ID   AC127374; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 180143 BP.
AC   AC127374;
DT   12-AUG-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   27-NOV-2003 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-46G11 from chromosome 8, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-180143
RA   Trani L., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-46G11";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-180143
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-180143
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-180143
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-MAY-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-180143
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (31-JUL-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-180143
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 5847ae5793dea5dfdeaa72112ac7a42c.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456142.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000062991; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0033518; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0033498; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0033422; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0033494; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034010; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0032533; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0033184; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0033337; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0033282; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0033427; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0033324; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034029; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0032245; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0032649; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC127374.4:1-180143; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000073884; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000207417; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000207470; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208205; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208488; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208497; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208598; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208617; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208819; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208931; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000209022; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000209107; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0088551; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0088639; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0088565; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0088584; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0089100; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0088682; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0088098; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0088293; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0088134; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0088322; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0088169; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0089390; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0088099; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0087187; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A140LHD8.
DR   GOA; A0A140LHG5.
DR   GOA; A0A140LHN1.
DR   GOA; A0A140LHQ6.
DR   GOA; A0A140LHZ9.
DR   GOA; A0A140LIG9.
DR   GOA; A0A140LIJ3.
DR   GOA; A0A140LIK5.
DR   GOA; A0A140LIP8.
DR   GOA; A0A140LJ88.
DR   GOA; A0A140LJC1.
DR   GOA; Q6DR98.
DR   GOA; Q6DR99.
DR   InterPro; IPR000742; EGF-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002154; Neuregulin_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR003598; Ig_sub2.
DR   InterPro; IPR003599; Ig_sub.
DR   InterPro; IPR007110; Ig-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013032; EGF-like_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR013098; Ig_I-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR013783; Ig-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR018250; NRG1.
DR   InterPro; IPR036179; Ig-like_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:96083; Nrg1.
DR   RFAM; RF00019; Y_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LHD8; A0A140LHD8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LHG5; A0A140LHG5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LHN1; A0A140LHN1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LHQ6; A0A140LHQ6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LHZ9; A0A140LHZ9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LIG9; A0A140LIG9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LIJ3; A0A140LIJ3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LIK5; A0A140LIK5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LIP8; A0A140LIP8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LJ88; A0A140LJ88_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LJC1; A0A140LJC1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q6DR98; Q6DR98_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q6DR99; Q6DR99_MOUSE.
CC   On Jul 31, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:30468039.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0046G11
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..180143
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /map="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-46G11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   155..883
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1638..1723
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1756..2506
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4192..4477
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   4507..4694
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   5118..5490
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7173..7270
FT                   /rpt_family="HY3"
FT   repeat_region   7582..7721
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   7988..8226
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   8227..8373
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8374..9086
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   10642..10854
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   12239..12795
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12901..13058
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14024..14231
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14289..14965
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14964..15524
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15583..16012
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16689..17001
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   19028..19161
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19209..19360
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25574..25763
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(25686..25757)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=33.19 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-10.52)"
FT   repeat_region   28943..29179
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   29184..29443
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33331..34005
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35288..36129
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36209..36381
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37288..37565
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39541..39598
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   39731..39829
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40431..40514
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   41798..41931
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   42089..42266
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            42095..42165
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=27.80 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-5.99)"
FT   repeat_region   42248..42351
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   44009..44133
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44229..45350
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45450..46712
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46715..47906
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48399..48616
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   49068..49268
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   49456..49585
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   49703..49792
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   50604..50806
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   50831..51027
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51155..51207
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   51773..51885
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52746..52795
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   54972..55221
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   55222..55270
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   55692..56162
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   56189..57497
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57907..58572
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60546..60611
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   60661..60785
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60977..61194
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   62025..62174
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63287..63552
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65072..65611
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66975..67063
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   67114..67339
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   68147..68570
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   69139..69333
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   71882..71984
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   72318..72674
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73780..73870
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   74372..74433
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74438..74510
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   75573..76489
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79038..79242
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81251..81299
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81408..81639
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81640..81744
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   81745..81765
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81877..82039
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   82237..82391
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   82706..82835
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85728..86055
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86113..86207
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86509..87018
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87024..87249
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   89762..90179
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   90186..90429
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   90495..90623
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90640..90813
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90814..91003
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   91004..91311
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   91312..91625
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91626..92262
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92268..92490
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   93168..93304
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93355..93585
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   93741..94482
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94488..94673
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   94939..95036
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   96074..96172
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   96730..96835
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   97461..97625
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98111..98323
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   98352..98416
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   98552..98664
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   100532..100740
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER3"
FT   repeat_region   100955..101064
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   101534..102081
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   unsure          103873..104120
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   repeat_region   104119..104186
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   105254..105364
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109234..109317
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109471..109613
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109557..109623
FT                   /rpt_family="4.5SRNA"
FT   repeat_region   109968..110007
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   112914..113292
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   114389..114713
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   115589..115668
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116668..116872
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   117171..117352
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   117607..117868
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   117900..118041
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   118203..118320
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   118618..118694
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119435..120976
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120977..121123
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121124..121415
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121516..121548
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121563..121695
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121693..121884
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122021..122139
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   122145..122246
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   123186..123355
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123662..123784
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123835..124012
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   124373..124527
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   124674..124928
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   125000..125071
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   125115..125426
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   125467..125528
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125564..125675
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125685..125850
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125881..126263
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126492..126741
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127626..127740
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128889..129272
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   130868..131229
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131263..131581
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   131638..132968
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133017..133273
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133429..133669
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133850..134137
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134162..134702
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135513..135686
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   135738..136006
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136111..136776
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136790..136866
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   136948..137366
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137396..137519
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   138694..138956
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138962..139082
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139587..139791
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140375..140513
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   140889..141014
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141326..141808
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142789..143039
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   143467..143567
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   143654..143748
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144562..145369
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   146072..146564
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   146802..147194
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   148617..148910
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   150262..150418
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152095..152263
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   152264..152787
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   152788..152818
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   152822..153055
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   154205..154315
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   154809..154905
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   155118..155427
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   156226..156327
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   157731..157808
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   162252..162370
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   170999..171148
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   174439..174497
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   177218..177355
FT                   /rpt_family="ZP3AR_MM"
SQ   Sequence 180143 BP; 54349 A; 35829 C; 36663 G; 53302 T; 0 other;
     gaattcattg gcaactgttg ctaattcttt accatatgac tgcaactgtg ttccataaca        60
     ttccagctca tatcatcttg ttcatcaaac aaccccacgg ttcaggaaaa tcaatgacat       120
     taataaaatt tatgaagaag tcagctttac aagatttgaa cattaacttc taaatggaat       180
     gtctttatca aatccctccc atcaaggccc aggtaactgc agaaaagaag gtggaaaaat       240
     agtaggagcc aaagagagaa tggaggacat gaaggaaaca aggccttcta ggcataacag       300
     gaccgatgtc catgtgaacc cacagagact atggcaggat gcacagggcc tgtgtaaatg       360
     caagtccaag cctgatggca tctcagtgct gagaaaggga aatgggcatg acctccaatc       420
     cctgaccagg aagctatctg caactgacat ccatttgcaa aggaaaaatt agtcttcgct       480
     aacatggtct cgctgggtat actaaccaca cttaaggcta ggctcatgcc cagcagtaga       540
     cggccaacaa aatgaattca gttgtattct tgttgatatt tttgtttcat attgcttggg       600
     acattttttt tcttagtggt cttttgcttg tatattatgg tttgcaattc tgtgttttat       660
     ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttccatgtt gtgtatgtgt tttcatgtat tcttttttcc       720
     ttttaactca tattttaaat tgcagattgt tcttattttt ctttctctct ttgttttcta       780
     gagatagaaa gaaaaggtgg tattggatgg atgaggatgt ggggagaatc tgggaagagc       840
     tggggaagaa gaagccatga tcagaatgta ttgcacgaaa aaaaattttc taaggtacaa       900
     gatgtatttg agtgaataaa ggactttttt tcaaacttgg ttatcttatg tgagttttta       960
     gatgctgaca aatttgacaa tgctgcttgc tttgttcttc aattacatct gtctatagtt      1020
     ataattgatt aaattttagg atctgacctc agtttttatg tttaggtata cattaatata      1080
     tattaatatt ttggtagatt ttaaaaaaat ttcccaattg ttggtatatt ttgattctct      1140
     gtgctccttt aaccaacatt ggtaatttga ttttcctaaa atgattatgt ttttctggat      1200
     ttggaaaaca caaaagacta tgttacttat gataatagag agttgtagta ttctgttttc      1260
     tagatttccc ttaaattgac acggaaaatt agggggaaaa tatagtacta gaaagtgaaa      1320
     agctttgacg tgagagggtg ggagacaaca ctgccttacc actctttcca tagctctttt      1380
     ctccgaccac aggcatcatg agaaagagag agacagagac agagacagag acagagagag      1440
     agagagagag atacagggta gaggtctaag ttgtgggatg tgctttcaga agtttgggca      1500
     tactactgtc aatccaatgt cttcagttct aagaatgatt cctttgttca tagctgtcac      1560
     agctggaaag aaatactgat tgcttacttt cttggaccct ctgaacttct tagaaggaag      1620
     gatggaatcc agaacaagcc ctctgagtac tgtgtcccaa atgtcttcaa tagtagggac      1680
     ttaatttcaa cctctgatag gcaaccccct acaacagaaa tggaattgct aggacttttt      1740
     aaagcaacat ctcaaatgcc aagatatctg taaggggcta gtagcattca tatcttggga      1800
     ctaataaata gctgtccgat taaacttaaa gacccgttca acaggagaga gattatgccc      1860
     agtattagta gcttagtgaa ttacctggta caagtgatca attgtatagg aagaatctat      1920
     attatcactt tactagacaa gcataattcc taagcacatt ctaaagcatt ctcatatcaa      1980
     tagattagtg gagctcttac cccacatcaa agaggttttt tctctgtagc actcacttac      2040
     cattagagaa aatcaaaact ggtcacaatg cagagatcaa ttgattgtgg ggtaccagct      2100
     ccaacatcta cattcacaac acacattctg cccctaaatc tcagggaaca tcatgaaaga      2160
     gggagtagaa aggttgtggg acaagtcaga agatgtggaa gtctgctgtg aaatactatc      2220
     tcctagaaat gacagttaag ttacagtcat gatacctcaa caacatggct gtctaaacaa      2280
     gaccagaaag aggacaatac caataaacaa attaatgtag aaagcaaaaa tctcacagga      2340
     ctctatcccc aaaaatatga gatataggta aaaagactaa gaatgcatat tagtctctcc      2400
     tagtgatgag ccccctaatt ggttatttag tacaaagtgg tgagccctga aattgtatca      2460
     caagccatgc tagatggact cagcacattg catgtacagg tttggggtgg gtagggaagt      2520
     gaggatgggt cagaaaagag tagaggaaga aagtatgtat gatcaaaata cactgtataa      2580
     aagatatgag gaaataatta aaaaggagga taataaagag aaagaatcat caataccagc      2640
     gatatgcagc tgtgggtatg cattgagcaa aaatactgac agttctctca gaaacaatcc      2700
     ttcagaatta gaaactctta gtattaagtc actggctgtc aatattctct gactaacttg      2760
     ttctcctcta gcaaatattg actttttaaa tcacatcctt ttctctgtgt tgaagatgat      2820
     gacaaaacac catgtgagtt attgctggag ggttctggct ggctacagga ccatgcaaga      2880
     acaggtcttg catgggcagc tgtcatatac tttattcatc ataaggtctt ctaaaaatca      2940
     tcagtatggt cttctaattt cattgccaaa gatattttct gtaactttaa gaatatacta      3000
     cattccttaa aagaatcaga actgagtgga ggcaagggag agtatgacag agatgtggga      3060
     tcttgagtag acatagtcca agagcaaaat tccttggcca caacacacct atttttggct      3120
     ccttaacctc ttttttctgt gcacctccca gctaatttct cacccttcac ctatgccatt      3180
     gttggttggt tctgtgacga tgcttattgg aaaagtgatt tgatattttt ccttatctat      3240
     tttaatgtta tttccctact accttatcta ttaacacaat gctcctagca ataacctgtt      3300
     gatagaattt gtactttctg aaagccattg ttttgtgttg cccaaatatc tgatccctgt      3360
     cttttctgtc aattcaatca ttccataggt agaaaattat atttcagtta ttaagagcat      3420
     aatttaagaa ctgaacaaaa agaatggaaa aaaaaggatg aggtaaagaa gtccctgggt      3480
     gccctatgag cttatgacaa tttctataca gcacaataaa ataatagaaa tggatgtctc      3540
     taaaggaaaa taagaagcgt cattctgcag accattctgg ggtcttgatg tgtgcagcag      3600
     aagtaaggag ggaaggaaac actgtactga tctctctgtg agactcaatc tgcattcaag      3660
     atgctaggaa ggaaactgct acagtgaaaa tgaagtccat gcatttcatg agtttatttc      3720
     ggggagaaga cagggagtga atatagaatg tttatgtaaa caaaagcacc aggaaaggca      3780
     tgaacagctg taccactcag aagggcaaac tcccattttc tcagatcctc tttccccacc      3840
     aggtaattca gttgttaaga tagcatgatt ctgaggcttc agcaaacacc aagaaaatga      3900
     ggtaaacagc tgtagataat tgactttcat ggtgagcaac atggggttct gtgtcacttg      3960
     ggaagccaat gtctatggaa tattcaatca ctgtcaatac taagtcttta ttgtcatcct      4020
     gctttggtgg tatctggact attaacccac ttttcaattg acattataaa aataaagtaa      4080
     aactcttcat agtaaattta aatgaatggc cctttactca cactcaataa tgaagttcca      4140
     ggtatcttgc tagggaggct ggggtgggta tctgatagca atccaggtgt agggctaggg      4200
     aaatggcttc atgcattaaa atgcttgggg tacaagtaag cgagagagcc tatataaaat      4260
     ctccagaacg catagaaaaa gccaggggtt gtcaccatgc cctgtaaaac caaggctatg      4320
     ggtggggagg gcagagacag gatggctgct gagcttgatg gccacaaacc tagcttcaga      4380
     ttcatgaaag actttgcctt gggagaataa ggccgagagc aataaagcag gacgttcagt      4440
     gtcatcatgt ggcctccaca tacacgaaat acacacatgc ataaaaactg cacacacaag      4500
     cacatatgtt ggcatatgct tgccatccca gtgctggaga ggtaaattct gcaggatgct      4560
     cccaggctgg ctggctaact agcctagcct aattggtatg cttcaggaca atgagtgagt      4620
     ctagctcaaa aagcaaggag agacttaggg atgacagtca agatcagcat ctgactgcta      4680
     catatttatc cacatttatg tgctcccaca tacatttgaa cgaacacatg cacatgtgta      4740
     tacacaaaca tacacactca cgcacagata tgcaaggtat agctgcttgg aattcaagaa      4800
     tccagaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaacaagg ttacagttaa cctgctcacc atcttctctt      4860
     taagtagata agtaaacatt caacccagag ctacctactc tagaggaaag gaatatattc      4920
     atacatgagc aaaagagaat ctgagaagat tctgtctgac aaaactcctc cactttatct      4980
     ccatgtttgt ctagttgttc ttacccaaaa atatgtactt ctaacaaaca cagcatgaaa      5040
     atacacaggc ttacatacat gctggtgtct cattttttgg tggagggttt tagattttgt      5100
     aaaactctat gcttacattg gttactttct gttgttatga aatataccaa cagcaactta      5160
     aaggaaaaat gggtttattt tagcttacca ttccagagag atagagttca tcatgataga      5220
     gcaggcacag caacaggcag gggaagcatg ggggcaggaa caggaagttg gctgaccaca      5280
     gttcctccac acacgaagcc ctgagggagg agggaacaaa caagaagtga ggtaaggcta      5340
     tattatctca gataccaccc acaatgtcat atgtcatcca gcaaggctca acttcctaag      5400
     ggttctataa cctcccctag caatgacata agcaaaggac caagtattca agtacatgag      5460
     cctatagaag aaaattttca ttcaaaccac gttttgctct aattgatttg tcatatgtta      5520
     tagtgacttt atccaggaac caactaaaag ctttggaaag atctcatctt ccctccattg      5580
     cttccacaaa ccaaggatcc acatccatgt atcccatctc caaataccat gctctcccat      5640
     caccttcaaa gacttttcag tttatgagaa agtgtgtgat ccaccattat aagaatgaca      5700
     ggaatagcag gtgagtttca agtccaatgt aactgatggg accagatcac atattgtact      5760
     attagtaact ctcaaagcaa aggacaccag ctagaaggat tctcacagcc cttatacagt      5820
     ggtgtgccca catgttcagg aacacataag attgaatctg tagcagtttc tgaattccca      5880
     ttccacttaa ttctgatcat gagcctgagt gtggcaaagg ttctccaagc tccgttggtc      5940
     ctgactctcc tccacattac aagatataca agaccctata agataatctt tctcagactg      6000
     ccatctcata tatatgtaaa accattatta aaatggtata tgttatgtca ttcaaaacta      6060
     agacatttcc atgtgcatga agaacttctg agtgctttct atgtagagat tgaaacatct      6120
     agagacttcc atctttaact acaactctca atccttaaaa aagtggtcct tgaaaacttt      6180
     ggatactgaa aaggataaag aggttactag gcgacttctt cagcatggtc caaattactt      6240
     tgggggtgag aatgtagggt ccatttctcc cttgtagtta agtgccagcc cttgaatcac      6300
     aatgtgtaag ccacaactga agccacattg agtggctcat gccagactct attgcttttg      6360
     cacattaagc catagttgtg ttctctgctc caggaaaaat gccctcaagg caactctgct      6420
     gtcaaaaatc ctgagttcct aagtgggagg tcaataacat ctcggtatcc ccagcctgga      6480
     agaagaaatg agatgccaag cacgctgccc accaatcatt cacccttcaa gacttgattt      6540
     ggtaattttc tcgaaggatg aagaagctga caaaaatgct ttctgggtgg aaaagaggct      6600
     tgtaaacctt ccccacttat tatgctctgc ctgaaagcaa taaacatctg tttccttgat      6660
     aaagtaacca ggctcacatt ggaggggaac aaagctattt agctcagctc caattatgat      6720
     ttcttctaga gaatatcacc ctgagggcta tgcactgtga aatattgaac attaccttaa      6780
     acctcttgac tcccctatgc atcctgtcag cccaaatccc atgctgtgag gcatttcttc      6840
     atattagaaa atgttggcag atgctataga gcacagaacg tagggaatag atgcctgcct      6900
     gaggtatcat ggactagatc aaagcttaag gaagatacac ttttgccaat ccataaactt      6960
     ctctctagaa ctcatttctt ggatcctata taatcaattt attctagaaa gagatggctc      7020
     atctttattt ttttatatct gtgtctcatt atcataagca gaacactttg actcttggta      7080
     cttggctagc aagaagaaag cattctatca tctgctatac taaaattgca ataaaaattc      7140
     tttaccattc atgtttcaat aaaaaaaaat ttaaggctgt ccaagtgaag taatgggggt      7200
     gtgaaaggga aagagcaatc tgtaattttt ctggtcaatt agttgcaaat accactgaac      7260
     ttggaccaac aagcaaccaa acgttttgag tactatagca taaaagaaac taattttttt      7320
     taacctaaag gaatattata aaagacaatc caaaattcct gacctggaaa tctatatttt      7380
     gggtgatatg tgacatttat aatgtagata actctataat atagaaaaga aatgggaatc      7440
     aggacaatca gagaattagt gatagaggac aaattgctgg aggatgacca gaaggaggat      7500
     cccagagagc tgaacaaggc ttagaaagtg agaaatctgg tcaaacagtt gtggatacat      7560
     tcaagagtga cagaaatggc agaggcagga gcctgtctgg caatcttaag gagaaacaca      7620
     gaaactaaca tattcaggga ggagtaactg gggaagaagt gggatctgaa gtcaaagagg      7680
     ttgaacagaa gaaaagagag ttatatagat gcttttggta gaataaaata agctttccca      7740
     gggctattga gaaatgccat catatgatgt gaatcgtatt ttaaagggaa gcattatgga      7800
     aagagatttt agatattggg caagcagtgt agaagcaaga aacatgttca gagactggag      7860
     accccagcaa gtagcttagg agagaggggt tgtggatgaa gcacaggctt tggagagtcc      7920
     gtatgattac attgcctgag agtagggaaa cagtgcactt caaggctgtg ttgagatgtt      7980
     ctgacctgga aagaatgtgg gtacgtacaa acaagatgag gaaaaactga tgggatcaac      8040
     tttaaaaaaa tcatcaatga ctattagata cctcgtatag agattgcaca ggctattggg      8100
     atgggaaaga tgtcagcaaa agatgcaaga tagagacatc aatttggtaa tcttatagta      8160
     ttcaaagcaa tgcttctggg ggaaaccacc actatgaata actacagata agagtccaaa      8220
     gtgaagcggg gtggtggcaa tgcacatctt taatcccagt acttgagaag cagagtcagg      8280
     aggatctctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc cacagagtaa gttccaggag agccacgact      8340
     atccagagaa accctatctt ggggaaaaga aaaaggaatc aaagatcgag gtcagaaata      8400
     cattgaagtt aacagaactg tgaaaaagaa gagggtccag taaagatgac cctctttgag      8460
     ttggtaaatg gccaagaagc caaaacaaaa ctctgttcta agatcaaggt ggagaagctg      8520
     tcaaatacac taaatacaga caggtggaga gccgatcact gggcttagca tgtgaatctt      8580
     atcaatgact tcaaggaggg ctagttaagg cagagcaagt caaagaatag ttatagagaa      8640
     aattattgga aaactttagt agattctttt gcagacaaaa gtaagagagt agaggttggt      8700
     ggaagaaatg aaatcaatct gcatttctgt cttttaagag gagaaaagat attcctatgc      8760
     tgtgctgatg gaaacactcc agtaggggca aaacagatgc agaggatcat gttgaattgg      8820
     agagaagcaa gagtaaatag gatctggtgt gcccgataga gtggttggga atatgaacac      8880
     aaataggcca cccgtggtca ggcctctgat gaaagatgca gatgagaaaa gcaggtggag      8940
     gtgatggtgt gtttggcaga atccctgtgg gttgcttggt gaggcaagaa gcacggtcat      9000
     caggtgaaca tgatggggat gcgtggattt ttggaagaag ttttgagaga gttgtttatg      9060
     ccagtgtgaa gtcactgggc caggaacaca ggcatcagct ggaagactgc tggacacaca      9120
     ctctccatcc ccaggactga ctgaaaagtt gtatatgaac aagaattcca agtgtctcat      9180
     ctataaatga gtgggaatga tggtgcatca aggcagcagt tttaaacatt aaacacgtaa      9240
     catagactga gctctcatca gtcaggtctt ggaggaaaca gaatccactc agctgctttc      9300
     actaagtggt tctcaggttt ggcttcatta cccatggagc tgttgaacga tgggactttc      9360
     taaaaggcct gtaacactgc tctcagagga atgaggacca agtacatcag atccatactg      9420
     atgaaaacgt gcaacaagac ttgtggacca ctaaggtaat tggttagaca acaagaagtg      9480
     gagggaacct atcacagaaa cctgggcaga gttataaagt gagaatggaa aatggaagca      9540
     cttggggacc agtaaatgca agcaaagcat tagcttacct agggctgaag gaacaaaaga      9600
     ggaactggtc ctacatcagg ggatgaagat ctgcaaggag ggactggatt gcttccaagg      9660
     tagtgagcaa attaggaccc agaaagattt aattatcttc tccttcttcc caaagctgat      9720
     cttaccatgg ctcctcccac tggctgcctt ccagctgaag ctggcaaggt accctggggt      9780
     atgtagttct ccacagtggt ctgtagtcct gagaagagag gaaaccaggg gaaggttgct      9840
     gaggagttgg agaagggtca aaagaagccc ttagtggagg accaggatct tgtccaagca      9900
     ctttatatgg attaacattt taataaatgg cttcatttct ttttattaaa acagttcttc      9960
     cttactgaat aagactatat gccaactcaa ttaattatta gagacagctg aatattttaa     10020
     catttaaaca tacactatct ccaattgaat acttgaagtt tttgctatgt agtaaaacta     10080
     gaattgatct tttctggact gaagaaagtg ttactattaa gttgaattca gaatataatc     10140
     tggatgataa gacaacttgg ttctaatacc aagtttccta atttttagtc agaaaacata     10200
     atatagaaag agaaagatac aatgggtcca taaattggag atcctgttgg gattctatga     10260
     ctggtttcat gaatgtcctg aagaaatcga caaggccaat tatgcttgaa agttcttttg     10320
     ttttcagtta caagctatgt tttgacatca tcaacagcag ttctggaaaa ataagaggaa     10380
     atatgtgatt ggtagaaggc aggggcaaat cattagctga ggcaggcaga gaaagcatgc     10440
     tacctgtaaa gacagaacat aagacataaa ctgtttctga gctattaaaa cataaccaga     10500
     gagtggctgg agagatggct cagtggttag gagcacttct tgctcttgca aaaagcctgg     10560
