ID   AC127328; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 186950 BP.
AC   AC127328;
DT   12-AUG-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   28-JAN-2005 (Rel. 82, Last updated, Version 8)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-259B8 from 6, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-186950
RA   Levy A., Cotton M., Haakenson W.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-259B8";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-186950
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-186950
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-JUL-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-186950
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-JUL-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-186950
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-JAN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 32379492b9652fc3f97a4d5bc997473c.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456132.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000051331; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031189; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031158; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031089; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031169; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0030540; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0031627; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030276; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0030852; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031008; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0030960; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031087; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0030994; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0031656; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0029991; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030359; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC127328.6:1-186950; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000112790; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000112793; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000185345; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000186889; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000187317; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000187386; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000187474; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000187940; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000188078; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000188106; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000188522; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000188865; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000189389; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000189520; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000190285; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000219018; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000219223; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000219833; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000220022; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0079664; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0079727; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0079653; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0079671; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0077610; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0080144; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0079884; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0079251; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0079407; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0079290; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0079443; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0079298; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0080396; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0079313; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0078403; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A087WPP1.
DR   GOA; A0A087WPZ8.
DR   GOA; A0A087WQJ4.
DR   GOA; A0A087WQT9.
DR   GOA; A0A087WR02.
DR   GOA; A0A087WRM3.
DR   GOA; A0A087WRZ6.
DR   GOA; A0A087WS40.
DR   GOA; A0A087WS67.
DR   GOA; A0A087WSE7.
DR   GOA; A0A1W2P6T3.
DR   GOA; A0A1W2P6Z7.
DR   GOA; A0A1W2P731.
DR   GOA; A0A1W2P805.
DR   GOA; C7TQ57.
DR   GOA; C7TQ59.
DR   GOA; F7C376.
DR   InterPro; IPR002077; VDCCAlpha1.
DR   InterPro; IPR005446; VDCC_L_a1su.
DR   InterPro; IPR005451; VDCC_L_a1csu.
DR   InterPro; IPR005821; Ion_trans_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR014873; VDCC_a1su_IQ.
DR   InterPro; IPR027359; Volt_channel_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR031649; GPHH_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR031688; CAC1F_C.
DR   MGI; MGI:103013; Cacna1c.
DR   RFAM; RF00026; U6.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WPP1; A0A087WPP1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WPZ8; A0A087WPZ8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WQJ4; A0A087WQJ4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WQT9; A0A087WQT9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WR02; A0A087WR02_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WRM3; A0A087WRM3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WRZ6; A0A087WRZ6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WS40; A0A087WS40_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WS67; A0A087WS67_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WSE7; A0A087WSE7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P6T3; A0A1W2P6T3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P6Z7; A0A1W2P6Z7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P731; A0A1W2P731_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P805; A0A1W2P805_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; C7TQ57; C7TQ57_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; C7TQ59; C7TQ59_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7C376; F7C376_MOUSE.
CC   On Jul 30, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:49406115.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0259B08
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC036121.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..186950
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /map="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-259B8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   976..1070
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1290..1556
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   3039..3195
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   3197..3510
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   5518..5584
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6361..6488
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   6998..7061
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   7190..7249
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   7657..7935
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8063..8140
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   8446..8577
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   8466..8637
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   8849..8922
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9360..9609
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9657..9771
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9793..9920
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9921..10019
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   10048..10153
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10152..10501
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11265..11442
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   11913..12041
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12550..12722
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   12928..13102
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   13470..13631
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   14358..14547
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   15328..15396
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   16957..17014
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17703..18106
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   20091..20176
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   20862..20981
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   22425..22518
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22524..22603
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   23847..24033
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   24034..24074
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   24654..24863
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   26700..26745
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   27946..28093
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   28262..28653
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29194..29344
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30310..30411
FT                   /rpt_family="U6"
FT   repeat_region   31436..31548
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   31565..31668
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   32249..32396
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32623..32886
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   33515..33564
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   33565..33671
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33672..33714
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   34211..34314
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   35029..35369
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   35939..36121
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   39937..40175
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   40742..40877
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   41163..41315
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   41797..41934
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   41939..42073
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   42174..42758
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46420..46490
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   47153..47224
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   48083..48298
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48637..49002
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49004..49291
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49330..49918
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49983..50253
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   50329..50444
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50456..50566
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50567..50870
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51159..51281
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   51308..51375
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Ala-GCY_"
FT   repeat_region   51709..52218
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52562..52669
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52972..53046
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   55354..55411
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   59201..59321
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   59754..59828
FT                   /rpt_family="MER103"
FT   repeat_region   63527..63885
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65621..65722
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66954..67119
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   67661..67800
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   69691..69905
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   69922..70140
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   70172..70488
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   71417..71521
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   71516..71609
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71650..71797
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73418..73538
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   75250..75608
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80222..80450
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81721..81809
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   83510..83637
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   85805..86345
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   86693..86882
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   87425..87747
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   90105..90508
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91557..91922
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92045..92097
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   92798..92904
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   94815..94834
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   94835..95180
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   95181..95271
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   96257..96578
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96707..96852
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98107..98372
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   98581..98650
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   99125..99617
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100198..100254
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   100537..100625
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   101679..101919
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102750..102833
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   104933..105045
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   105110..105703
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108745..108952
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   112667..112913
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115684..115794
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   117193..117295
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   117319..117422
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   119506..119731
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   120670..120894
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   121498..121817
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121828..121880
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   124926..125117
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   126072..126193
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   127235..127727
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   129706..129795
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   131145..131235
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   132851..132904
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   132964..133136
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   133522..133659
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   133723..134110
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   134111..135295
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   135296..135434
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   135421..135498
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   135538..135785
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   135852..136351
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   137041..137205
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   138374..138437
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140333..140402
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141048..141156
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   142139..142347
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   144275..144467
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   144637..144789
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   144952..145333
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   146852..146963
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147210..147276
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   150321..150456
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   150818..150915
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152726..152919
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   154806..154967
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   155175..155309
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   156059..156096
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   158424..158756
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162238..162448
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   163550..163678
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   166402..166463
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   167120..167187
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   169413..169761
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   169783..170362
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   170375..170495
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   170496..170598
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   172257..172320
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   172578..172780
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   174790..174915
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   175020..175192
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   175226..175359
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   175227..175398
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   175683..175906
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   182699..182801
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   183050..183252
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   185796..186031
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   186628..186944
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
SQ   Sequence 186950 BP; 48794 A; 43001 C; 44482 G; 50673 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttc aaagcgggtc tctttttttt cctctttctt ttttctttct ttcttttttt        60
     gtatattgag agacacaaac tgttcaagag aagaattgag aacaaagcac tcaggcctgg       120
     agaggagtgg gagagcatta gaagacaaac gtggagctga ttgacaggtt tgagaacagg       180
     gccttggatg ggaggtcaga gggattgaga agactaatgg ggactagaga aacatctcag       240
     gcctgggggg aagcaggacc gtggagcctg gttaggacag ggagagtggc tcgaagcagg       300
     agcaggaagt agggctgctg taagaattct tccttcagag gccgggtgag taaggtcatt       360
     atgacaacag caacggtgtg tacgctccga cggatgagag gcggccacac tttcagtttt       420
     gaacaacaaa tgaacagatt aagatcagag caagcacaag taagagaaca aatagcaagt       480
     caccgacagg aagtaaatct tcatcaaatc ggacttacaa gcatccagca gaaactggct       540
     gggggagcgg aggccgtcaa gtggagttcc acgtccagct cgatctcaat ggatgagctt       600
     cccaattctc ttttccacca caggcatctt tataccacga ggccagcagt agcttccgct       660
     ggaaatagtt tgcactctag ctgacatcaa gggcgtactg tctttaaaga cctaactgtt       720
     tgctcttttc ccctctccct gttggagagc caggagccca gcctgatctg gatcagggga       780
     gtttgaaaga gaccaggaag aacatccttg ctcccagagc tcacgcttaa caagcttaaa       840
     cagcacgtga taatttacct acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac       900
     accccaaacc acaacaacag cagcagcatg ttctggagca cacagcaaaa ttgttttctg       960
     tgtctaggga gtttacacat gcctatagtc atactactct gaagacgact gaggcaggag      1020
     gatttcaaga gacccaagag ttcaggcctg gagaacatag taagagcctg gtttccttcc      1080
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc tttctttctt tctttctttc      1140
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctctctt tctttctaga agcctaattt aagcttctgg      1200
     cccaggcttc atggatcaga attcctagaa gagaaaccag ggggcatatc taaatcaatg      1260
     agaaatgcta tgatttggaa cttaggggtc ctccacaggt tctagtatta gacactcagg      1320
     gttcaccatt gggagctaat ggaacctttg agaggtggag cctagtgggt gttcagtcac      1380
     tggatgtgtc cttgaagggg gatggtagat tttggtctct ctttactcca ttttgtttcc      1440
     tgtccatcag atgagagtgc ctcacactta ctaaaacgtc tcaccatata accaaaagat      1500
     cttggactag aacttctaaa agtatggccc aaataaacct tcccttttga aagttgacaa      1560
     tcatccatcc acatctgttg tagtgatagg aaactccctg actcatgaac caaggggcta      1620
     gctgtgtgat gagagaaaga cttctctaca tgccccttgc tgcccatcct gcacctggca      1680
     agttcttcac cacccagaaa ctccttcaag aacacagtct acaggagtcc cattggctct      1740
     atctggtgcc cttgttagct tgcaggaatg agccccagat ggcccagagc atccctgtgg      1800
     ctctaaggag cccttgtgtt tctccttgac acgagcacaa aactgctgga gagaaaaata      1860
     ctcattcgca catttctgtg ggcactgccc tgcctgtcac agaagcgttg tgtagtttca      1920
     gatactataa gtgctcatca gtgtaatggg ccagagctgc aagaacctgg aagttgaggg      1980
     ctggtgtctc cttagaacct gaacagggga ctttaccttt ccagttactg cgactctttc      2040
     ctctgggaaa gaagatggct ggagtagcta tctcataaat cccgccagct ctgtgtttag      2100
     ggcagaagat ccccttaaag ctcccgagaa gtgtgaagtc agcttagtgt cattctcata      2160
     gagaattgtt taaacctgtc tgtttccctc ccttctcagt ccctgtctgg ggaaggctgg      2220
     gatggatgta gaagattcac tcacgtcctc attctggttc acctggctta ggtaggaatc      2280
     tgccgtctac tgcatgggtc cgtgcacggc ctttgtcacg acttagtgac acaagcatgg      2340
     attctgtact ttggccttga gacggttccc cgtgggcttt agatgtgttt catgttgatc      2400
     aaagagaact gggcagaagg acaacaggac tatggaggcg atcctgacct tgtttgcatt      2460
     ttcctcatcg tgttaccaga tgcctgcagc attaaagaag aacaaaagct ccaaaggcag      2520
     ttattaaatt tgcttctgag tcattgggga ccaggctcat tctggtattt ggggggaaaa      2580
     attaaattgt agcatcagaa agatccctag ctctctttcc accttacctt tcctcaggtg      2640
     tggaaccttc ttggatcaca ttactattta gatgaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac      2700
     aaaaaacagc tcttttaggc ttcaagctta gatgcctctc cacccatgaa ggactgctat      2760
     atgtatgtac accttcaagt acgtgcaaga agacttttgt gccgtggtat aataagctta      2820
     gaggagacag ccaggaacct gaagttcaat ggccacgctg cccccccact cccaccccct      2880
     gagatggtct cccttggagc agttaagtta tggttacttg tgcttttatt tgcatagtaa      2940
     actaatccct tcctgatcca gtaggttcag ggaggatccc ttagctggtg agagccaagg      3000
     taaagcaagg gctgccctcc gggcagtggt cactcgggac agcacagcct ggaagcgagc      3060
     ccaggcttta gaggtagaca agatgcaaca gacagtgctg cctcagatta gccatgacct      3120
     tgatcgaatg gaacagaccc cttgaatctc aatgcattca tttgtaaatt agaataaaag      3180
     tctctgccac ataggctgtg aatgatttga atatgaattg gactccttgg gtacacgtgt      3240
     tgaaaccttg gtctccgggt ggtgctattt ggggaaggtt ctggaaactc tagtggatgg      3300
     agcctagctg gagaaaacag gtcaccagtg tgggccttga aagggtgtat ctggccattc      3360
     ttcacttctt tgcttcctgt ctacccggag gtaagtatct ctctttgtcc ccaatttcca      3420
     ctgccaagat tttctgggaa actaccttgg ggccgtgctc ctgtggactg acttctctaa      3480
     aaccaagggc tcaaataaat ccctcctctt gggggtttca ggcatttggg tcacagcact      3540
     agttaatact caggctaccc catggtggat gtcatattta taaggtatct tgtttactta      3600
     gcacacagta ggtgtttcaa agtagtggct tcatgcttct tttgtgctga gccctgggga      3660
     tgtacatata aacgtatagc agcttccgct ctccaggacc acggattgtg atgtaggaag      3720
     ggtggggagc agggcacatg cagatgactg gaaaacctca ctttgtctgc ttcctgggag      3780
     gcaactccat ctctcccttt tactcccctg agtcctgctt tttttttttt tttttttttt      3840
     ttttttggcc ctgccaaaga cttcatctgt agagctgtgg gagctattct ggccagtcct      3900
     tgacatttca ctgagattat ttcaagactg tgcagcttag ggctggtctg ctccccccgc      3960
     cccccatccc ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      4020
     tctctgcatg gattagggca aaaacaagct tatacactct atgccaacag gactcggtgc      4080
     tgttggagat aaagcagagc ttccccggtt aagtccccct tttctaggca agtgtcgatc      4140
     agactgctag tctatggtct caggtacaga gaggcagaag gtaggagcga gtgaaggata      4200
     gctgaggtgc acatggatct ggcctggact ctgccactgg ctgcagctga ccgtcaggaa      4260
     tgcacccctc tccttagctg cggactacac aggaagagct ggtctcaccc taaggaaacc      4320
     tttagccaga ggactcctta ttacagtcct attggtgact acacaaggct gccagtcaga      4380
     tgtggtggtg gtccaggggt gatcaggtgc caggtaagag cttcaatctc ctcttggtag      4440
     gagtgactct cgaactctta cataccgtcc tcagctttcc agagggacac agttccttag      4500
     gccccaagtc tgtgttcttt tctttgtttg ctagctgggg gctgtctttg aggccacaga      4560
     caagacagct tggtgcactt cctgacaaga ggcctgctgt tctccagaaa cccacctgtg      4620
     gaatctgaga atatactggg gaaaacttgg gaacgcagga gaatagttcc tgttctgtat      4680
     cgtttttgtt tacctacttc ggcaggtttt catagtctgg gttttatgcc ccactaaacc      4740
     ctcagaggaa cttaacctct aactcaacac taacaaagca gcttcagtct tcagaggctg      4800
     tgatttacct acccgcctgc aaacaccagt tttctggtaa tttcttctcc aatctgctcc      4860
     agctccctcg ggagggaagc ttgcatgctg ttcaccaaat gcctgctagc actgagagtc      4920
     tctgcccttc cccatgttac agaactttcc agaattctgc cctttcctcc ctggctggtg      4980
     gtttgtgtat gaacagagac aggatgcgaa tagtggtgag cagaggaaag agcctccagg      5040
     gaagtcttct gcagagggct aagggctaac ttctcagggg ttgttttggc aatagtggtc      5100
     ttgtgtgcta tggttctgtt ggaaggagtg atgtgtatga cttgagaaaa cacagaaggc      5160
     tgagagtttc cacatagtgg atgtgtctca ggcctggaag ctgtgcggcc aacatcatgg      5220
     gcagtctatc ctgtctggct atgacctgga gcctgaattg ctgctcaaaa gagtgtgagg      5280
     atgctctaga gcatccttca tggtaatcca tcccagcatc ttctgcctct gccatcctcg      5340
     attctaaatg agagatagaa atgcagcacc ccttgatcct ttagctctct ttgatctttc      5400
     acttcacctc aagcatacat gcgtgcgtgt gtgcgtgcgt gcgtgcatat gtgtgtgtgt      5460
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtcttcgt gcatgcgtgt gtgagtgccc      5520
     aattctctgg tctatctccc atcttgctat aggagttctg ggattaaaga tgtgtgctac      5580
     catgtgttgg gtatagaaat attggaggag tctcttgggg cttgtctttc tcataagacc      5640
     tgagactgcc atgtatgtaa tgatcctgtt ggtcccagct gatcacagtt cagagaacaa      5700
     cttgtgatgc cagccaggag agtgtcagga aagatagttc cagagcacag ttctctacag      5760
     gcagagacat ttgtaggtgg taccaggggg gcaggcagta aatttaagga aaggagggca      5820
     ggggatgcag gagtccaata ttcaggagaa gggtaaaggc tgaaagcagg acaacaaagg      5880
     aggctgggta agtgctaagc agagatactt ggggtgccta tttatcgtag agggtcccgg      5940
     ctctcttgat cagttttaca ctaaacactg gcggatcctc ctggtgttgt ctcagagctt      6000
     ctggcagtgc tctagtaaaa atattgaatc catgcaggga cagagaaggc aaagagtcta      6060
     tagggcctac atcctgactg ttcttagaat aggttcatta aaagatgctg ttgctgctgc      6120
     tgttgctgct gctgctgctg ctgccaccga gtgtgcacac acacactcta gaaagaagtc      6180
     aggttttttg gtaacacatc gtgccatctc gttcctcttt ggtgagggtg actagtgctg      6240
     gccccaaaag aaccccagtg accgtgctga ttgaacactt cttgctattt cttaggaatg      6300
     ggtttctagc tgatgagccg gttggtaatg tgtagacaga gtaacagttg agcgtgatgg      6360
     ggctcaggcc tgcttatcat gtctagactt cacagaacta taaaaggaag attactcaaa      6420
     tttgctgagg acacaaatgg gagaaatgat cagtgccaca aatagaaaaa aaatgtttat      6480
     aaaaatctgt gctgccttca cacttaacat gacaggagac caaacatgct tgatgcactt      6540
     cctaagaact tccaaataaa atactataaa tatgccaaca agcttgaaac tggaaaccac      6600
     attgcaaatc agcatcagta aatgcctgtc tcaaggggaa ggcaagggtg cagtgagagg      6660
     cactcttggc ttcgtttccc cccaggggtg tggtcagtgg tgagtagggt gtggtccaat      6720
     aacccacagt gatgctcaag gaagcagccc aaatcaaaat cagtgcatca tagaagaaga      6780
     aatatgaaag taggaggggg ggttattggg gaacaaaaga gcagaggaat agggtggtgg      6840
     gtggataaga ctactgaagg ggggtacata taaccaaata tttgggtgag attgtcaagg      6900
     cataagtaaa aatgtatttt aaaaattagg tcagcttgaa gccaatagta aatagagtta      6960
     ggccatcacg agcaagacca caggcatctg caaatgagcc ctgcccctgc tactgctgta      7020
     tttggaattg gacaaaattg acttaacctt tgtgagcctc atcaagaaag tatgacttct      7080
     gtaagcatta cacagaaaat gaaaagcaca caataaatta taacttgtat caactctatt      7140
     agtgctatta ataaaataac tatgctgtgg ttacagcatg caaatcagag ggctggggta      7200
     cagcccagtg gtgcaaatgc ttgcccagaa cctgtgaggt cctgcattct ctgctcattg      7260
     ctgtgtccca gtcagggttc attctaaaac ctatcttgag aaataattaa actatatgat      7320
     agaaactact tatacataat taattaacag tggcaaacaa gtacaaaatg ctgggaaatt      7380
     ggatattatt acatgtattt tagcttgtct tggtgcagga agccataagt cacagctctg      7440
     ttttgaactt tgtacatttt agtttaggtt gtgtgtatat ttagcaatta taaaggttaa      7500
     aaaaaatcag gtttcaactt tcaaaaacca ccaaaagccc aaaatagaac aaagtatact      7560
     ctgtgaagca aaaattcaaa ataaatgctc aaaaatatca gcaaccatag aaaaagaata      7620
     aattcgggtc ctaacgtgtt aagtattatg caggcagggg agatggtctt ccacagagat      7680
     gagtgggaca aactggatct ccaataacaa atggtagttc tgaaagcaca catacaaata      7740
     ctacactata gacaaagcag gttatatgtt taggaataca aatgcattta tgtatataga      7800
     gaggcatata acaaaaatta atgagaaaag gggctatgag tttgaaaata agcaaggagg      7860
     gatatacagg aggctttggt agaggaaagg aaaggagaaa tgatataatc atattaaaat      7920
     gtcaaaaaga aaagaaaaac ctaagattta aagaattagg ttaaaactaa aatccatcca      7980
     ttttctatac gagacataca ggagactaag tgattgggga ggggcctaga gaggttgttc      8040
     agtggttagc acatcttctg ctcctcttct ggcctctatg agcatctgcg tgcatgtgta      8100
     cacacataca catgcgtgca tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      8160
     cacttaaaaa taaaaacaat cttcaaaact cgaagtgata cagaaagccc taaaattaga      8220
     ctaattagtt aggaaataat ttatgactag atttggtaac tgtaccatga agctggtgct      8280
     atgaaataaa ttatgttacc ttaggaactt caaaaataat aataacaaaa caaaattaac      8340
     aaggaaacaa agtaacacac attgaagaga ttttaagatg aagacaatta ttgctagtaa      8400
     ttttatacgc taataaatat taaaaaccaa ctttaggtaa acacataaag gtgcctgctg      8460
     tcaagcctga gttaggtccc aaggacccac atggtagaaa gatagaagtg actacagcca      8520
     agctgtcttc tgtatcttat gtgcgtgctg tggcctgcat caatgcacag acatgcatgt      8580
     gcacacatac aaatagctaa gtaaataggc aatgcatatt ttctaaaaaa aaaaaaatac      8640
     tagaaatatg tgtgtgtgtt atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgcatgc      8700
     atgtgtgcat gtacacacac atacacactc ttaaaaataa aaacaagctt caaaacttga      8760
     aatgatacag aaagccctaa aattagacta attaggtagg aaataattta tgaatagatt      8820
     tgataactat accaagaagc tggtgctcag tcaggtcaaa aaacaagcac tttctgtttt      8880
     atctcatgtg agggtcctag cttcaaatct ttacgtttgt gtatttagca cagggggtta      8940
     acacacagaa gctcagaaac aggccagtgg caggaaggag gattagggag cagaggaagt      9000
     agaatatatg caaagtgaac acagagaggc tgacactgga gacacaggct tcagcaggag      9060
     atggagtgtc aggggtggga aatgggggac gggaaggtgt tgatctactc aggtgtgcaa      9120
     taggaacctc atggaaacct atgatcttgt gatccaaatg tgaaaataga gtaagaggag      9180
     ctcttagaac atgccgaatg aaaggacaga gaaccccggg ggtaaaggtc aggtggggat      9240
     gggcacaggg aatggggaaa aggaaaggaa gagggcgtca ctaaaatacg ggctatggag      9300
     aagcctttat gatatcccac taatttgaaa gctaattaaa cttttttcta aaagggggga      9360
     aggggctttg aacaaaaata cttcacaccg gtgaacaatg cttatcccag aagacaggga      9420
     ttacaaaatg aaagtctcag tgccccacat gggtcgcctc cctacgaggt aatgattaaa      9480
     ggaattccca gaggcttctg caccagttag ttatcctctg taactagatg gcaggacccc      9540
     actgaggaag atacgccaca atttggttgt aggacacaga gaaatcaatc ttgaattgat      9600
     caggaaactc ttgttttttt gttgttgttg ggttttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgcttgt      9660
     tttttcaaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctggcc ttgaactcag aaatccccct      9720
     gcctctgcct ccggagtgct gggattaaag gtgtgcacca ccacgcccgg ctcaatcagg      9780
     aaactgttta aactggctat acttcagggc tggaaggtgt tatccacgcc attaggggag      9840
     aaagggcacc aatggttttt ctgtagctgg actactatac tgaactgcca cacaagatgt      9900
     gcctattggt gcaatgctgg ctcaggaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttcgaggcc      9960
     agcttggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctca     10020
     ccccaccacc accaccacca aaaaagggac tgtctatggg gtaactgtaa acaatagttt     10080
     gggttgggct gatgggatgt gagacctact ccacagaagg agttttatac ctggtatcac     10140
     aaacatggtc aaacatctag aaagatggac cagaaaggca tacaagagga tgggaaagga     10200
     tgctgtgaga tgctgtcctc cagacatgac aaagctattg gtcgtgtgaa ttcccagcag     10260
     ctgtggttgc cttcataaga cctgtataac atgaagccag tcagaatctt ccagcatgtg     10320
     agaggcaggg ctcctggagt tgtcaccctt agctgaagag ctaaaggcag ttgatagttg     10380
     ctgggaggag ggacagtcac ttttctttag gagggtggcc cctggtagat tcccagtgtc     10440
     acagtggatg accctacaca catggttatg ggcagcaccc atatgaactc gttgagctgt     10500
     tttttttttt cctaaaaaaa gaaatccatt tcaagtcaag aacagatttt tagtaatgaa     10560
     actccagagg cactctgttt aacatcagga tcaaaaaagg tttgtatact acaccagtgc     10620
     tgactggtgt tctaaaaggt ctggaggggg ccagtgagat tgcaggcagc gcagaaaaac     10680
     atgactgaaa gtgccaggag agatgacctc aagtgtggac aacaaattta ttaaaatgaa     10740
     aggtgttcag ggtaactcag tgtgtagttc cggtttagga acgtcggtca gaggcagcag     10800
     atcggcatca cctcatgatg ggcaaagtac acatgctagg tacctgcagt agaccatcac     10860
     ggttggtctc cacaacagac cagattgaaa taaccagcaa tcaatgtgtg acacagacaa     10920
     ctagactgtg gcgtgagggt gtcttctctg ggcacctgta tggctagtgg gaagctatga     10980
     taaagggcag gcagggcccc agggttggtg aggaagggtt ctgggttgac aagtacttag     11040
     gcagaaaacc gcttctcagg ctgaccaggg acattgaccc aaaacaaacc accgatggat     11100
     taaagagacg aatgtaacgt aaatgcaaaa gctgtaagaa tagaaagaga gcattaaact     11160
     agtcacagca ttagcagagt cttttaaaac ataaacctaa ggtgagacat taaggtaaac     11220
     attaaacaaa tatataaaac ttaaaacata aaacacagga aagtgggctg aagacatggc     11280
     tcagccgtta agcgcactga ctgctcttcc agaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca     11340
     catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatggga tctgacgccc tcttctggtg tgtgtctgaa     11400
