ID   AC127269; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 212660 BP.
AC   AC127269;
DT   18-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   26-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-432B20 from chromosome 9, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-212660
RA   Harkins R., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-432B20";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-212660
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-212660
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-212660
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-JAN-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-212660
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-SEP-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-212660
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; ae735a366f9774548e24cce9b7bb598d.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456147.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000025892; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034311; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034288; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034218; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034282; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0033994; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034804; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033321; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0033966; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034123; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034068; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034210; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034112; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034823; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033025; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033437; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC127269.3:1-212660; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000027020; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000163309; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000212533; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091072; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091147; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091091; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091077; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090649; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091599; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091217; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090578; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0090793; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090625; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0090813; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090649; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0091913; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090656; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089682; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9PX01.
DR   GOA; G5E863.
DR   InterPro; IPR001320; Iontro_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001508; Iono_rcpt_met.
DR   InterPro; IPR001828; ANF_lig-bd_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR019594; Glu/Gly-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR028082; Peripla_BP_I.
DR   MGI; MGI:95811; Gria4.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9PX01; E9PX01_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G5E863; G5E863_MOUSE.
CC   On Sep 5, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:28144474.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0432B20
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC134592.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..212660
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /map="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-432B20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   1555..2138
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2156..2270
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2264..2671
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4183..4358
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5018..5443
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER10A"
FT   repeat_region   7952..8128
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   8192..8392
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   8625..8700
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   9994..10142
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12158..12282
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12316..12601
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12820..12968
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13286..13528
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   13667..13904
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13906..14845
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   17575..17700
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18748..18929
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   18947..19442
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19541..19607
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19890..20040
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   20129..20380
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20512..20597
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   20983..21133
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   23274..23410
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   23537..23681
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24650..24799
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25657..25798
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   25862..26008
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26048..26236
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   26937..26983
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   27428..27515
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27538..27855
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27998..28408
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER17C"
FT   repeat_region   28959..29286
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   33238..33633
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33640..33866
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   34052..34159
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   34693..34743
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   36616..36819
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   36835..36953
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39631..39705
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   39780..40015
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41016..41220
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   43136..43598
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49969..50212
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50839..52357
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52352..53985
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   53987..54730
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54732..55242
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55375..55442
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   55444..55573
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57317..57748
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   58424..58638
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   58668..58957
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   59254..59570
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59571..59761
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            59572..59646
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=23.00 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=4.36)"
FT   repeat_region   59762..59866
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60541..61388
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61477..62028
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62240..62348
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62788..62966
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   63541..64345
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64894..65574
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67632..67770
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   68147..68349
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   70250..70778
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71854..72222
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   72766..72948
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   73142..73299
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   75278..76090
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78750..79533
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   79536..80029
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   81148..81336
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   82142..82466
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   82847..83226
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   84822..85471
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   85597..85685
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   91816..91896
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   91987..92204
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   92874..93037
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   93287..93586
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   93794..94016
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   94217..94293
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94296..94421
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   94493..94746
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   94804..95167
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95562..95698
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95941..96410
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96697..96857
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   97825..97908
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98258..98344
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   98434..98551
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   98958..99180
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101948..102214
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   unsure          102211..102362
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   repeat_region   102639..102827
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   103739..103958
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   104821..105010
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107636..107776
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   107797..107857
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   107915..108197
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   unsure          108697..109228
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   repeat_region   111329..112399
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112423..112631
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   115029..115182
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115190..116029
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116178..116308
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116311..117624
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   117625..117815
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   117816..118402
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125499..125696
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125965..126106
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128662..128737
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129082..129385
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   129922..130044
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131373..131506
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133372..133637
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   133724..133916
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   133979..134758
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135760..135908
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   135943..136062
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   137793..137940
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139039..139119
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   139272..139464
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139875..139911
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140959..141010
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   141270..141419
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   141448..141495
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   144617..144757
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   145282..145509
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   145709..145853
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146497..146701
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   146928..147809
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148596..148743
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150030..150633
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   150597..150639
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   151650..152412
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   152983..153334
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   154704..154846
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   154858..154986
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156726..156787
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   156794..156939
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   157531..157692
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   157686..157851
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   157942..158055
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   161447..161621
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   161622..161811
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(161733..161806)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=43.17 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-22.70)"
FT   repeat_region   161812..161852
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   161968..162228
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   162236..162694
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6B"
FT   repeat_region   162775..163383
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   163379..163565
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   163565..164621
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   164607..165594
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165590..166416
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166411..166816
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166820..167224
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167225..167732
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167944..168327
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   172714..173094
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   173181..173480
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   173906..174018
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   174497..174579
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   174642..176126
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   176127..176455
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   182663..182915
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   182962..183290
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   183291..188144
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   188299..188438
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   188974..189101
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   191400..192007
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   192004..192268
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   192269..192563
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER12"
FT   repeat_region   192948..193191
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   193624..194011
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   196994..197119
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   197912..198053
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   199533..199597
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   200025..200203
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   203135..203279
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   203280..203425
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   204200..204326
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   204335..204374
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   204486..204820
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   205294..206724
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   206725..207418
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   207423..207720
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   208900..209051
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   211178..211267
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   211311..211458
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   211699..211853
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   211879..211906
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   211907..212011
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 212660 BP; 65490 A; 40213 C; 38666 G; 68291 T; 0 other;
     gaattctatc taactcccag aaacacaata tctacactct gtgccaatta cattttctcc        60
     agattaccat tgtattaatt ttctttgtct gatatactag cccacttgtt ggggtctctg       120
     tctttagaca tatcaagccc atcctgtggc taacacttcc cttctatgtt tcattattat       180
     tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattgtctat ttctgtagtt atcttcatgt       240
     cttagggcat gacatcacat atctgtctcg ttctctagtc tgtgattcac ttcttagtgt       300
     aaatactata ctgactgaat tttattaaaa aatgtcacag tgatggaaat aatccatgta       360
     gtaaataagc atttgatcta tttgaaaaat gtgtctggag ccaaagccac ttacaatatg       420
     ttcaatacaa ttcattctct ggcaatgcat tcattccacc acaggaagaa aacctgatag       480
     atattcttct cactacttta tgaatgtttt ctacaactaa gttatcatct ctatgttgag       540
     aaatgaaaac attggttatt cacattcaaa gactcccaca agctttgtct tctaaacctc       600
     cctctcttat ggttgctcag atcctaggag agacacgcca tgtgctgcac tgttaattct       660
     gaatcagctt gacaggagtt cctcaagatt ttagtcattc cttcattttg ccatactttc       720
     tagctatagg ctccaatcac gcttatgttg ctatagatac agaatttttt aaaagaataa       780
     gtaattaagc cttttagtgg tagaaaacag ttttttaata tttttggtac aaggacattt       840
     atgaactaga taggaagaag ggaaaatata atttaaaatg ctagctattt tttataaacc       900
     aactcctttt tttaaaaagt agtaactaaa gcttttttcc tacaatttgt taatacaaat       960
     agcattaata gtgaaaataa taattatcaa tgtagaaata tacacagtgg cccttggtaa      1020
     catataaata tctttataat agaaattata aatttatcct ctagctttaa atttatgtta      1080
     aaatttgaat ctattcttat tagcacacag aattattgat gttcttgtgc aattttatat      1140
     acatgtatat tattatactt ggccatatcc ccctccttct atacatattt ttctctcttc      1200
     tatacatatt taaaattaga ttctaaacat tggtaatttt tagctttttc ctacttatcc      1260
     caaatcattc tggtgacaat aagagctaca aaaattattc attgcatcag aatttcaaag      1320
     gtgataacaa atagtaagtt cacaaaacca tcaaagtgaa agagtacatt cagcttttgg      1380
     atttctatcc acattgttat ggccaccaat ttaaagggta aatttttaaa aaaatgagca      1440
     taaggcatct actgtgttgc cagcaaggga caggacattt acagcacccg gtaatgctat      1500
     aatttttttc ttttttaaat tatttttctt ttttaaaatt tattaatgca ttcttttaca      1560
     tctcaaatga tatccctctt ccaggttacc cctccacaaa acctccatcc cacatctgcc      1620
     ttttccccct cacttttgcc tctatgaggg tgctccccca actaccaccc actcccaccc      1680
     cacctctcca acatgcccta cactgactgg gtcctcaaac ctccacagaa caaaaggcct      1740
     cccctcccat tgatgttaga caaggccttc ctctgctact gctgtctaga gccatggatc      1800
     ccttcctcta cactccttgg ttggtggacg tccccaggaa cactgggtgg acttttcttc      1860
     ttatggggtt gctgctccag ctcttcaacc agattccctg ctggcgtccc tgagctcagt      1920
     ctgatggttg gctctaagca tccacatctg agttggtcaa atactggcag aaccttccaa      1980
     gaacatctat accaggttcc tgtcagcaag tgtctcttag caacagcaac agtgtcgggg      2040
     tggggggtgg ggggtggggg gtggtgtctg cagacaggat ggatccccag gtgggcagtc      2100
     cccggatggt tcagtttctg ctccaatttt tgttcctgtc ttaactttgt gataggactt      2160
     tagccaaaat gtgcaggaag gggtgataga acctatagag accacctcca gtagacaggc      2220
     atggccccca gtcaagagat ggggccaccc acccatctca aagtatttta tttatttaca      2280
     tttcaaatgt tattcccctt tccagtttcc cctccacaaa ctcctattcc attccccctc      2340
     ccgcctgctt ctataatgat gctccctcac gcacccactc ttaacctcac tggccgagca      2400
     ttctcccaca ttggggcatt gaacctccac aggaccaagg gcctcccttc ccattgatgc      2460
     catataaggc aattctctgc tattgatgct gctgaagcca tgagtccctt catgtgtact      2520
     ctttggttgg tggtttagtc cctgggagct ctgggggagg tgtggtctgt ttggtaaata      2580
     ttgttattct ttctatggtg ttgcacatcc cttcagctcc ttcagtcctt cccctaactc      2640
     ctccattggg ggtcccaatg ctcagtcaat atgcatcagt attggtcagc agagcctaac      2700
     cgatgcgatc aattttaagt ctttgtaaga actgttcttt tttgacatag agacatttag      2760
     tataggtaaa tgacattaat atgaggtgat ctgtcataac aatagcattg aagatgatgt      2820
     caggggttca tcctatacaa aggcctagat tctagtctag aatcagctag acaggaccaa      2880
     atctagctca tgtgcagatt ccctcactct catagtctta ggattataaa cgtactctag      2940
     tctctgttat tagcttactt gcctctcttt aggcgggtta ctagtctctt ttccataaat      3000
     gatttattta acacattcta tttcttgtgg gataaatata accctttata aatacatgta      3060
     gggtattata ataccacatc tttgatatta atgtgcagta ctttttcctt gattgtacat      3120
     cactgttgaa gagaaactta actgtttcta aatatttatg agatatgttt ggcacatgta      3180
     acatctaatc ataatagtat taaaaaagtc agaaagtact aaagttacct tgatttaaat      3240
     ataacaccga tgaaataata aactgtctag gagaatgctg aagtgtgaca tataaaatta      3300
     tattcttttt gataatatag tggtttattc attcacttcc tgtttcagaa aatgcattcc      3360
     tcagaatgca aaatcaggca agaaacacat aactgtgaaa tacctataca tagaaaataa      3420
     aataaatcta ttttttaatt agagaaatat tttgatagca tggtaactta cccttaaaat      3480
     taacttatcc taggaacaga gaacaaaata aagaagaaag agaaacaggt attgcagctc      3540
     catagaggag gcttaatgaa tacatacatg atacactgga caaggggctg acatgaacat      3600
     aaaaataaaa aaggatttct aaaggttgtg ttgccaatga caagaggatg cagagcaaaa      3660
     aagcctttat tattggcttc ttaacagctt aaaaacttaa cagctttttg cttgtttgga      3720
     ggtctacatg ggaaagacaa gaaatagttt gcactgaaaa ttttagtata ttattccact      3780
     tttgtatgag ttttctgtta aatttacatc ctgtttattt ttctaaaagt ccctgagcaa      3840
     agattcataa acccaccaca tatatacctc acaaagcaca aaaaaaagca attgaaagaa      3900
     accaaaaatt tactacaggg cattatttta ttctgcctgg gggggcttct attaaattat      3960
     cacagctaga gatctactaa aattgaagca aagacttaaa ctacatataa ggtagtctca      4020
     aattgccaag gactcccatt gatagaaatg tgtgaaatag gctacaaaga atttaaatta      4080
     actaaacaca tgtataagtg ttacactgga aagggagagc atcaattact agtgctgcat      4140
     gccttagttc aaacacttga cacattcaga cccacagatc atcagcaggg aaaaaccttg      4200
     cagtttaccc ccagcttcat ttttccatgt tctacaacta gtacatgtag ggtatttgac      4260
     aagagggtct taccgtttat ttctactggg agccaatagt agctgtgaca tcctattaaa      4320
     ttcaagactt ctgaggtctc tttagataat aatacatata tacatagact tttcttctca      4380
     cttgttatta tacagtgatc ccaatcttaa tgaattataa cagtttcaat gattttcttt      4440
     acttatattt gtatacttca tggaagatat aatctctgta ttatagataa ttgggtagtg      4500
     agttaaataa tagttcttaa taactgataa ctattgctta ataatttgta acattattta      4560
     tcctggcgta ggatttgaaa cttagctatg gctgagggag ggagtttggt tcttttctcc      4620
     gcagattttt catataaccc aggatttcag gttgatcaga agaaagacta cagttctaaa      4680
     tgttcaggtg gtaaggtatt gtaaaaggaa ttggtgtgac aaacaatctg aggtacttca      4740
     ctgtgtcaag gaaactgtga aagcaaaaga cacatagatc tccagacaat gtgatggatt      4800
     tgaagtagat ggtacagttt tcaggcgggg cataggcatg tgcacataga atattgcttt      4860
     agtaagtgtc aggtccaaaa gaaacttcat ttccacaaat tctgatgttt agacaaaagc      4920
     cagcattatg tcattatttg tgacgctgcc cccctgccga ccctcccccc cccccccacc      4980
     aactaaaaca aagcatttcc cttatcagtg gtaaaaggga caaatggatt cctgctgtgc      5040
     atattggtat aactaaaagc aagctgacca tcaagcttct tcaggatcac aagtacttag      5100
     aagacttaca cattccaaag tcctggctag ctcttctcca ctcttcccac ctcctgctat      5160
     gctaaacttc cctagctcac aggctactca tttttttctt ataaccccat tgcttttgct      5220
     ctgttctttc ttgatcctct gttatgccct gtcttttgtc cacactctct ttgtttcttg      5280
     ctctctgctg acttctctct atatctccat tctgctcttt cttttcccaa ggccaagtct      5340
     agtagctggc atgttcagtc tactactttc tctcttgctg ctctggactc ttccagatgc      5400
     atctggctgt tctttccttc aaatatacat taaaaatctt tttaaaaata ccatcagctc      5460
     taaagggaat ggatgggtta tcaccatgtg tttatagtat tagctaattt acatatacat      5520
     gttatctcat tagtgaagca aaatatagaa tatgtactga aacttatgat tgcattattt      5580
     acttcaaaac ctcattttaa ttagtgtttg catctcaaag tatctgtcat catgatacca      5640
     ccacctctac tcactgacta cacattattc attgcttgtt attttatata aaaactaaat      5700
     tctgttttct tttttatatt gagaacatat ttttattaag cttagtttac tctattaaat      5760
     tatgctgcac ttatatgctc ttatatgtac tctttggata gttatttgga ttctaagcaa      5820
     caagtaaatg cgtatgggag ataaccaaga aaattgtgat ttagtgtttc agtaatgaaa      5880
     tttataatga atatggaaat gactaggcta ttaaatttga atctattgga ccaaacattg      5940
     tattgttcag ggtttcacct gagggtaata acactgaaca gccaattgtt acatattgaa      6000
     gacacaatga cttttacctg ccaagccagg gctgtagaat aaaacatggg gataattttc      6060
     aaaacactaa cactataaac agaaatttgc aaatgtatgc tgatacatat ccagaagcac      6120
     tgttaattgg tgtgtattta gaatgctttg aaagtaagag taatagaagc agaatggcag      6180
     ttagctatga aaaaaatcag attatcataa tgcaaatgaa tgcacatgtt atgattagca      6240
     tgaagaaatt attaaattta ttgaggccta ctaaaataaa ctgaaatacg gtaaatgata      6300
     tgatgagtgc cagagcactg ggaagtcaaa aggtttacat tgaaaatatg tggaaggaat      6360
     tagcagttga gggggtttgc gcataatact taaccttttg tttactgcct aacacttttt      6420
     acaaagagtg ttgatatttt ggatggatga aggcaggagt gctccttaat gtgtgtgtgt      6480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gcgccagaga gagggggggg ggggagggag      6540
     gcagtggaag aagggctcta gcattgtata cccatgatag ctcatcaatt gttttgatgc      6600
     agcaagggtc cctcttgaga actcttggat tgcctcaaga aatactgtgg gaaaaatact      6660
     gttcctattt tttcctgaat aatttctaaa gcctgaatgt aggtttagta gcaaaatgga      6720
     agctgaagct gaagccttga attctaaacc taatcactaa caagataact tgtatcataa      6780
     attatgtaaa ttaggacata atataaacat tattttcact ggaggaaaat gtaagttatt      6840
     tgaaccatgg gctgggagtg aagttcagcg gtagagtaaa tgcttaacct gggttaaaat      6900
     ctggccaaaa cacaagagcg aattaaacca acgaaaaacg tgaattgagt tactccttta      6960
     attaaggaaa ggctgaaagt cagcctcaaa tcggtataaa aaccagaaca catttggaaa      7020
     tgaaatatgc cctgactgaa ccattcgcat aaattaagcc aaagtgttgg aggaatatct      7080
     atgaagttaa cacatgatct ataacatgcg ttactagatc actgaagtta tagaaattga      7140
     actgcaagga aattcaaaat gtcagtgctt tcattctgac agctatataa gttggaagag      7200
     aattacaact agtcactctg tcagcggatg cctttgagaa ctgccagtgt gttccaggaa      7260
     ttcactgtag ttcctgacag agtacagagt tagagataca tgatattcct tactagattt      7320
     ctttacaaac tgctatagta gctatgaaaa tgctatctac tgtataacat ctgaacatgg      7380
     tgtgtattgg cttaagaaaa actgatgtat tttattttct agaactctta ttttgtaata      7440
     taatataaaa tttttaaact atagtcatgc atagaacctg atgtcttaaa atatgttggg      7500
     ttttgtttcg tgtatcctta tagaatagta ggtttatata ctttgttgaa tttttgcatt      7560
     ttagatttta ttctttatac caatgagaca aaataatatg tccaaaatag tcaggttaag      7620
     cagtggcaat gttaggattt gagcttactt acaaggtctt gaattttccc cttatatctc      7680
     catgtcaatt atatcttgta cttttcaact aaatatagtc tttggtacta tattaagcct      7740
     attgttttaa aaaatatatc gcattgtgct atgtaaagtt taccaacatc accacctatt      7800
     ttctgctaat tttacactcc atttatactt gatttccaat tttaggagct aaagcagaaa      7860
     taaaagaaac atttctacat cttagttagg tttacttaat tatactacat gttctgaaat      7920
     ctcaaaaatt gtacaataca aatttgttag tggagctgga gagatggctt agtgattaag      7980
     agcaccgtct gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca gggtgactca      8040
     caaccatctg taatgagatc tgatgccctt ttctggtgtg tctaaagaca ggtacagtgt      8100
     actcacatac ataaaataaa taaatcttac aaaattgttg aaaacccttt ccagaaatgt      8160
     taacatttta ataaaaatgt ctttacttcc agaggctaga atggtaactc agttcagagt      8220
     atctgctgct cttgcagagg atcaagttca gctcacagca gccacatagc atcaaaagat      8280
     gtagttaggg gatctgaata cctcttctgg ccctagtgag aaccaggcac acacatagta      8340
     catgcataaa tgcaggaaaa tactcatata cacaagatga acataaatat ttctaattct      8400
     tcatttctta gtgaactaaa agtgtatggg tatctgtagg ttatccgtta ttcttgaatt      8460
     tcttaatgaa tttagcaatt aaaaatattg actaaaaacc ccaaaatgaa aatatattct      8520
     agtggtaaaa actactctgc cttgctatga tatataaacc aagtaaaaga aagactatta      8580
     gaaatataag aatttacaat gcagtgttgc tttactgtct aaagatagaa acagagagca      8640
     gctgccaata ggcaaacaca cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      8700
     cacaccgagg agcaggctta tgtcatccac tgactgtagt tctgtgtctt ttaaagtgta      8760
     gatgctaaac agtcacctaa atatgttcca taagctagcc atgctgtagt aagcaaaaac      8820
     accttttaag agaatatagt ctctcacact cgatggcagt gccttcttat ccttgaagaa      8880
     ctgtgatggt gacaaggatg tcctctttct ccggtcaggc cttttcaggg gttggggcaa      8940
     tcgttttagg ttcatcgtta caccgttact cctggttcac tcaggtatgc cctaaaactt      9000
     tttttttttc tcaaacccaa attctatctt caaatatgat tcaagcagac ttcaaggttg      9060
     tgataaaaca tgaaattcct acagagcaaa gttggaaaga aaaagttagc agtttgttta      9120
     tcaaatgtag tccaaaatta gatgaggcaa acaaatagca caggaagcag gcaactgtct      9180
     tggattccta ctaaaaatgt caaagtatat tattactgtt ttcaggcaag aacaaataca      9240
     gagaaaaaaa tatatctgtc attcttaaaa gcctgtagta ttggatttga gatgttttag      9300
     agggctgtat attactttct ttagtcaatt ttctctttaa ctggaattgg cttcttaatg      9360
     cagggcttta attgaagctt ggctgtcagc acaaactcaa gaacttagat cttactgttc      9420
     aataaatgca cacattttct atgttttttt attacatatt actaacattt aatctttttt      9480
     ttttaacttt catagactgt agactagtgt gcagtttcac aatggggtaa gagttggtga      9540
     ttggcttctc tgtctctttt tcctgcagtc tgttcccagt attctagagg ggtgtttgcc      9600
     atttttggac tctatgacaa gaggtcagtg cataccttga cctccttctg cagtgctctg      9660
     cacatctctc tcatcacacc aagcttcccc actgaaggag agagccagtt cgtgcttcag      9720
     ctaagacctt cattgagagg tgcactcctg agcctcctgg atcactatga atggaattgt      9780
     tttgtcttcc tgtatgatac agacaggggt aagtcttaat tttctacttt aggagatttc      9840
     taactttcag tctgccatgc ctttgtatca ttcatgtgac tttgcacaaa cattttgatc      9900
     cttaatgctg cttaaaccag agaatagttt gggcacatta tcaatgtttt catttcaatt      9960
     cccagaagta atttctaaat caaaatgctt ctagcctggc atggtgactt tctcctttga     10020
     tcccagcatt tttaagggaa aggtggaggc agacagatct ccatgagctc tatgctagtc     10080
     tggtctaagt aacaagtaca ggctagccag agatatacag tgagtcccag catcaaaaca     10140
     aagcaacaca aaatcaaacc agtagcttct tattctaagc aaattggccc tgcaagtttg     10200
     ttaaaattgg agcattgaga acaacaagca ctaagtcctt ttttctctac cagtggcaac     10260
     tacccaagat cactctttga tttctggtct atcaaattaa gtgcaaatat atcaagtaaa     10320
     tgactctatc attaactctc cagcagatat cagtggggtg ttgactatat ctgtgtatct     10380
     aaaggatgtt taagatttca aagttgaagg ttcaataact gtgagatagc agcctgcctc     10440
     agatagcacc cacaagctct aagttatctc tcggtgcctc tgaccaacca tctttgaatg     10500
     catatgtgtc atgctgaaca tcatgtgtca tgctgagggt tctggtgcct gcctcactct     10560
     gcttgattaa ttagcaagac caaatcatag aatttaaggg cactttatgt cttacatatt     10620
     ataacactat aattgttcca gggagagaga tgtttggcaa agcagaaaag ggaaaatttt     10680
     tgagttgttt tggcatgcct tcattgctct tttatatttc tgtttagtat atttgcagaa     10740
     aggttttctg ctcaccacat aacatatttt cagaaatcta gcaaatgctt gtggatcgta     10800
     ttttatatat gtgtgctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aagtctatgc aagaggtgct catgagatgg     10860
     acagaagcat ttttgtaggt aatggttgta tctctgtcta ctttagggac ttttactgca     10920
     tatatgtttt gacttttaaa atgcataaaa acattagatg ccaatttaaa aataatataa     10980
     aaggatgaca tagcaattaa cattaaggaa atcaatgtac tagtatcaac acatatcaaa     11040
     gtggaagaat tgatagcagt atctttaaaa cttcttccag agagacttga aagggtatag     11100
     gaaagtgttc tgaaagataa aatttttaga atgtacacta tgtatcatag gtgccatcct     11160
     attcttaatc ttcttaacct ttagtcacta attgttacat ttagtaacac tctgatatca     11220
     gatgattctt tacaacccca tttcagatag gactagatag tcaaagttag tcattccctg     11280
     tgaggcaacc ctggtccaat ccagcgagga ttgttaatgt ctgtaataca taaaggtacc     11340
     attctcttct ttgtcttctt catatctagt ttgtaattac tatacttgtt aacattttga     11400
     tgtctttcat gactgtgctg cttgactcct gaacactatt ttatagataa aattagggat     11460
     gatgataaaa ctaagataac tgataagtaa agtcaaatgt taagaatctt ttagagtcta     11520
     ttcaagtgtg atataagtaa ggatggataa tgaatcttaa tgcttcattg aaggatgtcc     11580
     aaatcaggaa aagaaaactt ttctccaaac acataaacca aactcaaaaa tttcttggta     11640
     ggcttttgtt ttggtgaatc tcccatgaaa acactcaagt aattatctgt attatattga     11700
     acttgttggg gtttcaaatg tatttttata agtaatccaa acacatttat ttataaacat     11760
     taactacatc tatggctcga ttgaatcatt aaacaggaac cttcttccag ttgccaaaac     11820
     tgaggataaa ccattccaat gggaggaagc taaccttaag tataacttta ccttcctgat     11880
     tgaacaaaga cagtgaagca gccaaggaag atgggagtat atgagcagtg acaaagagtc     11940
     ttataactga gctaggaaca gcaggcagaa atgggcaaaa tgccttgttc tttccatagc     12000
     agaatttctt cttgtccttc ttaactcaca ggttaataat catcttggat taagaaaagg     12060
     gaacagtgag ttgagaataa ataggctgaa gccacatcag tgagcttccc tattatggag     12120
     aaacactcta ctgtttcaga ttaagactga ggtattagcc agacagtggt ggctcacacc     12180
     tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagtttgag gccagcctga     12240
     tctacaggac agagaaatcc tgtctcgaaa aagcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagac     12300
     tgaggtattg catcaaaaag gaggtaaaga aagaatgtaa gaactggtag gaccatgaaa     12360
     tgtcatcttc tgggcaagat atacttttac aatcttaaaa tcatctcatc tatggatgcc     12420
     tgctgctctg tatctgccaa gaatgggtac atcaagagtc agacatagag ggtagagaga     12480
     gcccgactcc cactgaaaaa ctgttaactc ctgatggatt caggaagtga caaaatcatt     12540
     gccttgagtt ctgtagctac tgataacccc accagattct aatggatgct tccaaataca     12600
     taatcacaaa ggtacccctg catcaaccaa gcatgtcaga aagcaaactc aaagtcctgc     12660
     actttgaaaa gggatgggag caggtaagaa atgttaacag atataaaagg caataaagaa     12720
     gaatttgagc agggaatact cagaacacac tgtattcttg tatttaatta tcaaacaata     12780
     aaattagtaa aatagtgcag ctttaaaaaa ttgaggtagg ctgggcatgg tggcacatgc     12840
     ctttaatcca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcggatctc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg     12900
     tctacaaaag tgagttccag gacagccaag gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaac     12960
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaattgagg tgatttgacg gtagatcccg aataagtgac     13020
     atatccggaa taagtgacat aatctagcaa gttctatcaa agaagattat tgagcaaaga     13080
     ctaaactaca gcaagggtgg agacagaaag aggaaagcac aatagtaaaa taaactgtca     13140
     gtgtacagaa agtcctgatg aataggtgcc tttagttaat ttttggttca gacatttgtt     13200
     ggcttagtat agcctaaatg gagaaacaag aacagttaca tacaatctct acgaatggct     13260
     ctgctgtcag tgtagttggc atgtttctta gttactctcc cattgctgtg aaaaggcatc     13320
     atggttacgg caactctcat aaaagagtgt atttaatcag aggcgtgctt atactttcag     13380
     tacctcagtc tattaccatc atgtctggga agatggtggt atatatgaca ctgaagaagt     13440
     agctgacatt tacatagtga ttcacaggca gccaaaggga gagagaaata gtggtctggc     13500
     gtgtacttct gaaacctcaa agcccaccta tgtcagatgt aaagttttat ttagcaatgt     13560
     gccttaggca ttattcacca tgatacaaca gaactaaaga aaacaaaatc ttattatgca     13620
     ataaaaaata gttcctagat ttgaaataaa aattcttttt taaaatattt tttaattaag     13680
     tattttcctc aattacatgt ccaatgctat cccaaaagtc ccccataccc tcctccccac     13740
     tcccctaccc acccattccc actttttggc cctggcattc ccctgtactg gggcatataa     13800
     agtttgcctg tccagtgggc ctctctttcc agtgatggcc tactaggcca tcttttgata     13860
     catatgcagc tagagtcaag agctccaggg tactggttag tttagtgagg ggcaatgggc     13920
     tattcacaaa caggctggtc tccagtcgag ttgaggtgtg gaactccggg acccagtggt     13980
     gataattcac ctacatggga cagtaggcct tccttcatgt ctcctggact caaggctact     14040
     gtcaaattta ccacctccac agcccccaca agagaagtgt gtggctagta gtcaagtaga     14100
     caatgtccca agcttctggc ctttaggcta cactcctccc cagtagcaac agtaagatga     14160
     cagcccacca taagaggggc tgcttggccc cacctcactc tctcccctcg ttcactcctc     14220
     ttaccctctc tccttgttct ctcttactct ctactcatcc tctcctcatg ctctcctctc     14280
     attctcttat tctcctctca ctctcttact ctctctccct cttactctag cctttctttt     14340
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     14400
     ctctctctct ctctctctcc tacctttctc cctgcctttc tacaataaag ctctaaaacc     14460
     atagactctc tctgttcatc aaggcccgct gcacttgggt gatgggatag gctttcctct     14520
     aatgagccgt ttctaatctc ccttttgaag gccatcctgt gctccagtca aggcccagag     14580
     taatgactct cgcctgtgtg ggaacctctt tccctctgcc cactctccca taactccagt     14640
     gctgagatgt tgccccaggg ctcctggtat caggagctgc cccttgtcca tccccagtca     14700
     agtggggtca ctggcttaga tgcccacccg gccgagtgga aagcatctgg cagccctcac     14760
     gcgtctgcct gcccagagca caggaggaac tctggtcgaa cgtgggctat cctcactcct     14820
     tcccctactt cccttcaggc ccatacttta gatgaagcct taaaacacct gacagttttt     14880
     tgcataccca agtaaaaatc ctgtagccaa gatattgcca gtaaaatgtg atctaaggcc     14940
     acaatgttaa gtacctgatt tgaaattcaa gctttacaag ttactacaat tgaccctgaa     15000
     tatgtgctca aatatcacta gttttgagtt agttttctgt actgatgaaa aaaaaaagga     15060
