ID   AC126438; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 152802 BP.
AC   AC126438;
DT   06-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   14-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-255G1 from chromosome 17, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-152802
RA   Kalicki J., Haglund K., Veizer J.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-255G1";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-152802
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-152802
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-152802
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-JAN-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-152802
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-FEB-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-152802
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; e507182cc6cfc5b1ba6bff118e4ce586.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456179.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024182; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024184; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024186; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024187; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024188; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000073433; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC126438.3:1-152802; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025019; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000168282; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000176961; mus_musculus.
DR   GOA; A0A0R4J047.
DR   GOA; D3YZ82.
DR   GOA; D3Z6P0.
DR   GOA; D3Z6P3.
DR   GOA; D3Z6W0.
DR   GOA; D3Z765.
DR   GOA; F6Q519.
DR   GOA; F6QU81.
DR   GOA; F6S5U2.
DR   GOA; G3X8W6.
DR   GOA; O35625.
DR   GOA; Q14DJ8.
DR   GOA; Q9Z2H1.
DR   InterPro; IPR000406; Rho_GDI.
DR   InterPro; IPR000591; DEP_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001158; DIX.
DR   InterPro; IPR004882; Luc7-rel.
DR   InterPro; IPR005788; Disulphide_isomerase.
DR   InterPro; IPR005792; Prot_disulphide_isomerase.
DR   InterPro; IPR011991; WHTH_DNA-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR012336; Thioredoxin-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR013766; Thioredoxin_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR014756; Ig_E-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR014936; Axin_b-cat-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR015898; G-protein_gamma-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR016137; RGS.
DR   InterPro; IPR017937; Thioredoxin_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR024066; RGS_subdom1.
DR   InterPro; IPR024792; RhoGDI_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR029071; Ubiquitin-rel_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR029797; AXIN1.
DR   InterPro; IPR032101; Axin_TNKS-bd.
DR   MGI; MGI:108430; Arhgdig.
DR   MGI; MGI:1096327; Axin1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1354739; Rgs11.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914228; Luc7l.
DR   MGI; MGI:1916441; Pdia2.
DR   MGI; MGI:2146854; Fam234a.
DR   PDB; 3UTM; X-ray.
DR   RFAM; RF00554; SNORA48.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; D3Z6P0; PDIA2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; O35625; AXIN1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9Z2H1; RGS11_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0R4J047; A0A0R4J047_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3YZ82; D3YZ82_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z6P3; D3Z6P3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z6W0; D3Z6W0_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z765; D3Z765_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6Q519; F6Q519_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6QU81; F6QU81_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6S5U2; F6S5U2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3X8W6; G3X8W6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q14DJ8; Q14DJ8_MOUSE.
CC   On Feb 5, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:27545141.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0255G01
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..152802
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /map="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-255G1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   1..168
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   304..446
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   514..627
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   745..932
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   1844..1888
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   1889..2070
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   2071..2114
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   2168..2232
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   2314..2460
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   2515..2620
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2737..3259
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3260..3397
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3398..3940
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4321..4447
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   4448..4641
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   4642..4733
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   4730..4790
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   4938..5065
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   5100..5225
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5246..5409
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   5441..5492
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5456..5503
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   5826..6041
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6091..6482
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   6678..7044
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   13550..13910
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   14083..14350
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14623..14812
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   15005..15181
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   15298..15482
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   17343..17420
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   17453..17557
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19036..19172
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   19567..19623
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19701..20052
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   20145..20393
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21154..21388
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   21394..21541
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21663..21744
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21790..21878
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   23756..23893
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   23782..23920
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   23974..24102
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   24103..24291
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   24292..24303
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   24315..24496
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   24677..24776
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25495..25635
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25951..26019
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26175..26306
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26396..26544
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26580..26696
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27131..27257
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   27413..27531
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28237..28430
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   28446..28605
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   28473..28610
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28632..28808
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   29750..29810
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29966..30113
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   30179..30314
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30315..30499
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   30674..30821
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30933..31114
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   31149..31756
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   32254..32618
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32619..32807
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   32808..32829
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   32832..32986
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   33122..33266
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33267..33489
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   33527..33590
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33596..33813
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   33932..34111
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   34164..34257
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35988..36197
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   36495..36631
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36672..36872
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37053..37171
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   37216..37327
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37338..37539
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   37548..37684
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   37740..37878
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38200..38309
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   38596..38694
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38695..38735
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   39052..39117
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   39131..39254
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39605..39818
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   39819..39933
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   40021..40196
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            40026..40097
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=37.95 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-14.19)"
FT   repeat_region   40277..40345
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40434..40557
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41193..41292
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41201..41320
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   41998..42154
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   42313..42496
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   42683..42766
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   42972..43103
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43132..43301
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   43348..43443
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   43478..43531
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   43532..43645
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   44020..44157
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44233..44404
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   44854..45005
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   45016..45109
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45240..45578
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   45621..45660
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   45661..45850
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   45851..45997
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   46006..46118
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46325..46447
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46505..46557
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   46569..46714
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   46838..46909
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   46910..47040
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   47460..47548
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47688..47812
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   47876..48023
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48185..48313
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   48726..48868
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   48932..49029
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   49429..49499
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   49574..49766
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   49795..49915
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    51652..52424
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=65.3, o/e=0.91, #CpGs=77)"
FT   repeat_region   52607..52778
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   52878..53012
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53017..53162
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   53207..53331
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   53349..53474
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53644..53747
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   54031..54228
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   54558..54663
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   54866..55112
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6B"
FT   repeat_region   55121..55242
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55221..55303
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6B"
FT   repeat_region   55304..55452
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   55453..55561
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6B"
FT   repeat_region   55601..55966
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   56085..56169
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   56170..56221
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   56255..56385
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   56366..56431
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56537..56931
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   56932..57059
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57060..57118
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57119..57432
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   57433..57541
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   57573..57779
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   57951..58091
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58262..58349
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19A"
FT   repeat_region   58361..58550
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   58551..58733
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(58655..58727)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Asn"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=36.22 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-8.23)"
FT   repeat_region   58748..58783
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19A"
FT   repeat_region   58784..58889
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58988..59039
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   58996..59197
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   59277..59347
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   59375..59468
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19A"
FT   repeat_region   59469..59618
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   59619..60307
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19A"
FT   repeat_region   60308..60455
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60491..60607
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   61894..61977
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61978..62044
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   62002..62159
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   62323..62413
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   62536..62671
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62782..62904
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   63143..63289
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63335..63514
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   64231..64402
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   64853..64985
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65016..65067
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65620..65659
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65660..65837
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   65838..65892
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65950..66097
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66153..66297
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66649..66711
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   67757..67964
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   68071..68209
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68230..68357
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68580..68725
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68745..68855
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   70395..70585
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   70646..70777
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70786..70894
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   70945..71025
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   71072..71180
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71283..71478
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   71509..71695
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            71514..71586
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=28.56 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-1.99)"
FT   repeat_region   71701..72112
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER10A"
FT   repeat_region   72123..72337
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   72776..72863
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   72896..73043
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73174..73226
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   73420..73691
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   73737..73887
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   73900..74021
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   74591..74692
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   74727..74815
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   75396..75442
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   75464..75542
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   75552..75683
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   75720..75857
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   76223..76332
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76486..76652
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   76677..76834
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   76855..77008
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77357..77479
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   77672..77761
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77840..77857
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77858..77950
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   78004..78150
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78167..78369
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   78402..78478
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78498..78587
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79427..79545
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80077..80141
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80146..80248
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   80246..80326
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80352..80422
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   81751..81872
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81918..82029
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82500..82648
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   82780..83026
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   83221..83896
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83921..83983
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84010..84156
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84196..84391
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   84439..84553
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   85368..85567
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   85596..85741
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85881..86028
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86229..86334
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87456..87542
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   87555..87649
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88331..88482
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   89081..89543
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   89669..89734
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   93414..93468
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   93469..93618
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93619..93723
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   95023..95080
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   95081..95229
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95219..95241
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   95242..95349
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95358..95411
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95589..95664
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95699..95788
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95843..95994
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96006..96125
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   96180..96223
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96224..96372
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96373..96449
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96482..96564
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98245..98374
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   98449..98586
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   98591..98698
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101078..101210
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   110682..110793
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111969..112110
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113324..113471
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   113477..113666
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   115486..115635
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   115841..115932
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   117722..117792
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   117953..118059
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   118115..118345
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   118395..118494
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119040..119228
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   119680..119860
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   120253..120306
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   120336..120482
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121170..121345
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   121994..122147
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   124216..124336
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   124590..124721
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125049..125189
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125286..125349
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125368..125556
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   125617..125674
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125925..126101
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   126103..126247
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   126252..126298
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   126303..127271
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   127272..127462
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   127463..128664
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   129067..129234
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   129241..129376
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   129428..129589
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   129609..129745
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129879..130027
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130730..130860
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131078..131182
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   131184..131368
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   132317..132465
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132475..132598
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132600..132732
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132799..132993
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   133194..133268
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133376..133568
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   133576..133645
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133678..133772
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133799..134026
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   134195..134394
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   134402..134577
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   134595..134781
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            134600..134671
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=33.19 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-10.52)"
FT   repeat_region   134860..134935
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134936..135069
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   135140..135285
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135308..135484
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            135313..135383
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=28.50 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-5.98)"
FT   repeat_region   135517..135620
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   136008..136175
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136401..136575
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   136655..136859
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   136942..137305
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   137358..137457
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137859..138031
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   138049..138154
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139278..139393
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140216..140366
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140528..140724
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   140962..141098
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   141555..141701
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   141715..141774
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142076..142207
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142943..143024
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143028..143217
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   143327..143392
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143667..143687
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   143688..143834
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143835..143945
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   143848..143983
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   144263..144333
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   144341..144483
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   144932..145124
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   145172..145327
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   145364..145569
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   145615..145762
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   145767..145938
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   145939..146124
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   146125..146148
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   146939..147129
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   147172..147382
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   147456..147571
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147631..147773
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147849..147935
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   147963..148134
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   148175..148326
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148348..148488
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   148515..148702
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   148756..148820
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148929..149064
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149073..149187
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149308..149499
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(149423..149494)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=38.08 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-10.52)"