     gatagttaca gtgtatgtat gtgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     11460
     atatatatat atatcttaaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaccagg aaagttacag aaaatatgaa     11520
     aggcagaaag gcatgtacaa agtggaagag aatcttccac acagtggaga cagatggtca     11580
     gtacagctgc ttacagaccc tagaaacagc aagaaaaatg gtgggtccca ttgtttggta     11640
     agaggcataa acaggtttat tcacaaactg tgagctgtat aatcagcagt gtgtgtgtgt     11700
     gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtag gtatttggtt aatgtcacta gtaaaacaga     11760
     aaaatatatt aaagattcag tttttcatgt attagattgc cattgatgtt ttaaatcatt     11820
     gtataatagc agaacctgtg ataaagaagg ttctcatata cagtggtcca aagagagaaa     11880
     agctataacc taactcaaaa gtagactttg tgaaatgttc ctactcttta ccagtcattc     11940
     tccttccaag aatctggact aagaaactag attggtattt tatgtataat gttgttcatt     12000
     gcagcgttat gtaagacaac agccaagaaa gaaagaacgt actatcagga ggtgcttaaa     12060
     tcaatcagta aatgttacca tttgtacgag ctgataaaat tgtttcaaag ccgacgagtt     12120
     gaaatgttca ttttatatta atagtaaaat ataaaacata tggagtacac tcataaagtt     12180
     taaaaagaga ataattgtac agagtgccat attttcaatt ttacatgagg ataaatttaa     12240
     tggtatatga ataaaaaatc cagaacagaa gaactagggg ataaatttat tattagaaat     12300
     gtaaaattat atgctcgagt tccaaaacat aaatagaaga ggactttaat tacagcatta     12360
     tttaaaagac cagggcattt tgctgtatgg accaggtgat gtgactgtag cagaacaaag     12420
     tgtccttgag ggctgttcct agtatccagg cagccggggg ccacagctcc catgctctgt     12480
     gcaagccaaa tatggctggg atattttctt ccaagcttct ggtggtcttg tttgatcata     12540
     ggcagggagg gatcctgcag ggtcaactag aaaccttgtt atatcagaac tacaaaggaa     12600
     gttatagatg tttaccctgg agacagggga attagggagc aacatttcac tgactgctag     12660
     tgtgtacaag aggaagaaaa ttgtaaacgg ttgcagaaag cagaactggt gttcctggtt     12720
     ggttcatcat gcaaagggct gagcttggtg ggtccagcag catcattagg gagggatgac     12780
     agcaggctta accaggaaga aactggacag gaaggtctta tgcctcttcc ccctgtgcga     12840
     gtatgtgatc cctgctgatg gctgacctga tgatgcccaa gtaggttgaa agacgaaagt     12900
     gtggaggatt gcagactgtt caagcccgtg ggcctcaact cgcctttgca ggattcacct     12960
     gccaagcttg ttcacacgga ctgctggacc taccccagag tttctgagtc acagggctgg     13020
     cgggagatgt ctggatttgc attttaaata agttttctgg tgccatgact gcctgaaaaa     13080
     aaatatcaca ttttgggacc caagcttcag gccaattgca acaaataaac ttgctcaagt     13140
     ttatactagc acttactggt gtagacagcc cagcaacagt ctgtggcatt ggggagggtt     13200
     gggggtgggg gaacaggctg gagaagcact tcctctgtta tctctaactc ctggaagaca     13260
     ttcttgcagt atgtggcaag tgctgtcaac tgttcggtag cccattcttc ccagacccac     13320
     ttttctgccc tgacactggg gcagtcctac taccacacca aacccatagc cactgattat     13380
     taaggatgag aactggcatc cttttctggc cttttaggaa cagcattctt ccctaccatg     13440
     catgaagaga tggagtcttt ggtttagagc agtgactctc aaccttccta atgctgtgac     13500
     cctttaatac agttcctcat gctgtggtga cccccaacca taaaaatatt tcattgattt     13560
     cgttgctact tcataactgt aatgactcat aatgtgaata tctgatacat gggatagctg     13620
     atgtgagaac cacagggtga gaaccactga tctagaacat caggatgaag gaatgcatat     13680
     tgttggctgc tgttggctgc ttctcatgac ctgggaagga agcctttctc aggaaagcgc     13740
     cttgttctga ccacaacaga tgtaggtttg ctacaatgta gagagccaca gatagggccc     13800
     caaaggttga tagtgataca gtaactctca gtgtccctga gaattttaat gaagatgtgt     13860
     ggtccctgcg atcctctcca ttcaaactga gcctcatgta tttgagtttt cagctaattg     13920
     gtttaggaaa atatccctgt gcccaccccc acagctcctg ctgctctctt tcccagctta     13980
     tggtgtaaag tgtgagcaga ctgtgtgctt aacacacttt ggagtctgtt gctatggtgc     14040
     tggggaggaa tctggttctc atagcaacat caggttgact tgatgcacct cagaccattg     14100
     gcagagcgcg gtgggcagtg gcttatgaga tccccagtta gtttgggact gatggaactt     14160
     agtgtgctga aaagtgttct ctttgcccac agcccatcca ccccttcctg cctgcacacc     14220
     tctcccctat atcactcaaa taatcataat aacataagaa tagaggctct ccccctgtct     14280
     ttctctcttt gtgtgtgtgc gcgagtatgc gtgtgtgtgt gcgcgcgctt tggtaaacca     14340
     caaaaataaa ccaaagtggg gctggagaga tggctcagca gttaagagca ctgactgctc     14400
     ttccagaggt cctgagttca aattcccagc aaccacatgg tgctcacaac catctgtaac     14460
     aagatccgtt gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactc atatacataa     14520
     aataaattaa taataaaaaa gaataaacga aaacattact ttgatgctgt catcagatta     14580
     agctgtcatt tgagttctca ctccccgttg caaggccaat ccctgcactg gcatgctgtc     14640
     taatgatata gctctgccta taggcctggc atattgccgg gaattccagt tacagaggtc     14700
     cagggtcttg tgagtgggaa gagctctctg accaggacca agagggctgg ggtttcttca     14760
     tgcagcttca ttctggaggc tccttacagt ggtaatacac tgctgggaga ccagccctca     14820
     gagaggccag cttggccagc ttgctgaagc ttttcaactc agtggccgaa caaacaatgg     14880
     gtctcaagcc ttctgcattt tatgctcaga actggcctgt ggctttagga tacatttatg     14940
     atctgggcat ctggcagaat taatgataac aacatgaatc cattgtaaga ggaaggaatc     15000
     tggtcggtct gtgtagacct ttggtgaaga aagagccaca cttgtcctgg ctgttcaggg     15060
     ccttatagtg ccccttgtgg gaaagaacca tgggtttctt cctcacagct tgtcaacccc     15120
     tcaccctaca agtgttccct gagctgctcc atgtttgaag ctcaattcta gaaggggagt     15180
     ggggaccata gttgtaaaat tgcccctccc ccacctgctt tatttccttt gcttttccat     15240
     ctgtggccat gttccacttt ttataactga gtactgggta atatataatg acgtgaggac     15300
     tctggctggt agtgctagcc cttgcttggt atctgctgag ggccttcttg cttcatcata     15360
     acatgccata ggacatgaca tggagagaca gtaagatttt agttgttgaa ggtctgtgtg     15420
     ttaagcgttt ctctgtagcc tctggggcta ttagaaagtg atgggatttt taagaagcag     15480
     ggcctagtgg atggaagcta gatcactggg cctgtgcccc tcaaagggac ttggagatcc     15540
     cagcctgtca cttttctctc cccaagagac agtttgtaag ttaccccatc ttgttctctg     15600
     ggcttagcaa atgaggttcc attttcttct cttgtagttg gtggattttt gttatccccc     15660
     atccccattc caagagcttc acagttcctt tctcacagat tagcttacct gtaggttaga     15720
     gcccctcctt gctcgccttc cttctgaaca gccctttgct gtggcttgat agccaccaag     15780
     gaaagagcac agctgagaca atgagaaggg acagtgtctt tcttccctgt gttatgcaga     15840
     agtgctggtg gagctgtgac ctgcaggaac tggctgagtc ctgaaggttc gtggatgcct     15900
     tcttgcatag aagatgaagt ttaactgccc agggagagat gttcctccat aggcagggcc     15960
     ttacagctag tgaggctgga tgtctggtcc tggagaccac cttctgcctc tttgtctagt     16020
     ggcctttcca tgtacacttt tgtttataat atttgcatgt gttttttaaa ttttctcttc     16080
     ttttcttgat caattgtctt tactctccac tgagtcctag agtcttcttt ggtatgctct     16140
     gatggtctag tattggaatg tttattgcat cctgtggaaa atttggccac tgttattatt     16200
     gaggtcttca ttgtgtatgt gtgttggata gcaattgctg tcttcaccct ttctgctttt     16260
     gtggcctctg gggctcttct gggtttctct cccatcttct ctaatctccc aagtctggct     16320
     gatgttcctc tgactaggtg tgcatgttac tctttttttc tctagactga tgagctagca     16380
     aggctacctg agtgtgtctt taaagttgcc agtcctttgc cacctatgac agtacatcat     16440
     agcctgtacc atgctgcctc ctgtgggcca ggctatggcg tggaaatttg gacagagtga     16500
     tttcctcact cctaggtctt ggcaatatgg tcatctctct ctggcgcctg ccccatgtag     16560
     aggtctccac atctgtggga gggcactacc cctcctccat cacttcagag aggtctatat     16620
     accattcatt tagaagtcag agaatctaat aataggcagt acccaggact gcaggaagga     16680
     tacaacataa gtggacgaca acagaccagc tcttgactct atcagccctg atggatccaa     16740
     ctggcacagc taagagatgt cgacttgacc tcagtcatcc aactattaga tactggattc     16800
     tttggaaaga tgggtggccc cacatgagga tctgtggcag aagaattcca agtttggcaa     16860
     gttcaccgga acctgagcag cggcagacat aaggagcttc tattggctgc ctgtgctgac     16920
     tatcacacag gcctttgttt gctttgttgt ttggtggctg tgtatcccag aatgggctca     16980
     aacatgatct ttttgcctcc agctcttgag tgctttcaag ttcctaagtg caagggctgg     17040
     cctgactttc cgatgggaaa agagctgaga gaagacagga ttcacccagg cctggggcct     17100
     cagaaaggcc aagctaatcc cttccctgct ccccttcctc tggacaacac ttttccgtgg     17160
     ctcggtgacc accagggaaa gagtacagct gggccagtgc agaagggaca gcccttcctg     17220
     ggctctgcag aggtgccgta gagccatgac gtgcaagatg caggcagcgc agtgccagct     17280
     cagccaccca agcccagcat gaggtacaag aggcacattt cctgggttcc tacagaacta     17340
     tgagcaagtc gttttgtcac aagctggcca agcttagctg tctcgctgca gagtgaaagg     17400
     accagaccgg aagtcctcaa ggtcacggac actgacagct ttccgagatt taaagccctc     17460
     catggatggt tgcaggcttc ctttcggaag tatttctgac ttcttgcgtg tcgttaatgt     17520
     gaaattgtca ctcggtattt ttattgggcc ctactgcctc tcctttctgt atattctacc     17580
     ctaaggttgc ttttcatttc ggccactgtt accgacacag ggtgagcctt cagtctggcg     17640
     tgtatatatt ttaatatgct gagtgtggca gggatttttc tcacagcgac tgtcattcat     17700
     ttggtttctg ttgctgtgag aaatgccatg actggaagcc atgtggagga gaaaaggttt     17760
     attttagttt taccctgtat agtctgtctg tcatgttacc tactacgttt agctgggaaa     17820
     gccacggcag gaactgaagc cgagaccatg gaggagtgct gcttactagt tttctctctg     17880
     tgacttgatt ctcagcctgt ttttcttaca taccccaaga gtacctgatc agaggtagta     17940
     ccacccacat tgggctggga ccctcctaca tcaatcactc attatgaaaa tgtctcccac     18000
     caacttccct acagcctaat ctcatggagg ccttcttctc aattgaagat cctttttacc     18060
     agatgaccct agcttgtgtc aagttgacaa gagtctaacc agcccagtga agctgtaatt     18120
     aacaagattc ccccggcctc actgccggcc agggctcagt agtgactcca gctgcctaca     18180
     ctgcagagag tattgtattg gcacaggcca ccagattaag aggaatgaag acaaacaggg     18240
     cccttctcac ctgggaggac catagattaa accaacctta agttgttaga gaaggatgag     18300
     ataaacaagc aagctagaag agtggagagt cagaccaggc agggaagcag agtatcggtc     18360
     attccctcac accacccgcc tcagcacaga gctctcctcc agtggctgtt ttaataaacg     18420
     tcacagaaac tgcaaagatt gctcacggag aacccaccgc cacagctgcc ccttagtccc     18480
     tgctgttact tggggaagag gagtctgtgt gcccacagaa agcattctac agtagagaac     18540
     acaccggatc agaaggccag gggacttggg gcaagtctga gctccgttta ggaaagcatt     18600
     ccttgtcagg ctcacaaagt ctctataaag tcacgtgtat gatgctccca ggagatctgt     18660
     gcttggagat ggacggagtg ggtaaggcct ctcagatctt gtagctccca cccacagcac     18720
     aatgcgggga tatacaacat tctcaaccaa caataggtga gcgagcagtt gctcggtggc     18780
     tacttcaggg acaggacgga gtgaagcaga tacactggga tggctgggat actgctggag     18840
     tttcctgtca cttcttaaag gggtcgcctt gcccttctgt gacaggcaaa gaggcactgg     18900
     cattttgtgt cacaataggg accattcgcg tcccaggaat cctctgcccc ggggaagccg     18960
     tggaaggctg aactcttcta ttcagtgttc tctgaagact ctggcactga ggtctaacca     19020
     ggatacctac cgtggtcttg gactgatggc tcagcctttt atggctggct gggtgtgttc     19080
     ctagctcacc tttctgtcct cacttgtgtc cacaaagaga ggacagtacc ccctaggagc     19140
     agagttgccc agggcctgtc tgcctgcaga tggatggcag taatcacaga gagggggatc     19200
     tggccttttc tgaagggcca cctgctgctg ccattgtcac attctgtgct ctgctgccat     19260
     cctctgcggg ggtggagctg cagcttggca gccctgggct aataattagg ggtggggcaa     19320
     ctccacagct ggtgagatat ttggggagga gcctggagga gaagggaggg ctgggatcca     19380
     gccaacaaaa ggagaaatta aatgggctgt cctaggaacc catagttagc atttcagctc     19440
     cggagcagta gctggaggtt ccacagaaag caagactttc atgagtgctt tgtgccctcc     19500
     ctccctgggg tgccttctgc ttctcagttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc     19560
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cccctcctcc     19620
     tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctccccttcc tcctcctccc cctccttctc tttttttctg     19680
     gaagtctggg atcagtaacc taagctactg acagagggca ccatactggc caggctcagg     19740
     acccaggctg ggcttttttt tttcagacag tgttgctgtt cctatttcat cttagtgtgc     19800
     cacccttgtg gctcacgggc tcacaggtgg ctcaggagtc tctcccaaag agagatactg     19860
     tgttttattc actcacacta tcagcatcca tcaaactgtc attttggtta cggggtgaca     19920
     gccaggacat ttcaaaaagc acactgcttt tctcactgca gccgtggatg ctgggcacaa     19980
     aggcagtgtt atctttgccc atgtaactga cactgtggac tcagaagcac agcgtgtacg     20040
     catttatcca tgcaactgac actgctcact taaaaccgtg gccacctctg ccccattctg     20100
     ctgctggctg aaatgaggtt catagacaat ttataattgc ccctaagtca caccagtagt     20160
     gaggacaaag gtggaaagcc atctgtgact cctagagttc tttctagctc tgtgtgccat     20220
     ctgaaagtgg cttacagggt ctccccatgt tgcatgggag tgtcgccatc tcttacatgg     20280
     gaaggcagga tgagaaatag tcctaaggtt ccctaatcaa acaggtgtaa tagatgagtg     20340
     gcctgtgtag attccagtgg tttcaatgga gggaatatgg agatgcacat ggtcaaggtg     20400
     catggctttg cataggtagt gtgcactcgt gggcttgagg acacattcac acacatctta     20460
     gtagatcaag gatgctattg cccttccttc ttcaggcttc tgtgccttcc agatgtaagt     20520
     ttgacatagc acagccaccc tggtggtggt ggaacaccag gccttaggag taagctacca     20580
     aaatcaagac cataggccct tctatcgggg tgggttgaat gccttgatgg atagacagac     20640
     tcggcagcct ctctctggcc tctttagtct gcagtcctta aaatctcaca cttctatcag     20700
     aatatcccag ggatggagga ctcctttcat aaacctatcc gcaggatgct ggtcccgctc     20760
     cagtggtcca gcctaacaca tttaggccaa tgcatgagtt taagggccct ccaggggatg     20820
     ggctgatgga gcacctgtcc tctatggtct ttagggactt gttgtctatg gggagtttaa     20880
     aagtaataat aaaaccaata aaagtgtggg tcttcttttt ttttaagttg tcattgcatc     20940
     ctgcaagttc caaataccgt cagcaataaa acacgcctct ccatcgggga gggatgcctc     21000
     ccacactgcg cactgacttc atctgcctct gaccctggcc acttgtagtg tgcctggctt     21060
     ctgctttctc tcttctttgc tttcctcttc tcttttaacc cctttctgtt tctctctctc     21120
     cctccccccc cctctctctc ctctctctct ctccacagtt ccccatggtc tgtctcctct     21180
     gtcttcccgg ccacttccat gtttacagca caggtttaat tttattttct gtgactgtgt     21240
     ttaggaaact acctagagaa cagtgataac cacgggcggg aaggaggaca agggagaaaa     21300
     acactgtttt cttctttctg ttgtttcctg ataaatgtca cagaaatatt tctattcatt     21360
     ttgtgttttt tagtaaagag ctttttttaa accaaggcct aaatcagggc ctttcttggc     21420
     agtgtccctt taacagagcc ggggagtggg gggacggtgt ggcagggatg cgtggggctg     21480
     cagaggccca tgtactgtac aattttctgg gtcctgactg ataaattatc gtgcgtcttc     21540
     tgtgcttctg acacgcaata caatttgtca gtgcaacagt gatgataggc tgtcctggac     21600
     taataatcac caacccttta tttagctcct ccagcctttt agagaaatcg taagtcacca     21660
     tttgcacccc tttaccagtt tccccttcca cgatttagca taagtagaaa cagtttttaa     21720
     ccttgaggat tttactcacc catggctcgg ggctaagaag gggatttgtt gttctaaaaa     21780
     gtgtgaaggg agtaggaagc cagagacaga tccaaccaaa atggcttctt ttcttttctc     21840
     ctttcctctt ctctcctctt ttcttttctc ttgtatcttt accttcccca taagctgtaa     21900
     gactttgcaa cacttagatg aggccttgtc catttctcat tccatgggta agaagacatg     21960
     acctcaagac ataaaagtaa gttattcaag ttcacatggc agagacatat ggaagtggca     22020
     ttgagcgagt cttacctgcc acagacagct aaccacagtg ccaggatgcc cttaatctga     22080
     gtcccctgtt tcccagtgcc atctttagaa cggtcaaatc aattgtaaca tggatccagc     22140
     accacccagt gcttggggcc tcttttgtgt cggagttatt gttggctgag catgtgctct     22200
     gaaaggaaga cactgaccct gggttaatgt ctttgggcat catttgtgtg gtttgaatct     22260
     gtttcatgca gaacaaaatt tgtcattttt catgtcactt tttgcacttg tttttgctgc     22320
     tttaatgtat aaagaagcct gtttctttat aggaagaaca cctgtgattt tgggcaactg     22380
     aaaagcaata gctagactac gggtttgggt tgggttgggt tgagttgaga caggctctaa     22440
     tgtatcccaa gctaaccttg cttggttctc ctgcctccac ctcataaacg ctgtcattat     22500
     aggtgtgtgc cactatgctg gtttttgtgg tgctggagat gaaaccttgg gcctcatgca     22560
     tgctacatca gtgttctgct gcctgaagta catccctagc ctctagacaa tggtctgtta     22620
     caaacctagc ctgcaaaggt cggaatgatg gtgggaggca tgggagtatg taatcgtgtg     22680
     cctggggtgt gtcgcaatgt tgagcggcct cctcctcaat ctggtgatac tcgacttaag     22740
     tatcgctctc ttagagcctt ctaccggttc ttatcaactg ggcccttaat gggtcggtga     22800
     ggtcctagct gtttcctcga gcccctttgc tcccctgaag aatgcatgca gaagccattt     22860
     gaggcagcat ccgatgtgtc atcctattgc aataagatgg ctgggacatt tgcattttca     22920
     acaacactct tgttcttttt gctgggaatt gaaacactgg ctgggggtgg gggtaggggt     22980
     ggggatggga gttgggttgg ggtacacaga gagaaactct ccccaacagc ctcatcctct     23040
     aggcccctca accccaaaca gaggtgctac ccattctaga cacaagaaaa gctcagcttc     23100
     tacaaggctc atgcccatgc atatcacaga cgcctgctct gggctgaaag ctggcacgca     23160
     agagctctgc cagtgagcaa cattagaatt acagacataa taatactaat taactttccc     23220
     aggcctgtgc tctctgcatt tattatttgt agagagacaa agccttaaat aacagggcca     23280
     gcctctttgg gagccccact tggggtgagg actgtcctca ttacagcaag tgagatggat     23340
     ggtgttctca gaccagggca catcatggga aagcctgcag caggtgtagc ctccttctta     23400
     gccagccctg aggctttcca ctggcaccgt gtggggcagg gatggggaga agagaatcaa     23460
     tttctagtgg tctggcctct cctaaggttc acgtcctcag catgtgcctt cctaggctac     23520
     agtgagcccc tgttactggt gctcagcttg gctgcctgtg atccgaaggc tccctacttc     23580
     tcagtccctg ccttatcatt tatgaatgaa gaacagtgag gagggaatga catcaaatgt     23640
     ctttgacctg gacgtgcttc aaaaggttcc tgaagctcct ggaatcgtat acatatggaa     23700
     tgtgcttctg gccactctct cgggggctag ccatccatgg ctaactgctg ctttcaaagg     23760
     gtctttgaac tcagggttaa ggtcatgaat gagttggtcc ctgagggccc ctccacttct     23820
     gcccattgat gactttagag cactcattct cagcacttgg gtcgtgaccc ctttggcaag     23880
     cccccatctc caaaaatact tacattatga ttcctaacag tagcaagaag tacagttaag     23940
     aagcagcaac aaagataatt ttatggttgg ggatcgccac accatgagga actgtgttaa     24000
     agggtcacag tgttaggaag gctgagactc actaacttag agccatcgaa gctgatgcat     24060
     tttgtcacac ccagcaatgg gtttgtggag acatgtggta gagccttgga ttggaaacac     24120
     cctataaatt agctacttta aagtaactga cctactgggc ttcatcacat gggtttgctg     24180
     tagcgttcct acctctcagc accagctctg agagcatccc caggttgtcc tctatgtaac     24240
     ttctatcaat ttggggagca cttctgctgt tgggcagcct gctttgtggt cgtgagctaa     24300
     gatggtctcc ctgagcttgc tgcctggggg ggggcatcca cgctaccact aagatggaca     24360
     tgcgacctct tacctcttgc actcacagag cggtagagag catttcttat tggcagttta     24420
     ataataaatg gattgactgt tagaaacgct tgggaagctc actctgggct gttggacgga     24480
     tgctgtgaga aaatccaaac aatcaccttt gaggaattcc aggagaatct ggagactaac     24540
     tggagattaa tttccaggga cttcgcagtg cttctaagtt gatactgctg ccacccagct     24600
     acagaaagga tatacatctc tctctgttct gaacaccctt gctctgacca ccagttctta     24660
     accatggtcc aggaggtcgc taggtagaat tccaatgtgt ctctgaaata ggatgaaaat     24720
     ggttagatct ttgctttcag acttctagcg tgtattcatc atgacttttc tttatgattg     24780
     gaggcaacat tagtacttct atgacttttt ccactgctag aaatcacttt aaatcgaatt     24840
     aaggtaggtg caggtactca aaagtttatg ataggtagcc acttaactcc agaccaccag     24900
     taggtgagag gcggtttatc ttagggttgg gatcatacac tctaaaatca gcaaccctgc     24960
     atttgaccaa gcgtaacatc atatgtactg ttcagttatc tttctcttca ttaaatgctg     25020
     tgctctgcct tttaggcatg cctgggcaac cctaagtacc aaatatggaa ctattgctgt     25080
     tgccccatgc agatagcctg tgtggtagtt ggaaaactca ggaagaaagg ggtgatggga     25140
     taagatgtat caatcagctt gctgtagacc gaataattac tggagacaat cagctaagaa     25200
     gtctgtttct actggctaca gagtgtgagc acttggctct ctctgttgct tctgctggtg     25260
     agagcttgca gcagagaagg cttgttcatc tcattgtggc caggagacaa agagacagga     25320
     aaggaacgga gtcccaggat ttctactgcc agcaacctaa tccaagtttt cactgcttct     25380
     cagtagcccc aaaactgggg acccagtgtg cagcgcacat ggacctctgg agaacactga     25440
     agatgcagac tgcagcagat agtaagagga gaaatgggac caaagcgtgg ggtggtggaa     25500
     caatggtgag tcagaagcct ggagtttccc ttctgatgct gccttcatca ggtcctggct     25560
     cacaagaaca gtaatgtgga acagccatgt gagggggtgg gaggaccgtg cccttcctcc     25620
     ttaggttcta agtcataatg tcttgatggc tggtggagtg aggggtcagc tgtgactctg     25680
     gagtaaacca tgcctgttat aaatagaagg gtcaagttcc aaactgggag gaggggtgga     25740
     gccaaggagg cagcctagca agctgggggt tttcagcacc cctttggcag cagagataaa     25800
     gttaataaac agaaccatcc caagaaacgg ttccacgtca gagtcagtcg aggtgaggag     25860
     cctcttccca caacttcttg gaaaaataga gacccagagt ttggagacaa aaggaaataa     25920
     agccagtcaa agtgcccgta tttacacagt ggccttcaca gagcaaccat ccaggatagc     25980
     gcactggagt atgagctagg agcaggagag ggaggagcca gttcagatgt gttcagctca     26040
     gcttcctcct tcagtcactg agcagaactg tttaaggagc agcctttcac ctcctggcct     26100
     gacttcctgc cagaggtgct gatgagcagg gaagcttcag aagctaggac ctcaagcggt     26160
     cacacagttg ccgtgtctag agacaagcaa gcattctgcc tccactgatc tcacatcaca     26220
     cacgttcaca gtgccgccac actccttccc tgcagcccaa ggtccctgca gctttctgcc     26280
     caggcaatca cgtgccactc tttatctgag aggtctttat cttttcaaag atggtctgtg     26340
     ttcttcatct ttctcctccg ttctcagctt gcctggtggc acatttccca ccctttctgc     26400
     cagcatgttc tttctgaccc atgttacttg gcagtgttgt gctccattct ccagtcctac     26460
     ttctgctttg cttgtagatc ctggaactgc gcatagactc cctgaagggg cttagcaaaa     26520
     gtgggttcaa ctggctctcc atcccccagc actccgccac actccctttc tttgtgaaat     26580
     agaggctgga tggtgtcttc tgcagtgcac aaccagggtc gtctcaccca ggctctctct     26640
     tcttttgtat gcatggactc cacctcacca tcagtattta cgagcacagt aggccaggca     26700
     gacagcatca accctgcttt cgaggagttt acaatctaga agggggtagg gtggagatgc     26760
     acttcattta aaatggcact gctgtttggt gtttcctgaa gagtgctgag gagataccta     26820
     gcagtatgta agctttgtaa gctttgggta gctcagcccc gcggttattt agagaggacg     26880
     aggaaggatt ttaaaggcag agaccattaa ggatagctaa agtttccagg gcgataacac     26940
     agtctcatcc atggagagat gtgtagcagg aaagagggtg aggagagtct gtggagtaca     27000
     agcagaggaa gcaggtattg taaacactgg gaggagccag aaagattaca cggtcttttc     27060
     ttaagagatc tgccaccaac taggaatgat tgatgacaag acagacggct agaaatgaac     27120
     atgatcttgt gcacctgaga ataaaaataa taaagaagtt ttcaaaaaac aggagtgagc     27180
     cacgcagcaa tggtgcacgc ctttaatccc agcaatcagg agacagaggt aggcagagct     27240
     ttgtgagttc caggctagcc ttgtctacaa agtgagttct agaatagcca agggagacaa     27300
     aagagagggg gggggaagag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggaagaag     27360
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga gagagagaga gaacaaaatg gaaaggaaag gaaaggagag     27420
     gaggggaggg atgagaggga gggagggagg aagagagaga aagaaagaga gaacaaaaag     27480
     gaaaggaaaa gaggggaggg gaggggaggg aaggagaggg gaggggagga aaaaccagga     27540
     aggattcaaa agcgcagaac ttaagttaat atccacaggt gtcacagcta accaggagcc     27600
     aggagcagcc atggcttcct atgttagata actcaataaa ccaaagttgt aagtggaacc     27660
     tatcttttgc cagccagttt cccttccacc cggggggggg ggggagggag aactacacag     27720
     catttgtggg gggggggaga aggggaacat aggacatggt tgagaatggt agttatgtag     27780
     tatcgtctgt tgttatgata caatttgcat ttaaacttgg taaaaaccca ttagctgcca     27840
     agagggaata aggaatcaat ttccaagaat gtacaatttc ctctagagaa gtctccaaac     27900
     caaaacacta atttacatga aaagctgtaa agaacgtagt ggaaaagtac attcataaga     27960
     aattttatta cacctacata aatttaatac atgtgttctt aacaattagt cttggattat     28020
     tcatgaaaac ttcataaaac attaaacaga actggccatc ctctcaagct atttccatgc     28080
     taaatacttt ccacttgtaa tttatgaaat aattttcaat gaattatggc actctaagga     28140
     aaacatacaa tattttataa agaaagttat actgctctgg gaaactactt gacaactaaa     28200
     tgattcagta acttttcttc actttctttt tttttaattt ttcatttatt ttaaagtata     28260
     cttttatttg ttgaggattt catgcatgtg tgcaacgtat tttgatcata tttactgaca     28320
     ctcctctcgc cccaccccct ctcccaggat cctcccttat ctccctgtga acatcacgtc     28380
     cggttttcat ccactaattc ggttggtgct gcctttatta tgtatccggc taagccatcc     28440
     actgcaggag ggaagcctac caggggccag attccctgaa gagaactggc cctctgcccc     28500
     agcagccatc cactgctgat agctctcagc ttccccaatc cacgctgagc ttttgactgg     28560
     cttgatttgg agcaagtctg atgtgggaat caaggcctgc tctgggttca tgtgtgcagt     28620
     gagcatgtca tgtctacaaa acactgtttc atatcggcta aatatttttg tagctggaca     28680
     agtatttttt ttaaatcacg ggagcagaaa gaactaaagg ggctcagaca cagcggatgt     28740
     aaattaacct tttgctgctg tgcttgatac atgaaatgat caggcattca ttcttcctgc     28800
     atgcttattc ttctgattgt tctccttgga aacactgaaa tccaagtaag tctaagtaag     28860
     gcacataagc aagaaataat ggatgtaaac gggtaacttt acaaacgatg aatgtgaact     28920
     gtttctgcct ttgtctaaag taaatgggtc gcagcatctt ctaaggggtc acgtctgcag     28980
     ctgttgccaa aggtgtgtac ctgcagactg accaggtaca gaaacagaag gttccaacac     29040
     gtatccctgg ggtatctgtc tgtggtacaa ccctgtaaat gctttaaatg ctaaagtatc     29100
     tgcagtaaag gccccagtgg ctgagccaat tggtcctttt attctccatt agaacaaaca     29160
     aatacacaga cccttgtgta tatcaactgt tatgccaggt gcatggagac acacttcttt     29220
     aatccaggca cttaggagac ctcaacagga agatctctct ctgtattcca ggtcgatctt     29280
     gtctatagca agttccaggc cagccagggc tgcatagtaa gaccctatct caagagacag     29340
     aaaaggtgtt atgccaaata tttataactt gtgtaaaaat tccacaaccc cagattggcc     29400
     actcaggatg aagtcagtaa ctttctaagt gtttgctggc cccactctct tgatggtaaa     29460
     catgaaagcc tcgtgagaaa tatagaaatt taaatagaag taatggaacc tgtcatgaat     29520
     cataaaacat aattgtcata aattataaac aaaaaccctg tgtggcacag ctcagaggat     29580
     tttgtactgt gtaaattttt gaatgaacca gaagaaaggc aacggctggt taatgtcctc     29640
     atttccccac ccctgcctct gtgggcatcc aatgttcaca gccaagttat ctcccaggag     29700
     ctgtgctcct ctgatgctct acagccaagc tatcccccaa gagctgtgct cctttggtgc     29760
     tccacagccg agctatcccc caggagctgc actcctctgg tgctccacag ccaagctttc     29820
     ccccaggagc tgtgctcctc cggtgctcca cagctgagct atcccccagg agctgtgctc     29880
     ttctggtgct ctttgtctga ctcttcacct gatctttcaa gttcagcaat ggctgcatca     29940
     aaatctgcct ttgcaaggga gcagactcca ctgcagggcc atgcccagtc tgattggttg     30000
     ctgtgtttcc tccttgctgt cccagaacct gcttggtcta cttgttccat cttacccaca     30060
     atccttttct cctcaggcag tcctggttgt agtctccctt gatttcccaa tagaaacact     30120
     ggggatcaag aacttttcca aagagacagt agtcgtcaca aatgtacgcc aagctcagtc     30180
     tcacattctt atgttctgga tccatctgtt gctttttctc agcaccttct gtattttgct     30240
     cagtacttaa gatagtgctg caaaatgacc ctcggactcc tacaacggtt tttataagta     30300
     ttagatacta agaatataga ctgcttcaca tgcatgcgtg tcatccttgc acggggccat     30360
     gtgtgtattt gggtcttgtt ccaattttag tatatgtgct gtggaaccaa ggtcagtagt     30420
     tttgttttgt tttgatggtg ctcagttgtg cagtttccct ccctgagcag agtaagcagg     30480
     gataggaaat caccctggcc aatgggagcc atcaaagcca gatagcacaa ttctgggatc     30540
     tccgggtcta aatagaaccc attactaggc ttagcaaatc ccttccagtt tgcaggattt     30600
     gttgcaagag tgattaccca caaggtatgt ctgaatccca tgaagcttta gtcggccctg     30660
     cttggtgccc tttgggaagg ggctgaaaat gtttactttt agaggttggg agccaactgc     30720
     caagagagtc agaaacagtt ccatccttga cgcaagaaat tgcttccatc gtctgaaaat     30780
     agacacgacg gcagcgtgga ttcccagggc aaaggagcct tctacttgca acagcttgat     30840
     gtgagtcact gaggaaggtg aagaagagga aaggagaggg gagagaaaat gaaaagggaa     30900
     atgttagcaa gagcccgagg agaaaaacca gtctccaggc tggataagga tccaggcttc     30960
     tcttaagctg cctccctctg tggttgggga ggtagcctgc ccagactcca cacgggctcc     31020
     ctgcacttct ctcgagtgcc ccatccaatt tcccgcctcc ctctctcagc aaatgaacct     31080
     catggtctgt ttcagaagga ctgttggggg atggggcctt cagaaaccgc tttcttcagc     31140
     cttctcagta gtcagcaaca gagaatcaga gcttgcggcc tttccctgta caacagcgtg     31200
     cctatcttcc tgtcccttct tccccaccct ccctggaatg tccaacatac tttcgggacc     31260
     tcctttacct gcacacctgc tactgacccc actagtcaac ccagatgtca gagatgctcg     31320
     gtccctctgc ggaagcgtgt gctgggtgag cttgctgctg tgtaattcct aaatctgtca     31380
     gcaccctcag ctgcccgttc tgtgactctc caagttttca gtggtgctta cacctcagtg     31440
     gtgctggccc gtggtgcaca tttcaaccac ctgggatctt tttaaaaatt accaatgcct     31500
     gtgcctaacc tctggcaatt ccgtatagtt acaatagggt tgagcttgcc gtgtgtaaca     31560
     tagagctgga gctagcccag aatgtccttc gacagccaaa tgattcaagt ttcaggattc     31620
     atgcaaatgg gttgttaaat acagccattg ttaaaattca attatatagc tttccttttg     31680
     gcagtgttca gtggcaagat ggtgatgcaa atttccagga agaggaaatt ggttgctaat     31740
     agcatttcca aagctgactc gatgagtttc ctacactgga gctagctgaa gatggctaca     31800
     atgacctggg cagtattcat cctttcgggc attaggagac agaaggctct tgctgagacg     31860
     ggttggtgga gctgggaatt gattgaggga gtccagaagt ggtttgtttt ccatgaggac     31920
     aaagtagaga ttgaaggaga ccacaagagg tctctgtgtc gttgcccagg tgacaaacac     31980
     taggtcggcc tgctgtgctg attgtcacgg tgccctgtgg tttatcatgg agagttcagg     32040
     cgagggctaa aaggttgttg taactctaag gactgataaa tcctccatgt agatgagctg     32100
     gtgatccccc cccccccccc gtagagacac attctctgct atactaatgc tgcccataca     32160
     gtatcctgct tagataaggt gtggcggcca tcaaagtgtg ccctgggacc caggtggtaa     32220
     gacagacctt aagaagccct tgccaggagc tgggcggtgg tagcgcatgc ttttaatccc     32280
     agcatatggg aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcga ggtcagcctg gtctacagag     32340
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     32400
     aaaaccacaa aaggagaagg agaagaagga ggaagccctt gacagaccat gtgaacatca     32460
     aagatattct cctgcccacc actcccatta cacaacagaa gtcccaccca tctgccaggc     32520
     cttagccagt ccctacagca caacatggtc tccctggcaa ctgtaattgg agtttcatgt     32580
     taatacatca agacatttaa taaattttac acgaagacat aaaaatcata taaatgtata     32640
     ggataataaa taatattaaa acaaaggtaa taatgttcta aagtcaccat ttcctaattg     32700
     ttttactata ttttattatt gactgtgctg ttaacattat ttacattgat ttgaatttgt     32760
     agggagggaa tattatagtg tgctattacc acacatccct ccggactctg cctcagtaac     32820
     agatcatggt aggttgaagc tgaccatggt agaagtagtt atgccatgaa aactggaaaa     32880
     tgctactctc atgcacgtct atacacaagc atgtaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     32940
     cacctgagtg gaacatagat gttgacataa attttaaaaa ttcccccaat tgattctaat     33000
     gactatctag agtcaagagg ctccagttag aatctggctc ctttcttccc tggcttcctt     33060
     ctatccagtt ccccacaact acctgtagtg gagcaagcac atcatgttga tgtatgtttg     33120
     ctccaccatg tgcaggctct tccatctgct tctttcagta atgaattatt tgcatggtga     33180
     gctcctgtta atcttttaag gttaatcaag caaccaaact tagggaagac tctacctact     33240
     gattcctcct cctccaggaa ggcttccaaa gtaggcaaat cctagaggtg actcctaagg     33300
     cagagagaat ggttggaagc tctttcatgt acctggatga tcctactcaa gggcttctgg     33360
     gccaggagga gaccagtgac cttaaggaac tgaaacaatt tgaaaggcaa tgacagctag     33420
     ccttgagagt cattcagggg ctagaacaag agggtcttga aagccatttt cagaaatctg     33480
     ctctgtatcc tcagagaagt gaggctccac catagtataa gtcagaaagc ctgtttctca     33540
     ggtcttgtta gaactcaccc atcactggac atgttggcat acacagttaa tcctagcact     33600
     tcagagccga aggaggcaga tctctgtgaa tttgagggca gcctgggctg catgttccag     33660
     gccagcccgg gaatacaact tcaattataa aatgaaaaat tccaaaaaaa accaggtata     33720
     tagaacagca actatgggta ataaaagcac atacttgaaa tgttattcaa ataaatattg     33780
     cttctgccat aacacaaagg tacaagtgtg cgagccgtgg atatgaggtt tgtcttgatt     33840
     gtgacaattg cctcacagtg aaaatgatac cagaacatgg agatataaac ctcagtctat     33900
     gtagtattga tgacacctcc aaagagctgg ggacatctgt agcagaatca gggagcgtgg     33960
     atgatttgga gaagcaaacc gtctaaattg tgagtaaaga gagagactat tagctcaccc     34020
     tccgtgaatg aaggcgactg gccttttgaa ataatgaatg gcagatttca cttcacaaac     34080
     accgtgttta acctgataag ctttcagggt tgtctgggtg ttccctggct tttcctcctg     34140
     tggttggcaa aggcttctgc agacagtctg ctggctggcc atacattggg cccatggttt     34200
     tcttatcatt gacagataaa aaagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa aagaagcaag     34260
     tttgccatgc ccagcccctg ggaggcagta ttctctgttc gctctgtctc tgggctacca     34320
     gctaccgctc tctttactgc tctctttaac tcttatgggc ctgcattatg ttgttccttc     34380
     tgtgcttgct gggcaagctc cagtctgtgt ttcgctcctg cacttctttt tcattatcag     34440
     catgaacaca gaaaaccgcc ttgtggtgcc tccaattccc agactgggga agttaaaatg     34500
     gatgcttttc tttttaaaag tatctcaaaa ataccttcag aaatcataga ctcctggaag     34560
     ctcattactg gagaaaaaga aagaaggtcc catgaccctt tctgtacttc ctgacagtcc     34620
     tgtttttaat ctcttcatta cgattgaatc atctccttta gcccaagccg tatagttaag     34680
     gcaaggatat agtttaacac ttaaatggga gacctgtagg aattaaagag atcaccagga     34740
     cactgtgtac tcagagagta gcctgagcta gctgggacat atggtcaccc tatgtatgat     34800
     tgttctgtga tccatagagc aaagagtctc attttggctg gtgtttgatt tggggggata     34860
     aatcactgag tgcccacatt ggaataggat tgttttactc acagggacca aagatgagtg     34920
     agatccatcc cttgtcttaa aagttgggtg gggaagaaag ataaaattcc cccctaatct     34980
     tgacacactt gaataggctt tgtgggaaaa acaaagtgca ttggaaactt ctagtttgct     35040
     ttcagctgcc gtggtaaaca tgaccaaagc aaattggctt agacttccgg gtcatagccc     35100
     atcactgagg gaagtcaggg taggagctca aacaggaacc tgtaggcagg aaccaagcca     35160
     gagaccacag ggaaatgtgg cttactggct tacttcctag ctctcaatca tctgccttcc     35220
     ttatatagct tatttataga gctcttatgg tccctcctgc agtgagctgg acgccccccc     35280
     cccaacatta gcactcaaga aaatgcccta caaaccagtg gtcacgccag tctgatggag     35340
     gaaagtctct agttgagatt ccctcttcca ggtgcgcccg gttgaccagc gagatcagcc     35400
     gtcacaggaa cgaagcagaa ggggctcggt tggaaaggct taagagcaga ggcgctgtga     35460
     aacctccgct ttagagaatg cttccggttg gaagtctccc caaagaccta ttgtgtgtag     35520
     tgttctgaga gatagtgggg tgggctgggg gaaaaatgtg aaataagagg atttgaggac     35580
     ccagtggtga tcttctgagg atgtgtagct tcatggaagg ctctctagtg ccacagagag     35640
     acagaaaacc aaggggacac tcagaaggcc aagagggagg aagaaggaag gagaaggggc     35700
     tcggggatgc cagaagtggc ccagagagcc actgagtctc agactaggta gtcacttggg     35760
     gtcttagaac agttaaaagg gaatgccagc agaacggcta cggggtggcc aggttagtct     35820
     taggagacat tggtgtgtag acaacccttg cagatacttg aaggtaaagc aaaaggaggg     35880
     aatctaaaaa gaaagcctga gctcagctta ataaggagat ctccatgtgc aaatttttgc     35940
     ctctacccat gtgtggtcct ttaagttcaa atgaactaaa attaaatata aattaaagtt     36000
     catttcttca gcagtactag ccactgcctg tcaggtgctt ggcagccttc cgagctgtgg     36060
     ctgccatgtt gagtagccca gagctaggga acctccatgg ccttagggag ctttgctggg     36120
     ctaccgagct caagcccagt gccatcaatg gagtccccag ccctggggct cagaactgac     36180
     catgctctgc ttgttctcaa actcaatttg aacgtggggg aagccagagg atggtttgtt     36240
     tatcagattt cctgaagaac tcggatcatc ttaaagccaa cacttcccca gactctggct     36300
     tataatgaag gatccatgat gtgaagtgaa ggagagagag aaggaaatac atgaattatt     36360
     tctgactaat actggcagcc tttttatagt tactacagta actctttcca tttgataatt     36420
