ID   AC126444; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 141017 BP.
AC   AC126444;
DT   06-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   12-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-136A8 from chromosome 14, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-141017
RA   Nguyen C., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-136A8";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-141017
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-141017
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-141017
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-DEC-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-141017
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-FEB-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-141017
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 42ace0cc4e6da9f0e5d54f2d11c4e05f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456171.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000022037; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0021488; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0021447; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0021423; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0021453; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0021230; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0021892; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0020747; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0021197; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0021320; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0021299; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0021395; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0021328; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021915; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0020491; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0020800; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC126444.3:1-141017; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000127387; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000128539; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000138191; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000138665; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000144619; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000153460; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0039895; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0039865; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0039822; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0039869; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0039605; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0040343; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0039610; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0039523; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0039667; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0039634; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0039758; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0039628; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0040376; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0039220; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0038997; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9Q2G2.
DR   GOA; E9Q8Y5.
DR   GOA; E9Q9B8.
DR   InterPro; IPR000753; Clusterin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR016014; Clusterin_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR016016; Clusterin.
DR   InterPro; IPR033986; Clusterin_CS.
DR   MGI; MGI:88423; Clu.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q2G2; E9Q2G2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q8Y5; E9Q8Y5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q9B8; E9Q9B8_MOUSE.
CC   On Feb 6, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:26080585.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0136A08
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..141017
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="14"
FT                   /map="14"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-136A8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   563..700
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   702..779
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   840..980
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1132..1278
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   1279..1370
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   1387..1493
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   4784..4966
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   5003..5099
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   5533..5688
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   5738..5899
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   6620..7106
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7554..7718
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   7759..8111
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   8223..8352
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8373..8532
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8548..9600
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9612..10097
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10099..10654
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   10657..10986
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11311..11386
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12131..12419
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12489..12710
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   12781..12912
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   13276..13390
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   13663..13877
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   14791..14998
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   16763..16920
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   21837..21984
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   23598..23612
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   23613..23722
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   23723..23781
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   25129..25295
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   25639..26042
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   26307..26402
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   27193..27476
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   28165..28401
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   28432..28665
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   28725..28946
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   28951..29263
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   29664..29724
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   29725..29824
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29851..30026
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   31403..31669
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   32838..33144
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33386..33521
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34464..34767
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   35072..35181
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   35449..35594
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36263..36340
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   36370..36434
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   36535..36949
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38394..38888
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39298..39503
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   39896..39956
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   40427..40490
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41027..41400
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   tRNA            complement(47075..47148)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT   repeat_region   47080..47152
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   47201..47265
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Ala-GCY_"
FT   repeat_region   47299..47442
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   47443..47507
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   47700..48084
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   48323..48463
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   misc_feature    49212..49340
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   49936..50148
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   51865..51989
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   54525..54670
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55062..55470
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   56394..56635
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   57006..57060
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57421..57494
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57577..57672
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   57713..57858
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   unsure          57748..57813
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   58212..58400
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   58712..58799
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58947..59088
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59133..59224
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   59526..59733
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   59910..60081
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   62357..62427
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   63570..63925
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   64035..64164
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64169..64242
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   65287..65344
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   66257..66400
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   67246..67335
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   68653..68706
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   69195..69255
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   71855..72081
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73466..73649
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   76604..76671
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   76908..76992
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   77218..77322
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77852..78009
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   79740..79855
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79945..80085
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81064..81257
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   83386..83468
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83484..83594
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85338..85418
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   85505..85617
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   85650..85897
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   85820..85927
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   86030..86146
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89514..89653
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    90229..90266
FT                   /note="Unresolved homopolymeric repeat."
FT   repeat_region   90254..90400
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90963..91098
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91097..91135
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91138..92994
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92996..93340
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   93703..93849
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93860..93917
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   94600..94658
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   94659..94966
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   95080..95147
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95319..95590
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96113..96155
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   96521..96610
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   96719..96823
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   97138..97226
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   97208..97269
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   100896..101040
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103744..103796
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103865..103969
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103890..104078
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   104818..104913
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   105663..105762
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   105789..105992
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   106796..106938
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109246..109389
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110243..110428
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   114237..114382
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   117321..117609
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   117610..117880
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   117859..117883
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   117884..118002
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   118118..118242
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   120226..120400
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER17C"
FT   repeat_region   120477..120748
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   123511..123858
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123928..124073
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   124228..124366
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125029..125155
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   125356..125502
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125847..125967
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   126247..126347
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   126399..126453
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   127666..127860
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   127906..127989
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128107..128400
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   128716..128862
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129455..129582
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   129618..129818
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   130102..130183
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   130215..130273
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130502..130679
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(130603..130673)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=33.03 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-2.77)"
FT   repeat_region   130688..130865
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   131099..131166
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131844..132032
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   133838..134101
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   misc_feature    135254..135255
FT                   /note="Bacterial transposon insertion in clone excised
FT                   here."
FT   repeat_region   135626..135784
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136021..136424
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   138251..138305
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   138329..138529
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   138727..138925
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   139019..139297
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
SQ   Sequence 141017 BP; 36716 A; 33156 C; 33095 G; 38050 T; 0 other;
     gatcagatgt gggaaagcga tagggtagga gaacttggct gaggtgagca aagatttaag        60
     tacctgcaaa aggcagagat aattccagga ccacaaggaa atgggcattg tggttgagaa       120
     tgaggtcaga ggaaggacac agggacacgt gagtattgaa acttactgga atcccagagg       180
     aggtgggctt aatgtagcag ataagaacct tcctacaggc agtttacagg aggagagaga       240
     gagagagcaa cacagtggga ggcctccccc ttgatggcag gggctgtcaa cttgaatcat       300
     tgccatccgg aactgactaa gtgtcagagg ctgtgaaagt gccttgaaat gaatcatgat       360
     gtcatgacaa gtgtcagatg gaagaaagaa aactgagctg ccgagttccc aaactgtccc       420
     taagctggtt aaaggcaaat gcttcctgtt ttgttaaggc agcccaccta cttaactggg       480
     ttttgtttgt ttgttttttg ttttgttttg tcttatttat ttattttttt tggaaggggc       540
     aggtggtggt ggtaggggag gcagacaaag tgtcccacac atccctaatt gtccccaagc       600
     tccctatgta gccaaggatg cccttgtagg tacctctaac catttttgct ttcacctctc       660
     atgtttgggg atctcagaga tagaccactg tgttctgttt gtgctatgct ggggatcgaa       720
     cccaagacct tatgcatcct tagtaagaat tctgccaact gagctgcatt cccagcccca       780
     tcttgacttt taaaatattt aaaaattaaa acagttgctt tacacagttg ttttgttggt       840
     ttgtttgttt tcaagacagg gtttctctgt gttgccctgg ctgtcctaga agtcactctg       900
     tagaccaggc tggcttcaaa ctcagatctg cctgcctctg cctccagagt gctgggatta       960
     aagactagag ctaccacccc tcaccttgct tcacagttat aaaaacccaa aggcacaaaa      1020
     cagggaaacg tcattctcct gttgcttctg ctctgaaatc catctgccag tggcagcttc      1080
     tgtcaccccg ttaggtggag gttcccgtgg ctgctctcag cgtggagaag agtgtttgct      1140
     atgatgcaca tacggaggcc tggggacaat ttgcaggagt tggttttctc cttctagcat      1200
     gtgagttcca gggactgaac tcagctcatt aaccttagca gtgagtgtct ttacccactg      1260
     agccatcttg tcagtgcctg attccttctt tttaaagtga cagtggagat tggactgaga      1320
     ggacactgtg cgtgccaagt aagtgctcag ctgctgaact gctaaacccc tttgtgcttg      1380
     ttttgctttg ttcttttgag atagggttta gctttatatt cagtcaggtc tggaattctc      1440
     ttacctctac cttcctagtg ctgggattac aggcattcac ggccatacct ggctttgtta      1500
     ttattattaa tatcacataa tttcccatct aacagatgta tcatagttga cctagcctac      1560
     tattaatctt cagtgtttac tattacatat gatgttatgt aagctttatg aatactttgt      1620
     ttcctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag agagagagag agagagagag      1680
     agagagagag agagaatgag agaataggca tagggctgca aggtcaaagg tcttccaaaa      1740
     tatggagact gcttctctct ttttaaatgc acaatgtatg aacaggtgaa gccagcaggc      1800
     aaactattta tctgactgtt ggaaggaacc tggtcacaga gagtgttatt ttgctgttgg      1860
     ccttggctct tctagcacag aggcatgccc tatatttatg cttacatgca atacctttat      1920
     ttcatttcag atggccaagc ttagaaggtg ctagaaattg cagactaagt gggcaacatc      1980
     tgctgaggtc cctgggctca tgcattcgag gagagttggc aggtctgtct atttactttc      2040
     tgaaagttta catcttggac cagccttctt gtaggctaag ggttcctctg ctggatccag      2100
     ctcagcttga ccagagccaa gacagcccat atgtgcttcc ttctatgcca ccaatgtctg      2160
     tgaggaccag ggactgagat gacctggatg gatcacactc gaaacagggg cccccaaatt      2220
     ctacatcagc tagatgtctt ttgcactttt acctttaagt acaataggcc ttttgttccc      2280
     acgcacaggg cttgggaatc ctgttttccc acctgagtcc cttgtctgtg tagtgggaag      2340
     attatgaggg acaaatatgc cacagcacag tgcatggcgt cagtgccgtg ctgggtcatt      2400
     ggcttagctt ggaaggtcat ggaattattg gggattttta gcaacaggtc ctgtttcact      2460
     tccttgttcc acagaggctt ccagccccag ccagacacaa gtcctgctct gctcaacgtg      2520
     ctgggtgaga acaaagcaat ctctactgtc tccctaggcc catcctttgg ttaggagcag      2580
     gtctagagac tcctggcccc agagggtgac tttatttctg ctggacattt ctgcaagtga      2640
     ttgaggaagt tactcctctt gggaccttct ttcattactt ggaacgtgcc tgcaagactc      2700
     tgcttctggc ttgtatgacc tcttcttaat gacttgcttt ggccttgcat tcagagtatt      2760
     tctggtggac ttccagcatc agaggggctt atctggaggc tgttacagaa agcgtcttga      2820
     aacacagacc ttcatgccta gtctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ttcctttcat      2880
     cccttccctt ttcaaaacat tgtgagataa ttattcagaa gagtagaaaa acatatttta      2940
     aaaagaaatt gtaaagccaa tatttgagcc cttttcaccc aggaagaagc aggagattgc      3000
     aagcccctaa agccccaact gctccctgga ctgtcctctc tagtcccttt ctatgtggga      3060
     gctgcgggtt agatctccct tcctaaacca gtctggtaac ttttcattta cgtgtgtttt      3120
     ttcctgaaac atccatagaa gccctcactg catgcaggca cagctagtcc tgtcttctct      3180
     ctaaaaccat gctctcccat ctgtgttcca tttggcccct ttaccctttt cttcctcacc      3240
     attagtcacc gctcaccgcc aggcatgagt gcagcacatt tcctcttgta gatggaagca      3300
     attacagagg acaaacccca aatgtgccat taattataga cacaaagacg agttaccaaa      3360
     taccaggatc cacgaaatac agggggcatt caatatgtac ttttggacga atgagcttct      3420
     tggattcatc tctgttactc tgacctagaa ttctcttccc acagaagcca aggaagcctg      3480
     tcagctccct agctattcct tgcctctcct tgtctgactt gtctatcctc tgtttctctc      3540
     tctcttggcc cctctgggta gatatacaat acatagtgca gttgggagca gagaccatag      3600
     caggtagtga gagaatttga tacaaagatt tagcaacaga cttatgccct agagaaaagg      3660
     caagggaaaa gaaaaaccta caaggttgca gaagttgcag tcctagaaag ccttcgctcc      3720
     cctaggctgg agaacaagga ggaaagtctg tgatgtcatt gagaaaatct gtcattgtca      3780
     atcagaaact ttgaggagca acccataaag ctgaaggaga gctatctgag gagagaactc      3840
     agtgttggta tctctgatct tggaggagtc ctagacatct gttagggttt tcaacatggg      3900
     gagggcatgg tgggttcttt tggggaaact aagctgcatt cattggctgc catgggaagg      3960
     acttgctgct gtgattatgg agtcaagtgg gaggctgggg agtgctcaca gaatgggagc      4020
     cctgtcctgt ggcaagcagc aagcagatgg cagaagaggt gaatctcttt ctgaactcca      4080
     ggtctgtgct ctgcatttca cgggcagagc caactaggca agaaggatgc ggttgggcaa      4140
     gggaagagtt ctttctcagc atggtaaagt gggcccagag aacaggatga atctggggct      4200
     gagggtcaga gtttattgac tcacacaggc aggtagcagg gtaacacaag aactccccga      4260
     gaccactagc ttagatcata tcttccctgc tttgacccac acagaccaaa catcaactct      4320
     gagactggag agggagagat gctcctgggt caccttacag cttgtcagct gagcacatat      4380
     gtgcacagat cactacggtg ccaggtgcag acgaaaagtg caggcccttt atgtgaaata      4440
     cgatccattt aaagtcatcc actcccacac taaataattt ctctatttta gaatgagtga      4500
     tggggggagg tgggctttaa gaggcaaaac tgagttttga atagttctga aggctaggaa      4560
     ggagtcatcc atacaaaggt tatgaggaag aatagaccat ctatgacagt cacatgttta      4620
     ttctctgaga atgatacctg ctaagctcac gtgagaagtt cagaaaggtg acatgctttg      4680
     agaaaacaag agagaggctg aaggacagag aggatggaga agtcaacagg tcagcaggtt      4740
     ttaagcaagc acagcccaaa agccttgtaa aatgtatgga tttgaactga caagatggct      4800
     tggtgggaag agcagtttac acacagcctg atggggtcag tttgatctat agagcctgca      4860
     gtagaagcat ggatcaactc ctgaaagttg ttctttgata tccacatgta tgcatgccat      4920
     ggcatgtaca cacacgtgta catgcgcgcg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      4980
     cacacacaca cacatgacat gtttatacac acacactaaa aatttagatt ttattctaag      5040
     tgggattaga aacactggaa aggttctagg cacagagcag aagtgatctg atttatgcta      5100
     acgaatgaag aaacagataa aacttaaaac aaaaaccagt tgctccatgg agaaccaaag      5160
     tgaggatgaa aagagtgaga ctcagaagtg tttgcacatc tgtaattctc cttctggttc      5220
     tagaagggaa gagggtacct ctccccagag ctaagtcatt ctaaaaatcc atccacctgt      5280
     ccacccatcc atccatccat ccacccatcc accccttcat ccatccatcc atctatccat      5340
     ccatccatcc atctatccat ctatccgtcc accatctatc catcccttca tcatccatcc      5400
     atccaatcat ccatccacca tccatccctt catccatcta tccatccacc catcccttca      5460
     tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcaa tccatcatcc atccatccat      5520
     ccacccatcc actgtgggtg ctcttgcgat gaccatggtt catgtgtggc tgtcagagga      5580
     caacttgtca gagttctctc cttccatctt gcatgagtcc taaggattga actcaggtaa      5640
     tcaggcttgg cggcaagcac ttctacctga taagccacct tgccagccta ccatgagcta      5700
     aggaggagcc agatggactg taagaatacc aaaaccatgg ttgaaatcta aaatgcccca      5760
     ataggttcct gatttgaatg cttcttcagc agctggtggc aatattctga aggctatggg      5820
     acttgtagga ggaggggccg gactggtgga actagagcac caggggcagg actggaaggt      5880
     taaaactgat ctcgagccct gcttcacaag tcttctgggg tgtcacccat acagttccca      5940
     cgccacaagc tgagctgtac taccaagcag aggttgacga agccccttga aactgttcta      6000
     aaatgaacga gtcacccacc tgtccatcaa tccaccatcc atccatccat ccatccaccc      6060
     atccactgtg ggtgctccag gtatcctgtc accttgaaac aaaagtaaat aagacaggga      6120
     ggggtgagat tccctgactg cacatagcaa ccacacagag actagatgca tccagttctc      6180
     gataatgaga aattgcaatg ggaagtgact gactgaatta acacagaaaa aaagaggcaa      6240
     gaagcacctc acacagcagt ctgcctcttg gtatccttgg ctatctctct cttccttgtc      6300
     tctggaatct gacaagtatt ccttccattg atgaatgcag cactggtgac gggaacttcg      6360
     gttgtcctgt tcttggtccc aaagagtaaa ctctcccttt tcttcatctc ttcctctgtc      6420
     agtccatttc tgtcattttc tttctctttc tgtaatcact aacactgttg gtcatcacct      6480
     tcatcaccac catcaccata atcactctca ccatcgtcac catgatctcc attaccacca      6540
     ttatcatcat cgttgccacc actatctttt atccctcttc tctacaccgt ctttattgtc      6600
     ctacctctgt ttttcctttc tcaggcaaaa ggggtcattt attagctaat atactgcaag      6660
     actgagatgg ggacctgttt ggttttgtgt atgatcacac taagcaccaa tatctatgtc      6720
     tctgttctgt atggtggctt ctgtcttggg cagattctgc ttagagactg aagcaaatag      6780
     cctcaagaag tccagagtta gcaaacctgg gggcaggggg tggggggagc gggtgtcctt      6840
     tatctgatac ttccagtaag tctgggagat aatctgctgt tcatggacag ccttggccgt      6900
     atgcccaatg gtgcagtcac tgaggcgtta tcaccagcct gacctgaatc acttgttatc      6960
     ctctgggggg gaatgtggtt ggtgaggtca gccctgtgtg aaccacatga tgttatttaa      7020
     agtgtttatc cgtagagcag cagtgttgat atctgaagtg taagaaaagg atgcttggca      7080
     gaccagtaca acagttatct gctacaggca gcatttgacg tgggcttcag taataaaatg      7140
     gaagagcatt ctgggaggag ctgaggacaa gcccaaggtg tggactgggg acagttaacc      7200
