ID   AC126030; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 187505 BP.
AC   AC126030;
DT   03-JUL-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   12-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-452N11 from chromosome 16, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-187505
RA   Edwards J., Bielicki L., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-452N11";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-187505
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-187505
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (02-JUL-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-187505
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-NOV-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-187505
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (26-MAR-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-187505
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 17197c7988d8a2e7a54e58a92cb43843.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456176.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC126030.3:1-187505; mus_musculus.
DR   RFAM; RF00100; 7SK.
CC   On Mar 26, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:25167247.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0452N11
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC122389.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..187505
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="16"
FT                   /map="16"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-452N11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   261..462
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3177..3247
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   3642..3720
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5628..5753
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   8170..8397
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   8944..9101
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   9296..9396
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   9448..10215
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10603..11758
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11759..11876
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12260..12684
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12695..13689
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14906..16227
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16296..16811
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16808..17168
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17220..17334
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   17229..17363
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   18458..18527
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   18646..18971
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   21464..21598
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21676..22442
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22602..24048
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24298..24401
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   25260..25404
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26745..26867
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26868..26901
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   30500..30622
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   30896..30964
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   36397..36602
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37444..37652
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   37657..37706
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   37682..37739
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   39777..39894
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40492..40577
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   42166..42328
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42344..42490
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   42587..42788
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   43415..43595
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   44389..44471
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   44926..45187
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45192..45316
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   45337..45528
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   45506..45743
FT                   /rpt_family="7SK"
FT   repeat_region   45744..45904
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   46101..46362
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   47562..47658
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   47927..48109
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50593..50680
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   52520..52604
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   52885..52950
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Ala-GCY_"
FT   repeat_region   53049..53106
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   54998..55211
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55214..55612
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   55611..55645
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56208..56553
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57167..57360
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57352..57477
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57482..57928
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58573..58746
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   60254..60725
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   62178..62548
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62555..62656
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   64153..64290
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65248..65328
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66244..66315
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   71258..72073
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72259..72405
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74371..74718
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75183..75459
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   78934..79105
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   79106..79322
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79321..79672
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79672..80324
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82021..82325
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82330..82555
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89099..89930
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90362..90507
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90653..90809
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   90848..91203
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91801..92615
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92623..92764
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92987..93361
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   93489..93655
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   94025..94254
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94258..94386
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   95357..95674
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   95781..95922
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96567..96793
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   98768..98901
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   99431..99785
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100294..100722
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100742..100830
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100965..101329
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101333..101388
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   101602..101651
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   101792..101980
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102413..102551
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102635..103329
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104394..104513
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   104514..104718
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   104719..104987
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   106447..107106
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108283..108611
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   108928..109125
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   110072..110118
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   111308..111930
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115397..115558
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   115683..116171
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   116243..116702
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   117022..117142
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   119290..119341
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   122424..122946
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122930..124744
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126586..126887
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127739..127863
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   128920..129092
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   129355..129662
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129763..129885
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130096..130991
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131325..131709
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131733..131878
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134206..134599
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   135865..136214
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138403..138465
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   138848..139175
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139545..140022
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142248..142356
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   143807..143857
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   143928..144020
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144708..144957
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   145756..146209
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   146833..147001
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   147124..147318
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   147634..147986
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   148129..149083
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   152250..152546
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   152775..153533
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   153874..154700
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   154890..154939
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   154959..155094
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156633..157370
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   157872..158095
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159531..159857
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   161657..163133
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165424..165745
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165745..166190
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166854..167111
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   167648..167684
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167683..167759
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   168994..169081
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   172069..172384
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   172385..172446
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   172468..172676
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   172687..173061
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   173614..173897
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   173907..174077
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   174090..174535
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   176503..176709
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   176905..177080
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   177112..177470
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   179341..179406
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   179410..180351
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   181315..181457
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   181493..181665
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   181868..182105
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   182417..182616
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   182784..182908
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   183038..183196
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   183225..183304
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   183418..184430
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   186795..187055
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   187103..187154
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   187144..187206
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
SQ   Sequence 187505 BP; 58863 A; 33198 C; 32761 G; 62683 T; 0 other;
     gaattcacct cacttctcat tggtagaacc acttcatatg attagccaca ggtgaatcag        60
     aattgaggag aaatacatta ctataatagc tcctgattga aattaatatt tcctgttaat       120
     gacaaggaat cttgccttac ttgaagctga aaaatgacca ggtcaaataa gtgtgaaatt       180
     ggttgtcaaa tatgttgtct aacatgttgt tttagagggt attttgttaa aaaaaaaata       240
     aaaacagttt cttttaaaaa ttattgtatg ttttattgat ttacatttca aatgttattc       300
     cttttcccag tttcccctcc agaaactccc tatcccatcc cccctcctcc tgtttctatg       360
     agggtgttcc cccacccttc acaggaccaa gggactctcc tcccatggat gccagataag       420
     gccatcctct gctacatatg cagctgaagc catgggtccc tcagtttcta aaaccaacat       480
     ttataaagta cttgctgtgt ttatgagctc tgagtgtgtg accttatatt attctccaaa       540
     tatagtttgg atgtgtactc tgctttacac atgagtaaac aaagattttg aagccaatca       600
     actcaacaac tcctgaaggt gcttgctgtc cacgctggaa ttgagcctta gatgattggc       660
     agaatgttgc cctcttggtg ctgagttgcc aggggaatag atggctgatg ctgcaaatgg       720
     gttttacctt gctgagtttc agtctgaagc aaggaattgt cttctatgta agtcagccag       780
     ttctcactta atcaagctat tagcacgaac ttattgaaaa catatatcca tatgtagctt       840
     tcaaaaacta ataactgaat taaataagag gtataatttg agtttttctt aggtgatgca       900
     gtgagaagtg gctaaatttt tatgtgaatg tagggttgct tttactttga agagttgagg       960
     ctcttctaac atttgactcc agtcaacaca aaagcataca agaatagttc tcaaataatt      1020
     aaactgtatg aactcaaaga gcacaccaga acatggagac gtaaagggag ctaaaatatt      1080
     tgaaacagat atttatcatc attattttat gtcattccag acaggaggac tcaataaaga      1140
     aaaactaagt taaattattt acttaatttt aaatatgcaa tagttgaata aatgacagac      1200
     ttgggaacct acatgttctt catagggaaa gctagaacta aaaattagta ttgattttaa      1260
     aactgactga taagataggg gaaatactga gatgtgtata agcatgtgaa cacactgatc      1320
     agatttctaa tttaatgttt agataaggat gttagctgta tcggctcttc atgttcatca      1380