     agccttagtg catccataca acttaatttc tctaattttt attttttaaa aagctgtgtg     36480
     ttcattagga aaattcgaaa gtgtacttca gtctctccta ggaagctaca ggagccctga     36540
     cagcacatta atcaggtctt gtcatcagta ggaagaaaag tatccaattt cccaggacct     36600
     tggatatatc cgtttgctgt aatagatttc tgagagacca cttgttggcc aagagtattc     36660
     ttttctttcc ttcctaatcc agcgtttcca atcatccctc actgggaatc cctctttggg     36720
     tagctttata tctgctaggg agttatgggt tgttgttgtt gtttgttgtt gttgttgttg     36780
     ttgttgcatt gttctttgaa caaaatgatt tgagctcagg ttggagggag tgtctagtgt     36840
     ccactggagc aagcacttgg ttacagtctc agcgtgaata ccaaccttta cgtgtgagca     36900
     cactggctga atgtcttggc tttgatttat ggagacattc agtagaatgt agcgactaca     36960
     gggagtttct taagggatgc tggcctatgt tacattgctt ggattcctga gacaatctac     37020
     atttctaagc gtctgtggcc ttggtggatc cctagctacc ttgctgtgca cttggtactc     37080
     ccagccctca gccaaagctc accccaatag cttctcctga gttagcagtt catgccttgc     37140
     agcgccccac ttcataacta caagcttagc ctgcaacttc agcttctaca gaaacctggg     37200
     cttattgaga gcagcaaggc ctactgctgt agcaggagcc gcccggcaga ccctggaaat     37260
     ccatcctggc tgatgaggcc tctttaagtg aacactggct gaggtgagga gggacaagca     37320
     gtgtgggctg attgctagct ctggctaagg acagtgggcc tgtgttctgc tggactggcc     37380
     cctctgtgtc tcctccagag aaggccccac agccggcctg tatacagggg cgactgctgc     37440
     tgtcctgccc atgtgtctat gtggcaatca accggctgta tagtgttaag caggctgtta     37500
     gcaggaagag ctttggattc tgatggctca gatttcacac acacacacac acacacacac     37560
     acacacacac acaccccacc cactgcttcc atggtccaga gcaaaccgtt cgacttctat     37620
     gagcctgttt ctggcttgtg tgagaggaga ggagctcttt atttttctgg gttgttatag     37680
     gattcagtga tgcatgtcaa atgcccggaa cagatgctcc gacgctactc aggcccctgt     37740
     tctcccatgt ttaaatcctt ttgggtaccg attttctcgc ctactagggc agatgattta     37800
     acgttctgtt gtccacagcc ctttggagaa tgactgcacc tctggatttg actgagaagg     37860
     gagaccggga gaaaagctac atggttctcc gagatttcaa gggtcaacca gcagtagtgc     37920
     aggttggaag ctggggccct gcagaccagt gttagggtcc ccctgctcct gataaggctg     37980
     ctgtagtgtg gatgcaaata acacctccta tttcatggga tgaacctgga cttggccatg     38040
     atgaacacca tattagaatc gaaggccgat gaaaaagtaa ttgtggctaa taagataaga     38100
     cattctgcag tcttgatgct tagggaagag gcaggataaa tgtgagatgc cccagagata     38160
     gatccttggt ttaaaacata tatatatatg tcccctgctg cctgcagaga atagccatct     38220
     tctctccttg gtgacacaga tgtcatccca tttactggat gtgtaaattg aagagttttc     38280
     aatattagga aaccctgggt tgggttctgg agggttctga gtccagagat gaccttcagg     38340
     ggagtgaacg gagtccagca gaaagggctg cagaaatggc gaacacatgg agctggtgac     38400
     aaaagggagg gtgtatgctc agtaactagt ctagatgtga gagtcctaag atcacagagc     38460
     acggccagcc tgccagtgtt ctgttaccca actcaacatg ttctgtatgt tttgctgttt     38520
     tctacttttt tttttttttg gtttcctaat gagattttca tgtgaaaatt cccagcttta     38580
     ctgagctcag taatgggaaa aggattttct tctttattca caagccttga agccagcagg     38640
     aatcagcgtg ctcttcaagg atagagaggt tgcagttaca gtggaagcga gatttttctt     38700
     gggtgagcac tgtgtctttc atgtgacctg aagcctctcc tgtagtcctc acagagaaga     38760
     acaccagggc atctccatga gacctgtgat ttgggcaaga ctggcaatgg tcccagtgtt     38820
     ggctctacct tctcttcagc atttacatta acactggcct gcaccacagg cagcactcct     38880
     accaacatct gcctcccact aagagcttac aatgtccatg gcacacacac ctcaatctgg     38940
     tgttagggtt ctctgtcttc ggagacttaa tttgccaagg tctatgatga gtagattgaa     39000
     gtggctcagt gtagcccagg ggcctgcctg accttatgaa cttcagtggt ataggactgg     39060
     ccagttggaa gaatgttaat gctatcttct gtacagtttg gtaacttggg tccagtgtcc     39120
     tgcttgaata gatagggcct ctaggaaaga gtgctttggg ggagtcagag ctatttccta     39180
     gggttctgtc tttgttgagc tgtgtatgcc tcggtggtgt gtgtctgttg ttcccaatgt     39240
     tctgagaggt agactagcag aacgaagtga cgagaagcat tgacccggga gatgctgaaa     39300
     tctgggctgc cgagttattc ctgcatgtat cgcagcaatg gttatgagtc tgtttcctgg     39360
     tcaggaaacg gatatggata tctgtataag aaggaggagg attattttct tctttctgtg     39420
     gtttggaaac agaaggatca cccagggtaa acagtggcct gcacaggcct gatggggcct     39480
     ctggcctggg aaatatccta ggcttgacgt cagctgtgca gtggcgtgct tcctgaggtc     39540
     ctcgggtctc taggcacaac tcccaaaacc tatgagccca gtgagttgtt gccaccagga     39600
     ctagccttgt cactacctat taaattttct tagggaccta acagtctcag cctcctgctg     39660
     acccagagct ctggcatgag ctgggcctcc ctgtctattt aacatttcat tagtggtttt     39720
     ctgaaggcac aagtccaagc ttggctgaag cttcgcattt agaagtacag caacacttaa     39780
     caaaaacgaa gtgttgacgg atcaccatcc caggaagtcc cagctggaga cctaggaagg     39840
     ctgctacaat gtatcagcca cctccctgtg ggggactttt gtgtcacaca gctgtccagc     39900
     ctgatggtag ttcattactg ttttggtatc ctgaagtgtc ccggctagtt ctatgtcaac     39960
     ttgacacagg ctagagttat ttgagagatg ggagcacctc aattgagaag atgcctctgt     40020
     aaaattgggc tgtaagcaat cctgtagggc atttttctaa ttagtgattg atgattggtg     40080
     gggaggaccc agctcattgt agatggtgcc atccctgagc tggtagtcct gagttctgta     40140
     agaaagaaga ctgcgcaagc catgaaagca aggcacactc cagggcagct gtgcagaggc     40200
     aaaggcattt tgagtttagg gacagattaa gttagttgca gcagggcttg ggagtgattt     40260
     tgaatccgtg ccgttggcag caggctagca tggaggggaa ctcacaatct ttggagctta     40320
     caatcaggtg ctcattgcta ttgattaatc cccatggctc ctgacaaatc tagagtccac     40380
     agttctggat acaaggaatt caggtgtgca aagtgtttgg catgaagagg agctcaataa     40440
     accaagcaga gaatgttgag agttaagagt tacacaccac tgagaatgga aacatgccac     40500
     tctgtggaag taggatcagg gctggcaggg ggctgtccca ctggtttctg aggatttagg     40560
     gggggatgac cttggatggg aagcagagtg ggaaggtgtg acagccagca tgaacacagt     40620
     atgccttgtc ctgtgggttt cctaggtggc cggggaagct ttgaagtctg ggggagccaa     40680
     aagagataat gtgatggtta atctttgaac cttcatttat ataagcaagg tgttggggag     40740
     ggtgtaccat agctcacgta cagaggacaa ccttcagaca tcggctctct ccttctgttg     40800
     tgtggattct gagttgtgaa tttgggttgt caggcttttt ggcaagtgtc tgtacctctg     40860
     gaaccatctc actggcctat ggtggttagt cttgcttgac agttgattgg actgagagtc     40920
     ccccaggaga ttatttatta ataatctcct acctcgagct gtttctaaga ggctgtctcc     40980
     gagggtggga tgattagatc atgagagttc taattaaggc ttaatccatt gctggactca     41040
     gactttgaat aagtattagg gtgttagact cttgtggggt acagtccaga agaaagtgga     41100
     tcaatggggg tgggtctagt ctgtctttag gagctacctc ttgccctagc cccgtcttgg     41160
     tatcactccc ctctgctttc tgtcttccat gatgttagtt actgtgtcac aaccgtgatg     41220
     ttagtgactc tcaaccaaat gaaaccaaac ccctaagtct gtgagcaaat aactcccctc     41280
     accccgcttc tgtcagacat ttggtcacag tgacacagtc aggctaatac agttggtcca     41340
     agaggcctcg taccctgtcc ctgagtaact gcggtcccta aatctctcaa ctcaagacag     41400
     ggtagaaggg ccctgaggaa aagaaggctg tgtggcttct tccaaagcca aagggagagg     41460
     agacttcaca tttatgcttt aaagtgttaa tgccttattt taaagtcatt atctctgtct     41520
     tctaaatggc attgcccttg ggcattgctg agaagtcaac cctacttaca gttggtgccc     41580
     acttcatata tctcctccct gggggatctc tgacatcttc tgtgtgtcct atgacaaaga     41640
     aaattttacc gagtttttct tcatgaagtt gttttataaa agcaatagtt gttttttgtt     41700
     tgatcatctc taaatatata agttaacaca ctgacaaaac tgttccagac ctatcttcaa     41760
     tattggggtt gatggaggga gtgcccttat tcttatgcag aatcagaagt gggttttggg     41820
     gtccctggaa ctggagttac agatggttgt gagcctacat gtgggagcag gggactgcac     41880
     agaactttga atgcagcaaa gtgttcttaa cctctaagcc atctctctag ccccatactt     41940
     ttctttttaa agttttagac agagtcctat tacatagccc tgactggcct ggaatttacc     42000
     atgtaaacca cctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tccagagttt aaaggtatgc     42060
     atcaccaagc ttgccgcttg gtcctgtact gtgttctggt tctcatgtca tcatttgttt     42120
     gctctctgtg gtctcctgcc cgtgcttagg cctctttcca atccagtgtg ttgattctct     42180
     gtagggcagg cctggtagac atggattcct gtttctatct tgggaagttt ttttctcctt     42240
     caattacagc agatagtttc cgtgggtaaa gtggtcgcat ccctgatctt ttagaacctg     42300
     gagtgccttg caccaggccc ttcaggctgt aaagttccaa ttgagaagtt agctgttatt     42360
     ctggtggcct ttgccctaca tggggcttgt gtcttttctc ttgcagcttc tagtaccttt     42420
     ccttgttctg tatattcgct gttttattta ttatatgatg tgtggagttg cttttctggt     42480
     cttgtctgtt tggtgttctc ttgtacttct tgtatctatc tgggtgtgtc tttccttagt     42540
     ctggtgaaag tctttgctcc tgtgatcctg ctgaagaccc gctctatgcc attggcttgg     42600
     aattctattt cttctgtgcc tgtaatttat agatctggta ttctatgatc ttccaaagtt     42660
     cctggatatt tgtgcgtgtg ttttaaatgt attatattat ttgattgtgt ctaatccatc     42720
     tatgttgtct ttgcatctta acattctatt ttctacttga tccatcccac aaggacgctc     42780
     ccctcggttt cctaattggg ctattcggtt tttcagcttc atctttattt cagtagagtt     42840
     tcctttagta tttttattcc tgtattggat tctcggtctt ctcagatctt ggactgtctt     42900
     cattagtgca tatatttgtg ttttcttgac cttcaattgg gagtttatcc ctgtacgttt     42960
     aaaggtcatt cagctatctg tccctgcccc ctctaagttc catgaatatc ttgatcgtat     43020
     tcattgttct tttaaatctg tgtcctgagg ctcatctagg tcattttcat agagggtttc     43080
     tgtgggatag tggcctttgg gagggacatg atttcttagc ctctcgtatt gcttttattt     43140
     tctcagcggg acctaggatt gatttccttg gctctgtgtc tggtccgaga ttctagcctg     43200
     cctatgttga gtggaagatt ggctccagtt ttgctgttgc ctgcacttgg ctgagttcag     43260
     agtggatagg aagaacatgt aggttagccc ttctgatgtt gggtgtccat tttgaccgga     43320
     gagactgggg tggttccaac caagaaggtc catggataca gcgacagact ggctctgcgt     43380
     attgaaaaac agcctaaggc cagggacttg ggataaactc aaggagaaag tatacgagtg     43440
     caatttctgc ctgagcttgg gcatggagcc cattacagcc cagggcgaga gccagggcag     43500
     gcttatgaag agagaacaca ctctgatggt atttttgatt ctgcctgcag ggcctggagc     43560
     agactcacca cagattggac tcatggctgt gcctgggtgc agagggacaa tactgggcac     43620
     ggggttgggg cgactcacca aaacagcatg tacatagtgt gacttccagc tgggcctcag     43680
     cttggggggg ggtgaggagg caggaaactg gggtaactca cccaaagaat ccttatactc     43740
     cagactaggt ctccaaggcc tgtggcagac tccctgggag ctttttccca ggtgtgactc     43800
     ctagctccct ctggggcaag gagtatctac tgaagggcaa aatctgaaag agacaagggg     43860
     gcaggctgtg agtgaaaatg tctctgggaa aagagaggac tgacgtgtgt cctgccactg     43920
     ctgcggtgca tagctgaact gttccgagtc atgctgaaca tgtcatcctg gcacccagag     43980
     gcaggccagt tagatgaaaa ctgattggac tatggattaa gcacacttgg caaggtccta     44040
     gcagacactg gagtggagag ctaggagggc ccccagctgt gcaggtgcct gtgcggtggc     44100
     tgtgaatctg tatgaggatc acacagctcg ttaacttgga gcccaaggtg ccactacttg     44160
     acttgaatac agcacttaac ctttctgacc tctgtactaa ggagggaatg aatgaaagat     44220
     ggacgggtct gagcatctcc aaggactgtt ggggcaaaca agggtgttct atgtgtgcgt     44280
     gccctgagaa gggacacagc agtggaagct gctgcagggt gtttgttcca ggacttcttg     44340
     ccccactgac agcattcctt cctgatcaat ggccctggtc aacagcaaac tcatcagtac     44400
     cagatgcttc atctctctct atcttaaaaa ccccagagct tccagaactt tccatctgtt     44460
     tcagagttgg tcatcagtaa gcccacatta ctgaggtcaa agaagagcca gaggcaggtc     44520
     agaggctacc catccccact tgccttacag tttctccaca agaccacccc cccctcccca     44580
     ggaagcaccc tgcgcctccc tgatgtctcc ttaccactct cccagaaatg ccacccaacc     44640
     cagttacggc tcagaaacaa gcacaggaga gtgcggatgt gtctagggag ccaagaagtg     44700
     tcctcagtcc cccctgtgtc aggagttgct gggtgctgac agggcccagt gtctcaggat     44760
     gatgtcactg tcacaatcct gaggaaacgg cagcttctat gccttctcca cagcttcctg     44820
     tttcagggaa gagggcctgt gcaccggcct aagctccttc atcactcagg ataggctgtt     44880
     ctctgctatc tgagccccgg cttccctgcc ccatggccgt ttggatttaa tgctggcatc     44940
     tgtcttttta tgcaccatgg gtttggttct ccacttagcc agggatttaa gagatttaga     45000
     tactcttgta gcagtcacag cccattaaaa acaaaacaac aaaaaccccc tctctaaagg     45060
     tgaataccaa ggtggatgtg cgggagggtc ctgaatcggc tttgagtctt tttcacccag     45120
     gagagagctg aggttgagcc atttggcctg agtgtctgac tgagtatagc cttacttagc     45180
     tccagaaaac atgccatttc tttgtattcc atcagcattt cctatggagc aggctaactc     45240
     ccagggacga atgcatctct gaggacagca aactaagcca cccatctcag atggcacctg     45300
     tgcaggacgt ggtgtggctt gtaatagact tctgctctgt tacatgatgg aaacgcatga     45360
     tctggagtca ccaggactgg tttgagggtg gccccaccgc tcactgtagc ttctgtttac     45420
     ttggcctggc tgagtgtcat gtgcgcattt ggaatgcagt agcctggaca gggctgctgt     45480
     gaaattgaac agcacaatgc agataaagtg cttggcccag ccgcctagtc gctgatcatc     45540
     tgggctagtt tgtgttctcc cattctgtac tccatagctg tgtttgcatc ccacatgacc     45600
     catctcggga gcaggtttta acttccagga cctcacttcc cacttctgtg aagggggtcc     45660
     aatgctcttc ttctcacagt gggggaaaaa gaggccatgc aaaggaccag gcccctcact     45720
     cgacctctgg aagacagttt ggagaacctt cttggcatct ggttagagta agccagcctt     45780
     ggtggagcac ttgccagcta gcaggagaca aagctgcagt acttgttact gggattgtct     45840
     tggggtccca agttcaggga cataccaacc agtgagcgag gatgtaggtg ggatggtccc     45900
     ccctatgagc taatgaacaa actgtggtaa agaaagtgag gctggggatc cagcagatag     45960
     gaaaacatag caccggaaat cgtcaggcag gagagcagag cacactgaga cttatggaca     46020
     ggagggcacc tccgggtccc tgggtggcga tacatgatag gggaagcaca gccctgagag     46080
     ccagaccccc aaggtgagcc ctggccagtt cccttgctct gctgtgtctc catagctaat     46140
     cagtttactt gagggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtccaggttt ttcagaggaa     46200
     gcccctccta cttttggagc tctgaggact gaagcaagag tagagtgctg tgtgcagtgt     46260
     gaccggtgga agcaccagat tgaagggaca actctgcgtg cttctccagg ttgatgtgcc     46320
     tctctagttg ctagaaggtg gtaacttgga aaggaaggca gaaaacagta cccgctgagt     46380
     gagtatggaa agtatggggc gggagatccc aggtctcttt ctatcactag ctgctgtgtg     46440
     accctaagta agacgttcac cctctctgag tctcgatgtc ctttctataa gggaagattt     46500
     gccatgctac ctgctgactc tccatgtgaa atgccaatgg tgacaggcag cagcatttta     46560
     ctagcaagat ctttacttgc cagcagcaag gtgtgctcaa ctttcttgtt cttttgctga     46620
     gagccagccc ggggcatcct aatgccagtg ggagcctcct tggttctgcc tcccagtctc     46680
     tgtcacagaa aggcttagtg ctatagccac cagagcatct ctctctctct ttgaggttct     46740
     tcttggagaa ggttcatgac tttgtcggtg ataagacctt acaaacaata gattcattag     46800
     tcgtctttcc catgtggccc tgtgcaaggg gcaaggcttt ctttgggttt tgtttttgtt     46860
     ttgagccatg agtttaaaaa ggcacccaca tcctcagagg acttcgaatg tcatcatggt     46920
     gaggggaagg ggcagacggg atggagggct ggagtgacaa gggacaagcc acagacttcc     46980
     caggatttcc cagaggttag cccttcctcc agggtgaagg cagagcagat ccagctgcga     47040
     cgacccaggc tgcatttgtt tctgaccatc gtctttgata gctaactagc actgagccat     47100
     tgcttggccc agctgtgggt tgggaggcag ggcttgctaa gtgtgcagat ggttctggag     47160
     acaggactgc aggtatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     47220
     acactgctgt ggccttgctg cctctgagac tcaaggtctg ggctgccatc ccaaggctga     47280
     tttttcttct ttgacttttt ttttcctctt taattaaact ttcttgatga ggtgacagct     47340
     ttcatcattc ctggcagctg ctgagagaca agataattta tagctgtatt ggcactatat     47400
     gattaagacg gcagtgataa ataacagatg agaagatggc tctggcactc tgaaggcctc     47460
     ctcctcccct cccacctctg tcccacagat cccaagtgag ccgcaggtgg acttcggctg     47520
     gcttctcggg aacacaagaa caggcgtgtc cccctcgtcg cagagggtgg agatggttac     47580
     tcttagacgc tgttgtagca cttggacatt tagctgtccc gaaagaccat gggaggggtt     47640
     ccacattttc atgtgtcctt atccagggct caacacggac caggacttcc gcttcaatga     47700
     acaggtctat ataggttcag tgccactaat ataatcttaa ttattataca tatgtggtgg     47760
     gcaccttagg cagtgcctgc tgagaaggtc ccttgtgact cagagggaag atgggtaagt     47820
     ttcatccaga aagatgggta agactgaccc ctgccacggt cactttttga gagaagcagt     47880
     acctccatgc tctcttgcta caggctaaca gactctgggt ctctcttctc tagcgctccc     47940
     aagccaagtc acaaatgacc caaaagcagg ataaccatag tgagtggatt cggttgagct     48000
     cctggagatg gagcagacag atatagagac ccgtgatgca gccagccagc tcctgggagc     48060
     tggtttgcta acgtgggaag aaacaatgga gtactactca gctattaaaa agaatgaatt     48120
     tatgaaattc ctaggcaaat ggttagacct ggagggcatc atcctgagtg aggtaaccca     48180
     atgacaaaag aactcaaatg atatgtactc actgataagt ggatattagc ccagaaactt     48240
     agaataccca agatacaaga tacaatttgc aaaacacgtg aaactcaaga agaacaaaac     48300
     agttttctga gtgtttccac tgcatcacgt gtggctctgg tttcatggct ttgcttgtga     48360
     aaggccaagc aagagtgact ggaagggctc aggggaaaag agggcttgga acgtttaagg     48420
     gagatcgtgg cacagtgcta aagacataaa tttgactggg tgactgctcc gtttctaact     48480
     gagaagcacc ctgcctcggt ttctccacct gacagacaga gctttctgga tgattctttt     48540
     gagatgcact gagctactgg cctcgaaaga tcaggaagag ctggggaagg aatctagatc     48600
     tgctctacca atccaggtca ctttagtttt tacgttttga agattatgga ttcataggac     48660
     atttcagaga agccctttgt gccctttctt aggtttttcc ccagtggaaa cctgacacag     48720
     tgatggtgta agatgaaagc cagaaactga cattgatgtg tgcctgtgcc agtgcatgtg     48780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgtgcgccta gttgtatgcc tggttgtgtg cccgtgcacg     48840
     catgtgtggt tgtgtctcat ttcatcttgt gtgatgtgga gcgtctcatt gctctgcagg     48900
     acctgcttgt gccccgtcac tcacacctgc tcccctccat ccctagagta gtctgtgatc     48960
     catctctata aatttgccat tttattaatg ttgtatgaat ggcttatctc tttttttcct     49020
     ttccaaggat tatgggaaca ttttccagga gcccattttt tacttatatc tagaatgtct     49080
     gcagctctct aagtattata tatgcatact ttgtcatatt tattggtaga gtggtattac     49140
     tttcccccag ccagatgaag cttagctatt ttatctccct ttaccccctt atttataata     49200
     cagttccctt agatatctcc tctgcatgca tgaaaacagt cagagctgcc gtgtttgttc     49260
     cagccatcac acacaattta gaaaattcaa ggtgtgtgtt gcatttttct tttgttttaa     49320
     agaattaccc ctttccactt agggaattaa gctcttcttt cagagcagcc tgtgggtgat     49380
     aaatcccctg tgttctcttt catttgtgtg aatactttga gccttatttt ccctttattt     49440
     atgttatata tatatatata tatatatata gtcccactgg atgtggaatt ctagtgaatg     49500
     gttctttttc acttggttct tgaaaactta gttgtgcccc ttcctccctc ggatggccgt     49560
     ggtctctaat gaggaatctg ccctcattcc tcctgctttc ccatccaggt aacgcgccat     49620
     tccctcactt tgccattaag acttttccgt tggctttaac tatcaggcgt tggagtgcga     49680
     tgtgccccga ttttgatttc tttcggattt attgcatttc acgtttactc cgccttttga     49740
     atgtgtgagc ttatgtcttt tgataagtct aaaaagtttt cagctgttac ttatctcagc     49800
     atctctgtcc tctttctctt cttctggtac taagatgact cagatgttag atcgtccact     49860
     gtaacctcac aggtctcttg aactagcttc actttcaaag tctgttttct ctgtgttgat     49920
     gtcttagttt tgttctttgg gtttggtttt tgtttgttgt ttgtttgttg gttggttggc     49980
     tgtttttcct gctgccgtga taaaacgaca aaagaaactt aaaggagaaa gagttcgttt     50040
     cgctcacagt tgcaggatgg agtccagcag agcagggcag tcccagcaga gggagtgtga     50100
     ggcaccggct gcacatctgt agtccgctag cgcgtgtgct aacgtgctga ctttctcata     50160
     tgtgcagcct agttcccaac cacaatcaag atgggtcttc ccacatcaat taatgtgatc     50220
     ctcacagttc ctatcggcat gcccaggagg ttcccagtca ggctgcacta accactgcac     50280
     ttctcagcct ctcagtctct cagctgtggt tttcagcctt tcccgttgtc ttttcagata     50340
     ctttctattt cttttctgag atttcctgct tttccctggc attgttttaa gtgtgctagc     50400
     atgtgggtgt caaatttatt tatttaaatt aattattctt taaatttaat taattttttt     50460
     ttacttactc attttacata acgctcactg ccccactcct ggtcacccct tcccatagtc     50520
     cttctgccat ctcccctccc cttctcctct gagtggatgg ggcccctatg ataactgtct     50580
     gagcttattc ttattagata actctaaaac cagggccact tcatgttagg atctgtagat     50640
     tgcctctctc aatcagattc acagtttccc aattcctggt gaaatggacg gttcttactt     50700
     acggctggat tttatgtatt acgctattct ggttattact ttaaaccagt tatagctgct     50760
     tcctttgacc cttataccat ggtgagtgtg gggggtgggg gtgggggcat gtttccatct     50820
     tgttattgcc aggcagagat gggagccctg tttccaattt ggcctctgct cagattcagc     50880
     aggctccaca tactgctatt cttcatgttc gtgctcccac agacctctgt cagtgccacc     50940
     ctgaaagaag aagagtgggg gagaccccac tgctccacag ggcagggaag cctcattgtc     51000
     actgggcatc aagtaaaaag tcttagctcc tctcaggata gaagttctgt ttcctccctg     51060
     atatcaagat gttgggatgc ctccttgtca cccagtggga aagaatacat gtcaccctgc     51120
     tgatcttgat cctgtcctgc aagagggcgt ggcaggtgca ttatagtttg gttaggtcaa     51180
     aagtctagaa taccccactg ggcctgtgct aggacggatg gggtgaagcc acatgttaaa     51240
     tggcaggttt agaatgacta ttgtcaaagc ttttctgtct tagtataaaa ataagcgaag     51300
     acatagcgta tggctcaatg atagaacacc cgcctagcat gcaagaagcc ccggatttaa     51360
     ctctcagcac cactaaagtc tgaagaagct aaccatcaaa acaaggtcaa ggacatgaag     51420
     agatccactt ccaaggaaaa tgtaggagtg gccatgatgc agatggaaag gcactcaggg     51480
     aagagacgtc agtctgtcag tccaccgtca agcatcccct cacacccacc gggaggccta     51540
     cagtgaaaag acagcaagcg gcgggagagg tgatgaacag aagccggagc tgctgcctgg     51600
     cactggcaga agcacgcagg ccgttgggct ccatggagca cggaagatgc atgttcaacg     51660
     ctgccgcatg gagcacagaa gatgcatgtt caacgctgcc gaccacagag caatcttact     51720
     tctaggtgta tgctccaaag aacgataagc gggttgagaa gatagttgaa cacctatgtt     51780
     catcacagtg ttgtttacat tatccaaaaa gtacacacga tgtccatcag tggcactgat     51840
     gggtaaccaa tcagcgagaa tagtatatgt aagtagtaca atattacttc accttcgaag     51900
     gaaggggatt cttgtagatg tcacagtatg gatgagtgaa tcctgaaaac gttgtgctgc     51960
     gtgaaataag ccagtcacaa acattcaaag aaagcgtgat tctacttaga ggaggaacct     52020
     cgagtattta aactcagaga caggaagtgg agtactggtg cctaggaccc agagacggag     52080
     ttgataagat gttatccgtt cagaggctcc aagctctgtt tgtgatgaaa gagctctaag     52140
     gataacgatg gcagcggtac cacatgcaaa ttatgtcaca ttacagaacc agacttaaaa     52200
     tcagttaaaa cagccaatag atttgttagc cttcggtcac tgggacacag tgcatgaggt     52260
     agaaaggttc ggttgggctc caggtttcag tccatggtca cttgcctcca tgtttcaggt     52320
     cacagtcaga aagcaataag aaagtccaga aaggaaacag gatgataaca cccccttcaa     52380
     acaccgctcc acgccatcac ctagctttct tctcccaggc tccaccctct aaaagtctca     52440
     ccacctcccc aaagcaccaa gggctagaga ccaaaccttc agcatgtggg cctttgggga     52500
     acagtcaaga ttcaagctat ggaagtacag acaatcaaaa atgaataaac acaacaaaat     52560
     tctgggcaca gtgccatgca ttgtaatccc tgtatgtgga aggtggaggc aggaggatca     52620
     cacgtttgtt tgagcctgag ccacataatg agactctacc tagaaaagag gaggagttgg     52680
     aggaggagga ggagttggag gaggaggagg aggaagagga ggaggaggag gaagagaata     52740
     aatcaaacac tgcagtgaat tttgttgttt tatggtgatg tttaataaaa tgtttcttga     52800
     taggtattct ctttctgatt gtttagctga agaaacaaaa ctttaatcag gcttgtcttc     52860
     tctgtactca ctgtgattct gggttcatca agagcctact gaggtaccat ttcacagggc     52920
     ccatgactcc tatcagcttt ctttgcagct gtcagagcct tttacttgta tttttctgta     52980
     ctgagaatag aacgcagtgc cttacatgtg ctgggcgagt gctctgctgc tgagccacac     53040
     cccagctgat ggagtgttag ttgcacttaa gtggagattc agaggaaaat atgtatgtgt     53100
     atttccagaa ttggcctctc caggctgctc tgtgttctat gaagaatctg ttgttatagt     53160
     ctcttcctcc tcctccttct ttgctaagga gctaagtctc attcattcca ctttagtgca     53220
     ctggaaaata agctgttttc ataagcagag atgctactgc tgaagtcttc tgttagcatt     53280
     ttggggacga cagttgtagc gtcagataag ttgcatgctg tcatccctct tgcccgtatg     53340
     ttagtgatgc tggccgcagg tggctttagc ttgtgtccac tgaccatcag aaggcagttt     53400
     attcttctta tgctgtcatg tctcttcttg acctaagcat tagctccttc aggccctggc     53460
     caccgttcct tgcttactgt attgttgcat gtgatcaaat agctcttgtt tgactctatc     53520
     tggtcgtcga ggtgaagggc cctgatggga tatgtgggtt caagtcccta ttttgtgact     53580
     gaacccattc ccaggggcgg ctgctcctca gagcctcctc atggaagtga gaatacatta     53640
     gttcacctct ggcctcctct tgcagacact tacagatctc acagaagaat caagtcaagt     53700
     caaagccaat gagagcatga gattgaaaca aaggtgtcac cctggtttgt gtgccctaga     53760
     gatatctgct gatggatatt cacccacggt gtgtggtggt ctgtgtagga ttttcatcaa     53820
     gactcctgtt ttcaggtctt gcccataatt tttaattacc tttgacctgt gcttagagaa     53880
     tcacagaagt ctcggtgact tctagggatg cttccattgg aagttagtgc attaatttca     53940
     ggacctttcc ttcttttact gcttctgtca agaccttgct ctctctttcc tgatgcagaa     54000
     aagctcccct taactaagca attcacctcc atggagttcc ctccatgcca agtgcaactc     54060
     gaaccatcac tgaaaggtac tcagacttgt agcagaggat tgctgtcagg atgagaacag     54120
     aaggaaacaa ggattgaaag aaaacctggc aggaggggag gaggcacaga tgggagggta     54180
     ggcatgggag aggctggagc agggggttct gggggactgg actctaagca ggagggtttc     54240
     ttgctgatgg tgcagatcct ccctgtcagc tctcaggcct ccacaggctg gcaccctgct     54300
     gctctcagat gctctagctg gggtttggct gccagcctca ggtggtagca tcatgcattc     54360
     tgtgtctgtt acactcaccc caggggctca ggggggtcga ggttgctctc cagagcagtg     54420
     tggtttggcc agctccttgg atacaatggc catggacttt tcatcccctc acttgctgca     54480
     gggctcattg tcagagcccc accactcatt atggaagcag actctgactg caccaggcct     54540
     actgtgcttc actgcagaat cactcctgca agagttttac aagaactgga ccttagcgag     54600
     gaacttggtg tgcaatgtag cctttgtctc taaagggcca cagtttctgt gaatcctttt     54660
     gtgcgaaaga agccaagacc agttgtttca agtgagccag caaaaatatg cctgtagtga     54720
     aaagaatctg aaatatatat atatatgtga gtgtatgtgt gtgtgagagg gtgtatatgt     54780
     gtgaatatgc gtgtgtgagt ctgagtgtga gagtgtatgc gtgtatatgt atatatgaat     54840
     gttgatattc atgtgtgttt gtatgcatag gtatgtgtgt atgaatgtat gtatgaatgt     54900
     gtacatttat gaatatgtgt gagtctgtga atatatgtgt gtaaatgtgt atgtaaaaat     54960
     caatgtgtat ttatgtgtgc atatatatac atatgtgtga gtgtgaatgt gtgtgtgtgt     55020
     gagtgtgtgt gtatgtggtg tgtgagtgtg aatgcatgtg tgtgtgagtg gtgtgtgtgt     55080
     gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttatgt ggtgtgtgaa tgtatgtgtg tgtgagtggt     55140
     gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtggtg tgtgagtgtg aatgtatgtg tgtgtgagtg     55200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgatg tgtgagtgtg aaagtacgtg tgtgtgagtg     55260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtatgt ggtgtgtgag tgaatgtatg tgtgtgtgtg     55320
     agtgtgtgtg tatgtggtgt atgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     55380
     gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtcttccaag aggtgacccc agctctcagg atggttcctg     55440
     tccttcagtt ctccttgagg tttcttccat ggcatgggat tttgctcatc tttctcctcc     55500
     cacagcactt tgcagcaaga gaaacagtcc cttcccgtgc cttccagtac aaatgacacc     55560
     atctgatgcc tccccagact ccctggatac atgtgctgtg tgtttctaag ttccctaagc     55620
     aaagcctacc tcttcctaag ctcctcaacc ctgtaggact caggaacagt caccacttgg     55680
     aggaggaaag aggggaggta gagaatgcat gccacctctc ccacctcctg ggagcaatga     55740
     attgttatag gaaaagtgac cagatgacac aactgcctgg gagaactgga gctggggctc     55800
     caagccaccc aggggtctgt ggtggtggtg agaacctgag tcaaaactaa caaaaccaaa     55860
     acctgaagaa cagaacaggg gaagggactc ttgtttgtct cccttgcctc aactttcctt     55920
     ggccctgtga taccaaagtt gaactggagg ttgtggtgtg ggtcaaatgt ttccaagttt     55980
     tgagctcctg agccaaagaa taaaaaataa gggcttgtgc agatttacaa agaaacaaga     56040
     tgatttggag caaagcaaca gtacacatta aagaggcact gttgggactg tcatgggtaa     56100
     gaaactcaag ggggttttat gggtctgagg gaacaaggac ctgcttacta gggatatagt     56160
     ttgggtcatt ctttgttttg gttgctatat taggttattt aatcatttct gtactgcctg     56220
     tgtcatttct cagaacacac ttattttaat catatgcatg tctgacttat acatagacat     56280
     aagatagtaa gtagagggtt ctctctgaaa ggttacagag gacatagttt tctatgcatg     56340
     ttttcaaagc tagttcaggc cagatcagtt ccttctatac ttcatacctg catacactgg     56400
     aaatacgctt gaataggagt tgtctaaatt aagttgttga ggggttgcca aaggcgaagc     56460
     ccattggagg tgtgggctgg ggggaggctg tttctcggat gctcagtata cagtgtggag     56520
     aggggtgtgc acacggcacg tgcaggtgaa gggacttgga tgccggatgc attattatga     56580
     ggggaggggg ctgtatgcat agcccaaagc caagcggagg ctccagggca ctaaactatt     56640
     tgctatgctt ccccgactca gcagtctctg gagagacctt ctcgctgctt cagacagcaa     56700
     ccatgtcttc tttctctcaa atagctgccc tggaagtccc tgagcacact gaagggaatt     56760
     ctagagagaa taagattgca gagcccttga tggtagaaag ggagtcaacc cagcgagcaa     56820
     ctccctctgc cgcctcccct actccctgac caacagactg ccccgcccct ctgccgatca     56880
     gtttttctga ttcttgatca ggggaggaac tactgtgtct tgtttccttc atcttggggg     56940
     tggggtggaa agaaaccctg gagccatttg ggtccccagt cttttctggc cttcagagtt     57000
     ccctgtcctg tcattgcagg ttggccctga tccatggcca aggggcccat gctggcccag     57060
     ttcctcttta aagctgatgg gtgctgcagg tcagaggctc ttcctaaaga gcatgcccca     57120
     ggctagtaca gcaggcaggc agcctgtctt cctgcgtgtt ctccttggtc ctgctgggaa     57180
     gctgtgccca tgaggagcct gtgactcaat ttgccccaga gccaggcttt gtgggtacaa     57240
     gggtgtttgg gtggcttgaa cctgtatctg tcaacctcag cacttagcaa cctagattga     57300
     atcctataga tgacttctaa gtaagggtag aaggtgacag cagctaggaa tattgtgctc     57360
     ctgcctgccc tccctcttgg tgcggctctg cttgtcatca cccttgttag acaccttctg     57420
     tgcatccttc tctctgtttt agcagcagta gccactgcgt acaaccacac gccaggcttt     57480
     gtggttctta tgtttgggaa gtgacaggag tgcagatcac aagtatggaa ttctccagcc     57540
     cagccagaca ggtagcaaat aaaagcagct ggtgcccacg ctgtgcagcc ggtgaacatc     57600
     agcctggcac aggtgttacc ttcacgcctt acacagccat gctgactagg aaccaacacg     57660
     gtccttttgt gatgcttgct acaggtttat atagctggcg agtctcatcg ccgtttgctg     57720
     cttgcaaaca cagcctccct gacatttgtc cttggacatt taagtgatgt ttctcggcag     57780
     ggccatcagg gtctcattcc tgctgaacac atgggaaaat gccctagaag tagaccttgt     57840
     gagggtgctg gggacgtagg tacccaaagg accatggagc aggatggctc ttggtctctt     57900
     ccatgctggg gtgagcggtg tcctgttctg ggtgcaagtg tctcctgcct tggtgagttg     57960
     tgtcaggctg aggtgtgtga ttggattcac tgagtgctgt ttttccgagt cctggcagca     58020
     ggtgtagttg aggtggccca caccctgctt tccaggaagg agaaacgtga acagtaagaa     58080
     tctgccatga gacgagctct ctgtgtatct ttaagctgag ggcctggctg tgcattcggc     58140
     ttcaaagcgt gtaagaaaag agcatggagg gacagatgaa gggactcaaa ctctggccat     58200
     ttttagtgct cacagcgctc aacaaatcat ttcagccaga gagtgactgt ctgatggata     58260
     tgtaaaggag ccgtttaatg ggtgcctata aaacggattt gaaatgttgt caagctgcac     58320
     tagattggag agaaatccaa cctcagaaac ctggcttctc ttgttgagaa ggtgccggtg     58380
     ttgcactgga ggaataagta agagggtgca cccataggga ggagtggaag gcaggtcact     58440
     ttgtctaagc ctaacagctg gaatgcaggg gaagttgata ggatgagcta acagaaacat     58500
     gatcatcaaa tcaataactc ttcgatgaag ctcagtgtgc ccaggacacc cctgacccaa     58560
     acaaactacc ctccgagttt ctccccactt tctgtgggga ttgcatacca attattgctt     58620
     ctgtggaagt gtgctgagat cgaaggctca ccacctacag agtatggcct ccctccaggc     58680
     ccttcacagt tctgagcttg agggtgagga ttttaccaag agccacggga agggtactgg     58740
     ctacctgggt tgaacagatt ttagtcactt gtgcttagtg ggcagtctgt gggtttgggt     58800
     gctgaaggaa ggggccttag ttgattgcac tggttggtca gcagggctgc tggagcccac     58860
     tgatgtgaca tgccaaagct cattgtctcc aggccacttg gcgcactact gccaggtcct     58920
     catgcaaaag tttgtggtgg cttcagctgg acacctctct ccatctcgcc aagtccaccc     58980
     accgcctcct cttcgattcc acatggccac agaggtcccc aaagtgaccc cgcccctctc     59040
     agctctgtgt ttgccctgtt cctttcataa agaaagctct ccctggctat cttagtctac     59100
     tcagtatttg tgcgtataag cttcttcagc agtggtactc taaatgcctc cccgggtatc     59160
     ccctcactca cagtgggctc agagtgaggc caccacacac tcacatccca ggttcatcct     59220
     gtgctaacca tgggatctgg gggggtcaac ttcttgtatg agctccactt ttcttgtcaa     59280
     tcaaatgggg tcaacactgt cacctgtgcc atgagaatta tctgatctgc ttgttcctta     59340
     cttggcagtc acttggctcc tctgatatcc ctggcttcct gtcactttta gtatttctct     59400
     tgaaaggctt accacctaca gagtatggcc tccctccagg cccttcacag ttctgagctt     59460
     gagggtgagg gttctaccat gagccacagg aagggcaccg gctacctggg ttgaacagat     59520
     tttagtcact tgtgcttagt gggcagtctg tgggtttggg ggctgaagga aggggcctta     59580
     gacaggtgtg cacagtacca agttccagtg ttcttataca taggtcaggg cctctcttgt     59640
     ggaatccagt gtccttttga gctataaata gctatcctga gataaaaccc aggctgtcct     59700
     aaagcttata cccctgcctg ttcctctgga tgtcacaggg catgtgaatg tgcagaggct     59760
     ctaagaagtc ctgcagcaag atcgcctttg aacttcatgt aagctggtgt cttccaaatg     59820
     tgttttactt cttactgaat atgggcagac ctgagcaaca gatgtgacct gtagccagaa     59880
     ggaggcccaa tgccaggaat gaccctggtt cctggtcaca gactcacttt ctccaaggcc     59940
     aaagtatctc tcagagacat cacagcaaca ctcatcaccc acagctgccg cctgggcgcc     60000
     tggagccaga tgttagccat ggctgtgctg gatccatgcc caccatgcct ttgccacaga     60060
     ccatgaggtg ccaccgattt agagatcaca actgagtgca ccatgagctc cttgtaccca     60120
     gctgcacctg ttggacaggt ctcaggggca ctgtgaacaa tgggtggaca tggggacttg     60180
     aacagctgat gtccatccat tgttccattt tctgtgtttt cccttatgtt tttcttcctg     60240
     gctgtcttac ctctttattc tttgcatttt cagatttccc cttgggtatt ttacttgcct     60300
     ttttatcttc tgttctgttt ctccatctga gatgggagtt tctcacttct ggtctgagag     60360
     ccaaaactcc gctttgctgt ccaggtttcc agtgtgtccc cctggcccta gtcacgaccc     60420
     tctagcactg tcagggtgga tttctttctg aatgggatca tcacagtggg actgtcacct     60480
     ttcttccatc tggaaagtta ccctgattct ctcacgcctc ggaagaggaa agtgagcggc     60540
     agcggtggta gctctgagtt ggggacatgc tgcccagcgg tcagcaggag agggcatagc     60600
     cccatggctt aggggccctt ccgttctctg ctccatgcag agtgtgcctg gtcttcctga     60660
     gacatgacca gcctgctggc agtgctccac atacgtcccc accaccaagg ctttcccctt     60720
     tgccttttct agccaacaga cctctttagc atgtctcagt cagcttactg agtcccccac     60780
     aatctcttcc tcagacccct tcacccgcca cccttctggt ggtcttagtt agcttcgtgc     60840
     ccatgatggc cttctcttag aggaattggg ggcagcttac atgcagagga tttcaggaaa     60900
     ggaaggcatc ctcctattca catagaggac tcaggccaga acaacccccc accacacttt     60960
     tgtccttgtg cacagattgg ctttgaatgc cactgagctt gtaacagctc gctgctattt     61020
     tcgaaatgtc tcgtttactc tctcacttaa tgcccagttc ttcttaccaa gtccaaactc     61080
     agtgagaaca gggctttttg ctacgtgaag ctgtaagatt cacaggttcc aaccctcggg     61140
     gtcttccgaa cagcggcacg agctaccttc cgccacctcc gctgtctcag tgaggaagct     61200
     tgaggcgggt cactgatgca actactcgcc catgttggca tgctgataag gggcatgcgg     61260
     tcttccactc tggaagccag actcaaaagt attgtgctct gatccatctt aacctggagt     61320
     cccaccagca gaccaagggt tgtcaccata ggaggagggt agtttgtgag cactgggtac     61380
     ctaaggcaga agtcactacc aggtacattt cagtagtgtc gcaaacctcc gatgaaggcg     61440
     tcaccatcat ggccctttac taaagcggtc tcagcagtag agagccctgg ggctggatca     61500