     agcaggctgc cctgtgcccg gggttggggt tgggggtggg atggggtgct tcaggacagc      7260
     aaaggaggca gagactgcct gtgttgtttt tcagaagctc ccgttgtgac tcttactgtc      7320
     acggctgttc tcatcttttg agttccatga tggaagaatt taaataaacc caaagacaca      7380
     aaacagacca gataaccaac acacatgggc ttgccacccc gcttcccagt tataaatggt      7440
     ctgccggttt taagttgctg accttccctc gtggagtgcg ctaagacaaa ccccagacac      7500
     cacgtcatgt ttcctctaac cctgtccagc attacatcag tcggttgttc atagctgtga      7560
     cgtaataccg gagacaaaca gcttaaagaa agtactttac tctgccttac agatccagag      7620
     gtttctgttc atgatccccg ggcagtgtgc tcctgggctg gtagaacagc gtggtggagg      7680
     aaagctgctc ccctcgtggc ggccagaaag cagggagacc ggcgtgaagg ggccagggac      7740
     gaatacatct ttctaggatg tatttgttac ttttctcatt atagggcaaa acatctggca      7800
     atgtagactt gaagagttta tttcggctca caatttggga gtacatgcag ggaagcacgg      7860
     ggcaagtgtg agggtggggc aggacaaaga ggcagctggt cttgttgtac tacagtcagt      7920
     aagcatagag atggattctc aacattcagc tcttttcttt cctcctcttc tctttgttat      7980
     tcgtaaagga ccccagtctg ttgaatgaca ctgtccatat tcaggcaaaa tttctaccct      8040
     ctttagaaac accaagatgt gtatctccta gataattcca aatctagtca cgttgaaaat      8100
     gaagagtaac ctatacatag gggatgaccc cagtcaccta cttcttccaa tgagaccctg      8160
     tgtctcacag ttctatcacc ctacatagta tagtctattc aagtttaaaa catattaatt      8220
     aagcctgcca tagtagatca tacatttaat tccagcactg agagtcagaa tcaagtggat      8280
     ctctgtgatt ttgagaccag cctggtctag acagtgagtt ctgggacact gctagagttg      8340
     tctcaaaaaa aatccatcaa attacatctt gtgtcccata gacccccctc aaataccaag      8400
     gctattgtca aggatattgg ttagtcttca taacttgatg gtaaagccct gttgctgaag      8460
     gcagaactta tgtttttgaa catggtgaaa tcgagctggc tcccaactag aagcttcacc      8520
     cctgctgact ggcatgaaga gtgctgagga atacccaaga tacagtcaca gaccatatga      8580
     agcttaagaa gaagaaagaa caaaatgtgg atgcttcagt ctttcttaga aggggtaaca      8640
     aaatactcac ggaaggtaga gggtaggagg gacttgggat gaagagagga gggagagggg      8700
     gagaaagggg gcaagatcag gtatgagagg aatcagggat gatatacaga gggtcaggaa      8760
     tttgaacaga ggtgggtagc aatgggggat ggggaactgg gggcctggag gtagccacca      8820
     tcaagtccca gatgctagga aagcaagagg ctcccaggac acaacagggt taaaatgcca      8880
     aacaaagggg agggagaacc tgtagagacc atacccagag gttctgcaag gctcctggtt      8940
     ggggggtggg accagccact catctccaaa ttcttaaccc agaagggctc ctgtctaaag      9000
     gaaatagggg gacaaagtgt ggagctgaga ctgaaggaaa ggccacccag agactgcccc      9060
     acctaggtat ccatcccata tacagtcaac aaacccagac actattgcag aggtcaagaa      9120
     gtgcttgtgg acaggagcct gttatagctg tcccctgaga ggctctgcca gagcctgaca      9180
     aatacggagg cggatgcttg cagccaacca ttggactgag catggggtcc ccaatggagt      9240
     agttagagaa aggactgaag gagctgaagg ggtttgcaac cccacaagag gaacaataat      9300
     atcaaccaac cagacccccc agagctccca gggactaaac caccaaccaa agagtacaca      9360
     tagagggacc catgactcca gcctcatatg tagctgagga tggcattgtc tggatcaatt      9420
     ggaggagaag cccttggtcc tgtgaagact tggttccacc agggcggtga ggtggggagt      9480
     agttgggtgg aagggggagc atcctcatac gggcaggggg agggggtatg ggagggggtt      9540
     tcagagggga aatccggaaa gggaataaca tttaaaaagt aaatatataa aatatccaat      9600
     ttaaaagaaa agaaaattac attgtgcatt gctgaaggag aaaaataaat gtcaatatca      9660
     cccagctaca aactctgtga cctacaacag agagctgcct gaaagatatg ctggtgtaat      9720
     agtggcacac atgttatgga cataaccaac tgcttttata aaaattggat gtcaggttca      9780
     ctccatgaga tggtgctcat cgcttctaaa gacctaaact tagcagtggc caagaccctg      9840
     agactagaaa ggtcacaagg gtaggagaag cctacttctg ttgttctgat aaagaaacat      9900
     agcaataaaa ttactcgtaa tggcatatta tgacataggc acaccactct catcagagaa      9960
     gtagaaggtt gtcaacacag agatccacaa cttgacagtg ggcagagagt aagagacttt     10020
     ggatcaactc agctttgaat gggatgcttt ttttcaaagc tctctcttta actgagggat     10080
     ctatgtggaa gaataggttg taggtggttt ttggctactt tgtgggttct ttcttccacc     10140
     cttctccatc ccctttcttc aaccctttca acccgctaat aagagagaaa agaaggatag     10200
     aggtaaaagg aaagagctcc ccgaataaag tcaggtgtca gagatggggt gatgttatca     10260
     ttagactact tcctgccaat taggggcatc tggtcccttg ggacaaattt gatctttgct     10320
     gtcagaatat ctaatttctt cttgttgttt cttctttgca catgactact tgacaaactg     10380
     caaccaccaa caaccaacca acaacccacc acacctctcg aggccctagt acttatatac     10440
     cttctgaaaa gtccccggaa ttacagatgt cacataatca gagaactatc tgcagctggc     10500
     aaaatcatgc ccctactaga gcacgaggca aatcatagtc acctgctgtg aagcagcccc     10560
     atatccccac acctgggatt aaaacaaaaa cacattctta taatatttct gtggtttttt     10620
     ttaatgaaac caaaattcta gaattctcac tatagtaggt agaaagaccc taagagctac     10680
     atatggtgga tgactccaaa gacataaagt cttttagaca caacaggact gacacacata     10740
     tgaactcagt gactgtgaca gcacacacaa gatcttcaca ggttcaaacc agactaagtg     10800
     ccagcacaga gtaggggaag tagatacata gccctacccc taaccaagaa ggttttacaa     10860
     ttaatacctg ctgagaaagg aaacaaaatc agttttctca aatggtgtct cactggttat     10920
     atcagccaca cacaagggca gcctccatgt ccaggaatag ttggccagca caaaatatac     10980
     tccatgtctt tgtgtatgtg agtgtgcttt ttgtttgtat tcattggctg ctgctgctgc     11040
     tcctcctcct cctcctcctt ctcttcctcc tcctccttct ccttctcctc ctcctcctcc     11100
     tgtttcatca tcatcatcaa tcttactagt ttcctatagt ttagttttgt tagctttgat     11160
     tttccttgtt tgttttgtct tatctttaag aaagagagaa agaacttgaa gttgggtgga     11220
     taaagaggtg aggaccgtct gagagaagtt gggaaggggg aagaatatga ttaaaatgta     11280
     taaaatattt aaataaataa attaaaccca taatccatca acaaaggcag aggcctcatg     11340
     atccagtcac ttttctgaag ctccatctgt gcatccaaat ccgttgtcaa ccatcacaaa     11400
     tgtctttcta agtcacagag acacttaaag cctgtagcta tgacgcaccg ccacatttaa     11460
     cactactgtt aatgtgttct cacaattcat ttgggttcaa actatttcat tttttttcaa     11520
     actactttca taagttgttt gtttgaggta aagtccaaac cctggccaca tcttgtattt     11580
     gttgaaaaaa aaatttaact tttttctttt taatagactt ctatttgaag gttaatttca     11640
     agtctattta gtgtataaca ttctctctta catttctcat ggaaatgcta cttatttgtt     11700
     gaagaaactg gatctttctg ggtttggttg gctatcacct caatatcatg aaggtgtggt     11760
     ttaacatatt tctatctttg aatgttagct gtaaactgga gggtggtata gatgccggat     11820
     tatattttgg gtctgttttc ttttctttct tgttttggca agacaccttc ttagtgacaa     11880
     gtttgctatg gtgtcctaca aggaaacatt cagcatttgg ctcttctaaa gggaacactt     11940
     tcaagttttc atctttagga aagattcttg ttgtgcgata ttttttggta ggtactaagt     12000
     attaggccta atatatttat tcttcatttg ataaaatttt gtaaaacttg ttttcaggac     12060
     ttcaattcac taagccttgt ttctgtatct attttatttt ctgattttga aaaaaatatt     12120
     ttctttctat cctcatagaa caagacagga aactgcgccc catttttcct gttctttgga     12180
     agagtttgtg ttggatggaa cgttgtcttt gagtgttttc gtagggtttg cctgtaagtc     12240
     tttctccacg gacctgctgt ttttcttgtg ggagcatttt aaaccactta cacgccttca     12300
     gaccttttag gatttttttc cttcttgagt ttacttggtg agttatattt tcctacaaat     12360
     ttgtttattt catctgagtt ttcaaagtta ttggcattgg attttcataa ttcctcttaa     12420
     tttcaccttt cacatgatag cactatttat accttcatga actttttcta gtcaacattg     12480
     cctagggaag cagttcctag cctatggatc acgacctctt tggggtcaga tgaccctttc     12540
     atagggattg cctaacacaa tcggaaaaca cagataattc cattatgatt cataacagta     12600
     gcaaaactac agttatgaag tagcaacaaa aataatttta tggttgggga ccaccacaat     12660
     atagaaactg tattaaagga tcgcagcatc aggaaggccg agaaccactg ctctggcatg     12720
     tctcagtttt catagtcttt gactttgttg accttctctg ttctagactt tcctcttacg     12780
     aaccaagcat gatggcacat gcttgtaatc ccagcactca ggatgtggag gcaggaggat     12840
     cagagctaga gatcaccctc cactacaaag taagctcaag gccaacctgg aattcaggac     12900
     accagctcaa aattaaattc caaccttttt tttcttgatg tttttaatct ctacatctta     12960
     ttagttcgtt ctttctggtt tactgtgttc tggcttactt ttctatactc tgaagctgcc     13020
     atcttagctt ttcttctttg tccaaaataa tatttcatgg atactaatct tatttttaaa     13080
     gtcttgcttc agatacattc ctaaacttct gaattataat ctcctcatta caaaacagtt     13140
     tgaaaatata gcctatattt atttaaacca attcctattc taatttcttt ttggaaataa     13200
     attactgcct tatgattctt cttaagcagc gagttttaac ttgtattcag tggaatgcac     13260
     agatgataga tctacttgga caggttcaca tgcacatata gatgcatgca ggagcccaaa     13320
     gaggccagaa gaagatgtct gatcccccgg agtgggagtt ggtagtggtt gggagctgcc     13380
     tagtatggat ttattttagc ttttctactg tctcagctga attcttgatg tggctcaaag     13440
     cagagttgtt cagatttcca acagcgcctc cctactgtgc atgctcaagc atgtttctca     13500
     gctcggagtt ctctccactc atgcagaatc aactgctcca tgagaggtct gtgcagaatt     13560
     gggggctcct tctctacaca gaatcatcct ggccagtacc cagttcccca atccctgacg     13620
     tctatttctt ccttctgtga gaccactagt ttttgtagac ttgtgattct caacctgtgg     13680
     gtctaaaccc ctttgtggtt cacatatcag atatcctgca tatcagatac cctgcttatc     13740
     agatacttac attatgattc ataacagtag caaaattaca gttatgatta gcaatgaaat     13800
     aattttatgg ttggggtcac cacagcatga ggaactgtat taaggggtca cagtattagg     13860
     aaggttgaga accactgcct agagacattt attctctgta cagaggtttg ggaagaagcc     13920
     tgaggcaaga ggctgaaggg gacctggtac ttgcctctca cattcctact gtatatataa     13980
     tagcaactgt tggcagctgt ccacgtgatg gatgtgtgaa cacattcagt atggtccttt     14040
     ccctccctat taaactttga gatgtttcta tgtctagaag aagggagttc tttgagtaag     14100
     gccggtgatg gatgatgggg agcaagggag ttccaggtta caacttgggg ttagggcagg     14160
     cttgtccggg cgatggagag gacctggagt ttcttgtgca gaggcagcca taggtcacaa     14220
     gtgtgagtaa aaccatcaca tggtggagat tcttccgccg ttttccatca gaagcagaga     14280
     tagcatcagt ctgtgatctt tagatgaccc gatcctttaa aacggttggc gtggaatcga     14340
     ggaaacgcta taaggatagc tttcaatatt tgatacaagt ttctcagtga tggagctggg     14400
     tctgcacttt cacaagttgg gtgctggctt ttatggagga gagcacatga cttcctttga     14460
     gaagccttcc ggctctcatg gtagacgcac cctcctgggt ccagctcctg caaggcccct     14520
     gctcttggta acagaacaca gcagttggaa ctgcagatcc tggcagcact ttattcgggg     14580
     ccttgacaca gctttgtcgc tagcttgctc tgagatggag agaacaacac tcctttctgt     14640
     ggtggattta atccttctcc agctcactga cctcccgacc ccaccactct ggaagaggta     14700
     atctcagtag aacagagtta tcaggaaaac ctccatccat ctggctgaac agcttttcaa     14760
     aaaccaccac atttatttag ttatttactt acttacttta aaattatgtg tatgcgtatg     14820
     tgtctatgtg ggaatccgtg cacataagag caggtgcctg tggaggtcag aagagggcat     14880
     cggatcacct ggagctggag ttactggcag ttgtcaaccc ccaaggtgga tgctgggaac     14940
     tgaatgaccc ctgcaggaac ggtatgcatt cttaactact gagccatctc tccaggcctc     15000
     atttaacatc tttagattat atgttactca tcacttcaga gcctctgttt tctgacctat     15060
     aacatgccag agtactatgc tcatgaagaa gaaataagac aataaacaga aacgaagtaa     15120
     caacgtgtcc ctttctttat ctcctacacc tgtgtatctc acatttatga ggcatcataa     15180
     tttccccggt cttggtctgt agagcacatt ccttcccact cccagcttct tatccatctc     15240
     cacagctctg aaccagtggg tttagggtgc aagcacaggc tgtgcacttt ttatgggggc     15300
     tctgagtaat tgtaccatgg taggtgggcc ccatcagcag acattgtata agccccctga     15360
     gcatcctctg atgcactagg cacagctctt gcacttggaa gtttgaaaga aaacaaaagg     15420
     aatagacagg tgaaggctag caaaccaaat ggcctgtgct tctgcagcca agcagccccc     15480
     aagaaggtct ctccatcacc cacaggggta aggctttcgg gaaaagccag cccttggcag     15540
     cccagccctg gtggaaagtt cggtgtggtc agatcatgtt tttcagctct tgcttgactc     15600
     tccagaggtt ctgttttgac aggtgtaccc aggattggtg tagtattgcc agctcagccc     15660
     tggcctgggg aatggagctg ggggaggggc aggagctttg cccagcccca tcctgttctg     15720
     caggaaggag gaggggttgc cagcaggacc tgagaaggtg agtctgtagt tttcagaggt     15780
     actgagagac atggttcagg catgccgcct ctaggaagcc ccacattctc cttggggaac     15840
     ccaggaataa tttcagggct ttgtacactt tggaattaaa ggcacaccaa caccgaagtc     15900
     catgcttcga ctctaggagc tgaaatctca caggctatca tctgactata aaggttcaaa     15960
     ctttattatc tcggctctag tgagatccag tgaagcaact gagcagaatg gggggagggg     16020
     aagtagggtg ggggagggga aggaagacag cttgataaag tcagataaat gtgagagtcc     16080
     aggcccaggg cagtcaagac cacccactct ctgttttctg aagaagaact tgaaggccca     16140
     agaggcctgt tctgggccta cagtcccact aggaggaaag gtccagcagg gctggagcag     16200
     gacctgtccc agctctcggt ccactgacga accctgtcag gtagcccacc ctcctctcag     16260
     acaagtagca gccatctcac cagatctcat gagtaacccc ccttagatca ggctgtatgg     16320
     ttctgactgc ccactcctaa gccccagtca gctccttaga attccaatag aattgaagaa     16380
     aatagttcag atcctctaaa ggactgtgtg acaacatggg acagagggac gaaagaaata     16440
     gctagaggac cagcctctca caatgcagga aagcgtgctg gctgcctgct ctgagtgttc     16500
     attggcagag tggcaagcat ccatgaagcg tatgaagctt agattctgtg tgatgatccc     16560
     cacctgggtg agggctggcg tcgttggagg aataactgct gggtaccctg attgattgac     16620
     agatagacag cttctgggta ccctgattga ttgactgaca gttgctgtca tcatcacctc     16680
     agtgtagcta tcaggaaatc actaagccta actgaagcca tagggttggg cttaagactg     16740
     gataagctta agtccttagc tcccatgtga ggatgcagga caatggtggc catgtgcaaa     16800
     ccaggaagag ctgccacctt ggttttaacc ttcccagcct cttgaactgt gagaaaacac     16860
     atttctgtta ttggaaccat gcaatccgag atgttttcta gtggcagttg aggagaccaa     16920
     ataccctggg taactggcca gaagatctcc ccagcaatct cgtgggagga aatgagagag     16980
     tggttaaaca gcatgcccaa gtctgtctca gcatggggag cagacgtgag cttctcagat     17040
     aaagtcatgc aacactgtcc tgttattcca gtacctgctg gagttggctg ctagcttgcc     17100
     tatagttcat ctcactctgc agattctgtt gtcactcagc cctggtccct ccctccacct     17160
     atctgctggt acagctctct gggtcaggta aacccttgac tcaaggggtc agcaatgggg     17220
     ctttcaccta gatcctagga attacagctg aagggcaagg cccatgggtg gccaatctta     17280
     gtcctgttct gttgggcctc atgaaaccag atgttggtca gggaaaggag acaggtttag     17340
     agataaaagt agccactgag agacggagag atgagagagc agtcagatat ctgagggagg     17400
     agggaatgtt ttatgtctta tcccagtaat cataggatta gatatccttc tggttccata     17460
     gcccctagct tacccacagt ccccttccag gaggggaccc tgtgaatgca tgtatgggct     17520
     cagtggtttc tgacttttat ctgtgccctt aaatcaagtg gttcttcaag ccacatagtc     17580
     aggggctggt ttataacagc tgagtcctct taggaccttt ttgtatcttt gctcttatgg     17640
     tttagatcga gttggttttt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt     17700
     attgttttat gtcttgtctc tcattttatc ccctaagccc atcccttgga attggcccca     17760
     gatctggctt tgctagactt ttactttgag acgctggctg atattctctc ttggactctc     17820
     ctttatccag ggcctggcct aattcttccc ctaccagtag tgtggcaacc agtagttcaa     17880
     gttctcagga ggtttgcttg taatcgagaa gcatgaggag actccactga catgtctttc     17940
     ctgttgtcct tgagctactt acgtgggtgt cacccttctg aacgtgccct gacttatcac     18000
     tgagactagc cctctccact cggagttctt attactgaga cttaccaccc cctggctccc     18060
     ctagacttct tccttctttc cctgtttagc tttatgcaag gctatagcca tgtctgcctt     18120
     tgctaggaaa cgtgaccaca ttggactcta ggctttgctc actctcgtgg cccataagca     18180
     gtgacatcag tgacccacat atgtcaggtg ccgtgggaag gatatttctc agtgccacat     18240
     ggatgggcaa ggctcatagg tgggagtctc aggtcagttc ttccacgttt tgactcctac     18300
     tgagcacccc tgatccaaac ataccccacc cacatcaaac cagtagcagg ctttgtacca     18360
     ggtcatgctt gacttagcaa atgaacccac tctcccgtaa aacccctagt agagcaggcc     18420
     ctgactgatt tccagggaac caagttgacc tctgttcttt ctcacttgga gcaagactag     18480
     cctggtcttt tcctcctttc tgttctgttt ctttgactta aagagcacaa gtagaatcag     18540
     gaagcatccc tctagggtct gggcctgttc tattttccac tttcatttta gccaatagct     18600
     acagggtcca gctgtggctt ttccagcttg gccttgccat tagggtaatt cctcagactt     18660
     ttctttgggc ttcactgcca accactagga actccaagaa gacctctcaa ttctcagatt     18720
     ctgcaataga acccttgaca gggatacatc tctgaaggtc aatatgaaat ggctccctga     18780
     agaggtcaca tcctccggtt ggatataaac actagaagac acatccctac tggaaacagc     18840
     tctttactgg gtcagcgata ttgtgttgca tgatattttc atatgtagac aggacaatta     18900
     tacagcaggg gtagatgggt cgtgcaagcc agttgcacac tgatattgat gaagaaggta     18960
     gcacagagcc tttgaacagg aagaagaaga caggtctctg aggcagggca agagaggaca     19020
     cagctctagc ctctgcccag gagtgtttga gtctgctgga gtatgaagga tcagggcagc     19080
     tctacaaaat gagtcaagga aatgcaggcc tttcccagca tccctttctg ccagtgtatt     19140
     caagaagttc atgaaagacg agaagtaaca tctaaggttc cttgtgcacg ttcagccttt     19200
     cgcatgcctg gtccagcttg ctgttcatgt gggaaagaac tccagccatc ttaggtcatt     19260
     gtggggtgag gtcattgtgc atctgtctca ggtcaaccaa gaggaggagg caagagctgc     19320
     cgtgttacca gcttcttcct ccttggctat tactgggagt aagacaaggc agagtaggtt     19380
     gaacaagtgg tggctttgga gaggggagtt ttcccctgat atgtcctccc acctccagcc     19440
     ctgtggtctt cctgggagct ggatagaagt caagcagagt gctctgggac ctgtaggttc     19500
     ttgacctgcc gatgaaactc tgcttgggtt tcttccaggc cactcttgag atgcagaggt     19560
     aagactgaaa agaggaattt tctggacatg tgaataaaaa ctctctgaac ttgtcagggt     19620
     cagtatccat gcataaggcc tgggaatgcc agccaggcag acttctcttg ccctgtgtgg     19680
     atcaaggcag ctccacatga ttctaccgtg actgttatgt gtcgagggag ggggaaagag     19740
     gggaggctgc tatccctgga gtttcattta taatgcccca aaagtttccc tggatttttt     19800
     ttttcttcaa gacttggctc gcatgggtgt taagtcattg cagagaccag agtagttacc     19860
     atccaagaga tctaagacat tcttccccag gtagctatcc cttcccccac cagcaggctc     19920
     tcacagcctt tccttctaac cagccataga aacccaatag actccccttt agtcagcaga     19980
     aaaaagtagg gggaggtgag ctgttttcct atggtacagt cattattggg aagcttaagg     20040
     ctatgcagtc agctctaaga gacaccctcg tattaggatc aaagaacaat gattgtagca     20100
     acccttctgg ctgctttctc tgaccctcac ctctccaacc tgcatggcag catcaggcca     20160
     aagacttttt tcagtagggg ctctggttcc ctggtggacc tggaggtcca ggtagtccag     20220
     ggggaccctg gatgcctggt tcacccttag gccctgtggc ccctcgctgg cctggtgacc     20280
     ctgtctttcc tgaaattcct ggctttccct gaggccctga aggtcctgga gaccctgggg     20340
     gcccctctgg ccctaggggc cccacatccc ccttggggcc tggctgcccc cttggtcctc     20400
     cagtgccaaa gctgcccttt gagcctttga ggcctggaaa gcctctgggg ccagctggcc     20460
     ctctttctcc cacaggtcct ggctccccag gctgcccctg aggaccctga ggtcctgggg     20520
     gtcccagatt gccaggatcc cctttaggtc ctctgctacc aacaggtcct ttcacgcctg     20580
     tatctccttt gagtcctctt ggtcctggag ggccggggac acctaggatc agatagaaga     20640
     agagacgagt cactctcaag actttctgta tgcagagtgg gcacaggggt agctgaggtt     20700
     tagacagaca cttggcttag agctgccacc tttgggctac taggtgattg ctttactatt     20760
     gccaaagtgg ggggttagac cagcgtgttc tatgcaacag aatgaatcaa tgtcttgcac     20820
     tgggtctggt atactgcttg ttaacactcc catttctgac tccaggcact cctgcagctt     20880
     cacacacacc cagcaggact gagggcatgg ttctgctggg gaaaggccac aggaatccca     20940
     gatgctccca tcgtgtcccc aaggcagcct ggccttctag atctactccc tgtcctacat     21000
     cctgtgacct gttggtccac tgggatcagg agtgtgcaat cagggacaca gaggataagg     21060
     ggaagaaagt aaggtgaggt ttaactcaca gaagcatccc aaagaaaggc tatctctccg     21120
     gaaatcccac tctgccaatt ccagcctcat ctatgagcct ttgagggtgc tgtttttgag     21180
     cctctctgtg tggtgacaca tagagaaatc agtatgatga aagccagcaa tatatgtgta     21240
     tcctatggac tctggtaaac cacagagtcc cggagagaca acaaggacca tttctcacca     21300
     tcttagcact ggacacagag tctgccatgc agtcaggaaa gctgagagtt tgttaggaga     21360
     ggctgttact catgctcttg aactttattt taggcctgat gatgatggtg tggaagagac     21420
     atgacttgca gcatggaggc ctcaccagga gttgaaagat ctcccttcct cctatctgtg     21480
     taaggctgag agtcatcact tcttagatca gtaccaaccc tgagggcacg tggcagacag     21540
     tggctgcccc tctgtcaggg tgtgcagaat gctcacaggt gacagagcat gatctgagat     21600
     gagggcaaag attgtggaga aaagagctct caccagtgtg gaggcaaggc ttggtgtgga     21660
     cctgtttttt ttttttttcc tgtggtctct gggggtgggg ttggggaggg gcagtgagcg     21720
     tcagggctga tgggaactgt gagtcccaga gcctggctca gatctccaca agaactgagc     21780
     tgacacctca gacccttttg cagtgtcaaa aggttttacg ctaaatccca ttgctaggct     21840
     ggggaggagt ctggctggta aaaatgcttg ctgcttgaag gatctgagtt tgatccctag     21900
     agtttgtgtg aaaaagctgg gcataatggc acgtgcctag tcccggatag tcccgggatg     21960
     gtggatccct tgggtctttt tggcacacgt gcacacgagc aattctaagg acttctcaaa     22020
     tggagactag aactgagcgg aatctttgag ggaagggatg atgagtgttg aaacctgaaa     22080
     gctctctaag ttgccagact cttatttact ctgtggccct gggtcacctt catgcttgct     22140
     aatgggacct gctgccccac gttgcttacc ctctgctgtt ccccgcatct ccttctcaaa     22200
     atgtttctat gtggcagtgg aaccaggtca gtgaatatct attatgaccc aaactagaaa     22260
     ccagagcctg accagtcagc ctcaccagag ccaataaaaa ccttccagtc tgctcccgcc     22320
     actgcctgcc atgggacaca gctctgcctc agctcacgtg gcatgccagc agaggtggtt     22380
     taaggctgag gacagctggt gggtcatagt agcagcctgg cattagagaa accaagagat     22440
     ggggggcctg ccctttgatt tccagagagt ccctcattgc agttaccagc ccagcacagg     22500
     cccaagccga tgcccacact gggtctccct ccctcagcct ggcaggtctc tctgggaact     22560
     ggcaaactca cagtgcctgt ccttattctg ctcctggcat ctggaccagc taagatttgg     22620
     agaagcagag ggccattcaa cagtggagag gccctgtaaa gccgtgtggc tgatggagcc     22680
     atgctgagca atccaagcct tactaaatat catctgtaat acagctgaat tgattttaaa     22740
     cacgtcccgc ttaaggtgtt cttaacttaa cattgcaaaa ctgagtgtca aagagccgtg     22800
     tggctctacg gccccttgtc ctgaacccca ccccatccct gtgacaaggt gggtacttgc     22860
     ttcatgcctc tttgcctgtt cctgcttctc tggattcttc ctccacccgc cacaggaata     22920
     ggggatgtcc aagagtcttc tccaagtccc ctggctctct actctttttt acttcaggtg     22980
     ggagtgactg cacgccatgc cctctctcag aaatctcatc ataacaaggg tgctctgccc     23040
     tacccccagg gcatctgcta caccccactt tctccttggg gcccggtttc tccaatacca     23100
     ctgtcttctg gaaacagtct cttccttaac ccagaggatt acagcagcca ctgtgagggt     23160
     atctaggctc tccatgccag cagcaaagga gaaaaggcag agccaaaagt ctgctgtgcc     23220
     tgctacacca ccagtcattc cctgggactt tccaggacag agctgagtct tcttttccta     23280
     ggaagagagt atgtgcccat catgcttagg gtatacattt gaagagaagt ctcagctctg     23340
     tcataccccc atttggttgt cccaagcatg agtataaaag gccagcactg ctattccagc     23400
     cctgaagacc cagatgaatc ccaggcatca tcaggaggac aaatgatggg cctctctccc     23460
     aggcttcctc ccacagacac cacctttgcc cccagcaccc ccacaaatgg atttctggtc     23520
     tctttcatcc agtttggagc tgtctgggga aggggtgggg ctctagaacc cttctctgaa     23580
     gagcactgag cgatccatca agggtaggga gagccaggca tgatggctgt aagctgagca     23640
     cttgagaagc agacaggagg attgggagtt ctgggccaca tagagtctgg gtagctagat     23700
     aacaagactc tgtctcaaga aacagctctt gcctagcatg tgcaaggtcc tggattctat     23760
     ccttggtact tacatttaaa aggggggaag gggatgaaag gttcttttct tagattctca     23820
     ggtgatccta agaattgtga gctggaggag cccagcctat ccaggaacaa agtcaacaac     23880
     cagcagttag cacagtggga tgactcaagg ctgacaccaa ggctcccact aggatggggt     23940
     ttcaatgacc tgtcaataag acactggtgt gagcagagta cagagcagag aagaggaagg     24000
     ctcaaaactg ctctgagcag ccaagaagca aacaccagca tggtgattga ggtaaggagt     24060
     tccagggagg ccggtcatta tttaggatgc tacagactat aattaggctc ttgggcccat     24120
     taggaagtaa ccacaactga ctgcatgtct gaggtaagta gagtgggtgg tggttctgtg     24180
     gtccatactg aggattaggg aagatgaaag aaatgggagt ggccagaaaa atctagtatc     24240
     ttaaggcatg ctgctaccca tccatggtat agtgatggta tagaggggtc catggtgcct     24300
     cccatagtcc acttactaag acagaaggaa ctagaaatac aagagatgtt ccttgagtgt     24360
     ctagcccagt ggaagatgcc ctgtcttgaa ccctgagacc caggttggaa tgccaactct     24420
     ggcattagtg tgttcggtag ctggacttga tctctcccac ctctttttat ctattcaata     24480
     tcttcattgt tctcagccag ggagtctcag ttgtagctat gatcacccaa agaacattgg     24540
     gaaaatgctg gcggacttgt gtgtctgttg aggatgggct ggtgtgaaac agtttacact     24600
     gccaaccaag ggttaagagg actgtcagag atgaggcaga gcatcttccc aggagctctg     24660
     gagtgatgcc aagttctgag atcctaggag aagtgggtac ctgatgccag ttgcttttcc     24720
     tctcaaggta ccatggggag taattgttcc atatagagag gctgggaaat ggaagagtgc     24780
     agccagggca ctggagacaa ctctaagcag ctttacaagg ctggccaaaa gacaaaaatg     24840
     ggactcacgg ctactggtgc ctcttcactg ccaactgcat acaaaacccc tgtgccaaac     24900
     agagcaggac agtctgtcct ttctttaaaa aattgtctat caaccatcta tgtatctatt     24960
     tatttatcat gtatgtattc atctacctat ctatgtatct atctatgtat gtatctatct     25020
     acatatctat ttatctatca tgtatgtttg tatctatgta tatacctatc tatgtatcta     25080
     tatatctatc tatgcatcta tcatctaaca atctatttat ttattccagt gtatagtgta     25140
     gtgcttgcat tatatgtgtg agcatggggt tggaggtcag aggacaactg ctggagtcag     25200
     tttctcttcc tttctttcag gtcctagcag ttgaactcca gttatcagat ctggcagcag     25260
     caggcacctt agcctgatga gtcatcttgc caaccttcct gttcccttct tagcatgtca     25320
     acttctgaat ccttataggt cacagcagga tatagcaggt ggtacttatg gaacaagtct     25380
     gcatggttcc tctgcacact tggcatcttc cctctgttca aactttcatt tattcattca     25440
     ctgagcaaac acttcaagag tgccttgcag tgaactgtta aacatctgtg aataggacaa     25500
     ggagtctatg tcatcaataa cttcactttg taaggatgcc ttcggttaac atagccttct     25560
     taggttgaca ttattgctgg cactgatcct cacaactacc tttgtggtat aggcagggcg     25620
     ggtattaatg atcttgttta tgccggtcag ttttaattgt caatgagata caatctagag     25680
     ttgcctctaa agagagtttt aataaggaat tatctagatc aggatggtct gggggcaggt     25740
     atatagggga ttgttttgat tgttaattga tgtaggaaga tagagtccct tgtgggcagc     25800
     accattccct agcaggggtc cctgaacagt attagagagt agaaacctag ctgagagtgg     25860
     acaagcaatt aagcaagtgg gcctgcatgg attcacttct ctctgctctt ggctgttggt     25920
     gggatgtgat gagctgcttg agttccaacc tcgacttccc ctcagtgatg agctgtaatc     25980
     tggaattgaa agctgaataa gccttttcct tcttaagttg cttttcatca cagcaacaga     26040
     aattaaagta gaacacggtg ggtgactcga cagagttgaa agtgacgaag agccgcaccc     26100
     atccctcaga taacgagtag tgatttcttt gcttctaatt ctcaaaggat agtcctagca     26160
     gagacactgt ctagcacaga cattgtctac cacagacata agaattatcc cagagactag     26220
     gaagagataa agattctgag agaggtataa ccagcatgga tacaccacag gatttcggtc     26280
     tcgtaaatgg aggcttggaa ttgaatctgg aaggggccgg tcggtcctac cctttcattt     26340
     acagatgaca gagcacagat gcagagatga aacaattctg cctgaagtcc cagagcaaat     26400
     tataacccag tctccttccc ttctgtaggt actgggcaag cctcctcact gcctgtgtta     26460