FT   repeat_region   149530..149704
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   149708..149809
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149823..149888
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   151095..151185
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   151629..151774
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   151881..151936
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   152031..152196
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   152416..152587
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   152588..152729
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   152730..152743
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
SQ   Sequence 152802 BP; 42488 A; 35118 C; 35207 G; 39989 T; 0 other;
     gatctcctca gaaaaacagc ctctcagtgg ctagtggact ctttgaggaa actgcagatg        60
     tggcaggaca atagacttta cctaggttgg aagactccac cctaggtggg ctagctggct       120
     gtgacataaa ggtctaaatc agccatccca aggctgaggg aggacccagg cccactggta       180
     caaggcagta gaagacgctc tgaactcatc tcttacagca catgcaggac atactttctt       240
     ttgggttttt ttggggggga ggttgttttt gttcttttgt ttgtttgttt tgatctttgt       300
     ttgttttgtt tttttgagac agggtttcct gtagagccct ggctatcctg gaactcactc       360
     tgtagactag gctggccccg aactcagaaa tccaactgcc tctgcctccc aagtgcaggg       420
     attaaaaggc attcgccaca attccctggc aggacacact ttctatgata tgggaaaaac       480
     actgacacag tggactcaaa acacagggaa caagtaaagg ttcatcatac gtgagcctgg       540
     gctaggtgca ctcagataat ggaagcattg tttctacagt gtctgtgaag gtccaaaaaa       600
     gaagaatctg aaccggcagc tagactgtca gttcctctgg gcaatactgg agattgcccg       660
     ttcacccggg accaggaagg aagaagaaga ctcactgtaa acaggacttc tataccccta       720
     tacctggcct gtgggtattc tgtgtccttg ggcccatagt ccttcaggtt catgtggaat       780
     tgatacacgg gcattcctgg gctcccagat tgcaggtggc agatccaaag tcttcccatg       840
     ctgggaagaa acaggacccc ttggaatgaa ccataccttc tcatccaaac atcttgttgg       900
     ttatgttcct ctagaatccc ctgactaatg caaggagaaa acaaaacaaa ataagacatc       960
     tgggtggggt tatccagcct gtaaccctag ccagcctggc actcaggcag aattgcacaa      1020
     gcccaggagg agaaactagc gaaggaagag agtgagacct aagattgtcc ctcacagcat      1080
     aaagagcaca tgttggggat gttaccggtg ctaaagaacc ttctctaaaa tgtttcctgg      1140
     gcccccatct cctctccagc agtgcaacag ccaaaccaaa tggaagcaaa aacaccccag      1200
     caaggactgg ctgctcagac accttaatga gtctgcctag tgttgcttgt atgcatctga      1260
     tagagtcaca gggaccagat cactccagtg cccaccctcc cctatcagag ggcatgggta      1320
     caggtgagga gtcatggctg gagtggcagg tgctgggctg gccacagcac agtgcccctg      1380
     gaatagccac agcacagtgg cttcttgttg ctgatcagga ggcaaacagg tccctttcct      1440
     tagtccaagg ccgagatcac tcttacactt tgtatccacc cttgcctact ggaatctcct      1500
     tctgggtctg ctctcctgtg ttagcagcag ccagtattgc ccagaggaac tgacagtcta      1560
     gctgccggtt cagattcttc ttttttggac cttcacagac actgtaggct gagatttgaa      1620
     aaacgccctg cttgttgatc cctagaaaca gtaatgtcct cgaggcccat cactgagagc      1680
     acaagcctgg gtagcactgc atacaggttt ttaggcagta aggtcaccct ctccacacac      1740
     atacactctg catactccgc tttccaagca ggagcctctc tgaccacctg ggcaattcct      1800
     tctcctctac tcctaggaac tacatctttg cctcacagat aagctgtctt tatggaaacg      1860
     taggaaaaca cttaagaaac aagctggagg gccggagaga tggctcgggt taagaacact      1920
     gactgctctt ccaaaggtcc tgagttcaat ttccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca      1980
     tctgtaatga gatctggtgt cttattctgg tctgcaggta tatgtgcaag cagaacactg      2040
     tatacataat aagtaaatct tttttaaaaa tggtagaatc tactcaggct ttcatacaca      2100
     cacacacact cacacacaca ctcactcaca cacacacaga ctcacactca cacactcaca      2160
     ctcactcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatgca      2220
     agcttgtatt ctccaaatag ggctgagaag gggtcctgaa tgtcccctct gttcagagat      2280
     aaccaaaaga gtatacataa aggtaggatc ctagccggga gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa      2340
     tcccagcact caggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcaaggccag cctggtctac      2400
     aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc caggactata cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaacaaaaaa      2460
     gcaaaaaaca aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa aggtaggatc ctaggattga gagatcttaa      2520
     ttttttttaa ttataattac atcattattc cccttgcctc cctccctcca acccctccca      2580
     tgagtctccc cctcacattc atgggctatt ttgctttatt ttctattttt gggttttttg      2640
     gggggatttt ttgttgtctt tttttttttt ttttttcgag acagggtgca ccaccacacc      2700
     tggctttgct ttattttcta gcagtcaccc acacactata gaaatacgat gaatctgccg      2760
     aatctgttta ccattgcttg tctatatgat tccaggtctg accgcttagg gggctcatcc      2820
     caaggaagac taactctctt gctctcagca ttcctcagct gcctgtaatg cttggtcagg      2880
     aaggggaaag gggcataaca tgtctatcga tgtcctcgtt cagggcttgt ttaggcagcg      2940
     ctattgttga catgtcacag tataagcttc tttgtcactt ctaggagaca cagtctcaca      3000
     gcaggtttcc tggtcccctg actcttacac tcttcccacc ctttccttct gcagtgatcg      3060
     ctgaacctta cacccgggac ctgtgctgta gatgtatcca ctggggacgg gcagcacagg      3120
     atcgggtgtt ctctgtgttt tgaccacttg tggtgttctg tatgaccttt atgtgttaca      3180
     aagagaagct tctctgatga gggctgagac ctccacttac ccgtgggtat aaggatatgt      3240
     atccagaatg cagttaagag ctgggtgtgt tgccacatcg ctttaatacc agcattaagg      3300
     acacagaggc agggagatct ctgagtctgg ggccagcctg gtaagttcca ggacatccag      3360
     gactacacag agaaacactt tcttcaacaa aacaaaacaa agagacaaac aaaacaatgt      3420
     agttcagaga gtgttggttt agtaaaagtg cagtatccgg ttctcctcta agatccacag      3480
     tcccggtgag ttgtctaggt ttcccgtacg aggcatgatt tcccccctgt tgagcaggct      3540
     tacatccaat tagacagctg ttggttactg ccaagaatga ggacccccac tgcaccctag      3600
     ggatatctag ccatgctggt cattgctctg gttcagagca gggagagctt tgtagaacca      3660
     ttggttgcat gcctccctcg gcactttgca tagcaccttt ctgtacaatg aaggccagtc      3720
     gtcagtgagg aagccttcag gtcagatcca gcatgagtcc tttgagtccc atgtccaaag      3780
     cgcaaggtgt ctccatcact aaggacttcc cttaactctc tggtaggcag aggagcagaa      3840
     aagtaagagc tcatgttgtt tttggagtct ctcagattcc cttggccagc ggctcacaag      3900
     gggacttctc ctgcctgcta ctgggtgtgt tttagacagt tgtcctggtt agggtcctat      3960
     tactgtgtta aaacctcatg accagaagtg acttggggtc ggggaagcat ttatttcctc      4020
     ttacagctgt aagttagaga agacccggag aagtcagggc agaaacataa ggcaggacca      4080
     tagaggcaga aattgctgta cgggtcgtgg ggaagtactg cttcctctct tgttcttatg      4140
     gcttatttac ccaatttaca aaataagatt aactgatgtt cctaacacac cctggaggag      4200
     tggtaagcac tacattcacc caaagtcacc aagattcaga actcatctac agatctattt      4260
     caatgtcgac agcgcaaact tcaacttaga tactcacata gaatcaacct tgcagaagag      4320
     ggggttggag aagagactca gcaggaagag catgtaataa tgttgcagag agcctgggtt      4380
     cagttctcag aactgaacat caaatgccag tcaccaccta tgatggcagc ttcaaggagg      4440
     ttgactgggg gctggggaga cagctcagtg gtcaagagca ctgtctgctt ttccagacac      4500
     ccagagttca attcccagca accacagggt agctcacaaa catctgtaat ggggtctgat      4560
     gcactcttct actgtgtgtc tgaagacagc tgcagtttac tcaaatggat aaaaaagaaa      4620
     ataaactgat cttataaaaa aggagattga tcatttccat gccctcttct gtactccaca      4680
     ggcgccagca tttgcacacg cacagatcaa cacttaaact gaggatagtt cttacagtta      4740
     tctctgctga cctggaacta gccatgtaga taaggctgac ctgaaattct ttctatatat      4800
     aattttactt ttttatttgt atggatgttt tgcatgtcta taatctgtgc aggcagtgtc      4860
     cttgcagtct agaggttgat gctgcagaca tacagccata tctgtacata agtttagaag      4920
     cttggtaacc ttggattagt gtgttagatt cccctcgagc tggagatgac atggttgtta      4980
     gcggtcacgt gggtgctgga aatcaaaccc aagtcctgtg ggaaagcagc caatgatcct      5040
     aggatcagaa ccatatctgc agccctggct atcacacatt aaaacaaaac aaaaccctag      5100
     tctttaaacc cagtatgacg gagacagggg ctggtggatc tctgtgaggt caagaccacc      5160
     atactctaca tcataagtac taggacaatg agggctcttg ctgagtcctt gcctcaaaat      5220
     taaaattaaa gaaagaaaga agtaaggctg gagtgatggg ttaccaagta ggagctcact      5280
     ctgcttttac acagaatcca aggcaaattc tcagccccgc attaggcagc tctgtactga      5340
     ttgaaaacca gttgtaggga aattaatgcc tccggcttcc actgacagtt cacacaggca      5400
     catacaatat aaacctattt tgacagagat ctctctctct ctggactaca gagaaagttc      5460
     caggccagtg agatcctgtc tttaaagaca aacatgaaca gtgagtatat atttgtgtac      5520
     tgcatccttg actaacccag caatgcttgc tgcctgtgca gacttgggct ggcgaaagac      5580
     ggcttgcgta gctgcagtct gagtgcaagt gcagctaagc agcaggctgc tgtaagatgc      5640
     agctggtcag aagggagtct gagttctggt ctcggcacag aagcttccct cctgagattt      5700
     ccctctgctt ccctggctct tagcagcatc cagaaatact cttgccctgg attcttgttg      5760
     ttgttggtgg tggttggttg gttgttgaat tttttagagg ctttgtaggt ttctttttct      5820
     ttttcttgga tattttcttt atttacattt caaatgaagt ttccctccct cccggaaaca      5880
     ccctatcaca tccccccccc catcttctat gacagtgttc ctccacccac ccacccactc      5940
     tcacctcatc atcgatgatt ccgctacact ggggcatctt tgagccttca taggaccaat      6000
     aacctctcct cccactgatg catgagaagg ccatcctcta caccctgaga gttatggagg      6060
     tgggggtggt tggtttatat tattggtctt tgtcttagtc agggtttcta ttcctgcaca      6120
     aacatcatgc ttaagaagca agttggggag gaaagggttt atttggctta cactttcata      6180
     ctgcagttca tcaccaaaga agtcaggact ggaactcaag caggtcagga agcaggagct      6240
     gatgcagaag acatggaggg atattcttac tggcttgctt cccctacttg ctcagcctgc      6300
     tctcttatgg aacccaagac tacagcccag agatggtccc acccacaagg ggcctttccc      6360
     ccttgatcac taattgagaa aatgtcttac agttggatct catggaggca tttcctcaac      6420
     tgaagctcct ttctctgtga taactccagc tgtgtcaagt tgacacaaaa ctagccagta      6480
     cagtcttcct atggtattgt tggtccttca cctaatatga gagaacctcc tgtggtgtgt      6540
     acagccactg acctatgttt ctttccttat agttcctgag ccaagcatgc cagtaagcat      6600
     gaccaagtta caaccggatt tatccacccc tgaggttcac acctccacag acaagctgct      6660
     gtgaagacaa tgctaactgt gaggattgtg tgtctggcag cagtcccaag atggtgccca      6720
     ggactgcagc caagtctcat gacttgcacc tgacttcctc atacaccctg attaagcagc      6780
     gtccactggt tgaactacac agatgtatca tgatgcaaga tcggaccata tgacaaatga      6840
     tgattctggc caatggactg ctgttacgtg gactgggctg atggggcatg gtagaggagt      6900
     tatataaggg attgcaattg ggggcaagag agatgcctgc agagagattt tcctgcatgc      6960
     atgttgaaag gttcctgaat aaactgcttt gagaagaatg ctgtgtcatt tgctcttttc      7020
     ttgtggtcgg aatcggaggc gacaaatggt ggcctgtacg gggacattca gaactcatca      7080
     cagtcagggc agctagctgg taagttccca ggtaagtggg actagttaag ttctcggatg      7140
     atatgataag gctcccggtt ttgggacaag gtgcacaaag caccatggga aattcaaccc      7200
     caggtcaaac agtgtgccaa gtcctcaagg acttgctgaa agtgaaagga atcgggctga      7260
     aaaaggagag cctggagaac tttttaaagc agcggatcag gttgctcctt ggttctccat      7320
     atcaggacat cttacagggc tcagttggga gaagttaggg aaggacttga agtttgtaga      7380
     agaacaggaa gttctcgcta aaggggtgct gccagtgtgg aagctagtgt ggaattgtat      7440
     cgaggataac gaaagatgtg gagcggaact taaaaagggc aatgaggcac tgaatcaggt      7500
     gagagaggaa cgatgactaa agtcagagac agaaggaagt tctagtgatg ggtatatgtc      7560
     tgaggatgat ctggagagca tagccgacag tctagagaaa gtgaaaatga aggtagaacc      7620
     ttcggtgcca gggccaccac ggccgcctcc gtatgtccct gaaggagcat cggggcgtag      7680
     tctgcatcca gaaacctgga gggaactgcg accccagtgc tttcctgtat ttcaggatgc      7740
     acagggaggt cattatcacg agccgcttga ttggaagatt gttcaaagat tagcggaagg      7800
     ggtttgtact tacggtgtca gcgctgcttt tgtaagagcg caattagaga acctgcaccg      7860
     ctactgcatg actccaagcg attggcagaa tctggcttgt ggctgcttgt caccagccaa      7920
     tatctagact ggaaggcatt tttcattgag tttgctgctg agcaagcagc gatcaatgct      7980
     ggcaatggcc agtcagcctg ggatcaagac atgctgctgg gacaagggag atttgtagca      8040
     gctcaagcta attatcccat ccaagtgtat gagcaaatta ataacatggg gactaacgca      8100
     tggggatctc ttccgaatat aggagaggtg agtgggaacc tgaccaagat tgttcagggg      8160
     cccacagagc cctttgctga ctttgtggct catcttgtag aggcaggagg ccgtgttttt      8220
     ggagaccctg atgctgccat gcctctactg tagcagctga tttttgaaca gtgcaccaaa      8280
     gaatgcaggc aagcaataaa tccatgtaag cataaaggat tagaggtctg gatgaaaata      8340
     tgcagagaaa taggaggacc tctttctaat tctggtctgg ctgccactgt catacagatg      8400
     tcacaaggaa aaggtagcca gaagaataat aactgtttta aatgtggaca gccaggccac      8460
     atgaaacgtc aatgcccaca attgagtggt gccagaaacc agtgaccaaa agtgcccggg      8520
     ttatgcaaaa aaggaaatca ttgggtcagt gagtgtaggt cagttaaaga tattcatgga      8580
     cagcctcttg ctcccggata tggtggtgcc ctgccaaaaa aacttgaaag ggggcccccg      8640
     accccagggc tctcaaatat atggggcagt agccagggat gacccaattt gaggccaccg      8700
     atgcaataaa gtcaccccag agagcaacaa caggaagtgc aggactcgac ctctgttcca      8760
     ccacccgact catattaaca ccccgcatgg gagtccagct ggtggacaca gactttaaag      8820
     gcccactgcc agctggatac ggtgggactg atttggggaa ggagctctgt taccatgcaa      8880
     ggattaatag ttcatccagg agtaattgat tcagatttta caggaaaggt taagattatg      8940
     gtatcttccc ctagaggcat ggttgccatt tcccctggtg atagaatagc tcaatttctc      9000
     cttttgccca gctgtcactc tcaatttcca gccaaagatt cagaacgggg agacaaggta      9060
     tttggctcta ctggtacctc caatatattt tgctctctaa atgttgatac ccgaccccta      9120
     ctgaagctca ggattgaagg aaaagctata tctggtctcc tagatactgg tgctgatggt      9180
     agtatcatca gtaccagaga ttggccctct ggttggccta agcaacagtc agaacaaact      9240
     ctgagaggac tcgggtacgc tcagatgccc gaaatgagtt cctgcttcct atattggaag      9300
     gacaaggaag ggcattctga acagtttcag ccatatgtgt tggctgtttc agtctctctg      9360
     tggggccgtg atttgataac tcagatgggc tttgttctga ctaatgtagg agaatatggc      9420
     agcaaggccc gtgacatgat gctggacatg ggatatattc ccaaaaatgg gttagggcaa      9480
     tttctgcaag gtagaacctc tccagtgctg gttcgaaaaa agaatgatca gaccggactg      9540
     ggtttttcct aggggccact gagggagcat tacctattac atggaagact ggggatccag      9600
     tatgggttcc tcagtggcca ctcccctcag aaaaattaaa agccacgaaa gagctggtac      9660
     aagaacaact ggagttggga cacattcggc ctctacatct ccctggaata atccaatatt      9720
     tgttataaag aataaatcag gaaaatggag acttttgcat gatttgagag aaataaataa      9780
     gcaaatgatc ttgatggggc ctgtacagag tggactgcaa ttgccttcgg ccttgccccg      9840
     aaattggccc tttatagttt tagatattaa agattgtttt ttctctatcc cgttgcatcc      9900
     aaatgataag gtaagatttg cctctactgt cccctcccaa aatcatgctg aacctgataa      9960
     aagatttgag tggacagttc tgccacaagg gatggcgaac agtcccacta tgtgtcaact     10020
     ctatgttgat gcagctctga aaagagttca agagcaattt ccaaacgtga agtgttatca     10080
     ctatatggat gatatacttc ttgccactcc cagggatgcc ttgcttgatg aagcttatag     10140
     ctttgcggta acagagttga aggaacagaa tttagtagca gccccagaaa aggtgcaaaa     10200
     ggatgttgta gtgaattatt taggaacaaa aattatggca aaatatgtgt cccctcaaaa     10260
     gattcagttt cgcacagatg gattatgcac cctgaatgat tttcaaaagt tattgggaga     10320
     tattcaatgg gtccgatcct atctctcttt gaccaataaa caactacagc tattatatga     10380
     tatcttacca ggcaatacag atttaaattc tcccagatat cttactgatg ctgccaggaa     10440
     ggctttgttg ttggtagaac agcatattca gagtgctgcc ctgaaacgcc gagatgagtc     10500
     caaagagttt atcttgtgtg tactgcaaac agagtcgcag cccactgggg ttttatggca     10560
     gggagctccc ctgttatgga cacacccaaa aatctcccca gccaagacac ttgtttatta     10620
     tcctgcctca gtagctcagc tggctctgat tggtatacag caaagcatgc agttttttgg     10680
     agttgcacct gaaagtctaa tagtaccgta taatgctaag caaattgaag tgttaacagc     10740
     cacggaggat aattgggcta ttttgaggtg tagctttcaa gaccttatag ataatcatta     10800
     ccccaaggat ccaatataac agttggttaa agtacatcca gtaatctttc ctcgtatgct     10860
     cctcttgttt ttacagatgg ttctaaaaga ggacaaggag cctatttaat aacagaacca     10920
     tccccagtta ccattcagtt tccccctgca tctccacaag tcattgaatt gcaaattgtg     10980
     attaaaatat ttgaattaat cccagctccc tttaatttga tttctgatag ccagtatgtt     11040
     gtaaatatgc tgcagtgttt ggagatagta ggcaaaataa atttgagatc taccatggag     11100
     aattagttat taagttgcaa agaattattt tgaatcggca ttcacccttt tttattcaac     11160
     atattcgtgc tcatactgga ttgccctttg cagaagggaa taatatagtt gataaagcgt     11220
     ccagaaaatg catagccttt ttaatggcct catctactga tttggcacgt gattttcatg     11280
     cacaatttca tattaattca aagactttgt cttcacgatt taaaatttct cgagcagagg     11340
     cgagagagat cgtgaaggcg tgcaaaacct gtgtcccttt attgtctcag tcagtaaggg     11400
     ggttaaccct tggggattgc gccccctaca tttgtggcaa atggatgtta cccattttct     11460
     tgagtttgga aagttaaaat atattcatgt ttccatagat acagcctctg gcattatttt     11520
     tgcctcctta cagacaggcg agaaggcacg ccaggtcttt gcacattgtt ttgaggcttg     11580
     gggtgcctgg ggacagccta aagaactaaa gactgataat ggaccagcct atacttcagc     11640
     ctcttttgtt tccttttgca agatgatggg cgtccgtctg gtgcatgggt tgccatacaa     11700
     ccctcagggc caaggcatta ttgaacgagc ccatcgtact ttaaaagaat gtttaattaa     11760
     acaaaacggg ggaattaccc ctgctgggtc cacaccaaga gagagattag ccattgcctt     11820
     agttactttg aattttttga atgaagataa acaagggcat gttgcagctg agcttcacgt     11880
     taatcctgat atttctccaa aaggcatggt catgtggaag gatgtcttaa ctgattgttg     11940
     gaagggccct gactcagtgt tggtttgggc gagagggtct gtttgtgtgt ttccccagga     12000
     tcaccgacaa cagctgtggg tcctagaacg gctgaccagg gcaattcaaa acaagcagaa     12060
     cgacgaggat gtggatattc ctgtggctgg gaatgctcct gctagtgaga actaaagagc     12120
     tacgttgggg aattatgtct gtgttcctga aacccatgcc gttgacgcat tcggtgcaag     12180
     tgtttcctcg gttctttaca tttaatggtt cgctacaatt tcctttttta ccatggggtg     12240
     gagagatagc tccagtgcag ggatctatgc agcttcagct aaagggattg ttgtgttttc     12300
     agatgattcg aaatatttca cagatgagtg attgtgttca gctgtataat cagaccacag     12360
     catggtttga tatgccagtt aatagttcta ctaaagctaa tgctacctgg attcgagggg     12420
     tgtggcctgc cagtatatcc aagggcaatg gcactatacc ctcccaacct agatgggccc     12480
     ccttttgtag gggtgtttgt gattcccttc caccttggac cggctgtcaa actagaaaag     12540
     tagcttggac agtgaagaat tatttttcct tttcctctta tataggtaca gtccataata     12600
     gttccttttc agggtataat tggacatatc aaaatccagc tcaagtagga gctagtaatc     12660
     cttttaatgt atggttgtta tgtggggtaa atggtagttg cactgatctt tcttccttaa     12720
     gcatggtggc aggaggggcc tggggcaatg caagttttta ttggaatggt tctagtgtgt     12780
     ttgagccttc tgtatttcaa tttgctggag ggaggaatgt ttcttttcag gctatgcttg     12840
     tttgtatgtg gtctcctttt gtgtttattg tttataatgg tagttatgag gatagtataa     12900
     ttaattgtag tagtaataat tgcttttata ttatgtgctg gaatgcatct ttgcatcatt     12960
     tagctgttgt tactaggatg ccttgttttg taccctggcc tgttcaggct ccttctgtta     13020
     tgactttgtt tagacctaag agggattttt tacattattg cagccattgt cactgctata     13080
     gcagtttcca tcaccacagc cacggctgtg gcgatatccc ttattgagac aatccatcgt     13140
     ccatattggt tccacttgtg tcgatgtgtc catggctgaa ggattggcca gctggatcgc     13200
     cacagcagtc tcccacctga aagagtgggc tggaattggt ggactagaca tgtgcccaat     13260
     tctcatcagc atcttggcct tctggtgcat ctgccccatg cagagtcgtc agctcagaac     13320
     ccaagccttg ataatacagg cttttgcggc agtggaaaca ggaaaatctc ctcaagtgtg     13380
     gcttggcatg ctaaagaagt aatcaatgac gggtaggact ccctgggtgt gtcaccaacc     13440
     gaagacaggg atcaaaccaa cgctgtttgt ctcctgatga cgggtaaggg gcattaccgc     13500
     agggggcaac ctaagacagg cattctctct gccaataaga agggggagat gtgaggagca     13560
     ggtgtggcag cagtcccaag atggcaccca ggaggactgc agccaagtct catgacttgc     13620
     acctgaaatg ctcatacacc ctgatacagc cactgggtga actgtgcagg tgcaccatga     13680
     tgcaagatct gaccatatga cgaatgatga ttctggacaa tagactgctg ttaagtggac     13740
     tgggctgatg gggcgtggta gagggattat ataagggatt gcaattgggg gcgagagaga     13800
     tgcctgcaga gagattttcc tgcatgcatg ttgaaagatt cctgaataaa ctgctttgag     13860
     aggaacactg tgtcgttgct cttttcttgt ggttggaatc ggaggcaaca gctaacctcc     13920
     aggtaccata catctcagac ttgtaacaca gccttcattc tcttggctca tggccatggc     13980
     ctatgtcaag ttggacacct gcacctctta gtatgagcaa cataattgac agcaaagagt     14040
     gaatttcttc tacaagctct ctgagcctta aaagaaaaaa actgtcaagt ggaagaaacc     14100
     aacaaaagaa caaaggtgca tgaacagctc atggcttcat ctacacatct atacagtgaa     14160
     tgggcaaatc tatggggaca gcaagcagcc tcctggttca gaggttcttt gggcaggggt     14220
     tggatggtta tgtctagtgg gctagaggtt ctatttcagt gagtaaacct tctggaaatg     14280
     gatattagtg aagactacac aaggtagtgg aagaatgtga tgtcactgac catcaaagat     14340
     ggctaaaatg cagagctttg tgccacaaac ctcctgttcc agaacataga agctctagca     14400
     tagtcacacg tacactcaca aataattaag agcagaatcc tcaatgtact gataacaact     14460
     caccgagatt ttatcattgc tgtcatcatt gaaatatata ataggcactc ataaggtcac     14520
     tgtcccctaa ggaatttgcc caatgatcca ggcagataat atttctcatc cacttaattc     14580
     tcaaagctct gagaagaatg tatttttgaa acagagttag aatttattta agaattattt     14640
     atttctttta agtacgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag atactccaga agagggcatc     14700
     aggaaccaac agagatggtt ggttgtgagc caccatgtga ttcctgtaat tgaacggaag     14760
     acctctggaa gagcagtcag tcctcttaac cacgagccac ctctccagcc cctggagttg     14820
     gaatgtatta aaggggattt ttgtctgcag tggtttaagc agagtctgcc tgctggcctg     14880
     gaattcgata tgtaggctgg gatggtcatg aactcacaga catccttttt gcatctgtca     14940
     cctcagcgac aggatcaccc tgtacctgtg ccacaaggca cagattaaaa ggggctttga     15000
     atgtagattt atatctcttt catttgattt tacacatgtg ggtgtttggg ttgcatgaat     15060
     atctatgaat cttgtatgac tttggaagac aaagaaggca tggatccaac tgacctgaag     15120
     ttacagaaaa ctgtgagcat gcaagtgggt actgggtagt ctaagccatt aagtccctgt     15180
     agacgtcttt cattacaaca gactcacctt cattagtttt caattatgag tatacatgtt     15240
     tctaattata cctggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgtgt gtatgggtgt gggggggtgt     15300
     gtctgtgtct gtgtctgtgt ctgtgtgtgt tttcacgaag gacacaagtg ggtgtcaaat     15360
     ccccagtgct gaagctgctg ttacaagtag ttctgatcca cctcacttga gtgcagggaa     15420
     ccaaactcag gccctcagga agtgtagcaa gcatccttca gtgcggagcc atctctttgg     15480
     ccagatcctt tttctttctc tgttggaaaa catttcacac ccttttatgt tatcaatggg     15540
     aagagtctct ctgtcatatc tctctaccca gaaaaggcag aagtaaacgt tattaatgag     15600
     cccaacgtct tcactaagtg taaacaaaga tgagtctgaa gggaaggagg gttgaaggaa     15660
     gagagaacca gagaaaggga ggatggaggg tggtggacag gagaggagga cggtaaagag     15720
     tgcaggagga atagggagaa gaaagaagag tgaggaggga aaggagaggg tgagaaggag     15780
     aggaatttgg ctgctctatg actcaagatc cttaagacta agactccgta taagaatctc     15840
     aaagaggaga caaaaacagt atacagaggg gagccccccc ccagaaactc cacccccaag     15900
     gagcgcccac aaagactacc ccatccaggg ccaaccattc ctctaagttt ccagcagtat     15960
     atccttcttg atctcagagc ctgcagttgg gggttgcaaa gacctcaggc agagaataag     16020
     gtgtgaggtg gaacagttgt gccaaacgct gagcctctgt aaccccagac aatgacacca     16080
     cctttcttac cagacacctg tctctctcag aggaacagga atagaagaga ggatgaaaca     16140
     ttagaaccta aggctggggt cagtcaacaa ggtgatgtca gctcaccatg gacactaccc     16200
     tgcagtgtaa gctggaagta gccaaggatg gtggtcaagc tgagcgttga tcctctcaca     16260
     catgcccacc ctacctagag ataaattgcc cagtaccgtg tgcatccagc aatctggttc     16320
     tgaaacactc taataatgag cccactaggg ctcttactaa tgaaggtaag tcctgatcag     16380
     gacgaacagt gcccatgtta gcacagaagc cctggagagg caagggaacc tttctgccct     16440
     gcccagtctg cagagggcaa agctgccctt ccctcatgca gcctctgcct ctgaactcta     16500
     ttcttcctga agacactcca cagtttagcc tcctacaaga ccgactccct tacctaaggc     16560
     atgactccct ctccggccag ggagcagccc aaggcaagag gtgccatata cattcaacaa     16620
     ctcggcaggc cacctagata acatttggac tgtcatgtca gcccagagtt tcctcctgtc     16680
     gaggctctgc atgaggactc catcaaccct gaggtgactg ctggctgtgc aggggtgtga     16740
     cctgggatct gaggtattgt tggtccttca cctaatatga gagaacctcc tgtggtgtgt     16800
     acagccactg acctttggtt cctttcccca tagttcctga gccaagcatg ccagtaagca     16860
     tgaccaagtt acaaccagat ttatccaccc ctgaggttca cacctccaca gacaagcttt     16920
     ttgctgctgt gaagacaatg ctaaccctcc aggtaccata aacctcagac ttgtaataca     16980
     gccctcattc tcttggctca tggccatgcc ctatgtctgg ttagacacct gcacctctta     17040
     gtatgagtaa cgtgtacgta tacctgattt gtctgtgtcc ttgacatgcc aacagagtct     17100
     agtcaaagta tcttgtccca gggacctttc tgaagctgca gttcggggag aagagcatac     17160
     aacatagatc ccagcaggac aactgtccac acataagagg aagaaaagat atgagtggag     17220
     ggggagtgaa agagaaaaaa aaatagagag aatgaaagga tagccttttt tattccccag     17280
     acacattttt ttttttaatc tcagttcttt atgttatctc tttctcttac tgtctattca     17340
     tttttgcagt gctggggact gaagcaagaa ccttcctcat gcaaagtaaa cattccgcta     17400
     ttcacttaca tcccagcttc tgtggaattc tttgcttctg ttataaacct gtgggtctct     17460
     cattacagag gctgacctta aactcctagc ctcaagcaat cctcctgcct tactctgcca     17520
     ggacctcaag ctccccatat gtgtcaccaa aaccagctca gagccatttc cttattgatc     17580
     catggtagct cttggcagct aatgtgcaag tctgaaggag gagtctggcg ccctgctcct     17640
     gcagttccct ggacccagaa ggctgagcta ggagattcca ggccagcctg gaaactagag     17700
     caagacctgc tcacactaga ggaggacaag gagaaagagg gaaaagacaa gaaagcagga     17760
     gccagggagg aaagagtgga caaagaggaa gagaagggag aaagcacagg gagagagatc     17820
     ctctgtgagt ttctagcgtc ttattcttct ttttctcaga accagggtga agcctaggtc     17880
     tcaggcttgt aagtagggtg taggttatga aggagagtgt aaaaatgggt attgtttagt     17940
     ttggtctgag cgacttcttt ttctgcccaa gacagggaga tcctaacttc ttccccaact     18000
     ccacttgatg gagacatgaa aagaacatga ggcacacagg caagtgatga ggattccctg     18060
     cacccagagg cagatcccca accccagacc tcttgagggc aggcagagca caggccaatg     18120
     aggactgccc aaagggcgtg tcccaagagc tgtaggcata taagtgctgc ttatttcagg     18180
     tccagcaaat ttctgattct gatggactca agaagaaacc atggtgatct ctcaggaaga     18240
     caaagccaac ctcaggacta tctgggacaa gattgctggt cattctgact atggcgcaga     18300
     agccatagga cggtgagatc aggaccctgt tctgtataga tcacaggatc ctcaacagac     18360
     ctgggactca gtgggcagct cctgatttcc tgtgacctca acttctcttt ttcacaggtt     18420
     gtttgagagc ttccccacca ccaagaccta cttccctcac tttgatgtaa gccagcgctc     18480
     cccccaggtc caggctcacg gcaagaaggt aatggatgtg ctgactgatg ctgtaaacca     18540
     tgtcaatgac ctgcccgatg ccctgtccac tctgagtgac ctgcatgccc acaagctgtg     18600
     tgtagatccc gccaacttca aggtattagc tagcaccttg caggaggcat ctgggacccc     18660
     tatggagggc ttgtgatcct cgtgcctaca gcagggaaca cagtgcttcc aggaagggga     18720
     gcagaggccc caggtgtcta ctatgcactg acccttcctg tctccacagc tcctgagcca     18780
     ctgcctactg gtgaccttgg ctatccacca ctctgctgat ttcacccctg cggtgcatgc     18840
     ctttctggac aaattccttg cctctgtgag caccatgctg agctaccgcc tgctagccct     18900
     accttctggc caggccctct tccctccctt gcatctgtac ctcttagcct ttgaatacag     18960
     cctgggtaag aagcctgtgt tctctgcctc tgcaaaggtg tcatgtttag tgtggggaca     19020
     cctctaggct ctaagcagtg actctcaatt ttcctaatcc tgctaccttt taatgtggtt     19080
     gtagtgacac ccaatcatgt ttattttgtt gcctcttcat aactattatt agcaactgca     19140
     aatacctgat atgcaggata ctttaagacc ccaaatgagt cacaacatgc tggctgaaga     19200
     ccatttttgt acgccctaca ttctaggggg atacattcct tgcctgggtc cctatgctga     19260
     ggaaggccaa gcaggaaagg aaaggaggaa agagaaggcc aactggtcct tttcctgagg     19320
     tttctggaca accattggcc ctacagtgcc tcgtttggtt cactcctacc cttggtatta     19380
     tatcagcctt caacatgaac ttactggaat accattttct ctccccactg ctacctttca     19440
     tttcattcag aggtggaagg ctaaccaaat gcttccttag atgtaaatcc accctgcaca     19500
     gcaggccctg gtttatcagg tttagcacca atatatacac agctttcata taaatcctcg     19560
     ggtttgtagg ccatacagtg agtttagggc tatacagtga tattctgtct caaaagacag     19620
     agacaaaaac aaaccttgga ggtaatgaat ccagccaaga actacatcag ggttcttagt     19680
     attctgggca gtaacatcag agtctctttt ccctgggccc acgagtgaca aaacacctga     19740
     caagagcaac tgagggaagg tttatttggc tcacagtata agggtacagt ccttgtggtg     19800
     ggaagtcatg gttgcaggaa cttaaggcag ctggtcacat tgcatctgca gtcaggaagt     19860
     tgagagatgg ctggtgctca gctcttgccc tccttttttc ttcattctag gataccagca     19920
     cataggatgg tgccgcccac atccttggtg ggtctctcac tgaattccct ggaaacacct     19980
     gcactgacat acgcaggggt gtgttctcat ggcgtttcta agcccatcga gtttagcaag     20040
     ttaaccatca cagtgagaaa tacgtagctt acactcagaa tggagtattt cttactcata     20100
     aaagtaatga gattacatca cacagccaag ttttgtagaa accttgagtg gaagaagcca     20160
     acacaccaaa ggccacccag tgcatgagtc catttttgtg aaatatccaa atgagcaaac     20220
     tatagagaga aaacgggttc ctggttgcca gggggctcag gagaagctag tcagtttcaa     20280
     ctggtgggct gaagtttctg tctggatcga acatcctgca actttgtatc agtgatcact     20340
     tcacaacact ggacacataa atgtcactga cttataccca tcagaagtgg ctataatggg     20400
     agtttgttat aagaagcttt gttgcatttt gctatcactg gaatacatca cagtattcta     20460
     taaatatcac tgttctgaaa aaaacatgtg ctagaagtca cacacctaac aacagtatct     20520
     tgagaattac tttcatttta gcagtaaatt taaatttaga cccaaggaag tgtgttaaga     20580
     actgagtagg cagaagacac tgacaaagta cacactaaaa ttcagtgtat tctaatagtg     20640
     catgccaggt ataaaatgtg aggctttaga gtccaggtaa gcttaaagct gccaggccac     20700
     agctaccttt ggaaacaaac agagctcaca cattctagga ccagactgca gagtaaagtc     20760
     aaacgcagac aactgatcct gctgttggga cccccatcag gataaccaag ttttcccaga     20820
     gcttcctgaa gcaattgtca gcttgttaac cttcacctgg cccactctgg atacttctgg     20880
     ctcaccatac aggccttgac agacagtgac attcctaagc cacacgactc aggtactgac     20940
     ttccaagtac tgctgaactg gggatgggtc ctccaagagg cgcaacctgc atctgccctc     21000
     attatctgga tattaagtgg ctattctttc aatacaatgg gccaagttcc aagagtcaca     21060
     gatccaaggg aagacccagc cttttacctg ttacaatgac catgggacat tgggaaattc     21120
     aagaggcctc caacactcag tgcactccaa cctcttcact cagtgcactg ggcaacacca     21180
     aaagcctaga aagaacaaga gggcccagga agggtgtatc tactctctct gagctggata     21240
     cccacctcct gtgctctggg cccatgggtg actggttact gggtttttga aaactactgg     21300
     ctctcccaat tcttccttgg aggcttgctc ttcgtaatca gtacctgtgt cagacctcgg     21360
     gttacagatg gaagacccta tgattttttt tcctttttgg ttttttcgag acagggtttc     21420
     tctgtgtagc cttggctatc ctgggtctct ctctgtagac caggttggcc tggaactcaa     21480
     aaatctgcct gcctctgccc cccaagcgct gggattaaag acatgcgcca ccactgccca     21540
     gggaccctat gatttcttgc ataatgtcca gagctaccaa caacaccaca aacagatctc     21600