     gtgttctcat ggcttctttc tctgaagtca gcaagcgccc ttctcttccc actgcggtca     61560
     gtttcaaaat gctccttttg actgacttat gggtgccttt tccgtttgaa aacgtatgtc     61620
     catgcacacg tcacaggggc atgtttatta gctgattagt gtggtgctga ggttatgtta     61680
     cagactgtag ggcatgaagc ccaaggcaaa ggtgtaactc aagtcattca gacatggaac     61740
     caaatgggac ttccttcagg agtaaccctc tttgtaccca gtaatcggta cttgtcgatc     61800
     ctactcagta ctttcctaag acggtaaact tcaaaacctg accaatcgat gttgctgacc     61860
     ttggccccca gtgaaagtgc attaaatacc catatctggg ccagatgtct cctctttgac     61920
     tgccgttaca gtcctgtgct gtgcttttag gatgatgccc tcctcccaga taatgccatc     61980
     ttggggacac gacttggcac tttgtccccc aggaggtcag cactgatggc ctcttccagc     62040
     ctctctaagc aagcagccct gagtttccat ggccctgtct tcctggcatg taccatggct     62100
     gtgagcttgt ccatcagatg agaaggggaa gctggtggtc ctcttaatca gagacttgca     62160
     aagcacactc ccttctggga ggctaattca gttacagatc gcttctcctt gtgagagccc     62220
     ttgagaaggg agtggtgtca atgcggagga ctccaggaat tgactagaga gttattttga     62280
     gcagacttgt cactacaccc tgccttccct gtaaatggtc acctttcctg cttgcaacag     62340
     aaaagaattc ctggcggggg cttttttctg gcatacccat acctgggagg gctaacctcg     62400
     ggcagactga gagggcttac tctggggcag gccgacttgc agatgaggct ttagtggtga     62460
     ccaggttctg tcctccttgc aggcagcgag gaagtagatg ttgatgtaac aattattttc     62520
     accatcgcag aactagagag cggcctcttt cctgagtatg tgatccagcc agccctaatg     62580
     ggaaggtggc tttgctagga tgagacgtgt gtgccccttg attggagagc ctcttacaac     62640
     cccccccccc ccgccccaaa ttattgtgca tggccgctgc acgatcctgg catctttccc     62700
     tactgcaaac ggtacgaaga caatgtatgc taattcagtt acttccagga aaagggagcg     62760
     ctccgtgatt cagttttgca gttgggtgga agtgactaac acttcagagc aggtgctcgg     62820
     agaacttgag ggaggtgggg ctggcagaag gtctgggagc cccagaaaac atgctctctc     62880
     cacgtcagct tttccctatc agaccaggag gaagccggga gttgagtact ggggttgaga     62940
     agggaggatt atgggaagga aagcaaacag cttcctggag atgaggctgt cccggaaggg     63000
     cacaggatcc cttcccaaag tatagtgatc cacaaggagc tgctgtaagc agaagttacc     63060
     ttcgccttca aggcgctgat gccccgcccg ggtactggcc agctgggtag cagggatagt     63120
     gcatgttcat ccccctggtg ctggaaatta gctcccccca gagggaatat gctaagtacc     63180
     cagctccatc cacttgaaag ggacttagca aagagattct cagcctgctg aacgatggtg     63240
     gaagcatgcc cacaaacaca gcaaatgtag tataggattt tgtattttat atttgccctt     63300
     agcaaaggtg acggttgaag ttgcacatat aatcggttag gaaacgcaag ccagtagcct     63360
     gctgacctgt attatggttc tctaaagaag cagaaccgag agtatgaaca tatgtgtatc     63420
     tgtctgtcag ttgatccata gatggataaa tagatagaca gatagagtaa cttattagac     63480
     tgcctatgtg gtggaggctg agattctgca gttgttcagt ccgtgaaggc tgggtgtctc     63540
     agcagcagca gtctgaaact ggaggcctgg aggattccta gagagctggg aggcctcaga     63600
     tctggaatca ccgaaaagtt ggttctgata ctgctgaggt aatgcaggcg caacaggaag     63660
     atgggcttgg cagtgagact gggggcagca ggcaccaaac agagtgagaa ggaagctcat     63720
     atccttttat gtgggctgcc atcagaaagt gctacctaga ttagggtggg gtctccttgc     63780
     ttcaaataat gtgatcaaga gaaatccctt acaggagttc ccagcacctt gggttttagc     63840
     tgtttccaga tgcagtaaag ttgacagttg agattagccg tcataccaat actccatggt     63900
     caatcctctt atcccaagcc taccaggaat cactgtccct gccaaggaga ctccttaggg     63960
     cacaggcagg ggccacgtaa gcctgggatt ttcaaagact ctccaggtgc cacatagtct     64020
     gcttctgtct gtgtattctg atttggagac tcaatattct tccacttagg taggaaccca     64080
     tgttgtggag tggtcctctg ctaataatgg ttgcagcgga ggatgagagt gggagtctca     64140
     aaggtatacc atgtctcgtt cctgaagaga tgccaatgtc acctcctctg gagagaacag     64200
     ccagctacac ttgtggccgg ggctgcatca cagacgtcct ggcgatgcca aggccagagc     64260
     ttacctgtgc agggctctct ccctctgacc atctctgtgt ttcccacagg ctccagctgg     64320
     gcctgtgctt gggccctgcc ctgggtgctg ccaagcttgt cctactgggg tcactttagc     64380
     tacagcattg tgcttcgatg ggacaagatg atgtcgctgg gcgtagtacc ttgtgctagg     64440
     tgagatgatg tggctatcac tcaaggggga ggggtaaggg gagtgggaat atcagaaggg     64500
     gaaaagctaa agagcttcca aggggcctga cctgagagct ctaccattcc cctcacactc     64560
     ccctcctctc tcccaagagg gcttctctgc cctccttctg tgaaatcttc cacccactca     64620
     gctgccactg ttaatatgtg tgagagatgg gccaaggggg gggggtgatc ctgtcttctg     64680
     ccccagctgt gatgatggag gtgggggagg gggaggaggg ctgattgctg acctttagag     64740
     ctggtgtcct gatgaagggt cattaatcct cgatgaagtg ggctctgcct gattgtgggt     64800
     ttttttcctc acacaggggc tggctggctg agtcctgagc caggtaactt ggaccagggt     64860
     gcttatgtcc ttttaagtat gtcctctgag tgaagagcag gactgaaatt tgtcccaact     64920
     cacggggctt ctgtaatcag gcttctggaa tgttcttaag tgctttgaga tctaagatca     64980
     tggcttactt acgggcagac attcttgtca ggcatcagat agctgtctgg gagctgggag     65040
     aagagctggt gtagaggtct gggtcgggtt ctaatcctgc tttgttctca ctttcttcca     65100
     gtcacttaac atctctgagc ctagttttcc ctctctggag agcacctatt ttctataaga     65160
     gctgtaagga ctcgacagtg ctccagttga tgttatttgt acaggtcttc atctcccagt     65220
     cgctgatctg cttttgacct ccttcatgag ctcagcttcc tgcagtcagg tctcctggat     65280
     acggttctaa atggccatag aactaaggtg gtcaatagag ttgatttcca cattggcagt     65340
     aagacttgtc atggctggtc tagtatcaat gggctatcat caaagccttg tcgttaatac     65400
     agtccccata gtcccaatag agtaagaaaa cttaaagcta accaagaagc atggtgtaat     65460
     tgagtttctt tgctaattgg ttattgcagc tgttttttac ccagtgatct gccctgttct     65520
     cccaatagtt agataacatc tgaaaatgct gttttataga tgagaagaca gagggcaaaa     65580
     aaaaaaaaaa aagacaggca gacaggcatg ctcagtagta gcctggcctg gtggctcagg     65640
     cctgagatcc aagctgtaag agaggctgaa gatgggacac ttgcaagttc taggcctgcc     65700
     tgggaaatag atgctttctc aaggtgaaag tcagaggtgg atgctaagga agagcttggt     65760
     agaagagctc ttggctagtg tgagagcttg gtagtagagc tcttgcctgg tgcgcacaat     65820
     ccccagccct atgtacaacg acaactacaa gaaaataaaa gcaaactaga cggactgtgg     65880
     aagtatctca gtgtgtgtgc cttagataat gtgtgaggtc gcgagcctcg tcccaatgac     65940
     aaaagtaaat gagagagaaa taaaaagaca tcagaagcaa tcctggttag aactctctgt     66000
     acttcgtatt tcagcctgtt aagtctcttt gtttcaagga ttcctcatag aaaacagcta     66060
     tctgaggagc ctccaagatg aaaaacagca gccaggacag cccagtagca tagcccagag     66120
     gctgagagcc gccgctactg tggatatgtc ttattcattg agccacattc cttcctgtga     66180
     cctgattatg gtcacaagtc cttgctgtgt gtgatagcat ggtaaccctg gccaagatca     66240
     gagccccctt ctctgtccct ctgctcttag aactctgtca taacgagacc ctcattttta     66300
     catctacccc tctaggaata aagtggctgt aaaatttcag aatcagaaat ctaaagcagc     66360
     ctatttaatt atttacccaa taaactgagc aacttcttcc tccataagat acctgaacac     66420
     attcataacc ggctaattca gtgcagagcc taccgtccag cataaagaaa gaggttggaa     66480
     aaggagaaca agagagcaga cctgtgtgct tttccagtgg gagagcactg ggcaccccag     66540
     ccggcaaact gaggtatggg gtgactctgc agataaccca tacatcagag gtgtaccttc     66600
     atcttctctt ccccagggac ttgtggtcgc tcccttgagt gtctcccatc acctgtatga     66660
     tcagcaagcc cattttcaag tcagggtcac actactgcta ccttagaagc accaagacct     66720
     gtcttggatg ttaactatat gtcccagttt gcctacttta tacctatgtc tcctcacatc     66780
     tgttaatagc tctctgaaag gtctttattt gaatgaccaa ttgtgtgact ggctgtttaa     66840
     gatgtggaga acaaaagagc tttaactccc atcaatgttg tggaatgata agaaggagtc     66900
     taaggtccag ccatagctga ggtacagagt cagcagcatc tcctagtcgg gttgagcact     66960
     gggcagaagt caggatgtgt gggttttaga cctagctgta cccctccttt ctatctcatc     67020
     ttgggtggat cattgtcccc agccctgccc tctcccccct tctgatatga accaggttac     67080
     tgttaagtct ctttcaattt cataattcta attgaatctt gtaccttaga gggcaactgg     67140
     gcgaggtgac agaattgtgt gagattatga tacgttgtaa gaagccctct tggccacaga     67200
     gtggaggtat actttaggac aggtgccacc tggtatttac ataacacacg ttttacagtt     67260
     tacaaagcac ttttatatgt gtagccatag tcacatgact ccagcttttt gttattctca     67320
     ttttgtagat aaaaatcaaa gctaaggaag gttaaatgat agaactcagc tagatgctag     67380
     aactgtccat gcttgtcctg gtattgataa tctgtgtggt ttcaacaggt tagtgtcatg     67440
     ttgtagcagc tgattttcct aattcccggg gacaggaatg acatatttac ttgctttggt     67500
     gcttgtttga ctttctagag tattcacatg ggggtcaggg gtcaggggcc aggggccagg     67560
     ggccagtgac agatgattgg ttttcccttg tcaaattgcc acaaccttta atcacctgag     67620
     aaaagtgtct taaaaaaaaa gatttttaag atcaatcata tatatgtatg agcctccatg     67680
     agtttgtgta cactccatat gtgcaggaat ccagagatgc cacaagaggg tattatatcc     67740
     cttggaacta gaactacagg tggtggtggg aaccaaaccc aggccctctg gaagaccaac     67800
     gggactcata gttctcttgt aaggcttatg aaataattcg agacatgttc tggagacatg     67860
     gtaattggtg aacctaacag ggaggttgtc tcttcttaga cactgtcata agatatatgg     67920
     catcttgtct gaaagggtct gtgttgagaa gactcaagta gccagtcccg tgggaaagac     67980
     aaagatgttt aagggcattc ttcttctgtt cctgctaggg ccttgtgctg agcacccatc     68040
     ccaagctcca gtgttagacg tgtgaggtgg taggacctca aaggggcgct cttgctggaa     68100
     gggttgagat cattgtgggg taaggggtgg gactgtgatg ctccaaggag tatgtggaat     68160
     gccttcccct tcctctttta cttcctggcc actggggatg gggcgggggg ggggggagca     68220
     ttgttgtgtc tcatgctccc tgccacctac ttcgactttc tcacatgagg ggctgtgtca     68280
     gtggcacagg ctaaagccac agtggcaagc atctctattg ccaaagtctg ctcaaattat     68340
     aggcaaatct tacaagaaat agctcaatta gctgagctcg aagggactgg ccgcccatcc     68400
     atcattggta aaatgtaaat gtgagatggc tgaagaaggc agaaggaata gtttggaaaa     68460
     ggaaaaggct agaagggtca aggggatgga aaaagagact cagaagggag gagaaactaa     68520
     agctcaccca gacacaagaa caggattgtc ttcatgggga acgagacaga ctttcacatc     68580
     tgcggctaga agtagattga ctgaataacg ccaaaggact gggagttgaa aagcagggtg     68640
     acacatcaca gaaaggctcc tctgtggaag aacagagccc agagagtgtg ttcagtttag     68700
     cattcatgtc tcatggagtt cctaagctgt gggcccctca gcttgtctgc ctcttctgct     68760
     ggcttgagat cccaggaata gaggcaacct cattgtcatt ggaaaactga gctggcagag     68820
     gccatggttt ggaggtagag ggacagggag gaaaagtatt cacactgggg aagggccttg     68880
     gcagtatggt aggctgggag cccccgatgg ggtgtttgta gtctaagaga atccttactg     68940
     ggatagctga atagtaagga gagagttgca gcaagggcca agcttcagag ctcccctgaa     69000
     atagacatgc ctagagtcat cagactgtta gacacctcag cactagagca acacacctac     69060
     acacaagcac acactcatgc atacacacac acacacacac acaagcccgt atgaaaacct     69120
     gcttagctga gtgtggtgtc tgggtaggaa caaagctctg gatggaggat ggagggaggg     69180
     ccagccaaac acctcaccct gacttattct tgtccacaaa agaaaagtaa ggccagaggt     69240
     gagaccagca gggcctctgc cttttccctc tacagagtaa ccttagcagc ctgccttcct     69300
     caggcctgct ttaaatgcct ccctctttgt gggcattggc tcagcattcc tcatttgcaa     69360
     tgctaagctt tttatctgtc ctctcctcaa agctctgtag ttaacttgaa agacccagtg     69420
     aagacagaaa gctggaagcc tgcattggcc aaggccagtg tccaggacaa atggaaggtc     69480
     acaggaataa aagggagggg gaagtttcca gagagttcaa gaaatcccta acagatttga     69540
     gagaccaaac tttgcaagtg aagtttgctt tgctttgggc tggggaagct tctctcattc     69600
     tctccgtacc ttgactttag ccttcaaacc accgtaagcc aggcccatct gagaaaagat     69660
     tctcttcccc cctccccctt taaaagattc attgattttt attttatgtg tatagatgtt     69720
     ttgcccacat gtgtatctgt gctgcacaag tgtgcagtgc ctgaggaaac cagaagaggg     69780
     cgtcagattc cccgggactg gagttataga tggttgccaa ctactctgtg ggtgctgggg     69840
     actgaactgg gattctctcc aggaacaaca agtgctctta actactgagt catttgtcca     69900
     gtcccaagag tctttttaaa aaaaaattta attattaaat gtatgtgcat atgcatgagt     69960
     gtaaatgact ctatgtatat caagtgtgta caggcaccca caggagccag aagagggcat     70020
     cagtttccct ggaactaaag ttgcaggtgg ttgtgagcta ccacaaactg ctggccacca     70080
     aactcgggtc ctctgcaaga gcagtgagcc cttctaaccg ctgagacttc tctccggccc     70140
     atagaagagt cttggtggga gactcttctg gatctggctg gcctatgggt gacggtcttt     70200
     ggcctatggg tgatggtctt gattgttgat tgatgtagga agacccagcc catttccact     70260
     ttaccgatgt ctaggctgtg gatcctgaat tatgagacgg gagaaagctg gatgagaaca     70320
     agtgggtagc ttgcttactc tacttctgac tacagatgtg atgtgacttc ttgcttaagt     70380
     ttctgcccta cttccctgaa tgatgggctc taacccggaa ctgtaaccca gacaaacctt     70440
     ttcctcccct acattgcttt ttgtgcagat gtttcatcat acaacagata ggaaactaaa     70500
     tcggtgacta ttcgccgtgt tttcaggctc ctttgtcgta aatatgagca cagacctggt     70560
     gtaaagctct gggggaagca gagtgcagcc cggggacaga taggacagat agggcactgc     70620
     agagaagcga cctagggctt gtgctcaggt ctctgtgggg ctgctaaaac tcaccaataa     70680
     gaaaaaaaaa atagcaatcc cgtgcaatgg tgtctgaatg aaagacaaga ctttgcccct     70740
     gaaagactgc aatctaactg agaaggcagc gtctaatgaa ccatgtaaag ttaacgatat     70800
     cacaagtaaa ttaacagcaa ggaataccac aaggtgatca ctattcagcc aaaggccaag     70860
     gaagtgaaat ggaatgttga atctttaaga ttggataacg tctcaggata gaaacagata     70920
     ctataagcct gaggctgagg tgaggataat ttaggtaaag tgttagacac tggaagccca     70980
     acttctattc caaaggcaag gcatagaaga tataggcaaa ttatggctag aaagatggtg     71040
     tcccctcctc ttactatata gtgactttaa aaaactctct atttagcttg tgtgtcttat     71100
     aagttggttg ttgggattgg gctcagttgt gcattttgtt ggtcctagca tagaagtctt     71160
     agccaggtca ttggtcatat gtctactatg agctggtggg atgctggagc tggccctggc     71220
     tggatgggat gctggagctg gccctagctg gatgggatgc tggagctggc cctggctggt     71280
     tgggatgctg gagctggccc tggttggctg ggatgctgga gctggcccag gctagattgg     71340
     ctgattgtat cattatttct agtagtctag ctgaagtttg tttctacaga gaaatgcttc     71400
     agagcctgac agctcaaggc ttagatgtta tatcctgtaa cttctgcagt gttctcttgg     71460
     ccaaacaagt gacaaagcca gcttagctta aagaagcaag ggaatgatca ttgactcttg     71520
     agagcatcac taagtagtct aggctgacct tgaacccgta atcctcctgc ctcagccttc     71580
     agagtcctgg tagtaaaggt gttcaccaca gaactcaact tgcaatgcag ctgtttttaa     71640
     cagtttccag ccgggcagtg gtggcacacg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg     71700
     cagtcagatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccaa     71760
     ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaac aaaacaaaaa aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa     71820
     accaaaaaca aacaaacaac aacaaaaaaa aaaacagctt ccattggtgg gttggttgga     71880
     ttggaggcca gaggatgcct tcatagaagg gatgtaggaa gtatccattg aaccagagaa     71940
     cttggctacc tgtggcctgt gccatttgca gaaaagattc tttgatgttt agcaggatga     72000
     gaataggagt gtagtgtgca tgtgtgatgg tgacagggac agttagtaga ggtggtgagt     72060
     ggttgttatt ctaggatgat agccggtgat cgtctcttta accatttcca cttggcagaa     72120
     taatagaatg gcaaccctat gcctatctga ggatgctgca tgcggcaaag gcagagctta     72180
     agctggaatg gaccagatga gggccagcaa aatacttatt ctcagctaca taagaaaagc     72240
     aagacctagg gtgagaccca gcgaatcagc aaacacccct gaagggacag gcctgggatt     72300
     tcgcaggttg ttaggaaact caggcccaga gcaggaattg gtctcccaca aacatacacc     72360
     acacaaacag acacacatag gccccttcct atgctctctg atgttgcagg atcactgtgt     72420
     atgttataga gaagccgaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacacaggat gtttaaatac agtgtgggga     72480
     agtggggatg attacaatct tgaagcaaaa catgcgtaca cattagtaga ttaatcctaa     72540
     gtcccagaat gatagccaca gagccgttag cctggcagtt cagactttag catatgaacc     72600
     tgagctgggg caggcacaaa cagacagtaa caagtagtgt tcctaacttg ccatcgatct     72660
     gctgtttagg ttcatcctga gtgaataggg ccaagattat tcctaactgg aaggcaaaga     72720
     cattgaatgt cttacctgga gatcagaaat tagttaactg atctggtaga cctgccccca     72780
     cttgctcatc cttagtcccg tcttgggggg cagaaaggca tggaaccaat gctggactgt     72840
     catgtacaaa aacactgctt gtctcctctt ttcttgcctt acattgagca gcctcagtct     72900
     gtcctcccgt cagtgattgc tgcttgtatc ttcctgggtc tgcagtggtc agtgtatggc     72960
     tgtcagctcc tagaagtaca gatcaccctt tctgtgtgtt ttccacatct ctcaacagga     73020
     agctgggtcc atggaaccat gccctacctc cctgccctgg ctggctgctg gcccagctga     73080
     tcctcttgcc tgggggctgc ttactgctga ttctgtccac ccattgcttc agtctgtggg     73140
     cagctctttc tcattcccca ccctcggagc ccaagctgtt ctgctgcaga gcatcctcct     73200
     cctgggtgcc agagagggcc aggggtgggg aacacatatg agaaaaagaa taccgtggct     73260
     agaagtagcc atggagatcg tttacattct tcaggctggg gagcttgcca gccgctctga     73320
     tagccaaatt ccgaagactc cagcacaaca gatcttggat ggaggcccag agcaggtcta     73380
     ggtgcctgag agagccaagt ttaggagctt atgataaatt agccttttca tttcgtggat     73440
     gagaaaatat agggtctgca gaggctgggt gacctccccc caggtcacca ggtagcatca     73500
     atgagactaa aagtggaacc cagagttcta cagtccatca cagagctgtt actcgtcctg     73560
     taaaatgtga ctgtcaattt gcctgccacg ggccgaaact atgtatataa agatatatgt     73620
     aaagaactgt gcccaggacc tggcgagaag catgaagcag gagctaggaa ccctatttgg     73680
     ctgagctatc tccctactat ggcagtgacc aaggaagcca tagcaagcag cacttgggtg     73740
     gctgtcctgc agcttcacaa tgaatatcct gtgacatggg gcttagaaaa catcacaggg     73800
     actgggggag ggggcgctgc agggatctaa agcccttggc gcctggagtt ccatgagctg     73860
     agatttttca ccactgaact caactccacc tgggaaggca acccatagtt cacctcccca     73920
     ctgcaaaggt ccctgaagga agagatcttg agtcaccttt actgtacact ccattttagg     73980
     gcatgtccca ccgttttctg ctttctgttt tatatcattg taattgaacc gatccgcagg     74040
     cagggcaggc caatttttac aaggaaaagg agacacccac aaagagccag aattatccct     74100
     gtttacagct cacaagaaac atttttaaaa tgagatatgc ctttaggata gccaggcagc     74160
     catctagtca ctgatggctc ctctgtggcc tgtaggctgt gtgcagcatg tctgctctcc     74220
     cagctacacc tgccctcgct agtcaatggt cactgtccca ttcctggaac cctgtggttg     74280
     tctccctaag cagtccaagc catccaaaca tcttcctaaa acaactaaac aactattatc     74340
     cttcactcgc agactactgc catttcatca ccatggtgtt ctctatctat ctatctatct     74400
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat tgatccatcc atccatctac ctatcttcta     74460
     tctatctgtt tctctgtctc tgtctgtggt aacttctctc tctctcccgc cttcttgtgc     74520
     tctgtctttc tcaatctctc tatgtatgtg tctcttcctg tctctctccc ggctgtggtg     74580
     tcttctctct ctctctctct ctctccctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcttctctg     74640
     tggtgtctta tccctctacc cttccccccc ccatgtcccc aagattgggg catagggcct     74700
     ccaccactga gctacagcct gagcccttca ccctgtttct taaatccagg tgcaacatcc     74760
     ttaatataaa atatggactc tgagctatta ctcacagcct gctgtaactt aagcctttct     74820
     ctttctccct ggtgttattc taggttacaa taagtacaga atactggcag ctccttcctc     74880
     gttgcagcga acactgtcgt caccaccacc attatgctat tttcacagat tcgtatattt     74940
     tttcacgaaa tatttgttct acactgaaaa ctaaggcaaa aaaaaatgcc ctgccttttg     75000
     tgtctcccag gaaccttatt gcctacatgt gcgtttttca tgcatctaag attcagctat     75060
     ctaacgtcag acacaccagc ctccacccta gcaaatctag cccttctttt gtcctgcact     75120
     tctggtgtct gcagtgctca ctgaagggct gtccacaagt agtgttgctt gataatttgt     75180
     ctccatgatg caaaccatcc agcatcctat agaccgggag cccatgggtg gaggtagcac     75240
     cctactcgat ttcatttctt aattgatatt tgtgaatatt tatggggtgt gataaggtaa     75300
     ctgtgaacac acctataagg cataatgatc agctaggtag aatttgcatc cccccacccc     75360
     aatgctttta cttgggtgag tcaggcagga tctcccggtc tctgctctta gtgactgtac     75420
     tacatggcta tagaccatag tctctgtgct gtgctgtaaa aggccagaat tagttgcttc     75480
     tgtatattat atgttggtgc ctatttccag gacacatttc ctgcctccca tccccagtct     75540
     ctagtgatta tttcagtctt tcctataaga ttgaccctcc tgatcttcat gtgtgagtga     75600
     gatcatacca ctcttacaac tgtagtccat gtctctggag tgaagggtct tatttaattc     75660
     acatggtggg ggtggagaag ggctgtctaa gaaggaggcc atctttcact gtgcctgcag     75720
     ttgcacacca agaggtgagt gcaacgcctg ggagagcaag gcacactgtc atctgtgagg     75780
     agcttccagc gtgagaggaa gggcaggact agcatgttaa ccttggtgac tctcactgtt     75840
     tttgagcctc catgttggag aaatgtgcct gttcccagct ctgtacaaaa gcattgtggg     75900
     gactaaggat gcagtgatgt agctccaatc cccagagtac ccagttccta gagtgagcca     75960
     cgagatacac tcagaaaact tgtcatgcag gctgtagaac cagatagtaa tatactaaat     76020
     gagcagacag acagacagga actggctaaa ggctgggatg agcacgggag aaggaggtca     76080
     ctaggcctgg acaaggcaca acaatcctct cctagggggg tggatacagt tggctcctag     76140
     cacagtgaga acctcacaag ccagccctat gcccttagta ggagcagaaa gggaggaagg     76200
     aagcctttta atgggtggtg tggtgctgaa agttgagaaa ggacagcggg tggggaggga     76260
     agagaagtgg agcctgatga gccaggactc gggatctctg ctaagatgtg tatcacctac     76320
     tgtgaggtta tgggccattc ctccctcaaa aaggccttca tcctttgaag gtaagaaaaa     76380
     tactcagaca agacagggga gcccaaggtc tgtgtcccca cctttttcgt ccctgagtgt     76440
     ccgatgatga gatagtagag agccattgca gcccaccctg gctgcttcga ggactgtggt     76500
     gtggatttct gtctcctgca gtgtgtcctt cacagccagt cagtcacatg ctgcaatgag     76560
     ggctgagctt ggaatcctgc aggctgccct ctgaaggcag tctgggccag ttactggaga     76620
     cctagtcagt ccatgatctg agatgttcac ttcatgcaat gcttttgtgc tcttcttgct     76680
     tctctctggt gtgtgagaac gagcagaatg ttaatgtgcc gtggactgtg taggatagag     76740
     ttggaaaatg caggtccaga acagatccaa tgagatgagg ggctcaatta aggattccaa     76800
     aactagagca gcatcagaat tactcactcc ttaggaactt ttattagact gaggtcttcc     76860
     tctgcgtttc tgtcactcag cacactgcac ctgccttccc cctgtaccca cgatggtctt     76920
     aattgtgtcc caacctttca tacaaacatg ggtgtggcca gccccagagc ctttcttttt     76980
     aaggcatcag tcataaaact tcccttccca ccacatttgt taggttgagt caaataccgc     77040
     agtggataat gacaagggat tccctgtgag atgaagctgt aaccctcaca aggtgatggg     77100
     tttgaccagc tgtgggactc tgtgggctct gtgcaataac cagtggtgac ttctgcagtc     77160
     ctatgtccaa atgccatcct tgaatcatga gtgcccaagg ctaggggact gtgagtgtca     77220
     caggcttgct tacgtggctg aatgtcacag agaagccagt cattttatgt attaccagca     77280
     gaaccccaga aaacattctc attctgacaa acatgcttga gccctaaggt agcaaaggag     77340
     gcacgtggtg gcactgagct agacctcaag gtgagaagga tgctgtggag gaaggagagg     77400
     gatagacttc agggtgagaa ggatgctgtg gaataaggag atggatagac cattgggtga     77460
     gaaggatgct gtggaataag gagagggata gacttcagga tgagaaggat gctgtggagg     77520
     aaggagatgg atagaggagt ggaagggggt cacagctagc ctgtttggtt tgattgtcct     77580
     gagcttctag tttggctgga ccaatgagtg gtcatcaagg atgaagctcg actgtggtaa     77640
     atcctggagc cacgctctga aagggtggaa gggtggtcat ggtggccatg gcagtgatcc     77700
     cacggggttg tgtggcagtg gtggtatgat ggaggtgaag atggagataa tgcatcctga     77760
     tagtgatgtc atgacagtgg ggatgtgatg gtaaagtaga agaagaggag gataaaagca     77820
     tttgcccttc tttttgccac atgggccata agagtccgca aatagatgag aaagtactta     77880
     ctgtgttcgt tcaagttctg cccagtgagt tctcactctg gtaatgatca tgtagatatc     77940
     aaaactccta aaaaaacatg agacctccac tcttaagacc tccctcagtc ccctcattca     78000
     taccaagggg tagtaggttt ccagacatat agcaaaacgc gtagctattg gttgggagtg     78060
     tgtgaaacca gaatggaacc tattactgtg gatcagagag agagatgctc atgagggttc     78120
     agactccaag gaacttagca aacagatcat ggggggattt tgattttgag aatagaaagc     78180
     agatataggc ccgcatgcct cttgttttgt ggcaatactg tgagtatgcc accacttaga     78240
     gggagaggac agctgatgtt atgtgaccaa agagaagaga tgaggtagca tacaggttgc     78300
     tgactgctgc cctcagcaga ggccctaagg acaaaggaag ggccaggacc ccagggagga     78360
     tactcagagc cattagaaca gagatggtag gtcccctcaa caaaggtatg ttttctatgt     78420
     gctaactatc attcgtgcag ggatataaaa gagcaatcac cactcaacat gacagctctg     78480
     gtttctcatt ctcaaggtga cctaagtgca cacctaatta ttcccattcc actagcaaag     78540
     aagtgggacc agcgccaact ctctaaccct ttgccttttg tgtaaagacc ccctctgagc     78600
     catgggtgat aaagacactt gcttctgccc tgtagacact gtgtccctgc aggggagaag     78660
     aacacagaag ccacatgcac cataaagctc actgtgatgg cactgtgtgc aaagcatgct     78720
     gcagccccgg gagggatttc ttctacctgt tgaagcaaaa gatgcaagtg ggggcactga     78780
     gctagacccc aggatgaaaa agaagctgcg gatgaagaag gagagtggaa ggatgggaaa     78840
     gggagatttc acaactagcc catctgcttt ggctgctctg agcttcgggt ttggccagag     78900
     cagtaagtgg aggtgaagga tgtagccaga atgggacgaa tcgtggagtc acactctgaa     78960
     agctgagatc acttggagga tacaggggtg ggggtgggag ctactgaaga cttctgagca     79020
     gtgaaattgc ctagatagcc ataaaccagg caataagctg ctatactatt caaatagtca     79080
     gtgactaggt ccacaatagg gtagcagtgg tgtgggcaga gaatgggcct attaccctag     79140
     ctcagtgttg gtcacctcaa ataaagggag gtagatagtt gaaagctaaa ggctttggct     79200
     gcctattccc ccaaatcagg aaattacaca ccagcccata gtcaccaaac caatgcctag     79260
     tatccctggg taatccagcc ctgattggca atatttgctg tctattgtct attaccaata     79320
     tatgttgccc tgaagaaaac atcatctcct ttttagctct aagaggaaag gattccagca     79380
     gactcctatg gatcagtggc cctgggtggg gaggttcagt gtgggacagg agactgccgt     79440
     aggtgacttt cattcttcct tttgtctcca agacagaggc agcaatgtgc agaggttgat     79500
     gatttaaaag ctaggcacca agcaggaatg gagggaggag ccaacctcct gatggggatt     79560
     ttacacttag agaacttgtg ctcagtgaga acacaggctc aaggtagggt gggggctgag     79620
     agttggtgag caggtctagt gccccacatt cagatctgag cccctgcgct tcctggtatt     79680
     cctgggcact gaagcaagag gagcccttag ggaaggagat ctacaggagg gagtcgggca     79740
     aatcacttgc atccagctgc acttgctgct tgcccaaaat aagtagtatt tttttttgag     79800
     gctactcttg aacattgttt gtttggttgg ttggtttggg ttgggttttg tttttcctta     79860
     ttcctttgtc ctttacaaca atgcctgcga atgttagaaa taccacacac tttataaagg     79920
     gagcttctgt aggagacttg ccctcaggtt ccccccactt ttattctttg acgtgtggac     79980
     tccctaccca catccaggca ggcagtctgc ggagtccact cctgtcaaag tggaactcac     80040
     ccaggtttaa ttcttccctt gggacttcag acgagtggct gggaagcact cggagttcag     80100
     aagagtgttt cttttccatt ctcacagtgg caaaaagaga cagcatcagc cttgctattc     80160
     tgaccggctg caagtgtctg actcagtggc attagcttca cagatactag ggaccaagtc     80220
     atcattgcct caagctgaaa ccctgcaccc ctttaacatt ggcccctcct ccttccttct     80280
     acccctggtg ctttgacttg ctttctgtct ctaggaattc cctagtgtag atattctaca     80340
     caactaggac cacacaacat ttgctctctt gtgattggct ccttagactt tgagtgattt     80400
     ctcgttgtag catatataag agcttcatcc ttttttacat aaatattcca ccacgcgcac     80460
     tttccatagt ctggtgagtc cttgctctgg gggtagaaga aaagctgcat ttcaggcact     80520
     agtggggatc ccatagagtc tctgctgccc actttgctat caatgcttag gggtgactct     80580
     tatggctctt tatctattaa tggacatagt aactcagggc ttcattaagt caatgcatgg     80640
     acagtaacag ttgcactata gctcattatc tggactagat gctcacccag atgggtcctt     80700
     ctcttctgtc cagagaacag tgggcatgtg agccttcatc cttctggttt catatattcc     80760
     acaagcccat cactgtcctg agaaagcagc catgcgacct gaggcagagc gaacctcaag     80820
     aaaaaaaatg tgacacagaa caaatgcacg agagaaaacc gcatagcgtg gccctaatgt     80880
     tctgcttctc cgtctcttgg ctgaagaata gacagaaagc agtctgtgcc tagaggacaa     80940
     gttgaatggt gctgatgcta cacggcaatc tggaatatgg cacactgcat aatgtggggt     81000
     cagtgtgctt gtcgtctgtg tacgttgtac tgagatgaaa ttgtgcaacg gagctcagca     81060
     cttctgcttg gggcaacgtc ttggcggctc tgataaattc acttacataa atttacattg     81120
     acacccacag gatctttggg tgtgagttct taactttagg tggtggtgtc tagttcctcc     81180
     cagctctttc agtgtggtgt ataaacacac acatgtgact agcctgtctg ttcctctatg     81240
     gcttttctcc atccgagaag acctaccctg gcatggcttc tattcatgca tgtgttcctt     81300
     aacacacaaa gagcagcacg ttccctaatg gcagatatct cccattccct ggtatccatc     81360
     ctcactcact gctggatttt ggagactaga ggtggggatc caagctataa gaaaaggcac     81420
     aaagcagtgc tcctcttctg gattacattc taggcagatg ccaacatatt acgttgataa     81480
     aagccttcca gactggctga tgaaagggag gcccctgtag catcctctac atgctttctg     81540
     ttaacatcct atcagaccag ctccccacac tccgttcccc tgggtcaggc ccgttgtgag     81600
     ccaggattga gctagcatag ccctgccaac aaataagagt cctcctgccg ccagcctccc     81660
     ctacctgtct ctgctttcta cagcctagaa tgctcagggc tcagtgcagc aatatggatt     81720
     ttcttctcat tttacctgtg ataaaacaga gccagacaag ttaagtgact tggctaaaga     81780
     gacaagccac tcagtgccag aatcaaaatg attgattgat gattaccatt aaaacatcac     81840
     tgtgtatccc ttgggggcct accatgtagt tgaatagtag ttgacataca aaaatgaagg     81900
     ataaatggaa agtgaagaag gccgaacata tccttgtcaa gaacacggtc caagagagaa     81960
     taaaagaggg ggacaattga aaggaaagga tgaggggatg tggtattggg ttgcaagaga     82020
     aagtgagagg aaggcagtca ttatgctgcc ctcagacagg gaagacccac tgctgtcaga     82080
     ggagcccact gaacacccag gaagcccaga gagctgcttt gggtattagc atctccaaca     82140
     acccttcctc tagtctcctg caggcatcca tacctcctct acccagaaaa gtgtgggcag     82200
     gtatattagt gtactcaagt tgacttgtga tatttcccaa gtctcaggat cccagaaagg     82260
     gacgggtcac atgtcagact tataccatgt caccagggag ctgtgtgctg ctcagaatcc     82320
     acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag ccccctagtg ttggaactga     82380
     ggtcatggaa gggttgtgaa ggactgtgtc tataacacag ggcccagagg tgtccaagca     82440
     cctgcaagaa tggcctttgg tgaactttat ttatattcat gcccttagat gtttccctgg     82500
     cagttcagtg tatgctctga aaggatcaaa gagctggctg caaagtttga tcaacactca     82560
     atctcatggg ctaggccaca actgggtccc aggcttgtta ttaaaaggca actagctgtc     82620
     ccttttctgg attcttgtcc aaggccccct tttactggct cccagacact ctgcatcttg     82680
     ctatcattat attgcaatga actcataaat aaaaccacca ctcagctaga tgaaggttgc     82740
     ttctcagaca gacactcgct cagtcccaag ccctgtgcat ctcagtgact tgctattctg     82800
     aatccataga gcttaggttt tacgccttca ctatcaattt cggttttgtg acttttgtga     82860
     gaggtgggtg ggggagggga agggcagagt taaagcaaga aaaacaacta gctttatgtc     82920
     ttcttgctta atggctgggg gtggggggtg ggcgtgtgaa tgaaaacata gaggcaatga     82980
     gaacatttgt gagcacatga aaatgcatgg cgcccagtgg tgcctaccca actcatacct     83040
     gttccctttg agctttcttc ttgtcacacc tccaactgag tcagattctg ggaaggcttc     83100
     aggggtacag ataggaatgg agttgtggag gtttggggga gtatgaatag aagccgagtt     83160
     gttatctggt gcaaaaatgc aaatactaac ctatcctggg atagtatgga gacagactgg     83220
     agtggcgaca gcttcttcac catcctcagg ctacatagta gcgtcttctg taacctgcct     83280
     ttcccttcaa tgggcagagc tctgtgctaa gccggtacta ctgataggaa gatgtgaatt     83340
     ttcatattac tttgatcaac tcactagaac aaggcagtca cttccacagg ccaacgctct     83400
     ggggctaaaa taagtatcga gtgacggacc tgaggtgctg attaaatctg accctgtcac     83460
     cccacccatt attgctgtct gcttgagggc ttcatcagca tgtgagttgg tcgttcttcg     83520
     actctgaggt gtctcagaca cccctagaat tgcatagatc acatattcct agttactata     83580
     gccaggtgcc ccactatagc aggtctggga ggcgcctaga atctgccatt tttaacattg     83640
     aaacctcaat ttgtttttga caggactact aatggtgagc ctggtgctcc caaagtatct     83700
     aggaatggga agaacagaaa ggggcaccgg gcatccatcc tggtagtttc ctactgggcc     83760
     cccaagcccc aggctcagat taccctgcac agaaggccaa gtgggaggtg gccaaccatc     83820
     atgcatgtgt gtgggcccag aggtcttcag tgaactctcc ttagcctggt agaggagggg     83880
     gaaatgggtg ttagggtttt gagctgagtg tctcctggag gctttgaact ggcctaggct     83940
     ggctgcttga tgacaggaga tagactttct ccctggtgtt ttatggctcc aggaagaggc     84000
     agttctgagt gcgtgcatgt gtgcgtgtgt gcagcccctg caaggatgaa gagaggagca     84060
     tgaaggcacc tgagctgtct ccaccaggtg gtaccaccaa gacttctcta gagtgtgaga     84120
     aggctgatcc aaggtaggga gaaaaggcag gtctgcccct tgaggataaa aagcaagctt     84180
     tcatatcagc acctagcacc tgctcacctc ctcctaggtt ccattgtcct gctcacctct     84240
     agcgcgtctt tggacagaaa gctatgttcc cacgagagag atcttgctag agagagatct     84300
     tactacggac accctcattt ccttggggca gtggttctgc ttttattttg gatatcagct     84360
     agtcccctcc tcaaacccag tctgctgccc ttagggcctg ttaacagaat cacggcacat     84420
     tattgttagg gtttggctca cctacttctc agcaacctcc actgtcctgg tattgttccc     84480
     ctggagatca agactatacg agctctcatt tttgaagcca caacaaaatg ttagctggtt     84540
     aaatgagact ttgggggtgg aaggaagaat gtgaattttc acattacttt gaattacatt     84600
     ttaacgaggg catttgaaaa caacggcaac aggttcttta ttcttcatag gctggagctc     84660
     tgatgttaga gtccactgtg gagttgttgg gttagcttcc aggctgcctg tgcagacctc     84720
     ttccatcttt cctcaccatt gctggccaca gcattgcatt ctggggagtg tagcactagg     84780
     ccacgtgatc actgagcaaa catcacagtg gactcgtaca agcgatgacg ttacaggccg     84840
     tgggctttgt gggaaccaca cagtctgtgg caggctgaat ctttgtgctg agtgtgacac     84900
     cacctgtgag ctctgctgcc tctgagcttc ccagacaaat gatttatctc tctctctctc     84960
     tctcttttct atttttgttt cctaggaacg agtggagtat ctcttcctca tcatttttac     85020
     cgtggaagca tttttaaaag taattgccta cggacttctc ttccacccca acgcttacct     85080
     ccgcaatggt tggaatttac tggattttat aatcgtggtt gtagggtgag tgctggagtc     85140
     tttccccttt cctatgcctc tttcccgctc cattcctgcc tctgattcaa gctaactgaa     85200
     cttgcctctt ggcacaatga aagaatcttt taaaaaatca ctttgaagtc aaacttctcc     85260
     caagagaaaa gttattaatg aagggtagct acctctcact gtccctccca agtgtcagta     85320
     tatgtgtgca tgtgtgtgca tactcacaca gagacacctg tgtatataca catgaacaca     85380
     cggtgtgcgt gtgcatgtct acacatatgc atgagtgcat tcacactcag gctgcccagc     85440
     taagggaagg aactgggaga ctttacatct ggtctttcca aactggaaaa cgtttttcct     85500
     tttttaaggt atttgttttg ggttttgtga atgttaggca aagcttgttt tagctaagaa     85560
     cccttactca aagtcttatc ccaaggcacc ccgtgaagtg tgtagtctag ggcatttgac     85620
     cctggccctc ctgtcagagc tgcccctgta tctgaggatt tccatggaga tacttggaaa     85680
     gcccatggct cctgtggcct ggccctgcct ggctgtgagc ttctacaaag ccagatctcc     85740
     agcctcacct gggccccatt accgtggctg gtccttgata cgtgtgtcat taaaggagct     85800
     gttgcccatg tccatagcta ggttctctgt catggctgat aaaatacccc cctcttgtta     85860
     aaagcatcga attctccaca atgcttctag ccacgcctcc tctctccagc ttacttcctc     85920
     aaataccagg actccaacag ctctttcctc ctttcacctt ctatctgtaa cccgttcctt     85980
     cccgattcac acccttcccc ctgctagtcg atttagggcc actgcccgtc attaaaccca     86040
     ccctagcatg aacccttggc tgattcattc tcatctttgt ttgacatgtt cacctggaga     86100
     aaactccaac ccatacccca cccagctaca tggggatctt gatatcttgg agaaatacat     86160
     aaagctgagt gtagttgagt ctgccgatgg atgtcaaact ggccttcggt tatacccaga     86220
     atcctccctc acgtccctac tcctgctcca gcccctcttc cctttcttgg gtgactcttc     86280
     tgtagcttca ctaccctctt caaatgtccc atatacctgt cccttcagat ttccagctgg     86340
     taccccaagt aaggccttcc ccaaggacaa acgcaatgtg gtatgtctcc atatcacatc     86400
     tatgacctta taatgtgcct ccctaggtct ctgaggggaa agctggcacc cggcagagct     86460
     tctcctccct ctccactaga aggtgtgcta gcctttgttc agctgagctt tgccccaggt     86520
