ID   AC126688; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 205673 BP.
AC   AC126688;
DT   09-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   26-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-152P20 from chromosome 7, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-205673
RA   Abbott S., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-152P20";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-205673
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-205673
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-205673
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-JAN-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-205673
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-JUL-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-205673
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 8a274903bb09167c4562a15d476380ce.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456138.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC126688.4:1-205673; mus_musculus.
CC   On Jul 30, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:27573515.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0152P20
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..205673
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /map="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-152P20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   3..312
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   408..588
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   657..762
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   875..961
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   1548..1682
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   2143..2264
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   3415..3622
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   4360..4428
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   4833..4981
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5869..6011
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   6012..6084
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   6085..6213
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6345..6453
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   7825..7991
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   8142..8266
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   8353..8528
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   8415..8529
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   8537..8607
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   8873..8937
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   9345..9460
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9499..9564
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9890..10059
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   10174..10366
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(10289..10360)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=33.19 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-10.52)"
FT   repeat_region   10612..11009
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11952..12053
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   12896..13180
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   13199..13354
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   14580..14720
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14974..15137
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   16004..16092
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   16401..16525
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   16805..17107
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   17266..17332
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   17599..17879
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   18874..19065
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   20707..20807
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   21909..22112
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   22113..22156
FT                   /rpt_family="Y-chromosomal"
FT   repeat_region   23091..23341
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   23611..23732
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24862..25044
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   26236..26308
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   26312..26663
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   26673..26809
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   29701..29968
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   30915..31106
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   32451..32597
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32607..32753
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32886..33100
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   33122..33284
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   34391..34581
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   35630..35844
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   37638..37967
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   37968..38145
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   38146..38167
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38177..38344
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38403..38653
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   39664..39732
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   40613..40904
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   41532..41733
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   42213..42352
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   43503..43646
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44430..44483
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   45705..45921
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   46989..47166
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   47630..47942
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   48574..48604
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48636..48762
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   48994..49099
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50324..51000
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   51575..51661
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   52685..52798
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   53301..53525
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   54077..54157
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   55796..55875
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   55894..56035
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56081..56460
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   56699..56779
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56790..56904
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   57296..58082
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58105..58324
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   58349..58424
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   58425..58571
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59977..60053
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   61714..61846
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   unsure          62221..62579
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   misc_feature    62403..62868
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   63096..63420
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63489..63777
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64020..64135
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64468..64650
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   64763..64936
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   64948..65116
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65117..65216
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65217..65320
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65407..65595
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65604..65740
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   65782..65881
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65910..66229
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   66698..66840
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67721..67814
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   68968..69021
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   68980..69044
FT                   /rpt_family="ZP3AR_MM"
FT   repeat_region   69545..69670
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   69686..70041
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   70247..70438
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   70445..70785
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   70928..71272
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   71603..71657
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   72973..73271
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   73758..73873
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   73911..74048
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74983..75041
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   76175..76346
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78431..78514
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   78518..78710
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   79275..79379
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79483..79574
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81931..82070
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   82279..82495
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   82552..82736
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83298..83466
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   83765..84090
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   84092..84299
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86007..86286
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86338..86376
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86889..86926
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86976..87129
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87302..87470
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   87420..87488
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   87527..87602
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88066..88116
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   88247..88301
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    88624..88838
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   88706..88803
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90460..90644
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   91338..92491
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92494..92544
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   92758..92956
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92970..93249
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   94284..94431
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   94432..94570
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   94571..94821
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   95101..95480
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   95643..95977
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96155..96535
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96587..96666
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   97474..97805
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   97860..98101
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98102..98249
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98250..98300
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   99753..99873
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   99901..100132
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   100807..100845
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   100846..101196
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   101197..101433
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   102309..102421
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103251..103535
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103361..103681
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   104747..104841
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   106057..106566
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   106657..106887
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   107031..107368
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   107498..107871
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109198..109242
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   109304..109343
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109344..109529
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   109530..109863
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   110247..110470
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   111348..111650
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   111836..112010
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   112979..113394
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   114046..114314
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   115083..115364
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   117175..117249
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   117317..117449
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   117637..117833
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   119029..119487
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   120386..120480
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   122159..122234
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   123467..123544
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   123559..123789
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   124038..124077
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   124604..124755
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   125078..125202
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   126889..126944
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   130177..130254
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   131754..131770
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   131771..131977
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   131978..132120
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   132149..132300
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   133445..133820
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   134858..135119
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   136897..137286
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   137241..137403
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137973..138814
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   140426..140502
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   141136..141234
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141161..141258
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   141260..141337
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142295..142469
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   143144..143281
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143284..143368
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   143543..143718
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   145829..146031
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   146144..146237
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   146468..146684
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   146699..146987
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147003..147084
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   147357..147438
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   147486..147775
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   148582..148665
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   151191..151310
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   152039..152074
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   152073..152485
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   154887..155233
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   155898..156342
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   156508..156887
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   156959..157199
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   157201..157335
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   157804..157948
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   157949..158097
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   158086..158174
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   158493..158629
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   158691..159237
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159941..160286
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   160945..161132
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   161882..162320
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   162324..162480
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162499..162646
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   163129..163315
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   163346..163579
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   164871..165017
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   166034..166219
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   166578..166630
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   166618..166685
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   169294..169334
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   169631..169823
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   171170..171281
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   171296..171430
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   172419..172658
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   172965..173336
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   173229..173451
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   173447..173532
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   173981..174373
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   174374..175454
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   175455..175638
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            175456..175531
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=20.63 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=4.29)"
FT   repeat_region   175725..175847
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   175852..175947
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   175915..176071
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   176097..176323
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   176516..176705
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   176714..176848
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   176849..176931
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   176985..177161
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   177570..178354
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   178355..178741
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   178742..178901
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   179210..179363
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   179391..179667
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   180206..180528
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   unsure          180919..181511
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   repeat_region   181584..181800
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   181825..181980
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   182763..182850
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   184839..184957
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   186099..186567
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   188057..188170
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   188331..188455
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   188456..188731
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   189104..189446
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   189709..189899
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   190221..190587
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   190628..190739
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   190826..190972
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   191063..191219
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   191236..191468
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   191650..191917
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   192089..192228
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   192407..192673
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   193037..193051
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   193052..193199
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   193200..193222
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   193265..193333
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   195639..195777
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   197110..197308
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            197112..197186
FT                   /product="tRNA-Asn"
FT   repeat_region   198187..198398
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   198408..198775
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   199327..199458
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   199592..199784
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   199823..199937
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   199947..200130
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   200465..200644
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   200645..200758
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   202893..203624
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER12"
FT   repeat_region   204161..204526
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   204529..204602
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   204600..204938
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   205128..205390
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
SQ   Sequence 205673 BP; 56163 A; 50655 C; 46489 G; 52366 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctgg aaagaagcct tgtttacaaa tctgattcac cgactcaaac ttcagtgact        60
     gtgttgtgtt tggaatgtgg ctgagccaga gactaattac aacttatctt tcgctatctc       120
     tggcccctaa tgagtcactc cttgcccatc tccgtgtcag agctaacatc ttgataaaca       180
     gataaaaatt cttggaatgt attagtttaa caagacccta ttctcaccaa gcaaagggct       240
     aataatgctg ccagataaca tctgagacct ggacctgaga tttctcctct actgctctgc       300
     tgtttccacc gaggcagaca ggcatctgca gaagcagaag agttctttaa tcagaaccga       360
     agggcctcag tctctccggg agtgaagact gggcagtggg gtttgtatgt tttgatttat       420
     aattttcttt gttctgttac ttataaaaag tgcatgaaac tatttccgca ttggagcctg       480
     ggatttgagg gtaactaatc tgtttctggg ccatggcccc tcaaatgtgg ctccagaata       540
     agctatctct tcctccttct gttgtgagag ctgtgttttg tgttgacagt gttgtcagac       600
     ttctaaagga tctgggttca acccaatgcc tgctgtggat caggtgagat ccactggagg       660
     gccagggttc gagtcctagc tctgccaccc aatggcctct aagtgaagaa atacttcacc       720
     ttcaaacctt gttttctttt ctaaggaagc ataatgaggg ggcctcaagg ggacagtgag       780
     ctcactagag cttccctcct tcttccctcc ctccctactg cgttctctcc ttcccaagct       840
     cccaggaaca gaacctgggc ctcctaatga ccctgctgtg tgactttgga tggttcacat       900
     caaccttggc gcaccctcct ctgtaaatta agactgaatc agacactctc aaggcctttt       960
     cactaagcac cacaccccct ctccaaggtc taacaaatcc taagaacccc cacagggtga      1020
     tgtgttcacc ctgctaacca ctggctcggc acagatctcc agccatgaag tgctccctct      1080
     tttcatatta catcaccatg actcttcacc tccaagttac cgaggcagag gcccagccca      1140
     gggtggagcc aggtggagca gcctgggaaa tgagccccat tccttcgttc tcccaaggga      1200
     tcatgggtcc aagcctgtgg cctgtcaata cagaacctct cttggggaac caactccacc      1260
     cactggggcc atgtataatt gatgagcctt ctttctcccc atgcagagcc tgagctggta      1320
     cagccataat gcaggctgtt aaaagcttcc tgggaatcca ctgcaagagg ggtaattaat      1380
     gtaatgaagg gctttctaat cttgcttctt gttgcacctc cattccctac aaatgccccc      1440
     tgagaggctt ccaaaagcac ccaggtcttc tttagcatct tccctttttc ttcttcttgc      1500
     atatattcca aatctatcag tttttgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaga gagagagaga      1560
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gacagagaga cagagagaca      1620
     gagagacaga gagacagaga gacagagaga cagagacaga gagacagaga gagaatgagc      1680
     cacatcacag agctaggcct gtacaccatg ttagattgga attgatggga tgacgtggaa      1740
     acaaaagaat gcagggccgc acctccagaa acagaattgc tctttattcc aaacaactga      1800
     agggccagtc tctcccagga ttggagactg tgtttggtgt gtgggtttcc tgatcagaac      1860
     cttccatgag ctttatcagt caagggtatt ttcctgtcca gaacttctca gtccacttga      1920
     ggcattcagt ggttaaccct tcacacccca gactagagaa gaagagggct gagccatgtt      1980
     tctgagaccc ccactccttt tataacaact tattgctagt ctccagttgg acactgtggt      2040
     ggaactggga caacaggagc ggggagctta gttggaacac tgtggctcag tggacacagg      2100
     gcctcccagc aggttggcaa agcaggcgag cagccgttat ggtttcacag atgtgaacct      2160
     gagccccaga gaggtgctaa gcaccagctg cctcctgtat ggatacagaa atagcaggac      2220
     caggactcaa gtcaagatgc tccaaaagct gctgagccac tgtggacaaa tgtatccctg      2280
     ataagttcct gtctcctctt tggccctttc cacgggatga agaaatcaca gctcccttga      2340
     ggctgggtct acagccttaa gggcacaatg ccacagcccc aacacagtgg acttactttg      2400
     acttgatatg cacagttaaa gtgaatccta ccctgcaaca caagaaatgg ttaaagggtc      2460
     tttgggaagg acagagtcag ctgggctggg atccaccagg ggcaaaatct caggaccttg      2520
     gtagacttga tttgctcatc agggaaactg aggcagccac ccagaaacgt agagcatctg      2580
     aataatctgg ctacaggtat ctgggctcag gttggagcca gaggggagat gctaagccag      2640
     aagcatgctt ctgtggctgg cgtgttagtg gagctcatgc aaggagatac attggctttg      2700
     gcaggaggtg tggtctctag gcaggaggta tggtctctag gcaggaggtg tggtctctag      2760
     gcaggaggtg tggtctctag gcaggaggtg tggtctctag gcaggaggtg tggtctctag      2820
     gcaggaggtg tggtctcatc ccccacccct tcctcgtacc ctctgcttct ccttcgcttc      2880
     cctctctacc tctttttggc ccttgagttt taggtccaat caaggaatag gctatttatt      2940
     cccaagagga cttaaatgaa cccacaaacc aggagactaa caaggggtgg tgggctctca      3000
     agagccatga ctaatggaat aagataaaga gagaaacaac tcaaaaacga agctaagaga      3060
     gaaagctttt gcaatatcgt catggacggc attttgctgc gcaagtgggg atttcctgca      3120
     gaaaccaggc ccctcctttt cctttgtcac tgtgccaatc tctccagagt ccctgatatt      3180
     tttagttttg cctcaggctg aaactcagaa gttcctagat attaaaaatt aacatggcac      3240
     atgtactttt tctaaaagca agaatgcttt gccatcaaga tttctttaaa gttgtacaaa      3300
     gttgcatgag tcgggaggag gggtgaatct gggaagaact atggaggttg accatgatca      3360
     aaacatttga aacttaagac tctcagaaac taatacaaaa tgtgataata tcaagttgga      3420
     aaaaatggct cagcagtgaa gaccactggc tgctcttaca gaggtctggg gtccaggtcc      3480
     cagcacccat ataatggctc ataattataa ctccagttcc agaggatcca aaaccctctt      3540
     ctggttgtat taggcactgc acatatgtgg tacacaaaca taggtgcagg caaaccagca      3600
     atatacaaaa taaatgaagc ttaaacaact gcagagtagt ggtctgtctt aacatattgg      3660
     cctgtgagca tctataagca tttaaagaat tttttaaagg atttaaaaca acagctacct      3720
     tttgatttgt ttccctgtac tgtacgacag ttataagaaa actgataatt cccttcattt      3780
     gctgcacaga cgttttgcca ggctcctgct tcactgtaag gctcccattt gcctctgatc      3840
     tctgcccact gcccaaatct caggttattc aatccaacaa ttcctcaaac aaacaaatgt      3900
     attgtctggt gtgaagtgca tagacaaagg cagtccgatc agaaactaag ggagggtgtt      3960
     tacctgaagg tgtgctggat tcctctgcca aagtgagcgg ggcatcaaga gaccctatag      4020
     cacacaacgt agagtagcaa agattccttt gacctcttgt ttagtgaggg aacctgttgc      4080
     ctttggtata gctgagagct gcataacgat gcttccatca aggaccatag agtgcatcag      4140
     tgaccttcag atagctcagt ggcatcatag ctgcctaact caccctgaga tgttcatacc      4200
     accataactt atcttctgaa aatcctatgg tgaaacaagc catggctgaa cacacaatcc      4260
     taactgatag tatctagggg aaactagcaa gtcctgaggt cttaagtagc cacacatacg      4320
     taagggcatt gtcagttaat gtaattaaaa ttacattttg gcctgaggag ctggctcagt      4380
     ggtaaagcac ttgcttagca agcaatgagg cctggagttg aatctcagga agtggaaaag      4440
     cttatttttc tggctttgtc acatgccagt ctcccccata aagaattagc tcaccaacac      4500
     ccacgtacgt aaagtaaaca cacttcaggc cgtctgggaa gaccacatgg agcaagagag      4560
     cagcaaatgt cacttgcgca ctgttggaca atgaggagac atggccctgc ccaattaact      4620
     tcagatgccg tcacttctca tgatgcatct cagaggacaa cttgtccctg ctgagagtag      4680
     atcttgtcca ttaatcctac caaagtcctc aaggcagaca gcaagtaatg atgtgattta      4740
     aatcaaacac agcctgatga ccagggagca tttgccagca cccagaacaa gctgggaaga      4800
     gggtctggat gctcagaggc aagtgctgta cctttttttt cccccccgag acagggtttc      4860
     tctgtatagt cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag      4920
     aaatctgcct gcctctgcct cctgagtgct aggattaaag gcgtgcacca ccatgcccgg      4980
     cttctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg gcaagggtga tttgggtttt aacctaaatc      5040
     cagccagtaa ctgcaccttc catggagctt ggacacgatt catatccatc ccaaaggtac      5100
     ggaggaccgg agccagctct tccaccacat gtacctctcc acaggacatg gcagggggtg      5160
     gacaacacag ctatgaagcc ctgcccacag ctagtcactt cccatccccc agggctgggg      5220
     ttgcataggg cctggtctct gtcttaaatg aacaggactc tagtctgtct cacatctgga      5280
     ttgcagtgcc tggggacaga gtgagtggga ggtctttctt gtcacctata acccaaagct      5340
     gagtgctatt tgtgtctatt gcagttacct gctgcccaca atactaacct ggattcttcc      5400
     tgcccgtgaa tggcaatgtt caattcttac tcttggtgag agctgtaatg taccagccct      5460
     ggtgctccac tgagatataa acaaatgcat cacaacatct gccctccagg agctcagggc      5520
     tctcagaaga gaccagaagt gaattttcaa tatggtgctc tgctctgggg gattctattc      5580
     agttttgact tctagcttca gggctctctt cagaggactt tcactggaca tctgtttaaa      5640
     acaagcatcc ctgctgcctc tgtcaagctg tgtactgatt tctttcatat agcattgatt      5700
     tgaccatcca tccgtgtttc acttgtcttc ctgccaggat ataaactcta caaggacaac      5760
     agtgatgttt gctcattccc tctgcaatct agcatctaga ccctgcaaat acccaatgca      5820
     ttttctcctt cttttctttc tttttctttt ctttctgttg tttgttggtt tgaagcaggg      5880
     tcttgtggag ttcaggatgg cctcaaactc actatttagc taaggatgaa tttgaacttt      5940
     tgatctttct ctgcttttac ttcccaggtg atgtaattaa aaccatttat caccatgttg      6000
     gtttccatat ggtgctgggg tcaaatgcag ggctttgtgc atgctggaaa agcactctac      6060
     caactaaact ccatacccag ccccctgact acatagccat ggctggcctg atacttactg      6120
     tctagtccaa gctggccttg aacttctgtc cttgaacctc ctgccttagc cttctgggtc      6180
     ttgggtttat agccctgagc caccatgcca ggctccaata agcatttctt gagtgaagaa      6240
     atgtatatcg tgatctcttt gaaggttgca ttaagccctg tctgtcttgc tatggcattc      6300
     cttggattgg cttggtgtgt ctcagttcag tttccctgtt cctctctgac atactgcaga      6360
     gctcactcat ttgaagtatt caatgctttc acctactagg gcctagagtc tgagaccagg      6420
     gatttttgcc tattttattc catgtggttc ccctggctca tttgagagat gttcactagc      6480
     cactgttata gtgaatggca ataccatcct gtttgggagg cagcaggaag gtgatttaat      6540
     ccaatattgg cagagggagt cacagaaggc ttcctacaga accagagctt cctgtaagtc      6600
     ctgatgaatt tctgcaccaa acaagaaaaa aaccaaccaa ccaacaaaca aacaaacaga      6660
     acgaagacaa aatacatttg aattagtgtc cagaaacacc cataaggctc agatgcttca      6720
     gtggaagaat tctgtcagac ttcctttaaa ttgcaatctt ataacacaca cacatgcaca      6780
     cataaacata tatgtacaca tatacataca tacacacaca tacacacata tgggacctgg      6840
     tgtctgtctt gaatgaacat gactctagtc tgtctcacac ataaacacac atacacatat      6900
     acatactata cacacagaga ttcacattat gcacattatg ccccttatac cacacacaga      6960
     gaaacatcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac tcacacatac cacatacaca      7020
     catacatact catagcccaa gatgttaaaa actcaagttt atccatacct actgataaat      7080
     aacacctcat taccaagtgg tgttatccta gaaatataaa agtatcttat tattaacaaa      7140
     ttatcaataa tttcattata tggagtatag aaggctgatg tgcccctcag ttattcccag      7200
     taccacataa accaggtata gaagtttaga cctataatta gatcctacct cagactacat      7260
     gatgtggggc aatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga      7320
     tagatagata gataaaggaa ataaacaagc taggtaagtt ttttttttta atttgccaat      7380
     caaagtgttc acaagtttgg tttaggaaga atgcagtagg aaggaacaga ggagggactt      7440
     cctgggaact agtgaggggg tgatgaacag cagcagcagc aatgggctgc aaggaactgt      7500
     caaaactgag ccccatggcc catgtttcaa aaggattctg atgctgtggg gtgcccacgt      7560
     ggaaatgact tccccgcatg tggctgtgtt caagttcaaa gcagaaggtt gcagccttcc      7620
     ctgtattgcc agacaactta gaggctgata cagggaacat ggctaggttt ggtactttaa      7680
     ttacatattt attggcatct gcagtggctc ctgtgagcag cccttgttgt caggccgttg      7740
     ctgacgatga atgatggctc ctaggttcct cctaatgggt gcacacgttt gagcacttac      7800
     tccagagctg tgcctcccag gacagatggt tttccagcag aacaaagcct tggaggagta      7860
     agtgatttct gacttcagtt agccacactg acaactctgg acaaggaaat tagacattct      7920
     gagttatttc caaattggct gaattataat cgtaattgca aagcaaagtc acagaatccc      7980
     agacttttaa catcagctac ttaacaagtc ttattctctt tgacaggtgg taatatgaga      8040
     tcttaggggt agaaacaatg gtcccaagag gcaggcccta cacattcaga gcacttcctg      8100
     gatgtcagtg ctttcctagg tgctagggac cccagggtga atggatgaca ttccggtcct      8160
     caagttaact atcgcattga gagaaagtga gagtaattac atgaaatcta ccattcagcc      8220
     aggtgcttgg ttaatccttc caggatggtg ggcaggatgt aatgaaaagt cccaagttgc      8280
     tccccctggg atgatgagaa acagcttctc taaggaacat caattgctct ccactgatga      8340
     cagcatatca agagaaagat tttatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta      8400
     tctatctatc tatctttgga ggcagggctc ttgtatccta tgctgctcct gaaatatcca      8460
     tgtagccaag aataaccttg aacttttagc ccttctgttt ctacctccca aatgctggga      8520
     ttataagtgg ataccctact gggaatccaa accagacttc atacatgcca ggcaagcact      8580
     ttacttactg agatacaccc caaggccaag agaaatttgt taatataggg aattaattac      8640
     agaaagcaga agggaccaat tgtatagttg tgcctctctg gataccagct atcacaggag      8700
     gccaccccag ctctagctgg gagacaggga agcagaaggt tccagagcac aggaggagca      8760
     aaatggggac aggactgttc agcaagatct ggaactgcaa aagaaactaa aagctactac      8820
     tggggtagct cctggagatg gtccccaaag cagcatgggg gtggggcatt gtccctactt      8880
     ccatccttca atctatcacc agcatctctc attgttaacc agaaaccaaa ggacaagatg      8940
     catttccaaa atgctggagg agcataagag agtaggcagc tgcagaagat tagaggcagg      9000
     tcccctcgaa gtggctgagc ttggtttgta atgccatctc ttccaccctg gagcaagaag      9060
     ccacacctgc atgtagtgct accctgccag gtgaggaagg aaagtgggac tcggtttgat      9120
     taaatagcag actcaaaggc acacagcaag aagggcctaa aagtcctttc actcattcaa      9180
     cctgagaata tttaaggact gtggctaggg accagactct aagaacagaa taacatttga      9240
     aatgaacaca aaacataggt ttcaggggaa catagcaact aagcagatga ccatactact      9300
     gacaacattt actaaaaatt gtctgttcca ataaaacctt ttgagccata cacattggct      9360
     tgtgcctgga atccaagtgt ttgggaaact aaggcagaag aattttgagg ccagactccc      9420
     ctacatagtg aaaccccatt ccaaactaaa tcaaacaaaa cccagaatcc tgttcacata      9480
     ttttttcaca tagaacaatc gattgttttg tttcctattt tgtcaatttc tgctctgaca      9540
     tttatcattt cccttcttct cttttcccgg gtacctgagt gcactcctta gtttataact      9600
     aaggctatgc atttccttct gacttttatt ttgctgcacc tcctgggctt ttcctatact      9660
     gatttttatt ctctactctt gggttttggc ttttgttttg ttttgttttt ttgttttgtt      9720
     ttgaattctt gtggtaattt actatattta acttatatgt tacttaaagg catttttaaa      9780
     acttcctgtc catccagatg gatatggatg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      9840
     cgcaggcaca cacaacacac gtgcgcgcgt gcgtgcacac acacattcac acaaaccagg      9900
     tagcttatga ataccaaaac tttatttttt acagttccaa atccaattgc cccagggcct      9960
     attttccaat tcagatgaca gcttcttgtc tatgtcctca catagaagtg aggaggctct     10020
     tgtgagcctc tcataagggc agtgaccctg tctgtgaggt cgcaggcact aatctgtcac     10080
     cctggcaagc agagttgcag catcctgagg ggaggaacag gcattcagct caaagcatct     10140
     tccaaacata catttatcta cattgatgac ttcttttttt ttttttaaaa gatttattta     10200
     tttattatat gtaagtacat tgtagctgtc ttcagacact ccagaagagg gaatcagatc     10260
     tcgttacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactct ggaccttcgg     10320
     aagagcagtc gggtgctctt acccactgag ccatctcacc agccccattg atgacttcta     10380
     agtatcaatg ctgaggacag ttaataccac gttagctctc tggtattcac tgagagttta     10440
     ttaagattca ctaaataata cattcttata accatccatg aattctttta aaaaattata     10500
     actattgatt agctatggag ttgttgatgt actcattcat tgatcaaaag ttttccatct     10560
     cttgattgat aggtatgtgt cattctgtga atgtggaatt cgccaattct tctgtttatg     10620
     ttttacagct gccaacccaa acctagagtt cactgggaac agggagcctc tatttaaatt     10680
     cccatatcaa attgacctat ggccaggttt acaaggacat tttcttgaca gctaattaat     10740
     gtaagaggac ccagctgatg gtaggcagtg ccacccatga gcaggtggtc ttgaattata     10800
     caaggaagca ggctgagtaa gccaataagc atgacttctc tatggcttct gcttccggtc     10860
     ctgcctccag gttcctgtct tgagctccta ccccaatttt ctttaacaat aaaccgtgac     10920
     ctggaagtat aagatgaaat aaatccttca ctccccaaat tcctttggtt acggtgttta     10980
     tcacagggat agaagattaa actagaacat tatctgaagt gttctgaggg cttttgttga     11040
