ID   AC131762; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 157435 BP.
AC   AC131762;
DT   29-AUG-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   14-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-228J18 from chromosome 12, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-157435
RA   Goyea E., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-228J18";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-157435
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-157435
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-AUG-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-157435
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-SEP-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-157435
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-157435
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 069c302d2b0731432c338e9ca055d1d6.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456161.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000034402; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0019845; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0019803; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0019778; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019782; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019588; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020234; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019139; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019558; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0019674; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0019661; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0019746; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0019700; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0020270; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018905; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019191; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC131762.2:1-157435; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000042299; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0035118; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0035042; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0035024; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0035034; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0034819; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0035536; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0034751; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0034730; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0034875; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0034859; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0035010; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0034867; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0035584; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0034436; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0034276; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; Q920E3.
DR   InterPro; IPR000014; PAS.
DR   InterPro; IPR000595; cNMP-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000700; PAS-assoc_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR001610; PAC.
DR   InterPro; IPR003938; K_chnl_volt-dep_EAG/ELK/ERG.
DR   InterPro; IPR003949; K_chnl_volt-dep_EAG.
DR   InterPro; IPR005821; Ion_trans_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR014710; RmlC-like_jellyroll.
DR   InterPro; IPR018490; cNMP-bd-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR027359; Volt_channel_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR030171; EAG2.
DR   InterPro; IPR035965; PAS-like_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:3584508; Kcnh5.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q920E3; KCNH5_MOUSE.
CC   On Oct 10, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:22476114.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0228J18
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..157435
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="12"
FT                   /map="12"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-228J18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   322..854
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   880..979
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   1519..1648
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   1992..2398
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2403..2656
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3364..3435
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3492..3637
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4076..4462
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   4520..4589
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4687..4846
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4985..5168
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5426..5852
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6099..6270
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   6327..6382
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   7204..7244
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7245..7583
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7584..7799
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8006..8070
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8266..8427
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8695..8845
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9261..9406
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9604..10308
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10335..10420
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10522..10620
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10762..11910
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12115..12272
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13641..14210
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14219..14469
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14709..14951
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   15164..15258
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15998..16076
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16249..16398
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16697..16961
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17165..18452
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18462..19846
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20378..20819
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   21193..22341
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22335..23648
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23668..23875
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   23885..23944
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   23951..23998
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   24050..24110
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   25176..25534
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27619..27770
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   32619..32690
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   33884..34254
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   34710..35165
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35168..35512
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37723..37855
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   38481..39287
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39293..39506
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39539..39595
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39627..40224
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40256..40546
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   47682..47823
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47984..48442
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48481..48874
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   48993..49293
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49293..49958
FT                   /rpt_family="GSAT_MM"
FT   repeat_region   50108..50440
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   50451..50804
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50881..51198
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51215..51584
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51581..51638
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51623..52043
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52086..52240
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52251..52369
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52399..52513
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52536..52795
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   52796..53024
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   53025..53455
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   53456..53872
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   53873..53998
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   53999..54184
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   54186..54553
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   54565..54817
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   54984..56389
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   56383..56889
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   56885..57301
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   57342..58375
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   58385..58736
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   58737..59150
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59306..59629
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59743..60037
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   60227..60382
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   60382..60550
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   60599..60736
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   60758..60874
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   61611..62006
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   62741..62803
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Ala-GCA"
FT   repeat_region   62951..63354
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   63394..63499
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66714..67199
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67204..67364
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67424..67634
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   69373..69571
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   71654..71777
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71906..72617
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72617..73311
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73563..73630
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   73755..73904
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   73917..74038
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74120..75670
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75698..75886
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   76306..76506
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   77002..77314
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   77642..77932
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78109..78494
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78492..78543
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79009..79398
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   79604..79677
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   80620..80998
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81278..81315
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Met_"
FT   repeat_region   81372..81747
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81741..82797
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82839..83044
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   83117..83348
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83425..83707
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83748..83868
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83898..84108
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84098..84322
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84463..84634
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   84636..84880
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85003..85139
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85150..85335
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85373..85628
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85915..86430
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86452..86630
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87028..87161
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   88043..88532
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   88718..89145
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   90478..90676
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   90751..90853
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   91736..91969
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   92532..92688
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   92760..92931
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95229..95521
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   96890..96915
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   96916..97263
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   97264..97443
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   97485..97705
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   97760..97914
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   99645..100129
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   unsure          106444..106550
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   109641..110131
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   110440..110574
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   110970..111153
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112397..112735
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113110..113531
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   113545..113598
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   113663..113842
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   114271..114462
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   114500..114573
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   115488..115633
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   115806..115895
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116514..117330
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   117713..118026
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   118570..118891
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120296..120457
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   120458..120619
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   121093..121164
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   121652..121800
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121846..121953
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123862..124892
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125050..125185
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125192..125272
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   125303..125744
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   127883..128012
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   130594..130642
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   131270..131694
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132484..132871
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   135174..135368
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139314..139408
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   145347..145523
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   147740..147760
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   147761..147837
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   148029..148154
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148106..148203
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148166..148268
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148431..148704
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   151226..151368
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   151859..152048
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   152570..152706
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152714..152861
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   156161..156307
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 157435 BP; 47515 A; 30714 C; 30645 G; 48561 T; 0 other;
     gatcttacat tttgctgttc tagatttaaa tgtgtattac atttctgaga cctcttttaa        60
     atggccatgt tttgatttag tgactgatag cttatcagca acatatgcaa atatgattca       120
     ttctgtgttg ctcttatata cttggaactg actaaatagt gtgactccta ggatgatgga       180
     ctgaaatatt ttaaacagcc atataatatg ccaagcagat aggtttgagt tctttcttta       240
     cattctattt tctgccttta ctttcctttt tgcacgagtc aaggcttcct gatccgtgct       300
     gagtaggagt ggtcatcctg ccaggttgcc accattaagc atatataatg ttagatgtgg       360
     tggtatttat tcagatgtta tttttaagtc tgaaagagtt actgtctcag tttgtagagg       420
     acttcatttc aatagaataa atatttttct gtatttaatg gtatgatcct cacttatttt       480
     ttttcttgtt atgttaaagt acagattata ctgattgaca tttcaacact gagacagttt       540
     ctcgtttctg gaataaacat taaaaattgg ttttaaacac atttttcttt tgttactaaa       600
     ttttattttc taagtttgtc taggattttt atgacaatct ttatgacaga tattaggtta       660
     tagtttcctt tattgcactg cctttgtctg ccttgagtgt gaataatggg ttcataaaat       720
     atgttgggag ctatttacta ctttctggaa atatgggtat agaattggaa ttatatattg       780
     ttgaaatatt gacaaaaatt catcatatac tttagcaaaa ccatctagtc tggtggctac       840
     tttgggggag gattatagct actcaataat attacacatt tggagatgta gctcggtgac       900
     agatcactga cttatcacgt agatcatgtg agaaactata tcgaatttcc agcactgaaa       960
     gaaaaggaaa gaaaaagaaa tataagccat cctcaggact atctatattt tcatcttgaa      1020
     ttcattttca ttgtttgcaa cttttgagga actccacaca cttcaaattt atgaatataa      1080
     taatagttaa gtctctcact acttctgtat cacttaggtg ggaaatgtag tcatgcctat      1140
     tgcattcttg acagtaagat tctgtctgta ttctcctctc ctggtgtgac cccacctttc      1200
     ctccttgcta gttttaaaga aggtagcgaa cacattttac tgatgtttta gaggtttagc      1260
     ttttaagttg actgattatg tttctctttt tctgtttcaa aatctgacct aatattcccc      1320
     cttttctttc ttggttccta aaaggaagtt ttacaaatgt ttatatagtt tgcagaccaa      1380
     ttgcccttca ttcctaaaca gatatttaaa atgataaaaa aattaattga tatcttatat      1440
     ggatgaaaga gttaaaaaaa aaaaacagtt actttgtggc tgattatagg aaatgtctac      1500
     aaaaccttgg ccccaattac ttatgaaagt tgatcctgtc cttccacctt gtgaagacag      1560
     cacctaggtt gtcagaattt cttccccagt gcttaggttt tcaagcttgt gggaggtgct      1620
     tttaccctgc tgagctatct tgtggctcag ttcaaactgt gtttcaaact catctttctt      1680
     tacaatgtaa atccttgagg ttataacatt ttgtcttgat actgattcag cagcacttgt      1740
     aagatttgta taaattcaat ttcatatgta ttgatttcaa caaaagtcat aatttctctt      1800
     gaggcatctt ttacctgagg gttatttaag gatacattgt ttagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      1860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa      1920
     agagagagag agaaagagag agagagatta aggtaaaaaa atatattgct tctatgcttt      1980
     aaaagtcgat agttttctaa cccaatatcc actttgttgg atgttccccc atgcactttg      2040
     agagaatgca caggctgctg ttattgtgtg aaacattctt tgtctacttg atctgcttgg      2100
     cagatgcctt cttgcatact ggctcatttc attttctact tccacgttgt tgagtgggaa      2160
     ttcaaatcct caattaccat tatgaattta ccatagctac tttcagtttt actggttatt      2220
     atacatgcac tatgactact gggttttcta tgtattttat tggtcatgta aatcactcag      2280
     gaccattctg tctaattggt catttcacat gcttagctat agcatttgca tttgagctaa      2340
     agtcctctgg tctgatatta atgaagccat agacatttcc tttgattaat atttttatta      2400
     attattttat ttatttacat ttcaaatgtt gctcctcttc caagtccccc ctctatgaat      2460
     cctccactcc atccccctcc cttttgcctc taaggggatg ctctcccacc catccaccta      2520
     cccccacctc acccttttag catccccctt ctctggaact tcccctccca ctgaggccag      2580
     agaaggcagt cctctgctac atatgcagtg gaagagccac ggaccagccc atctatgctc      2640
     ttcggttggt agcttatttt tagtgtttct catctgcagt gtcatatgtg atgtaaactg      2700
     catgattgat ttaatagaag aagacaagga aagcgggact tttaaaggaa ataatgtgca      2760
     ggaagaagtt tatacatata gatttttgaa taaataaata ttgaagtccc ggtaatatcc      2820
     aagctgcagt cataaattta aagacctgta aagtaaaagt ccccaaaata gtgtggagtg      2880
     attgtgagct taagcatttg gatgaaatta tgagtaactt gttataagag catcatttac      2940
     aaatagagac taaatgatag tcaagaagtg aatgagtgtt tgttttcatg cctgaagggc      3000
     atcgagttac aaataagtat acagtctaga aacatcctac aatgcagtat atataccatt      3060
     gcagcacaat tcctgagagt tcactgtatt cattggaaaa acattaagaa cccaggagta      3120
     aaataaacta gtaagggaaa agttgaaaca taattcttac caaaggaaat agtcagtgtt      3180
     tgaagtcaat cctattttat taaacattaa ataaagcaaa tataaactaa ttctaaaacc      3240
     cttatgttta gtatgtttaa ttttgttcag caaagatttc taaaacaatg tttctagggt      3300
     ggtacgtgtc atgatactga ctcctctgtt ttggtgcaat tattttgaaa taccataaaa      3360
     atgcaaagtc cttaaatgtt catatctgca gttacacttc cagaacaacc ctgaggaaac      3420
     aatcagaaat atgtaataac tgcaaaaaaa aaacctatta caactatgta acattaagaa      3480
     aagaaagaga ggctgggtgt ggtggcgcac acctttaatc ccagcactag ggaggcagag      3540
     gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagtttc aagacagcca      3600
     aggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa      3660
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa caaaacaaaa cagaaaagaa aagaaaatga agagaaaccc      3720
     aaatgtccag tttaactaat acataatgcc ttgtgtttaa gtctttttat actgaaaaac      3780
     atacattttt gaatttcaga tgttattgtt tcatatttct gcaaaattat atatattatt      3840
     aaataatact tatagagtat gttactcacc tgatgtgaag atgaattgga caaaaaataa      3900
     tgtacttgtg ttaattttat gtaatttata taaataacag atatctacta actatatcat      3960
     atattgattt gttgatcatg aaagcagtaa tagcacttat taaaaggcta ttagcttatg      4020
     ttaattgtac aaacataatc atattttcac atgcgcacat actgcattta agcattgtgg      4080
     cggtttgaat atgtttggcc caatagattc acgcgtttga atgcttggtc catgaggagt      4140
     ggcaccatta ggaggtgtgg ccttgttgga gtaggcgtgg tcctgttaga ggaagtgttg      4200
     ctgtagagga ggcctttgag gtctcatata tatgctcagg gtcctcccag tgtaagtcgg      4260
     tctcctcttt gctgcctgtg catcaagatg tagaactctc agttcctcca gcaccatgtc      4320
     tgcctgcaca ttaccatgat ttccactatg atgctgatgg actgaacctc agagactgta      4380
     aaccagcatc aattaaatgt cctttaaaag agttgccttg gtcacggtgt ctcttcaaag      4440
     caatagaaac cctaactaag actggcatat ttaccccttc tgttactaac cctttcatgt      4500
     ttcttttctc cttcatattc tttttcttgt agattccaca tatgagagga gatgtggcaa      4560
     ctgtctaagt atggcttatt tctcttaact tcagctccat ttgctttctg acataattca      4620
     ttcttttttt gttactgagt ataaaaaaac aatcaaacaa acaaaacgaa acaaaataaa      4680
     ccttcatgtg ttcatatcac attttcttaa tccattcagc tattgataga tacattggct      4740
     gatttgataa gttgagagta catgtacata tcacaataaa catgtgtgtg caggtacgta      4800
     tcactgtagt aagctgactt gaattctggt ttcataccag aaatggcaag gctttcagag      4860
     aacatgcagg tcacactggg cagagaggca ggtagatgaa cttcactctt tcctccaaag      4920
     ccaaatgtct agttgccagc tccagactgc ctgctgtggc ctccccatcc tctctgtccc      4980
     catctcctat ctcaatgtgt caggttttat tttattttat tactttatta ttaatccctg      5040
     gatgcctgct ttgtttacca aggagaacca gaaagtatat gaatcagatg ggaggggact      5100
     agggaggaac aagaatgagt tgggggaggg gaaatcataa tcagaatata tcaaaaaata      5160
     tatttttatt ttaaaaatca tagggctttt acagctaggg ctgtattatg tagctgttct      5220
     cattttaaat atttgttaag tttaaaaata tttttaattt aagtttctaa aacaaaactc      5280
     tatgaatgcc attgaatgtc agcataatca gtcatagtca gcataatact gggaaacaca      5340
     agttgacacc aaagtgagaa atatgcgcaa agtcactaaa atggcttcat ataaacaaca      5400
     ttaggaagga tgcttatgga atggatagta gggccactgt tgccccattt tatgctaagt      5460
     ctcctaagtt ttttcatata agtgtatgtt tatattttag gaagtttctg cagtagtact      5520
     tcttcatgag atcttgagtg ttagtgtccc tccccatatt ctctccctgg cctgccctgt      5580
     caccctactt tatataaccc ttcctcttcc tcctttataa cactctgttc tttctttctt      5640
     cccttgaaag ctccactacc ttgtggctcc ttactaatct cctgaccttt gttggtatcc      5700
     aaattaaaca cacattaaaa gactcaaaga gagagattat gtgacatttg cctttcaggg      5760
     tctgggttgc ctcacttaga ttgtttccag cttcatctgt ttacctgtaa aatttataat      5820
     attatgtttc ttaacatatt agtaatattc tagggggtag gaagatagca gaccattgct      5880
     ctgccttcct ggcattttgg gatcattcct gcagcccctg catatagtta cttcattaat      5940
     tgtcttcagt tttattatca ttcaaaagaa tttatctagt ctggtaaagg ttttctgtag      6000
     ttggaaatgc tgccttaggt ttgatgacaa gctaaatttg tatgtgtagg ctaatggtgc      6060
     ttaaaatgtt tataagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gtgtgtgcac      6120
     gtgcatgcat gcatgtgtgt gtgtatccat ggcccatcga ggaggccagc accacttgcc      6180
     agaagttctc tccttctacc atttgtactc tggggatgaa tcaagcttgg cagcaagtgc      6240
     cttcactggc tgagccattt caaaggtccc cagtgtgacc taatagaact ttcttcagga      6300
     gtggagatga tttaggggga tatagaccac atggttaatg agcaattaaa acttggttag      6360
     tgcatttgag gacctggatt ttggaaatgt aaacgaggaa aatacctaat taaaaaaaag      6420
     agaaaaaaaa gtgcatgcaa catgagtggc taccaactag acagggaatc catggtaggg      6480
     ataaaggaac gtaatgtgag atttctccac catcttactg aggttcccac cttgatgttg      6540
     atactatggt tggttctctg gcttcgtttt actttggttt ggctttcaga catctgctgc      6600
     cacaggcaac acaagccact gtttctgtgg tggcaggtga gctttttttt ttttccttga      6660
     gcttcctgtt gtgccttgct ttagacatga cactactaat tgatttttgt ctttctggat      6720
     ttagcctgtt tgaagcccat caagagcctg gctctgttat ttagtgtaag tgctgtgata      6780
     aagagaaagg ctgatccagt cattcttgcg attcacaacc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      6840
     gtgtgtgctg tacttatcat gactgtctgt ctatcctgac atttgactct taagtggaga      6900
     tttataatta ggagaggatc acaatgtaga taaatgctga ctagacacac ccaagtttag      6960
     aaaacaatac agaaaatcag atcgaaatca tgtttccctt gtttttttct gtctgccatc      7020
     agaatatttt tactaggcct ttttcactcc tagttattct tttcaaattc ataatttttc      7080
     atccaagtta agatataaat ttcacattta atctaactgg gcactccaat aaaaagagtg      7140
     atgtggtttt acaatgatat tttgtatcta cctgatttaa aaaaacaaaa ttaaaatcta      7200
     gactcccaca atcatccctt cagtgaacat taacttaaac accttgtctt agttagggtt      7260
     ttactgctgt gaacagacac catgaccaag gcaagtctta taaaaaacat ttaactggga      7320
     ctggcttaca ggttcagagg ttcagtccat tgtcatcaag gtgggagcat ggcagtatcc      7380
     aggcaggcat ggtgaaggca aagctgagag ttctacatct ttatccaaag gctgctagtg      7440
     gaagactgac ttccaggcaa ctagggtgag ggtcttaagc ccacgtccac aatgacacaa      7500
     ctactccaac caggtcacac ctattccaac aaggccacac ctccaaatgt tgccactccc      7560
     tggtccaata atatacaaac catggcacac ctatacacaa atataggaat aatttttacg      7620
     agagctaggg aaaatgcaga tcctggctat agcacagtaa taataaaaat gaacaaaggc      7680
     taagaaggac agttttctct ctcgtgtgtc ctcttagttt agacggtgga tcaggggaag      7740
     agatgtagtt gctaaagagg gaaagccact aagagactgc cttgaatccc aaaaccagga      7800
     agggcacaat cccacagttc aacttaatag catatactta gtctccagca ccactactgt      7860
     gacaggtgac aacccggcag atttcaggtc tccaagaaaa acaaatattt caggtcacac      7920
     caactgccca acagtggcca caacagctct ggactttgga cacaatccag cactgtgtga      7980
     ctgtcacctt aaccactgca cacattgact gttgaaaggc ttttctacac agccaacctc      8040
     agagaccaga atcagtacct gcattttcaa gtagatgtaa attatcatta tatcatttgg      8100
     tccaataaaa ttatcttatg ccattcataa tcaaactgtt caggagctct tcttgtctaa      8160
     aaattagaaa gaaaaatgca gcaaagcaca tgcgagtttc atacataaag gtgtactagt      8220
     ctcaggagaa gctacacagg atcagaaagt tcaaggacat tgggagctga gagacaaaaa      8280
     ttggcaacaa agaatgcaat agtcagagaa gctgatgttt agaaatgaag acagagactt      8340
     tccaagatag ataaaagctt atgaactttg ttcccatcaa acatgtcctg aaagaaaaag      8400
     agggggattt ctgaaagttg aaagaaatat atgctaataa gcaagataga accatcttca      8460
     aatagcagaa gcaaggtgac ctagcagtgc tgggcaccat ctcctgactc aggatcagag      8520
     tatgggctca gtcaagccac agtgcagagc tgtagcccaa ggccatcaga tgggcactct      8580
     gcatctgtgt ttccctaact gtactgaaat aaaacaaagt ttttcctcct agtactttta      8640
     aaaccatctt ttctcttttg ggggatatct gcgttgaatt cattgattct aacactgtgt      8700
     ggaagcattg gatacaataa catttattat cttttcattt gttttcttgc ttttaggttc      8760
     ttataaaaaa tattgactaa actatcttgg agctttcctc ttgtgcattc ttgcagcttc      8820
     atggttatat gccaaatatt taagttcaag aataaagggc atttctacaa aggtcgtttg      8880
