ID   AC126937; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 150579 BP.
AC   AC126937;
DT   12-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   28-FEB-2004 (Rel. 79, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-250G8 from chromosome 17, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-150579
RA   Dauphin S., Bielicki L., Kohlberg S., Haglund K., Meyer R., Haakenson W.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-250G8";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-150579
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-150579
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-150579
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-OCT-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-150579
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-FEB-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-150579
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-FEB-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; db7446cc0607c5a45ade6d1a7ba283fa.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023342; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023343; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023252; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023882; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023883; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022410; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0046338; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0046172; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0047025; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0047027; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0045868; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
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DR   InterPro; IPR003074; 1Cnucl_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR003075; 1Cnucl_rcpt_B.
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DR   MGI; MGI:3045253; Scube3.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B2KF18; B2KF18_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B2KF19; B2KF19_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9PV57; E9PV57_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7A487; F7A487_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7B631; F7B631_MOUSE.
CC   On Feb 13, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:37574268.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0250G08
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence; and
CC   the assembly was confirmed by  restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..150579
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /map="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-250G8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    8297..8512
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   tRNA            11739..11814
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=33.35 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-3.04)"
FT   tRNA            16763..16835
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=42.47 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-18.57)"
FT   tRNA            18244..18311
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ala"
FT   tRNA            complement(29215..29281)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT   misc_feature    49064..50298
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=70.8, o/e=0.83, #CpGs=129)"
FT   tRNA            complement(61525..61596)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=38.08 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-10.52)"
FT   unsure          117587..117713
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   misc_feature    118421..118569
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   tRNA            complement(122452..122529)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=20.43 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=0.75)"
FT   tRNA            complement(134702..134771)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=27.21 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-2.37)"
SQ   Sequence 150579 BP; 35513 A; 39149 C; 39240 G; 36677 T; 0 other;
     gatccttcat aagagcagca agcactcttt aacactgtac catctgtcca gaccacatac        60
     acacatacat aatacagaca gacagatgac agacagacat cttatcactg ttccccttcc       120
     tattttgcat acaagaatct tcctacaata tgaattccct tctcctcttg accttttggc       180
     ttttattgtt atacttctta catatgcatg cttcaaacca cacaatacaa cataaatttt       240
     tggtttaagc agtcaattat ctttgaaaaa gatataaact gttgcttaaa tccggtggtt       300
     ttcttagggg gaggggtggt ttgctcttgt tcttttgggc agggccacag ctgcatctgg       360
     cagccttttc ctccgtctgg gaaacttgaa caattttcta cagtgcagtt ctgctgctgg       420
     aaaattcttc caagttttgt ttgaaaaggc ctttattata ctttcattct taaagctttc       480
     ttgacgtttt tatttattct gtatatgtgt gtgcagcaaa cgcatgcatg ctcactggtg       540
     tgcctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc tgtctgtctg tctatctgtc tctgtgtgaa       600
     cgtcagagaa cagctcctag gagtcatctg tccctctacc ctgtgggtcc tgggcattga       660
     actcaggttg ccaagcttgg cagcaagctc ccttacccag tgagccatcc cctagcccac       720
     ttgaagatat tttactgagt ttagatttac aattcacagc tgggtatggt agctgttaag       780
     atataggaga ctacagcaag atttcaagtt caaaataggc tgaagcaatt ctagggatgt       840
     cttatcttcc ctgccccccc accccccacc cccacaaagg aagctggtaa atcctagaaa       900
     acgattgctt atttctaccg tccttccttc ccttccccca ccacgtccac ctttcttttt       960
     gaaaacacaa tcttttgggg gtcttgtttg tctttgtttt gtcgaggcag ggctttttcg      1020
     tataacagca ctggctgtcc tggaactcgc tctgtagatc aggctggcct caaactcaca      1080
     gagctccacc tgtctctgcc ttccaagtgc tgggcttaaa ggtgtgcaca gccatgcttg      1140
     gcttaagaac acaatcttga aaccctgtct cgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaacacaat      1200
     cttttttttt ttttttttaa agatatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttaatg      1260
     taagtacact gtagctgtcc tcagacactc cagaagagag agttagatct cattatggat      1320
     ggttatgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcct gaccttcgga agagcagtcg      1380
     ggtgctctta cccactgagc catctcccca gccccaagaa cacaatctta tttttaaatt      1440
     tatgtttata tgtgagcctg cttgtctata caagcactac tacatggctg cagtaccaca      1500
     gaggccagaa gagggcgcca gacccccagg aactggagtt gcacacactt gtgagctgcc      1560
     atgtgggtgc taggaactga accctggtcc tccagaaggg cagccagtgc tcttacccac      1620
     taagccactc tccagactcc ttgttctctt cctttcccct ctgttttctt cttccctacc      1680
     tcctcaccag acaggagaat aaaatacagt caccaatgtt ctcctttagt tggaagaaaa      1740
     aaaatccttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg tttttcccaa attctttctt atcttatata      1800
     gagactacaa gaaagccaag cccagggctg gtgagatggc tcagcgggta agagcacccg      1860
     actgctcttc tgaaggtcca gagttcaaat tccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat      1920
     ccgtaacgag atctgactcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctacag tgtacttaca      1980
     tgtaataata aacaaatctt taaaaaaaaa agaattactc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      2040
     gaaagccaag cccatggcta acacgtttgc tgaatgtttc tggaatcaac tcatctttgt      2100
     aattggtgtg atatccaagc aaaatttctt tagaaattcc actttttttt ttttttttta      2160
     agttaagaag tgattcttag ccgggcgtgg tggctcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcagg      2220
     aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag      2280
     gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaatc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa      2340
     gtgattcttg tatctctcac tcaaacgaag actacaattt tcttgtgaaa ctacatggag      2400
     acaggcttaa ctttttttcc ccataatatg ctgcctaaaa aatgttttca gagcctggca      2460
     gtggtgtcac gtgcctttag tccttgcact tgggaggcag aggcgaggac tagctctgtg      2520
     agtttgaggc cagcctggcc tacagagcga gttccaggac agctgtaggc tcacagatga      2580
     aaggactacc cagtgctttc taaagctgct tccgtgcgac cctgacttca gctgttcggc      2640
     tttttcctcc cttttgagac taggttctca caaaacataa actttctgta tagctgggaa      2700
     ggaccttgag ttcctggtct tcctgtgaga gggcgcattt catctcatag ctcccaggtc      2760
     accagccatc accacagagg tcagggcagg aaccccaatg ccgccgtcac gaagaaccac      2820
     tgttccccat gaacaaccat ctttttacac agcttaggac aggatggcac tgcccacagt      2880
     ggcctgggtc ctcgatcgta catcaattag caatcacgaa ggtgtcccac tggggactgg      2940
     agagatgctt agcggttgag tgtcattact aaccttgagg aggacgaagg ttcagttcct      3000
     agtgcccact tctgggagtt cacagcctct aactccagtg ctggagactt gggtgttctc      3060
     ttctggcctt tttggggact cttgtggatc acagacatac atgcaaggca aaacacttgc      3120
     atgcaaaatt gttttctttt cttttctttt tttttttttt tttaaagatt tatttattat      3180
     atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga gggcgtcaga tcttgttaca      3240
     gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact tcagaccttc ggaagagcag      3300
     tcgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca ccagcccgca aaattgtttt ctaaataaaa      3360
     taattttaag aaaaacaagc aagccgggca gtggtggcac acgtctttaa tcccagcact      3420
     tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagctcca      3480
     ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaga      3540
     aagaaaggaa gaaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaagaaa gaaagaaaga      3600
     aagaaagaaa gaaggaaaga aagaggggct ggcgagatgg ctcagtggtt aagagcactg      3660
     actgctcttc cgcaggtcca gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat      3720
     ccgtaatgta atctgatgcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagttacag tgtacttaca      3780
     tataataaat aaataaatct taaaaaaaaa agaacaatgt aaaaactaac aaaaaaaaaa      3840
     aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaaacaagca agcaaagaac atgcccccca taggtgaaat      3900
     cttcagctga ggttcctctt accctgggta actctggttt gagtcaagtt gataaaaacg      3960
     gacccgcatg cttgatggtg agctctctgt gcctgcgact gagctacacc ccccagacct      4020
     tcaactattt tctggcttac agaaactaac aagcatacag gaagcgcacc aagaagaaac      4080
     cacacttctg ccgtcactag tccttggagc gtatccaaag aatggcttag gcgccgttag      4140
     gggggagatg gctgggtcaa gaacatccct gctgtggaaa ggagacccca agttcagctc      4200
     ccacaggtgt gtggtggtgc aatgcctagc attgatgggg cggggcagga aggaggtgga      4260
     cggaccccca gaagtccctg ggcagccact tccacggttc taagccactc catggtacat      4320
     gagctctgtg ttcagggcag cttcttcctc ttgaagtaga ggccaacaat gatttgtaaa      4380
     cctaattgaa cagactgggc tccactctac tgaatagact atattcaata gatatttaaa      4440
     atattcaaaa gaggcctcag agtccacaga cgccctccct cttgtggcat ccggggtggg      4500
     ggcggggagg gggctttcct aagctccttg actctgtatg ttggcaaatc ttgcctatgc      4560
     tttttaggcc cttgggggag acttgactca aggacgatgg tttattctgg aaagggccag      4620
     ctgatggggg cctgggtaaa agcacctggc gtccagtgtc cgcttccaag ctggggcagt      4680
     taaacagggc agacaaggtg gggggagagg gagggaggga aatgttcccc cacttgtcga      4740
     agttggctgg ggtggcaggg agttaaagaa tgtcaggtgg tgataaacat ctctcatggt      4800
     cggccattac tctcagtcaa tagggcaggg aggggaaaat ctagaaatga aggtgcttca      4860
     gtgccgggaa ccaaactact ttaattctga agcctgttgc tgtttaacca aaatggagac      4920
     gctttacaaa atggttaacc aaccgcctgc cgagcccggc ctatgctgtc cctccttcag      4980
     gaagctggct ccccacgcaa gcacctttcc tttctgtgtc cctgtctaag tgaccacgtt      5040
     gcctcctcct tcgaagccag gcccaaggat gcctacctca gctgccacag cgatcacaac      5100
     caacctgtac ctctttctga ggtgccggcc ctctcccgag gcctctctgc taactgtgac      5160
     gggggagaca gaacaagaga tctacttgcc ccagaacggg caccaaacgc agactagaga      5220
     catggttcta tccagctcag atgggtgaac tttcactctg agggatcagg aggggtcacg      5280
     gtcattcggt catcgagaat gacatgagaa caagcccagc ccagagttca gtgcccagca      5340
     ccttcgtaca ctggtgtgca tgcttgtatc tagggctgaa agaaggaaga ccagacgttc      5400
     aatgccagcc caggctacaa gagaccctcc ctgtcttttg gttcctgggc cacagccctc      5460
     tggcacgata cttggtgccc ctgaggctag caagtaccct gccaccagcg ccagcgccaa      5520
     ggaagggggt gggtgggcag ctacaacccc tagatgtctg gatcctaagc ccagcccacc      5580
     ggatgtccct accactcgcc agaacccgac ccaatttgca gagataaaac caatctgacc      5640
     cttaattccc caaattaatt tattggcttg cctcttgggt gcagaaacac gtctggccaa      5700
     ccgaaatctg gtaattattt acataaagac agcgccctca cctcggtgaa ttggttggga      5760
     tcacactgga gaggcttgga aaagtccgag cctccaaaat ctccctcaga tagtgttaac      5820
     ggagtctcaa aacaacctca gataatgtta acctagtctc aaaataacct cggatagtgt      5880
     taaccaaact ccagcaacct actctccatc attgaccagg acacccgtcg tcccaatatc      5940
     actaagatat ttgcagaatc tctacaggat aggagggaag ggaccatcac aaccatcttg      6000
     gctgcaccca cggagagggc atgagactga gggggagctg tggggacccc cacgggaccc      6060
     acggtctgtc tgttggaagc tgagccccgc tgagaataaa caggattagg aattttatgc      6120
     tgtttggaaa ggaagagcga gagccatggc tggcagaggg aaagggtctg cttttttttt      6180
     ttttttcttt ttttaattct tgccgattcc ccccaggagg ccgagctgta ggctgactga      6240
     gctctcagaa gggcgctggg cggctgactt ggcaccttta cctaacatta atttctgaaa      6300
     ggcccaggtt gtttcctaaa ttgctgcccg ttcagaacct ctggctttca tctgttttta      6360
     tagtacctct ctaggttgta ggcaggagct gccgccaggc gacgaccagc accagtgacg      6420
     ttcctcaggc ccagtacagc cggggcggaa ttatttccgg caggacgggg gaaaattcta      6480
     agaatcaagg tattcttgaa aaatacaaat taaaaaaata aaatcagtct gccacagaaa      6540
     cagcccccct cacacacaca cctgcagggg taccctcagg agaacatgcc acaaagccct      6600
     aacacagctg gaacctcatt tcctaggtag ccaggggcaa gccacttaac ctcagtttcc      6660
     ccatccgtaa aatggggtta atcatgcccc ccccttttag gagccctggt aggttttaat      6720
     tgggtaatgg ttgtggcgcc ctttgatgta gtaagtttta ttaacttgcg agggatcccc      6780
     tggggccaga aaaagcagtt aaaccagaga ggaaaaaaaa gggggggggc ttgaaaagca      6840
     agccaggctc ctgtgctgag aggttccagc agggtcctcc cagcaagcag catgcttctc      6900
     tctctctctc tctctctccc tccctccccc cctccctccc tccctccctc cccccccccc      6960
     tctctctctg ccagaggact gccccaggag caacccgagg cctcctcgct cctcaaactc      7020
     ccatcctccc tctccctccg gagggcacag cacccgacta agcccaggca aaccggaagg      7080
     gtcttattgc tcttctaggt cctcagaaag gctggaaggt gccgtttaaa atccccaaag      7140
     agtagctatc aattccccaa aaagtcgtta ttgacccccc caaagccagg caggtttgtt      7200
     ctctctcttc ctaagagggt tttcctagcc caggctagcc cacgtcctca caattgagga      7260
     tgaccttgaa ctttggatcc tcctgcctcc acctcagagg ctgggatttg gggggggggc      7320
     agggacatca tctgggcaag ccaactgagc aatttccagc aatcctgatt ctctctgctt      7380
     gtcctgggat ctgatcagca gcctgtttcc ttgcctgtga gcactggggg tgctgggagc      7440
     ctagtgtgtc cacgggggac tctgtctctc tctgtgacaa gcgcacacac ggctggcaca      7500
     cgtgggcctc ctagcagtag ctgaatactg tccatacgtg tttagatcgc gcttcttcct      7560
     accgcgggtc tgtgatattg ttcagagtca ggtgggtttt gtttttttgg tttttcaaga      7620
     cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct      7680
     cgaactcaga aatcggcctg ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggt gaaggtttta      7740
     ctttaaaaac aaaaacaatg tttaatgttt tatttaatgc atactagtgt tctgcctgct      7800
     tatatgctgt gtgtgagagc atcagatccc ctggaactgt agctacagac aactgtgaac      7860
     tgccatgtgg gtggtgggaa ttgaaccctg gccctttggt ggagcagcca tccaaagatg      7920
     gctcttaacc atcaagccat ctctccagcc cccaagttta tttctatcag gctgtgtttg      7980
     gttcaagtat gtcacaatgg tcaccaagtc caaaaattaa gtaatttaag gctggagaga      8040
     tagccctgca agtggtagca tttggcactc ttccagaaaa cacaagttcg gggactagag      8100
     agatggctca gcgattagga gcactgactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaactccca      8160
     gcagccacaa ccatctgtaa tgggatctga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagtg      8220
     acagtgtact cacagacata tttttaaaaa gaaaagaaaa aaagaaaacc caagttcagt      8280
     tcttaacaca tcaggagact tagcaacctg tctccaattt caggggatct gatgccctct      8340
     tctggctccc aagagaactg cacacacatg acatgtacac acttggaaac atgcacaatt      8400
     tttttttttt tccttaaaga ctagcatagg gcttgggggt gggaggtggg gcggctcagg      8460
     aggcagagtg cctgtctagc atatacacag agctccaaac agaagtctgg attcatgctt      8520
     agctgaatag ggaatgtgag gccaacctgg gctacgtaag gccctacctc aaaaacttgc      8580
     aaaaccagac tccctggttt ccatagtcca ctaagctgta ttaccctgtg ttttctgtcc      8640
     ctgtgctcta gttactttgg tctttggtga caggatctct atgtaaccct gactgtccta      8700
     aaactcgggt atgcagagcg gactggtctc gaactcccag atccactcac atctgctggg      8760
     accaaaggca tgtgccacca caccagcttt atgttggtgt tttaagacaa aggaaaatcc      8820
     ctgctgttag gggaaattgt catattaatt atatgagtgt ctgattccca accgaatcat      8880
     tgcagacagt tgatcatcgt ctcagagata ggtgggcaca tgtggggacc actcttaggg      8940
     gctgacggct ctcaaagcac ccctgacaga cactcgggta atgagggcaa tcttcccaag      9000
     acagatctaa acctgacttt tatagcatcg aggggggaaa ggcaatttac atgaggagaa      9060
     atgagaaaca gtgattaaat caaagccgcc ctgggcagcc tctcccccct cggctcatct      9120
     gagaacagct tcgcttcagt tccgctgctg agctcggctg cttgctccag tgggccagag      9180
     cccacactct ataaatcctc tccgccctta ccctggagtt gctgactata tgcattttgc      9240
     gtccctgcat taagtccctc attcttggct ggtgacatga agatttgtaa ctgataaaat      9300
     atatttttaa tgtgtttcct tcaggttacc attaaataca tgcagtttat ctgaccttgc      9360
     aaaaggttct gattccattt agagaggggg gagggggaag gagggagatg ggagggaggg      9420
     catgtgttgt tactgaaaca actttccagt atccagtggg ctgggaagcc cagtggttca      9480
     gggccagtcc tgcacctccc acccagtctg gtctttctct ccccccacct cggctttcct      9540
     gggtatgaag tgaggataaa tatttgtcta cgagatgagg cagttgtaag gattaattgg      9600
     tcggtgctcc tgagaagcct ttgaagatga aaagaggctc cttgcggatg ctaagtaaac      9660
     tcagaaagtg tctggcttta atgagccagc aagggaggct ggagattaac tgtgccttgc      9720
     ccagctcctg cctgcatggg cccggttggc ggtcccgagc tcgcgcggct ccatccatcc      9780
     tggctcccct ggctcctggt gcattggtcc tctgataata ctgtatgccc agggaaccca      9840
     agtggaactg aaccccagac ttgaaggtca agagagccca gaccttaaag cacaattctg      9900
     gtgcagggcc tgggcaagtt tcttaacaga gtgtcagttc cctgtttcta aacacagcta      9960
     gcagcaactg aacctttatc aaaccctagg tattttctcc gtgtgttctg catgcatgcg     10020
     tatgtgtttg tgtgtacgtg catatgtgta tgtttgtgtg tatgtgcata tgtgtatgtg     10080
     tttgtgtgta cgtgcatatg tgtatgtgtt tgtgtatatg ttcatatgtg tatgtgtttg     10140
     tgtatatgtt catatgtgta tgtgtttgtg tgtatgtgca tatgtgtacg tgcatatgtg     10200
     tatgtgtttg tgtgtacgtg catatgtgta tgtgcaggtc agaggctgag gtgggcgtct     10260
     atctttccac cttttaaaaa aaatagttta tgctgggcat cagtggcaca catctttgat     10320
     cccagcactc aggaagcaga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg     10380
     gctacacaga gaaatccaga ctgaaaaaca aaaacaaccc aacaacaaca aaaaacagag     10440
     ctggctaaat aaatactttg attttatgtg tataaatgtt tgcctgtgaa tatgtatcac     10500
     ctcatacgtg atgccagcag aggccaaaag agggcatcag gtgtcctggg gggagactca     10560
     cagacagttg tggctctctc tctgtctctg tctctgccta tcgtctgtcc atctgtctct     10620
     gttcttctgt ccatctgtct gtctgcctgt ctctgcctct gcctgtctct gtctcaatct     10680
     ctccatctgt ctttgtctgt ctctatctca catgtagatt cctcccccat gtggatgatg     10740
     ggaactgagc ctgagtcctc tccatgagca gtcagaaatg gtagccactg ggctccggcc     10800
     ttccatttat tttctgagag agtctctcac tgaaattcac atatccagcg agattagcca     10860
     tagccacctg aagtccctga agacccggtc ttcacttccc tctgttacaa ttacaggcac     10920
     ctgccaccgc actccacttg ttggccaggg gtctgaactc cagtcttcat gcttgcctgg     10980
     tgagcacctt accaaggtca cacagctgag gcagccattg ctggctggca cctcagccaa     11040
     agcctctgcg ggtgagtgag gtgcacaggg ttgcccttcc tccactgcca ttctgcatgg     11100
     aaagcacagc tggaaacgta aattgtcagc cacggagatg ggacgggacg cagggcagcc     11160
     caactcagca ggcagaagga caggagcccc agcaggcaag agagacaagg gctcacggct     11220
     gtggaagggc accaggcctg cgtgcgccac gtgaggcgtg agtctggacc tgctcgagac     11280
     aaccacatct ggggtacatg atactttgca agaagtgtct cctgccaaat cctgggatcg     11340
     taaagacggc cggagctgag aggctgtaac ataggaacct ggggtggtgc catggccgag     11400
     ggggtgcatc ctggaggctg tggcctgccc tgttggctac gtctcaggaa gtcagccaac     11460
     cagagactca aaatgaatga aatacatcaa gactctggct ccagcagctt tgaggtctta     11520
     tgaggagcca gcggggaagc tagggctcat agaagagcag tttcaagcag gcatgatggt     11580
     agacgcctgt gatctcagca cctgagtctg aggcaggaga ataggagtgc aagcctatcc     11640
     catagcaggc ttgaggcctg cctgaactac ctaagaccct gttctcaaca aatgggaaag     11700
     gaaagggggg gtggtggtgg tggtggtggt gagggagagc cggagagatg gctcagtggt     11760
     taagagcact gactgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac gacatgatgg     11820
     ctcacaacca tctgtaatgg gatccgatgc cctcttctgg tatgtctgaa gacagctaca     11880
     gtgtactcat atacataaaa taagtaaata aatcttaaag aaagaaaaga gagaaagaag     11940
     gaaaaatgag agagagagat caccaaattt ggccctcctc cttcccctta gcgccatgac     12000
     atcacaccag ctgaatgtgg actggggaag cccctggtca ggacagaaat atctttagcc     12060
     atggcagccc atgatggaaa aggaaatgga attttgtttg aataccgtgt tgttttgaga     12120
     agtctgacta acgtgaaagt ccctgtttag aaacagttga ctctgccttg gaattggtcg     12180
     gagtttccac acccacatgt tgaccaagac cttgaaacac aaacttccca gtagctaccg     12240
     actcaaatca cctgggacct agagctcggc catataatca cagagctgtg ctccggaggc     12300
     cgccgccaag aaaaatcccg gactgcagtt tatcaaagga ctaagagacc ccaagctggg     12360
     gcgctaggcc ttagccagct gagccctcca gagaggaacc caggatttgg aaagtgtctt     12420
     gggcgtcttg ggcggtttta ccggggccct tcttagaaac aggaaaagtg gggggagggg     12480
     gcaggctaca cggagcggct cccactcagc acccactgaa tgccactcac cgagtcttca     12540
     attcggccag gagaagcacc gtccgcgttc tctcccttcg tcccagcatg cctctggttt     12600
     tgggttagac tgttgccctg aagtgagcaa ctaagttcca gggatgggga gatggctcag     12660
     tgggcaaaga ccttcgcaag gatgaggacc tcttttggat ccctagtacc cacgagaaaa     12720
     agcagcttgg tacagtgtac tcggaactac gggactcagg tccctggcca gtcactggcc     12780
     atcactgagt tccaggctca gttagaagcc ctgcctcaaa cattaaggtg aggaatgatt     12840
     gctgcataaa tccttttacc ccgtgggagc cacccaatac ccaactccca ggtatcgaga     12900
     cgaacccgag tgcgagccca ccctgggaac caatgggttt atcatgctta cctaccgagc     12960
     gtgggtgacc ttaaagtagc cactatggaa ggctggcacc cagcgtggaa gataacgatt     13020
     tccccccgcc cctctgtggc tgtgtagaca gagctgcctg ccctcagttt tcctcaccta     13080
     tatcctccag cccctcccag ggccccggag accccgtgca attacggcgc aaggaacagc     13140
     aagagtctag aagcccggct gtgatgatct ttgcccggac agactccgga agatgtggac     13200
     agtgtggctc agaggataga acacggaacc tggaagcaaa ccagtgttaa gcgctggcct     13260
     acacacgcac acgctcagcc agtgcacgca cccccactcc caccccgagc aaggcagctt     13320
     tccccaccct ccttcacagt tcacagttca gcctcatgaa tagtaagttc tgtgaatatt     13380
     caaggtctag tcaattccta ggaagcctca gagtgtttgt cgcagtaaca gcctgtaagg     13440
     agagtcagta gtggtgtcgt gctagcacgc cagaggatcg caagttctac gctagcctgg     13500
     gctacaaagt gagaccctgt ctggaaacaa aaacaagata accaaacaag cgaaggaact     13560
     taagggacac aaactgtgaa gcccttcagc tctttgggag ctaaggccag ccccctttct     13620
     tgcttgcccc cccccctctc cctttcttgc ctaccccctt cctcctcacc ccactcctcg     13680
     ctcttggacc ttaggagtct atctgcttgt cctccgagga aaggagccca tagcactcac     13740
     tagatagctc acaactgtct gtaactctag ttccagaata tctgacaccc tcacacatcc     13800
     agaggagatt ctgtcttccc ttccaccatg tgggtcctgg ggatggaact caagccctgg     13860
     gcttggcagt cagtgtctcc accactcagc cagcaagcca gcttgcttat tctgtttctt     13920
     ccatcctcga atctttcctt cttttatttt tgaaagattt gatttttaat tatgcatgtc     13980
     cgtgagtggg gctgtgtacg tgtgtgcagt acccaggatg gccagaaggg ggcgtcagat     14040
     cctgtgtatg catgtgtgag acaagaccca aactgcttgt ctgctggagt gcgtggtgtg     14100
     tgagcttagc tggggagcct ccaagacccg cttcaactat ttctttttct ctcagctctc     14160
     ttcctcccct tctttcttga caggttcttc cctatatagc ccaggctggg ctggaagtca     14220
     tatcctgctg cctcagcacc cccacacgct gggatgacac tcagcagctg ctgcccctgc     14280
     cctctgttct cacaggatgc tggtttggaa taagcattca gaatgtagcc tagacagaga     14340
     aacctaagat caaagcccac ccccgccttt tatgtgctgt gcagccttgg ccaggctgct     14400
     gaacctctct gaacttcagc ctgcacaccg ggaacatgac aacaactgtc attcactggt     14460
     ctggccagga gcgggtgagg tcatccattc atctgcctag acccagagtc gtgtactata     14520
     aatccttatg aggggcagga ttaatattct tgcctttctt ttggctcttg gggacatagc     14580
     cataactgta gcaaaacgtg gtgtttgcac ctgtgtcaca catcttgttg cctgctggat     14640
     ggacccggtt cctttttcct acatgtagtt tctctctctc tctctctctc tctccctccc     14700
     atcccccctc ttaaaaactt cccttatctt cccctccccc ttggctgcgg gggggggggg     14760
     aggtcacact gatcttccca gcactcttcc cagtggggag agcagttggc agtctgagat     14820
     gcagagacca gggaaggtga ctgacagcca cacatgaggc ttcagtctgc cttgttccca     14880
     tcccccatgt cggctgccca ctgcccaaag cggtgatgac cccgtggggc cgcctggccg     14940
     cgagcatgtt ccccagcaat tgtctgtgga ggagccctcc cgtccctttt gatgttcagc     15000
     gaagtggagt gtgatgccag cgagcctcag cagggtccca taaagcagct cgcatggcct     15060
     gtggcctccg ctcagcacgg ccatggaccc atggacgtgg gaagcagcaa gcaggggcag     15120
     ctctcctttg ggtcctctga gcctgccgct agcctgtgac cacaaaacat tagggactag     15180
     gtgacagaga gggagaggta gctcagccta accctcttgt ttgtagatga cgaaacgggt     15240
     ccagaaagag gcaagagttg gcccaagtca tatagctggt gcgggctgaa gcagagctag     15300
     gctgctgttc tcaccttgcc cttccctgac tctgaccctt gctggctgtg ttacctggac     15360
     aagtcgcaca caacctgttt gagccttagc atctccttct gcatcagagg gtgaatgctt     15420
     tcagttacac agagaattta tgaaagtccc taaacatgga gcctcaaact caacagagac     15480
     cctgtggaga caggtatgtg tatgtgtgtg tgcacatgtg agtatgtatg catgtgagtg     15540
     tgtatgcctg tttgagtgtg tgtgaatgtg tgcatgtatg catgtgtgtg tccgtgtatg     15600
     tgtatgtgta agtaagtatt gtgtggtgca tgcatgtgtg agtgtgtatc atgttgagtg     15660
     tgagtgtata catgtgtgca tgtgtgagtg tgtaagagtg tgttttgagt gtgagtttgt     15720
     gtgaatgtgt gcatgtgtga gtatgtatgt gtgtgttgag tgtatgtgtg tacatgtgtg     15780
     taagtgtata tgttttgagt gtgtgttgag tgtgaggatg tgtttttgag tgtatatacg     15840
     tagcaagcat gtgtgtatgg atgactgtgt ctgtgtctga gtgtgtgggt ttggagtgtg     15900
     tgtgcatgtg tatggctgtg tgtgtgtttt gagtgtaagc atgtatgtgc gtgagcgtgt     15960