     cagggtattt atttaaagat atgtgtgtat gtatgtacat atgtatgtat gtatgtatgc      1440
     atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat ggttttctcc ctataacaga tcatcaaact      1500
     aaagggcaat caaagttaat gctgaggcaa ttggtgcaca gaagcacatg cactgtgatt      1560
     ttcttctcat atatctattc atgttatttc tgtcatgggt attcttcacc aaccctatat      1620
     tttccaagta accaactatg ataagttttg tataaaatac atttaatttt atataaaaat      1680
     atatgtttga ataggtgtgg ttgtaaatag gttgaggtat aaaggtacag gcatatgtat      1740
     tatttgtaaa tatagctata catatattat gtgtataact ttgaatattg tcattcagta      1800
     ccatgtaaaa tatttgctgg tttatttcat ttaaaagtga atttctgata tttttaacat      1860
     ctaagaagaa actatatttc agtatagtta tacttcacac tttctgcagc tgtaacctag      1920
     ttagacaatg tttacatctt caagattaca tgacagtatg acttgttttt gtttcctgag      1980
     atgagcaact gaacagctct actaccttat ttttaaaaga aacttcaggc acgcaaatgt      2040
     tcataattaa tgatactttc tagcaaaatc ctactgtgtg aatataaata aattcagcat      2100
     tgcagcacaa gtgctctgat tccagcttac ggactatgat caaactatgt gcacaaacgc      2160
     gaacccttca tttcatttcc cttacttgtc attgaagaga tgaaggcagc tacatcatgg      2220
     acatcatcgc tcatcctttt cattgctatg ctcaatgggt accacatcct ctctcaaagc      2280
     tgatgaaaaa ccacgtttct catttttgtg gtatcatcac aaggatgaat tcatgatgct      2340
     gcagctgtac attctttgct atcacaatgt ggctccttgg gtctcctctg ggagtttcta      2400
     aacagataat ctgcttctgt ttctgatgac acaaatcaaa tttatttgca taaagggctt      2460
     ctgtaagttc tgttgattat gtttattata taaaacattc ctattttctg caagcataca      2520
     agacaaataa ctggatatgc atcaaggaat gttcacattg ggtagctcct atcagctttg      2580
     tcattgtgtg gttatagttt catggaaata aaggggtttt atagaggagt tttcctttgt      2640
     cagcagcgtt gaacagcctc ttttttcatc tcttcttttt ttattacttt tgagcagcct      2700
     ctcttaaaac tacttcttcg attttcagtt tactcttcat gctattgtca gagcaagcag      2760
     tcatatattt ttttttctta aatgttcact attcacatca tgtagccgac cactgaagca      2820
     ttctggctca gtggttgaca ccaaactgac tcaggacttc acacgacact tccagacacc      2880
     aaggacaatg acggtttagt gtcattctga gacatttttc agtgcacaag tttatatgta      2940
     tatgtgtgtg catgtgtgac tgtgtgttcg tatatgtatg tgtatgcaag catgtgcatc      3000
     tatatatgcc tgtgcatata tatatacata catatatata tatatatata tatatatata      3060
     tatatatgca tgtggatgtg agtgtatgag agtgtgtgta tctatgtgtt tgtgagtgta      3120
     agtgtgtgca agtgtgtgca tgtgtatttg tgtatgcata tgcatgagtg tgagtgtgtt      3180
     tatacatata tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tatgtatgta tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgcatg      3240
     tgcatttgag tgtatggtac tgtgtgtgta tgtgtttgtg tatgttggtg tgtgtgcata      3300
     tgttagatat tgattctgtt atgaaaacag tggcttcttc aaatgtgact attttatttc      3360
     caattctgtt acactttcat gaatcataga tttcttttca tattaatatg ctaatatatt      3420
     ttctttattt tatttaaaag tcctatattt tataattata cttgcatttt atgccatgaa      3480
     aatgcttttt gactctcaac atttttctaa gtctgtggca gaggctgcat agcagtcaaa      3540
     ggaaaaccat ggaaatttta cagcttcaca ttcaaatcct ggtcatccaa tttctctcct      3600
     gcttcttcct tccctctccc tctcctccca gatctccctc tccttgaatt catgagctgg      3660
     caatcttttc acttcagcct ccaaggagct aggattacaa gcataatcct cagcgcttgg      3720
     tttacctggg gtctttagaa gcttatcttc tttgctaggt tttttccccc atacccttct      3780
     ccatccttaa tttctatgta gatactgatg cttcctgggc tttggtagag tccattctct      3840
     ggcattctgc atgatctcat ttcacagcat aatccagaca acagtgattt ccactttaac      3900
     tccaaatgaa tcccccttca caacccagct gctggtgcta cacagtagcc atggtacttg      3960
     tattttctgc ttcaaaatcc tcctgactca cccatcagtc ttttatataa taattaaatg      4020
     ctaatgaaat tataatgata tataggtgca tgactgaggt aggttctctg tgggaaagat      4080
     gatttttctc tttagtaggc tctgagcttt ctataatcat gggtgaaaag cagacaaagg      4140
     tccaggtttc cttcagatta ttcaatgata gctgtcatca agctctggtt acagggaagg      4200
     ttagtaggtt gccagtgggg ggccttaagg tgcaagaaaa gtcaatgatc tgccaagaag      4260
     cgtgcaactc cataaaatct aagtctacgt gagaagtaga aaatagaatg gtggagaaaa      4320
     ttcaagtagc tacatatttt tgccaatatt ataccaaatt ctgagttttc taaggaaagg      4380
     aaatcaagtg ggcttatgat ttttattttc aaggatagaa ataatactat caatttttaa      4440
     tacacaggaa ataatttatc atgtgattcc tcttataaga taatgatggt cagtttctta      4500
     gaagacagcg cccatactgg tcttagcaat aagtctcaga aaccacatgt ggcacatctt      4560
     cctcacctaa ctatgcttac aagaagcatg gaacaaataa caaattttat ttgtctagga      4620
     tatgatttac tcaaatgcaa taatgtgcaa tatatggcag acacaaagac taacatttat      4680
     tgtttagttt gtatatgttg accatgttag tggtggggaa tgtgttaaaa tatgaaatga      4740
     tggataattt tggaaggttt agaattcctt cctcgaggat tttgactggt atttcataat      4800
     ccattccttt tgtcaagcta agctttgttt aggtacagat tcactttcta acaggatttt      4860
     ctaccgggca tcagtaataa cattcttatt tctaaagcag ttattcaaag aatatttgat      4920
     atttctgtgt aagtaacaaa atgtgatagc agcagcccat gtgtagtatt gatgcaccca      4980
     gaggaccaag aatttgattg acaacacagt ggaaatgagt ctctgagaac tgaaaatgaa      5040
     tttatgttct gcttcccaca cctcagcatc tcgaagattc cgctgctgat atgtgcagac      5100
     acatagcttt tgatcctgcc ttttaccctg gggcccaggg gagagctagg ttttgtgttt      5160
     tccagcagca tccggaatag ccagggataa ttgaattgct tttataaaac aaggattggc      5220
     catacatttt tctatacaat atcctggata aaataaatgc ccttaaaggg ataagtgagt      5280
     tatttagtta cttagagcta gtgaatagta tcgtgtggta tgcaatcaac atttttaatt      5340
     agaacaaaat aaaagtaaat aaatttttgt tagggaaaca ttttctgaca aaatgaaatt      5400
     ctttcaaaca ttttaagcgt gttgtttttg tggttgcctt tcattctaaa gaaaatggta      5460
     ttacaattat aataggttgg gttttaaata tgctccagca cactggcact ctcatgccac      5520
     tctgtgcaag aatgtacccg aaagaaaggt ctgctactgt ttgtagcatt ctgtggagaa      5580
     aaatttgaat tctcagtttt actttttatt ctttcttata tttttatttt tatatatctc      5640
     aggctggtct tgagtgtgtt atacagccaa ggttttacca gggctgtgaa tctgcctgct      5700
     tacaactccc cagggtgtag tgactccaga catatatcaa cacacttagc ctttctacca      5760
     tttgaaatgc tagaataaat gtccggatga gtattcacgt catgttggga gtttactatt      5820
     ttactagaaa ttgaagcaat atattttact taaggattaa tcttttcttt aaaaaaaagt      5880
     catgcaaagc agaaattctc tttaaaacct gtcagaggta gctgccagtc tcttctggat      5940
     aggacctatg aagttggtgg ttggaagaag gtaatgaacc aagagtgttg aagataggag      6000
     ctgctgtgca atgctgtgag aacatagact acagcaagtg attcataaaa cgtatgcttc      6060
     agtgctgtga ggtgctccct gacactgttg agtacattaa tagtgccatt gatcaaacca      6120
     tttaaaagca gttcaagagt gttcacagtg tgttggttga acttggaaac atccagaagt      6180
     cagatagaga ttgaccaaga ccttcttcta tttagggtca tttaaaatga taaagctaag      6240
     aagtcagtgt tctgagtggg tagagagcta gaacagtcct ggcacctggg atcagttaaa      6300
     cctacttttt gtagtaggag aacaacagtt ttgcgactct acaccagagc aggtgctgat      6360
     ggtcttctac taccactgtg tgaaacatgc tgacagccca gaaactagaa aagtaaaaag      6420
     aagttagaga aattgtaaaa atatttagca tttgaattga agcaatagga attgaacaaa      6480
     ttttcataga ctcaagattt ttttaaaaat atgtttttac agcacagttg aaaaacgatg      6540
     ttcagtatct attttaggct tagttcctct tcattaacat tgtgattacc tcacaatttc      6600
     agtttttcaa aaatatgtac tgagttaggg gttttggttc ttatcaagtt caagtctccc      6660
     aaatgcaatc atcttgttat tgaacaaata ctactaaaac cataatctga ttcaaaaatt      6720
     tatgttgtgt gaaacatatt tgcttctaag tctctttaac gaggcctaac cagctcttcg      6780
     gagggaaaaa tcaaatgttg tgatttccct ttttatatac agaccttcaa tctgaatgca      6840
     tcggggtcgt atttgtggtc actttgttgt tcttgttgta cttaatcttc ctagcatctc      6900
     atcgtcattg ccagaatcca tgggtgtgca gcctgcatat aaaaacagag ctaactgcag      6960
     tgcacactgc cttaactgaa ttgaaatgag gcagctcaga gctacataag catctcagta      7020
     aaatccagaa gtgagttggg atgcaaaatg cccaagtggt cttctgattt tcatgagata      7080
     ttttatattt tattttattt tatgtcattt atctacacta ttctgtaatt atattaaaat      7140
     tccatttgta tgcaagtcta tgatcctgtg cttttaaaaa ctctacaggt aaataaaaca      7200
     agtgtggcaa ggtgctcacg tgtaagaaaa tgaaatttat gttcactacc atcaccgata      7260
     tataactcag atttaaaaaa tatataagta catttaaaat aacttttgta gtaaaattta      7320
     gtcggaaatc cccctaattt ctgtaactat attcatgatg atgcagctga atatcagacc      7380
     aactgaaaga catttttcca gttacaatgg gaattgtaaa atgatagagc tgtccatcaa      7440
     gttgagatta tcactcagtc agaaatcttc aatgtctgct tcaagacagc acaaagtatt      7500
     gcccaccgag atagactttt tttacactgt tctttacaag tgcttgtttc ctctctcttc      7560
     atttctgcat cggcccacac cttagttctt taattcttct gatgaaatct gtgacagtgg      7620
     tcaaggtgga ttctgactca gtcacaagcc tttaatgcag ctaggagaac agtggactct      7680
     ttgtgatgta aaattcttgg ttgtcagatt gccagtgtgt ctttgtgcct ggaatgcaaa      7740
     gtggttttaa tccatacatc cttttttttt ctaagctggg atgcctgcca agcctgtgtc      7800
     tgtgattaac atttgaggtt gtcagcttga gacaaatgta gagactcaga acttaagaca      7860
     gggaacctgt aggtaatata tgttcagcaa tagtattagt tttgagaact gtaatatata      7920
     attaccatca taaaccaatt ctttccagga ggatacttgg atacatgata cttggttgct      7980
     ttaaactgcc ccaggcttgc ttttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt      8040
     atttagtaaa tcatactaaa tttcatataa agttgctata attaatatct cttgctaaaa      8100
     taacattaca taaacataat agttgcatag gtgagggtaa aagcccccat tgtttaaagt      8160
     gccccttgtg ctggctaaat gactcagagt ttggatgctt atgtggcttt tgtagaacac      8220
     cttgctttga gttctaccac atacatggta tatcacacta ccctctgtaa ataaacttcc      8280
     atggggcttc atgtcccctt tgatatctct aggcaagagg catgaaatta gaacacatgt      8340
     atacataaat acaagaaaaa aaacactact cacctgtgga acaaagtgag caaatctgat      8400
     aaaaagtaaa cttcaaatct gattaaactt aatttttgaa ttacaggtta atattttacc      8460
     agaagtagag cttgtagatc acacgcttta tcttgtaaat agtttctggg gtcaaatcaa      8520
     gaattgatat aatgtatttg ggttttcacg tcttcgctat atcaatatgt tgttgacata      8580
     tttgtgaggg tgtacagacc cataagagca gaatagggaa gttaagaaat ctaaattact      8640
     aactactacc atgtgtaaat ggattatgtt cgatatatta aacagacaaa tctgggagaa      8700
     atatttacat tctagacatg actaagtaag acatttggtc tcagatttgt gaattaatcg      8760
     tctaatgcta cacaactgat ccatagataa cacggaattt gaaagcaatc cttgtttaat      8820
     ttccaaaatc catttctgat gatctcccac attcatcttt ggctacctta aatgaacttt      8880
     ccctatcacg tgtatcatgg tagaaaagag ggatttatgt tgattaattg ggaaaagatc      8940
     attaaaaata catccatgtc tattgagtac ttattatgcc tgatggcgtg ctatgcattt      9000
     gacatgtatt atcttccttg agcctaagaa tatcttctaa ttattattgt tgacagagtt      9060
     tatatatagg gaagggaatg ctcagaaagc taaatttact tttctggttt tagaacaatg      9120
     gagcttgagt ttaaagggca tgcttttgtt cacgattata tttgcttctt ttttatctat      9180
     tatctttcat caaatatatg atgatcatat ttccactccc cccaaattca cccagttgat      9240
     agtcccatct ccacttaaca attttatatt tcacttgctc tctctctctc tctctctctc      9300
     tctctctctc tctctctccc tttctctcaa ataaaaccct accaaaacaa aacctagaag      9360
     tagaatcaaa caacagtaag atcaaaaaac tactgaaaca taaaacaaga agaccctaaa      9420
     aaccacaaat atatatcagg ccataatgtc tgtttttgcc ttggcaaatc tcttgggcat      9480
     ggggcctgcc atggagtgtg gttcatgaca ctccactgga gaatcctgat ttttttcttt      9540
     tcccagcagg tatggattac aaatttcttc ttggttaggg gtgaatgttt gtgtctataa      9600
     ggctttccag tgctgtggct ttgtctgcct agaacccgtg gaggtcttgc tcatgttgcc      9660
     tcagtatccg tgagttcata cctgtcccag tcctgttgtg gaagtcacta acacctctgg      9720
     ctattacatg gtcttatctc ttctgcaagg taaattcctg aaatttgaag ggagaggttt      9780
     gatggaaaca ctctctttga gctgtccatt ccaaagtctc ctactctctg cccattgtcc      9840
     agttgtgtgg ttctttgtta ctccccgtct tttaaaagaa gcttctctga tgagggacga      9900
     ggcaggcact aagtgaaacc cattgaaata agacaatatg tcattaggag tcattttatt      9960
     cctatgattt tttttaaatc aaaataatag gagtaggtac ccttagactc atgactgatg     10020
     ttaggtcctg cttactttag taatatcagg tatggtttct atcatatgga gtgagcctta     10080
     gatccaacaa aaacggggtt ggttgttccc atagcactta tgccatttct gcactactgt     10140
     catttggagg cagattgtgg ttgtatgtct aaagatgata gtaatgattg atttttgttt     10200
     acttctctag cagtgagtgg tggaatcggt gagagaggag gcaaaaaatg aggctgacta     10260
     aagtcaaatg taatatgcaa ctttttttca gaggatcaga caatttatat accccaagaa     10320
     ttaagaagag acacatgagt aagttgtcca ttcacaagca caacctatat gtggcttcgt     10380
     aaaggcataa aaataaacaa ctataacctg ttgtaatgaa taatgtgcag aaaactcact     10440
     cctatcttct acacccaggg agagcatgat aatgcattcc aagtatgagt ctgcttttga     10500
     aggatctgag aggacaagaa tcttgaattg ttttctttca agaatcttga attgtttgag     10560
     aattctcaca aaacttcatt ctcagactgt gttctgattt tatttccctt gttagtgtgt     10620
     agaataattc ttgctccttt gaccctagtt agtagcttct agttaggcac cacattgatt     10680
     tcttcatgta gttgatgtct tcaaaagtag agccttacta tcaggatata tcaagcaaac     10740
     aatggcatgg ctatgtgttt ggtagggagc cctgtttgag acccctttgg acaatgatac     10800
     aaagtgtaaa tcgttctagt attgatttta ctttgtggcc tacaatgtct tactgggcca     10860
     ttgtttccct gttatatggt gacttcattt aatttttaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     10920
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatggaag cttctacagt aatagatcca taagggcttt     10980
     caaaatgtca tcagcgttag ctgttcctct ttttagtttc tccttaaccc ggctctctca     11040
     tgcccttccc atgtaatgtg tccattctag ttttacattt gtctctttga atatagtatt     11100
     ctatttcccc ttccttggaa gttcacctct tcaccgctgg tcccttacta gttacctaac     11160
     tagtgtggtt attagaatga aacacacata tccaagtctt aaaagcaaac aagcaactag     11220
     gagagaaaat aagaactgtg tcctttggga tttgggtgat ctcactcagg gtgattgttt     11280
     ttacctccat ctacttacct tcacttttct cattttcatt tttctgaaga gttgaataat     11340
     attccaatgt ataaataaat tacatttttt gtattgacat ctagtctctt tataatttcc     11400
     agctatttta tgactagaac agacatgaac atttatgacc aagcattgct gtagaagatg     11460
     tagagtttta ggtatatgtc caaaagtagg atagctgcat catggaggat attgattgtc     11520
     cttatttgaa gaaactgcac agtaattttc acagtgtata taccatttaa ttcttttcaa     11580
     acaatgaata catacccaca caacccctac atccttgcca acatctgctg tcatttgttt     11640
     tattaaactt gatcattcct agtgggtagt ttgaaacttc taagtagttt tgatttgcat     11700
     tttttttctg tcagataagg acactgaaca tttctttaaa gtgttttcca gatatttgtg     11760
     tttagtttct cattactact ttagaaatta acataaattt attggtttat aaaacatgca     11820
     tttatttttg cacttcctgg aggtcaatta tcttgatggt ttaaaatcag catgtcatct     11880
     tgagtcttta ctgtgatact attttttccg ttcaattctg tggctcattt cctctcatta     11940
     tttacaagaa acatactgaa aaattcagac aattgcttat cgcctgcctt ttctctatca     12000
     tcttcatatc ttccccaatt attccatctt aatttgaatc acttaccagg ttcattatag     12060
     aattatacaa aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aagacaaaac aaaaaaacta tgaaaaaaca     12120
     gaaacaaaaa caaagatgtt ctgccagaaa aaacattctg ttcagatcct tcatattttc     12180
     acatctgggg gtggtggtca aggtttgaat tttttctttt ttttttattg gttattttag     12240
     ttatttatat ttcaaatgtt acactagcaa gattttgctg aaaggaccca gatgtagctg     12300
     tctcttgtga gactatgccg gggcctagca aacacagaag tggatgctca cagtcagcta     12360
     atggatggat cacagggccc ccaatggagg agctagagaa agtacccaag aagctaaagg     12420
     gatctgcaac cctataggtg gattaacatt atgaactatc cagtaccccg gagctcttga     12480
     ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagtcggcca tcactggaaa gagaggtcca     12540
     ttggacttgc aaactttaca tgctccagta taggggaacg cctgggccaa aaggtgggag     12600
     taggtgggta ggggagttgg ggggggtatg ggggactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta     12660