     agaacagtgg aagaaagttg agaattctgc cttggtgtag atgatctgga agcacatctg      8940
     gggctcacgc tggcctttga gaggtggctt caaacacagc caattgcaat gtagctatct      9000
     ttgcaacctt tctctaagtg actccctggc agactcaata catagccatg tcttcatctt      9060
     ttacattata tgcccccact tggataaata gctcagtgtt accatttcag aatgaaggca      9120
     agttcttaac agtgaaggat aacgtgcata tatctctttt catcttctat ggtacttagt      9180
     tttatgtttt gtctagaaac actcaaatta tttgaaatga tccaatcctg actaatctca      9240
     tacttcatgg atggaaagat actaaaaagt tattgagaca aataaataaa ttctataaat      9300
     ttgcagtata taaaatcagc atacaaaaat tcagcatttg tcgatatcaa tagccaatta      9360
     tctgcaatag aaattaagaa ggtagtcata ttctcaatgg ctaaaattat aatatatttt      9420
     ttatttataa atagttttac ttataaaaat ttaaaaatga aatgcctgaa ggtaggttta      9480
     accagagagt tgagtggtct ctgtgatgaa aatgacaagc tgaggagaga aactgaagca      9540
     tacctactgg atcctagaat gatcctacac tattagattt gggaagaaca atactgctaa      9600
     aagaagctca gaatacccaa gatacagttc acagaacaaa cgaagctcaa gaagaaggaa      9660
     gaccaaagta tggatacttt actccttctt agaaagggga acaaaatacc catgggagga      9720
     gatacaaagt gtggagcaga gactgaagga aagaccatcc agagacagcc caccctggga      9780
     tccatcccac gcacagtcac caaacccaga cactattgtg gatgccaaca agtgcttgct      9840
     gataggagcc tgatatagct gtcccctgag aggctctgcc agtgcctgac aaatacagag      9900
     atagatgctc tcagtcaacc attggaataa gcacaaggtc cctaatggag gagctagaga      9960
     aaggactaaa ggggctgaag gagcttgcag ctccacagga ggaacaataa tatgaaccaa     10020
     cctgtatctt cagagctccc acggattaaa ccaccaacca aagagtacac acgaagggat     10080
     ccatggctct agctgcatat gtaacagagg atggccttgt tggtcatcaa taggagaggc     10140
     acttggtcct gagaaggctc tatgccccac tgtgggggaa tgccagggca gggaaatggg     10200
     agtgtgtggg ttggtgagca gggacaaacg gggtgggata aggggttttc agaagggaaa     10260
     tcaggaaagg ggataacatt tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaaa tatctaataa aatacaaaaa     10320
     taaaataata ataataataa taatagaatt tctatagcac tctaaatggt ctacacacat     10380
     catgcaattt ctttagaagt accagtgaca ttcttcatag tttagaaagt gaaatttgta     10440
     aggaaattgg tataaaatct attcatgtac aactcaccga catacacata caaacaaaat     10500
     gtgtatctca ttgccagtgg ttacaaaaat taactcaaat ttgatcaaaa tattaagttt     10560
     aagacctgaa aatatgaaat ttctagacaa atggatgaag aaaatacttc aggatattgg     10620
     aatgagttag aattaggggt ggagacagtt tccccagagc atggaggaaa aatctaaggt     10680
     agagaaatgt gacagctcgt gacttctgaa cagaatacaa gacatgggga gagatggccc     10740
     acaaactgga aaaaatgggc caagaaagaa aggaaagact ttctagaatt ggatgaaaat     10800
     gaataaagaa cacacccagg tgtatgggac acaaggaaag tagtgctaaa agaggcaagg     10860
     tcatcacatt aagtactcac atttgtttaa aaaaatggag aggtctcata tttgtaagtt     10920
     aacagcatac ctaaagtctc tggaatgaat agatgaagcc acacccagaa agagtagaca     10980
     acaagtaatc atcaacctca gagctgaaat aaataaaaca gaaaacaaaa cttcaaagga     11040
     tcaatgaaac aaagagttgc ttgttgagaa agccaatagt atggacaacc ctttatccag     11100
     attaattaaa aagtggaagg ataagaccca aattaacaaa actaaacata tcaagggcag     11160
     catagcaaca gacaccaaac aatttcagaa aatcataagg gcatattttt aaaatctgtg     11220
     cccattaaat tggaacaagt aaaagaaata gattattttc tcaatccata cctcctacca     11280
     aagttaaatc aagatcaaat aatcaatata aagagatata taaccccttg tgaaaaagaa     11340
     attaaaaggc atcctaccaa gaacaaacaa acaaaaaaat caaaactttg gggccaggct     11400
     tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgcttggtt gttttacttt ttaaacaaag tattctacca     11460
     ggctttcaat gaagatttaa agccaattgt cctcaaatta ttccacaaaa tagaaacaga     11520
     aggaatgttt gtttcatgag atcaagatta tcctgaaatc acaaccacag aaagatccaa     11580
     caaagaatta cagaacaatt tcccttataa acatggatct aagaattctc aataaaattc     11640
     ttgtcatctg aatctaagaa tccatccaaa gaccatccaa catgattaag tagggttatc     11700
     ccagagatgc acacatagtt caacatatgt aaatggctaa acgtgaccta ccatataaag     11760
     tgaagaacaa aaccacagat gatctcatta gatacagaaa aaaggccttt gacccaatct     11820
     aacacccctt catgatagaa gccctggaga gactggggat gcaatggaca cacatcaaca     11880
     caataaggct gtttagggca agcccatagc ttgtgaacat ttgtttccat aaataacata     11940
     tttcaaggtc cctctcccta aaattaaagt aaaaatttaa gtttatctta ttattgccac     12000
     atcagataca cttacacaca tttggatgct aattgtaaca atttaaactt tttcaaacaa     12060
     agcttagaag actaatgcca gagactccat attgggaatc aaaaagcaaa ctagaaactt     12120
     tatatgcacc agtacagggg aacaccaggg ccaaaaaggg ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag     12180
     tggggggtgg gtatggggga tttttgggat agcattggaa atgtaaagga ggaaaatacc     12240
     taatttttaa aaaaataaat aaataaataa aaagaaacat cttctacaat aaaaatagta     12300
     ttgatctaca actgggtcta gaaagaaatg acttcaataa ctactaccca ttttaaaaga     12360
     tgctctgatt ggtaaagggt atatcagaga gcttcggagt ctcaattgga taaaacgacc     12420
     cagaaaataa catctttcat atttcatcca tataatttta atacttggga tgagaaaatt     12480
     taagagaagc aacatgctgc agtttgtggt ttgtttttaa atatttcatg actaacccaa     12540
     cttgtgaaaa ataactcctt tttattttga aaccagcaac aactaaaatt aaaccaggac     12600
     tcacaagtgc cttaagcaat gacttgaaga aggaacatgt tgactgtaaa gtatcttgga     12660
     tatagcaaat gcaagatgtt aatgatgatt atctgagaca gtttgatggc ttaagctcat     12720
     tactttgatt catggaaaga aactctcaga cagattcaac atgaagttta ttcttatcct     12780
     aatgacccta ccaaagtcca gtccagttta ttaatgtgtg ctttagtggc acaactgatt     12840
     tgatttcatg taagcctcag tctgatgtta accatttatc agtgttctgt ttatctaatt     12900
     tgtttttatg aacagcaaaa ttcccatgct caataaacca gctagggcaa tcaaattcat     12960
     ctcttgcttc tattttcagc attgaaacaa acattttcta atagactgat taattttata     13020
     attgcaactc atgtgagtaa aagttcttat tctgctcctc agtttgtcaa gaattacaaa     13080
     accacagaaa actaaataaa aattgtagag aactatctat ttatcaagtt gatcaagcta     13140
     gggttaaatt ccagattctc gctcttcacc ttcagtgagc aaggtcttct cctttactaa     13200
     taaatgggat ctgagatgac cttgattttc tgaccaagat agtgaaatta aaatacagtc     13260
     aaaagaatat acaagtagac aaggtatcaa atgcatggat ttagaaagaa aatcaagata     13320
     gttgtaatac attgcaacgt gttgcctttt ttttttttta actgaaatga tgctttgggc     13380
     atcctaggga gcttagtgat gtcttcacag taataaagat ggcaatatat ttactgagct     13440
     ggccacttaa tctctctcct gttgtgatca atttgttatg tttgcaaggt gtctgacctt     13500
     aattggaaaa ccaggataaa cccctgagca gaaaagctgt aatttttaat catatctgtt     13560
     gaattttcat tttaccaata cttttttata aaccattttt tttctaatga cattttgact     13620
     ttttgttctt aatttaagaa tgtagtggtc tctattgcaa agagaaaatt tttgatgagc     13680
     tatgaagatt acatttatat gtaggtagac aaatgttata gattgttgtt agggattatt     13740
     ctgatttagt aaactagtgg ctttagcctc tctgataacc ataattccac tagcactaag     13800
     ttgttagcta ggtttcctgt accatacatg ctacccttct tgttgagtag gtcttaagtc     13860
     caattagaaa aatattggtg actgccaagg tatatgtgcc cctactgaac ctgtagggtc     13920
     tttggcaata gatctggtta agactgatgt ttgccttttt cctttggaag ctgacttggc     13980
     aacttctgtt gccataaaag ctaatcctca gggggaggct gttcaggtta attccatctc     14040
     tatgatctct gaactctgtg catgaagtgc acggagtctt catcaatagg gtctttcctt     14100
     ccaccactgg aggtagctaa aggcaacaac aataggccat atgctctggc atctcttaga     14160
     cagccctggt cgacgactca aaagagagct tcttatgtcc aggattaggg tgttctgcgg     14220
     atgacaccaa agaacatgca ttctttttaa ctggatgggg aaaatccaat gaggcttaaa     14280
     tcctactgag aaaatctgga agtaggagag gtggtcctcc ccagggaaga gcacatcaat     14340
     tggctgtcct ttaccaagtg gtcagccctg aaaatgtaca tacaagcaac attatatgga     14400
     ctcggcagat tatatttagg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     14460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgttaata gaaaagaatg taatctactt gaagtctctt     14520
     ttagtgtacc aagtagaatt atattcccat agttacattc ttcagtgata tttattcttt     14580
     tgctttcaaa tggctttctg ttcatttccc taacatatcc gataattttt taaattataa     14640
     tattgacaaa agataaccat aggacatata tagcagaagt attttaagtg acatatatcc     14700
     tgagacatgg ctgaggagat gactcatttc aagtacaaga ccagagtttt atctccagaa     14760
     ttcacgttaa aagtgcctag aaacaatgta aaaatacaag actgtatata gtgtgtgctt     14820
     atgcttctag catgggtatg ctgatcagcc agcttaacct atttggtgag cttctagatt     14880
     agtgaaagat tggtctctca aaggaggagg atggcagaag aggctagcct ccagcctcca     14940
     tgtgcatgta cttgtatgtg catacacatt tacaactact tgtgcaatgg tacaaatata     15000
     aacatgcaca caaatgcaca aatacacaga cgtgtttttt ctaagtctca agggaaatta     15060
     aaaaacacaa ttaataagaa tgaatttata atttaaaaat gaataaaata taaaatatga     15120
     atcagtgaaa tctaagctta ttataaaagg ggttataaaa ttcctgggta tggtggtgca     15180
     tgcctttaat cccagaggca gtcagatctc tctgagtttc aagccagtca gggctgcatc     15240
     atgagatcct gtctcaaact taaaatgtgg agtttttaaa actctacaaa cttttagttg     15300
     agtaagagca aaagtctgtg tgtatgagtg gcagatgtgg gtgagtcaga gaggagagtg     15360
     agggaaggga aagagtgagg aaggaagcta gacagaatag gatgcacagg gacgtgcagt     15420
     gggcaacatc agcaacacca gaattcaagg aacaaaaagc taaagttctt caacttttaa     15480
     aggataatac agggaaagat gctcattttt tttctaatat agttatcaat ttaaataaag     15540
     tggataatag ccttcaattt gttagaaatc cataccaaaa gaaacacagc atatgaaaag     15600
     ctcctcacat ctactaaaga aatagaattt ataactttaa aaccaaataa taaaaattga     15660
     agcacacata gttttaatga tgaattctac tgtgtgtagg gtaaataatg ccaactcaat     15720
     attgggagac acaagccatt tctactagtt tatagagcca agctccatcc tgatatcatc     15780
     cccacacaaa ttcacacagc ccctgacttc ctatggttta gacagggatt tttgagttca     15840
     taatggtttt atccaaaatg catagagact gtaactcaat aaaaggacaa ctaaataaac     15900
     aatgggtcag caaagggttt tctgttttaa gctaacacac aatgaggtca tgtcactact     15960
     tccgtgttca cactaagaaa ggtgagaata gactgggaac taatgactcc ttaaacccat     16020
     cagacaactg aggtccccag acaaactgca tccttgaaag ctggagactg gcaggcagat     16080
     aacaggagtc tgcagtgtgc acatagcaga aagcctcaac tgaacccagc atccaggctt     16140
     tagagccttg gttgacaagc tgcaaatggc tctgtgttaa cctatgtgca aattgcaaag     16200
     aggacccagg ggaatctcac tgctttgtat gtattaactt cgtacattct ggtgctccca     16260
     agcaggtagc aaaagtagcc agtttgaaat aaatgtggat cttcctgttc tctttaacaa     16320
     ggcattgtgg aaaagcaaag cgttttctcg gagccgaaac gacctggagg aaggaaatat     16380
     cccaagtcaa gcttctctta tgtgggaaaa taaaatgcct aactcactct tagtaaagac     16440
     ctaagacaca ttgtcaaagg ccgccacata catggagtag ctgagtagaa ctcatagcat     16500
     atgagttcac aacctatcaa ggttgttgga aaaaagcaaa cgaacaactc aagaacaaag     16560
     agacaaaaag acaccactga agagactttg aaattattat ataacagccc ttggaaacaa     16620
     caaacacagt ctaagtccta ggaggaagaa tgcagaatca ttgaagaccc atcttaagac     16680
     tgcaggaatt tatactatgg atacataagc aaaagccatg ttcttgtaca atagaatatt     16740
     gtttagcaac aagaaacatc aggattttac acccacagac tgggtgaata tcaaaacacc     16800
     atgctgaata gaagttagac ctgcaaaaac cctggtctga ttctattata agagattctg     16860
     atctatagtg tcaaaatgca ggtcactggt ttcttggagt ctgggtgtga gaactgtagc     16920
     aggatatata agtgaactaa ctttatggag agatggagat gcgttgttca tattgttacc     16980
     aaactcacta agctgattac ctaaaatgta tgactttgta tgaattatac ttcaacagaa     17040
     attgatcaaa aacagtttgc acacttttta gggaagaggt gtactttttt aggggagaga     17100
     acacttataa tgtaactatt actcatatgg aaaaatttaa aagaacagtg acttttcccc     17160
     attaatttat ttattcaatt tgtatcccaa tatctcctca ctccctgtct cccccacaca     17220
     gagtctttct cctttctttt cctcctccct tccacttctc tgagcagatg gggacccctt     17280
     gagtatctcc tctccgtact ggcatatcaa atctttgaag ggtgaggcac atcctctcct     17340
     attgaggcca ttcaaggtag ctcagttggg gaatggattc cacagacaac taacagcttc     17400
     agggatggcc ccaatccagt cttgggggac ccacatggag agtgagctgt gcatctgcta     17460
     cagatgtacc tagggtcttg ggccagaccc tatatgctct ttggttggtg gcttggtctc     17520
     tgagaaaccc caatggtcca ggttaattgt cagtgttgat cttcctatgg agttcctatc     17580
     tccttcagag ccctcaatcc ttcccccaac tcttctataa gagtcctcaa gtgacatcca     17640
     atgttgggct gtgggtctct gtatctgttt cagtcagctg ctgagtggag cctctcagag     17700
     gacagttgtt ctagtttcct gtctgcaagc ataacaaata atgcttgcag aaaataatgt     17760
     caaggattgg tgtttgccca tagggtgagt cttacgttgg gctggttatt ggtaggacat     17820
     tccctcagtc tctgctccat ctgtgtccct gatttcattt agacaggata aagtttggtt     17880
     caaaagtttt gcgggtgggt tggtgtcctt atgcctccat tgagtgccct gctggctaca     17940
     ggagatggcc tcttcaggtt ccatatccct gcctgctatg catctcagct aagatcacct     18000
     accttatgca tctactccgg ggatcttccc ctatgctagg tcactggcac ttcttaaaga     18060
     tgcccaaacc cccatacttg agagctgcag atttctattt atgctcctgg ccctctagac     18120
     tttttgctgt ctctcccatt ccaacatttt atcctgaccc ctccattcct ctctccaccc     18180
     tgtctctcac ccagttccat tcctccatct gcctcctatg acttttattc tatcttttaa     18240
     gtgagattca agcattctca cttaggcctt ccttcttgat tggcttcctt gggtctgtgg     18300
     aatatattgt gggtatcctg tacttcattg ctaatatcca cttgtaagtg agtacatact     18360
     atgcatgtcc ttttgtgtat gggttatctc actcaggata aaattttcta gttctatcca     18420
     tttacctgaa aaattcatga tatcattgtg ttcttctttt ttattatttt tgtttacatt     18480
     tcaaatgatc ccccttccca gttattcctc cacaacccct ccatcccatc cccccttcct     18540
     ccctcccctt cacctctatg agggtgctcc tctactcact cacccacttc tgtctcatca     18600
     ctctaaaatc cccctacact ggggggatca aacctccaca gaaccaagga cctcccctcc     18660
     cactgatgtc agacaaggtc atcctctgct acatatgtag ctggagccat ggatctctcc     18720
     atgtataatc tttggttggt gatttttgtc tctgggatct ctaggtgatc tggttagttg     18780
     gtactaccct tcctatgggg ttgcaatcct cttcagctcc ttgagtcctt cccctagttc     18840
     ttccattgga gtccctggct cagtccaata ttggctgtga atatttgtat ctgtattggt     18900
     taggtgctag taaaatcttt cagggaatag tcataccagg ctcctgtcag gaagaccttc     18960
     ttagcatcag caatagtgtc tggatttgat gtctgcagat gagatagatc cctaggtggg     19020
     gcagtctctg gatggccttt ccttcagtct ctgttccgtt gtttttccct gtctttacat     19080
     tggacaggaa gacttctggg ttaaaaattt taagatgagt gggtaccgcc agcctttaac     19140
     tgggggccat gtctacctac tggaggtggt ctctacaagt tatatctctc ctttgttggg     19200
     gatttcagct aaagtcctcc ccattgggtc ctgggaacat cttgcttccc tggcatctga     19260
     gactttctag tgactacccc cagttcccca tcctccactg ctacatactt ctattctctt     19320
     tcctgaccct ctgtacatct ctcctgtccc ttcaaatacc tgatcctgcc cctcttcttt     19380
     ttctttccac ctcctctata cttcctaggt ccctcccttc ttctaccttc tgtgaatttg     19440
     ttccccattc tatgtaagat tgaagcaccc acactttggt cttccttctt aagctctata     19500
     tggtttgtgg gttgaatcat gagtattctg aggttttcca ataataccca attatcagtg     19560
     agcgtatacc atgtatgttc ttttgttatt aggttatctc actcaagatg atgttttcta     19620
     gttccatcca tttgcttcag aatgtcatga aattgttttt aatagctgac tagtactcca     19680
     ttgtgtaaat gtatcacatt ttttgtatcc attactctgt tgatggacac ctgagttgtt     19740
     tccagtttct gagttgtctc cattctaaac ataatggagc atgtgtcctt attatacgtt     19800
     gaaacatctt ttgggtatat gtccaggagt ggtatagctg ggtcttcagg tagaactact     19860
     acttccaatt ttctgatgtc ggctggcctg ccactccctg ggagtagcag gcctctggga     19920
     ctgactgccc tggatagcag tagaccacct gggcagcagt taaagctgtg acccatgggg     19980
     tagagtgcag attcacaatt gaagatagat gtgcagacca gaaaatggag ctcagaatga     20040
     acagggcaga tctcatggct tgtgggcttg ctgggtccca acagacaggg aattggggta     20100
     ggggtgtctc acctgtatgt gggtagaagg aagtcttcca ggaagcaggc agagctgtgg     20160
     actggggaaa attttgattt cttaaagcaa tcatgacttg attcaagcag tccattcaga     20220
     aaatcatgta gaaatttatg acattggcct tactttaatg ggaagattta taattggtgt     20280
     ctggacaata tgcttggatt ataagaactg aattgaaaga taatataccc caaaattacg     20340
     tttccctggc attttatata tttcactatg acaaatctat aaatgtaact tttattcacc     20400
     agatgtaatt gttgtctcag tggcttactg ccaaataaac tcaccctttc taggtttttg     20460
     ttgtttgttt tgttttcttt tgagctatgg ttggctggtt cagcccagct gttctggctg     20520
     aaaactcctc tccatgctaa ctgcttttga gcactcctct taagtagatc ctctttccta     20580
     tctgttctcc taagagttag gtgtgtctta tctgtaactt attctgtcaa atctttctct     20640
     ggtctttgtc tgcccctcaa ttacatgtta atttcaaaca tgagtacttc cttctacaaa     20700
     ctaattgtac attggttgat taggaataaa ggtgtatacc aagggtcttt ctattttcca     20760
     gtcagaagga attccaggtg taacaataca gctggatcac acagacctac aaggtctttg     20820
     gatgtgacct cttgccagag cagccatgtt gctggattga aattccacta cagaaaacac     20880
     aggtgaatga agcacatgtt tatataacta ataaggtgaa tctataatga cttcaccatg     20940
     ctgcatttcc atcacttaac tgacaaagat atgtgtgctt gaggtaatgg caaatgggct     21000
     tgcccatgct ttcccacact cttccactct ttgatttgaa gcctttatag tgcacaattt     21060
     gagcatgtat tggagtttca atgtcacaaa tggagaaatg aaaaaccgtt cttctaatat     21120
     tattctcatt tgtctttttg cctaaaagtg tatatgtagt gtatgtagtg tatatctatt     21180
     tcctcacgat catttttttt aatcttcttt tttttatatt aggtattttc cttgtttaca     21240
     ttttcaatgc tatcccaaag gtcccctata cccacccccc caatctccta cccacccact     21300
     cccccttttt ggctctggtg ttcccctgta ctggggcata taaagtttgc aagtccaatg     21360
     ggcctctctt tacagtgatg gccgactagg ccatcttttg atacatatgc agctaaagac     21420
     aagagctccc gagtactggt taatattgtt gttccaccta tagggttgca gttcccttta     21480
     gctccttggg taatttctct agctcctcca ttgggggccg tgtgacccat ccaatagctg     21540
     actgtgatca tccacttctg tgtttgctag gccccggcat agtctcacaa gagagagcta     21600
     tatctgggtc ctttcagtaa aatcttgcta gtgtatgcag tggtgtcagc atttggaagc     21660
     tgattatggg atggatccct gcatatggca atcactatat ggtccatcct ttcgtcacag     21720
     ctccaaattt tgtctctgta actccttcca tgggtgtttt gttcccaatt ctaagaaagg     21780
     gtaaagtgtc cacactttgg tcttccttat tcttgaattt catgcgtttg gcaagttgta     21840
     tcttatatct tgggtatcct aagtttctgg cctaatatcc acttatcagt gagaacatat     21900
     tgtgcgagtt cctttatgat tgggttactt cactcaggat gataccctcc aggtccatcc     21960
     atttgcctag gaatttcata aattcatttt ttaatagctg agtagtattc cattgtgtaa     22020
     atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct gttgaggggc atctgggttc tctccagcat     22080
     ctggctatta taaacaaggc tgctatgaac atagtggagc atgtgtcctg cttaccagtt     22140
     gggacatctt ctggatatat gcccaggaga ggtattgcgg gatcctccgg tagtactatg     22200
     tccaattttc tgaggaacag ccagactgat ttccagagtg gttgtataag cttgcaatcc     22260
     caccaacaat ggaggaatgt tcccctttct ccacatcctc gccagcatct gctgtcacct     22320
     gagtttttga tcttagccat tagacaacaa aaggagatca aggggataca aattggaaag     22380
     gaagaagtca aaatatcact ttttgcagat aatatgatag tatatataag tgaccctaaa     22440
     aattccacca gagaactcct aagcctgatg aacagcttca atgaagtatc tggatataaa     22500
     attaactcaa acaagtcaat ggcctttctg tacacaaagg ataaacaggc tgagaaagaa     22560
     attaggggaa aaacaccctt ctcaatagtc acaaataata taaaatacct tggcgtgact     22620
     ctaactaagg aagtgaaaga tctgtatgat aagaacttca agtctctaaa gaaagaaatt     22680
     aaagaagatc tcagaagatg gaaagatctc ccatgctcat ggattggcag gatcaacatt     22740
     gtaaaaatgg ctatcttgcc aaaagcaatc tacagattca atgcaatccc catcaaaatt     22800
     ccaactcaat tcttcaacga attagaaagg gcaatcagca gattcatctg gaaaaacaaa     22860
     aaaccgagga tagcaaaaac tcttctcaag gataaaagaa cctctggtgg aatcaccatg     22920
     ccggacctaa aactgtacta cagagcaatt gtgatcaaaa ctgcatggaa ctggtatagt     22980
     gacagacaag tagaccaatg gaacagaatt gaagacccag agatgaatcc acacacctat     23040
     ggtcacttga tctttgacaa gggagctaaa accatccact ggaaaaaaga cagcattttc     23100
     aacaaatggt gctcgcacaa ctggcagtta tcatgtagaa gaatgcaaat tgatccattt     23160
     ctatctcctt gtactaaggt caaatctaag tggattaagg aactccacat aaaaccagag     23220
     acactgaaac ttatagagga gaaagtaggg aaaagcctcg aagatatggg tacaggggaa     23280
     aaattcctga atagaacagc aatggcttgt gctgtaagat caagaatcga taaatgggac     23340
     ctcataaaat tgcaaagctt ctgcaaatca aaagacaccg tcaataagac aaaaaggcca     23400
     ccaacagatt gggaaagcat ctttacctat cccaaatcgg ataggggact aatatccaat     23460
     atatataaag aactcaagaa ggtggactcc agaaaatcaa ataaccccat taaaaaatgg     23520
     ggctcagagc tgaacaaaga attctcacct gaggaatact gaatggcaga gaagcacctg     23580
     aaaaaatgtt caacatcctt aatcatcagg gaaatgcaaa tcaaaacaac actgagattc     23640
     cacttcactt ttttttaatc ttctattgag ctagagacaa gtctcagtgg ttaagagtac     23700
     tggctgctct tcataaagcc taggtttaac tcccagcacc aacatggcag ctcacaactt     23760
     cctgtgactc tataggggaa ctgatgcctt cctctggctt ctgtaggcaa taagcacaca     23820
     tgtggtacac agacaaacat ccaggccaaa ccaaacaccc acacacataa aataacatga     23880
     ttttaaaaac ttattatcat ccatgcatac tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg tgtgcgtgtg     23940
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtataga     24000
     aagagagaag gggaaggagg gagtgagaaa gagaggagag agggagcaac atgccatgat     24060
     atacacatgt cagtcagtag ataactttat ggagtcagtt ctctccttcc cactcaagga     24120
     ccctttaccc actgagccat tcatctcacc aacccttcaa gattattcac ccacaacttc     24180
     tatagcaaca gagagaaaat aatgtgcaat ctagattgct atatccacaa gaatatgtga     24240
     aacagtaaca tggagtggtt tccagatttc taatagctaa aagatgaaat ccatttcctg     24300
     taacaacatt tatgtcagct taagccaaaa tccaattata cttctgagta aacaggatag     24360
     ataaggctta attataacat tctatatata catacatatt atatgcttca tttgttactt     24420
     taagtaaaag acagccatgc cacagcaaca caatgtattt cacttctgtt caatttggaa     24480
     taatgtgctg aattatttaa caacatgtaa gtcaagttaa tggcatgtgt aaaagcctgg     24540
     tcagccaaga atcaaatgag cagaaggttg agttgacttt tatatagtca gcttcatgga     24600
     attcaaagtt attaaattaa cagtagtcat caaatattaa actttataaa atgtcttgtt     24660
     acaaaatgtc taaaatacat cagaaggctt atttcaggtt gaaatgatta actaccttaa     24720
     tctttattag aatttagaac ctgattgggc tttgttctat ttagtcttaa ctgttggctc     24780
     aaaatagatc tgactaagct gtccgaatag gcaactatcc agcaaagaat atccttccag     24840
     ggaaacacaa aaacacatat agatggatga taatagagag atatatagac aatgggaatt     24900
     aaacagaaaa aaatagtgtt tgagatgata gatagacaga caggtagaca taaaagatag     24960
     atgatggtag atcataaaag atacataaaa gatagatgat acacagatat acatagataa     25020
     atgttaaaaa ggtagacaac agaaaggagg aaagattata gacgctaaat taatatactg     25080
     aagcaaacaa gtagcatatg cacttttaaa ttaaattgca catctaaggc aatatggatg     25140
     tagctaaaag cacacttttc cttttttaaa aattatttta tttatttaca ttccggtttt     25200
     tactttgccc ttggtcccct ctcccacagt tcctcattcc attcctctcc tccttgccta     25260
     caagagggtg tttccccaca gccagacctc caccttccct ggggcatcaa gtctcttaag     25320
     gattaagtgc atcttctccc acagaagcca gaccaggcag acctctgcta tatctgtgcc     25380
     aggggtctca gacttcccat gtatgcccct ggttggtagc ttagtctctg ggagctccat     25440
     ggagactggg ttatttgaga attgctggtc ttcctatggg ataactctcc ctttcaactt     25500
     ctttaatcct ttccctaatt caaccacagg ggtccttgag ttcaggaaag gacacttttt     25560
     ctatttacaa aaatatgtgt ttaaatatcc accagtaaca gctagatatc tatggactcc     25620
     aaaaattgtc ctttctaaaa gagcctcatc agataatctt aaaagaagaa atagagaaag     25680
     agtaggagga ggaaaaggag gagcaacaag aacaactaga gtgcataaat ttgccccaat     25740
     gcatgcttga taggaaaata attaattgac tctttctata ctccttagta gatattcttt     25800
     tggtagaata attatatttc tcctatacaa tgcatttatt tgtaggaaac atctaatctg     25860
     tggtacctag cacacaaaat atatttaaat gcatcttttg ggaaatattt gttccctaag     25920
     gatagtaact tgaggtcagc cagtggtttt tggaaaggcc tgagttccca atcacttctt     25980
     agacaccaga attacaaatg atcccttctc tatattggtg gaaataaaga acaaattttg     26040
     gttagatgat gtagaagaat gtcatttgtt ctctaagtct gacctcagtc aatttacaaa     26100
     gtgaagaatt taatttaact cataaaacat agttttgttt gaaaattata ccaccactat     26160
     ccaaacattt attttcactt tttcatgaac atattcctta taggaaggat attgacttgc     26220
     tttgttctca ttttaagtcc ttgctatttc attctagagc atatctaact cagtgtgttt     26280
     atattgcaca tgaaatattt attttaacat gtccacctag aataactatg aataaacatt     26340
     ttgcttggta atataaccgg gtcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct     26400
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttcc     26460
     tttttccaat acttatatgt gcaaaatcta ggtcattcta ggcttcatac ttccaaatac     26520
     aatttcattt tggcaatttc cattctaaag atgaactgcc aatggtactt aaagtgggag     26580
     taaagacatc aaattaaggg ctaaggctga caaataaagt gaactttata ttgtcaaact     26640
     attagagcta attaaagaaa aagcattgta aaaacaccat ttcataagac acagtaaaag     26700
     gccgatagta taccccccag tgtctgaggt gacagaagct gtactgttgg tgagttaccc     26760
     attagcatct cagggagggt tgagacatat gtcaatatat cctcttcaag gattcaactt     26820
     attcaaagac ttataaagac tacatcctta catacttgtg agtattttta caatttcttc     26880
     tttcatattc cagtccttgg actctcagca ctataacaca tatcccaaaa taagctgaaa     26940
     aaaaaactta tgaggaaaga taggagtgag gtgtatttat atcttgatct ttatataggg     27000
     atgcttgttt tgggggtacc gtctgtagtg tctaccatgt aacagacaca tctcaatgct     27060
     gcttacatac agataagaga ataggaagga tggtgtagct gtggtatgtt taatctatga     27120
     tctggaaatg ctggatggtg gagacaatct gtgtaaaaga gagccatatg ctgagaacca     27180
     acatatatac cacagacacc cacagtttct ccataggtcc ctcttcattc atcttctgtt     27240
     tgcatacaga ctatttagaa gaacttagtg gtttttccct ctctgagtat tcagagctct     27300
     gtcccaggca tacctctctt tctacgtggt cttctttatg ttattcttta agtctaccat     27360
     taaaagcaaa aaccaaggac tctcatcagt aaatccttag catagggatc tcttgacagc     27420
     taattgagta tattactttg agtttcccaa gatcatacaa atcagtcttt tccctttcag     27480
     ctgttacctc atgaatggac aaacctttct cagggtgact gagccagagt cctgagcatt     27540
     gttcttgtca tctgtatttt tttttctgtt cttatatatg atctgtagga tttgtcatat     27600
     ctttccttta tatctctgtc aaattagttc acagctctcc atggctttcc ctttaggtca     27660
     tgttaccacc aatttctgtc tagactaatt taaagccttt caaccacaat ccacctgcat     27720
     ttcattgtcc ttctcggtga ttgtccacga agctatcatc agtggtcctt gagagagaga     27780
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga tccaatcatg tcaagttgct gcttcaaatg     27840
     cttcactgtt tttttttcaa attcctttaa gtcaaatttc aggctcatta acatgacatt     27900
     ctggcgggtc taggctctga acacctgtct aaaccatgtc taactattcc ctatgcccat     27960
     attttactgt agacacagca aagtacaaca tttgcagttc ttagaaattt ttctgctctt     28020
     aacaatgctt ctctctttaa caagcttttc ccaatgttct tgacttcttt ctctctgtgg     28080
     tcctcaccta ccattaataa ttctcttgca aagctatctc cttcacaacg ttatttctga     28140
     ccgtctattg attcttaaca cttagatgag actagatgtc cttctgagct cttgcatcct     28200
     gcaccttgat ggtaatattt caattcttgt taattcttgt gtttattaag agctgaagtg     28260
     gtgttttaag cagtaaaaca cttagacata tccaagacct cttgcctcta tggaacactt     28320
     aatctagcct agctctcttt ttgataatat aatgtttttc ttcatgccca tttcattgta     28380
     ctgttgtaat gtgagctttt ccttacatga ggaaaaaaat catttcagga gccttaaaac     28440
     tcttcataac attttaattt tcctggccat acattatgaa gccctcctaa aacaatgctg     28500
     gttaatcaaa acaattggat aaactcaaaa aatatatttt atatgagcat acacatctga     28560
     aagtgggcag aaagctttcc ctacatgagc tgtaaaaaca tctttactga cttgccactt     28620
     ctggaaggtt ccaggccatg cccagaccat acctgcctcc ggctgactgg acatacaagc     28680
     attggctttc tacaaagtca gtccttatct ttaacagtat actcaacttg agttttttta     28740
     tttagtattc cagtttcttt aatagacatc ttatggcact tctgattagc ccccattgga     28800
     gtacctgtga cagctataaa ccattaattt ctggacttgc cagagggctg caaggttccc     28860
     cgccatgatc atatgattaa ttcaagtcat gcaacaacca tagttcttaa ttttgatgga     28920
     attctaatag gaaggtctag gagaaaaggt atctcatggt tactaaaaat ctccttttcc     28980
     ctactattca gtgctgaaaa ttttgagaaa acattttttc cttaacaatt atgaagaatt     29040
     tctttctatt tattacatca tgaagtaaag tatatatctt tggaaatgtt ttgtatataa     29100
     cagttctcca aaatgtttat gcataactaa gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg     29160
     gaaggaggga gggttgatct gtgtaacatt caggattcag agggtaagct gggaaatggt     29220
     tgtgcagagc caagaaataa ctactaactg ttttcataat ggccccattc cctatagtat     29280
     tcaagggatc ccaggattct gtcagattgt ataatgttcc caagatgtct gaagagcaaa     29340
     caaaagcatc aaactttccc tgctatgtta gacttcagaa tttttgttta aaaaaaggaa     29400
     agataataga cacacttttc cacatttctc agctgattct ggctattgaa acaattgatt     29460
     aaatatgaat ggctcctgtg gagccttgct tcccaatcaa cttagtccct tctctggtga     29520
     ttctccttta gcaggacaat ggagacaaat gctctaatac ccaacctgtt ttaccttgga     29580
     ttgctaaatt tctcaagata gttagtttgc ttactatttg aaaatcataa atgtcttggt     29640
     aaattcttaa gtggtaatat tgggatggca ttctgttgtg tgctagaaac accagaaacc     29700
     cttcaaaact gttggttatc ttttcatcac tgaactcgta gaaaagaact aactttgaac     29760
     taagtaatga aaggtatgaa gtaaagaggg atgaggtgag aactaacatg ttaggcagcc     29820
     ctctcttcct tgctgctgac ctcagcactg atgtgctcag tagtaggctg gagatggtgt     29880
     gaactttcag ctgcaaggtc caagtgagga caggtgctca ttgtcacacc tgaatcaagg     29940
     cctatgctgt gttggccaga aacctgcaga ggaataaatg accacctgcc agccatgttt     30000
     ggatgcctac tatttcagaa atgtctgtga ttggcaactg cccaggagta gtctctttca     30060
     ggtgtgtcaa aggaaaattt gagattagtt gcaaagtagg aaggatgaaa acccacccat     30120
