtt cctgctgcat tctgcctcct acctgtggtt ccttatcttc    129300
     ttgctgggag agtctctggt catggagacc cagctgagca ccttcaaagg ccgcagccag    129360
     agtgtctggg agacttcact acatatgatc tgggtcacag gtgtgtatga gagagccctt    129420
     tacttgtggc tagctaccaa gatcctcatg gccaggtttg gcactaggcg ccacctaaaa    129480
     cttagccaca ctaggcaggc tgatcattta gacaccctta aaataaagat ttttttaaaa    129540
     gagttattta tttatatatt ttatatgact acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacaccggaa    129600
     gagggcatcg gatcccatta tagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttggt aggaattgaa    129660
     ctcaggacct ctggcagagc agtcaatgct cttaaccgcc gagccatctc tctagcccta    129720
     aagtcaagat cttaaaacag agctggatcc tgtggtaccc aactgtaatc ccaacactca    129780
     ggaaagctaa ggcaaaacgt tagcacattc agagccaacc agggctgcat agcaagactg    129840
     tcccaaaggg gtgagtgctt tcgatggctc agggaacaaa aacacttgct gccaagcctg    129900
     acgacctgag ttcaatacct gagatgaacc tgctggagag agagaccatc ttccactgac    129960
     ctctgcacat gtgtgatggc agtacatgca aatgcccatg cattcatgca tgtgtacaca    130020
     cacacacaca ccacaaggag gggttcttat ttttccagga gttcacttta cacttggata    130080
     gagtaaatgt ttcagctccc cactcccaca aaagccctgt gttgcagcct ggctctgtcc    130140
     tagaaggagg aagggagtgt ggcttcctcc tctcctcacc ctccctggag accctcctct    130200
     ccccttccag gcttcctatg gtttgaatgc aaggaggtgt ggatcgaggg cttgcggagc    130260
     tacctcctgg actggtggaa cttcctggac gtggtcatcc tgtccctgta cttggcatcc    130320
     tttgcactgc gcctcctcct ggctgggctt gcctacatgc actgccgtga tgcctcagac    130380
     agcaccacct gccgctattt caccacagct ggtgaggagc ctgccctcgt cacctacctt    130440
     tccctttgct gtaatcaggt aggaagcatt tgtttgggtt tgtttgaaga gacacagtac    130500
     atcctggtga ggaagacgtg gtaggtgcag aggcagctag tcagtgagtc catagtcagg    130560
     aagtgagaga tgaacgccgg tgctcagtgg tttttttttt ctctctctct ctctgtttta    130620
     aagatttatt tattattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagccat cttcagacac accagaagaa    130680
     ggcattgtat ctcattacag atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc    130740
     aggaccttca gaaaaacagt cagtgctctt aaccgctgag ccatctcccc agccccccca    130800
     ccccatatca gtcaggaacc cagtcacatt cagggtaggt ctttcctcct cagtaaaacc    130860
     tctctggaaa tgccggacag acatatctag aggtgtgtct cctaggtgac tccaaatcag    130920
     tcctgttgat aatgaagacc aaatcacagc cccttcatcc ccagcatgtg agtcccaggg    130980
     tgagtctctt tgctctccat caccgcccca tctaccctgc agagagaagt gagtggcgta    131040
     cagaggaccc ccagtttctg gctgaggtgc tctttgctgt caccagcatg ctcagcttca    131100
     cccgactggc atatattctg ccagctcacg aatcgctggg cacactgcag atctccatcg    131160
     gcaagatgat tgacgacatg atccggtgtg tactctccct gcctgtggcg acccctcccc    131220
     cacagactat cttctgaaat cctcagctcc atggggcaaa ggtgtccttg acctgtgtgt    131280
     ctctcacagg actgtgaacc ccagcagtct ctgaaccccg gggtctagag tcagaatctg    131340
     gaactgtaaa agcgtttctc agcagggagg tttgcagtcc ccaacccaga cacagttaca    131400
     aaccaccacc agcagaaaca gcccttggtg ggtgccgttg atcccaattc tgggacaact    131460
     ctatgcctca ctttttgcct cttttagaaa ttgaagtcca aaaggcaaaa gaataaaata    131520
     aaataagcaa agagccagca aggccatcat ctccccttcc ccagctcctt ttcctagagc    131580
     ctgacttgta gggtggagac accctgaccc ttacacatcc tgctccctcc aggttcatgt    131640
     tcatcctcat gatcatcctg actgccttcc tctgtggcct caacaacatc tatgtgccct    131700
     accaggaatc cgagaagcta ggcaagtaag ctgaggctgg gcctggtggc cggcgggcgg    131760
     gcaggtcggg gggcagctgg ggggcagagg ccttttgact cagcacttaa ctcttttttt    131820
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tggtttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gtcctggctg    131880
     tcctggaact cactctgtag tccaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc    131940
     ctcctgacct gagtgctggg attaaaggca tgtgccacca caccccacca gcacttaact    132000
     ctttttttta attaatttat ttatttttat taggtatttc ttcatttaca ttttaaatgc    132060
     tatcccaaaa gtcccccaca ctcccctacc cacccactcc cacttcttgg ccctggcatt    132120
