ID   AC126453; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 172616 BP.
AC   AC126453;
DT   06-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   16-MAY-2004 (Rel. 79, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-244A6 from chromosome 6, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-172616
RA   Dauphin S., Bielicki L., Kohlberg S., Haakenson W.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-244A6";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-172616
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-172616
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-DEC-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-172616
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-MAR-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-172616
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (15-MAY-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
DR   MD5; 741260e7f5f01964e3052cccecf65c29.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456132.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000041477; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000051331; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031189; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031190; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031158; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031159; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031089; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031090; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031169; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031170; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0030539; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0030540; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0031627; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0031628; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030276; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030277; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0030852; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0030853; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031008; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031009; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0030960; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0030961; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031087; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031088; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0030994; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0030995; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0031656; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0031657; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0029991; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0029992; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030359; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030360; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC126453.5:1-172616; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000112777; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000112790; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000112793; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000188078; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000188106; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000219833; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000220022; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0079664; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0079686; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0079727; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0079749; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0079653; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0079675; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0079671; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0079693; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0077605; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0077610; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0080144; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0080166; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0079884; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0079906; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0079251; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0079273; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0079407; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0079429; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0079290; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0079312; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0079443; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0079465; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0079298; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0079320; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0080396; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0080418; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0079313; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0079335; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0078403; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0078425; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   GOA; A0A087WS67.
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DR   GOA; C7TQ59.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P805; A0A1W2P805_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; C7TQ57; C7TQ57_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; C7TQ59; C7TQ59_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7C376; F7C376_MOUSE.
CC   On Mar 6, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:26051078.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0244A06
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence; and
CC   the assembly was confirmed by  restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..172616
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /map="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-244A6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   tRNA            39723..39794
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=38.08 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-10.52)"
FT   tRNA            66875..66947
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=27.24 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-0.44)"
FT   misc_feature    72464..74195
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=69.6, o/e=0.91, #CpGs=211)"
FT   unsure          89303..89519
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
SQ   Sequence 172616 BP; 43734 A; 37656 C; 40612 G; 50614 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactg atacccctga ataaagtgtt acttcaaacc cctgaagacc aaggctgagg        60
     ggggtagtct ggtggtaaga atgtataagc ttgaggccct cacatcccca gctctgcaaa       120
     atacacaacg agatcaagta gaaacctagc ccctcctccc ccgctgccgt ttgaattcta       180
     ccaacaattt tatcattcag ttcaaatgct ggcatttacc tagaggtttc atttctcaat       240
     gtcactgtac cctctgtccc tgcagacttt catttcagct tcagttattc tggtcccaac       300
     tctagcatcc cctatctact tcaaggcaat catcctctca acacccgaac tccagtttct       360
     tttagaacga gtgcctcctt gtgatgctaa cgcactgact ctccacatat tttctcacag       420
     cttatcaagc atccttgtga ccataagcct tcagttactc cctactgcta gaaaaataag       480
     cctcagactc ctcagtctgc cattctgtct aatagtatca cttatgctaa tacaaaccct       540
     ctacaccaga gtaaatccct tactgtccct ttagacagga ggctctgtgt ctctactttt       600
     gcctttcttc ctattgagac ttccagtcct gaagcccaac ctaagactgg tcactgtaca       660
     aggccttcaa cagcatagca gccctgtgag gcttaaatgg aaaccagttc ttgggatggc       720
     gtatcttgta tttatcttaa acctgaatgt gggtaagtgt acttatgtca atcagagttt       780
     acactagttt tgtatttcat ctatgtgctc ccactaggtg acagaattca gggaagatat       840
     ttatgaagaa atatgcatga ataaaatgaa gtcattaaga ccatatatgg actgtgtgtc       900
     tgtgtgaatg tgtgacgtta atgatatctg ataaaaagaa atgactaaaa gcatgagctt       960
     attaattaaa ttaatcctga aacatcatta actaaacaat ggaagactga gagacacact      1020
     caatcctggg gtgtgctttt ttaagcctca gggtgaggga aggtgagcca caaagccctt      1080
     tccaaccact gattaattta gctttcctaa cagtgcacct cttatctctt ggcagtgcgt      1140
     agtgttcaag gactgtgtgc aactcactgg catcaaacga tgactatgtt ctgctaaacc      1200
     aagtattaag gctgaggttg gagttagagc ctgaaattgg tgtcatcagg atatagctgg      1260
     tgacattatg tgttatttta ttcctcttgc tgactggtaa tttcagatgg atttggctgt      1320
     tattcatgga agtaaaactg cccttcaaga agtgacaaaa atacattaaa atatttcgag      1380
     tcatttttct aatagaatat gcttacctcg tataaacaaa caaggttccc tccactccag      1440
     tcttctccta gaaacaaagc aaacacatcc catctgtacg tctcttcatt ctaaggcaga      1500
     gggaacttac agaacgccag gaaaacacac ccattctcta gtagacgaag tggcagtata      1560
     gaacagaggc cacccaaggg gaaggcgtgg gcttgacgtg accagggcct gctgagcagg      1620
     cattacgtgg tcaccattct ctttcccaga cgaggtgtga gtggccggcc tggctggaac      1680
     agagaaaagt gagctctcga tctcatcaga aagagatggc gggtgtgtgc cttctccatc      1740
     caccaaatgg catgcccggc aagctgtcag ggaaactgtt gtctgcatct cattaccctt      1800
     cacttcctct tgtgttcacc accatgtccc atcactagga gagcagatga tctgtcaata      1860
     actactctga ttactaccca gacaagcact gtgctagagc cttcaagtgt acaagcacct      1920
     ctctctttgg catgaacaac tgcagagtca ttttggccaa agacgtgaaa caacactaca      1980
     cacaactatt accaagttag gactcgagaa cagccaggga aaacctgggg gaggtgaagt      2040
     ttcgaggaga gtttgagttc tctggctttc cttccatttc tccaggacag gaggaacttg      2100
     gggctcccca ggctcctgct catcaacatt attaccacaa tgcagctctt tgcttaacta      2160
     gtaatgagat tattctaatt cagaatttaa tgtgtgcttt tggaatttac ataatttaac      2220
     ttcaccattc tattatccta cttaagtctc taatatttca tagttttcgt tacccagatc      2280
     atttaaaact aaactctata attctgatgc aagatatact ctttaagaga aaggtataat      2340
     attagagtaa cattttttaa aggcacagat ttgaaagcat gatcttctca agtaatctac      2400
     acgattacaa ctgtcttctc tgtgacttag tacaggggtt tttgaagagt ggtgtccaga      2460
     tgagaagcag cagggtcacc tgggagcctg ttaagagacc acagccttag gcctctgagc      2520
     cgaattgaca taaccggcaa gagcttaggc aatacataac accttaaaag ggaattgcaa      2580
     aagccaagta cttggcacta tgagttacac tgatgggaaa ctaaggcagg caagacactt      2640
     ctgtgcatgc acagcgggcc ccatggctac aagaccaaaa gcagtttcct gctctgcagt      2700
     atttgacccg ggcctgttct catggaaatg caactcagac ctttcatagt gtcagcacac      2760
     ataggctgat tgattctgac tggtatttcc cccttgcaac aaaaattctc tttactttaa      2820
     aaacaaaaat tttaatgact ttagtttaga ataatccaaa atcagaattt taactataac      2880
     tcacaaaaac aattcttaaa cttgagtctt atttggagtt acgcatggga tggaattatg      2940
     gctcagtaat tacaatatgg gcctggagtg aggctcctgc cagatcacac tgggataatt      3000
     catttactgt tgtctcatct tctccattaa aagggtaact ggcttacaca actcaaatct      3060
     tttaataatt agaaaaaaaa gccgtatttt aagagctctt gcttggctaa cagcagctct      3120
     ggaaatgtat tttgttgcta gatctgcacc tcagactgac tttcaaaggc agccaaattt      3180
     cttttctttt tttgtccttt cagtacaaat tagtggattt aaggtatagc aattagtctc      3240
     ctcagatcct ttaagtaagg cagacttaaa tttgttaagt tcagctctgg agtgttctga      3300
     aaataaaggt aacacacaca cacatacaca cacacatata tacacacaga attgtttgct      3360
     attcaaaata atgaagcgca taaataatgc tgtttcataa attatgggaa gtaaatacat      3420
     tgacacatct gggacaactg aaatcaatct caactttact gaatattcta agttaaaata      3480
     atcaaaagtg ggcccacttc atctttctga agccgtctct ctccgtcatg tatgcagcag      3540
     caaagccatc atactgtaac tgattcacag aaaattcagg attgtgacct gaaaataagg      3600
     ggcacttgtg gttctaagac acgcctccag cttcgcattg tgcatatttt agactaacta      3660
     tataatgcct gctcactgca cggcatttgg cgacacctct gcttctactc tgcagatgcc      3720
     accaacacct tcatcctcaa agtttcctga tattgccaat cgtcaccggg gtgtgtgtgt      3780
     gtgtggaggg gggtgcgggg aatcaaatcc agctgagaac aaatggtctg accagctgta      3840
     gacttcatcg acacattggg tattttgggg aaggattcgt tcctggcaga gaggagtaaa      3900
     tttagttcta aaattcctat tctagtcatg gcagaactat cttaatcctt tgtgtgagta      3960
     tacgtgtgtt ctggggatta aactagggct gtgcacacac tgagcacagg ctccacatgc      4020
     taatcacatg aggctccaca tgctaatcac atgctctacc acttcactga tccccggtcc      4080
     cttgaccctc actctctgtg cattcctcct tcttcctctc aacacccgac gtcgacttcc      4140
     aatgtgataa ggactccctg cctgtacctc acccgtcttc gtgccaatcc cttccctttc      4200
     atttttaagg atatttttat acttattagg tttacactgg aaaggctttc atccggagac      4260
     ctgagtgata cagcacgggg aaacagcagt gatgacttga ttgcccccag agactgctct      4320
     attgttgaac taagtctctc tcctttgcca ggcaaccaca gcctaggaga tcagggcttt      4380
     gaaaagaaat gaccttttac tgagtgaatt atatcctgtc tgaagaaaac aagtcgagga      4440
     agcaggaaaa caaaactcct gtaaataatg caatgtgaca ctggccttca ctgggcgttt      4500
     ggtccacctc tgtagggatt taaaacggtt tctgccacac aggactgtga agaggcgtta      4560
     ggaaaactgc taccgagggg tgggaatggt gcactgtaca tttcaacggc ttctgatctt      4620
     ctagcctgag cctcctgccg agtcaactta ccccactaac tcttactggg tcctactcca      4680
     tgtatactaa ctgaattacc tccataatat taggtgtgga ttggcaggca gaggccagtc      4740
     caggcagagg gcatgcaact aataggttgc aacccctttg gcatacgtct atctccaaac      4800
     ataattgcat tacaataaga agagtagcaa aattacagtt aagaagtagc aacgaaaata      4860
     attttatgtt aggggtcacc acaacaggag gaactgtatt aaagagtccc agcatttgga      4920
     aggctgagaa acattgacct agagaagtga agcacgttta tgtacagtat cttcacataa      4980
     atagagaaac atttcagtgg ggaaactccc tttacttata taggcccata gtgtaatttc      5040
     ctctggtgtc caagaaagac agcctcaatt aatcaaacta gggatattca gaacaatgga      5100
     tctctgcaga tttccccttc aggtttggct cttaggagaa cagacatgaa ttctttgcct      5160
     cacttcagtt aagaactcgg acaaaactat cggaaaagat tcccggccct gtttcagggg      5220
     tgttggggat gaagcaggtg cctgccccaa gctccacgtc caagaacttt cttcattctt      5280
     ttgtgtgcat ggtttttggg tcgttcttat tacagcctac ttaatcataa atctgctcaa      5340
     aaatgaaagt tttctttgca taaatcttga tgtttgtttc agtcttggcg aacacaccgg      5400
     gggaaaaaaa ttgaaaattt gcaaggtgtt ttccatacac ccaatgaacc ttattaaaag      5460
     cattggttat atactgatga atatttggac aaaagtcaca aaagaggagg aaatgacact      5520
     tttatatatt caaagggatg gtttataaat gataagaacc aatgcctagg ccagaactaa      5580
     ttggtctccc gttgcaattc cagtctagtt gtgtggaaaa ctaaacttca tccagttact      5640
     gtaggctggg actcggtctt gttggaaatg gactgaaatg gttaggttac caaccctggc      5700
     ctcctacatc caagtctggg gtgtcccacc catgtccatt tcctctttat tctcccacgc      5760
     ttgctcttag gtgggtgcct gccctgcatt tcgcactccg gctgctcctc ctccgcgagg      5820
     ctggacttat ctaagtttgg ggcttccggg ctgccctccg ctgccggaga gcttctgtct      5880
     tctgatctca aagcccgtgg cccgcactca gcggagccgg ccacaccttc tgtgtccctc      5940
     gtcccccacc tgctggtgga cccgcgggtc gccctccacc aggaccggcc cccgcccgcc      6000
     tagccgtgcc cagcatctcc cgccctgtcc gcgccccgcc ttccgcacgg ccgcggcgtc      6060
     cgcacgcacc cactcgttgg cccgatggcc gaaagtgtac agagccacct ggctggccac      6120
     gtccacgatg cgactgatgt aggggtcgtg gcgccgcagg gctgccaggc tgatatcgtg      6180
     tcccttccca ggcaggccac ctgccgccgc ggccgccatc ttcccaccca ccctcctgcc      6240
     cagccttcag gaagccccct caatcgaccg ccgagcgagc gagcgagcgc ggcggggcga      6300
     ccttccggca tttggggacc cgggctaggc ttcgctaatc gatggccggg tcctctcgcg      6360
     gaggatcgtc gccttggcaa caggaagctc agccctgctc aaggaagccc gttttatcta      6420
     tttctttctt caggagcctc tgagctgtgc ccatttcctt cttgaatacg gcccacgcct      6480
     ttgcagagct cttctttggc tcttcgatga ccaatcaaac atagtcactc caaaaagaac      6540
     tctgagaatt cttaaatggg gctccccaat atccgtgagg gatttcctga gtgcctcaga      6600
     ggcctgcaag gttatgattg tccatgacaa ttctgagact tgcatgatgt gtgcaaaagg      6660
     acgactgcac cggtaaagaa ccaagggagg ccccaaactg caccactagc cggtgtattc      6720
     ttgccgctgt gcattattct ctggaaaact tgtctgagca gctgaagcca ggcgtccctt      6780
     ggtcaaagta ctaaattaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaatctttg ggtatatttt ttaaattaat      6840
     gtgggggaaa aattagaaag aatggataac gcagagctgt tgcacgccat atttgcctct      6900
     aggcaaatat gttctgcact tgagatgggc tgaatttgtg gttttattgt aggttttgct      6960
     ggggttggag ggcttgtttc tcgagacaga gtctatggca ggtttcagtc tttgctcctc      7020
     ctgccttggg gtcttaagtg ctaggactac tggggtgtgc caccacccag cccaggggtt      7080
     taattttact tccacagagc atcagtttaa catgaaagaa agatgaacaa acttatggct      7140
     attcagatag attctggaca ggctttttca aaactaagat tttcctgttt ctttcaagaa      7200
     atcaaggggt aggtattgtt gctaatgata attttttagg ttaattttta aaaaaatggg      7260
     ccatgagctt gactgtctca atacttaagt ctcttcagat gagacctgtg gtgctatcaa      7320
     tgagtacact tctaaaagat tatactctaa tgggaactgt caacatttga aagatatagc      7380
     tcccttagcc cggtcattca atgattttca gataataaaa tggtgtcaca aactcacata      7440
     caggtaggag atccattcaa ggcgaatgtg gatcagtgga tttcagtgtc ccacaaagta      7500
     tgaaagggtg ataggacttc aagaaactgc actttgtcaa attttgatat atcatcaaag      7560
     gatatttata gttacatgaa cagatcatta aagtggcatc ccttgtacca ttacattgtc      7620
     tttgtgaggc taggacttgt tcatttatgt gacttattaa gtcagtttac acttgggatg      7680
     atgagaatct ggtagttgct cagtgcataa agctgagtgc ctcacgagtt ctaacatggc      7740
     actgaatacc tgggtatctg ggcagctgct ggtccttact caacagtgga agcctggaaa      7800
     cactggttct cataacagta tcagcatcaa accaagcctg tggcaatagg gaaggccagc      7860
     aagcaagagg taaaaaaaaa tcttccttct gtcacacaat ctttttatcc gggctgcact      7920
     tagaaggcac tgtccacact tggagtagat ctttgcacat taaccaatga atcaaggcca      7980
     tcaggacaat ttctcaggtg aggttccctg ctcatgtgat tgtaatttgt gacaagttga      8040
     cattaaaacc aaccatcaca gatattattt gttataaata aatacataaa cagttggata      8100
     gcagggaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctttttattt aaaaatattg actctgactc      8160
     taaagttgat ttcatgatcc actgaaggaa tgtgacttgc cgtttgagaa acagaacaaa      8220
     accatgttgt ctatacttgg tcctaatggc tttctattcc cttcaagtgg ccccacaaag      8280
     ctgactacat agtgttgcag gctagcccac tcacttactg ctggttccac tgagttctgt      8340
     gcttctggtc acatgcttct aaaagtcaga ttgtcattca aattccttcc tcgcagagac      8400
     aatgtctaca acctactcat aaggtcccaa cagcaaagca aattttgatt ccatcaaaac      8460
     tcaccttggg cagccagtga gtttattaat tttactgaca gagagcatgg gtggtcttga      8520
     agcagtagca ctgcaaagcc tttacacagc attggtgatg tcagtgtgtc ctcagtaacc      8580
     gagataaatc cctttcttca tcccacgcct atatgctcca gacccttcat gagaccctaa      8640
     ggtcatatgg cattaggaaa aattacatat aaatggctgg acactatagt tgaaggtccc      8700
     ttgacatacc atgtccctcc ttcctggagg agatgtccat gggcccaact gtgatgaact      8760
     ctcagaagta ggcacagtgg ctgttttgct tggaggatag cactgttcag aacataaaca      8820
     tagtttaatt tgcattaagg gtaaagtaga attttctggc taatccttga gccctgcctt      8880
     agtggcatga gtatgcagat cctgctgtgt gccttcctca ttttcagtgg gtcattgctt      8940
     gctttctcct tagtttcccc ccttgtcccc acaggccact tttctcttaa tttttcaggt      9000
     ctgtccatgt tgaaagagag atgaataaat cccactttcc aaaggacagg ctattttgag      9060
     cccactggag aagccaggca aggcaggagc cattatggta tcagaaatac tcataaacac      9120
     acccaggcct tatcacccta gtgaccaatt cagccccagt cacagggtgc ttatagagtg      9180
     cacagcatga actctgttca tgccttctcc atgacttttt cagcaccttg cctttcccag      9240
     gcctgacctc acatacaagg agtaaaagag catcctgcca cctgcttaga gattcacagg      9300
     taagtcttag tgaaggattt atctaccgtc tttgtctggt cttaaggaag gaaatgccca      9360
     cctctgttca accttgcctt gcttggcagt tttcacccaa gtcccttgca cactgtcatc      9420
     tgtgttcctc gccttctcct tgaatgacat tttcccagag agctcactca ctgcctttct      9480
     ctgtggagct ctttctgcct ttgagacctt catgtactcc attgtcattt ttcttgtggc      9540
     acttaactta gtaggccccg agttagagct attaatgtat ttatatgaca tatataatta      9600
     taattctaaa aaggataaaa ataagaatta tcatgataaa aggggatttt tacagagagc      9660
     ctaaaaacag gttttgcatt cgcacagacc tagcttagag tttctttgca aataagtaca      9720
     gacttcatac aataacattt ttatttcatg tgtgtttggt tttcatgccc tttgttgtct      9780
     ctggaccccg tggtccagtg cctgtggatt atggaaattt agaaaatgct aattctattg      9840
     aacaaaacct gaactggttg actttctgca ttacatgtct gattttaaag agccctgaat      9900
     ttacagaata ttgaaaccaa agctgagata aagaaacaca ctgtagtgaa ttctgagctt      9960
     tcagagttaa attataaagg atagaaggag aggtggaaag agtttttgtt tactttgttt     10020
     atattttttc gaatcatttt gaagtcctaa agaccagaaa ccacacgtgg caaaagaaaa     10080
     ccacaaatga tgttgaaatg acttcagcat tggcaggtct ctcatctccg tggcccacag     10140
     agcaacattc tttttcttta tttcacccaa atgctcaaag tctggttttc tagggtagtg     10200
     ccaggagtct gtgtactttc ggtttgaata atctgtgttt tagatttagt ttatcacagc     10260
     aaaggaccac ttcaaacaga caaagacctt ttaatccaca tctcttccac ttccacaggc     10320
     tgcacagagc tgcgggattc cactgtgtct ccatagtcct cagcctgatg ttgcggacga     10380
     acagtgaacc ttcaggttgc atggttatct tgtgattgtc attatgccag agctttgctc     10440
     tatgaggtta gatacaaaat aagtatgtag actgataaag gatagtgtct gtgtctggga     10500
     tatttatacc agtgtgatga caagacaaaa ttggccacat aattcaacaa ggtaattgta     10560
     aacataaaat gctaaaaatg tttgaaaata tgacaacata gaaacaaatt tgtctttgta     10620
     gagtgtatga atgtttgcat acaaataaag gcagccttat ttttcataat aatttaaaaa     10680
     tacaataccc agtctgtttt cttgttctct ttgttttgtt aattgacctc taagttagac     10740
     tgtagcaggc tgggtatttt attccaacaa tagtagaaac tgaatcgtta actctctccc     10800
     ctagtagaca aacagcttga agaaatgtgt tattggtctt tttcagtgcg aggttcactt     10860
     atttcttagg cagctgagca cagtagaaag aaacccactc ccaaaaggaa aataatactt     10920
     taatctcttt attttaaaaa ttgagattat aaaataatta catcctttct caccttccct     10980
     ttctgccctt cagcctctcc catgtcccta cttgttctct ctcaaattca tggctgcctt     11040
     tttccttaag tgatgatgac aatgatgatg gcggtggtgg tggtggtagt ggtgatgagt     11100
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat ctcctgtgta     11160
     gtctgtatta tgttacttat atgtatgtat tttcatggct gactatttgg tattggataa     11220
     ccagctgatg ggcctttttt aggaaggact atttctcctg ctcttggcgt tccttggtca     11280
     catgtagatt tttatctagg gttgaggccc cacaagcttt cccttttcca tttaaacatc     11340
     gtcccctgat gtctcatgtc accctttgtt caggctttgt ttaggcagcc acgcttttga     11400
     ggcttcatgg atgtagcgtc tctgacattt ttaggagaca caatctcaca gcaaacttcc     11460
     tgtctctctg cctctcacag tcttcccact ccttcttcta ccatgatccc tgagccttag     11520
     gagtgggagt tgttttgtag gtatatcaac aagactggac tcctcaactc tgcattttga     11580
     ttggttgtgg ttttctgtaa tggtccctat atgttgtaaa gagaagtttc cttgaggaag     11640
     aatgagaact gtacttgtct gtggcacagg atgaatattt aggatgtagt taaggattgt     11700
     gctggttagg taaggtgaca gctccatgac tttactgacc ccaggaagtc agctgggttt     11760
     ccagttctag atgtgacttc tctttgttgg gttggtcttg agtccaatta gagagctgtt     11820
     ggttatccac caaggtctgc gtgccacctt tgcaccatta gggttaccat gctacgctgc     11880
     tcattatgac catcaaacct ggtcacgaca cttggtttct ttgccccttt ggatgtttgc     11940
     acggtgtctt atgaaaccat gaaagccagt ccttaggaag aaggctttca ggtcagatcc     12000
     agctcagagg atcttctgaa tcctgtgtct gaagtgcatg atgtcttcag caatagagac     12060
     gtctcttcca cactgggagg caaacctgta cacagcacct ctccttgctg atccatcttg     12120
     ctggccacat tctctggtat ctcttggcct ctctttacca gccccataaa ctctattaat     12180
     tttaatgcca tttttaggag taaagtgaag atttagtggg tgtatacaat ctctacaata     12240
     gtatcctttg agttctgagg catgaggaat cacctttaat tatggacgaa aagataattg     12300
     gcttaaaatg ctaagaacca atggtgtcaa ttcatatccc tgattcttgg ttacagctga     12360
     ctaactactt gattaacaag aaggaggaaa tggtgtggaa agggtgggct tagatcacag     12420
     aagacaagtc tttctgctta gtgtaccgtg gaaggaccaa tggaatatgt ctccaggtag     12480
     cctgctgtgc ctgggaaatc acaagtgttg tgtcattgag agtgatatct aatgttttct     12540
     atgcaggagt cttgtcctgg gcaggggatg atgggggttg ctacacggtt gtttctcaca     12600
     ttgacttatt cttgtcccat catgtaggga tggcccaaat gactatttgg tttgagcaaa     12660
     tacagttctg cgcacggcag cttacttctg tgtggaataa aggagttaga tgtctgcttt     12720
     ccagctttca attctgtggg tccctattac atgccttctg agcatagcaa atgcacatca     12780
     aaattttaca gacatgtagc taaggctaaa accaaaggta aaaaaccatc actgtgaaat     12840
     taggttaggg tgatagccca ttaaagatgt cttactgttc cccagaactg aggctatgac     12900
     ctttggacaa gaagagacag tcttctttca ctctctttgt tgtcttattc tcaggaagac     12960
     acttactgtg gagatgaagg aaggttaact tttgccacac attgagcggc tgacttgcct     13020
     tctctccaga ttgtctatcc aggtgagcat gttttccact tggcctgaag ttgatgagag     13080
     caatagaaaa ggtaccagga actctaatta ccacgtagag cggcgatctg ccatgctggc     13140
     tcgcacttct gtttggtttc tcttttttta aatggatgta taaggcctga aggaaaatga     13200
     ccttgtagta gtgcatgtac tgaactgaac ttccaaaaac atttttattt aaaattttaa     13260
     tatatatctt tgtattttct cctcctgcgg tgcctcctag gtcttttgca cctccttaac     13320
     cacccgactt tatgttcttc tcaaaaaaga aaaacaaaca aacaaacaga aaattagcag     13380
     gcatggcagc acatgctttt aatcccagca cttggggaag cagatgcaag cagatctctg     13440
     tgtgtttgag ggcagcctgg actacaaagt aagtccagga cagctaggtc tctgttatac     13500
     agagaaactc tgtcttgaaa aaccaaccac ccaataagta agtaagtaag taagtaagta     13560
     agtaagtaag caagtaaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaatc     13620
     aggcaaaaca tgaagataaa aaaagacaaa aataccaaat caaaactctt tctctctctc     13680
     tccctctctc cctctctctc tctctctctc tctcacacac acacacacac gcacagagag     13740
     agagagagaa caacaacaag gaaaaaatcc acaaagatca tggagtttgt tttgtgttgg     13800
     ccaactactt ctgggcacgg ggtatcctag tgtgtgtttg gtacagtgac aatccattgg     13860
     agaaggctga tttttttcta gcatatatca attgcaaata gcttattgat taggaacttt     13920
     gtatctactt cctcttctca gagctggtat tttgtctgtt ttgaacctgc acagatataa     13980
     ttcaccctgt cacagtctgt gtgcgttcct atgtatagca gtcctattgt atctgggaga     14040
     ccctgtttcc ttggagccat ccactacctc tagctcttgc aatctttttg ccttctcttt     14100
     catctgcact ggcaacagag acctgccccc aagacacggt ggtacaatag tgacacagat     14160
     ggcaaggaag caaccaacca ctgttgattg gattgaaggt gtgctttatc acataaaacc     14220
     catacctgac actatgaacg tagttgaaaa cctgatatta gatgggtcat gggcccagga     14280
     gaaagcctac cactactatt ctgcaaaata agcataagga taaaataact cctaatgata     14340
     ccttcctatg gccatagatc ataacattgc ccaagccgca tcagagattc tacttcttgt     14400
     agtagctggt aattaacgat attcacaagt agacaatgta cagacagtga gagactctgg     14460
     aacactcagc cttaagtggg ttatcttcac cacctcctct catcagagct caggcttctc     14520
     tccagaagag gaggtagaaa gactatacga attttacctt aagttctagg tgagaggctt     14580
     tcaaaaatga catgttttag tcagaagtta gggcccgaaa gcattgagaa ttggaagggg     14640
     gcaaagggaa aggggcagta gaaaatctgc ttgctgcaaa gcatagtgaa gactatttcc     14700
     ctgattagtc ttccaagccc atcataaata gtttgtgcta ggttgatctc tgcgagccca     14760
     taggcaaatc tgtcctatat ctgtcttata aatcaaattt tactgggaca cagccacagt     14820
     gctgccttgt tcatgtctgt ttttacctca caaaagtgcc attgagtagc agaaacagaa     14880
     gccctatgat gtgctaagcc tacagtattc accatctgag cctgtacaga agaggttttt     14940
     ggtctatagc atttaaacaa atcaatgaac acatcatgct gataatattg taccttccca     15000
     gtagacatac agatttctgt gcattgtaaa catacaatag gttggaaaag gtgacaaaat     15060
     aaactcccag tttctattct caaggaattt aaaatcttgt tgatatgaca aagacatgca     15120
     cacatgtaaa gtgacaacaa caacaacacc accacaatat ataattagaa atttagctta     15180
     atacagacgc aagtagcaaa atttggagag gaggaaagag tcggggaggg ggtgcagaga     15240
     tatccctggt agaaagagaa tgttgtatgt gatatgatga agttcctgga caagaactag     15300
     agagtctcct ggagagatga tgttatttgc ctgtcctgta tttctactgt agtagagacc     15360
     tacgtcactg ctctttttgg ttttgtgatt accttactga ccagaaatac ttgtgagtaa     15420
     cttcagttga ctgatttttc tgggatttgg aattccttca atcactcaaa actatagaga     15480
     attcactcat agaacttaat gttcttttac acaaacaatc ttcacaatga tctttgaacc     15540
     ctaagggatc ctaaatcttg gctctgtctc ccagttgtgt aaccttggga ggtctctgga     15600
     aactctggcc attggcttct tcagtataac acagagctat taataacacc aacctcatga     15660
     gctactgaga gagctaagag gtttgaagtg tttagaatat aaagtgccca ttacaaagat     15720
     aggtctccat acatatttag ctattgatta ttgccctcag ccatagtaag atttatatcc     15780
     tggacaagag ggcaatatgg ctttcagaac aaaattagca gtttactgta tagtatttga     15840
     tatatacaaa ggtaatgagt ggaggcattg ctcctcattc tttgcttact gttgttgtga     15900
     ttctcaatga ttgtccatgc taggctctgc tatgtctctg tggtgtctgt aggtaccctg     15960
     ggtcaggttg tatggtacaa aaagtgcaaa taatgatctt catgaatcgg ttgctgcaag     16020
     actctggcat tttcagggac ggtggtgagt ggatatggag gtatggctgg tggtgaggac     16080
     acagcctctg gagtttttgt ctgtgctatt atgggaggaa cgaagaaacc acaccagttc     16140
     ttatctgtga taagaagata acaagattta ttattgtggc tattgtgagg attgctgaaa     16200
     gagctctctg aaacccttta aatgttttga tagaatcata aaacacaagg ctttcaaaac     16260
     aggatctgag agtccagagg cagtggcgct ttctctgaca tggtattgtt ctttgtttcc     16320
     tttgtgttgg tttgaggatg aagggacaga gacttttcac atttcctggt gataataaat     16380
     ggttcttccc caatgtgtta gtcctgctgt gcaatggaga ctttcaggta tggggactag     16440
     aactccaccc agtagctcag gatactggta gggctatttc tcagacttct agcattaatg     16500
     tgcctattaa gaaattgaaa tactgctgtt tggggttatt ttcttttaat aaaatagtat     16560
     ggacttataa aagaagacaa ggaattgtca gaaaggcagg tatctttttt tttttttaaa     16620
     tacaaataag ccatgtttaa tctaaattgg gagagcaatc catcctggtc attcccctgt     16680
     gacagaggaa gtagttctct tctcttgctg cagataacct tgaggcctaa ttgccacttt     16740
     gccccacaga tgcttattat gactttatgt tggaaggggt gttgggctgg ggctggggaa     16800
     tacttctgtg agtaacacag gcacaccctt accctcctgt agcttagcac ctctttagat     16860
     gctcatatat gaacaggtaa tcatgataag gtgaggtgat ggcttttcca aaacctttgg     16920
     ggactctaaa agagcagaag cacaatgaga ggctccagtt actttaaatg agctccctgt     16980
     cttcatgtcc acaccagagt agaatgactc tgatactgat cctggctatt ccaggacacc     17040
     agatgcttct cgtctggttt gggatgtcat ccttgtagag gagctagaga cttgtctgag     17100
     taaggtcttc atcttaagtc cacctgggtc tccactggca ttgtggactt acaaaaccag     17160
     gaaagactgt ttaaagagta tctagaatta ggttatctct ttctcagaga ctgaaggtct     17220
     ggacccagtg ttccctgcat gaagaaactt ggctataatt tcactcactt agctttctcc     17280