     ttaactccct aagacttctt aaaggctgtc cacaggacac agatgatatt acccttatga     30180
     tacatatagc aaccagtttg agactcacag ctacccagag agtccagtta actactcacc     30240
     ttcacaagag aaaagaaaga aggctcagtt accccaagtg ccttgaccaa gagcacacag     30300
     gtgaggtaca gaataggctg ggagttcaaa tctgacactc ttaaatgaaa agtagctcct     30360
     aacacgtcac gaagttattt tcttcctgca tgttcattac cctcatttct gaaatgatgc     30420
     tgacatcttg tttatagtgg gtttttgaag gccacaggaa caacttcaga ctccttggaa     30480
     ataaactatg atgagcagaa tgtaggtctc caagaacaga tctctcttgg acattgaaat     30540
     ggccaatgtc actgtataag attaagatct gggcaattgg aaaacaacag gatagttaat     30600
     gttatcagtg aattaccatc ccaagctgaa tttaaaaata gaacaagaaa tagtttaaag     30660
     acgaggaaat caccttgcaa atgacatatc tcatttaaaa tattaaaatt ttagacattt     30720
     taggaaggtg gattgttatc actgttgaaa aaaattccca agataaagca cattcttttg     30780
     agggaaaaaa tagaagcttt tccatttttc ctagctcgtg ctaagaccag agttgaagta     30840
     tgaaagcagg gaacacagat ggcttttgct tatgccttgc tggaaagagg gagcaaagga     30900
     tgagtctgag cttgaacaac acttctcaga ggcagttagg atttctgact gcacacctca     30960
     gcctgcagtc agagcctaca tatttctttg cattatgttt tagagagtcc cgcgctctct     31020
     caccttgtat attattgtta aaaaagaagg ctgaatttgt actcaggtca aacgagcatg     31080
     cattctaaac tcagtctgaa atgctagacc ctcagaagag tggtgacctt gcgggacata     31140
     tacttagtat tagcacactc tattctacga ctctgacatc agagactggg gttcaatgta     31200
     agcttgtggt ttaaaatgca cactataagc ccatgctgtc tgagaggaag ccagttaact     31260
     tctattattc tactatcctc cttaacatga caaaggaaaa tgtttctctg attacttgtt     31320
     cctccacttt tctctcttct tgtctctatt tgggggtcca tcatcttttt ttctcttcta     31380
     tccacctcct atctggtacc acctttcctt ctgaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaacatgtg     31440
     ccagtctttc catcattgtt acctgacttc ctgactacca ctgactatcc ctgtagtctg     31500
     tgagttaggt ttgatgtgca gctcttctct aaacttggag tatttccttt ggagagtaaa     31560
     gatcccatac ataaagagaa ctgaagacgg tatgaagcca agagcacagc agaatcagag     31620
     atggacatgc acaggcctga agccaaagtg acagccaagg gtgccattct gcccaaccta     31680
     tctggccctt ggcatttctg cagactgctg gcaactttat gcccatccag caaatcccat     31740
     tacaaagcaa acccaagttg tgttctattg taggactgct gacagagtat gtagacataa     31800
     cagtgtgggg actataaaag gaaagtgcag gttaagtact ttatagaaat gcattaataa     31860
     gcactgaacg ttggctttat ataacttaaa ttgtgactgt tctagcatct tgattatctt     31920
     gtatataaaa gaaatataaa tattttctga taatataatt tttaaaaatc aacatttaca     31980
     aagaacaaac agcaaagcac aatagatttt gaaaatgtag aaagttctga gcaatgaaat     32040
     agaagtattt ctcaagctct ttatccagag tactagacac agtggctcaa gatacaggcc     32100
     acgcaagtct cccttcaaaa agggactcat gataccttag caaggagtgt aacgagctgg     32160
     cagacctaat gttttggggg atcttcttca gcattgaagc tggcaccaca ctctcttcct     32220
     tttgctatta actgagtgtc tgagtgtctg cactgggtga caaagataga ctagtgtgaa     32280
     acatggagca gtgttgatcc tgaacttgct ctgtcacctc aattgtgtga cttttatgtc     32340
     cagtcatgct ctctcctttt tcttttcatg tctatcaaat ctacatagtt ttctggaagc     32400
     tacattctta tccaataatg ccttcttctc ttttataagc tctactacca catccaagcc     32460
     atgtagtctt gatcgttgta aatttttgta gcggtgtatt cctctcagtc cactttttta     32520
     taaatgccta tatttgtctt tgagcattgt gaaatttatg ttgaataatt gaacttatgc     32580
     cctagactta atttgaaatt ttttatttta ctttcatagc gctggggatt aaaaccaggt     32640
     cctcaagata taagccaaac actcttccta ctgagatgta tctttagccc agtttttatt     32700
     tttattacct taatagttaa tgttaaatgg tttcatgtcc gaaaactatt attttactta     32760
     ctgtatgcat tttttaatcc tcagaagggc gattcaaaca ttagtatttt ggagtcctat     32820
     atataaagga acaagttcag agcagtcaag aaatttgccc aaccagtata agatgagaag     32880
     tctagaagtg cttaccaccc acgctgtgaa accctcttag tgatagctct aacaagttaa     32940
     tataggtgtt tggggaggtc actttgtgtg tctgggaaat aatggtctta tcccaaaggc     33000
     aatgaagagt gcctggaaga gttgatcaag gagagatgca aagtcatgct ttagagatgc     33060
     ataacctata cattgtgatt ctgccttcat ggctacctag tttcccatga tgaacctgat     33120
     tgggaaaaat gaacaaaatt attcatctag ttcctgggtc tctaaatttt aagtgacatc     33180
     ctttgacggc catatcacta gcttgtcttc tttccaactt ctgttctccc aggatgacct     33240
     gtgagtctgc cactgttcta ggcttatgtc ctgcctgtct caccaaatcc catcactgtc     33300
     tctgactgag catgacattt gcagaaccct ggaaagattt aaagaagcta tacagtggag     33360
     aaacctgtaa ctaaggccca cgactgagct agccttgatt tcaaattgcc tgggcataac     33420
     tagaaagaag ggcaatgtcc ctgttgttcc taggaaataa aagagattgg caacacagtt     33480
     ctccaacatc tgtcgccagt ccagtccctt ggatgatagc caaggtcata gaggagaaga     33540
     tgaataaatt aattttataa ctccccattg agaagtggag tttgaatgtg acatgatagt     33600
     aagcaaaact ttccgtgggc ttcacatatt aaagactctt taagggaaac ttaccattta     33660
     aaaagcatca agaaatgaag gtgttggcat agaaatgaga gtcctctcaa gaagtaagtg     33720
     gaccatgaag gaaccagaca ttaacacatg aggtttcctt ccctcccacc tcctgtcatt     33780
     caagttgtca cggagcactg ttaagtgatg cttgaggcaa cttgccttga cctggtgagg     33840
     caagaggaaa tcccttactg ggtcaaagaa tttgtctggt gattgttgag gaccatccag     33900
     cagcttgcaa gaaacggggt atggctgaag aggcagactc gagctgaaag agagggaact     33960
     agatggaaga gagaaagaac ggagctaagt caagacattc tgatcaaagc tcaattttaa     34020
     tgtcggggaa cacgccttat gaagaagggg gtggggcatt cccgccgaat catccttgga     34080
     gtccagatgc aggtgaccac gtgtaggcta cagaacagct aggcagcagg tagcagcagc     34140
     agcaatggca gaacaatagg gtgatccagg gaggcagact ccaccccagg tgatctccta     34200
     gtgacaacaa ctcaagcctg ctcagcctgc ttcaggctgt ggggggaggt tacaggtgat     34260
     cactcatgaa atcccatcac caacatttta ttgctgttct ttctctattt cttgtttagg     34320
     atgtcagtgt tccagataca tatcatttgt caagctataa catctcttct ccaacttctg     34380
     gtgtgaaatg aggatagatg gttaagacta gcttttcctc ttcctacgta tcatgaattt     34440
     tctggtccac tttcttcttt gcttttctac ctttatggaa tgacttggca attaataatg     34500
     gcttcacgct gtttagaaat tatgacagag taagaacaac atgtggctat tttcctcata     34560
     aaaaatcatc cccgtgatat ttgatattat ccccctaaag agaagattga ctgctgcact     34620
     gcaaaacact tgggcagaat acttaacaga gaacagtaac caccttttat gagagtaaag     34680
     gaaatagtca acacaagcag gtattcctct tttttattag atattttctt tatttacatt     34740
     tcaaatgata taccaaaagg tctctgtacc ctccccccag ccctgttccc cctacccacc     34800
     cactcccact tcttggccct ggaattcccc tgaactgggg catataaagt ttgcaagacc     34860
     aagaggtctc tcttcccaat gatggctgac taggccatct tctgctacat atgcagctag     34920
     agacacgagc tctgagggga atggttactt catattgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag     34980
     accccttcag ctccttgggt actttctcca gctcctccat taggggccct gtgttccatc     35040
     caatagatga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt atttgccagg cactgacata gcctcacaca     35100
     tgataggtat atcagggtcc tttcagtgaa atcttgctgg catatgcaat agtgtctggg     35160
     tttggtgaat ggagtactcc tcagctatta aaaacaatga atttatgaaa ttcttgggca     35220
     aatggatgta tctggaggat atcatcctga gtgaggtaac ccaatcacaa aagaagtcaa     35280
     ttgatatgca ctcactgata agtggatatt aacccagaaa cttagaatac ccaagataca     35340
     atttgcaaaa cacaagaaaa tcaagaagaa ggaagaccaa tgtgtggata cttcattcct     35400
     ccttagaata ggaaacaaaa tacctatgga aggagttaca gagaaaaagt ttagagctaa     35460
     gaccaaagga tggaccatcc agagactacc ccacccggag atccatccca taagaaggta     35520
     tttcttacag cctaaaaaat aaagccttaa ccttctttct aagcaagtcc atagctcacc     35580
     ttttcagctt cctgtagctg catccccata catcccattc atagactgaa gaacatccca     35640
     gttcatcaat taactatgat tgaataaaag aatacatatc cctaaactta tttcatgatc     35700
     ttgttttaat ggtaagcaac tttcctttag ctgtgttgaa taaaccctaa cagtaggcac     35760
     aagaaatttc agatattttc caaagagaag gcccattgaa atcttatgtt ttgttcccca     35820
     ccttctgaca tattttgtct tattgaggtt tcttatacct ttggctgtaa gtctagcctt     35880
     taatgactta accatcactc caggccttgt tgaagtttct aagacacctg tcttgtgcta     35940
     ttctttaagt cttatctggt cagtgtcatg ataatttgtg aaatgtcaga agggtcaaag     36000
     ttctttattc tcttttatat ctgagaggag agaagttgaa atgccactct gcctacaagg     36060
     aaaacctgct tctggcaggt ttgtgtgtta atatggaggg ggaaaaacga ttttactgac     36120
     tgatccgcat gcatagctca aaactgatca gaatgcatgt cggttgtcaa gggcttggct     36180
     gagctgttta agtaagtaca ccgcatctgg aggagcaaca acagcagctg taaatttaaa     36240
     ttaccaccta attgatttat gatacaccat tgtcataccc tgtaatgcat ttgccaaaca     36300
     gggcagttaa atgcagacgt gacaggaatt gccctttcca ctttcatctt ccaggaggtt     36360
     gcagtactct gcaggcttct acaaacacat gtatgatggc tctgactcac acaatgacaa     36420
     agacaatttc agatgcttct ttctagaaac agtaaggaga cagtgtgata gttttctcat     36480
     ttcttgatat atgatcacag ctcaattttt ttttagctcc tactgagtat gattctggat     36540
     agaatacttt acatctcctc agaagacttc tttattatgc ctctcattaa ggatctataa     36600
     gttactagca gtagtagagt gaaactagga gagaaggttt tatctttttt tttgagtagc     36660
     atctgcttta tgaagttttc aagaaagtct gcgtccttaa tcaaggatga aaaggttcat     36720
     ttactggaca ggatactcta gaaattgagt gttcatggtt ctctaaattt tcccaagtgt     36780
     tctcttccag ttaaggtccc agctgccaca tgagagagtt gggcgtgtgc aagtgctatc     36840
     tatgtgatca tttatacact gtagatacag attctgagtc taatttcaga tatctgcctg     36900
     tgttgatgct ggttgtactg ggtctttaac tttatgcaaa gctctattca ttcagaattg     36960
     aaaaaataat tttgccaccc ttgagctatc attaagccaa cattgcttct aaaatgatca     37020
     gacttactaa ggtccaaatg ttctcccaag ctgtggtaac taatctcagt gatcaacttg     37080
     atcagatcca gaagcagctg acctcggagt agatcccagg aaaggagtta cagaggtcct     37140
     gatcacatga cctcagagta gatcccagga aagatcaaaa taaaatgtag aacctgaaaa     37200
     acaatgaatt tgctttttta taacaatata atttttatag cactataagt tattagaaca     37260
     caaagccttg gtttaaagga aggtattctt tcctggatgc caacaggtaa tacattcatt     37320
     gtgaaaataa agcatgctgt aggctaaagc actcatattt tttcactggc agcaaattca     37380
     tctttttttc aagttctata ttttagtttg attcttcctg ggatgctttc tagcaatgct     37440
     aagtattagt cagatgctac acaggaatat atatatggta taaggaataa aagatgtcat     37500
     cctgaaatca agaaacccct gccatctttg taacagagcc catttgcata gactttccaa     37560
     cacactagac tagaacttcc agagtgctac ccctgccaga ggtggagtgc attaagcgtt     37620
     agcttgctgg aataaacgct cagccatctg gtctccactg ctcttacaac ttctagcagc     37680
     tactggagca actgctgatg cctcagagcc agcataaatg tacttcttcc ctcctccact     37740
     tctcagtctc ttggtgcctc atttttggca gaatctaaca agaagctaga tgccaagaga     37800
     gaagggtaaa cacttttcag ttccaatggt ttgaagcagg gtagaaaagt gcaggtggca     37860
     cttaggtaga aaacggataa cataaccaga atgaaaactt agaactgaga tggttatact     37920
     gaagagatgc cttagttgcc ctaggatgtt ttttaatgaa aattaaagcc actatttgca     37980
     tttttcagtg tgttcagcta atgactatct ctgtcttaac agtttctggt ggcagagagg     38040
     aagtgggagg cagctaaagc aaacacttca cttgcagtaa tgacaaagaa agcacccaca     38100
     ctgaagataa gtgacctggt gactttatgt gatggacatt tagccagttt ggaccagatc     38160
     taccttcagt ggtgagccat gtacctccta aagctacagt gttatcggat aaaaacagaa     38220
     aacattttct gtttgatgta tgttaatttt ttttcccaga gagaacattg tgatagagaa     38280
     ctaggaactt aaactggact ttatttaggt agctgacatg acagaagaag acactaccag     38340
     gctaaactga tgtactcttg atttctatca ggaaatcttt tcaaatgctt taactctttg     38400
     tggcagtttt aattgtcacc ctgataaggt atggaagcac actgagtcct gagtcctggg     38460
     taccactcac atccccccat ctcccatccc gaccccagca gtggtatatt tccattcatt     38520
     ctccaggccc tctgggcttc tcttgtctct cccccatgtc tgatcctgcc cccttttctt     38580
     ccccttcctg ctcctactca ggtccctctc tgctctgcct cccatgatta ttttgtttct     38640
     tcttctaagt gggattcaag catcctcact tctccctctt agtttaatgt cttacagtct     38700
     gtggtgtgtg tcatgggtat tgtgtacttt ttttttttta ctaatatcca cttattagtg     38760
     ggtgtatacc atgcatgttc ttttgggttt gtgttgcctc actcaggatg acattttcta     38820
     gttccatcca tttgcctgaa aaattcatga tgccctcatt tttaatagct gaatagtatt     38880
     ccatggtgta aataaatcat atctgggaca tctaggttcc cttcaatttc tggctattat     38940
     gaataaggct actatgaaca tagtggagca tgtccttgtg ctatggtgga gcatcatttg     39000
     ggtatatgcc caggaggggt atagctcaat cttcagatag aattatttcc aattttctga     39060
     ggaaccacca gattgatttc cagagtggtt gtagtagttc tcaatcccac caacaatgga     39120
     agagtgttcc cttttctcca catcctcatc agcatgtgct gttgtttgag tttttggtct     39180
     tagccatact gattggtgga atctcagggg tgttttgatt tacatttctc tgatgactaa     39240
     agatgttgaa catttcttta ggtgcttctt ggccattcaa gattcttgtg ttgttacctt     39300
     agcagaaatg cccaacagtg aggagatgga acctgaagat cccacatcca gtagatagac     39360
     agggccccca gtggagggat agggacacca acccaccttc aaatttttga cccagaattg     39420
     ttctggtata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaatgca gagacaaaaa tggagcaaaa     39480
     actgaaggaa tggctgacca gtgacctgta taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaatg     39540
     cagagacaaa aatggatcaa aaactgaagg aatggctgac cagtgacctg tctaaataaa     39600
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aatgcagaga caaaaatgga tcaaaaactg     39660
     aaggaatggc tgaccagtga cctgtccaac ttgaggtcca tcccatggac acacaccaaa     39720
     ccctgacact attactggta ctatattgtg cttgcagaca ggagcctagc atggctcttt     39780
     ctgagagact aaagtctcta tgagactacc agcagcttat tgagacagat gcagatattt     39840
     acagccaacc actggactgg ttcaggaatc cctttggaag agttagggga aatttttaat     39900
     aaactgaaag aggtggcaac cccacaggaa gaacaatagt gtcaactaac ctggaccccg     39960
     gagagctctg agaggctaag ccaccaacca aacagcatac acgggctggt ccaagaccct     40020
     cagcacatat gcagcagagg cctgtcttgt ctggactcag tgggaaaaga tgtacctaat     40080
     cctatagata cttgatgccc cagaaaaggg gatgctcggt gggggcaacc ctcttagatg     40140
     aaaagggggg tgagagtggg atgaagaact ctgggaggac taaccaggtt agggaggtca     40200
     acatttagaa tataaaaaag taaagtaatt aattaaggaa gaataaaaac agatgtagac     40260
     gcacctggga agggagtctc aatgaaggat tatctcgatt aagttggttt gtaggctttt     40320
     ctgttatcat gataaatagg aagacatgtc catgtgggtg atatcttggg tggtagaaga     40380
     gtagagaaga aagctgagca ttatcatgca gcataactca ctgattttca gtcttcactg     40440
     tggatgtact gagacatatc tttcaatgtc ctgttactat gacttctctt tgatgatcga     40500
     ctgtaactca ggcttgggag ccaagaaaac ccttttttta ataggtagat ctatcctttc     40560
     ttcttaatgg gctgtcagtg ctgcttctcc caacaccagc atgagctggt atctattcct     40620
     cattgcaatc cactgagaaa ataaggtaac caatagaatc tacttcctct gctgccactc     40680
     aagcaatcca tctctccatg ttctgacgct cctcctagaa gacctgccca acttccaaca     40740
     gagagctgat acaaatctat ttcactttgt cgtaccaggg tgctgactga gaagcccatc     40800
     ccagaggctc tcactccctt tctggtaaag ctctgccatg ccacctctcc aggcaggcct     40860
     tcatctcctc tacccctaga atacttgata gcaactcccc actttggact cttagccatg     40920
     ccttttccag tctactagca actacaaata cagacaaagt atgtgctatt tttttttaac     40980
     ctggaactca gaacagtatt ttctagatct ttctgtgtga cttcatatat gttgttacct     41040
     acttttctaa ataatgtttt ctctacttct atgcattcct gtacatgggt aaaagctcta     41100
     gttgtgtgcc ttcttataca tatatcacat ttatgtatgt atatacatgt atacatgcat     41160
     ttctgggtga atctttagct gtctttcttc ttatgcatgt attgcactta tggacatata     41220
     tacctgtaga catgcattta cttgtcagat taaaccagta ctatggattt tattatcttc     41280
     actttggtga gaattctaga atttctgcct ctagtactat tctaactttg atcttaaata     41340
     tatatatgga cttccaaatt tgtcctttag agccaactta atcataccta gcctgtgttt     41400
     tctgcctcag aaatgggttc tgttttcttc tagtcattca aataaaaatc ctttgagatc     41460
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta ttcttccttc     41520
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ctctttcttt ctttctttct ttctattcat     41580
     ttctttcctc actccctcct tctcctctct ctgttgttct ttctatgtgt ttctatgtgt     41640
     caccattcat tttcttttca tttttttatt ttttaaagat tttcctcgtt tgcatttcca     41700
     atgctattcc agagtccccc ataccctccc cccaactccc ctacccaccc actcccactt     41760
     cttggccctg gcgttcctct gtactgaggc atataaagtt tgcacgacca atgggcctct     41820
     ttttccactg atggccaact aggccatctt ctgatacata tgcagctaga gacaaaagct     41880
     ctggggggta ctggttactt catattgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag atccctttaa     41940
     ctccctgggt acattctcta gctcctccat tgggggccct gtgatccaac caatagctga     42000
     ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg ccccggccta gtctcacaag agacagctat     42060
     atcaagggcc ctttcagcaa aatcttgctt gtgtatgcaa tgatgtcagc atttggaggc     42120
     ttattatggg attgatcccc ggatgtggca gtccctagat ggtccatcct tttgtctcag     42180
     ctccaaactt tgtctctata actccttccg tgggtatttt gttcccaatt ctaagaaggg     42240
     gcaaagtgtc cacactttgg tcttccttct tcttgagttt catgtgtttg tcaaattgta     42300
     tcttatatct tgggtattct aagttaatgg gctaatatcc acttatcagt gaatacatat     42360
     catgtgattt cttttgtgat ggggttatct cactcaggat gatgccatcc agatccatcc     42420
     atttgcatag aaatttcaca aattcattct ttttaatagc tgagtagtac tccattgtgt     42480
     aaatgtacca cattttctgt atccattcct ctgttgaggg gcatctgggt tctttccagc     42540
     ttctggctat tataaatgag gctgctatga acatagtgga gcacatctct ttcttactag     42600
     ttggaacatc ttctggatat atgcccagga gaggtattgt gggatcctcc ggtagtacta     42660
     tgtacaattt tctgaggaac cgccagacca atttccagag tggttgtaca gcttgcaatc     42720
     ccatcaataa tggaggagtg tgcctctttc tccatatcct cgccagcatc tgctgtcacc     42780
     tgaatttttg gtattagcca ttctgactgg tgtgagatgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat     42840
     ttgcattttc ctgatgatta aggatgctga acattttttt caggtgcttc tcagccatta     42900
     agtatccctc atgtgagaat tctttgttta gctctaagcc ccatttttta atggggttat     42960
     ttgattttct ggagtccacc ttcttgagtt ctttatatat attggatatt agtcctctat     43020
     ctgatttaga ataggtaaag atcctttccc aatctgttgg tggccttttt gtcttattga     43080
     cagtgtcttt tgccttacag aagctttgca gtttcatgag gttccatttg tcgattctcg     43140
     atcttacagc acaagccatt gctgttctat tcaggaattt ttcccctgtg cccatctctt     43200
     aaaggctttt tcccactttc tcctctataa gtttcattgt ctctggtttt atgtggagtt     43260
     ccttaatcca cttagatttg aattagtaca aggagataag aatggatcaa ttcgcattct     43320
     tctacatgat aattgccagt tgtgccagca ccctttgtta aaaatgctgt cttttttcca     43380
     ctggatggtt ttagctgcct tgtcaaagat caggtgacca taggtgtgtg ggttcatttc     43440
     tgggtcttta attctattcg attggtctac ttgtctgcct ctataccagt accatgcagt     43500
     ttttatcaca attgctctgt agtacagctt taggtcaggc atgatgattc caccagaggt     43560
     tattttatcc ttgagaggaa tttttgctat cctaggtttt tttgttattt cagatgaatt     43620
     tgcagattgc tctttctaac tcagtgaaga attgagttgg aattttgatg gggattgcat     43680
     tgaatctgta gattgctttc ttcaggatag ccatttttac tatattaatc ctgccaatcc     43740
     atgagcatgg gagatctttg catattctga gatcttcaat ttctttcttc agagacttga     43800
     agttcttgtc atactgatcc ttcacttcct tagttagaat cacaccaagg tattttataa     43860
     ttttttgtga ctactgtgaa gggtgttgtt tccccaatat ctttctcatc ctgcttatcc     43920
     tttgtgtaga gaaaggctac tgatttgttt gggtcaattc tatatccaga tactgcactg     43980
     aagctgttta tcaggtttag gagttctctg gtggaatttt tagggtcact tatatatata     44040
     ttatcatatc atctgcaaaa agtgatattt tgacttcttc cttttcaatt tgtatcccct     44100
     cgatctactt ttgttgtcga attgctctgg ctaggacttc aagtacaatg ttgaataggc     44160
     agggcgaaag tgggcagcct tgtctagtcc ctgattttag tgggattgct tccagcttct     44220
     caccatttac tatgatgttg gctactggtt tgctgtagat tgcttttatc atgtttaggt     44280
     atgggccttg aattcctgat ctttccaaga cttttatcat gaatgggtgc tggattttgt     44340
     caaatgcttt ctctgaacct aaggagatga tcatgtggtt tttgtctttg agtttgttta     44400
     tataattgat tacgttgatg gatttctata tattaaacca tccctgcatc cctgggatga     44460
     aacctacttg atcaggatgg atgattgttt taatgtgttc ttggattcgg gtagcgagaa     44520
     ttttattgag tatttttgca tcgatattca taagggaaat tggtctgaag ttttctatct     44580
     ttgttagatc tttttgtggt ttagatatca gagtaattgt ggcttcatag aatgaattgg     44640
     gtagagtacc ttctgtttat attttgtaga atagtttgtg cagaactgga attagatctt     44700
     ctttgaaggt ctggtagaac tctgcactaa acccatctgg tcctgggctc tttttgtttg     44760
     agagactatt aatgactgct tctatttctt taggggatat gggactgttt agatcattaa     44820
     cttgatcctc atttgacttt ggtacctggt atctgtctag aaatttgtcc atttcatcca     44880
     ggttttacag ttttgttgag tatagccttt tgaggaagga tctgatggtg ttttggattt     44940
     cttccatatc tgttgttatg tctccctttt catttctgat tttgttcatt aggatgttgt     45000
     ccctgtgccc tctagtgagt ctggctaagg gtttatctat cttgttgatt ttctcaaaga     45060
     accagctcct catttggttg attctttgaa tagttcttct tgtttccact tggttaattt     45120
     tgcccctgag tttgattatt tcctgccacc tactactctt ggatgaattt gtttcctttt     45180
     gttctagagc ttttaggtgt gttgtcaagc tgctagtgtg tgttctctct agttctctct     45240
     agtttctttt tggaggaact ttttggaggc tatgagtttc cctcttagaa atgctttcat     45300
     tgtgtcccat aagtttgggt atattgtgtc ttcattttca ttaaactcta aaaagtcttt     45360
     aatttctttc tttattcctt ccttgaccaa ggtatcattg aaaagagtgt tgttcagctt     45420
     ccacgtgaat gttggctttc tactatttat gttgttattg aagatcagcc tccgtccatg     45480
     gtgatctgat aggatgcatg ggacaatttc aatatttttg cgtctgctga ggcctgtttt     45540
     gtgaccaatt atatggtcaa ttttagagaa ggtaccatgt ggtgctgaga agaaggtata     45600
     tccttttttt aggataaaat gttctgtaga tatctgttaa atccatttgt ttcataactt     45660
     ctgttagttt cactgtgtcc ctgtttagtt tctgtttcca cgatcagtcc attgatgaaa     45720
     gtggtgtgtt gaagtctccc actattattg tgtgaggtgc aatgtgtgcc ttgagcttta     45780
     ctaaagtgtc tttaatgaat gtggctgccc ttgcatttgg agcacagata ttcagaattc     45840
     agaattcctc ttggaggatt ttacctttga tgactatgaa gtgtcccccc ttttcttttt     45900
     tgataacttt gggttggaag tcgattttat tcgatattga aatggctact ccagcttgtt     45960
     tcttcagacc atttgcttcg aaaattgttt ttcagccttt cactctgagg tagtgtctgt     46020
     ctttttccct gaaatgggtt tactgtaagc agcaaaatgt ttggtcctgt ttgtgtagcc     46080
     agtctgttag tctgtgtctt tttactgggg aattgagtcc attgatatta agagatatta     46140
     aggaaaagta attgttgctt cctattattt ttgttgttag agttagcatt ctgttcttgt     46200
     ggctgtcttt ggtttcttga aggattactt tcttgctttt tctagggtgt ggtttctgcc     46260
     cttgtattgg attttttatg ttattatcct ttgaagggct ggattcatgg aaagataatg     46320
     cgtgaatttg gttttgtcgt ggaatacttt ggtttctcca tctatagtaa ttgagagttt     46380
     ggctggtata gtagcctggg ctggcatttg tgttctctta gtgtctgtat aacatctgtc     46440
     caggatcttc tggctttcat agtctctggt gaaaagtctg gtgtaattct gataggcttg     46500
     cctttatatg ttacttaacc tttttccctt tttgctttta atattctctc tttacttagt     46560
     gcacctgttg ttctgattat tatgtgtcag gaggaatttc ttttctggtc cagtctattt     46620
     ggagttctgt aggcttcttg tatgttcatg ggcatctctt tctttaggtt tgggaagttt     46680
     tcttctatta ttttgttgaa gatgtttgct ggcccgttaa gttgaaaatc ttcattctca     46740
     tctactctta ttatccatag gtttggtttt ctcattgtgt cctgaatttc ctggatgttt     46800
     tgtgttagga tctttttgca ttttgtattt tctttgattg ttgtgctgat gttctctatg     46860
     gaatcttctg cacctgagat tctttcttcc atctcttgta ttctgttgct gatgctcgca     46920
     tctatgtttc catatttctt tactaggatt tctatctcca gcatttcctc actttgggtt     46980
     ttctttattg tgtctacctt cctttttatg tctagtatgg ttttgttcat ttctatcacc     47040
     tgtttggatg tgttttcctg tttttcttta aggacttcta cctggttgtg tttttgtgtt     47100
     tttctttaag gacttgtaac tctttagcag tgttctcctg tatttctttg agttattaaa     47160
     gtccttcttg atgtcctcta tcatcatcat gagatatgct tttaaatcca ggtctagctt     47220
     ttcgggtgtg ttggggtgaa gtgggagtgc tgcattttga tgatggtgaa tggtcttggt     47280
     ttctgttagt aagattctta tgtttgcctt ttgccatctg gtaatctctg gagttagttg     47340
     ttatagttgt ctctggttag agcttgttcc tccagtgatt atattagcct ctatcagcag     47400
     acctgggaga ctagctctct cctgagtttc agtggtcaga gcactctttg caggcaagct     47460
     ctcctcttgc agggaaggtg cccagatatc tggcatttaa acctgcctcc tggaagaagt     47520
     tgtgttccac tcaccagagg tcctaagatt gcttggagac tcctctaggg accttggggg     47580
     tgtccaatga ctctgcaccc aaggtgaccc tcaccattct ttctttaatt attctttccc     47640
     tctattgttc catgtctctt ttcttgcatt tcctccttgt attcttttgg ctttggaaga     47700
     gggtctagct atgtaaccct gactaacctt ccactaaccg tgcagcccaa attactctca     47760
     atacatgcag tagtccctgc ctctgctacc agaatattgg gattatatgt gtgacactac     47820
     cccaatatgt gttcactttg gtccattttc tgtcttgcaa cttcaacttt caaccaaatc     47880
     tttagttcct ccttctaaac aaatccagaa cttgctcaaa aatttaaaaa aaaaacttac     47940
     aagtgatgtc acatttttaa aaattatatg aatgggtgtg tatcaaatta gataactaag     48000
     aaaagcaaat ttttagaaac gtataaccta caaatacaaa atcattatga atagtaaatc     48060
     tgagaacagg ctttcacatc atatggagat gaattagtaa tcataaattt tccagtaaaa     48120
     atattccaga gccagatggc tttagagata acatttgcca aaatgtttaa agaacaaata     48180
     ctggtctttc tcatctcttt aagaaattca taatgagaaa gcaccttcta acttatttta     48240
     aaggttatca gtagcttaat ggtaaagact gaaaaaaatt acaagaataa ttatataggt     48300
     caatattctt aatgaaatta tataaaaaaa ttcttcaacc aacccaaagc cattagctca     48360
     tttaaaagat cttacaggat tgccagttaa gatttttttc ccctgagatt caaggatatt     48420
     caacatatga agataaatta atcatattaa tagtataaat cctatatcgc cttaataaat     48480
     tgttctaatt gttttatagt gctatgataa aaacatcatg acaaaaagta aacctgaaag     48540
     aatttatttc atcttacagt ttaccattct tcctgaaggg aagtcagggc aagaacttgg     48600
     aggtcaaagc aggaatttgg aggcaggaac tgaggcagag gtcacaagga acactgccta     48660
     ttggcttgtt gctcagactc aaattcaact acttttctta aacctcccag gactgggatg     48720
     gcacctcctt ctgtcaaccc tcccacaaca atagttaatc aataaaatgc cctacatact     48780
     tatctaccat ccaatttgat ggagacattt cctcagctga tattccctcc tcccagatgt     48840
     gtcatagttt atgttaaccc gatgaaacca accaaaaaag atgcattaaa ggcactgtac     48900
     ataattcagt aatttttgtc acaaaaaatt gtgaaaacta gatacaaaaa gaaattacct     48960
     cagcatactc aatgtccatg tcataatcaa caaaagcatt atttctaata tctagaacaa     49020
     tgcaagaaca gttagtgttg tcccctccaa ttgacatctt cttggcagag ttattaggag     49080
     tggagtcagg gagggaaaga tagaaaggca tccaaaccat caagaagcaa gcaaaactat     49140
     agctgtatca gatgcaatta tttaatatat ctaaacccct aaggacttta tttaaaaaat     49200
     tagaactacc aaagtgaagt ctataaagtt tcaaggtatg aattaaacat acaaaaatta     49260
     gttacattct taaatactga cagtaaataa tctatgcatt tttcattttt catgtttttc     49320
     agtgttttgc gccatattcc tggtcctaca gtgtgtgtgt ctaattttcc acgtttttca     49380
     gttttctcgc catattccag gtcctacagt gtgcatttct catattccat gtctttcagt     49440
     gtttcttgcc atattccagg tcctacagtg tttgtgtatc attctccaca tttttcagtt     49500
     ttctctccat attccagctc ctacaatgtg catttctcat tttccacgtt ttcagtgttt     49560
     gtcgccatat tccaggttct acaatgtgtg tgttttattt tccacttttt tcagttttct     49620
     cgccatattc cagctcctac agtgtgcatt tctcattttc catgtctttc agtgtcgcca     49680
     tattacaggt cctacaatgt gtgtgtctca ttttccacgt ttttcagttt tcttgccata     49740
     ttccatgtcc tacagtgtgc atttctcatt ttccacgttt tcagtgtttg tcaccatatt     49800
     acaggtccta cagtgtatgt gtctcatttt ccacgttttt cagttttctc tccatattcc     49860
     aggtcctact gtgtgcattt ctcattttcc acgtttttca gtgtttctcg ccatattcca     49920
     ggtcctacag tgtgcatttc tcattttcca cgtttttcag gcaaatatta agacttgaat     49980
     tttttcaaag ggacttgtaa atgttattaa atccatatca aaactagaat gatattttta     50040
     gaaaaataga taaaatgatt tgtaaatttt ctgtggcccc ataaacccca aagatgagtg     50100
     cactacttgt agtagtttgg atgaagaatg tccaatgcag gctcatgtac ctgaacactt     50160
     ggtcttcaat tggtagcaca gtatcaggaa ggttgtgtaa cctttaggag atgcagggtt     50220
     gatggaggaa gtacatcact gggggcagtc tttggggttt tatagcctca ctctgcctac     50280
     tcgcactctc tgattcctgt gtgcggatgc aaagcaaagc tgccatttta ctgctcctgg     50340
     tttaaagaat gttatcactg tcatgacaga ccctagcccg ctctaaccat aagcaaaaga     50400
     ggcccctttt tctttaagtt gtttttggtc atgatatttt tttctgcttt tttttaatta     50460
     gatatttttt tacatacatt tcaaatttca aatgctatcc tgaaagttcc ctatatcctc     50520
     cccccgccct gctaccttac ccacccattc ctgcttcttg gccctggcat tccactgtac     50580
     tgggacatat aaagtttgta agaccaaggg gactctcttc ccagtgatgg ccgactaggc     50640
     catcttctgc tacatataca gctagagaca cgagctctgg ggggtactgg ttagttcata     50700
     ttgttgttcc acatataggg ttacagaccc cttcagctcc ttggatactt tctctaggtc     50760
     ctccactggg ggccctgtgt ttcatcttat acatgactgt gagctatgcc agtgcctggc     50820
     aatatagaag tggtcatgat attttaccat cacagaaaat gtaactaatt catacttttg     50880
     aaaaagacct aagatggggg agattattct ttctgatctt aaaataattt aggaagcagt     50940
     ggtaaccaag tcagtgcaca actggcataa aaaggtgaga tccattgaac aatgaaatag     51000
     aaaccaccat ataaatccaa acatatatgg cctgctaatt tttgacaagg gtgtcacgaa     51060
     tatacagtgg aataaggaca gcctcttcaa tagatgatgc tacaaaactg gatatctaca     51120
     gggagtggca gtggtaaaat gagatcccta ttttatgcca tttagaagta gtgtcaaaat     51180
     atcttaaagt caaatatatc cataaagtct tagcaacatg aaccaaacaa gtacagtaaa     51240
     aacagatatg ctaaacatga aagggaaaag acaaagaagc ctcaatccta cacaaagagc     51300
     tataggcaac taaggaatgc tgaaaatggg agaaacgtct ttcccaggga agagcatgtc     51360