     gttcataagt gcatgcagaa aaaacattca tattaaacag aggaaagtaa agctaacatt     10620
     ttttaaaacg tgctagagcc tggagctggg gcagttcata gaatgttcat ctaacatatg     10680
     agaatccctg agtttgatcc ccagggccat ataaaaacct aaaattgata cggttatgtg     10740
     cctatagtct tagaacttgg gaggtacaga taggagggtc aggaatttaa agtcatcctc     10800
     agctagagta tagtgtttga ggccagcctg ggctacacag actctataac aaaacacaag     10860
     cagcaatgac aacctgttct taagataggg atttgaccag acccaggaag cgggtgacag     10920
     ctaagttgtc agcatcctct gcagaaccag gactgatgga acaaaaagag caaggctggg     10980
     gtcgggggac acagcagaga agctcatggt tcccccagtg attcatgtct tctgcaccca     11040
     aaaaggtgca gggcagaaga gcaagggcca ggcataaatc ctcaagatga ggcagagcaa     11100
     gagacctgag gatcacaaga gtatctcctg aaagacgttt ctatgggtgc gatcactagc     11160
     atccttggtt cctctgtcat tcgtcctgaa gggtgatgtg aacctgattc gtttaaactc     11220
     tgttggtaaa gcttcatgtt tggaaatcgc cctgtgagca tgggtatgtg ccgcttcaca     11280
     cagcctgcct gtgtgtttgt taagctgcca aagaacggcc agatgtccaa cacattttta     11340
     ctttttaaca tttcttttta atgaatacat aagatttaaa aataataagc aaactgtctt     11400
     cttaaacaca tggcatatca ttttgttcca cacctcagat aaaaggggtt ttgtaccccc     11460
     atgcttcctt tcctactagt gtattttaag ccctgtgaca agtctattag agagaggtgt     11520
     ctacaaatcc tactctaacc aagtctgcga agctgcttcc acatccagac actttcctaa     11580
     ccagttaatg aggctgtttc agtactggcc atatttattt aacatacatt ataatcccaa     11640
     ctgacacttc ctaatgagtc tatcgctgct atagagaaaa agctctccca ctcaataagt     11700
     gtaaactcac gcgtcaaaca tgaaacatag ttgtgactct taaatggtct gtatcgattc     11760
     tccacagtct ctctgtgtta gcctggtgcc agtccatcaa tttgcacccc gaagggtaca     11820
     gcctcacttg atttagatgt cagcatgagg cagcatagca gcttgaggaa tcaactgaaa     11880
     tattttagaa aattgctttg aatatcttca gctgactttg taaagggcac tgctctcaca     11940
     gaaacaaagg gctaagcaac gtgactctca tacgcatttt gacatgagtt taatcaaagg     12000
     aaatgtcccc agtgtcaaag cttgtcatga gcagcgcttt atctacacag gaaattccac     12060
     ttgaagaaat ttaatgctaa ggctgtagaa tctgcatacc aacagagtca ctacgtaggg     12120
     cattgtcttt aaacgaacac agcatgtgga ataaacatga aactattaca gtagtcaaaa     12180
     tacgttctct gtatctaata ttccagagaa cttagacact ttcaaagagt cctcacagag     12240
     acaggaacct agtataactg tcctctgaga tgctccactc agcagccaat ggagagagat     12300
     gcagacatcc acagccaaat attagagctc caggatatta tggaagagtt gggagaagga     12360
     ttgagggacc ttaagaggac agggacttca caggaaaacc aacagagaca actaacctgg     12420
     acccttgggg actcccagag actgaataac caaccaaaga gcaagcacag gctggatcta     12480
     ggtcccctga acaaattagc aacttggtcc ccaacaatag gagtgggtgc tctccctgaa     12540
     tctgttgcct gcctgcctgt ggatccccat ccccctaaat ggattgcctt gtctgagctc     12600
     agtgagagag gatgtgccta gtcctgcagc tacctgatat gccaggggta ggggtggaat     12660
     atgggggtga tatttagaga ggcaactcct tgtcaaagga gaaggggagg cgtgggtgga     12720
     aatttttcat gagggggtac tgggtggaca ggaacctagg gggaactgtt attgggatgt     12780
     aaagtgtata aataagccaa ttttcaaaat tgtccaaacc aggaagaaaa gaaaaagagg     12840
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     12900
     agtatgtaag ggatgtttgc ctcccacatc ctctccagca tttgcaatga tttgctgatg     12960
     acaaccacac agattggggt gaagtgaaat ctcaatgaag ttttgatttg cacttttcta     13020
     ataataaaag ataatgataa ttttcatatg tttcttggag gaaaaaaaaa ggaggccatg     13080
     aaaccaaaat agagattcct agaaagggga agggaaagag agaggaggaa tggggaattt     13140
     aaaacaaaga gtaattggga gagcgaatca aatgaattat atgcacataa ggaaatgtca     13200
     taacacaaag ccttatacaa ttggtgtgag ctaataatta taacttaaaa tatagaacta     13260
     aatagtatta attattcttt aggacaaaag agattaaaag ccagaaaatt gaactgactt     13320
     gcccaagtta tagagcttgt taagagtcct tgaaccatgt ggtttgcaga agaagggtga     13380
     atgcagaaat tgtaacatca gcagaattac ccggattcag aaagacaaac atggcttgtc     13440
     ttctcccata tgcagaatct agataccatc accaccacca ccaccaccac caccaccacc     13500
     accaccacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca aaaacaggga gacagatggg ggcattggca     13560
     cgtgcttaga atggcatgtg tttggcttag tcttgttttt tgttttttgt tttgtatttt     13620
     gttttgtctt ctaaagaaag ggtcaacttt ccattgacaa tcgatatttt acacagacaa     13680
     ttttggcatt tggggaaggg tgtttaaaaa tagttgtaat ttttaaacct ataaaaaagt     13740
     ctcttccatg tgttttttat tctatgggtt cccatcacat ttttgccagg tatatgatat     13800
     tttgataatg cttattataa actatttaat cctatgtaga atcatagcaa aggacagtat     13860
     tacttttatc cacactatgg tgatagcagg caaccaaagg ctcctaaaat gacattggtc     13920
     atttcttttt tttttttttt ctttttttga cattggtcat ttctaaacag caggagaatt     13980
     attttaatga gtccctcaaa tttttctcgc cactggaaag atagtgacat ttcaatatat     14040
     gtattcatcc tacatgtaag gttcgattca aggtaagaat gtctgtcttc tcaaatactt     14100
     atcttttcta atggaaacac tcaaaagtct ctctcctagc atttttgaaa tatgcataat     14160
     atctatatct accttacttg caacagaata ccagaagttc cctgaacaat agcttagtaa     14220
     actttgacca agttcagatg ccccctgtgt tccagtgcta ctattattcc actttcactt     14280
     tctttttatt ttattttatt ttattttata ttaggtattt tcttcattta catttccaat     14340
     gctatcccaa aagtctcccc atatcctccc tcccactccc ccccaaaaca cactcctact     14400
     tcttggccct ggcattcccc tgtactgagg catataaagt tttcaagacc aatgggcctc     14460
     tctttccaat gatggccaac tacaccatct tctgatacat atgcagctag aaacacgagt     14520
     tctggggtgt actggttagt tcatattgtt gttccaccta tagggttgca gaccccttta     14580
     gttccttggg tactttctct agttcctaca ttgggagccc tgtgatctat ccaatagctg     14640
     actgtgagca tccacttctg tgtttgctag gccccggcat agcctcacaa gagacagcta     14700
     tatcagggtc ctttcagcaa aatcttgcta gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcaat atttggaggc     14760
     tgattatggg atggatcccc ggatatggca gtctctagat ggtccatcct ttcatctcag     14820
     ctccaaactt tgtctctgta actccttcct gggtattttg ttcccaattc taagaagggg     14880
     caaagtgtcc acattttggt cttcattctt cttgagtttc atgtgttttt cagagtgtat     14940
     ctagtatctt gggtattcta agtttcagca tccttaatca tcagggaaat gcaaatcaaa     15000
     gcaaccctga gattccacct cacaccagtc agaatggcta aaatcaaaaa ctcaggtgac     15060
     atcagattct ggtgaggacg tggagaaaga ggaacactcc tccattgttg gtgggattgc     15120
     aagtttgtac aaccactgtg gaaatcagct ggtggttcct cagaaaatta gacatagtac     15180
     tactggatga tccagcaata cctcttctgg gcatatatcc agaagatgtt ccaactggta     15240
     agaaggacac atgctccaca atggtcatag cagccttatt tataatagcc agaagctgga     15300
     aagaacccag atgtccctca aaagaggaat ggatacagaa aatgtggtac atttacacaa     15360
     tggagtacta ctcagctatt aaaaagaatg aatttataaa attcctaggc aaatggatgg     15420
     acctggaggg catcatcctg agtgaggtaa cccaatcaca aaagaactca catgatatgt     15480
     actcactgat aagtggatat tagcccagaa atttagaata cccactttca ctttctatag     15540
     gaccaactgc ctcaggcttt atgggtgcat aagcaaagct tttttttttt aagatatttt     15600
     ctttattgac atttcaaatg ctatactgaa agtcccctat accctccccc tgccctgctc     15660
     acctacccac ccactcccac ttcttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactgag gcatataaag     15720
     tttgcaagac ctaggagcct ctcttcccag tgatggccta ctaggccatc ttctgataca     15780
     tatgcagcta gagacctgag ctctgggggg tactggttag ttcatattgt tgttccacct     15840
     atactgttgc agaccccttc agctccttgg gtactttctc tagctcctcc attgggggcc     15900
     ctgtgttgca tcctatagat gactgtgagc atccacttct gtatttgcca ggcactggca     15960
     tagcctcata caagacagct atatcagggt cccttcagca aaatcttgct ggcatgataa     16020
     gcaaagcttt taacgataga acaattaata tcacacaaga aggattcttt ggttaaagag     16080
     ctgcacaacc agcataatta gatccccaaa ttaattttcc atggtgaaat gagtagttta     16140
     aaagatttat ggataagcta aaatgtttag atgttccatt tgtacataaa aagtagaaca     16200
     ggtgtgtaat atattcttca aatttaccgc taatatcggc acccaaggct gttttggtac     16260
     ccagctgatg gaccagatag aaaaaacttt tgagtatatc ttacttcaga aaatgttaaa     16320
     aatttaatct cattgaaata attcactaga agtgagaaca cataaacaag gcagtcacat     16380
     ataagaagat caaggtcctg gttttgctga gttcagggct gtgcttgtca atgagttgtc     16440
     acacacctgg tagccaagat ggcatgcatg ctctgtgtgt cataattttc tctgaccctc     16500
     ctctgacttt tacataatat ctaacaagtt tgttgtggaa aactccatgc tgttcagtta     16560
     tttctaaatg taagcccagg cagcatccag ttcttaaaag tctgatgtta tggtcacact     16620
     tacatatgtg cacatacaac acatgaagag gaagcgagta aagagattca ggtaatgaat     16680
     gtaaggacat gtttcatccc aggatggtga ctctcttctg aagggctctg gaatccttag     16740
     ctgataggac ctgcttagag gaagtaagtc actaggatgg cgggtcttta cggtatcttg     16800
     ttcctggatg attcttgttt cttctttctc tgctcctatc taccatgaaa tgatgtcatg     16860
     cccttcatca taagcttcgg ccatgaagtt ctgcccatga aatcgcacac tgaacccttt     16920
     gaagacggga gtaaacttta ttttttttat atttttttat gttatatatt tgttcacagt     16980
     aaagaaaaag taactaagat agatagaaaa ataaaatttt tctgtgacag cagactggat     17040
     atttgtgtat atacatataa attgacacac tcaaaacacc aacttaatct aataataccc     17100
     actataaata cagaatataa gtgatgatat atactcaaga atcatgaatt atgttgcaat     17160
     cctgtggctg ttctcatcaa atccttaaca ctttataaaa cttggtgaag ggaagaaaac     17220
     tttaaggact ccatcataca agttttagag ttattctaac cagttcataa tagagaatgg     17280
     atataattac aatttgtttg tttttttatg actataaaaa gaacctctct cagaaactca     17340
     ccttgatttt tctttaaata gctattttta aaaaatgctt tgtttttatg tccctttcat     17400
     aggaattaca gaaaagagca gatcaaacac ttgaaataag catattttca aaacaaaaaa     17460
     tgaatagatt tttaaggggt gaacctagga taaattgcca gtttatttcc taagtctctt     17520
     tggtcctgat gcagtacctt cactagagag aagtctggtc catccggtca atgcctacat     17580
     tcagatgtag catagcctga gataactgct cagggtgagt gaagctcttc ccagtggtcc     17640
     acattcattt gtttgtctaa gtcctttgct actgtgcaaa aatattaagc ctgggataga     17700
     tactgggtga ctagttacag gattgctgct cccatcaatg ttattaaaag tattgtggag     17760
     aagaagtcac actgttttat gtaccctgca aggccaaact gctgtagcac ttgacgtgta     17820
     aattaaactc ctagctgtga attttaacaa attagatgaa tttagctaat tctatgattc     17880
     attactgata actcaccaat ctgttatatt tctgaaattt ttggactcta gggaatcttt     17940
     ttaacaggaa ggctgtattc ttagcatctt ttattaaaca gatcaaaata aatcctcgtg     18000
     gcctctctcc agcgtgggct ttgttttcca tatatacttg cacttgggtt actgaccccc     18060
     acccttgttt aaggttgcat gatacatttt ccaccaacaa tcccaggtcc tggtcttaaa     18120
     tatgtacatg acccttttgt ttttcagttt atttaggctt ttaggaatga agaaagaatt     18180
     gtgggagctt cagggtcagc cttctaagac tttttatctt acataaaaca aggggttaca     18240
     taaaatcaag aattataaat gagtgattga attattttag ggtaaggaaa tgaaaaggta     18300
     gtagaggttt cctgcccaca gaattggcat ttatgaacac tttcagtatg ggtttccaat     18360
     ggcagatcaa ggaacaatct ccattacgaa atgacatgca caataatcaa tggggggaaa     18420
     tgacctggct acatcatatt ctcccgtctt tgtctctgtc tctgtctctc tgtgtctctg     18480
     tctgtctcac tgcccccccc ctctccttgt ctctcctatg ttatgatttg gatagatgtt     18540
     actcaaaaac ttatatgtta aaggccatct ccaagagagg aagttaggtc actggggaca     18600
     tacatccaaa ggggggtgat gagacttcag ttctttcctc ttctgttttc tcctctttgc     18660
     ttctctatca ccatgtagtg atgctttacc ctgtacttcc actgtgatga aaggtctgcc     18720
     ttgcccagac ctgaaagcag taagatcaag tggccataca ctaaatccct taagagtgca     18780
     aacagataga cctttgattt tgtaagttga tgaatcttag gtatctgtta cagcagcaga     18840
     tagctttcta gtaaacccaa ccttcccaat tcccatcgat aaaatggact tagaactagg     18900
     tattgtactt tgttcttaac actgtaaccc ttcttctgca tatattcctt aagagtgcct     18960
     gaagtaccca ttttaacccg aattcaatag agatatttgg tttttgttgt ttttgctgtt     19020
     gttgttggac aggatttcac tgtaatagtt ctggcaatcc caaagttacc tatgtagacc     19080
     aagctggcct caaccccaca gagacccaac tgcctcaacc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa     19140
     ggtgtgtacc actacatctg gttccagaat tcactgggtt ttaaatatga agttaaaaac     19200
     aagagtgagc caggcagagg tgggtggtgc atgcctttaa tctcaacact tgggaggcag     19260
     aggcaggcgg atctctgagt tcgaggccag actggtctac agagtgaatt ccaggacagc     19320
     cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaccaaaaa ccaaaccaaa ccaaaccaac     19380
     caaacaaaca aaaaacgaaa gtgggttaca tatcatttat tgtgactacc ttgtagttgt     19440
     tcttactgga tatgacccca ttttgatatt agattctgtt ggaaaaactg agctacggag     19500
     cagaacacac attttgggga aattaccctt ttctttgtgt ttgtaatcca ctagcagatg     19560
     ccaagcagta aaaaggaatc tccaaccgaa tagcttttca ttaactgggt cacccttcat     19620
     gtctagaggg ctgagctaaa ttgggatttc tatataatac actatcaggg gaagtctgag     19680
     atctaattta ataactccca gataactttt aaaatgagca gaactcagta gttcgatgtt     19740
     ggtctaactc ccagaatgca tcagtttctt taacttccca aagaagttat cctcatctct     19800
     gtgatgatct ccctaagccc aagacgaaag aaaaaaaatg acctgactca ttctaacatg     19860
     tttattacat gaagaaatgt tgtgtccagt ctgagcagtg tggggccggc ccatcactta     19920
     atggcctgtg gactgaggtt ttccatggaa attgtgagga gtgggctagt ttcttttaca     19980
     gagccaggga tcaaaggaat ccagttcact atttatatgc ctgtttgtaa acttagtaaa     20040
     gagcagtcac tctgttttat agcttatgct ccacttgctt ctttgcagct tgaagagtcg     20100
     tcagatgggt gttcttgagc tgtctgctgg caccttcttt tttcagtagc cacccttctt     20160
     ggtgggaaga ctcaagaggt ctgggtgcct tgcctaactg tactaaagca tggccttcat     20220
     ccactgtgta gccagatagg acccatggag tgaccacttc accttgtgtg cttagaagtt     20280
     gtgttcactg gtttaaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaaagag gatttcttta cttttcaaga     20340
     aagcctccta tttcatgtgc ctagctcctc ttgtgtgttt ctataaaatg cagatagaat     20400
     atgtttacta ttccttattt tgtaataact agaaaagcat ttctctgagc ttaatggccc     20460
     agccacacaa cagtaaaaga ataacacaga agtaatgagt tttctcactt ctgactgttg     20520
     agatcttgga ttctatgacc ttcccagtac tcagaggtat tgacaatcgt taagacatta     20580
     gtgaactggc caccagtata acacaggctc atggatgggt gaccaaataa agcaaagagg     20640
     aaatgttttc ttatttattt acttatttat ttattcactc acatcctaat atcaggaata     20700
     ttttatcttt atgcatcttt aataagatgg atctggagtt ctgaatggaa ggctgggcac     20760
     aatggtgtca gaacagtgga aaacaggggg aattaaaaga atgagaatag ttgtgagggt     20820
     gataggtcag aaacacaaac agatatattt gtgtctttcc acaatatgaa aatctattga     20880
     aatacaataa attcacaagt gctgtcagtt ttgtcagctg ctatttgcca actaattgtg     20940
     atttttcttt atacctgctc actaacaaac acaggctatt ttattccaat cctaacttac     21000
     atccattctt aagtcccttg ttatatatca acactatgta cctttttttt ttccattttt     21060
     tattaggtat ttaactcatt tacatttcca atgctatacc aaaagtcccc catatccacc     21120
     cacccccact cccctgccca cccactcccc ctttttggcc ctggtgttcc cctgtactgg     21180
     ggcatataaa gtttgcaagt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggccg actaggccat     21240
     cttttgatat atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctccggggt actggttagc tcataatgtt     21300
     gttccaccta tagggttgca gatcccttta gctccttggc tactttctct agctcctcca     21360
     ttgggagccc tatgatccat ccattagctg actgtgagca tccacttctg tgtttgctgg     21420
     gccccggcat agtctcacaa gagacagcta catctgcgtc ctttcaataa aatcttgcta     21480
     gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcagc atttggatgc tgattatggg gtggatccct ggatatggca     21540
     gtctctacat ggtccatcct ttcatctcag ctccaaactc cgtctctgta actccttcca     21600
     tgggtgtttt gttcccaaat ctaaggaggg gcatagtgtc cacacttcag tcttcattct     21660
     tcttgagttt catgtgttta gcaaattata tcttatatct tgggtatcct aggtttgggg     21720
     ctaatatcca cttatcagtg aatacatatt gtgtgagttt ctttgtgaat gtgttacctc     21780
     actcaggatg atgccctcca ggtccatcca tttggctagg aatttcataa attcattctt     21840
     tttaatagct gagtagtact ccattgtgta gatgtaccac attttctgta tccattcctc     21900
     tgttgagggg catctaggtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataagg ctgctatgaa     21960
     catagtggag catgtgtcct tcttaccagt tggggcatct tctggatata tgcccaggag     22020
     aggtattgct ggatcctccg gtagtactat gtccagtttt ctgaggaacc gccagagtga     22080
     tttccagagt ggttgtacaa gcctgcactc ccaccaaaaa tggaggagtg ttcctctttc     22140
     tccacatcct cgccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgaatttttg atcttagcca ttctgactgg     22200
     tgtgaggtgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttcc ctgatgatta aggatgttga     22260
     acattttttc aagtgcttct ctgccattcg gtattcctca ggtgagaatt ctttgttcag     22320
     ttctgagccc cattttttaa tggggttatt tgattttctg aagtccacct tcttgagttc     22380
     tttatatatg ttggatatta gtcccctatc tgatttagga taggtaaaga tcctttccca     22440
     atctgttggt ggactttttg tcttattgac ggtgtctttt gccttgcaga aactttggag     22500
     tttcattagg tcccatttgt caattctcga tcttacagca caagccattg ctgttctgtt     22560
     caggaatttt tcccctgtgc ccatatcttc aaggcttttc cccactttct cctctataag     22620
     tttcagtgtc tctgctttta tgtgaagttc cttgatccac ttagatttga ccttagtaca     22680
     aggagataag tatggatcga ttcgcattct tctacacgat aacaaccagt tgtgccagca     22740
     ccaattgttg aaaatgctgt ctttcttcca ctggatggtt ttagctccct tgtcgaagat     22800
     caagtgacca taggtgtgtg ggttcatttc tgggtcttca attctattcc attggtctac     22860
     ttgtctgtct ctataccagt accatgcagt ttttatcaca attgctctgt agtaaagctt     22920
     taggtctggc atggtgattc cgccagaagt tcttttatcc ttgagaagac tttttgctat     22980
     cctaggtttt ttgttattcc agatgaattt gcaaattgct ccttccaatt cgttgaagaa     23040
     ttgagttgga attttgatgg ggattgcatt gaatctgtag attgcttttg gcaagatagc     23100
     catttttaca atgttgatcc tgccaatcca tgagcatggg agatctttcc atcttctgag     23160
     atcttcctta atttctttct tcagagattt gaagttttta tcatacagat ctttcactta     23220
     cttagttaga gtcacgccaa gatattttat attatttgtg actattgaga agggtgttgt     23280
     ttccctaatt tctttctcag cctgtttatt ctttgtatag agaaaggcca ttgacttgtt     23340
     tgagtttatt ttatatccag ctacttcacc gaagctgttt atcaggttta ggagttctct     23400
     ggtagaattt ttagggtcac ttatatatac tatcatatca tctgcaaaaa gtgatatttt     23460
     gacttcctct tttccaattt gtatcccctt gatctccttt tgttgtcgaa ttgctctggc     23520
     taatacttca agtactatgt tgaaaaggta gggagaaagt gggcagcctt gtctagtccc     23580
     tgattttagt gggattgctt ccagcttctc tccatttact ttgatgttgg ctactggttt     23640
     gctgtagatt gcttttatca tgtttaggta tgggccttga attcctgatc tttccaaaac     23700
     ttttatcatg aatgggtgtt ggatcttgtc aaatgctttt tctgcatcta acgagatgat     23760
     catgtggttt ttgtctttga gtttgtttat ataatggatt acattgatgg attttcgtat     23820
     attaaaccat ccctgcatcc ctggaataaa acctacttgg tcaggatgga tgattgcttt     23880
     aatgtgttct tggattcggt tagcgagaat tttattgagg atttttgcat cgatattcat     23940
     aagagaaatt ggtctgaagt tctctatctt tgttgggtct ttctgtggtt taggtatcag     24000
     agtaatagtg gcttcataaa atgagtttgg tagagtatct tctacttcta ttttgtgaaa     24060
     tagtttgtgc agaattggaa ttagatcttc tttgaaggtc tggtagaact ctgcactaaa     24120
     cccatctggt cctgggcttt ttttggttgg gagactatta ataactgctt ctatttcttt     24180
     aggtgatatg ggactgttta gatggtcaac ttgatcctga ttcaactttg gtacctggta     24240
     tctgtccaga aatttgtcca tttcgtccag gttttccagt tttgttgagt atagcctttt     24300
     gtagaaggat ctgatggtgt tttggatttc ttcaggatct gttgttatgt ctcccttttc     24360
     agttctgatt ttgttaatta ggattttgtc cctgtgccct ttagtgagtc tagctaaggg     24420
     tttatctatc ttgttgattt tctcaaagaa ccaactcctc gtttggttaa ttctttgaat     24480
     agttcttctt gtttccactt ggttgatttc acccctgagt ttgattattt cctgccgtct     24540
     actcctcttg ggtgaatttg cttccttttt ttctagggct tttagctgtg ttgtcaagct     24600
     gctagtatgt gctgtctccc gtttcttctt ggaggcactc agcgctatga gtttccctct     24660
     tagaaatgct ttcattgtgt cccataggtt tgggtacgtt gtggcttcat tttcattaaa     24720
     ctctaaaaag tctttaattt ctttctttat tccttccttg accaaggtat cattgagaag     24780
     agtgttattc agtttccacg tgaatgttgg ctttccatta tttatgttgt tattgaagat     24840
     cagtcttagg ccatggtggt ctgataggat acatgggaca atttcaatat ttttgtatct     24900
     attgaggcct gttttgtgac caattatatg gtcaattttg gagaaggtcc cgtgaggtgc     24960
     tgagaagaag gtatatcctt ttgttttagg ataaaatgtt ctgtagatat ctgtcaggtc     25020
     catttgtttc ataacttctg ttagtttcac tgtgtccctg tttagtttct gtttccacga     25080
     tctgtccttt gaagaaagtg gtgtgttgaa gtctcccact attattgtgt gaggtgcaat     25140
     gtatgctttg agctttacta aagtgtctct aatgaatgtg gctgcccttg catttggtgc     25200
     gtagatattc agaattgaga gttcctcttg gaggatttta cctttgatga gtatgaagtg     25260
     tccctccttg tcttttttga taactttggg ttggaagtcg attttatccg atattaaaat     25320
     ggctactcca gcttgtttct tcagtccatt tgcttggaaa attgttttcc agcctttcac     25380
     tctgaggtag tgtctgtctt tttccctgag atgggtttcc tgtaagcagc agaatgttgg     25440
     gtcctgtttg tgtagccagt ctgttagtct atgtcttttt attggggaat tgagtccatt     25500
     gatattaaga gatattaagg aaaagtaatt gttgctccct tttatttttg ttgttagagt     25560
     tggcattctg ttcttttttt ttttttaata atttatttat tgattatatg taagtacact     25620
     gtagctgtct tcagacacca gaagagggca tcagatctca ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca     25680
     ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactctgga ccttcggaag agcagtcggg tgctcttacc     25740
     cactgagcca tctcaccagc ccccggcatt ctgttcttgt ggctgtcttc tttttggttt     25800
     gttgaatgat tactttcttg gttgttctag ggcgtgattt ccgtccttgt attgcttctt     25860
     ttctgttatt atcctttgaa gggctggatt cgtggaaaga tattgtgtga acttggtttt     25920
     gtcgtggaat actttggttt ctccatctat ggtaattgag agtttggccg ggtatagtag     25980
     cctgggctgg catttgtgtt ctcttagtgt ctgtataaca tctgtccagg ctcttctggc     26040
     tttcatagtc tctggtgaaa agtctggtgt aattctgata ggccttcctt tatatgttac     26100
     ttgacctttc tcccttactg cttttaatat tctatcttta tttagtgcat ttgttgttct     26160
     gattattatg tgtcgggagg aatttctttt ctggtccagt ctatttggag ttctgtatgc     26220
     ttcttgtatg atcatgggca tctctttttt tatgtttggg aagttttctt ctattatttt     26280
     gttgaagata ttagctggcc ctttaagttg aaaatcttca ttctcatcaa ttcctattat     26340
     ccgtaggttt ggtcttctca ttgtgtcctg gattacctgg atgttttgag ttaggatcct     26400
     tttgcatttt gtattttctt tgactgttgt gtcaatgttc tctatggaat cttctgcacc     26460
     tgagattctc tcttccattt cttgtattct gttgctgatg ctcgcatcta tggttccaga     26520
     tctctttcct agggtttcta tctccagcgt tgcctcgctt tgggttttct ttattgtgtc     26580
     tacttcccct tttagttcta gtatggtttt gttcatttcc atcacctgtt tggctgtgtt     26640
     ttcctgcttt tctttaagag cctgtaactc tttagcagtg ctctcctgta aatctttaag     26700
     tgacttatga aagtccttct tgatgtcctc tatcatcatc atgagaaatg tttttaaatc     26760
     tgggtctaga ttttcggttg tgttggggtt tccaggacta ggtggggtgg gagtgctgcg     26820
     ttctgatgat ggtgagtggt cttgatttct gttagtagga ttcttacgtt tgcctttcgc     26880
     catctggtaa tctctgaagc tagctgtttt agttgtcact gttaagagct tgttcttcag     26940
     gtgactctgt tagcctctat gagcagacct ggagggtagc actctcctta gtttcagtgg     27000
     gcagagtatt ctctgcaggc aagctctctt cttgcaaggc aggtacccag atatctggtg     27060
     ttcgaaccag actcctggca gaagttgtgt tccactcact agaggtctta ggatcacgtg     27120
     tggaatcctg tgtgggccct tgcgggtgtc aggcgactca gctggcaagg tagcccgggg     27180
     ctcgagtgga gtggaagggg tttgtgcccc agatcaagcc cgggtagcct gcttccctat     27240
     gtaccgcagt ctcaagttcc gcgcgattgg attggggcag gcactgtgat ccactcacca     27300
     gaggtcttag ggtcccgtgg ggagtcccgt gtggaccctt gcgggtgttg ggcaagactc     27360
     tgctggcaag gtagcccggg gctcgagtct cgagttgagc ggaagggact tgtgccccag     27420
     atcaggcccg ggtagcctgc ttccctatgt accgcagtct caagttccac gcgattggat     27480
     tggggcaggc actgtggtcc actcactaga ggtcttaggg tcccgtgggg agtcccgtgt     27540
     gggcccttgc gggtgttggg caagactctg ctggcaaggt agcccggggc tcgagtctcg     27600
     agtcgagcgg aagggcacta tgtacctttt tatctgtcca ctttcagtgc ccctgtcact     27660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaga     27720
     gagagagaga gagtacaaaa gaaattaaac ctacagcaga gttcagggat tattcaggga     27780
     cagaggcaaa tagctgactg agatgcagag tctctgtggt gggaggtgga ggtgttaggt     27840
     aggaaccttg ttgaagaatc cctggaaatt ccaaatcaca gattacagat gtgacaagag     27900
     catcactggt tccagacaga caaataggca taaaggtgat ctgatggaca gggcaattca     27960
     agttacccat gtcagcagtt cggactggat agctgggagt tatttgccct tcggttcttt     28020
     gatgaccaca ctgagtattc agatgacaag ccagtggggg tcattgtcat cccagtgtta     28080
     tgtgtcttct cttttcctgg ggtccaggta aggatgtgat acccttttcc tcagtttttt     28140
     gtatctgatt ggatctcaga actggtttcc ctatggtttt catatgcttc cagtttagtt     28200
     gaataaatgg atagagccac aatgttttcc atcttaaaaa taaaatctct atcagtctgt     28260
     gtcttatggg tgggcaggac agatagatgg tatacaaacc agggtcagag ccaccaggat     28320
     ctatgtctgt actcaaagtg cagtcaattg ctccctgtaa aacggcatct cctggagcaa     28380
     ggcacaacct gaaaaccttc agttttaccc aacatgaagt gaccttagac cagggcacag     28440
     ctgggtctta acaatgaaca tgtatgctta tgaaactgga aagtgattta tgagcaaaga     28500
     ctcacagaac taaatcctgt gcgcatgggt tatccaagga ggccagactc ggggccaaca     28560
     gctcagaaat ggaagaacac tagatagagg gtagaagtga agttgggcca atggtgtgga     28620
     acagaaggtc ttcatttatg tatctgaaag gtcttcagag acaactttct aaattccaga     28680
     ttaactgagt cagcatcatg gaccttcaaa tgaaaaaaaa taataataaa acaaaacaaa     28740
     ataaaataaa acatccagtt ccaaaccctc cccaaaacaa ccatgtttac agcttagaca     28800
     ggaaaaacca aacccaaaaa caaacaaaca acaacaacaa caacaaaaaa aaccaaaaaa     28860
     ccccacagcg tagcagttgt ggttatgtgt tgaagagcat tgttccattt ccagatggcg     28920
     agaggtgtta gctcctgagg acagtcacag aggaaattca cagactttgc tctgaagaac     28980
     ctacaaatca cacttctgcc atcagtggaa aatgcaacag gagcgaacag aaacaagaac     29040
     agtcaggaca catcccctcc aactctcagt cctccctggt gctgtggtgg cagcaacatt     29100
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     29160
     tctttctttc tttttttttt taaattaggt attttcttca tttacatttc cagtgctatc     29220
     ccaaaagttc cccatgccct tcttccccca ctcccctacc cccccactcc cacttcttgg     29280
     ccctggcgtt cccctgtact ggggcatata aagtttacaa gaccaatggg cctctctttc     29340
     cactgatggc caactaggcc atcttctgat acatatgcag ctagagatag gagctctggg     29400
     gttactggtt agttcatatt gttgttccac ctatagggtg cagcaacatt tctaagccaa     29460
     cttcttttct ctattcctac caggtaagga agggtctgcc agtttgtttg cccaactcct     29520
     cttctctctc accatttatc aacactagtt tgtgtggtaa attttttcct ttttattact     29580
     catatgcttt ctcttcaaat acaacctaga taatgccatc tcattcgata aatcatgagg     29640
     ttgtaatagg gtatcataac atttcaaacc ctaaaatgaa ataaggaatc tagtcactga     29700
     tcattaacct aaaaccatta agtgaagggc ttggaaagta tgtaataggg acagtttcag     29760
     ggttatgaca cctgacccca caggccaaat ttagcatcac aaaagagagg ccattatctc     29820
     accctcctgc aaaaattatt tgagtagact tagagagtat tcttgtgaac cagaactaca     29880
     gaagcactca agggctaaag agctatccta aagaaaacca cagtgacaca aacagcaaca     29940
     tctaaaacag caaaataatt aaaggatcaa atgaccccat ttcttcaaca cataaaagga     30000
     aaaaaaaaac aagaaaagaa tacaggaata ttccattgag tacacgaatc ctaagagcgg     30060
     tgtttggaac tggttagaat gacccatgag attgagtctg acgaaacaga ctatggcatg     30120
     cacaattgct ggcatgctgg ggatatctca agcctgtctg atactgagga cattccaaca     30180
     cagtacagaa gcagaaatag aggtcagagt cagcagcggt attgtttgtt ttgtattaga     30240
     tttcttttta agaattcttg ctttttatcc atgagcctca ttgtgcgaac gattaggaaa     30300
     ataaagtcta atgtgtaaag gttgcaaagg ggaaatgagt gtagatttag gaagaaaact     30360
     gaaagcaaac caacatagat aacaaaactc agcgacacac acctgtcttc tttagactat     30420
     actttctatt ttatgtatct ttgaaatgtt tcataatgaa aatgtttagg aaatatcttc     30480
     attgacaaag aaatagcgtc cacagcattt tgctctacca aggttgctaa aggggcttat     30540
     tgtcagaagc aggtagcgca tatgccagag aagtcagtgg tttgactaca gaagccaatg     30600
     ctacttctgt ctcgtggttt gctttggccc ctttactggg gcaggagatg tttaaatttg     30660
     ccagctctgg atccccttcc ctctttccat tagggtttgt tttctttcca ttagtgattg     30720
     taaggatgat tacattggaa aacacaggtc attaaatgta attgaaatgt gtatgtctta     30780
     aaggaaatgt tgacacaata tagagtgtat ctctgggttt tgttgaaaaa actaattgaa     30840
     attttccaaa taattcatat tatttatcaa gaaaaggatg ctattctaca caagagcatg     30900
     aaaatgttaa tgtgtgaaaa ttgaatttaa aaaaatgata ttctgagaag cttcttgtgt     30960
     tatcagtagt catcctataa tgtgtcagag tgaatataat acccaaaatc ctttaggtaa     31020
     cttaaaacct tggactaaca ttgacctaat taataaataa ccattggata cccacatgat     31080
     ttttaaggag gattatcttt taaaacataa gctcttcagt atactttaaa tgtatatacc     31140
     ttgaagcgta tgctgacacg ggtttgcatc agtcacactt ataaccaact ccacaccctg     31200
     cttctcaagg ttctttaact caatagattc accctgtact ttcccccttg tcttttcttt     31260
     gttgaaggaa ctgggccact aattctcctt ccccctgccc aactcccctg ctcagtctca     31320
     gctgagaagt tattcactgt ttggtggcac ccacaactgg gcacttaaat gtcctaaccc     31380
     agccagtcac tgatttctat gagattactt acatcatgtt ggagttaaac aggaacagca     31440
     cagatgtctt ctcagattct ctggcttgtc tccttttcta tctgtgaatt caaatcaatt     31500
     ctgagttctg tgtccacttg ggctgaggac aaccttgttg cgatgcagag aacaaatttt     31560
     agtgtttctc tctctacttt tctctgtggc caaaactata aacaaactat aatccaagca     31620
     aatcttttgc tcatactgtt agatatgaaa agttttccta ctatggggga atgtcatgag     31680
     ttaaaattta attttcttaa aggagcccta gtcttaatgc tttatagaaa atcacagaag     31740
     agacaattaa aaactaaagc ttaaaatgat ttcttcagaa aacatgagct aaaacatatt     31800
     tctgtattaa aaatataaat ttacacaacc actccttaat aatctttggt ttaataactt     31860
     gagtttaaga aagaaaaaat ctagctacat atctatttct aaatttaatt agtatgaaat     31920
     ataatagaaa aatacattta ttttcataag attcaggttt gctttcttat gaaaaactaa     31980
     tcaactttct aaataaccta cattatttat caagaaaaag ctagctgctg ccattatata     32040
     atacttaagg ctatgaaaat gttaatctgt aaaaacttaa tttgaaaaat gatattctga     32100
     agaacttcta attttatcag taatcatttt atattgtgtc agattaaaca tgatagccaa     32160
     caccgtcagg taacttaaaa cctagggcta atattgactt aaatcatgac taaccattag     32220
     atacccagat gacatttaag aatgattaca ctggaaaaca caggttatta aatataattt     32280
     aaatgtgtgt atcttgaatg atatgtcgcc gtggtacatc tcactgataa ataagtttag     32340
     ttcttccatt gtgcaaaatg tgtagaaagg attcaaatag cggcggaaag ttgggtagtc     32400
     agtacccata ggttttgcta gactgacaaa atgctcagac gtgatccaaa gggatcaacc     32460
     tcttcctcca cagtgttgtt tgtgaaacaa aagctgatta ctttgatatc taattttata     32520
     atgagaattc tgagacaatg ctgggaacag caggggcaga gaagattgag tatctgccaa     32580
     aatgttgtta ttcaagataa aaagtgtttt atcttaacat gtttgttcca agtgtgaaat     32640
     ctgggaggag gatgctgaat ggatgggaaa agatgcaaaa atacggacaa aaaggacaga     32700
     gcattttata cctgaagtca aaaggaaaca ataaaataaa ttaaatgttt tttttaaagc     32760
     tgtctcggtt ttgatggatt aaactataag aaacaatgtt ttatttctct actgacaaat     32820
     actgtgtttt gaaacaatga aaatttttat tttctaactt ttaaaatgac acgctaatcc     32880
     aagaactctg aataacagat tagtctgtaa tgccagtgca atccttacag gcagtgtggg     32940
     gcccgtatct caccaagaag ccaccctata gatgtgtcca gatgaaaact ctcttaggca     33000
     ttctactcaa ctacttattt tgttgacaag agtaggtgcc cacctaaggc tgggtggcca     33060
     cttcctgaat agtgtctact gcattatcct cccactcatt tcattgaatc gacgtacaag     33120
     tgggaaattt aaagataatg tcagctgaca tcaacttaac tcccacagtt cagaatcagc     33180
     ccgctataaa cacttatgtc acatctgctt ctaatgtgtc taagccagct gagtcttcct     33240
     ggaacacctg aagacaatgg atccccatga tgtatctcaa gggccactgc cccatttcct     33300
     aggtgtaatg agtgtactga attgtgtata taagctaccc aagatataag atacaatttg     33360
     caaaacacat gaaactcaag aacaatgaag aacaaagtgt ggacactttg ccccttctta     33420
     gaattgggaa caaaacaccc acagaaggag ttacgagaca aagtttggag ctgagacgaa     33480
     aggatggacc atctagagac taccataccc ggggatccat cccataatca gcttccaaac     33540
     actgacacca ttgcacacac tagcaagatt ttgctgaaag gaccctgata tagctgtgtc     33600
     ttgtgaggct atgccagtgc ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctattgg     33660
     atggatcaca gggctaccaa tggagtagct agagaaagta ctcgaggagc taaaggggtc     33720
     tgcaacccta taggtggaac aacaatatga actagccagt accccccccg gagctcgtgt     33780
     ctgtagttgt atatgtatca gaagatggcc tagtcagtca tcagctgaaa gtgaggccca     33840
     ttggtcttgc aaactttata tgcctcagta cagggaaaca ccagggccaa gaagtgggag     33900
     tgggtgggta gaggagtagg ggggagaggg tatgggggac ttttgggata gcactggaaa     33960
     tgtaaatgaa gaaaatacct aattaaaata aaatataata aaaaattaaa aaataagcta     34020
     cccaatagaa atataatatt gtccagtagc ttttataaag gaaaaagaag cgaatagcat     34080
     taataatata ttttacatca ttcagttatt ttgatatata cttttaacaa tcaacattta     34140
     aaatatatta cttttttttt ttatcttcag agttagtatg tagtttacat ccatagtatg     34200
     tcttaatttg gactaggtgt attccaaagc caaatggcag tatctatctg gtttttagga     34260
     ttggaccagc ccaactcatc catttataag accattttat ttaactatat gtgtgcacaa     34320
     tgtacataga gtatagtgtc attgccatac tgtgagttta aatttacata agtgatacac     34380
     ttatgttaat gtgtctgcat ttctttctta acattttata tttaagttct acattcccct     34440
     gtgttttggg gaaccactaa ccaaacacaa ccaaaatgcc ctcatttatt ctaagataac     34500
     attgtccctg tggattttat aagacttagt gtggatcctt tctttgcatg ccattattta     34560
     ctggcttcta tagaacccaa ggtttcctct cctactcttt gagttgtttc tcattaagga     34620
     aggcacttcc tgttgtagta acttaaccca aatcatctcc ttagttgtat gaacctccat     34680