     ataaataaac ctacctactg tgtcattaag tatgaattat acacaaaatg cttgtaaagg     15120
     aaatactatt actagagata taattccttt attgttatta ccattattag cagcacagtg     15180
     atcctatcat attttgagtt aaatccccaa ttaatttttt agtattctta ttcatgaatg     15240
     aaagtgaaga ggtcacctca ggacctttgg aaaattccag caggcccctg cactcctgga     15300
     agagaaaggt catggaacac ttaggcaccc ctcccctcca gaaggaagag agaccaatta     15360
     cattcctcag accacagtgg gtaaggggaa ccaaccatct gccacctgca tgtgtgtgag     15420
     gccaagagca ccacatagac acatggcaca gagtggactg actgttggcc acctacagac     15480
     aagggaagtc cttgccacct cattccctaa agtcctatca gtttaaaagt cacactgtga     15540
     cttttcaatc tgccagtcac attgtgccta atggttgctg ctcttaaaac tgtataaaaa     15600
     cttaccaaac aggctgtgtg tggtcgttct ctctctcctt tgtgtgtagg gcgaccccag     15660
     aatgctggaa caataaaatt cctcttgctt ttgcatcagt tcctgactac ttgttgttca     15720
     ctcgggtctc cgataaattg agacttgtca aagtcttaaa aaacggtgtt cagtatgaaa     15780
     aacagctctg gctattaaat actatatcac ttaataaaag taacctgtaa tgaattgaaa     15840
     attccctaat tgtaagagta aatggtatgt tattcatgtg caaacataca cacaccttat     15900
     ttattttcat ttaagaagtc ttaatattta agcccaaaat tgatagattc ttgtttacag     15960
     ccacagaaaa actcttattt ggggggtaat ttgtctctaa ctgttaggtg actctagaat     16020
     tcttctggtt catcacctta gcaacatctc tatcagacat agtactaatt tcttttacag     16080
     ctcctgccac aaatgttttt attaatgatc aaacatggct caactgcata ctgtgtccta     16140
     gcattcattc tacagaatgg caaacaagat gctcaaggaa tatccgagga gcaataccaa     16200
     atcttttgta gccgccatgt ctcactaatg tcagatgtta gtcagtgcat ggatcactca     16260
     ctaatcatta gtgtaaggtc agcggaagat accaaggcag catgtattaa aaggcatgaa     16320
     caaaatcata ttcaagactc taatcctctt tgtgagagac acaaaaggag cagaaataat     16380
     caaaattttt ataaacatgt gagtgaacag agagggcatt ccaggtgaca cagacccaag     16440
     catgaagaca aagtacttca tagagtttta tggatgggga gccttgacta gaatctgtga     16500
     agcatggatt ttgtgggaaa tggaagcaaa gactgccatc ctagttatgg tataagatct     16560
     tcactgagtt cttcttaggg ctgcagagta ttttgtgtca ctgaggtctt atttgagcac     16620
     ctctcgatat gtcctagatg tctataatga gaaaaaagtc tttatttcat agtagaatta     16680
     aagacaaatc tattgaaccc atggcaatca tccagaattt ttttttaaca ttttgtcttc     16740
     tctttggcgt gataacaaat tagattttag tatttaaaga aagcaatcat tatctcatta     16800
     aaaactgtgc tctcactatt tttcaaagtt ctagaatttt ttttctgttt taatgggatc     16860
     cgattaagaa cataacaata atcctacact gtagcatgaa cttgaaaaca catttttact     16920
     gttgtcaaac cagagctttt aatttgaaag gtaaatgaaa gaattttatg atgtgtattt     16980
     cactcagatt atttggtata tttcccaagt gatatagcca cacatcacca aaatcaatgc     17040
     caaagcaatg catggagtac tcactgtgaa atcttattgt actcttcttc accctgaaag     17100
     ggatcgctta gccatttact aaagttatgg tgctatagga aggggtgttc tctgtgaatg     17160
     tccagtgtgg ctccttcact ccattagtgc ccaaccagaa tatttctgtc aatttttatt     17220
     tagggaatat ttgaattatg actcacttag gaaaaaaaaa cctgttctct ttgtctctta     17280
     aaatacctta aacaattttg aaaggccact ttagaaatag aaagtaaaca caatctaaaa     17340
     ttaacatgag tatttgtcac taatgcattc taatgctgtt ccttttacat acatcatagt     17400
     gaattgtcta aacatctatt tagatttttt tcatgaaata tattttgttt gaaccgtttc     17460
     acttactcca tattttgaat tttaaattat tttcactata ttaaccatta tctattcaat     17520
     tacatagaaa attttggtaa taaaatatac agcttccaag aattgtactg aatactgtaa     17580
     tcctctattc agaagcctga ggcaggagaa atgtgagcta gaggccattc ttgcctacat     17640
     agtaaattca aggtcaattt caggtacaaa gaaagacgct gtttaaaata agtagaaaaa     17700
     caaaaaataa ccaaataaaa atccacctga cttttaagtc taacactctt tgtaaaatga     17760
     attcatatta caaatcctcc caaccctcaa aaaaatgcat taatttgtac aaaaaccaaa     17820
     catggtccat aaagaaactt ttacatggct gaaatggtta ttgagtgagg aagagaaatt     17880
     gagggtaagc tgtgccctac tgtggtaagt acatgttcct ttcatattac tgtagatccg     17940
     aaaaggtagg cactgcttga aggtggaaac agcaaaggac aaaactaaat aacttaaatt     18000
     tttatttcaa tcttaacagt tctcttaata attttagact gaaaactatg ttttatgtct     18060
     aaaagcaagg aaagaaggta ggtttagcct tcctgttctt caagagagca tagctataca     18120
     gtaatcagga tgaagtcatt gggttataca ttgcagtagc caaagcattc atcaaactca     18180
     aaagcacatg accagtggtg ctacataact gtacagatcc tagatattct cagaagaaga     18240
     caattatagc aacacaaact ttagaagtag gcaccaagaa catcgcatgt taacaagagc     18300
     cactttatcc acctgtactt agtacaagtt gacagtctgc aaagtagaat aaatataatt     18360
     aaggtttttt ttttctaatt tgacatagcg taagatgccc caaatattac ctctttaata     18420
     ttcggtacaa atctgtttaa gttgaagttg ctgagttagt caagaataac aacagtcagc     18480
     atatatcagc catgatggca tgtgttaaaa catggaactc acatatatga gttagatcag     18540
     tgaggttctg aaaatgccat ggaacctaaa tattgctaac attattcttc tcgtgaaaaa     18600
     gaacagctgc gtgaaatccc tgtggaaggg aaagatcacc atacagaagc acggctaaga     18660
     ctccacattc gagttttcag aatcagaatt tgccagttct catgaatttt taagtaaacc     18720
     tagtaaacat ctaagctaga gtcacataac tacaactagg agaccagatt tgataagcac     18780
     ctatgtcttg taaaaatcat attaaaacag agttcaccca actttcagat gttgtctgtg     18840
     gctacatttc tggtagtata ctagaactga tttctccatt gtaacggagg ctatgtagcc     18900
     cacaaaaagt ctaaaatatt tgcatctgga aatacaataa atatattgct ttgtctgtag     18960
     aaccaaacat tgtccagccc acatcagaga agcttttcca ggcagtaagc aagaactaca     19020
     gaggattcag ggctaggcag tgtgcagagt gagggataca gagcactcag ccctaaatgg     19080
     gttatcttta tcaaattgct ctcttcaagg tttagagatt tctatggaaa aggaggggca     19140
     aatattgtaa gattcagagg gcatagatga cttagggcac agtatcttcc agaaacagga     19200
     cacatagcaa cccacagaga ctgtcacagc atgcccaaat cctgcacagg ttcaaaccaa     19260
     acaacatcct agtaccgaga aaggaaaact gacacaaagt tgcacccctc accaagaagc     19320
     aactgaccta ctgagaaagt aaaaaaaaaa atcatttgtt ttccaataga gtagcactgg     19380
     gtgtgtcaat cacatgccag aagtggtcag atatagtaag ccaatacaaa atggactcca     19440
     tgctttctta tgtacattct gtttttctac tttgtttccc cttaattttt ttgtctactt     19500
     tgattttcat tttttgtttt atttatgaca ttggatcatt gggagatggg gaggatctaa     19560
     aaggagtttg gggaggaaaa tatgattaaa atatatttta tgaaaaataa taataaaaaa     19620
     ctttacaata attactagct ggccctttaa aagactgaaa attcttcact taaactcttc     19680
     ataaaaaatc ccctctatac ggcatattta ttgtagcctc ctaaatcatt tttcatattt     19740
     tgcccttaac ccaaactgaa ttttccatca ctggtcttac ctcaaacttc aacagccaca     19800
     gtgaatctcc tcaccgatac agatcatatg acacctttac ccacagctgc ccaaggttta     19860
     ttttgcacta aatactaagt ttttgttata gcatgccagg ctcacccatc cacagagcct     19920
     tgacatacca tcattgctct gcctacaatg ctcatacaga tggaagacaa agctctctct     19980
     ttttgcttct ccaaatcttt gctcaaagct gtcttctcac agcaggggct tgatgactac     20040
     ttccacccat caagtccttc ctaatttctt acctttgttc tgtgtgtaac ccatggactt     20100
     taatttagat ccacttaaat aagatcaagt ggagattatc tcctgaagcc tggacagcgt     20160
     acttgtgtct actccacaga atcacatcac tttcccctgg agactattaa ctgcttgtag     20220
     cttgtcagaa aagtgtgagg tctcatgtgc ctattcattg tagaacattg acagatccca     20280
     tccttaatat aggtcatatt caggaaatta ctgctgctgt gagtgcatgg gtgctgcaat     20340
     gaagacagca ttccagaacc actcttatat tctgtcctct ccacttccag aatagttcaa     20400
     ttgcctatca tggcattgcc cgttttcctt ccctatacca cacagttcac atctttactc     20460
     tctctgcact tatttaaaac aggctgtact acagaaaggc attgggttga gttagtcact     20520
     ggcctattct caagctctag aattatacct tggacattgt aagtccttca gatatacatt     20580
     tgtttaaagt gagtgaaaat aattgacagg aataatgaag gactgaacat acatgtttac     20640
     tcaataatta ctatgggagt ggtgattagt caattcagaa acccaagaat aaattaccct     20700
     tgtttggttt ttagaacatg tatgaaaccc acagctttct gttgtccctc acactttact     20760
     aaattgtctt taattgaacc agcaaattga tgtctgtgtt agattatact ttacagttgg     20820
     taactttatg ttaccactta gaaagatata gaagagaaac tctaaaatct tgctctaagc     20880
     ttggagaatt tatatgataa taggaagtgc ttttacagcc tcaccatgca aagcctgagg     20940
     cagaaagtgt tatgcatgtg aacccagcca tttgcaattc attaggtaat agtgttttca     21000
     tatttcagaa gagaaaactc tcaggcctat catggccata aactgctcaa aatcacacag     21060
     agacttagta gccaattaaa gtttctcttg aaggaagttg gacttctgaa tctgtgctat     21120
     taacaactct gctctgccat gaaaacctcc acctttactt tgaaagagga acggtcaaag     21180
     agcatagtag ggaatgtagg ctttggacac tccacatcct ggccaagcca aacagttcct     21240
     gaaaggctca aaaaatagag gcagtcacac atccaaaaat ttctgcctta gaatttattt     21300
     cagcattggc atctgagtcc tgcagctctt atgacactct cttgtgtggc cacaggtgtt     21360
     ggctctatga agagagcaca caacagcagt gacaaggcaa gcgccgtggg ggctgccagc     21420
     acaggaggtg atgcgaagct tagtactgag agtcaaacat atacatgtgc cacttctctt     21480
     ccaaatgctt ttttattgaa gaaaaacaaa ctcgtcttca atgagaatgt tcacttgaag     21540
     taaacagcca ttggaatcta ataatgaatt ttaggatatt taagcatcac tttggtgttc     21600
     attaaaaaac aaattttcat gtaagagaaa aaaatgaagc atcctcctta actaaaatga     21660
     aaaataaaat aaaataatgt gcagaatctt aagtgaaaga gacttcagtt cctaataaat     21720
     tgtcattccc tataattaca ttaatacctg ccagtgatct gcaatgtgtt ctatgcttgg     21780
     taaatcttca tataaaatgt agatatgcat agcaaagaga aaacagaaga caatgttcca     21840
     atttaaaaat agtgtcacac taagactaaa actaagaccc tttttaagta gaagataaaa     21900
     ttccaattaa taatctaaga tgttaatgga ggttttaggt aaaggaaaaa gaaagcatcc     21960
     cagggagagg aattgaaaca ataggaagca gcaaggcctt gtggtcagca ggaatggtga     22020
     gcagttcaca ttactatgag acagggctga ggaagtgaat cgtgaaccat taaggaatgc     22080
     tatgtcctct gatgtcccac ctctaagtca gagataggac atataatcag caatcagtta     22140
     atgatgagtg actaacagcc tcctgtgaag caaaccatgt tctaattgag gcactgcaaa     22200
     gctgcaaaac tgtaaagagg aaaactgtaa agttttgctc agtggaaact ttagaaatga     22260
     caccatttta gttgaaccaa gcatacagac tggtagagtc cacataatat aggagtcttt     22320
     tagaaaaaaa accattatgg tgtctcgtga ataggaaata acttagttat tacttggatg     22380
     ggaaagagga tgttggatga gcgcttctgg caggaagaat gagcaggatc gggttgtttg     22440
     gatcatgctt gattatgcaa gccttcccta agagtcgaga aactgcccta ggtgaagtga     22500
     taccagtggt cattttacaa tacattgata aatgattaaa gttcatactt tagacactga     22560
     accatcatga aatattctgt gacaagaaaa ctatctgtga tgggtaaaca agtaaaaatg     22620
     accatcatgc aataatacat gtataagcat caaggtgaaa tgaaaatatg tgtagaacaa     22680
     aaaaatgcta atgcactcta gtttgctaag agtttatggt gtgcctacca tgctaaaaca     22740
     aaaagagtta agttatggtg atgtttggtt gagtactgat gccccttatt taaagacaag     22800
     tgttagttgt gggtggatat tcatgatgta gttgctttgc tctatttcaa gtttccaacg     22860
     aaaagtattt ttcataaata tttgcttaaa aataaaatgt attgattggt atctttattt     22920
     attaatcagt atacatttgt caaaatacat ttaaatggat tttaaaagct ttgagtactt     22980
     tatcaaattt ttcagcatct cttgtattca tccaaaatat ttcaaaaaat tattttaatg     23040
     ttttctatgg ttttgatctg gatagctctc tcaaagtcct cttatgctag aggcttcttc     23100
     ccgagctcta ctaggggctc atcgatactt gaagaggtga accctggtgg atcacttagg     23160
     tcatttaaaa ttattctcaa gagatgatgg gaacttggat gcgtcttgcc tcttatccac     23220
     ttcctggcca tgcaaccagt atttctgcta ttctaagtct ctctaacagc atatgctgcc     23280
     acagacccaa agcatcagac tagtcatgga ctaacaaaca cctctacaac tgtgagctaa     23340
     aataaacctt ccctctttgc aaattaatta atcacaactt ttgtcataat gacaaaaggc     23400
     tgactaatac ttcatttcaa tccatacttc tccaaactta atgttagttt ttagataaac     23460
     ttaatcactc aatttcttct gagtctagaa tgtcatcaat taataagaga aaggcataat     23520
     ttaacatttg tggattgttt tgttttgttt tgtttttatt agatattttc tttatttaca     23580
     tttcaaatgc tatcctgaaa gttccctata ccctccccct gccctgctcc catacccact     23640
     cactcccact tctaggccct ggcgttcccc ggtactgggg ctttcataca aactgagatt     23700
     tgtctgctta ccagagggat ttactcacaa ctctgctaaa cacgtttcct aattttcaca     23760
     ggtaccaaag ggaattgtat tcctactcac ctctcttcag atcaccttaa attaaatcag     23820
     aactttcaac ctgagagcct ctacattcta tcaacagaaa catgctctga atttgcatgg     23880
     atcccttcct agtccctcct gacatcagga gataatcctt tccctccaaa gctaagcctc     23940
     caaatgagcc catgactttc ttcatcctca atgctgtttc ttttaaatta gaaattcatg     24000
     atcttgtctc tgtctctccc caccctgtga tacattcaag ctccatgttc tattgtacac     24060
     agaagaccaa agtttcccaa accaaatatt tttggtttaa gactgtagtc tggtatattt     24120
     tctgattacc agaggacaga aaggcatttg gacagatcat ccaacaaatt tggaagtgaa     24180
     acagtgagaa aatggccaaa gaatgcaatg gtgtcactga ccttcttctt ccatctttaa     24240
     agtcatgtac tttacatacc taaatttctc tttctatatc acatagcttt caccaatgtt     24300
     tacaacattt tcttgtttac aacattttct tgtttacaac aagaaaaaaa cagatatttc     24360
     aggaaaatct ctaaatcttt atatccttaa tttaatatga tcaaatgagg aaaagaaaag     24420
     gtgtttttcc gtaagtcttg agttcccatg agttaagatc tatgcatttt aggagtgcca     24480
     acatgttgga gattgaaccc aaagactcac tcccattgga ttaaactatt ataaaacaca     24540
     gtgattgttt aggtataaaa ttctgaatgc ctgataaaat ttccctccct gaagtagaaa     24600
     taggtataaa aacactggaa gaattctgag taagaaagca gatgtgagag tcgggcagtg     24660
     gtggcacatg cctttaatcc cagcactcag gaggcagagg ctggcggatt tctgagttcg     24720
     aggctagtgt ggtctacaga gtgtattcca gcacagtcag ggctatacag agaaactttg     24780
     tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa ggagatgtga gcgaatgaga aatagttcat tggggcttgt     24840
     gtacaaggcc atgagttcaa aagacagagc taaaagtaat aattacagat aggacaatta     24900
     tatttatatt ttaatatttt ctattcaaaa gcaaaattga ctgaccaaca atgatgcaat     24960
     aaaaccatgt tatcacatga gtgggaatta atggaagcta ggttactgtg taggaatttc     25020
     tgagaatgag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatacg tctgtgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tctgtgtgtg     25080
     tgtagtttaa ttcgggcaga acaatgagtc cactttttga agggacaagt taacacctag     25140
     tatgtaaaca tatgagcaca cagaaaatat acatcatgat ctcatttctg taatgaaaaa     25200
     tatagtttat ttttttcttt attcatgtaa ttttctttaa atattagttt taaaacctaa     25260
     tattttaaaa gaagcaaggt tgtttataat aaatatcaga ttgtaattct tccaaacacc     25320
     taatattttg accttttgtt atgtttcaat aagccataaa tttttattta aataggttaa     25380
     tttataaagt tacaccggtg gtacatcaat gatatttgag tgcatcactc cccaaaaggc     25440
     atcaagccat tcttttctat ttattatctg tgcctcttct ttcacattgc cgtatttcat     25500
     ttaaataaaa agaatcactg gataaaaatt acctcccata ttagtatgta actattccat     25560
     ctgaattcac tttcattgat ctactaacca tttatctcca tcactctgtc tacttatttt     25620
     gttttactat tattgtgatg ggggctgagc ctgtcagtgt cctggcacag atggagagat     25680
     ctgaggacaa ttttgtgaag tcagttcttt ctacctttaa gtgggtttaa ccgattgaac     25740
     ctaggtcgtc atttatacag caagctcccc cgactatctc agcagtcttg cgccagcctt     25800
     ttcaactatt ttcctaagag aaaaatgtgt gtagaataac agctacataa atgttattct     25860
     tgccaggcat ggtggcacac gcctttattc acagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat     25920
     ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agcgagttct aggacagcca gggctacaca     25980
     gagaaaccct gtcttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagttattct ttaggacatt tagatgaaat     26040
     aatagagtgc tgcagacact ctgggtccct ttgtctgcgt ggaacgggtc tctggtcaca     26100
     agtgggcaag gaattggcag gaattgaatg acagacagat gcacacagga gaggttgtgt     26160
     agaatcttaa tgtaatttgt caaattgagc atcaaacttt ttaatctcat aagctagtgc     26220
     atttttaatg gatacaccta gattaataag tggcttagtc atctccttta tctctaaaat     26280
     atgtatttga tattaaaagt tacataggag cagtattcta atatcccaat tttaaccaaa     26340
     tattttcagt ttttaagtgt atgcttttgt cacaatcata ataaaaaatt agaaaaaaac     26400
     ttataaaaca ttcatgccaa atacattgca tgtgatttca gtgttcctgt gatgtgggaa     26460
     gtaatcccag gctcctggaa gccagaaggt agatgttgtc cttcttgaac tctccgctcc     26520
     ttttccagtg aagcataaca taacacaact gatcatgaat gggaagggta atatcaaact     26580
     cttacgaaaa tgttgcacac agatagatct ccctccattc atttggataa ttctgaattc     26640
     ctttcagaac catataaagc cagtgaagaa gtataaagac tcaataaagg tcattgtaag     26700
     ggaagattcc accagccaga gcagctgctc atcagcaatg ttcagtgctg cctttgccat     26760
     acatgtggtt cttcctaaca tcattgaaat gcaaattgga ctaaagttac tttagccata     26820
     ctattgaaaa ggtttatgaa gtgtgctgtt gaaacacaag agaccttaag tgaaagataa     26880
     aagaacttct ggagggctgt atatgtgtac acttgctcac acgtgcgcat gcctgcgtgt     26940
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtaaaatcat gatcttcact     27000
     ctctgtttca tattggaagt ataaggtcag cagaaataaa acacattgtg tttagcttca     27060
     aatttctgca ttctatgaag cttcattgga agaatgaaat aattctatta gtagaactca     27120
     gtggccttga gtctgcccca ctttcccttc tgagtgggtt ccaatgtcta catagccatt     27180
     cagtgcttca tcattcagtc ttgattcttc ttcctcaccc tggcatttaa tatagtgcca     27240
     agtctttgaa ggagtatcag tatgtgctta atgaatatta tttcataatt actacatttt     27300
     aagtattcac tttattattc ttttaatttt ttgttctttt atcataacta acaaaaggtt     27360
     ttttggtgaa gttttaaagt atttcatact taaacactgt atttatttct atcattccta     27420
     cccttgttat acccatcctc acaaatccat ggtctcttct ttaattattg ttgttatatg     27480
     tatatgtgtg catgtgttca tttagcattt atgttatata ctaatgtcca gtatgttcca     27540
     tttggagttg aacaacttat gctcattcct agaaatatct aatttttcat ttctcagtgc     27600
     cattaacgac ctttagttct tgatctacag ataagatcat gggaagtttc cttattcatg     27660
     ttgctgggtc agttggcatt gtaattatgc tataattctg gccactatgg tattatttca     27720
     taggtacatt ttccctaccg tgcctagtgg acattatctt actataggtg ctctgatgaa     27780
     atggctttta caatcatttc actattttat gattttctct gagcttgagg tgtacaagtt     27840
     cttttgtgga tgtattagct ggagttgaca atcccttgct ccaattgttt attcttgaaa     27900
     gttttctgag gacagttttc ttagataaaa aatatcattt aaactaaaat tgggacaagc     27960
     atatagtcaa tcatctatcc tacacaaaaa ttatcattga tgtgtttata aaagataaag     28020
     ggggggatgt tctatggaga tctggggagg tgtgggggaa gacccatgct gaggcattcc     28080
     ttccgcctga gggacaagcg acaggatgat acagtgtaga acagagttta ttcagggcat     28140
     ggggaaggga gttaagaggg taatggaggt aaagaaaggc agagagagag agagagagag     28200
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag ccatgagcat gtggagaaag     28260
     agggggaagg gattggggag agagtaggaa caagagcaag agcaacagag caagagagga     28320
     gaggacaagc agcaccttct atactaagtc tggcctgcct gcctgttacc aggtaactgt     28380
     ggggcggagc ttaggcagaa tgctaacaat tataattgtg gatttggcat tttttctgta     28440
     ttaggtgtca ggttctgaga ctgacatata tgctgtagtc tccctctgac tgtagggaga     28500
     aagttttgct accaggcaaa gcttttcatt ggagtggagt ttttatttgt tcagttttat     28560
     ttctgtaagg gaagctgaaa agtaatgttg ctatcattct acagaaaagc tgttagaatc     28620
     tttgatctac aaaaacagca gttttaatta aaccactagc aggtccactg taaattagac     28680
     tgtaaacaca ctgtgatggc gcatcttaga ctttcagtaa agagaaatgg gctcctacaa     28740
     ccaaaggaga actgttcctc aacaaaaagg taaatagaca attttcagag ccctactcac     28800
     ctgcatagag acaacagcac tgttctgtga ggacacagct tcacctcaga acacaaaact     28860
     ggaaagcaca gtattcctgg gtgggtattt ccacttttct gcttattttt atgtttcctt     28920
     tctagtgaaa ggacgtggca gagtccactt agcccaactg tgttagctgc ttttgatgtc     28980
     ataacaaaac atctgacaca agtagcttga gggaagattt gtttgtttac atttttaggc     29040
     agttaagccc aggggtgctt agcatcaggg gctagggctg aacttaatta acatgaagga     29100
     agctgctggt atcacagctg tcagaaagca gagagagaaa gagagagcga gagaccaggt     29160
     attgaccttg atagcacctc ccactacact ccattttata gacttcagaa cctctaaagc     29220
     taatgccacc atctggggaa caagagttca acttatgtgc tttttgagta caattccaat     29280
     ttaagcattt aagtatgtta gaaagagcat atatatattt atatgtttag gatactgatt     29340
     aatcagtggg atccttctaa taagccaaca tagcttcatt caaaggaaga ctatttctta     29400
     gttgaggaga aaattattcc tggagattcc taggagcctt tcattttcaa ctgttttcca     29460
     gacaactatt tcatttggaa gtctgctcca tgactcagga taaccattcc tgtccctact     29520
     gatatgggga tgaaccatgc taggcctgct ttgtgcagtc ttgtgccttc ctctggatca     29580
     agctcagata attcttggtc taaagattta gatcttattt gtggaatagg gagaataaat     29640
     gtgccctgga tgaagtgtaa acattctctc caaacgaaag ataattgaac attgatctct     29700
     cagttcactt ccaaaactgt tgaaaatcta ttttgttata tatgaaggaa tttaaatata     29760
     tttgtctcta tgatgaatac ataccccaaa ataataaaca aattattata tgtaactata     29820
     taatacaata tgaagaggca ctgaaagtga aaatagcaat tttattttct ccaatcaatt     29880
     aacaattcat gaagcagatt agttaggcaa ggctgtagta cacaataaag catacagaaa     29940
     acacaagata atttttctac agatagttta cagaagccta gtacaaggga gaaattcaga     30000
     aaaagagtgc agaaccgtct ggagagggta gacaattttg tataattcta tctgtgagat     30060
     aaaaccagga agcttattta taccagaaga accatataag atcatcatca gaatcacata     30120
     tttaatagct taaaacattt gtcaatgaac ttcattccca gaatcaaata ctgaaccata     30180
     ccattgtctc tctttttttt tagtcttaat tcttttttta ttaatattag cattaccaat     30240
     atggccttcc atgtaatctg cctatattta atgagtaata gatagctcag tcattatata     30300
     catgaccatt tgtatcacat taaaaagaaa aagcaaagaa aagaagatgg aatttgccat     30360
     atttaattca taaaactaat ataaatttac aataaaataa tactcaataa aagattttta     30420
     ggatattcga ttattaccat gtaattttaa actctttttt ttattttgtt tttttttatt     30480
     aggtatttat ttcatttaca tttccaatgc tatcccaaaa gtcccccacc cagtccccca     30540
     cccacccact cccacttctt ggccctggtg ttcccctgta cggaggcaga taaagtttgc     30600
     acaaccgttg ggcctctctt ttcattgatg gccggctagt ccatcttctg ataaacatgc     30660
     agctagagac acgagctctg gggagtactg ggtagttcat attgttgttc cacctatacg     30720
     gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttgattact tcctctagat cctccattgg gggccctgtg     30780
     atccatccaa tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt tcctaggccc cggcatagtc     30840
     tcacaagaga cagctatatc tgggtccttt cagcaaaatc ttgctagtgt gtgcaatggt     30900
     gtcagcgttt gaaggctgat tatgggatgg atcccaggat atggcagtct ctagatggtc     30960
     catcctttgt ctcagatcca aactgtgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt gttttgttcc     31020
     aaattttaag aaggggcaat gtgttcacac tttggtcttc gttcttcttg agtttcatgt     31080
     gttttgcaaa ttgtatatct tgggtattct aagtttctgg gctaatagcc acttaccagt     31140
     gagcacatat tgtgtgagtt cttttgtaat tgggttacct cattcaggat gatgccctcc     31200
     aggtccatcc atttgcttag gaatttcata aaatcattgt ttttaatagc taagtagtcc     31260
     tccattgtgt aaatgtacca cattttctgt atccattctt ctgttgaggg gcatctgggt     31320
     tctttccagc ttctggctat tataaataag gctgttatga acatagtgga gcatgtgtcc     31380
     ttcttaccgg ttggaacatc ttctggatat atgcccagga gaggtattgc gggatccttc     31440
     agtagtacta tggccaattt tatgaggaac tgccagactg atttccacag tggttgtaca     31500
     agcttgcaat cccaccaaca atggaggagt gtacctcttg ctccacatcc tcgccagcat     31560
     ctgctgtcac ctgaattttt catcttagcc attctgactg gtgtgaggtg aaatcttagg     31620
     atttttttca tttgcatttt ccgatgttta aggatgtaga acattttttt caggtgcttc     31680
     tcagccattc agtattcctc aggtgagaat tctttgttta gctctgagcc ccatttttaa     31740
     tggggttatt tgattttctg gagtccacct tcttgagttc tttataaata ttggatatta     31800
     gtctcttatc tgatttagga taggtcaaga tcctttccca atctgttggt agccattttg     31860
     tcttattgac ggtgtctttt gccttgcaga cgctttgcaa ttttatgagg tcccatttgt     31920
     ccattctcga tcttacagca caagccattg ctgttctatt caggaatttt tcccctgtac     31980
     ccatatcttc gagggttttc cctactttct cctctataag tttcagtgtc tctggtttta     32040
     tgtagagttc cttgatccac ttggatttga cctcagtaca aggaaatagc aatcaatttg     32100
     cattcttcta catgataaat gccagttgtg ccagcaccat ttgttgaaaa tactgtcttt     32160
     tttccactgg atggctttgg ctcccttgtc gaagatcaag tgaccacagg tgtgtgggtt     32220
     catttctggg tcttcaattc tattccattg gtctacttgt ctgtcgctat accagtacca     32280
     tgcagctttt atcacaattg ctctgtagta cacctttagg tcaggtatcg tgattctacc     32340
     agaggttctt ttatccttga gaagagtttt tgctatccta ggttttttgt tattccagag     32400
     gaatttgcag attgctcttt ctaattcgtt gaagagttga gttggaattt tgatggggat     32460
     tgcattgaat ctgtagattg cttttggcaa gatagccatt tttactatat tgatcctgcc     32520
     aatccatgag catgggagat ctttctatct tctgagatct tctttaattt ctttcttcag     32580
     agacttgaag ttcttctcat acagatcttt cacttcctta gttagagtca agccaaggta     32640
     ttttatatta tttgtgacta ttgagaacgg tgttgtttcc ctaatttctt tctcagcctg     32700
     tttattcttt gtgtagagaa aggccattga cttgtttgag ttaattttat atccagctac     32760
     ttcattgaag ctgtttgtaa ctttaaaatc ttatgactca atcaacaatc tgttaaagtt     32820
     aagagaatta agacatttca ctatagtctc attgttacct tcaatgaaca gttgtaagca     32880
     tcatcaaata aatagtgttc aaaaagactt gtctgattgt cgatgaggaa atgaataaag     32940
     aaccagaaaa tggtagggtt ttatagaaaa atattaaagt tcagataaat atgatcatat     33000
     aaaattattt aacatagtga catgaggcat attttgaaag aactaatgta tgaattctcc     33060
     aacaaatgta aattagtgtt cagagcaaaa atgtctataa ccaaatgtga aaattgggca     33120
     atcttagtga aatatgattt cctacttagt gttaactctc agatatacag cccagagaat     33180
     gaaaccaact gaaacattac ccagataaga ttggcccatg aatatgactg aagattgttt     33240
     tgataatagg ttgatgcctg gcaaatatat aagtggatgc tcacagtcat ttataggatg     33300
     gaacataggg cccccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtaccc aaggagttga aggcgtctgc     33360
     aaccctatag gtggaacaac aatatgaact aaccagtacc cccagagctc atgtctctag     33420
     ctgcatatgt atcagaagat ggcttagtca gccatcactg ggaggagagg cccctaggtc     33480
     ttgcaagctt tatatgcccc agtacagggg aactccaggg acaagaagtg agagtgggtg     33540
     ggtaggggag cagggcagga aaagggtata gggaactttc gggataacat ttgaaatgta     33600
     aataaagaaa atatctaatt aaaaaaaaag aaagagagag agaggtttca gcctactgtg     33660
     gatgacacta atctctaagc tgacctaagc atgaggctgt aagggagcca caagcagcat     33720
     ttctccatga tgtctgtttc atgttcttgc tcaagttcct gtgctggtgt cctttaatca     33780
     tggtctgtga actgggagca taaatcaaag aaagccttcc ttctgtaact tgctttttgt     33840
     ctgaatgttt cattatagca acagaatatg tgcgtagatg aaagtactta ctcagcacat     33900
     acataattct gaaatgaacg tataatcaaa aactaccatt ctaaaccttg taccattatg     33960
     cataaaacta acaattacca aaaaattcta gcacatgcta gacaaattat gataggaatc     34020
     acttgatatt aaaagtatag tatgataata atgaaggtac ataattttaa tcctagtttt     34080
     acttgcctaa agacagagta tcataaattc aatattaatg tgggctacaa agagaattcc     34140
     agtccaaaaa taaataaaaa gcttagtggt tatcacgtat taggaactca tacatgaaag     34200
     tctactctta cctattctcc catggtgtgt gttaaacttt agaatgatta aaaaagtttc     34260
     catatgtctc agactcccat ttttatcttc tgtagatcta tagagaactt ggtgaattta     34320
     gtgtcagttg ccacccttac ctctgcccac caaaaacaca tctttaagaa atactcccag     34380
     tgtacacagg aagggtatat gtaccactgt tttctcttca aacacagtct gcttatcagt     34440
     actagacctg aagtgccctt aattaatttg tgctataaca taaataattc tatttctttg     34500
     ggcatcctat ttattttaat taaaaaaaaa tattagagtc ttattttcat tgacatctct     34560
     taaaagaaaa ataccaaaga tactattttg acccactaaa gagaaattaa agcttgcata     34620
     agaagattcc ctaaaggaat gcctttaatt tcattattgc tcagggtgac tttactaatc     34680
     caaagaatca gaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacctaa     34740
     gtaaaaccat tgtggtattc ttaacagtct taaatgtcaa tttgaggaag aagctgttcc     34800
     ttctgaagca ctgttattta aaatggagtg gacagaaaca ttgatggatg ataaaggcag     34860
     tgtgagtcac acaagggact ttatgcctct gcaagtgaag aaggaaatgc agaactttcc     34920
     cttgtcattc tcacacagct atgaaacgct gtcagctatt caaaatgcaa aactgtctcc     34980
     taacatctga gaaaagagaa ctcattttct ccttccacct gcattggtga aaactgcaga     35040
     ccttgtagaa aagtctccaa atttctttat tgcatcctac agtctcttgc atccttttac     35100
     tatgcaaact cttttccacc aactaacctg tcagagagac atctgctcct attacagacg     35160
     ccaacacata tgggtgtatg tcacactgtg gtgactcagt gccagcactg ggggacaatc     35220
     tccctttaac tctgtcaatc actgaatatg tgttgttcat ccacctctaa acttccaaaa     35280
     acagtatcag gtgatatatg agcttcagag gcatctacag tgctgctaat gtgacatgat     35340
     ttgtggttgc cttgccagct tttaactacc caccaagctc caagaaagga aaatcaaatt     35400
     caaagcattc gtaacaaaaa ctcaatgcgc cggagcacca ttccttctct agtttttaac     35460
     ccttctgccc caagcctaaa agggttaaat atagtgccat aaattgaaaa gtaagacagt     35520
     caatggaagt cttactatag gtttgcgaga tatgcattta tcatattact actggcattt     35580
     aattttttgt gtgttttcat gtacccaaaa caaaaatgtc ctttgtgagg tcagatgaag     35640
     ctcatgagac aaaaatctgt cttagaaaca caagtaaaag taagattact acacctggaa     35700
     agtgtgtacc tctatttgct ttttattctg cctagatggt tcatatgctc ttcttccctg     35760
     aagcacattg gctgtctatt gcaatattct tttgctattg gcagcatcca gctatattta     35820
     tcattgtaag tctctgtcaa tagatccaat ggcttttctg agtgttgctc tcccactgag     35880
     ctagtgatga gctggattga tccatgtctg aaattgctga gggagcttca gcccagatgg     35940
     ctttctggct gatcatgtct caggatattt tattttgttt tattcctgcc tatgttgttc     36000
     atttaataca aaatgcaaca gaaaaaaaat tattctgagt gtaagctaat aaaaagtact     36060
     caattacaaa tgatataagt acctttaaaa agaaatgaaa cattgaagaa tgtattttct     36120
     tcaggggcaa atggcaacaa aattagatgt acttaagtat atcctacaac taatatggac     36180
     caatgtaatt tgctttgtag gtttgttttt aaaaaaataa agattaggca tttaatacat     36240
     atgcattaaa ttcttttaca ggggtcattg aatatacaaa tttttaatcc aggcttaaca     36300
     ttagaagtac atagacacaa tatccatttg tgtgatctat cttcctcacc atcaagtaga     36360
     tttgcctcat tttagtactg aaatctcagt tgttcctttt cttaaacaac tgacatgcca     36420
     aaaaagacca acttatggtc ctgttctaac tactctactg tacacatata catgtatgta     36480
     caactataca tctgcattaa aaacttgttc ctagtaacat gtgctcctct gagatggttc     36540
     agcaatccat cagagactgc aagtctatgg gtgtagtgac ttctgtcttc ctaggcatca     36600
     ctacaaaata ctactgagct agagaaaaga ttcagtgatt aggagctata ggggcacttg     36660
     tagaggagcc aagtttggct cccagtaccc atatcatgaa gtccacaatc tcataactgg     36720
     agttccacag aaaacaatgc actcttctat actgtggtag aaactgtagg tgtgtgcaaa     36780
     catatccaca gaggaacaca tatatacttg cataaaaatt tagtaaatat ttcattattt     36840
     tttaaggatt gtaacataac tacatcattt ttaccatttc cttttaacct ccaaattctc     36900
     ccatgtgcca tccctccttc ccatgctgtc tttcaaatca tagtctcttt tttttttttt     36960
     aaattggtag tagtgctgat gatggtttga tatatgtttg agcatatgtg ttcatggatt     37020
     gtgtgtgtat ggtatatata tcttgtacat gtatattgtg tgtggcattt gtatgtacat     37080
     gtgttattta tatgtatgtg tgtttgtctc tgtgtatatg tagtgtgtgt gttttgtatc     37140
     tgagtctgca taggtcttaa tggtagcctg ctatgcacaa gaacctgggt tcaacctcta     37200
     ctacagactg aacatataaa taagtaaaac aaactgagta aataagtata tgcaaactat     37260
     gtgtatatat agtgtttgtg tgtgttgtat gtatatatgt tgtataggta ggtatattgt     37320
     gtgtattaca tgtgttgtgt ttgtttgtat atgaatatgt attgtatcta tgtatgtgtg     37380
     tctgtgtaaa tgtgatgttt gtgtgtgtgc acatatgggt ctgtgtgcat gtgtgtgtgt     37440
     gtgtgtactt gtgatataaa gagaaaaacc cttcatgaca agaaagttta acattagaaa     37500
     ttaaggccaa agtgacttac atttgggcaa tgtcaacagt attccaaagc actaaatcat     37560
     aaaagcatac atcccagaat aaccaatgag ggctatacaa gactttacag attctcaaac     37620
     cctcatcata aggcataacc taatataaag tgaaataaaa tgcagtatct cttccctctt     37680
     gagaacagca ttatttaaaa tattgtccat aagtaatata aatttgttat atttgaaaaa     37740
     cattttggga atgtcaaagt ataaaattaa acttgattct tttcattaaa aaaagcagaa     37800
     ataattctga atgtcatatg accattaagt ttttaggcag caaatatcag gatacaaact     37860
     acaatggatc agacataaaa gcaacaacaa caacccaaga atataaaaat ctatagctta     37920
     tgttataaag ttttaagtat gcccaaatgt aaagaacaat ttgtggggga agtggctata     37980
     tggataatag gaagttattt tgagtaagtt tatatgattg agttcctatg agtcaacaaa     38040
     ttttaaaatg tacagtaaaa caaggaacaa aatctaacct agtaatttca gatttgtggt     38100
     gttgtgtcat gagaagtgtc aatttgacta tagacttctt gtcagtcaag aattagatct     38160
     ttttcacatg aaaaactctt aactatatgt ttagaacttg ttcaattcgc tctaacaagt     38220
     tcttaaatat attattttca tgttgattat atgtatttta aagtagaaat atgcatttag     38280
     aacatatatg aaaatattta catgttttac actaataatt agaaacagga aaaatattta     38340
     gtaagcatat ttatcattat tctctatgcc ctcagcttgt tttacttgtt tatatgttca     38400
     gtctgtagta gaggtcgaac ccagattctt gtgcatagca ggctaccact aagacctatg     38460
     cagactcagt ttttgttttt aattttatac tgttgtgatc aagaaatatg gtttaatgta     38520
     tctctcttca gtgggtctat agtccacagt gggagacaca cactaggtga gtagttcata     38580
     gtgaacctag atatttgctc tggtctgcac cagttcacaa agcagacttt gttcaacaat     38640
     cattgatgga ctaagtattt gagtaattca aagtttaaga agcattcaag gacataccag     38700
     atttgcaaag tttccctttc aaattataaa aagacagata cattcttaag tcagtagact     38760
     ggtgtgtttt agctttttaa aaaccacatt gattcctaga gaatgacact cgggatggtg     38820
     cacttcacag gagatgtaag aacactatgc atgatttcta gggtcctttg ctggacaaaa     38880
     gaacacaaaa cagcttgact gagacctaag cattccaggc acctaccaaa atttgtggta     38940
     cttaccttac ctttgaagat acggacaaca gcaaggagac caaagagctc caatcctacc     39000
     tctacttaac ccgcacatgt cagagggaac ggtgaagagt aagggttgtc acccctagac     39060
     ctggactatt tttagtctct tcacaccagt agaacctcct ggtagggagc tcaaaaatat     39120
     gcatatattg tgtatttgtc tctaaactat gcttctagta agtcaagctg tgggatttaa     39180
     atacttcctg tgaggttctc cattccagaa aaatttagaa ataatgtaga aatgcctttg     39240
     cttttcacta ggccctaaat tttggcagtc acagaatcag ggagtttttt tttttttttt     39300
     tttttagaaa gaaatgaggt ataaatacag aagcagatcc tgattgtcag cttttcaaaa     39360
     gtagatatgc tcgttgtata aacataacat gaaagacaga ctttacaaga ggatgaggca     39420
     gtgtgagaga acacagtagt cacttccaga ccaagcagta tataaaactt acaaaactgg     39480
     cacaggcaca gaaatacata tcctcagaaa acagaaacct catgagtcta tggacaagga     39540
     tgggagaatt tcagttccac attattttct taatacattt acttttaatg ccatatatat     39600
     ggcatacaca cacacacaca cacacacgag tatgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     39660
     tgtgtgtatg atgtgtcgtt atattcactc ctctttttac cctctgcctt ctgcctccat     39720
     gattcctttg ttcttcagat ctagtctctt agtgtttaca aaactagtga caaataacac     39780
     cccttttcta gaaaccattg atagacaata gttcttcagg gcagaattac agcctcatgg     39840
     acagatactc tatccttaat agacagataa agagtctaat cttgtgcaga aatccacagt     39900
     ttctgagtac ttgtggttgc aatgcaatat catgtcatga tggcagtgtt ttgtgatatt     39960
     ctccatcttc cagatgaata ttctctacct atcttaaatt cattctattc tctctctctc     40020
     tctctttttt tttttagtgt gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     40080
     gtagttccct ggaccataaa ggtagagtgg ggaaataaga aaaatatgac tttatatata     40140
     ggacctctaa atatagtcag taataagaaa aatgtttatt ataaagaata attataatca     40200
     cactcaagct ttaaaaatac ctcttggcag ccaactatct tataatatca ctcttaattc     40260
     aatgaaaata tgcaatattt gtcagtggtt agtgatttta gaagcaaaag aatgttcaag     40320
     tccaaacaaa tgcacaagta tttacagcag aagaaggcca agtttatttc ataacttgaa     40380
     aatataaatc ctatgtcata tgagttttgt cttgttcaca gccttatctc caaatcagtt     40440
     agaaactgat ctagacatgt agacatatac atgctttgct tataaatggg tagctttcag     40500
     ggatatatgc tataaagtat gtgtgtctgt gtaacacaga aaatgaattg atatttacat     40560
     atatgtatta tgcataaata gtgaggtttg ggaatctaca ctatatatgt gtgtgtatta     40620
     cttaggaaat ggtgagattt gatgttcttt attgttaagt gtcttttacc atatggccat     40680
     atacacatat actcctccat ctctgtatag cccccttaca catacacaca cacacacaca     40740
     ccacacacac acacattttt catctataat aaagcgggtg gtatgggtaa catagtacaa     40800
     agatttttct ctagggcagg gaaaagaaag atataaacat tcataggaaa acaaatgcac     40860
     tgtacttaac atgtttaatc tttaattgat acttggcctt aaactaaatt atgaataaag     40920
     acaataaagc acagatgaag gaggagcacc catgacacag tgtctcacgc tgtagatacc     40980
     tgaaagcaaa gctctaaagc tcttgttggt aggttttatt tgatgcatta acaaaaaaca     41040
     aatagctcat gatgtaatga atgcttttcc tcatgctctg aaatgtaatt tgcatatagc     41100
     tgatttcttt gtaatcctaa gtagtttgtt tctactttta aaactatttt tctgagaaag     41160
     gaacaacaga tattactata atgttaaaga ggttcatgat atcaagaatt attaagaacc     41220
     acagtctaga gggagaaaag aagtgaatta cataagtgat tctttcccaa tgacttgaca     41280
     ggtatgtgat aaggaaagga gaaatggctg gacttacacc taggctaacc cagggtagtc     41340
     ttgtgaaaac tcttgaagaa gtctatgtct tcctgaagaa tgtggacatt caaaaccaga     41400
     cacacttgtg gtgtgggggt actaagcctt tgaaagtttc atctgttctt gttttctgtt     41460
     tgttatcctg taaacagcga agccccaggt cctgggcctt ccttgccatt gaggaactgc     41520
     aatcagtcca aagccaggag ccattggcca tttctgtaac agtgaaaaga acagtaatta     41580
     agatagcaat agaatccaag caataagatt ctcactaatt ctgaaaagcc agttcagaaa     41640
     agaactcgag tgtgagtaga ggaggcatgt gtatagaagt aatagatgaa acaacatctg     41700
     aaagatataa ttaaataaag gggtactaag ttagataaaa tggtagacat ttctttagtc     41760
     atttgggaaa attgagatga atgtcatctt tactaaaaga gtcaaaatcc acaatgtatt     41820
     tgaaaccata gctgaaaggt ttagattcat ttgctgccat gtaccagatt taatatttct     41880
     ttaagtgact taaagttcaa actaagtcag aggaggtaaa gtagaagatt cagcaaatgg     41940
     catattgctt tgtagttgag aactcatgca aggaagactg cctggaacac aatgcctttg     42000
     gaaaagcctg tttctaatca gcatgctagc ttccagtttg aatgtagtga cttcttgata     42060
     tcctatatca ttttaatgga tttgttaagc agtttcttcc atttaaattt tattgtcagc     42120
     caaatcttcc tttttctata atatttgtgt tctgggatac aatgtaataa atagcttttt     42180
     cagttcatcc aacttaccca ttatcccaaa atcatttgca aaggttggct tccttgttct     42240
     tcttctagtg tgaatttact gatgtgggtt cttgaataga tcatagatct taaatttaca     42300
     aagatcttcc tccaaaatcc actcaagtgt gagaaagctg tggtgcttct tatgtgtgtt     42360
     ggcagcaatg attaagattt ggaaattgta ctcgaatcta ttttccatgg taaacagctc     42420
     atggatctca atgctcattt tagtcaggca tttcgaagac tggaaagcta tcaagttgtc     42480
     tctccagctc ccttgaaaga atttcgaatg tgggatgtga atgccatcag tgttctcatt     42540
     cttccactgt gatttgaaat tcaagagatg tataaggaac agtaaatact taactataaa     42600
     tacatgttaa aaagaaaagt ccatcaaaat aagtcttgtt tctttttcta tagtttatgt     42660
     gcatcgtgga acatgatgtt gttgtttgtg tgcatcaggt aacatgactt tcatttcagc     42720
     attttacaaa gatttgggtt gaaataatgc tcagtggtca aagaatatgt ttggagcctt     42780
     aaaaactttg tcttataaaa aaatcatatt tttgcattca caaatatact tttatttctt     42840
     ataatataaa tgatcatgtt tagttttaat atgagaagca agaatcccaa aatataccca     42900
     atagtcttta cagaaagtat atattagaac ttcagatatt gaaaaaacca aatgtctata     42960
     tgcaagacgc tgaatatact aagcccatta tgtattcaaa gttatgcaaa aagttcaaat     43020
     ttagaaaagt gtagtaaatg tatgttttac aaatataaga atgctttacc taagacactt     43080
     atacctcttt acattaaaat ttcttagttt taaaatgaat ttgaaaatgt atgggataat     43140
     gaaccaccca atgcagacac tattgcatat gccagcaaga ttttgctgac atgaccctga     43200
     tatagatgtc acttgtgagg ctatgccagt gccttgtgaa tacagaagag gatgataaca     43260
     gtcatctatt ggataaaaca cagggccccc aatggaggag ctagagaaag tacccaagga     43320