     tggttatcat ctatgtccac ctaaattaca ggaaactcca cttaagaaaa gttaacaaaa     21660
     catcaggagg cagagtaagg tagatctctg agtttgaggc cagctggttc tattcagaaa     21720
     accctgtctc aaacaaaaca aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaac aagacaaaaa acaaacaaaa     21780
     aaaaagcatc taggcatgtt gggacacttg ttagtaacag ctacttggga cagaaacaag     21840
     tgtgccttga gtcctgaaat ccaagtctgc ccagacaaga ctgtctttcc agaaaaggtt     21900
     caaaaaccga caaaaaactt ttgccacaac atccttgtaa aactcaccct ccacaagaga     21960
     ctgggaaagc cgaccactca aaaagatgcc atgtaagcag ggggtctgcc tactgtaccc     22020
     agtagttgta gttgtatacc acgtgacccc agggatcatc ctgtgggtac tacaggccat     22080
     ggcacagaaa tgtttccaga atctttactc tgtgataaaa taaagcaaaa cagctgtttc     22140
     tccatacaca catttatatt tagagaggga tccaaaccag acatgctgat gttggatcta     22200
     aggttaggac tgtccagtta aggcccaaaa gagtccaaga aacaaaatgt gcccagcata     22260
     agtggtcaca gctagtcaaa atgtctacct gggaccaaga agcccaggta caaaccttat     22320
     tccaggaagt cagcagagct aaactgagcc ccacctggag gccaagggac tagaggtgaa     22380
     tgaaatctac acacggcacc tgtatatggt acggagcccc agtgcctcca gagatagtcc     22440
     accctacttt cttgcatatg gagacagctg atcaagaaaa gcctgttttc acaataccag     22500
     cagagcaggt acccacatac atcctcctgc agacgggagt tcacagcatc accaggagcc     22560
     acattacaaa atcacaagat cctatgtgta accatcaaat caacagctca agaacagcat     22620
     ctaagttttt acaagcacag catggagaag gggaggcttt ttcatttaac acaaccaact     22680
     aaggttccct ccaaaaacaa actgtaatgc ctccctcccc aagacaagtg aagggaagca     22740
     actcctattc agtgatcctt tctatttggg cttcactttg gtcttaaggc attggtcctt     22800
     gtgagcaaca acaaatgctc agggggtaac agttagcctg tcttgagtat aaacctccca     22860
     gaatacctga cctaagctgt aactctccct caaggacttc ttgattagca ggtcatctat     22920
     gtctttattc cacttaagta acaagatgga actgcagtgt agctgacctg agctaaggtt     22980
     tcaacagata cagctcttcc taggaaaata actgtgtcat atggccacct tctcccatcc     23040
     acagaacctg ctctatggtc tgcactgagc gagtacatga gcagctaaga tgcagcgtga     23100
     accaggaaac gaagccacat acatctggct cagttaagtg tgttgggagt gccaaaaatc     23160
     aaattggtca gacatttggt cagtttccta aggtaatggc agcaccagcc ttttctccac     23220
     aggtgcaggg tcctagtgaa gtgcctctac tctagaggac agcagatacc ccaacacagc     23280
     tgtcaggagg cagccgccag atttatttgt tcctatacaa tgtaacccca aacacagaag     23340
     cagctctgaa caactctaga aactcacagc taggaccaaa caatagaaat tttaactaca     23400
     aaagatgagt tgtatcagca aatataaagg gtaatttagg cggtgccgaa catttgtcag     23460
     actatttaca gcgcctgagc cagattcaga tctcgccagc ctccttctcc tccgacctcc     23520
     gcgatgcagt cttgccattg gaattctcca gcctccagtc agtgggccct cgttcattcc     23580
     gcccgtactc ccaggattcc tctctcaatg agcgctccct ggagaacctg ggaaagtgaa     23640
     ccagaggctc agcagaggct gccatctccc tctggctggc tgttgcacag gaaccagtaa     23700
     ggcagaccct caaccctgga tgagagaagg gcatgccccc accacattca ggcacttttt     23760
     tctttttaag acaaggtttt tccatgtggc cctggctatc ctgaaactcc ttctgtacac     23820
     caggcagacc tcaaactcaa gagattcacc tgttctgcct ccccagtgct gggattaaag     23880
     gaatgtacca ccatcagcac caggccaaga ttgacttcat taggtttctg atgacacagt     23940
     taatctttta aaaaagaaaa tttgaccctt ttagctggtg atggtggcta acacctgtaa     24000
     tcctcacact caggagggtg agacagacag gagtaactaa gtctgcagga gatttggtct     24060
     caaaatatct gataaaaggt aacattagaa aaggtttaat aagggctggt gagatggctc     24120
     agcaggtaag agcacccgac tgctcttctg aaggtctgga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac     24180
     atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaacaagat ctgtctcctt cttctggagt gtctgaagac     24240
     agctacagtg tacttacata taataaataa atattataaa aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     24300
     aaaaggttta ataagggcta gagacataag tgaggatatg atgttcttgt aaagaactga     24360
     gcaaatttcc cagcacccaa gttgggtatc cccaaatcat cagtaactcc agctacagag     24420
     catccaatac tttttttgtc ctccaaacaa tacatgtaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     24480
     cacacacaca cagtaacaca catgacataa tacactaatg taaacatata ataaaagtaa     24540
     ataaaaagca aagaatttta ataaggaaag ttttcagtgt aacagaaaca aaacaatggg     24600
     aatacaacaa agctttgcgc gtgaaatatg acccaggatg taacaacaat ggaagaagtg     24660
     gaatggaaag gcacaggtca agcatgggga gaaacacttg tcatgtcagc acgcaggagg     24720
     atcctgagtt caaatcaact taagttacaa agtgaatgcc tgtctcaaaa caaaaattta     24780
     aaaaaagtcc aagagaagta attaagcaaa acctgatcaa gacaaaaatc tcagctgctt     24840
     tttaccaagt taaagtaggt aaagcccagc aaagcggagc catgtgagag agctcactgc     24900
     cctgccccat cccagccaag tgttgtactg gtgccgctct ctattcctcg gggcaccaac     24960
     actgggtgct agtcacccag aacctgcatc cccacaagcc caaccttgtc cctaccagat     25020
     gtaatggcca aaaggcaagg atgacagatc ttagcagatc ttgggaacac agagacaaag     25080
     ggctcactcc tggttgaagt tactgaggag tcagagtagt tacttgtatt ttgtactccg     25140
     gtccctggaa gcccggcggt gaccccggct gtggctccgg gaacggctgc gatggcgcct     25200
     gtatctatct cgggatctgg aacgggaaaa cttccgccgc tctctggagg tagacctaga     25260
     ccgcctccgt cgacgatccc gggagcgtga cctggaaaac ccagatgatt ttgaaagcta     25320
     agatgtcact gggatcaaac caccctcgtt cctcaactct cagcatctat tggccttcag     25380
     ggttcttggg attccttttt cctcctacaa tgtacaattt ggaagtgaaa gtcccctgaa     25440
     ttaatcggaa ggccgtatct ttcccctgaa tgtttcttga aaacataggt cttggccagg     25500
     taaggtggca tatgccttta atatcagcac ttgggaggca gaaacaggag gatctctaaa     25560
     ttcaaggcca gcctcttcaa taagaattcc aggacagcca agttatacag agaaacccca     25620
     tctcaaaaaa caaaaccaac caccaccaac ccaaaaacaa aaaaggactt ggacattcct     25680
     agttgctctt caacggggtc tcccctcacc ccagcagtgg cagcgtatgt gtgagagcat     25740
     gggagtccac gtggtatctt tctactgtgc taaaccctaa catctatact cttcacaaaa     25800
     cagtcttgtg aggctgtgaa catcagttaa atgtttttac agaaaaaggc actcaacctg     25860
     agagccctgt gatagatctt gaaacctacc ttctgcgatc tcgggttctt gatccagacc     25920
     taaacagaaa gataaataga tgaaaaatgt taatccatct aagagacaaa ggcaaatgga     25980
     tctccgtgaa tctgaagcca gctaaggcaa cttagtgaga tgcttcaaga gtgcatagat     26040
     gagtctggct ctgatctttt ctttgaaatt aatcccaaat atttatcgga gtacttctca     26100
     ggcatctcaa attgaataca gccaaattct tttttttgtt gttttttttt gtttgtttgt     26160
     ttgttttggt tttgtttttg ttttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc tctggctgtc     26220
     ctggagctca ctttgcagac taggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctggat     26280
     taaaggtgtg cgccaccacg cccggctgaa tacagcaaat tctaactcct attcctggtt     26340
     ccaccctccc tgttctaggt aaggaacaac tccagatcag aaaccagaaa ggcaagccgg     26400
     gcgtggtggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga     26460
     gttcaaggcc agcttggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa     26520
     ccctgtcttg aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaccagaaa ggccaggtag     26580
     gcatgataat acatgcttta atcccagcat ggagaagcag agacaatcag atccctgatc     26640
     tacaaggcta gttccacaat agcatgggat atacagaaaa acactgtatc aaaagaccaa     26700
     gaagaaaaga aaccgtgagg ccaacttcat tccttcctaa acagtcacca agtccagtca     26760
     gttctactcc agaccgccta ccccagacct tatcacccac actcttcctg cctcttaact     26820
     cccgttagtg cctcactggt gtggaggctt ttgccaaaca ccttacattt tgcttctcaa     26880
     tgggcaagaa catattccaa ccacatattt tatgggagtc tgtccagtga tcccacataa     26940
     ccaattaaaa agaaaaaaga cagccataca aagcttccac cctcaagtcc aaagctgatg     27000
     atttcccttc aaggcactgc catgagactg ctgcttagct accattagta gatccacttt     27060
     tgccttccct atttgataag ggctccatgg ccagctgtca gaggagctgt ctgggtgagg     27120
     ttaaaagatg gctgggtagc agtgggacag acctttaatc ccagtcctta ggaggcagag     27180
     tcaagtggat ctgagtttga gggcagccag gggtctacag aacaagtccc aggacagctg     27240
     gagctataca gggcaactgt agggggtaga gagggacaca cggacagagg gggtaagagg     27300
     aaaagggaga ggggaccctt gtcagctcct ccttccctag ttccaatcag tcagtgttgc     27360
     acctcaccac agtgaatatg tcataggttt tgcttttaaa ggctacactg gagccaggtg     27420
     tgatggcata taccctaatc tcagcccttg gaaagcaaaa gcaggcacat atctgtaaat     27480
     tctaggccag tccggattac attagtaaga ccctgcttca aaataaataa atgcatgctt     27540
     ttatatgttt caaacactga tggctccaag tcacaaaaca gcaacagcag tttcctaagg     27600
     ctagccccca tgcttacctc ctgcccaggc gctcttctcg ctctctctcc tctcttctcc     27660
     tcaatcgatc ctgatttctt ttttcctgtt tttcagccac agttttctaa ataaatgaaa     27720
     aaatgggaaa ataaggagaa gcaacagctt ttaggaaaca atattctact cagttaaaag     27780
     ctaacagaac acatgaaaaa aaaattaacc atcattttct acatttggtg acaaattaca     27840
     gaaaaggggc tgaacttcta agacacaggg cttaaatcac aatgtttcaa accaagccat     27900
     aaactgttcc tcctacagcc tctccataag ctttgtagta agaaatgtta gttaaagaaa     27960
     cttaactcag accaaaagca atagcaccct gctgttggga gtagagatgt aggtacccag     28020
     aaaacagctc ccttttgatt tggtgtgtgc tatgataata tcagcacaat tcatcaagct     28080
     tgatcctata tgcaacagaa gcaggaggct ctgagaacct ctaccaccaa atcagcatca     28140
     acttaagtta gcttgaatgt gtcaagaacc tctacacaca ccaataatgc tgagggaggg     28200
     aggatgagag gacagtgaga acacaaagga aagaatggga ctgaacagac agttcagcag     28260
     gtaagctgct ctgccatggg acctagaact ttagagccca catgtgagta aaaactggct     28320
     ctaactccta gggatctgtt gccctcttct ggcctccaga ggcactgcaa gaatatggta     28380
     cacaaacata tgcatgcaga caaattactt ctcccacaca taaaatgaaa ctttttcttt     28440
     ttttaaaccc agaaatatgt caggcaattt tgggccacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg     28500
     aggcagaggc aggcgaattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag     28560
     gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttttgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     28620
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaaagcacc agcctctctt ccagaagacc atggttcgat tctcaccacc     28680
     tacatggcag ctcgtaactg tctatacctc cagtttcggg gaatccgata atctcacaca     28740
     gacataagca aaacaccaat gtacataaaa tgaagataaa taagttaaaa taaatcaaaa     28800
     ataaaaaaca aaacccaaat gctacaggtc cttcgagccc ttgtcgcccg aggctactga     28860
     cttgggttca cgcagcagct tctttactta gggattttcc cctacagctc tcttccccat     28920
     cagctgcttc ttctactcct tcttgcagct ttacttacag cagctagctt ctactactgc     28980
     ttctcttaaa acagctgctt ctactcaagg caagggctgt acccaaaact cctctactcg     29040
     tgcctactga cttcatccag ctccacccca cctcatccaa tcagaattca cacacgctcc     29100
     aggcacgagc tcaggtcagt caccgacagg ctgacaggtc gggatctcga ggaacagtcc     29160
     agcctggcag gcagcccacg catacagcct cactgcgcat gctcgggcga ggcagcaacc     29220
     aacttggccc tcgccgccac acctgcttct cgcacccaaa caaacaacaa aacaaaaaga     29280
     aacaaacaac acagaaacat gtccaaatcc aacttaaaga atacagataa ctttttaaaa     29340
     ttaaagctaa aagtaaccag actcccagga gctctgcaga aacaaaatat attaacatta     29400
     ccctcaactg atcaagcttc tcccggatct gaatgaaccc caggtgtaac ttgcccccga     29460
     agtggtctgc aagccgacgg tcattgtcat ggagaccaag gtaagctgaa caaacctcgc     29520
     aaacacggag tttttgctgt tgaaaactgg atgcaggcat ggaatttcta tattcttcct     29580
     atgggggaaa acataaagat gaggcatttc agaactgtca cactgcaaag gtcgtccaag     29640
     tggcaaaacc tgaaacatag gcgacgtttt actacatact gaaactgggt tgttcagctt     29700
     taggttatgt tggaaacttc aatttcactt ttttttttta actaacatta aaggcaggta     29760
     gttctctgag ctccaggaca gtcacacagc tgtcttgaaa aatgaaaaaa caaacaaaca     29820
     aacaaaaaac atttatgtct catcaaaaga aacaaagaca attcaaacat ggagataagg     29880
     actgttctca gagatcagca gggaagatat gtttctgaac aagaataggg aagagatccc     29940
     aaaatctaat aaagcctggg gctgaagacg acctagggtg gctcccgcag ccacgggaga     30000
     ctaacaatca tccctccgtg acaccagtga caggtctggt gcttttctct ggcttctgag     30060
     aacactaaac acaagtaata aatacaccaa taaagacaac acccaaatac atattttttt     30120
     aacttgaaaa aaaaaattga gctggagaga ttgtactcaa gactgtatgc tgctcccagg     30180
     gtgtggtcac agacacttaa tctcaggagg cagaagctgg tgaatctttg tgaatttgaa     30240
     gtcagcctga tctacaacat gagttccagg acagccacag ggctgttacc cagaaaaacc     30300
     ctatctcaaa agaacagcag caaaagaatc tatactgttc atgcagaaga actgaaatag     30360
     atcaattccc agcactcatg gtaggcagct cgcaactacc aataactcca actcaagggc     30420
     aatccaatgc ctctagttca tttcagcaac ctacactcac atgcatatag cccttcagac     30480
     agaattaaaa taaatatttt aaaagtaagc aaaaactaga gcagtcgtag caattgtgtc     30540
     ctaatatcca ggctatatca aatgcaggtc taaaagttcc ggtgaaaagg cccaatcacc     30600
     aacactttcc ttgaagagaa aagtacacaa cacataagat gcatcctcca agaatactaa     30660
     aatgtatata gaagccgggc ggtggtggca cacgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca     30720
     gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gactggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag     30780
     ccagggctat acagacaaac tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatgtata tagaaaaatc     30840
     tctcattctg cctcaaagca aaatacatca aacagaaaga aatcaggaac actgtaacta     30900
     gtacttgaac tccagttaaa aactgctgca aaggggctgg tgaaatggct cagtgggtaa     30960
     gagcacccga ctgctcttcc gaaggtccga agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct     31020
     cacaaccatc tgtaacatga cctgacgccc gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacttacata     31080
     taataaataa ataaatcttt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactgc tgcaaaatca ttgaagaaaa     31140
     gcattcgtgg gaacaaaata cccatggaag gagttacaga gacaaagttt ggagcaggga     31200
     ctgaaggaag gaccatctag agactgccct acctgggatc catcccataa acaaccacca     31260
     aacccagaca ctattgcaaa tgccaacaag attttgctga caggaccctg atatagctgt     31320
     ctcctgcgag gctttgctag tacctggcaa acacagaagc ggatgctcac agtcatccac     31380
     tggacagagc acagggtcca caatgaagga gctacagaaa gaacccaagg agctgaaagg     31440
     gtttacagct ccataggagg aacaacaata tgaactaacc agtaccccca gagctccctg     31500
     ggactaaacc accaaccaaa gaaaacacat ggtgggactt gtgtctctag ctgcatatgt     31560
     agcagatgat ggcctaagcc atcaatggga ggagaggccc ttggtcttgg gaaaattcta     31620
     tgccccagta taggggaatg ccagggccag gaagcaggag tcgggggttg gggagcaggg     31680
     ggagggatag gggattttct gagaggaaac taggaaaggg gataacattt gaaatgtaaa     31740
     aaaagaaaat atctaaggga gaaaaaaaaa aaagcatttt ttaaaaagac tgtgtgtgtg     31800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtattatat atacacacac acacatgcag agagaggggg agggagggag     31860
     gggggagaga gggaggagag agggggagag agagagagaa agagagagag agagagagag     31920
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagat agagatacta gtctataatc tagaactccc     31980
     taaaatgtaa ttgtctcagc ctaagtgcat gcctgtgcac gcatgcatgc ttgtggacac     32040
     acacaattaa acagaaagaa cgcctccatg cgcaccagta cccaggaatt cttccaggta     32100
     atggcctaga aaaccctgtg acagcaggta tttaagaaca agtcaccact ttagaacaat     32160
     ttaatgtaaa catccactaa aaattgagaa actaccatta aatgttctct gtggataaaa     32220
     tggaagccta tagcactaaa ctgagtaaga tcttgtctta attaggctta ctattgctat     32280
     ttgaaacaag accaaaaaaa aaaaaaactg atttattttt atttggttta catttccaca     32340
     tcatagtcta tcactgaagg aagggccagg acctggaggc ggaagctatg caaaagctat     32400
     gaagaaatgc tgcttactgg cttgcacagc cagctttctt acagaaccca ggaccatcag     32460
     cccagggctg gcctactctg ccaacaatca ctaagaaaag gcttccttac aggcttgact     32520
     tcttacaact tcatcttctg aaggcatttt ctcaattggc gtttgctctg ctcaaatgag     32580
     tgcagcttgt gtcaagttga cataaaacta gccaacacgg ggctggtgag atggctcaga     32640
     gggtaagagc acctgactgc tcttctgaag gtccagagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg     32700
     gtggctcaca accatctgta atgagatctg acgccctctt ctggtgtttc tgaagacagc     32760
     tacagtgtac ttacatgtaa taaataaatc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac     32820
     tagccaacat ggggactggt gagatggctc agaggttgag agcactggct gctctaccag     32880
     aggtcccaag ttcaattccc aatgaatctg atgccctctt ctgacatgtc agctgtacat     32940
     gcaacagagc actcatgtat taaatattaa aacaaaaaca aaaaaagcaa aaaacagaat     33000
     tatatccagt aaccaaagac cttcaacaat tttaaaagat ccaaatttat attatggcag     33060
     ctagggttag agagcaactt gagttctccc tttaactatg gtttccaatg atctattatt     33120
     agctgggcag tggtggtgca cacctttaat cccagcactt ggggagcaga ggcaggtgga     33180
     tctctgagtt caaggccagc ttggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agagctacat     33240
     agagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aaaaaattat tttattttat atatatgggt actctgtctg     33300
     catgcacacc tatgtccaga tgaatacctg ctgccatgga tcccctgaac taggagttac     33360
     agacagttat gggctgccat gtggttgcta agaactgaac acaaatcctc tagaggatca     33420
     gccagtgctc tcagacaccc agcctcctct agaggatcag ccagtgctct cagacaccca     33480
     gcctcctcta gaggatcagc cagtgctctc agacacccag cctccgtgag acatggtcta     33540
     cgtgtccctg gatggccttg aactcaaaga gataaacttg tctctgcctc tagatcaggg     33600
     ttcttaacct ttctaatact gtgacccttt aatatagttc atgctgtggt taccccccag     33660
     ccataaaatt agtcttgttg ttacttcata actgtaattt tactactgtt atgaatcata     33720
     atgtaaatac caatgttttc tgatagtctt aatgtgaccc cagtgaatag gttgtttgac     33780
     aaccccttga gggtcacaac tcacaggttg aaacagcagc tacactagaa tgctggaatt     33840
     aaagacatca ctctcagact acaaattatt tttgcgagta tcttattgcc caaattgaca     33900
     catgaactga tggaaccctc caacctctca agctggagaa atggcttggt ggttaagagc     33960
     actggatgct ctttcagaaa acccagattg gactcctagc tccaaccact atccagtccc     34020
     agagggtcca atgccctctt cttgcctctt caggcacgtg gtaagcaaat agacaagcca     34080
     acaaaatacc catatacatt aaaaaataat agccttgggg ctggagcaag agggagaaag     34140
     ggaagggggt aaaaatatcc ttattattta tttaggtcag gctggcctgg aatgcaagat     34200
     tttcctggct caggctctca agtactggaa tatctagtaa gggctactgt gcccagctta     34260
     ccattatctt aaatatcagt ttcagaaatg aagactgctg gggtaataat ctgctcccgc     34320
     aaataaaaaa gtttaatcaa ctgtctatga aggtgtatcc ctgtattctc aattattaag     34380
     tgctggcagg acatatggta ctgtcatttc tttttttttt tttttttact gtttaaggaa     34440
     tttttattaa agcaagaatt ttataatgca aattatgttt ccttgctcag tcatcagttc     34500
     tgctccttaa aacagagctg atgtcccaag ctattccaca gtaaagaatt acaaaattaa     34560
     agaaaggaat gctttaaatt tttgtgcttt gctgaaaatt cttttcccag ggtctataaa     34620
     acattaattt gtttttatat tttactattt ttttgtattt tttttgttgt tttaaatcaa     34680
     gtaatctagg actagcactg tttgctagac ctggcatttg ctcagtacat aaggttcaaa     34740
     gtttcctttc ctttttttat ttattttata ttttgcaatg ttttttttca taatatttaa     34800
     atttttcgat gtttaagata tttttcttcg gtgaagcacg agtttctgtt cgtggtccct     34860
     gatcaattta gacagttgga acaccagtgg cactgtttac tgctttctgg gcagcctctt     34920
     tcgcttggtg ggcttgtagt acagctacag cttcatcaac ctttgagcgg agagactctg     34980
     gagactcgag catgtaaagt aattctgagt tttcaatctc caacagcatg ccagtgattt     35040
     taccagcaag agaagggtgc atggcttgga taagaggaaa cagccgttca cccaacattt     35100
     gcttctgctc ttgcgggggc gcagatgcca acatggaagc agttaaaggt tcttgacctt     35160
     gcacatgaac agcaggtaat ttgtggctgt gcattaagat gttgctgggg attgcggact     35220
     cccgcagcat atttatactg gggaacggtg cggacagcag gagtggctgc agcagcagct     35280
     gctgcaagac gtgtacccat tgcctgtgtt gatgtgttag caacacgctg tgttgacatg     35340
     actcgtggaa cctgtgagga agctggtctc attgtactaa atggtggtct aggagcagct     35400
     gggcggatag caccaggcat attctggaat ggatgaggtc tggcaccctg agcagtccag     35460
     cgaggatttg gtcttagttg agcaatttgg ctaggaggat agtatgcagc acggttctaa     35520
     gtctgtggga tagctgccat gaagtaacct gaaggaggtg ctggctggta ggggttgatc     35580
     acggggttgg gcacagctcg tacacttgcc accctctgca tatactggtt agtgaggtga     35640
     gcctggcgct cttctttgcg ctgagctaaa gctacataca gtggcttcgt ggccacaatt     35700
     ctaccattca tctctgtaac tgctttagtg gcttcttcag gggatgagaa acatacaaaa     35760
     ccaaaccctt tgctgcgccc accctccatc gttacttctg cactggtgat tgtaccaaac     35820
     ggagagaact ccttccggag acgctcatca tcaataccgt catcaggatt tttcacataa     35880
     aggttcccac cctgatatct ggtgatccgg tactgtcatt tctacagccc acaatacctg     35940
     ctttctatac ctgcccaaaa agatgactct ctaagagtat catgttaggg ctagagagat     36000
     ggctcagtgg ttaaaagcaa tgactgctct tccagagttc ttgagttcaa ttcccagcaa     36060
     ctacatagtg gtggctcaca accatctgta atgggatctg gtgccctctt ctggtgggtc     36120
     tgaagagagc aatggtgtac tcaaaatagc aatggtgtac tcaaaataaa taaataaacc     36180
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc aagctgccat ggggaaggtc acagtgctcc caatctggcc     36240
     aaaaggcaat actaagatat ggagggagca cagtcctggt gctgactgct tcagaatgag     36300
     tcagctgtgg actctctccc actgtgctaa cagttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtagagaga     36360
     ggaatgtggc ttttgataga taaagagctg gaacggagaa atgaaggaga acagacaggg     36420
     tagggagtcc tggtcataga cagccacgct cttcctcttt cttttctttt ttctttttgt     36480
     tttttgtttg tttgtttttg tttttccagg cagggtttct gtgtagcctt ggctatcatg     36540
     gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctca aactcagaaa tccgtctgcc tctgcctccc     36600
     aagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgcgccacca ccaccccgag ttcttcctct ttcaaacacc     36660
     cccaccccaa tcaggtggat caaaaagttt taggagcaaa tgtaagctat ataaaagatg     36720
     gatacaggtt cttcaataaa ctttctaaaa gccgcagact atacaatact atgattaatg     36780
     taaacgacgg catttggact gacaatgatg tttaaatgta ggcatactaa ttgtaacata     36840
     ccattccagt tgggggtatg ctgataatgg ggcactttag gtgataattt ggaagtttct     36900
     gacccaacct taacttttct gaaaacttgt gaccacatta agttataaag atattatttg     36960
     aagtaaaaag aatatagaaa tggcttgaca ttggcccaaa tatactaatt tgttaaatta     37020
     atatcactcc cctaatgcca cttttcttct tgttttgagg tagacagccc agactggcat     37080
     caaacttact atgtagccaa ggctggtttt gaattcctaa tcctcttagc ccaccccctc     37140
     ccccaaaaat tgggatcata aatgtgtcca ctgtaactga ctactaatac ttcccttatc     37200
     ttaagacatt tcttagctgg gaataatggc tgatacctat aactgggaag ctcaggtaga     37260
     gggattattt tatactacag atcagccagc acaataaagg gaaaccatgt ttaaaacaca     37320
     aaacaaaaca aaatcaaaaa gatggctcag tgtttaagaa tgattgctgc tattccagga     37380
     gttaagtttg gttcccagca ctcacatgac agctcacaac cagaaaatta actccagttc     37440
     cagagtcatt tagtttccta ggggaaccat acacacatgc acatggtaca catacaagta     37500
     ggcaaaatac caaaatgcat aaaaaaattt agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagcc agtagtggtg     37560
     gtgcacgcct ttatcccagc gataaggcag aggccagcag atctgagttt gaggccagcc     37620
     tggtttagtg tgaattcaag gacatcaagt gctacagtga caaaccctac ttagaaaaac     37680
     aaaacaaaac gttaaaacac acatacactc acacatgcat acacatacac acacacagag     37740
     ccagacataa tagtgcaagt ctttaatatc agcacatggg aagaagaagc aggcagatct     37800
     ctgtaagtaa ggccagcctg gtctacacag ccaaatttta ggacaaccac gactatataa     37860
     agaaactatg tctcaaaatc tataactact aacctctgct tcttttttct ttgcacgaac     37920
     tttctccact tccataagaa tcttctggga ttcgtccaca tttccttcag ctcctagctg     37980
     ctcagcttta gcaagaagtt ttcctatttc ttcatttaat tcatgtacct tttctgcctg     38040
     aggatagaga atcagatact gaatatcaaa agaacgaagt atctcttttt cttgctgcat     38100
     gtctggccta ttcccctgaa aataaacaaa catcttaaaa tccagactca gccacacata     38160
     tatctaaaga cttaaagctc agtggcaatg tacctggtgg cctatgatca aacatttgga     38220
     tggaggctag ggttgagggg ttggggtatc atgaattcaa gctcattctc acatagctgg     38280
     ttcaaggcca cctggaacca taaaacactc tgtgacatcc ttactgtcat tacaccagac     38340
     tctaagtaag tcagcatgct ccactgcatg gttttgattt gcaatggcac acagatcata     38400
     ttaaaagtga cactttagaa gataactctt atctacacat cttttgtgtt ctggagatag     38460
     gtagtaaaat gtcaaggttt aacatacaaa ctaaggttgc aagcaaaata tccaattact     38520
     aggatttatc agcacaatag catctttttt tttaatcagt aactgcgtac agcctaagaa     38580
     attttaatta gatctgcatg cctttaatcc tagcactcaa gaggcaggca gatcactgta     38640
     aactcaaggc tgacctaatc ttcttagtta gcccttgtca caaaaagaat aaaagaaagg     38700
     caggcaggga ggcatacagg ttcctgtgac acacaaatgc ttggtcacag accctgtctc     38760
     caatgaaaac agtcaagacg gaaagcacca tctatccaga atcctcaccc agtgtgaggg     38820
     taagagaaaa aatgagttat agcagttact taatatacct tagccgaaac ttctgcactg     38880
     atttcctcct gtgtttcagc cagccgcttt ttggcaagtt cggttctccg atcacactct     38940
     gcaatgaagg actctaagtg atccatagcc tagtttggga aaagcagaga gttatgatca     39000
     atactacata ggcttttttt gtcattgtat ggcttttatt tgagaagagg agtgctgaag     39060
     atgaaaccca agaccatgaa tatgctagga aagcactcta ctaaattaca tctccagact     39120
     accttcctct gacaaagtct catagacaag gctggcccaa catttggtat gtattccaga     39180
     ctggccttga actcacagtc ttcttgcctt agcctccaga gtgctggatg aaaggtgtgc     39240
     acaccatatt ctgccaacac tccatagtct taccacctat gtgtgtaaca ggaacaagcc     39300
     tctatttctt tgtttggttg ttatcgtttt gagatagggt catgtataac atttgtgggc     39360
     ctgaaattcc ctatatacat tattaggtgg gcacatcttt gtaatttctg gccagccagg     39420
     gttacatatg agatctcata aaaagtaatt acaattccta tccctgctac tggtatttgt     39480
     agtgacagca tgagctgata ttctgcttac caatttattg tgattgtttt gtcaaaccaa     39540
     atagctgatt tacttatttc caaacttata gaaggatctc taactctctg taacattacc     39600
     aagtgaacta aggaaattgc ttggctggtc aagtgttagc catgcaaact ttagcacctg     39660
     aattcaatcc ctcaaaagta tgcacatagc agaaaaagaa aacctttatc attctagcac     39720
     tgaacaggtg gaaacaggtg gatctcctag gcttcccaac caaccagcct tggtacatcc     39780
     caagctaatg agagacaccg tctcaaataa caaggtgagg agctggaaag ataacttaat     39840
     gggtaaaggt actggacacc aagcctgatt aatctaagtt cagtccttgg aacccacatg     39900
     atggaaagag agaaccaatt tctacaaact tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtata caagcaaata     39960
     aatgtaaaaa taaaaatatt taaaagtata taataaataa taaaataaaa aaataaaagc     40020
     gggctggtga gatggctcag ttggtaagag tacccgactg ctcttctgaa ggtcccgagt     40080
     tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccat aacaagatct gactccctct     40140
     tctggacagt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tgctttacat ataataaata aacaaacaaa     40200
     caaacaaaca aagcaaacaa caaaagtccc acaagtagat aacacctatt gaaaaacagc     40260
     caagcttgtt atctggtccc acaggcacac agaaggctga ggcaagaaga ttattatgaa     40320
     ttaagaggcc aatttggggt tatagtctaa cataaagagg actttgctga gaaagtatga     40380
     aagtattaag actgaatctg tttcctagga ctcttacaga atagttagag gcagctgggc     40440
     agtggtaatg cacaccttta atcccagcag gcggaggtag gcagaattct aggccagcct     40500
     ggtctacaga gccagttcca gggcagccag ggctacatag agaaacctgt gtcaaaacag     40560
     gaagggggga gagagaagga gaaggtagat gggcaaagaa agagaagatc tgacctattt     40620
     tattaagata cttgtaagct gtacttctgg aaagatgaag aactggtcac cttacccaga     40680
     gtaacagctc ccaatacagg atcctgaggt tcccaccacg ctcactcaag tcactactat     40740
     actcacctac actatactca ctacactgtg cacctagagc agatcaacaa ctcacccagg     40800
     agccatacag agccatgcct ttatcataag cagactcttg gtccattggc aatggactca     40860
     aatgtctaaa acctaaacgc taacacagag cacaagaaca gcatgtgtca aatcatggag     40920
     tgtcttccaa cagacacatt ctttaaaatg cactccattt tgctgcccct ttctctcctt     40980
     taaaagtgct tccaatgtag cttggctaaa taagggcagc aaatttaaag actaaaaaaa     41040
     gttaagtgta aaactcaggt tctaatcaca attgaccact tatgtctaca atggtcctat     41100
     ggggtggtac aatgacacca attcctaaga gcaccttggc atattcaacc ctgcccgaaa     41160
     accaggtaac ttgtgttttg ggggaaaaca gaaaacaaga ttactgtgac ctggctagct     41220
     ctgaactttg ctatgccagc cttactaaac aataaacatc ttccttcgcc tcctgagtgc     41280
     tgggattata ggtaaacact ctaagctata gtatttttac aaaaagtatc tacttgactt     41340
     taggcaatgt ctgtaatctt gggagagaga gtcaaaccat agctacaaag cttgaaatta     41400
     gccttggcta catgagactc actgtatcct agaaagcaaa acaaaagata aaagaaaacg     41460
     ggtagggagg gtggatgtaa actttttaaa agataagctg gggcatttat caggagataa     41520
     acactggcaa atctgtgagc tcaagagcag cctagtctac acagtaagat tcagggcagc     41580
     caaggttaca ttgcaagacc ttatatcaaa taacaaccaa aactaaacaa gcaaacataa     41640
     ataaatgggg ggacttatag taaaaaccac ttatatgcaa aatgcttgac tctacctgtt     41700
     tcatcattct agaaattttc tataaatgta acacctatcc caccccaccc ccacccccac     41760
     cccccacctt tggtcagcat agtctcacat tatgatattt ccctctgaga actactctga     41820
     aatatggcta aaaaggagat caaccaagct atgtttccag cagtaatatt aacctggcac     41880
     tttggctgtc tccagaggaa aggaaggtct gcagttttat agacaaagta tgaattcctc     41940
     aatttagaaa taaatacatg accactaaaa gagaacccaa aaagtgcttt agggactgat     42000
     ggctcagtgt ttaaaaacca attctgctct taaagaggac ccaagtttgt caggtgactc     42060
     acaactgcat gtaactccaa ctccaagggg atctgatgtc tctggtcttt acagccaaaa     42120
     ctcataatat acatacccac atacagacaa caaataatta aagtgctttg tgtctgtact     42180
     gttcatgtta ctgtagataa tttgggcaag ggtttgagct ggagggcagg actctaccat     42240
     tgagattatc cccaattcac atcatatcca aattctatgc tctacatcag tacagtaaac     42300
     ataattttct aattatgtat atatgttcat gtctgtatgt ggatatgcac atgagtacag     42360
     aaatccagag gagagcaata gatcccctgg agatggagtt acaggcagtt gtgagccacc     42420
     ctacattatt gtgataccaa gctccagtct tctgcaagag aagtatgtgc tctaaccaag     42480
     acatctctcc agacccatta aaccattctt aaacagaaaa ggctttaatc ccttctataa     42540
     ataaatgctt tagtttttgc tacttcacta attccaaatg acctcatcat aaacctcatg     42600
     cagtctcata cttctcacac taacacacaa gtatttcttt tgagaaattt cctctcatcc     42660
     ttctcactct tccttccgca tttcttttga aggtgccgga gaggacattc cccaggacct     42720
     tccacagcta ggcaaatact ctaccactaa gcatgctctc cacctctaga ccatgctgaa     42780
     taagttttaa cagttctttc ggatatcacc accttacatt gataaaaaga ccagttccta     42840
     aagtcatata tctactcaag gagcctactt ggtggtacat gcctatcact gaggcaagat     42900
     tttgaacttg atgctgaact gagctactta gtaactcttc attaaaaaac caatgcaaaa     42960
     gagtttgggg agcagggtgt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcaaag     43020
     gcaggcggat ttctgagttg gtggccagcc tggtctacaa agttccagga cagccagggc     43080
     tatacagaga aaccctgtct ggacggcccc ccaccccgcc caaaaaaagt ttggcaagat     43140
     ggctcagagg gtaagagcac tgactgcttt tctcaaggtc ctgagttcac atcccagcaa     43200
     ccacaaggtg gctcacaacc acctataata agatctgacg ccctcttctg gtacatctga     43260