     tcttcacatc tttggttcca tggcttggat aagattacat gatgtttttg gattagctaa     34740
     actatggata caaagtggct tcttagagtc atttctagct gttgctgtgc tccaaaatcc     34800
     ttttctctga accatgtcca ctggaagtgt gacaacactc cattttgatt tttcttggca     34860
     agtatacact tgatttctgt ttctagtttc ttgtgggttt gtgatctgtc catttggttg     34920
     tcatccatac atgggttaat ggtccatgga tagcatggct ttcttatatg acaatcaaag     34980
     caatccgtat tgctaccatt tccttgcctg tccatcaaca atccctaggt accatgaaga     35040
     gaacaagata tctataatag accccggtgt ttcgtaagtg catgtttaca catggtcata     35100
     gttgaaaact cagaactaaa gctcatttaa attttacctg tttatgaatc tgtagttcag     35160
     aaagttgttg cctcttgtgt gaattaggtt atagaatatc cagtagaagc tccattctta     35220
     ctttacctat tccttaaatt tctggaaata aagatgtttg aatctcaggt attttcaatg     35280
     ccccctgttc tgtacaagga aacagtcagt ccacagaaga ggacatccag agaatggatc     35340
     agaatttttg gtagataccc atttatttga aagggaattg acatctagaa tatataaaga     35400
     actcaaaaga caagtccaga aaacaaatga cccaatctaa aaaggtaagc tatggatcta     35460
     aacagaaagc ttgaaatgga agaaataaga aatgactaag aatggtctca aaaagtattc     35520
     attatatcct tacctgttag ggaaatgtaa atttaaccac tttatgattt catctagccc     35580
     tccctcaaaa tgcctaagaa caagaaaaca aatgtaggag aggatgtgag gaaaggggag     35640
     cacccattca ccgttgatgg gattgcaaac tggtgcagcc actatggaag tcagtttgga     35700
     agagtctcaa aaaactgaaa atagatctat tctatgaccc aactgtacca ctgctcagga     35760
     ctagcccaaa aggatgcaat agtctactcc atagacactt actcatactt cttcattgcc     35820
     tctctgttga caatagctag aaacaagcta agtccttcag ctggtgggtg gctaatgaaa     35880
     atgtggcaca cggacacgac aaaactctac tcaaaaaacc aaaaaaagtg aaaattgcac     35940
     agaagtggat ataataagga aaatattaca ctgagcccaa acccatgaga caaacactac     36000
     aggtgtgtat ttgtaaatcc tagctctgag tctttacata caagttgata atgtagacta     36060
     ttcacagaca ccaggaatac aaaggtacca tagtagaagt agggggacag gagctcaata     36120
     gagggaaatg ggtaagggaa acttttttgg ggggtgggag ataaaaagca acttagacag     36180
     ggagtgaggg atgggaggga aaaacaccag gcacatttta aaaagtccta gaaagtcata     36240
     ttatgcttac ttaaaatgac tatgtatatt ttttaaaaca aagtttcacc acttgtggta     36300
     atattactca cctaaaaagc catgtaccat ctaacaaaga ccctggtgcc aggcatggaa     36360
     aacttttcgt tgttggccaa gtgaatttca ttaaattctg ttaatatatt ttcattggat     36420
     ctctagataa tttccaaata actttggaca ctaaacatca acaagtaata taaccttagg     36480
     tatttatgtt gtttcctatt tatatagtct aggaaggcta tactgactat attgttaaaa     36540
     atcattttaa ttttaaccat tttccaaagt tttactttaa ggacatgtta catattatat     36600
     attattatta tgcattttat atagatgcag gagttgtgaa ttgaatattc gtgaaatcaa     36660
     catatctgcc gaaaattgct tctgcataaa agataattta aaagtatttg cctcctgctt     36720
     tgtcctgtaa atagcagtta aatgataata taagtctgaa tgtgactcta ctgggggtaa     36780
     atagggacat tttagtgcac ttttttgtag aatgtttcct gttttcaaaa atagagttgt     36840
     tttgtctgaa gatgaaaaga tgagatattg ttatgtaaac catcactgaa agaaaatttg     36900
     atttagccag gtcagaggta gctatgatct gataggttta cttacaaaat ttttaaagag     36960
     agcataggag ggttaatctt gattgtcaat atgattggat tagaaaacac ctatgaccct     37020
     gcttagaaag cttttgatgt atctgtatgc ctctctctgc ttcctgacca tccagatctg     37080
     aataggcagc ttcaagctcc tgctaccaca ataggcagcc tcacctgtct tgttttccaa     37140
     atgaagatgg aagcacccaa tctgtaagcc agcacagagc ctacctcact cgtatctctc     37200
     ttcaggcatt tccgtaaaga aatgaacaaa gtctttgtat cttccacaat agattgcaat     37260
     ctgtagatta ttaagaaagt tcccaacagc aggggctgct tctgactctg gcctgccttt     37320
     gggacccttt ccttctactg ggttgcctca tctagctata atcagaaagg aggtgcctag     37380
     tctaacagaa aaactcttga tatgccatgg ctggttgata tccatgggag gcctgctctt     37440
     ttctgaggag aaagaaagga gaagtgggtg ggaggatggg aagagcagaa gtggagagga     37500
     agggctaaga ggataggagg gaggggaaac tgcagtcagg atgtaaaatt aactaattaa     37560
     ttaaaaagga aggtcccaca ccctttcatc tgacccctat ctgtccttcc tcatagtatt     37620
     gtttgttacc tgcctctcta agctctaact attttgtctt cattcacaag gacccttcta     37680
     gatcaacagt ctgtgtaatg tcatcttgta catcactaca ttttgtcact tcccaccctc     37740
     aggggtgcac tgctgaaatt aaatataatc agcaacttaa taaatatatc aagtgatgtg     37800
     tatagaaaga tggcaaagtg gccgactgtg gttatgaaaa tgtgccacgg actagatatg     37860
     aaagtaagga gagatttggc tagctgagag gcctcaagaa agctaaaatt gttttacaca     37920
     agcaattctc ccagagaagg tcagaaacaa gatggttata ctagatttcc aaacttcaac     37980
     tagacatggt gaaaatggtc agaaataaat gctaaattct acccctgtta cagctttttt     38040
     gttttgtttt gctttttaaa taaagaataa gcgctattaa gctccaaagt tctgcaagcc     38100
     accatggaga aaccatggca gagggctgat gccatgaact gtgggggaag gaatagtaag     38160
     cgatagtcta agagaagctt aaaaacaaac ccaagaacag gaaagggaac tcaggtcatc     38220
     agcaacagct cttgttgtcc tagagtgagt ccatagagac tggattatac aaacagcaac     38280
     acacagtgtg gtttctagaa gccaagacat gctgcctgac ctccccctcc cagagtgcag     38340
     aagaaggcca actctagtta gagctgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     38400
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag gagagagaga gagagagagg cacttggttg     38460
     gtagtacatc actgcgagta tcctatatga tgtaaacaag acaagtatgg acttgccact     38520
     gccaatggtg agctgctttg tgtggaaggc cacagattca gactgtgatc ttgtgttaga     38580
     ctgggtttca ggcaactata tctgatgtag cagaaccaga aatggttatt gaaaaccagg     38640
     taggagaacg tgatcagtgt ggacatcttg cctgaggctg gaccccttag gtctcacttg     38700
     atcctagggt gatgccacaa taagttagtc agcttggaac tccatggctt cagaaggaaa     38760
     cacagcacat tggagactcc tgagttggtt cagtgggcac agaaaaaaaa atttagcaca     38820
     aggtgaatca acaattttga ataaatattt ttaaagggat ttctcttccc aactgttaga     38880
     aatgcattct tccaagctgt attgacttta ttttaaaagg accacatctc tgcacaccag     38940
     tgtttatgga tatgaaatgt tacactatga aattacaagt agtaaccagc caagtgtcgg     39000
     gatggaaaga ttgcttttgt ctgaattaaa ctgactacag gataagaatg cctcctggca     39060
     tttcctgaag taacatctca gatgaagcca ggacaaggga atatcatttt aaggaacaga     39120
     cacggcagaa gctcggagta cccacctgtg gatctaaatg ataatggagc agctggacca     39180
     tattttcaga tactgtttct ttggttgact ctagaatcca tgggcaaagg tttgcaggcc     39240
     caatactttc ttgagcagat catctaccta taaagggtta tccttgaaat atgttaagag     39300
     taaaaaccaa agacttggaa tttaatgaat tccatggaaa tttaggaggc ctgactcctg     39360
     agtctgaaca ggtaacaaat cacagctcgt ttgttaaata ctccccctca cagaataatt     39420
     aaaaaagcaa catgagataa tgatagtctc ctagcaactt agataatatg actgaacctc     39480
     ctgaaaagcc atatttgaac tcttgtgtag gttagaagtt actttgactg ctttccttag     39540
     ggtctctgaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact     39600
     cacacaacac tatgcacatg cacacacata catcttgtag atagaaaaag cgtgttcatt     39660
     tacttctatt ataatcacac tcactggacc aatcacatca gctctcagga aaagcctcct     39720
     tgggcttagt gcctctaatg ctagtgctag aggctgaagt aagaagatta cctctggtcc     39780
     aaagcaagcc aactttagtt atatagactc taccccaaaa caaccaaaac atgagtacaa     39840
     aatccttcac aggaagtgca aattgtcaat gtcaactgtg tgtgtcccag ggaatactca     39900
     ccctggaaaa tgccaggctc tgaagccaag gcaagtgatg acaatcctag gcaggctcta     39960
     tctatgtgac attaatacac aagattttgc cctcttacaa gattgtgacc ttactgggga     40020
     catcatcaat gcctaagttg gccctgatag aaccaacata catcttccag ttagtgacca     40080
     aagtgaagcc cattgggaat tcagcataac tccccaacag aacaaggtaa ctgtatgaag     40140
     acagttttgt tttatttgtt tttaatttaa aaaagcagaa tatattgaaa cagagctaac     40200
     agcaggtagg tttatgagaa tagatctagc attgggcaga cataaatgat ataataaaaa     40260
     ataatggaat attccaaata gcacatgtat aaaaagtctg ctaatagatt ttctatgcat     40320
     tatatgtcag ttaccttaac taaattttgt aaggcaaatt tttcctaaga ccaaacttca     40380
     tctctttgtt gattgttctt tgtttgtttg tttgattggt tggttggttt tgtccttggt     40440
     cttgctgttt atctgaggct ggtctttaca tcctccaagt gctgagatta cagctgtagc     40500
     tagcacactg agttcattcc tgtgtccttt tacctaactt agttcagttc caagtctaca     40560
     aatggctgca tcctgatgca gataccttaa tgttttactg aatggaaaca agcaaagcag     40620
     cattatggca aatcctatga cagtggggtc cttcccatca gggtgaagaa gaagtctact     40680
     atagtctctc tgcagatgtt cttgtgagtt aaggaggtgg attccatccc accatcctaa     40740
     tgccatgcag cgcctgaggt gcttctgtcc taactaccat tcccctctcc cattttaaat     40800
     tactttggga gcccagctcc attaaaatac actcagcttg cccagtttct gacagagatg     40860
     tatgggctct tcatgtgagc taataacgca gcacactgac agaccaagac cctgctgccc     40920
     ctttcacact tggatcgtca gatcatttgt tcacactgat ttggagtgga gattgagagc     40980
     tgcctcaggg aagggcatag taagactctg gcagctgaca tgaagtctgt ttcttgtcct     41040
     tcacaatcag ttacatacac agaatgtaca tactctcagc caaacagaaa ttcccactgt     41100
     gttttgccct taacttccta aggaaagagc taaatgggca tcttatttgt ctcaagcatg     41160
     gtggggttgg tggggttggt ggggggaggg gtcttggcac cttccttaag aagcctctga     41220
     agcattcctt gttcttatgg tattttccat atgagatatg gagatttctg gctgtgtgat     41280
     tttggaaaac ttacttaata tgtggttgag agatttcaag aagttaacat acgcacacca     41340
     aattgccaca cacagactgg actacataaa ggttgcactg ttattagcag acaatggcca     41400
     taagaattcg gcatttagtt ccctctctct cctaaggttt ttcagaaagg ttcacttaca     41460
     ccatctttgt gctctccgtg cattgtcatt gtgtgcatgg cttgttcctt cttctgtgta     41520
     atgatgctga aaattaagtt ccacacaact ttgcagaaag aaagaatttg cacattttat     41580
     ttagaatagt ctaaaaatct atcttataat gttcattttg gaaaagtttg gtgagaatat     41640
     cttaatgtga gtcagaacat gcttaaaaat cataaaatga agatgctgct gctgccgctg     41700
     ctactcctgg tatggggaag atgctcattt gctacatcca tgtgttccag tgctatcctg     41760
     tcccaattca tggggacaaa caactatagg gatggttgtg atgctaaggt tctgtttccc     41820
     aattggttct tgatctgtca gtaaaggaat ccatgggcca attgctgggc agaaggtaca     41880
     gatgggcttt ccatgtctct ggagaaaagg ggaggtacaa ggaaggagag tcagagttca     41940
     ccggcttctg gtggaataaa gttgagcaga cgtgtgaggt ctcaggcagc tcccacaggt     42000
     gggttggggg tgtaattagc aactgaagtt tgggacagtt gtttagttta gtttagtggt     42060
     aggtgcagag ataaaaatat tattaagggg ggctggtgag atggctcagt gggtaagagc     42120
     actgactgct cttctgaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggttcacaa     42180
     ccacccataa tgagatctga tgccctcttc tggtgcatct ggagcaagta gggccaacca     42240
     gagcaagcag aggtccaaaa aattcaatcc ccaacaacca catgaaggct cacaaccatg     42300
     tgttcagtta cagtgtaccc atatataata aataaataaa tattaaaaaa atatattatt     42360
     aagggcacac ttttccaggc aggagatagt agtgcccagc aattgtgtcc aaaggcaagt     42420
     tgaaaagaaa caactgtgta tgtgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctt ttatccatgg     42480
     attcaaggga atccaggtag gggctggtag catagtccat tcccagaact aaggctgggt     42540
     agagaaaagc tacatgcaac acacaaccat agttaaagcc ctctaggtca ttagatagat     42600
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagataatt     42660
     aaaaaaaatc cctgtctttg tttccagtat tttggtcata gtgataaaga tcaagtaata     42720
     caacaattca gatataagta acataaaaat atttcaaaag tcttgaaata ggcttctatt     42780
     caaattcata tagattgaga atgatttgtg ttccaatatc ttttcttatg gatttcacat     42840
     aattttaagc accgaatatc aggtcagagg aaggatttag aatgatcagg acacaatatc     42900
     aggtgcttct tcctccccca ttttatccca ctgcatactg aacatctaaa acatcaccaa     42960
     atgagaagat ccccacatat ccttaatata gaggaactta aaaatcctac ttctaaatga     43020
     tgggtagggt accatttcct tgactgattt cctggccagg agcttatgtt aaggccagga     43080
     ctgacggtaa atcttaactt gtttgataca cattctttct gagtatcaca gaaccacata     43140
     ataatagcat gaagatatgc acaaagaggg agaagcttgg tgagtgccta ctgatattcc     43200
     catttaattt attgcttacc tctatcttat aaagtagaat actggaatga gaaagagaca     43260
     cgttttccaa gttttcagtg atggggctag ggtattaatc catattcttg gagtcctaag     43320
     ttgattccat atatggaatt gccacattag gtttagaagt tatctgtggg gattttattt     43380
     cctttccaat gattgtcata tttaaaataa tttggcatct gagactctga aagattattc     43440
     tcctgcatta acacgattca tgtagcaatc attcatttat atatttagaa gtttaagtta     43500
     aaaagtcttg gattttgatt aaatctataa acacttgaga ttctatgtat ttttaagtgc     43560
     aactgaatag aaccccttgc agtatcaaag catcacaaca aatggcttgt ttgttgagta     43620
     gatatttaaa acaggtaaag taaaagctat ggcacaaaat tcacaaatta actttacatt     43680
     gatttagaac aacttagaga agtttctaaa taggaaagag tatttaggag gataatgcta     43740
     ttaatcaaag ttcccttgta ggtcatcacc caacattagc acatttgtag ctataataat     43800
     gttatttcaa gttgaactta aaagctgaca ggaaaactag gtttttccat ttttttttac     43860
     cttaataaat tattatttaa taaaaagcag tcaccaacag tattcttagt gcattagtct     43920
     tttgtctaga acacacacac atacacacaa caaaatacca aaatcctcat atggtttttt     43980
     tcattgaaat tttgaacatt tcatacatga gtacaatata tttacatggt ttctagcctc     44040
     cctctctact ccaactcctc ctctgtcctc ccactcttgc ttacattcat gacctctgta     44100
     attattcatg agtatatgtg tatcagtgta tatgcacttg tgtgtgcatg tgggcatgtg     44160
     catgttagtg tgcgtgcatg atcgtgtatg tgcatgtgtg tgcatgtgtg catttgtgta     44220
     tgtgcctgtg ttttatatgt attcacatat gtatgcatgc acgtatgtac gtatgtatgt     44280
     atgagtacat ataaccttca gagtctactt attattgctc atatgttgaa ggctaacaat     44340
     ttaggattag ataacaatta ggggctcctc tctggagaaa actgagtttt cacctcctca     44400
     gcagtgattg attgcttatg actcttcaac tagcagtagg agcccacttg aaatttccca     44460
     gatctacctt ggtctttcaa cttgtatcac cattagcagg tcttgttaaa gcaacataat     44520
     ttgagatgcc atggttgctg tttatctata atgtctagag gaagctgtgt ttaagcaggc     44580
     atcatgctaa tctgactctt ccttgttcta ccctctcttc tgcagttgtc cccaagtatt     44640
     gggttgcatt ggagatgtat gggttgagat tgggcatctc acagtcattt cttctctgca     44700
     ttttgagcag ttgtagatct ctgtaacagt cttcattcat tgcaaaaaga agcatctttg     44760
     atgagtaatg acagctacac ttacctgtgg gtataaagat agaagcttag aatattgtta     44820
     ctttcaaaaa atggcagtag tcggttttcc ttcaggctgt gttctctcca gccatgtaaa     44880
     gttaactcag tttacaatcc ttggcatgaa ttccatccta ttgagtagtc tttaagtcca     44940
     gttagatatc cattggttac ctccaactta agagttacac ttttccatga ttgttgtcat     45000
     tgttatggtt tctagaaatt tttgtaggag ttttgattgt ttttactgtt ttccctcctt     45060
     ggcagcttgg atagccctct ctaatactgt gagagacaat tctcagagag agggctccta     45120
     attcagcttt gactcaagta ttctaaattc tgcatctaaa gtgttcggtg tcttcagtaa     45180
     taatgtctta ccttcaagtt ctgggaagca actatgggca atggtaatac atatattctt     45240
     ctggagtctc tagaatcccc caaacagcaa ctcaaaggga aactttctgt acctggcact     45300
     agggcttctg ttagtatctg gctcttggag aggcctagtc atttcatgtg gcataaacca     45360
     tttaatacac acacacacat gcacgcacac atgcatgcac acacacacct cacacatgca     45420
     cacatacata cacatggatg tgtctgtgaa tgtatatgca aattttaatc agcttataaa     45480
     ataatatttt tccaatggct ttttcaagga tccttagtat tatttatctc tccctacacc     45540
     ttccttcctt cccaagttaa agccccaccc atatcatttt cccaacaaag ttccttccac     45600
     agcacctgtg ctatgtccct ttagagagct ttttcttcac ctgctttcat ggtctctttc     45660
     tacattcctt acttctggga ttacttcagg tcatacagtc aaatgtaaag acttggagct     45720
     aatatgcaca aacaagaaag gcgacgggca tctgcctttt aggtctggtt tacctcaccc     45780
     agtttatttt ctaatttcat tcatttactc acaaatttaa gtgttttatt ttttttcttg     45840
     tcagctgaac agaattctat tgtgtatgcc ccacattttc cttatgcatt tatcagttga     45900
     aggacattta ggttgtttcc attatacatt gagcaacaat gaatgtggtg gagcaggtat     45960
     acggcagtag aatattgaat cttttgaata tttgccaaag aaagatatag ttgggtccta     46020
     tagtagcttt acttttagtt tcttgggcat tttccacagt gatttccaat gtgggctgca     46080
     gcagttttca cttccaccaa cacttcccct cctccttgcc agcatttgtc ctcagttgtt     46140
     ttcctgattg tacccatttg gattggagta caaggaaatg tcaaagtagt ttattgtgca     46200
     tttccctaac tgctaaggat cttgaacatg ttttaaattt tcttatccat atttacttct     46260
     ttctgttcag atctttagcc catttcttag ttatgtaatt tgttttctca gttcttggag     46320
     ttcttcatat attttgtatg gaagtcctca attatatgca taggtggcaa agattccagg     46380
     cttctctgta ggcttcctct tcattggagt gattgtttcc tttggtgcac ataagttttt     46440
     aagttttatg aggtgccatc ctgttttgtt atttctttcc tgtacctgta tcttgtagag     46500
     tacttctgct gttttgtttt tcctagcaat ttctaccatt ttgggttcca cactgaggtc     46560
     ttatttagag ttaggttttt ccccacggtg ataaaaccag gtctgaattt attcttctac     46620
     atggagacat ctactttttt gcagcaccac ttgttaaaga tactgtttaa cctccagtga     46680
     atatttttag catgtttgtc aaatagcaga tgcatgtctg tttattttgt gccagtatca     46740
     tgttgccttt attactatag ctctgtaatg aagtttgaaa tctgaaaaag gaatcgaatc     46800
     atatttgtcc tttttgctta ggaaactttg tctaccccaa ggtcttttgt ggttccatat     46860
     gaattttact attgtttgcc tcatatctct aaagagcatc atgggaaatc tggatgatac     46920
     tgcactgcat ctataaattg cttttgtttg gatggccact ttcatgaaca ttgatttcac     46980
     catcccatga acaggaatat ctttccatct tccttaatct cttacttcag aagtttgtag     47040
     ttttccttac taaggtcttt catttccttg gccaacctta ttattactag atttttgagg     47100
     ctgttgtgaa taggaatctt tcctcaatct cttttttaag catttttgtc actgggccac     47160
     agaaaggcta ctggtattta taaagtgatc ctgtattctg atatattgct aaaagtgttg     47220
     atcatttcta gaagattttt ctggtggtca tttttgagtt tcttctgtat agcatcatat     47280
     cacctgtaaa tagtgataat ctgatttctt ttcttatttg tattcctttc atttccttct     47340
     cttaacttat tggtctggct acgacttcaa acactagtag tgtagagagt ggatggctct     47400
     gtctcattcc taattttgtc tgaacctctt caaggctctc tccatccatg atgatgtgtg     47460
     cttgtgcaag tgtcatatag tatttagttt gttgaggtgt gttccctaca ctcttattat     47520
     ttctgggact tttatcttga agttaagttt cattttgtca aagatttttt tgcatatact     47580
     gacatattta tgtgattttt ttctttaagt tcattatatg acttattata tttcttagat     47640
     tacatatctg tggaataaag ccaccttgat ttattatata tgcctttact tggtatacag     47700
     gcattttaat aataatttct gcatctatat ttatcatggc tattagcttg tggttttatt     47760
     ttttgtccta cctttaagta gtttgagatt tagagtagca atgacttcat ggatatttag     47820
     atatgttcct tccacttttt tctttatttc ttttttaata acttaagcat tggctgaagg     47880
     tcttctttga aagtctgcta gcatccatca gggcctgtgc tgtttttagt cagaaggctt     47940
     tttattacca tttcagtctg gaccgttctt tctttattga catattggtc gtatagatga     48000
     atccagacaa gtaagcattc aagttaagtg cttttttttt tttttgaggg acacaaagaa     48060
     taagaagcgt gaatttttag atgtttagag ggacttgggg acacccttga aacaatagca     48120
     tacaaaactc aaaacaaagc caggtaagag ataatgacat tgattatcaa aactctaggc     48180
     actcagtaaa agaaccattg tgagagcaga ggtcaggaaa ggctttggaa ggcgcaggag     48240
     gttctgggac ccttgcgtgc tagagatttc gataaaaatg aagacctcgg tgagtttcag     48300
     ggaagaaaag gataatgcag gtaagaaaac aacaaacaag agtgaggacc tggaagggcc     48360
     taggaccact cagctctgtc ttctaagtgg aaaagcacat taatcaagag agtcttcctt     48420
     agctctcagc aagtaacaca caaccttggc actttagaac aacgatgggt ttcagtttta     48480
     cattacatgt cattgtgggt cagcagagac ctccagtcta ttggctgatg tctgtatgag     48540
     gaccagtctg atagatgagt tgctactggg agctgtgtca gtaactctgg ataaagaaaa     48600
     tcaatatagg aggatctaag ctaaccactt agctgatgta gttcaaaatg acactagcca     48660
     acttaaatcc cttttcttcc actagtctcc taacctgtga ccaaatgagg aacttctgca     48720
     cagttgggaa acaggaaatc ccattacaaa tgacagtggg agaatttagc tggatcagcg     48780
     gcacgatttt ggatcggtgg cacgatttca tattctatat gtagatacca taggaggaca     48840
     gagaggaggt attcactgca gaatcctgat agaagcctaa actgggttct ttacccaaat     48900
     tgcctttata tcatccagtg cttctctgcc acaccactaa aatatcagtt gggacactta     48960
     cagatccttc atttttctag ttattattca acaaatgtct gagcatttat gcagcttggt     49020
     gctagacata gtagtatccc tttaagtcac agagtaataa gttaggtaga ggtcaggaaa     49080
     ctttcaaatc tgaataaagt ggcagtaaat agtttgcctt tgcagatgca actgtcactc     49140
     agtcctgtct ttaaagaatg agagcagcca tagactctgg aaaactctgc atgtggctga     49200
     cagctaaaga aaccacagaa aacggccagg ggcccagaat agacccaggg aatatagttt     49260
     attgaccctg atctagagga tgaaattgat acacatataa tctatttaaa atgtatccca     49320
     taatcccttg ctctttcatg tgacatcaga acatttatta aaaagaagtc aggatttttg     49380
     gttctaatga gcaatgtcaa caactctgtc ctcacagctt cctagcactg agattcggct     49440
     cccttgtttg aatatagtta tccctaagta tacacagggg tttgccttca gatacacaca     49500
     gaaaccaaac tccagagttg ctcaggtcct catacacaat ggcataatat ttgcctgtaa     49560
     ctgtgtgacc cacctatata ctttattttt aaaatgttta aaatttcaca catgaatact     49620
     gtatgaacat catctccact tgtgcccatc cctcttctcc attctccttc cctatccagt     49680
     gtatgacatt taataccagc agtcccatag agtttaaatc atacgtacat tacataatac     49740
     tcaacacaat gttagtacta tgcagagtca ttatacttgt tggttaagga atcaaggccc     49800
     caccaaccat tctgcctatg gttagtactg tggttgatct gccactggat caatatgtgg     49860
     atatagaatc tctaaacacc aatgaccaag aatataacct ctggttagga gagcggggag     49920
     ctctgatgga acattttcaa atgttctgtt ttcttctttg ttgcttaaat ggtttaatga     49980
     tgatgatgag ccaaggagcg ctctccacag cttgcctgtg tgtagaggct gcagaagatg     50040
     aacgtagcac ccacaggtgg gagatatctt actctttcct ctctgtctat gaggctctga     50100
     gcaggagagc aagtgtatac actgcatgct atcttgtaaa ccattccctt ttggacctct     50160
     tttctccctc tctccctcca tcttcatttt acacccctct caactctctg taatagcacc     50220
     atcataaatc ataagaaata ctaaacatgt ccacatgagt aaagcactgg caaagaatat     50280
     ggcttctagc ttcttattcc ttaagtaagc agaggtgacg aattacctta gaaaataaag     50340
     tgccaaagat caatctcatg gataataaaa gttcttaaca aacacaggta gactgattgg     50400
     tgctttgtga aacagcgcac acactgagtt tccctcatcc cataacacag ggttgtcagc     50460
     catttatctg cagtgtgatg aataccttcc ttaaaatcat gactgcagtg ttcaaaacaa     50520
     gcttgtttgt agagaagaag aaataaaggc tttttaaaat ttaaaacaac caaccaaaca     50580
     accaaccaac caaaagagct aaagccagag aggtggctca gcagccaaga gtatgtgtga     50640
     agaacttgag tttgattcct aggacacaca ctggaggctt acaactgggt ggaattgtag     50700
     ttctggggcc ctgacaactt cttctggctt ctgtgagcac ttacatttgt gtatatctac     50760
     ccatacatga acagatgctc atacacataa ttaaaaataa tattttaaaa agaaagagct     50820
     ggaagtaatc cctttaaaaa tacagtatga attagcatgg tatagactga gcagattgtg     50880
     tttatgtatt ttaagaatac atatgtatat atgtaacaac aatttaaaaa taggatcatg     50940
     aatttgaaag aaagcaaggg ggtctatgag aagagaagga gaaaagggaa ggaggtgata     51000
     atatatttat aatttcaaaa ataaaaatat tataaaatac aatgagaatt ctgagcttgg     51060
     tatatggtag gcatttataa tgtttattgc tctttatgaa tgtttttgtg tagttttttc     51120
     ccatagggaa tacttatctc tcttcctcaa tattaattac acacacacac acacacacac     51180
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac attgtagttt taaatgggtt tttagaatac     51240
     ccatagatct aatggtatag aaagaatgat gtgggccatc cactttttga taagtggtaa     51300
     atgttccatc acagtaaagt cttttaaatc taatcttact aaatttacat tcataatttt     51360
     ccaagatcca aacttctttc caagccatac catgaatcag caatctggta gaagattgta     51420
     gaatatagat actagtgtgg atgctgctct aatatcagtt taccaggtct ctactacagt     51480
     gggagaggca gaaagagcaa aaaatctcag caagataaaa aatgcactgc ttttccaagt     51540
     caattctgtt ttgcttacct cgtagaactt tatttaaaaa tcagaacaga gaataaacag     51600
     atgcgcaggc aattgcacaa atcaacgctt cgcttcggtt tcatcaagaa agtagaactt     51660
     gacttattta aggtataaat ctagatgtga tgcaggtagg cagacaacga ggttcctaag     51720
     tgtccaaagg catgctcacc taggatgact tcttttcttt tttctttttc tcttttttgg     51780
     ttttttgaga tggggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctctcc tggaactcac tttatagagc     51840
     aggctggcct ggaactcaga aatccatctg cctctgcctc ttaagacgag ttttgtttgt     51900
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtcttttt ttgtcttatt tcttgtttga tgtagtttat     51960
     ttcatttcct tttcttctgt aagctttgtc tgagaaatga ggactgggag ttgtaattgt     52020
     ctaaataaca acagtgttag aagagatagg caaggatgag attctactta gagctcatta     52080
     agcacaggcc aaatagaagg gagagggtgg ggaagacatt cagggatgga aaggtgtttg     52140
     ggaggatatg gtaatgatcc acaactactg aagtaaagaa tccttaggaa gtcagagaga     52200
     agggctgcct tctgtcttga ggagtgtgca caagttaact aactatgata cagcatagca     52260
     ctggtgtgga ggaaaggaaa ggggcagtgc ttgtccacag caagggagga actgaagagg     52320
     agagtataaa atgggacatt cagccacgtg agagaggtct gctttgtctg tgttatgtgt     52380
     gtaatcgtta tcatcatctc aagtactcag gacttgtgga cagctgcaac tgtaggccca     52440
     gagatcaggt gtagaacctc accctggaag ggaggatgtg tctgtacagt gaaagcaata     52500
     agcatgtgaa gtgaataccc agctaggagc cccactcatt acaccctccc tggtcttggg     52560
     cccacttcca aacatcaaaa tagagagcat ttcctgagaa actgacacaa gctagacact     52620
     ctacacagag ccttatggtc acattagcat tcatttctat ttattgctaa agagtaacaa     52680
     aaggtactgt tattttcaaa atgcacagat tgataaagag aggcaagaaa aattaatttg     52740
     cgatgaggca gacttggtga cacacatctg taatccttgt actagaggag tgtagctgtt     52800
     tttattttca tgttaacaag gtttccccaa aaccagtgtg tggtgtcctg catggaagac     52860
     tgagggaccc tttccccact tggttttgat tggtagataa agttgcctgt ggctaatagc     52920
     tggacaggga gacagaggtg ggacttttag gattcctggg aaagggacat aggaggagta     52980
     ggatgaggga cagctgccat gccatggaag gagaggagac atcaagcctg aggtacagag     53040
     ggcagagatc atagacatca tgtaggtgtc ggggattgtg tcccaagtgg gctgtacatc     53100
     tggttcaagg gcagcaaaga tggaatataa gattagtaag taaaacctca ggaatattgg     53160
     agggggctag ttcagccatg tggaggttat ggtgtggccc aaccattgag ctgtttaagg     53220
     catattcaaa tataaaggtt gtatatgtgt acctttcatt tgggaaccca gaacattggg     53280
     acaggtagca aggaggactg acgtgtccat tgtggggcca ttctgaagca tcacagccca     53340
     gagagggatg actaaaaata aaagagattt ccaaagctgc aatgctgtac tgaatactgc     53400
     aatactgcaa tactgcaata ctgaatactg caatactgaa tactgcaata ctgaatactg     53460
     caatactgaa tactgcaata ctgaatactg caatactgaa tactgcaata ctgaatactg     53520
     caatactgca atactgaata ctgcaatact gcaatactga atactgcaat actgaatact     53580
     gcaatactga atactgcaat actgcaatac tgaagcccaa acgagctcta actactgaag     53640
     aactactgtg ctgctctgga ttgatcctct atgactagaa acctcacgct aaatagaaga     53700
     tagcatcttg gagcatcata atctacaact cttccatttc tagtcagtag aactgcttta     53760
     gggctttcaa aatacaagaa tgcttgttac acatatgtag atgcacatag cctaacagtg     53820
     ggggaaaaaa acccaacaac ttagaagctg gtctttatcc actttcttga ccaaggtgag     53880
     tgtcaatttc tcagaaagag ggagtaggtt gtggtaggtc attatgtatg aagacataag     53940
     gaactatgca tagatactat ccatgcccaa gaggcatgca aaaggatttt ctgggattgg     54000
     agggctggca aagagaaacc aattaatagg tgcttgctta gagtgtctgg cagtatgttc     54060
     taaaataaga gatgtttatt caaacgcttt tataagcttt tgcctcttat aacatttaat     54120
     gccctcattt gttcccccca aacacccaca tctagtgttg acaagccata acttatagtt     54180
     taaaaattaa caataaaaag ttgaactcat cagatattat taatacttgg tatatttagt     54240
     agtcacccat atttttataa gtatgtctta tattcaaaac agatcacaat tatatataat     54300
     agtctataca tttcttttct ccctaagctg tgccaaggaa aagatgattc ttgttacaca     54360
     aactatccaa agcatagaaa tggatggaca gtttcccaac tctaaatttc tcactaacaa     54420
     acattatgat ataaaataac aaagtacact caaattaaat ctagtaaaac gctatgaccc     54480
     attaggattg gctggggaaa ataagccacc cctgacactg ggaaaggaat ctctataatt     54540
     cactagatca aagataagtg gatggaaaat acaagactgt ctcagtggtg gagacttccc     54600
     atttctgatt cttttaaaat gaaaattctt ccctggtcag tcagaaggga aagagaaccc     54660
     tacagcctga atgggtagcc agcagaagaa tcatacttag cggtaacaca ttggaagggt     54720
     ttgtagtaat attgcttgtt ttgcaacgtg tgatgtagtt gttctgtagt attctataat     54780
     aaaatgtgct tgtcttcttt caggttttaa ccaatggaaa aggtctaatg agaaataaga     54840
     ggaataaata ttcagaggga agagagattg tcactattgt ctgtacagga catagaagat     54900
     ccacctatga tgaaagatct caaaaagcaa gaattgatag aaaacaacaa aacaaaacaa     54960
     aaaaaattgt gagttggcag agtgcttgct gcacaagggt gaggacatga gttcaagttc     55020
     cagcatcgta taaagacctg agcttgattg gcacacatgc ctataaccta agcatggcaa     55080
     gaattggaga cagaagaatc tctgaagctt tatagccaac tgccccctgc aactcactga     55140
     gaaaccttga gtcaagggaa tgaggtagag tgataaatca ggacccctat gtgggagatt     55200
     ttatacatat atatatatat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt     55260
     gtgtgtctta cacaattcac atatgaacag atatacacat aaaaatgaaa attatgattt     55320
     tcaaaacaca gtcaagaatt taaaaattaa gttgaaaaga aaaaaaatca atgatatact     55380
     accaattgtc actgaaattg cctacagatt aaatgataaa tatgtaagat cctctggaaa     55440
     gataacagta tagtcgacta aatgtaatgc ctaaactatc aaagagcaaa gcgtgctttt     55500
     ggatgggaag actcattagg aaaattcttt tgctttttaa attaaactgt aaagttggtt     55560
     tttgatagag ataatgattt taaaatgcac gtacatgctt tgtcttttct catttccttt     55620
     ttatgatctg tttatccaga ggcatttttt ttaatattta cagtttttag tcaaattttg     55680
     agaactctat atgtattagg gttctctaga gtcacacaac ttatggatag tctctatata     55740
     gtaaaggaat ttattgatga cttacagtct gcagtccaat tcccaacaat tgttcagtag     55800
     tagctgtgaa tggaagtccc aggatctagc agttactcca tcccacaagg caagcaggtg     55860
     aagaagtgag agcaagactc ccttcttcca gtgtccttat atggtctcca gcagaaggta     55920
     tagcccagat taaaggaatg tgccgccaaa cctttaatcc cagatgacct tggactcaga     55980
     gatctccctg tcttaatctt ctggaatcca tagccactat gcctcaagat ctacatacaa     56040
     agatccagat cagaaacttc tatctcccag cctccagatt agggtcactg gtgagccttc     56100
     caattctgga ttgtacttca ttccaaatat agtcaagttg acaaccagga atagccacta     56160
     cactacatat gtcttctgtt tttttctgat tggatatttt ctttatttat atttcaaatg     56220
     ttttcccctt ttcaggtctc cacctcagaa gcctcctatc cctgtctcta tgagggtgtt     56280
     cccccactta cccactccca tcctcctgcc ctggcattcc tctaccctgg ggcatcgaac     56340
     accctcaggc ccaagggtct ctcttcccac tgatgtccaa caaggccatc ctcttccaca     56400
     tatgtggtga gtgccatgag tcactccatg tgtattcttt ggttactggt ctagtccctg     56460
     ggagctccgg tgtgtctggc ctgttgacac tgttgctccc tccatggagc tgtaaacttc     56520
     ctcagctcct tccgtccctt ctccaactcc ttcagtgggg accctgagct caggccaatg     56580
     gttggctgtg agttttctcc tctgtatttg tcagactctg gcagagcctc tcaggagaca     56640
     gccatatctg gcttccatca gcaagcattt cccagtgtcc acaatagtgt ctgggtttgg     56700
     tgactgtata tgggatggat tcccaggtgg ggcagtctct ggatagcctt tccttcagtc     56760
     tctgctccac actttgcctc catatttcct cctgtgagta ttttgttcac ccttctaaaa     56820
     agcactgagg catctacatt ttggtcttcc tcctttttag acttcatacg gtctatgaat     56880
     tgaatcttgg gtattccgaa catttgggct aatatctact tatcagtgag tacataatgt     56940
     gtttgttcct ttgtgactga gtcaactcac taaggatgat attctcaagt tccatccatt     57000
     tgcctgcgaa tttcatgaag tcattgtttt taatagctga gtagtattcc attgtgtaaa     57060
     tgtactacat tttctgtatc caatcctctg ctgagggaca taagggttgt ttccagcttc     57120
     tggctattat aaatatggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgtcctta ttacatgttg     57180
     gagcattttc tgggtatata cccaggagtg gtatagctgg gtactgaggt agtattatgt     57240
     ccaattttct gaggagccac cagactaatt ccagagtggt tgtacaagcc tgcaatccca     57300
     ccaacaatgg aggagtgttc ctcattctcc acatcctcgc cagcatctgc tgtcacctaa     57360
     gtttttgatc ttagccattc tgactggtgt gaggtagaat ctcaagattg ttttgatttg     57420
     catttccctg atgactaagg atgttgaaca tttctttagg tgcttctcag accttcgggt     57480
     ttcctcagtt gagaatttac cagaggcatt tatcgatgtg aagtgaatta aaattttttc     57540
     aaacagaatt gggaagtaaa agaaaaagcc aagatttcct attttaatct caaatataac     57600
     atttttgatt ccacaatgaa taaattgcct taaaatccat atttcatgaa caataagtga     57660
     taattcctaa gttttacact cttctttaca ttttgacaat gagatcttac aggcctagag     57720
     cataaagctg tggaacatga gctccgtgca agacaattct cataaatggg gagaaacagt     57780
     gacgttcatt ccttgagggg gaacaagagc tatttagcag tatgtgagga gaagacttta     57840
     ctggacacgg ggaccatcgt ggagtctaaa tatcaaggaa aaggaaacca ctgatttttt     57900
     tttcactctt ttttttttcc attttttatt aggtatttaa ctcatttaca tttccaatgc     57960
     tataccaaaa gtcccccata tccacccacc cccactcccc tgcccaccca ctcccccttt     58020
     ttggccctgg tgttcccctg tactggggca tataaagttt gcaagtccaa tgggcctctc     58080
     tttccagtga tggccgacta ggccatcttt tgatatatat gcagctagag tcaagagctc     58140
     cggggtactg gttagctcat aatgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagatc cctttagctc     58200
     cttggctact ttctctagct cctccattgg gagccctatg atccatccat tagctgactg     58260
     tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt tgctgggccc cggcatagtc tcacaagaga cagctacatc     58320
     tgcgtccttt caataaaatc ttgctagtgt attcaatggt gtcagcgttt ggatgctgat     58380
     tatggggtgg atccctggat atggcagtct ctacatggtc catcctttca tctcagctcc     58440
     aaactccgtc tctgtaactc cttccatggg tgttttgttc ccaaatctaa ggaggggcat     58500
     agtgtccaca cttcagtctt cattcttctt gagtttcatg tgtttagcaa attatatctt     58560
     atatcttggg taaaggaaac cactgatata catagacaga gaaggcaaat aatgtgcagt     58620
     cacatggtgg gcattacaat tgaaacacaa tgagattata gatcacagga ccatatgtag     58680
     aaaacatttc aatcaacagc ccttcccaca aagagtcaca cgagagaaac acatgtcctg     58740
     cactgtctct gaggggtgta cacgtgcgcc atgtgaagat cctgtggtgg ctgctgctgc     58800
     tctgcactca ttcgtgccct cggcgatcat ttttctcaca ctgagtattt tacacatgcg     58860
     tctcagcact ctccttggta ctacacagag ctaaggatac agaattcaag caaacccctc     58920
     tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gatggctctg caatgattct gctctggata gggtaaccaa     58980
     agttttaagc aaacagctta tatctagaca agcttagctg gaatagcacc tttgcagaag     59040
     taagagcaga tacagctatt tccaaataat cctgatggta ggtttttctc ctggggtttc     59100
     tttcattaaa tacagtcata gttgctacag taataacaaa gcttgactta actgctacat     59160
     caaccaaaca acatcatcaa gatagcgctc ccagacagct ttagcatgac aggcaagaag     59220
     gctttaaaaa aagatctaga aattcacatt ggagtccgat ttcatgattc ctgtgagatt     59280
     gaggaagtca ctagctgctc taactctttt aatttgtacg tgttcactgt aaagtaaaaa     59340
     tattagctgt gttgcagtag caagtgttga aggacctggc ttggtgccag cacagaagga     59400
     attacatttt tgtattggct ggtttccgtc ttgtgaagca aatctctctc ggaagtttat     59460
     gcaaataaaa tgaatgcctt tgtttattga acactcgtac ccatgagaca aaatattttg     59520
     agatgaaatt gaggattggg actgaggtct gtaggcaatt tttggtgcca ccacttcatt     59580
     gtcaccaact tccggcatga tcggaaataa attgccagct cttcccgtca tgtgtttttc     59640
     ttacctttaa tggggacatg tgttctgaag cccaagctgg agctaaggat aactgtgtag     59700
     tcgtgcattt ttctggattg tctccacagc tctcaacaga cttccgaagc gatgtgtgaa     59760
     gcagggatag ttagcggtat tcagaaggct agacggtcgg tctggaacat ttcatccagc     59820
     ttgtgctcaa aagtagctct tctatttggt ttagtattag ttactgattt gccacaatgc     59880
     aatgctacct tttcatgatt ttttttcagc caaattttct aggtggcttc ttggttttct     59940
     tagttcctgg tggcttccta aaggctttgg agcatataat atgccagaaa attgctacat     60000
     caaaggagct gattcacctc ctggttccct agatgtatca ccctgcatat ctttcttgtt     60060
     cctttcgttt aaaacatttt ttctctctct cttggccaat tcaccagagt acagatttaa     60120
     ttaataggtg ccaacatatt gcaactcttg ctgccaagat acgtaattaa gaaaaagagc     60180
     tccaggctcc cagatcttta gcttttcctc ctcttttttt ttttcttttc aaatttgtct     60240
     ttgtaattag gtctcttaaa atatttttta aaaatcatat taagggaaag ataacccata     60300
     accatggcat gatggaatga atattgaagg tgaatgattc gctaatataa acaacagcat     60360
     aatgaatatg gtgtcaatca tgattttatc acatgcgtaa agaaataagt ttatatattt     60420
     aaagaaatcc tttgcagaat tgttatgact ggtctgaatc tgacttcacc tcatctgacg     60480
     cagtttatga aggtattatt atagctgcat ttaccaatct cttctctccc taattaagga     60540
     gtgttttaga gtttctgttg ttatgacaaa acaccatgac tgcaagcaac ttggggacgg     60600
     aaagggttta tagatgtaaa cataaggaaa taaaacagta tgatgtcagt aatatgaaga     60660
     gcccggtgta gtagaagatt acttgtaaac tcaacacaca ggaggtggaa gaagagaatc     60720
     atgaactata aattctacat caacttaaag tacacaattg aatcctatct ccaaaataaa     60780
     aataaaaaaa taaatattga aaagagatag aagagaagct acaaatgaaa gattattaag     60840
     agttgccaat gaactataca ttaagcatca agaagaaaaa aaaatgctga ctgtgtcctt     60900
     aggtatgagc atttgggagg aggagaacat tagggctcga gaaacagggc agtcacgttc     60960
     aacagagaac aggcaagggg ctgaagagat ggctcagcag ttaagagcac tagctaactt     61020
     tctagaggac ctacctgagt tcagttctca acacccatat gtggctcacc gccatgtgta     61080
     actctaattc cacgggacat gacatcctct tctgtctatt gcagttactg catacacatg     61140
     atccgcagcc agcagggcag gcaaaacact cttacatgaa ggagaaaaca atctatgaga     61200
     gagggtacgt acgaggggca tgatcaggat gcagccagct atgcttgaac tatcgaccac     61260
     cgaggatgtc ctatgcggaa tctggcacag accttacaaa ggcgttcatg cttgaactgt     61320
     ctcttttcgc tcttcttatc ttgcagctgc ttctttatgc tgatatttag acatttacat     61380
     atttttatgt cactgaaatt ttgctttatc tgtctttata tcatcataac acctcatatg     61440
     tttccacaag gtgattttta gggtctagag tatcacataa aatgctatca tcttaatggt     61500
     ttccttttgt gtccccatgt ttaagactgt ttgagcgagc aatggcaccc acaggtgata     61560
     cataacagtg ttataaatct gatgctgcca tcctaatgaa acacgaagta gaaataagct     61620
     gagtcaaacc aaactagaat tctgatttat gcaagcccca ttccgattta aaatgtcact     61680
     tgaacccatc tcctgggagt agatcccaca gaaggtgaag agcagataaa gacttttaaa     61740
     aaggagacta agatttggtc tttatgtcag cttggaaatt gacatgactt ctgtaaataa     61800
     aattcacact tctgtccaca ttggcatgac ttctactgag ctgtcctcag accatcaata     61860
     atttggttat cggggaaact acatgaagag gctactttta gacagttcac agcaagttca     61920
     ggactgtggt ccttgaggag aggtaaatcc ttcgatggtc tctccgatag ccctggatcc     61980
     aacctacagg tgtgttgctg cccctcacat ctgtgagaac atgtaagcaa agtgtagcgg     62040
     tctcttagag tcaaggggac agaggctaaa gttgaaggtg gcagaggagg ctgggacaga     62100
     aaggtcaggg tagctgagtg gaacagtctg catccaggaa gaaatccaga aatctgtatc     62160
     tgtgtccact tgagctgata tcgtgtgata aactggacac atgtaagggc ccatcgctta     62220
     ctacacaaaa tctgccacac tgagcaaaag gtactggaga gtttttagca aacaaacaaa     62280
     caaacaaaaa aatcccagaa tttatataga agcagaagac accattctta ttgggaggag     62340
     cacggataat aaattaaata ccgacgcact ctggaaaagc atctgaagag tcattcccac     62400
     atggtagagc agaaggaacc ctgacgccta gaacagaagt aaccctgagg cctagagcgg     62460
     aagtaaccct gaagcctagc ctaggcagcc cctaatatct aacgagtagc ctcagacgaa     62520
     tctagctgat ctggaaataa ccagaggacc tgcccaaaga aagctcaaca ctctctaaag     62580
     aaaaccaagg tccaggcgcc taactgcaca gtgccacggt attcaacatc gtcactaaaa     62640
     taccaaagtc tatgaagaaa gggggaagtg gagtaaccag gagaaacatc tgtgagcaga     62700
     aaagtaacac tcaaaatact gagctcagta ggttttagaa ctgctgccaa tcatactccg     62760
     gcaggtttaa ggggaaactg tgaacacgag ggaaacaccc acgggcaaca taaagaacgc     62820
     aacatctaca gctaagagtt acgaaaaagg gaaaatccca cggatagagt aagagtgaag     62880
     agcatcgagc ctcgacaacc tgaaggcggg cgggctatca gaactatcag aaaccaaaca     62940
     aggtccataa gaaacagaat caggacaaca gtcatcagtc taactagtag atactctgaa     63000
     acgaaatcag atgacagggg gaaattacct ggagcaatag taatcatatc catttaaagg     63060
     ttacagaaaa ctatctacca acagatcctg gacaaattgg caaggatctg agatacatag     63120
     ccacctcaaa atgagacaca gccaaattgc tgcaaacaaa agatgagaca gattcttaaa     63180
     attggctaga agttagtaga cacataacaa aagtaagcag taaaagagac aaattaggga     63240
     aactgtggaa atcagtaaca atagaggccc aaaccagcaa cagcaaagga acatggcaat     63300
     tgtttatcca gtaccaagtg gtcagtcctg aaaatatgta cacaagaaac attgcacagg     63360
     ctaaacagaa tacacttgca tatttaggaa taggtatgta tatatgtatg catatgtgta     63420
     tgtatgtgta tatacacacg taacaattaa taaaaaaagg actatgaatt tgaaaaagaa     63480
     caaggaatga gatatggagg tttggagata tggagggcag aaaggaaggg agaaatgata     63540
     tataatttta tatatataaa catatataaa cgtatatata aacataatat aatatatata     63600
     tattatataa catacatcct ataatatata atcgtatata acatgtaata tatataataa     63660
     aatatacaaa atgaaagaaa tgatttaaaa aaagcaaaca gaacaccttt taaatgctga     63720
     acaagaggct gtattttaaa acctaacaga ttccatctaa gaatggaggt gacaaagact     63780
     ctatgttcat gaaagtcttc gggtttgtgg ccaggtatgg actctcatgc tgtattgggg     63840
     gaagtggaag aggcaacacc aaactaataa aacctcagcc attggtggga gtacagtgat     63900
     gactaaggtt gatcccagtg tggaccccac cagaaagtag ggcttccagg atgaaactaa     63960
     ggccattgtg aaggtgatgg tccatctcag gaattctcat atttaaagtt taactgagtt     64020
     tgaaggtatc gatagatatt tccctagaat tgtctaattt aatagcatta aataattggt     64080
     aacccaatga cttcgtttta aaaatgaact tggatcaata aacacctaga aaattatttt     64140
     taaatttatc aattttactg tggtttcctg tcctagacct tcacctcact ctgagtgtca     64200
     ggagccactg ttatctgcag attgccactg acaatgtcta tatgttttct tcagagtgct     64260
     ggtttgtgaa gcttggataa cactggaatg tctagattat cagtggagaa tagaagtttt     64320
     gtgtgcaagg gccctgacct ttaatttcag tgccagcagt tccagaaggc ttgtaatacc     64380
     ccatttacta gccagagctg atactgcatg ggaaaatgtc ccatgacaat tcctttatga     64440
     ccctctactt tgataatgct gaggaaaggg catggcccac ctgtgctatg ttgggggact     64500
     tcctgtttgt tctcccagag atctgtgaag gctctatatg atccctgaag gaccccccac     64560
     ccttacactc cttttcattc atctttgcat caaaactccc cacgaatgca aggtagagta     64620
     atgtcttttg gctcccagtt gttggggaac ttagtccttg gtagtgggaa gataatgtag     64680
     actactgcaa gtatgcagcg gaagggctac ataagtccat cagaaaccac agcacatggg     64740
     ccggaaccag agtcagtatg agcctcaaag gctcacccca gtgatctgac gctgtcatgt     64800
     aggcctactc agttaaggct ttcccacctt caaagtagca tcacaaaatg ggaaccaagt     64860
     atgtctgtca ggcagtccag attcaaactc cactgtgcat ctgcaagaac tgaggcaatt     64920
     cctcccttgt gatgctctct aggatggaag gttaggcaaa aatcagatgg acctgagaaa     64980
     gggatggaag ctccttccca tccagctgtg ttcagcctct gggcctaata tcatccatga     65040
     ttcctaggat ctgcttatac ataggaacca tggatccagc tcaagggcag gtcctaaggc     65100
     ctgacactat tactgaggct atggagagct cacaaaaagg gacttagcag gactgccctc     65160
     caaaagaccc aacgagcagc tgaaagagtc agatgcagat atttacactc aaccaatgga     65220
     cagaagtagc tcacccctgt tggtgaatta gggaaggctg aaagaagcta aggagaaggg     65280
     tgatcctata ggaggaccag cagtctcaac taatctgggt cctcgagatc tctcaaacac     65340
     tggaccacca aacggacagc atacaccagc tgatatgaga cccccaacac acatacagta     65400
     gaggacttct ggatctgtgt tcattcagag atgatgcacc taaccctcaa gagactggag     65460
     gccccaggga gtttagaggt caagtggggt ggaggggtgg ggggatgggg catccaggtg     65520
     gacacagggg tggggaagag gtgtgggatg tggagcagtc agagggtgga ttggggcagg     65580
     gggcgaggaa tggaatatgg agtgtaaaaa aaataatttt aaaaataaaa ataaataaaa     65640
     tttttcagga aaaaaggatc acactgatca ctgtcttgct gactctgtga catcttagac     65700
     actccataga gagccactga ggacccagct tgttcttggc agccactgtt gatggagaac     65760
     tgccttcctt ctcctgtgcc tagcatcttc ctcattcctt ttcctatttt tgctctaggt     65820
     tttcaattta atgacaccgt tcattactct gtcactatct ggatagtggg gttggttggt     65880
     tggttggtgt ttcttttatt taaatcaaca atgttccttt gagcttggca aatgtcaagg     65940
     aagatagatt ccatttttac aggcctattt tctaagctac tgtccttcat ggagctagat     66000
     aaggcagact agttgtgtcg aagacaggaa gtcagcatgg cccccctatc ttaagattgc     66060
     attttctgaa agcaagctgg cctctatcta atcgccataa gacacccgca cccccacccc     66120
     cactcctggg ctgcaaccaa acacaaattg gctgatctct taataaaaca ctagtaaggg     66180
     ttagagaaag aggttggagt ttaagtgaaa ccacctggaa aacacttaat tgttcagtca     66240
     ccaataatct gaatagacag ggaatattcg aacatgccat ttggactcaa atagaattat     66300
     aagtcaatat ttagaaacac atacatttgg gggtaaaact cagggctcag attccaaact     66360
     aagttgtaac acaaatgcca caatttgtta tggagttggt tgtggagaag gaaagtgtgg     66420
     gtacgggggt acattaataa atacccacaa ttcaccggga agaacattgt gccaaggaga     66480
     gtcagagggt aagacaatgc taagacgctt gggtgctgag atgtttggca gtggattttc     66540
     ctgtgttggt ttttaagatg cctgctggct gagtcagaga aaagaatgag gctagcaagt     66600
     tggtggggtg ggggatgggt gtaagcagag gcaaacagaa gagagatctc aggatgcaag     66660
     ctctgctgga tcagctccat gccaaccaac agggtttgca caactctcat taccctgaag     66720
     ttgcagacaa aaggtttgcc tttgttaaag ttggcctctc accctcggca tgccttccct     66780
     gtgtttagca gaacccttga agaggttgtg tgtctgtgtg tctctgtgcg tgtctttgtg     66840
     tgtccctgca aatttaggac cctttgtact aatagtagct aatggattat agtggtgata     66900
     ttaaaagaag gccctgggtt tataacttct atttcccagc tcctgttctg tgtgtgttaa     66960
     agtgctagaa cataccatga gtttggtacc aattgcatcc ccattttttt tttcagttga     67020
     agaaacctga gcctaagagt taaatgactt gttcaacatc acatctatga ttcacaatgg     67080
     agtgaaaact aaaaatgctt ggactgtcta atccaatggt tccccacctg taagttgtca     67140
     tccttttggg ggtcagatga ccatttcacg ggggttgtat actagatatc ctgcatatca     67200
     gatatttaca ttatgattca taacagtagc aaaaacacag ttatgaagta gcagtgcaaa     67260
     taattttatg gttaggggtc accacgacat gaggaactgc aataaaggat cacagcatta     67320
     gggaaattga gagccattgg tctaataatc tttaccttcc caaggttcag tctatttaca     67380
     gccatggaga agcaggatgc acatcaaagt gacatccagg gctctgcttt aaaatcctga     67440
     ccccacccat cctaatcctg ccattgctct ctaggatcaa atggagccac caggatggga     67500
     gaaaccagga cccagaaaaa attcccagga ggacactgaa agttctcagg aattggatgg     67560
     gggtcactag ggccaagaag aactgtaaca ccccccccac catagcacag tgtttctgtg     67620
     gcgattatac acttaatata atgagaatat acagtatgaa actaagtttg aaaatggagc     67680
     agaatgttta gaattctgcc aatcctgaaa ccaaggaggg tggttgctgt atgaaattat     67740
     ctgccttgtg tacctgtgca tgcacacgta tgtgcgtgtt gacggtggca agtgggatct     67800
     gtttaagcca cggacatatc agataccgaa gttgcttttt cagtatccta ctgtctgata     67860
     gcaaagagct gcagaaagag acactgtctc tatgcagtag tatgataggt cataaagaat     67920
     ccccagctgc cagagtcaca aacaacactc cctgagacct agttatacat ggaggttttg     67980
     tgtcattcta ttgctctcca ctgactacat gcaccagtcc tttatcctgg cagggtctca     68040
     tgggcatagg gaggaaagac cataggcctg ccccaaagcc atgccactat ctccagcttt     68100
     caggaacctt aaaagagctc tttaaacaat tagaagagaa cagtgttgtc ttagttgatc     68160
     ttactattgc tgaaacaaaa caccaaaaac caagttggga aggaaaggat ttagttggct     68220
     tattcttcca ccttgtagtc aatccgtcac tgaagaaagc taggacatga actcaagcag     68280
     ggcaggaacc tggaggcaag agctgatgta gaggccatga agggatgctg cttactggct     68340
     tgctccccat ggcttgctca ccctgctttc ttatagaaca ggaccaccag gccaggaatg     68400
     gcaccaccat ccctcaatgg actgggcctt atcaatcact aatttttttt ttttaatgct     68460
     ttacaagctt gccttcaacc cagatcttag ggaggcattt tcttaattga gattccctcc     68520
     tttcagatga atttagcttg tatcatgtga agctacaatt atccagcaca aatatcttga     68580
     atgaccttgt accctacctc ctgacatcct cagcaaactg cttttcttac aggtttgact     68640
     tccaataata taagacagtc tttgttaaaa gccctttgac actgagagga gctagaggga     68700
     agcctgccag agcgtgtcct ttttctgaga cagaacagga agctgctaaa acagactcgt     68760
     atgaagcatt gtggtgacat ttgtctccat gtttcctcac atattgtgac tgtgttacac     68820
     ctggaagggg tttgttttag ctggcacttc acagagagtt cggtacacaa aaggcactcc     68880
     acatttttgc tgaaacacaa gaacaaatgg accctgaaag gtaaagaaat ctttcagctg     68940
     aagtgagatg tataaaaagg tttttttttt aattctttct ctcattgatt acaaagaaaa     69000
     atcagatccc caaacaaagc tgtcacaatc ccaacaacct tttacttcct gcagttttct     69060
     cactccctca tccccacaga gaacaatatc tgaccaacag ttcctgattt tcttctttca     69120
     ggaaaaagga atttacagga gtgtttcctt gcatgcatct atttgtaccg tgtctatgca     69180
     gtatctgtta aggtcagaag agggcgtcag atatcttgga acgagagtta cagaatagat     69240
     agttgtgagc taccatgtgg gtgctgggaa ctgaacccag gtcctctgca agagcaacag     69300
     ttgctcttaa ctgctgggcc atctttcaga cccttgattt tattttactg ttagtaagat     69360
     tttttttttc tttcaggaac ctaagttttg actcttttcc attagggtta gacagcatac     69420
     tgtttaaacc ttgccacagc ttcaagtaca accattagca tagcatcagg atgatagagt     69480
     ttatagaaca tctctgctac tttgcaaatg gccaaaagga gaaacacact gaattgtttg     69540
     tcaagcagaa tgctaattgc tatagtgact ggggacactt tcttttaacc tgtctatgtc     69600
     caagatactg aaagataaga aagcatggag tggaggtggc ctaatgtaaa tcattgtttt     69660
     agtcaatatg tatagaacat ttatacaaaa gcacccccgt aagccctgga catacaaaat     69720
     gaccaaaagt gacaataatt ctggtcacca gatagcgtgt aaccatgaat aacatactat     69780
     acctttcctg ccttgctatt tcttcttttg gctggtccta cactgtaagc ctgaaatcct     69840
     tgacagggag taacaactat atcaacagaa tgataaacaa ccccgactcg tctcaagtta     69900
     agggcagtct gttagctatg taaaagctgt ttccccaaag cagaaaccca agtcaaagtc     69960
     tttgttccac acccagcaag gactgcttag gacttggaga ctgcagaggt gccctaagtg     70020
     gagcctgggc tttagggtca acagttctag atctgatttc tgcctctttt tggtcaaatc     70080
     tccttctcta cccagtgccc tcctggtgca tacagaggag gatactacct acgccaaagg     70140
     agtgagatca agctaacaaa gcaacactgc ttagaacaat tctaaaatat agtaattttt     70200
     caataaataa ctatcaataa taacaaatcc ttatatattt cctttctcat tactttaact     70260
     ttgtcagctg ggctgaatat ctctacgtga ggtaggacat ttgctatcct atgtgtcagt     70320
     tttaccccct cagacagttg gtccaggaac agcttaaagg aaggcccagt cactggtttc     70380
     cagtgctcta gtacagattt gaccacatca gttggactgg cttgatattc aaggagtgga     70440
     ttccgaaacc ctgtcccttt gaacacacag aagtcaagaa atgcgcaatt aactttccca     70500
     tagtatccat aactcactca tgaaccacaa caatgcataa atttttctgg caacacaaca     70560
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaccacaa agcacatcag aatcagacaa gttaggacta tggctaaagt     70620
     cataaatttg aatttcccag acttaatgca attttgcagt agttcatgag actgcattag     70680
     catagcgttc acactagaac ctgcagcatg attcagaggc tcttgtgctt aaagactgag     70740
     gtagtttttt ctcggcaggg acctcttttc aaatattcac gaggatttca agagaagaac     70800
     cctcctaaga aatattggtc ccgggggata tgcagctaaa tctacccagc atggaaggat     70860
     ttagctacat ttattttttt agcaagctct ggaagcagtt atacttttct tccaagtgtt     70920
     ccatctctga gaggctaaac ccctgcctta ccaaaacttc catgtgggtc ctgagagggc     70980
     tacaggctat agtagccctg tctctttgaa agcaatggga acgatgaagt atattaagac     71040
     caaataaatc agctctccaa gttgataatg ggtgggttta cagtagatgc tagcccaatt     71100
     tgtctgcagg atgtagagtc tgtgtgataa ctgatccctg gatccttatg cttctggcaa     71160
     agactcacaa tattggggtg ggggctggtg aggctcaaag caggaagcaa gtgttcgctg     71220
     cactcctggc tctcctttca cctggcctgt gtgccctgtt ttagaggcaa agcaaagtga     71280
     taagggcact atcgtcacag agggcggaga ccacaggacc ccctgaccct gtctactgtg     71340
     tgagcaaata ctctttgatc ccggggtcta accttgacag ttttcatgcc cagatcacat     71400
     tcctagagta ggccttcctc tgaaggctcc ccattcttta tcttgaacac tctccttgtc     71460
     ttagaaggca cagacttcca cacaaggagt ttgtttatct acaggaaagg ggctttatca     71520
     tagactatag caaccaagac agtcagcaat attcatatgt atgacttttt tctccccttt     71580
     taagtttatt atttttatat gggttgttat agtttaaata atatttttta aatgctgcac     71640
     acatccctga ctcttaagag aggcaataaa tatcaatttc atctccataa tgtgcaacag     71700
     gatccttcca accctttttc tcttcccctg cctgtacaaa gcagagacag aaagctcagt     71760
     cacctcgcta tataagctac cccttagaag atgcctagat ccaacccaaa tgtgcacttt     71820
     ccactagaat ttctataacc agaggacaaa atacaatcaa gatgcgcttt caattttcag     71880
     gtttctgaaa cagggtcttg ctttgcagcc catactagcc ccaaactcat gaacctcctg     71940
     cctccaactc tggagtgctg ggattacagg catgcaccca tgcctatccc caaacatcag     72000
     tccctctatc tcatccaaca ctcaagccct gtgtggccag actcttctgt gcatttcaca     72060
     tctgttcttc ctttcccatg tccactatca ttgcaagaga ctagccacaa acaagccaca     72120
     cttggacttt actaaaactt ttctatatat ttttatgcta ttctatttat ttattttttt     72180
     atggtatgag tcatagaatc tagaagtagc tctttatttt cccttcagct tctggtacct     72240
     atacatacct tctcagagct ccttattgac tttcattcct cccaatggag ggagaatgct     72300
     caaagcaaaa ctgcttcatc attggactga agtcggggac ccctaaggtt gaattagggg     72360
     gaagattgaa ggagcttaaa aggagaatga ccccatagga agaccagcaa tctcaactaa     72420
     cccagactcc agagagcttc cagagacgga gtgaccaacc aggagcaaac attggctggt     72480
     ccaaggcccc tggcccatat gtagcagagg tctgcctggt ctggccttag ttggagatct     72540
     gtttacttga gaccccaggg aaggcctggt ggggaaggga gcactctcta ggaggcaagg     72600
     gggaggagga ttgggatgag aacctacggg agggggactg aaggggaaaa caactggaat     72660
     gtaaataaat aaaataatct aaataaaaat acttttttaa aataacaaag caagggtgcc     72720
     cttgtgttta ggtgtctctt ccgtgccctt gtgttcctta aacctcctgc ttgccccact     72780
     aaaaccttcc tttgtttcac cttacaaccc atctctgcac catttatttt aaattagtct     72840
     gccacttggc ttctgacaac tcctgtgttg tctcttggca caacagtcat cttgcttgaa     72900
     agataggtct cccctcttcc actcaggcca tcatgtttgt ctcaaggacg gttctctaaa     72960
     gcatttgacc tgcaggccgt tccatcagtt caaatctcta tgccattcca tcctagtcca     73020
     gctgtctttg tgcctcttta gtgtttcttt tcattctttt atgcacattt ttatccatgt     73080
     gaggtgagta tctctcaagg gctctcacat tggccaaaaa atcttttctg gccaaataca     73140
     ataagtaatt caattttagg gctttgagag cattggtatt ctgagtactg tactgacctg     73200
     gttcccctag agatttacac agacaagtgt tacttggctt ctttcagtta agaaggcatg     73260
     cagcagagag aaatggattc ctggaaatta acacacacca taaatactgc ctatttgctt     73320
     cattaaacta gaaactttct gtaccaactc tgtattgccc tttcctattt cctcctcata     73380
     tttcaaacac tcacatcaat taactgactg aaaggtgatc tttgaccctt gtgcctaata     73440
     tgcattttcc ttcaattaat ttacaatgat atctgctgtc tcatgaaaac cacagctctg     73500
     atcacacgtg gttttcctat atgaatgaca agctgaccaa cctagaagtc ccagcattcc     73560
     ttttttaaaa ctgcccccac ccccaccccc ccaccccccg ccaataatct catctttgta     73620
     tgaatgacta atggtttgcc agtgcctact gaaaattggg aacaaagctg attccgaact     73680
     caccaggtag acttgacagt acacaggggt ggggtggggc tctatccttt cttgtgataa     73740
     acacattcca tcccaactta gcctgtgttt tcccacgtat gaatcatact gagttgtcga     73800
     ctagaattcc agtctttttc acaattattg ctattaaaaa cacatttttc tcatcctgaa     73860
     cttccacagt acaagtcttt taaaagaatt gcaatccgtc ttggtaggtt tgctctcgtc     73920
     ttccaacaac aaggaacacc ttctgttctg attccaattc attaacctca tggtacaggc     73980
     tattagctca gaaactcaac tacagttaaa accaatttgt caacagatgc tcaatggagg     74040
     aaactttcaa acagcctgag gcaacccaga tgtagaaccg gcccaagtca gttgtattta     74100
     tcacttaaga aattccattt caaggcagta gaatacaggt gacaggaagc aaaaatgagc     74160
     agagcatttt ggggggccag gagagaaacc gccagagtac ggacagggaa ggaaatgaaa     74220
     tcaaatgaaa tattatgaca tagccacact gaaatgtcat ggtgaagccc attagtttta     74280
     ttatgttaac ttaaaaatca atttaattat tttaaaaaca agaaattctc ccaaagacat     74340
     aaataaatag gtattccagc ttgctcattc tggtaagtgg attgagaatt ggaggccatt     74400
     ctgtgttaca tagtaagaca ctctctcaaa taaccaaggg caagcgatat ggctaagggt     74460
     taaagctctt cctagcatat aacctgggga ctgatgccca gcgttgcaaa aggaggccaa     74520
     acagaaaaac cattttaaga atttactaag aaacccacca caaacttatc gaataatagg     74580
     tttcagaaat gatctttcca ctacttttga aaacatcata aaaatatgtg ttcatctctc     74640
     agtctcctca tgcattccta atgttctcta taaagaccca gaaatgaagt catttgttta     74700
     cagaaaaaaa aaatcccatc cagaatccct ggtgtggggg gtgggggtgg gtaaggtttc     74760
     catgaaacct cagtggatat ttctttgtag cattctttga tcctatactg aaaattaaaa     74820
     tgtaattaaa aattaacaat taaaatgaaa ttatttcaat aaatcctgac tgttcaggac     74880
     ttgaagatgg aatgtatcta gacctaaact cacatttcag agtttggaca tcttgggaat     74940
     acttcaccca tcttgagctt ctgtctgttc tctgctgtgt ttgctccatt agtctcagtt     75000
     tcaggacagt tgctatagtt accaggaggg gtgggcaatg caggctcctc tctgacccca     75060
     atatgcacaa ctgtgacttc taagcctttc tctgtcctat actcatgact tcctggtgac     75120
     tattttgtct gcattcttct gattctgttc atggcacaca caccaccccc catgtccctc     75180
     acctttgctc ctaaccacga gcccttcctc ttgcctttga cttcatacaa taaatgtctg     75240
     acttcagatg ctttctcaat gtcaagtgca ctatagggtg ctatttaggt gatatgaact     75300
     actatattaa agtaaatttt acaaaaaaaa aaaacaaagc aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     75360
     taatcaaaca aacaccctgc ttctcttact accattttac acagtctttt gtaaaattgg     75420
     gacacgattt tttttctcca tatattcagt ttaagttgag catccattat ccaagattac     75480
     tggaaatagg aatcctcttt tttgattttg aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     75540
     tatatatata tatatatata taaaggccat gcccctaaac atccccaggc tattgcaagg     75600
     ctcttggtca ccttacaaaa catgacggtt actaaagaca ccatagagtt agatcacaga     75660
     tacttgggga caatgaagct gccactgact tggaggctct aacttgactg gctaacttcc     75720
     ctagttcttg ggcgtgcttc atacacaacc tgaggagaga gtaatcatca gctttagtca     75780
     gctgtgaagt ctgtgtgcta caatcaagac tggctggtaa ggcatgctac ccagtgcaat     75840
     ggtggcataa atgttatggg agtaaccaac cactttctga ctagaaataa ggcctgctcc     75900
     atacctggta tattagcaag ccaagaacct atgactacac agatcagaca gatgggacct     75960
     tgtgccatta ttctgctaaa tgaacatagt attaagccaa gttccaagga catattgtta     76020
     tactcataga ttaatatatc tcttattgct tgccagagaa gcttccattt gcaatatatg     76080
     gcaataatac aaaggttcat agaaaaggct gaaggatgct cttccttaaa tagggcatat     76140
     accatacact ttccttcata ggcttggaag ataattgtag aagaatggac agaaagaatg     76200
     taggagccag aggttgtaaa tgactatgag gtaacattat cttcaccata tagtggggcc     76260
     tctgcaccta tgaactcaca gcaagcacaa gacttgtgca agctaaaccc aaccaaattc     76320
     cagcacgaag agggaaggga agagccctac tcctagtgag aaagtattgg cgattgtctg     76380
     ctgctaggat aacggagggt tagtttcttc taagagtgta atccctgcaa tccctgcaac     76440
     ttaaccaaac tccagtggga ggacacacac ccaagaatat ctggatagcc aaattaacct     76500
     ttatccgggg gaacccgcaa agttgagtgg gtagggaagg aggcatagat ctaggaagac     76560
     ttagtggagc accgatgaaa aaatgtttga aattctcaag aattcataaa aataaatttt     76620
     ataaaaccaa atctggtaat ggaatcccaa gtaaacatga aattcatttc tgtttcatat     76680
     acacttttcc acaaaagctg aagttaattt taaacaatat ttttatcttc tagacatagt     76740
     ctatcatgga agccaggtgt agaatttttc ttttgtggaa gcatgtcagt ttggggcttt     76800
     agttttttgg ggttaaatat gttcagtctg tattaaaaat ggctttgatt tatgaaggcg     76860
     gaagagaaga gttttcactg tgaaccaaga tttaagaact cctggacata atacttgtcc     76920
     cttgaaactc catgtgtgag ctgtgctctg gttcagtctg cttcctatga attaaactat     76980
     aaattaaatt tcatagggat tgactgcctt catcatagtt cttcaaaacc tttcctggga     77040
     catccaaatg ggactttttc aaatgacttc tcactcaaag gtgggtgtaa cctgttaaaa     77100
     atgatccaca actctatccc caagtcccaa gtagactctt ctagagactc ctttcttagc     77160
     cagccttctc cagtgttggt cctaatagaa attgctgaac tggtttggtt ctatccatat     77220
     atagctgaga tgctgagttt ttcatgggga gtgacccaga cgagttccat ctaggcttga     77280
     tctaaagtga tttcttagat actagaggag tgcagatcgt cccatggtga gaaaatacat     77340
     tctacccctt atccccctcc tttatacctg ccagaacctt cagctgactt cacccacatc     77400
     ctttgccaac atggttagag gattctgaca tgcccgagat aagcatttca tacagctcct     77460
     ggcctctttt tgaaaaggaa ataaagacat tccaaatagc caaccaagct atccaggtct     77520
     taatccagat gtaaaggctc caggccctcc ttggcccctg tacctccttc tgcataccta     77580
     catttgggat ttgttagttt cacattgtac caccaccgcg ggccatttct gagggggaaa     77640
     gaaatgatac aggttgccag aaatgttttt actcactttt gattagcgtg cctaataaag     77700
     acttgggtga ataaggtcat tggaaccaag gggaaagaaa aagaaaaaga agcgtcatgg     77760
     tgctgcgtga attttgtttt gaaatgctca gtttgcaaca tatgccctgc cttggtaggg     77820
     gtggatgtga ttgctagagg tctcccttct ttgttctctg ttgagacatt ttccttcata     77880
     tttcctatgt tgaagagatg aactattcat aattgcttat aaggagtctg tgttccacct     77940
     aagcctcaga aacgctggaa agtgttgaaa agccttaatc tgaataccta gggaatggcc     78000
     aatggtctct tatcctcttc tactttagag actagtggag atggggaaga aggagagtga     78060
     gaaatgaaat tcagtaatcc ctttccctcg gttggctgtg aatgtgtgac tattgcccag     78120
     tttttacgta gaagagggga gtctgacttg cacatgaggt aagtagagat tggacggtta     78180
     gaagagtcag gttgcctcat catgtctatc tctgtttctg ttgttttttc ttttattatt     78240
     tttttcttct taattttttt aaacatttag ggtttccaaa gaaacgattc agaggccagc     78300
     tttggaacgt actgtttgca acgtgcagcc ttcctagtcc ctgcacgtcc ctccacgaag     78360
     cctgtgctaa cagagaatcc agggctgtag cagtccccat aggattcttc tgaaatattt     78420
     tagagagaaa ttagaaattg atttaggcag ttagtgtgag catgccggct aggacacggc     78480
     tagaagttgt attagttctc atggcacctg ggacttagtt actttaagtg cataaatcag     78540
     cctctgagaa atattatgca gtttcttgag cttagcttta gctgaattac aagcgacccc     78600
     atggaattgt tttattccct tctcacctga attcctgtgc agggattaaa aagctacaat     78660
     gtctgttttt attggcatgt ttcctcttac cccaccccat tttaataact tcatctcctt     78720
     aagtccatat tctctccacc gtgttttaca gaaattggcc aaacatctaa tgcccaaagc     78780
     tatctgggct ctgactacat ctacaatggg tgcatgtaag agagacatga tggtcctttg     78840
     ggtattaata ataccctggg gacataaaat ggaggttttc acttttgcta gttctctggg     78900
     ggctttatga catcattgga tggtttcaac attgtcactt tagcctacag gctttatgat     78960
     tacatgtcaa agcacatgct tcttgacaga ggggaaagga ctgagagaag tggctcccaa     79020
     ttgtgtaaag aaatcatcct agttggccat caatgggagg agaggccctt ggttttgcaa     79080
     agattctatg ccccagtaca gggaaacacc aggaccagaa agcgggagtg ggtggattgg     79140
     ggagcagggc agtgggggag gatatagagg actttcagga tagcatttga aatgtaaatg     79200
     aagaaaatat ctaattaaaa aattgtttta aaaaaaaaga aatcatccta agagaacatc     79260
     gttagaagtt tctgaagagg aagagaaaga aaggggagga gaatgtggga gagttaggca     79320
     cttgggaatt ggagatacag gatttttaaa atgatcagtc aggtattgac ctggctctaa     79380
     ggcatctgtc tgctggtttc ctcttggttt tgtccatttt aaatggtggg tttaaataag     79440
     agtctctggt gttccagtaa ctctgattct aagcaatcgt gagagatact cacaggaaga     79500
     tatcaagatt caaataattt tgttccttat tttttttatt cagatcttcc tggtaatcat     79560
     tagttcaagg tcattagctc tgctattagg agcagtgatg ttttcaatat gaacatctgg     79620
     tcactggcgt actctggggc cctggtccac aagaatgaca ccttgtatca cttcagacca     79680
     aacaacattg gaaatgtcca aagaaatatt taccaaaaac cataaaaaat ttaaaattat     79740
     agtacatctc gaacaattgt gaaaagttta ttaaaggtag gtttctaagt atagtttttt     79800
     tatatagagg caatataaaa aacgtatcaa actatacata cataccttga ctgtagccac     79860
     tgttccatga ctttgaaaaa gataaaataa atgtaatgcc aggtttccca cctgattatc     79920
     caagatgcaa attacaattt gtgttgtgta tggattttat gaaaacattt gctcctctca     79980
     tttggcatgg ttctggatta tgctgctagg gtgtcctaga cctaggcata gacaggacac     80040
     tgtaatacca acactatgta ccagaccatg atactatgtc ttagctatta catataagca     80100
     ttttttaaaa aatgcctcca agatactagt gccatctaca agtctatagt agttaagagc     80160
     aaacacaaag gcatgcagga aaatgtgtgc aaatagagag ccagtgctgt tatgcccagc     80220
     tagtactgct tcccgaacac ccccaattca cttctctgag aggacccagt gctttcttca     80280
     gttctcaagt ctccaacaag tacacatgtc agcagtcaaa tggcaaacag gaggcctcca     80340
     cttttcctca atgtgtattg attccccgtc tcccttgtaa aagggaacca ggctgtttgt     80400
     tgaaaactaa tggacaggaa agaaaaaaca cagagatcct tatcagtcaa acctatgaaa     80460
     atttgttctc ctattgattt ttcccctaaa attaaaataa accagaacaa caacaacaac     80520
     aaaatccaga tatatgaagc cacctcttat ctttaaggac cgtctttagg acatactaaa     80580
     attcacagtg gaaaatgtta tgctacctga tttccatttg ggaatatctt tatgctcctt     80640
     agaacaagtt tagggtttgt tattagttcg tgtttggttg atttgtcctt tcatttttgg     80700
     aagcagcaga acgatttggc ctaacattat aaaactgggg aatacatgga gtctgaagac     80760
     tgttattatt aaagatggaa gatacccgtg atgtcacccc tcagtcccag gggaaccagg     80820
     ggaagagcct ttccctgtac agatgtttct agttctttat cctattgact ttcagatgtc     80880
     tccagggatg ggtctccacc acttccttta ctgcagattt ctctagtcat aattcttact     80940
     gtcaaatgtt tcatggtgtt tagcataaat gtcccttttc tggaaaggga aactgttttc     81000
     tcttgctcag agttttgtct cacctgtgag aacaagcacc ccaccctttt gagactttct     81060
     gttctgtttc tccctcgaga tgccatcgca gcagtggatg gtcatgggac atataacagg     81120
     aagggtagca attagacaag tggattttag cctgatttgg aaaagatgtc tctatagtca     81180
     acaacagaag tattccaaag ttgcagggct cacagtgcta acctgacagt ttacctactg     81240
     tgatacatat tgtcttagtt tgagctttat tgctgtgatg aaacaccatg accatggcat     81300
     ttggtttttt tgtttgtttg tttttttttt ttgagataag cctaaaagca agttcaattt     81360
     tattgaagca atttagtctt ttttatcaag actgaaatgt acaaaagccc agtggtctaa     81420
     cttctagaaa cttaccaact gaaatacttg ttcaacagca aatattgtaa ggaaagacag     81480
     tgcagaaaca attggtagcg ataaaaccat aaaaacagct tgggtgcctc tcagtaggga     81540
     actagtaggg aatatatata aatgatggaa tacaaaatag ccatttaaaa cacgaggtag     81600
     attgacatgt atgtactgaa atagaatggc cttcaagata cactgataag ccaggtgcag     81660
     aaggtggagc cagaagggtt aggagatcaa agtcactctg agttacacac aaagtatgag     81720
     gccagcctgg gtatacaaga ttctttgagg aaaaaaaaca aaaaacaaaa aaacaaacaa     81780
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aacaacaaaa ccataccaaa acaaaaaggc     81840
     aaaaacactg atttaaaaaa ccatcttggg ctggagagag aacttacttc cacttccaga     81900
     ggacccaagt gcatttccca gtacccacat ttagcagctt acaaccatct gtaactccag     81960
     ctgcaaggga tccaacactc ttccctggac ttgggtcata gtaggcgcat acacacacac     82020
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacaaac acacacacac acacacatct ctcttgtgca     82080
     caaacacatt ctctctctca caaaagcaat tatttcatat actatacatt aagtatccac     82140
     aaagggaagg caatgaacgc acagcaagtg tgtcaatgga gaagtgcacc ggggtacact     82200
     gttatactgc aatcttttct tcagaagaat taagaaggga ccaatgggtt ggctcagtag     82260
     gtaaaggctc tgattataaa gtctaatgac tttaacttga ttcccaggaa cccacatggt     82320
     gtaagtagag aatggactcc agcaagttgt cctctgactt ctgcacacag gcatgcatgc     82380
     acatacagac aaaataaaaa tgtaataaaa aagttaaaaa gcaaagtcct gctaactgtg     82440
     attagcttta gatagttgaa aagaaggtag gtaaggtggt gggagtttta cttttcctgt     82500
     gtgagcacta aattggtaac attatttcaa tagggattac acgtgtaggt agaactgttt     82560
     tgtttttatt atatatttta aaaaatatat aataagtatt tacacagaca caaagatgtt     82620
     aagctaaaac agttaaagaa tgaaaacaaa tacatataca gatgtactta atttaagcac     82680
     agggatatgc ctagactctt tatgattttt tcttttgttg tgacaagatc tcatttagtt     82740
     caggccagct ttgatttgtt aggaagcaca gcatgagctt gaacgcatga tctttctgaa     82800
     gtgctgggat tgcaggcacc actaccacct tgccctgatg ctgttttaaa gtgtacaaca     82860
     cagatccatt accattaccc gaagatctta aaccacttca ttagcgtcct ttaaaactcg     82920
     ggagttttcc acatcacatg tgcacatggt attaaagaac ctaggaaggc cttcctcatg     82980
     tctctcactt gaatgtcata catcctcact ctacatgatc tctctgtgct ttacagtatc     83040
     acactttgct ggtcttcaga agtgctggtc ttctgaccag gtctccaaag tatgcagtga     83100
     tggtctttaa cttgttgtta agaaagttct gttctatttc cacttgccct ccaagcccag     83160
     ccaaggatgc cacctggtca atatcaacat ttcttggaag aaaataaaca atattattag     83220