     gctgaagggg tctgtaaccc tataggagga acagaaatat gaactaacca gtaccccctg     43380
     agctcatgtc tctagctgca tatgtagcag aagatggact aatcagccat cattgggagg     43440
     agaggccctt ggtcttgcaa aggttatatg ccccaataca ggaaatgcca gggccaggaa     43500
     gcaggagtgg gtgggttgga gagcagggtg gggggagggt ataaaggact ttcaggatag     43560
     catttgaaat gtaaataaag aaactatcta ataaaaaaaa aactttggtc atgatgaaat     43620
     tagctattta gtaaataaaa ttcaaagaat aaaaatgtca gaggattaaa ttacaaataa     43680
     aataaggatt ggaaagagca aacttttgtt tctcaaaact gaaaggagga aagagcaaga     43740
     gattagtaaa tgtccaaaca ttttgatgtt tatttattta aaatgaatag aatttagtgt     43800
     tgttaaagta aacaaattag agtcttaatc ctaaatcaca ctaaagacaa cagatgccaa     43860
     aataaacttg cttgaaaatt gagtcccagg tacttagctt ttttaagaat acagataagc     43920
     atcatatttt tttattatta ggtatttcct tcatttacat ttccagtgct atcccataag     43980
     tcccccatgc cctaccccca cccctcgcct acccacctac tcccacttct tggccctggc     44040
     attctcctgt acagaggcat gtaaagtttg catgaccaat gggcctctct ttccactgat     44100
     agccaactag accatcttct catacatatg cagctagaga gaaaagctcc ggggggtact     44160
     ggtttgttca tattgttgta ccacctatag ggttgcagat ccctttagct ccttggtaac     44220
     tttctctagc tcctccattg ggggtcttgt aatccatcca ataatagctg actgtgagca     44280
     tccacttctg tgtttcctag gccccagcat agtctcacaa gagacagcta tatcagggtc     44340
     cttttagcaa aatcttgcta gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcagc gtttggaggc tgattatgga     44400
     atggatcctg agatatggca gtctctagat ggtccatcct tcatcacagc tccaaacttt     44460
     gtctctgtaa ctccttccat gggtgttttg ttcccaattc taagaacggg caaagtgtcc     44520
     acaccttggt cttcgttctt gagtttcatg tgttttgcaa attgtatctt atatcttggc     44580
     tattctaagt ttctgggcta atatccactt atcactgagt acatatcatg tgagttcttt     44640
     tgtgattggg ttacctcact caggatgatg cccttcaggt ccatccattt gcctaggaat     44700
     ttcataaatt cattgttttt aatagctgag tagtactcta ttgtgtaaat gtaccacatt     44760
     ttctgtatcc attcctctgt tgaggggcat ctggctttct tccagcttct ggctattatg     44820
     aataaggctg ctatgaacat agtggagcat atgtccttct taccggttgg aacatcttct     44880
     ggatatatgc ccaggagagg tattgctgga tcctccggta gtactatgtc caattttctg     44940
     aggaaccgcc agactgactt ccagagtggt tgtacaagcc tgcaatccca ccaacaatgg     45000
     aggagtgttc ctctttctcc acatcctcgc cagcatctgc tgtcacctga atttttgatc     45060
     ttagacattc tgactggtgt gaggtagaat ctcagggttg ttttgatttg catttccctg     45120
     atgattaagg atgttgaaca ttttttcagg tgcttctcag ctattcggga ttcctcaggt     45180
     gagaattctt tgtttagttc tgagccccat ttttaatggg gttatttgat tttctggagt     45240
     ccaccttttt gagttcttta tatatatata tattggatat tagtcctcta tctggttttg     45300
     gataggtaaa gatactttcc caatctgttg gtggcctttt tgtcttattg atggtatctt     45360
     ttgccttaca gtagctttgg aattttatga ggtcccattt gtcaattctt gatctcacag     45420
     cacaagccat tatttttcta ttcaggaatt tatcccctgt gcccaatctt cgaggctttt     45480
     ccccacattc tcctctataa gtttcactgc ctctggtttt atatggagtt ccttgattta     45540
     cttagatttg accttagtac taggagataa aaatagatca attcacattc ttctacattt     45600
     taacctccag ttgtggcagt gccatttgtt gaaaatgctg tcttttttcc actggatggt     45660
     tttagctgcc ttgtcaaaga tcaagtgacc ataggtgtgt gggttcattt ctgggtcttc     45720
     aattctgttc cattggtcta cttgtctgtc tctataccag taccatgcag tttttattac     45780
     aattgctctg tagtacagct ttaggtcagg catggtgatt ccaacagagg atcttttatc     45840
     cttgagaaga gtttttgcta tcctagtttt ttttgttatt ccagaggaat ttgtaaatta     45900
     ccctttctaa ttgagaaaga aaattgagtt gaagaattga gttggaattt tgatagggat     45960
     tgcattgaat ctatagattg cttttggcaa gaaagccatt tttactatat tgatcctgcc     46020
     aacccatgag catgggagat ctttccatct tctgagatct tctttaattt ctttcttcag     46080
     agacttgaag ttcttctcat acagatcttt cacttcctta attagagtca agccaaggta     46140
     ttttatatta tttgtgacta ttgagaacgt tgttgtttcc ttaatttctt tctcagtctg     46200
     tttatccttt gtgtagagaa aggccattga cttgtttgag ttaattttat atccaggaac     46260
     ttcactgaag ctgtttatca ggtttaggag ttctctggtg aaatttttag tgtcacttat     46320
     atatactatc atatcatcag caaaaagtga tattttgact tcttcctttc caatttgtat     46380
     ctctttgatc tccttttgtt gtcgaattgc tctggctatg acttcaagta caatgttgag     46440
     taggtaggga gaaagtgggc agccttgtgt agtccttgat tttagtggga ttgcttccag     46500
     cttctcacca tttactttga tgttggctgc tggttttctc tagattgctt ttatcatgtt     46560
     taggtatggg ccttgaattc ctgatcattc caagactttt atcatgaatg gatgttgagt     46620
     tttgtcaaat gcttcctcag catgtaacga gatgatcatg tggtttttgt ctttgagttt     46680
     atttatatag tggataatgt tgttggattt ccctatatta aaccatccct gcatccctgg     46740
     aatgaaacct tcttggtcag gatggatgat tgttttgatg tgttcttgga ttcggttagc     46800
     gagaacttta ttgaggattt ttgcatcgat attcataagg gaaattggtc tgaagttctc     46860
     tttgttgggt ctttctgtgg tttaggtatc agagtaattg tggcttcata gaatgaattg     46920
     ggtagagtac tttctgcttc tattttgtgg aatagtttgt gcagaactag aattagatct     46980
     tctttgaagg tctggtagaa ctctgcatta aacacatctg gtcctgggct atttttggtt     47040
     gggagactat taatgactgc ttctatttct ttaggggata taggactgct tagatcatta     47100
     atctgatcct ggtttaactt tggtacctgg tatctgtcta gaaattagtt catttcatcc     47160
     aggttttcca gttttgttga gtatagcctt ttgtagaagg atctaatggt gttttggatt     47220
     tcttcaggat ttgttgttat gtctcccttt tcatttctga ttttgttaat taggatgctg     47280
     tccatgtgcc ctccagttaa gtctagctaa gggtttatct atcttgttga ttttctcaaa     47340
     gaaccagctc cttgtttggt tgattctttg aatagttctt cttgtttcca cttggttgat     47400
     attgcccctg agtttgacta tttcctgccc tctactcttc ttgggtgaat ttgcttcctt     47460
     ttgttctata gcttttaggt gtgtgtcaag ctcctcatgt gttctctctc tagtttcttt     47520
     ttggaggctc tcagagctat gagatttcct cttagaaatg ctttcattgt gtcccataag     47580
     tttggatatg ttgtggcttc attttcatta aactctaaaa agtctttaat ttctttcttt     47640
     tttccttcct tgaccaaggt atcattgaga agagtaatgt tcagtttcca tgtgaatgct     47700
     ggctttctat tatttatatc attattgaag atcagcctta gtggtgatct gataggatgc     47760
     atgggacaat ttcaatattt ttgtatatgt tgaggcctgt tttgtgacca attatatggt     47820
     caattttgga gaaggtacct tgaggtgctg agaagaaggt atatcctttt gttttaggat     47880
     aaaatgttct gtagatatct gttaaatcca tttgtttcat aacttctgtt agttccactg     47940
     tgtccctgtt tagattctgt ttccatgatc tgtccactga tgaaagtggt gtgtagaagt     48000
     ctcacactat tattgtgtga ggtgcagtgt gtgctttgag ctttattaaa gtttctttaa     48060
     tgaatatggc tgtccttgca tttggagcat agatattcag aattgagaat tcctcttgga     48120
     ggattttacc ttgatgagta tgaagtgtcc ctccttgtct tttttgataa ctttgggttg     48180
     gaagtggatt ttattccata ttagaatggc tactccagct tgtttcttca gactatttgc     48240
     ttggaaaatt gttttccagc ctttcactct gaggtagtgt ctgtcttttt ccatgagatg     48300
     ggtttcccgt aagcagcaaa atgttgggtc ctgtttgtat agccagtctg ttagtctatt     48360
     ttttttttaa ttggggaatt gagtccattg atattaagag atattaagga aaagtaatta     48420
     ttgtttccta ttatttttgt tgttagagtt ggcattctgt tcttgtggct gtcttctttt     48480
     aggtttgttg aaggattact ttcttgcttt ttctagggcg tggtttctgt ccttgtattg     48540
     gttttttttt tctgttatta tcctttgaag ggctggaatc atggaaagat aatgtgtgaa     48600
     tttggttttg tcatggaata cttttgtttc tccatctatt gtaattgaaa gtggctggat     48660
     atagtagcct gggctggcat ttttgttctc ttagtgtctt tattacatct gttcaggatc     48720
     ttctggcttt catcgtctct ggtaaaaaat ctggtgtaat tcttataggc ctgcctttat     48780
     atgttacttg acatttttcc cttactgctt ttaatattct atctttattt agtgtatttg     48840
     ttgttttgat tattatgtgt caggaggaat ttcttttctg gtccagtctg tttggagttc     48900
     tgtaggcttc ttgtatgttc atggacatct ctttctttag gtttgggaag ttttctttta     48960
     taattttgtt gaagatattt tctgtccctt taagttgaaa atcttcattc tcatctactc     49020
     ctattatctg taggtttggt cttctccttg tgttctggat ttcctggatg ttttgggtta     49080
     ggatattttt gcatttttca ttttctttga ttgttgtgct gatgttctct atggaatctt     49140
     ctgcacctga gattctctct tccagatttc tttcctaggg tttcaatctc cagcgttgcc     49200
     tcactttgtg ttttctttat tgtgtctact tcccttttta ggtctaatat ggttttgttc     49260
     atttccatca cctgtttggt tatgttttcc tgtttttctt taaggacatc tacctgtttg     49320
     gttgtgtttt cctgtttatc tttaaagact tgtaactctt tagcagtatt ctgtatttct     49380
     ttaagttagt tattaaattc cttcttgacg tcctctacca tcatcatgag atatgttttt     49440
     aaatcttggt ctaggatttc tggtgtgttg gggtgcctag gactggttga ggtgggagtg     49500
     ctgcattctg atgatgttga gtggtcttgg tttctgttag taagattctt atgtttgcat     49560
     ttcgccatct ggtaatctct ggagttagtg gttatatttg tctctggtta gagcttgttc     49620
     ctctcttgat tctgttattc tctaccagca gacctgggag actagctttc tcctgagttt     49680
     cagtggtcag agcactctct gcaggcaagc tctcctcttg cagggaaggt gcaccaatat     49740
     ctgacttcag acctgcctcc aggcagaaga tgaaggcctg tcccagaagc agttagcttc     49800
     tatagtccac actctcacct gtacagacta atctcagagg gatcccggaa ccaagatggc     49860
     ttccccaggt gctcaggcaa agccctcctg ggtggggatg acacctgttc tctggcaggg     49920
     aaggtacccg gatgtctgga gcccaaaaca gggtctgcct cagaatctgt cctctaggta     49980
     ccttgggggt gtcctctgac tcctcaccca ggtgacctgg tgctggcacc gactggaagg     50040
     gacttgtgac cctggtcagg ccgggttttc tgcttcccta atgctgtctc aggtcctgca     50100
     cgattggaat agaacagaag ttgtgttcca ctcaccagtg ttcctaagat caagtggaga     50160
     gtcctctcgg gaccttgggg ggtgtccgct gactccgtgc ccaaggtgac cctgataggc     50220
     atcataataa aggtctttag aagacaatat gcttacctgt aagcatgaac ttctagtacg     50280
     agaacacaag tgtgatcaaa attggagaaa ttttaccatg ttatatcgaa agtagaaaat     50340
     ggtacctggg atccacacaa aggccttcac tttggtgttc atccatagta acagaagaca     50400
     aagtagaaaa attttccatt gaaaactgag ttgtcaccag taaaacatcc atatgagaga     50460
     gcatcatcag ttgagacaat gccttcaaac aatcttatat cccaaagctc ccaaaactgt     50520
     cttttaggag aatgataccc agaaataaca aaagaaccaa agggtaatga aggatcgaga     50580
     gcaagaacct actttctaat agactaccaa aaccaatagt gacagaacca gacaaggaag     50640
     tactgaggga cagcatctct taccctgtcc tgtctaggaa gggcagtact ttctcttagg     50700
     tttggaagac tctccaataa tgaaatgttt accaaaatga agatctgtaa gcatacaata     50760
     ataactaatg aagtacaacc acaaaggttt agggaatttc tcaagtagct cagctataca     50820
     ttggtttaga aaaaaagtat gtggactttc tgttgatttt gctgttattg aagaccagcc     50880
     ttaggccatg gtaatctgat ttgatgcatg ggattatttc aatcttcttg tgttgattga     50940
     gggttgtttt atgaccagtt atatggccaa ttttggaaaa ggtaccatga ggtactgaga     51000
     agaagatata ttctttttgt tttagggtga aatgttctat agatatctgt taaatccatt     51060
     tggttaataa cctctattag tttcactgtg tctcagttta gtttctgttt tatagaccta     51120
     tccattggtg aaagtggggt gttgaagcct cccactatta ttgtgtgagg ttcaatgtgt     51180
     gttttgatct gtagtaaact ttcttttatg aatataggtg cccttgcatt tgggacataa     51240
     atgttcagta ttgagacttt ctcttggtag agtttccctt tgataaagat gttgtatcct     51300
     tccacattac actaaataat ttttgagtga aagtctattt tattggatat aaggatgaca     51360
     actccagctt gattcctggg accatttgct tggaagacct tttcccatat ttttgctctg     51420
     agatagtgtc tgtctttgtt attgaagtgt gttcttgtat gcagcaaaat gctgatcttg     51480
     tttgtgtatc cagtctgtta gcttatgtct ttttataggt gagttgagtc cattaatatt     51540
     gagaaatatt aaagacagat gactgttggt tgctgatatg tggttttttt gttttgtttt     51600
     tgtaggtggc tttatatgct tgtggttctc tcctttaggc tttgttgtga gatgcttaat     51660
     ttcttgtctt ttctttggta taagtatcct ccttttcttg agagttttac ttctaagatc     51720
     ctctgtaggg gtggattggt aggtagatac tgtttgaatt tgttttgttt tgtttttctt     51780
     ggaaattttt gcttttttcc ttttgttttg attgaaagtt ttgctggata tagtagcctt     51840
     ggctgccatt tgtggtctat tagagtgtgc atgacctctg accaagctct tctggctttc     51900
     ataagctctg ttgagaagac tggtataatt ctgataggtc tacctttgta tgttacttgg     51960
     aactttccct tgtggctttt aatattcttt ctttgttttg tatgtttaat gttttgatta     52020
     ttatgtgata agaggatttt ctcttctggt cccatttatt tggtgttcta taggcttctt     52080
     gtacttttac agccatctct gtctttgggt tgggaaagtt ttcttcagtg atttttttga     52140
     agacatttta aggtcatttg agctgggaat cttcactctc ctctattcgg attattctta     52200
     aacttggtct tttaattgtg tcctgaattt cctggatact ttggattagg agatttttat     52260
     gttttgaatt ttcattgaca gttgtgtcaa tctcttctat gttatcttct acaccagaga     52320
     ttctctcttc taaatctttt attctgttgg tgatactgaa caactctcta ctcaatgata     52380
     acttgttcag ggaagaaata aagaaataaa ttaaagactt cctggaattt aatgaaagtg     52440
     ttgacatact atacccaaat atatgggaca gaaggaaagc agtgttagga ggaaaattca     52500
     ctgagtgccc tggtaaagaa attagacaga tcttacacta gcaacttaat agcataccta     52560
     agagctctag aacaaaaagg agcaaacaca cacaaaagga atagaaggca gtaaatagtc     52620
     aaactcaggg aggaaatcaa ccaaatagaa acaaagagaa cagtacaaag aatcaataaa     52680
     acaaaaagct ggttgtttga tagaaagaaa gtagataaac cccttgccaa actaactaaa     52740
     gagcccagag acagtatcca aattaacaaa atcagaaatg aaaaggaaga caaaacaaca     52800
     ggaactgagg aaatttttaa aatcctacct caaaagcctc tactcaacaa aactggaaaa     52860
     tctagatgaa atgaatggtt ttctagagat ataccatata ccaaagttaa atcaagggca     52920
     ggtaaactat ctaaaacagt tctatattcc ataaggaaat agaagacatc attaaaagcc     52980
     tctcaaccaa aaaatgccca gggctagatg gctttagtgc agaattctac cagactttca     53040
     aagaagacct gataccaata tttctaaaac tatttcataa aacagaagca gaaagtacac     53100
     tacctaattt atttgatgaa accacaatta ctctgatacc aacaccacac aagaacccaa     53160
     ccaaaaaaga gagctaaaga ctaacctcac ttatgaatat caatgcaaaa aatactccat     53220
     aaaattcttg caaactgaat ccaagagctc atcaaaacca tcattcacca tgatcaagta     53280
     agcttcatac cagggatgca aggttggttt aatatatgaa aatccattaa tgtaatccac     53340
     tatgtaaaca aactcaaaga aactatcaca tgatcagttc cttggatgca gaaaaagcat     53400
     ttaacaaaat acaacatcca tttattctaa aagtattaga gatcaggaat tcaaggccca     53460
     taccaaaaca taataaaagc aatttatggc aaaacaaaag ccaatatcaa attaaatgga     53520
     gatatacttg aggaaatccc actaaaatta gggacaagac aaggatgtcc acactcctca     53580
     tatctattaa atataatact caaactgcta cctagaacaa taagaaaaca aaaagagatc     53640
     aaggggatac aaattggcaa aggagaaata aagggatcac tatttgcaga taatgatagt     53700
     atacataagt gaccccagaa attctaccag agaacttcta cagctaatta tcaacttcag     53760
     caaagtgtcc aaatataaaa ttaactcaaa tctgtagctt tcttctatac aaatgataaa     53820
     cagtctgaga aagaaaatac ggaaacaact ctcttcacag tagccaaaaa taatataaaa     53880
     tatcttatat ctaaccaaac aaatgaaaga cctgtttgac aatagcttca agtctctcaa     53940
     gaaagaaatc aaataagatc tcagaaaatg gagaaatttc ccatggaatg gaatagaatt     54000
     gaagacccag aaataaaacc acatacttac acacacttaa tctttgacaa aaaaagccaa     54060
     aaatatacga tggaattaag aaagcatctt caataaatag tgctgttcta actgcttgtc     54120
     tgtatgtaga aaaatgaaaa tagacccata tttgtcactt tgtacaaagc tcaagttcaa     54180
     gtggatcaag gacctcaaca taaaaccaga tacactcagt ctaatagaaa tgagaatgag     54240
     aaaaagacat gaattcattg gcaaaggggg aaagttttct aagtagaact ccagtggctc     54300
     acactttaga tcaagaattg ataaatggga cctcatgaaa ctggaatgct cctgtaaggc     54360
     aaagtacata gtcaataaga caaaccggca tcctacagat taggaaaaat cttcactaac     54420
     cccacatctg atagagagct aatatccaag atatataaag aactgaataa gctaataaca     54480
     tacaaaccaa acaacccaat caaaaacaaa tgaggtatag aactaaacag agatttcaca     54540
     actgaggaat atctaatggt tgagacgcac cttaagaaat gttcaaagtc cttagtgatg     54600
     agagaaatga aaatcaaacc aaccctgaga tttcacctta caccaatcag aatggctaag     54660
     atcaaaatct catgtgacaa cacatgttgg caaggatgtg gagaaagagg aatgctctcc     54720
     attgttggtg ccctgacact attactgagg ctatggaatg ctcataaaaa gggacctttg     54780
     atgactgcct tctgaaagac ccaacaagca gctgaaagaa tcagatgcat acatttgcac     54840
     ccaaccaatg gacagaagct gttgacccct ttgtgattga attagagaag gctgaagaag     54900
     ctgagtagaa gggcgaccct gtaggagaaa tagccatctc tattaacctg gacccctgag     54960
     atctctcaaa cactggacga ccaatcaggc agcatacagt agctgatatg aggaccccaa     55020
     cacacataca gtagagtact gccaggtctg ggttcagtca gagaagatgc acctaaccct     55080
     caagagactg gagaccaaag ggagtttaga ggtctgatta ggtgggtgct gggtggtagg     55140
     gacatcctca tggagacaag accatgggga ggagttatag gatgtggaac actcagaggg     55200
     tggactgggg gagggataaa atgtggagtg taaataaata aatagtaaaa aaaaaaacaa     55260
     aaaagaaaag gaaaaaagag aaaaaagtag ttaattcaac tataggagca agataagaaa     55320
     aacaacttga catgcaacca agtatcaaaa acatgacttc tgtggttcaa agggagctca     55380
     catgttaaag tgcttgccta ttatgcacaa cgttctaggt tacagatcca ggtccacaga     55440
     aagcaggaga gatggtgcaa gcctgcagtt acaaaactta ggacaggagg caaaaagatc     55500
     agatattaag gttatccttg gctacatgat gactttaagg ccagcttggg atacatggta     55560
     tcgtgtctca aaatattatc aaaactcttc tttaaaacat tacttctatt agtattcatc     55620
     aactaatttt tattgaaaag atattttgtt ttctactgga tgtatggttg ttgcttgtta     55680
     attcaatgag aaacatatgc ttaaaatgct aatttataat taattgtttg taggttgttt     55740
     ttcttttaaa tgatacagaa tattttcctt agcaaaatcc cacaagttga tttattgtca     55800
     agtatacatt attgaaatat ctgcttctac tttattagct tttttcaaaa tagattatta     55860
     actgataact ctactttgat aatttagaat aggcttatta aatgtgttaa aaatacaaac     55920
     ttagatgtta cgtgatgcta cacatatctc atgaatacac agacacacct gcatcttata     55980
     atgtcagtga tcaccataga atttaatagg aatattttaa acttacctgt gaccttatgt     56040
     tacagtgaca tagacctgag atatgtaggc taatttttcc agtgaaaaag aaaacccatc     56100
     taccaggtca cacagatagt tatttctaca tatattttat gtttattgta tatgatgtct     56160
     agttatatct tgtatgagaa tagactttat tatatattta agaaaacctg cataccaatg     56220
     tcctcgtttt ccatctccag gtagtacata tgttcagcat ctatgtggaa ggttaacaaa     56280
     ctttagaaga agtgaaggag atgttacccg tgccatattg caaagaggac taaggcactt     56340
     agactttagg ttaattacct ctgtgaagtc taaatattcc tttagctaag cattttatgc     56400
     ctacctacat aaattaatat atctttatta tacatgtaat cagatataat catacaatat     56460
     ttgatatttg gataatgttc ataatgtata gcaaaatcca tttattatac taataatgtg     56520
     aaaattaaac cacagtaaaa agttaattat tttttaacta cactgtggca taattgaatt     56580
     aattaaatca ataggctctt ataagtaatg ttttagagcg atgtccacga acagctaaat     56640
     aaattgaatt gctgttccat cataatgtca ctttaaatta gttaagcaac acacattgtg     56700
     tattttccag ataaggaaat tcttgagttc ctaatgagct ttgctgaaaa atgtgtcaaa     56760
     ggaagcttag agctgacaag ttggacaaat aggtaattct aattgaagcc ataccaaaag     56820
     aaataaagca caatggcttt tattatctta aagattgcag ttgagactat ctttcttgta     56880
     tttttgacct tttctagatc tgaaaaagcc aaggggtaaa tttgaggcta aaaatggaca     56940
     ttaactgtct gttcatttgc tacatttggt tgaacatatt gtaataggca ttgttgactg     57000
     tctatgcctg ttgtgtttat ttaaggttta catcaataac atgttccaca tatacaatta     57060
     tttaaatcat agttaagagg tccacaagat ataatctctc ataataatgt cagtttgaag     57120
     aatatcaaac tgatggttag ggggcatatt atgatttaaa gatgtctttt ttcataaaca     57180
     ccataacatt atgaatatca aatgcctcat tgctatgaaa ttaaaacaac acatacttat     57240
     actcatagcc atctcagaaa atggcaggtt ttcatttaaa gaatagaaag cagaattctt     57300
     ttctcttcta gtttcatttc tgttgctgtg acaaataccc agacaccctc cctaaaaaat     57360
     gtcctaggga actgggaact aaagagttta tttggctcat ttccaagcta ttgtccaata     57420
     tagaaaaagg ttaaggcagg aactcaagca gctagtcata tcgcatctgc tgtcaagagc     57480
     taaggagaat aaggacacat tttgatctca gatacctttc tccttttata ttatctagga     57540
     ccacaccccc ttccactcca cccacaccca tccatgtcta ggggatagca acacccacaa     57600
     tggactagat cttcctacat caattaacaa gacaatagct cttatatatg cccacaggtc     57660
     aaactagtct agatgattcc tcattaaggc tctcttccta ggtaaatcta ggttgtgtca     57720
     agttgacctt taaaatctaa ccagcacact ttgtcaacca ctttgctaaa atagcatccc     57780
     tctaattaaa aagagacaaa tgttgtctag ttaagttgag cactactgca cagagaagtg     57840
     actgtacagt tgacataaaa aagcattgat aagaattgtt aactgctctt gggggtaagt     57900
     tgtaactaac aatcaccaaa gtgaagcagg atattataaa aataaagaaa tttcttacga     57960
     acgattgtcc aattttagaa ttctgagagc atggtgggtg ctggttgtaa actaatggcc     58020
     tccattttct taactgttct ttttttgtgt gaatgattgg caagtgtgct ttacttgaac     58080
     acatgaaagg tgtctggggg atatagcaga gaacatccct gcaaagggcc cttcaaggaa     58140
     atgagcagaa cacagatatt ttccattttc caaagaagac ataaaaatga ttatgtcaca     58200
     aaaaatgtct tttggttaac tgtgactata ggatagaaaa gcatactggc attttgcttc     58260
     cttgtgacaa aagcaattgc ccttaaagac atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     58320
     atatatatat atatatcttc agaccaaaat tttacaattt gaaacactta tttattattt     58380
     attttattta ttatttattt gctaataata ttttgttatt tttaaagagt tacttatttt     58440
     atgtatataa atatttgctt aaagtatgta tgtatactat gtgcatgcct ggtgccaaac     58500
     ttaaccagaa aagactgcta gatcccctga aactaaaatt acaaatggtt ctgaactacc     58560
     gtgtgtgtac gaggaaacaa tcctggatcc tctgcaagag aaccagatac tctggactaa     58620
     agagtcatct tcaactccat ttatattatt tttatttatc atgtgtatgt ttgtgtgtga     58680
     gtgcagacat gtgcatgcag cagtttgtat agggaagtca gaaggcaatc tcaggagcca     58740
     gtcctcccct ctgctttctc tgcaataggc tctcttattt tacactgtac atgacaagct     58800
     ggctgtgaga ttctctggtc tctgtcacca atgtttgttg attcattggg attgcaactt     58860
     cattttacct tatttagctt tacatgagcc ttgggcattc aaactcaggt tctcttgcat     58920
     agcaagtaat ttattcactg agccatctac ccagctctct ggtaacatgt catgttaatc     58980
     ctttgttaca ctgcttactc taaactggcc tttccaaatg ccatttcttt aatagtgacc     59040
     ttgtgatgtg gttatcttta gaaaaaagca ccctagccca gaatcaaagg aatgtaccat     59100
     ctgtgtttac taattaatga atgaatgtga ctcatctgtg aaaatagtga tctgagaagt     59160
     gaaaatagaa gctgtaggaa gctcagctgt aatctgtaga atagctcact ggccagtcac     59220
     tgttggctga gggaaaagga caaaaactct gaatcaaaaa ctacatccat ggagtctcag     59280
     tagcatggca gcctatgcat gacctgcata aggattatac caaaccccgt gctaacatag     59340
     aaagggagga agttcatggg gtctaaaccc agacaaagta ctatgagaaa ctaaagaaca     59400
     ctgagggaag aagaaatagt cctctccaaa gaaaagtaca ccaattggta atgtagttta     59460
     acaatcagcc ctgaaatata cacatagcag taacattata agcaaagtag gctatattta     59520
     tgtatttagg gacacacaac aacaacaaca cttaaaaaga ggtcatttaa gggctggaga     59580
     gatggctcag tggttaagag cactgactgc tcttccaaag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag     59640
     cagccacatg gtggcacaca accatccata acaaaatctg atgccctctc ctggtgtgtc     59700
     tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacataaaa taaataaata aatctttaag aaaaaaaaaa     59760
     aaagaggtca tttaaaatag cagtattgga gagggggtgg tactagaaag gagttggagc     59820
     aaagaaagga aagggagaaa ctgtctaatt atgttataat cccaaacgtt caaagcatat     59880
     ttacaacatt taaaattata agcaaaacaa ccttggaatc atctaaatac ccaaaacacc     59940
     taagtactat gcagctcaat cagagaaaga agctactgga aagaaaaatg gccacagaaa     60000
     ccaaatttgg agacattgaa gcacaaaagc aaagtcaaag gatggccata aaataaatga     60060
     ctaaattagt gtactacaac atagagtccc cactgtagct ctctgaggtg ctaaaggtca     60120
     ttttcccaga tcagctgcac ttccttctgc ctcgggactt tcttgaccag actaattgct     60180
     aataacttac agagtgatcc catcctcaga catttacatt ttaatgagga tttgtgaaac     60240
     tttaaaagct ttctatacac aaagtgtaca tcccattatc aaatggcaga atgtcaagct     60300
     ctgctaaggt tattcggtgg cacagcattt tccttagaaa cttgtaaatg tgacttaact     60360
     ggaaacaaag ggcttgagac aatcattcca tttaatcaag aaatttagag ggaaactgac     60420
     attatctaag atgcaaaggt gagatgagaa gtcttaaggc ttctctcatc aaaatcaaag     60480
     caattactaa gagaaatgca aaggttgtct gatttttata tttatctttt aaacgaatca     60540
     tatatcactt ccccttttct tccctgaaac tccacccatg cccccactcc ctttcaagct     60600
     aataccctta ttataattat ttattattat tattattatt tatatatata tacatatata     60660
     tatataaata caacctcctg cgtcctttac gtgcagctag tgtatatgtg atttcatagc     60720
     tggcagtggt gaattgaata accagttagg ggctcatcca tgggaaaggc taattctccc     60780
     tctcctagct gactaagttg actgtactta tttttctagg tgtgagacac agtgagattt     60840
     ttctctttta gttagcatga tcattgataa ttatcactgt tcaggtcttg tatagggagc     60900
     catattgtaa gcagcgtgga tgtagcttcc atgtcatttt ccagaaataa agtgttacag     60960
     caggagtccc ggtcccctga ccactagatc tacaatgttc tctgaatccc aggttcagga     61020
     gatgtattgt agatacatcc ttttgcgctg tgcccaatac tatgttgatc tctatagtgt     61080
     gacctattgt ggttttctgt aacaatctca attttctgca aaaagaagtt tctttaatga     61140
     aggttgagag ctacaactat ctgtggatat aggataggtt ttggacttaa gttaggaatt     61200
     atgatagttg gtatagtaag cttttgtcta ttagtaggtt ctctaagatc catgacctta     61260
     ccggttccaa gaaattggct aggtttctag tatcgtgatt gatttccctc atattgaata     61320
     ggcctcaaat ccagttagac atctgttagc agccaccaga tacaagtgtc actattgtat     61380
     ctttggggaa tcatattatt ttatatttac ttaaatgtac acatcatata tacttaaata     61440
     aagttatgcc acttaagcag acaatgctct tcacgtgtgt ctgcatttgg tggttgatta     61500
     tggtatggat ttctggatgg ggcagtctct gcatggtcct tccttccatc tcatctccaa     61560
     actttttctc tgtaactcct tccatgggta ttttgttccc cattctaagg agggacgaag     61620
     tatccacact tgggtcttcc ttcttcttgg gtttcatgtg ttttgcaaat tgtatcttgg     61680
     gtattctaag tttctgggct aatatccact tatcagtacg tgcatatcat gtgagttctt     61740
     ttgtgattgg gttacctcac tcagaatgat accctccaga tccatccatt tgcctaagaa     61800
     tttcataaat tcattgtttt taatagctga ggagtactcc attgtgtaaa tgtaccatat     61860
     tttctgtatc cattcctctg ttgaggggca tctgggttct ttccagcttc tggctattat     61920
     atataaggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgttctta ttacaagttg gaacatcttc     61980
     tggatatatg cccaggagag gtattgcagg atcctctggt agtactatac tctatgccac     62040
     aggaccccta gcacacccag gacctcggga ttatgggtgg gtggaaagca acatcagctc     62100
     caaagaatcc tggagggtct tgtgccagca ggaatagtac taattctatt tcttactatt     62160
     caaagactct ttatacaaaa ggtaggattc tacaatgtat atttcattta aatcatttaa     62220
     gtcttctttt catctttaat ctttcctcat agtccaggtg ctatcccttc ctgttacacc     62280
     ctccaacagt tcaccatccc attactcctc cccagattcc aagatgtccc cacactccca     62340
     cacccacctt ggctcacaat tttttctgaa ttttacagtt ttttttttca ttcagtcagt     62400
     ttcttctatt aatctctcct acttatctta gaatattttc tagtaattgt tgtctgctac     62460
     tgtttataat aaaggataac atctgtagag tacatcatta gacaattcaa aatggcatgg     62520
     tttacacaaa ggtgtaacaa aggtaggtct agtatcaccc actgtattca caatatgtat     62580
     atgatgcctc tgggcttcaa acaaggagaa caaaataata cattaaatat ttcatcatgc     62640
     attacaatag taaagatttg tgtatctata gttaactatg tgctgtgtta atatttgata     62700
     gcaaggaaaa atgggatgag aggcgaggac atgggacggt agttctaaac tgttaaagtt     62760
     taggcttctg agttcaaact ctaagtaccc agggataagg gaaagagaca acccattcag     62820
     ggaactctct ggacagtcac tttagatgaa cacagcaaat gcaggttcag aaagagaggc     62880
     tatatcaaaa ataaactaaa gatcaagagg ggaaaatgtt tcctattctc tgcccactac     62940
     attgactaca catactcaca tgcacacata tacacgtaaa catggtatgg catgttttct     63000
     tcatcaataa attaaccttg tctttctgta attgttatac tataatcaat tataatttta     63060
     ttttgtttta ttaacctgct gtactttatt aaccaattat attctattag ccttcaataa     63120
     tttgaaataa caggcttaca aacacacagt gcatggcact gtggttatgg tttctctttg     63180
     tataattatt ctacatgctt tccctatttt tcaaatatga cacaaccaga atcatagaat     63240
     tcatcataga attctaaatg gccagaatca tgtctatcat tgtctcctac ctcacacaga     63300
     gtctaggtaa gtcaccaccc atgtttaaac tctcctctga taacaatgcc tctttctgga     63360
     atatttggaa tacctgttta agctggtttc aagttagctt tgattttctt ttcataagaa     63420
     gaaatagtat cctctaaaat atggaattaa aagttgagca gatgaacaca atcgtaacat     63480
     ggattttttt tattgttgtt tttgttgttt ctctgattgt tttcattgtc acacattttg     63540
     taaatacaac ctgctgagtc aattcagtgt ttctcttatg tatgtgttta gggctgtgaa     63600
     cacttgggat tggacaatac atcaagggac tcagccctag agaaggttga ttctcattgt     63660
     tctcagtaga tattgattga tcagctgtag cccttcaact agcgataaaa catcatgaga     63720
     ctactccttt ccacattttc atgtcaactg atactgccat tgcttaagtc ttttttaggt     63780
     ggctgtgctg ttgagatttc atgtgtatag ctttcctata atgtctagaa tacactatct     63840
     tcacggcaga cctgattatc tggttcttat aatctttctc tccccttttt ccttgtattc     63900
     cctggttgag ccttagatgt aggggttttg ttacacatgt attaattaga gcttggtagc     63960
     ccacaatcag ttattatctg catttttaac agttatggct tgctataaag tctccatctg     64020
     ttacaaaaca agaatttgtg agaaaggtaa aggtcacact tatttttagg tttaagtatt     64080
     aagtatataa ttacatagta tactgctttc tgaaacttat agtaataggt tcttctctaa     64140
     gatccatgac ttcagtatcc aaatgtagtg ggctaggttt acagtcccag acagaattct     64200
     cttctaatga actattgatg aattaagtcc aattagatag atgttagtta ctgtgcaggc     64260
     accactattg tacctttaca tatatcttgt catgctactc cttgtcatgt ttcataggtt     64320
     gcaaaggtaa aagggttgtt aattgtatat aagtattaca tattatagca ttttgtacaa     64380
     agtgtatttt aatagattct ctggccccat catcttccca acaccttgat attctttttg     64440
     caagctaccc ctagtctatt tccctctttc aattctcatg tgtcgtttgc ccaccctgtt     64500
     cttccttatc acttattttt actctttcct agtctcattt ctcataagac caccataatg     64560
     tataatactg tcctttccca ataatgatgg tttacaagtt ttgattaata acagtctcac     64620
     attgtactct tctcaatgga tcctgtcttg ttctatttaa taggagaaaa atctactttt     64680
     ttccttctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctccatcac     64740
     caccaccagc agcaccacct catcctcctc ctttctaact ctttgacagc ttccagcatg     64800
     tttaacaaat tttaatattc tccacctcct cttaccctct ttcattccct atctttcact     64860
     gaaacccttc ttcctaacaa ttctctgtac tacctccatg tcttccttgt gtgtggtcca     64920
     ttgagtttaa ttagagttgc tagtccatat atgagtggga ggttatttat tagagcagtt     64980
     acaacttaaa actgtctgta ctcctgaaga aaatcagaaa ctttaaccca gtaaatatta     65040
     atttccagta gcctttcagg aaggagcaga atttccctgc agctcatgat aaaacggtga     65100
     ccaccccaat cttatgcaag ttttttccaa gtaaccaaaa ctacagtgag tttttggttg     65160
     ccatgttgtg ttcagaagat aactttgtgc tccacatctc gccatccttt gactcttaca     65220
     ttctttcctc cccatcgtct actgggttcc ttatttcatg ctttcttaga atcaagcact     65280
     ccatctttgc ttattctatg gtcactttgg ctagtgtggc atttctgtat taaataaacc     65340
     ctctgcagca gcaaacttct ctgatttcag ctgaaaacta atctatgaac ataagcatga     65400
     gtatttgcaa gtcagatgaa caatatgacc atttaggaaa acaataatag tagcatcccc     65460
     tctaaaccct atgaccttct gggcatggac agtagaccag atttacctaa acattcttag     65520
     ttctcttcca caaaccaggc cccaaatcta agaaagtagt tgtttacccc cgtagtatct     65580
     ttctatacaa tatactaaat ttaattaaga tccaagattc tcatctacat ttaatagtat     65640
     tgtccatctc ttatgcatgt actaagacat catcttcaca gcaatggctt gtgctgtaag     65700
     atcgagaatt gacaaacggg acctaatgaa actccaaagt ttctgcaagg caaaagacac     65760
     cgtcaataag acaaaaagac catcaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct atcctaaatc     65820
     agatagggga ctaatatcca acatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggagt tcagaaaatc     65880
     aaataacccc attaaaaaat ggggctcaga actgaacaaa gaattctcac ctgaggaata     65940
     ccgaatggca gagaagcacc tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc ttaatcacca gggaaatgca     66000
     aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga atggctaaga tcaaaaattc     66060
     aggtgacagc agatgctggc gtggatgtgg agaaagagga acactcctcc attgttggtg     66120
     ggattgcagg cttgtacaac cactctggaa gtcagtctgg cggttcctca gaaaattgga     66180
     catagtacta ccagaggatc cagcaatacc tctcctgggc atatatccag aagatgctcc     66240
     aactggtaag aaggacacat gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta taatagccag     66300
     aagctggaaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggtacat     66360
     ctacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaacaatgaa tttatgaaat tcctaggcaa     66420
     atggatggac ctggagggca tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca cattcacaaa ggaactcact     66480
     cacacaatat gtactcactg ataagtgaat attagcccca aacctaggat acccaagata     66540
     taagatacaa tttgctaaac acatgaaact caagaagaat gaagactgaa gtgtggacac     66600
     tatgcccctc cttagaattg ggaacaaaac acccatggaa ggagttacag agacaaagtt     66660
     tggagctgag atgaaaggat ggaccatgta gagactgcca tatccaggga tccaccccat     66720
     aatcagcatc caaacgctga caccattgca tacactagca aggttttgtt gaaaggaccc     66780
     agatgtagct gtctcttgtg agactatgcc ggggcctagc aaacacagag gtggatgctc     66840
     acagtcagct attggatgga tcacagggct cccaatggag gagctagaga aagtacccaa     66900
     ggagctaaag ggatctgcaa ccctataggt ggaacaacat tatgaactaa ccagtaccct     66960
     ggagctcttg actctagctg catatgtatc aaaagatggc ctagtcggcc atcactggaa     67020
     agagaggccc attggacacg caaactttat atgccccagt acaggggaac gccagggcca     67080
     aaaaggggga gtgggtgggt aggggagtgg gggtgggtgg gtatgcggga cttttggttt     67140
     agcattggaa atgtaaatga gctaaatacc taataaaaaa tggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac     67200
     ggaggaaggg gaggaagaaa aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaagac atcatcttca tggactctat     67260
     tccttcataa gattgttttg ctattttttg tttgttttgg ctttcaatag atgtaatttg     67320
     gaagtaaaac tgaaaatcaa ccccagtgtc aaagacaaaa atcacaaacc ctactcatgt     67380
     ctaaatcagt atgagccaaa gagttgataa agtatgaaga gtggacacat tttaattctt     67440
     ttcttttttt tccttactct ctagcctctt aggtatgctt ctaaagtcca agattggaag     67500
     gcaaacttgg gaataataca aatacgatat ttatttcccc tcttaaaacc cattttagga     67560
     tttataactc ttcttagcat ctctgatcat tattgtttga taaaaatagt ttaacaatgg     67620
     cagaattgag agggactatc aagaccactt agggggcacc tgtcaccact gacaataatc     67680
     tgagtttgat acctgtgatc cacataatag aaaaaaataa tcaaaccctg aaagttgtct     67740
     tctggccata cacctgttat agcatatgtg tgataaaaat caatcgagaa acagcaagat     67800
     ggttgagcat aattttaatc tacttatttg tttgagacat tataagtgca tgataattga     67860
     caattttaaa caaagtagac aggaatcttt gaaaatatgc ctagttccac cttctctcaa     67920
     aatataaata aattcatata ttttgcatca caagtaagaa gatgtaagct caatctataa     67980
     atcccttgaa aattctaata gtttatttaa actattttta ttaataatga tattagttaa     68040
     taacatggga aacaaaaatc tttttctaat tttagacata ttaacaatta gagaatttaa     68100
     taaaatctag agaaaagtaa ataacttcat caatttacag aacactgggg taaagagctg     68160
     gcccagctct caagaataaa tacctacaac tcttgcagaa cactagagtt cagttgccag     68220
     catccatgtc aggtacctca caacctcttg tatctcaaac ttcaagggat ccagtgtccc     68280
     tcaaatatac cccccccaca cacacatact atggcattta tatgtacata tacacataaa     68340
     taaaaataat agaaataact tttcaaatta tggaatacat ggtcatattt aaaatttgta     68400
     tccatgtggt caaatgaatg caaccaccga ttttaaaatt aagttagaaa tgtgagtttt     68460
     tttctgtagt tttgacttca tttttttaag cataattcct tcagttctgt atctcctgtc     68520
     tgagttactg atctattcca ttgttcagtg agtagatggt ttttgctatt ctttgtcaca     68580
     cagctttaat ctatatagta tgaagttcaa cttgaggctt cttatgagaa gatcctgtgt     68640
     cctgtgaatc tgaacaaata gtatgcatat gcttttatat gcaatagtgt caaggataag     68700
     aaccatggct gttatagaat aaggagaggt tgctagacaa aaataactac atagaaacta     68760
     aaagtcatga aacttcaaga aatttttgac aaatgattgt attctgtaag aaacagcaat     68820
     gtatattttt gacaacatga ctggctgctg aatccatttc ataacagcgt ggctctgggt     68880
     agcagttcca gcaatttcac ttaattatgt attggaagac agcttgccaa ttgctattca     68940
     cttcatttcc tcccagagga agaggaagag tgagaaaaat atatctctgc ctgtgcaagt     69000
     gcaacatcag cactgccttc ccagccatct gtccactcat ccaggcgtac tggaagtctc     69060
     cgagcaatgg gacctgctgg gggagtcaat tgaaggaaca tgctcttaaa agtccactct     69120
     atgccatttt gtggcctgga tcccttaatt agggtgagaa gaaacaacag cctttcaatg     69180
     ccacagaaat aaaagtgctc cctagtgatg agtagccatt gatgggtgga gatatatatg     69240
     gcaggagatt ttctgaagca tctttggctt tttctgcatg agtacaagtg ggaactctaa     69300
     agaagagatt aggtataaat ttttaaagct ttcttcccta tatcaaatga tatctccctt     69360
     cctaaaacct tccagaattt cactcaatgc ctaaagatgg aaggaagtat cttcataaat     69420
     cttaacaatg tttaaactgt ttataagatt ctcttttcag aacattttac acaacagtct     69480
     tatactatac tcaaagatgt ttttgaacat gtgacactcc tcctctttca gccactagat     69540
     tacaggattg taagcatatc ttcaaaaaat tgttttcatt taaaaaatgt aatgcctgat     69600
     actgattgtg catatttaaa ttgttaaatt agtgtttgat ttcttttata tagactgttt     69660
     ctgaagttca ttgctatgtt ctgcaacacc aattttagtg atataatttt tagcaagtga     69720
     tacacgaaac acaatgaagc taggagaaat tgtggagaag gggtgagatt tctggatgtg     69780
     ctagctacat tttaccagca gagattcctc catatcctca aacataaaat taagtagtat     69840
     ctgaagttct tcaggtactg agtggacaga gagagagagg gtgggggaga gagatgacta     69900
     cagtggaact ggggaatttc ggaggtgagg cacagcatat cattcaggtt ttctttaata     69960
     atctatggct atgaatctag aaagctatga aaactcctac tacaatctgt gtacaaggca     70020
     gaagcaaggg gaaatttgag ccaccttgac agtatctttt ttttttcttt cctttttttt     70080
     tttttttttt acccaactcc tttgctcttt tggttgccaa gtcccaaatg tcatgtccct     70140
     gtaggcagct tctggtggca acagttccaa aaactggtct gataatgaac aaaagggtca     70200
     gtgaaaatgt acatttaaag agggtattct ttttaaattt attttcttgt tacttattca     70260
     cttaaaatct ctctcacttc tccccaaatc acccctttac acaatacttt tcccatcccc     70320
     cctctacttt tcctctgagc agttgggcac cccttgtgta tcttccaaac ctggcacttc     70380
     aaatctctgt gagactaggc acttcctctc ccactgaggc caaacaaggc agcccagcta     70440
     aaaagaatgt atcccacata caggcaacag cttttgggat agaccctgct ctaattgtta     70500
     aggacccaca tggaggttaa gctgcatatc tgctacatat gtgtggggag gcctaggtct     70560
     agatcattta tgttctttgg tggtggctca gtctctgaga gccccaaggg tccaggttag     70620
     ttgattctgt tggtcttctt gtagagttcc tatctcttag gggccacaat ccttcctcct     70680
     attcttccca aagaataaag gttcccaagc tccatccact gttcggctgt gcatgttagc     70740
     ctctgtctga gtcagttggt gagtagggcc ttagagaagt tattctcaac agccagagaa     70800
     tattcttaac tttgagagta tgacttttac tctgtccttt cttattctta aaaaaagatg     70860
     aaataataat aaataaaaac aagcaacctg aaaataatgc aagagagctg gttaaatttt     70920
     aattaacaag gaacaagttt taaatatgta ctgcaaatgc gaaatagagc atattagtaa     70980
     atatttggtg tttgtatgtt attcaagctt aactgaaaac cttcattttt actctatgtt     71040
     tcaagtaatt tttgacacac accacatgac aaagataatt cctgacaaag catacaaatg     71100
     actttccaat ttgtcttcac tttctccagt aagtcctttt ttttggatga tattgcactg     71160
     aggccatcat ctatagttgc tttagtggca ttgctgtctc cttaaccacc cctttccctc     71220
     tcctcctttt acttttctgc aagggagctt gtgtataaat gttagagcac aatgttccct     71280
     tagtgccctt gtgaacacct gacaggctga tgagcagaaa aaagagcagc caaagaaagc     71340
     ctccagcctc tcactacttt gctgaggaca ggtctgttca gctagaatat attcatttat     71400
     tcacaaacac ttttcacttc ccacaagcaa tcagcatggg ttctttctct gctgcattgc     71460
     tccctgctgg tgaaatcccc tctcagcatc agctggtttc tgtgcccttt cctaggtcac     71520