     tgttcctttc ctaagagaac agattgcaat gccaatgtct tcacacctga cactctaaag     17340
     gagcaagtag aaacctaggt cggtctagaa agggccagct gcatctggta tgctctgccc     17400
     ccttacctta agatgaaaag acaccatcta gtagaagcaa tgaggcatac tgtctatggg     17460
     gccatatttg ttcctttgct ggcaaaggag tggtgtgact tttgtttctg ttagtgtaca     17520
     tcacaaaacg agacagtgct aggttatcac agccccatgt tccctctctt aggtactgta     17580
     aagttcaggg aaatgctgtc taagccacat atggggcttc aggagacccc gattttcttg     17640
     gaccagaggc tggggcagag gaggaataga tttctggaca ctccagctag aattatggtt     17700
     atactaagtg gtttcagcca ctctttgtac agaggagact aacgttcaga gaagtggctt     17760
     tcaagtggtc ccattaggaa agactagaga gagagatcag gatccaaaat tttcatccct     17820
     gaccacataa tggagttgcg ggaaggcatt tacaaagaaa taccagggag cagagctcac     17880
     acagacgagt cagttagacc aggaggttga caacgtttcg tgggattcta gctgtatgca     17940
     gcctgaaggc aaagcccact ggacagcatg ttctcggtca agaacaagct acctggctgt     18000
     gtttagatct gagtctgcta acggaactgt agcaactcat gcgcctatgc aaattgcctc     18060
     atccttttcc attggatgag gttgttaata atgcctactg ggtgattagg gaaggtcaaa     18120
     tagaagacag tgagtaaagc acacaggaca caacagatcc tgtacacaag caagcgactg     18180
     gctactgtta cttggcaatg gtttatggga ttggacttca catctcctgt catcctggaa     18240
     aagccctttc caccaacacc atccaacaag gccatcagtt cagtgggaaa tggtgtactt     18300
     ccttcaaaag gatacccttt gttttttttt aaatttggaa gtgatgactt tgtttccttt     18360
     ctaagatttc tttttattta tgtttatgtg tgtatgtctc tgtgcctgtc acaggtatgt     18420
     gggtttccta ggaggccaga agaaagaggt tggatctcct gcaactggag taacagagtt     18480
     ataaaccttc agaagtaggt gcagggagct gatttcagat tctctgaaag accaagagct     18540
     cttcaatgct aagctaaccc tctagtccca tgaccttact tttgaagtaa taaagaatat     18600
     tcatttttaa ttgagaattc tgtacaatat attttgatca aaatcttcac tttctctttc     18660
     aacaccccct tcactcctca cccaactttg tgtcacttta aaaaaatcta ctgagtccaa     18720
     tttgtgctgt ctgtatattc ttgggtgtgt gagtatccat tggagtatgg ttgatccaag     18780
     ggaccatatc cttaaggaaa actgatcccc tcccacccag ccactatcag ttgacaatag     18840
     ctctttagtc agggttggta tttcatgccc acatctccct gtctctgctg gaattctgtc     18900
     tagcttgagc ttgtgcaggt cttgtccatg ctgccacagc tactatgaat ccacatgttc     18960
     atggatacaa ctgttctcct gtgcctggaa agcatatgtc cttatggtca tccacttcct     19020
     ctgactcata caatctttct gtcacctctc ccatgatgat ctctgagcct ttggagggag     19080
     ggtgtgatat agatacccca cttaggggtg agcactccac agtctcttat tctctacttc     19140
     ttggccagtt acagatcttt gtgttaattg cagtctacta caagaagctt ttgtggtgag     19200
     ggctgaggga ttcacttcta tacgtgtata gcaaaaagtc attaggagtt gatttaatgt     19260
     tatgcccact tagtagaata atagtaggtt ttctcctaga gctcgtggcc tatcgtttag     19320
     cacaggttct tggccttgat atcggtgtca gatatggtcc catcttgtgg atcaggcctt     19380
     aaattcaatc agagggtggt tggttactcc tatgacattt gtgcagatat tacagcactg     19440
     ggcatgtctt cccaggccaa tcattacagt agtttgcaga attcccagaa gggtaagctt     19500
     ggggattgct tttctcctct aattctgttc atagcacctc ccagcactag ggaagctggc     19560
     tagtagggat gaagttttca ggtgaatacc agctcgactt cctcatagtc tattcctcaa     19620
     gtgctgtatg caatgatagg ttagcacaga gcttagccca gaacaatggc aatagcctgt     19680
     aaggtttttg agtctatggg atctgattgg ccaacaattt cataagagca aacccatcac     19740
     tgaccctcta tgggatctga ttggccaaca attccataag agcaaaccca tcactgaccc     19800
     ttttatttat tagcctctgg agtctagtag gccactgttg cctctttcta gggtaactca     19860
     agttatattc attttatatg tgtacatgca tgtattttag gaacctacag tagtaggttt     19920
     tcatactcct ttttccaaaa gtctttgttg ttagccatcc ttttgacatt ctctcttcta     19980
     ttctgccctc ccattcatca tctcatctaa cccttcctgt ttcattattt cccgttactc     20040
     ttttacaccc ctgtgttcta gcttaccttc cttggaaaca ccccctcatt ttggtccctt     20100
     actaactgcc cgacctctat ggatatttca aatgaagcac actgcattag ttattgtttt     20160
     gttgctgtaa cataacacca tgcccaaaag taacctatgg agcaaacagt ttattttatt     20220
     tgcaattcta ggggtaagag tccatcgtgg cagaaatcca tgggaacagc tagtaggtat     20280
     ggcggcaggg gcaagaagct gagcgaccac acctttaaac atagagagag caaactggaa     20340
     gttggataag tctgtgaact ttcaaagtcc aacaccagtg ctagaggagt ctagcaaagc     20400
     cacacctcct ttaacatccc gaacagtacg acaaactgac caagtgttca aatgcctcac     20460
     accttccttt caaatcacca catatacata gctaaaggtg taaacctaac atccacatgt     20520
     gagagaaaca tgttatgttg gtctttctgg ttctgggcca ctttcttcag aacgattgtt     20580
     tctaactcca tcaatttacc tgctagtgtc atttttctta agatcgaatt gatattccat     20640
     ttaaagtgtc catttgtcca ctgatggaca tctaggtagg tttccattta ttggctattg     20700
     ggagtagagc agcaaggacc atggatgagc caggatctct gaggtaggat gtggagtcct     20760
     ttgggtatat gcccgtctta cttgggtttc ttgggtttct attactgtga tagaaacgcc     20820
     tgctccaaaa gcaacctgta gaggaaaggc tttgttgcag ctcacacttc caggtaatgg     20880
     ttcatcactg ggggaagtca gagcagaata ttcaaggtgg gacaagaatc tggattcagg     20940
     aactaaagaa aacagggaag aatgttgtct acttaccctc caggtctgcc tggccagggg     21000
     tggcaccact cacaatggac tgggacctac tccatcaatc attaatcaag aagattccct     21060
     acggacctgt ctacagttca ttctgtggag atattttctt aagattctct ccaaataacc     21120
     caggtgtgtg tcaagttgac ataaaactgg ctagcccaat gcttgagagt gttatcagcg     21180
     ggatcatgtg gtaggcttat ttctagctgt tttaagattt tcagagtggc tgtaccagtt     21240
     tgcactccta ccagcagtga ataattgttt ccccttaccc acatccaagc cggcatttgt     21300
     tgtcttttct ttttctctta gccattctaa ctagggtaag attttctctc aaagtggttt     21360
     taatttacat ttccctgatg gctaagtatg ttaaacattt ataaaagtat ttctcaccat     21420
     atgcattcca tcatttgaga acaaactctg tttagttcca tgccccattt ttaaattaag     21480
     ttgtttttag ctctttatat attctagata ctaactctct gtcagatgca tagctggtaa     21540
     atattttttt tatttttacc cattctgtag gctgcttctt cactccaaca atggtctcct     21600
     tagctgtaga aagtctttta gtttcatggg gttccattta tctctcattg tttttcatta     21660
     atgcacatga caccagagtc ctattcagaa actcatttcc cgtgtatact caagcatatt     21720
     ttctactttc tcttctttct gagtcagaga atcagagctt ttgttgtggt ctgtcttggg     21780
     gtttctattc ctgtgataaa tgtaataacc aaaagccact tggggaggaa aagatttatt     21840
     ttgctaacac tttcacatca ttgtccatca ctgaaggagg tcagggcaaa aactcaaagc     21900
     aaaaacctgg aggtgggagc tggagcagag gccatgaagg aacagtgctt actgcttgct     21960
     ccccatggct tgctcagtct gctttcttag agcacctatg agcatcagct ctggagtagc     22020
     attgcccact gtgacctagg tcctaccaca tcaataataa tcccacaggc cagtctggtg     22080
     gggacatttt ctcaattgag tttccctctt tccaaaggag tctaacatgt caagttgaca     22140
     caaagctagc cagtacaagg tctttggtcc atttggagtt gaatcttgtg tgcagagtga     22200
     gaactgtttt aattctcttt agagctacct agtttgacca gtacttttta ctggagcttt     22260
     tgtctacttt caatgtgtat tggcctcttt gtcagaaatc aagcgactgt atgtacttgt     22320
     gtgtgagtcc tccattctat tccatcattt aatgtgcctg tttttatatc agtaccatgt     22380
     tatttttatt actgtagctc tatagtatac cttgaaatat gggtagtgat accgccaaca     22440
     gtttggcgtg ctctctctct ctctctccct ccctctctcc cttccctccc tctctccctc     22500
     cttctctccc tcccccttgc tctgtgttca tctttctgta tgaagtttaa aattatgttt     22560
     caattttttt tgagacttgg gttagaattt tgatagagat tgtgttgaat ctgtagattg     22620
     cttttggtag gatgaccaca gtcacagtat tattcctacc aagccacagt catggagatc     22680
     tttctgcctt ctggtatcgt cttcaattat attttcagtg tcttaatgtt ctcattacac     22740
     aggtctctca cctcctagga tacatttctt tgaaaatatt ttgtttgtgg ctttcatgac     22800
     cggtgtcatt tccctagttt ttttcagtat gtttgtcatt cgtgtatagg aaggctactg     22860
     attttgcatg ttaattgtgt attcttctat tttgctaagt gtatttatct gttgaaggaa     22920
     ttttgtgatg aactccttag ggacttttct gtacaaaaca atatcatttg caaataagga     22980
     cactttgact ttcccatttg tattcccttt gtcttcattt ggcttcactg aaacttcaag     23040
     cacgctatta aacaggaggg gagagtgaac atcttgtctt ggtcctaatt aatggaaatg     23100
     gtctgagtct tctgtttgcc atgactttgg ctgtgggctt gtggtatatt gcctttatta     23160
     tgttgaaata tttctcatat attcctaaat tcttcagtaa ttttatgttg taggaatgtt     23220
     ggattttgtc aaaggccctg actgtatcta atgagatggt ctttgtcttt gattttattt     23280
     atctggtaga ttttatgtgg taggttttac ttattaatta attaatgtgt attaaatcat     23340
     tcctgaaatc ctgggatgaa gacaacttaa tcatgggaga taatttttaa aaataaaatt     23400
     tactataaaa tttacatgtt gataaaagta tcacaccccc aaaattaacc agatctaaaa     23460
     tgttagataa tctttttgat gtgttcttga attttgtttg caagttttat taagaatttt     23520
     tgtagttggg ggagtgaaaa gtgtgatcaa aattctcaaa atttaaaaca gaatttttgc     23580
     atccatcttc attagatatt ggcatatata tttatatata catatgcaaa cacacacatt     23640
     agatctttgg ttttgattca gggtaataat ggctttctaa aaagaatttg aaatgttttt     23700
     ttccttttct attttattaa ataatttgaa gaatattggt attagttatc ttttgaaggt     23760
     cataggagac ttctgctctg gccttgggtt ttttagctga aaatttttaa ttactgaagt     23820
     ccattggata ttatgactct aattatttac ttcatcttga tttagtgttg gtggtcatat     23880
     atatctagaa atccatacat ttcttttaat tttctagttt cctgaaatat agattattaa     23940
     atctatccct gtgaatctct gaacttcttc agtgtctgtt gtctctttta gatctttaat     24000
     tttactaatt tgtatccttt tttcattaat ctggctaaaa gtttatcaat cttgttaatt     24060
     ttttcaaaga agcaactcct tgttccattg gatctttttt ttttttttaa tttctatttc     24120
     atcaacttca gtcctgatct tgattatctc ttcctatcta ggtctttatt tttcaggggg     24180
     ggtgttgttc ttgtttctcc aagttcttta tgtacattat taagttgtta atttgagatt     24240
     tctcaaatgt tttgatgtag acctttagag ctataaactt tcctctcagc actgctttcg     24300
     ttgtgtccta ctggttttag atgttatttt tattttcact taattctagg atttttaatt     24360
     ttttcttctt gatattttcc tcgatccaaa tatcatgtgt tgtttagttt tcaagagttt     24420
     gtatactttc atgtagttcc tattggtgtt gatattcagt tttattgcat catgatgaga     24480
     tagaacacag gatggtattt caatcttcat atactaaaac ttgttttgtg tcctaatgtg     24540
     taatctattt tggaggaagt tccatgtgct gctgaaaaga ttatgtcttt gttggtgttt     24600
     gggtagcaag gatattctgt agatatttgg ttaatctgtt gtatttatga tgtcatataa     24660
     ctttagggtt actctgctta gtatttttct agatgacctg tttgctgttg agggtggaat     24720
     attgaagtca ctcactatct ctttgttttg gctaataata atatttcttt atgaagttgg     24780
     ctgcccgtgt acttggtgtg ttttcatctt tgtatcctaa ggttgtgtct gtcattgatt     24840
     gtgaagtgtg tttcttggag gaagtaaaaa gatggatcca gtctggtagt ctgtctttta     24900
     ttcatgaatt gagaccatta gtatttggaa ttgttattaa aggatgtata ttaattcctg     24960
     ctgttttgtt ggctttgtag aatgttctca aatgtccttc atttacctgt cgtagcattg     25020
     ttgattcagt ctctgtgacc tgttggatat attaaccttt ctcttcagat gaaagtatcc     25080
     tctttagagc tgagctagta gcgaattcct taaatctgtg cttaccatag gaagcttccc     25140
     acctcagtta taaatgctgg ttttactgac tataaatgat cctgtagtcc tgtgggctat     25200
     tagaacttgt agaacattga tccaggctct tatgcctttc aaagtctcca gtaaagtgtc     25260
     aggtgttatt ctggcaggcc tgcctttata tgtgttgctc tttttctgtt catgctctaa     25320
     atagcctttc ttcgtcttgt gccttgaatg ccttgatcat tatgtgttta ttatgtgtgc     25380
     aatgtaggaa gtctcttttt aggtcctatt taatgttgta tatgcccctt ataccttaat     25440
     tagcatctcc tttccttaga tttggagatt ttattctatg agtttgctga aaatattttt     25500
     gtatgactct tactgggggt ctcttcctct gtaactacca tacataggtt taatctctta     25560
     atagtttcct agatttcttt catgttcatt tcttggatga gttattttgt tttttgttta     25620
     gatttaacat tttttttgag taatcaaatt cctttacctt gtcttcaatt ctcgatagcc     25680
     tttctttcac tcgattcatt cttttagtga ggcattccat taatttttaa aaatttccct     25740
     gactgaattt tttttaattt caagttgtat ttcaatttgg cttttcttag aaactaaatt     25800
     ttctttaagt ttatctcttc attaaatttt acttcatatc acagattgtt tatttaattg     25860
     cttatttatg ctttctagtc ttcactgcag aatttatgca tatggtcttt tagttccttg     25920
     aatatactta taatggctac tttgaaatca ttgtcttatt catcaactaa gttgctttat     25980
     tcagggaaca caccatgggg atactaattt ctgaaggata tatacatgtt atcttggtta     26040
     ctcatgtctt ttttttttgt gatgggacta ggcatctgcg ttaggttgtt ggtactggtt     26100
     ttggtattga tgtctggtgt caccttcatt aagtgggtgt ctggatcttt acttgctgat     26160
     acctcacctt gtaagtttgc ggacaaggtg aacgatgctt aggttcagtc ttagcacatc     26220
     tctgcgttga tatgtgacct ggatgtcaga agtgttccca gattacctcg gaacaagtga     26280
     gactcctttg cacaggagga aaccttctgc agcagtagaa gagccttgct gctgatcttt     26340
     agcagtctgt gcagggcttc ctgggttcta caggtcgtcc ttgggtttca gttgggttgt     26400
     agttgtgatt ctagtgggtt cttaagtgct tccttaaggt agagatgtct tatacagaca     26460
     ctgtaccatc cttaggtgga gtggaggctg ggcttatgag tctccccctg gggtcaggaa     26520
     cacaggtggc catgtggttc ctgggtgaca tattaggtgg tatggttggc aggcaggtga     26580
     gtggtctctg ctttggaggg tagcttcctg agggtcaggg ttgtaggatg ccatggggta     26640
     ctagagtgac atggtgggca gcatcattat ggactttgac gttatctcac atgctgactg     26700
     ttgctttagc cttgatgttc tgatttaatg atatgcatga tttgggcatg aagacatttt     26760
     tatgctccca aaaggtcatg ctgtgtacta aagtttgaga gccagtgatt tagaagtttt     26820
     gtatttatta aggactcagt taatccgagg ctggaagtta aggagccatc ttggtcttgt     26880
     cttggacttt gaaaactggg actgcattct ctagacaatg gggagtgcaa tgggtgattt     26940
     tcattatgac attttaatac agatatcata aactttgtta tattcactcc acctacccac     27000
     ccaaaatctt ttatagtgtt tgactttatt tttgagacgt gatttcctgt agcccaggag     27060
     gactttaaat tctctatgtg gcaaacaata gacctagaac ttctgatcta cctacctcca     27120
     actccaagtg ctgtacttat aaggttattt gctgatggta atggaaccca gggctttgtg     27180
     cacatcaggc taacactcta tccattgagc catatcccta gccttccaag gttttttgtt     27240
     ttgtttttag tgagtgacac aatggttaag tttcagaaaa atacttctgg ccataagtga     27300
     aacatgagtg aggccaggga caggaaggtc aggtaggatg gaatggcagc agccagggcc     27360
     taacttagga tctgacatca tgtgagggga ggagtaaaag aaagggcctg aaatctattc     27420
     tttacctggt ttccagttgt aggattgctt tcttgccttt ttggtaagca tttaaagaac     27480
     cctagtgatt cttacgggtt gacattaaat aagaacatct gtcaaaacct cacatgttta     27540
     ttggtctcgg aatggcacag acatgaataa ccgtcccttt aaaagttaag ggatacagtt     27600
     agcttcataa cgatgcagtt aatcttggca gtatagatca ttaagctccc atatggattt     27660
     ttcaccagga gggaaagcct gagtagttag ttggctactt caaattgacc caattacttg     27720
     gataattgcc acatatccag ttaggactgt gatatgaaga tggctttagt caatatatct     27780
     tttaaatgtt tcctcccact cacctaatgc ctttaccaat taagacattt ttaccgttat     27840
     cagttctgtg gtattaatat gactctggtg gtgagatgat tggattttat ttgctatgtg     27900
     ttccaccaaa agcagttgct agcgtctagc ctaaccatag acacaacagt aaggagtcga     27960
     aggtagtcag ctggtagccc acaggttggc ttgcaggtat ataaaaccaa ttagaaaatt     28020
     atgatgtgcc ttctaaactg atgccacaca gtattatact cgctacctat gtaaggtgat     28080
     tttaaaaaca agatccttta aaatacacac actaactctc tgtggagtgt gtagctgacc     28140
     aagattgttt cccactctgt ggggaaactc ttcacccaac aatttactct gcaaaagtag     28200
     tctaggctca ggagattccc atctgttaac aggttgccct ttctatgtta gcaggggtcc     28260
     cagtcaggag ggtctttacc tgtgctgtgg gttgcgtcct ataccccacc tttctctcta     28320
     gccattttgt ttctcagtat tgggttttgt gttgaggaac tgatccctct ggagttgagt     28380
     tctgtgtacg gtgagagagg aggttccagt ttcatttttc cgcatgtttt gatccagttt     28440
     tcccattact atttattggt gatcctgtct tttctttaat gtatagtttg agcatcttta     28500
     taaaaaatca tataagtagt tgcaaggata tctgagtcct ctcttctatt ccattgatct     28560
     gagtgtctat ttttaggcca gtgctatccc atttttttta aatatagtgg ctcagtatga     28620
     tttgaatgat acatcgtgta attatatata gctggccggg aactcactat gtagactaga     28680
     ctggcttcaa actcatatag acctgcctgc ttctgcctcc ctaatgctta aattagagac     28740
     gttcggcatc atacctgggt ttgtagtatt ctttttgtcg aatatttttt ttggctgtct     28800
     ttgatggcca catacagttt ggcatccttg tcctgcagtg actatggaga atggtcctgg     28860
     aattttgatt gagatttcac tgactctgca gattaccttt agtgggctgg caatttatca     28920
     aagttaattc caatacacga gcaagaaatg tgtttctgtc ttgtgtcttc ctcaatttct     28980
     ttcatcacaa tcttcaggtt ttctttgtaa aggtcttttt tcctttgact aggtttattg     29040
     caaagcattt tatttttctt gtggcttttg tgaatggaat aaaatatgat ttatctgatt     29100
     tcttttcaga tgtttgactt tggtatataa caaagctact gatttgcatg tgtaaatttt     29160
     atttcctgac actgggctgt aaatatttat tagctctaag atttttttta atattttaaa     29220
     aatttgtata tattatgtgt gtaagtcttt tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgcgcg caagtgcgag     29280
     ccacatgttt attggatgcc tgaggacatc aaaagagagc atctgactcc cttgagactg     29340
     gagttataga tggttgtgaa ccactatgtg tagctggact tttgtctact ttgtggatcc     29400
     ttattttttc cactgtttca acctcctaac accagatagg agagaaaaag ggatagaggg     29460
     ggacgttgtt attgttagac tacttcctgc tgattagggt cattgagctc cttgaggtaa     29520
     gtttgatctt caccatcagg ctatttaatt tcttcttgtt tcttttttgc aaacaactcc     29580
     ttagcaaact acaaccaaca gcatccaacc aacaacccaa caacaataat ctcacctctt     29640
     ggggccctag aatttatata ttctcagaat agtcctcaga attcccaaca tcacacaatc     29700
     atagaaactt ctggcaaaat catgtccctg ctagagcatg aggtaaatca gctgctatgg     29760
     acattctgaa gcagccacat atcccacact ccagattaaa ataaaaacac atttttataa     29820
     tatttatagg tttttaaaga aactaaactt cttaatacaa ccatgtgggt gttgagaact     29880
     gaacgaaagt cctctgcaag aacaacagtg ctcttaactg ctaagcaaac tctccagcct     29940
     tctagaattt ttttttattg cgtctttcgg tttttgtttt tgttttttgt atagaatcat     30000
     attgtaagca aacacaaata ccttgactcc tcccttttga atccattttc ttcctttctc     30060
     tcatcttgtt gctcccacta agactacaaa tgctttgtga aacatgagag gggagggcaa     30120
     gcaactggtc ttgatctttg tctcactggg acatgttgaa tttttctcca tttagcatga     30180
     agttggttat aggtttgtac tataaaacct ttaatatgat gaggtgtgtt ccgaccatcc     30240
     ctagcctctc catgttggaa ctgctcaagg cattttctgt ctctactgag gtgatcatat     30300
     gatttctgtc tttgagtcta ctgatgtgat ggatagcagt ttttgtttgt ttttgagaca     30360
     gtttttctct gtgtagctct ggctgtcctg gaactcacac tgtagatcag attgacttca     30420
     aatcagagac ccacctgctt ctgtatccca agtgctggac taaaggtgtg ccccaccacc     30480
     atctagctat ggatactaat tattgattta catacaatga acctatccca tatctctgta     30540
     ataaaataaa ctttgttatg gtgaatgatc ctcttgatac gatcttgact tagttctgct     30600
     agtactgaat cgagtatttt tgtatctgtg ttcaatgggg atatcagtct ataatattta     30660
     ttttgttttg tctttatttg gtttgggaaa tgggcaaagc tgactctata aagtcttccc     30720
     tccttttcta tttcatggca taattgagta gtattggtgt aaaattctgt ggtgaatcca     30780
     tctggtctta ggcttttatt tttttctgct tcaaacccat tgctgatctg tttaaataat     30840
     ttatttcttc ttggtttaat tttggtatgt gacatatatc taaaaattta ttcacttctt     30900
     ttcaattttt cagcttagtg gaatgttttt gtgatttttt ttgagtttca ttggcatcgt     30960
     tgtaatgttt ccctttgtat gactatgaat cttctcaagt agtaggtttc catatggcct     31020
     ttagtctatt ttttattatg gaacactttt atttctggat agtttttcta ggtataatac     31080
     cctgtgttga taattgtggt ctttcagggc ttggcatata tcttcccaac acttctggct     31140
     ttgaacattt ccattaaata atcaggtatt aagccgggca tggtggtgca cgcctttaat     31200
     cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggcata tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca     31260
     aagggagttc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcgacc ccaccccccc     31320
     aaaaaaaatc aggtattttt catgtaggtc catattgata ggcaacttga cctttctctc     31380
     tcaaagctta caatacccat tctttattct gtgctattag tgtcttaact ataataggtt     31440
     gtggaggggt tctttcttgg ttctctctat ttggtgttct gcattcctct agattatatc     31500
     tttctttggg tttggaaaat tttcttctat gattatactg aagatatttt ctatgccttt     31560
     ggtgtggtat ccccttcttc catgcctgcg atttaaagaa tttgtctttt tatggtgtcc     31620
     caaagctctt tcatgtctgt tcatatttaa aaaaaataaa tgaccattct gattcaattc     31680
     ctctgctttg catccacctc agatactgtt ctcacactat ctattccatt catgaagttt     31740
     tctactgaga gttttgttta gatttactga gtttttcatt tagagtttca tttcagtttg     31800
     gttttcttta ctagtgctgt ctctttattg gattctactt tcacatcttt gattcacttc     31860
     ctcatttatt cagctttttg tttttgttat tcttttgagg tatattcata tcttcctcaa     31920
     gttatttgaa tgtagttata ataattttta tgaatttggt ctagagtttc tttcagatca     31980
     ttttcattga ggtccatgac tataggatta gacatttttg aaggggctag gttgttgtgg     32040
     ctttttatgc tatttttttt cctatgctag gacttgacta tcatgagtag ttgagtgtgt     32100
     ttttttccgt tatcctttct tccattctct tttttctttt cttttctttc tttctttctt     32160
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt     32220
     ccttccttcc ttcctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctctttc     32280
     tccctttctc tctttctttc ttcctttact gtagttatat ataatattca ggaggaaaag     32340
     tggtaagagg gttgaaacat tgtttttctt tataagatcg atatttgagg gatgtgagtc     32400
     ctatacttag tctcctttta ataatcaact actatttgtg ataatagtca ctagtcacag     32460
     gatggtacag cactcatttg tcctgttctc tgccgccaga tgacttttcc acctacatat     32520
     actaccttga aaaggctctg atcaactgaa gtttaggagt ataagattcc tgaaagtcat     32580
     gtttagagtt ggaaggccta gggagtaatg ctatatgttt atagttctca aaacctagtt     32640
     taataagggt acataaatgt tttaacctct ctcctagtcc accacccacc agaggtagtg     32700
     gaaaggaaag gttagtatag gaaaggaaga tgttggctct tttagaatta gttctttgga     32760
     gctaatccaa tctgcactgt caagatatca gcagttcagt gcacacaaat cagtagcagt     32820
     atctagatcc actcgcaaac accattcaga aatcagcaaa ggcaattcaa tccagaagaa     32880
     atcttgagac tgtcaattgg cccaagtccg aggaagcagc aagaagccaa tggaacactg     32940
     ccagaagttc tttgattcat ttctctgtat gaagtcatga caatgatcag caaagagtgg     33000
     caaggtgaac caataccaca gtgtcatcta ctgcctgttg ggttatattt ataccctttc     33060
     caaacatctt gggttctctc aagcatccac tctagcaaaa tatcacatgc cctttgccca     33120
     ggcaacttcc agaaaaaaca ccatgtgtct gttctcagca aaacatcctc tcataagaaa     33180
     atttccagca aaacatgaca cagtgagtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaacaa     33240
     aaacaaaaac aagcaaaaaa aaaacctcag aaatttccac ttcaggttac tttagcagaa     33300
     tgaggaatga gtccccaagg aattaaaaac cttgtgggat ggtgtcttag ttagggtttt     33360
     actgctgtga acagacacca tgaccaaggc aactcttaaa tggacaacat ttaattgggg     33420
     ctggcttaca agttcagagg ttcagcctat tatcatcaag gcaggaacat ggcagcatat     33480
     aggcaggcat ggtgcaggaa gagctgagag ttctacatct tcatctgaag gctgctagca     33540
     gaattctgac tcccaggcag ctagggtgag ggtcttaaag ccacagtgac aaacctactc     33600
     caacagggcc acaccctcta atagtgccac tccctgggcc aagcatgtac aaaccatcac     33660
     agataggaag gagtaaaacc aaactcatgg tgcagtaaga tgggatatca gaagatctgg     33720
     gcagcctatg gtatagaaag gagtggaccc tagctggtgg cataggggca tgtgattggc     33780
     agatcagggg cgtgaaatca tggagatgct tcctgaccta tggagtggga aggggaaggt     33840
     cctatctgga cataagggga tacaaaatgc caagaatcca gatgggttgg tggtacagaa     33900
     aagtaagact ctggagaaac tgatcaagaa gtctagtgac cttggggcat aagaaaccag     33960
     gtagccaggc aacctaagaa agctggtttt tacatttatt atgtatttat gtgtgtagga     34020
     ggatgtaaca cacacagcac agcatgtgag tggagatcag aaggtagctt tcagaaactg     34080
     gtcctctctc tccctcatat ggactccatg aatctaactc agtgttggta accaggatta     34140
     gtggtaaaag cctttaccca ttaagtgttc tcactggccc aagcttgctg cccttgtatc     34200
     tatccttgct attacttgat ctcataatgc tagtgcgttc atcagtgagc gtggaagaca     34260
     tttgcagcaa cacaggatta tttaaccaac tatagataca aaagatataa gtacttccga     34320
     gaacagagat gatgctaaga tgcagtgaaa tagcaagtga tgaaattttg agtagttcta     34380
     tcttatattc ctaaagtaaa tcaattgatt ttaagttggt ataatttcgt ttttgttctg     34440
     gctcacagaa gttctgaaaa tttaagtgtt ctctcacaag ctagtataag ctggtgccag     34500
     tatatcactg ctaagagaag gaagctggga taaagttgaa ggataatacc ctgtatagca     34560
     ccaagcatag gcattgcaca catcagtggc tgatgttata gacattgttt ctatattgag     34620
     catgatttaa ctgattagag aagaaaatag tttagttgga ctgattggca gacaattgaa     34680
     cttactatat ggtaaatatg acttttaaaa tatagcatta aaatttatgc tgaaatagaa     34740
     ctatcttagt aaaaacaatg gagatttcct ctcaacataa tgtttgggta tgctagttat     34800
     ttgtcttgtt gctgcaaaga caaaacccac aagacaagcg gtgaaaggaa ggaaggattt     34860
     actctggctt acagttacag gggatatatt tcgccaagat ggggaaggca tggcctcagg     34920
     agtgatagag catctgatca catcgtgtct ccagtgaggg tgcagaaaat gaacaggaag     34980
     tggatcagga tataaaatga caaggcccgc ccccaatgac ctacttctgg gggtgggaat     35040
     cagaagccaa actgggtgat tctctagtca ctgtgtgtgt gtcttccaag gccctgggtg     35100
     gtatggaatg gaatggtggg cacaggaaag ggaaaaacag aggccatgcc agctggaggt     35160
     cagagaaatt cacttggttt tctcacaggc tagtatatag tactcatgat gtgctaaata     35220
     ttatttgata ggaaatatgt accttaagtg tgtttatcat ttaccatata atgacatctc     35280
     taagatgtaa atggtagggt ggttttaagt ttctttttct ttaaaaaaat ctttaaaata     35340
     gttttctttg ttgtgcgggt atgacgtgta tgaatgcagg tctttgtgtg ctttggcttg     35400
     tatgcagaga tcaaaggaca acctgggttg tcagtcctca cctcccactg tttgaaagtc     35460
     tctttgtatt ttaggttctg ttttccaggc cagctggtct gtgaggctcc aggattctct     35520
     gtctctacat ctcacctcac cataggatgg tgggtattac aggtacatca gaccgtgtgg     35580
     atcccgggta tctaagctca ggccctcaca tttcagagcg agcactttcc cctcacagag     35640
     ccaccttcca gcccacattt gtttgccccg tactccttac actttgcaga gagaagacac     35700
     acttttgcaa ggttctcttc ctgttgttta ccaagaagca tcgtgatgca aacgcggagg     35760
     gcaagcttca caatagtttt ggacacaata taaagggagt aggatttttt tcagggctct     35820
     cccaattacc cccccccaaa cacacactaa aagacaaaca aaatacaaga ctagaaaccc     35880
     accagcgaat gtccttagaa taacctcata aatcagtccc tgacattatc cagatctttc     35940
     agctgctaca ccagtgaaac ccagagagat taaacaccca gggtcacgag ccacaggggc     36000
     tgccacaggt gccagggttg tctgtctctg cacgacaccg cagtgcgagt tccttcctta     36060
     atgaatctgc taagcagact aggtttcctg aggtgaggat gagagaagga ggtttgagca     36120
     ccaggcacag gtggactgca cagggtgtga cagaagaaaa cctcgggctt cctgagcctg     36180
     gctctatgct tggctgtagt ggagtggtgg agcaggaaag gagggaagac agaaggctga     36240
     tttggtggag ggccatggaa ggaataaaat tagtcactgt agctacagaa tagaagccct     36300
     gaaactacac agaatctata gagtctcagg gtgggaaaaa acttgagagc catctgccta     36360
     atacataaat ttgctctgca tattgacaag gtggtggctc agcctccttg gatgcccttg     36420
     caaatggaga actcattagc ttctttccgc agatggcaca acagaaaagt cttccccatg     36480
     tggaacctca atttgccaac tagtaatttc tactctggcc acgagtgagt tcttgggtca     36540
     tacacaagct ttttgcagag cagtcccttg gaccagatca cctatggaga ccttgtttag     36600
     tggtcaccga caggcttccg gggcatttct ttatccactc tagctactat agcagccggt     36660
     aaggctgatt tttatgtgct tcatgtcagt ggctttgtgt aaatctattt ttcaatattg     36720
     atgattgaaa cgaaggcaag tagtgctaag acccagctac gtgcacaggc cctgcttttt     36780
     ctacttaaaa aaaaaaggta gaattttagt taatgggaag attttaaaac atgaaaagac     36840
     cagactgacc ctgaacccac tctgtagccc agatagacct taaagaatgt gattctcctg     36900
     ccccagcttc cgctgctgag attctatgcc tgtgccaccc agcgcaactt gtatacattt     36960
     tctatgtcat catttctgta ccacagttgt gccagatgag gatcagagtg cttctatgcc     37020
     ttgctcaggg tcacttggag actttgcatg tgtagcagtc tggacttgtg tacaggcagg     37080
     ttcacctttt ggctcttttg tgctgctaca atataattgt cggtaggtac aagactaggt     37140
     acctactagg tagtttacaa agaatataaa tttattctta cagtcctggg agccaaagaa     37200
     aatccaactt tatggtgcca taggctgggg taggtacagt aggtgcatca catctcagaa     37260
     ggtactaaga caagagagtg caaagctact ctacatcgat tctcactgtg accttagtcc     37320
     accagggggt gtcactttca agacctaagc gctccacggg cacatttgga ggattaactt     37380
     tccaatgcat caatttttgg gaacacattc agctcatagc gagtacctaa aaataaaaca     37440
     tccattttac ctagcataaa aagaggatgc tctggaaggt agggactacc ctgtgcttgt     37500
     agcttgtata gtcccctcta agaagggctt cacattgggt tcacaccctg atacccaagt     37560
     ctggaaatgc ttagtatagt ttgaacaagg agtcttaaag tttcattttg taccgagact     37620
     caaaatgatt acctgttctt ggtctactgt ggaaaagaag gaagaaagcg atcaggctga     37680
     tgaatagccc ctcttttggc agtgcactgc atctagtgtt ctgcaggtta atgtatgtct     37740
     gagtcatctt tcaaacccac acctcattca gtggctccta cttctaccac cgaggaaatc     37800
     ctgggatggg agctgcaggg ttagatcacg gcgcagcaag tctttccttc cctgtatcct     37860
     cagttccatg ctggggacag gctcagttct ggcaacaaga ctttcatgtt tttttctttt     37920
     tcttttcttt ttttttggtc actttctagt tctttaacac cacgtctcct gtaaaatgaa     37980
     atgtatggac acagaataga aattagagtt taagatcttc tcaggaggga tctctacctg     38040
     ctgagggagc aattcctcat ggcttctctc tctctctctc tctcttctac tttcctcact     38100
     tgcccctcct ctctcttcct tcctctcctc cctccctcat tcctcttctc ttcttttttt     38160
     ccttcttttc ttcctctccc tcactctccc cctcctctcc ttcctctctc tgtctctttg     38220
     actctgtctc tgcctgcctg tctgtctctt tgtctatgtc tgtttctgtg tctgtgtctc     38280
     tgtctctccc cttcctctct cctctccccc cccctctgac tctgtctgtc tctctttgtc     38340
     tctttctcgc tctgtagggt accctgcttc taggcatccc tgtagactca gtttggtcag     38400
     tgtacactgc ccaaggctga caaggcacac atccacccag cccttcttta caagcccagt     38460
     ccttgtcact actactgctg gctcggtgtc accttgatta cagattctgt cacagtgtca     38520
     ggtgggtatt tgggagagag agagagcact gggatggggc aggaaacatg ggtttctacc     38580
     ctggttgatc tttccagagt ggatgaagag gtcagagtag gcaacagcca aggccttttc     38640
     ttggtaccca gcacagaagt ttgcgaggct ttgtggcagg gactggagag atgctgagtt     38700
     catgtttcct tctcttggct caaaggaaac agactcaatc aatcagggtg tatttgttga     38760
     ggtcttttaa ttgactacat tgtgagcact atgtcggagt gataagtggc ctatccaggc     38820
     accaggaggc tcattgtgag gaaagtgcac gtggctgatc tcccaacctt cacttatcca     38880
     tggagccatc tctgtccagg cattatccta tccacaacat ccttagaaga gggatacaga     38940
     ctcagctgct gtaatactgg actgactagt cagctctttg ttgctatcaa caacaactgc     39000
     ctgagataat cagtcgagaa cactggactc accattttga ggttgtagtt tgtgttcaat     39060
     tgatcgaata ttaattgatc ccattgcttt gtggcatcac atagtggctg gagtatgtgg     39120
     tagaacatgc tctcgtggta agaaagtgaa gaggaagagg ctagggtgcc atcagtgctt     39180
     tcaaggtcat atccccagcg tcctgaaaat gcctccttgt tctcttaaag catctagcat     39240
     tgcccaaaag ggttatgctg agtattccat atccaaatca taccttctaa cctatattcc     39300
     ctgcatgctt ttttttttgt tctgtggctg tatcaaaaag agggagatct actttgatag     39360
     gaataattag tccttattta aattcagaaa ggaaaacgga ccatcaacca catagaaacc     39420
     tgttccacgg ctctatgttt cttgcaccat ctggagaagc tgatttaaga ggtacctcag     39480
     caaagctgag gcagtgccag ctgatctcct gtcccatccc aagccaacat caggtcagca     39540