     aatgaggaaa ataccaaata aaaatatatt taaaaaatgt tatacccctt cccagtttcc     12720
     cctccacaac tcccctatcc cctcctccct caccccttcc tctatgaggg tgccttccca     12780
     cctgcccact gattattgcc tcagaggccc agcgttatct tatcctgggt catcaagcct     12840
     tcacaggacc aatgggttcc cttcccagcg atgccagata aggaacccct cttctaccta     12900
     ttcagctgga gccatggctc cctccatgtg tactctttgg tactttagtc ccagggagct     12960
     ctgggagctc tggttggtct ccttcagtcc ttgccctaac ttctccatta gggtccctgt     13020
     actcagccca aatgtttgac tgtgtatatc tgcatctttc ttggtccagc tctggcagag     13080
     cctctcaggg aacagttata acaggttcct gtcattatgc atttcttggc atcagcaata     13140
     gtgtctgtgt taggtgtcag cagatggcat gtatccctag gtggagcagt ctctgtatgg     13200
     cctttccttt cgttcatgtt ctattctttg tccctgcatt tcttttggcg ggaggaattc     13260
     tgaattaata tttttgaggt gggtgggcgg tcccatccct caaatggcag ccattcctat     13320
     ccattggata tggtctctac agtttctatc tcctctttgt tgggtatttt agctaaagtc     13380
     ctccatgttg gatcctggga accttttggg tcactagcat ctggaacttt ctagtggcta     13440
     tacccattcc ctcttcccca ctgctacaca cctactttca aattcctgac cctctgtcct     13500
     tctcccccat ctcctcttaa atctgaactg gccccccttt tccctacccc tcctctcccc     13560
     tctcagatcc ctctctcctt ccgtttccca gagattccct acccagtatt actgtagcat     13620
     ccacacttgg tgtgatcatc tttattcttg tgtttcagat gggctgtgag ttgtatcctg     13680
     ggtattgcga gtggcttcat tttatcatca ttcaaatttc atctatggat gctgcatttg     13740
     cattatttcc tccatatttg tccaattatt cccatgccac gtccattggt cccgttctca     13800
     aattccttac atatttgtta gttattatta caactaaaca gcttgagaaa tgatagttaa     13860
     atacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa gcatgcacac acaaaatgga tatcattcgg     13920
     acagacaatt ttggcctctg caagtgcttt ttaaaagaat gtattacttt tccctgcagg     13980
     tgattctcaa ggggttgtta tgtcttatct agttaccctg acatagagta gcattgttta     14040
     agttcagtat atagcactgc ttacatgtta gataatgaaa gtattacata tacattggcc     14100
     aataaacatt tacaaatcaa agcacaataa aaagtccctt acaaatttaa gggatcattc     14160
     ttatccaatt caatagctta atgctaatgc tagtgatcca aataaaatgt attaatgttg     14220
     aaaaaccctt acttgttatt tgaaaatttc atacaatgtg ttcccttccc tgatatactt     14280
     agttttattt tattagaaaa aaacacccct aaaattttaa atgcagtaac cacatagaat     14340
     gtcatttttc ctattttttt taacaattgt caattcattc ttgaattcca taatactgag     14400
     gctagcatag ctatagaaaa tgtttttcaa tataaataat tatcgttttc aggtctgctg     14460
     ttgtatgtgg attattatgt cttttattta ttctttttgt catttaaatt tatccatttg     14520
     ccactttgtt aagtattttt gtaagatgat atggtgatta acatagctaa atatcatata     14580
     ctaggcattc tagcaaatat aatgccatcc actgagttgt gctgcagctc agtaaactct     14640
     caaggcatgg tgttaatcgg tgctggcatt tgcttgtact tgatcacagg acatgaactg     14700
     taggcagcct gtgtgtccag aaaataccag atctcaggca agttagatgg ccattctcat     14760
     tccgatttta gtaacctgta aggctttatt catatcttgt gatggcttcc cgcaaatagt     14820
     agttggtcag gcctatttca ccttagcttt aaaaaggaaa ttcatggctt aatttagtgt     14880
     tacttcataa tacacactac ttcatagctg cttctgtcca ttggttcgat gcaaatacct     14940
     gcatctgact cttttatctg cttgtgtctt tcagagtgca gccatgagag atccctcttt     15000
     ttaagtgctc catagcctca gtaatactgt caggccttgg aacctaccct agagctggat     15060
     cccactttga gcctactgct gaactttttt ccctcaggct cctcttcgtt tccatccctg     15120
     cagttctttt ggacaggaac aattatgggt cagagttttg actgtgggat gcgaacccca     15180
     tcccttactt gatgccctat ctttcaactg aagatgggct ctgtaaattc cctctcccta     15240
     ctgtcctgca tttcatttaa ggtccctccc tttgagtcct gtgaatctct caccttttga     15300
     agggtacccc caaacctcct atttcctgcg attacttgat tccattcttt ctgctggctc     15360
     tcagggattc agtaattttc ccttacctaa tatcaaatca ggttcccctc tctccctcac     15420
     tctgcccccc ccccaactgt gtctactttc cctcacaagt tcctccctcc ctccccactt     15480
     gtgattgctt ttttctctct tccaagatgg actaaggttt cctcatttgg gcacttcagc     15540
     ttgctgacct ttttgagttc tatggactgt atcttaggta ttctgtactt ttttttttgg     15600
     ctaatatcca cttattaatg aatacatacc atgcatgttt ttgggtctga gttacctcac     15660
     tcaggataat attttctagt tccatccatt tgcctgcaaa actcagtatg tccttattct     15720
     aaatagttga gtagtattcc attgtgtaaa tgaagcacat tttctgtatc cattcttctg     15780
     tcatgagaca cctaggttgt ttccagcttc tggctatcac aaataaggcc actatgaaca     15840
     gagtggaaca tttgccccta tggcatggtg gagcaacttt tgggtacatt cccaagagtg     15900
     gaatagctgg gtcttcaggt tgatctattt tcaattttct gaggtacctc cacattgatt     15960
     tccagagtgg ttgtaccagt ttgcaacccc accagcaatg aaggaatctt cctccttctc     16020
     tacatcttct ccatcatgtg ttgtcacttg aagttttgat cttagccatt ctgattggtg     16080
     taaggtggaa tctctgggtc attttgattt gcatttctct gatcagtaag gactttgaac     16140
     atttctttag gtgtttttca gcgattcaag attccagtta tgaattcttg atttagttgt     16200
     ataacccatt tttaattggg ttgtttgggt ttttgtgttt gtttgttttg tgtgtgtgtg     16260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgatattctt gagttctttt ttatttttat     16320
     ggatattagc cctctattag atgtggggtt aatgaaggtt tttcccccct taatctgtag     16380
     gcttctgatt tctcttttca actatgtcct ttgccttaca gatatgttcc agtttcatga     16440
     ggtcccattt atcaattctt gatcttacag catgatccat tagagttctg tttaggaaat     16500
     tttccctgtg ccaatgagtt caatgctctt tccctctttc tcttctatta atttcagtgg     16560
     atctggtttt atgttgaggt tcttgatcga caagaacttg agccctgtac acggtgacaa     16620
     atatgggtct actttcattc tacatgtaga cagccagtta gaccagcacc atttattgaa     16680
     gatgatttat tttcccattg tatatttttg gtgtctttgt caaagatcaa gtgacagtaa     16740
     gtgtgtggtt ttatttctag gtcttcattt atattccatt gatcaaagtg cctgtctctg     16800
     taccaatccc ctgttgttga attagggaag gctgaaaaaa gctgaggaaa aggcaatcct     16860
     gtagcaggac cagcagtctt acttaatctg gacccccaag ttctcttaaa cactggatca     16920
     ccaaacagac agcatacacc agctgatatg aggtccccaa ctcatatgct gtagaggact     16980
     gaagggtctg tgttgattca gagatgatgc atctaatcct caagagactg gaggccccag     17040
     ggagtttaga ggtcaggtgg ggtgctgagt ggaggcaggg atggagtggc gaggaggtct     17100
     gggatgtgga gcagttggag ggtggatggc agaggaaggg aatggaatat ggagtgtaaa     17160
     aaataagtta attttaaaaa attacttcat aaaagaaaac caaattaaat gcagatattt     17220
     ttgttttgtt ttgagacagg atttctctgt gtagccctgg ctattttgga attcacattg     17280
     tagacaaggc tggcctgcct cttaactgct aggattaaag gcaggtacca caacttaggc     17340
     aattaaatgc agtattgaag ttcttaatgt ttactagatg tttttaaata accaaaattg     17400
     tcaggcactg tcttcgatcc aatttgttgc aatgtcaaac agtctcactt taggaaaata     17460
     aacaaactgg atatagatat tttaaaatga gtgtatcata aaataattat tccattatgg     17520
     agaactatgc ttcatctctc ctctggaagt gccctctacc tcgtagtagc tctctgtaca     17580
     tcagagattg tggaaatgga atcaaagtta cagtacttaa aatatatcca tttattattt     17640
     agtaagtaaa ataaattaca agttacgctt ccttaagctt aatacagaaa atggctattt     17700
     aacgatttaa atttgccatg atcatttttt tgtgtatgtg atgctggcta atcagtcttt     17760
     gtgactcctt tttccataaa cccaactgta ttatcctcta attacagggt gaggattgca     17820
     ttagcaccag ccaatgctat tttaatggct acaagcccta tctgaaaagt agttctaatt     17880
     tctttactac tccactttga aaaggaaaat atggattgac tctaataata caaactattt     17940
     ctcttagtat ttcttatcta caccttttgt tttgtctcag ttctgaaata tggattgttt     18000
     cttagtatac atttttaaaa aagaaaagca gtataattat agtgcattat gaaactaaga     18060
     aaatgttgaa gtatcaattt actcaaacaa taaaatagac acagatccaa ttattgcttt     18120
     atttcataaa gcaaatcaat gattctttgt gagccaagat ggaacttgtc actgtttttc     18180
     atcatctgaa ttccattttg tgtatcatat atttagaaat atgtccacgt atcttgacat     18240
     aattctgttg tcttattctc atatgtttgt gaaccaaagc ataatgacaa cctatttaaa     18300
     tattacagca attcaaagtt ggtcactaaa tatttcattt ttaagctgct ataaataagg     18360
     gaatgtagag gaaatttaat ccagcaagat ccttgctctg gcaagggata acatcaaaaa     18420
     cataagtctt tgtgaattgc tggaatgcag acatgctaca aacatttaat ccctctggct     18480
     tgaatacaga caggccttta gtatacacct ttaatcccaa acaatgatgt ctagctgtag     18540
     agcatttcaa atccgttcag tcacttcagt ttgtgcagta cagttacatt catttgagtt     18600
     tgttcatgaa tttatatagt ttgtgcagtt agttcagtgc aggtcggcag aggcagttga     18660
     agccagtgaa taagaagcca gaagattaaa acaaatttgc aggagttagt gtgagaccaa     18720
     gcagagcaat tcggtgataa gctgagataa gccagtttga atcagtcagc ttgaagagga     18780
     gtattgaccc agaaaagctg agctgaacca gtctgccaga gttcaaagag aactagaaaa     18840
     ggtgagctta ttcagttgta agtctcagaa gctgaaacat tgtaggcctc ggttagactt     18900
     ataggaagcc aaaagcttcc agtccatggc cttgggatgg ttacaacaga gagggaaatg     18960
     ctctgggctg agcctaagcc acatattcat acatcttgct atggctttca tcatattctt     19020
     tcatctgagg aaataggtaa cttttacaag ggagaatgat gttgcatgtt gtgttgagag     19080
     gacagattta ggatgataat tccttactat gtaattaatt aatatttaat gcttacgtga     19140
     ttcgaattag atagtgaaac taaaataagc ccatgtttta aaatgttcga tagaaaagac     19200
     atttgaaaat tagaatagat ataattttgt tttgtagtat ttttacttaa atgctgttgt     19260
     ttgcttcagg agataatgac agttggaaag caaattattt aaacacagta tttacaatgt     19320
     gtttcagctt taatttatga tttcatttaa cttatcgctc ataattttct tgagattttt     19380
     tttttttaat cttttggtac actaccaatt ggcatgacct acatctacat atcttttaat     19440
     gcctgagtgt attgattttt attgaaagta gagtgagcaa gaagcactca gtaaactaaa     19500
     attattttca gctaataatg ctctcttcca agtactgatt gatgtataca aatattgctg     19560
     tgactgaact atttttgaat aaaataaatt caaatgattc ttttgacgtc ttaggataag     19620
     tcattttgta aacaggacaa aactgtgaat ggactgttgc tgacaaagtg ccaatcctgg     19680
     tttccttgac gcacaggaga tatactgatt tattgaatcc tattttgatt attgactgaa     19740
     tgagaaatgt ctgttttttt aggcttctat taggctgcct ctgcaaaata taggtggaca     19800
     aattagaacc caaccaacct gaagtcttct tacaatacac atcctgccag agtcacatga     19860
     aggagctcac agccatccgt aactgtccaa gggagattag ggcaaagtgg ttccccttcc     19920
     agaaatatca ctaaaaacaa aaaaatacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacat     19980
     aacaaaacca gatttgttgg tagagaatct aagatataga agtgtattaa aaatatccac     20040
     aaaggaattt tatgatgctt taaataacat tttgataaaa aggtaaatta attatggatg     20100
     cctttcagaa ggaacaccaa atcctgcttg actataatat cattccagga agaaataaga     20160
     aactatattc aaatatatgt ataattaaaa ttagtatttg aataaacatt ttgatttttt     20220
     gaggtgtgaa aacattaagc attaaaatga gaaagcttcc cgaactcccc cttgacgtag     20280
     atgtttgcaa atcactggag tagccagagg gtcactgata tgatttttct ctcaagtgct     20340
     gcaataaatg ttagaattgc ttgctgatgc ctaatcctcc gttaacatca tacatcagca     20400
     cttgtcagat cagggaagca tattaactag agttattata tttcaaaaca ggagtgtttc     20460
     ttattatgac agcttccaag agtggggcct gtgagatgag tacctgcaga tatttcatgt     20520
     cgttgaggat gatacacatt tccagttgtg actgttcagg gcagcctttc tgagcatgtc     20580
     atgactctcc cctcagccct ccattttaat tcccgtcata ccaaaatgtt atttactcct     20640
     tttaccgagg taccagctgc cagccatgta caatttaata gaattataga attttagaga     20700
     caggaaaata aaacatagaa gttattattt ctgcatcccc atttctctat tgaagatgtt     20760
     gatgtctatt actgaagatt caactaaact ctttctagaa atattttaca cctctctctg     20820
     ttaacaaaat gttctgacta tctaccatgt cttccttctc cttctttcca tttccaaatg     20880
     tacacattaa tccatatact tacctataga tactggaagg acattagaag tagctaaggt     20940
     ggaataggtt gttgtaaagc tgtgaattca attagtttta ataaaggaga tagagcatcc     21000
     tgtagatttg tgaacttaac cttgccacaa gtaaatactc cgagtttact ggtaaagtat     21060
     ctcttataca aactgtttga gatcaggatc tttctggtat atacatatac atttacatac     21120
     attttttttt ctgggagagg atttttaaac acttgcacat acaaaagaga ttggttgagt     21180
     gtgacataaa aaactgaaca gtattcattt atatgtgttt tatgtgaaca gcctgaaggt     21240
     gaatttatat aatatttttg tgtgtatgat ttttttcagt tctgtcacat aaacttaagt     21300
     gggggttgtt tgacctttat catttaaatg ttcgaatgtt ttcagatctt tcttggagaa     21360
     tctggaattt ttcagattgt taattaccaa gtttatgtcg tactctatat gagtttatgg     21420
     aatagaaaac agataaaacg tggcaattaa gaattaaaag gatgctgggt ggtagtggcg     21480
     cacgcctcta atcctagcac atggaaggca gagacaggtt gatttctgaa ttcgaggcca     21540
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccatacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaaa gcaaaaaaca     21600
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaac ccaaaaacaa aacaaacagc aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     21660
     caagaatttt aaaaactata tattttttgg tattagccct ctgtcagata taggattagt     21720
     gaagatcttt gcccaatctg tagactgtca ttttctttta taatgatcat gccatttggc     21780
     ttatagaagc ttttcaattt tatgagatac catctattga ctttagagcc tgagcccttg     21840
     gtgttctatt caaagttgtc tcctgtagtg atgagttcaa agctattccc caatttctgt     21900
     tcaattagat ttctgatttt acattgagct ctctgatcaa tttggacttg agttttgggc     21960
     aaggtgatac atatggacgt attgcatctt ctatacttaa atatctactt agaccagcac     22020
     catgtattga agattctctt ctttttccat tgtattgttt tggcatggtt gttaaaaaaa     22080
     atcaagcatc catagatgta taggtttatt tctggtctta gattctattc ctttgagcta     22140
     cctgtctgtt tgtataccaa tacgatatac tttttattac tctgggccaa tctccttttg     22200
     ctcttgaaga caggagttct tttattgttc aggaccattt tagctatctg ggtttttaat     22260
     tttttcaaat gaagttgaga atttttcttt taagacctgt gaagaatgat gttggaatat     22320
     tgatgggaaa tgcattgaat ctgaaaatcg cctttggtaa gatggccaaa tttcactctg     22380
     ttaatcctac ctatcctaag caagggagat ctttccatat tctgaggtct tttttttttt     22440
     tttaatatca ccaataaatt agtcttgtaa cagtacaaaa acccaagaaa tgattttaag     22500
     caacaacaca taaacaaagg catgggaata ctaattataa ttattaatgc aaagtaataa     22560
     tgtagttaga gataattcag tcaaatttta tatcagtgat taatactctt ccattgctgg     22620
     tgggattgca aaccgctgaa accactctgg aaatctatct ggaggttcct tggaaaattg     22680
     gaaatagatc tatctgaaga tccagctata ccactcttga gcatatacca aaaagatgcc     22740
     ccaccatgct atgggacaca tgttctacta tattcatagc cgccttattt gtgatagcca     22800
     gacattggaa ataaccagaa gttccacagc agaagaatgg attcagaaaa tgtggttcat     22860
     ttacacaatg gaatactact caaatattaa gaatgaggac atcttgagtt atgcaagcaa     22920
     atggatgaaa ctagaaaata tcatcctgag tggggtaact caaacccaaa agaacatgca     22980
     tgttatgtac tcactaataa gtgaatgtta gctgaaaaag tacagaattc ccaggataca     23040
     atccatatta ctgaagaagg caaagaagct gaagggccca aatcaggatg cctcaatccc     23100
     actgggggtg tggagggggt agagaagaat gcagaaggga agggtaggtg ggaaagacaa     23160
     aggggaaggg gaacatgatc aggtatgggg gagggagaac aagactgaag acctgacggc     23220
     caacagaaag aatggagacg tgcaacttca ggaggtagga ggtgagcaac cctctagaat     23280
     gcaccagaga cctgggaagg gagagactct caggactcaa agagagggac ctttagatgt     23340
     aatgtcctac agtagggaga gggaactttt agagtctacc tccaggagaa agacagggca     23400
     ccaagtgagg tgagggatag ggttgccatc ccacagtcaa aaactctgat ccataatttt     23460
     tcatgtctaa attgaaggaa taaaaatgga taaaagcctg agaaaaagaa ggtctaggta     23520
     caggcccaag ttgagatcca gctcagggag agggccaaag gcctgacgct attactgagg     23580
     ttatggagtg ctcacaaagg gtcctatcat ggctgttctc tgaaaacagc tgaaagggtc     23640
     agatatttac acctaaccaa tgcacagagc tggtgacccc tacatttgaa ttgggggaat     23700
     gctggaagaa acagaggaga agaaagaccc aattagaata ccagcatcct caactaacct     23760
     tgatgcccct acccaaaccc ccaggatccc tcagacattg agctaccaac cagacagcat     23820
     acatcagctg atatgaggcc ccagacacat atacagcaga agactgcagg gtctgggctc     23880
     attcagagaa gatgcatcta acccacgaga acttgaggcc ccagagagta gggaggactg     23940
     atgaggtggg gcaaggaggt ggagacaggg gtttggtaga aggtgtggga tatggaataa     24000