     atatatgata tcttttattt tacctgataa gcattgatat ataaacttgg ctttgtcaat     71580
     gcatgattgg aaatgaaaat tttatgtaag ttgtcttgag acactgtttt ctgagccacc     71640
     tttctccaca ttgatacact gaggcctaga cacattattg ttattgttcc tcttcgctta     71700
     tgatacctac tatcttctgt tctgcttgga actcatatgt tttccttcta aaagatttat     71760
     aaaatcttaa caaacttatt ttctcttctt taaaatatag ataaggttga ccttagttgg     71820
     actttgagaa aagagaacat tgttctagta ctttctctgt tgctgtgata aaacactgat     71880
     caaaatatgc ttggagagaa atgagattat tttaacatac aagttattat ccatcaatta     71940
     gggaagtcaa ggtcggaact caaagaaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaatcc tggagacagg     72000
     agtaggagtg atgaccatag aagaatgctg tttactggct tgcttctcat ggcttttcaa     72060
     gatgcctttc atagtaatac aagatcacct gtctacagat tgcatttccc tctctgggcc     72120
     cttctgcacc aactgaaact ggtcctgccc accaacaaat ctaatagaga ctattcctca     72180
     attgtgttcc ttctacccat ggaagtctgg tttgtatcaa atgtaagcga cccaaaatca     72240
     aaactagata tttataacct caaataaaat actggaatgt tgatttattc tgttccaaat     72300
     tatcttactc aaaggaataa tattttatat gttcctggaa tgggagacag ggtatcacaa     72360
     atcaattgta agtgggtagc atccagaata aatactagaa ttaatatgaa gagtgaaatg     72420
     tctcattttt tataggaata aaggaaaagg aaaggaggag ggctaataaa atcacatctg     72480
     gcctattcat atttacataa tagattaatt gcagatcttc aatagagaag attgcatcca     72540
     caatgtagtt tgtttcatat ttggcactgc tatagagatc tttaaatatt ttcagaaatt     72600
     aaacagctgt agtaaaatcc atgctgttga tactgagtca ttaaagtgtc aagaatagtt     72660
     ctgcaaagtg aagaaaattt ctagaagacg ataaaggcaa gcacatcccc gtttatagtt     72720
     aatacatttt ttcctgggga aaaagacctt ggtgtttcaa aataaggcag aagaaaaggt     72780
     ctgtgggaga aaattggtaa gagaaaatga gccttccagc ccatgataca atgtttcagg     72840
     tttaatttaa gtgaaaatgg aagagtctgt gaagacttct ttaactagag aatgacctag     72900
     tttgatttat aaccttgaaa gatgttggct gctgtagaga atgtagacat atgtagtatg     72960
     ttacactcat ggtcaaatga tagtcattag tatgctctta tcccatgcgt gatcatgccc     73020
     acattgctca tatttccatt actgtacatc cagaatgtta ataacagagt catatgcaca     73080
     aagattgttt aaagaaatta aaatggcatg gtaactaata ctaatagtca aggttggttt     73140
     ttatgtagcc ttgagcagct taaactctct gaacttgatc tcttgatttt taaagtgctc     73200
     atagtgataa ggttgctata gggtttaaat gaggaaacat atattaaatg cctagcaaat     73260
     tggcaggtag tagctaaatg acaaatatgg ctaattattt ctatctccaa agtgtataaa     73320
     accaaaccaa acaaaacaaa aagtttagat aaatttttca gatgaggact cttaggagga     73380
     tgtagtagac atagaaataa atgcataaca gcaacagtgc acatatatta tcgtatatat     73440
     tgtattccca aatagcccta acactttctc ctctaataga ccagtgcatc caaggtcaca     73500
     taaagatatt tcaaggtatc taagcattgg tgcacaaatg cactatttgc caaaactagt     73560
     cctttacagg tttctccaaa ggaaaatctt gggatgatac caatttccac aaaacaacat     73620
     tggtcttgag cctttcacat tacataaagt taagtgagag agtatttcct actccagagc     73680
     actattttct attctgtatc tatcttctaa cctgactcct cacctccctc atgtaaggcc     73740
     acattattcc aagagctctg tctttctctc ctcctgcctt agtcatcagt cgatgcttct     73800
     ccaggtgtta ctactgaaat ctcaacacaa actcttatat atttattatc atgtgttttt     73860
     ggagggtttc tatgaatgag aaatgactaa acaaaggcca gtggggataa atcttataag     73920
     cactatagtt atatttctta gtccctttta aagtattgat ggaatctaga aatattttct     73980
     gcttatctaa atattcagta aatgtttaaa gtcctatggc ttcaaagagt acaattttaa     74040
     gacgtttact tcttgagaaa tccttcagta cctttaaagt aggattaatt taatagcaag     74100
     ccaaggtatt tatacactca tccaggcgat aaggctgcag ccttcttaga ttggattgat     74160
     tgaagcataa tgcagcctta ccatccagtg tatcctaccc tacccttata tcatggacat     74220
     cattcttttt taacttcagt tcacactctg cctgtgtaag agactacatg acataagaag     74280
     aatccttgaa caatagagaa aatatggttc aggaatttcc agtactcagg ctccctgctc     74340
     acacatccta ggcctctgac attgtaacaa gcacttttct ccctttaata ctgtttttgt     74400
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt cttgtcttgc ttttgtttgt tatcagggaa     74460
     aaataagaaa agttctccta aggttattaa attttttaaa ttatataagt atcttataga     74520
     acaatgtatg attgaaaagt tcaggctctg attcaacatc tgaattctgg cttctccgtc     74580
     tgctggtttt gttgtatttg aaaagctatg tgtcatctaa ataacacagt atcatcagct     74640
     gtaacaggaa tatgttaatt atatcagcag ttttccttgg agattaagtg aaatgcagat     74700
     gtctcacaat tttcctccaa cttgcacaat gaaataatag taaattgtca aaatagcact     74760
     tccattaaaa gataagatga tgggaaactt aagagttttg ttgagcatcc cttgtttcca     74820
     agagttgctc tagatgtcag atggacaaaa ctttgattct cacagtattt acatatgttt     74880
     aattacatat aactaatcaa agctttctgt agtttgaaca ttaatccact cttgtttcta     74940
     gagtaaacaa agtaatattt taaaaacata tttggtgttt agacctattc agcattttac     75000
     aactaaaatc aagtagtatt atatttagca taacagaaac catggagctg gggagaacta     75060
     gtatcttaac aaagtctggt tttccactaa accacatagg gcttaggact aggacaaaaa     75120
     tatatgttac tttggtatac atgactctgg agttcatagc ataagttaag acatggctgt     75180
     gcctccccaa accaaatcaa acaacaccct aaacagcagg cttgaaatct agcctgggat     75240
     cttccaaaat gctgctctac aaagtcttat ttttttaatt ggatattttc tttatttata     75300
     tttgaaatga tatctccttt cctagttgcc ccctacccca gaaaccctct ataaaatctc     75360
     cccctaccct gcttctatga gggtattacc caacacacac actcccacat cgtggccctc     75420
     acattcccct acactgtggc atctagcctt cacaggacca agggcctctt ctcccattga     75480
     tgcctgacaa ggctattctc tgctacatat ttgtctagac ccatgggttc ctccatggtt     75540
     ggtggtttag tctcttagag caatgggggg tggagggagg agtctggttg gctgatattg     75600
     ttgatcttcc tatggggtgg taaacccctt cagctccttt ggtgctttca ctaactccac     75660
     cattgggaac tctgtgctca atctaatgga tgtctgagag catccaccct gtatttgtca     75720
     agctctggta gagcctctca ggagacagct atatcaggct cctgttagca tgcacttctt     75780
     agcatctaca atagtgtcta gaattggtga ctgtatacgg gatgtctaca tggcctttcc     75840
     ttcagtctct gctccacatt ttgtctccat atttactccc atattttgtt ccaccttcta     75900
     ggaaggactg aagcacccac actatggtct tccttatttc tatgcttcat gttgtctgtg     75960
     aaatatatct tgggtatttc aaacttctgg gctaatatcc acttatcagt gaatacataa     76020
     catgtttgtt attttgtgat tgggttatct cactcaggat gatattttct agttccatcc     76080
     actggcctaa atagtaaaag cagtatacag caaaccagta gccaatatca aactaaatgg     76140
     agacaaactt gaagcaatcc cactaaaatc aggaagtaga caaggctgta cactctctgc     76200
     ctatctattc attatagtac ttgaagttct agctacatca attagaaaac aaaaggaggt     76260
     caaagggata caaattggaa aggaagaagt taaaatatca ctatttccac atgatatgat     76320
     agtatacttg tgtggctccc aaaattccac cagagaactc ttaaacctga taaacaactt     76380
     cagcaaagtg gctggttata aaattaactc aaatctctag ccttcatcaa ctcaaagaat     76440
     aaacaggctg aggaagaaat tagggaaata gtcacaaaca atataaagta ccttgatata     76500
     tctctaacca agcaagtgaa agatctgtat gacaagaact tcaagtctct gaagagagaa     76560
     aataaagaag atctcaaaag atattaagat ctcccatgct catggattgg caggatcaat     76620
     atagtaaaaa tggcaatctt gccaaaagca atctacatat tcaatgcaat ccccatcaaa     76680
     ataccacctc aattcttcat agagttagaa aaagcaaatt acagattcat ttggaataac     76740
     aaaaagtcca ggatagcgaa aactattttc aacagtaaac aaacttctgt gggaatcatc     76800
     atccctgatc tcaagctgta tcacaaagca atagtgataa aaactatata gtactggtac     76860
     agagacaagc aggtagatca atggaataaa attgaagatg cagtcacttg atctttgaca     76920
     aagaatctaa aaacatccag tgtaaaaaaa gacagcattt tcaacaaatg atggtggttc     76980
     aattggtggt caacatgtag gagaatgcaa attgatccat tcttatctcc ctttacaaag     77040
     ctcaaataca agtggattaa gtacctccac ataaaaccag atacactgaa tgtaatagaa     77100
     gagaaagtgg ggaagagcct tgagcacatg gacacagggg aaaatcacct gaacagaaaa     77160
     caaatgactt atgctctaag atcaagaata gacaaatggg acctcataaa attgcagagc     77220
     ttctgtaagg caaaggacac tgtcaataag acaatatggc aaccaacaga tttggaaaag     77280
     atcgttacga agtctacatc cagtagaggg ttaatatcca atacataaaa agaactcaag     77340
     aagttagact ccagagaatc aaataaccct atttaaaaat ggagaacaga gctaaacaga     77400
     gaattctcaa ctgataaaac ttgaattgct cagaaacacc taaataaatg ttcaacatac     77460
     ttattcatca gagaaataca aatcaaaatg accctgagat tccaactcac acaaatcaga     77520
     atggctaaga tcaaaaattc agcttacagc agatgctggt gagaatgtgg agaaagagga     77580
     acactcctcc attgctggtg ggattgcaaa ctggtataac cactctggaa atcagtctgg     77640
     tggttcctca gaaaattgga tatagtatca cctgaggacc ccgctatacc attcctggga     77700
     gtatatgcag aagatgctcc aatatttaat aaggacacat gctccactat gttcataaaa     77760
     gccatattta taatagccag aagctgaaaa gaactcagat atctctcaac agaggaatgg     77820
     atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ttacacaatg gagtactact aagccattaa aagcaatgaa     77880
     tatatgaaat tcacaagcaa aagaatggaa tttgagaata tcatcctgag tgagattatt     77940
     cagtcacaaa ggaacaaaca tgatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatgtta gcccaaaagt     78000
     ttggaatacc caagtttcaa tttatagagc atatgaaacc taagaagaag caagaccaaa     78060
     atgtggatgc ttcagtgttt tttagaaggg tgaacaaaat actcacagga ggaaatatgg     78120
     agacaaagta tgaagcagag cctgaaaaaa tggtcatcca gagactgccc cacctggagg     78180
     tccatcccat atacagccac caaacccaga cgatattgtg gatgctagga agtgcttgct     78240
     gatagaagcc tgatatggct gtctcctgag aggctctgcc acaatttgac aaatacagag     78300
     gaggagctcg cagccaacca ttagacgagg atgtctatga tggaagagtt gcagaaggga     78360
     gtgaaggagt tgagggggtt tgcagcctca tggagggagc aacagtgtca acaggtaaga     78420
     ctgccccccc acccctccct cccccccccc agctcccggc agactggaca accaaccata     78480
     gaatacacat ggagtgactc atggcactgg ccacatatgt ggcaggggac ggacttgttg     78540
     tacatccgtg ggagaagggt tccttggtcc tgagggtgtt tgatgcccca gtgtagggga     78600
     atgcctaggt tggagaatgg gagtagctgt gtgtgggaac accctcatac agacaggggg     78660
     agagaggata ggatagggag tttcccaagg ggagacctgg aaaggggaaa acatttgaaa     78720
     tgtaaattta aaaaaaaatc caagaaaaaa aaatcatttc attattaaaa gaccttgtga     78780
     caacaagtta gattttctcc tgacagtacc cccattccac ttcaaagaca atgatgacca     78840
     ttagcagcct acatatgaag tttcttcaat tgtggcaacc tagccactgg tcataaagaa     78900
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagcc cttactttat ctgcaggcaa aattccatcc     78960
     aaaaggacac aaggtagttg attgctaagc tctgccatga cagcatatgc tagcccttca     79020
     tgattcctgc ttcacttaaa gtttgtcaga tattctgagc ccaaaggctg aagatagatg     79080
     ctccaacatt ataaagaata ttgggggctt tccaggcagt cagctgtctc tgtcatttcc     79140
     ttaatttttg gaaactgcat tcttgtgctt cctgcatact ctaataatat gtgtactttt     79200
     ttgggtcgct gaagggctta atactagata gttatagttt cacaatcaaa ctttagttgt     79260
     tttgtattta agatgttctg ggtctaaaaa gatgttttat tatggtaata caggttaaaa     79320
     ttatacatga tttaaataac aaaactctaa acacattaag atagaataca tggcaaaata     79380
     ccttacccaa gttgccaaaa acaaacaaac tgaagttttt aagtgtatcc catacctaat     79440
     aacttccatg atggtttcat aattgtttgt actatatgtt gtttgctatt ataagagaaa     79500
     gaaagagcct ttttaattaa acaaaaaagg gaaattgttg aggtttggtc ttttgctatg     79560
     caaaaaactg gttgctccca gaaactgcat gtagacacag gtgatgctcc tcaagttatc     79620
     cctgattggt gaataaagat gctgacagcc aatacctggg cagaagaggc ataggtgtag     79680
     tttagggttc ctggacttgg agttggagga gaaccatgag gtggtagggg cagggtgggg     79740
     gagaatatgg agaatagagg agaagacaac atggggtaaa aaatcttaaa ataatggctt     79800
     tgtgggttgg ctaattggac ttaagatcag cccagattaa acagcaaatt atataatggt     79860
     gttttgcctg ggaaatagac ataaaagcat agaggataga tatctgctca gatcttatac     79920
     tgactaaaac taattataaa tttaaaggtt gtatgtgtct tttatctggg aactaaatgt     79980
     tcaatggcag ggtagaaacc tggattgaaa ttaaataatt tgctaaacaa tattagatac     80040
     aattggtatt gatatagcaa ctattttcat gcattaatat ataaagatga cacctcagtc     80100
     atatctaaac cttcacaata gtgtttataa ataatagaat gaattacatt taacaatatt     80160
     tgtattattg tacttaaagc taattcttag aaactgtatt tggaatatat ttccaaaata     80220
     tcaatagtaa gttataaata tagtacattt aaattttgtg gatcctaact aaccttacag     80280
     aataaccaaa aaagaaaaaa aaacacacat tatttcttat aagtccaatg tatctaagaa     80340
     catattaaca gagaaatcta taagcacaaa ctaagcactt actcaatata tacatatttc     80400
     aaagcatggt aaattcatat aacagacata tcacaaagtg ccatatttat tttacaaaaa     80460
     gcattttgtt tgttagtttt attttaaata taaattataa tagattaaca atatagaaac     80520
     caagtcaagc tcaccggaaa agcttcagct cctaaaaaga gagaataaaa aaaatctgtt     80580
     tctctaaaaa acagatattt agagaaacat gtttctctaa aaaacattaa tactttaaaa     80640
     tcattaatat ttatgatatt tattatttac tatttaatat tatccaaata ttcaattagt     80700
     atttatccca cactggatca gtgacagaga gagtttacct gtttcttagc tttcctgacc     80760
     taaaactttc agtctcagga cataaagtgc aagcctcaag cagttagttc acaaacacct     80820
     aacacacact ttcatatgct ttacagagaa ccaagtagct actgaatgac caaagactaa     80880
     gcagcaagac actgaaggtg ggcatagaag tctcttgtta ataaccaggc acaagtaacc     80940
     ttcaactcat gatgacaacc tgcatttcac atagcctatg aaaattacta ccagcatgat     81000
     ataagatttt ggatgtctta tgttttcaat ttaaattctt taggttaaag aaaagttaaa     81060
     agataaaaac ttggaatttt tatcttattt attttatgat tgtataataa taaactatgt     81120
     gaattaggtt aactttcatg acacgaattt ttttaagatt taattttatt tagtttatct     81180
     ttgtgagtac acagttgctc tcttcaaaca caccagaaga gggcatcaga taccattaca     81240
     gatggttgtg agtcactgtg tggttgctgg tatttgaact tatgacctct ggaagagcag     81300
     tcagtgctct taactgctga gccatctctt cagccctgac atgaattttc gataagtgga     81360
     catgctagaa gaatttgttc ccctcatctt tccaaaatac atggattata gatgtaaaaa     81420
     ttagctatct actgtgagtt tatttaagca tgtaatttgt cccttgaggt atggtgaaat     81480
     tttttataat ttcaggaaga attcaggcaa ctaatagtaa aaagtggaaa catctctgta     81540
     catattagtc tccttgatgc ctatgaaaaa taaggaagca tatgacagcg tagtctgaca     81600
     ctactctaaa tctgcctgga atcatgctcg gcctctttct tctcatctgt cactgaatag     81660
     ggcaattggt atctctgcat gtcacctttc tcatctgtaa aaactagcaa ggtcacatgg     81720
     atgtttgaca gttaattttc aaatacttca tagccatgct caatgcatag catgcatcca     81780
     atcaacattt attctcatta attgcatcct tataagcaag caggaaacca caattcatta     81840
     ctggaattca tttactatca ccaatagtct ctcatacatc ttgctggaaa gtaatatttc     81900
     atatttgtgc tttaaatgta acatttgtgg gaagcttttc atctgaggaa agtatataga     81960
     tgaaaccctc tagagtaaaa ttgaagggag acaaattttc atgttgtcta tactgtatag     82020
     tacacataga tcatcaggca tggtcttaaa cattaacaac ataataaaat tagtagaaag     82080
     tactatttct gcaacaggcc aaatatcaaa agagataagg ccattatctc tttgacaatt     82140
     tataaggtca ctgcagatat aaataattat atctgctatg ctggtataga gtagatcctt     82200
     atccaatatg actgatgcct ctggcagtgt aaagacttac atttagacac attgtagtgg     82260
     aagcaaaaag agagaaactg tacaactcct atccatggaa aaccagagat ggccagtcaa     82320
     caccagaagc tctgaaagaa gcaaacagaa tcctcctaca actttcagaa gagccctccc     82380
     tacatattgc ttttctatct gcagaactgt catgcaattt gttttttact ttgaagtaat     82440
     ttgctaccat agttccaaga aactaaaata atctgtattt tacaaatagg aaatttaggg     82500
     ccataaagtg agaagtgtat ctaatgactt tgaagtaatt tgctaccata gttccaagaa     82560
     actaaaataa tctgtatttt acaaatagga aatttagggc cagaaagtga gacgtgtata     82620
     tctaatgacc cacaactaga agttaaagaa accatttctc aatttaaaat tccattgtga     82680
     cattttctta ctctcagcca ttcacgtatc atccaatctc tttatgacct tcaccctccc     82740
     tgtcctcatt catgcacatg cgtgttttgc ccatagaatg aaaaataaat atatgaactg     82800
     aactcattct tcagtgtcaa acatcacata aaaaattccc atatgctgtc tgacttaagg     82860
     tttctattgc tataaagaga tactatggaa gaagacattt aattgagctg gcttatagtt     82920
     tcagaggctt tttgtttttg ttttttgttt ttccattatc atcaaggtag aaagcatgac     82980
     agaaagcaga caagcatgtt gctagagaag gacctgaaag ttttatatct tagtcaaagg     83040
     cagcacaagt gaatgccaca ctatgcctaa cttgagcatc tgagacctca aagcccaccc     83100
     caagtgacaa ctttctccac caaggccaca catattccga caagaaaatg tattctaata     83160
     atgccacccc agtgtcttag gcatgcaaac acatgagtct atgggagcta ttcttactcc     83220
     aaccacacac tgtctccacc caaaatgagt cctgtctctc tctctcatga aaattgtctt     83280
     tgtatttctt ttccaaatat ttcagtctca cagagagttt tgctccttgg cattatgaaa     83340
     acttttctgt agctttattt catatctgtt tttgttctgt gtcttgaata attaaagata     83400
     gtctacagta ttctttgaac ctcacaaaat tttgagtttt ctagaaaatg aagatcacag     83460
     ttgctctttt aggaataata gaacctgaat atttgtagta ccaataattg caaactgtag     83520
     ttttgctgat tatatattca atatgtgtac cattcacaga cccagaagta acaagctaac     83580
     tgttagatga gggatgaggg atgaggtttc caacagtcca tcatgccttg tctgtgttct     83640
     gttaagcttg ctgccctttc tgttatttaa cagcttgacc ttctttcttc tatcccatag     83700
     cttttgccaa gtttatcatt agtctgaata tttatctgag aatatttatc tcaattccca     83760
     ataaaataaa atgaaaattt agactcaaaa gatacacatt agatttcagt aaagtatgaa     83820
     aaaaacaaag caagaacttc taaataaatt tatcaaaagt atatagaagc aaatcaatct     83880
     tttgtagtgt ttccctttct gaagaaatga taagtaaact tgatttcaga tttgtaaatt     83940
     ttcacatgca tgtcttcata agttttgtgc tgaaaagaaa ctaaacataa atgctatgca     84000
     gctagaaaaa aagaaaagaa gagataaata gagagacaag caaggtcaac atgcactgtt     84060
     ttaggccact agttgattgg ctgatgcaaa gcatgactta aatacttggc agagacatgc     84120
     tgatttcact agtaggtatc gagataatgt gcagaaccat tcgagatgac tgcacatgag     84180
     ttgtataaac ttccttcacc atgaaagttc ccagaaccag aaaaaccttc ttcagaagaa     84240
     aaatttgcat tacaaagaca cagtaatacc agaagcttaa gtggaactga aaagcttagc     84300
     tctaagccag gccatccctt tgtggacaga actttatttt aactcctaga gcatctttct     84360
     ttattcaaaa gtaataaggt ctgacgaata atataaacat accttcatga ctaggatgca     84420
     ataatagcca agataaagtt taattaacag aaggcactgc caggagtgtt gcctgaggtg     84480
     cattctgaag gacagcagcc taaaggtatt tggaattcac tggcattttt ctttcccttt     84540
     gttgaacttt atagaattaa ttgtatgtga aaattaaata gttagcacag tgtttgtttc     84600
     taccaggtga tatgtctgaa gagaaaacat ttcaacattt ttgtctctat aacacttagc     84660
     aacgtggcag tcaagtactg cttgtggaat ggattgattt tttttttttc tgactgaact     84720
     ttttcttttg acaaatttgc tcctatgctg cctcctcctc atcctcctcc tcctccttct     84780
     actcctcctc ctcctgctcc tacttctctt cttggctttt atttttacat tttaaacttt     84840
     ttattgacag tttacaaatt tcatatcatg caccccaatc ccacacattt ccatgtcctt     84900
     ctatatcatc ctctgccttt gcaacctccc ctctaacaaa taaatgaaaa tgaaacaacg     84960
     aaaaggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acatttaaaa ataaaacgat aatctcaccg tgaaatctac     85020
     aatgtgtcat ggtgtgtaac acagtatacc cttttggcca cacatagatt tactagcaaa     85080
     tattcattgg aatgtgccct tggtgggctt ctgctacact atcagtattg gatcccgata     85140
     ggagttcctc tcagatatcc tgttgttgcc ctggaaatcc tgcagcttag gttctgcagg     85200
     atgggctcct tcatgcattc tagcagttca tagataaaga atgtagatgt tgaggttggc     85260
     caactcaaga ccctagatct gagcctgagt gatgtctgtg tgattcagcc aggtctctta     85320
     caccccatgc catcaggggt agtttttcca ttttgcacag agaaggagca aaatgcttgt     85380
     ggcaggagca ggcttcttct gacagcctgt aggaggtagg aatgacggtc accatgctca     85440
     agccaccaag cactgctggg gtggggtgag gaatcactct gacatatatc ccactgcacc     85500
     tgctctactg tgatgccgag gtgaggtcat atgattcttc taagttgtaa gttttcagac     85560
     atttgattgg attttaataa ttaaaataaa gtatggacct gggggagcca tcttggttcc     85620
     cagatacctc tgagactagt ctgcttgggt gcgagtgtgg acaggcagaa gcaacacagc     85680
     atctgaagaa gcactggctc aggttccaga ggaggtgtcc atcctaccgg ggagggcttt     85740
     gccagagcac ctggggaagc catcctggtt cctggattcc tcctcgtcta gtctactcag     85800
     gtgagagtgt ggactacaga agctgacagt ttctgggaca ggccctgttt caggccttca     85860
     tcttctgcca ggaggcagtt ctgaacacca gatatctatg caccttcctt gcaagaggag     85920
     agcttgccta aagtgagtgt tctgaccact gaaactcaga gaagagagct agtctcccag     85980
     gtctgctgat agaggctaac agaatcacaa gaggaaaaag ctctaaccag agacaactat     86040
     agcaactaac tccagagatt accagatggc aaaaggcaaa tgtaagaatc ttactaacag     86100
     aaaccaagac cactcaccat catcagaacc cagcaccccc aactcagcca gtcctgggca     86160
     ccccaacaca cctgaaaagc tagaccaaga tttaaaagca tatctcatga tgatggtaga     86220
     ggacatcagg aaggacttta ataactcact taaaaaatac aggagaacac tgctaaagag     86280
     ttacaagtcc ttaaagaaaa acaggaaaac acaaacaaac aggtgatgga aatgaacaaa     86340
     atcataccag acctaaaaag ggtagtagac aaaataaaga aaacacaaag tgaggcaatg     86400
     ctggagattg aaaccttagg aaagaaatct ggagccatca gcaacagaat aaaagggatg     86460
     gagagagaat ctcaggtgca gaagattcca tagagaacat tagcacaaca gtcaaagaaa     86520
     atgcataatg caaaacgatc ctaactcaaa acatccagga aatgcaggac acaatgagaa     86580
     gaccaaacct accaataata ggagtagatg agaatgaaga ttttcaactt aaaaggccag     86640
     caaatatctt caagaaaatt atagaagaaa acttcccaaa cctaaagaaa gagatgccca     86700
     tgaacataca agaagcctac agaactccaa atagactgga ccagaaaaga aatccccccc     86760
     cccccacaca cacacgataa tcagaacaac aaatgcacta aataaagata gaatattaaa     86820
     agcagtaagg gaaaaagctc aagtaacata taaaggcagg cctaacagaa ttacaccaga     86880
     atttttacca gagactatga aagccaaaag atcttggaca gatggtatac agactctatg     86940
     agagcacaaa tgccagccca ggctactaca cccagccaaa ctttcaatta ccatagatgg     87000
     agaaaccaaa gtattccgca acaaaaccaa attcacacat tatctttcta cgaatccagc     87060
     ccttcaaagg atattaacag aaaaaaacca atataaagac ggaaactatg ccctagaaaa     87120
     ggcaagaaag taatccttca acaaacctaa aagaagacag ccacaagaac agaatgccaa     87180
     ctctaacaac aaaaataata ggaagcaaca attacttttc cttaatatct cttaatatca     87240
     atggactcaa ttccccaata aaaagacata gactaacaga ctggctacac aaacaggacc     87300
     caacattttg ctgcttacag gaaacccatt tcagggaaaa agacagacac tacctcaaaa     87360
     tgaaaggctg gaaaacaatt ttccaagcac atggtctgaa gaaacaagct ggagtagcga     87420
     ttctaatatc taataaaatt gacttccaac ccaaagtcat caaaaaagac aagaaggggc     87480
     actcatactc atcaaaggta aaaccttcca agaggaactc tcaaatctga atatctatgc     87540
     tccaaattca agggcagcca cattcattaa agaaacttta gtaaagctca aagcacacat     87600
     tgcacctcac acaataatag cgggagactt caacacatca ctttcatcaa tggacagttc     87660
     ctggaaacaa actaaacagg gacacagtga aactaagaga agttatgaaa caaatggatt     87720
     taacagatat ttacaggaca ttttatccta aaacaacagg atataccttc ttctcagtac     87780
     ttcatggtac cttctccaaa actgaccata taattggtca caaaacaagc ctcaacagat     87840
     acaaaaatat tgaaattttc ccagggatac tctcagatca ccatggatta aggctgttct     87900
     tcaatgacaa cataaattat agaaagccaa cattcacatg gaaactgaac aacactctac     87960
     tcaatgatac cttggtcaag gaaggaataa agaaagaaat taaagacttt ttagagttta     88020
     atgaaaatga agctacaaca tacccaaact tatgggacac aatgaaagca tttataagag     88080
     gaaaactagc tgctctgagt gcctccaaaa agaaactaga gagagcacaa actagcagct     88140
     tgacaacaca cctaaaagct ctagaacaat aggaagcaaa ttcatccaag aggagtagac     88200
     agcaagaaat aatcaaactc gggcaaaatc aaccaagtgg aaacaagaag aaatattcaa     88260
     agaatcaacc caaaaaggag ctggttcttt gagaaaatca acaagagaga taagcctatg     88320
     gccagactca ctagagggaa cagggacagc atcctaatta acaaaatcag aaatgaaaag     88380
     ggagacataa caacagatcc tgaaaaactc caaaacacca tcagatcctt ctacaaaagg     88440
     ctatactcaa caaaactgga gaacctggat gaaatggaca aatttctaga cagataccaa     88500
     ataccaaagt taaatcagga tcagattaat gatctaagca gtcctatatc ccctaaagaa     88560
     atagaagcag tcattaatag tctcccaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aagccaagga     88620
     cctgatgggt ttagtacaga gatctatcag accttcaaag aagatcaaat tccagttctg     88680
     tacaatctat tccacaaaat agacgcagca gttgctctgc ccaattcatt ctatgaagcc     88740
     acaattactc tgatacctaa agcacagaaa gtcccaacaa agatagagaa catcagacca     88800
     atttccctta tgaatatcga tgcaaaaata ctcaataaaa ttctccctaa cagaatccaa     88860
     gaacacacca aaacaatcat ccatcctgac caagcagatt tcattccagg gatgcaggga     88920
     tagtttaata tatggaaatc catcaacata atccactata taaacaaact caaggacaaa     88980
     aacctcatga tcttcttgtt agatgctgag aaagcatttg acaaaatcca atacccattc     89040
     atgataaaag tcttggaaag atcaggaatt cgaggcccat aactaaacat gataaaagca     89100
     atctagagca aaccagttgc caacatcaaa gtaaatggtg agaagctgga agcaatccca     89160
     ctaaaatcag ggactagaaa atgctgctca ctttctccct acctattcaa catagtactt     89220
     gaagtcctag ccagagcaat ttgacaacaa aaggagataa aggggataca gattagaaag     89280
     gaagaagtca aaatataact ttttgcagat gacatgatag tatatataag tgaccctaca     89340
     aattctacca gagaactgct taacctgata aacagcttca gtgaattacc gggatataaa     89400
     attaactcaa acaagtcaat ggcctttctc tacacaaagg ataaacaggc tgagaaagaa     89460
     attagggaaa cgacactctt aacaatagtc acaaataata taaaatgcct tggcatgatt     89520
     ctacctgagg aagtgaaaga tctatatgag aagaacttca agtctctgaa gaaagaaatt     89580
     aaagatctca gaaaatggaa agatctccca tgctcatgga ttggcaggat caatatagta     89640
     aaaatggcta tcttgccaaa agcaatctac agattcaatg caatccccat caaaattcca     89700
     actcaattct tcaatgaatt agaaagggca atttgcaaat tcacctggaa taacaaaaaa     89760
     cctaggataa taaaactctt ctcaaggata aaagaacctc tggtggaatc accatgcctg     89820
     acctaaagct gtactaccga gcaattgtaa taaaaactgc atggtactag tatagcgaca     89880
     gacaagtaga ccaatggaat agaactgaag acccagaaat gaatccacac acctatggtc     89940
     acttgaactt tgacaaggga gctaaaacca tccagtggaa ataagcattt tcaacacatg     90000
     gtgctggcac aactggtgat tatcttataa aggaatgcaa actgatccat tcctatctcc     90060
     tttgtactaa ggtcaaatct aagtggatca aggaactcca cataaaacca cagataatga     90120
     aacttataga ggagaaagtg gggaaaagct tccatgatat gggcacaggg gaaaaattcc     90180
     tgaatagaac agcaatggct tgtgctataa gatcaagaat cgacaaatga gatgtcataa     90240
     aattgcaaag cttctgtaag gaaaaagacg ctgtcaataa gacataaagg ccaccaacag     90300
     attgggaaag gatctttacc tatcctaaat cagatagggg actaatatcc aatatatata     90360
     taaagaactc aagaaggtgg actccaaaat atcaaataac cccattaaaa aatggggctc     90420
     agagctaaac aaagaattct cacctgagga ataccgaatg gctgagaaac acctgaagaa     90480
     atgttcagca tccttaatca tcagggaaat gcaaatcaaa acaaccctga gattccacct     90540
     cacaccagtc agaatggcta agatcaaaaa ttcaggtgac agcagatgca gcaagatgta     90600
     gagaaagaag aacactcctc ctttgtgtgt gggattacaa gctggtacaa ccactttgga     90660
     aatcagtctg gcgattcctc agaaaattca acataatact acaagagaat cccacaatat     90720
     ctctccttgg catatatcca gaaaatcttc caactggtaa gaaggacaca tgctcaacta     90780
     atatcatagc atccttattt ataatagcca gaacttggaa agaacgcaga tgtccctcaa     90840
     cagtgaaatg gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tttacacaat ggagtactac tcagctatta     90900
     aaaagaatga atttaggaaa ttcctaagca aatggatgaa cctggagggc atcatcctga     90960
     gtgaggtaac ccaatcgcaa aagaactcac atgacatgta ctcactgatt agtggatatt     91020
     agcccagaaa cttagaatac ccaagataca agacacaatt tgcaaaacac atgaaactca     91080
     agaagaaaga agaccaatgt gtggacactt taccacttct tagatttggg aacaaaacac     91140
     ccataggagt tatagggaca aagtttggag ctgtgatgaa agcataaatc atctagagac     91200
     tgccatacct ggggatccat cccataatca gcttccaaac actgacacca ttgcatacac     91260
     tagcaagatt ttgttgaaag gaccctgata gagctgtctc ttgtgagtct atgccggggc     91320
     ctagcaaata cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctattgg atggatcaca ggacccccaa     91380
     tggatgagct tgagaaaata cccaaggagc taaaggggtc tgcaacccta taggtggatc     91440
     aacaatatga actaaccaat accccccgga gctcatgtgt ctagctgcat atgaatcaga     91500
     aaatggccta gtcggccatc agtgaaaaga gaggcccatt ggtcatgcaa actttatctg     91560
     cctcagtaca ggggaacgcc agggccaaga agtggtagtg gggggggggg taggggagtg     91620
     tggatgggag ggtatggggg acttttggga tagcattgga aatgtaaatg aagaaaatcc     91680
     ctaattaaaa aaaataaagt atgatgaact tggatttatt tagctatgaa atgtgtttta     91740
     attaaatacc ttccagcata ttaatgttat aaatcaaagt aaaataatgt ggaaaataag     91800
     acattgctgg gaccagtgtg atggtacatg gctatcagtc caattaagaa tgctaagact     91860
     ggaggatttt gtgtttaatg tcatccaaga ctaaatttac tatgctataa aatctgtact     91920
     ccatctcagg acaatttagg gcttatttac aagattaaaa tgcaatgtat attaaaaaat     91980
     tgtacacaga ggcagggatg tagcagttgg tcaagtggct gactagcata cataagatta     92040
     tggatctcca atactgcaac aacaaaaata aagaacagaa catgatgatg taagtttgag     92100
     tgttgtcacc ctaacactca aaaggtaggc aggagaggca aaattcaaaa ttagatacaa     92160
     agaaaattct agagcagcct gaaacacatg agactcttcg aaaagattga tgattgatag     92220
     acagatagac agacagacag acagattata ggtagataga tagatagata gatagataga     92280
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatgatca atacatatag ttactaggtc gatggtagat     92340
     atttgttggt ggttattcat gttctgctac tcccctgtgt tctaagcacc atgttctttt     92400
     tagtgtttat cagaactttc cccatgtttt ctgttatttt agagtgatga aggtgccagg     92460
     caatatatta attctctcct gatccaatcc tattttatat ttcttatgaa tcttcttcag     92520
     agttcccgtc agaatcttct catttgcact gtgataaagc agaattttta ccattgcttt     92580
     cagaaattca ttatgacttg caatgtttgt tggcaggttc atgtatgcct cccaaaggat     92640
     ttaagcaggg ctagttttga cttatagaac acagtctgaa taagaggaat aactagttac     92700
     agaccacgga tgtgagtttc tttattattc attatgttat aaacatcgaa atcctttata     92760
     ggaatatgca aaactttgag gtttgattct tgtgggggga aaagttaagt ctgagagaat     92820
     gcctaagaag aggaacaaaa atgtgtgaga gaataaatag acaagaagat tgagaattga     92880
     taagatagct tatctgatga tggtgattgt tatcaaacat tgatagccag ggttcaatca     92940
     tcaggatttc catggaagga gaagcaagca tcctcctgca aggtttccac taactacctc     93000
     tcaggagaca tatcacacac acacacacac atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     93060
     acacacacac atacacacac acacacacac actaagcaaa tgtaatttta aaataaagaa     93120
     agagatttct aaagaagtat ttccataaaa gcaagtggta cagaatactg gatagaactg     93180
     aggggatgta ggacatgaaa acagtggctc tctttttgca cagatatcat atttactgtt     93240
     atttttccct gaaccataga cacctgtggg ggagggggag ttactgtgat gtctaattgt     93300
     ctacttgatg gaatctgaaa ttacctggaa aagagactct gactgtcctt gatgtttcta     93360
     attaaagagt aaagactccc actctgggta gctttactgc ctggctggaa tcctagcaac     93420
     aaatatccat ctctctctgc ttcctgatta tggacacaag ttgacaattg attcagaccc     93480
     tgctccttta acttctctgt cattcttgac tacactattg aaccttgtct cccttaagtt     93540
     actgttgtct cagtatttta tcacagcaaa aggcaaatta aattaatttt catgtattca     93600
     tacatttttc aacgcataat attaactaga gttagtgaag aaaatatgag gaagaaaata     93660
     tcaaagaagg aagagtctta aattttcatt gatgcatgtt ttgaaataac gtaattaatg     93720
     catgtgtttt aaactgagga caggtcaaat ttttatgtct ttaactttaa cctccactgt     93780
     cttagaacgt aactgtaatg ataagcttta tcaactggac acaatctgaa atcacctgag     93840
     agaagatcct ctagagaata tccatgagag tttgacttaa ttacattaat taatgtgaga     93900
     aaacctgtct gtcagctgtg gcagcaccat tacctaggtc tggggtctta gactagataa     93960
     aaagtggata tgggaattaa ttctagtaca catgcagtca tcactctctt cttcttcttc     94020
     tccttctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc     94080
     tcctcctcct ccttctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct gctgctgctg ctgcttcttc     94140
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc     94200
     ttctccttct aaaacaattc tttactagat attttcttca cttacatttc aaatgctatc     94260
     cagcaagtcc cttgtaccct ccgcttgccc tcatcttctg actagatgca aggggactca     94320
     gcttcttcaa attcctgctg ctgtgactac cccactataa tgaattgcaa tgtagaactg     94380
     taagccagag taagcctttt tctcttgaat tggtattatc atatttgttg ataaaccttt     94440
     aaagaaagaa ttaaactctg aaaaacttta cggcagactc taatccattc taattggtat     94500
     ccttgtaaaa ggaaacttgg tcacacaaaa agacaccaat gacacctaaa cacagacagc     94560
     atgtgacata aagaaaaagg gatcaactga cagccaagaa gaaagcactc ataagagatt     94620
     aaattttcca gcaccctggt ttagaaccca gatcttcatg gtaacaagaa gtgagtcagt     94680
     tgtagcagct tgttgtgttg cgccatttgt ggcatgttgt tgtggcagct gaaatacact     94740
     aatacagcaa gaatatggga tttaaggtca cataggcata gatatatctg acaattattt     94800
     gttctatccc tcctattcca attctcatcc tccaaaggga atttctatta gcttctttgg     94860
     ttatttcttt acagtatata tgtcttattt tttaacaaaa attagcattt tatataactc     94920
     ttaaagttca tattatacat ctaatggctt tcaactttga aagatggata ggcagccttt     94980
     taccatctaa catctaaatc acaaagcaca gctacatcta catttcagct ccctagtctt     95040
     ccttgtatat tgccatcaca atattgatgt tcatttctgt gcttgcttaa atattatgat     95100
     caaaccacat gaaataccta gattatattt gcacagtgtt ttatctccct gtagttaata     95160
     attgtctttc aagtatggac aaataataat ttaggtaccc tcaggagaca tcagctaata     95220
     aaacaaaggt agtttcattg tcaagatatc tctgatctga tctaaaggtt agatagcata     95280
     taaatagaga cttatgtaac aagtaaggct ctttatggtg tgccttgttg attgtggagg     95340
     atgtgtagca tttgcccaca agattatatg ttcagagaga gtagtggcaa cctagataac     95400
     acagatgcct cagtcttgct tttaatctgt cttctcaaag aatggttatt tctgaattaa     95460
     tacacactga tgcaagggaa cacttcagag attataatga gtgattacaa tttgattaaa     95520
     aaatctcagt ctcataagga agtttcagcc atgttcaggt agcacacctg taatcccagt     95580
     atacacaagg ctgagtcagg agtgtgatca caaatttgag gctagactgg gatgaaacaa     95640
     tgactaccag accaagttga gctatagtgt gagatcttgc actagaaaaa aaaacaaaat     95700
     atttgagtca taattctgct aatctataac ttttcaagtg tcatgtaaaa gtgtagatca     95760
     ttgtaagtat gctggagtca ataatcataa caagtagcaa taaaaggaat actgacagag     95820
     ctatgagacc agtgttgagc tcttcccact gagaagtgac tatgtccttt tcagttcagt     95880
     aaactggcag aatgtgtata gctgcagcac ttgggacaat atctctggct tttttaaaat     95940
     attttttatt acatattttc ctcaattaca ttcccaatgc tatcccaaaa gtcccccata     96000
     tcctcccccc cacttcccta cccacccatt cccatttttt tggccctggc gttcccctgt     96060
     actggggcat ataaagtttg caagtccaat gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccgactag     96120
     gccatctttt gatacatatg cagctagagt caagagctcc agggtactgg ttagttcata     96180
     atgttgttcc acctataggg ttgcagatcc ctttagctcc ttgggtactt tctctagctc     96240
     ctccattggg agccctgtga tccatccaat agctgactgt gagcatccac ctctgtgttt     96300
     gctaggcccc ggcatagtct cacaagagac agctacatct gggtcctttc aacaaaacct     96360
     tgctagtgta tgcaatggtg tcagcgtttg gaagctggga atctctggct tttaacttag     96420
     ctgagtcatc atgtgaagag cccagccttt ttgaagagta caagtgagag tgttaccact     96480
     gacttagaat tcagttcatt caatagagta ccatattttc acctgaagct gaaatgttgc     96540
     catttctaag ccagaaatgt cctgtaatat atagtttcaa acatgtaagg cctgctaatt     96600
     ctgcacagct tcttaggcat caagtagaca ctgagtacaa tagaaatggc aagccaaata     96660
     ctcagaaatc ttctaaccat cactcataca acataaacag gaatcaatga caaactaaga     96720
     gccacttttc aaaaacatgc acctgatagc tatgccaaag cgaattagag gttaatcacc     96780
     atggagtatc ccaagactct agtgggcaaa atcaccagtc acagaaacct ttacttgaag     96840
     ggtcattata attgtgatga tacagtactg acagaatttc tctatttctg gctcttctca     96900
     gctagaaaaa tcctttcagg catctaccaa catttataat tatataatta cacacacaca     96960
     catatatgca cacacacaca tatatacaca cacacacata tttatatata tatatatata     97020
     tgataacaat tatacatgtt aagatggaag ccagaaaaca cagtagtttg taaactctca     97080
     aaggggctcg ctcacaaggt catgtcagct ttctttctta aagttaactt cattaaaata     97140
     ctattggttg attttgggta gacactaatg gcaggtagaa cagtgtgtct acccaaaatg     97200
     gagccctaca ggttctagtt ccttcatttc tgagattctc agacatgtag acacagcctt     97260
     tagctctctt gagacagaaa gcccatagta tttctagaaa acctttctct acatggcagc     97320
     tgtgtttagg tggatttgca ctggaaaata tgtggactga gaaaaggatg cttgaagata     97380
     gaaagtctct gagctacatg gctcatgcaa gacatttagg ctcagtatat aaaacactga     97440
     ggtcttctgt tgtcttctct gaatgtgtaa gaccttagtt tcccatggta gacttgtgct     97500
     gtaggagttt ctcagtgtta aaatggcttt gatatttata gtcttaacaa ggagtgtctt     97560
     ctatgctcat cttacagcaa attaaagttc caatcttact ttgcctggcc atactttcca     97620
     cttttttgtc cataaggata accaattcag caactgttat ctgatacata ataacacaga     97680
     gtaagtatta ttaatgctag aatttggcaa agtcaagact aaagtgtatt gctaagggaa     97740
     tctattgtcc agagtagagc tagtaacaac tcgaggtctt ggggaaaagt tgtctttggt     97800
     tatgttgtta ttcatttatt gctgttgttg tttgagacag ggtctcagtg tatagcttgg     97860
     tcattctaac attcactata tagaccagtc tggccttgag ctaacagcct ttctctacct     97920
     tctctgtaat ccaccatgcc tagatgaaca ttatttttta ttttatttct tctacttgat     97980
     cagcaaccat cacacatatt cttctgattt ctttctcatt ttcttctcat tggtaggcaa     98040
     caaagtagaa gactattaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     98100
     gcgagcttgg ttaactcaat gaaatgaata tcttcagtat tgatttttac aaatattttt     98160
     caaatcttgt tgataaatct gaaactcaca tataagaatt tcaaagtcat tgccaaaatt     98220
     ccaaacttgt caagtgtttc tgagacttca catataaaaa ttatcctgcc atagccccat     98280
     agattcagac agatagcagg agacttctgt gtcagtgatg aagggcaact tagtatccat     98340
     agcaatgtgc ctagtaatga tctccaaact acagttttag agtaaagtca gataacaggt     98400
     ttgtagagat tgatcacatc aaaacagagt gtgcctgagc atagagttcc tgtgtctttt     98460
     atcatgagca gtttgcatgc taaccttata ttccagttga gaccctctaa ctttcaaaac     98520
     cattgaaaaa agttcaccct ttgctccagg gaataataaa ggctgactcc aagccctgta     98580
     gaaatcaatg agggttggca agagattggc tggagaagga tagaactctt tcttcttcct     98640
     atatctgttc ttcttgggtt agaaaatatc tccagagatg aatctacaga gtttgcttat     98700
     tgtatgtacc tttggctgct agaattcttg gtgggatcct agggaaagaa ctgggtttct     98760
     tacttctgtg gtatttcaca ttgtccctgt tattgactac agtatctgga acttcagctg     98820
     ggatcatcat tttccagttg ggcaacctca tatctcatgc ccaaactcaa gatacagcta     98880
     agtgcttaaa ctaatttctc caatataaaa tctgatgcat ccagttaaac cacttttata     98940
     ttttataagt atctgtcttg attctagctt ctccagtggt caatacatag ctttcagcta     99000
     tttctgcttg tctccatacg tccttacttt tccatctact ttctggcttc caatattttg     99060
     ttcacatctc taatttgttc ttataaatcc tctaattttc tgtgatttta tgatcattat     99120
     ctctctgcaa tattatttca gttggatttc tggaggaagt aaacatgaat cctgtctgtt     99180
     gtgtgtaatc agaaaaataa atccttttta tgaaagggga gcattatgaa ctatgaagaa     99240
     acaacatagg gatagactac aagttcttat aggtaaaatg ggacatgttt ggtaatttga     99300
     ctatggcttt ttaagtccca gagaggccaa aatgaaggtt ttacatagtt attattccat     99360
     aatgacctga aaaaaagtct gtattttgct ttgaaataaa tttttaaaag ttaacatgat     99420
     taacaaaatt aactccccac aatgttaata gtttaataaa ataaatccat catgaattta     99480
     ggaaatatag gtatataaaa aataatattt gttatatgtg acaagactat gacatttatt     99540
     tattagtgat tacttaatta tattatcaat gaatctgtta agcagaataa ataatgttga     99600
     aacaaatata tatgtttatt aagttgtata gactgtggac ctggtttatt ttgatatata     99660
     atgtttttat ttactttcaa gttttttata ataaagctta ttttattttt aattttaaaa     99720
     agtaaagaaa aactgggtaa ccagatatga aattttaata tcagaaactt ttcttgtgtt     99780