     tgatcttctg agaaagcctg aaaatttcaa agccatcaag agacatcatt gtcctaatgt     83280
     cgaaggtctc tgcagtagca taatctggcc ctccccaagg tggacttagg aacacaacat     83340
     cagcttttaa acacggagcc aagagcagga aatctccaca gataaacttt atcttatctg     83400
     ctaccccata aacttcagca ttattccgag caagatcaat tttaacaggg tcgatatcaa     83460
     tagcaatcac tcttttcccg gttaaggcaa actgaatggt atttcctcca actccacaga     83520
     aagcatctac tacaacgtca catctgaagg cccgactgac acggccagca atgtgctcag     83580
     caatcttctc aggagtgact gaaaaccagc cctccttgtc caatttgatt ccatcatcaa     83640
     agcgagagaa gagccggtat ctctgggccc agtattttgc cagctctgga acagaagcta     83700
     tttcaggtgg tagatcattt atctttttgg ttttgttctt cttcttcttg ttattcttgt     83760
     tctttttctt cttcttcttc tttatttcaa cttctgtttc tgcatgggga gagtttggta     83820
     tttcttcagt tgaacagttc tctggaacag ttgctactaa ggagcctact tcactctttt     83880
     ctgcttcaag ttcagtggct gaaaagatgg tctgacattt ctcaggttct ggatctctgg     83940
     tctccaccag gttgtcagct ttctccaagg acatgccttg ttcctctgag tcactgcttg     84000
     tgcaagtgtc ttgcattttg ttttgagaaa gagactcctg tggtgtctcc tcatctactc     84060
     gttcattaac ccattttagg aatttttcta ccttactccg tactttattc ttacacacga     84120
     caaagggttt ccctgagttc tcggagaaca ggatgcgctt gctcttcaca ggcaggtcca     84180
     ggtactttga tttgtatttc acattcttct ctagatacct gacctgtcga tggctgaaat     84240
     ttggaattcc accatatttt tgtcctgagc tatgcttgaa tcctacaagg aaaccattgt     84300
     catcaacttc tgaatatggg ttttcatcaa catccaattc atggcttctc ttcactttgc     84360
     tgggcttatg ctcaggtggg tcatcttcac tctcatttcc atcagcccca ttatggtgtg     84420
     ggctatgttt acctgaattt gttcctgaag acccctgcaa ctctttagat ggttggtctg     84480
     agcttctgtt ctcagatata tcattttcct tgggtgttcc attataggtg tcacttcctc     84540
     cagaggcagg acactccttc ccagtgattt cactgagcgg ctcatcacag tgttgagagg     84600
     aatctaactg gctctgttct actttctctg cactcacagt tatgttgtga atcgcagtaa     84660
     taatttcatt gtggtcatta tcatttgagc cagggatttc atcctcaact atattaggtg     84720
     aagatgaaaa agtcattacg cctgctttca ggctgctctc agcattctgg tctgcctcta     84780
     tgtgagatgt gcaaacattt ttatcatggt tttgtgaggc agcaaaagtc cagccctgag     84840
     cctcacaaca ctgaaattgt tccaaataat accaataaag ccgactgtaa tgttgctccc     84900
     attcttcctt tgtatcagga aggttccaag gttcagaaga cagtgtctgg tctggatact     84960
     tctcctgcca gctttgccac aacagccctt ctccatattc attccagtac ttttcccaat     85020
     tctctgggac ctctagcttt ggtgccagcg tattttcaac aggaaggttt tctacttcag     85080
     aatctgcttt gctttgaatt tcacatgttc tgttgttctc acagtgttca actgaagatg     85140
     ggtcatctga cactacaagg tcatctgttt catagtcatt tctccaggat tcccgaacca     85200
     tttcatctaa ataccgcttc tggtgttttc ttcttttttg cttcactcca gctttatttt     85260
     ttgcattcat agacatcgca aaattctcat gtgaagacat tctaccaaac tgaattggta     85320
     gtcccatact tctcatgagt ttggcctcag aatcgaagtc actttcatct gggctatgcg     85380
     attctgcagt gccattggaa tgatcatatt cctcctcttc tgtacctggg tctcctgcgt     85440
     tattgccact gcttttgaca tagtagcctt ttaatcccaa attgtacaat tttcgatctt     85500
     ccacaaatgc ccaagagcag agacaaagga tcttgtgctc ctcctcgtgt tcttcaatga     85560
     agagcagcat tttggccacg cggttccact tctggcaaca cgtttcgtta tccgggctcg     85620
     ctctgttgtc tgcgactggg ccgggtgctg ttgctggaga cagaaaggtg taactcgtga     85680
     ggacagagga actgaacgca cctggggatg ctcgagcccg gagcccaacc atggcatttc     85740
     taataaagga aaacatttat ttagggctgc cttacagttt cacaggttta gttcattatt     85800
     atcatggcag gaagcatggc agcatgcagg aagacttgga actggaagaa ttgagagtcc     85860
     tattccttga ttcaaaggga gccaggagga aggactttct acactgggta gagtttgatt     85920
     gctaggtgac aaagcccacc cccacagtga cacacttcct ccaacaaggc cacacctcct     85980
     aatagtgcca ctcccacagg gccaagcatt ctaacacttg agtttatagg aaacatgccc     86040
     atttaaacca acacacatgt gggaatgagg acttgacttt acactgggat tttcattagt     86100
     ggttaaggtg aatggtagaa cacacctgta atcctaatct agcaggagag taatgagtgg     86160
     agacgtagac tatatagcaa gaccttattt cttttaaaaa taagaaagca aactataaaa     86220
     ggaagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagtaatatc ctccaccaat caacacattc     86280
     ctaaaatatt ttttaaaact cttcaattat tttcactaaa gttccattta agtttttgca     86340
     tatgaatatt tgccatataa atatgataac tatacctgct aggattacaa tctcaactga     86400
     taagtacatt tttttttatt ttagtcttag gagactacag gacttcaaac ctagtttatc     86460
     catccttttt acttcacagt taacagatat agaaaagtta gaagctatgg gaagattccg     86520
     gaaagatgag agaatcaaaa gcaccaggaa tctccctccc actcagacaa ttacatcaac     86580
     agattatgcc tgacacaata attctagaat ctgaagtcta ttaaagatgt gcaagttcca     86640
     ggcgaagact tagatggctc actttgttaa tttacatcag tgtcagttcc tacctagctc     86700
     tacaggtgag aacaacccgc tcccttagcc catgataagc acatataccc gctttcttcc     86760
     aagagttata atatacatgg aaagagtcaa ggtgggttaa gatgtccatc tgtacccagt     86820
     acaaattagt gattcatttt ctaatgccta gtcattgttt gtaatcatag aagaacagat     86880
     aaagagattg tgccactcac tgtgtccaag tatttgctat tgttgatagt ctttcaactt     86940
     ctgactgaaa tgactgttgg gagaatgaaa gggctaattc atcccttatt caaatatttt     87000
     atcttttttt ctcccttgta ctgtgaagta aagatttctg gtttcttgga gactcacttg     87060
     tgccatgtga tgtttttctg gaaactgtct tatgagagta tgttttgctg aagcagtcat     87120
     gtgaaaggat tttttagtga gaacagacac ctggtgtgtt tctggaagca gcctggaagg     87180
     gggcatgtga tattttgcta gagcagaagc ttgagagaac atgtgatgtt tggaaagtat     87240
     atatatatat atatctccag caattcgaca acaaaaggag atcaagagga agtcaaaata     87300
     tcactttttg cagatgatat gatactatat atcagtgacc ctaaaaattc caccagagaa     87360
     ctcctaagcc tgataaacag cttcggtgaa gtagcaggat ataaaattaa ctcaaacaag     87420
     tcaatggcct ttctctacac aaagaataaa caggctgaga aagaaattag ggaaacaaca     87480
     cccttctcaa tagtcacaaa taatataaaa tatcttggcg tgactaacta aggaagtgaa     87540
     agatctgtat gataagaact tcaagtctct gaagaaagaa attaaagaag atctcagaag     87600
     atggaaagat ctcccatgct catggattgg caggatcaac attgcaaaaa tggctatctt     87660
     gccaaaagca atctacagat tcaatgcaat ccccatcaaa attccaactc aattcttcaa     87720
     cgaattagaa agagcaatct gcaaattcat ctggaataac aaaaaaccta ggatagcaaa     87780
     aactcttctc aaggataaaa gaacctctgg tggaatcacc atccctgacc taaagcttta     87840
     ctacagagca attgtgataa aaactgcatg gtactggtat agagacagac aagtagacca     87900
     atggaataga attgaagacc cagaaatgaa cccacacacc tatggccact taatcttcga     87960
     caagggagct aaaaccatcc agtggaagaa agacagcatt ttcaacaaat ggtgctggca     88020
     caactggttg ttatcatgta gaagaatgtg aattgatcca ttcctatctc cttgtatgaa     88080
     ggtcaaatct aagtggatca aggatctcca cataaaacca gagacactga aatgtataga     88140
     ggagaaagtg gggaaaagcc tcgaagatat gggcacaggg gaaaaattcc tgaatagaat     88200
     agcaatggct tgtgctgtaa gatcaagaat caacaaattt gacctcatga aactgcaaag     88260
     cttctgcaag gcaaaagata ctgtcaataa gacaaaaaga ccaccaacag attgggaaag     88320
     gatccttacc tattctaaat cagatagggg actaatatcc aatatatata aagaactcaa     88380
     gaaggtggac tccagaaaat caaataaccc cattaaaaaa tggggctcag cgctgaacaa     88440
     agaattctca cctgaggaat accgaatggc agagaagcac ctgaaaaaat gttcaacatc     88500
     cttaatcatc agggaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga ttccacctca caccagtcag     88560
     aatggctaag atcaaaaact caggtgacag cagatgctgg cgaggatgtg gagaaagagg     88620
     aacactctcc atggttggtg ggattgcaag cttgtacaac cactctggaa atcagtctgg     88680
     cggttcctta gaaaattgga catagtacta ccggaggatc cagcaatacc tcttctgggc     88740
     atatatccag aagatgtccc aaccggtatg aaggacacat gctccactat gttcatagca     88800
     gccttattta taatagccag aagctggaaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg     88860
     atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ttacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa     88920
     tttatgaaat tcctaggcaa atggatggac ctggagggca tcatcctgag cgaggtaacc     88980
     caatcacaaa ggaactcaca caatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatatta gcccagaaac     89040
     ttaggatacc caagatataa gatacaattt gccaaatgca tgaaactcta gaagaatgaa     89100
     gaccaaagtg tggactctgt gccccttctt agaattggga acaaaacacc tatggaagga     89160
     gttacagaga caaagtttgg agctgcaaca aaaggatgga ccatctagag actgccttat     89220
     ctagggttcc accccataat cagcttccaa acgctgacac cattgcatac actatcaaga     89280
     ttttgccgaa aggacccaga catagctgtc tcttgtgaga ctaggccggg gcctagcaaa     89340
     cacataagtg gatgctcaca gtcagctatt ggatggatca cacagccccc aatggaggag     89400
     ctagagaaag tacccaagga gctaaagaga tctgcaaccc tgtaggtgca acattatgaa     89460
     ttaaccagta ccctggagct cttgactcta gctacatatg tatcaaagat ggcctagtcg     89520
     gccatcactg gaaagagagg cccattggac acacaaactt tatatgcccc agtacagggg     89580
     aatgccaggg ccaaaaaaaa tgcgaatgag tgggtaggga agtggggggg gagggtatgg     89640
     aggacttttg ggatagcatt ggaaatgtaa ttgaggaaaa tacgtaataa aaaaaacgga     89700
     aaaaaaaagg aaaacaagaa agggaaaaaa aaaagaaata acacatagaa aatgctatgt     89760
     ggtattggtt tgccttgcca ctcttgccgg tcattatgtg ccattacttc atagagagaa     89820
     atgtcaccaa agaatttctg gtggtgttct ggatgcttct tgctgcgtct ttagactgtg     89880
     gcctataggc agagcctcga ggtttcttca ggatctaact gctattgctg attcatacac     89940
     ggtgttagca agtagatcta gatggagctg cctctcctaa tttgtgtgaa ctgaactgct     90000
     ggtatcctga cagctcagat tggattcgat acaagtagct atttctaaac aggtccatat     90060
     ccccatttgc cctattaact tttcctttcc attatctctg gaaagtggtg ggtgggaagg     90120
     gaggttgaag catttaagta cacttattaa agtagagttt tgaaaaatat aagcctatat     90180
     actagtgtgg aagtttgaat taaaaatgtc ccccataggt tcatatgttt gaaaacttgg     90240
     tggtgctgtt gagagaggtt atggaaccat taggaggtgg agccttactg aaggcagtat     90300
     attactagac ctgagcatct aaagcctcag cccacttctt acttcttccc tgcttcttgt     90360
     gtgtgaatga agtgtaatta tccaacgtca tgcttctgcc accaagccat gccttcctca     90420
     ccgagaagga cttatcacta aatatacatg gcaaagaaca catatttaaa gttacaaagg     90480
     aaaaaaattc aagcttttca aggtactatc tggaacaaca aggcaagaga aggaactgaa     90540
     cggaatataa ataggaaaag aattcagaat atccctattt gcagatgaca tgatacatta     90600
     gagatctcaa aaaattctac tagtgctgtt tgagagactc tattgccctt ggttgccctg     90660
     atggtggaaa ctaagttctt attgttgaag gcaccacgaa atcagaagca gggccttaga     90720
     gacccctaaa ttagaactga cacgaatgtc ccctccatga agactagctt ttatggtacc     90780
     agaaaggtca atgtaagctt ctaaaaaggg aggtctttaa gtttgaaata tagtttcaac     90840
     catgggtctt caaattttct ctgagctctc aggagggaga gaatctgaag aggtttcagg     90900
     agttgaaagt gttggtggat caacaagcca attctagtat tttaaaagat tcatccttat     90960
     acttctgctc ctctagaaac actctacgcc tggtaccaac ttctgtatta gttagggttc     91020
     tctagagtta cagaacttat ggatagtctc tagatagtaa aggaatttat tgatgactta     91080
     cagtctgcag tccaatttcc aacaatggtt cagtagtagc tgtgaatgca agtccaagca     91140
     tctagcagtt actcagttcc acacggcaag caggcaaggg agcaagagcg agactccctt     91200
     cttccaatgt ccttatattg tctccagcag aagatgtagc ccagattaaa gtgtgttcca     91260
     ccacaccttt aatcccagat gaaaggtgta gcccagatta aagtgtgttc caccacacct     91320
     ttaatcccag atgaaaggtg tagcccagat taaagtgtgt tccaccacac ctttaatccc     91380
     aaatgaaagg tgtagcccag attaaagtgt gttccaccac aactttaatc ccagatgacc     91440
     ttgaactcgg agatttaatc ttctggaatc catagccact atgcctcaag atctccataa     91500
     ccaagatcca gatcagaaac ttctatcttc aagcctccag ataagggtca ctggtgagcc     91560
     ttccaattct ggattgtagt tcattccaaa tatagtcaag ttgacaacca ggaatagcca     91620
     ctacaggaga catccaataa tcctacccag ctctgatggt atgatgccca tgaaccacat     91680
     caatgaccaa catgtcatac taaccctaag ggtgcagtag tggcacatat accttggtgg     91740
     caaccaaaag ccctctaatt ggacttaaga ccaactcaac aagaggaata ccatgtctag     91800
     tactacaaac ctatctagct actaaatgct agtgatgtca cagttattgg tggagactct     91860
     ataaccacta atgtactgaa ccaacatagt ccctaacaat aatctataaa catttgtctt     91920
     tatatataca gctaagttta gttttcaccc caatcaagaa aacttatatt tgcaacatac     91980
     aaagactact actaaaaacc atgaccaatc aaaatacaaa gttgttgtat ttagtcccaa     92040
     tctatacttc tacaaaacac gtccacccct aaggatcaag gaacattatg gaagaaggag     92100
     ccagagaatc aaggattttg cagtgagatt gtgtctccta gcaacatcag aagctatacc     92160
     caaaaagtct cagaaacatg atggccaaaa tgagacctga tcaacgaaca tgtcaaactg     92220
     cacagggaaa tgctcatggg gcctcaatcc tatacagaga acaagagcag tgagtctcaa     92280
     cctttcataa ggctctgatc ctttactgca gtttttcatg ttgtggtgac ccacaaccat     92340
     caaatcatgt ttcgtgctac ttcataactg taatttgctt ctgttatatg aattgtaatg     92400
     taaatgtctg atacacagga tagtcttggg caactcctgt gaaggggtca ttcaaccccc     92460
     aaaggggtta tgacccacag gtttagaacc ctgctctaga gacccctgac taatacagca     92520
     tctacaccca gttactttcg cctagaagca ttgggttttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt     92580
     tgtttttttt ttttacttga agctacaaga taatgaaaag cagaatgaaa ctttggcatg     92640
     tctgccttca ttttgtgtgc ttttggacat gttaatcact tagtagtgtt ttttttgttt     92700
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tggttttttt gcctagccta tttcatctcc catcatcaag     92760
     ttaggcatta gcagtcatcc catagaaaca aaggaaattc tgggttgagc tttctctcta     92820
     tggtttacct tcctaagacc aaagtcccag ctcttagtct gactggaagc acttttgtac     92880
     catgaagcag ataatagcaa cctctgttgg aaatggctga cctttgttct ctttactatg     92940
     gactgttttg ctgttctctt ctctctctgt tatgtgtttg agagtgaata gcccttccct     93000
     ggaacaaagg gtcttggagg attcttagag acaagcatgt tcattttgac atgagggaga     93060
     aacaacccag atgccagagg caacttttga gtgagtttaa accattcatg acaatttagc     93120
     ttatcaatat gatgtttgtc actcacagta aacaagaggg ggagcatcaa gcgtggtggc     93180
     gcaggccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggt gaattctgag ttcaaggcca     93240
     gcctggccta cagagtgaat tccaggacag ccacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaata     93300
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaca aggaaacaaa gaacaaaaca aacaaaaaac aaaacaagag     93360
     gaggaacaac acaaaggtac actgatacat gaactactca tggaaatatg gtctatgcac     93420
     aatgaaatat tcagatttta aaaggaagaa atatctcaca ttttctgctg ttatataata     93480
     taaatgaaac ttgagggtgg tatgcaaagt aaaattgtaa gtcaatcaga aaaggccaga     93540
     tatgatacca catgtatgaa gtacacagca cagtaaaatg tacaggaagt gactgggact     93600
     attgatccaa gcttgtaatc cttgccatgt gggaggctaa catagagaga tggcaagttc     93660
     agggcttgcc tgagctatag aatagattag agacttacct ggaagactta atgagatctt     93720
     atctcaaaat aaaatattag aagagagctg gaaccttaga taaaatgccc aaccataggg     93780
     agagggaact tatagaaccc acttccagca ggaagacagg gcatcaaatg agggagggga     93840
     tgcatcccac tgccatagct ctgacccata attgctcctg tctgaaagaa ttacagagat     93900
     ggaaatggag aggagcctga ggaaaagaag gtccagtgac aggtccaaaa tgggatccag     93960
     ctcaagggga ggtcccaaag cctgacacta cgactgaggc tatggagtac tcacaaaaag     94020
     ggacctagaa tgactgcctt ccaaaagacc caacaagcag ctgaaagagt cagatgcaga     94080
     tatttgcacc caaccaatgg acagaagcag ctggcccctg ttgttgaatt agggaaggat     94140
     gaaaaaagct gaggagaaag gtcatttttt aggaagacta gcagtctcaa ttaacctgga     94200
     cccccaagat ctctcagaca ttgaaccacc aaccaggcag cacacactag ctggtatgag     94260
     gcccctaaca cacatattgt agaggacttc ctgttaattc agagatgatg cacctaaccc     94320
     tcaagagact ggaggcccta gggagtttag aggttagatg gggtgggggt gggggcatcc     94380
     gtgtggagac agggggtgga gtggggagga ggtgtgggat gtggagcagt cagagggtgc     94440
     atggggaggt gtggaatgga atatggagtg caaaaaataa attaattggg ctggtgagat     94500
     agctcagtgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct tcagaaggtc ctgaattcaa atccccgcaa     94560
     ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atccgtaatg agacctgacg cccttttctg gtgtgtctga     94620
     agacagctac ggtgtactta catataataa taaataaata tttaaaaaat aaattaatta     94680
     aagaaaaata aaagcaaggg gaacagataa taaaaaagga agcagaatat atatgtatag     94740
     catagaaatt tttttatttg ttagaatttt aggcagtaac aattttctac attaaatctt     94800
     tatgctgagc attttaaata tgggcataaa atgtttgaaa ggtgaaaaaa atgaatccat     94860
     tcccacagaa gaagaaggag gaggaggagg aagagaggag gaggaggacg gggaggagga     94920
     ggagggggag gagggggtgg ggctggagat agaggtcagt ggttgcccca atgtcaacct     94980
     tgttcaagat cctcagttca cttcccagaa gtggaaaaaa aaaatggaag caaaagtttg     95040
     gaaggtcagt ttaaaatagt gaccattagg gctggtggag gagagaaatg ggtacagtct     95100
     atctatccaa gaggcaactt agaagaccaa ccttgtacaa gagtctgaat gtaaccatca     95160
     ctgacgtttc cattagaaaa tgggtaaggt ggaaaatatg acactggtat gtcatcaaca     95220
     agaagaagca ctgaaaagga agctggaggc tctaagccta aactattcag actgagttaa     95280
     gtgccaaggc aagctgtggc gccttaacag catttaccat aatgattcct ctatttatgt     95340
     tttagttttc ctcccttgaa aacaagaaaa ttacccagac aatacaagtg aaggaaaact     95400
     gatagccaca gaaagctata tttaagaaaa ataaaatttt cactaaaatg tgtttttata     95460
     attctaaacg ctatcagttg gctttctcct tacatgtgtc tacacagctt cctttgaccc     95520
     atctcctttc tcccttcttg ggagataggc agttctgaga agagccggtt ccacacatgc     95580
     ctcctttcct cattgctgaa tcacaggctt catttgagag acaagaagat cagtcagctt     95640
     ttggctaaaa tttcctcatg aagacaataa tccagaccca agtggctgtt ctggtcccat     95700
     gggtctgcac actccagcta tttactttag gggagatttt gctctgtgat acttgggtac     95760
     attgtgatag gttactttgt tttgtcttct ttgcacatga tggtcctggg tgggaacagt     95820
     ggagttcccc tgtctcctca atccatcaaa tggcaagttt ttcctgatat catcagactg     95880
     cactttcaac tgaccaaatc gactagtggt tttggcactg tgtacattgc ctcagtaagg     95940
     gtctgctgaa ctctgagtag aaatatgtgc caaattatat gcaaatttgt atttttcatg     96000
     ggagctagga gctttggcac ttaattttga gttttctttt atagctgagt ctgtagcact     96060
     ggccaagatc tgcattttaa tccttttaat cattcaacat aaatcatgct ctcagcccct     96120
     taatcattcg tgttcttctt ctttgaactt tctccaattt ccttacatcc ttcattgcat     96180
     aaaaaagagt ttttaacagg cctgtttcac ttccaagaat ctgttttgcg gtagaaatac     96240
     tgggggttta gagaaatatg cagtctggtc tttggaaatt cataaacacc tgactcagaa     96300
     agatgatttt atgtcccttt tctcctaggt aatatagagc agggtttcat aacgactatt     96360
     cataatctga tctatatttt tattgtatat ttatttaaca tctattttgt aaagtggtct     96420
     tatcccccca cacacacaca cacatacaca aacacatgca catacttctt gcatgagaga     96480
     agcaactggt agaagaaatc cactgctcac attctaggga gcaaagattc catcccatcc     96540
     cagcttcctc tctaatctgg tcctagaggt cctgccaagt gtcttaggga aacttaaaga     96600
     agacttaaaa aggttcccta gaggaaaagg caagagagaa gttggagtgc tttgccacac     96660
     atctgccttt ctcacaatcc tccttttctt cagtcttcag ccttatcctt acccttgagc     96720
     acagcgcatg ctccagaggg cagcaactgt atcctgagca tcactgtcct ttaaaactta     96780
     gatacaaaat acatgccaca tagtaagcac cttgcaaatg tgtgtcgtaa atgaagtcac     96840
     ctggaatttc tcaatcatcc tgtgataagg atgactgaca attcatatat aaattactgt     96900
     gtaaaatata ccaggcaggt aattatcaaa gtctctctca acttcagtat atatttcaaa     96960
     ttatcctggg attctaagat caacctgtta ggagacgtag gatcatcaca gatctaggtc     97020
     acttggtcta actcttttct gatgcacaag cctgtgtggt tcaatctcct gtggtttatt     97080
     actcactctt tgcttgaaca ctcctatcat ttcctcccaa agcagttctt attacatagt     97140
     taaatggttg caatattctt ttctattagt tagcattttc ctacagcctc caccataggg     97200
     ctttgttgtc agaacacatt aatctctcta ctgggaaatc cttcagatat tgatagaact     97260
     aatatttccc tactaaactt ggtctgtata ttaaatgtcc ctgacttttt ttttctaaaa     97320
     atatataaca ggattttaag ttagggaatt ctgtatctat tcaccctgag aactgaaaca     97380
     tgaatagaaa aagtaaacca gcaagagatc ctgctgttga cagaggactg aacagtaaca     97440
     taatgactaa atattaatac tagtcagctt tgtgttataa caaaataccg gaggcagtgc     97500
     agatatgaag aaaaaaattc ttattcttac ctactttgtt tagaaattca aggccatggc     97560
     caccgagttg ctcagttgta cgatgggcct tctatttcca ttatattaca tccttgtaaa     97620
     ggagaatgtt gctataaaaa ctacatcacc acagaggaag tttttgagaa tgatgggatc     97680
     ccacagtccc tacctcccaa gggtttcaat atcaatcatt agcatctcct cgagggcaag     97740
     tttcagccat agtgaactcc aagggacaca tggaccacac tcaaacaacc atacctactg     97800
     tggattatcc ttcaagagtc agcatgagaa aggaagaatg attagggact cgagttcatt     97860
     acctgtggac ttgcttcctc ctcttaaaag tatgtttgag tgcataggaa gatggtacag     97920
     taagaattaa aggtcaactc caagactaca gagtattgtt ttgaaacttg actgattcta     97980
     tcaaataaga tggctagggc caaagttcag aagaacacca tgctctctat aagaagagaa     98040
     gaaacaaacc ctgcagcagt acagcagtgg agattaaaag tggtacagga aagctaatag     98100
     agtggagtag cttatcctgt gggttgagac ccatttgggg ttgaatgacc cttacacagg     98160
     cgtcatctaa gaccaacaga aaacatattt acattatgat tcataatagt agcaaaatta     98220
     gaattacgaa gtagcaacca aagcaatttt ctggctagag ggtcatcaca acatgaggaa     98280
     ctgtaccaaa gcatcatagc attaggatgg ttgaaaccca gtgccttaga gttacagatg     98340
     tgaaataaca cctgtagaga tagctcacag gcagcatact gaccaagcac acacaaggct     98400
     cttcattcct tagcacagtg aaggagaaag gtagagttct tactaattta tccaaagatg     98460
     atctgttatt ctcctctggc agagataaca gcaaactgtc cattgtgtcc attttaagat     98520
     tcaagcattg tgtggtgcaa tgttaaatgt aaatcctcaa acaaccccat gagttatgta     98580
     caacttttag ccccacttta cagacaagaa aacgaaaacc cccagaaact aggctatcca     98640
     aaatttcagt tagttagtca tagaagacct gtgagacaag gctattttga ctagccttaa     98700
     acccttaatt ctgaaattat acaaaattct atattttagt cccatttccc tgtgttacag     98760
     cctttcaata gtctgactta gccttaaacc cttaattcta aaattatgca aaattctata     98820
     atttagtccc attaccctgt gttacaacct aactttcagt agtcatatat ttagcattca     98880
     gtcaaatatg aagttaactg ctttgttcca ttattaatgc tttaaaattc ttgatgactc     98940
     taagtgtgca tactgtatca aaccaacttt tcactgggga agtaaagttg gtttgtttct     99000
     gtaggaattg ttttttattc ttgttgtata ttatttgtac aaaatcctat gtttcattgt     99060
     gacatgtgca cacaatatct tgatcctatg cacccctcct cccatactta cccttttcag     99120
     tggtgactgc agggtcacct cttcattatt taattgaggg taagtgattc tttgtctgct     99180
     tgccactgtc gcacttgaag ctcagcatct gactaatgca gtttcttcct atccggcatt     99240
     aggtcagtga tatgtgctca agcctatgta tgtgtgagca catgtgtatg aaaatgtgtg     99300
     atgaacatca tccattttct cttacctttc tcaatatcct ccttgacaga gagtatttca     99360
     ttcctgccca gaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa ggaaaggaag aaaggaagga aggaaggaag     99420
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaaggg aagaaaggaa     99480
     gaaagaaaga aaaggaagga agggagggag ggagggaggg aggaaggaag gaaagaagga     99540
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagaa     99600
     aaggaaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggaggaagg aaggaaagaa ggaaggaagg     99660
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     99720
     aagggaagtc ctctcatggg aaattctggt gcatcttgct ttattaaacc cttttatggg     99780
     cccataaaat acctcatccc cttggagatg ttgacttcct ggtccagagt aaactgtgct     99840
     gcactaagtc tgacaagttg aagacattgt tattttacct ggctagagta catctaactt     99900
     gtattgaata attctctgca gcaattggat aatgtgtgta gcaaaacaaa acaaggtttt     99960
     aattgcatgt tcctgtttat tgcaccagat cagagcaaag ggttcaaggc atgcttgagg    100020
     gttatgtgcc caagaatgca ggcacttacc acgcagaggt attttactgc taatgatctt    100080
     ttaagttaac aaggtttgca agagcttctc cgctttatta ttactgttta tattaatagc    100140
     attagggatc tcttttattc ttccaagact gagcactcct aattggcatt ggtataaaca    100200
     gaggtattaa caccatcatg caacgtaagc aaagcaagtt ctggcagctt tgtgggttta    100260
     atatgaaaat gtttgctatt gaatgaggac acaaaatgtt aatcggctgg agaaattata    100320
     cttacagcaa aaactaatta tcatatgcaa atgcaacaca cagcacttgc aaggttcctg    100380
     ttgctcctgg gcggccctct gtgacctctg tgaaaaatga cacttggaag ctgggctaat    100440
     gggttcatgc actggagctg attggtttca ttttcatata gaaatgaact aagtgggaat    100500
     gaccggcata gaacaaaaac gcaagcccaa ctgctgctac tgctgtgcca ggaacaccat    100560
     ttccttattc ttccctttaa tactcagatt tcttcacagc ttttctacct ttgaaaagtc    100620
     ataggacagc tcaacagagg aagggaaaat aggagcagaa ggacaggtga gaaggaggga    100680
     ggaggatggg gaaggagaag gacaggatag ggaggagtag gagaagacag ggaaaggaga    100740
     cttcaacctc cttaaaaagg aaagttaaga ctttatcatc acagatgcaa tcttaccaga    100800
     ggaagcctag tttgatatta ttttcatggt tactttgttt ctttctgata ttaaacccct    100860
     tgcttctttt agctttcttc tttcagatat atgttttttt ctcgtttgga gtcttgtaat    100920
     ttggattcaa attgcacctg gaaagcatgc agtgagtcca aacacttcac tggtccatga    100980
     gaagaacagg gttcagaaag gtcacgtggc atagccaagc tcaaacagca aattagtaaa    101040
     agatgccaat agccaggtac tctgtgtgga cgcacatgtt tgtgtatatg tgagttatag    101100
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagag agagagagag agagagagag    101160
     agagagaaga gacagagtgt gttttaaatc ctaattacct ctactacagt agtgctaagt    101220
     ttagatttat acaaacatac aaggctctgc tttgtattaa ggatttatct ggcagcaggg    101280
     actccagcaa ggtatagacg catcctgcca acactcaccc tggtactgtt gttgcaggat    101340
     tcagcacact ctgagcgctc aaagattctg agaccaacaa agcaagggaa acgtgcccat    101400
     tcttctgaga tataccaaaa cgcatacaga gataaatgca acttctaaag tgagtgtgtt    101460
     atctacacat gccaaaatgc acaagaacat acacggaaga agtaccacac gtacacaagg    101520
     ccaaggaggg ctaactgctc tgtaacaaat accttcacac ttggtggctt taaaaaaaga    101580
     agtatactat tatattttcc atggctcagg agttctagga ctatttagcc aagtcctctg    101640
     ctcaggttct catggggatg cttccatggc tttggccaag ttgtgttcct ctctgaggct    101700
     caggggcctc ctctgaatgc atgtgcttgt tggcaaagct ctgtctcttg tgcttatagg    101760
     attgaagtct ttacttcctg actggctgct agccaagggt gggtctccat cccacgagtc    101820
     acttatagtt ctgttgggtg tgactcatcc atcgagtacc aagatgacca agctcttcct    101880
     ttgggtagta acgctattta aggaattttc tttattaaat caagaccact caggatacct    101940
     tttagttgag cccaaattaa gtaagccagc accttcatta catctttgaa atgtttgccc    102000
     agtttgctat gtaatgtcac ataaacaaaa gagggaagcc ctttagactc acaggtccct    102060
     cccacacccc agggaaggaa acagttcagt cccagttcag ccttatagca cagctttctt    102120
     gaggtgcaaa tggacacata gagactagtg taaacaagca tccaaagaga caagataatt    102180
     ttatgatttc ttaaaaatta ttatttctct agagttttgt tttgttttgt tttgtttttt    102240
     ttttttttgg tcatgaggta taattgtatt catttcaatc cactttaaac tgaccctgaa    102300
     gaagaagaga agaagaatct ggacaactca gcaagaaaaa cagtaaatga tccaagcatt    102360
     ctgaagaata catgaaaaat aaggaaaaaa ttaagagacc tggctagaac tgtagaagat    102420
     ggggtattgt gagttctcca tgaccgtaca tagagagagc tgtgtgggtt tccacaatgc    102480
     caggattgat taattaataa tggattcact agctatgtca gtttcagtga ctaaacttca    102540
     ccaagtcgtc cagattttgt caaagtagat gggtattcct ctatccccag attgattatt    102600
     gactactatc tcaactcaat catacaatgc aatgatgggc attgtgctgc atggtcctcg    102660
     gggctaagag cttctgtgag aaccagatcc atgaggtttc acatcaagca cagagcagtt    102720
     ccagaagcag aacacacaag tgaaaaccca gtgggaagta gtctcaagag tgcgttcacc    102780
     gtgggctgag tgttgctgac aggagaaagt gcgcataata tagggatggg taaccagggc    102840
     agagatctat tgctgtgaca aatttcctaa ataaaattta caaccagagg ctgggtgata    102900
     ggtcaatgta ttgtaacaac tcaaccttgg ggcgctgctt tttttttttt aatgtctgct    102960
     ggtggggctc cattcctttt gggtctgata tgtcttgggt cttcacaaac atggctttcc    103020
     ttttgtggtg tagccatgcc cgtgtgttcc tcacttggtg acttagtcca taggtggtga    103080
     tattttactt gtctggatta catagtcatt agtttatgcc ttggagtcta tactggagaa    103140
     atgacggttg tttacttgtc caaacaagat agattttcac gcaaaatgta accaactgcc    103200
     attttgtaaa atggagggac ataatgcaag agagactcag ccagaacgct gctgttgtga    103260
     gcagtccaga taattgagga caggctgcag cataaacact attgccttat aaaatataga    103320
     acagctcaga gaaggccata gctcatctcc actggtgctt atatatgtgg ttcctggggt    103380
     tcttactgga aaatatggca tttatttaca attcatgagg aaacggaaaa tgtgcccagc    103440
     agctaactgc atccaatgct aggcaactgc tgacattgag cagaattctc ttccttaaga    103500
     gacttggaag tgagaaactc ggtgaaccat ggacatgaaa ataggctaaa catagtccta    103560
     ttgtttactc cacaagctta aaatattaga aagaagccta tagaattccg agacaggaag    103620
     gcaagtgaga ggcgacccag cagatgactg ggaaagtctt cacatggact acaaagtaca    103680
     agagggttca gcctaagcag cctatgcagc agtttctgag gttccagcca aatgtggaca    103740
     tgaggcttaa gcatgaatat ggccagccag tcttcattct ctgaaaacta cagcattcct    103800
     agaaagcaga gctccaaaga gagcaattat agaaagacag agcattagtc tcagttgctt    103860
     caaaagatgt aattcttctc ttttcttctc ttccttattt cttcctttct ttacctccat    103920
     ccttccctct tctgctccat actccaccct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct    103980
     cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct    104040
     cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct tctctcctct cctttcctct    104100
     cccttccttt cttttccttc atgccgtgta gtccaggctg gacttaaact tggggtcgtc    104160
     atcctgcctc agctcctacg ctctggcaag gaccatcatg gctctgttta gcttttcacc    104220
     acagcacatt aagcctgggt tacgttctat ctgttaagta aactggaatt ctcttgtata    104280
     tctttgtggg tgtcaagcag ctcacagata aaaataaata aatagatcaa atggagtgag    104340
     catgagaatc ggtaggtgtg aaaacaagaa acaaatgatt aatgagccta tggaggttaa    104400
     agggctcaaa tgtgctcata gtgaaagagt aatgatatga taacacagct tcctttactc    104460
     atgtcatctc agataacatg ctacccaagg gccagttcta tttattcact gcattgttta    104520
     ggcatagaga ttcccttgtt caagtccagc tccttttcct aggtgtaatg ccatgtaatg    104580
     tatgtgattg ttaagtaatg ataacttttt gagcctgatg tttcttcact gcaaatagtg    104640
     atcataatat gactctctat ctacagtaag actacagtaa gagttttcaa ctaagataat    104700
     tataaaatat cattacttag aaacagcaac tattccctcc taagcagtaa gagtttagag    104760
     cttgtagttt atgactttgt gacgttcaga aggcacactt agtgatgcat gataaagatg    104820
     gcattagaat tgatgcggga aggaaaatca gcacattaga tactaatggg aaacttggtg    104880
     aaaatgagag gcaggaaacc ttcccgtaga gattgtaatg gtcctcgata cagcactttt    104940
     cacattcttt cattctagta aagataatta ctatttatca ctgagagtgt ttgtcaagtt    105000
     actcatgatt aaaaaaaaag ttggagattt ctaaaaacag aagcaatcaa gcagagatgc    105060
     catcaaacat tcttcactta ctctgtagaa tactaagtag tcaggtaagt ctaatataca    105120
     cacacatatt tatatatata atacacatat attgtgcata tatatgtata tatatataca    105180
     tataaatctc atactgtgga aaaaggagaa agagaaggaa gagcagaaca gaagagaaaa    105240
     gctaggtcag gggagttata gctatccaga aagcacaggt ctttagacat ggtggaggtt    105300
     ggtagagttg gaagccagcc tggacctcca acatatagat atcctgcctc aaaaccaaga    105360
     agaagaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaagaaggaa gaagaagaag aagaaaaaag aaagcctata    105420
     cacacaaaca cagaaaaggg ggctagtttg gaatatattc atcaaactat tatgtgtgat    105480
     atattaaagc tgtgatagaa ttataagcaa gacttatggt ttttataaat ttccattctt    105540
     ttgtatttta aaattcaata atcatagcat tataggaaga aaattaatat gatagtaaat    105600
     taagtgcttt ttaaaagccc tttcagagta cggtctatga gccatggctt tgtgacttgt    105660
     tctgtatagg catgaatttc ctgtgcagca ttggcattgt attcaatcaa atgatgagcc    105720
     tactgccctg ggctcagtca taccctaacg taagaactag aggagatgtt agaagataaa    105780
     taatccaaga cctttgttcc acaaactgcc atagcaacag atatgttttc taacattgat    105840
     agccaatgta aagcaagtcc agacccaagg taaatcactc caccacaggc actaattctc    105900
     ttctacagcc atgggatgtg tggtttgagt tgtaaagcaa gagccttaga tcatcaagtt    105960
     taccaagtca ttctttgatg gccacggatg cagggttgac agagaaacag cccatacttg    106020
     atgccagctc ctttttctag atgaaaaaac ccctttcaca atgatgagct tctggagtct    106080
     catctttttc cactgcaagt ggtgatcgca attttacttg cctctttgaa cacagattta    106140
     taaatttgaa atatgtgaaa tgcttaacac aatccctatc ttttccaagt ttcggtaaac    106200
     atgttataat tctgttttgt gtcttcagtc ttggaaacat aaactgcctc ccatgctaat    106260
     ctctgttgat gtagaacaac tgggaagatg ggtgccccca tgatagcatg cgcctacttc    106320
     cctacatcta cagatcctta aaggcctcat caatcaccca tgccgagggt ggagctgctt    106380
     tctgtctact acctgctccc tggggaaatc acgtttgctc tgccatcaga gtggcaagcc    106440
     atccagattt acaagaaagc cacataatgt attagcaaag gactggcagc tcctcctata    106500
     aatagctgat gatgctgggc taagaaacaa cccctgagtg ttgggcaggt tgttctaaag    106560
     ggtgctgccg cccctgaggt agctgctctc atgaggagct cagggaggag aggatgctcc    106620
     tcacgcaaag gccttcgcca ggtgtcacta ctctttcatg caggatcaca gccagaacag    106680
     ctggatggag ccaggctcac agtgaaggaa agagacaaca agaccaaacc aaaaggatgc    106740
     tggattagtg tagaaagctg ctgggcatct aagatgaccc cactcttgtt agatgccctt    106800
     agataaacct tgtaaatcct ccaggaagta ggaaatagac cagttggtat gtgagccatc    106860
     ttccagagag caaaacctca tgaaaataaa cttcaggatc caggatctct ttagcacact    106920
     tagacacgta cattgagatt aaagagttaa gcatcagttt acatgggaat ggtgtagaca    106980
     tgtagagaaa acctccctcg accacccaac ttttctgagc tgtgatccta tagagagaaa    107040
     tgctattata tctcagagct ttgaaagtat cagtccatgg tcaatcagca gtcaaccttc    107100
     ctttgagcca ttgagaaggc aatgcatcat tggaaagggt tctactcagt tcattgcctc    107160
     agagaagtcc caggaaagaa aaggacaaat atgtccctat gaccttaacc tcccactaga    107220
     tctcaccacc cgaagggtct cagtcaccca accatggcac aggctgagga acaaccatgg    107280