     cccctgtact gaggcatata aagtttgcaa gaccaagggg cctctcttcc caatgatggc    132180
     cgactaggcc atcttctttt acatatgcag ctagagacac gagctctgga ggtactgatt    132240
     agttcatatt gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagacccct ttagctcctt gggtactttc    132300
     tctagctcct ccattggggg ccctgtgttc catccagtag ctgactgtga gcatccattt    132360
     ctgtgtttgc caggcaccag catagcctca caagagacag cacttaactc ttatttgccc    132420
     aagcctagtt gatactctct gactctaact cattcactcc tgcattccct tgtttccaac    132480
     ccttctgttt gaaaaatgtc agtcattaaa tgaagaaagt caccaggcac ccactccctt    132540
     cactggatac ccatactctt ccccaacacc catgcccttc gtgggcaccc acacccttcc    132600
     ccggcatcca tgctcttcac gaagcttaac tgctcactgt tgtttgctgc cacttgctgg    132660
     atctgtttct ttctgtcccc caacccctgt cttgcaacac ttgttttttt tgtttgtttg    132720
     tttatttgtt tgttttgaga caggatctca ctatgtagct atggctgtct tggagcttgc    132780
     agtatagacc agagtaggct cagattcaca gagctctgcc tgcctctgcc ttctcagagc    132840
     tgattagagg cacgcaccac tacacgttag aggagggatt ggcccctggt aaaggcacta    132900
     gagaagccct ttgctaacag agagggattc tggcctagac tacttgccat ctgtacccac    132960
     tggatttaac atctgaagat gattttgagt gtgagtgggg tttgagctag gctctcaagt    133020
     aactcaggat agccttggat ctagaagtga tcctcctgtc tctaccccca agtgctggaa    133080
     ttacaggcat gaactgtcct acccagccac aggtaatttt actgaaaaag tctctactgt    133140
     ggtcttgagg cagtgacttt ccacatctgt ctattgtttg acatttatta tcttgcaccc    133200
     ttctaacaga ggacttgctc ctagctctgc atgcctgtaa tctcagtgcc ggaggtagag    133260
     gtaggaggat cagaagttca aggtcatttt ctgctgttta acaagtttga tgctagctca    133320
     ggctccctaa gactttgtgt caagaagaag aaccgacgag gtgactcagg aggtaaaggg    133380
     gcttgccgcc aagcctgacg acctcggtgg gactcccaag aagcccatgg tgaaggcaag    133440
     agctgatcct gcaagctgtc agcctccaca cccgtgctgt ggcatactaa gaacacacgc    133500
     acatccatgc acacagagaa ataagtaaaa aataattaat aaggagaaaa tgtaaacaaa    133560
     ccttcaagca ttttggctga aggtctccgg tgagatagat gacgggttta tggctcaggg    133620
     tagccagaaa tattgaaagt tagtaagtag aggtaggtct aagagattgg gtcaaattta    133680
     gcaagatctc ccttgatata cggaggacag agtaacaaaa gcagatgaca tttacctgtg    133740
     gtgagctaga gccaagatgc agggagtcag atgtcagagg gcagagtagt gtggtctgga    133800
     caatgagcac ctgatgagtg cattctgctg gaggtccttg ggaaaggcag atcaggaagg    133860
     acttcctgga aaaggcagca ctggggttat tgcttctgtg ctctacatac agcacacgtc    133920
     ctctcccacc cagaccagga aatgttctta acttgtcttt gtgccttcct ctttatctcc    133980
     cttgaggtca cagcaaccaa cacgatcttt tcacacctaa ttcagatgcc ccctccatcc    134040
     agaactcttc ctagagttag aaggccatgg cagagtcttt agttttattc tatgaggctc    134100
     ttctctgtgt ggtccgtaac agcctctcac aagccattct ctctccttcc ctccccagag    134160
     cgtgcaggct tcgggacggg accctgcttg tcttgcatgc ttggccccct gtgttcagta    134220
     aatgttggtt gaccaaaaga atgaaggtgg aggggctgga gagatggtca gcagctaaga    134280
     gccttactgc tctgcagagg actcgggtgt ggttcccagc acccaaactg tgactcaggg    134340
     ccatctgtaa ctccaattcc aggggatcca atgcttcttc ctacctctgc aggctcctgc    134400
     acacgcgtgg tgctcaccca cactcagaac acacaccctt atgcaagtaa aagatgtttt    134460
     tagatcagta ctaagaaatg caagtgtcca tattcacaag ggtggctcaa aaggcttcat    134520
     ggacatagaa cacctttggc tgcatcttca ggggagggaa atgtgttctg ggtagatccc    134580
     aggtttctct cccaacctgg tccccgtttt cttctccttt gtttggccca ccatgccagt    134640
     ttcaacgaaa cgttccagtt tctcttttgg accatgttcg gcatggaaga gcacacagtg    134700
     gtggacatgc ctcagttcct ggtgcctgag ttcgtgggca gggccatgta cggcatcttt    134760
     accatcgtca tggtcattgt gctacttaac atgcttattg ccatgatcac caactccttc    134820
     cagaagatcg aggtgcgtga cctgagccag gctccgtggg gagggacagg gcgcaaagac    134880
     cctcgcggtc ctgctctgct ctcactttta ttttatggct ttgtacaaat tctcctctgt    134940
     acaacaaggg tttcagcact gctgttgcta tgggcagact ccaagtctaa tgctctgtgc    135000
     gcttttcctt ggtggtagtg gtggtggtgg ttgtggcggt ggtggcggca gtttagagca    135060
     ttgtataaaa gttaagtggg aacacaagaa ggaggcagat gggttcacat tgcggcctgg    135120