     aacgccagca ttctcaatgc gcagcataac caccctcctc cccattctgc gccaccagct     86580
     ttgttattga cccccttctc acacaaaact cctgtgccac acccactttt gccaaatgtt     86640
     ccaaagagtt gctacatgct aacctttagt cataggtggt caccgcagct gaaactgagg     86700
     gatgctgtgc atgtaagaca tgaaacatgt tccagagatt gactatagag tgaaggatga     86760
     caaatatctc attatattta ctatgcacca aaacgccgtg tctccgtgat gttgggctaa     86820
     ataaaatgtg cctctatagt tagtgccacc tcctttgaca ttgtcagtgt ggctgctggg     86880
     aaggtcgatc acttggctca cattgggcct tgctggtgtt tctctggggt ggggcttcct     86940
     gtgctcactg gcttcagcca ctcatctgca catctccact ggcccttccc ccaccactcc     87000
     ccaaatcaga tggtttctag atctcagtgg ctttgcttgt gctaaatcaa gtgattttat     87060
     ccccacgtgt cttcagctct ggacagttga ccaggaccat ctcactttcc acaggctcca     87120
     cggagcatca tcaaatctcc tgcccacaaa ccactcctta tctgcctctc tctgatttgt     87180
     tctctgcctc cacagtgatg gaggaccctt tgatacagcc ctctcataga acagcttcca     87240
     tatagactac atatggtcca aacctaaaca caacctgtac agaaaacagt tttgtctcta     87300
     tcctagacta tcctttgact tccagagtca tgacaccagc ttagacaaac atcacacata     87360
     cagtaattag cccagacttg gagaaggtga caatagaatg tgaacgcctg tatgacaccg     87420
     cattcccctc ccttcctatg ggtccacccc aggatgttgg agtcacatct catttctgtc     87480
     acattacctc ctcactaggc ccacagcgag tccgactaaa cccatcttaa aaataaatcc     87540
     agtgttggat ccttaccagt ctccaaatta ccacctggcc taagccccag cctctcagtg     87600
     ggcaactgca gcagcccgct ctgaccccgc tcactctcgg ccccacccat tgccagcccc     87660
     gcccactgct ggcccagttg gtgttaatta gacttcactc agactgtgtc cctttcctgc     87720
     caggttcctg tggcctatct tatccagtct caccttccct cagttttctc tgtcctagtt     87780
     gtgctgacag ttgttggccc taacatctcc gtgcatctcc ccggatcact gtcctgtttc     87840
     tctgcctgga gtggtcccac acagctgcgg ggccacacac tcactttctt tgggcctctt     87900
     ctaaaacatt tccagagcag ggttcctttc tgagttgccc tctgttcaaa ggctggtctc     87960
     ttgccctcat cattgtggac ccctcctctc tctgagaatc acattctgca aggtctagtg     88020
     attgacagct cagatcctga ctgcccctag ggatgtcacc tctcaagggt ctccaaccta     88080
     agtatatagt agagaacctg cacatagtag gtgcttgtgt tggttggaga tgtgtgattg     88140
     cacattgtca gagcagaaac ctgtgtttca gctttgtgcc ttcgtgtgct ggtgggtagt     88200
     gctggaagct ctcccactgt cccctctagc cagccagcta tttgttcagc atgaggctcc     88260
     tcagtggtag tctatgtgca tgggtgaagt tgacttctaa ggttattttt tgtcccctgg     88320
     aacaaaccac accgaggttg tcatcagggt ggaagaatag gcagggagcc cgtgcctact     88380
     agtgctcaca gcagtgaagc tggattccac agcagtgaag acagcacccc aagagacatg     88440
     gtagacttct ctgctttatt cccgtgcctt gacagctgtg ccaggagcct agctcaccca     88500
     acccaggtat gcgcacacac tctgagagca aagagctgcc ctcaacctca ctcagcgctc     88560
     tctgtgtagt gattcccctc cctgtgtgtg gtggtactcc tgctgacgga attgcaactt     88620
     gcagcacttt ttgtggggct ccggtggcca tgcctgtgac agactctagc agcctgggct     88680
     gtgttcttgg actggagccc agctgagaaa ccagctgggg tcctgacgac tcctctctcc     88740
     cctctttttt taggcttttt agtgcaattt tagaacaagc aaccaaagct gatggggcca     88800
     atgctctagg agggaaagga gctggattcg acgtgaaggc actgagagcg ttccgcgtgc     88860
     tccgtccact gcggctagtg tccggagtcc caagtaagta aaggccctgt ccctcttgac     88920
     agtgtccatt cctaattgcc ctcttccctt tgctgaactg ccagagcact tctggaagga     88980
     acctggtttc tgtgaacgga aagttttctt atagacgagt ctctgattta tagagttctg     89040
     gtgtgaacgc agcaaatgca caaggaaggc ccagcttctg tagaaaccca gggaatattt     89100
     gtaattgtca cacagccaaa gaaagacatc ctgcatagtc agggaccttt gggctatctg     89160
     ctccttgcat gccaaggtag gcatgagcat atctacagca gaggaacttt ggcctcagaa     89220
     ggctaagccc tagtcagcct tagctcatga gatgtgttct gatccccaca gaatatcaag     89280
     aaagcatcac tgagcattct gaaagcttgg cctggctatt tccctgttct cacacccgtg     89340
     gggtgtcctc ggatgcatac agagacctgg tacttgccat ccaggaaaca ggtttctgcc     89400
     gaggggtggg gctgagctct ctgcactggg tgtggggcta tggagacttg ctgcccttca     89460
     ggaagtcagc ctcaaggaca ctccttctct ccccctgtgg ggactctgag ctcaggagcc     89520
     ttagcacctc ttggctacag caaactctgt ggaaacaacc tctataggag tcttctccct     89580
     catcctattc aaactgggag gaactctggg cttgtttgct gatataggat gtcatgggtc     89640
     agcctgtgac ttccatggct acatggccag aggcggggaa acagtgtcct ctgagaaaca     89700
     gcccctccct cctatgtgct ctgggctgag tacctggctg cagtctttct acttgataat     89760
     atcgtagaat cataaagccc caggaagctg ctcactggct ctcccattcc aatgtgtata     89820
     taggatggag gggggcgggt gagcatggca ggggcttaat taaccatcag cagaatcaga     89880
     actatacctg ctctccccga ctgcccttcc tactgtacca cactgttctt aaagatttaa     89940
     ggctaccact cttgagtgtc tttgattttg ttatctcttt gactgcagta aagtccaccc     90000
     gctcccgaag cccagagttt attctctgta atctctgatc gatagttaga tttatgtctt     90060
     gcccaggtcg ggaagcttac tgagtagggg aaagcaggaa gtgttgtctt ggttaggatc     90120
     ccattgctgt ggtaagacac catgaccaag agcagcttgg agaggaaagg gttgatttta     90180
     gcttacaact ctctggtcac actccatcac tgagggaagt caggtcagaa acacaagaca     90240
     ggaacctgaa aacaggaaca gaagcaggaa ccacaaggaa tgctgctcac tggcttgctc     90300
     cttgtggctt gctcagctta ctttcttatg gaactcagga ctgcctgtcc aggggtggaa     90360
     caccatggcc cttcccacat cactcattaa tcatggagat gcattacaga cttgccagtg     90420
     cagtggacaa cctgatggaa acttctctcc gctgaggctt ttcttcccag atgattctag     90480
     cttgtgtcaa gttgacaaaa cagaccagga tagtggctgt ttgctttgcc caggggactc     90540
     cctgggcaga gattatagag catctcagac tgaaaagtga cggggaatgt aaacctcaca     90600
     aacagttaaa atcgtcactg ttgactcggc cttggccatt tcgcattagt tatggcttat     90660
     atgatggtcg acaccaagtt ctactttggt ggtgcctaat gacctgagtg ttctcgatta     90720
     tatgactcca tagagtggca tcggggtgta aggtgggaga cagaagtaac tttcaacaca     90780
     actctaaagg agcttatgat agaacagcca gtgtgtgaga ggcaggagtt atgagttaac     90840
     cgtagacctt cagttaccat gaagttacca aggacaggct gactctcacc attgcaaaca     90900
     ttctccctag gggcttggga ccttaccaca ctgtgagaga tatcagggct tatttattgt     90960
     tcaggaggac tacggaagcc caggaggaga gcacagatga tttcaaatgc catatagccc     91020
     gcaaacagac acagagtgtc tgattcacaa tgcatggggg agaggattgg ctgcagcctt     91080
     ctggtctgag tggctctttg ggcttgacaa gacaagactc ctcatggtgt ctcattccag     91140
     agcttctaca gcagcagcca cggtgttgtc ttgatggcag gagatgatca cgaaggctag     91200
     cctggagtta caatacacga acagtcccag gctatgcttg caggtagctt acctcatagc     91260
     tgcttgcctt acagtggccg attccatgta cctgatgtca aagacagtga gacagaagac     91320
     tataattggc cttcctcact gtggctcctc atcagagatt tcaagcaact gctgacttgg     91380
     tgaatctcca gtactgagag aacggctctt ctctgaattt caagaaaggg cttgggctga     91440
     ctgttttcgc tgtcttagtt tctgctctga tctgggaaca gtaaagaacg agaccacagg     91500
     ggccaagtac actgaattaa cgtcaccccc tgttctcaca gcctttagca aaactctgtc     91560
     ttagttgggg tttctattgc tgtgatgaaa caccaggatc aaaaggcaag ttgaagaaga     91620
     gagggttaat ttggcttaca cttctgtatc tctgtatgtc atcgaaagaa ggcaggatag     91680
     gaactaaaac agggcaggga cctgaggcag gagctgatgc agaagccatg gagcggtgac     91740
     ccttaccgac ttcctcagct tgctttctta cacaacccaa gatgctcagc ccaggggtgg     91800
     ctgggacccc ccctcatcga tcactaatta agaaactgct ttacagccca tcttatggag     91860
     gtgttttctt aattgagctt ccctcccctc agataactct agctgtgtca ggttgacata     91920
     aactagccag cacacgcctc ataagattcc cctctccatg ccgtcacctc tctacagtag     91980
     tgggaccagt ggccttctct ctgggcccac tggcttttat ctctctgtgc actggggagt     92040
     tctgcatagc tgaccctccc tggtcttgaa cctttcatca cttggcatcc gagacactct     92100
     tcacgattta cagtctcttt gttcacagcc acatctttag cttctacagc ggtgggtgag     92160
     tgttgtagca agtgtgggca tcattttaga ctctcatgcc gaatgccata caacatggta     92220
     ggtaagacag cctagcttcc cagatggggc ccagatgtgt atatgctgca tttacaggtc     92280
     tagagtctga actctctgtt gcactggatc tccacggcaa ttgtgtgagc tccagcaata     92340
     gacagatgtt gtatgtgatg tgtaaggtgc aagtttctta gaagaaaaaa gattaattaa     92400
     ttccatggtt tatgaaactt gcaactctca actatgtggg tacgtgggcg aggggcccca     92460
     aaagttgctg ctgtttttaa acatatttac gaaatggaac tggattcttg attggagatt     92520
     atgcagggag agggaagact gtgagcgcat aggcctgtga ctcatcaagc agccgctttt     92580
     agaccttacc ttatgggaga agttgctggc caaggtacag acctgaatct gtgctaagtg     92640
     tgttctcaag gcttctgtag taggagaaaa cactcagtaa actgacacat aaaataaaac     92700
     ctagagattc cgaagaatat ttaggtatcg cgtaaggagc actgtagtga ggtgagtaag     92760
     ctttggggat accgtacttc caggagtagg gaccatgagt cagaaagact tcctagagca     92820
     ggtagaactt ggactggatc tcaggggaca aacaaggagt gactttccag gacattgcaa     92880
     agagaaagga cagggtggtc ctggagatgt acatcagagg gattaggagc cgattatagt     92940
     aacaaccaga ctgactgccc ctgacgaagt gccatgtaat ggaaagctgt ggttgctttg     93000
     tacagacttt cctttgtgag gcctctgata tttcccagaa atatcatgtg gcacacatga     93060
     tgtatggaag gatgagccat tcacagcaag atgtatgaca cagtatatat gaacagtgaa     93120
     gattgagagc tgtgatccag aatttacaat atatatgaag tgggtatgct tgcttataga     93180
     acaataagca atggtccttc ccacatgacc ctcatgtgtg cttctagaga agacctccca     93240
     agggtgtact gaatcaagga agacagcaga tggaggtgtg atatcatcct ttaggttcat     93300
     gaggcctttg ataaaacctt ggagcaccgt tgctctcata gaaaaaggct gtgaggggct     93360
     gtctccattc aagaggggca ccagctaggt ttcctcccat gatcacctgg gagccagcca     93420
     caacaccagg cagtgggaca cactggagat aatgggcctt gtagtttatg gtgaagaggt     93480
     aggggcagac acagaaggaa gtgaactttt aggctcccta tctgcttggg tcaccaagac     93540
     atactagccc tagccagctc ataaatccat gtatagacta gccccacact caagaaaaaa     93600
     gctgtaagca gttgtcgaga agtgaacagg gggcagactg ttcatgcctg tctacccctg     93660
     tggcaagggg cagccaagga ccaaggttct tagggttctc aagagggcag ctatgaacag     93720
     cgtgggcttt cctccgtcca caagggtgac ttcccaagct cctgtgcgta tcccctggcc     93780
     tggtttgctt caagaatccc catgaaggtc ctgatactga tgtggctacc atgcagaacc     93840
     gtggctgcag ggaggaaaag ctgctctgtc tcctgacctg actgcagaca gccctctcct     93900
     gtgccctgat cttccttagc tcagcatctc ttatctccct tcagggttct cccgtggcac     93960
     aagtcttgcc ctagctctgc tgcccacagt ttctctgttt cctgttcagg ctcagtttct     94020
     ctgtctacaa actaataatg tgcacagcac agataagagc aagccttttc ctggtagagc     94080
     cctgctccct tccagcaata aagtcttgta agtccacccc tggatacgcc acagcatttg     94140
     taagagaaaa tgaccgaaag gtcacaaagt cagggaattc atccatgagc atcccgtgcc     94200
     ttctcagctc tgcccatcat agagttttat aagaaataaa taacagtatg tgactaagct     94260
     ggagaaatct gattatttgg tagagcaggg tgagagaaaa gtatcagtga caaacaatac     94320
     atgccaccaa cagcaaagtt aaatgtgctg tggcgtccag cccttgccca gtaatgaaaa     94380
     tacacctttc actcgagaac caggtagcag gtgataacag gacacggtcc attcaaagcg     94440
     gtgtacagcc tcaaggtaag ctttgccgtc gagagctgga ttcggtgatt aactagccca     94500
     atggtccagg aagcagggat attacccctg atttgtaggc aggaaggata gcctccaatg     94560
     tgtcacccga aggaatgcag ggagatgggc gctgaagatt acgcagtcca gaaggatgct     94620
     tagggctgtc ccacagacag aactggccgg agagaatgag gcagctgata gtcagggtgt     94680
     gagcacattt gcattttacg aattcctgaa ctccttgggc tctgaaggat aatgagaaat     94740
     ggctctgttg ctgcccgtgg attcaatgct taagttggcc tgcaggagag cagggtgtgg     94800
     atttgtggct gcagtgggca agctacttga ctcctgtatt agtcagggtt ttactgctgt     94860
     gaacagacac catgaccaag gcaagtctta taaaaacaac atttaattgg gcctggctta     94920
     caggttcaga ggttcagtcc attatcatca aggtgggaac atggcagtat ccaggcagcc     94980
     atggcacagg aggagctgag aattctatgt cttcatccaa aggctgccag gggaagactg     95040
     acttccaggc aagtagggtg aggatcgtat acccacaccc acagtgacac acccattcca     95100
     actaggtcac acctattcca acaaggccac accttcagat ggtgccactc cctggtccaa     95160
     ggataataca aaccatcaca actcccgttt gtccaggagt cttctgctct cttctctgtg     95220
     aaatgagaga gttaaactat tttagcatta gaatcctgag ctctgtcgtt cagtcttttg     95280
     aaaatagaag acagcggtgg tctatgaatt cttcttgaga caggagtttc cgaacttagg     95340
     tagtcatctg caaggtgtga ccttgtgcgc atcgccccag tcgttaactc ctaggattgt     95400
     agcaatcaga cagttcagag gtgggaaaga tgccacatga taagtcaaca ggcatgatta     95460
     agcactggct gggaatcgag gactgtggca ggtggcattc tagcacaaag gtcaggtgag     95520
     atccttaaac ctcctgaact acatctccgt gactcatctc tgtgcctggc cctttcttgg     95580
     aaatcacaaa catgcgaaac aaacagccaa aagcaagatg tttacttaat tagaactaat     95640
     gctaatgaca aagcccactc ggtctaagtg ccacaaagga aaaggaagag agagtgaaat     95700
     gaaaatacag tttaggtata cattccagga agtggtcggt gagcagagcg tgcactccgt     95760
     gtctttctcg cccttgtttc cacacctgtc caatcactaa ctaaacagac agcggcacca     95820
     ctgtttagga tgtgaggaaa agactagagt ctcacaatcc ccatccaagg catcctggtg     95880
     acccagagac tccttctaaa tcccacctat gaggtctcca ccacctcaaa ggaagaccat     95940
     cccagggcag caatgcatgc gcctttagga tgtagtcaag gttcacacta caccaacttt     96000
     tctgtggtac aattggcagt cattgacatg agcaggtctt acatatttag gcgcaaatat     96060
     agtactctta cacactgtct tgacaagctc ctgtcctgtg gttatacata ttttataatc     96120
     acaccccata ttactgtttt acaatcaaat ggctcaagtg gattacagaa acacagtgta     96180
     cccgcttact tgtcgttgct ggctctcctg atgtatacgc gagttctgat gtccccagac     96240
     actgttgtcc actcagctct catcctttat tctggggttc tccgtgcgca catgtttggc     96300
     catcatgtat tgttctactg tccttaaagc tttgttcagt ttttccccaa ttcttccttg     96360
     gtctgtgttc cacagattgg ataatctcct ttgtcattcc atctcacctg tctttgtttg     96420
     ttttgtttgc ttgtttgttt gtttcctctg cactgtttct agcttcattg agcttattca     96480
     gtgatttttt ttctattcag accagttgct ttttaattac agagctttaa ttgagttccc     96540
     ttgtatagtt cccacgttcc tatggtatgc ttctgttttc tctttaatac aacacacttg     96600
     ctattcacta aatatgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     96660
     tgtgcgcgcg cgcgcgcatg cacataacaa ctatttaaaa ttatttcggg tggtggtggt     96720
     gcatgccttt aatcacagca cttgggagac agaggcaggc agatttctga gttggaggcc     96780
     agcctggtct acatagtgag tttcaggaga gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctca     96840
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaaagaa aaagaaaaag aaaaatccaa acaaataaaa     96900
     tcattcatct gttaaatcta acatatgcag tctcattttt atgggctata taagtttctg     96960
     ggcttgtata gacttgattt tatgctggtt ggcatagacc aattgaaaac ccaagcccct     97020
     caaccttcaa attacatttc ccctttgtgc ttagttgaat ctaggttcag ggcacagagc     97080
     ataaggttct tgtccctgaa gtgtcccatt ctggcactgg agtcgggtgt ctcactgaca     97140
     tgtccacttg agctctccat atgagagggc cagagcccca gcctcttact gctcctctcc     97200
     tctcccctcc cctacccacc acccgcagca ctggtcttaa tgcctgtagc gcctccattc     97260
     tgccctcccc tcccctcccc ccagtggctg ccatctgatg cgagcagatt gaaagttgca     97320
     cttgcacatg tataatcttg ttcaaagcca ttccacacaa acttccaggg gcccgtagct     97380
     cctacccggc tccttgctga tgtcccaaca aactgcttca gcctctcacg gtctggtcca     97440
     acatcactgt acttgggcag tgggccaatg gacttgggga tcagggaagt gtcccttgtc     97500
     agagttaggg tgactgtgct caccaaagta tctcaaggga ttcactttta tagacattat     97560
     ggccactcct agaaacagct gcttcatatt tttgttcagc tttttaaatg tttgtggtga     97620
     gatggctcgt tggtacttgg tactctgaaa tgtttggaaa ttgaagcaaa ttgatttgaa     97680
     attgaagaaa tttgattttt aaattacaaa gtgagtgatt cctcttttaa caactataaa     97740
     aaaacattct catacattaa atgttgcata ttgatttttt cctcacaaat ttattgagaa     97800
     tttattatgt gtaaggcaga acagtggcta gaggatagaa aggttagaat ttcttcctta     97860
     agataattat aaaatatcag ttcagcaaat ttgagaacca aagagggatt tctcatagat     97920
     gataatggta tgacttcatt gtaaaagcca aacccaaggg tgacatggtt tgtcaatggc     97980
     agaaggcaaa ataacttgaa tattttccca caaatctaaa atacacattt attattgtta     98040
     tgggtggatg gatggatata tggaaagata aagagacaga cagcttattt ctcctctaca     98100
     cagtcatgtg tgaaggccag aggttgatgt tagaatatct tttcttattc atttctcaac     98160
     catatttttt gagacaaggt ctcttactta gattccccat tcaatgagac tggcaagcca     98220
     gtgaaccctc aggacctgcc tccctcaaac atgcagcact ggggtcacag gggtgctctc     98280
     acttggcttc tgcaagggtt cttaggggcc caaacccagg ctctcaagtt gctcaaaaag     98340
     agcttttcct acactgagcc aaattcccta cctgaaaata tgtaagcgtt tttattgtat     98400
     gattttttaa aaagtttgta gggttcccac ctctatgaaa attatcagtg gttctgatag     98460
     gtgggccaga atgaggaaat gatgagtgtt ttgtttaaac tgtgtaagag aatggataga     98520
     ggttacagga tcaccaggag gggacagcaa caaagaagcc tggttcttgc tttctcagca     98580
     cctgagccag gagagatgga gttatgaaca cttggatagg aaagcatttg ttggaggaac     98640
     aggtataagg atgttaaagg ctagcttggt gattcaattt ggtaactctt cagtgaatgg     98700
     tttgccacca aatccacagg ggaaattatc attttacccc aaagctgcac tttctgtgca     98760
     tttttttaaa gagtgagctc ttgcaataca tgtaaccaga ccgtcttgca tgccctcctg     98820
     gctaatctta ctatcagacg atcattctgc agataaccag tctcaagaaa ttttattcta     98880
     aaagtagcca aggtcctaag agaaccttct agaatccgta catgcattta gagaccaatt     98940
     ctctagttct gagagtgaag tctgcaggaa aacatcaagg agaccctaca tggtgtcact     99000
     cttcagagga acaggatacc tttgcttttg gcaatgtcag gtgaggtaat tcgtgtcaac     99060
     tgtccagatg aagacagcat ttgatatact aggaaaacat tctaaactgt ataacaccag     99120
     gaaaggatgc ttgacagcaa caaacaagaa aaagtctctg gagaaatata ccaccatcaa     99180
     agctgtcaaa ttattttgaa aagcagtttt gtgaaaataa ggactaactc attatataaa     99240
     atagctaggt acacacagaa acaaagtaaa taaatgaaga tgagcaaaaa ctatacacag     99300
     tagaaagagt tgcatgggag acccaggtac tgatattatt ctgctatagg aagtggaatg     99360
     ttgtttattg catttaaaga caccaaagac aaggtcagga gtttcccaga gaaccagaag     99420
     ttatgaggaa caaccagatg taggtttaca agtaaagact gtaaaagcta agataaaaaa     99480
     aaaattcaaa gtaaatgttg acacagctaa aaacagaatt atcgagctgt agagaaatgg     99540
     agaaagaagg ctaacgttca acaagaataa aaaactgaga aatacagaga ggcagaaaac     99600
     aaaaaaaatg gtggttatta aagtttatta aatgtttctt ctacacttat tcatgatggt     99660
     tattatatga ttaattacat cttaacttgt caatgcagtg actgtcttga tgtaacaggg     99720
     gacactgatt gagaaagaca taggatggct atagagctag agttcttctg tgtcttgacc     99780
     tgagtcacag ctggctggat gcttggccta tggtgactca ccctgtgtta tgccttcact     99840
     ctctgcagtt tttttaagag aataagaagc agtaggaact gatgcgtgag cccccaaaag     99900
     ttgcctgagg gggtggcttc ttctctgtgt gtgtctcaaa gatgcaatgt gcaagcagca     99960
     ggaggaggga catgatggca ccctgggatg cagggacttc tggcagatta gagttgtcat    100020
     ggaaaatgtg ctattaagag ctgtgagtcc ttactgagga ccagaggaca gagactgggc    100080
     atagcacagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtattggggt gcgttatata    100140
     cagctcattt gtgatttttg tctggatagt tgctaaggag tgtgattttg aaagtgttag    100200
     cttttaactt cagctctacc attgagcaga tatatcgact tggacaagtt atttattaca    100260
     tccaaacgtt ggttcacttc tatttaggag ggctgtggga aaattcagtg gaatgatcta    100320
     tgtagcggac tagcacggag ccgagcccag attgagtcac tagccacaat cgcgaatctt    100380
     caggaagaga gctgactttg aatcagcttg tctcccttct cccaggttca attttcctct    100440
     gctatcaaga ttccttttat gtccttttct ctgagctttt cttcctagcc cagattgcca    100500
     gtataacaat ataaaagccc actgaaggtg agtaattgag tgacccttaa agtttctaag    100560
     tcattaggac gcagagtaac cgccatcttt ctcagggaca cagctgtctc ttagtgttca    100620
     gcaaatctct gttcagtaca gaaatatatt tgagcaaaag gattaaattg aataaatgaa    100680
     cgtgcacatc taaatgacaa catgagagaa tcttaaggtt tgagatttcc agaaactctc    100740
     caagcaagag cgcctccccc tgcaatagga agaagagtct tccagaaaga gaatgcacta    100800
     gcatccctaa gttcaatatg gctggtactc cttaacccag caaagagctc ttttcctccc    100860
     ttcctatttt tgttcaaaag ggactattaa taagtgtcta ttgtcctact agctaaagga    100920
     aatctcggac ttcagttctg gagattcatc atgtctctaa tgtctagtga gtataaacag    100980
     gttcctatag atgagtcact agccacaatg tagtgctcat gagcagcagt gtactttacc    101040
     ctggggtagc catggctttg ggatgaggtc ctagagttaa ctagtgagtt agcgtcacag    101100
     attatttgta ctaacacaca cacacacaaa ggaagctatt ggcttacaat gctcagcagg    101160
     cttccaagtc aaattaactc ctgctggctt taatgagtta gtgatggtgt cacatagaaa    101220
     gtctgacact ttgaccccta cctactccag ctcttctttg cttcacgttg ttgtctctct    101280
     tcccctcccc actctgctgt ctggccacag gcactatcgt agtaagctgc ctcactttcc    101340
     agcttccagt tgacttcagt gagtggagaa gcaagtgagg actcagtagg agggaagaag    101400
     gcacttgtag atagatggtg ctcccagggc cttccttgag gagcatcacc tggtggtctt    101460
     tgcctccttg tcctgtcacc agggagcctc agtcacctct caggatgggg atgattgctg    101520
     ccacccctag gatattactc cgcctgtggt cctttcaccc ttagggagca ccaggaatga    101580
     tcccgatctg ggtgtgctcc ctgtttcttg ctggaaccta gtatccagag ctttaagccg    101640
     ctctgaaaag aatgtttact atgtacaaat cctataggtg aggatttgat atataggtgt    101700
     catctaggtg gaaaacttct gtagggttct ggagtatgcc acaatatgct ggaaacagca    101760
     tgggttgagg tacagaggag ttagaatgtc ctgtgttcca atccaagcag aagtcagcaa    101820
     gaacagcagt ggctgccatg gagactggcc agggccaccg tgtttaagac ataagtgacc    101880
     attcatgttc atctttatgg gagctgggtt taagaaaatg agcacctata tttgtgtcat    101940
     ttccacttgg ctatagttct tgggactata gttagctggc tctgcaatcc actggccatg    102000
     tatctgtctc cctatctagc tggagactgc ttgtagacag gcctgcatct ttgtgctttc    102060
     aacatagtct gcgctcaaaa aggtcctcaa aggaatgggt aaaggagaat tctttgtcca    102120
     ggtcaaaaag agctgaagct acagttatgg aaggtgcatt tttaaagaga aggtgtaatc    102180
     gtaaacaagt aggctaggaa agagtggtgg ggacataggc ctgggtcggc tggtgagagg    102240
     tagccctgag catgctcaaa aggcaggatt gacaatggta ggtagaggcc actgtctgaa    102300
     caaatgatgc taggtgtctc atacattcat accatagtgt tggatgcatt ccttggtctc    102360
     acccataact ctgctgaatg gctcttattg ccactggaag cagtgacccc agtgctcacc    102420
     aaatatgctc ctggggtgga gggtacagga atatgactcc ctgtgtcatc ctcttcagtg    102480
     cccacatgtt caaaagtaag taaataaaaa gcataaaagg acctctgttg gaatagtagg    102540
     tacaataaga ctgtagtcag gctagcagtg tgttcctcgg tgtccagcat ggaaatttca    102600
     tgctttactg attaaagtgt gatattacta gaaccaactc atatctacca cagtatttaa    102660
     accgctttag agcatttcag gaagactgtg gatgcagttg ccgtggctcc cggttgacca    102720
     gctgctccag ggctttgcct agccccgtag tggttagatc agcaagtcgc atcagtagtt    102780
     gctagaactt agaaatacca actcatgtct caccccaaga aactaaatca gaatggtatt    102840
     cgtctctcag tgcctccatc cagcatctgg gcccctgtaa atagggcacc cccccctctc    102900
     tctctctcta ccattccctt taccagctct ggtttatagc atctggttct cagcattgtg    102960
     accagaagga aatagaataa ttgaagtaga ataatgacca ttacacttca tctggagtgt    103020
     tcccaggaca aggtttgtgg tgtcacagga ctgtgatgtg ttggtagaat ccttcttcac    103080
     ccagtctttg caatctccca agccctttca caagagcaca ctcagtcctc agtcagtgag    103140
     tgggctgccc tgaggatact gagcgcacag gtgtgatctt ggatgggctc tatttgttcc    103200
     tgggtacttt ctagttactt ccatcctgtg ctcataccaa aataattatc cccattatct    103260
     caaaacaggc acttaagtca ggtggcaatc attgacatca acaagcccct gtcaccagtg    103320
     tccttgtctc atcccatgag tcttgtcttc tgatataaca ctttcaaggt gctcgctggt    103380
     gtccctgctg atgccctggt cgctgagtct gaagacaccc tgagcttagt gttagttcac    103440
     tctgtgagtt ctgctacatg cctgaataca gagatgagac atggtgagac tcaaggggag    103500
     gcagggagca gcatttcagg cagggaagca gcagacattg aaacagggaa gcatgaaacc    103560
     agggacctcc agatggctgg gcatgctgct ggagtgtaag gagagaccag gaaccataga    103620
     agccaaaaca gcaaaggaag cggtgaactt ggatctgtaa atgacagagg tcactggtgc    103680
     gctttcaaaa aatgacatgt ttcagtgcat ccttccataa agactaagtg ctgcgtgagg    103740
     acagggaaga catggaagtt ggggaggctg attaacatct gagaggatag taaggtggga    103800
     gtgggggtag gggggtgggg ggagtcacac actgaagtcc ccaagcatgc atgagaaggt    103860
     tgggacaatg agcaattgta tccccagcta cattttctaa tttctctttc ataagtattt    103920
     tctgatttct ctataatcag cgtgtattac ttatttagta aattaattta tgtatatctg    103980
     ttaggagttc aaactcaagc tagcaggatt tggaaactgg ttgatgggag agtatgggga    104040
     atgcaccccc taggccaatg ctaacgtggg tggtgtgccc accaataagg taagggcaca    104100
     aggaacagag ctggcattcc tgatggctga atgcagccct ggactgctgt gacttccagt    104160
     tgatatcttc ctagcctgtt ggtgcccttg gttttgtaat tcacctttcc gtcctatacc    104220
     aaactggaca actggttcca gtactataga gcccaggact gctgaagcca tccaggggac    104280
     acacttctca cactgtcaat aaatgtttac caagagctta ggggatgcac ttcacgggca    104340
     gaccatgcgg atggaaagat ggaaagcagg cagcatctat tgtcccaaaa taccacctaa    104400
     ttgggaaggc ggatagaaat gttttgaaat ccccttaata cacataccac ttaaaacata    104460
     caattcgaat ggaatgttat agagaaagca acggattctt agagagctta tatgagagga    104520
     aatgactctg gccaggggtt tggaggaaag ctgtcatgaa gggagatgct tgggctgaga    104580
     gttgaagaac tgatgctgga gaaaatccac acaaggcttt ctgagggaag gagtaatccc    104640
     cgtgactgtg ctgcgggatg gaggtgcagc tgctctcacc ttgacaacgc tgtgtctgag    104700
     aaatggacac tagctgattc catcatcgag tgaacatcct ccagtacgct cacacaaacc    104760
     tccttggtac aggtcagttg ctggaggagg cctcttgata cagagaagta acaagcagca    104820
     gacactccac ttactgatgg tgccacacag cacgcttctt actatgagca tttcaaaaat    104880
     aattacacac atttttacat ttgttgattg attgtgggcg ggacctccac aatcagagga    104940
     caccttgtga gtgttcactc tctcattcca ccgtgtgact cccagggatc aaactctgac    105000
     agcagagtca atacattaag cagccacaca tccatctact gccatgttta aatatcacac    105060
     actgataact gcatgtgtca tgctatgatt gttgtagaaa gcactggtcg cccctcctta    105120
     gaattgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagagac aaagtttgga gctgagatga    105180
     aaggatggac catgtagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca ccccataatc agcatccaaa    105240
     cgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttatcgaaa ggacccagat gtagctgtct    105300
     cttgtgagac tatgccgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctaatg    105360
     gatggatcac agggctccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggat    105420
     ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg aactaaccag taccccggag ctcttgactc    105480
     tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg    105540
     gacacgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag gggaacgcca gggccaaaaa gggggagtgg    105600
     gtgggtaggg gagtgggggt gggtgggtat gggggacttt tggtatagca ttggaaatgt    105660
     aaatgagcta aatacctaat aaaaaatgga aaaaaaaaaa agaaagcacc ggtcatgtga    105720
     gggatacatg cttgtacagt gatgttatga caatcataac atcagtaagt gttaggcact    105780
     tttagctcca ttacaaccct ctggtactac gttttgtggc acatgactga gggatttttg    105840
     aatctgagcg aaatgctgtt tgaattctac agagaggaac aggtcaaggg atgtatggag    105900
     agagggacga tgggccttag agtgctttgt aggtcactag gacatcctgg tcttgctcct    105960
     aagaggcgct aaaggttttg cagtagcttt tgtgtggccc atttggcttc agcccagatc    106020
     atagttccat ccatgtctgt cacctgtctg ttacttgaca cttgaacctg ctggtgctgg    106080
     aggctcggtc cctccctgta gcctggcagg cagatatggg gttcccggct tctgggagga    106140
     gctctgagaa ggctcctcag catctttcag actctcctga aagttgtttt gcagctcaac    106200
     tttcctcatg gcttggcaga ctttaacact aatgtgtgta caaattgcta attaatggaa    106260
     tcgtttggat ctgaaaacat cttgctctaa tgggagcctg caaagtgctc acattaattc    106320
     acaggtaaaa ttattcaagc tttctttttt taattttttt tcccttctcc ttagcccagc    106380
     ttaatagctg gggagagttc ttctaattag cctcgtggaa accactggcc acagctcaga    106440
     gctgtagtgc gtgtttctga gcttgagaga cgtgagcagc tgtggttatc cagggaacgg    106500
     ggccacagat aagtgccaaa gatcagaaga gaaagacgtt ggtgtctgaa aggatagata    106560
     gggagaaggt gacaaggcct gtgaagacac tggaaatgag ccagccccat gtgggactca    106620
     gaaggggcct tgccctccca tgtgtgccag agggccccat gggacgatgt cccagatctc    106680
     ctgggatggg gacacctagt gtatttgctg ttcacaggaa gctaacagga actgccctag    106740
     gcttcagagt gccctgttat tatcacttaa acactctgct caagcccctt cctgccatca    106800
     ttcctagtga gcatgctcag tgcagccact aaatgccccc ttcctttccc ccatggcaga    106860
     gtagaataag ccaccaactc tggggctccc tgataagacg agtgtcctct actaggctgt    106920
     ccattcattt ttttcctcct aatgatatct gggtactttt agtttaattc ttgatgataa    106980
     gtacaggaca aagtttgcca ttttaactat gtttctgagt ggctccaagg cactctgttt    107040
     atttgtgtgt tccccaaact gaaactccag gctgttaaat aagaagtccc tttctatgga    107100
     gcttttgagc gtaacattca gatgatgcag cccctggtag aactgaacaa tactcagcag    107160
     tcccctcgtt cactactaaa gaggtgcctt tagagctaca cccttggctc tgatacgtgg    107220
     ttctcagaaa tgccccgctg gtgagatagc tccttcattg gaaaccgcac cctcctgaat    107280
     tcctttccat caagctgctc tatgttctag aacagggggg ctggtggtag gctctggtaa    107340
     tccaccacgg agaagcctga gatgactaag tcctctgtgg ccgtgggtag tcacagtgag    107400
     ttctcgtgct gagctctgct ctggaaggag acacactagg gtgtctctga gatgggctat    107460
     ttaaaaatct taatagttac ggatgaaaac aacaacatgt tctccccctc cgaagcacag    107520
     ctctgctgcc gatcctttta tttggatgtg cctccaggag agatttggag tcaagccaac    107580
     ccgaacttag attctagccc tgtcactcat tggctgtgac cttgagcctc tttttgctca    107640
     tctaaagcct gggactaggg actcccactt gagctgctaa gaagactgca ggaggttagc    107700
     ctggtacctg aggccccact ggctcaaaag gggaggtgga gggaggttct gctgctgcta    107760
     ctgttgctgc ttttgttgca caggtctcca ggtggtcctg aactccatca tcaaggccat    107820
     ggtgcctctg ctgcacattg cccttcttgt gctcttcgtc atcatcattt atgctattat    107880
     cggcctggag ctcttcatgg gaaagatgca caagacctgc tacaaccagg agggcataat    107940
     aggtaagagg tggggctctg ggcagcaggt ttccaggaag gtgtcattcc cactcatggc    108000
     tgctttccct tgaagtagat tgctgcagcc acctgtgctc caaaactgga tgaggcattc    108060
     ggtttcccca tactgcagac cacgatgaca tgaaaggcag gggtcaacct tctttccctc    108120
     tcctttccaa tatctgcatt cactaccgca gatctctgtt caaacagcag gtgtgtgctt    108180
     tgtccagcac tgctgatgcg ccacgtaatg gatggacaca attggagaag cgaggctaag    108240
     cacccaccat tcatcagttt cttacgagcg aagcagattc tgagtgtgtg agctgccatt    108300
     gcaagtggat gagcatgtgt agccagcagt acgccaatgt ggctgagcat ccaaaccctt    108360
     caggatgtcg taccaccccg actccccatc cccacccatt ttcctgtcct cttagagttg    108420
     cctctctctc catcacagtt actattttct tctccatcaa aagcagaacc ccagggtccc    108480
     tccctttccc ggagtagatg aagaggctgt cattaaataa gccccttgcc accagttcag    108540
     ctccatgtca caaccatcaa tcctgccttt atgagcctcc cctctttgtg ttccttccat    108600
     caatcaacga atttaacagg cagtgctggc tcattaagca ccttcttaag tggcaccaga    108660
     gtttgggctt gcaggataaa ccacacactg ctctcttatg tgactaacgt ttcaacttga    108720
     ccttaaaaac taaataaata aacaggggct agagaggtgg ctcagccgtg aagagaactg    108780
     agtctttcag aagacctggg ttcaattcct agcacccacg tggcagctca caacctccta    108840
     taactccagt tcctgggggt catttgcttt ttctgccctc caagggcatc agtcactcag    108900
     atggtatgca gacatacatg agagtaaaac actcaaacat ataaaaaaaa aagtagaaca    108960
     cattaacttt tctctttctt gaaaaaatag taaggtttta aatgaataga gtagtgggat    109020
     acatatatac ataaatatac atatatatac acataaatat atatgtatac acttgtatat    109080
     acatatatac ataaacatgt atgtatatac agatatacaa cattggaaat atccattcca    109140
     aagctattga cagtgctaat ttatattatt tcatttttaa aaacagacct gtccttttta    109200
     tttggacatt attgaggaaa acagagcata tgagcatatg tctggagcgc taacaatggc    109260
     ggcttccttc tgtcctttgt atcttcccaa tcccacgtag cctgagctgc aagttagtgc    109320
     ggtgggtgat ggtagtgcca gcctgtataa cagagtgaga tgaaaacctt atgcccagaa    109380
     gccagcatca ccacctggta tacacagggt actgtgacta ggcaggctaa cggcttctgc    109440
     aaagtggctc agtcattgtt cacaaggtca cagtaagaca aacaatgcct atgaatccat    109500
     tatttacata atcatcttat ttttactttt tagaagaaat tgtgtttagg ataaagtatt    109560
     cacccttgag aattttcaag ttatttgagt tgtaactgtg cgaaattggg tgacaattta    109620
     aaatgttagc tgatacaaaa cttttaatag gaagagcagt tcttgccttc cactaaaatt    109680
     cagagatatt caaccttgct tagagaatat cagccaacat aatgacccat aatgacttcc    109740
     tttaattcaa attcttttct tctcaattga tctgtagcta acaccaaacc agtaacttac    109800
     ataactgatc tgtagctaac cctgaaccaa taacttatgt taacggtgca gcttggttgg    109860
     agtggcctca gaactgacta tagcaactta tgcagttatg ctacataatt ggtggtccac    109920
     tggacccaga ctcttcatac tgttacagag ggacagagtc tccatgagtc ctaaccagtt    109980
     tggcagtgac caatggcaca atactcacca atgaaatggg aaggaattct gtcatagaaa    110040
     caaagacagt gactgtgcca tgccatcaaa tactgatgtg ccacaaagcc acggatagct    110100
     gcttaaaatc ttttagtcac ctctgtcatc ttaaagggaa gatgacagac atacctcttc    110160
     tccttctggt gagggtcctg caaggctgtg agcaaaatgc agccttaaat aattgttacc    110220
     accacagggt ttgtttccag gcctcagagc ctccaaatgc aagaaaatga tgaacatagt    110280
     agacaaaaca agatggcgac ctcttcctag ggtacataga gaggccctgt gaaaagccat    110340
     ccccagcacc agagaccttc tttcgtgccc ttaggaagaa gagccatgtt ggcttcaact    110400
     tctagagggg tcatcttaag gtcatcctgg ccttgatagt aaacagggcc agaaaaatca    110460
     cctgagctat ctcgtgcacc cttccacaga gctcatgaca tcatctttat ggtgagtttc    110520
     atctccatcc tgtaacttcc aaggccagtt agtctcctgg gtggaaacaa aataagccaa    110580
     gatgcaatga gagtaacatc cctcagaaaa gtaccatgag gctccagtcg aagccagagc    110640
     cactactggg aaaggggcca aagattcctg gctgcagcag ccttaatcta gaacaaagca    110700
     gttgaagttc ccatcttcct ttcccctccc actgtctgcc cacagcccaa agtcttctag    110760
     attctcccaa aagaatagca tttggttccc acaggtgagt atccccaccg aggaagaggg    110820
     agaaccctca gggatctggt ctctttcata cccatggcta ggaagcagtc cactcaccct    110880
     tcagacccag tatcagcggg tctcggggtt ttgtagaacg cttgttgttt ttgcctagag    110940
     tttagacatt aacctatttt ctgccatagg tagtagattt tacaaaacat tcagtgagtc    111000
     tttgttatgg cgttagtctt ccttttaaac tccgatctta tttcacagac tgaattttat    111060
     attcttctaa attttctaat ccatgtttct tgtaagatcc ctgcaaggaa gctttggcct    111120
     gcctcggtgc tattgttctg cctttaggct gtcctttctg tgtccagtgt ccagtggtga    111180
     ctgtcttaga agaagctgtt ttctcccagt ctctccagca actgcaagac acccctcctg    111240
     gttgctcagc agatacattg ccatatgtcg gtaccttttg tttctgggtg ttccatctgt    111300
     ccggtggatc tggagccagg gcgctcggta gctctccccg gcacagtaat tacccctgag    111360
     actggcacgg aatttgttgg ctaaacctag caatgaaatc actaccattc tattttgcct    111420
     tcaagttgag atctaaaaat gtaattgctg ttgtcttggt ggtttggaac cctgctgcaa    111480
     gtcccccctg ggattctgcg tgttgctgaa gttgagtcca tttctaacat ctcctttatg    111540
     ttaccgaaga cttaatttgc tctttccaca ccgaccacct tctccaattc tgttctgaaa    111600