     agacagctat agtgtactta tttataataa ataaatcttt aggccagatc gagcagagac     43320
     tgagagagtg gggttgactg gagtgagcag aaatcctaaa ttcaattccc aacaaccaca     43380
     tgaaggctca caacagctac agtgtactca tttacataaa ataaataaaa atctttaaat     43440
     aaatatataa ataagaggtt ggggagatgt ccaggataag tatgggaatc tgagtccaat     43500
     ccccagcact cccattaaaa aagcttgata tggggctgga gattgttcag tggttaatag     43560
     cactgggttc ttccaaagga cttaggttca attcccagca ccataacttg gcagctcaca     43620
     actgtctaca actccagttc cagagatcag gtttatgagt tggtattgag ggagcataga     43680
     agctaacata aaccttgaaa agctaatagg cactagtcat atattaatga aacagccaca     43740
     ggtccctttg ctaaagataa ggagataagg tggtaccttt aagcaaaagg aactgtcttc     43800
     aagctcctga gggaatgctg gctttagtct aaataccaca tttagggaaa aggaattgga     43860
     ggaactgtaa cagattctaa agttcaactt gggtcctcat gcttgaggct accctgtttg     43920
     agacctgaca ctctcagaca cacatgtagg caaaaaaccc atgcacatta aaaaaaaaca     43980
     acaacaaaaa aactcacaac cttggtgtgg ccaagagtgg tggtggtaca tgcctttaac     44040
     cgcagcactc agaaggaaaa gcatgtgggt ttctgtgagt ttgaggacag cctggtctac     44100
     ttaagacagt tccaggagag ccaggactat gttatgtaaa gagacccagt ctcaaaatag     44160
     gatgtcgggg aatcttgggg tagtagcaca cacctaccta cctcaaaact aaattaaaaa     44220
     taatttttac attgttctgc ctgcatgtac gtacgtacac catgtgtgca atgctgtcaa     44280
     aagccaatga atatgagatt cccccccctc cgactctgtg ttggtgttaa aaacagttgt     44340
     gggtcaccct gtgagtgctg gtaaaaaaaa gtcaggtcct ctagaacaac catgtctctg     44400
     agccccaaaa taaatttcaa aacaaaaaca aaaaaaacaa ctgctgagct aaaaagtgaa     44460
     aaagagagag gaagacagga ttgttatata tatataaaga aagtagacca ttcatgtaca     44520
     tattacaaaa aatgtgtctt agtttaaagg atttttatgc aggtcaatat tgaggtataa     44580
     ctgaaaaaca aaaagattat ctaacatgta tatttacaat gtgaaatcat cataaaaaat     44640
     gaactaacac aactattaac taggatacac ttaattgaaa tactacaaat acttcagctc     44700
     tattctctta ccaaatctct aaatagaata tctcaactag tcaaaacact atacatctta     44760
     caatggaaaa taggccctgt tgggtaacat tacccgattt ctcttatcca tgtatgtggg     44820
     aatctttcat gtgccaatac acatttttag ttttgtgttt gtgtgttgta gggagcacat     44880
     ataccacatg tggaggtcaa aagatatctt gagggggttt tctctgtcca caatgtaggc     44940
     accagggctt aatgtcaaat tgtcagacct gacaggaaac cctgttaatc cattctgcca     45000
     gcctccttga ttccattatt tttttcccca agacaagtct tccctgtgta atcttggctg     45060
     gcctgatttt gcctgagtgc tgggattaag ggcttgcacc acctcatccc actccaaact     45120
     cttacacaga taaaatgtct gactacccac tttgaattct tatacagata aatatatcaa     45180
     tgtatccaag ggattgggag gagggctcta catgctaagt gccagcaaca gaaaatgtat     45240
     gtgtgtggtt tgaatatgct tggtccaggg agtggcacta ttaggaggta tggccttgtt     45300
     ggagaaagta tgtcacattg tgggtgaggt gagctttggg accctcctcc tagctaccag     45360
     gaagccagtc ttctctgagt tcccttgcct taacgagcaa gatggaaaac tcagctccta     45420
     catcaccatg cgtgcctgga tgctaccatg cttcctgcca taatgtcaat gaactaagcc     45480
     cctgaaaagg taagccagcc gaaagtaatt gttgtccatt aaacaaggct cattggtctt     45540
     ggtgtctctt cacagtaatg gaaacgctat ctaaggcaac atctatttat atttataaca     45600
     tctcaaggta acaaaacagg gggactagaa ataactcagc agttaagaat gtatactact     45660
     gggctggaga gatggctcag tggttaagag cgccaactgc tcttcaaaag atcctgagtt     45720
     caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca actttccgta acaaaatctg atgccctctt     45780
     ctggagtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa taaataaata agtctttaaa     45840
     acaaaaaaaa gaatgtatac tactcttgta gagatctaga gttcagttcc tggcacccat     45900
     gtcaggtggc tcacaattct atcatctttt gtggcttctg acagtatcta cagtcaaatg     45960
     tatataccta aaaagcatct acattaataa aaataaaaat agaaactggc attcaggagg     46020
     tagaagtagg tgaactcagt gaactaatca gccagggtct atataatgag ttccaggcaa     46080
     aacaaaatta tatagtgaaa ccctggctag aaataaaatg aaacaaaaaa ttaagactaa     46140
     aaattttggg gagatacaat ttgttattta ttttttttta gttgcttgag acagttttta     46200
     atactgtgtg tagatcatga actccatact cttcataata tattaatcac tacatatgtt     46260
     ccaatatttt cataagatct tctgcatcat taaccaggct actttaaaaa ggcattgagc     46320
     aaaacagtag ctcacgaggc tgaggcaaga ggctcataaa agacaagctg gaaaactgga     46380
     aaacagtaaa tatcagccag cctgagctga caatgtgagg gctttgtatc aaaaaaaccc     46440
     caaaaaacaa acaagtaggg gtcattagtt aagagcacct gtttctcttc aggctcaatt     46500
     ctcaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acactgggtg gcttaaaact     46560
     ggctgtctgc caggcgtgat ggcgcacacc tttaatccca gcactccaga ggcagaggca     46620
     ggaggatttc tgagttcaag gccagtctcg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg     46680
     ctatacaaag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaac aaaataaata aataaatgaa tgaataagta     46740
     tactgtcatt ttagtttagt atacccaaga gatacagtcc tgaaagtgac tttttgagct     46800
     cctagtatct taagagtctc tttgctaaaa atttccagga gctaggaata tagtttgatt     46860
     ggtagaatgc tgtccaacat gcatgaggct ctgagttcaa ttgccagcag tatataaatc     46920
     tatcatgatg gcaaatgggt gtaatttcac cacacagtgg gaagaggatt aagagttcaa     46980
     gattgtaatt gactacataa caagtgctac cacatggact atatgagtca ggcacaaaaa     47040
     aagcaaacta ggaaataaaa ctcaatacag caacaggttg agaaccaccc gttgtgtatt     47100
     agaactttaa ggtggttggt taagatgtac aaagtatttt gctttgtaac ttacaaacat     47160
     cacattactc tcaatagcaa ctaatacttt gcagcactga taaatcaaat aaaaaaacaa     47220
     atcttacatc taattcaaaa aacaggtctc tttctttact tgcaatttca taatctgctc     47280
     gaagagccaa gtcgtggatt ttggtacatt ctcctaaatc catgcgctgt ggagaaaaaa     47340
     aaaaaaacta tacattagca cctatccatt ttagaaagca tgtaattaat atgacttagt     47400
     gtttcaactt tcactgaaat aagcaataca gttttataga gagtaaatga agaaatggac     47460
     caagtgtaat ggcgtgtgct gataatctca atggtctgga ggctgagcag caaagggata     47520
     ccaagttcaa gtccaacctg gcctgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat     47580
     gtgtacacac acacacacac acacacacac atatatatat atatgagata tatgtacata     47640
     tgtatatgac cctgtcttca acagaagaaa tggaggcaag cacatttgca catttctgta     47700
     attgcagtac ttggtaatga agggaaagtg ggagggtcag gaatgcaagt catctttggc     47760
     ttcataataa gttcaaggtc agcatgggca acatgagact atattccaca aacaaaaaga     47820
     actgagatat aacctagata tgtatttttc tcatttcatt gtttagaact atttagccag     47880
     gtaatggcgg cctatgcctt taaccctagc actctggagg caggctgatc tcttgagttc     47940
     cagaccagcc tgggatacat acagaactcc aggatagcca ggactactac atagtgaccc     48000
     tgtcttaaaa tttcaaagaa aaaaaaggat tagcctttgt caattttatt tttatttttt     48060
     cattatccca agcatctggt taagaggaag aaaagatacg ggcctggtaa ggacaagaac     48120
     acagtgttac tgcatcagct ttctaggcag ttctcaaaat cttcactcat caaaggtgct     48180
     ccatgccagg agaagtagtc aacaacttta atccaaacat gtaagagacc aagtcagatg     48240
     gattttgtag cctggtctac aaaataagtt ccaggacagc cagagctata tagtgaaaca     48300
     ctgtctcaaa agactatgtc tcaaggggct gggtgatcag tgacaagagg acaagaccta     48360
     ctatcctctt gcttctgcat gagtacagga acacacacaa taccactaca caagttttaa     48420
     cccaggattc accaggaaat gttttttggc acacattctt tcatacactc agtacatttc     48480
     tcaaaatggc tgtgaaagtc ttgaactgga ccttcccaaa acacttagtc attctaagtg     48540
     gctgaaatat ggcagatgac tctcttcact gcttaatctt aaatttaatt tcaaatgaaa     48600
     gcacattcct caaaactata atttatctgt gttattcaga gtctacagtt attggttaga     48660
     tttcttgaaa gagttataaa agtatataat caatgtgatc tccatttgat ttttatttta     48720
     tattaggggc tgataagatg actcagcagg aaaagccacc tgatgatgag tgcaatcccc     48780
     agatccaata ggggggacag aatcttttct ccaagttgtc ctctgacatc tacatgaaca     48840
     ccttggcacc tacacggaca tgcacacaac aaatacacac tcagtataaa taataaataa     48900
     ggtaagagca aacagaggct gaaaaggtgg ctcagaagga ctaaaaacta cctataattc     48960
     caattccaga ggatccaatg cattcttttg gcctctgtgg gcacctgcat ggactcaggc     49020
     ctacacccaa aattatgtgt ttgtatgtat atacatatat gtatacattt atgtaaatat     49080
     actattagta aggtctaata taaattcaac ttgaaattaa ataagatcag caaaattttc     49140
     aaaacaaccc gattgcttaa tggatttcaa tgaactgttt cacaacccaa gcacttacca     49200
     acaatctata atttgaagag caacagactt tacatggtaa aggaaaatag aattctacct     49260
     aaaaaacatt ctctccccct acaactccca ctccatgtgt cccatgagac cctcaaagtc     49320
     aaatcccctg agtgtggaga gatggataag agtagaatac cttgtatgag tgtatgaaat     49380
     actcaactat tttttaaaag ataaaagatg agcattgctc cttctgtaat tttttttaca     49440
     tttttatgta tatagatatt ttgcttgaat gtatgtctgt gtaccatgta catgtctggg     49500
     tagagttaag acagttttga gttgctgtgt gagtcctaac actctatttt caaacattac     49560
     attatttaat tttaaggctt aattttataa tttttaaatt acgtatattc cggtgtctgg     49620
     gtatgttcac atgaatgaat gtagttgtgg aacatacaaa agtattagat gccctagaac     49680
     tggagttata gatatttgta agccaacacg tgggtcctct gcaagagcaa caagtgttct     49740
     aaccactgag ccgcctctcc agcacccatc atggattttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     49800
     tttgatgttt tgagacaggg tttctctgtg taaccctggc tgacctggaa ctcactctgt     49860
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac acagaaatcc gcctgcctcc gcctcccaag tgctgctaat     49920
     tttttaaaga caaaatctct ctcttgggtt caatatatat atatatatat acatacatac     49980
     acacacatac atatacatac atatacatat atatatatat acatacatac atacacatat     50040
     atgcagtatt ttattatata tataaaaaca tctactgtag cactccttct aagtaatcta     50100
     atcacaaagg tctggaatgc acctaccgtc ccagcaagga tgtcatgggg gcagcagtcc     50160
     agaaggtgac tcttgcagac acggtcatct gtaaacttga ccctctgtct ggtttcatct     50220
     cctgaaattc atttgtggtt ttaaataaag tattatctca ttcactacac aaggctatct     50280
     ggcaaaatta atacacctgg acgatttgca gactagtgtt tctgtattct tcccatcata     50340
     tacactaaga aactgagcta aagatattta caattggaat aaaatacaaa tagtttttaa     50400
     gctaagtttt ttatgaagaa gcacactgaa ccacatctaa ctccaccgtt aattcgcaga     50460
     acagagtcag aagtaggagt gagcaccaga aggcatccac ccaaatttac atgtgggcaa     50520
     atgacccatc aagactgggt gtaatgagtg ccatgaatcc actgcggatc attacagctg     50580
     ccaatctcca ccaaccaaag ctattcaata atctgatttt cttgttagaa tcaaattaat     50640
     aggcagtatt ttatgaaaaa aaactacaag aggaagaacg gtttcaagct ctatcactga     50700
     cttaaatatc tctagacctt ttcttcttct tcttcccctt tcatccccac cctcaaaaag     50760
     gaaagttggc acctgggagt cacttttaac aagacaatac caaagaaagc aaaaaggaat     50820
     caggttagtc aatacacact gtgaactcca acacatactg tacccatctg caatcttcaa     50880
     gaactcagct gcagaatttt atgcccgctg ttgaaaagtt ttaaaggaaa agttttcttg     50940
     cccacacctg cagtaaggaa gtcggggaat gatacataaa agtaaaggca aagtggtatg     51000
     tgacaaattc taaggctatc tgtgtacagg acacagtgct gtgtaatagt cagggagaat     51060
     atacttcagg attggcaagc atccaggatt aatgtcgtgt ctttttactg aaaatgtttt     51120
     ctttctaaac tacactttta aagttacttg tgggaaaaaa gcaaacactt ttttgttata     51180
     acagcttaga aattggttgt gactcacggc tcgatgaaca tgaggctttt ctgcaactcc     51240
     cttgcagatt gatgtaggca ggcaaagata cactgaacct ttataaataa aatagagggg     51300
     ccacaattgt tcagtttgta tgaaataaaa atatgggaag caattcaaaa gcaactcaac     51360
     atacaaagaa agctaaaagc acgtattgac ctatgaaatg gtgcaaagaa tctgcacagc     51420
     cctgtgaaat gtgccagtgt gaaattacaa ctttattact ttagtaaaaa tgaaaacaca     51480
     aaccacagca gggatctagc tttgctagga tgcaactgct ttttcctgag acaccaccat     51540
     gatcttgcac gcctccttac tgaaccaact acctaatgaa tgccgagagg tgactaaacc     51600
     gaggctaatc tgtgaggcag gggaatgaag ggagggaaga ctagaaaagt acgcggaggg     51660
     aacccacgtt agaaatgctc atttgcggct ccccgtgtaa ccgtatggag caagaacgcc     51720
     cgggttttcg aaacccgtcc agctccttcg gggatcgcct ctcctccgaa gagtatcaga     51780
     gaaattccgc cacccggcag ccagcacccc ggagcccgcg ctggttccag cccttcgccg     51840
     acgctccagt ttgcccggcg gcgccgagcc gccgtgccga ccaagaggaa ctcgcatgac     51900
     ggaaaacgag aaggggacag agccccaccg tcggatcgga ctctcaggaa ggaggcagcc     51960
     cggaccagta gaacgcggcg gctgcgagag actcgcaggc caagcagatc agacaaaggc     52020
     cccgagcctg gggtcagcaa gcaggggaga aaaatggcgc cccgcgcaga cgcacgctgt     52080
     cacggccctc acctcaggct tccaggcggc ctcgccttgc tcccaccccg cccagagcct     52140
     gggccaccgc tcagactcac cgtcccgagc cgtgcccatg agctggtcca acagggcccg     52200
     catctgcgcc tgggcggaca tggtggccag tggggacggc cgagaagctc cgcacaactc     52260
     gaccagagaa gccgcaaaca gcgacgagga aagacgctcc tatcagcctg aagcccgcac     52320
     ggcgctttcc ggccgcgggg aatgctggga ggaagttctt tggcgttgat gcaaggcctg     52380
     tcgggaagtg tacaggagtc gctgagtgga acggtcgcaa atcgttctaa agactagatc     52440
     aactaagctt gattttggcc ggtcgtggta tgcctgtaat ccccaggatc aggcttgagt     52500
     agttcaaggc cagcgtcctg ggtgtcaggc taccctgtgg aagcgtggtc tttgtgagac     52560
     taagatccta cctcctgttt ttttttttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagggc tggagagacg     52620
     gctcagcggt taaaggcaca aactgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcagt tcccaccacc     52680
     atctgtaatg gggtctgata accacttcag ctgtgtctga agatagctac agtgtactca     52740
     tataaataaa ataaatagat ctttatttta aaaaaagact agattaaaaa ctccaccact     52800
     aatttttatc ctggttcctg aaacatcaaa ttctctgctc taatgagact ttagtcaaac     52860
     aaataaatta aacttgaggc aaaggccttt aatcccagcg ctggggaagg cagaggcagg     52920
     cacatctctg agttagagac tagcctgatg gtacagagca agctgcagga ttgccagagt     52980
     tacacaggga aaagctgtct caaaaaacaa aacaaggggg ctggcgagat ggctcagtgg     53040
     ttaagagcgc ctactgctct tccaaaggtc cagattaacg aaatctgatg ccctcttctg     53100
     gagtgtctga agacagctac agggtactta catataataa taaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa     53160
     aacctaatga taagtgaatt tctaggttat atctcagttc tttttgtttg tgtaatatag     53220
     tctcatgttg tccatgctga ccttgaactt attatgaaac caaagatgac ttgcattcct     53280
     gaccctccca ctttcccttc cttaccaagt gctgcaatta caaaaatgtg caaatgtgct     53340
     tgcctccatt tcttctgttg gagacagagt catacacaca cacacacaga ggccaggttg     53400
     gacttgaact tgctatccct ctgctgctca gcctccagac cattgagatt atcagcacat     53460
     gccattacac ttggtccatt tcttcattta ctctctataa aactatattg cttatttcag     53520
     tgaaagttga aatgctaagt catattaatt acatgcttat ttatttattt attttgttac     53580
     tcccccccca cccgcgctcg acttcttcct cttgctccag cccctaggtt ctttattatt     53640
     tgttttcatt gtggatgatt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttaa actcatgacc     53700
     tccagaagat cagtcagtgc tcttaactgc tgagccatct caccagcgca attatgtgct     53760
     ttctaaaatg gataggtgtt aatgtataat tttttaccca cagcacatga atttaggaga     53820
     atgtaccaaa atccacgact tggacctttg agcagattat gaaattccaa gtaaagaaag     53880
     agacctgttt tttgaattag atgtaaaaaa tattttggat gttgatttat cagtgctgca     53940
     aagtactaat tgctattgag agtaatgtta catttgtaag ttataaagca aaataattaa     54000
     atatgcactc ttttacatat atatgaaact ggggctggaa tgatgggtca gaggttaaga     54060
     gcactaacgt ctcttctgtg ggtcagcact gctgagttca aattccagca accacatggt     54120
     ggctcacaat cattcgttat gagatctgac gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta     54180
     cagtgtactt acatataaca ataaataaat ctttagaaaa aaagaaaaaa acaactttaa     54240
     aaaataaaac tgggcagggg tgattcgtgt ctggaagctg gggaagtagg tgttggatct     54300
     ataaagttca ggctaaggga tttcttttgc tactaggagg aaaagaccac tctaaaatgg     54360
     tagactttca tgacaaagct acttactcta tataaattgt ataaatgtcc accctgagac     54420
     agacagtttt gatgatctag cccatgtgtt tgttaaatcg ttctccgttc tctcggatgc     54480
     ttatgtgctc tccgtggggg ttggcgtttg tactccacac agaacctaat agtacaatat     54540
     ttgttttata tcacaattcc ctttgaacca gagttagaaa tgtttgggag ccgtcatgta     54600
     ggagctggga accaaaccaa accaaaccaa gaacagtaag gctctaacgc gccaatttct     54660
     ctcatctaca attccctttc tacagatttc tcctggccct gcccacttac tatttccagc     54720
     tgacacacat ggctttgttc tgatgttgat gtctgttttc tcctccttgc ctcccggtac     54780
     acttttttct acactggcct ggttgtgctc tggtccatca atacggatgt ctcagtctga     54840
     tcttaaatta gaaggaagag gtgattgttg ttttaaactc tcaaatgctt gattttgcca     54900
     atgaaggctc aggagtctga tgtccaggtg aaaggctgct aggtcatgga ggcagagaaa     54960
     gcaccaagct gaccttccct cacagtcaat gccccagaag caatgccccc acctccttct     55020
     caaaccacac tcccttccac ttcctgtgca tgcatgtttc tctatctgtc ctcctaattc     55080
     ccttttagtt tccgtggtta tttctttttt gtttgtttgt tttgttttct tctgagacaa     55140
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgccctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga     55200
     actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca actgctggga ttttgcccct tctcttgacc     55260
     tatggttgac tttatttaac cctgtttaag aaaaaactgg agagccgggc gtggtggcgc     55320
     acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggctag     55380
     cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa     55440
     aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ctgaaagctc ttgtatgaaa ggtgtatgct aagccacgct     55500
     acaactaaaa ccaggttttt ccagtaaatt acagaatctt ggggttcaca gcatgatcaa     55560
     agggtagtga tggtgtggtt cagcccttaa acacacactt tagacacaga tgaagacaga     55620
     agaagccaga gaatgagaag gagtcagaag attaggacat attgccaaag ttagtataag     55680
     agcaagcaga acaattgacc aagcacagca attcaggaga agccaagaga agccaggctg     55740
     aattagccca gagaggcatc taagccagaa cagctgagct gaaccagcca cccagagctc     55800
     agaaagaact aggaagtgat gaatgtattc agtctcagag gctgaagaca tcctaggcca     55860
     aaattaggtt gtatggaggc tagaagcttc caggactagg cctaggttag cagatggaag     55920
     cagttagcct tggagacaac aattccatca ggagaatata acatacaaaa gtatatatat     55980
     acacaagatg atgtgaattg aagtttccag gaaaagccca cacttgggcc aaagattcta     56040
     catggccaat taactgttta taaccgtatg aatggggaaa agtagggact ggggatgtgg     56100
     ctcagttaat agtgcttgcc tagtgttctg tagaggcagt aggatcaaaa tctcagattc     56160
     atcctcagct acgtagcgag ttcaaggcca gccagcatca catgactctt tgtctaaaag     56220
     aaaaggaagg gaagaaagga ggtaaaagga aaaaagaact tcccaaatat ggaatgttag     56280
     aatgttgctg atctagaacc aaattatcgt gaagtttctt tagtcctttt agtaccattt     56340
     attgtctacc tatagtctga cctataggtg gttctctgtg actgaagcca gcctggctca     56400
     caaagggagt tacaggctag ctagggccac aagccaacca gggctacata gtgaaccctc     56460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgaattatgg ctcccccccc     56520
     aactataatt gcttcatgtc ttagtcaggg tttctattcc tgcacaaaca tcatgaccaa     56580
     gaagcaaatg ggggaggaaa gggtttattc agcttacact tccatactgc tgttcatcac     56640
     caaaggaagt caggactgga actcaagcag gtcagaaagc agcagctgat gcagaggcca     56700
     tggagggatg ttctttactg gcttgccttc cgtggcttgc tcagcctgct ctcttataga     56760
     accaagacta ccagcccaga ggtggtccca cccacaaggg gcctttcccc cttgatcact     56820
     aattgagaaa atgccttaca atttgatctc atggaggcat ttcctcaact gaagttcttt     56880
     cctctgtgat aactccagct gcatcaagtt gacacaaaac tagccagtac acatagtgtc     56940
     atacaccttt aaccccagca ctcaggatgc aggcagattc ctgaattcaa ggtcagcctg     57000
     ttatacagag tgagttctag gacagccaga acacagagac cctttctcaa aagaaaaaat     57060
     tataattaaa gattcatgaa acctttcttt cccaggttgg gacatagcat tcagaggcgt     57120
     ggtggtctga aggaaaatgg cccctcaacc ccacataaac tcatagggag tggcactatt     57180
     agaaggtgtg gtcttgttgg aagaagtgtg tcacttgggg tggtctttga attctcagat     57240
     gctcaagccc agtcagtgtc tctcttcctg atgtctgcta aatctcagct acctctccat     57300
     caccatgtct gtctgcatgc ttcccaccat gagaataatg gactaaacgt ctgagctcta     57360
     agccagcccc aatgaaatgt tttcctttat aagagttgcc atggtcatgg caataaaacc     57420
     ctaactaaga caagggacaa cctgattctt tgttcctgtt tcatagtcat ctgtatattt     57480
     gactcaagaa tacacaatct cttattccct tctaggcaag agctatgttt ttgtgctggc     57540
     aaactgctgg tcggtttaaa aattaagcaa aaggctgaag agatagctca gtggtctaga     57600
     gggcatactg ctcttgcaga ggaccagagt ttggtttccg gcacccatgt ctaacagttc     57660
     acaacttcct gtaaccttag ctccaggaaa tttgacacct tcctctggtg tgttgaggta     57720
     cctgaaatca aatacataca ccctcctctg acatacatat gaaaatattt ttaaataaaa     57780
     accaaatgaa gcacctaagc aagttctttt gacaaatttt agcaataaga tagttagaaa     57840
     caatggcact tgggtacaca ctgcaataag cacttatcag ttgtttttgc taaaatgtat     57900
     ttactcctta cttgggtcca taggataaat aaataaaagt cggagaagaa gctgggtgat     57960
     ggtgtggagc gcctttaatc ccagcactca ggaggcagag gcaagtggat ttgtgagctc     58020
     aaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgacttcc cctaggacta catagataaa ccttgtctta     58080
     aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaaggaggac tagtgtgtct     58140
     ggattcattt tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc ttttttactt taactgatga caaatattaa     58200
     tgattatcct caacctttct gctcaaacaa gtcccaggaa gaaaaatttg gatggacagc     58260
     cctcctccat cttacatgtg tctgctatat ccaaacatcc tttcacttgt gtctgcttca     58320
     ggaaaacagt cggttttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttt ttaaagattt     58380
     atttattgat tatacgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcctcag acactccaga agagggagtc     58440
     agatctcgtt atggatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga acttcggacc     58500
     ttcggaagag cagtcgggag ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tcactagccc ttgttttgtt     58560
     ttttaagatt taacgtatat gagtacactg tcactatact cggacacacc aggagagggc     58620
     atcagatctc attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctggggat tgaactcagg     58680
     acctctagaa gaacagtcag tgctcttaac cactgagcca tctcttcatc ccccagtctt     58740
     tttttttttt ttaatgtgtt tgctttagca agacattctc tcagctggac agtggtggcg     58800
     catgccttta atcccgacac ctgggaggca gaggcaggag gatctctgag tttgaggcca     58860
     gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacac acagtaatga gtaattatcc acagtaataa     58920
     gactgcacca tcagcaataa atagattaac aatttaaagt gtattgaggg ttgggtctta     58980
     tcagtgacag tgataagagt gtttgcctaa catacactgg gccatgggtt aagctcccat     59040
     aaccttcccc aaccttcaga tcactaagtg tagtgttgca ggcctataat cccaccaaat     59100
     gatagaggca ggaaaaacag gagtttaaaa ctagccttaa atatgtaaaa aaaaatgcaa     59160
     ggctgacctg ggctaaataa gaactccatc ttaaagaaga agaagaagaa gaaggaggag     59220
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gagaagaaga agaagaagca gcagcagcta     59280
     gggttgtacc tgaattggta aggcgcttat ctaccaacca caaagctctg agttagatta     59340
     acagcactat ataaaatcag tgtaatggca caccaagagg aaacttctag ttctttagaa     59400
     agttagctat gccaaatgat ggtttgctga gacacacgga tgaaaggatg tcttttttat     59460
     tttttatttt tttcattttt cttgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg actgtcctgg     59520
     aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca     59580
     agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccac tgcctagctg aaaggatgtc ttgataaagc     59640
     aaacacataa aagactgttt tcctgaagca gacacaagtg aaaggatgct tgttggatat     59700
     agcagacacg tgtaaggact cttgataaag gagtataaat gtgaccccac agacagtggg     59760
     agaggagcac tgagatttgg tttgctctgc cttgctattc tttgctaaag acacgcatgt     59820
     atttgttcgc cttacatagc attgttgagc tcaccttgtg gtaacactgc cattgagaga     59880
     aattatccaa agaactgctt gtgaggttcc tatggcagct tgcagcttct gcggcctcac     59940
     atcaggctgg ttggcaaatc tagaagtttc ttcaggattt aactacagct gcctggtgtc     60000
     tgcttgctga aaggactgga ctgaagctgc tggttagtgt ctggtgtctg cccccctaga     60060
     ggactggact gcagctggtg gttagtgtct ggtgtctgcc cccctagagg actggtctgc     60120
     agctgctgaa ttgtacttgg tgtttgctat gggactgaac tgctgcccaa gaagatctag     60180
     ctcaccccta aagaattatt gctgaaccgg tccatttcac ccatatccta ataacttttc     60240
     tcttccactg cctctgctgg gttgtaggct agaggagagg ttggaccctt attaagagta     60300
     ggttgcagcc gggcatggtg gcacacgcct ttaatctcag cactggagag gcagagacag     60360
     gcagatttct gattcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gctccaggac aaccagggct     60420
     acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtagg ttgcaaaaaa     60480
     tttatgccta ctcagagagt aaaagtcctt gccaagctat tgtgcaagcc tgtaacctaa     60540
     gttcgatccc aagaacccac ataaaggcga aagtgaacca gctctacaaa actgtcctct     60600
     gatcttccct ttctgtcgta gtgtgtgtct ctatgtgcct gcgtgtgcac tgaggaaaga     60660
     aaataccgtg gccagtaagt gatcggaaag atacgcaggc tagaaaaaag aagccttagc     60720
     atgggccttc tgtcttgtct ccattcatgg attcctgggg ttagtatggg aacaccaggc     60780
     ctaagccatc acagcattat catgccaaaa tgctcctgca caaacaggct ctctgctcga     60840
     aaagggcaac actggacaca gtggccgtgt tgctaagcaa ccgactcagt caacagaacg     60900
     gaatcgctgt ggtacgcccc ttccgctggc aggaagtgac gcacagttca ggtgggccga     60960
     actaaggggg ggggtcacag cctctctggg gcggggccta ctgcggggcg ggcctcctgg     61020
     gtgggcccag tgggggcgtg gcacgctgcc ctcggggccg ggcggaccgg ggtgcgccgg     61080
     ggaggggcgc tgctgtccgg cgtagtctgt actcctgttc agccgctgtc ctcccgggaa     61140
     ccttggggat gtggatcccg gattccaggg accgcagttg agccagcctc gccagtcctg     61200
     taccacttgc tgaggagcag gatctcgcgg acaggtccga gagcaggtca ggatcggact     61260
     aggtaactct taacgcgcga gctggttccg gccaaagccg tctgcgttcg atcgcccgga     61320
     gctagtgggg gccaggagcg ggtcccgcct ccacttgcag ctcacagcta aggtcggccc     61380
     cgcctgagct cccagagtag cagtgcacag ggcctggcac cctcaagcgt gctcaacttg     61440
     gccaaacaaa tctctgctcc gtcgtgtctg ttccctggag ggcgctgtgg tgacccggag     61500
     cgacaggggt tgacctacca gaggaacttt gtgctccggt ggacatgttc cttaaatcct     61560
     aacgctcttt gggccccgtg tgtttagtat cagtgagaat cagttcatgt tcttcaagtt     61620
     caggcccaag gcagtgaggt gggtacggtc aggagtggtt ggtgatgggg ttgtcttcat     61680
     attccaccct cacagttcta atgttctttt aaggccacca ccgcctcctg ctgccttgaa     61740
     ctggaagcaa tcttcctgcc tcattacacc gagctgtctg tttcttctct gtactggcgt     61800
     tttttcttac tccttccatt gcctccttgt attccttata tgttgcttta taacaaacaa     61860
     gaagtttatt ggtttatcct agcaatcttt atcctaggtg tggtggtgga tttctgtaat     61920
     cccagaagtt gaggctgaga catatgaatt tggagtttga gataagcctg ggctacaata     61980
     tgcggtcttc cccaaatgca caaaataaaa caacctttat tagtcaacac tttctgtggg     62040
     tagggaatca gtctacctgg gtgatgatgg cccagtaact ctcgccaagt tgggggatcc     62100
     aaatccaaga tagtggactc aaaagaccag tggcaggagt cctcattgtt ttctgttggt     62160
     atctgccttc cctcagaaga gttatctgta agggaagtgg ggcgataggg agtgatagaa     62220
     accactgtca ttatgaccca gtttgcaaag tctaactccc ccctccacat tctttttgta     62280
     ttactaggta cataggaggt gggtacagca gagcttatga aatgagtgtg tgcatgcaag     62340
     agtgagtgta ggtgtagtgt gtcaaggaca gtgacctgta ggggctctcc ctcctctata     62400
     tgggttccag agaatcctct tgtcacaagt cttccagtgg tggaattttg tgtcaccatc     62460
     ccagaaccct actaaccgac ctagcacccc agctcctcac ctccccagct ccccaactct     62520
     cttttgggaa tggagttttt tgagacaaat tttgctttta tccctggctg gcctggaact     62580
     catggtatag accaggctgg cctcaaacca gaggtgagcc tctttgctct ttcaagtact     62640
     agggtctcag atatatgcta ccaagtccag cttgtgaatg ttatgttttt tttctagaat     62700
     ttatgtgtat aactctgttg cctggaaaag agagagagag aagagagaga atgtgagtga     62760
     gtgagagaga gagagagaga gtgtgtatgc acacaccatg ggaatgcctg gtgcccatgg     62820
     aggttagaac agggtgttgg atcctccaga actggagtta cagatggttg tgagccaccg     62880
     cgtgagtgct ggggactgaa cctgtgaacc agcttgccag ccccttgtga ttatatttta     62940
     aaatcctgct actgaccatg cctgtggggg aagggtgcct actccctgta attacagcac     63000
     aagtttccac atcgcattca catgagcttt agctttgtga gaatgactgg ggcttttccc     63060
     agggaaggga agcattcagc accccagcat gacgttggac acttggaaga gcagacttcc     63120
     ctgtagaaaa tggaactagg tagctgggtg tggtggcaca cgtctttaat cccagcactc     63180
     gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc     63240
     caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa agccaaaaac caaaaaaaaa     63300
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaaa agaaaatgga actaggactg gcgagatggc tcactgactg     63360
     ctattccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat ggtgtctcac aaccatctgt     63420
     aatgggatct gatgccctct tctggggtgt ctgaggagag caacagtgta cttacatata     63480
     aatgaaataa gtaaatcttt taaagaaaga gagagagaaa gaaagaaaga actaatcttc     63540
     cagagaaaag catggtaata ggtgttgtca tctaactgac atcctgtgtt tacaattggc     63600
     atttaaagtc acctgatcct gtaaggtttt tctaatgtgt ttatgaacac atgtgctagt     63660
     aaatagctct cccgagagag gctgatgacc acattaagga catgtattca gttcgtgcct     63720
     cagtctattt tctgccagct accactcact ctgctttgtc cttggggggc ggggcatgat     63780
     gggggatggg gaagcaagga caattgtgtg ctcttacgtt tctggaactc tctgtggaga     63840
     ggacccagag cagtgtgaga ggcaactaag ccacaatgct gtaaagcatc ataggaaatg     63900
     tcccagtaga ttctgggcac atctgggctt ttacagatac agtaggagca agtagagggg     63960
     gaagggcaga tgaagggaca ggtgcagagc tacagcacga tgggacatgg gaaggatgac     64020
     actagacaga cagacaggaa ccaaggatgg aaagacctgg tgttatccag ggtgttgact     64080
     ttgttccaaa gtggcgatga gtcattttgg aatggtaaaa ggagtaacat gaccagcaga     64140
     tattttggaa acatttaaga aagctccagg attcactgtg agaggtttta aaatgtaacg     64200
     tatgtggtgt ctgggaggcg cctgcaccga gggctgctga gacagcagca ggtaagtgcg     64260
     gccgtcacca agcctgctga gctgactttg atccctagat cccactagga gattgaggag     64320
     agcaccaact cctgcaagct gtggtgactt ccacacgtga tctttctatg tcaagtgtga     64380
     gcccgtaccc tatacacaca catcaagtaa aatgaaataa agaggcggag ccagattgac     64440
     aggttagatg agatagaacc tacagggctt attaagtgtt ccaaaattta ccatggattt     64500
     cactcaaaat tgatcttcac accaagcata tggacttggt gtgatgtgtt tctaatctcc     64560
     tttgtaaact ccttcttgga gttttaagtt gtcatgatat aacacacacg ggaaatgctg     64620
     aattctacct aataaccaga aaattgatgc tgacagttgg tgtgactcat ctctggagtg     64680
     cagtgtacag tagaatgttc agaggttggg catgtgggag aagtgtgcta gctcctcact     64740
     ggttatctgt tgactttagt cttggtagtt agttcacaga gctggtgttc tctgcttttg     64800
     tgaatgtata gatatgtaca ttataaaagt ctttttaaaa aatgataaag cagtcaggct     64860
     tggaggctcc agcctataat cttatctttg cggaggtaga gatatgagtt tgaggtcagt     64920
     ctcagctaca tagcaaactg aaggctagcc tgggttatga gaccctgtgg aaaaaaaaaa     64980
     caaaaaccag gaaacaacaa aagaagataa gcatggccgg gcgtggtggc acacgccttt     65040