     agttagctat ccaatactaa acagggtgct ccaaaaacat gcacaagcaa cattatgaaa     51420
     agttggcagg ctgtattaat atatttatga atgtatgtga atatgcatat aggcatgtat     51480
     aataactaat aataaaagaa actacagatt tgaatgagag ccaggaggga gtatatagaa     51540
     agttttagac aaggaaagga aggggtaaat taggtagaat tatagcattt gaaatgtaaa     51600
     tgaagaaaat acctaattaa aaaaaaagga aaaaaaaact aaatagaaga taaactataa     51660
     aattcctaag gaaactatag gcagaaacat ccttgacatt gttcttggca atggtttttg     51720
     ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt atagtttatg acacaaaaag acaataaaga aagtaaaatt     51780
     tgattaattc accaaataga aaagctttga cctagccaag aaagcaatca acagtgaaaa     51840
     tgtgagttac acaatgggag agaacagttg caagccatac acctgataag gacttaatct     51900
     ccaaaataaa taagaaactc ctacaaatca ataattttat aaaacttcca ttatgtgatt     51960
     aaaaacaaac aaacaacatt aacagacatt tcttcagaga agatacaaaa aaaaaagcca     52020
     acagacatac gaatacaatc ctctgtatat ccagcacact gacttttata accaaataca     52080
     cacactgcca aggaggtgga aaatcagggc actttgcaca tgttgtcgaa tattcaacat     52140
     gtgcaagtca ctctaagagc acatgatgga ggttctgcac acatttacaa atataactac     52200
     atataattca gcagcccata tctgggcttt tatcaaaaga taacagaatg gacctggaag     52260
     cctcctctct gaaatctagc tcatcatgag aaggttatga gagctaccaa gggagaggag     52320
     aaattagtag tcatacccag ctataaagca tatgaatcac aacactgact gaatcactca     52380
     aaaggagaaa attcatatta gtcaactatt catggctgga gagtttatag accagagaat     52440
     ggaaactact attgccattt tcctaaatca atttctaatt gtactctgca aacctacatt     52500
     tatactcaca gatggagact attacagaga tccactgttg gggctggcct gcagctctca     52560
     tgtccgggtt cgagcctggg aggtagcctg gagcagaaaa agaagaggga aactaggtga     52620
     atgagagaga gatggaacaa agacagtatt ctgatcaagg ctcaaatttt taatggcgaa     52680
     catgttttat aaagaagaag ggaggccaat tcccaccaaa tcatccttgg agcccagctg     52740
     caggtgacca cgtgtaggct ctggaatagc taagtggact cccagcaggt agcagtgaag     52800
     agaaaactta taattttggg ttttatagca ttgtgttata taagctcaag aaattcaggg     52860
     ctgaagaata gacccaggcg gatccaggca cagccagatc caccctgtag ctaagaatgt     52920
     ccggccataa aagataaaaa agagagtgca gaaactagcc agggctatca ggaccaaatg     52980
     gccatctggc aggatggtgc ctcccgggtg gcacctccct atagtgtggg aagccacatg     53040
     tgccgttgct gagtggcact gactactgct ggccaccacg cataagattg gacaaacaac     53100
     caatgtgtac atatgcagta aagttttttg caaagacact gcctggccca ggcatgataa     53160
     tgaggttctg taaggtactg agagtataac caatcagatg tgagacatgc aaatgaggta     53220
     tgataatgag gttctgtaag gtactgagag agagtagcca atcagatgag gaacatgcaa     53280
     ataaggctta gtgcataacc aatccgggtg tgagacacgc ccctcctagg cctataaaag     53340
     cagcaccagt tctgggctcg aggtcttttc gcctctacaa tcaagctctc ccaataaaca     53400
     tgtgcagaag gatcctgttg cagcgtcgtt cttcctggcc agtcgagcgc gcgcaagact     53460
     atagcccacc ataaatcata cattgaccag gtgtcctgtt gacctcgaga agtccaagcc     53520
     cttgtgcctc cctacacctt aactatcacg tactgccctg ttaatttgta atcacctcgc     53580
     caacatttaa ataagccaat catgtgtaac cgcgcaaatt ccttcggctc cctccctttt     53640
     tggcttgtgg tttttgcctt tataagcctg taagaagttt gggccagggt cgaactcccc     53700
     tgccccctgc gcagtgcatg agtttccacc ccagcatgct ggcttgagcg ctcctttgtt     53760
     gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtgcca ttaaaagcct cgtgttatta caatgagtaa ggtctgagtg     53820
     tcctactggg tgcacgcctc cccgaagaga aactcccctt gggggtctct cagcagcagc     53880
     agcagtggct gaacaattga gtgatctagg gaggcatgct ccaccctagg tgatctcctt     53940
     agtggtatag caaagtcaag gtctggctca gcctgcttca ggcttgtggg aggctacatc     54000
     tcctccctgt tactaatatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaagctgga ctgaggaaca aaatttattt     54060
     atgctctata gttctgcctg atttccttgg ggctagtgaa gaaacctgtc tcagtgggat     54120
     tccctaactt ttctcatggt aaacccttgt ttggttaaga ctgtccttaa tgtcctagta     54180
     aacactctgc agaccagccc tgagctgctg gctctgtctt ttgtaatgct taattagtta     54240
     ctgaataggt aacttcctta ctgaattcct actgacttcc aagttgttgg cttcaaggtc     54300
     tttctaggac attggaacac tggtgaaggc ttaactatat cagaattcaa tctttaaaag     54360
     cacttataat aaaataatac taaaagaaga cacgtggatc catacagcag actaacacgg     54420
     agatagggta aaaatatatg ggttatgaaa atgtcaaagt cctaggaggt gagtttcagt     54480
     gaaactcttt gcctcatgag tgctcccagg cctctcgccc tgtcaagcaa acttcactgg     54540
     agtgtgcata gcatattctc ccattcttat atttctgcca aacttccaga atgtcccacc     54600
     ttgtcgtaga tacagatctc aggagtgctc tgaagatgag tggaaacaca acgatttact     54660
     agtaaattag tgccaataat aatagcaagt aggataatat attgaaccca atccacgggg     54720
     attcaatgca cttaggttat cttttaaatc tctggccaat tcatcaatgt tccaagtgtc     54780
     caagtgacta ttgctaatat ctgaaatttc tgcctttcta gccttaatat atgctatgtc     54840
     ctgccctatt gttaagagtg cttctaagac attaaccttt gcctccaatt ctttgcatgg     54900
     ctctgtggtg cattattaat aaaccatggc ctcttggcat gtacctctgt ctagattgat     54960
     atgattccaa gatctgggtg tccttcttac attgtccagc cctcatagta aaccttaatc     55020
     ccaaatcaga ccaaaagcca caatatgtac tagaatgctt cttgaatgaa gattagtaac     55080
     tgccatctgc gctgttggag aaggggatgc acacctgctg cagtcaggct gaagggcgtt     55140
     gactgacctg tttgaaaaac aaagtcaaga cagtgaaagg cacagtaaaa aagcttcttt     55200
     tggggaagtc caggtactcc attcaaatgc aaattagcaa tgatcaagct taggctctgg     55260
     cctccaggtg tgggggagct ggctttgaga attagcagaa aggccagaga ttctctggaa     55320
     atggaggctg tgctccaaat taactttgct aggtaattaa gatttttagc tatcttcaat     55380
     aggaatctct aatattggaa ttattactag accagtccaa gattgagttg gaataactgg     55440
     tcacattgaa ggaaaaagaa gaatcattat aattttttct tatgactaat ctttctaagt     55500
     cagattacac tgtctctgat gttcttttta ccataaggtt aaaaagcttg aagcaaagca     55560
     gcttcacttg tccaaactga aaaaaatggc aagaaaggat gggtcgaaaa catgtaccaa     55620
     attcagcttc ctagtcacta cagtcagggc acttacctgt cagcctatca ctcgaattag     55680
     ccatcatgct tctgcagcat tctgtggaga gaacctttgc ttttcccttt cctaataagg     55740
     aagctgttca ggatcaagcc atatgccaat aagtagatcc ttttaagata ttataaggca     55800
     tttattaaat tctttgacat ccaaatttca aaattctaaa gtaaaagtat gatttaaata     55860
     atgtacatgg gaatgcacta aataatatgc atggggatat aatttccccc ttctttgtct     55920
     tttaagaagc tagttttaaa gttccacaat accttgtcct tgagaattaa taatttgtta     55980
     acaaaacatc tcaaatactt gactgttata gtcagtatta atgtaacatg ggttgtgact     56040
     aattgcactt tcaattgttt ctcttgaaga gtggttataa caagaaagct tgaaaagtta     56100
     ttaatagtca catgtgcata atctatttat ttattaataa gaaataagag cattcatttg     56160
     cagcaatcga ttaagtatag gtccccaaga attaacacca ttatgtggaa acagatagaa     56220
     tctgaggaca acaagaacaa ctctttcaca atttgatatg caccttctct aaaaatacca     56280
     aaatactatc ttaagccatt actgttttga ttaaataaag aacgagatta ttcttatgta     56340
     aggcctgtaa tctgtccgag atataaatct agcatggcat tgtcttaagg tcttgtccag     56400
     gcgacccagg acaaattctt aactgtccaa aaacagtctt aaaagaacag catttttttt     56460
     acgagttatg tatgcataaa ccattgcaaa tttgagaatt tatagtatct gagggatgaa     56520
     caattttaag caattgtaag ctctaagata taatattgac tattaatata caaattaaag     56580
     cttgattgtt cagcctttta aaacaccatc tacagcacac aacttaatta tttgtgttga     56640
     agcaggggaa agctcaaaat aataagcgtg tgatccaatt cacatctact tatttccctt     56700
     agagggcttg tttttaaaca cagtaactgg gatgcatgca tgcatgaatt tatagaagat     56760
     acaaaagcat gcataaaaac aatttttaac ttatctatta ttatttaaaa tgatggtatg     56820
     caataggtta attattaata ttctgtaata accaatttaa ttgttgtttt gaacacgaaa     56880
     cagacactta gtcaaaacaa tatacactga aagattcaaa ctcttagctt cttgattaca     56940
     gctcactaga agcaaaccca atacaattta tctagatgca aaagaaaaaa caaacttata     57000
     aatctataat aactttatat aaggtagaca agtcaaatca caatgtcctg ataaatttta     57060
     cagcctgatt gacctttttt attaacctat aatttaaact ttatttagaa caacatctgc     57120
     aaaggtgttc ttacagctaa aaggaattct ctcctgaagg tagggagggg gtaggttctc     57180
     agaacttctc tagtcacagt ttgtgaaaca aaggaaatgc cacacaagcc ttgctgaggc     57240
     tgctcaaagc tgagctccgc attgacccaa acacaaacat ttctcaatct gagcactctg     57300
     ctagagtcct ggcccaaaga ttatccctat tttgaagtat ctttaaaata tctttaaaga     57360
     tctgttttcc tgggttcact cctgccacat gttgtttaga atgactctaa ctctgagtta     57420
     ccaattttaa gctaattttc cagtaaccaa tgttacacct ttttgatcat acccaataac     57480
     ttataagcta atactctacg atgaagacac acagagcata ttacacctct aagaccagta     57540
     aaaaccaaat gaaatggcta catgagtctt ataaatttag accaatcaaa gaattttaat     57600
     ttttctagct ataattataa aataaaaagc actttgtcat tagctaaacg caataatcac     57660
     gattgcagag aattttctta gaaaaaaata tctatcagct ttttcgcccc aaaaccatga     57720
     gggtgcagat ttcctttttt aaaaaaacag tttttccagc aggggccctc ctgctgtgct     57780
     caattctccg ccagagaatc aaagccactt agctttgctt ataccagcca tcttttgatt     57840
     tctaacatga aacacagaac attcagtcat tcagacaact agacacaaac acacgtatgg     57900
     acacgtggac attttggtgc gccagacatt agacaagacc ttagacaaaa acacaaagag     57960
     gacagagaac ttctaccata agggctagag agaaaaaggc agggtgtccc ctaaaatttc     58020
     tctctgcttc tgggacactt tcctctcacc tgatgcagtt tcctacagcg gccaatctgc     58080
     ctgattattt aatccctttt attaaaccct tactcctctc gcctaaaaag cagcttctgg     58140
     aagctgcggc cgactgcctg ttgagttcct agttccttat agctcactgc tgaacctaag     58200
     tgaatccagc gcacaggttt agcgctgttc cagcttagcc cgtaccacac cttagcagcc     58260
     tttttgcccg ttgcttctca tgttccggta tgaattttct atctgtggtg ctccctacca     58320
     gcagtgtttc ttccatcatc ctctgccatt cccaggtccc acgttggttc accaaattgt     58380
     tggggccggc ctgcggctct catgtccggg ttcgagtctg ggaggcagcc tggagctgaa     58440
     caagaagagg gaaactaggc agacgagaga gagggaatca agacagtatt ctgatcaagg     58500
     ctcaagtttt tatgggaggg gaagcccatt cccgccaaat catccttgga gcccagctgc     58560
     aggagaccat gtgtaggctc cagaatagct agatggactc ccagcaggta gcagcagcgg     58620
     cagtggctga acagtagagt gatccaggga ggcaggctcc accctaagta atctccttag     58680
     tggtatagca aagtcaaggt ctggctcagc ctgcttcagg cttgtgggag gctacaatcc     58740
     accactggtc aatgtgtaga gaataagtat ctgtgtggtg cccagacatg cctgatacat     58800
     gcacactgta acccctaaag ctcagggaaa ttttctgaag agagggtgac aaagttgtat     58860
     tccaggatgg ctactgctag gttgtgtgca ctagacatga caggaaatat gtacccttga     58920
     aatgtcaaca atacagttgc ctagccaaga ccaacataaa aaagaacaaa aaaacaaaca     58980
     cttgctgata tgacaatctg acatggggaa atcccacacc atcaaaaccc tagatgaaga     59040
     gggagaatta gttgcatgaa ggaatgagac tcatcagaga ttatccaatt ccaagtggtc     59100
     atcccaggac acatgtaaat gtgagtaatg ttaaatggac tcagtaggtt ttctatataa     59160
     tgatacaggt ttgaaaagag accatgaatt tgggatatat ggagggaaca tggaaggagc     59220
     tagaaaatgg aaggctggga acaatgtagg tagactcagc actcatgcat gaagttctca     59280
     aaaattttta gttatttaaa aaaataataa tggaaataag cttaaggaat tgttagaact     59340
     ctgatatttt ttgcaatagt ttttaacaat agcttaaatg tggaagcctg aatgttcact     59400
     gactgataaa ataactgata agctacaaag catgatatca aggaatgtta cccaactatc     59460
     aaaggaaaag tttgatgtat gtaacaacac aaataaaccc taaggatact gtgctaagtg     59520
     aaataaacca gtgatgaaag aaatacagtg tgtcatttta cttgtggaca gaatatcata     59580
     taactaaatt aacaaaatga aatggtggag tggtaggcaa gtgatgggga attagagatg     59640
     agttgagtct ctcagtctaa ccacctgaat aagctttggc catctgctgg gtggggcgcc     59700
     aactatgatg tgttgtgaac ttaagagttc atgctacatg tctgtagtga gaatttgtgg     59760
     ttctttaaaa acacagaaat attatgtgga tatgttttgt tttaatccca ggagtgggat     59820
     atgagactgt ttcagatcgt ccatagaaac tgactatgat ttgtctcata ctctggcagg     59880
     ggcatcactc tgccagctga agatagttta agtttggaat tctggggact cttcagaaga     59940
     tataaaaatg ccagagccct gagagagggg gctgccaatc ccctgatgct gcccctgttg     60000
     ttggttgctg gttgctggtt gctggttgct ggttgctggt tgctggttgc tggttgctgg     60060
     ttgctggttg ctggttgctg gttgctggtt gctggttgct ggttgctggt tgctggttgc     60120
     tggttgctgg ttgctggttg ctggttgctg gttgctggtt gctggttgct ggtgagatat     60180
     cctgacaatg aagattggcc ttgtcctaat caacagggag tagtcttgaa agaacctagt     60240
     ggggaaaccc ccactcaatt gtcgttcggt gtgcacccaa gaatcacgaa cagacgacca     60300
     tcttgatgta aaagcatgag gtagtttaat gacggagctc caggccgaca catatctccc     60360
     gcaggagaca gaggtgtcga ccacatggtg gagccataat ggcggagctc cagttcgaaa     60420
     cgtatctcac gcaagagaca gtggtttcga ccccgacgct tggaagctag gggtttttat     60480
     agaaaagggg tggggctggg ggaggaattg gcgcggtttt acatgattgg tccatttaaa     60540
     catcaacaga ctgtcagaag ggcgggagat agggaggtac taggccagtc aggacatgtg     60600
     acgacgggcc tgcccgggta tgtcctggcc tgttctgcta tgttctcaac cccaggtttc     60660
     aaagctcaca aacaactctt tgggctattt gacataaatt acatgaatca catgtcttaa     60720
     gttttatttc ctttcagtct aatgaaattg actgtcaccc cttccctctg ttccttcttc     60780
     tcttctacct attgttgagg aggtaggaag agatagggat gatgaagtat ggtaggaaaa     60840
     agaacccaat aaagtagcca aaactacagt cacacatgtt cttatcatga taaaagaaat     60900
     gaaatgattt tgaaactgaa gaggatattt tgcaacttga ctataaatac ataaggacca     60960
     gagcaacaca ttggcctgca tgaaatgagt ttctaaaagt aaaaccacag agtacaaaat     61020
     gtctgtggta ttatcattac tatggatatt tattttctag tttctaatga ttaaagaaac     61080
     gcctaaggtt agattggtgt tcagtaaatg acccttctcc acatgactgg atctcttttg     61140
     tcataattga ggctttgctg tccacaagat ttcttttttt agcagccagt gtacagattc     61200
     tgccttctac ccctttctgt tagcttagct gactgtactc tcatctcctt ttgctgcatg     61260
     cttcttatgt aaccacagtg ctaatatgct tcagtttaga tatttaagtt caccagttac     61320
     taagcaaatc tcctttggac aagtaagata agccaaataa aagacttgac agtggatttt     61380
     atcaacagac aggtgtgatt aatgttagat acaacccact aattatcagt agcctttaat     61440
     tctctaggga ctttaacatt cctgttaagt ggtacaaatt actatgtcag ccaccttcta     61500
     ggatacttat gataatgctc aaagcctttc tgtaatcata agtatttatt ttattttcaa     61560
     aatgctttat ccatactatt ttaaaacatc aaataaataa tttatctgac tgttggggcc     61620
     ggcctgaggc tctcatgtcc aggttcgagc atcttggaac tgaatgaaaa gagggagcct     61680
     aggtgggttg agaaataatg gaaccaagac aactagtcta ctcaaggtac aaatatttaa     61740
     tggcggacac gctttataaa ggaggaggga ggcccattcc tgccaattca tccttggagc     61800
     ctggaaccag ctgcagtgca ggatagggca tagtctttga aacagctcca gagcctctca     61860
     gcaggtagca ttatcttgaa gaggaacagc agcattggct gaacaataga atgatgtaga     61920
     gaggaaggct ccaccctaga taatctcctt agtggcagca aggtcaagtt ctggctcagc     61980
     ctgcttcagg cttgtgggag gctacatctg actgtccctg ttacccctcc ataaaaacag     62040
     ggcagaatac aactaatcac cacgttttct aaaagaagtt attgtcaaat attgaacttt     62100
     tctcatttta ctagacacat acaatctatc taatttcaat aattgattca tgcactgtta     62160
     tgagattttt agaaacatta tatgaaatac aagtgacttc cctagttatt ctccatctca     62220
     tgtgttttaa ggattctagt atgatagaat atctgcattt tcaaggtaac ccattggtga     62280
     tcttgtgaat tctgcctcat tatgagaata tgttgcccta aaaaaatgta acaactggat     62340
     ctccaggtga gcgctgtccc tgtaataatg gtctggtatt cttgtcttga tgtgctcaaa     62400
     gaaataaatg cataatgctt actcttacat acccctcctt ttgaaatgcc tgtttattta     62460
     agtgataaac tttgctagtg ttgactacca ttccttagcc aacacagaga actgtacttc     62520
     tcagaatcct accactgaca gagtcataaa gtcatcttcc agtggggtga gagtggaagt     62580
     gacagaagtc atttcctgct caaagcagaa aaaagttccc agagaaaccc acaccccttc     62640
     tttcctgctg tagtgacctg atggtcatag aagagaagat ggggccccag agtagaatac     62700
     actagatgac tgtgtcattg cttagacagt ggttcctagg gctcagtagt ggagatacaa     62760
     tgcttagtat ttgtgagacc tgatattcaa tcccctggac ttcaaaaaca aaataacaaa     62820
     aacagtaact cctgttacaa gccatgagac ccacactgaa acaatgtaac aagccattgt     62880
     acttttaaat taagttgtaa ccaaactaga ggtgttcccc tgagaaacac atccaccata     62940
     cagaattttg ggtatatttt ccccttagag atttgcaaag ttgtagttat catgtagtca     63000
     ttatttgaaa ataatatttt aaaataccat gaactgagaa ataattaaat attcttattt     63060
     tatccaacag tgtaactgtg ctctgatgtt ggataattta ttcagatgtt ctcctctcta     63120
     aatctgtagc tgtactgctt cccccaagag tctatacagc acttagctga gaaagaagtg     63180
     aatcttactt tatcctatat tattttccat atgctatccc agccagtaat gttgtgccaa     63240
     agaaacaggt gtttctcaat gatgtattcc tgtcgttccc tactgggtta ggaaacttcc     63300
     caggcaagtt aaaaaataca tcaatgaatt cactgaaact ttaaaaataa tagaaccctt     63360
     tggattaaat attactaaag catcttgtag agtctgtgca tggtggtaca tgcctatagt     63420
     ttcagcactt agaagtagaa agcagaaaga ccacaagtta gggccagatt ggattgtcta     63480
     gtgagatctt ttctcaaaag taccagcgaa aacggcagag gttaacttct gaatcctgaa     63540
     tgtttagtgt tcacattttt aattctgctt atcttcaagc ttctccctgt gttaatgttg     63600
     ctgcctcaag ttcacaaaga catataagat ggaaatcacc gttagctttg tggggtggtg     63660
     gtaattttag ctttttgttt gatttctttc cctgtttaga ttgtgattgt agtacataca     63720
     gaatatatta gattagacaa caactatcgt ataccttatg tttctctaat tactattagt     63780
     attttcaagt cgtgcatgaa tcacttttag tcatttttcc tttatatgtt gcttcattta     63840
     atcaccattt gttaatataa acaatgaatt cgcctaaaca gtggaatata attttaaata     63900
     ggttatagca ctggaataga taaaggaggc aaatccagct tttcccattg gtggaattcc     63960
     cactgaggac ggtaatctct caaatggcag agcagagggt aaatccatgg acaccacaag     64020
     agtcccttct ctgctattct ctcatcttct gaccttgtga cctggcagaa gagtcagcca     64080
     actcttaatc tgaagtggcc atgtagcact gtgccagcta atgggaaata ttttcctaga     64140
     taaaaccttg ctaggagaaa gactgattct agtcctaaca gtccttgagg tctgtggctg     64200
     ttgtttagtt ttgtggccca gcagagaaaa tggaaaccat attaaaagaa gcagcatcca     64260
     tctagcctaa ggccaagaag ccacaggaat catgtcacag ctagtaagtg tttgtgtgtc     64320
     gagtgttggt gtgtagaaat gtatgattct caaacccaaa taccctagaa ccccgtggta     64380
     tcttgctcac aagagctggc ataaagtctc cttttcagga gagagtttca gataaacaaa     64440
     gaaattacag cagtgaggat taagaaatgc tggtgttggg aagactgtag gatttcagga     64500
     gagtaagggg catccacaat gccaagcaaa aaatgaaact gattttcaca tttgtggaag     64560
     aagattattt taagggtggg tttcagggaa tgactaccat cacatgaatc actctttgtg     64620
     tgttgaacta atggctattg atattgtact gatgataggt gttacctgcc ttatatgtga     64680
     caggatttac tgggaggcca agcaggtgga aagggggcca gcaacatctt gacatttcga     64740
     caagttttct gtttgtataa aaagggaaat tttgtgtgct ctagaacggg gttggagtct     64800
     gcttatatgg cttaatgcgg agctctagtg tgccgacttt gtgagaaatg ttttcttatt     64860
     ctaaccaatt ttaataaaaa attaatttta tagtatgtat ataagcagta gttaaaacta     64920
     tatggcttcc ttgcctggaa actggaaatt tttagaagtg actctattgt tgcacaaatt     64980
     ttataattta gaaagactcc tggtaggtaa catattgaag tttttttgaa accatatctt     65040
     tggttttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttgttttt agagcacaga ttcataagaa     65100
     ggtagagaat aagtagaaag tctgtgagct aattggaaaa atcctggaat tacagagaac     65160
     tatgaagccc aggatgagaa tttgatatta taacatctgg aatcaaaatg taaagaatga     65220
     atctaaatca aaaattaaat ttcaaaacct agtactgaat tgtcagtgtg tctattagag     65280
     attcagccta aggttccatt ctttactatt tagttttggc tatctataat tgataaataa     65340
     tataaaacaa ccagcagctt caaaacctgg cctttgccta gccagtgtgt tcatacaaac     65400
     catgtaaaaa tgagaagaaa aagaggaaag caggctccta tacaaattct cttggcattg     65460
     gtgaagttgg attctaagca ctatcaatgg caacattgcc actgacctag atacactggc     65520
     acatgggtag gtgtgggaac acatacagcc tttaagcctc ttgggaatcc atagctggta     65580
     gttagcacct ggcacagtat tcctacactc acctatagcc ttgtcaaaat gtgcagtgtg     65640
     aaggcttcat cattctgtca aactcctggc atacacacca caagccaagg cacaaaacag     65700
     aggtaaagtg aatttcccca taatccaact ccagcagttt aaaccaggta ggtctattga     65760
     aaagttttaa gcacaaagaa tttgaagaat tgtcttcttt cttggctcta tgtaattgtt     65820
     actgtttttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgtttttgtt agctttgtga ctattgacac     65880
     ttcatgtgca ctcttctttg tcacagagga ttttctgtac attgcagtag tttagaaaga     65940
     tgcctgcact tgacaaattt ggagccagta tcaccaacac ttcttcttct gcctcaagtt     66000
     attataatac ctgtggatgc tgacaaatgt acactattga caaacttgca cttctcctct     66060
     atccttaagg agccagtctc tatccagatt tgacctagct gaagtgtttc aaatgagtct     66120
     gtgctccaca gtatcagaca aaatgcaaat gccatattga atgaggttca aatagatttt     66180
     tctattcata tgggaaccat aggatatggg aagcataatt ctgatggaac acaaggaata     66240
     tggggcattt ggggggttgg aagacaaagg catgatagaa tagaggcata aatgtgttgc     66300
     ttttctgcaa gttggcaaga catcatagaa gtaagccagt cacctggcaa gactcagtgc     66360
     cttctagaag gatgtactga aaattgtagc tttttagatc acaaattaag aaatattttt     66420
     ctttcaaaac aaagacagca agctttatgt tcagaaaagc atccatagaa ataaaaaata     66480
     gagagataca aaaagagaca tagaagagga agcctatatt gctgcttgtt agctatgaca     66540
     ggatggatgg tgaagaggtc agtatggtga gaatgtaatg agatacagga agaccttgaa     66600
     atccagaaat aggctatgta attttaaatc caattatatg acataagact ttgggatttt     66660
     taatatatca ttttataaat taaattttat acatttaata taacaattta taaattcttt     66720
     gagaatttct tacagtgtat tttgaccata tttgtttccc acaccttctc caactcctct     66780
     cagacccaca ccctacctac ctcttactct ctcaacttca tgtcatcttg gctattgcac     66840
     tgttttgtta taataacaca ctgaatccaa cttgttctgc ccatatgtgt aagaccattc     66900
     attgagagtt ctcaacctac cagaagccac atcctaaaga aatctaactg tccaccccta     66960
     gaagtcattt actgtcaata gttcttaagt tagggataga ggcctgtgtg tcccttctga     67020
     ctccgtgata gcatattgaa tggcttaatt ctgtgcaggt cttgtgcaac cacagttgtt     67080
     tggaattcct gaatacagta gtgccatcag aactgctacc attttgctca gctcttcctt     67140
     gacccttttg ctgttatagt ctttccactt tctcttctac aatggtccat gaccttgggg     67200
     tgggccacta tcccatccat agtcatctct tgccacacca gtcatcattg tacttctctg     67260
     tgtttataga tgggtaagag ttctgagtct gtctttccct ctgcaacgta tcaccttcca     67320
     ctactttgaa aattagccag caagagtaaa gctccctgaa cagtatttta aactgtcatg     67380
     ggtcttaaac tttatctttt acagctattc acatattgtc acattatatg ttaactgcac     67440
     tgtacataag gtggccaaat atttgatcaa acactattgt aatctgtgtg gtctggggat     67500
     agaatttagc cttagctaat gtgacttagt aaaaatagat ttcccttcct tttatgtatt     67560
     aatcttagct aatcatttga aggtctaaat ggaaagaaaa gaaccaaccc tgacaaacca     67620
     agaagaaatt cttctgacag ggcaaatttg ttttttgttt gtttggttgg ttagtttttt     67680
     tgttttgttt tgtttttgtt ttctgttgta gtttgtctgt ttattttgtt gttttctttc     67740
     tttagaatca agttcaaaca ccaggttgcc ttgtgtcact ggcagcagtt tcttttcctg     67800
     tcttctaatt agcactagaa ttagtaatac caggggttct gcctgtttcc agtggggcac     67860
     ctatatctct aaggactttt ttttaaaaaa gcatcagtat ttgtttgtat aagcaattcc     67920
     ttataataaa tatgtattct ataactgtct cctgaacaag ctatagcacc tccctagaaa     67980
     aatatctata tataatgatc catttatata tgtatatatc tccatatctg aatttacaca     68040
     cacaccatgc ataccacata cacatttgac acatttgatc atttctgttt ctatggaaaa     68100
     cccttccaaa tacaatattt tgcctggagc tatacttact atatattcaa tttagtcttt     68160
     ggttagagta aaacattttt gatatagtgt aaactgtgct ttttatattt atagatttac     68220
     actgctttat tttcggcaat atgaacactt gtggagttaa agccagtctg aagggatgat     68280
     catgaaaagc acacacttca atgccagcca ggctgcctgc aagagcagga cttgactttg     68340
     ttttccataa actagactcc atggatagat tctcaaggac ttttgagagg atgatttttt     68400
     tcttgaattt tcacttttca ttttgatgat ggtttaaatt cctactctac cagttacaaa     68460
     tcaacacatg cttttaagaa tgatggcacc taactgataa aaatgttcag tgaccttgac     68520
     ctcacaagtc taattcctct agttttttat tcttcatgaa gggattacta gatccttcat     68580
     acttaagaag aaagcaaaca aaactcattc ggttttgggg aacagtcctg tgatgactct     68640
     ccgcaaagca ggttctagga ctgattttgc caacaacttt agcagatcac cctggcccac     68700
     agttttgtta tttatgaaac actagactta aagtttgtta agatttgagt ttcccctgtg     68760
     ttttaagttt ctttttttct atgtgtattg aaattaagaa aaatgaaaaa ccagttaaac     68820
     acatttcagg atagatgaaa aagttagtta tgatgacaac cattttgtca gctgtttcgc     68880
     tcatgttccc cctgttccaa tagcagttac atggtagcct tctcccactc actcactaca     68940
     gcaaacccct gtgccctgtg ccgtggatga gagtgggttt gggcagatag gtgagtgagt     69000
     tagaaagaaa agtcagtgaa tgaatggctg tttgtggaag cgaaggtgtg gcttcagtgg     69060
     gaacttctgg attcctgaga acctttggtt tcaggctctg gttgcccttg agcacttggg     69120
     cagtgctgca aactgtcagt cagagagcaa ctaaaaacac ttcttacaca cctgcttaaa     69180
     gttgacttcc tttcctcaac cctctcttat cttttaatca tgcctgctac ctctgaagta     69240
     aataaactag gtttataagg tagagtaatt gtttgagata tgggattttt ttttctctgt     69300
     gtggcaagaa atgttacctg gagccattgg gctgagacca cagtggaagc agggtccctc     69360
     tggagtattc tagagaaggt catccccaga aatgcaacaa gagggcagga gttgtaagga     69420
     gaggactctt agggtacacg gaaaaagcca gtgtacgagg ccagtataca tgaagtacaa     69480
     gagagagtgg tataaggtaa ggacagagac atcatcaagc accaggtgtt gaaggtccca     69540
     aaatcactac aaaatgttgg ccctttttac tatccatgta actaagaatc tggaggaaag     69600
     gtcacctgag ttctacattt gcaaaagcct tctttggcca agacctatga cttactggct     69660
     gatgtgcatt ttttcagcgg ctcctcatat tctatggaat ggagactgct ttgtctccat     69720
     gtcctttatg ctaaagaggg gctcagagag taagcagaaa acaagcagct accaggtaat     69780
     cactgagacc aaaggtggca aataacgggc attttcacta tctatatctg catgagattt     69840
     gcgattgagt cacgagtaga cttgtgatta agttttaatt agtttttttg cccttacttt     69900
     taagattact ttctgtctct catttcaaga aatatttgtg aattttcatg aggaattcct     69960
     attactgcta ccactgaatt gatgctagtt atgaaagcct cagtaatctt aatgcactac     70020
     cttgtcacat ctacaaattt ttgtctgtga atgtacaatg gaatccagca tattttacaa     70080
     atatgctgac acacaacagg tgctgaatta ctgatcaata aaataacagt atccttctca     70140
     ctctgatttc tacattagta atcaataaaa tgctgtatgt ctgaaacctt atttgtgaca     70200
     gtttttaggt tggatctaca gtagggtggt tgtaaaaatg accttgtctt ttgtttcagt     70260
     ttagggaaat ctaatgcagc cataatatct acatggatca ttatctgtct actggagtgg     70320
     ggaaattgtg tgtggtgggt ggagagagtg actcatgaat tacagagtca aattccaccc     70380
     aatgactgtg ccaaggtgac ttgtcaatgg ctccaagtct ccttcactta agtattgtct     70440
     ctgttaaatt cttgtgattc atttcctgtg gtttaatgct tttgctgttg ctcaaataca     70500
     atctacttca gtttcttttc tttgctaaac tagtttgcct agggtccaat gtagataggc     70560
     atccttccat ctccacacac aaaaaaagtg attttggaat ttgacaagtg aaataataac     70620
     aacttggaca catactgaaa tgaggcacca gtggtttccc aggagaacag tgactgtgct     70680
     gtgtggagaa tctctctccc ggagttggct gagtcatctg acttggcctt gtcccaattt     70740
     tctttcagca aaatgaagaa aaggaagaag ttggagtgac tccctaagca aaacaactgc     70800
     ttaaagatta aagacgcaca gagcacttct cctgaagggc agtcaaccag aattctggag     70860
     tcaaaagcaa gcagctgaag aatctagaag gctgaggaac atacggtagg aaataatcaa     70920
     attgaatcat actggtgtgt gtgtgtgtac atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     70980
     gtgtgtgtgt gtttacatgc acattcactc attcattatg cattgcacct caaatttaca     71040
     taaattttcc aaaccaatga tgttgaacag atacctctgc acccaaagtg atgaaaaaca     71100
     aaaataaaac aaaaacatat taaaagtcaa actttttttt tcctctactg agtttactag     71160
     ctgagaatct cacgtgtgac ctgcctctga tgcctcccag taggtttatt ttcattgagt     71220
     ttgcacttgc cttcagattg ggcaaaatgc ctctgagttg aaaagactta atctcttcag     71280
     acgcctgggt catccgctga aggaagtgct tcttattgct tgttcatgca ttaaaagaaa     71340
     atgctgcttg taaagcctga gagatcaaaa tactgtcctt aaatggctct caactacagc     71400
     accctttttc acatgtgttc tactaatctc ctttggaaga agaagaaaaa aaatccagca     71460
     aactcaatga tttttttttt ttttgcaaag taaacagaat gactttttga aagaaaaata     71520
     taagagtaac tgctttgtta ccaaaactaa agacctactc tatcatttca cacatgtgag     71580
     tcattaaaat atttacatat cagcatagca gcaatgattc cctccactcc attgtcccca     71640
     aacctcttta cattgaaggg ccatcagatt ttgttaaata gcatttctat ttctattgag     71700
     atgatctttg agttctatct ttaggtctat atgtaattaa taaataatta gttgatttgc     71760
     atgtgttgaa ccactctaaa tcaacagaat atagagtagg agaaaatctt tatcagctat     71820
     gtatctgtcg gaaaataaat atcgcaatac acaaaaaagt taaatatcaa ataagatatt     71880
     attcatccat tttcactgtt gctctatgga aacaatgtcc attgattaat ggataagaaa     71940
     atgtggttat acacagtgca attttacttt tctgcaaaga aaaatgaaat aaaatgattt     72000
     caagtaagtg gaagagactg gaaaaattat attgagtgag gtaaacaaga ctcagaaaga     72060
     taaaccatgt ttattctctg ttgtgtatgc atgctagctt caaatcttta ggtgttgttg     72120
     tttgtcagag tacctttaga atcaaagaaa ctaggaaggc agggagtaag acatgtgtca     72180
     tgataggagg gatagcagaa tgtaaatgaa aagaaagtcg agagggagaa aagtctcagt     72240
     agagggttta agcaaggatg tggttcagat acaagggaga taaagagtgg gagagagaga     72300
     gagtaaaaac ccaaagactg catgaaaaag ccatagggag acttattatt ttgtaacaaa     72360
     tcaaaaaata agtaaaaggg gagttccata ggagatagaa tggataatgc tactccctgt     72420
     aatctttggg ttcttaaaca aaaccctaag atatgtgtgg gacaacattt tatgtaatgt     72480
     aggtcaatgg gacccagggg cccttaaaaa caatccaggc tcttgcttct tggttataca     72540
     ttataactag gtaatgagac cctattcctg aagacaccac acaccttgat tgtaaaacgt     72600
     aaagaaacaa agctagagta attgaggaag atatcagaag gtgaaaaaat ctctgatcct     72660