     agaataggtt gcacactgag tagcaactgg aaattagagg ggaaaggaaa atgggagagg    135180
     agagtgtggg tggttggtgg ggaggaaaca agaacaagag gttggcaccc tggagggtag    135240
     gagaggggaa gatggcagag cagccacctg agtgagcaga gcggccatgc cagcgccagc    135300
     gtggacctag ccttgcctcc tgcctcttgg tccccaggat gatgctgatg tggagtggaa    135360
     gtttgctcgc tccaagctct acctgtccta cttccgagag ggtctgacgc tgcctgtgcc    135420
     ctttaacatc ctgccatccc caaaggccgc cttctacctc gtcaggtgat ggcccctgta    135480
     caccacccag cctgccccat tttcccaggc cctatccccc cggccccacc cccggccccg    135540
     ctacacacac acacatacat gcacacacac acactaacgt cttttcacca tggcaatctc    135600
     tcaggagaat tttccggttc ctttgctgtg gctcctcctg ctgcaaagcc aagaagtcgg    135660
     actacccgcc catcgggacc tttgtgggta ccttttctgt ctgtcatttc cccacctgtg    135720
     ttacctaagc catcagtatg tccccccaga gcctgcttcc aattcccgct cacacggcct    135780
     ccgttttcat ccgcctgctt ctggctgaat cctacatctc tagtccacat ccggcagcct    135840
     aagcataacc catggcacct ccatcccacg cccgaggtcc agactgtaag acatgctcgg    135900
     gtgatttaac agcacttggg caaagccccc tgaggaatga gaggccgctg ggcatccaag    135960
     gggctcacct acctcctatc atctgcacca taactcagac tgtctgagca tgagcgcttt    136020
     cccagtttgg accagtgctg cagttcttca ggggtctttc cttcccacac cacccccacc    136080
     tctcagtctt caccacatac tctagacaca ctgtcctctc acagtctgct gcccccagtc    136140
     ggcccccctc agtcctgcag gactgcactg caccagacag gccagggaca gaaagcctag    136200
     attttgcctt tctcctttac ttggtcaggg cagagatgga aaggaaggta gagagttcac    136260
     tctgccttcc attgcagacc aaccccgggg caagggcggg ctccgccggg gaaggagaac    136320
     gcgtgtccta ccgccttcga gtcatcaagg ctctggtgca gcgctacata gagactgccc    136380
     ggcgcgagtt cgaggagacc cgtcggaaag gtcagtggct cacttgtgat gcaacccctt    136440
     tgctgtcctt ggctcgcctt ggaagagtgt ccacacccag actcaccctc cacacttctg    136500
     cattaggctc tagtcccgtc cttcctaccc tagaaaggca cagcttatct gttactctgc    136560
     ctttcatatt gctttgctct cattccctca tttatgtgtg ctcagatatt gatctcgagt    136620
     ttcccccctc cccctcccat ttccttcttc ctgtcttacc aagttgccca ggctcatctt    136680
     gaactcactt tgaagcctag gctggcttcg aactctccat catcttcccc agtctcccaa    136740
     ctagatggga ctgcaggcct gcactaccaa ccccagctaa ggctttcctt ctttgtcaca    136800
     ggctgtcctt aaattaatac tcacatttac ctgacccctc agttcttgca gtcccccttt    136860
     agcatccaga cagggtgtcc ctgggttcag tgggggtggg gtgcagatag acagaagagg    136920
     tactgagcag gctcccttct gaaagacctg ccctgattcc tctcagacct gggcaacaga    136980
     ctgacagagc tgaccaagac tgtgtctcga ctgcaaagcg aggtggccag tgtgcagaag    137040
     aacctggcgg cgggaggggc accacggcct ccggatggtg ccagcatcct cagtagatac    137100
     atcacccgag tgcgcaacag cttccagaac ctgggccccc ctacctctga caccccagca    137160
     gagctgacta tgcctgggat tgtggagacc gaagtctctt taggagatgg ccttgatggc    137220
     acaggtgaag ctggagctcc cgctcctgga gagcccggct cttcctcctc tgcccatgtg    137280
     ctggttcaca gggagcaaga agcagagggg tcaggggact tgctcctgga aggagatctg    137340
     gagaccaagg gcgagtccta aggcaacaga agggtctctt ctgtcactaa gtgcagctgc    137400
     tgtgttgggt agagccaggg tctcacagta gaagaccatg gtgcttttta atattattat    137460
     tatttatttt attttatttt attttatttg tttttttgcc tcagtaaaat ttctgctgtg    137520
     gaagtcagat ggtagtctcc atctcttggc atcctaagat tccttccttt acttccccta    137580
     aaatggacgc tgtgggagga gggaagagag aaacagcttg ctttgagttc tggggtttag    137640
     aatcctactt ttgggattcc ttaggtcttt agtgaaaaac gttctggcct aggagactgg    137700
     aagactggga gctaggaggc cagagaagca ggagacctga gtgggtaggt ctgagagatg    137760
     ggaggcctgg aggtggtgcc ctttcttggc ctggcattct cttcagggat gggtatcaat    137820
     ctatcccctc cctgacttca tgaggcccct gtggctgtta agaagcatca ggcacagagg    137880
     ctacaatgtg tgacccggat gactgggaaa ttagtttcca tccctcgact ttcaagcttg    137940
     tcaaggacaa atgacgtcat gcaataaacc agtcataaaa gccatgtctc cacaccacaa    138000
     ctctgtttaa ttgagtagcc atccagtctt taccttgcat gtcctaggaa gttcccacca    138060
     cactgtgggg ttccctcaac cctgccatgg cctcagatct ccaactctgg ttggacaggt    138120
     ggctcctagg actggaacca gaaccacact cctgcttcct gcagccgttc aaagcccctt    138180