     ctttgaactg aaggtgtacg ttgggacaaa gtccacttgt tggttgatta gtaaaattct     11100
     caagacgaga aaatataaaa ctaagctgga ggctcttctg agcccagagt tcttttggtc     11160
     cacccattat gctggctgag cccagagttc tcagtctatc catcatgctg gctgagccca     11220
     gaattctcgg tccacccatc acactggctg ggcttgggtg tccgaattgg gactatgtct     11280
     ggaaagggat gagaaagcat tccacgtcca ttcttggttg gtaggccttg gattgtcaag     11340
     gactgtgagg attaaagcca ttagtaacac tatcatttca ttaaacattg cttgctcctt     11400
     gccatctgca agatgtaagt ttcagataac tttcgggttt ccatttgctc ttggctgtgg     11460
     gcagatctgc cttctcttgg agtctcagtc cctgaggcaa tctatttaaa gtgatagcct     11520
     gagttttgca agcagacaaa tggtgtgtcc agtgtggagg tttaccgagc agggtgtaaa     11580
     gaaaattctt cgttcggatg cagctgtctt tggttagcac ataccatcct tgtagagaaa     11640
     tctctggggg ctgtgaagtg agtggttttt cgcttctggg gttttgttct gaaacccaga     11700
     aaggaataaa tagcatcact gtaaaaacat ccctgcctgg acgtttgatc ttagcttggc     11760
     agctgctgca gagtgtgccc gccccctcac cccttgtggg cagtcagtac agggttgctc     11820
     gtaggattga ggactttgaa ctgaaggtgt acgttgggac aaagtccact tgttggttga     11880
     ttagtaaaat tctcaagacg agaaaacata aagctaagct ggaggctctt ctgagcccag     11940
     agttcttttg gtatgaaaaa gtagctatga aattatccat ctcaactcca gaagatgccc     12000
     agagagttca agtaatgtgc ctaagggaac acagcaaaaa cagttgtagt gctctttgtc     12060
     ttccctccat ccctcccact ctgcaggttg ccctcccaac taaaagggat cctttgtaga     12120
     agtagactcc ttttatcttg gggaaacaat ggtcaggggg attgctagag gtctccttaa     12180
     tctctttatg ctagagaaca ggctcctatt atgccactga agaagaggag gaagagaaag     12240
     ggcgggggag caaaggaact gccaagtgtg tggtgcctca ctcagtcctg agatgcggtt     12300
     ggacaggatc ttgtagggaa tcgtatccaa gccgtgtggt ctcaaagctc attcctgtcc     12360
     accccaaccc aaccctctct gcacagttgc tggggtgctc ggtgccctgc tggctcacac     12420
     agccttctca gctcttaatt ccctacagag cccacctatc acagcctgat ccgacgatcc     12480
     ttcccagcat ccctatctga agagcacaca cttcagggcg aaatggtggt ggttctctcc     12540
     ctttcaagct tcatccagaa cctggcccag cataggtgac tcaaatgcct tgtccccttt     12600
     gacaccccca cagtccttat ttgcagagtc tcttggcctc cataagaaag cacatggacc     12660
     attttgggga tgtttcatag gatcccagct tcatcttcta gctggaaact tggtaacttc     12720
     atggcttcca gagtagcatg gggatcctat ccccctaccc ctccttctgt gtttgccctt     12780
     ccttgggggt gatggtcagg agctagcata gtcctgggct tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     12840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtctgac tatagaagac tacatgagac     12900
     tggggatgag tctacctgta aaacatttgc cttccttgca agtatgagga tctgagttca     12960
     atcccccaga acccacacag aaatagcagg tgtggccaag tgctcttata gtctcagcac     13020
     tggggaggca gagatagggg tactttaggg gttattgact tgccagtcct atcagtgagc     13080
     tcaggccaac gagagagtct gcctcaaagg acgtggacag tgtataagga tgactctggc     13140
     cttcattatg tgcgtgtgca cacatgtacc tgcacacaca taatcacatg cataaaccga     13200
     cactggttgg gttcccagca cctacacatg atctgtaagt ccagttctag ggcttacaac     13260
     accttcctct gtcctccaca ggcacttcat ccacaaggac cacatagata catgcaaaca     13320
     aatgctcaca tacacgagag aaaactatgt ctttaaaagt gtaaatatgt acttgtgtcc     13380
     aggtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gattgtgtga ttttgtgggt gtgggagtat gtctttaggt     13440
     gttggtgtga taacatgtgt tggtgtattt ctgtgaaggt aagaacacat ggtgtgtatg     13500
     tacacagctg catgtcaact ccagaggatg gatatccata cagtgtcgta ccaatgtgtc     13560
     acacagggcc agtgaccagg gcatctttgg aaaccagcag ccatcactgc atcccatgct     13620
     gacctgtgac ttgggcttat ttagccagag ctgtgttaaa ttttccattt cctgtaagga     13680
     gggtgttgtt gattgttgcc tcgaagggtc ttttcctgga atgtgctgcc agcagaaatg     13740
     cctgtgaagt gcatgaccca cagttccatt caaagaaccc aaacagccca ggggacatgg     13800
     tgaacacatt ccattcacca cgatgaaaat aattccattt tatagataag aagcagaaac     13860
     tgaatcctag cacacagtga gaaaagaaag aaagatttgt catgccacat cttgtaagtt     13920
     ggaccaggtc ttttcaaatg aggggagtct tttcaactgg ggggagtctt ttcaaatgct     13980
     gtgattgcca caaccatgtc acactttacc ccaccgcatc cctgggaccc caaaggacaa     14040
     gcagaggaac ccatccatca gacacaggaa gctcagaggc aaaatgacaa ctgaaggcca     14100
     cacagcccac tcagaggtgg gggcctggtc cgatgactcc aggaccagtg tttcagacca     14160
     agaggccacc atgagacttc ctgtgcacac cactcaatga aggaaaacat cttcagctgc     14220
     cagttgtcct agtgaggtag tttgcagcct gctgccaaga ggcaccgcca aatcactcta     14280
     aattgggcaa ttagcaccgt ggtttgtgaa atgaggaaca ggatatgctt gaccccttga     14340
     acttcttccc cactgaactg tcacatccca gctgagcttc aatttaacca agtagagggt     14400
     ggagatcatg ggaagcaaag ccttaagcta aaggcctggc caatgcttgc ttcctaggaa     14460
     actgtctcta cctggaaggt agaggtctca gaatccaatg ccaatgccaa tagccagaag     14520
     actgggaaga caggaaatgg aaaaagtagc tggaggcacc agtagcacac aaggtagatg     14580
     tgtcttgaat ccaaaatgcc ccacaggctc acttgttagc ccttcagccc aactggcaat     14640
     actgttctga gaggtgggag aaactataga acacggggcc tggtcagagg aagtcaccaa     14700
     gggtcatagt tttgaaggtt atatctagtc cttggtcctg ttgccagagt tgttgggatc     14760
     agagcctggg ccctggcagc ccccaacaag tgagacagaa ccggctatcc ttgataagcc     14820
     atggaaacaa ggaatagtgc aaagcagaga aaggagtttt gttcagtgtg gctgccttcg     14880
     gaaaaagaag agataaagtg atgcagagat gcctgccccc aagtcctgct gcttcacaaa     14940
     aggctcacac caactaaaga atgaatggcc ccaggctggt gagatggctc actggttaag     15000
     agcactggct gcttttccag agatcctggt tgagttcagt ttccacaaaa agtatacttc     15060
     tcagtcagct tgctaccaaa gactttagag tccagtctgg gctctgacag ccccacaggc     15120
     tgggccacct gcactcattt aaagaggagt aatagtgaaa agcagagtaa agagacagaa     15180
     tccctgtggc cacattaaga aaaagaacac aaagtggtct ggtgaacccc aggcccatct     15240
     tctgggtcct gacacatggt ttaggtttaa acaagcaaca ggtgtattta aggaagcagt     15300
     cctggtccag gtgtggtccc gcccactgct gacccatcac tgcttgtgtg aaatttcttt     15360
     ctcaagacaa attcctcctc tggctggcac ttaccttcca cctttttctt ctcccagcat     15420
     gagatttctg aaggaattct aattccttta gggccagtgt ctccatagca gaaggaggcc     15480
     tgcaggtgtc tctgggatgt ctttattcct gctgggatgg ttactggctg ttctctgtgt     15540
     gtctttctgt ctctttgtct ctgtctgcct ttctgtctct gtctctctgt ctctgtctct     15600
     gtctctgtct ctctctctgt gtctctctct gtctctctct ctctctctgt gtatgtgtgt     15660
     gtgtgtgtct ccccccttgt cccttcctcc ctctctttct gctttctgtc tgttctgcct     15720
     cattacaggt cctgaattga tgaagccaag gacaacagac tggaggctct gaaacatgag     15780
     tctgtgagcc aaaatcaaga actcttcctg agctctcttc atgacaggtc tgttgtcacg     15840
     atgatagatg ggcagaaaac ccgtcacagt cactgtcctt aatacacaat gagaactgag     15900
     tgaacaagaa ggtagttgtg ggtagagact gcgtaagagc actcacaaga aacagatgca     15960
     actggtcata aagactggaa gaaagtgttc gacctcactt ctgttaaagg aaatgtgtga     16020
     gaagccattg gtttctactc agtgcctgta ctgaactccc agaccagacc aaaatagagc     16080
     caattatgtt aagatcttca caccacacca aagccaagct gactattaga tattctgagg     16140
     aagcaggaaa gagatgctag caacccacca acaggccagc cttaacttct aacagtcccc     16200
     tctgcttcca ccctggttct gccttttcct gctttctcct gcctgtgaag ccccctcctc     16260
     tgctcaggca gggtggctca cagtctgtag tattccagtc tgccctaaga tcttgggcag     16320
     gttccttagc cttaatgctg gtgactggga tgagccaagt cctagtggcg ggggcggggg     16380
     gaggggatga ctgtggtggg tgggcactgg aggatgctgg caggattcct ggactttacc     16440
     caactgatga gcatagcacc tttccacctt gtgagaacta aaaactgtct ccaggattgc     16500
     caagtgtccc catggtaggg gtagaggagt ggcagaagac atcagctcaa gacccactgc     16560
     ccccagagaa gtgtcatcct tcaggatgct ttggggtttt tgtagcatct gttagggtct     16620
     cttcaagcta caattccaca ggacacactt gggaaaggct gattaatgca atgttcagtt     16680
     tgtccttgag gaaactccag gaaagggggg aaagtccgta cacaaaccca agtgagtcca     16740
     tagaagacct gcagctcaaa cgcacacctc cacccaagcc ttcacagaaa tgagacaatc     16800
     cagagggatg gggcgatggc ttagtgggta aaggttttgc caagcaagca taaggaccca     16860
     agttcaaatt ttcatcactc aggcaaacac ccagatgtgg tgatgtcaca cattcttatt     16920
     tataatccca gtgctgagaa gatgaagacg agagaatctc tgcagtctgc cagtcaggat     16980
     agatgatttg tcagatccgg gattattgag agaacctgtt cctaaaaata aagtgaagaa     17040
     tgattgagaa agacattcaa cataacatgg cctctggctt ccacacgcct gtacacacaa     17100
     acacacagag gagaaagggg agggggggag agggagagtg ggagagagag agagaggcac     17160
     atgcatactc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tcacacacac acacacacac     17220
     atacacacac acagaggggg aaagggagga ggggggagag ggaggagggg gagagagaga     17280
     ggggcgcatg catactctct ctctctctta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagagg     17340
     gggaaggtga agagggggga gagggagagg gggaaagaga gagaggctca tgcatactct     17400
     ctctctcttt ctctctctct ctctcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     17460
     cgtgaggggg agatgattga gggcaagttc atctattctg ttttgtttga accttgcttt     17520
     caaattcatc caccatgctg ctgctgctgc tgccgtggct cctttttttt ttttttttaa     17580
     gctattgcca ttcttcctga cactagaact cagcttcttc aagcttccaa catggactga     17640
     agtccagtgg ctctgcaggg ttcttccatg ctttcagtac aagactggga cagctaaggc     17700
     atccatcgtt gtggagtgag gagatgccgt tctcagaatt tctggtgtga agacagctgt     17760
     ggttggacac tcacgccata atatgtaagc caatctgata aatcctttgc atatatattc     17820
     aagctatgta ttaatatatt caatatagac tactcctcta cagatccctg acttgcacag     17880
     cccctctggg ccttcctggc aatggaggat tatatgatta tatgatttct atgactatag     17940
     cagaattcaa gtgaagagtc agcaaggtgg ccacaggaat gatttagtgc gggctgctcc     18000
     atccttctca gggctgccta ggggagccac tcaccccccc caccccccat atccattctg     18060
     ctggtgatcc ctgtgccgcc atggcagcca tgcaagtgtg agcacatacc tgtcattcgg     18120
     cattgcagtg ccagagaacc tcccgcaagt ttccaattag gagaaagttt taactcaaat     18180
     cccaggagtt aaatcctctg gacacggatt cagtcaatct agcttgcttt ccttctttct     18240
     gggttttgaa aacccagaaa gtgtttactc atcctccctg tccaagatgg ttctttacaa     18300
     aatcactacg atttccctca ctctacctta gaaattaagt cttctgaaaa gccagcatct     18360
     aactcatctt gcatgctaaa ctattacaat cgaaaaggca aaatctctac ggtgcagctt     18420
     taaaaacatc tgtgtttttc ttttgacttt tggggataat tagcccagct catattgtga     18480
     ttgctaatta ctaagctaaa ctaacctgct gaatgggctg gcagagagac agtgtgtgct     18540
     caaagagttt tccccagagc atggcatcat ctgaaatatg gaaacagcat tgtcttagcc     18600
     caagcctcgc tgccacctgc tccttgccca ggcgactgag gactctgcag gaatcttcaa     18660
     gcttgctatc caggtctgga agctggtccg agggaagaga atgccgtggg gagactcaat     18720
     ttaaccaaat tgctggtatg gatttttgtt tccacatgaa caaataattg atcatgtaac     18780
     tatgctggca gaagaagagg taaaaagaga gacacttgta ccctcccttt ggctatcaga     18840
     caacagactc aaagaattta aatttgggca ttagttgcag agatggctca gtggatagga     18900
     ataagaatgt gagttcctct tgcagagggc tctccgagtt cagctcccag catttacacc     18960
     aggtagcttg caacttcctc tactccggct ctgagaatct gatgtgcctc tgatactcac     19020
     atgcatgcac acacacaaag acacacacat gtgcataatt aaatatatat ttacttatat     19080
     ctattttata taaatagata acactatata aatatatgta atatacatta tttatagcta     19140
     aaatttgccc agaatcccat actgggaaaa gggaaaggct tgggtcctgg ggccaaccac     19200
     agtaggaact tggttcccag gaagagattt caaacagctc tgataatgtt ttggacgact     19260
     ttgcaggagg gactggaaca aagacatgat aggtcggtga tggctacaaa cagtacctgg     19320
     actggaactg ctcagctatg catacttctt gccttctact tcaacataac tcctgtcagg     19380
     acccttaaga tggacttggg ttgtttctgg gcctctttat tggttttttg ttttggtttg     19440
     gttacctaat gtagccatgt agaatagatc tcctttctct gcttttctat attctttttc     19500
     tatttaaatg gcatttaagg tacaagaggc tgagcctgca tatttggtgc taccagagcc     19560
     cagactttga cccggtaatc tccagtatca acttaattga gaagttttac ttttcgtgaa     19620
     aactagaccc aaccagggtt ccagaaactc aacacacgtg ttggtagagc atgaatccaa     19680
     aggacagtgt tcattatttt aaacctgtgt tcaaagccag aggcgacagc acctagaagg     19740
     tggatatgta gggggtcctc ttgcatcaaa agtaaaacga tctttgccaa aatcataaga     19800
     caacaccaga ccactcattc tttcatcggt gtgaagaatc agcacacagc agtgcctggg     19860
     aacacgatgt caatagatgg tccctgtccc tgacctcact aaacacaggg tcaggtctca     19920
     gtgctctgaa aggaaagcag ttaggtctga gctagaagcc tgctgacaga caggaaggtg     19980
     tgggagagcc tcagggaggg ttttcatctc cggtagagcc aggcagggct ttcatctccg     20040
     gtagagccag gcagggctga ggatgaccac actggatggg aagaggcaaa tcagaggtaa     20100
     cgccaaggag agaggctaag aggaatcaag atggacagca gctgggaaaa ggaaataggc     20160
     aagaacaggg agccagcagg cagctaggag gaggaatctg agagatgggg ctctttcttg     20220
     aggagacaaa cctgaacaga tgactgtaat tcaagcacag tgacccttga cccttacttg     20280
     gtctcccaaa tgggaagtgg ggaaactatc atgtcttact aggaacgaac ccctaattat     20340
     tcccccggaa aaaaatcctg caagcatccc ttcaacatca tgaatttggt ctcgagttct     20400
     tgggtgttct acagcccagt gtgcaaatgg acacagtgca aggggctccc aatggtggag     20460
     ccatggtcac atgtcttgct cagccctcac aataaacctg ccaagtgaat attgtcaaac     20520
     ctcacagttg agacggaggc tctgaggggt tggaaaatga ctatggactt gtcgtcatcc     20580
     acaggaggcc actggcacca atgactgggg cttggcagtc tcagataaat gcagctgtca     20640
     gtaaataagg cccgtctgag ctatggagtg cctggggatg gccaaagcag gaagaggtga     20700
     gggagcgaga ggttactggg acatttgtct acccagaagt ctgtctctct ctttctctct     20760
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcgac tttgatttca     20820
     ggaacgaggc ctccatgtta gagcctgcaa gtctgcccca gtaggtatac tggtcaaggg     20880
     ttagcaaaat ggcccaagca aggttactag gaaagctttc ttcatggacc tggggtcttg     20940
     gcagaggtcc cactgtccca cccactgagc ttttccttgt gatgtggact gactggattt     21000
     ttccagcatg ttctcatcta cccacaccag tcagaggttc tattgacata gcttgacaag     21060
     ccatatgggg catttggaaa actgtcaatg tcccccgcac cgtggtatca ttgcctacct     21120
     gccatcctca gccatcgtca ctgagagtac aagagtcttc ccctttcagg cttatcagcc     21180
     aaaccacagg aagtaagtgg gagggggtga cagaagggca gatggtgaga acagaaatga     21240
     gaagtgagac acccattcta tgccggtctc cagttaggac cacctacctc tgggtacctc     21300
     aaattcaaca tcattatccc ctgagaggaa tattcaagtc accatttggt ccaaggcgga     21360
     gccacttttg agcccagttc atgtcctatg ctgatcactc ttccaaaccc cccagctact     21420
     atgaaagagg ccaactggtt tgttcaaagc agttaagatt tacacatgct tgaaagctgg     21480
     cagaaatgaa cagtagactc atccctgtgg gctagaagaa gcagagagct aacttctgtt     21540
     ttagtattgt gaggatttgc taaatagcct ctaagaacca aattcctttc cccatttcta     21600
     gcccaggaca gagagtaatc tgttcacagt cacctagcaa agaggtaaca ataccaaagt     21660
     gtcctctcat taccaactcc tcacctgaag gagtcagaaa acgcagatcc ctggtcagag     21720
     gaggccaagg actgtggtgg tacagaggca ggaacatttt agagaaggaa ctgagggagc     21780
     agggagactt tcaacagccg cacacagtct ttggctgttc cagaacagaa gagaggctgg     21840
     gtatgagctg aacagctggt catctctgag tatgtgccaa ccagaggtaa gacactacag     21900
     atatccaact tcggcagtgg ttctgaacct gtgaacccat ttaggggtca cattatcaga     21960
     cccctgcata tcgtatattt acattgtgat tcataacagc agcaaaatta tagttataga     22020
     gaagcaatga aatagtttca tggttggggg gtcaccgtaa catgaggaac tgtattaaag     22080
     ggtcacagca ttaggaagct tgagaaccac tgaaccacaa gaaacaggaa gaaacgagga     22140
     acgggctacc acccagggtg ggcaatccaa caggggcctc actttgagaa actgatgaaa     22200
     aggagcaggt tgtgtgtgcg aagtgttcat acacgtgctt acacacttgc acatgtgttc     22260
     atacaaacat acacaatcac cctcacatac acaagcgtgt gtatacacac acatacttaa     22320
     aatacacacc tttaagcact caaacatagg ccaggcacct tctcccagaa agacggcaag     22380
     agacctctgt caagtcggag gctactacta caggcagaaa cgttctcaaa gctatccctc     22440
     gcagcagcca gcccaagttc tattcaggtg agccacagac ccacagtgcc tgtggaatgt     22500
     gcaaacttca tctaggcacc cagtcacttg gctaggacca atgtctggct cttgccccct     22560
     cccatctccc cttaagtttt cctgtttgaa ggatccagtt actgtctcct tccagcatcg     22620
     ggtggggata ggttactggg gagggcaagg ccagcgacct ggtccctgtt cacagtgtac     22680
     tgttcttgag cttctcagtg cctccagcac tgtcccgggc agacacaaac ctcagaagct     22740
     aagagcctgt gccaggcatg gcttttcacc ccagccctgt cacctctgtc ctggttcctt     22800
     ctttctcagt cttgggccta tctgactaag ataactccct cacaaccatc accattggaa     22860
     cagacctcgt ttgcttcctg ggatgttttt taatatgggt taaacctcaa atgtctaagc     22920
     agccagtcta taatcttgat ggctgagatt aatgtctggt gacaatttta tttctgtttg     22980
     agaaaaagaa agccaaatcc aggacttaat gtcatccctg gatgtcagct atgaagaggg     23040
     ccaatcgaca ggtatggaac gatggtctag gcctgcatga tggctcgtgc tgtcaacttg     23100
     acagaatctg gaattacctc agagggtagg gcatgcctgt gaggggtgtc tttattggtt     23160
     aattgatgta ggaagcccat tccaccctaa aggcgggcag cctggttccc tgggcttgga     23220
     ctgcataaag agaagaagtc agctaagcct aagcattcgt ctctctctcc tcttcctgac     23280
     tgtggatgga atgtgactag ctgtcccctg ctccttctgc cacgactccc ttgccatcat     23340
     gtggtcctct actatggccc aagtccctgt gagagacaat gagatactgg tcctggaggg     23400
     ttagcctagg tggtctgtgt gttggctttg ctttagcaat tctgggttag gtgtactggg     23460
     tcatagctga ggctgtgggt tgtgcctgtg gccaggatgt ctggagttgc ctccactcct     23520
     tgggctggta ggaaaagttt aatgtgcccc caagtattaa aggctgtctt gtctcctggg     23580
     cgggcactca gtaaatggca gcactgaaca ctgaccatgg gatctgagcc agctgtaatt     23640
     ctgatgatga accagtcaag atgaactggt aagccagtat aaaccctttc tctcataagt     23700
     ttgcttcttg tcctgtattt tgtcacagca atgtgacaaa cacgccctgt tttcctcaag     23760
     tctcagctct gggaaggcca cccacacctg ttccatcaga acgaaccatt ttatagccaa     23820
     ggtcacttat atgggaggat atagcagata gagaggtccc gagcaattaa aagccagtgt     23880
     gcctcccccc ccccccacac acacacactc aggccctcag gtggattccc ctccaagcca     23940
     aaatacattt taactctgct ttctaccttg accagctctg ttctccattc ttcatggaca     24000
     gtgttcattc ctgctgcccc tgtgtgctta gctgtgctct gtctggggcc agttgcagat     24060
     gaatgcccaa tgaagagtgg tgactctgag gacacctagg gacagaagga caactggctg     24120
     aggtcctgct gtcagtgttc agtgctgcca tttactgaat gctccttccc tacatgacaa     24180
     gactgccctt agtccctggg gcacattaaa cttttcctac cagcccaagg agtgggagcc     24240
     tacaccagac acgctggcca cagccacaac ccacagcctc agctatgccc agtactcctg     24300
     acccagaatt gctatatacg aagccaacac acagaccacc caggctaacc ttccagggtc     24360
     ggtatcacat tctcccaccc agggacctgg gccaaagaag ggagggccca ggcaatagtg     24420
     ttacctcaaa cccgagcttg agacacgttc tcaaatactg atggagctgc attctcttct     24480
     cagcccaaga aaaattatag acctttcacg acatttcagt tgtgaatgct gtttctaaaa     24540
     atagtgctgg gctcccattt atagctccca cattatatgt ctcagcggtg ccctgcactg     24600
     ttttatatgc aagccaccag ggaatgcttg cttggatatt gccctccctg caaaagaagc     24660
     agagcctctg tgaaggccac ccttggccca cagggcactt caggagggaa gagcaatgaa     24720
     ggaaatgctg tgcacatacc ccacactgca gtagcccagg ctgtctgggg tctgatgaga     24780
     aagagctgcc tggacagtcc acggggacaa ggctggaaat ctcttcctga gaatagctgg     24840
     tggagttctt taactggatc cttttttaaa gatttattta tttaggcgtg tatatgaata     24900
     cactgtagct gcagacacac cagaagagga catcggaccc ctttatagat ggttgtgagc     24960
     caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaactcag gacccctgga agagcagtcc gtgctcttaa     25020
     ctgctgagcc atctctccag cccctttaac tggatcttta cagaggcaaa aaaaaaaaat     25080
     gtttaatcaa gacaacacta atgacaggaa taaaaagaaa aagagagctt tgcgcagcac     25140
     acaacagaga taagccatga atccagcact gcaggaatga cccagtaggg caatgcttgc     25200
     actccctgct ctggggtggg gaaggaggag actgagggtg attcgtcact tctgctgtgg     25260
     agcttgaagt ggaactggca aagcctgagt gactccaaaa ccacctagtc cccagcatga     25320
     cagacatgaa gctccatgcc ttctttgctc ccccccaccc ccagcacagc acatatcaat     25380
     ccatagggag cctccaccat gggcacccag ctgcatccca cacttctgtg tcccttgctc     25440
     tctcatgctc aaaccttctt gctattgtgg gtttttgcat gagtgacaga gctctgtgtg     25500
     tctgcagtta gacaagactg ggttttcttt ggggcctttg gtatttctat gatgctacat     25560
     cttggtcctg tttagactac tgtgtgaccc tatgtgaggc tgcctcttgg ggaggctgga     25620
     tttatttgta ccagagggag caacttctag gctcctctcc atccctccgg ggactctgat     25680
     atctcggtcc ctctggatat ccaatcccac gggatactct ccatatggag atgtcacaaa     25740
     ggtgacctgt agattcttgg caggcaccca tcctgaacct gaaagctgct gacagtgtgt     25800
     ctcaattttc ccctctcaga ctgggaagcc ctgtcaggga cacattatgg aaatgacgcc     25860
     caccattaca caagccaagg aggtaactca atagcccaca catgcctttt ttttttttta     25920
     aggagaaaaa aacaataagg aagattttga ttacatatga gattctgaaa tgctccagaa     25980
     gtctttctgc tcccttttaa tatataagca aatgaggagc ccgtgcacct ggcgtggagt     26040
     agggagatac cccagaatct taatccagcc cttgaaaggt caatgctgag acagactgga     26100
     gattaggatt ctaatggtgt ccgccagcac tttccaaatt tcagatggca gcggttgacc     26160
     ttgtcttaga ctcaacaaag ttccagagag ggtgccactc actgggaaga ctttcttttt     26220
     aaaagactgc tttgtggctg agggatatat cgtaggcaat agagagcctg cctatcaagc     26280
     accaggttct gggctctctc cccaacacag ctgtcatggg tataatgaga atggttgcca     26340
     ctgaaggctt agtcccctgg gcactgtatg aagggattaa aaggattagg aggtatgatc     26400
     ttgttggaag gagagtgtca ctagaggtgg gctttgaggt ttcaaaaacc catggcaatc     26460
     ccagagtcag tctctgtcta taaatcaaaa tatagtcctc cgcctgtgct acagtgcctg     26520
     cccgaatgct agcaccctta tagctatgat gacaatgaac taatcctctg aaactgtaag     26580
     caagacccca attaagtgct ttctcttaga atagttgtct tgatcatggt atctcttcac     26640
     agcaattaga gcaattagta aaaaaaaaaa tagcatagac ttgcatatgg tgtcacgtat     26700
     gtgtaatccc agcattcatg aagtgaagac aagagaatca gaggtatgct acatagctac     26760
     atagagtgta tgaagctatc ctgggctaca taagaacctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaagata     26820
     ctctacattt ttggcattcc aatttgaaaa gtaaatagtg atttacacac aaagacttgc     26880
     agacatgcct gatttttttc cgttcagttt ttaatctaca aggaatcaaa gaaattaaat     26940
     aactcccagc cactctccca gtctgtccct aaccctagaa accaaggcca gcctagtcct     27000
     ggatgctggg atatgagctt ccttgagatg cagttgctct ggactttagg aagctcagta     27060
     gctactctta cattgcgttg ccatgtctct tcactccagt cccaaagagg acacatcaca     27120
     gaggactcca gacatgagtg ggagggaatt ccaggagcca ggaagcatgc cagaggcaga     27180
     tgtcaaactc aagtccttgg ctgcaaggct ctgtcctttg taccacacca cacagcctct     27240
     ccagaagatg gagaaagagg aggctgaggc caaacagaga ttggagatat ggcagcacat     27300
     cccacactgt ggcttatgca cagacagctg ggaacaagga tatatcaacc ttggtctcct     27360
     cagatccgct tagctgaacc caacaagccc ttagggacca tgctccacag gctgtctcct     27420
     ctaaaggatg cagtaagaaa actatgccct taactctcaa agagacaatg gctacctggg     27480
     agtcagatgt ccccagctga catcctggga atgcaattgc aaacttgcca atttgtagag     27540
     caatctctgt ccccataccg cttggcttct cacaagagta tgaaagggta gggataccct     27600
     ctttggggat gaggaaactc cagtgcagaa aggacacact agtttcctcc agcgtgggat     27660
     gctttgcctg ctatgccatg ccagaacaga ccttttgact aaagtcacct ccagtcccgt     27720
     ttctgatacc ataagatgat ccgtgattcc cagaacatat tttaatgttt acaagactgc     27780
     tcgacttaag ctctccatga gctagctcca aacatcaaaa ccagcatttt cataacataa     27840
     aaggagggag gtgccgggat cagcttacat tttaaaggat ttttttttct tctttggtgt     27900
     ggtttctttt tttctgcagc caagcataga aagttgaagg aatccgttaa catattgatt     27960
     gctttgagca ctattttaaa ttagctttcc gttctcctcc atatgctttt ccattaaatt     28020
     taaataaatt aaagttcatt tctctggaag agacatgctg gggcatcctc gggatctgag     28080
     atgaatttat cagcctggac tgtactgtca gaaacgcaac agagacacag gctacagggc     28140
     agggagtggc agaaacacgg caccgatccg tcttctctgc ctgaacccca ggcctatgac     28200
     agccttaccg ttaaccccca aacacagtca gaagacattc cctgactgac tcatcatctt     28260
     ggcacgtgga aaacaagccc agctcggaca agctttgtga aatctgtctt tgttaagacc     28320
     agggtgagct ggtgatttca gatttgctcg gatcgtcttc ccatctctat tgttccccag     28380
     tgagaacccc atatgttctc ccgactggct taccaacagg acacctatta gactagtaag     28440
     agacaaaaag ccactttgcc ctactgtccc ctgaacagaa acagaccctc atctttcaca     28500
     gaaaaatctg gaacacagaa gcaatctctg gctgacccct attgaactat ctgggggcca     28560
     cagcccagga agcatgaact gaacgagagt caacaaacgc aggctgatac ttctgcgagc     28620
     ctcagtgatg aactctgagg agagaggccc ctagaggagg tctgacaagg cggaggggca     28680
     ttggtacccg gagagaaaag catcaaaata gaagaaactg ataggcagct acctgacatg     28740
     gtgaccccgg aggaacagaa tagaataagg cccacttaga gactccccag acttactctg     28800
     cccccccccc ccaagtagcc ccagctgctg ctctgaaaca cgggagggaa agactgcaca     28860
     agaagaaaca caggctgact aggaaataac agcctgcctg gggagcctgc tcctcccacc     28920
     aaacccccat cctccatgaa gagtcaaaaa ctggatgaag tgaagaagga gcaggggcct     28980
     gaacgtggcc tgagaacaca cccactggca gtggtcagcc acaaggggaa ggcatagcac     29040
     agggagcagg gagcccatca ctgtggctgc acatggaaac tccacccccc acggcagcag     29100
     ccctagaagg aatgaatgga tagaaagatc tgggaaacac aagctctcct gttagaccag     29160
     gatacagatg cccagagtgt tgagatttgt ggttttgctg aaaatgtgat gtattttcac     29220
     caggaggggg attttttctt tttctcagac atacccaaaa tagtacttgg gttcactggc     29280
     agtgtagctg cagctagtat gcacacgttt cctaaatatg taggttgttc tgctaatgtt     29340
     tcattctttg gattcttacc taatgcagga gtgtgtttgg aaaatgtaag aagatcctga     29400
     ctcctcccag tcccgtcccc cccacccccc aagcgcctgc ctagctctag tcttgctgaa     29460
     tggggggtat tgtgggaaat tcgtagccgc ctgagtctac gggctccatg catgtgtcat     29520
     attgttgttg ggatggaagt ggggaaggga gagggagaga tttaaaaagg aacgggagaa     29580
     ggaagaggaa aaagaaggga ggggaggaag gagggagggg gagagagaac gattgattga     29640
     ttcattcatt cattcattta ttgattcatt cattgattca taagagattt ctctggactt     29700
     ggagatggct cggtgggtaa agcaactgct ataaatatga ggacctaagt ttggatccca     29760
     gcactcacat aaaagtttgg catggcagtg tgtatgtgaa accccagcac tgggaagcag     29820
     aggaggatgg atctctagag ctcactggcc agtcagtcta gtggaaaatg aagctctcaa     29880
     acttagtgag agactctgcc tcaaaaggaa ggaggggagc aatggaggaa aatccccaag     29940
     gttgacctgt ggcctccaca tagacacaga aggatgagtg cccctcaaat gtacacatat     30000
     gtaagtgtaa cccatgcaca caggttcccc cctccaaggc acttaagcct tagccctaac     30060
     acagcaacta atcctttctc tgtgtttgct tgagtagaga agttactctg taactgatag     30120
     atctccttct cttggaacgt taaggtcatt tgcttttctc tctattctgt tccactatca     30180
     aactcactat tctaatgtta acgcacattt ttgcagatgt gagctttgcc tccatttgag     30240
     tcttcttagc acccagtttc atgtggggaa agaagggatt ggttagactg gatggatgtt     30300
     tatggttctc gctctgtatc atgattttat tcagacacat catccctggt aacaatgcca     30360
     ctggcttcag tgactctgct cttttcacct taacctggca agggctgggg gttcaaggtc     30420
     aaacagtaaa tgatccaatg gatagtacag agtgatagcc caagcttaat tgccgcaatt     30480
     actaccaaga agaacaatct tctctcatgg ttggcttcta ccatagtctt tactttgcaa     30540
     ccgttgcagt tggagtgctt aaaaacactg caactcttta gctgtcacag tatgaattat     30600
     ttgtcagtta tatttttaaa atcttgttac cttccattgt agtatgaata ttcccccaga     30660
     atgccctcta ctgaattccc ttggctgtca tcattctgga gccttgtaga ctttctacac     30720
     ccaactcagc ctctcctgat gttgcctctg ttacttgtaa gttgagtgat tcccacacag     30780
     aactgatgga tgactctggt ttccacccca ttagtttaac taaaaaaata cttttccata     30840
     tttcatgttt taatccatct ggagtttatt gggcatgcgg tgttatgcag atccaatttt     30900
     atcatttttt aaagattttt atttatgtgt atgtatgtgt gtgcctgcct gtgtggattt     30960
     gtgtgcacca tttgagtgca cttgcttaca gaggccaaaa gatggccttg gagaccctgg     31020
     aactcgtgtc acgtgtggtt atgagtaata tgatgcaggt attgggagcc acattcaggt     31080
     cccctaaaag agcagtaagc ttctctccag cctcctaacc taatcgatac tcaatggtta     31140
     ccttgtcatc caacacagtt tccttaatac tgctatggaa agtggatcca gctgtgtgct     31200
     ggtattgcag gcccctgggc taccccctcc tgcccctctc tgggaggagc taatgctgag     31260
     gtttcaacag cttatttttt acactaagct ttgggggtcc tttcatcccc ccgccctcct     31320
     ctctccctat tcctcacctt gtagcgcttc attctgagag tattctttga aattcctgcc     31380
     aagtcctgtt tttcacatga gacttcaaag cacattgatt ttaaaacatc ttttgattga     31440
     aattatattt aatctatgca ttgacttggg ggagggcaga cagctattta atattttatc     31500
     ttaccgacta agaaaggaac ctatctgtca gcagtctgat gcctgctccc ctttgtaaac     31560
     cagcctggac gacccagtgt gaacattagg actgtgttct acctgtctgg tggaagaatt     31620
     tcaggcaatc cctgatgacc aggaggggac tgatattgga gaaaggagaa ggcgctggct     31680
     ggtcttgctc acaccatgtt cctcagtgtg ttgcctatag cttggtttct ttctggtatt     31740
     ccagggatgg ttttagttgg aggttgctgt tcctctccac cacccacccc tggccatctt     31800
     agtatgtgct cagcccactt gctatatggt cacattccct ttgtcactca agaccgcgcc     31860
     gcaccttccc acatcgacct cactccgttg tgatctggaa gtggcagatc tcccattgtg     31920
     gcagggctgc tgtggagaag ctttctgaag ctatggctgt tggaaggtcc tcggctaatg     31980
     agacacttct caaaaaggaa aagctctctg acttcctaca tttaagtgtg aattctgagc     32040
     atctcagtgc agtctaccat gagattttca gccaattaat ttcagaggca acttgtatct     32100
     ctaatctgaa gccatgtcac ctccaacaca agttaacaca catggctttc aatcttctca     32160
     gcccagtggc ttacacgact tcattgcaga tccttgtgcc attgttgaac tcctaggaca     32220
     tttggctccc tcacgtctca ctatccaagg ctcctctcat gttcactgtc ctctgtatcc     32280
     acactgtgtt ttcccactat catttctatc catcaaacat tgcctctgcc acagtgacag     32340
     cctcctgtcc catccacgtc catacctact gatttctgcg gtcaggaccc ccaacgagga     32400
     ctacaggcag gataatattg gacccttcgc ttcatggtgc agacaaaagc gtgtttcccc     32460
     ggatgtcctg ggacgaagct gtaacccata gtatggttat aattagagct atggcttcag     32520
     gagatagttc acatttgatg ataagattgt gagagttgag tcctcatttg gtaggattgg     32580
     ccacattata aaaaaaataa aagccagcca ggtgtggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc     32640
     actcgggagg cagaggcagg ctgatttctg agttcgaggt cagcctggtt tacaaagtaa     32700
     gttccaggat agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaagaa gaagaaaaag     32760
     aaaaagaaga agaaaaagaa gaagaaggag gaggaggagg aggagacgga gacgaagaag     32820
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag     32880
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa atccgacaag aagggcatgc catcccaaga gagcactcag     32940
     gaagagcaac atgaggtaga gccccaagga ggcttcctta cagcctgagt ccaggaacca     33000
     agttacccag caccttggcc ccagaattgt gataagtaca tttctgttgt ttaaatctcc     33060
     tagtctttgg aatcttgttg aagccaacct cactaaggca caccatggta agtaaacaaa     33120
     caaaaattgt attttatgac tacattatta taaacataag aatattaact ctatattaaa     33180
     tcattttctc aaacctgaaa atcattattt ctctggaaaa ataaatcaat aaaatcatgt     33240
     tcactgaccc taaaaatatc ttgcatcccc agacactgca cctaaagact gatagagaga     33300
     tgcccaatgt tcccattgct caactgagag ctgactcagg ctgccatctg gctcctggat     33360
     tcacagccgt tgctcccatg agagcactcg atcacgggtg gatgggaatt gttgaacgat     33420
     tgctccagtt tcccctcctg tgaacaagat catggccagc cccgtgcagt attctcttcc     33480
     caaagtccca gcctgctaaa actccagtta ctcatatttg cagttactgt gagcatacct     33540
     tagacgggct ttctttactt cctgcccaac cctacccaaa tttcctgatc aataaactgt     33600
     ctatattcaa gcccctgtcg ttctctttgc ttctcagcaa atgcaaacac agtacaatcc     33660
     ttccctcaaa gacgctgtag agcctctctt tgctagcttc tacctcgcag cataaccaca     33720
     aacccaactc tctcctcctg ttcaatagac tggattctct gatggagcca gtatccatat     33780
     gctgtcagca agggccgtgc tctgcacctg tccacttttg tccccctcta tccagtgtcc     33840
     catgtgttag cccaaaccta tttatgccag ctttatgtgt gattgtaatt gtgcaacttc     33900
     attatgtgca gttcaaacca aggaaatatt catgtgcaga gggagctgct gcttccagga     33960
     aaaccaggtt aacgtacctg ggaaagacaa attgctgcaa atgctattca tcacatcagc     34020
     gtgggttgcc atctgtaata gattgggaaa atggttaaaa cctgagccat gtcacttcac     34080
     aagtatttta atcctctttc cccctgaaag gtaaagtgga actggaagtg gaagactgtg     34140
     cggtgggggt tgaggcaagc acagatctct gctgtttcaa atcctctgag tcacctggtt     34200
     caggaaaggc tgcctctcac acccaggtca gttgccaact ctaatcctgt ccactctctt     34260
     ccacttgaag aattattatc cccttcctag ttaaaaatat atattggaca agcaattctc     34320
     aaaatctgac cgtttcctac cctaccctca gctggttcca gctggctctc caggaggaac     34380
     aaccacacat ctacagcaaa ttatcatagg ctagatgact aaaaagctac aagatggatc     34440
     tcttatggag gtcaggggcc cagtggggtc aggctctagt gagggaccct ttccaggcag     34500
     catacagctg actcctccta tggggagagg aaagtacgct aaagtccctt ttatgggggg     34560
     gcactgatcc tacctatgag gttttgactt tgggaaacaa acctttgtcc gtgatacagg     34620
     attacagaca gtgctctgtc ccccccccct ccccccgagg tcaccctatc ctcactggaa     34680
     ccgtctctac ctcccctcca gtgtccactg cgctgcctct actccttctt gcggtccttg     34740
     acagctcagc acatgcgccc tgtgcaacat tcccagctca gcatcccatg ttgccaacac     34800
     ccagctgtca aggtcaagag tgcatagcac acggagtatc cctgggtaag ccagcaggtg     34860
     agtaaggaga atcccttcag gttcaggaca ctcctggccc tctgatctta aaggatttca     34920
     ttcccagatt gctcttccta gtaagggtct cactatgggc cttatggcaa gactacttgg     34980
     aaatgctgga ctctgtggac aacaggaaga aggggatgag ggcaggaagg aagtggttct     35040
     ggatctcaac atccctgtgt gctctgcctt cagtccctgg ggtactgccc aggttttcct     35100
     gaaggaggga tgacaaggat gtaagatgtg agggctggca gtgagcttag cctctggagg     35160
     ggctgaagta ggcctgcagg tcatccagac tcaagaccaa gccaagaagg aaggagacag     35220
     gggaggactt gatgatctga ggtcaactcc agcttcagag acagccaagg aaccaacctg     35280
     ggattcatct tcatctttag taaggctgtg ctgagttggt cccactccgg gcaacctgac     35340
     aggtaggagg catcattccc actgtggctg gacaggtaca tcctccccac ctgtccccct     35400
     caaccttagt ggggtcccac atggcctctc ctgtcacctg ctgactgcag ttatgggtcc     35460
     cttcactgtt catcagtttc agagttgagc tctctaaggg caaacattga tgttaaggat     35520
     gggctgtggt acccagatca gtgttagtca tcatcgcctt gagagtaagg attcagcagg     35580
     ctatctgagg ctttgcacag gataccatcc ttgctttcaa gggataacat tcagaggtgg     35640
     tcagggactg agggtgggcc tctcccagaa tgaatgaaaa cctttataaa aggaactcca     35700
     cggggctccc caccttcact ctctgatggt gagtccaatg ggatgactcg gcagtctgac     35760
     ttcaccttcc tagctccctc gctttggaat ctcagtctag aactgtgaga aacacattcc     35820
     ttataaacta tatagcttat tgtaagctcc tcttggtgca agtggccagg ccctgtcccc     35880
     agactatact gactgctgtt tccagtccct caagaggctg gtgaccaagt tctaccctac     35940
     agagaaaaac aaaagactaa tatcagacca cagaatccca ccaatcccag accttacccc     36000
     aagatcaggc cacaaaatcc caccaattgc aggccacact ggaaagctcc accctactcc     36060
     cccacccacc aaagaaaccc tacataaagt ctgcttcctg cttagttctt cgttgctttt     36120
     cccccaagtg gggccaggca ctctttgtgt ctttcctgat aaatctctaa gtgacattct     36180
     ctgggctgtg tgacttagtg atatttctgg gctcttgact gccagggtat cttttctctc     36240
     agaggtggaa tgcttacaag aatggtacct tattatggca gcctggattg gccacagcat     36300
     tccacagcct gtttcagtct tccctagagc cccagagcct tacctcatgc ctgccactga     36360
     ggtggtcccc aggcagtatg tgacccaaga gtcctggcac tccattgaag gctcttccct     36420
     cagaccagag aaacccacct cccacttcct cttttagact tgcagtgaac catctggaag     36480
     ccttaagttt ttaaccaaat gcatggcaca cttggagcct gccttttaga gactgctttg     36540
     aaaatttccc aatcctgtca taaaaattaa aaattcatct aatgaaaatc aacaagacac     36600
     aacagcaagt gtaactaaca ggagacgttt ggctccatca tagcacagcg atgaggaaca     36660
     acagtctaat gtgatcctgt gatgtgctcc catagcgtga tctcataggg tgctcccaca     36720
     gggtgctccc tttgtgtgat ttcaagggtt ctcctacagg gtgctcccac agggtgctcc     36780
     ctttgtgtga gttctcctac agggtgcccc cacagggtgc tcccacaggg tgctcccaca     36840
     gggtgctccc acagggtgct ccctttgtgt gagttctcct acagggtgcc cccacagggt     36900
     gctcccacag ggtgctctcg cagcaacagg atgggagaga gagagaactt accttctaga     36960
     gtcttatgtc tgaaactcat tgatcaatgg gcttatttct ggtcctccct ggggaaaggg     37020
     tttagggggc actctcaaat tttcttctag ccaatgaaga tgatttcagt gaagtctgcc     37080
     tggggaacat cccctcaact ctcattttca cctctgcttc ttctctgtct tcaaaagcca     37140
     catggctaga ctcacttcga aagttctccc tcctggtctg ggttgtttcc atcctcttct     37200
     cacaagctag cgaaggagaa aacattacag acttaggtag tgagtttaca aagtagcttg     37260
     gcctggttta cagtttctgt atcatagtag atatccgaat ggtgcaccaa attcacacag     37320
     tagcagtacc tgcagcccta gggatttttt ccccctttga ctcttaccca gcatcttact     37380
     caagcagttt tatgattcta atctgtgaat gtattcattg tcgaacagga tgctaagatg     37440
     tacatactga gctgttctac atacatcaag acacatggca gcctgcacgc aaacctagaa     37500
     ttctcatgtc ctttgaagtt atagttttcc ttcactggat ggtgtcatgc tgcgtacagt     37560
     gttctcctcc aactgtattg ttattttttt ttctcattgc tgtacgaaaa gaagcaacat     37620
     aaagaagaaa gggtctcttt ctgttgctgt gataaaattc catggccaaa ataagtttac     37680
     ctgagtttgc tctggcctag ggatccagag cactagttta aatggcaaag agggcatggc     37740
     aacaggggca ggaagctggc tacccacagt tccatctgta catgggaagc agagagaatg     37800
     aacaggaatc agggcaaggc tataaatcag caaggctgcc ccccagtgtt acacttcttc     37860
     cagcaagaag tcacctttag aaggttatgt tgcataacct ccccagacag taccttcaac     37920
     tagagaccaa gtgttcaaat acataaacct atgggaaaca tttctgattt aagatgtatt     37980
     tattttattt ctatgggtgc actgtagctg tcttcagata gaccagaaga aggcaccaaa     38040
     tcccattaca gatgtctgtg agtcaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact agggacctct     38100
     ggaagagcag tcggtgttct taaccactga gccatctctc cagccaacat ttctgattta     38160
     aactaccggg tctgtgattt tgcatcacag tttgaggatg ttgtccatca tcttagagaa     38220
     gatacagtgt caggagcaat gttagctggg tggcaagaac atgtgaccac ctgttcacaa     38280
     ctgctctgac caggaagtag agaaaggaaa atgccaactc tcagagctga cttcctcctt     38340
     ctcctttgta ttcagacttg tttgcttgct tgtccagttc tttatttgtt tgtttgtttg     38400
     tttgtttgtt tgtcagcctc attcctccag cccctagttc ctctggggca tatagtctct     38460
     ctactgggcc agttcccctt ggggtacctg tagctttcct tggcaaaaca gcccgtattt     38520
     tcgacatttc caataccctt aggtctccat tacaactgag gattttacct ttacagcttc     38580
     acacaatggc tgcttggggc ttccttggtt agcatcagac cctgctgcac atgagttggc     38640
     cttggtggct ttctggaatc ttagtgcaag cctccgtgac tcgtatacag tgcatgtctt     38700
     tagagccagc ctcgggtggt tgataccgag ttcccgtgcc agctcacaat gaaccacccc     38760
     tggagcgacc tctgtgtgtc ttattggagg aattcgagaa gatatgtctc taggtagttg     38820
     ctctagtgca gaaaactttt ataccaatga tatcctcagg cccggctctg ttcttttaag     38880