     cacagattgg taggattaac ataataaaat tggccatctt accaaaagca atctacagat     72720
     tcaatgcaat ttctttcaaa atttaaactc attctttaca gaccttctca actttatgtg     72780
     gaaaaaaacc aaaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca acaacaacaa caacaaaatt     72840
     cgggatcgat atagcaattc tgtacaatag aagggcttct ggagttatca ccatccctga     72900
     tttcaagctg tattacagag caagagtaat aaaactagat ggtattggca taagaacaga     72960
     caaaatgatc aatggaatag aattgaagac cgaaaaaata aacccacaca cttatagaaa     73020
     cttttctttt tgacaaagaa gccaaaacca tacaatgcaa gaaagatagc atctttaaca     73080
     aatgatgcta ctgggtgtct gcatgttgaa gaatgcaaat cgatccatgt tcatcaccct     73140
     gcacaaaacc caagtccaag tgtatcaaag accaatgcat atcaacataa aaccagacac     73200
     actaaataga agagaacgtg gggaactgcc ttaaacacat tggcacagga gacaacttcc     73260
     tgcacagaac accaataact cactcagatc agcaattaat aaatgggagc tggagctgga     73320
     gctggagctg gagctggagc tggagctgga gctggagctg gagctggagc tggagctgag     73380
     agctggagct ggagctggag ctggagctgg agctgagagc tggagctgag agctggagct     73440
     gagagctgga gctggagctg gagctggagc tgagagctgg agctggagct ggagctggag     73500
     ctggagctgg agctggagct ggagctggag ctggagctgg agctggagct ggagctggag     73560
     ctggagctgg ggagatagtt cagtggttaa gaacaattgc agcggttaag aacctcccac     73620
     ctcaatgccc tccatgctga ctggaaacag gaactgggtc aagaatgagg gtcccagcag     73680
     actttcttct tagatggcag gtagctttca ttttcagctt gctttattta ggaagtctcc     73740
     ttcactactc ccttgagtac ttcccagtac tccttcaaaa gcagcgaatt cctagcaacc     73800
     ccattgtcac tcacaaccat ctgttacaca atcagaggcc atattctggt gtgtctgaaa     73860
     acagtgacag tgtactcaga tacataaata aataaatctt taaatttttt tttctaaaat     73920
     gggaactcat gaaactgaat agctcctgga agacaaagga caccatcaat aggacaaaac     73980
     agcagcctac agaatgggaa aagatcttca ccaaccctac atctgacaga gttctgatgg     74040
     aaggggatag taactggatt gtaaaaaaaa tttttaaaaa gattaaaaat aacaacaata     74100
     ataatgatga taatgacaaa aataactcaa gaaattagaa aaaccaaata tcaacaaacc     74160
     gaataaccca ataaataagg ggtacagaac taaacagaat cctcaacaaa agaatctcta     74220
     atggtccaga agcattaaaa gaaatgttca atgtccttag tcatcaggga aatacaaatg     74280
     aaaaaaactc tgaggttctg tcttacaccc atcagaatga caaagattaa aaaaacaaaa     74340
     ccaaaaatct caagtgacag cacatggtgg agaggatgtg gagtaagggg ataactcttc     74400
     tattgctgat ggaaatgata tgactttaga aataattttg acagtttctc agaaagtggg     74460
     ggatttttct tcctcaagac ccaactaaac ctctccttga catataccca aaggtgcttc     74520
     acaatgccac aaggagactt gcttgctcaa ctattttcac agcagcttta ttcataataa     74580
     ccagaaatta gaaacaacct agatctccct caactgaaga atgggggaaa aaaaagtggt     74640
     acattcacac aatgcaatac tactcagata ttaaaaacaa agatatgaaa tgtgcaagca     74700
     aattgataaa actaaatatc atcctgagtg aggtaaacca gacccacaga aagatgcttg     74760
     gtatgtattc acttataggt ggatattaac catagaatac aggatcacca tactacaatc     74820
     cacagaccta agctaagaaa aagggagggt tcaaaggaga aaacttaaat ctcactcaga     74880
     agagaatata aaatagaaat tggaagttga tggagagagg aaaatgagtg ggagtgggaa     74940
     tggggaagtg aaggcagtgg gtatttgata ggggagggct aagaagaaca gaaatctgtc     75000
     caggggcatc tgtggaacaa aatgagacct gggatggggg aagcacctgg gagtctatgg     75060
     ggctgaccct tgctgagact cttagctact tgggatatgg aaactgaagt ggccaacccc     75120
     tgttcctagg caggactgca agtcaagaga ggagaacacc aatccacccc caaaaccttt     75180
     gatcccaaaa tttccctgcc tacaagatat gcagtgctaa agatggaaca gagattgggg     75240
     gaatgtccaa tcaatgactt tcccaatttg aaacccaccc catggagaga gccaagcctt     75300
     gacactatta atgatactct gctgtacttg cagacaggag cctagcataa ctgtctcctg     75360
     aaaggctgca tacagcagct gatggacaca gatgcagaga cccatagcca aacattaggt     75420
     agaacttggg gagacctgtg gaagaatggg ggtaaggact gagggagcca gagtggctaa     75480
     ggtcaccaca agaagaccta cagagtcaac taggctaggc tcatagggat tcacaaaaac     75540
     taaaccacca accaaagaac atataggggc tggacgtagc ccccttacac atttgtagca     75600
     gatgtgaggc ttggtcttca tgtaggcccc ctaacaattg gaatgggggc tgtctctgac     75660
     tctgttgcct tttctacatt aagaaaagaa aattttagga gatggagaga tggctgagta     75720
     gttaagaaca agactgctct tccaaaggtc ctgagttcag ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg     75780
     gctcacagcc atctgtaatg ggatcggatg ccctcttctg gtgtgttgga agacagctgc     75840
     cgtgtactca cataaatgaa ataaataaat ctaaaaagaa aagaaaaaat ttaaatgaga     75900
     agtatcaaat agtggtttaa aggcattata gactaagtca ttataaactc agtcagaaca     75960
     gttgctctaa gtagattaga agtccattgt ctaatcttct aacattagtt agatcaatca     76020
     ctggattgat tgttgcaaag tagcagtaca agttgcaact gttaatattg ctaattacaa     76080
     ttagaactta taaaatattt aatgtactgg taaactgtta acatagttta tgtacttgct     76140
     tattgtttaa ggtatctttg caaggccttc ccattacttg aaaggtgcat cctcttatgc     76200
     agcaccttta aaggataata taacagacaa atagaattca aatgcataaa gagaaatata     76260
     atgaaggaag aaaaatgtta acctttcaga agcacataca ttaaaggggc tatcgagatg     76320
     gcagggtagt taagagtact tgttgctctc gaagaaaacc tacgatcaat tcctaacatc     76380
     cacatcagac aacccacaac cacctgtaac tccaactaca cagaattcag catcttcttc     76440
     tggtcccaca ggcactcaca tccatgtcta cagacataca cataataaga acaaactaaa     76500
     gtctttgggg gaaaaagaaa agacattttg agaaatatga atttttgttg tttggtgtgt     76560
     attttgttga aaactaaagt aatattcatt gccctaagtt gagcaactct tgaatactct     76620
     aagtctaagt agcttctatc tatgtatgtc gtcttagaac ggtggtcctg ccattcacta     76680
     aaaagctttt cactctaaac tctgttcaca gttattctga acctcacttt cccactgggt     76740
     aaccaagcag gagcaaggag gctgggatcg aaagacacat gatgtccaaa ttgacttagc     76800
     ttcctaggaa ttatagcaaa gatggcattt ccacttaccc cattaatcat gatgcattcc     76860
     tggcatggaa attcagagcc ttttcttatc ctaaagttct ctaattgcca ccaaggcttt     76920
     gccccccgca ccccaccccc cgtctttgtg atcatctccc actttgaagg gaagctactt     76980
     aggtagctat agaggtaact gtcttcattt ctgtgacaga aaataaatga caaaagcaac     77040
     taaaggaaag ggattatttt ggttcacagt gtgtgcatcc atttcatcat agtgagggag     77100
     tcctagctgt ggagtatgag gctgctgatc acagtgtctc catagtgatg acgcatgatg     77160
     caaatgctgc tacccagtgc tgatcacgct gtctccatag tgatgacgca tgatgcaaat     77220
     gctgctaccc agtgatcttt cactttcttc ttcagtttgg tttggagacg tcccatagat     77280
     tctaaatcac accacgctca ataaaaatga accaaaacag taatgaagag aattctctct     77340
     tcattgataa atttatcagt aaatacttac tgattaataa gtataatcaa ctagattaaa     77400
     cttaaaattc aagtaggttt caatcagaca aataaatgta gacaaggatt aagaataaga     77460
     agcatcttca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa gcatcttcaa ggtttgcatt cttatgccct     77520
     caaaagtttt tcaaacaatt ttatgtttaa ttttatctac tcaccacacc agtaggaaaa     77580
     tgatacttct tgttataaag acaaagataa atagaatact attggcctaa tgtacaaaaa     77640
     ttcatgttac ttttccctca tggactctat ggaaaggtgt ccttgttttc tgtttttgtt     77700
     cttaaggttg caggctagga gagacagtat tctggactgc tatgggtaca attataatgg     77760
     aaaggataat ggatgttctc ttaaaatatc tttaaataac ttgtgatcct tctgtttgtc     77820
     ttttgtaagc cgaagagagt cacttgatcc cacatcactg caatgagact tacagtgctt     77880
     gattaggacc tgtgcctaaa ataaaagaat gttagtgtaa atgcttaggt gatattcatc     77940
     acgctgcatg gaatcaggga ggcaagtcat agacaccagg cagactctct aaacttaagt     78000
     ttaaagaagg aatagacatc aaagagcaaa catggcctgt tcggaggccc ttgggccctg     78060
     gctcatatgt agcagagagc tgcttgttga gcctcagtgg gagaagatgc ctagcaaaca     78120
     cataagtgga tgctcacagt cagctattgg atggatcaca gggctcccaa tggaggagct     78180
     agagaaagta accaaggagc taaagagatc tgcaaccctg taggtgcaac aacattatga     78240
     actaaccagt aacccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag atggcctagt     78300
     aagccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acacgcaaac tttatatgcc ccagtacagg     78360
     ggaacgccag ggccaaaaag tgggaatgga tgggtagggg agtcgggggg gggggggagg     78420
     ggagggtatg ggagactttt gggatagtat tggaaatgta attgaggaaa atacgtaatt     78480
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaggatgt gcttaatcct gtagagactt gatgcccctc tcagagtgga     78540
     ggggccatgg tgagaagtct tctgagaggg ggaaacaaaa gggggggcaa tattgggaat     78600
     gtaaatacaa atgttaatta attaaataat taactcacag catattttac tgatatgagt     78660
     aatttttatc catgtaagtt caaattatat ctgactgagt aaacttgatt gtggttttga     78720
     agatttaaaa taaataaaga aggaatagac agcacttgtg tggaccaatc ttttccccct     78780
     tgttacataa atattatact ttcttctgac cttggcctga tgtctaaaat tccattgtgt     78840
     atttctttac actgaagcct gctttcaaag acaatagttt tcctaaaatt tggcaagact     78900
     gagttaagag atgatgaaaa tgaagcatgt tcgcaatatt gagatgctca tgctgagtct     78960
     gcatgagcag taatgaggtc tctgtgactc ttgtcatgtg ggaaatcttt ggtttcatat     79020
     cttctgctga gatgaaatac ccaggaaaaa atttagagga gaacgggttt atttagctca     79080
     cagttccaac ttacagtgca aggagatcaa ttaacaagag cccgagacat tgttggcatc     79140
     atctccagag tcaagaccag agaaataatg agtgtgtgta tccttagtcc tgagctactt     79200
     tctgttacat atactaagta cctgaaacca gggaatggtg aggtccattt tcacactggg     79260
     tcttcccaca tcaattaaga ttaactaaaa tccttttgta gaaatatgcc cacaggctaa     79320
     cctgatctaa acaattccct tttgagaccc tcttctaaag tgattgtagg ttgaaacaaa     79380
     tttgaaaaaa caaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa acaaaactaa catttacaag aacccattct     79440
     accaaagcaa ggcagtcttg ggtaagaact gttataggcg tctttgtaga caaaccaagg     79500
     agttaagttg tatatcttcc ttagcatatc attcctcata tagaacaaat ttttaaaaag     79560
     gcaattgaag acaatacatc taaacaacgt ttctcttgct gtggcagtgc tagggattgc     79620
     atacagatcc tcttacatat tagataaaca ttctatccat gagctacatc ccccgcctaa     79680
     acagaatttc atggaaatcc aaagagagga caaattttgt tggaattgct aatttatccc     79740
     aaattgaaca actgagtgtg tcaatcaagg tcattgtgga acccagcaac tagaacctag     79800
     aaccatggaa gaaaagtcaa agagcagaga ataaacttcc aacctcatac aaatgtgctg     79860
     cccagaataa atggcagaag caaaacagga agttggtggc aagatcgcgc tgcattttat     79920
     tttatactca gatgtgtaca ttttaacatt ggcgaggaag gtttgactgt gagtgctttt     79980
     ctcagtgatg ctggacatag gctcctatca atgtctcacc tttctctgct agcctagcta     80040
     taaaatatca ctacacttta atccatagcc ctagtctttt tttttttttt ttttttttta     80100
     gcttaaaagc tcaatttaga aagatacaag tagctttagg gagggcatct attatgatga     80160
     aaaattctct tgcttaagtg gtaaaatgta tagtgatttt aaaataagaa gggatttgtt     80220
     ctagctcttt tattaattgc tgacctcggg ctggattcaa acgtagagta tttaattgta     80280
     aggaatctca gttataagtt atttttaggt tagatgcatt gtttggtact aaggtataaa     80340
     caactgtttt ctttcttgct tatcttgatt atttttcttc ttaagaattg ctatgcctgt     80400
     ctatcatatt ataatttgtt atcaaactct tagtaaattt attacataca tggtgttaat     80460
     tttttaatct ttgttttcag cttctaaatt ttcaaagcat tttaaaaata aaacttacag     80520
     aataacctag cattattatt ttatttttaa ggtgaatttt cttaacccca aactatcttt     80580
     ctgaagaccc agtctacaac tgaagcacat tgaacacagg gacttaactg ccacagtcta     80640
     tcacctaggc acccaggcac agacctaggc tgccttgggt ctccagcaaa aagcagacac     80700
     tcagacttct ccaaggagtc tttttgaacc ctttggaatg gctggctagt aaagggcttt     80760
     ctcctgtaaa atcagactgc aaaggttagg gtagattctt acattccaag tatgcactca     80820
     tccatgggca taaataaatg acagaggagt tataacatca tgggttataa catcacgaga     80880
     agaaaatggt tcccatacag ctgtcccccc acccccaagg gcagatagat aaagtaacct     80940
     cacgaagaca ttaaaacaat gactttaagg agtttaacaa actttaagaa agcagagaag     81000
     cctttgaaca aaataaaaga gagaaacaaa aaaatgagca aaatgaagaa catacagaag     81060
     aatatgaatc tggacagaga taatgaatga gatgaaaact gtagaactgg gggagctgga     81120
     acaagaacat ggggatgtga aggcaaatta ttagagaata tgcagtctga ggagaaaaca     81180
     atggaatgaa aagcagtgaa ccaagacagc atcaaaaagg ggaattctga aacccagaaa     81240
     aatggggttc tcgggtttta aaaacagaca acccaatgtc ttgttagcac agtagatagc     81300
     atgccagtct cacaaaagca aaataaaagg aattttccag acttggagta agattgaagt     81360
     attgaaacag actaattgct ctagctagga ctttaagttc tatattgaat aggtagggag     81420
     agagtaggca gccttgtcta gtccctgatt ttggtgggat tgcttcaagt ttctctccat     81480
     ttagcttgat gttagctact agtttgctgt atgttgcttt tattatgttc aggtatgggc     81540
     cttgaattcc tgatcttccc aagactttta tcatgaatgg gtgttggatt ttgtcaaatg     81600
     ctttctcagc atctaataag atgatcatat tttttttctt agagtttgtt tatatgagtg     81660
     aatcatgttg acagatttcc atatattgaa ccatcctgca tccctgggtt gaagcctact     81720
     tgatcataat ggatgattgt tttggtggtt cctcagaaaa ttggacatag tactaacgga     81780
     agatccagca ataccactcc tggacatata cccaggagat gctccaacat gtaataagga     81840
     cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcaacctt atttataatt gccagaagct ggaaagaacc     81900
     tagatgtccc tcaacagagg aatgggtaca gaaaatgtgg tacatttaca caacggagta     81960
     ctattcagct attaaaaaca atgaatttat gaaatgatta ggcaaatgga tggatctgga     82020
     ggatatcatc ctgagtgata taacccaatc acaaaagaac acacatgata tgcactcact     82080
     gatgagtgga tattagccca gaagctcaga atacccaaga tacaattcac aaaccacatg     82140
     aaactcaaga agaaggaaaa ccaaagtgtg gatattttgg tccttctcag aagggggaac     82200
     aaaataccca tggaaggagt tacaaagtgt aatgcagaga ctgaaggaat gaccatccac     82260
     agactgcccc acctggagat ccattccata aaccgccacc aaaaccagac actattgtag     82320
     ataccaacca aagcttactg acaggaacac aaatacagaa gtagatgctc acaaccttcc     82380
     actggactgt gcacagagtc cccaatgaag gagctagaaa aagtacccaa ggagctgaag     82440
     ggttttgcag ccaccatagg agaaaccaca atacgagcta accagtatct ccagagaacc     82500
     ctgggtctaa accaacaacc aaagaaaaca cgtggtagga ctcatggctc taactgcata     82560
     tgtagcagaa gatgacctag tcagttatca atggcaggag agactcttgg ttctgtgaag     82620
     gttctatgcc ccagtatagg ggaatgccag tgccaagtag agggagtgag tgggttagtg     82680
     agaagatgga gaggggaatg gataggaggt ttttggaagg gaaactagga aaggggataa     82740
     catttgaaat gtaaataaag aaaatatcta attaaaagaa aagaataaga aaaaaaaaga     82800
     acagactaaa cagactaaga tgaaaacttt ctaatcaagg gctggagaca gtttaaagaa     82860
     cttgctctta aggagaaccc aagtttggtt cctagtacca tgtcaagtag ctcacaacaa     82920
     cctgcaaatc cagttccagg aggttcagca tcctcttctg gcctcagtga aacctgtact     82980
     catgtgaaca cagccccaca cagacacaca tgtatacacg tcactaaaat agcaatgaac     83040
     ctttttaaca tttttctgat aagacattcc aaacaagact acgcaagaca tacatcttat     83100
     ccattcgtca aaaatcaagc ttacaaggcc tcaacccaac aaaaagactc ataggcaatt     83160
     cagtaaatct agaggcagga gaggcagtct tcctcaggaa agagcacatc agttggttgt     83220
     ccaatgctga gtgttacagc attgaaagta tacatgcaaa taaccttata tggactggga     83280
     aggggtatat gggaggattt gaagggagaa aagggagtaa tgttgtaatt ataatctcaa     83340
     agattaaaga gaatttaaaa gtatataaaa tgaaaaacaa tcaaggctaa agagtaacaa     83400
     gagaaaatgt gtaaataaca taagatcatt acagaaagac caggcaggga gcttaaatca     83460
     acttgaactt tatactcaca ctcaagagca gaattattga atacctgcta gtgttcagct     83520
     tgcttgctct acagttcagg atcccctggc ttctgggatg atgctaccag atgcatgcta     83580
     ctaaccaaga taattcctct cagacattct cacaggtcaa cctgaaccaa acaatccttc     83640
     aggagttttc ctttcccttc caaggtgatt ttacattgtg ttaatctaac aattaacata     83700
     acaaccaacg aagggatcct cagtaagggg gattaagggg attgtgaaaa agatatcaag     83760
     ttgataaggt atgtgttgga ggaaatgtgg gggaaactgg ggggagaaaa tgggaggttt     83820
     atattgtcat atctcattgt atatgtgtac gaaattctca agaataaaga aaagcaccaa     83880
     aattaaagac attataacag agactgagcc ataaaccaaa gagtattcaa gacctggatt     83940
     gagccccccc ccccagcaca tatgtagcag atgtggagct cagtctccac atgggtctcc     84000
     caaaaactgg agggagctgt ccctaaagcc tgactgtgta atccattccc caacagggct     84060
     gccttgtctg gactcagtgg gagaggatga gattagtcct gcatagacga agcagtcttg     84120
     agcaaaaata tgcttgagtc attacactag cttactttat atcatactat aaagctgtaa     84180
     taaacaaaac atcatagtaa taacataaaa tatgcattga tggatatacc aaaactaaag     84240
     gtacacactt acattcaact tatttttgat agaagtgtca agagcacata acgcaaaatg     84300
     atattctatt taattaacag tgataattaa tcataccttt attgaatcat caaatattga     84360
     atcatcctca cccaacagaa taaccagttc aaagcaaaat aaacagttaa gatgaaagaa     84420
     taaagcatta aaaatgaaaa aaaaaaaaag ccctgtgatt tttactgtgg cttgaaagcc     84480
     tcctttagtt tgtgtattaa agacaacatt cctaagctca cagggtaatg acactaacca     84540
     tagggctctg cctttgggag ataactatgg ttgatggggt catgagaggc agccctttgc     84600
     aatagtatga gtgactttta aaagtgagaa agctaaacca tgagatgagc aaggacatca     84660
     acaataaaaa tgctaaagtg gacagagtaa agcccatgag gcctcatccc tacacaaaga     84720
     actacagaca cctaaggaat gctgagactg ggagaaatag ttacatgtag aggaaagcac     84780
     accaattggt tgtataatac caaatggtta gccttcaaaa catatataca agtaatacca     84840
     catagactga gcaggctgta tttgtatatt tagaaatata aaaacacatg catggagatg     84900
     aaaatgtccc agaaagcaca ggagggaggg gcatgccttg tggtggcaac tcctgcccat     84960
     aataaaactc caataaaaac acaaaaccag aaaaaaaccc aaatgtatat atgtatataa     85020
     caacaattag aaacaacaag gttataaatt tgtaaaggag taagtgggag tatatgcgag     85080
     ggtctggaca ggacaagtat aaaggggaaa ggtgattata ttattatctc acacaataac     85140
     tgttttgaaa gttaacaagc ttgctctggc ttatcacatg atgctctcaa ccataaaaga     85200
     tacagcaagg aggtccctaa ccagacacta gtgcaatgat ttcagactgc tagtctcaaa     85260
     atgtttgagg aaaacaaaat ctctgttctt tacaatcagt gtcatggatt cagcaacagc     85320
     aacagaaagc agatttggga gcacagtaaa ctgatctgag acgtgatttt ggttttggat     85380
     atatccccaa agcacagcca acaaaacaaa cagagaaatg tgaatgggac cacatcaatt     85440
     tccaaagcgt ctccaaagcc agtacatagt caacaaaatg aatataatga acaaaatttg     85500
     caaaatccgt actgataaaa gattaagagt caaaacacat taggaattca attcattgta     85560
     gagaaaacaa ccagttaaaa attgggaagt gatttaaata cattttttcc caagagaaga     85620
     tacacaaagg ctgaaaaaga ttaagggaga atgatagaag taatatggta tgaaaggaga     85680
     aagggaaaaa ttaggggtag ggagcattag ctgggggagg ggactttaaa tgggggcgga     85740
     aatgggaatg cagaaaagtg gtatggggag aagtaactaa ctctaagaac tttgaaacgg     85800
     gcctatggaa acttactatt tcataaattc tcttaaaact atatttattt atttatctat     85860
     ttattcattt atttttattt attttttaac tatagaatgg tcttttgtcc aataatttac     85920
     ttattcactt tatatccaga tcacagattc ccctctcctc ccattcccag cctcccttac     85980
     cctcctttcc ccgttttctc tgagaaggag gaggactccc ctgtatatga acccacccta     86040
     gtacctcaaa tcactgtggg actaggtaca tccccttcca ctgaggccag acaaggcagc     86100
     ccagttaggg gaacaggatc catgagcaag caacagagtc agggtaagct ctgctcaagt     86160
     cactggggga cccatatgaa gatcaaactg cacatctgct gcatatgtgc agggggccta     86220
     agaccagtct tggtatgctc tttggttggt ggtttagtct cttggaaggc ccaagggagc     86280
     aggatagttg actctgttgg tcttcttgtg aaaccctctc ccctgtcctc ctctgggttc     86340
     ctccatcttt cccccaactc ttccatgaaa cttcttgagc tctgcctaat gtttggctat     86400
     gggtatctgc ctctgtttct gtcacctgct taaaataaag acatgaattg agaataatgt     86460
     tatccctaaa atctgtaggt caccatataa gaagtctagt actagacatg ggatatttac     86520
     cctttagttg tttgtcaatg cgggtctcaa gaggcccaac tcctaaataa tgcagtctat     86580
     cgctattgtt cttgtttgcc tgtcagaact tcatggtaaa gactctattg gtagaatgac     86640
     tgatagtggg acacagggca cattcttgga catagtttgt agagactata gaatttggtt     86700
     tcagcccttg ctttttaagg gctgttgttg ggcctggcca tgaatcttct gccttcaaag     86760
     aaggaaaata tctggatgcc ctcactaccc actgtgctta cagccacctg agctccactt     86820
     taagatggag aaagaatcta cagcttcaaa aatactcaac tcttgagact tctcatctgt     86880
     ttcatttagt gccacgggtt ttcagatgag cagaatttgt ttttctttca cattgtctca     86940
     ggctgctgaa ggtccagcac cacgcagttt acattactaa agattctgag gatgccgcaa     87000
     ggataattca tggaaatcct cacaaaatcc aagcacgcaa gtacaaacac aattgtttag     87060
     cttctcaact ttcaaaatat atcaaaagag cacaattgag tctctgtata gtaatttctt     87120
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataat gcccagcaaa     87180
     tgcttcccat agataattat tttagtgtta ttgaattttt tccttctgaa agctgtatag     87240
     aaacaacagc cattaaggct tatagagctt tgcaacatct ggttatgatt gctgacaact     87300
     gctctattcc ttattctcaa ggctgcaaat aataccactg agaacacctt cattagccgc     87360
     ctactattct cctttcagat ggcacctggg gaaagacatg taaaagagat aaatacccaa     87420
     aggcaaagca atgcttattg tccataaatt acatatgctg ctcacccaga gccttttccc     87480
     cagtggggtg atagaagaaa cccttgcttc tgtgttgatc atccaattca tttaatgaag     87540
     aaaacacatc catgtttaat ttagagatgc actaagacat agccttccac ttgaacattt     87600
     ctgtgtatgt aaacagtaat actgttaatc acttttgtta gctaaaataa aaacaaaagc     87660
     tgactgacta acagaagagc aattctatcg tcaatgagat tgggaagctt agagactaag     87720
     gtttgaaaga acagaatgag caagtgtcca gcaccaagta tgacaggagc acagggcttc     87780
     ctcggatgct ggagatggat cagtaggcac tgcactgccc gccaggaaaa tgagaaggaa     87840
     aaattgtgta tataagtgtg gtctgtggct agaagctttg gggtctggtt aactaagcct     87900
     agatctgggg ctggatccta ggcaatagca ggaagaacag aagcctacat ctaaatctaa     87960
     attaaacaag cttccttgat ctttgaatag gattcagggt ctgcctccta ttcagactca     88020
     taatagtgtt gaaagagaaa tactcaaaga gagtaagatg tagattgttc tgaagtaaga     88080
     tatagattat tgtgaatgat cacagtctca gaacactgat ataggtcacc ccaaattcca     88140
     tgttccaaca ctgaaggagt ttcatagaaa cagaacaaag tccaagtgtg ctggtggaaa     88200
     catagacaga ctaaagaaaa gcagggaagc ctctgccatg catctcagac attaacagat     88260
     gacattcaca gcttttggca ggcaagaaat ggggttttgt taagttgaca tattcccaaa     88320
     ggtcttatct gttagtcaaa ggatattagg gcagatacag aggtggcagg ggtggctatt     88380
     taaaaagcga agtagagccc aaggtaaatt gtaattaagt tctggacctg caatgttcag     88440
     gtctctacat tcattgatgt tccagtcagt gaatctgcct tgcagagggc aatatggcag     88500
     atgcagcttc tttcatggag ttcttctcca cagtggaaac atcgaaggta gggttcaaaa     88560
     gttggggaat ctacaaactc caacaaggac acttggcact gacatccaac ctgaagtaga     88620
     gttatggctc atttaactct gtctagattt taacccaggc tttatcacat ccaaaagact     88680
     ggaactaatt gccaaatcta ggacaaacta ttaggaatat cttagttagt gttactacta     88740
     ctgtgatgaa acaccatgac caaaagcaac tttgggagga gagggtttat ttcactcaca     88800
     attttccaca gtccatatta tagttgattt tgaaaagcat caagatagga acttaaaaca     88860
     gggcaggaac ctagagatag gaactgatgc agaggccatg gaggagtgct gcttactaac     88920
     atgtttccca gggtttggtc agtctgcttt cttataaaac tcaaggccac cagcctggag     88980
     ctgacccatc catagtaaac taggcccttc cacaacaata actaattaat aaaacaccct     89040
     acaagcttgc ctctagcctg atttatggag acattttctc agttgaggct ctcttatctg     89100
     acaactctat tttgtgtcta tatttacata aaactagcca gtacaagaat gtttaagggg     89160
     tataacctgg taagaatatt tttggggctg gggagaataa tcaggtattt atgaccacag     89220
     atatcaagtg catacataga agtatgtatg atttgcatta gatacatgca atatccatat     89280
     cataccttaa attaatatgc atttatttta tgtgtgctgt gtatcagggg ctgtattctg     89340
     tactggtaag tcagaggtga gtctaatttg gtttggcttt acagagaatg tcataataga     89400
     atgtggtacg cgtgctgcaa gaaatagtga acatgcatta caggcatgca gagagcactg     89460
     aaggtacaaa tgtgtacagg ggtaaaggta atagcaggga gaaatgccat gtcttagcac     89520
     aaaaagacat tttcctggtg aagtaggaaa atggattttt agatgtgaga caaacagtca     89580
     aaagattgta aatgtcagaa tggatgtatg tcacagagta tgggtgcaga gaagtaaagg     89640
     gagaggtgaa atcatggaat gaaactgtga agagtcaaaa tttggagaat agagaatttg     89700
     gattgaccat acagacaata gaaagtcatt agtaatctta atcagtagaa tctcatgttt     89760
     tatttctgat ctctatgttc cattgtgtgg cttataagga ttgctttggt gaggaattga     89820
     ttggaaaggg aaaagagtac agaaacatct aataaaagtc tggaagcact cctcagaaga     89880
     gatgaagcaa agctactgaa attgaaatgt taatggaaaa tgggagatgg atctgagaaa     89940
     tgaaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa     90000
     aagaaaaaga aaagtgggaa atttttgcac cttgcagtac acagaaactg agtggagggg     90060
     cctgaggaaa ggtgtcagcc atttgccaca ctgtcataca ggaaccaggt accaatggag     90120
     ggggaacagc aggtttgata aggaagagta gatgtgtgca ttctataact agaacataat     90180
     tcaagcaagt gatgctactt gtcctgtggt agagtacaca agaccacttt gtgagaacct     90240
     gtagcataaa atgagaagat gggaagtata ggagtgttag agcaagaaag gagttcacag     90300
     aggcaacaaa aacgtcacag aggtgacaag accctgagca caacataaca cagaatggag     90360
     ggggagagag aaattaagaa aaaaaaatca caagatctat accatattaa aatggtgttt     90420
     tcaatgtcta catgaccata catgggtagg gtacattata atttttttaa tacttacttt     90480
     attctttgtg tatgagtgtt ctgccttcgt gtctgtactg tgtatgtgcc tggtaccgca     90540
     gggctcaaaa gagtgagctg gtttctctgg aattggagtt atggctggtt ctgagccatg     90600
     tggtactgga aattgaatct gggttctctg aaagagcaac cagtactctt aactactcag     90660
     ccatctcttc aaccccaggg acaatccttt tgaaaaccca tgtgtcacaa catatgatat     90720
     gctctctgaa gcacagtatg ttttcataaa ttttccttgt gtttgtttta attgttctgt     90780
     tttttttttc taaatggaat aaagccctaa gcttgtcagc taagctacta taacactgag     90840
     ctaaatccca accgctcata aaccttcttt gaattgaaat ataagcccac cttgatgtca     90900
     gggaagtctt cagtgacaaa atgccataat aatcatgcca ttcaaacctt tccctagagg     90960
     aagactacat acttctgatt ctctgcactg tcacattcat ggtggtaaca tagtactggt     91020
     actgtttcct tcagaaaaac ttctgtgatt gttgaaataa agtcaagaag ctattcattg     91080
     agcctaaaga agccacatct gtctaccaac aatgttgcag agaacagcaa gtaaaacaga     91140
     gatgccagag actttcaatg atagtaacag gtctttccag tcataggtaa cccatgtatg     91200
     cagtttgtct tgcccagtgc agggatctaa agcttcctca gcactatgag tgcaagagat     91260
     atgcaaacaa ccgagattgg agctgttcac ctgtgtctac attacaggta tcttaagcat     91320
     agcaatggcc tggaccaact gactgagttt cccataacac agatgtcaca aacgcagcat     91380
     ggaacactca ggggaatcca gacagtgcac agtgcagaaa agaacaggaa gtgggatgtt     91440
     gccaagcaca ttttagctaa agatttttta ccataccttc actggagagt gcttttgttt     91500
     acttattaag gaataaggga accctcttgt agaaaagatg ccatccatag tctgtaacta     91560
     ggtcttaggt agatgaacag tagggtgtaa gatcttctca gtctttagtg taggcttgac     91620
     ttgttgacaa atcttttcat tgtgaacctc tttgagtata taaaaagtat acacaaaaag     91680
     tggtgaagaa tgaaaataca gttatggatg tacagaggca caaatcaata tggctgtcct     91740
     tcaggcttta caggagaata gttccaggac cctcccaatt ttaaacttca cagatatcca     91800
     aatactgttg ttaagatgga gtaagattta tatatgaact ccacacatct tcccatgtac     91860
     ttcaaactgt ctctggctta catacaacac ttatcacaaa tgagtgctct acaaatagaa     91920
     actacagtat attttcaaag aaaaagaaca agaaaaaagt ctgtggatga tagaacgaat     91980
     ttccctgtgg gtccacagga agagcagtat caactcttat ctattagcct cctaaatgaa     92040
     gtagtttctt aaatattttt agtctgtagt tgattgaatg ttcagacatt gaatatacag     92100
     atataaagag gtgatttata ttggaagaag taaagatata tatatagaag caaagatgtg     92160
     tatgagtaaa tataaaaaat atacacttat gaataattat ctatatggta caaatacaga     92220
     catataaaca tagtttggct atatgagtgc tcttgaccac cataggcatc agcccagggc     92280
     aattacgaac aagggattag tgatgccaat ttttttttca aattttgtaa agttgcaaga     92340
     tagttgatgg actccctgag atttgcttga atattttatg gaaggagaaa tagccaggga     92400
     gtcaatcaga ggaaactggc tagttgaaaa tgtcaataca aaataataga tacacacctg     92460
     cttactgaat aataagttgt ttattttttg catttgttga aatgtgcttt tccctataac     92520
     taatagcttt tggactggca aggtggctga tcaggtaaag tgcttgccac caaatctaat     92580
     gacctgagtt caattcccag gatccacatt gtagaatgag agaaccaatt cccttaagaa     92640
     atcctctgag ctccacagac attgtatggg cacatacatg cacatgcatg catgtgtgcg     92700
     tgcgcacaca cacacatttt tcataactaa gaaccttatt tatttaatat attattaact     92760
     tttcatgcaa tattcttaga ttatatcttt cccctttccc aaatatccca gatgctccct     92820
     gcttctctac caacccaact tcatgtgctt tgtctcttaa aaattaaaaa aaaaattaga     92880
     aaaggaaaag caaaacaaaa caaaaaataa aaccagaaaa aaaacaccag accctccctc     92940
     cccccccccc aaaataatgc acacacaaaa aacatggagc cccttttaat caaaattgaa     93000
     agttaatttc taccttggat attttgaaat attgttttaa ttgctactaa actacagaga     93060
     ctaagtcaga gaccatacaa ggggaaagtc aaagcaacaa tgggatggga aacaggataa     93120
     tgatactgta tagactttga atagacagag gagagggcat gataaccaag ggaaagcaat     93180
     ggggagagga gagtagtgtg gcccatggag caggaagata ctagtataac aatggacaca     93240
     cagcacaata ttgaactgga gacgatgctc ttgatcagtg ggatctttga aggctaacag     93300
     gttcaatctc atattaacta agaaattgat gcctactgat gattttcaaa aagagaatta     93360
     ataggaagaa gttcatctta gagaagatta attgtattta agatggcaaa gagttggctg     93420
     accagtagat gaaacttgga ctttaagtca tttgatgtag ataaagacca aactggtggg     93480
     tagatatgtt gagaattcgg agtaggcatg agaaagctct taaattaaga attcagcaac     93540
     tacctgactg ttcagttctt gacactgggg actaatcatt ccatcttagt taaaaggcac     93600
     taaatataaa tcaatggaat tgattaattt aaaatacaat gactggcaag agctgggaca     93660
     ttgatttaag ttttaaaata tgacatattg agaagttttt aaagaccgag ttttatttaa     93720
     ttttctcaat cgatgcctta gagatgttta ttttcatctc attttcactt aaatggaaat     93780
     acagattaca atatttacaa caaacaatct ttttttcctc ctagtgcaga gagtcaaact     93840
     cagagtctca caaaggagaa caagtgagtg cacttccagt gaaatttgta tatttgctaa     93900