     atggagtgtt gactggaagt gagaaaatgt ctggacttta aaaaaagatt aaaatataaa     24060
     agaaaagaag agaaaagaaa agaagggaaa atatcctttt tgcttgtttg ttttttgtgt     24120
     taaagaaatt aattaggagg taataacaac ttaattaaaa ccatgatata aatttaaatg     24180
     tcaaatattg aagattcttc ttaaattctt ggtgtttcaa ttttgtcagg aataaagtac     24240
     aacagttgtc aactagaggt tgccaactct aaacaaggtg tgaattatta tcttctggcc     24300
     tggatgcctg agttcagtac tagggctctg catggtagaa tgtgacagtg tatgcttgta     24360
     atctgtcttc ttactttaat atcttcattt tggtacctgt gttttctccc tccctctttc     24420
     tcacatagaa cgaagatata aaatttaata catgcatata attaacattt taaaatttat     24480
     atttttgtta gctatggaac agtgtgaaag aataaactac cacattatca gtgtgaacga     24540
     gtaaaaaatt aaagattcaa tgtttctttt cctttctctc cattggccat aatgttactt     24600
     gtggatgatt atatgaatta aattattaaa tattaacatt gatgatatct aggacctata     24660
     tcattatatg tagaattagc aatgacagta catgaatcag tgattcttta cctagatggg     24720
     ctacctccat ttgaaggaac agagactaaa tgcattcatg ctcttaaagc actaaaaagc     24780
     acccagaatc tgccacttac cctctctgca tcacaccatg aatggcatga gttccagtac     24840
     catcagggcc cttgccctcc aagagagtga ggaaaatgct ggccctcatt cttccacatt     24900
     taatggttgt ctgtgccaag tggatgccag agttaaaatg gttttaaaac ttattttttt     24960
     tcaaacaaga tgaatgtaat ttaataagaa ttggcaatgc attaaattta tgattcatag     25020
     gacaagcact aagtttcttt aaaatgttaa ttcatttttt catagatcct gatatttgag     25080
     gtacaaatta ccattgtgta agcatttatg tatatgtata tgtttatgtg tatatatgta     25140
     tacacataat atatttataa tatattaata catttcattt acccatatat atatatatat     25200
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat agttttctaa aagaacgcta ttattttgct     25260
     tttatttttc aagacaggga ctcactaaga tgcactgact gttgcagaac tcactatgta     25320
     gaccagacta aaattaagct cacaaagagg accatgcttt gcctctgaat tctgggatta     25380
     aagtcataca acactatttc tggcataaaa gaaccttgtg aaagagccct tatttactct     25440
     tgtgattggt acttgctgtc aatctctgga ctctgggtct agcgtttgct tcctaatcat     25500
     ttcagtttca ctgcttggct catgatttat ccagcaccaa aaaaaaaagt gtcttatttc     25560
     tcacgtacat tttttataca tactactgtt agggaaaacc ttgtttatca ttttttttct     25620
     gtgtagacag gtacatgtgg tagagagatg cattggtgat taagaataaa tactgttttt     25680
     gtaaagaatt caaaccatgt acatgtacat attaacacag acctgggttg ggggagaaag     25740
     agagagagag attttaaaca gttttgaagg gcataagcct tttaaagtgt actaagttcc     25800
     tattatactt acacaaagga gacagcggga ggaaatgaat tatagtcaaa tacgaagtgt     25860
     ttattttgtc aggataagac atttgtcttt aggtgacatt atttattccc ccttcttcta     25920
     cttcctggtg tgccctctct tcactgtagc agaccctaat ggcctttatt ttgtgctgct     25980
     ggaatgtggc agtgtcctca gcacatatga gtagacccac ctcagatgta aaggaacttt     26040
     gtgtaagagc ctctactcct ttgagtgtgg gtagcaatgt aatattactt ggaaattatc     26100
     ttgtcagata tgttttaagg aaaaacagtc tatgtcagta tacatcaaga agtttctatt     26160
     tttactgaca taaatattta agagaatgct tgcaattctt taataatata tttgggtttg     26220
     ggttaagata tatttttaaa cagctattat ttgcaaaaca ggaaatatga ttgtaaaaaa     26280
     taaatactag ttttgctaat gggtagccat ttagatttta agtgttcatt aacaggcagg     26340
     gggctggtga gcagatgttt aatgagcaat aaaaggtaat aggatatcag tttatatttt     26400
     gtttctactt ttgttttttt tttaatgata gaaggtatcc aatatcctta ttaaaatata     26460
     aaaaattcaa cctattgatt attgagtgga gctatgtagt caatattcaa gaaaacaatt     26520
     caactttaaa taaattcaca ttactataca agagtagcaa tgtttggaat tataaaatga     26580
     aagtaatcat tctagtcaat atattcgcat ttttatcagt attatttcag tgtaaggcta     26640
     atacttttgt tactattcat tcagaagtgt agtctataat gtgaatatta atgtgaatat     26700
     ttacactata gttctcacta aaaatggttc aaggacattc aggctggcat aagccttcaa     26760
     ttcgagcact gagcaggtag aggcaggcag attactgagt attcaactag ccccatctac     26820
     ataatgagtt ctaggccagt caggaatggg cagtaagatc tggtccccat aaggagagag     26880
     agggagagag agagagaaag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     26940
     agagagagag agagaaaata cattgataaa taatacaata aacatatttg tacatttcta     27000
     ctatattctt atatatttta ctgtactgtt acatattttt gctatattct atacgctgtc     27060
     ataaattatt tggaaagttt tgatgaatga gtttgcatac ttggaatacc ctcttctgtt     27120
     tattcttcct ccccattatt taaaacattc atttaggtac agaacactag atttctgctt     27180
     acccctttca tcttcctctc cattgcttaa acaaatgttt gcatgtagaa cccaaggttt     27240
     ttgccttctc tatcataatt tccaatgaag gaaatcagca gactttttct cttcatgata     27300
     cacagtgcat gtccatgtgt gcacacagct ttttgtatga gtctcaagca ctgccatctt     27360
     taaatgacct ggcttactgt attgtgtgtt ctacagtctt catccaagca aatttctgag     27420
     cttttgtgca aactcgtgtt tgatgatggt ttaaaactgt ttcactttaa tggcttctta     27480
     tccattcaat attggggcta tttgggcatt gttggaatga aattcaacat tatttcataa     27540
     ttccttttca catttggtaa aacaaattta caacactagg atttgctact ttttatgatt     27600
     aatatgctga tgaatatctt tatacagagt aaataaccca taatgatcaa ttttgatata     27660
     aattattatg tcccaaaaat gtccttgtat taattttcta attgcttgtt tgtttccttc     27720
     caagaagttc aaattgatga tacagaccct cttgaattgc ctaacaaagg gctatgaaga     27780
     ttagaggcag ctaatggtta ctgtagtcat tacttgttac tgtgagtctt taaaaatggc     27840
     tgaggtttcc atacattgtg gttgtcagtg gcccctatga tcccacagat cagtgatgtt     27900
     tgaaatggca gttgaatgtg cattgaaatg taatgagctg aagcacatgc aggcaacctg     27960
     atttatttcc ctgattgatt tctctcaggt aaaaggttct ctcccacagg ctcagatcaa     28020
     gacactgatc ccattgttct tccaggggac taaagggact gtgctatact tgcatttgtg     28080
     ctagttcaca atggtagtca aaacaaaaac agatttttaa atgagtttaa attcacgcag     28140
     cctaattaaa catctttact ttttagagtc ccacttttaa tggcttcaaa tcacatattc     28200
     tctaagttct atacatataa aatcagagcc ttgatttaat gagtatctct gaatgtacac     28260
     agagaggtac ttacttactc ttaagtcata cctaatatca tatgagggtt ttttttcttt     28320
     tagacaagta aataagtcgc tgtgaaatcc tttctgggat aatctggtgg gtcctccaaa     28380
     gcttgcaccc aagatatcat gcttacctcc ggaggtttca ccatcatgtg ccaactaaag     28440
     agctactgca gatgaataca aacagcttag acatttattg tcttcacgtt ttcaaaagtt     28500
     ccttatggtt tcagcgatga ttccctcact ttatcaagaa ctccatcagt tcacacaaac     28560
     accacctagt tcaaacaacc tctggtctta caggagaaac cttaggtggc ttctgatgct     28620
     aacgactgtg gctgctttta tccgtttctt cacgagcagg gttatgagtc atctcggctc     28680
     tctgttgacc cagacatttc cattttggtt gttataagca gagcacactg atctgtgcta     28740
     ccgtccccct gtttagtctc taatccacat gttttctacc ttttcaccca ttttccatct     28800
     cttgtgttaa ctctttacgt gtgttgatcc taaaacctgt ctaaggaagt cttgcccatg     28860
     ttagaggcag tttcaggagc tctgtaggaa atacgcaggg ttgtgatttc atataagaag     28920
     tgcttcataa atactcatca aattgtgcta caatacaaaa cataaagatc attttagttt     28980
     ctaaacaatg tacaattcag ttttacttgg ctttgttagg cttagaaaag tgttgggaag     29040
     agcatgtgct tgggctcacc caggattgag acatggctat ttccccttga ggactcagag     29100
     caactatcag tgtctgcctc agagacatta gggacttttg ctagttgaca atttctgaag     29160
     atcacttgtg aaagcttaga ttctcctaaa agcatgggta ccatatgatg tttgctggga     29220
     gacaattgta agagctctcc ctttggtact tccggttttt aaggtatctg ttatagtaca     29280
     atctgtagct ctcaatggcc atctgtagat attctttatt tctttctcct ggtgagctct     29340
     ttcatggaga aagatgttca tcgtgtcttt tatttttcaa tgttttttta gtgattattt     29400
     ttttgtttgt ttcacattct atttcaggtg tagtatacac taaacttgtg ttcactttct     29460
     gtgtagcatg cactaaagtc ttttaagggc ttgagctaga cagatatcta agaggttgtc     29520
     cagaatacag cacaaatcaa caagctctca ggcccatccc cctaggaata aattctttcc     29580
     ttagaaacat atcaaccctc aggttaatag acctctagtg acatgctcca taaccttgcc     29640
     aaccagacaa gttcagacag attagaaact ctgtaatgaa cccaatttgt tccatatggg     29700
     gtttccagta taattagaaa ataattcatt gtgtagtatt ctgtttactc atctcataga     29760
     aaccaagaat aaaaaggtaa atagtagttt atgaaatcag gaaatccttg cttattaagg     29820
     agtatgaaat gaaaagggtt catgggccat tgatagtcta tattaaaggc ttattttaat     29880
     tgtactgtga tttgggtcag ccttggcctt attaccttac catatcttac cagggactct     29940
     tcatttaatt ttttccatac ataaagcctt ttacttagtt gtttccttta ataattccaa     30000
     aaacaatttt aaacttttgt gaaagagccc tattgtaggg acttgataga aaaaaaatat     30060
     gattgctaaa aattacagat tgtgtcaaca tgctataatt atttttctaa tttaatattt     30120
     gcatagtgat tatgcattta aaatttaaag aacgattttt catcattttg ttttttgatt     30180
     tctagtaata atacatgtca aaaccagctt ctatttatta aactcaaata tgtatgttac     30240
     agtctgcatt taaaaaatca caacaaagtt atgatttact taattattgt ttcctttgct     30300
     ttgaaatgca atctcacgta gtctagattg acctttttat tgccttgtgg ctctaggtgg     30360
     ccgtgatacc ctattcatgt atgtccacct acaaagtact aggattacaa gtgtcctcga     30420
     ggacacctga ctagaaatct actttagttc atattctaat gaactttact tctgaagcct     30480
     ggaaactttt gaacatttta gttactttgc aattttccca tttgttattt atttatttat     30540
     ttgtttgttt tccttgggtc tgaggaatgg acccaggcct tatacctact aagcctatgc     30600
     tgttctgtgg aaatataatc tcaattaatt taagttttct atgtgtctat cctaatatgt     30660
     ttttgaaccc cgaagtccaa ctttccctat tttaccaatg cttaaaatat tcaattgttt     30720
     attttcccac acaagtattt taaactttag ttttaatgtt gtatgatcat tacttttcag     30780
     gacacatgac tgtgtaccct ttacatttct atcctctgat attttcccaa ttagttttat     30840
     gatttgaata cttaaatcaa tattactgca tttatgtttt tactcatttc tcttctctcg     30900
     ttatgtgccc tcagactctc taatgtctgg cctcggcctc ctgagtaatg gaataatagg     30960
     tgtggtgtac ctaattattt tatactttga tgattgtgtt ttaaccacac atacacatag     31020
     gcacaaacac acaagcacac atgtacacac aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     31080
     acacacacac acacacacag ggacatacat gcacacatgc ttatttgaaa caccaattat     31140
     ctcacaccaa aacagcaaga agcactttct tcactggtca gctttaagaa ttggaagctc     31200
     tcactgaagg aatgagcagt gtaaccggca ggtcattctt gcttcgtgac tagactttac     31260
     tgaggctaca ctttctgcct tttgtgtcat ctgaattgca aagttttcca gtaatatagc     31320
     atattaaata catagacaga aatagatatg aaatcttgag tcaccttact atacaaagta     31380
     tcaaatattc aaacatgatt tatctataaa aatccacttt tgacttttag cttagttgat     31440
     acatttatta ctgatatatt cccatacatt cctaaactat attaagactg caattattca     31500
     acatatgtaa atataataca tatgtatgta tagcagtaca tcatattaaa aataaaacta     31560
     acatctatag ttcataatca tagatcaaaa atatttataa agacactcta ttatacatag     31620
     aattagttca tacataccat atacaatcaa cacctgtcat tatcttgttt ctaagataat     31680
     taacttagtt atattaaata agtagatata cataagtgtt cctcttccaa atatatacat     31740
     gagtaggaac aaaagatgca ctatgtttta caatatgaga gaaaagtctg ttatatttta     31800
     aaagctaact accaccttgt ggttcaagaa gcaagaattg gttacaaaac ataagcacaa     31860
     gatatattta aattcttaga gttgaaatgg attaaatgtt ttacctaaat gttgtatttt     31920
     tgttaaaatt aatcaactgg gcctatttaa tttacttctt taacatttgt ctttagaaaa     31980
     atgtgcttgt ggcaaaaaac atgggacaga aacaaagaaa caaacaagaa ttagctggat     32040
     tctaaaggca aagaaaagaa aagtggatac atatttataa tattgttatt cttttttatc     32100
     cctgaagaaa taacctaatg ctacttctac ttcataaatc tttacaatca aacctttgct     32160
     gagaataatt caattgtaaa gtccatcaat aacttactac ttaagactct aactaagagg     32220
     attttcttct tttcaagatg gcagagaaag tgaaatatgt tttccaaata ccaccctcca     32280
     attgaaaata gaacaaaaag cataagtgta taagtatggg tctctgtatc tgtctgtagt     32340
     ctctgtctct ctctcttcgt tgtcttctct ccctgatccc tcaatcattt tccacccgat     32400
     accacatatg aaactcaaga tttcatgtgg acttgtcaag acttctgcac agagctccat     32460
     ttcatagcag gaatattata ccctagtgtt ccctaatttt tacaaacaca tttgttgacg     32520
     tattagtgtt acttcttcag ttctgccaga gtgagtctgg gtaaattgag aaatgagaca     32580
     ggaggtcaaa agagaaaata ttacactcag ttaaatcatt taaacaatat aatcatatga     32640
     tgaaagcatg accatcatta ataaccattc aataattagg gaaagacaga gacagagaga     32700
     cggggcaaga caaaggaggc agggaggaga gaaaaatgtt gactctactg atcactcaga     32760
     agaaagaagt ttaaaatcat tttattattt attatggttc atcaaattct tacatagaag     32820
     ataacacaca gggaacaaca tagaattttt tctgactaaa ataaagttaa gatacccata     32880
     tgtagtttgt aatgatgggg aagatgaagg atgtaggaaa ttctgcctga gaactatctt     32940
     caaggttcac atattaattt gtttgatgtg tggtgaggtc tacaaaggca gacagttcct     33000
     tatttatagc ataagaacaa aagcatttct caccacaatc gagagagctg gaggaagcag     33060
     ggttcagggt tggcattagg agagagcaca gtgaccccac atgtggtttg taaatagatt     33120
     acctcatcac tgagtacctg ctatctgcac ttccgaaaat ctaatatcct catgtgtaaa     33180
     atcactatga caaggcgcct aactcatgga tacaatgtgt taactttaga gaaaaaaaat     33240
     ctatgtaaac acaatattgt cagagcctgt gctccataat tagtgtcccg tagcaccaac     33300
     actgctgcag ttatatatcc ttaaatgcat attacacatt ctatgggaat ggaaatccat     33360
     taagatgaat aaaaagtaaa atagtacacc tattccgaaa gcacctcatt ttagtaatat     33420
     ctttattgct aataaactct cttctctctg gggagagaaa ctctgtctta aacattttta     33480
     tttgcactga attaactgtt actattacag ttaggaactg cgcagttact ttgcatgcat     33540
     atattattta tatgttaaaa ttgttacaga ataattgaca tgctacattt taagaactaa     33600
     acagtgagtc aggaagtcat attcattcat gaaaccctga ggagtgtaag cttgaccatc     33660
     agtgtgtgcc aacaatgatt gtgagaaagg agagcatttg gaagtccatt tggagttaat     33720
     gagtaagtat atttagtttt attttgtttc tctgtataga aggtatcatt tcactttata     33780
     ttttagggtt atgtttcttc attctttggc acgtctgtga agttgctaaa attcctgcag     33840
     agatgtagaa aaataaatgg atatttgcca atattgaaca agtggcacag tcatttgttg     33900
     tcttgctcac aaagcagcca ttgtggctaa gaaagggaaa acgtgagcgt ggccctatca     33960
     cacaagtcag aaaatgattt aacaaatact gtggttcaaa cagtgcttgc ccataaaatt     34020
     gaaccataga atttttgaca tttatggaaa gtcgtggtaa tgattttatt tgaccattta     34080
     aaaactttgc acaaaaagat acagaaagtg gtcacactag gaagggtgag gttgttgttg     34140
     gatgctgtct tttcatgact aggactggag tcatgaaaca gtggaggaaa acttttaagt     34200
     ctgtattttc ttttttgttt ttctctgacg ttacatgcct cctttgacaa taattttatt     34260
     ttaaatattt gattctgatt atgtgtgacc attcatttgc atacttttcc agtttgcata     34320
     tattgttctt acacaaactg tccaattgtc aagctcactc taatgcttaa attaaaaccc     34380
     agggttgtct agtatcagct ttaaacacct tgttctccaa gaggttaaaa cattctgttt     34440
     gtaaacactt aaaacgtcat attgttaaca ttgctgaaaa taatactgga attggttcgt     34500
     agcggctctg gatacgtaca aatatttact gcaacgtgag ataattcaag gaatgcaaag     34560
     atgctactga cagaaaatta atgtatttaa ctgtctgaca gtagagaaac aatccataga     34620
     tttggcttcc aaaccttgag aacattttac aacttaaatg ctctgtataa tggcaatccc     34680
     atccgtaata tttcaaatat gtaactgtaa ttgtcctgag ttcaatattt tagagggtct     34740
     tggtttaaaa aaaaaaaaac gtaccctgcc tgaacaggca catctcataa atataggtga     34800
     ggtgttctct tcatatttta taagggtcat taaactaaat ttaaatttaa gaatgattgc     34860
     tcaggcggag tttggcaagg tatatgtgta caacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     34920
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaaccttgg     34980
     tatatatgag aaaaaactat gtgaatgcag gagaaatcga gattcaaaca tgaaaagacc     35040
     ctctaactat atgagcagaa acagaaaaga tctttaaact tgtttttgta gctatgtaat     35100
     gcagagacgt tgtcaatgag gatgagataa aaaaatcacc tcagagatta gttgctacag     35160
     gacttcagat ggtgcctatt agcacaattt aaattttgtt ttgttttcta gactttgatg     35220
     atgttttgca tgtcttaatt gacttataaa tataaacaat ggagtaaaac ggtcattcta     35280
     ttatggaggc tgaaaagttc tcatacagta acagttgtct ttggcaatat gtgtgctcag     35340
     atatggaaat acataattta cagtttagca tttcagttca ttatcctaaa cacttaaatc     35400