     tacattctta tttttacaat ctagagcctt tggtgggtga cgtcttaccc tcaaggcacc     38940
     tgttctgttg tcctagtaca agctgtttcc cttcagttgt ttggtccctt taagaaagac     39000
     agacagacaa tgatttttct atacaatgct ctttctaatt tgaatgtagc cccctctttt     39060
     gggcttcttg agtcagataa tgccatacta atgtctgtgt ttcatatcgt ttcaagtaac     39120
     ttgtacataa atgaccttga actcaaaata aaatggaaac atctgaagtg aaaaaaaaaa     39180
     aagaaagaaa gaaagacagc ccctttgtca tcaacaactg atttgtctac aactctgctt     39240
     tcctcattca caccgattta gtcattaagc cataattacc acttcttcct cctcctcctc     39300
     ctcctcttct tcctcctcct cttcctccct ctccttttcc tcctccttct cttccccatc     39360
     ctcctccttc tcatctctaa gtagccctag ctgtcttaga actctaggta gaccaggctg     39420
     gcctcgaact cacagagatc tatctgggat taaagtatat gccaccacat gtggctttaa     39480
     gatgcacttt tgatatcttt ttcctttgag ttctcactat aaacctgggt gaatgcattg     39540
     cacatagtca ttccacaacc tgagtgtagg actgttcaga aatttctccc accaaacaaa     39600
     tgagttccta acagagcagg aatacctaag atagctttcc taagtggagc tgcctctaaa     39660
     gactgtttta agctgctgag gtttgaagag gtttgttatg cagcattatc ccgattatag     39720
     caagctgatg caacctccac acaaagtcta tacatgcact cagattgcat acagcactcg     39780
     taggaacatt cacactcaga acacaaaaca caaacagtcc actccactaa gaaactctct     39840
     ggttaactac acacacacac acacacacct atgttgagag ctcctctctc ccaggaaatc     39900
     atggctggcc ccacagcagc ctgtggtcgt gtttcttaag atgtagtcag agccacattc     39960
     tgggcactgt cttcatcccg aatcccggtg cagctccaag ttccgtgcct tttatctcac     40020
     tgagttgcta tcacatcctt tttgcccaga aagtgttgct tctgaaggcc cagcagcttg     40080
     ttattttttt ttctttctac ctcagttatt gaacgcctgt cagacttgtt acatcccatt     40140
     cccccaaggg ggaaaaatta cagctgggat gtatgcaaac ggattctcgg ccgagtatct     40200
     ttcatgtcct tgctgtttgg cggtccctct gatggccctg tttcttaact gtcagcacac     40260
     tgctctggca aagaactgca gactgatctg tccttttgag tgaagagaat aggtggctct     40320
     ccttgggtgg cagaccataa aggaaataaa ttatgctctg aatagcctgg ccttccctct     40380
     cgggggagcc aggggcctct ataaactgtt gtcaacaagt gggccccccg aacttcagac     40440
     cacatactgc aggcaaatgg aagcaggggc cagagaaagc cctctacccc tcccattctc     40500
     tgctgagaaa gattctatgc tgtctgcaca gtggcttcat ttgggtcctt ttctaggaag     40560
     gcgcatggga ggaaatagac catgacagtc tgtgtggtga gggctgtcac ctgtacaact     40620
     gaagggacac acaggcaggt aggcaaatgc cctcagccca ggaagtgtgc aggctggtga     40680
     gggagtctgt ctgtggcaga taatctttaa cttgagtccc aaggggggag agtagagatt     40740
     tcaagaggaa ggcaaggaaa ggcattgggg accactaggg acaagaggtg acatatgcaa     40800
     atagcatggg cagtgtgaga gtctcatgtg tttagggatc ttcaagaatg gcagggagcc     40860
     ctgagccagg acagctgggg gcgggggagg gaggagggtt gaggaacatg gagcccagga     40920
     agacaattga gctaaatccc tatggcacct gtggagtcag actaatgggc ttggatgttt     40980
     gcagccagca acagggagct atgaccagat tgcagcaagg gatgagggaa gcaggcttgt     41040
     tcttttttga agggtacttc ccatggcagg tggaggcagt caggacacca gcaagatccc     41100
     tggaaagggc tgaccaagcc tgatcctggc cagacagctc ggccatggaa ggagcaagtg     41160
     gtggcaggtt gtccccctgc ctcagcggcc tgccttagtt tatttgtccc ctgctcacag     41220
     ctctccacag ctgtgaaggc aaacagatgg ccgctgcttg ctgaatcact gagcagactg     41280
     ggtctggctg ctctgtctct ccttcgttct ccccaccatc agtactacac ttccagtgct     41340
     gtgatttcta tgccttgtgg attgttctcc cctccccgct cccccccacc cccacccccg     41400
     gtcttactca caaccttgca gaactgatag aaggagatga attggacaat tggacgggtg     41460
     gtattccact ggcttagagg atgaggtcgg gctactccaa gggtggctat ctcacaacaa     41520
     agaaagaggc tgagatccat taatagctca gcccaaaagg ctgggtgggt gccttcttag     41580
     tctcaaggta gtctcaaagg cctggaggac tcctggggag ctgctgatct tcagtccacg     41640
     ttggaagcct gaagaagctc gttctaatat cagggaagga atcagcagta gccactggga     41700
     caataaaatc accagctgta ggaagcaagc agatccttgc gtttgcagat aagaactaga     41760
     cgcagaaatg ttataacaca caggctagtc ttttcaaaga gagagagctg tataacctgt     41820
     tttctgtccc ggtggctgga aactgacagg gttagtagcc tgctgacctt tgaacaaacc     41880
     acgcgggacc ctccctcaga gccttatcat agtttatctt gagcctgtct cttcagttaa     41940
     tctgtaatac ctatctttat ggaagttgtc acccgtactt tacaagacat tttacgtggt     42000
     cctgtcttag gctctgttgt gcacatggga ttgagttaag tgtcatcaga aaaccttttt     42060
     caacaagttt tactgtgttt aaataagcca aaaataaact atgtaaggtt agactcttga     42120
     agtttgaacc aacaccagct tctgagttgt gttgaaccaa actgccttct tacctcttga     42180
     agactttgct gatttagatg gttgaagaga cccttgcaat cagcaagact aaatatcaag     42240
     caagccaaaa aaagcaaagt tttccttctt ccatgtctag aacttaacag cagataccac     42300
     cacatttagg tggggtcttc cacatcaaat cgcacaatca aggcaacctc cccaccccca     42360
     tctggtcaac ccccctatcc agacattgat caagctgctt ctaactgata actggaccac     42420
     agcccaggcc cctggttacc tcctgctcct agcacagagg ctgttttggg ttgttttaga     42480
     ggtgtggtct ctaggggagg tttagcaaac acacaaaaca gttgcacaat taacatggcc     42540
     caaagggccg tcctaagtga ggatattcca gctgagacct gggaaatctg tggggtccgg     42600
     actgcacaag atgcagcaga caggaggctg ggggctgggg aaggatttga ggaaagtaga     42660
     gtgggcagtg cacacagatg gtgagtcctg gttaacacat taatggtaac ttcagagggg     42720
     acaccaaaat gcgccattgt cgcattaagg aatgatgtta gaaacttcct cttgagttct     42780
     tttgaccaaa aatgagctca gatttgaatt tgaattctcc acttctttcc ttgtatcttc     42840
     catttatctg tagtctgtca tgtgagtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tcagagagag agagagagag     42900
     aggtctgtcc ctgttgccta tctgataatg tgcccctgtc tgcttcatat ctgttctgtc     42960
     cctaacaaaa gatcttcttg ctctataact gagcagcaca gaactcgtgg tttgaggaag     43020
     gaatgagaaa ttcttataga gatctctcgc agcactttaa aaatgaagaa gttactttac     43080
     tgaccccagc tgcctcacac acgactcaaa ccacacacgg atattatcct ctcggttctc     43140
     atttgctccc aacatttatg agatgtttct tttgtttaat gttgctttca accagttggc     43200
     tgcttttaat aaataattat cactcacaac acccctacac acacacacac acacacacac     43260
     acacacacac acacacacac acactattct gggtcaggag catagaagaa cacataactt     43320
     aaagttaaag ctgtgcattt agtgcacatt gtaaaagctg attgcatggg gaagccaaag     43380
     cgtggtaaga tcggtcacat tagtctctca aaggcaagtt aaacaaacag gcctagcaca     43440
     cagtagggca gtaggctgag tagatagtct tttgcttggt tggttggttt ttggtttttt     43500
     tgttttgttt tttgagacag ggtttctctg tatagccggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt     43560
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccatg tgctgggatt     43620
     aaaggcgtgc gccaccactg cctggctttg agtagatagt cttaagttat cgtaaagcat     43680
     attattaaca atttgagtgc aaagtctgga aagaattcat tgtcttggag tcaagtgata     43740
     gttcagaaaa aaatgtctca ccgtgggcaa gaggcatcaa gggccagggt aaagccagag     43800
     gcaaaattga gaaatgatgg tgctgtgagc aaggacagtt cccaacaagg cttagccccc     43860
     agtggtgtgt ttaagagcct taaagcacgt gcagatgttc acccatagcc atgtgtttgc     43920
     cttgtgatct ttgctccagc tgttctcagg gagtggggag agcacttggg tctggagcag     43980
     gacaggacaa gaggagaatc cagcactgct cgctgcccca gggtcaatgt ggaggggtgt     44040
     gccttaacag ggcagaaggc atcagcaagc tgggtagcta taccctaccc actagaccca     44100
     atgcatgaca gcccctgggt ggagaggcag agaaagatag taaccgtggg agaaggagca     44160
     gtgagccctg agactcccca gggatgggaa agaccagggg gaggccatac ttccagagac     44220
     ggcagaatat gggtaggaag ctcattcaca ggaccccacc ggcacatgga cctctcacct     44280
     caggcaatac cacctgccat gaagtggaat cagaagccta gtcctctttc ccccatgcca     44340
     gtcccagcac caggctagga ttcagatcct atcaggacaa ggattccgga tgaaccaggg     44400
     gtccccaggc ctcctaggac aaggctagaa atccttcggt ctcaatttcc ccatctgtga     44460
     aatgggtatg aaagggtgac ctagagagag agagagagag agttcgccca tttctccttc     44520
     acttcccctc catgtgacct gtattccatc cccctctctc cttgacttct ttttaatggc     44580
     ccttctggct cttgaccaca gacttgtgaa tcttagagtc ctttcccttg cagaactgga     44640
     aagtgctaga ctcaacaacg taatcatttt ttaaaaataa aaacaaacca caaatgtgtg     44700
     gctgcagcca tatattttca ccctgcccct catttcctgc aaggccccag ttctatggct     44760
     aaaaatagat gctagaggca cactaagatg tgagggaatg tgggggcagg gtctccagat     44820
     ccctgtgccc ctttgagcag ggaggtcacc ctgtctcact gctgaaaaag aaatcaggaa     44880
     gcagtccact cccgagaact gcttatagac cacttgagaa agcagtggcg tgggtggccc     44940
     tgcagccatg atgttctgcc aggggcgggg cctgcactgt gctcgctcat ctgtggccac     45000
     ctaggattcc accctgcatc actccttttc tcttctcctg gagatcattc taaaccccgc     45060
     caaagtggag aggcccctgt tcccccacca gtcctgcacg gatactgggg ttcctctgct     45120
     attcttcccc tccgagagcc agttcccagg ccagcaataa acatacctct tccctccatg     45180
     ctctgatagc cccactccaa aaagaaggtg tctctccctt tctaccagac tcaatcttag     45240
     agtgccccta gccacctgca atgccaggat ggctcgtgcc catgacagag gtttggaggc     45300
     tgagggatgc tgtcatagag catcctcata gatggttaga ggaggtgtgg cttcactttc     45360
     ctatggcccc tgttactaca gagactccca tccaggctac agcctgttac aaccaggctc     45420
     ctctcctcca taaggttttc tgctctgtgt ctcggccctc atcccaccat gccagcccag     45480
     caagtctgct cagcgtgtct atcccctggc tccctcctac tttgccttcc atccacctaa     45540
     agggcctctt ccagtcatcc atactctgcc tcaggagaca atagtgatct atctccagaa     45600
     cccactttct atgtacacag gccctgctgg atattttgtc cttgggtccc actcatgcca     45660
     gtatgtgcca acatctaacc acagcaccat ggctctctgt cccatgagca ccttctatag     45720
     accaggtgta cgtgggggca ctttccatgc ttcatttata ttctctcagc aaccttgaga     45780
     tatatgggtt tattaccccc attctaaaaa caaggagaca gagtcctaga aagacggctt     45840
     cacttacaaa gccatcatca gctgctaatc agtgatgttg ggatatgaac tcatcaggct     45900
     gtatggctta tagtgtgctc tgttacctcc cagaacacct tcacaaaagg gagtgtcatg     45960
     aatgggaacc tatacacctg catctcgctg gagggtgagc tctcatggat gacagcagat     46020
     catccattta tgcctgaggc ccccataaca cacttcactt caaggtaact ggccagggac     46080
     aaccagagac ccctttcttc tccccctcta ctgccacagt agatggtgtc caaatgccag     46140
     cttctatgtc tgtaacagag accaatgggc agggtctact ctcagccttc tggccagtca     46200
     ccaagtcagt tttctcagtc ttacctatgg ctccaaaccc agttaaccag agaatcaaag     46260
     caactctctt gccacagcca cagaaccaga gcacaacacc tcagccctca agcatgtcac     46320
     agtcctttgc tcaaacgagg gttggctgga ggcttcctgt cagtcactta gtgtacagtg     46380
     gccgacagag ggaacaagac agacgtgttc tcacggggag cgctccttcc aggtgatttg     46440
     tagctaggct gttgtttggg gtctgagaag cataaatctc aggtattaca gttttcactt     46500
     tggtctgcga actataatct cattggaggt gcaatgtcca tgaggctcgc aagtctctaa     46560
     ttctaaatct cccccagggt gagagaacaa gagctggaca aaaaccaagg aaactgcttc     46620
     catgcagggc tgctcggcca cagagcacag ttggaggcta ggaagcacag tgacacaagg     46680
     gtggctcttg gacatacaga cccacgaggt aaccctgtgt gctcaggaga tactatttac     46740
     gtttccatgg accaactcct ccacgggttc tgcccaccaa catctccatg gtgagtgata     46800
     tacagataga tagttgagca cctactgtgt gctcagtgtt tcgagaaccc tgccatctac     46860
     tcctcacaaa acccgaccag aacaaagcta aagtggcaaa ggtgaagtaa ctggcccaaa     46920
     gcctggtggg tcctgaccca cactgtgggg taggaataca ctcagccaca cacatccatt     46980
     gctaaattct ttccctggga gagacacaga caacttctac ccttcctcct aaggtcctca     47040
     tgacaaaaca agacacaatt ccaccaaagt tcactctctt ggagccaatg ataatgagtg     47100
     agggttgtgg tgagcagcat gggtgacccg aaagcagcca ccctgaaaga ttcacaccca     47160
     acatggcttc gccatggatg tataaaagga acccctgcct gccttcatcc tttgacactt     47220
     atatcttata gccccacccc caggctacca ggtcacatac aattaaggca taattgcata     47280
     cagctggtta ggacagtggc tggatactca ggtgagggtc tcaggctctc cccaattctc     47340
     ctcctaagag ggaaagtcta gagtgaacag gcacagctat gctactcttg tgagcaggca     47400
     tagcagaatt caaaaagggc agcagtttgg cttggagaac agtcttgaag tacagtctta     47460
     aaaaacgaga ctgtcatcag ctttaaaaat agatatggat gagtctgcgg caggtacgga     47520
     tcccagcaga aagctgggaa cacgctggag acctgaccct cgggagggcg tttctgatta     47580
     tctagaccag tactgctctg ctctcactgg tttccttgtg gctaatcatc tgaccaaatg     47640
     caatgaaata aaggggttac cctgactgac agcttcaggg agtaggatct atcgtggtgg     47700
     ggaaggcagc aggagcagga gagggcagtc aggaagcaga aggcaatgaa tactcatgct     47760
     cagctcactt actcctttct aagccctctg aggctccacc ccacccccac ccccatccct     47820
     accccagcca gctatttagc atgggtcttt gctcctcggt taaccttatc tccattcctt     47880
     cgactatctc ctgagtgact ctagaccccc tgtcaaactg acactcaata taaaccatcc     47940
     caacctggag aagaagaaaa aaaagcatcg cttcccaagt cctaagtaaa gttagagtgc     48000
     acccccaaag taacagaacg caggagagct caattacagc agggaggcag aacccagaag     48060
     gagcaacttc tgcagagcag gagcattctc gaacacatct gcctggaaac acggtttcca     48120
     cacacacctg ctggtcaacc tcacttaacc cccagttacc cctgtaccac gttcagcctc     48180
     aggctctgtc ccagctgctc tctcactcca agcgtggatc tctgaataca gaatttcttg     48240
     taggagaagt cctacccttg ctgtgtttcc aggatgtgac aaagagtggt cccatgctca     48300
     ccgtgctgcc ctgcaaggtg ccgctaggtc atcaagttca catctttgca catctattga     48360
     aaaaataaac tgtacttaca atatgtggtt tttgtggaaa tatgaaaata aataacacta     48420
     tggcttctca gcccttgggc taatgttaag tgctgattgg ttctgcttct gcccttgggg     48480
     cattaaggca cctttgtaca tcaggcggga ctggaaggaa ggaagcttat ccaagtgggt     48540
     ggggttccac aagatctcag gtctcggctg atgtgagtgt gggagaaata gccttctcca     48600
     gagaccgttt taagtgaaat agctctcttt tattgggggg tgcatgcctt taatccagca     48660
     gtgaggtgga tgagacagga gaatctcagg tcaaagatca gcctgggcta cagggaatga     48720
     cattgtctca ataacaacaa cagagaatac caccgaaaga tagaaatatg aaatgcactc     48780
     taatcacctt tgctggcggt gtcactcctc tgtggcagtg tttctaatgt ttctatagtt     48840
     tggggaccct actgcccact ctctgtaact tagtgcactt cccactaccc actcccacct     48900
     gctctttcta aatgtctcat cattacacag tgtacttgga caagtgggct catagacaca     48960
     tttctgaaca cactgacttc ttattctcag gcaattccta gaagtgctgg gctacagggt     49020
     aagtgcattt taaaggcttc agtgagtgca tttgccctcc aggaagatta gactggcttc     49080
     tcctaatggc tatggatgac tggggaagcc atctatttaa gcattagctg tgttcttggg     49140
     gctttccttt ctggcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga agaggaataa gaagaatgct     49200
     cccaggaatt ctaagaggtt aatgaataag agaaaatctg ggcatggcac actggttgcc     49260
     ctttaagtct gtggtgttct gggcagaaac ttcctgggct aaaaacaatc acccaaaatt     49320
     ggtagctgac tgccaaatca cttccccatt agggaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga     49380
     agggaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggag caaaggaaaa tactgtctat     49440
     gttggagcag ggactgtctc taaagctatg gattcccgag atcatagaaa acaattaaga     49500
     gtgcttgtgg tggggggaga gcatgtagga gggaggggta gtggaagtcc agacgaaacc     49560
     agacaccttt catcccaatt actatcacct ttcatttgtg acctcctgtt gatgacaaga     49620
     ttgaaaaatt cctggtggga atgagaggtg ttcagagcag ggctgcctat caaagaactc     49680
     cctccatgcc ctgggattgg gaacaacagg atgtcttaag cttgtcatag taagagaggc     49740
     ccaatttaat cagactaaag actgaaattc tcccagacta agccaactag tctacataat     49800
     gagaaatgac cctaccatga cttactgact caaatctgaa tgaaccatag aatctgggac     49860
     cagaaagcct gcgaggggta taaaataccc atactatata gtcctcccta tctacctatc     49920
     tcaatttatg gataggaaga ctttgcctca gacccctctg agactttctc ttctcaccta     49980
     tagtttatga ctaggcctca cttcctgcct tggccatagg ccacatgtgc ttcatgcgag     50040
     gccctatctt gaaggaattc ataataactc agaaagacat ctaactttgc tgctgggaca     50100
     ctcagaaact gaaggtagtg actggggcaa aaaggctatc caaggttgtc caaggttaca     50160
     gctactcccc actgtagttg ggatgtgagc tttgcttcaa ggtcctcaat actttgaaca     50220
     cacaaatctc agagctcggg ttatgtggtc tgcagtctta ccaccaggca aagtcagcca     50280
     tttcttcgag gttggcaata tcaccctgaa ttcaaccaaa gactgaagtg ggaatttctg     50340
     gttttgttgg agactcggtt gtgtcatgtg atgtttttct ggaggctatc ttatgagagg     50400
     atgtattgct gagaacagac atgtgttttt tgtttgtttt tccttctgga agctgcctgg     50460
     tgaaagagca ggtgatttag catctgtagc agatgcttga gaggacagac atatgatgtt     50520
     tgaaaagaag ataagtataa cagcgcagac agtggatgat gctctggcat tgatttgcct     50580
     tgttggtctt cattgggcgt taccttgctg gtctccgctg gcgatgctct ggaatcagtt     50640
     caccttgttt tcttccctga tatttgcctg ttgtgacttc atagagagaa atgcaccaaa     50700
     gaacttctag tagtgctctg ggcgcttgcc actttagggg actcgtgtcg actggtggag     50760
     ccttgaggtt tcttctggat caagtcactg ctgctgattt gtgtttggtg tcttagtcat     50820
     ggactgaact actgacaaca aagattggaa tcacctccaa agaactgctt ctaaagaggt     50880
     ccaagtcccc cttgtcctat cacccatttt ctccccctgc ctttggtcag tgggctgtaa     50940
     ctgaggttga agcatttaag aactcttatt aaagtgggtt ttgaaaaata taagcctaca     51000
     aaaatctctt ctggaataag agaaagcacc acctatgggc tcttcattgg cactgatgcc     51060
     atataagtaa acaacacagg caagggatgc aatgtacaat ttcagtctct aatgtgttgt     51120
     tcctttgtga atttctgctg tctagcacgg cctagaatct tgtagagacc aggctccaat     51180
     acaggtttca agaaggatgt cgttccatat gtaagtgaca cagcaagtgg ctgtatgtca     51240
     tctgtcatat gttctgtctt cctttaccta aaatcagggg acctctcttc ccctctcaca     51300
     agccagccat gctatctgat cccttttccc ccaccttggt gacttttctt gtttctcttt     51360
     tcccatgttt ctgccctggc tttggagtga gtggcatgca ggctactgct ctgccagcta     51420
     ttaactttgg gaacacaaga gagtgacttg gcttgctcag gttgagtttg tttttctgac     51480
     cacaagagac tggtatgatg gataaatgaa atagcatgtg tgccattagc ttggcccacg     51540
     gcggggaccc aacacatcaa gttcttgttt cctttaatac atgtctcgga ggcatgcaaa     51600
     gaggattaag tgaatttgtg gagtgcctcg cacagttcct ggctctagca catacaataa     51660
     acagagcttc cctctctacc cccacgacct cttctttcat tttagcccag gttttagact     51720
     gggactattc gccaaggaat gctagctgat cttggatgaa acagagggca gggcaggtca     51780
     aggccaagcc gtggactcct cctggctggg tttctgtgct tctgggttga gggtagctct     51840
     aagacagcca ggcccaaagc atttaccagc caagccaccc gcccattttc catctctgcc     51900
     ctcctaaatc tacttccacc agccacacaa ttctttaaca gagatccatg ttgtcaattc     51960
     agtaatctgt tacccctgct aaaagtaaaa cccagacagc atgagccctg agaaagggac     52020
     ttgtgggtta gaagacaagc taccccccac ccccgactcc ttcctggctt ggtaaagagc     52080
     tcccagtgag agctataggg ttggggggac tcagatgcac tgggcagtca gagaggaggc     52140
     attcccgtgg tactggctct gtcccaaggc ttgcttctgt ctccctgcag acagctttga     52200
     caaaaaagcc tttctggttt tgtccagctc cttcacaaca tcaaaccatt gcctagtatc     52260
     aagatggtca cctcgtttgg actgtcatca tttttcaatt ttccaagtgg ctgcctccag     52320
     tgtggtacat tacacaggaa gacggttgct gtatcagctc tgctatctaa acagactgtg     52380
     agccccaggg ttatcatcgt ccaatttcag gcccttacgg taagcactat gatatggtta     52440
     acagtcttct tctgggggta gctaactaaa gctgctgagg acatggggtt gggaaccaag     52500
     ggagatgggg tctgaatcct gttctgacat gcgtctgtga catctggaac accttacctc     52560
     tccaaccaca tttatgtttt tatattattg ttgttgtagt tgtattaata ttgtctgtgt     52620
     agacacagac aggccacagc actcgtatga aagtcagagg aaaaaaataa ataaataaaa     52680
     aaaagaaagt cagaggaaaa cttctagtag cccattctct ccttccaagt tggacccaga     52740
     tattgaatca ggtggccaag gcctttgcac caaaacctct cattcattac gctctctcta     52800
     actacgtttt gtcacctgta aagtaaggaa tataaatcag gggttgtaaa gccctgcaca     52860
     atgtgaacag ccagtctgtt tgccatcaga ctatctcaga gttcccacgt tacagtatgg     52920
     agcaggcttg ggagagatcc atccagtgag accatggctt gggccctctg ctcctgtcct     52980
     ctgtttccca tcccactgca taggacttac atttctagag tggagagaag atggtaggca     53040
     ccaaacagag agagtctgga gggtgaaaga aacataatca ggtactcgtg atctctttat     53100
     agttactaat gagggcctaa tgacgggaac ccaagtcagt tcccaaggca agccagacca     53160
     gagaataggc agggagaagt ctcatgaaac agcactggga gaggggcctg aaggagggga     53220
     agcccatggg gagcagatat agcctgaaga agacaaagca agacatgcat gtcccagtgc     53280
     aggaaggtga ggggatgtct gacttagagc cagaagcaga tgtagtgtca agtcttggct     53340
     ccatccatca cctaccagct agactgtggg tcaccaactt gaacctccac tgttattatt     53400
     atactctgta aaaggagtgt aataacagaa cctatgtcac aggtccaccc accaccaaaa     53460
     tttaatgagc acatacacac aaagcactta gcacagcaca agcatgttga tacatagagc     53520
     aagcggcaag aacaagtgac aactaagcca ctttcatctt tgaaatcact tgctgctgta     53580
     atcccagact gtccttcctt ggtcttctct gcctctaccc tattctaccc acgctggtgt     53640
     atgctccatc cgactagagc ctctacattt taactagcca ggctactgag ttatatcccc     53700
     attatgatgc ataagtctca gcagggaata tctaaacagt attagtatag ctgtagtaat     53760
     agacagctct ttcccctcca gaacagtata tgacatctat ggaaagttat aaaatgttct     53820
     cacactcaaa actttgcctt tggttgaagc tggtccaact cttgtcagct tcactctggg     53880
     cacttattcc caacagcagt caggcttgac acagatttgt cctccatctt gttcactatc     53940
     tggggttggg aggtggggag cctaaagtga agcagatgcc cagacagcaa tgagactcag     54000
     cagggaacgg ctgaggctat atgacacaca gctggcgttg gtagattaga gaaaatgtct     54060
     tcctcacatt aggggatgga ggaataattc taagcagagg aagcagaaaa caaaaagatc     54120
     ccaggacgga ggagcctagc atatctggga acagaaataa aaaaaaatca ataggctgtg     54180
     ccatcccagg aagcctggtc aacattaagt cccatgtagg tgtctatggg gatgattggc     54240
     agatgacaag cagaatccta tggtgtctat agagatcact gaattaccag atgcaagtac     54300
     gttatggggg agtcacagta gcagctggag ggagtaggca gtgagcttct gctgtgtgtg     54360
     tactaggcta gatcccagtg gatgtgagga tgaggagcat ggagtctagt ggcaaaagag     54420
     gtgatggtca ggtctaactg gcccacaccc tggaagagcc aagtgaatta ctacaagtca     54480
     gacaagcctc ggccttcacc agtggtgctt catccagaca tagttgacag tgagagaaca     54540
     gagtttctgc catccccaga cacaggcctt tttcctggat atccaagttt gcaggaggca     54600
     gagttaactg agaggattcg agatcatacc tgtgacctgt aatgcacaag ccactcttgg     54660
     tggtgttggt tttgccttcc tgaaccctgt gggacagcag caggcagagg aaggtccagt     54720
     gattagcagt ttcttgtatg agttgcagga taccagtctg acctctctcc tcctggacca     54780
     ctggttctcc aaattgagcc ctaattccac ccggggctgg ggttaggagg gagacagacc     54840
     tgactgtgac cttactgtcc ccactgaagc tggtttttca tctgcaaaat agactttaag     54900
     ctcctcttgg ggtgaaccac cctgcactct cacctccccc aaacagaaga gctccttgtc     54960
     ccctccctgc tgggggctat cagcagtttc aaggtcaagg ggactctaag gctataaacc     55020
     aaactgctcc cagctccagc tgagccagag tccaggttcc tccttggctg ctcccatcat     55080
     gctctgtacc gggagtgaag ctcacagaac actgcagccc cagctctgcc accacactca     55140
     gacatccagg aaatggacca tgatatacat gtaatattac attttaatgg tccgccgcat     55200
     caaaggcgga aagaatactc attcctacgg cagccatgaa ttaactcctt ctcatctgat     55260
     ccctgagagt cttctaggca agtgagttgg gaagggagag ttcggggctt gaggaaggca     55320
     ggagagctgt tgggagagtg agatgctggc atgtgtattt tgtcagtgtg taggaatgac     55380
     ccaacctttt gctcagtctc aattcctttc cttggctccc caaactccca ggaagttacc     55440
     ctcataccct ctgccactct tgggcccaga gccaataact ctccacagaa tgggagtcta     55500
     taccttggcc tttggggtat tctaaagagg tgccataaca taattctctt aaaaatcaat     55560
     agctcttaac cggactcaat ggccaagata gaatccagag gccacctgat cttgccaagg     55620
     tccagggaga aaaggatact agctcagtca ctcacaattc agtgtggaaa aaggaccaaa     55680
     atttgagcta ttactctccc caaagagctc ccttccctta tcaatgaggc cctttgccag     55740
     gtggcccttg cgtgtcatgt tctgcatgat gcgacactgg aaaaccttta gtcattaatt     55800
     cgaaacattc accaatttct tagctgcccg ttcatcttcc atggcccatt tcaagctgcc     55860
     agtgtgatgt cactggtaga aaaatacctt tcagctgggc agtggtggcg catgccttta     55920
     atctcaggtc tcaggaggca gaggcaggca gatctctgag cgtggggcca gcctggtctg     55980
     cagagtaagt ttcaggaaag ccaggactag agagaaatac cctgtcttaa aaaaaccacc     56040
     actaccacca ctacctccac catcaccact accaccaaca acaaaacaaa caagaaagga     56100
     aggaaggagt tatttatctt ggctcatggt tgcagaggtt ctagtccatg gtctgctgga     56160
     ctcatcttgc ctgaaataag acatcatacc ctgactgtgg ggatgtgcag ggctgctcac     56220
     ttcacagcgc tcaggaagca gagtgaggtg aggtcatctg ccctggcact tgcatctttc     56280
     ttccttcttt cactttatcc catctgaatc ctcagtctag cagatactgg tggccacaag     56340
     caaggtgaat tgctaacttt ggctcaatgg tctctggaaa cccacttatg gcacaccaaa     56400
     agaatgcttt actagccccc taagtctcag tccccttaag ttaatgaaga tggaccatta     56460
     gagaacagaa ttggggaggg atgctttgta gccaccatga catcgcagag acagaagttg     56520
     taaccaccct tacttaaaag cacaggtcag catagcacag tttacagtaa aataaagcag     56580
     ggcatggtca ctgagtttct gttgtagtga ctcatgagaa cgcatcatcc tgtacttggg     56640
     aattttgcaa agcaattgcc aaacaaatat ttatatttta aaattttgtt ttatcaacat     56700
     atattaatgg cattcagtat gtggatttga tacatgcata cagtatacat taatcaaatc     56760
     caaccagttt tcaatatccc tacccttcct ggtgaggaac cgaggtttcc taccggcagc     56820
     taccactatt tgccagctac atgagtgagc tccctgggaa gggggtctgc cagcaatgtc     56880
     cactcactgc ccagcttagt gcagagattg tctgtgaaag tggggaccaa agaaatcaga     56940
     cctcgatccc tgatctcaag gtaacttctg ctcagggtgc tgtcagctgg gagttaatct     57000
     aacaggtagc ctaaagttaa taaactaaat aagataactt ttatgtcaaa ataaatatat     57060
     agcgtaaggg tctctataat atctcactat cttttaatat cttttcttta ttctttgaca     57120
     attttataca tgtatattga ctctattcac ccccatatcc catgcatctc cttcctacct     57180
     tcaactctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcc ctccctccct     57240
     ccctccctcc ctccctccct ctttcaactc tttgagtcca attattactg tcttctggaa     57300
     tgttgactgg tcttgcttgt gcaggtttta tgtaggtgac tataactgcc atgagcttat     57360
     gatcatgaag gccacgccac gcccagaaga cagcacttca cggcattgct ctctatcctt     57420
     tggctttaac ctcctttctg ctcaccctta ccggatgatc ccatccctca ggaggggttg     57480
     acaaagatgt gtcccactta gggccgagta ctcaatagta acttaatctg cagttgtgag     57540
     tctctgcatt aaccagtgac ctacttcccc gatagagact gagagcacca cagatctgtg     57600
     agtataagca tgaatgctta gaaggcaatt caacaacatg tccacttatc aaaaagcacc     57660
     agcagtggat tctctagggc ctgtgactga cagagacatg ggctttttca ggtttacagt     57720
     gctaggcatg aattccctct catggagcag gcctcaaatc caatcagaaa agcagtggta     57780
     attccccttc gtgagaagtg gcatgacttc atgccactat cgcaccagga agaactctta     57840
     catggcagac cagtattgca acatctagtg ttcactgcta ggtaacacca tgtctctcag     57900
     cagtctccct agcacctcct ggactgttcc agccaggaag gaattttcag ctcagttcta     57960
     gctttatttc tctaagttct ccaagccgaa ggatgtagta gtttcaacaa cagcgtctag     58020
     ctatagaggg caaccgagag taatggcaat atcctgtgtg gttttagggc ccctaggacc     58080
     tcggtctagc tctctcatat cacgccacca aatcagtgac acataccact tctatcttct     58140
     ggatcagtca tctttaatgt cacccttcta tctcctagtc cacagctggc cgattgagtt     58200
     ctagccactc ccttggcttc tagccagaag gaaatgagag tgaactgata ggtcttccgt     58260
     taagacagtc cccaggtgct gttcatggcc cttctgctta cgcctcactg gctagaactt     58320
     agtccttcag ctagatttta tttgtttgta cagtaatggg gataaaacct agagcttcac     58380
     acatgctagg aatgaactct accactgggc tgtatcccaa gacctttttt tgtagttcct     58440
     ttgagagtga gggtatcact attctaagtt gtttagactg accttggagt cattctactg     58500
     tccagacaag cactgaacat acagccttct gctcagcttc cagtagctat gattacagga     58560
     gcgagacacc aggttttggc attcaaactg ctttcattca caacagtcat gtgcagaggc     58620
     gagacctggg ctctagtatt agaaaaggag agacaaacat tggcgtgtaa ctaagagttt     58680
     catccccaag gcttactgga gtcctcacga tttctcagag gtacaactag tgggtctctc     58740
     tgcagcactc actagttgcc taaggcattc cggtgagctc tttctaccac ttcgcccaaa     58800
     gtgcactcca ctgctattcc ctaacttaag tgttcttcat agctgaccat ctccactccc     58860
     tctctctcgt gggagagttg agacctggtc tgtctggtcc ttgttcgaat atttgtggag     58920
     gaatagaatg aagtaggcaa gtgtgggctc tttgacgctt caccatggtt aataacgatt     58980
     tcccacacat gttcctgatt agaaagccct cttttgaaat gtgtacacgc tgttggctga     59040
     agctgagatc accctagagg cctatgtgaa tcctgtactc gaagcttgca cagaaattca     59100
     aggtctgttt aacaacctgc ttctacacaa acaaacaacc tggctcagaa ggaatcgggt     59160
     catcttctca gccacacagg aaaatggcag atgttctaaa gaaagaaatg gacaggcaca     59220
     gaaagggcaa attgttttac agcttttttg actctcccct gggagccaga atttgcatct     59280
     ccacacaccc acagccccag aggagaggca cagcacaatc catcatgtca aacaattggt     59340
     ccaggggagc agttttcacc agacagcctt agagaccaag gggagagctc agacaaagaa     59400
     tggtgtctaa agaagttgca aatgcaaacc gtgttttagc cagacaaggg aagccctgcg     59460
     tggggcccag ggactgctct ggcttctgca gggataatca gaggctttgg tcctttccag     59520
     catcactcct agaaatgtga ctatttctca tgcaaactgc tatagacaac tttaaataaa     59580
     atacataaat aaaatcacaa ggaaagcaga ggaggagatg cacacaatct ataggaaatg     59640
     gaaatacaaa agaaacaaaa caggaaaggc atgcagcccc agtagtcctc aaattcacaa     59700
     gtttcatctt cccactggca actccatttc caaaaggaag ccctgtgctg gcaaaggatc     59760
     tgcaagaggg tgaattgctt gcacagcaca agtctgcgca attttctgaa aggcaggttt     59820
     ggtgatgtgt gtatgaaaac ctcaaaaaga atatacagag tatgttcgag actatataat     59880
     tctgcctctg gtcactgaga acagacattc atctgctctt cctttctgat cacttgtgcc     59940
     acgttgttgg ccaccgtgca gctccgtatc tgtggatgaa cagaacaaac acattttcta     60000
     cccctgcgga gtttcgtgtt taatggaaaa acaggaaagg aataaacaag taagctaatg     60060
     atagcacaga agagtgttgg gttatcgagg ggcagtgaca ggtgattata atgtttttct     60120
     atgagaaggg atgtcagcca gggtgagagg tggtgacagc tgagaggaaa gaggaacatg     60180
     tggataagga aaactgagtg tatacttgtc agtcacacag gtattcaggg caaaggtcac     60240
     aggcagcaca gcggtccaga agacatcatg gatggctggg gaggggccag tggcggggaa     60300
     ggagagcaca gaggcaggtt ggacctcatg caggaggcca tggtgagtgg ctgaagattc     60360
     ttggtgggag agaagcagac gcacagctgt gccttgggaa attcaatcgt gttttataaa     60420
     aaccagaagc aaagaacggc ctggaaggca ggaggtgtca tgagaaggtc attgccaccc     60480
     atggcagagg gtcactgagg cttggataga agaggcactc caaggtggga tgatggtcat     60540
     ttggtcacag gtgtctaggc cctgagacct gctgagatgg aacagccatt ttcagcctcg     60600
     aggttaggac agaggtgggg tggacaacat caagacacag cagaatggga agcctgaggg     60660
     aagatcagaa accaggcttg cacaagagag tcaacaccca tgtctcctct cagggaccct     60720
     ccattgcacc ttctcacacc aaagatttta tactcctgtg tcccagtcgc tcacacggga     60780
     caaaaaaaca aaaaaccaaa ccaaccaacc aaacaaacaa acaaaaacaa tccatgatca     60840
     aagagtaaaa tagaaaggac tttctgtttc tttccgaccc ccacttcctt ctggtcatga     60900
     ttcctgttca taaattgtat caaggtttca ctcaggagct tttcttctct ctctctctct     60960
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcctctttc     61020
     cccatggctg catccgggtc agacctttct ctcacggata cccctcatgg ctcccatgtt     61080
     actcaaagtt gtctgtacgg gaccacggag cctgggcatc actagcctct ctttccaaca     61140
     ttagttccat tgttaaagga aactcctggc ttcaaaggat gctggttgga tgaaggccga     61200
     ggaggagggg ctccttgtgg aggtggcccc acgggacctc ccttcttctc aggagctctg     61260
     aggagccatg cgatgcggcc gccagaccta attgcctgtg tttctcctca cataaaatgc     61320
     agtggttaat gcaatgttca tttctctgga agtcttgtgt gggctgagga ggcagctgta     61380
     acgtgtgcaa gcctgctgtg gagaatagca atgaggaccc ggctcctgag gcggctctac     61440
     taggagtacg gtcagggacc aagcatgctg caggtcagtg atggtggctg ctgtaggccg     61500
     gcctcacaca ggtgtggcgg agaggccggg gagcccttga aatacaaagg tactgccttg     61560
     ggccactttg ggtgatgaat ttttttccct tcaaataaga aaattgttct gaatgaagca     61620
     actcctttcc ccagttctga agccatttgg tcttgttgaa atgggtggtg ctggggcttc     61680
     ataataagtc agtttatgaa aatatgattt cctgctgggc cttggtgaca cacatcttca     61740
     accccagcac tctggaggcg gaggcaggca gatctcttga gttcaaggtc agcctggtct     61800
     aaagggtgaa ttccaggata gccaaggcta cacaaagaaa ccctattggg ggggggggca     61860
     agaaagaaaa agaaaaaaat atgatttcat atcagagctc ctaaataagg ttcgtctcaa     61920
     gctaccaaat aggtgggaga aagaccctgc cctccactca gaattctcca ctttcctcat     61980
     ggttctgaac cttgcattcg tgcagacaaa gtgaaagtga gatgtttgta acatacagag     62040
     cgatgggttt ttatactgcg aagtctttct tagcactgat ccggagcctg tggggccatt     62100
     tcattaaacc tcacacaccc cgtgtaggcc tggtaacaac caaggatgcc tgtttaaagg     62160
     aaggatatct tccctttcca gctgttgaga gggcttgggg ggggtggctt gataggatct     62220
     cacacacaca cacactcact cactcacaca ctcgcacacc actctcacac acacactcac     62280
     actcacacac acactcacac acacatacac acacacacac gcactcacac acacgcactc     62340
     acacacacac actcacactc actcacacac acatacacac actcacacac tcacacacac     62400
     acacatatac acacacacac tcacacatac acacactcac acacacacac acacacacac     62460
     tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acatacacac acacacatac acactcacac     62520
     acacacactc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag     62580
     ccagagctgc agctctgcct tctcacccca ccaagcctgg cccggggaca gcttctctag     62640
     agctccacag aggaactgca gccaggtgtt ctgccaggag agcaccctga accctaaccc     62700
     agcagaacag ctggcctgtc ctgctgcttt gtttttaatt aggaaacatt tcatccacag     62760
     agaaatgtat agggaaatga taagagtgtc tatgaaaatt aatcatttgc ttcctcaaaa     62820
     atatttgctt cagctctccc ctccctccca ctcaaatgat ttaaaactag acgaaaccgt     62880
     ccctcccagt tctttccctg tctgtcccct gctctgaaag ggtttgcttc atgaatgtcc     62940
     tagacttgag cctatttact acaaatgtgc ggatccataa gctatacaga ctgctgtgta     63000
     gtgtgacttt aaaaacttat ttacatgatg gttgttctat atgaattctc ctaagacttt     63060
     ttcaatcaaa attatatttt ggaagaaact tcaccccatg gtcttgacta aaaagactcc     63120
     tttactataa agacgtcaat cccacctaac ttagcttaca ggttaaatac aactccaaat     63180
     tttaaaatac taccagattt tcttccctgg agctaggcag agttgattat gaattttact     63240
     tgaaagaaaa cataaaataa aaagcaaacc tagtcaaggg atcccagaaa gagccatctg     63300
     gggggccagc accaccagac attaacacat gctggagagc ctgaaattag gagtttggta     63360
     ttggcacagg aataaacaga taggccaggg gggctgaaag aaaatccaga aatagaccca     63420
     gctgcatctg gaaagttatt acatgagaaa tacggcttcg ccaatctggg tgcagagatt     63480
     ttaaaacaag taagtggtgt cgagataatt ggacagccat atggaaagag tcaaccctgg     63540
     aactcacagc acatgtagag taagatccaa acgagctcag acatttacat agaaaagctg     63600
     aagccacata gataccagag aaaacctgga ttgaaagctt atacatcctg catataagaa     63660
     aattcttcac cagaagcaat aagaggaaag gctattacat ctgaacacat aaaaataaaa     63720
     acatttctgc aaggcaaaaa tctctccagg caaagcgcaa gacaaaccgt acctgggcag     63780
     cgatctctgg gggtcccaag acaccatcac acacagcctc gcctatcagt ggacttctgt     63840
     ttctagacag aggctctcca tctatatggg gcccttgacg tccagatccc tatgtaagaa     63900
     tcaggttccg gatctgcagc catagtggga aattatttaa tgaaaactca ccagtatcta     63960
     gctcttgtag ggggaaaagt tgattttctc tgcctaaaat gctttagttc aaagtaagct     64020
     tttttttttt tcctcatgag acaggctctt cttatgcagt tcaaactgat ctgagatttg     64080
     agatccttct gcctcccctc agagtgctgg gtctagagga ggggctcacc acatctcggg     64140
     ttctcctact tcttgaggtc cacggcttcc tataaaaatc aaaaggaagg cagcgagctg     64200
     gctgctcata agcctttact accagtagga agcctacact tctctggttc agcagcaagt     64260
     ccggttttgt tctccatctc ttcctccttt tgactggctg gaaacaaact cctgactcaa     64320
     tagatgttgt caccaaagtg atcctcagtg acacttggaa aaatccattc ttagtgttgt     64380
     ctgttttgtt ctcactcctt ttaactttct ttgccccaca tctgtttagt taagcttctt     64440
     tttctctttt taacctgtct ttgtgtctgt atgtgagtac gtgtcatgtg tatacatgct     64500
     tgcccatgga ggttagaagg tggttctggg tctcctgaag ctgaagctga agctacatgc     64560
     agctttgagg tacgtggcat agatgttggg aacagagtgg aggtcctcta gaacaacagg     64620
     tgttctaacc accgagccct ctctctaacc tgtttttagt ttttttcata atagagtatc     64680
     ttttattttt tgataaatca atacatgtaa acaattattt tactttttta tttaatacag     64740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaca agcacacacg taggcattct     64800
     acaatactta tttggaggcc agaggacaac tttctggagt cagttttctc ctcccaccgc     64860
     gtatgtctgc agatggaact ggggttgcct aacttgccaa gcagcatctt tacgtgcata     64920
     gccatctcac cgaccctaaa caatgtagct tatcatattt ttgttcattt taataacaaa     64980
     tctggttttg gttttattga taaccttcct aatattacct tattttctat ttcataaatt     65040
     ctgctctgaa catttcctcc tatttttctt aaagttgttt tattttgtta ttcttttact     65100
     ttcttgggtt ggttggttgt ctttgagata tagtgctgct atgtatccca ggctatcctc     65160
     aaactcaaga tcttacctca gtcttgggat tataaacata aatcaccata cctggcttcc     65220
     ctcttgtttt agatgctaca ccacatagct tccatctttt ctagcttttg catttagggc     65280
     tagacagctc tctggtctac tgttttagct gcatcctaca catgctattg cagacataac     65340
     tagcacttac tgatgcccag tgcccgccta ccaggaggaa cattgcattt ctttattcct     65400
     attaagtctg gctccatgga aatgtgagtc gaagtgataa atggtattct gaggtgattt     65460
     tagactccca cagttctccc taccagatgc agggattggg aactttacag ataagagtgg     65520
     tgtaatcaga cttgctctct aagtaaagat gacatgaagt cgaatgtctt cctgatgatg     65580
     gacatgtaac agaaggggaa gacagatagg atggtggcac atgcctgtga tcacgacatc     65640
     actcaagagg cttagacagg aaggtcctga gttagagagc agcccagacg acatggccag     65700
     accttcattc aaagaaggag gaggagaagg aggaagaaga aaaggtagag aggaaagggg     65760
     aaggggagga gaaagaagaa gaggacaagg aagagaacaa acctttaatg actggataag     65820
     ccactaagac ttgggggcta tttcttatct cagaatgtcc tagttcactc tggttgacac     65880
     atatagtgtt attattattg gatgtggtgg tttgaatatg cttggccaat gggaagaggc     65940
     actattaaga ggtgtggtct tgttggaaga aatgtgtcac tgtgtagttg ggctttgagg     66000
     tctcctagtg ctcaaactcc atccactgaa gaagaaagtc tcctcctgac tgccttccaa     66060
     tcaagatgta gaactctcag ctctaccatg tctgcctgca tgctgccatg cttcccacca     66120
     tgatgataat ggactgaacc tctgaaacag taagtcagcc ccaattacat gtttgtcttt     66180
     agaagagttg ccttggtcat ggtgtctctt cacatcaatg aaatcctaag acgctgggct     66240
     taagtacttt ctaacttctt tttgaagata tgaatcgagt agtgtttttt tttctccaat     66300
     taattacagg cttgaaatga aggtgttttc tagtcattgg atcttgtcat tttatcaaca     66360
     tgagtcactg tgtggctact tcttttcgtt attattacct tttcattctc ttggttggcc     66420
     cacagctgaa agagatatgt catgctcttc tgtgggttta tcggttttcc tttgtattct     66480
     caaggcaggc ttatcatctg ccatgtactc ctctgacttc tagtctcagg tctctaggga     66540
     aggacaggca tagaggatca atggctcaag tctgcctttt ccagctttag gctctttggc     66600
     atgttttagg caagttggaa tccttctcga atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     66660
     gtggtattgt tttgtttctc tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgtac gacagagttt     66720