     cacaggctta ggaacaaggc tataacatat ggacctttgt gagacactgg tccagaccac    107340
     agtccactgc ttccaacatc ccagtgcaat gcagttcaat tacatatgac tggagttcgt    107400
     agagctgttt tcaaaatgaa gatgaaaaag agctcatcac agttggttga gcaaagttct    107460
     aagctttcct accattcatt tgtgcctctc agcattcctc agagacgcct taggctcacg    107520
     tgccttctgt aataagatcc cagcattgag aggaaagaaa gcacagctga gtcttagcat    107580
     gtggggtggt ttctgtctga taacagaaac taggagattt caccctacaa agtaattcca    107640
     tgcacaattt tgatgcacca gttttcattc ccacttcaag ttcatgatga attggatcct    107700
     ttcttgtctt tctggtggcc acaaggagag aattcatcta gaggagtcac tcccttagct    107760
     ctgccacaga aggcttttat aaactcatac tgaaatataa ccctccactt ggctgcaatc    107820
     aagcaaagat gatgaatttt caggtagtgt ggaagagaag aagaaggaag ggggtggggg    107880
     tggggttcta cctgacaact gcccctgaag agagatgcaa agacccttgt taatctcaat    107940
     ttcactaccc agtgttgcaa aggctctaga tgaatagtct ctagcacagg tacctgtcca    108000
     agcttaggga tgcagaagaa tcaggtcttg gagttcattt catcattaaa tgttttgatt    108060
     acacaaaaca gagtctggct tctgtcctgc aagctaaagg tccacggtga aatcccaagg    108120
     aatgacaacg agccaacatt gctcaagaga tttcttcttt aactcagcca tgtaagtgct    108180
     cggcaaatgt cacatttaaa tatgtgtgag gattattgcc acacacgcac acgccccccc    108240
     ccccaaaaaa tcgggaaaaa atgtgaatat gcatacacag ggccacacat ctaggtcaag    108300
     agggaaaagg gatagccaca gattcagctc ttagctaaag tcatttctct ccctgcagta    108360
     aggcttgtga gcacttaata gccactttcc ttgattgcct ctaggtcctg ttggctgcca    108420
     agtacccagt gggatcacag ggacagctag gctttggggg tgggggtgag aagatcctta    108480
     ggcctgcttt cctgggccta gtcaaccctg aggccctcct atgttataca ataaagtcgc    108540
     aagctcaaat tacatgaatc attcatttta ctttccaata tattagcatt ctgagaatta    108600
     aggagcttgc aataacacgg gctttcttct ctgaaataat acaatgacat ggcaagggaa    108660
     ctattttaga catcctatag gattgtgggg ataggaaatt attaaagtaa tctttcttga    108720
     aagctaatga aaccaagttg atccctccaa ttttccttat ttttgtttgg cttatttgtc    108780
     ggtaagtttg tggctagaat taagactggg ggcagggagg ggggcaggga ctctggcgtg    108840
     gtctttaata taaaaaaaca actaccagga agcaaagggc atacccaaat tcaaagacac    108900
     aagcaaaaga actggggtcc aatcttcatc cttttattcc tcccaggaca cggacttacc    108960
     tggttgctta ccaggtcgga agcagcagcc atgaacttgt agcctccagc cagccaatca    109020
     gtgagcgcgc cattttgtac ggctcccttc atgtgctcat ccgcgtttca gggtaacttc    109080
     aggagtatac tgttatcaag ggaaagcttg ctaattttaa agcttaccac cactactgtt    109140
     ggatccaaag gagagtcctg aacagcaaac ttgaccatga ttatcactat agtcagctaa    109200
     aataatgatc ttggaataac agtatgttct tcatcactgt gtagcccaga ctggactcaa    109260
     aagtgtaccc gtttttgcta agcctcgcca ctgctgaggc tccaggcctg ccccatcgag    109320
     tatgtcttat aacactggtt ttcccttggg aaaatttgcc cgtgcaagtg tttttgttcc    109380
     atactaggta cagaaagcag ggggtggggg tgggggtggg ggtggggtgt ttgtttttct    109440
     gtctgtggtt ttctttggtt tgggtttagg tttattgttt agagacaagg tcactgccat    109500
     gaagccctgc ctcatctagt aaaactagca atataaacca gggactctgg tctgggatgt    109560
     gtaaaccagg ccagtctcaa atttgtggcg cccctctggc ttctgtcttc caactaaacc    109620
     cacacctagc cataagtagt tctgaaaagg aaattagtat tctagtctag tgtatactgg    109680
     gaagacagga agagcaatgg agaggtagag aatatgagca aagtataaat acacacacac    109740
     acacacacac acacacaaac acacaaacac acagaaacac acacacacca ataaacaaac    109800
     acgtaaatgc cagtgaaact atttttttca tgttgacttt aaaaagttaa taaaatattt    109860
     taaattatca tgcaaaacta tatattaccg actaattctt ctcttctata acatttggaa    109920
     cagagacatc gctgaatcct tggccccaag cagcactata aacgtttcca attttattga    109980
     acacatacta tgttctaagc acatgttatt tatctgaagt ttctccacat ttttttttca    110040
     aatactaagt tgaaggacta ctttgtagat aattactgca gaaccacata ggttcttcat    110100
     aggtaatatt cagctggaat cagaattagg gattttaatc caaaactgat atgcattcca    110160
     tgacagcacg ttactttcca gcagcagacc aagtctgtgg cttccaactt aacttttcct    110220
     ttcaaaggag tgaaagagta aagttatatt atttaaaaaa atcaaattaa cattggccat    110280
     gtggtttaac caatgtgcta attcttatac tctgcaactt gtcatcagaa catggggact    110340
     gctctacttt gtaaagtaga ctcccttgag ggtcaatttg aaattcaaag aactattaat    110400
     cttcaaatca taatgctttt ttaaaaaaat gtgtagatac cgcaaaccct tcgtaaagaa    110460
     aattttattt gcttttaaag gtttggtaaa ttggtcatga ctatttattt atacgtcatt    110520
     catctttgag gttatctact tatttcaaac tttcctaggc accatactac caaagacagt    110580
     gtgagatcta ggttaaaaaa cagtacatat atttgtgtgg gaggagtgta tccatgtata    110640
     tattaggtag ggacttccag aaaacataga tgtatatttt tggaacttga aggtagggaa    110700
     ttagagtcaa agattgagct taaaggtaga aataaataac ttgcccataa tagtttgtca    110760
     tcattattta taccatagcc tggtgcttat atcaactgtc agattttcaa tatcaacagc    110820
     tattaatggt gtttaagtct acttccgcaa ctattctgtc aattgcaggc accataatat    110880
     ggactggtgc ccactgtcct tcacagtggg ctaactgcac aggaaactta tctaaggcca    110940
     gggttgagga tctcctacat gaaatgtggc tgcacatgct tcagattcca ggcgttcttt    111000
     tttggatttt gaagtattta catatcttca aggcttgagc atccctaatc cgaaatctga    111060
     aatgttccaa aattagaaac ttttcgcgta acattggatt tcagagcaat gatcattcca    111120
     gaatgtcatc ctgaatttca gctttttgaa ttaaggctgt ttcatatgca tgcaaccact    111180
     cgtgcagaat acagaaggga aagggcaaac ggcaatgggg agagggacaa gatacagact    111240
     tctaggtcac acttccagtg accaattttt ccaggtggac ttatctcccc aagcttccta    111300
     gcaagcaagc attcaagact tcagtttatg aaccttttgc tgaattgctt gacgtctatg    111360
     atcttgagtt agtttgtgta gcatagtagc atatctagac attttgtgca cgcatctgtg    111420
     tacacgcgcg cgcgcgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catgaagtac    111480
     caggatgaca ggaataaata atactggcca tcactgccta tgaaaactct cacaacaaac    111540
     aaatatccct tatgaaaata ctacataaat aatggcatca aatctcggat agtagccact    111600
     gcaaacatca ggttctcaca cttccctgta gacccgccct gggtattctc taggcaatat    111660
     caggattcag agctattgca taggtttatc atctaaagtc gcaggatgaa gcattcactc    111720
     ttgtctgggc tcactgttcc actctgtatg ggcagcagtg caggaagact ggtggacagt    111780
     cataactgcc aaggtcctgt ggccgagtca catatgatga ttccactcac aacacagcaa    111840
     gaagagagaa tgtttgttag ctgataatca aatccactat acatgtcaaa agataggtta    111900
     gtaaatgttt cctctttcgg agaatcttga ataaaatcat ctctcctagc acactgctat    111960
     gcccctggga atagttaaat gttctgcaac ttcaagaata agttaagttt aaacagtata    112020
     cacatataag tcagagtttg cagcagaaca taaattctgt tttatacaga taattcaata    112080
     atatggtagg gcagagttgg aaatgtttga attaccaata agaaagaaaa aagcagggac    112140
     aaaatgaagg aatgagttag acataaatgt aggcaaatcc catgaagtca ttcacagttc    112200
     ctttcacact tatgtttcct gaacagaaaa agagaagact tcccagggaa ccataataag    112260
     cttacatgaa ggctaaagga agatgcatac aaaagaattt gaaaattaaa aaaaaatcaa    112320
     caggaagatt taatgaagtt aaaaagaatt aaaatttaaa aaagcttggt cttagcgtca    112380
     gtgaagttct ctgttagtct tggaaaattc tgtccagtgt aaagctgtac cacagagtca    112440
     agtactggac ggcttaaaat cagcacccca gcccgcttgg aaacactgtt aacagaagct    112500
     gcgctgttgc cccaggagcc ctgaagcaaa gccaacgatg gaaagtaaga tctgtgtgtt    112560
     catacgccat ttagtcaaag gaagaaactc aagggtcttt ccaaaatgat atgagcttgg    112620
     gtacacattc tttgacacca gaaatgatta tagcatagca gctcctccct aaaacaaaga    112680
     ttcagcctct gtgaagacag atatcattac taaatcagat ttcatgtttg tctaagtccg    112740
     cctattttca tttgtgaagg ccagttttac ctcttaaatg cataatctag ccttagaacc    112800
     attttgatga gtaagaagat actttaaaat taaaagagac tttggagcct aaagaattta    112860
     tggccctggt aaaaatttct agaaaatcat gtgtgttctc attggattat ctttgtccac    112920
     tcgacacaag ctcacttgag aagagggaac tttgatttag aaaatgtccc caccaaattg    112980
     acctaagggg aagtctgtgg agtattgtct cgattaataa ttagtgtggt agggcctagc    113040
     ccactctaga cagtgccata cctaagcaag tggtcctgga tgctatatta gaacaggctg    113100
     ggtgagccac aaggagcaag tcagtaagca gcatcccccc atggctgagt tcctcccttc    113160
     aggttcctgc cctgttttag ttacttccat gacttccctc agtaatggag tgtgccctgc    113220
     aagtgtaaga taaaataaac tccttcattc cctagttgtt ttggtcatga tgttttaatc    113280
     acagcaacag aacttgttaa agcaaacttg actagggaga gggagggagg gagggaggga    113340
     gggagggagg gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    113400
     gagaatatat atatatatat tctgttttta taagatgcca agtttaactt ctaaagagga    113460
     atgacatgta ttttaacaag aaatacttaa tgcttgtaac catcttatgg tatatagagt    113520
     ccacagacta gacaaaaagc atacaggtca cagaattaac cttccaaagt gcagataagt    113580
     caagagaagt gaaaaaaatg ggataaattg cctacaaaag acaaaggcat caatcatttg    113640
     ccttcttatt tcatagatat ctgtcgaaaa gctaatcaat gcaaagtact atatctatcc    113700
     tccatatcag tatgttatgt actaaactca catacaattt atatatccta tatgtagtat    113760
     ctatatcatg aattccataa gtatctttca atcaagaatt gatgtacttc ccctccctct    113820
     ctctttttcc ccttctcttt ctgctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    113880
     tctctctctc tctcctcacc ctcttccctt tctgctgcta ccttgtctct ctcactctcc    113940
     caataaaacc tcttccacat gaaaaaaaaa aggattgatg tattactgat aataacccca    114000
     aatattatat cagatagtag gtatgatagc caactttttt catgaaatta cattccagga    114060
     cggtccaatg acaaaaatct gccaaatcat ttctgagagt gaaattccat ctttaagtag    114120
     agcatatctc tgcaagtgtt tatatgtgga atgcatggca gagagaacag aagactgtca    114180
     catgtgaagt tccctctcag gggcccatac attgagtgta aacactcaca ttttacatct    114240
     agggtactct aatacatgta gaatatatga gcacttgtaa aaaaatatca gttatcacaa    114300
     gagaatagtg ccaccctaaa agaaggaaga ctactaatgt attaccttga aatggcaaga    114360
     aaaaaaatac ttatttggta ttcacaggtg tgacagtttg tatattcttg gaccagggag    114420
     tggcagcatt tggaggtgtg acctggttgg agtaggtgtg tcactgtggg tgtgggcata    114480
     agatcctcac cctagttgtt tggaagtcag tcttccacta gtagcctttg gatgaagatg    114540
     tagaactctc agctcctcct gcaccatgcc tgcctggata ctgccatgtt cccgccttga    114600
     tgataatgaa ctgaacctct gaacctgtaa gccagcccca attaaatgtt gtttttataa    114660
     gacttgcctt ggtcatggtg tctgttcaca gcagtaaaac cctaactaag acaacaagct    114720
     agccaaagag aataagacag aagaaacaga aagtaagttc agccttgaaa agtattagaa    114780
     aagctatatg ttaacaattt aatatatgag tgcaaaatta atgttttggc ccattgacca    114840
     aagctaatga aggtatcgat gcatggcttc ggtatgatag aatctttaag ataattacag    114900
     ttgattagag acactcagat ttaatagaat ttcgtggaag acaaaggaga atcttaaaga    114960
     agtgtatcca atggtaggaa gttttgcaaa tgtgcatgct gatacaatca gcacaagtat    115020
     gtatgaacaa atttcaagga gggaattact agggttctta tactctacac ttgaaccccc    115080
     aaattgacta gcaccattta tcccccaatt tgcaaccact ttaaaatata cagaattcag    115140
     cagtggcagg cagtactgat attgtgtctg acccatatta ggggcttctg gaagaagtcc    115200
     acaagtaggg aaaattacaa ccaaactgtg tcatcatgag tggaatttag catgtgtccc    115260
     tcctgagata tccattgtac tccatgcttg cagaaggata tgggtaaagt cacgaaccaa    115320
     ccagctgcag cacgtttgga agaaatagca cagtatgatt actttaactg ctgtttattt    115380
     ttttaaaatc tcttaagcta ggttttgctg tgttaatata tatggtttgt gtcttttctc    115440
     ataccactat ttatttaagg catggtttct ataccactga gtggctcata ctttataatt    115500
     cttatgattt cttctcctaa gatttactca ggcttggggg aactgtctac tcatccatat    115560
     catgaaattt gattgctttt ttttatcagt agcctgggtt ggccttgaac tcacaacaat    115620
     cttcctgcct cttaagtcct ccgacaggca tgagtcaaca caccagactt aaaatctgtt    115680
     atttttaaat tcttttatca tctgtaaata tggtttgcat aatttttctc tgtcaagttt    115740
     tatttctggt ccaatattga actcattctt ctaacagctc catggatgct tagagagatg    115800
     gctcatttgt tcttggatat gtaaacaaat tttattaatg aaattaaccc aacccctgcc    115860
     ttcttattga ttatttttct gtttaaacat aagcaattta aggttaggtt gagttcatct    115920
     ctttatccct caacctctgc attctatcat attaaccatg cagactgagt atcacctgcc    115980
     cgttttaaat cctgcctcca tacaactagc tttgccattt ttgctaaatt ggtgaacgct    116040
     gggaagtgtc agaatctcca tttataagat gaagacaatt ccctaactga taaggaagcc    116100
     ttgtgttaaa gtagagaatg caaacaaggt gactaaactg taataggacc aagagctagc    116160
     tagcagtgtg ggtactggtg ggcattactc tcattatggt ccattcatct gatacttaca    116220
     ttgatagtac tctcttttcc tttcctatag acacttaggg gcaggtgtga gacaggcccc    116280
     tggcagattg attcagtatg ctgtctcact gaagcaggga agcttgccgg ttagcgattc    116340
     ccgagcctgt atctcttaga tttagctatt aggctaagag cggtctgctc ttctgctgca    116400
     taaagccacc aagagaacat tttctataga attcctgctg aggtattggt atttctgatc    116460
     tggctgcaga gaggcttatt cagtactgca gacagcgatg gcttggatcc atgggtgcaa    116520
     gagagagcca ggagaggtct aaagatggcc tccatcagca gtaactattc ctggattggt    116580
     gatgttcatt aaggcaaaga agggagaagc agtgccctac agtgtcatgc atcctctgca    116640
     ctaggcagag ctcctggtct agctactggt tctcaaactg tgggtctgga ccccttgggg    116700
     gtggggtggt gaatgactgt ttcacagggg tcacatatca gatatctaca ttacaattca    116760
     taggagtagc aaaattacag ttaggaagta gcagtgaaat aatttaatgg ttgcgctggg    116820
     gcaccacaac atgaagaact gtatgcaaga cgtaggaagg ttgagaacca ctactcaact    116880
     ctggcaggac agacaagaca catgcaacac tgacattgct caatccggaa caggagaacc    116940
     attaagacgt aagaatgggc taggtgaaag caaggtctac taggaggacc tccttgacaa    117000
     ccgaggactc cactctaaag aacacatcct ctgcagtagg taaaggcagc aggggctcac    117060
     acagagaaag ggaaagaatg gaatgtgctt gtgtcagtgg tagaagtagg acgggtaaag    117120
     ttcatttata aataggacag gtaaagactc ccaggtttgt aaggccttac cagtggtcct    117180
     caacctgtgg gaaagcacat aatttccaat ggtgttaggg acccctaatc atgaatttat    117240
     ttttattact acttcataac tgaaattttg ctactgagag gtgtctcagt tcctaagact    117300
     cattagaaat atgtttccct aagggtcagg acccttaaat tgaaaaccac tgcattagac    117360
     acacacagct ggtgtttaga cttggcaata gaaccctgcc tgttcccctg tttgctgact    117420
     gctcgcttgt taacggcaac tatcagctgc tgaatcaggg tcggagaaca gcgttagatc    117480
     acagaattta gaaacaccac tttactatgt tatgcttgtt atggtatctc atttaagtgt    117540
     tttgatttta tctgtatttg tgtgtgagtg ttcacatgtg tccatagatt cctctatgtg    117600
     ggtacctgtg tgcacacata tgcacatgga ggctggagga cagcttcagg tgccatcccg    117660
     atgaacacca tccgtcttct ctgagacgag gtctcccatt ggcttggagt tcaccacata    117720
     ggtgagggag tcccaagagc ctcttgtctc cacctcccca acacttgtat tagaggcctg    117780
     tgataacaca tcaggtattt tatatggttg ctggatagca atctcagtaa cacagtccct    117840
     tcattgactt agcccaccca ccagcccctc gtgctctctt ttcaaacttc tcgtttacag    117900
     ttggtcacag tgacataaac ctgcaatccc aacacttgaa aaactgaggc agtatgactg    117960
     ccatgagttt aagactatcc tgggctagac agtgaattac acaccatcct gggctacata    118020
     gaaaaactgt ggctataaaa agtcttgtat atagaatata aaattagcaa ttatgttcta    118080
     aaaatgctgt cataccacat tgctgagagt agagtcatag aagcctagta ttgctggtag    118140
     gcattcatga gggtgaaaca tctcaaaagt aaagataagg gacaaaaatt aatgcctatt    118200
     tgtttaacct actgactgta tttctgggaa tatttcctaa gtaaatattt tataatatgt    118260
     aataaaatac tacttatgca aaaccatgtt cattatagta tcatttataa cagcaagaaa    118320
     aatacaacaa aaggatttta atcagggagc tattaaaatg atgtttactg ggtatgtaca    118380
     ataacaaaat atataaatca acaaataaag gatattaaaa ttttattata atctcactat    118440
     agaacattta cataagcaaa aagaagctgc ataaaaatat cagtggttgt tatttgggga    118500
     agtagacgga catataattt gttttccttt attacttttt cacttcttct aaaattagca    118560
     tttactacct ctggtgtaag aaaacgagtg tttgcaatcc tggtgttggt gggtggagga    118620
     agggctgaag caggggatgg taagtgacag gccaacctgg gtgacaggga aaccttgcta    118680
     caaagaaaga aaaagcaaca gggcagagaa agaaggagag gggttgagga gaggagaggg    118740
     taacagggga ggagagggaa ggaacaaaag ataaatgctt cattcaaact gggtgccaag    118800
     caagtgttca ctgtctggtg ccttggcaga gatgcactgg ggatcatttg atgcccctct    118860
     gatctttgca gctttgagtg gagtttcact gttggtgttt tatctctgca gtaatggcat    118920
     aagtgacgat acactcaagt aatcacagcc ctcagctgtc cccaaggcca cttaacaagc    118980
     ctggtcaggc tcagtctacg ggagggaaat cattctctgt tcctttgaca cttcccgaat    119040
     gtgatgcatc aggccacctg ggcctcttct gtcttcccta ctgtctcctt tccctgtcac    119100
     cttccagtcc ctgtacgctc atgctacctc tgagcaggca gctcatctct ggcaaccctc    119160
     ctggtcattg cccaatgccc ctgcagaaat cagacaaaag agaatactac aatgttctgc    119220
     agagttcttg tggacagaat aaatttctca tttgtatttg caccaaaggc actaaattct    119280
     ctcatcttta taatagaatt accggggtgc tgctttttaa atttaatttt agttttggtt    119340
     gacatgtatt attaaatcta cttttacatt ttattttagc tgctacatta aaacataaaa    119400
     attgtattat aaatggagaa ccatataata ttcaatacat aatataggat ttaaatcaga    119460
     ctaaagatgc ttatctcttc aagcacttat tagttcctta cagtgaaagc tttgcaatcc    119520
     tcgcttcttt ttggcctgca tagcacatca cagttctcca tagtcacctg gttatgaagt    119580
     agagcagaag aattctcact tgtggaaacc tgtgacttag tactcttgga tcattagcgc    119640
     ccaccccaga cccccagtca accgtacact caaattctat gaaagaactt aggcttccag    119700
     acaagagtga gatcctgcag catttgtctg tctgtgccca tttcacttaa catgatgact    119760
     tccagcttca tttgttgctg catcagacaa acagggcctc gtgatttcca taattgaaca    119820
     acactcacca catgtatcac tgcaatttcg ttactcgttc ataagctgat gtacatacaa    119880
     tgttctgtct ctcagctgtt gtgagtattg ctacaatgaa catggacatt gaatacagac    119940
     atctcttgga cacaaagctt tcatttcctt tgaatacgtt tcctatgcca gaaccacttg    120000
     atcacatggc agttctattg ttaacttttt aaatggaacc tccaaactgg tttccagaat    120060
     gactgtactg atttaccttg ccaccaacgg tgttcaggct tcattctctg ccctctaccc    120120
     cttccccatc acccatatcc tcatcatgac tgttatcttt agtcttgttg atagtagcca    120180
     tcctcactgg cctggaaact ttacggtttt taatttttgt ttctcgggtg cttttcatca    120240
     gagatggttg agtattgctt ttcacatgca cattggtggt ttgtgccttt tggtgaaaac    120300
     tctatttgga tgtttggccc atttttactc aggttgtttg acttcccatt tgtgggttgt    120360
     agagtccttt atatcctcgg aatgtcaccc catgacaggt gatgcgtttc ttcacatctg    120420
     taggctttct gtgccctgta cattgcttct ttgctgctca gcagctttgg aggttggggt    120480
     aattgcattt aactgcattg gtcccctgtg attctgaggt ttgttcacca cagtgctttg    120540
     gggcattttc tctctgcttt cttacaacag ctttgtgagt tctcatatag aaaccatttt    120600
     agtctacttc gacctggtgc ttgtaaccag tgagaggtag aggtctagct ccaatgtgca    120660
     tgtggctctc tggcttttac atcattcatt gggtaaaata atttagtggg tgattactga    120720
     aggtagggga ggtctggctg tagattcttg gggtttcttc tatcctctat gttctgttct    120780
     tggattattg gctcattgtc acactaatac cattgctgtt ttagtaacta gtactttgtg    120840
     ctatgttttg aggtcagaag tatgatgtct ctaatttgtt cggtttgttc aagataccaa    120900
     tcagattttg tttggttttg tggttccaga gggatttcag aattttattt taattaatta    120960
     attaatttat ttattatttt tgtttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtata gccctggcta    121020
     tcctggaact cactttgtaa accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccac ctgcctctgc    121080
     ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgtgc caccatgccc ggctcagaat tttatatttc    121140
     taattcagtg taaaatgcca ttggtacttt ggtagagaat gtgtagaatc tataagtgat    121200
     cttggattca tagacatatt taccatcatt tttctttgaa tttatgaacg tgatcttttt    121260
     tttttttttt tttttttaca ttttgcatcc ttttctattt cactcatcaa tgctttaaag    121320
     gttatggtaa agtctttgac atatttttta aaaatatatt cctcagtggt tacctgtgcc    121380
     ttatttacag caactgtaaa tgggattgct attctcatac agcacattct ctcagtatta    121440
     catattcatt ttatcctttg aaattttctg ggtcctttta ataagctttc tttttggtgc    121500
     aggatatata catagacatg cagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaacc aaaaaggtaa    121560
     aaagaatagg tatctttgtc ttgttccata tcatagtaaa aagcttccac tccccataca    121620
     ttataatatc aattattgaa tcagtataaa tgacctttat gatgttgtag tatgattttt    121680
     tatatatctc atttgatttc tagcattatt gcactatagc caggaaacac agttaatttc    121740
     agttcttaaa tttactatca ttgcttctgt gacctgttat gggcctcttg gttgatgttt    121800
     cctgtgttgg ttgagaaaat gtggatctga cagatgtggt ccagagcatc ctgcagctgt    121860
     ctgttaggtc catttggttt agagtgcatt ggactgtgct tctgttgatc ttgcccagat    121920
     gacttgcccc tgcttaaagc acagtcctta aattggactg ccgttttgct gcacttcctc    121980
     atctgtctga ctgtccatct ctgtccctgt ccctgtccct gtctctgtct ctctctgtct    122040
     ctctctcttt ctctctcttt ctgtacttag gattgaacat aggttttaga catgtgaggc    122100
     agggctctag ataattaccc acaagttaac tcctcaatct tttttttttc ttttaccaat    122160
     tttcagtcag tgtcttacta aactgaaagg ttggtcttga acctgcacct ctagccttca    122220
     tctcaccggt agctgggata agaagcctcc aaaccagacc taagtatctc tccttcttta    122280
     ttgttgaaca aattagctat ctaaaattac agcagtatga tggttcaccc acatactaat    122340
     tattgatacc atatattttc tattgcaatt atgaatttct cccataaaga tagcattcat    122400
     taaaggaagt tattaaatca aagttttctc ccctctaaat ttattcatct ttaggaaacc    122460
     gctatgttaa aaagaatgct ttttgagtgt atagttttga aaatgattga agctggcaga    122520
     aaatattgaa gaataacatt atccatcatt tgtaggaatt ctatggctgt caaactttgg    122580
     aaataaaaac acaactcatg gctttttttt atattttcca gatttatttt ctgaccttga    122640
     gaatttagaa acttggcact ctcatagttg aattcacagt aattaaatat tactctgaag    122700
     atgaatgcct aggaagagtg ttttcacacc tacgctgcct tccatactct tctggtggaa    122760
     ctgtggtcct ctatggtaac aaggctgtca gtagctgctt ttctttctta gttcttgatc    122820
     attgttgttt tgttctcatg gttgttattc tcttctgctg catatctatg gtgggagaag    122880
     tgggtctgtg gatttttccc ttgctgtggt tttgtaacac atgtgctgtt cttccaccca    122940
     ccgaaacctg cacagagact caaagtattt ccattcatgg tgcgaagttt aggccaaatg    123000
     ctaaatcccc ctggaagcct tttctgcatg accatatcat atagtgagtc ttgaatggga    123060
     caatccatct aatttgggtc tatcttaaag cccatgcctt gaaaaggacc ctgcaatgtc    123120
     aagaaagagg cggcattggt gagcagagat gtgtgtccag aggcaaaggc agcgatggtg    123180
     actgttttta caattgtcac tacaatccag gtctagaatt ttgtagtcac tcgcaaaaat    123240
     actccccaga gggtggttaa agtcactctt acctcctaag cacagcccac tgcaaccaac    123300
     aatgctttct atctctgtaa tttgcatttt ttttctggac atttcttcta atggaggctc    123360
     cagttagatg tgtgctgact cccacagggt catgtgtttg gagtctagct agaaaacctt    123420
     aagtctatag aagtggagtt tactggtatg gccactgcct ggttccagac ttgttccttt    123480
     gctgtttgac ttgtcactat gcaatgctat cttctgccca tggagtctct cttgtcacag    123540
     ttatcccact gtaacattgt gaactaaaac aatccttcct gagtttctta tatcttattt    123600
     tttatgacaa tgattaaaaa gctagctaac atgtataggg tgggagggtg ttgcgtccaa    123660
     tgtaaagatt tggagtttta tcctttctgt ggtatatatc cactctcagt tccttaatta    123720
     ctgagtagta ttccatctgt aaatatgtca cattttattg tcctagtcac aagttaacag    123780
     acatacatac tcttaagtgc cactttaaaa attaatatta attatgaact gtgtttctat    123840
     ttgtaagtat gcatagatga gttcaggtgt ctatagagac cagaaatata agatcccctg    123900
     gagctggggt tataggcagt tgttagccac tgaatgtggg tgtatagaat caaacttgga    123960
     tcttctgcaa gagcagtggg tgttcataac cactgagtcg tctctctagc ccttaaatgt    124020
     cattttcatg aatgacatac aggttatctt cagaaatgat ggctcatata gcttgtttct    124080
     atataacaat ttaagaaatt atgaaacttt tgctaggttg tctgctgttc catttcatat    124140
     tcccaacaat ccctttgatg aagtttccta agtcttgtca tgcataccat ctgtcagggc    124200
     ttttgcttct gtccctacca acttctctgt tgtctgttat ctttttcttt tcagtgccaa    124260
     tactacactt acacttcaga atggctgtct ttcttattaa cttctttcta gtgcgcacta    124320
     agggatatct cgctgtggct ttaatacaag cttcttaata attaatgata gtggggctgg    124380
     agaaatggtt tggcagttat gaacactttg ccttctccta gagaacctcg gtttgttttc    124440
     tagcctccac gtaaggcagc tcaccaaggc ctgtgactcc agctcctaca gtacctgaaa    124500
     attcatacac ataaataaaa aaataaaaaa tattcataac taggaatact gaaggctttc    124560
     ccatgggtag ttagtaatca tcattagtag tagtcatcgt ctcctttacc taaatatttc    124620
     ttccagtctg ctgcctatga tttttagtag atagttttct agttactaac ttgtatagta    124680
     atttggaaga gaaatgtccc catggactca ttcatttatt ttaacacttg gttcccagtg    124740
     ggtggcactt gttggacagg ttccagaaca tctaggagca actgcttcac aatagggcca    124800
     gctttgaaat ttagactcac accatacttc ctgttcgctc tctctgcttc atgtttatgg    124860
     atgaagttgt gatctcttag catcctgttc tgtctgtctg ctgccacacc ttcctcacca    124920
     ttatagtctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctgcctg    124980
     cctccctctc tctctgacat aagtcaaaat aaattcatgt agaagttgcc ttttagtcac    125040
     agaattttat cacagcaaca aaatataact ataatatctt gtaagcatac tcatggacac    125100
     tagttacttt gtaagggcta tagaggtaac ttggagttta acagcacaaa tatgagaagt    125160
     aagttcaggt ctctagcagc aataaaagac ttagtgtctc cctgtaaccc tgccgctgga    125220
     actggtgtga gaatggaaga atcactgggg cttgctggct gcagtctagc ccgaaataaa    125280
     tggagatgga gccttgagga gaggctctgt ttcaagaaaa agagatagtg gtagaggaag    125340
     acaaattaca tcctctggcc tcagcacatg cataagcata ggcacttaaa ctcacattag    125400
     tttacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    125460
     cactaaatga cttgcaaata ttttctccta gataatcttg gctttacatt ttctaaatga    125520
     tgtctttttc ttttatttcc tatgcttttc ttttatttct atgtttcctt tttatgaggc    125580
     atagtctcat gatttaacac agaatggcct caatttctca actccacctg cctctgcctc    125640
     ctgaacactg agattacagc tgtccacccc catgctagcc atagtaatgt cttctgaagt    125700
     acaaaatttt aaatgtcctt ggagtgtgac ttaccatttc tttttcttgt gactcatagt    125760
     ttgatgttgt ctttacaaac cctttatctg gaacaaagtc acaaagattt ttttttctag    125820
     tcttttcttt tcgtaaaagc tttatagttt ctgtgttgat agatttatag cacaatttaa    125880
     aggttttgtt ttcttttttc ttttaaatta ggtattttct tcatttacat ttcaactgct    125940
     atcccaaaag tcccccatac cctctccccc tcactcctct acccacccac tcccacttct    126000
     tggccctggc gttgccctgt actgaggcat ataaagtttg caagaccaat gggcctctct    126060
     tcccaatgat ggccgactag gccatcttct gctacacatg cagctagaga cacgagctcc    126120
     ggggtactgg ttagttcata ttgttgttcc acctataggg ttgcagaccc ctttagctcc    126180
     gtgggtactt tctctagctc ttccattggg ggccctgtat tccatccaat agctgactgt    126240
     gagcgtccat ttctgtgttt tctaacatgg agagcaaagc atcagctatt ttcttgtgcc    126300
     actatttgca ggtcatgaaa tactctgcca agacagttat cgtcctaggt tttcactgca    126360
     cccttgtaaa gatggttgtg cacataagta caggtctgta aagatggtat gtatgtaagc    126420
     atatgccttt ttggtatttt catgctgttg catcaatctt ttttttttct ttattttttt    126480
     tattacatat tttcctcaat tataccctcc cccccacttc cctacccact cattcccatt    126540
     tttttttttt tttggccctg gcgttcccct gtactggggc atatacagtt tgcgtgtcca    126600
     atgggcctct ctttccagtg atggccgact aggccatctt ttgatacata tgcagctaga    126660
     gtcaagagct ctggggtact ggttggttca taatgttgtt ccacctatag ggttgcagat    126720
     ccctttagct ccttgggtac tgttgcatca atcttaacct gtactgttat gcagtttcat    126780
     gctgccttaa ttattgcaaa cttacagcag ttttgacgtt gtgtgctgtc aatcctcttc    126840
     actcaccttt tgagtagatg ctctccctaa gcttcactat tcacaaagct gttccaggtt    126900
     tacgtaaggt cctttccatg tgtctgcttt caatctattt gtttctttta agtccaattt    126960
     cttatgggta acacagggag aaatggataa aaatggtcaa atgcagacaa ttgagttttg    127020
     cagaaattga ttggaggctt acagaataat caatatatac ttcttcatta aaactcctga    127080
     acttctggta gaatcggtct gggcctgttc tgttctgttc tgttcgagac taatcatctg    127140
     acttcagatt ttcgtgctta tgcagcaagc aataagccac atccctgggc ttgatgtaag    127200
     gattacaata taatcttaac tcatcacact ctactttagg aggatgccaa caattctgta    127260
     aaatacagaa gccacagttc attgagtctt tcctccccct ttatactatt ctaacatgtt    127320
     ctagttatac tattataaat agaatacttc ttttatacta ctctaactta taaacatcct    127380
     tgcatagtac acgtttgaca atccagttct ttttaagtgg ctaagacaaa cttgagaaag    127440
     tctcaagtca aatgatcctc ctccagcact ggaaatgaag catctgtttg ttgtgacctg    127500
     ctttgccctt agctcagaag gctgtgggag agattaaaca cggtgacaat cactgaagca    127560
     gtttgctcag ttatcagtaa gtgaccacag ctaaatagat atccactatt tgggtttgca    127620
     ttgaatttct ttgtgtttgg gggatcagat ccagttgtct agctcaagtt aattttgaat    127680
     ttgggagcct catgcctctg cctttctagt gttaagataa ggatatacac tactgtgttc    127740
     tgtgagtgca tattttagaa tgcataaata tttcactttt acttggaaaa ttttaaagcc    127800
     atagatctga tgttttggtc agagctttca aagcataata ctatgccact gttagagaat    127860
     tcaggcatca gtaacaatta ccagtttaca tttctttgtt tgtggatgag ctccctctct    127920
     agcgcctcga caatgacagc cagcagtgtg aaagaatatt gggccaagta aatgaaatta    127980
     atagcactcc attattttga cctacaaaaa tggtgatttc ctcagtgtca gcctaatatg    128040
     tgagaaagag atgtattagg agtctggata ggacatatta tttaccacta agccactctc    128100
     tacaataaca agggcatatg ctctgtgacc cttaagaact cgctagaagg tgaagtgcct    128160
     ctgatctgat cggtacataa acctttctcc taaatcctca cccaatccaa tttctaacag    128220
     tatgaactgc caccaaatca tcaatctgtc aggatgatac agcagatttc cagggtccta    128280
     cagaatgacc tatgtttgag ctaatgctta gctggaaaga gcttgaaccc tgacctgcat    128340
     accccagaaa ttcctccagg tgttttggct tccaagtaac tacagggttc cttgtacatt    128400
     tgcataatcc atctttatat tgatttaaat ataaaagaat acccttcagt tcatgggttt    128460
     gattacttgg gccccaaata gcactgttgt gagaggtagt agagctttgg ggataatagg    128520
     catgactggt gaagtgggtc cccctagaaa gcataggtag agtgttctca ccaagttctc    128580
     aaagctatgt tagcaaacta tttgaaaccg ctatgtgcta ctgagattca agttgtattg    128640
     gttcaatcac aagtgtgggt attagacagt atagcatcga aaaacatggg gcaaatttta    128700
     catgatgcac ttggatggaa atgtcattat gaaacataat gctttagata atgggtatat    128760
     gctaattaaa aactaagaga aagacataga acatctgaaa agggaagcac acaggtagaa    128820
     gtgagagctg acccacttcc caggtaggca aagccagaag tctactcaca ggacactggg    128880
     ttctttatgt ttctattgct gtgataaaac atcaaccaaa actaacctgg gataaaaggc    128940
     tgtatttcac cttgaagttg acagtcagtc atggaaggaa gtcaaggcag gagtacaaga    129000
     cagacaccta gaggccggaa atgaagcaga gccatggaga gatgctaagt actggcatgc    129060
     ttctcatgtg ttgccctgtg agctgtctca tatcacccag gattacataa gtacccaggt    129120
     gtggcactgc agtggtctgg gccccctgtc aattagcaat taaaagatgc ccctacggac    129180
     tttcctgcag acaatttgat ggaggcatct tctcagtgag tttcttttgc agatttgcct    129240
     ctagcttgtg tcaagttgac aaagcttacc agttaaagta ctatgatatg tgacagaacc    129300
     taatcttgtc atacacatac acacacacac acacaaaggt tctatgatgt gagcagttcc    129360
     ataaaaaact tttgtgataa aaatctgtaa agtttaattt tgcttgtact tgatcataac    129420
     aaaaattttg acatcctaat actgaacagt acatgagtgg ggattttttt tttgcttgtt    129480
     tgttttgttt ctttttcctg catcttaagg tagagagact cctttgaagt attttgagtt    129540
     ttgttgtatt taaaattatt gcctccctgt gggtcaatgt atacgaataa agggcacatt    129600
     aagtaaatat ctgtttaggt caatgtgtta caagctgaga gaaatgacat tatattcact    129660
     atgaattatt catactatta gggacatata tctcagtcat tagggaagat gagaggtact    129720
     tttaggaagc tagtgtgcac ggagtcaatc atgataatgg ccattgtcaa gtcttcattt    129780
     ttctgtcacc aaagacagtt atattaaatt ggtagcagac aagagtaagg ccttttaatt    129840
     ctcaaaactt agggaagagc agatttgtta cttaattcat aacctaaaca agaggtgcgt    129900
     agtataaatc agtcacgccc agaaagattt ccaaagcacg taatcatctt tgtatcattc    129960
     agtgcatacc atgaggtgca ttagtctaag acgagaagtg gggaaagcaa tcattagcat    130020
     gtagcagcca ctgccttctt aatgactcag agctcatttt tctcatgcaa gccagcttca    130080
     tgctggagtt ttgctctgct aattccttcc ttaggagaga gagattctct ggagaaaaaa    130140
     ggagtagccc gctccaatgt tttaggacaa ggaagcagtc tctaccagaa aatgaagatt    130200
     ctggggtttt tgcctgttct tttctcacca acgtgccatc ttgagacttc tgatgtatct    130260
     tagcttcact tgcttttcat tcctgcccag attcagtcta cttcatcgct ttacctgttc    130320
     aaatatttca tctcttttct ttcccacatc aacaaaagtg acttctgttt cccattgccg    130380
     aaggcagaga cagtattggt cttgattgtg atataaatga attgactaag cagaaactag    130440
     agcacagttg gtatgctctc catttaacaa acaaacaaac cccaaatcaa caacagcaac    130500
     acaacaacaa aaagacccat tacaatttaa aatatgttta tctgtccagt tccttctgtt    130560
     gttaagcctc tgatatatgg aaagtcattc aggccttagg caactccagc aacagcatta    130620
     ctttgccaga gtaatttttt acattaacaa aagcaaatgg gtatcttggg tgttagatga    130680
     ggaacattgg gaagaacaaa aggggaggag gaagaagagt ggcttgctac tttgccaagc    130740
     ttcttgctta taggtcgctt caagattgca aaatgtagtg gcaagatatc agtcctcagg    130800
     aataaagtag agaaattaga ctacacaagc aaaaaaaaat gaatttttaa aaatatataa    130860
     agaaaagaaa gatacaggaa attcaggaca gcatataaag attaaatctt tgaattatag    130920
     gcctagataa atgagaagag ttcaatcaag gtcagtgtct gagaccagct ccttgaaatg    130980
     accaaagaag agagcattcc ctaaactaag atgcaagaag cacacaaaat accaaataga    131040
     catcgccagg gggggaaaaa aaacagacac ttttcatgat atatcataga taaaatacta    131100
     aataaacagg ataaagaaaa actgttgaaa tcagcaaaag aaatcataca agaggcatat    131160
     aaaggaaaac ccatcagatt aacagatgat ttttttaaac agaaactttc aaagcaagaa    131220
     gaacctggag caagttctaa aagaccatgg gtattaacct actgtgatgg tttgtatgtg    131280
     ctcagcctag ggggtggcat tgttagaagg tgtggccctg ttgaagtagg tgtgttactg    131340
     tgggtatggg ctataagact ctcacattag cttcctggaa gtgagtcttt caccagcagc    131400
     cttcagataa agatgtacaa ctctcagctc ctcttgtacc atgcttgcct ggatactgct    131460
     atgtttctgc cttgatgata atgaagtgaa cctctgaacc tgtaagccag ccccaattaa    131520
     gtgttgtctt ctataagact tgccttggtc atggtgtctg ttcacagcag taaaagccta    131580