     aattccagag ctcgggaggc agaggcaaaa gataagtaaa ttgagccaat gctttaagca     65100
     aatgaatgca aaattagtta taatttatct taatagtttc cctactaaat acaggaatga     65160
     aaaggaataa taccgattga tgggggaatt gcaggaaata agtctaatct agacttcagg     65220
     gaaaagttta ttccttgggc taatcagtaa gacctacctg aggctgtttt tcatccaagc     65280
     atcaggtctg tgtgtgctgg gaaattttgt gtttcagtca gggaaccatg accttaaaat     65340
     ttgtttccct tggagaactg gctgaggctc tgcccttgtt ttgagattgt gctttgtgaa     65400
     gagagtcaat ggtggttccc tgtaaacaac tgaacactaa ctatctttgt ctcctatctg     65460
     cttggctcag ctagaaaacc gggtgctgcc tggctggttt ttgtgggtgt ctctctcaag     65520
     catctcctat tggaatgcag ttagagtaga gggagcagtc ctggaggtgg cacagccaca     65580
     cagtgtaaaa gacatccttt gttcttcgtc tgctgctttt gtaaccttgg ttatcctgga     65640
     actgagtttg aggccagtct ttatcattat tattattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt     65700
     cttcagacac cccagaggag ggcatcagat ctcattatgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt     65760
     ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggacctttg gaagagcagt cgggtgttct tacccactga     65820
     gccatctctc cagccccttg aggccagtct tgaattcaga aatccacctg tccccaattt     65880
     ctgagattac agccacatcc agcttgttct tggttttttg tttatttgtt ttgttagttt     65940
     tatcttttgt ttgttttttc agatagggtt tctctgttta acagtcctgg ctatcatgga     66000
     acttgttttg tagaccagtc tgccagtctg gccttgaaca cacagagatc agcctgcctc     66060
     tgcctctgct gggaatcaag gtgtgtacca caatgtctaa cttccatctt gttttttaag     66120
     agcctttgct attttttttt tgttttgttt tgtttttggt ttttggagac agggtttctc     66180
     tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagagca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa     66240
     atgcacctgc ctctgcttcc caagtgctgg gataaaaggc gtgagccacc accgcccaac     66300
     tgagcctttg ctagttatag ccaaggctga atttcaactc cctatgatcg tatgtgtgtg     66360
     tgtgtgtggg ggggggtctt tcaattcctg atgtttacca tcatgtccac atggtaaata     66420
     caatttttat ttatttttgt gtatactgtt aggctctaga ataaggagat gaattatctt     66480
     gctcatcttt ttgttcaaag acttgttcct tataatcttg tgcccattat gatttcaatg     66540
     atatttgagt atccactgtg tgtatgtggc ttatgggaca ctgtagatgt ctttctgccc     66600
     taaaacagct attgatatgg cagaggatga gtgtgcacag gatgctttga gtggaaggtg     66660
     tgccacagta atagaatgct agcctagcat gtgcaaggcc ctgagttccg tgtgtgtgtg     66720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtcctctct ctctctcctt ccctccttcc ctctctccct cttcccttct     66780
     tctctccctc cctctcattt taaaagaaat atactaggta tatttctgga gtaggatgag     66840
     attaaccatg gtcaatagag tcaaaccaaa ctgactttat tctccttaag ctgaaagttg     66900
     aatgaaatgg agggggtaga tccagactct gtgtgtgaga gagcatgtgt gtatgtatgt     66960
     gtgagagagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgagc tcatgggtgt     67020
     gggggggtgt gagctccggt gtggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg agagtgtgtg     67080
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtccc tttactttta tatatcagta aaattgccat tgccatttgt     67140
     tctgctgacc tgggatttca aaccttccat aagtatgaag caaacagaat cagattcgtt     67200
     attttatttt cagttgtcac ggacttagaa actcagagcg cttggggaaa ggggaagcat     67260
     attttatttc ttttctgcac ctcccatgtt tatgagctga aggagctatt gcacaatttt     67320
     attgttctgc ctcacaatca acctttttac tcaggtcctg atagcgtgtg tgcgtggaca     67380
     ggcgtggcag cctcaggaac ttgactgtag ttttctgata gtccacagtg ccagggtatg     67440
     atcagcttca aaagccgtca taggaacaat cttgctgcag agccacggcg ctttgtttga     67500
     tgtgtgcaga gcctagggtt gggatgctgc tcattagatg cttgtctgcc gtgaacacag     67560
     cactggtttc cacccctaat tcccagtgcc tcaatatgta tgtgtataca tatctatcta     67620
     tctatctact atctatctat ctatctatct atctatcgat caatcgcgca tatgtgtatg     67680
     tttgtacatg ttcatgagtg tgcattggga ggttaaatgg agatcaggta tctttctcag     67740
     gtcttccctc ccacgcttta tgttgtgcac gtgagtgctt ttttgtgtat gtctgtgcac     67800
     tgcatgagtc cctggtgccc ctggaggtca gaagagagtt ggagcccctg gacctggact     67860
     tacagatggt tgtgagccgt ctgtcatgca tgtgctggga gtggaacttg catcctctga     67920
     agagcagcag caaatgcacc ttattaactg ttaacacact tttctgtttc catgtaactg     67980
     tagcacttgt tgaaacgaag gcaacttcgc gtccgaggga ggctgatgca cttctttatt     68040
     tttactatga aattgaggtc acgctgaggt cacgtgcctt tacttccagt gcttgggagg     68100
     tggaggcagg agcctttctg tgacctcaag gccaacttga gctacttagt gagttggagg     68160
     ccagaaaggg atgcacgata agatcctggc tcaaaaataa attaaaaaaa aattaaaaat     68220
     aaagattgag gtatagtatc gcacaccttt gatcccagca gtcaggagtc agaggtaagc     68280
     agatccctgt gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagtgaa ttaaggacag tcagggttat     68340
     gtagagactg tctcaaaggt agtttgaata ttcaacactc caaaacagtt catcttcaga     68400
     actcgctggg ttacgtgata ttttgatttt gtaaatgctg tatttatatt tgcataaatg     68460
     cataataaaa atgctagaag tatgtttaga gccatctaag aaattataga aatgtagtcc     68520
     taatgtagaa ctaggattct ttttttgggt ttttttgttt tgttttgttt gttcgtttgt     68580
     ttgtttgttt cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctgac tgttttggaa ctcactttgt     68640
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccatg tgctgggatt     68700
     aaaggcgtgc accaccacgc ccagctggga tcgtttgttt caatggctag ccctgaactt     68760
     gctatgtagc caaaactaat cccagtctgt atgctttcca cccctatctc ccaagtgctg     68820
     ggattataag tgtttaccac taaaccttgt cttgtttttc taataaccaa atgtccagac     68880
     tctagttgtt agtgtaagac tctgcagagt cttagggaca gtactggctg gaatccatac     68940
     caggttttct tagccaggtc ttgggaagct ctgtctggtc ctccaggtat ttgtaatgac     69000
     cacagcaaag gaaaacagta ataccttcct ggcagtaatg aacacatctt cgaaccagtc     69060
     tcatagtgcc tgtttgcaaa tctgagtgaa atatgagctg gctggctttg gctttgttcc     69120
     tctttaggcc tttaataacc atctttattt gtggatgtct gagtggagtc caccaagaaa     69180
     gtccttaggg atttatttta tgggtgccat aaaggaattt ctcagcagtc tttcattttc     69240
     aaggactttc ctttccaagc taaacctgca ttcacccttt tttgcagcag ggaattaaat     69300
     cctctgtgga gagtgcttgg ctacgaaggc actgactgtc ccttccctgt ttaagctgtc     69360
     accaggttcc agtctgggtg aattgtggtc ttcatctttg ctctcagcac tgagtatttt     69420
     gggggcccca ttgctgatga gtcaggctgt attgtttttc tccactctga aaatggaagt     69480
     aactgcagag ggtggctttc aagaagccag taattatttg ggaataaaga gttgcagcag     69540
     gccagtggct tggcaattct tagactatgt ccctgagtta ttgaaaagcc cctctattaa     69600
     cgataccctt ccatccacaa gcaaagcaaa acaaaaggct actgtctttg gagcaaaaca     69660
     gcctcatagg agagggctta gaggcgttgg ctgaggcgcc cagggcagct gctgcttcct     69720
     cctgaactcg ggtgaacctc tgactccacc tcttgtgaag ggttcccctt gctttttaaa     69780
     attatgttct gtttggaact cattatgcaa tcaaaaggta ttgtaaaaac agtctagtgt     69840
     tttcttgact ttcctgtacc tgggtggtaa tgtcttatgc acgaaactgg acatcttgct     69900
     ttctgcagga agtcatttgt tgtacagcgt ctgagacttt atctcatcag cccaccagcc     69960
     tcacggccgt ggtctgtgtg catgcgtgac tgcgtaaagc atcactgcag gtggtgctga     70020
     tgtgcccagc ctctacatcg ggatgccagt ctgtaccctc aggacagaga cattccctgt     70080
     ctatttcacc cacccttacg cctggcagaa aaggaagact tgtcactggc cactactctg     70140
     ctgcagtgaa cagtggagcc gtgtagtttg ctcttagaaa ctcagcccag gcagtgtttc     70200
     tgggaggaac aaatgttgaa catcattcat tgtcttttag tgagggagaa gaaaggcggc     70260
     ctttttctat cttgtacgac tcaggtgcat tttagggata aacattattt tacttccttt     70320
     aggcctagag tcttgcccag tgcttagttc tttagttttt ctctcagaac agaaacttaa     70380
     aaagaaagat cacaggggct agagcgatgg ctcagtggtt aggagaactg actgttcttc     70440
     tagaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc atatggtggc tcacaaccat ccataatgag     70500
     atctgatgcc ctcttctggt gcagctgaag acagctacag tatacttaca tataataaat     70560
     aaataaatct taaaaaaaaa aggaagatca cagtgcacgt cagagcaaac tgcagcttct     70620
     accgcatgcg ctgctcggcc ctgacaggaa gagactgcca atacctgtga atacttgggt     70680
     gggcctcatt atactgaaca gaaaaaacaa cttcaaagtt cacacgccgt gatctactta     70740
     tgcagtgttc tctgaagaca atatttagaa atggagagtt cagcagggct tggtgagcgc     70800
     gcctgccttt aatggtagca cttggaagga tcaggaactc aaggtcaccc ttgactatgc     70860
     aggcagttcc agactagtct aacctgagta cctttattga gagagagaga gagagagaga     70920
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaaa gatcagcaaa taaaagtacc tgtcacaagc     70980
     ctggtgactt gagtctaacc tgtgcaagcc ataggaggaa agaacctttc tttttttttt     71040
     ttttttttct tttcttgttc ttgtatttca tgacaggatt tctctctgta gccctggctg     71100
     accttgaact cagagatcca cctgcctagg catcctgagt tcgagtctgg cattgaaggc     71160
     tttcatcagt gctgcctggc tcctgttttg ttttgttttt ggttttctct tttcttttct     71220
     tttcttttct tttcttttct ttccttttct tttcctttat tttcttttta attagaattt     71280
     gtgggactgg agaaatgact taggggttca aagcaccagc tgctcttcca gaagatccag     71340
     gttttatttc cagcgtccac atggcagctt acaaccccct gtagcttcag ttgcaaggat     71400
     ccagcactgt cttctggcct ccaagtatat gctatacaca cactacaggc aggcaaacac     71460
     tcatccacaa aaaacaaagt tttaaacttt ttaaaaatta tgtgtgttgg gctggagagg     71520
     tggctcagcg gtgaagagca ctgtctgctc ttctagaggt cctgagttca attctcagca     71580
     accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat aggatcagat gccctcttct ggggtgtctg     71640
     aagacaacta cagtgtactc atataaataa aaaatagata aatctttaaa aaaaattatg     71700
     tgttaagttt caaatctggg actagtggct gaggtgccta tttaacatat taaatcagac     71760
     ctggcctcca ggttctccca gcatccccca atccctacct gttgcaggat atggctagca     71820
     tacccacctt ctatgctgct ctccagccca ggggctgggc tgccctcccc caaaaggctc     71880
     ttccctgtgt aatgcagcca tttcacttac ctaccccttt ggtacctttg gcctcctggc     71940
     tgctgcactc tgttcccctc tgtcctcttt cccctctccc atagggttca tggtcatgac     72000
     cactctcgac tcttccagat gtctctgccc ctggctatgc tctcccacgt atctgtaagc     72060
     cactttctcc tccatcatac ctgggagtgg ctgtgtcctt tcctttcctt tttaattccc     72120
     cttttttttt ttatcagtgc gtatggggtt tttgctttgt ttgcctgcgt gtatatctgt     72180
     gaaccacaca catgcaggac ccaaggaggc cagaagaggg cactggatcc cctggaaccg     72240
     gaggtttagt tgtgagctgc catgcaggtg cttggaactg aactcgggtt ctccacagga     72300
     gcatcgagta tccttaactg ctaagccatc tttccaggtg cgctctctct ctctctctct     72360
     ctaattttat ttaacaatct aagaagtttg cggcaatcag cagttccagt gcagttggga     72420
     attcaagaat gtcagtggag ctcagtggag ctgttagtat agggaccttg taggtaaaac     72480
     acatgcacat gtgagggact cttctaaaat tgacctcctt ggtttcatcc ttggcaaact     72540
     gacctggacc accccacatg gcctttattg tccctgatgt tagtgcatgt tctcttttca     72600
     caataaattc atggccaccg gaagatgttg atttcacata cacagcatca gggtcttcac     72660
     agccaccaca ggtcttctcc tctccatccg ttatgttctt acaaaattct atttgagccc     72720
     agaggaactt tagtagtttc ctggcgagat ggagattcgg tctgctatta acttgcatct     72780
     gaaggaagtg caagaagcaa ctcttaaatg ttgtcttctg atctccacat gctctgctac     72840
     atgtgcctgc attcagacac acaacaataa taagtgataa ataatttttt tttctttttt     72900
     tgttttttga gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga     72960
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaga     73020
     ggtgtgtgcc accaataccc agcttaatga taaataattt taaattaatg tttaaaatgt     73080
     taaaatggga atgtcactgg gcaggtatgt atttgacaga ctgtttagaa agttaaaact     73140
     aaaataaaga ttaaaaaaaa aaatcaaact attgaagtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac     73200
     cacagcggca gtgtgctcat agacataaaa taaataaata tttaaaaata tttcttaaaa     73260
     aatcaaacta ttagagacaa attaggaaat aatttagata caaataagga aataaaacaa     73320
     gcattaaaat gaagaagctt aacatacctc ctcggcccgg ctgaggcctc tgcctctggc     73380
     tatgctctcc cacacgacca cctcaccgct ttaccattct gtgtgtgtgc tcatgcgtgt     73440
     tcatgttggg gggggcatgg aaagcagagg ccagcctcta gtgttctcca ggagctgtcc     73500
     tttttgaagg ccaaagccgg gacctgctgc tctctattct gactaggctg cctcgccagt     73560
     gagccttggc gcccacctga ctccagctcc ctactgcagg gttacaaagc ttgcttagct     73620
     ttttaattgc atctggaggg ctcatacttg accggctagc actctgctgg ctgacctacc     73680
     tactcagctt cctctcctcc ccccttcccc ccctcccccc ctttcttcct tctttgtttt     73740
     tctactttaa gacagtctct catgaagctc acttatgtag ctcatggtaa ttcactataa     73800
     agagaaatct gtccttgaac tcacagagat ccccctgcct ctgcttcctg tatgctggga     73860
     gtaaaggcgt gtgccaccac atgtggcctt ttcttgtagt tttcagacag ggtttgaggt     73920
     atttagttag cataaactca ttgtattgac aagcacagcc ttgaacctct agtgctcctg     73980
     cccagtgcct gccgggtgct ggcatcacat gggtcagcca cgcgtgactt ctctcaggaa     74040
     atgaagaaat ggaggaaccg tttctactgt cattttgttc cataatcttt actgtagtga     74100
     atatgtaatc ctctttcctt ctgtctcaca aggatttatc gaaaaagctg cttaccatgt     74160
     ttttagcggc cttcctaatg cttctatgcc aaatgccttg catagtgctt taatgtaata     74220
     actgatgggg aagtgtctag gtaaatttgt tgttttgttt acaagacaat atgcaaaccg     74280
     tttgcttgtc tgagccagta ttccaaagtc ttgaccctcc cccctcaaca cagcactcat     74340
     gtctcctctg tggcacactc acactcagct cagcccccag atggaggctg agtaacatgg     74400
     aatcatgact ctttctcttt cagaggtcac aacaggatta aaactacagc tcgcagcatg     74460
     ctaaacatgt accctgtgtc tctaagctac acctccagtg tgcctgtgag ctggtgcttt     74520
     ctccttctct ctctgtctct gtctctgtct ctgtctctgt ttcccagact gcctgaagac     74580
     ttcatttaca aacttgctat gtaaaaaatg atggtgctga tggctgtgtt cctggtcact     74640
     gtccctccac ccttcaattg ctgggattgc agacatgcac tgtcttgtct gggccatgaa     74700
     caactgttca tttatatatc ttttttaaat ttatgtttta ttttattgca tatgggtgtt     74760
     gtgactgcat gtgtgtccgt gtcacacatg catgcagtgc ccatggaagc caggactata     74820
     gttgtggggt cagtggagac cactgggctc ctgtacggga aaccctcgct ctggtctcta     74880
     gtatcacaaa taataactct ccatccctgc gtccctgtca caagcttgcc tcttggtccc     74940
     aggttctggg tttgctgggt ttccaggcca ccgtcacttg gcccgagagt ctagtgagaa     75000
     ggttcagctt tggcctgaca tggacatggc catcagcaac aagtgagtga gtcccacttt     75060
     ctaggcctca gtgtcccatc tgtaaagtgg gtgtagctgc tgccatgtcc catcacctga     75120
     gggcaggaca aagcagttgg cctgtgtcag ggactctgag gactccttca atgcccaagc     75180
     aaagtaaggc cttacttccc ctcagccaca cacactgcac tagtgcttcc tgtagaaact     75240
     gattttcaca tgagactaaa ccctgcaggc aagtggaggc actgtcttag tgttcctcac     75300
     tgtatcgtcg tcgtcatcac cctgtgtcca ctcgcgcaca gaccacagag catgtgtgac     75360
     aggcagagag cagagcatgt gtgacaggca gagagcaggc ttgtgcagta agtaccttta     75420
     ccactgagcc atttctacaa ccatatttat gatttaaaaa aaattttaag tgctgggcat     75480
     tgaacccctg gcctcttgaa tattaggcaa atattctgac attgagccac agctacaaac     75540
     cccacacatt ttctttattt ctttttttgg gggggggggg ctgttctgga attcactcag     75600
     tagaccaggc tgaactcaga ctctagagct ctgcctgcct ctgcctcctg agtgctggca     75660
     ttgcaggatg agccatcaca tccctccccc acctctcgtt ttagtatcta caaactttta     75720
     aagatttaaa gttttacttt atgtctgtaa atgttttgtc tgaaaaaaaa aaagatgtgt     75780
     atgcctgctg gatcctctgg gactgtggtt atagacaata gtgaaccact gtgtgggacc     75840
     agaaatcaaa ctttggtaag ctacccctct agcctgcatc tacgaatata tagatttgta     75900
     atgaatttat atattttaat agtgaatatg tgattactgc aaaacccaca aatgctcttt     75960
     taatggttac cagcacacca ggagtgaacc tcacacctaa tctcaacact caggaggcag     76020
     agaggcagag agtcgcagag gcagagaggc agagacagag aggcgcagag gcagagaggc     76080
     agacaggcag agaggcagag aggcagagag gcagagaggc gcagaggcag agaggcagag     76140
     aggcagagag gcgcagaggc agagaggcag aggcgcagag gcgcagagag gcagagcaga     76200
     ggcgtagaga ggcagaggcg cagagaggca gaggcaggta gatctctaag tttgaggcca     76260
     gcctggtcta tataagaact tgctggatag gcaggcaggg ctacatagaa aggatcttta     76320
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaggggagg ggtggggaag gagtaagaat     76380
     caaagaaaag aaagaaatca ggcccatcat gtactaccat gcctgattgt ggttgagttt     76440
     tttttaacta cattgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtttgt     76500
     gtgcatgtgc cacagcacat gtgtgaataa tgtcagagga caagttggca agagctgatt     76560
     actctcccta ctgtgtgaag cagcccaggg atcaaactta gactgtaaag cttgatagca     76620
     agggtttgcc caatgagcct cctaatgacc cccattatgg gtttgtttgt tttttttttt     76680
     tcggagatct tgtgtagcca gctttagatc tgctgtatag gtgagcatgg ctttgaactt     76740
     gtgatgcttt tgcctctgcc tcccctggat cccaggcata tgctgccatg cccagtgcat     76800
     gtggtgctgg gctgcgcatc agacccggga attctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     76860
     tctggttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctgac tgtccttgaa ctcactctgt     76920
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctaggatt     76980
     aaaggtgtgc atcaccacca cacctggcca aactcgggga ttcttgagtc caggcaaaca     77040
     ccctaggcag ttcagctctg tgctcggctg gcctttgatt gccccaggtt attacaatgt     77100
     gccgcaggct cagagacaac acttcattgt cggcatggga aaagctaggt ggttagctgg     77160
     cgatatggaa gagtcactgt catctcaggc acagggaggc cctgacgttt tgccaatttt     77220
     aaattctacc tgtggtcagg aggcttttct gctcagcttc ctctgttgct ttgactcctc     77280
     ctgctgtttc tacttgaaag ctttgtctac tcgaaagctt tgtcttcttc aaggcaggaa     77340
     atggcacccg caaccccttc cccagacatt aaccctctga gtgaattctt gagtcagggt     77400
     ctcactttgt tgaataggct ggctccaaac ttctgagctc tagcattccc ctgcctcagc     77460
     ctcccaaata gttgggattc ttgctggatg ccttggagtc tgccaaaata caatattttt     77520
     ataattttct agtttaactg tcctccttct gttaagccac ttattcctaa taataaaggc     77580
     atcgatagtc ctaaatagaa aaagaaaact aaataagtaa acaaaaatgt tacttaccta     77640
     ggcatagtag tgagtacctg ttatcccaag tcctttcacc ccagtacttg aaatgctgag     77700
     gctggcagat ccctgaacta cacgccagcc agggctacac agtgggacca gctcaaaaaa     77760
     attcacaaat acatagcatg ttcacattta atctctttgg agtttatgct gattgactgg     77820
     gattttactt tattgaggat ttttatttga tttctgtcag gatcacacaa ggatagccta     77880
     ggctagcctc aaactcattt agtagtgagg atgacttaat cctcttaccc tcccccttcc     77940
     tcctcccagg aggctatcac cactgacttt actgagaatt ttttttttgt tttttgtttt     78000
     ttgttttttg tttttcgaga cagggcttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggcactcac     78060
     tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc gggagtgctg     78120
     ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac catgaccagc gagaattttt taaaaatttt tatttattta     78180
     tttatttatt tatttattta tgtcatgtat gtgagtattc tgtcaatgtc ttcagacaca     78240
     ccagaagatg gcattggatc ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg atgtggttgc     78300
     tgggaactga attcaggacc tttggaagag cagtcagtgc ctttaactgc taagccatct     78360
     ctctagccct ttactgagaa tttttaagct agtttttctt gttttgtttg ttcaagacag     78420
     ggtttctctg tgtaacagtg ctggctatcc tagaactccc tttgtaggtc aggccagcac     78480
     ctacctttag cccagtagca gatgattctc tgtgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctatata     78540
     atggtaccag gccagtcagt attttatagt gagaccctgt ctcaaaacta ccacccactc     78600
     caaaagggaa acaaacaaac aaaaaaaacc aaacaaacaa aaggaaaaga ggggtcgtgg     78660
     tacagctcag agtttgcttg ctatggctag cgtacgcaag gtcttggggc tcagtcccca     78720
     gaaccatgtg tgtgtgcttg cacacacaca tatacacaca ttcaccaaca gtaaagttta     78780
     gtgtcttgag gtctgtactt ggagcaacaa gtttcctgag aattgccaaa aagcaggact     78840
     cagacacaag ctggatgagc tgattcaagg aaggcctcct cctcttcctc tgtgggcctc     78900
     tcctggttgg cggtaaggac gtgagtctcc actgtgaagt gtggagagat atatccattc     78960
     tctgattgca gtgaaccata gtggctaagt tagtggtgcc taatggggat ggacaaacaa     79020
     gggcaggctc tgcacagcct tctccacctg gctgctcttg ggagaccctg agagaacatt     79080
     attcatggtc ctgactcaga cctcaccctg ggggctatta gataatatgg ggcattgcat     79140
     caggtggctg tagtgtggat tgctgtagca ggacctgctg cagtcatctg acctgaaatg     79200
     cgtttacgga aggctttaca acccttaggt ctgcctgggc ttatgaagac aaagcccccc     79260
     aagaccaatg agcagataga tgccccagca gttggccagg atcatctgtt gaacaccccc     79320
     tcaggtactc caccgaccag gtaggtctgg gaaatgtgga ccttgaggac agatgggctg     79380
     tgtttccaaa ctcctagcac cctggctgac agccagtgtg tgaggatctt tgttgtattt     79440
     gagaccgggt ctggttctgt agctagtctg accttctaca aggacagtcc ccctgcttca     79500
     gcctcccaaa tgccagtatt gcaggtatga accgccatgt ttggcttggt gtatgaagct     79560
     tgtctacgca gcaccaaaga tgctctggct tctgacaggt gatgatggca gccaagctgg     79620
     ggctggtggt tccagcctag agtgtaaagc ttctagagcg ttaaagacag aatccaagtg     79680
     tcaacatgca gcttctcttt tggtgctctt agcttttgtg tcacgtgttc cttccctgag     79740
     tccgtggtgc tgctggccga agctctgctt ttctccaggt cctctgcttc cctgtgggcc     79800
     ctgctgttga cccgtgccag gtgcagctgc tgacttttcc cctggtaatc tttccatgca     79860
     gcccgctgcc ccgccccgcc cgtctcaagt gccccaactt aatgaggtgc caggcgtgac     79920
     tcagtgtttg attttccttg tgtccagctc attgcctttg ataggaatgc ctcctctgac     79980
     cttcaagaag agagcactca gtactcagga gcatgcacac agttttgttt gcgatggaaa     80040
     gtattccata ccacatgatt gtcgcccctg aacagtgggg agcgtgagct tgaggccagc     80100
     ctgagttgca gagtaagacc cgatctcaaa acaaaacaaa accatggggt ggagaagttg     80160
     ctcggctgtt aagtagttgc tgttcttcca aagaccaagg ttcaattcca agcacccaca     80220
     cttcagctct ccaccttatg taactctatt atcctagcac tagaatgcat caggataagg     80280
     tgaggccagc ctggactaca taagaccctg tctcagaaca aataaacatt tttattgtct     80340
     tctaaagtag atgtgcctct tttaccagtg aggaaattga ggtacagtca aatcagatca     80400
     ttgtctcagg tcacatactt aggagcaagg ttctgtgtcc ccagaacctg ttttcactct     80460
     agattcgttt gtgtatttgt ttgtttttct ttttgtttgt ttgtttattg tttattttgc     80520
     ctcaaaaagt gacatttatt caaagagaga gagagaaaaa aaaacctgaa acaaaacaaa     80580
     aataagatat ccatcccttg gctcccttcc ccgccccccc tccagctgtt cctctggcct     80640
     acgccccccg cccccaggat tgaaccctgg tctagggcta ggtaggagga cagcccctca     80700
     aacgaggtct gcaacgttga ggggcatctc ttcaatgcag gtgttgtaga cggtctcaat     80760
     gtctcgaaga gtcctcttgt cttcagtcac cttgttaata gccacaccct tacggccaaa     80820
     tcagctacct caaccaattc tgtggatgta gttggtggga aggctgtaat tgatggctaa     80880
     ggagacctgc tgcacatcaa tgcctctggc caacaggtca gtggtaatta atactctgct     80940
     agagccagac aggaactccc tcatgatcac attccttttg gtccctatct ccatgcatgg     81000
     aggaaaccgt gagataccgg gcatgcatct tctcagtgag ccagtccacc ttccttctgt     81060
     gttgatagag atgactgcct gggtgatggg cagtgttcca tacaagtcac actatgtgcc     81120
     atattgatgt agaactggcg gataccctcc agggtcaact cttctttctt gacaagaatc     81180
     cgaatagggt ctctcatgaa cttcttggtc acctcaagga catcagaagc cattgtagca     81240
     gacggtaaca aaactacctg tgtgttgctg tagagctttt ggaatatatc atagatctga     81300
     tccttgtccc tacggcttaa catttcaact gcttcgtcta gtacgaacgt cttgatgtat     81360
     ttgggagaca gtatctctgg ttaagtatat caagctcccg gtcagggctg cccatgatga     81420
     tatggggagc ttccatttgc agcttctgca cctcagcccg cacattggta cccccaatac     81480
     aggcatgacg agaggcaccc atgctgtctc ctaatgccac aaccaccttt tgtgtatcgg     81540
     tgcccagatg cttgcttcac agcagtcact aggcttgaat agtagcaaca ggcgtgcgtc     81600
     aggattttat gtgccctagg catgaaacag ctttggccac caagctaggc atcaagctag     81660
     gatgaacaaa ggcctgccat ctgctctgcc cctggctgat ataagaacaa caccacacat     81720
     aaggtgtctc tttgcccatt gccaggggtg tttgtttgtt tttcaagaca aggtttctct     81780
     tagtagccct ggctgttctg gaactctcag agatcagcct tcctctgcct cctgaatgct     81840
     ggtatcaaag atgtgtgcca ccactgtcca gcccagtatt aaagtaatta atattatttt     81900
     aatattattt taaattggca ctgaggaggc acaggcaggt ggatctctga gttcaaggta     81960
     aacctagtct tccatagtga gtttccatcc agccaagact aaatagtgag accttatctc     82020
     atgggaaaag tttcattaaa gttggagtct agatcttcag atgtggtgtg cagcttctgc     82080
     taccccacct gaactgggaa tggccacacc accagccccc acccagcttc ccttaaatcc     82140
     atggataaaa gacacagaca cacacattgt ttattttcaa cctgccttct tggcacagta     82200
     gctgggcatt attaaactcc cgagccagtg taccctaatc aatactctta gctccacacc     82260
     tcccacctgc cccaaactgt agttgctcag ttacatctag tccctgctaa acaccccgga     82320
     ctgctcgcct gtaggagcag cctgtgtggc cactctgttt tgagatctca catggctggt     82380
     caactctgcc tctccttcct tgcatctttt tgcttgcgcc cagggcccag acgtccccgc     82440
     ttattccctc tgcccagcaa ttggcccatg gcttcttctt ctttctttct tttttttttt     82500
     ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt     82560
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctggg     82620
     attaaaggcg tgcgccacca cacccggctc catggcttct ttactaacag atcaagagct     82680
     aattggtgaa caggacctta gcatcagaac cacccctaca ctatgggaca gactttttct     82740
     ggggaaacat ctatctaccc cagaaggggg tgagtaggtt tttcttggtt acaagcaaga     82800
     aaatgggtga gaggtcacag gagcagagaa gactgaaaag cagctgaaag ctgcccctaa     82860
     atcaggcagt gatacataaa atccctggct ccggagagct ctctctgcac agcttgtagg     82920
     cagcagcagg tctgagattt tcctgagcac ttggctggtc acagtctcct tccccaggag     82980
     ctatttactc cttctgtaaa gcttggaagg gtccttccag aaccttgcaa gtttccactt     83040
     tgccttccca tccctcctaa agagaatgtt tccatcagag cagtctgctt tctcacagat     83100
     ctcttggtag tccatttgtg agggtgttgg cttcatcaga ctggcacgca ccccctttcc     83160
     catctgcatg cctgatttag gagcaagtgg gtcctggcta aggaggacac tagcagacct     83220
     ttttgtgtga ggaagctgtg gtgtctggtc agccggagct gaaggatcag ctgtgactaa     83280
     caagagacca aaaccactaa agtagaacct ttgattacgg ggaaaattga tgctgatcag     83340
     ctggagctga gcagttggag gggattaaga agagaccagc ctcattgagg taaagtcttc     83400
     tggaaagtgt tacatcaggg ccagcaatca gaagctgtgt tccagaggca gtcaaggaag     83460
     gttgtacctt atgctggcac tactgagctg agcagtgtaa gagtcattag gtaaaaccgg     83520
     ttttgaaggc atgaagaggt catggagagc aactgaggct tggcgctgtg agaggcagct     83580
     gatgaaaggt gcagcctcag cagcagttga aggtccagga ttgaagggat catgcagaga     83640
     ggttgttagt gaaagtgcag cccagttgcc acagaagacc ccagcattgt ggagaagcca     83700
     ggtggagtgg agcctgtctg agcttagaag acaaactgtg tgtgctgcag aggactgagc     83760
     tggagacgtg acccaagccc cttggaggag cccagaagat ggtgaaagag ccccagacgc     83820
     tgggcttgag ttagtgacac tgttagtttg gtttcattgt gttcagatcg ggactttgcc     83880
     ctgctgcttc cctgtttcct ttgtttgctt gcttgtttaa tttcgtcttg agacaacgtt     83940
     tctctgcagc cttggcagtc ctgaaactct gtagaccaaa ctgattctat tgggatgata     84000
     agtgagtgtg ccgagcagtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactctg gaggcagagg     84060
     caggcggatt tctgagttcg agaccagcct ggtctacaca gtgagttcca gaacagccag     84120
     ggctacacag agaaagcttg tctcaaaaca aacaaacaaa acaacaaacc aaaaacaaga     84180
     aaaggaagga agaaaaaaaa aagaggctga gcaagccatg aggaggaagc ccgtgagcag     84240
     catcctccgt ggcctcagca tcatcagctc ctgactccct tcagtgccgg accacgatgt     84300
     ggaagtggaa gctaactaag taagccctgc ctccccatct tgcttttggc catggtgttt     84360
     catcacagca atggtaaccc ttattaagac agagacatca tctcaaaaca aaaaaacagg     84420
     acaggacagg agtgctgaga tggcctggga acttagatcc cctgaatcca cagaaggtag     84480
     aagagaagac ctgtctccat cgagttgtcc tcagagctcc atgctgtggt ggggatgcat     84540
     tcagacatgt acaataatac taataatgtg tttcctgtta gcaaagggca gtggggtggg     84600
     gcggatacaa ctaatttgcc ttgactcaaa gcagctcgct gccagcctta cccatttcat     84660
     ttcttaaaca gtggccacag ttaagctctg gaatgtgctc aggatgatgg acaacaagga     84720
     cttagaagct gaaatacacc ccttgaagaa tgaggacaag aaatcacagg aaaacccagg     84780
     aaacctacca agaaacgaag ataacttgaa gagcaagcct gtgccttccc gcttgtcccg     84840
     gtgccgcaca gtggcatttt tcctttccct gttcacctgc ctcttcgtgg tgtttgtcct     84900
     gtctttcatc atcccatgtc cagaccgtcc ctcctcacag ggcacgtgga agcttgacta     84960
     caacaatgca ggtgagcctg cggagggaca gcactcctca tcggggttcc agacccttcc     85020
     cttgccagta ccgtgacatg gtctttgaca gtcagcccta aggggccctg ggtttacctc     85080
     caaacctgga gattttagga gcctttaggg ggcttggaag cactctcgtg atcagctaag     85140
     taagcaaagg caggctcaca ggctttagtg gaaacagttc aatgaaacac aacctggctg     85200
     agggattaga gaaggcgcca tcagctctgg aaaactgtgc caggcagctg agtgctcctg     85260
     acatgaaagc tgaagcaaac tatactttat ttcctgccca tgaaattagc ctttaggaaa     85320
     aacagtggaa acagttctaa ttttttattt tattttttaa atttttattt agaggcaagt     85380
     tctcccttag cctcaggata gctttgtgta tctggactag tcctgaattc ctgcctccca     85440
     ccctaactgc caggattata ggaatgtgtg tgaaccacac ttggcttcat gtggcacagg     85500
     agtctgaacc cagggctccc ggaatggtag gaaatcactc taccaactga gctacagccc     85560
     tagtccccaa ctcctgctct cttaactaat ttattgccgg gcagtggtgg tgcacacctt     85620
     taattccagc acttaggaag cataggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc     85680
     tacagagtga gttccagggc agccagggct acacagagaa accctgactc aaaaaacaaa     85740
     acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa aaaaccaaga aaacaaaaca aattaattta ttacctaatt     85800
     tattcattta tttgaaattt aatatttcaa agtattcgtt tcctatagtt ataaagggac     85860
     ttttttgggt ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttcaagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg     85920
     gctgtcctgg aacacactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga attcagaaat ccgcctgcct     85980
     ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaagtgt gcaccatcac tgcccagcca ttttgaagtt     86040
     ttgagtgtga taaatgtcca acgtcacctt ctcaatgttt ggttttatta aaagctgctc     86100
     atctgagtcc taggatgcaa ggcagtacca ggcctcacta atggagcatg gctgtcagaa     86160
     tcccatgccg ccggacttgg aggaacgtct tctcaacaga tgttcagttt tctttcatgt     86220
     tatttatttt ttcacttatt atttgagaca agatctttct ttgtccccct ggctgacctg     86280
     gaactttctg tgcagatcag gctggcctca gactcagaga tctgcctgcc tctgaagaaa     86340
     ctgcttggac aagcaaggga gaccctgctc ttattggcag caggggtcct cacagtggca     86400
     agttgcacag tgggagcacc acaccagtca gagcattcag cttgaccttc ccagtgacgg     86460
     gcatggccca gggagcataa cttggggctt tcttttccag tcatgtacga cttcctggct     86520
     ctgggagaca taaacaagga caaggttcag gacgttcttt ttctttacaa aaataccaac     86580
     agcagtaaca atctcaccag atcctgtgct gatgaaggca agtcttgttc tgtctactgc     86640
     ggtggccaca tgggaagagg gctctttgtc ctggctcccc ttctcagtta gctttggatg     86700
     atggggattg agggaaccac ttcatcatat tttcctcttc atagattaga cgaggtaata     86760
     ctgttagctc ccttactcta cctggggcca ccaccagagc cccatgagga ccagggatac     86820
     ggggataata gaggaaacgg gctgtcatgt gcctgagaca cagaataagg aagacaggag     86880