     ctaccatctc tctccctgtg tccttctgcc atcagctcta caccagccag gcaatccttc     26520
     actgccactc cagtttcaga gcctcagcaa atgtctgagc gtaggagaca agctcccttt     26580
     taagtggggt gttcaattta cctggaaagt ttcttccaga taagagaagc tgtgcacgtg     26640
     gtgacttgaa gatcaggagg agtgctggcc aacagacata acttaaaagt gtacctcaga     26700
     ggccacacac atggcatctt ctcactgaaa tggtgcagga gactttcagt ccccacagaa     26760
     acaatcagtg cctggctttg ttgtataaac ataaaatcaa acagcaatta aacactttct     26820
     cccctacccc acctcaccaa tctatatcaa agagaaaatg tgctcaggag cagcagaaac     26880
     atgaagatgt tgaactgagg gtcccatgaa ctcaagccga cgtcccaccg tgctgaagat     26940
     gaggttctgt gtaagaactc tgttatgatc aaggcagtgg caaaatgtcg atgtccaaga     27000
     attcctccag gttctgtctc ctccatctcc atcccttgcc caacagtgaa acagatttta     27060
     tgtagaaatg cctgtggtgt ctgcaagctc ctgctctgag cacctccttt tacaggggac     27120
     agtggacaca ttttgaagaa ctgaagtagg gcaggaggag ggaaggaaag gagagaatgt     27180
     gtggatgcat gatgtgtggg cgtatgtaca tgtcattggc cagaggtcag tgccaggtat     27240
     ttttctcagt ggatctccag tatatgcttt ggaaataggt tctcttactg gacgaggagc     27300
     tcaccacctt ttaggtagac tggctgccca gtgagccagg ggtcctctcg tttccacctc     27360
     cccagtgctg ggatgacagg tgtacactaa tgcacttata tgaatactag gaatggattc     27420
     caggcgcttg tgtctatgca gcaagcactt tacctacaaa acatttctcc agcccccggg     27480
     attttcagtc tctagtgtac aagagactga acactcatgt gctcttgtta agcatgtgag     27540
     tcgtggaaag cacagaactc gaaactgcca ataagtaggg ggtgggggtg gggtactgcc     27600
     caaggcttat tatgaagcac cacaaatctg tgtgtgcaaa tgggctggca catgagaagc     27660
     ttgggatcgc ctttgttctc ggagtgaagt taacaccacc actcagttgg cagaatatgc     27720
     accataagaa ccatctctga agcacagaac cctagaggcc acacagacgc gtagttttgg     27780
     tgaaatacag tggcaaaggt ttggctccca tagacattct cggtgtctag cttcattgca     27840
     aaagtaaagc acagcaacaa gcaaagagga ccttcctctt cgacctggtc agccggagtg     27900
     aagaaaaatg gtctctggtg gaaacacaaa cacactgtgg catcaagaga agccaacata     27960
     ggcttaggac tggtggccaa aaaggagcag agtatcagtg aggtaggttc caagaccaaa     28020
     ggtggcccaa ggaaatgaac tgggaagggc caagccttgg atacttcaga ggatgcaaag     28080
     gctgaaggag actggctaga gtggacttca gacctccttc ccatgctgtg acagcatagg     28140
     gcctaaaaga cattattgtt atcaggattt gggattcaaa gaaagatcat aggaaagtac     28200
     tgatcacagt tttgcctagt gacccaccag caaaacgttt gcatgttgct gccgctttgt     28260
     gttctgctag gttagaagat ccaagaggac aaatgccttc agcaaagaca cagtggcgac     28320
     tcagttgaac aaaaagttaa agaccatcac agggtcactt aagggctcct atgactctgg     28380
     gtcgagaggg agggaagaaa gaagggaaat ggtgagcttg ctcacatggc caaggtcact     28440
     aggaaacttg tgcacccaat cgaagcatca atccaaatgg cctggaagcc tcaaagatga     28500
     aggtttccag tcatccaacc aggagtagcc atgagccaca ggaatgctgg ctgagggcaa     28560
     aggggacttg aaacaggaag tggaagatag tgttataagt cctagctatg accactagat     28620
     tgatgacaaa attaaggtct gcattgtcac gagcatgtcc tccttgccac tataaccaga     28680
     tcctttgtca tctatctgtc aaagcatagg acacatggac tacattgacc tcacagtatt     28740
     tgagttctga gaaaggagga gagtgaaaat tgttctataa cccccttgtg tgggaaattt     28800
     tagtacgtgc actttgattt tacacaggat aattcagtgt gttgtgtggg agctcgaaac     28860
     acgacctcta ctaccagcat catttggaga ttaagcatgg cgaccaagaa agtgtgtgtg     28920
     ggcaacatgc tggcaaggtg tagattcaca atgcttaatt ttatgtatca gctttaaggg     28980
     gtcacgaggc acctaggtaa ttgaccaaac ttcactctga gtgtttccat gagggtgatt     29040
     ttggttgaag ttgacatacg aattggtaga ctgaacgtag cagagaatcc tccctaatgc     29100
     agggttatcc tcatctaaga ggctgcaggc cagaataaaa cataaaactc acactctcct     29160
     gaataagaga atccttcctg cctgatattc ttctcatcag ggtattatct ctacagatct     29220
     tggacttgcc agtcttcata gtcatataaa ccaactcctt atgatatcta tgtatctagc     29280
     tctgtatctc tgtatctctg taactctgta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     29340
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcac ttggctattt gtttgttttg tagaatttag     29400
     ggagatatag aatatagaag aagaacccat tagggtgatc aatctatgaa tgacagatag     29460
     ttggacaggc agacaaaagc attaacgagg gggcaggaaa ggagaaagtg agcttagatg     29520
     gtttcaaaaa gacaaagtct gcaaacttgc ctatgaggac aaaaagaaag ccatggataa     29580
     aacagaattg tctatgaaag gcaaagttag aaaccagatc acctgcacta agaggtctac     29640
     aagagcctcg ctgcctccct ccccttcctt tcttctttaa tttgctcatt ttgttgagat     29700
     gagacttttg ccttatattt ctgacttact gcatagccca agctggcctc gagttcatga     29760
     taattctcct gcctcagcag cttcctaagt gttgggatta caggtgtgca ccactaagct     29820
     tagcttagaa tttcttaaac actaaaaatt atttattttt atttgtgtat agcacatgtg     29880
     tgcatgtacc tgtggagtcc agaagagggc tttggatctc ctgaagttag cgtgacaagt     29940
     gtcagcctct ttatgtgggt gcagggaact gaaccggggc ctctggaaga gcagcgtgtg     30000
     gtttaatcac tgagccatcg ctccagatcc tcaaaggcat ttcttagagt tgcctgctgc     30060
     cctgggaatt ggttaaagga tgattttggc aatctatttt cctatctagc atcttctttc     30120
     tagcatcctc tatctaatgg acacactctt ggagatttcc ctaacatcag atgctcttgt     30180
     attcaacaat aaccagagtc cctggagagg tctgcccagc cctcctctta cctcggatga     30240
     cggtgacatt gcgaaggatt tctccgtggt gtgtgtccac agccttcatt tcctccatga     30300
     tcatggagag gtttcggaca ttgaagtcta accgggcact gagcagactg aagcgctccc     30360
     tgagcagatc tgtggtgccc agcatgaggg agacggattt attcaggtag tagagctctt     30420
     cagcatgggt gtggaagccc agtgtgcaag acagccgcac gtcgtccagg tacttgagca     30480
     tgctgtgcac gtggttgtcg gtggcattga tattggtgaa gatagtgccg atttcaatct     30540
     catgagaagc catacgtcct tccagagact cgaacctttc cactgtgcga ttctgggcat     30600
     atcgggtgtg gtattggagg tcatgcatgt tctcctcatg gtcatccaaa aaggaagaga     30660
     tgttgtccag ctgtagctgt aggcccatga cctgcagaac caagtcatgc atgctctcag     30720
     aattctggct aatgcgctgt gaggaggccc ccagggtggt ctgaatggtc ttgactattt     30780
     cgccagtctt ggcagaggtg gttcgcagac ccccaaagag tctggtgtag ttctgccagt     30840
     cagtgactat cttctgcagg gtcagggtct cctcatctgt cttcctttgg atcccgtgga     30900
     tccactcagc agtctggccc accgtgaagt tgatctggtg tacagcagcc ttgacatcat     30960
     agcactcctg ggtgaggtcc ttcagggtga tgtccatgcc tgctgtggtg gcctgccagc     31020
     ccctcacctg tgccaggaag agtcccaggg actgattgac ctggtgaatg gagaaggagc     31080
     aactgcccat ctcctgggag atttgactgc ttctggtgga gagcagctca tgggtctggg     31140
     aggtctggtc cagctggacc tcctgggcta gcagcatctt ctgaagcccc tccagctcct     31200
     cctggacctt cctgatctct tgccccagct gctcagcctc acggcaaaag gaacaattga     31260
     tcagggcttt tgggtcttca ggagaaaagg ggacaacatt ttcagttaaa tgggacaaag     31320
     gtggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg tgtgtgcgtg cgtgcgtgcg     31380
     tgcgtgcgtg tgtgtgtcta catgtttcta agtgtgaatg catggaggtc tgaggacaac     31440
     ctttggtgtt gtttatcttg agttttgaga cccatcctct tgctggcctg gagcttgtca     31500
     atcaggctag gctgactggt aagtgaactc ctagaatccg cccatttcca ccaccctggg     31560
     caccgggatc acaagctcct gttaccacac ccaccttttc catatgtgtt cttgggaact     31620
     cagctcaggt cacaatgctt acatggctga gttatatctc cctcgcccca gagatacttc     31680
     ttgaaatgta ggcccaagga gctggcaaat ggcttctgga ctgagctcac tttcctgcta     31740
     tgaatatccc tctcctcccc tgagaaaagc cttgccaccc ctgcggaatt ccatctttat     31800
     tccgtaatag aaaagcgaga ttttggatat ttgtccctta gcatcactgc attctcaaga     31860
     ttacagatct tagtaacgaa ctgttccaag ggggccaaga acctcattgt acactcattt     31920
     aaaaattctg cacacatttt aatatctgtt gtcttgattg atatctcata atatacttgt     31980
     ggggaaggtg gtcctgcgga ctatatttcc ttatgactcc tgaggactta catagagaat     32040
     tagcttgcca aatagacgtc tgttactaga agtcaagcca acactatttg caacagagaa     32100
     agtgaccttt atccccacct ctgtgatggc ctcttctgat gacctcactc tctcttagaa     32160
     tgttcatcat tggggcagaa gctagagacc attgtgaact gtgctgtggc ttaaggcagt     32220
     gacttgaaat gggctcacat caggaggctt tgcacggtct taaaactcat ttgagacata     32280
     tgatgatttt ttgcgaatgg accatgctta ctttccttct ctgacaatgg tctctcacta     32340
     gatcaacagc ccatatggaa aactctgccc caggccttgt ggccttccag tatcccagcc     32400
     ctcctcgatg gacaatgctc agccagagat ggaagtgtga atcattgcat ggtcttagga     32460
     agtaggcagt acctgtccat ctctggataa taaggggtag agagggtcct gtgtgcttct     32520
     gaacactaga atcttaccta gtccttgaag attttcttgc attgacacaa gcttcttatt     32580
     atagatggac tgggccaagg agatatcttc tgagagagag tccacctttc taaaaactga     32640
     ggaaacagaa gagacactgg attggggtca aggtttggaa gtagccgcca ctggtgagat     32700
     cattttcatc ggtctgccac tgaaactgtc catacctctc ctaggagaaa ggctccctaa     32760
     tggccaagcc aagatgctcc ttactgcctg agttcagcat gtcccttcac aagaatcata     32820
     attcacctcc caacctgggt tttagaaaca agacctcctc ataaattagg atagtaaaaa     32880
     ttcacaaacg tacaaataaa attattctta attccatcac ccagagagtg ctcactgaca     32940
     tcaacacctt caagtagctg cttcttctag tcatgagccc atggatcgtc acttgacagt     33000
     tacatagaca catactttag aaaataaaat gcaaaactgt gttaccctga ccatccagct     33060
     atttcctctt agaggcatgg taccatgggc attttcttct ccctaccatc ttcttattct     33120
     ttctttggaa ggagatattt ttaactttaa aataaattta gaaatagtcc agtatgtgta     33180
     ttcactatac atggcactgt gttatacaca gacgtttcca tagaaggata cagtgtatat     33240
     ccatcattga cctcccttcc caagccccgc ttcctccctc tacacttggt tccccacgcg     33300
     gttttatttc tcctttcatg tcatatatac atgtgagact ttatatctct ctatacaatc     33360
     tagaaaccat aaattagaga aaaatataat atttgtgttt attcattttc cagcaaatat     33420
     catatcctct tcttcgtggt taaagaaatt ccattgtgta aacccatacc acattttctt     33480
     tacctgttct tctgtggttg ggtatctagg ttagttttca ggaacatttt tctactaagg     33540
     cttaaatgtc tctttaaaat catgagcttt ggtgtctaca ccacgctctg tatgggagta     33600
     catgaggaat attaaaaaaa tcctctctca ctgaggacac acaaggtgcc tcctctctta     33660
     agcttataaa caaagtctga catgtagata tgaccggtac tccaacttag aaataaccct     33720
     agctgtgatg gtttgaggac atgcattttt ccttgggata aactcttgaa tcacagcctt     33780
     tgatctgtat aaatctttgg taccaagttt cctctagaga aactcatgct ccctcacagt     33840
     tcacttcgtc tgagggcccc gaagaagctg ttgtgtcggc agggtttagg gcatgctgca     33900
     tcagaagcag ggtatctggg tttatccagc agaggcgtgg ctggccctgg cggtggtgag     33960
     aggttacagg ttgaattgat gactgacaca gatcctctga aggccacatc tggcagaatg     34020
     gaattataat tgcccaaagc gaatgattga tatcaagtct gttgggtgac tttggcaggt     34080
     taatgaacct ttccagaaag aatagccatc taccaaagga aaacatggag gtagtattct     34140
     tagcacctcc aaaccattat gccttcaagt gatttaggat ccccaggctt ctagtgaaca     34200
     ttttgtatct cagatctgtc aagagatcaa attaattagg aacggtaaca tgtttgagag     34260
     agcccaaaga caatctcaca tattgttggg ttggggagca ctttacagtt ggcaatagtt     34320
     attttgtttg agccttctct catttgagag tacatacata aaggaaaaga aataggaaga     34380
     cctgatagtt gctattttga gtctaatgtc tcgttatgtc tacttggcat tgccctaatt     34440
     taccttgtct tctcgtcttg ctatggtttc tgtgtgaaat gccccctatt ggctcatggt     34500
     tttgagcact tggttggtag ctatggtgct gttgtggaag gcatgccttt tagaggcagc     34560
     acctcgctgg ccatagtggg tcactggagt aggccttgag attttctagc tgggccctga     34620
     ctgaagaggc tatgtatctt gctatctcct cctgctactt actctgccca gcccactacg     34680
     atggactgtt ctcaaacaag aagccacaat gagtcctccg ttccttaagt ttcttcttgc     34740
     catagcaaaa gaaacataat taatacagcc aggggtgtgg ttcccaaata tcctcaacca     34800
     ggagcataac caactgcctc tccaggaggg tgttcgccct cagagtctgt accctggtga     34860
     acgttgctca ggcctccatt gtttctccct actctaagcc gtctctttgg tatcaagcag     34920
     gttagaatag acagatctca gcatgaatgt gacgagacta attttaagac aactcatctt     34980
     gaactcttag agtctagaag gtaggagcta tctgagcctg gccaaacacc agcaccgtgg     35040
     tcataccgac cgcactgtgc ctcagaagca ctgaaactcg ggtcgcctgg cctcacctgc     35100
     aggactctga ttttacagat cttagtaaac ctgggaattt acatgttaat gaattctgaa     35160
     ggtaatcttg atgcaggtgg tactcaagct cagcttgaac gatacacaga gaccatgcaa     35220
     ggtcttagga gctacctgat cctgtagtca caacccaggg ctatacaata gattctcctg     35280
     gagagctgaa agttacaggg ttcactctct taccctggga ataggaatgg gcaccagtag     35340
     ttctggaaac ttccacatga tttccatctc agacctgcca aactcatctg gttattttct     35400
     tctattcaaa gccacacagc taactttgtt tgtgtgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg     35460
     agacaggtat gatcctgggt atccctagag cttgctctgt agaccaggct ggtcttgaac     35520
     tcagagagat ccaccaactt ctgtaccccc aacccctgag tacggggatt aaggacgtgt     35580
     accaccaccg cctgtctctt aaccaaatct taaccagatg ttagaagcag gtctaatctt     35640
     ttagtggatt agccaaaatg gtttctgagc caggaagatg ctagtctgtg tgacaggtga     35700
     cagaggtgga gtgcttttcc ctatgagggt gtttttggta tagaaaccta atcagctatc     35760
     ccccctgtag ccaggaccag aaaactctga actcacccag agaggccagc acagccacgg     35820
     ccaccaggag cagagtgagg aagaggtaca aaatccgcac tgatgtgtgc aaagataggt     35880
     tcttctggca gcggttgcag cggggtcctg cccggcctgt ggaggacacg aagatggcag     35940
     tggcttgggt cagtgaagag gacggggtgg aatgcttaat tctatgtcca tgttctgtcc     36000
     tgcctcgtca cttctcaagc tgggctcacg ggggactttt cttcttgtat tccttacttg     36060
     ttctgccgcc taggcagagt ttctagaact ttctggaata gaggagacag aaaccacccc     36120
     actcctcctt accagtcatt ctttctcagc aatctcttta ttcagcccac agtgtaggaa     36180
     gaagatgcct tccctcgcta cagtggccct accacaagtc cagcagcctg ctcaccccct     36240
     gcccaatgca atgctgtagt gtgtgctcaa cacgacccag tttgcccatg accttctcag     36300
     ttatagcaca gaaactctcc tgccacgaga gttcctcaat aggggcaatt catgctttac     36360
     atagaggttc agttttaagg tttaaagtct cactcctggg gacctcctca gccccagaca     36420
     tgccaggagt tggtaaggaa tatttttcct ttcctttcct ttccttgcct tgccttgcct     36480
     tgccttgcct tgccttgcct tgccttgcct tgccttgcct tgccttgcct ctcctttcct     36540
     ttccttttat tacatatttt ctttattaac atttcaaaag ctatcccaaa agtcccctat     36600
     accctccccc tgccctgctc cccaacccac ccactcccac ttcttggccc tggcattccc     36660
     ctgttctggg atatataatc tttgcaagac caagggcctc tcctcccaat gatggccggc     36720
     taggccatct tctactacat attcagctag agacacaagc tctggggggg ggggtactgg     36780
     ttagttcata ttgttgttcc tcctataggg ttgcagaccc cttcagctcc ttgggtactt     36840
     tctctagctc ctccattggg ggccctgtgt tccatccaat agatgactgt gagcatccac     36900
     ttctgtattt gccaggcact ggcatagcct cacaagagac agctatatca gggtggtaag     36960
     gagttttcaa aatgggcaaa gaagctatag ttctcctgga aaccaaacaa ggagttaaag     37020
     tccaccagtc aggttgctgc atggagggaa gagggggcag gtgtttctgg aactctggga     37080
     ggtgatcaga gcccaccgag aatgtaggat gtcccccaag atgagctcaa catagctgca     37140
     aatggtgagt actagcagca attaagaacc tagtgtctgg tccacgcagc acactagact     37200
     aaatttacaa ttttgagggc ttttttgggg catcccctgc gctagtacag catccagtca     37260
     aggtaaagaa cacaagctgt aatctgtacc aaatgccaca gagcaccctg gtccaaccag     37320
     aaactcaaac agcatgtggt ccaaccagaa actcaaacag catgattaac aaaacagaga     37380
     acagaccttg ggcatagtgt gtggctagga gagatagcat gggttcctgc cagggctcag     37440
     gtggagccca ggggacacat gacacttatg acaaatgctg gtttcatcca tactacacag     37500
     ctttgccatt cactctccaa ggagcagtac aaaaatgaga ggaggaattc tgaaactatg     37560
     tatttgggca cactgctaat ctgtctagag atgacagcag aaactctcgg ctcacacagg     37620
     agataggggg tccctaacac ttaccctctt gggtgcatgg gaaggatggc atgtcctcgt     37680
     cttcaccagc caggtcctct tcagtgacac acagtacatc cctgtcactg ccagctgatc     37740
     tcactgcaat ggaaccagtt gggtcagacc ccactttatc ctgaagccac acccttccct     37800
     ttccagcttt ccatctgata tcaagattca catcccatgt ccgcatagtt cctaggtcca     37860
     attcactcta cctgaacccc aggtgacctg atataagctg aaaaacaggg tgtgtggggg     37920
     gtagaggtaa gacttagaag aataagttat tgagatatcc cagccatctg ataaaagatg     37980
     tgcccatctc ccacaagcta ggaagacaca caggctagtc agcactttac tcagacccct     38040
     ggggtgggtg gacaaagaga cataaggatg tgttgattgg tccagcacat ggagcagaag     38100
     cagaacttcc ctgcttcagc tacaactctg aaactggtac tgcatgggct ccaggactgt     38160
     gtgcaaccca gctgggaagg aggaagcagg aatccagagg tgggcagaca gagaatgaac     38220
     acatcctgcc tcctccgtgt cactggagtt ccaccgaggt gtccaaggaa gcatggagga     38280
     gagggccagg tgatccctag ataagaccta aaatgatgtg tcttgttatt gagaaaactg     38340
     ttttccctcc tcaccccttc catctcttct tcctagggta ataatgagga aggtgcttta     38400
     ataaagaggc agagcccagt tgtcataaga aagactccag cacctgatgg aaacagatga     38460
     agagacccac agccaaacat tagatggaga accaagtaac ctgagtccat cgggattcac     38520
     agagactgaa ccaccaacca gagagcctgc atgggactga tgtaggccct ctgcactgtt     38580
     aaagtgtgta gcttggtcat cttgtgggac tcctaacatc aggagcaggg gtgtctctga     38640
     ctttgctaac ctgcctttgg gaccctttcc tccctctggg ttgtcttgtc taatcttaat     38700
     agaagacaat gcaccttaga cttattgata ggccatggct ggttgatatc catgggggga     38760
     ggagggctgc cctttgctga agagaaaatg gggagggagg aatgaatggg gaaggggagg     38820
     tgggaggaag gtcagggaga agaggaggaa gggaaatcag cagttgagat gcaaatcaat     38880
     taattaattt atttataaat aaagaggcag agcaagccat tgagcccatg agaatttact     38940
     ttgctctggg aaatgggaac aaagccaagg gtggaaccta aactttctag gagaagcatc     39000
     tttgaccctt tttaaaaagc tttatttaca tatttaaatg attttattct ttggtatgca     39060
     ggtgtgtgtg tgtatgtaca tgcatgtcat agctagaata ggctttcttt tgttattatt     39120
     atttttttta aatgaggaat tagagtttgc taagatgaga tttttaccct aggtttaggt     39180
     ctggacatca gtagagagac cctcaggaag agcagagtat atccaagtgt gactgtgggc     39240
     ttctcaatag aagctgctta tgtgtcttaa ccacagccag atatgccatt aaaatatttt     39300
     attttttaat tatgtgcatg tgtgtgtgcc tgtgtggggt atgtgtatgt gagtgcaatg     39360
     cccacagagg ccagaggagg gcgttggatt cccctggagc tggagccagt tgagagacat     39420
     ctgaaaagag ggttgggaat ttaactccga tcctctggag gagcagcacg tgctcttaac     39480
     tgctgagcca tctctccagc cccaagccat agatattatt tcaatgacat ctgaagctac     39540
     agatcaaatg gttgaaaaga aacttagttc cccccacccc aacataaaat aattttcttt     39600
     atacagtcct tacaaatgaa cttacttggt tggaccataa ggatatttta atgataagat     39660
     aattaacaaa ttatcatcaa agaaggatat taaaaccata cttttaacta tacagcatgt     39720
     actggcacat cccaatgagg ctcattataa agacaaatgt tttatgaggt taactcaaat     39780
     tatctctata ttttatcttg tatgctgaaa aattgttggt gaaaggctta ttgtggagag     39840
     ggacatggga ctaaagaaag tgcttaccat gtatgagacc ctggttcttt ccctaacaca     39900
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacccctg aagaccctgg agtctggaga     39960
     tgctgcgttc tctggtcagc tgtcagccca acggcccgtt ttccttagcc tcttgtccct     40020
     ctccttcccc atttttagag gaaccagcta ggatacaagt tagaatcttt cctgacaggt     40080
     atgaccaggc accaaccaat cagagtgagt gccgtgacca atcagaaagg tcttggactg     40140
     tcccaaggtg agacacaatg acagcagtgc tgaggaggga cagcttctgt ggtccaggtt     40200
     ttgttgtgaa agcagtgacc tggctgtccc ttgtaggact cacggtcaca tgttcccatt     40260
     attgtacaca ctgaagactc catgcccagg atactgtcac ttggtcctgt atttgtgtcc     40320
     cccttggctt gagctcccag tttaaatgcc acccccattt ccctcttcct gtcctcctcc     40380
     tctcgttcct ccaccaagaa ctcttcttct ttggggcttg ttttgcttgg tccctggaaa     40440
     tttctgtttt ctttcaactc cacctatgca tttggtagaa tgcttgtcat ttacctttta     40500
     ctaaagttta aagccccccc ccaaaaaaaa acgtgttgga agcagccact cctctttgtt     40560
     ttcttccatt gtttcatttt tgaaatgtgg ctgaagtgtt gggtctggcc tcaaggcaat     40620
     cattttgaca atcgtataaa ttatacaacc tcaagtatca cttttacggt caaatcgact     40680
     gtgggccaaa gacatttaag aatgtactaa cagcacacac aatacacgtg gagaagccaa     40740
     gctttggact caaaaatctt ccttccctgg ctcacatatt accattggga gggaggaaca     40800
     aaagccctcc acagttctaa gaggtatttc ttctgtaact acagatcagg ggaaacggga     40860
     gaggaagaag ggacagacac ttgactgagc aggcagaacc atcagggctg tgacaatgac     40920
     caacagccct ctcaggttgt gcacaccatt ggcccctttg acctcatgtc ccaaatgttg     40980
     ccttgcatcc tctgtgatca actgggaaaa tgagatgcgg tgtagatgtg atggtgaatg     41040
     ttcaatgtca acttagcaga atctacaatc actggggcat ggacctctgg gcatgtctag     41100
     ggagcagtct cttgattaga aatagccgag gtgggaatag ccatctgtgg tgggtggcat     41160
     cattccctag gctgggattc tggaatgtgg agaaagagag ctgagcagca gcaagcattc     41220
     atgactgtct gcttcccaac tgctgatggg tgtggccagc tgatttgagc tcacactggc     41280
     tggacttcct caccacaaag ggttgtacct ctaactaacg gtgagccaaa agaaagactt     41340
     tctctctgaa gttgcttttg tcagtatttg tcacagcaac aggaaaaaca aaacaaaaca     41400
     aaacaaaccc caaaaaacaa aagacagtgg tcaagaacac ttgagaagca gtggcaacct     41460
     tgagtgggct catggggaag gagctgagga aggtcctcat ggctgccata aagcttccct     41520
     gcttagctcc caggtctgcc acgggtccac tgacactgga gcatggtcct tagtgtgtgt     41580
     gctccagggt catggattca cctctgtgga actcagcagc cagctctcat gcccagagct     41640
     taagttctag ggtcagacgc catgtctggc acagtggctg gctcagggaa gaatgctttg     41700
     aaacctttcc atgagttttc attatgcttt ctggtaagtg gttctccagc tacacctgaa     41760
     cacaaatctg aggattttag gactcacagt ctgacctcca ggggaagtct gagttgagag     41820
     aggctgaaga tgagaaaata ttggggctta aaagcactcg ttacctccat tgtcctgatg     41880
     gatccataaa agtagcctga gaaggatatg gtgtaagaaa ttagagaaat tggtctcggg     41940
     atttgacaga tggatgggga aatggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtctgtct     42000
     gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtgg taaagggaaa caccagctgt gtggtgtgtg aggggcagca     42060
     catcttttta cgtgcttatc aattatcagc ctttccaacc ctgcttttca actcagtctg     42120
     caatccttcc atcaatctgc cagctgttta caaggattgc tttgcccggg cactttacag     42180
     agtgatgatc tctttcccca aagcttcagg ctaggtgaac taggattctt tggaccgttc     42240
     tgtgcttgtc taaacagaaa cctcggcagc tagctaggaa tggccatccc taggagctct     42300
     gcagaacact gcatgatggg gctgctcaga tcctcgggct tcagttgagc ccctcagaga     42360
     gatatccctt ccttcttatc catgctcttc atttctcccc actctttagt ggcgcttctc     42420
     ggccctccct tgggacaggg cctcctccct gttttggctc caaaggcaat ttcatcactc     42480
     cactgtttat agcctttgca aggaatctgg aatgatttaa atgaagcctg gctgacacca     42540
     gccttcagca aacacccctc ccatagctgc tttgccacac ccttgctccc ctggtaagag     42600
     ccccttaaat tgcttgtcat taacaaaggg agtcaataag gaccagcact ttccagagct     42660
     gcaagacctg gcccacggag gggaaggaca actgcctgcc cagagcccag tcctctttag     42720
     accagtggtt cctgagtgtt ggccctcttc cccttgatga catctcagtt ctgtacctca     42780
     tagtcctctc ccgtccccaa agagggtttc tcattttcct aatcccctga cttcctgctg     42840
     tccggtgtag agtcctgccc tgggggactc tgattggcct gtatctggaa cgcctcggca     42900
     gcttgccacg ttagactctc tcactttaat gagaacataa tccaaagcat ttgtggggct     42960
     ccctcaagcc aagccttttg ttaagtacaa agtcgatgtg tttatgtctc attgagcttg     43020
     gttctggttg gagaccagat gaacatatga acagagtgag caaagctggg aggaagtgtt     43080
     aagccctgtg aggagatgga tgggaattag atggggacca ggacacagcc ctggtgctga     43140
     ggcagacagg ctcccctggg gcaagggaga agagttctcc ttcatctccc cattgtccta     43200
     gcctcatggg gcatggtgac tcagtgttgg ggatatagct ctcagaacga ggcttacaag     43260
     tcagagtcac tactatccca ttacaaagac ccaagggtag tagtaattgc ttcttagtgt     43320
     ccaggagtct ggagtcagaa cccagaacac atgcaccatc tacagagttg ccaggagagc     43380
     ggggatagga cccttccacc caggcctgcc atctgtttac ccatcagaac tcccagcaag     43440
     gtgtcacttc ctttaggtca gtccaccttc ccctgggctc ctgtcagtcc agggctgatg     43500
     ctacagtgaa tgccagtaaa ggtagcttgt ggacttttgg tgaaggcctg aatgttttct     43560
     gatgttttag ccacgagctc attttcattg aaaaacaaat gaagaacaat catttaaaat     43620
     atggtttcaa tctgttttat tcttggtatt gtctatggcc aagggagtgt tgacacacgg     43680
     ggtttgcaag agcttaaggc aacagagaca cattgggggt gggagtgggg gtttgaggct     43740
     tgaactatca ggaaatggaa ggtggggagg agggccgagg gaggcagcag agttcaggtg     43800
     agtcttcctt cccttccaca gagctagcca cacatggcat aagacattct tttctttaaa     43860
     caggaaggat tcttgtttgg gcgaagtggc aggggtgggg acatgaatat atgtgacatt     43920
     taggactttg ggtttgccca aagttagggt gaccttgctg taaaaatgta aaagtcgttg     43980
     ggcatctgga acagcaagga gagccttgtt ctgattggac gaaggtgtct ggagtaggct     44040
     aaggctaagc ttctaggagg gactagcttc cattgcaggt ctgtctgtct gtgctttctc     44100
     tttcccctct tgctgctttc agcatctagt atttctgggc ctgggcttgg aagaggacac     44160
     tggatcagac aagacgtgtc tggacctaaa gttttcatga agcccctctg agggacactt     44220
     gagacagcaa ggtgccctgg gaatcatgaa gggacaagca tccaaggctc tagggaccag     44280
     tcactgtctc ccttgtccgg aggccacagg gttctgagct gtgaccaggg agtgctttta     44340
     gctagagaag actagccagg tgcttctctt catgtggccc gcattgcagg ccacatgctc     44400
     ggaaaaaaag gaaaaaccat caaacagcct ttaaaggcca gcgttgtaag ccagcttcaa     44460
     aatgtaacag caaacactgc aggttgaaag ggcctctgtt ctgctggtac ctgagggtgt     44520
     aatctccaac ttaagtgtca gaaggaaagc cagagaggag gggatccctt gtttttaagc     44580
     ttttgcttgc aagagccagg tagaacattg ggttgctggg tgcatgtctt ggcacctggt     44640
     tgctgtagat gccgactttc ttggagttga gtctggttca acctttcctt ctgtgggtag     44700
     gaaacaagtt tgctaaccat ctgctaactc aaccaccatc actgaccagg aaatgtgtga     44760
     ctgagtcacc ttccgtcttt ccctcttctt ctctctcctc ctcctcctcc tcttcttgag     44820
     actgcattct tcgacaggag tcagaagggg ggagattcga ggaaccgaat aaaaggtctt     44880
     tctttgagca ctccaaggga catattgtga taattatctt cagccgagtt catagtgggt     44940
     tttccaaata gccaattggg acaggaaaaa aaaagaaaaa aagaaaaaaa gaaagatctg     45000
     gagagccttc tcgggagcca atgctatatt taaagtttca ggacagctat agtttaaggt     45060
     tggggaatgc tataattaag gtctcagggt tgttttcttc aaaagcctcc tgctactgcc     45120
     cttctccgtg gttttgtggg ttcctctgaa gcctggtgag aatcttctgt ccctctcatt     45180
     tccgaggaag ccaggcctct tgttcagatc ctcgtactca gcacagcatg ttagcactga     45240
     cagcctttcc actcctgcgg ccacctctgg accgtcacca tcacagttat cagttgctag     45300
     tatgtgtgcc ctggctgtcc ctgcctcctc cctctgtgag cactcgttgt attcttggtg     45360
     actgtagaag ttgtgagttc catcttgctt tatcttaggt cttcctttct ctcaacaaaa     45420
     tactccccct cttttgtttc ccactacggg catttcagtg gacaacgatt ttcagggatc     45480
     ctaaccctaa cctagcccat cctaactcca accctccgag aacaccaaac gtctacccca     45540
     tttctaagca gctcctcaat gggtgccatc acttctattt gaagaacata ctgcagccgt     45600
     gtctattgtc cccgcagctc ttgtctcata agcacaaaca gctcctcctc tgctccctga     45660