     ctatgtcgta agaaatgtga taagaaagta aattttatct ctacatattt aacataaaca     35460
     tttaataagg tgctcttgca gctacacaaa taaaaattta tccaacacag cgtatcaaat     35520
     tagagctatt acctatattt ccattttaaa gctatattat aacatatatc agcaccaaat     35580
     attactaaaa taagagaatg ctgataacat cggtgaatac tacttaattt taatttaaaa     35640
     attcaaagat atgtaaatac attgttagat atccataggt actattatga attaatatct     35700
     ctataatttt tattctgaaa gcagattttg acagattttc aatagtattc aatatataac     35760
     aataatttat ttttaagttt tcattttcat tccagtaatt ctaaatttgg tgactggtat     35820
     agacaccttt aggcatcaaa gtattttcag aaacaactag tttaatacat atagtagtaa     35880
     caaaatagta ctgaatcgga atagaaatga tacacttggc taatgtatga gttgctcacg     35940
     tattagttaa gtgggcacaa aattgatata atttattcat tacactagat tttgtaatgc     36000
     tgtaatggga tccagaccag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     36060
     tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgcgtg tgtgagtgta ataaacaggg aaggaggtta aggatgcaaa     36120
     taaccagtag ttaatagaaa atgctcgtgg ttcatgtgcc aaataaatga catgaatttt     36180
     ggacaagagg caggcaactg agaatctgaa aatatggaaa tatttcaaag gaaggtggga     36240
     ctctcttaag cttccatatg taggaaattc atagaaaata tattttcatt ctgaattatg     36300
     aagatgttat ttgagaggta gcaaaataca ggagtgagat gatttggggc tacttataac     36360
     acagaaatca gcaaaagaca ttgaaagaga tctgaaggct ctcaattgaa ggagaggccc     36420
     ttggtcctgg gaaggctcta tgccccagtg taggggaatg ctagggccag gaagcaggtg     36480
     tgggtgggtt ggggagcagg ggaaggagag aggggatggg gggttttcag aggtgaaact     36540
     agggaaggga ataatatttg aaacataaat aaagcaaata tctaataaaa aaagaaagag     36600
     aactgagaga gttcatcaga ataggagcaa tccctaagat gtacaactac catgggaatt     36660
     cagttcttta cagagttagg cagcctatta gtagaaaatt aaaattataa aatataatat     36720
     atacttttgg tgcaatttct aggtattgtt agggttgatt cccagtttgc taaaaaaaat     36780
     aataataacc atatgtatag ataagaagtg tgtgatgggt taggaattgt tttgttcttc     36840
     ccttaaaaat caaacactaa aaccatatgc ctgtctttta tattagtacc attaacattt     36900
     atgacccttt cctttcttgc gtttcgatct gaagaggcaa acaaagtagt ctcatgatca     36960
     atgttcagaa tggaagaaat taatctgtta aaggatgaga taaacagaag tagtgtttcc     37020
     attttaatat tctaaaatgt gcttttataa taatacaaat cattgctgta attttttata     37080
     atgttgaaac tatttttgcc atatagatgt gacttcattg ttccactgtt tatctgctta     37140
     tattttgttt agctcttttt tccttcacct tttctacctg aggcttagca ctcactacat     37200
     atgttataat atttatagta ctcttatttt cagtcaccaa agtatcaagg ttactgctat     37260
     tatttcaatg taacatgcaa ctgtgactat aactacatta tttcatgcat gtttttatat     37320
     aaactgtgtg tgtgtttgtg tgcaagtgtg tgtgcataca cattcacgtg tgtgtttgtg     37380
     tgtccttggt gttggtgcat gtgtctgcgc ctgcgctggt atttattcat gagttcgatt     37440
     acatgtgaag gtgagagtaa aaccttcgga gtaatttttc cgtctatcat tcattttcag     37500
     agttaaggtc tttcagttgc ctgatcttgc catctagcct aggcaagccg gtcagtaaat     37560
     tctcaagacc tgtttatgtg tcttgtcttg tctcttcagg gattacaggt atgtgggtgc     37620
     atgcttgggt ctttagtgtt tattctaggg atgcaaatgt gtgtgtgtgt ctctgtgtgt     37680
     gtatgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtga     37740
     aaaacaatat gtgctggcat tgtggccttg atacaatccc tgttatagga tattttgcta     37800
     cttacttctt tcatcctcac taaaatcacc ttgcatgcca cttatgagga ctttctgctt     37860
     atgttggtcc ttcttaatgc tgttggagga ccaatcgcct aaatgatcct taggctcatc     37920
     actttctgat aaatgcaaat tttcttttat cctgcttctg ttactagaaa ttcacatgca     37980
     tgttactagc aataaaatcc cattcagtgc tatataaaat gagaatcatt aatatcaaag     38040
     ctcatgtaat aattattagt agtaatttag ttcatggtta tttgatatca aatcaataaa     38100
     tgtagagtgt agggagctta attatagtgt aatgacttct ttacaaaagt cttactacct     38160
     aacacttgaa atatatttgt attggactaa tgatactttt aaaaacctaa aattatttgg     38220
     tcatatttgt ttctttttta ctctttatca aataaacatc agcctttaag aacatatgat     38280
     tctatttctt ttgtattagt gtatcattat agtcttataa aaaaacaaaa attcagtaaa     38340
     ttttaagtta tgagacactt tttgaatata ttttttctca ctttcgccta catgaattta     38400
     ctacagagag tgtttctatt catataaata tgttttatta taatttactg tttcaaaggt     38460
     catttctaca atcaatattc agcaagcttt ctaacaaccc aattcattga gaatgtctat     38520
     tgttagataa ttccatattc ataattaaaa cctgtttagt tctagttact tttcaaggtt     38580
     acaaaagtac ttagtcattt tgatatcact ctatactaca attaattcat tactttttag     38640
     ccatataaaa tggtgtatat ataacagtta atgtcaataa atttgagcaa attagacaaa     38700
     ggagtgttct attttaattc aaagatcatt ttaatccact aactctttgc aagattaatg     38760
     gtcctactaa aaattaaaca ctcccctgtg catggcatgt gcatcaaatg acctcattaa     38820
     gtaagaatat ggcaaacaga tgcctctgtg acctgtcacc agatttactg agtggggagt     38880
     gtccttgttt attgtccctt tgataagcaa atgaatttca agttaggaca caaggacagt     38940
     atttcctcat agacattgtc tatccaatct gaatatttct agtgcacatt tctatatgta     39000
     gtttggaaat aaataaaatg gttaaattga gttataattt actgatgaaa atatcattta     39060
     ctaataaagt ttatctttac tgatattcat caaaaatatg aaatatattt taagtctgta     39120
     agttcttgat ttgatgactt gtttttagac tttatataca atttaatatt accctatctt     39180
     ttctaggaca ggaaaaattg atatttatgt taaattttgt gagtaccgac atgtttaaaa     39240
     tcctgccttg tttgaattgt gacatgtagt gaatatggtt acaaatgaac tgtttcatgt     39300
     gaatgcctgc atttgtaatt atctttaagg cttctaagga agttataatg tttgtctgtt     39360
     attaaaacta gtcttatact gttattgaca tcctaggatg cagtcagtta atgatgctgt     39420
     agcctatagg tgttaagcta gtgctcaggt ttttctttgt tttttgttaa tgcctttctg     39480
     attgataaga ccatagacat acacagaatt catttataaa atgactgttt aaagcaatac     39540
     agttgcttgt tgcttttctt attctgtatt tctctttgaa atcccattgt atcttaagca     39600
     aagtgatggt tttattgagt gaattctatt ttgaaaatat atctatgttt aaagttataa     39660
     tacattcatg aatctccatt ccaaattatg gtaagaagtg tttcatgagc tcaaagcttt     39720
     atatagggtt tctctggaaa atatacttaa tatatctata gaaattagta atctcagccg     39780
     ggcgtggtgg cacacgcctt taaactctga gtttgaggcc aacctggtct acaaagtgag     39840
     ttccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa     39900
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaatt agtaatctct ttgttattga tttgagtgct tatgtgatgt     39960
     tagcattttt agagaaccac aatattaaca ataaaaaaca ttagtggtac ttacatgttg     40020
     aggatatttc ctgaaaaatt tcctaatgga agtttgctat tgaaaaatct ttaaaattgt     40080
     ccatccatat aaataacttc acatacatat gggtatgaat aataaaaaat aatgcatgta     40140
     caccaacaat ttattaagtt ttaaataata tatttttgta acccaaaatt atttaaatgt     40200
     agtaaatttt ttcttatctg ttcacttaaa atataattaa attataaaat gtagttatct     40260
     ttaaattttg catgggaata gtagtaatat atgaattata gtgtgtagct cttataaaat     40320
     agacttttgt aagagaagaa aagttcttaa taattgtgtc aaatagagaa ttatgagaaa     40380
     tgcttgcata taaacagtgg aaagtatggt agttaaaata ccataaataa ttctataaca     40440
     tattgtttgc atatttataa agaagaattt aatcttaaag tgggagtttc tggggctaga     40500
     agataaattg gtaaaatgtt tgcctcacaa acatgatgtg aatccaatat ctttgaccaa     40560
     tgtaagctga atatgatatt ttgctgtaat actgataata aagcctgttc ttaataataa     40620
     tattaaatgt gactagaata tagttacatt caatggagaa aatattcagg aacttaacca     40680
     aattacccaa actatgtgtg ttatctactt aaataaattg tactgcctaa agccagtgga     40740
     acccactaaa taaaatttct gtgattcatt aagaattaat tgatattgat gtgcccttat     40800
     tttgtgcaat ggttgatcgt tctgtacaag cagaaaatat aaattatgta tgaatgaaat     40860
     attcatccaa ccttgaaaat tcaaaggcat ttagggttga aataccttag ttatcaatgt     40920
     catctccttc tcagtttaaa tattaactct gaataataat ggcaagctgg agttgtccta     40980
     caagtagaga acacttcttc cttagaggag atgcaaataa tgtcactttt cactttgcaa     41040
     caattcaagt ccatcgcctg gtgaaagtgc tccaagagtc ttacttaaga aggatgtagg     41100
     gacaaactaa agaactaatg tcactgtcaa aggcaggaag aatatgtaaa caaaattgcg     41160
     tagaggagac agatttcgca ttaattttta cttgttttta tgtccacttg taaaagtttt     41220
     ctggtcttta actttcagct actctgatga catattatat aaacagagtg gaatgcacaa     41280
     agaaacagtt catacccttt atatgacatc ttgttcattc cttggagatt actttccaaa     41340
     tattattctt taattgtctc atgaaaaatc ctggccaaaa aaaaaaaata tgtaagagaa     41400
     tgaggaggca tgtagagagt agggggagtg aagtgaatga gagagggata tagagaaagg     41460
     aaatagcctg cgagtgaaaa ggagaagcag ggggagagga agagagaaac caaattaact     41520
     tgtgtggtaa gataaagtaa catggtgaca ttaaatatca cagcccttga agaatttata     41580
     aatctaacac atacaaatgc aggcctatga aagcccaata ttaaaaataa agcagacaat     41640
     gaaaaagtgt ttgtgaagat tcaatatatc aaagacaaac ctagtaatca agggagacta     41700
     cttctgggaa ttataggtag taagaaatgc ttaaactgga ggattatttt aattttgtat     41760
     ggattcaaag taaactttgt atttgttgag tttagaaata cattaaaaaa tttaggattt     41820
     gcatcatctt ttaaaaacat atactctatt tgatatttgt atcaaaaata ataaataatt     41880
     atcacaacat attgtgtaat aaaatatgaa gcctacttaa aatttcaatt tagtatttgt     41940
     atctccatgt tatctaatat ataataacag agatccaatg tatggtaggt attttgtaag     42000
     ggtaacaaaa taattattta ctaaatttta agtgactaaa aaatatctaa gaatcttctg     42060
     atatttaatc atgtgtaaaa aataaaaata aaaacaaaaa actagggaaa agtgtatcgg     42120
     taaaaaaaaa atgtgagaaa agcagtctac tggtaacaaa caactctgta aagagcacat     42180
     tggttgtgca aactttatat gcttcagtac aggggaacgc cagggccaag aagtgggagt     42240
     gggtgggtag gggagttggg ggggagggta tgggggactt ttgtgatggc attggaaatg     42300
     taaatgagga aaatacctta ttaaaaatta aacacacatt tacctgggct gtgttggcac     42360
     acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt ttgaggccag     42420
     tctggtctac acagtgagtt ctgggacatc caggactaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa     42480
     aaaacaaaaa cataaacaaa aacaaaataa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaactgaaaa     42540
     agcacatttt aaaattcatt agcatttaat tttattagat tttaactatt ttttatatct     42600
     agtattttcc aaccatatat atatgcatca catgtgcctg gtgccactga ggtcagaaca     42660
     gggtgttcaa tacactggaa gtggagttat aaaggattgt gagacaccat gagggtgctt     42720
     tgggctgaaa tgggttcctc ttcaaggtca gcaagggctc tcaaccactc tgcaagctgc     42780
     tcagctccct aacagtaaca ttctaagcac atgagttaac gtgtggattc ctgaatggca     42840
     ggttgtttac aaatgcagta tcaaagttct ctgtacctta cccaagcaat ggccaattgc     42900
     attaaagctg tcaacatctt cacatagtgg atggtaaatg aacccatatg aataaatgag     42960
     atcttcacaa agtagaatgc taagtgtgaa tagattaaag caccctacct tgctttagct     43020
     accgcatctt gatgaggaag agccacgtct gggacatgta tagtcatgct ggctgtcacc     43080
     agagctgagg atgtgctctg ctcaactgtg atgaattgtt ttgggtatta attaactaca     43140
     ctgtaactag gaatttttcc aaatgaaatt gactgatatg aaaataaatg aagaaaatat     43200
     taacatcaga gtgtagattt gaaaatgact aggaaactgg catcatttat ctggaaagaa     43260
     aagacactta atattcatgc actttaagta aaagttccat ggagactgct gtaatctcat     43320
     tgttggttat gggacagctg aataaattta taagcatacc aatagtttta agataatact     43380
     ttatttgaat agattaatga ttaactggat ataattttag ctacttttcc tattgctctg     43440
     ttaaaatacc ctattaaagg caacttaaag gtgaaaaaaa taattcaatg actttaatca     43500
     atatgttaga ttgtaaacat atagaaaact gaaagcctcg gtaatgacaa aaaatagata     43560
     caatgaagta tgacattcgt atcaaaggta gaaagcaacc ttgtccagca cagcctgtga     43620
     gcacgtgact gcaggtcctc atgaggactt ggctcaatgg gatgcagaat cagaactgac     43680
     tgagaggtgt gactggggaa gctcacatca ctagtgctct tctctttgag agccctaaac     43740
     aatcaccgag gttaaccctg aaccttcact gaaggtcaat gaactcacat gagcaattgc     43800
     tactcctcgt tccctccctt tatgcattcc ccacattctc cctctctcca cttctctatt     43860
     ctccttttgc ttccccctcc tttccccatc tccttttgtc tatctgtctt tctgtctgtc     43920
     tgttggtctc ctactatttc tcttcctctc tttctcgact aaggcagtga ttgcatgtcc     43980
     acttgcttga aggtaagctg tgtctgtgta gagagattca ggctgatgtc aagtatgtaa     44040
     gtatctcttt tatcgctttg taccttttaa caaacactca tttattgtgt ttgtttagtt     44100
     atttatttgt ttgtttatct ttagttattt gaaaatttca tgtgctctca taacacatac     44160
     tctctcttct atctcatccc agatccagcc acctttccac tcacctacca ttgagttacc     44220
     atttttaacc catcaatata tatccagatc tagatctaat gagtatgtgc atgttcatgt     44280
     agctacagag ataacttatg ggaggcagat gttgcctaat accatgctgg cttgttggtt     44340
     agtaattata cctactaagt catctagcta cccgactcga tcactgcatt tttgagataa     44400
     gatatctctg tgtaccttga actcatgtaa acaactatac tgtctggcta ttgaaccaag     44460
     tccttttgtt tgtgtggcaa gtaacttaca gatacttata aagagatgca gattagaaaa     44520
     cttttttcaa taaagtcaat acagggacaa tgccttttga tgttttgttt atggatcaac     44580
     attttatata ttagaatatg tcttcttttc aatacttgct agctaagcct tcttttctta     44640
     catgatatgt ataagaggca gtctctcacg ctgggatgga ctttgatata catttaagag     44700
     ttcagtccta tcaatgcctg ttaagaagag aaaacaaaac cacaaataaa tacctatatg     44760
     cagaatagct tatagtatcc agtttgcaga agtacgctaa aagccaagaa gaaaaatcag     44820
     tagcaaccct gttagctgga caatgtctaa caagctctaa tatagatgca tctgtgatac     44880
     ctacaatcca ttttggattt gaagctgatt tgagattttt ttaagtgggt attttttatt     44940
     tacattccaa atgttatccc cattccaggt tttcctctcc atcccagaaa ccccctatcc     45000
     catcccccct ccctctgctt ctatgagggt gttgacccac ccaccaaccc actcctgcct     45060
     cactgcccta gcatttccct acattggggc aatgggactt cctaggacca agaacctctc     45120
     ctcccgttga tgcccaacat gaccatcctc tgccatggat ccctccatgt gtagtactct     45180
     ttggttgaaa attttatttt ttttctatta aaatcgattc ttccctcata caatagaatc     45240
     aagccccact tcccctttcc tcttcctctc tttacacccc ctgtccccaa gatccactcc     45300
     caatctgttt ccttttcagc aataagcaaa catccaaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     45360
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagacaaa taagacaaaa     45420
     caaggcacag aaacacaaaa tgaaagccct catattgagg caatacaagg caactaaata     45480
     gaaggaaaca agacttaaga gcaggcaaag gaccttgaga gcttgtttgg aggttctagc     45540
     aggagagtgc agctactctt ataccctcga tcaaagacca gtcctcctct attcggggaa     45600
     ggtcatcctc tttgaccatg agcgcgcagc ttcgggaggg acacacatgg aggggtgagg     45660
     gaggaagggg acacccgcct agccagacag atctgcggaa tcaaccctgg caatcaatgg     45720
     ggtgacagat gtcgcagcca gatgagcagg caaaggagtc agagatacaa cagctcctcc     45780
     tgttaagagg tgcacaacaa caccaagcta acattcgtaa cataaacgca gaggaccagt     45840
     atagaacaat tcaggtcctg tgcttgctgc ttcagtcttc gcgagcccat gggagagctt     45900
     aattttacag caaattagag aaatttcagt agatagatat acatggcagt ataaaatttc     45960
     cagcatgagt ccgccagctt gttccaagca taaactaccc gagatgactg cacaagctta     46020
     gttaatttat tttttaacat attttgttac taaattccac ctgaattttg cctgaatgaa     46080
     ttttagttgt cattaaaggc atgccagaga caatggaact tggaaatctg agaattattt     46140
     ttcatagttc tctaggttag aagtctaaga gttcagaagc aagaatcaaa gggtctgttg     46200
     atggtccctt agtggcttga aagtaatcat ttctaaatgt acttgtcaag atcacagcga     46260
     aaaagggaac actctcgtta attctaatga ggcacacatc tcaattttga aagctctatg     46320
     accctggact atacctaatg cgtatacctc atatcaaaca ccatatagac atagagaact     46380
     ataaaataaa actcatcaat gttttaaatg aaagcacaca taagaagaaa ctttaaaaca     46440
     tctgaaacaa ttataaactt tattgtttgt gattatgaag tttaaagcta tgatcgtgac     46500
     aatatcagca ttttttaaaa gtagtttgat gaaattataa ttagtgtttc aaggaaaatg     46560
     aacagaaagc attcctttct agtactttta tgggattctt taagctgaca gtgcagttgg     46620
     tgcaaagcat aatgagactt ggacccttat aatttactaa aaaaacaaac ttacacaaag     46680
     agaatgttct tagtttcttt tctcatgctt ttgaatgctt tgcaaagtaa ttatttcaag     46740