     atatgtaagt atgtgtgttt gcatgtgtag cggcacatga gaccaaaagt tgccatgggt     16020
     tcctcactga ctcagccagg ctagtgggac tgagttccag ggaactctct ctgtctctct     16080
     agctgccccc acccgtccag gcttgtccat gaccacaggg attcaaactc acacccttac     16140
     cctagtgcag cgaacgattg gccacggaag cgtctctcta gccccgaggc agctttatgg     16200
     tctcatgatt cttgctcaca aggacactgt ttggctggga tggcagaaga ggttatttct     16260
     ctcacaagat gccgttcacg cttaaacgac agggtgggag tggtggcccc accaccctga     16320
     cacacagctc ccacctcgcc ctgagagggc tgccaagcca gtgggaagct cagtccggag     16380
     ccagaaggcc ctctcttccc tttaaagaca tgacctcgca tctgcacatc catgtctcag     16440
     gctgtgtact gctccacagg atgttatcat gtagtcacag gtagctgcaa gggagtctgg     16500
     gaaatagtct cttactcagt gactcaaact accccacatc taggggagca tttggcaatg     16560
     tcaggacaat attcttagtc acaagtggga aaatgctggt aagagacaga ggggacacca     16620
     ctgaaggttc taactctata cagggaaaga tgttcttgtt gccaaacctg aggaccagag     16680
     ttcaatcccc aggacctgca tggagaaaga gacttgactc tcttaaattg ccctttgacc     16740
     tttaagatgt attttatggg ctggcgggat ggctcagtgg ttaagaacac tgactgctct     16800
     tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg     16860
     ggatcagatg tcctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagcgac agtgtactca catgcataaa     16920
     ataaataaat ctttttttta aaaggatgca ttttatgtgt gttactttac acatatgtat     16980
     gtgtgtcacc tgtgtacgta tctagtgccc aaggaggcca gagtgttggc tcctctggaa     17040
     ctggagttac tggagagttt caagccacca tgggtataga gaaatgaacc tacgtcctga     17100
     gccctctctc cagtcccccc aatttaaaaa aaataaaaat ccaaccacaa atattaactg     17160
     tcctgttagg gtgccctgct gtaacagaga cagtaagaac agaaacacca gtctggggag     17220
     acggctcagt ttttgaaatg cttgttttac aagtgtgagg acctttgttt aatgcccata     17280
     acccacataa aatgcagagt gtagagacgg ggagcagagg ctctctggct gctcatccca     17340
     gcctacttac agagcctcag gccagtggga ctttgttccc cccaaaaaaa cagtacatga     17400
     cccctgagaa atgacaccca agaccagcca tgtgcactcg cgtacacaca aaggaaccgg     17460
     cagactgaca aaggggagga gataggcagg cacctgggac gaagcatcac ccatcacatc     17520
     gcccacaccc agcctcaggg gattaaaaca catcttttcc caaggtctct ccctctccaa     17580
     cagggatcaa ggttttgaat caacagacct caaaggaact ctcaagaatt agctctcaag     17640
     gccgggagga ttgtggccag gcagtctgaa atcccatcct ctgggtggcc tacaggagcc     17700
     accaaggaag ccggaaccca catgcctccc ggggtgacag acccacaggt aaggtgggcc     17760
     tcttcactct cttggtttat atcttgagat agcttgatct cttcagaaat ctgcttctaa     17820
     ttccgtcgtc tggggtcttg aaatgagggc ttggcccaag gggaatgaga gaggagggct     17880
     atcaatttcc agggggaaat aacccagccc tgcctgagcc cctgaccctc agagttagga     17940
     tgaaggctgg tcctatttgg cagagccctt ctcctatcta aataccaggc aggttgggac     18000
     ctgtttggct tctgagacca gctgactggg agaattcaga gatgctcaaa atctgtattc     18060
     ccacatctgt attcccaaca tctgcactct cacatctgta tttctaacat ctgcacttta     18120
     ctaggcatct ataacattct acaagatgtc tccagtactt cactgagaag ttttactctc     18180
     tatcaaccca caaaaaagct accattatat tatagcctta tacaaagggt cagaaagggc     18240
     tggggacgtg gctcaatcgg tagagtgctt gcctggcatg catgaagctt ggggttcaat     18300
     cctcagcact gaataaactg gttgctatag ctcaccgccc ataatcccag tgctcagaag     18360
     gtgggggtgg gggtgggggt ggggtgggaa ttcaggatta agtcacatgc ctcaggcctc     18420
     acagctccca gagggaaaag gtgaggtttg ggctcaggga tgtccagtcc tgaagtgcgg     18480
     gttcttccag agctgtgtct ggtggaagct ggcagaaggg gccctaactc attactgcag     18540
     gcctccaggg gaggcagccc gggctctctt actggctctc acctcacccc aaatcaacag     18600
     tcagaggaca gcaccattcc tccagcccaa tgtgtgccag gagcctcttc aaagccacac     18660
     agaattagag atgagaaata acgtcccacc caccctgcag gagatggtag gggcatggag     18720
     gagctgggac cccagtgtga cacttcaggg ctgcattgag gagctgggac cccagtgtga     18780
     cacctcaggg ctgcaccaag ggaaccagac tgagaagaaa gcttggtttt gcttggaagg     18840
     agctgggctt ccaccacaaa catgaaaggt gtcctggagg ctctgagcca cttttagaga     18900
     gatgctcttt taagttgccc ctaagcctaa ggtcacaagc tgtctgtcaa caggaaaccc     18960
     ttccccgtga tgcctctttt ccccccagtg ggaaccagaa acaagaggct gggccacctg     19020
     actgaagtca ccaatcccag ggatagcccg gcttttaagg aaggtagcgg gtgtctagga     19080
     cctcagattt tcccaggcct ggtctaccac agaggggcct gaaatagctc cgaggttctg     19140
     agctcacaga atgggggggt gggcgggggg gcaacgggca gcgacagggt catggagcca     19200
     acatgattgg gaggctaaac actctgcccc tcatcctcct accccctcac cccccacccc     19260
     accccacccc agtccacagg ctaatgttgg agacagaggg atatagatag cttcatggct     19320
     atcgaacaca atggcccaga agcctgacaa attacaggga ggaacacagg ggcattctgc     19380
     aggatagccc aagaggtatg agtcgcacag caaccttcgt caccacacct gaggggttca     19440
     aataggtgtc agccaacaga acttcacaaa tccgattgga atatggctct gtcatcaaaa     19500
     gggaaagctc tggcccatgc taccacatgg atggatctca aaacattcta caggaaagaa     19560
     gtcacacact ccacatgggc tcccattgca gtccaggctg gcctggagct cactatgtag     19620
     ctgaggtaca tctagatctg tgctcttcct gcctctgcct ccagagtgtg ggattaaagt     19680
     tgtgtgctac caccaccctg taggcataaa ttttttgcaa cctactttta ataagggttc     19740
     aatctctcct ctagcccacc acccagcaga ggtagaagaa aagttgttca gccgtaactg     19800
     tgagggccgt aggcaagtga atagttcttt gggggcaagc ttcgtcttct tgggcagcag     19860
     ctcggtccca cagcaaacac caaatacgac tcagcagctg ccaaccagtc ctctaggcag     19920
     gcagacacca cacatgaacc ggcagctgca gtccagtcct ttgggcaggc agacaccagg     19980
     caggaaccag cagctgtagt tcaatcctga agaaaccaca agcctcccca gctggcgagg     20040
     ccattaaagc agcaactgcc ccaggaactt cacgggcagt tcttgggtga gtttctctca     20100
     atggcatcat cacctcaagt tgagctcaac catgctatgt gaggcgaacc aatacatgcc     20160
     tgtcctatgg aagaatagtg aggcagagca aatcaacgct cagtgctcat ctcccactgt     20220
     gtgtggggtc atatttctcc tccttcatca cggctccttt cacctgtgtc tgcttcagga     20280
     aaacattctt ccacgtgtgt gtctgcttta gcaagacatt ctttcacctg tgtgcccccg     20340
     ccaaacacca tttgacgtaa ctgactttcc aaagaaacta caagcttcca ccaccccacc     20400
     ccacccagcc agcttctttt tgtgacattg tgagacagtc cagctctgaa gcccaggctg     20460
     gcctaaggat caggctatcc ttgaaccagt gatggtcttc ttgcctctag ccatggtact     20520
     tgtgtgttta ctcgtgtaca tttaggtgta tttacatgta tgtggttaca tagtgagagg     20580
     agacactggc tctctgctgc tgagactgag agctggtggg caagaggacc accccaccct     20640
     acaccatctg tgtgactggg gcgcagtcac gcaacccctc taggccgcat ctcgtttcca     20700
     cttgacttag gacatgtgtg gaaaacggca agttctctgg tatactggga cagaaaacac     20760
     ttttcaaagg acctaactaa caaggtagga acatcaggtg atggaggagg gacaccacag     20820
     agggtatgcc cgagagtcat ggaagaggct gacaatcacc atagaatcac ctgggcaata     20880
     accaaccagg tgtcaatggc tcagtcagga cagttacttc tcttatgaaa gaagtctagc     20940
     cgagtgtcga aggcgcatga ctttaatccc agcattcagg aggcagatgc aggtggatcg     21000
     ctgagttcag ggctagcctg gtctacagaa caagttcgag gacaactagg gctacataga     21060
     gaaaccctat ctcaaacaaa acaaaacaga aaacaaacaa agaagccagg aggtggatat     21120
     ctggcctggt acccctggct cctcctcagc tccaactctc tcaccccaca actttcagcc     21180
     tgaagttacc ttggtaccaa ggctgctgaa gccacagcta ttacacctga acttctggca     21240
     gtgaacaaaa cagagaccac caccccattt tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     21300
     cacacacaca cgtttaagga attccaggat cagaagtttt ctcatgtcaa ggacatggac     21360
     ttaggctgac aataactttc tctccaacta ctgggccatc taggatcaga ggagacaaag     21420
     gacatgactc ttctgagcct tcaccccaga ttaagggtgg tggaatggca tgggagtgac     21480
     agtcaaccct cttcctatag aaggagccct ctctattgtg gtgtggatag gactaggagt     21540
     ggctgcaccc tgcaggactg gaggccagag gggagtcaga ggggaggggg ctgcagtgag     21600
     ggggtaccct gctgtggtga tctgcttccc ccagaaccac acacccagag tccagccaag     21660
     atctgcctgc tcactcctca gggcccagac tgacagacaa gcttggcact gcaggggagg     21720
     cggacccaac agcagaaacc aggcctcaga aaggcctgag gagcagagac agcgcctagg     21780
     ccccctgcag ggcccttacc caccactgag tcagtcagcc cacataaggg tcagttaggg     21840
     aggagaagcc aaaaccccag ccaaatctac tatttacagt ttttcaccaa acaagcaaca     21900
     acaacaacaa accaattcca cccccacact cccacgtcag ccacagaggt gttccctgtc     21960
     atcaggagtc accttgggac agcccaggcc aggccttgag tcttctctac agtcggcaat     22020
     ggtgcctcca ggaatacaga tgggcttctc ttaccaggcc tggttgcctc cagacctcag     22080
     agtcctgatc atctctgtct ccacatcttt ggggatcgtg gggagtgggt tgcatcgagg     22140
     atctaggagt tccctacagg agcctcacat acgcgcaaaa gcccaaggta acagcggcct     22200
     tctttcccag tgttggacac ttggggttag gggctcccac ttcccttcgg gttcccccag     22260
     aacaagccct gggaaagcct gccttggtgc agtcaaatct aattggttcc agctccagag     22320
     gccgggagag ggccctgcca atcttaagtg gtgtagagaa tcagaagtcc caagtgctgt     22380
     cccttaggca aggcctgtgt aaatcaggct tcggggactt ccctgcatgc ttcctgctcc     22440
     cttcgccaag gacgtcagaa aacaaaacaa aacacgcctg agaaagaaaa ccagaaaagg     22500
     cagcttccag ggtttccttt ctgtgtgttt acattcaatt ctttttattt tctgtcatgt     22560
     gtgtgttttg agtttgtggt gtgtgtatgt gcatctctgg tgcgtatgta tgcgtgtgag     22620
     tgctcgcgcc tgggtaccag aagtcagtat acagaggctg ccagtcacat ctctgttgtg     22680
     atcaaagcct gtatccaaaa gcatcttagg ggagaaaaag gtccacttac acttccgggt     22740
     cacagaccac caatgaggaa ataaggtcag gagcctgaaa cagcaaccac agagggtttg     22800
     ttcactggct catgcatagc ttttttttat acagcggagg accacctgcc tgagggatgg     22860
     tgctgcccac agtgggctgg actcacgttt aacaactaag gcaatcccta cctaccagcc     22920
     tggtctaggc aattcctcag aggcttctcc tctcagatgg tgtagggtga atcaagttca     22980
     aaataaagat tagacaggac actcgttcat ggagtctaag actcactgac tggttaacag     23040
     atgagcccca gggacacatc tggctctgcc ccaccttcca gtcagcactg ggtgcatttg     23100
     cacaggtact tataacatat aatgcagccg ggagggggta cctggtgggt ccatgccaag     23160
     gtgtcttcca gaggagccac gccataagac agacctggta taagatttat ttgggggagc     23220
     cgggcgtggt ggcacacacc tttaatccca gcattcagga ggcagaggca ggtggatttc     23280
     tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag     23340
     aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaata aaaacaaaca aaaaaagatt tatttggggg aagggaaagg     23400
     aatgtagacc tggagaaggg atagaggcag atagagccat gagggtagaa aaaccgtgga     23460
     cagagaagga cagaaataaa ggaaggctgg ctgggaacat atgggaacac acagagaggg     23520
     aaagcaagaa agagagcgaa ggaagggagg gagagagagg gagggaggga gggagggagg     23580
     gagggaggga gaggggggag gggaggggaa ggttgagaag gagcaagaga tgggggctgg     23640
     gatatcgagc agtcctgttg aagctgctgc tgctacagca gcctacctag ctgcctcacc     23700
     tagctcacac ctggccacag ctgacaatag aggcagatga tgatgcaagc tgttgctagg     23760
     tccctgggag gatcctatgc tagacttgta agccaacact ggggatctga gctcaggtct     23820
     tcctgcttgc acaaagaata ccttaccatc tcggatcatc taccagtgaa tacacaggaa     23880
     tgacagccag cctgccagcc ccgcagcctg ggctctctct ccaatacagc cgtgcccgca     23940
     cgggcagccc tggtgcctgc gatgggcaat cctacttgaa ctcctctggc aagctggctt     24000
     tgagatttgc atgaaaggct ccacaggatg cctttcttcc tctctggctt ctttcagcat     24060
     cacatctgtg acactgttgt gtgtggtggc tgccatttat tttcaggact gaatagcagt     24120
     cgtccaggga acagggagct atcaaagcgc tactaaccac aaacatttct cttcatcccg     24180
     cacctttctt gggatatata tgtctatatc tgtatatgta actatttatc tatcacaaga     24240
     catatatata ataaaatatt ttattattta tgttgggcat ggtggtacct ttaatcccag     24300
     cacttgagag acagagccag gcatatctct gttgagtttg tgcctagcct ggcctatata     24360
     gtaagttctg ggatagccaa ggctacaagg ctacatttaa aaaaataaat atttgacttt     24420
     ttatgaaggg gatgctagta gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcgc     24480
     gctcatgtgt atacacgtgt gagcctgagt tacaggcggt agtgagtggc cccatgtgga     24540
     tgcagggatc agaactcagt ctcgctaaga gcatcgaatg cttttaacca attagtcatc     24600
     agtttgtttg tttctgctta agacatagtc tcatgtagcc caggatagcc tcaaaacaca     24660
     ttttataaaa aatgttatga aaccccttgc cctctgcctt actgtccact gaacctgggg     24720
     ctcaccttgt ggttcagctg gctggccagt ggtattggca tcctgctcaa acctgaggac     24780
     atgaactcag taccccagga tcccttggtg gacagtgaga acaagctgct ccgtgtcttc     24840
     caaatgtgca ccatgcctgc cccttcccct aagtaatata acaaagctac ttaaaaaaaa     24900
     aaaaaagaaa gaaaaaatag ataaggaaaa cacagagcca ggtgtggtgg cccacagctg     24960
     ttgtcccagc gtttagggag gggtgggggg tggggggtgg acaatctgtg ccttaagctt     25020
     actcttgtta tatggtgagt tagaggccag cctgggctac atgagatctt gtctcaaaaa     25080
     actaaaaaac cccaaaccaa aaccacaaaa acacacgtgg gactcattga atgacacatc     25140
     cgtgtcggga tgactccccg agccctctcc ttatccctat ctgtctccct tctctacaga     25200
     gacaacacaa atctctcagt tgcctgttga ccagtgggca ctgctccgta agagcaaacc     25260
     acacctgcgg tcatctcgaa tcccgatgcc agaaataaac caacctctca tagagacggc     25320
     atgggagagc cctgctgtga gcagactggc tggtggcagg aaatgcccgc cgagctcttc     25380
     cccgacctag gcaaacagtg actgacgtta gcccccagga gccaggcatt cttagctctg     25440
     ctgaggctct gaggtcccag agaacagcta tttaaagcca tgtaatgtca tttccaccca     25500
     cagaggctgt ccccgttgtg tatctggact cgcttcagcc gccgtgttct ggcaggctct     25560
     gtggtctggc tgcccagggt caagaccaca gggctcccag ccaacctgtc gtcagggttc     25620
     cactggagga gggctaacct tggcttttcc aggcctctcc tcttctctct ttctgctcag     25680
     gttccaggag aagctgaacg acctctaagg ccccctagtt gaccctctgc agaagctgct     25740
     gcccacacag agagcatcag ctgtccatgc tagagtttaa gattagaagg gaaggggcag     25800
     aaagatctgg acaccagtcc tcttctggcc agagtcatac cctcatcctg ctgtgtgatc     25860
     ttaggcggtt ggttttccct ctgggcaata aaatggtctt caccttgcct tgtttctggg     25920
     gtggccaaaa aagatcagaa gccaatatgg ggaaagccca tgagaaaccc aggtccaggg     25980
     gctggggagc tacttggtgg ttaagaatcc tggcgtgggg gctggagaga tggctcagcg     26040
     gctaagagaa cttagccgga ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac     26100
     aaccatctat aatgagatca gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ttgaagacag ctacagtgta     26160
     cttatatata acaataaata aatctttggg ccagagcgag cggggccctg aattcaattc     26220
     ccagcaacta catgatggct cacaaccatc tatctgtaca gctacagtgt gctcatatac     26280
     aataaataaa taaatatata tataaataaa taaataaata aatatttttt taaaaattaa     26340
     aaatttaaag taaaatgggt tggtcacaca aataaggcat gtatcagtca gaacttccat     26400
     ttcatatcct agtaacaaac actccccagt ctcaggggct cagcacatgc ctttctcctg     26460
     aactcgctgc ttcttcaagc cacctgcgca tgagcagggg ctctgtctac tgaagttgtc     26520
     cgctgaaatg cagcagctca gctgttggag agcttgtcca aaagacaaag ctgtaggttc     26580
     cgtccatagc acggcaaaca ccccatagca agtttggtgt cagcctgggc tactcgacgt     26640
     tctgtcagag agatagattt gggagttggc tggtgggtgt gcttcagcgg taggcatgag     26700
     gcccaggttc aagtcccact actaaaaaag aaacatcccc aaggaggcac ggatgtacca     26760
     agtcatatcc cgtcagctgt gtgtgagtca tggggtatct catcatcact gagctccatc     26820
     cagggaacct gggatatctc ccccaaggga aaataaaatg gagccaatta gcccatccct     26880
     caaacatcta tacagacccc tgtgtaaaca acacacacac agccagccag gccttgaggg     26940
     tcatcaggag ggataggcct ctgtctccct cacccagggg acctcagtat agtacaagga     27000
     acctaaaaaa gcaactgtcg atccctccat tctgctggta tgggggtgta tgcctatagt     27060
     cttgtattca agaggctgag gcaggaggat ggctagcctg ggttgcaaaa gaaaagacat     27120
     cacacttttc tgctacccat aggtagcctt tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     27180
     tctcgctctc gctctccttg ctttcttaat caggactgaa tctagaatac tttaaagact     27240
     ttgtcatgct cttatgggaa tttcttttca ttcatcacag atacacatgg tggtaacaga     27300
     gatgcaggga tagctgagca tgtgaaggcc caagctcagt tcccagtaac aacactgggt     27360
     ggctcctaac tgcctataac taccagctgt taggggatct gacaccactg gcctccacgg     27420
     gcacctgtac tcacatgcac acacctaaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     27480
     cacacacaca cacacagata gctagataga tgggtaggtt ggtgggtgga tggatggata     27540
     agtagatggg taggtaggaa gagctaggga gatggctcag tgactaagag cactggctgt     27600
     ttttgcaaag gacccaggta tagctcccag cacccatatg acagctcaga actactcata     27660
     actccagttc caaggtatat gatgccccct tctggcctcc ttaggcattg tatacacaca     27720
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cagatacaca caaacaatac aggcaaatac tcatacacat     27780
     aatcttttga aatataaatt tttaaaagaa agattgtggc ccacacaggg cagggaagtc     27840
     ctccgttcca tctctaacct gatgatgcgc ttggggtctg gaaggggtgg ccccttgaga     27900
     attacctggc cttaggcaaa tacgctgggt ctggaggctc tccaccatcc acagaggccc     27960
     aggagccagt caggcgctgc aaggcttctt gtcccaaaat atctcactgg tctgagaaac     28020
     cagcgtgagt caccctctct gatctacatc catcaggtag tcctctgaat agccatatta     28080
     aaatgcacac tcatggctgg aagacaacct ttgaggtgtg tggggagcaa gacaggcctc     28140
     cacaggggct accccatggc tcccacagag ggcgagggca ggagggctgc ttgactcaac     28200
     tagaaacagg caaagccaca gccctgtgcc cacttcacct ccctcctgtc ctggatctgt     28260
     caattgagta attttggtaa aggcgtctgg gctgtcacac agcggggagc cccttgggag     28320
     gctctggact tttgtggatg ccgagatgga gtttggagag gggcccaaca tgggaagggg     28380
     aggcctaaat ctgtggtcac caagaacacg gggcactaat gactagcaca ataggaaccc     28440
     ccaagaatat aaaggattgc tggagccgga gagatggctc cgtggttagg agcactggtc     28500
     ccaggttcga ctctcagcac ccatgtggtg gctcacacct gtaactccag tcccagggca     28560
     tccaatgccc tcttctgcac agtatacaga tatgtgtgcc ggcatggtgc acatgcacag     28620
     aaaacaaaga aaaatcactt aagaaagaaa agtccgcaga gtcacgtgtg gtggcgcata     28680
     tctgcgatcc cagcattcga gaggctgatg caggagaatc gtgggttcta gatcagccct     28740
     ggctacctag tgagttaaaa gggttacctc cctgtttaaa tagggtagaa gggggcgggg     28800
     aagaagggaa gaggagggag tcagggagga taggaaacag gaaagaaaaa gatggcctcg     28860
     gtgtctgagc tgtatagatg tgagggggaa atagaatatc ctttttaaaa tagtttttat     28920
     tgttatgtat ttacatgtgc acacatgcat gtctgtacac gtgcatgtgc ccaaggctag     28980
     gggagctgca gttataagca gtgtaagctg cctgatgtgg gtgctgggaa ttgaatctcg     29040
     gtcctctgca agaataaaca tgtccttaac cactgagcca tctctccagc ccctattctt     29100
     taaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaacat ttatttttat gtatatgagt acattgtagc     29160
     tttcagacac acctgaggag gacatcagat cccagatggt tgtgagccac tgtgtggttg     29220
     ctgggaattg aactcaggac ccctggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaacca ctgagccaac     29280
     tctccagctc ctagaggatt ctgatggagc ctatctgaga gtaatgtgga caagccagaa     29340
     agcagccgat ttagcctcaa cccaaggaag aacatcccca tggtcagaac tacgaggaga     29400
     ggttggagac gtggctccat ggttaagaga gcttgctgct cttatagaaa gcccggactc     29460
     tgttcccaac acctgcacca ggtggcttac cctccctcac atgtaatttc agctccaggt     29520
     tatctggctc cctcttccta gccttgctgg gcacctgcat ttctgtggtg catataaatt     29580
     cagcaggtgc accccacagg aagtaactct taggggaaaa taatcgggga gcacgtgctt     29640
     gctggctctc agcacgtggg aggtgaagac ggttcaaggc ctgagcacag ggtccccaat     29700
     ggaggagcta gagaaagggc tcaggagctg agggggtttg cagtctcaca ggaggaacaa     29760
     caatatgaac taaccagtat ccccagagct ccctggacta aaccaccaac caaagagtat     29820
     acatggaggg acccatggcg ccagctgcat atgcagcaaa ggatggcctt attgggcatc     29880
     aatgggagga gaggcctttg gtcctgtgaa ggctcgatgc cccagtgtag ggaaatgcca     29940
     ggacagggaa gtgggagtgg gtgggttggt gagggggggg gggatagggg gttttcggta     30000
     gggaaaccag gaaaggggat aacatttgaa atgtaaataa agaaaatatc taataaaaaa     30060
     aagaaggcaa aaaatgtgca aaactaaaac taaataaata taaatgctcc ggggtggggg     30120
     gagttcaagg ccagctttag ctatatagag acaaagagag ctagcctgag ttatatgtga     30180
     ccctatcttt gaaaaggagg gtgggagaat taaggcagga atggggcaga gctcatggga     30240
     agcagagaaa ggggggggga tcagaatttc aagggcatct accactgcac agtgagctca     30300
     aggtcagcct ggagtacctg agaaccgtca caaaccaaaa cagaccgtag agcaagtcct     30360
     gaggagagac ccagaagaga caggcctgag atatgtcctg gtctccagtg tctttgtggg     30420
     acacagaggg tgctgggata aaaagatttc tcccccaccc taaatgtgct gtaaccacca     30480
     ggcatagaga gaactaagaa cgcctcttac cctccccttc gtccctccaa ggcctgcgtc     30540
     cccctcaggg cagtatgcac tggagaaaga cgggaaaacc cacaaaaatc ttccaaataa     30600
     gataaatatg cggtgcagac aaaagccgtg ctgggtggga cagacgagag gtttccgttg     30660
     ctcccctatg gggtggaccc atcaaaagtg tcttgtggct gccgaaaaat gcgtcatctc     30720
     ctgctcgtga caaggactcg ctgtctcaac taccccccta aaaaaaaaag gctaagcttg     30780
     tggggttccc atggtaaagg aagtagggat ctgtcgctgg cctccaggtc acctttaagg     30840
     tcttattcgc ttccagcagt acagtcaggg catcttggaa cagggctgcc ctgccggggg     30900
     tgccatggga gctgctgccc tgctgggggt gtcgtgggag ctgttttaaa tgattggctt     30960
     attgaagtca ctaacttccc ggtgggtggc aagggtccag ggtgaggctg gcttgcgggt     31020
     gccagccctc ggcaggcttg ggttctcaga gagggtgagg ggtagagtcc agccgttttc     31080
     ctgggaatat gcctctgggg aaagggtagt gctgaaggtg aagacaaaac tccccccacc     31140
     ccagcacccc tgtcccttcc ctctgcaccc tcccctagtc tctcagcctc tggagttcac     31200
     ttctctctgc tccagttcca cgcttgttaa cggccattgt tctggggaga aagacagaga     31260
     tgttttcggt ttgaatgcat tgttgtagac tttccctgag ccaagggatg ggaggcctct     31320
     ctctgcagtg tggccgcagg caagtagagg tggcgcttgg cctggaccag aggacagggg     31380
     actctatgtt tgtgctggtc cagcctggga cagcccccca caccccagag aggtcagtat     31440
     tacaagccga tgccatgccc accgcacaga gagggctgtc acctcctgac cctctctggc     31500
     cctgccccta actgacccgc ctctgcccac ccctgcccca gctgctgcgg ccgaggctct     31560
     tcttcattat tgaatcttct ctctttggca gactgagcca cgtcctctct ctggtcctca     31620
     gtctcctcat ttgtaaaatt aaaagggtgc atgcttttaa tcccagcact caggaggctg     31680
     aggctagcct gatctacact atgacttaaa gggcagtcta gactctgtgg aaccctgaag     31740
     cagacacagc acctccatcg gagagggcac ctcctcttct tacatgcgga aatccctccc     31800
     ccttttttag acaaattcta atgtagtcca ggctagcctc aaacttacta tgtaactgag     31860
     gatggccttg aatttctgac tttccacctt actgcatggc ccaccccgct cacttttaca     31920
     acacacaggg atagaaccca gcatgctaga caaactctaa cacgggagcc acaggcacag     31980
     cagcagagag cattcttgag gcaagagaac attcctgcgg tttctcaaac aggcaattct     32040
     ttaccgttga tttttcagcc atcacgtaat gggtgacagg tactttcctg ttgaggctcc     32100
     cgaggaatga ccagaggatg aaagtgtctc tgggcctgga gagatggctc agccattgag     32160
     agcactggct acccacgagg acacattttt ctgtcaatca agcaccatgt agtgaacgcc     32220
     ttgggctgtg caggctgcat gggctcagcg gtaacaactc tcttactaag acagcagata     32280
     gaaaagtgca agtaggtgga catgcttgac ccgggaaact ctatgcacag aacaggagtg     32340
     gggctaggtt tgctggaagg caagatcagt cactgagtta aaagggatgg ctgagtgtga     32400
     cagttaatta gttaacccca atggactggg gggatcgatg tgggcaagct aagcagcttg     32460
     gggtgcagcc tgctcaccgg ggttcaaccc ttggaattca cataaaaaaa acaaacctta     32520
     gattctgcag gagtgatggc aatcctcttt aacctcagca tgtgagaggc agagacagag     32580
     gcgggggatc cctgtgagtt ggagaccacc ctgatctaca tagtgagttc tagaccatcc     32640
     ggggttacat ggagaccctg tcacaaaaac aagcaaacca aatcaaatca aaccaaacca     32700
     aaccaaacca aaccaaacca aaccaaacca aaccaaacca cctccaaaca gcaacaacag     32760
     cccaacaact aaataagagt attatgatcc ttggaaccag ccttgagccc ctgacaggtt     32820
     ctgggttcag cagcaaaggt ctgggtaagg gttaggcagg tctgggtaag ggttagacag     32880
     aggcagggtg gcgggttggg aggctggcaa ggaaggcagg ctgagtgagg ctgtaggaag     32940
     gaggatttga acacttggca gcaaccttat cgaggtttag tctttgaaca gaagtctaag     33000
     gtgatggctc ccccaatacc ttgcaggtga cattaatttt aagggagcct tccccatgta     33060
     agcatgtccc ccagacaggc tgtctaagag ataagcaagt ctgtggggtc ctggaggttt     33120
     cccgtagatg cttatgtttc caggtggcta cctcaggatt ttaatgttaa catttttttc     33180
     ttattaaaaa tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgagagagag     33240
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag atcacatagc tttctgtgga     33300
     ggtcagaggt caacttcttt tgggagttgg ttctcacctg ccaccctgct gaggtgggat     33360
     atctcatact acagacccag gctgaggtgg gatatctcat accacagacc caggttgcct     33420
     aacctgtgca catatcaatt ctgcctcgaa atcatcttgc tgtaggggtg tcagggttgc     33480
     agatgtgcat cacagtctgt ttctgagaca gggactctct ttttagccca ggctgtccta     33540
     aaactcactc tgtagaccag gctagccccc aactcagaga tccaccttct gcatcctgag     33600
     ttctgggatt aaaggtgagc gccaccatat cctccatctc ttatgagcag tccaggaact     33660
     gaacccaggc tagcaggtgc ttcagttcct cacagctacc tctgagtccc ttgagattaa     33720
     tagcttttaa ttaaaatttt tataatttta tatttatttg tgtgtgacag agacagaata     33780
     tattattaaa tagtgttttt agacccctcc tgtcatctta ttttacaatt tctgtgcttt     33840
     tttttttcct tttctgtgct ttttctgctt tttgtgagag tggttcattt ttctctgata     33900
     ttttctttcc catttgtttt gttgtgagac agggtattgt gtaacccagg ctagccctaa     33960
     actagatatg taacctatag aagttagatc tagttctcct cccagtccca tgctcccaga     34020
     aataagactc agactcaaaa tatattaaca cattctttgg tcacagagct aggctcttct     34080
     cttactacat cattactaaa cccacttatt ttaacctaca ttctgccacg tggctggtta     34140
     cctgtgctca ggtaccatat gtcagtcttg tcacatgttc ctgggtgaat ctctcgagcc     34200
     tggttctatc ccagaattct ttctgcttcc tggatgttcc acctcttatt tcctgcttaa     34260
     gccataggtc atcagatgta ttactgacag gtgctatatc catacagaca taagatattc     34320
     tctctacagt agccaaggat aacctgactt cctatctcca ttccccaaat cctgggacaa     34380
     gaggcacgca tcaccaagct tggtttgtac tggggataga tggaaggctt tgtgcatgct     34440
     gggtcagctt taccaacaga ccttcatccc cagctcaagt ttgttttcta gtttttattt     34500
     ttgtgacagc agctcgacag gtcacccagg ctggcctcag acacttgccc tcctgcctca     34560
     gcctcctgag tgctgggaac cactgcctgt ttggattccc cgattcctta tcttgagaag     34620
     ccaatctgaa tctcccttag tgttcacgcc cttgctgccc cggaagctga gttcatcttg     34680
     agagcctggc tctgaagtac cagcctttaa atcagcaatt cttaccaggc agtggtggca     34740
     cacgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca gaggcaggca gattttttag tttgaggcca     34800
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcaa     34860
     aaacaaacaa acaaataaac aaaaaagtct cacaacaggg ggctagagat atggctcagt     34920
     ggataagaac actgactgct cttccgaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc acccacatgg     34980
     tggctcacag ccactcataa tgagatctga tgctctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct     35040
     acagcatact ttataaatct ttttttttta aagacagtag taaaattgca gttacacaat     35100
     agcaatgaaa ataatcttat gcttgggagg aggggctcac cacagcatga gcaactgtat     35160