     gaacttctta atcttaaata actcttgttc attttagaga tttactaaga tatctcccct     99840
     aatttcattt aggaaagagg agagaatgct ttgactattc tggtactggt gccttccata     99900
     aaaaggaaag tcaatgagag caataaaatt gttgaacttt tccggcattc tgctgagctg     99960
     ctgagccaga ggaggaatcc aattgtgaac tattactgtt ggttcctcag gacttgagtc    100020
     attgtaagaa ccaaatagaa gttagtggaa taactaaaat aaaataacac ttgttaaatt    100080
     atttcacagt ttattaagtc ttgcaattat gttaaaaaat caacagattt taagttaaac    100140
     caaaagaatc acaaattttt ctttatctgg ccagggatta aataatgact gtagtttgat    100200
     gagtatcaag ctttaacaaa caatatggtt catttatagt ataaaacaat tttattctct    100260
     aatattaaaa gaccaaggga caattgtgtt ttatgggtta tactttgttt agattatatc    100320
     cttgaaactg gataatgttt ttcaatataa ttttataacc tctacttgta catattaatg    100380
     acagctccac aagcttgtgt gctgcccatg acaagtgaca ttttatattt gaatttaatc    100440
     ggtttaacca tttttaaata caagtaaaga gggaaaacct ttgatatttc aaatatgtaa    100500
     ctttttgttt ctcctccaca taatttaatt tggttctcag cagtttaatt tgaactagcg    100560
     cctgtggact tctgtaaaaa gaaagcatga tctctcaagc tgttttgctc catacatatg    100620
     ggccactgca ttcacactac gtttaaagag gcttttaata atggacaaat aacatagtca    100680
     aggaggcatt acttatgcat gagaaactgg agtctacact gaggtcacca ctgagcccat    100740
     atgtggcata tataccaggg cgttccatat gctagaagtg ctatccacac actgttgaca    100800
     gttccaacct ggaagtgtga atgcaggaca ttactcagtc taccaaaagg aatttaagtc    100860
     atatttaaga aattttcact tctcagtcaa aatgcaaaat gaggataaat ttaaacatga    100920
     cattttgcca gtcggcagac cgtccaaagg ctgaaagatg gttaagcaaa cgcctgagct    100980
     ctcataaaaa agaatattag actttcagag cctctacttt tgtgtaccca ttgtctgaga    101040
     cttcctgtat gaaacaacac tgtcaaatgc taatacagaa gttatggaga atagagtccc    101100
     tgaaatcatc agagtttcat atgttttaga ataactctta tagcagatat tccaaggtgc    101160
     atttttttga cacaagatac cctgatattc acctactaaa aacaatgtta attttcggag    101220
     acaatgttga caccgaagca tcgggtccct gatgagctaa tgcctcaact tctggcagga    101280
     gttattcaga agtactaaga gaagatctgc cacctaacgt tgaatttcct tactcagcca    101340
     ctttgccaca aatggaacag ccatcaacta ataactaaga aatgatttta attgtcagct    101400
     gtgtctacca gtgacaaagc tacaaagact gctagtttcc aggagcagaa cctacaattg    101460
     tgtttgtggt cagtaaagga acttatggtc acttatccag agatgtttaa tcccagttcc    101520
     acagggacca gttgaagccg tacagctttg taataagata tcatcttcac aatatgttga    101580
     ctatgtgaac aaacatgctg attattgcct gggaaatgtt tgtaggagag atgtgagtga    101640
     ctcacaggga ctggtcaact ttctgttgat gatagaaatt aaacagagaa aaacagaaag    101700
     ctactttctc tatgtataaa cacaaactta aagctacaga catcaggcag gattgctgag    101760
     catggagaga gcaaagcaag gaaaacacat gaatatgagt atgaactgca agagaaaatg    101820
     tacagatagc agttaggaaa gaaatggaag cttgaagaca agtatttttt tgctattaat    101880
     gaaagataac tgagagccag tccaagttaa aggtaacagc agttaaagaa tttgatactg    101940
     tcttctgaga gagacgcaga tacttaccac acccaaccaa tagactgaag tagaggaccc    102000
     ctctggttga attagggaaa ggctgggaga atctgaagag gaggacaatc ccatgggaaa    102060
     accagcagtc ctgaaatctc tcagacactg agccaccaac caggcagcat acactagcta    102120
     gtctgagccc taccccttcc ctgacagcca gggactgcct ggcctggcct ccctgaaaga    102180
     atatgtgcat aaccctctag agacttgagg ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct    102240
     ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcccctccc ctcccctccc    102300
     ctcccctccc ctcccctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    102360
     ctagaaaaga gtttatttgg ggacatggaa agggggaaga gaggagacag agagaaaaag    102420
     aaagagaagg gaagaggctg gcctcaaaca tgtggagagg gggaagggga ggggtggaaa    102480
     gagaggaaga aaggggtcag agggggagaa gagggagccc ttgctctcta ctcaaagcca    102540
     atacttacac aaccactggg ccatcttctc ttctcttctc ttatcctact ctctttgact    102600
     gaatgttgta aatatttagg attttaaaaa tgatttaagg ggttagagag atgactcagt    102660
     ggttaagagc actgactgca cttccagagg tcatggattc aattcctagc aactacaagg    102720
     tggctcacaa ccatctataa taggattgga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct    102780
     acaatgtgct catataaata caataaggaa atttttaaaa aaggaaataa aaatgattta    102840
     aaccaaacct tgtttcagac aaggcatgag catcttcgtt ttacagataa gaacatagaa    102900
     tctcaggaat gttactattc caaagtggag ctgccctctg attcccagct cagtgctgtt    102960
     tctcctgagc ttctttccat ttagccaaat acctgtgtta tttaaattgg gagttttctt    103020
     tctttcagtt atcagtcttt actaagactt aaagctagag ctaggaccca gaatagacta    103080
     acatttgtct gatgttttct ggaactgtgg atttagcccc aagtctgaaa aaaaaaaaaa    103140
     aaaaaaagag ttacttgggt atctttgtgg tttgtgttgt aattgaacaa gactcacaag    103200
     aaggaaatac agtattctgg tatacatctc tcactgtctt cacagcccca aattcatgtg    103260
     ataattccat cagttgctcc agggtttaca ctacatcacc ctaggtgttc cagcatttcc    103320
     cctggtgtca ctagtgaggc atttgctgga tatttgtcag attttattct ttttttgcca    103380
     gactcagctt acaatgagaa atcatgcaaa actaacaata atatttagta actttttttc    103440
     aatcttcttt ctcagacata catttatatg cacatgtgta caactacccc tattctatat    103500
     ttcaacatat ctatatcttt gtaacataaa ttttctaaat aattattaat ctgtttaatt    103560
     catctgtgca actataaaaa aaactatttc tgtctggata aacattcagt acactaagat    103620
     caacagtggt tttttttttt acataatatt tttttctgga attcatgaaa aatgaacatg    103680
     ggaaatttga agcaattgat gaacatcaaa taaatgttga caaaagagac acttctcaaa    103740
     agattttttt atttttaatt gtgtctctgt gtgtttctgt ataggcctca agttgtaagt    103800
     gaagcccctc atacagaaca gaagagggga gtggatcccc tggaaataga ataacaggca    103860
     gatgtgagct gcttgatata gatactggaa atcaaataca tgtcaggtct tccaaaagag    103920
     cagcctgcat tttctcctaa agccatctct ttagcaccat attctgttaa aattgagaaa    103980
     agatggtgtg taatcctagg aggctatagt aaatgtaggt ctgttttgtt ttgttttgtt    104040
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttc ttagttgcac atttctgatt tttcagaaat    104100
     ctataatggt cctatgctgt cagaagtgtg gattacaata ccatgggatt tttgttccca    104160
     tacccatata tcttccaatt tcattacact tctgatttta catggttaat attgagtttc    104220
     agatatcact ttttacagca atcattcttg gctattcctt tgctttttga ggagaatcag    104280
     ttcacatcag tcatcatttt gctgtttact tctatttaaa attcttatat tgattatttg    104340
     gatttgtgtc atggaagctt atgtaaagaa ctgcttgtaa attgcattaa ccacctccat    104400
     agctttgaaa gtacacacta caatgatatt ttagtggaag catctaagaa gaaggtgtgt    104460
     atgaagggag agaaataaca aaggggctct gattcataaa aactgttcta aaagctgttg    104520
     cctttaatac ccagcactaa aaatttaaaa tataagcaac tataaacaca catacctact    104580
     ccacatcttg ggcccttgac ctttgcttgg cctacaatag taaagataat gattactaat    104640
     gtggaaatgt aatccttgca aatagaacaa agcataagta gggaagtatt caaggtaaaa    104700
     agggaaaaca ttgctatatt ccccgtgtta cacatactga atcctagaag atgcattttt    104760
     tttcagtgtg cagtgggaaa caaagagtta tttaaagtac ctgtcagatg aaagtattac    104820
     tggccctctg aaggatccat agatgcccca gtatagggga atgaagggag gggagggagg    104880
     agtcagtggg tcagtagagg aacaccctca tagaagcagg gggagggagg atgtgatagg    104940
     gtgtttctgg gagggaggga aactgggaaa ggggataacg tttaaaaagt aaataaagaa    105000
     gatatccaat taaaaaaaag aaagaaaaaa gaacagaaaa atacttaaga gaagttcaca    105060
     gtatagatcc tagtcttgta aaggtttaaa gctaacagag gtaagtcttt ctggtgtcct    105120
     tcatttatca gtgtggcaag ttagcaaggc caaacaggta caattagaaa ggcaagtaga    105180
     gaagggactt gggaatcaat ggaaacagaa agggtgcagt gaagaaatct gttttcaatg    105240
     aagtatgttc cccttgagtt ttgcctgatt acttacatgc taatataata tttattctta    105300
     ttatctatta aatgaaataa ttttattgtg actttcagtt gtaggtaaaa aaagtgaaac    105360
     agggtaatta aatctctttc taatataatc acctatcttt ccagtacagt caaggtagga    105420
     tgggataaag aaaacctttt aatctgaaga cattttattt agattgcctc aaaattattg    105480
     aaatgtttca agcaatttta aaatatgtgc taaggttttc atcagtaaaa taaattaagc    105540
     tttgatccaa agctgattac cgtgctcaat aatagaagaa aagggttaaa ttatatttta    105600
     attagtatta ttttctaata aagatacaat aatccaatca aataattata gtctgtgaat    105660
     taaattgctt tccgctttaa actaaaacca gaagttacat tcctacaaat taagcagtaa    105720
     cattattctc ttgttacatg ggaattgtac atgtgccttc atagaaacct aaacccactc    105780
     catcctggaa atacagaatt tctcctgctg ttggaggtgc atacatcacc tcattttcat    105840
     tttcaagcct cctggtaatt gctttaatgt agattcaggt cttgataatt cactataatc    105900
     tgaagaaatt gtatgtttaa aaataatcca caaattatta cagacaatat gattatactt    105960
     taagtaattt tagttaaatt tactaaattt agatttagct ttaaatctac taatttagat    106020
     ttagctttaa atctttgagt ttatgtactc aaattttgtg attatttttc ttttcataat    106080
     tattaaaatt ttctcccatt tctaatgctt gagcacatgc ctttctttac caatgctact    106140
     tagatcattc aataatttac cactcacaac aaaatgaaaa tattgtttcc tacaatatat    106200
     ttatattgga tgaaccacta ataaactctc tctgagcaag ttattgtgtt tagaattcca    106260
     atattgtttc tcaatttcat cagcaaaact catggaattt actaaatact aaatagaggt    106320
     acaaataatt tcttttggcc caaaggctca ttgtacctgg tgatccaagg gccacatcac    106380
     tgtgctctgt tgttatccat gctagaacac aatgatcaca acagcctaag gggtctgaac    106440
     aatagcttct ccctactata ttataaaatt cattaaaatt gctttaagaa gtcatcgaat    106500
     gcttttggaa tttctgaaat tattttctaa aatagtacat gtatctcttg aactcaagct    106560
     aaggggaaaa tgtgccttca tatgatgtta ccatctcata aagaagcagg gctcttagcc    106620
     aaccattcat tctgccatct ctgtggcttt ataaattgtc ccttttcatg tattatacca    106680
     tgtgattctg acctttcctt atttttgtag acctttttgt aatcaaccat cctaaaacct    106740
     cagaaaatat tatctttctc ttcattactt atagaattcc tcaagtctag cacacaagtc    106800
     aggcagctca aaagagccct ggagtgtgaa ttccaaccca ggtgtctttg ggaattagtt    106860
     ccctccatgg cacagatcaa tttgcttatc tctcctctgt gacttgatat gatgtctttt    106920
     tagtcctcac ttttcaataa gattcagaca cctcactaaa aaaagtgggg agttggttgg    106980
     aatcttttat atctcttatc ttaacactgg taccacttca tagagccttg tgtttcactc    107040
     ttgatggaaa aaccaacatg ctaactctct tctatctgct gcttgtgagc aaaagagggt    107100
     aagccagctt gtggatgctt aacactgagt ttcagcagct ttgggctgtg attccatctt    107160
     caagttcctt gaagccagct ttccagagtt agtcaaaaag gaggaagggg catagcatac    107220
     gtatgaaatt aagggttttt ttttttcaac ttgaagaaaa tgttctttat tttaaaggtg    107280
     tatcactctt actccttcaa aaattaaaat gtattcctta gtaaattata tatgttaatt    107340
     gtattaatgt ataatgttaa ctcaaagatt ttgcttattt tttcatcatc atgacttttg    107400
     ctgttgcttt tcttccaagt agtttagcaa aactgagcaa aaattcaaag ggataacttt    107460
     tctatattac taggtttgtg accctcatat ctaagccagt cttagagcta gagataatga    107520
     taactgtgaa tttctcaagt aatagaagca aaatattttt tcttttattt agttaatatt    107580
     taacaaattt gattattttc tacatactgg ggattagatt ttgttttgtt tactttatgt    107640
     cattctaaaa tgacattctc agagacaatc tcattgagaa ggtgcagttg gagtgaaact    107700
     tcagagacga tagggtctga tggctttctg gagaaaggca ttcaaagaag aggcaacaac    107760
     atcttaaatg tcctgataaa cctgtgtatg ttcataagtc tatgcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg    107820
     tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtctgtg tgtgtctgtg tgtgtctgtg    107880
     tttatatgtg tgtgactgtg tgtctatgtg ctctgtgtct gaaaatagca acaaaaataa    107940
     tttggctagg acagagtgag caagcagcca aggagaaaag aaaatgtctg ggaaataaat    108000
     aagcagaatg aaatagacat cataaagacc tttgcttttc ttgagtattg aaggcagctg    108060
     ttggaagatt tcaagacagg ataagcataa tgtgactttt ggcttaaaga tgtgtcttgt    108120
     caaatgagga caaactaagg gggtccattg tcaaagaaga aaagcttttc caaggattta    108180
     caacagtcaa atcaagaagg gaagaacaat gaaggtatta agaaatttaa aaagaagatt    108240
     gatggttgat agaaccaaag gaattactga caagctcagg taatgttttc ctggcgatag    108300
     agaacaatgt ttgaagttga agcgcgaggg tcagggaggg agctgtgtag acatgttatg    108360
     gttattttgt acctgggtgc acttgcttat atgtatgtgg ggtgggcttc cagacctcta    108420
     gctggagggt acatgttcat atgtcattct acatgcagat tatacacact taattgccag    108480
     tgtgcttgag aggagcagaa gaaaaacata taataatttt cttccaacat tctttatcac    108540
     ttccaactat gtggcaggta ctgattttga gcaaggaata agagaattgt ggaaataaaa    108600
     tatggcaatg ctggctccaa aaaacacaca gaaaaactaa gtttctggtc ttgtgggact    108660
     agacacaact agtcactaaa tgattgaaga ctactatttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    108720
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct ccttcttctt    108780
     cttcttcttc tccttcttct ttcttcttct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc accacctcct    108840
     cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    108900
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc tactcttctt cttcttcttc    108960
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctc cttctccttc    109020
     tccttcttcc ttttcttctc actcctcctc catctcctcc tcctcctctt ccttcttctt    109080
     cttctctatc tctctctttc tccctcccta tctccctctt tctcccctcc cctccctacc    109140
     tgtctctttc agtctccatc tctctgtttc tgtctctgtc tctgtctgcc tctctgtctc    109200
     tctctctgtc tgcctctctc tctctcttgt gtatgtgtga agttatgatg ctaagagaat    109260
     aaagaataaa ctttgtaagt caactttaag tgctttgaaa tgggactaat tttaaagaga    109320
     actcagtaga tactttcttg ttctccattt ctttcctttt tcatttcttt tcttttttaa    109380
     tactacttac agctaataca agttggcagc agcaaagaac caaaattctt gaagattgcc    109440
     atttcctctc aatttttttc ctgttcactt ttccccaaag acagagatgt tatcctcaga    109500
     ataatgagaa tgtgtttatt tgccaccaac tagcttttct catcacaaac tctctgcctt    109560
     gaagaagtca tgtctccatc ctggagcatc ctttgtgtcc acatcaggag cttgattaca    109620
     ctgtcactat gattcctccg atatggagca cattctgata tctcttatat ttttgtttgt    109680
     gaccctagcc tttaatggct gagccatctc cccagaccac attccatgtg tgagaactgg    109740
     aagcagaatt tgcgtgtgta atggggatca ttcagtcatc aaatctacta gtatattttg    109800
     tcctgcaaat atacagaaca atatgtttgg tttttaacag cattaaatta atttgtaagt    109860
     gaagtacagt gtgcagtaaa cagcaaagtt caatgcctca attattagag catattcttc    109920
     tatatttaaa acctaagcag cttctcaata atgagatcca gttgaactct ggcaaccaaa    109980
     tgcataaacc ttttcatttc ttaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaatagtg    110040
     tgttgccatt atatttgaat ggagtttaat cttcaacatt tcatttggaa gatcgtagaa    110100
     acatagaatt ctctgatccc aaagactagt tactgtttgc tgacccttag ctctaagaac    110160
     atttttagtt gtgttttaac tttctgagtc acaaataaat gtaccaatag aatcacccat    110220
     gtctcaactg aggcatagtt atggacatct agacagggaa gactgaaaaa acataagaga    110280
     aattcatgga taatagctct gccctctttc attagtcata tctttctgat gaattttttt    110340
     tttacttttt tttattacaa ccaagtagga atttgaagtt tataaactgc tttaacacag    110400
     tgtttatcct ttcttcttcc ttgctcttat gtccactttg cctacagtgc ctatgtttat    110460
     gcctgatctg ctggcttaat caacagtgca cttttaccct ctaaacgtct ctctataata    110520
     aactgcacaa taacctcatt caaataaaaa cattagatat ccaaaaaaaa attagatatc    110580
     actgcactaa acatttaatt aaagatataa agcatccttt tcagattcct atccagaaca    110640
     aatgaatttg agaaacacat catctgcagt catgcttgta aagattatat atagattatt    110700
     ctgtggacaa ttgtctacta ttaaacatac caaatggttg gcttttctat tattccctga    110760
     actcattatg ttctgagaac ctcttcaaat ggagtattta ggactagtaa attatgattg    110820
     ttaatgaaag gtgcatttta caaatatatg attcaaattc taaatgcccc tgcaaggaat    110880
     aaagaaaact gtaaattgaa gaacagttgt gaaaccagag cttctgcatt aggagcaagc    110940
     tatccagtag cagcttttaa cataacttaa cattccaagt aaactgtggg tctttgtctc    111000
     ctctctagag gtggagggat gtgggataaa agagacaatc tgtaagtcag actaaagtct    111060
     catgcaatag ccaactttat tcacagcctc agacaattta cactcttgtt ttcttggaat    111120
     attctcagaa gcactcagaa ttctattcat acaactctat aggtagacgg tattccagca    111180
     ggtctctgga cacgtctaag atttatcctt aagaaaatat atgaagataa taggcatcta    111240
     caaagttcct aaatgcaaaa tatttctatg aaattatttt cttcatctac cacttaaaaa    111300
     gagaaatggt gactaggctc actaaacaag gtgatttttt tttacactta tacatatttg    111360
     tattagatat tttcattatt tacatttcaa atgttatccc tttcccaagt ctcccctcca    111420
     aaatcccact atcctctccc tactccccca ctcaccaacc cacccactcc catttcctgg    111480
     ccctggcatt ctctcctata ttgagtcata gagccttcac aggaccaagg gcctctcctc    111540
     cctctgatga cctaaaaggc tatcttctac tacatatgca gctggatcca tgggtccctc    111600
     cctgtgtacc ctttggttgg tgatttagtg cctgtgagct ctggaagtac tcattggatc    111660
     atattgttgt tccttctatg gggctacaca cctcttcagc tccttggatc ctttctcaag    111720
     ctcctccatt gaggaccctt tgctcagtcc aaagtttgtc tgagagcatc cacctttgta    111780
     ttttttagac aatggtaaag cctctgaaga gaaagctata tcagcaactg tctgcaaaca    111840
     cttgttggca tccatagtag tgtctgggtt tagtgacagt atctgggata gatccccagg    111900
     tggggaagtc tctggatggc gtttccttac gtttctgcac cacagtttgt ctctgtatct    111960
     cccccacaaa gggtgttttg tttccccttc taagaaggac tgaagtatcc acactttgtt    112020
     cgtccttttt cttgagcttc atgtggtcta tgaattgtat tttgggtatt ctgagcttct    112080
     ggactaatat caacttatca gtgagtgcat accatgtgtg ttcttttgtg attgggatac    112140
     gtcactcagg gttacctcac tagttccatc catttgccta agaatttcac aaattcattg    112200
     cttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgtg taaatgtacc aaattttctg tatccattac    112260
     tctgttgagg gacatctggg ttcttctcag cttctggcta ttatgaataa ggctgctatg    112320
     aacatattgg agcatgtgtc cttatgacat gttggagtat cttctgggta tatgccctgg    112380
     aatagtattg ctgggttctt agtactgtgt ccaaatttct gtgactgtct cactcattca    112440
     tctggaaaca gagtgtgact gtgaaccaaa acttcatctt gggtggccag tgcttaattc    112500
     ctgcactatc atttgctttg gctgactgtg atttttccac acagcatgat acaaaattaa    112560
     tcgaaccacc aggaacaaaa tacctttgcc atcatgactg aacctgggaa atcatttatc    112620
     attactgtct gagtggttat tacaccctta gatatgaaga gagattcatg tagataagca    112680
     tacttttgtc atggagtcat ttcaagcaaa gaaaaaaacc catagaaaat ccttagctca    112740
     gtcttcatta acattttagt aaataccaca aatttcttat atatttgctt ttgggaaaag    112800
     tacaatgtca aacaaatgtt atttttcaaa gcataaattc tccatctttt tacctataaa    112860
     atcaatagga cttagacttg cagaaaaatc catacatatt aatttttgaa tactattttt    112920
     gttagtaatt ttaacctttt aaaacagaaa aatgagtttg ttttggaaga caaactcaat    112980
     tttcaagtta tttagatgtc taatttctac tgcaaattat tgtgataatt atagtagctg    113040
     atatgaaaaa caaaagaaat atgcattcac taaaaatgtt agaaagaatt taaatatata    113100
     ttcatgtctg aattctccca ataggtcagg gatgacatta aaatgcaata actgaaaata    113160
     tattgtatgt tgcataatac atatgtatag gttacatgta catagcaaac gtgtgcattt    113220
     actgtagaca tattactatc acacatgcac atataaatat atataaatat atatatacat    113280
     atatatatat aattttaaaa gaaataacag ccaattttag ggaaagtatg aaaaactaac    113340
     tttcaaatga aaaggctaag acgactatta ttatgaacgt tgatatatac tctgactaac    113400
     tggtaatcat taagtggtag aaattgaaaa atattgattg tgtcactctt gtcattacaa    113460
     atgtcaattg ccccagttct ctgagaaaga tcagcctaat ggtgccctcc taaggatagt    113520
     taaatgtgag accttattta aagtaagaaa attcccctta aggaagttta gagcaaacag    113580
     agattctgcc taatcgatgt tacttgatac taagatcttg aattaaagtc agaggtaaca    113640
     cattacatct tacctcagtt tggcaggtga agcatggctg gtgccatcca agaaaccatc    113700
     tgcgtatagg ctttactgta aaaacaagca aacaactcaa agggacacat ttctgtagca    113760
     gcaattgatg cagcttgtag gtagttctag agcatactga acaaaattct agagcaatga    113820
     tattttatca taaattctca tctatatatt tttaagaact agatgatgag ctgacaaggt    113880
     agaaaaattt tatcaaatgt tgcaaggaag gcaactgtta ttgccttgtt atctgtaagc    113940
     aaaatgagaa tttttaccat ttaatcaatc caaacattca tatttattat tgtttgatta    114000
     taactctaaa ccttcaaata acaatggtga aatatttaga tttgaaaaac actaagaaat    114060
     gggcattaca gctgagccta tgaactattg gggggaaaaa tcccctgtag atgctgcagt    114120
     agagtatctg aagagaggtt ttgtatctac ctaatgtacc aatctcataa acccaatgac    114180
     aagggttaga aaaaaatcta gccttttaag atcaccattt gatcaaatct aatgatcata    114240
     gaaacaataa caacagcaat tgtatcttct aaatattttc aatgacctgc ttagtctaaa    114300
     tcaaaattta cattgtgggc atagtgtgag ctttattaac ttgattctat ataacatata    114360
     ctaacaacag agaagttaag ttcttgtcca agactatttc actcttggta gagattcatt    114420
     ctgtctcact ctagaacctg cccttttata ttcctttgtg atataaatta taagacaatg    114480
     aaaacatgat tctattctgt ttgggttaat tttattccct ctattaaaga taccacaaag    114540
     aactcctagg tactgtagct atttctaaaa gatgctgtgg attctcctct tcccactgga    114600
     aagatgccca ctgctctcat ttcaagtgtg cagagaagtt ttgtctttaa ccttgaactt    114660
     ctctcacaca gcctcatgca gatgtggtcc cagtgttaca acactgcaaa gattacagta    114720
     aggaagaagt tcataattta gaatatccct cagatactgc actctgatac agtttggtta    114780
     acaattcact ctgaaactac taaaggtctt ctttctgcaa ggcataaaac attaaatcta    114840
     gaattaggtc aaggttagtc aaaagcattt gatttagtgc ttagatctat ctatattctt    114900
     gcccaaattc ttcctttata gaaagagata ggaaacctca cagttatttt aaacctcata    114960
     gggcatagac taacctttaa tcacagcaag gaaggacttg ctcaagcagg ttagtgtatt    115020
     acatattctt ttacttaaaa aaaatatatg catatactat attctagtta tgatttctcc    115080
     ttcttctctt tccagtttct cttatttccc ttctcatctg gataaacccc atttttgttt    115140
     ctcactagga acacaaacag gcttctaaga aatagtagta aatgttgagg gacccagatg    115200
     tccctcaaca gaggactgaa tagagaaaat atggtacatt tacacaatgg agtactgctc    115260
     agctattaaa aacaatgaat tcatgaaatt cttaggcaaa tggatggaac tagaaaatat    115320
     catcctgagt gaggtaaccc aattacaaaa gaacatacat agtatgtact cactgataag    115380
     cggatattag cccagaagct tgaaatagcc aatatacaac tcacagaaca catgaagctc    115440
     aagaagaaag aagaacaaag tgtggatact tcagtccttc ttagaagggg gaacaaacac    115500
     ccattggagg agattcagag acaaactgtg gtgcagaaac tgaaggaaag gccatccaga    115560
     cactgcccca actggggatc cctcccattt acagttaacg tatccagaca ctattgaaga    115620
     tgccaacaag tgcttgctgt tagtagcctg atacagctgt ctcctgagag gctttgccag    115680
     tgcctgacaa atacagaggt gaatgctctc agccaaccat tgtctgagca cagggtcccc    115740
     agtggaggag ctagagaaaa gacccaggga gctgaagggg tttacagccc catataggag    115800
     gaacaacaat atgatccaac cagcactcct agagctccca aggactaaat caccaaccaa    115860
     agagtacaca tggagggacc cagggcttcg gcagcatatg taacagagga tggctttatt    115920
     ggacatcaat gagagaaaag acccttggtt ctgtgaaggc tcaatgccct acggtatagg    115980
     aatgtcagga cagggaagcg agagtaggtg ggttggtgag cagagggagg agaatgggag    116040
     aaaataacta atagaatttt taaaaggaga gataatcttt aaataaaaaa ataacataaa    116100
     ataaaatgta tatatgtaaa gacttatagg atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    116160
     acacacacgt taaaattaag aaaaaaaatc cctgatataa tcttatgaga aaaggaacct    116220
     ttatgggtgt tattgcgttc cttttctgtt gactgtctac tgctaggtat gcacttaacc    116280
     aacccttaag agctgtttgc ttctccagat tgttgaatac ttccttaagt gtttcttagc    116340
     catatgggtt ttctttatta agaatgttct gtttctttat gtaccccatt ttaaatttgg    116400
     tttgtctgtt ttcttgatat ctagtctttt tagttcttta catgttttgg atcttagctg    116460
     tctatcatat gtgaagttag taaatatttt ttcccattct gtagactacc aatttatcag    116520
     aataatggca tattttatat tttcacaagc caaatctcct cagtttcata ggcttccatt    116580
     tattaattgt tgatcttgat gcctgtacta atggtgctct gttcaaaaag tcttgtgagt    116640
     tcaaggctag tccctacttt gtagggctat ttactacatt cttttctgtc aggttctatg    116700
     aatctggttt atgttgagat actcaatgca agatttgtgc aagtgataag tatggatcta    116760
     ttttcatcgt gctagaaaca ggtatccaat ttgaccaaca ccatgtgttg aagatgtttt    116820
     cttttttgca atgtatattt ctggcttcat caaaaataag atggctgtaa gtctatagat    116880
     ttctgtatga atcttcaatt agattctgct ggtcaatatg tctgtttttg taccaatacc    116940
     atgatgcttt tgttactctg taattgaaat cagggattgt gacatatccc acaggattgt    117000
     tttagctctt ctatgctttt ttgtttatgc ttgtttgttc tgattttgtt tttgctttgt    117060
     tttggggaga ggcgtttgtt tttgtttttc gtttttttgt gcttccatgt gaagctgaaa    117120
     tttttctgtt caagatctgt gaagaattat attggagttt tgatgaggat tccattaaat    117180
     ctctaaattg ctttagctag aatgattatt tttactatag taatcctacc acaatccgtg    117240
     aacataggag atctttccat cttctgatat tttattcaat ttattttttc agtgtctcag    117300
     tgtttttatt attaagttca cttatttgta tagaattact cccaagatat tgtaaatttt    117360
     aaggctattg taaaagatgc tgtttctctg atttctttat catttcattg tcaattttat    117420
     atagaaaggc tacttatatt tcaaagttca ttttgtatct tactatgttg ctggaagtat    117480
     taatcagata taaaagctac ctgatggaat ttttagggta acttatgtat actattgtat    117540
     tgtctgaaaa taaagatact ttgacttctt ctattccaat ttatatcctc ttgatctcct    117600
     ttcattgtct tatcacttac gctgagcagt tctcaacata tgggtcacaa atcctttggc    117660
     agacctctat ctccagaagt atttacacta taatttataa cagtagcaaa gttgcagtta    117720
     tgaagtagta acaataatta ttttatagtt gaggggtcac cacagcataa agaattgtat    117780
     taaattgttg cagcattagt caagttgaaa accaccactt tacttaagac ttcaagtact    117840
     atattgaaga gggatggaga aagcgaacaa ccttttctta ctcttgattt tagtgcaatt    117900
     attttgagtt tctttccatt taagttgttc ttggttaagg gcttgttatt aactgccttt    117960
     gtaatgttgg atatgacctt ggtgtctata atatctattt tattattaag gagtgctaga    118020
     tttttgtcca agaccttttc tgcatttaat aagataatcc tgtgagtttt ctctttcagt    118080
     ttgtgtacat ggtgaattac atttattatt tttcatatgt ttatccatcc ctgcacctct    118140
     gcaatgaagc ctacttgatc atggtatatc atgtttctgg tgttttcttt gattcagttt    118200
     gcaagtatgc tactaaggat tcttgcatct atgttcataa gaaaaattat tctgtagttc    118260
     tctttctttt tgggtcctca tgttgtttag gtgtgaagtt aactatggca ttgtaaaaag    118320
     aattgggcaa ttatcctcct ttttctatat tgtgaggtaa tgaagaatgt tgttattaac    118380
     tctgagaagt ttgagcagaa ttggtattaa caacttcttt cttcttcttg cgcgcatgcg    118440
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaacaca cacacataca cactcataga cgaatcatat    118500
     atatccttcc aaacctctca tggtggattc cctcttctga ttataaacac ataaattact    118560
     tcttttagac agaccaaata tttcaagttc atgctctcat aaggaaggaa gtcaaaattt    118620
     attaacattc ttacaaaaac aaaagtgata ttacttttaa aatcctgatt tgatcatgtt    118680
     cattacataa aaagtcaaaa gtggactgtt aaagatttca aataactagt gtgagaacta    118740
     tggatttgaa accgaaagta cagctttcat gacggaaagt acctgggcta attagggagc    118800
     ccatcattca ccactgccct gctggtccga aaaccatgct gcatttacgt gatcagtttt    118860
     gcaccaccag gaaaaatgtt agtggctagt catcaaaaac attctccttc aatccctgac    118920
     atgtgtttat gctgacttct tgggagaaag tgagtgtcag tgggatgcaa aagccaagct    118980
     aattatacag tgaatgctta cctcagcctg tgtttgtctc agctaggaac agaaattgtc    119040
     cctgtaattg tatgcaaatc cttttgccag aatcaccaca agaaaattaa gcactgctaa    119100
     gcctgcttca cagaggagac aaagtaacat agtaaaacat cactttcaaa tcaagccaaa    119160
     tgaatggttt agtctttatg tgtaaaagcc aagtacaaat taatattatt tatagtacac    119220
     agtttgacat gtgcacacaa catcggatac ttaacatgtt acataacaca tctgtttttt    119280
     gttgcctgta attgctttta tgattaatta atgagatctg ttgaactcat atttcaacaa    119340
     aggagaaaat aaaataattg ctccttgaag aataagaagt ctatgtgaat ccttgcttag    119400
     cctactctac taataatcaa gcttttcaga gagtcaactc atttcaactc aatgtttgtt    119460
     tttgtgaaaa gtatttgttt ttaattatgt aaaaccagga tcctttcaaa aaactgcagt    119520
     tgctttaact ctttggcagg tttttttggc ttttattaat gacacaatgt gattgctgta    119580
     aatattgatg atggaaactg aagggcatgc aagaataact taagacctag aaatgcagag    119640
     tgggactcct acagttcatg atctctttct gactatcttg gggcattttt ccacttgctc    119700
     ttgacattct tttttttttt tttcactctt tttttattag atattttctt catttacatt    119760
     tcaaatgcta taccccaagc cccctataac ctcccccgac ctgctcccca gcccacccac    119820
     tcctgcttcc tggccctagc attcccctgt actggggcat atgaccttca caataccaag    119880
     ggcctctcct cccattgatg gccaactagg atatcctctg ctacatatgc aactagagac    119940
     acagctctga aggataatgg ttagttcgta tctatgttcc tcctataggg ttgcagaccc    120000
     ctttagctct tgggtatttt ctctacctcc ttcattaaag gccctgtgtt ccatccaata    120060
     gatgactggg actatccact tctgtatttg ctaggcattg gcatagcctc ataagaaaga    120120
     gctatgtcac agtcttgtca gcaaaatctt tctggcatat gcaatagtgt ctgggtttgg    120180
     tggttgtata tgggatggat ccccgggtga ggcagtctct ggatggtcct accatcttag    120240
     ctccaaactt tgtctctgta actccttcaa tgggtatttt gttccccatt ctaagaagga    120300
     gagaagtatc tacattttgg tcttccttct tcttgagttt gatgtgtttt agaaattgta    120360
     tcttggatat tctaagtttc tgggctaata tccacttatc agtgagtgca tatcatatgt    120420
     gttcttttct gattgggtta cctcactcag gatgatatcc tccagatgca tccatttgcc    120480
     taagaatttc atgaatacac tgtttttaat tgctgagtag tactccattg tataaatgta    120540
     ccacattttc tgtatccatt cctctgttga gggacatctg ggttctttcc agcttctggc    120600
     tataataaat aaggcggcta tgaacatagt tgagcatgaa tccttattaa aagttgcaat    120660
     atcttctggg tatatgccca ggagaggaat tgctggatcc tccagtagta ctatgtccaa    120720
     ttttctgagg aactgccaga ctgatttcca gagtggtagt aaaagcttgc aattccacca    120780
     gcaatagagt agtatccctc tttctccata tcatcaccag catttgctgt cacctgaatt    120840
     tttgatctta gccattctga cttgtgtgag gtggaatctt agggttgttt tgatttgcat    120900
     ttccctgatg ataaaggatg ctaaatattt ttttaaggtg cttctgggcc attcggtatt    120960
     cctcaggtga taattctttg tttagcactg taccccattt taaatggggt tatttgattt    121020
     tctggagtcc ccctccttga attgtttatg tatatatata tatatattgg atactagtcc    121080
     tctatctgat ttaggattgg taaagatcct ttcccaatct gttgctggct cttttgtctt    121140
     attgacagtg tcttttgcct taaagaagct ttgcaatttt atgaggttcc atttgtcgaa    121200
     tcttgatctt acagcacaag ccattgctgt tctattcaaa tatttttggc ctgtgcccat    121260
     accttcaagg cttttcccca ctttctcctc tataagtttc agtgtctctg gttttatgtg    121320
     gagttccttg atccacgtag acttgacctt agtacaagga gataggaatg gatcaacttg    121380
     cattcttcta catgataact gtcagttgtg gcagcaccat ttattgaaaa tgctgtcttt    121440
     tttctactag atggttttaa ctcccttgtc aatgatcaag taaccatagg tgtgtggttt    121500
     catttatggg tcttcaattc taatccattg atctacctgt ctgttgctgt accagtacca    121560
     tgcagttttt atgacaattg ctctgcagta cagcttgagg tcggacatgg tgattccacc    121620
     agaggttctt ctatcattgt gaagagtttt tgctatccta ggttttttgt tattccagat    121680
     gaatttccaa attgcccttt ctaattcttt gaagaattga gatcgaattt tgatgtggat    121740
     tgcattgaat ctgtaggttg cttttagcaa aatagtcatt tttactatat tgatactgcc    121800
     aatccatgag catgggagat gtttccattg tctgagatct tctttgattt ctttcttcag    121860
     agacttgaag tttttgtcat acagaacttt cactttttta gagtcaaacc aaggtttttt    121920
     atattattta tgactattgt gaagggtgtt gtatccctaa tttctttctc agcctgttta    121980
     tcctttgtgt agagaaaggc cattagtttg tttgagttaa atttatgtct agctacttca    122040
     ctggatatca ggtttaggag ttctgtggag gaatttttag ggtcacttat atatactatc    122100
     atatcatttg caattagtga tattttgact tcttcctttc caatatgtat ccctttgacc    122160
     tcatttggtg tctaattgct ctggctaaga cttcatgtac tatattgaat aggtagggag    122220
     aaagttggca gccttgtcta gtccctgatt ttagtgggat tgcttcaagt ttctcaccat    122280
     ttactttcat gttggctact ggtttactgt aaattgcttt tattttgttt aggtatgagc    122340
     cttgaatttc tgatctttca agatttttac aattaatgga tgttgggttt tgtcaaatgc    122400
     tttctcagca tctaacaaga tgatcatgtg tttttagtct gtgagtttgt ttatatagtg    122460
     gattacattg atggatttcc atatattaaa ccatctcatg cattcctgga atgaagccta    122520
     cttgatcata agggatgatt attttgacgt gttcttggat tcgattagcg agaattttat    122580
     tgagtatttt tgcatcgata ttcataaggg aaattggtct gaagttctct atctttgttg    122640
     ggtctttatg tggtttagat atcagagtaa ttgttgcttc atagaatgaa ttgggtagaa    122700
     taccttctgt ttctattttt gtggaatagt ttgaagaaaa gtggaattag atgctctttg    122760
     aaggtctgat agaattctgc actaaaccca tctggtcctg ggcttttttg gttgggacta    122820
     ttaatgacta cttctatttc tttcggggat atgagactgt ttaggtcatt aatctgattc    122880
     tggtttaact ttggtacctg atatctctct agaaatttgt ccatttcatt gaggtttccc    122940
     agttttattg agaatagcct tttttttagt aggatctgat ggtgttttgg atttcttcag    123000
     gatctgttgt tatgtctccc ttttcatttc tgattttgct aattaagata ctgtccctgt    123060
     gccctctgtg agtctggcta aagtcaatct atcttgttgg ttttcttgaa gaaccagctc    123120
     ctggtttggt tgatactttg aatagtttgt tttgtttcca cttggctaat ttcaaccccg    123180
     agattgatta tttcctgccc tttactcctc ttgggtgaat ttgcttccta ttgttctata    123240
     gcttttaggt gtattgttaa tctgctagtg tacgctatct ctagtttcct tttgaaggca    123300
     ctcagagcta tgagtttttc tcttaggaat gctttcatag tgtcccataa ttttgggtaa    123360
     tttctggctt cattttcatt aaattctaaa aagtctttaa tttctttctt tatttcttcc    123420
     ttgatgaagt tatcatagag tagagtgttc ttcagcttcc tagtgagtgt tggctttcta    123480
     ttatttatgt tgttattgaa gatcagcctt atctgtggtg atctgatagg atgcatggga    123540
     taatttcaat atttttgtat ctgttaagtc ctgttttgtg accaattata tggttgattt    123600
     tggagaaggt gccttgaggt tcagagaaga aagtatatct ttttgtttta ggataaaatt    123660
     ttctgtagat atctgttaaa tccatttctt tcataacttc tgttagtttc aatgtgtctc    123720
     tgtttagttt ctgtttccag gatctgtcca ttgatgagag tggggtgtta aattctccca    123780
     ctattattat gtgaggtaca ctgtgtgctt ccaggtttac tatagtttct ttgataaatg    123840
     tggatgccct tgcatttgga acaaagatat tcagaattga gagttctttt tggaaggttt    123900
     tatcttttat gagtatgaag tgcctctcct tgtctttttt gataactttg ggctggtggt    123960
     tgattttgct tgatacaaga atggctactc cagcctgttt cttcggaaca tttgcttgga    124020
     aaattgtttt ccagcctttt accctgaggt aatatctgtc tttttccctg cggtgggttt    124080
     cctgtaagga ccaaaaagtt ggctcttgtt catgtagcca gtctgttagt ctatgtgttt    124140
     ttatttggga attgaatcca ttgatattaa gagatattaa ggaaaagtaa ttattgcttc    124200
     ttgttatttt tgttgttaga gttgagattc tgttcttgtg gctatcttct tttaggtttg    124260
     ttgaaggatt actttcttgc tttttccctc tttttgttgg agttttccct ttattatcct    124320
     ttgaagggct ggattcatgg aaagatattt tgtgaatttg gttttgtcat ggactacctt    124380
     ggtttcccca tctatggtaa ttaagagttt tgctgggtat agtagtttgg gctgacattt    124440
     gtgttctctt aaggtgtgta taacatctgt ccaggatctt ctggctttca tggtctctgg    124500
     tgagaagtct ggtgtaatta taataggtct gcctttatat gttacttgaa ctttttccct    124560
     tactgctttt aagattctct ttatttaatg catttgttgt tctgattatt atgtgtcagg    124620
     aggaatttct tttctggtcc agtctatttg gagttctgta ggcttcttgt atgctcttgg    124680
     acatctcttt ctttaggtta gggaagtttt cttctataat tttgttgaag atatttacta    124740
     gccctttaag ttgaaaatcg tcattctcat ctatacctat tatccgtaag tttgatcttc    124800
     tcattgtgtc ctggatttcc tggatgtttt gggttaggat ctttttgcat tttgtacttt    124860
     ctttgattgt tgtgtccatg ttttctatgg aatcttctgc atctgagatt atctcttcca    124920
     tctcttgtat tctgtggctg atgttcgtat ctatggttcc tgatttcttt cctagggttt    124980
     ctatctccag agttgtctcc ctttggtttt cttcattgtt ttatacttcc atttttagat    125040
     cttgaatggt tttgttcaat ttcatcacct gtttggttgt gtttttctgt aattctttaa    125100
     ggaatttttg tgtttcctct ttaaggtctg tttagcagtt ttcctgtatt tctttacatg    125160
     agttattaat gcccttctta aaatcctcta ccagcatcat gagatatgat tttagatccg    125220
     aatcttgctt ttctggtgtg ttggtgtatc caggactcaa tatggtgggc gtactgggtt    125280
     ctgatgatgc tgtgtggtct tggtttctgt tagtaagatt cttttgtttg cctctcacca    125340
     tctggtaatc tctggtgtta gatgtactag ctgtctctag ctggagcttg ttcctcctgt    125400
     gattctttag cctctgtcag cactactggg agagcaactc tctcctgagt cccagtggtc    125460
     agaacagtct gtgcaggcaa gatcttgcag ggaaggtcca gagaagtctg gagctcagat    125520
     ccacctcctg attcctgggg gtcagagccc tccctggaga ctgactctcc tctggcaggg    125580
     aaggtgtcca gggttctggg tctcagctct gtctctggct gcggatggag gcccgaagga    125640
     accctgtcca agaagctctg ttacttctgc agcccacatg ctctcctgag tagactcagt    125700
     gatcccaaga ttctgggtgt gctagagcct gcttttgtct tttgaccctg ttgctgctag    125760
     cacaataccc tctgggtttt ttggaactga tgttgcattt cactcgccag tgatctcaag    125820
     atccctagtg tgctaggtgc ctgcagtgtt tagagtcctc tggggacctt gggaccctcc    125880
     actgagatca tggggaagat ggtgcagggg tggtgctgac cagaatgaac cctggccaga    125940
     ctgaactgaa cctgcccgac cagaacttgt tgggcaggtg tgctttgtcc ctgttcctgc    126000
     tagcacaaga ccctctgggg tttttggaac tgatgttgtg ttccactcac cagtgatctc    126060
     aaggtcccaa gtgtgctagg gttcctgcag cgtggagagt cctctgctct tgacattctt    126120
     ttaggatgtc aagatatgca aaattacaag taatcaggag gtggatctga taaaataaag    126180
     ttatgttact ttgatgacat tcaatactta attgaattca aaagattctc tgggttgaaa    126240
     tgtaaggtat ttttattggg atattcttta ccaacagaaa ttgaaaattc aaatatatgt    126300
     aaaaaacctc ctgggtagat agatatacac aatgtgcagg ttacagaaac tgaatcaact    126360
     aaaacaaatc tgttatcttc acttttctca aaattagtct agatgaaact agtattgcta    126420
     cacatgtttt aacttttgtc atccctttag attgcctcct tccttctctt cctacaagct    126480
     ccttggttcc acttacatct agctagcgtt atgcaaccac atttataaat tcatttctct    126540
     cttggttctc atctttggag ttttcactgt tactaataga ttactaccta tatcttcagt    126600
     atttatttat tttaaagtgt ttattgagtg tcttatagat gtcaggtact cttctaggca    126660
     gtgagcaaag gttctgattt cacaaactta catgttgtag aagaaataga caataagcga    126720
     gtaagagagt cagatacaga gtaggttcaa tggtggtaaa tgttatagag aaagataagc    126780
     agagaagtaa atatggacaa tctcagagaa agaaagagga aagttcaaat gtcttaacct    126840
     gagacactgg ctgctgctct gctagttagt gctgtaaagg aaaaaccaga cttacatggc    126900
     tgtcgtgagt tctagttatt tgaggcatgc tactgaatca ttgcatacac aagttcccct    126960
     gcaaacttgt ctatcacttg cccactctga atgacctttt gtggcctcct tacattcccc    127020
     tctaaaacat aaggtctata ttatagtgca ggacatgttc cctgttatta agctccacct    127080
     gaacatatac atacttcaaa ggtataatac ttcaaagttt tgccatcttg aataggatta    127140
     acatccaaat gtatgctata agtggtttca tggatcatta tgcataaaca ggtttcaagc    127200
     acgcatttta tttcctttac tagctatatt ttatgtagat tagatttgct ggttaagatg    127260
     gtatgctgta aaaatagaaa gaatagaata agaatcggga attttatata gtgtgataca    127320
     aaatagacaa aaatcttaat ttatgatcaa aataattatc atagacacat acatatgcat    127380
     atgtataaaa acattgggca gtcattatta ttaagacagt tgtctttcaa gaatgcctca    127440
     cttaataaaa agagataact ttagtttgta aaacaatgtt gactaaagta ccataatgcc    127500
     agattaaaaa actcagagac aaaattgaaa agagaaccag tatgctaata gaaaatattc    127560
     aaaatataca cagattgtct ctaggatagc aaatatatct aacaagaaag aaaaatgtat    127620
     ttctctaatc catatatgat ttcattatat gcaaggatta attttcacat aagtcaatga    127680
     aaacctgtag tgcaaacaaa ataagtagag tagccacaac agaccatgtt catgagcaaa    127740
     gcctctttgt attatttaat ataccattga ctccaggtga tttatcctat ccttaaaata    127800
     atatatatct attctccttc ctctgcatga ctccaaatct ggattccaca gcctgttatc    127860
     tgttgtacta aggcaagatg tctgaagtag ctttctgttt ctgtctcact gacagacatc    127920
     atatttccaa acttgaaata taatattcct agtatatcct taaggagaaa agaccaaatc    127980
     ctctaaaaca ataatattat tctttaaatt tgacacttac aatttatttc cctgacttaa    128040