     ctttgtgtag tcctggctgt cctagaactc actctataga gtaggttggc ttcagactca     66780
     aagattcctg cctctgcctc ctaagtgctt ggattaaagg catgtgccac cgctcttggc     66840
     taaggagtct tctctttaaa atgtaggtct ccctaccctt gaaatcttga caacccacaa     66900
     tgaggtttgg tgactattga cttctgagta aaaaaaaaaa aaatagagtt cctagtccat     66960
     ggtggatatg agacacagag aggatgacag acactctttg aattcagact gtgtggtacc     67020
     tgcaaggagc taggaggata gatctatttg cagcaagctg tcttgtctaa accattacca     67080
     tgattggcca tcttgctggg actgctttgg catggaggta ttgtcactat gtcccgatgt     67140
     gacaggccaa cactgagaat gggaacatgc caagcagatt ctcgcctggg gacaggaaca     67200
     gtcttttttt aagagcctga caggctggga tgcttagagc tgcagggctg ttgccatagt     67260
     cttgagaaaa acagagacta tgacagctga tgttgaagga aagagaaaga tacagttaag     67320
     aatgggctca tgcaggaaag agtatttcca agacaggtta gagacagtta tacaaggggt     67380
     ttgggaaggc tttgaacact ccactgagaa atgaatgaaa tgatgaaagt cattttggca     67440
     gaaggaactt ccagtaagaa atggatccgg aagcctccac aaattaaatg cggtttgggg     67500
     acatttggga caaaatagga ttttggacat aagattatca aaaacaaaga gacaaaactc     67560
     gacctcagtg gacttgagaa gggagtggat gggcagagaa ggaaaacttc aggtgccagc     67620
     catgtgacac tttaagagcc aggatcatag ctcctgccag ctttaacgtc ctgtatatag     67680
     cttactaagc agcttagtct tgaaattgtg tgctgagcac attattattc atattttata     67740
     aatgagatag ctgaggcagg aagaatttag caccatttcc tgcatccagc aagtcaatag     67800
     gagaccaggg tctgggatag aacaagagct agtaagtcct tgctgtggaa tcttgggaat     67860
     cttgctcctc tgtatatctc cattggtgaa ggtcaagttg aactagctct tgcaagcacc     67920
     aggtatatag gaagctgttg ataactgttg caactgtcat tactgctgtt gttaccattc     67980
     atagtatgca tgctgaaata atggcccccc aaggccaagg tcagaactct aagataaggt     68040
     cctctgagtc atcatcagcc cagtgagtgg tgtaaactaa tcccttcctc ttcacctcag     68100
     tcaccaacgg tgaagttcag aggtcactga gtgtcagcat tctccaaaga tgaacttgaa     68160
     aaactaagtc cacgttgaca ttgaaggctt ggttttcctt cggccagtag cacacaacta     68220
     cttctgcccc aggatggaat cagaggcaaa tccttccatg tctttcttgc tggctctgca     68280
     cagggaataa aatgggtacc acttaaatag acacagccca ggctcgggat tttgttggat     68340
     gccaactcct ggcccccatc tgagctccct tctgttcaag ctgatgcaga ctccatactt     68400
     taaatagcaa tgataaatta ttgactctca tgtggtgatt gatttgcaga ctgtctgctg     68460
     accaccaaat tgctccaatt gtctcctgaa agaaaattcc ataagtcatt agtgcacacc     68520
     ccacaccaac atccgtcacc ttaacgatac tgcaattgct ctttgacact aattaccttt     68580
     tctaactaat tttaaatgtg gtattttgct aatgactgag actcaatgca aaaagcccca     68640
     tcttccctaa gcatcccatg ctcaatggac tttgatgctc gcatagcaat tatccacatt     68700
     gtacccagtc ctgactgatg gccctgggct gcctcccttt gaacagaggc ctctctattc     68760
     caggctcctt gacataaaca tcattttatc tggagcatcc actgaacatg gagaagcaga     68820
     cactctgtgg atgaatttct aacttgggat ttttggtgac tgggttgcca tgtgtgtaag     68880
     tttggcttct acttgcttgc ctctctcacg cactgttttg tctaccgtcc gtcctaaggc     68940
     atcttcctgc agaattccag gggagttagg gactcctcca tgctaggcaa gtgttctatc     69000
     tctgagctac atcctcagcc ctggaacacg gagatccgat gcagccatcc tatgcagggc     69060
     cataacagaa aacctctgca gtgacccttt gtggatggat gacaccttcc taatgaatgg     69120
     aaactgagaa gagtgattgg ctgaccttga agagactcac ttacagatga cagaggcaca     69180
     agatgatggt cacatgccag agtagctgga gcaaggaggt tagcacctga cagcaggcag     69240
     gtgggtggtc tcttgggctc tctcagagcc tgtgagttcc tgaaagctaa atgtgcagga     69300
     agaccttatt aattcttctg cagctcctgg gaaatctact gtgttcccag tctcccagca     69360
     tgcctctgga ctattttgct ggtttctgac atttttttct tgaagacccg ataacccaac     69420
     actcttcttt cactagttat tagcattagg acagtgaagt gccaccaaac ggaagagggc     69480
     taaggctgaa aaacaatggc ttctcatagt tgttagtgta aaatttaaaa gtgatatatt     69540
     ttctttatcc cagctagctc ccaaataaat gagaccgaga ttataagatg tatttaatca     69600
     agctttacag cacaatagct gagcagtcat caatctgttt taatcctcta tgctaatctg     69660
     gccacctccc agctaaaatc tcctggatat gtgcatttta gtattgatct ggctctctct     69720
     gcttcaggtg tgttctcctg gtgtctcctg gaccctttcc tcatggcgaa tccttccttc     69780
     tttttctctc ttccctttcc ctgattggga tcagaagtct agtccaattc tctcttctgc     69840
     tcagccatct gggtgatcac cttttaaatc caagaataaa tggggagcaa tgcttacaca     69900
     gcattgaggc aggagatgct tacaataagc attacaatgc catgtccaga ttgcagccag     69960
     atggggggtg gggcagagaa aacagcatat gactaataca aggataatct ttacatcgtg     70020
     cacaataaca ttatgcctat acatggtgga agaaaattcc aaccaagcaa aaatagctgg     70080
     gttctgcctg tagaaaatgc tttgggagga gtagtcaaag gcatatttgc acttccttct     70140
     gcctgggagg gaggtctctc cccatcctta atggcaagac ccaaagccat actctatgcc     70200
     actgagagtt ctccaaagag acagctcaca gaaagtgcct atcactggcc ctccacatcc     70260
     gttggctcca ctttggtagt taaagtctgc cataggtcaa aattattttt caaatgatgt     70320
     ctgtacatat tctgtacaga aattttccct ccttgaatat tatcttctaa atgacacaat     70380
     gtaataacaa ttcatatcat atcagtataa aatgtaatct gaagacaatt taaagtatct     70440
     aatatatatt agtcagcctt cagttactat gacaaattac ctgagataat caacttatta     70500
     gaaacaaagg cttattttgg ctaacagttt catattgctt tgggcatgta gaatcagaat     70560
     gttgtcatgg taagagctgg tgatagagag gactttcccc tgttgtagcc aggaagcaaa     70620
     gacagacaaa taccccaaca tccacttcaa ggatgtgccc tcaatgacct aatttcctgt     70680
     attcagcttc ataatgtttc tctcacctcc cagcagcacc acaagctggt gatcaagcct     70740
     ttgatgcacg agtctccgga gacattctag gtcgaagcaa tcacacggga agggtgtgta     70800
     tgagttgtga atgagtgtga acaaatactg taccactgca cataagggat tcaagcatcc     70860
     atggggctca aaacctgaga gaagtgcagg attcaacttg tggataagaa gaaactagaa     70920
     acacagctac agaagccaag aagtctcaaa caggctgctg tccacaagat agtggcctag     70980
     ggcagcagtg ctatccttca ctctgaggct ggaggtccag gagccagaga gccaacgtgc     71040
     aaaggcagag gtgagctaag atggctcagc tccagtagtc agtcatcaaa gagtcacatg     71100
     ccctctccat gtccccccag tgcttgagct ggttggaggc ccactgtgag gggagggaag     71160
     ggtcttgaga acagcttctg ttgctcatcc agaagttccc tcagacacac ctgaaaacaa     71220
     cattcaacca aacatctggg catctagatc aaaccaatat aaaacaaagc atagcagacc     71280
     tgaaggcaca tctgcacaat gatctccatt tcacaatggg ggtggtgtgt ggtgaaacct     71340
     gaggtctagc aaatgggaac atgcattctc tgtgtcccaa cacacattcc aacacatagc     71400
     tctccagcac caatgatcct caacttcctt gagttcctat ctcagtacac caccttccat     71460
     gtgcttctag gcaagtaagt gtctcacttt ctgcaaatgt tctttccagg taaggataat     71520
     attgaagcag ctttccagat accaccacta cccctgtgaa agtacaggaa ggatgtaatg     71580
     aacgaggccc atccccgaca aggctcagca cagtacccag tgcagaggaa gtgcctgaat     71640
     taatgctaga cattattgaa gaattgatga aaaaattcca tgaagaatgt caaaaatact     71700
     acggggagcc atgcttttaa tttataagac tctctagccc acaaatacag ccagtctcct     71760
     cccctacaaa atccatacaa ttttctgaaa atttcaagat tgatgatacc cttggtcaaa     71820
     gcatcaggca aggcagccat caaaaaccag ccagggccat ctattccacc ccgcgtcgat     71880
     agcctgcagc aggcctgaga tttgttggcg aggtccctgg aacgtccata aaggagaaga     71940
     gactgggcag cgagatctgt ttaattctcg ctttccagag ggttgttatt cagcacatcc     72000
     ttccttttca catcagagta aatcacaagc tgccgcctca gatcagcaac ccccaatcca     72060
     ccgtccagcc tgctgctagc ctgcgctcaa acccaggaat ccagaggcaa atgggatcag     72120
     tcctttaggt gtttccctaa caaatctatc tcctccctac ccccaccttg agatctgtct     72180
     ccattaaagt gtgggagaaa tgatgatcac gcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     72240
     ctgccctgtg ccccagtttg aagttcatgt tcattagctg ctaagaccag ctggagggct     72300
     gctgactctg tgaggagacg cagtcgtggc tgtgaaatta atgaagtttc cttctttggc     72360
     ctcccgagcc tgcataatct acagccacca tgggtcaaca gtcaggagcc ccggggaagc     72420
     cattctacca taaacaccac aggcgttctg cttaataaag tacatgaact ccacatttgg     72480
     tcatgaagaa cacagtttta aaatacgctg agaagtaaag ccacgtgaaa ctggcagcgt     72540
     cttccaggag agacggtggg tgaggttgtg gggtgatggg ggggtagtct gttggacctt     72600
     tccaagcctc agcgatgatg tcatggagtg actgaacagg gctaggtaag aataaggatg     72660
     gtaagtaagt cagctcacca actccagggc acacaatctt ctgtcaggtg taactgaggg     72720
     gcacaccgag gactcctgac ccgcacagag cccccagtct acacaaagtc tgtaggcggg     72780
     gtagctcaga gcagctcatg ccgtggcttc agggaagctt tgtttgagag gtggacacaa     72840
     agtgattcca gcaataaaga ccaagaagaa aattcatttt aaggccgtat ttccacaatg     72900
     gaataataaa ccttgccttt tgcaaaccca tcccttacct ggcttccaca gcagagataa     72960
     aatgttccca tatgttgagt ccgaccagcg gctcacatgt ctgggttcga gcctggaaag     73020
     catcttggaa tctggaagaa aagagggaac taggcagagc gagaaaggat ggaaccaaga     73080
     cattagtctg atcaaggttc aattttacta ttcagagaca ctgggttatg aagaaggggg     73140
     aggggcccat tcccaccaaa tcgtccttgg agtccagttg caggtgacca catgttggct     73200
     ctggaacagc taggcggcag gtagtagcag tgggagtggg agaacgatag ggtggcaggc     73260
     tccatccccg atgctctcct ggtgctaaca gtcaaacctg atcagctatt tgggtactcc     73320
     gtcggcaacc tcaggagccg gggtaagcag gatccataca tcctctccaa cccgtggcag     73380
     acccagagga cttaccatct gagggacacc caccttgccc tttcttgccc tttctctgcc     73440
     taagatgcca agagaccaaa tcagtccatt gcctagaccc cactgaagtg aggaccagcc     73500
     actcaccagg aatcaggaca gcaagagtcc tttattctct ctcactggga cataagccag     73560
     aggctagggg cagacagcta atttgagcca tgtgcttgca cctgtacaga cacatataca     73620
     tgcacatacc cccacacata cacacaaaca ctatacatgc acatacccca ccccatacac     73680
     agacactaca catgcatcaa cacaaaacac aaaacaaaac cacaaacaaa acaaacatac     73740
     aaaatataaa tagtttgggg actggagaga tgtctccgtg ggtatagcgc ctgctgctaa     73800
     attataatcc tttagctctt agcagcagtc agcaccagct aatgtgattg ttcctctttt     73860
     gcagtgttaa gacccatggc tcttaaaaat ggctattgtc tcctttaatg gtgatggcat     73920
     gtgcctttaa tcccagcact caggaggcaa aggcaagcag atctctgaat tcaaggccag     73980
     cctggtctac agaatgagtt ccaggaaaac cagggctaca caaagaaacc ctgtttcaaa     74040
     acaaaaaaca aaacaaaaaa aaccaacagc ttttagcctc agatcttggg accctggacc     74100
     ttagggttgt agctcctgga cattggtgtt gggacccttg acttaaggtc tggtagctcc     74160
     ctggaactat tccagcaatc agggaccaca gtctcccacc ttcaactctt cctggccttc     74220
     tctatttttc tgcggccctt tgacatctca gcctctctct agaactcctc agtgtcctct     74280
     tccgattgct gttgccgctg tcactctcat gactgtcccc actgccacca ttgccatcat     74340
     tgcagcactg aggtctcccc ttcatgtgac cagttccacc tcctctactt acaataaaaa     74400
     tccaaagttg tcaataaaaa ggccagctgg gagtcagtga aaggttctgg ttgtaggcag     74460
     cacacccttc tgctgattca gcatggcagg tgctccccag tggcctgagt gagaagaact     74520
     gaggaccaac aaggtcatcc agagatcacg gaggcttgtc ttgcaggagt ggccgtgact     74580
     ggaacatgtc tgcagttact gaagtagcct aagaattgat taaacagtat ctaaaatagc     74640
     tgggcctgca ggaggacagt caggccagca gccaacaaag ggtgttttct cccacagttc     74700
     cttatccaaa gctgtcaaat ataaggagaa gacctgtagg ctggcctctt cttgacagtt     74760
     ctagtcattc atataaaaca aatgttttca tgtggacttc acgagagctg aaaacagaac     74820
     acttcaacag cattcaacag tacttgatat agatctggca atgtttaagc gtgctagtgg     74880
     cccagaggga ggtgagattt ttgcaatatt gacccaacta acttcagaat ggaaagaaaa     74940
     cagggggcat ccttgatgct aacaagggca gaaagttaaa gcctggcgct cagagggttc     75000
     agtgagttgt ccaaggtcac ccagttgaca aacagcacag cagctcctca gacaacatct     75060
     tctcaaccga gtcttctgct cttcacaagc actgcgagcc aagctcaagg acttctgact     75120
     ctcacagccc agctctccac agtcctaagg actcttctgc tcaggactca aaagattaag     75180
     acaatccctc cccaaccccc cccccccagg aaactgtgta caggctcctt agccaccacc     75240
     ctccccccgc ccccacacct accctactcc acagcagtac attcaatagc aacttgggaa     75300
     atccatgtgc attatgcaag tttatcgcct ccggagtatg ttctctgcaa cctgacacat     75360
     gtattacgtg ggaagatggc ccatttcctg tgcagcattc caactgtgct gtgtgagaac     75420
     aggacaggac aggagaggtc cagtgtgatt caggtaagga gcgtggacca gttaacaggt     75480
     gagttaattg tggcagattc ttacctcaga tggatagctg ctactctctt ccacccacaa     75540
     gaaagtacat tgtttaggac cctggcagcc aggacaagtc ttattctctc tgtttaaagc     75600
     agcaggaagc gtttctcagt gttccaaata caaccttcag tctttgaata caggaggccg     75660
     aagacctctt gtcatagctc ctcagtccct gatgccgacg cacacttcag tcacacatca     75720
     cccggaggtt ggcttcctgc tggtgaccca gaacatggtg cagaagctct agacctcaca     75780
     gcagtttgtg ggctctggag tgccaggagc tattcaccaa actagtagag tctgctaggg     75840
     agccagtcca ctgtttccag cttgatacct gagttgacac agaaggtaca tgccggactc     75900
     tacacatgtg atgaacctat tctccagatg ggaaaactgg ggacaatgac actcaagaag     75960
     tttgtcttgt ccaccaccct ccctacccat ttccaataca ttggacactc accagacacc     76020
     tgtggaaggg acaggaaatg gactcctggt gggttagccc tggagagaat gaggatcagg     76080
     gaagagaaaa gcagacattt ggggacatca acacatgaga tggccatgtg ttatagcccc     76140
     ggggacacag agatgaagta tgtaggagaa tgtgtttggt tacaaatgac agcatctatc     76200
     agaaatccat tatctaagag tgggaaactc aattagttgt tttgacaggg caatctgaag     76260
     tgattatctc aggtactgct ggatccaggg tccaaattat gaatgtctct gggcctgttg     76320
     gtccttagtt ttcctctggt ccttcacaca cacacacata cacacacaca cacacacaca     76380
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata ctactactac tactgctgct gctgctgctg     76440
     ctactggtac tatccctact gggacaagat cggtttgttc aacaggagga tggtaacaga     76500
     taaccccagt ctcaccttcc attccttgtc ccttccctgg tggccacaca tgcccttcat     76560
     tgttctagga caagcctcca tttggcacta acggaggaga cagtttttca cttagactgt     76620
     gccattttga tgatccggta gccaagttgg cactctgata tttgccctcc tctagtaact     76680
     tccagggtac agctacttct gcatcgaggc ccctgggtcc ctttctgggt ttcagtctcc     76740
     ctccctggat cctctaaaaa gcagcacaca cataacctgg aaaaacattg ctggtggaaa     76800
     gctggggcag ctcaagatgg caggagctat gattaggaca gcccgatagc ggaaaaagcc     76860
     gagttatgct gccaagctcc gccataagat cctaaatgca aaagaattgg tctccatgat     76920
     aagattttga gcaaaatgga aatatcggag atggtttact gtgccgtacg gaaaaattga     76980
     cactgggatc aggccagctt aatagggctc ccactggaat tccggtgctc tctagatgga     77040
     aatcgagcct gttagataac gctgattaaa atgcttccaa tcagagtgtc tttggggtta     77100
     cagtgtccac agaagcaaag gagctgggtc aaaatgtggc agttgatgac caagggagga     77160
     ggcaggaggt atagaagctg cagtggggtg gaatggtgcc ctaagaggaa gagggggtga     77220
     ctcacaaaac acctggggca gagcgtggta aggctggtat gggcagacca ggttaccccc     77280
     cccccagtgt gctcctgctg aggccacact aggatatgtt attcccaccg atggccccca     77340
     gggcattctt gtggggaggg ggctccatgt ccatcacaat gccaagtaag accagcaagg     77400
     aaaaagccaa ccaaaagcta cttttctttc caaatgccat ttattatttt tgtctttcta     77460
     accacaaaaa acaaaaacaa acaacaacaa aaaaaatgtg gtgcaagaca gaatacaaaa     77520
     aaaagaaaac agaaaaaacc accagcacca aggactctac ctttaactgg agcctgtgtc     77580
     ccacgtggtg ctgaaggagg ctcaaaacaa gaaggccaag agcagatgga acaaggtgcc     77640
     agccaaggca ggatgtacca ggtcctgatg cctgggtggg cctcagcata ttcccaatgc     77700
     tctgggctac aattcctact atgatatgag gccaatacag cacccgcagc atcgcctgca     77760
     gctaagccac ctggggctgg gtttgtctga cacatagagg tcacccacag tctccaccac     77820
     agggtctcca tcacaacctc acagggcaga cctgagctga aaattccttc cccagccgtg     77880
     tttaatgtct cccaagcaag gtcaggactc gctactgcct tttatgcatg aagaccgagg     77940
     acacaaggtg tctgttcctt aacgacgatt ccacagctgg aaagcaatgg aaccacagtg     78000
     cacactcact gtttgcagtt tgggtttgtt ttctctgctt atcaccttca gaaagagggg     78060
     acagagtgga agatggggaa ggtaaagaaa gaagagacac gggtgagggt agacaagtcc     78120
     aaggctggaa acactaacag tctctcttgc agagccctca gagtcagcaa cagcaacacc     78180
     cattccagta aattctcact ttcaaatcca gtggcaagca aggtgagtca tctttggcca     78240
     agaaaatctc tctattaaaa gaaagagaga gaggagagag agagagagaa agagagagag     78300
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaggg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     78360
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaagaaaaa     78420
     cctcgtgggc atgacatgag ttcagtccct gagacccatg gagcagaagg aaagggccag     78480
     ctcttccaaa agatctccgt tcccatgcac aggctagata tataaaaatg tactgcccat     78540
     gtgtatgtat gcacatcagg tatatgcagt gcctccagag gcctgaagaa ggtgccacat     78600
     tccctggacc tgaaattata gaaggttgcc atgtgggtac tgggaactga acccaggtcc     78660
     tctgcaggaa tggcaagtgt tccaaaccat tgtcccatga ccctagttcc ctaaaaatgt     78720
     aatttaaaaa gttttaaaga cttgtttttc ttttgtgttt ccaggtcaga gtccctgaat     78780
     gaatagaaaa ggaattcttt ttaagtgtca ttgttaagtt acaagctgac agtggaaaac     78840
     cagcaaccac acccagactt ccaggagtac tacggaagat gaaatgaccc tgggccttcc     78900
     cagctctccc ctctacgcta ctcagagact tgtcttgcca acccaggaag cttgctcctc     78960
     agcctttaag aagataaaca aaaacagctg ctatttttga aggggtattt ttgtcaaaca     79020
     atctctggtt tccttcagga atttcagcca catagtcccc tcagtggtgc ggtttccgga     79080
     gctgacacac atccgattgg gcaattggtg tggttacttc tgtctgtcca ttccctcaaa     79140
     gtttctgttc ctgggaggga tagccaggcc aagcagtgag cagcaactcc aacccctcct     79200
     ccatccctga gtccatcagt gtcactcagc ccttgcctct atcagaggat gtgggggaca     79260
     tcagagacac aagagcctga tgtggaggtt cacacctcta atgccagcac ccaggaaatg     79320
     gaggcagatc aatcaagacc tatggtcagc ctaggcttag gagacctcgt ctcaaaaaac     79380
     cccagaacaa acaaacagga ttcggggaag cggggctcac ctctccagag ctcagtgtaa     79440
     ggaatactct atggctgagt gtctatgata caccattggg aaggtggttc atgctttcaa     79500
     tcctagcact tgagaggcaa aggcaagagg atcattgcag ctagtctggt ctacagagtg     79560
     agtactaggc cagctgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtgtg     79620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta caagatgtgc agggtcacca gcatagcagt     79680
     atgtccttcc aacaacctac ctgggttgca ggcccagaga cttcaaccac tcacagctca     79740
     ggtcagagac ctaagcccaa gttcagggtg cccagaaaag caaagattag taggtctcct     79800
     ctgtgtgggt ccaagaaaaa gtcttctaag agtcagggta ccttcaggag gcattgatga     79860
     gcatttgggc gactcccctg gaacaccact agaaaggcct caaaggtatc acctctctat     79920
     tgctggactc cctgattgat cctcaccttg catcaatgtt aagattcccc tacactcatc     79980
     ctgacaggca agccatgcct gacacttctc ttagaaaccc agcaacaggg ttacatgtta     80040
     atagagcttc gcaacaacta atgtgtgttg cagatttaag ggaaacaccg ttctaagcta     80100
     aaaagcagag tcaagattca gagccagggg gcctgttatc tgtgcctgga ctcaggtttc     80160
     aggtcagcct ggtatagata ctcaggctgg atactatatc tgaaggggtg tcattcaagt     80220
     tgtcaatatc acgttagata tacaggtggg aagatgttct gggtgtctgg gaggacttgg     80280
     gagggtctgg agagaacacc tttcccatca gccctcaaga acacagatgt ccatgaaatt     80340
     tcaccacaat tggtcagaga attagggaat ccagtggggg ttgttgtttg tttgcttgtt     80400
     ttaatgttct ttcttttttc ttttctttta tttcttctac ctactaattc acctttgttt     80460
     ccaatgcttt aagtcctcca ccaacacatg catgttcatg tatatacatt ccatgcacat     80520
     acatgtatat gcacatgtta cacccatact taccttacca cctgtctccc taaatcagct     80580
     gaacgagagt attcttcaca catcattcca gagatcagtc acctttggcc atggtgtggt     80640
     gaactcaacc cataccccag aaatgaggtc ctactgagtg ctgctggcct atcttccggg     80700
     cttcttcaca aagtagagag ctgttgagca ttgaccttgg ccagcagaga gtgtcaggga     80760
     attagtcaca gctctgctct ttccacgctg cacggggcac ctcagtcctc gtctctgtct     80820
     gtgatgcact caaagcagtg aagtatttta atgattcagc atcatgtggc ctggctcaca     80880
     tggatctaac gcagcatgaa gatagatggc agctggtccc ttctctgtcg ccacccccag     80940
     actctgtagt tggctcatcc agaaactaaa tgtatgcccc tcaagacagg gagcagaaaa     81000
     tgtgtccccc agagcaactt cctgcctgag cacggcctcc tcctgatgtc cctacgagct     81060
     gtggacagtc cctggacttc agcctcacac atgtgttgct tatttgaaga ggacagactg     81120
     cctaagggtc agatgccact agaagcacag cgtgtcccca gaattcacat gtcacttgta     81180
     ctctttcttg ggctatcggc tcatctgtgt acagaagaca tttaattggt tctgaaaagc     81240
     gcagcaccca cagctacagg ccccacatta gaaaatgggg tgagaccctg cacctccacc     81300
     ctactgtctt ttttagcatt tcccccctaa aatcaaatta gtggtgtatg gaaatgaact     81360
     gagaaaattc attacattaa tttatctaat tttggaggca gacttgaaat aaacagcacc     81420
     ttggtctctc acacttagcc ctcccagggt attgatttct gagtcacatt agcctcgtgc     81480
     aaggaccttt ttatagccca aagggctgcg atagccagct tcctcatgaa tataaatgtc     81540
     ctgcttagag gcccagagac atcactctcc aaggtcattt caaggagtgg caggcacagc     81600
     aggctgcccg aagttcaccc aggaatccac aggccaggca tgcaggagct ccatgcagag     81660
     cccatcgatc ctaatgagat cgatgccatg aaccacaagt agccccacag aggaagaggt     81720
     gggactgggt cacttcaggt tcctgtcagc ctttacaata atagcttgtg gaattaagag     81780
     tctgtcacct tagcgtacac ccccatgact gatacaagcc gtaacaaggc taaacttacc     81840
     acaggaggaa acccattggc ctagtaatag tttttgctat cttatgcttc acggtggacc     81900
     agagggccat cttcagaatg acatatttct gacagatggg atggatcaat ggttagaagc     81960
     acttgctgcc aagtctgatg acctgtgatc cgttcccagg cttcacatgg cggaggaagg     82020
     gaagccactc cttcaggttg tcttctgacc tctgtgtaca tccaccatgg ggtgtaccca     82080
     tgacagaaga cagagagaaa gagaacaaat aatacatgaa tgtcattttt attttaatta     82140
     aaggaggagg aggagaaaga ggacccactt gcccagcaag actccctgtt tgacccagtg     82200
     ctgggcttgt accggctgtt ttagagaact tgctaaatat actggaggat gttaccaagg     82260
     ctgcaaacct tgtactcagg gtctggagag atggctcagt gatgaagagc actgactgct     82320
     cttccagagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggcttacaa ccatctgtag     82380
     taggatctga cgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct actgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     82440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taataaatat aatacatttt taaaagaaag agagaagtac     82500
     ttaaacgtgg cagttgactg gatggatcac cacttatcca ctcctgctct gtcccacatt     82560
     cattcagggc actgtacatg acttgctctg gtcaatggga tttaggcaga agcatgggtg     82620
     ggggtgaggt tgagggtcct agctctcagt ataggtctta aaagtcaagt cttgtttcta     82680
     ctcacccctt gggaagctcc tacctctgcc ttgagaaaag catgccccag tcagccacta     82740
     tttctgggtc ctagatcaaa actaacccac caccttatcc cagtgcctgg cctgcactgt     82800
     cattacctgc agaggccatt tggatactga agttgtattg cactaaggct gggacatctg     82860
     gggaaatggc aaatgtggct gtgtcctcag ccataccctt cctctaagga tgcagctcag     82920
     ggtccactac ttgatacact cattttcttt ttcagccatc tgagctcctt cttacatcct     82980
     agacctaatg cgctaaactc cttctgcttc tctagctcca acctgacact ccgttgcccc     83040
     atgcatacat acagcataca tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     83100
     tagatagata gatgtgtgca tgcatgcatg catacataca tacatacata catacataca     83160
     tacatataga ataggcccag ttatagaaca aagactaaca gtgagggtgg gaagcgatga     83220
     gaccagtcac tggctgggca cccagaacac attatctcct gaaccttgga aaggcagggc     83280
     tagaatttga acctgggttc ttttagattt atttatttta tgtatccaaa caggctgttg     83340
     ttgacatacc agaagagggc attggatcca attacagatg agccaccatg tggttgctgg     83400
     gaactgaatt caagaccctt ggaagagcag ccagtgctct taaatgctgg gccatctctc     83460
     aagtcctacc tggatccttt taaatccagg atccaagttc atttttgcct aagctttaag     83520
     ctctgtagaa gcaagccaat tttacagcac tttggaaccc ttgatcaaga gagaaggtgg     83580
     tctcttccat ccagagcatc acagaaagaa caggtggaat ggccgttttc atagatcata     83640
     atactagcat atcagccact gtgaaggctc accagagtca aggctggctg aattaaatct     83700
     tgtctcctcc atggcccaga aagttttcaa aagaggctct tgaaatgact gagtcactca     83760
     tgtatttcct cctgagcaac cagaaaaacc acagcttgca gccagtgtaa ggtcataagc     83820
     ctgggtacta aacaaagaga tattaagcaa aagtgatgca tgccactttc agaactgccc     83880
     acaacttcat gggcatggtt gtcattgcaa ccctagagcc tgtctgttat aaaaagtagc     83940
     gccgtaagat ggaaaagcct aggtgatgag tcttctgccc aacccgtgat agagtgaatg     84000
     tgaatgagaa caaacgcttc tggtgtttat ctatcagtac ttggagaatg tttgttatag     84060
     aggctagcat gatccatcct gactaatata gaatgagaat gctttcagtt gtacataata     84120
     gaaaagggaa caagaatact ataaacactt atatggttat cttggattcc acataacaag     84180
     gagtttagga ataagaagct ccaggaccca atttgaagga cacaatctgt ctttctgctc     84240
     agctttcctt aaggtgttgg ctctctttct cacactagtg aatacataca ggatggctgt     84300
     taaatgcctg cacttcatct gcaactcagg taggaaaaaa gcaaaggatg gggcaaaagg     84360
     atgaaggcca ccgagtctgc cccactcaga caaccaaggt tcactaactg ggccaacaaa     84420
     caccagtaac tgactggtgc agacaataca gggctatgcc ttcccagtac attcacaatt     84480
     cttctcctgg gcccgtgggg cctagcctac ctaagaccaa caaatctcta tagacccctg     84540
     agcaaaagac aagtgacata gctattgtgt ggtcaacaat aaccctcctc tgcacccggt     84600
     agctcatgtc agctccccct tactaggaag ggcttcactt aagctcagct aatcctttgt     84660
     cctttcagtc tttggccctc agctccatcc accttggggc accatttcct cagctgccca     84720
     gaggcttggc tctcgtgtag aggattgcta acaggctgat gatcctgagt agcctgagac     84780
     agcacaatga gagatggcac tatgccagga cccactatca tcacactgtt cctttgttag     84840
     tggggatact gctgacagcc ttcaatagat cattgggaag cagctgagat gggtaaaaat     84900
     cactctgctt ggtgcttgtg aaggaaggga gggggctcgg tcggaaggta gatcgtaaaa     84960
     agcaggctga aaggaggcac tggaaggaaa caatatgagt actgacaaag ctttatgcac     85020
     tgagatatcc caggaagatg gtgtctaatg gtgtaagagt gaaatcttta gaaacagaca     85080
     aaatcaccag tcattgaaat agatgtatat gtgtatgtag gaagtagagg tgagattgat     85140
     ggtgatggtg atgacgatga tgacagacat acagacagat gatgggtgca ttaaatgaat     85200
     gagtgggtgc acggatttat ggatgagcag atggttttca ctcatctaat atagtgtgca     85260
     ttcataagat atgagtgtaa aaggtttaga gtgggaagct gtactgaaag agacctgagt     85320
     ttaaacaaca ggcactcgta taatggacga ggctcagtgt agccctgagt agtgaaagca     85380
     tggacaatgt ttgttccttt ctttcaactt tatgcatttg taatgttttt gcctttataa     85440
     gcacacactg tttttgtaac ccaaaaaagc tactaagaaa aacatgagca ttgctgggta     85500
     agctggaaag ctgggtaggg ctgggggaca gtctgttcag ctgagttagt gctcagagaa     85560
     gtcactgtcc tgtactgact gtcctctctg atggtcacag ttcttacgga gccaagttca     85620
     gggtctctcc cacagagcca gtaactctgt gtggccctgg cttctgaggc ctccccccat     85680
     caggctttag ctgtgatacc tgagtacaac cccaagttgt cttctgcagg cacaaccagc     85740
     acgagtcatc ttgaatcatg gtcagacctg gagatttctt cctctacctg tatcctccta     85800
     ggtgctctct ctgccgacaa agacctaggc tggtctggtg agctgaaatt ctctccaaat     85860
     agtgggacaa tattctaacg tgtcccacat actgagcaaa gaaaaacatc tagatttcat     85920
     cttattttag tccaaagtta gattgctacc atccatcttt atttttgtga cctaattttc     85980
     ttccattaca ctgttttata attccttgtg acagttaatg ttgatgtcaa cctgacagat     86040
     atggagacga ggctctgggc atgtctgtga gggatgtttt agattaggtt aactgaggtg     86100
     ggaagattcc ccctaagcag atggttcaag ggctggtgag atgggtaact gcattccatg     86160
     gaatcaggtc ctggattcca aaaagagaga gagagctgaa catcatcctt ggttgctctc     86220
     tgctgcctga ctgcagactc gatgtaacca gctgcctgac agcagacaca tcataaccag     86280
     ctgcctgaca gcagacacat tgtaaccagc tgcctgatag cagacacatt gtaaccagct     86340
     gcctgacagc agatacaatg taaccagctg cctgaaagca gacacattgt aaccagctgc     86400
     ctgacagcag acacatcgta accagctgcc tcacagcaga cacaatgtga ccagctacct     86460
     cacagcagac acaatgtaac cagctgcctg acagcagaca caatataacc agctgcctcg     86520
     cagcagacac aatgtgacca gctacctcac agcagacaca atgtaaccag ctgcctgaca     86580
     gcagacacaa tgtaaccagc tgcctgacag cagacacaat gtaaccagct gcctgatagc     86640
     agacacaatg tgaacagctg cctgacagca gacacattgt aaccagctgc ctgacagcag     86700
     acacattgta accagctgcc tgacagcaga tacaatgtaa acagctgcct cacagcagtc     86760
     acaatgtaac cagctgcctc gcagcagaca caatgtgacc agctacctca cagcagacac     86820
     aatgtaacca gctgcctgac agcagacaca ttgtaaccag ctgcctgaca gcagacacat     86880
     tgtaaccagc tgcctgacag cagatacaat gtaaccagct gcctcacagc agacacaatg     86940
     taaccagctg cctcacagca gacacaatgt gaccagctgc ctgactgcag acacaatgta     87000
     accagccgca aaacactcgt gcttcagtat agtcctccat gaagagctgt gcctgcttga     87060
     actgggagct aaagtaagca cttcctcccg taagctgctc ttgtgaagta tttgtcattg     87120
     caagaagaat attagtgaaa acccactcta ctgaactcca atgatcacac cacactgact     87180
     tgtaacttcc caaataggtt gtgtggaaat tggctgcttc tgccattttg atggacagct     87240
     gctccattac tgaagtcaac tatgcaatgc caaactcctt cccaattaac acaattattt     87300
     tttttcaagg acatactctc aggtattcca agaagccttg aactaagtat tcaaatacga     87360
     tcctcctgtc tcttcctccc caatattaga caggcaaaca caaccatgat agcttctctg     87420
     ctgggaactc aactcagggc ttcatgcaca ctaggcaagc agtcttccaa aaccccaaaa     87480
     gccctagcac ttcaactaga ggaaaaattt ctttaaaaga ttctacgaat tctctatata     87540
     tcttctcgat ttttctgtaa atcaaagctt gctctaagca aatgatatct gtttttctaa     87600
     aagaaaaaga aagggaaaaa gaaaacagct tgtacatatc ctttaaaaga aaaaaaacaa     87660
     aaacaaaact aaaaatgact aaatatttga gggacagcag tgagaagtgg ccaaaagaaa     87720
     agtaagaaga tggcacaatt tgtgggagtc tggcatctag agttagggta gaggggacct     87780
     actggtgctc attacagtag agagatgaag gatagaaagg accccagggg accactactg     87840
     ggagagcatc ctcaacaagt gcatctcata atctcacaac atccctcctt tgtaacagca     87900
     ggagaggaag ggcctaaaag gcacccaagc taagaagagc aagtttttcc agtgagtagc     87960
     atggccacta aatggcccaa agatccaaat gccagacctg ctgggtgcca ggggtaccca     88020
     tcaccccaag aatctgtagc ccagctcctg tgagctctgc attctctttc tgaagctctg     88080
     cttctcacct gtaaaatggg aagatgggga ctaaattaca tagtgctctg ctcagcaaag     88140
     gggggggggg gtcaccagag gagaaccaga caatgagaag ctaccattat ttctgtatgg     88200
     tcttcgggaa catttgtgca tgcgtgtgtg catgtgcgca cgcgcgcgcg cgcgcacaca     88260
     cacacacaca cacacacaca catacatgca tataactaat ccccaggtcc ttgtccttgt     88320
     acctgccctt gttctggtac ctgcccagaa ctcatctttc taggactgtc tctgccatct     88380
     gacaaaaaca tggagcccta gctctgaatc tcactgtttc tggagccctg agttcttccc     88440
     ctgccatata tccccagtgc aacacacatt ttttattggg tcaatcaccc tgtcctcggt     88500
     agcagtcctt atgttccgtg tcttccctaa cctaccccat cttgcctgtc accaccactc     88560
     ccactggtgg ccctggctct agcctttgca ggcatctgat tgccagcacc ctgcccagac     88620
     ctttcacata cccccatccc tatgtaaaaa aggctctagt gttaaaactg gtacccaatg     88680
     attttacagt taaatgtatc ctacctcaca tggtggtttt gagataaatt tccctggtag     88740
     atattaagca tttttttcat gtgtttttgt ccacatgtaa gtctattaaa ttgtgtctgt     88800
     tcagtcaatt taaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aactggtact caagccctgt ctgtggccct     88860
     ggctccatcc ggcctcatcg tgcactgtgc acccagagcg gagttccacc cttccccaac     88920
     acacatatgt cccttccctc ctgcagcttg gaggatgcca tccagcaaag agccccttcc     88980
     tccttctaga aactcttggc ttaggcgccc tgcaggcttc cttccctagg gcatttcacc     89040
     ctaatccctg cctcagtttg tccccacctg ctcaggtaca gaagcctcgc cacagcctgc     89100
     tcccccttct cttcaaactt gatggatact ttgagggttg atcccccacc ctaccctatc     89160
     ccactgtcca atcagaaaag cagtttttga gtaaacaggc tacttgtttc ctttaatgac     89220
     cagaagtatg ggctccccgc ttgccataat tacattttcc cttctccagt tcaaaacttt     89280
     accctgtctg cagggaggga ggacatgcta gttaaaaaca tctggctgga gagctggaca     89340
     gaggatggaa agaaagctgg tgcctactgc ttaccataag gccaaacttg gaaagtaaat     89400
     acacaaccag agcatactga atgggtggag acagcaggct ccccgtctgt gctgaccagg     89460
     caactggggg ctcggacagg ctaaagcctg caggcctcaa gccagctctc ggctggctct     89520
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca aaagggcttt     89580
     ctgttactgt tctccttgaa ggaatagatg gagatagggc acttagggac aaggtgccag     89640
     gttacttggg gtctgctggt atgtccattt tgttaacccc agtgagaaaa tttggctgca     89700
     acatttctgc ccggagcaac tgcaattata aatggatagt agagagcttt caggaggaca     89760
     atcccagacc accttacaga gttagaagtc aggaaggaga agcaggggaa ggaggctgcc     89820
     tggatttgaa attgctgtgg gctgagtaga accagaggac agccacactg tccccagctg     89880
     tcagccacat gccctcaatc atcagcctaa tgtcccccaa ttgccaggca atctaaccta     89940
     caggcatcct gacaaccttt ctccaagttc cagccagcat gtccctagag tatactgaca     90000
     cgtcctcctg gtaccctgtc agcctgtcct tcaacttccc tgacaacatg tccccaagtg     90060
     ccaatgcacc agtcttcttc cactctgacc atttagtaac caggtcattt cagagttcca     90120
     gaacttcctt cagtcacaac tctggagagg gctgagctgg ggaggactcc cagcacctgc     90180
     acaacagtct ggacattttg caagtgggaa aacagagaag gaacggacta ggccaaggat     90240
     gcacagcaag acagagccag tggcagtttc ttgtgctgtg ttgagaccca ggagagcttt     90300
     tatcacagcc aagctgagag ccaggacctt ctatctcact gtctgtgtgg ctaaaatcct     90360
     caagagcccc cctttggtaa aatgacatgg gaggcagcca tttgctgtca ttacacagac     90420
     acttttgtgt aatctttgcc ctaaaacccc aacctccaca ttcatactgg ccttcatcct     90480
     gactctgaga aggaaggaat aattataccc atttcacagc tgaggaaact gaggcttgag     90540
     gaggttatgt aacctgtctt tgttcatatg gagtcaggct gggtcacatg cacctggact     90600
     gactgccact cattacacac ttagcatcat gcccatcctc ccaggaatca atcttccata     90660
     ctcatgtcag ccagggaaga atttggagtg cagagatcag tgcccttgtg acagatgaca     90720
     catggcctgg ggacatgaca cttactgttc aaattgccta gctaccctct ctgtggcttc     90780
     agtgaacaca ggatggatgg gtttgggagt ataggggttt ctgtaggaag cacaggctga     90840
     actcgggcac ataaacagaa tggccaatgc gtcatggaca gacttacagc cccttccccc     90900
     aaaccagagt gtgtgtgtat gcctgaggtg gctgtccagg aagccacctc ctctacagga     90960
     ccaggactgt aggatgtatc tgggccaaac aggatgtctg tgactgagca tgacatcttc     91020
     ctgtatttgc tgacacagaa tgtgtgccgc tcattctggt ggccctgaag aaatgttatc     91080
     gctgttccat aacagggaaa aaacaacaac agataagtca gcactgttgg cctagggacg     91140
     accttggaac tccctagctt gatacaagag aggctgagtc agggatgacc ccaaaccccc     91200
     cacagacatt aagaaacacc tgcgtgtgac actggatcca agtgtggccg tgggatgagg     91260
     gcgtggctat ggaacctgga aactcactgt accacctgcc cagtatcccc atgtctcagt     91320
     ttcttttttt cctctttttt ctttcttttt tcttttttta attagatatt ttctttatat     91380
     acatttcaaa tgctatcccg aaagttccct ataccctccc cacgccctgc tcccctaccc     91440
     acccactcct gcttcttggc cctggcattc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcaat     91500
     accaatgggc ctctcttccc agtgatggcc gactaggcca tcttctgcta catatgcagc     91560
     tagagacaag agctctgggg atactgatta gttcatattg ttgttccacc tatagggttg     91620
     cagacccctt cagctccttg tgtgctttct ctagcttctc cactgggggc cctgtgttcc     91680
     atcttataga tgactgtgag cattcacttc tgtatttgcc aagcattggc atagcctcat     91740
     aggagacagc tataccaggg tccctccagc aaaatcttgc tggcatatgc aatagtgtct     91800
     gggtttggtg gctgattgtg ggatggatcc ctaggtgggg tagtctcttg atagtccatc     91860
     ctttcatctt agctccaaac tttgtctctg taactccttt caggggtatt ttgttccctt     91920
     ttctaaggag gaatgaagta tccacccgtt agccttccct cttcttgatt ttcttgtgtt     91980
     ttgcaaattg tatcttgggt attctaagtt tctggggtaa tatccactta tcagtgagtg     92040
     catatctaat gacttctttt gtgattgggt tacctcacta aggatgatat cctccagata     92100
     catccatttg tccaagaatt tcataaatcc attgctttta atagctgagt agtactccat     92160
     tgtgtaaatg taccacattt tctgtatcca ttcctatgtt gagggacatc tgggttcttt     92220
     ccagcttctg tctattataa ataaggctgc tatgaacata gtggggcatg tgttcttgtt     92280
     accagttgga gcatcttctg ggtatatgcc caggagaggt attgctggat cttccggtag     92340
     tattatgtcc aattttctga ggaactgcca aactgacttc cagagtggtt gtgcaagctt     92400
     gcaatcccac cagcagtgga ggagtgttcc tctttctcca catcctcgcc agcatctgct     92460
     gtcacctgaa ttttttatct tagccattct gcatgcctca gtttctttat ccacaaagta     92520
     gaccataaaa acagggcctt cctcccaaga actataggag tgtgtctgat gaaagacaca     92580
     gcctagctgt atgttaaagt cataagcaat aagaaaaggc aggtgcgtct atggcaacga     92640
     tcactttctt aactatcagt tctctcgttc ctcatcacaa ccttgctctg tccctttggt     92700
     gagaactagg tacctgagtt cactgtggct gctctgtaca gacacctcaa tgttctatgt     92760
     ggtcagcaga tgctgaacct gccccaagca cggtccttgc ctcctgtaat tcaggccctg     92820
     gaggatgggc tgtccctgtg actcacttct tatgaataga acacatcaga agtgatgtgt     92880
     tataaaagcg atgccttagg ttataaaaag tctgtggctt ccatcctgcc ttctcctgga     92940
     tcctcactag ttagttggta tgtgggtggg tttatgtgag cgctcttgtg tgtggtggct     93000
     agaggacaac atcaactgtt cttgagtagt gccatccacc cacctactat gagacagggt     93060
     ctctcactgg cctggagctc atcaattggg ctatagcagc tgatcaccac agatccactg     93120
     ggctctacct gtctccagca tctgggattc acagatgctg ccaccaaacc cagcaatttt     93180
     atgtggcttc tgggactgaa attgcagtca ttgtatttgt aaagcaaata cttcactaag     93240
     tgaatcatcc ttggagctca caggtcattg ctttaattcc tgaaaccaca ccgtggaggg     93300
     acaactataa acctctccag ttgtatctga ggtcggtgaa ggtccgggcc cttctagggg     93360
     atctagtcag aaactgtaag gcaagtctga ccctctcacg tgatctgatc ccagatttct     93420
     ggttggtcac atggaaaatg tgaaatgata aatgctggag aggaagcatc tttatatgtg     93480
     agcagtggag catgtagctg taatatgctt gagtgaactc ctattcaccc atcgtgaccc     93540
     aggtggcgcg ccacatcctc caccaaagcc tctcatagca ctctgctttc ccttgatcag     93600
     tgccccactc cactctcaaa tttcagctaa catggcaggc ctgctccacc aatgtgacca     93660
     tgagcccctg gagtagagac agggccttac tcaccctgtt acagcccgag ataaagagtc     93720
     tagctgactt agcatcacat gtattcaatg aataagtgat gtaagcagca actgtcacct     93780
     gcccggggaa ctatctcgaa tgctctgtcc tctgactctt gggaagccac ttggctccct     93840
     ccatgcagag tccacatgct ggccagtctg ggcttaagcc cagtcccctc atctgcccaa     93900
     gaggaggtga caatgactcc cagcacttgt tctccgtgga tatcggcaag tcccctctac     93960
     tgattcgcct tggtctcact ggaccaagat gggaaaggaa ccagcagtca ggtcctctta     94020
     cacatgacct caatgtgccc cacccccacc ccactccacc tcaagcctgc tacttccaga     94080
     gtgaagtaga gagctgggtg gcagcttgtt tgaggccaca gagagtggta gacctgggac     94140
     ccctcaatgc agtaaggcta ctgaattctg tggcagaata ggctcctggc actaacctgg     94200
     gcatgactca caggctgtat gacacccctg ggcctctcac aacacagttg attgttggtg     94260
     actctgtccc ctaagaaaga tatatcctca ttacagagct aatgaaagag atcttgtttg     94320
     gtaaaaagaa atctctgtca ttattgttta aggattttga gataagatca tcctgagtta     94380
     ggtagggacc taagtccagg cacaagtgtc ttcatgaaag acagaaaaga agggttggtg     94440
     tgatggctca agagtaaaac cctccctgtg caagcccaat ggcctgcaac caatgctcac     94500