     tcaagggtcg cagcattagg aaggttgata caaccgattc aagtgtttac actgtgtctt     35220
     gtcacactta gacttctcca gcagactggc agttttggca gctcatggtg tcctcttcct     35280
     tgacctcact gttccatggc taagcacctt ctctaagatt aaagaacaag aggctggaag     35340
     catttcctca ggaaaccctg accgttgtcc cctccatcca aagacctaca cgagacctcg     35400
     tcttcaacat catggacgat gccgctttgc attattttat tggagtctct cccttttgtg     35460
     cttgttatgg gagtacctag atctttgttt cttgttctac atttttacta taatgtgtct     35520
     tgattcctgg gcatggccaa tccaaggact cctttctttc ttctttcttc tttcttcttt     35580
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     35640
     ctttctttct ttccaaagat tgccaactgg ggatcgagta ttcatctgtc cccaagactt     35700
     gtaggagcca tctcattcaa accagcacga atgccccacc ttttctgagc tccagtctta     35760
     gcctgacatg agctgaagga gaacctgacc ttcctgggag cggagtgttg aatttacatc     35820
     caatcacagg ctgggaagga ccttggactc ctgaccaccc tgcttcaact gcccagtgct     35880
     gggatttcag ggctgtcacc caagttcaca aggtgctgga gatgccaaca catacagcca     35940
     gacaagctta gccatatccc ctcccccctc agctatatcc ccccaccctc caacccccag     36000
     gagcttttca gtcagtttgc agagtctgct atctgcttta gtcaaacaac cttccacact     36060
     gtgttagtta tcctgacaac aatcactgga tgacccatag ttgaaggctg gagacctaat     36120
     gagcccacct tcaagaagga cttggctagg ttgcactgga atcacccccg ggggcttcac     36180
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgctaca gcctgtcaat     36240
     cagcccacta acaggtatag gtgaaaggga ctcaatggcc acaatttcag gctagtttgt     36300
     ggccaaggcc caaaggtcca agatctccag gagccaggtt gctgctgtct ctttgagtgg     36360
     atgggatgca tgctggcatc tgcaagtgga ggtctgagaa atcctgactc ctcgactcca     36420
     gtgacgaggt ggtcggtaat cccagcaccc tgtagccgga ggcaggaggg tcaggaagtc     36480
     tggagcaacc ttgcctgcat agcgagtttt aggctatcct gggctacggg acacccccca     36540
     cccccgaaaa aataaaaaca aaaagaacaa aagaagaaag agggaacttg aagaccactg     36600
     gggataaaca caggcatgga ggctattcat caaatgggac tgaagagaga tgaaacatac     36660
     cacaggcctc catgcctccc acgtatcaac tacacaaatc ccagagatca attcggggcc     36720
     aaaaaattcc ccctcctaga gatttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacccaaa ccttccattg     36780
     tcatcccacc aaggggcccc agtgcagccc tgggtggtta cagttgctaa ttattattat     36840
     tgttaccgct tgcaagaata cattcattgt ctccagagct cagaccgtgg cccaggcatg     36900
     acctcattcc tcccctgaac aaggcaggta tgctaactgt tctccaaagg aggccacagt     36960
     ggcccactga ggtgtgcgcc ttgggcaagg ccacacattg aggggaagag aggatggagt     37020
     caggccctgc ttctctgggc tccttctctg tcgccttagt ctactgattt cctctgtggt     37080
     catggagctg gtttaatgga tcctaggcaa tcagactgac gaagatgatc agcttaaggt     37140
     gcggagagac agtgaggcat ggtgaacagg tactgtgtgg ctgcagcgct ccaagtacct     37200
     cctgtttcct gctctgagct ctctgctttc ccttaggtga ctgccacagt cccaactccc     37260
     ttcccaagaa gcctttcttt ctctgagtgt acggtacatg catgtggagg ccaggggtac     37320
     agtgtcaggg tttctcagtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcaagctgt agaccaggct     37380
     ggctttgaac tcacagagat ctgcccgcct ctgcctttgt ctcccgaggg ctgagattaa     37440
     aggcgtgtac caccatcact tggctgttgt tatgtctaac atggattctg gggaattaaa     37500
     ctccgcccct atgctctgtg gaagcatgga gccacctacc tagtctgacc ccttcctctc     37560
     tctcccctac tccctttccc cttctctctt tattgttttt gaagcagtct gatgtagcta     37620
     aggctggccc aggactcata gcccagcctc ccaaatatta ggatgatgac accttcagct     37680
     ttccttccaa gcccccaagg gccttttgga gtttttgcca caactcaaag aaggtggggc     37740
     tgtccgagct gaggagggct ctttcccacc tgcccagcac cttccctgtc tgacctccca     37800
     gcaggtcaca cagatgctga ggatacaggt cctgagggag tgttgtgtcc tgtgctccca     37860
     gcaagcttat gactgtccca tgagcaccag gagccatcac tctctgccag gcagctagac     37920
     caacctagag gtaagggcta tggtctagcc ttccccccag cccctccccc tgaacaccct     37980
     tgagccacac tgacaatggg aagtctgtga atggagaaat ggctccaaga aggaaagcaa     38040
     gatatcttct taggagtctg cttggcggag cagagggtga aggtgggagg ggcgtggcct     38100
     tctgtacatt aattatgcat gtttgatctt cactaggggt gactaggtaa tggaatttta     38160
     cagaacacta cagaaaatgt cacttgggaa aacagacact aggggcaaag gtttgtaaat     38220
     gattggggca gaggcatgtg cccacgtatg taaatgactt acaagggtca gtatatttcc     38280
     atttttaaca aagatgtgaa gcccttaaat ggaagcaacc tgggctcttc tatggggaag     38340
     ccacaagctg aaacaaggtg gccatgttgg ctcacaactg tgatctccac aagtgagggt     38400
     ggaggcaggg tcgggttcaa ggttatcagc ataacaaatt taggatacag gagacccgtg     38460
     tcaaaataaa agccagaggg ttgggctgaa acacctaagc aggtgaaagc ctctctctta     38520
     acttcaagtc ccctttttag tttgtttgag acaaattccc tctgtgtagt tctggctgtc     38580
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcaa agatccacct gcctctctct     38640
     ctggagtgct ggctcattgg gtaaagcact catcactaag ctcaactcct gaaagctgtt     38700
     ctctgacctc acactcccca cacacccaat gtgcacactc tcaccatcca cacactgtgc     38760
     acacactcac tctgcacaca accacatgca catgtccact gtacacacag tcactgtgca     38820
     cacacccact gtgcacatac ccaccaccca cacactcact gtacacacac tgactgtgca     38880
     catacccact gtgcacacac ccactgtgca catacccagc tcttgaggcc agtgtcccag     38940
     gtactccctg ttagccagga gcatctgatg ttgataatgg gccccaacag tgccaaggaa     39000
     tctgttcttc catgaacagg agctgcagcc acacaagcat gggaaggatc cctggtctca     39060
     ttaacggtta cagtgtatgt gaggttaact tccaaggcct gtgaaagcag aggctgggct     39120
     gaggaagcta tggctctctg tgggctcccc agcccagcag gacatcctgg cttcatggag     39180
     aggagcctca gggctaattc ttccttacca gaatgtgtaa gacagggaca cagctgactt     39240
     agctcacatc gaggcctctc acagggacac tgagaggcca gctctggtgc ccacaaatcc     39300
     tcatgacaga atcctaccag ccagacgcca gttaggaggc cactgtcact gtctgtgtgt     39360
     cagcctctcc cgcagacatg ctccttgcca gacaaacggg cccagcagaa gacgctgaca     39420
     agccaggcct gaaaccggag gcctgaagaa gccagaagcc tcttccctac acgttctgtg     39480
     tccccatctc tctgtctcca tcggcgactt ctctttacct tctacctcct tcctggtcat     39540
     gggaggaagg gggcgcttag ccggtaaagg cagctgccat ggaaacctga gggtctgagt     39600
     tcaatacaca gcaggagaca gagcacgctg acctctctgc acgcgtacac accgcctcct     39660
     ggacacacaa tgataatgac gttgttttgc gacacgattt aactgtgtgg tcctgactag     39720
     tcttggactc acagagatcc acctgcctct gccacctgaa tgcagggaaa tgtggttttt     39780
     aagttgatcc aacagtgtca gcccctgcct cccactgtta cacaggctca tcctgtctct     39840
     cagaacgcct ttaaccccct taagtttctc tcccctgcac ctgactgcta tatgtacaca     39900
     gggccagaca gggtctaaca cagcccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcactaagt acccgaagat     39960
     gaccttgaac tgatcctcct gcctccacct cctgagtgtg caccaccagg tgggctttct     40020
     gtggtgctag ggactaaacc tgggtctcca tgtacgctaa gcaagcgctc taaccactgg     40080
     cttccccagc ctctacatgt ctttttgttt tgtttttgtt ttgctttttt ttggggcggg     40140
     gatttagttt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact     40200
     ttgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcttcc cgagagctgg     40260
     gattaaaggc atgcgtcacc accgcccggc ttcatacgtg tctttttgaa tcctattatt     40320
     aatttctggg agacattctt ctcctgcaag ccctgctcac ctggctcctg tcacctgccc     40380
     ctctcctctc ttctctgagc tgcacaggtg aggaccctga gcgcttctga gggcagatat     40440
     tattaaattg tctctcttta agctccaagc ctccagatgc aacccatcta tcttcttcat     40500
     gatctcatta ggagtttatg ttgatgcttc cgttatatgg acaccatcac gacctgcctc     40560
     acatgctaat tagtcctatg tgtgtttctc tctcctactc acggagttat tttgaatctc     40620
     ggcatccttt aagtccctga cacgcggtta aagatcaagc ggtggttata aagaaacatt     40680
     acaattaatg cgtcttcgct tccccaaatg tgagaatacc tcactggtct ctaaaatgca     40740
     cttgcaaatg tgtttgaggc ctgtggtcct tgggggaggc ttccggggtc tcattaaaaa     40800
     cttcatccgg gggccggagg atggaatgtt ggatagcggc accttctggt gatggtcggc     40860
     atcgcagcct agaagccgct cccgcctcag ctcagcggtg ccagaccagg ggcagaaagc     40920
     actctggacc tgagccttag gcaacgcagt gttctagggt caggaatacc cggaagagct     40980
     tgctccccag ccgactgtga cttcctgcag actggatttt cctagatcag agtagaaccc     41040
     cagagaaccc caaacttagt tctgccaagt aagcttgaag gacagggtca gggtgtgggg     41100
     cacacacctg ccatcccaga acccccagag cccgacgggg atgaggctga ggctgtggct     41160
     gaggctgagg ctgaggctga ggccagcctg ggttacatag caagaccctg tctcaaagaa     41220
     aaataagtat taagtcaata aggagacttt ttgcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aattggctaa     41280
     ggtttgtaac aataccaaca tccagagcag acatgcctct cttggttttc tcagatgctt     41340
     ctagaaggac tattgggccc atggctctcc tgtgagaagg cagaacaagc tcccaaaagc     41400
     tctctagctg ccctctgtgc actgttgaag ctgccttatt gaagcttgtt cgtgaacacc     41460
     ccactacccc ctccatcttc cctttcaagc caacacccac aaaaccgtga ttggtagggg     41520
     cagaggtccc atgctgctcc tccatctttt tcttgaaagg gaaaatggcg tggggtgaga     41580
     catagggaac ccagcagtta aggggacact ggccactgac cagaggcctt gccctgtaac     41640
     cttctgtatg ggtattattt atatgtagga ccaaaggggc agacccaggg ggcagctcat     41700
     ctcaaagaaa tggctcaatg gagatgtggc ttggtgtgga gcacccctac ctctggataa     41760
     accagtgtgg tggcatgctc caggaatccc agagcttggg agacagaggt gagaggatca     41820
     ggagttcaag gttatcctta gctacataga gagtcggggg ctagcctggg ctttctcaaa     41880
     cacacaaaag aattgtctgc aattgtgttt taagtgtccg tatgcagatc tttggcagag     41940
     cagtggggac tctcagaggc ccccacttag gattctgcct gcccataact cagctgggaa     42000
     ctgtctaaga ggttcactct gtcttctctg accctaggtt tctggcatga ggcttcttcc     42060
     tgtccaatct cctgcctctg actattgaat ccaggcaatc accatccggt cctccaaact     42120
     ttggggtcat tctggtgtct gtcttggaag gttctagctt cccatctttg tcttctggaa     42180
     tacaaaaatc ccctgcatct ccccggcttt atttggctac gggtctcctc cattccatgg     42240
     acgctttgct gccctgtgcc cgttaggtgg gtgatctgtg tcatctccaa gctggtgaga     42300
     gtcagggaga ccacggggag gactgctttg cctatactga gggttcccgt ggacatccct     42360
     tgttccttca tgattttttt tttttttttg gttagttttg atgcaggatc tcatgtagcc     42420
     caggctgctc tgatatctaa agatgaactt gaacacattg cctagatgac agacaggtcc     42480
     caccagagcc atctctgatc tgttttgctt cactggccaa catgtgcttg aagctgaggg     42540
     cacagtggag accaaaaagc actctgctct cagaggtctg gcagacctgt aaaaggccag     42600
     caggcacaac atgaccaggg ctttgtggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     42660
     tgtgtgagtg tgtgtgtgag tgtctgtgtg tgtgtgcgca cgcgctcagc agctaagagc     42720
     actgactgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc aattcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa     42780
     ccatctgtaa tgggatctga tgccctcttc tagtgtgtct gaagagagag gtaatgtgct     42840
     cacatacata gaataaataa atcttttatt aaaaaaagaa aagaaagtca ctttgcctgg     42900
     caatggatcc tgggggtcac tgcaggttcg ggaccgagag aagggatggg ctttggggcc     42960
     atcagagcta aagactctgc tcagttgtga acactgagtg gggtcatggg gtcactcaac     43020
     tcagctctta ggaagcaggc agggcaggga caggctatga caggagtcag ggacaggttg     43080
     agtccatcct gacattttga aagataccac tgaagcctgg gcatgtggtt cagtcggcag     43140
     aacactcccc tggcatgcat aaagccttgg gctccattcc cagcacctca taaatcaatc     43200
     gggtgtggtg atgtgggacc ctgaagctcc agcactgggg aggtggcggt agaggaataa     43260
     gaaatccagg gtcatcctgg gctctatatg gaggccaccc tggacaacag aagatccagt     43320
     ctcaaaggca catgggaggc agaggcagcc agatctggtg atttcaggac cagcctgctc     43380
     cacagagtga atcccaagat agccagggct atgtaaagag atgctgtctc aaaaacaaaa     43440
     tgaaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaca aaccaatgaa caaaacatca     43500
     gaaaaacaag atctcaaaag aacttaataa atattaaaat tttttcaagt agaaaaatac     43560
     tctaagcagg cctgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtgggagacc tataaagggg cctgcagact     43620
     cgacaggaag agcgagagcc aagaggtcag gggacgtagt gatatgttct gtgcacccac     43680
     tcttgacccc aacaacctag atctagttcc taggtaagga ggcacagatt agaaaggagg     43740
     ggtctctccc agttccccca acggccaggc agggatttca gctcaggact gactagcaga     43800
     tggccctgct tgtattcctt ttgctaccct ggctctccat cacaaaacag ggaagtgggt     43860
     gggggcagga ggtatccaag ctccacatgc caactgctct aacaggaaac ttgccaggag     43920
     aagatccaga ggggcttcca agatgggaga gaaaattgta ccagagaccc tgggatgatg     43980
     aagttgggtt gagctttgat aaggcctggc aggcagccca ggatgtgaaa atgcatgtgg     44040
     aagccactgg agaccttggc tcccggggaa gtgtcagaac catgctgccg ctagagcgag     44100
     gggtgacccg gtcaggaatg agcataggca ggctcctgct ggaggcctgg gagccagtga     44160
     ggctggtgtg ggttctgctg agaccctgtg ttaggagggg agggatcttc gctggaagcc     44220
     gatctatggg gtgagcaggt ccgtgcagag ggaggggtgc tgactggaga aacaggggac     44280
     acagcagcgg tggcaagcag aaaccaggaa acaaatttgc cttgggggac cagcgttgtc     44340
     tctggggtgg tcagagatag gcctggccat tggaggttaa aagtttcttc atgcaaatat     44400
     ctggggagag gaagccttaa tccaggtaca gggggcttgg actctggggt gaggagatct     44460
     gagtactaaa tgtgcagaag aaaggttagg ataggtgtag gtgtggggac caggttgatt     44520
     cttctctgca tcctggcaga gccatttgtg accactctaa gggctaaggg ctggggcgac     44580
     tggatcctgg aacctaggac tgggacacac tggttctgcc catcctgagc catctctgat     44640
     cagggccacc tggatgccac ctaataatga ccccttcctc ctcctccttc tcctcctttc     44700
     cctcttcttt ctcctcctcc tctccctctt cctcctcctc tccctcttcc tcctcctctt     44760
     cttctccctc ctcctcctct ccctcttcct ccccctcctc cccctcctcc tttccttttt     44820
     ggccacaact tctatttgcc ctccattgac ttgtgtccgt atttctattt acgtatttat     44880
     gtccgtcctc ttaaaattcg tcaaggtagg gctgacacct tgtccaggaa accctcttgg     44940
     gttcctgtct cctatgactc tggtattgtc ctcctgggcc cttcaaggtc accgggacac     45000
     tgtgtcctca gctgctaaga ccccagactc tggggttcgt tgggctcttc acccacgcca     45060
     gggctcagtt ctctccctcc cttctctctt tctgaaaaga ttttaactta tctttatgcg     45120
     catgtgagtg tgatcttagt gtgtgccctc agaagactgt gttagagccc ttggagctgg     45180
     agttacagga ggttgtgaga caccttgtgt ggatgctggg aactgaactc agatcctctg     45240
     caaaggctgc aagcaccctt aaccatccaa cgatcggtct atctccgtgc tgcctgcatg     45300
     cctgcctctg tgtactgtgg taacaggcgt gagccttggt gcttctgttt tatgtggtgc     45360
     tggggactga accccaggcc ctggtgaatg caaagcaaag acgctaacca ctgagcctca     45420
     gagcgggacc acagttccta gttctctcac tgtcgagcat aggatagtgc catggggtca     45480
     gagacaacca tcccacggca tcctgacatg gacagtggtc gtcaaagcat aagaagaggg     45540
     aaagcaggag aggcctctga cagacaactc tgaccctgag agcaaagggt acagatctaa     45600
     gatcaaaggc aagatgaatc ctgcttctgg ctgcgccttt acagacgccc gtgtgacctt     45660
     gggcatatca catgacctct cacgtcagct gacctaggta gcaggtgatg tcttcacccc     45720
     ctctcctggc ttttgtcctg gttctgaggc attttatgca agtcagtctg ccagggcctc     45780
     agttttccta tcagcatgaa tgggacttgc acccaggcat ggtagttcag gcctgcaacc     45840
     ccagctactc tgctgaggca gggagatcac gtgtttaaag ctatcgtggg ctgcagtgtg     45900
     agttcaaggc cagccctgag aacttatgtg ggctctaaac aaaatgtgat cattgagagc     45960
     ttgcctagca tgggggtggg gtggggagac ctaagttcaa caccccatat aaagcgctga     46020
     ggttttaatt gaaattcttg cctcgaaggc cttgggtgga gtgtgcggta gagggttggc     46080
     atgtaagctg ccctcagtga gtagtggctc taatttgagt cctggtatct gcatcttcct     46140
     aaggtggggt ctggggcaca aggatgcagg gcaggagggt caggtaagct ccttccgctg     46200
     ttctgcgttc tctgtaaaat ggaaggccac agattaaggc agtgcactgg aatgcatgga     46260
     atttttggaa ccttctcggt aggaatgtgt gacagacagg gacctgttag gggtggaaag     46320
     acactagccc aagtgacctt gccagtaccc caaacatcaa agcctagcct gaccccgggc     46380
     cgattcgacc caggcactgc tagactgctc acccatccaa cactggggcc ctttgttcct     46440
     gcccgggtgc tggaggtggt aaccatgacc tctatcggat gcctgagtgt gccaggtgtt     46500
     tcccgctgtg aaccctggga ggctgttatg tctctggtca gaggagaaaa taaagcaggg     46560
     cagaggtcat gtatgtaacg gggccgaggg ctgaggagac gccgccgcca atggtcaggt     46620
     gaggacccag ttcttctaca gaacccatag agagccggct gcagcagggt gcagaggcag     46680
     aggcaggagg atctctgaat tcaaggccag cctggtctga gttttaggac agccttggct     46740
     gtaaaatgga agcttgcctc ttgactctgg tgatgggata gcccattctg gcttgtacct     46800
     gttctgccgg ggacactacc gcctgtcagg atagcgccat gggttggttt cgccttggag     46860
     ccaaggctga gaaccgtgac ggtgacagag cagggttggt ccctgcatgt ggtatggttg     46920
     ttcgaataag ggtgccccta aaaggatcta accctggata catcagctag gtgcctccca     46980
     gaggttgctc ttaccagaga agtttgtgaa agaaatacat ctcacaaagc aaggaagatg     47040
     aggtttgaaa tcagatggca gcattcctgg gtatggggac ggccacctgc catggcagcc     47100
     cttggaggtg ggagatagtg aacaaaatta attaattaaa ggtaaatttt aaaaatacag     47160
     ctgaagccgg gcagtggtgg cacatgcctt taatcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg     47220
     cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct     47280
     atacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaacaa aaaaccaaaa accaaaataa aaataaaaac     47340
     acagctgagt agtgagtggg aagggccggg gaaaactgga tgctccgtcg taggctgttc     47400
     acacacagct cagtgctcct tcctagtgct ctaagtgtga gtttgcagaa aactgtgcta     47460
     atcgacagag cagagggcaa tgtggcctca cccccaactc acagtgccca ggctagaccc     47520
     cctgctacta cctgagtaga atattctaga gggctgagga gtgcggtggg ggtgggcata     47580
     gagcagatgc ttgggagaag ccccctgggt tgtagagagc agaggggatg gtcagagggc     47640
     aactaggaag tgggaagaga aggggactgt agtcaaacag ggcttccaga ggacagggta     47700
     gcttggaagg gcttggctac tcaccgccac tcccacccaa aactccagga ggacagcgat     47760
     gttcaggggg tccaggaact cttctcaagc tcctggagag tcctccatgc ccaccttagc     47820
     tgtggggtgg gaggagtggg ctggcagcaa accccgcctg cctcaggatg gagaagggtg     47880
     cacactcagg attccaagaa ggcagagatg aaggcaagca gggcgggaga caatcttccc     47940
     tccccacctt ggggcttctc tgctctctcc agttctcccc aggcactgtc tggctaccct     48000
     caattcatcc ccccccaccc ttgtttgggg caaagagaat gacaagtttg aacttgttct     48060
     ccagcttcca cataattggt ggcagcaggc aaggctgctc cagagggagg ggtttaccag     48120
     aggaatgggg gaggaaggaa tctcaggagt gacagggctg ggagggaccg tgtagggggg     48180
     tcatctgacc aacctttctg tggcctccac tccattccca tgacctgtgt gttcacctcg     48240
     cccgcgccat ctctcgcatt gtacaagggg cctcgagggt tcctcttcct ggctttccag     48300
     gggcagcgtc ccctcagcat cctctggccc aataaaccca tcctcctttt ctagctgggg     48360
     aaactgaggt caatcgagat gggaccggaa gccaagaggc ttctcaggag ctggaactgg     48420
     gaagtcaaag cctctttctc tgttcgttct cttacccttt catttaatcc ctgctaaagg     48480
     gagggctcaa ctcttctcca gggtaggcag gcgtctgctt acagagccca cccccacccc     48540
     agctgaagcc cgctgccaat gccaagggtt tgaggactga gtcatcttta gggagacctt     48600
     ggtcattgcc cagttttcct gggtaccctg ggattttttt tttttttcct gcacaaaatt     48660
     ggctctgaag caggcaggac tctgaggcct ggtacaattg gctcagagcg actaaaggga     48720
     tagggggaaa ggggacagtg tccaggaccc aggggaactt gctccatcgg cagagtgtct     48780
     ctactttaaa cctaatctct gctgccagtg aggttagcac tggaagccgg tttggagaga     48840
     ttgtacagag cctttgtgtg tgccaaagat gatcgtgggg tagcttctac cggtgtgctg     48900
     agcactagac agtgcatatg ggagccacgc cgagaagggc gtctcagcgg gctaccttca     48960
     acgcccacag agcctgccct tggagccggg cagttttagc caggactcat ctgagtatga     49020
     ggattgtgtc cagagggtgg gagtgacttt agggctaaag gttcggagga cgttccttgg     49080
     accggagtcc cagcccatct ctgttccgag gtgcagccct tccaagcttt ctcgacacct     49140
     cgcgccctct ttgtctcccc gccgaggtgc gcgtgcagac cttcgccgtt cggccctcct     49200
     gacgtgcgag cgcggggggc gcaccctcgg ctcccccgct agctccccac agggaacgag     49260
     cggacgagcc ggagccccgg tgctgtttgg tctggagcgg agcgggggct tgcattgatc     49320
     cattgattgt gcgcggtctg cgcctgacct ccctgctccc ggggaagccg tctccatgga     49380
     gaccgggccc gctcccccag cgccggattg taaattcctg caggcagcgg cccggcagcc     49440
     tggggagggg gccgcgcgcc cgggcgcgca gggggagcgg ccgccacgcc gaggccccct     49500
     ttgaaagaaa aaaaaaaaag ggcacgaaaa aggaggtgga ggaggaggag gacggagagg     49560
     agaagcagga ggggcagtgg gaaggggagg aggaagaaaa cgaaaaggag caaggagagg     49620
     aggagaaaga ggaggaggag gaggagaaag gcgaagaaaa acagacggag cccgggagac     49680
     gagaaagcaa gggaggaaga aagaggcaga aagggcgtgt ttaggcgcta cgtctcccct     49740
     cccctttctc aggtcccagc tccggctctg cgcgctcgct ctcaggctac agctccccgc     49800
     gggcgaagct gggcgtcggg tgcgatagcc cgggccgccc ctcgggccgc cgccccgcgc     49860
     ctgcccgcgt tccccaccgc gcgctcccca cgcccagccc ggagcctccg cggggcgcct     49920
     tccagtcccc tccccctcct cctcgcgccc tccccggggc tgcgacaccc ccgcggcccc     49980
     gccgcgcgga gctccaggcc atgggctcgg ggcgcgtccc cgggctctgc ctgctcctcc     50040
     tgctggtcca cgcgcgcgcc gcccagcatg gcaaagctgc gcaaggtaag ggaggcgcgg     50100
     tgcgggattg tggggcggcg gggcggcggg acagaggggc ggcgggacgg cggggcccga     50160
     gccaccaggg caggtgtcta gaagtgcgtg gctgtcagga cccggccctg tgccccccga     50220
     ctcttcggcc agtggggcac agggacgcta gacctcgggg cgctgcgcga caggcaatag     50280
     cgcctgggga ggggggcggc cagcagaaag gagcatgcat gcacttctgc cggcttccct     50340
     gccaccatct agcatcttcc tccgaggtca gagagaatct tctctcaaac attgccaggg     50400
     actccacttt ggagcttgag actgagggaa ggaagttttc aactctgcta tacgcttcgt     50460
     aacctcctcc cctgcccgca tgaggcagag tcaggccgaa atttcgaagt taccgtctta     50520
     tcaagtcgaa ggatgttaaa gaaaaacacc tctttcgcgg tgaaaccgac tgcctgtcac     50580
     agaatagtag gagcagtagg agaaaatgtc tgtgactgcc ttctggcacg aacgttgcgt     50640
     ttctgccttt gggggggggg aatccctttc gtctcgcatg gctttcattt cttatcataa     50700
     tatttattta ttaaggcctg gggtttccaa ttccatttaa atccaggtta gaattgcatt     50760
     aaaataacaa agtaaaattc caggctggga gctctgacag atccctctag gaattagagg     50820
     gagactggga ggccctcctg ccccggtccc tgaccccgcg ctcctgggcc agccagtccc     50880
     aaggctgcgc tggcagaaac caggctggtg tcccacagtt ctctggggac agcctcccct     50940
     ccccccattg acctgctgta cccctccccc cacgctgtcc tcacccaaaa gagatttata     51000
     tggacaaaaa gaaaattcct cttagcaaga ttttgcctgg ggaggtagat tctgtctatt     51060
     gtcctggggg ttcctgaagc cagccaggga tgaagaggtg tctgagtcag gaggaaagtt     51120
     gaacttggga gttgaggaag tcgtcgagtt gtctggcagt cagtcagtcg ggtcagtgtg     51180
     tcgggggcgg gggggggggg ggggcgggcg gggtgtgtgt gctgaatctt aaactgggct     51240
     atgccagcag cttttcactg ttggtagaag gtgctaagct aacacctccc tcctcgtcca     51300
     aaacactgcc tcttcccttg ccccctcaga cctgtccatt aacataacca aacacgagag     51360
     cccctcagct gtcaagtacc agaccccacc ctcacttcct tccagcttca aactgccgct     51420
     tctgcagcct tcgtaccaga cagcccgctg ctgccgccgc ctggaacagc ccctctcccc     51480
     acagaggatt tgcttgtgtg ttttcgtaaa caaagctggc ttttgtagtg catgctgact     51540
     tactcataac atggaattag ctagggagtt tagtctgagg aaggaacaga tttcgtgcag     51600
     taatctagag acaagataag ggcctctttc aagttggagc cagtgtctgc aggggctgga     51660
     ggtggggggg ggagcaggag gagaaaccgc ctattaaagg ggctccaggt gcagctggag     51720
     acccctgaat ggcacaggtg ttggggaacc aaaactctca agcctagaga caagcccatc     51780
     tgccggggat aggaggagct gggtactcaa gggcaccttc ttttattgga caccccatta     51840
     ggtactgggg gacactcagc tgcagtagag gcggtaccct cagggtctct gctgacctca     51900
     gtcgtgggct acacctgccc tgatggggtt gcagtagctg tgcccccacc ccctttagga     51960
     tttctgagtc tagctgggat tagaagggag cctctcatta acccccgccg ttcaggaagc     52020
     ctgtgcaacc ctgtcggtca aaggttgcct aacaacaggt ttgctggact caaaatttgg     52080
     actcaaattt gcaggtagat gttacagggg aagatgagaa ctatttggtc tgagtctcga     52140
     aggcttaccc acagtgctgt gggcttcctt cgggaggctt ctcctgtccc ctcgatatct     52200
     cccatccatc accagggctg gggacttccc cttggatgcc aggagctttt cagtgtcact     52260
     ctagagggtc tggatgtgac agactccctc agcaagcatc ctgaagagag agcttctaca     52320
     cacctggaac atctgtgtct ctgggaggct caaggccatg caggggttga ggaaggaggg     52380
     tatgagctta agtatataag agggagctgg aagggggggt cggggggggg acacaggaga     52440
     cagggacacc ggcactggca caccgctgac ccactgcatc tacgaagacc tggttcttta     52500
     atcagaaatg cctaaggaag gttttgtccc aggggatgag tgggtgggtc agctggtggg     52560
     tgggtgagct tgctgtatac atgggttttg agtagttttc aagtgcctgt ctgtgtgtct     52620
     tagagtagac agactggata accaaggtaa ttgtaaactt aaaagcatta atttgctttg     52680
     cttttttggg ggtggggtgg gggtggggta gtgatggcag gacagctatc gttttttttt     52740
     taaaaaaaaa aaaagaccta atcctcactt agggctcagg ttgcaactga atgaaaaggt     52800
     cttggggcct ccaggggaac tggtcctgtc cccaggcggg ctctgggaca gccaggttgg     52860
     ccatccactt tacctggtag ttttctttcc ttgttaggga tagagttttt gagaaagtca     52920
     accatttagc aatcacgcct tccccgagac ttagggcgtt catccggctc gctgaacagt     52980
     gtctctctgt ctctgcgtct ctgtctggga gcatgtgtct ctctcctttc ccccacccct     53040
     ctcttcctct ttaatgtggc tgctccctct cctccctgct tccctcggct cctgtggccg     53100
     gcgtccacag tgaggggact gttcctccta gcccctccct ctaaaatatg aaatgaaaac     53160
     cgtaaccgtg tcagcgggtg cgggtggctc ctcaggcagc cgctactgct tgtgccccac     53220
     caaggcccta ctggagagag cagcaggacg gacagacaga ccccactttt agagcctgtt     53280
     ttatctgttt ccttaagctc atcctaattt taaggaagtt ttcagaaacc cctttgacct     53340
     ccctccaagg cttgctggca tgtcttaggt gtgggggaaa gcccagagct gggagaatat     53400
     aaattttgtg ttcccctgca cctccccctc ctgtcacctc tcattcccct gagtctctgt     53460
     ggggtggaat ggagagaggg gactaaaaga cctgggagcc acatccacaa caggtaaagc     53520
     aaggcgagag tcatcaggaa ctctcagatg agattgcctt ctggaacctt ctggaatctg     53580
     agatcataag aactggtttg agatgcgagc agctaggacc tgttgtgaag ggaggcaggc     53640
     ccgagtgtga gtttgggaag gtgagctgtg cactactggg gtgtgtgagc gtgcatgtgt     53700
     gtgactctct gtgtgagcac gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     53760
     ggcactccgg tgactggggg tggggaggca gtgggtgaac gtgtgcgttt tgttttagtt     53820
     ggaggaaagg ggcagagtgg cttgatccag agcttggaac tgagggtggg ggaggggaga     53880
     gcacggcttc acatcctctg gagaagatgg aggtggagga cctttgctgc cagaacccac     53940
     cctggtctct gctgccccgg cctgcttcgg cgtgcgggtg tgggcacatg accactcagt     54000
     aagaaagagt tcctgtcagg gctggaaact gcggagccgc tctggggcag gctggcaggg     54060
     cttacgggag gcccagacct ggggagacag gagtctggga ttgctggagc tcagggagag     54120
     gtggaaacac agccctgagg atgtttgcag ggcatgaatg gcctacttac tcacctgggc     54180
     aaagacggac attgcctttc tgtgtgcaga ctggcctctc ttccctgcca gcctgcattc     54240
     tggcctgact cagggggcac gaggcgggcg gaagataagg ggtgagtttt gacaaacgtc     54300
     gagaaaccta atgcctggca gctctgggct ttggccagtt ttactgaact cattcatatt     54360
     ggtaagcttc agccctgagg gctggctttc cacctacagg ccaggccctg tcctctgccc     54420