     aggatgtggg tagatgttct gaaaaacacg aaaagtatac aaaggaagtg gcaataccaa     93960
     gttatagtat acagacattt taaaatagta cagtataaca cataaaaaat agtcctattc     94020
     tctatccatt gcataaggat gtaaagggta ttttagttgt ttaaagttag tttggattga     94080
     tcataaaaat caagagtcca gattaaatgc cagcaccaaa gtaccccaag taaattttgt     94140
     tctgtattta tagaactgtg aatactgtat tctcatgaga agaacaatcc ggagtctgaa     94200
     caaacagtcc ctcgcagagg ataaagcttg agagtgacaa gatgccgaca gattatgaca     94260
     gctgctgtgc tgcctgacct ggaacattta tgcagtttct aaaagtgcat aggaagcaca     94320
     ttttatcatc gcatccaggg catcaacctt atattttgag gtgttcatta cccacaatcc     94380
     catgggctct gggaagacat caaaactgga gttcattagt taacatttta aaaggacacg     94440
     atttgaagat gctcccccca ggtgccctga tttcagcaaa ttttgcttca tatgccaagt     94500
     gctgaaaaca gctaacacca ctattattat ccacaaggaa atccacccac cacgcggacc     94560
     tgtgccaagg aaccagtctg aaatgctgac agcatcgcaa ggctttccaa ctgcagggac     94620
     acggaagcag ctgcggtttt cctcaccaac gcagatggca aaaagggagt gtgtttgttg     94680
     gtactcaaga gggtggttac aggatgggaa agccggaaag aacttctgca gatgtaccca     94740
     gccatgcagc agttagttcc aaatactagt tacttgcctc tcacatctcc cacctgctcc     94800
     ttgtctgatt gctcgttctc gaatccttca gttaccatct acccaatgat ccatgctgta     94860
     aaactgcaaa atttggattt tcctgtccac tgtccatcag agtgagaaaa cttcaactcc     94920
     atccttcacc tctggctcac acctatactc ccctgccctc acatttctct agatgcctgc     94980
     tggagggttt ccttaggttt gtgtttgatc ttaatgaatt attaagacag tattctatct     95040
     ttagtaatga tgtgatgatg tgttagagag acttgatgtt ggaaaaccca aaccattaat     95100
     ttagaaaata aaaaataaaa atgagcagtt ggaatcattt ctatgtggcg ttcaaatcca     95160
     gaatcaatat tgaacttaac agaatattgg cagacagatt atttaattag ataacccaaa     95220
     cattgctaga gcctgggaag ctggctgttg gcaaaaccct ggcagaaaaa gcatgaagat     95280
     ctgagttcag atccccaaca cccacaaaaa gctgggtgta gttataatta tacctgtttg     95340
     taatcttagt actgaggagg tggagacaga aggagccctt gactttctgg ccaaccagtc     95400
     tagacaagtc agtgaactcc agtttcagtg agagacctag ccccaaaatg aaagaaagca     95460
     actgagaaag acagctgatg ttaacttcca acctccacac acatgtgcac agacacacac     95520
     acgcccccaa cccacacaca tgccccactc acccacacat gtgagcatac acacacccac     95580
     acgcacgcac acatgctcac atgggtacac acacacacac acagtgctaa gttattttag     95640
     agaaaaagat tgaggctgaa gagacagaag tggggttaaa ggatgctacc tgctccatat     95700
     aatgtacttg tcaatgatat gcctatcaca ctctcctgcc ttatgcactt ggacattcag     95760
     caagcgtaag atctcagagg agtcatcttc agaaaattaa gatgtgagct tggcttttaa     95820
     ttttggaggt tgatacaagc agcgatctcc ttacttcaat accaaagaaa tacattgttt     95880
     cccctgaaaa tgaagtctct cctgaggaat tcagatccag cctgagtgac agcttgggag     95940
     ggggtctatt gactgctgca tacctctcca cagagaccac tgtttccggc cctatcaggg     96000
     gccaggccta ttgctatgtg acagtcacct tggagacaca gcaagagcag cttcccccca     96060
     gtggcctttt cttcagttcc tcactttgaa agccacttat acttgaatgt attatttaat     96120
     ctggtgaaaa atgcatcagt cttccagacc ttcagagctc atacaggttt taaaaggtct     96180
     ggaaatcttt ctaaaactaa aatagccctg tccttgacag ggcgatgcat ggtgttctta     96240
     tcacgaccat cggcagcgag cctgagttaa acaattaaat aaacagtttg tgaatttagg     96300
     tttcatgatg ctccactcct caccaaggag cttaaagggg cctcgaatgt tgtaaagcaa     96360
     ttatcctccc accactctta aaaagaagta caaaattgct atagtcatag cctcgaatcg     96420
     tgttaaatcc cagttgaaaa ataactagca aaggaaagga aaatagcctg acccagctta     96480
     aagaacaaaa cccaaagcct tgaacaaatg ccgaatgtcc tcacaaaggg aagaaactga     96540
     ctgtgccaac tgaatcaaag attcccaatt caattaatac atttaaacaa gacccgcaga     96600
     atttgcatgt aagtttttgg tacttttaag ctatagaatc aagccacaga taggcagaga     96660
     gacaaaggct tgtggttatt ctgtgctaag ccatgctacc taggtttcaa gtacatttca     96720
     cagaattctc gtctctgtgt gaaatggaat cccaaagata ttcagagtct catttagatt     96780
     ggagattaac tctgtttcag acagtgcagt gcaatttgtg tatattgttg tggctatgct     96840
     acccctatcg acatctttct tgttactacc ttggaagtcc acatctttta agagttattt     96900
     ttacttgtat ctatgtgtgg tagtttttaa tggaaaagat ccccattgac ttatatgttt     96960
     aaattcttgg ttcccagttg gttgacctat ttggaaaaaa ttaggtgtgg ccttgttggg     97020
     gaaggtatgt cactagggat aggtttttaa ggttccaaaa gactctcaag ccactcctcc     97080
     tcctctgcct cctgcttgta gatcaagatg tgagctctcg gctgctcctg ccattatgtc     97140
     tttgctctgc cataatagac cctgaccctt taaaacagta agctccaaag atactctttc     97200
     ttctataagt tgccttggtg gtcctggaat tttatcacag caagagacga aatgattaag     97260
     gcaacatgtg agtgtctgta tttgtatgcc acatttatgt ggttaccctc agaggccaga     97320
     aaaatttatt ggttcctgta gagctatagt tataatcagt tatgagctgt ccaatgtggg     97380
     tgctgggagc caaactttag tcctctggaa gggtactctt atctactgta ctgtgtctcc     97440
     agcaggggct tctagttttg aacttgatat attctttggg cacagtatca acttgtcttt     97500
     caagtctcct actcatcaaa gtcaaagtct cacgggcaat gtcatcccct ctttctccac     97560
     tctaccctgc aggctccagc ttcactccac ttgatccatt caccttctcc tttcttctct     97620
     agcttcctga tctgaccact tcaggtatgt taccagatgc aaatgcaaat gactttgcag     97680
     aaactgctta agcagtgtgc ccaatggaaa gaagtacaga attgcaatgg acagagcctc     97740
     aaaggtgcta ttacctccta gacacaaaga cagagatgtg gcagtctgct ccagaaatta     97800
     gaaacaagct gatctcatca cctacctgct tagttgcaat gtaccagccc ctttaacaaa     97860
     ttccttactt tatctgactc ccgatgactt gcttctctga ccaaatttta ctgacccagg     97920
     ggcatgccag gctctggggt aggcatattg tgatatgctg tccaattaaa actgcataaa     97980
     agcttcattt ttaactgtgt tggaaggaaa attaggtgaa gtgcctatag tcacacaagt     98040
     ctgtggcacc aaattcaagc tttatgtcat taccccagtg tcacgcagtt tgataaaggc     98100
     tcctatccct gaggcagatt gaacactgct ttgataaata taggtgacaa gttaaagaat     98160
     tcagagccca gggcctggtt ataataatag gctagaggga tacatgttga ttagaccaga     98220
     gacaaagcta agaagcccat gacaaggaca aaataaaggg gctggaagta agcctaatct     98280
     ttatggacca gagagtctca gcatgagtta ttagagcata gaaaactgaa gataaaacaa     98340
     gtaataatcc agagaggaaa cagaagttgg aaagtccaag ggactactaa ggtggacaaa     98400
     ataaaatttg ggaaactaga catcacattt tgaatgaata ctacatcttt aagaggcaaa     98460
     cttgacatta tcagagacaa atcaccggga aaagcacaag gggaaaggaa aacgcatcac     98520
     tgcgaatctg accaccagca gagaaagggc cagggggaat gttcagaagg caggaggcag     98580
     cagcagttca gaaggcagaa gtctgtggtc acttggctct atggcttcag gccgtgagag     98640
     tgatgtggaa cctcctgttg aggagcacag ggtggagcaa atgggtgacc tcacacagac     98700
     aggagacaga gaagacaaag gaggagggta caaagtgctc catcccagag ctaaccctcc     98760
     ttcctaattt ccaccagtcc ccaggaatac tatcacatta tgagtagact gactcacaca     98820
     ggagttgagg ttgcccctat tccaattcca ttcacttccc taatcccttc accttaaatt     98880
     ttctatcctt tgaaaaaagt aggagagctc tcacaaacct atgtggcatg ttaaaataaa     98940
     taaataccta cataacaaac aaatatagta atagcaactt tctattgttt tgcttctttt     99000
     taaccatata catttctatt aatacagatc ttcagggccc agaaaaccaa aacacccctg     99060
     tcaacgttgt gataaaattc atgaagggta tttatatcag caatagcact cgggtccatg     99120
     tttagcagtg actcatttta atatcttgag tcttgttgag tttttaacct ctcttttctt     99180
     ggctcactgt attctaacca ataagaaagc ctttaatagg ctgtgcatat ggattccttt     99240
     ctacgggaaa tctatttgat gctctcccac atagaaggca agagttttta agtgagtatt     99300
     atctttggat aactttaatg catttccctt ggaccaggaa agtgtctcct ctagttgagc     99360
     tagactggag agaaatgacc aggtttctta atgctgaaat gcagtgggca gtgaagagca     99420
     gagctaagtc aatctccaga gaaaatggga gggtaaatca ctgctgacta gacttatcct     99480
     tgaactgtta ggtcagaaag aaatctactt ttcaaggaga gtttcagaga gggattcata     99540
     taggaaagct gccacatcag gatgatcact tgatgtcaac ccctcactcc atcatgacca     99600
     gttaatatca cttgaagaag ggcaagggtg aaagactggc ccattgttgt gtgacagaac     99660
     ttttcctgaa agacatagta cacatgtcta attagcccat acagatccca caatacagat     99720
     atcacagaag tctaacttag tgagacaatg agtttttaat ggggttactt agaggaccat     99780
     ggctgatagg ttatttatag gcgtgaaatg actcaaagac agctgcatca tcaaaatcca     99840
     aggcagtgtg agtgacaact cacaaaactg ggaacctaga gcacaatgta cagcctgcag     99900
     gcagccacct caataggttg gagagtgtcc tttccaagtg actcactttg ttcacacttc     99960
     ttccaggcag ctggtgtggt cttatgatct ttgcagcttg gcttccctgg gagtggttct    100020
     cagcaatctt tagtgcttat ccaggacaaa taggacccta atgaatccag tcagttttag    100080
     ggacttcctg aacctatttt gagttgttta ccttcctgtt tatagagcta tcatttgatt    100140
     tcagtctcag aagaacctat tatacaacac ctactatgta ccagaaacta cttatttgat    100200
     ctaaagcatt tggagtggaa aggcataaag atgctagttt aacttactag aaatcatgca    100260
     ataagtgacc tgaggattta gatgatacaa gtctgtcctt gtgcaactat gatggggaag    100320
     agggtaggtt tgtccttatt gtttcttagc atcagtaata aatattccac aataaaacat    100380
     tttccaagtt ctaaacatat cttgccatca taatagatgc ttgattacat gtgtttatat    100440
     aaaactaaac atatttagtt atctgtctag tttccaattc tctttacaga aaaacaaagc    100500
     aaagttacag aatttagtgt tttgcttcac gtgtaaagtt aattcatgta gcttggccta    100560
     gtgaatggat tagtgccttg ataagaatca ttgtgtgatg ctggtgttct taggaggagg    100620
     tgagaagtag gagtggaatt tgggagctat atcttgccct ggactttgct attactgctc    100680
     tgctctgttt cctgcctacc ataagttgag aagaacgatt ctaagtccct cttctttacc    100740
     aattccttcc caagtacatg ggaccatgcg atccttgttt ttctggaact gtgagctgaa    100800
     taataattta gcatggcctt cccccctccc tccacttaat ttctttgttt ctgatattca    100860
     gtcatggtta ggcaaaattc cctaatgcaa tgaactatct gaatttcaat aattcccttt    100920
     gttttgattt attttgtttc atgctttatt aactgttggc tataaaacaa aaaaaaagct    100980
     gaaaactgtt tttttttctt atagtgttaa cataaatatt tttaacatta gaagaaaggt    101040
     ggtaaaggaa aatttttgac tgctctagaa attaaacata ttaggcacac tactgaaaaa    101100
     atcaagccag actgtgaaac tatggtttgc aaatcattcc aatctggaga tataaagttg    101160
     aattagctta gaatatcctg caatagcata gatagaatct gtctgaatat gacattgtta    101220
     agttattgct ttcaagagtt ggcttgtctc agatgatcat cactctcagc acatagggaa    101280
     gagccacatt tttatttaat agcaatgttt atccctgcat gatggtgtag agacgatgcc    101340
     agaaatatgt tacccataga acctccagcc aacatcgtca tccagggcaa ttagtgctgt    101400
     tgctttgtga agatgtcacc accagtgtgg tttcaagtta ctctaataca aagcagaagg    101460
     agaactgtct gctgcccaag gacccacagg attcatgctg ccttagttgt tcatctcccc    101520
     tttcaggccc agttatagtt tgatctgttt tacctctttt tgtaacataa tgtgtactaa    101580
     ataatgacca ggaaaaatat tggaaaaata ttttcctttt ctaaacatta taagctccaa    101640
     atggggttga aaaaaatgcc aaacatgtct gccaaataaa caaataagtg aagatttccc    101700
     agtgtagcaa atacaggact ctacagtaaa tacagagcta gtgttcactg ttgtcttatg    101760
     taacagcaga aaaactgtaa atacatctgt tatttgtttc ttcatagaca ggaatggcta    101820
     cgtgggtaat aggtaagaaa gcaatgttat atagtaaatg tatattggta tacaagactg    101880
     tgaaaccttt catggaagtc atggccatag ttgactatgg ccaagtttac atgattcact    101940
     ttgttttttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt tttttttggg tttttttttg tattttttta    102000
     attttttatt aggtatttag ctcatttaca tttccaatgc tataccaaaa gtcccccata    102060
     cccacccacc cccactcccc tacccaccca ctcccccttt ttggccctgg cgttcccctg    102120
     tactggggca tataaagttt gcgtgtccaa tgggtctctc tttccagtga tggccgacta    102180
     ggccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctagag tcaagagctc cggggtaatg gttagttcat    102240
     aatgttgttc tgcctatagg gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct    102300
     cctccattgg gagccctgtg atccatccat tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt    102360
     tgctaggccc cggcatagtc tcacaagaga caactacatc tgggtccttt caataaaatc    102420
     ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt gtcagcgttt ggatgctgat tatggggtgg atccctggat    102480
     atggcagtct ctacatggtc catcctttca tctcagctcc aaactttgtc tctgtaactc    102540
     cttccaaggg tgttttgttc ccacttctaa ggaggggcat agtgtccaca cttcagtctt    102600
     catttttctt gagtttcatg tgtttaggaa attgtatctt atatcttggg tatcctaggt    102660
     tttgggctaa tatccactta tcagtgagta catattgtgt gagttccttt gtgaatgtgt    102720
     tacctcactc aggatgatgc cctccaggta tatccatttg gctaggaatt tcataaattc    102780
     attcttttta atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtagatg taccacattt tctgtatcca    102840
     ttcctctgtt gaggggcatc tgggttcttt ccaggttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc    102900
     tatgaacata gtggagcatg tgtccttctt accagttggg gcatcttctg gatatatgcc    102960
     caggagaggt attgctggat cctccggtag tactatgtcc aattttctga ggaaccgcca    103020
     gactgatttc cagagtggtt gtacaagcct gcaatcccac caacaatgga ggagtgttcc    103080
     tctttctcca catccacacc agcatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttgatct taaccattct    103140
     gactggtgtg atgtggaatc tcagggttgt tttgatttgc atttccctga tgattaagga    103200
     tgttgaacat tttttcaggt gcttctctgc cattcggtat tcctcaggtg agaattcttt    103260
     gttcagttct gagccccatt ttttaatggg gttatttgat tttctgaagt ccaccttctt    103320
     gagttcttta tatatgttgg atattagtcc cctatctgat ttaggatagg taaagatcct    103380
     ttcccaatct gttggtggtc tttttgtctt attgacggtg tcttttgcct tgcagaaact    103440
     ttggagtttc attaggtccc atttgtcaat tctcgatctt acagcacaag ccattgctgt    103500
     tctattcagg aatttttccc ctgtgcccat atcttcaagg cttttcccca ctttctcctc    103560
     tataagtttc agtgtctctg gttttaagtg aagttccttg atccacttag atttgacctt    103620
     agtacaagga gataagtatg gatccattcg cattcttcta catgataaca accagttgtt    103680
     ccagcaccaa ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt cttccactgg atggttttag ctcccttgtc    103740
     gaagatcaag tgaccatagg tgtgtgggtt catttctggg tcttcaattc tattccattg    103800
     gtctacttgt ctgtctctat accagtacca tgcagttttt atcacaattg ctctgtagta    103860
     aagctttagg tcaggcatgg tgatttcacc agaggttctt ttatccttga gaagagtttt    103920
     tgctatccta ggttttttgt tattccagat gaatttgcaa attgctcctt ctaattcgtt    103980
     gaagaattga gttggaattt tgatggggat tgcattgaat ctgtagattg cttttggcaa    104040
     gatagccatt tttacaatgt tgatcctgcc aatccatgag catgggagat ccttccatct    104100
     tctgagatct tctttaattt ctttcttcag agacttgaag tatttatcat acagatcttt    104160
     cacttcctta gttagagtca cgccgagata ttttatatta tttgtgacta ttgagaaggg    104220
     tgttgtttcc ctaatttctt tctcagcctg tttattattt gtatagaaaa aggccattga    104280
     cttgtttgag tttattttat atccagctac ttcaccgaag ctgtttatca ggtttaggag    104340
     ttctctggtg gaatttttgg ggtcacttat atatactatc atatcatctg caaaaagtga    104400
     tattttgact tcctcttttc caatttgtat ccccttgatc tccttttgtt gtcgaattgc    104460
     gctggctaat acttcaagta ctatgttgaa aaagtaggga gaaagtgggc agccttgtct    104520
     cgtccctgat tttagtggga ttgcttccag cttctctcca tttactttga tgttggctac    104580
     tggtttgctg tagattgctt ttatcatgtt taggtatggg ccttgaattc ctgatctttc    104640
     caagactttt atcatgaatg ggtgttggat tttgtcaaat gctttttctg catctaacga    104700
     gatgatcatg tggtttttgt ctttgagttt gtttatataa tggattacat tgatggattt    104760
     ttgtatatta aaccatccct gcatccctgg aataaaacct acttggtcag gatggatgat    104820
     tgctttaatg tgttcttgga ttcggttagc gagaatttta ttgaggattt ttgcatcgat    104880
     attcataaga gaaattggtc tgaagttctc tatctttgtt gggtctttct gtggtttagg    104940
     tatcagagta atagtggctt cataaaatga gttgggtaga gtaccttcta cttctatttt    105000
     gtgaaatagt ttgtgcagaa ttggaattag atctttggag gtctgataga actctgcact    105060
     aaacccgtct ggtcctgggc tttttttggc tgggagacta ttaataactg cttctatttc    105120
     tttaggtgat atgggactgt ttagatggtc aacttgatcc tgattcaact ttggtacctg    105180
     gtatctgtcc agaaatttgt ccatttcgtc caggttttcc agttttgttg agtatagcct    105240
     tttgtagaag gatctgatgg tgttttggat ttcttcagga tctgttgtta tgtctccctt    105300
     ttcatttcta attttgttaa ttaggatttt gtccctgtgc cctctagtga gtctagctaa    105360
     gggtttatct atcttgttga ttttctcaaa gaaccaactc ctcgtttggt taattctttg    105420
     aatagttctt cttgtttcca cttggttgat ttcacccctg agtttgatta tttcctgccg    105480
     tctactcctc ttgggtgaat ttgcttcctt tttttctaaa gcttttagat gtgttgtcaa    105540
     gctgctagta tgtgctctct cccgtttctt cttggaggca ctcagagcta tgagtttccc    105600
     tcttagaaat gctttcattg tgtcccaaag gtttgggtac gttgtggctt cattttcatt    105660
     aaactctaaa aagcctttaa tttctttctt tattccttcc ttgaccaagg tatcattgag    105720
     aagagtgttg ttcagtttcc acgtgagtgt tggctttcta ttattttttt tgttattgaa    105780
     gatcagcctt agtgcatggt gatctgatag gatacatggg acaatttcaa tatttttgaa    105840
     tctgttgagg cctgttttgt gacctattac gtggtcaatt ttggagaagg taccatgagg    105900
     tgctgagaag aaggtatatc cttttgtttt aggataaaat gttctgtaga tatctgtaag    105960
     atccatttgt ttcatcactt ctgttagtta cagtgtgtcc ctgtttagtt tctgtttcca    106020
     tgatctgtcc attggtgaaa gtggtgtgtt gaagtctccc actattattg tgtgaggtgc    106080
     aatgtgtgct ttgagcttta ctaaagtttc tttaatgaat gtggctgccc ttgtatttgg    106140
     agcatagata ttcagaattg agagttcctc ttggaggatt ttacctttga tgagaacgaa    106200
     gtgcccctcc ttgtcttttt tgatgacttt gggttggaag tcaatcttat cagatattag    106260
     gatggctact ccagcttgtt tcttcatacc atttgcttgg aaaattgttt tccagccttt    106320
     cattctgagg tagtgtctat ctttttctct gagatgtgtt tcctgtaagc agcaaaatgt    106380
     tgggtcttgt ttgtgtagcc agtttgttag tctatgtctt tttattgggg agttgagacc    106440
     attgatgtta agagatatta aggaaaagta attgttgctt cctgttattt ttgttgttaa    106500
     agttggcatt ctgttcttgt ggctgtcttc ttttaggttt gttgagggat taccttcctg    106560
     ttttttctag ggcgttgttc cctatcttgt attggttttt ttctgttatt atcctttgaa    106620
     gggctggatt cgtggagaga taatgtgtga atttggtttt gtcgtggaat actttggttt    106680
     ctccatctat ggtaattgag agtttggctg ggtatagtag cctgggctgg aatttgtgtt    106740
     ctcttagtgt ctgtataaca tctgtccagg ctcttctggc tttcatagtc tctggtgaaa    106800
     aatctggtgt aattctgata ggcttgcctt tatatgttac ttgacctttt tcccttactg    106860
     cttttagtat tctatcttta tttagtgcat ttgttgttct gattattatg tgttgggagg    106920
     aatttctttt ctggtccagt ctatttggag ttctgtaggc ttcttgtatg ttcataggca    106980
     tctctttctt taaatttggg aagttttctt caataatttt gttgaagatg tttgctggtc    107040
     ctttgagttg aaaatcttca ttctcatcca ctcctattat ccgtaggttt gttcttctca    107100
     ttgtgtcctg gatttcctgg atattttgag ttaggatctt tttgcatttt ccattttctt    107160
     tgattgttgt gccgatgttc tctatggaat cttctgcacc tgagattctc tcttccatct    107220
     cttgtattct gttgctgatg ctcaaatcta tggttccaga tttctttcct agggtttcta    107280
     tctccagtgt tgcctcactt tgagttttct ttattgtgtc tacttccctt tttaggtcta    107340
     gtatggtttt gttaatttcc atcacctgtt tgtatgtttt ttcctctttt tctgtaagga    107400
     cttctacctg tttgattgtg ttttcctgtt tttctttaag gacttgtaac tctttagcag    107460
     tgttctcctg tatttcttta agtgatttat taaagtcctt cttgatgtcc tctaccatca    107520
     tcatgagata tgcttttaaa tctaggtcta ggttttcggg tgtgttgggg tgtcgtagac    107580
     tggacgaagt gggagtgctg ggttctgatg atggtgagtg gtcttggttc ctgttagtaa    107640
     gattcctacg tttaccttcg ccatctggta atctctggag ttagtagtta tagttgactc    107700
     tgtttagaga ttgttcttct ggtgattctg ttaccgacta tcagcagacc tgggagacag    107760
     attctctcct ctgagtttca gtgctcagag cactctctgc tggcaagctc tcttacaggg    107820
     aaggtgtgcc gaagaagtag gcccaaaaca gggcctttct cagaagctgt gttgctttgg    107880
     cagttcccag aagctgtcag cttctgtggt gcagactctc acctgtgcag actaaattcc    107940
     taagttccag ggagtcccgg aaccaagatg gcgaccgctg ctcctgaggc tgaggccgcc    108000
     tcccaagcca ggcggacacc tgtcctctgg tccggacggt ggctggctgt ctgcggcccg    108060
     ccaagggtgc tgcctcagcg gctctgtgct tccccctgtc ccagaagctg tccggttctc    108120
     tggcgcaccc tctcacctgt tcagactaat ttccgattcc ctttgtttct ttctattgtt    108180
     cttataggtg caaggcttta gcaaaaggaa gcagagacat gacagaaagc ttatgggaat    108240
     catttgtgtc tctcgtccca aataaaggag gtgactcaag ttttacttaa tgacctacat    108300
     ttctgcaaat gtcatcctca tccctgattt tttaaaaagt cagtaggagg gggttagtat    108360
     atcagcaagg gtggcactga tggtttccat gacatggagt ccatatttat caatattgag    108420
     acacaaggag gtgagccact ttctcccaat gagatagcag cagtttgtat ttttaaggta    108480
     gcatttgctc ttgattacta acaaaagagc aacatctgtc aatctgcctt aaaacctact    108540
     ttagataacc ttttaaccca accatcacat gtgtgacagc aaaggggagc cacactgtaa    108600
     gacttagaag ggtggtgccc agagttttat ttttctcttt gtgtcccatc tcatgacagt    108660
     aggctaactt gatagatgta tctcattaaa ttgcatacga tccttatgct aatgtccaat    108720
     taataatatc tcaaaggaca aaataaccct ttattttgtt tatttttctg ttgcttcctt    108780
     gtctctgacc caaattatct ttgactagag cttttacaat ctacacataa aatgtagcag    108840
     ctgctgtcaa ggtcttctgc tatgccatag cagcctctaa tattcttagc tctatttttc    108900
     ctccttgaag attcaacatt taaaagtatt tcataaatct cttttgtgaa ggaccaagtt    108960
     ctgccctaga taccaggaag ttggtgttct aaggtacttc aaggaagggt aaaggagagc    109020
     tcaggaaagg gaagaagttt gcctccttaa atctttggtg aagagttaga caggtgccag    109080
     agagaaagaa gtctctaaac atgttcagca cctgctgatc tggtgtgaag tgctccaagt    109140
     aaaaaagtca gggaagaagg gatatagcaa tcatgtccat gatcggcact aataaggcac    109200
     attaggagca gcatagaagg gtcaacaggg aagaaggacc cagaaaatca tgaaacacaa    109260
     tagctaggaa tgggtcagaa gatgcttaag tgtctacaca ccgagagatg gctaactgta    109320
     cagattcagt ctggtgaaca tagctctttc agtttaagaa gaaacataac tcatccatgg    109380
     ctctaagtca aaacaacaga catttaggaa tgggaatcta tagcctgctc aaaatacgca    109440
     agactttggc ttggtcattg gaaggactag cagaggcttc tctcttaaga agatagacac    109500
     ttctgtacag agtcatggat ttatacacag aaacaaagga ttgtgatatt tatttttata    109560
     ggtttcttgg ttagttggtt ggttggttgg ttggttggtt ggttggttgg tttgggtttg    109620
     ttttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttgct ttttcctaca ttgttcttaa ggtctctaga    109680
     gtgggcaaaa gttaagatag ttgttgagga gagaaaaaat cagatgtaag cgtatcagtt    109740
     aggcaaaaca cagtgaggag ctaatagcca aatgcatgaa aaagagatat gtagaaaact    109800
     tgcatttcag attttaaaaa gtttaggtgt gctgacatgc agatttcaga agtcttcagg    109860
     cagcaaaata cttaagtagt ggccaaaaaa tatgaaaggg cctcaagcct aagcttttat    109920
     gtggtgtttt ctctgagcct gtggattggc tgatttaaag aaaacaccca ccaagagggc    109980
     ttatgtgtat aactgtgggg ttgagcatta tgctttatca tggtcagcaa ctataaggta    110040
     tgctggagtc aggctcagtg ggatgaagac aaaatgggcc acagagctaa ctagcacaca    110100
     gcagggggta cgttttagtg aggtaaaggt gtcaaagaag gatgctggag actcaaactt    110160
     aatgtaacaa aattttagcc cttaactttt gggtaaatac agaagaaaaa agaggctgtg    110220
     atggggagaa caaagacaca cattctccgc taagcagaaa gcagagaatg ccctttcttt    110280
     taacactgta tatacaaacc tgtaaataca cattgtgaag gtaaatgatt aagtaatcaa    110340
     taaacccagt gtttccggac ttccaagcag cttggatgat cagtagatgc aacagtttac    110400
     aaaagactgt tttgatcgtc tttgtgttgt gtccgcacat gtgagggggc gtgagcatga    110460
     ggaggtcaga agtcgacttt tgtgtctttc tcaatagttt ttcaccttag tttttgaaag    110520
     agtctctctg tacttggggt tcacagactt ggctagatta gctgtccaga accctctaca    110580
     tgtacacacc cacacacaaa tgagctctgg gaacaagtta atcagagaaa aacgtaaagg    110640
     atgtttagca gccatattaa aaagcccaga gtacagtatg tacccgtaat cccagtgttg    110700
     agcaagcaga gacagggatc cagacaaaag gtttccatac ttacatagca agtacttcat    110760
     ccattgagtt gccttttgat ttgtaagata ccttgttgaa aatataaagt gtagaacaac    110820
     taaagaagag acccaaacat taacatctgg cctccatata caggtgtata tatgaacccc    110880
     cactatacac aaacatatat acaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactttag    110940
     cggtaagtta atcagataaa atatttttgt gcacaagacc tgtgcaagac caagccagac    111000
     caaatcccaa catagagagt tgaatgagga ccaaatttct actcctagtc aagtaactaa    111060
     tggctctcct tagctgttgg aggagaaaga gtcagttttc tccaagaata tggaccctct    111120
     aagaataagt ctgtcacact ccagtggaag accacccttg atagggacaa aaaggagcac    111180
     aatggtaggt gggaagaggg agaggtgggt ctgggaagag ttaggagaag gaaggtaatt    111240
     ttcaccaaag catgtacaaa actctccaag aattaatata tatgaatatt tctctgatat    111300
     cttagaagta tatttgaaat atccagacac taattcatgt attcaaaaaa gtaagaaatc    111360
     ctttatttct attccagctt tgcttacacg aaggctcaac aaaatttaat ttttgattaa    111420
     tgtaacataa ctgtagaaac agaacactgt caattttctt ttacctgttt tttaaaaaga    111480
     aagatttaac atctactgtt catagaaaac atacataagt tttcaaatgt aagctgcctg    111540
     ggtatctttt gtcaacacag tggataaatc aatgcctgga aacaagaact ccacgtgtac    111600
     cacattctct tcccttgaag aggctttcac tacaagggcc tcaaataagt tccccagttc    111660
     taactctctc cccaaatctg ctttttgaat gatctttcct ctgacatagt gcagtctgtc    111720
     ccaaaccagc cttctctgca tctcctcctc acctcaaaac tgctccctct gcagtcacag    111780
     tcatggaaag agacagaagg aagccaacct taccaacctg caggaaagca gttagctaaa    111840
     tggagtgaga ccaattgcct tgtattcttt gactgtgttg tttattctta aggatacatt    111900
     ataagaagct atatccaagt ggcaggtttt atgtataaag acagtcactg aagcactaag    111960
     gccatgtaaa taattataat gtctaaaata ctaattcagc aggctgttat ttactgtcca    112020
     gagtatatga caagagccct ttcaaaggaa atgcacgtga tataataaca aaggcagaat    112080
     acaaagcttg agaccaagct attcagctat aaataaaact tttaaccctg cctctctttg    112140
     acagaattat gagctgtttt gaatgaccag atcacagttc gctgtatttt ttctaagaaa    112200
     catcgattcc tttatcataa atgagagcac ttgaaaatat atttctttac aaatgctggt    112260
     ttttcttttt aattgatttt taagcagcct accccgcccc ggtctaccca tatcaagctc    112320
     ctctgtcctt ttcattcctc cccccttagc tgttctcgct tcattttaaa caatagtttc    112380
     acatttaaaa aaaattattg gatattttct ttatttacat tttaaatgtt atcccctttt    112440
     ctggttctcc tcccccaaac ctcctattct attccctctc ccttgcttct atgagggtgt    112500
     tcacacaccc acccacccac ccactcctgc ctccctgccc tcaaattccc ctacactagg    112560
     gcatcaagcc ttcacaagac caagggcctc tcctcccact ggtcccctac aaggccatcc    112620
     tctgctacat atgcagctgg gtcacaggcc cctccatgtg tactccttgg ttggtgcttt    112680
     agtccctgga gctctggggg aatctgcttg cttgatattg ttcttcctat ggggtaacac    112740
     ataaaaccaa ataatccaat ctcatgtttt tcctcggctt tttaacctac ttatattatt    112800
     ccttttctcc ttccatacaa acttttaatt gttgtaagca aatggcacag atatctttac    112860
     atccttgcat ctttcttacc tggaagggaa tcctctgtag cctgaattct gccactctgc    112920
     ctcccctgaa aatgtgtctt tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggtctc    112980
     gaactcagaa atcctcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgtgccacc    113040
     acccgccggg cacagtcact gtttctttac cttaatttag cattatgtct agtttaattt    113100
     atgccctgat gtaacagcaa tgcttggttg tcaacatgac tatctcaggc attaaataaa    113160
     acccaaacag ctggatacac ctgggaggaa ttttctttaa ttaaatactt tgaagtgggt    113220
     tgacccactt ttaatccaaa ttttttgagg tgggaagatc acttctaatc taggccacac    113280
     cttctgctgg cagtttatgt aaaggacatg gtaaagaaag cttttgttct ttgcctgctt    113340
     gctctcacac tcactaccaa gtcctttact ggcattagag tctacttctt tgggtttctg    113400
     gatatatact gataattggt tgagacttat agcctcaagg actgaacaag tactagactc    113460
     agtgaacctt ccatttgtaa gagccattgt tggcctagct ggaccacaat cttgaagcca    113520
     ttctaataaa tcatgcaaca caccacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    113580
     acacacacac agaaagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    113640
     agagagatct gtttttctag agcagtggtt ctcaaccttc ctcatggccc tttaataaag    113700
     ttgctcatga tatgatgacc tccaccataa aaatcatttt gttgctattt cataactgta    113760
     atttgctgct gttactaatt ataatgtgac tatctgatat gctagccctt aaggggtcac    113820
     agcccacaag ttgatatctg ctactctaga gaaccatggc taatacaact gaaatgaaac    113880
     gtctgttgta tcttaaacag tggatactta ttttactctt tgcagtaaat ttgagaggag    113940
     catcttactc attatttggt tgtatcaaac tcagaattag cccttcacaa ataataaatt    114000
     cctaaatata tttaggctca tcaatagcat taagggagca tggagacaaa aatttttatc    114060
     ttaagcctgg gagctaatgt agtaaaaagt tcctttcctt tagcatacct gaataaatct    114120
     attcagtgag ttacctacct gtctgtacac attgagggat aggatcactt ttgtcaagtc    114180
     atttccctat taatgcattc agttctttcc catgctactt tggaacatta agtgtaaaat    114240
     atcattatcc acattcttca agatctgtgt tggcagcagt aagccaattc ccaaaatgta    114300
     ttctgttact cctactgagc aacagtaaca catgacttgg ctagcctcat taactacctt    114360
     gctaaagctc cgagtgctcc cagacatcct tgcctctacc tgatgcagtg cagataagtc    114420
     ttggctacta cattataagc agaattactg agtagtactt ccacatatta aaacacagca    114480
     gcaccatcct cccatttaat tctttcccag atatttccta cgtagacaaa ctcgccttga    114540
     actcacagag atcctgcaac ctctgtctcc caactttgcc tttaagtcac tttgtccagc    114600
     ttgtttttcc tcagtgttct cttccacatc tacagacaat gtggatggaa tctcacagct    114660
     atcttttcaa tgaaaactaa agtttcaact tggaatagta ccttagaaaa ctgaaaaggt    114720
     caggagctcc cccaaaactc cagtgtagac acacagagat ggacggaata cctacagtta    114780
     catcctacaa gtgtagaagg caggcagaaa gccaagaatc ttatcccaaa atgagtattc    114840
     tcagtctctg tgtgttcagg ttccccatat ctctcccggt atctagcttc agttggtcac    114900
     atattataat atattctaac tagtaggcca gtgaatcaca ctaaatgaat cattttagaa    114960
     tatcagtatt cttagtaaaa cagaatggtg acgttagtcc tgggattaga aagaatgatc    115020
     tcaaggaaaa gaaataatta aaaatggggt ctaactaaat actagtttat gtttttcata    115080