     agcctcatga atttagtggg attggagaaa tgggagccag cagactgtgc ttttctcgtt     45720
     gcctctctgg tctgtgaaat gctactattt ctcactgctc aaggtccctg ctgccttttc     45780
     tgttacactg tccttctcag agcccccttg gcttgtgtgt aacacagtgg cagtgccctc     45840
     tgtgtgtcag ggatgctgtg catgtggcaa ggaggaggtg accaccatga ggcacactct     45900
     gacgtagact aaggtagcag ccactctgag cagtgttatt ttcccaaact caatcgaagc     45960
     tctcatctat taccacatcc caacacccat caccctcagg tctaatttcc aacttccaag     46020
     aaatcctttt tacaaagtgt gtccacagaa catggttcca aaacatcctt tgtggggggt     46080
     ggagagaaag ctcttagcaa atatttcaaa aagtggggaa aaggatggca tttaaatgaa     46140
     tgtttaattt tgtgtttctc aggctgactt gacctcagaa cttccggtca atctggaaaa     46200
     acatgcattg attattccta tggagtgggg gctcagaggt gcctcatgtt ggagaatgac     46260
     gttctgaata ataccagcac tgggctaggt tactccttca cactctgcca tgcctgtgaa     46320
     tggagtagta ctgaagttga agcttcttag tttgaaacct gcaggtctca agctgcaggc     46380
     tggctacagc tcaagctgcc tgctttccgg ggcatgactg ccattcctcc tgcatgaaca     46440
     gcctccagct tctctctttg caccctgtca ccatgcttcc ccccacctcc accacaccaa     46500
     tcctatacac ctgctctcta cccacacaca acccatccat cagcttagca cagggtcaga     46560
     gagaccacag ctctctcctg gggaggctgt tagtgctcag cctgttttct ctgtgctgtg     46620
     gaagactttg ccacctgggg cagtaggagt tctgaaaaga ccaaccacac ttgaattcca     46680
     gctccgttat ctttcactgg ctcccttaaa acatctgcat ctcactcaag caagtacatg     46740
     tgaacaggat ggggggaccc atgtgtattt agagcagtca gttagccatg tgcaaatgag     46800
     catccccttt gaccgtgtgt cccttctaga aactttccta agaggataac tatgcagcca     46860
     gcaaaagaga ccatagagtt gactgcagca tagtgtaata aacctgagga gaaatgtgga     46920
     tggcctcaaa tacccttgaa taagagttta attaaactat tgtagaatta tactatagaa     46980
     cattacagac aatgaaaaat gtagatttat gattattacc tagggaaaat atgcatcctc     47040
     tatctattcc ccgccccctg cccccacatc ctaccctagg agctgaggat ggaacccagg     47100
     gtcttgccct ttctaagtaa acactctacc actgagctaa gtccccagcc cccaaacccc     47160
     attttgcatc ctttaaaaaa attctttaaa aataactcaa tgctggagat tggatccaga     47220
     gctttagaaa tgtcaagcac aagctctact atgaaccccc cccccttcac cttttgttaa     47280
     tttaacaaac tacacgtaga gctggtgaga tggctcagta ggtaaaggca cttgctgcca     47340
     atctggataa tcctgagtta aaatctctgg aacccacctg atggcaagag agtataaact     47400
     cccggaagtt gtctcctccc tttacatatg aactatggta tgaagactat aaaacacact     47460
     gcctacccag ctaaaaaaat aaagtttacg acataaaaat agcaaaactg tgcaagacag     47520
     agtacgatgg atagcatctt ctgctctttg ttgggggaaa ggtcagtgtg cacacacata     47580
     attttacagg ccatgtccac ctatgcctgg ctacttgtca gctctggggt gttacatttc     47640
     ctatgtgctg tattcccccc cccccctttc tgactttttt aatttatgaa ctaactaagt     47700
     gtactgactg gttttgtgtc aacttgacac aagctggagt tatcacagag aaaggagctt     47760
     cagttgagaa aatgcctcca tgagattcaa ctgtaaggca ttttctcaat tagtgatcaa     47820
     ggggggaggg cccattgtca gtggtaccat ccctgggatg gtagtcctgg gttctttaag     47880
     aaagtaagct gagcaagcca ggggaggtaa catccctcta tggcctctgc atcagctcct     47940
     gcttcctgac ctgcttgagt tctagacctg acttcctttg gtgatgaaca gcaatgtgga     48000
     agtgtaaact gaataaaccc tttcctcccc aacttgcttc ttggttatga tgtttgtgca     48060
     ggaatagaaa ccctgactaa gacactaagc atatgtccaa gtcttctgga tgctccttca     48120
     cacctttgac agggtctccc actcttcctc caccaccttg ttcctgctct tacccccttc     48180
     catctgtccc tctgtcttcc agtgactgct ggccatctct tcaggcccag cttcattgct     48240
     cctcctgaca ctctcacacc aaggcttctg caccttcccc tcattctctt caatgcagct     48300
     ataatgggat tggtcttgtg cattgtgtat tcagatgctg agttctgggc cccaagatca     48360
     ggttgcagcc tggacacgga cattgtatta accaatgtgc tgtaaagaat gctccccagt     48420
     agtctctggt tgggtaataa aaggctagag cctgtgactg ggctcagtaa aattattaca     48480
     acacagccag gtctcctcac agtcgactga tccccctact cccaccactt cctcctctcc     48540
     tctcatctca gtgcctattt ctttgcctgt ggtgccttga ggccacatca taagcttgat     48600
     tcctctcctc tctaaaagta gagatttccc aacatgatca agatgtaaga ggatgagccc     48660
     agtgagtgcc aaatgtgcct taccctgaca tctaacattg ggccaacaca cggtcactaa     48720
     atggaagcat gcatttttat cagcttcatg ggcttggttc tgaggatacc atggtgtgat     48780
     tcttgattta aaagccctca gcccggtgtg tgctgaaggt taatacatat acaataaaca     48840
     catatcgcga gctctcttga gtgtcaggga atggacagag agaaatgctt ctgaaaccct     48900
     gtattctgat acctctctgc gcatcatcca ggctattgga tgaggggact gaggctgtgg     48960
     agtgcagtgg tgaggacggt cagtgctaga ctgtgatgac ctcacataca catagacaca     49020
     tcacacagat acacacatac agacatacac acatgcacac acacataaac atatatacac     49080
     atgcacacac acatacatgc acacacatac acagaagcac acaatacata catatataca     49140
     cacatacaca cacaacacac acacatatac atacaataca catatacaca acacaacata     49200
     aacacatgta catacaacac acacatacac atatatacat acaatacaca tacacacaca     49260
     acatacacac atacacacac acaacacata catacacaca tgcacataca cacacaaaca     49320
     cacatataca cacaacacat acacacatgc acacacatac aacacacaca tatacatatg     49380
     cacacacaga tacacacaca aacataaatg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     49440
     cacacacaga gggcacaaca taattgaata cagatggagt atttgcaaga gttcagagtc     49500
     cgtcagacca ccccggatgc caattctaac acccaggcca gctgtgtgtc catggagact     49560
     gccaagctat ccaccagcgc ccattacaaa gcagtatgct ttttcctctt tcacaaatta     49620
     gctcagagat gtgagtcttt tagccttaaa gttactccag atggacagca gggcaacaaa     49680
     ccatgacggt ttggagctga tctgtgtggc tcctgaacca gttgatggct cttttcacct     49740
     ttgtgcagtt agctccttgc ttttgacccc agtctccttt ctaagcccag agttctgggg     49800
     atggagggcg tagcctgctg cctcacgaat aaacaaactt tgccaaggca agcttttctt     49860
     taccaaggca gatcggttct cagcctttgg gccaaaatca aatgtcaatc acaggactgt     49920
     gtttttgttt gactaattta tttttatttt atacatgtag gcaaagcagc ccacatgtag     49980
     gactgttcac catgtgtgtg ctttgtgcat gcagaggaca gaagagggca tcaaatctga     50040
     actggagtta cagagttaca gagtcaccat gtgggtgcta ggaatcaaac cccggtgctc     50100
     tggaagagca gccatcattc ttaactgctg aactgtctct ccagccccgt aggctgagtt     50160
     tttgcagcct tctttcctcc ctgcctgccc ttgctctgtg tttcaggatc ctctctcagt     50220
     tttgggtact ggcttgctca ggatcctctc tcagttttgg gtactggctt gctcctctag     50280
     tactggggag agggtggagc ctggctctga gggtcaaaga tgcacaccaa acacaagctt     50340
     ctcaccgcca tccaccatat caccaagctt cccaccgcca tccaccatat caccaagtgg     50400
     tactggagct cagagttctc catcctcagg gagcactagt gaggagcacg gggactcaga     50460
     gatggaaatg acagaaccag aactggtgaa ctcatgtggg ttgcagatga ctgttatagc     50520
     cagccaggct acttctggag gctccgggag agctttcctt tcaagccctg tcacaggtgg     50580
     ctgttaatgg ctcacaagtc agtgggaaac tctgaggtgg gcttgtcacc aagagactgg     50640
     tggcagctgt ttgctcttag gcttatgtgt cacagaggcc aggtgccagc ttacataaaa     50700
     agacatggct ggctgggagg cccggccagc cactgtcagg catgaacccc acctccccat     50760
     ccaccatcag cagaaacagc tctgggctgc cggagcaggg acctgacact ggggtgctgt     50820
     cagtctgtct tctggtttaa attctatcct catcatcgtt ccctctctcc acaaaacatc     50880
     acatcactgt tagctttgag tgggggactg tggatttttt tgccagcaga tgtaattgaa     50940
     gattggtggg gccttggagg agccagaaaa cccagcctcc cttggggaag ggcctctttg     51000
     gaaagtgtat cccctccctc taggggctga ggggccacca tgcctttcac actccagtga     51060
     aaaaaagctc tactctgaag atcccagagg ccaaatattt gctttttcaa tctaccctga     51120
     cctttcccat catagaagat ggtgtcagcc ctttctggct gctgcggagc ggggcatgct     51180
     gggaaccagt cattttcccc cctggcagct ctgccacccc tcgaggccct ggggtgtcac     51240
     aggaaatcat tggggtttct gaagagatac cctgaggttt gtggagggaa gttttcctgg     51300
     agtctggggg aagcaggaag atgggagaag tcaggagttc tgattgcctc agatctgtcc     51360
     tggggaccta agacatgtcc atccgcacta gctctggtcc tcactcaggc tttcagcccc     51420
     acctctgcct cttatcttat ctgcagtgag atgggtcaaa gcactctgaa aagtgcagca     51480
     tcttagcatc atctgcaagg ttcagggcag cctgtggccc tgtggactac agtcatatgt     51540
     gtcctcggaa gtttcagaaa agagcctgtc ccagggctac agagaggggg agagagattc     51600
     agtgatgaag cggctagaag caggggccca tgggtgagac tcctccccac ctgccaaggg     51660
     aacacgccag ggctggttat aactgctccg ttcaccctgg tcaaccttag acccttcgag     51720
     gctatgggaa agcatgggca gaaggtgcca gaggccagag ggaagggaac agaaaaacat     51780
     cagtctcttc tggaccggag ggcagagcca gggctctaga ccctttagct ggcaatgagt     51840
     ggtaacaggt tgctattcta ttttactagc tgcagaattc cagggactcg atgcaaaatg     51900
     aaagaggagg gtggggagag tccttgttta aaacattatg catttcaaga ttccatcagt     51960
     ggcaccatca caggaccaag tgtgggtcct gtgggagtac tgaatgagcg gcacatggga     52020
     ccagtcagag atttgtctgc caggcccttt cctctggaat acccaatcct tggacaccag     52080
     agagacaaac caccactgca ccagttgaag caggcttgac aaatggggcc tgatctcctg     52140
     tcacaactgt cacttttcat caacccccac tccccccgaa agtagagctt tgaagccctg     52200
     aacaccatcc cacgggccct ctgaggaagt tagaggtggt ggaagttctc cttcggctgc     52260
     taggggagag ttaccaaaag gcaccagagc gagtacccca aacctcatga cctggaaggg     52320
     agctctccgg tacccgggag gtacagcttg gaaccaagaa gggtttttac ttccattcca     52380
     tgtctgtctg gccctcaggg cttgctcagt tgctctgtcc tcaagtcaga ggtcagggag     52440
     tgtcagatag tggggctccg actggtctga tagcgaggga aggggacaga gttggtaaga     52500
     gaagcagctt acacctgggg agggtctgcg ggagcctctg ggatgggacc tcagctgtga     52560
     tccacaacca agcatccttc tgtgctcact ggggaactgg atccgaatct tctcggaact     52620
     ttaaatttgt tttaaggggt aggagagcaa tggcggtgag gccggttgct gcaagggccc     52680
     tgtgtgatgg ttcacccttc ctctctttct ccggacttag ggctcttcct gtccccttcc     52740
     gaccctaccc catccctcct cactatctcc tgaaggatag tttttttaaa aagtcagggg     52800
     ccctgacctg taatatctat tatggggact ttcagccctc ctgcagccca ggcatcaggg     52860
     tgccctggcc cggcccttgt cttgggagga aggatggatg ttctctatgc tcccggggag     52920
     tctgcttacc tttcatggtc ccttctgcgc gggcctctgc agggcccccg cggcgctcga     52980
     gtagccttgg atggagcggg aagccggggt cctccccagg caccgaccgc ggcccctaag     53040
     tgcggcccgc gggtctgagg cttgggtggg gacacatgcg gcgctgtgcc gctgctcggg     53100
     cggcgaagca ggagaaggat cccgggggtc gcaggctggg gacaccacgc tgcccgccgg     53160
     agcccggcga gctgtgttgc cccgcgcccc gcagtcctgg cctcgcgcgc atccctccct     53220
     ccgcctcccg ccctccctcg tcgtcaccgc ttgggccccg gcccagatca acttccttga     53280
     tattttcaaa actgccgctg ccagggccct ttgtgcccct gatgcgtggg gctgggtgcg     53340
     cgagagggtt ccccaccccg ggggaaagcg tggttacagt tgtggtgggc ggggaccggg     53400
     accctggatt tcagtcctgt atagttcctt tgcctggcta taaagcagag agaccgggag     53460
     gagcaagaat tcttgggcat cagccttctg ccaactgttg gttttgctct ggtctgtgct     53520
     ctccacatcc gtacacctct gcactgcaag cctcctctta acctggtcgt ctctagttga     53580
     cagggcttgc ttgctatggt tctgccactg ctaagttcag taatgttgaa tttcttatct     53640
     gcaagggaga actgggccct gagcactccc aaatcctgct acatgtggct gggccactgg     53700
     tgtaaaggac cctagaggga aagccgcctc agacttgaag ttgactcttg tcataaaaac     53760
     ccccataaaa gctccatttt gtgttaagtg agcatatgtt aaccacacat tcagcggttg     53820
     gtcggttggt cacctcccaa cttccagatc ctgccccaag ttctgggaga aggtgaggaa     53880
     cacttgtcgg taaggaccag aaagccagca attaagcaac agcacggaga tgtggcggac     53940
     attatgatgg caaaggtcag gacctccaga gggaggacaa cccagcctgg tctcctggct     54000
     gaagatggag attggagatg gtggtaacat caacagcaac actaaggaag ccaactggca     54060
     gaggagagct ggttcccacc cccctattcc tcacactccc tatccccatc cccccccccc     54120
     cccacctcct gaccaccacc tgggcatccc tgacacgggg agaaattgtg ttaggtaaat     54180
     gacctcttgg tccaacatgt tttggggtag ttccctcagc ttactcccat tcttggtggg     54240
     gctggatagg ggtgtgagct tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct     54300
     tttcttttct tttcttttct ttttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttt     54360
     cttttctttt cttttctttt ctaaaaaagc tctatttcta acatgtgtcc tgttgctgtt     54420
     ctttattgcc tcaggactca cacccacccc tgtaacactg attgctaaca gccctgctgt     54480
     ctactccttc cctgcatgtc ttcctcagtt aagactggac taatgctggg cgtggtggct     54540
     cacgccttta atcccagagt tgagaggcag aggcaggcgg atctctgagt tcgaggccag     54600
     cctggtttac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcaag     54660
     aagaagaaga aaaaagactg gactaaagtg ctaagggtgg ggattgggtg gaggaagaga     54720
     ctactattca gccagcagac cagagagagc taagctcctt tgcctgcagt ctgcttgccc     54780
     ttgccctggg aagttcacag attgtgaagt gtgcacccca actgtactag tagaaacata     54840
     ctaccggaag ggagagaggc taggacacta agtctgccac acgagtcagg gtttctgaga     54900
     atcatagcct gtatcagggg cacttctttg gaggcaccaa ttagacattc ctatccatcc     54960
     atccatccat ccatctatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc ttccttccat ccgaagagac     55020
     tcgtcttggt ggttgcccgt ttattcactt gtttgaccct ctgtattagt tactttcctt     55080
     gttgctgtga tgaaataggg ataaaacacc ttaaggaaaa gggggtttgt ttgggctcct     55140
     gggttgagca tacagtctat cacagagggg tcaagagcag tggcttctcc ggctgtggcc     55200
     actggaaggt gaggcattgg ttgttggagg tatcacatca catgtaagca ttgtgtctgc     55260
     gatcaagaag cagggagagc cagatgcgga cgctcagctc agcttctctt tctttccctt     55320
     tttgttccat ccaggatccc gggccctggg atgatgccag ccatacttgg ggttggttct     55380
     tctgacctca gttaaacctc tacagaagca cccttataga cacccacaga agtttgattc     55440
     cctggtgatt ctaggtcctg tcgagttgac cagatagact acacactctc ttagcaatcc     55500
     tgtgaagtaa ataccaccat tgtcttcatg gaaaggcttg ctagtaaggc ggaatggtgg     55560
     gacttgaacc tgggcaggct aaatccaata cttgttaaag catgatggaa agtgcttaga     55620
     tatttgtgga cacagtgagt tttaaaagga gctcttcatt ttaatccatg ttttctgtag     55680
     ctggtgggca gatggcctca cccttgcacg agggagcagg gaacctctcc cagtgccttt     55740
     ctgggtctga ggatatttac atcaaggccc ctggggatga tgaaagcaca gaagccagag     55800
     aagaggcttg cagcaactag agaggggagg gggaactgtt tggtaccatt ttcattctag     55860
     ctatggaagg ctgaggatgg ctgtgcgtgt gcacacaggc catacctaca ttgaaagtca     55920
     aaggagatgg ctaaaggcaa attcatctcc agggagaaat atgaccataa tggtagatgt     55980
     gccagggatt tatgaaagcc cagtgcccct gagaagtact gccaaacctc tgctttcaag     56040
     ccttttagtg agttccacgg gctccagatt tcttttgctt gaggcaaaac tctatcctca     56100
     gttttcctcc gagcttctgt gatcctctgc cgcctctggt tcactgagac cccagtgctc     56160
     acccctctct tgcacactca caccctacat ggggaaaggc cctcaggcag catttccact     56220
     ttgcctgcta cctgacaacg aagcctcaca ggtcctcgca gtctctccct tcctcctgat     56280
     taccaaaggg agcagtgttg ccacatctac agcctcttca acttgtgcaa gggacactgt     56340
     caatggatgc tactcagagc tctgcagaga accaatagga cgcacatcta gctgccctgc     56400
     ttcatgctca gggaatgggt ctccagggct gctgtggatg cctgaaacca gagacaacac     56460
     aaaccacaga tatactatgt ttgttcctaa acatagacta aggtaaagct taacttatga     56520
     gttagacata gtaagagact aacaataagt acagaaagtg gaacaaatgt aaaaatactg     56580
     tatgtaaagt tatgtgaatg tggccagttc cactcaaggt acctgatcac actgtgtatg     56640
     cactaatggg tatgtaagat ccacgccatg gatgtgctga acaaagacct ggtccacgcc     56700
     atggatgtac tctacaaaga cctgaggatg taaaaatgtc atcaagatca ctagtctgtt     56760
     aactaaaagc aaataacaat aagagtttaa gatgcttgca ggcatattac atacctcgac     56820
     aggagaagag attataaaaa cgtaattatc tccaagataa agtgtagact aaatgcaatt     56880
     acaattacct ctttttcaac tgggcaatgt cattttaaaa ttcatacaac aattccacat     56940
     gcaagaattg aaaaatcttt taaaggaaaa aaaaatctat gtaattaaag caatgtattc     57000
     cacacaagta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga     57060
     ccaggcagac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag     57120
     accaggcaga ggtcaggtca ggccaggtta ggtcaggttc attctgaagt tggagacaag     57180
     tggatgttca tggtccagct gttggcagaa gccacgtgga agcctagcat ccgggctccc     57240
     actgactgaa gcacaaggaa gctatcatga ctgcagacac agttgaggaa aaggaaccca     57300
     aaaggcttct gtgacaaccc ctacctcccc aaagtaatag cctagagagg aaaccatcaa     57360
     gaattaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ctaacaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacgg gggggtcagg     57420
     ggttgctggt ggagaagggt tcagcttccc tggaaaggct ggccactagg agtctgacaa     57480
     tgctttggtg aatgtatgaa caactcacaa ttgacttcat ttctcacccc ctccccctcc     57540
     ccctgcccct cccccccctc ctcctcttct ctgtgtgtgc agggtagata tgggaggtct     57600
     ggggggtgag taccattggg gggcacggtg taagattccc caaaagcaat aagaatatta     57660
     cgttaaacaa aacggtgagt gagatggagc attggccttt agctctcggc tttgtgacca     57720
     gggatctaaa actgcagtcg ctgtgccttc tccacacaat agcctatgcc ctcaagtctc     57780
     aagcaaagca agcccttcct ccttgaagta gcttttgtca gggtatttta tcatagcaaa     57840
     tggaaaagcg acgacgacga cgacagtttc tctgacaata atgtcacata ttaggttatc     57900
     agtctagaat aaataaagct agaccacgct cttatcccca cccccactcc caccacagac     57960
     actcatacac agagtcagat gcaaagattt ccttttggtt agatatatag atgtacaagc     58020
     ataacacagt ggaagctgaa tgaaaatgag gaagatagct ttgagcggaa ggaagaaatt     58080
     ttcaaacaag acaggacact cagagactaa agaaaaagat aaacatgttt acttgcatag     58140
     aaatttgaga aagcctccac aaccaatggg gggggcgcaa ataaataaat aaatggcagc     58200
     ttgctggaaa gggggctgaa gccatggctc agaggttaaa agcagttgct gctcttcctg     58260
     atcaagtctg gattgtagaa ctcatgccaa gcagctgaca accacccagg aatccagctc     58320
     cagggcccct gacaccctcc tccacctctg aaggtacgag gcacacgctc aaacatgcaa     58380
     gacaagtaaa taaagatcaa aaaataattt ttaaaagaaa gaaaatttag aacacacaaa     58440
     agattacttt ctttgtcaat tcaaaaactc ttaagattga tagaaaaaca caaataactt     58500
     gttcaaataa acggagagcc aagagacaga aaatgcctgc ctctttgatt gcctgtttct     58560
     gtctctgtct atttgtgtgt ctgtttctca gtttctgtgt ctctgtgtct ctttctgttt     58620
     ctctgtctct gtatgtctct gtctgtgtgt ctctgtctct ctccatgtgt ctctctgtct     58680
     ctgtctctgt ctctgtctct gtctctgtct ctctctgtgt ttttttatga ggcagggcct     58740
     cattcaaagg cccaggctgg cctgaccttg ctgtgtagct caggttggcc tcaaactcat     58800
     gatgctagca ggcacactgt tcttgataga agatggtagt tttcagctca ccaaatggtc     58860
     ctgtgggaag ggacaggctt acagaagcta aagtcacaga aatccttggg ggaaggtaaa     58920
     cagacagtgc cttaagagtg agccctaggg gaatgccagg gccaagaagc gggagtgggt     58980
     gggtagggga agcagggtgg ggggaggtta taggagactt ttgggatagc atttgaaatg     59040
     tatataaaga aaatatctaa taaaagacta aatttaaaaa aaacaacccc ccccaaacaa     59100
     aacaaaacaa caaaaaaaga gtgagccctg tgcaatggat aaaatacttg ctgtccagaa     59160
     gaacaaacaa gggccagagt ttggattccc agaacttaca tctggatgtg gtcatgccca     59220
     tctgaagaga caggagtgga tagcctggtg tctacagcag ggaacaagag atctagcctt     59280
     gaacaaggta gttggtgagg accaacaggc caggttgtca tgccctccac tcatgtgcca     59340
     tggtctacaa acaacaactc ctacacacat atgtgagtgc atcttacatc acacacggag     59400
     attaaaatca aaacaaaaga atgagctatc tgttttatct gtcagtatct tcaccttact     59460
     ggaagcaaca agggcaccaa gcaattcaga gacacacaga acatgatctt tgacatgact     59520
     tagaccagtg gttctcaacc tgtgggtcct gacccctttg ggggccccat ataggatatt     59580
     ctgcatatca tatatttaca ttatgattca taaaggtagc aaaaattata gctatgaatt     59640
     agcaacgcaa ataatgttat ggttaggggt ggtcaccaca acatgaggag ctgtgttaaa     59700
     tggtcagaac attgggaagg ttgagagcca ttggcttaga caaagttgga ttaagagaat     59760
     gattgaaaga atatatcgag gtttaccttg gatgctatgc agcctcccag aagtatgggc     59820
     tagatcttcc tgtgtattga ctcagagaga tgtctatgac aggaccttag gtggaagaga     59880
     acaagttgca tatggtttag taaatatata tttattttta tcttatgtgt atgagtgttt     59940
     gcctgcattt atacacatgc accacatgtg tgcagtgaca cacattggat cacctggaac     60000
     tggagttaca ggctgagagc catcctgagt gctagaaact gagccaaatg cttgctgtta     60060
     actgccgagc aatctcttca gtgcctttaa tattaatttt tatgtctttt atttctacac     60120
     ctttatttct ccgtgtaaag aagagggaca ggaataaaat aaaaatggca caatttacac     60180
     atacacagag acagacagac acacagacac acacccccac acaaacatgg ttggggttag     60240
     gaaagggggc tggttagtag acaggggagg ggtccccatt acagcagcag gagccagtga     60300
     gctaggacgc tccatttctc ccagcatgag tgggaacaac catctcttcc tttcaagcta     60360
     cggttctgcc caacttgtac tgccccggcc cttgggaggt aggcagagaa gtcttcccag     60420
     actacagaga ggaggaaccg aaccctgctg tgggaaagtc agaccatgca cagggagtgg     60480
     cagtcattgg cctcctccac ctccctaagg ggggcagcta tgtgagggct cccaatactt     60540
     attcttccag aatcaagcaa gagagagaag agtcagagcc tcgtgggaga agtacgtgac     60600
     agccacatcc tggtcctggg tcaccttctc caggatgggc ctgacttcac tctgcagggt     60660
     tctgttgtca agagtgggtc ctatcttctg tagccacaaa gcagacattg gtgactgggt     60720
     ccccagccat acaaagaact gtggtcaaca tgtgtttggt ggtaataccc tgcccacaga     60780
     cctcagacag cacattgatg cagaagagtg tagttgtgcg atgtgaatag ttagggtctt     60840
     aaaacatggc taagaccttt gggacaatag tggcatgggc ccaccccttc ccaaacacct     60900
     ccactagctt cttgaggttg ctggtggcag cctcacagat agcatagaca tcatccacta     60960
     gccaggccat acacaaagag ttgagtttct cgtcaataaa ttccaccccg agctgtccag     61020
     ccagaggcac gaactcaatg aagactaggc atacttgcca cttggcatcc tcagctagtt     61080
     ccacaatgtc aggaagacta gccatactcg ccacttggca tcctcagcta gttccacaat     61140
     ggcaggaagc agagactgag agagctgcgg gatgccaatc atctcattca cgcaattcag     61200
     gttggagatg atgttcatgc acacctcagg acactcatcc ttcagctgag ccaagaaaag     61260
     gggcaaaagg tgtgcggtgg tgtctttacc cagaatggaa gaggaacatg atgacaaaag     61320
     ccagtgccga cttgacatgt tgggtggcat ctgacacaag ctccttgatg cagggcaaga     61380
     tctgggtcat ggttacatca tcctggcagt tggctggaag attttcacag aactttttga     61440
     ccttacagta ggctgtggcc ctcaccttgg ccacatagtt cttcatcagg ttctgaaagg     61500
     caggcactag atctgtcagt gatctcaggc cccactgctt tctggagctc tgtgaacttg     61560
     tcagctacca tgtatcagac acttgttcct tagcacctgt ctcaaggtgg gcatcactaa     61620
     ggccttcagg tcctcctggg cacaagctga gcaatgttca cacatgcctc cactgccagc     61680
     agcctcaccg agtcctgctc atcagaggga gattagagaa cacgggatgc tctcactctt     61740
     gacactgtcc agctccagca ccttagtaga ctccctcagc ttggaggcag cagccagccg     61800
     caccatgggg gtgccgtctg agcacaggtt ccggaaggac tgtggaagtt ctgttctacc     61860
     ttcatggcac tggatactca ggggtagcaa accaagaaga caccacgggc cgaggtgcag     61920
     gaggtgaacc agtctccacc caccagccat ccgcttcacc agaggcacaa agtgagcttc     61980
     tagatctgaa ggtgagtgct catgtgagat ggcccacaag gagtctacca ccttgtctcg     62040
     cactactgcc tattccactg tggccagtga ctcaggggct ggcaccccaa agtggtgaag     62100
     gctcccagct actcagccaa ggccaagagg actgtgtctt catcatagat gatatctgta     62160
     aggaaaggca ggaacttact tctggtgcat ccaatgacaa gggccaaggc aaaggtgcag     62220
     agcttcttga tacgattgag acaaagctga gcgtcgtcat ttcggagttc atctatgagc     62280
     accacaatgg gatagagtgg atcgtcaaca ttggcagctg ccatcttggc tccttggcat     62340
     ttctttttaa aggtacaaac agttggatgg tacctttgga gggacacctg aggttgtcct     62400
     gtggtctcac acgtgcacat gtatgcatgt gcacacacat gcccacggac acacacatga     62460
     aatcaagagg tgcattcaag atttgtgtcc gtttgctcaa ggctgaattc ccaaacctcg     62520
     tgtgcttggg aacaggagaa aagtggacac ttgtaactgt ggcaggggac tccttatctc     62580
     cctctccccg gatcccctac ttctgctgac taaggcacat cttcctgcct aatctccaaa     62640
     ggagaacttt tagagactcg gtgctgagct cacagagccg gctaatggca gggctgtggg     62700
     ggtgtacagg aaaggcagct gtctttaaaa agggacagca atctatcttt tacttacatg     62760
     tttgtttgcc cacacacata ctattctaga agcatgaaat tcaggagaag ctgacagtaa     62820
     gacagatagg gtgattggtt actgactgta tattcatttt tttttcctta aatctccaag     62880
     ggaatttgga gccagcaacg tctgcatgtt tgtatctcca agccggcccc acaggtcagc     62940
     ttacatcggt gtgaggaaca cagtattgta taacaccata caaaagtgag cagagacagg     63000
     gttcatgaaa tcacaaatcg aaagtgtttg ctactgttgt tacctggtca cccaaacagg     63060
     tgtcccgtat ttagtttaaa agccacacag aaagacaaaa tggagcatgt ttggggtagg     63120
     gatgaagaga gtgaggtatt tggcatccta tgtgagaagt aggttgaggg aaacatgggt     63180
     aagatcagat acaatttggg ttttcggctg tttgaggagt tggcttgtag aagaaaggac     63240
     tctgtatcgg atattgtctc aggaataaga cacaggaggc cgctgtatgg aggaaactgc     63300
     aggggcttca gccagagaga gcaaacacct gccagagatc ttctgagtcc ccttccccca     63360
     tgctctctgt agagagagta acactgtgat acagagaaga tcaaacacag tagagcataa     63420
     gccagcactt tgcaaattgt gttcccaaac tgcggctgct tttacttggc tctgtgtgtg     63480
     tgtgtacgtg cttatgtatg catgtgtata atgtgtatat aatatattaa taagttacat     63540
     atgtattaat ataagacatg ttgtatatat gtggtggttt gaataagatt ggaccaggga     63600
     gtggcactat taagaggtgt ggtcttattg gcgtaggtgt gaccttgttg gaagaaatgt     63660
     gtcactttgt gggtgggctt tgagaccctc ttcctagctg cctggaagag agatagcctt     63720
     ttctcctggc taccttggat caagatgtag aactcttagc tctttcacca gtaccatgcc     63780
     tgcctagaca ctgccatgct tcctgccttg atgatgatga actgaacctc tgaaactgta     63840
     agccagcccc gattaaatgt tgttctttat aagagttacc ttggtcatgg tgtctcttca     63900
     cagcaataaa accctaagta agacagtgta tatattaact atatatgtat ctagatgctg     63960
     tgacagatta aaccaaatat ctctgatggg gaggactcat ctattggtag ttttaatata     64020
     atttaattaa aatgtttaga cagaatctta tatatttcag gctggcctca aacttgttat     64080
     agagctaaag atgatcttgg aatcttgctt ctcttgcctg tgcctcctga gagctgggtt     64140
     ctaggcatgt gccatcacaa ctggagtatg tggttctgcg aattgtacca agatcctcat     64200
     gcacgttagg caagcctgcc agctaagcta tgtccctggt cctcattggt aatatttaga     64260
     gctaccaagt aatcttttgg ttagccattg actggttcca cagcaaagca catatatgaa     64320
     gtaataattg ggtgctaagt gattatagaa gtagtcttga tttgaagcag atctgtgggt     64380
     caattttttt caaggcccat tagcttaacg tttggagata aaggctgtga ctgagaagtt     64440
     tcaaagtgaa atccagaaag catagcctgt ccacagcatg aggaaagcta aagatggttt     64500
     aaggaccatc atcttttccc aggcatgtga taagtcattc aggcttgagt agccactaac     64560
     ctttctcctg ggaagtccca gatgagaagg accaaccgat gaattgtttc tagagctcac     64620
     agatgcccaa gaaaagagcc taaggggtct tcctctacct ttggcagagt caattattta     64680
     tgattttatt atccgtgatt tctttatgtg attgattcaa tgtgccctta aataatcact     64740
     gcctaaagac tggttcttag tgagggtcac gggattctgc ttgtgtccat gtctgcattg     64800