     gctggagacc tgtctgtcac ttggtacttt tccttcctcc caccacctcg gtttcccaag     54480
     catctgacag gcctgtgtcc ggtgagcagg tagctaccct agaagtgcat gtgagtgcct     54540
     ctgtgtccca ccctgtggtg gccacaaatg atcgctgtca cctccccctc tgccccccag     54600
     ccccttccct cctcagatca aggacttgct caggagtttg gagctggatc cacaactggc     54660
     tttcagaagt gggtcaatga ccccctgaac agggcgcttg ggaccttggt ttgccaatgg     54720
     cttccccctg taacaaaagc cccagagagc tgcaggcttt gcgtttcaga gctttgtgcc     54780
     cggggctgtc tgcttgtggt taccgaagag caaactgagc aaactgggct gctggctcag     54840
     aggagataca ggataaggaa ccaggcctag gggacccctg ggtgaggtac agcgtcaggc     54900
     tatgtgggct ctggggtggg gagagggctg tggaagggtg ggatgcccaa agggtagatc     54960
     ctgggggcgg gggcaggttt acagagagga ctggtttttt tttttttttt ttttttacaa     55020
     gtttctaatt atatttattt ggagttttcc tctggtggtt tgaagctgtt aacagcagga     55080
     acctgtatcc cctgatgttt gtttttgttt ctgaccagct gcttggcccc agagtagtga     55140
     atccccaggc tggctacaac acctgcccac cactgcaccc tcccaccttc tcctccttgc     55200
     ctgtgtatct gcccgcgccc tgtctaccct ggccctggtt ccctctatac gtcccgtccc     55260
     ggcatctgta ctctggcttt taaccaccag ccagattcag ctgtagtcta tcttgggctc     55320
     tgtgccggtt ggttgcttca agcccaacaa agtactgagc tgagggcatg gggaggcgag     55380
     atctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     55440
     ctgtgtgggt ttggatcccg cctttacact ggctattggt tctttcccag gataacttca     55500
     gtaggtgctc cccatccatt taataaacca tgcctgctgc tccccaagag ggtaacaaag     55560
     gagcccgcgc tcctcccatc caccatttgc agtctcttct agccctggat tgattcatca     55620
     gggcccagga cgctgtcttt gtgctctctt gaatctgtgt atgtgcagac acactgccgc     55680
     agcacacacg tggaggtcag aagacagcct ccggagtcag ctggcttgca atctggggac     55740
     tctcctgtct ctgcctcccg tttttgctgt aggagcactc agactgaatc tagccttaca     55800
     tgagttctgg gaattccagc tgggggcctt cacggtcaca tgaggtgctt tacccagtga     55860
     gctttctgct cctcagaata aactccctag gacacccctg ttcccagaat gccaaatggt     55920
     caaaggagag taaagaggca ggcttcttct ctggtgtatc ccgcaggtag ctgccatctg     55980
     tttaacagat gccctcagag ctccttcatt acatggttac tctgtcccac tcacaaggga     56040
     gcccacagcc ctggcacagt gcttgccctt gtgcaggtcc ctagtggctg tttgctaagt     56100
     gctcaagtgt gcacggctct gctggcagtt attgtgggtt caaagatcca gaagccatgg     56160
     cctcgaggaa ttcatggcac cgagcgaaca tgaagcaagc atccaagagg atgctgagga     56220
     ggatgagtga cagcagcaag ctcccattgg gcactccctg tgtccacacc tgccccagga     56280
     ctggtgtagt ggcactcaag tctagaacct cgtctcgtag tgtgtctgtc acgttgctgc     56340
     ctccagagtg tctcccagtt caggcaagta gcttatttac acaagttgga aaagagagat     56400
     agacaggctt gccctggagg tcctgatttc ctgggtttag acatccatga gtcttcacag     56460
     gtccccagat tccagtgcac agcctgagtg gaggaccacc atcctaaacc aactcacgcc     56520
     taaaagtgtc gcttggcttg cagctggtaa acagcttcta agaggatgga tatgttgagg     56580
     gtgcccgtgt gtgccaccaa ggtccctttg aggacttatt tagggctggc aggtgtgctg     56640
     agaaggatct ttgaagacct ggcagaggtg gaaatgctgg gtacgatttg atttagggcc     56700
     ttgtctcgct gctctgtgcc tcaggccaga aaacttcagc catgccgttg gaagtacctt     56760
     tcttcagcag tcgccagcca tgggagaggc tacatgttac atgagacagc ttcagaatgt     56820
     tagctaagtg gctcagcagg aaccacaaag gggggcacgc tcagtccccc tcaggctggg     56880
     agcttactgg ggacagggca gacaattctg agccagtctt ggaaaacaga agtgggtggg     56940
     gttgcaatat aaacgggaag aaggtgggat gcagtggact ggttagctgg tgctgaggga     57000
     gctggtacca agggagtagc tggtgccagg ggagtagctg gtgccaaggg agtaggagca     57060
     gggtgagaca cctcccagag cttccaaagc ataaaacatt gggagcaggg agatggctga     57120
     ggctaggaag agcctggggc agccagcggg ctgtggtcgg cttcaccgct gctctggtcc     57180
     tgggggccac ttgaggggag acaaagggaa gagcctgatg catcaggagc caaaccccag     57240
     cacatggaga caggcgccac tgagatggtg gcgggagagg gacttctgga ggagtctcta     57300
     gaattctggg ccagacccag aagcgttcct tattcagagc ccctagagct atctcttctg     57360
     ctccgtgaag tctgtgccct tgggacggtt cctattgcac agcccaccat gaatatctgg     57420
     cctaaggcca gtgggactga agagctgtct ttgagatgaa aagggtcaca tgtggctcat     57480
     ggctaccacc gcagtggaca gaagggactt ggatcccaca gtgctcagcc ctcagcctca     57540
     ccctctcaag ctcaggcagt ccacacagat taacaagtga atggcctcgt ctggggaggc     57600
     gccaccatgg gatacatggt atgggggaaa atctaaggat ggaaagtgag aaaggagcca     57660
     ggtgtggcgg cagggcaagc acctgccatc ccaacactag ggaggctgga gcaggggggg     57720
     tcatgagttc aaggtcagcc tgtgctatat agtaaagctt tcttaaaaag aaaacaaaac     57780
     aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaccccacc ttccccagag aaatggtcgt gctggatcgt     57840
     aacctggggc agtctccacg ggtgacttta ttgtgaccgg acatttcttg cttctgattc     57900
     cattccatca gttggtcaaa cattccccaa cagcctcgtg ccacccacaa gatctctctt     57960
     acttgactta ggaactcgac tactgggcct ctcttctctc cattgtctct ctttggtgac     58020
     tgcttggcag gcacatgact gccgagcttg tctgaggtgg gcagtaagtg tagacagtct     58080
     cctgtttctg caaatggcag agacttccag tgtgcggcgc acgtctccgt ttagttgcca     58140
     cgccttaagg agctgggttc acaggattgg gcgatgaggc ctgagaatct gcattgtaac     58200
     aaaccccact ttgctcacgg gtatgcggct caggcgtcag agcagcctca ctccagggcc     58260
     tctgcccctt tactggcaga cttcaaccca tacactctgt ttttccagtt tgtagggaga     58320
     catgggctct ccctactcag actgtgacag agggtctcaa gcccagctgc tcactggaat     58380
     cggatgtgtt gagtccagtt ctttggggcc ttgggcatgt ttaggggagt cggctctgct     58440
     gtgcagcctg agttgaggct catccctaat gcttctgtca cttatcctgg ttggctcgtt     58500
     ctgaatgcaa tgactgccac atagggcctt gtcctcacgt cactttttta tgggtgccgt     58560
     gatgtgatcc ccagttgctt acgatcattt tcttcttttt ttttttttct gaggcagatt     58620
     tcttagtata gtcctggata gtcctctgta gtccaggctg gcctccaagt cagagatcct     58680
     cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gatactccac cacacctaga ccaccggagg tccttaacca     58740
     cccccctacc cttaccccac cccctgctct ggaggagtcc cttcctttag tgtcgctctg     58800
     tctgtcacac ttactagagg gagcaatgag tgttagtcca gaagtatcca gaactcgagg     58860
     gcatagagga ggagagggga aggggctctg cctggtcaga tggctcagag agctgtgcct     58920
     gccaggccaa cacctgccag ctcccggtcc ttccattgat agctcagggc caagagaagc     58980
     tctgctcctc taatgcttct tggtgccatg gtgaacaagg ctgcgtgaac agtcgggagc     59040
     tgacttcatc tttttctggg tttttgagac ggggtctgaa ctcctgatcc ttctgcctcg     59100
     gtctctgggt ttatttgaat tccggaagcg ttcagaggaa ggcaagggaa gctcaggtgt     59160
     gcacaggcat atggggactt cgcctttggg aaacacacct tcacagctca cttgacacca     59220
     gttctgtacc tatgtattct tgtgtgcacc gtaaccgagt gctgggatca cagctgtgca     59280
     gtgctgtgct gggcaggact agtgtgttct acagtggacc aggaggcaga tgaggatccc     59340
     agacagcccc cacctccctt tcttccttaa ttactagaga gcagctgggc agggtgtggc     59400
     atgcctgtaa tcccagcctt tggaagatgg aggcaggggg agcaggcatt gaggaccgcc     59460
     ctcagctgtg gaatgagttc taggccaact tggactatat gtgttctgat ctagaaaaac     59520
     actatcagtg atcactgtac catcaccagt gactctgtgc ctgtctcttt cccttcaagt     59580
     tcactgctaa gaaagataaa ctagtcctca ctgggctctg tctgacacat cacgtgtgct     59640
     actcaaactg aagagggtgt ttcagagagt ggtgccgctg tcaccatagt ggtttgagta     59700
     tttctgagac agtctgaatt cctgaagtgt tcagaggaag caaggggacc tcaggtgtgc     59760
     accctcgggt gtgcatgggc atacagagac actgcccctg gggaacacac cttcaaaact     59820
     cacccaagac atgccagttc tgttcttacg tgtcctcctc ggcccctggc agatgtagat     59880
     gagtgtgtgg aaggcacgga caattgccac atcgatgcca tctgccagaa taccccacgg     59940
     tcttacaagt gcatctgcaa gtccggctac acgggggacg ggaagcactg caaaggtgag     60000
     cctgggaggt ctccactgca aaggtgagcc tgggagggtc cccaggatgg gaagcactgc     60060
     aaaggtgaga ctgggagggt ccccaggatg ggaagcactg caaaggtgag actgggaggg     60120
     tccctactgc aaggtgagcc tgggaggtct ccactgcaaa ggtgagcctg ggagggtccc     60180
     cactgcaaag gtgagactgg gaggtcctca ctgcaaaggt gagactggga gggtccccag     60240
     gatgggaagc actgcaaagg tgagactggg agggtcccca ctgcaaggtg agcctgggag     60300
     gtctccactg caaaggtgag cctgggaggg tccccactgc aaagatgaga ctgggaggtc     60360
     ctcacagcaa aggtgagact gggagggtcc ccaggatggg aagcactgca aaggtgagac     60420
     tgggaggtcc ccaggaggag ctcgcaggag cctcggggcc tgcaccatgg tttccagggg     60480
     cccacaacct ccacaggccg aggaggactg ccgcatcttc ccagagatcg cacagggttg     60540
     gggtggacac caaagcatca cacagccaag ctgtgctggt ggggacacac ttcatagcct     60600
     tcatagctct ctggggctgg cacacctcag ttacaaaact aaggcccgaa gatccctgag     60660
     acaggagcct gtactggcgc ctgtcatagc atgcgcaaag gaccagacct gtgaacccca     60720
     gtgggagttc acccacaagc aagcacatca cttgctataa aaacactgca gagtggctgg     60780
     gaatagcatt ctcagggaca aagtacacgt tactttctgt tgacataata cactgagaac     60840
     tacagtagcc tcctgggacc cagggaatgg gggtgttggt tcaaggatga cagtccttcc     60900
     cagtaatacc acaactaaag aacgttcgag aactttatat gaatgatgta atcaaaagca     60960
     tgaaattaaa aatggcatag ctgtttgcct gtgaccgtca acatcttccg gtgtgttttt     61020
     tctctctgca cagacgtgga tgagtgtgaa cgggaggaca acgcaggctg tgtgcacgac     61080
     tgtgtcaaca tccctggtaa ttaccggtgt acctgctacg acggatttca cctggcacat     61140
     gacggacaca actgtctggg tgagcgagag agccagggct ggtggcccgg gactggttgg     61200
     ggaaggagct gctctcagtg tgtcttggcc aagcaggaag aaagtggtca aaaagagttc     61260
     caggctttta aaagcaagga tggggtaggg cactgctaat gtgtattgcg tgcgtgcgtg     61320
     cgtgcgtgcg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcaggcacg agcgcgcacg gaatgggggt     61380
     gggttgacat taggaccctt cttctaaagt cttttttttt tttaaagatt tatttattta     61440
     ttatatgtaa gtacactgta gctgtcttca gatacaccag aagagggagt cagatctcgt     61500
     tacggatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactctggac cttcggaaga     61560
     gcagtcgggt gctctaaccc actgagccat ctcaccagcc cctcttctaa agtcttaaag     61620
     tgtgtgagct ccttaggagc aggtgtgtag aaagcactgt gcagctgtag cacagggcag     61680
     gtgctgaggc aggagcactg ttgctaatgc agttggatgc tctctgagcc ctggatgcct     61740
     ctgccccttg tctcccgcct cccttcctgt cttaagactc atcctctcca gttcagagcc     61800
     ttcttggtct ggcccgggga atcacctgtc cccagaactc tatctggggt agaatcactg     61860
     acctcagctt tagccagtca tcttggagtt actcggaccc tgtcagagtt tcctctacgt     61920
     aggaactctg aagcttctaa caggatttga aatttgagac tggggtcctc tctcaaacgt     61980
     ctgttcgatg agtcagcaaa gggaagaaca gcaatggaat ggcaatggct ggaacatggt     62040
     agctcagatg ctctgtgacc taggaacccc cttactgcat agctgccatg tggtcatctt     62100
     ctacccaggt ccctggcagg cccttctccg gggctcccct cccccgccct tctgctacta     62160
     tgaaagagct gtctctcccc tgtcaccaaa ggactattta gggacaagat ctgaagtact     62220
     cggtacaggg taggggtgcc cacatgaccg tgaataccat ctttgattct ttggtctcca     62280
     ttgggtccta accccaacta tcaccaacca accatagaga caagggaaag aacaggtact     62340
     gggagggtct gagttacaaa ggtctggtga aggtgagtgt tcacagcctc aaccatccct     62400
     ctaacctttg agaaaactcc aagaacacgc atgggtctca gtttctccag ggagaagtag     62460
     agggtgggag ggatgcagcc aggatggaga tggagtccag atgtccaagt gatgaatttg     62520
     gctgtagtgg tggtgactcc gggctcccta ttgttcccct ctaccatcca gggtgtggcc     62580
     tggccacctt ccccaccctt ccacgccgca ttgccaggct ttgttttgtt aaaccaaaaa     62640
     taggagaaaa gctaggaaat ctgtggcagt gagcccaggc ctgggggaag ggagcacggc     62700
     tcgagttgtg gccagtccac agaaacggtc cttgccccat gaggacctgt ggctcagagg     62760
     ccattcccac catcgttggc acctcagcca tacggctatc tgaggaaaga gcctttccag     62820
     gttctctgat tcctggctgc tcatcagagc cagcctcgac atggccctag tgcgccatgg     62880
     ccgctcagtg ggactagtac ccatccttgt cttcaccgag gttcctctcg ctctggccca     62940
     gggtttcggt gtatgggagt ttgcatgcat gtgtgtctgt gcaccacatg cctgcggggc     63000
     cagacgatga taccgggttc cttgggactg gagtgtcagg cagttagcag ccatgtgggc     63060
     cctgggaata ggacgcaggt ccgagggttc agacgcagcc tttacagcgt gggagaggag     63120
     tccgggcctc accttggctg gccaggtttg gatgttgcct gccctacctg agctctggac     63180
     aaaggtgcct cttcacactc agggaagttt tagctgacaa gggctaagga gtgcttgcta     63240
     agggtgggcc tgtggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcgc gcacacgtgt gctcacaggc     63300
     attcttcagt ctgccctcag tctatgctgc tgctacaaca gtcccaccaa gcccctgtct     63360
     tcacagatgt ggatgagtgt gcagagggca acggtggctg ccagcagagc tgtgtcaaca     63420
     tgatgggcag ctacgagtgc cattgcagag atggcttctt cctcagtgac aaccagcaca     63480
     cctgtatcca gcggccagaa ggtcagccca cggccatcta ggcccccagg cttctcttcc     63540
     cagctgcccc tcagcactct ctgtcccaca ctctagactc ctagcgtgct tagacactgt     63600
     attccagact aatctaggga atggaaccgg gacctgccca gagtagaaac aaagctattt     63660
     tggggcattc tctggtccgg cggtacggtg ctgcaaattc ctgctcgcca gcatttgtct     63720
     gtaagctgtt ccttccctgg gacagcctca cctgcgtgcg tccctttcca cagcctggat     63780
     ccatggctca tttcctcact gggccatgat ggtctgagag cagcagggaa gtccaatttg     63840
     cctttgtgtc cctgtcactt agcgtgctgc cctgcctgtg atggcagctt aataaatctt     63900
     tgtggtctag ccaagtgtgg tggcacacac ctttaatcct agcctgggtg gggggaggca     63960
     gaggcaggcc tatctgtgag ttccaggaca gcctgactac actgagaaac cctgtctcag     64020
     tctgatggct gtttctcttc ttcaggttcc tagtctcagt gtaagctctc tgaggaaaga     64080
     taccctgttt tagtttctct gggtccctcc tagatccgga gagcctctga gtagcaggct     64140
     cagctgattc ttagagtgtc cttagccaca gctggttctg ccccattgag gctcccagtg     64200
     cagacagagc gccaacgtct ccttctccct ttttagaagg aatgaactgc atgaacaaga     64260
     accacggctg tgcccacatt tgccgggaga ctcccaaggg gggcattgcc tgtgaatgcc     64320
     gccctggctt cgagctcacc aagaaccaac gggactgtaa atgtgagatt tgtgagggca     64380
     ggagaatggg ggggacagga aggtgtgggg cctcagtagc cagagggcag ggatgagatg     64440
     aaagaggcct gggggcgggg cacagtgagg aaaaggggca gctttcccca ccttgaagac     64500
     ctgcagcaca agggacaagc aggctgacat gtctcctctc tgtgcagtga cctgcaacta     64560
     tggtaatggc ggctgccagc acacctgcga tgacacggag cagggtcctc ggtgcggctg     64620
     ccacgtcaag tttgtgctcc acaccgacgg gaagacatgc attggtgggt gaagccactt     64680
     gtgacaggat tggggtgggg tctgggacgg aaggggaaga gagaccctgg gggacagtga     64740
     tgtctaggta ctggatagtt actgatgtgg gaatgaagac caatgagagg acaggtggaa     64800
     ggaccactct gagagactaa agggcacact tgactacctg ccctccccag gagtcccacc     64860
     ctcctcttcc tcccatgttg aaacattacc aggttcggaa ctgttagcag gggtgctggg     64920
     caaccaaggc ttgaggaatt ctggggcggt cagctgagcg gctgacccag tctctggttg     64980
     actagtgtgg taggggaatg accacagcca gtgtccctgc tgtgaactgg tgccaggaca     65040
     cagtagttgc ttccagagca gttagccttg ggctgaaatg aatcagtagg gtggctccag     65100
     cccctctctt cctctttacc ctggcaaacc cccttcctac ccctcacctg atgccccagg     65160
     cccacctcac acccaagcat ctggtggtac tgactttcca gtgtgcctgt ggctgcccac     65220
     cccccctcac ttgctgcagc cttcccgtcc tctaagcctg agacccttct tgaattccta     65280
     ggcctgacct gactctccag gttcctggat gagctaagtc cttaaagtga aggttgaatt     65340
     ccttccgttg ctatttcttg agcggtgaga gggctgacaa gatgtcttct tggagaagtg     65400
     gggagtgaaa ggcagggctc tggctgggca tgaggcaggg ctcgggccag tcagaggtac     65460
     ttgtgcttgg gctgtggaca gtggtgctta tggaggtgtg tgtcactgca gccacaggac     65520
     ggggatcaga caggctcaca agatacacat gctttcaaag gctgctggag ccgaagctct     65580
     cccaactctg ctctctaact cttctgagac cccaagacag gctcagggct tcatgctgct     65640
     ttttctgact gctgttccag ctcccttctt attctcctga cagggctagt tcttctgctt     65700
     tgcaaacctc ccaccacccc ctggacacac cacaaagcct cccccccccc attcttccag     65760
     aaggaactgc atggggagaa gatgcacgag gcaggacaga ggcccctggg gcaggagacc     65820
     ctgttccctt gttctcagac ggctgctttg taattaggct tgagctctct aaccccactg     65880
     agacccactg agtcctctgg gcagagcaag tgatgctcct ccctccccat ccttctccct     65940
     ttgcccccag ggagtgagcc tacttgcctt ggacttaatt tttcttggca gggggaaatg     66000
     tcactggggt tgtggggaca tgcagcttga gtggcgagac aggagtatag ttaagggatt     66060
     tagaggtggc gagatgcgaa acttgacacc cgtgccagtt ttgcctggca tgctgtgcgt     66120
     gctatgcggg ggttggaccc gcagctgctc tctccgagac ccagcatctc tgctttatgg     66180
     tcccttgatg ggggcttgat ttctttgagg gtaccaggca ggacaaggct gaggagcaag     66240
     gctaatttgg gatccctgga atcaccacat ggggctagtg gtttggaccg tcagggtgga     66300
     gggtgcgggg tgggccttgc cccaatctaa acggcttttt tacaatgtca aacaggggaa     66360
     aggcggccag agcagctcgg gcccactcag gccgtttcta atggtaaata tgcctgccct     66420
     ccctgtgctt gctagggaag ggctaacccg ctggggctcc cactaacctt gcatgccctc     66480
     cagggctccc ctggcagtgc gggctctgga cccatctggt ggcctaggaa gcttcctgct     66540
     ggtcatcttc ctggtccctg gctctccttc ttatgcctcc tccacctctc attgccctgg     66600
     tcggtccctc ccagccatgt gcacccctcg gtccctgcag ccagtgccat cttgcccact     66660
     gttcgcactg tggctgaggg aagtatctca gagctgaatg tcatcttctc tgtgggccac     66720
     ccttcttggg ttccttcctt tctttagcac accacacagc ctcagctggt gatttctgcc     66780
     tgactctggg tccctcacca gccgtcttct ctgagccctc agcccactcc tctggaggag     66840
     gggagtgaca gtcttccttc tcttgggtgt gataattatc atgtggtcca cgcctggcac     66900
     aaaggacagg tcgagctgtg ccctcctccc tgtgctcagc cattgtcccg cagagctgag     66960
     catctctgcc cagcttcttg gtccagcctg gggtgtatgc catgccagtt ctgttagcac     67020
     ccatcctggc tgcttcagag gatctacaca cagacagcat cttgtccccc actgtgcttc     67080
     tccaggcctt gggagccctc ggtccatact tagagcactt ttgggggagt ctggacttga     67140
     gctcctcgcg gtctggggga cctcggggag accacagtga gaccagggca ggccaaggac     67200
     tcccaggcag aggtgggctt cttttggagc cctggcacac tgcccacttt ggggacaagg     67260
     gtgggcctaa catcctcatt cttagaacaa ctcttctctc ttgtcccatg gaggccttag     67320
     gatgccagtg ggagaagact tggtgcctgg gacagaccac agcacccagg tccccatgcc     67380
     aggctcttgc tgtcctgggg ctgatggctt tccccagaac tctctctcca aagcaactgt     67440
     ttaacatctg gtctcctcct gctctggcct ctctgccaca gactgagctg acaggagaga     67500
     cctagctgaa agctctgagc tttctcttct gtgtcttcca ccatctctca ttctttctct     67560
     ggattcttct gcgctctccc cccccccacc ccgccgcgcc ccccccttca caaaatatct     67620
     catcagcaaa agcaaagaac cagagagcca ccgtgtttcc aggtagacag gagggtttgg     67680
     ggaggagtga aaggagggtg acccagggct gcagtgtcag aagggtggga ggggttgagg     67740
     gggggtggag ggtaggggat aatagggggt cttgggggtg aattgatggg gagcccttag     67800
     gatcttgaga cactctttcc tcgaggcctt ttaggagact gtccatcaca aacacccaca     67860
     ctcatcctca agataggagg atgaaactgg tctacccctt cttttccctc aggccttagg     67920
     atgctaatgc tccgatgctc ggtgcctagg acgagccctc tttagctttc ctctcctgct     67980
     cccctgcccc cacccccagc acattcctgc ctgacagctc tggcttgtac ctgcctcact     68040
     gctgcccacc ttgtttcaat caagtagggg gcagggatgc tgagcgagcg gagcgcgaga     68100
     gagagagcgc ttcctgcact tgtgaggggt gggaggaagg agaggctgga gcatcgctta     68160
     acgctcctgc tgaccccccc cccctccacc ctgtgaggtg gctgagggct tccctcaggc     68220
     cccatacctg agtctgacat tcttctaggc tagtaaccct attaccacct acacttccct     68280
     caacagaaac ctgtgctgtc aacaacggag gctgcgacag taagtgccat gatgcagcga     68340
     ccggagtcca ctgcagctgt cctgtgggtt tcatgctgca gccagacaga aagacctgca     68400
     aaggtgagat ctcagagtga atggggacac ggagacctct gccaaaggga ggggagagag     68460
     ttcctaggtg accgaccacg cctcttcaac gccctttaag gctgtcagtt tctcccacct     68520
     cagttcagtg ggcacagaag tccagctacc actttgctgc cccctggcct ggtctccctt     68580
     gttccctctc tcacccctgt ccctgtatta gggagaaggg tctcaaccct ggagggacag     68640
     ttgagcctga ctctgtgttg ttgtgcctga gccatgtggg tggtttaact tcccagcggg     68700
     tctggaatga tctctggaag cataggtagg agtgcccaca ccagggcctg gttcggtccg     68760
     ccatgctgtg gtgcccaggc ttcctccact gaacctggct catagatgtg cgcagagatg     68820
     gatgagcggt gatcagtgag aagaattggc cctgtgggga ccttttggct tggctctcat     68880
     tatgacttcc attcctatac tacccacccc atctcccctc ctgccattac ctgggatttg     68940
     ggggagatga gaaggaaaag ggggagggga gccattctgc aaacgctgac tcagcaggtc     69000
     cgtccgtgtc ctctggtagg gaggagtggg gactgggtag tgccgggctc cttctttgtg     69060
     tctcttggcc caagagctgc aggaagggga gggcgggggc agccggtcag ccagccgcag     69120
     tagagaggtt tcctgctggg aagggctgtt gacaggtagg ccaagagtga aggccctgcc     69180
     ccctcccctc cacaagtgct gagtagcctg ggtcctgtct gccaccagct cgggggaact     69240
     tgacctcagg aaggaagctg cccacctgct cctttcttag tacccaaagc tgccaggctc     69300
     tgagcctctg cagaccatgc cagtcccgtc cccctcctgg cccctcatct ctagcagctt     69360
     ctccctctat cttagaagtc ctctctaccc agcctctttg gccagcccct cctctatgaa     69420
     ggctgccctt ttacagcatg accagaggcc cccagccttt gtgacaggaa aggacagccc     69480
     tccctacagt cttggggatg gctgtcaact ggagagtaag ggacatggac cagcctggat     69540
     ctcacatggc cacctgctcc cataagtcta gaccgttgct ccctgctggc ataggtggtt     69600
     cctggacttg gcttcaggag agatggtgtt agtaatggcc agatatccta aacagggaag     69660
     acatggagac agaaggtgac agccaagtta aaagggccaa gccagggccc tccttgattt     69720
     tccttgtctc tgtgaggaag agatctgggc tcctttgccc ctagccttca atgctgtcct     69780
     tcgtccccag atatagacga gtgccgctta aacaacgggg gctgtgacca catctgccgc     69840
     aacacagtgg gcagcttcga gtgcagctgc aagaagggct acaagcttct catcaacgaa     69900
     aggagctgcc agggtgagcc ggctccggcc aagggggcga gtgtcaggga tgctgtattc     69960
     caagcgtctc tgtaggcagg gctatgccgc agacagacaa cggtagtcct tccttcttgc     70020
     aggccagctc catgctgaaa tacacagctt ggcaaggggt gagcaagctt tcaccacaat     70080
     ccaggttttc ccaagtgtgg cctgctgcaa ctaggttcca catgcacagg ttccagaccc     70140
     tggcaattct ggtggtgcac ttttaatccc tgcacttgga aggcagagac aggcagatct     70200
     ctgggtctga ggccagcctg gtgcgttcca ggatggccag ggctatacag agagaccctg     70260
     tctcagaaaa acaacaaaag ccccaaaccc cagacaaagg gtacagaggg agttgtgcgt     70320
     gctcagatct ggagttaggc caaggtcttt cagcatcaga gcccatcacc tgagcatgga     70380
     ccaggtgccc cgagacagac tcagtggttc gaatccttgc tgttccagat atagatgagt     70440
     gctccttcga ccgaacctgt gaccacatgt gtgtcaacac cccggggagc ttccagtgtc     70500
     tctgtcatcg tggctacctt ctatatggtg tcactcactg cgggggtaag ccagcaagat     70560
     cacacctaca cctgcctgct tcccagacac cccagccctc gactcttcac actccaaatg     70620
     gctgtgcttg taatgagaaa tccttggatg gttcttgtct acatccaaca agataaaata     70680
     gaaggcacct tccaaagacc agctgggaga caggatacca gagagcagca tcctggcagc     70740
     aagatgcttg agggtttcac gtagcccagg atagctgcac acacacacac acacacacac     70800
     acacacacac acacacacac acagccagtg gtgacctcga actccaaacc tccagccttc     70860
     acttctcgag ggttgcgatg gcaggtggca cagactctgc ctcctaattc taccttgcat     70920
     tccccatcgc tgttcccaga gacccaccct ctcagtctct agcccaatga gacagtaaga     70980
     gaggaaagtt ctgaaacctt ggtctggttg gattggcccc tgctcaatgg caactatgac     71040
     tggggatgta gagaagggag agaactttga gctcctcaca ggccagagaa ccttttactt     71100
     tgtttatgag aatgttaacg tgagacctac cttcctgaca agatttgtaa atgcacagta     71160
     atctctataa gggtactggc aatctgatct ctgactcctc ccacagatgt ggacgaatgt     71220
     agcatcaata agggaggctg ccgctttggc tgcatcaaca ccccaggcag ctatcagtgt     71280
     acctgcccag caggccaggg ccgccttcac tggaacggga aggattgcac aggtgtgtgg     71340
     cgccctctgc tggccagaca taacaatgct gtttcagggg aaggtgtgag ggggagcctg     71400
     ctgggtttaa aatgtgcagg tctccttggg catgtaacta gtcccccttt ccgcattaac     71460
     tctctgaggg caggaagaca aggcatgttc atattctcag accttgcttc ccttcctaga     71520
     gccagtgaag tgtcagagca gtcttggagc ctcaaaagcc atgcttagct gcaatcgctc     71580
     gggcaagaag gatacttgtg ccctgacctg tccctcccgg gcccggttct tgccaggtat     71640
     gtgagagaga cggggttctg gggagaaggg agggcagact ggctgttcag cagtgcctct     71700
     gttcccccgg ggttcctcca accattgggg gttgagaggt gggtcagagc tgtgataagc     71760
     cccttctttc agagtcagag aacggtttca ccgtgagctg tggtaccccg agccctaaag     71820
     ctgctccagc ccgagtgatc cactctggga acagcaccgt ctccagctcc tgccatggtg     71880
     agcacctgcc cagagtcctc ctcttctctg cccccacagt tctcctcatc cctggccgac     71940
     tcaccctcta cctcccttgt tactctctaa ctctccagct ttgctgccaa gctcctccta     72000
     tcttacccct cctatctgtt acccttggct ttcctgatcc cactctctag ctaaacctta     72060
     ctgctgagct cggagccacc tcccagagca ggccgtcccc agggtcccca ggccctggag     72120
     ctgtgctgag cttctcttct ccctctagag gctgcagtgc tgccagtcaa gcagagagcc     72180
     tccttcaaga tcaaggatgc caaatgtcgc ctgcatctgc gaaacaaagg caaagccgag     72240
     gaggccagca ggatcctggg gccaggtttg gacctccctc cctggcccca ccaggctctc     72300
     cccacctctc agcccctctg cctagttctg tcatggattc acctgcaccc tgggctgtgg     72360
     atagaatggg gaagctgttg taggctaagg ccctggaagt ccccgtcatt ccctcctacc     72420
     gagaagaggg ttgggggtag ggatgtctgg ggcggatgga gaaataggag agtcagaaga     72480
     gagaacttgt cttcagtgga agctacagtt cgaggttgac acggcctctg tttccaggta     72540
     gtgtcccctg ctctgactgc ctggtcactt tcatccacct taagtgtgac tcttctcgga     72600
     agggcaaggg caggcgggcc cggacccccc caggcaagga ggttacccgg ctcaccctgg     72660
     aattggaagc tgaggtcaga gcagaagaaa cgacaggtgg gcctagggac attgttgggt     72720
     ggagggccaa agaggagggc acatagcctg gatccaaaag ggacaagcca agggaagggg     72780
     gcacctcaac tctgggcctg tgtaatggcg agcagcaaac tccagggctg cccctgtcgg     72840
     ctgccttctg ctctgacctc tctctcctca ttctctgact cgcacaacca tccattacca     72900
     gctggctgtg ggctgccttg cctccgacag cggatggaac ggaggctgaa agggtccctg     72960
     aagatgctca gaaagtccat caaccaagac cggttcctgc tgcgtctggc aggccttgac     73020
     tatgagctag cccacaagcc aggcctggga gctggggacc gagcagagct ggtggaggtc     73080
     tgccgacctg ggcagcaccg agcaggcacc aagtgtggta agggagcttg ccgggaagca     73140
     aaggtgtggg gagtggggga ggcccaactt ggccctggct cagagcagaa caggacccct     73200
     tgtctcaggt gaagctctca aaacgtgagg tggcgaagcc cctcctgccc acgggcctcc     73260
     tttctctggt cccaggctga acctcggaca ctaggcaggg ccggcagttc tcctgcactc     73320
     agatttgaca tccctatctc tccaagcagg gttctgttcg ttccctaata gatctcccat     73380
     ggctggagga gcgggaaggg gagtcttagg cctgggtggt gggagatggg ggggtggcta     73440
     gcgcggccga ctctccctca gtcagctgcc cgcagggaac gtattaccac ggccagacgg     73500
     agcagtgtgt gccatgccca gcgggcacct tccaggagag ggaagggcag ctctcctgcg     73560
     acctttgccc tgggagtgat gcccatgggc ctcttggagc caccaacgtc accacgtgtg     73620
     caggtgccag gggaacaaac aacgcagagt gggctagggt gggcactggg atgcccgtgg     73680
     gcatggggtt tcccaaaggg caggcccagg ctccaggcca gtctcctagt tgatgtcctg     73740
     tttgtatgcc tccgctgttc cctaagactg ggtgacccag ggagtggctc aggaccaacc     73800