     tgtacagcct acgtggcttt attcctccat cctcacactc ctatctctct ccctaggacc    111660
     tctgaatctt tggaagaaag ccaggacatc tttatggtta tgtttatttc ccttgccctg    111720
     gggtggtgtc actaggaccc ggggatctgt gggttcacct ttttcaaggg ttccttttta    111780
     tagagaccta tttttactgg atcatcgcag cttcttaatt gttctgtgaa ttattttttt    111840
     ttattattgt tcagggagga tttaaaatag catagtagcc tttgagcctg tggatggtct    111900
     tcccgaagct cagtcccttc ctccctttac ccatgagatc agtgcccctc ggtgtcactt    111960
     cctgctaata gatatctatc tgtaaattct ccaagtatgt cctccccgtg agcagtcaga    112020
     gctggctttg gcagcaccac ccaccttccc ctatctccac tgttttagga accggtgatg    112080
     caggacagac tgtcagccca ggagccacat tgtaaataga taactgacat cgttgtgcta    112140
     cagataaata gaattataga atgcaaagaa atgcaagttt ccctttatct gttcatcatc    112200
     tcctttgtct gccctcccaa ctctgaaagc tggttccaga gtaagaatgg aattaatgat    112260
     ctatttggtt cctggttttt ttcttcgttt ctcaactctc gttttttagg tgctttgctt    112320
     tgctattttt aacgtattat ttaggtttga aaataacttt catttctctt ctttcaacag    112380
     cattaaatcc acatctctaa aaatttgaca attttaaaag tcataaaaag ttgtgactag    112440
     gggtagccca gttcagctac cttaatacgt agcctctgga agccagactg tggataagaa    112500
     aatggtatgg atacttggtc ccccagatag ctgagagttc agtgacctag acctgttccc    112560
     ttggtcactg aatatagtac tgggcagaaa ataagccagg acgcagcttc aatctgagca    112620
     gtcctaaggc tgggagagtt ccagatgtct gtcatctgga gaaaggataa cacaccgctc    112680
     agaaacacaa agagcagacc agcctgaagt gcagcagtgt gcttgaaccc agaagcactg    112740
     cactgaaaga aggatgaaga aggaatgggc acacaaaggc ctcttgacgt tatttactgg    112800
     aaacttaaag aaaaggcaag ctatgaagat ggaaaacaag tcagctcgtt ccgagttggg    112860
     gacagaagca agaatggact gcaagcaagt acatgggggg gagttggggg tgacatagag    112920
     gaagtgatag gtgtcactgc tgtcccagga agatactggc acatgctttg aaccacagcc    112980
     ctcaccactg ttctcctgag aagcctctca cagtcaaggg ttaacatttc catgcccctc    113040
     tttttttctt gagagtaaac agttccaatt agaagccaca gacaccagca gccatctcac    113100
     cagtcatctt caataaagag cctgtgtccc atgggcaaaa taaccaccct gtgatgtttt    113160
     ggatccttgt aaaagaagag aagattctgg gcatcttatt atctctaaat gaagaaccac    113220
     aggcagattc tctctggagt tacatttcgc tgttatcaaa agcaattgtt tgttcaaact    113280
     caggtcttct gtttgttttt gctgtgattc tctatagctg ccagataaaa accctcggtc    113340
     tcccagactc tgggttcctt acatttgtct tctgttttcc agaacaattt acacttgaga    113400
     cgatgcacgg ttatcccttt ctgattggcc actcggacat gctgccatgc tatgcccaag    113460
     cagataatac cttagtgtct gtgaaatcag ttgtggttaa aatgcgctgt tcacaacatt    113520
     tggttgaaaa tactgaccta tgtcattgtg cccctgaaac caatgtctgg cctcacatga    113580
     ttttaagctc catgggaggg cgcttaccga aatgtgtgcg attgcggctg tgggtgctca    113640
     tcggccttat cctgttattt ttctctctaa cattttatct tcattctctg cccatcgtga    113700
     cccctccttc cctccttccg tctcctgttt ccttggtggt ggagatgttc cggcagaaga    113760
     ggatccttcc ccttgtgctt tggagacagg ccatgggcga cagtgtcaga acgggaccgt    113820
     gtgcaaaccc gggtgggatg ggcccaagca cggcatcacc aacttcgaca acttcgcctt    113880
     cgccatgctg acggtgttcc agtgtatcac catggagggc tggacagacg tgctgtactg    113940
     ggtacgcaga cggggcactc agcgggcggg tgcatggagg gccagaggct tctcttgacc    114000
     cctcactttc ctccccatga tattggggtc acacatgccc acataggctg agaggggatg    114060
     gatgaatgcc tttgatttgt tccagggttt tcctgagaaa caaggcataa cttgttcact    114120
     tctgcaaggt ttccctcact ttggtgacgg tcatctttag ctggctcgcc acagtgtgga    114180
     tcactggtgt gcagctgaca ctgtgcagat gagctgggct agccccagaa taagtgttcc    114240
     agtgaactcc tcttcctgct ctctacttct ttctgctctt aaccttctcc tgcctcttac    114300
     ctcaaattac ctaaaaagga gcgaaggcag aatatgcaga ggaaagccag ggctaatcta    114360
     aaaggagatg ccataaagaa aacggctttt gtattgagtt gtgtagcctt gtggcaagct    114420
     cttacattta actctcactt tagtctcaac ctatcagacc actccatcaa cgtctctctc    114480
     actgtcaacc agaggctctg cttattgtac aatgcatatt tagaatgccc ctcactagct    114540
     ctaactagcc accactgctt tgccaccttt gagcccttga agtgcaggta aagatgcata    114600
     ccataatcta gctgtcttcc ttctggcaga gtcaagccca ttatttgtaa aatcccacgg    114660
     aaaataccat ctttgtggtt ggtgttttct gcttctgcct aagaaatgac ttgcgggaat    114720
     tcagtgttgc tcttcagaat ttgggcgagt aaagcatgat accagtcttg aaaatatcat    114780
     cgttccaaag tttctcaagt cgtcaaatca tagagccctg gtgaaaacat ttaagagact    114840
     gtgtactcct gtctgcaaac cagagcggga agagtgagaa ggaatcaaga caatgtccct    114900
     agcacagttg ccagaaagag aagcaaggcc aagagaagcg gtcccttctc ccagaatctg    114960
     aggcagcttt gtaactgcac agagatgcag cttcccaccg tttccatggg ccatctccca    115020
     taaattcaaa gcctttctct tcccagcctt gccaccactg ttagcatggc agagtccagt    115080
     gttgctggga cgttggtacc tctttctaat tgagcactct cagcttgcct ctatctggat    115140
     cccagctaac gtttgccaag tgtccttgtg agcctgggcg cttgaggtgc taaggatttg    115200
     gtaacgcgta cgatccagtt ctgtctgtag aatagatgag attctgagct gagtaacact    115260
     gaagcctgtg ccatgtcagg gttagtgtgt tcacatgctg tcaccaggca acactggttg    115320
     tcatccatgt ccacctcaaa ctaaaaggaa gcattgagta acattttcag gcttgatctt    115380
     gataagacgc tggtagtgtg tgatttgaaa tacattgaga ttgaagttga attttctcta    115440
     gttaggcaaa ttcttctatt tagtagagca ggtcaacttc ctaggaggcc cttactagtc    115500
     cttctactct gcttgaagga cctattactt tctgccctgg tgtgccatgg acagaaaggt    115560
     ctctgcaaat aggcagtctc cacctatgga ccatagacca tgtgactgta tagcactggg    115620
     ctccagagtc tcatcctgtg aatcttagcc cctgccttca gtcaccgtgg aaaagccagc    115680
     tgtagcatca cactaagggc aggtgcaggc ataggggaat atgtataatt tgctttgctg    115740
     acagccttgg tgtacttttc tgatcttcct ttatcattcc ctccctcttc ctcactacaa    115800
     gtcattgata tcacaccagc cagatgtgac cctaagatgc tatcatagtg acagccagaa    115860
     tggggactgt acagaagcac acaacagtaa ctaccaattt tcagcagctg tgttgtacct    115920
     tctctcccag ggggtgtgat ggagctcagg ctggggacag aaaaaattgt cagaggtgaa    115980
     ggagctctag ggtctgggga tgggcctcac tttgacatcc ccagcatctt tctgaaacaa    116040
     acagattgtg tgagtgcata tacgagttgt gtgtgcttgt gagtatgtgt tgtgtgcaca    116100
     tgcaacgtga atacacacat gcacatgcac gtgtacacac acacacacac acactcacac    116160
     acattgatac tgtgcttcct actggttatt cataatggag gcacctccta gctcagtgct    116220
     cctgccgtca gactattcct ctaattactt tgacctttct atggccactt tattttctat    116280
     tctctttctc actcctttct ttcccttagg caatcctcct cttcaactct agccttatat    116340
     cactaagcct agggattcag atctcaaatg tttcaccagt ccctggctag gaacttagtg    116400
     ttcacagaag aagttctcca agctgttggg atgcaagttt gagtttgaca ccctaataag    116460
     accaacgcaa tcaccacagt gctactagga ttctgctggg tttgaaccag tgtggatcta    116520
     gtttccaggg aatatgggcc ttcctctcag aaggatgcag ctctcctcaa gtgtaaagtt    116580
     caagtctaga ggacccagag aggagcagcg gagactgctc tgtgtagcct gggtggaacc    116640
     cccagaacta gattcatctt aaacatctaa acggcgttat agaagtttct agagaaaaga    116700
     aactaaagta aaactcaggc ttctgtttag ttttcttagg aaataactct ttaaaccaaa    116760
     gcctctctat gtactcccag aatgtccaag tgtaaaaagt aagacaagca aacaaaaaca    116820
     aggaggagga gaggaaagaa ataggaagaa gaagaagaaa gaagaaggag gaggaggagg    116880
     aggaggagaa gaaaccatag ccttaagaag aagcagcaac agcaatagca ccaccaccac    116940
     caagcaagag aaggaagaat ctagggtcaa acaacatccc cattggtttt cttatctttt    117000
     tttcagatgt gaggtttttt tttttttaaa cctttgaacc aaatagctgc ctaacacaga    117060
     gaatctgcta cctaaacaac atgctggagg gttacaaaca cagtaatgaa gagaatgagc    117120
     atctctcaga gctttcatct gcttgcttac tcatccatcc atccacccat ccatccatct    117180
     atccatccat ccatccacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acatacatac    117240
     atacatacat acatacatac atacatttgc ttacttcttt gattttactc atgttagatg    117300
     aattcttaca gtccaataat tcaatttaac atctgtttat tgagcatttc ttatgttctg    117360
     agaagcagag atggcatgga gtaggggaca gagaagaata agtcctgcct tccaggagtt    117420
     cagaatataa ggcatgcagt atttacaaag gagtatggct ccctgataga attgtatggt    117480
     tgtataggaa atagacaacc ctgggagacc tgggaatgtt tagtcccaag gctggacagg    117540
     gaaccagaga acagatgctc atatcttagg aaagcgttca ttagcagctt tggatgttgg    117600
     agtgaactgt attttagttt cttaacaacc ccaagaaagg agtggggctc cccagcgttc    117660
     ttgctcactg tgctgatggg atacagtgtt cggcaccatc aaggaccata ttcctgctag    117720
     cagcacttcc cactgtgagt cagctgttcc caacatggtg atcagaccag gatatcactc    117780
     tgtctatacc ctccccacga ggtcaggcgc ccagcccatc tgcttacaga ggtcatttga    117840
     atgtgcagtt ttgtttgcta gcttgcctgg ctgttgggat cagttgattt ctcctaccta    117900
     aatgaatctc atactgtttc agctgcctgg ggaattttca gcaaagaatg agtaggtgca    117960
     cacagctagg gcaggattca acttgcttct taccctgtga cccctgcggt ggacatttat    118020
     gttccaggca acataggtca tcaagtgtca atagcccttg atgagtaatg gcctctcttg    118080
     gtacttgcgg aaaacatcta gtctctagat ccttagagcc tgtggtgaga aggagaggta    118140
     cacatgatgt gaaaactcat ggaaatcagt ttggatcaaa gaggccttga gatgttcatg    118200
     gtggaggaat tgcttcccgc tcccttcaag gaagagattc tggtggattt gaaagtataa    118260
     ggcaggggcc cttacaccca gttagatgct agtttcagat gtgtctttag tatcttcctt    118320
     tgtccagtct tggttagata tggaggctct gtgtctgttt atcagagaag gaagtcccag    118380
     catagttcca ggtctggggt cctgaatgct gctgactttg aacatgagga accaggatgc    118440
     ctcctgccct ctttagggaa gctatagagc tcctgatgtt acagatccaa aaacctctac    118500
     cagtggcttg aggagacctt ctgtgtttgc atcaccagaa aagggtgaca gcaagctggg    118560
     tccctgtttg atggggtttt attgttcttt tcttcagcgt aactctagtc cccagggtgg    118620
     agataatgat cacattactc cagcatcacc ttgctaagcc accattgtgt actctccacc    118680
     ctgaaagtag gtggccggga acaagaggga agagcaaagg gtgctttctt tttagactga    118740
     aggatctcct tcagatggct gtctgcttag gcatgatgga ttaagacccc caagaaatgc    118800
     ccttgacagt aatctgctac caacccctca cctgtcttga acccctaaaa taaatatcct    118860
     gtagccaagg agggaaccaa agcagaaata tgggattggg tgtggaaacc ttgagtttcc    118920
     tctttctggt cctagtttct gtggtcttca gatctctagt tctagccact gaagtccttg    118980
     ataaaactaa gggatcttgt cttatgtgca ccagaggaaa gaacccatag gctaatcggg    119040
     aacccaaggg accctctaag gcaagagggc ttgtgtggtc ttcaatacta tttggggggg    119100
     aggaatccat tctaaggaag ctagaggagg ccaccagccc tgcctctgac tcactgtcta    119160
     cccaagctct ggaggcagct ctgctctgag accccagctg cagagaacat tccagcacct    119220
     gctggaacct ctgttcccac ctgtcccatg ggacaagtta gggcacactg ctcataacag    119280
     accagattac cttctgtcct ttggggttga tgtcgcccat gtcagaaaag ttattagaat    119340
     agcttagtaa tccaaaagct gagtatgggc tctaggaggt ggcacactgc tggatggtgc    119400
     ccaggcttgt gtgcctgtct gcctgttttc tcgtaagagt gtatcattct caccagcttt    119460
     gactattctt cacgctttcc ctaaatatga cagcagggct gagagcagca cttctcaacc    119520
     gccatgatgc catgagaccc tttaatacag ttccccatgt tgtggtgacc cccaaccata    119580
     aaattatttt gttgctactt cacaactgta actttgttac tgtcgtgaat cataatgtac    119640
     atatctgtgt tttcccatga tcctaggcaa ctcctgtgaa aaggttgttc aactcccaaa    119700
     agggctacaa cccacaggtt gagaatcact gacttatagg gaaatgtgct tctgcttctg    119760
     acctatgcta acaataactg aagaggaaaa gccagaaaga tgctcattgc ttaaggtcca    119820
     gcttccccaa gactccctcc cttgcctagc acctagctgg ggttgcttta ctgcaatctc    119880
     aagtccaaca caacacccat atcttataca tccctcatca agcacgtggt gaataaatat    119940
     ggatgctatg tgagcaggct gaaggcccct ccccatgtca cagtggcatg tgcaggccct    120000
     ggcatggcaa agccacatgg ctgggtacat ggcttccttg cctctctcta gtcctatttc    120060
     atctttcttg cttgtgtcga ttgttttgct ttcctctctc tggcctagag acaaactgaa    120120
     caactagttc tagttccacc agtatgtttt ccctcacact ttgagcttag cagattcctc    120180
     ttggtccagg aagggccttg ggaacagaat ccacatgaag gctggatgcc ccgcctctgc    120240
     tagccactgc tgcttggctg gataatctac tcttccctac actcctgctc catggccagg    120300
     aagactttat agctgtgtac atggttctaa caatgaccaa gtccctgagg gactgctact    120360
     gctgctgcta ccacagggtc tttggaccct ggactttctt cctgctccat agcgccttct    120420
     gctgtcagtg actcctgtgt ccagtccaca cagccctatc tgatatggcc cttgcttctg    120480
     cagcctcatc cagcagtcct ctctatttcc tgctcaccac ttcttacgcc ctcctacaac    120540
     tgcatctcct accctgtttt tatcatttac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat    120600
     acatacatac atacataatg ttcccagcta gcaaaggctt cctatttata gtacagagcc    120660
     aactcttaaa ttcatcagtg caactcagac atttcctgag tacctatcaa atgcaaggca    120720
     ctgctcctgg cacatggaat tcaccagtga cgcaaacaaa ccaaagccac ctgtgcacat    120780
     gaaaccacac tacagcctag aagacagcag atacccatgt gacccacaag gaacctgccc    120840
     agtcaggaag tggtaaatgc tatggaaaac tagagcaagg cacataggaa tgggaacagt    120900
     caacaggggt taagttgaat tgccctgcag tgtggacatg tgtagggaac tctcccttac    120960
     cagctcagtt caaaccaatg gggcaacaca ctcaattctg atacaagatc tctaactaaa    121020
     acatcaagcc attctgagca caggtctctg agtgcttctc tatctttagt ccgatcacac    121080
     agagaacaac acatctataa ctcaattgag gaacaaaggt agaaaccaca tcgaggcagc    121140
     agttgtcaag tttattattc ctcgggaaaa tgtcttgggg tgtccatgac tacagtcatc    121200
     atgtaaatgt aaaaactaca cttaacttcc aggctcggag atgagaccca gggatctact    121260
     ttcattggtt gtcaccaatt gtccccgcat tggccatctt agggcccaat gtactgaaga    121320
     cacacaatcc tgcccttcca gatacaattg gtatcatgaa gataatgata ccaaccagga    121380
     tccacgagct ctgccatgga ttccacatcc aatcagcctg tggtgttagc agatgtgggt    121440
     tgaaaaggcc agagctctgg gataagatga agtgtgccat ttctatttat ttatttattt    121500
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttagatat tttctttatt tacatttcaa atgctatccc    121560
     aaaagctccc tataccctct ccccgccatg ctcccctaac catccactcc caattcttgg    121620
     ccctggagtt cccttgtact ggggcatata aagtttgcaa gacctagggg cctctctttc    121680
     caatgatggc cattctgcta catatgcagc tatagacaag agctctgggg gtactggtta    121740
     gttcatattg ttccacctat agggttgcag atcccttcag ctccttggtt attttctcta    121800
     gctcctccat tgggggctga agtgtgccat ttctaaacaa gtgcctgatg gtgctggtgg    121860
     ttgaaaccac acttcgagaa tgtctgatga aagtcggtca ggaagccggt tccttcagaa    121920
     tctagaattt tatgaactaa gttcacccaa gacaaccttg gggctcattt cttataaacc    121980
     agaaatgaag tgtgttcagt gcttggaaaa cgttagaaga tgttgatttg aggagccgag    122040
     tcggaatgta tttcctcttt aataggaaat gctgtcccgt gacttcacac cccttcctgc    122100
     ttgaagtgta aggaatatct gtcggccact tcaggggaca taagggagag gatgggagtc    122160
     agtggacagg gagttctgaa gtgatgttca tagcaaactc cccttagccc agaggggcag    122220
     tcgtggctct catggcatcc agttccttca ggggcctgtg acttgccata gagtgtcctc    122280
     atcagtccag ttgtcacagg ttaagtacct cttccatcta ggctgtggtg tcagtgacct    122340
     tatgtgtcag ccccttctct gacacataag ccaggaaagt actgcctttc ctggcccatt    122400
     tgcttgtgag gcaccgaggt caagccctct attgcgcaga ctcgaggaag aaagatcatg    122460
     ttctcttgtg acgtaagcct cggtatccag ctgtgtcagt aaagctggac cttttcacag    122520
     cccaaggtca gaccagctca gggtacatat taagatttaa tggccacaaa agcccaaatg    122580
     ggcaaagccc actcaaggat tggggaaaaa aatgttttgt aaggtgaccc accatcctag    122640
     acaagtgtgt aggaaaagca ctggaaaacc attttctttt ccagaaaata gaacaggaga    122700
     cagaatcagg caagatcccc ctctccctcc ctagactctg ctgctcaggt caagattgga    122760
     ggaacggatt ttgaataggg gtgaagccaa agacagtggc agttcctggt cgccttaaca    122820
     aaagcccagt tcagcccttt tgcttcctgt ggttctgttc acactcccta cctgtctgtc    122880
     tgtctgtctg tcttaccctc cactttgctt gttctgtcct aactctcctt catctttcca    122940
     gatgcaagac gctatgggct atgagttgcc ctgggtgtat tttgtcagtc tggtcatctt    123000
     tggatccttt ttcgttctaa atctggttct cggtgttttg agcgggtaag ctgaccactt    123060
     ctgtgtcctc tttacaacgc agccgagcaa ggtcccaggt tcaatgcaga atcctcagag    123120
     acaggaccct aacaggccca ggaaaacggg gaaaaaacat ctccatacaa gaccagattc    123180
     tgaccattgg ctgcacaggc gctttagcct ctgagttgca ccttgaggat cccgggtccc    123240
     gcgctgctca gctcggcgct ggggagccgg tggctggcag ttggccatgc tcggttgctg    123300
     tatgtgcctg actaactatc attccattct tccaggtcaa tgatgccgta ggaagggact    123360
     ggccctggat ctattttgta acactaatca tcatagggtc attttttgta cttaacttgg    123420
     ttctcggtgt tcttagcggg taagcaggac caaggaaatg gtcttgattt ttccattaat    123480
     ttgtatttta ttctctctgc tattcctggc actcttctgt ttctggctct gatgaacctg    123540
     ggatcaaggg tcactcagga gccttgaagt gaaggtcttt ggcctgactg tgaggagggt    123600
     cggatggagg taactcatca gagacgcatg gttcaaccaa tatgccacca cacacaccaa    123660
     gaccttcctt cccagccccc agggactcag gctgcttccc tttgggccat acccactcag    123720
     cctgaggagc agcagtgcag aaagagtctt gagtggggat aagttcacgg caggactctg    123780
     aaagaaggtt cctgtgcaca cacaacactc acagtgccct tgggaataaa cacaggcctg    123840
     agcccatgag acagctatca tctgcaggca agtgcaagct ttaaaccact tttattgagt    123900
     caacaggcca gaaaaggaag agtttggttt aaaatacaag ttgatatggc agggtggttc    123960
     agtggtaagg tatctgcagg tatcccatgg acactctctg tgttccgtcc cagcactatc    124020
     aaaaccaaag agacaaaatt ccatgactgt gtgtgtattt gtgtgtatgc acatacattt    124080
     atgtgtaaag aaatatagac tacaagtcta attctcattt caaagtcaaa caggcaattg    124140
     ttgatcttta cctttctgaa tgtgaaggac acataactat ttaaagccac aggttatcat    124200
     gaggttagag aggaggtgta attcattttc cttcagattt atctaggtgg ccacaaacac    124260
     aaacctacct gtttttagcc cttgctcaga tgcaatttgc aataaaagaa tgacttgtgg    124320
     ctgtggtatc gagaccccaa caatggctac cttctcacca ctgagaccta gagtgtctcc    124380
     tcggctaccc atttttcact agctcatgcc agccatgcca agacctgaca cttaaatgct    124440
     cctggtgacc ctctggccct ctctagggga cttgcctact gactttgatc tagaaggagg    124500
     tgggggagct gtttctgctc tgcttggatg gggcaactct tttttctggg cacctaggga    124560
     tttactgctg ggggcagttc aagaggaagg aaagaggcgc ctttcagtgc agactgggca    124620
     gtgttctgtc tccttccatg gtcagggcgt ggggttcagt ctgcaataga gcaaaggaaa    124680
     aactcctatc ttatccctcc catggcccag aaagacatct tgccttttgc caaggtgaga    124740
     ccacaggaga gcaggagatg gagtcgtata taagctcctg gttagctgcc tggaggttga    124800
     gggtggtggt gggttgttct tatcttccaa cacaagaaaa tggcccgttg tttatacatg    124860
     aatctcactg acagcattgg aaaagaatca agctcattat cccctttcaa gacagaaatt    124920
     tggctatcct aactctgtgt ttgctgggtg cacaatatct ggcaacctca tatttttaaa    124980
     tctttgtttt ccatgtcaaa aaaagaaaga taacatcagc tcatgggtgg ctgtcactgt    125040
     agaatgaacg ggaatgtcca agtagagtat taggcacagg actagtatac agtcagcgct    125100
     cagtagcagt gctgactgca gtaactactt tgacttttaa agatgagtag cttgagccaa    125160
     gacacgtcac ttttctggca gtcggcagac ttgggcctga aggcttagtt tggatcctgt    125220
     tttcttatca ctggctgcta gctctgcatt gaataagtct ggttgtcgcg tagcccggag    125280
     ctctaaacca atatatgtat ggaacttaaa ttccattttc ttccctcaga tgttagggac    125340
     caaatcttag catgtagcaa tacaatctgg agaatgcgaa ccagactctg aaggctccgt    125400
     tttcatcctt acagccattg ctgtccctgt ctcccacaag tgtggccaac ctgctggtgt    125460
     cgagtcagag atgttaaagg agcagctgct gatgctggcg aaagatcatt ttgaaatgac    125520
     accttggtct catttagatc aagtagttac atagatgtgc ataatccaat gttttgatgc    125580
     ttaatggctt tcagaacatt tgattgacat gggacaggaa tataacgact ctttagcctc    125640
     tgaacctgca gttcatttgc tctgttctgg ggcctgctag cacccgagca tccacaaagt    125700
     tgcagcatgc tccgggcagt tccagacaca ttgatgggcc ctttgtccag ccagccagat    125760
     gtctgtaagc agttgtccac cccttctggc ttttgtcaag gtcccgtgac tctgaatgca    125820
     ttgcctctaa cctgtgcagt gacaaaccag gaaacaagct ccagtgagtt taagccacac    125880
     tggtgatggt ttaaaattgg catcttgatt aataaggaca gcagtgtaat tgttaacctc    125940
     aaatattcag gggggaaatc ccactcattc atcagctaga cgtgagttag accaaccttt    126000
     cagaaaaacg aggaagcctt ggagcccatg aaagcactat cccaaggatg gcacagtctg    126060
     tctccccata ctgtgtcaga gcctgtgctc tgcatagctc atgttagttg attcagtgtt    126120
     catgacagct tcatgagcta gaagctactc atgcttccat ttcacagaag gaaagactga    126180
     ggttcaaatg aggaagctgc atccattcta atagaaaagt ttaaaggatg gagggctggg    126240
     ccagaacatc atccatccac agcctcttct tgtcactcca cagttgcagg aggaagtggg    126300
     aaggggagat cagacactac aaaaaggaga ggtgttgcag agcagtctgc aagcttccag    126360
     acacggccag ggaatggaaa gagctgggaa atgctgcctg gctggcccag gagggctcgt    126420
     tgttcagtgg gagaactgga aacttggcag agctcaatgg gcccagagag cagaggcatt    126480
     tcaactgcag ctgtgaagta ttctgtgact gaagggttag ggtgtgaacc tgacatccac    126540
     caattaaaaa ttacagctca atgaagtaat tcatcctcac aaactatgtc cttttgtcag    126600
     caaggcgagg ctaaagtgtg cccactgtgt tcagagcaga gcagggatgg catcccatag    126660
     agtttctatt gtaaatgtac aaacttccat attttggtta cctgagggtt ctgcatcctt    126720
     tatctgcaac cctcgcatat ccagaaggcc tttgttctga caaggccacc tagaacatac    126780
     tgtgtgaagg acacacagct cttggactct tttcacaaat cttccttgtt atgtagtgat    126840
     cccatatcta cgctatgcaa ggcacaggtc tggcagcagt gtaggtaaca attggattgg    126900
     aattactttc tcctccagaa atcccagcct ccagcccatt agaagccaaa cagtgactgt    126960
     gagacttttg aaattacatt tgagtctatg ggtgagggag tggaagtatg gactctgaaa    127020
     tctgggcctt tggatgtgcc tgcacctaga atctcttagc tgggcatcct ttttcacatc    127080
     aggaggcagg catgtctttt gcctgtaaaa gcagagtccc tgatgggtgg gaaagttaca    127140
     gcctggaagt gtacctggac tatgatgtta aaatagaagg tccagactga ggactcccct    127200
     acatgccatg gtgggagcag agagctgact acagagttga tcctcatcct tcagtggttg    127260
     cactctgtca agtcacaccg gacagtgcac cggtgaatgc tgatcaacgg tgcaaagtac    127320
     agagttagac ccctgccagt aagtatctag tcgcatttgg caaccagtta aaacatagcc    127380
     ctagagccct atgtgtgttt ctgcacacaa gttatttagt aactgtcacc catttgttaa    127440
     cacgagactc gcagctacca gtactgtaac tcatgccggt gtgatcccga tctgacacac    127500
     attttctccg taagccccaa aatacaacaa caacaaaatg ccagtaaata aactgaccct    127560
     aaataaagac atttgctaag ttatgaaaac tgacttaagg agagcctctc accttgtttg    127620
     accttagcag gaagcatgga acacattttt attttgccat tacatgcgta ttcatacatg    127680
     agagtgccat gaatattgat tttggggtct caaacaaatc ttagcaaacc cagtaatagc    127740
     agagttctta tttgtctctt cactattgat tttcaaaggg cctaatatcc catggtcagc    127800
     atgattagtc caacccatat cctattgcct gccttacatg gtaagcaccc ctcctcccat    127860
     attttatctt ggccattttg caagcaacag atgcgcttct gccttgtgac aaatcccgta    127920
     gtagtgactg gctgtcttgc tggctctggc ccctgggctg ggcatagcca atcaggctgg    127980
     ggttgcatgt ctttattagc tcagtctcaa gaacaggcac gtggcaggca tgcagaggaa    128040
     agggaaccag gggctgtcac ccagtggagt tccatgcagc ccatgtgact gcgtccccgc    128100
     ccatggtact atcgaagcac catgttacct tgctgcccag gccatatctt cagcccttcc    128160
     ccccacagca tgtccttcct ctacaggagc agaagcagga aagtcccata gaagcctgga    128220
     ggtgtccctt cccctttatt cctgttgagg tgtcccatgc atctgcagac atgaacagtc    128280
     agcttcccca cctaactgca gcccagtcca gcctgttctt ccagatctgt aagaagctgt    128340
     gggtgtctta taaccagagc ttgaactctg agaaattatc cagaagagct aaaggactct    128400
     cttagcaact ttatgccttt gaagctcact caaacccact ccagaggaaa ggggcaagaa    128460
     agcgtgtggg tgtaggcaga aagcttgcag gagacgagac gttcctccag gtacatttta    128520
     tggagtttat ttgcataggg agagaggtgc actgtgaatc tactgtctct agagtgtaag    128580
     gtcacagtgg gggaggctcc accatatgga aggtaaggag gcaaggcaaa cgggggctgg    128640
     catcttccca tgtccacccc ggtaacgaaa gcagataaga aaagccaagc cagttcctac    128700
     cttcactgtg atctgtcaat ccagggcttc ttccctggca tccaacttcc tggaaaggaa    128760
     ataaaagtac ccactggctg gcagcaagcc cacaaaatag caagttcaat ccgattataa    128820
     ttggattcaa tcagatttga gaagaaaatt caatccaaac caaagcaccg ttaaggagat    128880
     agttgaagaa gactcattaa cttgagagcc cccggttctc aaaattaaaa cattccctgg    128940
     gctcctcccg ggtctcagcc ccatttcacc acagtgctaa atcctgagct ctgccaaact    129000
     ccataggcaa aatgcaacta ctaggccggt ggtgtctggt aacagagcct cccatgtacg    129060
     acactgggct caaatgaacc ttccatccct gcaaaggtgc ctttcctgta cggtactgca    129120
     cttgtgcatg aagctctgtt gagtcggttt ccatagcctg ttgtcctgaa tcaggttcta    129180
     actgagaaga aacacaggag ccaagacacc agagaattca catgcacacc ccatctatct    129240
     accccacctc accctaccaa cgaccccatt tttgatagat caaacaaacc aaaaccaagc    129300
     aagtcaaaat ctcttgccac ccatgggaag aaggggctgg tttctgccag ggcagagaag    129360
     ggaacttcct ctgtttcctt cttccagcaa aaccttgaaa aatggcaatg tctgctgatt    129420
     atttccttaa actgccacat tagctttgac accatcgtcg tctctacata tttttctatc    129480
     ctgggtaggc aggcaaaagg caggccccaa ggcattttct tgtgtttgga atccttatgg    129540
     ggaatccatg tggttgaact ccctccaggc atgctaagaa cggtagcagg aaccgtagcc    129600
     ctgagacctg agattcagga gttcaaacct cctgggcccc tagacaatgg gaggtaaata    129660
     ttcaccatcc tccgttggtg gggaaatgcc ctggtcaatc aaccacattg gctggttttc    129720
     atggtataaa tattccaaac atagctgtta ccttactatc aaggagactt ccctgaagcc    129780
     agagttggga aaagaaggca ttatttattg gttctgagac ccagtataag ttaagtgggc    129840
     tctatcatca ctgggtctga atcatcagtg tcatttgaag ataagttgtc atttctttta    129900
     aaaggtgtca cctaatctgg gtgacacacg tttcctggct gttgtagaga accattagag    129960
     tgagtgtcta gaaggggttc tctagccttg aagaacagct gttactcaca gacaaagcct    130020
     gttatgaccc agaaagtaaa tgaacagcct tcactccctt agagtttcct ggcctgtgtt    130080
     gagagtatgc tcttagggca cccccttctt ctggaagtga acacagaact ggggggggta    130140
     gagatagcgg tctgtagaaa gggcgtgatc tggagatcga tctctacaga aagcattaat    130200
     ccctgccttg tcttcccttc tctccatcct ccctcccggc taacccttct gtgccaccct    130260
     gccccctccc cttcctctca caccagggag ttttccaaag agagggagaa agccaaagcc    130320
     cgaggagatt tccagaagct tcgagagaag cagcaactag aagaagatct caaaggctac    130380
     ctggactgga tcacccaggc agaagacatt gaccccgaga atgaggacga gggcatggat    130440
     gaagacaagc ctcgaaacag tgagcagcca tcttcccttt ggctagggtc tgggacggga    130500
     agatcagaga gccaggcgac agtgtttcac accaaccttt cttctggttg atgttcacaa    130560
     gaagaacatc cttctccatg gtggctatca gttgctgttc ataggaacta gtcagatggg    130620
     aaatcgttgc cactgctata gaaagcctca taccacactt agaaactttg ccctgacaac    130680
     acagttgtgt ttgtgctgag gagagtgagg tatgcctctc ctgtgggctc ctaaggtgtg    130740
     gccaagcatc ctgtccctct gccttgggat cagtttacac tagtcagcct caaggaagga    130800
     tgtgtacctg agtaggattc tttccacact ggcaggggtc ttccaggttc cccccacccc    130860
     tcaaattttc taggagaaga gagtcaacat ttctcactga gtaggtaact aactaattgt    130920
     ctaagacagt gcttctggga atgtcagagg aaatgccgac gaatgccact ggatccattt    130980
     agactataga cacagagcca tatcccttcc tcttggtttt ctgaaggcag atggccagaa    131040
     agcatacagg ccaggataca aatgggaata gcaggtgact gtaaacgttt taagataaca    131100
     agtcatggaa agtcaaactt cattctgatt gtcccagtag tttttcaaag tgggatccct    131160
     ggaccagtgg tagtagctcc aacttggtag aaactcaaac tcttgggctc tggcttaaac    131220
     cccactgact taggagcccg aggacgagtt gaccagagac agtgatgcat gggagtctca    131280
     gaacctttgg attacctcta actgctgctc ctctttccta tgaccctgat cttcagtact    131340
     cttcctcgtc tgtactcggc atctgtcttg cagtttgctt gtttgagtag ttgcttttct    131400
     gtcctttcaa gcagcatgct ttgaaaacaa atcttgaata ttgggcacct cgcacacgga    131460
     gccatgtggg tcagggtaac aagacagaat ctgcctctaa gtagggaggg acttgggaag    131520
     agagtctgtc aggatgagaa gatcaggtgg aggaagaaga cagccaaagg tgctagcaga    131580
     ctctgctctc ttgctccaaa gactggtgca ataaatctat caactgctcc cttcctgata    131640
     actctgctca aggtacaaag aaaaaattaa aacacataaa cagcaaggga ctggtaacaa    131700
     caaaatttaa taacccaagg aagccttcat gctccactaa gtagttatgc aagctggaag    131760
     ctgggaccat tgatagatta ttacaatgag ctatgatagc actgaggggt tttctaggaa    131820
     gacacatggc agcttccatt gtattgttaa tggaactgca tgatagttga ttagtttgtg    131880
     ggatgcggtg gagtactaaa gaaggtagtt ggcctgtgag tcacagagga gcttatagag    131940
     ggtttgacat cctggctcag gattaatcgt gataaacatt ttattggtat gtcacgtaga    132000
     aatgggcaat aggcattact tgcttcacag ccagttgcca ttcacaggga tgcatggcta    132060
     tattgttccc tgttaaattg agagcttctg cggaacgcag gctacttctc catctcaccc    132120
     attataggag tggattccaa ggaaagctcc cagcagggcg tgtaccttgc tgttggagca    132180
     gattgcacta acaggctcgt tcagtacccc ctcacggcca aggtttgctg aacccaaaac    132240
     cttgagtgtt agactccaga gacttccctc tcccccacac tgcttcatta tgtctggagg    132300
     aacatttgga gattgcttct tgtccctggt cagccctgtc ataggaagac tggagtagga    132360
     ttctagatcc tatgtaaatg gaaatgttgg agggactgaa ccagggaggg gccaaataac    132420
     aaagatccag aggagccaga aaggaaaagt agagtttcca tgtgaaaaga ggaaatacgg    132480
     aactcaagga caaaggtgga gcaagctcac agattcccaa taagcctgga gtaaagtgat    132540
     tcattattga cctcaggaag gccttacaga gagtagacct ctagtccact gtctgtggat    132600
     ggatgatgag atgagctggg ctctaggttt atacacagtt tactatttat atataattta    132660
     cttgcctgaa aggtaatcct gtggcttggc aactatattc tctttaggat ttacttcttc    132720
     gtttggcctt tgaaacacat gcaagaggag gaagacttgt gcttggttag tgtatctcta    132780
     gttttgaaag gtctaaagac tatactgtgg aatttttcca ggtttttttt ttcaggtcag    132840
     aaacaaagag gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgt atgtatgtgt gtgtatgtgt    132900
     aagaaactgt gtatgtgtgc atgtgagtga aaaagtgtgt ggatgcatgc acacaccttt    132960
     acatgcatat ggaggacgga cgggatcaat cttagatatc gtccctaagg acctatctac    133020
     catgtctttt aaacagggtc tttcactggg acctggggat gcttgattgt gctggttagc    133080
     cagagagctg taaggatctg cctacctcca cttcctcatc actgggatta caagtgcttg    133140
     ctgcacaagc actttaccaa ctgagctgat gccccagcca gcattccttt cagtacagat    133200
     catgaaccac tagtgtgagt cacttggagg caatgctggc tgcattgtgg ggacaacttt    133260
     agtgatacat cattcagcag tagctgaaca aacctaagtg gatccatcag tcagctttcc    133320
     taagaggaga cacaaagcca ctgagaggga gaagaagaag aggttggaag atgtcaggga    133380
     gaaagcattt agttggaaga tcttccctta aaagaataga gaaaattaag taaactctat    133440
     ataaacagtt aattctatat aaccagactg cagttattct taccagccat ccagccagcc    133500
     ataaatggaa ggtctgttct cccaagaacc tttcttggca ctgctgaaat aacaatgaac    133560
     aaaatagtta aaactccatg ccttcgtaga atttctattg taatttgggg tggggaagaa    133620
     tagattaaat agtatatcag agtggtaaac actgagaggt ggtggtggaa gaggtggtca    133680
     tgcatactct gctgagaatg tagtaactaa ataaagatgt tgcttagtca ggatttgtat    133740
     tcctgcacaa acatcatgac caagaagcaa gttgaggagg aaagggtttg ttcagcttac    133800
     actttcacat tgctgtttat caccaaaggg agtcaggact ggaactcaat caagtcagga    133860
     agcaggagct gatgcagagg ccatggaggg atgttactta ctggcttgac tcccctggct    133920
     tgctcagctt gctttcttaa agaacccaag actaccagcc caggggtgat accacacaca    133980
     atgggccctt ccactcttga tcaataattg agaaaatgcc ttacagctgg atatcatgga    134040
     ggcatttcct cacctgaagc tcctttctct gtgataactc cagcttgtgt caagtcaacc    134100
     aaccaataca attgacccct tgtcaacttg acacacaaac acatcactat caagcctcaa    134160
     ctcttacttt cttatttacc cccaagatct aaataacttt taaagttcca cagtctttac    134220
     aaattcttac atattaaaat ttcaatccct ttaaaatatc caatcttttt taaaattcaa    134280
     agccttttta caattcaaaa tctcttaact atgggctcca ctaaaacact ttcttccttc    134340
     aagagggaaa aatatcagag cacagtcaca atcaaaagca aaagcaaact ctaaatattt    134400
     aatgtctgat ccactcacaa tcttctgagt tccttcaagg acttgagtca cttctccagt    134460
     tctgcccttt gtagcacaca ccttgtcttc taggcccaag atgtctgtat tctactgctt    134520
     ctgctgctgt tcttggtggt catctcatgg taatggcatc tccaaaacac tgctgtcttc    134580
     ccctgtaact aggcttcacc taggctctca taggttctct gcatggtgcc aagcctcaac    134640
     tcctttgcct gaccccttcc ttcagtcctg ggatatccat tgcaactgag gctgcacctt    134700
     caccaatggc tttcaatggc ctctcacagt gccaagcctc agctgctctt catgacccct    134760
     tcatgccttc aaaaccagta ccacctgggt gactcttaca cattaccaag tccagctgca    134820
     gcataagtta caaccttggc tatctctgga atacatcctc tttgtgctct cagtaaacac    134880
     ttcccaaaag atttccttaa tgatgctggt ctcttcttag tcaccactaa tctcttagtt    134940
     tcagctaacc agcatcaata gtcccagtaa tgcaaagctt tcactttagt agttctggta    135000
     tcttgtgaat cacagctgat tcttcagccc cagctaaaca aaaccacaga atcttcataa    135060
     tcaaaacagc aaggccctgc ctgataagag tatttaatct tccctctgaa atttcacaaa    135120
     ccagtcccca tcgtttgcac tgttctcaat attatcttcc aaactcttac agaacattcc    135180
     acagatctct taacacccag tggctcttct agccaaactt ccaaattcct tccccagtcc    135240
     tcctcaaatc atgatcaggt tgtcatagga atatacccca ctcctggtac caatttgact    135300
     tagtcagagt ttctattcct gcacaaatat gaccaagaag caaattgtga aggaaagaat    135360
     ttattcagct tacatttcca cattgctgtt catcattaaa ggaagtcggg actggaattc    135420
     aagcaaacca gtaagtaaca tccctccatg gcctctgcat cagctcctgc ttcctgacct    135480
     gcttgaattc ccctgactaa gacagatgtg aaggtaaaag gaagtgcaca gctatttggg    135540
     aagggatcct tccgggaaga tggaagggtg gtggaaaaga aaggaacatg actgctgcat    135600
     ccaagaatag aaaggaggcc tgggcaggtg gcttttaggg acagaggtga ggcaggaaat    135660
     ggtagagaga atgccaaggg aatctgagag aagaccatgt aacttattga catgagatcc    135720
     tggatctgaa ctggaaagaa gccaaacagc cactggagtg tttgagaaga gaagtgatga    135780
     gtctgtggcc actgtatgaa aaatggaatg gaggccacca tggcagcagc tagccaagag    135840
     gggactccct ggagaggatg gtgtcttatc atggcaatga tggagaaata aggtcagaat    135900
     tcaaggtggc atcattgctg acagataaaa tatgggacac gagagagaaa agctgaagct    135960
     atccaaagtc agtataagaa tggaattgcc atttactgac ataaggaaaa caaccacata    136020
     gggcaaggat attaaaaaaa atacaactca gatcttgaga tttaaaatgc ctttgaaacg    136080
     tgcaaagaga agtgttgagt aggtgcctgg cagtcacaaa gttcaagaga aagctttgac    136140
     actaagctgt aatttggggg tagagggtgt catcagcaca gagagggcac tggaacacat    136200
     ctgtctgagt caaatcacca tggaaagagt gattagagat aaggtaaagc caacaactga    136260
     gacaaaggtt tgcaaactga ttgataagaa aagagccagg cacaacaatt tgcagtgcaa    136320
     gaccagagga ctagagggaa aacagaagga gattgacagt gctgcagaaa gaccagtggg    136380
     gtgaggactg gaaacattgg caggagatgt tggccaaagc caacagaggg cctttcctcc    136440
     ccattcttca gctcttgggt tcttagtctt tctgtgatgg ccgccagcat gatcctcttt    136500
     agctggcatg gtttagctgc cagagatcta aggactcgga ccttcatgat accatagagg    136560
     agggagaatg agatgcacat gatcaatcca gtgcacctcc gacccaaaca acaccatagc    136620
     tggatcccag tccctgtgtc ccatccgtag ccatgttggc actagacctt gccatagcaa    136680
     ctgctcacag agagccttga ccaaggattc atgacagata ctcaaaagcc atcctaagat    136740