     aactgagtct ccacaaagct gtcctctgat cacacactca agctgtgaga tgcccatgca     94560
     cacacacaca aattaattca tacaaaatat cattttaaga cagaagtcat acatagtaga     94620
     gcgctctgtg tgaagacaga tacagccata cgtcaaatga accagcaata tccagtatcc     94680
     accagcatca ggagaggcag aaatgtctcc ccagagtcct cccagaggga gagggacctg     94740
     ctgacaccta gacattggac ttctaccttt ctgaccagga gaaaagaatc ttctattgtt     94800
     ttaagtggcc agtttttggc agccccaagg gaaaatgcaa ggtcttatag aagatgatac     94860
     tacttttgca tcatattgag taaactgagg ctgcctgggg ctgaatgtgt ctagattagg     94920
     aaaggccaga cctcctcatc ccacttcctc aggcactggg agggaaatgc cccgtgaacc     94980
     tcacttgggc agctgtgaca cagggttccc catgctccgt gattgtggta acctgtgaca     95040
     cgaatgtgtc attgccctat attgatggca atgtattctg tatgttaaga gaattagggc     95100
     tgtgtcagcc agcctttttt attgctgcag caaggcacta cttaagagag gaagtacata     95160
     ttttggccca cagattcaga caggtcagcc atggtccctt ggccccatgc acttagaaaa     95220
     agcagcttat tggtgagaac atggagccaa gactctcacc ttatatgcag tgggaggagg     95280
     gaagggagga gggagagggg acatattggg ggcagggtgt aaatccaaag actagaaata     95340
     tccttccaga gccgccccga atgacctact tcctccagct agattccacc tcctcacatt     95400
     ttcacagctt ccaaaaatag gatccgcgtc tgggaccaag tcttcagcac attagcctgt     95460
     gggaaatatt aattatccaa gaagaactgg ccacctgatc cctcgctcag ctggattggg     95520
     gtactttcaa gtttggcaga gtttcgctag ggttgatgta aaggactggc acagacttgg     95580
     ggataggata ggagcccccc gtaattgggt gctatgtctc cggtactgta tcttggttct     95640
     gagtggtgct ttgaaaggaa atagctctca gtggcttata gggagtggtg ctattaagag     95700
     gtgtggcctt gttggaggga gtgtgtcact ggaggtggcc tttgaaatgt caaatgctca     95760
     agccaggccc agcgtcttgc tctctacctg cgcatctaac tgtagaactc tcagctcctt     95820
     cttcagcacc atgtctgcct gcacaccacc atgcttcccg ctgtgatgat catggactga     95880
     acctctgaaa ctgtaagcca gccccaatta aacggtttcc tttctaagag ttgccgtggt     95940
     cacacagtgg ccattgcttc atagcaatag aagccctgtg actgtttgat tttggtgact     96000
     atgggcctat ttctgggcca gcctcatcta ttggttcact gaaaaaatct cttttccttc     96060
     cgagctggac agctgagcac tcccagactc ctaacagagt ggagcatatt cagcgtcaca     96120
     gtgctgcaca tgcaaacttc tgcctgtctg caggtgtgac ggatttgctt ggctgtcaac     96180
     gtgaccacat ctggaattaa aacccaggca gctgggtaca cttgtaagag gttgtttttt     96240
     tcttaattaa gtcattcgaa ttgggaagag ccattttcaa tctgtacccc tttgaggttg     96300
     ggaaaatcca ccttgattct gggccacagt tggtggtagc ctacttgatg gcaggttcat     96360
     tccttcactg gaatgagaga ctgcttcttc aggattctgg tgtaccctga agaccagctg     96420
     ggacatctag cctcgtggat ggaacaacta ctagattctt ggacctttcc attgataggt     96480
     agccattgtt ggattagctg aaccacagtc tgtaaactac tctaataaat cccctttatg     96540
     tggtggtggt cgggcgcaga acaggggaag ggagagaggg aggggtggta gggagggaga     96600
     gggagagtcc cctccagtga cacactccct ccaacaaggc catacctcct aatagcacca     96660
     ctccctattt tatctgttct aattctctaa agaaactcga gtgattcagt gggtgaccaa     96720
     gtgcccttcc gtagccttca gacctggcca cacagacctg acacacatga tcctaggaga     96780
     cttgtttagg tccacaaaca ctgtgagcgc catcttttcc ccacccagct cagcctcaag     96840
     ctgcgtcctc taactgtgtt gtagcccaaa actctccaga acctctgaca caagcaaaca     96900
     gacccacagg ggtccctcct aggtacctta aacccaaggc tttccctacc aatgcctgta     96960
     tgggtggagt gtggatgggg tgagggtgta gctcagagtg gaagattggc tctggcacag     97020
     gggagaaaat agcaaagaca tgtctatctt gccttcactc ctttccccgt gcacaggttt     97080
     tcccctgaca taggtgatga acatctatca gggaatgaga aaatcttggg actaacatgg     97140
     acctacctgt gaccagtttg tatttaacac catttctata ccagctctgg aacttgataa     97200
     atgtggcctg catgaggtga tagctgttct agagtctgag ccctttttcc cagaactgaa     97260
     ggactgactc acaaggatac aagaaatccc ttaggaactg cctaaacgtc agagtccatg     97320
     cctcaaacaa aagctagcct cccagacaaa caaccagcct gctagggaca gcctcttctg     97380
     atggagaatt caagtgacca cacagaacat attgttagag cattcaatgc tttctcatcc     97440
     atttaaacaa acaaaacaac aaacaaacaa caatgtctga cgcttggccc atagagagta     97500
     gcactgttag gaggcgtggc cttgttggag gaagtatgtc actgtggggg tgggtcttgg     97560
     aggctcagtc tccacccatt gcagaagaga gcttcctcct agctgcctaa ggaggtcgat     97620
     cttctggctg ctttttggta ctctcagttc cttctccagc accatgtctg cctgcatact     97680
     gccatgcttc ctgccttgat aatggactaa acctctaaaa ctgtaagcca acaccaacta     97740
     aatgtttttc tttataagag atgccttgat catggtgtct cttcacagca atgcaaaccc     97800
     taactcttat gcttggccta gggagtggca ctattagaag gtgtggccct gttggagtag     97860
     gtgtggccct attgtagtag atgtggccct attggagtag gtgtgtcact gtgggtgtgg     97920
     gctttaagac tctcatccta gctgtctgga agccagtatt ttgctagcag ccttcagata     97980
     aagatgtaga actttcagct cctcctgcac catgcctgtc tggatgctgc cctgctcctg     98040
     ccttgatgat aatggactga acctctgaac caattaaatg ttcattttaa gagttgcctt     98100
     ggctaggcag tggtggtgca tgcctttaat cacagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga     98160
     tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agagctacac     98220
     agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaag ttgccttggt catgatgtct gttcacagca     98280
     gtaaaagcct aactaagaca taaagacaga cagacagaca gataattttt gaggcaggct     98340
     ttcattatgt attatgtatt cctgcccttt ccttatagag aaagctgaag gacaagagga     98400
     gggcaggaga tgggtctgag aggaagttga gcctccatgc tcttacttga ggactgctca     98460
     gctcagacct taagagagag cagcagtgtt tgcacatgac aaaccagcgg gggcgggggg     98520
     gtggggtggg gggacagtgt cattgctgaa ggggatgcca aacagtggaa aagaagggtg     98580
     ttctccactt caacaggaat gtactggcac tgagaattcc agcaactgtc attagctcat     98640
     gaattagctc ccaaaatagc accttgggag cttccaggaa caagaggttc ataaactcca     98700
     ataatatggg gacctagagg aaccttaaga gtcatctgtc cctaaaccta acacggctgt     98760
     aaagcaagga atggggtctt cctaccagct gccaaggaag ctgccagccc aaggtagacg     98820
     ctaacccatc aaccacaggc cagtccttga caacagtgtg aaagaaccca ctctagagcc     98880
     actcagtccc caaccatgga atctgcgtgt gttcgcaccc acactgttct catttccaga     98940
     tactgctgct cccaggtgat tcgttacgtg gcaacacaga actaatcaat cccacacagc     99000
     agttatcgtg tgagacagca accagggacc tgaactatgg ccatgccaga gggcaggaga     99060
     ggtctgtccc caatacacac ccagtctacc agagcctcct cgctcaggtg tacaggatag     99120
     tgctattaaa aatagtaact gtccagactt ctcacagctg cccagggcac aggtccagca     99180
     gaggaaggag aggtctgcag aagattctag ctctccccca aagcaccact aggaaaataa     99240
     gagtctgagc attgattggc tctgagccta cataggacaa ggcccctggg ctgtgcaaag     99300
     aggctcatgg cctcagggac aaaaaactca ctataaacac aagctgctca tctctcaaac     99360
     cacacaactg cctttctcag tgtttacctt aagatcaaac tggagacacg agaaagtact     99420
     ctgcaagcta taatgtgcct gtaaactcta aagtgtggca caaactccag agtacctaca     99480
     aacagatata aaagagcatt gttttctcac taaaaacaaa aaataactgt caacccattc     99540
     caaagccacc aaataaagtc ttggagatga ccacattgaa cctaaaacaa aacataacat     99600
     attgagtgca gagcgaaatc cttcctagat tccaacagaa ccaaattcag ttcctggact     99660
     cattttgtag ccaactctgt ggccttatta ggtgagtcat ctttcccata tgttaaaaaa     99720
     ggaagtcaga ctggaaaatc tccaggatcc tttctgagag agagagagag agagagagag     99780
     agagagagag agagagagca ggggccttta tattgcattt ccaaatgtct taattgtgta     99840
     tgtgcatgca tatgtatata tagtacatgc gtgtacacaa gtgttcatgt catacatcct     99900
     tatagagacc agaaaggatg ccaaatgtcc tattctgact tctcctctta ttttcctggg     99960
     actgggtctc tctgaaacta gagctaagcc aagccaccag tatcatcctg tcttccccaa    100020
     ccctgagtgc tagtactgca cctggctttt tatgtggatt tggggatttg aactcataac    100080
     ctcatgcttg agcagcaaac actcttgcct gctgagccat ctcctcagcc cctgaaagtt    100140
     gtatgaatct atattttgtg ctacacatga gataactagc cctcaggatt taccttacaa    100200
     acctgctctg ctcctctacc cgctccaccc gtcagactat tgtctacagt gagcctaaag    100260
     ggtcaaagca atacactgaa gtttaattca ttggttcctg ctggatcttt tgttctagga    100320
     gcagagaaca tatctttttc ttgggttatt aaaaaaaata aaaaagcttg gtcgtggaaa    100380
     cctgactcgg gtgtcaaggg aataaaaagg gacaaactga cataaaaaaa aaactgaggt    100440
     cgggtgggct ctgtgcatgg atggagtggc actaaccagg aatcacagcg tgttatgtac    100500
     cacacagggt gggggaggtt agctagtctc tgtgggagct ctctatggga aacagtcttg    100560
     ggtataaaca tctaggagga ggaagatgca gatgctaggt tttgcacaca catgtcaatt    100620
     gtttataaat gtgcttggac cagaaaagga ctctgctaat ttcccatgtg tccaatgcct    100680
     tagtccttga catggttcac ccaagtcaaa caccacacgt tcacacagaa ctttactctc    100740
     tccggccttc actcactctc tacgtcttac tcttccaaaa tgatttctat aaattacaaa    100800
     gggcaagggc tggggagatg atgcaggtgg gagagtgttg ccaggtgtct tagtcagtgt    100860
     tctactgctg tgaagagata ccatgaccat gacaactcta gaaaacagaa aagcatttaa    100920
     ttggggcttg ctgatagttt cggggtttac tccattatcc tcatggtggg gagcatggca    100980
     gcacacaggc atatatggta gctgagagtt ctacatccaa atccaaaggc agaaggaaga    101040
     gaaagtcact gggcctgcct tgggctttcg aaacactcaa agcccacctc cagtgacata    101100
     ctccctccaa caaggccata cctcctaatc cttttaaata gtgccaccaa gcattcaaat    101160
     ctatgagcct atagggccca ttcttattca aactacatca ttaagcaaac ttgaagactt    101220
     gttttcaatc cccatcaccc atataaaagc tgatataatg atacacatta taatctcagc    101280
     actgggaagg caaagacagg tagatcactg gggctcattg accagtctgg cctacttggt    101340
     gagtctctgg tcataaaagg ccatgtctca aaaaacaaag tgaacacctc atgaggaaag    101400
     acacacaagg atgacctttg acctctatac acagtattga acatgtaata ccacacccta    101460
     aacatacaca cacccctgaa agtacatggt tagacacaca taccaaataa ttttgaagaa    101520
     cagaaactgt gtaggctatt ccacagacca tgagacccaa caaataccaa cctagaatgc    101580
     taaaaatctg aatagtggaa atgaaggaag aaagtgaggg agggaagaag gaaggaagga    101640
     aggaatgaag gaaggaagga agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggaggaagga    101700
     cagacagatg aggatagaca aatgatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    101760
     atagatagaa gatgatttat agataataac aatagatata aaacagattg ataaataatg    101820
     ggtagataga tgatagacat agatgagata tgattgatag ataaatagat atatagataa    101880
     tagattatag ataagtagaa agattgatag ataagtatac acacatacta ctagatagac    101940
     agatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atgcacaaat aatctatttg aaaactaaaa    102000
     tgttcttctt ctactgggtt cagggaataa gatggtaaat acagcagaac attacactat    102060
     gatatgtcac acacactgtg ttctgccaag actggattag caggcaaagt tataaggaaa    102120
     gacactttgg ttagtaagat acaaagcagt gcttcttctt ctgggacagc agcgtgaata    102180
     actacaaggg ctgccagtaa caaagcaaag ctagcagaac tgtcctggaa aacaaaccaa    102240
     cactgaaaat ctctgggaac tacctgagtg gcgcacatcc aggaaagaag ccaagaaagc    102300
     ccatgaaact gggcacagtg acacaactcc tgagctcggg aggcaggagc aggaggctta    102360
     cagcagcaca agcagactaa ttccagacca gccaagggct acctagtgag atcctgtctc    102420
     acaggacgaa gaggaggagg gcagctgtat atgtgactcc agatgacgca gaagccacca    102480
     tcctgagtga tgacattcat gcccaaggct acaccctcaa gaataatata tatagatatc    102540
     aaataaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaacagtc tctggtatgt gcacagcttt gcacacacta    102600
     aaaatcctgg aattaatgta ccctggaata aatatagatg tgagtccaga ggctacataa    102660
     tgagattctg gccaagtatc tcaatgaggc tgatgataga aataataaca ctgaaataaa    102720
     tgacctacat attttttgca acattatttt agagacaata aaaacaaaaa ctaagtaacc    102780
     tggacaacag aaaacagagg actcttcagc tcctacggat cctgtatctc tttgagaagg    102840
     ttcagatttc tagaaaatgc tggctaagga ttgctccgaa gccttcctct aaacacttcg    102900
     tctgaataga ctgcccttcc tttcagttgg tgaatactcc caggagagca tccatcctta    102960
     agcgccttgc tgagtctatg ccctgagtca ctgctgtctg acatcacagg atactgtggt    103020
     ggctctggtg tttgtggcac actcggaact tgctcagctc cctgcatagt gacaaggcag    103080
     cactcagctg ggaagacact gcagctcccc agatccttct gaccggccat cactcacccc    103140
     attgtgaaca gaggaacact cagacctgct aagcaatgtc atttactact ctcctgcaca    103200
     caggagactt gacctctcta gccctcaacc tctccccgaa gtacacacac actggatctg    103260
     gaatcaacta agagacactc cagaaaataa cttccttggt cagattgttt tgagtgggga    103320
     gacctagcct acatgtgata cccagaggct agaggggatg gaagaaggaa gaattttgcc    103380
     tgctttcatt tactcttgct gacaagttca cctacattgc cgctgctaca ttccttcact    103440
     gaaattagga ctcaactttg ggcttcacca tgaaccaaag gccattggtt ctttagggtc    103500
     ttctgggact tcagtgccag agcagagctg ctaaggaatc cagctaatgg atggagaaac    103560
     taccagtgtt tcagtctctc tggttgagac agccattgtt ggactgccca gacattgtca    103620
     tgtaagctaa tgtgtacatt aattctactg gttccgcccc tctagagaat cctcactaac    103680
     aaacatgagt ctgccctaca tgagcatgct tgacaccttc cttctcagct gtcctctgat    103740
     cgccccttgc tccactactg ttgttccaga catgcagact tccatgcttg gggggagcct    103800
     tggccaggag gaaccccagg atttccaaac tacttacaaa ataaactgaa gttgaacaca    103860
     aggtgaatga cccagaaagt aatgacatct gccaaccaga gcggacaagg gccacgagga    103920
     ccctgcctct ttgatctgct ctctgggaag caggacccag aagctgggcc agcagacagt    103980
     gatggatccc agatctgcct tgatggaatg cagatggcca ctagtgttta tagcccagcg    104040
     gccaggaatc ttctttgaaa gccaaactct ggaccatttc tctctgtctg ctttaatttc    104100
     taatacaaat attttgagat agaatcatta atcctatttg tctagttggg gctagggtta    104160
     atggaataat cccatgttct ggctaagaca agcaaatggt ctcactcatt cctccctgtg    104220
     ccatgcctgg gtctcctggg accagaataa tagaccattt agccagcatt aggtctagtg    104280
     gtactcacta cactgagtac taatggtact caggggcctt taggaaccaa caagaagcca    104340
     cctctactac agagacaggt gaatacaagc aggtgacagg agcaaggtac acactattta    104400
     gagaagaccc caggtccgta gaggggtaat ccccacagcg tatccccttt tcttagattc    104460
     cttcctcagg ctgaaaggat ggtttcttgg tacactgcag aacccaacac ctacccttct    104520
     gcaaggctgg ggcaacagga ttcctccagg atcacagaga agctatttcc tgaagaggag    104580
     ggcctccata gggcatgagt ttctcacttc tgatgtcctc tggaccacat cactccctcc    104640
     tctgacctct ggatgggttg aatcatatcc taccaaaata agttgatgtt tcaactcctg    104700
     gaagcttcct aggtgtcttc atgtaacagg aattacatgt cactctacag cctggcctca    104760
     gccttgtagc ctcctgaact cctgttatat gaagacacct agtgtgcggt gctctatcct    104820
     aactgtattg ggaagctaat atgagtccta aactctgaac ccatacaacc catccctcct    104880
     ctatcactac ccacagggca gagagatggc tgagcccatg aacccaagct ataggagaag    104940
     gctggtttcc aggtaaccat gtaaaagcac aaaggtctta gcatagcaag gctcaggtta    105000
     tgtaggacaa gagaaggaga aagacaaggc aggatcctaa cttgagaagg agtgggacag    105060
     gctagaaacg ggtgttgtgg gagatgctga ggtgtaacca gctgtgatac tgatagactg    105120
     ggaccagacc tccattgtgg cttctttcag cttcccagga aacccttgac actctactag    105180
     cccgaagaaa ggaaaaggtc ccagacacac ctatttctaa tattaacata cagagagcct    105240
     cctgttatac ccaaactaca aatgatgctt cctgcctagc ctagcacaca ctaagcttga    105300
     caacacctcc tcaggccacc acagccctaa attccagaga tttccagctg tttctacatc    105360
     agcaggaaaa aaaaaaaagc tatgtctgaa aagaagaggg aagattaaga aagtgtttca    105420
     gccctaggca tctttttttt tttaaaccac taactgggta atgaataatt tataggcaag    105480
     aatgtttgtg ggggataaaa tgttgacaag tcaagaaaag ctcttagcgg cctaacggag    105540
     caatccatct ctaagaacag gtttcaaatg catggtttgt ggagatctag ctgtggttgt    105600
     tttctttctc tttcctcttt tttttttctt ttttatctat atggaaattg gtaggtgctg    105660
     aaatatgttt cctgagtgat actgcaagtg agaattaaat catcgcttca tgttacaaga    105720
     aataaacacc caggcgggaa agagccttga gccactgtgc tggagagaga ggactgagct    105780
     ctgcacagat tcaccagagc agaaggtatt tcattctcca tggatgatgc ttcaggaagc    105840
     taaggggagt ccgggagatt gcccagctga ggccatctta gcctcaagga atgatgtctc    105900
     ccccaataca gccaggaaca gaatgagggc ttgaaattac aagatccagc ctgaatggag    105960
     cagttgctgt gctccaggct tgagctgctt tggaaattta ttttttagtg cattactgta    106020
     ttttgaatgt tgttttatag cagtttcttc tgagattgaa agattccacc cagcaggaaa    106080
     gctccataag acagtaaatg actcaaaata gcttcaggaa gtccctgaaa ctgaccagat    106140
     tccttaggcc cctccctctc ctagagtaaa tagtaaagac tgctgagagt ctttctcaga    106200
     ggatctgagc tgcaaaaaag attctgagac cagaccatat gtctggaaga agcagagacc    106260
     agctgagctg gccaggagag gcgttaggac aactgagcag cctggagagg acactcatga    106320
     tccagcgtgt tgtgctcctg caggctgtgc agtgtgtgct ccaggttccc agcttgggta    106380
     cattgtcacc catgctgaga tggtgggctt tggggatgtt gttgtctttg agtcatttct    106440
     gctcctgtga gtccccctca gtcacattcc tataagtagc caaggtcacc aagttggact    106500
     ttggtggtat ctgtacttta gtcctggctc gctatctgga gtgagtaaag ggatgtgtgt    106560
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc aagtatgggt gtatgctcag    106620
     cacacgtgtg gcacacacat gtggtacatc acataataaa tatgaaatgt ctccatggga    106680
     tcatgtgttt gaacacttgg gtcccagcca gtggtgcctt ttggaaaggt tgtagaaact    106740
     ttggaaggta gggccttgca aaagtaagaa ctaggtcact tgagacttta tatcctggcc    106800
     ccacttcctg ttcactctct gctttctgac tgtggtgctg tgtgaccacc tgtcccaacc    106860
     tatgtctcta tgccttgccc cctgccacct tatgaaacct tccctccttc acctccctcc    106920
     tataagccct taggctggta ccaatcacac ttgccacagc gtgacttccc actttgcttg    106980
     acaaaggcca cttggaaacc agagttcatg gatgtctcaa ggaaacccag tgtcttagtt    107040
     agggttttac tgctgtgaag agacaccatg accaaggcaa ctcttataag gacaacaatt    107100
     aattggggct ggcttacagg ttcggttcag tccattatca tcaaggcaag tgaatggcag    107160
     catcctggca ggcatggtgc aggtggagct gagagttcta catcttcatc tgaaggctgc    107220
     tggtggaaga tagggttcca ggaactagga tgagggtctt aaagcccaca cccacatgac    107280
     acacctactc caagaccaca gcttctccaa cagggccaca ccttcaaata gtgcctctcc    107340
     ctgggcagag cacatacaaa tcaacacacc caggaaggag atggaagaag ctggctttga    107400
     acctgtacca ctgttaggct tagccaccat gccaggatgc cctcctatga tagtacagag    107460
     attgacttga ttttcaaaat ggcagcaggt attagggtgt tttggtcacg ttctattgct    107520
     gggaaggaac actgtgactt catcaactct tacttttaaa aaagcattta atcggggctg    107580
     gcttgcagtt tcagaggttt aatttattat catcgtggca gaaaacgtgg catcattctg    107640
     gcactggtgg tgctggagaa gtagctaaga gttctacaac tggatcaaca ggcagacaca    107700
     gcctggcttg tgcttttgag atctcaaagc ccatctccag tgacacactt tctccaaggc    107760
     cacacctact ccttaaggcc acacctccta atccttctca aatagtgcca ctccctgttg    107820
     actaggcatt tgagtatatg accctatggg aagcattctt actcaaacca caagataagg    107880
     aatgccccct catttatctg cggttccctc tcttgctcta agcctctgga tggccaaggg    107940
     tgagaagaag cctgccaacc caggtacagg acctgacacc ccccatcctt tttcaatcac    108000
     agattccatg caactggcct gattccttcc gggttccttt tcctctgctg aatccgttgt    108060
     aaggctctga ttgaaagagg aaccctcctg gttggagcag gaggactgaa aggctggcag    108120
     gtctatttca aactgaatga atctggaatg ctgaatggta ggcttgcctt gatacttcag    108180
     ggaggtggag ccccaaaata cagtagtgtt gggaagggcg tcaagatatc tagcatgcag    108240
     ccttggaacc agagcaggaa aggctactta gtctcctcca cccaggcctg ctttttcttc    108300
     tatacatgga tggaaaggag gccttttctc ctggtgttcc cttgcaataa ataaaacaca    108360
     ccagagctgg ggcacagaag agcccaagga actggagcaa gatgagccac agcgaagtag    108420
     gaagaggaac ctgagaggca caaaagaaaa tgttctttcg gagtaaaggg actcttgggg    108480
     tagcccgtca ggctaggcag gcagcatcag ggccctggga acctccttca ggagctgttt    108540
     cttagctttg ctcttcctgc tcagcctgag ctcactgaga gacagcatgg caagagtaca    108600
     tgattagggc cctcagggtc tagagatttg gggtgattaa catttttatc ctaatctccc    108660
     tccagctatt ctggaaagag accatgtatg aagcccagca cagtttgcaa ctgagcaaca    108720
     acaataactg cggctaaaat gggggttgtc ctcttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttctattaag    108780
     tccttatatg taaaaccatt tctataattt aaaactctct tgatcagcct tggggctttt    108840
     ttggagttcc agtcctgtac ctcagggttc ttaattatcg cgaaaggggg agggaacgag    108900
     acagggccat actgactttc agactgaacc atgatgacga tctcttctca aatgaaatca    108960
     catcagccct gtctagtcat tacctctgat ttcacctcac acttgatggc ttcagagcct    109020
     aaggcataag ccaaggaatt ggaccttagt ctctgtcaac tattaaaacc agtagactga    109080
     gctcctagac ctggctgtgc attcttgata attctggtca cagtttgtga tgaagatcct    109140
     cccctcaagg ccaacctatg ctcaaaaaca caggctatct agattcctaa gcattaggca    109200
     tcccctgtct agcttagagc ccggtacata gtaggcactc agaactaaag ttcccagtgg    109260
     tgtctgtctg aagcccaatg gacattcact atctacctgc ctgtgtcatt agttaccttt    109320
     ccagctgcta taagaaaaca cctggggctg gagagatggc tcagcggtta agagcactca    109380
     ctgattgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcctagca accacatggt ggctcacaac    109440
     catccgatac cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gagagtgaca gtgtactcac atacataaaa    109500
     taaataaata ttttttaaaa aggaaacaac tgacaaaagc aaattgggag ataaaagagg    109560
     ttgttacaca gcttatggtt taaggatgca gccatgatag ctgagaaggc atagtgatga    109620
     aagccagggc ggctgctcac gttgtatctg caatcaggaa gcagagggtg atgaacgctg    109680
     ctgctcagat cactgcatct tttctataaa gatctcatct cacaagtggt gacaccacat    109740
     ccagggtgcg tcttccctcc tcaacaaaca taatctagaa atgttttcac agacatgccc    109800
     agcgactagt ctcttcaata actccagagc cagtcaaatc aatgatcaaa actgaccgtc    109860
     acatcacctg atgggactgc ttcaacccca ccaatgcatg caaagatgaa cccctggaag    109920
     cctcctggag ctgacctagg ctggaattct ctgcccctat acttccataa aagaccttat    109980
     gagtgaggga ctatcagatc ctacaatggg ttcaaataga gatgtgatgg caaagtgaat    110040
     ggcagggtaa ataaacccca gttgaaccca cgacttgatc ttcctctgac cttcatcaaa    110100
     aggagccagg gacctcctca ttccccttta tctggtagct tgagggacca catggcacca    110160
     actatttcca cccatccatc cctgcagata aacactgaac accagcttgc ccctttacag    110220
     ctgactgacc atagaaccat ctaagccagt gtttctcaac ctgtgggttg caaccccttt    110280
     gagaggtcaa atggcccttt cacaaaggtc aattaagacc atcagaaaac acaaatttct    110340
     acattgcaat tggtaaccat agcaaaatta cagttatgaa gtagcaacga aaataatttt    110400
     atggttggga gtcatcgcaa catgaggaac tgtattaaat ggtcctagca ttaggaaggt    110460
     tgagaaccac gacactgggc accgaaccct ttgctatttg gccatctgtt ccctgcacga    110520
     agcttctatt ttcctgaaaa gctttttgcc attgtcagga atccgaccac aagagtatgc    110580
     ctgacacaga ctggctgatg gaatgcctta atcaacaaga tttacctcct gccaaccacc    110640
     ccaggacagc tacttcctcc ctccaggctg ctggacttta tgctctcaga gcttatcaaa    110700
     tagaaacccc ggttctgagg tagaaaagcc tcttaggagg ttaacaatga gtacgtgggg    110760
     caataaatgt aatgatttaa tccttcaaag atgcttaaac aggctgctgt ttaccaacgt    110820
     cttagcacat aattaccaac agataattag gaaaggctgc cagaaagcag ctgccccaga    110880
     aatggccagg gtccccatcc actttgccaa gctaagtaaa tgagttggtc ccactgagaa    110940
     actcctcttg agctgttttc tgggaaagcc agtaggcaga atcttgcacc gtgctctcgt    111000
     cttgatcctt ccctcacaga ggctgttctc caggcagctg gaaggcctcc caggtgtaac    111060
     ctgccttcca gaaatgcacc tcaggcattt taacccagtt cctctaacag cctatttccc    111120
     tcattgctct aaaattagca gagctggggc acttgagcat ccattatgga agcatgttct    111180
     gggtcaggtt ttgatggaga ggctcagggg tgggagggtg gataccaagc attctgagat    111240
     tggcagggag acagaccttc cagatcactg gctacctgac caggaagtta gttccagagc    111300
     ctgggacaag acaggaatca ggcatgcaat tccaagtgtt taggccttgt gatggtttgt    111360
     atatccttgg accagggagt ggcaccatct gaaggtgtgg ccttgttgga ataggtgtga    111420
     cctggttgga atgggtgtgt cactgtgggt gtgggcagcc tttggatgaa gacatagaac    111480
     gcccagctcc tcctgcgcca tgcctgcctg gatactgcct tgctcccacc ttgatgataa    111540
     tggactgaac ctctgaacct gtaagccatc cccaattaaa tgttgttttt ttaataagac    111600
     ttgccttggt catggtgtct gttcacagca gtaaaaccct aactaagaca ggcctcttct    111660
     gtatttttag ccagtggtcc ctctgctcca gacacacccc acctttaagg agaagcccaa    111720
     acatgagatc accccaatcc ttgctcatct tcctagaatt gtcagaagca aatgaaggag    111780
     atttctcggt ctagctccct gcaaaccttc atctagttac attgttttct ctacctttta    111840
     agtcagggac tcgtgtaacc caggccagtc tcacactcgc catgtagctg agaatgatct    111900
     tgaactcttg gccctcttac ttctagctcc aaagtgctgg tactgcagtc atgtgccact    111960
     gtatctgtat atgtgatgct gggggtggaa cccagggctt cgggcttgct taccattgca    112020
     gagtctttca agtctctttc caatggctct gttgattccc caagtttctc tgccatccta    112080
     gtcacctcac ccctgaaaca tgcctctctc tcctcgtcat catcatcatc ctctgatgcc    112140
     cattggttta tgtgacacag aggcctcacc tacctgtcct ctggccaggg agactttcag    112200
     attccaccat tggccagtgc tcctcatgat gtcttagagc tgagaactat ccgtagggaa    112260
     agatgttcta attgctgcca tacataacat tggctccata cttgcatgtt ccatagtgcc    112320
     cttccaaggg gtccttccac tgcagaacta gggagtttcc tatactcaag gccattaatg    112380
     ttatgacagc cactcccagg aggtatctcc tacactgagt ccaaaatgga cccttaactt    112440
     tgggagagaa gctaacacca tagaagactt tccgcatcac agctattgag cgaaccagtg    112500
     cccttggctg actgattctc tctaggctga caatggaatc tctggttctt cctcctaggc    112560
     caggggtcca gacacccttg gtgatattac tctccgctct gcaggcagcc ccttggtcta    112620
     ccctccagga ggatggtgag ggggaattga tgaacaccag cacgttgtag ccattaagaa    112680
     agcagcaagc tgccctcctt ccaccggctt tggctctgtc acagcagaga agacacgtct    112740
     ccccaagcag ggctcagatg caggtgactg actctgttca catcagatga ggtgcctgac    112800
     ggagaccatc ctccatggac agagtgagca gacaggaaaa agtccaaaca gtgggtactt    112860
     tattagcaac tgaggattaa taactttaaa cagggtgaat gaacacaaag gtcttgggat    112920
     gccaagcaag agccggagtt tgcagggcag gtctgggccc ctgtggagtg tcagcatctg    112980
     tcttagtcat ggtttctatt gctgggatga aacaccatga ccaaaagcaa cttgaggaag    113040
     aaaggtttta tttcacttag atttccaggg aacagctcat cgctgaggga agtcagagca    113100
     agaactcaag cagggcagaa acccggaggc aggaactgat gcagaagcca cagagaggtg    113160
     ctgtgtacca gtgtgctccc catggcttgt gcagcctgct ttcttatagc atgcaggact    113220
     accagccaag gtggcatcac ccacagtgaa ctgagccctc ctccatcaat cactaagaaa    113280
     atgctctaca gtcctgcctg tggcctgatc ttttggaggc attttctcaa ttgaggctcc    113340
     ctcctctcag aagactttag cttgggtcaa gttgatttaa aacaattcag cacaccaact    113400
     ctcgcatttc cagagcagca agcctccaaa gtgatacaag tcaccctacc tggaggccag    113460
     aaactgatgc cagaatcaac ttctatcccc aaccaaaatc taggtctaag cctgcaatca    113520
     ctgatgctgg ctcaagcaag gtccctgcac caggcaaaag ccttaggtaa tgggggatct    113580
     ggagacccat ctccagtgag tcttcctgtc tcctcctcct ccattgtact ctaatatgga    113640
     aaattccgaa gcccagattt ttatgttgct agctggaccc agttgggccc agattggcta    113700
     aatatgagca cacaaatggg gtgagaaaca ggacccatga agaaagaata gtcaagccag    113760
     agcctaccaa aagctgctga agattcacaa tcaggtttgt gggtctatat ctgcaaatat    113820
     ttttaaaatg tttccataaa ttccaggcca ccttgtactg cctgccactc ccctgactgc    113880
     ctgccagcag gggcttttca ctcattttcc aacagctgct gggcactaac aattatcaac    113940
     agccagcctc cccggcttga gcccgctggc tgtcaggaaa ctgtcagaaa ggattgtatt    114000
     ggaggcccag tctgcctcta acaagctcgc aaaggaggcc tttggggggc tggggagatg    114060
     cacaagcagt aaagtacttg cttttctggc atatggaccc gagttacgtc cccagaacgc    114120
     aaataaaaaa gtcaggcctg gaagtgcatg tttataacct cagcgctggg gaggcagagg    114180
     cgggtagaac tctggagctg gctgtccagc cactttgaca taatggacta aagagaggcc    114240
     ctgcctcaga aacaaagtgg gcaggaatct tcaggaatga caccaaaggc tgacctctga    114300
     cctctacatt catatgttta catgggggat gggggagaga gggaccaagg agggctttta    114360
     acagaggcat gggactgaaa tgaagaagta tagaagaaag agcaggtttt ggaaggggga    114420
     gcagatgcta gcagcctgag ctgccaattc ccctccccag ccctaggtct ccctaacacc    114480
     gcttccctct gccttcaggc tctctcatct cccctctcct accaatctct ttgctcagac    114540
     attcagacct gactgcctcc gttccagtgc cttcctccaa gttaccaatc ccagatccct    114600
     tgagagagat ctgactggct gccctggatc aaatctacca tctcattcaa tctatgtggc    114660
     ccagcaatgg agagtcccag atttaacttg gctttggacc ctcccgtagg ctccctctgt    114720
     aggtgagtaa ccctcttcca aggtaagatc gatcgataac gctgaccaga cccttccatg    114780
     tcttcagcca atctaggatt tctacaattc acctaatcct ggctcaactc ttcttcctca    114840
     gtcctcctct tctttcccaa tagtggtctc ctcatcagcc aacgggatca tattcacctc    114900
     tcactctgat gtcccttaaa tatgtcttcc ccagtccttg cgatgtccga agactgatgc    114960
     ttagatctgc cgggccagtc ctccaactgt gaacctgacc cagatgggtt taagtgtaag    115020
     aaccaacctt gagttcctgc acaacaatct gatgcctgga atttgacact gtagcactgt    115080
     cattgatctt aaccatcaac ttgactatat ttagaatcac catggagaca cacctctaga    115140
     tgtgtctgcg aggatacctc tagaaaggta tttctttaac tgaaggggga ggacccaccc    115200
     tgaacatgag cagtactatc ccggggctag aatcagggag tagcagaaag agaaagcaag    115260
     ctgagcaccg gtgctcatca ctctctgctt cctgaccagg gatgccgtga gccagctgca    115320
     ccacacccct gtagccatgc cttcctgcgg gatggaccat aacccttctt aacagaagcc    115380
     aaagtgtctt ccgggtagtt tgccataaca acaaaaaatg acaaatacct ggtccttatc    115440
     cttgcaaggc tctgttccct tcagtcctgc ccagcccttc cagcctctgc ctgactccca    115500
     gccctaacac agggcctgga atatgaggga ccctctagtg gaccctgtct cagctccaat    115560
     ctaaagatgg ccatgcttta ccttccaaga aaacccagat gtccccaagc acaagaggaa    115620
     ccttcctgga gagcagatga gagcacacat tttcacatca gctatcggat actcagctct    115680
     gctcagcaga ggacagccct gtatggagaa tcagcattat ccccgcagga actcgggctg    115740
     acagtgctct gctggccgtg gaaggaagca aggaatttgc tgaatggtga agcaatgaag    115800
     ttgcacaact tcccagccag caccccggag catctcctag actcctgttc caggttctcc    115860
     ataccagtca gttatctgcc catagggaag tcccagatga caagagccat ttcagaggcc    115920
     tgctcagcct cattgccaag gcataagacg acattttcag aaaagcccag cttgctttct    115980
     aactcagttt ctcaagaagt catgtgactt ccagaatcca aaggcccttc ttaggaatgt    116040
     tctagggcta aaacttcctg cccaggatag gaatggtagt gtcagtttcc caactatctg    116100
     ttccaggaag ccgtgatgtc actgtgagac aacagtcagt gaaccaagga agacatgtgg    116160
     aagccatatg caaggcagag agtgggaccc actatatgtc ctctttgccc gggcctaaag    116220
     tgttcagctc tccaatctcc cacacaatag atggaggcac acgatatagg gcagacagct    116280
     ctgagtcctc ctcattgtac tctaggcacc cttaactcag gagcaagctc agtggccagt    116340
     gccagctaac ttcacttttg cctggcttga cactatctgc cttcataccc gcatgtgtcc    116400
     ccggaaatat agagcctact ctggccaaga acaataccca tagcacaggc gttcacccca    116460
     aaatgagagg aaggccttat gcaagacacc cagggaccaa ccctgccccc caacacttgt    116520
     ttccttaccg tggaagacag ataacattct acccaaagga ttctcatcgc tctggtgcct    116580
     gtggtgggcc aggcacacag aaggcccctt ggagaatagc ttggctcagc taatactcct    116640
     caggtccttc agcagagagg tccattccat ttgtaaaacc tagttttcct aactaatgtg    116700
     atccccaaag ctttgtttcc aaggatatac gttatttcta aatctcctta ggctacaaga    116760
     gaggaagaat caatcttgtg aaatcaaagt ctgcacagag cagcaggtat gcccagacac    116820
     tgctccagaa cggtactcca gggaacaaag gaggaagtgc tgaaagcctt ggcttccgtc    116880
     tatgacttcc ctgcaggtgc gcagaggcgc tggcccagcc agcctcagcc agagcactct    116940
     tgcactctct gggcctcagt ttttctggtg atgtagccag gtgttccggg gagacctcca    117000
     gaggctacca agctctgaag acagtttccc aaatcacctc tccaagcaga tgaacgtgaa    117060
     gatgctagct cagccatctt tggagcctta tctttctggc cccaggtgtg cctgctcaga    117120
     tgtctcctcc ttcctgaatg ccaagggaag agatagataa gccatcaccc cctgccctga    117180
     cacccacgtg gtaggagaaa acctacccca aagttgtcct ctgaccccta cacccatgct    117240
     atgatgtgca tatgtgtatt tgcatggaga aacatagaca caaaataaat aactataaaa    117300
     cattttaata acctttggca tgatggtaca cactttcaag caattacaag acagaagcag    117360
     gcagattgtt gtgagttcaa tgccacctga tctacatagt gagtttgagg acagccatgg    117420
     ctacatagta agactccatt tcaaaaaaat gcatatatac acatacatat atatacacat    117480
     acacacacag agcacatcat aggtgtccaa taaatattta tttttaaata agtttgagaa    117540
     taaataaata tgtgaacaag tgtccttatt tgtgtgtgtg tgtctctgtg tgtgtgtcca    117600
     caagtgtggg tacattctta aagatgccct gtggtaggag ctgggaagat gacacagtca    117660
     gtaaaatact tgccacataa gcatgaggac tggagtttca ttctcagaag ccacataaaa    117720
     aagccagcat ggtgttgctg atcccagcac tggataggta gagatgggag gatccctgag    117780
     gctcactggc cagccagcct agcctacttt gcaagctcca agctggtgag agatggtgca    117840
     tggtaccacc tagagttgtc ctctggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgactcac    117900
     acatatactg atgtacaagt atgtacccac acttgtgcaa acacacaaaa atatgcacac    117960
     acacaaataa aagattgatg tcttgtggta gggaaggaga ctctgagctt tccaagcagc    118020
     cataaaaagg ctcaaagaaa cgtaatatcc atcctaaata ttaggtgagt tctatggaga    118080
     tacactggga tatggatctg tacaatcaat tggttctcca tggagttcat gacccagaaa    118140
     aaaaaattaa ggattatttc cttaaggctt caaatgcagt gattaatgaa aaagctaaac    118200
     aatactgatt tcttttccag ggccaaattc tggctcatat gaatggggtc agatgttcag    118260
     ttcaaccaca atgtctacaa catgagggat gtggaaccca ccttcattca ccatgtgcac    118320
     agttagcttc ccagggcagc agaccctaat gaagccatgc cacgtggatc tgtgagagcc    118380
     cttcggaagc tcattagttc ccaccacagc cgagcagggg gaagatgcct gaaagaggca    118440
     tggtattgtc ctggagaagg gtcccttcag aacacttgaa ctctagagag agaagcagag    118500
     tggctatgga gtcccctgcc gtgtgtcaga acagacccac cctcccatcc actctgttca    118560
     gcaccaaagg gaacaagtgt ttctggaggc ccatcgaatc ttctttgctt ccctaaactc    118620
     taaaactcat taggccccaa ggaagcatcc tgagtgttga aaggactttg aaagacagca    118680
     gtgtcaaacc aaattgaaga agacgattaa agaatatggg ctgatgagag cagctctccg    118740
     gggtgtgctc aggtgtccac tgtatactag ggaagagagg ggcccagttg gacgtactca    118800
     ccctcaacga gcctatgcaa acctcagtca agaagcaggc aaaaaactgg gataatgcct    118860
     gggaacagga tgtgagcgtg gagagattgc cattttcacc aggagacagc catgtagaag    118920
     gtacagctca gctgttagca ctactgaaaa tgggtctgcc aggaaagtgg agagaaatca    118980
     gagtgaacat tatagaaggt acatcgaaag gaatgtgctt acccattatg tattaatcca    119040
     ttgttgacca atgatgcacc agaaagcaga gacttaagac aacagtttcc cagcttctgt    119100
     gctcagaacc acaggagtgg tggcttagtc ggtactctcc tctgaggtct cccacaggct    119160
     acaaacacga ctgaaagccc agctgcagga gaatcctctc cctggcccct cacatggtta    119220
     atgaaatgtg ttattggacc aaggcctccc ttccatcatg gccacatggc ctcactataa    119280
     agcagcacac agcaatgacc acccattgca aacaaacaag agaccagggg caagatgcaa    119340
     accattgctc ttggtgccct aatcttgaaa tccatgtcct atcactttgt caccttctgt    119400
     gcatcagaag tcattacatc ttgactcatt ctcaagtgga aagggttgca caaaccaggg    119460
     gacacctgca ggagaagagg gttggggagc gattcacgtg gcatctctca atccttgaac    119520
     ctgatgacac cacttgtttg aaagatccct aaaactgcac ctcaggggaa gagcagctca    119580
     ccagtggtgt ggtgccagca aggacaaaaa gaacatctca cctgtgccat cgcatggtgc    119640
     cactgtgcac acaggcagta cagctctgtc aatgtgcagc ttagtaggca gacattcttg    119700
     ggttaaggaa acctagaaac agccgactgg gaacaggatg tgaccatgga gcgatcgcct    119760
     ttaaacaggc gtggctcaac tcaggatgca gagcttgggc agcagtgggt gctggatgtc    119820
     aggactgtgt ccctcatccc ttgtccttgt actgtctgtc tctacctgcc tcagaaagcc    119880
     atcccaagaa aaaagaaaaa agaaaaaaaa acctctgact gtcattacaa aaggcaagtt    119940
     gacaaaattt tgcttctttg cactgggctc acacaattac ttcccaacag ctgtgcccac    120000
     ctctacccaa gaagaaagcc tttggaaata ctgtttcata gaaaaggcca cgcctgttaa    120060
     atggttccca gtctgaggcc atgggtttga ggataaggtc ctcaagtagt ccccagagtc    120120
     tctgacttgc tctgcaagcc tgggtcagat gacaatcctc actccccatg tcctgttcct    120180
     catcactggg ttaggcttag tccacacagc tacaccctcc cctgcaggtc tttcctaacc    120240
     ttaggtatgg ccagagcctc tgtccccctt atctcctcca atccagagaa caagttgtaa    120300
     ataaaactgg ggtgcaggaa ttgctagctg tcctctaggg tgtcatgtcc cgggtgttta    120360
     cattatgcca gatgtagcaa ctcatttagc cctgattttc caataagatg catgagtcac    120420
     atagcagcag taagttgtct gaggcctcat ggccaagaaa agagcagctg ggattccaac    120480
     ttcatctgat tttgcccagg agattcaaac catgtctgat tagttcacag taactcttca    120540
     cattcctcca ggaagaagag gaaaattaga agcatggcta agcatcagga cacccgaacc    120600
     tttttatttg tgaatgccat gaaataacca agagcaagca gggtagatgg aaaatcccag    120660
     ctggctgtgt ctccagggag gatctgggaa atgacctgat caacagaatg cagatgaaca    120720
     cccaaggttg atccagcacc cacaagcaaa accctctgtt ggctgcaagt ccacttacct    120780
     ggtccgtcag ttagacgggg aagatcacca caatgaaaac tgtggctctt gtaacatacg    120840
     gcagccttgt agtgtggaga gcagctgggc cactcattca ttcagccatc ccaggcctat    120900
     gtccatgttc caaggtttta ggacacaggt ttagggttca tggcctagac gagacaatct    120960
     ctccatccct cctggtggac aggcagtgag caggtggggg ctatcgaggg cttgaaagga    121020
     atagagaggc tatgaaaaaa aaatgcttga tgagccaatg tggcaaaagt tggaacagct    121080
     actgtttcat tctagcctga gagacaacct cctacctgga gcagccatct tggtttccca    121140
     gcatgccctg ggtgctcagg aaagtccaat cagctcagcc tatgctcatt gagagatgat    121200
     gaaggggaga gatgagaaag gaggagacgg gacatcacga gatgtttaga gtacacacct    121260
     cgttaggtat gttgacctca cccctcctta tcgtcccaca gccctaggaa gtacacacac    121320
     ggggtttccc tatttctcaa agaggagatt ataactctaa gacaagaacc atgttacccc    121380
     attcaaaggg gaagtttccc aatgccttca gggatgacct caaaataagc aagcctgcct    121440
     tgaagttagc tgcacagtcc cccatgaccc atccaggtac cctaaagact gtgggtaatt    121500
     gacaccagag aaatggacag ccttggccac accctgggac tcagctcaca gaaaccaggc    121560
     acaggtgaca aggcaatgcc tttgagtctc cgatgaacac agcttttcca gcccttcctt    121620
     gtgcagacat ggagaaactg agccccagca catccaatat gtcgtgacta cggcccactt    121680
     tcaagactat cagaccccag gcactgctct gcctgtccct ctctgcccct ccccaaaaca    121740
     ggggactctc cctcccaggt acctcccatt ctctctgtcc ttatttctcc gtaggaggaa    121800
     ttgttcgagg taagagagac ggttctcagc tgctgcgatc cccttttcag tctaaaaggc    121860
     cgttcgttgg ctctggaccc aaccaggaga aatcaatttc agacaatagc tgtccccctc    121920
     tggcaccgct ctgccagact gggctcctat cctccctccc gcctccacag tagccactta    121980
     cagaattacc aaggagccag ttgtagattg agacgggagg aaatggcacc agtccatgga    122040
     acaaaatgga tttgaacttc aaataaaatt ccaagctctt cccatgggca gattcttatc    122100
     atttttttat ttaaacccac tgtgaaggaa caggtgagca gtggctcact tctcccaata    122160
     taaagcaagg gtgcccttga acatctgatc cccctgtctc cactctagag gagtgtggaa    122220
     ttacaggtgt gagcacacaa agaaacacag aaactcactg ggaactgagc agctgaggag    122280