     ccatcagagt tgggcccttg cttcattgca ggtcagtgcc cacctggcca ccattcagga     73860
     gatgggttta agccctgcca gccatgcccc cggggcacct atcagcctga agcagggcga     73920
     accctgtgct tcccctgtgg cggaggcctc accaccaagc atgagggggc agtctccttc     73980
     caggactgcg acaccaaagg tgagcaggtt atttactccc cggagcttcc tatcctcagc     74040
     tgccacccac cccacacatc tccaagcccc tccacagacc tgagtgttat ctgaccatct     74100
     tccctcaaaa gtgaagaccc aggtacctaa ctgtacatgt tcttgtttca gagctgcccc     74160
     ttgggccaga cctggggata gaaagtgact aaacccttcc tccctgtcca gagtacattg     74220
     cagattggta gccatttccc tccatccccc taagtgagct cctgtatcag tctgacactg     74280
     ctcagggagg gcctgcagga agaggagggt gctgtagcca gccactttgg aaggtctctc     74340
     ttccctggct ttagactatg tctgggaaag gtagggaccc tggaagaaac ctgggagtct     74400
     ctgatgtctg gattctccat gacagatgtg cctgtctatc cacggtccag atgcccactt     74460
     tcctaccatc ttagcttctg ccctcttctc tcgcctgcag tccagtgctc cccgggccac     74520
     tactataaca ctagcatcca tcgctgtatc cgctgtgctg tgggctccta ccagccagat     74580
     ttccgtcaga acttctgcac ccgctgccca ggaaatacaa gcactgactt tgatggctcg     74640
     accagtgtgg cccagtgcaa gagtacgtgg ctggccaggc tgtagggagt ggaaagagat     74700
     cttggagcca tgtgcacggg aaaagggggt gggaggtggt aaggcagcgg ggaagggggc     74760
     cggagtgggt gggtgggcag ctgtcaggga tgcctgtagc atccttttgg atactggaag     74820
     ggcaggagga gggtggaccc agcaccccgg aagagcaggt ggtgatctag catggttcac     74880
     cacctatgtt tgttctcccc cttcaagccc ctcagcctgc ccaccacggt tccccactga     74940
     ctgtccatct ctcccttgct ctctccaccg gggtgtggct gcagatcggc agtgtggcgg     75000
     ggagctaggt gagttcactg gctacatcga gtctcccaac tacccgggca actacccggc     75060
     cggtgtggag tgcgtctgga acatcaaccc cccacccaag cgcaagatcc tcatcgtggt     75120
     ccccgagatc ttcctgccct ccgaggatga gtgtggggac gtcctggtca tgagaaagaa     75180
     ctgtgggtgc ctgcagagcc ggctgggggg tgggcacgtg gaatctggtt ggggaagaga     75240
     aagacctggg acggtggagt ggggaaccag cagatacacg agaggagcct tgggggacag     75300
     aagctagcac aggacctgtg ggacaggttg ggtgggcagc agtgagggag ccagtcctga     75360
     ggctgggatg ccagtgctgc cacctgacta attctaaccc tagcctttct gccatcctcg     75420
     tcccataaag gtcgatttta atgcacctga ttgtgcagta gtcggccttg tagaataaac     75480
     ctggggctgg cagaagagag ggtgtgtggc tagctgtgtg tttatggggg ctggaggggg     75540
     gagcctctgt cagaatgacc tcacagcccc actaatctcc tgacctgacg cttgccttgc     75600
     cagcctcccc atcctctatc accacttacg agacctgcca gacctacgag cggcccattg     75660
     ccttcaccgc ccggtccagg aaactctgga tcaacttcaa gaccagtgag gccaacagcg     75720
     ctcgaggctt ccagattccc tatgtgacct acgatggtga gcaagggcag gaaagatggg     75780
     gcggtgggtg ggtcttgtaa gcgtaccagg agagcagagt tcccacgctc agcccccaac     75840
     cctgttgact ttacagagga ctatgagcag ctggtggaag acatagtgcg tgatggccgg     75900
     ctgtatgcct cagaaaacca ccaggagatc ctaaaggcaa gtgagcgttc gctgtggtgc     75960
     ggatggaaat gggtatgcac cgatgtgcaa gcaaactgct aagtacagcc tgcctttcta     76020
     ctcctggctc tgtggggcat gcgctttctt cactgccgct ttccagatga gagaggtaaa     76080
     gggctttccc atgataggcc tgggctctgg acccagctca caaaaccagt gtcagcatac     76140
     tgcgtcaccc ctgggaggac aggagacatc ctctgccttg tccatcacag aggcagagag     76200
     ggtaaactgc acaacgatat acgttgttta cttttttgag acagagtctt aagagtctag     76260
     gttggctttg aactccgggt tcccctgctt cccgctccta agtgtttggt gggatcacag     76320
     gcccagagga acgaacacca ccctgggtct gtggatcccg atttgagtcc cgcctggcgt     76380
     agtgctgctc ccctttgatc ccagcactca ggaggcatag gcgggtggat ctccgagttt     76440
     aaggccagtc tggtctatat gtgcagtgct agggtagcca aggagacata ctgagaccct     76500
     tccaaatatt ttttttttaa cttcactctt ttagttatgg ctatttgtgt ggatatgtgc     76560
     atgggattgc aaggcggcca gaggtgtcag atcctcctgg ggatggggta gcaggcagtt     76620
     gtgagccatc taatatgggt gctggaacct aaacgcacat cctttgcaag aactatgtgt     76680
     gctcttaacc tctgagccat ctctccagcc ccacgccact gtttgaaatc aaatgtaact     76740
     gggtgtgctg gtgcacatat ggcccggcta ttcaggagct gaagtggaaa gatcattcaa     76800
     gcccaagagt taagaaaaca gcctgggtga catgctggac tccatcagac agcgaatcaa     76860
     atgcaccgtg caactgtatg cacaaagtag tgcagccatg ctggagctgg ggtggcgcac     76920
     ctttgactgc agtacgtggg aggcagaggc agaggcagga ggatctctgg gagttctagg     76980
     tcagcttcag gccagcccta gccacacagt gagactctgt cctaaaggaa ggactgtata     77040
     gaacaatcgt cttggttaga gtggagttac gaggctgaaa gccccaacta tcttagaact     77100
     ctgtgtgcaa cctagaagcc aggagattca ttggtagttg ggttgggtct ctgtgggcac     77160
     ggggcttgtg catgtgtgtg ggtcttggga attaaactga ggttgttagg cttggtggta     77220
     ggggcctttc ctcatgaatc acctcagtag cccctagaga ggagttttaa ggaggcggtg     77280
     gagaggtgag ctggagagac ctacgaggaa aggtttgaaa ggagctgtgg gatgaccaag     77340
     gaacagtgca gaccagtgag tgcagcacta gtgtgttgta ttgaaggacg ccaagactac     77400
     tgtcattcca caggggagga agaggagagg gaagcaggac acaagtgacg tacagctagc     77460
     atgtcacaca agggacctga ctcttcctgt gagtgaggac agaaacgggc tgatatgtaa     77520
     tcagtggcag agaaaggttt gtcaggcaca cagccgtggt gtggctcctg gagctaatca     77580
     ctgtcatcat tataaaagaa taaactttca tcagacatta tagcacctgc ctgtggtccc     77640
     agctactggg gcagctcaaa tgcaaggatc acccaagata acaggaaatg aaaaccagag     77700
     agcagaaaat gggttccaaa catgaagcag actaactgag cgccccactg tggctgccgt     77760
     gaggagggaa cgctatggtg ggccaaggat agaaacacag agatcaatcc caggcccagt     77820
     ggctcacacc tctcggacta gttattcaaa aggctgaggc aggaggatgg tgtgttgtgg     77880
     gtcagttgga gctacaaagc aagtccaaag ccagtttgag caacttagag agactctatc     77940
     tcaagtaaca agagtgctca ataatagaat tgctattgca gagtaatagg gtataataga     78000
     attcgattat agcaataata aaattgctga cactggagtg gcctaggtgc tggagagttg     78060
     gctcagtagt taagaacatc tgttacttct tgcagaggaa ctgggctcag ttcccagtgc     78120
     ccacacagtg actcataacc atccataact ccagttccag ggaatctaac acaattctga     78180
     cctcctcaag caccaggcat gcatgtggtg cacacacata cacacaggtg aaattcacat     78240
     aaaataagta aatctaggag gaaaacaaaa gaagaatact aggctattgt gtctgagggc     78300
     ctagtatcac aaaggaaagg aatagaccag ccattggaat agcccaggtg agagtttatg     78360
     gtggtgtcac tccgcgtggc agctgtgggc tggcaagctg ctcagacaga tgctgggcat     78420
     acgctgaagg cagagtcaac agctggctgt agctgagaca ctacggagtc aaggatgccc     78480
     cacaggccca gcctgagcag cggaggccta gacctgtggc taactgagct ttggggttcc     78540
     aaaggagcag ggggaggccc tctgagcatg ctcagtgtga gctgctgtta gacaggaaga     78600
     ggggctgctg agtattcctc tcccccacat gccactgaag ctgacaactg ccacctgcca     78660
     tctcctgcag gacaagaagc ttatcaaggc cttctttgag gtcctggccc accctcaaaa     78720
     ctacttcaag tacacagaga aacacaagga gatgctgcca aaatccttca tcaagctact     78780
     gcgctccaaa gtctccagct tcctgaggcc ttacaaatag tgcctgtggg cccgagaccc     78840
     agttcagagc tcccacctcc ctggccctca gagttggcac cccaacctca gacaagaaac     78900
     tgtctctctt gaaggagaga tatcaccaca ccaggcgctc tccctttcgg cctttctagt     78960
     taccttgtct tcgttctgtc tctctcctgg aagtcattca gtgcgtctct gttcccccca     79020
     gaggtgaagg aatagacacc ctctattcct ctgccgttat agcatggtgc cttgctagcc     79080
     aggagccaaa acaccccctc cacagccccc gtgctcccca gagtgggtct tcacagccca     79140
     gagtcctgcc aaagaagcct tggacatagc agctttgtgc cagcatcagg ctgctggggc     79200
     acagagttta agcccggggt gcccacacag ttggcgttct catctgtaga gcttgctctc     79260
     atctggccgg ggctgactcc atagggttta caagtgatcc ataccaatgg gatagcaaac     79320
     ccctgccggg taagggcgag gagcaggcag gggccctgga catataaagc tctcagatag     79380
     ctctgcagga cagaaagcgg gtttttaaaa cattgcccaa aacagaaaga aagaaaatgt     79440
     gtcacctaaa ggaacttcct acagaacaag tggaagccag cctcaaacac taaccctttt     79500
     cttgccagta ccccccgccc ccggccgtgc cctcacccca cctaagggct ccctggggga     79560
     ggcctaccca ccccctggta agcgctgtcc ttaaagaagc tgggctgttg actttccaag     79620
     cctagacctt gctccacggg tgttttccct tgtagcccca ggtggcttgt gggttccacc     79680
     aaagaggacc ccactctgca gccagcctgg agctacctac ctctagcctc gggctgtggg     79740
     cagcaggagg aacaagtgtg agtgcccttg gcaagccgcc tgtccaccct ctccacatct     79800
     gagaagtgca atcattttga gtctttctat gtcgtctaga gggagggggg attgtttttt     79860
     tgtttgtttc tttttcctct cagaataacc ctatttatag ctgcctagga gagaggggtg     79920
     tgctgaggct ggagaaacag cagtctgtct gtcgggagcc ttaagtgccg gagcggctca     79980
     tatgtctcag tcctccctga ggccacacag aacttcagag ccctcagcag cgcagagcta     80040
     gggctatccc tcagaggtgc cccaagcaca ggagactagc tctggtaact tgatgaagca     80100
     ggaggaggag gcttcctgac tgagctgatc ctgcctgcct tgtgtctctc tgtggattca     80160
     tggtaacaga agcagatgga cttggtcaga atcttgtgcg agtagggaca acctgtcttt     80220
     ccctatcttc atgctctccc ctgacacggc atgggagggg atcgggataa actctatgga     80280
     tggccagcgc aggctcccaa gacagccaga gagggctgga gcagcctgga attggacagt     80340
     tctccgtgta tgaagcgggg gaaggacagg aaccagacgt gtgcctgaga cctgccacct     80400
     gcctcttgga gctgacttca agcctgattc aactactgtc tttcaaaaga agaatggtgt     80460
     ctgtgcctga gcccgggctc tgcatatgct ccacccttaa cctagatgct gcctgtaaag     80520
     tctccaattg ttccttcttg ttccccgagg cttagtcctg gacatccacc aatgactcct     80580
     caggtccaac tttaggtaac tgccaagaga ttcaactatc aaatagtctg atccccacac     80640
     acaccagcca gcagcaggcg aagctcgctt cctggatgcc ttagccaaca cggtgggggt     80700
     gagggtcggg tggggtcaga gagctattgc aaagctgttg aatggtttca tgcaagaggg     80760
     gcgaatgggc atttagtggg tccccagaag tgccatagaa cagcctgagt cacgagtcct     80820
     ttctccctaa cattttgcca gctcctggaa agccacaaag tgagagtgcc tcccaatgta     80880
     tgcctttagg gcgtggcttc tccgcactcc cccaccccac cccccaaccc ccatctcacc     80940
     atacatacac ggacacttcc tctaatcatt tgttctatgg ctgatggggc agcacatgag     81000
     atctatcgta cggagagagt aggccactag acttagctga tatcaagatg gatggaggag     81060
     atcaagcaag ggctttctac tgccaaccaa gttggcagca aggaatccag gcagagctgt     81120
     tacgaactta caggggatat tggccctgag cgcctcactc tgggagctga gtgggctgaa     81180
     ggaggagtta agaactcagg gactttctag gactgcacag gttagacaaa agaggtttcc     81240
     aggagaaggg gggatgggaa gatggtgtga acaggaaccc ttcgtgagct gacctagaag     81300
     cttctctgtg ggctatggtg cttacgaggt catgtaaccc cggcgcctca tccatcccag     81360
     tgcaagacct gctgtgaact gagtcccagc gtgggaagcc atttccacat gtgctccaag     81420
     cacggagtga caaatgtcaa gcaggccctg atatcctcag cagcacctcg gtgcctcttt     81480
     agcctctgcc tctatttgtg tcattgaccc agccagtccc caagcctgag gtaattagga     81540
     gaaagccgac cagagcctgg acgttagctg cccaccctgt gccttcagtg atccttcgag     81600
     gactgccact ggcctcacta cggtcatttc catgtggagg tgccgatgga gaagatggta     81660
     cagtctgggc tctggctcct aggagtctct gtgaatctgc gaagtgttct ccatgagcgc     81720
     gcctgaggtg acttaaatgg attaggaagt cctatctcag tgtgtaagag aaagcgacag     81780
     cacattgaag ggcctgtatc tgctgctgag ctccagagca ggggagcaga ggccaaatgt     81840
     aactgacccc aagcaggaca tggtgccccg cctggttcct ttcctaagca gactccacga     81900
     aggaaccctt tctgtcggcc ctgtctcaaa gctggtgcac tctgtctttc cgctattatt     81960
     cggactgaga acccgaagga ccagaggccc cgttctgcga tcagcttacc aagactaaac     82020
     aatggcagca gtagtttgga caagctcaaa atcttgttct atgtgagtcg gactttcaga     82080
     gagtaattat catgtggacg gctttttttt tctttttaac gcagaagaat atcttaaaat     82140
     actatattta tatctgcctt ccactgcctc tcatacagca agcatctcag ttgacaatag     82200
     gcagcagcaa tgtggtacac agagtatttt gcacttgggg aaaaatatgt atctgaaaac     82260
     ttgtaaaaag gaatgtttgg attttgtatt gtctttttta tattattaaa atactaaatg     82320
     aaactccgag gtctagcaag catcctttcc tctacctcaa aggcttgtcc tatagctggg     82380
     ggcccggggg ggggatctta aacactcaaa ggtctcttct tctcactgcc ggacaggcct     82440
     ggctcccccc tcccacagct cagcttattc ctaatgattt taatatctgg aaattcatgt     82500
     ctctgtctac gtttaaaagc aacgttggag acttcccctc gctgagcatg acagcttagg     82560
     tctttaatcc cagtattaaa gaagcagaag caggagtttc cagacctgcg agggaggcag     82620
     aaccagcacc aaggtcaccg caccccagca atggagagct gtcatccgac atccccccct     82680
     ctgatcttta ctcgtagctc agcagcagag cgccatgcct agcatgcccg ggcccttgca     82740
     tctcattcct ggtaccaaga gaataaaatt ctactccaca acagcttcct caccaatctt     82800
     tcggacctgg aatgttttag aaccgttgct ttggctgggt atagtgactc acgcctttga     82860
     tcctagcact tggggaggga gaggcaggca gatgtgtgag tttgaggcca gcctggtcta     82920
     cctagactaa gatgcaggcc agccaaggcc acgtggtggg atgacaactt ttatctcttc     82980
     cttcagacaa atggtttctg tgtaatggag aggaaacgaa ccgaatacca tctgcaagga     83040
     agagctatct gcccatatgg taaagggtgg tggcgctgag cagacatcca ggtcactcgg     83100
     aattctagta ttttcaactc accagaaaac taaaagtgat cctgaacttt ttcattgagt     83160
     atgtgtgtgc atttgtgagt gtatataagc aagcactgtc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaag     83220
     catgctacca tgtgtctttg gagttcagag gacaactggg ggaaacaggt tctcttttcc     83280
     caccatatgg gttccaagga tcaaactctt gccagccctg atggtgaact cttgaccctc     83340
     ctggtttcac ctccccagtg caggggatta cagttgtaca ccaccgtgtc tggctttctt     83400
     gctgtatttc taaccaataa tccgtgctat aaaaccctgg aaagatccca tgtgtgtcgt     83460
     gctaggatgg cagagctggc tctaactggg tatatactag ggcaccaggt ggaaattcca     83520
     gtaccacact gggacctcgg ggttaacatg cccgtgccaa ggctcctccc ccttcatctt     83580
     cttattttta attggaagct tattttctct caatttctga aaatatcctg aaccacaatt     83640
     cctccctgct tggaagagag ataataaaaa gaacttttaa agttaggtgt caggtgtaaa     83700
     gatgaggcag gaggatcaca agttcaaggc caccttggga tccacagttt gagtccaaaa     83760
     aaaggacaaa actatggaaa aacagagaag aaagggggca cttggttttg ttcctcacac     83820
     tgctacccta tcaaggggac ctgttggttt tggggagctg atggaggaat gaatgaacgc     83880
     ccaagaacct gagaagactc tcggggcgtt gtccctcagg ggtcgaccat cagagtgtca     83940
     tttctcaggg aaggcagtag aaggaagcaa gtgttgtcag ggaaccttcc ttcagagaga     84000
     atcatccctc aggaagatga gtcgagcaga ggggaacgtc agggcccttc ctcaggggac     84060
     aggatgggtg caccatccct cataaacact cacgttcccc agggcatatg ggaaaagcca     84120
     gtactgcagg gagaattgtc ccgcaggaag gactgtcagg gctccatcct tcataatgct     84180
     gtccccccac ccccacccct cgggcatctt cccacaaagt gcaggaagga ttgtccctcg     84240
     gggtgcagtc catgcagaag gaccatctct cacggagact gtccacaggg aggaccgtcc     84300
     ctaagtccct cagggtgctg agccccagtt caccttctga cagagcggga gagaagcgtc     84360
     ccttagggtg aagtcccagg gggaggacca tccagcagag atgactgtcg ggacgccatc     84420
     ccttggggcg ccgttgcaca gggcgctggg aggactgtcc ctcggagtcc catcccctcc     84480
     aggcgtctgg tcaccgtcct ctgcaggaac cacctagaga tacctgcaat ggcttcctcc     84540
     cgagcagccc accgccgctc gattttttcc cccgttgcta tggcgaccgc ggcttccacc     84600
     cggcgtcgtg acgtcatcac gccctccccg ggcgcccggg ctggcgaggc cgcgtcaccc     84660
     ggcggccagc ggagagaaga gcgaggcgga gctccgaggc tcgcctgagg agactcggcg     84720
     gcctgggctc cggggcccgg gaaccgggat aagcaggccg gccgccgcgg cggagggggg     84780
     cgggctggag cgtggccccg cgctggtcat ccgggttccg gggcccggcg gaggccgcgc     84840
     cgggagcgag agggaagtgc ggccgccctg gaacctggat atcgcgcgag gcaagccgcg     84900
     cgcgggcggg ctatggcgca ggcgggttgc ggggccggcg ctggtggcag ggcccggtgc     84960
     atggtggtct gtcggcggag tcgccctcgg gggctgtcag gttggtggcc gcgggaagag     85020
     tgggtccacc gtgccccgag gcgggaggct gggcgaacgc ggggccccgg gaaggtccgg     85080
     agcccgtcgt gcccaccctc ctcggtccct ggcctggcgg ctgggcctcc ctggacggcg     85140
     gcctggcccc acccccaccc agggtccctg cccctccatc ccgccctgag actcctcccc     85200
     caggactccc aaaccccgcc ctcctcctcc tccttgaccc catacacaca ctcctgaccc     85260
     ccagacctca caaggcgacc cccaattcat tgagtgctaa ccccagccct gcttctggac     85320
     cctccagtct cagtgctgat acaatcatta catggcttcc aagaggcccg tagtccctag     85380
     tgacccccta gactaccctc tgtgggcacc ccttagtcct ctcctggctt ctgcaaacca     85440
     gactcgggct gtttcccacc cactcatcca cataactcgt gatcttcgcc ccgtaacacc     85500
     atgatcatct caccctcctg acatccctct ttaacccccc cccccgcccc cagcctccag     85560
     tgtcaatcag cacatacata acttatgccc actgccatgc caccgttgtg gtgatcaaga     85620
     gtaaatggaa atgaagtatc atttgaggca ggaaaggatt ctagattgag tgtgtggttc     85680
     aagttcaaat tctatcatgt tgagctttgg aaaccttggt ggaggtcctt tccttacggt     85740
     ggacttgagt ttctgatcag aactgtgatg agattgagtt tggtgattcc ccaatgtttc     85800
     tttctattaa aattctgcaa ttcttagtca agacaaaaat agcgaacttt tttctacgct     85860
     gcctcagaaa tgtagtcctt gtaacctcac cctcccaccc ccactcccaa cctgggtcta     85920
     ctggctttac cgaacagtat ttcttcattc ctgtgattgt ctacactctg ccccctcaat     85980
     tggactctat cagtttgtaa agccgtgcag cacagagctt cccactgagt tgacatcatg     86040
     agcttggccc ttcagctggg gaacttttgg caaagcattt aaagcctgag gtaacaggtg     86100
     cagaacattc aggacccttc tgcctcacag gaaaccttta cctttatggt agaacagttg     86160
     tttttagtga aggtctaact actgggtgct ggagatgcca cagacaccaa gcatatggcc     86220
     cacgccagtc actactgctg ccatcttgga atccctgtcc ccatctctga tgagtgcctt     86280
     acctctcact tggacctttt tcacagcccc ttagtaatga tccccctgcc ccagaaacta     86340
     ctgtatggca aactttattt atatagatta actagacctc tcacaggcca gacctattag     86400
     ctctttctgt caccactccc tccctgcctt ttcctgagag ttgctttaaa taaaggaatc     86460
     tggaattgat acatttgaac tgaccatgct agaaaaccca cccactcggt tgtctctcat     86520
     atcctgactt cctggttttc caaattctcc tcaggccctt gctccttgct ttccaggaat     86580
     tcttaaattc aaccttcgcc catctaatca ccctcaaggg cttcttctcc ttgtcccatg     86640
     actaagtaac ttttctcacc ctcttcatga cccttgacct cttatccccc caagacccct     86700
     tgcaccttat gtggaaagga caccacaccc ttctttaaaa cccctatctg aggctcctgt     86760
     aacaaagggc agattaacag gcgaaaagca tcgcagttta tttagtttaa cttactcgat     86820
     gcgaagcttt cagttaagga ggtgaagacc tgaagattag acccatgcat ttttattcta     86880
     ggctcggtga agatggaaaa tataagacca agaaaatgca gtaaatgggg gagggggtgt     86940
     aacatatcaa gccccaaatg ttcaggttct tgcccatgac ccacatcctt aaaagggtgc     87000
     tttttttccc tcttatgttg ggtacgggaa ggcacagagg atcttaggac ctgcttcaga     87060
     ggagaagata agagagacct tgcttctcac gtcctcagat tgccagcgtt tctgaaccaa     87120
     gttaacccta tcggctgtcc tgctaatcca gcgctgtacc actaaacggt atccctgtgt     87180
     ctgcccttgg cctcggaggc tcccactcag tgatgtccct gacatcagtc acccttaatc     87240
     cgttcctggt gcatatgcct ggggaatcta tgtgtccccg tgctgtggga aacctgcttt     87300
     cagccagcag cagtcttgct cctcccctaa cttttgccat cctcagccac atcccgatct     87360
     ctgaaacctc taattagcgc tgctagtgac cttaccattt gcctagcttc tgagaaatga     87420
     gtcgcttctg ccccagcacg gtcccaccct tcatgcacct gcacactagc ccattcaggg     87480
     atcccacctt tgtgcccacg cccctgctca gatcctgcgt ctcccccacc ccactccctg     87540
     cttccttttc atcaagtatt ccttacccct cttcctcaca gggcccctgc ttcctcctcc     87600
     ctgttcctgt cagtaagtgt ccttacctca cggatcttga caaacttgac tgtactgtgc     87660
     ctctgcttcc tttccagttc tgctcttgaa atgtccatgg cttttggatt ctgagacccc     87720
     tactttcagt tgtgtaggag aggcacccca aacttctggt ttgtcccaag aaccgtgctc     87780
     caggaacgtc tgatggattc agatgctaga gacccaggag tctctctgtc tttaggtagc     87840
     aaggagagag cccttggaag gcctttagga ctgatgtggc tgtgtctccc gaacacactc     87900
     ttgttcccag cctctttctg aggccactgc agatcctctg aggctagagt gtgctgtcac     87960
     acccccactg gcactgaatt agtcctattg ttttctgagc ccttggctcc cctcccactg     88020
     gaagctggaa tgtgaatagc agagaaggtg ccccacagtc tgttctgtag gtcacccgaa     88080
     tcccagtgtt ggctgtagag ccataatcgt tgaaggtgaa atggcaggat cctggggtgg     88140
     atttcagaag gatcgtgccc acttaggttg cttttatgtc cttaggacat aatctgcctt     88200
     atggctctcc tccctgtgac ttccttgaga gcagagggca aatcccttta tcatctgaca     88260
     tcttaatgcc ccccccccat ctttggacag tagtcagcca ttgctggcta cactgagtgg     88320
     accctgaatt ccttgtcttt agaaggcagt cagtcagtca ttgcttcctg cactgaggaa     88380
     actgaatttc tgcgtcactg caaggattag aacacattct gtggccactt cctcctcgca     88440
     cagggccctc taagcatgct agcaggtcag acatcgagga acttggctgc ctctgtttag     88500
     tcatctttct ggtgaggcaa tggatggtta cgctgggctt ctcgggttgt ttgcttttgg     88560
     gtagtaagtt gaggagacac tagacttcag gccagatggc tcagctggta aggagcctga     88620
     tgacccaagt ttgattccca gggcccgtat ggtaggagag aactgactcc aaggtgtcct     88680
     ctgatggcca cacggatggc acggcatgcc tgtgggtgcg agtgcgcaca cacagaaaaa     88740
     tgaagagttc taagaagagg gtgttaggac ccagtggaaa cagccaggga ctggtttcta     88800
     tagacttgtt ttggaaaaaa aaaaaaaatg gctatgtgaa ctgcttaggt gagagcagag     88860
     gaccagtcgc tagctggctg ttggaaattg ttgggcctgc gaaagtttta atactactat     88920
     gtcagctttt ctgtgtttca gcggtccaca tcaggagttg ggggttgggg accagataga     88980
     tgattacgta aagtttagcc ccgttcctca gaaaacacct ccagtcaaat gagcttctat     89040
     ttgaatcaga gctgacctag gctgagcagg ctgcttggcc ctgaccggta tctgacctct     89100
     tctgtttgtg agacctcaga aggctaaact taaaccgcac tctgcagacg tctctgccgg     89160
     gagtttggga cttgcactat cctagcaact agaacctgtt gccctggtac caccccgctc     89220
     cccagctccg gtgctttctt gtgggaaata gctgactgga tctggagaaa ggtgaggcag     89280
     tgggagggta ctcccctccg ccgcccccca cccccaggtt agagaagcta ggctcagcaa     89340
     ggatttctcc tgacctgttg ggagatcctg aaggcatggg ggttcattca gtcctccatc     89400
     catccatcca tccatccaat aagtccttgg ttgatgtctg ctatatgcaa agcactcttt     89460
     taggttctgg gaatagagaa ctgtcaaaaa aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaac cccaagacaa     89520
     ttgaaacagt gaagtagagt agagagggca gccaggatta ttgttttagt cagagtggca     89580
     aggaacttgt tactgacaag gtgacatttg aacagagaag atgaagctgg tgtgtgtatc     89640
     taaggaaggt tatttctgta acagtagaca agcaagctca aagggcctga ggcagaaata     89700
     agccaaaatc atgaggagcc aggcagtaca gctgtggtac ccaaatggct ggcagcctga     89760
     caagggaaag agcaggagcc gctgaggtgg ggagtagatt gcttcttaca ggccaccagc     89820
     cactcgagga gtccaggcag atacgtggca ggatttgact attgttctga aagtccctct     89880
     gactgctgtg ttgtgactca gttgcgttgg ggcagagtga aaagatgggg tgctcctgca     89940
     gtgggaagtg ttggggtgct cctgcaatgg gaactgacag aaggctcatt taataggaac     90000
     tgttgggggt cctcttgcag tggtccagaa aaggaaagtt gatggcttgg atccacagta     90060
     aaggagtgag agagaaactg ttggaacgtg gccgtacttt gaaagaggca cctagaggtg     90120
     gatgggttga aagtgtcagg taaagacact gggaacagct cccaattccc attactgaag     90180
     gagggagttt ggaaagtcag attgtgagaa ggagaggcta ggacttcacc ccagccctac     90240
     cccccagagt cagagtctcc tgcagcccgg gttgggctct aacttactgt gtagcagggg     90300
     tgacctgagc ttttgactct ataatcttac ctgctgagga atgggattac agacatgcgc     90360
     caccaagccc atatccccag ccccagaatt cacttctttt cttttaatat tggaattcac     90420
     ttttttgttt ggttttatgt ttgatttggt ttgggttttg gggttttttt cggagtcaga     90480
     gtttgctctg tgtagctctg gctgtcctag aataagcttg tcacttgtga gaccctttta     90540
     gacagcaaaa tagaaccatt gataagcagc tcgatatata gatctgtggg gccctcgtac     90600
     tgcctgctct cccagtgcca gactgcatgt agaaggaaaa gctggagggt taggagtctg     90660
     cctggactct gccagcaggg agccgtgtga tcccacagct cctggcttcc cttctaaacg     90720
     gctaccttag gctagaaggg agctgtcacc tcagcccctc ttgtgagcat tggtgaattt     90780
     agaatgagga aggcagcaag gcacctctga ggctgtgatt ctgcccaggc agtgtgtcgg     90840
     tgatagattt cctcctttct tcctccattc gtacagtagt aaccaggagc accccccacg     90900
     tgtggcctga gggagactga gcctgccctc cgggagcacg gcagtcggct tcatactacc     90960
     aggcacaagg gcctccacat gatgcactgg tgtgcaccag ggctccagca ccgtggagct     91020
     ggaacctcac cggtcctcag agcttgctgc taactagtcc agccaaccag tcagtttcag     91080
     agactgtctc agaaagtaag gtacagagtg accgaggaaa atctcgtgtg agcctccagc     91140
     ctctgtgtac atacacactc aatacacaca cgctcacact tgcacaaaca tacacttata     91200
     cattcacaca cagaagcaca catactcaca taaacatacg ttctaaaaca taaactattc     91260
     cattaaaggg atgtgccata gtttgcctgt tgaggacatc ttggtttcca tgagtttggg     91320
     ctttgaatga atatgtctgt ggaggtattc ccagttcacg atgaaaagga gtgatcactg     91380
     gatcacatga gaaggttgtg ccagcaccaa cgtaagtggc tgccaggctg ctttccacag     91440
     tgactgtccc ctctcacact gccgtgacag gagacaagac ttcatgtcag ccttcaccct     91500
     ggccctgtag gatgttgcca gtgttctgga ggcacctttc tgacagcctt tcagggctag     91560
     catgtttcca gccacctctt ctccattacg gtgtctcttt aaaccttcgc tttctttatt     91620
     gtcttactga gatagttctc actctgtagc cttggcttat gtgtaaccat gctggcccct     91680
     aagttctgtg gatcctcctg tatctgtctg ccttgtaggt ttacattgtg agctccaaca     91740
     cagtttgtct ctgtggtttt agtatatttt gtagatagtt ttttgattct ccatctattg     91800
     gttttcctga caagctcttt tgtccattgg cttttttttt ccttctgaaa gccaaaagta     91860
     ctttctcttc ctcattaaga ttttgcatat tgttccactt tgatatctta actaaatggt     91920
     gttaatggtg tgtccccacc tctcctgatg ctgatgggat atgtcatttt tcgcaagaac     91980
     ggtacttgtc aagccgtggt gaccacagct ggatgccttt atcactgcta atattttctt     92040
     cctttcttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt cctccctccc tccctccctc     92100
     cctccctccc tcccttcctt tctttccttt gtttgtttgg ttttgggttt ttgtggcagg     92160
     gttttgttgt cgctctctgc tggcctggca tttgtggtct agtccaggct gccttgcgat     92220
     cacagagaca cacctgcatc tgccctctga gtgccagaat aaaagtaacg ctcagagggt     92280
     ggctacgcca cttgtgccat ttctctattt cagtggggaa aaaatgaaat aaaaataaag     92340
     gtacactctg ctaatttgcc tattagtcca aagttagtat aatcttccaa catgccttga     92400
     ttctggacat tcctgaactg aaagtgagga tgagagccac ctgtgaccac catcctggat     92460
     ggtcacaagt ggaggtgtta aatgcaatgt gtactcaaga ttccatttta gttgaaatag     92520
     tttccgttcc ataatgacag acctgcatcc cctgtgattt ggaactggaa gtaatccact     92580
     ctgcctggcc acttgccttg ttgtgactct cacagcagta tataaccatg caagcatgag     92640
     ctgggctttt acagccagcc tgcctttggc agggatgtgt gtgtgatgcc ctgagcagcg     92700
     caattttctg ttactaattt cctgttttct cttcatggtt tagaaaacca cagaactagg     92760
     cttgggtctt gatgtgcacc gaagtccttt tctgtaacag cagatacaga atcagtttgt     92820
     taccacagct ctcccagatc tgtatctgat ttgtttgccc cttgtcccca tcagcctttg     92880
     tccctcccag actaatgttt gccatccacg agaggcttgg atgtggacca gatcagagct     92940
     gaacctttgc taagtgtgga acacaagtgc gcatgctccc ttcagactcc tgcctcttgc     93000
     agatagttta catagagcag gctgtgtgga gggacctaga gacaatccgc tcatccgcaa     93060
     agcctttcag aagcctgcat cccctggtgc cttggcaata ggagatgcat ctacacacca     93120
     cagcaagagg attttctgca ttcagtcaat aggttgagtt ggttttaaaa agtggagcaa     93180