     aagctcatat ccataggcca cataatattc gctctttctc tctccatata tctacatcta    128100
     tatctacatc tatgtctaat ctatataaac ataatctttt ccagcaatac aagacacatt    128160
     ggaagctact gggagtggtc tggtatgcct cattttattt ctgagcttct tgtcaatgtc    128220
     atccctctcc atgaactgcc cactaattta ttcatgcatt ccatcactat gatctacttg    128280
     gttaaattct gcgcacaaga atagctccaa gcttcatcaa cctacagttt gatggagtag    128340
     gaaaattttc atctgatcat cattcaaata tataattaga aacagtgatt gaaaaacttc    128400
     tttgcaagac atgtgtcata tacagaggct gtgagagcct gtttctgcag ggtgtggaat    128460
     gggttagatg agtctggttt tttgtttgtt tattttttgt tgttgtgtgc ttgtttgttt    128520
     ttattatctt atatatatac atgaccaatt actaaaagag ccaattttat ttcattgttt    128580
     ttgcaaggca tctaaaatgg tctctttctc ttttttcttt ttttttaact aaaatttgat    128640
     tttttttttc atacaataca tctcctctca gatcctctcc acctcctcat ccatctagct    128700
     tttttgtctt tctctctctc tctagaaaga aactaggaca aagaagggag gaaacagtca    128760
     aaaggattag tgctagtctg tgttggcatt tatgttggca ttggtaattt ctaatacatc    128820
     tttgaaggac atttccttct gctgaagagg gaacaacatc aaaatagtga ctaaaaagag    128880
     tttgagacag ctaagggaca attatgatca tttatttgca tttgttgtaa aataatagta    128940
     gaatagtgaa gaacttatgc agagaactgc tgaagaattt catttatagg tcttatataa    129000
     agtaggagtg tttggggttg gttgtttgtt tgtttgcttg cttgcttgtt tttgagacca    129060
     aaaacttccc caacattacg taagagctta tttggtattt ctgtgtaagt aatctagtct    129120
     atggagggga aagcatgctg gaagatgtca gatgcaagta actggtctcc tgtatccaca    129180
     gtcggtaagt tgaaagctgg atttcagtta ccttctcttt actcaacctg ggacttttac    129240
     ccatagaaaa gcaccacaca ccgaaaggtg gatcttcccc tttcaactaa cctaatataa    129300
     gactttactc actgacatgc ccaggggctc atgtgtccat agtgatttca aattctgtca    129360
     agttgaccat caataatgac aattaaatac cctatcagta atgtatatat aaattaatag    129420
     actaaacaat tcaagtgcag aaataaaatt cttcctgtag ccagtttcag agactccata    129480
     gaggaagacg aaaaatgtag tcaaactctt tgtaggagtt tttggttttc taaattcgtt    129540
     tgaaaacttt tgagaatact tgaatgcatg atagtataca tgaacagcag actcagttgc    129600
     aacaaacaga agtctctact tctgtcacat taataactaa agcaagacaa taagtttatt    129660
     cttctcatag aaaagtctat gatagatgtt cactgagtat agtccacatc actaagtcaa    129720
     tgagcttagt tctctataaa atgtaattct gggaaggaga aaagaaagta atctagtaat    129780
     aatttaatta aaatccataa aaatttaaaa acagagtaag aatggcatat cataagaatg    129840
     gcatagtata agaaccttta tactatataa aatataaatg agaatttagt tgataaatga    129900
     gagatttgtg ctttttaatg aatgtaacaa caatcagtgt aaaaatgagg ccatgaattt    129960
     gaaagaaaaa aatgagagtt ttataggagg ttttggaagg agatattaga ggttatatta    130020
     tgtaattgta ttataatctc aaaagcaaaa caataataat tttaaaggat tacaagagac    130080
     agattacaaa agccaaactt ttattaaatg gtcaatgaaa taacaaaacc atacagacag    130140
     aatattctca tctcatcact taagctggaa ccttgtggcc aggggtggga tccacactca    130200
     gttccaagat gacaggacaa aaaaagcagg aacacattac aaagcttacc taaattctat    130260
     tagctgagac ttagtcatag tcatatctct aaatgaatga catggaataa aaaaaaatac    130320
     ttattctgac tgcctttatc ctaggttcga atgccactgt ttgaataaag gagaaattgc    130380
     taccagaaaa caacttataa tccttgttac agtgctttac tgatctaatg tctcaagttc    130440
     ctttgtcagt tgtcatgtga actgagaatg aacactgcaa tgtaaggaag atgaaaaaat    130500
     attagtgtca gaaaactcaa gatatttggg aggcctcaag ccagatgtaa aagtattatt    130560
     ttgtttacct tacaaagtag atttggcagt tgtcctctaa gaaaagatac tccttttctc    130620
     ttatttgaga tgtacacgtg acccttcaac ctacatagga aatgaaacca tcctttattt    130680
     cactatgtgc ttcttaaact gtagaacaaa tgagcactgc agtaatggct atcagaaagt    130740
     ttacccaggc tgtcttcttt ggtttctctt ctatgtgctg agatcttcaa gtcaggatcc    130800
     tgaccttgaa atatgttatt tcagcgctga ggtaccttaa caagagtcca aacaaaatgg    130860
     ttgctaaata cacattgtat ttccagcatg gttatattaa atgtggcaag tgtttcagaa    130920
     tcatcctcat gtctttgact caactcaatc tgcaccaaga atccgacttt taactcacat    130980
     acaattttct taaaacccac tacttagttc cagaccacag taacagattt ctgcacaaca    131040
     gcttgtaaaa caatgaagat ggctttatgt agggacaggt agctttattt agagtcagtt    131100
     cacttcatca cttccatcca ggctcaacaa caccttattg gaatcaaatg tcttgtctat    131160
     cttcctctat gcctttgtct ctgtcttcta ccatctctgt gactttctgt ctctgttctc    131220
     ttggtttcta gtccctctgt ctctgtttct ctgtgagtat ctctgtttct gtctctctcc    131280
     atatctgtct ctgtctctgt ctctgtctct gtctctgtct ctctctctct ctctctctct    131340
     ctctctctct ctttctcaca cacacacacc agtttctttt tttaaatatt tttattacgt    131400
     attttcctca tttacatttc caatgctatc ccaaaagtcc cccataccct ctccaccact    131460
     cccttaccca cccactccac tttctagaac ctagacattt ctctatccca catccaacat    131520
     gagtcatttg ttactttttt tttacatttg tgactttgtt actctgatca ccttccttga    131580
     taaattctgt attctcaccc cttccccttg tcttcttaat gtcctgatcc tttgaaacat    131640
     gatttgtaga tgaagcattg tggcatctga tcataactat gccactgaaa acacagtatg    131700
     aacttactgg tcttcatgca aatgaaacag tgcacagtat cctggtagct cctatctttt    131760
     tgaagtgatc ttctcctacg cataaatttc tcctgtttaa cctcctgatg ctttgtgtat    131820
     tgacaaatat actgagtaaa tcttacacaa caaatgtcaa ataagacaaa ttttcagtaa    131880
     agaagaaata ccactgaggt gctactcatc accaaatagg tcactttttt tttttatgat    131940
     ataggaggtt ttgctgtgaa gtgttacagt agtgttaacc tggctgccat tttatttaac    132000
     ataatccttg tacaataaga taacatgatg tagatacttg atgttgcttg acagtatttt    132060
     taaataacta tggaaagtta tttactgtga tcaaataata caaatgtacc tgaatgtact    132120
     ctactgcaat tgcagaatat tttatttctt tgcatttatt tataaaatgc tatattttga    132180
     cacataggtc acttacctaa tggtaagttt tacaaatacc acactgattg taaaaagacc    132240
     gtttgtgctt ttgctgatct tgatgcactt tataagatct taaacataga aaattttcaa    132300
     caaaggatat gaaattaaaa tattagacag cttttcaaga tggcatgcaa aatattattt    132360
     atagaagtga attattgcta tctatgtgac attcatccaa aaaagtagca ttcacttttg    132420
     gataacaata ttaaattgca tatttttaag aaagtggcga tataactcac aatcacatgt    132480
     agaaactgta tagcttgact tatgctttca aatttatata gcaagtaagt tattccaaag    132540
     tctcaaaggc agcattttct ctttgtgcaa atacattctc acacctattt tggcaaataa    132600
     aaaatgcaca tgtaccgaag ggaacgtaaa taatgagcgt attaaagtga aacagaataa    132660
     taaagactta aagcttgagc gaggttctga gaccgcaagt atgtgtcctt cctgctgctt    132720
     aaaaagatgg cattgatttc taggattaat gggtcttttc aatggatagc atgtcttgac    132780
     atttaaccag aatgttcttc taggtttttt gtcttatttc actagcagca taatttataa    132840
     atatgaacaa tctgacagtg aaatgctgcc tttgaagttc aattttttgg ttagtgtgaa    132900
     ccttgcagca taatctaaat ggataaatat ataaatttta tcaaaatata tgtttctcta    132960
     tgtcttataa aagccatgtc atccagaaaa tagtaacatt gacactttgt cttgtcatga    133020
     gacctgacag ccacatagtg cttcaacaaa taaggcagca acatgaaaag agtttagtca    133080
     agctgcaggt cgatgtgagg gagcagggag atgagccaat gtgtgctcca tgtttataat    133140
     tttgcaacat tcagttaatc aaagaagagt tttggaatta cctttatatt gtcacaaata    133200
     aaaagagaaa aatagatggc aactgccatt ccttgaagcc ttcatagtca aataatagat    133260
     ttgtagatat caataaataa ataaaaggaa tcttgcttca gttaccaaca gaacacaagt    133320
     ccagggatag aagaagttaa atatgaattc ttacagaatg atagctcaca agaattagag    133380
     agatagctca gtggataaag tgtttgagaa catgaaatcc tgagtttaaa tccttggcac    133440
     cacataaaag ccaggcatcg caactctgtg acatggcacc tgtgacccaa gtgcctagag    133500
     tgatggatcc acccacagag gtctagaccc agccagtcta gaagaaatgg caaactgcag    133560
     attcaatgag atatcttggc tcaaacctta gattaagggt gatttttaaa gatatttaat    133620
     aacctctggc ctcaacagtc tcatgcaaag tgaaaaatga gtgtacacac acacacagag    133680
     aaagaagaag gaaaggaaaa agaaagaagg aagaagggag ggagggaagg aggtagaaga    133740
     ctgaggggct aggagcactt ggtgttattg agcgttttat taccaccacc cacttctggc    133800
     tactaagaat taagtgacaa agcagaaatc tgatgttgtc ttttagcctt tggggcctac    133860
     cacatgcata tatgcacata catcacccaa acagacacat aatcacaaaa gtagaagacg    133920
     aaatgaaacg aaagagcttc tacattcatt caacaggaaa taagaaagcc ctaggttgat    133980
     atcatcctga gtgaggtaac ccaatcccaa aagaacacac atgaaatgca ctcactgata    134040
     agtggatatt agcccagaag ttcagaatac ccaagataca attcactgac cacatgaagc    134100
     tcaaggagaa ggaagatcac agtgtggata cgtcagtcct tcttagaagg ggaaacaaaa    134160
     tacccattgg aggaaatgca gagataaagt ttggggcaaa aactgaagga aaggccatcc    134220
     agtgactgtc ccacctgggg atccatccca tatacagtta ccaaacccag acactattgt    134280
     ggatgccaac aaatgcttac tgacaggagt ctgatatagc tgtctcctga gaggctctgc    134340
     cagtgcctga caaatacaga agttgatgct catagccatc cattggactg aacacagggt    134400
     ccccaattga ggagctagag aaagtactca aggagctgaa ggggtttgca gccccataga    134460
     ggaacaacaa tatgaaccaa ccagtacccc cagggctccc agggactaaa ccaacaacca    134520
     attggtacac atgaagggac ctatgtctct agccacatat gtagcagagg ttggctgtgg    134580
     gacatcaatg agagaagagg cccttggtct tgtgaagtct ctatgcccca gtgtagggga    134640
     attccagaat agggaagcag gagtgggtgg gttagtggtt aaggggaggg gaatatgttt    134700
     ttggagggaa aatgatgaaa taggataaaa tttgccatgt aaataaagaa aacatctatg    134760
     agagagagag agagagagag agagaaagag agggagagag agagaaagaa agagagagaa    134820
     agagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    134880
     aaagaaaaga aaagaaagcc ctaggttcca ggttggtggg aaaacggcaa tgtcagatga    134940
     gatatgaaaa ggtaataaca ggtatgaact acaaagaaaa gactggatat gtatggagca    135000
     acacatatcc agaataagca taatgtaatt agcatgccct ctttcttctt tgggaatttt    135060
     tttatttaaa taaaaatgaa gtctgactgc catggtatgc atttggcagg aaatcaggca    135120
     gtttatattt tagatatgag ctcatcatcg ggtccatctg ttgacattgt ctgtacatca    135180
     taatgtttgg agctctgaga cacagaaaat ataacctcaa aatgaaactc cctaaatctg    135240
     aaactccaaa taattgctct cttatcttat aagcctggtg tgttcacttt caaatttccc    135300
     tttgaatcct gccagctagc ctaactgcaa tacctattga gggagaaacc agagacagca    135360
     actacagaat aagattacac tgctgttaaa ctcttcagga ggctattttg tttatgccaa    135420
     gctagaaagt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaatgag tggctctggt cctaaccaat ttttatctaa    135480
     gggatgtttt ttatacattc agagaatctt ttcctcctaa tctttcaagc tataactaaa    135540
     aattgaggtc tcaggaagca ggcatgaaaa taatatgaag ctgaaatctc cttccacttg    135600
     tggagagatt tggcaaacaa caggcagaga ccacagcctt ttcccccaag aagttctgtc    135660
     ttcacctaac cagcacttag tctgccaaaa ttttatgatt tttcaaggat actgtagttg    135720
     cactctcaca ttgaattatt ttcttgttta cttgcttcat gtgtataaat gtcctagcat    135780
     gcctatggat gtcacaggac aatttggagt actccattct attcttccac catgtaaact    135840
     gggaactgaa ctccgtacac ccagctttgg tggcaactgc cttttcttgt tgagtcactt    135900
     catcagcctg cccagaaatc attttgtttt gtttatgtag agtttttgtg acaagatctt    135960
     gtgtaggtca gactggccat aaactccttc cttatgcagc tgaagctgac cttgagctcc    136020
     tatgtctgcc tctcaactgg tacaaataca agcatgtggc acgtgcattt cctattgttc    136080
     tttgaaaagt ttggtcacat gtatttgaat gtctatctcc tctaagagtt gataatttac    136140
     ctcatatcaa gcctacacac ttcatctgcc agaacaattg gaacataata aataatgtta    136200
     tcactgtata catctgccta tatcatcaaa tggagctctg acaataatac atcctcaata    136260
     ataccatagt acgggtgttt tgttttgctt tgatttgttg ggattttttg tgcatctttt    136320
     ctctatagtc aaaccaataa cgctgttcgt accctgttca aaacaaactc tttctagagt    136380
     gtaaaataac aaaaggggtc atgaaattga tattgaccac aggtagtgat gcagtggagt    136440
     tttgttaatc tcatcaagag tatatctaga ccaaaggaat attctccagt agagggagtt    136500
     ttgagatttt aaagaagata tactgtgaca gcttcatcca ataagtagct taaaagaatc    136560
     tgttgcctga ataaagaaaa aaaggggagg gggaagggtt tcacaaaaaa atgactcaca    136620
     ttttcaagat tcaaaatgat ctgtgtttta aatatgaaaa atattgatat ggatccagtc    136680
     tataacaaaa gtccaaagga atatctttac atatgttgaa agagtatttt tattaacttt    136740
     tttttctctc taatagggta ttcaatactt caagctataa tggaaaaagc aggacagaat    136800
     ggatggcatg tcagtgcgat atgtgtggaa aattttaacg atgtcagcta caggcaacta    136860
     ctagaagagc ttgacagaag acaagagaag aaatttgtaa tagattgtga gatagaaagg    136920
     cttcaaaaca tattagaaca agtaagttct gggcttcatc ttattactaa ggtgtgcgtt    136980
     agataaaaat gttgacatat tccagttctg tctccatact gtcttccagt tcagaatatg    137040
     agaattagga attttccatg atttatctcc agaaaaaaaa aatgacagtt ctttactgta    137100
     aaaagtgtcc tttagtcctt aggtacagtt gaagatagga atacaacttt tccatcctgt    137160
     aaagatataa gcagtagaag agcatttgct tagtcaccag gaattctgag cctttattaa    137220
     tatgaatctt gaagattact gctatgaaac tattaaagca tttgaaaggt cctttttata    137280
     ttctaaacaa ctagttgcat gaaaattatc aacataaact agcaaagcaa tgaaataaat    137340
     gatgattggc tagaacattc tgtaatgtgc tgtttctacc agatgtttta agtaaatact    137400
     acttgttacc cataaagatg atttttcaac ttccttttag aaggggactc tttgaataaa    137460
     gatttcaata aataactgtt gatgagcttt gaagagggta ggaaaagata aaactgagct    137520
     tttccattgt attaagtggt aggaaaacat tatgtagtta taaattgcat ttgctcctct    137580
     gccttgaaca caatgataaa ggcttccacc aaaattagag tgcctgggtg ccatctagtg    137640
     gttcttagga agtttgttca tacttaccca caataattca gagttaatca gttaggtata    137700
     gtttaactgc agaattacac aattggattt ggaatagaaa acctatcagt ttggagttca    137760
     tttacaatac tcatcttttt ttttgttttt gtttttttgt ttttcgagac agggtttatc    137820
     tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctagcctt gagctcagaa    137880
     atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgccgg aattaaaggc gtgtgtcacc accgcccggc    137940
     tataatactc atcttaatat ccaaaatata tctgagattc taccataact cctacaagct    138000
     ctggattgcg tatcactgta tatattagaa ttttaaaaat tttatcataa aattaatttt    138060
     gcatttttaa gatatgaaat agcattgcac tataagagca attagtaaag tatctatccc    138120
     ttattatcct gttataaaag aaattaataa tacttcacta aaaacagaat ctctgctact    138180
     ttggtaaact atgaatacta agtgtacaca gatcaggtaa atcagccttg atgtcaggta    138240
     aggagccttg atggaattcc aaggaaacct ctcctttaat atgcagagca gtgactccaa    138300
     atccaatttt actctctccc ttccatgctt gctgccccag tagtgagact ttgcagttgt    138360
     ttaacctgaa taatttttgc aaatcactga ggatgagtcc cctgcagagc agccaaacat    138420
     ctgccaagat tgccaaattc ctgtcagagg ctggatgtca tctgtgatga cattcactta    138480
     gctcctgtgc tctaaagacc cagactttcg agagaagttg gtcctcaaag cacactttcc    138540
     gaggcttacc tggtttctga ggaggaactt ggtatacctg ggtgctgagg gtaaacgcta    138600
     agccttaaat gactgtgaag ggttggtctt tcctgctcct ctccgccatt ttctccttct    138660
     cctcttcctc ctcttccttc accttctcct ttttcttttt ctcctcctca ttctaccctg    138720
     tttttctgtt aacactttaa agaagttaaa attttgagtg tctacgatac ctattccttt    138780
     ttggtaaact ctacctaatt tcattactat tagggctacc tacataggat tgtaaagagc    138840
     aatcctttaa ttcaagaaga catttcataa agtataataa accccactgt gctgtaagga    138900
     gataatgact tcttggttat ataatcatgg ttccttcctc ctacaagctg tgtctgatta    138960
     gaaacatgat tatttcttat ctttattcca tagctccaaa gaaagtcgcg tgtaacattt    139020
     gttggtttga ttctgtgttt tatggtgctg caggttgaac ccagaacctc catggatgtg    139080
     ttttgcaggc tctctgtcaa tgagctacat cttcagctct ggatttcatt cttgattcta    139140
     ttctatcaga ggaactaatc caaatgattc tgagagtgta tgcaatggct cacctttcaa    139200
     caaaaatcca tattcattaa ttaaacaaag aatagaaaac atttcataga ctaaactaaa    139260
     gcattattta aagaatagtc accagagatt gaatagatct ttgtaagtaa aaggaagaga    139320
     ttagggcaga tttgataagg ggtacaaaaa atcactccca accagaggaa taacggctag    139380
     atttccatca cacagaaagg tgactagagt tgattgtatt gtattgtatt gtattgtatt    139440
     gtatgttttg aaatagctag gagattacaa tagtctatat tgtttgggag tctcttgaac    139500
     tcatggctgc tactagggtt tcaattagat gatctatggt tcatgaggaa aatatttttt    139560
     ttcccaaatg gtatagcctc ataaagatat atatatatga tagatagata gataacagat    139620
     atgtgtgcat ttgcatgttt gtgtgtttat gtatgtgttt acatatacat atataaacaa    139680
     agaacaagat aaatatgaaa taattcctta agactttttc aaatcttagt atattttgtc    139740
     cttctttcct tcctcctctt cttggctgac ttccatccct ccatctgtcc tcattttccc    139800
     cattttttat catttctctc tttatatcac ttgaattctt ctattctctc tcatccctca    139860
     tgccccactc caaggagaag attttgagtg tcctcttcac aaacaaataa tcctgagcta    139920
     atcagcacac catgtaaatg tgtctgaata ccattatgta acactgaata tatcaattat    139980
     gtttgcttaa gaaatcaata aaggttgttt ggataaaaaa tttaaagtag aaaaaggtag    140040
     ccctctctta ggagattcac ataatgaaaa ttcaaagcag gttctgaaat ttctagaaga    140100
     accagcacac cttgcttgct gtctataatt gcttctttga cattttaatt tatatcagat    140160
     cacaaaagcc taatataaat aggtcataca ttgtcatttc aaaatatatt gatgggtgat    140220
     ggtggtacat ggagcatttt ctcttttgta cttgtttccc aaattatttt atgccatgag    140280
     ctggttcatt cttatatatg tatttgctat ttaaaacagc agttagctat tgactccttg    140340
     agacatttca aaacataagg aggaaaacgg taaagaaagc ctcagcttga tgatgcctct    140400
     gtgcttgagt ccttgtaatc tagtttgaca tacatctctg agatagtcta cccagcagcc    140460
     aagcttagcc agccatagct ccttccactg gagtaaagcc cgaactgtgc tcaggtaaac    140520
     tgctttgtct gtcactgttg tctgaccatg tcactgttgt ctgaacttgc agaacccttt    140580
     gaatctattc tacttctcca tagtgacctc attctagaat tttaagtgga agtcaacaag    140640
     ttttaagttt gctcaagttt tgatttgtag acgaaaccaa atatgagaaa aaatagtttt    140700
     aatctatcat caattctcat tctaactgaa acaacagaaa agtgatgtgt ttatgtaaca    140760
     cggactatgc tattcgtggc actaggaatg taacaaacac taaattgagt ttattcccac    140820
     ttgctcaagc cagctccaat caaataaaag gctgtatcta aatttaaaga acaatttgat    140880
     ccacacctaa aacaaaacaa aaacaaaaaa actagaaaaa cataaacaaa tcaaacaaac    140940
     aaaaccttga aattacagga gcctggacag atgctcagag ttaagaacac aaactgttct    141000
     tgcacaagat ataaagttag aactgacaaa ttgttttcat gtcaaattag ataccaagag    141060
     cctttcatgt tactttcttt ttttttttat tattttttta attaggtatt ttcctcattt    141120
     acatgttact ttcatatgct tgttatttta aaaccctgca cacaatactt acatcagtgt    141180
     gtatcacaat acttacttac aaaacaagta aacaaaaacc atgaaatttg atctcagcta    141240
     aaatttaaac aataaaaact ggctcaactg ggactaggaa gacagctcag ctgttatgag    141300
     tattgactat tcttgcagag aaccagagtt cagttcccag acccacatag tgtctctcaa    141360
     ctctccagtc catgtccagg gatctgacag ctcttctggc ctcagtaggg agccaggcac    141420
     agcccatatg ttttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    141480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgcaaaaaa agaaaacctc atgaataaaa ctttaaattt gtttaaaatt    141540
     tttacaaata agtctcaaaa atagtcctaa gatgtcaact cttccccatc aaacatctct    141600
     caccaatatg gaaaacccag aggccttgca gtcagaagtt tgcattccta cagctcatga    141660
     aaccctttga tcaggacatc catctctgac acttgggatc agacagacaa gattgtaaaa    141720
     ttttaaagca cagatgtgtt tttactctct tagaaatagt taacaaatgt ccaatggcta    141780
     ttttttgtta ttgtgtgtgt ggttttgttt tgttaatacg tagcttaatt atctccttaa    141840
     ggcttgggtt tttcttcctc ctcctcttcc tcctcctcct cactttacat acagtaagct    141900
     gaactgagat gattttttta aaaaaacctg ctttctctaa ataaaattta ataagaagta    141960
     tttcagctca tgtgttgggt ggtgaagtac tatataaatt tacacataga gtataacttc    142020
     aaacaaagca cacaataaaa cctcaggcag atagccattc ctgggtactt attaattctt    142080
     caaatactta ttgaatgatt gctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcct ttttcctctc    142140
     tctccccatc cacccatttc ccggtctctt tctctcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    142200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gactgtctgt ctgtctgcct gcctgtgtgt ctgtgtactg    142260
     ggcctgaagt gcctaatagt acagatacat tttatattct gcttggttac ttttatatac    142320
     ttaaagattt tgtagaaaca tgattataaa gggattaaca aatatacacc ctagatttca    142380
     ctataaatat cagttcttat gaattggaaa tgatagcaaa ggtatcaaag aattgaaact    142440
     atactaactc ttcttcattt cataaaatgt atgcctttaa gaatctaagt atttatccaa    142500
     agactataaa tactgaccat agactgtgaa atacaaatgc atacctaaca aaagaataaa    142560
     gaaaaatgac tcaacagctg gtccacagac atctcagaca ccctcttagt cacatcccac    142620
     ttttgtaatt agctccttct tctacagtgt tactggtttc acaaaataag acaaaaaaag    142680
     agtgtcctac taaaagcatg tggatctggg aagctataca tggatgacct tcctattctg    142740
     tttgccacct aatttggaaa agaaaaaaaa aaagaatcta ttattgatgt cctaaaaagt    142800
     tactatgtta ccaaaggaca atcatcctac cctgaggcaa gatcaaccag acagaggaaa    142860
     gtaccctcaa cataaagtag acgtttgtac agaggagaag aaatatgaca ttggaccaat    142920
     taatttattt taatcaccat attgcaaatc atacctagca ccacccaggt atgattcaac    142980
     tcctaggaag aatcatagac aaaaagtcaa atttatagca tcattagtta aagtataaac    143040
     gctgaatatc tagagggtat atatacaaat ttgtacaaat tttaaatatt agaaattata    143100
     ctatataaaa ctctaccttt tccacctcat ctcccccttg aatcattacc atttaataaa    143160
     ggattaaaga agaaatccaa tattggagag cctgacattg tgtttcatat tggatcattt    143220
     cagtaactag ctagagatca ttttttcaca ccaaagcaaa aaacgagaaa gaaaaaaatg    143280
     agaaaagact aaaaagaagc acaatagaaa aaggaaagca agccacacct gtgaggaaag    143340
     acatgtctct gtggcagatg tttgatagac atgtagactt tggatgtgag tcatctgatt    143400
     cagtagatag gacatctatg cagtcagcat ctcttgtact tatttaaatt ctatatacta    143460
     gaaaaatgaa aacaaatgtt atctattcct agcttacact caggccaggc tcccaaaagt    143520
     gtaaaaataa ttattgggac atttaatagc tatagaaaag aaatatgaaa tagagccaga    143580
     actcagaaga caagatgact aagtatgcta caagtcagga atgctttaca gaagaaaaat    143640
     aaaaattttc tacgttgtaa aacatattaa gattttccta tgcatgggaa acaaaaggaa    143700
     aggaattgaa tttttcatag tcaaggaaaa gaaaagatag tccaagacag atgaaagact    143760
     gcaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaacgttag ctaggaaatc ctatcaccaa    143820
     tttcccatac tgaagaacta acagaaccag gtgcaggtgc atttcaggga gagctcagga    143880
     aatggagatg aattctacag gacacaataa gatagtgaaa tagaccattg gccaaggagg    143940
     aagctgtgaa tactggcaaa cagaaaagca gaattctaat ggtatcactt gagtgtttgc    144000
     ctgttaaaat tctatccatc aaagtagaac acatcactaa ccagtacatc cccaggcact    144060
     agctaggaca acaaaaataa ctgttcaaag gaaatctgaa tgggcttcac ttgaagactg    144120
     gaaaagagac atcttcaata tgtgtttaag atagcagcac tcagtcatac ttgaggcctt    144180
     agtagcaagc ttgcaattac ctcaaaggtt ttcttgtcca gaaatgtcac ctagcaaact    144240
     gctttgaaac ctctagattt tagtttgttg ttctggttga aaagtagaaa caatttgttt    144300
     cccacatact gaactaacaa gtgatacaca agaatgatca agtttctaaa gaaaagagca    144360
     cctctaggca atcctatcag caatgtcctg cactgcacat gcagagcaag atgcttttgc    144420
     tttctggtag agcacctttg cctatcaggg tatgatcact tagaacatac acaaggtaag    144480
     aagaattcaa aggatatgaa gctatgctaa gaagggtaat ttttcttcat taagcttact    144540
     ttttggatga atcaacttga atgttaaggc actattatac tgcaataagt ttactggttt    144600
     tatagaaaat aaataagtcg ggcagtggtg gcgcatgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag    144660
     gcagaggcag gcagatttct gagtttgagg ccatcctgat ctacagagtg agttccagga    144720
     cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaaa    144780
     aacaaaacca aaaaacaagc aataaataaa taaataaata aaacaaaatc aaacctttaa    144840
     catatcagtc agattagtgc taaccggtgt taattgatga gggtagaaaa aaagtaattg    144900
     tctagtaata gctgcagcca tagctcttga tagcaagagt ctaggaagaa gatgagtgta    144960
     ttttccagaa tgcactcatt ttgtctcaaa aacaatgttg aatccaagat aaggttaggc    145020
     tcaaataatg ttgctttgct tgtagagcag ttattagaat ccaaaaaaca attcttttaa    145080
     aataataaag taaaacctgc ttgataattt acatgaataa attatttttg attcttagtt    145140
     ttaaatcaga agcagcttcc ccagaatatt cactataggt taaagaatga tttaaagtat    145200
     caattattaa ataggaaata ggaaaattgc tcatcaaatg ttgaaaacac aagctaacaa    145260
     aaagcaaatt acatcaactg ctttttccta ttgtcatgag aacatgcctg gcaaaagcag    145320
     ctaaaggaag gggttgcttc ggtttatagc atgaagagaa acagttcatc atgtacgata    145380
     gaaacatgtg caggagcatg agtcaggtgg tcataatgtg tccacagtca ggaagccgaa    145440
     accggtgaat actgttgctt aactgacctc aacatttttc ctttctattt gagctaggac    145500
     tcgccaagga ttaaccaata acaaaattta tagtttattt attgtttaat cttttctcag    145560
     acaaggatcc cacctatatc taaattatat cttaaataca tctgtacttg ctcaatagcc    145620
     ttccttttaa aagaaaaact cagactaaaa agtatattca ttttgttttg gggttttttt    145680
     tgtttgtttg ttttgggttt ttttgttgtt ttgttttttg aaacagggtt tctctgtata    145740
     gccctggctg tcctggaact cacttcgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc    145800
     ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccaccccc agcagtatat    145860
     tcattttatt atgtgcttat gatattcaac tgtacactaa tatataatat gctaatatat    145920
     tgcaaataaa gcaaaaaatg gtttcttgtc tctattctac aagcttctta ttttccactt    145980
     atacttgtaa gcatcactct tccatctgtt aacctgtgtg acacatactt atcatatagc    146040
     tacgagtttc tatgccttgt ctctgagtta aatcaatatc aatctgatct atacaggtac    146100
     ttaaaggaaa aacagagaag cacaaataat ctgtccaaca agcaaaattg tttaaaggat    146160
     gaaatcaaac tgtcatgtaa taaaagctcc ccggttaaaa aaaaaatctg gacaaagggc    146220
     attcaagatt gaatataagt gtgggaatgc gacagcaggg catacctcca catcagtggc    146280
     aaaaacatgt ggcaggacat caaagcaaga ggcttgagga aaggaccaag gagaaataag    146340
     gacaaattgt aataaacaga caagtaactt taatacttct actaagtatt cctttgccaa    146400
     agatcatgct atttgactaa tttggggatt catatcttcc attctttttg ttaagaattt    146460
     gagaaatata attgatctag ctaggctttt tccccctttt ataagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    146520
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcaaaatc cagaggtcct    146580
     agatccctca gatatgaagg tatagaccag ttgtaagcca attgatgtgg gtgctagaac    146640
     ctatacttgg atctgcttta agagcaatac atattcttca ccaatgagct atatgtctag    146700
     ctaactatgc tttggttaaa agaaaattcc tctctctcct ctttctcctc tctctctctc    146760
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcttcctt ccctcccttc ctccttccct    146820
     ccatccctcc ctctctatcc tctctctccc tcttcacctc cctctgtgtg catgactgca    146880
     tgagtgtatg tgtgtgaagt gtgtaccttt ttctctctca tatgtgttat atttgtatat    146940
     ttgtatatat ttcagatata gcctgttgag ttcacataat gtacatatat tttaagggct    147000
     tactgcttga cactgaacat gcagatagtg tgctcttccc taaggaaggc cattcctcct    147060
     actcccagtt ttcctcattt gcctgtagat tttgtgtaag attgaggcct catgggcatt    147120
     tccccatgca cttaggcatg ttcattgctt tcctcctggt tcatctcatg tctgagtagt    147180
     agtcatctta gtgagacttt actgatgtca ctttttgtgt tactaggaga tacaatctca    147240
     caacaaactc cctgatcctc taattcttat tatctttcca cctcctctta cataatgttc    147300
     catgagcctt tggttgtaag tgttttggag atgtgttcat ggagaatagg ttacatgtct    147360
     ctgcctctta attaactgtg gttttctgta gcagtctctg ttgcaaagag aagttttctt    147420
     agtgagacta cacttatctg tggttaaaag aacaaatgtt tataggttct tattagatat    147480
     tatgctggtt tagtaaatta gtggttctag gttctcctcc aataaccatg atttcattac    147540
     tactggttat ttaactggtc tctacttgca ggcatggtac ccatcaggct gtgaatgtct    147600
     taaatccaat tagagagctg ttgttgcctc ctaggtatgt gtgccactac tatatccata    147660
     gagctatctt accatgctgg cccttaatgt gtttcataag cataaaagct aggtacaact    147720
     gttgatagca tttctccttt aaaatcttac atggaacctt ctcataccag gagacccagt    147780
     cctaagcgag aaggcactca gttcagttct caattgctgt tactatatgt ctgcttacat    147840
     gtttcattct cttttacgta attacctgac atactaataa taaaaggccc caatgtgctc    147900
     aaatgcaaaa atatcccact gaaataaaaa caaagaggat gactctgagg ccatatgcgt    147960
     tacatagtta atttactcca cttccatcta ttgaagatga ttatgcacat gtaaattaga    148020
     aaatgcttgc ttaaaatgtt atttcataag ttactagtga ggaaagttct actcaccaaa    148080
     caataagtta tttcatataa acttcaaaag atttaaaaga ttattgttga aattgtaatg    148140
     gtctctgaag agaaatgaga aaacgtggcc acattgctaa aatggcatag aatctggaat    148200
     gattgtgtaa gctgagggga gaagtgagtg aacagtgagg ctataggaag acaggcttca    148260
     gctaatgctt accagatata aaaagtttaa caagtgtgtg tgttctggtt ttgagactta    148320
     aaatgtacag ttcattatca tatttaaaaa tgtaaaaact gctatagcac acacacaaaa    148380
     aaataaaatc tcttaaacct tatctagcct ggtgttccat tcaaacctgg caccttttct    148440
     ggattctctc tgcattttac ttgtctgctg ttcatccaag aaagtatgaa agaaatccat    148500
     aatttgaaaa gaaagagagt atagaatgtt gaggtgattg gttcaaatgc aataaaaaaa    148560
     aatgaaagaa aagaaaagaa agaaaaagaa atatagccag acggtggtgg cacatgcctt    148620
     taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg gggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc    148680
     taaaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacaaagaa actctgtctc gaaaaaccaa    148740
     aaagaaaaag aaaaaagaaa aaagaaagaa atataaatgt atcaggattg atgtggatgc    148800
     ctaacagatt taagtattta aacagtcagg tccaggctgc tgttgctatt ttgcaaggtt    148860
     attgactgag ctagaggaag tggatatcta agtgtagagt cttgaaaaat gtatacaaag    148920
     gacagaaaac cccagataga tgagttttgg ccaacgagac agtatgcact gaactggcaa    148980
     aggtctgaac tgaaagtgca caccagtgca attgacagaa actagactag actcaagttt    149040
     gagcaaaatg ataaccctag agacagactc tatatttcct tcctggaagt cagtttgatt    149100
     ttgtgaaaaa cttcctgtga tagaaaattc acttatacac aactttaccc ttcctttcct    149160
     tcatgggaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaaact attcccagtt agaaattttt ataatcttga    149220
     tatcacctcc aagtacagaa gaaaattcaa acatacacaa cacagagaca tacattttct    149280
     tttaaaagag ctatcctgga ttcctatttc ccattctcta ctaacttctt ctcacactgc    149340
     tcagactcat ttttattctt tgggaacttt attctcctct catttgtata tttcgggcct    149400
     tgacttaaaa ttttgatatt ccctaaaata cttataattt cagtcagtag cttgtttgtg    149460
     aaagctgctt atcttatatt tgtgtgttga tgaagatgaa gtaaattaaa ggttttgttt    149520
     ttttaagtaa aatgctttga agcatcttga gagtgaaaat ccaaagatat ttatggaaaa    149580
     tattgttctt gaagtatttc ccagcatgca gtagcatagt ctcagcaccc gggccacaca    149640
     ggcatttacc atctctgtgt cgctgcattc tctggaagag aatgacatct gaaggagaac    149700
     ttcctaccta atttataaga tcacaataaa agataaacca aagcccttca tacttaagtc    149760
     tgctcttgtg tgcctttagc gggagatatt gcctagcaca gcattcagaa cattatagtg    149820
     atagtttgag gtaatgtact ttcatgaagt tcttcatgga agaacttcag agtgctttat    149880
     taataattga tacataaaag ctttgcataa agtctaacta agaattgaag gccaaaactt    149940
     agtcacttta tgtatcaaaa tgaaattata tggtaatcct ttagaaaatt atattaactt    150000
     ttactgccat ttttcttttt taatattttt ttttagtctt tgagtacttc agtcatgtat    150060
     acaatggatt tttacaatat tctcccactc ttcttcccct agcacctctt gaatccatct    150120
     tccttcccta acaccctagc ttcttgttct tttttttttt ttctcactaa gtccagtgtg    150180
     tgctgactca tgggtataga gccctggaga ggagaatcat ctacctatca aagattatat    150240
     atccttagag aaaattgact ttcccagaag ctatcaactg aactgagggt ttgtgaactc    150300
     ctaccctctc cattctagaa agtcaactga cttgatccta tccaggtctt aagcaagaaa    150360
     ccacaggtgt tatgaattca tgagtaaagt ggtcctatca aacccacaaa acactgtttc    150420
     catctgcccc tccctaaatt ctggctctta taatcttgcc ccctcttttt gaatagtccc    150480
     tggggaaaaa gttgtgatat agatgtccca tttacagttg cacaccacag atatttattc    150540
     tctttacttt gaccagttct gagtttctgt attaactcat gacaacttgt tcaacttttc    150600
     tcctctgatg agatctgaga gtagcatgaa tctgaaggct caaaggtaga aatttccatg    150660
     ccattaaaaa atgaattggg agttatatta atgacaattt accacatcaa taccagatat    150720
     gaactcatga tacttacttg ttcttatgca tacacctggt tttacaactg aatcattgga    150780
     ccagcatcat agatacttct aaagtagtat ttgtttccta aaaagaagca agaaaaagca    150840
     attgaatgct tcagatttgt tgtatctctt aagcatgtat tattgaaaag acagatccct    150900
     ttgacagaga caatcagcat agctggtgca tccttcctga cctgtttttc agaactttaa    150960
     gcagacactt gataattatt attaatctag ttgcgtggcc tgtttcattc catgtggatt    151020
     agctttttta ctctatctct ttgtcagaat gaaagctgat aattatattt cacagccaag    151080
     tccctgcctt aatgtcattt tcctatgaca acatgaccaa ccacccttga agaaggcaaa    151140
     aacattttag attccatctc taactgttac tctacttaaa caacaatgtt aagcacacag    151200
     aggtactgat ctaaactcaa agtgaaatca ttcagactta tttataaaca taaactattt    151260
     tccacttggt aaaaccctaa ttctgatatt gcacacttga aacaaccctt aaatgttttt    151320
     aagtaaggaa gttataaaga tcctttacat agagcactat ccactgttat ttggaatatg    151380
     tactgtacat ttttcaaaaa gaaatttctg tcttgggtac attcttggtg atgaaccaaa    151440
     tctgacctaa aatcatggtc accttgagta gggaggggat aaagagtcct ctgtgcaata    151500
     tgtgtggtgt gactgttttg tcatagtaaa gaagttggct cagcaaaagc tcttgtctct    151560
     ctagcatctt tcagcaagtc tcttcagata tatgctttct aaagtctcca gatgccaatg    151620
     ctcattacac tcttcaggat ctttcttcct atggggaatt ggaggctggt ctccagttga    151680
     gctgaggtct gaactctgat agtgataatt caccttcatg acacagtagg cattccctta    151740
     tgctcctgga actctggctc ctacctaagt taccaccacc acccccacac cgcccccaca    151800
     agagaagcat ggtcaatggc ccaagcttct gaccttcagg ctaaactcct ccccagttac    151860
     ctagcaatag taaagaccgt aaaaagggct gttcagcctc acctcgctct cttactgctt    151920
     actctcttac ttgtctcctt cttacccctc actctcatcc tctctcccct ctctttgtct    151980
     tctctcctct ctctttttct ctcctctcct ctcccctctc ttactctctt tctctctagc    152040
     cttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctgcatt tctataataa    152100
     agctcttaaa ccatagagag tctctgctca tcaaggctgt gcacactctg gtaagtgttg    152160
     ggaacctctt cccttatccc tctctcccat aaccccgatg gctttagcaa ggtatctccg    152220
     gggatctcca ggtagggttg ccccttggcc accccctgaa gagtaggata gaggaatgcc    152280
     cacccaggga tgagtggaaa gggtatgtag caaccctccc atgcctgaaa gaccagagaa    152340
     taagtgaaac tctggtggag tgagggactt tcccttcccc ctctttcctt gaaccccctt    152400
     ttttagttcc cacatcttcc agtactttgt cctcttgttt cctgtgattt gatgaatctt    152460
     aaatatttaa aaagacatag acaagcttca gctcatttta gtgctgtact aataatctaa    152520
     aattaactga tttgctatga gcgaccagga tcaagtttct agatatttca tgtgttgtaa    152580
     cactagagtt tatactttaa ataggtattt tttaattggc aaatagtctg actgcaataa    152640
     tgtgtaaatc acaagctgaa tatataagaa tggaaaaaca tggtaggcct ggggcttaaa    152700
     gatagttcaa cgaggttttc ataaccacag aagaggaaga tataataagc agaaagaaat    152760
     acagaattgg ttgccgactg gccaaatgaa cagaaatctg ttcaaactca gtttacattt    152820
     cctcatgtaa gtgcctgtta ctaagtattc cctattgatg cctatagcat tgtatcttcc    152880
     tgaaatttcc agaatattaa atgatcttgc cttgctcagt ccatgttcag tcactcaatc    152940
     acacccaata taacaactca gtaaatgtat cctgtgctgg ttagatatag tcatctggga    153000
     agagggaacc tgaactagaa aatgactcat taaatttacc cgtggacaaa tttgtagagc    153060
     attttcttga ctagtgggga gtattcaggc cactggggat ggtgcaaacc ctgagcagat    153120
     gacccagaga aaaaagcaga ctgagcaagc catggaaagc atacctgtaa tcaacaccct    153180
     tcgtctgctt caattccttt ctcaaggctt ctacctttgt cctgtcttgg cttccctgat    153240
     gactccctgt aacctctaaa ccaaataaac cttttctccc aaaacttact ttgattatgt    153300
     tctttattgc agaaatagaa agcaaactgg gacatctatt tattgatttt tttttcttta    153360
     tagttctgac agtttatcac ttttcttctc ctttgtgaca agattctcaa agaatgttga    153420
     tttgatgggt gataagctag gtatgctgaa cagactttaa agtgtacaaa ttatatggaa    153480
     aacatcataa atctatacct aaacataaag agcctaaaca taaagagcat aaatcttcta    153540
     tgggtaagaa tgaaaggtga ctacataggt aatagatggg atgagcttat atggaactca    153600
     gtgctcaccc agaaagagga actttatgat cagactaaat aacaggtcag actcagatcc    153660
     catgtaaaac cagaatattg tcaagaacac aaaatggaat agaaaaatat gtgcaaactt    153720
     ctcagggcat tcattgagtg tgctttgttt tggtctgggt ttcgtatgtt aatggagtca    153780
     tctttcctag gagttatcat agccttcttc aagtagatta aatattgagc ttgtaccata    153840
     cacagtgatt tgaaatctag agtctgagaa ataattataa aaatggatgc atacaaatgc    153900
     acagtatctt taggctagac attttaaggg atatcacctg attttttttt ttttcaaaat    153960
     tgaaagtcag tgctcaaagt cagaaagttt taaccatgct accagtgtct ggtgttagtt    154020
     tattaacagc aaacatactt ccatatgaaa gggacatatg aaaatacttc aagtggaaag    154080
     tgtccaagca aaaaatgttg aagctctcat ataaagtatt tgaggatgct gctgacgtgt    154140
     tcatcacatc ttaggaggtc cagagtcaca agaccctgga atccatgcct ttctaccaat    154200
     tatcttcatt tcatcttcca cctaatttcc actgtgctta ttttaacttg tttgtgtcca    154260
     cctgatgagg agacctcgca gcaccctctg catttcagtc catatataat caacaaatta    154320
     cattcattga caatcttttg ttttatttca tctatctgat atttatgttt actgaaaagt    154380
     aaattctttg aaccaaaatt attttatttc tgtgctactg tactctcttg agaaatatat    154440
     atatgaacag ttagttcatg tcactattga tctctctgaa gaaattataa tattctgttt    154500
     tttccaaagg gctagcaaga cccatttgta attaagaaag taagaatgct gcaatataaa    154560
     tgttttattt taaccctgtt ttttgatgtg gtttatgagt tctcattata atgttccact    154620
     tgtataagtc aaatgatgat gttttcccat catacttcta taggaattta ttctgcagtt    154680
     gttaattaat ttgaatttat tttgtgtacg catggtatat atgtggagtt cataagacaa    154740
     ctttttgtgc tgttttattc cttccacaat gtatgttctt gggatcaaac tcaggtcacc    154800
     aggcttggca gcaagtgcct ttaaccagtg ctccacctca ctagccttag ttaatatttt    154860
     tcatttatta agaatttcat gaataaacat tcatgaagaa tatgttttga tcaaattcat    154920
     cctcccactc cctcctctct gactcctctt atactgtgac tatctctttc ccctctaagt    154980
     tcatgtaatg tttcagtaaa gttaaattga ttttctctcg ttccttgtat tcatagattg    155040
     tgagtgttgg gaagcacgtc aaaggctacc attatatcat cgcaaatttg gtaagaaact    155100
     tgtttttcta tttttactaa gaattaatga agtatccagg attgtgtctt aatataatgc    155160
     tctaatgaat ggtcaaactg ctttattttg tacattattg cattgaagta cattattgta    155220
     cttcaggtta tgctattaaa ataactggta tattttgaaa cttagattgg atttgccaga    155280
     gagaaattta ataataatta taatattttc cttaccatta catcacctgt caaactaaat    155340
     actggctttt tgtctgtcta aataataaat gctagtctat aaataaatat atttttcagt    155400
     tgtaacaaaa caagatataa tgactaatta cacaaataat tctaatggga ttattaactt    155460
     ttaaactgta tcagccttta aactcatgta aagatggata ataaacagtg tggaatatat    155520
     tgctcgaaag atgcagacaa gtctttgtag agtatctaac aaggtttatt gagtgcttct    155580
     tgttcaccca ccagcttgag gaaacagact gttttttatt atattttatt atagaaaagt    155640
     ttcatcttag acctggaacc ccagtgtgac ttatcctagg gaagacagtg atacttcaat    155700
     ggtttttcta ctatttccca tcacatattt cattgatgag aatcttattc ttgaagcagg    155760
     aaagcaggta aaggttagag aagaacctca gtcctgtaac atttctgatg ttgagtttgc    155820
     catttcatgt ttagaaggtc catctgcatg ttaagtgtgt catcacatgt ccgttgagag    155880
     aggttcaatc tgatgaacta gattgcagca tggacaatat aacaatagat tataaaattt    155940
     atcacactgt gtttcttgaa taaagtaaaa tgttgcaaca caatagatta ttatagaaat    156000
     atcagcaaat tcagctcatc ttttttattt cttctagtag ctccccagtt taatgtgcca    156060
     tctacttgta aaaatataaa tattaaagca agtacatttt gttttttcta aatatctcat    156120
     aaatggctat tatcaggagg ggtatctcaa ttcttgttgg aattaaatga taggtttcta    156180
     atcaattatt atagatggca gttcttacag cttttctttc taaacaatat aatcagcgaa    156240