     gtggcatgcg atagtttgag actgaccaag tggctgccac ctctaccttc caggcttttc     86940
     cactccttgt gcctttgtgg ttgcggtgtc aggagccaat ggcagcgtgc tctgggagag     87000
     acccgtggcc caagatgtcg cccttgtaaa gtgtgccatg ccacagacac tggacagtga     87060
     cgaggtgtct tctgcctgta tcgttgtggg aagagctggt tctttcgttg cggtcagctt     87120
     ttttacaggt cagtcacctg gggaaggttc ttggtggttc tcattggagg gttcagtcct     87180
     ggctctcacc caggggttgg tgacttggta ggaaccctcc aagtgagggt gtgaccattt     87240
     ggaagtcaat gacgtcacct catgctctgc catgttgcag cagtgtcttt gcaaccacag     87300
     tttgcgtctt gttatggatg ctggcagaga caattagtgt tgcctccttt gaggtaatag     87360
     ggctacctgt ttgggctgtg gagggcagga ctgagcctac agatgcccct ctgcgcctag     87420
     aacaagtctc tgagccagag gaagaaaggc atacccaccc agcttttata tgggttgctg     87480
     gggatctgaa ctctggtctt cacacttgcc tggagagtgc tttaaccact gagccatctc     87540
     cctgctttgc tgccttttta ggtttttgca aggtcccact atgtagccca ggctggcctt     87600
     ctacttgcaa caagcgtccc aaatgctggg attccaggca tgagctgcct tttcaagagg     87660
     ctgcctggct gtgcttgttc ttccttaaca aggatcttgg gctgcttgta catactcctg     87720
     tatctaagca gcctcaggct accagggatg agtgctcctg tgtgagtgtg ccattccttt     87780
     gtcatgggat ttggagccac tcactgtgtg tttggttcta ggagaaaccc tgtggagcca     87840
     tcccagcagc tttagtggga acgtttccat cctgagccct ctgctccagg tgcctgacat     87900
     tgatggtgat ggtgacggta ctccagacct cctgatcctc gcccaggagg gacaggaggt     87960
     gagcaacatg ttctcacgta ccctaggccc acttaacctc taagcccctt ctctacttct     88020
     catccacttc tccctaaaga gaatttgtgt gaccacccag cagtggctcc tcccggggct     88080
     ctgttctgaa gtccacacat gcaacatact gggaggctcc ttctctgcag gcagcttgct     88140
     ggccttcccc atgcaggatg cataatggcc atgtgtggtt ggtgtgagct ctgatcccac     88200
     agctgccatg cctcctcggc aggctgtgca gcacagtcac acattgttct gtgttgttca     88260
     ctctcttcaa agtctagacc cagtgaggat tgactgcctt ctcctctaaa ctcctttttt     88320
     tgtttgtttg tttttttggt tttttgagac agggtttgtc tgtatatagc cctggctgtc     88380
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctagcc taaaactcag aaatcctcct gtctcttcct     88440
     cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccactgccca gctcctctaa actcctaaag     88500
     ttccccttgc cctcccatgc attttgctct gtctctcccc tactgccctt tgctgtgcag     88560
     gtcagtggag ctctctattc aggtagcact gggtaccaga ttggccacag aggcagcctt     88620
     ggtgtggatg gagatggtgt cgccctcctt catgtgacca gaactggtgc tcagtatatt     88680
     ctcctgccct gtggtatgtt ggatgctgca ttcttgggat gctgggctga gcactgggtt     88740
     tggggctaga gaaagacgca tacaaagaaa ttggtgactg gtcatctgtg gccattcctg     88800
     ttcatgcgct gacacttaat caatagtcag gaagcccaag ggataaatca ggtgtggcac     88860
     aatgtggttc cagaagtagg gctgatggat gcacctggtc cccatggtga ctgtccttct     88920
     gtgttttgaa tagcaagtgc cctctgtggc ttctctgtga agagtctcta tgagagaatt     88980
     actgggcgag atggccattt taaggaagac ccctactggg agaacatgct caatcactct     89040
     gtccacagga ggcttctgca caggttggtt ggcatatttg tttagctatt ttattgggtt     89100
     ctgatatcta cttcccttcc aacccttatc taccctaacc cttccaaacc cccaacactc     89160
     ggtaggagag aaagaagggt agagggcaaa gggggagtat aactctatag gctacttcct     89220
     gctgattagg gatgtagggt tcctagggac gagtccagtc ttcctcatca gaatctccct     89280
     cgagccaaca aaccagcaat tcagtaaaca caacagcagg gagcagcagc aacaggggga     89340
     gcagcagcca ccacaggccc tctggaggct ctcccactta caccctctcc agagtcccca     89400
     gaattaaact atctgcagct ggcagagatc acatatatga cgcaaatcct agtcggctgc     89460
     tgtgaagcgg cctttatccc acacctgaga ttaaaacaaa aaatattcac ataattgggt     89520
     ttttaaagaa accaaaactt tcactgcaca ggtttgtctg acacacaggc cttagttagg     89580
     gacaaccttg tgtggggcac aggcccgctg ggctagggcc ttgcagtcct atgagaaact     89640
     ggcaaacaaa ggcagagaga gttgagacgg ctggggtggc tcatgatgag tgctcgcccg     89700
     gcatggttga gtcgctggct ttcatccccc agcagtgaag aagaatctcg gatgggagga     89760
     ccatccctgc tccacaaaca gaatttcatt ctttcaagcc agggaactga gaaacatggg     89820
     gatatactct gagggcctga gggaagccat ccccagcaga cctgtcttga agggcccatc     89880
     ccaaagacca catatgtctg cctctccacc ccacctcctt gtttagactt ggagcagttc     89940
     gctacctgat gaatatccca gggaaagctg gccaggactt gctccttgtg acctctgagg     90000
     cctgcgtgtt gctggatgga caggatctgg agcccaggtg gacccttggt gaagttcagg     90060
     ttctgaggtg tgtgcagtga ctgctgagcc tgctcagggc ctcagccagg cctgctggga     90120
     tgatggttaa tgggctggaa gtccagtgtt ctcctgcctg gactgggatc tgtccttcat     90180
     ccctggaggg gctgctgaaa ctgctggtca tgggtcccag cccttcatcc tgggtaccag     90240
     cccttcatcc tgggtcccag cccctcatcc tgggtcccag cccttcatcc tgggtcccag     90300
     cccctcatcc tgggtcccag cccttcatcc tgggtcccag cccctcatcc tgggtcccag     90360
     cccctcatca tgggtccgag cccctcatcc tgggtcccag tccctcactc tgggtctcag     90420
     tgtaggtagc tccatttcaa ttcaggagca tgcagccatg aaaacttcat ttcaagtccc     90480
     tctaccaaga ccttctatga ggtcttcttc cttaatcctt ccagaaaacc tatccttggc     90540
     cactacaaac ctgacacctt ggctgtggtc attgagaatg gaaccagcat tgatagacag     90600
     gtaggctggg cttcactgtg aattgagagt cgagcacaca gcactgagcc tgagactctg     90660
     ccctcagatg gcaaggtggt tcaaagagca gccctgtggc tggcatggct gggctacaca     90720
     tgaatatgta ggttgtggct gtctgccaag tgtccccacc ctccccagat cctacttctg     90780
     gacctcagta ctgggtctat cctgtggagc cagcccctcc caagcctgcc tgggggccca     90840
     ccatccacaa gcctgatgac tgcagaccac cgctcagcct tcttcttctg gggcctccat     90900
     gatcttgtga gcactaatga gatggtatga gatcacacgc tcaggaaata ccccatgttg     90960
     ggatccgagg ccagagggac cagacccaga tccccctgga agatgccagg gctggacttc     91020
     cagaagtctg ctgagtgtag tgcagacctg ttgggtgggg gtgcggggcc aagggggaaa     91080
     tatcctgaag ggccttgggg ctgttggaga aggatcttgg agataggagc agacctgtaa     91140
     tagggagggc aggtgcaggg aatgggagtt agccttatgg gggacactgg tagacatagt     91200
     tgtgaataag gtcacttgga tagcagcttc tgaaagtagc ccgagagctg cccaaaatag     91260
     ttccaggggt tcagaggcct gctgaggtgc ggctgtggcc tagatagtga caggtgagtg     91320
     tgacaccttg ctcctctcac gtcaggatcc cccggatgtg cagcacagtc tgtatatgtt     91380
     ccacccgacc ctgcctggca tcctgctgga gctagccaac gtgtctgcca acatcgtggc     91440
     ctttgatggt gagcgtgggt ccaggcactg ggtccaggtc ttcccctccc atagctctgg     91500
     ctggtcctga gcagcaccga ctgttccccc acagccgtcc tgcttgagcc aagccgccat     91560
     gctgcctatg tgctcctgac gggcccagca agctcagatg tgcctggcct ggtctctgtc     91620
     accaaacaca aagtgcaaga ccttgtccca ggcagtagag tgatccactt gggtgaaggc     91680
     agctcagaca gcgaccaggc tatccgggac cggttctccc gactacggta ccggagtgag     91740
     atgtaggtgt tgtcggctgg agcacacgga gagattccaa ctgtgaaaag gaagcctctt     91800
     ggaaagctgg cctgctctcg gccttcatgc tgacctcact gctcgccctg atgattcggg     91860
     ccctctggag ctatggcctt accagttcta cccaggatgt tgagagtggg gggcaccttc     91920
     cagcctcctg cccataccat gtcctccctc aaaggtctca ctgcgtggcc cactgatctg     91980
     gtcaagtaag gctccctggg ctggcttggg caaggcagcc cacaggaggc tcatttatca     92040
     cttcctgcct ccttaccctc tcccaggaaa gccaccactg tgtgctgtgc tgctccctag     92100
     tccctctcag gccagcctgg ctttccccat ttcggcactg tccctcaggg gtcacgaaac     92160
     tcagggctgt agctggaacc tgaggcttgg aagctgcttc cccacagcag aagggagcat     92220
     gtctcctgga aagcgagcaa ccctgagtct gaccagagcc tccgggtgcg agggatttcc     92280
     agactgtacg ctgagtcagt ccttcgcctc agtacactgt ccctgcaccc tggcacagcg     92340
     ggcacgtctc tttccctact ctggtgctta tctgatggcg gtctcacctt gtgccttgtt     92400
     tgttgttcct gaagcccaag ggcaacagag cagctttgcc cagatcacat ccatagctct     92460
     gtagccaaag cagtcccatg accccagcca ccatggaaac caacacaata aacgatttgc     92520
     actgatgggg aaagcccccg tagtccagcg tgagcctgca gtctgtctgg atgtctttct     92580
     gctcacaaca aaggggggct attctaagtc atatactctg ggatctacta tggaatgcaa     92640
     tgaaatgaaa gtcaggtaag cattggctgc cacagcacaa gagagcctgg agggcttctg     92700
     ggcttggtct gagtatccgt cctactgaga accctttgaa gtttgcagaa cttagacttg     92760
     ttctcataac tgcacatgta cagaagccca gagtgtgcac aggtgtgcct gcggtgtcaa     92820
     cacgacggct ggggttgggc cctcagccct gcagagtaaa ggtaacctgg catacacgtg     92880
     gccctgacag aagggagacg gagagggtta tcttcagatt tcaggagtct ctctctccaa     92940
     tgccaggatg agatgcgggg tccaagggca cccaccattc tcagggcccc acaccttgct     93000
     ccccacagcc cacctagtgg ctgttgagga cagtcacctg tttatggcct ttaaggagcc     93060
     agaaaccctc tcgcctgcca tagtttctta gggtcctggg gcttgctcta tggatgggca     93120
     cacctgccgc aggggacact ggacgggtgg cagcatcctg tctacccaca gcttctttca     93180
     caggtttctg gttctctgct gcactcatgc acccatcttg gtgccctttc ccctcctcag     93240
     actaagtgca gactaacacc actgaagcct gagatggggg ctgggtcact catcagcaca     93300
     aagtggacag gcaccgttca cagtaaccac ttttaaaaaa ctgcatataa atcatatgta     93360
     acttggggta tatatggaaa aaactgcatg taaatcatat gtaactcagg atatatatga     93420
     aaatcagaag acaaactgtg ggaatcactt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgggtttt     93480
     tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctggcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag     93540
     gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggtg     93600
     tgcgccacct cgcccagctg gaatcacttc tttctgtcct gtaggtacca tgtaggggat     93660
     tgaactcagg tcactaggct taacagcaat cacctttatc cactaaatca tcccaccacc     93720
     cccatggtgg ctacttttta taccagaacc acacccttga tctcccccca cacacaccct     93780
     cttcacacac acatacacac caatctatga catattcaca ccacagatgc cacctgcaaa     93840
     cctgccactc ctacatagca cccaccatgc attgagccgc agacactcga gccataggct     93900
     caggcaagct gggcccacag aagaatggac tgtgcagggg actgaaagtt ttatttctgt     93960
     gaaaatgggt tgtgaaggga gactagagag cagccctatt gggagctgca tggcaggagg     94020
     ccccatcttt atttctacct ctggggtggg ggtggcaatg ctggtggcac tgaacaacct     94080
     ggacaggaag actggatgcc agggctgcca gcttgacaaa gacttgcccg atgagaactg     94140
     ggagccctgt agtcaggaca gcagtgtgct gtcgcctttc tagagagctg atcagacgac     94200
     aggtggaaga gacgccacgt acggcaatga catggcacct gcagacatcg tctcctaaga     94260
     agccactggg tttagcctga ggaggattat acagtggagg agccttcctg catggggtgg     94320
     catggccaga gactgatacc tcctcatgtg tcactgactt gacattctag agttgagaca     94380
     gcctagtcct gaactgaaga ctaaaggacc tcactgtgta cacagtgatg ccagtgctgg     94440
     ggaatctccg ttaggagaac acaaccccac agggtgtcag gcaggtgatg gtaaggtgag     94500
     gtatgcagca agagccacct actactcccc atcggcacct tcaggggaac tggttgctgc     94560
     aggctccctg ggggtagact ggagagcagg gctggggctt gagtgcagag gcttccgcaa     94620
     gaatggaaat ggcctgggga caagaaagtg ctgagggcac aggtcttccc cctgcagggt     94680
     cctccctgct cagtggccat agggaggctc accagcgctt tgtctccagt ggaatcacag     94740
     cttcctccag caggcccttg tatatgtcag acttcaggaa ccttggatag gagtcctaca     94800
     agagacagca tcacagtctg agtcagcatt gctgggacaa ccttctgctc ataggccctg     94860
     cagtaccctg ctgggaccaa ctatatccat cactagccca aaccaggacc tagagagacc     94920
     tgacacccat ctggtggagc caccagattg caaaacatgg gcaagggaca ccgcgttcac     94980
     acagagggaa gagtggagca cttccagcca gggagaaaga gctagagtgc tcctcctgca     95040
     gagaaaggac aaggatgtgg gactttaact gcacagctga gcaaggctga tggttcagac     95100
     ctgcaatacc aaccctgggg aggcaaaggg aggaggacca taaacacatg gatagcctgg     95160
     gctacataga caataaataa gtagccatgc tctaaagggc agagcactcc atagaaaaat     95220
     ctcaaaaaac ctcactagag tccaggcata gtagtacaca cctttaatcc cagcactcag     95280
     cagacaggca gacattgtga gctcaagccc agcctggtct acacagtgag ttctaggaca     95340
     gacagaactt gttttgtttt gtttttttcc aagacagggt ttctcagtgt agcctggctg     95400
     tcctggaact ccagccagaa ctattatgga gagaccctgc tcaaacaaaa taagagaaaa     95460
     accataccag agagcagaag gccaccaagg tctggaggga catggaatgc gaccattaag     95520
     gtgacaaagt caaaagggag aactcacaag ttagggttaa ggggcataca gagatccact     95580
     tttctttgtt tttgtttttt ttgagacagg gattctctgt gtagtcctgg ctgtcctggc     95640
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     95700
     tctctctctc tctctggctg acctagaact caacagagtc tgcctgcctc aagtgctgtg     95760
     attaaaggtg tgcactatca tgcctggctt ttgttgtttg tttagggttt tgttttttta     95820
     agaaaacctt aaaaaaaaaa aagctaggca gtggtggcac acgcacgcct ttaatcccag     95880
     cacttgggag gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg     95940
     agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaatttt     96000
     ttttttaaaa tggtgtgatg gtacatatct gaaatcctgg cactttgtgg tagaacagga     96060
     ttgagagtca aagtcacttg tagcaaattc agggcgggac tgaactatat ggaggctgtc     96120
     tctaatgacg ctgtggtact tggttgctgt gggttgaaac ttatgaaata tgttgaaagt     96180
     ttttgagata gggtctcact ctgtaatcca ggcaaatctt tttttttttt ggtttttcga     96240
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggagctc actttgtaga ccaggctggc     96300
     cttgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc     96360
     accacgcccg gctgcaaatc ttgaattcac acagatccac ctgattctga ctccctaaca     96420
     gcaggaagaa agttttacat cccatgccct aaaaattcta agaatttatt atgctattaa     96480
     acaacatcag gaagctgagg caggaggatc acccgcaggt caaaggccag tgtgaatatt     96540
     tatacatagt ttgagatttc agaatgagag accctgactc atacaatctg aaaaccccca     96600
     ttaaccattc tgaacaaata ccaacgatcc agctaattgt tttaaaactg atcagtagag     96660
     tagagctttg cctccttctg tcctccgtat gaccagagga tacacaaagg gtgggtggga     96720
     aagggacagc cccgtcaaca gtaggcaatg tggggtctga ataccaccac cacactggtt     96780
     tactggtacc agagcagcaa gttgacagag gcaataccca ctcctgatgg agccaaacgg     96840
     accgaaccaa accaaaccca gaactagaga aagagtgggg gtgaggggtt tggacaccag     96900
     aatgtgggag ggaccgaccg tgatggccgg gacaccagga tgtgcccacc ttcttcatga     96960
     gcatgtagat gtgaagctgt gctgcatcca ggacatagcg gtgtggctgg cgcagaccct     97020
     ccagggtccg ctccatcgtc ctgctgtcaa tgttgatcca gcgggcagct ccaggggcca     97080
     ggaactgcct gagataccga tgctacaagt gtaacccacg ctgggcctaa gtgatggcca     97140
     actagcttcc acttccactt ccacacactt actgatacac agagtccacc aaggtgggga     97200
     cctgggcctg tccgccaaag cgcagctcct cacatgcctc ccagaagctg aggttttccg     97260
     ctaaggacag ggcagccgtc agggttaagg gttctcactg agaaaacctg gggcatggtt     97320
     ccaggtagca gcctccctcc cttgggggtg cctacatcag gaagggaggt gtcttaccac     97380
     tgaattcctt ctggagaaag tccatgaagt gggcacgccc cacggggtca tccagcagct     97440
     cccggaagct gaagctccat cgctcaacgc ggagttttgt gggggcagcc acgctgggag     97500
     tgggggagga gagagcaaga gagagtgggt gttcatcctg tcgccaatcc aggggcattt     97560
     aacaaaggca cccaaagact ggggggtctt acttgggcgc attcatggcc cagtaggtga     97620
     catcatctgt gatccagggg ttgctgggca gacaccctga catgatggga tcatgcggcc     97680
     cgtgctggct gctgaacttc aggtacctgg gggatccaga gggcggtgca gggtggtctc     97740
     ggggactaag ctgtaccagg ggttgggaag ggactcttgc tgtctctcac tcacgcctcg     97800
     aggcaggcag aggacttcac ccggttcctg cccagtgcct tcctgaagca ctcgatctag     97860
     gacaccagag ccgagtcagg accggtgctg ggcaaccggc ttccctaccc ccaagtccct     97920
     tggacctacc tcacacttat agaaatccga gctctaggtc tgaaagacac agttggcttg     97980
     ggttacacag cagtattctg ggactcagaa acaccactat gtttccaccc agggctcaga     98040
     ccttgcccca ccaggatgta gcaaagaatg gctcagacct gcagcccaat ttttagagcc     98100
     ctctcctcct agccctcagg aaggactctc acagacgtta tccagggact ctgaagatgg     98160
     tctacaaaac cctaaggctg tttagaagtt gcgcacttgt tattagccca aaatattttc     98220
     caatgacttc aagtgttgtt gctgttgttg agacttttct ttggttcgtg ctggccttga     98280
     atccactata gagctgagga cacacttata tttatgatcc ttctgccttc acctcccaag     98340
     tactatgatt agaggtgtct gccaccatcc ttggcactta aaatatttct gtttgtttgt     98400
     tcggttttgt gggggttgga gagtgggaag agcagggagt tgattttttt tttttttttt     98460
     tgagacaggg tttctctgtg taacagcctt gaatgttctg gaatttgggc tggccttgaa     98520
     ctcacagata tccacgtgcc tctgcctccc tatgactggg actaaaggtg tgtgccacta     98580
     agcctgaata tttgttttga gacagaatct atttctgtag ctcttgctgc cttggaactt     98640
     gctatctaga ccaggctggc cttgaactcc acctgtctct gcttctcaat gccagcatgc     98700
     ctggccttca aagtcttttc aaagacatgt atattgagaa atctttctct ggggagcctg     98760
     gtttagctga gtcacagccc ctctaggcag gtttgtatgg ctagactgga ggagccacct     98820
     agcagactgg ccaactattc ccctggcatg gtgctgaggt aggtggacga cacctctgac     98880
     ttccaatatc caccctagct ctctctgttt ttatatacaa aaaagttagg gggtgaagtt     98940
     agcaagatgt gatgagataa caggatctgt tctaaaaatt gggtttgggt gggagtggct     99000
     gttgctagta ggggcattgc caccgcctgc tgcattagtt aaggtctgtc agtgctgggt     99060
     cccatctttt ctagtttgga ggttactgaa ggctttggag ggaggggcct atggacccag     99120
     agccctcagg ccaaagcctt ggggttctca cttcacctcc ctggggactc tgctgctgtt     99180
     tcagcctggg gggggagagg gtcctgccct cccctggggc tgggaccacc acttacttgc     99240
     acccaaggca gcaggtaaga gaaaagagga caagcgttat taagggagcc tgagggtggg     99300
     gtccaagaga agctgagacc aggcacttcg taaaataggg accttggagt ggctgcattg     99360
     agcacattta ggtggatcag atgataaacg gacaggtgag cgtccaaaga aaccgaaagt     99420
     gtgttagggt tagggttaaa gcggcagcag ttagagtgaa ggtgtgaagg gcttaccatc     99480
     tgcatgtgac tggggttgta agagcccctc tcaggaccct gctccaaaat gttaggtgcc     99540
     ccaggctgca gaaggatgaa gagatgaggg tgctgagcct cacggtctcc aatgccctta     99600
     actgtttggt gttgaaactt gggaactgag ccctgagctg gccttgaacc ccatctctct     99660
     gcccaccctg actcagggtg atccccttgt atagtaagca gacctcaagt catgtgctag     99720
     aacctctgtt tcccagcgct gccccacccc caccctcacc cccaccccca gtccttctgc     99780
     tgcagctgag atcagctttc accttgtggc ctgggactct cagccctgca ttggctctta     99840
     tgtgtctccc ttagacagag ttaacctggc ttgttctgtg gtctgggact agaggcagcc     99900
     tcagacctga ccatgtcacc tctgcattgt caaccaagaa acaaagttcc ctgcccacag     99960
     cttaagaaag cagttttgaa agggtctttt agtaaagcac acagacccct ttagcctcat    100020
     tcccagggaa actcctccac tctcaccaca tgagggactc acagggggct tattcaccag    100080
     ccagtatgtc tgctcctgac acgaaatgac cattctgtct cccttccgcc gctgcttagc    100140
     agccctggga agaataggca gaggtgagag ggagctgatc ctagcacagc actccccacg    100200
     ctcggccacg ggcagtggaa cctgtgacgt catgttcttg gtcccaaggc tgccagagac    100260
     cagctcggcg acaccctgaa cattctgagc tctgtgtccc accagctgtg gtgtggtgtc    100320
     tcaccgcagc tgctctcgag cctgcatcaa taccagatcc catgcatggt tgatcttctt    100380
     gtgcagcagg gcataatgtt cctgcagggc agcagggtat ccaatgggtg gagttgctaa    100440
     cccccacaca ggcctacctc tggaatatgg gcctcagctc tcaaggacac tgcagggagt    100500
     taatggtaca gaaaccatcc caacccattg ggcttaaaca gaggctgcct ccccttctgg    100560
     gaaccctaag cctccccgtc tggggccctt cccagtgagg ctgcagtgag tgggcagggg    100620
     tatgtgtgga ttatctagta gcctaggctg catgctctgg ctcaaggggt gagtctttgc    100680
     tggacttagc ctgctggagg gcttaccttc tcatagtcca ctaaagcccc ttgtttttgg    100740
     atgttcttct tagccagata gatggctgga aggacaggaa cataatgcag agggccatca    100800
     ctgttaaccc catggccttg ccctgggacc acccattccc agtctggatg tacacgcatc    100860
     ccacttacca tagtctagct cagcagctgg ccacatagtg cttgtccaaa agtagggtgt    100920
     cttgtgttgt gcagggaaaa tgacatccaa agacattccc atttctctcc caagtaccgc    100980
     ccaccagctc atagcaccca gcagtgacgt cagagggtgc atccttatga gatgctccag    101040
     ctgaccactg ctcattctct tttgggagaa gtgggggttg aaacagagtt tctccgtgta    101100
     gcctgggctg tcctggaact cattctgtta aaccagggtg gcctcaaaca gagaccctcc    101160
     tgcctctgcc tcttgagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgcgct accactgccc attctttcta    101220
     cctggaactc cgggtcctgt aaaaggacta cctccctgac tcggaatgcc agtggaacct    101280
     gagcttgggt tggcctggac tcacacactg agatgcaggg atcctatcac tacaccaggt    101340
     agagaaaatt tcaaggatga gacctgctgg gaccccagct gaatgccccg cagacctttg    101400
     cgtgagtgct gcagcaccag aaagttgaag ctccctggat ttgcctcagt ccagattttt    101460
     gtggggagga ggcgggttcg ttctagtgat gtcacaacgt cccgctccaa ccccagtaag    101520
     ctccaccctc cctaagtagg ggtgcaccct gcaacccggg gcctgacctg gaacctgtag    101580
     ggggtctcgt ccggcctgag tgtcaggtct cgggactcac gcagtgggta gatgtagccg    101640
     tgctgcgcca ggagtgtgcc caggtgcagg gcttctaagg agaaggaaag tgagcgctct    101700
     gccagtcccc gccccaagcc gcggtgcgcc gactctcacc atcctccaag atgcagaact    101760
     tctgaaccag ccattccacg aggtctctgc ctacacagga gaagcgaagt gggcggagac    101820
     cgcggcgccc tgctccccca gggtgtccac gagcctcacc cgctaccgcg tggggaatga    101880
     cagtgatcag aaggcgctgg ctccgcatct tcacgccttg gtcagggtcc tgcatactca    101940
     cgactacccg ctccatctga gagcgaacgc gggggtgggt gtggggtgag gggagtgact    102000
     cagatcgcac acacttgccc ccaggttccc cagatcacct acgcagggac aacagactga    102060
     ggcagtaaag gccaggaccc cagctaccca gtgctgttat tatgagctcc caatggtttc    102120
     ctgggtctgt tcaccgcccc cccccctcac ctgccgcgtt ccatgccctc tctcctgccc    102180
     aaactctatg cccacaggcc gagggcccac cttgctgaga tgcggtctct gcattcggga    102240
     gcacccgccg tggggtgtgc agcgggtaac catggccatg gcggacctcc cgagaggaaa    102300
     cgccccgccc catgccggcc ccgcccgcta aggttaaccg tgtgagcctc gagacccatg    102360
     agatacacgg gttctcgaac cacagagatg cctgagccct cgcaagatgt gacttgggat    102420
     agcctgcagt gtggacatcc tgaaacctca gatgcctgca aagcagacga gccttagtct    102480
     ggtggcttac ttgcctcagg gcttggtctc agagatggga cttgtcactg aagctctgga    102540
     ataggacaga gtgtagccag atagatcagg ttggaaacag tggtttaggg tcctgaagtc    102600
     tcaactccat ttgtggacca gcaaggagtg cagagaccag cgtagtcagg gttgtggggt    102660
     caagggtgtg gcttgactgg acctaagagt atcttttcac agatatgaca ggtatgtaga    102720
     gccatagggt ttgtatgatg gaagcctcac ctggcaggtc attgatccat ttattaaagt    102780
     cacgagtggg ttgtttcttc ttttctgaag atcggatgcc ctctttctct tccctaccct    102840
     aggaatgcca ggggccacag gaggggtaat tggccttact gagaccagga accttcaaca    102900
     tggcatttga gtttatccaa tgaatcagag tgactggaaa ggtgtcctaa ccagatatgg    102960
     tacatcaccc aaagatccca gccttctccc agtcctactt cacttaaaca caaggtcagg    103020
     ctggccccag gccagctgtc ctccctgggt gaataggcag ttctagaggt tgcaggctgc    103080
     tggcagctga aactatcccc agtgtctaac attacacact tgccaaaggg cacaggggca    103140
     tctcccaggc atcttgggcc tccttgcagg atcttgcttt ggaaaggtgg tggacagtgt    103200
     agtcactagc ccaatacttc agcattcatg gttggcacag caaaacaaag gtgagcctgc    103260
     tgcttggata cgcccagaaa tgcaagaaac tgctttgcac tacttcttcc ttaagctgat    103320
     ccaggccttt ggttctgcgg tcctcagctg aaggcccagc tcaccagtca cctgccttaa    103380
     ctaaccaaca ttcccttcca tccctaggtc tcctctggac gtcaagatta agaaatccct    103440
     cagcatctac tttctgtttc tttagttttt tcccagtcta ggaacctgca gaattgtctg    103500
     ggtcccaggt ccccacagac atccgcccct ccccgccccc cacattcaca gtctgtacca    103560
     ataagcttta agagatcttg agtctgtgtg gcccggactg cacttcagtg tgtgggtacc    103620
     aagaaccaac agggtgtggc ccagctggag gctgataggc cccaggagtc ccctttaccc    103680
     agacaagagg gagggagcag gtggagggtt gcgggcggag gggggggggc tccaggtgtg    103740
     tcctgcgccg cttgctgata atgggagtcc agggacgtgg gggcgtcgca cctgttccac    103800
     ttggcgtccc tggccagcac gccccgccca ggggatcccg ggggacccga ctccacgtgg    103860
     gggtggggca gctctgggtc cctggcgacg cgtcccggcg ccgggcgcgg cagggacgac    103920
     cgggttccgg cgcggtgcgg acgaaacgcg cgtctctgcg ggctgcgcgg ggtccgcgga    103980
     gcggctgggg gcgcgcggcg cgggcgcggc gctgggcgcg gggggcgctc ccggccggga    104040
     tgagctcacc gcagtcgcgc cggggctgag ccgagcgggc ggcggctccg cggcgggccg    104100
     cggctaccat gctgggcctg gacgcgtgtg agctggggga gcagctgttg gagctgctcc    104160
     ggctggcgct gtgcgcccga ggtgagcgcc cgagtcgggc ggcggccacg tgcgccgggg    104220
     ggcagcaagg gagcggcacg gttgggggtc attccccgcg gcaactttag ggcgcgtggg    104280
     gacctcgtgg cgtgtatgta ttctggccgg gcgtaggact ttattccacg cagacccttc    104340
     tagggaaggg agcgaggagg aaaggagtgt gtccagccgg gaggctgcgg cctctcctgt    104400
     aggtggggct ggggcttctt ccggtgagag gcaatcctaa ggttggaggg cagtgggcag    104460
     catcttattg agacccctgt ccctagacac ccaaaggaac tatggagacc ccctagtttg    104520
     gggcaccatc ggagggatct aggacattat gggaagagta cagagctggg gagcccctgg    104580
     agtaccccag ggccactact ttcagtagta gcctgtaagc taaccagaaa caaattggtc    104640
     tctccagggt ctcttaggca cgaacccctt ccagtcacaa gagctccttc tgaagagacc    104700
     aagcctaggg atttctaggg acttgggggt tactgtgtgt tcatgacagc tcctatggct    104760
     tcttaagctc cactgggtag tgggaggaac aaccgctgag agtgtgggtc ccagcgcagc    104820
     acttgaatgt tggttggggt cagcaggtgg caggtgctta tattaccttc cctactcgca    104880
     gtcctcttgg ctgacaagga tggggagtca actccatcag atgaggtgct ggacgaaatt    104940
     gtaccagagt accaggcccc tgggaagaag agcatgctgg caatctggca actggacccc    105000
     ggggacgtga gcttggtcaa gtacaagcag gcgctgctgg gacccctgcc acccattatg    105060
     ggtatggcct gggacctgga tgtggagggc tgcaaacagg gggaggggac ggtagggaca    105120
     acagagcacc ccgtggatgc tgtttctcct cagaccccag cctgcccaac gtgcaggtga    105180
     ctaggctgac actgctgacg gagcaggctc cagggcctat catcatggac cttacaggta    105240
     accccctctg cagaccacaa cccatctttg gatgaagaca atcctcggac cctgtgccga    105300
     atcctagctc tttgggtgca ttgccacaga cttcatgggc accaccagtc cccacataga    105360
     tgttgctggg gcagggtcct gtacatcctg gggatttaag tgttcctgtc aattccctaa    105420
     caggagacct agatgcactg aaaaaccagg tgtttgtcct gaaggagggc attgaataca    105480
     aggtgaagat caccttcaag gtgagggtaa ctgcagtaga ggccagccat gtcccagcct    105540
     tccagagaag gcctttaacc ttctcctttc ctcaggtcaa caaggagatt gtcagtggcc    105600
     tcaaatgtct gcatcacacc tatcgtcggg gactgcgtgg tgaggcagtg tggaggtcac    105660
     cccgagtctg gggaggtggg cggaggtggg tggctggctc gtgatgacct tcctccccac    105720
     agtggacaag gccatcttca tggtgggaag ctacggcccc agagcccagg agtatgaatt    105780
     tgtgacttca gtggaggaag caccaagagg agcattggca cgtggcctct acgtggtcag    105840
     gtccctcttc actgatgacg acaggctgaa ccacctgtcc tgggagtggc acctccatgt    105900
     ctgccaggac tggaaggact gaaccccact tggggtctgt attcccaatt tcttgtcagt    105960
     tgcagagacc tgcaagcatt ccctagacct cccagttggt gaccagatgt cccccactct    106020
     ctgctgtgtc ccccctgcct ggtgcctatt aaatgttacc ttgtcttgct gcctgtgtgc    106080
     tgcttctttc tgcctatctc cgcccctgag gggcctttca gactttatct tccctgagac    106140
     ccagccaggt gccacgtggc tgttgctgct tggtccccaa tctctttatc tgctccagcc    106200
     ttcagggccc agcgcgccat ggacaagcag cttctgccag tgttgctgct cctgctgggt    106260
     gtctcaggct catggggaca gggagaagag cctgggggtc cttcagaggt gctccctgag    106320
     gagcccactg gggaagaagt ccccaaggag gatggtatct tggtcttgaa ccaccgaacc    106380
     ctgagcctgg cactgcagga gcattcagcc ctgatggtgg agttttgtaa gtgcttgggc    106440
     cagtgggctg aaaaccgtgg tggtagccta ggggttcagg cctctacttc ctagacttgg    106500
     cctttcttgt gggcaccctg cttctgagag ggtcccagag aggatgcctg gaccgaaggt    106560
     tgtgatgttg agatgggctt ggtggtggtc cagtctgatt gggaaggagg ggtgtcggtg    106620
     tagtgggtac cctgaggaca catgaacact caaatccccc atgctctgtc agccatggcc    106680
     acatactgat gttactatct ttggggcctc tattccaaac agctggtcac tggtctttct    106740
     gtagtttctt aaaatcttta aaaaatgtca aagcattctt cactggtagg cttcagaaat    106800
     tagctacatg tgaccctggg agagaggaaa caggattctt gtctttgtct gggatctggc    106860
     acccatgtgt aactgtgatc agtatctggg gtgggcctga gggaggggtg aacagagcat    106920
     gttccctgtt ggacctgggt tgcagctggc aacctgcaga ggactggtgt gctcacagcc    106980
     tcatccctca gatgccccat ggtgtggtca ctgcaaagaa ctagctcccg agtacagcaa    107040
     ggcggctgcc ctgctggcgg ctgagtcagc tgtggtcacc ttggccaagg tggatggccc    107100
     tgcggaaccg gagctgacca aggagtttga agtggtaggg taccctacac tcaagttctt    107160
     ccagaatgga aaccgcacaa acccagaaga gtacgcaggt acgaggtggg caagtacaca    107220
     ggtgtggagt aggtgtggcc tagggatggg gcagaagtcc agtctcaaaa ggagattcct    107280
     ctgcagggcc caagactgct gagggcattg ctgagtggct gaggcggcga gtggggccca    107340
     gtgccacaca tctggaggat gaggaaggtg tccaggcact gatggccaaa tgggatatgg    107400
     tggtcattgg cttctttcag gtataatagc aggggtagac aggcggtggg aacagtgctg    107460
     gtaggcatcc atgtttctca tggggcttgc cctgtaggat ctacagggaa aggatatggc    107520
     aactttcctg gccttggcca aggatgccct ggacatgacc tttggcttca ctgaccagcc    107580
     acaacttttt gagaagtttg gcctcaccaa ggatactgtg gtccttttca agaaggtgag    107640
     ttgagactaa gaagagggtt ggggtcagag tcacagctcc tgctaacctt gttggtgtcc    107700
     agtttgatga gggtcgggcc gacttcccgg tagacaagga gactggcctg gacctggggg    107760
     acctgtcccg cttcctcgtc atacatagca tgcacctggt cacagaattc aacagccagg    107820
     caagtaaagg tgcaggttac agtaaggtag agtaaaggga cccttaagag gtgtgaggct    107880
     tggttggggt agagggacct tgggatggat gggagccctc aaacagaggc cccagtagaa    107940
     gtcatgagat tcctacccct ccagacatca cctaagatct ttgcagccaa gatcctcaac    108000
     cacctgctgc tgtttgtgaa ccagacacta gctcaacaca gggaactgct gacagacttc    108060
     agagaggcag ctcctccatt cagggggcag gtactggggt ctcaggagga gggcgggatg    108120
     gtagggccga atgagacccc aacttggtat tacttttggt aggtgttgtt cgtaatggtg    108180
     gatgtggctg ctgacaacag ccatgtgctg aattattttg gcctcaaggc tgaggaagcc    108240
     cccaccctgc gtctgatcaa tgttgagact accaagaagt atgcacctac aggggtgata    108300
     gccatcactg cagcttctgt ggctgccttc tgccaggcag ttctccatgg ggaaatcaag    108360
     gtctgtagcc ctgagagggg aggaggaaca gcagtcctag gtctctggct ctgcacatga    108420
     ccccactgga ggcctgtttg cttccccagc actatctcct gagtcaggag ataccccctg    108480
     actgggacca ggggccagtc aagactctcg tgagcaagaa ttttgagcag gttgcctttg    108540
     atgaaaccaa gaatgtgttt gtcaagttct gtgagtgctg aaaggggaga aggtggcagg    108600
     ctggcagggg cagaggcagg tccagctagt caagctgact tctcctctag atgccccatg    108660
     gtgcagccac tgcaaggaga tggctccagc ctgggaggca ttggcagaga agtacaagga    108720
     tcgtgaggac attgtcattg ccgagttgga tgctacagct aatgagctgg aggccttctc    108780
     tgtgctcggc tatcccactc tcaagttctt tcctgcaggg cctgaccgaa aggtgaaggc    108840
     atggaggtgg gtggggagtg actactctat agctggtgcc tggctgggga gcatgctctc    108900
     gggtcttcct ctttcttcag gttatagact acaaaagcac tagggaccta gagacattct    108960
     ccaagttcct ggacagcgga ggtcacctgc ctaaggagga acccaaggag cctgcagcct    109020
     ctgccccagt gggtactcca ttcaggacac cagcccctga acaggttctc tcctaacaaa    109080
     gtgggcggag gcaggtctga gttgggcttc tgtgattctt tctaggaagc acaagccaat    109140
     tccaccttgg gtcccaagga ggagctgtag ccattgggac actgtaatcc agagagtggt    109200