     agacaactac tgtacacaga aaagctttct gccgtaattg aagtagaaag acaagaatcc    131640
     tggacatata cccaaaagat gtccaaccat acaaggacac ttgctccact atgttcatag    131700
     tagctttatt cataatagcc agaaactgga aaaaaaaatc ctaaatgtcc cccaagtgaa    131760
     gaatgaataa agaaaatatg gtacatttac acaatggaat attactcaac ttttaaaaac    131820
     aatgacatca taatatttgc aggcaaaatg atgaaactag aaaagatcgt cgtgagttag    131880
     gtaacccaga cccagaaaga caaacatggt atatattcat aatggggtat tagccataaa    131940
     gtacagaata accatgctat tatccacaga cccaacgaag ctaagtaaca agtagggccc    132000
     aagggaggat gcttgaatct cactgagaaa ggggaataaa tagacatctg gggtatggag    132060
     gaaactgggt gggagaacgg aggggaggtg gaatagagga atcaagtatg gggaagattg    132120
     ctggaaaaaa gtactggggg agaaaatttg aatcagtagt gggaggggga gtgtatctct    132180
     ggacaggcta gaaatctatg acaatgtaaa ctcccaggaa tctatggggg tgacatagat    132240
     tcctagcaat aggggatatg aaacatgaaa cattcacttt ctataaccag gcaagaactt    132300
     caatggagga atggggctac cagtccaacc ataaaacctg tggcctacaa cttttcctgc    132360
     ttataagagg tgccaggata aagagggagc agaaagtgag ggaacagcca atcaataact    132420
     ggttcatcta gtgtcccatg ccttaagaga aagcccatcc ccaacactat taataacatt    132480
     ctactacact tgcaggcagg agcctaacta agcataacta tctcctgaga agttccactt    132540
     agcacctgat ggaaacagat gcagatggaa acagagccaa acattaggcc gaactctggc    132600
     aatctcatgg aagatgggga ggtaggatta aaagagccag agaggtcaag gacataacaa    132660
     gaaaacctac agaatcaact aacctgggca catccgggct cccagagact gaaccacaaa    132720
     gcagagggca tgcatgggac caacgaccta gtcccctaca catatgtaac agatgtacat    132780
     cttggtcctc atatgggacc tctaacagca ggaacagggg ctgtcttggc gcctttggtt    132840
     gtctagtctc aataaaagaa gatgcaccca gtcccactac aacctgatat gccaaggcag    132900
     cttgatatcc ttggaaggtc tccccttctc tgaggagaaa gcgaggaact ggaaggggaa    132960
     gagaagttct gaatggactg taaataaaaa ttaattactg aaaaacaatt cattttcaca    133020
     agacaagccc tacagagaat actggaagca gtattggcaa ctgaaaagaa cactaagcat    133080
     agtcaagaat ctgtagggac aaaaagctat aattattgga acacaaagta tgactaagaa    133140
     tacaaacagc aaatatataa taaaattact gcagtcaaca taaacttttt aataatgact    133200
     ttaaacatta ataacttcaa ttcttaattt aaaaagaaaa gggctagtta aatagattaa    133260
     gaaacaaaat ccacaaggaa acttatctta gttaaagcaa acagaatacc aactagaaaa    133320
     taacagaaaa caaaatcccc agggcataat atagttaaaa cactaagtgt acacaacaaa    133380
     gaaatctgag ggggtgggaa gagggagaga ggaagaaagg agagagggag agagaaatgc    133440
     aagtcatata caaaggaaaa cccatccgaa taacaattga tttctcaagg gaaaatttga    133500
     aagccagaag acctgaaaac aaggcagtcc taaaacacaa ctacagccaa tttaaactaa    133560
     tatacacagc atagctatct gctataattg aaggagaaaa aatggttttc catgatataa    133620
     acagtctaaa aagaacttat atccaacaaa tcaatcctag aggaaataca ggaagcaatg    133680
     ttttagtctg aagagaggaa agagcataac agagagatca tggaaagaaa tatgaagctt    133740
     aattattaaa acacaaaata ccactgagaa cacaaacaat aaaagttaac aatatgataa    133800
     ccacaattta atgcacatat ttcagtaata actttatttt ttaatttact cttctctcac    133860
     agaataaatc ctgacatcag tctcccctcc tttcattcct ccctgtttga ttcttacctt    133920
     acctttcccc cagatccaac tgctcctctg tttcccttca aagaagagaa ggcctcttgg    133980
     ggatatcaac tcaacatcac ataccataat gcaataagac tactcacaaa ccttcctatc    134040
     aggccttaac agaggcaacc caattggagg aaaagtgtcc cacaagcagg caggagtcag    134100
     agacacctct gctcccacta ctaggaatcc tacaaaaccc cataccaaat aactacaatg    134160
     ttcaacagta acattaaata taattagtcc taattctcca atcaaaagaa actgactgat    134220
     ttagtggatc aagaaacaaa acccaactat atgatgcctg taagaaacat accttagttt    134280
     taaagatagg cactgccttg gagtaaaagg acggactaaa gatctccaac caaatgagac    134340
     caagaagcaa gcaggcattg ctatcataat atctggcaaa acagacttca aactaaaact    134400
     aatgaaaagt gtattgtaat caagggacaa ttattcaaga agacattact atcttaccat    134460
     agctgtacca aactcagatt cctaaaaaaa tctcctactg aaattaaaga tactgattaa    134520
     caccaatcta ttagtagtat gtgacttcag taccctactt tctctaaaag acaggacatc    134580
     tggatgaaat agaaacagga aaacatcaga attgatttga tatcatacat caagtgaact    134640
     taatagatgt ctacagaata tccaaacact agagagatgt atcttctagg caacatatga    134700
     aaatgttagg agataatttc ctgagttcag ccacctcagg aacgagttcc accttgctgg    134760
     cagagtcaaa actgagttta tgttcccagg ccccccaaac atcttctatc ctgattcttc    134820
     agatatttca tgtttgtatg ttaaccagta atgaatgcaa agagggaagt tgccatgatc    134880
     ctgctaccta aaccaaagca tactggtcat aaatgtgctg cctgtcttga cttaattgac    134940
     tacacgcagc ctgcctgctc ccttgttccc ttattactct gaattctggg tctcctggta    135000
     caattgactt catgctgctt acccactcct ttgttccctt attattctaa aattccaagt    135060
     cagagaccag gagagggcct gaccgccaca tgactccagt tacctgtgtt agttcaaacg    135120
     tcagaagtct aactccaagt tgttaatttt aggcatattt aaatatagta gaatacgaaa    135180
     aactcttttg tgatgattaa cctaatcctg tatgtacaac aaagcagaca taaagctcac    135240
     tgagaaacaa ggtaagctaa atatagataa ggcatgactc catcaaaact ctttgtaaaa    135300
     tacaagtgtc cttaaatata ggttctgtag attaggacaa aataacgttg ctggaaagat    135360
     ctgggaggat tcagtgaggg ctacacagac tgcacacagg tcagctagct ggagagcaca    135420
     tcagctccag ccttctgggt agaaaacagg gttttcattc cttctcttga aaggataaca    135480
     ctatgtgctt aaacgtccag ctggccctaa tgcagtggtt ctcaacctgt gggtcttgac    135540
     cccattggga ggttggatga cagatattta tattatgatt tctacaaata gcaaaattac    135600
     agttatgaag tagcaataca aataatctga tggttgtcat cactacaact tgaagacctg    135660
     tgttaaaggg tcacagaatt aggaagcact tcgctagtat atgtctgtga gcacaaagat    135720
     ttccatgcca cctacaacaa agaaatcaga atattataag ggactatttt aaaagaacct    135780
     gttgtccatt aatctagaaa acataaaaga aatggaaaca tttctagatt catcaaaacc    135840
     accaaaaaag tcaacaacta agacagaccc ataacaaatg tggagattga aacgatagta    135900
     aaaatccttc catctaaaac aagtctagaa ccagatggga ttgcagaatt tcatcagaca    135960
     ttaaaagtca gtccttctta aaattttaag gaaaaaaaga aggaaagaag gaaagaggga    136020
     ggcagggagg gagggaagga ggaaaaggga agggaaagga agggaaggaa gagagaaaga    136080
     aaggaaggaa ggaagaagga aaggaaaaca gaagcaatac tcccagcctt cttttattat    136140
     gctaagctca ctcaaatacc aacccaggca aagatataac aaagaaagaa aattactggc    136200
     cactatctct gatgaaaata ggctcaaaag tgctcaacaa aattatgtca aacagaatac    136260
     agacaaagta agaaaattat acagcacgat caatctagtt ttatccctaa aatgcacaga    136320
     tgcgcaagta aataaatgta ataaaccatg tgaatggact tgaagacaaa aacaaaacaa    136380
     aacacatgat tgcctcgata gatacagaag aagccattgg ccaagtccaa catgccttca    136440
     tgattaaagc cctaaagaat ataaggctag aaagagtaca cctcaacata atcaaagctg    136500
     tacaagaaac ccacagctta gatcacccta aatgagaaaa gcttgaagta atcccactga    136560
     agtaagaaat gagactgtcc actgtcccca ctccttttta atgtcgtgcc tgaagcaata    136620
     agtggacaaa ggaacagcca gacaaaagga gaaagaaaaa aggatacaaa tagagaaaga    136680
     agtcaatcta tctctatttg tagatgtcat gatactatac atttgaggta cccaaatttc    136740
     taccagaaaa cttctattaa tgataaataa attcagcatt atggcaagat ctacagctaa    136800
     ctttgcctac attgtttatg attaagtggt atatttgtat tccagccaga ggaattaaat    136860
     gtatatctct attccatctg gatcatgcag accaagaaga tctttggata tgatctctcg    136920
     ccagaacagc catgttgctg aattaaaact catatatata tatatataaa gctacaatgc    136980
     aagtaattct gtgtataaat atctatgtat agtttaagta aaaattgtca tctgtattga    137040
     ctgtgctcct tcaagagtca aaggtcacat tccaaaaccc tcaaacagaa ggcatgagag    137100
     gccctcgttt tctttgttgg atagggctgg ccaagagact cccaaaacat agagcctatt    137160
     gcttttggtt gtcactccag agatggagag taagttccta ttgttgaaga catcatgtac    137220
     tttgagcata ggatccagaa tctcctaatc tggagttgac ctgaggacta gattttatac    137280
     cagaaggcaa tgtataagca aatctctaaa agagaaaagc aaccaaccat cctacgcagc    137340
     catgacactg atgaatcaca atagtgggta ctgtagagac accattggtt atatagctag    137400
     gctgtggtgg cacacacatt attaaaggat tacccagcac ttgggatgca gaggcagaca    137460
     gatctctgta gttgcagttc caacacagct agggctaaag taaccctgtt tcaaagaaag    137520
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    137580
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga    137640
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaacaaga acaagaacaa gaacaagaac aagaagaaca    137700
     agaacaagaa gaagaagaac aagaacaaga acaagaacaa gaacaagaag aacaagaaga    137760
     agaacaagaa gaacaagaag aacaagaaga agaacaagaa caagaagaac aagaacaaga    137820
     agaacaagaa gaagtacaac aagaagaaga agaacaagaa gaagaagtac aagaagaaga    137880
     acaagaagaa caagaagaag aacaagaaga acaagaacaa caagaacaac aacaacaaga    137940
     agaagaacaa gaagaagaag aacaagaaga acaagaacaa gaagaacaag aacaagaaga    138000
     acaagaagaa tgagaacaag aagaacaaga acaagaagaa caagaacaag aagaaggagg    138060
     aggagaagaa ggaagagaag gaggagaagg agaagaagga gaagaagaaa ggagactact    138120
     ttagttacta agtagctgta cttacataat aaaactgagt tcattatggg ttatttagta    138180
     ttgctcatgg acagagtacc ataagaaact ttgaaaataa ggatggttgt gtcatcctcc    138240
     caagcatact gactgtgatg atcacagtac ggaaatagca acagcaaaca acattttctg    138300
     atcttaattt ctatctccaa gccatttgcc attccactat agctgtgttg tcccagaaga    138360
     gagagctata agagctttgg acagtgactg aagaagagct tcctggcaaa atcagtaagg    138420
     aaggcaaagc attcggcaga aggaagaaaa gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga    138480
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaaggg aatccaaaca aaacaaagag    138540
     ggtattatta tgaacctgca ctcatactga agtctagtgt tattatgact ttggaggtca    138600
     ccattccatc tttagtaaag gaatggggtt cctacccact gattggctct taaccaacag    138660
     cagcttggaa cagaatgagc attaaatcct ggagaggaag attcaagcat cctcccttgt    138720
     accctccttg ttatttgggg ggtggggtgg gtctgtgagt tttgcctctt aatcctctat    138780
     tttgtggcta atatccactt ataagtgagt atataccatg catgcccttt tgggtctggg    138840
     ttacctcact tagaatagta ttttatagat ccacccattt ccctgcaaaa gtcatgatgt    138900
     ctttgttttt aatagctaag tagtattcca ttgtgtaaat gaaccacact ttctttgggg    138960
     aggtggggtg atacagggag ctttcccttt cagagaagag aaaggtggaa tggggggatg    139020
     atctgtgtaa gggggttatg agaggagatg ggaggcttat gttaggatgt aaagtgaata    139080
     aacatattaa ttaataaaaa ataaaaatta aaaaatctga acccaggact ctggaggctg    139140
     aacacagatg ccattaggtt atagcagaaa gcacttaaca aggaataata gagtgggaat    139200
     atagactcaa agaacttagc caaaatccaa cattgtggga tatgcattgt tagccagaga    139260
     gtgacacaga ggctgtccta tccctgacat aagaagttca ctcacaatga atctgggctc    139320
     tcttgggagt cagcatattc tctgggtgga tcctgatgcc atcgtacctg acaggagctc    139380
     tagttctgct caccatttca gagatttccc acatcagtaa ggcccctaag atttccctta    139440
     ttgcaaaaca tgttggattg ccaagttgct ctacctgtac ctacaagttg ccctgtagaa    139500
     ggatttcttc acaaagttaa gtctgaactc aagcttttta gtactggttc ccatatttct    139560
     gctactgtac ggctggctgt tctctcattg tggtaagaac agtgaatgga aaatctaccc    139620
     acttaacata ttttaagcat aaatacactg ttattaaata taggcacagt gtttaacatc    139680
     aactctttac aacttagcca ccctgaataa ccgaaaacca cataccagga acacttatgc    139740
     cccaccccac ccccaaaccc catgcaatct ccttcctaat caatgcttct acatgctaca    139800
     tttatctctc acctgcgtct tacctgtttg tccactaatt tcaatagctg ttttccttca    139860
     actaactttc ttctcccttc tactcctggc aatactgtaa gcttcagaag ttactaagtc    139920
     aaggcaattg ttctttgtgc cacaggagga aaagaagggt atataaacat tctccatgac    139980
     attagagaac tgggaagtcc cctcccatgt tgtcatacca accatccaga ctgtcccacg    140040
     atgcaatccc atgagaccca ggagtcattc tgggctaccc agtaattaaa agtttgtgtg    140100
     cactgagaac atgtaaagat gatcctatgc caccgagctg ccatgttcct cagccaacag    140160
     aaatatgctc agctcacact taacttttct cagtatctct tctaatgagg agcaactaca    140220
     ttacaaggat accccaactc tttcctttga cttctctaag aaaatctctt attagaacct    140280
     caaatacaaa acagcactgt atgtgagatt gcttaaattc tcagcacaag aggccttacc    140340
     tagggcactt tttgcaaaat ttccctccca ggataggagt aagcaaagca atatctaccc    140400
     tgttcttaaa gtcccaatga caagccaagg tactgtttta ccaaaggtca ctcgggaaca    140460
     gatgacttca ttcggcttac acacaaagca taggtggatg gttgcttact ggagtgttag    140520
     tggtcctcct taaaagtctg gatttgaaac tctttatcca gcaggcatgg tggcttcccc    140580
     aaacagagcc tcatagattg agcccctcca accagctctc ttcccagatc tctgtactct    140640
     agtctcttcc tggggctggg tcagcaaaaa aaattgcata cagctggtgg aagggaatgg    140700
     ttggatgttc aggtgaggtc ctaacctacc caccccagta tgtgggaatg cgaccagaca    140760
     ggccaagcct ggatgacatg atcttttgca aggaggcaca gctatgccct ccagatggtg    140820
     ggcttggtgt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttctgtt ttgttttatt ttgttttgtt    140880
     ttgttgtggt ttagaagtta gtcctcgacg acacctttgc cccttcctct ggcttttacg    140940
     ttccttctgc ctgcctcttt ggcatgagtt cttgaggtcc tggttggagg tggggtgggc    141000
     ttgacctaga tgtctatttt tatccagctg caaggaagta gcaaccaccc tgcccctttg    141060
     ttatgtttca tctctagaac tcaaatggtg gcaagtcttg gggtgtattt tcctactaga    141120
     agacacaagt gaggtgaagg attaaaaata ggaaatccag acactatcca gaaaatatcc    141180
     agccatgatg agcttcagca ctaatgatta taaacacaaa tcacaaatgt ggagaaggac    141240
     tttataagat atatcattta acaatcaaca gtagttttag caggatgttt tgttttgttt    141300
     tcttttgttt tttcctttca gcaaagctta tgacttctca ggtcacaggt ttttatttag    141360
     ttcctcatac caggtttaat ttccccctaa gggggcctta agaccaatga gaaaatttgt    141420
     tctacccaga accactcact ctacaactgt gtagctggca taactttcct tatacttcca    141480
     ctgggaagca ctcaggatcc acagctgagt aggcctgtta ggcttaattt tcctctaaat    141540
     cattagtagc aacttctgac actacagggg ctaacttaca gggagaaatt ccagacccag    141600
     ctttatttct caaggtcggg cagccaaaac atgcaacatc ttctggaata gagtctcatc    141660
     attcagttct ccgtagttac agtggctgta gcaatatcct ctatggttta aagggcctct    141720
     agcatttctg tggtcaacaa ctcctaggga ggtaacctaa tcctacctaa cactggaatt    141780
     tccaatcaac caccacattg cctctaggtg tgtctatttt atgtgttgtc tttaatgttc    141840
     accgacacag gctagtgcaa actcctccca gttatctttg tgaatatcac ttgtgcctta    141900
     ttccaccata ataccccaag cagtccacag caacaactgg catttgtaac ctttgtgaat    141960
     gattttccca tgctggcttc ttcaggtgca ttcagatgtc ttaaataaaa ctgctggcaa    142020
     ccatggccac acttttaggg atgtggctag gttggcctcc attctgtgag gccttcttcc    142080
     atagaaaggc atgtagtgag aattaccttt gtctcctggt tagaagttgc tctttctcct    142140
     gtggtctggc cataaagctc cccagaggct caccagcaca gaatttggtc tctcatttgc    142200
     tttattccta gggactccag cagtgtagaa ggccagtcat aactgtgttc tggacgtgta    142260
     gagggccctt tcatttgcct ggtgccctcc ttcttacatg ctccacttgt tctggcattt    142320
     taaagcagat ttccatactg gcccaagtta agtcagattg gccaaagcgt ctcctgcttt    142380
     gtatagtggg aagagctgtt atttgatgtc cagttcacag acccatacag gactgagttt    142440
     atggtaagcc taagaaattg gttttacagt gatggtgaga ttagtatgga gtgtccgtga    142500
     caatgttgag ccatattgtg gaggcaagat ggacaggttt tggagtattc ctagctcaat    142560
     aacaaagtgg actcctcagc aggaagggcg gggagtgggg gtggggggtg gggagaagac    142620
     tcatgccaag tctcagacct tactggattg cagcaggaac atgcagtctt cttcaaggat    142680
     gctgatttaa tgaaagcaac cttgatcagg aactttaaaa atacacacca actaggcaac    142740
     tgtgttagcc tgaggctagt gcaactatga ggatgaattc tttctcttgg ctcctggttt    142800
     ctagggtttc agtccattgg aagtgaggca gggctgacat catggtagaa gtgagtggaa    142860
     caagaggtta tttactttat agtagacaag aagccaggag gaaatagaaa tggaatagaa    142920
     ttcacaaggt ccttccttca gtgacttaca tcttccagct aagccccatc tcctaatatt    142980
     ttgtgaagct atcgaaatat gaccactcgc taggtgccaa gccttcttaa ataattagct    143040
     atttttgagg agaatacttt ctatccagga ataacaaaca ggaatgctga agttggagta    143100
     aaatgagttc tctccatata aatatgtcca tgatgctttt ccaaagttct tgggcagcca    143160
     aattcctggg tcagatagga tttctaataa ccatccaact aaaggcatag gccaacccag    143220
     tcttgtatat ctgagataat ccatacaaag gactttgcag agattctggc ttacagaaaa    143280
     cactccattt ttatcagcac agtttattct gcacttgtga agatggaaca tgcctagaat    143340
     gtatatgtac tgtgtccaac gttatcacaa acattgttga tggggcagga gggggtgtta    143400
     tttattaatt ttttaactgt caaatttgtg aacttgctga gtatctgtta tttgtggggg    143460
     ctgaatcttg tttgatctcc acaagagcta tatgatagaa atattagttc ctgtgttgca    143520
     gtgatgagga cactgagact gagaaaggtc gaataggttg cctcaagaaa cagtacatct    143580
     ataaacccca atcaggtacc aaatccaaac aaagctgaga acatcaaaat aaacacaatc    143640
     ataatggcac atctagggag gggagcaggg cggggggagg gtatagggaa ctctcaggat    143700
     agcatttgaa atgtaaataa aatatgtaat aaaaaaagaa aataagaata caataatttt    143760
     acttggggac tatataagaa aatatagagt atgtaaatat cttgcagatg gcaaggtcat    143820
     agtgaagcat ttgtgttgag agttttgttt cttcttcttt ccctctgagt gccaagtgta    143880
     aacctcccag gaacaatgat gttcacaaaa cacctctatc aatattacac caggaaaaga    143940
     ggacttctgt gtaaagacag cattgagcat cttctaggat tctacatata tcaacaaagt    144000
     taattatgtc tcaaatgaac attgtacttt atggacaaga ttcccctatt cctattatcc    144060
     atgttacaat atatgaccca cagagatttg gaagaggtga gagcacaggt catctggggg    144120
     gaatatcagg aattttcaca aatagttaac caccaaactg tcctacattc tctaaggagg    144180
     accactgtcc tttacaaaaa caacaacaac aaaaaaaaaa accaaaaaat cctaacaatg    144240
     ttcatctcaa ctttccagga agaatattga tgtcagaatt tggagatcct aacattatgt    144300
     gaattattct caatatttcc catcatagga aagatcatgt atgcctctgg cttgctattc    144360
     tttttggctt cacacattgg gcacaacact ttctgatggg gatctgatct cactttgcag    144420
     gatacaaact ggtcttccta ctgctcaagt aagactgtaa caatggcagt accaaaagac    144480
     atactaataa agaaaaggaa acacctacca tctggatgct gctacatcaa ttcttttttt    144540
     tttttttttt ttttttttct tttttttttt tttttccatt ttttattagg tatttcgctc    144600
     atttacattt gcaatgctat accaaaagtc ccccatagcc acccaccccc tctcccctac    144660
     ccacccactc cccttttatg gccctggcgt tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgcg    144720
     tgtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccagtgatgg ccgactaggc catcttttga tgcatatgca    144780
     gctagagtca agagctccgg ggtactggtt agttcataat gttgttccac ctatagggtt    144840
     gccgatccct ttagcttctt tggtactttc tctagctcct tcattggggg ccatgtgatc    144900
     catccaatag ccgactgtga gcatccactt ctatgtttgc taggcccagg catactctga    144960
     caagagacag ctatatcagg gtcctttcag cataatcttg ctagtgtatg caatggtgtc    145020
     agcatttgga agctgattat gggatggatc cccggatatg gtagtgtcta catggtccat    145080
     ccttttatct caactccaaa ctttgtctct gtaactcctt ccaagggtgt tttgctccca    145140
     cttctaagga ggggcatagt gttcatactt cagtcttcat ttttcttgag tttcatgtgt    145200
     ttaggaaatt gtatcttata tcttgggtat cttaggtttt gggctaatat ccacttatca    145260
     gtgagtacat attgtgtgag ttcctttgtg aatgtgttac ctcactcagg atgatgccct    145320
     ccagttccat ccatttggcc aggaatttca taaattcatt ctttttaatg cttccttggc    145380
     cttcaggcct tttctcctgg gacttctgct gtcgtgccat gaattgctat gaatgttttg    145440
     gtaacattac catatgcaga gtaaaaaaaa agtttatggt aaaagaaagg atagcttcct    145500
     tatatttagg ttttagtcta ttaaatagaa ccagaagaaa taatatgttt ctatattgta    145560
     aaaaagacaa ctgttttcca ctttgtactc tcagtgtgtg aagtacacag gcatgtattc    145620
     atgccatcca gctgggagat ggatctaaat gaagagtgcc tcactgcact cagacttcct    145680
     tgctcctctg ttgggtaagg acccaccccc ccataggtca aactcttgtt gccaggcaac    145740
     ttcttccttc agaaggagaa aaatccccag aggaccctca ttccatatgc aaacaggctt    145800
     ctggcagctg ctcccaccaa ttccataaac atgcctgggc atgcctgagt ctttcttatg    145860
     gccaaattca gactccctat tacactaatt gaaaagacca aaggtaattc tgtctatttt    145920
     tcattagtga gatccgatga catattagat acacactaaa agaacaatac tgtactatta    145980
     tcatctatct tcatttagag agccatctac cccacttctt gcaaggacat cttttgccac    146040
     tcatcttggg taaaactagc ataggtgaaa atgtagatat tttttaatcc caacctagaa    146100
     ttcccacctg gcctttgtct attcagttcc agaataaaag acaaacacaa ccttaaaatt    146160
     tacaataagc cttaaacagc agatacccac cctatatgct actagaatct acttttctgt    146220
     agataacccc gagttattac tatgtttcat ctgggctgct cttaactcca attggctagc    146280
     cctcagagcc atgtagccct cagagccatt tttttatggc tcacctaacc tatggtggct    146340
     ctctcctcca gtcaccttct tctttttctc atggttctct tcagaccaaa agtctgggaa    146400
     acctaaaccc tatctatgtc tcttctgccc agctattagc tgttgctgta tttattcacc    146460
     aatcagaaat agcttggagg cagggtcaca caggtctctg tgcagactct aggtcttggg    146520
     agcctgcatt tagcattaca ataaacagca agaccaaacc tcaatggaaa aatcttggac    146580
     agattaaatt gttttctttt ctggagcctt agctacagag acctacagtg gcacagtatt    146640
     tattaagaac atccaaagct ccaggcactg ctaaatgtaa aggtcatagg ggattgcagc    146700
     ctaactccta acttctattc tcaaagccct gaatgtcagc cataagttga agcataatat    146760
     tagagtagat gtgtcctgtc ctgaggtgct ccatatggta agtactgact gtttattgtc    146820
     aaactaacac aaacctagac atatctgaaa caaggaacca caactgagaa aatgcctcca    146880
     ccatattgac ttatgggaaa gcctgtgggg cattttcttg actaatgctt gatatggaag    146940
     ggcccagccc actgtgggtg atgctactct tgggcgggtg gttctgagtt gaatgagaaa    147000
     gccaattgaa ggaattgtgg ggagcaagac aataaggaga attcttccat ggcctcggct    147060
     tcagttcctg ctttcagatt cctgctctga cttccctcca taaaggattg taagctgtaa    147120
     ggtagaataa accctttcct ccctaggttg attttagtct cttatttaca gctaatagaa    147180
     agcacgctga gacactatat aaaacagtgt tttcttaggt ttgttgttgt tgttattgtt    147240
     taaactttgc cttgccctga aaggctccaa tttatattgc agtttttgac tgcgttttga    147300
     ttctgtgtat gtgggtggac acaaaaatag catggtctgt ctggcaccat ccataaggca    147360
     cagactgtta acatattcct ggaaatagaa agagtaccat gctacacatc tatcaggata    147420
     aattcagaac atagaggtac acgggtgtat taaaatcata tcagacaact caagcctggg    147480
     acaaaactta tcggctgcag cagaccaagg aaaaggtgta atgcttacat cagaatctca    147540
     taagagaagg acacttagca caagcatggt cactacccga ccttcatctc aacatccagt    147600
     ttgtgtgtta aggcccaaca ggcagaaatc cttgacttgt catgggtttc agcttggctt    147660
     tgtcccctct gctgatgtgg tcctactcga attaccatct tcctatcctc ctactcaccc    147720
     atctggacat gccacctatc catctgctga ttcattagtc tggacccagt cctgacattc    147780
     acctctgcaa gctgcactca actctgaccc tgcagccgga ctctgcagca gcaacagcca    147840
     cagaacctct ccagagacat ccagctggtc ccttatctta tcccaacaga ctcctttgca    147900
     cttcaatgca ttgcccagtt atgatttctc agtctccttt gcaaggaccg agaagtcctc    147960
     ttcttgggag tagtctttgc gtctttaatc ctttgttgtt atgccgaaac ttgtatatac    148020
     acatatagag atatatttgc catgtgtaat gtgtgatctg agagttaatc tccataatta    148080
     aaattggaat aaaagaactt gtggtttgtc tcctccagga ctatcaacaa aagggaggct    148140
     ccctggcaaa ttaatgccag tgaatctggt gtagcttgtg aatttattgt ttttaaacac    148200
     attctgatgt tttcagaaag acacaaatgt gtctctttct gaaatagtgt gcttatggca    148260
     tacagtaaga tgtgttgtgt gtggaggtag ataatcttaa aactaaagaa ataaaaagga    148320
     aagtttgatg ttacagcaat accatataag gaataccata gtaccctttg aatttcaact    148380
     ttggagccta cttcttgagt gtgtgtgtct gtgtaattca gatatatttt ggtatgcgtg    148440
     gacatgacta tatgatgtta gttcatagag tgcctttgta ctacacttta tttaggtagg    148500
     agctcttatt tttcaataca tttttaatta aaacggaatt acatcattta ggtccttctt    148560
     tttcttcact caagctcctc ccaggtatcc tacctgcatc ctctcccatg cccctgtttg    148620
     ctagctacca taatttcata ctccaatcta aagtcttatc cttatactca cagacagtca    148680
     tcactcctcc tcagatgttt ctccttatgg cagatggaga gcatcatgga agcacatcat    148740
     ctggacacaa agcagagatc aacagattgt ggggagccca gtctcaaagg atttatctcc    148800
     atcacagctc ctgcttgtat gtatcaagga acatcgggaa agaggcggtg gaaagatcat    148860
     gagagccagc attccagaag tctgctgtga cacagtccct gctagaaatg gctccataag    148920
     aagatgggat caatggcaac atcattagac atactgacat ggaagagaga ataggggtct    148980
     ctgcaaagat cagggctcat ctgtgtgagg taagaaggaa atccagttca ctacaactca    149040
     tagccagtgt tggtttaaac ttgacgaatc tgacattaag cagtttattt aggcatcttt    149100
     agatacagta caattttgga aaaagggttt cctggtaaat tttctcaatc ccatgtgtgc    149160
     aacaaagctg aagttataac tacagctgaa attattttgc aaagtacatg tgacctctac    149220
     gataaagatg ggttctatag cttaagggcc taaggcagga tctcatgagg tctaggtcat    149280
     tctagaggtc attaatatga cgtctcccct aaagatggat tctcttgaat gagaaacaat    149340
     gctcagaatg aaggtctaag gaggaagaaa ctggtataaa cacaatagtc tgaaggatct    149400
     gggtctctcc tggtcttaca gctagtagag atcaccaggc tattaagcat gtgagttccc    149460
     agttctctgc atggaaacag gtatatatat cttcctgcga agagaccagc ctgcatgttt    149520
     aacatttctg tttgtgagtg caaggacttg ttctctctgg aagggaaggc ttatgttgta    149580
     aggcaggcag gaatgtagga atgaccaggg tatctaccaa cactgctcag caaacacatt    149640
     ccatggttaa aatgcccata cctaaggcaa cctagcatat cactaagata gccagtcctc    149700
     gtgaaagcta atttaagatg aagacaaacc ctcatttcca gaaagactga gagggcagat    149760
     tccagaacag tacctcaaat aatctgcaac ctttgcagtg atttcagaaa taagtaagat    149820
     acccctaaga ttgcacattc ttgagtgaac tctcaagtgc caaggtttcc caaagcatcc    149880
     tagacatctt caaacatgag gaacatacca ggacaccata aaacaaccca aacaaccaaa    149940
     tcaaaacaag aaacagtgtt ggtaggatgc tatcattagg tggtaggtga ctgtgtgata    150000
     aagaaataga tggattaaga catgggatag gatgtgagca tcgttcctgg ctatgtcaaa    150060
     tgtcacttct ataaaaggaa atttgacaga ggatgatagg ttgccttcag tctgaagtgt    150120
     tcctgcatct taaaacaagt gaaagaactt tttaccgtgg agggaaatgc gtctcaccta    150180
     aagaggtgat cagatgactt tcaagcgcaa agtcacgctc agcaagcctg tttttttttt    150240
     tttttttttt tttttttttg gtttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttcaca gggtttctct    150300
     gtatagccct ggctgtccta gcactcactt tgtagtccag gctggccttg aactcagaaa    150360
     tccgcctgcc tctgccttcc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgtgccatca cacccggctg    150420
     cctaagcatt tctttaagac cagcaggttt aaaggacttt actgctctga ctttaggcaa    150480
     atcttgtttg atttccagat ctagagtatt tgtaggctca atgacatcca gccagagatg    150540
     cttagcacag ttaaggctca gtgctcatct gtagtgcagc tgatgcttgt cccataatat    150600
     tgctgtgaag atgaagcagg gtacccacac cagtgccagc acagaacagc acagcagtaa    150660
     atcatcaatt cccatcaggt tctgaccact tcctgtccta cctcttagac atcaacaaat    150720
     gcagtttctt gtcaagtgtc ttaggacagg tatcgggatt ctctcaaagc caagccagtg    150780
     acttcatgcc tttatactac aggtcaattt agacattagg actattattc tctacctata    150840
     tccctccaat gaccttaccc caaacttgag ttgcagctat ctatacaagc ctatgttttt    150900
     aaaccacttg taatgccaca ttcatttgca ctatgcacac caagttgaaa agaccctgct    150960
     atgttatatc tctgagcatt tttttccctt ggaagaaatt ccctgttgtc ttctaggtga    151020
     gcaacaatta tttcaaactt agttaaacta taccctcaga cagctcctat gtcctcaggg    151080
     ctttcctagt tcttgtgaaa tcattgtcac cctgtcttta aagtcccatg aaagtcatta    151140
     gggtgcagtt gtcctgaacc aaataataat ttagatgttt cggtatatgt cagatagtaa    151200
     tgattatatc ttttaaaagt tatcgaactc ttagaggtaa attgaatgaa ggcccaagat    151260
     gcttcatgca atatcaaggt tcacctaaca tccacatggc agaattggca gtaaacatat    151320
     gatgaaacca tgtaagtcct gggttctttt ctgttgaact catcatactg atgtttatgc    151380
     attattattg aaatcctgaa tgcatcccct ctgaaggatt cgatgtgttc agatgagatg    151440
     cacttttctc tttgtaccag gggcttctat cccagtgtgg tgtgaattat atatatttag    151500
     tgtatgtatg ttgaatgatg gcatgctcat catgtaatga ataagcatca gttttaaaag    151560
     ggatgaagga tgatgagaga attaattatc agacattgaa gggaccatta gtgtgtggtc    151620
     atggctatgc atggattcag agtatagcca gtgttcactt tatagcctgg caggtaacag    151680
     atggtccaag taaccaagtg aaccatgtgt cactgagcat tgtctcctgg gtaatctcca    151740
     atctccagtg atgtcttcag attgtaccgc tattgacaga cagatgacag gttacactta    151800
     gttgcttgag aagccattta ttacatattt aaatctccct ttgtttctat cttatgattg    151860
     aaaattttct tgcatgcccc cactccatgc tccaccttct gaagacatca agtgaagtgg    151920
     aaccagagaa tatgtcttct cctacaagga tgacatcctt caagcctgtg cagagatgcc    151980
     aaacatccta tggcctcaga acactagttt tgtcaggttc aaaaagcaaa atctgggagc    152040
     ttttctatct ccctctgttg gctagtttta catcaactta agacagccaa gagtagcggt    152100
     tctcaaccag taggtcacaa gacttttcca cgggtatgct acatatcaca tatttatatt    152160
     atgattcata acagtagcaa aactacagtt atgaagtagc aatgaaataa ttttatggtt    152220
     gggggccatc acaacatgag aaactgtatt ataggttcag tcatgttgag gtttagtact    152280
     ttgctatgta ttgtaatgct gaatactagt ctccaaggcc aagttgccct caggaacaag    152340
     agaatctgca catacagaaa gtaatgtgac cttgctactt aatttaaaat tagtaattga    152400
     ataaaggagc tgacagccta tagctgaaca aaagagagag atagcctaag tttgtagtcc    152460
     tgagcttggg atcagagaag agaccaatag gaaaagaaag gtggagagag gaagatgcca    152520
     tggggtaagc gatcataaga actggccatg cgggtctgcc agtcgaagta agagcagcac    152580
     atgtggaaca tggaaagtca catttcagtg ctattgatgg ggaggccaac ataatagcat    152640
     agagggtaga attctgccca gctctagtgc attaaatgct tattgtaaat ataaaagttg    152700
     attgtaaata taaaagttga atgtctttta tctgggaacc aaatgatcaa aggcaaggta    152760
     gaaattagat tgagattaat ctacaacgca gtcacaaccc taggaaggtt gagaaccatg    152820
     gagctagagt catctgagag aaagaagcct caactgagaa aatgactcca caagaccagg    152880
     ttgtaggcaa gccagtaagc agcatgcttt catggcctat gcatcagctc ctgcctcctg    152940
     aggtcctcta aggttgaata gcaatggtga agtataagcc aaataaaccc tttcctctac    153000
     aatttgctgt gggtcatagg gttgcatcac agcaacagaa accgtatcaa agacatccat    153060
     aataagaatc atatatacct ttgcaattgt gcatatctga acgctttcag aagatttacc    153120
     tacctgggta tgagtctgaa aaggaaagcc atcttgacat tctgattctt ctgcttggaa    153180
     ctcatcctgg agaagatgct attgctgaac aacctggcgt ctcaggaggt ggggattcag    153240
     ggaggaagca gacaggctga tgatcaaagt ccagacagct gtattaactg cttccatcgg    153300
     tatcttcaaa gttcagtggc cccggaataa tttcaaaggc agagagtagt tctgctgatt    153360
     tcttctctgt aagcatattt tggaaagcac ccgtgggttc agaattccca gggatgcttc    153420
     ttagtcacct cccccagtcc ccttaaaatt caaaggattc attgctttct ccataggctc    153480
     atcagttgca tctcatattt accctaggct tgcagttacc tagagcaaac aggaacccat    153540
     tgaatggccc agttattact gtagcacatc taattcaatt aagtcataag acgggagaac    153600
     actgtggcat aacctctcta atatgcaaaa accctcatta tttgccgagc accaatttcc    153660
     tcaaaatggg gactgcagcc ctgcaggcaa accaaattct aaaatagaaa ttatgcttgt    153720
     ttacatggtt cgtggtgatg ctgggtctcg agtggagcca aactgctggg cctgtgacag    153780
     aggagactat gcataattaa tgaccctgaa atctaaatta gctcttatta attggatgga    153840
     gcaagtcatc attttttttt ctgcatttgt aaaattgttt tcttcttgga ggaaaaagaa    153900
     acacctgttc cctggtccgg tctagttggc agtaagttgg gtctctgatg ttttggtgta    153960
     gctgaatgag gaaagtgggt aagggaaggt gggaggggct ttggagtgtc aatctagaga    154020
     cagactctga aattctgctc cctgatgctc ctgcaggctc tcctgatctc cttaggacat    154080
     ctaaaagtag ggtgggatca tccaacacaa gccaggttgc taagtcagaa acataacctg    154140
     ttcattttcc tttgttagac acagatttat ctacaaataa agacatgact gtttaaattt    154200
     tgattttttt ttctttctga aatatggtct tactatgaag tctaggctat ttttgaactc    154260
     ctcattccct tgtctggatt ctcaatctct tcttgtacta ggattattgc catgcctgga    154320
     taagacatgc attaactgag cactaataga tggcagggta gcatgctaaa gcttgatgca    154380
     aaaattatgt cacttaattt cctttactga ctcacaggtt taggtcaaat ttttctgttt    154440
     gagagggggt gaatctgaac ctagatcttt atggtttctg ggctcctgtt gtttctgtcg    154500
     tatctacctt tgctgaacat agcccaacac tggggtatgt tccacagtgt gaactctcag    154560
     aatgcaaggc tgacaaagga gtctgcccaa gaaagagagg gagtatctgg actttgattt    154620
     ccacgtcgtt aagaaagggg ccggattctc tatccaggcc cacattttat tggctcagtg    154680
     attgtgagaa gcaaaatgtt ctgttgtctt aagttgtgac ttcacaaaga gtgttacaaa    154740
     catctacagg atttgtttgg gcttctggct tctgggtatt gttttattgt ggtggtggtg    154800
     ggagggcaag acaggctttc tcagttgtag ctcaagcttg cccagatctt gcaaatctcc    154860
     tgcctcaacc atctaagttt agcaatgaca agcatgcacc atcacagcag cagacattgg    154920
     attagaaaaa aaacaaacca ctgcccagtc ttgaaacaca gacagtttag cttcataggc    154980
     ttagacattt acaaggtccc aggatgtatg tatctcagaa tctgcttggc tgcctagtga    155040
     gttttttggg tgggaaatct ctttagtcct aataaacaga agtcataaat cttcccaagc    155100
     ttcctgaata cattttccct ctataatgct tgctggtctg cctctttgtc agagaattgc    155160
     cattgtgttc tgagactttt atggatagtg gcatcttgct agaactcgat aatgttctgt    155220
     ttttatggta tttatctatc tctacaattt attttaatta tggcaactga ttgtggtgtt    155280
     tctattcatg gcatccatac aaggttttat ttgaaatgac tttattttag ttaaaatgca    155340
     gtcaatcaaa aacaatatgc gaataacaat acaggaggta caggggaata atatgaagtt    155400
     ggtgggccaa tgacagggat tcgagaatat cgatatggtg tactttgggc aaacagaaaa    155460
     ttacgagact tggaatggac aatgatgcta acagacaagt tggagccatc atagagtcag    155520
     actgtgaggg gttgcttagg tcaggctgaa gatttttcgt ccatgggaag ccatggttta    155580
     tgcagaagtc tagcctgcga aggtgtgagg gttcatcatg agaacacgag ggatggctca    155640
     gtggagcaga tgaagcaggt cagggtgctg atggccctgt ggcagaggat gaggccaaga    155700
     aacggaggaa aaagcaaggt gatggagaag acaagatgat ttgacagtca tctgtcaccc    155760
     agttgatgtg gagtgagata tgtagaagag tgttctagtg tggcttagtc tgtgggtggc    155820
     aggtgcctct cctaacaaga tgtggtgata tatcccaata gtggttgctt ctttgatggt    155880