     ctttaacttg caaaaattgt tagaaaattg ggccatttat ttactttttt cttttttaac     46800
     tgttttcttt tgtgcctatt ttgctttgtc ttgctttctt atttcaggtc tctgttgctc     46860
     tgtcagtcaa atttgcaacg tgccattccc ttctctatta tttcggtaaa tattgtatgt     46920
     ttgaaatctg ggtcagctta ttttgatatt attttcctta ctttataatg aatagcggtt     46980
     ccaaaataaa gaagctcctg acataaaata ttgtatataa ttaaaaaaga gttttttaaa     47040
     atacctgcaa gaaatgtata aatattgata gctgtcgcac tcctaataca gagcgttttc     47100
     atgtccagca gaaatgattg ttgtgcttat attagtccta atgcagcaac atgggcaaaa     47160
     tcccatgaag cctctaggct tgcgaattct ccccatcacc ccacagttaa ggagtattta     47220
     ggaggactct tatttgcaga ataaagacat tgatgttcat tgtaaggtgg ctacaacttg     47280
     ggctaaatgg ttggatgtga tttttttccc cattatgaga aactgtttga aagaaaaaga     47340
     agggatcaca gtgcagtgaa gtcagaaaaa tgaaatgttg aatcttttct atcataagtt     47400
     ctatgattat tactaagctg tccccccttg acttgggttt tcagttagga tatttttttc     47460
     ttgtctctgt agtaacatta catcatattt taagtgaaat gcattgtaga tgtttaagac     47520
     atggaactaa tgtagtaatt gtgtattaaa ccacatcaac cgttagtttt ccttttccac     47580
     atatgagtcc cagggaacga actaaggttg ccagggttgg tagcaactgt catgtcccat     47640
     tgaacatgtc attgtccctc tgcattttga taattgtcac tctctcaagt aagtctttca     47700
     aagttgaagc tgtgactctt caggcatgac attgtggaac cgagtgcaat ctattcctat     47760
     gtgacttgct ctcattcctc actccaacca tagagtctta tggttaattt acttctatta     47820
     acatgagtca gaaaccttga atatcaataa tttctttcat atggtctcat gttagttaaa     47880
     aaactattac tgtcattctt atgaggatta tttttaaaat tttttcttag acattttatt     47940
     tgtttgcatt tcaaatgtta tcccctttcc cgattccctc ccccagattt cccttatccc     48000
     atccctcctc ctcctgcttc tatgaggctg tcctcctact cacccaccca ctcctgcctg     48060
     cctacccttg cattctccta cactggggca tcgagcttca cgggaccaat gttgttaaga     48120
     ttactattac tgttcttgta attaactatc tatactagtt cagaatattt catttgcaag     48180
     taacagaatg tttcattgat tgatttcatg tagtgttttc tgaagggatg aattttgtca     48240
     tgatcatagg taatagaaaa gacttgagaa tctaaccact ctcctgatca aggattactt     48300
     cccccgcacc tcttctgtcc ctgaatttct ccatctgtat ctgttctcag gtttactcat     48360
     cacctgtttg ggtctttcaa cttatgcatg ctcctcagtg aactattcca gatctgacca     48420
     ggttctcgtt tcatagtata ttgtccagat ctgcttgtca agtttaatta acattctggg     48480
     tatcattttt ggatacattg tttggtgtga tgtaggatgc cagcgtatcc attctgttag     48540
     tctgtgaatg aggatggtgt tgtggagata tggtactagt catctctata gttcccatat     48600
     aatgaataag aattaattct caggcattaa tgtaatttac ttgaaagtta tatcacttca     48660
     gctacagaac aaatctatta aatttcaatt taggaacaaa tctattattc agaacatgca     48720
     ttttattata gaaaattaca ggtggaaatt aatttattat gcttttatgg aaattgtata     48780
     agaccttcaa atttaattga atgtgcttag atttatttaa ctgcaactct taagggaagt     48840
     ttaatagttc attggcagaa taaccttttt ctagggatac agagaacttt ctcagatgac     48900
     ttaagtttaa catgcaagga catactcttt aaattagaga caagccatct agtcagccat     48960
     cgtctttact gtaaatatga ttgaaagtga gaagccattt ttggaacaca aagtagttga     49020
     tctggaggag aatgttgctt attggactct gcgagagaaa ggttgaaatg gttttcaata     49080
     cgtattaggt aacagttata taaggtaatg agctcccgct ccctaacatg acacaatata     49140
     aacatataac aattttatat gctataattc aataaaatta aaatgtcaga aatacttacc     49200
     atgactcatt agtttctgaa gacatataca tgggaactgg gaaacactac acaatttata     49260
     tgtgcacgga aacataatgt tatcccattt ctttgtttga ttttcaaatc agtgacattt     49320
     catttaaata aatatatttt aaactgagta aaaataggga ggctggcatg actcatagca     49380
     atactgattc tgagctagtg ccatatgtga ccatgaaata taaataatag tttcaaaaca     49440
     gagtagaaaa gggtcttgtg acccaaaatt aaaataatga cagcttggag aaaggagctt     49500
     tcaacctttg aatcaatagc tcattttaaa gacatgggtt ctatttaaaa cctatcccta     49560
     ttgtaaggga gtatataatt tccagaattg caggcgcatg atagacaggc cttaaaatat     49620
     atagtgtatc ttataaggcc aggcagcttc ctccccattt gctatccttg tctgcttgtg     49680
     ttaatagaat gtttttaata cactttctga tgattctgaa atttgaagga aaattaaatt     49740
     tgcatcattg tggtgacata taacatcaga aactataatt agactgtgga aatagaaaaa     49800
     tgttattaga tattttgata caaataatag tagtggtaat aatgagatgt gactcataaa     49860
     ataaattaaa tgttaatttg atcagaagat atggacatgg aatacagatt tgtattgaaa     49920
     gctatacaat ttttgcttca agaatttcca gtttaaactg tataaatatg aataacagtg     49980
     atttcctaca tcatgtttat tttcatagcc ttactgaatg tcctcatatt atgacaagta     50040
     tttaataata ttattataaa atttgttaac ctttaattcc aattatcact ataactgtca     50100
     tttgctgaac ctgtccaaca tggttacata tattcaaaca caagcagtaa gaataactgg     50160
     aatattaata ttgatggcta acatttgttt ttcttaaacc ttttctgcat agttactggg     50220
     tttagaaagg gcatatacat ttgtgaaaat aaaactttaa cttctatatt gtactgagaa     50280
     tatgctcatt gaatatgctc tactgtcttt ggctcctgtc tttatacgtg gaccctatgc     50340
     tttagcaatt tggtttgttc tgtgaggtat aaactaatga cactgaaggc aagaaattct     50400
     aagacggtgt gtttaatatt ttttttctgt gttttgttca ttttgttcca ctgaccctgc     50460
     tctgtatcag aattccgttg aatttactct ctttccttat gattttcaat atggcctcca     50520
     tttaatggtt ctttggaaca aagaggaggc acagccctgg tgacggtccc ctctttctgc     50580
     cccattctca ataccttgcg taaatctttg taattaatcc ctttgtaaat aaggtgctgt     50640
     gttaatttga gtctgccatc tgtttccttt tgggaacgtg cagagttagg acattctggg     50700
     tcacaagcag gaccagatat gcaatcagat aagaaatatt taaggtcgtt acataatata     50760
     ctaaggatat attccatctg gactacagac ttaaaattta aagtagaata ctttgatagg     50820
     gttgaccttg ttctttggaa ggttgaaatg ttgacagtcc atttaatatc atccctagaa     50880
     aatatggcct tgtgcatgat caataaagtg cgtgacacag gaaattaatc taactgagca     50940
     acatgtaaag cctaagccac gttgcttaat ttatccatga tttctgaaca gaagtatttg     51000
     agcccatgca agcactctaa atttaccttc aaatatgaat tttataagga tttttatata     51060
     taaattctga ataaaaattc aaactatgcc tatatgtggc actacatgat gtcatattaa     51120
     atacaggtat gcttgtgaat gaaatgaaga gctctcaaac agatataaga taattttaga     51180
     atcagtctat tatgaaaaaa attgacaaat atccttttga tgaaataatt tgcaagccaa     51240
     tataattgtc atggaaaaga taaataagtt aaggcaatgc caacatacta atgtacttta     51300
     tagttataat ttataatgat attgactgta ttactatatt actacaataa attacattta     51360
     aattatatat atatataatt taatttatag gttgcagcag ttctaccatc atatcagaat     51420
     tgatgagtct caatgttttt atatcaaaat tttacattag aagaaactcc aatgtatgga     51480
     ttctatgtta ggtaggatta cattatacag aggaagagac tttatctata cttatagaaa     51540
     tatctatgta ggttttaaca gaaatatttg gaatcattaa tttccattcc aggattgacc     51600
     ttttttcatc actccttcct tccttctctc tctctgtctg tctctgtctc tgtctttgtt     51660
     tctatctctg tcttgctctt tctctctctc cttgatactt aacattctaa accttccata     51720
     cttgatgaaa gaatgttata tttggagaaa atttttatat catagaaatt gatatttatt     51780
     cagggattga ttatgatctt atatatagat atagatatat ttttaaagtc catgctaata     51840
     atttatcctt taaaggaata ttttctgaaa tacttcttcc tagctaattt tcctactctc     51900
     aaaattatta tatactcaaa atataatcac tctttatcat gatttttttt tcattctaaa     51960
     gtgtttactc catgtcttta tcacttgggc attgaatata taataataaa tcaaatatgt     52020
     aaagttttaa agttcttttt gttgttatca gatctatcaa cttttctcac taaatgttga     52080
     agaatcaata ctaaatcttt gaagatctgt tttataaaat tcatatcccc caagggcttt     52140
     gtctgtactt gcgatttgag cctcaatata tctgaaatct acaacaaatg ttcttaccta     52200
     tctgtttctc catctttact gcttctgttc tatgttttcc tcttctttac agatttatct     52260
     ctagttttgt aacgtgccct ttaccattct gcccaaattt ccaaaaggtg cctaatacaa     52320
     tttgaatggc aagatatgat aattttaatt ctaagtcaat aagcttgtac cacgatgcat     52380
     taaatagttt acaaatcatt gctttttttt caaaagccaa agacaatttg tgcagcaatg     52440
     taccacaaac ataaaccaca gatggctagt catgggagga ctgggggagg gtttccactc     52500
     ctctgccttg aagacctttc tattcaagtg ctgtcctagg ttctgccaca gcagcagaaa     52560
     ctggaggcta attggaaatt cagaatatca ggtctcacct caaattcaat aattggcaca     52620
     tgtatttaaa tagtttgcag atttttctgt ctcttgaccc acttgttaaa ataggtgatt     52680
     caatagagca ccttggaaat atggattttt gtgagtaaag tgatagccac aattaagaaa     52740
     atttgtcttt cacaattgcg gcaaaacgtg tcagcaggct aaaactattg aaggaaggct     52800
     ctgttttatt attttctttt gtctccctgt cttctgtttt taggtaagct gtttacttta     52860
     attaatgatt atacatagaa gacagggttg ctgctcagtg gcagattcta tgctcaacat     52920
     gcatggagtc tgatttcaat cccccttacc caaaatacta attgaaaaaa ttatagattt     52980
     taaaatattc tctgtatctg tctgtctgcc tgcctgcctg cctgcatgca tgcatgcctg     53040
     tatgtctata gggtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt     53100
     gtatgtggtg tgtccctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttc cctgcaaatg     53160
     tgcacatatg gatgcttggg tgtggtgtta gaggccagag gatacactag agtgtggagt     53220
     attagcaacc ttccaccgtt ttcataggcg aggtttattg ttcacctctt tatagtccgt     53280
     gtagtgcttg ctgcctcaca gagtcccatg agtctacagt atctgcctat gtcccccgat     53340
     gtcccatgct ttcctgggtt ctgaactttc tgttcaaacg gttgctactg ttcaaatcag     53400
     aaataaaaac cagtaccttc cgtgctttcc aaatatattt caaatgggca aattttatat     53460
     tctgtctttc tttcttcctt tcttccttcc ttcctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     53520
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tcatttttcc ctatttcttt tccttccttc cttccttcct     53580
     tccttccttc ctcccttcct ccctccctcc cttcttccct ccgttcctcc cttcctccct     53640
     tcttttcttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttcctta tttcctccct     53700
     ttcttccttc tgttttgctg aaatacatat caagttcctc tggaaacctt actattcctt     53760
     cagcttacag aaagtgctat ttgatagttc ttgcccactt actccccttc tttaatgctg     53820
     ccttcctcaa ttaaacttgt tagtcagtaa tctttcattc aattccaaca tctacatcat     53880
     aatttttaat acatagaatt tgcatctatt gaatgttcat actttccttc atgcattttt     53940
     ttcttctatt atcttttttg ttttgctttg ttttgccttc tactatcttg gcaatggaat     54000
     gttcgttttc taaaaagaga cctttgcata tatttggttc agttttacct tcaatttgaa     54060
     tgtgatcttt gctaggtaca tagtaggttc ttaattctaa gtgatggatt aatgcattac     54120
     attttgttta aaattttttc atgatactat acagtgattg agactgtctt gttttacttt     54180
     aagaggagta ctatgtatga ggattaaact ttatgcaagt gtgtagtcta cctgcaactt     54240
     aatgatcagc ctttttaatt gtactttcag atatactata ttcctgatat atatatatat     54300
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatga tttaggtttt gtaatcttgg     54360
     aaacttttag atgcatatta ctttgctcac atactatacc tacactatag taatttagag     54420
     gcttacataa ctttctattt aataaaaact ttttgagtag cataaacatt aattatcaat     54480
     tgtatttaaa ccgaatgatt gcagtgttct cttctacttc gtatgagaaa aaggcaattt     54540
     aaagtctaac atcatataat gaactgttgc atatgtcttc agaaagctct tttttatact     54600
     gaatttacat gatgatacac aataaattac agagaatgac aaataaaatt catgtgtgct     54660
     cagttaccac ttcaagaaaa gtttcagatg gtatcacttt cctcaaattt gctagttatt     54720
     ctaatctcca tttaacacta aatagatctc tataggaaaa atatgataaa atgtcgacca     54780
     tttacctcac cctgtaattg catttatttt tttaaatatc cccaagaaat tctgccatta     54840
     actaattatt atttaactgc ctctaacaac atttctatct tttcaattgt agaacaaatt     54900
     gccaatcgga ttgttaattg gcaattcata tttttgaaat tagatatttt cttgctttac     54960
     atttcaaatg tttttttttt aatttttccc acgagaattc attttttaat tagatatttt     55020
     cttcatttgc atttcaaatg ctatccccaa agtcccctat accctctcac caccctgctc     55080
     cctagcccac ccactcctgc ttcctggccc tggtttcccc tgtagtgggg catatgatct     55140
     tcaaaagacc aagggcctct cttctaattg ttggccaact aggccatcct ctgctacata     55200
     tgcaactaga gactcaaatg ttatcccctt tcctggtttc ttcctccaaa acccccctaa     55260
     ctcttcccca ttcctcctgc tcatcaacct ataaactccc atttcctggc cctggcattc     55320
     ccctatactg gggcatagaa ccatcacagg acgaagggtc tctcctccca ttgatgactg     55380
     actaggccat cctctgctac atatgtagct ggagtcatga gttctaccat gtgttttctt     55440
     tggttggtgg tttcgtccca gggggttctg gggatattgg ttttttcata ttgttattcc     55500
     tgctataacc tacaaacccc ttcagctcct tgggtacttt ctctagctcc ttcattggag     55560
     acactgtgtt ctgtccaagg gatggctgtg aacatccatt tctgtatttg tctgccagtg     55620
     cctgacaaat acagacgttg atgctttaac ttatttttaa tattttttta aaatgttgtt     55680
     aaactgtgag tcatagattt gggagttgtg ctttctatta aattgagttt gattccagtt     55740
     acctctgact atattgtaga gtatgttata tggcacggca tattaaacaa taagtgtttg     55800
     ataatacagt agtaaacata tgctgtctgt gtctctttac atggttttca atagtagttg     55860
     agaaaatgtg atgagaatgt cccaatgctc ttcatataga aagaaatgaa gtggttttta     55920
     agaacctttg tctatgggcc attgaaatac tctctgaaac attagtaaat aaactatgag     55980
     ggaaaagagg gtgacaattc taagttattt gaataacatt aatggtaaga taaaagataa     56040
     aagatttgtt aaaaatattt tgtctttatt attaaacatt tttttttgtt aatgcctttc     56100
     agataattac atgtgtctgc aattaattcc gttcatctta actcccagtc tggtgcaagg     56160
     tgctcctcac cctctacatc cctcctcctc ccctgttttc ataccagctt tttctttata     56220
     aatggcccaa aagtcctgat tagtgcttct tgtatgtgca tgcatgtcat ccatggtgca     56280
     tatttgacct accaagggaa aactgctgta gaaaactgac gtttgctctc ctaatctcta     56340
     acccctgtga atccctcctc agcaaatcct gggcgctcta gagctcctcc tccagagata     56400
     gctggcacct tctcttcagg tctggtatag acaaacactg ctgtaaatac atgattacaa     56460
     aggtcctgtt atgtccacat tctttcagag aagttttccc caagcccctg accttcccat     56520
     tattcttccc tttcttctga gatgtcccgt gagagtccag tgggaagtaa atataaatca     56580
     atagagataa taaattgaat gaaggcttaa cggagactga tctttatcaa tggcaggaca     56640
     gaaagctgtg accctgccag ctgcttcttt gctggaggtt tctgattttt ttcattgact     56700
     ttcttatgat gttcatgagc agaggagctt atttctttat taggggctag ggcgtggccc     56760
     tctctccagt tcctctaact aggattaaca gtaacagtta ttttgtttat cctttgtgaa     56820
     tccatatcat cttattctat agaaggagtt gcacattagc cagtcagatg gaggaccttg     56880
     ccctgttaaa actcaacttc attctccttt gtaataatgt gtatatatat aggatagtaa     56940
     ttcttaccta gatcttggta tatttattaa ttctcagttg tagttctgac taaaatgacc     57000
     ttcatggaac caacaacttc agcaagtgtt ttctgaagct aaatatcatt aggatacagt     57060
     atgcatgccc tctattttaa gtactaaaag cagaaaataa ctaatgcaag ggtgaattta     57120
     aagacaacct aaaagtgcta tatttttatt tttattctat gctttaattg gatatttttt     57180
     tatgtacatt tcaaatgttt tccccttttc aggtctcccc ttcagaaact ccatatccca     57240
     tctcccctcc ccctgcctct atgaaggtga tccccacccc cccccccact cctgtcttcc     57300
     tgccctgaca ttcccctaca ctgaagactg aagtatcaaa caccctcagg cccatgggcc     57360
     actgtgctca gtccaatagt tggctgctag catctgcctc tgcatttgtc aagctctggc     57420
     agagcctctc aggagacagc catatcagac tgcattcagc aagcacttcc cggcatcccc     57480
     cttcatcacc ctccaggtca gccccgtgac cactccctaa cccataacac ccccaccccc     57540
     cagtgtacaa gaggatgtcc tcatccctcc attccccacc ccaccagacc tccccactct     57600
     ctgggggctc aagtctctca aggattaagc acatcttctg tatatgtgtc tcctgctgta     57660
     tgtttgttgg ggcctcatat cagctagtgt gtgctgcctg gttggcagct cagtgagaga     57720
     tcttggggat ccaggttagt tgagactgct ggtcttccta tggggctgcc ctcctcctca     57780
     gcttcttcca gtttttcctc aattcaacca caggggtcca tgacttctgc ttgttggtct     57840
     agtcagagga cagccatgct aggctcctgt ctgtaagcac actgcatcat cagtaacagt     57900
     gccaggtccc agggctccca cttgagcttt atcttgtagc actatttctg gaaagaacct     57960
     gttgccaagt taaaaggacc tcagtatgac caaatttctc ctctagcaat tttcagacca     58020
     tgaagatatg tggaaccaat atcttataaa tgtcttcctt aatgtaaatc catagttcat     58080