     cttcatagta aggtcattag ttcccaagag tcctaagagg ctttcagggt ccagctctgg    138240
     agagctgcag cttccttggg tccaagagca gtgtctttcc tgattgcaga gccagagcct    138300
     ctgtggaggg tgcctctggc tgcccgactg ctggagaaag gagaaaagat ggtgaggcgg    138360
     ggcagcaggg ccagtgaagc tggaacaagt ctcagagcag gctggagggt gacctacctc    138420
     ttgaggacac acagccacgt ctcttctccc ctgcaacaga tagcatagta agaccccggg    138480
     gtcttctcct caaagcaggc cctcgctccc cttcagcttc tccccgggca acaattccag    138540
     gttgcctgtc catccttgct cctacccaca catctgtcac tcttccactg tccccgcctc    138600
     cacaactgaa cctggcactt cctaccttgt tagccccatc aagtcagagc ctactgagac    138660
     cggaagcaat attgcctcct tctcgctgtt ccttggtcta cgaggtacta cagaggacct    138720
     tttgagaaga cagtcatctg aggatgtcca cagatcttga actctcccag gacctggtgg    138780
     agccccaatc tcactaacca agtggttcct gaaggctctg gggactgggt cagaatacac    138840
     tggcttcttt cacccaccct gccattctct gtctcccatt catcgctcac cacccaaata    138900
     ggcgcagtta aagtggctgc aggtctgatc ataactccag agagtcacta tgctctgggc    138960
     tccatcctgg gagaacccag tgaccaagaa gacttcgtgt gggggtatca gcacctcacg    139020
     ctcctcaggg aagacagaca acgcctggat aggagcccca aaacaagtcc ttagattgaa    139080
     gaaggtggca ttcccaaacc tgcgagccac tctctcatcc acagagctgg aggtaaactg    139140
     tcctaatcgg acagagtccc ccagcctctt gggttcaaag tgaagactgc ccacacctcg    139200
     gaacaccacc tccccaggtc ccctactgca ccctccagag ccccgcagca gctgcagagc    139260
     ccgggtcaag tagaaatgca gggccttgaa ggggaagtgc ctcatgtaga gctcccggga    139320
     gccacctcct gtccgtacgg cctggttcag ctcccagtac aaggtgttgg atgagttggt    139380
     gtacaccata atcgctactc cgtgctgggc tttgaagcca ggaggtagag tgagcttgtg    139440
     acgccggtgt gcccaggcct cttgtgctgc ttcccaggat tcccgcagca gggcatggcg    139500
     tgccatctct tcctttagca gcaggcctgc tttctcctcc atctcctcag agcagcccac    139560
     ataggcatca tcaaaggtat ctggaaccag gctcaggggc aggataggaa cagctcgaac    139620
     ctatggacac aagggaggtg ccacagaggc caaagtgtaa gtttaaaaca ctggccaggg    139680
     actgctgggg acaggttttc atttctgtgc gacatagctg atgcatgcaa ttggcaggat    139740
     ccgaaacaga cacaaataac acaggcaatg gagtcggaca gccatgggtt tgtgtaagca    139800
     ccacctgctg gctctgggat ctggacttca tgttcttcac ctatggatta aggatgcttc    139860
     cagcctcaca gggttgtgag gagagcatga ggataattgc ggcacaacct agaggggcgg    139920
     catctgacca agaatcgagt ctgcctggtt cctgtgcttt cctggcactg ctattccgta    139980
     tgcaggcaat gtgcagccag tgtctgatcc ttgccctggt ccccaaccct cttagccatt    140040
     tctcatcctc ggggaagccc tgcagttcag tatactttac tgtcagctcc ggggttcctg    140100
     catcctctct actttagaag gcttcatcct aaactcaagg aagggaggag tgttttgtcc    140160
     tcagcacaac catactccca gagtgtgatg tgggagggga gagggcctgc cagggtctac    140220
     agcagcatac ccgtgtggac aggggtttgc ctgcattgag cctgtggtat gcagtgggaa    140280
     ggagaaaggt ggaggcaatc tctatggagg ggtagcatgg aaggagactt cacacgggga    140340
     tcagggagca cagggaggtg gtattctggg agaatgacct ggcacttgga ttccctaatg    140400
     gaatagaagt tcctgagaag aggactggga ggagggaaga gcctcttggg aagggtttcc    140460
     gttatcattc ctcctccacc accaccttct cagcctctga cccacaactg actttgttga    140520
     caaaggatag tcgctagagt taccttccag agggcgtgca agctgaggca gctgaggacc    140580
     atcagcagat cctccagaat catcctagga cgagtcccga gacagcagga ccctgatgat    140640
     gatgaagcca gtggagggga gtgctggctt ggatgggctc caggaccttc cttccttcag    140700
     cctaggaggg tccttagtca aggactggaa ctcaggaggg atgaggggtg aagctgagga    140760
     tgagtttaag gatggatgtg gcttcagact ttattgtccc catgtcagcc ctagtctatg    140820
     actacaagat ggccccacac ccagggtctc caggacttct ttgcgatggt ataggtgggc    140880
     cacttatatg actctgccgc aagaggggcg gggctgggcg gggcagggat gggaacccac    140940
     ctggaagaag ttgagacaga gagcggcccg gcccagggct atggttcttt gcggctgact    141000
     ggagctgaag tgccggcagg cgctcgcaga tcgcagatcc tgaacaaaca gctggacaaa    141060
     gtccccgggg ctaactatag cccctggact ggtaacccga cacctatctt ccccaacaac    141120
     agacaggggc gtgggagctg aactggcaga gtccttgggt gattgagggg caaaactctc    141180