     ctgtgttggt agctgaagct gcctggctgc gtgctgagct cactgagccg gctaatggca     64860
     gggctgtgga ggtgtacagg aaaggacacc aagtagacac tcagatgcaa agacatttgg     64920
     gcagccagag atgctgagca aagcttaaag ggggaaaaaa ttagatcccc acgaagctct     64980
     gcacttaccc caacactctt ccccaagacc acagagcaaa gaaaccaggc tgaagctgtc     65040
     acagctgcac gtgtcccgtg actcagctcc cagctcaagg ccaatgtgga gtatgcagga     65100
     taaggaagtg ggtgctccta ctctgctcta catggccagg tcactcctgg cattgacaaa     65160
     cgcagagctg ggtttggggg gtttcaagag catcaaggtc agaaggccaa agcctggagg     65220
     agtctgcaga tgaagacaag caatgagctt ctggttccag gccttcaggg ggagcagatt     65280
     tgggagatat aagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttctga     65340
     ggacagaatt gggctcaggg ccagcccttt acaggaacca gggagctccg gcaaagatgg     65400
     ctttcctaaa gaattaattg cttgcaagga aaatacccag ttctcaggtt gggaacatcc     65460
     aaatagaagt aggagaactc ctgggggttg aggagttgct gatatacaag taggaagagg     65520
     gtcaaccagg tcttatactg gaaactcagg gtgggagatg aggtggtggg taaggcagaa     65580
     gctcaggatc tgagttggat ccctggtacc cgtctaaaac gtggcctata gttataaccc     65640
     cagagctggg aaggcaggca caggatctta tggattgttg tacagctggt gagttccatg     65700
     ccagtgagag agcctgccta aggtacgaac agttggaagg cacctttgga ggaacacctg     65760
     aggttgtcct gtggtctcac acgtgcacat gtatgcaagt gcacacacat gcccacgggc     65820
     acacacgtga atcaagaggt gcattcaaga tttgtgtccg tttgctcaag gctgagttcc     65880
     caaacctcgt gtgcttggga acaggagaaa agtggacact tgtaactgtg gcaggggact     65940
     ccttatctcc ctctccccgg atcccctact tctgctgact aaggcacatc ttcctgccta     66000
     atctccaaag gagaactttt agagactttg ctattgtacc ctgtgcccat gacaggcaac     66060
     agggagggaa ctgctatcag aaaaacatta caaggacatc ggtgtccata gaaaatgtag     66120
     ctattactga taattctttc tttttatttt tctttataaa gaaaacaaaa agaagatttg     66180
     ggggtggggt ggggggaaca ttcctccaag tttctgttga ctctgttttt ctggttagtt     66240
     atcttcccag acttggcatt gaatcaggtt aggctaaaga aagccttagt gaggactcat     66300
     ttcagattca tctttcccag acggaagaaa ctaaggccca agggcagagt ggtttgtcta     66360
     aaggcactgg gtgcctcagg gaacagctgg gactgtagcc agccttagcc cagttctgac     66420
     cattcctaga catttcctgt aggctgcctt ttgggaaagt accaaatcac catagtctct     66480
     gggccttgag caaatggaaa tctggcccta tggctgctcc tttaaagatc tgaacgggaa     66540
     acagacctcg accacacatt tctccttcaa gtctgtttct tttacatagt tttcaaggcc     66600
     tgccacccaa actgtgttac ctacattggt tcctcgacag cttgaggggg atgccaggct     66660
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cggtttttcg     66720
     agacagggct tctctgtgta gctctggctg tcctggaact taactttgta gaccaggctg     66780
     gcctcgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggattt gatacacgga     66840
     tgttccaggg ttcagagtgg gaagctcagc ttctcccccg agaagtagca tggtgggggc     66900
     ttctaggttg tcccttcttc ccagagatgc ccataacagg tgtccctgtt ctcagcaaaa     66960
     agcagctagg gtgcctctca gcacctctgg tcacagaccc agctactcag cagcagggct     67020
     ccacggagaa cttccaccat aggctccttg ttcagaaacc agtgtgagtt ccaagtctgg     67080
     gacaaagtag tttttgttta aaaaattgaa ttagtatata ttaattatac ataatgagtt     67140
     taagaatggc atagtcatat atatatattc ccctccttca tttctctttc gtgtcctctt     67200
     tgtcctcttc ttcctcccat tatctcttct ctctctcttc ctctcataaa tttcattagt     67260
     gttgcccaca ggagcatgcg gtgagcagtt atttacagaa acatagacac cttaccattg     67320
     gctctatcac ctaagaaaat ggggtagtat acttgaaaac aggtgtgagg gtcctaggtc     67380
     cagaggcagt gaagcccacc ctgcttgact gggtcccaag tgcgtgggag ccatgcttag     67440
     gctttacgaa ttcagggaca gcagaggcct tcgggattac tgatgtatca ttgtctcatt     67500
     cttaacccgc ttctgtttcc tccatctgtc tgccaaggga ccagcaagca gcccagtgca     67560
     gcgtttaggg agccaagtac ttcgtgtata ctcttcccta gcacaatgcc tacgccatct     67620
     tctatgtttc tgttactctc ccattaaaat gggagcaaag aaaaggagtg aacgatgtgg     67680
     aaggatgtgg aagatgaaca tgcaataagg tgggcgtcgg gcggtggaat cctgtgccag     67740
     ttctgggctg gaagcaggcc agtgtagtgt gtggattcct tgtcctctaa gactcttctg     67800
     ttggggcctg attgagaggt ttttggtagc tctcagggat tagagccacc aatttagggg     67860
     ccctacagca accaatgcgg tcatttgtga tgcccatgcg ccccctggtg ccccccgctg     67920
     ggtgctgcgc ctcttacccc cacctctagg cttccagaaa gctcctggtg cattctccgg     67980
     cattctctgg gcgtgagtca cgcaggtttg cagccagccc caaagggggt gtacttgagc     68040
     agagcgctat aaatagggcg cttccccggt gctcaccacc cgcgtcacca ggaggagcgc     68100
     actggagcca agccgcagac cggtgagaca gctgcacctt tcctacccca gcgccgctga     68160
     agccacaccg gcagggatgg gagggcaagg gtagcagcta ggtggaaagc tggcgcagcc     68220
     gtggggaagt gggaggtgac tagagcccca tcaccagaca gccgagcatg gggttgggta     68280
     gggggtgcac gctggctcag acacgggagt ctccgtgttc tttaatccgg atcacaattt     68340
     cacagctgtt caataggcca catacaaaga tcttcctttt gcaaaaatgg ggaaactgag     68400
     gcttgaagcc tgccgtacga tgcgggaggc gcaggggtgc gagtggctca gcgccgcgac     68460
     taggtgcgga tctctgtagt ggctgttgtc ttttgggcat gagtcattgc atttggacct     68520
     ccctttcagt tcctgggaca gcgcataata aataagatgt tgtgtattta aagacgtgct     68580
     gcagacatcc agacccgttt tgctgagctg actgcattca tccagttctt tagagaaatg     68640
     ctccaccagg ccgagacgtc tgatcccacc ggatcacttt atagatggta atctgaggcc     68700
     tggagaccat tagaggctca gcctccaaac gttatatgaa taagaaactg aagccctttg     68760
     gcttttccag aatttctggg cccagtttta aaaatggtgc tggtgctgtt tttaaaggaa     68820
     gaagttagga attcaagagt ctatacaagt tctcttaaca ggatcataca atttagtgcc     68880
     cgaccctgtg agaatagtaa aacaaactgc aaatggtagt caatcaatgg aatattaggc     68940
     agcagcaaat gtgtgacttt taaaaatatt taaaaacagg acctatgaag ggatggttta     69000
     taaaaatgca ttggaaaaaa atggagaaaa tacgccacaa tgggagaggc tatgttttcc     69060
     tactagataa ggaggtcctt ggccctggtg gggctgatgc acccagggta gttggcagcc     69120
     aggcagtagg ccagcctcca aaagaagaca ggaagtaagt cagtgtagag ggaaggcagc     69180
     gggctgaact gagcagcgtt gtccttggaa caacaacacc acagcgccgg gaaacttggg     69240
     agactagcag attctgaccc ggagtccata ttaccagcag acctagaggg agtctgttct     69300
     tagctttact gaatagagga tcgcttcttt gaggtctgta tcaggtccat tttacagata     69360
     aagaaaccaa ggccgagaga tttaggactt tttattgtca aggaaagaat attaaaatga     69420
     ggtttcagag ggctgcattc ttcctggggg gtggagagtg ggggtggggg ttggctactg     69480
     gcttgcagtg tgtcttgggg agcctggcag gtgtctgggc gttggcattc tctagaaggg     69540
     cccaggctga agagcaagca accctccctt tcttatttgg gaacttggtg gctctccaga     69600
     ccccaggtct cctttggcaa gccccaagct ccctgctccc tgtagctcat cttgatactg     69660
     cttcgcctcc cattcaatgg tcttccttgg ctgccctgcc ctgctgcctc ttcctgcctc     69720
     ggatcagaag ccatttccaa ggctgttaaa tggcttttcc caaaatggtc atgcttgagg     69780
     ctactcccac ctacagatat ttctgtggct ttgtctctga tgtgtcaagg ggtctgtccc     69840
     tgcctggagc atttcaggcc tcagtgagca cctgggaggt ctatgagatc agggccttcc     69900
     tagtggatca tgaaccaggc tggctgagcc acctacctat ccctgggaaa gtctcttctc     69960
     ccacaccact cctcctctgc tctgcgcgcg taattaagcc ctcagcagag gccttgccta     70020
     ttaatgatct gcccagtgtg ttgatgggcc tgcctagctg agagcaggtt ttaagagtga     70080
     gccattccag gaagagagat cgctcccttt tccctgttcc tgtgggtata ggaagttggt     70140
     gagcccagat aagctattct gggcagcgtt ggagatgcaa ggggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     70200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttatg caaccaatcc agcttctggg     70260
     aaaggatcca ttgtgtaata ctggggcttc agcctgtgtc ccctggctca gggcagccgg     70320
     cccagtggtg gcagtggccc cttggcagag tatgctagtt caggcttaga ggcaacaggc     70380
     atgtgaaagg aatttgctgg agccaatggg cttgtcctcc tgaaagggct ttctggggcg     70440
     gggggtgggg gtggggatgg gggctcactg ctaatctcag gctttgtcct tcccctttct     70500
     agttctgcct tctctgcagt cctaaattcc ttcccttccc attttgcttt taccccaccc     70560
     cctccccaat ccatactcag cctggtggca caagcgttgc ccagagatgg tgagatggat     70620
     tgaatttccc gtgctgatgg aagggtgtgc atattaccac aggctcactt ggatagcctt     70680
     gggaggctga gggcccccta aggggagccc agggctgtgc agtgagtggg gatgcagtac     70740
     catggaaggg gataggcgag ggatgtttgc atgtttcggg agaggtatct ttagtatttg     70800
     gcatgttaaa tatgctctgg agacacagga aattcatctg ccctgcctca ggctcttatg     70860
     ggaagaaagg gactcagctt ggagctcggc ccctccaact ccagatagcc tggctcctct     70920
     gtgcagccgg gccatggttc ttcccagggc ctcgctgtct ccagtgtcta tagaaggggt     70980
     cagtttaatc ttggctttct tccccagttc ttgagaagta gattgcagtg atgccagatg     71040
     aggagacaga tgagggccgc gtgttccaat cccaccccac ctcccctctc agggagctgt     71100
     agcagggtgc agaaaaccct gaagctgccc aggggttgcc atgacacatc tgctgttgtt     71160
     tccaggactc cagattccaa ggaggccacg ccatgaagat tctcctgctg tgcgtggcac     71220
     tgctgctgat ctgggacaat ggcatggtcc tgggagagca ggaggtctct gacaatgagc     71280
     tccaaggtag gtaggctgag actgttcctc tggtggatgc tatagggccc agggcagggc     71340
     cattcctcaa agctcagtcc ccaagtgctg agggctgttt tcattctaca tcctgggtct     71400
     gtccatgccc tctgccctct ctaggtcctg tcttgatgtt tttgtggtca ggtgacttct     71460
     agacattgcc ctctgtctca agcccctctg ttggctgcct gtcattcctt tgtcattact     71520
     ggtcccctca cctggctctc ttactcttct cccaaagccg tgccctagac cctttgaaac     71580
     tttgtcagtc ttccctttgt gtgacatcca gggttcttac cgatgtgtct ccacaccaac     71640
     ccctcctgga aagccatatc caccaatttc ctcctctgga aaaagggcaa tgcaatttga     71700
     catgaagtag tcacctgaga gcaccctctc ccttcctccc catcttccaa ggcttttctg     71760
     gaaacccacc ttttctccct tcttctctcc taacctcttg ctcatagctg accagttctg     71820
     gggggggggg tcttcgttaa agacaatgtg atcagattct ttgatgtgga tacacacggt     71880
     gaaatgattg ctgttgtcaa gctattagct gtccatcacc tcaacttatc attgggttca     71940
     gacacttaaa atatgttctc tcagcacact tcaagggtag aacacattat caaccacgag     72000
     ctctgcttgg accattgacc ttcgggctta cttgtgttgc tacatcattg aagctcttgc     72060
     ccttggctca gcagtccccc ctcccgcttc tctttggatg tgtctggcaa ccgcatcagg     72120
     tagaaaacag cagaggtgtg ggaaatggca cttgacacag gataagtaag tggtaccacc     72180
     gtgacatgat gtgtcattgc cttcgtcacc tggggccgtg tcatggctat ggtctccatg     72240
     gtgaatgcag ctcttcattt atcgtcccgt ctccatggtg tctggtgcta tcctgtcacc     72300
     tgaccctgtg cgttgtagca aagaagtgcc aggattgggt taacctgagc ttcacagaga     72360
     taatttccaa aagagcactt ttattacacc ttgatgctta ggaggttgtt ttgttttgtt     72420
     ttctgttttc cttgaaatat tctctgtggc tgttggctct ccagggtggc atggtggggt     72480
     cagtcatagt atggctgccc ctctctgcac cactcactcc tgagtttctg agctgtgact     72540
     tggagtctac catgagccct ttgatgggac atagaggcag gactgaggcc ataaggactg     72600
     ccacaggctt ggggtaatag tgatggtgtc tcagcttgac gcccccagca ctccccatca     72660
     aagcatggct ttctcaccgt ccccctggca cccaggctat ttctccagcc attcctcccc     72720
     gcccccctca actcactgta ccttcctctc tctcacagaa ctgtccactc aagggagtag     72780
     gtatattaat aaggagattc agaacgccgt ccagggagtg aagcacataa aaactctcat     72840
     agaaaaaacc aacgcagagc gcaagtcctt gctcaacagt ttagaggaag ccaagaagaa     72900
     gaaagaggta gggccaagcc ttggctgagc ccaggctctc cctgctggag gggaggaggg     72960
     gacatggtga gcaggtgcct ttctgggttg ccatggtgtc ctaaggcggt cctcgaaggg     73020
     ttccgctaat gctggactga ggagccaggg aaagcacatt cgcttgtggg agcctcagtg     73080
     ccgaggcctt gaatttggtt tccctgcaac tctggtccag ggcctgaagc ctagattcat     73140
     ttcaataggt ttttctaacc cttgctgtgg gtagggcatg gtgcaggact cagcggtgtg     73200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgatatgagc atccagacat ttcccattct     73260
     tttcttctgt attcaaaatg acttttaaca tgaaagttct tattgaaata ttttaaaatc     73320
     aatgtaaaat tcttgtaatc tatccttaga catccatcca ttcattcatt cccactcaga     73380
     tataggggag gggggcagtt ttcaaaaccc ttagtagaag ctgcagttgt ggctagcacc     73440
     aggccctgca gagattgtgc ttctgtaatt tataaattac agacagtaag gtatgagcag     73500
     ccacaataaa atagagcaat tataatgcta taccagttat accatacaga aggctacgca     73560
     gatgtgattt ctcccacaca aaatatctca attcctcagc ttccacaata ctatttttag     73620
     actggttgac catggatagc taagaactga taacaaggga ctgccctgtt accatttgtt     73680
     taatttgtca tctacatttg aacatcaatg ttgactctgg tacacacaca cacacacaca     73740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaaa cttatccaca gattcatcca tccacttaat     73800
     tattttccat attgatatgt agacacacac atttgctata aactagtatc tcttcaggcg     73860
     gagaatttaa atttttcatt ttagcaatcc ccagagccaa tgactgggtc aggggcatgg     73920
     taatgagttt gatggttgat ttgactggat agcttcgatt tgcatgtcag aggccacagt     73980
     tctaacagaa agataagact gtcctctttg gggagatgag aggagacagt ggggtggttt     74040
     aaaggagagg tggggcctaa ggaagagacg gtcagagcag cagatcagag tggacaggga     74100
     agcttaggga atggctgggc cttgaagaag gagaggctcc tgagagcgtg gctggggagg     74160
     cccaacagaa gggctagagc gaagctgtgg gcaccaggag caaccttgta ctcagatcgg     74220
     ggagaccggc tgggtctctg tgtgggtcac ctggccttct tgtcatctcc ctgaaggatg     74280
     ctctggagga cactagggat tctgaaatga agctgaaggc attcccggaa gtgtgtaacg     74340
     agaccatgat ggccctctgg gaggagtgca agccctgcct gaagcatacc tgcatgaagt     74400
     tctatgcacg tgtctgcagg agcggctcag ggctggtcgg ccagcaggtg agaaggagag     74460
     atgtccacag cctgggttct ggatggggaa tgtggagaat ccatgaaata ggcctcattc     74520
     catatgctgg gtacagttga ttagcattgc ttgactgcac atcgttctag tgtcatggtc     74580
     gattggtgat gtctgcttgg caggtaccat ctctttcaag acctttaact ggttgggtaa     74640
     aatggcctta tgggatggta gaatcctgtg ttagaatagg aaaagggaat taaaaaatat     74700
     ttagtctatt tgcattaatt ctatccctac ctgtgagatt cacttggttg gaactcagta     74760
     aaattcactg tttcctcaag gctgagcagc taagcaggag tggctattta ttctttatgg     74820
     cccaaggtga gacttgggaa cctccgagtt tcgccatgag aaatggattt ggggggcggc     74880
     ggcgggggga cggggggtgc tgacagggta cccaggaggc agaacagtgg gaacttgggt     74940
     cagtttctgt gtggccacag ggggatacag gctggagtac acacaatgcc ttactctact     75000
     tctctgggtc ccagctagag gagtttctaa accagagctc acccttctac ttctggatga     75060
     acggcgaccg catcgactcc ctgctggaga gtgaccggca gcagagccaa gtcctggatg     75120
     ccatgcagga cagctttgct cgggcatctg gcatcataga cacgctcttt caggaccggt     75180
     tcttcgcccg tgagcttcat gacccccact acttctcccc catcggcttc ccacacaaga     75240
     ggcctcattt cttatatccc aagtcccgct tggtccgcag cctcatgtct ccctcccact     75300
     atgggcctcc gagcttccac aacatgttcc agcctttctt tgagatgatc caccaggctc     75360
     aacaggccat ggatgtccag ctccacagcc cagccttcca gttcccagac gtggatttct     75420
     taagaggtta gaaagcaatt gctttctttc taagtaggaa tgtgaatgtc ccagatgtct     75480
     aggctcttcc agggcttgac ctgtgctggt tttatgttcc tagaagcctc agaggctggt     75540
     atttcctcca tttgtagggt aaaggagcta ggatgggggc aaagaaatgc aggtaaatgt     75600
     gggggggcgc agttcaatta gcatttgtag agattggagc tcttgtgttt gttacagtga     75660
     actcagggtg tgatctgggg ctgtgcctcc tataggatcc cagatattat ttcttgggaa     75720
     cttttgaggg tgtggtgtga gaggcccgcc cttccaggca atgagtctgt gtcatcttaa     75780
     agaagatgtt catggctgtg accttagcgt gtaatgcctg taaggatgaa atatcacgtg     75840
     gacacgagaa accggtgtct gaggagtgat tttttttttc cattagtgcc ttgggtctta     75900
     ataccatgtc ctacatggta tggtttgcat tagaaataga agaagtcttg gcatccaaca     75960
     cacatctact gtagctccat tgtctaaaga tggtttatgt tgtcaggaca cacttgtgct     76020
     ctctggggct tgaaggccag ttagggagta ccatcagtca aggagaacaa agaacagcca     76080
     tgatgtcaga aggcacacag ctgaggggat gtggcaggag agatctcctc agatggagat     76140
     ggtgggaagg caggcaggac ctgctgagag ccgtgggaat atcctcagcc acagggaagt     76200
     cccatggctg caagcaaaca aataagctgc atcgtgccct gaccatggca ctgagcagag     76260
     gtgtggaagg ctgtcgggtg ggcatccttc tgatgtgcca tgtgtctaat cctgcccctc     76320
     tttcccctca tgtgtccaga aggtgaagat gaccgcactg tgtgcaagga gatccgccgc     76380
     aactccacag gatgcctgaa gatgaagggc cagtgtgaaa agtgccagga gatcttgtct     76440
     gtgggtgagt ccgggaacca gtggtcatct gactgtgggt ctccagtgac tcactggcac     76500
     tatccttttc caaagactag ctctctgcct gggaactctt aatccccggg agactcctca     76560
     ccctggtgca cagcctactc tcctcttatc tagagcttca ttatttggga gctggggtag     76620
     gacccagtgc ctcctgcatg ttaggtgaac gctctaccac tgagccacat caattttact     76680
     cagaatcaag ttcaggtgca gattgttctc atatagatga ggtggagcta aagtgcccac     76740
     caccacccct gtggctcact ggcaaacctg cagtccacgg tggaattaca ctgtatcgac     76800
     cagtaagcca cagctcgttc ccctggctac tttgttccac agtgccaagt actgtagacc     76860
     ctgattttga acttctgatt atgaaatctt tgacaacatg cgttttgttt aacaagtgct     76920
     cgccacatgc caggcactgc tgcaaacacg tcacaggtgt ctgttcgcag aatgatcctg     76980
     tgagctgggt acagctctct ttccgtcttg ctggatggct aagtgactta tctaagatta     77040
     cgtgacacga ggcttctcac ttaggctgtg ctcataaaca gcaccctggg gtttctccct     77100
     ggggaccttg agctatgtcc ttgtgatggt ggtccttggt atcctggccg cattcttttt     77160
     ggtgaactag tccctcagaa aaggaactat ttttccttca tcagttcccc aggcaatctg     77220
     ggtatggtga catatcccta taatcccaac atttgggagg ctgaggtagg agggtggtga     77280
     atccgaggcc agcggcgagg ttctgtctca atgaaaacaa aacaaaatac agcaaaccca     77340
     aaactgttcc ccacagattt gtcaggtctg gctatcaagc caatgccccg ccttcagcct     77400
     ggtctttaca gtggctcaca gtacacggtg ctacctgctc agatcaccct ctttgttggc     77460
     cgggacagac ctttagagtc tggttaaata ttcccagcct cattcctgca atgttaggag     77520
     gctaggaaaa aaaaaaaaat actagtgctt tcaaaggtca tagtgtgaca ttataaacaa     77580
     atatgggcca cacctgtagg ctttccctta tagttgaaag atggggtgcc tgagcacaga     77640
     gaagccagtc accttataga ctggatctct tacatcagac ttagcgatcc tctcaacagt     77700
     cacccgttag ctcttattta cggtgcttat aatggtatcc tctcagcagt caccgtttct     77760
     gtcacccgtt agctcttatg tacagtgctt acaatggtat ggataggctt cacagagacc     77820
     tctcgcctgg gacatcttgc ctcagccctg tgggcagacc tgaccatggc tgagcattta     77880
     acaacatttt tggctccaac ctaccatcta ccaagagcaa ccctccctcc actgtgacaa     77940
     tcagaaacat cttcagattg tctggactgt ctcctggtgg gtggtgtggt cccaggttga     78000
     gaaccaccgt tctactctgt ccttctctca ggactttctt gtttgggcta atcagtggtt     78060
     agagtgctcc ggttattcct ggaagatttc ttctcatttc tgcttctggt ctccaatcct     78120
     gtgtcttgcc ccatgcaaca ttatatctta ttttaagtat gaacaattgt agtagccaca     78180
     tagggcccag aaggcatctc tcttgtcttg cttagtttgg atatagcctc tcatagatgt     78240
     ttaaaaaata attgaggagg ggggaggcgt tgttaaacac tggttttcag aaagcatgag     78300
     cactttgttg gtctcagtag cctgatgcct gcagtgcact cttgcagaag agaggatgcc     78360
     agagttccta tttcctcctg gtcatcctgg gtggacaagg gcaggcaagg actgaccctt     78420
     gggcaccaaa cacctgtgtt ttgtagactc gggacctggc tgtctcttct gcaggtttgg     78480
     ttctgggaaa atggtcttgc cgaatctgtc aaattatgtt caaaaataag tttggagaat     78540
     attctagaac cctggtctca ggggctcagg ttgaggagtg aaagatgggg cttcaatcct     78600
     ggttccacag atcgcttcct ctatagatct gagcaaggtc cacctaagta aataatgatc     78660
     ctgttctttg tggggtgtcc agtgccacag tagcttcctc ctattttgga aatgagtcct     78720
     gggaggagct cagggagcaa gagtaagtcc aggaacatgg ggtagtcagc ataggtgctc     78780
     cccagagcac cgtcagcagc attgtgacag gtcaccaaga ctggtcatgt ctaccgccca     78840
     aagaagactc agccacgctg ctctgacaca gtttagcaca gctaagccat tgtatcccaa     78900
     agcacgaagg gggcagcacc ttggtttccg tgtccgggga actgtaagag ctgatctgta     78960
     gccctccctg gaagagttcc tctgcttcag attgtggctg ctgcagctgg ttcccagggg     79020
     cgtgtccgtc ccctttaccc tccctttcat gcttctgcct tctgcttctt tcttctctgg     79080
     gcagactgtt caaccaacaa tcctgcccag gctaacctgc gccaggagct gaacgactcg     79140
     ctccaggtgg ccgagaggct gacagagcag tacaaggagc tgctgcagtc cttccagtcg     79200
     aagatgctca acacctcatc cctgctggag cagctgaacg accagttcaa ctgggtgtcc     79260
     cagctggcta acctcacaca gggcgaagac aagtactacc ttcgggtctc caccgtgagt     79320
     tgtatcccag tcatttgatg aggctgagac ccgggtgtga tccagaggtg atgtgtgtct     79380
     cttagagatg tggtgggaca aaggtcccac ctaggattta caccagcagg gactaggaaa     79440
     accgtatgca cgttgtagca ttgaaatgcc tttgccccgt caaatatcca agtctcattg     79500
     tcaagatgag gaaagagaga ggttctgtgg tttgctaaga acagacagtt ttgggcaact     79560
     tccctgggtc agcctgtcag cctggctgta aagctgcttc ctgcccaggg ccactctgag     79620
     tgccacatga attggttcac tgttagccag tgagaactcg gtttccttta gtttgtggac     79680
     cccaccccta ccccctttga ccacagactg gctaacattt gtacaaagca aatgttgggg     79740
     ccaggtgttg tggtgcgtgc ctgtaagcca gcactgaaga aactgaggca ggagagtaga     79800
     gagcttgagc ctgggctgga ctatatagtg acagcctctc tcaaacaaag caaaacaaga     79860
     gaacacaaca agaagaaaac attcaaaaat catttcaagt ttctggagtg cctacttggc     79920
     tagtcatttt taagtaacat taaaggcgtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg     79980
     gaggcagagg caggtggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca     80040
     ggatagccag ggctatacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa acaaacaaag aagcaagcaa     80100
     gcaaacaaac acacaaacaa aaaaaccgag atagttttgc tcggaattct ctaggcatcc     80160
     agaaatgaca gataacccgc agatccatat ctggctgaag ggggcaaagg gcagttccat     80220
     atcctttgac agagaagggt gcactctgca gccatcccgt agagacactt ctcctgcctt     80280
     cctctaggtg accacccatt cctctgactc agaggtcccc tcccgtgtca ctgaggtggt     80340
     ggtgaagctg tttgactctg accccatcac agtggtgtta ccagaagaag tctctaagga     80400
     taaccctaag tttatggaca cagtggcgga gaaggcgcta caggaatacc gcaggaaaag     80460
     ccggtaagcg ggcagccttt ctgtgacccc agggactggt aaacaagacc ctggaggcct     80520
     ggaaagtcct caggagtcca gacaaggaac agactatgca ttctgggcac gtggcctatc     80580
     cctgaggcca gagcccacgg ggaagctagg aaaaccccgg ggattttact ttctttgctc     80640
     tgggaaatgt ttttccttga tggttaagga tgtgggtgtt ggcggctgct tcttggggga     80700
     tactgattct cttatccact ctcctctttt tttttttcaa gtgcggaatg agatagaagc     80760
     atcaccttcc tatatgtagg agtgtctggg agggaatctc ccagctcccc gaggtggctg     80820
     cagaccccta gagaactcca catgtctcca ggcgagtagg cctcacccaa gcagcctgcc     80880
     cttcctctgg attctgtaca ctaatgcctg cacttgctgc tctcgggaag aactgattcc     80940
     cccacgcaac taatccaata aaagccgcct tgcgatacgt gtcccttggg tctgtttttt     81000
     atttaatcct cctgcaggct gcacatcttg gtttggtatg gaggggaaac aaggataata     81060
     gccgggtcag ttgctaaagc acttgccaca cgaacatgag tttggaaaag tcaggcatgg     81120
     tggcaccctc ttgtaattta acctcggcgc tatcagaaca gaggaaagag gaacttgctg     81180
     gtgttcggtg agcctcaggt tccagtgaga gatcttgtct cagaacacat gggtagaaag     81240
     agaccaaaga gcgacacgag gtcatgcata taaaaatgaa cagctgagac tatatagggg     81300
     tctccataca ctgtagagta ctcatgacaa ttggggcacc ttcagctttg agagaggtat     81360
     gttccaatga gccacggagg tgaattcctg aagtcagaga ctttcccttc ccgttacaac     81420
     actgtctgtg agttctgaca aggtggagcg gtctcccaga ggaggcactg acatcgaggc     81480
     aaaggaggct gctagtggga caagtgggtg ttttactgtg taactgacaa ttccctgagg     81540
     aaactgatca gcaggaagcc acatgaagat tttatttgta agaactcgga aacctggggc     81600
     accttctgaa tcatggcatc tcacatcacc gtccttccat acagtctata cccctttatt     81660
     ggttgtttat ctctctgctt tcatggtttt tagttcactg ctttttagtt cactgctcac     81720
     cctgaactgt taagttagct gcagtaccag gtgctgccag caggtgacgc tgtccagcca     81780
     tagtctacat ccctatggcg cacatctagt gtgttatctg cagaagttga gagaagccat     81840
     agtgaatgac agagggcatt tagttattag ttctgaagct agtaaatatc agatgaagaa     81900
     acccaaggaa ttcactgtgg ccttatagct accaaggctt ctagcgcagt gtcctctcca     81960
     gacctagtct ttcctggtgt tttctagagg agcttggtca attgagtatg cacaaggaaa     82020
     atgaagagac agtgtaggac cagtgagcat ggagccagtc tgcgagataa caaatgttgt     82080
     tacactgtga cgagaaagct cacgaggttc agaacgagct gtttgcctct gggctgtttc     82140
     cagtttcacc tctgatgcta atatccctat tgtggtgtgc cacactgact acgccattac     82200
     tccatgacgg ccaggcagca tcagtgtttg cacagttctt gcccaggctc agtgacttgc     82260
     agtccagcag aagctctgtc tgtctctgag ccaagtggaa gcagaggagg actcgtctag     82320
     gcttggaatg gagttgctgt ggattgggac accctgatct gaactgccct cgcttgtaca     82380
     ggcactcaag agaacaaaga tggttgttag ttggtaccag gcacctctgt gactccacct     82440
     ttatctttct gggtatccta gggcaaatca caggtcgggg gtgaaggaag gaccactttt     82500
     cccagctcac gttcacaagg ttcacaatct ttgtggatga tgtcgtatgt gtaaggccac     82560
     agcaaacaac aggcactaaa gatagaagga gttagttctt tgaaacttga aggccttcaa     82620
     cataacttgc tactgccttt ctctggctat gtaatatcta taaacatatc tataaacata     82680
     tgtcaagaac acgaaaacaa caaccacatg ggtgactcct ttttggaatt ttctggaaat     82740
     gtctgggctt ttcttagtct ttgaaaggcc ctgtctcata gagaagacat caaggcaaag     82800
     ctgacatcat caggttttag tgacctctgt tccccattgc gtggtcacgt tacacctctt     82860
     tgtggattcc cattctaaga cccccttggc ttatgtgatt aggctctttg gaattatatt     82920
     tctggctccc aatctcccat tcttatgata gaatctgtct taggcaaaac cacaggcagg     82980
     gagcttacaa ggaccagagg acctcacttg taaatctgaa gccagccatg gtatgtggag     83040
     ctcagtgttt gctctcttct ctgagacatt catggtcagg ttttcgtttt ttgtttgttt     83100
     gtttgagcca tggcaggcac acacattagg tttagatttt ctcctgtgta cagcttgtct     83160
     ccctcctgga gacagcttga gactcagtcc agagatctgc aagaggctac catagaggct     83220
     accatgggat gcctagagag atcccgtccc ctgagctctg tgttctttcc ctctgttagt     83280
     gaatttcagt gactttcgcc agtcacctct acccatctgc cttcctggca gatcacatac     83340
     aatgtcgtag tgaagcctct caggtgacag tttatccatt ctctagtttt gcttacttcc     83400
     tattgctggg acaaaaagac cccaataaaa gcaactgatg agagaaagtg cttattctgg     83460
     ctggtagtac agacacaacc cagagggctt catctcctga tagttctata acctctctca     83520
     aacatctcca ccacttggag atcaaatggt caggcatgtg agcctgtggg gacatgcaca     83580
     tttgggccac cacacaggtg gcctggtcaa cttgtctaag tttgtcctat ctagagccag     83640
     agactccggg gcacaaggac catttgtcat cagcctctaa gtgtctcctg tattccggtt     83700
     tggcaagaac ctcagagtga tgagcaggtg actgcatccc actggagcct cagagctcac     83760
     ctggcccctc cttttctcgt ctgcatacct gaggagtatg gggagcagtg ggcatctgga     83820
     gagaagtgga gttggtcgcc tctcacccag attcagcctg gaggactgat gctgtacctc     83880
     ccaccccgcc ccatccaagg cacagcacac actggcatcc atctgttaac tcgattttca     83940
     atccttgcat gttctgatga tcactgtcca ctttcttaga gtccaggctt ggcagacaga     84000