     cacacaggga aaaaaaaagt aagaaaggga tgtgcgtagc ttccatgtga ggcagctctc    136800
     ttggtcccca agttcctcta gggcaacaat gagatctcac catcccactg gctgcttcta    136860
     accttcctct aggcttcagt gagcactcct cttcaaggta tccatcaaag actattgctg    136920
     atgcacagag cacattacta ttggtgtgga tgccctgctc taaggacgca gtccattttc    136980
     caggttcaat tactattttg atagaaggca ttagaaggga aactgggtat aaaacgatgg    137040
     ggagccggga atgtggctca gcaggtgaag gcacttgctg tgcatgcctg ccagtcaggg    137100
     ttctatctct tgaacccaca taatggtttg gaaggaaaaa ccaactccac agagttgtcc    137160
     tctgacctcc acacacctcc tgtgtcacat gcaccccctc ccacattaca tacgaataaa    137220
     cacaattttt aagaagaccg atgggaaaat cttctcttta gaacaaaaaa atataatccg    137280
     ttaagtatct actcatattg gaatttcttt ctcagtcatt aagacaactt aagtacagac    137340
     ccagccttct gaatctaact gtaagatccg tattcatttg gacaagcaga taaagatgga    137400
     catacggtaa agcccaacat ggggcttcta cacagataga gaagattaaa tatttgtaca    137460
     agtgatagtt gatgatgtga ctctgtagag tcactttgca atcatcatta accaacagga    137520
     accacatgcc tgctgtgtgc cctgcaggag tcagaataat gcattattga agtacagaaa    137580
     tttgagggcc tagaagagct gcaggttgcc cacaaagagc cccatgtggc ttgcaagcat    137640
     aatctgaata tcattggttt acattagata tgtgtcaagg acatgtctat aattatttga    137700
     tcttaaaata ttttttttta gaaaaaatca gtatagtcag catttccctg gaactagctt    137760
     atgatcaggg gtcatctcat gtctctacca cgacagaggt ctgtgaaaca tccaggtgga    137820
     tcccagtccc tgtgtcccat ccgtagccgt ggtggcacta gaccttgcca cagcaactgc    137880
     tcatagcctt gaccaaggat gcaaaagcca tcctaagacc acacaggggg aaaaaaagta    137940
     agaaaggggt ttgtgtggct tccatgtgag gcagctttct tggtccccaa gttcctctag    138000
     ggcaacaatg agatctcacc atcccactgg ctgcttctaa ccttcctcta ggcttcagtg    138060
     agcactcctc tccaaggtat ccatcaaaga ctattgctga tgcacaaagc acattaccat    138120
     tggtgtggat gctctgctct aaggacacat caggctcaga tctctggaga gattctggtt    138180
     cctccattgc ttagtcttga agtagggaga cgcgtcagct tgtcagactg gtggtaggag    138240
     aaacgcttct gtggccctcc tccatccctg ggtacacatt ggcaggtccc actcagctca    138300
     cgggcgactc acaggagtca tgtgatgcaa ctgtgaaatc ccgctactgt gttaacagtc    138360
     ctcttactct ctctctctct catatatatg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    138420
     tatatatcac gcacacactc acatatgcac acatgcgtga caacaccaga cacaggacaa    138480
     aaagaaatcc agggcccatt tctcatccga gtgttcatta gcatctccca gtatccatta    138540
     gtgttcactg aggtcaactg gctgcagata tggtaggagt cttctgtgtc cagcagaggc    138600
     gaaggatgga gaggttctag atgtgtaagt cagttagtgg cagaggatcc ttgcagccag    138660
     ggccccagct tactctgccc ttctgcatgt aataggaagt taggctcagc tgctgtcgat    138720
     gaggcagagt gcccatgttt ccccccagga agaccccaag ctttattgca actgcatcac    138780
     tttgtgtgga gcctgtgaga ggtgtagagt catttttatc tatgatttct acagtcccgt    138840
     caattcaagt tctgtgaagt cctcttccat cgacaaggag ctgagaatac agcaatgcaa    138900
     gagtaacccc catcccgggg agatactctc aggcccgacc ccgtcactga agagagcttg    138960
     gacagttgat atctccatct tcatcttcta acaggatttt tagaattgta ggcaccaaca    139020
     ctgtgttggg ataagactag agaggctgag ggaaccagaa acttgtcccc tcaggcccca    139080
     ctcaataatt aatctgctac ttgcctctcc catactccct gagttgtcca atggggggtc    139140
     aaagggtggg ggagggaaga tgagctgtta caaacaaact aaaccttcta gctctggtga    139200
     tcggctccag tgctcttagg acatgtatat actaagtttt agccttagat gtcttggtca    139260
     gatggggagt ggtcattcta ctctatcaga cccctaaggc aatcaagaaa gtctagaatc    139320
     ctgccattgc taggcttctg ggattatatg gagcctccca catgacagtt tgtagccccc    139380
     aaagccactc ttcttccaaa aacccaacgc gcagcctgac ttctctgcat ggaaagcctg    139440
     gtctgagatt tcactttaaa cctcctctcc caccattctt tctccgtagc tctccctttt    139500
     ccctctgtct caggaacacc actagccagc cagccaagga tagcagtctg caaatgagta    139560
     agaggctggt gaggataaat ggcctgaggc ttctttgggt ccagaacact aaaggcgttt    139620
     aaggctagaa aggctgatct agcttcattc aaagggtgct ccttagcata aatgctcagt    139680
     tcattcactg gctcgcaaag gagattgatg gatggagtga gggttatcgc cagctgagac    139740
     ctaatgagat ctccactata cctcctggat ggagtggaaa gcaaccattg tggtaataaa    139800
     cagagaacag catctaattt gtaaattcct cttttccgta gctaaattta atctgatcag    139860
     taagactgga gggaattgtt gataaccaaa aattattttc catgtcttaa tctggccagg    139920
     aaacttcacc cctaatggaa atggcatatt gctctggcaa tcattgggaa ggacatttgt    139980
     cattgcacta acccaattgt tgcatattga aaaatgcact tagactgtaa tctacttaaa    140040
     gccaaagtgg agctgaagcc gcacattgcc ttgttcctgg ttcatagaat ctaaatctct    140100
     ttctagttaa aacacagaaa tctgccgtag acgtcttcca agatgtcagc ttgacctcac    140160
     tgattagctg gcaaagccag atggcccacc gtgaagccca gatggtggtc acaaatagct    140220
     tttttgacat gagagagatc aggctaaaag agcagaacac catctccagc acagccatgg    140280
     ctcagcttaa ggtaaacaaa ccaaccaagc aagcaagcat ggtgtagtgg tacacatgag    140340
     agactgagac aggggggttg aggatttgaa gctatagaca gaccttgttt caaaagaaaa    140400
     aatattcagg aggcccaatg gagtagaaca gccttctttt tcctgttctg tgtaaatctt    140460
     catgttagcc aaggtctgag acttttggca ttcttctcac gaggccttaa gcgttcccag    140520
     gatgagaccg tgccctgggt aagtttctgt tagcactcga atattttctg ctaagaagac    140580
     agcaggcatg gatgcatttg aaaaaccccc aaaggtccag gcagctacag tcattcttag    140640
     ggattactct gagacatctg ccatcataac taagaattta cattcctgct gccttgtgag    140700
     acacaaggat tctttacgtc atccactttg tttttgcatt gcccggtaga gtgtccagtg    140760
     tccactgttg ttgttgttgc ttagtattat gactgacagc catgattaat taaactcatc    140820
     tcaattgccc tatctttaat cctcaacaaa ctctcccaga gtggcagaat gatctcacca    140880
     ttttcaggag gaaagctcag gttccggtca tttgctttcg aagggattat agcctaacag    140940
     caggcataca ccagctcttc ctgaggtgtg catccctgga ccctaacatc cattcttcct    141000
     gccagatgag acagagcaag aggcccatga caagtcccca agagcaggcc gggagccctg    141060
     gtttctggtt ttgacttcaa catgaatcag ctcagtgtcc tctgacagcc cctcactccc    141120
     ctctcttgag ccccaggttc ctgctctgta aagtaataca cagatcagct caatttttct    141180
     gtacatattt gggctttcca accctcttga tggccacact ggtgctctcc atcccttcaa    141240
     gtcccctgtc ccagaatgga agtgtggctg acctaggggg gagacagtgc taattttgta    141300
     gagaatcact gtccccttcc agtctagggg tcaggcagct gcaaagggga aaatgctggc    141360
     ttctaaggag cctaggtgct tcttcctagg ctcactgagg tctgtaactg tgtgacttcc    141420
     ctatgctggt ctgaggcacg gcgggcgcaa cactgttgat agccctggtc attatctttg    141480
     catggccaag tatttactgt aactgtgttg ctttctttct gcctcctgga tgcttccgct    141540
     aatggttgtg cttttggaag tatcccctgc atttcctccg ttggtcagtt cccccagtgg    141600
     ccctcagaag cacaaggctg tgacaatccc actcttcagt ggggctgagg tggcttcctg    141660
     ttcctgctga gatgcccacc tttgtccagt ccatctctct gtgcctgacc attcccaacc    141720
     gtcctggttt tcagctgctt gtcatcacag tgatcactca cacaaggcaa gaggcaagag    141780
     caacagagct gactgaattt gcccaagggg cccctggtgc tcttacacag ctcactaacc    141840
     tctgcaggcc tacagtccac aggactgacc ctcccctccc ttccttaagg ggcctttcta    141900
     agtctcaccc accgtgacca ggactctgtc ttgtggtggt ttggcctgaa gaattttggt    141960
     ctcaggttca gacctctgtt tcccaagttc acagcgctcc tgacttcctg acttccctct    142020
     tagctccgag ctgccagcat ggaggctgtg acagggtcat cacataagga gctgcttctt    142080
     cagtgacctg gccagctgca gcacccttac ccttttcctg attataagac acagttcaag    142140
     tatacacagt agcttggagg aatctaggca cagggtttac ctggcttcaa attcctcagt    142200
     cctacttagc cacttacttt gaataagtga ttgaatccca agcctcggtt tcctcatcta    142260
     caaaatgggc tgtgatacct tactcatggc gttctcagtt cataatgtga aacatgagag    142320
     agaggctagc acccagcaaa tactcaaagg ctgaactgtt aggattaaga cagaagccac    142380
     cacactgctg ggacaaagcc taaaacagac atatgccatg ccatgaggta cccctgggcc    142440
     aagctagaaa gagatcgggg cacacatctt ttttcttttc gttcatatca tgccagatgg    142500
     gtgacacatt ctactaagct gggataagta gaaaactacc ccctctgacc gaagaagaac    142560
     tttatgatta aaaataactg actgtacata ggaggtcgac aaagggacca ttcttcctgt    142620
     gtacagagga tctgggccac atccctttgg actgcagatg agctgtactt ggacctgcac    142680
     ctcctagtga aggcagacac tgtggggaaa gaaagataaa tggcacccac cttccgtagc    142740
     ttgtctggtg cagctgaact ccccgcgcct ccccctgttc ttctcactca cacacacacc    142800
     cctgccctcc cccgcagccc cagtgccatc gaggtggaaa ggaattttct gcttgcaggt    142860
     ctggatgctt ataacctgct gggatcacag caaccttggc tttcttaggg ttatgactat    142920
     agatccaggg cagccattca taccacctcc cagttagcag cagcagtaat aattatgatg    142980
     atggcacacc acatctgtat tgcacctttt taataagcaa ggcctctttg tttggatcct    143040
     taatatttca tcttttttta tatttacctt gttggctgta gatcagcctg gtattagttg    143100
     tgtatgtggc agaagctaag ctgggctggg tggacgggaa gtgactgaga agtggcacta    143160
     ccttttcctg tgatcttcct actcgggcag actgctatca cctggtaccc ctttgcttct    143220
     cactgcccca gacttgtggc actgggggtg gcagatcctg gatttccagt tgggcctaag    143280
     cctgcacagc aagaggtctc tagctgtgtg ttagatttgt cagtcataga aaaatgatga    143340
     acacgagtat ctattcttct gcaagagaag agacacggga aacaccacca cctctcccaa    143400
     gaatcagtgc cgtagcatcc acaaccagga catccactgc cttccaggct gggctgtgta    143460
     gtgctacacc atagggagcc accagttatc tttcaccctt cccagtgtgg atgtgcgcag    143520
     gctgtctgag ccttgtctga agtggctgga agccctgcat tcatggccca tccatcccat    143580
     gccatgtacc atccttcctt tcagacacat atcttccact ggattgtcac cggtgagtaa    143640
     tgtccttcca ccgtgcccca ggagtacatc tgtcaggtcc tcccagagag tgcttttaga    143700
     caggtggttt caggagattt tgataaagat ggagttagtg tagaagaaag ttgggcaggg    143760
     gcttcaggac atctgagcag caccctaaag tatcataggg aagctgtttc tataggcctg    143820
     caggtacaaa ggatagagaa actgtgtaga gagggctatg tggccagacc catggccttt    143880
     gggatcaaga ggcaaccagt gtgccttcta tagccagaag tggcagatga gacctgagcc    143940
     ccatctcctc tgacctaccc atagattctt gcttgtgctt ccccactggg cagcctcaga    144000
     agaaaaccct ttgatgtggt ttgcaaaggt cagcctactg gggtccacag catgagggac    144060
     atacaggcag cacataagag taacctggag catggcagtc caaaccattg ctgctacagt    144120
     tccatagact caaactgagt tcggagaatt ccagggtgaa ttccaagaat ccctagacta    144180
     gagaaagttt gggcttcctc gagaagacaa atctaatact tcagaaatag taaactttag    144240
     gaaaaacagt ttaaagctag ctggtattac tagggagtgt ttatgtcagt taccatttta    144300
     caaggttctt tttgcaaata ttattttagt gaacccatac caaaagagct ttgagtaaat    144360
     actagcacag tctctgtgtg gaggagggaa tgcgagttca gaaaagttgg ataacttacc    144420
     taaaaccgtg caggttgcta gagggcggga caaaacctgg catctggatt tttacttggt    144480
     attagaagca atacaagtgc tctaggagat gaaaaggaag gattccaagc agtagatggt    144540
     tctggaggcc actagaggct agaaccgggc ttccaagacg gaatgagtgg ataggggatt    144600
     ggcattgcca gtgatggtcc agccaatagt gaccctggct ttgcagatgc cacagagtcc    144660
     attacaggtc ttcagctcta ctctctaaag caaagtgacc aataaacacc atcaggagat    144720
     ggccagtgct ggggcccagt caaactttat tcacagaaat aagtggtagg ctgaacttgg    144780
     ctgtggacct gcagggtatg tggtaaaggg accagaccct cacaggacaa ggaatggatg    144840
     ctatattgga gagatgtcta gtgcagctga gagacagtgg gaagtgatga ggcaagctcg    144900
     gcttgcttga gaattcttca ggaaggatgg aaacagtggc atcggagcct cggctgccta    144960
     atagagcact actggcttca gtgatagaaa tggattgttt cctgatttct agaggctaga    145020
     ctctgaggtc aaggtgtagg acaggttggc tctgcagagg ctgtgaggga gaatgcccac    145080
     tgtagacctc tctctttggc gtatagggca ttgtcttcac cttgtacctt cccatgatct    145140
     cccttctgtg cgtgtccaaa tgccttcgtt ttattaggat gcaagtctgt tagattagga    145200
     gctggccctt gtggcctcat cttaattaag ttacatgttt aaagaccctg tatcctaaaa    145260
     cagcccactc tacttaagag ggttttaaac accagcatgt gggtttctag gggacataac    145320
     tcagtccata acagatgaga cggccaagtc aaagggagtc gagtctggaa ggcagggcac    145380
     caggaattcc tttgtttgct agccagactg ccagcagtac tttgaggaaa taagtgccat    145440
     ctataccatt tttaatgtaa aaatataata aaatgggcat ctgaccaagt caatggcaag    145500
     gctccatata ggaatagatg gacctgagcc attgcagccc agcaggctga atgccaggag    145560
     tcaccccagg actcttgcca gcactctgcc tcaaggggaa agtcagggtg atgtccaaac    145620
     actgtcagcc actgctagta ctgcctatat tggcatggta accctttccc aactgggaag    145680
     gtgaagggct gcaggcagca gatgagttct ctgagcttgg ataacggcct aatggctaca    145740
     ttgcaaaatg aagacagtat ttttcttttc aagcctcatg agaagctggg catctgtgct    145800
     aatgtcatat gaggacctta gagagccccc acccttggga caaagtcaga gctgtttggg    145860
     gccccagggg tttcagaact cagcacactt catctttctc tccagattca tgtcacatcc    145920
     tctggtgctc cttaaggggt gaggatatac cagagacagg gccagcctag gtatcttata    145980
     tgggactgtt ttcccctgta ttcctcccaa gggaaaaaag aaagaaaagg aaggaactcc    146040
     ccaaaaggcc tccatttcct ttgctaagga accatagcga catgtttctt taccaaaaca    146100
     caagctgctt ttgactctca aacctttgtc aaagcccttc tgagtaattt cgcttttact    146160
     catgtggatt catttgtcca tcttttgata cacatattac attatgttga tgttatgatg    146220
     gctgaacaag gtctaatttc cttttaaggg aaacatgagt tttgattcac tagcccagtc    146280
     tggttcagct ctgccacttg gggatttgtg gcatgaggat ctgtcgagag gcaagctgta    146340
     gttttatgag gagttggctt cctgtaggga aggtcatgag ctgtaagcct ccctattgac    146400
     catacatagc tgcagagagt ctgcctaatg gccggtgcca tcatacatca aagacaccac    146460
     atgctgtctc agggtggagt tccagagttc ggtggataag atttccgagg gtttgtgaac    146520
     ccaaacatgc caggaaacac cagtctgaac agcagcttag atctaatata ccttccatgt    146580
     ggtatcttat tgtgtgtctc cacatcatca catggagaaa ttgcatgtgg agattattat    146640
     aatgtattac tgcttccaca gcatctactc agttgtagag ctccaagcaa gctgaggaga    146700
     gacaataact gtactcctca cccgagaacc agaagcgact accaagtgcc actcaagcaa    146760
     gagtggctac tgagagtgga tgcttagagg agcggagggt tagaactgtt aattcaagga    146820
     caaaatgagc tgtggacaag atattgccta agtgggcatt gtggctccta gctagctggg    146880
     aggctgaaga aggattcttt aagttctgaa gtgcagacac tctggcagcg ccgtagaacc    146940
     ccgtgtgtta aataaaaggg aaagagtaga gtctatagaa ctcattttta gccattgctg    147000
     ctctaactaa caaaagagcc atgccaccca ttgcttacaa ggacaactgt ggattgtttc    147060
     tgaagaaatc cataattttt gttttgtttt ataattttcc tctcaaaaat ccacatttgg    147120
     tgaagagttg ctgttagcgg tagattcaga aaatgagctt catctctaag ctgtttcttc    147180
     agcatcttcc ttcaaagcta catcatgatg ggctagggag ataggactca ggcaatgttt    147240
     gccacgtgag catggaggcc tgagcttgat ccccagctgt ttcgtcctcc caaatacttg    147300
     tggaataaac tatcataaat gttcctctct ggggagaaat gttcatttca gcgaggaacc    147360
     tttagcagtg tgacttgacc catggagcag actgaatgga gattgtacag gccatacagg    147420
     gaactgagca ggctgtaccc gtccccacca tgagcaccca gccctggtca catttggttg    147480
     tatctgaaca cccatatgtt tattgagttc ttgtagcttt taaagggatc gtagagttgt    147540
     ttccaaaatt gaacaagatg tgacagtctt gtgtcaagcc aaatgctggg tgatagtgct    147600
     gtttaacaga tctttgagct ttgagtcaca gaacagactc cttctcgcat gctcacgcca    147660
     actgtaggag tgtttggagg catggcaata ggcaaccttt ctgtttccat ttcacacctc    147720
     cacagaaagc ttgctctagc tcttgccctt gcccttgccc ttgcccttgc ccttgccctt    147780
     gtccttgtcc ttgcccctgc ctttgccctc acccttgacc ttgccctcac ttttcctctt    147840
     cctcttgctc ttcctcttgc tcttctcttg ttctagtatg tacctctcta gaagagaaac    147900
     aggagccaac tcacttctag tgcttgattc acataggatt ttttagataa aagagaagtg    147960
     cctacactga ttggagactg ctgttttaag aatgcacaca ctagagacat ggaactcccc    148020
     atggattggc cccaagttca gcccctttct aagaggagcc aaacttctga atccccacca    148080
     tccacaagaa tataacctga gttgcctgag actgggatga gggatgcccc cttcacagct    148140
     ttccctaggg cacactgggc cacttccggt tcctcatcag agcacatatt ttcttgctct    148200
     ggggactgtg tggccccttc tcctgcctct atccactgct gcttcccact aataagctgc    148260
     tgtcagtaca tgcccatctc ttattcccaa cagctggcac tggccacaga ggcattctgt    148320
     atgagtgtta acaagagaaa catcctttct ggggaattag ctaaagcatt ggccctcagg    148380
     acttcaggcc atggtgtagt tcagactgtc ctgaacccat gcaataggac acccttcact    148440
     ccttccctca gccccttctt tctcagccaa gctcagactt gagaggagcc caaggctttc    148500
     tgttcacaag aaacttaact ctgaggaaaa gtagatccaa cgacagctta gttattctat    148560
     acctgaatca agtttctcct cttcaaagga aaacagagtg ggaagtacgc tgtataggaa    148620
     ttgcatgcct atttgcatac aagagaaaac aaaaggcttg tgagaccaga agtaatacag    148680
     atgcgcatgc gcgtgcctta gatgtaacca agactgagct gaaggggtag ccccttactg    148740
     aatgaggcac aatgacggag ccagacacag gggcgagtag atctatagtc aagtgacttc    148800
     atccagggat aagtccatcc aggaagggat gctctggagc ccactgcagc tggcatttag    148860
     ggtctttgta agggagaaac tgagctagct agccaatggg aggcagtagc ttgatcttag    148920
     caacttttac ttaaatctat agaagggaca ccacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    148980
     acacacacac acacaggaga cacaggggca atgaacagcc tcctgggaag cctccttccc    149040
     aggtctccac ttagatgtgc cagtagaagc ctcctatgag aggatgccat ccgctttagt    149100
     cagggtccat cctttgtttt acgttgttaa ttcatgtgac tgaaggggtt tgaccagatt    149160
     ttgttatgtt ttcttacatg tcttggttta tgcttttcat tgctttagtt aatttttgga    149220
     gataaacatg ttctatgtaa ggacagggtt gtttctttgg cccgtgctga ctgcatgttc    149280
     tctgttgatg tcttgtccct gatcttgaca ctggccatcg tgtctgtgaa aggaggcgct    149340
     ccagcgggct tgcatgatca gaagaaaggg aagtttgctt ggtttagtca ctctacagaa    149400
     acccatggta atgtctcctg tgctctctgt gtgtaaatgt gtgtcggtcc atacagattg    149460
     catgggagaa tatttctctt gacgtctggg atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gagagaatga    149520
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagatctgaa    149580
     tgtgtgtttt cgtgatggga agaccgctga ccctcatccc attcactgga aagaacagca    149640
     agcatgacag ccaacaggaa ctgtttcccg atagaagatg gagtggcagc caaaattaaa    149700
     gtcactgtaa atgcaaaatt agtaccaata ctggaagtgc gtggacttta gaagatgtgc    149760
     ttactgttaa agccctggcc acttcttcct aagtgtgatc tcttctagcc tagcaccgcc    149820
     acttccaccc gactccaccc ctatgcaagg cattctctga gagccaagtc tcacaaagtc    149880
     aggaggattt ctacacaagg cccagccctt ccaagaatga gacttggggt gttaaaaggg    149940
     cccaagtccg aggtggctag agataaatgt acagaagggt ggagtgttcc ccactttcac    150000
     agcttcttac taaatatgca ttgttcacaa cccttagaaa actctgaggg ctcccatccc    150060
     cagttcccca tgctaagcca cctcaaatga ctagctccac cctcagccct taggctatgg    150120
     tgtggatgtc aatgctgtaa aaccaaacac cattcttggg ctatactgtg ccattcagcg    150180
     gtgtgcccag ggcctggctc actcagtttc ccggtcattg acttacccta gatgtagaga    150240
     agacattttg tcaacagtgc aacagtcaag gtgagcatgg gacagggaca gtgccctatc    150300
     actcatcctt tctaggcata ccatgtgacc tagaccatca taaccattct ctaagccttg    150360
     ctttcctttc ctgtgaacta aagggacgtg ttagagctcc atgacttctg tagtctcatc    150420
     cagcccctaa tatccatgga atgatgtctg ggattctttt ttctcaatat atttgaggaa    150480
     gaatcctaag ccaaagcaat gtgttctgtg tgacagccaa agcacagtaa gtcacgagtg    150540
     tcctctttgt atcttctgtg ttcttgaaat tagactcatc ttatccccct gacttgtgtt    150600
     agaagcttgg ggaaatccac atctatcagc gtctccatag aagcagggca aggcctcccc    150660
     tggactgtgg ttgtccgtgg ggacttacca ctactgccac actcccacta gttatagatg    150720
     ctgtgactgc tggcactagg aaaattttac cagatggggg tctattctgg aaggagtgct    150780
     ggtccaggtt gctctaaaga ggtattggta aaagaccctg ggagttgtgg tacacaacac    150840
     taattacaac cctcaggagg ctgaggcagg aggactgcaa gtttgaggcc agcttggagt    150900
     atatcaagac cctatatata tttttaaagg taaaaatata agggatttat tttacctaaa    150960
     aaggatgaca gtagttctga agaatttttt gaggtgaact ttaatttcat agaataaaca    151020
     ctactaatag aaatgaccta ctctaagcca ccatgctgag tctaagctac aaaactccct    151080
     tctgaaagtc tagccttctg ctgccttgat ataaagcatt gggtgttgct tgggcagatt    151140
     ggctcctgaa gaatcaggtt tagattggct cctgttgctc tgtttagatg ggagtgttgg    151200
     gagttttgag aagaaagatg ctatcctgca ggttctcttt gagccatatt taaatgtggt    151260
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt tttgtgtgtg    151320
     tgtgtatatc tgtgtgtgtc tgtgtgtgtg tcctgcaact agacactgcc attcttagtg    151380
     tctgccatat tgtatgaggc ccaacccatg agtttggtgg tggctagtga cctcaagccc    151440
     accacttcag gtatggccta agtgtcattg ctttatgaca ctgtgcagtg caggaaataa    151500
     aattgtcctc gggtccaaca aaaaatctga gtagcaaaag agcccttttc gcaaacaatc    151560
     tagactccag ccttgggtta gagctggtag gggaaagaaa ggagatgaag tctcgctatg    151620
     agagcttctc tcgccgtggt cagtgagaca gatgcagagg gaaacccccc acggcctttc    151680
     tgttgaagtt gagggcagtg gaaggatgtg actgtcagtc ttacccaggt gtgtcttgta    151740
     agggaaaggc ctggtcacca gagtccctcc tgcatcccac tcacatgcag tgtcttggca    151800
     cctgacttct ccagcctgtt gaggacagtg ccagggccca gctcccatag acagaccagc    151860
     agatggtgcc cgactggccc tgggctagga tggtttgtca tgcactaatg ttcttctctt    151920
     ctctttctgt ccctactctt gatgcctcct cttccctcac agtgagcatg cccacaagtg    151980
     agactgagtc tgtcaacact gaaaacgtgg ctggaggtga catcgaggga gaaaactgtg    152040
     gagccaggct tgcgtgagta cccgtggcaa acttagcgct gagttcttcc tgggggacaa    152100
     gttcttgggg acgacctggg aagctgcttc tggtgttgag tgggatggct ccgcactgca    152160
     gtgtgcagaa tcagaacatg ggttgacaat ctgtgctcta tgtggagaga aaggaggcct    152220
     ggggttatgt aatggcttca tacgtggtac tgggcttttc aaattcaatc ctgtcttcgg    152280
     cacttctgtg agggccacaa gtctcacatg ctgaggccct ttcacctccc cagtgaagca    152340
     cagaaggtag ggtgctctga tgtgcgtttt atcccacaca cacctttctt ttcatgcaag    152400
     ccagtaagta ggtcagggtc cctggcgtta catggccacc ctttccattc tgacaaatat    152460
     ggcctcaaag aaaatcatca gctaagaaac caggtgatga ccagccaggt gatgaccagc    152520
     caggtgatga tcagccaggt gatgaccagc caggtgatgg atgaccagcc aggtgatgac    152580
     cagacaggtg atgaccagac aggtgatgac cagacaggtg atgaccagac aggtgatgat    152640
     cctgttgctc ctatgaggtt caacctgccc ttctaatgag ggggagcaag tgcagtgaac    152700
     ggcctgcaat gccctcagac taggtcagta gttctcaacc ttcctaatgc tgcaactttt    152760
     tcatacagtt cctcgtgttg tggtgatccc caaccgtaaa attatctcat tgtaactata    152820
     attttactac ggtcatgaaa agcaatgtaa atatctgata tacctagcat ctgatatgag    152880
     accccctaag gggtcaagac cacagcttga gaaccactgg tgtagttttt acagcacgaa    152940
     tccctggttt ctaagagttg gctttgacct gggacttagc cggatatgag ggagcaggag    153000
     ctggtatccg tgggagcagt tcacacatgg attgtcacag tctggaaccc agaatcaagt    153060
     catccatgtc aatgacctaa acaaaggggg aaaactgatt cattactaaa acttgcaaaa    153120
     ctgatttgat tagtcctgtc tcagagagca gagcctgggg ggtttaagct tcactctgga    153180
     agacgatgaa tgcttttttt cgatggccct gggcatgaca actgtaactg tgtcttggcc    153240
     actgaaagga atttcaaaca gaaagctctg agaaggatta gcccaaataa aacatgtctc    153300
     caaatgctcc gtgagtagca tttgcatgat gtgccttccc ctgcatcgtg actcaccgat    153360
     gctcgcagct gcgtggaccc aaccttctca ctaccgtaac tgcgggccaa tctgagtgtg    153420
     cctgtgagcg agccaagagg gaggtgagca aggctgggga gcagagagag ctgcaccgca    153480
     gccaggttcc agggtacacg gtacatgggg ctgtgacatc actcactctg gcagtggcac    153540
     cagggagtct gcactgcaga tctctcggca ttatcaagaa gcaattattg tccaagtgct    153600
     gttaaaatat ggtgctaatt acatttgtaa cagcgctccc tgctatcttc ttcttctact    153660
     tctccctttt ggaattgtac aaaataaaca cttgggtttc tagaagtggc cccagatagc    153720
     aatgatgagg gcaggcatat gtgacccttc tagtcaataa gttctaggcc tttctgtttg    153780
     ctagacttta gagatggaga gttcagagaa aagatcatca aggttgttac agtgctttgg    153840
     gacatggccc aaagtataaa ccaggaggga ctggggagct ggcgttggga acttgcttaa    153900
     gtgcatttta ggagtacatg atgctgttgg aaagcaacca tgattatccc ctgtggaggg    153960
     aaactggcat ctgctagtct atctgtcacc tcctaggagg atgtgttctc ctggcttcaa    154020
     caatgattca ggaatggctg ctcttattcc tgtgcagagc caagttgatg cacatcttcg    154080
     ctgcatacca aagatacaat tgctgcgcca gaattgtaac acgcacttca tctactgcag    154140
     tctttgccca tctcccaaca agacagcaat ggctaaaact gccactcttc ccgtcagtca    154200
     actggctcga gaaaagaagc aggctgcggg cagagagaga gagattcttg ttttataagc    154260
     tctgagttaa gagtcttgag gtcaggatga ggaccggcgt gtaaggagaa ggctggggta    154320
     aagaggttgc ccgggtggta ggagagtgta gctgcagtgt cctgcagtgc agtacaggga    154380
     aggagacaaa ggaatgactc accaagcctt ggtaagagaa actgataaca aggctgaaac    154440
     aaagctgaag aggggtccag cctagagaat atacaggtgc aagatggaga gcaggggagg    154500
     agctctgagt ggaggtggaa actggcattt gagcccattg ataaggtcat aggacagagt    154560
     ttgctcagaa agatggggcc agaaaggaga ccaggatgaa accttgggga atatgatacc    154620
     cagagtagga agaaacagac cattatgctg ggagatgtag gagggagatg tcaagaacgt    154680
     tctctttatg agaaccttca tggcagcaca cagcctatgt tggatggtag agatggtagt    154740
     cgtccaacaa agtaacactg actccatgga gctaatcatc tagtgtggaa gaggccctat    154800
     aatgtgggct ggagagatgg ctcagtggtt aagagcactt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaag    154860
     tcccagcaaa cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgttatga gacccgaggc tctcttctgt    154920
     tgtgtctaaa gtcataaaaa taaaataaat aaattgttga aggagaagga ggagcaggtt    154980
     aggaaagtta tttgaaggat tgaaatttaa gccaaaaact aaaactgaat ataaatacta    155040
     aaagccaggg gcagcatgaa tgtgagggac ggtgagtggt tcagctggca gggcaagggc    155100
     tgctgctatc tctacaatga acttggtctt tgttactgag cataagttac tgaatggttt    155160
     taaggcagag gtgtgccggg cagtggtggt gcacgccttt aatcattggg aggcagaggc    155220
     aggctggtct ctgagttgga ggccagcctg gtctacagag taagttccag gacagccagg    155280
     actgcataga gaaaccctgt ctccaaaaac cagaaagaaa aaaaagaaag aaaaaaaaag    155340
     actggtgtgt gaagaggttg gcttggtcag tcttgaactt gtgaaggatc tctttgacat    155400
     tagggacaat agaaaagagg gtgatgcagt aatgaagcaa cccgtggctg ctcagggatg    155460
     ggatgatggt gcctatggtt gagttgcagt gtggagatgg aaagagtggg ctggttgtca    155520
     gtgtaccttg gagctctctg ctttaagaga tttgtggata ttctgactct ggaagccagg    155580
     ctcagcaagg aaaggttgga aatgtgccaa tgcagggaat ccaccaaagc actaaggcca    155640
     tgcaaaggga agggggaaga ggataggtaa aggagggttg ccatagcaac aaagggaggc    155700
     cctttactgc catcagggtg gtcttcaggg cactgagaag ccagcaaaaa ccaagaggct    155760
     aaagaagctg cagaggaatt gagcacagga agtggagttc ctccgcctca gaaaatgaaa    155820
     aggagctgac atcagaacct ctgcccagat ctgtgacctc agccaagctc ctgtctccca    155880
     agaaagagac agggcagacc attggttcca gcagaagcca aggctggatg ccaccttcca    155940
     aggctacgtt agagagcacc actgccatct ctgccatatt cagctctgtg taagatcaca    156000
     aatgaataag gtgttctaga gtttgagaaa tcatgtacca gagacccacg tgacatgaag    156060
     ggttccttcc agctctgcag gcctatggtt ctataaagag tgtgaagtca ggagcacact    156120
     ggtcggtcat gggaatcact gtaaggtcca tcatctctgg cagagtgggg gcagatattg    156180
     cagaaatgtg atggctagcc tggaagatgc agatgggatc actggctgtg cagcccagga    156240
     cattctggag actgacactg tcgatgtgga cttggcacct ttaaaacata tttttgatac    156300
     tttttttata accaaaaagc actaaaaatc aattgtgtga atctgggtgg ggaggttacc    156360
     cacagtgacc ctgtttaaag ccgagggggc aatctgcctt atgccaaggt ccacctggac    156420
     atcatggagg atcaagctgc acgctagaag tcaggctttt catgtgtctg ggggcttaga    156480
     agaggcaagg taagtgagag gatccagtac gggccaagcc tgggttccaa gaaggaggtt    156540
     caggctagaa atggagagaa gctatattta gtatcaaata gttggagtct tgttcatcca    156600
     gggttgtgac caagctgtag agttagggaa gctgagtcag ctatctgtct gactgtgtga    156660
     aagacaaaat aggaacaatt caggaaacta ccctttccca cagccggtag tattactcaa    156720
     acgaaggaaa agctgggagt ataaacagct cccaagaggt tcagatatct gccaaatcat    156780
     gataaatgca aagcaaatga ctaagggaaa ggatggattg gccgttgtct ttaatttttg    156840
     aatatcaaag tcaggaagaa aattcttggt ttccaggtgg gtcctaagat gttcaggtga    156900
     gtgcctggga ataaggagac tccagtccct gcccagagcc ttattctgga tctccaatgc    156960
     cctggctagt tattaacctc ctccacttcc ttgcttataa caaatccacc tgagatgtga    157020
     agtagggatg gcattccacg tgactctgag tgacagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acacaaaaaa    157080
     caagagactt ccaagcaagc ttctaatgcc cgttgagttt ggatacgctg gaggattctg    157140
     ccgttttcag gactctgcgg tctgcactga tgtcaattgt cagtaggaag cagacatgct    157200
     aaggtgctcg gtggtctctg gatcgttcct ccacagtgga aagagtgatg caaacagagt    157260
     ctatctctac tgccaggaga tgggggctgt gagcagtatc cttctatttc atgatgtaag    157320
     tcctgtagct aactgctcct gcatacaagg agtgccgagg aatcaaagcc ggtaatctta    157380
     caggaagctc taaggccagc tcttctggga cccacttaag tgacagcgct cctctgttat    157440
     gtgcaggtgc tgagcgcctc tgctgggcta agggaggatg cctatattaa agacagatga    157500
     atgtctttgg atacagagaa cctaaaatca tgttcacagg ctcctgttag caacaagaag    157560
     catacagggt gagacatcaa gacttggagc caagtaggcc agaggctcat gagccatttc    157620
     ctttggccca gagtatgcaa gacaccaagc agtggcccca tgtgcacaag aaagactatt    157680
     tggtcagctc tgatcttccc ttatcccaca tcaaaaatct atttccttga gagaatttcc    157740
     aagttccttg gtggggggag ggggtggagg gtgtctaaga tctcactttt gctcatgact    157800
     taatgggacc tagagtaaag gtgagaccgg cagcagggaa agattctagg caaccgtgag    157860
     actgactgca agaaagcctg gagccaacca ggcatcctta agcatccctg agctcagcat    157920
     atccttccac agagagtaac ctgtccgcct gtctccattt agcagctagc aaacatttct    157980
     tcccccatta aacagtggct ctagataaaa gatgctgccc tgggctctag gtccccctcc    158040
     cacatactca gttaacttgt gattaaaccc tgcagcctag caggcagtct tgggggtgga    158100
     aaaaggttgt tagttaacag ttcagagcaa taaaggcact tggctcagct tctcagtgcc    158160
     ccggagatat aattatctca tgcacgatgg ctttgccacc tgtcacatct tcaggttttg    158220
     tttttttaat taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cgagaagggt tgatgttttc ttgttccgta    158280
     atgtggcttg ctttttgcct gactgggaca acatggcttt aagcagtcac cttccaacat    158340
     cctacaaggg tctctgatca ttgtaatttc tcatttgcat tccgttcttt gtgatctttt    158400
     tttttttact taaacttact ttgttttgag aatttcatat atgagtcctg tatttacacg    158460
     attcccactt ctccctctcc cctctcaata ccttccatat ctccctactc ctcacaattt    158520
     catgacctct tgacctttaa ttattattga tatatatttg taagtatata acccactgag    158580
     tccatctagt gttgctcatg tgtaacgtgt ttagggccaa ccacctggtg tccggtaacc    158640
     tgtcagggac cttgtccctg gagaagatag atttgccctc tcttagctgc tggtagcgca    158700
     tcatctagga gggcggtttt ctgagacttt ccccatcctt gttgacatgt cacctgcaca    158760
     ttggcagtct tattcgtggc catttgagca acctctctca acatgctatt ctgcctgtat    158820
     ttacctttct cttagcttca aaattaagtg ggcatgtacc ttcaaatgct tgggttcctt    158880
     ctcaaaatat tttgtcataa ttgctcatat tctcctctcc cctcctttct ctttcttctt    158940
     tcctctctgc ctccttccct accttttccg tacttttcat taacaagcct ctctcttgac    159000
     ctcttccccc ttcctagccc tgtgtagctt tcctggaatc tgtcctagat gaactgacag    159060
     tcagcttcaa aactgtcctg aaggcgctgc catgcaacaa tccttcaagt caactgtcag    159120
     cgggacaccc ttcctgtgct tctgcccaca gttgccatag tcccctgggt tgtacccaac    159180
     ttcagcatgc atcatgtccc tttagaacct gagacaattt gtcctaatct gaggagcggc    159240
     tctgagccag ggaagcgatg gcctttccat gtcccgctgg ctgacttttg tggtttgcat    159300
     gcgactccta atccagctct gagagagatc ctggcagacc acagtgaggt caacacttcc    159360
     agctctcagg tgccgggatc ctcctgtcta caggaagggc tgaccatctg ccatggcttt    159420
     ttctcaaggg ctattgtgct tagctcttta tgaagtttgt gggtagatac taatcctctc    159480
     ggactgtgtg ctccccctcc ctagtgagaa tcactcacgc ttagaagata ctagatgtgt    159540
     acatgtcatc tggggcagcc acatccaaat ggacagagtg ttctcgatgc agcaatataa    159600
     tttacccaac aaaagtggga ctacagtgcc cgcttgtagt cctagcgcac accacgtgca    159660
     cacctgggat agctaaccac tctttgtgtg aaagaaaatg agttcattgt ctttgctaat    159720
     atttcctttt gctctttcag ccatcggatc tccaaatcca aattcaggtg agtgagatgc    159780
     aagccgctcc tcttcccttc tgcccatcca gcttaccccc cagctactat ggatgaccaa    159840
     ggtaactgct actagcttgg gtcatcttgg ggatataact gcttcctttt gtctggggat    159900
     tcatggtttg gtcaagggaa ctaactcaaa ggttgagact tggcttctct tgggtgggct    159960
     ctgagaggtt aggacagatg tatctaactc ctgtatagga taaaggctgt taaaataaac    160020
     gtgagaacgt ttgttattac ttggcatact tcacgacttt gaggattaca gacagaatgt    160080
     ctgccggtgc cttgagatgg tgtcagaagc ttccagaata ctgcaccctg tgacctgcct    160140
     ttggctttag cttctgtatt tctgcacaga cactttcttc ccacggctca cagctccttg    160200
     caagttccca aatgttctct cctctcttgc acagtaaaac tttttgtgtg tgtggagctt    160260
     ttctgccacc taaatcacca tctatgtcta cctggaaaag tcagacttgt caggcagcta    160320
     aaggttacag catctctgac accctcagca cactctaggg agactaaatg gcagtcctct    160380
     catcctccat tcccacatgc tttctcgtgc ccttgtccta gcacttagca tgctctagct    160440
     attggctcaa acatctgcag cctgaatgaa cttggtctgc acactagcat ctgctcagtg    160500
     catacatacc tagctacccc acagttgagt cctcgagccc cctgagcgct tgcccagttg    160560
     tatatgtagg atggggatgc agatttaatt ctacaaatct tagacacccc cagaagtatt    160620
     ggccatttat tttccttaat gtactcttgc ctccccagcc tcatcgcata tgtagtggga    160680
     gtgtaaggaa tactaaacta gttcagcgag gtgttcacca aaatattttt aagccgttcc    160740
     tgaaggtcat gtgtgcaatc actaagagtt ccatctcctg cagctcctgt ctaagatgga    160800
     tctggacact catggggagg agggccacaa acccagaatc agggattagt gagcaaggtc    160860
     ctggagttct caaaatcctc ttgactctta ccatctctga tacaagggct agcatgacat    160920
     atggcaggtc tatctcgttt agacatacac tactatgtca tatgtccagc cccacactcc    160980
     tccagccttt gaaatctcta cttctgttct ttgaccccca agctctgtga tccacccatt    161040
     tccccacact tgacaaagtt catgtctctc atagtcccta aatgagctct ggaaaacagg    161100
     atccccaggg catatccttt ccctaactgc atccagctct ctgtaaacca gccagagagt    161160
     gataactgaa ttactgacat tcctggcagg acctttccac aagccccaac tcccttggcc    161220
     cctaccctat gacatacagg tatttctaag caagtccttc tgacctcatg acactcaaca    161280
     tccaaccatt aagattaagt gaggactcca gtatttgaca ctactccaat ttgatacaca    161340
     tcttttctcc catgttctac tgagactaga aagtgcaggc ttccttcccc ctattattct    161400
     ttcaaagcaa agcctcctta gtggaaaaac ccggggtcag atctcccagt actggctttt    161460
     attgtgtgaa agagagatct tgaaacaaaa gaattttctc tagattttcc cttatccccg    161520
     catgtgaaga agtagctggt gcataataag gatttaataa tatagatgga tagatgggtg    161580
     gatggatgga tggatgggtg gatggatcac ctggtcttgg aaagacaata gatttgatag    161640
     acactcaaac aaaatgtcat atttgacagg tatgtattac tctgaacagt tccacagccc    161700
     ccacatagta atagtaaaga gattaaaaag agcagtaaaa atatttccca gattctattc    161760
     ttgctacatg caaatgaagt aatcatagat aaatgaatgg ataaacacaa tctggagact    161820