     cttcgtttgg atgataggtt ctttctgtaa gatctgaact aagtcaaagt tgggggagag    141240
     acctgtgaga cttggtctct tctccggtgg ccctgggccg ggccatggcc ctcagacccc    141300
     caggccacga agccccacga ggatctctcc ttgttcatta cgctagttaa gtcgccaaat    141360
     ctgtcttatt tgcatacaat ttgcatacga cacacgttgg gtcacgtgca ccagcatcaa    141420
     ccctccaccc cacccccact tccttcccta ctcttaacct tctttgtctc ctaccctggt    141480
     ccgaagggcc ggggtagaag ggaatttatg acattcagtg cttagccgtc caggaacagc    141540
     cacacccctt ccaccccctc agacattccc tttccagact tctccggctc agctgaaccc    141600
     atgtttgtaa acacagcttt ctctcgcacc tcccttgtgc ttgactataa ataacctagt    141660
     tctgagttca gatgcccagt tgggtgtaat gggagaagga cccagcttgc gggaaggtga    141720
     aggagggacg ttcttaacac caagggttag agatgcctcc tgttggggcc accattagca    141780
     taggataagg cctctccagt ccagctcatg aatttaccca tcaccaccct ttaccacctc    141840
     atattgtcag ccaaataaag tttccttcac ccaaaagcct cttttctcct ccaatccttc    141900
     ctgaaggcta aagagaaaaa caaactatgt ccagcagtga tcccttcctt ccctcctgac    141960
     cccatcctcc ctttctggga ggaattcagg tacttgcagt ttctgggaca gcagatgctg    142020
     tgtgggggca gcctatggct tggggatttt cttatatcct agcacccgga actccaagaa    142080
     gtggagtcaa atctggtcac gtgtgggtca gggatcctga gaggggcagc atcctctcag    142140
     gtcacacggt gagtcagaga tccagcagga agctaggttc tttagggcag aacaaagctt    142200
     gccctaaaca acatgcattg taaactttat atgccccagt acaggggaac ttcggggcca    142260
     agaagtggga gtgggtgggt aggggagcag ggtggtggtg ggatataggg ggctttcggg    142320
     atagcatttg aaatgtaaat gaagaaaata cctaataaaa atttgaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    142380
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaacatgc attgtggtgg tacatgccta taaccctagc aatcggcagg    142440
     gaagctgggg caacaggatt gcttcaagat caaggtcagc ctggactttg tgaaagaaag    142500
     tattaagaca acaacaacaa ttaaccacca ccaccaccac cacagaacaa aatggaagga    142560
     gagatgtgtg gagttggggt gatcagagtc cagaaccaag cctggtgaga gggctgcagc    142620
     cccatctcct caacaccccc aacactgccc tccacacctc tgtattcggc agctcttatt    142680
     gttttgggaa gagctttggc ccaggtcaca ctggggtgag gctagtgttc ctgagccttg    142740
     acaaggagac agcttgaaat agacgagtgt cacatttctg agcagctgtg tggcgacagc    142800
     aggaggggta gggaatagac agtataaaag agaaagctgc cctccctgcc ctgtctatcc    142860
     caggagacca ggtcagcttt gcccgccatg gagaaggcta ggtaaggcca gaaggctacc    142920
     tcacctcctc gcatagggag cagggaggga acttttttga tttaaaatct atggtattaa    142980
     tagttttagg gatccttgga tcccaggaag gtttgtggat gtggggaagt ttggggtttt    143040
     tgaggagagc cttggggtca tattccctga aggaactgtt gagtgagggc cagaaaaagg    143100
     aaaaccgagg gtcagaggat aggggatgca gctcccttgc ctgtggaaag ggatttttaa    143160
     gctggattca gctctcctgt gccagagact aagttagagg ccagcctggg atacctaaca    143220
     agaccctgtc tcaataaaat aagataaaaa aaaataaaat gaaatgaaat gaaataggga    143280
     gaattcccag tgtcccagac caatctctgc tgcatttccc ccgtgacact ggtcaccaag    143340
     gaaagcaatc tatttactct gaggtgctgt ctgattggca atgctcacac cgcctcttag    143400
     cctgtttacc agagactggg gggaggggag tcttccatca cagactgagc aaaaggaggc    143460
     cagaagtgac tgtagaaatg agggtatgtg gtggacacag gcaggcttta gcgaggcttc    143520
     cgttctctaa tggacgggag ccagcgctga cagatagggt gcgctgtctg gacaagagaa    143580
     gaggtgggct tccacggatt ttccgggatt actgactggg gtcatcatct tgcctgaagg    143640
     acatggaggg ctcagcagct gaagctgtga gacctgagct tcactgctcc caatgctcag    143700
     gctgctataa aacctctggc agtggagggc agaaaaatca ccctgcccaa agaggtgatt    143760
     gacatatctg ccttcagagt gacagaacct gactcaaaag ggaacacatg gacgccagtc    143820
     tctccatccc agcccagtta cccatgagca tctgcaggtc tacctgaagc tgggtgtttg    143880
     tagattttac ttccttcatc agcaagtact cgggtgactt tgcctagtcc tggcctgaga    143940
     tcagggatta ctgccggttc ctacacaggt caggggtggg gcttggggcg ctcaggagaa    144000
     gtcagcacaa agtgatgtag agcccccaaa ggattctggg gctttctgaa agaggtgggc    144060
     cctgagctag gcctggaaga ggaggaggtc aggacagctc agggcaggga aatggcagag    144120