     agtgtgttag ttagggttct ccagaggaac agactgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg     39600
     tctgtctctg tgtttattag attggcttac ataattaaaa gctggataat acaatacaga     39660
     tacctcgcat gctggggagc caaagaatct gttagcttct caatctaaga aactagaggg     39720
     ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gttagagcac ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt ccagagttca     39780
     aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catccgtaac gagatctgac tccctcttct     39840
     ggagtgtctg aagacagcta caatgtactt acatataaca aataaataaa tcttaaaaaa     39900
     aaaaaaaaga aactagaagc tccaaacaag ggaggccaaa gatgcagtcc tggtctgagg     39960
     ctaatagccc aagagctccc tgaatagttg atagcatcat ctgtgtgatg ctagctttgt     40020
     agacatgaag aacacaagag ttacagggtc atggagggtt ctacttagaa tgtctggggg     40080
     tggggtgggg tgtctaaaaa tgtgtggcag ggttagaatt cttgcagaca gcccccaaga     40140
     gagcagatgt gtgaagctat gaggatgggg cctaagttag agttgaaaac tgtggtgttt     40200
     ttagggaaaa tgacccccat ggtatttgac acttggtccc cagttgatag tgctgttcag     40260
     atgctattgg atgtttagga catggagcct ggctagaaga agtacatctc caggagccag     40320
     atttgggcgt ttatagcctt ccccagtcct agtatgctct ccactttttg gcctcagttg     40380
     cagatgttat ctgtcagctt cctgctctgg caatctgctt tcaagcctcc cctcctgtta     40440
     tggactctcc ctctggagcc ataagccaaa tcataatact atttattcca taaactgctt     40500
     ttggtcatgg tgttttatcg aagcaactag aagtaactgc gggggattag agatgctgag     40560
     agcaaggtgt atgacctgag gaagactgta actgctgagc aggagtaagg catgtgggct     40620
     gcaagtggca aggccacaca gggtggaggt cacctagtcc tttggtgccg gtacaaggcc     40680
     agcttggtgg agctacaggg tttactgatt gccctgctgg gtttgggtct tgagttggtc     40740
     taatctttcc ttactatttt cctattcatc tcttttggtg tggcaatgtt tctttggtgt     40800
     cattgacttg gcagtatatg aattgttttg tggtttttct tttttaaaaa agagattcat     40860
     agctaagagt ttgctctgag cctcaagacg ttttggattt ggatatttga acacgacgaa     40920
     aactgccaag acttctggag atggaagttg tacacttatg cttgtattta taatggtcac     40980
     gtcatgcaaa attgtgactt agtcgttgtc tttacttggg ggatgacgta cgatataagg     41040
     agttgtgttg aggtgttgag ttgccaaagg gcagatttat gaaggttgac cttgactgcc     41100
     aacttcactg aactgagaag tttaggcaat tagtaaaaca cacctggggg gggggagtac     41160
     cttcgagggt gtttccagag aggattaact gggggattgg ggtgggaaga ctagtattaa     41220
     atgtaggagg taccatccca taggcagggt ctcccatgaa gcttaaggaa gaagcgtggg     41280
     aggccaggtg ttctgtctct ggttcctgac catcacgtag tgaccagccc cctctgtgca     41340
     tgcgtttgct tctgtgatgc tcagcctcac cttagggcca aagtgacagg gctagaggac     41400
     cacgggctaa cgcctctgag accctccact agaataaatg ttccttcctc ttaacttgtc     41460
     tcctcaggtg cttgccccag taaccaagag tttgaccaat acagcaagtg gcacagatgc     41520
     tgtgcctgtg aatatgggga caatggtccc gtgttccctg ccatctgcag gatggagcag     41580
     tagagcttct tgttggaacc agtcagctat tagtctccca aaatgcttct gttttgcttt     41640
     ctgcctccag agctccaagt gttgagctat gttgctttcc tttgttttta tctttctgga     41700
     atgctgttcc agcttgtgac gtatgactcg gatgcttttc ggactctcac caccccaatc     41760
     aaagcttggc tgcaaacatt cccgaaacgt gatgcctcct gctgacgcct tatctctatt     41820
     gcccaacact cagctttgcg tttgtcttgt tcaggctata aatgtctgac tatttgacct     41880
     gtgcctttat cagtcacctt tgctgtgtga ggcacagtcc tgtgcacaga gcacactttc     41940
     actttctggc caggagaaag gagaagatgc agacaaggga aacagtaggg aagaaacatg     42000
     tttttctcat ggttgaagat gcacagtcct tcccagggct aaatcaactg ctttagggga     42060
     ggtagggaga cctcacagag ggtctggctt tttgttggcc tataagacac agatggtggg     42120
     gacagttgct ggctgcagat gaatgcaggg taaccatcca atagtctggc aaaggagggg     42180
     gatggtggag tatcagtgtt gatgttggga aggggagatg aaagaagaag gtgaacgggt     42240
     gagactagaa agtgggtaga gcttcggatt gccctctggg tgacagggag cttgcagggt     42300
     ctttcaagag gtcccctatt gttttaggag gttgatatta gatttggagt gatggaggtt     42360
     gagagctgag catgaagaca ggtttgttag aacacaattc ctgtgggatg ttgacagcat     42420
     ccaaggatga gagctgagga ggggacctga gtagcagcca cagacaccac caaggctgta     42480
     tctcacttgg tctgatcagg ctctggctga tttttaaaca tcgcatgtaa atatatgtat     42540
     acttgggtga agatttcgtt tttcatgcaa atccataaaa gtaggtgacg gttcctttgc     42600
     aggctgctta ttcagacccc catgagagct tactgaggga gctgaaagct tgtgcagtgt     42660
     tggtcagtct ggtcggtggg cagtagcttc ttaccagcat gtggaggata ctttgaggtt     42720
     ctagaaaaac acagtccaaa tgcacattct gtcatgtttt aagagaaccg gccctgccaa     42780
     agatgatttt cttttggttt aaaagaatgt ctttccaaca gtctcttgtc atttctctaa     42840
     gaaagggact gtatagtatt tcactaaggc cgatacatta tctgtgttgt ttattgctgt     42900
     ttatggacca gcaatataaa caatgggggt agataataat aagaaggaca gctgggcggt     42960
     ggtggcacac gcctttaatc ccagaactcg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc     43020
     gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct     43080
     gtctcggaaa actaaacaaa aaaaaaaacc aaacaagaag aaggacagta tttcctggtg     43140
     tattcttctt gtagtgaaaa gtgttattct ctttgcatgg tacacaccac ccaaaggaca     43200
     gacaaggggg attgaagaat gttttttcat tcttgcctga cgttgcccag accacataat     43260
     tcctttttgg tttaattggc tcagatgctg ccttgaaatc agtctttctt cactctgttt     43320
     ctctctgccg ttctctgtcc ctccacgtgg ctagctactt tgctttagtt cctaacagct     43380
     tagcagtcta tctactgatc ctctcagctt ccagatactg aaaataaatt ttctttatgt     43440
     tcaggctgct attaatatat tcctgtttgt ctttgcctga gttatgagta tccctctgcc     43500
     cagagcattg catcatggca attgtgtaac cttctccagc actgcggtaa ctccggggta     43560
     gaaacgcctg cggagtgaga ggagaggaga ggacaggcgg gcttgaatgt gtggacatag     43620
     aaaacaggga ctgttctctc tagagcaatc agacaaacta acctgtcccg tgctcctgat     43680
     gctcctcatc tcggttaccc atgggccata tgtaaccgtg gcgaccatgg gaggcaccag     43740
     caccaagttt tgtgaagcat cctttggtac tgtcttgctg ggagcaaaca tgtttgtgct     43800
     gaacaagcta gcatattaac tttagagaaa gtggaacagc ctgcctccaa agagaaggcc     43860
     caagcgggct ttttacctga gcaggtaaga ggggtgacag ggcctgggaa ggtttggata     43920
     ttgaacactg ctctttgtcc tcagagggta ccgatgcatc ttacctagga catcacctca     43980
     actgcttaaa tctaccaatc tgccaagttt ttatgggtaa agcgatggac aggactgacc     44040
     ttccctgtgc taaaagatgc cacaaaagca ccattggaat ttaaggtttt atttttaaaa     44100
     ggattctcag agtatctgcc tgaagtgttt tcaactgtgt tccagggaat gcaggacagc     44160
     aacttaggaa gccttccacc agggagggag tcttgcatcc ttcctcctcc acttcaaaag     44220
     aaaaccacaa cactttattg aaaaaacatt ccatgcgata tattttggtg atgtttcccc     44280
     ccccccaact tcctcctaga ttctccccat tctccaccac ccaacttaat gttctttctt     44340
     tcacccacgt tcttaaaaaa aaacaacaaa aaagaaataa aaataacatc acaaaaacaa     44400
     aaatcaaaac aaacaaaaca ccaacacaac ccaaaaaaag tgcccaagca gaacaatatg     44460
     aaacaagaag tccacaaaaa tacactgaag ccatttcatg ttggccaact cctcgtaggc     44520
     atggggtttg ccctgaagtg tggttgatat cccagtcaga ctccagtctg actgtcccat     44580
     tgccagaagg tgtcagttgt accaatcaca gatagcttct tggttagggg tggagttcag     44640
     tgtggtttct tccctttagc cctgggaccc catctggctt gaactttgtt ggtctcgtgc     44700
     ctgctgccat agtctctgtg cgttcccatg cacatcagtc ctcctgtatc cggaagacag     44760
     tttctttttt tttttttttt taatttttta ttaggtattt agctcattta catttccaat     44820
     gctataccaa aagtccccca tacccaccca cccccactcc cctaaccacc cactccccct     44880
     ttttggccct ggcgttcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt ttgcgtgtcc aatgggcctc     44940
     tctttccagt gatggccgac taggccatct tttgatacat atgcagctag agtcaagagc     45000
     tccggggtac tggttagttc ataatgttgt tccacctata gggttgcaga tccctttagc     45060
     tccgtgggta ctttctctag ctcctctagc cctgtgatcc atccattagc tgactgtgag     45120
     catccacttc tgtgtttgct aggccccggc atagtctcac aagagacagc tacatctggg     45180
     tcctttcaat aaaatcttgc tagtgtatgc aatggtgtca gcgtttggat gctgattatg     45240
     gggtggatcc ctggatatgg cagtctctac atggtccatc ctttcatctc agctccaaac     45300
     tttgtctctg taactccttc caagggtgtt ttgttcccac ttctaaggag gggcatagtg     45360
     tccacacttc agtcttcatt tttcttgagt ttcatgtgtt taggaaattg tatcttatat     45420
     cttgggtatc ctaggttttg ggctaatatc cacttatcag tgagtacata ttgtgtgagt     45480
     tcctttgtga atgtgttacc tcactcagga tgatgccctc caggtccatc catttggcta     45540
     ggaatttcat aaattcattc tttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgtg tagatgtacc     45600
     acattttctg tatccattcc tctgttgagg ggcatctggg ttctttccag cttctggcta     45660
     ttataaataa ggctgctatg aacatagtgg aacatgtgtc cttcttacca gttggaacat     45720
     cttctggata tatgcccagg agaggtattg ctggatcctc cggtagtact atgtccaatt     45780
     ttctgaggaa ccgccagact gatttccaga gtggttgtac aagcctgcaa tcccaccaac     45840
     aatggaggag tgttcctctt tctccacatc catgccagca tctgctgtca cctgaatttt     45900
     tgatcttagc cattctgact ggtgtgaggt agaatctcag ggttgttttg atttgcattt     45960
     ccctgatgat taaggatgtt gaacattttt caggtgcttc tctgtcattc ggtattcctc     46020
     aggtgagaat tctttgttca gttctgagcc ccatttttta atggggttat ttgattttct     46080
     gaagtccacc ttctggagtt ctttatatat gttggatatt agtcccctat ctgatttagg     46140
     ataggtaaag atcctttccc aatctgttgg tggtcttttt gtcttattga cggtgtcttt     46200
     tgccttgcag aaactttgga gtttcattag gtcccatttg tcaattctca atcttacagc     46260
     acaagccatt gctgttctgt tcaggaattt ttcccctgtg cccatatctt caaggctttt     46320
     ccccactttc gcctctataa gtttcagtgt ctctggtttt aagtgaagtt cctgtttctt     46380
     agcagccatc catcatctct ggctcttaca gtctttctgc ctcctcttat gcgtggattc     46440
     cagttgtgga tctctgtgtt agttcccgtc tactgcaaga agaaacctct ctgatacagg     46500
     ctgagtgatg tctcctgtgc ttggagtgaa aacagtgctg cactgcaccc tttttgtgac     46560
     tttgtgctga gttttggcta tgttctgtta ttcttcatca tgtgccactt cttcttgaag     46620
     ggcctggcat agtgttgcac aactttaatc ctatcattca gaggaagaaa gatctttctg     46680
     agttcgtggc taacctggtc tatatagaga gttagttaca ggatagccag ggctacacaa     46740
     accatgtctt aaaaaaataa taaaatgaaa acatccaaac aaacaaaaac ccatcatcat     46800
     catcatcatc aacaacaaca acaacaaaaa taccctgatt ctaattggat tctgttgcca     46860
     tgtttctggc tcctcttcct gcccaactcc aggcttggta aggcagtagt aatattgata     46920
     ggactccagg tcctatcaca aacctgtccc cagtatctca ggtgggtcac ctattgtttc     46980
     tgaaagtcta cttacacaat ctgtgtctac atccttagac agaagggata ccaggatctg     47040
     gaagacttcc tgtcaaaaga tacctggttt tgtgcagtgt tacgatggta gaatgttttg     47100
     ggaatgctga agaatctctt ttgttagtgg ggagaatctt tgaagctaaa gacggatgcc     47160
     tgaatgggag aggacatatt taaaaatggt aacattggca tgagtcagac ccaacagtcc     47220
     ttttgtagct tgtctataac gctgaggaac cccagcattc ttcctaagaa ttagctgcac     47280
     tcaatttttt cacacttaca tctgttaaag gaatattgtc aagacagaat ctttgcagca     47340
     tagtctctgt gtgtatgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttaa     47400
     attattctta ctctcataaa ccaaacactt catggataat tttgccaaca gcatacttct     47460
     aagccacact tatcagacgt gctgaccttc tgaccctcat tgggaaggta tgattcctgg     47520
     tttccccaca tgtggcctgc cggggctaca gttggcttac atacagagcc tgggtcccag     47580
     ctctgtggct ctagtggaag gtgtctgtct tgctggtggg tttatttgtg ctcatctttc     47640
     tagagtccag gcataggccc cagaagggca gagttgcata gaagggtcag gacctcaacc     47700
     aggcacctga tgaccaaaga tatgtggtca tcatccgcag tgctgaaggg ctgaccgatg     47760
     cggtggggac agacttgcac tagggtaacc tcactgaggc agaaggaatc aagcaggtag     47820
     agaccagggg aaggcaatgg aagctggaga gccagcaaca gaatggggac tctaaaacca     47880
     cattaggtca taagacaaag gtctgctgta tcctctcttc ctggatttta tatttttttc     47940
     tttgtgtttg agggaatcta agctccccag atacagccca gtctgaggaa ggacaacagt     48000
     ggccctagac cttcccagag cgtacccaat gagagttgct cccgagatat tgtttgtgag     48060
     ctgtgacaaa aggacacaga ggcctgctgt tcatctgtcc acgaccatct ctgagtttcc     48120
     ttagccagaa ataccatgaa aatgctccca acaatgggat gtctaatttc ctccagagaa     48180
     gactgcctta tgacccgtat tatagcctag ggagtccaga ggcatttacg actgagatgg     48240
     cggcctggtt ctgatagtgg attagtagat ttcagtatac agaaagaagt atgtggatgc     48300
     tagttttgga gtaaatagct cgctagcttc ttctgaagac ttttgatttc caagtttttg     48360
     taaagagttc tccagattcc gcagagtctt tttcaagatg cttggagaat cccggcttct     48420
     gcaggaacag ctgttttaca ggagtgagag agcagcagga gctgtttctg ctcaacccac     48480
     ctatgaacat gtgatgatca tctgtgccat ctctccatat agggacaaaa atgtagtata     48540
     ctctgtatgc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct ggggggggga tgtatgcaat gtgtggggta     48600
     aatcatacac atataggctt gtgtagtatg tgtgtgtttt gcatccagta tttgtgtgtg     48660
     atgtgtgcat gtgttatctt tacgtgcata tggaatgtgt ggcatgtaat gtgtatgtgt     48720
     gtggtatgca tgttgtatta tgtggtggta tgtgtgttcc atgtacatta agtggagtga     48780
     gtaggttgta tgaatactta acatgtaagg tatatggtgt gtgcatatgt ggcatgtgtg     48840
     tggtgtagta tgcgtgtgtc ctcatgtgta tctatgtgtg acttggaacg aatgatgtga     48900
     ccatatgctc ccacttgaaa ctcctcaagc taccaagcca agcagggctg acccaggtga     48960
     ccttggtagg aactgccagc ttggatcaca aaactattct gggtgcaacc tggggaaaac     49020
     tcttcaatcc taaacaccct ccacctctgc ttacattagt tcccttttag attttacaca     49080
     cgtgcacaca acagtatggt atgtcagcct cagtgccaaa gacgcgcact tgcctgagca     49140
     gtaatttccc tgccacccac tgctttctga gtgacccagg gagtctggca tagccagcct     49200
     ggaggctcat ctgcatgctt taagatgagc atgttaagaa cggcctcttt tgctcttaac     49260
     aaaaagattt gaggatgaaa ttagcatctg cttttgcttc catcgcctct cactgtcact     49320
     ggagttggag cgaggacagt tgatgtttca gaatgaatga caggtgtaaa agctggctgg     49380
     aagcagcaat gttgtcagga gactgtgttt gtgggtgtcc agacgtgaat taaaccaatc     49440
     cattacactt gtttggtgtt cactggggct gcaatatttt ttatgcagaa cccgagacac     49500
     agttcagtag tgtttattag cgaccttgtc gcgtcctctg agttatggac gaatggctca     49560
     gaacacgggg gcccagtgta aatagctgtg ccacagtttc tccctggtcc gtatccctga     49620
     ggtgatgctg ccatctcggg cctggatttt gaagtagaca atgtgaatgt ggcttttcat     49680
     atcagcaata tttatagaat tcagtcggat tgaacaattt ctaaagcccc tgtgttggaa     49740
     atacaagtca ggaagggagt atctctcatt ctacaaagta cacccacaag ggcttagatc     49800
     tctttggggt gcattttggt gaataaggaa ggtttaccag cctggtcagc tgattctctt     49860
     ttcttcctat ttttttattt tttattttgt gtgtgtgtgt gcatgtgttc atgagtgtaa     49920
     tgtatgtaca tacgtgtgta ttaagataca tgtgtatatg aaggtcagag gttggcatta     49980
     ggtttcttcc tggattgctc tccactgtat ttttgagaca gggccccctg atgaacctgg     50040
     aagattactg actggctgga ctggctgcac agcgatctca ggggatgctc ccatttctgc     50100
     gtcctggtgc taaacttaca gacccaaacc cagcttctgt gtgggtgttt agggatctaa     50160
     ctcaaggtgc tcatgccgct gctgcaggca cgttgccaac agagccattt ccccagcctc     50220
     gtcaagctgg gttgaagctt caggtgtggg tggtagcgtt tctgaaaact ccacggccct     50280
     ggtcaggagt actcgtctgg tatggtaatg tgcccacact ctcttttgag ggagtcttgc     50340
     tacctggtgt ggttgggtcc ccagtcctcc actgagagga tcctgaggga tgtgtgagca     50400
     gggcctccca agctcagcct gtttccagct gtattcttgt tgcatggatg atggtgcagg     50460
     gacaggcttc tcgatctgcc taaacccaca tatcctgtaa gtgacaaagt taaggttcac     50520
     atcaaaggct atgtatgtcc ctgctgtgtc tccctggtat ctggcagaga aggaacactt     50580
     cctgtgtgtt atgcttgaga gccaatgaaa accacaggaa aaacttgaaa ggagccgaca     50640
     atcgtgggct gctgtcaaca tctaaaggtg gaaaggccag gcctggggac aagatgagga     50700
     cagcagagaa agctgatata gtatattata gtacactgta tcgtatagta catatgcata     50760
     ctgtaatgct cctctatttt ttcattcctt cagggtaaac ccccaaacac ataagcacag     50820
     tggggtcagt atggtttgct gggccagctt ctgattagtt gggaaatagc atttcctagt     50880
     tttattcaag tccatagtct tgcactcacc cattcatcta cccacttatc aacaaatatt     50940
     tcccaagtgc ttcccatgag tcagtttctg gacatgcagt gtttgacgac tgtccctgtc     51000
     ctcaaagaat ccacggctgc tgctaggaca tagcacggtg gtagagtgct tgtcccgcat     51060
     gaaccagacc ctcgattcca ccctgagtgt tgggcctggg gaggaagctt tgacggtcaa     51120
     agcagagagc cacgtagtca ggagttttaa attccatgta taaaaatttg caaggtatag     51180
     aatgtggaca acttcatcca acttgatggc aaaggagatt taggaacatg caaaggagca     51240
     tggaggggtc ttcctagtgg ctgaagctag agatcatcat gctaagggaa acaggccaga     51300
     ctcagacaag tatcatgttt gtcatacgct aaaatacata tttaaatgca cacatataca     51360
     tatacatatg aacacatgca tacgacagga aagtacaatg gactctgagg aggaattttg     51420
     agaactgtga ggggtgagga aagggcccaa gagagagggt aggaagggga agagggatat     51480
     tttagattta gagaggccgt gaaagtgaag ggatgctgat tccagttgga agaactggag     51540
     gagagacaga ggactgaggg cgaatatggg cagggtacag tgatgtatgt gaatgaaaat     51600
     gtcattatgg aactcataat cctgtgtgct acctaggaga ggaagcatgg tcctcttggt     51660
     gggtgctccc cctgctggtg gatggagacc tacttacccc agggggcaga gttttcctct     51720
     gcccagtcta ggatgctagt ggctgtccct tgttgctcta gtgtccagct ttaaagtccc     51780
     gagaatgagc tgtctctctg aaattttcac ttggccggag atattctgaa tttaaaaaat     51840
     agacggggga agctgttttt ttgactccta cttcgtgcta agctttgcca ttgaacactg     51900
     aagcaagata tggtgtgcct atgtttagta gagtccttta atctgcctac aatagctgct     51960
     gtctgttgtc acatgctagg gggttgggaa gcaaagtgtt acaaaaggtc cctggccggt     52020
     gagaaataga catttacatt caattccttt ccctctacca gaaggtccag cgcagagtct     52080
     cccattgcag gtaccttccc atctcagcca gagagggctc tgtggcctcc tcctgccttc     52140
     tccccagaat ggactcagat gagccctagt ggggacgcaa ccagatttaa cctgggatcc     52200
     ccatagcata tgcatctaca cccaggtgtg attatagaag ccagaacatg gcaggtgagc     52260
     gaattggctc cttgttttcc tacctcccaa ggcaggcccg tacttaaatc atctcaggca     52320
     gatggttaac tgtcctattt taacaggtct ccagggagga aggtttcaaa attccctatg     52380
     gctgtctgtt ctagtattta atcatcttta ttgccagcga gttctccatc cccattctaa     52440
     atctccttgg ctgtgattta agcctttttt ccctcttggg gtggggaacg ctatggcttt     52500
     aggggaggag gcagactctg tttttaattt ggctgtctca ggagtcattt atttgaacat     52560
     ccgttggagt ttgttttctt tgttggtaaa caggatggag ttaggatggt tctcaagggc     52620
     tcttctagct cccaaagctc caagttctca atttaaagtg ctgccctgtg gttgtctgca     52680
     gccaaccacg ctgtggcagg aacagtgctg ggctatgtag aaagctcgtg caatgacgcg     52740
     cagtcctggt tcgcaacgcc tctcacctgt ggagacaatg gagctgcatg ggagagctga     52800
     cagcgaggga cagggcgctc tactccaggc ctttcagaag tcccattgca gttagctggt     52860
     tggtaggata agaatggcat gttttaaagg tgctgccctg cctccagctc tataggacat     52920
     atgaatagct agttaggttt tgctcctctc ttcctctgga cctttgaaga acaaatactg     52980
     gaggagagtg atgccaccaa tcattatcag gcaatccttt gttgtcccgt ctgctccaag     53040
     gaagagatgt ccctagaagc attatgtggc ctacagacag cagggattag tacagcatga     53100
     ccccaggtgt tgttgggtgg cagtcatgct agggaaaggc tctcacagga agcaagaggg     53160
     tgctcaaggc agttaacccc tttcctgcta gttctaaaaa attctggtat gtgtgtcctg     53220
     agggcttgca gcacacagca tttgtagctt tgtttatggg cagggcactt gtttatcctg     53280
     ggcaaagttc tatcagctga agggccaaga gccctgggcc gtgctgtagg caggagcaga     53340
     tacaggtctg ccaatgaccc atcctatcat gagatgtggt tatctgtcag ttgtggtata     53400
     gtcttacctc ctcaagctcc ttaaagggag agaggagaaa gaccttcttg ttgagtaggc     53460
     tggcgaggaa tgttaatctc ttgcacacgg caacataggg cagtagaatt ctagtgcccg     53520
     agcctgctgt cactgacaga aattcgcgtg gtatttcaga gttagctgga ggttagagta     53580
     cctctgaccc aacccagtct tgaaattgtt caaaagcatg gcattgggtt acagcaagat     53640
     ggcctaggtc ctctggacgt gtaatggggg agaacattga ttccagtgca gacgtggctc     53700
     tcctgagacg ggggcgggat tctcggcttt gcgtagggat ggaactgctt ctgaccagga     53760
     tgccagcaga gacggatctc tttagcgcct gattatgctc cactagatcc atagcacaga     53820
     gctgggagat gctattgttg aagtctgtgt tgtttctaaa catgtagttt ttcttgtctc     53880
     caggactaag tgtctggcag aacggttttt ttttatttat ttttgcttta ctgaaaatat     53940
     ttttttcata taaaacattg taattatgac tttccttccc tgaactcttc ccagtttctc     54000
     cccatctccc ctcccatcaa gatctacatt ctttttctga cagaaaaatt cataatttca     54060
     gaggattcag aacagatagg cttggttcct cgtggtgcat caccaatagc agcaggtctg     54120
     tgtggtggag gctactgttc actttaaaat tgcattttaa aagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgggg     54180
     ggggttgtaa gtcagagagt aatctagatg acttagttcc cttcttctac catgtgagtc     54240
     ctaaggacag agttcatgac ctcaggcttg gtagcaagta cctttaccta ctgagccaca     54300
     gcgctagccc tgttattctc ttcttgagag atgggaaaca aagagaagga tagcagaagg     54360
     gcacaggaag atccatgatc cccaaggaaa ggcctctggt aacgcccttc ctccaccttg     54420
     tccctttacc tacctccttg taatggtggc tttcgagaag caatgcattg gctaggcaat     54480
     tcagagttct tatgatctac tagtccctag aaactcaaca tggacacacc tagaggtatg     54540
     cttccctcat tcccagacat ttctttttaa atattatttt tctttattct tgaatacttc     54600
     atgtatgtat gcaataagac ataagcatat ccacctacca ttgttttcac tttcaacatt     54660
     gtcctccccc aagctgtcat atttttacta taacccacta agtctaatta gtgctgcgta     54720
     tatgtgtatg gatattggca tctactggag catgaaaaac ttaccagtga tgtacattaa     54780
     aatagaaaac tataggaatg attctccctc ctccggcaag tatcaattgc caataactct     54840
     tcaacaaggg gtgaggccta gagagcacct cctccatcta tgccggaatt tttgctgtct     54900
     cgatctggtg taggtcgaat gatggcaatc ccagctcgtg tggattcctg agtgcagtag     54960
     ccctgtcaac actagaagtt tacacttcac agcattcttt ccaccacctg gatctttctt     55020
     tctgtctcct ctcccagcgt attctttata ccatgatgat ggtggggaag aggggttgag     55080
     aaaggtgtct cacttaagac tgagcactcc atcttggctc ttggatcagc tacacatctc     55140
     agcattgact gttgacttca ggaccaaggc tatgctgctt acatcctcat ttgtagggtc     55200
     tgtcccctgt ggtacagttg atgcactaag ggccacacca ttaaagaaaa ctgattctcc     55260
     ctccctagaa gctatcaacc accaatagct cctcagatag aagtgtgagg gtgtcatgag     55320
     cctattccct ctctgtgatg gagtttttac tggcttgatc ttgtatgggt cttgtgcagg     55380
     caaccacagc tgctacgagc ccatcagtct tgtcgtatcc tgaagacacc attttactct     55440
     ggttcttgcc agcctctggc tcttataatc tttctatcac cgtctcctgt aatggtccct     55500
     gaactttggg ggtgttgtga tatagacgtc caacttatag cagatcattt cacagacact     55560
     tattctctgc attgagtgtc tgctatgcat tgcaaagaga tacttctttc atgaggtcca     55620
     cgacctgcct tcatgtatga gtatagagat ataaatttag agggcagttt gatacaaggt     55680
     ctgtttagca aaatgatagc agttggtcct tccatggagc ctatgagctc cccaaacaat     55740
     gggttcttgg ccagatttac agtcctaggt atgcatttcc ttctgtggta ggtgggcctt     55800
     aagtccaatc agaaagcagt tggttactac ctacttaaca ttcatgctac tactgcacct     55860
     atggcatatt gcgttacacc tggtaggtca aattgttcat gactgccttt ccccctaccc     55920
     cccccccaac agttagtaca atgaaagtta actattttag attaagattt ctggtcatta     55980
     ccaacttgat ttctccatgt tctgtgataa agtgtgtggt atcatcagta attgaatctt     56040
     acaattgagt tcttttgggc aacaaaaagc aatagcaata tcccgtattg cctttggagc     56100
     ctccaggaca ttccttacta acatttgagt agggtgtatc tatcccacac ctagcactga     56160
     gttttttatt cgttaacctc tgggttttaa gaggaacatt atcctctgtg tagcgtatcc     56220
     ccatataaac tagtaagttc catatagact ttgcaaatat ctttagtgtt aacaaccctt     56280
     tctcctagct cttcctccaa cccctttcca ctcaaccctc cctcatcctt gaggggacca     56340
     ttactattca gagttattac tgaaagatga atattgattc ctgtcatttt attgattttg     56400
     tggcattagt tatcccagta ttgtttattt atctctgtga cagctttgtt ctaattatcc     56460
     tcgtctcctg atgaaactat gcttctacta ccttccatgg atctggctta ctggccatga     56520
     attctcttag tctgttttta tcatggaaca tttttatttc tctttctatt ttaacagata     56580
     gttgtgctgg ctataatagt ctggtttggc agttgtggcc tttcagggct tggaatatat     56640
     ctttcgagac ccatatagtt ttagaagttt ctgtccaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa     56700
     caaacaaaaa aacccccaac caatcaggtg ttagttactc tagtggtttg cctttagagg     56760
     tgatgagacc attctctatt gcagtcttca attttcattc tttagcttgc atttttggtg     56820
     ttttaactat aatttgttgt ggagaatttt ctctcctggt cctctgattt tggtattctt     56880
     catgcttctt gtatctggat aatctctctc tctctttttt ttaattaggt ttgagaaatt     56940
     ttcttctagg atttattgaa aatatattct atgcccctgg tgtggcagtc ttcttcttct     57000
     cttcttcttc ttcttctgtg cctataactt gaagatctga tcttttcatg gtgtctcaga     57060
     gctgatgtca tacacttttt actaattgct ctaacttgtg ttctagccat gttacccttt     57120
     tcccacatgg tccgttttcc tggcgcagct taccactgag cccgtggttt tgtttgtgga     57180
     gcacagcatc tctcccagtg catttcaggt caggttcccc tcagcggttc tctcttcatg     57240
     tttggactga tgtccccatt tcatccagct cttggtcttt gtgctcttgc tgtgagctca     57300
     catctttaca ttgtttgaac ataattataa ttatggtttt taaaattttt atctggaagt     57360
     tcttccaatt tgctctcatt aagggccatt tctctgggat tgataatttt ggggaaggac     57420
     atgttatctt ggattttctt tttttttttg tttctatgct aagacttgta catctgaacc     57480
     tagttgtcag ttgagtcccc ttccttcatt tctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt     57540
     cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttcatat tttttatttt tatttttaag ttcaagtatc     57600
     ttttcttctt tgagtggagg catttacaat gttcaggaga aggctaagct gtagtggagt     57660
     tgtgagttag ttttttctgt ggcgttgata tttagggcaa gaggtatgtc tttggccttc     57720
     atctgagggt cagatactac tctgggtcag cactggtctc ttgtctgcag cttcactgag     57780
     cactgggaat tgaggaactc cctgtgtttg taggttttac tcagggtcag atcagtctcc     57840
     ttcctcggtc tatagcttcc actgctcctg tgtgagctta tgagcttaaa tttcagtgag     57900
     actatactaa cacactagaa cacagaatca tccttatagg tagattgcac acgcacatgt     57960
     gtgtgtgcgc acgtgtgcat atgcatgtgc atgtatataa tatgtatgta tgtatgtgat     58020
     atatatgtgt gcatatgtgt gtgcatgtgt atgtatgtat gtgtgcatat gggtgtgcat     58080
     gcatgtatat gtgtgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtcttatcaa aagcagtctg ttgagtgtaa     58140
     tagctttctt gaaactaaaa gggctgccca gacagcttta agccaacaat cttcctgtat     58200
     tctttcctct cacccatgta tccttcttac tctactcctg tacccctttc ctagttgact     58260
     ttatgttgct gtgataaaca ccatgaccat aaacaacttt tggaagaaag tgtgtttggt     58320
     atgcacatcc ctatcacagc taggagggaa gctaggcagg aactcaagca gggtacaagc     58380
     atgacgtcaa gaactgaaga agaggccatg aaggggtgct gcttactggc ttgctcagcc     58440
     actttctcat atatcccagg accaattgcc gagaggtggc actgcccaca gtgaactggg     58500
     ccctcccaca ccaataatca attaaggaaa ccacccacag gcttgcctat cggccaatct     58560
     gatgaagaca ttttctcagt tgaggttttt ctttctccca gacaactctg acctgtgtga     58620
     agttgacaaa agactgacca gcacacctct tcctacccca aaaaccacag acaaacaaat     58680
     tacaacacag actgtgcacg tggcatgacc caagtcctgc catactgtac ttgagagtct     58740
     tgagaggata ggaatctatt gagctgttgt gatttagaaa cagaaagaat gctgggcggt     58800
     ggtggcgcat gcctttaatc ccagaacttg ggaggcagaa gcaggcggat ttctgagttc     58860
     gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggatacaca gagaaaccct     58920
     gtctcgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaggaac aggaagagtt     58980
     ctttctcaaa gggatatcat actttaagat aggatattaa tgagtcactg tttaacctaa     59040
     agattacatt tccattcatg gaatttgagt cactatggca ctctgctgga gactatgcag     59100
     acctgagggt tactgcgact ttcctcttca tgtggatgac attgtgtggg cagccactta     59160
     acccaacagc ataacagcag accctctctg aaagggtgac acaatctttg gaagccttct     59220
     tattgcttgc agtcggttct gttagctgct tcctgggtaa ttgctttctt acctttgctg     59280
     atacacaagg ccacttgaga cacaaggttc atggggctgg agagttggcg aagcagttta     59340
     gagtacatac agttgttgca taaggcctga gtttagttcc cagcacctat gttgggtgtc     59400
     ttataaccac ccataagagg gaatctgaca ccctcttctt gcccctggag ccaactgtac     59460
     tcatgtgctc ataccatccc cccccccccc ccacattctt tttcaaaaag ataaaaaatt     59520
     tgtttttaaa taatgaacaa atttagggca aggctttgac aagccaaaga accacaaaat     59580
     gagcggagtg ttggactatg attcagaacc tgttcctgga gatggctgga cgcaggctat     59640
     taaacactat taagcacgct gggtttgtgc ctggcatctt ggagtcagga tgactgctca     59700
     gacagcttta agtgtctgtt tccagtcatc acagggacag gtctggcttc tacaacattt     59760
     ctttctttct ttcttttttt ttcattgcct gatcttattt ttttcctcag tcgagtcatt     59820
     ccccaagggt ccaatctact tccacagcaa tgtcttgtcc gcttgggtcc agatgtttag     59880
     cgaggcattc ctttatgtga cttttgtcga aacagagctt ataaaagaca gacacaagga     59940
     aaggaaaatg ggcgaatcca gctgaaagtg ttatgaaagt aaacacacct tttgtgggta     60000
     cgaatggtaa aagacagagg ctgtgtttga tggtccctgg ggcttcacgc acacaatgca     60060
     gcaatgcagc aatgcagcaa tgcagcaatg caggcctctc agtggtaaga taagagctca     60120
     agtcttcaag cagagtcccc cagtgaagca tctgctcagc aaagtaactc gctggactcc     60180
     ttttgaacta atctccctga taacctccca gggagatttt tttttttttt tttttttgtg     60240
     gaacattatc taccagctca aggccagcct ttcatgtaca tacttttgtg aagtgattga     60300
     aggaaggagg acaggtctct tggtcctcat tgttttctct tatcagcctg aaattatacc     60360
     attagccatt gtattaactc tctattacct tcagtgacaa ataagtcacc tatccatcat     60420
     tcatctgccc ataaattcac ctacccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccac     60480
     ccatccaccc atccacccac tcacctatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat     60540
     ccatccatcc acccatccac ccatccaccc atccacccac tcacctatcc atccatccat     60600
     ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc acccatccac ccatccaccc actcacctat     60660
     ccatccatcc atccatcgat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccacccaccc acccatccac     60720
     ccatccaccc actcacctat ccatccatcc atccatccat acattcaccc attcatcatt     60780
     catccactca cccacccacc tatccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc     60840
     catccatcca ctcatccata cattcaccca ttcatccact cacccaccca cctatccatc     60900
     catccatcca tccatccatc catccaccca tccacccatc cacccatcca tctgtcaaat     60960
     gtttatcaag tactttccac ttcaaaggtt aggtagaaca gagttagtgc ccttgggctg     61020
     ctcaaagtct agctggaggt acagggaaga gttgctacag ccatgtgacc agtggttcag     61080
     tagaggtaag ggtatggttg agtgcagagg aagaggggta aaagccaagc cttttggtct     61140
     taaatgataa gatacaaggg atgaaaactg gcagatcggg catgggaaag gagaagaaat     61200
     aagtgttgaa tttgggccta gagcctcctg gaacactgtt ggtgttggat acccaagtgg     61260
     gctcagagtg aagaatgggg gtggagcagt ctgtctacct gggtactggt gcacgtatgg     61320
     aggagtcagg gcctcccgtc ccccggacag cagctcttca atcaccttgc gaacagtgta     61380
     ggggaccccg ccctgggggc acagctatct gtcaactttg ccagcgtgag agcccaccaa     61440
     gagatcttga ggttggacat agatctgttt tgcttttaat attcataatt tggacatttc     61500
     aaaacaatgg aagatggctc cagtgaggcc catgtgtgat gagaaatgat ttttagcccc     61560