     ccagacgacc ccctattggt ggccactcca gagttatcag gaaactctaa aacctttttt    161880
     tttttaaatt gggtaaatct atggtgtcag gtatgtcctt gaagattata atcttttgat    161940
     ccttggggca ttgtccactc tgtctgccag ccacggggct ctaattgctt actttggtga    162000
     cgagggtgcc tctctctctc ttgcacttcc gaatctagag acgcacagaa atgaccttgc    162060
     atttgcaaat ggcttctttt tagttggttg acacactcat taaagatacc tgtaggcaag    162120
     cctaggctgt agactctggg cttagagaag cccagagtca cagctcggga atagccttag    162180
     cattcctgca gatcaggtcc tggctggtga actgaacttg cttctgtgca tgtttgaaaa    162240
     ttatcctaat ggccattgtc aaagaagtac aaaagaacag caggaaatga aaccttttca    162300
     tttaaaacag tgtagtgaaa acactgtaat tttaacatga cttaatgtaa cacattttag    162360
     tgagatagtc tgcgttcttt ttgcctacaa ctttgcaact tagatatgca ttatctttac    162420
     tgtatgtcat agtttggatt ggccacatgt tgctagcagc tgccactcag acaaggggac    162480
     cccagaagtt ctgagtaata gcacaagcag ctggctagcc tcgatcgttc agtgtactga    162540
     tggtaactga ttataaaata gctaaggctg gtaatggatt gaaaatgcca ggaaaattat    162600
     caacatttcc taaatagttc gctcagttgg ggaaacaact taataatgac agtaatagaa    162660
     tttgagcttc aaattggcct attttagata caagattgga tgatacaaag tcatagttaa    162720
     ttttgaaaga atggttgaac atagcttgct ggggtcggag cggggaggca tatgagaaaa    162780
     attagatgat ccttgggtat tttgataatt cagactttca tgtaaaagaa aataaagaac    162840
     tggccacatt caaggctcac tctgcagcat tgatccagag acctgttgga gtttttctga    162900
     gcaaatgatg cagaatttgg agcaaacctt tcccttttgg ggttccaaag tgtgaggact    162960
     gcctaaccca gtctttagga agatctgcct cccacttcac tgcatgcatt tctactctgc    163020
     cataaacaac tgggtgcaaa caaaacccaa gcatgcccca atctctaaag gcccattctc    163080
     aggccacata ctcataaaaa aattaatttg gtgatctctt ttctctgcca tttgttcccg    163140
     gttctgttga agatagaaac ttaatcccag ctaccagcta gcgtgccctg tccactgtct    163200
     tcacagcttg gcctatcagt gttggcaagc taaggaaaac agttgaggaa cactgtcctt    163260
     ttctgctccc accctccttc ctgaggctgg agggttctaa accttgcctt tttttaggga    163320
     ggtatacctg gggcgtatca ctgtggctca cacaacctgt gcccaatact gtgggtctgt    163380
     aacaaagaca tgggccctgc ctcttgtgca tcttatcatc tcattgaaga gttgggagcc    163440
     attaatatta aaggttcact gatactacca ggcaatggaa gccctctggc tgcctccatg    163500
     gctgcctaaa atgtgacata gggacactat tgcagagtcc ccatcacctt cttccctgtg    163560
     ccctggctgg gccttgtgct gacaaggact atgtctttta actgttgata tattaacaac    163620
     cttaaccata gaccttgtcc ataacagaca ttaactaagt gtttcttgac tgcataaact    163680
     acatgtgtaa tgtagacagg ctctgtagag atgccagggc tagaggagta gaaagtccac    163740
     tgcagagaag ctggggtttg gtttgagccc tgaagatggg caggagctag gaagatggaa    163800
     gcctttagag ttgggagggt gttctgtttt gctaatcccc gtgctgggag tggggcatga    163860
     agataaaatg agccgaggga gcagagaaca atggtacaga caattaggca cagtggtact    163920
     ttcacttccc tccccctccc cctcctccat ttctgtattt ctagagtaaa tgacttccag    163980
     caaatgcaaa gagaacatgg atagtaggca aatttctcct ccctgtctta tcatgtaatt    164040
     tctatatcct ccttgcatat gtaaacatac aaataaattt acacattcta ataaactatt    164100
     acatttatta tatagtaggg tgtgttgcca gggaaccagc tgtcaagcaa aactatattt    164160
     gaagagtagg agatgtacaa ttatccttaa atactttccc tggatagtaa ttactcccat    164220
     ccccgccacg acccaaatcc atgtgactct ccagaatggc tctgtaggag caggaacatt    164280
     taacagagcg aacagagagc agttctagat gggtgtgaag tgatgggcca gactttacaa    164340
     caacccatgt ccacaacttc taaatgtgag agaaatggct ttggtcagat tgtcagcatt    164400
     aaactaagtc caagtcactt tctacctgtg tagttaaaag caacctggac tgctttgtag    164460
     tctgcatagc aattatcagt ggtttccaca gtatgtattg cgtctatttt aaaacatatc    164520
     tttgcaaatg acatgttttt tattcttctg taatattgat actcataacc ataggaagaa    164580
     gtagaggtgt gtccttatca cacggggcta tgcagtctca agttctggca aacacaagag    164640
     atcacctctc attatggctc cctgggattc tgttctagcc tcatgtccct ccacatgttc    164700
     ctgtatcctc acacttgcat ggggcatggc tagatgcttc aagcacctga agtgacttgc    164760
     agactaatgt ctgactgcat gatatctttt ctgtgcatag tgaattctct acaaagcatc    164820
     agctaagcta agtgtcccca gcaaagctgg ggcatccagt ggacaatgga tcaggccaga    164880
     ttaatctatc tgtcctaaac ccaagtcccc ctggtattct cagggaagaa ttcaagttcc    164940
     tagatttccc ctggctcttc cattctcact atagaattca gtcaagtctt gataacggga    165000
     tttttccatg gaacaatagg gaggaaactc taatgatagt gttagagaca taggtgaagc    165060
     caagctatcc caaaaggcaa tgtggtaagt ggagagaacc attcatatag ggttctgtct    165120
     cctgggacca caaaatacaa tctgcccttg gcatggggct gatgatataa aaaggtctcc    165180
     cttaaggagc agagagctga gtttgggaac tgaatattca acatatacag ccagtcctat    165240
     gcctcacacc tggcatgctt gcacatggaa ctatgtgacc ctgaaggcca tcattttttg    165300
     ttttttttta actattgtac ctccagtgaa actctacaga gaaacgactg catgcttctg    165360
     tgattgtctc tggtcagaag actggatctg cactcatgac atagacttat tcagagtggt    165420
     tcaattttat tgccctaaaa tagaaggctg atgtttgtat cctggcccac gacaacacac    165480
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatct tggaggattt tgagtattcc ctactatcca    165540
     ctttgaatca tgctatgata ctttcaatct gttccttttc tcagtgccaa tcatggtcta    165600
     tcagtgttcc gttcacttgt ggactgcaga atgaggttgc aggtgtctga tgctgcaggt    165660
     ggagcttacc tgcctgctta gagaccgaga ctagaaagga acaagtagaa atgatcccag    165720
     gtaaagtgca gagacctgcg attgtctcac caaggttctg ccgcagttgc ccctgcctgc    165780
     tttcccaccc gagcagggac tctgcgtgcc tggtgatctt tctgcataca tgctcagcca    165840
     ccaccctgag ccatattcta agctaagtac cctgcccttc ttacagctgt tcccccttcc    165900
     cacaacacct ctctctggct tttggttgac cgagagtgcc ccattcccag accagaagac    165960
     agccattttg gtgccccacc cattttgtac ctctctgtgt cttgaattct agtctcccat    166020
     tgtctttgct tccacatcta cttgatatgt ccttgatgtc ctttgtacca ctgataaagt    166080
     tttcttacat tatccctaac ccagacagct cgagctgtct tctttgttcc tccctgaact    166140
     agaagctcac cgtttgtgtg cctctgctga tgtctggttt tctgaaatca aatctgattg    166200
     tgggaatctt cctgtggtgg gtgggtcttg gcctggcggt ctgtggccgg actctccaca    166260
     ctcctccact gtattccagg cagctgttaa atacgtcatc ctctgagtcc ccagaagagc    166320
     agtgtgatgt gtggggacaa acagtgaagc cctactctcc tagagtcata aaatgggggt    166380
     gtttctgtga atcatccagc tcaatggttc tcaactataa ttgcatatta gaacaagctg    166440
     gggactttag aaagttccag tgctgtcttt tgggtatttg aatgtaccca gcacccagtt    166500
     aatcagttgt aaatcagatt gatctatcaa tgaggtgagg taccagggta gaggtggcca    166560
     gctgggaagt tctatgcata gctacacttg aaaaccattg acagagtcct tgaccaaaag    166620
     tgctggagaa cgctatgtga cttcagctga gctttaggag ttctgtgtaa tgtgtggggt    166680
     gggggagggg gagtgtagcc cttgttctaa acagaaaatc taaacgtaag atcctactag    166740
     cccatgaatg tcaagaatct ctgatgcaaa ccaacctcct cctcagcttg ttgtgaccat    166800
     aaggatccaa tgggagggtt gggctaggga gagcatcact ctgtctctgc ctctctagga    166860
     tactgggcag gttcagtggc ctctagtttc ctcctccata tcaggtaaca catgcttagc    166920
     agagatactt aaagactctt ggagaagccc tgagatgttc ctaaaatacc tacaaggccc    166980
     acagacgtct ttattcatag taaccattta ctagttatgt cgctatgcta gaacagtgac    167040
     taactcctcc caatacttgc cactctgttt ctgataatgc atttaaaata tattcaaaat    167100
     agttggaaac tcctttttct ttcagtgcta gagatgaagg ccgaggctta tacgtgcctg    167160
     gctttaacgc tgaattatat tcccagctga gaaaataaaa gccatctcac atgttgggca    167220
     acttcaaggg catgccaatg gcttgtgtgt catatgttca caaaaatcct gtgatgttaa    167280
     ccctgctctg tttctaactg aggcttagag ctggaggatg gatataccca aggccacata    167340
     gataactaaa cagtggggcc atagttagct tggtagagag agacctgatc actccactac    167400
     caggttgtgt agtaaggcca agctagtgaa agaggagatg tcacctggta tgctttgggc    167460
     tagcagaagt tccaatctcc cagccgacct ggctttccct ccctggcctt ttccagccgc    167520
     tactggcgca ggtggaatcg attctgcaga agaaaatgcc gtgcagcagt taagtccaac    167580
     gtcttctact ggctcgtgat cttcctggtg ttcctcaaca ccctcaccat tgcctccgaa    167640
     cattacaacc agcctcactg gctcacagaa gtgcaaggtg agcagcccct ggctttgtcc    167700
     tagtcactct tgttaactcc gctgtgggtc ctggggatga acgaacagct gctgggaggt    167760
     tggcaggaaa gcagccaacc ggtgcttctt ggcctgtacc ttgctggaaa gtccaagggc    167820
     ctggaagctt ggaagcccca tattaaaatt caggcccttc ttataaacag atgtgtccct    167880
     tcgagcacat gatgtgcctc tcaccatcac agtcgtcatt gagtcccaat agcaggctgg    167940
     agctgatggt tacctggtta tttcagaccc tcagcagcca acttcccaga aggaattttc    168000
     tattcctctg gcctttctat agccttaggt agctctaccc aggccataag aagataaagg    168060
     caaggatgaa acagaggctg gacaagggac agtaacccca gggggcacct aaggcccttg    168120
     tcctgcctga acccctctga agacacacac aacccatgtc taagcatctc atctgggagt    168180
     aaggcagata cagctccagt tatggggatc ctgggaggag gcagtcttgt gataacaaga    168240
     tacagtgcag atagcctggt ctaagctttg gctattggct tggaggggtc actgacccct    168300
     ctgagtctcc tgtctcatct ataaaggctt gggtttagtt tttttaaaaa aattttttta    168360
     aagtgcaagc ctctcaaatt cctataggga ctaaggaggg cgacatatgc taaacatctg    168420
     atgtgtagta gatgctcagc atatgcttct gatgatgaaa attggaccta attgttcttc    168480
     cagaagtagc tgggaggggt cccatgggaa gaagggggag gggtagatga gaagaaggga    168540
     aggagggagg aggagatggg tctttttctc cagctatgac agtgactggt ttttttttct    168600
     ttccttcctc ttctatcttc ttcattcctg gcttggatcc cacccctctg ctacacctgt    168660
     tagacacagc caataaagcc ctcctggccc ttttcactgc agaaatgctc ctgaagatgt    168720
     acagcctggg tcttcaggcc tattttgtgt ccctcttcaa ccgctttgac tgtttcattg    168780
     tgtgtggggg catcctggag accatcctgg tggagacgaa gatcatgtct cccctgggca    168840
     tctctgtgct gagatgtgtg cggttgctca ggatcttcaa gatcaccagg tatgtggctc    168900
     ctcttttccc tttgggagtg agacttagga gaagtctgct ggaaggccag agaggatgaa    168960
     gctggatgcg ggaagacctg caatttctgg aatggtctag cctcagctct agcctctggt    169020
     tatatagcaa gtggaaccgg ggttcatttt ggaggtgtga cactcagaaa tgcccttggc    169080
     tgtgggctgc tatccctcaa cttggttgca tttattctgc tggattagta gatagttcgt    169140
     aggtagctag ctagccagtg gctttaggaa agcacaggga ttcggtctcc tcctatcctt    169200
     ggattgacca gcattggtgt tgactcaagt gtagggtcat gagattgctt ttgggcactg    169260
     tgctattatc agtcctagac aagaagaaag gggctcagtc agctttattg ctcccccaaa    169320
     ttgtaggcag ccccattgtt agagacgcta ttcaaaacca aatagggcaa caaaatagga    169380
     catggcaaac tgggactctg gcactctcgc tgtgtattag ctaaatgttc tcagtccagt    169440
     gaccaaacat ctgacagaag cagcttgaca aaggaaggct ttgtctggct cggagtccat    169500
     ccaggtagga agatgtggta cccagagtgt cgggtggctc ggcacagtgc gccagcagga    169560
     aacagagaga tgcactgctg cctgctcact tcctccttca tattctctct gtcactccag    169620
     tatgtaaacg gtgctgccca cgttccagtt tggtcttccc gctcatttaa accaccctgc    169680
     aaaaagcctc agagagatgc ccagaggttt gcaccctagg tgattctaaa ttttcccaag    169740
     ttaacagtca agatgaccac cttgtgctag aaatgtgtgg tgaatggtct agaggctgtg    169800
     aaaaacaact actgattgtc agttaaccaa ggggagtgcc gagtgaccca ggaacttggc    169860
     ttatgggtat ctatgcacag cactacagag cgatttttgt gcactcacgt ttatgatgac    169920
     attatttaca agagcagaaa gcagaagtgc ccccaagtaa atggatggaa ttaaaggtgg    169980
     tgtctccatc caacagaata ccactaagcc ttagaaagga agttgttata ggtggggcca    170040
     catggatgga ctttaggaac ttgagactga gtaaaataac aaaaaaacaa acaaacaagc    170100
     aaaatgctct ttgattatac ttatttgaag ttcttggtca tagcattgga atcactgggg    170160
     cagaaaacac gacagtggct tgagagggga ggggacggaa gaaggaggtt actggttact    170220
     gtttaaagat caggatttta gttttatagg atgtaaagaa acatggaaat agatactata    170280
     ccctactaat atatccttga actgtaagct taaacgtgag tgagatggta attttgtata    170340
     tgtttttaac acaatttaga aattaggaaa aaatgggctt ctgagatggc tcagtgggcc    170400
     aaggtgctag cgcccaattc tgatgaccta agttcaatcc cagagaccca cgtggcagaa    170460
     agagagaatt gaggtctctc acttcctctt ctccatcctg tctgggaact cactgtcctg    170520
     ttctctgtgt ctttgaggtc agtattttag gctccacatt cttctaggcc tggtgcaatg    170580
     taataacctt gagctccctc cacaacactg caaaacagaa ttctattctt tcttgttgca    170640
     accatcgctt ttaataaaag aatgagattg actgggaaaa tatctgagca cttcccgacc    170700
     ccaggagcat cattttataa aagcctttga gacacctatc tggttgtcag tgtaatatat    170760
     gttgtggtca acttacagaa acatacttag ggctcgcagg agggagtctt cctgctcttc    170820
     tccagataga agtcccagat ccctcaggag tcttcattcc gggcagcctt tggaaatagg    170880
     aacattaaac ctgtcacttg gattgtgtta ggaaacaagg atggagactg gtcccttcag    170940
     gtcaaggaca agtgtgttcc tctgcatgag tcaccagacc ctaggaagca tcctagcagt    171000
     cactatcgtc ccaattctct gggcagccat ctgaatgcac agtgccattg agacttcagt    171060
     gagatgcact tgcatataag ttcagtgttg gcaaccagag gtcttggttt tcagttcagt    171120
     gtgtgctatc actgttgtta ggagaggaca gtgaggtcag gagacttcaa gtgtgtacca    171180
     gggactctgg ccattttgag aggcagagct cttagtgaga atccctaggg attttaacgg    171240
     ctcaagaacc atagcctctg ctcacactga gccatagcct ctgctcacac tgagccatag    171300
     ccactgctca ctgaaccata gcctctgctc acattgagcc atggcctctg ctcacactga    171360
     accatgacct ctgctcatac tgcactgtta aaaaacagaa aacagcaaca gaacttcttc    171420
     catgtgtccc agcagtgaaa cattgttaga tattccccaa gagacttgag aaatagaaat    171480
     atacttgctt aatggaagga ccacacacag gtgctccatc acaggtattc catctccatg    171540
     ctcagctgga ggatcaccat ggctgcaccc cgcccatact ccacacattt ccagtctaag    171600
     tttggatgga gacaggttca caggaaacag atgcctctcc agcagttggt actctgcaca    171660
     aatagcctgt cttccattac ctttccactg ttcacccttg tacattggaa tgtatgcatt    171720
     tccaggtggc ttgagacttg aagaagtaac ctgttagaca atggaattat tctgcttagg    171780
     gactttttga ggcctggaaa tactgttagt tcttcttgca caggggctgt aggatgccct    171840
     caggtcaagc caaattttaa aatgttgttt cttgtcagta ttttcacaat aagaatacac    171900
     aaaacagtta aaagagaatc gatagacaat cacgccaaga tgttataaca atatctagca    171960
     gtgattcctt ttcaaaatga agctgaaaag acaaaaccca gatctcaaat atggaatgtg    172020
     tcaaaattac ttaagaggca atgaaaactt gaaaactaaa aatagtgttt atcagatcca    172080
     ggaaaagcaa atagagccag caatcatata acaagagacc ccatgaaaac gatcttttag    172140
     gtctatctca ggattcagac agtaagacag cctagcccat cagctctgta gctcactgtg    172200
     gtccagatga ttctgagaga tgggcctgcc ttttgcttcc accaacgtga tgcctaagca    172260
     gtgctacctt gggcaaatga cttaactctc tttacctcag ttatcttatc tgtaaaatgg    172320
     atcgtcttct catcctctct taggcaatta tgaggctgag ttgctccaag ggttagcatg    172380
     gagcttttat atataacaag cagagtacct tagtgcatat tagcatctat tattgctacc    172440
     gtttctattg catttgttat aaaccaaata accttgtagt ctcctgctcc tcccctgcag    172500
     ctgcctccta cattctcaaa tgtgccatta gactgactta ggaagactca ttcaccctaa    172560
     atcatgacca aatgtgacaa tggttctcaa cttgtgggcc atgaccccat tggcaaacct    172620
     ctatctccaa aaaatgttta aattacaatt catttgtagc agtagtaaaa ttatcattga    172680
     gtaataaaat tagcaatgaa aataactgca tggtttgggg ttactacaac atgaagaact    172740
     atattaaagg gttacagcat tatgaaagtc aagaaccact aacatacccg aagtcctatg    172800
     tgagtaccac ttgtgaatct tccgtgctgt aaagatctcc aggtccttgc ccagagtcag    172860
     tccccatact agacctccca actttcttta ctaccttctg aaaccctctg ctcagcagct    172920
     catggagcct ctcacctcct tcaaggctgt caataaacag gatatggtat ttgtaaagtt    172980
     cccgggcaag aatctatgga gaagatgctc agacccaaaa gtcacatgct ttcttttgca    173040
     ggaaggaatt tactccctgg ggtgttaact gtcacctaga ggagcttaag aagatgccta    173100
     aaattatttg aatatgcctc ctctcaaccc ctgaaaagtt cactatttta ggggccagtt    173160
     aggtgatgct gagcaagtct gctcaaaaaa gcatcttaaa gccacctcga agtcaagacg    173220
     atgtggtctt ggcatcttga cttcgtgcag gatgaagagg acaaaggaca ctactaggag    173280
     gaattgtgcc ttcagcccaa actgtcctat cccctgacca agacagtcta gaattcttta    173340
     cagctccttc cgatggacca cataccactt tatactcctg tcatacaagt acttccagaa    173400
     tctgtcttgt catccaggac caggctcacg atcactgtag ttttgatcta aggacaccca    173460
     cagctggggt cccaatgaca agtccaggga gaggaaagag agcagtagca cttactcact    173520
     gtgtgcactc tggcccccac atggccttat tagattctca tcccttctcc ttctgttctt    173580
     cctttcacaa ggcacactcg tacacaaact tactgtgtga aattccggtt ataaacactc    173640
     tcctagcgat aggcaacttg ccaccaagac caagagaatg tgtccacgtc tcagtgttag    173700
     agtgttctgg agaggtagct gtagtggtga ccccctctga aacagtggag tagggtagat    173760
     cattgtaaag cgacctcagc agccagtcct gttgtttcca gtgttgttta tttatagcaa    173820
     gctcaagagc tgttggacac cacagtgagg gaccagagct gtcctgagat ctttgaagca    173880
     agagatttct gaactgaaag gttctgggag tctcagatca ttatagaaga ggaaagagaa    173940
     tgctgcagag ccccaaaccc caaaacagat gtacagaggg aaacgagagg gtgacaaagt    174000
     gtccctgaac tgagggttgt gatccaactc aggaggccca gggaaaaggt aacagaaggt    174060
     cggtgaatgg aaaaaaaaaa gcctgaagaa acaagcaagg cagaaaagag agaagagagg    174120
     agggtttagg tagaagggaa ctcgaccagg tcagacccct caagcatacc acagttgaag    174180
     agcaaacagt gagccggggg gttaggaaca ggtaggcaga aacacacgct ggagagggtg    174240
     gtacagcagg agatacacag atggtgccca gtgatggggc agagcctgac catcccagct    174300
     gtgctgtgtg tggacgctgt ctgggccatt gttctgacca tagatgctta ggtatcccag    174360
     gttttctatg agctctgcag ctggaaacct aaggatctct ccaccaaagc tctctctgtt    174420
     ggtgtgtgag tctttagttc ctggctttgg tcagttagga tatcagctga tatgtcattc    174480
     aactttctga cttgccacca actagcttcc ctgaaaggga cagtggttct tgggagggga    174540
     ctgtagtaat agccttgaga cacagatcag gagagtttgc agggctgagg ccagtcaccc    174600
     tgtattgcca agctgctgac taaataccta cagatctcac catattgtcc atggagtacc    174660
     accctcaccc tgtgccccac tgtcagctgt ggtctgctgg cctcacatag ccagatccct    174720
     cacttcagac ccacactaat gttctttttt tttaatcaca ttttaatgtt attttaatgt    174780
     aatattttat taattctttg agaatttctt acataatcaa atgcatttgg atagcaatta    174840
     cctcccactc ctccccctaa ctcctcctag atccacttcc cggcccctcc ccctcccagc    174900
     ttcatatcct tctgccctta ccctgctccc atctcacatg tacacacaga aaagcacatg    174960
     cctgtgaggc tcactgcctg tccctcaagt aagtacaaat gtgttacatc tataggaaaa    175020
     ttcattcagt cgacaaaata cccattgatc ccctcctgtg ggccaagcat agttaagaga    175080
     ataagggaac caaatggcat atgtgactcc ctgacccttc cccatggacc tcagttctgg    175140
     taagggagga gaaactctaa gcaaagaaat agatatttgt gtggtggtga tatttctttt    175200
     agaactaggt gaacctctgt ccatcaagca cttgctgtgt aaacctgatg acgagagttc    175260
     agtcccagaa cccatgcaga ggtagggcgg gatgatccaa accgttgtcc tcggacctcc    175320
     atatgtatac tgtggtgtat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaccacaac    175380
     cacacaataa caataaatac taagggataa tttagatcaa ggggctaaag tagaggtcag    175440
     ggaagcttgc cctgagatca gagacaagga cataaaggaa gcagcccagc ccataccctc    175500
     ttcagagaga gaactgggtt gaccattggt ggaaaccagg acctgctctg cagagcatct    175560
     gggaacggga ggtgcagcaa ggcccatatg gctgaagaaa gaggagggaa gagactagga    175620
     gccaggccag aggtcatgtg ggttcaggat tttccaccag ccaggagcca ccataggggc    175680
     tggatgtggc tcccactata agaggactct tggctgctct gatgtgggaa ttgctatggg    175740
     gagcctgagt taaagtagag cgagtaggta ggaaaccgtc ccagaaaccc cagggagaga    175800
     gcctggtgga taggcccagg tgatggaggc agtggaaggt ggccaaagtc aagatttgct    175860
     ttgaagacag aaccctgggg tttgctactg tgagataagg catgtgcagg ttgaccctgc    175920
     tgttcttatt tcctgatatg gaaataaatg aggataggca ggaagcctca caactcatca    175980
     tgtggtgcac cttcctcact acctgaagcc cagacttccc acgatagctc ctagggtcag    176040
     agacgcaggc tggaggaggg agtcagaaaa ggtttcattc tatctagtgc ttgcccttga    176100
     ccaccccttg ctctccatct ggctctcatg tgagctctgc attatcccat gcttcaatcc    176160
     tctaccacag gctccacctt ccctagagct tcaggcctct ggagaccctg ggtcagcatc    176220
     tgttctctgt cctgccttga ccttctgcct cttggcctgg tctctgtaat attctctgga    176280
     gtccagaacc tccttggctg acatccctga agatccccat ggctcccaga gagagcagaa    176340
     ctcagttcaa gccctgtatg ccgtctccct caatgctgtg tacttcatga ggagtaagac    176400
     tctgactttc catgagagtc taactccgac gacgtgcaga cacgcctctc tgtgtagctg    176460
     gacaattaag gtgctctgca gttgctagtt tctgagtacc ggtttattag caaacacctc    176520
     aatgagtaca tgagaatcac ccaatcccca gtgtcaggga gtgccacctc atgctccctg    176580
     tgggacctga gaggaaacac taggatatgg taaacatctg agtaaccttt gctctccaac    176640
     ctttggagaa gctgtttcaa gtgtaatcag gaaaggtctt ccaaatccaa gtctttctta    176700
     acttcttgca ttaagcagat caacactaac tctggcctgc aggggctcca gggagcctat    176760
     cacacatcag gggtgttcag agcaacccaa tcctagcata taaggactga ctccaaggta    176820
     ccgttagacc gaggaaagtg caggaaccat tatggttaca taccactcaa tttggggtgg    176880
     ggggtgaggg tggggggtga ttggctggca ggaggatgga ctgaggggta gccaggccaa    176940
     ttggatcctg taatttgatt cagaaaaagg gatgagttta tgagttagga taaaagttgc    177000
     ttcatcctta ccgtaatgga actggcatat aaagacagta ccaaaaaagt cagctacatc    177060
     ttcagagcca gggattgagt gtacagccct gcatgttgtt ctaatggttt tatctctgtt    177120
     gtttactccc aaattatgca agaaaaaaaa taaaaaaaca agggtgactt tggggcagtt    177180
     gtcacggata agacgcaaca tggccatgga catggtaatc tgagttatgg ggagggaact    177240
     cagctaccag cagatgtaac tctgatgggc ccttgaaaag gtccttattc cctatgatca    177300
     ttgacctaat aaactataca cccaaaggat tccctagagc acccttgcct ggagctgtcc    177360
     ccaatgaagt gatggattag ttgtaatcca aagttatcag aatcctgtga gttcttatta    177420
     aaactaagca tatctaggcc cagaaacagg gtcagagttt ccaaaggaat gacttttgaa    177480
     aaaccaacca tagagacagg gaagctggtg ccgtcactaa gctctgccca ctctctttac    177540
     tctgtctgag tagtagtatt catcctacct acccagatac ctgctgctgg aatctgttca    177600
     gactggcatt ttttgaggag gggaatttgt tttctccgtt aaaaaccaga agtgtccgcg    177660
     gtaattataa acttaagtta tccgtgtgcc aggcagaata ccatgcactg ctttaaggag    177720
     aggaagggag gattattata ctccaggcta cctaatgatg gtcacgctcc cattatctcc    177780
     gtgtgctttg ttttgtttta gggcaggaag gcaggaaatg ggggagagct aattacttgt    177840
     ccaagggtat cagcagctgg cagagtaggt ggaaacatct ggtccctgag ccctctcacc    177900
     ttattgttgt agcctcttac agatgctaaa cttactgttc cacaccttaa ctgtgagtcc    177960
     ccttcacacc actacccaag cccagaaatg ggagctagca gggaccggag ctatgtactg    178020
     gacccgcagg gcacacgggt gagaggtggt ggaggacagc aggggtgaga caactgacct    178080
     ccctgtctgt cctcaggtac tggaattcct tgagcaacct tgtggcatcc ttgctgaact    178140
     cagtgcgctc cattgcctcc ctgctgctgc tcctcttcct cttcatcatc atcttctccc    178200
     tcctggggat gcagctcttt ggagggaagt tcaatttcga tgagatgcag acccgtagga    178260
     gcacgttcga taacttcccg cagtctctcc tcactgtgtt tcaggtatgg gctctgctgt    178320
     cgtttgcact gggagggttg ctcagtggtg aagtcagagg tgggcaaaaa gcagccttga    178380
     aaaggcgggg tggtgagggc agcacctttc accaggcatg acgccagcct agatcagccc    178440
     tggagggtgt ttctatcatg tcttgtctct cagccctcca tggagctgta caggtggaca    178500
     aactaatgat aaaacaacct aagtggtccg tttacaaacg tttgtgtggc cacggcaccc    178560
     attagccaca tcctcgatgc tggaagagtt acagctggtc caaagccata ctttcactaa    178620
     tgctttggca catgacagag ctagaatagc atgtattagg gtttaaaagc agattcattt    178680
     ctagatcaga gggaataatg tgtgtctatt gctcaaatct taatgatggt gccaaaagat    178740
     tctgtttaat agacatgggt gtggcttgtc agtgtcctca agatcacagt cacctgacac    178800
     tgccacccag ggaacaaatg acagccatct tttatactct tttatacaga gtctttttat    178860
     ttgctactgg ctgtgcactt tgtctgtggg caggggttaa ctttcccagg tttgtagttc    178920
     ctaagaataa ttgggagcca gaacaaggaa gaaatgagat ttgggacatt tctgttaatt    178980
     gcagtggggc agggcagggc agggcagggg agtttggggg tttgctgttg gtctaacgct    179040
     gtgtccctta ttggtgggaa tgtgtcattc agatcctgac cggggaggac tggaattcgg    179100
     tgatgtatga tgggatcatg gcttatggcg gcccctcttt tccagggatg ttagtctgta    179160
     tttacttcat catcctcttc atctgtggaa attgtatcct ttggtgctga tgctgccccc    179220
     accctactgc ccccccgctt ggcctttagc acagtgccgt gcatgtgctc caagaccctt    179280
     gctggggctc tatgctggag ctgcccatcc ataggctagc tgggcaagcc tgcccttgga    179340
     aggaagtgtg gcctggccta gaaccacttc agccatggtg tgggtctggg atgcagggga    179400
     cagtgcacca cacagttcgg aactgggtca cccctctcta ggaagtgtgt tctgcttgta    179460
     gtctaagtga atgtggcccc taagcaatga ggtctatgca gccaaactta caaaggctag    179520
     catgtaatac gcctggaggt gtgtgccctg ctcattctgg agcctctgaa gctactcaaa    179580
     tctccacccc gtgtggtcat cagtttcctc cctgtgagct gttcttgggc ctaaagtcat    179640
     aggcagagct gcacaagtta ctaggggacc tgatagctcc ttccctatct gagtcaggga    179700
     cagcacccca gggcctctca ttcttggatt ttcttctctc ccactgtttg agcctgtgag    179760
     agtggattcc agagctcagt aataaaatag aaatactcta gtccaaaatt tgagtgaaat    179820
     ccttagtttc tgtacttcag aaatcaagag cactatgcca cctgcagaca aaattggcat    179880
     tctattggct ggggaacctc tggcacatca aaggcctccc tccttagtgt atctgcagtg    179940
     taagacaggc tggagcatcc ctatccaaca atgcaacatc tggacccttt taagtgccta    180000
     taggttgcat tagatgggaa accacatgaa catttcatat acacaatttt agaggttttt    180060
     ataaagtaca tatcaaagta tgtgtaaaag agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    180120
     atagatagat agatagatag agatatatat gatatagata taaaacatgt gttttaggcc    180180
     ctgtcctcaa tataaatctc atcatgtata tttttaaatt tgaaaaataa attgaaatct    180240
     gaacacttct tgctctaagc attctgataa ggaactctga gcttgcaaca gaaggacagg    180300
     aagtactgct taaagggtct caatgtgtta cctgggaaaa tgcacaatag acccctcctg    180360
     tgttcctggg ccaagcgtca gtagtcttct aggatgaaac cctcctctgt gaagttttag    180420
     ctctgtgtag aaagtgatgt gaatttatga atgccctggg ttgggtatag ggtttaacag    180480
     ctcaagactt tcccatctac cccctctttg tggttctctg gcccatagtg tttctgttgg    180540
     tggaaaggca gggcttggca gagtggggga gacaggcaga tgactgctta agtgaaaaaa    180600
     atctcaagtc tgaccagctc tagtcagact ctctaggggt gtttgcctac acaggttcac    180660
     attcaaaact gacagaggtt ctaagccatc tctttgatgc cctgttatgg cgagtaggtc    180720
     ttatgagcaa tctccgagag atggcactgc ctatgatgtc ggtcagagac agctatttca    180780
     gtggtaaaaa caaataacga aatctagcaa tggaagagca aggcagggct gatgcttcag    180840
     acctgccctg ctcccatcca caaagctagc cttgtctcaa ccacttagaa aactccaaat    180900
     agtaagcagg gtgatcgggg aagagaagtc tgtctgtctg tcctgggaaa ctcttacttc    180960
     tgcatgcgta tactctcccc aaccctggtg gctgtcattc ttcccaaaac caagggtcgt    181020
     tttctttaag agtggacaca aacagatatc ctactgaatg tgttcttggc cattgcggtg    181080
     gacaacctgg ctgatgcgga gagcctgacc tcagcccaaa aggaggagga agaagagaag    181140
     gagaggaaga agctggccag gtaaccctct aagccgagaa tgccatcccc actgttttga    181200
     gagaaaaggc tggtgctcat ctgatgacca tcctggccaa aatggactgg agtgaggctt    181260
     ctacagtgac gtgacttctc ctaaagctcc tagtcatggc tctgtagtcc ctgcatagac    181320
     agtgcatttc ccctaccagt ccaggaagtg aggagccatc ctttgagaag agaacccata    181380
     agaacacaaa gaggagagag ggggaagcca ccttcagaag gagacccaac tccagctccg    181440
     aaaaacaatg ctttctcact atttgtgtac cattggggtc ttaggaaggc agtataaagt    181500
     tctacattcc atcccataat tatctagcaa ggacagtcat atgccgtgcc tctgctggac    181560
     actgagcaga ggtcctctag gaaccaatca taagtgagac ccagaaccct ctgatctaaa    181620
     gggggaacag ctaaggctct ggatgaggtc agatgtgtgc agataaccag gggtgcccca    181680
     gccctgtgca gcttacagtg gagctgcaag tgggatgtgc cctagaggaa agatagaatg    181740
     taggcccggg ggtgatcttg ctgcccctag aagaccacaa agcagctcct atctacactg    181800
     tccactatca ttccagtaaa catccctttc tgggtttttt tcctgctgac cggccaggac    181860
     tgccagccca gaaaagaaac aggaggtgat ggagaagcca gccgtggagg agagcaaaga    181920
     ggagaaaatt gaactgaaat ccattacagc cgatggagaa tccccaccca ctaccaaggt    181980
     gaggggcttc cttagggttc ggggaccatc attaagtcag ggagggtctt cctgttcttt    182040
     acctgaagga aagggaaaga agggatgagt gtggtgaaac ctcagccttt tctgatgttc    182100
     tgaaagtcgc tgcaaggtac agggataaag atgcttattt tttagctcag ccctggacta    182160
     tgatgtaatt ccaaggctct ctcagcccaa gatccctggc acacatctaa ctgaactctt    182220
     tcttcttcct cccttggttg cctagatcaa catggatgac ctccagccca gtgaaaacga    182280
     ggataagagt ccccactcca acccagacac tgcaggtacc tttgtgccac tgaccctgag    182340
     aaaggctgtg gtacagactc agctatgggg gagtggccaa gcactgggga cggtggctct    182400
     cgttcatcta cccgcccctg caccacggtg catctcacat ctggatttca gtctcatctg    182460
     cagccatctc agggaaatgt tcctcctggt ttcctcacaa tcatattagg agagacaata    182520
     ccatatttga agaaaggttt ttaaattata attactttga cttattcttt ttcaaattac    182580
     tgctttattg gttttcttta agagggggtt tagctccccc atcgatggta attcagtggt    182640
     gtgcaccatg tagaattagg gtagctaaca tttccatcat ggtcaaacat atttaaaata    182700
     tttattagcc tgtgataatt gcacatcttt ttggagagca gagagatata cttacccaca    182760
     tacgatatac actgattaaa tcaggtaatt aacatttcta tagccctatt tttggagact    182820
     ttgagcatct cttatctggt tcttcataaa ataaatacca ggcttctttg agctacagtc    182880
     tcttccccct ccaccgtggg cagtaaaact tattccttcc ttgtgagcgt gagtgtgagt    182940
     gtgaatgtga gcgagatctg cctctcaacc tccctccacc ctaagagggt catgatgttt    183000
     tccacttgta ttcttttttc actcaaaaga gaacattttg tttaaaaaat tgctttatgt    183060
     gtattgatgc tttgcctaca tggatatctg tacactgtgt gcatgtgtgg tgccctcaaa    183120
     gaccgaaaaa ggtattgact ccccccggaa ctggagttag aaatggttgt gagccaccac    183180
     gtggatgttg ggacttgaac ctaggtcttc ttgtacatag tgctcataac ctctgaggca    183240
     tctttttcag ccacaaccaa ggaaatttta tgccacttca aatatatagg tatataaaat    183300
     aagtatacaa atgaaatatt ttctaatagc aataaatttc ataaagaacc atcataaaat    183360
     aattcttcta tatacatata attttaccag ctactaaaaa ctaatgcaaa atttcatact    183420
     aatgagatgg atagacttat ttttatataa agaaacaaat ctggctgaaa tttgatgccg    183480
     caggacacag agcaccttca aattgtcagt gctaatactg tttcctataa aactcagtgt    183540
     aagacagtag gcctatgctt agggccggat acagaaatcg ttagaaatga catcctaatc    183600
     ccaaaccaaa attcatttca attttttaat gacacttaag tcagcaactc gaacagcaat    183660
     ttttaaaatc tagcactcta acatatgaga ttcttacacc agaggaatga tagtgaaatt    183720
     ttgcctgttt cccacaacta aaccattgtg attcgggaag tgtagaagat tctgtatgta    183780
     ccttacgatt agcagtggtt ttaagtctga cttgcagtgt ctcaggcagg acttgctggt    183840
     gtagcgtggg gtggtagcgc acacagcgga agtacatgct gggtattaga acctaggctg    183900
     cagggaagct gtgtgacact tgagcaagtg ctaccagggc ggctccaatt catctcatgt    183960
     ctcacctttg cgtttgaatt ccattctggc aactgcatat ccataaacaa ttcactatgg    184020
     gcaaagtttc tgtgccgccc acattcattt atatgacccc ttatggggtc atgacccaca    184080
     gtttaagaag ccgcgctcct gcaccaccgc tgtgttttaa ggtttcatta caccgtgtgt    184140
     attgccatca ctgtcaactt gcgtatttta ttagtatagc atatgctgct gcattatgct    184200
     cacctaataa tagtcaatcc aaaatccatc ttgtcattac ccaagaggca ttgctcacta    184260
     tgaggacagc tgccatcaca gatgtcccat ttgtggctcc ataaaatgct ttcaggcctc    184320
     tcttgcaaga ggaactctca ctgactccat gctgtgcctc tgtctgacgc atgactgaca    184380
     ggctgcctcc ttccggaggg ttttgaggtc ggaggtcctg gctctcccag cacagtacac    184440
     attcccagct tctggaaacc ccatcctggc ataagcctta ggcttgcttc ctcaagctgc    184500
     cagtctgtca caaactccag gcttgaagtc aacacacagc aaattactgt gaatttgagt    184560
     gacctttctt ctccaaacag gtcaggctgc cttggtctgg taacccaggg aggtgacgga    184620
     gagccatttt ttttttaagc aaagctatgt ttccatgtgg ctctgctcca ctggtttcct    184680
     actaggtctc caaaggttgg taggtaggcc ttctgcctag aagctctctc gctcctccac    184740
     ccacattccc ttctccccgc aggagaagtg ggattcggtg tctgtggctc acctataatg    184800
     aagagcagtg tgtgcccagg gtttgatgcc ttaaaaccct caagggtttg tgtggaaggc    184860
     tgcagagaat gttaaagact tgctggagac aatgacccaa aggaatggag agagtttgtc    184920
     tagatcccca ataaacaatg tctattttaa aaatgaagtt gttgagataa tggagagaaa    184980
     attgaatatg gactaggagc taaattattt taagtagatt ttagttaatc atgttagtat    185040
     aataatgtgg tgattctgtt tctaaaatac tacagtgttt atgcctagag tctgaagtgt    185100
     ttagaagttg ctttaaaaac atttcagcag tcccctaaag agagagcaga aaggataagt    185160
     gaaactggat caggcaaatg gtaggaaatg atgagagcag acagacagac agacagacag    185220
     gcaggcagag cgagccactc tacaagtctc tctaccccct gtgtatgttt tttaaagttt    185280
     aaatacaatt acagcaaaag aacacaccac tcttggtccc caaaggggcc catcccaagc    185340
     tggtgtggcc tgtaggctgt agccccatgt actctggcgg tggggggatc aatctggact    185400
     ggaatctttt cacagacatt cccagttgca gccaagcttg aaacctgcat cacagacttc    185460
     tgcatgtcag aggaatggcc atgtctgtga tagcaatttt gagctgtgtt gttctaagtt    185520
     gaacagagtg ttgacattgg ccttcattgt tcttggtcct tggcacccct ttaatttttc    185580
     tgacggtcag ctttctgtca ctgaagaaat accagagata gtgactctct aaggatgaag    185640
     gttggctcgt tcacagaatc agaggctgca gtctgtggtc atttgaaggg ataacatggg    185700
     catttggcaa ggcaacatag gtcaaagggg gtctgtggtt atgttgcttg caaaagggtg    185760
     gaagtttaat cattatcaaa acaaaggtct cctgtgctag aggtgtagct cacctggtaa    185820
     aatgcttgtc tgtagtcaca aagccctggg ttctacccga agaccacatg agcaccacat    185880
     aaacagattg gtaacacatg catgtagccc cagcacttgg gcgacaggac aaggggatgg    185940
     gtgggaaggt cactgcctga agccggagca ctcagggtac tggggtaaag gcgattctct    186000
     gaaacatgtt ttctgggaaa atacggtagg gttttgttta tttgattttg gatgtttgtt    186060
     ttctttagtt ggccagaatt tgaatgagat ttttgtttat tgctttctgc tttttgcttg    186120
     tgagacaagt tcccactgca taattctgga tgacctgaaa cttacagtgt agaccagact    186180
     ggccccaaac tcacaaagag atccatgggc ctctgcctcc tgaagattgg gaggtgtttg    186240
     ggtctttttg gttagttggt taattggttg gtgggttgat tggttgggtg gttttgggag    186300
     ggattgtttt gttggggttt tttgtctttt gggttttttt gtttgtttgt ttttagtttg    186360
     aagtataatt tgttaatttt ataaggaata tttttattaa atttattcct tgacaatttc    186420
     atccatatat aatgcattct ggttactctt gcctccttac cctcttctgt tccctcccac    186480
     ccttgttagt cccctcccct ttcccctaca agcccctctc tcacatccat gtctctacac    186540
     tgacatcctt gtcagctctg cagagaagac aatgaaggga tgctcaaaga tggagagcat    186600
     tagccagggc ctaagcttcc tgaaacctaa gaaataacca cgcgttggat gccttaaaat    186660
     caaagagatt cgttctctct cacttgaaat ctgacgtccg ttttaataga gccatcctca    186720
     ttctgctgac gaatccttgc ttgcctcttc ctaattcctg tggtagccag aagtcttcca    186780
     gaccaaccat gctaatctgt ctctgttttt attcacatgg ccttctaact tgtgtgtgtg    186840
     cccttaaaca agagtaggag caactagcgt tagacggatg gcccggcaga gtctatcata    186900
     gttaattgca tctgcaaaga cactgtttct aagatcgtac tctggaattc               186950