     gttctcaggt gctggaggga gctgtgtact atgaataaac atgttgtccc agactttgtg    109260
     tggttcataa gcagggctag cagctggtct gcctagtttg gcccctggcc tttagggctt    109320
     tgcctgggca agaatggata acatgttaag aggccatctt gcctccttca ctacttggct    109380
     tgagggccgc atagccactg gccctgcccc actggtacag atagtatatc acatatccaa    109440
     ggaaggttca aaaacgtttt tatttcatta ttatccaagt acctttgaaa agataattgt    109500
     acaagtcatt gcatgaaaaa tgggctcagg gtatccccct gctggccctg gcctgagaaa    109560
     tgtacatatt tacacggaca cttggaaggg accagacaca ccgccccccc tcctgctgaa    109620
     ccaagctggt ggctagagac aggcaaaggg gcctgagata ctcagctgcc agattcacac    109680
     agtggcaggc aagagacagc tatgttgaag gcactcagtg acatgtacaa tatatagagg    109740
     cccccacagg atcccctgct cctggacctg agcccaacca ggtgcagtgg ataggtccca    109800
     gagagagaga agaggacagt gggatacaag cccagggcaa agtatcccta ggtcagactg    109860
     gattcagaag caagagctgc tgagggtcat gagatggctc ctggtattgc ttcagggggt    109920
     aatgtggtgg taagtggaac tttcctcttg aacagcaaaa cagagaaacc caaggaacca    109980
     ctcagtagga cgacccccca cccccacttt cccaaagcca gagggacaga ggctggcaga    110040
     cacctaaggt ccccagcctc accccgatag aagagctcat gacacaatct tgtgttgttc    110100
     cccacaccag gctcctgagg acaaggctgt ccacctgact gatgacagtg cacagtagtg    110160
     atggtgtgct ccgggtgtgc tgcccagtgc tcagtccacc ttttccacct tgccgatgat    110220
     cttttcttca aagacaggca agacggcctc atcctcccgt acttcctcaa ataccacacc    110280
     acagtcaaac tcatcactca ctttcttaaa gtagtatcta gggacagaaa agtgtggaga    110340
     tagtgagaaa aacctgctcc aagataagaa tacctgcctg tccttgatcc tctagaagtc    110400
     tgaccaccct agagagtagg cttctcccag aagtcgagct gggctgggct cctgattggt    110460
     gcctgctggg cagtggcaac acttggggaa gggctgggac cactgatggg ctgagttaat    110520
     agcatgttgg gaattgcaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacac aaaacctggg agccccaatc    110580
     tgataggtag gtttgtttgt ttgtttctct ctctctctct ccctccctcc ctccctccct    110640
     atttatttat ttatgtccat tgtccgtgtc gtgtacctcc ccccccactg tcctggaact    110700
     cattttgtag accaggctgg cttggaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc cttcccagtg    110760
     ctaagattaa aggtgtgcgc caccatgcct ggctttcctg atagctttct tatttaaaga    110820
     ggtcttgggg tcccagctct gctatccaca tgggctaact ccagtagggc tgacaggttc    110880
     tcaggtcact caggtaacag caatctgtct actagagttt ccaagttggc taacatggag    110940
     ggagaggtct aaggctagaa caaagggcca gtctggctct gaggcagggt cctgatgtca    111000
     ccacacagca ttgagtagca tccatggcca agagaagtag gatgaagggg tagataaaag    111060
     acaaatggga cagaaagctt ttcccttcta agctcaacca aaagcatact ggacaaatat    111120
     gctctatggt tacagcttct cttacctgta gctccccttc ttggttagca gctccttgaa    111180
     ctggcccagg gtgacagcac ggcccctcac cagggtccgg taggggatgg gttccccaca    111240
     gaaatagtag gccacaacaa tgctgtcaca tggtggtgca ctcccgccac ctgcctttct    111300
     ttgtgatttt gtcctggggc agaaataaag tgattaagta gtgggctcag ggccagggct    111360
     cagagagtac ctcaaaggta gcatctacca gcagaagaca agacacccca gggttagaac    111420
     ctcattaacc aatgtgatac tcacaggtcc tgccacccac ctacccaaag tctaggtacc    111480
     tgtcctgtgt gaaccactca ctgggaaatg aagtacaggt ctagctctaa gaacacactc    111540
     cccaccagat catgaccagg ccaggcacac aaagtcccat ctccaaggtt gtaaaggaag    111600
     tcagttccta gaccctgtca agtcccaacc tctccaaacg tccctaagtc tcaaggatag    111660
     accaatcagt gctgcacaga tctggaaggg aagtgttcct aggaccagga cagccagggt    111720
     ctccaaagta gactagaagc gtaagctatt tcctgctcag gtgctcagac tgctgtgagg    111780
     ctgtgcgagt cgatgccagg caagtcttgt gtgctcctcc catcacccag aagcctccgc    111840
     tgcgggccat gttggctctg agactgtggt ctgggttctt gggcttttgt cctgcagtgg    111900
     ggattctcca gaacaactgg agggtcacct gcagaggccc caacttcagg gtctgatgat    111960
     acccactttt tttttttttt ttagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctagaa    112020
     ctctgtagac caggctggcc ttgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct    112080
     gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacacctgg tgataccctc tcttatgaag tgattgtgat    112140
     gaagcttggg ctgggtcatc agcaaggctc atctttctaa gttgactgaa agtacaggaa    112200
     ggacagtcgg gaacgtccct aacctacacg tgaccatggc agaggaggta cagagtctaa    112260
     gtcctggctg cagttacact gtccagatcc tactataaag ttggctcaat ctcctggtgc    112320
     tatttcaagg ggaccaggac tgtggactgc caatccctaa acctcactga gaagctcacg    112380
     agagcaaaga caagatgaga ggcaggctgt ggtacctgca agacctagtg atcatgtcac    112440
     cacagtgaag aggcatgacc tcctcctcta ttgggagaag cgagagagaa gccccagcag    112500
     gcctttttcc agccctggtg cttcctggct cagtgacaaa acctatcaaa ataggtgttc    112560
     cactttggaa tttggcctgg cctgggctga gctgggcaaa accaggagga cccacagggt    112620
     gcacatactc tgtctcggag agttccaagt ccgacacggc tggtaccaca ctcagcaccg    112680
     gtgcacaagc tggcctgaca caggtgcgtc cccgctgcat gactgcctgc acatacctag    112740
     ggaacaaccc gcatcaaaga ggatggggct cagccagtgt tgtggacaat aggcacagaa    112800
     aggatgagca gcaggaccta gccatcaaaa actcgtactc acatactatc agaggccctg    112860
     ccattaggta tctatctaga cacagggtca acgtcaggtg ttctctggaa tacactctgg    112920
     agaactgttg atctaggtgc taaagctgtc acttcacccc ttgcttagat gtcttctgca    112980
     ggctaacggt tcttaaagag gatctgccag gacagaaacg tggctcttcc ttacactttc    113040
     atcacaaact tcctgaagat gatgtgggta tcagacatgg acagtagcag tgggtggctc    113100
     tgctgtacag tatcttgggg aattcttatt gccatgactg aggcatgtcc cagggtccct    113160
     gcaaagcaga acctttttaa gtgaaccctc tagccggggg tatgccacta tgggttccta    113220
     atagtgactt tactttgatc tatcttaaca gggcctgcca acacctagct agggctttca    113280
     ctccataaat ctacacttgc ttacacagtt ccagactgat agattttttt ttttccgaga    113340
     cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tgtgtaaacc aggctggctt    113400
     cgaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac    113460
     caccgcccag cttagatttt ttttttttaa aagattgatt gattgatgta tgtaagtaca    113520
     ctgtagctgt ctttagacgc accagaagag ggcgtcagat ctccctaaga tggttgtaaa    113580
     ccaccatgtg gttgctgggg tttgaaactc aggaccttct gaagagcagt cagtgttctt    113640
     aactgctgag ccatttctcc agccccagac tgatagatat aacatgatca gttttctcac    113700
     acatgaagat tttggagtaa ccagctaaga tcagatgtgt gtgtgtgtct tgtgtgcacg    113760
     catgtactgg tgatagtggt ggtgatgtca taccccaaaa catagaccag cgggattagc    113820
     tgatactact aacagaagaa aaccacagcc actgccatca tgtggggcta gccaggtgct    113880
     ggtaacgaga tgaacaaatg taacctctgc atcacaagag aatcctaact cacagagtac    113940
     cctgctccat tagaaaatcc tgcctcctag gaacactttg ctgctctgag agcaccctgc    114000
     ccagaccact gagggcatca gtcttaacag atccacatga caccctgctc aaattgcctc    114060
     tgacccttgc cagatacaca cggtatctca gcatcagtaa gaacacttcc acgcactaaa    114120
     caggcagcac aagagcataa tgttgcttac agtaggtggc agagtgctcc cttgtgttcc    114180
     aggccactgt aacttctttt ggaaccaaaa ctagtatagg cccagaacct ggtgtgagcc    114240
     tttggagacc tctagtgacc agggacagat ttaagcttcc agggcaacta cagtttgacc    114300
     ctgctagaga ccaaaagtgt agaaccagag tcatgagtta tatcagggag tgaggactct    114360
     gactccagaa tctatacatt ccaagatgaa taaaggagct gatagtttaa aaggcaatag    114420
     tagcctttgt gtgaccatgg ttccagggaa tgggtaagaa gcagatccta agccctcatg    114480
     gagagtattg cccatttggg aattgcaatc agccacgatg tccaggcaac tgattcaagg    114540
     ccaacataaa agggtcagag aaggcatgtt ctagctccaa gaatgttgct acgcaaaaag    114600
     aaatctcttt gagtttgggc agaacatgct ccccaagaaa cagaacaggc ttgctgaact    114660
     gtggtggtga tggggctgat actgagggag acagggagaa ggactgggag ctgtggtctc    114720
     tgcagacaag tcctacaact gtccgtgctt cagaactgtc catcgtctcc ctcggctgtg    114780
     ctttgtgtgg ctgtcatcag agatggtcag gacatctacc actaagccag gcatgttcag    114840
     aatttgttgg ccacctgacc atatgccttg taagaacatc cccttcacag ccctctgtcc    114900
     tgcagcaagg ctacctctgt gattctcagt ggagaagcag ccaacatggc tatcttccct    114960
     gaaggaccct ctctaggcct tagggccatg gtaagatcac cctatacctc atgaacctac    115020
     ctctgcttgg agggcagttt gtttgctctc ttttcttctt cttccaaacg cctgcgggcc    115080
     tcttccagct gggtcagggg attaggggct ggattgggtg gcattgtggg atcttggatg    115140
     aaaagatgag aaggctggac agaattccga agctgagcgc tgacccaggg gtgcacggcc    115200
     ccaggacgct cgatggacaa gggcctggag ctttcatggg cctgctgctt cctcaaccca    115260
     gaagaccttg gggaacaagg acaagtgact atgtgagcag tgggagcaat caagtgtgtc    115320
     cacgctctac taaaggagcc acggggatac agagacacac tccttccctt cctgcagact    115380
     tccttttgtt tatgatttga gattgaacaa ggggtttgct catgatgcac cgtcactgac    115440
     atttctttca ttctagacct ttcttttctt ttcttttctt tttttttttt ttggtttttc    115500
     gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agctcttgac tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct    115560
     ggcctcaaac tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc    115620
     gccaccaagc ccagcttaga tctttcttac tttttaaaag atttattaat tacattttgt    115680
     gtgtgaatac aaacacacat gtaccaaagc ctacataagg aagtcagagg acaatgtaag    115740
     aactcttgta ccatgtgatc cttgggcttg gctctggtaa tactgagcca tcttgctatc    115800
     ctttactttt gagaaaggtc ttcctaagct tccaggctgc actaggtgtg gcagcacatg    115860
     attataattc tagtacttgg ggggtagagg aagaaaagaa ccagaagttc aaggttaggc    115920
     tcatctgcaa agacaacagg ccaataggga cctatgattc caaagacaga ctgtctgcct    115980
     gcaaaagaac caggttcagg tatggaatgc ctcctgccta acttacactc tcctgctcta    116040
     ggtaggaagg tagcctccta gccacggttc tcaagtatgt tgaggacagg gagtgagcag    116100
     gcagcatgtt agagtagcct gggtctgagg aaaggaacct gcctcggtcc tagattcccc    116160
     taatatgctc agaaatgggc catacagagg gtcacaagga tggtacctct ccctatggag    116220
     ccagaaatct gtgcaaacac ctaacaacat gagacaaggc agagaagaga tatttagaga    116280
     ggtcacatta aagctgagca gcctcagacc ctcaggagtg aagaaaagta ggtaaacaag    116340
     agagaaggtt cttcacagct gccacttatg tcaagttcat aggtgacaag gcattaggtg    116400
     aagtcatctg accctgaaga cagaagtaaa ctcctaaaag caagggtcct ggcaacaaga    116460
     ggacaggtgg ccagctgctt tgggacaggt ccctgcagtg tacataccca tggcctgcct    116520
     tccggtgtct actgatctcc ttctctccct caatgatcca ctgcatgatc ttctggttct    116580
     tctcagcgtc ctctgtggta ctgggtacct cagcattggc attcttccca gattcagcct    116640
     tcttggtgtt tcttttggaa ggtgcactag ttttaccact gggagaacaa gacataggag    116700
     gtcactctgg tctttcttgc tacttcctga accctcaagc tcaacaagaa gtccttcaac    116760
     ccactgtgaa ggctgaggcc tctgtgaagg tcagctgtct gtggtctgtt ttactatggt    116820
     aggagagcca tgctgaccag agcccaagaa aaacccaaag tgcgcccctc ctcatccagt    116880
     catagcaagg cctggagtct gactggcccc tggcccgggt attgtctgac tttgactgga    116940
     ttaagtcacc acaggaccac ggactcgatg aaccatgact tggatacaag gacacactgg    117000
     aaacattaag aaggctggat caagactcac ccaaaggcca aatccccagc actgagggtg    117060
     gtgcctgcgt tctcggaata gctccggggc ttggcatgac catgtgtttc tgggccccac    117120
     gagaagctgc tctggaccct gcgggcaact tcagcctcca tttgctcctt aggtctagct    117180
     gaattatggt gaacatggtg gtggacatgt ctatgatggt gcaggccagc tgtatccagc    117240
     ttcaacccta acttaggaac atgcttccca tgcccggagg ctgtaccccc tagcactgca    117300
     gtcttagcca catgcccact gtcaggagag cggtggcctg ggccaggtga ctggcagcca    117360
     ggtgtcctca tgaccctttg cacgtgctca tccaggatgc tctcaggatt ctcctcatgg    117420
     gcatcccgca gtccagagca gcccatatcc acatagcggg gtgggaaatg gtgccaagct    117480
     gggacagaag gcagcttgtg acttgccatg gggccagaag gcatttcacc atcctcccct    117540
     tcttcctcct gtggagaaac agcagtactg tcagaacaag aataaggaca gacctggaag    117600
     tgaaccacag tctgagagtc aagtcaaaga ggtcaggtca aggagaggtg ttgactcctg    117660
     gataccgtgt tctttctctt ttatttttcc ctttttttct ctctctctct ctttgttttt    117720
     tttttttttt tttctggaca aggattcttt atgtagctct agctatcctg gaaaaagctc    117780
     tagctcctgc ctggctttat ttttttttcc ttaaagttaa gacccccgcc ccagtgtgtg    117840
     tgcacacgta tacatgcact cgctttgtat atatgtatat gtacatgtat gcatgcaggc    117900
     aatgacaggt gggagtgcat catgctacct taggcttaac ctggaatttt tattttgttt    117960
     ttcaagacaa ggtttctttg tatagccctg gctattgtga cccccctgct tctgcttctt    118020
     gagtgctgag attaaagacc tgtgttacca ctgctcagct ctgacctgta atttgtaagg    118080
     catcttacct agcacatggg cagagcaaag agagcatcag gcctcctctt ctgtcacttt    118140
     ccactaattc cttggaattg ggtctcttgc tggcctggga cttgttttct cagataggtt    118200
     ggaacccaga aaagcccagt aagccgctct ctctatccct catccctccc agctggggct    118260
     atcggcctat aggaacccct agcctgctcc atgggcaaag gatctgaact ctaggccatg    118320
     tcttcagacc tgttcacaag ttttattttc tcaggttttg gataaaaata aaaatgggta    118380
     attatagcag gatagtggtg gtgtctgcct ttaatcccag ccctcaggag acagaagcag    118440
     gtggatctct gagtttgagg ccagcatggt ggacaaaatg agttccagga cagcatgcaa    118500
     gctgcaaaat tctatgtctg tggttatatg gccacctact caacaggaga cagctcagga    118560
     caggatggtg gcacaaaaat aaaggccaga gcatacatgt cagcccatca gcctagagga    118620
     cctctggcca cagattattt cctaagctga tataaaagaa tcactcaaaa gcttttcatt    118680
     ttagtgttct ctgttaagtc aaaacaataa tagcaccatt ctcacctgtg gtgttagctc    118740
     ttaggacact acttcaggcc tgttgccatc cttgctacta gggactgggc cattccattt    118800
     ggcactccac agagctgagg gagttctaag gctcagacat cagaaaatca ctgacacctg    118860
     ttgacctctg ccttgaacta accaggagct gctgtccagg ggaactgagc aggatgtgtg    118920
     tgccagccct agaataagca gggttcctta aggaggctgt tgacagacac ccacgacatc    118980
     catagcccac cctcatttgg gtccaaataa gttaggactt agcacttaaa aaaggttcag    119040
     ggatggagag atggctcagc tgttaagagc actgactgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc    119100
     aattcctagc aaccacaagt tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgggatccaa tgccctcttc    119160
     tggtgtgtct gaagacagct ataacgtact catgtgcatt aaataattct ttttaaaaga    119220
     aaagaaaaag gttcagtgtt tcatgtcaac acagctccca ttttatttac ttatgaatat    119280
     aatctatcag aatgctaaaa ccatgtggca cataaaacag ttggcttcag tctgcataat    119340
     ttcactgccc agcagatgcc tgggtgcaca tatggggtgc gtgccctatg caattcaaga    119400
     ttacattagg tccacaacat gatgtttcac tgtagcctac cagtactgca ccgttggata    119460
     atgctgcatg tcagccatct cataatgact agtgggtagg tagccattcc aacacaggaa    119520
     aggctgcctg gcagtctaac aacatctctc ctgttacaaa aaagggacac aagagaatgc    119580
     cgctgtctca gtgacaaaac aatttaagag aatattttca cataaactcc ttagaaagtt    119640
     ttttattttt taaataaaaa ttgaaaattt tttaacaata aatttttatt tattttatgt    119700
     gtaagagtat tttggcttca tgtatgtgta tactcggttc cggcagagat cagaaaaaag    119760
     tgtcaaatgt ttgtgagcca ccatgtgtgt tctgagaacc aaatctagtt ctctgcaaga    119820
     gaataaatac tctgaactgc tgagccatct ctctagcccc tgcctgtttt ttaatctcgg    119880
     cctctggttt gtgaagatta tagctggcac ggcaccatga accctgcctc tagggagcct    119940
     gagagggaaa tagtgaacct ggaataggtt tcaagtttga atagggctgg gttccacgtg    120000
     tcaagtaaat aaaaacatta ggtgagcaat ggagaaataa ctccacagaa gaacactgag    120060
     ctttgagtat ggaaactcat ataaataaaa atgcttcatc ttatccaggc caacctctag    120120
     gagacgaaaa cgaggaatgt tgctgtaaga ggctaccttg ggctacacag ggattggagt    120180
     aaaggacaca catatgagga ttatggcctc cataaagaaa gtcttaccac agcagcactg    120240
     ggaaggaaaa aaaaaataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    120300
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactggtt tctcagccag gtggtggcag cacatccttt    120360
     aatcccagct cttgggagac agaaacagct aggtatctaa gttcgaggcc agcctagtct    120420
     acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctca aaacaacaac    120480
     aaacccaaca aacaaaaagc agtagtttct caatgaacca aaatgagctc caagggggcc    120540
     actataggca ctgcagtcta tagtgtcccc tacgtgaaca agaaaggacc tgcacctgcc    120600
     cagctttcac agcagggccc ccacagctca gttcctgcta cttgccaagg ctaggcattt    120660
     tgtcagttcc tgtcttcttc aaatgttggg aatcttggga gcttcctccc aggcatctcc    120720
     tgctgggaaa agggattgct agaggtaagc actaagctca gttagtggta aaagagccag    120780
     aacaaggtgt agaagacgaa ggaaggaagg caggccagag gagatcagtg acagcaggct    120840
     gaacagagca cctcagaacg gaagcttccc tacatggagg gcttgtgagc catggaaaca    120900
     gtggccggaa catgacccta gcacacagtt cactcaccat gcgtacacgc ttcagccgtt    120960
     cctccaactt ttcttcagcc tctcgagtgc gctggacagc ctctagacgg tgaataagct    121020
     cttcagcaaa tttctgtggc tctacccgga tctcctttgg cattcggtaa gtgcgctgtg    121080
     gagaaataca gcagtcagca gatagagcat ttcttactga gcagcacagt aacagcctgc    121140
     tagtgagtga cagggaaact gcaacttact ttttttaaag ttctatatat ttattttaag    121200
     tatgagtgct ttatctgtgt gccagaagaa gatattagat cccattatag atggttgtga    121260
     gccaccatga ggttgatgag aattgaactc aggacctctg gaagaataac caatactctt    121320
     aatctctgag ccatctctcc agccctactt aaagcttttt gaaagcagtt gtttactgtt    121380
     cccttttact gggacactag cattcttact gacccctctt ctctttcact gacctgagca    121440
     ctgacttgaa gatgtaggct gctccctagc cattcataat tacattcctg gaggcctggg    121500
     cagggtcctg gtaatgcaca ggctgtggca ccgagtgttc atgtgcacag acacccaaac    121560
     aggtgatggc caaagccttc gccagcatgc tctacactga atactcccag ctcgtcacag    121620
     agaaacattc atgacacagg cagggaacag ctcagtgcaa acagcactgg gaacatagga    121680
     tcaagatgag tcagcacagc actggtcact agaagctcct aggggaactt gtgctcctgg    121740
     aacagccatg cactccccag gcttacacct cttcaaacga aataatggag cagtgcctgg    121800
     tcctgaggta cggctgagtt taagcagggt gggactatac tcaggagggt ggaactctca    121860
     gctctgtcac agtgacagga gacaaaaaaa ttcatgatac acagaacaaa catcatcttc    121920
     taacgacaaa tgtctatttc ctaaaactga agatgcagtc aaagagctga aagattctaa    121980
     ctaagaaatt attccgggca tggtggccca cgcctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga    122040
     ggcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagttcgtg gctagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg    122100
     acagccagga ttatacagag aaaccttgtc tcaaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    122160
     agaacacagg ctctgtaaac aatatgcaga gaaggagtca tgggtagagg acactgccaa    122220
     gctctctaga agtctttctg tcccaagtct atgtgccaga agaaggaatg actgttctgt    122280
     gtcaccagtg gtaagtgcta tgcatgcttg ctcaaacata cagtcaacaa gccttatagt    122340
     ccagactcag gagaagctac tattatcacc caaggggcaa agctggggca gcttctgacc    122400
     taagatgttt acatggcagt acccactgct cagcagaaaa ggcacccatt tcttaaaccc    122460
     ttcaaccctt acttcttaaa tcctatatta tctactggga tggctatctc tcaccccaac    122520
     atcactcaga ttgtctgcta agcccagaga taacccgtag tcctaggaag cctactaggt    122580
     gcatctccta ctggtgccat ggtagaaacc agatagctag gcaccaggaa aaaaggcaag    122640
     gtactattga atatatggta cttacaggaa tgtgaggtag aggtacccgc ccattgactt    122700
     ggatactctc ctgcatctcc cttcggtgct gcttacggat cctgtatggg gggattccat    122760
     ccctgcatag acaaaagatg tagccattag ctcaagcaga aaacaaggta tacagcagag    122820
     catcatatag ttagcagccc atggtcacta ctgatagcaa tgatatccac attgtagcaa    122880
     cccatgtgca tggagacatg gaactacata tacacagaga cagatacact tacatgtact    122940
     acatgacata cgcacacaac tcatatatgc taacaaagcc caagaactca accacggaat    123000
     gctcctctac ctactattca ctgatcattt cagcaaagat cagctgccct tttgttatgg    123060
     atctctgagt ctacaaaatc tcaaactttg tagttaagaa tgattttcac actacaagaa    123120
     tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acacacacac aaaatcatgt    123180
     agtttgtgca cgtatatgag taagtacatg tgctacagca catgtggagg tcagacttca    123240
     agcaagtgga ttctagggct tgaatccagg tcactgagag cctgttagaa gagtgagaca    123300
     aacatgtaaa gcaaactaga aagagccttc agaagctata aacccaagga ctaaggccaa    123360
     gcagtttttt gctcattcaa gacagatgct atatctaact taaaactgcc tagcctccat    123420
     cccatagtgt tagaaatcca tggtgttagc tgctctagaa ataataaaaa gacaggctga    123480
     ctaatgaaag tgctgggtgc tctcactata gctctctagt gacatgaaaa caggcagata    123540
     ggaggactat aatcaatgct gaatgggatg tgtttttaaa ttatcttatt aatgaaagat    123600
     tccacagggc acttaaggga tgtggtctgt ataccctgcc ctggagaagg tgggaagcca    123660
     tcaaagacag tggaacctca acaatattac tcttggcagc agtaaaagac agagccccaa    123720
     tcaagggatg gttgccccca gcaacctgcc caggcagttg gtgtgcccag gcaagaaggt    123780
     agtattacag tgttttcctt ttataaacat aaagggaaca gagtgttgag gaatgggaat    123840
     ttaaaattcc tgtgacttgg cttcccaggc actcaggata gtaggtggcc taaatccaat    123900
     agctgaaacc tgtttcttct atacttagat tcaacacttt aaaatcccca gcatttgggg    123960
     cttaggcttg tcctcaaaat ctacatctaa ggatatgtga catactagga aagaccttga    124020
     acactcgtgt aatccaacgg tgacttcaat gtgggaaaca cgtgagctac ccaccagata    124080
     tggtcagacc caccatttca tttctttgcc tcagatgttt gttcaaatat agatgagaat    124140
     tttgtatccc aaattcttaa gtctcccaat aaaatccaag atgaacagat tgtcaaagaa    124200
     aaattgccta agcttgggta tgtggccata gctcagttga cagaacgctt gcctagcatg    124260
     catgaaggtg tgtgtctaag ctcagcgctg cattaactga ggagagcggc agacgcccct    124320
     ggaaggcagg agacagcctt gttgacatga aactctctta cccctaaaac aaaagccatt    124380
     tacatgaact ttaactttct ccacttgggt aaatgttttc ttaaggaggc tggaggttga    124440
     gtttcattga ttccaggtgt tgcaacttgt tgtcttcttt tgatggagct ggcaaacact    124500
     ttttaagtga gaagccacaa agaactccag aaacttcaaa aaattgttgc tggaaatgcc    124560
     aatgtttaaa gggtcaaaac tgaaacaaag ctaagtgtgg tggcacaggt ctttaatccc    124620
     agcaataggg tggtagaggc agtggattcc aaagtggagg ctggcctggt ctacacagtg    124680
     agttgcaagc cagcaagggc ttttaagatc ctatctcaaa attaactaat taaaagacaa    124740
     tgaaatagac attcttcaga taaaacaaaa cccaaagaga cagaggctac cctcatatta    124800
     ttaccacatg gttattgtag tagaaaaatg gaacacccta atatgtgcca catggcacta    124860
     gccaaactga cttctgagct gcagaagatg tcatgcttct tgtttgcttt gttttgtttt    124920
     gtttttaaag acagggtttt tctgtgtgga aatctggttg ggcacaatct atttttaaaa    124980
     gtcaagtgtt ggaagaatgg gaaagggtag gcagaagaga agaaccagcc acaaaaatga    125040
     cacatagtgg gcatgatggc acatgctttt aacccagcaa ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg    125100
     gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccagaagtc agagctacac    125160
     agagaaaccc tgtctcagaa aaccaaaaag aagagaagag aagagaagag aagagaagag    125220
     aagagaagag aagagaagag aagagaagag aagagaagag aagggagaaa tggggaaagg    125280
     gggggaaagg tccgcctgcc tctgcttcct aagatctggg attaaaggca tgtaccacta    125340
     ccacctagct caaacttgtt ttttgaattt tttttttaaa gatttattta ctttatgcat    125400
     atgagcacac tgtaggctgt cttcagacac accagaagag ggcatcagac cccattacag    125460
     atggttgtga accaccatgt ggttgcaggg aattgaactc aggacctctg gaagagcagt    125520
     cagtgttctt aactgctgag ccatctctcc agcccctcaa atatttgttt ttaatactga    125580
     cttaattatg aatcaatatg aatatagcca aaccatatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt    125640
     atgtgcgtgt gtgtatatat atatgcatat atatatatac acacacatac atatatacat    125700
     atatatgtat atatatatat atattttttt taataatgcc tgttaacaaa taccttagca    125760
     aaatcagtgt ggaatttatt catttaacag gtattattag gcccctcact attagccagg    125820
     caaattttta gacccagcaa tgaacaacag caaaaatcac tctttaatag gcttacattc    125880
     ttgattattg ttgcttggaa aatatgctac ttaaaaagaa ttgagggcct ggcgagatgg    125940
     ctcagcgggt aaagaacaat gactgctctt ccaaaggtcc tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac    126000
     cacatgatgg ctcacaacta cctgtaatgt gacctgacac cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa    126060
     gtcagctaca gtatacttat gtataataat aaataaattt tagccgggca tggtggcaca    126120
     tgcctttaat cccagcactc aggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc    126180
     ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggttacat agagaaacct tgtctcgaaa    126240
     aaaaaaacca gaaaagttgc cttggtcata gtgtctgttc acagcagtaa taccctaaaa    126300
     cagaagttgg taccaggagt ggggaattgc tgtgataggc ctgaccatgc ttttgtttgg    126360
     aggaatgtga atttggggtg ttggaaagcc atggaatgtg ttaagtgggg cttaatgagt    126420
     catcctagta ggagtaggca agacttaatt gctgggagtt atctgaactg tgcagcccta    126480
     gcccaagagg tttcatagga aaagaatttc agtatgtggc ttagagactg tttttgtggt    126540
     atttttgtaa agaatgtggg tactttttgc aactgtctga agaatcttcc tgaggctaag    126600
     gtaaagagat tcatattaat tgcattgaca aaggaagtct caaaaaagtc cagcagagac    126660
     tttgttctct ggctaagtct catgaagagc attttgaaca agcatagcaa gcttagaaag    126720
     gaaaaatgta aaatataggg ttcgagaatt aaagggcacc aggaagtgaa atggagccaa    126780
     ctcctgtgtt ctatgagata gcagattatg agagtgggac tttggggcaa gattctaccc    126840
     agctaagttt agatccaggc atggtggtac acatctttaa tctcaggaga taaagccagg    126900
     aggatctctg agctcaaggc cagcctgggt cagagcaagt tctaggtgaa gaaaacctca    126960
     agaccaggcg tgatggtata cacttttaat cccaagagac agtcatgcag atctttgagt    127020
     tcaaagtcag tctacagagc aagatccagg acagtcaagc ttagacaagt gaaggtgttg    127080
     gaaaacagaa agctcgtgat gatgtaatat aacaaggggg acatgctcca gtcctggcca    127140
     gcagcagaac ttggcagctt tggccacatg gctttggctt tagagtcaag aataaaaggc    127200
     attaatggga taactgattc tggttagtta gagctaagaa atcagtggtg attaagaaag    127260
     aagaaaccag tgaggctggc gagatggctc agaagttaag agcagtgact gctcttctga    127320
     aggtcctgag ttcaaattcc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaacatcca taataaaatc    127380
     tgatgccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat accaataaat    127440
     aaatcttaaa gaaagagaga gagagagaaa gagagagaga gagacacacc agtatcactg    127500
     aggtaaaatc ttctgggaag tgttagctga gagcacaatg aagctgtgtt ccagagatag    127560
     ccagtgttgt acctcatgct gcagttggac ttggtaatgt gtaagagtca cccaggtggt    127620
     actggttttg aagacatgaa ggtgccatga aggggtcatg aagagcagct gagacttggc    127680
     actgtaaaag gccattggtg aaggtgcagc ctcagttgca cttgatgggc caggactaaa    127740
     ggggtcatgc aaaggatgag gcttggtacc atgaagagag cctatgagag gctattggtg    127800
     aagcctagtt gcagcagaag accccagcac atttgagatg ccagtgtcat gggatgatca    127860
     ccaagaacag cagcaacagt ggagtggatc aacctgggct tagactgaca cagagggaag    127920
     agctgaagaa gcccaaaaga tcatgtgtgg atctcagaca ctgaaacaag aagctgtaaa    127980
     actgaagttg tcttggagac cccaagatgt tcgagatgcc agagccatgg gctatttgct    128040
     gaggaaagct gctaacagga agtgcaacca gcccaggaga aagaagtttg ttgcagtcaa    128100
     cagagataaa aaatgaattg gagatataaa gactactttg acatgaagat gcagagtttg    128160
     gaagtttctt cagctggttt cctgtcttgc tttgggaatt atagttaagt aattggatga    128220
     atctgagaag agaccttgaa ctttggaagc tggactaaat gtattttgtt tgcattatag    128280
     tatgtctagg tatggcccca tagcctcatg tgcctgaaca agcctatggg gggtcaggga    128340
     gtggaatgtg atggtttatg tatgttccgc ccagggagta gcactattag aaagtgtggc    128400
     cctgttggag tgggtgtatc actgtgggca tgggattaag acccttaccc tagatacctg    128460
     gaagtcagtc ttctactagc agccttcaga tgaagatgta gtactcttct gagagctctg    128520
     cctgcaccac atctgcctaa ttgctgccat gctcccacct tgataatgga ctaaatctct    128580
     gaacaggtaa gccagcacca attaattttg tcctttataa gacttgcctt ttcatggtgt    128640
     ctgtttacag taggaaaacc ctaagataca cagctatagt aactactttg aaaactattc    128700
     cttctagtcc taagacttta tataatgggt aattagaaac tggctcctat tggtatcagt    128760
     gtcattcaat atatgaggtc tgtctaaaat atttaaggga tattctcctc ctttataatt    128820
     aagccattat atttggcaaa ctgctaatag ttttgtcttc agaatactgt tgcatttgct    128880
     taaacagatt ttttttgtga ggaatgaggc atcgagatta gaatacagga atgaaatgac    128940
     tataaccaga ctatttgacc cattgttctg ctacttacta attcctctaa gaaatgttta    129000
     ctcgcatcag tgaaaacaaa aaccaataac tgcacatata cttaacagtg gtttagatcc    129060
     acttatctgg ggaagataag atggcttaga tgtgaagtgc ttacatccca gcatctactt    129120
     aaaaaacaaa acaaaactgg gcatggtagt atatgcctat aatcctagtg ttgaaaagtc    129180
     tctggtgctc acaggtcagc tagttttgct gaatcaggac ctccagattc agtgtcagca    129240
     agtgggcaga ggccctttgg agcacaaaag gcttgatgac cgaaattcaa tacctggaaa    129300
     ctacatggga cagcagagaa ccaaacccct atagttgcca tctgacattc acatgtgcta    129360
     tggcacacac ttgcacctat gtactctttt ttacactcac aatacaacac atttttaaaa    129420
     aatttagggg gctgtggagt cagccctgtg gcttaagagc tcttccagag gacccagcat    129480
     ctacacagtg gttatgtata actctaagtc ccgaagatat gacattctga tctgccctcc    129540
     agggcaccag acatccatgg tacaaataca tgcatgcaga acaacaacaa aatgtatgta    129600
     tgtatgcatt tgagacagag tcttactatg tagctttaac tgtcccaaaa ctcactgtat    129660
     agaccaggct ggccttgaac tcagagatcc acctgcctct gtcttccacg tgctggaatt    129720
     aaaggtatgg gctactatgt ctggccaaaa tacatttaaa aaaaaaatta aattttaaaa    129780
     cagggcagaa ctgctgagct ggcccaagaa cccctttgag gaccctacac agtcatgaat    129840
     taagagccat ctagtggtaa tcagaagact tgctctgagc tgggcagtgg tggcacatgc    129900
     ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcaaaggc aggtagattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg    129960
     gtctacagag tgagttccag agctacacag agctacacag agaaaccctg tcttgaaaaa    130020
     ccaaaaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca accaaaccca gaagacttgc tctgatcaca    130080
     ggtaatgagc aaaagcttac tctaacacta gcgtgctgtt gtaggaagcc ccaggcatgg    130140
     gggtaaactc agcccaaata tgtccaagcc agaaccccca ggaaactcca ggttggatgg    130200
     tcaactcatc aaaatgtttt atgcaattca atacttagtt taattattta atatgcacca    130260
     gggttccaaa aagccacctg caggaggcag ttcataggtt agatccatcc cacaagggct    130320
     tttgggtatt gtgaccacac tagacgaaac aatctcctag ttgtgaccat actccacatc    130380
     agggatgtgg aggcaaagat ctgctccata gcttagaact caggccctca ggaaactggt    130440
     cttaccacag aacacaggcc cccagctcct ccggactatt catgatatat caaaagtcca    130500
     tatcataaaa gggtccaggg cagagcaaca tgggcaagaa gcccacttat gcagactgat    130560
     ggaccccagg accatctctt gcttgccacc tggaaagaag actgcctgtc tgattactcc    130620
     ctggttctgt cttcacacgg aaacccacat tccaccacca cccagcaaaa ctcaagtttc    130680
     ttacatgcag ctctaactct gagtccaatg ctcttaaaag cagcaggaag ccgggcatgg    130740
     tggctcacgc ctttgatccc agcactcggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga    130800
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gactacacag agaaacactg tctcgaaaaa    130860
     ccatttcttt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcag gaagccttag cctacaagac agtcaactaa    130920
     ttcaaacttc atctcttggt tggattctgt caggactttg aaacaatttt tattgtgctg    130980