     gggaaatggg gcaaactggg atagctgaga tgcaggaacc tagtgctttt atggttagtg    122340
     attttatgtg ctttttatga tgtttaaatt tttaaaaaca aaataaaact gtacttatcc    122400
     atgaatttga taataaaaga attaggtgct tttttttttt aacacaaaac gttagcgccc    122460
     cacccccatc ccccgggaca ggaaacacga gtcccaacag gtcacagtgg gcatggacag    122520
     tgtgcccctg acttggacat gaagggagga aaggggatcc cctatttatg gggatcttga    122580
     gaagaggtgg gataatgagg ggacttagca aacaggaggg gcctgggact tcttttgtaa    122640
     tatatggaac agtgaccagt agcaacccta ggacagtcct caaaattcac aggccgtcat    122700
     acgtgcttcc tgctctcaaa agaagccaga caaagagtgt gtgtgggttt gtgatccgag    122760
     ggtctgcact ccctccatga agttgaaaac tgaacttcca tgttcagctc cagtctgttc    122820
     ttctgggaaa tgggaagaaa ggggtctcac gaggaccttt gcaaataaag tcaaagaaga    122880
     gacaagtggg gagcctggca gtgccctggc tctgttccag tccccaccag ggttttcaga    122940
     ggacacctgc cagcaggtgc caaactcctg gacagctctt tggtcatcag aactgagggt    123000
     tggaggccct ttaggaaagc aatacctgtt tcatttagca gtgggcagac cagcaagaag    123060
     aaatgaaatg gaagccaata ctggggctct cggagtcttc tccaaggtac ctgattcagc    123120
     agtgatgcac ataagagaga gacagcttcc tcctaccccc agccatgaag aaaaaccaga    123180
     gcatagtgag aaagacttta ctggatgtca gtctttagga atagcctggt tggatagcct    123240
     tgttgggatc atgggacagc aaaaggcccc acggggaaag gaccaatgga atctccacaa    123300
     caggccctag caggatcaga actggggact ctagggaacc tcactcttca gtccacagtg    123360
     cagaggtata aacaatttta acaacagtaa tcatgggcac aatgtgtata tatacatgct    123420
     gtgtgccagc cacacagttc tttatgaggt cactataacc tcttctagac tgaaggtcaa    123480
     agaaattaag gaacttgccc tagatcaaac aagatatggc agggtctaca gcttgaatcc    123540
     tgattctttt ttttttttaa gatttctttt ctttcaaatt ataagtacgc atacacttat    123600
     gtaccggtct gtgtccgggt atgggtacat ctgagtgccg ctgcccacca agtccaaaat    123660
     aagatcattg gatcccctga aacaggagtt acaggtggtt gtgagttagc caatgtgggc    123720
     taagaattta attcaagctc tctacaagag cagcaagctt tcttgacctc tgaaccacct    123780
     ctccagccca gtgaagccag attcttaaac agtctttttc ataaggggaa caagaggatt    123840
     cccagctgga gggagggtca tgagctgtgc ttaaagatag ttgctgaatt attccctccc    123900
     accagtccca ctgcaggcag tattgacagg aagggtccag ctgggctgac tatagaattc    123960
     cttgaccaat ctaggattgc agagtgtgta ccaatatcaa ccactctccc tcatcccacc    124020
     ccaccccaac cttctctctg gcacatagta ggtgttcaga aaatggctct gggataagca    124080
     cgtggtcaca tggctatttc tgaatatact gaaaacagcc cagtggagtc cagctttccc    124140
     cttcaagcca cgttgaaaga gaaaatgaga ttctccaaat attcgcatgg ttgtaattca    124200
     tcttgaaatt gaaatgtgtt ttcccaaatt acccactgtg gctggtttca aagaagttac    124260
     attcttgtag actttagctt caagatagag catgtcagat gctgacagtg aaaatgaagg    124320
     gtgcccccgg gatgcttgaa aagacagtag cagagcctga cagcttatcc tccctaggat    124380
     gaggccccag tcaaagagga gcccctgcta ggatctggga gaactcctgc atggcaccag    124440
     ctgctgggcc tccctagggc ccatccttct tttcattaac ctggggattg attcaataaa    124500
     tctcatggct tctgatgttc tgatacccag ggtgtgagtt gactggaccc agataaaaca    124560
     tcttacacaa gcccatatca ctcgtgtgtt aagagacaaa catgggctgg ggagatggtt    124620
     cagtgagtta agtacttgct atataaacaa gaggacctga gttcaacccc tgaaatgaat    124680
     ctaaagaaaa ttggccatcg tggcatatac ctgtaagacc cagagggaca ggagagacag    124740
     gcagacccct ggggcatcca gcccgttggt aaaccgagaa ccacccactt ttcagaacta    124800
     ggtgctcccc cacccccaac tctgccttca gtgactcagt accagtgagt cccatcatca    124860
     ctagcagcca atgctagtcg ggtcacatac ttttttctat acacttctgg cctctcctct    124920
     tcccttcgtc ccctccccac ttaccctctt atcctcactc agaggtggtc tttcactccc    124980
     ccaccctcca taaatctcct gcatgttgtg tggtgtgatt ttttttttac agcatccctg    125040
     ggccctctga ttgccaggag actattttgc ccttacacat ccaacctgac ataatcagcc    125100
     atctcaggcc agtgaaagac cttgtctcaa aaacaagtag acagcacccg agaaacagta    125160
     cctgagattg acctctggtc accaccacgc atggacacat acctgtcacc agggacctag    125220
     aactgccccc ctctagatag cattcagtcc aaccgcaggg atgacgggtt ggggacagga    125280
     agacggttgt gatataggtg cttatgtgag cagaagcccc agatttgggg tgtgagagaa    125340
     gcttaggtag gcagaggtgg agtgctgaca ttaggccaag agcaggtata atcaacgatg    125400
     tccctctgtc cagttgccac ctctctgggg agaccatcat cttgatttgg tttagcctac    125460
     aggctccact ggacctacag gtttcactgg agacaggact gaatggatgg cgagagcatg    125520
     cagagaaagc tgggactagg ctcagcattg acctatgagg aagccttagg ggcagatcca    125580
     gaagacacgt atctgcatgg acttagaggt gggctctaca ggggcataca cagagagcaa    125640
     gatgggctgg gtctgttgcc agatagtttc ctgagttcgg ccatctcagg agcaagttcc    125700
     accttgctgg cagaaacaga actaaactcc tgtttccagg ctgcagaacc caactctctg    125760
     gcctcttcag atggtccatg cttgtttgtt agccagtaag ggatgcaaag agggaatcta    125820
     gccaaggcac acaagtcata gtgtgctgcc tgtccccact taattgagtg cgtgcagctt    125880
     gcccagtcct tgttctttat cattctagat tccaggtcag actccaggag gggacctgac    125940
     tgcaaaagct gactcaagga ccctgaaaac agatgacccg gataaggaga agtcaccagc    126000
     cttaacttcc ttgtttaacc ccttatatca aaatatgatt ggttaatgca actgcccacc    126060
     ccacctcccc acacatattt tgtgatccca tcctttaaaa atgtccttcc aggatgaagt    126120
     tcagatcctg aattggctga ctccctgcac gccgagagcc tcagctttct tgactgttaa    126180
     ggtggcatgg tgttcatact gcagaatgta gtgagaattg agtaactgat tatggtcaga    126240
     ggccatatgg ttatttgtgc atggtacagt tgctaaagta caggccccag cccccgtctc    126300
     acgcctgccc tgtcatgcct gccctgccaa aggtcctgct taaagaaact ttaattccta    126360
     tctagttcag tatcccaaaa ttctttgggg gagtagggtt gctctacagc aatgggggat    126420
     gggggacggg aggggcggag tcacttagga ggcagtcctc caccctgtcc tctccaggaa    126480
     cactttgcct tagtgtctgc aataagccac acataataac tatgggtgca aagaggtacc    126540
     actgaagaca aggcaaggac ccactgggcc acagtgggga ggggctgagt gaccttctac    126600
     atcttagaga tttctttcta gaagtggtgg ttcctcctcc agacagaacc taggatgcag    126660
     ataaacgtta tcctccctcc agaatggata acggtccctg agaaccccat cctctgatgt    126720
     ctgactgagc gagcagagcc cactctctcc caagtcctct gggaggtctt ctagttggtc    126780
     ctgtgggatt tgtttttcat agtgccctct ggtggctggg tgcttgccat gagtcaagca    126840
     ttttcttgta tccagcactt tccaggggag ttgggggaag ctggacagct tcttttttca    126900
     gacaaggaaa ttgaggaatt caaaggtgaa atgactcccc ccagacagac cttgcctggt    126960
     cttgtttcct ccaatcaagt tactgatgga gatttttttt aaaaataaaa ataaaaggag    127020
     acaggccaag ctgggacctc ctcatgggtc agtctgggag cctccctcga gggcagaaat    127080
     cagaggtggg ttggcctgga aaatggtacc tcctgtccta gcatctaaga aggtccagag    127140
     ctaagaggcg caagcagcaa gagaagtgta ccctacctca ctcagggtgc caaagccact    127200
     gagaaggagc tcagggtacc cacatatacc tgaacaccga gcacacgggt atgagctaca    127260
     cagattcggt gtcaaacgct tgggggtacg tgtagaacaa ctgcagtgta gtcagcccaa    127320
     aatgcaaacc tcgatcgtta gcttctactt tacctgacag ccttcctccc acggtgctat    127380
     agcaagctta gggtgaactt ggtgccaaaa acgtactcct tttctcacac aagagccagg    127440
     ttggaatgta gaaacgtaaa aatccagcag gcttctaagg gtgactcctg gtaccactag    127500
     atagaagaat ggggtttaga ttggagcaga ctggccctgt ctctggcatg tgaccttagc    127560
     agagcacttt ttctatatcc ataagcttct tccatgctct tgggaggatc atttcttcag    127620
     gacagacaga aacacagccc atgtcaccat gtggtaccta ctaataccaa gtgactagta    127680
     atgagaagct gaaatacctt tgtgcctcaa ggtcagtgtt ctctctaggg ccggtgtttt    127740
     gtgtatatac atgcaaacag ggtattctag aggtagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    127800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tagagagaga gagagagaga gggagaggga gaaacagcag    127860
     caaatttgat ttagacacct aattccattt aaaatgactt tggccataaa tctcccactc    127920
     tccctgaagc acatttcagt ggcatggaca tcttgggatg aggagtcccc gcatcctgca    127980
     tcctgctggc taagcaggac tatatgcaca ctgaaggcac ccagagaccc agaccaacat    128040
     tgagtaacgg ctcctcctta tgcttgtgga agacctgcca gcagctgctt acagagctag    128100
     cttcagtcag cctcctcaac agtccagagg tagccctata gctgtgaaca actgtgaggc    128160
     tcagatcccc agaatggctc tcaatgctgc attactgact ctaaatagag tgtcttgttg    128220
     ggtctcgata agcgacaagg aggcatggtg ggggtcattc ccttggacaa gattccagga    128280
     tgaaatctgg accaagcacc ctgcctgtga cctggcgtag atatttagta tacttcctag    128340
     atcctgggct tgctggggct caaaatatgg ctaagaccaa agctccaagc ctaggtggtt    128400
     ggatgtggag cctagattgg gcacttacca gtggggagtc atcagtcagt ttctgagccc    128460
     tcagggggtc cgtgcctcac ttaagtagta gatataatag agctgaatat ggcagggacc    128520
     tgccactgga atggtctcag gtcatctact gtccaggacc acagggtcat cagtacagca    128580
     agaaatgctt tcagaaacac atggactgta atatacgtag acaccgaaga ctcattggcg    128640
     tccagacacc ctgaatgtac tgacacaagt cacatcttac acaaatatat tgacacccac    128700
     agactcaggg acacagacat atatacacac acatcactta gatataggca cctcccttcc    128760
     acacataaaa actcccatac ccgataggcc aagtggagct ttgacacagg tgactggatg    128820
     ttgtcactgc actgcctata aagccagggt cagagttgac atatttagac acctcctacg    128880
     tccctgaacc cactctacct cattcaccaa gcttacccca ggatctaaga agttcttagt    128940
     ctaacacgct tgataacatt agcaacgctg gtggtacctt ggcttgggat catgactggc    129000
     tccaaatggc cctgtatcaa agggctttga agaacccacc ttgctcctga cacaccttgc    129060
     tcctgacaga cacaggggca tgccagagcc tcactcctac ctgccctgaa ccactttcca    129120
     acaggaaaag ctttgaaact agcgtttaaa caccagccat cagaggccca tcagctgtgg    129180
     acctcaaccc caaggaaaca tggcggaaca atggcagaac caagctaccc ttggctcctc    129240
     aagggtccct ccctgcccag atacaccctc cctaagcccc accctacaag atgatcctgg    129300
     gtcacagcac agcaggcagt tccaaatcac tcttgtagcc tgtaccccca attctctaat    129360
     gccagatcta cagccctggg gtctcatagc cagaggaact aaaccctgac aggaggaggc    129420
     tactgtgggg agggaatcta atcacttagg agcaccaaaa cataataggg aacagggcct    129480
     tcatgccctc tgctaatgtc agaaggtctg ggagtttgtg gccaggcaga ggcctgagat    129540
     ccaggaccca gtaaggctaa gaagaaccag gcaagaaccc cactcagcag gaactgctat    129600
     aaactgtcaa aggcagctca gggctctctg gggagcagtc agcagggaac ctatctgact    129660
     gagtccctgt ctggttcccc tccatccctt ctctccagat agcatccaat gagaagctgg    129720
     tcacataggg acatctctca tgccctttct tcctcattct tgtgtctaag aggccatcaa    129780
     gtcccttgga ccacttgtcc caggaacttt ccctatagac attcaacttc caccaaaagg    129840
     tccagagcag ctgttctctg agttatggat catatcttgc aggccagaaa tctagacaag    129900
     gcagagctgg acagctcatt gctaccccac agtgtagggg ccccagttgg tgggacccca    129960
     aaactggcat ctagagtcat ctaatctgtt gctgtcagtg agggccttag tgaatcccct    130020
     gggtatgagt ataaggcctt cctgcagcct ggctctgtcc agcctgcagc cacatgggca    130080
     caactctctt tctttgagtg tcaaagtgga gtgtcctgat tgacccaggg cgtagcctct    130140
     gacaattatt gcttctgcag cagtttgtcc tgaaggagct ggcccaaatc cgaggggagc    130200
     agacatcaac actgcatctt attaggaagt gtcaaagact gtgtggacat atttctgagc    130260
     cacccatcag ctcagaggtg cctcagaggt gccatgcagc ctttgccctc ctgactgctt    130320
     cctcgggtca gctacttgtc tcccagaaga cttggtccta gcccaaaggc tggaaaaaca    130380
     aactcatgtc gatctgtctt cctccagccc tgtccttcca tgccatccat caccaatagg    130440
     gaggttcaga gcatcagcaa attaagaagc tctggaaccc acagccactt accaaagcag    130500
     gacataagct ttaaccacgg gaggggcagc attggttact gttcctatag cgccctctgc    130560
     ctccgcccca gccacattac atacaaaatc ctccatgccc tcctgctcat gccctgtgta    130620
     ggctagtttc ctagcctgaa gtactccttc ttctttcaaa ggaaccctag aaaactcatg    130680
     ttcacccttc aaaacccagc tgccatgtca cagcctctgt ggtgccagcc tcctatccac    130740
     gtatgagcac aacacaggtg tgggtcttaa tcttggtggt gtgatggaat cttggtcact    130800
     gtcctagcta accccatcct ggctctcttt ggctcggttg cttgcctcct tcacctgtcc    130860
     tttccagtca ccttggattc caggagcaaa aggactcgtt gcaaagcaca tctgtagcag    130920
     gcaactgaaa caacaccaag caatggggaa cctgcaagac agactcctcc caaacagggg    130980
     caattgtcaa agcaggcaag gctgggctgt ggagcagaag gcattatctc atgacaagtg    131040
     gagagcccca acctcagccc caagcagtga cagacttctc caggccacct tgagacacca    131100
     gaaccaagca gatcccaccg gccagaaatg cttaattctt tggacctctt gcctgcctgg    131160
     ctctacaaat atccaaggtt cattgttggg ccctacttgg cctctgtttg ggccttgaag    131220
     acaaacctga gcctagtttg attttcgaga acagtcattc acctccactt gaaaatgact    131280
     caacatggca tagatgaaat tgcctctgcc tagccaccac taatgtctaa aattttcata    131340
     ggccctgtga agtcacccca tatccttcat catctcacac ctccccatac gtcatctcac    131400
     cccatacccc tatccccacc tccttgccct gcctatataa gcaaattgct gccacattaa    131460
     atcgagtccc tgcttcgaca agattcccag cccggtgtgg ttcctcttgg gacaccactc    131520
     accatcccat tcagacccag agagaccggc tctcctcgca gctatctgcc aacaaagagc    131580
     ccacagttca tgtcagggat cagttgaccc ctttaatatt tgtccccatg tggccacact    131640
     gagtaagcct ccttcctccc tgtttctggc tgttgtgatc tctgtaattg gcatattgcc    131700
     ataggtagaa gagtcagcta ttgggaccgc aggaagcagg atttttgctc taaaattttg    131760
     gttgtaaagg agggtttatt tttatacatg tgtatggttg tctgaatgta tgtacatgca    131820
     ctgcatgcat gcagtgccca cagaggccag gagatgacac tgggtcccct ggaactgtag    131880
     ttacagatgg ttgtaagtca acatatgggt gctgggaacc agatccagat cttctgataa    131940
     gcaatatgtt ctcttaattg ctgatccatc tctccaggct cagttggaaa tatttcacat    132000
     atactggtga caaggtgcca aaatgtaaca gtctgactca cagcataggg actgccttag    132060
     acatcaaaac tctcaaatct cccgcagagg gttctatgta gctgaggcta agaggcagtg    132120
     ctatagacca gtggcccctg cagtgtcaca cataccaacc gcctgagaaa cttccaaggc    132180
     actacctttc cccagctcaa gtctatcaaa tcagaaccta taggagtaag gcccagctca    132240
     tagcctgggt tccttataaa acctccccag ggtgttccag catgctgctg gggtggagaa    132300
     agctggaatg aatcctagct cccactcaaa agtatgacat ttggacataa ctcagagctt    132360
     ccatctaacc ttcaccctgt aaatgacctt tatcccagtg tgagccaggt cacaaccctg    132420
     tggttttact gagaatgtca caagagactc ttagcttcta aaactgttaa gtgaatgcgg    132480
     aagatgaata atttaaagat tgattccacg cacataatag atgctcagta agtactcgct    132540
     gaatgaattc attagctaat ccatacacct ctaatttcgc atgacacaaa tactcccttc    132600
     tctcaggaga ctgagttcct tgaaggcagg atggagaccc agacccaagc aaagatagcc    132660
     agtgcatgag tcaatgggtc catgaacgac ctgtgcaatc cctcctggct atctctccag    132720
     tctctaggta tgcaacgggt ttctagatga agagaaaaaa agctcacaca tcacgtctgc    132780
     tggaaggaga gtggcagtac aatttaatca cataactcgt taatcaactc gcccaagttg    132840
     ttaggcattt tggaggcatt tccatgtaca gtgacccaga ggtccctagc tacatatata    132900
     ctgggaattc gggtcctgct tactgccact ctaataccca gactcagttt ccctaaggag    132960
     ccctgtaaga atgtggcttc tgctctggcc tcagaaagaa cagcagatgg aaccatagca    133020
     aacagaacgg tagcccttgc ctccctgcta ttgtgattgc agtgatctgg tggcctggtt    133080
     gcatgattcc tcctgcctca ttcctcaccc ccattcctac agctgaagcc caggggaagt    133140
     aaccacacag agaggagagc cacaccctcc acactgaggg tgctggagcc agacagagca    133200
     ggagtctaga cctcactcac cccttctcag ctgtgtaagc agagcaaacc aagcctgtga    133260
     gccccagctc agatgacgtt agcaatgatg gctgttccca aagccactat tcagtgagaa    133320
     tgaaatgctg gccgtggagt tgaatgccag atccagttta cagcaaacct taagacatgg    133380
     caggtgatga cacaggccct ttaggcccag gggccgtctg ggtatctgtg cccctcagaa    133440
     taagtatatt agttacattt ctcactctgt gtcaaaaatt cctgacagac accgcttaag    133500
     atcagaaagg ttcatttccc actcggaatt gatagtatag tccatcgtgg tgaagaaaac    133560
     atggcgtcgg gagcaggcag cagctggtca ctggtgcatc tgtagtctga aaacagccag    133620
     agaagctggt gctcagctgg gcccctcctt cttgattcaa tccaggagtg cagttcacag    133680
     aatggtaatg cccacattca gagtgaatct tcacacctca attaacgcaa tctagaggct    133740
     cgctcacaga ccaatctgga aatttgtttc catggtgatt ttaaatccca tcaaactgac    133800
     aatcaagatt aagcagcaca gtgttgctta tcataccagg ccctgggttt tgcgtctgga    133860
     aagtaacatt agctaaagac ttcatcctaa gatcatggcc atgtgcccat gacagcggga    133920
     ccaagcctgg cttccaccac gcccgtcagt atggcagtct ccacccgcct cacaggattc    133980
     cagcttgtaa caactgctta ttacaacagc caggagcaat gttccctctg gcaagggtgt    134040
     agccgtgcct gagtgcttac agagacttag aaacagctct ctacggtaga cgcaggcccc    134100
     gcagaaccct gcacatactg ttttgctgac caatggaaag cattgtggtc cagaggaagc    134160
     tctgcgcctg ccacggcagc catgaggctg gaaggaaaga tttgtatccc cagtcagcat    134220
     gcagggcaac ctttctccac taacaatcct aaccatctca gcacccaaat acctcaccct    134280
     gcaagggaag gagggagaag cctgtgaggt ctgcagctgt ccaatacaaa tgcatttgct    134340
     tctaaactca tcacaaccgc catttttctc ctcttctctc ctctcctctc ttctcctcct    134400
     cccctcctcc cctcctcccc tcctcccttc ctcccctcct cccctcctcc cctcctctcc    134460
     ttctctcctc ttctcctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct    134520
     ctcctcctct cctctcttct cctctcctct cctcttctcc caggctatag agacatctgt    134580
     gggtccaagg tgagtcaacc tggaccagtt ccaggccaag atggaaataa ggccctttcc    134640
     cattgacaca cacaagtcct ggtgcagatt aacaagacga ggggacagtc cttcaataga    134700
     gaactcctgt gtatcaccac ctgctcctat gcaggccttt aaacacagat cagaggacat    134760
     ctatctccca gccagccaat gtgggcaggc tcattaccag gaccttggtc atggcagaca    134820
     ttcagcaact tgggaacttt ttaagcagct ggttcaaggg ctggtaagat ggatctgtga    134880
     gtaaagtgtt ctctgtgcaa gcatcaagac ctgaggtcag atccttagaa cccacataaa    134940
     ggccaggttt tgacacacat gcctgtaata ccagagctgg ggatggaaga gacaggagaa    135000
     tccctagagt ctgctagcca gctactcttg ctgaatcctt gactccaccc tgtctaacaa    135060
     aataaggtag aaatcaacaa aggaagacat ctgaaatcaa cttctgacct tcgcacacaa    135120
     ggtacccata tgtgcattca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    135180
     ctcatacatg ctctgaacac accaaatttc tgctagacct tctggttcat ctcccaagtt    135240
     catgcagact tgatgcttga ttcacaacat tggtttgttt cagtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    135300
     tgacacttca atagctcaca tatcaatgca tctggatgcg ccaaagaact gacatggccc    135360
     tgtgtctctg tgccccttcc cctgctctcc ccaaccctca gcacattttg agtgacaggg    135420
     cagcatagag cttcttacag cttttctcct gagggtaaaa ggctgcctgc actgtcatga    135480
     gaggtcccag ctcatcttca tggggttaag attgcagttt gggctgtcca gaggcagagc    135540
     ttaagacgag ggtgtggtgc ctgccaggca ttggccgggg taaagtcagg aagtaggagg    135600
     aagaagggaa gggcatggaa atggaagaga atagagcaag gcttcccagt gtgggtgttg    135660
     ggctgtggaa ggagcctgtt gagatgtttt accccagcct gagtcagaga tgggtcattg    135720
     tcccacctgg accctcatca gtgactgaag atttaagtca caaggtcaag tctgcatgaa    135780
     cttgggggat gaagcagaag ctctggtaga aacttggcgt gttcagaaga atccctctga    135840
     gtgactctcc cgagagccca gcaggttcat gttcagcctc ctaggaccca aaggaagagt    135900
     gatagtggta gttaaatcct gcctaggact ctgggggttt gtaaagcatg ccaacttttg    135960
     tgtcacggca cctgtgcacc caggacaccc agtgagatgg gtaaatgtcc caggtacttt    136020
     tgctctcaca tcaagtacag agagcttgaa gaacagccct ggctcaccca ggtggaaccc    136080
     gcacaaacca tgcagcttgt tgccagccaa gatagcatca gggtagcagg tccccagagg    136140
     ccctgagcac acaaagaaag ccccggggaa caagatctac acagacagcc acttgcactt    136200
     gcctgtctga ggtcagatgc taccagctgg tcagggtcac agatgaatag aagctcccat    136260
     ggtagatcca accacaggca gatgagggct gactcccatc gcctgccaca ccctccatag    136320
     ttcagagcat ggttccttct gaagggcagg ggtttcaatc acacagttca cactttgagc    136380
     tcacagagag atatgcgttg gctacatgtg actgacagac actctaatac ctcccacctc    136440
     tgtcagtctt gtcttcccaa taaggacagg aaggaaaaga gaagggaggg gaggaggaag    136500
     aggaggagag ttggcaggag ttaatgatta tcccagatgc ccagatgttc ctgaaatggg    136560
     caagaactta gcagacttaa ggagcccgca cagttcatcc aggacagagt gacgcaaagt    136620
     cagaggcagg agaaagaaag cagtagaaaa gggagtttgg ctcactttaa gtgttgagag    136680
     cagagaatag cagagtcatt tgcagatttc atcgatcaca ctggcttctg gctgtgtgaa    136740
     cgaggtagga ggccaaagag gacccgttat cagtgatagg ctgctattgc acccaggaga    136800
     ggcgtcccag gggtcttttc tgtttcatac attttttttt tttagatttt attttgttgt    136860
     tattttttct tttgaagcaa ggtccttttc tatgtactag ttttaggtca acttgaaatg    136920
     agagatgacc ctattttctc aactgagaaa aatggcacca gaagattagg cttcaggcaa    136980
     gcctgcagga tattttctta attagtaatt gataggggag ggcccagcca actgtggatg    137040
     gtgctacttt ggggccggtg gccctaggat ctgtaagaaa gcaggttgag caagccatgg    137100
     agggcaagcc aatgagcagc actcctccat gcctctgcat cagctcctgc ctccatgttt    137160
     ctggcctgct tgagatcctg ccctcactgc ttttgatggt gggctgttac atgaaactct    137220
     gagtttcaga ttgcttccca tgttgttttg ggtcatggtg gctcactgca gcgtcagtca    137280
     ccctaagaca ctatatagcc caggctagcc tcacacttgt tctagttcgg catccctagt    137340
     gcccatctcc ctagttcggc atcccaggtg ctgggattgc atgcatgtgc caccacaact    137400
     ggcatggttt tcatctttta aaataaagaa taaattaact agcaagcaag taaataaaag    137460
     gtatagtcat gttccttccc aggaggaata tgagattcca aaaaacaccg agaaggaaac    137520
     cagacagaaa ggcagaggag ggggataggg aggtttgagg atgcagggtt tctggctaca    137580
     ccacttcctt agtggatgac taacatagac agctcagcct ttcaaatcca tggcttcttc    137640
     ctccaaaagc ttttcctatc atcatcacca cctccaccac tgccatcacc atcatcacca    137700
     tcatcaccac tattattacc accatcataa tcaacataat tactgtcatc atcaccgtta    137760
     tccccatcac cagctgcagc agcagcacaa ccatcactca tcactttcat cattcctgat    137820
     cttgttctat cagagcccat ttcaccctgg gttcatctcc taacagttct ggtatctgag    137880
     tgggtggccc acctcgcctc ctggtctttg gtccttctgt caatccccct tctcatctgt    137940
     gaggtctctt gttgaaaatt acatacgaca actgttcaaa agcagggaga tttgatcatt    138000
     agactcacta aaatacaaag ctttcttctc tcctcctctc cctccccctc tttcctcatt    138060
     atgcttttct ttttagtacc cgatatcatt ttaagcaagg aaaaatgaaa aacttgtatt    138120
     agtagtacaa atgttgccat ccatcattat tatattatgc cgtgcagttc taaatgtaaa    138180
     taggagaacg tttacttcat atgtagaatc atcaaaaccg cagcttgtat tttatggttc    138240
     atacatgcaa atgtatttac cagaactgtg ggatgaaccc cgcttctgct tgctgctgtc    138300
     tctcctcaat agaatccgaa tctaccagca ttcgcctttg atcactgatg catacggaag    138360
     gcctggaagt gtgggtgact catcttgccc ttctcttctg tgccatgatc ctcgtacacc    138420
     cacggaagca gagtccgaag gtctgagggg ctccctgctc ctctgagttg cttcaaagat    138480
     tattttctgc cttccttctg caatcgaagc acattcaggt ctgggtagca aggcggcctc    138540
     ttggggctat cagtgcctgc tcaattatgc aaaagcatcc ttgtgtttac tgagtgtcac    138600
     tgagcttccc cacatcatga gtccaccagg attccattgt ggtactggcc atcaagagat    138660
     gaaatacaag tgagaaggtt gtatgcagat aagtcaggag aaacaatgga cagaaaagtt    138720
     gcctgaatct actgcactca tgtgcctgct ctatggtccc atcagacttc agttaaaagc    138780
     acaggtttaa agataagatt attaaaatta caagctgcct ggccccctct cacagacatt    138840
     gcagtacatt gagctccata gagacagcac cggggcaagt gagatccaga cggtcactgg    138900
     gtgactctgt gcctcaagga ggaaaatcaa ctaaacatgg gcaaaggaga tcctaagaag    138960
     ccgagaggca aaatgtcctc atatgcattc tttgtgcaaa cctgccagga ggagcacaag    139020
     aagaagcaac cggatgcttc tgtcaacttc tcagagttct ccaagaagtg ctcagagaga    139080
     tagaagaccg tgtctgctaa agaaaagggg agatttgaag atatggcaaa ggctgataag    139140
     gctcgttata aaggagaaat gaaaacctac attccccccc ccaaagggga gaccaaaaag    139200
     aagttcaagg accccaatgc acccaagagg cctccttcgg ccttcttctt gttctgttct    139260
     gagtacctcc ccaaaatcaa aggcgagcac ccggcttatc cattggtgac gttgcaaaga    139320
     aactaggaga gatgtggaac aacactgcag tgaatgacaa gcagccctgt gagaagaagg    139380
     ctgccaagct gaaggagaag tacaggaagg atattgctgc ctacagaact aaaggaaaac    139440
     ctgatgcagt gaaaatgggg gtggtcaagg ctgaaaagag caagaaaaag aaggaagagg    139500
     aagatgagga ggaggatgaa gaggatgagg aagaggaaga ggaggaagaa gagaagatga    139560
     tgataatgaa taagttggtt ctagcacagt tttttttctt gtctataaag catttaacac    139620
     cctgtacaca actcactcct tttaacgaaa agaaaattga aatgtaataa aaagaaagaa    139680
     aattacaagc caagggcaag acgaggtcct cccaatcaca ggtcacaatc cactttgtga    139740
     tcaattgcat gcatggcacg cccacacatg atacaagctc tgcctctgcc aggaaatgca    139800
     catgacatgc tgatgctggg cctgtctccc cgagcagtgg taggttgaca tgcaaaggag    139860
     gaaatagaat tgcttcacaa ccccaacccc tggaccacgt gaggcctgaa gggtgagctg    139920
     gaccaccctc cacacagcac gctggaggag caggcttcac ctgcaggaag ctggacagct    139980
     gactgtgatt ctctgtgagc ttgagtaaca tgaaacccat cttacttgca gaaatcagaa    140040
     ctgtgctgac taacccagca agctcaactc aaaacgtttc cctgaacaga cactgagcta    140100
     taaatcaacg gggtgtgatg gctgtttgcg gtcaacacca cctgggtatg cttcaagcat    140160
     ctctctccct actcagagct tctgcccaaa gaaatgggtg tcatcacctg tgctgggaat    140220
     gagatggctc tgaaagccta tatctggtga gagttagggg gtgccaaacc atcacacatt    140280
     tccattttgg agagcaatgt cctgccctta tcttttctta gcctgaaagc agatggtctc    140340
     acgggtttgg aacatgggtt caggcttcag gacacagtca gtgtgggtta ttaggctcca    140400
     tccagctcat ctggcaaaac aaaaaggcct agggatgtag ttcaattggg agggtactgg    140460
     cctagcatgt gggatatccc gtggttcaat gtccagcact gcttggtctg ggtgtggtgg    140520
     aaccagtcag gattagaaat gcaaagccaa ccttcaatat atgagaccct attcagaaga    140580
     ggaacagggg gaatggggag gggagagagg ggggaaggaa caacaagatc tagagggcta    140640
     actctccact cactgccagg aaagctgggc tcactggtga cacaaaagaa gccatcaaac    140700
     atccctccag tgctgagcaa gcagcagcca ctagcaggac cacacaaagg gacgctctac    140760
     cactgccttt gattttcaca gttaaaattc ccgctgtcta aatcctggtg agcatcactc    140820
     cccttgaggc taaataagtt acatgataaa aacaggggct gtctctgtgg tccacgtgat    140880
     aaagctgagg cttagaagct aaaaaaacaa ccttgtattc aaggtcactt ggcagagtca    140940
     aggatcgtac ccaagtcttg tctaccttcc agcctggaca caagtgatag atacaaatga    141000
     gctcacacac atgacagaac actgtaagct tggcttttag aacaatcatg ggggcagtag    141060
     ccacttgctc tctaaaaaga ggcatttcat agggcactag agggtgttag aggaaggaag    141120
     tggcagcgtt agatgaccta gaagtggagg cagaaggatt gccagcctgg gctacacggt    141180
     gagttttaaa ccaggctagg ctgcatagtg agaccctttc tcaaaggagg aagaggaaaa    141240
     ttgggagcta gaggaagaag agattatagt atttccaaga aatggatgga actgaaaatc    141300
     atcatgttcc acgaaatcag ccaaactctg aaaaacatac caataagacc catgtccata    141360
     cagctaggtc ctgaaagcat ggctgtggca gcaagggatt gaagaaagga cagacacaca    141420
     gacacaggta cagaaaagcc ggaattagat agaccgtgtg cgctccgatg gagcggcacc    141480
     aactacacag caacatggaa ccttggcact ttcatcagag cagcacaaga ggagggacga    141540
     tgtagtctcc gaaggacgtg tctgtggtga tcagtctgct ataaacatcc aggaagagga    141600
     aactgctcgg ttttgcacac tctggtcaaa cacttgttta taacacttac actcacactc    141660
     acactcggac tggagaaagg ctttgccaat ccctggtgca tctgaaacct tggtccttaa    141720
     catggaggct catgtcaaac aatacacatt cactcagaac ttctctggtt cccgttttct    141780
     ctcatgtgta ggtctagaca ggaatacaca gagatgcact cagcatgggt gaggggagga    141840
     ggagcaggga gggtcaatga tgagtagagg aggagtggag gggagccaaa atgagtcgag    141900
     gaggatgggg aggagccaat gctagcaaag gataatgagg aacatgcaca aaaatgtaac    141960
     gaaaccaatt atttattgtg tatgctagcc aaaaaaatta gttgaaaaaa actattcatg    142020
     ggagagcagt gctctaaaat tagggaaaga aggcagcatc gggtgaagtg cttgaattga    142080
     tagcttttcc cattttaaag gcagagagtc tgcactagat gagctgcgtc aacctcagct    142140
     cagcacctcc acatccttag agagaaattt cccaactcta agtcctgtga gggcggagga    142200
     gatggcctgg cagctgaggt gctcactaca aaccaggtgt cctgtgcttg cttcccatga    142260
     ccacacaata gaaggggaat tgaaagtaaa atttggggct ggtgagatgg ttcagtgggt    142320
     aagagcaccc gactgctctt ccgaaggtct ggagttcaag tcccagcaac cacatggtgg    142380
     ctcacaacca tctgtaacga gatctgactc cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca    142440
     gtgtacttac atataataaa ttaattaata ataataataa taaaacattt taaaaaaaga    142500
     aagtaaaatt taaaaatagt tacttccaag atacattttt aactactttg gaatctcgtt    142560
     ttagcctcaa aggtgtcatt gttgtcaata aaatacaagt tgctgtaaag ctaaggagac    142620
     agattagttt cccattgttg tataacaaat taccccaaca gtagttgaag acgaccaaga    142680
     tttgttatct taacgtacag atgagatgcc atgtggatcc agattccaga tgtggcttag    142740
     caggatgcct tcaactcccc cttagactgc aggaagactg tcaaccagag ctgccgtatc    142800
     tcaaggctcc actgggctgg aaatcactgc taaattccct cctgcacggc tgccagactt    142860
     gagaagaaca gcatccgcct tggttcatga gctttcctga ctgcatccat ctgttggagg    142920
     ctccgtaaca aatatcacag cctgacatcc aaaacaatgg ccacttgtgg tcttactatg    142980
     ctgatgacta aggtgtttga ggactgtttg tggtttttat acagatggct acctcacctc    143040
     tccttgtggc ctttcacagt cttccttctg tgccttgctc tgcccttgtt aggtctaccc    143100
     taatgatctc atgaaaagtt atctctgtag aaacatagct ccagctgggc aaggtggcac    143160
     aaacctttga tcctagaact cagggagttg gcctctgtga cttcaaggtc atcctggtct    143220
     acatagtaaa ttcagggttg tccaggtcta tatgaggagg ctctttcaaa aagcaaacaa    143280
     acaaacaacc tttattccaa atatagtcac attttgaggt actggagact tgtaccccac    143340
     acaaatggga ggggcatgag tcagcccacc tctctaggtg gagatgtcac atcaggggag    143400
     tgcatgactc aggaatgggg agggagggag ggatggaggg agggaaggag ggagggagag    143460
     agagagagtc agagggagga aggaagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg    143520
     agggagggag ggagggaggg caggctggag aatggctcat ctattaagcc tacttgctgc    143580
     tctaacagag gactgaagtt tagttcccag tatctgtggt tccaagggtc ctgctgtcct    143640
     cttctggact ctgggtatct gcactcacat gcatgtaccc acacagacat acacatacag    143700
     ataattaaaa tgaatattat taagacacag acaaataatg aactaagaca aaaacatttt    143760
     attatttcac atacatcctg ggcaatactg caggtctgct ccccacccca tcccccaaga    143820
     ttttgagaga agagctggtc ctcttagaga ctcttgggga aggaacatgc agaaccaggc    143880
     tcaaaggggt ctttggaggc tgccgggcac aggcacctag actcggcacc tagactgagg    143940
     gttgacacta gccagggaag cattctggcc tcccttgaac aggcagagct gttgagagtc    144000
     tgggagagca gttcccagcc ttcccattgg aagttcaagg aggaggggga agatgagggg    144060
     acaaatgtca aagggggatt ggggatttaa aggaaaagtg ctcaatgtaa atctttttcc    144120
     tctccctgct ggtccgtggt ctccctgggg acaggatggc agcacgctta ccccttcatc    144180
     cctcttcttg tccacctgca taaacatacg tcaaaaggca gtcaagcaca tcactctgca    144240
     tgcacacaga gtaacaccct cacatgcttc cacatgattc catgtatacc caaacatgca    144300
     cacacatgca caccgtcaca tgtgtacgct tgcctccatc tcagcacacc acatacctac    144360
     cacacataca tctacaccat gccatgtgct cctgcatcct ccctgtgcct ggtatgcaga    144420
     gagtgggtgc ccagtcagga gtgacttcag tgctgacaca ttaagttggg ggccagcatg    144480
     tctgaggagc cttccagtta aatctcacca ccagctcctg ctggacgtgc agagttctca    144540
     gccaggcttc gcaggattag agaagcctcc tcttccatag ctacatctga acggtcccag    144600
     ctcgggtgag ggttagtggc atagttgttg gtatattttc catcaacctt acactttctt    144660
     tattcaagca tccaatggtg tcaagggagc acctgctgag caaagcacct cctcatatct    144720
     ggggaatcct cttgagaaaa aggcaagctt tgggggaaat cctgcattcc tgcatacccc    144780
     tcagtctttg ggctgcagct tccgagatcc actgaatggc ttgtggagga aaatgatctc    144840
     tggggaggaa atcctgagtg gatttgctga accatgtgcc taaggaataa ccagtaactt    144900
     tcatttaaag ataaagggac agtctccaat ggcatagtgc agagctgatc agtctgctaa    144960
     cgcagaaagg accacatgga agactgtgtt gggtagtgtg ttttcaaaag ggctagcatc    145020
     ctcggtcatc tggtggcctg gctgtactct ctgagtccca cctgtcaggg ccagtgtcaa    145080
     tgctcacctt ccaggacacg tctaatgagc caaccaagga gcaacacttc caacgtgcct    145140
     cagcctgaag gcccaggctg gggcatgaga aaccccaaca ggacctcaga ggacttggaa    145200
     gcacacagcg gcagccctcc aaagccacct ctgggcaaga ccctgtgttt gcttcacagc    145260
     agagtcccgc acgcctgcca tttctaatta caacattatt ctttatttgt tttccaaatt    145320
     attcttcctg tgtcaccttt ttccctgagc ccttttcctc cctccagtga aatctggcac    145380
     cccgagcagc actcagaact aaattaatta taaaatcata ttaatgtcat ccatacagca    145440
     atgaaattaa tttattccat acatctgaga ggaagtcatc aattatgagc ctggactgta    145500
     gcattttgtg ttacagcatt tacaattctt acgaatttta atatttctcc cagcaagaat    145560
     tgccataaat atcacctgcc gtaaaatctt gatttatgaa ttaaacctaa cttccaggtg    145620
     ccactaatat ttaaatactg aacatttaat tctgattaag tacatgctca aggtatttat    145680
     ccctgtatga aaaataagtc tctccacctc tcagggatga cctcgggccc gggatgggag    145740
     tatatgtaat agaatctgag ccgggaggtt gctatggttt cacataaagg cttggtcccc    145800
     agggtagtca tgtcaggagg tcctgagaca gcagttctca accttctaat acagagaccc    145860
     tgtaatacaa gttcttcatg ttgtggtgac tcccaactat aaaatcattt cattgccacc    145920
     tcataagtga aattttgctg ctattatgaa acataatgta tatatctgat atgcagaata    145980
     tttaatatgt gaccccaaag ggggtccaga ctcacaggat gagaaccact gtcttacatc    146040
     tttgggagcg ctgccctcat aagaaattgt gaccccagtc tccatctgcc tcctggttgg    146100
     tgatgtagcc acatgcttca ccacatattc tcactgctac aacctgcctt cctcacagga    146160
     tgccagacca acaaggccac ctgatcttat acttgaagct ccagagggtg agctaaataa    146220
     ccctttgttc tgtataagcc tccattacag caacacaatg ctaacaggat tcttgtaaat    146280
     gcttcccaga ttccatttct cagaatatat gctaagcctg ataccagggt aacctagctg    146340
     tggccttctt ccaagacctg accatgtcct ggagctcaaa gcagtcctct ctaatcatga    146400
     atccagcatc caaagaggca gcctcctctc tcacttctca gagaacgtta gaggacactc    146460
     aattccacat ccacaagaca aaggcagacc cagaagcaca atcctataat ccagatgctg    146520
     gagagacaga gacaggaagg tccccgaggc tcactggtca accaacctag caaaatcagc    146580
     aagttctagt tcaatgagag agcctgtctc cagaaataag atgaagagta agtgagaacg    146640
     agactgatgt tgacctcggc cttacatcca catgaacaca ttcatgtacc aaaaaataaa    146700
     tatgaatgaa tctcacagat gtaaccatga gagaagtcag acagaaaaaa attcaggctg    146760
     agtgagtccg gttattatat atgacactga tgtccataac caggccaagc tcagctgtgc    146820
     tgtgaggagt cgggatgagg gtgggtggga agttcccgga aggggacagg gtggggtggg    146880
     agggcatttg agaagcctgg aacattctgt ctctagatct ggtctcttta caaagatgta    146940
     ctcaccttct gggattcatc aggctgaatg cttgtgacat gtgctctata attgcagagt    147000
     gcacttaccc taaaaagcaa ctgttgtgta tctgaagttt gaacataacg gggcctcctg    147060
     ggctgtgctt gtctgacaac tctactccat tctcctgcta aggggcaatc tgctcaacaa    147120
     cacctaacaa agccaggctg atcccagctc ccgggcgaca gagacaatat gatcaaaagg    147180
     atcatattga ggggagtgtc agagaagaca ggttggcaaa tacattgtat ggctctgtaa    147240
     cacagaaaat caatagtttt aaggtccaga gaagagattc tgttgctacc cgattaggac    147300
     ctacgttcaa gttacctgtg ggacactgat agctatgctt cgccatcacc ttggcacatc    147360
     tggaaaaagg gaactttagt taagaactgc ctccggcaga taggcatgtg ggcttatctg    147420
     tgggacattt tcttgatttc tatctgctgg gcacttgggc ttatctgtgg ggcattttct    147480
     tgatttctat ctgctgggca catgggcttg tctgtggggc attttcttga ttgctaatgt    147540
     agaatgtcgg agggcccagc ccacctcggg cagcaccgtc cctagggagg cgatggtggg    147600
     catatgagaa gggtagctga atgagagcct ggggacaagc tagtaagcag tgcttgctca    147660
     cagttcctgc cttggatccc tgactgacct ccctcaacga taggctgtga cctgaaagta    147720
     tgagctgaaa cacccccaat ccattcccaa gtgggccctg ttgggagggg tgtctgtctg    147780
     gaagccttta gggactcgtg ggatcaggca tagcatctca gcaactccca atgacctaag    147840
     ctcttactct ccagaactca gccccttggt atgaccatgg gctgtgactc actgcccctc    147900
     atgcctgacc acctggtttt tccctcgatg accaaagccc gcctctcctg ttctattcca    147960
     ggacccacaa gcattatcca gcatctacac cctgtcctga cagatggtga gtggggctgg    148020
     atcgaatcaa tgagagagca gatttctgaa acccatttgc aagacatatt cctcatagac    148080
     acaatatact ctgcagatgt tttcaacaca gcacaggctg tgctcaggac tctcatggac    148140
     tatatgttct agtgtaccct gaagcatctg ccttgacagg gacaggctcc aggacatcac    148200
     agagaaagat agagccctgg cactggtggg aatctaccta gaccccatga agagccctag    148260
     tccactggga aatcaacaga ctccaacaca gtggcctctc catcctgttg ccccttccct    148320
     gggctccttc tctgtgtagc ctcgaagagt gaaagaagtc tctcaccttg gtgtcttcac    148380
     tatgagggat tcacctctcc acccctcacc actctctgtc ctctcatatc caacattgcc    148440
     tgctccagag tcactggaaa ttcccataag gcataagagt gtctgccatg ctgtcctttg    148500
     aaccttctat ggctcccact tcttagaaaa ccaagcctac catcttcagt catagagcct    148560
     ggccccatta ctccctgggt gcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaccctc    148620
     ctgggtctca gctctagtat gtttgttctg atggggttcc cttctttctt tccttttctc    148680
     tcctgtaatg catctgaagt gtcctcctcc tggccacaac tctagattca ttccttatct    148740
     cccaggagac tgaaggccca ctttgaattc cagctctctt ccttttatct ttcctcctcc    148800
     ccttgtaaat tcccaaggga agaaggggcc accagtctcc ctcttcaagg ccccagagtc    148860
     agttaaggcg tgtaccaact gcttcaacag aacaactcag aatctcaaga cccctgcctg    148920
     catagtgacc accgaggtct catgccatgt acagtgtcca tgtttctccc aagtagcctt    148980
     ccccagagtc attctgacac ccagtccctc ccaatgagcc ttgaagtgct ctaactgcat    149040
     ttagttagca agaacttacc acttatctca cactggggaa gtgagactat aaccatgtgg    149100
     tgggcactgc tgcctgttga taacagggaa aaacagatct tctccagata catgtgtgta    149160
     caaatgaggc ccaggaagtg tgcatggaat gtacacacaa agaggctaga aagaggctta    149220
     aggcaggcag cagggaagct ctaacgatta tgtgctaata tgtgctgggt acagagagac    149280
     aaggacttta gagccacata gtcgggtagc gatccctgac ctgagcatag acagttccaa    149340
     gcctgggcag ttcatgatta gcccaaaacc ttgtctgata ttttcatgaa atgaattaac    149400
     acccactcta agacctaata cagagagtta ttcaagaaca aggaaatact ggtatttacc    149460
     ttatatgatg ctatcatagg aaaccagaac ctcaaatccc ttgggcctct tgcccagtta    149520
     taagtggcca agccagaacc tatcccaaag ctgcactctc accaggactg catacagctc    149580
     ctcgggtctt tccaaaggta ttcctccaac ctctcagctc gaaccccagt aaaatacaaa    149640
     gaacctagag tccctcctgg actctggtct ccctctgacc tctcacctac aaaaccatac    149700
     gttatcagcc aaacacagag gcctccatcc acatcgcagg cttcctgttt acagccctgc    149760
     ctccctgact ggtccccctc cactttccat cactgaacct gtacaagctg tattcaccac    149820
     tgatcatcct ccacatgctc tgtctcctca gagtcaagac tgcagaccaa ttcccatctc    149880
     tcctttcaag tcctccctct atgggctcac acagcagatg agtcccaccc ccacccccac    149940
     tagactcacc gtagcaaaag aaagcaaatc ggagtccagg ctaccgacag ccagacacac    150000
     acctggccct ggaggctcct acctgtctcc aagaataaca agcatgattg ctcagctgat    150060
     agggtaccga cattcagagc tgacccagga gaaagcctgg cagagaggat ctggggcagt    150120
     caggtaccac ccttccaacc gacagccgcc tcgtgcagat cctaagagat gttcatgccc    150180