     caagcaactg attcacattt tgacattaaa gtgtacctct tccttacact gtaataaagc     58140
     aaagaacgtt gcaggagaga tgcttctgtg ccatagtgca tgcagcccac tcacacagcg     58200
     ttctagttac ctctcagtct aacacattgg acagtaattt ctaatttttc cttgaataca     58260
     caaaagaaaa taaaaccttt ttgaggggat ggggcaacat tcaggatgac acactatttc     58320
     ctaagtgcac tgggcttgcc ttgacttttt ctctctttgt ttgtaccgaa taagaattta     58380
     tttttctcct tctgacactc taaatctggg ttgagacctt acaaatgtct catatccaat     58440
     atttcaatat gctatttttg ttaatattag agccactgat tcacccactt cgcaaatcta     58500
     tatctcttta ttttatcctt agaattagct attcaaatgt tacaatagct ttaatgattt     58560
     cagaatattc atggcttaag ggtgtgtctc agaagttaaa aacactggtt gctcttgtag     58620
     aagattcaga accaacatgt tggttcacaa ttacctataa ctccttccta gtgcatttga     58680
     tgccctcttc tgacgtctgt gggcagaaga catgcatgtg gtgcacatga atacaaggag     58740
     gtgaaatggc cttatgcgga agtttagact aagtataaaa aataagattg aggaaattta     58800
     aaattaatta attttaactt gagaactttc catagtaaca ataattacaa tcactataca     58860
     atagaggata ctattgtgta ataatagtat gcgtgataac ttctaaaaga gctttagagt     58920
     tttctggggt ttttttattt gttgttcatt tcaaattctt tatgagtata tttttaatta     58980
     atagctgatt ggttatttgt agctgagttt tcttgaaatg gctttggaag tataaactca     59040
     attcatgtgt atcttgtgtt ttacacacta aagtacatat aggctataaa ttggtctact     59100
     attaaattgt aaacaaatat aaacaatgaa tcaattcacc tactattact tatgcctgag     59160
     tttcatcttc atatttgagg tgcaattgtc aatacatatc actgaagtta tattaatttc     59220
     agcaaaattt atatatttta tgaagaatat agttgatgga gcaactgaga cactagtatg     59280
     atgactaact ctaaagatca tcacatttaa aatctgttta actaacatct ttatctgtca     59340
     tccgtgcatc ttcacagcta tctattgttt gtttatttga agacagaaaa aattatctaa     59400
     taagaaaaaa agcaactagt atgttctaaa atgtgcaaag aatgaagata ttgaatatct     59460
     ctaaaaataa tggaatacgt tgtcatttgt ctattattaa tgggatagta catcatgaat     59520
     taaattttag tgtcatcaag tttagataaa aatagaggcc cacaaatggc aattcaactt     59580
     gtagtattgt ttcaaatttc ttgaattgat ttttatattt taatatatat ataatctatc     59640
     acaaaacctc acaatcaggg gatatgaaga aaagttaaat attatatttt cctattagaa     59700
     ctcaacagat gtacaattta aaataaatta gaagtgagag attagagaga gcagagacta     59760
     atgaggcaga tacatgtcaa agggagtaag ctcagaacat ctgtttattg gaatgagaaa     59820
     agtccttaat tgtataaaat ggattaccca atgagagaat tttttcacct tggacagaaa     59880
     aatcactatt actgttaatt ttagcacatc tgtgaatggc acacattctt taattttcta     59940
     tctgtcaaca gatctaataa aatgctggtt gtatttaaat gtttgaaatc cccttctttt     60000
     aatacttaaa attaatttct ctttctccct tttaaaaact ccatgggggg gggggggaat     60060
     gatccagtat aggagcatga tctgctacag tgcacatggc aggccaggcc tacagctgcc     60120
     caggggagaa ctgggagaat gatgacaaaa gttgagaatg tgcacacatt ttcaagatac     60180
     tatcaaaatt taaaacttgc tttattcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     60240
     cacacacaca cacacggaaa tctagtgaag tatcatttct ttgttataga gtagttcaca     60300
     gtttcaatat actgaggatt aacctgtttc ttttgaaatc ttgttatgaa gaatactttg     60360
     agcagtactt cacatctctt tgtaggctgt attactacta tactgactac aagattcttc     60420
     cctatgctat gggcaattgt aagttctttc taaattagta ccagcttcca acattctgtt     60480
     ctctcttcat ggtgtgaaat ttcccagggc ccccatgaat agtgatatat attagtttat     60540
     tctgtgtctc atgaagaata ctatatattt gttagaggct gtttttccca atatgatgat     60600
     gttgaacttc agttagcttt ctggctctaa tcaaagggtg ctaattggct gtggtgacag     60660
     tatctctttg taatgtttct ctcttacatc tgcatataga cttttatgtt ctttttttcc     60720
     ctttcctgtc agaagacata ataacataaa cattttttaa cataaactta tttaacaatt     60780
     tagaatataa ttaaatccca tatactaatg acctaatgta gcaaagtaag attaccttac     60840
     acatactgta aaaatattta tttatttatg tatttattta tttatttatc catttatatt     60900
     tatttgcaag tctcatgaaa aacaactcct cacctcttcg acttctacac aagctgcttc     60960
     tggttgtgta gcacaaaaaa gctttataca taacaagatg gcatagatct tagtagccca     61020
     aggcagtgaa cactgtaaac aaacaaaaga gcagaagaga atgcttgcag agagctaaac     61080
     acatttgtat gttgactgtg ccattgcagt cagatccaga aagagtttcg ttctgcttgt     61140
     ttatccagca gtgaacacat aggagtccat agggactcta cggggtaaat caacactctc     61200
     tctatgattg gtcttatcat tattccaaag gtctcttcag ttttataata ggctctcctc     61260
     caaacagaaa tggcgtgtct cagattctat agactcagcc cagggatgtt gtgcataata     61320
     cagggaatca ttgaagacag ccatgtgtta gttagaatga atgtctttat taggttgaat     61380
     gcaaagtaaa taaaagaata aataacaagt agctggtata tggaagcagc agacagaaca     61440
     tcatcaatca gacatttaca acatccccgc agatcactgg aataaccgaa ttgagagagt     61500
     gaaccaaggt aatgtcatca agttggtagc ttacacatat ccagcagagt caactcaggg     61560
     caggaggcgt ttattgaggc agggtgctgc cattgagaaa tctatagatc ctgacagaac     61620
     attctgtcca cagatgagct ctgccttctc tttcttgctc tgtaggtttt ttaaaaatta     61680
     ttattattat gagataagta gtagtttatt tatacacacc tcccttgaaa atagtttagt     61740
     tttcagctgt tcccaaggag acagttttca tactactggg ttgtgttatt attttactgt     61800
     ctttctgttt aaaataaaag tgtgagagtg gggttgagaa tctgatatca gacaagaggc     61860
     ttcggagact atagaaataa atatgatgga gcctgggact gaaattccct ccacttgcat     61920
     aacaaactct caataaacta aatcaaaatt gaaatgtgac ttgtccatat taaggtcaag     61980
     agcgaaatag gttgggttta cctaacacag caaaccatac ttttttttgt tataatctgt     62040
     aattaaattg acacataata gtttaaataa aataattatt aaattttttt cattaggctt     62100
     taaaaacatg gttacataat cctttaaatg gtgtatgtgg tcttttaact aaatcagttc     62160
     tgctcttttt catataattt ttgagattat aataaagtta tctaattttc ccccttacct     62220
     gttataccag tacttctcat gtgtctcccc ttgctatttt gcaaatacat ggtctcattt     62280
     tctttagttg tgtattacta aatacatcaa tatcaactgc tcagtccata aaatgctact     62340
     tataactaag atttcagggt tgagcatttg gtactgaata atcaactgat ttgttcttcc     62400
     attgggacaa cgacttctgc ttccagcttt cctcagcttc tttgtcttgg tttgagatct     62460
     tctgggattt tcatgttgtt cttgttcagt ttaggcagtc gtgttgatga gacttcatga     62520
     gtacaacttc tgccatttct aggcgatatt gaagtgtctt ggctcaaatc tcaacctctc     62580
     tatttaggga atgaatgaca ttagacctgc cattttacca ctgcattcct cagtttcctt     62640
     atctgcaaaa tggaaaagta gttctttaaa ttaatttgta aataaacgtt cagcatttag     62700
     attatttcct gttggttaat tgaacatttt gtttattata aaatgtctaa gtagttaaat     62760
     gtcctaagca tgttctttgt ctcaaacaac tctttcctct ctgttgataa aaaatgtctg     62820
     attttatttg tgctttcaga cacattacaa cataattgag ttgggttaca tttactttgc     62880
     atcagcctaa aaaaataaaa aaacacgttt agccagtatc cactatacac acagggcata     62940
     agttaaagtg ttaaaataaa gcttggtttc atcaccaact agtttgtagt ttgtcacaga     63000
     ttcaattaat gagtatttct tgtttgtttt cctttgacaa gaagatagtt ttatcacttt     63060
     atattcccat gtggttgtgt gtgcacaagc acatgactac attttcatca ttattttatg     63120
     agttttaaaa gttgacagtt ttgactgtgt ttaaaacaaa cgaacacatt tctcaggcaa     63180
     atatagcact agaaatttta tgatttctta tcaaatgtaa catggaaagt atactcatgt     63240
     gggtaaattg tatgtaactc ttaagtggaa attttatttc tgattcaaag tttaatttat     63300
     gtacttactc aaaatttaca attcctttgt tgaatagcga tgaataatct acacactatt     63360
     atgtgcaaaa gacaaatatt taacacataa ttttgaaata tatattggta tataatagtt     63420
     taaaattata gtgaggttac ttagacttct gttgacaaaa gtcactaatt tctactttct     63480
     ttcagtagtt ctctattatc taagaatttg agaaaacaac ttctaagcat gtgtgatata     63540
     attttgtgtt tctttagcat aatggttggg ctgtctatca atcaatgtgt ttctttctga     63600
     tattgttcag tgtatgttct ttctataact tgcaaaaaaa caacctaatt acagcctcac     63660
     tttctcaatg cactgagttt caatacatga ctacattatt ttaaatcaat attttgtcaa     63720
     tcttatgtct tataatatga taaaaacaat ctgatactat ggtttagctt atcgatcttt     63780
     cactgtggtt aatgagagca caaaattcag gtttaaatac atagtataaa tattagtctt     63840
     aacttattaa gtgtagcctt atttatttta tctcccattt cacagccatt tgtctagtac     63900
     ataataggat attactcatc tagacttttc tttcttagtg cacattacaa atttactttc     63960
     agcgcattat gaaattcaga atgtcaggat gttgtagtag gtttgcaaag catgttcttt     64020
     ctgcctaaat tcaagctggt aatgattaat cagattgtct tttacaggat gtgcatttgt     64080
     attgccccct aactatgatt ccacaaaatt aatctgcagg gatgtttgtt tctttgtttg     64140
     ttattttgtt tgtttttgtt tttcgagacg gagtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg     64200
     gaactcactc tgctggcctc aaactcagaa atccacctga ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg     64260
     gattaaaggt gtgtgtcacc actgccgggc agggatgtta atcttaatca ttccttttgt     64320
     tcttcctctg ttgttcattt tgtatcatag tctgtggttt aaaaattatt caagtaccta     64380
     atattatttt ttatgaagac ctcatttttc tagttgattt ttcactagtt aaaataccta     64440
     aaagttgcaa acagatttga ttttaatata gcttaaatca gtaaataaaa atgatcaaga     64500
     aacacagaaa gtagtgttat aaaacagtag tttctgcatg aaaccaagac cttttacata     64560
     atttattatt actttttatt tttactcttt acagcatagc aattgagtct tgttacagat     64620
     ttacctatca gaagcgactt ctctgttgat ctcgggataa gattttggtg gaccatgcag     64680
     tgtgctcttc aagaagagag tatagtaact tcaacaaatc ttaaaaatct gacttcacta     64740
     tggttaagaa taatgtaaga catctgcatc tactaggaaa gtggtactat gacaaatgca     64800
     ggtttttttt ttaattttta atatgtgtgt tgcttagctt agacaccttg aaacagttaa     64860
     ggacaaagaa atatcacatt atcttaaatt aaagtagaat ttatgatatc tcctactagt     64920
     cacttttatt tatttgtgat aaatatgtga gaaaagaaca aaagaaaatg ggaggataga     64980
     ttgttactta tctttttttt aagagatttg ttgtccacgt tatgtgttca gttgtcttgt     65040
     gcctggtgag gcagagtgtt ttaaataaat aaacctgtgc agttttcctt catattatga     65100
     tggaacacag tggaatcatg gaattctgtc tgtgcagtat cactcactgt cagaatgcat     65160
     tcttaggtaa atacaaactt aggctagata taaaatagtt tcaactttat tttttgtttt     65220
     gttttgattt tttttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttttttc gagacaaggt ttctctgtgt     65280
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gccttgaaac tttattacca     65340
     catcatcttt tttctctagt gaaaaaaata cttctaacct ctttttagtg atcaaaattg     65400
     tctcactttg taacatcata atgaagtttt gtttccacat agttataaaa tcaggtatac     65460
     tgtttttact cagccttact attatatata aaacaatata agaaacgttt taacaaattt     65520
     ctatatgcca gaatcataat ggagaggtta aacatgtcaa actcacttgt tacgtaagtt     65580
     cattgggatc aatttatata catattttta aacaggaagg ttcagtgaaa gaattgcatt     65640
     taatttcaga gctggtattt ttatgcatat taagcctgaa ggatgttgtc catatatttc     65700
     tttaccttcc aatgtatcac acaaggctgt ccttgcctgt gttgcagaga gatgtacata     65760
     tgaagagtaa caagacatag gcacctctat atatttgtgt cagtattgaa gctactacaa     65820
     aaggttttga accccaaacc atcatagcag gtaatgcatt taagtagaca accgctgctg     65880
     gttaaggtga tgttcattgc atgaaacaga taaaccagca ttggcagcag cactgatgaa     65940
     tacaaaagat gcaagctggg gaaagcaaga ccacaggata tgaacatgtg agtgtatgta     66000
     gttttactca catgttgcag ataacgtatt gatgacctac taatctatgt acagtgtgcc     66060
     agccattttg ttcaacatgt aattgaaact taaaaggaaa tgaaaaggaa tgaaacaagt     66120
     atcatgtcag tgctgaggat aactgataac tgcaggctta gtcctgaact ctgtgtgtgt     66180
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgcaataga gaatgagaga gtaagctcat atattttata     66240
     tgtacaatat acatacatat atatatatgt atatatatgt gtgtgtatat atacacatat     66300
     atgtgtgtgt gtaagcttat aagtgggcat tatatgtatc ttaatatgta tatactttta     66360
     tgcatatagg ataaacacac acacacatac tattaacaat cagctgtttg aactccccaa     66420
     gtttactgca ctaacgtaca aaatgcttaa tgagatgtac tataagtcac aggtgaagat     66480
     gatttccacc cagggaaatt tcaactgcta gaaagatgtg tggcttgtta tattacttga     66540
     tttctcttct gctcctaaac tagagcttcc aggctgttct agcagctcat ctcagccact     66600
     ctgctaccct gccttcccta caccactgat catacctcag tcacataggt tcacttgctc     66660
     ttattttgct gtttccttct tcctctctga cgaagagcct agattaccac ttgaactatg     66720
     tgattcttca tagatttaat ttcttttctt ctaaaatgta attattctat tcttcctgtt     66780
     cttcagtctt tattatcata gcttcttgat gttttgtcct tcatattgca taactgagaa     66840
     attaccaaaa tagttgcatc agaatagggc ttttatagcc aagtgtcaca aataaataaa     66900
     tagatagaaa tatagataga tagatcaata aaatgcaatt taataactaa agtgtgaaac     66960
     tgttaaattc taattttcag tgaaaaattt taagtatttg tctgaaacaa atgtatggta     67020
     ttataaaaca atgcaattaa atggtggttt tgttttgttt acaaatgaga cattctgtag     67080
     aaatctttgc ctatgtttgt aataagagca aaaagatggc agagtgaaat agctgtatga     67140
     actaagtgtg tcagtagaca atcacatata ctaatgacct acagaggcca agccaaagcc     67200
     tatctaatga atactcacct ctgtaggccc agctgctcac tcttacacca aagggcagaa     67260
     agtcatgtaa tcacagagaa tagcaaattc tactattgtc taaatataag aacttacaat     67320
     gccttggttt aaccatgttt gtcgttgtta ccaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     67380
     gtgcgcgtgc gtgcgcgcgc gcgcgtgtgt ctataacatt tctcttattt acggggagtt     67440
     cccttaagaa ttaactgacc ccttcatttg ctatgaggtt ctcttgcctg atctttctct     67500
     actcactgtg gtcgtctttc ctcatctatt tatgtcatat gggcatacat gatgtctgaa     67560
     gacttgagat ttcattttga cctggacact tatatgtttt atatgtccta aaataacaat     67620
     cacataattt tcctattatt ttaatctcct atattaaaga tattttgatt tcttagatac     67680
     tatgtgtgta agtatatcta taacacacac acacatacat agacacatgt aaatgtcaca     67740
     agtcctcttt tcatgacaga atacataata tagcctacat agtgtattta ttttataatt     67800
     tatatttttt catttttgat tcagtaagaa tagagaatga aaagaaagag aatgcattta     67860
     attctcttgc atgcacagaa aactaaacct aaaataaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca     67920
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa aaaaaaacat taaattacct ggcactgttc ttgcttcagt     67980
     ttacagcttc aagagccatg ctaagctaca gccattcccg aacatttcaa gcgttcactc     68040
     ttttagaata tgtgctaaga ttatatttac tttgttggaa attatccatg gctcataaca     68100
     agcgccaaac aatcaataag aatgacactg ggttctgtga atggctctat ggctgtagat     68160
     acttgaagta cctgcttcat tgattctctg ctctaagtca ctgtggagag agcgccccct     68220
     gccgagatgt tttctgtaaa tacagaagga gaaaaccaaa tagttttata ttcaaatatg     68280
     atactttaag aatacaaaaa agttagatta ccttgtcaca aatttggact ttgaaatatg     68340
     tgtgtgtgtg tgatgaagta tacataacct gtcattagaa acaaaaccta aaatactata     68400
     taagattatt gagaagtcca catttttaac tttattaaga tacagtttta ttttatgaag     68460
     ttggtcacaa gtggtttagc ttcctattaa gctccaaaga tcatttttaa agctttcagc     68520
     atgaaatata tggagagatg aattagcaat ttaattagaa ctttggtgct taagtggtta     68580
     ataaactata gatagaaatc aaaatattta cagtggataa taaaggaaat ttcattttca     68640
     tgtaaaagta ctagctcaaa ttttgacaga tgaaaataaa aatggctgat acgatgttca     68700
     tgtaagatga tattccaacc taatgctgag ttatacaagt gccagtgggc aatgttgttg     68760
     atgcattgtt taatggttgg cagagaagag ggctttctgt gaatcacact gtgtttgggt     68820
     ttggaatgaa tgaattaatc cattaataat aaaggaaagc cagcaagaaa gaaaacaaag     68880
     aaataaagaa aactggagaa ctactgggca tatcgtcatt tttttcacat ggctttaaga     68940
     ggagtggaaa tcttaactct taggatcata tctgcattat ctgcatttct gcatacagtt     69000
     tgccataaaa agttttaggt tccatcacta agttcacaca ttcctgtcta gtcttttttt     69060
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttaatcaaag gagtcattct tgtggatcaa caaggcttag     69120
     gcacagactg aggactgctt tcatcgtttt taagaaagtg acgcagctta cagtctccta     69180
     ggaaactcag aaattcagca gctgtagaaa gcccaagttt tacaaaacag ctattatcgg     69240
     gggtaaatct tccaaggaac tcgtccctga aatattaact tatttttgaa atttagtcta     69300
     aggctactgt tagagtgttc ttggtactta tttgtttcag gccaaaaaaa taaataaata     69360