     gggactgaac cagggcctcc tctgaattgc accttggcca ttgggctatg ttttcaagaa    131040
     taaccactta cagggtagtc tgtcatcttt tttagggttt ttgttttgac ataattctca    131100
     ttctatacag tgcaggttag tctggcactc atggcaattc tgcttcagct tcccaaatgc    131160
     tgggattaca aatatattct actgggctgg agaaatggct cagtgcttaa gagaaccgac    131220
     tgttcttcca aaggttctga gttcaaatcc cagcaccaaa tggtagctca caagcatctg    131280
     tagtgggatc tgatgctctc ttctggggta tctgaagaca gctacagtgt actcacatat    131340
     aataataaat gtgtaacaaa aaaaaaaaat ttattctacc atagccagct tcatgtctgt    131400
     tccttagaaa caactcagtc aagctctaaa agaatcaatc agtaaggatc aacaagcgat    131460
     ctgggactta cacactactg tccgtaaggg atagcgtgtc agcatcactg gacaggctct    131520
     gctgctcact gtcattggca ctggtggctg gggccagggc atagccagag ttgacgtagt    131580
     aggggttgac gggctccctc caagatccat acctgtgaat aagaaaggtg catgagtggc    131640
     agcagagcaa ttattctcct gtttcaatat acactgttag agttatctaa aaacagagca    131700
     gaaagagcat gtaccttcac ccccttcctc ctcccctcat tccacccttc ccaattccaa    131760
     gggaagggat gaaagagggt ctaactaact aaacttgttc tttctagatg tttcctattt    131820
     ttaaaaaagc agttaagtac atatacagag agtatcattc gggtagcaga taatgctcca    131880
     tctttctact aaagagcaca agaagaaaga aaccgttatc cttgttataa ctacaaagca    131940
     acccacttct ggcccaactc aataggtttt tctgggtcag ccagccagag ccaccaggac    132000
     tctaattcag ttccttgggt gtcaggcatc atgatgctcc atggacatta tacacaaatg    132060
     aaatctgctg ctggataggt gtggggagga aagtcaaagt cccactacta gaagtagcag    132120
     agtccagttg ttgccatgtg attggccaaa aacaagaaac ataacctgca ttttccaaaa    132180
     gggcacttct gtatacttgt tctatattat agagtctggc ccttgtctac taggtgattt    132240
     gttctgtttg gggatttgta tattgctgtt gttgttttaa tactttacca gtttaaaaaa    132300
     aaaaaaaaaa gaattagctg ggcattgtgg catgtgcctt taatcacaca actggcagag    132360
     gcaggtggat ctcttgtgag tttaagccca gcctggttta cagcctggtt tacatagtga    132420
     gttccttgct agtgctacac agagaaactc agtctcaaaa gcaaacacaa aattgccttt    132480
     aatcccagta ctatggaggt agagagggtt gatctttgta agttcaaggc aagcctggca    132540
     agctctgtag agagctcgtt ccaggatagt cagagctaca caaaagaaac cgtgtctcag    132600
     ccaggtggtg gtgacacaca tctctgaagc agaggaaggt ggatctctat aagtttgaga    132660
     ccagcctggt ttacagagca agttctagga cagctatggc tacacagaga aactgtctta    132720
     aaaacaaaca aacaaatacc caaaaaaaga ggagggggaa ggaaaaagaa accctgtctc    132780
     aaaaaaacaa aaacaaaatt attttacatg tgtgtttagc ctacatgcat atacactgcc    132840
     tgcatgccta atgcccatgc aatccagaaa aagaatcctg gagctcctgg agctggagtt    132900
     acagtcagtt gtgagttgct gtttaggtgc taggaaccca gtttagatct tctgcaagag    132960
     tagcttttgc tcttaaccac taagccatct ctctctctct agtcctccag attacatgtg    133020
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta taaaaagcat ataagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    133080
     atatatatat atatatatac ttatatagat tatctatcta tctaatataa acaatgcatg    133140
     taaaatattt tctccctaaa tattcttttt cttacaataa aggccttctt aatctggcca    133200
     cttgaatgca tgatcctgcc ttaggtttcc tgagagttgg gattacagga ctgtaccatc    133260
     atacctggtc ccttataact ttttgtatta tgcatacaca ggccttttca ttttaggtca    133320
     taaacatatt ctattattat tgaaacaatt aaaagatttt ctttttaaaa aaagatttat    133380
     ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttaatg tatatgagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac    133440
     acaccagaag agggcgttgg attccattac agatggctgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg    133500
     ggaattgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagta gccagtgctc ttaactactg agccatttct    133560
     ccagccccta aaagattttc ttgagacaga gatttagctc tggctgatga acttgcagtg    133620
     atcttatctc tgctttccca agtacatgac ctatctatca tacccagctt ccagtaattt    133680
     tctgctgtgt tttaagaaga atctcactat gtagtccagg ctggctcaac tcacattccc    133740
     tctgccttag ctcttcagaa actaggacta catctaggtg ttaccccagg ctccaatatc    133800
     aacctcgaga gtgttcttca agagactatg catcttattt tgagacaggg cctctcactg    133860
     ggacctaggg cttgatgata aggctaggac agctacctag taaatcccaa ggatcctgtc    133920
     tacactgccc cagtgtcgat tattacatct ggctttttac catggttgct gggaatcaaa    133980
     ctcaggtcct cacacttgca cagcaaacct tttattgact aaattagttg atcctctgac    134040
     cccacaatgg atggccaatc ggcagcacta actggtacat gattagtaat ttaaatgcta    134100
     cttttagcca cttcctaact tgacttttaa acaggaatcg aattccctgg tgctgtgctg    134160
     agggacaaca ttgtagcagc tggacatcta tactagtggt tctcaacttg taggtcaaga    134220
     cccctttggg gatttgtgtc aaatatccct ttcacggagg tcacatatca gatatcctgc    134280
     atatcagata tttacatcat gattcataac agtagcaaaa ttacagttat gaagttgcaa    134340
     caaaaacaat ttatggttgg agtcacttta acatgaggaa catattaaag ggtcatgggg    134400
     tggctggaga gatggctcaa tggttaagaa cactgaccgt tcttccaggg gtcctgagtt    134460
     caattgccag caaccacacg gtggctcaca accatctgta ataggatctg atgttctttt    134520
     ctggtgtgtc taaagacaac gaatgtactc atatacatta aataaatctt tttaaaacgg    134580
     gggggggggg ggtagggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta agagcacccg actgctcttc    134640
     cgaaggtcca gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ccgtaatgag    134700
     atctgactcc ctcttctgga gtgtgtgaag acagctacag tgtatttaca taaaataata    134760
     aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa aggggggggc acagtattaa gaaggttgaa aaccactgat    134820
     ctatataggg cctcctgaca attctcttct ctaaagatgg ctgagcatgg tgggattccc    134880
     ctttaatctc agcacttggg aggcaaaggc aggtgaattc tgggtctgta tagaccagta    134940
     cttcttaacc ttaatgttgt aacgttttaa tatagctcct cctgttgtgc tgatcctcaa    135000
     ccataaaatt atttccatta cttcaaaatt gtaattttgc tactcttatg aattataatg    135060
     taaatatttt ttgaaacaga gacttgccaa aaggattttg actgagcttg aaaaccactg    135120
     atttaagagt tccaggctgg ctgggcgtgg tggtgcacac ctttaatccc agcacttggg    135180
     aggcagagtc agggagattt ctgagttcca ggccagcctg atctacaaag tgagttccag    135240
     gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac caaaacaaaa aaaaaaagtt    135300
     ccaggttggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac tgactgctcc tctgaaggtc    135360
     ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc acccataatg agatctaatg    135420
     ccctcttctg gtgcatctga agacagctac agtgtactta agatataaaa attaataaat    135480
     ctttgggcct gagtgagcag ggctgaccag agtgagcaga ggtcctaaat tcaataccca    135540
     aaaaccacat gaaggctcac aaccatatgt acagctacaa tgtactcata tacataaaat    135600
     aaataaatct ttaaaaaaaa gggggggggg gtcccggcag ccacggctat acactgatgg    135660
     ctttcaatag cactactcac cgcacctcaa gttagtaaat taggaaatac caaaaatgaa    135720
     gctatttgag aggttcgtct gtttggatct tagatcctag ggttagggca cactaagcag    135780
     taagccatag actgtacttg actgtcaggc actctgtact gtaccctcag tgtaagagaa    135840
     ggaatatcca aattgtttct aagggaatag gcctcccttt gaccatccat gtacactaac    135900
     ccacctacaa gtatgcagaa gtggcaggag tatgtgttat aggtgtatat cactatagtc    135960
     agcccgctgc acttctacag tcagccctct gcacttttcc aagtcctcaa aataaaagct    136020
     tagtggaatc catgcaaaca tgcccaactt actcttgaca aaagtacaaa agcaaactga    136080
     tagagaaaag gcagtctttt caataaatgg tgctatgata cctagacatg cacagaccca    136140
     aagaatgaac tttgatctac atctcacact tcataccaag tcaaactctg tagttcttgg    136200
     atgtttttag cctgagcttc agttatgctc cagcattcca ttcactcggc ctctgcccac    136260
     cttgcctcag caacatgccc tggcacagta tcctgagcac tcagtgtttc tttcccagtc    136320
     cttgtaacac cagtattagc tggtattcag gctattgtga gaggtactct ggttaccgat    136380
     ggccaaccca gagtggacac tatgcatttg caccatgtgt atacctcgtg cctacggaac    136440
     caagaagaag atactgtagc tcctaaaact gaagttacaa ggagttatga acttcctgat    136500
     attagtgctg ggaaccaaac ccacatttga cacagctatg gcatctcaat acctgattca    136560
     cttgtctctc ccagctagaa gctacttggt gactaatgct cttcaggttt cctaggataa    136620
     cttctaatat gggtcaatga aaatactgat cttagggcta gggagatagt tcaactataa    136680
     aacaactact gtgcaagcat gaggacctga gttcatcaca cataaaaagc caggtctgaa    136740
     tgggcaccga ggcacatact ttagtcacag cacttaggag agagagagag agagagatag    136800
     gaggatcttt gtgagctcaa ggccagccta gtctatctac atagtgagtt ccagggcagg    136860
     cagaactaca aagagtcagt ctcagtatct tccctccccc ctctccccat gtgtgtgtgg    136920
     agtgggtgag tatgtgtata ttggtttgaa caggaatggc ctccatagtt atgtgtttga    136980
     acgcttagcc atagggagtg gccttatgag atgtgacctt gttagaggaa gtgtgccact    137040
     gtgaaggcag ggttttgagg tcttaaaagc tcaagctcag ctcagtatga aacccacaat    137100
     ttcctcctta ctgcctgagg atgaagatgt agaactctca gttcctgctc aaataccatg    137160
     cctgcctgca tactaccatc atcttctcga catgatgata taacagattt aaacctctga    137220
     aactgcaagc cagccccaat taaatatttt cctttataag agttaccatg gtcatggtgt    137280
     ctcttcacat caataaaacc ctaacagagt cagtctgtca gtcagggtgt ctttgtctct    137340
     gtctctctct ctccctctct cttgtttttt gaggcaaaat ttctgtttcc tcaaacttat    137400
     agatccatct gcccctgcct cccaagagct aagattaaag gtatatacag ttaccaccca    137460
     gttctaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    137520
     aaagagagaa agagagaaag agggaaaggg ggaaaggggg aaagggggaa agggaaagga    137580
     aaagggaaaa gggaaaaggg aaaagggaaa agggaaaagg gaaaaaagag aaagggaaag    137640
     ggaaagggaa agggaaaggg aagggaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aagggaaaaa    137700
     agaaaaagca gagcttacaa ccaacctttt cagcatatcc tttaatgggc aagtaggact    137760
     gggatgtggc taagtgccag gggaagaggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtacacat    137820
     atatatgtat acattataca cacacagttt taaaattatt tatgcatatg ggtgctttgc    137880
     cttcgtgtaa gcacatgcat gtctgttgtc tgtataagtc agaaagggtt attgattccc    137940
     taggactgga gttacagata gttgtgagtt gaagcagggt cctccagaag agtagccaat    138000
     actcttttta atagctgagc catctctcca gatccttgtt ttgttttgtt tttttgttta    138060
     gagataaggc ttcaatatac agcccaaatt agccttaaac tcattattct tctgtctcag    138120
     cctcctaaga ggtatgtact acaccaggtc cagcatgaag cactggtttt tgttgctgct    138180
     gtttgttttg gttcatttgt tctctcactc tcattctctc cctctctccc tcccctcccc    138240
     tcccctcctc tcctgtaatg agtgatcact tgattgcctc agtctcctga gaaagcaacc    138300
     taatacccat aggtagaagc aagggctcta ctggctttaa tttgttatga ctgatgatgg    138360
     aatacttctg agaatcagag gccttgagct cttatgctgg tagccttggc ctaaactctg    138420
     cctaccttgc tgcccaaaat gagcataagc taagaaccag caaatgtatc ctctcctagg    138480
     gcttgtctct actgtcccag ctccctgccc tgttacatag gaacaaatct gtcttaagcc    138540
     aagtgggaca tcctgggctg aacagatggc ttagggctag aggagaaggc ctgtctaact    138600
     cttaggatca ccccacccga gtccagtgtc tttggccacc taagtcctag agatgcaatt    138660
     caaatgggat gagtttatcc actagtcgtt ggctctttat gaggtctctg gagctcagac    138720
     agcagtggtg aggaccatgt cttacaatgt gcagaagtca tccttgaagc caaacaggga    138780
     gcaggcaagt agacttgacc atactacttg caggcattgt ctccagaact gtccctgaag    138840
     ctcatcattc ctagctgaac ccagatctac acttgacttt ggtaagagac taccctcagc    138900
     tacattcctg ccctcaacac cagcctacat ctaaccctga gaacagcaaa cagcaaatat    138960
     aaggtgcaca tgcaggagta atgaacactg tcttctaggc tcagaaccac taatcccata    139020
     gagtctcagt cccctcccaa atgcaacgac aggagcccac gttgctaaca tgcatgtaat    139080
     gactcagaca agctgtggct ccagaacaac aaagagataa tactcagtct atagtcccaa    139140
     atagatgaag gcaactgaca tcaaagaaca gaaggcatga tagcatatca ttaatgtcct    139200
     aacactgtcc acttgtgaat gacagcatgc taccaatgct cagatgcata tccactcaca    139260
     gaaaagagca tgctgttgcc aggcatgttg gtgcatgcct ttagtcttta atctcagcat    139320
     gtggcagaca gaagctgtct acaattaagt tccaggacag ccagaactac agagaaaccc    139380
     catccaaaaa aaagcatgtt tttggatatc ctgatgctgt ccacccatgg atgacaactg    139440
     ttatttatcc atgttataat gcgtacccac tcatggaagg tggtgatgtc tgggttctga    139500
     ctgtgtccat ctcattagat catcatgtgt atctttcact ccacattccc tatgctatac    139560
     cctagtttcc caagatacct cttcttccaa gagtttatct tctcacacaa ggcttcagaa    139620
     ctacagaaga accagtgacg atgatactag aagggcaaga gggaacatct cactctaaat    139680
     tagcatctgt ataaaatgtg aaacactggc tcacaaacaa gatctttctg ggcatacctc    139740
     tactgtgtaa atatagctac ttatagaaca agcacctctc ctctgcacct aaaggtaaaa    139800
     gattatccta tgagatgcaa tccacaatac ccaccagcag ctggcaaaat cccctcatct    139860
     cctccatgta aaatcaggaa tccagcctcc tcctcccctg tgaggatcac agtcaccagc    139920
     acctttcaac agtacagtca accagatgtt agaacccttg ggaacaggta caagtgacct    139980
     tagaatctga agtggcctgc cattcattgt agacccactt tgcagcttct gatgggcctg    140040
     ggacccacct aactgagtag gggtaaagag ggtatatggc tcccacactg caaatgtagt    140100
     agatgggatg acaccacact tgccctccag aggtaaccgt caagaattct gacggaattt    140160
     cttgttacca ctaagtcacc attttctcat tgtaaagcag gaatgataat ggtcagccag    140220
     acatggtagc acaggccttt aatcctagca cttgggaggc aggggcatga tgatcgctgt    140280
     gagcccgagg ccagcatgat cttcacagtg atttctaggc cagctagagt tacatggaaa    140340
     gaccccatct aaaatttaaa aagaaaggga ggaagggagg gacaacagat tctttgcagg    140400
     acgtctgagc tcttagtgac cagtactcaa tgcttggaaa gggctcagca tacaatgcag    140460
     aagaacctca acatagacta tactgtcttt ggtcttgcat ccctcacatg agttagaaga    140520
     acaaaagggg gctggagaga tggctcagcg gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttctgaaggt    140580
     tctgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggcttacaac catccttaat gacatctgac    140640
     tccctctccc agtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt acatataaaa taaacaataa    140700
     ataaatcttt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaacaaaa gggtgatgat ggctataggc    140760
     cacagccaaa taacatcaat gtgcaaccaa ttcaagattc tgaagtcaaa acaacagatc    140820
     cacaggatcc aagcactggt gactctacca tggctctaca gaattagaaa gtgtctgaca    140880
     tcgtgtcctc tccagcccaa tttctacaca ttccagtgtt attccaatca gcaaatgttt    140940
     aaagtaacta ctaaaggata agcaaggcag cttagatggt caaagtgcct aatgccaaat    141000
     ctgaccacct gagttcaatc agtggacaca catggtggga gagaactact gaaaattgtc    141060
     cttttatgcc acacatatac ctcgagcgtg cacacacatt actgaaaata cgagtagagg    141120
     atgatacaga ttttaatccc actgttgaac taaaaactag actatgtatt aaaaaaacgc    141180
     taaaggaatc caggccatac aatgtctccg ggcgacagaa acataaagac acctctgttt    141240
     acactgcttt ctcttttctg caccaaatct acctattcta tgtttctctg aacatcaaaa    141300
     tgaaagctag ggactaatgg atgcaaagag gagaaagttc tgcaaaacta cccatgggat    141360
     ttgctagtca gggctcaaaa gcagtgaggt cctagtgact acacaggttc tgtcactttc    141420
     ttcaaggtcc ttacccgaga gcctggactc atataaatgg tttcagaata tttctataag    141480
     tcacaaatct gataaagaaa cactctatcc catgaagtga gatttaaata gtgggattaa    141540
     ataaatggaa tagagccggg catggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca    141600
     gaggcaggtg aatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtata cagagtgagt tccaggacag    141660
     ccagggctac acagagaaaa cctatcttga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg aatagctgag    141720
     cattgttgat gtaaacttgt aatctcagta tataagaggc tgaggtagga ggatagcaag    141780
     ccttgcctta agaaggaggt gtcatgtaat atataatact ataaaataat atactataat    141840
     attgttgtgt ggagatgtca gcccctcact ctagccatga cctaataagg agatatttca    141900
     gaagatcctc agttgcgaag acatgccaat tctccttcac aaactcaagt tagtcaaata    141960
     agcactggaa agtagcaaac accagagagt ttcatctttg ggacacatgc agatgctatg    142020
     ttcatcactt tttttcttcc ttttggtttt tttttttttt ttggttgtta ttttgttgtt    142080
     ttatttttaa gacagggtct cactgtatag acctggctca actagagctc actatgtaga    142140
     acaggctcgc tttgaactta cagatccatc tgtatctgcc tcccaactgc tggaattaaa    142200
     gatgtgcctt gagccagctt agattcagac ataaataaaa acattagacc ctctctggct    142260
     tctgctaatc tagctacacc cttttatcca agcagctggt ttagcttacc cctcacctaa    142320
     actagaagct taaaatagaa aattattaac agccaagctt gtctacagat atgacaaagt    142380
     catgtgtctg gttaagcttt aaaataaaca gaatataaaa cagagatgaa tccatccatg    142440
     atctgttgaa aactctatgt agatggtaga gggaaagaaa agacatagat gatgttaaga    142500
     ttgctctcct gactattcag ccaatgagga aaaagaggag ggaagctctg tttaggggta    142560
     taaaagcctc actctgagct gacattgaca cctaactttg caaagtttta aaactgcttt    142620
     gctttcacaa aggggtttgt tttgttcctc acacctaata gggcatgtaa atgtcaggtg    142680
     gatgggatcc accccctgcc cccatcctgc tccccataat cctagggctt ggaaagggga    142740
     gcaagcatta acagaatcag caaacaatgg gttcaaggaa gagatctgtc tcaatatatc    142800
     tgagagaaaa gaaagacacc ggataatctt gccccccccc caggtacatc tgcacataca    142860
     caaaaaactg aatacacaca tacagtgtat atatgtacat atacacaata aagaaaaacc    142920
     attttaaaaa tggatagcta tagctgggca gtggtgacat atacctttaa ttccagcact    142980
     caggaagcag aaataggtgc atctctgaat taagaaacca attttctggg ttggagagat    143040
     ggctcagagg ttaagagcac tgattgctct tccagagatc ctaagttcaa ttcccagcaa    143100
     ccacatggtg gctcacaatc atctgtaatg ggattcaatg cgctcttcta gtgtgtctaa    143160
     agacagggac agtgtactca tatacataaa gtaaataaat cttaaacaaa caaacaacaa    143220
     ttttcttcct tccttcctga gttttttgag atggtctcag ccttggttga catgaaactt    143280
     gatatatata aatatatata catacataaa tacacataca cacaatcaga ccagcctcaa    143340
     actcaagaga ttggctgcct ctgcgttcaa actgctggga ttccgtgtgt gcaatgccga    143400
     aggtcaggcc caattttctt ctgatgagca gaggtcctca agaggatcgg gtgtggaacc    143460
     ctgagctata caagaatggg aagcacccac atacaagcca agactttagc tatgtctcat    143520
     ataggaaaat ctgctacaca gaacactgta ttcctgagaa agatgcaatt ttcactcata    143580
     atgaacttca tgggtgccat gcctgacctc ctctaactag ctagcccaca tgtctttttc    143640
     ctcttaattc tcatgttaaa aaactgcttt aagacccaca tgtgagagct gggcatggtg    143700
     gcgcacgcct ttaatctcag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gaggatttct gagttcgagg    143760
     ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc taaacagaga aaccctgtct    143820
     caaaaaacaa acaaacaaaa cccacatgtg gtgatgtaca ccaataattc cagcattcaa    143880
     gaagcagagg gaggatgatt tctgcaagat caaggccagc ctgggataca atgtgagttt    143940
     caagctcgcc agggccacat aataagacac catcccccaa aaaggagtgg gaaggcatca    144000
     tttcattaga tccatgattt ataatgcaca ggctctctaa attaaaacaa acaacggaaa    144060
     aacaaaaaca aaacacaggg agatggaaag gataaaagta tccaaaaaat gacaccagag    144120
     aagaaattat ccaaaagaac ccataactga aagaccagtt tcttcttcac ggtgaagaaa    144180
     acctcaaagg gaaacccctg caacacgatg agaaaacact accaacaatg aacacattag    144240
     acgacatcct cagggtaaga caggcatgca gtgcagtggt agaatgtcta tctaccacga    144300
     ctaaggcccc agatcaatac ccaacacctt aaacaggaaa gccaagtgtg gtagctgaca    144360
     tttgttaata ccaacatcag aactcaggag gtggaagcag gaggatatcg ttaaatataa    144420
     ggccagcctg aaccatacct caagttctag gctaatctgg gatacacaag accttgtctc    144480
     aaataaaagc catcctggga aagaagtcat agccacagaa agggtcacca gtttagttca    144540
     tcttcagcat aaaggcacaa tgccacccaa ttaaatccta cccacaacgt gtgtttgaca    144600
     actgtataca agaacagcaa ctagcactca accacagcac taagcaaagc acaccgtaat    144660
     acagtatctc aggaacacag catccaagac cacccacact gctgacacca tgtaccttgt    144720
     accacaatac tcaacatcat ccacaccatc aggcaccaag gcaacacagc acctagtact    144780
     acagcactca gaatcacaag aggcctaagg gacaactctt tcagctagag taggaacaca    144840
     gaaggctttg ggaaatgagt tcaggaaaaa ctagcttatc actcatgtat cacaatgtat    144900
     agcacacttc aagttgctaa agattcatga agggctggaa aagtggctta gtagttaaag    144960
     agtacttgtt cttgcaaaga acctagtttc aattcccagc acccacatac caactgaagt    145020
     ctgtaaaacc agttccaggg gaatctgatg ctttctgaca tccaaaggca caaggcacca    145080
     cagactgaat atccatacag atacgtagac caaacatcca tccattcatc tatctgtcta    145140
     ttaaattaaa ttaaaagagg agctagaaag atgctcttgt ggggcgtttt gagtctagtc    145200
     ctagctccca tattaagcgg ctcaaaacca cctgtaactt caactctaga gatctgactc    145260
     cttaggcctc caggtgttca tgcctacata catacacaac tttaaataaa taaataaata    145320
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaatt ttagggcctg gagagatcag    145380
     aggtgaagag cactggctgc tttttcagag atcccagggt tagattctta gcatcaacat    145440
     ggccactaca atcatctgta actccaattc agaggggatc taatgctctc ttctagcctc    145500
     tgcaggtacc aggcatgtat atggtacacc agcatatatg taggcaaaac acccatactc    145560
     ataaaatgat tttttaatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ctaagctggg    145620
     cagtagtggc acatgccttt aatcccagca cttggaaggc agaggcaggt gaatttctga    145680
     gttcaaggcc agtctggtct acggagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa    145740
     ccctgtcttg aacaaacaaa aatcgagggg ccggagagat ggctcaacag tttaagaaca    145800
     ctgactgctt ttctagaggt cctgagttca attccaagca accaaatggt ggctcaaaac    145860
     catctgtaac aggatctgat accctttttt ggtgtgtctg aagacagtga cagtggactc    145920
     acatagagaa aagaaatagg gctggagaat ggctctgcag ttaagagcac tgactgctct    145980
     tccaaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtgata    146040
     agatttgatg ctatcttctg gggtttctga agacagctac agtacactta catataataa    146100
     gtaagtcttt aaaaaagaga gagacagaaa ataaatacat cttaaaaagt gatttgacca    146160
     ctggggaaca ggaaagcaaa tatagaggac ttatttcaga ctgaccatga agaaacttac    146220
     agagcatgca aatcccagtc tgaataaaga gacttcaagc aatttcaaga gaacccacct    146280
     aggggttggg gtgggggaaa caggggtcag tggcacccta actgaaaata tcattcagtg    146340
     gagcccaatt acacttggaa cagaagtatt attttctgta agtcagcacc ttctaaatag    146400
     aatttagagt agaattttct aaagagtatc caaataaaca actattagct ttttatccaa    146460
     aatgtttcat ccaattgtca ttaaccatgg tagcatgttt agaaattctt cagttgatgg    146520
     acttcaacat aactatattt tttatcttaa cctcaattca gtctcttgat aaatgaacca    146580
     aatataaaca gtccagccaa tagccaggca acacaacttt atcaacataa tgagaacacg    146640
     acaagtttta gccactgttg aacaaagttt taatgattca taataaacaa caggcctgtt    146700
     aatctttgtt atcattgctg gaatatagtt tagctcccaa gagaaaggct agcaaattta    146760
     agtgccacag gctttaagga ttctgcagag aaataaaaaa atccttcagc taagaaccta    146820
     caaaagcctg tattatcttg attaatgtac ttttttgcat ggtgtgaact agttatcgct    146880
     acataaatct gtaatatatc ctgtttgtat tgttccaaca taatgatgtg tgttggggtt    146940
     tttatgttat gtgtatgggt ttttacttgc atatgtttat atactagttg tgagcctagt    147000
     gaccatgaag accagaaaag agaattggat gccctgaaac tggagttaca aaggctgtga    147060
     gtgatggaaa ggaaactgaa tcctctgtag aagtaaccag tgttctcaat cactgagttc    147120
     tcgctccaga ctcatgtcag tatgtttaat gtcagaatat acattttgta agggccggag    147180
     aaatgaatgg ctcattggtt aaagagtgct tactgcttta tagaagattc aagcttggtt    147240
     cccagcacct atgttagata gctcacaagt gctagcaact ctagctccaa agattctaag    147300
     accctctctg gtctcaacag gcacctatac tcatctaaca tccactgaca gacacatacc    147360
     cataaataaa aataaatact ttaaaaatct atatattaat agatatatat tataaacctg    147420
     tacttttttc aattacttga tgccttactt ttaactttat ttatttagag atagctctca    147480
     ctatgtagac caagctggcc ttaaactcac aaagatcaac ctgcctctgc ctccccaggg    147540
     cagagactaa ataaaggtat atatcactca ctaccttaca agttaactct ttaaactatt    147600
     tgttcgtttg cttgcttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt    147660
     gtagtcctgg ctatcctgaa agtcactctg tagaccaggc tagccacaaa atcagaaatc    147720
     tgcctgcttc tgcctcccaa gtgttgggat taaaggcatg taccaccact cccatctagt    147780
     cccatctagt tttttttatt ttttaaactt aaaaagatac ttaaggtttt ttatacatag    147840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatatata tatatatata tatcaattaa    147900
     gaagaaaaac cctgaatcat actcaaagaa aacaaacaaa aacacaaaca aaaaaaaatg    147960
     catctttttt taaaatttat tttatttaca tgtgtatact gttgctgtct tcagatacac    148020
     cagaagaggg tatcagatcc cattacagat gaccaacatg tggttgccag gaattgaatt    148080
     caggacctct gaaagagcag gcaatgctct taactactga gctatccctt caacacaaca    148140
     aatgcatctt ttaaaaaaaa gttacgctat cccatttttt gttgtttggg tttggttttt    148200
     gttgttgttg ttttgttgtt ttgagtccta gaactcacta tgtaggtcag ggtagtctca    148260
     aactcacaga gatcattatc tctgctccaa gttctgggat taaaggtatg cactactatg    148320
     gccagcctgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtggatgcac aggtcatagc    148380
     aagtgaattg aggtcagtgg acaacttgta gaagtcatat gggtagttag gatcaatctc    148440
     agattggcag taagtgtctt caccaactga catatctaac ttgctctgta tgcatctaac    148500
     tggctctgta agcatctttt tttttttaaa gatttattta ttattataca taagtacact    148560
     gtagctgact tcagacactc cagaagaggg cgtcagatct cattatagat ggttgtgagc    148620
     caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gaccttcgga agagcagtca gtgctcttac    148680
     ccgctgagcc atctcaccag ccactctttt ttttttaagt gtattttgtg tgtgtgtgtg    148740
     tggtggttta aaggctcttg tttttgagac tgcatcttgc tacgtagccc cgacaaccct    148800
     agaactaact tactatgtag aacttactat gtctgcacta ggatcactaa caagtttatc    148860
     tgattttttt gtttgaattc ctgggctcaa gtgacacagg cacatggtac cactgtcaaa    148920
     ttcaagaagc caggcttttt gacacacgcc tctaatccta gcacttgggg ggcagaagtt    148980
     ggatctctgt aagtttgagt cctgcctaat ctacttaaca atttccagga cagtcaagac    149040
     taaataaaga ccctgtctca aaaagctctg aggtagtggc acatgtcttt gaacctagca    149100
     cctgggaggc agaggcagac tgatctctgg gttcaaggtc agcctggtct actgaatgaa    149160
     tttcagaata gccagagcta caaagagttc tggtgtgtgt gagtgttggg ggaagataca    149220
     taaaatgtag aagattgata catgtgcaaa caaaataaat aaacaaatac ataaataaaa    149280
     catgggcttt ttgtaaagcc ttattttttt tttttttttt taaagattta tttatttatt    149340
     atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa gagggagtca gatcttgtta    149400
     cggatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctctggacct tcggaagagc    149460
     agtcgggtgc tctaacccac tgagccatct caccagcccg taaagcctta tttttgcctt    149520
     ttgttaaaat tatttttatt ttttatgtgc attgctattt tgcctacatg tatgtctgtt    149580
     atgagggtgc tagatcctgg agttacagac aatagtgagc ttccatgtgg gtgctgggaa    149640
     ttgaactccc agcctctcaa agaatagcca gtcctcttaa ctgctgagcc atctctccag    149700
     gcccctattt ttgccttttt gagatagggt ctctctctgt ttgacttaaa ctggaggccc    149760
     tcaccctccc aagcactagg atggcattaa agttatgaac caccatgcct aagtcaaaat    149820
     cctttatttt atttcatata tatgggtatc ttgcctacat gtatgtctga gaaccatgtg    149880
     cttgcctgag aaacagagaa agaagaagcc catgtagccg agagtacaga agagtatccc    149940
     tggtgaacca gccctgatga aggatagcag agggaaactt agcgctctag ggagatgcat    150000
     caacatctgc ctgagcaaat gtgcacagcg gacacctcta tctagctaca gacatgcagc    150060
     atagggctga ccactgccca accaaacaag agctacactc accttctaga cttaccaatg    150120
     acttatagaa ggctggaact ggggtatagg gatggggaag actaggacta agtcaagcac    150180
     caaatgtcta gttccacaga aagatggtta aatgttaaga ggctatctat gtttaaagtt    150240
     aagatggttg cccatcccac agaaatgatt gaagagatat cctgaatgtt cctgcagatt    150300
     acatactttt tgaaattcat aactctaagg attatatgac tcatgtggca tgttcttact    150360
     gatgagatat atagtggccc aagcaaagct agtttcctcc catacaaaag cacagaccct    150420
     tagactagac agggctaaag gaagaactgt caatgtcaga ctaacttgct ttccaccaac    150480
     tcccacaact cagccacaag caagagctga aggataaact aaaatacata aaatctggac    150540
     tgtagaaaga ttggcaaagc cagaaggcac agaccaaact tgaacgttca tggctaacta    150600
     gcatactgac acaaggacag agtcaccagg catctgacct acaggtacag cttaatttca    150660
     aaagagacca tactgatgcc acaataaaat gtacacatgc cagcaacttg tgccaaatat    150720
     ataaatcctg ctcttctcaa acactgttgt gagtaagagc caaagtagca tggtccacag    150780
     agacagcaac catgaagtgt tcagtcttgt gttgcctgta agtgcttccc attcataagc    150840
     ctaccaaact agtaacaggt attagcaata catggcctga gagctcagga ctagagttga    150900
     tcccaatttt tttgtccgat cctctaccca tagtatttca tggatgccat ggagttctgt    150960
     cagactgtgg agttttgcat gactagtgca ggaaaggcca ccttttaaca ggcatatata    151020
     gtgggtacat tagggttcac aagaaatctt tgcagcattg gtagaaggga tggtatattt    151080
     aagatttgcc taatggagct ggagggatgg ctcagtggtt aagagcacgg cctactcttc    151140
     cagaggacct gggttcaatt ccctgcactc acctggtagc ttacatggta ggatcaacta    151200
     aactgatgtg ggtggctgag taccgttgag ctgctgcaaa gaccaagttg gggcagagga    151260
     aggaagatct agtgttagga gcctcagcgt gtcatcaatc accctacatt tgcaatcaag    151320
     agagaactcc gatgtggatt ctaccagcat ctaaactaag ttttgttcaa gaggctaaat    151380
     gtccaagtag gggcagaaac tcacaggcat ctggtgggaa tctctgcacc tcctatgcat    151440
     tatctaaggc ttctctacaa catcctcata ctgcagaatt cttacaaaac agtaacacag    151500
     taggaaggta gccaatttca caaaatatag cctgtgaact tattaagcta gagtttcctt    151560
     ttattttctt tctttctttg tttctttttc tttttggttt tgatacagca tttgatacag    151620
     gagaaaatgg ggggaggata gtttagcagg taatagaatg tctgctatcg tagaaaatta    151680
     aagtttgatt ctcagcatcc atgttgggca cctcaacagc ttgtaattcc atctctctca    151740
     ggaatatatc tctggtctca gtgggtccct gcacttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    151800
     gtgtgtgtac ttgcaagcaa ggtacatgtg ggcacacatg tccacatata tacacttaaa    151860
     aataatcttt taaatttctc aagctgtagg taatgattca cacctgtaat cccaatactt    151920
     aggaggtaga ggcaggaaaa ctgggagttt aaagtaatac tcagctatag aacaggtttg    151980
     aagacaatct ggaatacata atgttttgtt ttaaaaactt tttggatctg ggagctaaag    152040
     agaaggctcg tggttatgag cactggctgc tcttccagag tacccaggtt caattcccag    152100
     caactacatg gcagttcata actgtctcta gttccagggg atctgacaac ctcaaaccaa    152160
     cgcacataaa attaaacaaa ttattgaaaa aaaaaatact ttttggatgt agggaaacac    152220
     ccccctggga acttagcacc agagcactga acttagcaca gttcatgcac tggcttccgt    152280
     gcagacattt cttaatggta atgggggaga aatataagtt ccaaaagggc cagagagcta    152340
     cccagacact aaaggtgaca actctcaagg tttcctctcg agaatccaaa tctgtaagtc    152400
     aagactatct aggaaggggc tagagtgatg gctcagaggt tgaatactga ctgctcttgg    152460
     agaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatggga    152520
     tcagatgccc tcttctaatg tgtctgaaaa cagctacaag tgtactcata tttaaaaaaa    152580
     gactgtcgcc gggcagtggt ggcacacacc tttaatccca gcactcagga ggcagaggca    152640
     ggcggatttc tgaggacagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc aggactatac    152700
     agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agactaggag tctccagctt    152760
     tctcattctg aggtcatgta ataagaattc actccacaga tc                       152802