     gctgctgggg ctgctctaaa aagtcaggag tggttgcttg aggtctggtt gtcatcactc     93240
     ttgtctccct ctcttcccaa ctgcccctca ccgtacccag gagctgataa accacatacc     93300
     tcctccgtcc atcttgacgc tgaaatgccc actgtgggca ggaactgccc agacagcctc     93360
     tgaggtctgc ccgtcgctcg tgagtttagt gctagcataa gaggattcag agtaagccat     93420
     catttaaaga aggggaaggg aggccaagct tataggctaa aggcagatgg ctgccagtca     93480
     agactctcac cccttagact tgatgcacca agactcagtg cacaaacctg caatctcagc     93540
     ttcagaaggc aggaggatca caagttcaag accatgctaa gcaacctagt tagaccatat     93600
     ctcaagcaaa agggaggaag gaaagaggaa gggagaatga ggaccatggc tcgtgcctgg     93660
     ggggacagca gcatgtgctt ccagggtgtg cacctcaggg tttaagaagg aaagggatgc     93720
     ttcagcctgg atgtgcgacc aggcagcgga gtgaagatgt gtgctgctgg gctgggcaac     93780
     gcgtggtaga acacttgatg agcatgtgtg ccaggacagg aagtgggatg gggggaggaa     93840
     ggagaaagaa gagatggagg aaggaaggaa gggaggaagg aaggaaggga ggaaggaaga     93900
     aaagaaggat aggtttggtt ttatttgggt ctaagaaggg acattttggg aaatgtggct     93960
     cccagcttct ccagccccaa ttccccttgt cgtggcagat ctagaaggct ggggtgaggt     94020
     tacagagctt tgagtgctaa cagtgctcta tactttacca gtaggaagtg tggaggccca     94080
     cacctaggcc agccagccca cttcagcagc agctggcagc tttgggacct tgggccgatc     94140
     attttccctc ctagcttcag tagcctcatc tgcgaggggt tgtgtgcgcc tcctcataaa     94200
     gcagtgtcca gcacatgtta agggtgtgtc cgtcatcgct gtgttagctt gagcagtggg     94260
     aaggactgta aggccatcgg ggccaacggg caaggaagca ggcagggagg cagaaacctc     94320
     ttctgcagag agccatccag ttccttcatg aggacctgaa ctaagatggt gccatactcc     94380
     ccttccagag cctccatgct ggagtcctct ccatgtgcct gtcctgtcct gagtggcagc     94440
     atgtgcgacc tcatctagcc cttacaataa cctaggaagc agtgtctctg ctgtctcagc     94500
     tgcagcatct gaggctcaag agaggctcat ccgtttgcta tccgactgca gagccctgta     94560
     gagagcagac actctaaatt caaccacctg tcactgtggg agctaccaac ccagccatgg     94620
     aagctagagg ccattctgtc tctccagcct gtggtctgtt ttgtatttag gccaagtctt     94680
     atatgtgtcc ttatttctca cgtgttgtgg ttacagtaaa acgggttacc aaaaaacaaa     94740
     acaacaacaa caaaaaccca aaaccaaaaa aactctctcc ctgattaaga gaatgggagt     94800
     taagagttgt agagcagtcc agaaccagtc aggaccagag atcccagcca agtgggtcgc     94860
     tcctagacga gatggttcag gtctgagttc ccagaagctg ttcccgtttg attgatttct     94920
     ctatacctct ctgatagcct tagacaacgt ctttaaaaat gtagacaagg ggctggagag     94980
     atggctcggt ggttaagagc agagactgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc aattcccagc     95040
     aaccacatgg tggctccacg tcatctgtaa tgggatctga tgcatccatc tggtgtgtct     95100
     gaagacagca acagtgtact catataaata ataaatagat aaaactttaa aaattaaaaa     95160
     ttaaaaaaat atatatagac aggcctgtgt tccacaagag tactttttag tggtctcagg     95220
     gtttttaaac ccctaggaga ccctctgcac ttggcaccat cgtagagacc ttgggtgctc     95280
     attctttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt tttgtttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg     95340
     tagccctggc tatcctggaa ctcactttgt agacctggcc tcgaactcag aaatctgcct     95400
     gcctctgcct cctgagtgct aggattaaag gcatgcacca ccatgcccgg cattgagtgc     95460
     tcattcttga tcagatggtg tgggttcaaa tcctcctctc acacttagta gctctgcaac     95520
     cttgagaaag ttatttgatg tcctaggact aaactgtgaa atagagaaaa taggaccaac     95580
     aaggccgggc catagataaa ggcatttgct gctgaccctg accacctgag tttggtcccc     95640
     agaaccaaca tgacagaagg attgaaccag ctccctcagg ttgtgctctg acttccacgt     95700
     gcacattcac tcacagagaa aatgttttta aaccagggaa cataacagta ccagagcgta     95760
     gagatgtgag catatccaca cccctgcgtt cccattgtgt gtgtgtagag atgtgagcat     95820
     gtccacaccc ctgtgttgtc attgtgtgtg tgtagagatg tgagcaggtc catacccctg     95880
     cattcccatt gtgtgtgtgt gttgctggct attgctgatg ccgctccctg aagcagagca     95940
     cattcgggta aatgttaaca gactaagtga gtgagttagt tattctagtg aagatgccaa     96000
     gcttagggtg gagcgacaca gccaacgtgt cccaggtgga ctgtagttac actgcagcac     96060
     tgatctctca accctcgagg cacaaagctc cagcttgtca cttctggcct caagcaacat     96120
     gtgcccagtg acacacaaac atcctccagg tatatcagtg tgaaggcaga gcatcatctg     96180
     gggtttcaag gttaaagtag gcagtctggg agagtcttaa ttttaatgat caagatggct     96240
     gtgtgggtaa agacacctgt aaccaagact aacaacctga tacatgggat ccacacagtg     96300
     aaaggcagga accaatccct gcaagccgcc aataaggtta agaaaggaaa acgcctcttt     96360
     agagaatctt aaggagacca aaagcagggg cagagggctc ctgacaggtc acatatgagg     96420
     gtctacaatg gaccatgttc tgtgctgcta ggacatagca agtcatgtct gtgtacagcc     96480
     tacagcacac agggctggtg cagccacccc aagccagaag agccacgtag aacccaggtt     96540
     acactgataa atggtgaagg acgtgagccc caggaagagg aagggcccca gcttctggga     96600
     gtaagcttca tatttgtgct ggggtttttt tttggggggg ggtgtcatcc tcacagcttg     96660
     ttagaaaata aatcagaaac agggaagact tggtctgagg acacggttag gtggctctga     96720
     gtgagaagta gcctgccttt ttatgagcag aggactcagg gtggatggag gtgccatccc     96780
     cgagatggaa atgttgtgaa ttctgttagg gacctgctgt ttgttccttg aggatggtca     96840
     atagtgccgg tggatggatg ggtctgagca caggatagac catggagtaa gcacagacaa     96900
     ccaggcagag agcctgcctg cctttgacgg gaagtgagtt cagtcagtga tggctcagtc     96960
     agtcagtaac ggctcggtca gcggattttt acttcacaag catcttgacc accatgcttc     97020
     tgtgcccacc attttgaatt aactctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagaga     97080
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagtcaca ctttccatag gaaccagctt aattctctga     97140
     agcagtgtct gtgtgctcct ggctggcctc gggccttgtt gatcacttgc aacaggaggg     97200
     agctgtgagg cttgctcttg tttttgtttt gttttgtttt gtttttgatg tgactttgtc     97260
     cattttctca gattggtgac ccagaaggaa atctgtgacc tcagtggtga ccagaagcca     97320
     acttcatgtc tgaaggcaca agtggcagtt tgtcatggaa agcctggggc tgcaaacggt     97380
     gaggctcagt gatgggacaa cagcctacgt ccagcaggct gtcaaaggtg agtgttctgg     97440
     ggaccttgga accctgcccg tcttccctgc tcacctgcct gctggccccc acctggtgca     97500
     gctttctgtg cctgcgaggg acttctgtgt gcacctgaca gaaaggggac tcgttagaat     97560
     tagggaccag catgtgcgag cctaggccgc ctactttcag acacccctgt tccagcttag     97620
     ggtgcttcct ggacagaggc agtccactgt cttgactgaa gtggatgtaa gtgctggggg     97680
     tgccgttctg agtctctgcc ctgtacaaga cactctaggc acagcagggg ccccacaaat     97740
     acaatttatg cctcagtgtc tgacaccagt gggcaccaaa taaacacact gggttcacgg     97800
     agagacttga atctcagata agtaatggtt cttcaggagt gtaggcctct cctcagacct     97860
     gcacggggca tgagtttata accatagcat tgaagactaa aacaactctc caggcatgta     97920
     agtacacgct gggggcacgg aggctctgtc agaggacctg agttgggttc ccagcaccta     97980
     tgatgggctg ctccagggaa tccaacaccc tcgtctgatc tctgaggtaa ctcacacaca     98040
     catagcatgc atacacacac acaccatgag catatagacc taaataaaag tagaaatgtt     98100
     aaaaagctgt ttatgaacag acaaggcctc ctctgcgcag acacttagga gtagacacgt     98160
     gttgggtttt ggagacctag ggtttggaat gttcgcatag atgtgagcct gcacttccct     98220
     aacctgctgg gagttcacgc actgcagact taggtttcag atgagggata gtcacactga     98280
     gagtttgtca tttgtgggaa acgcagactt aacagccatg gagagcccaa gcctgaagtg     98340
     ctgttgggca tgggtacctc tgggcagtgc tcctgcccac cgctctcaga cgtgccccgt     98400
     gtggtcttgg cctccgtgga cagaaacgct gcctcctcct tccttttcca gatcctggga     98460
     gcagcgctat cctcataacc acattgctgc ctccttcagt tcaacacacc taagaaaatg     98520
     tccaggccta ggtgtgcgga tgcctcgttt agtgctttgt catttaagtt atgtgggctt     98580
     tctttgtttt ctttgctttt gttgatgttt atttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct     98640
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaga tctacctgcc     98700
     tctgcctccc gagagctggg attccatgcc tggccaaaaa tttgtttctt gacaatgaag     98760
     tgagatagcc cttgatgtcg tcaacaagct cttgaggtgg cttcggaagg cctgtcatag     98820
     tctgtctagg atcgttctcc tgagaatgtg ttttctctag aatacttctg aagcccgtag     98880
     ctctctgtcc ctgcattgtc tgtcctgtcc ctacacctgt catggtgcag tctgggagag     98940
     aatttgggat ttctaggtgg ggctgtgctt tctccttaga ccctctcact tcccttgctt     99000
     cagctttcca cagagaatta ctagttaatg aattaaagcg gttggcagcc aaccctcaac     99060
     ctgtagtctc tgccttcggg agactaaggc aggtctgtct caaaagaaca gaatagcaaa     99120
     aaggcgagct gtctagcccc agaccactct tcttaaatct tttcttttaa agttatgtct     99180
     ttgcctcttc cacctctctg tttctctgtt tgtgactata tacattcaca catacacaca     99240
     cacatatata tataggtata tatgtatatg tgtgtatgtg tatgtatata tatatatgaa     99300
     tgtgtgtgta tatatatata tatatattac atttctttta ttttttatga atacactgtc     99360
     actgtctaaa gacatacagg aagagagcat cagatttcat tacaaatggt tgtgagccac     99420
     catgtaccat gtgggtgctg ggaattgaac tcaggacctt tggaagaaca gtgagtgctc     99480
     ttaaccactg agctgcctct ccagcccttt tgtttctctt tctcccatca ttcttctcag     99540
     gtctgtttct tacctcccac tgggttgcaa tatgtgtatc catgtgtgtg cacttaatca     99600
     cactcaaata aatgtagttg taaatctttt ttttaaaaat cttacatcag aataattact     99660
     tttactttta aactcagcct tactcaaaat cttaggacat gcatgatatt ctttgctaga     99720
     atgtaccatt cgtggtcctc tggtctgtcc ccactggagt cctgtcccct ctgaaggtgc     99780
     aggagcctaa tctcaactgc ccacttgcac ttggcatcct ggtcttttga actcacacag     99840
     gaaactgctt attaagttcc gcttacagca gcttaagcct tctctggctt gctgctccat     99900
     acttttccaa agtccttcca cagaaagttc ccaagaccta agatccacac tgccaggtca     99960
     cagccacatc cctcttctct ggcaccagtt cctttgcctt gctgggacaa cataaatacc    100020
     ttacgtgacc gatgtgaaag agagagggtt tactttggct catgtcttta aggtgttcag    100080
     tcctagtcat ttggccccat gtacttgagc agaacatcac tgtagacggg agcctctggg    100140
     ctgtaggaga gagctgttca cctcacggct gacaggaagg aggaaatgaa gcagaaacgg    100200
     gccaagggga aacacacaca cacacacacc ccacatgacc tccaaggacc aacttcttcc    100260
     agctaaaccc acctcctata gtttctagaa ctttctaaag caaaagggca tttgccattc    100320
     aaggttatgc ataactatgg agctgaggag tcacaactgt gcagagcacc agaacccatg    100380
     gagaatccct ctaggggtga gtttggggat tcccctgatg ggacaatgtc agcagatagt    100440
     tgagtcagaa gaggccagct gacgtttctc cttattgcag ggctcagttc ctgagctgaa    100500
     gaaagagtga acacatctcc tgcattgact tgtcagtctc cctgtctttc tttctgtcct    100560
     cactcccatt ctctcccaag agaacagcct gagcagggag cccttgagtc tgatcccaag    100620
     agcccactca ggtgtggtgg ctcattcaca cttaggtgtg aaggcaggaa gacaggagga    100680
     attcagggct atcctcagct ctatagtgag gataaagcca acctgggcaa cttgagaccc    100740
     ccatctaaga gaagagaaaa gagtccagga cacagtggcc tatacctgtg gtccccccaa    100800
     agcacaagag acgtaggcag gaggattgca atatgaggcc agcctgagcc acatatcaag    100860
     accctgcata aaataatcaa ggtttaggga tacacgttcc tggctgaagc ccttacctga    100920
     catgcaaagg ctaaaggttc agtcccagcc ctggaaagga agaaaaagcc tggcaggatg    100980
     cacactcctg taacctcagc atgtagaagg cagaaacagg agcttacaat gactttgaag    101040
     tcttcatttg tctggttagc aaactccagg ccagcatgga ctacagagca agatcctgtc    101100
     tcaaggaaag ctttggtggg tggggtggga gtggggcttg aggttgcata gatcaagtaa    101160
     ggaaacatgc tcacatgaca gtaaggtgag tcatagaccc cacccccaca gtagccacac    101220
     tcagcctagg cagatagctc actcatggag catgaaagtg tgagggcccg agttcaacct    101280
     tcagcaccca catcaaaagc tgggtgaagt ggcacgtgct tctaatcccc cagccaggag    101340
     gatccctggg gactctctgg cccgccagcc tatggaacct gggagctcct ggccagccaa    101400
     tgagagatgc tgtctcaaag gcaagggaag gcttattgag gaacatcacc caaggttgac    101460
     ctctggccta tgcacatgct catgtgcaca cacgtgcaca cacgtgcaca ctcaatgtgc    101520
     acacaaacgc cacacacata tacacacaca tgtacacgca caggcacatg aatccacacc    101580
     tctctatccc ttcacttcca tttctttcgt ttgttttttg ttgctgtttt tcaagaagga    101640
     tctcttgtag cccaggctag tttcaagttc aaactgtagc agaggctggc cttgacctcc    101700
     tgtgcctcct ccaccacttc ccaagtgctg ggattgtaga tgaacaccac caatctggct    101760
     cccattgctt ttactctgcc tgtggggctc accagcgtga aggctgcagc ctatggaggg    101820
     ctgagtgtgt tcctgcctgc tctctgtgag ctcactcaag tccacagcca ctgcattagg    101880
     aagagacaac tattcaaagg agcatgcagc cgagactcaa gctgagtatg ggcgcaggct    101940
     tacacactcg ggaggtcagt cctggcccca gagtacattg tggctatcac ccctaccaca    102000
     gcatgtcaca gtggaggccc cagattttgg cacactgtta cagggggaat gaggaaatct    102060
     gttttaactg ttagttggct gtgtatctga atttcttggc atttgggaat cctccctggt    102120
     ttcaggatat tctttgttct ccatttagct cagtctgggc agctcaccgt tagatcagaa    102180
     gttcccgtct tcacaggcct gggtagtaag aaaggaaatt gcttcttgca gagtggcaga    102240
     taaagttact tcatggcagg atgtttctcc tcagggcctc cagactgagg cttaagaggt    102300
     ggcgaaggga acgtggtgga tgttcccatg cttggaccat aggcaaggat gcagagactc    102360
     aaataggcat ctgccacagc gggcaagcac gtggtgggcc tctgccagcc tggtccactt    102420
     ctctgcttct acgtccccag gggagaagct gcttgaaggg caagtgatcc agctggagga    102480
     cgggaccact gcgtacattc accaggtgac gatacagaaa ggtgaggcgc cccagacacc    102540
     catgtggagg gaggtctggc agccccaagt gccctccatg gccacaagct ccagaggagg    102600
     actggcattg ctctccttgc agagtctttc tcctttgaag atggtcagcc cgtgcagctg    102660
     gaagacggca gcatggccta catacaccac acacccaaag gtgggcccgt gggcatcgtg    102720
     gctggtgggg agggaagagg cttggggtga gcacaagcac cctcttccca gagataagac    102780
     ccagctaacc tggagaacag ccttgcatag cttccctggg cagaccacgg gcgtggggca    102840
     gggagtcttg acatcagcgt aggtgctgta ggcgctggta ccttgtcaca ccaggggaag    102900
     gacactcact catctttaac agtaggtgta gtgaccatgg gagctcctaa ctactaaaga    102960
     gtaaacgctt aggctgggtg tgctggtcac gcctttaatc ccacactcag gaagcagggc    103020
     aggaggatct gtgtgagttc gaggccagcc tagtctatat aagcgagtct aggacagcca    103080
     gggctctgtt acacggagaa atcctgtctc gaaaaagtaa aaaccaacca accaaataac    103140
     agacaaacaa acaaacaacc aacaaacaag gaagagagga agggggaggg agggagggag    103200
     ggagggaggg aggaagggag ggagggaaag gagtgatcat tgtctggccg cagtctctgt    103260
     cagtgtggga gcatacacag cagaacagag tcagacagcc ctgccccctg cagctcagct    103320
     gtgatgggtg aatggcacac tgagcagaac cagagtgagc gcctctgagc aagggtggat    103380
     agactcacca ggggcggctg tgtgagctgc tcccccttct gaccacgcct ttttgcacaa    103440
     gaaattttat gcatccctag ataatatagt tatgtaaaat tgctatacaa ataccaataa    103500
     gaatcataaa gaaatttaca actcttggcc tggagaggtg actcagtagt taggagcgca    103560
     tactgctctt acaggagacc caggcttgat tcccagcacc cacaaccagg cggcatacaa    103620
     tggcctgcag ctccagtttc acaggatctg gtgttctctg gcctcctcag cctcctgtac    103680
     acaatgatgc acatcaactc acacaggcac tcttacacac gcatgcatac atttttaaat    103740
     cctaaaacgc caagttcttt gacagttccg ccttcactgt gattgaagac aaatacagat    103800
     tcacatgctg aggtctcggc taaatgggcc ccaggatgat gacagatgcg agctgtagag    103860
     catcttcaac agtgcagacc tgactgaagc tcaatgcccc atcacattgc gcagtgactg    103920
     atggcagcag cgtgtttaga gccatctcac tatcctatcc cagaccagaa ttcacttaac    103980
     agtttttata aaattcaaac tggcaatcca aactgcaggt ttttttttta attaattaat    104040
     ttatttattt attatataca agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacacacca gaagagggca    104100
     tcagatctca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga    104160
     cctctgggag agcagtcagt gcccttaact gctgagccat ctttccagcc cccaaattgc    104220
     aatttttgtt gttgttgttg ttttgttttt tcaagatagg gtttctttgt atagccctgg    104280
     ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cccctgcctc    104340
     tgcctcctga gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg cgccaccacg tacaaaaact gcaatttcta    104400
     aaaatcaaac ctatagcata atatagccca aaggtagact gatttgattc ttgttgagca    104460
     atgactttag gaaaatacta tattattatt ttccattaaa caataatgat tctgtaagag    104520
     tagaaagtgc gtgcaaataa cacagaatca gatctgaggt gtttcagtgg tggttggttt    104580
     gtgttgtgtg gcttgttagc atgcagaatg caaagtgtgt gtaccatgtt tagaactgag    104640
     gctgaacacg tgaggtcaca tgacacaaaa ctagcagccc ctcagaaata ccccaggttc    104700
     actgaacatt ttgttttgca tcagttttta gctgatgccc attcagagac attcagggat    104760
     gcccagcttt tcacagctcc aacatcccat tgaatagagc cacatggggt cacttatcca    104820
     ctgtctaagc atcgggagct tagggaagag gagtggcagg gtaggaccgg ccagtgcggg    104880
     gaggtaacct ttactggagc aatagggctg ggagacccag caaggagatg agagccaggg    104940
     ccagggtgag tccagcccat cagaatagag atttgggttt tcatcctaag actaaatgat    105000
     gtggggtgag gactggccag tgtctgggca ggaagccctt gggagaatct ggttagtgtg    105060
     ccctgggagg ccttgtgctt gtgagaggca gtcctagttg gaccaatgag aggaagtcac    105120
     cacaatgagg ccccctgaag agacttcgca cggctcccct ctggtgtact ctctgatcat    105180
     catctaaagc cagggtctca gctgagtgtc cccgcgtgct attaggccta acctcgtgtg    105240
     ccctgtagag ggctgtgacc ccagcgccct ggaagctgtc cagctggaag acggttccac    105300
     tgcctacatc catcaccctg tgcctgtgcc gtcggacagc gccatcctgg ctgtgcagac    105360
     ggaggcgggc ttggaggacc tggcagcgga agacgaggaa ggcttcggca cggacacagt    105420
     ggtggccctg gagcagtatg ccagcaaggt gagaacctgg ctccgccact tgcccaccac    105480
     ctcttggcgc taccaaaacc ctacttctct ggccaagggt agtggtccat gctagaatcc    105540
     cagtccttgg catgtggaga caggagctta aagccatctt gaaccacaca agatcctatc    105600
     tcaaaccaaa acaatttcac tctctagaaa acagtggtgg gtctgtgctt gggctcattc    105660
     tgggctaccc tggcctcagc ccatctgctc cagctcttcc tcagcccatc tgcccccgcg    105720
     cctcccactg ctcttctctc ctttcccccc actggggcca gacagacaga cagctgtgca    105780
     ctgacccttg ttttgccctc tgagaaggga aggctgctgt agggacagtg gtttctgagt    105840
     ggcaggaagt gagcaccagc cacctcaagc tgcagtgaca atcctctgct cattgggaaa    105900
     gctctgcctg tgccttttca ttagttttcc catccagtaa agtaagatgc cgctatattt    105960
     attgcttctc tgagactgac ttagacactg gggaataaag ccagcaggca gtgagcaggc    106020
     ctgtgcacca gagctgctgg ggctctggga aagggagcct gatgagagga gccctggtta    106080
     cctgctgagg acagagacct gtgagtcaag gctagaccac agagccttgg atggatgggg    106140
     cagagttaac caaacaccaa ttaacctgca agccgggagg gtttagtttt ctaagtttct    106200
     tagttttcct ctaaaagagg aaatttttat gtctcttcaa aaggaagcac aaaatttact    106260
     acaggcccct ctggctacac ctccagcccc tgtgccgtag ggtatgtttt ttttttttta    106320
     aagatttatt tatttattat atgtaagtac accatagctg tcttcagaca caccagaaga    106380
     gggcgtcaga tcttgttaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact    106440
     ctggaccttg ggaagagcag tcgggtgggg tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctcaccagc    106500
     ccctgccata gggtatgtta aaggccagat gtgaaacaga aagagaacta ggctttatca    106560
     aaagcaagag cctcgaggtc agggctggct ctgccaccgc ctactccagc cgtgggtaag    106620
     agctcagtgg aaccaggtga tttcagaagt cacttccacc tgtgactcca gcccatgatc    106680
     atggtgcttg ctccgaagca aggtctcctt tgaggagaag aagacatgct gatcagcccc    106740
     agcatcctag gtgtatggtc agcaggggtt ctaactcagc ctagctcagg gcaaccctgc    106800
     tacccaggag attctgctag ataccccgaa tacccagcct ccctgctcca tcagggctgc    106860
     accatcagga cttcatgtca gcctcgtgga gtctgctagc tgtccctgtc tagatgtgta    106920
     tctctgcctc aggtgcactc tctcacacac atcatagatg tatgtttgta tatatctatg    106980
     tatatacata tgtgtgtata catacacaca ctaataaaaa tcaatttatc aaaaggagtt    107040
     tcagttttgt cccctccctt ccagaaccac ctgagtccag cctttagcca caggagctat    107100
     gctgtggggt ttggatgagt gtttgaaccc ttagttccca gttggtgaca ctgggaactt    107160
     ttaaaagggg cagcgggagg tgtgccactg ggtgtggcct ttgagattta aagcccctcc    107220
     catgccactt tctttctttc cgggggtttt tgcttgtgct gggaaactga gctctctgct    107280
     tctctgttcc tgccccgtgc agggttaatt ctgttcttcg ggtcttaggc tctcagctgg    107340
     gtcttgtgtc ctcccttctc atcccctcgg gagtacatac agcaacacta agatggttgg    107400
     tttttggttt ttggtttttt ggttcttcga gacagggttt ctctgtgtaa ccctggctgt    107460
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc    107520
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc accacatccg gcattgtttt ttttttttcc    107580
     ctcaggttct gcacgatagc cctgcttccc acaatggcaa agggcagcag gttggagacc    107640
     gagctttccg ctgtggctac aagggctgtg gtcgtctcta caccactgcc catcacttaa    107700
     aggtaaggct ggcaggtggc tttgagcccc gcctcttccc tgtaagactg ctctggcgcc    107760
     accctggccc ctccccatgt cacctgcagg agggaagatg cacatgcaca gaagtgtcca    107820
     catagaaagc tgggacacag agtgtgggag ggaagagaac cagcggactc agccagtccc    107880
     atccctgagc tacgggtttg ctttccctcg caggtccacg aacgagctca cacaggggac    107940
     cgcccataca ggtgtgactt tcccagctgt ggaaaggcct ttgcaacagg taacatatct    108000
     ggatgaaggc aaggtctgaa accagttgac agcaaagggt tctagatcta cttggggacc    108060
     tcacaaaggt ggccaagcac agactgtgct gtcccagaga gaccactgag gtgtctctga    108120
     aggacctttg gaagaggctg gggcacagga gagaggcctg tctcttgtat cagctctggc    108180
     agccaccagc tgtaggctgc tgaagcctgt ggcttctctg gctttgtttg ctctgggaaa    108240
     caagggccct cgggctcagc ttctctaggc tccctctgag attcatgctc tggaatgtct    108300
     ccgtctggcc ttacaaagcg tcccagggca ctgtgggctt ttccttggca ggatgggtca    108360
     ggggctgtcc tgggcctgtg gagcatcctg gaacatcact taggatagag agcctctaag    108420
     gcaggcaggc agggatgagg cttcgctgac cactcttctt atatcacacc acacatggac    108480
     aggctatggg ctaaaaagtc atgttcgtac tcacacgggt gagaaaccat acaagtgccc    108540
     agaggagctg tgcagcaaag ccttcaagac ctcaggggac ctgcagaaac acgtgcggac    108600
     ccacacaggt aggctgggcc ctgctgcccc atccccaggg gctcactctg cttttcagat    108660
     tgaggcccag agcccagagc tgtcctttct tgctctggcc ctcctgagct gtccctcaat    108720
     cccctgtctg cacaggtgag cgcccattcc ggtgcccttt tgagggctgt ggccgctcct    108780
     tcaccacatc aaatatccgc aaggtacatg tgcgcaccca cacaggcgag cggccctaca    108840
     cctgccccga gccccactgt ggtcgtggct tcaccagcgc caccaactac aagaatcatg    108900
     tgcgcatcca tacaggtggg ccagctggtg tgtgaggagc ccctccccag accccacctc    108960
     ccccttctgt gggcttctga tcggggacct ctcagctcca gccttctctg ccagccagcc    109020
     actccaggct gggcaggggt gggtacccca aatgctgtct cacctaccat gagcagtgcc    109080
     ccattggtag ctgggtctag tccgacagtc ctgttcgcct ctgtagagta ggacagctcc    109140
     tagccgcact tggatggaaa tgtcacctgt gtctccttca agcatctact ctgcacgtga    109200
     ctctggggtc cagtctccag tgccagcccc tgtctagctt cccgccatct ctcagccatt    109260
     tctcccatcc tgacactgtg ttctttaccc cactgtctct cctcttatgc ctgcaactct    109320
     tagccccgta ccccaccatt gcagtgtctg ccctcactcc ccttctctaa gtgcccctta    109380
     ctctttccac cttgtctctg ggtgcggagg tcccaatctc gtgccctcct gtcttccaca    109440
     ggccatcttc cccaactcct gcccccaagt ctcagttctc agccctttcc cctggctttc    109500
     ctgtcaccag tcctgtcccc aaccctatcc ccttagcttc ccccttgcca gccccagttc    109560
     ccacccccct cacagcccag tgtccccagg ggagaagcca tacgtttgca cggtgccagg    109620
     ctgcggaaag cgctttacgg agtactcgag cctgtacaaa caccacgtgg tgcacacaca    109680
     ttgcaagccc tacacgtgca gtagctgtgg caagacctac cggcaaacct ccaccctggc    109740
     catgcacaag cgcagcgcac acggggagct ggaggccacg gaggagagcg agcaggccct    109800
     gtatgagcag cagcagctgg agggtgaggg agcagagagt gggaggcagg gccacagagc    109860
     ctctccggac atctagcatc gagtaacagt ctaggctctc ttttcctagc cgcctctgct    109920
     gctgaggaaa gccccccacc caaaccaacc cacattgctt acctttcgga agtgaaggaa    109980
     gagagcagtg ccatcccaac ccaagtagcc atggtgacgg aggaggatgg gccccctcag    110040
     gtggctctga tcactcagga cggtacccag caggtagaag ccctggggat gggtggagca    110100
     gtctcccaat ggcccctgag gtcctcggcc tcacctccac ccaagcacct gttttgcctt    110160
     tatgggcttt agagagctag atctgagggg accagtgtgt cacccagccc tgctcctccc    110220
     agtgtcctca tctgaatgac atgcctgtgc ttaagtgggg tcacatcagg tctcgaggat    110280
     cttgaagtca gaagtctgcc agtgttgtgg ccacagagta ccttgcccct tggccatacc    110340
     tcattgtcta gtgtgcctct ttctactagg gtgaagagga aggcacgcta ggtggaggcc    110400
     ctgacctgca tgcagggggt tacagaggca aagtagtggg aggtgcaagt gccagagaga    110460
     ggccttgctg ctgcttctgt agccgtggcc ctgcgctgtg ccagtgccca agcccagtgc    110520
     tcccacccct gactccagct catgtccctc ctgtctgcag gtcagcctgt ccccagaaga    110580
     cctgcaggcc ctggggagtg ccatcagtgt ggtgacacag cacggcagca ccaccctcac    110640
     catccccggt catcatgaag aactagccac atctggcaca cacacggtca ccatggtcag    110700
     cgctgatggc acgcagactc agcccgtatg accaggcact ttccttgttc tctgtgtaac    110760
     cttgtcatgg gggtcagagg gcattacatg cacagaccaa accatccaag atttcatgag    110820
     acaaagacac cataaaagtc tccctgccag gcctagtggt atgagcctgt agttgtagct    110880
     aaggcaggag gaccacaact ttaaggtcag tctgggcaaa gcaaagtatg gggtacagct    110940
     cagtcataga gctgccatct ggcatgtgtg aagtcctagg ttcagttccc aagactcaac    111000
     cacccagact atttatttat ttatttattc attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc    111060
     agacactcca gaagatagca ttatagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt    111120
     gaactcagga cctttggaag agcagttggt gctcttaacc actgagccat ctcaccagac    111180
     cccaacctcc cagactttaa agtcacccct caaaggccag gtgtggtggt acacaccttt    111240
     aatcccaaca ctctggaggc agaggcagga aagcatctgt gagttcaagg ccagcctgat    111300
     ctatattata acaatttcta ggaccacaaa gagagaccat gtctcaaaca acaaacaaat    111360
     ccagtcccct agggctggag agatggctca gcggttaaga gcaccgactg ctcttctgaa    111420
     ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtgcctcac agccatctgt aatgagatct    111480
     gataccctct tctggggttt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaataaat    111540
     aaattttaaa aaacaaaaaa ataaaaaacc agtcccctca gcaaccttca tccttaaaag    111600
     cctttggcag gcagctccag gcagcgtatc tgccataggt gtactccctg cgatttggaa    111660
     ctaagacagc tccgggtcag cctggacagc ttactcaaaa acacaaagca tgggaaggac    111720
     tgggtgtagc ttggtggctc tgaacaccaa gtccctaagt tcagtcccca gtgctgtctc    111780
     taccaacctg acagcctgca agaaaatcgt gcaaactaaa gagaaaaatg caatcacaat    111840
     cacctccaca gcgcagtgac cttgtccgtc ccgtctgtgc tgccccagcc atggagcagg    111900
     tgcaaggtct tctgcttctg tgtctccagg tcacaatcat tacctctggg gccttggtga    111960
     ctgaggactc aagcgtggcg tctcttcatc accaacaggt ggcgctgttg gccacagcca    112020
     acggaacaca catcgcagtg caggtgggct gaagactgga gggagaggga gcctgaaagg    112080
     gagtgggggt ggggggcgtg ggcagtgagg gagagctcag gccccctctg cctatacaag    112140
     gagactgggg agtccttcac cttggggtgg ctgaggcagc acctgtgctt cacgcttagt    112200
     ctctccacct gggagacaga gaagctggag cgaatcctct ctaaggcgtt ttccagccag    112260
     ttgctgttct gtgagccagc tgatgtctaa cacagagtag cctgtggtct gcccaggacg    112320
     tgcctaacag ggctctttac cagggagttt tcctctagta gagccctaat aagaaagagc    112380
     ctttaacccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggtggatct ctgagtttga ggccactcac    112440
     tacagagtga gtttcaggac agccagggct acacagagaa acctgtctcg aaaaccaaac    112500
     caaccaaggg agtgggtgga gcacacaggt ctgtggggtc tggaagggag gaactgacct    112560
     ctccccctgc tgcacctctc cacagctgga ggaccagcag accctggagg aggccataag    112620
     cgtagccact gctgctatgc agcaaggggc tgtgaccctg gaaaccacag agagcggctg    112680
     ctgagcccaa gaggaccagc tcccacacca cactggagaa ggctccatgc tcacaggcag    112740
     ccctgcctcc ggggccccca gccacagctg accccaagaa gatggccgca taggcctcag    112800
     gggtgatgag gcaacaggaa aatggcctct agtggaaagg tctgtgggct acacccaaga    112860
     tgagggccag gcagcaggca gtcgacactg agcttggtca ccaggctgcc agacacctgc    112920
     gtccctccct tggcaggata ttattcctgc tctgtccact cccttcctca gggaggtggt    112980
     gactaggtgg acgaggactg gcctccaccc tggctgctag taccaccagg ggaaaggccg    113040
     acagctttca gcccagcgcc tcccagcaat aaccgtctcc tggggctacg gtggccaaga    113100
     tgcctagcca cttggcacca gggacttccc accaccacag tcagaattaa ttcctcaggg    113160
     gcctgtggct ggagtgaagg tgcctcttcg cttgtctgtg gcagagaggc aagcgagtgg    113220
     cctgtaccca gactgctggg gactgggttt catttgtttt gtggtttggg tttttaatcc    113280
     tattttgata attttttttc ctgctctggg tggtggtggc aaacgggcgg atgagtattt    113340
     aataaaagtt gcaagtttcc acctgggctc ctccatcatt tcagtgctgg tccctggtgg    113400
     cagggctggc caagctccag cctgctttcc tagccctgcg tggcctcagc gcccacccat    113460
     gcagcaggtg gctctccatg ggtccaggca ggaagaggcc ctaagagagg tgagctctgg    113520
     gacccgctgg taggcttttg cccacaccta cgccaaacag gacccgagtg gctgtgcttc    113580
     ttcctgggct gtggctgaat ctggggtaat gcccgggctg ccagaattct gggtcttctg    113640
     ccttgccatc attgaacaga gcctggaccc ttccttccct gccaccatca ctacatacaa    113700
     cctcaccagg gttccagtga cttcttccca gtgctaacat cccggctctg taacccagtt    113760
     agggggcagg atgtctaagt tcatgccgtg agaccccaaa gacacagggg gaccccgcta    113820
     aagaaccccc aaaaagaacg tcagaaggcc agagcagcca cagctggaca ggttctggca    113880
     cctcatgaag agcagctata atgctaccca cagctgtgta ggaacactgt gggaactgtg    113940
     ggagcctctc cctccctcct cgtcatctct ctgtatgatg ctctcatgag cccccagccc    114000
     cttcctgctg acagagccag gaaatcaggg accaagtgca taagattatc ctctcctggg    114060
     acacctaagg aagccctcat ttgctgttgc tcagctggga tcttttctct cctcctcctc    114120
     ctcttcctct cctcctcctc ttcttcctcc tcctcttcct cctcctctct tcctcttccc    114180
     cctctcctcc tcttcttctt cctcctcttc ctcctcctcc tccttcttcc tctctctctc    114240
     tctcttcctc tctctctctc ccctcccttc ctccctcccc ccttctgggc ttttttatag    114300
     tttgtttttg agacagaact gttcttcata gcctaggtgg tctcaaactc atcccaaggt    114360
     tttagaactc caagtgagga gcaagtggag gggctgggta tatgcccctg tgagtgagta    114420
     ggtggatggg tggagcacaa ctccagaatt agcttccact gacttcattg aaatttaatg    114480
     gccaccatga tctgtgtggg cattgcatct gaagaagtgg aggctgctga agagggctct    114540
     gcccatggcc tgccctgccc ctgactggat ttctgacgtg agccccactg tcaaggtcac    114600
     cctgtgtgcc taaatacagg ctctggtgtc ttgaaagcca tcaagtacaa agtgggcagt    114660
     attctgaagt ttcttttaga gccaaggccc ggggaggggg aaacagcaaa ccaaactgcc    114720
     aaggcaccct gtcgtggaga agcggagaag cagctggctc tgtccttcct ccgctgggtt    114780
     gcttttgctt gggtagaact ctgcactgag cttctgctgg gtggctctaa agaaatatcc    114840
     tgtcccgggc ctacagggcc tacagttttc tttctgtcca gtctcaggca cccacacagc    114900
     tctgtgaggt aggaacgtac taagagtaga ctgttggggc taactcatcc aatcgcttcc    114960
     acttggtaag cttgactcct gatcctgtgt ccctccaagt ctggaagggc ctgcttcctc    115020
     tctctagagc taccactggg agcctgggaa gatcctgagg caagcaggct tctaaagtga    115080
     ctatctgtgc tgagggagcc agggcccaaa ggagggctcc agctctggga gggtcagccc    115140
     tggaagcaga gcgtggcgag agcagctggc taggccctgg aagcaagagg gaacaggcag    115200
     gtggagctct cgctccgctc tgcaccaggg cctctctgcg gtctgcagcc gtttgcattt    115260
     cctgaaaccg gatcttggtg tcagagccgc ccctgggccg gggcgggcgc ctcagccatg    115320
     gccctgcgca aggagctgct caagtctatc tggtacgcct tcactgcact ggacgtggag    115380
     aagagcggca aggtctccaa gtcccaactc aaggtgagtg gcatccttgg ggctcagggg    115440
     aggctgactc aacgtgccag ctcccacccc agagagtcag ccacggaagc ctttgctact    115500
     ggcagacacc ttgccatcca gcagccctgg ccccgggtgg agcgctgacg gggccacaaa    115560
     ggcagcgtag ctcagtggat gctccccaga gggctcatgc caccagaagc cactgtctag    115620
     aaccaagtac cctgactgga cagacagtag aggtggcatc acgaggttcc gagattgagt    115680
     agccaggccc cttcccgggc tccttgtggg ttccccagcg tcatgcttgg gcacgtaccc    115740
     tgctcctccc tgtggcttcc tcatggcttt gaagaaaaac agttagtgct tgcccttggc    115800
     tctgagagcc tcctccattt gcaaagcaag ctggcgactt gaagcaagcg gtaatgtggg    115860
     ccacctatca gcgcaggaac agaacaggtt gggagattta tcttataaga cctcgggctg    115920
     agggtgtcgg ggaagccggg tctgagaaaa cctcttccgt gaccacacac acacacacac    115980
     acacacacac acacactcta ctcaccccca tcatcttaaa accattaggc ctggacagtt    116040
     ccaaggagcg gaaggagctc tctccttcct gggtaggtgt cttcttccca ggggagaatg    116100
     taggagaaac cagcagaagt ctaggctgct ggagccaggg agtgttgggc caagtgtcag    116160
     agtagcctca accctgctag ggatccagtc actctctgta aatactttac ctggagcacc    116220
     acaggaggct gtgtctgcct cccactcgcc cctcaagatc tgggtattta caatttccac    116280
     tgttcacaac catgatagga accctgggag gcagatggca cagaacaggc atggcccacc    116340
     tctgtctcaa ctccgacatt gctgaagctg ggtcctatga acttagaagc tctagccagc    116400
     tccatctacc cagctgagct ggctttctga gcatctaatg actaaggttc tactgcccca    116460
     ggaaagagag tccagtacca cctctggttc cctagagagg caaggttagc ccttcccatg    116520
     tctgcccagc tctcgtcacc gagttgagtt ctgcccagaa agaaaaacag gtcatccaga    116580
     caccaatcct gtagaaactg tgcccccccc ccccacacac acaccttccc ccaaaccctg    116640
     tctctttagt actccaccac atggcttctt gctcccaaga tactatgttc catctctgtg    116700
     acttctgacc cctctccagg ctctctgtgt gccttgtgtg catagtgtgc agcccttggt    116760
     gtcatcagtt agaaaggcct cccaattaga gccccccccc ccgttagctt ctgaccagcc    116820
     ccttcctgcc ccactcccac tccccaatgc ccacaggttg ggaatttctg gggaagaacc    116880
     tctgagcgca tataccctta aactgtgctc ctccctgctc gaatcgagcc ctcttgtagt    116940
     gacatctctg gccagaaaca gtaaatgtca ctcacatctg cctcacagga aacctgtcca    117000
     ctctcaaact aacactgaga gttttggggc catgtgaatg agaggcagaa atgtcaggac    117060
     ccttgcatgt gagggaaggg tccccccccc ccaacctggg ccaatgtggt ggatgctggg    117120
     ccgggaggga agtaatgaca ttgctggagg tggggagagt cagagaggag gaatggagaa    117180
     gtggtcagaa ggtggaggaa gaagcagagg acagagatag gctagcaggg tacacccagt    117240
     ctcctgtgga tgtagggggt gagggctcgg gcttagctgg ttttaagaat atggttcaca    117300
     gccttggtgg cctctgatgg ggacaggcag gaaactgtat aaccccccca accccagatc    117360
     acactgagtc tgagttgcct cttctcccct ccgaatgctt atggagggct gctttggttg    117420
     gcctggtgca tcctgggggg ggccagaggg ggagggggag gggctgggct gagaaaagcc    117480
     caggtgggac acacctggat gtggtggcac acctgtgatc ccaggacttg aggttgaagc    117540
     acgacactcc agggattgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa    117600
     aaagaagaag gagaagaaga aggaggagga ggaggagaaa gaaggaggag aaggagaaag    117660
     aaggagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa aaacgaatgt    117720
     agaggacaga gagggaggga ggttttttgg ggggggggca gggctgggtg cgggagaaac    117780
     aagatttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttggttttt ccagacaggg tttctctgtg    117840
     tggccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcattctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc    117900
     acctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctaggatt aaaggcgtgt gccaccacgc ccggctacaa    117960
     gatttcttct atgaagtctc ttatttgctt ttttggtttc gtttgttttg ttatgatttt    118020
     aaaatttttg tttagttagt taggtggtgg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt tgagacagga    118080
     tttctctgtg cagccctggc tgtcctggga ctcactttat agaccaggct ggccttgatc    118140
     tcacagagat ccatctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcta tttatttatt    118200
     tccatattat tgcatttgct tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtggg ggggtatgtg    118260
     tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtatgtgtga gtgtgtatgt gaggggtgtg tgtatgtatg    118320
     tatgtgtgtg tatgtgtgag tgtgtatgta tgtgtgcatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtatg    118380
     tgtgagtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtatatgtg tgtatgtgta tgtgtgtgtg    118440
     tatgtgtgag tgtgtatgta tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtatg tatgtgtgag tgtgtatgtg    118500
     tgtgggggta tgtgcgtgta tgtgtgtgta tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatgtg tatgtgtgtg    118560
     tgtatgtgtg agtgtgtatg tatgtgtgtg tgtatgtatg tgtgagtgtg tatggggggg    118620
     tatgtgtggt gtgtgggtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtggtgac tacagtgcac atgtgaaggt    118680
     cagaggacag cttagggagc caggcctctc ctcccaccag gtgggtccca gatactgaac    118740
     tggagttgct gggctgggac aagcaccctc acctgctgag ccttcctccc tcattgcttt    118800
     agaaagtcca acttttgtct agtttgctat gaatggtgaa aatggaccag tgagaagagc    118860
     tgtcctgccc aggcagactc agactgggag gtcttgccac agtatcttgc cttaaatccc    118920
     agaactcagt gtagcccagg ctagccttaa acattcctgc ctcttccaag tgcagggact    118980
     aacggcctgt gccaccatgc ctggctgcat cttttaagag aatgactcga aacctatgca    119040
     gaggtcacac ctatgatccc agcacttggg gggagccagg ggggtgcgtt gctgagtcag    119100
     gaggattgct gagaagttgg ggccagcctg agctacagtg taagatccta tctcaaaaaa    119160
     aagaacaaac cctgtttagg agagagatta ttcatgcttt gtgaggtcac tgcctgctgc    119220
     ttccatgggg ttcccacttt gtgttcatct ccccagcccc tgttagacag gggtccagga    119280
     tctgaactgg gcactgcaga gccacaactt ccaatcttgt ggtcagtgta gacatggcag    119340
     ctaatttctc ccaggtccct ccaggagagc atcacccaca cccacacagg aaggagcaaa    119400
     cacatagaac cttctacgcc cagggctgcc cactttgaag tcagggaccg agggactcca    119460
     gatgacagcg tatgaaaaat acagacacct agaccccacc cccggaaact gtgagtcagg    119520
     gaggggtagg tctttcagtt tcacctgctc cagtcaagac ccagaggggg cctcggagct    119580
     agaccctggc catgtcactt cctcccaaag cctccatttc cttacctgtg aagctcagat    119640
     aatgagctcc ctacctcctg gcccagggtt gattgagatc ttgcagtgag ctcctgccca    119700
     ctgctacccc acccctgccg tttcctttcc tgtctggtcc cacccctcac cccacctcag    119760
     gagtaggaaa gtctagcagt ctgaggtcag cctctctgtg cagagggccc caagtgtcta    119820
     gagccccaag tcccacctca tccagacaac tgacagcccc ggtcctggac tcggcaaagt    119880
     cagtcacaaa aggatgagga acctgtaatg ttaggaggat gcgagtgaac acccaaggga    119940
     gggaacagac ctggggatgc atctgagctg atggaggcct tgcctaagtg catccacgtg    120000
     tgtcccatcc caggattggg ttaatccggc actgcctaaa cggggcatgg cacagaacat    120060
     gattggatgg aagaggcaag aggatcagga gttcaaggtc atacagaagg agtctgaggc    120120
     gagcccagac tagctgagag cttgcctcga gaaacaaaac aggaatggac tggagagatg    120180
     gctcagtggt taagagtaaa gaacccgatg tcctttggtg ttgaacagct tcctcgtaag    120240
     tccagttcta taaacaagta agatgatatt gacctttaac ctcagcacta gaacactgag    120300
     gtagaaagac tggaaggcca gcttaggcta cagagtggca tcctgtctca aatgcccctc    120360
     ctcgattttc tttctgtcag atttaaacaa cagaccggct ggcaggcact cagcaggtta    120420
     acacatctgc tgccaagcct tacggcccga gtcgcatcct gggcaccacc ctcacccccc    120480
     aatccttgtt gcaagagaac tgactcccca taagttgtcc tctgagctcc acacaagagc    120540
     tgctaaaata atagatttgg aaaacaaagt gcacccttaa cagctatcat tactccgcct    120600
     ggttattaag ttgtgctctg aaatgatctt gggctgccct gtttgtgaat ttctgggtgt    120660
     cacccattca gaacttgtca gccaaaccct ttccccagag ttcagttgat gtcctctctg    120720
     gatctgtgtt gactctctta gtgactcata agagctgtga gctgtttgcc cctcccatcc    120780
     cccactcctc ccaaccccac cacctcaaat aagtaaatgt taaaacaaac accttagagg    120840
     tgactctaga agcactagct gcttctccag aggactcaag gtctggctca caacagtctg    120900
     taactgcagt tccaggcgat ctgacgccct cttctggccc gtgcaggcac tgcatgcaca    120960
     tgatgcacag gcatatatgc aggcaaaaat aaccatacat ttaaaataca attttaatcg    121020
     ttttttttta gattatgttt atttaagacc taggaatgac taagtagtta agagctcata    121080
     ttctcttgaa gaagacctga ctgaggttgg cttccagcgc ccacatcaga tagatggctc    121140
     acagtgtata taattccagc tccaggaagt ctgctgtcct tctctggcct ctgagggtac    121200
     ctacggttat ccgaacatac ccacacataa gtgcatgcgc gtgcatgtgt gcacacacac    121260
     acacagagac atcacacaaa aagtcaaata aaccttcata gaatggaaaa aaaaagaatt    121320
     gaattctggg tcaaaggtca catccgattt aaaagattat atttttgttg ttgttgttgt    121380
     tggtggtggt ggtggtgatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcattta    121440
     tgagtgtggg taccttcaga ggccagatga ggatccagat gtcctaaggt acaggcagtt    121500
     gtgaactgcc tgatacagat gtcgggaact gagcttaggt tctgtggaag agcagccagt    121560
     gctcctagcc actgagccac ctctgccgcc cacacccact tttaaattga gagattcctg    121620
     aactccatga agatgtctaa tttagccagt gatgatggta gcacactgct gtattctcag    121680
     cattgggatg taaacaggag gaccttgaga tcaaggttat atttggttaa ttgtgagttt    121740
     aaggtcagcc ttggctacat atacataact cacaccctgg tggtaggtta ttcaagctcc    121800
     catttcctca gtatttgctg ataccgtctt ttgcattttt gacaaatagg tttttaaaaa    121860
     agcaaaccac tttccacact gggcaggaac tcacattcat tgcgtgcaga gctgagcctg    121920
     gctctgcatc tctgtcatct cctgccttat catccacagc agctatagcc cattttattg    121980
     aaaacaaaac caaggctcag agcgtgaagg gctttatcca agatcacaca tgccttccca    122040
     tgttccctgt cctcactaga gggtagccat ttggctgggg ctttgcagga agcatcctca    122100
     aataggcact ttgagaagag acacagcaga tgagagtaag accttttttt ttttttttaa    122160
     agatttattt atttatttat tacatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acactccaga    122220
     agagggagtc agatctcatt acggatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga    122280
     acttcggacc ttcggaagag cagtcgggtg ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc    122340
     caactttttt ttttaatgat ttatttatta tacgtaagta aactgtagct gtcttcagac    122400
     acacaccaga agagggcatt agatctcatt acaaatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc    122460
     tgggatttga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc tcttaaccac tgagccgtct    122520
     ctccagcacc gtaagtaaga ctcttggatg attactgtca ttttaaatag tctgtgggcc    122580
     acttggcggt ggtgcccttt gatcccagta ctctggaggc agaggcaggt ggatctttgt    122640
     gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtt ccaggacagc caaggctaca cagaggaaac    122700
     cctgtctcaa aaacaaaaca aagaataata atcatggaaa gaaaaaagac tgtgggtgcc    122760
     ctgccctgtt ttctggaggc agtcgctgga cttttaaatg ttagaccttg agctgatggc    122820
     accccttaaa ctaaccacaa atgcattagc tagaacttgc ctggatctaa gtaacaagga    122880
     taactcagat gggttaaggg aagggatatt tactagctct cagccagaat tccaggaaca    122940
     gggctgggag aacagcttag tgatagaaca cttacctatt tgcaaggtcc tgggtccatc    123000
     actagcatag acacatacac acacacacac actcacacac acacacacac acaccactca    123060
     catacatact catgtacaca tatacacatg cacacacaca tacacacttg cacatatgca    123120
     tacatataca cactcatgca cacactcatg cacacaatca tacacacaca ttcacacata    123180
     cacatttgca tgttcacacc cacacacaaa ttatttattt ggtttttttt ggagtgtctc    123240
     atgtagccta ggctagcctc aactcctgat ccttcttcct cccaaagcgc caggactaca    123300
     tgtctgctca ccacgttcgt gacgccttta ccttctcttt cctttaaata aaacagcaat    123360
     ttggactgga aaggtgaccc agtgtgtaac gtgtttcctg acaagcctga catggcggaa    123420
     ggaaaagact gggtcctcca agttgtcctc tgatctccat atctacagca cggcttaagc    123480
     ataaggaata aatgcaataa gaaattttaa atcactttat acagtggctg taacatgggg    123540
     agcaacaggg atgcaatact ttttctttga gacggggtct cactgtgtat ccttgaactg    123600
     tccttgaact ctctatgtag accaggatgg cctagaactc agagaccctc ctgcctctgc    123660
     ctcctgagta tagggattaa aggcatatgc taccatatcc cacccaataa gtgactattt    123720
     tttaacagta ttttaaccac agtgttgatg attactcatt gtaacagaat ttccccaaag    123780
     ctccttccca ctcccctctt tttaccaaag tttctggttc aaaccagccc tttgtcttag    123840
     caccatggat ctcctaagcc agtgcccacc ccaccccaac ccccacacgc catcactgcc    123900
     acacagctac catctctcct gtttctccat ctcaggggcc atttctcaca ggcattctct    123960
     gaaccttccc ttgctccctt ccctattcag aggcctctcc tctcatcaca ttagcctggg    124020
     cgcacatggc agcctgcgtc tttggttaaa agtgatgaag tcgagggtct tgccctgtaa    124080
     tggcccactg cctccctgca gatagcctag agctcatagg gctctgaaat cttaccactc    124140
     ccgggctcct aaggtgtaac aaaataaccg ggaagagtcc tcccgggtct gaatccctgc    124200
     tctgccagct gagtgggtcc tcaaggtttc tcctctgtca cctggggaca gaggttgttg    124260
     ctatgacagt gatgtgaatg agggacccaa gagtctgctc ttgtgtgtca aataggacgg    124320
     tgcccacaga gaactcagtc gaggcagggc agggatgaaa gagcaaacaa gatggactca    124380
     tagtcttttg gccaaggtct gatccggatg cagaaaagca acctgttgct ctgtccaagg    124440
     tgctgtccca caacctgtac actgtcctga acatccccca tgaccccgtg gccctggagg    124500
     agcacttccg ggatgacgat gatggcccgg tgtccagtca aggttacatg ccctacctca    124560
     acaagtacat cctagacaag gtgaggagct cgtggggagc accgcttccc acccccccca    124620
     gcaccctaac accttgcctt ctccccaaac actccactcc cctggtaaac tcccatttct    124680
     gcccatgctc tctgtccctg ctcctcaatc tgcagttgcc atccaaccac ttgttcccta    124740
     ttgtctgtca tctctcttag ctcccgcgtc tccctgccga agcccacact aatttccacc    124800
     ctactcttct cggctgtctc agtttttgag ggttctcctc ggctgtgccg tctcctgggc    124860
     ttcccttcct ttctcccttg ggctgagaaa ctagtttcat tcttgccatg gaaattagag    124920
     tgtgaaagta acattggagt gtctgagcca actttgagtt cagtcttggg cttggcggga    124980
     tggggaggtg gggtctgtag atgaacccac gaaggtaggc tggagctgcg gtaggaggag    125040
     gatgaagcag cgggctgatg caagcctcac cgcaggtgga ggagggagct ttcgttaagg    125100
     agcacttcga tgagttgtgc tggaccctga ctgccaagaa gaactacagg gcagatggca    125160
     tcgggagcag cccactctct aatcaggatg ctttccgtct atggtgcctc ttcaacttcc    125220
     tgtctgagga caagtacccg ctgatcatgg ttcccgatga ggtaagggtg acatcagaac    125280
     cagacggtgg agtcactgag ggccaagccc ctggcaaagc ctcaaaggaa gacagagtat    125340
     cattgggcgt tcccagatcc cctaacttca cggggcaccc catttccggg gaggggtgcg    125400
     gggagggggg actctgcaag ttctcagagg aagaaaatga gccacagatg tttatagtct    125460
     gtggctgcat agacgaagca ccctgctgag catttaaaga ccgttcagat cctgtcggga    125520
     ttcggcggaa cagcagggtt aggcgcagcg gtggtactca aggaaaggcc tttgttcaag    125580
     caaagggaag cggtgtgcag acaggaagta actccctggt tactcaaggt gggcaaccga    125640
     atctggcctt tgccccagag agagtttctt tccttttttt ttttttttta aagtggagag    125700
     ccaaatagac tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc aggcagggca tgatgggagt cgggggaggg    125760
     gaggccagga acctgggtcc tgcctcctta gttctggggg aactctgaga tctgaactaa    125820
     cgccccaggg gagacccagt ggtcccccag agtgtcaccc gtaaagaaag tttcccaaca    125880
     ctgctggagc cagtgtgggc actctcagca ggttcttgtc agttgggaca gagcagcccc    125940
     tcagcgagta ggaaagccca taccgctgtg agaacaaact gacacaggat gtaccccaac    126000
     cactacttcc tgttcctcta ccatggcttt cctgtgtcgg ccctgcttac ccccaatctt    126060
     tgtcccactg atctcccaca agagaaggag ctcaagtgct gcagattggc tttggagtca    126120
     gaaatccaaa tggagtcctg gctagccccc cccccccaca cacacacaca catgctgtgg    126180
     gacttaagga agtcacttcc cacactgagc cttggttttc atcatatgca aagctgaggg    126240
     cagtgggtag gttaggaggg tgttttcttt aggaggctgt attctttttg gtctctgtgt    126300
     aacctggcta tcctagaact cattctgtag aacagactgg cattgaactc acagagatcc    126360
     tcctgcctct gcctcctggg tgctgggatt aaaggtatgg gccaccacca ccactaccac    126420
     caccactacc accaccacca cactggccag gtaggagggt tcttagacca tttctgatgc    126480
     tgtgatttgc cactctgact ggcctctcaa gtcccatctg acccaatact ttattttatt    126540
     ttatgtatgt atgtatgtat accaggcaat acctcaaact tacagagatc tagaccaggt    126600
     catgaaggca cacacttggg aggcagaggt aggtagatct ctgagtttga ggccagcctg    126660
     gtctacaaag tgagcttcag gacagccaga attatgcaga gaaaccttgt gttgaaaacc    126720
     caaaagaaaa ccccacaaaa aaccctcaga gagatctgcc cacctctgtg tcccaagcaa    126780
     gtgcagggat taaaggcatg agccaccaag cccaacatga ccccactttt agtttatagc    126840
     agaaaaagta gtggtcttaa gacagggaag gcgggggctg gtgagatggc tcagcggtta    126900
     agagcgctga ctgctcttcc taaggtcctg agttcaagtc ccagcaacca catggtggct    126960
     tacaaccatc tgtaatgaga tctaacgccc tcttctggag tgtctgaaaa cagctacagt    127020
     gtacttacat ataataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa tatttaaaaa    127080
     aaaaaaagac agggaaggcg gaggaggtct gggctgtggg acccctggaa aaacctctct    127140
     cctggtttcc acctgtgtat ggcctccccc ttgccctgga gtcgctgttg aggtcacctg    127200
     gcctccctct tgctcccagg tagagtatct gctgaagaag ctccttggca gcctgagttt    127260
     ggagatgggc ctgggcaagc tggaggagct gctggcccag gacgcccagt cagcccagac    127320
     cgccgtgggg ctcagcgtct ggcagtttct ggaactcttc aactcaggcc gctgccttcg    127380
     gggtgtgggg cgcgactccc tcagcatggc catccaagaa gtctaccagg agctcatcca    127440
     agacgtcctg aagcaggtca ggcaagccgg gagccctgga ggggaccctt gggagccggt    127500
     ggggtgatgg agacctagga ggcctcttgc tgacctcgcc tccggccaca gggctatctg    127560
     tggaagcgag ggcacctgcg gaggaactgg gccgagcgct ggttccagct gcaacccagc    127620
     agcctctgct actttgggag tgaggaatgc aaggagaaac gaggcaccat tcccctggat    127680
     gctcactgct gtgtggaggt gaggtcacag agtgcggaca gggggttggg agcaaggacg    127740
     gtggaaaggg gaaagccgcc atgatggttc cgcttagtta aattagtgca tcgcaaaccc    127800
     acctggctac ctccaggccg ctcatgcccg gtaggcactt ttattttttc ctggtcaaac    127860
     gcgggggacc tcctgcatga caaggcagtt gttccatcat accagcccag tgacacaact    127920
     taaaaaagac taaaaccacc gaccagatgc agaagccact ggtagattat tagacgtcat    127980
     tagagatttc agagggcctg actcagacct aacacttcct gacaaatctt tccagtccct    128040
     ttttcctttc cctttgacac agggtttctt ttttcttttc ttcttctttt tttttttttt    128100
     tttgtttttt tgtttttttt ttttgttgtt gttgttgttt tgagacagga cttctctgtg    128160
     tagtcctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc    128220
     gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tggtgggatt aaaggcgtgc gccaccactg cccagcaaca    128280
     cagggtttct tgtcaactta catagtcaac actgaccttc aattcccaat gcctttgctt    128340
     ctaccgctta aatgctggga tcacgcgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtatacatgt tcctgtgggt    128400
     atacatgcac atatatatgg aaaccaaact ttaaactagg gtgtcattcc tcaagagata    128460
     cctgcttggt ttgttccttt tctctttgag tgtgtgcata tgcatgtgtg tgcctgtgtg    128520
     tgtctgtgtc ccacacacat atgcatatgg aggtcagaag tcatcccctg atgtaattcc    128580
     ttcaggagcc atttacctta tttttttgag atagaatctc tcacactggg acacggggtt    128640
     caccgattta gataggccga taggccagcg aaaccctggg actctcttct ctctacctgc    128700
     caacactggg attatagcag gcctcatcat gcctgcctgt ttccttgatg ctgggctagg    128760
     actcaggtgt gcattcttat accacaagca ctttccaatt gaactaccac ccacctcagc    128820
     aacctcagtt tctttggttt tgagacagag tctctcactg gtgcggatct tgccgtgtaa    128880
     gttaggctgg tggccatcac gttctggcat ctgcctgtct ccacttcctc agtgctagta    128940
     caaaagcatg tacagtcata cccagcttcg atgacatcac acccggctct gatgacatca    129000
     cacccagctt cgatgacatc acacccggct ctgatgacgt cacacccggc tctgatgacg    129060
     tcacacccag ctttggacac agactctagg gactgatcct tttatagctg agaatttcat    129120
     acaacttgtc ttgatcatac tcacctccca ttccctaact cttcctcggc tcacccctcc    129180
     tttttcccta cccaactttg tatctttttt tttttttttt tgaatctttc aggataattt    129240
     gtgtcttacc aagtgctaca ctcttcctct cccagcaact aacaatttgc cagtagcacc    129300
     actgcccaac ccccccgtcc tttctgggat ttggtctggc atgagcttgc acaggctttg    129360
     tgtatgctgt caaatatgtg tgtgctcatt cgtgcatctg ccctgccagg tccagaagat    129420
     aatggttcct tgcagtcacc agctgcctcg ggctcttacg gtttttctac tcccttctga    129480
     agtgatccct gaaccttggg agggagtttg cagtttatct tttccgtttc gggctgagca    129540
     ttctgcaccc tggccaattg tggatcagtg tgttaaacac catctactga cgacaggagc    129600
     ttcccagcct agggaatgcc tatgagacat taggagtcag tttcatacat acatttagca    129660
     gcacgatcat tttgggctct cctctggggc ttatgacctg tgtaggtgtg aagtgtagat    129720
     tttgctaccc cgcctaagct ctgggaatgg ccaagcaacc agcccccacc cagcttccct    129780
     tgaacccagg gataaagaca cagacacaca cgttgttcat tttcaacttg ccttcttggc    129840
     actattcatg ggcattatta aactcctatg gctagcatgc ccttatcaat actcttagct    129900
     ctgcacctcc cacctgccct aaactttagt tgctcagtac atctagtccc tgctaaacac    129960
     ccctgacccc ctgcatgtag gagtggcctg tgtggccact ccgtttagag gtctcacatg    130020
     gctggtcaac ttttttccat ctgaagcatg acgaactctc ctctccttcc ttggatctgt    130080
     ctgcttgcct ccagggaccc ggaggtcccg cctatccctt ctgcccagca attggctcat    130140
     ggcttcttta ctgacagatc aagaaccaat tggagctggg gagccgggca gtggtggcgc    130200
     acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag    130260
     cctggtctac aaagtgagtt agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct    130320
     cgaaaaaacc aaaagaaaaa aaaattatta agggctcctc atactccaga gactggggca    130380
     gaggagactt ttgaggtagg aggccaacct gggctacaca acaaaacctt gtctcaagag    130440
     aaaatagttc cccgaggcat tatccctttc tgttgcacaa agaaacaggt gttgggtaag    130500
     gctccagata tctcagagcc aattacgttc tctatgaagt aaggtccgac aggaatatat    130560
     gactgtagat aaatgttgta tggaaaacac tagtgcagag ctgggcacgt tgtggtacac    130620
     gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag ggagagtttg aagccagcct ggtctataga    130680
     gctagtctag gacagtcaga gctacacaaa gaaaccctgc ctcagagaga gagagagaga    130740
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaacac aagagaacac tagggcagaa gagcaaggat    130800
     gtcaaacaca ccctgcatta tcagtatctc caaacccttg aagaacgagt gccatttaag    130860
     agaccaggtg gaaatcagca gttgtaggtg ctgagtgagg ctccaggcac atgttcaagc    130920
     atgtactatg tactaaacct tgtggagaga taccaagaat aaagtggctc gcacgcaccc    130980
     cgtaactaac gatccacccc agaccatgca tactcctggc agggtaggaa cggtcccaga    131040
     gaagatggtc agccaagaga aagaggagga agctggagct ggggtactac tggggcagat    131100
     gtggctccta tgtcagcgaa gtcacttggc ctgggccatc ctgtaggtgc ttccggaccg    131160
     cgaaggaaag cgctgcatgt tttgtgtgaa gactgccagc cgcacctatg agatgagcgc    131220
     ctcagacacc cgccagcgcc aggagtggac ggccggtgag tgccggcctg ggtctaactg    131280