     gtgttcccaa gccttggcag catcagtgaa cctcagagga tagagcgtgc cgatctcttg     61620
     tctcattaca tcgccagagt agggcctttg ccagatactt agatggagaa gtgggtacta     61680
     acccaagtac ccagccccac ccctggattg ctttcagagt tttaagggaa attttcaaga     61740
     tcacattgtt acttggacaa aataattgaa atttaatttg acttttggaa acatttggca     61800
     gaatttgtct atgaaaccct ctctcagcag ttggctgggc actggggagg tatcaaatac     61860
     ccttggtttt catttatgaa gactggctcc aatactctct ctatgcaaat agtgattttt     61920
     ttaaaaaaag aacaatctga ttacacttat ttgtgtgtat gctcgtgcac acatgttggg     61980
     tgagtgtgtg ttccatagtg catgtcagga gttcagagga tcagttggct ctctccttct     62040
     atcatatggg tcctggtagc aaatggcttt acttgctgag ccaacttgac agccctggct     62100
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     62160
     tctctctctc tctcagtgtg tatttgtgtg tttgtgtgct tgtgtgtttg tgtgtttgtg     62220
     tgccagtatg gaggctggag gaagatgtca ggtgttctcc ttcataatgc tccatctcat     62280
     ttccttgaga aaaggtctct tattaaatct ggacctgggc tggtgaccgg caagtcccag     62340
     ggacctctct gagtcactct attgttaccc cagcactgaa gtgacaggca tatgcatggc     62400
     cacgagcagc tttgttgcat gagtgctagg gattcaaact caggtcgtta ttcttgaaga     62460
     gcaaatgctc tcccaacaga tcccatcctc agcccaaata gtgcagcctt atacacaaga     62520
     gatagtgacc cacatatgcc cattttagac taaactcctt atgaaatcct agtttgcttc     62580
     taccacagga cacccaaagc cctgtctcta atttagaagt atagcagaga gaaagttttg     62640
     tggcttctct taggcatgga taatgtcagc atgggagaag ttacaggaga ctgatagatc     62700
     atcatcctac tgccacccca aaagattctt gggaccacag ttctcagaga ggaattgtgg     62760
     taggaagagg agggtcgggg agagggacac caaggtttat atagaaaaga aatttgtttg     62820
     ggctggagag atgatggctc agtgcttaag agcactggct cttccagagg acttgggttt     62880
     gaatcccagt accttcttgg tggctaacag tcttctgtaa ctccagttca aagacatcca     62940
     acgccctctt ctggtctctg tgggtactgc atgtatgtgg tacacagaca taaatgcagg     63000
     caatacactt atatacataa aaataaaaaa acgttaaaaa aagcagcact cgggaggcag     63060
     aggcaggcag atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggatagc     63120
     cagggctata cagaaaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaccaaaac cacaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa     63180
     aaaaacaaaa aaaacaaaac taaaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaacgtt     63240
     aaaaaaggaa tgtttgccac atctgggcta tgtgctacaa gcagagaaag catagaaaaa     63300
     gctgcagctg tgctaatgtg gaagaaggtg ggtgcagtgc aaatgacctg tgaagcctta     63360
     ggagaagcgg cccagggctt ctgagtgtgt gcgacttccc agctcactaa cccaatccca     63420
     tttttgggag tgccttttac ttcttagtaa atggcttcta tttctattgt ttctattatt     63480
     tattttttaa aaaggccacg agttgttctt tctttctttt tttttcgaaa ggaaaagagg     63540
     gaaaaaccag aggcctgggt tggtggtgat gatatttagg tgggagcagg ggaaattact     63600
     gggtgctatg aaagactgtc agagatatag acatttcatt ttcccggtac caaagaacct     63660
     gctacttcta tacttttttt aatcaagcat tttcatatta atattttatt ttgtaccaaa     63720
     accctgttct tgggagcccc ccagtttata gttaaaggaa ctgatactca gcatacaagc     63780
     cagacagcca cagatacaag ctttgatgtg agcactcatt ctactgtgtg acctttgact     63840
     tctccaccat aaacaaagac acagtacatc caggtctgtt cagtaaaccc ccacagaagg     63900
     acagactcaa agaatttctt tggcagcctg gactattcaa cctttggaag attagacagt     63960
     gaatgtacag agttagctct gtctggcctc tctagattaa aaatacattt taaaaatgga     64020
     gtgacttctc atggtatgaa atatgaacag cccagggttc aagagctgcc cagggaattt     64080
     gtgggtggca gtatcctgag tgtaacgaat tgtgcgtttc ttggtacttt gttcagcaac     64140
     aatatcaagg agatacaaat ccttgacaag ggaggtaaat tgctttagat catgttgggg     64200
     acagaagaca gagtgggaag gaggagccac aggtgttggt ttcctgagtg ttcacataca     64260
     ggtcaaggtc ttaaggactt ggctttctcc ctccagctta gcatcctatg tggtgttcag     64320
     aggcagtctg cagctgggag tggcccttct ggtgtctcag ctgcaccttc cttccttcct     64380
     ctcagtttca cagttttggg ggaaaacatg tgttttatca gccattttca acatacttgt     64440
     aaatgatgcg atttccagca cgctgacagt ttcaggtaaa gctgtatcat ttggcaagtt     64500
     tccaatcaaa tgtaagcacc gagcctacct gctgtcattt ggtggtggtt tgggtgacag     64560
     tgccctccat aggctcttgg tcctcagctg ttggcatcat ttgggaagtt tttcgaggtg     64620
     tggtcctgat ggaggaagta tgtcactggg gacccacttg aaagcaagca gcccctccct     64680
     acttcccatt gattctttct gcttgctgtt aaagatgcga ccgctcagcc tcctgttcct     64740
     gcttctcagc catgccttcc cccatgatgg actttgttcc tctggaacca taatccaaat     64800
     aaaacccgtc cctccggagc tgcctttagt cattgtgtaa tgtcaccgca gcagaagcac     64860
     ggcagacacc ctttctatca tcccttcaca aatacagaaa gttcggggct ggagaggtgg     64920
     ctcagatgtt aaaagtactg gctgttcttc tagagaccct gaggtcaatt cctagcaacc     64980
     atatggtggc ttacaaccat ccataatgag atctggtgcc ctcttctggt gatgtgtagg     65040
     catacatgtg ggcagaacac tatacatggc aaataaatga atctttaaaa aaatacagac     65100
     agccctgtgg ttggtagtca aagatgttgc ctcttgttct tttctccttg taaatatact     65160
     ccacttcttc cttttaaaaa atcttacctt tattgtgtgt atgtgtggtg tgtatgatta     65220
     aaactctttc attgaccatg gagtcatctt gcatcaaaaa gaagcatata aattgaaatt     65280
     aatcattttt atgtggccat aagctctctg ttacacagtt cttttattca acatcctttc     65340
     atttttttac atttaaaaat taaaatgtat acatggatta aaaatatgta tgtatgtgta     65400
     tgcactgatc acggcaatta gcatttccac ttccttgaac atttatcatt tccatgtgtt     65460
     ggaaacctct gaactcttct ggttattttg ggagatgtta ttaattctag acagttaatt     65520
     acattactgt gctgtatagc agtaggacaa attccatcta tctacctgtg tcttggtacc     65580
     tcttatttaa cctccctttc tatcctccct ctctccttct taatctctag tgaccactgt     65640
     ctcattacag aaattattaa tgtaggatcg agcaaaacat cggactcata ttatgagctt     65700
     ttaaaagtaa ttagaatcat gctggaaaca agcctcgtgg aaagctgggt aatcggaaga     65760
     gtgtggtgtc tggttacaga ggctttctgg attcccatgt cactgtgtcc ctggtgggtg     65820
     tccagccaca ggaggacact ggtaaaaggt gggaggagag ggatgtttgt gtgtgacaga     65880
     atggagaggc agcaagtagg tctgccttcc tcgggttgtc ctctccagac taagatggag     65940
     gacatataaa tgctggatgt ctggaaatgg attccacata caccaggagg gctacttgcc     66000
     tatctgcttg gagaggttct aagccaccca accacacagg tccacgtggg tgactggtaa     66060
     cacctcttaa tccttccact tgggagtagt gtgcacaaac tacttcacaa aagcagagac     66120
     ctaagtgtgt ctgtttgtta acagatttta agagtaaaaa cataaaaaaa aatctgtaga     66180
     ataagttgta atagatatca ccactaatga acataaatca aataaaaact catatgctga     66240
     agaaattaga tgaatattct gtatgcgaca atcatcacaa gatcgttagg gttacaactt     66300
     gtcctcgtct gaggaacagt tgacggacac cttgccgatt ggaaaggaag tccgtttaac     66360
     aagggcaact tcgcagattc tcattgcatg caggtcacac acagagagct gctgctttat     66420
     tccagatggc tggtcagaaa gggcaatgtt atactgtgac aatggcttcc agattcctgg     66480
     ggcttcatat aataattgtg gcttttaaac tttttaattt gaatttttat gttcttgaga     66540
     atttcacatt tgagtgcata cataatatat atgtattttt aaagtaggct tataaaacaa     66600
     cgtttcccaa gtgttcttag tgttattaat cccctttttg tgttactttc ctttccccac     66660
     gtcagataaa gcaccccgta tctttcccat ttcccctaca gtgcctacat cctctaacta     66720
     tactctgcat ccagaaccag ccagggcgtg tttcacaaca tcacataggg ttccagactg     66780
     atggacgctt ttctgttttg tagctacacc acttgaatct catggcagaa gtagagacaa     66840
     ttgaattgca ttttaaaaaa ataaccttgg ggctgcagag atggctcagt ggttaagagc     66900
     actgactgct cttttacagg acctgggttc aaatcccagc acctgtatag cagcgaacaa     66960
     ctatctgcag ttccagttcc aggggatcca ttggtctcgt ctggtcccca ggggtactgc     67020
     atgcatgtgg tgcacagaca tatacccagg caagacatcc atatgtgata aataaaaact     67080
     aaatctcaaa agattagaaa atataaaacc catctaaaaa gtaatgttac tagaagcgac     67140
     acctgtcact tcattactca gaacttgttc aaaagatgca tccagagcag ggcatggtgg     67200
     cccacgcctt taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgagga     67260
     cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc     67320
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca atgcatccag     67380
     aggtagactg gctgggaagt gcactgagtg acattttata aacagaattg gtcaagtcta     67440
     ttgtttagta atcattcgat aaagttctat taattgaaaa gataattgca taagtcaaca     67500
     aaccaagcat gggtgactat cctggcccca ctggcctctc aattaagcct tgaggtatag     67560
     acgtacgttt cataagtgaa gtaaagaaag agccttagtg agttttctaa ggcttacaga     67620
     gctcatagtt gttagctgtg agttgcaggg gagtttgagt gaagggccat tagcttggat     67680
     aaggggatgg ggtagttgaa tgatggtctg cccaaatgga atccagtgtc cacagaaagg     67740
     cagacagcaa tgcatttagg aaaagggtct ttgtagatgt agctgctcta aggatcttga     67800
     gataagaaat caacttggat tatccagtga cccttcaatc caaaagcaag tgtctttttt     67860
     ggagtacagc agaaggagat ttggcagtta agggagaggg caatgtgacc atagaatcat     67920
     gtggccacaa gccaaggaat gttgccagcc agcagaaact agtggagaag aatgggtcct     67980
     ctttagagcc ccagaatgac atatgaccct gcctggtttt gaacttgtag tcacctgaga     68040
     aggaagaaca tgttgcttgc tgttggtttg gatcctccga ttagtgacag ttttgtacaa     68100
     aagcctcggg aactgtgctc actcgggact ggcttcctct ttaatgttcg atgttataaa     68160
     atgacgacac tcagtaattc aacattgtaa gtgagtagcc tgccaaaaag gggacacatt     68220
     tccccgatac atcatttacg gtttgatggg ggaaagcagt cccactctat agaacatgga     68280
     gcaagagttt gataatggag cttgggtctt gcttgtccaa atgtggggct agggaagaac     68340
     caacagaaag ctgctcgctc tgtaactaat gatggatctg aagttgctgt agaccggcag     68400
     gaccagaagt gtggaaaaca gccagtaaga tgtgggaaca attatggtca aatgaacaaa     68460
     aagccacaaa gacaactgga atctctacct gttctcagca ctttggatgt tgactgaaac     68520
     aaagccagaa tctttctgta aagctggctt tcacccaggc ctcagtcgct gggggagaaa     68580
     gaaggaagag catggggagg agttgtggtt ccccagaagg atgcagcagt gtttcgatga     68640
     gtgtggtttt attcacaagc ataaacgctg atgctctacc tctgcctctg tagacagctg     68700
     tgccctgggg ccaagtgcag aggacagggc tgaaaaagaa ggctcacagc agctaaggtg     68760
     accagggaag gacagcgaca atggtgtggc ttcagataga gcatgctctg agaacccatg     68820
     gcagaagaaa gcagcctgct gacctttctg acttctcctt cccttttctc catttaccga     68880
     tcagtcccat gcattaggaa ttaaataaca ggatgtcacc catgaaggct gatgttagat     68940
     tgtccccgat acctccttgc ccatagacct ctgccaccag cagagtgatt agcaccttgg     69000
     tgccatcgag gatggaacag tacacttggg gttgaaacat tgatcaggga atgcttcagg     69060
     tttttaggct tgttgctgtg acaacacatc tggcgatgta atttaaggaa ggagagattt     69120
     atttgggttc acggtttgag ggtacagtcc atcattgttg aggggggcac ggctgtagaa     69180
     gctcgagaca gttggtcaga gcatcagcat caggaagcag agagatatga atcctgcttc     69240
     tctagcctcc tccatcatgg tccacattta aggtgagtaa aggtgggtct tttctaatcg     69300
     attaacctag cttaattagt ccctccaggc ccacatgaag aattctgaca gaagtgactc     69360
     tgtcaggttg acagcactga tcattaaagg aaatttctgc aggtgggtgg agccttgagg     69420
     gaaagtggtt gtcaggtggg cagaaggata ccttggggct cagcttctgt cctttagtgc     69480
     aaggcaacag ggtcctcttt cctaagactg ggatgtacct gcatggtagc ctggctccca     69540
     tacctatggt cagacaagaa gaaagatgag aaaaacctga cttatttgtg tagctcacca     69600
     gggagtttct gccagcaaat tgatgggact ccccgccacc ccaatacctt ttttttctag     69660
     ttcaagaatt cacatcctta aaaaagggaa ccatacataa tgagatattt cgttactggt     69720
     ttttccttac cactaatact tctctgtagt attgcttgtg tcagttggat ttttctatgt     69780
     ttatgtcaca gccctagttt atatgtagag tggctaagag acaggtggag gaagacagac     69840
     tgctgagatc gctggggttt gaatcccaca cttctgtctg tcaaaaacgt gagcaagtga     69900
     acaaacctcg ttttctccct cggggcatgg taaacagaag cacctcacag ggctatgcga     69960
     gcaactatac acacatgaca caaatgattt tgaaatagta ttatttaatc aaccttatgt     70020
     ttagcttatt ttcaggtttc cccactcaca caaatacact gcaattaagt tgctcactgt     70080
     atgtaccctt aatttcttcc aaaggaaaca tttgtgggca tggagtagaa tcttatcctg     70140
     agtaagttgt acacgaagag cctccatatg tacaaagcgc agtgtatagg aaggagcaca     70200
     gttcactttc ttaagacatg gaaggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     70260
     cttggggatg ggggggcatg tgcccacgtc caatactgtg tggcaggcct ggcacaggga     70320
     aaagacaaca cttgtagcca gggtcaaagc tctcagggag agaagcaggt ggctaccccc     70380
     ccccaaacct ccccccacaa ccctgcatcc caattctaaa tggtctttgg tgggtggaga     70440
     atttgttacc ttgcaaaaga acacccaggg ctggcttcca aagttagaaa gtgagacatg     70500
     ggcgtgcttt gaagaccaaa tacttaggaa acactttttt tttttttttt tggaaagaaa     70560
     agaacacact aacagcagaa aagaggagag aaaaatgaaa cgaaagcagc agggagatag     70620
     tatttgccta cttacaggaa agttaggctg tcaatcaaac aagggacccc agcacgccaa     70680
     ggtttggttc tccatcccag actattttgt gaagtgtatt ctctagtcag ctcttgcagc     70740
     tctacccccc cgccccccgt gtcacccttg gccaccctgc tcagcagaga gcaagataaa     70800
     tacaagaaaa tgaatttggt gtcaggttct ccctgacgag gtcccagttg ggtgtccctg     70860
     gccagggagc acttgtgtca gtctctccca tctataaaat agagacaata attcctacct     70920
     tatgatgtag cagcgtggag ccagtgaggc aacgcctgta gagtattgct ccatggttgg     70980
     cacagagtta tgtgacaata tgagccatca ctcttcttgt gccacagggt gcaatgggac     71040
     tgcagaccaa ttttattatt ggcttataca atcagtcaca cttgcccttg agatacaatc     71100
     caacaagctc cccaaatggg actgtgtaat ttctaatttt ctttctcaca ctggaggttg     71160
     caagttgagt aatcacagac caggatggca aagacacacc ccttagagca gcaacaaaca     71220
     attagatcac cattaagttt aatttaggga aaatgaggag ttggtaaggt tttgggtctc     71280
     aagcagtgac cagggaggca tcttgagatg atgcagcgaa tggtacttct ggggacattc     71340
     cttcattcct tcattcactc actcagcatg aatgtattag gtacccacta cctaccagat     71400
     gttgctccaa gaaacgcagt gagaaaacag tactaggagt ctttgctggg ggtaggcagg     71460
     tcgcagtgtt tactcagggt aagactaaga acaggggaaa gaggtttgtg tgtgcagggt     71520
     gtgagtgcag gcgaggggat catttctgga ggaacagcga ggaggaacag cagttggaaa     71580
     gtgtgtgatg gacgtcgtcc ctagctgttc ctgcagtcct tgtaggatac tgtcactgtc     71640
     actaaaatga cagaggccac tggagggtct gggttagacg caccctttga agtggattgt     71700
     tccaaccgaa cgaacccgag gagaggaggg taaatagaga accagctact gcagagcgcc     71760
     agaggtagaa ctttggctca gccatggaag gtggcagcag agaaagccag ggaaggttac     71820
     actgccttgt tctgtctgag gtgaattccg agatatactg atgtgaagcg gtggaggaga     71880
     tcaagtcaag gtgtctccag ggttcttcag ctgagttggg ggaaggctgt gtgagaagca     71940
     ggcctggaca tataaggttt gattctcaag tggagagggc aggttggctg gcctatgggt     72000
     gagaaggaag gtctaaactg gagatttgca gctgacactt agccgtgctt aaagccacgt     72060
     agatgatagg gtcttttagg gaacctggag acagggcgtg aagtcttcta agggttgata     72120
     tttagatctg gtttcccagt ggtaggccct tctagaatgg gctcaccagc cccatctaga     72180
     gggtcgtgcg tgcaggaggt gccatacata ttactgtgac agcgagagtc agggagaagt     72240
     gtttcatagc tccccgccag ggtggcagaa ttaagagaag taggtaagga gacactggca     72300
     gaacacgtgc tcgcctgacc ccaaggagag agcaaacctg gctgtgttaa tgttctcaga     72360
     catctgggca ccactgctgc cttgcccaca aggctccgcc tcttgggctc tctctctccc     72420
     cgcccatctg cccatccttg cctgtgtgtg tcacttctac aaccgctctg attgtaatcg     72480
     atcaacagaa tcacggctca ttttgctgtt tcgtccggtc gatgtgaaag gggccgggag     72540
     ttgggcacat tgtagttcgt gttgccggga ttcccctccc aggccttgct agcgtggcgc     72600
     ccccccccac ccccccaggg acgcgcggtg gccgcggggc ctcgggaggg tggaggtctt     72660
     gcagccgggc tctcggaggt gtgtccgctc ctgggctcgt tccccgccgt cgcgaagcca     72720
     gggggttctc gcgtggcggc gccgctccac tcgggctccg gtccccgccg cgcgccgccg     72780
     ccacatctgg aagcgttcag ctcgtctgct ccggcgcgcc gggcgggcgg gcgggcgggc     72840
     gggcgcgggc aggggcgggc gcgggcgcgg cggggctgga gggaggaggg aggccgcgcc     72900
     gcgctctcgc gcccggtgtc tccctctcgc tgcctctgca gaaacagctc cctgccagaa     72960
     cggcgctcgg cgcggcgcgg cccggagcgg cggcggcagt ggcggcggcg gcggcgacgc     73020
     ttcccgcggg ctcgccctca ggtgttcgcg gctgccgtcg ccgaagatcg cgggtcgggg     73080
     cctcgcggcg atcgccctgg gcgggccgga gacgcctcgg gccccctggc ggctcggggt     73140
     ccacccggcg ccgcgggccc gccgctttcc ctcgcctcgc ctttgcgcct cttctcgctc     73200
     tgcctctcca tttattattc ttatcatttt tattttcaaa tggtgtagcc gccagaggtg     73260
     cggtgctaaa ttcttggaag gggcccggat gtactgagga tgcattacaa tctcacgaaa     73320
     ggaggcggta gtggaaagca gcagtttttg gtgtttggtg caataatggg gatcaggtaa     73380
     tcacccgaag ggagcaagaa ccactgcgga tccacgggtt cctggatttg cgcgagagcc     73440
     gccggcctcg gaggagggat ccatcccgag ccgctcgcgg ctgttgctgc atttcttcct     73500
     ctttgtggct tctcctttcc aagcagtttt tggccaatgg tcaatgaaaa cacgaggatg     73560
     tacgttccag aggaaaacca ccaaggtaag cgggacccca gcgcctcgcc gggctcgccc     73620
     gcgctgccca cggcgggtcc cggtggagcg gccctcgccg cgtgcctcgc gaggggcgcc     73680
     aaccccgcgc gcgggagccc gcgggagccg gccgagccgc cgtgcgagcc ggagcggaaa     73740
     attcccgccc ctccccctcc gcggccgggc ttcttcggag catgtggttc ccatgaaatc     73800
     ccgagcgagg gggaaagttc cccaagtgtc ggcgctgcct gcatttctcg cctttgcctc     73860
     gaaagccggc cggccagtct ggccacggcg agccgaggag ccgctgcttc ggggtccctt     73920
     gctttgctgg ggcgcggcag ggaacgcgcg ctctcgcgcg cacccctacg gagaccagcc     73980
     ccgcgccggt ggccccccag gctgccccac gtccactctt cccgacgcca cttcctcggg     74040
     cagtgcgctc cgggtcgcgg gtgggggtgg gggcgggggc tgcagctgtg cgtctcagcg     74100
     cgcctcctct ctccaggctc tcaggctctt cggcttctca acaccgccca cctctccact     74160
     gccattgacc ccgagcgagc ccacgccggg tgccgggtgt gttactgtta gcaccccagt     74220
     gtggactcgc acctgaggat ggaaagcggt tagaagcctc agtgatgtgt gggctttgct     74280
     tttccatgtt ttcagggaat catgaaaggg tgtgactagc tctgaggctc catacttagt     74340
     gttctctaag catctccatc ctgggcatca agtgtcatca gctcccctct aatggtgaat     74400
     ggctttcggg tagctcccca cttcttggaa actttctccc tctcctcccc agtccccatc     74460
     gacaagttat tatttttgac attgcttagt ggttaaggtg atcaagctga agtgtcttgc     74520
     agtcccaaga tgccctttct acgggctctc tgccccgttg cttgactgtt ccctttctct     74580
     ttcgccttca gcagctaccg ttgctcttcc acattgtgtc tttccttgcc ttgccagggt     74640
     acttcttagt gactctccag agccttgcct tgtggaagta atctccaggc ctgatactgg     74700
     tacccagccc cttcttcctt ttaccctttt gtcaccattt ggggaaaggg ctattgcctt     74760
     tgcagattaa ggctgccggg gagctggctt tacagctggt cttctttcat ctggaagcag     74820
     ctggctttct gctttctgtc ttgggtggca gcattgggat tttgtcctcc ttaagaagaa     74880
     agacttgtcc agggtcatgg gtactaggtc tttttatgcc atacgggcag cctggattac     74940
     ctgcccttat cctgcctctg tcctcaaatc cctttcctag ctgatggagt tatggttggt     75000
     tcaggaggag gagagatgag acatagagga aagggtgata tttttgtaga gtgggggtgg     75060
     gctagctttt tcaggttctg cccatgccct cagtctaagc aagttggcag aggagaaccc     75120
     agcagtattg tcccatctgt cactacccag ggcaagacat ctttgtaaaa caggtatgcc     75180
     catagttggc atggtctcct agtagtgtag ggtaaagccc ttcttagctt actttcttac     75240
     tctgcttctt ttctcttgct actttgcttc tcgatggcat ccctaagccc cttgcaggga     75300
     gcaggcattc aatgcaggag caatagccct acaggttctg gagaacgatg tagggggaag     75360
     aggaggcagc ggtggccagg aactctatac ctttccagca gagagccagc agacactcta     75420
     gaacctggat ggtcctctcc ctcagagctg cagtggttac ataattcaca ggagcacttt     75480
     cgcctccatc cctagatgcg gttcttaggt aaaagagcgc cagggtcctt gtccccctct     75540
     gcctcccacc ttcttgctct tgattggcta ggcttctttt gagggagggt tggggaaggt     75600
     ggcagaggtg ggaaggacag acctggagga gtgtgaatat ttacaagaag tggctggctt     75660
     agtaactccg tggcggagga aacatagttg ggggctagag tttcagaagg caggtctttg     75720
     agaagaggag ccaagggatg acctcagaac agcaacagtg accaatcaga gtggagaacc     75780
     aaataagttg ccaggtggct gttttcttct ctcctgactg gcttgcaaga accgaatgca     75840
     cctccttctc accgattttc agtggtgtat gtgcacctgt gagctgaggg gcggactgtg     75900
     gaaatccgag gccagcaccg tgagacagcc tagaagctga gggaaggaag ggctctgttc     75960
     tcaggcttca ggctggaggt tatattcgtg caagctgtgc ctcacttctg ttaccctctc     76020
     tggtcctatt ccagccttct acttttctgg gttgattatc cagtataggc tccagctagc     76080
     aagtgaaatt tcttaatagt caaccattta acacaaaaac cccagaatgt cccctaactg     76140
     ccagagacaa ggcagagggg aggggaaaac acagtgtgct ttttctttaa actattcagc     76200
     catagggggg ggggatggca attatcattt aaaatatggt aataatacaa tgatcacagc     76260
     taactctttt caaagggtcc gagagccgcc cctcagcctg tgcagcttat gagaaggctt     76320
     cttgacatcg gcttctccat ctctgcaagt tgcagggagg aagctggaga aaggaggctt     76380
     ttttttttca taccaaatgc tgttcctggg aatggctggg tgcttttcca ccaacacact     76440
     gtaagggaat cactggttat tttcttccat agaacacatg taatgatgat taatccatag     76500
     aacacatgta atgatgatta aacgtgtgca cacccagaga attaggggag cctctggaag     76560
     cagatcacat aggacttaat acacctcacc ccgggtgtta tgcaaaggaa tgttgactat     76620
     acactctcct aaaatggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtat taatctccta     76680
     ttaagtagag actcattctg ttacagtata tgccacaaga acaacagtgc tttgtcaaca     76740
     cagtggtaag ccagtacccc tgccccagct atcttttaga gtcttggaaa agatttagta     76800
     tttgtttaat cacctcttct actccaaact gcttttggtg ggcttgtctg tggatagggt     76860
     atattaaagg agccagccgg aacaccaaat ggagggcttc gatgccgtgc tgatctttgg     76920
     agtctacttc ctagtataag tatggctcac tgcaggggtc tggttgtatt attgacaatc     76980
     atcttgcagg tacagacttc ttagaaccat cagtacatct tacttctgcc tccaccagta     77040
     ggtggcgcta cagggcttac gagtcaggcc atgggctcca gggaggatgg agaacctgtt     77100
     ccctcatacc ctggtgcaga ggaccttaaa gaccaccgta tgtctccatg gcactagtca     77160
     cccgaggcct tgtaggatga aggacttcct gagtccctgc atggatctgc ccctttggat     77220
     tgtttgagta ccttgcacgt ccttactgca gacttctgtt gaccctggat gtagacagca     77280
     tcccccacag agcctcgagg aaacctttgg atggccacaa gctaaattcc ttcatgcttt     77340
     gaaagggcta gttcaaaaac tagtaggccc actgtccgca agctagacaa atctgagata     77400
     accgggagat gctgtgggct tgctaagtcc atcagcagct ccacagcaag aaggcatttc     77460
     cttagccttg ctaaggggaa gactaagagc tgtgggcaca tttccccatt gatttccgcc     77520
     tcagccatct tctgctaggt ggtgacagga aggccccaga gaccaaggca ggaagtcact     77580
     gaagtccatt ctgccactaa ctgccagttt ccaactcctg atgctttctt ctgatctctg     77640
     ttgccccaag ttttggagtc attatggctg gttccatgag gactgaagaa cgtagctaag     77700
     aaagagtgag agcggctggt ggtgcggcct tcgttttacg gtcgttgtgg cagcctggtg     77760
     ttacagctct gggccgtgtt ggaattactg ctcagcagcc agccgcacca gctctttctc     77820
     gctgtctcct gaagaatgga gaagatgagt ttatttccag aataaagtaa agaaagctcc     77880
     tggcctgttg gggaaacctg gctgaagact gattagcaag acagccagag tttactctga     77940
     tttttgagtc tatcttcact gttgcttaag ttaatgttag gtaccataga ggatagcatg     78000
     actgaatcaa aaagcgaggc atggggaatt gtttagcaac atatcgggtg ctaaatactt     78060
     agcagcatgc taaacattct gctaaatgaa atgacattca gagtcctggc tgtcagcatt     78120
     aaagtaattt agtaaacact tgtttactgt tccttaaggt taggtactga ataaaatgag     78180
     tagtagtgac aggaccagtg acagacgccc tcggggaaaa tgagacttag tgccattcca     78240
     gagaccaggc ttcagctggg cccttgcaga tgtagcaaag cagggaggac acggtgatct     78300
     gtggggctgc tcaccctcgg ctgcggtttg ctcctgtctg cgtttagctg atcccatgta     78360
     gatgaggcca ggaggcctca gcagaccaga gccgcttcca cagtttggaa actcttagag     78420
     gtagtcactt gtcatggcaa caagtggagt ggctctgact ctgcgctgtc cccttgtcct     78480
     ggtgaatatg gggctttggg gacattccaa ggctcttcta gagttcctga tgtgcgttat     78540
     gtgggagagg aatcccagtg gggtgactgg gggcccgagg gtcacctcat agagtgtgcc     78600
     gttgtgaaaa gactgctact ttagaaagtc agggtcccaa aatattgaca gcaagagaca     78660
     ggaggccctg ctggccatgg tgtgtgcagg agcttgggga agatcacagg gcacacattc     78720
     tacctgtgga cttggagtta acttaagaat ggatttaagg ttctacaaga ggggaggttt     78780
     gggccttggc atctgagagc caaatgaagg ttgaaaatag actgcttctt ccccagagaa     78840
     cggaaagaat agttatgatg gctttggaca gaggataaag aaagcagggg tgactggcaa     78900
     acttggcctc tctgtttcta cccttgcaaa accccataaa aatctacatg attccttgac     78960
     tgctagatgg tcttatgctg tgtgcttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     79020
     tacacacagg gacaggagtt agaatttctg aatccatgtt cttagaaggg cctgtcaaac     79080
     agggaatgaa taagacgtct tttcagagtt tactttctag gttcacagta tttgatgggc     79140
     aaagggacct catgaaattt ctgttttcat ttgagcctta atggtccatt tgggctggat     79200
     gtattccatt tcctgccttt cctggaccac tctgagggaa gaataagcac ccatgttctt     79260
     ttagggttcc tggttgggct ttgtgcaacg aacccctcca cctctccctc ttcttgggtc     79320
     tcccgcctcc gcttaggtac tgacttcaat taatgttgag gcattagatt ttaggaacag     79380
     agttgagagg gggtgggagg tatctatcat tggaaaggct tcaaagctgt ttttgtttgg     79440
     ggacatccct tctgcgctga gctctcttgg gttgcagagg tagagtaccc gagttaaaga     79500
     aaacaacacg tcgaaacaat gttgacagca tttcccaagt gttacaggag gcccgaggta     79560
     ctctggaatt taaaagatga aaatataaga tcaaacaaaa gagtttgagt tggactggct     79620
     tagaccttaa taatcaagga agaagtgaat aaaaccaaaa accaaaaacc agaaaccaaa     79680
     aacaaaccag tcaagatcgg tctggtattt tgacattgag ttgccctctt gacaactgtc     79740
     agtataactg ttggtgactt atcagtaaga cgctggggct aaggctccat ctgtactgtt     79800
     attctaactt ggggatcagg acctggggtg tgcaggggtt gggagttacc ttatggggcc     79860
     agctgacatg tcaccttctc acagacacac acacggtagc ctgccttcaa gtccaaagcc     79920
     aaatgggccc atctttggat gctcagacaa cgtacagata gaagtagact acttaaggct     79980
     atgctctcct ttccaatgtc gagttcatca gatcttgtca ccactgccct gtacagaggg     80040
     acagacagcc tggaaagaaa aaactttgtt tcgaaaatac accatgcttt tagaaaatgg     80100
     accaagttct tcttttaatt ggcaaaagtc ctggttggtt gtagataaag agacacttat     80160
     taaatggggg gaagggctta aatgttccat cttaagttac gggattaact ttttaatttc     80220
     ctaaaataag aatagtttca gcatcaaaga gcatgctggg atgtgttttg catctacttt     80280
     gcaacatgct tttctagtct ttgctcccag gatctgtttt aattttttat gtaagggggg     80340
     aatccttgta ctgaagcagt caaccttttt atattttacc acaagccagg ggtattacct     80400
     aatggtcacc gaacacctat catgttccag gcacaattct tggagtgcca cttgcttgtg     80460
     cttagtataa ttcatcttta taatagggtg ggtatatacg cttcccccaa ggttgaaaac     80520
     tttgttggga tttaaaagta agacaaataa aagttgttct attactactc cattgtcagc     80580
     tctcacttaa aaaatatctg caacaatcaa cttctacaga gggaagggtt atcctgtggc     80640
     cgtctcagaa ctctgtgatc tctgtggtct gttgactttg gggcctgtgg tgaagcagga     80700
     catcatggtg gggagtatgt gtaggaaaaa ggatgctcac ctcgtatcaa ggagaaagga     80760
     aggggttaga gttccagtat cctcttcaag ggcctgcttc caatgaccta acatcctccc     80820
     accaggcccc acctcctaag ggacgactgc atttatgtgt ggctgaaggc tggtagtatc     80880
     ccaaggcctt taagggatat ttcagatcga aatgacagca attcatgtgg ggaagaattg     80940
     ggagagaaat ctgctcccca ctttggggaa acatctgtat ccccggggag ccaccctcag     81000
     acttgctttc gtatcttctg tgaaagagac gtggatgaag agctgaaggc tgggtcttct     81060
     ctaacagggg cctttccctg gcctctcctc tcttcagcct gtgttctggc tagtgacttt     81120
     gtccggtttc agttcagtta ggattagttc taaggcctat ggaagtgtgg ccttgttcta     81180
     gcctgttttt gaatagttct tggtgaccct ctggggcgac aggcactctc cactctctag     81240
     caggcttcta gtacatttgc ttgtccttgc cacgagctcc ccgacatcat acgtcatatg     81300
     tatttactta cttaatttta tttacttgtt tatttgagac aggcaggcat agacttgcta     81360
     tgtagctgag gctaacttta agatctggat ccttctccct gtatctttca agtgttagga     81420
     ttgcaggcat gtgacactat gcccggggat ttatttttaa atagcagctt ggctgagata     81480
     caattcacaa ggtataacat atattcaccc aatgcagctt ttagggtact tagaattttg     81540
     aagtcatctc actatcccac acagcttcac taatcttaaa aggagggcct ggcccctggt     81600
     agacacattt cctttctgct ccagctctgg cctcccaagc gtttattcct gcttctgtgg     81660
     cttttaatgc tctattgaca gcaataataa ttctacaggt agagttatcc acatagataa     81720
     tacttggttg cacatagaaa tctcggaata tttgtgataa ctggagatag acaacagaaa     81780
     gaagcatgat ataggtagta gggtcctagg tcattttgga gtggcatcaa caggcaaaat     81840
     cccagcatga aaaagcaaat ggacacaaac tcccacctct atccaagaag ctatttaaat     81900
     ttacactggc taggaaagga aaaatccatt tctttcagtg gagtgcctct ggccacactc     81960
     cagggcagga gtgccaccca cactccaggg caggccccac gcccaggagt aggagatcag     82020
     tgcaaaacgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgcttttgt tttggcttag     82080
     tttgtgtttt tcattgagag ttttttgggc tgttattttt gattttttta tatatatata     82140
     tatagagaga gagagaggga gagagagaga gagagtgaga gtttggcaga tagagaaata     82200
     ctggaggatc tggaaagagt aggaagaggg aaagaatatg accaagatat gttgtatgaa     82260
     aaatgttaaa taataaaaaa ataaaaaatg ctgagtgtgg tggtgctcgg gaggcagagg     82320
     ctggcagatt tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcta ggacagccag     82380
     ggctatacag agaaaccatg tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggaa     82440
     aagcatataa agtgggttta aaatattttt acgtgcttct gtactgatag gtcttacaga     82500
     ttaatatgat cttttaaaat ctgtcatgta acatgggctg ttttaagcct gtaacccagc     82560
     ggcattgact ttattcacaa tgttgtgcaa tcttcaccat tccaaaatgt cttctctgcc     82620
     tctaccaaaa cgctacagcc ttcagacagt gtctccctat gtccctactc cctcccttag     82680
     tctgatgaca tttgagcaac tttctttctg tatgacttgg cttattgtgg atacctcatg     82740
     ttcttttgct tctgactctc tgagtttcag ccacgctgct gtagcctggg cccgactcca     82800
     tcctttcttt ttgccaaatc ctcctccttc agtccatcac agtttcttta tctgctcgtc     82860
     tattggctgc ttgggcattt ccacttgtgg ctattactac aattccttgc tgtaggttgg     82920
     atcacaggca cacgtgtgat cttctttggg actgaactgt aaaaataacc attgtgctgg     82980
     ttggccatct ccttatatgg ctacctgggt ttgaatcccc tgggttgaga atatggccct     83040
     aggaaatccc actgtatcag gagtgagggg gcccctgtgc taacactggg tgcccaaccc     83100
     ccgcatctga gactcaacat tgactcgttg acagtcggga aggtgctttc tggtgaagac     83160
     tgcctgtttc tgctccattc cccagataac agagctttta ccttgagttc agctctctct     83220
     tccctgctca cagggctctg taacgggaca ggaggtgggg accagtcaga caaagctagt     83280
     tcctctgttt ctgttctctt gcagtctcag tggcttgtgt gtgtcagtgt tggctgaggg     83340
     gtttctgtca tgtggcctgt ggatgatggc gtctgcctct agccatactg tgagaaataa     83400
     catctcaggg cttttaccct tgcatgctca actaagaact gggcaaggaa gaagatagga     83460
     aatggtttct ctcactctct ttcttgtgtg tgtgcaaatg ctcccgagtg tgtgttttgt     83520
     gtgtagtgga tcatgaaaag aggaaagcgt agaaagagag agcagggctg atggaccaag     83580
     ggaaatagtg gcatatgctg tgtggtgatg accaagtgac tctgaaagcc actgcataag     83640
     atccaactgc ccaaaatccc agcctggctt gagaaggtgc tcatgaagtc ctgtacttag     83700
     ctgagaagct gttagtaatc acagctggta ggggcaggga gagtctgctt ttgttaagga     83760
     tttgattcct gagaggttat cctgggcgtg ggggagctgt tcgtggggga gggaatgggg     83820