     gacacacctc aatacccatg agtttccaca gccagagagg aagctagtgt ttgccaccag     84060
     gggacagaag agctggctcc gcaggctttg gcttcagctg actgggaagc tgctgacaag     84120
     atggagctca gccaattcgg gaacatggga cagaactaac aggagagaaa tcgggggggg     84180
     gggctcagca cacatcactc agggtcacaa gggtggcaca tgagagtcgg caggatgggt     84240
     gccatactcc tcaggtatgc agacgagaaa aagaggggcc aggtgagctc tgaggctcct     84300
     gtaggatgca gtcacctgct cagttgtcag ttgttcagtt gtcaagacac cagctcagag     84360
     agagaatgaa tcacacccat tggaactcct aaggatgcac aggtgcccta gccattagaa     84420
     tgtgtgtttc cacaacactg ggctagccaa gcaatctagg aattgaagaa tgaaggcaca     84480
     cgggggtttc agatctgtca ttggaccaag tccctgcctg cctgcctgtc tgtctgcaat     84540
     agaatgctca gttcatggac tttaagcatg gagatgtaaa ctatctaaag tatacactgt     84600
     ggaaggagcc cctgtctcca gcagtagcag atgctcttcc tggcctactg ctggggtaaa     84660
     aataccatct ttaggatgag ccggtacgag taaagttgga gttcagtaaa tacagaaggg     84720
     aagtctggga cttgttaagg ggagcagggc gggcaggaag gggattgcaa cacttgggat     84780
     gtaaataaat aaaaatccat taaaaagaag acaatccatg cttgtttaag catgggcatg     84840
     gagagacaca cagccaagga aaggacagaa ggacatttga ggaaatgagg gcttttcaag     84900
     agtggagtca tggggattct ggatagtccc cttaatgagc aaacttaatg ggatgggggt     84960
     tatttgtgag ttaaaaccgg gtgggaggta acaagtgtgg atttccccag aacagggttc     85020
     acctcttgtt gtccttctac ggggctttcc agatgtgtcg tggcatcaga ggaataatgg     85080
     gaaaagcagt cttacaagcc cagtggtgga tggggccatt acagagaagc caaggatgtc     85140
     agtaggcata tgtagtcagc catgttggtc ccagcggggc ttgggtggcc gtgttcttca     85200
     cagcatcctg atagcagaca gctctgggct ttaccttctc tttaagcaac aagtagtcgg     85260
     cctttctcca catgcctatg cagcctgtct caaactcccc tacctttggt tgaagagctt     85320
     aaagacatcg ccttttgtag cttgctttga gatattgata agtctcttta cttctctgag     85380
     cttcggtttc ttcttttgtg gaagggcagg ggtgggttga tttggaaact ggagatttcc     85440
     aataccttgg ggtttagttt gctattattt tcctccaccc aagacactca gagcctagaa     85500
     gagagagcta ggagcttcag tagctgtaag ccttcttctg atcctgtgct gggaatcaaa     85560
     cacgggtcct ctacaagagc caggcatggt cttacgctct gagccctctc caggcccaca     85620
     tttactcttg ttagcagcac caatccattt cagagtggcc caaagaaaag caaccaatga     85680
     atacatctat aacgagagat tcatgttggg ctcaggtacc tatgatttca taggccccag     85740
     tctgccaggc agcccaaagg ctgcagactc tggctggagt tagtgtggac tcttgcggcc     85800
     ccaaagcttc tcccagtggg catgttcaaa cttttggctt gtcaacgtgg cattcacaca     85860
     catgagaaat aggcaatcaa gttataagac taatttcaaa actcatcata ttttaagtaa     85920
     gcttctgccc ttaaatattt gttattgttg atactaatgt gtcattgtgg cttcatttgc     85980
     acttttctaa tgatcagtgc aatgatactg atcacggatg cactgatcat tccctagggt     86040
     ataatgatat tgaacatgtt tttctgtgtc cgtgggcctt gtgtacctgc tgtagagaaa     86100
     tatctatcca agtcctttgc ccctttgctg atctggcaat tctgttggta agaacatttt     86160
     gcattttaac tctctacgag ataaagaatt aaaatatgaa ttcctcaagg gcaaaaagat     86220
     atctttcaga gtcttttaat tctgacaaag tacctggaac atattggctc tccaaggaac     86280
     attccagaaa ggccacaaat aaactgaaat catctctgtg aagagaaaga tgaaaccaag     86340
     acccagggaa acccagggac acggcgagat cccagcccaa agaattgtct ctgaggtgaa     86400
     gggagaaaac acagggatct aacaggaact ggttaagaag acgaggcaaa ttccactcta     86460
     aacaccaccc gaaagagaca ctgtgagggc caggccatgg cagtcagaag gccacgtgga     86520
     cccatctgga agatggcttg ctcaggacca acagacagac tctgggcatc tgaaaggcct     86580
     ttaaggataa aagtaagcag agcatgcctc atgctacctc tgttgccaag agatcccttc     86640
     tgaagaggga gggaaaactg caggccccag ggatctctct atacttggtg gaccagtaga     86700
     acctagaagg accaaatcct tagcctggac agatatgatg caaggggaac cccttttcct     86760
     gagatgattg tagtttatgt atggctcgtg gagatgcaaa caggaatttg agtgagaggc     86820
     cacttcttgc ctggggtgtt atgaagatga taaagaaggc agaggcctcg gccagagccc     86880
     agcccctcct tgtgttcagg agaggtcgtc tcccactgtg cctgtgagac actgccctgc     86940
     cccccccccc ccaaggcagc agaagtgagg ggtcagggca gcttgcttct gcttctactt     87000
     tagtagaaaa ccttttccag gtacgaattc aagaacattc cagtggggtc cagcttctcg     87060
     cggatgtcac agaacttgtg aaaggcgggg tacattttct caaagtcctt cctggtgcaa     87120
     ttgtgggcct gtggacacaa tcagcagcat cgggctttgt cctcacagaa ctatgtcaag     87180
     caaggctgca ctgatcctga gcctgcactg acactgcccc gccctccccc tcccccgaca     87240
     aaaagaaggg ggtcttgaag ataacgctaa aaggccttaa aatgcacccc atgatagcat     87300
     ggaggcccca gcttcggtcc caccactaca caggccttcc ttaactgttt tatttgttaa     87360
     gtgggcacac tgatgtttac cttaccctgc tcgctagctc catgggaaaa tctaataaag     87420
     tgaaagaaat ctctaggatg attcccaagg gatctgggct tcaggggcca gagtgcagga     87480
     aaggcatatt ctggtgccct ttcactaaga agctgggagg attcctcaga gttaataggg     87540
     aggagcgccc tcttgtggac ataaggtgca cagcagttgc cccgtggcta tggggaaatg     87600
     tctgaatgtt tttacctttg cccagtgggg cctgcctcca aacttcttca tgatggtctc     87660
     ataggccagc cagtaatcca accgaggcac atccttccca tagggcctaa agtagagagg     87720
     aagaaggtgg ctatccggct ctgtcccatg atgtgcctcc actgtctcag gtgccttctc     87780
     tttgacctgc ccctaatctg gcaggtgact ggagattaag ctggctctcc ctgcagatca     87840
     gcccagccag gacagatgcc tgctcactgc acatccctaa gggttccccg agacgttgtc     87900
     ccctcttgta ttcatcagtt ggtatctgga cattactgtg agtttaatct tggccaaaga     87960
     ctgaccaagg gtaatggagc tgaaaaattc ctcttgtcca ggttatcgct ttacacaggt     88020
     tagccaccat catatacaat agatataatg tatcgcacac cacaatcata tacaatagat     88080
     acaatgtatc gcatcccacc atcatataca atagatacaa tgtattgcat cccaccatca     88140
     tatacaatag atacaatgta tcacatgcca ccatcatata tacaatagat acaatgtatt     88200
     gtacaggcat gcagcctagg acaagcaggg gggtgctgtg cagggtgatg tttattgtta     88260
     taaaattgtt aatggtgtgt ttgccagaat atttcctcat tgcaagcaac tctcgactgt     88320
     cacacaatac ccacacactg ttcatacata cagtattcat ataatagaca cacaatgcac     88380
     aaatttgaaa tatcatactt ttacacaata cttaatactt aaatgcaaca cacacaatag     88440
     ttacacatct agtattcaca cacaatacac acatacataa tgtgcatgaa atatgcacag     88500
     caccccccca tactagtcac ataccatgct cacacatatc acacacatat ggtactttgg     88560
     ccagtgctgt ggaatcccca gatgacttta tccatgtcta gaaagcaagg ctgtgtaacc     88620
     taatgaagct ctccagttgg tctcttgccc ggctactcag ccccatggtg actgatctcc     88680
     aaagctgacg tcagcgctaa cacttcaaac gcattcagat gcatcccgtg gcatccctca     88740
     cttctgcatt tgcgtttgag gattgagaag ctgagacaca cagacagctg acacacaagc     88800
     tttaccatag ctacatcctc catgaacgag acgacagttc cttcagtgag tctttcagaa     88860
     aagtgtttgt gactctttga ggccccctaa aaactgaatt cagctgtccc tggctttgca     88920
     aggatttgag gccttacaca tgggggaaga acaccctaga aagatcaagg tggccactat     88980
     ttttttttca aagccagaga aggcctgagt ctcgtggcgg tgtgaagcaa gactggaggt     89040
     ggtgtgggtg gtagatgagg gatacatctt agcaagaaac cagaaaagac taattccctc     89100
     aggcacctcc tgcaggctaa aaagagagaa aagaaggcca gccacaagct tgggttcagt     89160
     ccctggaact gacaagtacc cctatgcagg caggaaccca acatcaggta cccgcctctc     89220
     ttctgttgaa cttaaactag cctcggaatc catcccaaca tagcctggct tccaggccag     89280
     cagagatctt actggggtgg gcacctgagt gagaatatat tgctcatttt gttatataat     89340
     cctcataaat aataaatatt cctcactggt attaattcac tcttgatgct agaatatagc     89400
     gatatagcct agcctataag tggtatacgt cacaagactc tataggaggg agcattctaa     89460
     gaactcaaag gagtgagatg tcagtgtaat ctgccaatag agaaagtggc ctcgccaggc     89520
     gtggtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt     89580
     ccgaggctag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagagctaca cagagaaacc     89640
     ctgtctcgaa aaaccaagac agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     89700
     agagagaaag agaaggtggc ctcagaagat ggcactggaa ggttagagaa gtagaggaat     89760
     ccctttgcac tcgagggctc cttacacccc acaccctgca gagagctttc acctgtacat     89820
     aatgatgttc atgtagcagc tgtccctctg gaagcacggg ctcagcagga tgtcatcacc     89880
     tcgggtgaag cgcacctcca cggggtagtg ggctaccacc ttggggtggg cctccagcat     89940
     ggcctttagc tccagcaggg cctccttggt cttctccctg ccctccgccc aggagagact     90000
     tcagagtaag aagggactac cgcaatcctc ctcctccatg gctttatata ggggacctgg     90060
     gcctgagctg ggatgctcat ggcccagctc tagaggaaac cgttttttca tggtatgtct     90120
     gggggagcgc actatctggg gaaggtctta catggggatg gcccctatct ggggataggc     90180
     ctatcttggg aaggtcttac ctgggcatgg ccctatctag ggtaggtctt tttttttttt     90240
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc     90300
     tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggact caaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc     90360
     ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac cacgcccggc aagggtaggt cttacctggg     90420
     gatagtccta tctgggggtg ctcctacctg ggggtacccc tacctgggga tggcccagtc     90480
     ttggacatgc tgcttgaagc gacactcgta ggagaagatc ttgtggctga ggttgctgct     90540
     ctccttcttg cagttgaaca gcagccagaa gaagaagcgg ttgatccagc ccacgaggcg     90600
     tggcaggtag gtgctgcagg tgacagggta ggggggttag ggggcccagc atttaccgtg     90660
     tcagctgtgt gtgcacaggc cctcactcct cgtctcctag cagccttgtt gtatccaggc     90720
     tgggccagtg tggtgttggt ccaggtagga acagtgcctt ccaccccctg ctttatctca     90780
     cctttcacct accaacggcc cttaagactc tgctcagtgt cttgtcactt cacgacacac     90840
     agtaacaaat gtccatattt caagccttac tggctagcta gggcaagggt gagtcgaatt     90900
     ttaattttag cggatgcctg ccaggtttag ctccaaaaag aatgttccat tcactctcct     90960
     tctgtgatgg tttgtatatg ctcagcccag ggagtggcgc tattagaagg tgttgccttt     91020
     ttgaagtagg cgtggcacta tggatgtggg cgctaagatc ctcatcctag ctgcctggag     91080
     gtcaatattc tgctagcatg gtggtctgtg ctcagtagta aaaccctaac taagaaagaa     91140
     gttggtaccg ggcccagggt attgctgtga caggcctgac catgattttg tttggaagaa     91200
     tgtggatttg gggattttgg atttggaaag ccatgaaatg ttttaagtgg ggcttaatgg     91260
     gctatcccag taggaatatg gaagactttg ttgctgtgag tgatttcagc tgtgcagacc     91320
     tggcccaaga gggttcagtg gagaaggatg tcagtatgtg gcctagagac tgtttttgta     91380
     gtattttggt gaagaacatg gctgcttttt gcccttgtct gtaagtctac ctgaggctaa     91440
     ggtgaagaga cgccaattaa ttgcgctgac aaaggaagtc tcaaaaaagc ccagcagaga     91500
     cttgttctct ggttaagtct catggagaga gttgtgaaca agcatagcaa gctgagaaag     91560
     ggaaagtata aaatatatgg tttaaatatt aaagggaaac cagagaatag aatagagctg     91620
     aaatctatgt tctaggagat agcagattaa gggagtaggg ctttggggca agatcctacc     91680
     caaataaatt tagatccagg catggtggta cacaccttta ttccctggag acaaagacaa     91740
     acagatctct gagttcaagg ccagcctaga acagagcaag aaaaatttaa atctaggctt     91800
     ggtggaccac acctttaatc ccagtattta ggagacaggc atgcagatct gagttgaaag     91860
     tcagtctgca gaacaagttc cagaacagcc aagcttaggc agtgaaggag ttggaaaaca     91920
     gaaagctggt gataatgtaa tagaacaagg gagccatgtt ccagccccag caagcagcag     91980
     aactcagcag ctttggccat gtggctctgg ctttagagtc cagaatagaa gggattacta     92040
     agacagttga tgctggttag ctggagctat gaaatcagtg gtgattaaga agagaccagc     92100
     atcattgagg tgaaatctgg gatgtgtttt ctgagagcac aaaaaaactg tgttccagag     92160
     acatagtcaa ggttgtacct catgctgcag ctgtacttgg taatgggtaa gagtcaccca     92220
     ggtggtactg gttttgaagg tcatgaagaa caactgaggc ctggcactgt gagaggccat     92280
     ggaaggccat gggtgaaggt gcagcctgtt acagttgatg gcccgtgact gaaggggtca     92340
     tgtaaaggag ttgaggcttg gcaccatgaa gaaagcctat gagaggctac tggtgaagcc     92400
     tagctgcaga ggaagactcc aatatataag atatgccagt accacgaaga tacgggatga     92460
     ccaggaagaa gagcagcagc agtagagtgg atcaacctga gcttagtgct acagagggca     92520
     gagctggaga agtgacacca gccctttgga ggatctcaga tcatgtgtgg atcccagaca     92580
     ttgaaacaag aagctgtaac attgaagttg ccttggagac cccaagatgt tcaagatgcc     92640
     agagctctgg gctatctgct gaggaaagct gctaacgggg agtggaacca gcccatgaga     92700
     aagaagtttg ttgcaatcaa caaagatgaa aaaggagttg gagatctgaa gacatcaaac     92760
     atggagatgc agagtttgga gttttcccag ctggttttct gacttgcttt gggacttaca     92820
     gctaagtgat tgaatgaatt tcagaagaga cttttaactt ttaacactgt tgagactact     92880
     atagactatg gaacttttga agttggacta aacctatttt gcattatgct atgtttaggt     92940
     atggccccca tagactcata tgtttggaca agcctatgga gccagggagt ggaaagtgat     93000
     ggtttgtatc tgctctgccc agggagaagc actatttaaa ggtgtggccc tgttcaagta     93060
     ggtgtggcct cttcggagta ggcatggcac tgtgggtgtg agctttaaga ccttcatcct     93120
     cgctacctgg gagccagtat tctgctagca gcctttagat gaagatgtag aactttcagc     93180
     tcctcctgta ccatgcctgc ctggatgctg ccatgttccc accttgatga taatggactg     93240
     aacctctgaa cctgtaagtc agccccaatt aaatcttgtc cttagaagag ttaccttggt     93300
     catggtgtct cttcacaaca gtaaaaccct aactaagaca ccttctacac cttggaagcc     93360
     ttgattcaat gctgccaaga ataagcagct aaaaggggcc agtgtaaaaa gggtcttcct     93420
     gttaattgga agaaaataat ttttagagtg tgtgttaatt tcagttttgt atgtttagct     93480
     ttaataaata aagtgttggg gttttttttt tttttctaaa aaaaaggagg ggcagtgtcc     93540
     tgggaaggtc ttgggttaga ctcttgtctt tagaaacaat gctgagagct ccttagggaa     93600
     cttttagaga gatcagtgct tcttgggcca agatacagct gcctcctagc ttttggctct     93660
     caaaagttca ccatgccatt gtttttaatt tttatttatt tatttatcta tttttgagac     93720
     agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtggacca ggctggcctc     93780
     taactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgtgtcacc     93840
     actcccgact cgccattgtt tttaaaatct acacacacac acaacataca cacacacaca     93900
     cacacgaata cacacattcc acacatatac atagaaacac gcacagacat acatgtatgc     93960
     atatctgtgc atacacatag acacacaaga aaatgcacag acacatatac acaagcatgc     94020
     agagacattc atacacatac atgcacatac atacacatac atctacacac acacagaagt     94080
     aggtacagga tctttttttc tttatgaaaa ccctaattgt tcattgtgga cttgctgcaa     94140
     tgccaagaac atagttagca ttgccccagg gtggtgcagg gtggtcccag cacctgtcac     94200
     acctgcctgg aagggacaaa gtcgtgtgct atgtatccaa cattcctgtg tcctctatag     94260
     ctggcctgga aagcaataag aggaaggctt ctggaagggg accatagcgg cagcaacatc     94320
     aaattcctca aggcaggatc cctgtctccc catctcctta catcaggaag acaacccaga     94380
     acaaagtacc tggatgacca agcttcaagt gactccctgt caatcacaac gtccctccca     94440
     cttccaacag catgccatgg aatgaatcta ctgcctcaga accactggga tacttgctct     94500
     gacagtgact aacaggtcag ccttagttgc tcaaagccat ctagtctgtg tctgctattc     94560
     actcttgggc tgacacctcc tcctctcaga gatagccagt gatatggttt gggtgtggtg     94620
     ttcctctcca aagtccatgt gttaggagct tcatccttgg gtctagggag atagctcagg     94680
     caataataaa aatgctttct gggttagaat gaaggtctaa gtttcaactc tccagaaccc     94740
     atgtagaaag aaaaaaagcc aggatagcag tgtttgcctg taaccctgtg ctgagaaggt     94800
     agagtcaagt atatcctggg gtttgttggc cagagagtct agtcaaattg ataagcaccg     94860
     tgagactgtc ttaaaatctg aggaggaaaa tgatggggag aaaatggatg cctggtgttg     94920
     acagcacacc ctggtgtgtg ctcacacata tacacacaaa cacacacatg cacacacata     94980
     tacacacatg cacatacaca tacccatatt cacatcacac acacatgcat acatatatac     95040
     acatgtacac acatatccat atatacatgc acatatgtat gtatatacac atgcacaggt     95100
     atacatatac acacacatat atacatacac acacatacac acatacacac atacacacac     95160
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag aggcttagtt tttagcaggt     95220
     gctacttgag aagtaattag ctcatgagat gggtgctacc cttatcagca tcagcaggtt     95280
     gatgtgccgt cagtgatgtc atagttgtgt ggcctaacag gaggtagggc ttggttggag     95340
     gaattaggtc agtgtccaaa tgtgtctgaa tgtctaccta tccttagacc tttcctttct     95400
     ctctgctccc ttcctgttgt gaggtgatca gtccctcgcc actgtgcctt caccatcatg     95460
     agtctctgcc tcagttccat ggcagaggca tcagtgactg tggatggaac ctctgaactt     95520
     gtgagccaaa atgccctttt tgccctttaa aataactctc atgtgtttgt ctcagcaatg     95580
     caaaaactaa cattagagtc tatccaccca tccaccaaac cacccacctg ccaaaccacc     95640
     cacctaccaa accacccatc caccagacca cccatccacc agaccaccca tccaccaccg     95700
     gaccacccac ctaccagacc acccatccac cagaccaccc atctaccacc ggaccaccca     95760
     cctaccagac cacccatcca ccaaaccacc catccaccaa accacccacc tgccaaacca     95820
     cccacctacc aaaccaccca tccaccacca gaccacccac ctaccaaacc acccatccac     95880
     cagaccaccc acccacccac ccaccagacc acccatccac cagaccaccc atccaccaaa     95940
     ccacccaccc actttcctac ctctcctcct cctgacttat gtggattcac ccacatccac     96000
     gcacacatcc cccttgcctc tcccagtcca ctagctcaca gccccaaggc tgccttatta     96060
     aaaatgctcc ttcaaattct tctaatgatt ttccttgctt agaatgaacc ctaagttctt     96120
     caggtgattc tgatatgcag tcagggatag acccaggaga tagtcccaat ttgcagttgt     96180
     aaaggcagga ctcttctgat ggcctgtatc ctccacagca cacaggagag gggacagagg     96240
     tcttgtggca ttcctacctg gtccagagca agaattccag gaggtagaac ccaatggcat     96300
     agtcccaaaa ccagttagat gcagaggagg gctcctggga gggatggtgt atcatgagtt     96360
     agagacctgg ggctcaacgg cctgctgact tgtttatgat gatgtctgac tagaagacat     96420
     gtctcaggag tgacttcacg ttagagcagg agggagaaaa gtgagatgac ccacctacca     96480
     ggacaatctg gaagccttat ttcttcatag tggagctaat ttccactatg tgggtcccag     96540
     gaacttaact taggtcatca agcttagcag tagatctctt ttcttttcca ggtgagctat     96600
     ctttctgacc tttatttatt ttttcacaag acaaagatgc catctgtccc tccttctgag     96660
     atcctatggt ctagatgtcc atcagccacc cttcggaaac ccaacagtca tcctacaaca     96720
     gtcactctca acctttccaa tgctgtgacc cttttataca gttcctcatg ttgtggtaac     96780
     cccaacaaca aaatgatttc tgttgctact tcaccactgt aatcgtgtgg acagtcccat     96840
     tcccccgggg ccgtcaggac aacaaatgtc agctaccctg ggatggggag tgtgtgcagg     96900
     ctatgggtgc tgtggggatg gagagtgtgt gctagtgatg ggtagtcccc tgctccagca     96960
     cactgggcaa ggtcggggct gcactgtagc taccttgttg gtgtgatctt ggtagatgat     97020
     gctgacgttc tcactgtgag gaaaccagag gaagcggaag tactcagact tcttcaggtg     97080
     gctgtccagg ttgtcaagga cctggcagaa gaggagaggg gagaaggaga gatgacggtc     97140
     aacttaattt gactgagaaa caccaggtta gtgaagccca cttgggtggg tctgcaggca     97200
     tgtctccaga gatgattaca tcttgagggc tctgatctca tgagcaagcc aatctcttga     97260
     tggactcata atgtgaagac actgtgggaa gtggtagtag gtccaaggca gggcgtagtt     97320
     ggaggaagca ggtaacttgc cctggtccct ccctgtactc cctttccaaa gattgttact     97380
     aatccccact acccttagaa agaacttgga gatctatgtt gttagtaaag ctaggttaag     97440
     atgtttttac tagcggcttt gatgtaggac atcttaggga acaatttgaa gttcagaaag     97500
     tttcactttt aatagccagg gatttttttg aaggcaggga acaagaacac tggcaaccct     97560
     aactgacatg cttctcttgc caaagatgag ctggtgatga aggttgtgaa taatgtcttg     97620
     tacccatttt ttccctcact tttatgatat gatttaataa aaaaaaatgt gttagtgagt     97680
     aggtgggcat cttgaggatt taaagtagaa atgactgact ggtttttaca taaaagttta     97740
     gatttgtgat tcttttaaga tttctaaaag tttactttta aaggtaaaaa ataaaataat     97800
     tgatcctttc tttgtaacca caaattgcag cctgccagta ggagaaactg gctgagaaaa     97860
     ctcccttgct tgcttacact ttggtaagct agaacaagtt gcaaatgtaa gtgggttctt     97920
     gggaataatt ttctttttca cctgtaacat gtaaaaaggt ttgttcattc gagggaattg     97980
     ggaaatgtgt ctttttctta tgtttagtca ctataattgt taactaaaat aaaaatagaa     98040
     tataatcaca ttgtaatttt tatgtgactt gaaaattttt gctgggatat ataagccatg     98100
     ggagaaaaaa atataaaggt attagagctt tgttccatct accaaatatg tatatgtatg     98160
     tatatatggt tggcaaaatg gttggagctt gttgaagctt gctaccaagt gtgtgaatgt     98220
     gtgcggggct tgtgtgtacg ttggagacag ggagacagcc taaaatgaag ctctaatgga     98280
     cccaggactt gtctgtaatt gatttcagtg ctactgaact aggtcaaagg acgagcagga     98340
     gacagtccac ccacccagat ctggtactct ggtggaaatg tgggagctga gggccatcct     98400
     ctggcaggaa gaatctattg atcaaaagct tcagcttaag catcagtaca ctgttagctg     98460
     aaccaagcac cagacaaaag acggaacagt gcagtgtgca agatcacctc tttctgacgg     98520
     gacatggtcc tagctgtcca tcccttcctg gactgtgatg gtcttctctc cttaacctat     98580
     aaggcctcct ttgcagccgt cctcacagag gccagcgatg gcctcctggg atcaatatga     98640
     cctggatatt gacccctgat acccattacc tcttgtttta ggaactccac cttctcctcc     98700
     ccatcttcat tcctgcctag ctcaccactc cctccgtctc ccttgaggcc tctctgtgtt     98760
     ctctcaccat ccaaatgccc tgtcttcaga ggcccatttc tttcaccaaa gcccactatt     98820
     ttggagtgat ggagcctctt gatcacttgc ctagggagtt gaagctctct gccagttttc     98880
     cttaaaatgt gttcctattt agagattcag cccagatcta aacctgtggt gccatccatg     98940
     gtaaggaagc cctggcatgt cctttacagg accggtagga gttaatgccc ctaagaacag     99000
     ctagtccaca ctttgtcctg aggcagctct ctgcccaaac cccttccaca cccacatgcc     99060
     agtaagttct gaggtgcttc tgggttttgc agcccaccag ggttctgacc agtctctctt     99120
     gggccaagga aggtctggtg aaataagacc tccaaccgga cctctcaggg caccagaggt     99180
     ccgtgggaac tgtccgaggc tgagtccctt tgtcaggacc tctatttgtt ttctgatgct     99240
     gggaaatgga gagccaaaga caagtacctc cttgagggtc gaaggaaagg atgtctccag     99300
     aaggtggaac tgtggcacac actgcagggt gacagtgagg ataacaccca ggcagcccag     99360
     gtgcaccctt gcagcctgga acacatctgc attacttgac tcagaacatt ccagaactgt     99420
     tccatcagcc ttcatcaggg tcagggccac cacctggcag tgggagaggt gtcacacttt     99480
     agagcccgct cagttatcac cacactttct ggcttgtcct taggacagag gctagatagc     99540
     atctacccct gggggtcaac atggccagtc acactgcttc ctagccaagt ctactgctac     99600
     tacttagagg gcattctggg aattgggggt ggggtgggga ggaatgggtg agaggaaaac     99660
     catggtatca gctctccaca gagagagtcc atgatcatgt gacatcacat ggggaccctg     99720
     ctggcttggc ttgtccttcc tcattctctg acctcacagt caagaagcag ttagcctcct     99780
     ctgcctggag atggcttgag ggcacagatt ctcaaggagg atgtttggca agacaaagcg     99840
     agtacaccgt atgccctggg gtgggacagt ggatggagtg gggtcctaac agccttcccc     99900
     agacatgtgc agtcttcctc ttcaataggg acactctacc cccaggaaat acatcctctc     99960
     ggctagcctc atctaaccag aaatatagtg tttctgagag cattaaggcg ctcggctgca    100020
     aactgatgga ggtctccatg gtccctactt ccagaagggt tctctctctc tctctctctc    100080
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcagctgc tgaggacctt ctctgtgctc    100140
     tgctgctacc tgctaatttg gatggaaatt gcttctgaca cgggcagttg gtggttggtt    100200
     gctcaggaga gagggtagct ccagctgaac taatcctgat taacagtgac cagagagctg    100260
     acagaaacag gtcactgtgg ccggctgagg tgagaggaga gggggcgact ccatggttga    100320
     agcctggacc ctgccggaga ttcagagcct tggaagctag cttgcctgtg agatgcttcg    100380
     taggcatcta gaggcctgtg aagggtgggc tctgcattga ctgctcccgt gaccttgacg    100440
     gctgatcctc tgcctcagca ggtaggagga tcaggcgtga agcctgtgat tagcctcctg    100500
     ctgtaagctg atttgaaagc tgtccacccc tttgcacttt gcttctgcac ttttgcctga    100560
     atctgtaatg tctctccaag ggacaggtgt tggttgccag gtgatgggtt tgggggaagc    100620
     cattggctca tggcagacct aacctcatcg ctgatctatg ggtggacaat aatctggtgg    100680
     aggctatgaa aatcaagatt tcagatctaa ctgaaataaa tacacttttg ggggcacgct    100740
     ccagaagcgc ctttcatgtc tctggcccct tccgggcttc tgtgtgataa gtggctttcc    100800
     tgagtcaaac ctttccttca aagcctccaa aaccatgagc aaaaatatac ttttcctttt    100860
     ttttttttgt tttttttttt tgtttttttt ttttgttttt gttttttgag acagggtttc    100920
     tctgtatagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgttacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga    100980
     aattcgcttg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac catgcccggc    101040
     ttacttttcc ttgaagctga tttcctcaga cattttgtta cagtgccccc cccccacaca    101100
     aatagccaat ataattgcca tctgcatggc tgtaacacag aataagccct cccctgcatt    101160
     tccagacctg ctcaatgggg cttccaaaga aaagtaacca ataaatccta tgtgcatttt    101220
     tatgggtgat gttagtttta tcccctgacg accagtgtgt agcaactgac atgatcatct    101280
     tgacaccagt cctagatggt ggaaagagct gggctcatat tttgggggta ctgttaggct    101340
     gtctctaccc tggttacctc tgggctcctt gggcggtaag ccacaaaggc ctccaagtta    101400
     ccagtgtcaa ctgctatgcc aactcctact gtcaggctgc tcctgatgaa ggtgcctctg    101460
     aattgccttg tggccagaca ccatttaatg agtgctaact tgtgacctta actcttgagc    101520
     tgaaattctt cattttagct gaagattttt gacagcaatg cacccagaag ctaagggagt    101580
     ctacaggtgt gcacatacca gggagcggga tataggttac gattcaggct tgagtctccg    101640
     agttagtatt cttaaacagt tccccaaact ggattctcat cgaatgaagt ttaagatgtg    101700
     gtttttgttg aaggacaggt agactctgcc acagatggcc cctattccca ccccccaccc    101760
     ccgggctctg cctcccctag ggtagtccca ccccctccct ggctcctgat tataacttcc    101820
     aaggagttat tgcccctgcc ctgcctgccc cttgccttgt gctgcctttg aggatgtgca    101880
     gaggtgggga tggcttgagc gctgataaac ctggggctcc ttcaggcctg ataacgttta    101940
     ggggaagaag tggtacttct ggggggcatc tgcctgaggc ctttatggag ctgtacctac    102000
     cctgcatgga cacaggcgac tcacctgggt ggccaggata ccgtgcttga tcccggtgtt    102060
     atgtgttcca gacccaatga cgccaccaac cgtcacatca gacacggctc ccagactggg    102120
     ctcagcagga ggaacaagag ggacgtcaca gatcagttag gttttctcag gacaatggga    102180
     gccaaagatg acatagatgc tcctctgggc aaaaggttct ccttctgtct gagaattccc    102240
     ctttaccttt gatggcccag cttgtgatca gcctatgtct cttggtccct gtttcctgat    102300
     ctccatggac catcagatta gctggttggg acatgggcca gtttgcaggg aagcctatat    102360
     gtttaatctt tgaggtctct acaacttaac agcacccctc tccccttccc atctcccgaa    102420
     ggcatcttct ccaagcacag ccacatggtc tggctgagac tcttctgctc ccaacctact    102480
     aagactcatg gtactgtcct ggttctaaac acacaaataa atatccccgc aggtctgtgt    102540
     aggtgagcta gaagaaaagg aggggagaga gagcagaaac ttgtcctact gggaaaccta    102600
     cacagcttcc tcagagccct aggagaaagc taagcttctt agactggggt tcaagcccag    102660
     aatgctgaac ttagggtcct ctgaaacctt tcggtatcct caacgtgtca ccgacattga    102720
     acctgtttcc tgcctggcac tggtcagtga ctgccaccac ctgccccctg ctggagctcc    102780
     ttgaagatgg gctttgttgg tctttgcctt ctccagagcc tgagcaaggt ctatacatgt    102840
     cagtcatcca gatcttggga gaggtgggga cagtggtttc catagtgcag aattgtgggg    102900
     cctgcactag gaaggctgag gcaagccaag caccaacact cgaaccacag gactccacag    102960
     ggttaattcc agctgcagtg agatttctac actcatgttc aaacatctgc cagtgctttc    103020
     tcctggataa aattcagtca cagagttacc tcattagcca cacttgactg ctatgttgat    103080
     ggcagcccct agcactaagg tggacaatga gaaatgaatt tggatggagg gacaagaaaa    103140