     tgtttatcat atactatgga ttcaaacaat aattcctaga tctttaagaa gctcagatac    115140
     tgaattatct aaaattagca aataattatc tctctactta gaaataaaat gattatgtct    115200
     atccctaata caaatgtatg tgctgattat tttgaagatt attatctata aaactattgc    115260
     ttcaaaaaat actacagtcg cataaaaata gaaatcaaca cacaaagaag agttttcatt    115320
     tttcttgaag ttctctgtga aggggaaaga gaaagttcaa taataataca ataagtatta    115380
     ttataagtat aataataaaa agttctgctt ttaattattg ttgggttttg ttttttgtgt    115440
     tttgtttttt gttttttaca ataatgatgc tttcaagtaa gataaaagct gggcagtggt    115500
     agcacacgcc tttagtccca gcacttgaga ggtagaggca ggtggatttc tgagtttgag    115560
     gccagcccgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc    115620
     tcagaaaaaa aaatcaagta agataaaaga atatacccag tgcaaatcac catcagaccc    115680
     ttcacagtat tctcacattc agttatgcgt ccaactgtat ttgtctcaat agtattcatt    115740
     aacattcttt cctaaacaaa tcaatgtgat tttgaagtta cttctgtcac tgtgggtttt    115800
     ctttcttttt tttctctcat ttcttttttt aaattaggta ttttcttcat ttacatttcc    115860
     aatgctatcc caaaagtccc ctatactctc cccacaaaca catcaattcc atttttacct    115920
     aacaggtaaa aagctgattg aaaaacctaa gtgcttccaa tttgttttct caagaagtca    115980
     aatatttatt ttgcaaagag atgatatgca tatgactggg ataaaacagg cagaccttag    116040
     ccagtatgat aagctcacta agctcacctg cgttcattgt atcactcttt tttttttttt    116100
     tttttttttg caattctaac tatggaagct gaaaatgctg ctgcaaaact tgttgtcatg    116160
     acaacaaaat cccctcagaa atgatgcaag tttccatatg aaaaaagtat tcatgacatg    116220
     atttcacaga aagatgctgc aaccacccac aacccaattt ttcagcttgt ctattgtttg    116280
     cttgcaagct ttagcatcta tcaaaatctc ttctctacaa atctctccag taactacact    116340
     atgattaaca attatttgaa ttttcctgta tcaactcttg tttacaataa aggaagaaga    116400
     cagctgctaa catctgccaa tctttccaag ttacttagat acatttacag gtccttgata    116460
     tctttaaaca tccttcatcc atgcaaggaa taggttgctg atgttgcaca ggttaggagg    116520
     tgagggaccc tctagaatgt accagatacc taggaggtga caaattctca ggactcaaaa    116580
     ggagggacct tagatgaaat gccctacagt gggaagagga aacttataga gcccacctcc    116640
     agtagaaaga tagggcatca agtgaggaat ggggttgcca tcacacagtc aaaaactcta    116700
     acctagaatt attcctgtct aagagaactg cagggacaaa aatggagaag atccagaaga    116760
     aaaaggaggt ccagtcacag gcccaaattg ggatcaagct caaggaaagg tcccaaggcc    116820
     tgtcactgct attgatgcta tggtgtgctc acaaaaaggg gcctatcatg actgccctca    116880
     aaagacccaa caagcagatg aaagattcag atgcagatat ttgtacccaa ccagtggacg    116940
     gaagctggtg acccctgtga cagaattggg gaaaagctag aataagctgt ggaggagggc    117000
     gaccctgtag gaggatcagc agtctcaatt aacctgggcc cctgaaatct ctcagacact    117060
     ggaccaccaa ccaggcagca tacaccagct gatatgaggc ccccaacaca gatacaacag    117120
     aggactgcag ggtctgagtt cagtcagaga agatatacct aaccctcaag agactggagg    117180
     ccccagggaa tttagagatc tggttgggta gggaatgagt gagggaggac atccttttgg    117240
     agacagagtg tggggagagg tatgggatgt ggaacagtca gagggtgaac tgatctgggg    117300
     gcaaatacaa tctggagtgt aaaaaataaa tagataaata aaagaaagga aaaaaaaaaa    117360
     gaagactagt ctctggattc taaactgaga ttataaatga aatatttcag gatttaaatt    117420
     atgaatgcaa catttgagta tgtggggaag tgcaaagcca tgaagaaatt ttgatctgca    117480
     tcattcctgc ctgtcacttt atctccgtaa ttctttctta cacaggagtc tattactttc    117540
     cctcacactg ggatctgctt cattgcttgt aaaccatttc accagtcctt ccgacatgcg    117600
     tctgaagttt aatgtaagaa attgatgcct ggctctttgc tcctgtcttg atgaactcct    117660
     tgctgttcct gttgatgggc ttggtcactc atggcttctc acatcttcat tggtcctatc    117720
     caattcaata agttaaggaa accaatgaaa gcacattgac tagaaagaat gaagtaaccc    117780
     tggtcctatt tgtagatgat atgattgtga acatagagaa ttcaaggaga ctacagaaat    117840
     atacctggaa ctagtctaaa tagcaaagcc acagaataga aaacagattt acaaaattca    117900
     attatatttc tatacactag caatgaaaac atgaaagtca aattaagact atgacaccat    117960
     ttacaatctc tcaaaaggaa tgtaggagaa tttagctatc aatctaagaa aatgtgtaga    118020
     gaacttacat ttaaaaaata attccatttt gattaaaaca tttttaaaat ggtataaata    118080
     aatatactca tttggtggaa aagaagtgaa tggcaaactg aatcttactt ttcgcaaagt    118140
     ctgactcaag atagaccata gatttagatg tacaccatag gagaaatcat tctagacccg    118200
     agagttcttt aaaaattcat atgagtgatt agaaatcatt tttcaatcca aacatcagag    118260
     ttaacaaagt tgaacccttc tgctttatga gagatcttaa gacaacataa gggtctgagg    118320
     atgaacgctg ggctttgtcc tcaaaatcac accaccaaaa agagctcatt tttgaagtgc    118380
     ataatccatg cttacatcac ccaaacctac ctcaactcac ttgtgcactc ttgaacatta    118440
     gccacatccc tgacgttcag ggagggtact gtgtgtgcac atgttttttt gttttgtttg    118500
     gattttttgt ccatgggtca acattccttg aaatgcaagc tgagaaacat gcaccctagt    118560
     gtttctatta gaagtttgag aaagtaccca aggagctaaa ggggtctgca accctatagg    118620
     tggaacaaca atatgaattg accagtaccc ccccccccga agctcgcatc tctagctgca    118680
     tatgtatcag aagttggcct agttcgccat cattgggaag agagacccct tggtctttca    118740
     aactttatat gcctcagtac aggggaatgc cagggtcaag aagtgggaat agggggtggt    118800
     aggggagtgg ggagggaggg catgggggac ttttgggata gcatttgaaa tgtaaatgaa    118860
     gaaaatacct aattaaaaaa ataaaataaa attttaaaag gaagaaaaat ggtacaaagg    118920
     aaaaaaaagt ttgaggtgtt tccttccata atcagtgctt tgatatgcac actccatatt    118980
     tcacatgttc ccagtcattc atatcatctg tatgccacgt aacctcctat cctgcagtcc    119040
     aactattctg aaagaagttt gcccttgtca ctctctcttc ttaactatag agattgtata    119100
     aaatacaaat ataattaatg catgtttata agatatgatg tttcagaaat tatagaagat    119160
     taaagatcat atggctatac atcacaagtt tgcatatttt acaatgttat taccatataa    119220
     aattaccata taatatactg gcttcttcat tttaaacaca gtgaaacaaa aggcagaaat    119280
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat tagggttaag gttaggctgg gttagggtta    119340
     gggttaggtt tgagtaccag gttattcact caattcttta caatgttgac attttaaatg    119400
     ttaaggtaac attgaacatt tgttcttcac aactattttc tcggtgtgtt ttagaagcat    119460
     ggtttactgg caggtgccag aatggagcaa gtattcagga gatgtggtct cctcctactc    119520
     acaatcaggt cccagaatca gcagaacagt aataaggctt actttcttat cagttaaaga    119580
     gaatagagta ttctatacac aagctcagaa caaatatacc taaaagtagg atcacctgga    119640
     ggcctggctg aaggacttct cattgttggc tgctgctgct cctcctcctc ctcttccttt    119700
     tcatattcct cctcctcccc tccctctccc tctcccccta ctctttcttc cttttaaaag    119760
     ttgccatttc tcaagatgtt gcagcagcaa caaaataact caaagccttt gtctggagca    119820
     actacaaatc tgtctaaatg tgaatgagtc aactctcttc aaagtaattt aagtttcttc    119880
     ccacacagta ctccagaaag atgatctatt gccaagatgt caaaagatgg cgatagtctc    119940
     gtcataactt tctcagatgt tcacaatgca gatcaacaaa cagatttaaa atgaaacaat    120000
     actgtatccc gtaagcctgt gagtcgaacc acaatttctc taaagagaat gttgtaacat    120060
     agccatggtt tctgtcttag aaaaggagtg ggatcttttt attttatctt tatttttttt    120120
     tttaaaatct accagagaaa gcacagcctg ttgagggaaa taactttcct acaggacaga    120180
     ggatttgaca gaagaattgg aaaggtcctg aggctccagc attgacttcc tcacgttgca    120240
     aggaacggat ctttcctaga tgttcagctt tcatttttaa ggtccttttt ttggagggct    120300
     gaagaaatag ctcaacaatt aagagcactg gctgctcttg tggaagtcca gggtttgact    120360
     cccagcaccc acatgaaggc atacagtcat ctgtaactcc agttttaagg gagtacaaca    120420
     ccttcttctg gcatctgctg gcaccagaca catgtagtgt ggggcaacag gctatgcaca    120480
     aacagcctgg tctccagtag agcttaggtc ttgaacctcg ctgggtggta attttcacct    120540
     acatgggaca gaaggtgttc gattgtgtct cctggacccc tggcttctgt caaagttatc    120600
     gcctccacag cccccacagc ccccacagcc cccacagccc ccacagcccc cacaggagag    120660
     gcgcatggct atcagtcatg tgagaacagc accaaacctt cccacatgca aataaggttt    120720
     cccctaaact ctcagtccga gccaatgaga ggtacctgct gtcgaaccct gaatcacctt    120780
     cagaactgta tataaaccca tccagggaat taaaggtact cgagaactac tccttcgtct    120840
     gagtcttttg ttccaagagc tgtaacactt gggaagagat ctctcccgaa gagccacctg    120900
     aggtcctgct gcaatcctca ctggatggat agtcggcttc tcattggccc agcccgacct    120960
     gactcagttc agagcagctc ggaattactg agccacctag aaggcatgac agagacttcg    121020
     tatccttgcc tgcacttgct tcttttcgct ggaaccctcg caccaggcct ggatagagat    121080
     ctccatggaa aacctctggt acctaggccc acagcatagt acataaacat atgtacaggt    121140
     aaacacccat acacatgaaa taaatcttgt ttgaaaagag gctaatattt gaggcttctt    121200
     gggatttaat ttagtattca ttccagtagt tcattccttg ctgcttttca ttttgtggct    121260
     aataaagtcc ttgagattaa aatctttgga actgcaacta ttttcacacc aagcagccat    121320
     attcagtgag taactgaagt gagatcctag gaatatctga acatgttaag ctccaagagg    121380
     acttagtttt ttcctcacca aggaaatact tcccaaagtg ctgttttatc tgaattctgt    121440
     ctccaaagat tactaaaatg tatgaaaagg caattcttga atagctcata catctattaa    121500
     ttgtcaagac tagagctaaa atataggtgg agagagaaaa caagaggttt actgtcctct    121560
     taatgaattg tattctacta caaagttccc caaaaaggaa caggatagga attagcattt    121620
     cctgagatct ttagtcatta gaaaaacaca catatgcccc agtacagggg aatgccaggg    121680
     ccaaaaaggg ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag tgggggtggg tgggtatggg ggacttttgg    121740
     tatagcattg gaaatgtaaa tgagctaaat acctaataaa aaatggaaaa taaaataaaa    121800
     taaaaaataa aagcacacac acacacaaaa aaaaacactt ttaagcaaca agatactatt    121860
     atagactcac tggaatatat aacaataaaa atactgatac tattacgtgt tttcaagaat    121920
     gtagggaaac ttgatccatt gcacattgcc agtacattgt aataaagcac acattaccaa    121980
     aggccccata gtggttccac tacaacctat ctacccagag caaatgagat gtccagaaaa    122040
     gcactataca taacatccct aaacaaacct tggatcaatt acaatgtgtg tcaactggtg    122100
     aaaaaaacgt atattagaat actacacagt gttcctcttt ctccacatcc tcgccagcat    122160
     ctgctgtcac atgaattttt gatcttagcc attctgaggg gtgggaggtg gaatctcagg    122220
     gttgttttga tttgcatttc cctgatgatt aaggatgttg aacattttat caggtgcttc    122280
     tcagccattc agcattcctc agttaagaat tctttgttta gctctctgcc ccatttttta    122340
     atggggttat ttggttttct ggagtccatc ttcttgagtt ctttatatat attgatatat    122400
     attaatatat agatattact cccctatctg atttagaatt ggtaaagatc ctttcccaat    122460
     ctgttggtgg gctctttgtc ttacaaaagc tttgcaattt tgtgaagtcc catttgtcaa    122520
     ttctctctct tacagcacaa gccattgctg ttctattcag gaatttttct cctgtgccca    122580
     tatcttcgag tcttttcccc actttctcct ctataagttt caatgtctct ggttttatat    122640
     ggagttcttt gatccactta gacttgagct ttgtactagg agctaggaat ggatcaattc    122700
     ccattcttct acatgataac taccagttgt gccagcacca tttgttgaaa atgctttctt    122760
     ccacttgatg cttttagctt ccttgttgaa gatcaagtgc ccataggtgt gtgggttcat    122820
     ttctgggtct tcaattctat tccattggtc tacttgtctg ttgctatacc agtaccatgc    122880
     agtttttatc acaattgctc tgtagtacag ctttaggtca ggcatggtga ttccaccaga    122940
     ggttctttta tccttgagaa gagtttttgc taccctaggt tttttgttat tccagatgaa    123000
     tttgcagatt gccctttcta actcagtgaa gaattgagtg gaattttgat ggagattgca    123060
     ttgaatctgt agattgcttt cagcaagata gctattttca ctatattgat cctgccaatc    123120
     catgagcatg gcagatcttt ccatcttctg agatctttaa tttctttctt cagagacttg    123180
     aagttcttat catacagatc tttcacttcc ttagttagag tcacatcaag gtattttata    123240
     ttatttgtga ctattgtaaa gggtgttgtt tccctaattt ctttctcatc atgtttatcc    123300
     tttgtgtaga gaaagaccat ttatttgttt gagttaattt tatatccagc tactgcactg    123360
     aagctgttta tcaggtttag gagttctctg gtggaatttt aagggtcatt tatatatact    123420
     atcatatcat ctgcaaatag tgatatttcg acttcttcct ttccaattga tatccccttg    123480
     acctcctttt gttgtctaat tgctctggtt aggacttaaa gtactatatt gaataggtag    123540
     ggagagagtg gacagccttg tctagtccct gattttagtg ggattgcttc cagcttctct    123600
     ccatttactt tgatgttggc tactggtttg ctgtagattg cttttatcat gtttaagtat    123660
     gggccttgaa ttcctgatct ttccaaggct tttatcatga atgtgtgttg gatcttgtca    123720
     aatgctttct ctgcatctaa tgagatgatc atgtggattt tttctttgag tttgtttaat    123780
     agtggatcat gttgacagat tttctgtata ttgaaccatc tctgcatccc tgggttggaa    123840
     cttacttgat gatgatggat gatcattttg gcagttcctc agaatattgg acataatact    123900
     accagaacat ccaacaatac cactcttggg catataccca gaagatgctc caacatgtaa    123960
     taaggacaca tgatccatta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa    124020
     agaaccccga tgtccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa atatggtata tttacacagt    124080
     ggagtacaac tcagttatta aaaacaataa atttattcaa ttcctaggca aatggatgga    124140
     tctggagggt atcatcctaa gtgaggtaac ctaatcacaa aagaacacac atgatatgca    124200
     ctcactgata agtggatatt agcccaaaaa cttagaataa ccaagataca atttgcaaaa    124260
     cacatgaaac tcaagaagaa agaagaccaa agtgtggaca cttcgcccct tcttagaatt    124320
     gggaacaaaa caaccacgga aggagttaca gagacaaagt ttagagctaa gatgaaagga    124380
     tggaccatcc agaggctgcc ccacctgggg ggtccatccc ataatcagcc accaaatgca    124440
     gacactattg catatgccag caagattttg ctgaaaggac cctgatatag ctgtctcttg    124500
     tgaggctatg ccagtgcctg gcaaacacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctattggatg    124560
     gaacacaggg cccccaatgg agaagctaga gaaagtaccc aaggagctta agggatctgc    124620
     aaccctataa gtggaacaac aatatgaact aaccagtacc cccagagctc gtgtctctag    124680
     ctgcatatgt agcagaagat ggcctagttg gccatcattg ggaagagagt ccccttggtc    124740
     tcgcaagctt tatatgcccc agtacagggg aaataccagg accaagatgt gggagtggtg    124800
     agtaggggag caggtgggga gagggtatag gggactttac ggatagcatt tgaaacataa    124860
     atgaagtaaa tacctaataa aaattgaaag aacgtaaata aggtagctat gaaaaaaaat    124920
     actacacagt ggtcctaatg atgtactagt atccaacaac acaaattagc ctccaaaata    124980
     gtttaagtaa tttactattt taagaagtta aatatacata cttatgtgtt attatattat    125040
     tctatttact ttattgagag agagtcttac tatgctattc tatgacctca aacttgctat    125100
     gtagactggg ttgatcttga actcacaaag atcctcctgg tactgcctcg taagtgctgg    125160
     gattcaagca tgtgccacca ccccctatag tgggttggtc tgatgtttct atgtattcaa    125220
     atgttaaata ctggccccca agatctggtt gtgcatgtca cacacacaca cacacacaca    125280
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagggaca aggagatgct cacatacttc agcttctgtt    125340
     atgaaaacct tatcccccaa attatctatg gttgattaat aaagatggct gtagctgaac    125400
     agaagagaag taggcagaga ttcagatctg gggagtttgg gggtctcagg tagatgccac    125460
     aaaggaaagc cagagaagaa aaaggaagga ggtcaccatg gggtcggtgg atcttgaacg    125520
     catggccatg agggctggcc tgatagagtg ggaacagcaa aagcggaaca tggcaagcga    125580
     tatctcaggg agcaccattg gtaagtagac aaaatagcat agagagatga tgctatctgc    125640
     ccagctatag taatttaaag cttaatataa atctgaaggt ctctgtgtct tatttgtcaa    125700
     ccaaatagtc tgaaatggga tagaaactcc taatggatat ttaaaggcaa caggctgcga    125760
     ctaaccccca gaaaactatt aaccacaaca atgccccctg tatgagtgta tttaagggat    125820
     tttttttttt ttagtaagta tcaattcaaa gaaacagaaa gcaaatgaat aatatcttag    125880
     ggtatggatg tgaaaattga ctctagattg atgtgaaaac ccatttccta tgaactgaaa    125940
     tgatccagaa cacaatcttg atggttttat ctgatataca tttgctgaaa agaatggaat    126000
     tctctaatcg tagtgaaaca aattacgcta tttaaaagtc atgtcttgag gcacagttgt    126060
     taaaaggtgg ggaagccttt gcaataaaag catctctagt agatctgtgc atgtggcttg    126120
     gatgctgcaa actcatttgt aaatgaactg tcagtcactg tcagcactag gaaggtgcat    126180
     tcctggagtc accttctcca tgaagaaatg agagagggaa ctcttcagtg gggcttactg    126240
     ccttgtgagc tgtttccttt tgcttgttgt tgctttggtt tgggtttgtt tctttgtttg    126300
     tttgttcagt gctgggagaa gatacatgca cgtgtaatta ggtcatggcc atcaccttca    126360
     ggcaggcagg gatagaaaca aacatgagca ggattagccg tgactctgtg caatgacctg    126420
     cccaggtcca tcactacctg cagtgctcat catcagctca atggctttta agtcatcgct    126480
     cagagctgtg tacaagtaag aagggacata ggaacaggca gggctggctc ttggcataat    126540
     tagactatgg aatcccactt tcaaaataat cataatgaat ccaatgaagg catttttgat    126600
     gacatttatt agacccctta taattttagc tgttgtgcat tggttgctaa catttacaat    126660
     gtgagaaata tgtgagtcat tttatgggtg aaaaaaaatc atcttcccaa aataaaagtt    126720
     cacatgtcca tttttttttc acatgaaaga agccagtgaa aggatggaaa tactactatt    126780
     aaatgtaaac tgtaagagca ttctataagg tctcccactg acctggaggc tatagcatca    126840
     cagtcaggct attgcttcat aactgacggc gggtatgctc tgcttataga ggtgggcaag    126900
     accatggctg tggagtgtgc acattatcca tgagctggca atgcagggca cttggattct    126960
     gctgtgctgt tgtcccacct gctgaggctt agtactattt ccagaaactc tctcaggctg    127020
     tcttcagagt aagacagcct gtgactccat cgtgggcaaa tcactcaccc cgccacagcc    127080
     tgtgtctttt gaaaagagaa agtagcctat atgtggtcta aattaaagtt cgcagtgtca    127140
     gcccgttgga aacataaggc taaatagtca ctggggttaa ggctgcccta catactgcag    127200
     gatgttcagt ggctcccaga agatgccagt ggaactcctg tccccactgt aaacaaagaa    127260
     aatgcttcca agaaaatgcc aaatatatcc taggacaaaa aaaatacaaa actgtgaata    127320
     catgtgacaa atttaaactc tttgaagtaa agaaaagaat gtgtagcttt tactgttggg    127380
     tggttcagag gactatatgc ctgttgaatg acacaagaca ttcaaagaga aatcctagag    127440
     aaaacatttg caagaaggaa aaggctacat tatgtcatca acaaagttca gcgcgaggta    127500
     tagtggatga tagaaacatt gtactggata agagtctaag ttttactaca tgcctgatac    127560
     tcccctgagc tgaccaaacc ttctttgttg ggaaattaaa ataacatatc aaaagccaga    127620
     atctaaaatg tatatccaat acttactact ttacataatg tcaggtctta atgtgtattt    127680
     atatatactt atatttatat gtgtatgtat attgcatgtg tattatatgc atagtatata    127740
     tgtgtgtatg tgtatacagt atacacatat atatatacag tacaatccct gagcaaagtg    127800
     aattagcatt gtgttctaat ggcctgctac ttataccata gatgggtttt tgacaaaatg    127860
     atcaaacctc aaatataatg cgggaaagat gaagtcaaca gtgatctttt ggccttgtat    127920
     actcacagcc tggagaatgg aagacctcac agagcatgga ggcctacaat agggtttcac    127980
     taagaaaggg attgaggcat ttgggaggta gggaggaggg agtttcaaaa aatgatgtaa    128040
     ttggcttgaa taagcagaca acaaacgtgt agaagctcat tgggctgagg cctggtgcac    128100
     tgctgctggc ccaactggta agaaaattgc cagatagaaa gcactttcct ctgaggagtg    128160
     gagcagataa acatatctgg taggaacaac agagcctata cttattttgg agtttctgtg    128220
     caatacaaag ttatcaaggc agaacgtaga atgaaaggta ttatgatgca tattctcaga    128280
     cagttgtgat ttatgagacc ttactcatct tgaatacatg aaaagatgga gcaaaccact    128340
     ccttcctcag ggacttagtt gtgctaatgc tttgcaaatt aaagtcttct tttaaaactt    128400
     ttaattccag caactggaat tagacttcta atcactgctg ggtaccatgg aagaggagga    128460
     aaacacaatc cattctttta agctcagaac tatatcagct gagaggctgg ccctgagctc    128520
     agtgcttctg tgaggtttct ccacacagac atcataaaga agaaaaatga tggaggcatt    128580
     actggaaact gaaattgtcc ctatctgtaa acaggcaggc catgcactag ggcctacctt    128640
     agcaattttc tttctgcttt ggaactttgg caaaaagttg caaaaacttg aaattctata    128700
     attatatggt tttctggaga tgccctcaat taccaaagat ctcctcaaat aattttagca    128760
     tttattttat ttctatgacc actgatataa tagctaggtt ttttctagat ctgagaatca    128820
     tttggagtac taaaacagca aatatataaa aagcaaaagc ttgatccaga gtcaagagat    128880
     gagattttga aaactttctg acagtttcaa tctaggtaag agtggggaaa ggatatttat    128940
     cacccaaagc ctaaagctct gtttctccaa tggggtcgat gggagaatta tatgcaaaag    129000
     cagacagaac tcatctgact gctctccttt tcactctact cattcacttg cccacatatt    129060
     catccattca ttcatccatt tacctatcca ggctgccagc ctaccactca tccagctgtt    129120
     catccgtcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catctagcca gtcggccagc    129180
     cagctagtca ctcacccatc tgtccatcta tgcattcatc cacccactca tccatccatc    129240
     catcatccaa ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatctat ccatctagcc    129300
     agtcagccag ccagctagcc actcacccat ctgtccatca atacattcat ccacccactc    129360
     atccatccat ccatcatcca tcatccatca tccatccatc catcatccat ccatccatcc    129420
     atccatccat ccatccatct agccagtcag ccagccagct agccactcac ccatctgtcc    129480
     atctatacat tcatccaccc actcatccat ccatccatca tccatcatcc atccatccat    129540
     ctatccatct agccagtcgg ccagccagct agtcactcac ccatctgtcc atctatgcat    129600
     tcatccaccc actcatccat ccatccatca tccatcatcc atccatccat ccatcatcca    129660
     tccatccatc catccatcat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatctatcc atccatctac    129720
     ccactcatct atccatccat ccatcatcca tcatccatcc atccatccat catccatcca    129780
     tccatccatc catccatcat ccatccatcc attatccatc catccatcca tccatcatcc    129840
     atcatccatc catccatcca tcatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatca tccatccatc    129900
     catccatcta tccatccatc tacccactca tctatccatc catcatccaa ccatccatcc    129960
     atccatccat ttatctattc atctacccat tcatccaact attcatctac ccattcatcc    130020
     atacatacat atatacatac ataggacaca aaaatagtga gaatctcagt tctatacaac    130080
     attgcttcaa cagaacaaca aaaataacaa tgaaagcaca agagacagaa ttctttagaa    130140
     gtgacagaca tcttccagaa atggaagaga ggtagatagg tccaatgaag atggaatgtc    130200
     aaaattagtc tcagctttag actttatatt ctatagcatg cttatataat ttgattaaat    130260
     ctcccctgct gttttgatta atcccccctc tcatatacac acattcttca gcttgagctt    130320
     tggggtttta ttttatagct atgaatttta aatcaggacc tactataagg acccaaattc    130380
     tagtctatgt gtcaagaatt tcataaaata ctacaactct aggagtaaaa atgtccaata    130440
     gtaccactct ctggacaatt tcatttcatt tttagactaa caaaatctgg cctattttaa    130500
     gtagctaata tattaataga ttttaatgta tatcgtgaag tataaggagc agagttgtgt    130560
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    130620
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtggtatt gtatctaagg aaactttgaa cttctccagt    130680
     tttctctatg catacaggta gagaacttgg agttttattc agggctgggt gtcagtgcag    130740
     gttattaata tttatggctc ctcctcacta agcctgaaat ctactcttgc ctgctagaaa    130800
     aatcgttgga agctctacat agcccaccta tcctttaagg cacttttact ccattacctc    130860
     atttgatctg tccccagcct actttaggct actcaagaaa tgatacacac tccagcaagt    130920
     gaaagaaaga gacctctgac aggtccacca gtgctctcca acccctatcc cccatgcctc    130980
     ctctttgttg ggaatttcct ggtgactgta attgttggtc actttccctt actctgtctt    131040
     tttattcctc agctaggcag gggacccaaa agctaccaga aactagaggg ttacctgcag    131100
     agtgcctctt cttcttggcc tgttggtagc acaatggcaa actacaggga agaggagggc    131160
     acaagcatat gaagtcagca gggagagaac tcctgctcag tcactccctt ccttcctttg    131220
     tctagttgta aaatgtgggg caagagttta aagatggaga atgtgaaaac ttaaagaggg    131280
     ctggctttcc tctaccagcc acaatcacat gccaataact ccttgcctat ggggcttctc    131340
     cctgctggga tttttgtctg gcttgagctt gcaacaaatc aatctatcac aactgactat    131400
     cagagttgct gtgagtgcat atgtgtatct gccctgttgg gtctagaaaa caccatttcc    131460
     ctgaagtctt ctatcacctt ttgtctctta caatatgtct tcctcctctt ccacttagat    131520
     ttccctgaac ttggagggta gcgatgtaat gtaagcactc catttaaagc taagcactcc    131580
     atagtctctt actgtctgca cactgaccag cagtgggtct ctctgaccat ttacttcaaa    131640
     aaagcagctt ctctaatgag gttgagcact ataatgatct acatgggtat aagccatgta    131700
     gattgtttta agccatccgg gttgttttaa tgcttggggg atgttgtaag gaaatgggga    131760
     caagagtaga gggagctttg tctactcact tgtatagtgt gtaccacatc ctctcttttg    131820
     aggatatggt aagtgcaatc atcacagcct tgactctttg actaccagga tttaatgtag    131880
     agcacaccat ccaccccttg ctgcttctac aacagaggca gtggtcccaa gctctcgttt    131940
     aagcatgacg ccttagaaac caagtagcta attccaagag cgttgtatca gaaattctgc    132000
     tttcctaaat tagaaaacag aaccaagttc tcatgtgaca cttcatgtga caataatata    132060
     ttattgggtt tttatagggt actcttcaac tatcattttg ctcttgtttt tagtagggat    132120
     tagaataaaa aaaatctttg tttatacaaa aaaagaaagc atcatttcat tccatgtatg    132180
     ttttgaggga atctcccagt ctcatattat tagaagactt tctaacatct aatgagacta    132240
     agaaatatta aaataaagta agctttattt taaaatttaa aaatgtctct caaattccat    132300
     ttaggccaga tgattagctg tcatttatgg tatagtgata tctgataact catagaaatt    132360
     tactactaga gcttaacata acttcaaata cagtacaaat cttattactt atatcatgcc    132420
     aggtataaat gtcatacaag tttaagatga cattggtaaa gttaatatca aaaggcctct    132480
     tgtgttagct tttgtgaatt tgacataggc taggaaaatt agggaagagt taacttcaga    132540
     tgagaaaatg tcccacagac ttgcctacag gccaatctga tggagacatt ttctagatta    132600
     atgattgatg gaggagggtc cagctcactg tgggtggggc caccaatgag aagttagtta    132660
     gacaggaaaa ccagtcatgt ggagcaagcc tgtaagcagc acttctccat gacttcctct    132720
     tcagttcctg catccaggtt cctaccttga gttattgctt ggcttccgtt agtaatagat    132780
     gactaactga aagttaaaga tgaagtaagc cctttcctcc acaagttgcc tgatcatggt    132840
     gtttatcaca gcaatagaaa gcatcaagac acagctctaa acttattctc ttatggtttt    132900
     gcaataggaa tctttttaat ataggcaacc aatttcaaaa ttccaaaaaa agactcacta    132960
     attcaaataa attccataaa atgcacattt tattttgtat catgaaaaaa tatccacatt    133020
     taaataaagt gtgaaaaaaa gcaaaattaa tcctccctga tgaaatacag tttattgtgc    133080
     taaaacccag gattattctg ggttagaaac ttccacctgc caattcactt ttggaaacaa    133140
     ctatttcttt agaacaaacg tccaataaac tgaaaactgt gacaaacttc ccaactgcaa    133200
     tagaatttta gtcacaagtt ttcaaaattg acccagaagt ctccaatttt agatgtttac    133260
     acataagttc ttagcagttg actgatagta catacaaaat ttctatatta cacactgcaa    133320
     tgtcttgatt taagtagaaa aacatgatca gcctagtgtg aaccaaattt tgaaaactat    133380
     agacaagtac tgcttagcat attggtatta aaaatatctt ccatgaagtc ttgacctatt    133440
     tccttagtca atgcataaac caaatattcc cagtgaatta aaccttagga agcattttta    133500
     atatccacaa atatggttac tgtggcagag acatttgaga acttggaaaa aaaccctgta    133560
     gcaacatcag tcaggagttt acattgtagg gtacaaaatg gtgtcactgc tatacacaaa    133620
     gtcagtagac catagagtta aaagaaatac agaattctca ttatatcata gatatgcata    133680
     attcagtagt gttgttggag taccacacat ttcctgaagt cactattgtc tcaataaaca    133740
     acaggaaact actgctaact gtaattaaat ttttaccaca acatgtagga ttgagattaa    133800
     aatgattcta acctagtgtc caacttaccc taacccttgt cactagggag ggactttatg    133860
     cattatgaca gtgattgttt gagtcagttt cttaggtgaa gtctgtgtgg tttcctttcc    133920
     tctgtgtcta gctttagcat ggaaggcagc tgctcagaaa gaaagtcagt aaatccacta    133980
     cagaaagtga gccaacttaa catcataatg tcactgatgg agatgctgaa ctcccagcct    134040
     gaaaccttcc ctcaggggtc caaaaagcag tccttgccat taagttttct gaaatgaaat    134100
     tcattaaata attgatttta aataaagtac atttagattt tatttaacgg tacatacttg    134160
     acacatataa taagagactc agtcccatca aacctcgaca tagaactatc aaagaatcat    134220
     tcatctaatt tgcatagttc actgactagc tcatcaacta tgtgatcaac tgtgctattt    134280
     tcaggaatat ttccatcagt ttggttggga aagtctggaa ccaactcaga tctttatgca    134340
     gcttttgatg ttgatcactt tcctttactt agacatctca ctatggaacg aggtggctca    134400
     atattttaaa gacgatttag ctgataataa tgatatgcta tttggcaaaa tcttgcttgc    134460
     attaattatt aagggaaaat actcaacagt ctggtttatt caagcagtga ggggtttggt    134520
     ttttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tggccttgtc tttgctggtg ctttatcagc    134580
     cagtgattct tgcataaatg ccagtcctta ggaaaccatc taatcaagat gcaagacaac    134640
     tacccaagta gagacctgga cttggctagt cccaagccaa tatctaaaac ttgaacatag    134700
     gtacaaaagt atcctctcat gttaaaaaga cccacccaaa ttaacatgtt tccaaactag    134760
     ttcctaatgc ttcattaaaa tcaacaccgt ggttacagca atgtaatttc gaaattagcc    134820
     caaacaaaaa ctgttaagaa gatgtcacac aaagaggagt gagccaagag gcaaatacat    134880
     tctttcccta acaccctgga gcttttctgc agtgctcttt gactaaatgc cacaattagc    134940
     acaggttaac aatgtgcttc tagcaccttg ttcacatgaa aatgtcaagg tcagaaagtg    135000
     acctaaccag aaagagctcc agcactcctc gcagggagac atgaagcctt gggacattca    135060
     ccttgcccct ctgcttcctg gcctcaccca ataagcgtct ctccctgatt gttttaaaaa    135120
     gccctctgtc agatggtcta gtccctccct catttttttt aaagccctct gtcagatggc    135180
     ctaatcaatg ggaggagagg cccttggtct tgtgaagatc atacgctcca gtacagggga    135240
     atgctggggc caggaagtag gagtgggtgg gttggggagc agggctggag cagggggtat    135300
     atgggacttt ggggatagat ttgaaatgta aataaagaaa atgtctaata aaaaagaaaa    135360
     gaaacaaaga ttgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat atgattgcat tgagtctata    135420
     tattagtcta tgtatggctt aaaaaaagcc ctctgtctca cttaaatctt aaatcccact    135480
     agtaaaaata aaagcaaatt aaaaaaaaaa aaagaacatg tattgcttcc tttaacttta    135540
     acttacctct taaatgaaaa ttcaccctga agactattaa atatacacat ctgtggtatg    135600
     tttcgtttgc ctcttgctta tgactacact tcccagttta cccccattgc ttgtcaactg    135660
     ctgggagaac tgaagggaaa tttagctgtt gcctcatggc acactttacc cataacagtt    135720
     atgataacaa tctttgccat tttctctggt cacatgaaaa acaagcattt atgtttcaag    135780
     gtatatatat atattaatta attattttga tttggggaac tattgaatgc acatgtcctg    135840
     aaaaatgtgg aattcacact ggaagagcct gaccttacga ccctaggaag gtgtttttct    135900
     ctctaaagta gagctgtctg tgttagagtc tccgccttac ggctttattg gttattaatc    135960
     ggctactgca atcctattta aattcttatt ttattccttc ataggagtgc tgcagaataa    136020
     aatatgatta tttaagtaca ttgtttagta ctgcgagtgc tcaatgacta tgaagagaga    136080
     tgaagcacac aggttggact gtccaaattc tcaatggcct tgacccacac aaagcttgca    136140
     aataacacta gccttgtatt aagagcaaga gagagaaaaa tcttaattta gagtatagac    136200
     tagtatctca ggacatagga catggggtag gtattttaaa aattctgatt tgcatacctc    136260