     atggatttgg tcaaactgca ttatatacat gtatgaaatt cttacataag aaacagaagc     83880
     atcctatttg gacaattggg atgattagtg gtgggagctt tagccatttg gacaaaatgg     83940
     gatagagata agaggtagac atattcctgg tacagagagt tcccctattc ccatgccccc     84000
     caccccaatt ctcagttcca attgtatgca ctgtatttga gtctccttaa cgctgtctag     84060
     atcctcactg gtgtagggcc atcctgtgag gtatggaacc ctcccaggaa ccaaatccgt     84120
     aaaggaaaca atgatgtgct aatggcacaa agattgggtt ttaaaggaac tcagttaatt     84180
     agttgagttt ggggggtacg caaggcctga tgggaaagaa gttgggaagg gtggggaagg     84240
     atgactgtgg aggatacttg tctgaggcta gagcatttgt tcccatttgg tagacaatgg     84300
     aaaggcattc agagtgagtg aggggttcct acagttgctg gtggggcagg cttgctaaag     84360
     ctgtgggttc aggctcatcc tggggctcat ggcattgtcc acgcaggaca agaaggagag     84420
     gttttcccaa agcacagcca gaggagcccc ttcatagagt agaattctct ttaaaacggt     84480
     agcagttggt ggggctggag gatagctcag tcagtaaagt gcttgctgtg caaacatgag     84540
     gaaggacctg agtttggatg cccagtatcc atgcccaagc caggtgtggg aacgtgtttt     84600
     taacccaatg atgggggcag gtcaggtaca gaggtggttt ctgagaactc ggtgaccagc     84660
     tagctattct ccctaaatca gtgagctcta ggttaagggt ctcaaaaagt agtgtggaag     84720
     gcgggagaga ctggattagt ggttgaagtg tttgccatgc aaacgttcag gcgccagcat     84780
     gcatgtaaaa tactgagcat gactgtgagt agctaaccca gcacttgggg gagggggcag     84840
     acatgagaat ctcagggctt gtcgctcacg tgagctctag aatcagcgag aaaaccttgc     84900
     tccagagaat aaattgtagt gacacttgac ttagatctct ttctttacaa gtgcaccaac     84960
     aggcacagcc cctgcatgca cttgaacaca cacactctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     85020
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cagacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     85080
     cacacacaca cacacacagt acaactgtac tggctgattt ttgtgtcaac ttgacacaag     85140
     ctagagaaat cagagaagaa ggagccttag ctgtggaaat gtctccagga gatctgactg     85200
     taaggcattt tctcaattag tgctccatag gggaggacct agcccattgt gaatagttcc     85260
     ttctctgggc tggtgttctg ggttctacac gaaagcaggc cgagcaagcc atatagtcat     85320
     gtgagcaagc caggaagcag ccctcctcgg cctctgcgtc agctcctccc tccaggttgc     85380
     tgccctgctt gagctcctgt cctgacgtcc tttggttatg aactgtgacg tggaagtcta     85440
     agctgaataa acccttttct cctcaacccg ctttttggtc atggtgtttt gttgtagcaa     85500
     tagaaaccct aagtaagaca cacatgcagg tgatagctga aaatatggaa atgataaaat     85560
     ttccagggag agaacagaga aagacaggag ccccttttgt tagaggacag gaagagggaa     85620
     cagtggcaga aacagtggca gtggttatgg gacagggaat agccttcctc ctatagggtc     85680
     aagatgagac gatatttcag gatccagccc actgtcagta ttggatgaag gggatggaaa     85740
     ggaagagggg aactgggaaa ttccctgaat ttgatgattt gggcatcatt tggtcttcag     85800
     tggcctttag ggtagagatg ttgtctagct agacagcaca ctgtggaggt gtgggctatg     85860
     attctgggac ctatcttgta aggaatttgg ttgtttgtga gaaggaaagg atagttggaa     85920
     aggaagaaca ggagcctgtt gacaaagaaa gtctgggaga agaaagtaga cagcgggtta     85980
     tggacaggag tggaagctta accccaagaa aggaggaagc agtctgctgt caaacacaga     86040
     taggagctat caaaaagtga ggacatatgg agtggccttg cggggagagc ctgaagcttg     86100
     cccccaggat cctctggagg agcactgcat gtagggaact ggacagatgg agtgcaggct     86160
     gaagctgagg agaacagagc aggcaacaga gggacttcta gggacatcca gagaagtcac     86220
     taacgcttcc caagtctccg agggagctgc cttgtgctag aggccggcat ttctagtgaa     86280
     aggcttttca gcgctgtgtg gccaaatgag acaggtgcta gctcggccaa atgggaagac     86340
     tctggccctt ccaggagaca gggcagctag agttagtgtt ggagaattgg gagtctctgg     86400
     ccacttgaag tggctggtgg agtggagggt cacaggatat acagtgcagg cagaggcttg     86460
     ggactttaag ccacacagcc cgcgtctgtt cccacagtca gcctcttgac attctctgag     86520
     tgaaggtacg ggataggaag gtttttatcg agatgccagg ctcgggcagc aggatggttt     86580
     tagtttcaga ggggtgagtg tgtagtgtga atcttaactg ctctccaaag gtccctatgc     86640
     taaaggctgc tctatggtgg taatttagag aggtggtccc cttaagaggt aaaggcctag     86700
     tgggaggtct ttgggtcatt gggagcacgc cctccaaggg agtactggtc ccctgaccca     86760
     gctccttttt gaattcttgg taatcaggca agtggatttg tgctgcgaaa cacttctgag     86820
     actggtcaaa actaatgtac cacccagcca taggctaaaa cctccacaca actgtaaacc     86880
     aatacaaact caggctggtt ggttaaggat tggttaactt gggcatttgt tcctggaaca     86940
     gctgcctagc catgggctca ttgtgggggt aggatgctgt ataggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt     87000
     gtgtatgtaa gtatagacac atgaagatga acctcattgc ttcatacttt ggcctcccca     87060
     gcgtcttcta gatgctgtaa ctaagttaga gtgcatggct tgtagacctt aggctgtgct     87120
     caacatgcag atcgaaggtc acaggtagct ggaaaactgc tggaggaaga tgccaaacta     87180
     cagtcatacg acgtccagcc aagtaagaaa catgatatcg tggggatgtg gacaaagagc     87240
     ttgctctgct agccccagtc acagaagtcc tgtgtgacag aagagaataa tgttccagca     87300
     tggcacgtgg aatgtgccac ccttaggatc ttcacctggg gaccactcac ctctatcttc     87360
     ttgccaggag ttcccatgtt ccccatctac accgtcctgg ccttcagcct gaaatattgg     87420
     ctctccaaag agcccatgtg gttttgaagc cccgtgattc tatgtcctta taattgtttc     87480
     agagtatcaa atcctgggaa cagagcgttt tattgctttt tctttatcct taccacctta     87540
     taacacttta gccaagatgt taggaccatg ggaaaatctc agttggactc cttaagcttt     87600
     gcagcactca catttctctg taattgagaa aaatacatct ggagtgttct gtgagaaggc     87660
     ttgagtgttg gatgccaagg acaatactag aactccttgg atgccatggg aatacattct     87720
     gctggatggc tctgggcttc ctctgcagaa gggaggcacc ccttaggtcc ctaccctaga     87780
     tctgaaatgt gttcagggat ctgtgatcga gagactcagg ccaacatcat taatgggcag     87840
     gaagatgcct ttcccagaag ttgcaataag ggtggtaact cccaaggccc gtacctctga     87900
     gttgggggag ctggtaccca cacttaacaa gttctctgca ctggccaggt tgctggcttg     87960
     aatggaagac agttttgtcc tcatatattg agaagtgtta atttctcatc ccagagaaca     88020
     atccacttgt gtgcagtggt ggccattgtg agaggcacac acagcccacc agcctaggaa     88080
     ccttgctgtt tgtctttctt ggtagggagt agccatactt gtctgactgc cttgcttgga     88140
     agtaatgcct tctgacagcc atcctaggaa ctgcatgggc actgggcagc caccatctca     88200
     ccccgactgt tttcatctgg aattttactt gcagaatgtg gccttattct gatgaacatc     88260
     acgggcaatg atgacccacc tctgtcttat gctgagcctg ggcagcaaaa acactttggg     88320
     attgttcttt tgctttctca cttaagtaag cttgggcaga atgaaatgtt ttcatcagag     88380
     catcagttgt ggcatgaact cagggtccag atgggcagac ttctcccact gcagttgcta     88440
     tcacactctg agcaactggc tttgacattt ctttggagtt tggctttcat aagacaaatg     88500
     aaaagaggaa atagagaaga caacatccca aggaaataaa tacttgtgag gagagaagca     88560
     gaggggtgcg aagactctca gaagagggga agaaagcaga ctgatgggct gggtccctgc     88620
     agcagggaga agcagaggtg tgggctgggt catggcaggc atcttggttg tgctagagtc     88680
     tgggggcatc tcagcctgct ctcaggtcca tttgttgact ggcacaacta cacctgctaa     88740
     tggttatgct taggtcaaga ttggtttgga aggggatgtg ccggatatgg tggcttgggt     88800
     ctgtaaccac agcatttgag agtctaagac aggaggagaa tcaaaagtcc taggactggg     88860
     ttactgaggg aggttctgtc tcaaaccaaa ctaggctggg ctatctaggg agggcctggg     88920
     ttaaaaagca agcagtcaaa caagcaaata aacaaaacaa aaagaaagaa agagaaaccg     88980
     attggagaaa atggctataa tgaaggtcgt ctaccttgtg tcttccaggc caagtgctcc     89040
     aacagaaatc ctaaacttgg gattctgagg gacaggttct aaaccctggc cccacaattg     89100
     caattttctc gatgtgcagg agtgtgggca tgcgtgtaca tggtgcgtgt gtgtccctgt     89160
     gggtagggtt agcaaagtgt gtgcgagaga aaagaagagt gtggcttagc ttgaagtccc     89220
     aggaatcatg gtgccacagg tgcagccatg cttagagtaa ggacatttat gtttagaggg     89280
     gtcttcactt ctgttttggt tgttcttttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     89340
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctt tctttcttat ttcccttccc     89400
     ctcccctccc ctcccctccc ctcccctccc ctcccctccc ctcccctccc ctcccctccc     89460
     ctcccctccc ctccttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct tttctttttg     89520
     gtttatttgg tattctccct gtcaatagtc ctgaatcctc cttgccctgc ttcccactaa     89580
     gaatgtgttt aatcttttaa ccctatttat aaaggacaat ttgagaatgg cagaaggatg     89640
     gattgggata caggaggaga aaacattgcg tctggttcct tctgtatcgt ccgctgcatt     89700
     gggacacttg tagagtgggc tcgatgctga aagaatactt ctgagctaag ctcacaccat     89760
     gtacaaatgt tttgaggccg agcaggaaga atatgaaacc ccctctctac tgtgcagaac     89820
     agtgccagag ggcttgtagc tttaaaggtg caggaccttc ccctgtagct ctctgcctta     89880
     ctcctgtaag acatggtctc tggttgagcc agacgctcac ccttttggcc tgactgctcc     89940
     ctgcatctgc ctgtccctgc cccacaatgc tgaagttatg ggcatgtgtg gccatcccca     90000
     gctctttaca tgggtgctgg ggactcaaat gcagtacctc aaactagcac agcagactct     90060
     ttactcacag agccatctcc ctatccccct gactcatatt tctgtagctt tgtgtatgaa     90120
     actactgagg gatgttgatt cagatctgca gtagtggtga ctaagaaatc acgcccactt     90180
     cttagaaagt cttagggagg atgacttcct gtatcttgta tttcttcctt ctggattctt     90240
     cttaatccac cccctctctc acacacacac cccttcagta tacccaatat atgaaggttt     90300
     gtgtgtgtgc aggtatatgt gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtggct actacttctg agatatatcc     90360
     ccagcacacc cccccatatc ccatatccct ccttttttct ttttcttttt gagacagggt     90420
     gggtttgaac ttggagctgg cttcttcctg tcttagcctc cttagtagct gagattacag     90480
     gcctgaacta cctggcccag aggcttattt acactgataa tggtttaggc aggtgtataa     90540
     ctgtgtcacc aattattcta catcaattta aagatagctg ttttctgtac cccgtcgttt     90600
     acatgaaacg tctgctgtca gtactattct gaaattttaa aagatactgt ctttgtcctc     90660
     atggtaataa tacagtttca tagtgttgta ttaaacacat agacattgct aacagcctgc     90720
     ttggacttgg caagtggtaa attctaccat tatctatttt tcttataaaa tgtatactta     90780
     ttagtgggta aaatatagtg tatccatgcc acatatattg tggaatgtct aaattggttt     90840
     cagtaattat cttatcaaac attgcctgcc ccttagatgg ttttattctc ctgaaactgt     90900
     atgttgacca ggtgtggtgg tgcacacctg aaatcttggt cactctggag ggtgagcagg     90960
     aggactataa actgtaggcc agcctgggtt tcattcttag caagaccttt ctcaggaaca     91020
     gctctgcctt gcaatctctc ccctaaaccc acaaaaaccg aaaccaagac aacagtctat     91080
     attttccttt ttccttaaac actcttttat gttctgtgtc tcactgtttc tctttactat     91140
     gactgtgcct tcttcacctc tgccttctaa tttaccaggt ttccccgcct tagagtaagt     91200
     ttttattttt aatgacattt tgttcctaaa aggtccactt tcacacttgt tatatagtgt     91260
     ttcctcttta tgcgtccact ccgtattccc gattttcaat cactcaggac acgctgtctt     91320
     gtgagccctg cctggctctt ggggaacagc agttctgctg ttgagtccat ggatgtttgt     91380
     agcttatgcg tcatttcctt gtgtgacatg aacgcgctga ggagatccct cccgccctgt     91440
     tatttctgcc ccatagagtc cgaggcacct tgaattttga acatattgtg ctgttgctgc     91500
     tttgtatcag actccactgg gcatttttga tcctctcccc cgtctggaaa ctctcttcca     91560
     tgtttacttc ccagtttcag tgctagagca cacccgtgct gtaagtttca ccccacagga     91620
     tcccagtaag accaggtcag catgtgtgga ataaccaagt tcagtgtagg tccccaagtc     91680
     gcctaagctt tgatgcttgt gttcacatta acgccatagg acccccgttc ctggactttg     91740
     ctaagatctt cactggcttc agttcctact cacatctagg ttttagagca gtctcatctc     91800
     aacaactggg atgcatttat ggctaatagc tccactagtc tgcaggggta gaggctcttc     91860
     cttctctgtg gcttcagaat tgggcagagg aaaaggacca gaactcttta cccccttctg     91920
     cctctttctt gtgccgagga tttcagactt agggagaggg gaaagatgca gaggaaccag     91980
     ggccagagag ctttcccttg gtgttgtttc ttgcctgacc ttggctggct gccatctgtc     92040
     tgctgttagc cagcccacac cagcacttcc tcagggcatc tttgtgagtt ctccgaaggc     92100
     tcctcctgga ctctttcaca ttgccgagac accccccccc cccatcccga gatggtgacg     92160
     gtgatgcagt ctctggcaga gcttggttca cttttgcaac ctcttcttga gaggcagcct     92220
     tcttgggaag aacactttcc agtggcttgg agccagcggc tcttgtatca tccacccggc     92280
     ccggtgtagg acaccatatt tagttagaac tcagagtcag gccgagtttc ccattgttac     92340
     cctccctccg tgctctgcca gagccctgtg gagaattctc taggtagaaa acaggtacca     92400
     tcttggttta gatgcctcct ccagagtcag catgttagac agaagtgcat caggagtatg     92460
     ctctgctctg ttacaccggg aggttacagg ttctgttgct tgtgggtgtc atacagggct     92520
     tgagaggcta gcctgttcat cacatcatcc gagcccctaa agagacccac ctttgtgggc     92580
     agccagagga aaggctgtct gagtccatac ttcgtgcttt ctggtttcca tgtctctggc     92640
     tctgtgctta catagattgt gcggccgata gtgggatagt cttagggtta tctcagctcc     92700
     tctggtcctg tagcaaggta cctagctggt atctctgtta taggaggagc atgctattga     92760
     cggttcttag gtttggaact ctatctagga ctctgagatg gcaggaaaaa gtccaagtta     92820
     atatccgtct gtccatattt cctgcttttc cctgggcagg caggaagagg ctttggaccc     92880
     tttgtactga atagaagttg ctttaggctc tgggctttat gccagagttt agccctggcc     92940
     ccacgctctg tgatctcaca gctacatctc ctgtgccatg tggaacctct gacccagccc     93000
     tggcctgtgg tcctataagc agccccgcac cctggctttc tcagcggtgc caaatcagcc     93060
     gtctcccaag cgttaccttc tcacttcctg ccacgggagg acttcctctc ctttgtgctc     93120
     agctcacact gcccagggtt cgtcttcatc ctaagaataa cacactctct ctccattcct     93180
     tctgggcata tgctaggtat gagtgttagg actggaagga tggagctatg ttccgtaggc     93240
     ctttagcaag tcttaggttt ccatcccagg gatgctgaga gggtggtaag acagtggcta     93300
     tgctttgaga gtacggaagc atctatgggg atgagcttat gggagcaacc tcacttggtt     93360
     tgctaagcag ttcccccgaa gatcggatgt ttatagaaac cgtgtttata agaagaaatg     93420
     cagagaccaa tgcgatgtga ggtttagtag tgagcgtcct tgtcttaggc tcagactcag     93480
     ctctggtctg catgatagca agtccttgtt tatagaagtt taactcgtag gctatcaact     93540
     tattgttcct ttctcagtca tttgatataa aaggcacata ctagatctac attaaaataa     93600
     gcagttagga catcgggtgt gttcatttgc tttttattac tgtaacaaat atctgagatg     93660
     ataagcctat agagaagaag ttattttcat tatagttttg ggagtttgag gttcagctgg     93720
     ttctgtgact cagctctgcc tctgcctctt ttggcaatta agtttatcat gagatcttga     93780
     attagagcaa aaatgctcac tcttgtggtc aggacggtga gaggctgagt ggaggaggaa     93840
     gaggaagaga aattggggtc ccagtgttct cttcaagggc atgtttctaa tgacccaaga     93900
     tctcctccta tgaggcttca aagtttcctt tacctcctga aagcactaag ccggagaaga     93960
     cttgggcctt tgggggacat tcagaaccaa gctaagctgt agcattaggt gagctgtgca     94020
     ggctaagtat ataccataca ccaagtatat accatacacc aagtatatac catacaccaa     94080
     gtatatacca tacaccaagt atataccata caccaagtat ataccataca ccaagtatat     94140
     accatacacc aagtatatac catacaccaa gtatatacca tacaccaagt atataccata     94200
     caccaagtat ataccataca ccaagtatat accatacacc aagtatatac catacaccaa     94260
     gtatatacca tacaccaagt atataccata caccggggac atcgggttaa cttactctgt     94320
     gtcttactaa gggaaccaga gtcggaatac tctagcaggc gtcgattcag tcttttacca     94380
     gtgtgacccg agcactttct tgtgaatctg tgtagccctg gtggggctat gtagaagtgt     94440
     gaccagtttt gacagtcagg cattaggaac cagcaggtac tagacaggtg caatgttggg     94500
     cgcattgatg ggtgaagcag atgggcacct gccacaccag aggtgcaggt tactggtgtc     94560
     ccttattgta gctacattgt tagaaacagg cggccctctg cactctgaag gtcttccagg     94620
     gccccgggca ccattctgat accctgagct tatcaagcac agaatctcca aatctgtaga     94680
     ttcagcagct tttgacaagg taggtgggac acagtgggga tgaaattttg tgagtgatgt     94740
     tgaaggttgt ctgtgtgctg atggagttcc acctttgctt gctactggcc tgtgcgattt     94800
     ttgtttctgt ggagcttttt catgtcaccc ttggtagccc agggctttgc cctttacctc     94860
     tcccttccca cagcagaaag gaaggatgga tggaaggaag gacggaagga aggatggaag     94920
     gaaagaagga aggaaggacg gacagaagga aagaaggaag gaaggatgga aggaaagaag     94980
     gaaggatgga cagaaggaaa gaaggaagga aggatggaag gaaggacaga aggaaagaag     95040
     gaaggaagga aagaaggaaa gaaggaatga aggacagaag gaaagaagga aagaaggaag     95100
     gaaggacaga aggaaggaca gaaggaaaga aggaaggatg gaaggaagga cagaaggaaa     95160
     gaaggaagga aggatggaag gaaggacaga agaaaaggaa ggaaggaaga agaaagaaag     95220
     aaagaaggaa ggaagaaaga aagaaagaag gaaggaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaagaaa     95280
     gggagggagg gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaaa gaaagaggcc     95340
     ttacagcagt gggcttcctc ttcctccccc tggcagtcct gggtgttttt tggatgagct     95400
     tggctctccc tggaggtcca ctgtgtaggg aataggctgt cagaggagac ctgtcctttt     95460
     aaggaagtgg ctaagactcc actgagaagg gctgggccac ctgggccctg ctcagaggat     95520
     ggctggaatc gtctatttac gatttatata agcttatcat tttattctct ctctgaagta     95580
     tttgcatgtt cagccttttt ctctaattgt gacgtgaaca gttctgtctc ctacccagga     95640
     attctggcat cagcaaataa gctcagggag aatgaataat tctcagagta caggctaagg     95700
     atgattcttt tgagccaggg cttttcaaag taaggcagaa gaaataccta aggtgacaag     95760
     taggtttcag atttgtaact ggttatgact ctctggactg ctgagttgaa aagaatttag     95820
     aactgctagc taagtccacg ggaaagccct cggtgacaga ttagtgatgt ctgccagaga     95880
     cagggtaaag ataagacatg tagcctgtct actattttgg ccattggcta gtggtggcac     95940
     cagagaggtg atagggtaag gcagacagca tgtccagtgt tttgtcaatt ccacacagta     96000
     agagaggagc ttatgttgta ctttgtatag tcggttgaat ccatcatatc tgtcaaacaa     96060
     gtagcccatt caatgaaagt aaatatcagt tggaatatgt ttggcatgat gtataataat     96120
     aataatgata ataataataa aaccccccct ttttttttta ccttttattc agctaggtga     96180
     taaatataga cacagtttta aaggtgaatt acatccaaat gcttctattt tctggtgtga     96240
     gttatttata gttttagtgt actttctttc tcagtatttt tcagacaagc tcacacgtat     96300
     tgtctcagtt tattggcact tggtccctgt gacagctttg tttctggtgg cggcaggaaa     96360
     catgctcaga taatctgacc tgccttaggt agcatgggag tcagccgaag gtgacagtga     96420
     ccctggtctt cttgcttgct aggaactccc agggacctct ccggggtctc ctggaggggt     96480
     ggaaatttcc gtcctgttgg ttcttgaggt gctctgtcag gcagggctgt acgctggtgc     96540
     tgtgactcaa aatagctgtc tattccctgc ttacgaggct gcccttttta cagcaaactg     96600
     agtgaaaccc tactgctttg ataacatact ttggggttta taggatggaa atttttgctt     96660
     ggaaaatgaa aacagcccct agctactcct gccttgaagt cagcagctaa cgctgtgagt     96720
     cactgttcac tgtctctggc actcgtgggg ggcctctctg tggtctacct agagtggtcc     96780
     gagtttggcc atatttggct ttctcgagcg cttagctttg gaagtgtctt tcaacctgcc     96840
     aacagccaag tgtgacctgg gccgtgcatt taaatggtaa gacttcgaag agagctcaag     96900
     tggaggctgc cactgccttg gggccattta cttcacataa atcatctctc agggtgcgag     96960
     cgccttagta cattcctttg cttctaaaca gtttggagtt ctgtcagtcg gcagtccctc     97020
     actggactct ttagcctggg ccttcatttg catttgtttc tacagctggg gatctggtga     97080
     ttgcaatgca tggcgatggg gttcttttga agaacaaggt tcttggattc cgtcccgagc     97140
     tgctcaccgg gacagacata gcatgagccc tcagcaactc ttggctgagt acttcacacc     97200
     tttccacatg caatccccac ttctgattta tggggtgaga cctactctta ctcccatttt     97260
     acaaaggagg acatcagaac ctaagtcatt tacattgatc tcagagggga acaaacagca     97320
     aggctggaat ctgactttgg agggtctgtt ttctgggacc atacccttcc tctgggataa     97380
     gatgctattg ggcttttggg gagtttcccc ctgttattgt tgttgcttaa gtgaacagaa     97440
     gaaacctgta gataccatta gatctagaac tctctgtcct ggaagttctg ttaggcatgt     97500
     ctgccatcat caaaatgatg gattcattct gatcctatcc acaaatgtac atcagctagg     97560
     ctggggctca gagttttagt ctccccacat ccccaggttc ctctgggaaa ccgttgcact     97620
     agggcttgta ttcaaggctg cttgcaccac gaatagccag ggaatccgtt ttggtataaa     97680
     caggggaggg tatatttaga cacagtctcc agagactgtc atatgtgttt atctgcgtgc     97740
     tccaagatca aagtcaggga gggtcaggaa gaaaatgcct gggttgacat ctagttgaca     97800
     tatggttctt tctcagggac acggggcagc ctgagacaca gaacctattt tagggtcttc     97860
     ctttatcagt tgggaattgg ccctgtctgt tctgcagtaa atgactctgt cggatcagcc     97920
     ctgcctggta gaaagaaaag atcatgttgg tcggctctct ctacctcata gactttccac     97980
     aatatgctca cctggtgcag ctctgattca cgccaccccc accaagccca cccacaagct     98040
     gtgaccttct gattcactct ctagggcaga aacttgaaga gcactgtcaa gagggtctgt     98100
     tttcaaggtt ggacattata cacctgctga atgttcatcc tttgaatgtg ttccaagagg     98160
     acacaataaa gcccccaacc aaccaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaccaaccaa ccaaccaacc     98220
     aaaaaaccca accaacaaac caaaagacaa aaaagccata ccaagctatc ttaacattgc     98280
     taactgcttg cattgctagc tgcttgaagg aagcccattt tctttctctc ccctctcctc     98340
     cctcctttcc ttctttcatt gagcaaaaca cattgtcgct cattagacgg tttctaagaa     98400
     atagagaatg ggcacagaaa cctccccagc actaggtgtt atgtcctata atcatttgct     98460
     tcctgctttt cttccaagtt ggttaccgtt tatcctcgag tcaactacac ttgcattgca     98520
     ctattgctat ttcccacgag gcgacccagt taaaacaata ccggctttgt atgatgcaac     98580
     tcttcactct gtttggaagg ctcagaggcc caggacacct tctgcccttt gcatgtgcag     98640
     tgacttgtat ttggggagcg cctggctctg ctgtgcaatc ggctttgtgc actgacaagt     98700
     gcagctggga caaatgccct tgaagctacg agtgggatga agcaccagct ggggcaggac     98760
     aacctgtcac agtcaggatt tggactcagc tgggctgtat cttatgcttg gtcaaagtcc     98820
     accatgctag tcactggaga gatgagtgga cagttggaaa atttaattta gggccagcaa     98880
     atagctaagc atgtgacttt aatggtagat tgctgagagc ttcctatgtt gtgttgaact     98940
     tggatgatta gctgacctaa gcaagagttc gtcactgaga tgcctcgcat attaatgtga     99000
     tactgctctt tggatggtgc agttggttgt aggtatctgt tgtctgacct tttccttttg     99060
     cctcttccaa aagagaggaa gcttttaata tacggctaga ccgtggtagc cacatttcct     99120
     tgcctacata tgtgttatga tatgctagtc cttaattggg aattttatgt gagttgtttc     99180
     atttcattcc aataacagtc catggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     99240
     gtgtagaaac atagtaaaga caagcaaaaa gtagccagtg ccagttccct gatcatcaca     99300
     gaggtgtgga tctctatatg aggtgtatgg cttgaaactt ggaggtgggt ctaagagtct     99360
     ggcttcaggc ctctgaggtt ggagggatgg ggatggagcc cctgacaaag gccaaacctt     99420
     aaggaacttc ctggctaagg aggcgagagg agaaaagctg tcaacttccc tagcatcagt     99480
     agcaaggctg ctcactgtca gtggcttgcc aaatcacccc taagaaagaa tccctaggct     99540
     gacatcactt accggtggag cgtatgcatc tgtgggcaca cgccacactg tgattggtac     99600
     aggatggatc ctaatggcct actgactcag gcttgcttgc gtaaacacac tgtgatgctt     99660
     tgcgctgatg aaatcacctg tcaccgcagt tctcaggacg tgactgaact tgtacttcgc     99720
     aggaagctta tgataaaaat tcaacacaag tctatgtgtg atgtcaatga acgaataaag     99780
     agaattcagt gtatgcatat tactgtgggc tggcttacgt ctcttcgaat tcctgtgcag     99840
     gaaccctagt ctgcatttgg cgatgaggcc ttgggcaggt tattaggttt gtatcggagg     99900
     aggccttaga tttaggtttg tcttcactgt caacttgact ggatttcgaa tcacctagga     99960
     gaaatgtact taagggagga cctgccttga acagggacta gtgggctgga gtctcagggt    100020
     gactaaaaag ggaaattgga gaaagagccg atgggtggct taggctctta ggataaaact    100080
     gttgttctta taagaggcac cacatagcca aactcagtgg atcgaagaac agaacaaaga    100140
     ggtctgtggg gaaggggaca agtaggtagg ggtagcaggg agctggagga aggcggggag    100200
     cagagtggtt ggtatacaca tgtacatgtg tgacattatc tgagagcacg tttagtagac    100260
     gtgagaaaca aacaaaaaac caaaaatgag aagattttta aaaaggaacc cccccccccc    100320
     ccgtttctag aactgaacat gtttcagtaa ataacttaat ggctgggtta aacatcgcag    100380
     aagatgaaat cagtgtatta gaaggtagat ccaaggaaat tgcccagaac aaacagcaaa    100440
     gagataaatg gtgcacttat gggaaagcaa ctgagagagt ttaaggaaag aaggcgaaga    100500
     ttcattgcct ctttccaaag actcctgcgc agtattggga gtgatgtaaa ggcattgctg    100560
     taaatgccag tgccaaaagt atttcaaaat ttaggaaagg taccaatttc tagattgtaa    100620
     gagtgcactg aatatggagg gcatgattag cagtatacct accagtgtgg aaaacaactc    100680
     ggacactaaa aggaggtcat aataaaatag gtggattctc tccccacaga caacaaccct    100740
     ttcccagcat agcaggggcc gtagaacagg acatatatta aagtgttcaa gcgagtttca    100800
     aacttgagtt ctgagctcag ctgggctctc ctttatgagt caggatgaaa agacactttt    100860
     tacataaaga acaaatgcag gacattcact cccagctgat gcttgttgaa agagctacca    100920
     agggacgtgc tttgtagaga tgccttaatc tcattttaaa gaatgggatt cggagtgttt    100980
     taaatatgaa cgacaaggtg gatgacgtga gatgggctgg gtagatcaga attgaatgta    101040
     tcccaaggtc ttggtatttt ccagagggag aatatctcat aatttaaaaa aaaaagggaa    101100
     tctagactct gacctttggg cactgtcatt accagttgag taacaactga catgcactga    101160
     gttcttaccg tgtgcagtgt gtctcactga tgttagctta cctggtctct cagtgaccac    101220
     atagaaaagg caatgccttt cctttgagag gtgagaagca gggcatattt gcctttctac    101280
     ctcatgctca aaataatggc cagcaatgag atgtggcttt taaatgtggg tggaccaagt    101340
     tgagccgagt ttcaaatcca atgcatcctg tgttggttga atgatgatgt ggtgggcgtg    101400
     ttctgattcc agctagtgta ccgtcagaac ccctgatgtg ctctctgcag ggccctgctc    101460
     ttcactgatc ctttctctgg gcaaatgcct ttctgaaaaa gtccgatact ggccttttat    101520
     actcctgtac gtggaatgcc gcagttctcc cctcaaattc ttgggagtgt ggaacttgtc    101580
     gtattcagaa ccaacgctgt gtttttccat gtgttccgtg gaccagctgg gtctcctcaa    101640
     tctttgtttt gatttgaaca agcctgggct tgctgtctcc tgagtttctg tgtggtactc    101700
     agacaacatc tccagcatgg tgttgctagg aaatgcagta atgatcatga tgctggatca    101760
     gcctctcttg ccgcccatac acacctgcct ctgccatctg ctaaggatgc ttctggcacc    101820
     ttgaccctgc catgcagaga tgctctgctg tgctttggcc tgtgaatatt agtttggccg    101880
     agaaattatc agtgacatag atccagtgct gggtgttcgt tactaagcgc tttggaccct    101940
     gatctagtca cactctggaa aagaggtacc aatagcattc aagtctactt tataccctag    102000
     atatgtacat tatctgtaag tacacacatg tacacttaag tgtgtatgtt ctcatacatg    102060
     tatatactga attgattggt taagtctgtg aaaatagttt ttgctgtttc ttgcccccct    102120
     cccctggatt tgtttaatca tgtactgttt gtttttctga acaaccagtt agttttaggc    102180
     tgaaaaagtt cctccgtggc cccaggtaac ccggttcaaa tgcagaaggg aaggaaagtg    102240
     cctgttccta agtgcctgtt cctggtttcc cgcgtcatca ttcctctgag gagggttttt    102300
     tttctgtgca tttgggcaga cctaagacca aattcataac agccagcggg gctcctgatc    102360
     tcactcacca gcactagcag gtctggggac agatggtgag gtaaaggcaa acaaaggctc    102420
     ttggcttgct gctaacggaa gccgtgggca tctccaatct ctgctttccc cacaaaggcc    102480
     ctgtctgcaa attccagcat tgctatagca gcccgtgctg tggaggcctg tgtgtttggt    102540
     tctgtgtcta acacagacct ttctgacttc ccggaggtat agtggaggat ccggttgtac    102600
     ctttcctggg agacactgag gtgaatggaa gcagtggtca tccagcagtg gaaagctggg    102660
     tctgtgtttt tacccaacca accctctccg gtcagctttg gtaagggcgt ggttccttgg    102720
     cttctccagt tgaaattgat ggtatttact attttattgt gaagggaact tagtgagagt    102780
     atgcaggaga caggctttgt aaaccccaaa acaatataga cacaggcatt gtttctccca    102840
     gtcctcagag agtggattgt gggaagctaa tgcccttact gggccatgtt tcagtgccag    102900
     gaacagccaa agatgtcaat aactgtccat taatgatggg gcagagaagt tgtctgactc    102960
     catggaagcc agggttttat aaattaagtg agcacgctca tttgccattc atagggcaaa    103020
     tatttattga gtgtctacta aatgctggac cctgggacta cagcattgag taagatgggt    103080
     ggggctgtga ttagtgtctc ctgtagcttc cagcgctgga agccataggt agtttttata    103140
     gagttcaatt tgttcggtgt tggtggtttc tctgcctctt tggtgataag atgcctgttc    103200
     tggggcaatg agaatgacat ctgagaactt tatagggcaa gtgggaagat gtgttactgg    103260
     cctttggaat acggaaggtg aggagtttct gatctatcct aggctccttc ctcacgtcgc    103320
     ctggattttg gcttggcctc attcataggc catctagctg gggactttat tgccttccat    103380
     aagcagtcca tccagtttta agtagcattt atctttggaa tgttcttcct catcctgagc    103440
     agaaatccgc catccgttat ttctgcccat caggccttcc tcttccgttt ggagcggaca    103500
     ggagcaactg cctttttttt tttttttttt aagccaccat ttgttctccc ttcttccttg    103560
     ttctctatgt gtatggtata gatgcgagcg tgtgtgtgtg tttgcacgtg tgtgggcaca    103620
     tgtgtgtatg tggaggccag aagtggacct tggttgttcc ttttactgta ccccacctta    103680
     ttcactgagg catggtctct cactgagact gtgatcacct ggtggctagt cttgctagcc    103740
     agcttgctcc agggagtccc tgttgtctct gccttttgag tgctgggatt gcaggtgggc    103800
     ctacatactc acccagcttt tacctgggtg ccagggatag gaattcaggg ctttgtgcat    103860
     caaggtgcat ccccagcacc ccatattcct aggcactttt tccagtttcc atgtccctgt    103920
     attaacccag tctccttcac gtcctcattc ccgtgatcat ctctaccctt caccctcctg    103980
     cctcctctct cctggtcccc tgtgcttggc cagggttcct gttggagact accgcctgag    104040
     aggtgccagg ctttagtgtg cctgtgccaa gcgctcagcc tgctctttcc attattctga    104100
     tctttgagca cagaacaagg aagcaaaggt ggcatttgcc tttttggcag atgagatata    104160
     ctgctgactc actgagttgg agtcttctaa ctctctgagt ccttgttaga tccatggctg    104220
     ctaagctagt gtccctccta ccctctgtgt cgaccgtgtg cctttctcat gcaagcacag    104280
     gtcttgacaa tcagcatatg cctagtctcc tttatcttat cagtttgggt tgtgttctta    104340
     gtatgttgag gtcatttgga tcctgaccta actaaccttc tagcactagc tgttactcct    104400
     agacttattt gtgtctacag cgcagttaac agcccatttt cccttaaata tcttaactca    104460
     gcggtaaaac agggaaagcc aaaggaagag cccttggtca catcagcaga aacctcctcg    104520
     tttcagtgca cctactcagt gccttagcct ctgtgcacag aatcaaacct gtggatgtga    104580
     cgtttgtcac cagtgtgtct catatgcacc aattccacat ctatccagtg tcttgtcctt    104640
     gctggtgctg gccatcctgt gcctgatgtc ttctatccca tgatggcaac tgtgccattg    104700
     ttgaactctg tggttagccc acatatctgt ttgcagttca cctcactttt actggttacc    104760
     aggtagccca agatgtttcc catcaatttt ccctctctag agactccttc ttctaggtct    104820
     agaaatacta cttactaaca taatcaccac gctggccaag cgaggttccc aggagacatt    104880
     ctcgacattt gtgttctctt ctcattgtgc agttagtttg gtccgatgct agaggttcgc    104940
     ccacctactg ccatatatac ccccctcagg ctctgattta tacctgcata gctctaacag    105000
     cctctggcta cagtctttgt tcttggtcct gcttcttcta gatgctgcag actgtgttat    105060
     cagaaagcaa aaaaaaacaa aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaaa    105120
     caaaaaaaac aaacaaaaaa aaaaccacat cagatcttgt cattggtacc aaatctacca    105180
     agtgcttttc tggcttgccc gctgtcaacg atgattgggt atccgtcatt agactgtcct    105240
     tccaacctca tttcatactg tccttcttac cagcccttcc ctcaaagggc ccttagcagc    105300
     tagctctcag gtaggcaatg ttgactcata ctgtgcctgt gtaccctata cttggggacg    105360
     ctttgccact ctttccagcc ggttaagttt tgcttctcct tcaacactgt catgtctgtt    105420
     gcctctctta gcactcctgt cccaacttta gaccacaccg ggtacccttc acttggctgc    105480
     ctgttacata acttgtttca tggtagagta actgctgtct gtacttccta ttggttggag    105540
     ggctttaggg aaagagtgcc atgcttatca ttttagcaga aactcctggt acatattgag    105600
     cactcagaat tggaaagaac gcctaaccta tgtttttgtc caatgaatct acactgagtg    105660
     cccatttatt tcccttccct gtaaatcgct atggctctgt gcctgtgaca aatttcgctt    105720
     tatcggcctt ggtatctagt aggaaaggca aattggcatt gcaaagcatt gaacatttct    105780
     taagctgttc tcaacttttt caactttgct gtaacccttc gttatatgtt tctcttaccc    105840
     tgtgctagtt agggaagtct atgagctgaa acaagcagcc cttagatctt gttagcttca    105900
     cacaatatac atttttcttt ctttcttttt ttcttttctg taggtcacag tctggggcag    105960