     ttcctctgta ccaggcttgt tactacttct cagtctaagg atgagggaac gtgtgaaaat    150240
     ataaaaggca tgccttcctt cttggagagg agctgggttc tttggaacat tctcatgtca    150300
     ccagcacgag acagctgatc atattgatgt attgatttgt gcgcagttcc tagcacccca    150360
     tatatgggca gaggggtttg tgaagaaagc cctcacccat gccttgcttc ctgggttata    150420
     tctgcgtggt atttggtcat caaccaggga ggcatgaacc taaacagaaa ctgtgagcca    150480
     caggcaggaa ccgtgggcag gaggccagga ggccaggaag ccaggaggcc aggctggacc    150540
     caaagcctac tgcctagcac caccctcctg gacctgcagc tccttaaagt ttgatacatt    150600
     gtcaacttcc attcatacag aggagcccag cgggactgag gcaagttaaa tcaccgagtc    150660
     cctgatgcag aacatcaggg ggaaaataac tctcattact cttcgttatt tccacactgg    150720
     aggcagacaa tgctcagcca agggagaggg gcctccacaa cccaccccac ccacctggct    150780
     ggggtcttcc ggccctggcc tctctccctc catcttcctg gatccagcca ggacatttgt    150840
     catcttcaag ttctcaaatg caaatctcag cagcctgacc ctgacagaaa ccccagctgt    150900
     agccctgttc tagacatgtt gggtcgtttc caggctcctt aggcccaggc agatgctcta    150960
     gccacagtga cccccagaat accagaatgc cagaatcagc tcccttgggc cctaagcctt    151020
     cagcaccagg aaaaggacaa aatcatgatg gccatgggga gaagagggaa caaaattcac    151080
     tccttcaggg acaagaccca gagtgcaacc tgatctttag cgtctctctc ctgtgtctag    151140
     gacctggtat gtctgtacca tcatcctgca gacaccccca ctgcagacac ccccacccca    151200
     acccctcacc atggttcttc ctattagcct ttcacgttac atccctgcct aagtgtcacc    151260
     tcctccaggc agccttccct gaccattcta gtcagggaaa gatgctctcc atctcaagga    151320
     acctagtgtg atccctgctt tcaaattttt ctttaaggga ggagcgtatc tgtcccccct    151380
     ttcaggctat gagttctaca gcaacacgct ggaacctcat cagtctgcca gagtctctga    151440
     catcacactt cacaaagcaa agactcaaag atgggaggaa ggaaagaggg aaggagggag    151500
     ggaggaggcg ttagcctttt caacacttct cagagatcta tgttactggg aatgagatcc    151560
     aggctgtgct gaattctgag cctctagatg tttccgtcca gccttacctc aataactgag    151620
     cttccatagc tgtctggccc cagttaaggc tgtcttgttc agactaggac cctgctggag    151680
     tctgggagat tggctgtgta tccatggccc aagcaagaca ggcctgctgc tcctgtgagt    151740
     agagggaaga gctaccctct cactccaatg caaaatatgt ccatttccaa cagggcttgc    151800
     agaatcctag ctccaccata ttgtagatgc tggtacaggc aggagctaca cgttccacct    151860
     acctgtttta tatcaagctg tcaagactat gtccgctcaa accagggctc cattctcaga    151920
     tccaggttca aaagtctctc ctgaggacct gtactcgcca cataaaaaaa cacttccaca    151980
     ggctgctcat ctgctgtgaa gactgtcccc tctcactgtg aagactgtcc cctctcactg    152040
     tggtggtttg aataagaacg ttcccccata ggctgtgttg atgtccatgg cccacattat    152100
     cacaagggcc atgcagatgt ctgtgatcta ggtagctgcc tgaatccatg ttaatgtcta    152160
     tagagcagca gagagccatg tctgggtcta tggtcctgat gctgctgggg actgtgttgg    152220
     actgtgctgc cacacggggt gcacgctaat gtaagtgacc tgtgcagccc cctaagacca    152280
     cgtttgttgg tgtccttagc ccatgctgcc actgaaggct attataatgt ccatgacccc    152340
     acgctttgac aaaggactgc attgatgtcc atgaactgta ctgccactgg aaaccatgca    152400
     gagatccttg gcaagtgcta atgctggaga ccatgtagat attcacagtc catgttgtca    152460
     tcagagtcta tgtacaagcc catgattgat gctcctcctg atggcaaaga gcaagaaatc    152520
     tacttttgca ggggtatcaa tgattacaga tgtagttgag aaagaggaac acaaaaggct    152580
     tctgtgacaa cccctacctg cttcacccct ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggaa cagcctagac    152640
     agtaggccat caaagagtgt tgtgtgtaat tttaaaaaca tacttgctcc tttgcccagg    152700
     agccatgctc ttgccctagc tctgagatca cgatgcaccc attttcaccc agctccaccc    152760
     aaggccagct ttcccgggtg ctgcgatcac tcccccagcc cctcatggct agcttctcca    152820
     agccaccaac aaccaccctg gctgcccatt ttctcctcct gtccacctta gctctgcaga    152880
     tggaaaacac tgcacccctg cttgaatggg cagctaacag acagcccctg ggatggtttc    152940
     tctttctgaa tttcagctta ccccctgact gacctcttgc tcatgtctct cacctctagt    153000
     gtacactgta cagacccccc cacccctccc agggggagga ttgtagtctt ctcaccagat    153060
     gggaagagtg tgatggtctt tgtaccagat ggaggagcag caagctcttc acatgaggtg    153120
     gcgatgtgga ggtcttcata ccagccacat ggagaggccc tctctccttt ctcctatact    153180
     tgaactagag gtggttttga gaacagagaa gttagctaac agccattata ccaatacata    153240
     gggcctgagg cagactggat cagccattgc atccttgagc atggcaggga catgttgatc    153300
     cgtgctgtct tctgtgctcc ttgtctgttc attcatacct cattcaaact ggactgagta    153360
     cctggtgttc taaatgcaga ttctcaactg tgtcaggccc aatcagcctt cgttgtatct    153420
     gccttcagct cttagtactt taccatcttg cacagaggtt tagatcccaa atggaaccca    153480
     cagtgggtct ccagtctcca ctttcaaacg aggcttagat gagcaggttg tcactgtgca    153540
     gggtagaaag tagcctatag ctcaatgggc tctgttggcc cagatccctc ctttccttct    153600
     catgagcact caaagctggc ctcagcatgc agatagcaat aacagccttt ccactgcatc    153660
     ttgcaccctg atcatgaagt cctgcctctt ttctatgtgt ggacacaact tatcactgtt    153720
     ccatgccctc cagacacaaa gagagtggct cagacctgcc atcaatgctg cctctataga    153780
     ccctagttcc ccaaggtgga ttctatgtct ttgcccagat ggaattcaca gacaattttc    153840
     aagactacaa gccaagttca ctacaagagt attggaagca gttcatatga aatccaatag    153900
     tagccaacat tcagaggttt ccatgggcaa cggttccatc tctcctaata tacaaccaag    153960
     ttgagcagcc aagaaaaaca caagcagaat aatctgccca tctactcctc acggtgactt    154020
     gttttggtca tggaaggcaa gacagccctt gtacctgaag aggaatcagt tgagcaaaat    154080
     tgcaccacag cacaggggta agagtagagt catgcaaatc cttctacgga agcacctgca    154140
     atgtccaccc caggggagca cacactgtcc tatagtctat aagcagcatc acccctgcct    154200
     gcctgagcct cctaaaggaa tagaagaagg gctatttctg caactggaaa gctcaaagat    154260
     gtggactcta tccatatttg gcaagctgaa atagtcctgg ggggcagggg caaaacttgc    154320
     cagcaaactt cgtactccct gtctggaact aatgttaaga tgttgtcaga agttaattaa    154380
     tgctattaat aaggcatggg gggggaggag tgccaaggcc ctcccctgct ttaggtgttc    154440
     cacaggaact aagagaggta ctaagtcagc cacagcacag caagtttcca taaagccaac    154500
     catatgagga ctcacaaaag agggtctgcc gtgagctcct tgaaatcaaa aaacaagccc    154560
     tacacagcta acatcccaga tccttgtctg gctcaaagag atgctttggg tagtagagat    154620
     cctcaccaaa gttcacaaat aagggactgt ggcttccctt aaaactcccc attaagctgt    154680
     tagatataca gggcagcaca ggagttagga cctggggacc atttatgtct ccactaaatc    154740
     tgccttgata aggatgagag ccgtttgaat gggcagaaga cccagcccct gcttcctact    154800
     taatatcctc tcccagctta tccagcccca ccccactgtc ttcctagcat ctgacttgct    154860
     cttttctcct gacctccaca gcctattgtg ctggctagtc ttgtatcaaa ttgacacaca    154920
     aagtaaagtt atctcaaagg aaggaacctc agttgacaaa atgcctccat aagatctggc    154980
     tgtagggcat tttcttagtt agtggtcagt gtgggagatg aagcccattg taggtggtgc    155040
     catccctggg ctggtcctgg gttctataag aaatcaggct gagcaagcaa tggagaacag    155100
     gctcctgcct ccaggttcct atcctgatat ccttcaaaga tgaccagtca tatggaagtt    155160
     aaatcaaata aaccctttcc tccccaactt gctttttggt caggatgttt catcacggca    155220
     atagaaactc taagatatat ttcattctca ctggctagca ctatccatag gactagctag    155280
     gctaggtaaa ggaataaaca gagccgtggg gtcctgaagg atggagcaga ggggttcttc    155340
     taaagtccag tgttggggag aagctccagt ctggcctcga ctaaactggc tgcccttgac    155400
     tcgggcatgg ctaggaagct catctcttgg ctctgccttc ccaatgcctc tttttgttat    155460
     aataaccaac cctgggcaag ccagtattcc aaaaacctag aaggctacag gtctcatggt    155520
     cagggctcaa gaaaagtccc aggaactcat tacattgtat cctgaagaac agccctacac    155580
     cacacgtatg caccctcaag ggaagcaaaa tgaatggagg agtccaggaa aaaatgaaca    155640
     tgcgtttctc tgtactgcaa atttgctcaa ccatacatcc acaaagccca gacccactac    155700
     tgatgtgaaa ctctgatact caaacccttg tttcttccag ggtctattag caactgaggc    155760
     tcctacatta ttgtcaagga gactaccatc tgtatcccat aggcaggaag aaccatccca    155820
     aactgcagca cacaaatgta tgacctcact tctcaggacc caatctggcc ttctagccag    155880
     ggatgtcaac agacatccaa ccccaaaaca cagatctcac ctcaaaaacc aaaagggcat    155940
     agtttgttct agagccaaat atgagatggt atggccccat gctccaatgc actaacagtt    156000
     tcatgagttt tctatagtaa cagaacaaag aaagtcataa attgatgtat gttttaaaaa    156060
     cattgctaga gacatcaggt aggcaggtta tggtaaatct gggaaatctg gcctctgggc    156120
     ttcagatgct ctctgatggc attctccgcc tggcttggtg aaagccactg ggcttgtctg    156180
     aacattccaa atggtttgaa cagcccagtg atgttaggtt actcagagat gggcaataac    156240
     tggttattag ggtgactaaa gatagtccag aataatttgg ccccagacct gtaatattcc    156300
     agctctctat attcacagaa gccttcgtct gtcaattagc ctgttagagt ctttatgtgg    156360
     gtgcagcttt gttcttggaa tttcagtcca tttgtaatta cctgctgcca acacgtccag    156420
     tgcctccagg aagccaggag ttgccctcga ggacttgagt ttcttcaatc actgcaggca    156480
     cgggatcttg agaacatctg caccacattg aatcacatcc acccacagtt catgactcca    156540
     taggaccagg aatactattt acaaacactt ctttttgata tgatcaagtc gtgatgagat    156600
     tatacttggt tggtgtgagg cccaaatcca atcatcgata tccttacaag ggaagagaga    156660
     tttggaacca gacccaaagg agaggacctt gggaagacta cgtagtgatt ggactgatgc    156720
     aggcacaagc caaggaatga agatgctcag aaacagctag aaactaggag gaagcagcaa    156780
     agttctcccc agaggcttca agaacaagtg gccctgcaga caccctgact tcagacagag    156840
     ctggaacaaa atatgctcct ctgtgttaca ccatccagtt ggtggcagtg ctacaaaaca    156900
     gcttccaaaa taaaattaca tcaaaattct gcttaaaata gagcacccta cctactgtgt    156960
     tacttttccc attgatgcaa caacacacag ccctaaaaag caacttaagg aagggagagt    157020
     ttattctggc ttacagtagg agggcatggt aggtgcattg aggtgggtag ggcttagtgt    157080
     caggaacctg aggcagccag ttacatggca tccgcaatcg ggaagcagag agatggatgt    157140
     tgtctttctg ctcccattct cctttcttat tgactcggga ctctggccca tggaatggtt    157200
     catcatgaaa gggagaaaag cctatgaagc cctgcccctc cccaagggac tgttggcaat    157260
     caatggctgc tggagggagg aatatcaatg tatttagtgg catagccatt ggcaagaagt    157320
     tcctgtttca ggagaagttc taacttagag ccaaaaagaa gactggagag ttggaggaga    157380
     cttgttgaga aaaaggttct gacaggatag gtggtagatg agctgggggt gtagtggggg    157440
     tgataaatgc attacataaa tagatggaat tgtcaaaacc atttaagttt tttaaaagac    157500
     aaatgtttaa agcaatgata gacttaaaag ggactttgca gatttgaatt tgaataaaga    157560
     aataaaatct ataaaggaaa agaagagaca gagacagaaa taagacaagg ctgatggggt    157620
     gatgaatagc ctggagagag acataacgta tccagaatat ggctaaggga aaaaagttaa    157680
     gaacagaaag aaacagtgaa caaatttcta agtagagttc tagaacacag agagaataaa    157740
     gacagtaaaa gagaagctat atagaaaaaa agaactttct gaaactgatt taaatgagta    157800
     cttggagcta gagagatggc tcagtggtta agaatgctta ctgctctttc agaggtccca    157860
     ggttcatctc ccagagtcca cacagtggct cacaacagac catagctcta ggaaatatga    157920
     cactgtctgc tgactcagca ggcactagtc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    157980
     tctctctctg tctgtctctg tctctgtctc tctctgtctg tctctgtctc tctctctctc    158040
     tctctctgtc tgtctctgtc tctctgtctc tgtctctgtc tctctctctc tctctctctc    158100
     tcacacacac acacacacac acagtacaca gacataccta cagggaaacc acccatgcat    158160
     ataaaataaa tatattttaa attgctctat ctgcaaagaa gcaggaaaat gagcttctaa    158220
     actaaaagga aactcattca ctaaaaacgg agccagactg atagaggaag taggccatta    158280
     aacggccatt agggaggtct cacgtccgcg tctgagcttc caccttatga gacaggataa    158340
     aggatgacaa agcaagcaga ggggacccta ggcagctgac gtcagtgact ctaaagcata    158400
     aaagcaagag gaaaatcaat gagatcaata aaatggataa atctcagcag aaaggacaaa    158460
     ataaaataga aaatgagaac aggaccgagc actggctcag tgtgggtaaa ggtgcttgct    158520
     gcagaaacct gaagacctga attcaaacta ccggaatcca cgcagagaag gaaggagata    158580
     actgactcca caaagctgtc ctctgacctc cacacaggct cgatcgcacc taagtgcccg    158640
     ccccactccc actcctcctc cacacaatag taacaagatt aaaatctttt aaagaaaaaa    158700
     gatacaaatt tcctaacatt aggaataaaa gacgggaaat cactgcaaag cctgaagaca    158760
     gtaaaaagga caataaagaa gactaacccg tgagcatcct caggcacaaa caatccccag    158820
     tgatgagagg ggctgatgcc taacggaagg acctgctaaa actcatccaa gatgaaacag    158880
     tcctctgaat agtcctgtaa ccactacaga agccgaatgc ataatttaag aaaaacaact    158940
     tccataaaag aaccaagcac agatggtttc attgaattct acaaaacatt taagaaataa    159000
     acatctcggt tctgcagtca cttccaggaa acaggagccc aaagaaagtt cccaccccac    159060
     acgctgccct ctaaagctcc tgcctcgcat tatgatgtta gcactgccct cttttcagaa    159120
     ttagatgaca acaagaaaat gtcaggcccg aatccctcgt gaatagctgt gaaactcctc    159180
     agcaaaatat tagtgtgtcc tatccagtga taaattaaaa atgaaccatc ataattacta    159240
     tcgtttggat ccggttcagc cccaccaaga ggccctgtat cccaggctgg gtcagaaagt    159300
     actctaagag gtgaacctag agaaaggttt taatcaccga ggttatgcct tcaaggattt    159360
     gtgaggtgct actctccctg cctccccttc ccactttcct cttcttctcc atcccccctc    159420
     cccttcttcc tgttttcctg tcctaaccat gaggtgaatg gcttttctcc accatccact    159480
     cctgtgcctt ttgaaataac caagaacgtc ttgaactgaa taagaaagtg gaagactcac    159540
     attatccaac cgtttagctt tacccaaact acattgtgga acatgataga ttcacacaga    159600
     cactaccatg gctttttgtt tggttggttg gttggttggt tttgtttctt acaaatgtat    159660
     gtggcatacc aagaaaggca ggccagtcct ttcaaatcaa gctctctgcc ctacctgata    159720
     ctttagactc actgctcatg gaacagggtc accaagagac ccttcatact aggctgacat    159780
     ccggcaacaa cctgcactca tgtgtgcaga gacaggtcag tgtcaaagac ggtgtcggcc    159840
     tatagagtag acatggagga aggggagtat gttgggcatc acagagaagc cctgctagcc    159900
     tcagtgccaa agcccaagtc actcttatcc tcctggctcc tgtcttggtc agttcaggca    159960
     gccataactg aataccagtg agactgtgag ttaaacagca ggttttattc tgccagctct    160020
     ggaagctgca agtccaaggt cagggtgtca acatggtcgt tcatggtcca gactactgct    160080
     ctctcactgg gtccccatgt ggaggagagg tgagcaggct gcctagtgtg tctacacaga    160140
     gggacaccta ttctacatga ggacctgggc ccatgatctc atctgaacta accaattccc    160200
     aaagaccatg ccttccagta ccctccaacc aggaattaga acctcaccct aatgaaataa    160260
     tgcggtattc aactgagtct acagcagtca ctgtgagtac aaccccttgc tccccaccca    160320
     aatgccacca tacttccttt gaatactggg atgagagcct ctggggggga gtttaaccat    160380
     ccaactgggc tactgtgtag tgcttcctgc ccattttacc tcaggtggag tatatatgga    160440
     tatacttggc gggggagggg tatatatgtg gatatactcg gggggtgggg ggaatatgtg    160500
     gctacaaggg gaaataggct cagctatgaa ccaacagctc cccacccctt ccctcgttgg    160560
     acaacccaaa gcatacctgc tagtctttaa atcgggctgc agaaggctaa gaagggggaa    160620
     gggtcaagat cactgatgca aatatcagtg ttgcatctcc atcgtaaatc ccagacttca    160680
     tgtcgtcatt ctctgattga cagcttctga gtggtcagaa cgggttctgg ccaggtaagg    160740
     atggggagtg agtaggacaa gccccctccc tagctccctt ggcagcttta atcagatgcc    160800
     atgtaggatt actgacaccc tcatgcacac cagtggttgt caaaacaagg tttggtcgta    160860
     gcttctgagt agaataatgg gtctagggtc ccaccacaga cgtcactgct gggtggcaac    160920
     aatctcataa ctgacatcag ttatggttct caccctgtgc atcgcaacct ccttggcaaa    160980
     cctctatctc taaaacattt aaattacgct tcataacagt agcagaatta cagttatgaa    161040
     gtagcaacaa aaataacgtt atggtcgggg gtcaccacaa catgaggagc tgtgttaaag    161100
     ggccgcggca ctgggaaggc tgagagccac tgacagagat aaactctaat agtggcctat    161160
     ttcattcata gcccccaggg ccaccactgt gtacagtttt gcttctggac cagttataca    161220
     gtgtgaagat gtagcttagc atcccattct tgggatcagg acactgattc agagataggg    161280
     catgactgcc ccaacccata agcagaattc tgaccacaga ccagacctga gaacagactc    161340
     agcgttctta aagcttctct ccagctccac tcagggcagt ggaggcttgg gagggggtgt    161400
     tgtatgaaat ccatcctctg ccaaggtcgt ttggatttcc ctagcataga tctttgcacc    161460
     tgagtgaccc tgtgcctgga gaattttcac agtagctcag gagcaaggtt agctctaaag    161520
     agccatatga aacctctacc ctgcctctgt gcctcttctg tccccgtggt tatgtgctgc    161580
     gacctgtgtc attttcccat gacttcgcca aacatgctct ccgcagccag tgtttattct    161640
     caaaacatct gtgttcctca agcatactct tgcaaatgcc ctcctggggc tgaccagctc    161700
     ccagagagaa gcaagcttca caccacagct gcgctctcca gcctctgttt tcagaccaca    161760
     gcagcctggg gaggctgaag ccaacagtat gaagttcaaa gcagtgacca tgggactgac    161820
     tatgactggc agggacacag actactcaag tatgtgcaga caccatagca taactttaat    161880
     tttttttaaa gcttactttt aatgatggtt cttaaatgct ttaacctccc ttccagccca    161940
     ccacccacca gaggtagtga aaaggaaagg atgtggggga agtggacctg tttagaaatg    162000
     gttctttgga gcaactccca tctgcgttgt caagaaatca gcagttcagt tcccaggtca    162060
     gtagtggcgg cccaaaccac tcacaaacac ttcacagata caccagaagt ccagttcagt    162120
     agtgtcagaa tagcagccgt ggtggaaaaa cctagcagga atggccagcc ctcagctgaa    162180
     tcagcgcaag tcagcaggag ggaccaggag ggatgctaga agaagttctc agctgtgcct    162240
     ctctcagcaa agcaaagaaa gatcagcgaa gatgagagac caacaagggt ttcacagcta    162300
     actctataaa caagccaggc tctctccttg ggtacccctg taccctgaca catcaagtct    162360
     ctgtgaggct aggcacatcc tcttccactg aggccagaca aggcagccca gctagaagaa    162420
     catatcccat gtatagataa cagcttttgg gatagctctg gctacatttt ctcagacccc    162480
     cccccccccc acatgaagtt tggtttttca agacagggtt tctccgtgta acatccctgg    162540
     ttgtcttgga actctcattg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa cttacagaga tccttctacc    162600
     tctgcctctc tagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgtgccacct acccagtttt ttgatttagc    162660
     acttggacaa cttgcagtca actaaaataa atagcagttg gattgcaaat gaccagagac    162720
     aaggctgcca agcctcaaaa cacaaggatt tcattccccc ttaaccaggg actccaatgt    162780
     cttgcactga tctcagattt gagctctaag gttgccttgc ttaagcatga gctggggggt    162840
     gagggcgccc cctgcagcag cctccttgta ttaacatttc tgctgtactg tgccccacgc    162900
     actttgttat gatgggtttt ctgagaacag caagaggtag ggggagcaga cactagcaca    162960
     atacctagtc aatggatagg gaaattgaaa gagcctctag agcgtgtcat cggggcaatg    163020
     agaaccccaa agtgtgcttc agaaagcagg aaagttcatc tcagactgag gatggtatca    163080
     gggggaaata atcagcacct gaaaagcctg gattcacaaa agacaggtag ggggcggggt    163140
     tacagttcag ctggtagaac atgtcttgca tgtgcagagc acagggttca atcccagctc    163200
     cacataagcc agtcacagca gcacacatgc actcctgtaa ccccagcact cgggaagcag    163260
     agccaggagg ctgggagttc aggagcaccc tcaactacat agcaacgttg agaccctgta    163320
     taaaataata gatttggatc tgggaggtaa agtggttgtc acacaagcat ggggaccaga    163380
     gtttggaccc ccagcatctg catgtctgag gtatcagagt caggcaaatc ccctgggctg    163440
     tcttggcaac cagtttagtc aaaatagcaa gtctcaggtc cagtgagaga cctgcctcaa    163500
     aaaaataaga tggagacacc tgaatgaaga cacccaaagt agtcagtcac tatcttctac    163560
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacgaac ctacccgtgc acacattcac atgtacacat    163620
     atatcgcatg tgcatctgct gggaacacag gctgttcagt cagggttcca agcacataag    163680
     atgctgggat cctggcagag gactgcacag agatctctgt tacacactcc ttccctatgt    163740
     ggctcatgcc cagccccagc tcccaccagt caggaagcaa atctgtgaaa actggctgta    163800
     ttatgaccag gggccacagg ctaccaggca gttgtctccc tgtggagttt gccagaaagt    163860
     aacctcctcc tgccaggact aggaagccag cagtacctct cttgttggcg ccgggctctt    163920
     aggcggttcc atgagggaaa cagggaagta aaagagtcaa agcacagacc agaggggcaa    163980
     ggattcccaa gtcaggccag tgacccaaaa ggagacaata aagaaggtca gtatgtcgag    164040
     cagggttcct gccagaatga tccataggaa ccccaatctt gcagataact tgggggaatc    164100
     tcaagtttca ctgtcgcagc ttcaaacctc ttattgccac catgccacgc atcattatga    164160
     gatagcatcc cagtctcaga acaccagtgt cacctcctta gcagccctga gtcacacatc    164220
     atgctgttaa tactcttctc actgtgtctc agtgttacta tatcacaaca tcaccatgtc    164280
     acatggtccc tgcatctcag tcactatatc acaatgacca tgccatgtgt caccattgcc    164340
     tctcacaaat tttccaggtc cagtaaatag ctgtgaagaa aagtatgtta gaaggtgcca    164400
     tccactccca ggtacccact ccagaccctc acacagagaa gaatgccccc acccccagac    164460
     ctgggcattg ggcaggtatt cacactggtt attggtgccc tcgggctgtt cctataaaag    164520
     gttgatagtt aagtgctaag tactgcccag aaatgtgtgt ggatctactt ttagcatgga    164580
     tttctggatg caggccagca gccacaaacg catagcagct caggagcctg caggtctccc    164640
     ctggtccttt cttcaaaatg tatttcccat taggccaggc aaaggtgtcc aggtttcacc    164700
     tttgctcccc acagtcattg ccagttctct tgacccaggg ccagagccaa agctacaaag    164760
     gatggctaag gctcactgca tgggttccct aatatatgaa catccggaac cagcctcaga    164820
     gaaagcagag cttgacgaat ttgttgttgt tgttgtttgt tgtttgtttt ttgttttttt    164880
     ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgccctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg    164940
     ctggcttcga actcataaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggaa ttaaaggtat    165000
     gggccaccac gcccggctga gcttgctgat tttttaagcc agtggcttcc tagccttccc    165060
     ctctagctac ttagtccagg tattattcac ttacaaatgt tataagacac cagagaagag    165120
     actagcccca gtttcaaaga cccagaccat cagaggtgat gaacagatcc taaccaggac    165180
     cttctgctga agggccaact tcgaggaact attccaaaag acctttgtgg gccagggggt    165240
     tggatagagt ctggatgttt gtgaacacac ttcaatttga tcccccaaag atgagccctg    165300
     cctgcctgac aggtacttaa aagtgacctt gtacagtggt ggtcagacca gcaagacaga    165360
     cccagaagac gtgcacagtg tcatgatcac aacttttgtt agagtcttaa agggacaagc    165420
     accccactgc atttagcatc tagactttgg cagtgacttt gactactcat cacccctgac    165480
     ccctgacccc tgacccctga ccccagccca ggagccattt gcttcccttg gctaatcctt    165540
     gcacctgcca gtccagttcc cagtgtagct ggagtgtgaa atgtccacca tgggcctgtg    165600
     tgttgaacac gtggccccgg caggtggtgc tcatttggga gattgtggat ctgggtcatg    165660
     ggggagtggg agaagggaag gtatcagtgg ttccagtctg tccctctgtc caacccaagt    165720
     gcacttcctc tgtgtccctg tcactgtctt tctctatctc tatctctatt ctccttactg    165780
     gtccacccat atgcaagcaa gcagcctgac actcctgcca ggcagcagca agggtcagtg    165840
     agcagccaca ggcccccagt ccattgttcc tttagctttg gttctttgtt tctgtgcatg    165900
     ataacatcct gtcttttacc acaggggaaa aaaatgccca aaaaaatgaa gcttaacttc    165960
     ccttcagcaa acggatatta ccttctttcc aaggcttaac ctgcaaacct gtctcttaag    166020
     aaccccacag gctggagctg gagagatggc tcagctgtta agagcactga ttgctcttct    166080
     agagttcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaagcatc tgtaatggga    166140
     tctgatgccc tcttctggta tgtctgaaaa cagctacagt gtactcacat attaattgac    166200
     taattaatta attaataaag ccctacaggc cagaatgagc tctgggctgg ctctaagcta    166260
     cggagaagca tctcctgtac cccacacagg ggagcaaagt gccctggtaa tgacactgag    166320
     aactaagacc tcactggcct tggacctgca ggagagaagc aagacccagt tccctccaag    166380
     ttaagagtcc agagcatggc cactccatgt ccagactatg acagagaaag ataaagtcta    166440
     ggggggaaat gcagggaggg aattaaagga ctgagactgc ctagtgacta cacagaggcc    166500
     aggcagccag tgtctcccta ggcttttctt tgagggacaa ggattctgag agaatttcca    166560
     gacacacaga cacacacaga tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata    166620
     cacacataca ctcacacaca tacacacata cacacataca cacacacata cacacctgag    166680
     gtctgactca ggtaatatcc aaaccccaag aaacaccaca ctagcccaat gcagcccagc    166740
     ctcagatggt tgccttagtt acctgggcca taactgacag acagccccag caagaaaaga    166800
     ggccaggcac cactccccac tggcctctgt actcctggct tgctagccat ggccagcacg    166860
     gtgccaaagc atctgtcagt agctatagcc agctccaacc tgtaccccag tagtttctta    166920
     ttatctgtct tcttagggtc actgtatcca cctaacccta tacagatgca gagcagacac    166980
     tcttctgcct tgtccctgtc cctgagtgtc ctagaaagcc tccccaccca aggctccttg    167040
     caagtagcac actcatgaga catgcatccc tactccgctg tcctctttgc tccatccacc    167100
     ctggatccag ctggataagc caaacaagga agggagacct cacactgcag cttccgccca    167160
     gagagaaatc accctctgtc tctctgagca gaatcacaag ggttctgggg cattgccgag    167220
     ccccataaac tgaagcagag tatgctgggc ttgagatggc tccaaggtaa cacggtttac    167280
     aagccacacc cttccctgcc ttcttgaatt ttctacaggg tttctggctt agctccctca    167340
     tcaccttttc atttagctgc tcttccctgg gctctcttgt aagttcccat ggctggacct    167400
     ttatgttgag ggtcctggtt gtctccttcc tgatccagct tggcctctct tctgagtctg    167460
     tcttcctctc aaggtgtctc agctactcct attacagaga ctcctccctt cccctgcccc    167520
     atctacacct ctagctcagt ttatagacac atatcaggaa gactgcagcc acctgctcca    167580
     ttctggccca gcaaagacaa tggcccttca gggctcttct gaagacttca gaatccaggg    167640
     tcttatagat ccaatttatg ctctttctct actagggtcc caacctctgc ttccagaaga    167700
     cagtcagaag ggtgggcagt gcttgcccaa ccctcagctc agcagccaaa gtctgcctga    167760
     gagccacagg agggaaaaca actttccctt tctcaggcac agctgatact ggcaagttct    167820
     cagccaagta ctgtggacca tgaaagaaaa ccaaatcttc tctcatagag agagcaggct    167880
     gggagctcca gcaagagccc cccaacctgc tcttggagcc aatacctttg tcccagtctt    167940
     ctccttagct gtgccactaa agcagacaag gactgactga gccagcactg agcccagatg    168000
     gcgaatatct acatatgctc ccaaacctac ctcataggcc actgatggct cctggggcca    168060
     tgatacccac tgccagcata aaataggcac agaacactga ggtgtggggc acactcaaca    168120
     gctgacgctc aaggactgat tacaaagctg tagcactcct gcccctgagg atgagggatg    168180
     cctccatctt gcatttccca gagaccccag aggcacagag ccttgctgac tcgtccacat    168240
     agttgtttct gtggtcacct ccaaaatata cctctccctc caaccctagt ctaggagttt    168300
     gtttctgaac cagaaggttc aaccaagaca agggaccagg ctggggttct agaggggaca    168360
     ggctgcttcc agagttccca cagtgatgag agaatgacaa gaaagaaacc aagaaagaag    168420
     acattaggac ctcagacatc tgtatcatga agtcccactg tgggcttttg aaatggatat    168480
     tatacgggaa ctgaagctca gatgtgccct agttccccat gggaacaggt acagctgagg    168540
     accaagccca gattaggcct cctccatcat tctgatggga agggaagaac tggggggaac    168600
     agtggacata tccaggcatt tcatgaagat gactagaaac catccctttg ggtccgtgag    168660
     tattacagga atatggtcag tcagtagggg actcacttga ggctcattgg ccccttgggc    168720
     ctccccatgt caagccacct ggggacacag tcggtaggcc agctccacac aaggagcagc    168780
     ctcatctccc cttctccctc ttctcagaaa gcccagagct cagctttcct ctttaacact    168840
     gagctaatga gaatcatatc ttacttcctc gggggaggca gctgcggggt ggaagtcgga    168900
     agtgcaaact ctggtgcgga tgaatcatcc ccctgctgtt gattaatttt tttttttaca    168960
     gagatgtttt tatggttttc tgagaacaca tggaagggta aaactcatct ctcctgtgac    169020
     tggcaataac tgtttggacc agagttcaaa aggccagaga tgttgaaaca gcacagagct    169080
     gggccccagc cttcaggcta ggcgtggtcc acatagatcc atcacattga gaccagacaa    169140
     aaaagaccaa tctacactag gcacctttct gtgtgtctgt ctgtacctat gtctctctcc    169200
     cttcctccgt ctcttccttc cttcattttt ccctctccct tcctctatcc ctccctctct    169260
     ccgcaactct ttccttcttt cctttgctct ctaaacccag ggctttgaac acaccaggca    169320
     agcactctcc caacgtgcct atttctgtca gaatccacca ccatgcctgt ggaggcctgg    169380
     caggagacca ctgtgctgtt ccacggggat tgaggtaaac ttaataatgg aactatttat    169440
     aaagataggt gagataaaga tgtggggaca taggggtacc cagaacttct acaggggtag    169500
     aaaagagagg gattcttaga agcttgatag aggcgggcat gaagcagaag ctgaggctct    169560
     tagagacccc acagggattg atcttggaaa taacccccca acctcccttt cctcccacga    169620
     gctcctacag cagtgattct caatctctag gtcacgaccc ctttggcaag cctctagctc    169680
     taaaaatatt tacattacaa ctcataccac cagcaaaatt acagttatga agttgcaatg    169740
     aaataatttt atggccaggg ggtcaccaca acatgaggaa ctgtattaaa gggtcacagc    169800
     atcaggaagg gtgagaacca ctgctcttca gggtctccca ctggccagcc ccagcctcag    169860
     agaccatgca gcaagtggga aggatgtaaa gagcctagga caggcacctg aagatagcag    169920
     cccgggagtg aggaggaaga tggcagccca gcagtcagga ggaagatggc agcccggcag    169980
     tcaggaggaa gatggcagcc cagcagttag gaggaagatg gcagcccagc agtcaggagg    170040
     aagatggcag cccggcagtc aggaggaaga agatggcagc ccggcagtca gggggaagat    170100
     ggcagcccag cagtcaggag gaagaagatg gtagcccagc agtcaggagg aagaagatgg    170160
     cagcccagca gtcaggagga agaagatggc agcccagcag tcaggaggaa gaagatggca    170220
     gcccagcagt caggaggaag atggcagccc agcagtcagg aggaagatgg cagcccagca    170280
     gtcaggagga agaagatggc agcccagcag tcaggaggaa gaagatggca gcccagcagt    170340
     caggaggaag atggcagccc agcagtcagg aggaacatgg cagcccagca gtcaggagga    170400
     acatggcagc ccagcagtca ggaggaagct tcctcttgtc cttcactctt ttcactgcca    170460
     tcctctgccc ctccagaaga gcctgtccag ggtcccctca aggagccaac ataaaagcca    170520
     tgatctgcag ggatcaagtg gtccacaaaa gaccataaca gtctggtgat ataccttagg    170580
     tgagggaggg agacacaaga acagaggagc aagtgatctc atctgttttg tttaggctcc    170640
     cacctggaaa cctggttgaa atggtttctt ggcttaaaga agtaatgaca gccaggctat    170700
     ctgcaaacag catgcacaga ccagctcatg cctctgagct cctaaaaccc cacaacctga    170760
     aaggtctgct gagggtgtgt ttccagtgtg gtcattgatt cttctgctag gaaacctctt    170820
     cagctcagga tgcctccctg ggttcctgtt gaggcagagc ttcaaaacta attaacagca    170880
     gccaccagca attcagctgc tcacctgcga gctgcctcct caccttccct ggtccccttt    170940
     ccagtagaag tccatgtttc tctttgagac cagcatctcc tctctgttct ccctcctgcc    171000
     ctggatggag gtgatcactc tgtgaccaat cagcatacat tctccaaggt ctccagaatg    171060
     aataccactc taaccaatcc aaactagctg agccccttat tccagaagaa agcaaataaa    171120
     agactcaacc tttcccactg gacacccaca caaaagagat caacctggat tataatgaaa    171180
     tgcctgaggc aagctgctgc ataaagaaaa gaggtttgtt ttgccttggg gctctagaag    171240
     agcaaggtct agggttctca ttcagcatcc tgctgtgagg atgtgttcgt tggggtgtgg    171300
     gggtgctgac caatgtctac ttcttttctt aaagtccaat gacaaactga agtttgattc    171360
     caccatagtt caccctgggg aatcggtgag tttattgtct taattacaga gcatgggtaa    171420
     ggagttacct gaaaggtctg catccagcat ggataatggc tttccaatgg ctgcccagat    171480
     ggggctccca tgtcccagtc ttccccagct ctaacccatc acagagacta ggaggacaca    171540
     tgcaattagg gtaggtaggt gttcatgtgt gtggctggga agagtgactt aatactcaag    171600
     taaggatcta gtgacctccc catactctct atgagaaaac atcaacaatc caggagccca    171660
     gcccgagcct ggatggggca cagggcctca gaaggcaaga gataagcagt gtacaatgag    171720
     ggttgtgtgt gtgcataact tcatgtgtgc atgtatgtat aagtgtgtgt acatgcatgc    171780
     atgtgtgtgc ctatattggt gtgtatgtat gtgtattctc tctccttctt gcaaagacac    171840
     ctaaatcaat cacaggacta tgtatggccc cacctctaaa caccatagtc aggttaagct    171900
     tcaaccccct tgataccatt aatgtgattt gggagattaa aaccctgtac cagttaagga    171960
     acaaggcagg aagagtagca ggctacgtga aaaccagcag ccattctgtg tcaatgagcg    172020
     gaaaggctgc caaaaaacac acaatagcaa gagccacaga tgagcaaaaa aacatggcta    172080
     taggacttga gtcccagctc aaataatgcc tggcacagtt aacctacaca ggttaggaaa    172140
     tcccctattt ggtgatgcct tggaccttct gataccatat tatttttagg tgacaggcag    172200
     gattctgagg gccaggcaca gtgagcctac ttctttcaaa accaagcttc aggacgtgac    172260
     agctctacga agatgaggct caaagcatgc atctgcttct gcttctggaa tggttgggaa    172320
     caactcggga cctgagtgcc tcatgggggc aggtcagtga gctccccact ctgccaaagg    172380
     cactgaacct ttgctcagcc tcacttggaa atgcaggaag catggtggtt gttaccagcc    172440
     agggaccagg ctttgccagc tctgcccctg agtttgatcc tagctctacc cattgcttat    172500
     tggtcctctt aagcaacttt cttcacctct ccgggcctca atctatgcat ccaagcatgg    172560
     tatctcctac tctactctgt tgagaatcag gttgacactt gtaaaggctt tagcggaggg    172620
     ggttggctca gagttagcct caccaaaagg tgttagctgc catcattgta gttaatgtca    172680
     gatacacatc ctccttgagt gagttcccac tggacgttct gccctccagg tccttgacct    172740
     tgtggaagag ttctaccata cacctcatcc cctttgaccc ttctctttgc aggttctaac    172800
     aaagcctgtt cttgaacttg gcctgtgagc catcttggac ccaccacacc tgatagccaa    172860
     aacatatgag gctaagtgat ctgcaggcct ttcttagccc aagatggcaa catatttttc    172920
     attctccata gcagaaaact cttcacacca gacaacggga gaggtgtgct ggttggtatt    172980
     gactgtcaac ttgaggagat gtggagccaa ctaggaaaca cacctttgtg tggggaggga    173040
     gggtggaggt ggggtaaggg gtgtttccag agaggattta actaagggag ttagagtggg    173100
     ctgtaccttc caacagactc ctagatataa tggggtccaa ggaggcagca gtacaagctg    173160
     cctaccttcc cattgttatt gagccaatac gtctatcact gatgccgcca cagccaacaa    173220
     caatcacatc ctctccttac atcagcctcc agcttcttca gccttaccac atggtctgaa    173280
     gtcatcagtc cccaagcaat cttcaagacc tctggtgaca ggttgggact gctgaggagt    173340
     tcaatctcat ggacccaatg gcttccaggt tctcagcctc cacagtgtac aggcagccat    173400
     tgttggacta cccagccctt atcacatatg ccaggccatt aaatcccctt tgacctgggt    173460
     gctgggcatc aagctcagtg ctccatgctt atgctataag aattttactg attgagccat    173520
     ctcctcagct cccaaatata acgaatactt ttaaattaaa tattgaatgg ataccattca    173580
     caactacaaa tcaacactta aaaacaaatt tcaatgtata catttctggg ggaaaggtat    173640
     aaagggtcaa aatgtgtaca agaggaaatt ggaaaggtta atctcatagc tgaatagcca    173700
     ggaaaggagg taaaactctt gggaaagcag cagaaaaact ggcagagagt cagaaattca    173760
     gtatagttac cagaagcatg ctcgacatgc aaaaaacgaa agttcacagg aaatgcagcc    173820
     agtatgataa tatctatcac agtagcagga aaccaaatct aggaacagtc ctatagagga    173880
     tgcatgagat tgctacagag agtattcaag ggtctaatac aggaacaaaa gatgatgcta    173940
     cagtgggtct ggggcttagc aagcttgagc tctatgtcca tcttagttag agttttattg    174000
     ctgtaaagac acaaccatga ccatggcaac tcttacaagg aaaacattta attgggctag    174060
     cttacaggtt cataggattt agtccattat catcatagga ggatatggtg gaatgcagga    174120
     agacatggtg ctagagaagg agctgagagg cctaaatctt gatcctatag gcagcagaag    174180
     gagactgttc tacaccatac tgggtgtagc ttgagcatct aagacctcaa agcctgcccc    174240
     acagtgacat acttcctcta acaagttcac acacctattc caacaaggcc acacctccta    174300
     atagtgccac tccctatgag cccagcattc aagcacataa atctattggg ctatacctat    174360
     ttaaatcgcc atattttact tcctggccac catagagttg tagctattac acaatgcaaa    174420
     tgcatttagt ccaacttcaa aagtccccat agtctatcag tctcaaggat gtttaaaagt    174480
     ccttctgaga ttcaaagtct cttctgagat tcatgcaatc tcttaactgt aatcccctat    174540
     aaaatcaaaa tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaga tcatgtactt ccaacatata atggcacagg    174600
     atatacatta gcattccaga atgtatagaa gggagcacag tgagaaaata ctgaaccaag    174660
     caagaccaaa acccagctga acaaacttta aacattgcaa ctccatgtct gatgtcagtg    174720
     tgcacttcag agcgccaact cctttcagct tttttgactg caacacactt ctttctcttg    174780
     agctggttcc acatcttgtt agtagctttc cttggcaggc atctcatggg tctggcatct    174840
     ctagcatctt ggggtcttca aaattcaggt ttcgctttct taattttaca caatggcttc    174900
     tctggacctc cttgcagaga cacccctgcc acatgcctgg cctcgaggac tttccttagg    174960
     gagattccat gcccattcta ttcttgactc taaagccaga acaacatggc tgaggctacc    175020
     aagtactgtt gcttgctggg actggaatgt ggcccccttg atcaagcaca tcttcgccag    175080
     ctttctgttt ctgacggttt ctgtcatggc ctaaacttgg ctgttctgga gtttgctctg    175140
     tagacctggc tagccttgaa ctcagagatc tacatgcctg tgtctcctga gtgctgggat    175200
     ttaggtccac caccctggac ctaaactgtt ctttaattcc ttttcacaag atggaagatt    175260
     agctagatgg gatcttgccc tggggttatc actcccttta tcccacttaa tatcttcaac    175320
     ctgtttactt gaccacaaga tttagctcca tttcacttcc tgatgcctgc tttctccttg    175380
     aaccatacaa ttttattttt ccttgctcag cttgctcctt ttcatcaaaa tactcttcat    175440
     aagagtgaac actagggttg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta agagcacccg actgctcttc    175500
     cgaaggtcca gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acacggtggc tcacaaccat ccgtaacgag    175560
     atctgactcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctacaa tgtacttaca tataataaat    175620
     aaatctttaa aaaataaatt aaaagtcagt tcactgttta aaaaaaaaag agtgaacact    175680
     agtaaccaca caacagccta tactaggctg ttttcctttg acaaccatta aggcctgctt    175740
     aaagcattct actccttttc taatccaaaa tcctcaaatc cacattcctc caaacaaaag    175800
     cattatcagg tctatgccag caatacccca ctcctggtac caacttcaat cttagggttt    175860
     tattgctgta aagagacacc acaaccacca caattcttat aaggaaaata tttaattgag    175920
     gttggcttac agtttcagag gtttagtttg gaacctaaag tgacacactt cctctaacaa    175980
     tagtgcttcc tttcctaata gtgttacttc ctatgagtca atcactgaaa cacaggggtc    176040
     tatgggggct ataccttttc aaaacagcac agtgtctcaa gtcttcttaa taaccatttt    176100
     attttaatgt ttatgggtgt ttagcctaca tgtatatctg tgcatcactt gcatgtctag    176160
     tgcctgcaga agccagaaga ggacttcaaa tccccctgaa actaaaatta tagacaagtg    176220
     ggagctggga ttcagcacag aaaatgcggg tgctagaaat caaacccagg tcctctggga    176280
     aagcagtcaa tgctcttaac atctgagcca tctctccagc ctctccaggc ccatcctaag    176340
     aacttttttt aagtgaggca ggtcctattc atagacagca agcacactgt cttgggcaat    176400
     tttcatcaag ttaatctata aattaaaagc caattaagta aaatgaaaag cacagaaaca    176460
     ttttccaggg actttacaaa tagatttgaa aatccctttg aaaaataaag tttcagggct    176520
     ggggagtgac ttggtagcta aagtgctgac tgtatcggta tgagggataa atccaaacac    176580
     tcacataaaa ggtgggccca gcagtgaaca tatgtaacct caacactggg gaacaggcaa    176640
     actctagagg ctaaatacac aggctccagg ttcagtgaga gactctatcc caaaataagg    176700
     tagaggctat atttgatagc atatggcttt aatcccagca ctcaggaggt agaagcagac    176760
     agatctctat gaatgaacaa taacctggtc tacaaagtga gttctaggcc agccagggct    176820
     acagagggag accctaaaca aataaaaata aataaataaa ataaggtgta taggcataga    176880
     agaagacacc cgatgttgaa ctctcctgca catacacaca actttcacac agaaaagatt    176940
     tatgaatagc taaaataacc tttttaacaa gtatctaagg ggcagactgg agagctgtct    177000
     cagtagttaa gtgcactgac tgttcttcta gcagttctga ggtcattctc agcaaccaca    177060
     tagtagctca caacatctac aatgggatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag    177120
     taacggtata ctcatataca taaaatagat atttttttaa agcatccaag gggtgacagt    177180
     aacacaaaaa cacatggaga aaaatcagaa agcaattaag attcagagcc agctccagtg    177240
     gtgaaagcgg cactgagatg agagcaccag ggatgaatga ctgagtgagt ctagaactgc    177300
     ggtccctacc acacagagac catggtgcag atggtgctaa taggcccagg ttccagacac    177360
     agtgtgacct tacaaacact ggactatttc cttttgtttg tcagacagag cctcaaataa    177420
     accatgtctc ctcaagcttg agatactgcc aaagacaacc ttgaactctg atcttcctaa    177480
     tcctacctcc tgagtgctgg ggttacaggc aagtgccatg tctgggaaat gaaatgctgg    177540
     ggtttatgta tggtaatcta tcactttact gctacatcac tccagtagtg actcatgtga    177600
     caggcctaga agcctggaag cagtcctgag gcaaagagtt tcacaaaaac ttagtctcct    177660
     ggaaccatgg catcctgtat aacgaatgtt ccaataatgt ccccgaatta gtctggtgta    177720
     tggatctgtg tgctctcttt cagtattgtt tcattataag tgcctttaag gattgatttt    177780
     gacatatagc taagttgggt tagcctccat cagtgtccta ggaagtcctt gagctgaccc    177840
     tgagcttgga attcagtaag aatattactt attcagcaac attcaaattt acctctagta    177900