     aactgatgtg gttttaacct gagcaacacc caacacatcc ttgctaacgt ctttacagga    155940
     agagtgatcg tcttactcct aattcctgtc taggcagcca gctccttgca gactgctctc    156000
     caaatgagtg tgtggtggag ctactgtctt ttcacatgtg agaaaattct gtggccaagt    156060
     agtggaaaag atgtaacacc accaggccta gatcttcctc aaggacctac caaggaaggc    156120
     atcttagttc aagaatgtta ccttggatcc tctttaaatt cacttttcca agcttttttt    156180
     ttaaaatcaa ggtatgaagg ttgtatagtt ttaggatttt agagatttta atggacacat    156240
     actatttgca tatatttatg aggaacagtg tagaaatttg atctatgtgt atgatctgca    156300
     aatgatccct caagataaat agcatatttg tattttgcaa ccacggaagg gaagagaggg    156360
     gaggctctgt ctgtgcaggg ggtgcctgtg taagtacagc ggcaacagct cataaccaga    156420
     agggtgtggt aaatggagac tggagctgtc acatgcagca ctctgcccct ccttcctcat    156480
     ggtggagaga gctgagggtt tgaatacctt actagctaca aacaggtatg tcccagtgaa    156540
     gccccttcct agaaaaggat aaaaagctcg ctttaggctc cactctaagg gatgacagga    156600
     gtctggataa gcacagtact ggaaatttcc agggacttgc agagatctag aaagcttaga    156660
     agaccctcac tttagaagaa aagtcagtga tgaccaacgt ttaattgcca atgctaatga    156720
     tcagaggcac aaagtgtcta cctaaaagat tcttctttaa aaacaagaaa atattccttt    156780
     gcattgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgat    156840
     agagttaaac aattgttctt aatttaaaaa tgcttcattt aaagggaaga ttatacaaga    156900
     gcaattatgt cagactccat tgctattaac aatgcttatt tgcaagtgtg atgatagata    156960
     gcatgggcct aaatcaagga ccgcttttgc agaaccaagc gttaaaagac tgaatccaaa    157020
     caacttaagt ctataaatta ttaatgcatc acatagatga gagaaggatc tcgttttatg    157080
     catagtgtga agagtaagtc aaaacttaaa agaattattg ggtatataat ggggtgggta    157140
     cgggcatcaa caaagatatg tgagtttagt attaatctgg tatttgactg acttctctca    157200
     ttttatcatt ctggaggcct cagactatac tttttcaaag aaatagacga tacgtgaact    157260
     ttatgggaaa aaattaaggc caatgggtat atatagatca gacagtttgc agggctaaga    157320
     gaagttttga tcattctatt agaagtttac aataaagttt gaaggtggta tcataaagtc    157380
     cacatcataa gtcatggttt atttattttc tgtgaacttg tactcagaga ttatcacaag    157440
     ccattaaaaa ttagtgcctt gacacacaat ggcatggctg cacaagaagt caaccattaa    157500
     taaaatacac agagatctta gtttctaaaa ctgctacatt gaatgttatt tggtgatgtc    157560
     gcttcacaac atatacttgt tgctattaaa agaaagcatt tttcttactt atatggggtt    157620
     ggggaaatgg tctatctggt cacctcatgc agtgtgacat actttacttg aaactgagaa    157680
     atgtcggtct ctgaacttta ggatctggag gaggagcagg ggaagccatc tgaatactca    157740
     ctatgtccta gacactttcc aatttcttta catgtgctcc agtttaaacc tcttggaacc    157800
     acaaaccttg ttgtggagaa aggtagcaag aagaaactgc cagagttcac aaagctacag    157860
     ttatagggcc attattcttt ccacggaagc cctcttcttt tgacaagaat ttgccaccta    157920
     cacaccaaaa ttgtgacttg actgacactc atagctggac ttgttcttcc ttagaaagct    157980
     gaggataagg aggatggaca gagttgctac cttaagcaac ctaggttcca ggatatctgt    158040
     aaaccaaagg caggaaggct ccttcctcca acacagaagc tgatttagat agaactccta    158100
     ctgtgttaaa gagaatcgga catgaaaatg ctcatcatac ttaggctact ggtcaggagg    158160
     gactgagaga aattaggtat ctataacaaa tctacaactc agtagacaca ttgctctgag    158220
     aattaagtct aacttccccg ggcctaaatt tctaccattt tccccctcgc ataaagcaaa    158280
     taaaaaagaa acagggtatt ttaagtcata aacactataa aaatattaat acttagtact    158340
     ttgattctta tgtcagtata caataaggca ttaaagatgt taattcctta gccttgttgg    158400
     aacagagtgg gtagagatag ctttccttct ataaatttct gttcctgaaa gttcattgaa    158460
     agaggatgtt tagagaaaga ttcttgggtc aaatggtcac tccattctgt ctctcatttt    158520
     tcttataaaa aagaggttgg tcatgatatt ttacagtatt aaaatccttt tcctacagca    158580
     ggtatggttt taattcaacc acagttaagt agcaatagct aaccagggag gtgcatatgt    158640
     tgcaggattg atggtatcag taaggcctac aggtatgtat agagcatgta ctgcctaatc    158700
     taacaacaac cttgtagggt acaataagaa acttcctaaa caaacagaaa ggttttccct    158760
     tcaaaagtac aaagctctcc atccctaaac aaatcacttt gaatgcatcg tctttcagaa    158820
     gagtagccag aatgagagaa tgcaatgatg ctaagatgaa ccaatgctcc attttttcta    158880
     gtatcttaaa tgtttagatt gcagaccagc ttgacttatc cccaaatctt tgaccttaag    158940
     ccctttgatg attcatcatt ggagcagaga agagaaactt ctacagactg gctgggaaaa    159000
     acagacatct tccttcttag tttgcagaac tggcctagat ttatcactca agagtcaaaa    159060
     acaactcgag aataatagaa attttctaga ctctgtttga ctagaagtca cttttccttt    159120
     ctctacatta ctttccttta cataactctt ctgcctgaag tggcatgacc atttaggttc    159180
     acaagtctct cctaaggtac tgatatttgt cgcttacagc ttttagtttg ggcatggggt    159240
     tggcaaatct acagtataaa ctgaggaaat gacccacgtt ctaacttaca tattctccca    159300
     tcttctgatc tgatgcttgg cctgtcagct gaatgactag tgggcaaggt cattcatgac    159360
     atgactttca gaacattaag tctcctggac ttctaaactg ctcagacatg atgttcatgc    159420
     cactattata aggtgccagg aattctgtct acatcaaggg tgaacttgta taggaaatat    159480
     tagcttatgc ccaaactcca aagcaggctg acttattata catcttctaa aaactcacca    159540
     tctatctgag ataatgagaa tggttgaaat atataaaaat tacacacaaa gtatctattt    159600
     gttaaaatat ggcttcataa ggttaatttt taataaaaag agcactgcct tcatactata    159660
     atgaatcttg taatgtgagg aatattccat gcataggccc ctccctgagc agtatgtggg    159720
     gcattatttt attttatttt ttaaagaatg aggagagtaa agccactgct ccttagtctt    159780
     cttataaaat ggtgttcatg atgggaaata aatgtaaaga cattataggg aagtttagca    159840
     tagatgtctt tgaagctact gtggccgttg aaccatttga accttgatag cttttccctt    159900
     ttttcttttt cttttctttt tatttcctct tatgattgca taggattggc acagtcattg    159960
     ccattaatct gagtaagttt cttgatgtca ctgcagaata gaccaacaat caggatccag    160020
     aaagttattc agtgtttccc tctgatgtct ttgtggatgg cagtttggtg gctatgaaat    160080
     ggagcaaact attgcttggt tttgtgtttc ctacagcaag gagtgaagtg gtaaacagag    160140
     tcaggaggga ggtgattcaa ggatgggtaa tgcggcaaaa gcaacagaga caagatgatc    160200
     atggggatgg tccatgaagc acagtcctat agcatagctg tcatggcgag acgaaaagtg    160260
     ctactcttaa cagactgaat gttagtctgc agagcaacac acccatgtct ccacagagta    160320
     gcatttttat tgcagcgtga ctttcttggg aaatgaacaa ttctttaaat aaatcacaat    160380
     tacttattgc ttagtatttg agataataaa ttctttagtt tatcagtact ccatggcctt    160440
     caaatgtgca ttcttcaaat agtttcaatt acatatatat tctttttcct gaacaataaa    160500
     ttattcttta aaaaatggaa aaaaggaaaa ggtacataat tttaaagcaa agaaaaacat    160560
     atattttaaa catttatctt aaacttatat gaaaacaatt ctctatgtta gatgtttaaa    160620
     tataaataat aaaggaaaat atgttattta caatgtaata cagtaagttt agagagtaaa    160680
     aactaacatt aactcataaa gacagtaaat gacttaagaa aacatctaag tactatacaa    160740
     tgtgtattta caaaagaata tataatagaa attgtgatgt gtggccattt ccttttgtct    160800
     gcatttcttc atagtgtttc atggatctta gtggatagaa atcttggcag ctgctggaaa    160860
     tgcagccagg actaaaaggg aaggccagat cttccttatt cacgaatagg ggccatatac    160920
     cttcaacttc aggccaaaag agaaatacat acagagaaag ttaccctgga tagacgccac    160980
     ccatattgac agtcacacag acacaagaaa gagatggcat attgctgctt gagatacatt    161040
     ctctcttaca cagagggcca ttttgtagtt agcagaagac tgtccaccag gcactcttga    161100
     gggtagaggg atgaatggag gggaaatcag ggcagaaagc aaatcttgag taagtacaaa    161160
     ggagtttgct atctactata ccccactata taactctcag tagtttttga tttaagaccc    161220
     aggaaacata gttgttatta aattctgagt aatttgtcct cccttaaaat acaaggcatc    161280
     ttcacccatg ccaggaccac aggtgtgcat tcttttgccc tattacagct ctgcctggat    161340
     tcataaacag gatgcttgag agagacctgg cagtgaagca ctgtagagat gttcctggac    161400
     atataaatcc agaggctaca acagatagcc ctgaccagcc acgtggctgt tctcctcaag    161460
     gaaagctgtg ttctcttgga aaaaaaaaag ctttctcaac taacatggca atagtagatt    161520
     accagataaa gcacagaaga aaaaaaatca cgtatatttg cgatttgaaa aattgtatag    161580
     cttttcatgc tagtaaaatg ctgctttaaa aaaatattta aagtgttatc agaggagtct    161640
     gtttttcaga agggaccttc ctaataccct ggtgactaac agatttgaaa ctgatttttt    161700
     ttttagagtt ttaaaataac aataaagaaa tttctctatt gagtgatagg gtgactctga    161760
     cctttaaagg caacatggag agctgagaga acatgctcaa acctgttgac ttttcctccc    161820
     tgtggggagt tgaccactct ctgcaacact gggaagtcag cattaggctt ccacctgcag    161880
     gggtttattc ctctgtgtat aacaaaagtt aaaaatcact gtacacacag agaactgccc    161940
     tgtgaccagt ggcaagaaat gagagactgc acatactacg agtaacttga agggtttcca    162000
     ctcaagcttc tcttagtaat atggaggagt gtaacacatg gactggtggc cagcctgcag    162060
     tgttttttct aagaccttct tgtgggttat tacttccctt gacttataac aaagctcggt    162120
     aaagaaaata gattcggttc aactgggaac aagaatctat cattgccatt ggctttgcca    162180
     atcctctgtt caactccttc ccaattttgc tatggaactc ctaagagcct actaagaaac    162240
     tcaagaagct ccggtcttga ttgacagata acaggcagag aatacacagg gttctgaaag    162300
     gttattcccc acccccaccc ccacagtttt cttttttttc ccctctggat tagcagttgt    162360
     tcatttgtta atatctataa gtgtccattg gctttccaat cacaagagaa caatcttagt    162420
     cctgcttttg agacagtatg gggaaaatta cttagagaag agagatggaa gatacaggct    162480
     atttatggag agagatcagt ccatgagtgg gggggggtca cttctgcaag aaaagctgca    162540
     atcttcccaa tgctattgac actccctagt gaggcaccac tacgggaagt tcttgctaat    162600
     cacaaatcac atgcacattg gccattcctg gcaaaaaaaa attatatatt catgcatagt    162660
     tatgacctaa tcaaggcaat gttgaacaca agagaaacat aatggggaga aaggagtggc    162720
     caaccaaacc aagttaaaat gtcactgggt agtgcagctg ctttcccctt gtaacttcta    162780
     cacactcact cctaaatgct ctagcatgaa acaatggcca agtcactgct atgtaccaca    162840
     ggtacatcat acaagtggtt ggggcagatg gctgagtgta ctcttgggtc tgaggcttca    162900
     tgacactctg agcctcttct ggagccaaca agcgggtaca accagtcagt taaaaaatat    162960
     gtcagaaagg attgcacctt tagcagctgt ggttggctgg tcaacagatg agctgctggg    163020
     tcatttcctc caagagagaa agtgaagttg agtcctttct aagttgatag atttatcctg    163080
     atagcaagcc agaacccatt ttcctaagct gtacttaaag ctgttactct ttatcaagaa    163140
     cagcaataac taaaaagtta aaattagagt caatggtagc tccttttagc aagagcaagc    163200
     tgtcttctga ttaataatat tgtttgtttt aaaaatcaca gtattacttt ctccctaata    163260
     tttaacatta cttaggtgca gtttcctgct atatgtaata gtagcatgct gttgggtcta    163320
     ctattatctc agagtccagt gaagcaaacc tttggctgac agagtagaga gaactcattt    163380
     tatattggga aagcaaagaa actttataca aagtagaaag gtatttggat ggatgtgcca    163440
     tttcaagaca gtactggttg ggtgctactg gaagcaaaga gagggacagc tgctagcctt    163500
     gcaaaccata catccagtca acatcataat gcaatgcaca aaaagccagc aaaaactgaa    163560
     tatatgggag gtttcgctga aatactgtga aaaagcaacc accgtaactt tataaaactt    163620
     gctctcgaca taacataaca taaaggcacc attgatatct ttctcgtttt tttgaaatac    163680
     tgtaaaaaat tgctacatat ggcacataac acatttttac atacatatat ttaatttata    163740
     aaagtttttt tcttcctgtt ttctatttgc agaactgcta aaataaaata aattgtttaa    163800
     tttaaggtga aatactttat tatataaaat aaagttttac aggtgaatct atgtgtttat    163860
     ttaggtttta tacagcaata gggtcttggt tagcgattac actagacagc ctggcctgta    163920
     attcttcctg tgtggagaag cggcctgctg ggttagtcct gctctcagcc agacggaagg    163980
     caggggccac ctcaaggctg gctgccaggg ggttctgtat gcccaggaat ggtgtatctt    164040
     cacctactct ttcatcttct gtctcacttt ctgagttact gctcacagaa cttgggttgc    164100
     tgtccatttc caacctattg gcaatgtggc cattgggctt ggttcttttg gcccgccggc    164160
     tattggtgac tttcttaata ggctcttgaa ttggctcata ctcctgggtc gtttcgtatt    164220
     cctcatcctc cactatcctc aatgggctag gggggaggct ggtactctga tgtgcagggt    164280
     tgtgatgaaa ggagttgagt tgctgggggt gatgatcata cttcttctcc cgtagcctcg    164340
     gtggcgtcac aagaagcaga ggcctctctt cttccacaaa ggggctgact gccacagagg    164400
     gcatggacac cgtcatgctg gacacgggtg gagacatttc cgaagggggc gatttagggg    164460
     agcttggcgt gtggaaatct acaggtgaca tacgagccgg ggtggtcatg gctgatacat    164520
     acctgtgtga gcacagaata ccccgcgtga gtgtggtgga taaagagggc acagaacagg    164580
     gagggagtag gggcggagtt caccacggga tatagtcaga gaatagtcat cattgaatac    164640
     ttaagtttta cactagaaag ttcagcaccc ttgggtccta tccttattaa agccaagagt    164700
     ttccttataa gaatcatgca aagattggct aagtcatcta gctcattaaa gatttttgag    164760
     agtttcagtc tcatcgtgaa tttaaataaa agtatgtgag ccaagaaaag gggggctccc    164820
     aagaacatct cagcttataa agaccaaggc ttggggactt agaagggaaa gaagtattct    164880
     taaatactat accttcctaa aggccaaggg gtcttagaga atgaagccca aatggggaat    164940
     ggaagaggat ctaagatgag ttgctgacag ctcgatctgc atgcatttgg atctgtaagc    165000
     cttgtttctc cttagctcag ctataaggtt atgtcttatg aaaaaaaaaa gagcacagta    165060
     acttaaaatt tacagtgtaa tacatttgtg tgcttttaag ttgaaagttt catgaaatgc    165120
     tactagttaa cattcaattt gccactgtcc gtttcagggt gtaatatatc tgaaggcaag    165180
     cctaagagaa accataattg gtttcatgtc accacagtgg gcactaactc caatctccca    165240
     tgtatttctc ctccaaatcc caacactgca tcagcttttg gtatccttcc ggaaatactt    165300
     gcaaaaagat ccttacaagt tcctagcgag cttctgtgta tacacaagga tttggcgtac    165360
     catggtattt caagccatgc catgttggat aatgccacca tttcagttca ggtaccatgt    165420
     gcctgttttg cagcactgtg ccttccctag aacaggaagg catgtcctcc gggctgagtc    165480
     tgagtcacat tcctcatctt ttgataatga tgctcatagt gcacagccac tgggtgactc    165540
     ttcctgacac tgacattcac agtctaattt gatgtgacct gtgatgacac aggatactgc    165600
     tctctgaact caagctaatg ggaagaggaa gcctattaat tctctcactt ttccatgatt    165660
     catggtgata tggaagtgag atccacctgt gtttaaaatt ggaaaaagtg tctcagaatt    165720
     tgaaacatct cgggcccaag tctgcagata tcttttgagg gtaacgaaat tagaccttct    165780
     gagaaattct agtcacagtt caaccaacac atacaagtga ttcatctttt ttctccccaa    165840
     gatctttcag tttaagattg ttttgtaact ctagacagtc tgggtggtgc cctgatgcct    165900
     actttagcag acagaaccct caaaaccaag ccatggtaat gaaaagcaac ctcacattac    165960
     cttctctgta tgttttaaga gggctgaata ggaatggaca gacttcaata tacaaaacta    166020
     taattataca aggttaatac tctaagacat ttttagacca tactcttctg cagatgtatt    166080
     ataaagagaa tgttagattc ataaattcta tcctgttctg aaactgcact ggggacaagg    166140
     tgatcagcag gctctttgac ctgaaactcc ccaaaggatt cttggctgta ctttcaggac    166200
     cataagtaag aagttctttg aaatcacctc cacccaggta actgtgaaaa tacatttgga    166260
     cttggcatta tattgactct ttagtcaatg gaaataggct aaactgagat aacaataaga    166320
     aaataaacga actggattgg aaaatcaata ggtaacagcc cgcagatggg ctaaatggtc    166380
     agctggccat gactttcatt cagcttaaat gaaaacggat aaagagaatg tccaagttca    166440
     atattcctat ttatcacttt ctctagttta ctctcttcca cgctttagtt tgcctctgtc    166500
     atcccttctc caacccaagt tggactttcc ccaaaaggaa atgcaaacat cctggaattg    166560
     atggttatat cagaggcaat atctgctttg aaaatcacct ataaaagcta ccaggctcat    166620
     tacacaacac ctttatttac ccatgacttc tagggatttc ataattggat acagcgtggt    166680
     gaacaggagg aggcattccc ccatgaccat cagcaatgtc acagcccttg acttgcttta    166740
     actgaggcta gaggtagggt agttaatgca tgggaagagg agagcagaat gaccattgag    166800
     gtagccaatg gacagctggc cgattggaat tagatgaggg tacacctgaa ggctcctgct    166860
     ctttttgagt tggttgcctg tcagccactg ggacggtggg agaagctcag gatgaaggag    166920
     ttcagccaaa taagaggatg acttcatcaa ctaggagcat cagggaattg atgacacccc    166980
     gtacataagg atgaatttcc ttaggagaga ccgcaggtgc tcatgggatt ctctcactga    167040
     atgaggatct cctccaggat agctttgcca ttcggtttta cctttcacta tgaggagagt    167100
     ctctgtagga gtcaggggtt tctctggcat gcctgaggaa gctgttacat tcgcgagggc    167160
     ctcccaggcc atgaagacgt cctcgtgggc ccccagctgg gctgctgtgc ctgctgttct    167220
     ctaccgatga catcatgatt acagagtggc tttctgaaat gatgctttct gtgtgcccat    167280
     tactccagct gggtagagaa gaaacgttaa gaggcagtga gacagattgt cttaatttta    167340
     tgtggaaaat agcaaagaac aaaagtgccc aatatctcaa ttgactgata cctcagtagc    167400
     ccagaaatga ttcaaagatc tctactctaa agagaatctt gattcagatt ggacgtgtga    167460
     acacatagtt tatgaatttg ttcattcatt ccataaatat ttatcaagtg ccacgaggta    167520
     gtattagtgc tgtctcacag tgcttgagtg gctcgagcta aacaaaggca ttgctgtgtg    167580
     cattatgtct ggaagtctgc tgctgtactt ggtagagtga gcacagccag catgacatca    167640
     cagccagggt atctaagaat ggagtgctcc gctatgtagg catttccagg gggggcactt    167700
     cccagggcag tctaagcttt agaaacaaac ttctacggat cacaatgaat ctagacagat    167760
     gtttccctgc agtgagcagc aattcagtga gtagcctggc ataaatcaag gcaatttcta    167820
     gactgaggaa cagcaaggtg acacttttta ttgtttgcaa tagacacatt aggcttgggc    167880
     atacaaagta aaagcagttt atatccaaaa tctattaaca ttcacagtcg gtccatttta    167940
     ctgcttttaa ctgtctcctt tgctatttcg ttaggaatgg atagaaaaga gtaatgaagg    168000
     aaataaattc tgcttaggat atttttttcc ttctgagatt ccaatccctg ccctcctccc    168060
     ccatacctgt gactaggagt ctgggtgaca gtcgtggagt gatgagctgt ggaagtgtag    168120
     tgactggtgg aaaaggaggt ctccacttct ctctccacaa tatgctcact ggagatgacg    168180
     tttttagata catattgctg gataaacaaa gagacggaat tggaaagttc acattagata    168240
     catggcatga acaaattcct ttctgaaggt ttgcacaaga caggtcctaa aatctcaact    168300
     tcatttctgt cagttccaac tgataacagg aatgtcccaa acattctgcc cagtattatt    168360
     tttgtctgca ttccttcagg tcaaaaaaac taactgatat ctgagggtca gaaacataca    168420
     tgtagtctaa tttatttcaa atttcatgtc actagaaaaa cgttaactgt ggtattttaa    168480
     actttttttt ttaatttcat aatgcctata ctgaccctac ggatattgct gaagatttta    168540
     acttgctcag tggtatttca aggacttaaa atattttcaa ggtctgaaca aagcccagat    168600
     aaatacccag ggctttatct ttagtgagtc aactttactt tcatcagcat aacacagtag    168660
     ctatttactg cctgcgaaca gtgagattct gggttttttt aaagctccct ttaagttatt    168720
     gcaggtacct tttgcatttc tgagtgaaat aagttaaacc atgagaaaag gaatagacag    168780
     aaatgagtgg ggtagggtat ttaatgtctg ctgagatgtg ggctctaaag aacctgatcg    168840
     tcatggaagg ctacaaacac acagcttgaa ttttgcaggc tagctctttt tgtttatgga    168900
     aatactttcc tttctggatc ttcctgggga caactgctgc cttgctattg cgttggtacc    168960
     cattctaccc ttgccatctg gaagcacctt gaacccagtg ggtgtaatga aaatactatt    169020
     taccaaatta taaagaactc cctaagtgtg ttgggccaag tgttttatct tagtgatgta    169080
     ggcattattt ttaggccaga tataattaag aaataacatt gaaaggagtt atttgtgcca    169140
     tcattgcaat tcaaacagtc atggtcctgt tgctagtata tgttacattg tatatgataa    169200
     tatatcacat gacatataat acatatgcat tgcattatat ataatatgta ttaaatatta    169260
     tagttatgtt ggccatgagt gcttttattc accttggaaa acattccaat gaacctatta    169320
     ttggaaggga agcaaaagct cccttttaag cctttgcccc gtcatcctcc cagaagtcca    169380
     tgctatgagc cttgggagta caatagtaac caccagctcc caacgtgaat ctaggaccac    169440
     tcttctccac ccaagagctt ctgtcacagg acgggaaatg gtattacaaa tttcaaacta    169500
     cgtctattaa gaaaactaca cattccaagg gaaagaatgg ggatcgtgct ggaacatgaa    169560
     gatcaacact tcagaactat gagcactggg aagagcgttg ggcctaatct cttaacatga    169620
     gaaagaactc aatgatggta tggacacggt ctcagggagt aggctatcta gtcaaattta    169680
     gaagctacgt gcatagtgca atcaaaacaa aatacgtgaa tgattgaggg tgcatttcac    169740
     atggaggtca tagcatcaca tagaaggagt cagggaatac tcaagtatta cattctcttc    169800
     gctttgttcc aagtttctcg ccttttcatg ttccaaattc ttcatggaaa tcagaatcag    169860
     aaaatcacat gcccctcaaa gggaccctaa taaaaacatt ttaaagccct ttgcttggtt    169920
     tgctatgagt cagtgatata ctggactagt tttcattccc aaatgactaa aaataaatat    169980
     tccttccaat tctgatttta ttatttatga cttatgccat tttctcctct ttctaggcat    170040
     tcctgcagga caaactaagc atcctcccaa tgtcttaaat gccacagtgt aagggaccgt    170100
     gtgctaataa ctggatccat tgtaaaacag ccgtcactgt tttctcctgg ccaatccttg    170160
     ggtttgtgga aggccactat gctaagtggc agcaggtaag gagccgaaga ttagaaaaac    170220
     caacttcagc gtgtctgaac agcaaacgca tgcttggttt tctcagtggg tcagtcaaca    170280
     tacattcacc agttgcacat tctctggtgg tgggtttgga tggtgagggc cattcgctat    170340
     gttcaccatg ttgtttcgtt ctgaccgaag gctctgccgg agccgatcat gaagcttctg    170400
     ccgctgtttc ctggatagga gaaaaggagg tgtttgttcc tcatcctttt gttcattccc    170460
     tacagccaca tctttagtct attaacactg atgaacaacc tgaggctctc actcagtgat    170520
     gaccatgagc gaatggaagt atgtgtgtga cattgtctca taataattct gtctcagaat    170580
     tagcagtatc acacatccca agaacgcagg tttcaatagt tagatggaat tcttatggaa    170640
     atgtagttaa ttgtactgaa ggagaacaaa aaaggagaaa agaacccaaa tgcattagta    170700
     ttaggctaac ctctcaacca tctatgtcta aattgtacag atagccattg gtcttactat    170760
     aggattaatg aggctgattc catttataaa ttttcctatg gattgcttaa gaagattaat    170820
     ttagcttttc attggtatat ctcatatagc tactatgtgt gcatatccca tacatctctg    170880
     tggaactttg ggtatagttt accattatat tttggcacaa ttgtaacaag actctatact    170940
     ttgcaacttt acaaaagaga aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaga aaaaaaagaa aaaaggtagc    171000
     cgggcagtgg tggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagagac aggcggactt    171060
     ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccaag actatacaga    171120
     gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa    171180
     aaaaggtgat aaatattcaa atttgaatct aataagactt ttgatgccag ttctgtgatt    171240
     gtctgtcttt ttcactctct ccttgcagca tttattcatt tatttattca tttatttatt    171300
     tattgagata ccatggaaac ataatttatg ctgtagattt tgtggcaaaa tatttgcatg    171360
     ttacctctgt tttctagtac aacatttaga tcaagacact cccaagatta gttttgacct    171420
     gaaaatatta tgtcatcaaa caaaacccaa acaacactct attaactgaa aattacattt    171480
     acacctcaag aaatcctaag tgtagaatgg gactcattag tcagctaatg tgtgtgctag    171540
     cctggacacc tgtagaaggc ctagcatggt gactatatag ccttaaggtt ttcttttaaa    171600
     ctttttttcc aaacaaattt gacttgcttc tccttccaca aaaattcctt tatatactgc    171660
     acatttatag agcatttatt ttggaaacct aatagaatta agacataatc atattatcgc    171720
     tcaaaaaaca tccccccaca ccctgtattt tgtatatcac aaagtgcttc ttaagattct    171780
     gctcctccaa cctccagtta ccccttttgg catgtacact cttagtagga agtgcttgtg    171840
     tggaacgcta atcctataca agcctttatc catttacaaa gccatagtca ctgagaaatt    171900
     tgtctaagtt cacacaaaca gtcaaagatt cacaaagtgt attactcagt cgggaactta    171960
     aggatgtaag ctcctatggt cctcccccca cctctgagtc ttgggtatgg gatcacccac    172020
     tacaaagccc tgcccgccta agatgcttct acgttgtggg gggggagaga cagagacgag    172080
     ggggagcttt acttggtttt gcagtaggcc accacacaca tgatgccgac caccaacagg    172140
     gcgatacaga tgccagtaat tgtcagtacc ctcttctggt agagctcctc cgcttctgga    172200
     aaggggtgag aacagatgtc actgaagtca tctaatgtca ccaggactta caaccaaaca    172260
     gctggcatgc ttcatgacgt tacccatgtc cacaagacag tcaatccttg acaacaaaac    172320
     ttcacattta cactcacgtc taaggtacaa tatgttctgg gctatacttt aagcataaat    172380
     aacaagctag ctaaggcatt gaaagtaaaa aatgctatat tttatgattc ctctaattac    172440
     cagctattat acatatatga tattacatga gaaaaaaatc atagacattc attacaaaag    172500
     aactgattaa aactatatcg atgttattct atttattaaa tatcctataa agaaatctct    172560
     tgcaaagaca acaggaatca atgttgatta aaaaaaaaag acctaatact ggctccaagg    172620
     agacccttct ttcttccttc ctcattcttc cttcctccat tcaccaccct ccaccccaat    172680
     cacctttcca cttccctgaa gttttaaatc atcacttcat atccagtggt ctttacagag    172740
     aggcatgtct acatttaata aattgaattc aaaggtaatt gcaaatatga acttggcttg    172800
     tagatagtaa gttaaggcaa cagccttacc gtttagagtc aatttactag aagaaacagg    172860
     gacactgtgg tggaacaggg cgccctgcca gagaaaaccc aacatggtgg gtagggcaca    172920
     cttgggccac agaagggagt tgttctttgg aggaaaatgc ttattacgct attatcagag    172980
     aaccaatttg tattaagccc atcattaaca caaatgatgt atcctttgga ctagactgca    173040
     cagtcccaca tcagacaact ggaatattct aagagagtga gtatggtact ctgagctctg    173100
     aactacaggt accactctac tccagatgca gtaagtctgt aatgtgtgga aatttttcca    173160
     gttaaaaatt agtgtctttg gaggatggct tgcttgattt tatatatagg tgttaacagt    173220
     caggctgtta acaaaatttg cagacttact ggagatgctg agtgcttagc agttgagctt    173280
     ctaataatct gattttacgt atttgaagat cttcacatgt ttgcctagca cacacagaaa    173340
     ctggcttgtt tgccattaaa actaataacc tgggcaagaa ccggagaata ctgtacaaat    173400
     ggaatatcct tatctgagca tcaacaagaa ggagtatttc catcatctgc tcagccttgg    173460
     aagttatacc attctcttcc ttgaaagggg gcagggtcac aggaagtttt cttaaacatg    173520
     aataagtgat ttttaatttc tatcaattag aggatcttat catgaaagaa aacatttcct    173580
     acaagccgag tccatggtaa tcaagtcccg gttaacaggt caagaacact gtcaaatcaa    173640
     attaatagag cacttatcat taagagaata gaagtcagtg ggtaaaaggc tacaacactg    173700
     aaaagattaa acaaaaacaa acagaaaggg ttggaggtgg agaggaaaaa caaaccaagt    173760
     ggatagacag actgaaagaa tgactgagag tgagaaagtc aggtacaaag gaaaaggaag    173820
     gttaaaagtt agggaggcac ctggagttcc tggcacagca ggcctgatat taagggagaa    173880
     aagaataaag aaatgaaaac caggcagagg agatgtttgg ggtgaggttg ggggaggaaa    173940
     aggtgggtac aaagtgggaa ggggtgatcc atacagcata actcctaacc tgggctagcc    174000
     gtgacatgga agccatgatt agaaaagcga agcagttggt gcgttgcggt gccacagtat    174060
     gcaggagaca tacagctggt gtcatggagt tgttgtgttt gtgtgtacac tgtacaaatc    174120
     taacaatgac atgagtgggg gggaggcgct tatgtgttaa ttgcttgtac ctattgtact    174180
     cctcccccga gacaaaggta ggggttatgc ggtgttatct gtgaatggat gatgccatag    174240
     ctttcctccc tggcatccta agtggcatct agtgtgtatg cctaagcagc acaaccgtat    174300
     ctcagtgctc ttccttccaa ggattccttc acataagcac acattagtta tgaaatggag    174360
     cattagcatt gtcatcaaca aatggcaggc cctgctgtcc ccttttggct aatgtacttc    174420
     ttcctttaaa attaatgagg cctggtgtat gtgtagcttg aaggcagagt gcttgtctag    174480
     aacatatgag atcctggctc aggtttcaca aacagatgag gggaaaaaga agggggatag    174540
     gaaagccctt ggttgcagct tttcactgac accccaatac cctactcttt gaaaagccag    174600
     gaaataaaaa ggggtcatat agaaggacta aagtgagcat tgggggtcat catgggttgc    174660
     ctcccgccac ccccaaactc tcagggattc ctgtaacaac tgttttggtc gttggtaact    174720
     aggaaaggac agagttggac atgtggacca ctagcatctg gtgatcagcc tattctcatt    174780
     gcttgtgagc aaaacaacca tttcagggac tagagagctc agtaaaggac aacacagcta    174840
     gaaggagcca gtttaagaca gggaactcaa aacacaggat tcaattctgt gttccattca    174900
     gtactggcta cacatttctc agctaaatgt cttcttgata tttttttttc agagttttgc    174960
     tgcatccaca atatgaataa aggaaaataa aaccttggac aaagagcaag cctattattg    175020
     ctcgtctcat ttttgtatta ctaatttttt gttcttgtat cactgtatcc acaaggcaag    175080
     agcaaagctg agctagtact caaaatcatc ccaaaggtct ggcctggctc cttaagtgga    175140
     aatgctccaa gcctgtctgg tttggctgga tggaccatgg tgagtcacat caaacacatt    175200
     ttcattctaa tgtgtccagg agaaaagaca gagccattct tactctctta tttttaaatg    175260
     acccttaagg tcaggagtta tttctggata taatagattg gccttatact ctgtgaagcc    175320
     ttagagatgt gtggataaca gtgcactgcc tttatcaact gtgagaacag ctaagggagc    175380
     acttacgtag cataaggatt tgactctact attcactaat caaaatagta aagtctagag    175440
     tcagactaca cagctccgag agtgggggat ttctgctagt gatagaggta gttctgaggg    175500
     cttggctctt ggtttcccac aggaaagggc agttctgtga gatttctgac agagggatat    175560
     ttcctatgag aaaagaagaa cccttgacac cctggtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    175620
     gacataaatt tgagcacttt ttcctaatct atctgatagt tttcttctta aatttttatt    175680
     ttcttagagt gatggcaatt gagcttctct ctgtgtacct atgagagcca cctatgggtt    175740
     cctgtgtcat caattatgct tctgagctga tgtgatgtca gccaaagggg acagcagctg    175800
     ttgcacacac ttgatgcata tcaccatgcc accatgcacc aaacaatttg ttaatcagga    175860
     catggtgtcg ttgagccaag actctgttct agtctttcac atgaagagcc tggaggccag    175920
     gaaaggtgga agtttcctgc tcctttgtcc atttattctt ttgtttgttc gttttttctc    175980
     ttctcattct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    176040
     ttctctctct ctttcctttt tcttctttct ctctctcttc cttcagttct tgaagggtct    176100
     ttttggaata tgcccatatt tcatctacct tttggagcct tgtttgtttg gatagttact    176160
     gtgtgaagtt ttctatatga tgacttgtct gggtcatctt aaccttagtg atgtaatcca    176220
     tcattagtgg aatgcccaag caaatcaaca acatctgctt tctatttcct tgcttctaaa    176280
     ccaacaaagt tgactagagt catacttgag catcttcaag aaatctgggt gattcaactc    176340
     tgtgcagtgt tagatgtaaa actgccacta ggttctatcc tttcctttct ctctctctct    176400
     ttctctcttt cttttttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    176460
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct    176520
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tcctccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt    176580
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttctctctct ctctctctct cttttctttt    176640
     tatgtgtatg ttcttaaacc ttttggtcct ccggcctctc atttgagttc tcctgtagcc    176700
     tatgcaccac tccgacttac tccagctcct acataacagc atggtccaat caatgagtca    176760
     cacaatggag gagaggaggg actatgacca agttgcagca ggagggagat ttttaatctc    176820
     taagtgaagg taggcttaga aatttaaaac ctgctgcact ccataacatt ctcataaact    176880
     agtcatagat tgaaggcaga gaaacccatg ttatagctgt atgatccctt ctaaagaaaa    176940
     aggaaattag ttaggaactg aaaaggaaga agagggaggg caaaagagtt cagttcagag    177000
     gctctacatt ctgcaggcta aaaggaacga tgattggtcc atacccataa attcaatccc    177060
     aagatgctct gccaatgcag aaagttgaca aggggtgggg gagaaaaaag aaagaaagga    177120
     aaaaagtttc agaaaagagc aatacaccgc actccaaaac aaattacaca cgactatgac    177180
     agctcccttt gcgtgcacat ggaacaggac aggccgtagg tgttagggca gcatgctcag    177240
     ggatgcccga gcccaccagc gaggtgtgga agcatcagcc caggggcttt agaaaccttt    177300
     gaaagcttct actgagggag gttaggtgct gaaccatcct cgactcctcc tttgaaaata    177360
     gacatgtttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgata tatattacca ggaaaagcat ttgcaattag    177420
     gtgattagtt tttaaatgaa gttcaaagga ggcttctagt tgttgctttc tgcttatttg    177480
     tttaaactaa aggtgcccag tagctgagta gaagccaaga agccagtaat tcggtttgca    177540
     attcttatcc cattgaattt acttttcctt gctggtgggt aattatactt tagtattttt    177600
     cttttgttaa agttgtacct ccgtgactta acttcccact actttcaatg caaacatcgt    177660
     ccttttcatt cacagaaacc aacaaaagct tctacccaga aagatgagaa agaaaacatg    177720
     aaaattggat aactggtgat ttgatttgtt tcctgttatt tttaatataa tttttgtgtt    177780
     gtattagaca attgaaacct cagggggttt tttgtttgtt tgttttttgt ttttttttta    177840
     agctgcaaaa aataagataa aattaagtac gtggagatac agcttctggg gtctttcact    177900
     ttaatttgct gctttttcaa actattagag gcagttagat cagttctccc agtcctgagc    177960
     tccagtgggt acaggtgcca acagaacctc cacaccactc agggaagggg agtagagagt    178020
     gtgagcccat gcccagcgtt tttgcagctc tctacgaagc cttgcacagg ttaaaatggg    178080
     gaaatgaggg gctgggagag aggcaaagaa aggaaggata tttttcctct ttttgcaaca    178140
     aaactggacc atcgagtttt atcacgagga agcataggct ttccctctct aagcactagg    178200
     tagagaggat tggagggagg gagagatcag agatgcattt tgttctctta atggattggg    178260
     gagatacgaa ggcaatccac taatataatg agacagctct taagctggct gtatgtggta    178320
     gaggtatgtg gcttgtacaa aaacatgtca gggcatggag aaagtagccc ataaagaaaa    178380
     agagtagaag gttcatcctg gttcagatcc tgcctctcct gcttacctct ttagtgactt    178440
     tggtcaggtt tctctcttac tggaaaaatt catattcatg ttcattggtg gccctacgga    178500
     atgaactact gtggccaata gcagaggact cagaattctg ggaaacagac acatctggag    178560
     atgtatcgag ggacagtcag tgcattcagg gttaactcag agtaatttta tgcgggacat    178620
     tctgaatgct tctaggatct atcaaaagaa cagacttgaa gatttttgta gccacttcaa    178680
     agaaggatgc ttcccagata aaaaatatat cttgaagatg ggaggcatga cctataaagt    178740
     cttttgattt gggtcaaata tagtcctaca agtaacctga aattttcatg aattaagaac    178800
     cttagggtta attcagttgt acaagatgtt cataataata cgatctattc aaatacaaat    178860
     gaatttctct tgcctctgtg caatttttca ggctggcttt ttttttttca tgtgctttta    178920
     aatataaact ttggagcatc aatgtgaaaa aaaaatttag tttctaagga aatcgataat    178980
     aaatttcctt actcgtttct ttcacaaggc tatgatccaa ttttctttct agaggcttct    179040
     ctgtttcttg ccttttcctc ctagaagtca ctaataattt aagggttaaa atcaaaacat    179100
     atctatataa aaaaaaatcc tttccaaaga attattccat gcctatgtta acacttctaa    179160
     tgatttgcat tagttgcata gaaagcttgg ttaagtcttc aataaaatta gtagcatgcc    179220
     catgcataca tattattgca tttacagttt tataggtaag cctgggagtc taactataat    179280
     ttcatttcaa gggaagtcat tcatatcagg cagctccaat tttgtataat tcaatgggaa    179340
     attggtactt aaaatgggaa tctcttttgg ctgtgagccc taacaaggaa acaagcagag    179400
     gacacatgca tcagtcattc tagacccaga gcaaggctgt tcttatttat gttgctattg    179460
     gtagctccat ctctttccct ttccatctaa caaaagaagc agaagatgca aactttacat    179520
     tatgcaaaga aactctttct atctgctcta cgtaatctac tgctgatgtg agctcattta    179580
     tgtaacacat ggtactattg aacttctggc tagccactac attctttaaa ttcaattaat    179640
     aattcacaaa cacaaaggtt actgtaaaca attgggtttc cttttctaca tgtgatttcc    179700
     tgccaggacc atagcaacat aaaaaattaa tttaaatcca agagtctcca gaaactatta    179760
     aatattgact cgctaatcct ttgtgtgagg attttataat tacttgacga aaaccgatta    179820
     acctggaggt taatttaaat tttcaactgc attagagaga agtgcaataa aaataacttt    179880
     ctttcatcaa atttatatag tcattgccat tatggtttct gttcaaattt cacggcattc    179940
     gggatgttat ttttcacatt tggggattgt ttatgcaaat aatctcaagg acatgcagtt    180000
     ttgattttct gtttctctgg gttttctaaa gtgttctact aatgccagtt ctaaaaggga    180060
     atttagtgtt gtggctctaa tttcagactt acctttaaaa atgtagatgc ttttttttca    180120
     cactttgcat tgttactgaa ttc                                            180143