     ggattcctta tctatggcct cccatgctgg gatttggaga ccctggttac tttgtctgta    106020
     gttctcccat cttagatgtg cagagtcttt cttactggct gaggtgttga gatagagaaa    106080
     gggctgtagg tgagcagatg cagggatggg gatgggagtg tctggggcct ctcctgggta    106140
     ccatgcaatc aattcttatt ttttattagc cagaatgtta ccacatgagc atagccagct    106200
     actcctgcac gtgtgtaggc tagcagaaat ccccccaaaa caggactggg aagaacccca    106260
     gagcctgctt tggctgtgcc ctacctacat ctggcctgat gtttcccagg cagattttga    106320
     ttcccaagtc tcttgtatca gagttccaat gcaggcccag gactgtgtgg gtgctgggca    106380
     aagtggaagg gtgctcctcc atcctgccag gacttggaag agagcgggct gtcaccccag    106440
     cagcactcac aatgatggga ggggattcta gggacctgat tcagtgacgt ggacattcag    106500
     tgacgtggac aaagcagaga ggactctcag gctggactcc agggaccctg agatttggcc    106560
     tttgcttctt ttatcttaaa ccctctcctt ggctcatctc tacctcccca ttgcttgcct    106620
     gaacttgact cttgctcggc tccccgttgc tttgtccaca tcacagatgc actgtcaggt    106680
     ccttggactc tcctgtcatt gtcgtcggtg ctgctggaac gacagcttgt tctgttccaa    106740
     gtcctggcag agcggagaat cctctcactt tgtccagcac ccacagagtc cccggcctgg    106800
     gtttgaattc tgtgttgagg taacaattaa ggaagtagag ttgccgtgag aacctctgtg    106860
     aagccagagg aatcagcgct gaagacaagc ctgaaggggt tccctgattc tgatgcttat    106920
     gagggatatt gggtaatgga ggggagcggg gagcacacca gaagccccca cctgtaagcc    106980
     agggcagact aaagcctcaa gtgaagggca agcctatcct ccatcacaag gctgcttggt    107040
     tcaccctggg agcaagtcag ttaatctctc tgcctcaggc ttctcatctg tgacatgtca    107100
     caataacatt acccatctca ggggatgtta tggggagcaa ggacaggagt gcatgcttaa    107160
     tggtggggaa aggtctggtc cattgcatct gcctgtaagt gttgactggt attcttagca    107220
     agtgcttcag aaagatgccc tttctcaggt gctgcctgct aggccaccag cttctctggg    107280
     tattgcaagg ctcctgtgga ctcgaagaac agaatcgttc gccgtcctca ggttggctga    107340
     agtgcttgcg gagaagccag ctttccagtt gttagggctt agttgaggtg tttgttctat    107400
     gtagctggag tgtggagggg ttcctcagtg tctgcatggt acctggggct cgagttctgc    107460
     tacagttagt gagtccggat gctgtaagtg ctgtgttcta gacacacgct gctgctgctg    107520
     ctggtggagt ctgctgcctc gaagctttgc atttgagact agaaacagac tcaagctttt    107580
     cctcattctg tgagtcatct tgctttaacc ttggctccca tgctcttggc attaacctga    107640
     ttaatgcgga tgaggaaaac tgggcacggg ttggatgacg gcacgataag ggcgcacaca    107700
     gtgagtgaga ccctggtcac tccttgttct ccctgactgg aatcagccat ggcaagggtt    107760
     gctgggtggg tcgagtgccc ttttggaggg ataggatttg ttagtaggag acaaaggtca    107820
     tactcttgaa aaatcgaagc agcaggtgtt tattgggctc tgccatggat acagcttgct    107880
     accagtgtga ggtacttgga gtggcatcta ttgcccgttg cccgtactgg aagagctcct    107940
     ggttgcatat gggagatgaa cacttctata aagcagatgg tgctacattt gggcacagag    108000
     ggtcccggca gagagggtct ggatgccttg ttgcagcctt tgagtctttg gtgctgctgg    108060
     gctgggtttt agacccattt tcagtaaaga gcacatagca tggactttac catctggata    108120
     gttaagtgca cagctcactg gtgttaagtg tctttacagt gatatgaaaa gcatcaccag    108180
     aaaatgttaa tctcgaaaac ctgagcctta aaccatataa ctcctcgcca ctctccccag    108240
     cccctgtcct ggttctagga gtgtgatgcc tgcaggcacc tcagtcttgt ctgtttgtgg    108300
     ctggcttgtt tcaccgtctc taatgccctc agttcatctt tgtcgtagtc tgtgtcgtat    108360
     cccattgctc ttaaggcaga gaactctccc cactgtgcat ataatcacag gctgggcttg    108420
     ttcttctgtt gacagacagg tcattttcac ctcctcactc tcgtatgagc atgggggtgc    108480
     aaacactccc ttggagtctc tgctctcaat tcttttggat tcctatccag ccgtgcattt    108540
     gctggatcag agagtagttc tatttttgtg gttttgagga actgccatct attttccaca    108600
     gcagttatgc gacttcacat tcccaccaac actgcacaag ggttccaact tcaccgcagc    108660
     cttctcaacg cttgttttct gtctttttga taacagcagc caccttaatg ggtgtgaggt    108720
     agtagctttc tgcagtgtat ttctttgata ttttataata ctgggtgttc ttctatcata    108780
     ttttaagaaa tgacttttta aaagaaaaca ttttggggtt gtgaagtggc ttagcaggta    108840
     aagatgcccg ccatcaagcc tctagaactt gtatggcaga acgggagaat tgactgcggc    108900
     gagtggttct ctgaccccac ccccatcgat acataaataa ataagtgaat aaatgttaaa    108960
     taggcaagtg gcttttgttt gttgttttat ttttcaatca tgggctgatc ctagggcttt    109020
     ctgcatgctc acgtgtgtag agcttcaccc tgcctccttg gtctattcta aaccgatagc    109080
     gggagacact tctttctgga ccgcatttct cggactctag ggattgttca ctgcaaggtt    109140
     ggctggtcca gctcagcccc ggcagaaatg gagagtgagg gcttcctgtt tgaaaccaaa    109200
     gtttaaggta ctcatttgct ctggccgaaa aacaagcacc tcttggaaac aagactccac    109260
     ctgccctgct gattttcatt ttagagattt tacacagaga agagcagggt gtatcttttt    109320
     tttttcccat ttctgttgta acaaatcagg gcagacttaa ctaataacaa cgatgtatta    109380
     tcattcactc ctggagggca ggtaagggca gatttgaggt cccttgggat gctgtaggga    109440
     gtgagtttgt tttccacctt ctctagcatc tagaacgagc tcctccactt tctgccaggc    109500
     tagcactgta gcatctgttc cctgttctcc tgactcctgg taaagatcta ggtagttaca    109560
     tcaggtccat ttggataatc aggacagcaa cttggacgtg gaattcactg ggactggaag    109620
     gccatccagg aatggatggt cttgggccat ttaaggcagc ctgatagcaa ggtctctgat    109680
     tttgtgcctt ctagcctcag attcctccct gcattaaggg agtagcattt atggatttgt    109740
     agtcctgggg ttgagtgtgg attttccttg gcctgcctag agcctacagc acaagggttg    109800
     atggatgggg gtggaggtgg gggttgggaa gcaggtgctc tctggggcct cccagttctg    109860
     ctacaccggg tctgccccag tacctagctt ctatttctcc tctggtgtct tcattatgct    109920
     ttctctccta ggctcatgga gcaataaagc tgcccagagc atgtcgaaaa ggaagatgag    109980
     acactgggag aatgtctcct gggtaccaat taattaaagg gaaggtagag agtggaaacc    110040
     aaaaatgaca aggcaccctt tttttgcctg tgcacttctt ccaggtcctg aataaaattc    110100
     cttgagccaa atgaatggaa ctgacgttac cctgtgagct gcgtgtactg tgggctatgt    110160
     gtaacttgtg cagtggtttc atttgaaact tcagctatgc tccagtttat gtctgatatg    110220
     gaaaactatt gtaagctgct gaccacctag atataggagt gtctctccgt gcctgagaga    110280
     gtctggatga attgtgtatg gggaatggga tggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    110340
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagactttta ttccaggatg tggcattgag    110400
     gggaaaggat ctcctgggat gctctttgtt ttatttgagg caggtggcct gaccttatgg    110460
     tgcaggggct gtgaggggtg gctggaagag agccgacatc cggtagtgtc tgggaaggag    110520
     aatgtgattc ggattgcata cttatcattg gcagcttgga acaatgttgc tgtagaacaa    110580
     ctatccttct gtgtgcaggc atgagccaat ctggtcttgg ctgctaatgc ttcatatttg    110640
     acccttatta tgtcacattg ttctatttta ctgaaaagaa tgctgaggga ctaggaggtg    110700
     aagtcggttt gggaactatc ctgcagttgt agagagttga aacatattga gttgagtcta    110760
     tatagatgcc cagttcccat acacctttac aaatgtcaca tgcatctcct gacttattcc    110820
     ctacctgagt cagggctttt ggatgtgaga tataggagcc atggatgaag gggagggaac    110880
     aattgtcacg cacgcaccaa aacacagtct agagatggga tggcctgaaa ttctggccag    110940
     ccaagtttca gaaattccag ctgcccgcag ctaaccttca ggcctatctg gccttggctg    111000
     ctttggcttt ctgtctaaat aaagctacag agtgaaagag gaatgtccct ggatgggtag    111060
     ttttgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaga gagagagaga    111120
     gagagagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaca gacagacaca gacagacaca    111180
     gacagacaca gagactgact gactctaagt gtctggatag gtgactgcca gctgtggtca    111240
     gtccttgtta gtaggttgtg gctcagggac tattttgtat aagtacatca ccctcagctc    111300
     atgatgtaag ggaccctggg agccacacaa catttctgcg ttctttacct tgtactttgt    111360
     actgaggttg tagtctagaa ggggacctgg ctctgccata ggttatacct gagcaggggt    111420
     gggttatact gacacagatg cactatgtca gtatagcaaa ggccatgaca tacagagagg    111480
     agagcagcag tgctctgtgc ttctgtatcc ttcattggtg acatgtgtct gtgtgtgcac    111540
     atctgcttat gaagatctgt attcaagagc aactctgtgg tcatgggcag gtctcacctt    111600
     attggctcct ttcttgagta ggaagaagca gtgctctgtt tcccatgggg atctctttac    111660
     atggccatgt ggtcactgcc ctgaagtctg cgtattgagt ttcataattc cttggcatca    111720
     cagaaaggtt gggccaaaca ccgaccatct tgaatgtgag ccccacccac agttttatga    111780
     agcaccccac gtttatgtca tgatgcttgg ggtgtagagt ctgcagtggg aaatcacagg    111840
     aaccaaagct gtgggggacc ctctgagttt catgctgtaa ttggggttcc ttcagccacc    111900
     tactgtgtat ggagtgggtg gtctttattc tgctgcctcc tgttcctgat gaagccacaa    111960
     gagagggcaa ggtgatcacc tgtaattcag tgtcagtgcc atctaaagct gagtgggtgg    112020
     ggtgtatgtg ttgctcccct ctctcagggg attctgccgt agagatgggg aacaccctag    112080
     gaagtgccta ctcagtagag cagagactgc actccacttt atgtcaacat tcaaggagaa    112140
     acttcagggg tgggtgtggg tgtgtagggg cctcgggatc catctgggaa gctgagtcct    112200
     tttgacagca tgttccaaac aataaatttc tctaccaccc acataaaaat tttagaatct    112260
     gtgactgcca ccaaagcgtg caagacctta gagatcattt ggtgaacttc ttctctttgc    112320
     agctgaagaa acggcgtaca ggagggaggt gatcttgttc agggtcaaat agctacttac    112380
     taggagatcg gagacgagat ctaggtatgc agctatgcta aaaaaacgaa cccaagagag    112440
     aacgctctcc agggattggg gatggctgga atcacatgca gccaactcag tgcaaataca    112500
     ggtatgagtt tcccacactg ggcaagttca tccctgagcc tttccaggct tctttcctga    112560
     atcttccttt ctttttatag ccctgagcct tagatgcctt ggtaattaca aaacgatgcc    112620
     agcagtacca gtgacctcgg aagtagctgg actaggctga gtgcttatgg tgtctttaaa    112680
     tacttgggca acatgctgag gtcgtggaac tagcaactgg catctcagag caggtccttg    112740
     ggggcgttta tgaccattgt ctgtgctttt aaccactagt catgctactt tgcctttggg    112800
     aagatagttg ttatcatttg ctatccaatc ccctaaactc attcccacat gctacactct    112860
     attctccacc gtttgctgtc ttcatagaac aagaccagat atactttgtc ttaaaggtta    112920
     taaccttcct gatgaccacg aggacacaga ggaaaggaac ataaacaaag ggacaaagtc    112980
     gcaggttaaa gggctttaca gacttcttac aggcttgttt ctgctttgtg aaccttgctc    113040
     tgagatgaag agcagtaggg cctttggatc tttatcttca caatgagggt gatgtctaga    113100
     ccttttgtct tagccttcta aagcaattga agcagaggaa gaactaggca gcactgaagt    113160
     gcgttggcct acgtaaagga ctaggatctc cacgaatact ctacttggtg gcatcagtct    113220
     tgggtacatc caaagatgaa ggcatcaggt acttcctctg ccctagatga aaagggaatg    113280
     ttagaataga gggaccccag atataaaaag tatcagagaa attggacagc tgggagcaca    113340
     ggaaggatgg gagagataca ggtggagaga actcagggta tatctgtaca tgggatcgcc    113400
     agcatgggct tacgatgcca gagaagttgg aggattggag gcagatcagt caaacctagc    113460
     ctgggtctcc ttggacaggg ccataggtgt ctctctgcct cagtgtcctg tcagcaaagg    113520
     cactgatgcc gtgtctcctg ccttacattt gtcagcttgt agaactgaaa aggcattccc    113580
     tcatcagtca cctctgtctg gtctcagtgc gggccagctc caggagaggt gccagagtgg    113640
     aagagtggtt gtactgtggt ctaccctgca gatggtattg ggcaagactt aagccgaggc    113700
     tctgacatct ggtattgaat ggcacttgcg atgtatttag gcaggtgtct ggtttgactc    113760
     agttgtgaag gcctgtttgt gcatccgcat gtatgattta tttgatattt gaaagtaatt    113820
     tataatcaag attctttgaa tccttctctg ggcctgcgtc attgcttcct ggaagtgttt    113880
     gtggagggcg tggggtccct tcagtactgg tttatactct cttgttattc ctgctggaag    113940
     gacccttggg tgtcttagac cacaaagtct acctccttat tgagttatat gtgctattgg    114000
     gctactccag agtgttggtg aaggctacta acaggagctt tgatggtctc aaaagcaact    114060
     ggagagtctg cccagcatgg gtgatggctt tcccaaagct gcacagatgg atggatgccg    114120
     tcacatttgt tgtccccagg ctatttgcca tagcctctcc ctaaaatcag atctgatgaa    114180
     gatggagaca gttcgattta gagtgtaggc tgaataaccc ccagtaatga aatcctgtta    114240
     tatctgcctt gtttcacgta tcataatgtt ttccttcttg ttggaacatg tgtcagaata    114300
     ccctttctcc ttagggctga ggaatattcc aatgtggaac acactttgac tttgctaacc    114360
     tgttgatcca ttggtgaaca cttgtgttgc tcccgtcttc cgtctcttgt gagaaacgct    114420
     gctgtgaacc ttggtgtgca aacacctgtt gggcctctta atttttaata attttgactc    114480
     tacgcccact agtggaattg ctgggtcatg tagtagtcaa atatttaatt tttgaggaac    114540
     tgtcatcctg ctttgcacgg tggcttgtac catgccacac tgctgacaag acgtgcgcga    114600
     ggcttccttc tgctcttttg tattgttacc aacacttgct accttctagt gttaatcgta    114660
     gaaatactgg ttgtggcgct gcctctctgg ctttgtggac ttccatgtaa ctgtgatgag    114720
     gctgggatgg acagaatgag agggaagaga aagagacctc ccagggtctt cctcgctacc    114780
     cttctcagat gaatgcccct tggttgcact tggttctcat gtgtagcttt cagaaggtcg    114840
     tgtggcccta tgcacaagct aataggaggc agtgagcaga gtagctggat gcaatctcag    114900
     gctacttctg cattggaaag agtccaccaa atgtggggca agtctgggcc tagacagctg    114960
     tatatcgata tggagcttat tttgcctgtg gctttcttgc tgttgctttg gttgccttct    115020
     gccttgttgt ttgcctgttg gtaggggctt tggggagtta acaagacaaa taggcataat    115080
     ccccattgta agtgaaataa atgttatact tttcacatag cattattaaa tgtccgggaa    115140
     tatgaaggaa taaggaaatg gtgttttctt ctaccttggt gaggatgaga ggcatccagg    115200
     tgtaagacta taggccttcg tgactctgtt tctgtactta tattgttttt tcagtgtgtg    115260
     actctgaggg gtagcacccc tcctctctgc catgcaaccc caatagtggg acaatttcag    115320
     agccttttct tgatggattc cttggaatgg gggcaacatt ttgtgggatg tctctgtatt    115380
     tgcagtttcc tctcaggaac tgacacttga tctgggcata tggaatgcat caacttgaag    115440
     atatggctac ataaacggaa gaatgtgcat aaggagaata tttaaaataa taacacactt    115500
     ttcatattca tgtctcttca ttgaaagaag gtagtcttcc tttgtgtccc gaggcactct    115560
     gtgtggggat ctggagcagt tcttattaat agctattgct ctatgggtag aacttccaga    115620
     catgcaatct cattaagtat tcttgttcat cctgcaaaga atgcgttgct aattctattt    115680
     ttcagagcaa ttgactgagg cccagagaaa tgtctattta tttggtactt tatagactca    115740
     ggagcctggg tgtatgttgt gtgacaaaac tttccctggg gagatgccac acgtacagct    115800
     actcacccca gatagggaac gtacaacaga cacagtacgt gtaccactaa agcctgtttt    115860
     cagccacctt tctatcttgt tcaccttcag gccacatagt tttattctgt agagtcactg    115920
     ctgcaaatgc ctatctgtgt gtggcctttg tcgagagcct tggcttcagg cagcacaaag    115980
     tcaccaggag ttcatgaaga tgggaatccc tgctcctttc tgtgatagca ggcagatact    116040
     tgctaggcag gctaggcccc ctctagagga actttcagca gtgggacagg agttgggcac    116100
     tagtttggct gtggtaattt tggtgatatc tgtaatttat aaaacaaaat cagacttgtc    116160
     cttcctcacc gaagaatcaa tgtatgacat ttgggaaatg caaaacaacc aaccaaccaa    116220
     acaaacaaac aaagtgaaag tgtgaactct caggtattct gtcagggttt tgccaagctg    116280
     ctgtgacact gtccccaggt actagttacc ccaaggactt cctgtttgtc cagcatgatg    116340
     tttgcccccg gtcagagcca attacatcgc ttaacgagag agtctgcaat gttgactttc    116400
     agtaggctca ctctgagctc actgaattta tgggtgctgt cagcaagtgg tgttgtgaac    116460
     agcagaaatg gtgcctccct tgcctccatg ctggggaaga agacgtggag gggtagttta    116520
     ccatcatcat ggtttgccct cagtgatggg agccgtgatt tagctgcatg catgcaagag    116580
     ttttcctcct tttatgcctg ccgatgctgg ccaccaaaga taacgtagca ctatgattag    116640
     tgtctagtgg ggaaggttaa ccttagtctg gagcagatgg ctctttcctc agtaggactc    116700
     tctctctatg gaggttcctt ttcctctgtc accttcttga cttgccacac tgcagagaag    116760
     aggtttccgt gctggtctga gaaggtgcgg gtgctgtcag cagggccacc ttctggttac    116820
     tgtggccgtg gagaggcttg ggttctctac ctgcctgtcc ccttgccttt ggtgggtcat    116880
     cagaggaagg tgcgctattt aaggcagcag ctgatctgct gagttggtga gatgctgcag    116940
     atgtccttgc ccctcgctgc cccttattgg tggaacagat gcgacagctc tgggcacggg    117000
     actgctcttc gcatcccttc tgttctggaa aggtgaggaa gagctggaac gctgctggac    117060
     tgtgttcaag cagctcagtt gctctgctcc acggcagaca cactcaaggg agaaagcttt    117120
     catgtcgacc gcccctccca gcctgaggga caatatcagg tttctatcag cccattgagg    117180
     agaattgttc cacacttagt tttttgagtg tcagacaggt aaagatagcc gtggcctcac    117240
     tgtctatcag agctgagaat ccttacgctt tggtaggtct ttttgcaggc agtggttagt    117300
     tcaagaaaag ccgcccgtct atcacatcca gacccattct tggtcgctcc ccttccctgc    117360
     ttagaaacca agtgcttcct tattctcttt ctttcctcat accccaggct tcaccgtgtg    117420
     ctctgctctg agtgcacagt agtaccgccc aatgtgatac tctgtgtcta tttagatgga    117480
     gattaattga aatgaaatag aaattaaaat gtgcttcctc cattgtccca gagacgtttc    117540
     atgtgctcta cagacacatt tgacggacag ccactatatt ggatagttca aaatgacatc    117600
     ccattttcac tactgtaaat gtgatgattg ggatggggag tagtggctca tgcctgtaat    117660
     cccagcatct gggcagcccg gacaggagaa tggccttttg tttgagatca tcttgggcta    117720
     tcgagtgagt ttgaggctca tccaggtctg tagagtgagt ctctgtctca gaaaacaaaa    117780
     atccaaaccc aaataacaac aacagagctg tagtgcatag cacgatgctg taagccgatg    117840
     tgtcttgagc agctgtggtg actttaggaa gaaaggatac aggatacagg aatggaagga    117900
     cgttagctgg aagagttggg gcaggaggcc ataggtgtct tgtaggaatg acatctgaag    117960
     agcgttgcag aacaggtcaa gggatctgca tttggtagga agctggggac gtcacagcct    118020
     ccaatgcccc tggggttagg aaactgttgg cagggcctgg aagcactgta ccagtgagca    118080
     gattcctgcc ctgtctggtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgggtctta gttgtgcagt    118140
     cttaaaggtg cattaggaat tctggctttc ggacaactga gactgaggtc tttgtctctg    118200
     gtaggaaggc agtaggaaga agctggaaga gcatccatgc cagtgtctgc ctgtcactcc    118260
     atgccacagg gtgaccctgt aaggcctgct ggattcatct gtggatatga tcctctaagc    118320
     tgttgacaga tagtcttggc tggctcaaga ccaggagaca acaaggtcct cttgctttcc    118380
     agtcaccagg tgtgcgctgg ctcaggccag gacaccttca atttcactac acttctatgg    118440
     gtcccttgtc acccatgagg gcttgataga tgcagaatac aggtagatgg ctgcaaaggt    118500
     ttttggtgac ccctgaccca aaaggaggcc attgctgtgc acttagggac ttgagtgaca    118560
     aggactgcag caggacagcc attgcagcct tctccttcct ggggcaagct gccttctgat    118620
     ctgccagtca cttaggcatt cttcaggagt caccagctct atttctggca gaagtcacat    118680
     gaccacagga ggaggctatg atgttgaagt ccatatcttt tccatgtctg tggctcatta    118740
     gagatccctt tatgttgccc agggagctga gcatctttac ctaagggtag tgtggaggag    118800
     ggaggtggca agaatactgg atcctactgg ttaggttctg tgtccttgga tagacagata    118860
     ttttttttat atttctaatt aatttattct tgcatatatt gcatcttgac cacagttttc    118920
     ccccctcttc tcctcctgga cacacccttc tcaccttccc cttcccatcc actcctcccc    118980
     catttccttt tagaaaaggc caggccaccc agggatctca atcaattatg gcatctcaag    119040
     ttgtaataag actgggcact tccctcatag taaggctgga tgaggcaacc cagtgggagg    119100
     aaaagcgtct caaaagcaag caaaggcatc agagacagct ccccaccccc actcccactg    119160
     ttgggagttc tacagaaaca ctaaaccaca caagaacagc atatctacag agggctgagg    119220
     tcagacacaa acaggtggcc tgcttgttgg ttcagactca gtgagcccct gtgagtccag    119280
     tttgctgatt ctgtgggttt tcttgtggtg tccttgtccc ttttagctcc tacaatcctc    119340
     cctcccttct tccataggat tcgctgagct ctgcctaatg tttgactctg ggtctctgca    119400
     tctgttacga tcagtcgctg agtggagcct ctgtggtggt gattattcca ggcaaaatca    119460
     tttctttact tctttttttt tcctaggtgt ttttggttct atcctacatc tctgggccat    119520
     ctggcctctg gtttctggtc ctccaggcag ggtcagggat aggcgttctc tcatggtgtg    119580
     ggtctcgagc tagactatca ttggttcgcc acacccacaa tttctctgcc acctgtactc    119640
     cagcatatct tgctggcagg gcaaaatgta gtttgacggt tttgtggttg gcgttccagt    119700
     ccctccactg gaagtcttgc ctggttctgg gggattagag gttttaagac agagttgttt    119760
     aaagccagat ttagcctatg aatagaaagc actaggggct gagggaagaa ctttctaagt    119820
     attcataaac tcatggtagc tgacaagaac cggatctgtt tgagggatga aaggaaaccg    119880
     cgtacaataa tcccagcaaa gttggcctga gccggcatgc acagatttca agaatcatga    119940
     tgggaggttt gggtttgaaa atgattgatg taggagaatg acagggtctg atttagtgtt    120000
     tgtatttcct aaaagatcat tgtgactgcc tgtgagtgag gctagggttg gagcgaggga    120060
     aacctggaaa tgggagaaat ctcagggatt ccagcagcag gaaatgaatg gtggcttgga    120120
     ctagagtggt ggcatgggag gaggaaagag ctggtctcct ttctcccctc agagctccgc    120180
     tcctgtccac agagtaaggg gaaggccaca gtgcttacgg tgtagataga cagacttcac    120240
     caggtaaacg tttaatgttt acctgtggcc tatcttgtgt caggcagctc tctgtcacta    120300
     agacgacacc acaccagagg ccacagcatg taaggggcaa cagtttatgt tgactcacag    120360
     tctagaagag tcagtccatg gtccattggc tcagtacttt tggatctgtg ggagacagta    120420
     tgttatggtc aagatgtacg gcttaccttt taccttgtgg tagctgggaa gctgaaggac    120480
     agggaggggt gggctataat attccctcag gaccatatct ccagtgattc aaattcttct    120540
     catctgattc tgcctcttga aggtttgacc cattcatata ataaggagag agtgcgtgag    120600
     ccatatgata caaactgtga cggcaatctt gcttatcaga acatcatcag cattatagtc    120660
     actaggaata gatgttgaac atcctctggg atggagaatt taaaagccac tgtgtcatta    120720
     ttggacatag tcctgactca gagatatgca gcaccaagct actctaacat tgacaatgag    120780
     gaatcatgtg tccattctct gggacctctc tctgggccct tgtagaacag ggtggtacga    120840
     gactaatagg cctgtgcagg ggccctgctg tgtccttgca cttctgagaa gagttaacac    120900
     ctttttgaag taggcaggga tgcccctgtc ttcaggggaa cccagccatt ggacaagcag    120960
     gaatcatttt tcttatgtct ggaagaggtt ggtgctgtgg aggtcttaca cgtttctatg    121020
     tggtctggcc tgctgaactg cagttctggg gttctcttgg gcacgagagc atcaggggat    121080
     gtatcccagt aaggctagag ccaggtcaga cttagctggt ggcatcagtt cagctggcag    121140
     ccaggaggca aagctttgaa tcagccttat aatttgaaaa ttggtctttg catcgggtgg    121200
     tgattttgtg ctaacaaaaa gcatcagaga aacaatgtgg gtctgtccca tcttcatggt    121260
     gttactctgg gttcagaatc tttgctacag agatggaagt ttccccactc ctaggacaca    121320
     tgaaaagttg tactgcccat tgcaactgtc ctttaggctc tcctagagcc tcaggtcggt    121380
     gatgggcaag cgacttggag aagccaaggc cacagtgaca ttaaaatgta tccatcatgg    121440
     aatctaacct tggagaatac atttctctct ttcttgcatg tggccattta tagtgagtcc    121500
     agcctttagc actcaaaggc tatagcggta tttatgatag ctgtattctt gtccttaggt    121560
     gagggaggag gtgatagtct attcctctgc atactcaggc ctcttaacac gtgctctctc    121620
     caggtggtac agcctagagg taaccttgtg ttctggaaat gggtctcaat atggagtgtg    121680
     agggtgctca ggagtccatc caagtacatc ttggcttgct tagggagtcc ctgcctttta    121740
     tgtccatggt gcccaggacc ccttgctggt tttcacactg ggtctttctg tcaccccaaa    121800
     gccctggaac tgcttgcttt gtgaacaggc aacttatatg agagaaatga aaatgatgaa    121860
     ctgttgagga tagggaactg ggatgtgcca ggcttaggcg ggagcatggg tgctttagta    121920
     gaagtagagg aagataagtt caggagctga aacggtgttc actaaacttt gtcaatgcca    121980
     actagagtct acaaagtcaa aattgcatac cacagacaga agagagccag gaagagttaa    122040
     gttccagccc aatttggcaa gcaaagatgg gatgcagggc cattttggac ttgctcactt    122100
     tggtgtaaga aaaagacaga gggatgcttt ccactctctg tcaccaggga ggcgccctag    122160
     gaagtcacca taggtgttag tgttagagct ggctgatcat taatatagat accactttct    122220
     gctcaattca aaatcccagg aggtgtgtat gcatgtatgc tgcatgcttg tgtgcacaca    122280
     tatgtgcgtg tatggggtgt tgaaagaggt aagaagggaa ggatagagtc tggcagttca    122340
     ccgtgagccc tgagtgtagc aaaatcttcc attgtctcat cttgtgacct ttaatgagtc    122400
     acaggctcct ttgtttgctt gggtgttgaa tggagacact tatcttgctg cttaggcaag    122460
     cagccctgct tcagctgcct tggctaatcc aaatccacgc tctcagctct ctgctctggg    122520
     acctatgtcc cctgcctctg gggcctatgt ccctagcctc tggggccttc cttactttat    122580
     actcagcatc tatatattga aagaagagca agcagtgtta agctgtgaga gaggggcctt    122640
     ctcagcctgg gagagatcta gtcttcccaa gcttgatagt ctggtataca gattgtgctc    122700
     ctgaggtgca ggggctgcct ggtgcccctg ggcagaggaa ggggagagta tgaagggagt    122760
     gtgtggtgag gtgagtgtgc cagggtagtg ggcacaacag agacacttta ccagggcctg    122820
     tggcacgagg ataacgtcta acgccacaga tgtcacccag cagctgtgca ggtggcggat    122880
     gacagctggt gccagagaag ccctgatgtg cctgccttgg tatccagtgg gtgatgataa    122940
     gcacatagca tctgtgcgtt tctcgctcct ttcccctgac catgggaggg agtgataatc    123000
     taccacgata cgacttgctg ttgtgccagg aaaggttcag aaccctgtca tcagcatctt    123060
     ggatactgag gtcaatcatt tggcttctag ttgaagttta ttatctctgt tgcggttgcg    123120
     atggggaggg caagagactt tggaaggcag caagtgtgct gagcactgtg caagcatgtt    123180
     ggctgggtgt ttttggattg ggcgagacag gtaactgact cgtcttaact gagaagtagc    123240
     taggttacta cagtaacttc atcatctctg tggtagaaga aaatggcttg gggaaggccc    123300
     catcactaat gtactattac ctcccaatag tgcttccctg gaactatatt gatgtggtct    123360
     tggaaggggg gcattcaata cccagattac ttcactagat attagcttcc tttgccctct    123420
     cactgcagag tttagagttt cccactcctg ggtgcactgt gtctttgcac catcagtttc    123480
     ggtgctggga tgaccgactg ctcctgcgtt cacttttcct tcctcctaat tcccatactt    123540
     atcctcatct ccttcctttt cttctttacc cattctatct aaacgaatat tcttttattt    123600
     gtgtgctctt atgaatatat attttaaagg gtcagacgtt gcattgacgt caccgttccc    123660
     atatactttc taactagttc agggctgtga atgcgtgctt ctcacctctt gcctacctac    123720
     ctaagtcagg tcagtgagac tagagaagag agtgacaggc ccaagttcat ctggctgaac    123780
     taggtcacac agggcctgga gtagatttca gggctgtatt tcctggagca tacatactgg    123840
     tgcttttgta tattacctcc caagttcctg caatagcttg aggggggtgg ggggagacta    123900
     ttctttgtct aaaattgtgt ctagaattgc aaatgtatcc ccaatgctcc tgtattcacc    123960
     atagtaactg ttgtcttctc tctcctctcc tcgcaggttc caactatggg agcccacgcc    124020
     cagctcatgc caacatgaat gccaatgcag ctgcaggact tgctcccgag cacatcccta    124080
     ctccaggggc agcactgtcc tggcaggcag ccatcgatgc cgcccggcag gccaagctca    124140
     tgggcagtgc tggcaacgca accatctcta ccgtcagttc cacacagcgg aagcggcagc    124200
     agtatgggaa acccaagaag caggggggca caaccgccac acggccgccc cgggctctgc    124260
     tgtgtctgac cctgaagaac cctatccgga gggcgtgcat aagcattgtt gaatggaaat    124320
     atcctttatg ctgtgggcag gccgaggtgt tccttggacc tgtgcctagg ggctggccct    124380
     ctggggctta ctggccatag actggagctg gtgatgttaa ggctatcttt gtcttactgc    124440
     cgcagtgaca ggattctaga cctcccccca gactccatga gtcaccagct tactttacca    124500
     ggtcccagaa tttgttggta tcacaagcat ccctgaacca aagatctgaa atatgaattc    124560
     ttctaaaatc taaaactttt ataatatcaa catgatgaca taagtggatc ttatgtagca    124620
     ggtagcagtc agaatgcagg cactaaaatt tgccttgtct gtaggggtaa ggtatacata    124680
     acccgggtcc cactcctgag acatctcatt atgaatctgc agagattcca aaatccagac    124740
     agattctaag tctaaacatg ttcactccca agcatttgag agaggggaca gactctcctc    124800
     ctcctgcaag tcaccttaga gaagacagtg tggaatatga acttgctttc aagccacctg    124860
     ggacccgctt atgtggctat ttgttggcta ctgcatgctg tttcttcata gctttctttc    124920
     ctatgtcatt gtgttgtggc agctcacagc ctgacctttt tctagtgtaa atggaccagg    124980
     agacacatga ggacatagtg atcagtgcct ctagcacttg ggaccagaga ttcttagcct    125040
     gggcactgca ttagaatcac caggaaagtt ttagcaaatt ctaggtagca caggtcccca    125100
     ggtcccccta tattcaacag agttctcgag gcaaggctaa ggtatagcca aaattgaaag    125160
     catcatctct aataacatgt atctactctg aacgcacaga aaagggtaga ggggacttta    125220
     gaaagcatgt ctttgaaggg atggactgtc accatagaca caagtcttaa cttctgagca    125280
     tcacggagtt acattggata aaacatcagt gctcaaccct gactatcacc agggatggag    125340
     taaatcacat caaactttcc aggtcacgtg gcccagaata gacagtagta cgagaaccct    125400
     gagacttagt gctgggtatc tttaaaagac ctcaattcat ttcaacaggg ccacatgctt    125460
     cttcccacct gggatgtttg gtttcatttg tgagtttcta ggaaaagatt taaaacgttt    125520
     ggaagttatt ggaaggtaaa agaggatgac ctaggggcag agctaaagtt ctgtggaact    125580
     aacagcactc cttcttggaa tatttgagtt cctttcccaa gtgtaactaa aataggatac    125640
     agtgctaagc aagggctgct gccaaaatgt ccagtctgca aagccgcaca tagtccatga    125700
     gtgggtgaga agctgaatta aggcagtccc accagactgc cttcagagcc acaggatgag    125760
     agacctggga ccccatggaa aaccactatg aagggagagc agggaagccc tgagatccaa    125820
     agaccacccc cccaattcat acagcagacc ttgacaaagt ttgttttaaa tctagattcc    125880
     ccatcttcaa aatctatgta tttcccaaac tctccaagct acagtgctag atagtgtggc    125940
     caagggctgg gcaagactgg atagttacta ataagtggta ctagatagtt agtaggtggg    126000
     accagataga gagttattag ttggacaaga tagttatcgg gtaggacgag acggctactt    126060
     tgtggtccta gacagtaaat tgctaggtgg gaatagatag ttactaggtg ggaatagaga    126120
     tagctatcaa ctcgatactt aggaagcgca ctccagtgta gatcttcagg agcctgaatc    126180
     tgcagccctc gctgcatgat tagtgtgact ggccctcctg agagaaggtg cttcccaccc    126240
     gggagaggga gggaatgctg ccccgtagta ctagctatat gcaagctcca gactgcctag    126300
     aacagggaag gagagagact gatgtactca gcagctcttg caaaggcggg gcctggtgct    126360
     gtcatcagat gggaaggtta aaggatgaag atagcacggg tgtatcaggc ttgctgggcg    126420
     ctcctctgca tccccgacgt agctctccca gtctgttgtc ctcttggcat tcagtatcct    126480
     ccagcatcag cctggtgcgc tagggtatgg cgatgggtgg gttgctctta tgtttgtgtg    126540
     catggagcag agaaggtggg ggctagcact tgaaacgtgt caagcttggc ttcctgcctg    126600
     gtatagacaa cgaggacacc tgacgagtag atattcatgg ggccgtgggg cctggctcag    126660
     ttgtcttctg gtgcaccttc ctgacagggc accagacaat gagaatggaa ccttgcagct    126720
     tgggctgaga gtcactgttc tgagcaggtt ggggcttgct gaagaagaag gagatgtggg    126780
     ttgagagaac tatctttctg aaatgcctgc aaagccacct caggtagatc agcacaaagt    126840
     ggtcccaaaa ctgacttagt aactgccttt cccggtctgg gtcccactct agctgttaac    126900
     tcgatgactt cagcgatagc aaaacctccg caagcttcat tttcctccat tagcaaaaga    126960
     gattactgtc tctttccagg tgcttgggat tatggtcatc acagagctgg gcacgaaggc    127020
     tctggaggca tgccagactt gccaccacgg cactaatact agttcctgtc tccattgcta    127080
     ttgcaccttg gccacctaag ggcagcaggc tgtgaaaacc tactgcgatg ctccggctct    127140
     gggcctgact ctgcttcttg cctcctgggg atcttgggca ggtgtgataa tggccatgac    127200
     tggtcatgtt ataccaagcc acatctgtac tgtggcacat cttaggaggc atcctcaact    127260
     ctgccacggg gctactgggg atccatcatg aaagcagtca tgcagacccg tgcatccaag    127320
     cttgaagact gtggcatgag acaggcactg gatatggtgg tcaggggatc tgatttcagt    127380
     gctgcatggc cactagattg ttacaaggct tgggggataa ttcttagctt ttttgggcct    127440
     caaaagactt ggactagata atctctaggg cctcttcatg agtcagagtt tgttacttct    127500
     gtgagcatag ttagtttttc tagcctataa ttttcatcca ttcccttcct ttcattaggt    127560
     tctatgccag ttagtctttt atcaacttag cacaaactca ggtcatctgg gaaaaagaaa    127620
     cctcgatgaa aagaactcct ccagcaaatc agccagtagg caagtctgtg gggcatttac    127680
     ccgatgagtg attgatgtgg gagggcccag cctcactttg ggcagtgcta cccttgggca    127740
     ggtagtcttg ggttgtataa gaaagcaggc tgagtaagcc tgagaagcaa ggctgtaacc    127800
     agcatcctct gtaagctctg ctttagttcc tgcctccagg ttcctggctt gagcccctgc    127860
     cctgacttcc ctttgtgata gcctatgagc tacaaaatgt aataaacccg ttccctttcc    127920
     aaattgcttt tggtcatgga gttttttcat agcaatagga agctaattag aagaggctcc    127980
     gtgaaagggc taggaacttg gttgtgggaa cgcagattgg gactttcttg ctttcagtgg    128040
     tgggtgtggt gttgcctcag tagatgaatg ctaccacatt aacttactac tcacagtatc    128100
     ctgtcctggt gtttccatga tgtggtcatg gtgagagaac atcagagtat actgttacaa    128160
     gtgagtggac cctcggtgga tgctccaggc tgttaccatg tcctatgtgg agctgaacag    128220