     gagacagtga aaataatcag acatcacaat ttacttaaat agagctagaa acccgggcta    177960
     gtctacatag taattaccta gaacaatagc cgagtcacac ccatacacag gaatatacac    178020
     tggcctagga aaaaggtggg tcatggtttt aggaggaact gaagtattat tcatgaaagg    178080
     gttagtagac tggaattccc ctggtgcatg tttttcacta gtcacagagg aatagcacaa    178140
     tcaggtaatt actaagggac ccctggtggt gggtttaaca gtagactagc attgcatcag    178200
     accactcacc tggctcctgt gtttagctga tcttaattaa gggttgttct attctcagtt    178260
     gtaaacatgg cctggctccc gccatctttt tatttatgca ttttctttgt tttgtgtaaa    178320
     gaaccaatgt accttggcgg atgtattagc ctattgtctt agtcagggtt tctattcctg    178380
     cacaaacatc aggaccaaga agcaagttgg ggaggagagg gtttactcag cttacatttt    178440
     ccacattgct gttaaccacc aaggatgtca ggactggaac tcaagcagat caggaagcag    178500
     gagctgatgc agaggccatg gaggtatgtt ccttactggc ttgcttcccc tggcttaact    178560
     cagcctgctc tcttatagaa tccaagacta ccagcccaga gatggttcca cccacaaggg    178620
     gcctttcccc cttcatcact aattgagaaa atgccttaca gttggatctc ggggaggcat    178680
     ttcctcaact gaagctcctt tctctgtgat aactccagct gagtcaagtc tagccagtac    178740
     accttgcttt tttgtttttc ttctgtatta aaagtctgga gtttgcttgg aaaaaaaata    178800
     cattcagata cacactctct ctgtgtccgt gtctgtcacc catccacgcc aactccttgc    178860
     tcgcctgtaa ccggaacccc gagttttcct gcgaatcaag gtccggcact ttacctgtga    178920
     tccatatccc caggcctcaa ccatctatat gtctgaccat aactatctag gtattgtata    178980
     gtatgtccca tgatttcaac ttagagtcat gacttttcca atgtttaatg catattagca    179040
     cttataaaat ccaaatgttt tctgtatgtg agagaggctc gcagaaacag gttctaaata    179100
     gcagcaaact cttgaaatcc ttacactaaa tttatgcatc taagtagtca ggctgtctca    179160
     aaagcaaggt aagttgctga aatacttggc ctctaaaaac ttacaggcag ctgagtatca    179220
     cagcacaggc ctataatcct agcactcaag ctgggggtgg gggtacaggg tataacaagt    179280
     ttcagaccag cctgagatgc ataaggagtt tcagatccac ctcagctaca tagcaagacc    179340
     tcgcttcaat aagccaacaa aaagttaatt ttaaaaataa agagaagcat tgggaaaatg    179400
     gctcagttgg taaagtgctt actgtgtagg cacacagatc taagcagtcc ccagagccca    179460
     catcaaaaaa cacaggcagg cacagtgaaa gcccaatact agagatgtaa aaacatctgg    179520
     ggctcactga ccaacagcct tgcctccttg ttaagtttca gggcagtgag agaccaaata    179580
     aataaatatt ctcttttaaa agatgggcag tgcctgaaaa acagctgagg ttgtcttcta    179640
     gacagcacac acatgcacct gcacacatgt atacttgcac acatgcaccc tcacacatgc    179700
     acctgcatac acatatatct gcacacatgc atccacacac atgcactcac acaacatgca    179760
     cctgcacaca tgcacccaca cacatgcacc tatacacatg tacctgcaca catgcatcca    179820
     caaatgtaca ctcacacaca tgcatccaca tctacatact tctgcacaca tgtgttcatg    179880
     catacccaca tgcatgtgct cccacacaca tacataagat aaacataaat taaagcatgt    179940
     gatatactag ctaggatgag cactaccctc caccaccacc accccagtaa aacagcccag    180000
     gagaggcaaa ctcagaaaac aagaggcaca tctgtttcca agtcatcact tcccttagaa    180060
     acagggacag ttgggattct agaaagaact aaacagatac aatatctggg gcatttggaa    180120
     agactacaag tgtaagcaag acaggaatac aaaaagcgaa aacatatata tatatattga    180180
     attactatgt ggctcctatc agaatatatt atatgcaaca catattccaa atagctcaag    180240
     gactacatat gaaagttaaa ttataaaact aataaaagca aaggaaaaag gcactgggtt    180300
     ctccgaaaga attgcttcta aaagtcacca aaagaacata gcattagaag gaaaataaca    180360
     tctccatttc atcaacgtta aaagtttcta tctgagaaag aatgccccag acaaggaaac    180420
     tcaagcaagt cacaggagag tggctcccca atgtctaaaa ctgacaagga atcagtatcc    180480
     aaattatgta aggaaccctt acaggccagc aagcagaaga ctagcccagg aggatagtca    180540
     ggagtaggca tgttatagct gaggggcccc gtggtccact gagcaaatga gcagactctc    180600
     cctttctggg aaccagaaat gagaaagtgc ctgcctcgta gtctcccgat tgacaggaac    180660
     caggttctac ggtttacaga cactgcagta ggggacagtc tagtgcaagt ttttcagtgt    180720
     caccagacat actccatgga atgtgtatac actgagggtg cctgatgtca cagctggacc    180780
     tgtatgagag gatttcatgc acccctcctg tgtataagtt aatagggagc catgagaagg    180840
     gtactcagcc actcctactt aagacctaag agcagcagga aacgcaggcc agggctcaga    180900
     ggtttagaaa gtttagtatt tctttcttct ttcttctctc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    180960
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    181020
     tttcttcttc ttcttctttt tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    181080
     cttcttcttc ttcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctccttcttc tcctcctccc    181140
     tccttctgct tctcctcctc ctcttcctct ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc    181200
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctt ctgcttctcc tcctcttcct cctcttcctc    181260
     tttcttcttc ttcttcttct ccttctcctt ctccttctcc ttctccttct ccttctcctt    181320
     ctccttctcc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttttcctt    181380
     cttctccttc tcctcctccc ctccctcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc    181440
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc tccttcttct ttttcttctc cttctccttc    181500
     tccttcttct tatactatac tcacgtacta gaaattagag cagatttact tacatctata    181560
     aagacaatct taaaaacatg tcaggatgta tcttggttga gagagtgctt acctcacaca    181620
     gaggaagccc tgggtttgat tcctagcacc acataagtta gccatgtagt ggatgcctgt    181680
     aattccagca ggaggtggag ggggcgctgt gggatgtggt ggaaccagaa ctacaaggtc    181740
     atcctcagct acacatcaaa tttaaagcca gcctggggcc caggagacac tgtctttaaa    181800
     tatatatata aaacaataat attcggggct ggagagatgg ctcagcgggt aagagcactg    181860
     actgctcttc taaaggtcct gaattcgaat cccagcaacc acatggtagc tcacaaccat    181920
     ctgtacagct acagtgtact catatataaa aaataaataa ataaaatctt ttttaaaaaa    181980
     ccaataacat tcaagggaat aaaggaatac aggctgatgc cagttgcata gattttaagc    182040
     acatacaaaa tagcactaga catttttcaa ggagccgctt attttaaaat aaatgtatga    182100
     tatattgaaa gaagattgga agaacaaaga ttaatgggca aggctgggtg tcgtgttatt    182160
     tgggagaggg aaactagagg gaatacggga aggggaaata atgcaagcaa gaatgaagtg    182220
     tcacccagga cagctgcctt aaagtgagca ggaccttacc tgggctgctg actctgcgaa    182280
     agacctgaat gggcttcatg atggagggtc agcatcgccc acgcccatgt gcatgagcac    182340
     cccaactgga ggccacttct catcatggaa aatggggttc tatgtagagg aagtttcagt    182400
     taaatctgaa gcccaggtga gaagagcaga cccttgccca cggtagactc ctgtcctcct    182460
     gcccccctgt catcctgtcc tcttgtcctc ccatcctccc gtcctcccct ccagccaggc    182520
     actcacagcc tccaccacct cgcccctgcc cacctacatt cccacactgc ccctgaagcc    182580
     tgtgccctca gcccagctcc ctaccctcac tcttgccctt taccccgagc agagaggtcc    182640
     ttcacccaga ccgggtggca gaagcccaga tgagatcaca cagggaggag aatggcagtg    182700
     tctaaactat atgttctcag ccatgccctg ccccttaccc agctcaagcc gcctctcagt    182760
     aaagctctca aaagggcctg gaacacactg gacctcagag gcctcagagt caacaatctg    182820
     gaaaagtgtc ctgtgtgtgg cccaggtgac agcctccctc tgttgtgtgc tatgtgctac    182880
     caagtgttat ttcttgttag gagtccatcc tgatcattgc tggccaacag taaggaatga    182940
     tggatggcct tctaggtcag ggactccctg gggaatttaa cagggagggg tggacaactg    183000
     ccctcccttc ctgctgaagc catatgccta caaactaagt gcttcaggac cttggggaca    183060
     gggacattaa cagagtgcca tttgtttacc ctctccacag tgacagtctg tacactgaag    183120
     gcctctgggc aatggccctg tgtttccaca ctgaggacag gcttgtgaag tctatggaga    183180
     gaaggagagg gagaagaaag agtgaaggag agagagaggg agaagggaca gaggggagaa    183240
     aagaagggcc atcagccgtg cagccagata accctggtct ggggcatgcc aatcaagcaa    183300
     agaaggagcc acgccccttc acagaactct gcgttcctta taccagtctg cttcatgaaa    183360
     atatggagct aaccatatca gccaatctct ctcaggcaaa taaagcttat ctgttttaaa    183420
     tgtgagtctt ggattgtttt gtttttggtt ttgtttttgt tttgttcacc attttggtcc    183480
     cactttggtt taattcccac aggattccaa gtggaaccct cactgtttct cgaagggtca    183540
     tcctgtgact atggagcagg ctccttgtgg gcctcctcta ctctaaagct cttcccactt    183600
     ctcttagctc tggcctccat aagctgtccc cagcctggcc cactgtttcc agcctctgtg    183660
     cagggttgga tccttgcctg ctcccagaca gacccagcca ttgggtccca gaaaacccct    183720
     gaacaatctt cctacagaga gatagctgag tccctaaaaa ccatgtgagg cccaaagctg    183780
     ttctcattga ctctaacaac agccctgggg gtgaacacca caactcattg tagtaaagaa    183840
     atagtctctg atgggagcaa ggtgcccaaa gtcacacaga taatcaaatc caaacctcaa    183900
     gtaacagaat gtatgctcct tgccaggtgt gtaccaccct tcagggctag ggtctaactc    183960
     caagacaagg gctgagagcc agcccacccc aacccctacc aggtctccag aacacagtcc    184020
     tttctggcac agccatcctc caggctagga acatcagaag tccaactcaa ccccagcttc    184080
     ccaggccctg cctttatcaa agtccctctt ccctaggaat cagggccagg atcaaagatg    184140
     ccacaaggaa gacagtcaca ggaaaagcag aacctagagg gagaatgtaa agatgtaacc    184200
     aacagacaca gagatatgaa ggggaccagt ggagatgggg gttgaaagat attagacatt    184260
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatgaat    184320
     aggtaggact ccacgaagag ctagcccagg ccagcgtata tcctcatgca ggccagaaca    184380
     cagcgtcctc atgaggagct tgctaaatgc ttaccctcgg tcacaggaag tctgtaagtt    184440
     gagccatatt aggctctagc ctgtattggg acagacttaa tggcctgggt catagtcgcc    184500
     accaacataa agtgttcttg ttccctggtg actttaacaa ggtatttatg ggcgggagac    184560
     aacactgggc ttatgggtct ggctgctcag acaatggggg caaagagctg ggtcagcaca    184620
     agggcccagt gataaaggct gttaagacag gcaggactaa ggagccattc accccacagc    184680
     acactgagca gggacacccc tcccttgccc tgctaactac agccagacag gctcactcct    184740
     gggggaccct tcaccttcat gggggtgggg gcatctccac cagataccta ttcccaggat    184800
     gcccaccatc cacaccagcc ccaactgctt ctttgatgtt tgttgttcga tgcagggtct    184860
     tcctgtgctg tctagcttgg cctgcagctc ctgggttata tcagtcttct gctagctccc    184920
     aagtagctgg gactgcacga gtgcctgaac ccaccaccaa tttttagaac aaagacctaa    184980
     aaactttagg acagagattc tgcaccactt ccttccagta tcaccaagaa ccacgggaac    185040
     atcttcggct cccagacaac cccactctgc tatgagccca cacccttcac cacatacaaa    185100
     gtcatttgca tggggttttt cctcatcaac atgacctgag gactgagtga ctgagataag    185160
     gcctcaatcc agtcaaagca gagtcactgg tgtgtcgatt catctctctc aggcggctgt    185220
     gaaatttcca tgttttttct tatgtataga gatattgagg actaatacaa ataagacccc    185280
     cctggtaaga gacacacact tcaatagttg caactgggcc tttctagtat actggggtgc    185340
     agggaacagt ttacagctta atgtcttatc accaatacca caccacagac aaagaagcaa    185400
     gctcaggatg gcactaaggc cacaggtgaa acacgcagga gtgcctctgg acaaagggaa    185460
     ctgtcagact cctcacacct ccatacacac acacacatcc acccagacag cctcaccctg    185520
     cctctcaact catggcaccc ggcaccatca aaaagatcat cttcaagttg gcagtgtgaa    185580
     tcggggatag aacagtgagt agggtttggc taaacaaggg gagcaaagaa aacaggaaac    185640
     acatgtagag gacagagcat ggcaagaggg accagagtgc caaggttagg atcacatctt    185700
     tgaagtcaat agaaatagta acagcaccca aatgcctcac aaatctctct aacacatctc    185760
     taggctggtt aggaatctgc caacagtgtt agctgaggct gcagatagaa gaaggctaaa    185820
     gaataggttc ctttttccac caataatctt gagcagaagc ttgtgcacac acgagcttgc    185880
     ttgagatgac agagacagct gtggatttca aatgaaaact tgtagctccc ttctcagctc    185940
     acacaaccac cttgaacacc tggaacaagt gactgcccct gtgggaatcc ctatgatgca    186000
     ggtacccaag acccttttcc tcttcctcat tgcaggagca ggattggaga ggccatgcca    186060
     agagaccgct gtactggctg ggggaactga atcagtccaa catgtctcct cctgatgccc    186120
     agatctgtga ctatgtcctc ttgagtgaca tggtcatcac ctctgcagat gtgatgaaag    186180
     tgaggatcat gaattatgag ggtgagggac aaatcctgaa tgatcccatg ggcttgaggg    186240
     ggcagcttag atactctagg agagtggcag ggtcagagaa ggagaccaga cgacagaggc    186300
     agaggggaga gtaagatgcc ttgaagagga aagagggacc atggaccaag ggatgtgcag    186360
     cctctggggt agaatgggca gggagcaggt tttctctaga gtcttcagaa gtagagaacc    186420
     ctcagcagga ggggacagtc tgatgacacc ttgatgctca cctgttacgc tgattttgga    186480
     actttgacct ccagggctgt aagacagtaa tgtgggttgt gtaactcacc atacctgttt    186540
     caacttgtca ctgtggccac agaaaacagc cattccagtg cctggcttag ttgggagcca    186600
     acccagaaaa atctcccaac tctgcagatc ttatagaagc acttcctttc attaaagcaa    186660
     gatgatggtg aattttgctc tttgcatgta gaaaacaagt ttcccaaaaa acttcatttt    186720
     acttcttagg gaggcgctaa agaacaagca gatgacctgg aaatatgcaa ttacttaagc    186780
     agcagcaggc tcttcccaga gaagaactta agggtgtact ctaacaaagg cagcctgcaa    186840
     gcctggccac cactgaagga gccttatagc caagcagagt gaccaaaggc cctttgatag    186900
     ggtcaggtgc tcaaggtttt ggagcaagga gcttcccaaa agctgtaaac acagtgaatt    186960
     gactttgtgc ataggatgtg ctcgtgtttt attaataagc cctgtgtaaa ggtccaggac    187020
     aggagagaag acagaaccga ggtgaacctc gttacactgc ctcttttcca gagacaggac    187080
     tgtgtgaata atccctcatt ggagaaggcc atgggtggta gactgtggca tctgctctct    187140
     tcagctctgg ttggagcaga cagactaaca agccaagcct ctacagaccc aacaccagga    187200
     gcctatcaca ctgctacagt gaaaccctcc agtcctggcg aatacctgga acaggaagtt    187260
     gaaaggcaca gttctattct ctgctatgag ccaaaggaat catagtccat ctttggactt    187320
     ccatttgcca agccacagcc aaacacagct aacatgaagg tcagtactct atggtccaga    187380
     tagacagacc cggctctggc tccgtgtcca gctctgctgt cttttctcat ctccctactg    187440
     gagttggtag ggtaggccct ggcagcctta ccaagctggg ctcacccact catcctcaat    187500
     gagccaatta aagagacagg attagtgaag aggaacaaat agagcagtcc aatacccacc    187560
     aagtccatct ttgggctact gactggaggt gtagatttaa gtagagggcg ataggtgtgc    187620
     aaaactaagc agtcttagac aagatagggt ctttcttatc agttacccat atttaactgg    187680
     gctctagtct ctcctggaag gtggcctgac agttataaga actgtgtgcc atctcttact    187740
     aggtagggga caatgtcccc tctggcagcc tccaagcttc tgtcctttct ttctcccagt    187800
     atgaaattcc tagaaacgtc caattcttta gggtttatcg tttcgatagt ctgacagctg    187860
     aagggagggc acaggtgtct ctccttagaa catactcctt ccaggacacc cccagatgaa    187920
     gttcagctca agccggagca cttgccagct ccccaacgcc agctcacttt ctcaacccct    187980
     gagcaaagga agctagccct ccacctgcct acctctgggc tgcgctctgc aatcttctgt    188040
     caggttcctt cttccgctta ctttgggttc ccataaaggc agcccagaga caagaccttg    188100
     ggtgcagggg gcacttatct agaaggtaac ctcaagaagc ataggggagg aggtgggaga    188160
     gcagaaagga gatgtgggtt gaattagaat ccacaaaaag aaatatcagc tcctaccctc    188220
     attggtgtta cctgggagta tcagtttaga aacagggcct ctgcaggaga gaacagtgaa    188280
     gagcttttcc tataattaac ttttaagtta atgccccgtg attaagggta gtcccttata    188340
     tgacacaact agactgcaga ttcctctatg ttatccagac tgatctcaaa tggtctcaag    188400
     taatcctcct gactctgcct ccctagctcc tacgaatata agccactgtc cctggagtcc    188460
     atctaagaag cagtgacagt ctaccacata aaggtgcaga cacaaagaga ggagatataa    188520
     agagagggca gaggtcggtc agatcttata aagagagggc agaggtcggt cagatcggta    188580
     caaccgtaaa tcaagagaca ttgcacttcc caccaaccac cagaagctga cagtgagagc    188640
     atggctctgc ccacacactg aactgtgaga gaataagtct ttgttgctct gagccccaca    188700
     gtgtgcaggc tttgttataa cagccctagc atatctatat ttatttgttg gttggttggt    188760
     tatatgctat atattatata ttactatagt atatattatt gtatattaca tattattgct    188820
     atatatgtta tatgtgtatt ataactatat attatcatat tgttatgatt tatacatatc    188880
     taaaacaata tatagaattt atatatatta catattctat ttgtattata tattttataa    188940
     tctaatatgg ttatatataa tatttaaaat aataaatgca tagtctttat ttgagtgtgt    189000
     atatgcacat atacacatat ctatcccaat ggtctatttc tctgactgga attttaatga    189060
     caaatgtcac ctcttaagcc atacaacatc tgtataagct gcattaatta cttttctgct    189120
     gctgtgataa aacgaaatga ccaaagtaac ttaaagaaga aagaattatt ttggcttatg    189180
     gttacagagg cataagggaa ccatggcaaa aaggcagccg gcatggcgac aggaactggt    189240
     tgttgagagc tcccgttctg agccatgagc acaaggcaga gagagtgccc tgcaagtggt    189300
     gtgagccttt cactctcaaa gcccgcccct cagtgagaaa cttcctctag gaaggctaaa    189360
     ctacctaaat cttgccagag ctgccaactg gggaagtgtt taaatggcca agactatggg    189420
     aacatttctc attgaaacta atcacatgtg tcttggaaaa ggccaagacc ctgtcccatt    189480
     caagaagctg aagatgcctc tctgcctttc tctcagccag gaaaactgat atttgataaa    189540
     ggatctgcca ctctgatgca cgcaggatcc tgtgacagag actaggcctg tgtgaaggcc    189600
     aggtggggaa aactagggac agcaaaacta tccatatatc agttctagga gcttctgggg    189660
     ctgagtacag cagcagtgtc caatgccacg tgaagccaat cctacccgtg aggtgccagt    189720
     acccactgga caccccagtg tgtctccctg ggtcctgcag cgactttgaa cagtcttgct    189780
     gcagaacctt caaagctagc tatcaaatcc attctgggat cctgagaact ggccgacttt    189840
     tctctaatgc agttctgttt tgctttaatg aacagaatta acctcaactg cttgcagctc    189900
     cgctccttga tgtcatgcga tcctgagcac acagcacttt atactttgct tgcagcccct    189960
     ctggttctag gattgagtta ggagacttta gagtaggtcc tgaccagacc cgagcttgcc    190020
     ccattccagg cagggtatgg acactgctgt ccatggtttg agatgtaggt ttgggtggtc    190080
     ggtcacacct ggcttgggat gctaactggt ctctacagct ctgcccttgg gtgagtcatt    190140
     gcagtagagt atataaatta ctcttctcat tactacaaca gaatacatga cgtagagagt    190200
     gtgtcatata agacatagac tgtcgcgtcc gctctcgacc agcaagaacg acacgaccac    190260
     cagtccttct aacagcagtt tattcagtct tcatctttct tcttgtttat atctcccccg    190320
     aaccctgggc ctctcactct tatatactct cagttcccat ccactcacag caggccacgt    190380
     cacctcacca ggtacgcagc ttcagctaat cagggcagca ggggcatatc tccaccaaaa    190440
     tggatttgcc agtatcctgg tacacctgcg cagctctgat gatggttgtg gcttatattc    190500
     aggtgaggaa gtcaggtgca agtcatacga tttaggtgca gtccctggcg cctttgggac    190560
     tgccgccaca cacacccgct cctcacaata gacagagcat ttatatatgt aaataagtct    190620
     ttttttagtg ggttttccta cttaattaac ctcatttata aaatccctca caattatgcc    190680
     cagaggtttc catccacagg attctggatt gtgtcaagtt gacagtatta accatcacac    190740
     ttgacccctc tgaactttat ctataaatca cccatggtga cccagcatgt ctttttttgg    190800
     gtcaaattca cttgtgactt actttttttt tttttttcaa gacagggttt ctctgtgtag    190860
     ccctagctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcaaactca gaaatccacc    190920
     tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc accacaccca gctctcttgt    190980
     cactttttga gagatgggca caagtctcca gggagctctt cagagttttc tcaggttctt    191040
     tctagacaga aataactatc tagggctggt gatatgactc agcaagtaaa agcacttgcc    191100
     accaagcccg acaacctgag tttgatccca ggacacactt ggtggaagaa aaaaggaatt    191160
     cctcaaagtt aacctctgac ttttatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    191220
     acacatacac acacactgtt tcttgagttt tttgatctta gccatcctga cagatataag    191280
     atgaaatctt agagtaattt tgatttgcat tttcctgatg gctaaggatg ttgaacattt    191340
     ctttgcttct ccaccattag ggatttctct gttgagaatt ctctatttgg atccgtaccc    191400
     catgttttaa ttagactttt tggtttgttg aaatctagtt tcttgggtcc tttatattta    191460
     ttggatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatccacag atagatagct    191520
     ctatagatat agctatatgt acctatataa ctacatatag acatatagac atagacatgg    191580
     atatatagag agagatagag atagaggtag agatagagac agagacagaa acagagacag    191640
     agctatgtct ttggatatat tttggatgta gggttggtga agatctttcc caattctgta    191700
     ggctggtgtt ttgtccttta gatgatatct ttggccttac agaagccttt taatttcatt    191760
     aggtcccatt tattaattgt cgaccttagt gcctgcaaca ctggtgttct gttctgtagg    191820
     ttctttcctg tgccaatgtg ttcaagataa ttctctcttc tcttaggttt actgaatgtt    191880
     gtttgatgtt aaggtctttg atccacttgg aattgaggat ttttttttct ttttcctttt    191940
     taattgttaa gagtgtctgt tcaggctggt tttgctagca gggctgaagt acattccatg    192000
     ttaggcagct gtgttggcca tggcatgagg aatgcctctt gggatggtga agaggacaaa    192060
     ggacatgggt ctccgtcttc caaatgccag ctaggaaatg ggattcagac aacagtactt    192120
     agctcctgga tccctctggg tctgaaatgt aacctactgc tgatctcttc tgttatagga    192180
     gccaatcagt cttctcttca tctgaagctg gttgaaatta gagtttttca tctcgatgaa    192240
     gtctctgggt aggattaaat gagaaagctc agagaatgtg ctgagcacag atctcaagac    192300
     ggcctgcgga atcgtctttt acaggatact taaggatacc cagcagcctg ccaggactga    192360
     atcccaccca gccttagaag cttaggttcg gtctggagcg ctgaccacac acaatttttt    192420
     attctgctta acattgtgct gtggaaattt tcccttgtca tcaatagtct ttaaaagcct    192480
     gatttgtaat gtgtaataaa tccgaaatga ggcttttcca ttttaaaaat tgccatcctc    192540
     agatcattgg acatcaaaat tcttttctat tttccacttt gtaagttaga ccagaaaagc    192600
     atgtttgcac ccaaacccct gactgcacca cagattgttt gcctgggatg ggtttctact    192660
     tgtggaatgg ctgacggcgg acatttggag ctcctgaaac ccattgcgat gttcagcttt    192720
     caactggtat gtcctttcgc tgccccattc ctctgttaac agattctcgt gggcagaaat    192780
     tcttccactg ccaccattaa ttcagtgccg tgggccgaga gctgtgtggt acaccatcta    192840
     tgtgcctttc attgttttta ccaccaatca cacaggtggg ataattcccc aactttggag    192900
     atgaagaaat gacctcaaat taggtttacg gcttcgacag gcaacagagg taaaaaaaaa    192960
     aaaaaaaaag cctgaggcga gatgtgctta gagctgcctg gtgggaactt ctactgttct    193020
     gcatgaaatc cataaagaaa gaggaatcac cggccaacaa gttgactcca gaggtgagta    193080
     cacgggcctg atgatcaaat ttggagaccc ttacccccat ttccataagg agtatcttga    193140
     gagatgtcct ctggcttctg cttatgtgtc atgcacacac atgtctgcac acacacacaa    193200
     aactaaataa gtgtctaaat aagtgtcatt taagaagaga aaaggagcta cccacatggt    193260
     ttctgtccga tgacctaaat ttgattttag ggaatcacat aatgggtcca acaagttgtc    193320
     ccatgacttc cacctgaatg tccccccaat aaaataaata aaggtaattt taaatatttt    193380
     taattttaaa aatgaaaagg agcaattgtt tcttactggg aatcctacct caaaataatt    193440
     cccccagtca atgcctggat acatcccttt gtgatgcctt cagatatcat actggaagca    193500
     cagtctgtta tttggggtac agatcataaa ggtatacctt atgaaaatca gggcttgttg    193560
     cacctaggat cctttctaag caaagtgcag tttcctgttg aggtcaagtc tcatgtagag    193620
     caagaagccc catgagcact gcatggggca ctacgttgtc actgggcgat gactgactgt    193680
     tgcctccaga ggccctcctt ggtgaggtca aggaaagagg agccactaag caggccagtc    193740
     actaaaccca cctcaggact gcaggagagg gaaaggggcc actgggcaat tggtaactat    193800
     aggaatggga ccaatacaca aacctcagat caagacattg gatctacagc cacggggtgg    193860
     gtctggaaat ttagggacat ggattactat gtcttagcat ataggaactc cacttgcttc    193920
     atccctaagc agatcttcca tctgtatatt ttgaccacat cttatgcact gatgtcccag    193980
     gtctaccctc cagccgtctc caggcatcaa tctgccagag cctccctttc cccaccctac    194040
     tgatacctaa cacttagcct ataaacaaca ggacagtagt ccaggtatgc ccaaagccag    194100
     tggtgtggat tctagcgagc ctctgaggtg ggggaaagag gccaaatagc atggcccagt    194160
     gatctttaac aaatggaatc cccctgcctt atctggttat gatgtcagtg tgattgtgac    194220
     agactgtgac catgacgaca gtgtgatcat gatgagagtg tgatcctgat ggcagtgtga    194280
     tcatgatgag agtgtgacct ttggcagtgt ggtcatgact acagtgtaac catgactaaa    194340
     gtgagatcat ggcaacagtg tgatctaggg tcttttccct tctgatccat ggagacactg    194400
     ggtttccaga attcatctca ccctccttga ctcttgtctt ctcttgaaga taatgttaac    194460
     aaaattatca tatcatttcc tcccaaacta cagcatgcaa gcctgacagt gaggtaagga    194520
     tggagtttag gattttcaga acgcttgtca tttcccagca gttattgctt tgggatttgg    194580
     gacataagaa ctacttgcta ccaaccagac tactttctgc aatcaggggc acagaagtca    194640
     aggtgtatgg taagtctcca tcttaccata tattctcatg tcagtttaag acaaaatcat    194700
     gtggaatctt aaggactggg gtttccctct ctgccctcca ccctctaccc cttaactcat    194760
     gtgatattac agtcttgaac ttaaatataa aacaactttt ctaaaattct gcttcaaaga    194820
     gctggtgagt gtttacccaa cccctaggca tagctcctca ggcagagggg tggcgttccc    194880
     aacccctaga agccagacta aaatttctct catgcatgca aacttcctag aaaggctttg    194940
     gaaagtggag gcccaggcct tctccatcat ggcacatgca tgggttgatg catcagtctt    195000
     tagccaccaa ccccttttct tcctcaacta ttctcctgaa tcaagaaaat gttcctttgc    195060
     tccctggaga tccacagctt cctgagggct tgaggttgag atgtggagaa gattgtggcc    195120
     acaccccttc cctattgtat tttttctcca agtgatggga cagcgcacaa aagtagaaga    195180
     gaatggcctc atgagatggt aggttcctgg aagggctaga ccctgccttg tcatcttttt    195240
     atagacagta ttgagatgtc ccccgttggg tagaacttca tgccatgtac ataagctgcc    195300
     acagagccac aggtccttca catcctccca cacagaaaaa aaactctcct accaaatgcc    195360
     ctctgctttc aaaatcgcct gtaaaacatc tctcctagcc agaccactgt ctctctttca    195420
     tggcccatgg cattctggaa ttaagagagg gaggggattc tgcatactat acccaccctc    195480
     atagacacca ttaccctggg aggccttaga ccaccaggaa tactgcagca ctggctggta    195540
     gaggaggtga cttgagccca tggatagtca acctgtgaca ggccttcgcg ctccacaaga    195600
     ggcttctttt cctccagttt caatcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    195660
     tgttacacac acttgtgtgg aaatcagaaa acaacttgta aacatcagtt ctctcctatc    195720
     atgtgaatcc caaggtacaa acccacattg gcaggcagca ggagccttta cccactggtc    195780
     ggtccttttc ctccagtttt gaagatagca ctgctctact ctagttctag aaccagattg    195840
     gggtcacctt ggatcacttc agcagttctc ttgaacttgt aacccgtgac agccaggatc    195900
     taggtgtgca cccttctccc aaaggcactg gccttctaag ccacttccag tgaccacctg    195960
     aacccaggtt catcctgaag gcatgctgcc tttggccaca ccccagagag ccaacaggcc    196020
     cagtttcaga agcagctaag agggaaaaga cagcccagag gaattgtgct gatgtcatca    196080
     gatatcctct cgggcagaaa aggctaattt tctcgtcttc ctattttcct atgttcgatg    196140
     tttttcaatg aacttatatt acttttgtga ttagggggaa actatttaca atccagcctg    196200
     gctttcctac aggctgtgct tgtgtactta cagaggatct acttggaagg gtggggtagt    196260
     ggcagagaaa gccctggcca agctgaggcc catcatccta tacccaagca atgaagcccc    196320
     ttctctgggc ctttctgggg tatgaagctt caaaaggtgc agtcatcaat ctctgcccta    196380
     cagaacgctg actgtcagcg tattccaggg cggggagttg gcagtaagca tcctttattc    196440
     aggacaattt gaccagaaca gtgagggggc agggctaagc ccactcagca tcaagactcg    196500
     gaggtactgt atgcacactt ccccagcctt ttccaggata ttgagaagcc ttacttagca    196560
     gacagacttt cagaggaaga ggggttacta agaaggcctt acagaggcat ggcctgcccg    196620
     tgggcaccag gagaatccaa ggctaggttc tcttccaagc tatccagacc taagccaaag    196680
     ctttaaaggc cctgctcaac caccttgctt tgaaatgtgg ggtgaacagc aagtaaggag    196740
     tttctgtttg agtgaccaaa tcgggtccct tagctcagga cagactccaa cagctgagaa    196800
     gcatggagtt cccaccaagg ctggtgatcc ggtcccctct gattaacagt taatgtgttg    196860
     attcaaattg atttggtgat tgcagggaac aaaacagaaa tctgtaatcc atatgtgtgc    196920
     aaagttaacc atttgttgcc tgtgactttt ttttttagcc aggcagcagc caaagtgaac    196980
     caccacacaa gaagactggg tatcttgccc cacccctgcc cgagagcata ggcacggctg    197040
     gggcagcttc ctcaattccc cagccatcct tcaactggct ccacccactc tgaggatcag    197100
     cagaagtgtg gggctggaga gatggctcag tggtttagag cactgactgt tcttccagag    197160
     gtcctgagtt caattcccag cagccacatg gtggctcaca accgtctata atggagtcca    197220
     atgcactctt ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc taccgtgtac tcatacaaat aaaaataaat    197280
     agatctttta ttttaaaaaa aacacaaaaa caaaaacaga agcatgtctc aactcacacc    197340
     ctgcctctgg acaccccctt agccactcat actcttaaag ccggctacaa gacactactt    197400
     aaaagtcacc tctgacctct ggctcccatg ggcttgtcac cagctctgcc ccatctccct    197460
     tcaggcccca cttctcagag tttccctgtg tttgtctctc cgaggcactg aggtaccatc    197520
     tgtctttcct tggctttcac cctctggccc ctggcatggt tctagcactg tcagcaccct    197580
     ataaatgcca gttgaatcct aaattgctca tcaatttgtg aaattaaccc acctccacct    197640
     ctcgtggcag ttgtctataa attaattcac gatgcctatg tgagcaggga cagacacggg    197700
     aaggaaatcg aggcagcctt cccccctcac cttccaggga gaccttcccc acactcactc    197760
     tcttcttttt ccttcacata tgtattttgg gtgaatgaac ttctgtgctt gaataaatat    197820
     gcagttcttc ctgttggaag tgcaataaat cactgcaaac aagaggcacc ccgcacagtg    197880
     gagatggaat ggcttttgcc agcactatca gaaggaggca gtgacatcaa taatgctgcc    197940
     tgtcagagca gaggaaggaa atcaaagccc ttcctgggaa ggatcctatt taattgatgt    198000
     attcacaggg gcatagactc tgatcgatgc agcctggcaa ggaccaagga aaggccaagg    198060
     tggggtgtgg agactaggta gtgcccaaac cacccagccg caagcagaca gcaaaacctc    198120
     cactctgccc cggcttttcc acctcttaga atgtataact atttttttct tttctttaag    198180
     atttttaaga tttattttta tgtgtgtgag cgttttgcct gcatgcatga aagtgcacca    198240
     tatgtataca gtccctgtag aggctagaag agggtgtgtg attccctgga tctggaacta    198300
     tgaatggtta tgagccacca gtgggttcta gggaccaatc tcaggtcctc aggaagagca    198360
     gcaggtactc ttaactgctg aaccatccgt cctgctccat ggttcttgtt ttccattgct    198420
     atatcaaaat agctcaggct agacatctta caaagaaaaa tggtttatgc agctcatagt    198480
     tttagaggct gaggtcaaat atcagaggat gtcatctgtt tagcctctcg tgagagcctc    198540
     acagaaggca gcctagcaat tgcaggagct atgcaggaga acccagctgg gccgataggg    198600
     tcatgggcca gactcaccca ttttatattt agttcactag ggaacaatca tggcatcaca    198660
     agaatcatat cagcccctcc cagtgatcta accaccaccc actgggcccc cctcagtgct    198720
     actaccacac ttggggccaa gtttccattc cacaaatctg aggcaaagta tagcaatacc    198780
     cagcttggtg ccagatcaaa ccagcctcag gggtgctctc tgcaggatct agtcaacaat    198840
     gcccacacct agctacaacg tgaaatccat aaagttggct agatggagga ctctgttgga    198900
     gttgaccagc atcaaacaca tatccacgac tacatgctct gattctatcc caggaaaatg    198960
     aactaactga tcagcaacag ctcttgagta aaaccgtgag tcgctcaatg cagtggctgg    199020
     ggctcatgtt tatcctctca cagaccaaat ctgcttgctc atcaaagctt tgctccatgg    199080
     gcctgtagcc ctgctgtgaa tcacaagtac ccaggaaatc agttcatata tggtagctta    199140
     accccagagg acatgtgaag gcagggtgag cacccacagg tcactggcat attccacaca    199200
     gagactgagg atcactaaac ccgtaggagg gcagaagagt gggtcactct gccagctctt    199260
     cctgaacatc aagaaaattg gtcctgataa gagcctcagc tttttttggc gggggggggg    199320
     ggggtgttga gatagggttt ctctgtgtag ctcaagctgc ctgtgactca ctctgtagac    199380
     caggctggcc tcaaactcag agatccacct gcctctgcct cctgagtgct gggattaaag    199440
     gtgtgcacca caaccccctg acagaacctc agctttataa acaatttgca atgcagtcct    199500
     gtacacccac tgaccacaat ggcccactca ggcccaagaa tccactccac agaccataca    199560
     gagcagatac taagtctagc agagtagctg ttgcagctca cgtcacagag agctttcttt    199620
     acatgcacaa aaccctgggc ggaatcccca gcaccacgta gcaagatgtg tcagctcaca    199680
     ctcagatccc agacctccag aggtggaggt aggagggtta gaagttcaag gtcatcttca    199740
     gctatacgtc aacctcaagg tcatcttagg atacatgaga ccttttattt ttttctttct    199800
     agatctgggc tccactcgat ctgggcatca gatttcattc tagatggttg tgagccacca    199860
     tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcaggacct ctggaagagc aatcagtact cttaacagct    199920
     gaaccatctc accagccgag accctatttt ttttaaagat ttatttattg tgtatacaat    199980
     gttctaccta caatatgtct gcacaccaga aaaggatacc agatctcaaa acagatggta    200040
     ataagccacc atgtggttgc taggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagag ctgtcagtgc    200100
     tcttaaccgc taagccatct ctccagctcc ccattcccca cttttatttg tgaaacaagc    200160
     attgatttgt ttgagacact cagatttaag gaaccttacc attcaatcat ttttctaaat    200220
     aaaattaaac ccagctgagg tccctgataa cccttacctg gtaccctaac tccagggcag    200280
     atctgtctga aacatcacca ttctgatttg gaaataatcc atggagagct ggtggggaga    200340
     cgccatgatt ccaagacagg tctttgatgc aggcagccag cccggtccag ccagactcct    200400
     tgagatcctg agataggaaa gggacacctt atctgctttc ccaaacctca cccccagagc    200460
     ctagtgtgat gattaatctc aactgtcaac ttgatcagat ctggaaacaa atcagtggca    200520
     cgcctctggt taggtctacg agggtgtttc caggagggat taaccaagaa agaagtccct    200580
     cccccaaagc ggggtgtact ttacctaagg tggcaccaac aggatgaaga ccaagggaaa    200640
     gcaatggtat cctgtctgct gctgccagcc ttcacgtcag cttcttcagc cttcttacat    200700
     agacggaaga ctagcctctc tccaggaatt cccctagcct tcaacaccag actgggacag    200760
     ctgaggatgg actaagtccc cagacgtaag aacaccaggt agcctttgta ggctcagtca    200820
     aagcctcaca gggccccagc taagactttt ctccagcttg agccggacag agagcatcac    200880
     cagacgccca ccagctggat tgcaagggcc attctgtgaa caacaatgta ctttctccat    200940
     tccaatggtg aattacttag gggtaaaatg cttgtggagt caacctcttc cactccatac    201000
     ctgcccacgt gcattcttct gagaccatga cgaaggacaa tgggaaccca ctcactttca    201060
     tctggtcttc agacaatgtc tctgggaatc cactacatgg gtgggacctc tgtgcagggc    201120
     ctgtctcctc aaatcacctg cctgattcta gtcagccacc tggcagtgag agacttgttc    201180
     ctccccaagc tggtgtgtgg cagaggaggt tgaggaccag ctgaccccct gcagagagca    201240
     atgagaacaa ggtgatgagc cctgcaatga actccagaca tgagtctctg cacggctgat    201300
     gtccatgatg ccagcactgc agatcctaaa tctttgggag gaagtggccc aggaccactt    201360
     gctcagtaac ctctcttctc ctaccttccc cagtcaccct ttctctgtcc tatctaggcc    201420
     tgagaagcat tgctcaaccc tgggacccta cctccagcaa caagtcactg gtcatcccca    201480
     ttcctaaggg gacttcattt ccctgcccct tagaatccat ttatcaaata agcctacaca    201540
     aatgctgctg agaatctgtg ccaggcagag agcagagggc acaaagtcca gtgatctctc    201600
     aagggcccag caggagccat gaggattcat ccagcccatt ttttaacaaa aataacaagt    201660
     tgatgctgac tatagaaatg actcttaact gccaccatcc ctgccacgtg ggatcatctt    201720
     gttataagct agcctgtaaa cagcagttca gagtatgtca ctttcccagc gtctcacaga    201780
     gcccgtccat cttcacactg ccatgcatct catctgcagt agatgagact cttccgcact    201840
     tcccacccat ggccagatac accccagaga agggaggcca catggatggt agccgaaggt    201900
     tgtctatgct gaggagcaac actggcacaa ttgcttctca cttcaccttg tgtagagacc    201960
     cacccacctg cgagaggcag acctgtggcc aaaggcccga ccccatcatg ctgtgaactt    202020
     ggccaagtca gttaacctca cagagcttgt gcaagtgcgg agaatcatag tgaagagatg    202080
     ctgatgcttc aaaatgtttg ccaccccagg gcacagagaa ggcaggaagg catgggcata    202140
     tccacacaac acagcgaaca cagggcagaa atgcctctac ccatagaacc agggactcct    202200
     ccaatcccag gcagcagaat gcagagggac aggtggagaa ctctgcttgc ctgcacagta    202260
     cccgaagggg gctggtatat gagagttacc cctctccaag tgttgtctcc tcagggagtc    202320
     cagattgggc tggtgcatca gcaaggttaa ggggtttccc ccagaacggc ccccacaagg    202380
     tttccagagt gactgctctg cagagccaat agatgtccaa ttccaatttg tgggacatag    202440
     tgggcatttc ctcctattcc ttccgacagt cctcagtcac accactagag tcctccctga    202500
     ttaattggca agccggtccc atcccaggag aactgaatgg gtccttctgc tccaggcaca    202560
     tctcacacag tgtccctttg tagccctctg gcaacccaaa ctgaggcctc agctgtttac    202620
     cctgggtgca agttcggctt tttcttctgg ctgccacctt caaagcacag gcaaagctgt    202680
     gggtggggcc ccaggtgggg ctgtagccac aaagcaggcc tgtcaggata gctgttttta    202740
     ggggtgtgtg ggtatgggtg tccagccagt actgaacaaa atgaggggag ttctgctgct    202800
     ggcaagtcgg ggaagacaca gctcagatgc tcctcagtga gccaggatct cctgtccatt    202860
     aaaaagccta tggcctatgg cttaggcaat atcaggaacc atctgggaga ggctaaggct    202920
     agcaggtgat tttccagagg tggcccacta attttgcatg gctcacaatg ggtgagctct    202980
     gagaggcaag gtcccaagag acttcatctc aagattgctt cttgaagctg atatgccttt    203040
     ctctgtcact attacatagt ctaatgattc ctgggcatta gcccacgcta tagggcagat    203100
     ttcctgcaga tcaacataaa gatgaacttt cataaattaa tgctgtttag atgaattaat    203160
     gattttatag aactcatgat ttgattacaa taattttagg tagaaagttt taagagatgg    203220
     tcttagttgt tttgcctgaa agatgtaaga aagttagaat caagaatgga atgtgccccc    203280
     tcctcataaa atagtgagga acagcttcat ggtaaggaat ccaataagct tttgcaatta    203340
     cactaaaaag agaaataggc ttgggacaaa tctgtgatca aagaaaaacc ttcattctag    203400
     gtcagatctg aggatgaggc cactggtgtg caccacgata aagtgaggcc atgtgaaact    203460
     gttgctttga acttataatg agcttatagc ttaaaacact gctttgaact taatatcaac    203520
     atccttctgt aactcccctt ctgtgtaaca ttgtatctat gaggtcattt tctaaagaac    203580
     ttttgtctaa gaatctgtaa gaaggccaga gaaaaggtat aagggggtgg ctacccacca    203640
     aatgtatgtg ggtggcattt ggggctcagc tccacatgta catatgtcta tgtctgttca    203700
     tctatacata catgtgtaaa tatatgtgta tgtatataag tatgcaagaa cacttgtgaa    203760
     gttgatgaga caagtggttg ggcctgacca gaatgtatgt gagtgtatgt gtgcctgtgc    203820
     atattgccta tgtaaaatat tttccttttt ttcttctctt ttcttcctgg ttcatgaaga    203880
     ggtaacaagt ccaagcctct aacatggcca gcgagaggtt cttgagccag agagaaggga    203940
     gccctaacaa ttaagctttt tttttctttt ttctttttgt ttgttttagg ccaatgtcat    204000
     taataccatt gtagcacttg caaacaaaat attgccacac aatttcttta aatggactaa    204060
     atttttaaaa tacatatcat cgcaaaattc acgttatgta aagaatgtga gcatagttca    204120
     ccaattactg tacacattat aaaaaactga ctaacgaact aaagtctctt ctaagtctca    204180
     tgcagtctct taactgtagc cacctgtaaa gtcaaaatga agaagcagct cacatacttc    204240
     caacatacaa tggcccagta tatacactac cattccaaac tggaggaagg gagcttagtg    204300
     ctaaaaaacg gaccaaagcc aagcagagca aactccaaac cctgcatgct cacgcccgat    204360
     gtcacggtgc tcctcacagc tccgagtcct ctcagttttc ttcactgaag cgtgcttctc    204420
     tctctcaggc tggttccaca cctgttttgc agctttcctt ggcagctttt tttccctcaa    204480
     ctttgacatc tccaacatct tgggctctcc caaacaatcc aggcttttcc gaaagtcctc    204540
     tataccctcc ttccaccctg ctcccctacc cacccactcc cacttcttgg ccttgatgtt    204600
     ccaccccata atcagccacc aaacccagac actattgcgt aaaccagcaa gattttgctg    204660
     aaaggaccct gatatagctg tctcttgtga ggctatgcca gtgcctgcaa acaaagaagt    204720
     ggatgctcac agtcatctat tggatggaac acagggcccc cgatggagga gctagagaaa    204780
     gtacccaagg agctgaaggg gtctgcaacc ctaaaggtgg aacaacaata cgaactaacc    204840
     agtacccccc agagctcatg tctctagctg catatgtagc agaagatggc ctagtcggcc    204900
     atcattggga agagaggccc cttgatctgg caagcttttt ttttcctaat cccctgatgc    204960
     taacggaagg agtttattac cagaagccat tgggttttgg cctttgaatt gcaaagagtt    205020
     gtagacagaa gattggcaaa gataaataaa ctttggcctc actgctgact ccatacccca    205080
     tcactgcctt tccttgggac cctttcatgc tgggctagac tccagcaagg caggaagtag    205140
     aaggtggaac atctgggagg aggaagaatt ctgggataga accaggcatg gatgatctgc    205200
     ccggaaagat gtgagaagat gaatgcatgg tacctaaaca atgaaaccag actcatggca    205260
     gaatgtacat taaaataaat ggattatctt aagtataatt ctagtcagag aagagcctag    205320
     ctttatggcc aaggtatttg taaatatatt ttgagtctgt gttgtatttc cgggagcatg    205380
     gggctgggga gggcaacgag aactggacct aacttctaca cctaccccca tctcttagat    205440
     acccactgag gctaagtttc ctccagagag gaaggcagaa cctctctcca cctggaatag    205500
     taccatcact atgccaaaag aacagtctct tgaagtgagc tgggactcaa acaagtgaga    205560
     gtaagggacc atgtccccgc cccaccacac agccacacac agaaccacac agggccactc    205620
     gggctggaga caggagtcct gggtcacaag cctgggacat aagagctgaa ttc           205673