     cctctctgga actttgttct gtactgtagg cgccaagcag ggacgggaaa ggtcccaggg    144180
     ggcaggatca ttgagcaggc tgaggcgagg agcaggctga ggcgaggagc aggctgaggt    144240
     gaggcggcca ccgggtgcag agagatgttt tacttcagtc tgctgctttg tttggagaca    144300
     gggtcttgtg tatcccggtc tggcctggaa ctcactgtgt agccttggat tcctgatcct    144360
     ccttccctcc gtgaatactg agacttcagg cacatgctag cacacttgac gtctaggagg    144420
     tgttaggaat caaaacacag ggacttgtgc agcataggca agccctctct gctttttggt    144480
     tttgggtgtt ttgttttgtt ttgcttttgc tttttgaaac agagtttctc tttgtacctc    144540
     tggctgtcct agaattcttt ctgtagacca ggctggcctt gagtgctggc attaaaggta    144600
     tgagccacca tagaggcatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatagattta aaaattatgt    144660
     gagtgtgaag cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag agagagagag    144720
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagaatg agtttacata cagtgcatgt gtgcaggaca    144780
     ttagatcaca tggaacagga gataaaggtc tttgagagcc tgtgctgctg ggatctaaac    144840
     ctgggacctc tgcaagaaca gcaagtgtct tgaactgccg agctatctct ctaacaccag    144900
     cacccatgcc ttttaagata tactatcttt tttttcctct cataattctc atttctgcat    144960
     ttttctcagt attttgagct acttttccat cagttttggc agagaatttt ttttaaagat    145020
     tctcttttta attatgtata tatttgtgtg tctgtatgtg ggtatgtgca cctgaggaca    145080
     ggattcacca aggctagaat catctgactt cctacagtca aagttccagg cagccatgag    145140
     ccacctgatg tgggtgctgg aaactgaact catgccttct gcaagagcag tctattcctt    145200
     taactgctat gctccctctc catccccaca cagaaggttt taagcaggta aggacggtaa    145260
     ccagggctgt gctttagaga cattgctctt cccgctctgt ggtaaatgcg ctagcagggc    145320
     tgagaggggg caggcagatt gtctaaggaa gaggcagaca gaaataaaca gggcatggat    145380
     gtgagcctgg acaaagcccg gaaggagact ctaggaagca gcttggacct gacacgagct    145440
     ggcaactgca gtcatgagtg atgaatgact gaatagatgg atacccacat gaccatcatg    145500
     agagactaag gtcccacatg agtgtcttct gctggcaagc tcaccagagc taggctaagc    145560
     tgggataagc ctaaaagcta atatgaaatg attccagggt ttctcactga gcctaagggc    145620
     cacaagcaaa gaaccccagg agcccccagg agtctgttct gtaagcttgg gctccccttc    145680
     cggcttctct gatgtgagaa gccatcttct ggtccatcct ccctggggaa tctcacctct    145740
     gcctgacttc aacatcaatg atgcaaattg cttattttag tttttgagat agggtctcat    145800
     gatatcccag gatggccttt ggcccaccat cttcctgcct cctgcctcct gccttacacc    145860
     acaggtaggc actgccatgt ccaccctttc tctgaatcac atccatttca gtctcctgag    145920
     tctctgtgcc aggtcctggc agcagcacag cagagatggc aataaagtgc aaaagaaagc    145980
     tttcagagtg gtgatggcac agtagcttac acttccagac cactcacatg aaagttagaa    146040
     agagaccaga agactagacg tggggcacac ctgtgatctc cgcactcagg acgtagaagc    146100
     aggagaatca gaatttcagg gtcatctcag ccactcagga agtttgaagc cagccgaggt    146160
     ggcataagac cctgcctcaa aaatcaaaac aaaacaaaca agcaagacag agaaaaatga    146220
     tctaggaaaa cagtaactag cattgacaag ggtgggacaa ggaacatttt ctttcactag    146280
     tggtgagagg gcacactggc tacgttttga accacagttt gacagggagt attaatataa    146340
     aaagcacctc cccgctgtgg ggtggtgcac acctgtaatc ccagcatgca ggaggaggaa    146400
     gctgctaggt cactggaact ggagttactc aaaggagccg gcctgggaca caaagtgagg    146460
     ttcagtttgc cctgaactgc agagtcagat cctgcctcaa aacattatga aaaaaatcca    146520
     tgtgcccatt caacggttta acatgcaaca caccatgagg tattgtaaca ggcaaggtag    146580
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtaggggcta cttggaagga ggctcttgat    146640
     atattgtttc tcaaggggat atatttagag gacgtgtata ttaagcattt tttcttttca    146700
     aaaaagagtc aatgaatcca aaacatttga acattgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt gtgtgttaaa    146760
     tttaatagat tgttcagagc tcaataatag agtgctcagc tagcatgcac caggcaccag    146820
     gctctgtgtc tgacccccaa cactgcaaac agttaattat actgttcaaa tattttttga    146880
     gaaagccact gaaagacacc gctgtcactg gccatccgtg ccataggcag gagggtgtaa    146940
     ggctggagtg gggtactcag tccccaccca cctccctacc gccagcattg ctctgtctta    147000
     ctgtatagga aaatgagcgg gtagttcaaa tccactatgc ctgcctttag gaggtagaag    147060