     ccatcacagg aaggaccacc ttgctctccc acccctccag aggtgttttt tgcctatctt    103200
     tatgtgttgg gctgtgtagt tgtatatcat taccaggtgt aagttgagtc cttttggaaa    103260
     gactcagtcc ttaatggtct gattctggtt caaaaccatt gcttaaaact ctgctaaact    103320
     tggatctgtt cccctcttaa ctcatggggc aatgagaagt atggcaacat gagtaggaaa    103380
     ggcagagctc tgaggagagg ggatgcgccc caagaagtgt gcgggtctca atggcagacc    103440
     cttgagagtg tggtccagag agaggagaga agaggccgtt ccttccccag gtggggctgg    103500
     tggagggact cttacttaga cagggccagg ccatgcttgt ccagctgtgg gtgcaggtca    103560
     gtcaggagga taccggcttc cactgtgacc tgcttcttct ccttgtccac ctgtaagagc    103620
     caccgtcaca ggctgggaag agttaggcca cgcctgggcc cttgcttccc agccacgcct    103680
     ctctgggatg tgggtacggc tgtatcatcc tgtgggcagc ttgaggtact tttcagtcta    103740
     aaggggacta tgaggccagt ctgggctaca tcctcaaagt ctgtttcaaa cacaaattcc    103800
     ctgccccccc ccccaacatc cccaaggagg cagggatatt gcgggggggg gggggggcag    103860
     ggaatttgtg tttgaaacag attttgagga tgtagcccag actggcctca tattcaaata    103920
     tacaatcact ctgcatccac cctccaaggg gagagattac agaagcatgt ctcagctcct    103980
     tggtgactgt ctgacatagt tcttcagtat tgcaaatgga acccggacct ttgcacaagc    104040
     tgaacaaacc tgtctactga gccccacctc cagcccttca gaatattcca ttcgaggtct    104100
     cttttcacag ggaaaggaaa tgagaggtgg agaaagtgaa gcgctttgcc aggggacact    104160
     tgggctaggt tggggactgg gctacatcca tgcttctgcg ccctgtccac actgggagac    104220
     tggcacagac tctgtggcca ccacgcctgg ccttgctctt tggaggacag tctctgcctg    104280
     ctcttcccct gcagaccgga gcaaaggcta agggctgaga aggaagagac acgtctagca    104340
     caactttctg ctggttgtcc gcatcgaata caggctactg caccccctga gatctgacct    104400
     tagcacaggg ggtgacgcca aggtccaagg tcatgtaaac agggcggtcg gtggcagagc    104460
     tgggaccgga agccatatcc acccaagtac aaagcactgg ttcattcagc cgccaggggc    104520
     acagagcttg gaaaatcaat tgccggagcc cagtcctcac taattagcta tcagggttaa    104580
     tcatggccgt gactaatgtt tcctgtcagt tggagtaaac accagcacag tagagaaact    104640
     taggtactgc tggttggctg cggggagggg aaagcattct gtggaactca gctcagggga    104700
     gccaggccct gaaggtgagg gctggagtcc taagcacaca tctctgggct cctgagtccc    104760
     tgttaggcaa gcgggtgcta gctgaactgc atggatagta ttccaatagg aagctagcag    104820
     caatcctaag tccgggtcca gctttgctgt tgtttgctgt gtgaccatgg gcaagtcact    104880
     gcctgtctct gatctccatt tccctatttg tgagcctggc tcagtgctac tttgggttct    104940
     actggattag tctactctgt gggagcctgt ttctgtgcac ctctttaaag gaggaagaac    105000
     agaagctaca gcaggagatg gggagattct ctctgaggcc acaaagggcc aagtagactt    105060
     gacaagtggc ctgagcaatc caaggggagg ctcaggtgac agttgttcag caggaaggcc    105120
     agagatctgg gcatcaccct gaggacccag aacagggaga agctaagggc tgaggcaaac    105180
     attggagatg tcgtgaatag agtctgggac gtagactgaa gccactcagc ctgggcatgg    105240
     gctgaggagg ggtgtcaggg gcgccagtac ctggagaacc cggttcatct tgcccatgtg    105300
     aatcatgaag ccatcggtgc aggcgatgtc tgaaggcgag tggccgccac ccaccacctt    105360
     cactttcttg ttctgctgcc gggccagggc cagcacctgc caagtcaatg ccagtcagta    105420
     aggccctgct cagagaggaa gccagggggg acttcagggc ctggcatagc ctgcagaggc    105480
     tgctggttat ggtatgggga aaggttgaga ccctttggca ttaggggacc ctgcctggca    105540
     ccagagagag agccagagag atgggctgtg aggtaggtga ggtaagctgg gattgagcag    105600
     cctttagcct gcggctcttg ctcctcctcc ttctgcagcc ccaggcatcc ctttccattt    105660
     ggttcctgtg ttttgagaca aggtcatgat gtagcccagc ctgtcctcta gttagtgatc    105720
     ttcctgcctt cctaacgcag gaattgcaga actgagcaac catatggggt agtttgaagg    105780
     tccctccctt ttgagactca tgtagtccag gttggcctca gactcccctg agtagccaag    105840
     gctggtcttg aactcctgat cttgctgcct cctcagagct gggattacag tgtatatcac    105900
     cacaccagtg tgtgcagtgc tagggatgga acccaggcct tttgtgcatg ttaggcaagc    105960
     actctcccca gctgagccat atctccaacc tcagtaaagg ttttaaaaag acaaatccta    106020
     ttgcattcct caataataaa aaaccttcca aaggcatccc agtgactaag gataagcccc    106080
     aagtgcctca tcttggccgc aaggaatctt aatctacccc catgctgcag taaaggctcc    106140
     cagagggcag gaaccatggc tgtatctgga gacacttggt agaaaagcac gtggatccgt    106200
     gatgtcacct caatggattc acttactttc ccccttgtgt caagcaccct cattcaggtg    106260
     cctcgagaca cacattttag gagccatatc acaaagcgat ccgttggcaa ttgaaaattg    106320
     actgacgaat gctggctgca ctgcctactc cccgcacagt gcattttcca cagaggctga    106380
     gcaagacatt ctgtcacgac acaatccctg agctgcttgg tcacgcacct attttttttt    106440
     tttttaatct tcactggatt ctgctggttc tccatggaaa cactacacct tactccgtta    106500
     gtaccaggag gtcatgtagg ctgctagcac atcccagaaa ctgttttcta aggtagctct    106560
     gccagaagca cacttttggt tccctctctt atcccctaat agccccagct ccatcaaagc    106620
     cacttctcac ctacccctga tgctgcgttc ttgtctcgta gggtacagtc ctcagtccct    106680
     acactcatgg tgcctttccc aacaaccctg attcttccca gaaaaccatc tcatatgtga    106740
     tgtgtgactg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtttata tgtgtgcata agcattcatg cgtaagctgg    106800
     gcgtggtggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggt agatttctga    106860
     gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa    106920
     ccctgtctca aaaaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tattcatgca    106980
     tatatgtaga tgttcatgtg tgtgcacagg cttgtgctta aattgtattt gcacaggtat    107040
     ctgtgcattc cagactgtat gtgtacctgt gcataggtgt ttgtgcatgt gtatatgtat    107100
     gcatatgcac ctaggtgtgt acatgggtgt gcacgtgcat aggtctacag gcatgtatgc    107160
     tagcacatct gcctgtgccc aagcacgcac aaatatatgc acacgtgtgt atgtgtgcat    107220
     ggagtttatt acagaggtca ggttggagag gtgagtgtag acatggctgc ccctggtata    107280
     ctgctgtata ggcttgaagt gggcatagaa cattacaaca ggctgcggag cagacctgga    107340
     gctggggaaa gcaggaagaa gagccttgcc tttacccaac caggccagca ggaagcctca    107400
     catccagcgt cttccagagc gagggttgtg gctgcaggcc gggcagccca tgtggtgttc    107460
     atgggcacct acctctctga cctcccccac tgatgtgggc tggtagtaca tctctggact    107520
     gcagccatag gtcttcgccc agttttggaa ctggacccct ttgtacccat ggacctatac    107580
     caggaagaaa gccaggtctc agtaggcaag cagtcactgt cctctctgta tgtcacatca    107640
     ccaaccccaa accccgtaga cacaaagagg agaggacatg gccacagcac agagagcccc    107700
     agctcccttt ggctactatg gttcttaggt caagggccac taggaagatc aaacagcacc    107760
     ggctgctcag aagctggcag cccacaccca gcatcctaat gctatctttg atcactccag    107820
     gtcagaatgg tgggaattct gcccattctg aaggccaaag cgatagatgg gatcaaagac    107880
     aaggacaaat cctgataagc caggactcgg gtcaattcct gctccaggtg cgcattatgg    107940
     atggcccagc agataagtag ggcggtctga gaaagggctg gaggagaagg cgctggaggc    108000
     aagggctggg gtctgacttc cctggcaggg aaggggtatc ccttaggtgt tccatggtgg    108060
     tagcatctta gcctctagcc tgggaatcag aatcatgttt tctgcacacc actgtatagc    108120
     cagccagata cggtgggtct tctgtgtgtc ctggcttatt agatcttaca ataatgtcac    108180
     gaaacaggac attagtcttc ttttagctgt caaaattaag gctcagagca gtcagggtct    108240
     tccctaagtt cacacagaag cccagtgaag gcattaagag gtcagcccaa gccttccact    108300
     ttcatatctc ttctaacacc ccaaccgttc cccaagttca cttgggggat ccccagtggc    108360
     ccctctgatg gccccagcct tggtctgact ttaccttccc tcacttggct cacagatgca    108420
     gcctggacac agccggctgt atctactggc ggtctcacag accccctatc attcctacca    108480
     tgattccagc gatcaacagg gtcagacgac ttgacttgaa gcgttcccac aggaagttga    108540
     acaaagccct gggcagcagc agatgcagtg gtcaggcaac ctcggctctg ggttacctca    108600
     ggcagaacgg gactggaagt ttagccacag gtaccaagaa aggcaggaaa ccggtgttga    108660
     acaggctcct ccccctgcaa gacccaggca atctgtaaac agcagctggg tcccgccccc    108720
     tgccctctgt ctgcgagctc caaggaagct cgggaggtgt aggttaaaca gcagcatctg    108780
     tgcccctgaa acccactgct ggagctctga gcccaacctt gggagtccag agccaaacac    108840
     cactgtcagg ctcagaccta ggctagctgc ctacgcgtct gactttggcc gctttaaagc    108900
     caggtaccca tgcagctctt gtactgagcc atccaaacac tgccccccac cccccactat    108960
     gtttggtgat tgtgggaagg gacagctgag tatagtctag tgccattcag aatcagtacc    109020
     cggtattcta ctgaagcagt caggtggagg ctgttttggt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa    109080
     aaacaaaaac aaaaaaccca gactcttcac ttgggtctac aaggtaccta aaagcagggt    109140
     gggagcctga caccgctatc ttcattttgt gtctcctccc ctgaaggcat ggaaataagt    109200
     catttcccat agagtcactt tggatatgtt tgtttgtttg cttgcttgtt tttttccaga    109260
     cagggttgct ctgtgtagcc ctgttatcct ggaactcaca ccttagccca ggctggcctt    109320
     gaactcacag atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gatttaaggc aggttccacc    109380
     acgcctggct accatggatt ctaagaataa caaaacctca gagtagggac caccttccaa    109440
     aagagggtgg ttatctgtga aggtgaggct gtgccctgga gtccaaggac ccatgagaac    109500
     taaataagct ctggtgtaga aaacaaaaag gccttgtgca cacagataag cagggtggag    109560
     aaatcaggaa agtttctggc agtgaatctg gtccatggta tgaggtgcat ggctgctctt    109620
     cctggaatgg ctggagtgat gtagttttac agtctggtga ttctttgctg tctgatgagg    109680
     cagactctgt catatcttcc aggcttactg cttttactta ttccagaccc tttcctccta    109740
     aatgttatga ttgatgtctc ttgcgtttca ttcacaacag tgtaagtgac ttctgtgtga    109800
     tcttagggcc aggccaacct tagctcccac agatgctatg tttaccttag tcaagatccc    109860
     tagaccatta tctcgaacat tgtttcagca agaaaccatc ttacagatga agccataggt    109920
     acttagccaa gagcttcaat gtaaacctgt tttaagcttt gtggccttca cggagctgag    109980
     ttaattgtta tctgaacact tcccctcagt aattctgcgg tgcttaaata tggctaaagg    110040
     agaaggacct gggccagact cttgaagtcc tggtccagtg ctggttacaa taaatccggt    110100
     tgagtttcat tcttactgta accttgattg ttttgtccct gactgttgta aagccagcag    110160
     gggagtcacc acggcactga aatgtgaggc cgacgatgac cctcggagga ggtaagaaag    110220
     attttcttta aatagaaatt agggggctgg agagatggct cagtggttaa gagcgccgac    110280
     tgctcttcca aaggtcccga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatcc    110340
     gtaacgaaac ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tactcacata    110400
     aataaataaa tctttaaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata atagaaatta    110460
     ggggtttagg aaattcagtt ctcttaccca agggttgcca ccataaaggg atggaaatta    110520
     acatgggctc ttcttgtcag tccttcgaca acaaagcatt ttgtataatt actgagatgc    110580
     ttgttaagat ccaaaggagc aaaatattca gagctacagc tctgcaacat ttgaacatag    110640
     ctcatccaag tgaagggaaa aatccctgtt aattatttta gaagccaggg ttcagagatg    110700
     tgttgagtgg gacttctgaa gggggtggga ggaattttct gctatacacc ttggcaggtc    110760
     ttggcaggtg gcagggtggg cccaactgga caccagcagc ccaggctgag cgatctggct    110820
     gaagtcaaag ccccctagcc tacagctttt tggggtggtg gtggggggca ccaggatcaa    110880
     gtgcaacaga gttccaagga atgactggtg ggactccacc atcgcaacat gagctaactt    110940
     ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gcttggttct tgtttaaata tttttgcttt tccttcatag    111000
     agggattaac tcaatattaa cggtcccttt atcggaatta tttttcccct ctcatatgga    111060
     gaacaacttg atatcaatgg ttcctttgtg ggggaaaaag ttaaagaacg cccaagttct    111120
     aatacagaaa catttgcagt cagggcatga agcactaagg taatggtatt taaatttccg    111180
     gaggtattag ctactcatta tatagagtat gttcttttct gcagcgtgtg taatcagtac    111240
     ttaaataaat gcttagcctt gacggtaaaa gtgaaatgta aaggtttagg tcaccctatt    111300
     gaatgttttc ttttctgttt gccatgactt gggatttgac tctgctcttt aagttgcttt    111360
     gtggaaactc ttggttgaat tctacgacaa atgaaacatg gcaagcagag gagaggtatc    111420
     agtttatcaa atagcacagt tgttgtagcg gtaactcaca gaaatcgtcc ctcactggca    111480
     aagagcataa agaaattatt gtgccactaa atacaatgca ggccgattat ttgtttcaca    111540
     ctggtaatag ttggcaggtt ggttgcatga gtgtgttact tgggagctat ggataataat    111600
     cgaaaatatt ccctcctaag atttttaaaa gatacctcat gagtattacc ttaaattaca    111660
     tataaaaaaa catccttcaa gtttggggtt tttgaatgta atagagattg cttttaatgt    111720
     ttttatagat gactcttaaa aggacaagga gcatatgttc tctatacaaa ttccacatgg    111780
     ttcacaaaga tggtatccat cccagatgat acggttcaaa agtctaagct tgctatctat    111840
     agtcagtctg cttttattag atgtgtctca gctgttgact gttttaactg acctgctgtc    111900
     tatttaagtg tgggtggtag tttactgggt ggactgagaa gaagcagtct tccagtcacc    111960
     atagatgccg agtttggaca cattcaccca aaatgggtgt cctaaagaag gctgagacgc    112020
     aacagtaact cacctcatag acaaattagt gtacggagga tggagaagcg tagagaatgg    112080
     aaatcaacct gacttgagac aaaaagaatg ttgtagagga ttatgatcat agaaaggatg    112140
     gagcagaagg aaacagctgg aaggagatgc tgaaggatgg agcccaggga acacaaagtc    112200
     agaatggact gggcgagaag ggagtaatta ggagacagac atggaaagga tacaaaaatg    112260
     gaaaaaaaaa ggcctactgt gctccttcag gtcagtgtcc tagcattaaa caaacaaata    112320
     aatccgatca tattgaaaca cagcagtaat gctaagctgt aagcacctct gtctctagaa    112380
     aacactagct ggacaaatct gcctacgagg aaaaccagaa gttgtggctg ttgttggcag    112440
     ccacctggaa tatttcatag tcccaggaac cctctgctta ttattatatc ttctttttta    112500
     gacttaagag acaacggcaa gtctccagta tattttggat aggaatggat ttttgtatga    112560
     taaatcccaa aggttacaaa ggtataactc aggttaacaa aaattaactt agagatgtat    112620
     gtctactagt gtaaaatcct aaccttataa aagctgctaa cttgtaaact gttaaaggta    112680
     attaagacat gcaaattact ggtcagccac cttacaaatg atcaaattgt ttaatgtgct    112740
     cagaactaag tttgtagtcc tactaagtac aaacacgagt tatttaaaaa gacaactgtt    112800
     ggccttctat gttttcaaga ttccacagaa gacagacctg ggacccctgt gacaccggat    112860
     cttactctag cctaaggatc cccagtcctc atgatttctg ttaagttaat tcagacaaga    112920
     cccacagaac ataatgcaga agacaggcag aaataacatg atgagttctt gggggtgaga    112980
     ttgggcagtg gccaaggata cactgcagat gaggaaaatg ctcttagggt gatggacagc    113040
     ggccaaaggc accatcgtgc tgaccattgt actcaggcag ttgatatgat ttcttaaaat    113100
     ttctgggata gacagctttc ctgagaaaag gttgtctgcc tagctggttg acaggcccat    113160
     ctggaccaaa tcttaagggt agaggcaatg gcacactttt gttctttact aggagtccct    113220
     ggagagatgg gcttcccatg accatttagg cggtttggaa tgttgtgttc ccacctagag    113280
     ccagagagac actcatgttc cattcttctc tgatcagttt tcaaagccct gcagtttata    113340
     ggctgctgct gaggaagggg gatcctgagg atggagagac aatcgtaggt tgctgccttg    113400
     ctcctaaaag ccggtgttac atcatttatc ccccaaaccc agtccctcca aattcaagcc    113460
     aattttgtcc ttccacctct tccacaattt cccattcaac tggagttagg tctacatctc    113520
     cttctttttg gtgaaatgtg ggctttctta gtctagtacc atcataggat aggcctggga    113580
     aatcccacag cctagacctg tttgcagact tcctgactcc tctgccttcg ttctcaggag    113640
     ctgacttttg gtcagaggtt ttattactaa tgccctccag tgggatgctc tctccctaac    113700
     tgatgccagg cacagcagtg ttataaattt cctttattga aaaataaaag tgtgctgaaa    113760
     gaagtaaaaa tcaggaaaaa tggtgtgcat tatttaattc tacccatgtt gtacccatcg    113820
     tgtgattgag gactgggatt tattatttct tcctgtagga ctcagcttgc taaaaataac    113880
     cgctgagtct taatttttcc caaacactca ttgacaagaa aatcaatgtt gaaggtccag    113940
     tgttcaccag agacctgggg tcatgatgct gctctcttag acttgcttac ccaagaaaac    114000
     agcatctttc catccataca gactctgtat ctgaacacat cttgttggaa gagccatgcc    114060
     tgcatcctgc acattctgaa gggagtttgg cgctttggga ggtgcctgtg tgtagcattc    114120
     ctggcaggaa tgagaggatt ctaaagaaaa atctttgtct tgtctttttg acaatcaagc    114180
     tattggaaca acggacccta acgaactgga atcctcatag gaatcccatg ctggaagccg    114240
     ggcgtggtgg tgcacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttttg    114300
     agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccatgac cgccagggct acatggagaa    114360
     accctgtctt gaaaaaccaa aaggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggaatc ccagccagag    114420
     ggaacttgtc tcccagaagg agatctcaca cagtagtttt tcaggttgtg ccttgccctc    114480
     agtgactctg ttgtataagt agcagttggc tccattttga gggaggagga tggttgtgcc    114540
     atggcagaca tataaacaac accaagtgtc ccggtccagc ggagcatcag aaactggtga    114600
     cttactccaa aaagcagaaa tgcctctcat cttatacatt ttttttctcc caagtagatt    114660
     gggatcagat gagctcatgg gtgtattaag atcaaattag taaaaccaaa ccggaaaacc    114720
     tttacaacac accagactga gaaaagggtg cagcttcccc agaccccata aggaggtgga    114780
     cagccaacat tgatgtggtg acacgcccca gtgacttcat ttgacatcca gtgcatgcat    114840
     caagggacca acaggcacac aactcctatc tgtcctaggg atttcagctt ggatccatac    114900
     ccaccaagat atggccaaat tgctttgtgt ctgttcagta gcctggcctc agtagtgtct    114960
     gttacttcta tagcctctag cacacactgc tcctgcaggt caactctgac cttgcaattt    115020
     agctttaagg ctctggcagc agcaacagca gccacagacc tgaagtctga gttttctatc    115080
     ttatacctga ggatgttctc caggcattcc tatcagtttc tgcatcctcg ggcctctttg    115140
     aaatgccttg gactctacta gggcctcctt agccctccat agccataaca gactaaatgt    115200
     acgtgcattt atagatacaa atattatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatcatcc    115260
     atttatctac tgtgtaatat gaaatgtgta atctgagagt tagtatttgc aactaaggga    115320
     aaaatttact gccaaccaaa gtgatgctcc ttgtgaactg attgttagtg tgttatgaca    115380
     ttgtgggaag acactaacac gtttgtgtat gtttctgtca tggtgtgcta ctgacaacct    115440
     tccaggagac caagctatac aatacagtag atcactaatg aacaggacta cactttgact    115500
     aggacagctt agttatgtga cctcttacct tctacttaaa cctacacctt ttgtcagtac    115560
     cagaagatgg gtttgggagt tcagcgaata tatttatttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg    115620
     taccagtgtg gtgatattaa atacatctca ttctcttgcc ttttactgtt accctgtctc    115680
     tttaattggc ttctcaagga agtggcagag tctaacttgt tatatctgcc aggacctgag    115740
     ctttggcctc aacaactctg gcattgcctg actattgctt ctgtgtccca ttcagtcagc    115800
     tcatcctctt tatggagtgt tgcgaggctc ctagagcatt ctgtgccatt tggagttgct    115860
     ttccatctaa atctaggaca ccagatgaag aacacgtgca cacatacata cccttaaagc    115920
     caccaaattg taatgagcac tcacggggct tcccagaaat gctttctgtg aatcgaagga    115980
     acaaagaatc gcttctttga aattctaaga gaattccaaa atagccacac tgcaagctga    116040
     tgtgttttgc cttcctactt tgctgggaat gtcagggaaa ctgtactcct tcagaaaaag    116100
     aatttgaatc ctaacccagt aactcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacattagtt tttacttaat    116160
     tagaaaataa atttgctgct ctgaggttca ggacacagaa ctccatcttt ggttcgagtc    116220
     ttttgaactg atggaaaaca gctcagatat gagagctctc tcaccagctc tggccctttc    116280
     cctctgcctc ttactgatca caacaaccac aattcccttt ctgtcactga agcccccatt    116340
     tattccaaag caagccataa gaacggcatt gccttctgct ttctctctgg aaaacctccg    116400
     cctcagagat gccagctcca ctcctggaag ggtggctccg gagactgagg aaccacgtcc    116460
     tgctggcttc ccacctcact ctgttgatcg cctgagatca gtcccagtgg atccctgcag    116520
     gtatccagac agggaagcaa accgtgtgaa gagataagaa tgaaaacttg gtacagattg    116580
     actttgtcaa ctttgatcgg acttcctgag tctgatgcca gccccgttga tggtaggcat    116640
     atttaaataa aataggattt ggaaaagggt ctcctggcaa cagtaatttc cataattcca    116700
     attccatatg cacagcaaag cttaaggtga aattatatag caactctttt acgatgtaca    116760
     tgcagatcct ttatctaaaa ggcatggaat ctaatgtggt ctctaactga tagcatagag    116820
     gtcagcaagc cataaagcac atggtgacat ctcccctaac taagagtaaa attctaggga    116880
     gggaagagtc tggaataatc attatggggg attagggtga ggtctgtccc tttagaaggc    116940
     aaaaggacac caccaggttg ttagcaacct ctaactgagc tttctggatg taatgcaggt    117000
     atttgatttt atctcctcca tcgaacagac actcctccaa gattaacatt tctggttctt    117060
     ttagcacttc tctgtgagta aaaggccctt ctgcccctct acacacttcc ttctgttcaa    117120
     ccatatttct accatactat tattctgtac tgagtctaag cctaacaact aggtctcctg    117180
     tggtgggtct tcaggtttct cttaaggctc ccatgttacc atgaactgtg tcattctcag    117240
     aaataatttc tgtgttaaaa cattttacaa ggcttaactg ggggcagaga gttggaacat    117300
     tacaatgtgt tgtgtgtatt tgtgtgtgta cacatgtatg gacctagatg ttgaacctat    117360
     caaccttgat gatatcccaa ggaatgttgt ccattccctc tgacagcatc tttcactgtt    117420
     tggtgctcac taaggctagc tggccagaga gtcctaggga tctgattatt tacacatccc    117480
     cagagctggg attacaacaa cacaccactt catctggctt tttttttttt ttaaataggg    117540
     tattagggat caaagtcagg tctttgtgtt tgcaaggcaa acactttact tacttggcca    117600
     tctccctgga tcttgggccg gttttggtcc tctaaaatcc atgtagtgtc tacctctgta    117660
     tgtgacctag cattcttggg ttagttattt tgagatatac aagcaaacca ccagtttcta    117720
     ccaactgaaa ggctaaaact gtcaccagat atcatttgaa ggctggagat ttcctggctt    117780
     tgccgtaacc tcctacccag tcttaccact gatgtattta gaatgtgtta aaatttatga    117840
     tttttcctct gttctgttat cattaaaact tcacaaaact aaactgagca tgatggtgca    117900
     gcctttaatc ccagcattca ggaggcagag gccgaagagt ctctatgagt tctaggcagc    117960
     ttggtcttcg tggtgagttc caagccatcc aaggttacat agcagcactg tcaagacaga    118020
     cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga caaagaaatc caaaacaaac    118080
     aaccccaagc caaaaccaaa acaaaactat aaagcgttta gagtttggta tttgagggaa    118140
     cttgaatttg tattcccagg ctagagtcac ccatattcaa cttctgaata gacttatctc    118200
     ttgttttctt tgagcgatag ttgtgctttt attgtgttga caatttacaa aacaaaccta    118260
     ccatacttcc ctttgttata gatgctccaa ccatgctcct aatgggagga gagaaggata    118320
     attatgttct tcttgaaggg caggggattt taaggcaagt gtctcagctg gtcctgggat    118380
     acggatccta tagaaggcac attgggttgg catcccacta ctataacata tacaccagac    118440
     gatcaactta aaaaagagca aaggttcatt ccagctcaca gctttggaga ttgtaaggca    118500
     tggctgcttc ataaccaatt ggtttctttg cttcagagtt ggtagtgata caacgcatgg    118560
     ttgctgttaa gaacctgtcc cctgtgacca gaagaccttt cactagggcc cacatctcga    118620
     tttcccacca cctccaaatg acaccaacgt agagactaag cctttaacct gcagggacat    118680
     ttaaagtgca aactatagcc acatgggcaa agctgttcgg tgacaatgat tcaggccttg    118740
     ggcacctaga gaggtcacct tgtttggttc tgtacctcgt gcctcttgag agctctggac    118800
     tggtgccatg gacgtaggga aggagtggga gcattgatca ttgtccctgc tggctctgca    118860
     gttaagagat ttttgatgaa agccatgttg ccttgttaat tatgagccca ctcatttgta    118920
     ggatgcaatt acaatggaga atcaatggat gccttctgca aggtgatgaa tgtcaggcag    118980
     gaaatagcag cgggaggcta cagatccaca gtgatggatg agagcctgcc cagcctgtga    119040
     gtcgacctcg gtcaagattc gtattcttat ttattgagag tcgagcttac tccacccagt    119100
     agcagcacag ggatacatga cagtgtctgt ggccctgcag aggcctccac agagctctga    119160
     tctcatgccg tgtttagaag agtaaacagt caatgagact cagagagtgc acacaggtaa    119220
     atagttctgc ccactcacat gaaagtccat cgtgccgaca gggagagggt gtaaaggtga    119280
     gggtcagaat gggagaagat aaaagggctg ttatctgact caagttatca aaggggaagg    119340
     ctgcatttca caagggtaag tctcctgaca gctccttctg tgcccccgag ccagagttaa    119400
     aggatatcct ttagaaccca acccaacatg gctcaagctc cagtactgac tcttgccctt    119460
     agctctccat gggctgggtt gattcatcat cagccacagg aggattttcg aggactcagg    119520
     gggcttctgc atgcttctta ctgtggttca ctcatttatg attggcatta ggcatgccaa    119580
     cacctggtga ctgttatcgt cattgtcact gtccttaaag ttgtcccact gctctgtcta    119640
     gttctagtct ggagccctcg ctaccctgtg agcatctcaa agacattgtg tcttgtttct    119700
     attcttgttc ccactgccaa gtcagggcaa atgaaggtac ccaacagagg ctggatagat    119760
     ggcgaggaga aaggaaagag gaggagaaga agaaatctgt agtgaaggct gcagcattcc    119820
     tctgaatgac cacatggttt ggggactttt atttttctgc ccacaatgag ggcacatact    119880
     caccagccca gcagattcac ttctgaaatg agctgagaac tgagtttggc tcaaagccta    119940
     tggaataaat ctgcttggct atatccatgt acacaaagac attacggggg ggatgcacgg    120000
     aggattctaa gactattggg gcatcaatgt gttctcttac atgttggagg aatgagtgag    120060
     agtccctaca atacaacttc aaatggaggt gatgtgacgg gaaccctcag taggactcat    120120
     caaaaagtag tgttctgcct ccctcccccc ctttctccct tcctttctcc cttcctccct    120180
     ccctccctcc ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctttcttt ctttcagcat ggaatagagt    120240
     ttattcaggg tatggggggg agttaagagg gcagtagagg cagagaaatg cagagagaag    120300
     gagaaagtag agaagtagag gctggccatg gccacgtgtg tgtgtgtggg gggggaagag    120360
     aatggggaga gaggggtagc aagggggtga gaggcaagag aggcctagag tgttctttct    120420
     aatcactccc cttcttgccc tctctttaac ctgaaatcac agacttcaga agaaaatgtc    120480
     ttgtcaagtt ttgtttctta ttgttgtgat aaaatacatc aacaaaagca gtgagtataa    120540
     gtggagagaa gtttatttgg ctcacaattc catcattgca gggaaatcaa ggcagcagga    120600
     acttgaaaca ggcagtcacc tcacagccaa aaacagagaa tgagcgctta catgctttct    120660
     agagctctgt tggatttctc taatctatag agtccagcac ccaaacttag ggaatggtgc    120720
     cgcccacaat gagcgtgccc ctcccaccac tgcgatgcta cccttctgga gcttctttgg    120780
     cacagctgag gggatatcat ccaatggagg tctcagtatt tgcgtgccct tatggctctc    120840
     tgctgttcag ccaatcagag gaagagactt ggagaatcag actcagagtg gctccaagag    120900
     gacccaaggt gctcagatgc cacctaccac ttccagactg cattgtctct tgctcctcac    120960
     ggtagcacta agttgcccag accaattccc aggcaaagcc tttcaaactg agaagtgaga    121020
     agtgcctctg tcaaggtcag gtagattata aatggcaacc ctgggtgtga aaataccaga    121080
     tttcaaacta tttggttggt tcccttctcc ggaatgcacc tgcaccagtt aaaagtctga    121140
     gaataagaca gataggaaat acaacggaag cctggtgaac agagaagcac agagcagcac    121200
     gtcacgtctt agctgtacaa tacagtaaaa taaatgaccc tcagcagaag atcactgcag    121260
     taaatcatgg tccatttccg ttctgaaatg ccacttaacc tttaaaaaag gacaagataa    121320
     agctgtactc ctatcaggaa gtttgctcaa gagccatcaa atgggaaagc caatttgcat    121380
     cataattgag gagatgtggg tccacattga cacacatatt caattaaaag caaatttgag    121440
     aaaatactag aaaacaccca aactattgct agcagctagc tatgaatatc ctaggcaggt    121500
     agataagaga tttaaccttg tcccttttaa aaagctcagc ttcatccctg tgcctgcctc    121560
     cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc cccttcctat    121620
     gtgggggtag gaagagggag ggtgggctct acaaataaaa acccataagc catgtctcta    121680
     atgccctcct atccatgcag cctgaggagc tgttgtgctc tggaggttag gaaaggtttg    121740
     ccatttccag acaaaaggaa tggctttcag gtgttaagat tcccttcagt taggtaaccc    121800
     tttctcctgt gaccactgcc tacattcttt ccctagttgt ttccctatgc tctagtttct    121860
     ggttaaatct gaaaacagaa gtgggcttgg aatctgcctt aaataacatg tgacttcaca    121920
     cgcaggcacg cacgcacaca cgcacgctgc atatatccac acacacagac acatggtatc    121980
     acacacacga gcacattaga acatgccacc cattcttccc tgtagaaata gaagtatatg    122040
     aagtgttaag gacagggaaa gaagagccag tgttgggagg tagaaaaggc caggcttctg    122100
     aaggacttgg aacagtcccg ggccaagcaa ggacattaag catcctaaca cttaagcaat    122160