     ttccttactc cataggactc agaattttaa tgagaatcca aaacaaacca caccttctac    136320
     tgtcctgtaa agaagcacag aacaaccaat tccccccccc cccaattcca caaacacccc    136380
     caacctcctt cattattgag tttaattgat tttaagtatt ctaaagataa tttaaaattg    136440
     ttagctgact tattcaggga gaagtgctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgtgt    136500
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgcgcgcgc gcgtgtgtgc    136560
     atgagtgcat atttatttgc ctttctgaga gcttttgagg tacagaagac aaaatggtag    136620
     tgtgggagag ctctatcttt tttcaggacc tctggttact acccttctca gatggctgag    136680
     aagcatccat gaagcacaaa atacttgaaa aattgaagct attaatcaaa atttacacgg    136740
     tcactgctta acacgttgat gcattgaata caattaggta tcactatgca attaaccaat    136800
     ttgttattta aaagatttaa aatttagaga aagtgtttta tcttattatt aaatgtcaat    136860
     tgactgagca tctaagtgtc tcaccttaga aatattctta aagaggaaag ctgagtcaag    136920
     tcctagagat gaaggaatct ataaatgtgg gggaagttaa attgatgttt taacacgggg    136980
     tagggagtaa atggtagcta aaagtaaatg gtaacttcta gttaatgtta aacttacaaa    137040
     tgataaatct ctcaaaatga gtaaaatttg tatattttac tgaagatcta aattttacaa    137100
     tagagagata tggaaagcca ggacatgcag cttgttgagg aagggtgcct gggatgtcat    137160
     tattaaaagt gcattttcca caatttattc atgagaactc gggccagctc atagacgaat    137220
     tcctttgctt agaaaagaaa aactaatact aaagaagaat cgacgcagta cagaggcaac    137280
     tgactttgtc tgcttgtcag tttcttcttt gtttctacag ttgggctaag tttgatcatt    137340
     tatattatct aaatgttcaa aagcccttta atacattttg tcctcttact tttcaggagg    137400
     atgtgccagt cagaaaaatc attataacta cagaaaaggg gtaataatat tttctttctg    137460
     ctcaaatggt cttgttattg ttgtttggtg tgaactattt ttgcagttgg taacaaattt    137520
     agacttaatc atctcactga gaaggctgaa tatatgttta tagacagaat atgtaaatat    137580
     aagtctatca ttacacagta gcagagcaaa ggactatgtt tttaaatgtg tatgcactca    137640
     ctggagttga ctagaacgtg cctatcagca ttgccaatga ccacgataaa agtctacaag    137700
     catgtaaaca gaagcctcga ctctgcatct atgtccatgg atatgaaaat cggcatctct    137760
     ttgtgtgttt gtatgtaaat cctgatctga atgctggtac atgttcatga cctggcatta    137820
     gtgactgatt tagtacctaa atctacattt ttgtcctgat tgtgtgaccc tgctgaatat    137880
     ttgtttttgc tttgtttatc tggttcagat aaagaagaat agtttccaaa acgttaaagc    137940
     aatctttatc aactctaaaa tgtaatggct gtcatgtaat aatcataatg tttttgtttt    138000
     aatggaagca gataaagcat tcaggctgta agcaaacatt tcaactcaga gcaaattgat    138060
     tgaaaatgat ttatttgcat gtaaagcaac tgttaactgt agtgccacag gcctaataca    138120
     gtaaatatgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatgtat    138180
     atgtatatat atatatatat atatatacac acatacatac atatatacat atatatgtgt    138240
     gtgtaattgc ttagcaaata aatagaggat tgcagtagat agtaaaaggt cagggtttag    138300
     ttagccccat ttgacttgaa gtacttttaa aacatttaag gcttatcatt ttatttttga    138360
     tgcttgcgac tatgtgcact ttcaaaatat tcttagtaaa ttcttagttg gaagcacatt    138420
     tttaagttgc catttgctga gaatcctagc aaaacccagt gagagatcta aacataagtg    138480
     ttctttctgg tgcaaaaaca atgttccctt tgtgtttact gctctgctta ttttcctgcc    138540
     tcaaatcatc ctggcaaata taacaataag actttgtgtg gggccctgag gacaaaggct    138600
     tctctgcaga ataagaaaac attaacagaa tgaaccttat cttcagaatc aaatgtttat    138660
     atagcctaca ctgcttcctt gaagtaccaa cagtaactgt cccatcaatt tctcaatcaa    138720
     atcactgcca ccaaggacat ataatatggg caggttttag tgcctttcaa gcagctaatg    138780
     tggtttattt tcctttgacc taaccgtagc ttggtgtaag atgggagtaa tgttggtctt    138840
     tgttttaata cttgttgttt ggatatcgga aatacagtaa aggcagctga ctgcccaaac    138900
     tctagactga cagagctgga atcaatatcg aagacaacgc ccaatatttg tcccagtgtg    138960
     tgctagtatc caatactcat cccaggatgt gctagcatcc aatattcatc ccaagatgta    139020
     ctagatccaa tattcatcct aggatgtgct agcatccaat actcatctaa ggatgttcaa    139080
     aatctaagca tactttcttc tctctctctc caacagaatc ccaggagtaa tactcatatg    139140
     tctcctgaag atgccaagca caccattcac ctaagaagat actccttttg atggtatctg    139200
     tgtgtggtgg cttctgacat tgtctcatta tctacatgaa acttcagggg gaaatgaaaa    139260
     gactcagaga aaatagcttt aaaaagacaa ttatataagg taacaaaatt caccaataat    139320
     tactgaaaaa aaaaagaaga catgaatttg aaggataaca agaagggggt cacatggatg    139380
     ggtttggagg aaggaaagtg aaggggaaga agtgttactt aatttataac tgtatgtacc    139440
     agctgctaca caaccccagt cacttcttta aacattaact taaaaaacag tttttttttt    139500
     tccaaaagaa ttgcagaagt tttctgggtc tcacagggaa ataatatttc cttaaattct    139560
     gtaatacatg tatttggatt ttgatcgagt taattttaaa aagacacttt agtttgctgt    139620
     gctaattaat attttcatta aagtactgca tagtattgca tagacatttg ttctgaccca    139680
     tttaaaacct cacattctcg tattctctgt cctgtgacct acataaagtc gtaggtaatg    139740
     ttcttaatat ttagagcttt tgtagtcttg tacacaataa gaggtgtaac caggactgta    139800
     ataaaaagtt tccttaaaac aataaagttt gggtgtgaat tcaaccacta atccagaact    139860
     attttaacat cattcatgta aaagggagac attgggagct ttgacgtcgt tttctaactt    139920
     tggagtttct acttgccttt tattgtaagt tcttctgtct actagaacac attaggtgta    139980
     atgttatcca gactcgagtt agctaacttt cctgctttga ctgaaagatc acaattctgt    140040
     ttgtatttga cttctgctgt catgtcacta ccactcatcc agaatacagt gtctgatctt    140100
     atatattcat actattatac gagaattaaa gatgtatagg ttgctttgca aaatatttgc    140160
     atttcaaata catatccatt tagtgctatt agtatgttgt tcagaagtat aatagtaaaa    140220
     acaatattag tctggatgca ccaagagcac cagtgtagga ataaaacatg cagtcatctg    140280
     gccccccaaa gagcctgccc tttctgtgtg ttggttgagg ccacacagaa tatgattgta    140340
     tcattatcac atgtgtgcaa gcaagtattc tcccttcatt aaaatctgac taaattctac    140400
     cgtgaagaat tttaaaatct ggaaacctaa gactatttac agtgttggct ggatatgtgc    140460
     agagtgcgtt cagcaccacg ccgtgtcatg cacgcagagg acaggggtct ggaaaagagt    140520
     actgtgggaa ctgcaccaaa aaggaaacaa ttggtacttc ggcttcctat tgagggcccg    140580
     gcgcagttca aaatcattat gtttcttccc cacctacgga aacatgtgtt cagatagaaa    140640
     tctcattatg actaatgttg taggttgttt agctaaagct ctgtctgggt cattgtcata    140700
     tcctggcaaa ggtttgtaaa cctaatcgga aatggcataa gtcacacttc aaacaaacca    140760
     gtttctgttt cagtgaccct cttacggctt cagaccaact gctagttttg aatgtagcta    140820
     aagtcagaac agggatttct gcattcatgg ttttgttttt tttttatcat caatcagctt    140880
     tgaaggtatt tgctagactt gactctgaca aataagacac ccaatacatc tcagaagcca    140940
     aggtcaagat atcttccaca atagaaaagc taaaacaaat gagcccccaa acctcaattc    141000
     taaggctgat tctataatta tttcatttct ttttgcctat ggtgggtagg tatcttagca    141060
     gaacaaagag atacacgacc ctggagatgt ccacttttag taatggaaaa gaaagcaact    141120
     gtaagccaca gtgccgagca catagcccaa gagtactaga agaaaagagt aaatctttgg    141180
     gacctccgaa gaacttaaaa agcagtgctg ttttgtactt ttccagactg attgtggtaa    141240
     ctattttctc tgtaatgtta gagtgactaa gatatagaaa agtacataaa attgcatgtg    141300
     aaagagcaaa atattttctt tgatttttgt caccatcttt gtatattcat ttctatatgt    141360
     atatatgcac atataatgca tatattagta gtctaccagt acacaagaga ttgacataca    141420
     ttttcagggt aatgcaaaca ctaccttctt attttcgata ttaagtttta tgctatcacc    141480
     tactgaaaac cacaccccca ggaagaactc cagaaaacat gctggaatca taagaaaatg    141540
     cttccactga ttctcaaaag gggtatgcat ttcattctga gtgtttgtta tccaagggcc    141600
     taaatatagg aaacacaaca tttgtgactt ctcttttggt tgacaatagg cactttctca    141660
     gaataggaat tattacctga aagactatga catttagcct cataagcctt ttgtaagtgg    141720
     atctgcctga gccatagtgg tctattatat caacttaaca gaaggccagc attgcaactg    141780
     tgtgcaaaaa tgctctggga aactgtactc agaatacagt catagaaaaa ccgttatctt    141840
     aataaagcaa ctttaacatt accttctagg ttggttattt agttaagtta acctcattgc    141900
     aataaaactc atgtgtcatc atttccatac ccagatttca tcctttctaa gtcacagatg    141960
     tgcaattaaa acatgtctaa ttgcttatgt tcttttttaa aaattatata tcagtaatag    142020
     ttaaaatttt gatatgtttc tttgctaaga gcctttcaac atcccccttt gaacgagctt    142080
     tggaaattac aaatgtagaa cattcatcgc ctttggacaa tcgacatatc taacatattg    142140
     ttaagaggcc cgtataccct gtggtgcagt gtttctataa taatatacac tatattaaca    142200
     attgagtatt tatggtgttg atcaagtcag ctcccaagat gacagttatt ctccaagacg    142260
     gagggagcag ggaattcttt acataagagc taatgatgac tatctaatac aatgctaaag    142320
     aggagaggtc tcattgagtg gagatgcagt tcatgcacaa aacccatagc aataagttct    142380
     caatatccaa cagtggcatc agatgtaggc aacgaaatag tcatctcaat ggagcacaca    142440
     ttgcctgtag ggaagaggaa cctaacacta agttacagaa aagtccctat ggcatgagac    142500
     tgtaaagtgg tctgacagct tcagaagccg aaccctccct tgacattaat ctataatttt    142560
     aactaaacag aagtgaagaa atgacagctc aatatactca gcctgagatc aagtttgtca    142620
     tggcaacatt ggcaggttgg accctgattc ttcaaagatt acattgcctt agttaacaaa    142680
     attcatactt tttttttatt acagaataga gattataaat aaatgtaaag tgtgcatgca    142740
     gtcaactgca taatgtacaa gcaatatcta tgttttgaat aattgtcttt ggcaggccag    142800
     aatccagctg gacatgcagt atgtacatat caaaatccat attgtgttca tcatattgaa    142860
     agcaagtgaa aatatatatg tatatactat atatacacac ttatgtatat agatgtatat    142920
     actgttttaa atatattaac aaatatatat gtatatatat attaaaagtt gatttcgtct    142980
     ttgtcagatt cgggtgactc aggccttgag acactaaaaa tatcctgaca tggtatttgg    143040
     ggaggtactt ggagtggaat ttggggtttt ggagaagatg tctggggtac gcttttctct    143100
     gagagtagtt ttaaaatctc tgccacctgc ttttccaggg cagtcattct gcagcttagc    143160
     agctggatat cctccttgag ttcatgtttg acttcctgca gtgtggtttg taaggcctgc    143220
     tcggggatgg ggtagaaaga atgcttgaca tcagcctggc tggggctgtg ttctagagga    143280
     cttcgggcct caccggcttt atccaaacga aggtcacttt ttgtaatccc actgtcacaa    143340
     gaatccgttt tccttaaggg gttcttggtc acactgttct ctgagtcact gcccttgggg    143400
     tcctccgaca agagccccat cgactcggct ttggtgacat tattccagtc ttcctttttc    143460
     tcctcctgag cccccatgtt gttcttgagt ctcagccacc ccttcccatt tccgtttttc    143520
     atcctgatgg ggctgttgac cttgagacat ttgggttcag cgccaccatt gggcttcagt    143580
     tccatggcat cgcggttgtt ctgcttaaga gactcgctgg ttttcacata cgccagagac    143640
     gtctggatgg gggtaatctg tgatacggtg accacactgg tacctgtgat ggaggctccg    143700
     ttctgcaaag ggcggctctc tacctgaagc tggctcctct caggatcact ctgtgcagag    143760
     ccctggatcc tcagttcttt ctgctgtttg aacttctgga agagcttcct cactgggtgg    143820
     tccacgggga tgctcagagt cacctcattc ttctgccgca gccgctcctc ctcctccttc    143880
     ttcacatcac taattttacg gaagatgatc tggagaaagg gagagatgag gaaaccatgg    143940
     ttactgaagc agatagctct ataatcatgt gacactgtgt tgggtgtgct ttgctttaca    144000
     gtgacgacat ctgcacatgc ctcatatccc tttcctaagg gaaaattaat ttagttgcca    144060
     cgtaacaatt caatataccc aatatctaac tcagggacac tgactgacta cactcttaca    144120
     caccagaggg gaaaggtggt tgaaacagtg taaaagtaat tcatgtcccc atttgaaaga    144180
     gtatataaaa tatatattct atatattagt gtatatatat atacacatac acacacatat    144240
     atatattaat atatgtgcat tcgtgtacat acaaatatat attccttaca tttccttggg    144300
     acatatcgtc attttagtat ggtttctcct tttctatgtg tgtttcaaac ccatttttaa    144360
     aaattttatg caattttatt tcattttaat tacacacaca cacatatata aaatctgaaa    144420
     aatctaagag ttttttttta aaaaaaaata ataatattcc aattttgtgc atcaaaagac    144480
     agtatagtaa tcccaattat ctagattgag ctttcaatgg tttcgtgtca ttgtgagagg    144540
     attgagttag ccagagccga gctgatttca tcacaggcta caaactgggc cttctgtttc    144600
     tcaaaactgg aaaagtccac aaacaagaca attccaggaa cacccccaca cctccatgga    144660
     cagccaatca ggagctgtca gaagctgtct cgccacctag cttgaccaac ctcaaggact    144720
     gccaatgagg accccacctc ctagtcttag ctatatcgaa cccattttta atattatcct    144780
     ctgtaaatgg ataggatagc aggagttcca gatttcatga atactgaaaa ggtatgaagt    144840
     tctccaggga gatgagcagg ttgcacagca agggttgggt ggagagtgta tgcattcctt    144900
     atgcatatga ggaatctgta aggaaacgtt tctaagaaac aactgacaga ttaacacaga    144960
     tccttaaagt tactgttgaa tagaccacct cagaaacact tgaatttcca tctctgaaat    145020
     gttccaaata tacaaaatct gctcatatga cacttttgat tgaaatagaa ttctaaatct    145080
     taaaactctg gatattttag agatgaaatt caacatatag tatgtgcgat gttaaggtgg    145140
     acatccctca gtaaataagt gtgctattaa aatctcgtga aaaatgttgg gaagaaattg    145200
     tggtgacaca atttcaaagg aaataaagat tattggctat gtgagatact acaaactgta    145260
     ttttcagtta gaggttaact tagtgagttt attgttctca gattcttgaa agacaaaagt    145320
     aactgcaggc aaagtctatg aggagtggcc tggaaagatg gctcagtggt aaaaacactg    145380
     actgctcttc cagaggtcct gagttcatgt ggttacatgg tgtctcacaa ccagctgtaa    145440
     tgggatctga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagca acagtgtact cacatacata    145500
     aaaaatagac actgtaaata aaataagtta aaatttaaaa tatctgtgag gaaaattaaa    145560
     gagattttca tcatgtgcag cactttcaga gtcaaccaat tttaccaccc aagcaaaatt    145620
     atttatttct cccatcctcc ccatgttatg tttaagagta aaaatacata tgaagcacac    145680
     agtcccgact cataaaagac cctcaaaata tgttggttct ttctccttga actcaaaata    145740
     cttccaactt atagccacgt tttgttaccg ttcaaaggtt cagcagcacc caggagtaac    145800
     atacagtcac agattttata tcagaaagaa atattaatga tgaccactgt tagctgaaga    145860
     gccaaaagtc aagcaagcag gaatcctcct cctgtgtaca ttttctaaat ttagactgat    145920
     gcactcaagc caatctacca agtagtaata atttgtatct taaaataagc aaatactaca    145980
     aattcaataa ttacttggaa agtctcccat atgttttcct gtctggtggc acatggcatc    146040
     aggtctttta acaaatgtga cactaatctc caattctggc atcaagactg cagcagttta    146100
     attagaaatc ttcccaaggt ttgacatagt tcttatcctt cctgaagaaa cagagcaagc    146160
     actaagcctt cagggcatta atgcccttcg ggatcagaca gatgccaata aggaaaactc    146220
     cagtactgtt ttcttccact cctgctggtc ccctgggttg acagaaggag cctggtataa    146280
     atgacacatg cccatcaaac tcaccccaag tcactatttt aaataggtga tgacttagcc    146340
     tggagcagac agagcctgaa tatgatgctt gacattagga gaaggggaat tcatttcaaa    146400
     cctcagtgca gaacagggga ttggcacaca ggaaactcat atgtgacaca gaacaattac    146460
     acaatgtgtg gttcatacta aacaagcaca cagctacctg aatagggcac attgagacat    146520
     atctggattt acatgaaagt ttattttaac aaagagtctt taattttttt ttttgctcca    146580
     ctttgtatct cacttgatac atcagagtct tgccatccct gaaacatctc catctacctc    146640
     tcagcttata aactccacac tgaaaggttt ggtatctctg atgattgata atcatggaca    146700
     tctgaaccca agcactttaa aaaaaaagat tttcaatata atggctagca attgcataca    146760
     attattgtgt gcttaccaag tttaggatgg gaataatatg ggattgcaat acacttatga    146820
     actcaattaa aaaaaaagtc ttttctagct ttctagacca acagctgctc acactcaccc    146880
     cctgacacga atagacaaag gtattcagat tgctaatatt acattgagaa caaagggtct    146940
     agataccaaa atacctagcg taaagagagc cctggaagaa tgccagacct ccgatgggca    147000
     tcaggaggca aatgaagcag aattggatta gcgaattggg aaagaagaac tggagtttgg    147060
     gatgttggat ggcagaatcc tgcattgcac actacagctg ctcctctatc tcccctactg    147120
     cagagggcga gggaatgaga ccgtacatag acctagtttc ccctatttgg ggaaaagtga    147180
     acatcaatat tggccctgac ttttcatctg gacttgaagg agcagcagaa actacttccc    147240
     ctcttgaggc agcaatgtat gttggggggg acaaagaaag taacaacgta cctcctttgg    147300
     aggctgaagg tttaatcctt aactccccaa ctcttacttc tgttgttggg ctacataaga    147360
     ttgggtggat caacagagcc tcaggccttg tgacttcagc tccccagaag ccagacagtg    147420
     aacaagcagt gaatgctaga agaacaacta tcatactctg tggaacatct gctaccaggg    147480
     attttgagac ccttaaataa accacacatg gagaaaaaca gcaactaact atggaccaaa    147540
     ctccgagtag tgtttgcaag ctttccaaac ttcagagaca agcctgagtt actgaaatag    147600
     gccaggccac cttcttccct tagcgcctca cagtcttgag cctggtgaaa gcaggctggg    147660
     aagagagggt tatgagattc cacacccaaa gtatacaatt gaaacgaaaa ccttgatact    147720
     aacaatggca cctggatttg atcatctgcc atatgtatct tataggttct ggaaaccaaa    147780
     ctcagatccc ctgagaaagc actttgtgct ctaaaatact gagtcatctc tctagccact    147840
     taaagtctat attttatttc aaactgcaac aacctcatgt actcaaaaaa tacaattgag    147900
     atagggctgt attacaaata atagggtttt tctcattatt ttccatagtc taaacgatta    147960
     gtcgatgata tctagtctat tttaattttt gttttgaaat ttcatacatg agttctgtgt    148020
     ttctatcatt tccacccact ccaactgctc ctgtgcccct gcctgactgt ctcaaattta    148080
     tgacctcttt ttcttggttg ttgttacaca tacacactag cacacacata cccactatgt    148140
     atatgtatat gtatatgtat atgtatatgt atatgtatat gtatatgtat atgtatatat    148200
     atatatgcat atatacacac atatcttgat gagtctgttt agttttgctc attagtgtat    148260
     atatatatat gtatatatat atatatatac acacatatat atatataatt attattatta    148320
     ttggcatttt gaaataggct acctgtcagg ggtacttttt cctggcaaat gctaaagctc    148380
     atctcactgc agcctgtaat tcttcatggg agtggagcct tgtgagaatt cagataactg    148440
     tagttcttat tactcatcaa agaagcttgg ttttgcaaca tagagaaacc aatgtatcaa    148500
     tccacactgg ttgaaaagca gaaaacaatt gacatttgga tgatcgaccc actcaataca    148560
     tcaacaacat aatcctaacc aaggttcaga gaacagcacg gaaaacaggg aagaaaaaaa    148620
     tgttagagcc agaggagcaa gctagatggt gccagcaaga cagtctcttc tagacaggac    148680
     aggaaagctg cacctataaa gtctgtgtat cttactgttg ataactgtat ctactactga    148740
     ctcctcattt gaattggata ctgtatcatc attaacatct ggccctctat gttagcaaag    148800
     taatgccatt tagagtcaat tcaaaattga tccacaaatc tacttttgaa ggttctttat    148860
     tcaggattct cattcattat atggatataa cggtatctat tttgagctta attcttagct    148920
     taggacacta ctctgtattc ttcatgaaag gtaagaaaag acaggccgag aaatttaaag    148980
     ctgcccataa aaggaagaaa tgaatttatg tttccaaggt ctaaaagctc acctactggg    149040
     ttctacctta agtagattta tgtcttaatg caaagaaaat tcttgctagt ttcgtcatat    149100
     gtcagaaata atgcgttaac tgggaaataa gaaaataaaa catcagggtt gccttactag    149160
     gtaattcagt gtacttcaaa aacattacat ataacaacct tcccctcaga gttctcacag    149220
     ttttgaaggt aactttcaga gcctatattt ctatggtaat tattctgcag aagcattgca    149280
     gcgctctcta attaactcta ttgaatgctc catttggtgg aactatttat cttgacattt    149340
     ttatcatgac cgtaatgaaa tgttttaagt aaataacata atggaaagac tgatagattt    149400
     tatttagtaa aattcttata agtatagcat gcattgtttg gataaaataa ttctgactgc    149460
     tatttttttt ggtcacagag aaaacctgca aacaataaga ttccttaaaa tgtttttgaa    149520
     tttttcataa gtacgtattc acagaaagaa aacagcatcc taataatttg acataaactg    149580
     tatagattaa ttttacatag gtattccatt gaaataatgc tgtttagtct agaaaaccag    149640
     cattaaaatg acccacaaat agatcattat ttttcaaatg atgaaaaata taaagctatg    149700
     attatcaaca tagtattaaa ataaatcagt tttaaaagcc ccttctgtat tgattttttt    149760
     aatatactct agggccatct ttttatccaa cagtaaatca aagttctact aaacaacaca    149820
     aaatcaaaaa taagattata aagagaaact cgggcatcag gctacacttc ttgctacaca    149880
     ttatcagtac catgcataat agcctgcact gtatcagcaa agaggtttat ttcgtttaag    149940
     ctttcttctc tgtgcttcat tgtgttctgc agaacctgct agaaggttta atttatttaa    150000
     atgataaaag cttcttaaac ttaacaggga acatggccaa gtgagcgttc catttccaaa    150060
     gtaggacatt tgatcataaa agtgatatca aaattgaata atttgaatgt gtactgaact    150120
     ttgaaatcca atagaggcaa gggagaggaa gcattggttt aatgacatgg gtttagcatt    150180
     atataatttg tagaaagatg gaggtgtttt ctctcaaatg gcccatcact ttccagatct    150240
     gtgagtccaa ggaattgact ggaaacttac agctcggtgc agtccagccg tgggtggccc    150300
     tggtctcgct gactctcctg gaacccggct gctttgactc tggttcatat cacttcccat    150360
     agtcttagtc tcattctaat tctagctgtc ccaaaccatt tcaacccgag caactgtaaa    150420
     ggaatactca ctaaacatta tcctgcacga atcagaggct gtgagctgtc agtacattac    150480
     ttgacgctgt ctggttgtag ttgcctgttc tatacgttta gatgtgtgga tggtaatgat    150540
     gggaatttgt aagtttttca gatacagcag ccttcctcta ccctccaagc tgcagaagaa    150600
     cgggggtggt actataaatt agatgatcct ctctggttga ggaattcata aatagagtaa    150660
     atatcaagta aaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga    150720
     aggaaggaag gaatgtcagt aggggagaag atgaaagaag gggaaaggaa gaagagcaga    150780
     gaggggaccc ttcatgttgg taatgtgtga gtgctaccta ctgtgaattt gagaatgtta    150840
     gcaagaaata tagggatggc ctctccctct ccctgtcctt tccccctccc cctctcattc    150900
     tctctcaatt gccctccttt ctcttcccct ttccttctta tctgccactc accacacaca    150960
     ccatgcaaag ccactacact agatgtcata gaaaaggttt aagtcacatt tgtaatttgc    151020
     tctttgcaca aagtgtgtaa ataaaatttg tacacacagc ttttcaatct tatttttagc    151080
     actaatccac ctcattctat tttctttcca tatatactta gaaccaatgg acatgacaga    151140
     gtgcacagga aaggcctgtg aagtctcaac tatatgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtatg    151200
     cgtgtgtgtg tttcctttat attgctatat atttaataca taattcacac acacatgcat    151260
     gcaatgaaaa ttagtgaaaa taggggccat aaatttaaag gagagtgggg agaggtatag    151320
     gcaagggctt ggagggaggt aaacaaatgg agaaatgctg caattataac cttaaaaaca    151380
     aagcacttaa atgagtgagg gggatgaagc tagctgtaat ctccagtggc tttctctttt    151440
     tactaatctg tgttaaacac agccaacatc aagtcacaca aatacactgt tattattttc    151500
     cagtcttgtc caataaaacc ccagcattag aggccatcac agcaggcagt gtcaccaagt    151560
     gattcaacac tgggaaatac ttgcctattt ctttccaagc tgtacgtatt aattctctat    151620
     agagccggtt tcacattgtt ttcgcatttc tctctccacc tccagctcac cactgtccct    151680
     agcactacct ttcaaactca ggacctcttc cttactaaca ttatataata tatagacatg    151740
     tgtgtgcaca catgacttcc tgagttcatt aagtgttatg cacgtgtgct taagacagac    151800
     cacttcaact tccttattac ttctagtctt accagtattt ttgtgaagct tctctttcaa    151860
     gatttatttt gattattaac catgtgtaca tgtgtgcctg ttgttcagtg ccctgcacag    151920
     tgtcagagcc cctggagctg gcgttgacag aagttgtaag acacctaaca gaggtacctg    151980
     aaacttaggc tgagtcatct ttacaagagt ggtctgtact cctaaccact gagccatctt    152040
     tcctgcccta atgacttgta ttttaaaata aatgacacca gagccactac tggcttcagt    152100
     ttaggttaga tcctaggcac actgcctgaa agaaaattca aatgaacagc atcattttat    152160
     ttctaagatt ttagcataaa aaaacttcag catacccaag gtcaatgagt ccaagaaaat    152220
     ccaataaaga aaaatatcac aattgtgttt atgctgagaa taagaaaaca agtcctagca    152280
     cttagtccca tacatgaacc atgagactgc attgttcctg agataatcat tccagccaca    152340
     atggataaca tttgcatttc atcttgggag cattaaacac aaataccaat attcaggaaa    152400
     cagcactcaa gaatttacag tgattattgc tacatttaat catcaggcta ttccatgtta    152460
     aagaagggaa aactgttaat cctgatattc tagggtaata ttttgtgtgt atctgtctcg    152520
     atctctctat ctcctcccac catgtgtgtg tgtgtttaaa aatttttgag cctagcatat    152580
     tagttcacat atgagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaagcaga ttgctatgag ttagagtcca    152640
     gcagcctgat ctacatagtg gattccagag ccagagctag ggagtaatac cctgtctcaa    152700
     aaagcaggct aatgccaggc agtggtagtg cttgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca    152760
     gatacaggtg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgtgt tccaggacag    152820
     caagggctat atagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaacaaaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaacaa    152880
     aaaagcagac aaacaaacaa acaagcaaac caaaacaata caaaacaaac aagaagaaaa    152940
     cccatccact ccccttattt tgtagtttgt agtgcacttt gagtatatta ccctaaagat    153000
     tacatttggt attatccttt agtcagtggg aaccgaccta atatgttgat atagcttttg    153060
     ccttagaaga aaatttcttt ttctcagggg cacaattact gagagggaat atattaacat    153120
     atatatatta actttttctg tttgtttcca tagtgaaggc atccttagca tctgcaaatg    153180
     aacactgtac atttacttaa atttagttgt ttctacaatt tatttaacat aggatagtac    153240
     agtttccttt ttttgtggtt aaaatttttt taattagata ttttctttat ttacatttca    153300
     aatgttatcc tgaaagttcc ctataccctc ccccaacact gctcttctac ctactcactc    153360
     ccacttcttg gccctggtgt tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgca agaccaaggg    153420
     acctctcttc ccaatgatgg ccaactaggc catcttctgc tacatatgca gctagagaca    153480
     tgagctctgg gagaactggt tagtttatat tttttcacct atagggttgc agaccccttc    153540
     agctccttgg gtactttctc tagctcctcc attgggggcc ctgtgttcca tcctatagat    153600
     aactgtgagc atccacccac ttctgtattt gccaggcact ggtatagcct caatcgagat    153660
     agctatatca gggtactttc agcaaaatct tgctggcata tgcaatagtg tctgggtttg    153720
     gtggctaatt atgggatgga tccccgggtg gggtagtctc tggatgatcc atcctttcgt    153780
     cttagctcca actttgtctc tgtcactcct tccatgggtg ttttgttccc tattctaaga    153840
     aggaaggaag tatttacact ttggtcttca tttttcttga ttttcttctg ttttgcaaat    153900
     ggtatcttgg gtattctaag tttctgggct atatccagta tcagtgagta catatcaagt    153960
     gacttctttt gtgatcgggt tacctcactc aggatgatat cctccagata catccttttg    154020
     cccaagaatt tcataaactc attgttttta atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtaaatg    154080
     taccacgttt tctgtatcca ttcctgtgtt gagggacatc tgagttcttt ccagcttctg    154140
     gctattataa ataaggctgt tatgaacata gtggagcatg tgtccttatt accagttgga    154200
     acatcttctg ggtatatgcc cagaagaggt attgctggat cgtcctgtag tactatgtcc    154260
     aattttctga ggaaccgcga gactgatttc cagagtggtt gtacaagctt gcaatcccac    154320
     cagcaatgga ggtgttttcc tctttctcca catccttgcc atcatctgct gtcacctgat    154380
     gttttgatct tagccattct gactggagtg aggtagaatc taaaggttgt tttgatttgc    154440
     atttccctga tgattaagga tgttggacat tttttcaggt gcttctcagt ccttcagtat    154500
     tcctcacttg acaattcttt gtttagctct gtaccccatt tttaatgggg ttatttgaat    154560
     ttctggagtc cagtttcttg agctctttat atatattgga tactagtctc ctatttaatt    154620
     taggattggt aaaaatcctt tcccaatctg ttggtggcct tcttgtctta ttgacagtgt    154680
     cttttgcctt acagaagctt tgcaatttca tgaggtccca tttgtgaatt cttgatctta    154740
     caacacaagt cattgctgtt taggaatttt tccccagtgt ccatatcttc taggcttttc    154800
     cccactttct cctctataaa tttcagtgtt tctggtttta tgtggagttc tttgatccac    154860
     ttagacttga ccttagtaca aggagatagg aatggatcaa ttcacattct tctatatgat    154920
     aaccgccagt tgtgccagca ccatttgttg aaaatgctgc ctttttctcc tggatggttt    154980
     tagctccctt gtcaaagatc aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg gttcatttct gggtgtttaa    155040
     ttctattcca ttgatctacc tgtctgttgc tataccagta ccatgcagtt tgggttaatc    155100
     acaattgccc tgtagtacaa cttgaggtca gggatggtca ttccaccaga ggttctttta    155160
     ttgttgagaa tagtttttga tatcctaggt tttttattat tccagatgaa tttgcaaatt    155220
     accctttcta actcagtgaa gaattgactt ggaattttca tgcggactgc attgaatctg    155280
     tagtttgctt tcagcaggat agccactttt actatattaa tcctgccaat ccatgagcat    155340
     gggagatctt tccatctttt gagatcttct ttaatttctt tcttcagaga cttgaagttc    155400
     ttatcataca gatctttcac ttccttagtt agagtcacag caaggtattt tatataattt    155460
     gtgactattg tgaagggtgt tgtttcccta atttctttct tagcctgttt aacctttgtg    155520
     tagagaaagg ctattgattt gtttgagtta attttatatc cagctactgt gctgaagctg    155580
     tttatcagat ttaggagttc tctggtggaa tttttggggt cacttatata tactatcata    155640
     tcatctgctt attcctttcc aatttctatc cccttgatct ccttttattg tctaattcct    155700
     ctggctagga cttcaagtac aatgttgaat aggcagggag aaagtgagca gctttgtcta    155760
     gtccctgatt ttagtgggat tgcttccagt ttttctccat ttattttgat gttggctacc    155820
     ggtttgctat acattgcttt tattatgttt aggtacgggc cttgatttcc tgatctttcc    155880
     aagactttta tcatgaatgg gtattagatt ttgtcaaatg ctttctcagc atctaacaag    155940
     ataatcatgt ggtttttgtc tttcagtttg tttatatagt gaattacgtt gatgaatgtc    156000
     cacatattaa actatctttg catccctggg atgaagccta cttgttcagg ataaattatt    156060
     gttttgatgt gttcttggat tcggttagtg agaattttat tgagtatttt ttgcatcgat    156120
     attcataaca gaaattggtc tgaagttctt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacac    156180
     ggtttctctg tatagccctg gctttcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga    156240
     actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttgaaggcgt gcgccaccac    156300
     gcccggctga agttcttttc tttgttggtt ctttgtgtgg tttaggtatc agagtaattg    156360
     tggcttcata gagtaaatgg ggtagagtat cttctgtttc tattttgtgg aatagtttga    156420
     ggagagtggg aattagatct tctttgaagg tctgatagaa ctctgcacta aacccatctg    156480
     gtcctgggct ctttttgttt gggagactat taatgaccgc ttctatttct ttaggggaaa    156540
     cggaactgtt tagattgtta atctgatcct gatttaactt tggtgcctgg catctgtcta    156600
     ggaagttgtc catttcaccc aggtttttcc agttttgttg agtattgcct tttgtagtag    156660
     gatctgatga tgttttagat taactcaggt tttgttgtta tgtctccttt ctcatttctg    156720
     attttttttt taattaggat aatgtccccc tgccctctag ttagtctggc taagggctta    156780
     cctatcttgt tcattgtctc aaagaaccag ctcctggttt gattgattct ttgaatagtt    156840
     ctttttgttt ccacttggtt gatttcagcc ctgaatttta ttatttcctg cagtctactc    156900
     ctcttgggtg aatttgcttc ctttagttct agagcttcta ggtgagctgt caggctgcta    156960
     gtgtatgctc tctctagttt ctctttggag gcactcaggg ctataagttt tcctcttagt    157020
     actgccttca ttgtgttcca taagtttggg tatgttgtag cttcattttc attaaactct    157080
     aaaaagtctt taatttcttt ctttatttct tccttggcca aggtatcatt gagtagagta    157140
     ttgttcaatt tccacgcgaa tgttgacttt ctattactta tgctgttatt tatgatcagc    157200
     cttagtctgt ggtgatttga taggatgggt gggataattt caacattttt gtatctgttg    157260
     aggtctgttt tgtgaccgat tatatggtca gttttggagg aggtaccatg tggtgctgag    157320
     aaggtatatc cttttgtttt aggataaaat gttctgtaga tatctgttaa atccatttgt    157380
     ttcatcactt ctgttagttt ccatgtgtct ctgtttagtt tctgtttcca ggatc         157435