     gcaaggggat acagtcccta tctctgaaac cacagcataa atcctacctg gctttgggga    128280
     gtcctaaacc ccagggaggt aaaatacttt cactttgctt ccaaacactg aaaagcaaag    128340
     tctgtagatt tccatgaagg gaatcttgct aaaaccccag tccaccgctc ttccttgcgt    128400
     gcctgggtcc attgctgaca gtccacgaac cacgtggaaa cgggtcctgt ggggactcct    128460
     tcccgggcca gacagggctc tttcccccaa gcccacacga ggggaagtga aatcaaatgt    128520
     aatctaaata aataaaagag gagaagaagt tatttagaaa tctgtgttta ctctggcaca    128580
     cgactggcct ctactgctct tgacatatta ggaaaaaatt ttggcggggg tccactagac    128640
     gcacttaaaa ggcatatgtt tctcttcaaa atacaagggg cttggaatgc attgtttaaa    128700
     cagaattctt aagaatcttt gattcattaa aaaaaaacat atagagatgt gtgtttgttt    128760
     cacttgcgtt aacagtggca tcgatttcct taactccttt ctcagaccat ttgaaatcat    128820
     tattttactg actatttttg ccaattgtgt ggccttagca atctatattc cctttccgga    128880
     agacgactcc aacgccacca actccaacct ggtaagtctc aagcctcgcc tcggagtggc    128940
     ttattgcttg ttagacaact gaatgaagga cacagattcg gcgtgcgagg tgggagagac    129000
     gtgagacgtg tgtttgacag gtgccaaggt ttgacgcagc tcagatcttc cgggccattt    129060
     tgctttttat tcaaattggc acctgcctta acacaggcta ctttcagaag aatattccaa    129120
     tcaggcggct gtgagctctg tgtgtgtata tgtgtgtgga gtggtgggtc ttgcaagcag    129180
     tgtgtgttac agatgcactg cttaaatctt gagtgcaggt gttcgctgga gcgcgcgttc    129240
     ttggatcatc agttgtgagt gttttgagtg ccattgttcc attgttaggg tttgtctgct    129300
     tgatcatatc atagcatgat tgcatgataa gtaatttcta ggaagctttt agcagagttt    129360
     tcttttgtgg ccaagaggta tcattgagtt aaaaatggct ttattttctt gggaaaggtg    129420
     gcttgccatt tggatttaag agaggccaac cctggcaata tgggattagt atttgtccat    129480
     ggaaaaagca gagagtgtgt ttacttttgg ctgagtgtga agtcattgca aatgcaaagg    129540
     cctttgctgg tctgggcatg tgaggccagc tctggaatgc gcttggcaga gctgggctgc    129600
     ctgaagagct ccagcaaagc ctgcagagaa gtctccactt tctcctgccc aggccaggat    129660
     attgttagtc ttcatgtgat tttcccacag catgttttgt caccaaaccc accgtcttcc    129720
     tctgtcactg gtgcctgata gttagctgag attgggctct tggatgggat tggtttagga    129780
     gaagcaggaa tgttatggga ctctccttcc tgtagttgtg acttcaactg tggctgttga    129840
     tgctgtcaag gggggaaatc cctcttctaa accgctgaca tttccaaaga gatgaagtct    129900
     ctcaacttat gaccactctg gggggttgca tataggatat cctgcatatc aaatcacatt    129960
     atgatccaca acagtaggaa atttacagtt ctgatgtagc aatgacgtaa ttttatggtt    130020
     ggggtcatca taacatgagg gactgtatta aagggtggaa gcattaagaa caactggact    130080
     agatgcagat tttagagtta cacagttttc tcagttttta caattagtgg cagaccagta    130140
     gtggggaaag tgttctgtat agtgtgtata gggtgaggtc cttcagtgtc ttatggttag    130200
     tgtggggcca tgtactgggg atggcttcca aaggtcccag acatagacac caagtactga    130260
     atagtgacat ggctgaagta agtatgcaga atgtgtttgc tgtagtccat gcagccaatg    130320
     aaggtatgac tttgtttctt aaaacaaagg tttttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgatttgt    130380
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgg ttttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagctctgg    130440
     ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaagc tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc    130500
     tgcctcgaga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccatg ccaggtgact taaaataaat    130560
     ctttcccctg tcagattatt ataagctaaa gtgtcacccc caaacgggag ctcctcccgt    130620
     tgactctggc tcttcaaagt gtttgcctct ctcccctgtt gccctctttt ggagctctgg    130680
     tcccatccct taacttgaag gatcttcaga agcagatctg gttaggcaca gaaatcaaag    130740
     ctgttcttag accagtgcat cagtggatgg ctaagccctg cgtctgcctc tgtgtgagat    130800
     tgagagccca taggtggcaa taaggaatca gtgttgaact tgttcttagg gtgactagct    130860
     agcttcagga gatactgggg gtggggtggg gttggcagtt tgttttcaac cacacaatat    130920
     cctccaacta gaatttacca aaaaaaaaaa aaatcaaact ggatactcag tgagagacag    130980
     agatatgtct gaaaccacgg ctctcgaact ctcctggggt ggggggtggg ggggagacac    131040
     atgttcccca agctgcccca attctctgag tctggagtag ggcccatgga gcctgaattt    131100
     ttaacagttt cccttattga ttctgaagaa agggggtcat gcgttgctct tcgtgagcag    131160
     ttatcgagaa tgttctctat tgtatgtgtg actccacctt cagctcccta cacagtcggc    131220
     ttctgtcgcc ccacaagtct ctctaggatc caaacagaaa ggtgacacat gccaactact    131280
     gagaggtctc ctactctgct gggtgcaaga gcaacctatg tagtagcaaa agcgtgtccc    131340
     cccctccccc cgcccaagtg cagagcctgt aaactcacac tcgcacctgc tcctgtgcac    131400
     cgtttctctt acagtcctac cagcttccgt ccaccccccg gttctcaagc tttgcttact    131460
     ttgttaacag atgaaaggca gtccagagta gagctacgtt tttgttttct aaggcagctc    131520
     ctttacctaa gtaagtttat gcatcatatg cagcatctag catacagcgt tacagtgcct    131580
     tggttatctt ttcttgatat gagtgaagcc cagtggggct gacctggcca gcaacatgat    131640
     attttcttct ttaccaatca ttgtcctggt gttgaccatg ccacccacta agaagtacat    131700
     catttatagt acagctactg tgagcccgac ctgccaacag ctgttactct ataggtaaat    131760
     tctctggtac ctggtgaaca gcctttgcca gctgagagaa cctattgtgt gagcagaatg    131820
     tccaactctc cctgaaccct gaagttcaca aagacttggc tggagtttga atgttaagaa    131880
     gatgtgctgg catttgactt tttgcggaga acatgtgccc tgtacttttc aaggcaggag    131940
     ccaggctctg agcatcatta gggaggaaga aagagcgaga ggggggaata tatgagcctg    132000
     gcctttcttc cccagagttt ggactgacga acttggaaca ctatagtccc acatattatt    132060
     attgtaaatt ggggtgatga aactgtagcc tgacctgttg tgaaggttaa atgagttgct    132120
     gtgggagaag cagggagcca tgccccggtg ccccggtgcc ctggtgacca gcaaacactt    132180
     ctgtccgtta gaactgaaga ccttcactga ggcttctggg agtatgttca atctgttgcg    132240
     ccccgggttg gggtctgctt tagaaggatt cagaggtggt cagaagccag cttccaggcc    132300
     accaatctgg atattctgat gcataggaag ggagccttgg agggacagtt ctgtggactt    132360
     cagtgcccct cctgctgcca ctagacagtc agctcggggt ctccgtgtgt ccctatcctt    132420
     ggagagcact cggttgaaga ctggcctgca tttggactgc cccaagtccc gaggtgagtg    132480
     tgagtcctgc tggccaatct gaggaatgac tgaccatgca gtgcccgtgt gggtttctct    132540
     acactcttct cagtgagctg cagttacttc cagagtcaag tttgccccag agagtgaggt    132600
     ggttctgcat ttgcttcaat gctgccatct gtgtcgtccc aagtcagcag acgccatttg    132660
     taagaaagtg atgtacgtac tacgcagctg caggaatgaa ccatatcgcc cccgcttgcc    132720
     tctccatacc tcttcattca cgtaaagaga cagtacagga tggcagaggg cagccagttt    132780
     taaggtgaga gaaaccttat gtcagtacac atgaaaagac tttcagagag caagacagac    132840
     agacagacag cagcggcagc aacagcaacg aaactaggag ttgggtataa gcagaatcag    132900
     aattggagat atcttaagag ctgtgctgtt caggagtcag agcaatgggc actgacctgg    132960
     gagagaccct cacagtggcc tgaggtcaca tacttaacct cttttctggc agagagaatg    133020
     caacactttt attgcctctc ctccaggtgc taggaatttg catatactta taatccccca    133080
     gtgacacatg gcaattttta ttgtctcctt acagtgggga tttagttcat cttgctctag    133140
     cctggatccc ccgtgactgg catgcgcctg gttctggata aatggctgtt gagttagtga    133200
     ccaaatgacc gaatgccacc aggctttgtg cttctctctc tgaggacaag gacatggagg    133260
     cctatagaag agacctggtg aagaaatggc agaaagagaa tttaagctaa agctgggaca    133320
     aaatgtggct tgggcctttt gctccattgt ttgaggaaat gcttcaaaga tgaaactgtg    133380
     agagtattag tagatatttt ttttaaaaaa tcctaccaaa accaaaccaa gatcaaactt    133440
     gttgtttttc aaaagcaaac ttaatacatt tgaagtatat gaagttaaac aaattgttat    133500
     aggacttcac tgagcctatc taaagttgtg tgtgtggctg tggatgtgtg tgtgtgtggg    133560
     tgtatgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtgg gggttctggg    133620
     aatgaagcat ggggtcttat gcccatgagg caagtgccct atacctgagc cacggtccca    133680
     accccatctt ctgctttaac acaatcgcca taaatacagc tgacaaatct gtgtggtaga    133740
     aactttgggg tgctccacac tgggagccac gtgatactag agaaattaag atcccttctt    133800
     gggattttaa gtctcctgaa ttaaagaatt taagaaagac tcagaaggaa gattgaagac    133860
     aattttatta gaatttaaaa ggaaaccata ggtaaggaaa gccgtggctt ccgcagaaga    133920
     gggaggtggg aggaggaagt gagaaagcca tgaccttcca atttccattt ccacgtggcg    133980
     ggtcagcaag cagccgcctg gcaaaggggc cgggcttagc tttagagaaa ggatgaaaag    134040
     tcccaagtct atagaaagcc tacttaagct ccggacaaca cccacaagaa ggagaaggaa    134100
     gagctctgac tctagactca gaaaggacag aactaataga gcctcacggt agctgcagag    134160
     ggactatgca agaggcagca ggatctctag gagttcaagg ccagactggt ctacagggtg    134220
     tttccatgac agccaaggct acatagagaa gcacagactt taaaaacaaa caaacaaaca    134280
     aacaaacaaa caagaaaaca gtgactatgc agagagcaaa gacgactgga aggaaaagca    134340
     tggggtctca ttaagataat aattactcct gccacccctc ccaccactgc cctgaggggt    134400
     gtttcttagc cagtcgacct ggattaacct tgagctttgt gtgccttgga aagttgggtc    134460
     tctgttaggc cagaggcaga ctgtgctctc ctgctatgaa gaaccagcct tccctctttg    134520
     ggcccccagt gctgctgtgc atttatgtgt gcagttgctg ccctatatgc ttctgaccac    134580
     aaatatagtt agatattgta gatgggctac atatgattgt tgctccattt ttttgattgc    134640
     accaaatgct cagaggatat aattatttgc ccatggaagg ttagtgcaca gtgataacgg    134700
     tatatggaga tgctgttttc tttttgtctg tgtccttatc ggctgggcca caggtgtctg    134760
     tgtccccatg gcttttggaa ctcccatttc tgggccaggc agaggaagtg gaagctcctg    134820
     ccatcaccac agcttgagga ggaacgggtt gctcagaaca tttcttggta atttttatca    134880
     ccaagatgta ttttgaagca tagaggttta aaccatagtt taggtgctta acccaagagc    134940
     cgtgcgtgca tcagaagaac agagctgagt ttggtctggg acctggtaag gtaagggcag    135000
     ggaaacccag cagagagcct tagattgcga gtcgagagca tggcaattga agtgggtggt    135060
     aagatagatg tggggtaaat ttaccctcag ggtgcctagg ctattgttcg acttggtgtt    135120
     tgcacactaa atatttcaga gggagcaggc ggtgcctgcc ttgcatttgt ctgtggatag    135180
     acacacagga ggaaatagtt tgaagtctaa agatgatgac ccttgctctg ttttcatcct    135240
     tattcatctt tcagtcattc ttgctcatcc tcatccattc tagggaaaat actaccttaa    135300
     gttgagtcct cacgagatgg aacctttcct tgggaaccaa actccttgaa acttatattt    135360
     acataaagag aactcttcta gaatataaaa tgacaatccc tgggtccatc agagaagagc    135420
     agtgacatca ttttattctc cttttgggga ccacatcatc actgagaaag tcagctttta    135480
     gacccgaagt aatactgtgg ggacaggcag tgtgcagtgt gcctttgaag tgtgtcagag    135540
     tgtgaaaggt tttgggtccg ctgctccagt tcccaccacc ttcccttact gttcctctcc    135600
     tgtggaattt catcacgtgg tccttgctag caatgtgcaa agcaaaggaa ggaaggtagg    135660
     tagatagatg ctgatggctg gcttacacat gaatgggctg tgttagctct ggggactcgg    135720
     tagcactgat ttgggcttct cagtgccttt ctcccagtgc tccctctgtt ctccctggtt    135780
     cctgtgtgat tgagacactt ggatccatgc ctcctgacaa ctttaatgtc ggcacgtaca    135840
     ctgttggcac cgcctggagt acatgacatg tgttagctca tttagtcttt ccagcaactc    135900
     cagcagactt ctgctctagt tgtaagcatc cctctactta tttattcata tttttaccga    135960
     catgcagtat gggtacattg tttgttgtag tcgtcctctt ttaaagatga aggagaggca    136020
     gagggacaca agatcatctg cctgagatca caggctggga atcgaagccc tagttctgtg    136080
     gtcccatcta agcaggtggc tcccgagtct gtacccttga ctgctgtgtg gcatcacctc    136140
     tctgaggtgt gtgggggtag tgggtctcct taagaaaatg gtactttctt ggagcctctg    136200
     actaatgagt gtaccatggg cactgttgtc tcttaccagg gacaccgaag gaggagctgc    136260
     agttcctgtc aggagtggag ctccttaccg tgtgctgtgt ctctgactgt cctagggtca    136320
     ggccatttca aactctcgct tgtctaccag aggaacgtac agatcatcca ctggcttctc    136380
     agaagtatct gtggctttga ggtctgactt tcctctggat cagtgggact cagctaacta    136440
     aggtccttgg tcacataggg ctctgggcct tctctgaagt aaagcatata gtatgaactg    136500
     gagtgagggg cagacttcct gagacaggat tgcaggcaga gagagagagg ggtgtaaggg    136560
     gagggggagg ggggaggggg agggggaggg agagggagag agggaggggg agggagaggg    136620
     agagagggag agagggagag agggagagag ggagagaggg agagagggag agagggagag    136680
     agggagaggg agagagggag agagggagag agggagagag ggagagaggg agagagagag    136740
     agagagagag agagagagag agagatattg agctcagaaa gctccgtgat gcgaaagctc    136800
     caggccctcc gtctcggaat acttgtgtgt tggtaggtct gggaacatca ggtaggagac    136860
     cgcaagggta tccagctgta ggcatccatc ctaagggtat cctttcccta cctttcaagg    136920
     tctaagaggg ctcctctaca gcccccttta tacagtaagg cttcgctgga gatgtttgag    136980
     cagcccaggt actttggaca taccactgag ctgagctaac aggctatgtg ctggacaatg    137040
     aagaagttga acgggctgtt atggccctgg ggtgtgtccc acctctgcca ctgactacca    137100
     gttaggcctt gtcactacac tgccttgcac ttgagatttc taagttgtga aatacaggtg    137160
     ctaactcagt gagctgtggc acgtcactcg agacgatgtt taggaatgat gggaaaggcg    137220
     cacaaggact tgcacctgtg cttcctgctc ctatcagagc cacgtggcta ttccgtcttt    137280
     ggaattttta ctctgctttt ctggcacatt cctctgtgaa ccttttccct tagcctcaag    137340
     ataacttaga gatataaaag aatgaaagct aggttccaaa tttagctcct gacctttcta    137400
     agatggatgc agagcactgt ggctgtcacc tgcttgctgg agagctggcc ggactgcttt    137460
     agttgggaaa gtactttggt aggtgtgcag tctggaatga ctgtccctta ctctgtggct    137520
     agagggctca tgcatatact tacttctttt ggatccagct tagttctcac cctttggatc    137580
     tggactgacc cattacactc cagaatcact tcattttatc ttgatcggtc tgcaaagact    137640
     attttcaaat aaagtcacgt tcccaggctt gagaatggga tcataaatag acctttctga    137700
     gggacatagt tcagcatctg ctcacaggaa atgggagcag ggatcacaca cacacacaca    137760
     cacacacaca caacctagtg cagtgcctgg aagcagtagg agcctcagga gtgactgccc    137820
     agccttggct gtgctattgt tgggatggtg tgggctgaga gtgcacttct ccagggaggg    137880
     taggtctgat ggacctatac ttttagtatc actgtctgtt atctctgggc tccttccttg    137940
     acccttgctg agtggccgcc ggctaccatt tgccttccgt gtgtccagaa gagtatagtt    138000
     aactggttct gagatatttt ggacatctgt gcctcctttt ctgatgaata agctcgctga    138060
     caagatactg gtgtatcctt gtgcacactg attcaaatgc ttattggatg gcagctgtgt    138120
     ccatggaatg tgttgggaat acaaagttgc acaaagaagg ctggccatgg ggaagtctct    138180
     agtttcctgt ggtcactacc ctaatagcaa ggttgattct tgtgcttctg aaagagggga    138240
     attcagcagg cacacagtag tgagtcagga gtcaagatta cttcgagcta gcaaggatgc    138300
     acgctgtagg cagagtgggc tgaactgagc agctatccta gaaggatgct tttatccctc    138360
     ttcctattac cctctcccct gtgcctctct cagcagaggc acttctaggg aaagaactgt    138420
     ttttctggga agcccattct atacagattc ttagtaaata tataaagatg ccaagagtat    138480
     gcatagaggc ttaagcactc ttaaagttga agtatctact tgggaaaggg caggggcact    138540
     ctgtgcacac tcctctggct aggaagtctt gaagtcactc gaatttgacc tagctcttat    138600
     ggaccaggat cactcattgc cccttgcatc ctgtttttga gaccctgagc tggcccatct    138660
     agaatggatt gtcgtgacta tcttcacacc ttgaccgcca ttcaggcacc accattatgt    138720
     ttatattctg ttttagggtc ctgagtagga gcacctgtca tcctgtagtc ttttcttggg    138780
     aggacgttgg atcgtcccca gagctaacct cctgcctaac acaagatcct tctggagccc    138840
     tgtttggtga tgttgccaga aacccagtag gcagagttgt aaataaaata agcgcagaac    138900
     atcatagaca gcgcgaaaga ggcgaaggga gagttgtgtt aagagttggc agggggtaag    138960
     catggcaggg ctccctgtgg aggtgtcaca ggaaccaggg cagagagata ggagtgagga    139020
     cccaagtggg cagcaacctg tggagaatcc tggtgcagag cagagcaggg caaggactcc    139080
     atggtgagag gaactcagag tagttctcac actgagagtc agctagatga cttgagctgg    139140
     ggcagaggta ccttggccct gatgaggcac tggagtttgt tccaagggat ggttagttag    139200
     ctgctaccag cctccaaagg agcaggtgtc cctgtggggc tagaagaagc tccaataact    139260
     gagtgactgc aggacccttt gctttctaaa agattgcttc tgtggcttcc agtggacccg    139320
     agaagatctc actgagggaa caccctggga ggcacaagaa gggaagatag tcttagaaaa    139380
     cgtgccccaa tggagaggga cacggcggtg acctcctggc atgagaattc ccatttctgt    139440
     acactgggtt ttggtgacct agacctcatt tgcctcgttg acaaggggac ctccaagtgt    139500
     ctgtgtgtct agatgccctt ggttgtcatc catctggctg gagtgggggg gcgttcctgt    139560
     ccccaactcg ttcttttccg tttataattg tatatatgaa aaccagatgt ttaaatgttc    139620
     agtgtgcttt agttctgagg gctcctcttt gtggtatcca cggccacggt atacctttta    139680
     tttcaggctt attcattggt atcacacttg tttcccagcc tttgctggcc aagtgtcact    139740
     gaattgggca tctgttatgt tctagtccct gggccagggg catccagtta taaaagatat    139800
     agcatgcact gacctatgtg ctctatgagg acagccagag aatggctcga agtgatgtgg    139860
     agggtcagct atgaccaagc gagtggtttg gtggaaagcg tgcgtttcct ggcatttctc    139920
     tttctttcct caatttgctt aatgatcatt tcttgctaat ggtgctttaa ggagtctgga    139980
     gaggccccaa attgcagagg aaagtgctaa caggaagaga agtgctgacc tggctctgtg    140040
     ccccagggca ggtctcttaa cctcccgagc ctcagtttcc acgtgttact tagggctaat    140100
     tacacctact taactacagg cttctgcgag gagcattatc tcattagaga taatgttctt    140160
     aaaagtgctt tgaaattttg tgtagcattt ttcaagtgct aagcattgtc atatttataa    140220
     tcgactgcta ctaattccgc accagaggtg gtgaagaaag aagaggctgt tgttaccgcc    140280
     gtggctctgc cacagctggg tactaggatg tgtttggatg gatggaccac acagggaaag    140340
     gccatgagtc agccttggaa gaactcgtgg tcagataggg agacaagcag tagaaaagga    140400
     gccatgaata ggtctttgag aggctgtgga tctttctttg cctgtcgtca ggaaaggctg    140460
     tcctggaaaa gagacacttg aacgtagctg ccactaatag gagaagaatt aacttgggac    140520
     tatcattaat caaatgaata tttattggat aacaaacagt gtgtgccagg agatatggaa    140580
     atacatttta tttggggaat caaatacttc caaagagaag gtaaacatgg ctacagtatt    140640
     tcttcttggc tacagagcac ggaagggcta ggtgccgtgg gagccagagg ggcaccttgt    140700
     ttgggcctgc gattccatgg gaaaggttca gaaagcagga tgttctacca gaagagcccc    140760
     ctaggcgttt actggtacct atcctttgtt cacagcctag tcctagtggg cttgctttcc    140820
     atagtcagtc gttcctgtcc acacgcttag gggaagcatg aagaaagcaa ctttgcagcc    140880
     tccacactgt gccctttgtg ggtctgaggc tttgtaggga tctggctgtg aattttagtg    140940
     atcctgactc actcagggta catgcctcag ggtttgtgac atgagccatg gccaagtgtt    141000
     ggggaagagg agcaagggaa aggactggca ggtgggagtg tggagagtct gtgtacatcc    141060
     tgagatggtt taggaaaggg ggtactactc tctatgggat cactgggtct tcctgttatc    141120
     acaggtcggt tctaccgaag actcagctct atcctagctc tgtccttgtt ccctaccctt    141180
     gatctgtaaa gcacaaggct ccagggtgag gacaacagtg ggaaatgaca atatccagcg    141240
     tggcttcgtg actgtgcctg gagtgccatg gcctgcttct ttagtgttta gagacttcaa    141300
     aaggatccaa ctaacgtggg ggagccaagc tgaccagaga ggaggggttg gagacagaac    141360
     actgccccac tgcaggagag gagaggaaag tggatgtaaa tcctatccca tgtgctgtcg    141420
     tcctgccctg cgtgccgtcc tgccctgtga gccaggccag gtaccagaga gccagctcgc    141480
     ctgctcctgt gtgacctcaa tacaatggaa ggattattga caacagcttt aagcagcaga    141540
     atgccaattc cagcaaagca ggctcttggc ttgatttggc actggacatt accaaaacac    141600
     tcatttacta aatacttccc aagggcatgt caaaccattt tatagcatga aacaggttat    141660
     tctccaccaa cttagaccga acggtggtca gaagggagaa tctcagatgt cactggagaa    141720
     atggggatgg gaggcagaag agaaagtgtg tgtcctagga taagaatgtg taataggcac    141780
     tgagaggaag taccccgaca cagttaaagg agatcacttc ctgccatttc caacttcaca    141840
     tgggctgagc tttggtaatt aaataggcag aaggtttcct tccaggtgaa tcatttagaa    141900
     gagttactcc ctagtgggtg cttttcgtgt tctttatcac tgatcatgga atcggcacca    141960
     cgagtgtgca aaacagcact ggaaaacagc ctgcctgggt ccatctggga agaatcggga    142020
     acgatgccaa ggatggggaa ttcatgcaac ttctggggct gtgttattgt ttgtatgctt    142080
     acatgcatgt acagacaatt atgcccagac aggctgacag atacacatgc ttgcacacat    142140
     atctttataa tacacatgga ctcctgcaaa taaggaagcc attgaaaggt catgtatgag    142200
     ggcagagaaa ggcccacatg catggatctg cagcaaatct gcacaaatct ttgtgacccg    142260
     agcctggcag gtcatcatgg aggtgttgcc agcatatatc atattacaat acagctttgc    142320
     aaagacctgc cataaagaca cagtgatatt aagagtcatg ccatacacta aaaaaaaaaa    142380
     aatcagaact tgtcttccag ccactgctca acaactgcac attaacattt tgtgtatttt    142440
     gctaagcccc cctccccctg ccagcccagg ctcctgattc tgaggagtac attatagtct    142500
     taggtgccct gtgtcacatc ttctctttag cccccaatta ccattagtta gacatatatc    142560
     aggtaaagta tttgccagaa acctttccat ttctaatttt gtaatcttta atcccagtaa    142620
     caagtttgca tctgagatgt tttcagtcct cattcatcag tgaggaatca atacatcaaa    142680
     gaatcaattc agaggcaaag tggcttccct aggaggttgc taggaccaca catcttggag    142740
     ttggaggcac caagaattga accaaaattc tgctattcaa atcacatggg gcttattctt    142800
     cgcagggtat ggagccttct gcttccatgt ctacccctga taatggagta aaaagggttt    142860
     gaggaatatg tatgtgtgtt ttggtgtccg tgactgcaag aaggagtatg aacagggtga    142920
     gctgtggatc gtacctctgt cttctggccc tgtgcaccac tcaaggtggc tttctgggga    142980
     cccttgcttt gcatcctgtc tggatcagcc ttgttttttt cttactcttc ttcctcctcc    143040
     ttctacctat ccttcctctt ttttgccttg tgttgataca cagaatcaga gtctcttggg    143100
     attatatgca ttgacttggg aagtgatgtt tagatttggg caggtgtggt tcttttggct    143160
     ggaggtcact tgagcagcag cagaagccat acaaggcgac atttggagaa gaaatgtgtg    143220
     attccttaga cacctgttca gcttgcttcg tctaggactt gcacagtgtg ctcggatgtc    143280
     tgagattgag ggagaaagga gagctaaact gcctggagat tttgtgcctt attctctcga    143340
     ccctgtcgca gtgcacactg atgcacatgt tcagaccagg gaagaatcag gcagagtatt    143400
     catctctccc aggctcacag ccaaaggaat gagaacgact tggcaagata tcatgggaaa    143460
     tgtcatggtc ccttctggac tcacttaaaa agcccaagac ccatttactt ttgatttcaa    143520
     gacatttcta tttatagtgt ttcgggaagc tggagtctag gaagatcctg gctgtaggag    143580
     ttgtcagttg atacagcggg tttctgcctt ttcaggtttc acagggccat agccttgacc    143640
     ttaaatgctc cgtaatgaca catgttaaag gcatggtccc aggatggccc tttgggaaag    143700
     tattgagacc tataagaaat acggctcagt gggacatcat gtagttactg tgagtgtgcc    143760
     cttgaggggg acggtgagcc cgaggcacag cccccttttg atgtgtttcg ttcgtctata    143820
     tacttaacac tatgacatgc tcctgaccac atcccagagt catggggcta acacaccatg    143880
     ggttggaacc tccaaaaatt acgagctgaa gtgaaccctc tgtcttttgt atcttagtta    143940
     tcttctatgt ttgttatggt gacagagaac accgaatgtt agttttccca agtgctttat    144000
     gaacgacttc gtcagaatgt tttatattag gactgtcttt gagaagagat ggtacctgga    144060
     ccatatggga ggagagtttc cttcagcttg gggcagggaa tggggcctgg ctagaagaaa    144120
     gccagtccta actggagagg gcagttcttc ttaggcgtgt gcccaggcta gtgcaaaccc    144180
     caaagcaggg ctgccaagga gccagaggct gctgaatgga atgtcagcaa gccagaggct    144240
     caagaatgtg gacagtgggc agggcttgaa atgaagttag ctttctgagt gagggcaagg    144300
     cagccagcag gaagcaagat gaggacccag atgtgaccca gtgacataag taagaacaca    144360
     gactatgtaa gaagcagtca gaggtcctgc aagaagccca ggccacagat cggtcatgtg    144420
     ttcatggact ctgggggtgg aggagtgggg gacagtgtca cagccctcag aaaggagctg    144480
     gaagttccca gcctgggaac tttccatgtt tgtaaggagg gggtttgggt agaatggaag    144540
     cttgcagatt aaggtagggc aaggtaggct ggagtactaa gcggaagcat caattgatct    144600
     ctctccttag aagacttaga caaagccaat tttattctct ctaaagcttg atagggggaa    144660
     agctttgggg aaaactctgg ggtctgagtt ggagtagatg tttgtttaag tggttggcac    144720
     agatctttaa tctggcactt gtgaggcaga gacaggcagg cctctgtgaa tttgaggcta    144780
     acctgagcta catagtaagc ttcaggccag ccaaggttct acactgtctg tctcaacaca    144840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    144900
     acccccactc ccaacagtga tatcaagacc ttaagctttc attttcttct tttaggcata    144960
     aagatggcaa ttctctttcc atcttgtttc ctgctctgtc aatctcttag tatttgcata    145020
     gtgtgccctg aagagtggaa cacttgggta aacctcttgg gaagacggtg tgtaaaactc    145080
     agtggtgact gttacctctg ggcaggtgcc aagggcccga ggtagcatgc cttcttgtat    145140
     cctgtatctt ttctttgtgt tgattggttc ctctggctgc cttcactatg ccattttttt    145200
     ggacagatat ggaggaggat taaaaactca aaagatttcg agttctctta gatcttgtgc    145260
     ttcactcacg gcaaactctg ctggtagtgt gggctttgct gctcatagcc agtctcctct    145320
     gtggcaggaa gcaacattca tgggtggctc aagctaagaa aaatcataac aatccaagtt    145380
     agtttcctgt tttacaggat gaggaaactg aggctaagtt atattttgtt caagtccaga    145440
     taaacctaag ccatgtttac tacaacctgt gtactttgta cacattcctg gctgaccggc    145500
     tggtgggagc tagaaaatgg agtttgggat ttctgaccac cagttttgtt ttggtttttt    145560
     tttttttttg gaagtgaaag ctacattaat cactcttttt tttccttcat tttttattag    145620
     atattttctt catttacatt tcaaatgtta tccccaagtt cccctattac cccccccacc    145680
     ccccgcccat ctccccaacc cacccactcc tgcttcctgg ccctggcatt cccctgtatt    145740
     ggggcatatg atctttgcaa gatcaagggc ctttcctccc atcattcatc gcttttgaga    145800
     catttgcaca ggctttgagt agcagaaccc caaaatagac ttccctcttc caggagcaac    145860
     tctgcataaa agactcgctg gctttggact ctaggttcct gtcacatccc tggcagtagc    145920
     cagaccaagg gacctggccg ggaagctggg tatgtctcag acggagaaca aacacttgtc    145980
     atagaatgag tcgtatcatt gggtggagag ccaagtttgc agaattggct ttgtagtgat    146040
     gaagaaggga gatttgcgct ttgtctttgt gagacagtag agaagacatc aggactctgt    146100
     gggagagctt taagcttatc tccttctagc ctaaatacat ggcaagtaaa ccctctgaaa    146160
     atagaggcga gtgtcaccaa aacaaagaaa gcatacatcg tacaagaagg catactgccc    146220
     tcaggccctt ggcacccacc cagtcatcag tgattttttg ccttgctgtt gagggtatgg    146280
     gccaaagttt ggacagagat gcatttcaat ggcttgttat ctgtcagcta gcctaacatg    146340
     tgctgcccag ggttatcacc aaaatgtgaa ggcagcaggg atttggcaac acatgagaga    146400
     cttacactga cccttcctgc atagtcttga acctatctga actcagtacc ctgttgcatg    146460
     tggagaagga cttagccttt ccttgctaac tgtggtgatg tctgaaaata acatcagcta    146520
     tatagctccc tagagaatca tgtgcccatg atctctgcta agacacatat gttatggtgg    146580
     agtcgctcat gctaaacagc agactgctta ttaagagtct cctataatct tccacagtag    146640
     tggtgtttcc agtgagcaca agattgtcta gaatagactg tttcagctct tatcctctct    146700
     tggcattgac tgctcttgta taaccaagat ctacctgggg gcatatcatt aggagtaata    146760
     tgtttagctt cctggctata cctctgtagg gaagccatgg acccttttct ttcttccttg    146820
     catgaatgca gtcacaagat gtgctgtgtc agatgatgta aattaaaggg gcacccagag    146880
     atacagagca acaacatgga agggacctgg gacactgacc atgaatggag aggttttgtg    146940
     tgtgtctcct gtgtaagacc aatcattttg gtctccatca gcagtagctc aacttatgat    147000
     ttaagttata cataatttat taggagcttt tactttggaa taataaaaca agatagcaat    147060
     tagatttaat ggtgaatcca agagacatgg aaaacaggaa attggactaa agaaggggag    147120
     catcctttct ctaagaagcc ctcttttttg gcttccatct catatgctgg gcttgtttgt    147180
     gtgcccctag gaaatataag tagagactac tgatatgggt gtccagggga cttttgtatt    147240
     aggtaatttt atgacttgat tttcttggag actgcaggcg gtgatgaaaa catcaaagtg    147300
     ggaacagagt ctgtgaaatt tgttttggaa aaagcatcaa ctaaccggtg ttgggcagca    147360
     agctgtctat cagtgtgcag ctagggtctt aagattagca gactatggga ttaggagaag    147420
     gtctcagaga tgaccaactc caatcatcag ctttagtgtc taagagtcaa tgcactgggt    147480
     gatttagccc tttaattctt gaatccgaag ttgctcaaag agccactgta acttgcctga    147540
     cctggccttc tttgagagca gtgacagagt ttcacagtga cattgttctt atgtaactct    147600
     tcatttaagg atggaagcca cttttttgct attgtactaa aatatacatg tggtaaggct    147660
     tgctgtttta accatttggg ggtatgtatt taatggtttt caatgtatat aaagtgttgt    147720
     ataactgtta ccaaatccca tctctgaact gtgcgtcttg taaaacagaa ccctgtggtg    147780
     cccactaagc cctcgctcct gtcttcttca gactccactg tgccttctgt ctttttggat    147840
     gtgctacgcc aggactacat agtgcaggag tcatgcagcc catttgtgag tggaggtgga    147900
     tgaatggctt gctagtcaga aggaaccagg gttctgtgat gagcaggagt gggagaaact    147960
     ccttcacggt cagacacagt ggcctcgtgt caaaatgcca cctgccactt cacttttaac    148020
     ttacattatg ggagatgtgg cgcacaggca taggtcttga ataagttagc tggaatgtgc    148080
     ttggcaggac attgagacat aggtagctca gtggtggagc atttactggc atctgggagg    148140
     cctgggttca ccacctagca ctgtaattta aataatgtct gagaaaaact taagggtggt    148200
     ggcagcgatg ttccctgcaa cctgcctcgc tccaggttaa tcacattctc agcagacctt    148260
     ggtgcttgtc ttgttctgac tcctcctctt ctccctggct cctaacatcc catgttgaag    148320
     ttttttttaa gttaagaaaa cagtaagact ttgcctctca gtgcagagat gtcctctttc    148380
     aactcacagt aggccccaag tcctctaatg ctgcatctgg ctcccctggt atgcaggtgt    148440
     ccctttgctt atggatacca ggagagtaac actgttcttg ggtggcatta tggaatacac    148500
     acccaggact ggtgcccaca cccagtcaga ctgatgtgta acgaccttgt tctgcagcaa    148560
     cagtgcagag cccgaggtct gcgttctgtg gcagatactc ctgtgtctgg agagattgac    148620
     tacttgtagt cagcaggagt tatggtgtca gtattgcttg ggaccatcgg cttcatggta    148680
     ccattcccca ctaggagcct tgagccagct ggctttatga cttgtgtaaa ttttgttttg    148740
     ttgtttcttt gtggtgctga ggattgaatc cagttgtgta ctaactgagc acttaccacc    148800
     ccaagtctac aagtctcatc ccaagatctt cacaaactat tttagtgtgt ttagacttct    148860
     attcctatat atttgaaaaa ttagaattac ccctaatgca tctttttatt ttttctcttc    148920
     ctctcccttt ctctctctct ctttctccct ctcccctctt cccctctctc tctgacacac    148980
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa gtacacaagt gccatctact    149040
     tgtttttcct cttattattc tttttttgga gacaggacct ttcatgggcc tggagctttc    149100
     caaactaaca ttggcaggtc agcaattccc agcagtccct gtctctgcct tcacagcact    149160
     gggattccaa gcaagtgcta ctatcgtgag ctttttggca tgggtgccgg gaattgaact    149220
     caggtcttcc tgtttggagg gcaagtgctt tactgaatgt gctatcttcc tggttcccat    149280
     tcaatgtgtt cttatgacca ttcatctgtc actgactttc ggtgcttgta gaagtgtcta    149340
     gaatgactag actgttgagg catttctgac cacaatctac ttttcccgta gaatgagtta    149400
     ctcctctgag gagacccatg ttttggggcc ctggctccct gaagagtact actgcatgtg    149460
     aatgctggga ggagagtgtt gctactttgg gaggcattac caaccagaac cagcctgtgc    149520
     gtttccttcc tagcaaagtt ggggaggtga tgtttagact aatgtgggca tgcccttggt    149580
     gggggaatga gccaggcttc cctagaaaat aacctgaggg gaggggcttt tcttttgctg    149640
     tgaaatagga aatcatgttt cacacttaag agaaaatatt ccggaatgta attttctctc    149700
     ttgaacctag agcaaattat tgttttcttt tcttattttt tttacacact tcctccatat    149760
     cttcccagac ctttcatttt atcattaatg ttgcaaagtg tttctcttaa catggaaaat    149820
     tctaaaagct tacacagaac attagtcatg cggactagca tacagctaag tgaaagaggg    149880
     caaagagaat atgttcagga ggattccact tatagcatac aaaatcagac agggctgtaa    149940
     agtcacaaat ggttagtgca tacttaggag atggaggcag gaggattgca atcttcaagg    150000
     actgcctgag ctacagagtg agttcaaggt cagccttagc aactctgtga actataactc    150060
     acagtataaa aggaaaaata aaataagaaa gcaaataaat gaatgaaaaa gacactaggg    150120
     attcaccttg gtagtagggc acttgcagag catttaagag gccccagatc atcagttctg    150180
     ttcccaagtg gttatagcaa agggtgatag cattggttgg cagggaaaga ggcatgtcat    150240
     ggggaagggc atacagaaat gggctcctta gaggttgaca atattgtatt cctggatctg    150300
     ggtggtgctt tgattgagac tttatttcat tattatttat tgaatagtaa aatatgttcc    150360
     gtctcttttt ctaaatgcat gatgtgtttt ctataaatat aacaaagaat tcagaaatca    150420
     gaaaaagtcc cagtacttat gacatacaga taaatatatc atattgaatg gtcttttccc    150480