     ggaccagcta tgcagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    122220
     gagagagaga gagagagcac tctacttgtt ttgcatacag agacccctct gctctttccc    122280
     ttcctcactc tgtatgtgta aaaagtattt ctcttcccaa caagaaaagc ggtcccgttt    122340
     tttgtgttta ccgatgaagc aactttgtag cctaagacag taaattctct ggtcaaggac    122400
     tacaggacaa ttattgagct gtgctcaagt ctgcagatgg agaatatctt tgagcctcaa    122460
     cacaactcat cttgtccgga ggggagagct ctggggtcct ggctgggagg agggaggcag    122520
     gcagggaggg cttatctagt gatgtcagct cagctgatag ttgatcctta tcacctagac    122580
     tacactagga catcaacctt ttgcaggcaa ggaaagacac gtctctgctt attgatctct    122640
     tcagtgatag gatagtgggc aggccagcag taagccttgt gggtgggctt cccccagtcc    122700
     agttcagagc ttccagggcc attctcagct gggggttgga ctcaccccag gcttgcttct    122760
     gcggccaggc cactcatttg agtgtccaac acagtctgtg ccaagaagca ttgtgtttga    122820
     gaacaaaacc atctcccaga tctcacagat aaagcccagc ggctgcacca ggacaataga    122880
     tgctctgact ctttcacacc gactgtaaca acctccaaga caggaccttt gtcattccca    122940
     gggctgttat tactaagcat ctctcctcta aggtcacttt tcaaagaggg ctgggagctg    123000
     gtcttgccag cctccctttt ttccttggta ggacttgtaa taaagtccac acttcctctt    123060
     agcatggctc ggctggatcg tgtgcgtttg aggcaaataa gcttgggttg atgccctgac    123120
     ccagtcgcac gcctgccctt cctcacgtag ctcagagcct gttggctcag ctgaaaacaa    123180
     tattccacag tctgagtgat tcttgccaaa ttttgctatc agtcagtgtt cgctgacctc    123240
     ccgaaagcca ccaggatata tgtggctttt ggggaagcta cccagactgc aatttcatgg    123300
     ttgtttttca ttatgattat gattgctttg aaaaatatgg gagtccctta cagatattaa    123360
     aattctgctt cgagcagttt tgcaaagtat tattttaagt aagatatttc tatttcacct    123420
     aaaaaattat aacatatatt atgactgcag ttttgcaaag tgatatttta agtaaaagat    123480
     ttctatttca ccttaaaaaa ataacttctt aagtggatgc tcatggtcag ctattggatg    123540
     gatcacaggg cccccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtaccc aaggagctaa agggatctgc    123600
     aaccctatag gtggaacaac attatgaacc aaccagtacc ctggagctct tgactctagc    123660
     tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctagtcag ccatcactgg aaagagaggc ccattggact    123720
     tgcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga acgccagggc caaaaagtgg gagtgggtgg    123780
     gtaggggagt gggggggggt atgggggact tttgggatag cattggaaat gtaaatgagg    123840
     aaaataccta attaaaaaaa ataacttctt atatgctatg actgaagttt tgcagagttt    123900
     ttatttgttt gtttgtttgt ttatttattt atttattcga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag    123960
     ctctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggg ctcgaactca gaaatctgcc    124020
     tgtctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcatgtgcc accaccatct ggcttgcaga    124080
     gttattttaa gtaaaagatt tctattttat ttactaaaaa atataacttt ttatatgtta    124140
     tgactgcatg agtcttattt tacataacgc taataactgc cttcaaaatc tcactcttgt    124200
     tgggagccat taagacaaca caattgagcc gagcatggtg gcacatgcct ttaatccagc    124260
     aatcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga    124320
     gttccaggac agccaaggct atacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaccaa accaaaaaaa    124380
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacaacacaa ttgtcctgat ctttgaattg ggcctctccc    124440
     cctcatcccc cgagaagaaa agggggtcaa aagcgggcca ccgacacacc tattccgaga    124500
     acaaccacag aatgttccag ccctaagtca tcgcctatgt cctgaccaca ccccgatacc    124560
     accaagttcc tgcttccctg tgtagctgcc aaaagaaaaa atttctattg cccccctccc    124620
     actgataagt acttttcctt ttgtttgtgc aattctattg ccccacccct cccgctgata    124680
     agtacctgta cttccccttt tgcttgtgca tttaaacctt gggcctggct aatacattgg    124740
     gaccttgacg ctactcagaa tgtttccgtg tcgttatttg cacaaggttc tcgtctctct    124800
     ctacccccca atttcttagg ggaaggtccc ctcgagaccc tcgaataact ggacctgctg    124860
     gacgggtcac actcttatct tcagaaaacc agggtaatta tttttaacat tttttgaata    124920
     agccattttg gctttccttt caatattgaa attttctttg ttttttacta aatcttttct    124980
     gtttatttct atatcatttc ctacccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atagactagg gaccaggaat    125040
     gagtttcagt ggacgaagca cttgttgtgt gagtgtgcac aacgattttg gatccccagc    125100
     ctccacgaaa aagacaggtg ggtacatatg acagctcacc tgtaatccca gaactccatt    125160
     cccatgagag acccagcaaa taaagcagca aagaatcaag gaagacagct acctatatca    125220
     tctctggctc ccatacacgt gtgggcaaca tgtgcatgtg tgcctgaata cacatgtcca    125280
     ctcatgtgaa cacacacaca catacatata tgggtgcgta tcgatttgtt tttttttttt    125340
     ttttttggtt tttggttttt ggttttttga gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt    125400
     cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcaaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc    125460
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc accactgccc agttcgcata tttatataca    125520
     cacaaaagaa acttttattt tagcatcttc aaatagctta gatactttct aagcttaaga    125580
     cctaactata tcacacagtt ttcaataata tttaaaaaga cacaattcaa aatacatgta    125640
     aaatcccacg aagtgttcct taattcatag atttatgaat ctattgcctg gctcaaatat    125700
     ttagaggatt taagcatttt accaaatatc tgccttaaat caatctctct ttctgtgtct    125760
     cctctcctcc tccccatctc cttctccctc cctctccttc cctttctttc tttctctcct    125820
     ccatgggtgg ggtggggtgg gggtggggga taagatctca tgtagctcag gctagccttg    125880
     aactcaccaa aaatggctga gaacttgtaa tcctccagct tccacttccc tggtgcttgg    125940
     accatgagaa aatgtcacta tgcccagttt tctcagagct cagacaaggg cgtacggcac    126000
     tagctcctgt caattgactg gcatccccag gaatttacct taagtgtagc ttaaaaatga    126060
     tctaaaatat ttcttattac ttatttcttt gtagtacaca catacaccat acatgcatgc    126120
     atatatacat acacacatac atacataatt tgtgttcttg tcagagcccc ataggttaaa    126180
     cagactactt ttgttaatta catgatttga gtcccttact aaatttagtg attttcctgt    126240
     ttggctaaaa tttgctttgt gtatggtgaa ggtagattaa aacccacaag ggttccagga    126300
     cagccagagc tacacagaga aaccctgtct ggaaaatcca aaaacaaaac caaacaacaa    126360
     caacaacaac aaaaaaaccc aaacccacaa ggcatgggtg gcacagtatt tgcctggcac    126420
     atgcaaagcc ttgagcttca atcccaggat tgctgggaca gccagaaaat gttgtgcttt    126480
     ttattatttc attttcctct taaattgacc ctttggcttc tgaagttttt gccttttgcc    126540
     tccatgaagg ctccttgggt tcccagtcta ttctcttctc ttgtgtagac ttgtgtgtgt    126600
     gtgttctcat ccttcactct gaactgaatg tgcttcaacg tgtagctttt ataaacacca    126660
     tgtgttagaa caccacgtgt tggcgtgcct tctgagtcct agaatcattg tcttctggct    126720
     ggttacggac taccgtgtga cagaataccc actgcacttg agtcatggta ccacatttat    126780
     tttcttatag ccttttctat aatgtaccta ctagaaaata caattgatga ctaccgacta    126840
     ccagaaatag ggtaaaatat caaagtataa tatgaaattc ataatcattc atttcttaca    126900
     agtaaatcat ttatggaata atatacacac atatgtatca tacatgtgta atggagagat    126960
     atgatttctg gcctgatgga gaccacgata tgcaggcttg actttcaggc aagataatgc    127020
     ataggctttt cttttccact tttttttctg tccactgaag agaattactc taaaagaaca    127080
     cataaaagag aagagtcact cttagagcca accaggttaa accatcctgg gtgcaacaaa    127140
     gatcccgaga gcagggcaac tcaagtctct ttaaccagca tttgagctca agacttctaa    127200
     aaggatgtaa ttgaaagcat catgattttc ttgagacaga gtctgatgta attcattggc    127260
     aaattgtgat atcattggta acaccctcat gttattgata taaatggtaa tactgcaaat    127320
     ttctcagtag ttgtttgtat tatatagact gatatgacca ttgcctgtta tattatgtct    127380
     cacacatttc tcttccctcc tccctctttc ccttggaata ttggaggctc actgtgacat    127440
     tgtggaatct gtccagacta gtctttggat tcactttcac tttcaaattg cctgtagaga    127500
     gacagagaca attccttaga gacagtgatg caaggttgag ctcactccca gattcttagc    127560
     attttttggc ttaaactacc tttaagcttt tgaggccatt caccttcacc tttatccact    127620
     gctgtaaatt taatagatta tcctctctgc cctaccccat ccttggccag cttggtttct    127680
     actgtcagct tgaaacaacc tccagtcacc taaggaaatc ccactcaaag aactaactgc    127740
     ctttatcaga ttggctgatg gcctaggaga gtggctggat tgatgtggga ggggccagcc    127800
     cactgtgaaa ggcctcagct ctggacccca ggagggtggg cctgggctgt gtaagaaagc    127860
     cagagagtga ctcaatctcc atcccatgtg ctgtggtttc aggtgtttcc tttctgagac    127920
     agaatctcac tgtgtagctc aggcctgggc tggaacttgc tatcaggcct gaactcataa    127980
     tccacctact actgatatgc agtgcggtgg tcatgtcctt tagtcttgtt attctaaatc    128040
     agttctttta cctttggctg cttagctctc catttatgtt aaaaaaaaaa aagttaaaac    128100
     tgaatctggt ggtttgtgta tgctcagccc agggagtagc actattagaa agtatggccc    128160
     tgttggagta ggtgtgtcac tgtgggtgtg ggctttcaga cccacatcct agttgcctgg    128220
     aagccaatat tctgctagta gccttcagat gaagatgtag aactctcagt tcctcctgta    128280
     ccatttctgc ctggacactg ccatgttctt gccttgatga taatggactg aacctttgaa    128340
     cctgtaagcc agccttggtc atggtatctg ttcacagcag taaaaaccct aactaagaca    128400
     ctgaataaaa ggaaaaaaga atttcctcag cctcttgtta tctttttcaa aatagcatat    128460
     caaaactctt tacaatggag aaacagaaaa attaagcaat gcttaataca tatttaacaa    128520
     ttaaaattaa taagcagggg acaacaattt acattgactt ttacccctaa agaggcccaa    128580
     ggatttttgt ttccccccac ccccctgcac tgtttttttc ttagcagcac acaaaaaaaa    128640
     gaaaaaccaa ccaaccaaac aaaaaaacca acagatctcg ctgtggtatt ttcataccca    128700
     cttagttttt tttctttttt ttggtttttc gagacaaggt ttctctgtag ccctggctgt    128760
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatctgcc ttcctctgcc    128820
     tcccaagtgc tgagattaaa ggcatgcgcc accatgccct gcccacttag ttttttataa    128880
     gattaaaacc cgatggttaa aaaaaagaac ctgattattc attatactaa tcactaatat    128940
     atttaccact caatttctac agatggaaaa atgttaagtt tgagttatga gctatgtctg    129000
     tcttgacatc gttaataacc cagtatacca actaattatg aaagaaaaca ggtatgaagt    129060
     ccacgcactc ttcgcttgag aagtcatcca ttctccattt catcctttgg gaatagactt    129120
     ttaccagcat cccaatcagg acaaggatca caacgtagaa agggatgatc aagaaaaatg    129180
     gccaccgtgg agacttggag cggtaagcac ttgcaatgta gggccgtact aacaaaggaa    129240
     agaaccaggg gttagaacgc aatcaccaga aatataacag cgatattgtg tgtttgcata    129300
     tgatgtactt aacacgatgg cattggagtc tccacaccgg caagctcttc aaatccttgc    129360
     gtaagatcct gtcttggctt ttctttttgt atgtatcctt ttgtttgttt gttttgtctg    129420
     tattggtgtt ttgtctgcaa gcatgtctgt atgaggatcc cttggaactg tagttacaga    129480
     ctacagtcta cagtgagctg ctatgtgggt gttgggaatt gagccccggt cctttggaag    129540
     agtagtcagt gctcttaact gctgagccat atctccagcc ccttgtgtat atcttttaag    129600
     ggattaaaaa aattgcttgt gcatgagtgt ttgtctgctt gtaggtatgt gcaccctgtg    129660
     tgtgagtggt ggctgaggag gccagaagac aatgtttgat cttctggaac tggaattaca    129720
     gagggttgtg agctaccctg tgggtcctgg gagccatact tgggtcctca acaaaagcaa    129780
     aaagtgctgt taacaacagc agagctatct ctccagcctt gcttttcatt ggagacttct    129840
     attctaggta gtctctgtct gatcatatag acagaagaaa ttgaagtata agatccctgt    129900
     taccagaggg gtgttctcaa actcttattt ctagtaaaaa aaaaaaaaat gctatgcata    129960
     ctattttagg tctaagttgt ttttttatta agaaatagtt atgtttttac atccttcctt    130020
     acaaatgttt ttattttcaa agagtgtttt agaatatttg tagttttagt ttttatattt    130080
     agaccagcag tctactttat acagcatcag catcagctgg ttcacagcag ccagggggat    130140
     ccaatgcctc tggccactga gaacacccgc actcatgtgt acattccccc tcccccacaa    130200
     gacatgcaca aacttttaaa aacctggtca tgttgtgagt tccaggccag ccagggctct    130260
     acagtgagac ctttgagaag tgtgtttttt cctttttctt ttttactttt tgaaatctgt    130320
     taggattttc tctgtgatta attgtatcaa cacacacaca cacacacaca caagcaaaga    130380
     aacaacagtt catcttttct agtcttttgt ttccttcttg ttctttcctt agtttagggc    130440
     ctgggacata ggaaatctac tgaatacgta cagtgaagca gacttcattg ctttgctcct    130500
     atttttaaaa tatttattat tatacataag tacactgtag ctatcttcag ataacaagaa    130560
     gagggcgtca gatctcattt taggtagttg tgagccacca tgtggtttct gggatttgaa    130620
     ctcaggacct ctggaatagc agtcagtgct cttatccgct gagccatctc accagcccct    130680
     gctcctattt tttaaaagat ttacttattt atctgagtac actgctaatg tcttcagaca    130740
     caccagaaga gggcatcgga tcccattaca tatggttgtg agccaccatg tggtttctgg    130800
     gaattgaact taacctctgg aagagccgtc agtgctctta actgccgaac catctctcca    130860
     acctcagttt tgctcctaat tttatgggga gatagatatt gcttgtccca ctcccacgat    130920
     gtgttgattt cagtattttg atgtccgttt tcgatctgcc cggctcatcc tctgttagtc    130980
     tgttactgct ttgtggcagg tgaggaatcc cattttttct ctctctctct tgattttttt    131040
     cttcactacc aaggactgta cccattgctg ctctaagaac atcccatggg ttgtttgatg    131100
     ctggaggaca tctgtaatct agcactagga ggcagagtca ggaaaactgg gagcttcaga    131160
     caagccatac acttccaaaa ggatggatat cttcaagctt cttttatcct tcccaggtcc    131220
     aggcacaaaa gatgaggcca ttccttttct gctgactggg tggagggcag acagcccggg    131280
     ttccctgctc tttctctcag ggacctacag agaaaaggcc tttcccccat cttgtcccat    131340
     gtcagcttcc tgctgaggtc tggggtgtct atttactgcc tatatctcct cagggtctat    131400
     ggaatgctac aggctgtctg cattaccaat caggcatttt gactcctctg tatttctggt    131460
     ccagctcctg gtccatacct aactcggtac cttaacttgg acagagttag tgtctgctgt    131520
     ccttgaggtg acaactccct caggtttttg ttggtgttag ttagtctggg aggctgaggt    131580
     ctgtgattaa ggggccaaag ccaagcttgt caggcaccca ctgatacaga acccagcaag    131640
     gtgctgttga aggggcaaca tgataaggaa taacaaggga tcttggaatc ctgtgctctc    131700
     ttgtgcctcg tgggctggca ccagctgtgg aagtcaccat gggtgcagtg actgctaatt    131760
     tctccaggtc aggttagtgt ggttatagaa gaacccttcc tatgtcttgg tcagataatt    131820
     ggctttactg gggaacagtt tggtcttttt tttaaaagat ttatttattt attatatgta    131880
     agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacacacca gaagagggcg tcagatctca ttacggatgg    131940
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga cctttggaag agcagtcagt    132000
     gctcttaccc actgagccat ctcgtcagcc ccaatttggt cttcaaagca tgtgatttac    132060
     attgtagtgt ttccttcatg tggccagtgt gtggggctgt gttcttctaa aagtgggttt    132120
     ggacacctac agaaccgtct ccaaagatat tgttggttat gtaactccat gaaagcatca    132180
     ggacaaaggc ctccctttgg agggagtttg agtcattcta gaaagcgtgg gcatctgtgc    132240
     atccccatct gaggactcac agtgacccac agtggtctct aaaacttcgg gaaaacaaac    132300
     tgaaaaaacg agggggaaat ctgaaatacg gtcctgttgt acaagtgtca cgagcatgga    132360
     gtgtaatgga aaagatgcca cacttttcac agggaaggca gaagcagtga gaaagtcatg    132420
     ttcatttcat gtttatgaaa agcatgcctt tgagcttata tccttctgga ctaaagagtg    132480
     tctcaagaca gagcagcaac aacagcgaca aagccctcag gagtgagggt taaatacctt    132540
     gcaatgagtg ccactttggt gtattttgtt gctagagtga actgtcttac agtaggattg    132600
     acagtcttac agtagacacc ctttggtatg gatttttttc ttcctttcat ggaagtacct    132660
     ggttttgaac tcagggcctg gtatgtgctg tatgagctcc ctacccgtga tatgacattt    132720
     ttaacttttt aatatagata agtatatacg atgagctagt agcatgttaa agagttttcc    132780
     ttttgcattt gtaaagatga tcttttgcaa tttttgttag tttgcccatg tggcatcatg    132840
     gttgttttcc tccaatgata aactagtagg gagggctcag ccgacctctc ttctttaagt    132900
     gctacttctt cttggcaaaa aatgtctttc tgcctctctt tctcttcctt ccttcctttc    132960
     ttccttcctt cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctctctctc    133020
     tctctctctc tctctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttctcttt ctctctctct    133080
     ttctttctta ttttctttct ccctttcttt cttttctctt tctttcttct ctttctctcc    133140
     ctttcttatt ttctttctcc ttttcttttc tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    133200
     ttctctttct ctcttatttt ctttctccct ttctttcttt tctctttctt tctttcctct    133260
     ctcttccttt cttttttctc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttcttctct ctttttcttt    133320
     ctttcctctc tttcttttct ctctctcttt tttctttctt ttctctcttt cttcctcttt    133380
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcttcct tccttccttc    133440
     cttccttcct tccttccttt ctttctttct ttcttttttc tctctctctc ttgtagcttc    133500
     cttagccaca aatcccaaat tagagaactt ttgcctccag cttcttgatt ctacctttgg    133560
     ttgacaattc ctcatcaccc ctgagtggct ttgtcagcct gtttcttgtt ggtcgtggtc    133620
     aggagccaaa accttacaca cttctcctga ccatgtccag ttcacaagga caggagactt    133680
     tcaatatgtg tttctgactg tcagatttaa aaaaaaaatc cagtaagttc acagtcatag    133740
     atctttttgg cagacacttt tctttctttt ggaccttgct gcggctactg tagactgacc    133800
     tacattctta gttgccttcc tcagttttat ttctttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcatgtgc    133860
     gcgagagtgt atgctctcga gttttccaga agcgaatggg aagtaccttt ctcaacttct    133920
     ctacacctta tcttcggtgt cgctcattgg ccgggaggtc actgattagt taagactgat    133980
     tcctgtgtct ctgcctcctc agtggcagga tttggagtct gtgctacctc cgagcctttg    134040
     tatgtgagtt ctaggagtga aactcagatc gtcacattct ggaggcaaac atttcactta    134100
     ccctattcca caatgctcta cttatatttt ctatttttta gtgagactta ccagggatgg    134160
     gttcagccct ttccttgttg ccactatcaa tgctcccgcc aggatatgaa tctttcattc    134220
     ttttacaatc tggaggtaag tatgtggggt cacagtggca gttcttcttg ttattacata    134280
     cctgaaagca ccataaagtc acaggctgag tcaggcagct gggttcattc acacccagga    134340
     gctccgtaga ataacgacta tgtaaggtta catccatttg tctgtgtggc ttattattgg    134400
     gaaggtgggg gtgggggtgg ggtgtggggt gaagtggggc gggggaaggc agggaggggg    134460
     aggagaagat gcagggggga ggaggaggag gaggagggag agggacttag ttaggtcttg    134520
     ctctccagag caggttcagt ggctttccct tttctcactc ttctctgcta cttacaccat    134580
     ggtggttgca tttttccagg ttgcaatcat agcccaagaa agtgtctgct acacattttt    134640
     gattctggca aacctagaac agaaaaggta acttagatgg cagactcacc ccttgattaa    134700
     aagcattccg tactctctta agataaaaaa aacaccttga ggtctcacct caccccagtt    134760
     aaaccggcca gggacaaagg gacaaatgaa caacgttgga atttaatttt aggtggctga    134820
     agttaacatc ctcaagaatc cctaggggga agtggcaccc gtgaagagct ggcgtaaact    134880
     tggatgatga cataagaatg aacgagagca ggtaaacaaa cacataaatt gtaaagggca    134940
     ccacgaggag attccagctc tagacaattg attcctaagg gaatcaaact ggaagcttcg    135000
     ctgtgtgggc agaacagcag atgtgggcag ggcggaatga ggcatgaatg aagctgaaga    135060
     tagggtgttt gaggtgggag agtctgtgag atggagtcaa acaagccaga gaagtgaaca    135120
     gagtctacgg gagggatggg aggagcacca cccaagttga ccaaggtttg ggccatgatc    135180
     tgcacaatgg ttttttactt atttttttgg ttgtttgttt gtcatccttg ccattacaca    135240
     aggggactca ccccctcata cccacttgac tgtgttaatg cactcacaga cagggaagac    135300
     cctcttctct catgtcctct aatactgcca taaaaaagtt atgacttaaa cctagagatt    135360
     ccaacctgat tgtgcacctg cagaactcat gatcagggca gcaccagtga caccagctcg    135420
     ttgtcacagg caaactgagt ggccactgtg gcactgtagt cgggtttgtt tctctcaggt    135480
     tttacgtgga attaatggtt tagtcttctt cttgtacaca tatggtgaac aacatgctgt    135540
     tttggtatac agatggaatt ttaaacagtt catttggaaa acaaaattgt ggctttatat    135600
     atgtacgtgt taccttcctt ctacccatga aatggaatat taattcaagc ctttaaaagg    135660
     aaggtagttc tgactttgaa gatatggcca aactataata agtgacatca cacagacacg    135720
     tatgtcatga ccttacttat gcatggaatc taggagggct gtaaagactg acagaaggtc    135780
     agaggtgaca agaagagaac gcagagaagt catgtaagct tgcagcagca caattttcag    135840
     ttgtgaagga tgatggagga tgatgaataa atctagggat ataaccggca gcatggggat    135900
     ggcagttggt gttgtgtgcc taaagtgtga cgagacaaca ggccggaggg gtccttgcca    135960
     tgcctacgca cagggtgatg cactcgagaa tggaaaccag acacgtggta tgctagtttc    136020
     gtttctgttg ttgtgataaa atgccttgac cagaatcaac tcaggagagg gagaccttgt    136080
     caggcttaca tttccttgtt atgatctatc actgagggca gggactcaag cagctcatca    136140
     cattccatcc ataattagaa gcagagagaa gtgaatccat gcaggcccac ttgcttaatc    136200
     gcttctctac tcgcagctag gtttctcctc tcttataata ttcaggaccc cttgctagga    136260
     aatggtgctg cccacaaggg gctctgcctt cctatgtcaa ctaacaatca aaccacctgt    136320
     cccttccccc aacacctaca gatgccctta gaccaacctg atctagataa ttcctcagtt    136380
     gagcctccct tcctaggtag caagttgaca gttaaaacta accacttcag atatgtgtaa    136440
     gccattattt taatagagaa tttggaatgt aattgttttt gccttactct ttgacctctt    136500
     tagttttcac cattatataa gaataattac atcaaaggat aattcatcat atcagagggc    136560
     tctctctctc tctttgtaac attctgaaaa tgtaactaaa tgcatgggtg aaccctgaga    136620
     tccgttcttc tcaggatttg tgtgacttcc acaaaaagtg caaagcagca aatgaaatgc    136680
     ccatagcagc agcaaccgtg caaggtcaat ggctttagtt tattttgact aaatagaaat    136740
     ttgactaaat agaaatttca aaggggactc acccccctca tacccacttg actgtgaaat    136800
     ttgaaatttg ttttatattt tccaaacttc tatgtgggat tgcacactta catttcgaga    136860
     gagtgttact tggcatatgt tccaagaaag acataaacac tgggagttac cttatttgac    136920
     ccgcagacgg ttccatctct cacccacatc ttctggctct cattatgacc ttggggatat    136980
     tccagggaaa cgcagacatg cccgcttata ttggcataaa taacagtggc agacctcaat    137040
     tttagtatat tttcactttg gtatttacat attattttcc cacacatccg gtcactataa    137100
     tttacaaata aatgtaagtc attattttaa tagagaaata ttagaatata atttcaaaaa    137160
     acaaattgat ttaaacaatt ggagttggca aataagatat acgcagttag ttttggatac    137220
     cacacacagt gtccttcctg aattgctaac aataatgagc tatttaatta tgaactcttc    137280
     cattagctgg attactgttt gtgatttttt ttaaccagta tttgatcctt tatcacaatc    137340
     aaacccaagc ttattctgac ttttaaaaat gagcaattgg ccttgtcact aactccgctg    137400
     ggtttccttt ttggtttcac agctgttgag atattgaaat ccatattcaa agaacactgt    137460
     acaccatgca cattattaaa ataaaatgat caaacctaaa tgttagtgca gaaaaatgca    137520
     gaaaaaaacc caaagcataa acacaaccat acaataaagg gacattctct acagaagaac    137580
     agtaataaaa atgaagactg atggtcagac aaagaaaaca tagaccaggg aactctggga    137640
     tggtttggtc aatggggaaa gaagtatgcc ttctgctcca cacacacaga ctctttgcca    137700
     atgtggaagg tcatctcctg tacaactggc tttctaacca acttcctggt aagatggtcc    137760
     ttaaaaacca tctctttcca ccctccaggc agctagctcc tcatcataga agctcacttg    137820
     ctcccatctc tttgtctctg gactagctga cttctgtgta tgatgggact ggggccttga    137880
     cggatgcaca ctcattcaca agaagaatgc agacccagaa aagaaaaaaa aaaaaaacct    137940
     gggaggttat gtctcttagg cacgctgctg gtcccttctt tagctaaggg ttatttattc    138000
     ttttagcctg ggagggctgg ccgtgaaaac cagtaaccga gatgcttttt ttcccctcag    138060
     tgtgtaatac taagaccggc agcctcactg aggcgacgga tgacaagagc tgaagggagt    138120
     cacccaaacg atccaggtga agttcttcag ggagaagcac aactgtgcta gagatcccag    138180
     tgagacatgg gtctatggag caaatttctg taaccataaa agatggagat agaatactga    138240
     ccttcagcca gtcgtatact atacacatgc atatgtacac acacacacac acacacacac    138300
     acacagagca cacataccat ctgcgtcaca cacatcccat catgcagcta gtgtgacaga    138360
     ccattgcttt tctaccaccc acagctttcc ccataacact ttcatctttc ctcttcatgt    138420
     atttgttgaa acacacagct tccggaaaac atccattttt actgcaaagc tcttctcctg    138480
     gaacacttgc caagagtccc caacacaagc tcaaattcta ggagaggtct ctagggagcc    138540
     aaaactaagg tgcttgaggt agccttgagg tatgtctaca gctcactgtc atctgtcacc    138600
     atatgtcaaa aacactatgt gtttaaggac tagtgcaccc tgggtcacag ctttacagat    138660
     ttttcattat catatttgtc ccatacatag tacattcctt gtactttata aagaatgtcc    138720
     attcttgggg ctgcagagat gggttctaag agcactggct gctcttccag aaaacccaag    138780
     tttgattccc agtacccagg agggtaactc acaacccttg ctatagaggc tgtgacacct    138840
     tcttctcccc tccttgggca ttcattggtc atgcaaggga cacacagaca tgttttcagg    138900
     caaaaatcca gacatataaa acaaataaac agaaattaaa aaaaaagact atccactcct    138960
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttatat aagcttttgt gcatggtaca tatgagggtc tactggcttg    139020
     tgtgcatgtg tatcgagact gtaggtcaat gacaggtgtc tttctatccc ttgccacctt    139080
     atttttttaa gacaggggca cccagtgaac ccagagttca ccatttcagc tagactggct    139140
     gatcaggtgt ccctgaggtc acctactact gttctccata gcaaagttac caaactatgc    139200
     cagcacatct ggtttttata tgggtactag agatctgaat tcagatcctt gtgtctaagc    139260
     aggaagtact tcacccactg agccatttcc gcaagccaag actgctcatt ctttatataa    139320
     ttaaggagat agcatacaga tttttaaaaa ttgaatactt atgggtgaca agtgccccct    139380
     tgttgaaata aaaccctgag tggcaaaaga caggccaaaa attcaggcca aagtagttca    139440
     acctagacag caacagccca ggtgtgtcgg aaacaacacg gagcctcctt ccgcacctct    139500
     gacgtctgtc actagctaga tatgtcaggc tttgtggtca ggtgctagtt ggcttccgtg    139560
     tgaaggtgac tggggacatt ttcaagggta aagtgacaga atctggtcac atttcctaag    139620
     gcatacttag gtgggcattc cttgtatccc ccagcagaga ttccacagct cccagatatg    139680
     tcgctcttgg aattcagctc ccagaaacat tcacttgaac caaagcctgc atctggaagt    139740
     taggcaaatg aaagagtgtc agtggcatcg agcgttttca tacctggaat taaaacaagg    139800
     gatgaagact ttcgcagctt gaaaatggtt ttggaatgta ttgcacaaaa ggcaagcatc    139860
     acatagaatt gaagatggat ggctcaggga tacacttcca acttcatgta cctggcagtg    139920
     cctaatatgc aatgccaata accccaggca cagcaacaaa aagctaggtt tttgtttttt    139980
     gtttttggtt ttttgttttt ttaatgcaat tgatattctg gtgaataagg tgggctttct    140040
     tttttcatac atgttttttc aatcacactg ttcaccaatt gctttttgtc tctgagtttt    140100
     cctagtttca attctcccaa gacccaaact actttgagaa cagtttctat tttcaacctc    140160
     tgtccatgct actcttgttg aagcctctga tggggacatt tgacaactat gttgctgggc    140220
     tggaggaaag tgacctgtca caacagcatc cctgggggct caactaggtt gcctagagat    140280
     gccagtgaac ccaaagttca ttatattcat tatgtctcag aatccatttg ccaaatttgt    140340
     tgtgggtaag aaataaagat ttttgagctt ggttagggaa tccaactgtt ctttgtggac    140400
     cagaaaaaaa aaataggtag aatctgaata tttcatagcc acagggacaa tatttgaccc    140460
     ctcataccct gttggctctt ttccagcttc ctcttgaggg taaacaagga aaagatagaa    140520
     gatgagagtc tggggaagtg gctttgattg tgtcatagtt tcctatctgc ctaagtatcc    140580
     atcaaagcac gcagctgaaa gccctggaga cccacaggtg agtcacatgg gaacagcctt    140640
     caaattctaa ctgacaccca atgagtatca gttatcaaga aatattaaat gaacccagac    140700
     aactgccttg ctgtttaggt tcagtagaat taaaagacga ctggcagggt ctgtccacag    140760
     acaggcccct ttaacatcaa ccatggaaca ggagagaccg ggcaaccact tctaacggaa    140820
     gagatgcctc tatctgcagt ttcacttggg aataaacaga acaaagttag tcagctgagt    140880
     taaaatgact aagtatttta acatgcatac acatgggaaa aaaatcccaa agggcacaat    140940
     ctacaagaaa taaaaagtgt cagaaatatg tggaatggag agatggttaa gaaatttgat    141000
     tgctctttca gaggatc                                                   141017