     aaaaatcaat gtgttataaa ctatcataaa attagtggct tacattggaa gctagaataa    156300
     ataagacaaa gcacagtaga aagaaatggt atttgtgacc cactaatgga tctcagagcc    156360
     atccttcaac agcctgagtg ggtggcagca tatttacact aaagtatcaa catatgaaat    156420
     ggaaaaccat ttgtttccta gaagcaaaag cactcactag aaatatcaag cttttatcat    156480
     gtaaagatca gtgacatgta cccagatgtg ttataatata caatattaat atggattttc    156540
     ttggcattca ttcacgtata tagataacta gtctccgttc ttttagccag ttcaaaacca    156600
     ttttataaga actatagaga gaggattccc aaatgtacaa tttggtcaga atccaaataa    156660
     acatttttat taatattaca acttattgtt aaagactgat ttcactgaaa ttaaaggtga    156720
     gatagggaac tggagatgta gctcagttag gagacaactt gcccaacttg cacagagtcc    156780
     tgacttctga caacagtacc acctacactc aaggtgttca ggcctataat tctagaactc    156840
     agagacataa taaaaaaaag atgaaaattt caaattcatc ctgggctaca caacaaggtc    156900
     aagatcagcc taagctaaaa agagaccgtg tctaaaaaaa aaagaataga aatcttatca    156960
     gactactttt actgaacatt ttaacatagg tcttagcaaa aggagtaagg aaaaaaggaa    157020
     ataaaagtta cccagattga gaaaggaggt taggaataac ataaagaatt ttttaaaata    157080
     attagtgggc caatagatga attgagcagt tatataggcc tcaaagtcaa taaacaaaca    157140
     tctattgcat ttagaatatg ataccacact ttctgaaata acttaaaaat tataattatt    157200
     gaattatggt tgacaattaa caagaaacta ttacttcacc tgtcattaaa gctggcaaca    157260
     tatattacca gcttgctaca tatattccag atttatttta gccaaaggac agagtcacca    157320
     tttgaaaatc aaaacactag atataatgta aaatctatat ttaccaaaag gaaaataaag    157380
     ctaaataaac atcgatatgt gggaaatcat actatgaatt cataaatgtg ggggttttgt    157440
     caaaatctag gataccattc atttaaataa ggttaacaac ctggagatca tgagtttaaa    157500
     tatggtactt taaaatgatt aattctctga ctagatttgg tggttcatgt ctataatcct    157560
     aaaacttgga atgttgatgc aggagagtag caatttctag gccaccctgg gctatgaagt    157620
     tcaaggtgag cttggacaaa ttagtaaaat actcatttca aaaaatgaag ggggagagag    157680
     ggatgacacc tgtaatccca gcattcattc aataggctga cacagcagtg ttgccatgaa    157740
     tttgggacct gtaaattcat aataagttct gggccagcct aagttgcaaa gtgagaccct    157800
     ttctaggcca gcctagattg caaagtgaga ccctgtctcc aaaagttaaa atatgcaagt    157860
     atgcaaacat aaaataccta tattaagcaa gaaacaaagt agaaactctc acagaaatct    157920
     tgccttcttt ttttactaat cattttattc atttacattt caaatgatat tcaccttgcc    157980
     agttatccct ccacaaaccc ctcatcctag cccccctact tccctcccct ttgcctctct    158040
     gagggtgttc ctccagaatg agattagcac tgttctacat tcattctttt atctcaactt    158100
     cttatcattt aacttactga aagcagctct gtgaagattt tacccctcta agccctaaga    158160
     tctccttcct aatgtatcaa gtgttttaat gtccaaagca aacaaccaac gtgatatacc    158220
     tactgctgct ttccctttct agctctctta gctgttacct ccagtcaagg cacctgtccc    158280
     agcagatttt agtgaggatt tagccacctc ttttagggag ttgtctttaa gaacttggat    158340
     tatcttctgg ttccttccag cttcagaaat gacaccatgt cctaatagta taattttttc    158400
     attcctcaaa ttgttctttt aaacctactg tattcgaaga agtttccaat ccctttagcc    158460
     cagttataac taaggaattg gttcacagca atcttgttct gagcaggata attccccctt    158520
     cttactggat gaaatgactc ttcaccctta ctctgtctcc actgcatttc tactcttctt    158580
     gtccccctca gctttgatta ttgtgcttag attttttttt taaactttaa ttgggttttt    158640
     atttttggac cttttaatag atgtatttat tttatagact gtaaaataaa gtctggtata    158700
     atttattgaa gatcatacag atcattaagt atcagaaaca aggctaaatc tctgatctgt    158760
     ctgattgaag aaataaataa gtttttaaat taatagcata tgcagggaat ccagacacac    158820
     agtgaatgct catttgaaca tacctacagg catcagggcc acttgacctt ttacacatta    158880
     ctttgtttgt atactgactc gtccttcagc cattgaacaa tttaagtaca actgccaata    158940
     gcaatgtaag acccttgaca caaagtcaga atcatgttct tctttatatt ttaatatcta    159000
     aaataaatta agttatttat aagaaaccac aaatatctat cataaagaag gataaaacta    159060
     taacatattc aatatgtata actaaagatt aattggatcc attcctcaca catacacaca    159120
     tatacataca tatacacata cacacaaata cacatataca tatagacacc atttatacct    159180
     caatcaaaag tagagaaatg atatatagag tgtgttcatc catgttccgt atttagcttc    159240
     aatgtgggaa ccagatacaa ttcatcaaac atccagtcta gaagttttgt acaattgcac    159300
     tgaaccagtt aaaaggccac aaacttgcca acactgtcat aatgagcctc gttttgagct    159360
     tcctgtgtgt ttcaattttt ctgccctaat ctacatatgc atcaaaagca tctacctaaa    159420
     cctcaactcc tcacagtaag ttttaaaaga tgataaggga gaatcttcct cattcttctt    159480
     ggtcttctgg taactgcacc agagcagcct taacacgact ttgtgtaaaa cacagcagta    159540
     atgctgatat gaatcagata aaacataaaa aatagacatt tatttacatt gatgatataa    159600
     tgagcttatt gattggcaaa catcatcatt gaactatcag acacctgtaa ttctgaatat    159660
     tactccagca gaggatatga aaaagaaagt caagatggga gggaacctat agagttcact    159720
     acttactgta aagcgcagtc aatttaggag gccattttca caagaggggg gggctcttcc    159780
     tgagctcagg atcattgttt tgatagttag ccactggctt cccagtaact ggagagtatc    159840
     tgacttcatt atagtgtggc catatatctc cttcatttcc atgattttct gtagattcca    159900
     acaaaagcta agtggtcacc aaagtaactg ttgccaagga aactggctca cagtctagat    159960
     cctatcaatt ttctgcataa aattatgaga acataaatga aagggaaatg ctgcctatac    160020
     tcaaacaaat atagccaaaa ttaaccaagc cacccaccaa gctactataa ctgagaggct    160080
     cttgttataa tcagacaaaa taattgttat tcctttacct tccatatgct gtttgacaga    160140
     ctttgtatct aacagtgtcc ctgcaggtga caatttgctt gtgtcttgca gctgtggcta    160200
     aagctccaca gaaggcttag cagaacttct atttcagcta agactgaaag aaaataataa    160260
     tctcaacaat tagtagctaa tgcaagagct gaattactgt ggcttttaga aaacagtaaa    160320
     atgatttgtc tgcctctggg tctgccctgt atgctgttaa aagcaagcaa atgttccaca    160380
     ctgacagtta gtagctagag attgatgggc attgtgcttc ccagatctaa aacttcaatt    160440
     tgctttgtga tgtctggctt atttctcaat gaaatgagaa tgttactgat gagctgtcaa    160500
     aaatgcctga cacataatag gcccaaaata aataccagtt aggtgaacta attaataatc    160560
     agttacaatt actgaacata tacccaaagt gttagatact acactaacta tctaacacat    160620
     attgttcttt tgtttggtgt ggaggtaatc taaggctaaa agcaacagag gtgagaatca    160680
     aagcctgggt ttcttttctg ccttttctct actggtaata ttgtaagaat taataacatt    160740
     aaaagcatat atttcataac catatgaagg aatacaaagt acaaaggctg atccatctga    160800
     tcaaaccttg gccttattgt acattcatag gtgaccttga aaagactttt gccttaaaaa    160860
     ctgattaatt ttaaggtaaa aaatgtttac cttaaaatta attaggtctc cccagtatcc    160920
     aagggatgat tgagctgaat agataaactg tgatataatt agaacagaac atgatttata    160980
     gcaaatcctg atgtaatata aaccctatta attcacatac actgacttct cagtaacaat    161040
     ttgcctagtc atcagtggaa taatatgttt cttcttagat caacaggcat ggaattatac    161100
     aaactcaaaa tggaatttgc gttaacctat acactgttga agaagaggaa tttttaaaga    161160
     actaagttta atgagctttc ttactatttt acagggtttc aaagatattt ctcttgagag    161220
     atttatacat ggaggagcaa atgtcactgg attccagtta gtagatttta atacgcccat    161280
     ggtgacgaaa ctaatggatc gctggaagaa actagatcaa cgagaatatc caggatctga    161340
     aacacctcca aaggttttgt atatttttgt atattgtgta ctattatctt tctaaatgtt    161400
     ttaagttact ttattttatg tgtatatgtt ttttgggggg cgttggggtt ttttttgttt    161460
     tgttttgttt tgtttttttg ctttcaagtg tgccatgggt atgcattgtg ctctcaaaag    161520
     acagaagagg gagtcaaatt tgctagaact ggtagcttat aagctaccgc atggcactag    161580
     gaacataacc tgatcccagg caaaaacaat aagttttctt tttttttttt tttttagatt    161640
     tatttattta ttatatgtaa gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacactccag aaaagggagt    161700
     cagatctcgt tacggatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactctggac    161760
     ctttggaaga gcagtcgggt gctcttaccc actgagccac ctcgccagcc caacaataag    161820
     ttttcttaac tgccaagcca aatctccaaa ccatgttaat atgttttatt ttatgatttg    161880
     tttttttatg ctttcagact ctttgtgaca tcttctcaca atccttgcac taaaaacgaa    161940
     ctgaatacat taaaatgttt gtgtatctgg tacagtgaat aaagtgcttg ctatgaagca    162000
     tgggaacttg agttcagatc cccaccaccc acttacaaat aactagtgca gagatgtact    162060
     ccagtaaccc caagtctgga aagatgaggc cagaggctcg ctgttcagtc aatatagcca    162120
     atccagaaga actggcattc agtaaaagac cttgttcaga acaacaaggt ggagagcagg    162180
     agagacagtc acctgaattt atttctagcc tccagatgtc cacgaacagg tgttgtctca    162240
     atagttcaag tttaccaatg aagatgatag catgaaagcc tgctagctca gagaggcaga    162300
     aaaaacaccc agctgacctt cctccacagt tgatatagct aatggaaaaa ctccttgtgc    162360
     acactgtctc tataacccct gaaactggat gtctctcctt tttacttcct gtgtatctct    162420
     ctatccatct ttctggcttc ctcttccact gtatagtttt gtatactccc tcctggtcaa    162480
     ctgcttgctt gttctttatt tagtcctttt ttatttactt tatttatcta ttttctttct    162540
     ttattacttt atttagttaa ttagtttatt tagtcctatt tagcagaatg ctcttgaatg    162600
     tgtgttagaa ctgagtcatg tcacaactag aaacagattt ttcctataaa taaggcagac    162660
     tcagagttca cagtgtgatc aaatatccta caactcacag gtgagcttaa ctacagatgt    162720
     aaaggaccat atacattcaa acatatgcca tacatacaca cagacattca gacaccattt    162780
     ggtattcctc agttgagaat gcttgattag ctctgtaccc catttttaat agggttattt    162840
     ggttctctgg agcctaactt cttgagtacc ttgtatatat tctatattag ccctctatca    162900
     aatataggat tggtgaaaat ctattcccaa tcttttggtt gtcattttgt cctattaaca    162960
     gtgtcctttg ccttaccaaa gctttgcaat tttttgaggt cccatttgtc aattcttgat    163020
     cttagagcat aagctattgg tattctgttc aggaaatttt cccctgtgcc catgtccctg    163080
     aggctcttcc ccactttctt ttctgttagt ttcagtgtat ctggttttat gtggaggtcc    163140
     ttgatccact tggacttgag ctttgtaaaa ggagataaga agggatcaat ttgcattctt    163200
     ctacatgcca accaccagtt ggagcagaac cgtttggtga ttatgatgtc tttcttccac    163260
     tggatgattt tagatccttt gccaaagatc aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg gttcatttct    163320
     gggtcttcaa ttctattcca ttgatctacc ttcctgtcac tgtaccaata ccatgcagtt    163380
     ttttttcttt ttttttatta gatattttct tcatttatat ttcaaatgct atccccaaag    163440
     ccccctatac cctccccctg ccctgctccc caacataccc actcctgctt cctggccctg    163500
     gcattctcct gaactggggc atatgatctt cgcaatacca tggacctctc ctcccattga    163560
     tagccagttt ttatcataat tgctctgtag tacagcttga ggtcagggat agtgattccc    163620
     ctagaagtcc ttttattgtt gagaatagtt ttcgctatcc taggtttttt gttattccag    163680
     atgaatttgg aaattgctct ttctaactct atgaagaatt gattttggaa ttttgatgga    163740
     gattgaacta aatctgtaga ttgctttagg caagatggcc atttttacta tattaatttt    163800
     gtcaatccat gagcgtggga gatctttcca ttttctgagg tcttcttcga tttctttctt    163860
     cagggacttt aagttcttgt tatacagatc tttcacttga ttggttagag tcacaccaag    163920
     atattttata atatttgaga ctattgttaa gggtgtcatt ttcctaattt ctttctcagc    163980
     ctgtttatcc tttgagtaca ggaaggttac cgatttgaat taattttata tccagccact    164040
     ttgctggagt tgtttattgt gtttaggagt tctctggtgg aatttttggg gtcacttaag    164100
     tatatatctt ctcatgtgca aatagtgata ttttgacttc ttcctttcca atttgtatcc    164160
     ctttgacttc cttttgttgt ctaattgttc tggctagagc ttcatatact atattgaata    164220
     gacagggaaa gagtgcacag ccttgtctag tccctgattt tagtgggatt gcttcaactt    164280
     attctccatt tagtttgatg ttggctacag gtttgccgta tattgctttt actatgttta    164340
     ggtatgggcc ttcagttctt gatctttcca tgaattttac catgaaacta tgtgttgaac    164400
     tatgtcaaaa gctttttccg catctaatga gatgatcatg tgggatttta ctttgagttt    164460
     gtttatattg tggattttgt tgatggattt ccatatattg aacgatccct ttatcttggt    164520
     gaatgatcac tttgatgtat tcttggattt ggtttgtgag aattttactg agtgtttttg    164580
     ccttcacatg ggaaattggg ctgaagttct cttttttttt taattacgta ttttcctcaa    164640
     ttacatttcc aatgctatcc caaaagtccc ccacaccccc cccccactcc cctacctaac    164700
     cattcccatt ttttggccct ggcgttcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt ttgcctgacc    164760
     aatgggcctc tctttccatt gatggccgac taggccatct tttgatacat atgcagctag    164820
     agtcaagagt tctggggtac tggttagttc ataatgttgt tccaccgata gggttgcaga    164880
     tctctttagc tccttggata ctttctctag ctcctccatt gggggccctg tgatccatcc    164940
     aatagttgac tgtgagcatc cacttctgtg tttgctaggc cctggcctag tctcacaagg    165000
     gacagctata tcatggtcct tgcaacaaag gcttgctagt gtatgccatg gtgtcatcat    165060
     ttggaggcta attatgggat ggatccctgg atatggcagt ctctagatgg tccatccttt    165120
     tgtctcaact ccaaactttg tctctgtaac tccttccatg ggtgattgtt tccaattcta    165180
     agaaggagca aactgtccac actttggtct tcgttcttct tcagtttcat gtgttttgca    165240
     tctcgtacct tatatctcgc tatactaagt ttctgggcta atatccactt atcagtgagt    165300
     acatttcatt tgagttcttt tgtgattggg ttacctcact caggaggatg ccctccaggt    165360
     ccatccattt gcctaggaat ttcgtaaatt cattcttttt aatagctgag tagtactcca    165420
     ttgtgtaaat ataccacatt ttctgtatcc atgcctctgt tgagggacat ctgggttctt    165480
     tccagcttct ggctattata aataaggctg ctatgaacat agtggagcat gtatccttct    165540
     taccggttgg gacatcttct ggatatatgc ccaggagagg tattgcggga tccttatcag    165600
     accaccatgg cctaaggctg atcttcaata acaacataaa taatggaaag ccaacattca    165660
     cgtggaaact gaacaacact cttctcaatg ataccttggt caaggaagga ataaagaaag    165720
     aaattaaaga ctttttagag tttaatgaaa atgaagccac aacataccca aacctatggg    165780
     acacaatgaa agcatttcta agagggaaac tcatagctct gagtgcctcc aagaaaaaac    165840
     ggaagagagc acatactagc agcttgacaa cacatctaaa agctctagaa aaaaagaagc    165900
     aaattcaccc aagaggagta gacgacagga aataatcaaa cacaggggtg aaatcaacca    165960
     agtggaaaca agaagaacta ttcaaagaat taaccaaacg aggagttggt tctttgagaa    166020
     aatcaacaag atagataaac ccttagctag actcactaga gggcacaggg acaacatcct    166080
     aattaacaaa atcagaaatg aaaagggaga cataacaaca gatcctgaag aaatccaaaa    166140
     caccatcaga tccttctaca aaaggctata ctcaacaaaa ctggaaaacc tggacaaaat    166200
     ggacaaattt ctagacagat accaggtacc aaagttaaat caggatcaag ttaatgatct    166260
     aaacagttcc atatccccta aagaaataga agcagtcatt aatagtctcc cagccaaaaa    166320
     aagcccagga ccagatgggt ttagtgcaga gttctaccag accttcaaag aagatctaat    166380
     cccagttctg cacaaactat tccacaaaat tgaagttctc tttctttgtt gggtctttgt    166440
     gtggtttagg tatcagcata actggcttca cagaacaaat ttggtaatgt tccttccttt    166500
     tctattttgt ggaatatttt ggagagaatg aatattaggt ctttgaagat ctgatagaat    166560
     cctggtctac caaaacccat ctggtcctgg gctttttttt tttttttttt tggttgggag    166620
     acttttgatg attacatgta ttttattagg ggtttaggga cagtttagat ggtttgtctg    166680
     atcctgattt aacttggtat ctggtatcta tttagaaaaa tatccatgtc atacagattt    166740
     tcaagttttg ttaagtatag gtttctgtaa taggatcaga taactttttg aatttcctca    166800
     gtttctattg ttacgttatg atattgttta aatttggttt tgtcgtggaa tatcttggtt    166860
     tctccattta tggtaattga gagttttgtt gggtatagta gcctgggctg gcatttgtgt    166920
     tctcttaggg tctatatgac atctgcccag gatcttctgg cttttagaat ctctgttgag    166980
     aagtctggtg taattctggt aggtctgcct ttatatgttc cttgaccatt ttcccttact    167040
     gcttttaata ttctttcttt gttttgtaca tttgcttttt tgattattac atgatgagag    167100
     ggttttcttt ttctggtcca atctatttgg agttctgtag gctatatatt tatggcacct    167160
     atttctttag gttaggaatg ttttcttcta taattttgtt taagatattt actggccctt    167220
     tgagtcttgt attttagttg tgttggggta tccagggctt tctgtggtgg aagaactggg    167280
     ttctgatgat gccaagtaac cttgatttct gttgttcatg ttcttgagct tgcttttctc    167340
     catctgatta tctttgctgt tggctggtct tgtccctcct gtgagcctat gatcttactg    167400
     ttagcactac tgggatacca gctttctctg ggtgggatta gggtgtggag agctgtggca    167460
     catggtcagc tccaggcaca gatggaaact ggatgtattt attccctggc tgctcctggg    167520
     ttcctatgtc ctgtgggctc tggacgagtc ccacttgggc caagtattgg agaagaagtg    167580
     gtagtttcac ctatgatctt aggtgtgtca gtactcctgg gagacccgct gtctctgtgt    167640
     gggattagtg tgtggagtgc tatggcacag gttcagtttc aggttactga taaaaatctg    167700
     aaggctcgtg tcctgtctgc tcagcacttc ctatcacata ttactattta atacacattt    167760
     ttttaccctg tgtgattatg atctgaaaag tttactcaag taagccattg ttcttaaaaa    167820
     gaatgtaaga tttctttctg agagcttctt gttgtgacct tctgtcaatt aatcaataca    167880
     ttcttttatt tattttagtt aacttctttt tcttccttag cattgaccta tagccacttc    167940
     tcaaagggaa tttacttaat acatatattt ttcagaagca ccagagtctt cttacattat    168000
     gaccattagg cagcaatggg tgctgtttca gaccatttta agctgtcaaa taacctgtaa    168060
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagca caaatttggg taaaacagca cctactgatc acaaaaagtt    168120
     tatttgttta catcatgaga acagaaaaaa aatgtagtgt ttatttaaat agaactggaa    168180
     ttttgcgtat ttgctgaatt gagtgttcca cttctctgaa tatgcctacg tgtgccggca    168240
     aaagtattaa ttattgactt ggagattgca aataaatgtt aatgtgtaga gaaattcaaa    168300
     accagagtcc ataaatggtg agggttgggt ataattaact gaattttatt tcagttggtt    168360
     aatgcttacc ccaagaatca gcacaggatc tctgatcttg tcactttctt tcagtaaaag    168420
     gaatactaat tactaataat actgaaatat gggaacaaag gtccttttga tttcatgatt    168480
     ctttgctatg tttctgatgc cccagctaaa cagaactgtt ctctttagtc agtgtcccca    168540
     agtatagatg ttagtcacca tgtgtagatg tcacctccat ggtccttcac tgttacctgc    168600
     actatccatg tattccaaca ttctttcaac gttcaagttc ctctttcccc atgatcttcc    168660
     tttatgctct ccatgattgt gctattctca accaggactt atcatacttc gtatttggct    168720
     cctgaaaact cctgtaggca ccacacacta ccaatcttca cattctcaca tttcctagcc    168780
     agtgggttca gcagtcagct tgtcaggtca taataaatat tcaacctcac aacagatgca    168840
     gtaaacaatt actgttttat ttttctgcct tgtgctccgt aacatatatt ttatattcta    168900
     caaacctagg agtcacagaa cttgaattta ttttagttct ttcttttcaa agtccaattt    168960
     cctccactgc atactgattc tgcctctgtt tttcttctat tccgacaaat gttaagaggc    169020
     aggagtcacc tcttcattct gattgatggg taggacagaa aataactcct agctaagagg    169080
     tagttttaaa ggttctcaca aatgaaatgt ttattatata tttttttcta catgtcatct    169140
     gaactctgga tgtccataaa tacactttcc tacacgtact atataataag gaacatgaga    169200
     aagaattgga gcttttgaat gtaaagccag tttaaaagcc aagcttctgt cagctcttcc    169260
     accctattaa attccaggcc tttgtttctc cagctggttt tgtttgcttt gcactgcacc    169320
     ccactgtgca acaccacttc ctttttctac aggaaagtaa atttgtttgc ttttttacca    169380
     tctcccctca gcttcattct ccatgcttgg aagagaaaaa ggccaatatt ttttttcttt    169440
     ttttatctct tgatcctggc acaccagtag tatattttat catttgtcct ttaggtcttt    169500
     gggaaaatgt ctttatttct cctttttatt gacttgcctt ggaaaaagat gactttggag    169560
     tttttttcta ctcagaggca ttgtatgcca agcaagagag aatgtttagt gtagcacttt    169620
     gcttcttttc cttcagttag ttactccatc ctaagagggc acaggccttt gcttatgtct    169680
     gtgatattgt atcctagatg ctcttacttt acatggtcct tatacatcct tttgatacaa    169740
     aattcatgtt cagtttctct actacttaac agtgctttct tggaaatcat gtaattttag    169800
     tttttctctt ccttgaaacg atagcttttc agtgtagtaa tcatattgtc tctgtttagt    169860
     ttctacattc acaattccaa gtggattttc ttcacttgca ggcaaaaaac caagaagttt    169920
     ctcccctgat tcacatggta caaagatgca cctgatgcag atgtagaaag tgttaattat    169980
     atagaattcc tgaagcagat aatgcagtta ttgttatgac tagtagctga tgaatactat    170040
     gtcctatcac ccatgtgttt agtaagtctc taatcaaaca tcaccaaaat ttaccccaag    170100
     tcacattttt ctattcgtct tcccttacat cctgctcctg ctttccacta ataatcttgc    170160
     ccaggtggct cactattttc tcaaaatgat acatggatgg tcatcaaaac acagatggta    170220
     taaactttgt atctacattg atactgggat ggaaagttaa agcaatgatt agtccatcaa    170280
     attgagcact ctcattggat gataggtgta aaccctgttg aagttgagta aaatagttgt    170340
     tatccctatc attgcatttc tcaataacaa cacacagttt ctattggagg ataaacagag    170400
     atatttcaag tcaatgaatg caaagcaaat ctctgagaac actgctaggc atttggagag    170460
     tgggaacaaa aggccctcct ggagctaagc cactgcaatg caggatgtag cagcacagac    170520
     tgtagtatcc atcctctacc ggtttatact gaaatataac ataaagtccc aacctgaggc    170580
     ctctcttcta gatgatggaa aattgtgctt tagggtctct attttcaggg tgggttttct    170640
     cctttaaaat tagatcaata tgatgtagca tacagtattt gtattaaagc aaaacaagac    170700
     acttccaaag ccatcatcaa ttatccatgg taccatggta gctcttgaga aagatggagt    170760
     ttttgtcata agcccacaga gctccaagat ttctctttgt gatagatttt aacatttgtc    170820
     tttgtacatg ctttaacttt gctcagtaca cttctgctct cacttacgat ggtgtcttgg    170880
     taatggctga aactttccga agtctcagaa gacagaaaat tgatatttca aggagaggaa    170940
     atgccgggga ttgtctggca aaccctgctg ctccctgggg ccagggaatt gacatggaga    171000
     gaacactgaa gcaggtaact cataattttg ttttttctca tgatcttttg taagaatggt    171060
     atgttaaaaa cagactaatt tatctgaata ttaaatgtct ataataattt ccatgctaat    171120
     atatcaagta tttaacagtg tcgaaacatt ttagttagaa ttgcagtggt tattctgtat    171180
     atgcatgtgt agtcaaaata acacaataaa tctgtaaaag tctaaagaaa taaagttgtt    171240
     cagtgtagac acacttggtt atcaagagtc cagtattcca taaaaccact caaggactca    171300
     gccaggcaga aatctgccat tttgaatgaa catgttgtgg gaaagttttg gaacaacaac    171360
     tgaatgattc aacaatggtt ctactatctg cttataactt acctcagaaa gggtcattac    171420
     cctcattatc cataaggagt acaggaaata taaacctaat ttatcaaaga aggagaaatg    171480
     tttaatgcat ctttaacttt gggttaaatg atcaatttta ttcttttata ctcattcaaa    171540
     caatatattt tacgtaattg atgttgcaaa aattattaat ttctctaaaa tgtgatgaat    171600
     tcaaactgtt aagtaaaatg aataagattc aaaaggtaat ttggaatcca atgtgcttgg    171660
     atattttaga tgatatattt ttaggttttc atatgttagt tcaatgtcag tgagaagaat    171720
     atgatctgtc atagaaaccc tacatacata atctgatgta agaagatatt acgaaaaaaa    171780
     ctaaagattg accctaagca aataaaattt ttattctata aaggatattt taatattggg    171840
     aaaaaattat gttagttaaa atgaaacttt gtaataccaa aacaatcatc ttctaggtat    171900
     agagcaaaag taactcttaa tgtcctttca tatcctttct caaggctcca tctcagtaac    171960
     tcaagcatcc aatgacattc cagagagctg agtgtaactt ttaattgcac agccttttat    172020
     ggtcctcaga ctagtagaga aagattccct taagtgaagc tcttaatgag tatatatgtt    172080
     ttctttttcc ttcacaggtt cgaattcaag gactgactgg gaatgttcaa tttgaccact    172140
     atggacgtag agttaattac acaatggatg tgtttgaatt aaaaagcaca ggacctcgaa    172200
     aggtgaggtg aaactgaatt gaaaaataaa aattattttc ttattttcat gtgacactct    172260
     taaaggctta taggagaaaa aaagcatgat cctctaaatt ctatttttaa gtgacactca    172320
     cacctagtat tttcttgata gtctatggtt gtatcatatg tttaatgctt aaatgatgtg    172380
     acaaaaatga aataattaat ttgtcatttt accctataat tcacagtggg agtaatgtgg    172440
     caaggggagc ttggcaaaca aattttggaa tcaaaatgca ttccacagaa aagaacacaa    172500
     tgcagtatgt ccatgtagga tctgtgaatc attagagaga gtacaaagag accctgctaa    172560
     agaatggatg tactttaaac agattattgg tttccaacta atcaggcaaa ttaaattgag    172620
     caaagtaaag caaatggaag ataaaatgaa gacactaatt actgggctga gaagaagagc    172680
     aacacctgag tttaggattc tatatttaag aaatatctta ccattgtttc tgttactatg    172740
     accaaacacc ctgacaaaaa gacacttaaa ggaaaatgga tttgcttctt cttagtatta    172800
     cagggtatag tttatcactg accacaagta caggcatgaa ctcgaagcag gtctcatgat    172860
     aaccacaatc aaaaaagaca aatatatgga tgttgtttgc ttgcatatgt actcagctca    172920
     actgccccac acttatatag ttcagaggct ctcactatga aatagagcca cctgcaaaga    172980
     actggttctt ttcatgtcaa ttaagacgat cctgatctag ataatccctc actgagaatc    173040
     tcttccccag tgattctatt tgtagcaggt tgacaattaa agctaaccat cacagaaaag    173100
     aagctctaga gatatcagat gtgaggattc ttatatgcct ttctagcatt cccaatgtag    173160
     tctaccagaa ctgcctaaac ttttcctctt ttattacata ttttcctcaa ttacatttcc    173220
     aatgctatcc caaaaatccc cataccctcc ccccccactc ccctacccac ccattcccac    173280
     tttttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcatgtc caatgggcct    173340
     ctctttccag tgatggccga ctaggccatc ttttgataca tatgcagcta gagtcaagag    173400
     ctccggggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag atccctttag    173460
     ctccttgggt actttattta tgtgtgaatc caggtatata aagtagacaa acaaattaga    173520
     catttacgga ttatatctca caaagaactt ggaataattt tagtatagct ataatttcat    173580
     catttatcta tactaatgaa atggaagtgc tggactattt ttatgtgaaa aaaatagatc    173640
     tagtctgaaa gtgataacac cttttttctt acattggcta atgtttttga tttttgtata    173700
     tgtgaatgct aagaacactg gatcacataa ctaacccata aaaaatggca gaagtgtatt    173760
     tcaaggatag gatgtatatg ttttaaaaca ttacagaaat tgttagaaat cttatcctaa    173820
     tcatgggtta agatccattc aacaattttt gtgaaaatca atgagactat taatctaaaa    173880
     ccttgaaaat caagccatgc atcatctagg aatggtagat catgcctgta actctagcac    173940
     ttgggaagca acatcatcag gattagagag catcctaaat gatgcaacaa gttagaagtc    174000
     actctaagga catgcaacta taaattctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    174060
     atctatctat ctaaataaat aaataaatta ataaatcatt ctaacacaat agaaagatat    174120
     tcaaaattga tgtctacaag ctgtggaatg atggtagaaa aatatttgct atccatgatt    174180
     aaaccactat attttcataa gataaaaaaa cctttgtatg tataagaaga gtacttcaat    174240
     gagtagcata cagtattctt aaatttgagc caaagttttt cagggagcat gcataacagc    174300
     ttgcagtaca cgtattccta ttatgcattt caaaatcaag acttcggtga agtcacgtga    174360
     tgcaatataa acagatgatt ccggcaaaat ctcaattcac tatacatttt accgttgaag    174420
     aatcagaagc tacctgtttt ttttaacccc tgtgttccct tacactagta agccactgct    174480
     taagaaggta agttaagcaa ggcatgatgc acaaatttga tcccagcatt tgaagcagac    174540
     acgtagatct ctatgagaat ctatgtcaaa gagagagaca gagacagaga aataagtatt    174600
     ttatagtaaa tgatgcctag gattcttttt ctttttcatt tattggattt tttaatttac    174660
     atttcaaatg ttctaccctt tctcaatttc cccaccagat ttccccttta tctcatgccc    174720
     tgtccccatg cttctatcaa agtcttcccc gacccactca cccactactg cctccctgcc    174780
     ctggcattcc cctatactga ggcatcaagc cttcaaagga ccaaaggcct ctcctcccag    174840
     tgatgcccta caagaccata ctcagctaca tatgctgcag gagacataag tccctccaag    174900
     tgtactcttt ggttggagat ttagtccctg ggagctctgg ggggcctgat tggttgatgt    174960
     tgttgttctt cctaaggggt tgcaaactgc tccttcagtc ctttctctaa ctcctgaatt    175020
     ggggaacttg tgctcagtcc aatggttggc tgtgagcatc tccctctgta tttgtcagac    175080
     tctggcagag gctctcagga gacagttata tcaggcttct gtcagcaagc acttcttcat    175140
     gaagaatcca tgatagtgtc tgggtttggt gattgtatat gggatggata cccaggtggg    175200
     gcagtgtccg gatgaccttt ccttcagtat ccacttctca ctttgtctcc atgtttcctc    175260
     ctgtattttg ttcccccttc taagaaggac caaagcatcc acactttggt cttccttctt    175320
     cttgaggttc atgtggtctg ttaattgtat cttgggtatt ctgagctttt gggctaatat    175380
     cctctcatcg gtgagtgtgt gttttttgtg attgggctac ctcacttaga atgatatttt    175440
     ctagtcccac ccatttgcct acaaacttca taaagtcatt gtttttagta ggtgagaagt    175500
     atgccattat gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc attcctctgt tgaaggacat ctgagttctt    175560
     tccagcatct ggttattata aataaggctg ctataaacaa actggagcat gtgtccttgt    175620
     tatatcttgg aggatttttt tcggtgtatg tccaggagtg gtatagttgg tcctcaggta    175680
     gtactatgtc cagttttctg aggaaccatc agactgattc cacagtgatt gtacgagctt    175740
     gcaatccctc caacaatgga ggagtgttcc tctttctcca catcctcaca agcatctgct    175800
     gtcacctgat ttttttttta tcttagccat tctgactggt ttgaggtaga agctcagagt    175860
     tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgactaa gcatgttaaa catttcttta ggttcttctc    175920
     tgccatctca tattactcag ttgagaactc tttgcatagt tctgtaccac atttttaata    175980
     cggatatttg attctctgga gtctatcttc ttgaattctg cgtatatatt gaatattagc    176040
     cctctattgg ctgtaggatt gggaaggatc ttttcccaat ttgttggttg ccgttttgtc    176100
     ttattcacag tgtcccttgc tcttacacgc gttctcacga ccggccagga aagacacaac    176160
     aaaccagaat cttctgtggc aaaactttat tgcttacatc ttcaggagca agagtgcaaa    176220
     actcaaaccc aaaaacgaaa gcgaaacccc gtccctattt aggagagtta tccttcgcct    176280
     aggacgtatc actccctgat tggctgcagc ccatggccga gttgtggtca cggggaaggc    176340
     agagtacatg gggtggagaa atacccttgg cacatgcgca gattatttgt ttaccactta    176400
     gaacacagct gtcagcgcca tcttgtgacg gcgaatgtgg gggcggcttc ccacagttcc    176460
     cccttatcta ttaataagag caataggcca cccatattaa tgagagtgga gatagaggtc    176520
     aaatccccag tgtgcaggta aaggagccat gtacaggatt agctcttagg ctcacaggct    176580
     tttacccaga gcaaccctga cctgctcccg tgtcgtttta cctggagaga aggacacttg    176640
     gacactcaac cttcttgaaa gatgacatgt ctccctagaa taggctcata tatgccgcag    176700
     agcccttcta ctgcagtgct tagccgtgca actctctcgg gctgctgaag cacactcact    176760
     ctatcccgtg caatgagact agcctcgtgg tgtgcaagag ctgagtggcc agcgacctat    176820
     tacttaagca tagataacca taaatcaggg gaaacaccat gttctagagc tgcaagcgcc    176880
     tgggcaataa ccaccttgtc tctcctagtt tgggccttaa gcttacagac caaccagaga    176940
     agcaacacta atccacagca aagtgtatct ccaaataata tcaatcccac ccattcttta    177000
     aagaaggaaa atgctgagga gatccaattg ggtaatcctt tggtcaggga caggtccaag    177060
     cgcgtggagt tgacctgaag tctcaattcc cgaaggatct gttcaaattc agccgtccaa    177120
     ttctgtaaca tatactgaga aagacttttt gacaaattag ctgccctagt aaatttctca    177180
     tactgaatgg aagtaacaca caatcccgga aacttttgtt cacatcccag ctgagctatt    177240
     tgccataata catctagttg tttctggaca agatctatga gttgattaac cagcatgaga    177300
     ccaccctgta tcttgacatt agctgaggcc tgtttatcta tgactgtagt cactgaggct    177360
     gacaaagtgt taatggtgtc agtcgtctgg acctgtccag acagagccaa ggctgtctga    177420
     atcaaggcca aacccagttc ctagttagtg gtaaaaaggc aggggaatac ttgagcatta    177480
     tacatcaccg gcattgggag tggaaatgtc gacattatcc cccaacgctg ctctctcttt    177540
     attattgacg ccctggacat caccaagacg agggacatca gtattccctt ggtcagtctg    177600
     gatttttcgg gtgagtcttt ctggtatcca aaatgggttg tcttcattct gtgggaaaac    177660
     acaaatagct cccctgggtc ttatcaaaat aggatccggg ccataccatt tattatcaag    177720
     gacatttttc catttaacca tctcattggg cctatctggc tctgaacaat gacgttcagc    177780
     cgcagtatgg ccatgagcat caatatttaa aaaattgagt gtaaagagtg ccatagacac    177840
     agacactctt ggtactcggg gtaaagcctc ctcgattccc ctcttctgtt ttaatagata    177900
     ggatttgagg gtgcgatgcg cacgctcaac aataccctgt ccttgagggt tgtatggaag    177960
     tccagtcaga tgggtcacgt ccatctgacg gcagaactgc tggaattttt gagatgtata    178020
     agctggtcca ttatcagtct taaggagttt gggtttcccc caagcactcc atgcctcaag    178080
     gcaatgttga atcacgtgtg aggctttttc tccggttaac ggagaagcaa acatgatgcc    178140
     agaacatgtg tcaatggaca catggagata ttgaagtttt ccaaaggaag aaacatgtgt    178200
     aacatccatt tgccagacct gtagaggtcg aataccgcgt gggttaattc ccacatgagg    178260
     aactggcaag aactcacagc agctttgaca ttgagtaaca atgtcacggg cttcttttct    178320
     tgtcaaggag aaacgactgt gtaatgtttc agccgtcaca tgaaaattgt tatgaaaatt    178380
     tcttgcagcc tctaccgggg atgatagggc agcagccacc actttagtgg ccttatctgc    178440
     caaatcattt cccagagcca tggggccagg taggcctgaa tgggctctaa catgagtaat    178500
     ataaacagga aatcttctag ataacaaaac taattgtatc tgctgaaaaa tattggcaac    178560
     tctactggaa ggcttaatca ctccagccac ttctaaaaga tttactgcat taaccacata    178620
     acaggaatct gacacaatat taaggggttc taaaaaggtt tttaaaactt ctaaaaccac    178680
     taaacattct accacttgag gtgaattttc attatattgt ttggatacca ctttaccatt    178740
     agccacatag gcacctatgc cagtttttga tccatcagta tataccacaa tcccattttt    178800
     aagtgggttt cttactgtta tttgtggaaa cacaacagat tgattttggg caaactgtaa    178860
     aattggatgt tttggataat ggttatctat ttgtcctgaa aaggaggtaa ctaaaactgc    178920
     ccaatcatta gatgtggctg ccaaggtttg aacctgtgca gtggtataag gtacaattaa    178980
     aagatatgga cttcgcccaa agtgggtgat tgctgctttt aggcctttaa gggcaagctg    179040
     tgcaattgca tcaggatacc aatctattat tttagctggg gatacgtttg gatggatcca    179100
     caacaatggc ccattctgcc acaaaactgc ggttggcaat tgtgctgtct taaagacaca    179160
     caaactgaaa ggctgcgaat cctcaatacg ttgtaattgt gcattctgta aggcattctc    179220
     caccttttgt aaggcctggt tagcagctag agtaagagcc ctaggggagg agatatgagg    179280
     atctccttct aaaataccaa acaaaggcct taactcagcg gaaggaatct ttaaaaaagg    179340
     tctgagccaa ttaatatctc ccaacagctt ttgaaaatca tttaaggtat ggaggtgatc    179400
     tcttcttatc tctacctttt ggggcacaat cttatctggg aacaccacag agcccaagaa    179460
     ttgtcctgta tcagaaattt ggaccttttc tgtggctatc tgtaaacccc actgacttaa    179520
     agttttaagt agaaaaggat atgccttttg tagcatggta aggtttttat ggcacaggag    179580
     gatgtcatcc atgtaaagga gcaaaattaa agaggggaat tgttccctca ctggcaaaag    179640
     agcttcttgc acataaagtt ggcacattgt aggactattg ggcattccct gtggtaagac    179700
     cttccattga tacctcttat caggttccat gtgattaata gaggggatgg tgaaggcaaa    179760
     tctgggccta tcccttggac acaaaggtat agaaaagaaa caatctttaa tatctataat    179820
     aattaaattc cagccacgtg gtaaggcgga aagtacaggg agacccctct gtaccgggcc    179880
     aaataagttc atttgctcat taatggctct gaggtcatgg agcagtctcc actttcctga    179940
     ctttttctta attacaaaaa ttggagtatt ccaaggtgag gtagatggtt caatatggcc    180000
     tagttttaat tgttcctcta ccagttgaat cacagcttcc agtttttcag aggatagggg    180060
     ccattgagga acccacactg gatcccctgt tttccatggt atgggtcgtg ctgccccaat    180120
     ggcctctagg gaaaacccag accctgtctg tcttggtttc cattaggtga gatgggctct    180180
     atccttccct gttcttgatg tcctaaccct tttccttctt tataacccat ctttgccatg    180240
     atattttttg ctttagctga ataccctctc gatggggcgt tttcattgga caaaataagg    180300
     cccaaatgct gcataatatc ccttccccag aggttaaccg ggagtgggag cacataaggt    180360
     atgaatttcc cttgctgccc ttcagaggat tcccacgtca aggcaatgga gcttatagtg    180420
     ggacatgatt gataacctag gccctgtaat gaatgagatg actctgtggt gggccatgct    180480
     ttgggccacc aatgtgtaga aattatactt ttatctgctc cggtatcaag gatgccttca    180540
     aactcttttc tgttgatctt aaggcggagc ttaggtctat cattcaaaga tacaaccaaa    180600
     taggcagaat catttcctga ggagcccatt ttctttctct caggtcctgc aaatttctcc    180660
     ctggtattat cagggaggag cagcagctga gctatcctat ctcctttact aatagaaaaa    180720
     acgcccttag ggcttgagca caggacctgt atttcagggg aatgttgaca atccataact    180780
     ccagggtgga ctactaagcc ctgcaaggtg agtgaacccc ggccgagaat aaggcccatg    180840
     gttcccaggg gcaaggatgg tataggctcc actggcaccg gctgaatact catttgaggc    180900
     attaatagga agtcggaggc ggcacgcagg tccacccttg tgggtcttcc tgggtcgcct    180960
     ctctgactgc ttcctgggtc ctgacaaacc ggttcccata tatttgaggg ccctgggacc    181020
     gagggcccga tgacccgttt tttggcacat cagctgattg actatcaggc gggggaagga    181080
     gtctgccatt tatatccctc acagagcgac actggttggc tctatgataa cccttgccac    181140
     acttagagca aagagtgaga gtccccccct gtttatctgg agctctgcaa tctttcttaa    181200
     gatgcccagg ctttccgcag ttaaaacatg tcctctgatc atttctgccc atggagcggt    181260
     tttgggattg aaggatggca gccgctaaac ctgcattggt gagaggtccc ccaagctctc    181320
     gacaaaccct gagccagtct tgtaagcctt tgttctttct tggggctatg gccgctcggc    181380
     actcctttgt ggcttgctca taaatgagct gttctaccag aggtgcggct tgctctgaat    181440
     cttcaaaaat acgctctgct gcctctgtca ttctggccac aaaatctgag aatgactcct    181500
     gaggtccctg gacgatcttt gttagttgtc cagtggcttc acctgctcgg gagagcgcct    181560
     tccaggccct aatagccgtg gaggaaattt gggcataagc tccccaatgg tagtttgtct    181620
     gatcagcaga ataagctccc tgacccgtta acaagtcaaa agtccaatct ctctgctctg    181680
     gagtcaaagc agctgcgttt gctcgggcct gcgcttgtgc agcctcatgc caaagagctc    181740
     tccattccat atatttgccc atactaggga gagcggcttt tacaatcgtt tgccagtcgg    181800
     caggagttag tgccatgccg gcaagcctgt ctaactgcac caaggtaaaa ttagcattgg    181860
     ttccatattt acggaccgac tcggcaagct ctttaatctg cacatattct accggagcgt    181920
     ggacacgccc accctcggct ccttcaaaga ccggaaatgc ctgttgtatt ttcctttgtt    181980
     cctctctggg aatgaatgag tctgcgcatt gcctctctgc gcattgtctc tctgcgcagg    182040
     gctgacgcac tacgcagggc gggggctccg catagggcgg aagtgcacct tgaagccgac    182100
     tgcccggagg ccaagcagta aactggcctt cgccagctgc ttttggcttt tttcttgacc    182160
     aattagctcg cattttatct ggctggcact tttctctctc ataacgagct gcttcttcct    182220
     cccagtctgt ttcttcagag gagaattcgt catctgattc agagctacta agagctggct    182280
     tctctaattg atcttttttc ttttcttttt tcttttcctt ccttctaatc tctccccagg    182340
     tattcttacc tgaccttaac ttttcctcgg gttcaagacc cgtggaaagg cctgtatact    182400
     tattctgtgt accatatttc ctctttgctc ctactctctc tccccgcttt acttctgata    182460
     gattgccctg aatttcatcc agaattttca gccctgcctt aaccacttga taacatgtga    182520
     aaaggaacaa aagggctcct aacactagaa aaagttcaag gtcaaacata ccttgtaaag    182580
     ctatttccca ctttacttct gatagactgt cttgaatttc gttagaaagt tcaaggccag    182640
     gcgtaccttg taaagctatt ccccacttta cttctgatag actgtcttga atttcgttag    182700
     aaagttcaag accagactta ccttgtaaag ctatacttac gggtaccctg ttccccagct    182760
     gaagagttct gaattcacgc agttgaatcc ttctcaacag gctgttttgt gggaacactt    182820
     catgaccgtg acccgcagtt ctggttctgg aatgagggat cttccttgcg ccggtgatgg    182880
     ttaactcccg tcccgagttt tcttgtcccg ggttttttct tcccggattt tctcgtcccg    182940
     gatttcggca ccaactctta cacgcgttct cacgaccggc caggaaagac acaacaaacc    183000
     agaatcttct gcggcaaaac tttattgctt acatcttcag gagcaagagt gcaaaactca    183060
     aacccaaaaa cgaaagcgaa accccgtccc tatttaggag agctatcctt cgcctaggac    183120
     gtatcactcc ctgattggct gcagcccatg gccgagttgt ggtcacgggg aaggcagagt    183180
     acatggggtg gagaaatacc cttggcacat gcgcagatta tttgtttacc acttagaaca    183240
     cagctgtcag cgccatcttg tgacggcgaa tgtgggggcg gcttcccaca ccttgcctta    183300
     cagaaatgtt gcaattttat gaggtaccat ttgtcaatct tgaagcataa gctgttggtg    183360
     ttctgttcag gaaattttct cctgtgccca tgtgctcaag gctcttcctc acttgctctt    183420
     ctattagatt tagtatatct ggttttatgt gaaggttctt gatctacttg gacttgagct    183480
     ttgtaaaatg agataagaat ggatcgattt gcattcttct atgtgctgac caaaagttga    183540
     accaacagga tttgttgaaa atgctgcctt ctttccactg gattgtttca gcttctttgt    183600
     taaagattca gttaccatag gtgtgtgaat tcatctatat gcctgtatct gtaccaatac    183660
     cattcagttc ttttattgag aatagttttt gctattctga cttttttttt gttattccaa    183720
     atgaatttgc aagttgctct ttctaattct atgaagaatt gatttggaat ttttctaggg    183780
     attgcattga atctgtagat tgctttcagt aagatggcca tttttactat attaatcctg    183840
     ccaatccatg agcaagggag acctttccat gttctgagat cttcttcaat ttctgccttc    183900
     agagacttga agttcttgtt acacagatct ttcacttgtt tgggtagagt aatgccaaat    183960
     tgttttatat tatatatgac tattgttaag ggtgtcgtcc ataatttctt tctcagacta    184020
     tttatccttt gagtagagga gagctactga tttgattgag ttaattttac atccagccac    184080
     tttgctgaag ttgttatcag gtttaggagt tctaaggtgg aatttttggg gtcacttaag    184140
     catactatca tatcatctgc aaatgatgat attttgactt ctccctttcc aatttgtatc    184200
     cctttgacct cctttagttg ctcgggctag gacttcaaat attttattaa gtagggagag    184260
     agtgtcagac ttgtccagtc cctgaaatcg tttcaagtct ctctccattt agtttgatga    184320
     tggctacagg tttgctctat attgcttttt ttacatttag gtgtagctct tggtttcctc    184380
     atctttccaa gattttacta tgaaggggtg ttggaatttg tcaaatgctt tctcagcatc    184440
     tcatgagatg atgtgctttt tttttccttt gtatttattt atatagagga ttacattgat    184500
     gaatttcaat atattgaacc atccctgcat ccctgggatg aaacttactt gaacatgatg    184560
     aatggttgtt ttgatgtgtt cttggattcg gtttgcaaga attttattga gtatttttgc    184620