     ggcctgttca ccggagtgac ctttggggcc cctttgcggt ggtgactaga ccagggctga    131340
     ctccgtccgg ctctgccctt agccatccag actgcgatcc ggctgcaggc ggaggggaag    131400
     acgtcgctgc acaaggacct gaaacagaag cggcgggagc agcgggaaca gcgcgagcga    131460
     cgccgggcag ccaaggagga ggagctgctg cgactgcagc agctgcagga ggagaaggag    131520
     aggaagctgc aagaactgga gctgctgcag gaggctcagc ggcaggccga gcggctgctg    131580
     caggaagagg aggagcgccg ccgtagccag cacaaggagc tgcagcaggc tctggagggc    131640
     cagctgcggg aggcggagca ggtgagactg gcccagaggg cggggccggg gaagggttgg    131700
     ggcggggtta tgaccggggc gtgacaggaa gaagagcagg gcgtagtcca tggtctggag    131760
     gatgctatgg gcggggccta gatagggtgg agcccattgg ctgaaggatg gacctaaggt    131820
     agagactgaa agatgctgtg ggcggggcct gaggggccct taggggaata ggttggagta    131880
     gagcctggat gctttgggca tggcctaacg aatgttaggg tagggccgga acaaggttag    131940
     ggctagggaa aacccctggt agaatgagac ctggttcaga attcttttct ggaggcagga    132000
     cttgggccga ggaagctgct taaggcttct tgattgcaaa taatttggaa tgaaatcaat    132060
     ctagacttga actaaatttt aacaaaacca gtttggggac cataagacgg gatgcatgtg    132120
     aagggcagag tagatgcaca gaagcaattg actttaaatt ttaaattgag aaaacgcaat    132180
     tctagagctg gctcaaagga taaaggtgct tgccacacat acctagcgtc ctgaattccg    132240
     ttcctggaac cccagaaaga tgggcagagg gaaccggctc cacaacgttg tcctctgacc    132300
     gccacaggca tgctgtggca tgtgtgccca ttacacctcc gccttaagag ctgtatgagc    132360
     tcagacatgc actaagtctc tccgtatcag taactagagc tctgtatatg gaaatgggac    132420
     gaggattctg tgaaggaata gatgtaagga gtttaataaa gccaggcagg tgctacttag    132480
     tgagtttgag gccaacctgc actacctgag atcctgtctc aaagaacaaa gtaggtctaa    132540
     aatgatagcc tcacagttaa gaccactggc tgctttttca gaggaccaag cttgagcttg    132600
     tgcacccaca tgggagctca tagccagcca gcagatcgca caccctcttc ttgcctctgc    132660
     gagtagtgtt ctcatgtggt gcacagacat atgcagccaa aacacccatg catatgaact    132720
     aataaaacta taacaacaac aacctgggtg gtggtggcac acgcttttat tcccagcact    132780
     tgggaggcag aggcaggaga atctctgtga ggtcgaggtc agcctcagag aaacttggtc    132840
     tcagaagaaa aataaaagcg ttcaataact tgtggttatt gtaataattg cagttcctgg    132900
     cacccgccat aatgatatta taattgttag ggtaggagct aggaagggat taccttcgtt    132960
     taatatgctg gtttattgta atataacgta ttatgatgtt taattacatg taattataac    133020
     cggtgttgtt ttgtgtgagg ctggatagca aacatacagc catgggcaca tcaggtgagc    133080
     cctctgctgc tgagctacag ccccagcaag cgtctaatta ttctttctaa ggtcagtgca    133140
     aaaacaatag gaggattcag ggtcttaaac aggtcagatc aggaaacccc aactaaagac    133200
     cctccataca cagagccagg aagagttagg gttggggggt tggggagttg gctggggagg    133260
     gggcagtagc ctgtctttct cctccggtgt cccactgatt cgctctttgc tccccacagg    133320
     cccgggcctc tatgcaggct gagatggagc tgaagaagga agaggcggcc cggcaacggc    133380
     agcgcatcgc tgaactggag gagatgcagg agcggctgca ggaagctctg caactagagg    133440
     tgaaagctag gcgggatgag gaggccgtgc gcctcgccca gaccaggtag gcacggtggc    133500
     cagggaacct ttcctgccag cgcccgcgcg gaccctccct ccccggctct gagatgtccc    133560
     tgtgcactct ggcaggctgc tggaggagga ggaggagaag ctgaagcagc tgatgcatct    133620
     gaaggaggag caagagcgct acatcgagcg agcgcagcag gagaagcagg agctccagca    133680
     ggagatggcg ctgcagagcc gttccctgca gcacgcccag cagcagctgg aggaagtgcg    133740
     gcagaaccgg cagagggcag acgaggacgt ggaggtgaga caaggccggg aaccgggaga    133800
     agctggggga gccagtgtgt cactgagccg gaccccagag ccaagctacc tgtctgccaa    133860
     ctcgcattat catcagctgg ctgtgccatc gcctacagat tgcctaacct ctctgtctga    133920
     agtctcttat ctgtgagagg aagcagatac cacgttacca ctacagaaca agcttagttt    133980
     aagcatggta tttagtatgt aaatgctgaa cacacctgtg gctgtgtttg ccaatagtat    134040
     tattaacctg ggcaggattc cccacctcct agcctccaaa acactccccg gagcttgaat    134100
     gcctgtagaa aaggttctag gttgttgttg ttgttgtttt ggttttagat ttgtttcttt    134160
     tttaatctct tttaaaactt attaaaatgt atgtgtatgt gtgctttgtc tgcatgaatg    134220
     tctgtgtact acgtgtgaac agtgtgcaca gaggccagca ggtgttagtt attgcatccc    134280
     ctgagtctgg agttacagtt gtaagctact atatggtgct gatagagttc aaccctggtc    134340
     ttttaaaagc aatcagtact tttttttttt tttttggttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg    134400
     tatagccctg gctgtcctgg agctcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat    134460
     ccgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggaa ttaaaggcac gcccggcttt aatctttttt    134520
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttggttgca atcagtgctt tttactccag cccaatgatg    134580
     tgttttttct taaagtaatt taaaaatgtt ttatttattt tatgtatgac tgctctgtct    134640
     gcatgcccac ctgcatgcca gaagaaggca tcagatccca ttacagatgg ttgtgatcca    134700
     atgtgcttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc tcttgaagag cagacagtgc tcttaaccac    134760
     tgagccacct ctccaacccc ccaatgatgt cagtcattca tatatatata cacacacaca    134820
     tatacattgg ttgagttcta ggccagcctg atctttagaa tgagtttagg acagacagtt    134880
     acatacccta cctatttttt ttttttttta atttttaacc ggggctgaag tggtagctta    134940
     gtggttaaga gtacatgctg ctcttccaga ggactggagt tcagttccca gcatccacag    135000
     gctacaaggc tacaggcagg atctcctgta acccacgctg gcctttaact cattatgtag    135060
     cccaggcttt gacctccctc tcctctacat cccaagtact agagttacag gcatggcatg    135120
     cacctcacca ccatgcccag ccttacagga cttcctgggg ggtaggggtg ggggatgggt    135180
     agctgtgatc agattctcag ggcctctgaa gatgaccagg ccagcagcct ccaccaccac    135240
     ggatggcagt tctgacccac tcccaccgcc ttgccccata ggctgcccag aggaagttgc    135300
     gccaggccag caccaacgtg aaacactgga atgtccagat gaacaggctc atgcatccga    135360
     tcgagccagg aggtgagcct tccctggctt gggaggaagg aggggaggct gccagatcac    135420
     ccggatcatg aaggaggtgg aactgaaggt caaaggtttc ccttctccca gagcagaggc    135480
     acaaccctca cctctcccat tctgactcac attttccctt tctccctctc ttctctctgc    135540
     cagataagcg acccaccacc agcagctcct tcacgggctt ccagccccct ccgcttgccc    135600
     gccgggactc ctctctaaag cgcctgaccc gctggggttc ccaaggtaac agaaccctct    135660
     cagtcaatag cagcgaacag aagtccctca atggtggaga tgagactccc atcctagctt    135720
     tggcctctca ggaagaaaaa ctggatccag caccagggaa ttagctccga ccaccccctt    135780
     gttcttccga tgctgtgtct acggacttgg ccacagcagg cctgtgggtg attcctggtg    135840
     ctaccacctg ccgaccaaaa gccgatcaag gattgaactt ggttgccatt ctcagcaggc    135900
     cgagaccgtg gaggctgttt gagatattaa tacttgagaa tatggttgtg tgcttcagtc    135960
     tcaaggatct gggaccagaa ctgggaaaga aaaggaatga ccaagacaag atcatacgcc    136020
     cctccctcca gaccaagtta tggagacata cttccaaata aaactgctca caactgccca    136080
     ctgctcctgc ccttccctcc ctcccttcct ttatccatcc ctccctccaa ccacctcccc    136140
     atccctccct cgagttcaag ttctaggtcc cagggacagc aggtgtggca aagtggttag    136200
     gaacacggac tgtgggctga actaggctct gccattttct cacgggtgaa cttcacgccc    136260
     ccccatacac acattggtct atagagagga tcataatccc tgatgtagca ggcctgagtg    136320
     gagcgtcgtc attactagta tctgaaagtg tttattgagc atctactgtc tacctggagt    136380
     ccacccatgt tacgtcattc gcaaagaacc cctaagtgct ggacggctgt tatcacagta    136440
     acagaggtcc aggcaggttg ggtaacttgt ccaaagcctt ccaaactttt cccattttct    136500
     ctgactagtg gtccttgttc tcctagacaa gacttctgag attctagatt ccatttccat    136560
     acccctcatc ccaagcctgg gacatccact ggggtccccg ttcattatac cctgtacttc    136620
     tctctagaat gggttacgtc tggattgtcc ccttgcgagt gtgttaggtg ccagttcctc    136680
     cacgagggca ctatgtctgg gagactgttg agcctcctgg gaagtggtca cactatgctc    136740
     tctactgctg tccttcctgg atgtaagcga tctctgactg agctacatca ccgtgcctac    136800
     cgcatcatga cagagcgagc cctcagaaac ctaagccaaa agaagtcttc cctcccttgg    136860
     gttgtttgtg tcagacactg tcacagtgac actgaatgac taatacaagg tcctttccca    136920
     tcctcatagc tgcagagtgt gagccattaa ttgactcctc cactcggccc cacgtttagt    136980
     aagtcactac ccctgtggtg ctatgaccag aggccactgc cttctaacct gtcagctcct    137040
     agttaactaa gagcttcccg gactcccttc taattctgct gcccggatgg gtgtttggaa    137100
     atcctgccca gcccttgccg ctgtccaaaa gactttgttt ggattaagac aggctctcac    137160
     tttatagccc cgatggtccc caactgaggc tcctgcctaa gtctttcaag ttctggggat    137220
     actggtagac acaatcaggc ttagctacat ccaagagtta atttaattat attctctata    137280
     ttctctctgt gtgtctgtcc gtccatccgt ctgtctgtgt gtctgtctgt atgcacacac    137340
     acacacgcac acgtgcgcac acacacactc acatcatggt gagtgtgtag aggtcagagg    137400
     acaactttca ggaaacagtt ctccttctac catgtggtcc caggtcatca aacttggcag    137460
     ctggtgcctt tacctgttga gccaccaccc tggacctgca gaatgacttt tgatagtcac    137520
     gcttacttgc ccctgtgccc tgtgggacac gaaggccata gtcatcaagc caagaagacc    137580
     tgctacagtt ctgctgcagg ggcacagcct cagcttcttc ctcttgctct tctaggtctc    137640
     actatgcgct cctttctcct catttctaaa tgttggaggt ccttgaagac aaggacatga    137700
     attcctcaac gctgtcccca atgcctggca cagagcttgc tcctaagaaa actgtgtacc    137760
     aaacatgtct tgaatgagtg ggatgtgtgg ctgggtgtgg cacagttaga aagtgaggac    137820
     attgctgaga ctggagatca agtccgtcca gcatcaaacc caatgattcc ttaccacggg    137880
     ccaggggttt gccgtgagct attatctggg aagggttccc tgctttcctg gagtttgctt    137940
     gctatctcat cgcaaaggtc acagccttgc aagtgcaccc gatgcacttt caaggaagtt    138000
     tgtgacattt aaagtgtcac gaaactcctg ctagcgctag cgtgagggca cagagctgag    138060
     gggtaggagg tgaagtccga actccatgtg ctatgggata actaagggaa gcaggtcccg    138120
     ccccacacta ggagtggagg ctgcccaggc ttgcctggtc tgctgtgttt ctgcagtgct    138180
     gatgatggca gctgatgggg tggtgggtct ggatttggac ctgggaggag ttaggggaag    138240
     gagtgagcat gactatggtc aaaatacaaa atgggcaagt gtgaaattct caaaaccaac    138300
     attaagaatc tagcagagga gtagagttct tgcttagcat gaagcccttg ttccatactc    138360
     agagccacat aaactgggtc tagaggattc cagcatgtgg gaagtgcagg caggaaggtc    138420
     aggagttcaa gaccagctcg agaccctcca ccagagctct gccagacaca aaatggcaga    138480
     aatctctgac ttccccaggc cattttttac tacagtcttg gaggacaagg gaagtgatat    138540
     ctaaaaactt aatacaaatt catttcaaaa gcaatagaag ggagctaggg agagagcagg    138600
     aaagttaagc gcctctgctg ttcacgcaga gcagccagcg ttcagatccc gacacacagg    138660
     gaaaagcagg gtgtggtcct gtgaattcct gtaattgcag aaccaggata gcccaggctt    138720
     gatggctgac agcctatccc accaaaccag aaccgctcgt gcatgcatca ggagaccagg    138780
     cctcaaagga aaaccgtgga aacctatcct tggaagacac acagtaccct tctctgtcct    138840
     ccaagtgcac acgcgcacgt gcgcacgcgc acacacacac acacagacac acacactcga    138900
     aaacaaagca gaaaaaaagt ggtgtggggt tctccaatcc agcgagctaa ggatgcactg    138960
     taaggagtgc cagaccgggc agaggtgacc tttaatggcg gtgtggagga gggaggtgcc    139020
     tgctgacttt cctgccagcc aagttttgtt cattctagga tgatgaaacc agccagtgac    139080
     agattgcctt ctggctacat actctctgtg gtatatgatg agttggggtg acaggcaagc    139140
     ccaggtacag agttcttgtc ttgtctggtc cctgacatcc agcgacagaa atctcaagtg    139200
     ggagaaaagt tcttttaaaa tttgttttct atttggcttc acaaggccta taagcacagg    139260
     ctggcccaaa actttctcca ttgctaaaaa tgacctcaaa cgggtcctct acctcctgag    139320
     tgctggagtt agagtgccat catgccttcc agatctttct tttttcttgt gtgggtgtat    139380
     atgaaagtgc acatgcggtg tgtagagatt ggaagataac cttcaggagg cagtcccagg    139440
     gactgaactc aagtcttcag gcttggagac aaagcgatga cccgttgagc cattgaacta    139500
     gccaccagtt aaaaaattgg gggtgctgaa gagatgcttc agtggtgaag atcgcgcttg    139560
     ctactcttga agaggctcgc ttcccagcat ctacatggaa gttctccatt gtaactccac    139620
     ttccagggga tccaacgcct tcttccagac tctgcaggca ctgaacgcac atggtgcaga    139680
     gacagacatg cagacaaaac actctgacat ataaaaatag atattttgta aaacgtatgc    139740
     gtctgtattt tcattcccaa gtctcccacc atatgcctct cccaagcgcc tctgaaaatt    139800
     acagtttgcc tctattcctt cccccaccgc ccttagcttt gcttcttgct tcaaaccaca    139860
     caagtctatg cctagtttct tctcaggaag agtgaggagg ttgtattaga tgacctccac    139920
     cttctttccg cgctttaaag ctttaaatat cgtttcgtga ggcttgcttt gaccagccct    139980
     aacttctccc cagcgctttc ctcagctgct gctcccacgt ctgactgcag agggcgctgc    140040
     agacgcgcca gggcagctgt gcagtgggcg gagcgatggc tgtcaaagga gtggctccag    140100
     gcggcgcggc gattggctac tgctatggcg gaagggggcg ggggcgagtg cttagttgtg    140160
     ggggagggag ccagcggcgc ggtgacatca cggggctggg ggcggcgccg gggctgggag    140220
     cgtgtgacgc cgcaggccgc ggcggacctg gggattaatg ggaaaagttt tggcaggagc    140280
     tgggggattc tgcggagcct gcgggacggc ggcagcggcg cgagaggcgg ccgggacagg    140340
     tccgtgcgga tcgggagagg ccagcgcggc ccgggctgag gtggatggtg gggtcagggg    140400
     ctccgagagc cgctttccgc gcctctgcgg ctcgtctatg ctcggcttgc gcgctgagga    140460
     gccaccgctg gggtctccac cgcagggacc cctgtggttg ctcggagccg gcctccctcc    140520
     ctcctcccac ccaccctgat ccctctaaag ccccgtggct tcatctcctc tcaattccaa    140580
     agaaccccat gtcacctccc ttctgacccc ctttctgagc gcctcccttg ctgtcccgct    140640
     acccaggccc tccttggaga tccttcctgc ctccctcgat agccttccat ccttgccctg    140700
     tcggtcagtg ctctcctcct ctctgacccg ttttcgggtt gccctatccc tccccatctt    140760
     ctttaggatg ttgtgagcca gtccggttta tccgagcccc ttctatcctg gctaccggca    140820
     gaggccccac ttaggctcag ctctcatctc ctgtcctttt cacctcctgt cacccgactg    140880
     cctcgcttct agtttttttt tttttttttt ttatgcctct gcttgaggag aacccagagg    140940
     tgcacgatag gcttccgttt caccttcagt tgagctggga gtggggtgtt gagcgccagc    141000
     ttgaccagat ttgttcgggt cacaggtttc actgggtgtt gtattgggag ggatggccag    141060
     ttggtaggcc ctcgtaatct cagctttata atacttcccc tttatgagtc tgttgacttc    141120
     caggaaccct tgggggagac ggctctgagt tgggtgtgtg ccaggggtag ccagaggctt    141180
     catataactc ttttcaccct ttcaggaaac aggactcatt tgggatatta tggaatgtat    141240
     ttaaaccatg atacggtgcc ttccacgcac tgcccttttc catacagcta agagcagaag    141300
     ctatgccctt ggtttttttt tttttttttt ttaaagattt atttattata tgtaagtaca    141360
     ctgtagctgt cttcagacac accagaagag ggtgtcagat ctcgttacgg atggttgtga    141420
     gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc cggacctttg gaagagcagt cgggtacctc    141480
     ttacccactg agccatctca ccagccctgc ccttggtttt aaacttggtt tttcctccct    141540
     gtactggctc tagaatgttt gcttacaagt tacatttatt tatttctgtg gggtgtggat    141600
     gtggggtggg gtgtaggtca gagcacagct tactggagtt gggaggtggc tctctcattc    141660
     gatattgtgg ttcctggaaa tagactcggg tcattaaggt atgatgacaa ccacctttac    141720
     gtcctgagcc acttcaccag ccccagaata cattcccgtt ttagtttttc aatggattgt    141780
     gggcctgcta gccctggggc tgttgggcat ctgttccctt aatcttgggg tcttggtcca    141840
     gcgactgagt ttacctcctg tctttcactg acggaatgtg cctcttgtgt tggtcactgg    141900
     gcatggttcc tcggtgccct ttttccttcc gtttcctggg catctgtatt tactgaggct    141960
     gggagaggca gctgacgttt cttccctttg cccaggtgtg gtctggggta ttgccttggt    142020
     atctgcctgg gcaggtcgag ggattgcacc agtgaggcct tgcaaaggaa cttgggctgt    142080
     ctgcttccag gcacagctca gttgtatgca gagttgagcc tctttgtttg ccttgggtcc    142140
     ctggagtcat cctcaggaga gaacatatat ttatctttga aggctctgga agtctgaccc    142200
     actctaactt cagaagcggg agcccagggt tccgttggca ccaggtttct aggtctcctc    142260
     ttttgaggat cacactctct gtctttgagc cagaattggc catagaacag gccaccttct    142320
     ggagccacag cagggagcca actgaaccag cttgaccagg tcttacagtt ttgtgatctt    142380
     tgtgtgcact gaccgttttc cacgaaagca ttaggactgt ggctggcctg gggttgagtg    142440
     agcctcctct cgtctgatcc ctaaggcccc tatatggagc actagatgtg gggatgacag    142500
     gagagtggag gaggttagaa ggaatctttt cttcctatga gaaacatccc atttattatt    142560
     tatttgtgcg agcgtgggag tcagtgttct cctcctggtg tccccaggat tgaacttagg    142620
     tcatcaggct ggttggcaag cgcctttacc cactgagcca tcctgtccct cctcagtatc    142680
     actctgtaac ccaggctggc tttgagggca ctgtgctagt agcctcctca ctgatggcag    142740
     tcttcctgct ctgtcttctg agtgctgggg ttgctgggat ataccaccca acccgggtca    142800
     tttttgagtg gtgcagtcga atgcttggta atgattagtc cagtctctgg ctccccagag    142860
     attctgcctg acagtctctt ttttttttta attagattta ttcattttat tttctgcgtg    142920
     agtattttac ccgtgtaagt atctgtgcga caccacctgt gtaccgtgtg tgtttggtgc    142980
     tcttggaggt caaaagaagg cgttggatct cctggaactg gagttccagc tggtaactac    143040
     gtgtgggtgc tggcactcaa acccgggtcc tctgaaagag ttccaagagc tcctaacctc    143100
     tgagccccct cttcagcccc ctacctacaa cccttaagca gtctattatt gtcctgactt    143160
     tgcttaacga accacagggc tccgtgctga gttggtgcat aggaggcctc cagtacagca    143220
     cagggccagt cctggtagag ccttgtaagt cctagctagc aatgctggct ggataacctc    143280
     ctgaggcatg tctactctgc agtcttctag ggaacagctt tccattctgt gcttaatgca    143340
     gatcgtggct caacgtctgt tttcacggtg tgaggggaca ggcccttgcc agtggcttta    143400
     cctgtcacct ccaaagttca ctggactgac ccccctgctc tgtttgggaa cttttctgtg    143460
     ctgtgtgctt caagtcaccc aggaaaagta gttgtcctag gtcctcccag ccccacctgt    143520
     ggtcccttac tgtcttccta aaggcctggt gtagagacta gcctgagaag ctggtaggcc    143580
     tctattttgg acagagtgca gctgcccagc tgttgtgcaa gctgtcccca gggtttgagc    143640
     ttggcatggc ctggtacaac gagtcttgtc tctgggctga gtcctgaggc ccacctcccc    143700
     aggctgctac cctctgcata ttggggacca gtggagtggg tgcattctag taccccgtct    143760
     ggtggctctg gtggacctgg tgatgccggg acaagccaca tggcactgtc cacattggga    143820
     gcattcctct cttgccagca atcacacaag cttgtttgtc ctgccagggc ctggcttgtg    143880
     ttatgtccga agctttgtgc ccagtgccct tgtctgtgcc atgtcgtccc agattaccct    143940
     gtggctgttt cttggagatg gtttgatgtc gctgagcatg tttgtgtgtc atcggagcca    144000
     ggggaggagt ggcttgccct agcagctgga ttccagggtg tcagaggaga gctgggtact    144060
     tggctggagc ctggcaggca tatgggcctt caatgttgga tttcaggcat gtgggtcttc    144120
     ttccatggcc ctcataattt ggggctggtg actgggaagt gactcagggg cctctccttc    144180
     tgtgagctag tggggtgcta ggcaccacct ctttcttacc ctgccagggc cttccgcccc    144240
     acccaggtaa gatccgaaga gccagtgtct gcttgcttgg cagtgcagac tccttccagg    144300
     attgggaaat atttgctgac tcagggtgag atcgacagtc tcccatggtg tgtgtgtgta    144360
     tgtgtgtgtg aggtcatatg ggaccacatg ttcttgagtc ctagtgttca gttagaacac    144420
     cctaagctct ctttttggac cctggcacca ctcagttacc gacactggct cctttccacc    144480
     ttacagtgct gtgcagcggt gtgggtatgc gcatgggact cactcagagg ctcctgctca    144540
     ctgacagatg aagacaaacc cacggtaaag gtaagcccgc ttcgcagact tgggtgtcgg    144600
     gctgactgcc acaggctcct ggccttgaag gagtcaccag gctgagtccc cgatcacctg    144660
     tgcggccacc tgcacctatt gcttacggtg acgattgctc atcgactgtg tgcggcttag    144720
     gtagatcttt tagcagtgtg gagattctca cctttatacc cacaaggata tggactttct    144780
     cttgtgtctg aggggctgct tgctaaatag ggtagccagt gtttgttgag tggcgtagag    144840
     gatcctgggc caccagggtg ctgttcatca cttccttcca tttacccaat agatgagtgg    144900
     tgtttggttt ctggatatgt agtcgggcag gtctagaact ccagctcacc ccttctcctt    144960
     cccaagtgct ggaattggag gcatgtaaca tcacgcttgc tcaggaaaac atgtgccagg    145020
     ctctggggac acgatagagc cgtttaatcc ccgcccccag gtctgtgggg caataacagg    145080
     gctcttcctt ctctgctggg tgtccagttc tcagcaaaat ctaacaatgc cttgggcttc    145140
     ccacactgct tccctgttct caggatgctt ggcaggttat agaaactctc agaaggggca    145200
     caccagggag tttgatggtc attgtcttaa tggcttggca ggcagggcta tggtgggtcc    145260
     ctgctggggg caggggaaac ctggccctgt tttaatctct gatgtttggg ggttcaggag    145320
     ctgtttgtgg gatccatttc ccttactccc gagttttaca gcctgcagat tttcctgttg    145380
     ccaaacagga gttgaccagc ctgggtctgg ctgcctgtca cagggtcagg ttgtttctgg    145440
     atccttccgg aaggtctggg gcaagagccc ctccctgcag ttctcagaac cacatctaac    145500
     gtgggcttgg tgggaagagg agacctgtgt aagatacgtt cccgatatca gggagctggc    145560
     aggggctcag ggtgtgatgg cgagtttatc ttcagtcagc atcctgaggg atgaagatac    145620
     aggggtgctg ggctctggag gcaccatgca aaaagaacag ttttcaaact tgtgatctca    145680
     ataccccaca caccctactt tttgacccta tgtagccctg tcctggaact tacttgtaga    145740
     ccaggctggc ctcaaattca gagatctgcc cgcctctgcc tccagagcgc tgggattaaa    145800
     ggcatgaacc acataatcta gccccctcta atttttaaat tacatgtatt tgtctgtgtg    145860
     tctgtctgct tgtgtgtctg tctgtctgtg tctgtgtgca tatgtatgtg gacagcagct    145920
     gcttgtagca tggtggctag gctctgaaca caaacatccc agagcgattg cactgaggag    145980
     acggagctct ctcgtgacct ggtctcggaa atcagggtgt catcgcctct gttcttttga    146040
     tcacaggccc agttctcatc agagggagga tgacagccag gtgtgaggtg gagagggagg    146100
     ggcctccttg agctcagcac ttctgttgaa tgggctatgg taaggtcacc tggctcccgt    146160
     ccggagggaa agtgtctcca ggtgtttggg cagtggtggt gccgctggta gttttggagg    146220
     acactaatac tgcagaaggt tgctgggaca gggagaatgg aggtgtcagt ggacagggag    146280
     gaccatacag gggtctcaga ggagggggga ggtctttcca ttctcaaact catccctgtg    146340
     ggtacagctg gccacctgca ctggctctga tccacccacc agccaggtgc ccagagagtg    146400
     agaagggatc tccagcccca tttggactgt tgatgtgtgg gagagattaa ttaaagggtt    146460
     tatgcagtga gaaacagcaa tgtttaagct ttactgtcaa ggctaaggca catgaaaagc    146520
     tacgaatttt attaaacaat gaaaaatgaa gcagacaaaa tagttggttt tttttttttt    146580
     tttttttttt tttttttgct tgtctgtctc tccccttacc cccactcctg ctagggtttc    146640
     tctgtgtagc cctgactgtc ctagaactag ctctgtggac cgggttggcc taaaactcag    146700
     agaaccactt gcctctacct ccttggtgct gggatttaag atgtgtatca ccacccagca    146760
     gacaaaataa tttttaacat caataattgt ttcaagtata ctttaatttc aggaccttta    146820
     agaagcaagg gagagctggg cgtggcaatg tgagctttta atcccagcac tccggaggca    146880
     gaggcaggca gatctctctg agtttgaggc cagcctgctc tacaaagtga gttccagtac    146940
     agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtcaa ggcaaggaag gaggtggctc agtggttagg    147000
     aacacttgct cttcctgggt tctattccca gcacccacac ggtagctcac tactgttagt    147060
     gactgtccat gactccaggt tcagggaatc cggtgtcctc ttatgacctc tgagggcacc    147120
     aggcctggag tgcctgccat gtggacatga atggaagcaa aatactccaa cacctatatc    147180
     cataaataaa ttaatctttt aaaatacttt taaaaaaatt taaaagcagg tgttgttaaa    147240
     tgtccttgta gaggccaggc catggtgact caacgccttt catcccagca cttgggaggc    147300
     agaggaaggt ggacttccga gttggaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca    147360
     gccagggcta cacagagaaa ctctgtcttg aaaaacaaaa caaaaaccaa ccaaacaaaa    147420
     aaagacccaa accaatgtcc ttgggagact ggaaccttcc ccccatggtc tcaatgacaa    147480
     agcagggtgt gattccacca gccgcatcct agggagacag agttagttta tcaggttttg    147540
     cttactgaac ttgggttagg gttatcagca gcatgggcca tctcaaagca gccatgatag    147600
     gtttataccc agtgtagatg atgacacccc atggctgtgt gggtggaacc ccctccctca    147660
     agtctccacc tgcatcctct gtatgtcccc agaggtcttg aggccaggga gaattgcttt    147720
     catctggctg ggaggggtgt ccggatacta gggtgagggt cccatgacac tctctactcc    147780
     ctccttccaa gccaagcctt gaagaccctt gggaagcagg ctcaggcaaa ctcctaaaga    147840
     tggcggcaat atagctagag gatatagtcc tttctagtac gtggcatagc ggcacagacc    147900
     tgcaatccga ggacatggaa ggtagaggca ggaggatcca gaatttaggg agtttgaggc    147960
     ctgcctgggc tcgatgggac caagcatcac aaacaaaagg aggaaggtgg tgggtgagaa    148020
     gagacgggtg aggccatgtt ggagaatggt aacttgggac gtgggcagga agcaggctta    148080
     cggtttagtg tctccagccc tacatcagct tctcctggag gactgaaagg aaccaccttt    148140
     cctagtacat ctgccccagt gagcttcgat ctagaattga ggaaggactt atttctgggg    148200
     agacaccttt ccacacctgg gagccagctt ttaaacggtg ttttcactgc ctgtctgtca    148260
     cctggccttg ggacctaggc agcacctacc agtgccccct tctttttctc tcctgttcca    148320
     tcttctgcat cttgcgtcaa ccctgtcctc tcatcctctc ggcagctctc cctgagtcac    148380
     agagttcttt acagctcatc tggacacagc tctgaaacct gctgtccttg aagggaccct    148440
     agggaggagt tcacaggtgt tgggagttgc ctggccctga gctcacgcat ccgtcctatg    148500
     tgatccctgg cacagccttg gcactttccc tgtccaggag tcatgacctt tgaggttcag    148560
     ggagcttggc ctcctctcta cagtgcacaa gccaacctcc cagctggcag cacaacagac    148620
     cagacctctc gcacctcaca agcacaccat gctggaattt tctggaaccc aaagctctgc    148680
     tcatctccat ctccaaggaa ccaaggtttg ctcagtttct ctagatgccc gaagtatctc    148740
     caggcttgta actgtaacct ctccccactc tgcctctgct ttaacgtcat gagtacaagc    148800
     tagccttctg agtgtactgg gggagtcagt gaccttctgt cctgtgtgtg tgaggaggta    148860
     aagctagcaa tgcctagctg gtgtccacta gaggccagtg gatatcatca agtgtacccc    148920
     tagggccacc tctcagccat tgccctgagt acccctggcc agctgggcac actgggtaag    148980
     gataacagga aagtgtggga cgttgactct cattgtcacc ttaccaggtc ctgagggctt    149040
     tgggaagctg agaatggctt acaaagagca gcgtgtcaca gggatgacac agagccatct    149100
     cccagggcac tcatggctag tgtgtgcttc tccagtctgg ttctgcagaa gccacattcc    149160
     caggacagtt ggtgacattt gctatgcaca atgccacaca ccaacccttc tctccatggc    149220
     agaggatcag ggctctgacc tcagctgctc acccctctaa gccccttctg ccccaggtag    149280
     atgtgctgca gggagaccgt gtccctgtca tcctgattca caagagtttg cctggcccag    149340
     aactctctga cagctcactg tgcaataaga gcaccgagga cagtggggga gccccttgat    149400
     gtcagcacag atagtctcac gtttttcttg atgccagtgc aggtcctgtg gtgctgtcct    149460
     caggagccct tagggaggtt ggagaaaacc ccttcccttc cacagaagtc ccccaaagcc    149520
     tagatgtttc tgctgacaca gatccctccc cctccaccca tccaaaggag ggtgattcca    149580
     aaggatgaag ccaccctggg aggcagccag acccccagtc tcgacaggga cctgtgttcc    149640
     ctaagtgtcc ttgggttgcc tctgccactg tgagatgagt gatgtccctg aaggccagta    149700
     gcaaccatct gtcaaccagg tgggtttctc agatgtgact aaattagggc tcttgaggaa    149760
     ttattccgga ttgcctgatg ggttggttct tcggccgctg gaggcggccc tgttagtgcg    149820
     aagcagaggg aggtggccca ggacaggtgt gtgacctccg tgcaagatgc tatacttctg    149880
     gttttgaaga cagactatga ggccagagaa tgtgaggaat gtggctctga ggctgggaaa    149940
     ggcaaagaag caggccttca agggccttca gggggtgccg ctctgccagc atgctggctt    150000
     tggtccaggg aaaccagttt gggcctcttg atgtccagat ctccagagct gagtgtcagt    150060
     ctcccttgct cctgcctcct ttcctctctg gaatatttgc tgctttgtac ccaggagtgt    150120
     caccaggttt atacaattgt gtgtgtggct gtcacctgga cctccttgaa ccagtgtgca    150180
     ttcacctgtc agctgtggcc tcacctccat gcccagcctt cttcccagcc tccagggagt    150240
     caattgcacc ccttttccac ttctggtcct tggacatctt agactcagac cccacaggtc    150300
     agagatgccc aggctgtaaa gccaccctcc ccccagatag tgaacactgc cacctctact    150360
     tccctggtca ctttctaaag tgccaggatg ccaccagccc acgataacct ccactgtcac    150420
     ctgggggcca gggtacaaac tgtctatgtg tattaaatcc cctgtgtccc tgattccata    150480
     ttaccatgta atcaccccag attgattctt tttttttttt ttttcaagac agggtttctc    150540
     tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggatctcact ctgtagatc                           150579