     caggagggtc acagacggag actggcccag tagccaggtt caggtcagca tgggtatata    147120
     agaccctgtt taaaacaaaa acaaaccaat gtagacagac agacagaaaa gggacaacat    147180
     ttagcacggg tttagagatg gctattctgg ttctgaccca aggatgggcc tccttagagc    147240
     caccgtgggt cagtgtgact accctgaggg ggtaccagaa gctgtagttc ctccatccct    147300
     ttgtccacat ggcagatggt gtcagataat gttaactaaa gggtagagat taacttccca    147360
     gttttccaga tgaggaaaaa gagacagcag cttgcccgag gtcacctcca ccatgaagat    147420
     tcctgctatg atgtctctcc tactggtgtc tgtgggtctc agggatggag ttcaggtatg    147480
     gtcatccttt gccagcagcc tggcagggca ctgagctgct ggcttctaga tcatggggaa    147540
     gaggagcaga gggaagtatg tctcacgcta ccctggggac ccatctgtct ctctgaggga    147600
     cctcctgaaa ccccagtctt ggggagcttg cagctggtgg ttcccaatcc cctttcccct    147660
     ccagatgtat ttgggggcct tcttgtgttt gtagacagag aggggaaagc tagatgagcg    147720
     ggccctcatt ttcctaggga ttgccctctc agtcctggat gctcccttac tctcaggttc    147780
     aaagttactc catctcacaa ctagacatct tttctcaaga aacacccctg gacatggccc    147840
     cagcgtcctt tgatgaccag tatgctggct gcctggcaga catgacagcg gccctgccag    147900
     atctcaacca ctcagagttt caggccaaca aagtatacgc ggatggctgg gctcaggcca    147960
     acaatcagtg gcaggagcgc agggcctggg ggtccgtgtg gggctccttg cccccatcac    148020
     cgccgggctt ccgggatgag cacggggtgg cgctgctggc ctacaccgcc aacagccccc    148080
     tgcacaagga gttcaacgca gctgtgcgtg aggcgggacg ttctcgggcc cattacctcc    148140
     accacttctc cttcaagacc ctccacttcc tgctcaccga ggccctgcaa ctgctccgga    148200
     gccaccgatc tcgcgggtgc cagcaggtgt acaggggggt gcacggcctg cgctttcggc    148260
     cagcggggcc tggcgccacc gttaggctgg ggggctttgc ttctgcgtcc ctcaagaacg    148320
     ttgccgccca acaatttggc gaggacacct tcttcggtat ctggacctgc cttggggccc    148380
     ccatcagggg ctactccttt ttccctgaag aggaggaggt gctgatccct cctttcgaaa    148440
     ctttccaggt gatcaataca agccgaccca cccagggtcc cgcacgcatc tacctccgcg    148500
     ctctgggcaa acgcagtaca tacaactgtg aatacatcaa aggtgaggag cgagctagcc    148560
     agagccaggc cagtcttaca aaaagatggg cttccagcat ctgccaggag cattgacaaa    148620
     ttcaagcccc agcccccacc cccagccaaa ggtgtcatac ataaataata aaggcaactg    148680
     gccacaagcc tggggtggct cacacctgta atcccaggct gaggctactc ttgattccca    148740
     ggcggtaaga gcagtgtgcg agttgggcgg gaggtggggg gggggggtgc gtgggtgggg    148800
     gtgtgagagg ctcacacata caggtatcga ggagaggcag ccaggtcctt taaaggatag    148860
     acacccttgg gtcaggctgc ttttccaact ggaagctgga aaggaattaa tttctagtca    148920
     tagtagtgac accaagacat ttgttggcag agccaagtga aaactctaga tggctcgtct    148980
     agtgaaggag ctttgtcatg caagcccgac ttgctcggtt ctgtccccag cactcatgta    149040
     aagacagaag gagagaacca agtccacagg attgtctctg acctccacaa acccaaggtt    149100
     acctgttttc ccccacctca catacactaa taataaataa agtttaagaa aaagaattgt    149160
     gtaaaactcc cgacctcagc ttttgagagg tgagattttc tcaggcagaa tgggaattat    149220
     atacagtagc ctgtgctggg caggcttggg ggttgggagg atgccaggtg ggtggtatac    149280
     ctctcagttt aactgtgcca acctatggtc gttagcatgt cagctgcccc tcctctgcta    149340
     ttctattcct caagctagag gagcaacaag gaggcccatt cttaactcct agtgggctgg    149400
     gggctactgc tcctggctaa gtgaggcctg acttccatag ttaagaggca gacagttggc    149460
     ctagatgcca cagctcaaat aggaggagct ccagtgtggc tcaattccca ccttgactaa    149520
     catcatgagg catgaagaag gcaggccaag aatacacagc agcctctcct atctaggcca    149580
     ggaaatagga aagggagctg ggatggggcg agcaggcagt tacaggccag agactaggag    149640
     tgggtcagaa agagagcctg gcttacatgg ctgcctcctt cagtccttgg ctctggctaa    149700
     gtgaatgtag tctagggagt cccttgctaa ggcagcagaa ttacaaacgg agaatcaacg    149760
     attgctcatc agagctctga ggggtccttt ccatccagag agctgctgaa gcactgactt    149820
     ttctttcttc tttcagaaaa gaagtgcagg tctgggccct gctggctggg tagctcaggt    149880
     aagatatgtg agcaggctgt cattaccgat ggttgctctc tctagcccta cttgctctgg    149940
     cccaaagatt tatttattta ttagtacatt gtagctgtct tcagacattt cagaagaggg    150000
     cgtcaaatct tgttacaaat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg gtgctgcgat ttgaactcaa    150060