     aaacaccact agaatgatca tcaagaaatc tttaaaaaat gcttaaactg caaaggcaaa    150540
     atgcaatgcg aagaagacat tagtaaccat acttacacac tcacacacat agtcccatac    150600
     tcacacacac ttttatacac acacacatat acatatacag tcatatacat acacactcac    150660
     acacactcac aaacacatac actcacacac atacgctcac acatacgctc acactcacac    150720
     actcacacac aaacacatac tcacacacat acacactcac acacacacac acacactcac    150780
     atactttcta cagggcttgg cttttacttg ttctactttt tcacttggtg ttcatttttt    150840
     tggtatctgg aatatattca ttataataat ttatcatgtt ttgtttatgt atctatttgt    150900
     gtaagtgtat gtgagtgtgt gggctcgtgt gccatggcag gtgtggcgtg tagaggacag    150960
     cttagaagtt ggttctctcc ttccaccatg tgggtctcag agactgaact cagcctccag    151020
     gtcaagcatg cttttgcatt gaaaccatct tgatgatccc tgagctattc tttgataaca    151080
     tattttgcct gaaaatgttt gtgatgctat ttcacaatca aacagctgta accaaccact    151140
     gctttactgg gaactgattt tctgttgatt tcacagaaga ctaccgaccg atcccctggt    151200
     tttctgtttt gactgacttc tgtttggtct atttggtctt tagcacttaa gtttttctac    151260
     agagtcacat gcacagaaag tcctctagca ggctgtgtag aggttggttt ctagcacttc    151320
     gtttaaattg atgcctgtgt ccattttacc ccacatcaag gccttccttg gtcctgatca    151380
     caaataaagg ttagaactga gtctggaact ccccagagag tctccttttg catgcagcag    151440
     cagtagagaa agatgcaact gtactttgag agctggagag ttgatgggaa atttgcaatg    151500
     gattttgtgt acataaagta actgaaccct aagtggcaaa ggagaaaatt cagttgttta    151560
     aaatatatct catcacttct ccaagttttg agaattggtg tcatcaaggc agttttggaa    151620
     atggtggctg aaaatgtggc taaaatttgg agaattggct taagaaataa ttggacagta    151680
     agtatccccc cttttctctt tccttctgtc ttttttccca gctagtttct ttctttacac    151740
     tagctggata ctggatgctc tcccgtgagc attgaacaga aggcctctga ctggggaagg    151800
     tatgattgga gcccatccga ggtgtctttt ctagctgctt ttccaggtga ctgagtacaa    151860
     acatttaacc ttcaagtaga aggcttgaac ttcccttaaa ccagagaagc tcagcctgca    151920
     gaaggaggcc tcagaggtcc agaaaggtca acccagcaaa gccatccaca gtaagaccta    151980
     ggaaaccagt cccacctgtc actcagaaga ctgtcccgag tctttgctat ttcactctaa    152040
     gtacaaagac atctaagaaa gcatttaagg tgaaatcaga gaccaaagtt aaatatctat    152100
     ctagggcagg atcttaggaa agaaacttca aaaaaaaaaa aaaataaaag aaaatagagg    152160
     tctcccttaa ccccatcgtt agaaagacag aaatgggagc taattgctct atagaagaag    152220
     cattcagaag acatgaaaaa aatgaaaata aaataatatg atgacagaga gctgtgaatg    152280
     gttgcaaatc aaaacttagg agtctctagg aaagggcaaa acaaactcag agaggggaac    152340
     tagaaggaaa accatgacaa ttagacaatc agaataagaa gtctctcgtc tgaatgctaa    152400
     gtgtcttagt tagggtttta ctgctgtgaa cagacaccat agccaaggca actcttataa    152460
     ggacaacatt taattggggg tagtttatag gttcagaggt tcagtacatt atcgtcaagg    152520
     caggaacatg gcagtgtcca ggcaggcatg atgtgggaga gttctacatc ttcatttgaa    152580
     ggctgctagg agaagactgg cttccacatg gttaggagga gggtctcatt gcccgggcac    152640
     acagtgacac actttctcca acaaggccat agctaaccca ataaagtcac acctcctaat    152700
     cgagcccctc cctgggccaa tcattttcaa accaccgcga cactagggat tccagaaagg    152760
     gataaatgaa aaagaggagg agagaaaaca tggctctgac attagacaga atgggtttca    152820
     aggcagaatt tccaacgcct ttcctgtccc ctaagtactt acatttttgc tttctgggat    152880
     ataattattg aggtttaata cttggagttt tgaaggatat tttgaatttt aagaaagtac    152940
     aaatgcctca gagaggaaac acactatgca tcattatgat aatttctaat ccagagttcc    153000
     cacaccccag tgtctcataa agggcaggat ggtgtctcga gaacttaata tttcaagcta    153060
     cctaagtgga aattgccctt ttatgccaga caaagctgca aagagtaact gcaatgccaa    153120
     gttcctttgc ttccagatga aaacgcgtct tcccataccg taaccatcga tctttggtaa    153180
     atacaaggac agggcaggtc atcatctttc atggtttatt tggatgacag catcttgtaa    153240
     attgcgtcgt tgatatggtg gtctctgaac agggcctttg ggagtgaata gatgtggaac    153300
     cctgtaggct gctcattcaa ccctgttggg ttacagacag atgtcagaga aggggtgcag    153360
     agaccggggt ggtacagatc gggggtgcac agagctgtat aagagcatca aagatcggct    153420
     tccactggcc tacctcatca tcttgctcag ggctggcctg aggtgccagt gttcctatac    153480
     ctctgtgtgc agtccagatc ctgctatgta gccgcctggc tgcaaagata aatgctctag    153540
     ccaggcaaat gaacccacag ggaattggag cctcaaacca tgaaaaatga tggagattat    153600
     agcctacttt tttcctttgt aaaagtcact tgcacttttc tgggacattg cctgccctgt    153660
     agaaagattt gcaagaatgc tgtttggaaa acaaagggct ctctctggcg tctggtggct    153720
     cagcttctga gcactaacaa aggaggaccg agctgggaac cctacgactt tattagccat    153780
     ttacctcctg cgtagctgag agcaggaact tggaacttat attttgtgtt gttgattatt    153840
     aaatgaagaa gtactcaatt actacactca atctctaaga ccatttgctg cttggcggag    153900
     gggtttggag ctcagctccc cccccccccc gcccccgttt gtttgctatg ttctaattct    153960
     gttgccagcc agattgtgag gtcactgaat tcagtgacct cacaagcaag ctacagtttt    154020
     ctggtctgtg agatcaggat gaaaatgtct gttttgtagg tttgctgcaa gtgctagagg    154080
     tcggggagtt taatttgggt tgtaaatctc cccatcccct tcttctaggg ttcttgggaa    154140
     aagaccttac ttttagagaa caacacccaa caaatacctg aacaggaatt gagtagtcat    154200
     gccctctgat ctttgttttt tgagacaggg tcttactatg tagccccagt tagcctcgag    154260
     cttgctgtgt tgtccaggct ggctttaaac tataggtctg cctacctctt ccccctgagt    154320
     gctggcaaag gtatgtgcca ccaacactag ttggttatgt ttgtaacgag acacacccac    154380
     cactttctat gttagggctt tccgctctgt ccactgagtc ccagcaagta aggatagtga    154440
     tggttcaccc tttggtccag cctaggtgaa gattctgatt tttgcctctg tggtgaaatg    154500
     ggccctgccc agttttgctt cctgcaaaga ggctggaagc aggccattat tgagggaaat    154560
     ggtccattgc ttcttattat ctacaaaata aaatccaaac aaaacagtaa aagggggaag    154620
     gacctatctc tgagacccgt tcctaatgca cagtgaatgt ccatgggagt gaaagcgaga    154680
     gctgctctct ccgtatggag tcctggagaa ggggtagaaa gcaggcggct gtactcaccc    154740
     tctattagtg gacaagggaa gtttgaagga gacctccttt cttgcaggaa agttagcgag    154800
     gacacacaga agactcctgg tattctgcct gccctttgag ggcgcttccc agagggcagc    154860
     tgtcattagc cacgtgcctt tactcttagc attgctgagt gtgtggtaaa cagggccttg    154920
     gctcagatga aagcccattg tctttgtgct tcatctgaag ccaacacaac accaagacct    154980
     tcttgaagat tggcatgagg tagaatggtt gctgccatcc ctaagccctt gcaagtggaa    155040
     gacttatggc tactatgtcc ctcccattta aaaataggat ggctcaaatt gttataatgt    155100
     ttcaaactga cagcaaagtt tctcagaagc caaatggcag gcctgtgtgg ctggtcactg    155160
     gaagagctct tttagaagaa aggaatcaaa ggtgtcatga taagtgcaaa aaattagata    155220
     gcttgtttgc atgcagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtccatc cactgtctgt ccatctgtct    155280
     gaactccaca tgccctgttc ttttattgtc atgctgcgct gacaccattg ttgacagcct    155340
     agaaatagtc ttatttcctc ttcatcatcc ctcgatggga gatgtcacat cagataaagc    155400
     ctttctgttt cccaggtggc caagaaaatg gcttctagtt agtggtgaag gtccacagag    155460
     aaaatagggt ccagaaatat tttcaagcat ggtcccggtg ccaggagagt ttgtaaggca    155520
     tgtttgccgt ggctggggct gactttcctc accattgctt ggagttaggt tagttttcga    155580
     ggactctcgt ggctgtctgt gtatttcccg tggcccaaga ataccctagt gatgatgatg    155640
     gcctgtcagg gtcatggcct cagcgaaagc acaggctatt tgtggctgct ctcaaatata    155700
     actggcgcca ccttcgccca agggtagacc acagtgaagt gacatctacc ctatgtgacg    155760
     gatatcaaga acagcatctt tttctctgtg tttgtccaag tgattggaaa aacaaaccat    155820
     ctcctgccat actgggttcc gtcaagctgc ttggtttttg tcccatcccc gggactcagc    155880
     tccgcatgct tcaaagacct gagttccccc atagagcttc agtggtcttc tgatacatca    155940
     tccagttagt tctttggcaa agctgttttg tgactgctat aatgacagta attctggcta    156000
     cttttttttt ttctaatagc caaacaattt ctggaaaccc agaggtctgg ctttgtcacc    156060
     taaggttaat actcccttcc ctttgattgg ctagatagcc cttgttggtg aaatgaaaga    156120
     ggtggcctgg tgtggtgctg aatacctata atcccagagc ttgggagaca gaggccagta    156180
     gatctttgag tttgaggcta acctggtctc cacagtgagt tactactgtc cagctggggc    156240
     tacatggtga tactaagtgt caaggagaag aaagaagtga actgggatgg tctctggggt    156300
     ccactccaga tttaaatgct agaactaatt atagatgaat caggaatcgt cactgtcctt    156360
     acctctctct ctatttctcc acatgacatt ctgttaagct gtctttgtct ttcatctgta    156420
     ccatgacctt ggctttatgg aacttaaaaa cccccactta tctgtgttat cagatggatg    156480
     tcacagaaga tactgagcaa gaatcaagga ttgcttaaat ttattgacac tcaggagtca    156540
     gacaagccag ggttatgcct taagccctag cacacagttg tgttatccta accaagttta    156600
     tcatttgtca cctccatcgt agaggtaggg ttaagtgtga taacacacat gtaaggtgca    156660
     cacacactgt aagtgctcat cagtagtagt ggcagtcata attgtcacaa ctgggaaggg    156720
     gcaggatgca caggcgtgtg tcttctaata ctcccacgaa attttctgat ttgtacactg    156780
     tattataaga ctatgccttt atcatgtcaa caagtaagta atgacttgag gaaatcattt    156840
     tagttctaat aagagcagga gcattgctaa gtatgtacac gatagcgctt ttaatagagt    156900
     tttatgattt atggaactgg gaaggataaa caagggtatc tgagcttcag attgctagtg    156960
     agtgattccg tcacctgtgc accctgtcag cacaaataaa cctcactcaa gccttagcct    157020
     cttaaccaaa cactgaaaaa tggaacatac tctgggataa gaaagtgttt taacaagacg    157080
     gaatgttctt caggtgtctg ctaaggaagg ctttcaaatg acgttccagc tttgcagtat    157140
     ctagaccaat ggttctcaac ctgtgggttg agaccccttt ttttgtggtg gagtcacata    157200
     tcagatatcc tgcatttcag atttcagata ttgcgattca taacagtagc aaaattaatg    157260
     tattttatgg ttgaagggag ctgtattaaa gggttgcagc atcaggaatg ttgagaacct    157320
     ctgccctaga cttcctgctt tgaagcaccc caaatccatc aagtgttaac agtggagggc    157380
     agttcactga tagaagcaat taagaggaag gagactttgg attggaggcc gaagtttata    157440
     agttctttgc gctgagatgt tgggcgtgtc actaaacttg gtacttagat cttgccagtt    157500
     gaaattaagt gttgagcaca gggtgggcat cacctggcgt tagcaaagaa ctgacacttt    157560
     cgtcatcttt taagtgaaaa cattacattt ggagagtgtt accttttgga taagctctgg    157620
     acagattcca gagtggtgtg cgcatgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgttgtgt gtacatgtgt    157680
     gtgcacccag tttaagtact tagaagactg cagtgtcctc tgtacagaga cagaagtctg    157740
     ataaaagttg tactttttgc tgctgatggg tgagttacac acaggaggac ttccagatct    157800
     gacttccttt tatccagatc tcctgccttt tatcttgtca ttgactctta gagtcaggaa    157860
     ggttgggaga agaaaaactg aggaccagaa taagagttca gagagcaaga aaaccgaata    157920
     acttggtctc taagatgagg atacacagct agtgaagaaa caactcttgg taaagcatgg    157980
     ccaggggcct gggaggcttc tcaagttgtc gttccatctc cagcacccta taattctgca    158040
     atgatggtgt atacctgcag tgccattact caggggtggg aactggagag ttacaggttc    158100
     caggttatcc ttggctacag ggagggggca gagagaggga tggaaggacg gagggaggga    158160
     gggagggagg gaggaaaggg ggaggaatgg atagagggaa ggagagagag agttaaagac    158220
     caacctgtgc ttcatgagct catggctcaa ccaaccaatc aagcaactgt aaccaggaca    158280
     ggatgaaact tgaaggaagt gtcctttacc caccaatacc ataagtgctc cagtgatttc    158340
     taacgtttat tgttatgact tcactgttgg ctgtgcatgg atgtttctcc tgcaaatatg    158400
     tgtccatgtc acacccatgc ctggtgcctg tgcaggccag aagagggtgt cagacctcct    158460
     gcaatctaga gttgcagacc attgtgagcc cccttgtggg tgttgggagt caaacttctg    158520
     tgctctggaa gaagagccta tgctctggat cactgagcca tctctccaga ccctccagtc    158580
     gtttctcagg tactccctct ctaggaaatg tgtcactctg tgaggacaga accttttgca    158640
     ctgttgagtg atgagccttg tggcacactt cacggtgttt tggtagcctg tctccttcct    158700
     tcccttgttc cattgaagag caggactgca ctttgatgtg gccagtcttt ggggtgcaca    158760
     cttggactgt gtaggcgaca gaaactgaca ttgaacagac aacaagctct cagcttatct    158820
     tcatggtgga gcaaatcttc acatggcttc tgcttttaat ggcggtttgg tacattgttc    158880
     ccatataaag tgcctctttg gattagaagt gacatactta tgttaaaaag gaaataaaaa    158940
     ggctgctctg gagccctttt tcttttactc ctcttcttct tcccgtcctc ccctttattc    159000
     tcatctgtct atctgtctgt ctgtctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    159060
     ctatctatct atctatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat    159120
     ccatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct ttggcaaagg    159180
     attatactag ttactaatct tgagaatagt cataacaaca gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct    159240
     gcctgcctgc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctccct    159300
     tccttccttc cttccccccc ctctctgtgg tgtgtatgtg catgtgtgtg cttagttcac    159360
     acaaatgacc acaaatagtt ctctccctct accatgtggg ttcagaggac caagctcagt    159420
     ttgtcaggct tagtggcaaa ggcctttccc agcggagcca tctttccagc cctaacttct    159480
     gtaatctcag ctgtattgct tggagagcgc ctcgtgtatt tctctgtagc tcaggagtca    159540
     gccagccatg cggatgctgg ttctatgcag catttggaat tccctctctc attgttcttt    159600
     gttatacctc ttagtttcca gctcccctaa attctgtcta ttgattttgc aggtttcttt    159660
     gtaatttcag cctttgcata tagtgttgct gctacttgtt cttgagggga aaaaagcctt    159720
     tgaaacctga aagacttagt gctctcttct cccagatttt gcctgaattt attataaatg    159780
     aacaggtatt tgtgtgtgtg tgtatttaac tgaataacaa ttacatatat ggggtaggtc    159840
     aagtgtaagc tacttcatgg cattggggac aaagccccca ggggaataat ttagacattg    159900
     caagtgcttt tgtggttgaa ggggagcatt tgtgaattaa aggggactga aggacacaca    159960
     gtttacaggg aggtagaggt caggtcatcc agagcccggt gcgttctacc aaccatcctg    160020
     agcgtggtga tgaagaggtg actcataaca ggaaagcaat caggaatggg cctcagagtc    160080
     tttacttgga atctgtctga aggataagtt acaggagatg aaaagatggt tggggattcg    160140
     gatgtaaagc agagcacaca tttctgctct gtaaacggat gattaatgtc tgttatggcc    160200
     cgaatcactt ggctttcctg gagcctaaga ttcttgcaag gctgtctttt gcagagcccc    160260
     gtacacggac cttgcagcct aagctttaac tgcttccatt agcaaaagag gaaagagaac    160320
     atttgttggt attgtagtgg cttatgaata aattacggaa gtaggcaaaa gacaacacat    160380
     acgaatccac tgtttcacag ccttggaatt cacctggctt ttgcttcaca gctctggtgt    160440
     cactgttggt gtctgtgcca tgacacagta gtatgaactg cttccttcag tcctactgga    160500
     gaatatggcc ctgttggaac ttggaatgct cagtagtgat tctttatact acgatgttgg    160560
     aattggagag ggagggatgt gttcccctct ggtccctgga gaaccccagg cagtactcat    160620
     ggtagtagca aggcctatcc atttattggc tctacaccaa taggaaattc ttggctctga    160680
     atccatagag aagtagattt gcccagtcag gaagcattgc ccaggcggtt tgtaggcttg    160740
     ctggagagca gagagcaggg gcctcactga gtcagggctg ggtaacactc tgatggtcta    160800
     catgcactgt ttcagggaag ggtgcctaga gggtcaccag ctgtctttaa caccctggtc    160860
     tgctccatct tggtggcagt tcaggctttg gctgcttaaa gagctgggat gctgccttgg    160920
     aaagtagcag ctcacgctaa catgggggct gtgggggcag tgacacggtc cctctgaact    160980
     gctgctaaca cacatgtaag ccagtgtttc cctccatgaa ggcaaggccc agggtggtgt    161040
     cttgtgaatt acctttttgt gtttttactt ccataaatgt catctttttt agagctgact    161100
     aagtgagctc ttacatggtt taaaaatgta tctctaatat ccatctagtt tgacataggt    161160
     accatggtcc tgttcttcac aaggcagctg gctgggtagg gtaggctcct tattcttggg    161220
     aagcctgagg ctaagtattt tctgtctgcc tttctacaca gtctgctgtt tccataatgg    161280
     ccattttctt agatctttgt gaaaatacca agaagtggga gaatgggccc gtggcatagg    161340
     atgttcaagt tcactcacag cacacatctg ctaacctggt ggttctggag ggagtcagac    161400
     ctctgcttgg accaccctct ccttgtgctc tgagatctct tccaagttgc tctcttgttc    161460
     ccttgccttc gcatttgccc tttcagagcc cctacagatc caggcactgt ttcctggctt    161520
     tgacaaactg ctcagtatac tgggggaagg gcactgagga aacagacact tgctcacgga    161580
     gccccatgtg tgtggattcc tgggattagg gagagggaga gagacccaga agaatgcagg    161640
     tgggagggag ggtgcaggaa gtctcccatc caggcttttg tagagttaaa gcttgctttc    161700
     tgggtttttg tttgtttgtt tgttttgttt tttgtttttg tttttttttt tttgttttgt    161760
     tttgtttttt ttttttgaga caggctttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tagaactcac    161820
     tctgtagacc aggctggcct tgaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg    161880
     ggattaaagg cgtgtgccac gacgcccggc gaggcttgct ttcttgtccc tttgtctcaa    161940
     gcactttgca ttatgtttgg gtatagtaga tgcttaggaa atggaagccc aggcccagct    162000
     gtgattggca gttatgtctc tggttctgcc ctgacttttg tctgtgcaag gctgaatcat    162060
     ttcaggagtc tttgcatttt tggagctggt tcttttgctc agtctcagcc ttttaaacag    162120
     ggcttcagga aaagggcctt tggaaaggag tttcttcctc atattgggga caaagccctc    162180
     aggagaaaca cccactttag agagaaagct tggaactgat gcacaactta tagagaggac    162240
     aggcctggct gccccgccct gtgttccgtt aaataagcca agcctgcctc agtgctgggt    162300
     cttggcccag gatggagagt atccactaat gaggcaagtg acttcaggaa gatcaaaata    162360
     attagtcagt tctcactgca aacatgagtc accacttaaa gacatcatgt tctggttggc    162420
     gagctagggg gttgagatag aagactcctg gctcctactc cccaggggtg ccaagtgcgt    162480
     atgagaagcc tactagctgt ggataatgga cgcagactca agttccactc ggcctgctct    162540
     tggcttcccc tccttccata tccagtagaa agggagctgg gggactggat gcccacacag    162600
     tccatggtct ggaggctaga taaggtgacc ggggtgcaga tgggtatcct ggcatagaga    162660
     aagctggcac tgtttgccag gcccctctgg ctctggagag cttgacaggc atgcaggggc    162720
     ttccagggag tatttggttg cctctttcta gccagagtga cactaactcc agctcaggga    162780
     cagggatctc ggatagtcct gtcttgcagg gggaggttcc cttggcattg ggggacaagt    162840
     ctacatcaca tagcttttcc ctggcatatc tcaactgggt gagttggcct gggtctgagg    162900
     aactggttgg cctcttctcc aaaggctggc tggagtagga ggacctgatg aggtcataag    162960
     ttctgcctct gtctggccaa agtcagaggt gggtctgatg gaatagaact tactttagaa    163020
     ccaagaacac tgggcccgga gagaccaagc ctgggacctc tgttctcatg agtagccatt    163080
     ccaaccagat atcaaatggg acggcacagc tgataccaca ccagttgagc aagcatgtgc    163140
     tctctagtgt gtctggcctg agtgagtgat ggctggccaa tgaagaaagt gtgcaggctc    163200
     ctctagtggg gaaatcccac aatggggccc tcttctgtca ctttctgagt aggtgaccac    163260
     aggaatatca tttaaattcc ttgggcttct ctcaccctct caactccttc cccccacttc    163320
     cctgtggatg tcttttgaat gctcattgga atgtaagtgc cagacatgca gtggggagca    163380
     atatagagaa ggtggatatt tactatgaag aaagagagaa aagacaagtg aagcaaacat    163440
     cctaactaag taagacaact tcaaatttcc ctaggtgcta taaggaagac agtgttctga    163500
     gtgggacata ggtaggaatg tgagaacctt agaccacata ggataggggt cttcaagagg    163560
     gagttctgtg tggacttgat aggcctggga gaaagtcata gtgtagggga attgggaaga    163620
     cagtggccct caggtgagca agcccaacct gcaggcggcc ataatgcttt tacttgcacg    163680
     caagaaaaga gctattgttg tgttgtaaca tgtaaatgcc ggcgtcattt gctagtgttt    163740
     agcagcgccc taactgatag catgtggatc actgtaatag tgcggatctg aagcagatgt    163800
     gggacagact tcagcatgga aaagtaaatg tgctgtctgt ctccacatgg gagctcgtag    163860
     aatagccaaa gggatgcttg cctccaccca ggcttagtgt tgcggtgatt tcagctcttc    163920
     tagctgtgag ccagaggtcc tgtctcatgt aatgttagct ctgatgagca tttccagagt    163980
     cttgtcaccg ggagcgcttg gtcctctaat taagtagtaa tgtgcttgtc caataagaac    164040
     catatggttg caatgaatca agaccggatt atcttagctg taaaaattaa tattagtatt    164100
     gatgacagta acactaacga ttttatgttt attttttctt cttaagagct cagaatacaa    164160
     ttattaaaaa tgaatgttca gatattccac cagtttaacc taaagggtaa aagaaatatc    164220
     tggagagaaa gcagagaatt ggcttaagac tccaagaaga gactcaaacc ctcccatttt    164280
     attttatttt attttatttt attttatttt atttcattag aaaaactcca accttgtaaa    164340
     gatagctgtt cctctctggc aataattggg acagtgacag gatcagggaa gcatgcttat    164400
     cagtgccaca gagaagggat gtgacacaaa taaaagactt aaagataatt atgcacagcc    164460
     tgacaagagg ggagaaaatc agaatagact cgcactagtg aaccttgtct ggagggagga    164520
     cacggtggaa agagaaagaa tttcacagac tgggcagggc aggcgaaggc agaggggaca    164580
     gggagaagat tcaccaggaa gtaatgaact atgagtgaca ggggacaggg agaagattca    164640
     ccaggaagta atgaactatg agtgacaggg gacagggaga agattcacca ggaagtaatg    164700
     aactatgagt gacaggggca gttctggtta agacactggc atgaattcag gagagatcag    164760
     gatgtaacat gagagatgtt aggagtgagg tgacatccaa gtgagggaca ggatgacggg    164820
     gcaagcaggt gaaagggcag gtgataatct gcccacacaa agggtagggt gacaatgacc    164880
     aagggaagta tgggtgacag ttacccaagt gcaggcacat ggcagggggt ctgggttaaa    164940
     ggtttggtga gtgttgctca aggggagctt gccctggtga aggcaatggg ccttttgtac    165000
     aggaatctcc tgcttaggag tgatatcaga aacatttccg tacatcactt gctgccccta    165060
     atatacgttt ccactgagca gagagagaga cgctggctgg ctggcatgca taggcaggta    165120
     agagtttgct ttgcagcttt gaaggacagt aggaaatagt taccagacac agacttccac    165180
     acagttccta agaaaactgg agtcagccct ccaccctcca tttctagaaa ggtctagtgc    165240
     cagaaaattt tttttttaaa tccatctggt attagtgagt tggcttttaa gtgttgatct    165300
     cagcccatca gagcttgggt taagggtgat ccttcaatgc atcatctttt tcttttgaga    165360
     tagtattaat aacaacgtag gactaacagg aatagaccca ttggctcaga taagccagaa    165420
     cctttcgcca ccctgtgtat gatctctgag atgcacagca caccgttggc aagcaggcct    165480
     gtggaatgaa cataacatgc taggcatctt ctgccaagag tgggactcct ttcctctctt    165540
     cctgagcaca ttgtccttgt cacaagaccc gtcaccctac cctactggat taggtttgtg    165600
     cttcagtttc ccagcaaagt gggaggaggt gatggacagt tgtctgtccc ttgccattgt    165660
     catcaagctg agaaaaaggg ctgaggcttc gctagacaga gtgagacagc tctcagcagg    165720
     attctctcag tgacttgcta cttttgtttc ctcatctgga agcaggggca ataatacctg    165780
     cctttttagg gcctggaatt caatgaaact tacctctcta ccccaggaaa ctcaatacca    165840
     gacatcaaag gatggcttta ataccttcca tgcaagtttg cagatttatt gcacaattta    165900
     tttagatgtg gaatacctct ccgttgtggc agaggaactg cccgagggga aggaaacaaa    165960
     tgagagcaat atgtgtcctt acatgggaaa ggtggagcag ggtcccagaa tgacagagcc    166020
     agactccttg gtaccctcag gcagttagac tcccagaagc acaagagcag gtggcctttc    166080
     tttgggatgg aaagcagagg ggctttcttt ctcatctaat tattagccag gcctgaccct    166140
     gttagcctcc aagatcagat tagatgttga gtgggcatta gggtagggtg ggcatacacc    166200
     agatgggcgt tctccaaacc aaggaagaga tgcttcggga cctatctatg ctcataaggc    166260
     ggctggctcc tttactgcta gaattagacc tcgtccagaa acgatggaca gtgaaacctc    166320
     ttctgcgtat tttgaacatg atttttactt cattaagtta cactatatgg taggagtcat    166380
     ttaaaactgt ttctgtaatg gaaagtttcc aatataatta aagtgtggag attcaccggt    166440
     ggagtctcct cctggttcca gcaattagca acacttgcca attcagttgt aagcatttcc    166500
     ctctaggttt ggttctcccc tctccctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc    166560
     cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc    166620
     cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc    166680
     cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctcttcctt tccctctccc tctcctctcc    166740
     tcccctcccc tccctctctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt    166800
     ccttcctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctctctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    166860
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttcttta taacattgaa tatttgaaag caaaattcaa    166920
     ccattatata atttcacctg caattaggtt agattgcatt gtaacagaca aatagtgttt    166980
     ttttttaaat atctgtatta ctccagacaa caataacagc caagtttctt aatatcattt    167040
     gatactcagg cacatctatt cttttctttt gttgaaaata tatttttctc aataaaataa    167100
     aatatcctga ttatggtttt tttttctccc tctacaattc ccagttccgc cttaccccgc    167160
     tctccaatcc agatccagtc cctttctgtc tcactagaaa acaaacaggt tcctaaggaa    167220
     taataataaa ataaaatata ataagataaa ataaaaacaa acacgccaga ataggacaaa    167280
     acaaatagca ggaaagagcc caagaaaaag cacatgaaac agatatagac acagaggacc    167340
     gctcgtttga atactcagga atcctataga agcacaacac tggatgctgt gatatataca    167400
     ctaagggcct ggaggattaa aaacaggaaa aaaaagattt aaaaaacaat cccttataca    167460
     acactgtgag acaaggaacc tccaaagatg gctgtgagga catttctgat gggcatttac    167520
     tcgtaggcag gcagctaccc ttaagagtag tttatgagac tgacacgcta cctactgcgc    167580
     taacgaggct ccccccaccc cacccccctg gacctcatat ctctagctgc acttgtgtca    167640
     gaagatggcc tagttggcca tcattggaaa gagaggccca ttggtctttc aaactttata    167700
     tgcctcagta caggggaaca ccagggccaa gaagtgggag tgggtgggta ggggagttgc    167760
     ggggagggta tggggaactt ttgggatagc attggaaatg taaatgaaga aaatacctaa    167820
     taaaaaaagt taaaaaaaaa agagtagtgt atttcctgat gggagcatgt tggcagaaac    167880
     taaactctta tcagtggata tcagttagag acagctctgg gttaggggtg gggtcatgtg    167940
     tccacttctc ctttcagctc ctgggcccca tctgatgcag acccgttcag ggcccgtgca    168000
     tgctgcgctg tctatgagtg agcacgtacg tgcatagatc ctgttgattt agaagacctg    168060
     gtgttcctct gttccctctg gcgcttagac tatttctgtc tccttctgag gggttccctg    168120
     agcccggagg gaagggattt gatgggggac atcccatata gggctgagtg ttccaacgtc    168180
     tctcagtctc tgcatgatgt ctggctgtgg tctctgtatt tgttctcatc taccacagga    168240
     ggatgactgc tgttgctgct gctgaaggca tggatctctg agtatagaag aatgtcatta    168300
     ggagttattt tattgctaca ttcttgtagt aaaacatgag tatttgggtc atgtcggacc    168360
     ttctctctct accttctcgt taatttggat aaggatttgt cattcttact gactttctcc    168420
     aaggaccatc tcttcgattt ctttgatttt ctttgattct ttgtattttc tgttttattg    168480
     atttttccaa gtttaattat ttcttaccat ctgcttttca gtgtcttttg tttcaggtgg    168540
     gttgttaaat tgctagttat tatcaggtgg gttgttaaat tgctagttat tatgagattt    168600
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat gtatgtgagc    168660
     acactgttgc tctctttaga cacaccagta gagggcatca gatcccatca cagatggctg    168720
     tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcaagacct ctggaagagc agtcagtgct    168780
     cttagccatt gggccacttc tccagccctc taattttttt tttaatgtaa ctacttagtg    168840
     ctgtgaactt gccttgtcta accaactcta ttcggtccca taagtttggg tatgttttgt    168900
     atccattttc attcattcta gaaagtcttt aatttctttc ttaaattctg tcatgatcca    168960
     gttttcacca gttgttcaga ttccatgagt ttgttaagct ttctgttctt cctgttatcc    169020
     ttgatatctc actttgctct gtggtggtct ggtggcatgc agggagttat ttcaattgtc    169080
     ttgtatcgat tgagacttgc tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    169140
     tgtgtggtca attttgtaaa gagttccatt ggctgctggg aagaaggtat attcttttgt    169200
     gtttggatgc agtgttctgt aaatgttttt tgtttttctg taaatgtttg caatgttcag    169260
     tattttttgg ctgaatgatt tattcattga tgagagtaga tgacctattc attgatgaga    169320
     gttgggtatg gtgtctccta ttgtcactgt gtgagggcca acatgtgtgt aagctgtagg    169380
     agtgtttctt ttacaaactt ggatgccctt gtggttgtgg cataggtgtt aagaattgaa    169440
     atatgagggg gctggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagaa atggctcttc tttttaagga    169500
     ccagggttca attcccagca cccacatgat agcttccaag tgtctgtaac ttaagttctt    169560
     gtggatctgt caccctcaca tagacattga tgcaggacaa agcccattaa catattgcac    169620
     ataataataa aaattaaaat aaaagaattg aaacatgtcc ttggtggatt ttttctttga    169680
     catgttcata gtgtcctctc tccatctctt gattagtttt ggtttgaagt ttagttatta    169740
     aaaaggctat accagcttgc ttcttagatc catttgcttg gggtatttct tatttatctt    169800
     ttttttccct aggtggtgtc tattcttgaa gttaaggtgt gtttcttgga tgtagcagaa    169860
     ggatgtatcc tgttctcata tccattcttt tagtctgtgt ctttttattg gggagtaaga    169920
     gcattgataa tgagaattac tgataagcgc tgtttgttga ctcctgctat tattaattct    169980
     ctctctctct ttctctctct ctctctctcc tctgtgtgtc tgtgtgtgtc tatgtttctt    170040
     cccctcttct ttttgttttt ttgtttgtgt gtgtgttttg tttttcaaga cagggtttct    170100
     ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga    170160
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagcgctg ggattaaagg tgtgcgccac cactgcccgg    170220
     ctcttctcct cttctaagtc actggttcac aggtttgaga tttttcttgg ctgtagttaa    170280
     ctttttcagg ttgaagtttt ccttctagga ccttatgtac agctggattt gtagatatat    170340
     agtgtttaaa ctttatttta ccatggaatg tccttcccct cctccattta ttgtgattga    170400
     aagtctctca ggatagagta atgtgggctg gcgtttacgg tctctgggaa tttgtagaac    170460
     atctggcttt tatagtctca ctgagaagcc gtgtgttatc ctactaggtc tcccttcata    170520
     tgtttcttgg ccttctcccc ttgcagtttt aatattctct ctttgttctg tacatttagt    170580
     gttctgatta ttatgtgctg aggggaattt cttttctggt ccagtctatt tggagttctc    170640
     tatgcttctt gtaccttaat aggaatctcc tcccttcttt gggttagaga aattttcctt    170700
     tatgattttg ttgaaatttt ttgtgccttt tacttgggtt tcttctcctt tctctatttc    170760
     taatattttg cagatctggt cttctcatag tgtttcaaat ttcttacatg tttgtgctag    170820
     gatttttttt taaagattta acattttttt ttgaccaatg tatctttttt cccctataat    170880
     gtcttcagtg cctgatattc cctcttcccc gtcttgtgtt cgattggtga ggcttggcct    170940
     gtgactcctg ttccaattcc aaatttttca tttccagatt tcgttctgtt tggattttct    171000
     ttactgagtt tatttccccc ttcaggtctg gaggtatttt cttaatttcc ttcagttgtt    171060
     tatgtttctg cagatttctt taaggggttt attaatttcc tctttaagga cctatgtcgt    171120
     cttcataaag gctactttag gggacttgtt ttgtgcttcg gctagctctc acttctcagg    171180
     gcctggtgta gcagtgctgc tggattctag tagacataga ttgtcctggc tgtgaatgat    171240
     tgtgattctg tgctggcacc tagctaggta tcttggcttg gggtaattgt aattctaggt    171300
     gctgatgcct ggctttgtct gtgttgggtg tgttctgttc cttggtttcg gttgctgtct    171360
     ctgatcttag gagggtataa tggatgtgtg tggcctgcta gggaattctt ctggaaccct    171420
     gctaggtttg gctacttggg tttctgggta aaatgtgttt ctaggggttg gtagctgaca    171480
     cttattaatg gtggtgggct ggagggtctg agtgggttca taggagggag gaaagcaggg    171540
     tgttccatca ggatcaatgt gtttcttgga aatggagacc gaacccgagg agagcctaag    171600
     acatggagtc tactaccaag ctgggaatga ggctgagggc ctggatttgg aggagaggag    171660
     ggaagagtcg gggtctgacc ccacctgctc tgccggccta cctgcactgt ggcctactta    171720
     cttctctgga aggcttggct ggctgggacc cagggaatgc ctgctggagt ctggggctgg    171780
     gataacagga tgcactggag taagactgga gagtacctgt gtgctctgct ggagattcgg    171840
     acagggagga ggcaggaact gcagcaggtg attgcctgct acagagctac gagtgaggtt    171900
     tggatgacag agggggatgt gaggatctgc cctgactgga tctccttctc tgtccaacgt    171960
     ggccagaggt tcccgggaat gtccgtagga gctggggctg tatttaaatt tctatgaaga    172020
     gtttagaatc ctcccccacc ctccacgtat gtgcatgctc gtgcatgtac atacaccaca    172080
     catactttca ttgaggcaca cctctgctct caaacacgtt ttgatagttg atttagccca    172140
     ggaccctaag aaagcatgca tgtgatgtct ggttgtttgc cttgagatcc ctccggatct    172200
     gcaatcttcc acacctccta ctgagaattt catttgttcc ttgaagcaat tggttagaat    172260
     tgcccacgtt ttgatttggt tggttacttc ttcattttgt tctttagttt gttactttgt    172320
     gtccatgttt tctgctgcaa gaagatccgt tcaggctcca gtgttctgag ggatggggtg    172380
     gggcgctgtg gtttgggctg tattctacta gccagcactc ttccaccagg gtggattcca    172440
     ggattgcgtg tatatatatg catacagtgt gctgtatgta gaagggagtg cctggtactc    172500
     tttccttcct gcttgcatct gcagaggact gtcatccagg cccatagttt cctcggtgcc    172560
     ttttgacttt cttacccctc tcactgtctg atagctgagt ttgctataaa gaattc        172616