     attgatactc acaagtgaaa ctggtttcaa ttgttctttc tttatttgat ctttgtgtgg    184680
     tttggtttag gtataagtat aattgtagct tcatagaatg aattgggtag tgtttcttct    184740
     gtttctgttt tgtggaatag tttgaagact attggtatta ggtctctgaa ggtctgatag    184800
     aattctgcac aaaacccatc tggtcctggg cttttttttt tggggggggg gacttttgat    184860
     gactgcttct atttctttag gggttattgg actgtttaga tggtttatct gatcatgatt    184920
     taactttggt acctggtaac tgtctagaaa attgtccatt tcatctagat tttccagttt    184980
     tgttgaatgt aggtttttgt agcaggatct gatgattttt tttaatttct gagcatctgt    185040
     ttttatgtct cccctttcat ttctgaattt gttaatttga atactgtctc tgtgtcctct    185100
     ggttagtctg gctaagggtt tatctatcat attgattttc tcaaagaacc agctcctggt    185160
     tttgttgatt cttttcatag ttctttctgt ttctccttgg ctgatttcag ccctgagatt    185220
     gattatttct tgacatctac tcctcttggg tgtattatct atagctctca ggtgtgctgt    185280
     caagctgcca gtatatgttc tctccaattt ctttttggag acactcaggc actcaaagct    185340
     atgagttttc ctcttagcac tgctttcttt gtgtcccata agtgtgggta cgttgtgcct    185400
     tcattttcat taaactttaa aaagtcttta atctctttat tcctttcttg accaagtagg    185460
     acattgttca ccttccatgt gaatgtgggc tttctgtctt tgtagttatt gaaaaccagc    185520
     cttagtttgt ggtgatttgc ttggatgcat aggattattt caaacttctt gtctctgttg    185580
     aggcctgttt tatgaccaat tatatggtca atttgggaga aggtatcatg aggttctaag    185640
     aagaaggtat attcttttgt cttaggataa aatgttcaac agatacctgt taaatccatt    185700
     tggttcataa cttctgttag tttcaatgtg tctcagttta gattctgttt tcatgatctg    185760
     tccattgatg agagtgggat gttgaagttt cccactatta ttgtgtaagg ttcaatgtgt    185820
     ttttgagctt tcataaagtt tcttttatga atgtgggtgc ccttgcattt ggagcataga    185880
     tgttcagaat tgagggttca tcttggtaat ttttttcctt ttaaaagtaa gaagtgtctt    185940
     tccttgtctt ttttgataat ttggttgaaa atttatttta taagatatta gtgggctact    186000
     ccagcttttt tcttgggatc atttgcttgg aaaaaaaaat ccagcctttt actctgaggt    186060
     agtgtctatc tttatcactg aggtgtgttt cctatacact gcaaaatcct gggtcctgtt    186120
     tacctatcca gtcagttagt ctgtgtcttt ttatagggga attgagtcca ttgatattat    186180
     gagatattaa ggaaaagtga ttgtggattc ctgttatttt tgttgttagt ggttgaatta    186240
     tgtttgtgtg gctgtcttct tttgggttta ttgaaagaag attcctttct tgctttttct    186300
     agggtgtagt ttccctcctt gtgttggagt tttccatata ctatccattg taggggtaaa    186360
     tttgtagaaa gacattgtgt aaatttggtt ttgtcatgga ctatcatggt ttaaccattt    186420
     ttggtaattg acagttttgc tttgtatagt agcctgggct ggcatttgtg ttctcttagg    186480
     gtctgtatga tctgcccagg atcttttggc cattagagtc tctgttgaga agtctggtat    186540
     aattctgata ggattactgc ttttaatatt ctttctttga tttgtgcatt ttgtgttttg    186600
     actattatgt gataggaaga atttcttttc tggtccaatc tatttggagt tctgtaggct    186660
     tcttgtatat ttatgggcat ctctttctta agattaggta cgttttcttc taatattttg    186720
     ttgaagatat ttactgtccc tttaagttgg gaatcttcac tctcttctgt acctattatc    186780
     cttatgtttt gtcttcttat tgtgtcctgg atttcatgga tgctttgggc taagaacttt    186840
     tggcattttg cattttcttt gatggttatg ttttctatgc tatcttctgc atctgagatt    186900
     ctgtcttcta tctcttgtat tctgttggtg atgcttacat ctatgactcc tgatcccttt    186960
     tctaggtttt ctatttccag ggttgtctcc ctttgtaatt ttttattgtt tctatttcca    187020
     tttttagatc ctaaatggtt ttgttcaatt cttttacctg tttgattgtg ttttgctata    187080
     attctttcag ggatttttgt gtttcctctt taagggcttc taccttttta cctgtgctct    187140
     cctatatttc cttaaatgag ttatgtcctt cttaaagtcc atcatcatca tgatatgcaa    187200
     ttttaaatca gaatcttgct tttgagtata ttggggaatc cagggtttgc tgtggtagga    187260
     gaactaggtt cttatgatgc caagtagcct tggtttctga tgcttatgtt ctagagcttg    187320
     cctctcacca tcttgttata tctagtacta tatgcctttg ttgtctctga aacctgtccc    187380
     tcttgtggtc ctggttgtgt cagaacttct tcgagttcag ctgtctcagt gatcctctga    187440
     ttctgggatc ctctgatccc gagatctgca tatatcagcg ctcccgtgtg tcaagctgcc    187500
     tctgggatgt tgaaatccta ctgtgaccaa actcctgaga ttctgttgtg tcagagctcc    187560
     tggaagtcaa gctttctcta ggtttttctg gggtggatgg ggagccagag ctctgggttt    187620
     gctctgggca taggtgcaaa ttggaaggaa cccatgtttc tggctgggca ggtgtttgta    187680
     ttttcctggt tcctgtgagg gtcccagttg tgctgcgtat tgggaagaat gttgtggcct    187740
     caactgtgat catgagtgtg tcagaatgcc agtgttcctg ggttgtccga tctcctggaa    187800
     gttgagcttt ctccatgatc ctgtgatcct gtgatcctgg gcatttcagt gcacctggga    187860
     gtttggctcc ctctgtgtga tgtaggagtg ggtgcagagc cagcactcca ggtctccagg    187920
     tctgctctgg gtgtaggttc aaactggaaa gagcccatac cactggccag gtggtggttc    187980
     ctgtgtccct ggatcctgtg ggtcccagtt atctcgttgt tggggcagat gttgtgccct    188040
     cctcctcacc tgtgatcctg ggcatgttag agtacctgga agttgagatt cctctaggtg    188100
     ttgtagtact aggtacagag ctagtgccca agtctgctca gggccaatgc ctaggattct    188160
     tcactttatc ttttctatag gattgtctag aatgtcaaga aaagagttgt taaagttagc    188220
     ttctaagacc tatttttttt ttaacatttg ggtgtttggg ttttttgttt gtttgttttt    188280
     ggtttggttt tttgagggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gttcagcact ggctatccca    188340
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctca aactcagaaa tccacctgtc tctgcctccc    188400
     gagtgccaga attaaaggca tgtgccacca cgctcagctc taacatttgg ctgtttttga    188460
     aatattttaa ttaatattat tgctaaaatt tgggggactc tactgtgctc caagcatcag    188520
     acattgtgct ttatatggta caatcttcat agccagaaaa taacttcaat tttactatgt    188580
     atattgaaat gtgtctaact ctagaacctc caataccatg ctctgcctga acagaccctg    188640
     attgaagaat tttgttttag gaaggctagg atatgcagtc tacttgaatc ttaaagaaaa    188700
     ggcatgtgac attataaaaa ggaaaaaaaa aaacattcac agatggggga aaatatcgcc    188760
     aaagcaggct gtagggagga gaggatgtga gatttaagat tagccataga gttagagatt    188820
     agataggtag agaaagcaga ggcagcaatg ttgggaaaat cttggcagca ggacagtcag    188880
     ggcatatttg gaagtagcaa tggctttccc aatgttttgc tctcatatat cacataagtg    188940
     tacatctgaa tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagagag agagagagag agagagagag    189000
     agagagagag agagagagag agaaagagag acagagagac agagagacag agacagagag    189060
     atgtagtgct gctgcacaac acagctctca gttgctgggc tcaaggaagc atgtctttgc    189120
     ctgcagtctt gcagctgaaa cataggacat tttgggtcaa ccaattcaag tcagggagtg    189180
     agggaactgg gtgacaattc atgagccaaa ttcgcaggct tattgactaa aggaaggaga    189240
     cacaattccc aagaagaagt acccgggctc tactctccta gaaaattgcc agcctgatta    189300
     tggagctgac agagtacttc ataggccact aaaactgttg acttctgggt aggaagaggg    189360
     aggagaggca aacttccttt cttgcaacaa actggctgac catgcagagc tggtcaacta    189420
     agcagaaaca tttttaaatg caaaaggtga tcttctatct tacaaaacaa tgactatggc    189480
     taaacaaata aatggctcat aataaaactg aaaagaacag gaagaggaaa caggtggggt    189540
     atttatacta ctgaatcttt ctatgacctg ttcaaccaca atggtatcaa gaactatgga    189600
     ctctcaaaga gaaagaagaa aataaattag aagaatgatg caaaaacatc gtcacatgca    189660
     gctaacatcc atccaagatc ttaaaagaga aatgaagtgt gaaatgatgc aggctcatct    189720
     gtctttgttt tcacagtagc attcatcagc taggcattgt gtcaggaata ttaaatttaa    189780
     aaatgaatag ctagcgtgag aaacactggg ctggtgagac taggcagtgt gtctgaaaaa    189840
     tgagcaatca ttcttgtaaa ctgaattctt gtcagtaagg gagtatgctc tgagcgtatg    189900
     tcagagaggc aaccaatcac ttgtctgact tccatagcca gaaccctgat tcaacatctc    189960
     attacatcaa agtctgatat tttctgaacc agacccaccc taggtaatta gaatcttctt    190020
     atcatggcag tagcacccca ggctccagag gttgtgctcc agagctacaa ttgcatgagt    190080
     tcatgaaatt ataatgctaa aaatttattt attgcgatta gattatatgc tgagtactat    190140
     catggagaac tatatttgtt cccacattta attctcatga catattctct agaaatgaat    190200
     gtacatggac aattgaaagt atctagaatt aaaattattg ctttacctat tctttttgag    190260
     ttatgggtgt acctaccact tgagaataat tacttctctt cgacaatatg aattatttgg    190320
     ttgaatatgt tcttaaacac taatatggga ggtaagacac ttgacagagc aagaaatccc    190380
     tgtaggccac tgtagatcaa acactgaata cagatacatg aacaagtaca cagattttca    190440
     ctgagaatct aagctttatg aacattatga ataaatccta gcaaacataa aatgagcact    190500
     cacttttgga agcctttcaa catataagca aaaaatgtaa ggaattactt tgctactgtg    190560
     gctgatctgc cttctgtgtt ctcctgaggc cagaaaactt cagtctctgc aatttagcac    190620
     ctcatcctaa aacagcaagg gattaagtaa catagccttt gttctacctc tgcaggagct    190680
     gcagggttct aactcagcat gctagtcaga agtcacagga agaaaaagca gcactttgaa    190740
     aagtgattat agtgtttatt aaaaagtttc ctataaaaag atcctaattg gggcaagaaa    190800
     aaaatttgtc tcttatttct ttgtctttag tacttataca tctttcagaa tacaggatca    190860
     catgttacaa agcgcatcat aggatcacac ataaaatcaa atcataaatt gaaacagaag    190920
     tttacaacag agaatgttta catgcatatc cattaggagt aattgtctgg ctaaacactc    190980
     atcacctgtc agagttccac aggttcactg aaatttaaaa tccataacta agaggttact    191040
     gaagttttgt gtagataaac acagtcaata ttttatcttc tctcctagaa cctttaataa    191100
     attgttattt ctttttttta tgacctttga ttaattgtgg ggggagggag ttgtttgtgt    191160
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt attgttttgt tggaatgtac tctgagtagt    191220
     agaaagccta gttattattt aagaggcaat taaatgtgac acatggaaga ctgacagagt    191280
     tattattgca gttttgatta ccagaaaagg acctaatagc agtcccacta taacagagct    191340
     tagcaatcac tgatataagt ttagggattc ttacaggatc atcactaaga attaagaagt    191400
     ctctagctcc tccattgggg gccctgtgat tcatccaata gctgactgtg agcatccact    191460
     tctgtgtttg ctaggccctg gcaaagcttc acaagagaca actatatcag ggtcctttca    191520
     gcaaaatctt gcaagtgtat gcaatggtgt cagcgtttgg aggctgatta tgggatggat    191580
     ccctgggtat ggcagtctct agatggtcca tccttttgtc tcagctccaa actttatctc    191640
     ggtgtaactc cttccatggg tgttttgttc ccaattctaa gaaggggaaa agtgttcaca    191700
     ctttggtctt cgttcttctt gagtttcatg tgttttgcaa attgtatctt atatcttggg    191760
     tattctaagt ttgggggcta atatccactt atcagtgagt acatatcatg tgagttcttt    191820
     tgtgattggg ttacctcact caggatgatg ccctccaggt ccatccattt gcctaggaat    191880
     ttcgtaaatt cattcttttt aatagctgag tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat gtaccacatt    191940
     ttctgtatcc attcctctgt tgaggggcat ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctattata    192000
     aataaggggt ctgcaactct ataggtggaa caacaatatg agctaaccag tatcccccga    192060
     agctcgtgtc tctaactgca tatgtatgag aagatggcct agttggccat cattgggaag    192120
     agaggtccct tggtcttgca aactttatat gcctcagtat aggggaacac cagggccaag    192180
     aagtgggagt aggtgggtag aggaggtgtg ggagggcatg ggggactttt gggatagcat    192240
     tggaaatgta aatgaagaaa atacctaata aataaaaaaa agaattaaga aatcatttat    192300
     ttgtctatat agcatcacta taagacagta gtacatcttc atagagctgc agagatattc    192360
     tcaaaatgtg tgggtgaata cctagtgact gttatatatg cttaatagtg acaggaatag    192420
     catattaata gcaggaatct ttcctaaatg atttattcct gggccttgcc tatcagagct    192480
     ttgtcgtaga tataatctaa agcaaaatca tttctggata atcacctgct agttagttac    192540
     ctgtcctatg atagctcctg acacttcagt tctaagttct caccctacta gatggcaatc    192600
     ttgagcaatt tgtttcattt ctacaaagga tcttcttatc aaaaacatgt acagtaacag    192660
     caataatctc catagcactt cactgtgcat acaaacttta gcagacatag aataacacag    192720
     ctcagagaaa tgtgctcagg agcagcattg tgtgcatagt agccatcatt atcctccaat    192780
     aatagaatcc aattggtaaa tcctcgatct ccagtaatat tccattgtca tagtattttg    192840
     taaggtactc agttcttgat tcattctatg tagaagtatt tgatttacaa atgagaaaat    192900
     attatgaact gttagggtgt gaatggctat gatataagca cactaacgtg tacaggtaac    192960
     aaagaccttg ggtgttctgt cactccccac tcattccctt tggacaagtc ttccttaaaa    193020
     cctggagcta aatcaataac taatatgccc cagaaatcct cctgtctcac ttctcccaca    193080
     cagtagggtt atggtcacat acacagccat gcaatgtctt ttatatgggt gctagtaatc    193140
     tgaatttagg tcttcacact tgcttgccca cagggccatt tctgtagcct caaataatat    193200
     aacatttaaa attaaagaac acattaaaat gtaagctttg aaaataaaaa cattgcacat    193260
     taatatctat ctgtgacgca gttcgtattt cagaaattga attgtcatgt ggaggttaca    193320
     taatatcaat ccaaaaacat atttaaagag tactgtttgc aaatataaaa ttttttactt    193380
     gcaatatggg tgctaacttt agtgtgtgct ctgtgatttt cttgatcaaa ttgcataaat    193440
     aaattgtagg cagtgctagc ctgtgtctgt agatgagaag accaacattc ctgaggttcc    193500
     acctatgcct cattcagatc actgcttgcc ttgagtctca tgatgggaat ttggtaacgt    193560
     ataataaggc agtatcttta aaagcaagga aactagctca acatcacgtc cgttttcatt    193620
     taaacttcta tggtgcaacc attactccta agcctctggg gtatcagaaa gagggaacag    193680
     aaaaatttta agtgtcagag gatgaggata cctgctgtga gattatgtct ttcacattta    193740
     acaggaaagc tatccccata gactatcagc attagggttg cctgaataaa accagcataa    193800
     tgatagcact agttgtcatg ccaacatggg cagaagaagt gccacttagc ccacccttag    193860
     atgaagagat acaggtgtca atacttgctg agagaagaat ccgtttcctc caaggatgag    193920
     ttccaataca ggttgtccag ttccaagttg ttagccttgt actatgtaca tatgagcaaa    193980
     actaaaaaga ttcagtaggt tgtctatatg tgtgtgccag aataataatt aaggaagaga    194040
     tcatgagttt tggagaaccc tgaaggagtc tgtatagaga aggaatgtca ggggtaatgt    194100
     acatatagtg ttcccatatt aaattctcaa aaaacatata aagttatgaa tgtttaaaag    194160
     acagttttta atgtgtctat gattaagttt gttttcaata ctctgctact tgtagcagtc    194220
     actattgcaa ggaggactgc agtgagaact tctaaggtgt gtttaaatta gcttctctgt    194280
     ctggcaggtt ggctattgga acgatatgga taaattagtc ttgattcaag atgcgcctac    194340
     tcttggcaat gacacagcag ctatcgagaa cagaacagtg gttgtaacca caattatggt    194400
     gagttttggt gtatgcttta tagtgttcca tcttgtccac aggcaaattt aactctgtct    194460
     gtggtgaaca tagagggtac aggctgaatc ttagttatga cctgctaagg ctttggatag    194520
     atctgtccca agattggaca tactctgctt tttcattgcc cttatttgca ttactttttg    194580
     ttgcaatgca tttgttgggg aaagaaattg actcagacat taaaaattga gactgtgaat    194640
     ctgaagtcgg aaatctttga aattttaaga ccccaacact gaacaagcaa tgtgaggaag    194700
     ccaatcacca atcaaatcct aaaaccatca ggtggacatg ccatgttctc agtgttttca    194760
     aaagcatcaa ttaaataatc attaatggtg tttaaatgtt tttttcaggt tatcatggga    194820
     ggttatctgt tttgtctgtt tctaatcaca agaatgtgaa tgtggagatt ttaatgagta    194880
     attttttaat aactgaaccc ctgataaatt gattctgttt gatatttttt aatgtaaaaa    194940
     aatccaccca ccgattattt ttctcataac caataggaaa tatatacata atttaacgaa    195000
     attctaagaa tcaagaaaat gtgatttttt ttcgtttgac catgccataa aatttaaaat    195060
     gctctaaatt gtaaggctcc tgtgtcaagg aggttttcat agaattggtt ttcaataaca    195120
     gaaaattata tgtatgtatg tatgtatatg catatatata ttcttttaaa gacaagcatg    195180
     ctctttacag ttggtggtac tcaaaggaga tcaacaatcg gtgaccttta tatctcattt    195240
     aagatcataa agtttcagct aactctttgt gtaggcaaaa tatattaaca attattcata    195300
     gaaactctta ttataagtaa agtgggagac tttgtgtaaa ttaactttta tcttacataa    195360
     tttttattcc tggttttggg gttttagtaa tgtcaagata tttttaaaac tgaccctgaa    195420
     atcaaagtat aaaaatacca aagcgaaaca tttgtctatt gcaatcagtt atgtctctgt    195480
     cagatgacca gctggcaatt taatgtaatt taaccagccc tgatttggag ttgattattt    195540
     tagaatgcaa atgcaccaag agcagtgttt gtgtaaactt tctaacttaa ttgtatattt    195600
     gcatgggatt tgaaaggcag gatatatatc gagaaattca gaaaaacata tgtatttctt    195660
     ttccttaaaa aacaaaccac agtaatggca attcatactt cagtacagtc ctcctctttt    195720
     cagcctctga tgaagaatcc tattttaaga aattgagcaa gaaagacaag agttctgcgc    195780
     tgttcgacca ttcctaacta agtctcgagt cttgttctcc tgagtattaa atttaagctt    195840
     gtttttcata tgggattctt cttggataac caaatctgga ctactagaaa acatggtttt    195900
     aaaatatata tttacgtgtg acttttgtga gatattagaa caaaataaaa attaatcttc    195960
     agtccttatc tttctcaaga aactggatgt tgaaaaggaa taatctagtt attctgatat    196020
     gcctgttcat gtgtcacaaa cttaagatat tatgtatgat tggctcgcta agaagaaatt    196080
     tctgccaaga aaaactgaat tctgtgcttg ttttctaaat atacatacaa ttgtttgctt    196140
     agaatctttt aaaatgttga ccattttgtg aaacaaatgt atgatgtatt tcaagggtat    196200
     aatgtagaat cttcttctct tagcctgtta tgaaagttga gatatataat tcttaatgtc    196260
     tgattaaaaa attgattttc caagcatggc tactcttcaa gaagcatgat atcaaaaaaa    196320
     taagtaaaaa ggtgactgaa aagaagttgt ttcatatata tatatatata tatatatata    196380
     tatatatata tatatatata tatacatatg tctgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtc tatgtgtata    196440
     tatatatatg aatatagatg taaaattctg tttgcttgac agtgatgaga ttaatatttt    196500
     tgttatcgaa tagtatctgt ctgtcctata actatcatct tcatttaaat cattcgtttg    196560
     atatttttca ctacatacct gttccataat tctaaaacaa aacaaaaagt actagagccc    196620
     cttcccttaa agtgttcatt gaacttgatt ctgttgaaaa ccttaggtta gaatctagga    196680
     caatcccttc acctccatta ctttgaaaga agtatgatta cctttagctg ataagataca    196740
     ataactgcat gtaatattca attcaaaaac aattcaatac agatggagtt ggctagatgt    196800
     tgcaatgagt ctgatacaga gctctagata ctgagcaagc taagaatgag cactggagat    196860
     cacggacttc tcatctaaat gggtatagtg tcgctgactt tactttgtct tccctttgta    196920
     tgctgtgata atttatgctg atatactgtt gtgatatatg ttcttgttaa ataaaattgt    196980
     ttgagaaatt cagttattct tccataaata tttactgagc gtctgttatg tgccaggcac    197040
     cggcatagac cctgaactgt gacatagatg actcctgcac tcttgggagg ttatatcata    197100
     gaaaaacaaa cgaggaacat atttcatgat tacaatagct ctcaatctaa aataaagcat    197160
     ggtcaattat tattttgtat gctgttgaaa tttatttttc cttgcaagtg ttgtatatgt    197220
     acactgcatc ttcatcttca agatcaattt actgtacttg aacacaactc taccaaatat    197280
     actgactatg gcagagctaa tctaaatagg agacaattgg cattacacgg acttttatct    197340
     ttaatgttca ctaactagaa attaagtaaa atccataata tttgtgagac ggtgaacaca    197400
     gagactccat tttctgcaca cagattaaca attgcaagcc acttcataaa gccaaatcta    197460
     ttaggccaaa taaataagaa aagtacagct gttgtggtaa agatagctca ctgcagattc    197520
     aagaagagat atatagtgct tcccctataa tcttagtatg ttctttggct atcgaactct    197580
     acagaaagtg aagccattct agggagaatg tgctttacaa ttcagtgccc tgttctacaa    197640
     cttagtaaca cctattgtat attacttaac taatgtggta ttttatatca ttttaagtat    197700
     atatataatt ctttaggaaa tatttatata aagccaagtt tattcactgc agcatcagaa    197760
     ttgtgtttca aacatgaatt aattttatat aatcactctg tcattcctta gtttattgta    197820
     ttacaacttt aacatgtatt ttaattgttg tagttatcta aacactttag atatactata    197880
     tacatgcaca tggataagaa gcatccattc agcctggcgg tggtggcaca cgcctttagt    197940
     cccagcactt aggagtcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagac tagcctggtc tacaaagtga    198000
     gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa    198060
     acaaaaaaaa acaaaaagaa gcatccataa tacatgtgtt tgtagatata aaatgcacat    198120
     gaaaaataga aatgaactca ttttctttgc cataacaaat attaatcctt ctctccttta    198180
     aaaggcttgt agcaacaaag tttgtttaaa aaacaacaaa aatgttttag tttggaactg    198240
     tgacccttaa attcttttta tttcttcctt ttctttcttt ctttctttct tttgtggtgt    198300
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttggca    198360
     cttgtttctt caaggtaggg tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctttgtagcc ctagctgtcc    198420
     tgaaattcaa tctgtagacc aggctagtct taaactcaca gagacctaac agcctctgct    198480
     tgcctcctgg gtgccgagat tagaggcatg tgccaccaaa gtccaactaa ttcatttatt    198540
     cctaaattga ataataaaat gttgatttcc actttctgta agtattctca caggactatg    198600
     ttatcaagct ccattaaaat ttttggaaag aagcaagtat ccacacagga aacatgggaa    198660
     atattccaat tttactattt tttttccatt ttcaatctta tttataatgg ttataatgat    198720
     gatatttaca aactggcagt ttttgtgctt aatacattgt tccaacagtt ttgactttgc    198780
     tgaattcaaa tgatacaaaa acaacccttc agtgggaaaa atgtatccta ttgattatgt    198840
     taggttcaat ttaatttaag attcaaaatc attttaattc atttatggca acatttttat    198900
     gagcagggct acaacttcag actgtgattt ttttcctgaa gtaacccaga aggttcagaa    198960
     cagcatccat cacaggaatt atcttagtaa actcattgct gctaagaagt aatgcaagca    199020
     atatcacttc cttgtcctta ccatcctgca gagtacagta gttaatgata aataagtaag    199080
     gagttatatc tttctcctct gatgtcccca ttgttaatca caggtcagca cggaggattc    199140
     tacatagcta ctttccaaaa acagttcaca aattcctcca ccacaataac gccatctatt    199200
     tttttattgc atcaagggga tttggtattt tattcactca tagtaaccct aaaacttggt    199260
     attaaaaact ccacagtgta caaagtttta agagctacct gctgataatt tgttagatgg    199320
     gagatgaggc aaaagaggct gagaactaat ggtttgtgac tctcatggac ttgacatgaa    199380
     cgaaaagcaa aggaaacact caataatctg ctagagggtt aaaaagaaga aaaagaaatt    199440
     ccccagccct cctctgcctc tgctctcccg gcccctttgc tcttcttttg cgattagctg    199500
     agtctgaagg gcatcggagt aattgttgaa cacaatcttc aataaggtga acattttcct    199560
     accattagtt ggcatgtttc gcaggaaaac caaaacttga ggggaccatc tgaccagaag    199620
     aaaaacgagg aaaaaaatga aagaggatgc tatataaata tttcactctc acataactat    199680
     gcctgcttca gacagctaac ctgattccta gaggtcattt tgaagatctg aattatattc    199740
     taacattact atttaatggt aatggtccta gtcagatagt gctgatcagg atatcattgt    199800
     agtcactgtg agtctactgt gtgtcagaca ccatggatag aagggaaaat tttgtatcta    199860
     tccttttaac ttaaaatctt gtaaaagttt cattggctgg tggtcagata taaatctttt    199920
     attttgctcc tttgcttgtg aaattatatg aaatcccagt tagtttcaag acgcttaatg    199980
     gatgtaacaa ctataagagt tttgacgttt caaaaataaa agcccaactt cctcctctgt    200040
     catttgttaa caaagtgaca ctgaccaatt cagttaacct acaggattct cagctttctt    200100
     gtctataata tgacacatgc ttacttcaag atgcaataaa aaatgtaaat gaaattatac    200160
     aactaaagaa gtcattatat tgcacctggc ataaaggaag cacaaagctg ggaagagaaa    200220
     ttacttttta taataaatat ggtgttgttg gtcccactag tattccttta caaggagaca    200280
     actgacaaat tttgtttctt ttttatgcct atcttcaagt aaatttcctg acacaaagca    200340
     ggtactttgt aaatgctttg taaatgcttg atcaaataat gaacttacag cttttcatta    200400
     agcaaatgat tcccaaatta gaagaactga gtagattatg ggcaagccaa agaaagtcac    200460
     acaaaattaa tgcagtaatg tgcaaaattg tggggtaaaa ttcctgaatt taaatactca    200520
     agacacttta aacttaaccc tcaaccttgg taccaaatga gagtactaac ctaggttatt    200580
     gtacttgaat actctaactg tacaggtata tcaatgaaaa tattttacac tctgctttgc    200640
     aactgtgact tttgctgttt tctgtaattt aattaggcca ctctaaaaag atgaaaaagt    200700
     gttcttactg gcttctagta ttttatggtt tagaaagtca tccctttgca gctcatgaag    200760
     ctatatgatc acactcatag tttgaaaacc atgttaaact ttcatacaga actctttctg    200820
     aaggataata gataattttc ataaaagaag agacagttat cttgattcta tatgtggcaa    200880
     aatttatttc ttaagtcatt ctagtgttca gtaggtttcc actgccaaaa agtgatctgg    200940
     gtcacttggc tatgacaatc aaaggtagaa taaaaaaaaa aaatagtata ctgacccatc    201000
     ttgatttgtc ttctactgta aaatcatttg aagcacctcc atgagaaaac ataatctgaa    201060
     gcaatttaca catttcttaa gcttttaaaa tgatttctat gtttacaaaa ttattagaat    201120
     aaagtcaaag ttatcgtggg cccattgtgc accctgagga tcaatctgtc ttctactatg    201180
     gagctccaaa cacaagttta aattctttaa ctgttatttt tttcttgaaa aaatatctta    201240
     ggacaatcct aaattaagat tagagtataa tttacataag atatgagtac attagatcaa    201300
     ccatgttgtg gccagtatgg ttttttctga agattaaaca ttgtagtgtg gccagaagtg    201360
     ccctctatat tgagaactac aaacctatca aacttgtctt actgcttaca agtaggtgct    201420
     aatagatcaa tcattgtggg gctaactaaa tcgctgctta agttaaagcc ttaaaatact    201480
     attatctaag tgtgtatgag agagtgtgta tgtgtttcta cgtgtgtgtg tgggtgtgtg    201540
     tgggtgtgtg ggtgggtgtg ggtgtgggtg gctgtgtgtg ttcaacaaaa aatgtttagc    201600
     agtcattcaa caccaggaag ctattttata tatatataat aagaatcctt tcaatactct    201660
     gtctcctaat ctatgattca ttttttttag aaaactaaac aaataccaaa gtggatgttt    201720
     cttacatgta gaggaaaata gctttcactg gagacctatc tcataataaa tgtacaattc    201780
     atggggcatg ttttatttaa agccaaaata tgagacagca gaagcaaaat gattttaaca    201840
     caagtaatta atgatttgtg tcttcaagct attatttttt tctttaaaga actgtgaagc    201900
     aaatgccttc tctgagtaaa gcaccttact taacacactt gaaaatgaaa agaaaaaaaa    201960
     agtataaaat catatgactg tgaataagtt tttaatacac tatggtagcc actaaatttt    202020
     taatttcatt aaaattttgg aaattaattt tgaaatgtca gtttcaaggc taaatatgat    202080
     tgaatattct ctagaaaatt actgatagat tttttgtttc aaaatcacag ttctaggtat    202140
     ataataataa ctcaaatttt aaaattttac ttttattatc taatgtaaac cagtttgatc    202200
     caatctcatt aataatttct agccacacaa agtcatatgc ataacaggaa taaataccat    202260
     cttttgccaa aacttctaaa gctataacat tacagaaaga ttttccgaat atttggtaat    202320
     ttctccttta cagttttgct tctctcattg taggaatccc cctacgttat gtacaagaaa    202380
     aatcatgaaa tgtttgaagg aaatgacaag tatgaaggct actgtgtaga cttggcatct    202440
     gaaattgcga aacatatcgg tatcaaatat aaaattgcca ttgtccctga tggaaaatat    202500
     ggagcaaggg atgcggacac caaaatttgg aatgggatgg taggagagct tgtgtatggg    202560
     gtaagcaagc tgatttatga gatttatttg tataagcatg aagcttcttt tcccttgggc    202620
     atgagtgttc ttttctagtt tataacaatg tttcaaaaat atatccatga tatttgaaca    202680
     cttccttatt tcattagaaa agtaaattcc aaataacaga actggattct ggagacctag    202740
     aatgattttt tagaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat aaaatttaga atacagtgtc ttattcatag    202800
     caaagagcca tgaatgaaaa ggaatcaaca ttgactatga atgtctttag aaagtttcgt    202860
     tactatgaat gtgtttagaa tgtttcttta ctctgactta aacctgacag accacagatg    202920
     ctgcaaagat cctcaagcag ctgttactgg ccagattttc tccaacagca taaagttagt    202980
     cactgcttta attaattgtg tccatccttg tcatcaaact ttctcataaa tgtcttttaa    203040
     ctatttctga ttaacatagt ctcccaaggt atgaaatatt cttcagtatt gtttttctta    203100
     gatttttaaa gccacaataa atgtacactt tagatctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    203160
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcct cccttcctcc ctccatccct ccctccctcc    203220
     ttctttaaca tatataacaa aatacaaaag ctagactgtt ttccaaagtc ggcctctcag    203280
     ccgggcggtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcccttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt    203340
     tctgagttag aggccagcct aattctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca    203400
     gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa caaaacaaaa acataaataa aaacaaagtc ggcctctcac    203460
     acagcatgct ctacccttcc cctgagcaaa cacactggct atggaatgca cacactgata    203520
     gccaagggca aaccaacata acacagcatg gaagttctgc ctgaatgaat atgatcaagg    203580
     tcactctctt tttggcagac actcttgtgt caaaaactgc aagttatcaa accctgacat    203640
     gttcagagtt cagagtccaa acttggaatg cacaataaga ttagttcatt caggaacaat    203700
     caaaagcagt gagtgcctaa actgtattaa tgaagttttc taaaagctaa tttgtagttc    203760
     acagagttca ctttcaaagc tcactctttc taattaatcc tccataaacc cctttgaaat    203820
     acagaattac acagagatac atcgttctcc aggaaaaaag ttgagagatt caagatacag    203880
     gcaaagtcca cagaacaaat cacattcctg actagaattt caatggaata gtttccaaat    203940
     tctgcatctt gttttttttc tttctttttt aattatttct tattacttaa acaattttca    204000
     aatttaaatg tattttcatc acagtcttcc cttcatcacc tacccaactt tgagttcttt    204060
     ctcaaaaaat gaacaaaaat ccaatacaac aaactcttca aaacaaagaa aacaaaataa    204120
     aatgcccccc aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa acatcccaaa ctgaacctaa ataacattga    204180
     acccatgaca aacacacaca cagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    204240
     gagagagaga gagaacaaga gcaacaacaa acaagaccgg tggtcaacta ctctttaaca    204300
     taaggcctgt tctccagtgg ttgatatact cagtgtcact ctattgaaga aaacggattc    204360
     cccctctccc agcatgcata aatgaaagtt gttcatcttt accctgatgg tagggtttca    204420
     tttatttctt tcttcactta ttttttaaaa catgacaaaa taaaatatgt tttaaaaaat    204480
     tatagcatta agattgtata agaaaaagca acagaaagga aagattccat gagaggacac    204540
     aaagagttga ggggcccagt atttctcaca ctcaggagtc gcataaaaat actaagctat    204600
     aagttataat ctataagcta taatatatac acagagggcc tggtaaaaag tcttggaggc    204660
     cctgtgttgg ctgccttgat ctctgagttc atagaagctt tgttcagatg attaagaggg    204720
     ccttattctt ctggtgtctt ccatgccctc tgactggctc gtacactctt ttgatctttt    204780
     ccaccacagg gtttcctgag ctctgaggga agagatttga ctacatctaa atttttaaac    204840
     tataacagaa gaaacatttt ccagagtaca gtacagttgc taaaacttca gcagacacat    204900
     gaaaatgatt cacaatgtaa agcaaccagt ttaataacca tgggacgaaa cacccactga    204960
     gtgattcaat gactagatga agggaaaaca aagaataaaa aaattaatta gttttaaatt    205020
     aaaaaaataa acaaaaaata tttaacaagg ggttcattga caatgttgta acggagttta    205080
     agttctgaag aaaaaagtgt gagtaacact ctgttcttaa tttctactac cataagtgta    205140
     tttcaaaaaa ggccatgacc caaattgtta gaaatacaag ctgaattcct ttacccaaaa    205200
     tatatgagct tagaaggctt aaactttcat ttttggagca gttcagattc taagtgcatc    205260
     attacttagc tataaatggt tggaccttct gtctagagtc tcactgctgt gaaaaaacac    205320
     catgaccaag gcaactctta taaggtaaac acttaattga ggctggctta caggttcaga    205380
     ggttcagtct actatcatga aggaggagca tcacagcacc caggcaggca caaacaggag    205440
     aagactggct tccagacagc tatgacaagg atcttaagcc cacactcaca gtgacacacc    205500
     tactccaaca agcccacatc tccaaatagt gtcactccat gagccaaata tattcaagcc    205560
     accacattcc agtccttggc ccccataggc tttttcaaac atataagtca atgggggcca    205620
     caggtaaaca taacataatg caaattacaa gtagtctaat ttcagaagtc cccatagtct    205680
     atagcagtct caacaatatt aaaagttcca aagttcaaag tctcttctga gatgtattca    205740
     atcacttaac tgtaatcctc aaagaaagac agaaaaccag ctgtgcaaac tccaatctct    205800
     gcatttccat gtctgatgtc aaagtgatct tcagatctct gagaactttg tcatctttgc    205860
     tgactgaaac aaacttcttt ttcctgggct ggttccacac tttattagta gctctcctag    205920
     gcaggtatcc cacagctctt gcatctttaa catacgggtc tccaagtcaa cttcaacttt    205980
     atttcaatgt ctgggatcta tacaagatct tctggacttc tccaaagggc ttgcatcact    206040
     tctggcctct atagaactct aggatctgtt taactctgct ctactgctgc tgctgttctt    206100
     tgtgggcatc ccatggtact gacatttcca atatgatggg gtcttcttct gcaactaggc    206160
     ttcaccaata gcctctcatt tgctctcttc gtgatgcaaa acctcagcat ttttgatggc    206220
     ccctccagtc ctgagccatc aactgcaact gaagctgcac cttcaccaat gggctttcct    206280
     agcctttcac agtgctaagc ctcagctgtt cttcatgacc ccttcataca ttcaaaagca    206340
     gtacaaccta ggagattctt acatattacc aagtaccaag gtgaccttgg ctatctctga    206400
     aacacagcct ctttgtgata tcacctcagt catgctggcc tcttcttaaa taacactaat    206460
     ttctaaactc cagttaacca gcatcaattg tcccagtaat ttcttatatt cttgactcta    206520
     aagccagtgc cacatggcca aagctgccaa gttctactgc ttgcttgggc tagaacatgg    206580
     ctccacttat tctattacca gctttttgtt ttccaactct gtcactgcct aagatttgct    206640
     gtcctggaat ttggtctgta gattgacctt gaactcagag atcttcgtgg tttgtctcct    206700
     aaattctggg attaaatgtg tctaccacca ctcctgtact cgaggttttc ttcactgaga    206760
     tcttgctctg tccctggatg tccttgaact cagggctttt attagcatta ttaccttgga    206820
     ttaaagttgt gtaccaccac accagggcct aagctttgct gggtgggatc ttgccccaag    206880
     gtcaccactc ccttaatttc atttaatatc cctgaacatg ggtttcaact ccatttcact    206940
     tcccggtgcc cctttactac ttgaaccata ttttatattt ttcctttcta agcttgctca    207000
     tttttattaa aacactcttc ataagagtga actttagtaa acacacaaca caatttttac    207060
     caagcttttt tgagacttcc tttctcacag cagttaatct aaatctcctc accttggcct    207120
     cagacagact cttcagacaa tggcaaaaag cagccacatc cttcaccaaa atttgtcata    207180
     aaacagtctc tacaccatat actgaaattt tcctccactg aaagctcttg ggccaggtct    207240
     gcacagctca gatcaccctc agcaacaaag tctttcatat ccctactaga atggcccatt    207300
     aagcctcact taaagcattt cactgcattc caaatccaaa gtcccaaaat tcacctcctt    207360
     ccaaacaaaa gcatggtcag gccgattaca acaatatcca actactggta ccaacttctg    207420
     tcttagagtc tcactgctgt gaacagacac catgaccaag gcaactttta taaggtcagt    207480
     aattattttg agctggctta cagactcaga gtttcagttc attatcacca aggcagaagc    207540
     aacacagaat caaggcagtc atggcacagg aggagctaag agtttaacat cttgttcaga    207600
     aggcaaacag gagaagactg gcttccagac agtttagatg agggtcttaa agcccacacc    207660
     cacagtgaca cacctccaaa tagtgccact ccctgggcta aacatatcca aaccagcata    207720
     ctacctgtga atgttctgga ctatctctca cgtatctctc ctttagagct cttattgttt    207780
     ctatatcatt cctgcacaag tgttgtgacc atattttatt tggtagaaat tgtttaattt    207840
     tcaaaaaatt atgtgagaga tcataacaca cacacacaca tacacaccac taccatatat    207900
     atatatatat gagtttaaga aagattatat atataatctt tatatatata aatatatata    207960
     tatataaata tatatatata tatatatata tatataaaga gagagagaga tcagcaaaac    208020
     acatcagagt aacagaaagt tctgaagcta tgctcagaga gcaaggaggt gccacagagg    208080
     tccttagtaa caacacactt tttttttttc agccgatctg caagtatttg aagacaccaa    208140
     tctctgtcag ttaatttgtg caccttgtcc tcacattaac tgtcttcatg tctcttagat    208200
     ggctaccttt tactgtagat tgtacaaagt ccgcacttga ttctcgagca tagacttttc    208260
     tctttcttat tcttaacaca taaacaaatg cccagtcttc agggtttgaa gcaaaacagg    208320
     gtcattttct tatcgacaaa atctgttcaa cagcaaaaag acaagcaatg ggctcattat    208380
     cttttgtttg ctctttgcaa atgtttactg taattgttaa gcattgatca tcttgcttca    208440
     cttacataaa gaccttatat acacaccggg acctgcttta tactcttaag gtactgcctt    208500
     caatcctttt ttctctcttc tttgtatctc tctgtgagtt tgtgtgtgta tctgtatttg    208560
     tttgatcaaa aggagtgaag ggcactttat ggctcactga acaccagaat tgcctgtgat    208620
     gaagtgaaga agtattttct tactgtcact caaatgatgt ttaagaataa aaatcttata    208680
     cagcttccaa aataagcttc tcacacactc tagtctatgt atcaatggat ggtaatgaga    208740
     cgaagcacac acaaccttct aagcattaga acacaaggtc cacacaaatc tttactcttt    208800
     atattgagct ggcatcctta tacccaacca ggagcctgaa gctatgtatc agtgagttta    208860
     agaaagattg tctatagata aaactaaaaa ataaaagtaa gaagtgtcag tacttaaggg    208920
     cacttgatgc ttttgcaaaa gtgaaacgcc agaggtgagt tcccagcacc acttttcagg    208980
     ctctggaact ccaaaccaac agccacccag gtctctgtgg gaactggtcc ctgtgtgcac    209040
     atgcacatac atcagaataa acaaatcatt taaaagtgat agcctctcag gaaaattatg    209100
     tgtgtttaaa tcacaatgtg cttgattcta ttttgatgag aactattttc cttttaaatt    209160
     caacaaaact ctattataat ttgtcattca aaacatggat tagtctttat ggaacagttt    209220
     atataattct gttgtagatt tttccagact tgtgtctatg agttactaca gtgtcaaaaa    209280
     ctcactatgt ctcagttctc tcaagacaga gagcaggaaa ttggccattt aaaatatttg    209340
     atcatcagat aaagagtctg ttagcacatg cttatcaaag acctgttaag gatttagtat    209400
     ataattttag tcacacatta aagtaaatag acaaaaacag ccctatttta gagctgcaga    209460
     aaaataaaat aaaaacactc agggtcacca aactctaaaa agggtgactt gtgatcttta    209520
     tatctaagaa ttaattaaag cttctgaatt ctaaaatctt attttaaaag aatattggaa    209580
     aaagaaaata aatatgtgta tatcatatga accaaatgcc aattttcaga tttatgtgtg    209640
     tgaacttagt tgcaatacgt tgtccacaga acaagggtta tttgatcagg taaacactga    209700
     taaccaggca gtatctgtaa acttggaaaa gatgaagatc atgagtctaa taccagccta    209760
     aactacagag gaattctgtc tgtctccaag aaatgaaaca aaataacaac aataataaca    209820
     aaacaaaaca acaaaactaa accaaccaac caaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaaccttga    209880
     caattaaaat agttctatgc aatttaagta atatctcatg agacaaaacc actacatgtt    209940
     ttattagttt gtaattggaa ttaatcactg ttggcactcc cagtgattaa aaaaattaca    210000
     tgactgatac tttgctgacc actctactac taactgcatc atgaaatcca ctaacttgtg    210060
     tattcccacg tgtcttttct cttgtagaaa gcagagattg ccattgcacc tctgacaatc    210120
     acgttggtgc gagaggaggt catcgacttt tctaagcctt ttatgagttt aggcatctct    210180
     atcatgatca aaaaacctca gaaatctaaa ccaggagtgt tttccttctt ggaccctctg    210240
     gcctatgaga tctggatgtg catagtgttt gcatacattg gtgtcagcgt ggtcttgttc    210300
     ctagtcagta ggtttagccc atatgagtgg cacacagaag agcctgagga tggaaaagaa    210360
     ggacccagtg accaacctcc caatgagttt ggcatcttta acagcctctg gttttccctg    210420
     ggtgccttta tgcaacaagg atgtgacatt tcacccaggt tagtatcaaa acttcactag    210480
     gtctcagaaa ttctgatttt tctccacaat ctctttctgt atcttccttt cctggagtca    210540
     aaacattttc taaaatgcag gaaaattttc aattctcaga tcatcctaag taatatatca    210600
     ctattttttt ctaagctacc acaaaagatg gatgcatcac agaaagtaac ttcctcaaca    210660
     aaaaagtcat tatgcaatcc actgccactc cccagaatta ttttgtagta tgatttcatc    210720
     caatgacttg acaagtgtta acaaaactat agaataacac ccactttcat ggtatctcct    210780
     ctccaaaaat tgttgctttg tctgttacta tgatctgtca tcaaaatttg tgttgaattt    210840
     aacacaagaa acttgaggca aatctttgct gtggggattc taaaaccacg aatctgtatg    210900
     gttcttaata gatgtgtatg gtttttcaca aagagatgta cagaaactga gcataagaga    210960
     aagatctgac catgtaaact ccgtgctaat ttaatagctc tgtttctaca agaggagttg    211020
     tgattgtgat ttcctttggt gccactcagt tattgcatca ccaaaactct agatcattac    211080
     atgaaacatg cttcatttcg cccttggagc aactaaatgt atacaatgca aaatattgga    211140
     tgttatatat atttgaacat atatatgttt aggggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    211200
     gtgtgtgtgt gaacatatct gttcccaaaa gaaggccttt tggacccaat gcattagaaa    211260
     ttcagacaac tcagaaaatg gcaaaaatct gcttaaaatt tcaataacaa gccgggcggt    211320
     ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtggac ttctgagttc    211380
     gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct    211440
     gtctcgaaaa acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atttcaataa    211500
     catagcactc agagacaagt aggaagaatc agggcagacc aagttttttg aaaagaagat    211560
     taagtcaata ttaagttaaa atgtagcaga tgccaaactt caaattgcaa actatctgat    211620
     ttaaattagc aaagaagttt ggggcataga aaattctaag tgactcttta cacaaaacaa    211680
     aacgtgttta ggactacgga gatttctcag agggtaaagg tgcttaccac caaacccaag    211740
     gatctgagtt caatagctgg aaatcaccca gtagatgaag ataaataact ccctcaagtt    211800
     tcctctggcc tcttatgtat agcatagtgt agatgagcac atgacaatac ataaagaaaa    211860
     caatgcaatt tcaaaattta aaactatttg gcatgaatag tgatttgcct accaatagta    211920
     ccagcactta ggaggctgag gtatgaaaac tgaccaagta taagaaaacg ttgctatata    211980
     gattcaggct agcctggact acatagtaag agagctcatg ccttgctggt aagaatgtgt    212040
     aaaattcggt atgagcattc tttcctgcat ttttaaaatt tatatcactt taactttcct    212100
     tctgtgagtt ataactcatg tgcacattct tagtagacat tgttatttca acataaaaag    212160
     tacctttagg acatctgctc agctcaaagg taggtcactt gagactcaat ctgacctaca    212220
     tggcatccag gagcactcag atgggctcag tctctgggca ctaaggacta cattcccttt    212280
     gatatctgcc agacaggaaa gtttcacatt tctgccaata aaaataataa attcaatttg    212340
     tcatgtcttc agtgacactt gcattttagt tataatgtaa aggacatcat tattaaatag    212400
     actaacagaa aatagcacaa tatttgggtt tgaaagggga aaactgtgtg attttctcca    212460
     tacttagatc cctgtccggt cggattgttg gaggcgtatg gtggttcttc actctcatca    212520
     ttatctcatc ctacactgct aatctggctg cattcctgac agtggagaga atggtctccc    212580
     ccatagaaag tgcagaagac ctggccaaac aaacagaaat tgcctatgga acacttgatt    212640
     cgggatcaac aaaagaattc                                                212660