     gaccttcaga agagcagtca gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc atctctccag cctttttttt    150120
     tttttttttt ttgagacagg atttctctgt gtagccctgg ctaccctgga actcactttg    150180
     tagaccaggc tggcctctaa ctcaagagat tcacacctgc ctctgcctcc ccagccctga    150240
     aattaaagtg tgtgctacca ctgcctggcc tattgctctc tgattcctat aaacccacct    150300
     cctcgcctga gaccgctctc agtgaggcag cggtgaaagt cactaacctt cacagaggat    150360
     gtgcatgtgt gaaatggctc cacagcagca tctctgcctc tcataggagg gccactgtca    150420
     gccctgcctt caggctgctc cgaggagact ccaggagaag ctgttcccgg cagatttctc    150480
     ccctgggacc ttttcttcag ttgcagaact caagtgtccc tgctcctgtc cccggggctc    150540
     cctttgacct gctttccaag gtcaaagcca accctggatg ctgcgtgact gtactctagt    150600
     ctgacctaac tagtctttct ctgtgcctca gtttcctagt ttgtaagatg aaagttagtc    150660
     aaagaacacc tgcatctctt tcatctgagt cttctcttgt acacttgctg tgccagggcc    150720
     tttctgggtc accccccctc ccccccagct cttaaccaca tttcctgctc tgtcccccat    150780
     gcttcctccc tctaggatcc ataaccagtg gtcaggaaag acactcaacc tctgttcttt    150840
     acactttcct ggacaaaata atacttgatg tccaggcacg gcacactgtg agccctcagc    150900
     acagtccaat ggcattggct cactttatat tctagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg    150960
     ctgtcctgga acaggctctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagagttc cagctgcaaa    151020
     ttcacagaga tctgcctgcc tctgcctccg gagtgctggg tttaaagtcg tgtactatct    151080
     tgcccagtat cagccacttc tacagaggac agaaagcagc aacctgtcct tcaccacaca    151140
     gctagtgagg aatcatgtct ctagcctggc tgcagagtgg aactgtgaac tgcccaccat    151200
     gacagttcct acctctgcaa cacagccctc tagcagtaaa acctagaata ctatcttcat    151260
     gtacttaagg gagtccagag acacagtcaa ggtggcatag tgaccagagg ctgggtctcc    151320
     aacttcaaac cagacccttt gttttggttt gggataggta gtccaggttg tcctagaact    151380
     catgtgcagt tcaggctgtc tcaaatgggc cattcattct cttgccttag cctcctgaga    151440
     gctaggacgc tgggcaagca aactgctgta tcctgcttgg gcctctgcat tcagaaggtc    151500
     atagtttgag acactgggaa agttaagagt gtttgtctcc acactcccac caggacatca    151560
     tgcccagggc atgaatggag aagccagaga cagcctcagc agatctctct tagagaccag    151620
     gggacactct gtagtgttgt gtccccttgt gtctgcagat ggcaggggtt agagtgactg    151680
     gtatcctctc tgcctctctc gttgcacttt gggtttgagt ctttccagtt tgctctgcca    151740
     gtctctctgc ctttcctctt caagtcctca catggcttct acatctctct ttttccttac    151800
     atagccccag gctccatttc tgcttcctgc tctcttctgc tgctgctctt gttccttgtg    151860
     ctgagcgccc ttccagagaa tccaggtctc cagcaactta cccgatgttg accggccctg    151920
     actgaagaag gctggtcaac tgtgcgcctt cagtgtagca ggatcctggt gaatcagtcc    151980
     atctacaggg aactctggga ccgtctatgg caattgccag acacatcgat agagacagag    152040
     aagagaattt ggagactgaa cctcatccag ggatgtaggg acgggactga ggacaagcag    152100
     aggactcgag gacaggcaga gactcaactt ggagccagga gacttcaact cattgtgcgt    152160
     gacacacaca catgaccgtg ggccaagctg gagtcactta attgcctctc ataaaggtat    152220
     gagtggtagt accaggctaa taaatgtgat ttttaaagag atgtaatttt tgcaatgatc    152280
     tgtgagtccc gagagtccta cctacctatt aagaccaact gaacccccaa cttctggttg    152340
     taggccccaa gaagaccagg cacgggagag gcactgggag cactcattta ttatggatcg    152400
     aagctccgag tcaaatgtct gcacagcctt ctgttttgga aactagacag tgagttccct    152460
     cccgggagag cctagcagtg agaagcaaga tgagaatctg taatagcaac tgctaagggt    152520
     gacaagcaaa tgtgtagctt tgtcccttta attagtaacc tacacccaag ccaggcatag    152580
     tggcacctgt gtttggagag gcagaggcat gtggatctgt gtgagttcaa agccaacctg    152640
     ggctacatag caagttccag gccagcaagg actacatagc gagactctaa ctcgacaaag    152700
     gaaaataacc tggattccac cggctaatag ctatgattcc aagtgtagac actggggtgg    152760
     ttatttattt ttagacaaaa atttctgtag ctcaggctac agaccttagg gtaatcttcc    152820
     tgtctcagcc tccttgtgct ggaattatat caccttgctc agctggcact gagtcttagc    152880
     ctccaagtct gtactttgac ctcactcatg ttggaattag gggagaggca agctttagat    152940
     c                                                                    152941