     aatctgtgaa ctaaagccag aattggatgc ttgccatttc cagatctgtg tgaaactgga     69420
     attaaactca ggagacttga caaaaggctg attatttgaa ggaaatgact atcaaacaaa     69480
     ccctgacaag acacaattct ccaaagtaca aacagaataa ttaatgcgcc agaaccctac     69540
     cagtaaatta caagaagtgt ccattatttt ggagtaaaat atgtagtaaa atgtaaaagt     69600
     aacaatacac gcaataattg atttctgtct atgaaattaa agctcccact aaataaaatt     69660
     ggtattattt catatacata tatatatata tatatattcc cacactttta tgaataatat     69720
     atagatcata tctttacaag tcacttatag gttagtgtat atctctgcaa gaaacaaata     69780
     tgctaggcag acacagtttt acatacctgc catgtcaggg ctggaagtag gaggcaggag     69840
     cctgcgtgga ttatatacta agtctgagag ctattggagc cacaatatga gactcaagtt     69900
     caaaaattaa gatgatgaca atgatgatga tgatgatgac attggcaaat atggcagtta     69960
     tgagaggaat gacaaccata tcacataata atacattata cattaaaagt cacgttagaa     70020
     aattttgcag aagattgtat agaagaacag agctacgcat cagaatttat tagcaaatgc     70080
     aaaattacca tgaaaatgaa cttcaggttc aagctgcgag aaacactatg acactctctt     70140
     ggttactagg gttttttaaa ttaatatatt tatttaatct atctactgtg tatctattta     70200
     tttattggtt gattgtttga ttatttaatt gattgactta aatcctatgc tgatggagga     70260
     agtatagtgt tagcagaata tagtgtagac ttctattaga gaagtaagag gaaatatcag     70320
     gagccagctt ggtgaggtta gagttgatct tcagcagaag agtccatata gtttgcaccc     70380
     cttcaactgt tgtgtatgac gtcattacca ccaggatgta gggctgctta acagagtcct     70440
     ttgagatatt taaatagttg gattgagaga taatgttttg aagtaacaaa tatagttata     70500
     tatgagtggt gaatgttgac attttatatt gtattttatt taattatttt tccagctata     70560
     aactggaatt tttgacaatg tttaaaggta aaactagaaa gtagaaaact aaaattagaa     70620
     agtagaaaaa ttgtacctat ttattcttat atttatcatt gattgttttt tctctgttga     70680
     ttataattaa gcataaagaa acaacagtag ctaagacatt aagcaaaata gttttcgata     70740
     catgtacaga tttcctagac atactgaatc tcatggttgc caagtcaact gaggctatgc     70800
     acaggtgttt ttctaattga agaaatagcc tatttactct ctgtcaaact taggaaaaca     70860
     atttgcttgg ataaaaacaa ttttttacaa tttttttttt ttactgaact ttagacacct     70920
     ggatttcaag attgtaaaga agataagaca ttctattttt ctatacagtc tcactgatgg     70980
     gaagctttga gaaagatagg gttcatttct agaaaaaata tttctgcctt gcaaatttat     71040
     ttaatactag cgtatcgtga ggacaggact ttaaaagctg gcagtaacag tcaatacatt     71100
     agtatgtttt gtctgtaacc ttatttgaat ttcacaggca ttgtttcaat ctatccttat     71160
     cataacatga aacacttttt attcatagaa aaagaaagaa aactgaagct gcaagtgtta     71220
     ggtgacctct tctgttttat ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gttttgtttt gtttttttat     71280
     taggtatttt cctcatttac atttccaatg ctatcccaaa aatcccccat acccatcccc     71340
     ccactcccct acccacccac tccccatttt tgaccctggc gtttccctgt actggggcat     71400
     ataaagtttg caagtccaat gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt     71460
     gatacatatg cagctagaga caagagctcc ggggtactgg ttagttcata ttgttgttcc     71520
     acctataggg ttgcagttcc ctttagctcc ttgggtactt tctctagctc ctcgattggg     71580
     ggccctgtga tccatccaat agctgactgt gaggatccac ttctgtgttt gctagaaccc     71640
     ggcatagtct cacaagagac agctatatct gggtcttttc agtaaaatct tgctagtgta     71700
     tgcaatggtg tcagcgtttg gaagctgatt atgggatgga tttctggata tggcaatcac     71760
     tagatggtcc atcctttagt cacagctcca aattttgcct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt     71820
     gttttgttcc caattctaag aaggggcaaa gtgtccacac tttgttcttt gttcttcttg     71880
     agtttcgtgc gtttagcaaa ttgtatctta aatcttgggt atcctaagtt tctgggctaa     71940
     tatccactta tcagtgagta catattgtgt gagttccttt gtgattgggt tacctcactc     72000
     aggatgatgc cctccaggtc catccatttg cctaggaatt tcataaattc attcttttta     72060
     atagctgagt agtttacaga agagcaagaa aaacaggaag aagaacaaga aatactaact     72120
     tagggactca taacacattc aggccacaaa gacttttcct atacaaagtt tgtagactca     72180
     ttcacataga tcctgaaatg tcttattgtg tgtcattaac gactgaatga gagaaagaaa     72240
     ttaaaaggaa attcttttgc ctggcagtgg tggtgcacac ctttaatccc agcacttggg     72300
     aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcca ggacatcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag     72360
     gacagccagg gctgcataga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa ataaataaat aaaaataata     72420
     aataaataaa taaataaaat ggaaagtttt atactactca tgtttatcag tctccataac     72480
     tcacattact cattaccagt gagcaatatt ttctactcaa ttttagtttg agtataatca     72540
     agttatcaat aaaatctaca ataaactgag agtttctgct atatttattg tccatgcaga     72600
     tttataccaa cacagtgttc cttgtgcacc tcagaagatg agggatttca aaaataagta     72660
     ttgaacaaag tataaataac ttgtaatcat tcatacttac aatgacagtc ccagatgggt     72720
     ctttggtacc ttcagtaaat agcatgtgaa tgaatctcac ctttcatttg actgctaaaa     72780
     tgtaaaatac atttggtgaa taatagtaat atatctttaa attcttgctt tatcatcaaa     72840
     ttattcatat cgtgtcacct ggatatgttt cttattctgt cgtaattttg catttaaaat     72900
     tttaaactat aaataatata agaaatactt gaatgttcat agcatacaag gtgaggattt     72960
     ggttgcctaa gtcatagccc ataaagggga atgcttttgt ataaaacact ggtaagaact     73020
     aaaatatata ttcaacatat cattatgaat aataatataa ttttaaagcc tataaaccta     73080
     attcattctt gttatgtgta ataacaatga aatatatgat attataacaa aatcacattc     73140
     cgtcaacaat tataatattt agatatataa tctggttcac tcagtcttga taattgtaaa     73200
     agcaaaactc aatctacaca ctaacagcca agccttctct gctctaaaat gatggtgaaa     73260
     tgacattgtc atttaatgga actgtatttg aaactggatt attaaaaatg caattcctgc     73320
     tgtatattta gaaaaatagc aatctgtaat aaagttggcc atcgaccaca caaatgttta     73380
     tagcaacatt aatgccaaga tattcccatc caactaactg tcatgagtga gtgtgcttaa     73440
     tgaaacatct ggtgatgaaa tcaagtgttg catcatgcta gatatggact tccttaaaac     73500
     atggatttga aggtgaactg atttatcaaa ttgaaaatca atgtgcaatt ttaaatatta     73560
     ttgctgtagg tgtatctttg aattactaat ttgttaccag tagcaatgtt caggagaaaa     73620
     ctctgcttcc tctttattta ccactttttg gcatttgaaa caaaggtact ttttctttga     73680
     tattttcata aaatatctct aagatagtgc cttcaatttt ccagtgtaaa cagcatttta     73740
     attcactcaa tgttataata aaaaatatat atgaatatag tgtgtgtcga ttacaacaat     73800
     taaataaaaa gaagcataac ctaaaaagat aacattgtta ttcaagcata tcaggaaatg     73860
     tgaatttgct gagcactcta tttagaggaa ggaaacgtaa ttctttacag aagataacct     73920
     acaaaggatt attgtacaaa caaaaattat gttcatcttt tgttttttta aatgtagtag     73980
     tatgtgacat ccagtataga gtctatgagc ctatctatgt atccatctac gtatctatct     74040
     atgaatttat ctatatgtct ggctgtcaag ctctctaaga atcccttgaa ttttttaaag     74100
     atcctcttca tgtatgttac aagatcttag aactagccaa ataattatta atctgtattt     74160
     cttttattca tcagagaaat aatttttcac tcaatttgta acctgtcttc aattaattat     74220
     ttgcttttgt tgtatagcag ctttgggttt tgtgcaatcc catttgcagt tattcaacat     74280
     attctgagcc actgaagagt ttgtgtctct tgcttgtgaa tctgtgttga agtgctatac     74340
     ctatcttttc acagagaatt cgaaagttcc aatctttgat ctctttgtag cttatttttg     74400
     tgcaggatga aagatagtta gatactttca ttgttcttca tatagatact ctgtttgtcc     74460
     agcttttgtg caaaaggcag ttgtttccaa atgtatgttc tggaatcatt ttttttaata     74520
     accatgattc tttgagtgta tttctggaat ccctagttaa tcctgatttt attattctcc     74580
     aggtctgtct tataccaata ccatagaatt tttgttattt taccattata caacaacttg     74640
     agatccagtt ttgtggccct ttgaatatag tatattttgt tcaggattgt tttatttatt     74700
     caggttatct tgtgcttcag caatcattag aggattttcc gcagtaacat tagaatcctg     74760
     aacattagga atggttttgg taataccact attatcaaaa catgactgct tgagtgtgga     74820
     gcgaactctt attttgcagc acctccttca gtctctccaa tatgcttaca tctttatttc     74880
     aaaagcattt tactcctttt gttatgtcta atgctaggca tattttaatg gtattctgaa     74940
     taatatatct attatcaaca gatatgccat tggaatatag gtaagctgaa gaataatata     75000
     agttggatca tatcatcata atttgctggt gacttgcatg tttgagattt tttttttctg     75060
     ggataactct agggtctttc tgcctctgtg gatactttga catttttctt gcttgcattc     75120
     cttctattcc taactcttgt gttatttctc tagctaagca ttcaagaact gcatgtctca     75180
     cattttctct atttagtata atgttggatg tcgtattata tatctatatt atattgaggt     75240
     atgttccctt tatatataat ttattcatgg attttatcat gaagagtgtt gagacttagc     75300
     caaagtgatt tttgtctctg ctgagatgag cattgatatc tatgagtcaa gcaattgatg     75360
     tagtgggtta aatatattga cttgcatatg atgaaacata tctgcgcctt tgaatgaaca     75420
     gtaattgata ctagtcaatg atccatttaa tctgtcattt ttgtggcctg caattaataa     75480
     tagacaatta ctcacccatc catgttcatc aagttcattt cccaataacc atttttttct     75540
     gtgttcttat gaatggaaat gttctgtgtc ttagtgatat ttataaaaat aaacactgaa     75600
     tcttatcacg tttgggttta tattgtctcc gacatatgtg atgtataatg ttgatatgga     75660
     ttgatgagtc atttatttaa tgaatctctt atatctgcaa taaaatcagt gttaataata     75720
     gcttctataa tagcattact ttattaagta ttaatttgtt tataattttg tatcaaacac     75780
     aaattgagtt gtcctctttt ttatttcccc ttttaaatgg ataaatatac atctattcac     75840
     ttttttattt tactgtgcaa ctcccttcaa ttatttcctc ttctttgagt ttttcagtta     75900
     tccttaaata tatatttttt cagctactgt caatttttca ttttgaaaca tgatttgtag     75960
     tgaacataat aatacctagg aaaaaaaggt ggctattttt ctaaagttgt ggcctcattt     76020
     ttgcacctac ttgcttattt ctattacagc ttttatcaac agtgttgatt tcttatttca     76080
     aataaagttg aaccatatct ggtgcccttg gcatcttata agtgtatctc agaatgaact     76140
     gaaagatctc tgtaccttcc atttcttcaa aggctgcagt cagtgctttc tgggagttat     76200
     tttatgacac agtgattgcc cgatggtatc tgctctgata actgcactta agaaatgtat     76260
     gaagagaaag cttttatcag tctgtcacca tcggacctta tcacccacaa gcaagtggtc     76320
     aggctaaaga gcattgccaa ccatagagca ggttctcatg ggagattgac tagaaagata     76380
     ggacaagttg gaggggagtc agatcctttt actcctgaat caatagtgtg tattagtaca     76440
     gatagatttt tgaggccatg atgagcttct cttgcttaga attggcttca tgggatgaga     76500
     aatagctgtg tgcttgtatc tggtttcttc cgtgctcctg atctatacaa aggattacac     76560
     tctgccttcc atcaaatgaa tgttgttcac tcgaactgaa cctttatcct gtcattatgt     76620
     taccaattta ttagaattta aggtatacac ctgggttact gaaagtaaat ataaaacctc     76680
     tccagagtca tgaaaaagag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga     76740
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaaaaag aaggaggagg     76800
     aggaggagga ggaggaggag aagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag gagaagaagg     76860
     aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg     76920
     aggaggagga gaaggagaag gagaaggaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga     76980
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa ggagaaccag tagatatata     77040
     aggttaaaac gaaacaaaaa aaaatatatc cgaaatgttt tttcatgata ttactaaaac     77100
     tgtaattgta ggttttcaag atctcaacct tcgaattggg gcctaagaaa gtgatttcac     77160
     tagaaattgg ggcctaagaa agtgatttca ttagaaattg ccctctaaga agcactgagc     77220
     ttagttatgt gtctcaaaac ttaaatgtac aaattttctt tattgaattg gacaaaatac     77280
     agtacacatg tacagtctgt cagctgcaaa caaagataaa ataatgacct tgggcaggta     77340
     tatgcagtta tggctgaaag tcatgctaac attttattct tttaaagcaa agatcgttat     77400
     tatcactaag caaatgactg acataatatg ataagatttg gtaactgcac tttcaaaatt     77460
     aatgaaatgg gtttgcaact gcaaaaacaa aaaaagtgtc attatttgtt gtaatctata     77520
     aagtcagtgt attataaatc attgcttgct gtatatgttg gtaatatatt ttatgctcta     77580
     actctccaat atttcagggc ataaatgatt ggtttctcct tcatttgcct aatgataatt     77640
     taagtctcag tgaaactgct tagtgtagat ggtagttgtt aagtagtatc tgtttgcatt     77700
     ttgatagcat caacttcata ataaatcctg tatttttagc cagtgctaga ttttagagat     77760
     tgtgccacat tttctgactt accagaggtt tataataaat catgtgagtt actttattgt     77820
     gtagactgtt agttttcatc tctctgcctc tttttaattg tctctctata atagatttta     77880
     atagtctcct tttatgtatt ttactcattt taaaagagaa gaaaattgag tatacctctc     77940
     tagagtatac tcatgctctg tacttgtttt gggagaaact tctcaggagg ttgaccaaat     78000
     acaagcacac ttgagtctat cataagtctc taataacttg tcttactgtc ttcatgagag     78060
     ttaccttaaa aatcaatggt tctaagacag tattgcctta aatgaggaac gtgggttgtt     78120
     acagctaaca ttttcttttt ctatgatcta ttataatatc ttttaaatgc ttgctaatgt     78180
     ttttttattt catggttata tttataacaa tgattaggac agggataatt atgtaattac     78240
     gtgctaatgg atctctcagg aataatccca attttacaag ggtcaacgct aattctttgt     78300
     tataggaaca aatttgtaac aagagcaggg tcatcatctg tctcaaaagt tttattttgt     78360
     ttgaatagtg tgaaagaggt tgcaccttca gctgtttaga tgaagccaag agtgctagaa     78420
     aatgattatt tagagtttct gcaatgacac cggagcaggg tcctcttgga ctgagatgag     78480
     gtttgttgag ggcagattca cagagtgcag actttaccag ggcttctgct ctccattttg     78540
     aatggcgctg cttccagctg ctctccagat ttttattttt ttaatgtttg cttgcttttt     78600
     ttttttgttt tttgtttttt tttttttgtt tttgtttttg ttttgttttg ttgttgtttc     78660
     attgtttggg tggctggttg gttagtttgt tcccttgttt gattgttggt taattagatt     78720
     ttgttttgat ttttttttaa ttccttccaa ctgatttggt tgtgactttt ctttgatgtg     78780
     aggaagatat taggaaatct aggaagtaga cagaattact attgtgaaca atgtattatt     78840
     attatagtat tctgatattt aacaagtcac acactctaaa atttattttc tacattttca     78900
     tattacttga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gaattgtgtg     78960
     tacgtaaatg cctgtgcata caggatagag agcattttgc atgagccagg tctcttcctc     79020
     catcatgtag attctgtgga tcaagcccag atgatcaggc atggttgccc ataattttat     79080
     ctgttaagac atcttatcag gcctctgctg taagatcgag aattgacaaa tgggacctca     79140
     tgaaactcca aagcttctgc aaggcaaaag acaacgtcaa taagacaaaa aggccaccaa     79200
     cagattggga aaggatcttt acctatccta aatcagatag gggactaata tccaacatat     79260
     ataaagaact caagaaggtg gacttcagaa aatcaaataa ccccattaaa aatggggctc     79320
     agtttttggg ctaatatcca cttatcagtg agtacatatt gtgtgagttc ctttgtgaat     79380
     gtgttacctc actcaggatg atgccctcca ggtccatcca tttggctagg aatttcataa     79440
     attcattctt ttcaatagct gagtagtact ccattgtgta gatgtaccac attttctgta     79500
     tccattcctc tgttgagggg catctgggtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataagg     79560
     ctgctatgaa catagtggag catgtgtcct tcttaccagt tggggcatct tctggatata     79620
     tgcccaggag aggtattgct ggatcctccg gtagtactat gtccaattat ctataagata     79680
     caatttccta aacacatgaa actcaagaaa aatgaagact gaagtgtgga cactatgccc     79740
     ctccttagaa gtgggaacaa aacacccttg gaaggagtta cagagacaaa gtttggagct     79800
     gagatgaaag gatggaccat gtagagactg ccatatccag ggatccaccc cataatcagc     79860
     atccaaacgc tgacaccatt gcatacacta gcaagatttt atcgaaagga cccagatgta     79920
     gctgtctctt gtgagactat gccagggcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca     79980
     gctattggat ggatcacagg gctcccaatg gaggagctag agaaagtacc caaggagcta     80040
     aagggatctg caaccctata ggtgcaacaa cattatgaac taaccagtac ccaggagctc     80100
     ttgactctag ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtcg gccatcactg gaaagagagg     80160
     cccattggac acgcaaactt tatatgccct agtacagggg aacaccaggg ccaaaaaaaa     80220
     tgggaatggg tgggtaggga agtgggagga gggtatgggg gacttttggg atagcattgg     80280
     aaatgtaatt gaggaaaata tgtaataaaa atattaaaaa aagagtttta tatttaattc     80340
     aaccacattc attgctagtt ttctcaaaga cctgtgaaga agagactatc tctagaattc     80400
     taaactactc cagcttcttc taaatgtttg taatcactta gagattgatt agggaaccac     80460
     ttactgtgag tagttctcct tattgcactg tcagttcagt tgaagaaaat gctgtcacct     80520
     ctgctacgaa tccccagtac catgcttctc attttaattc agtatgtgtt gaagaactca     80580
     tttccacaga tgaattcata atttacagaa aaaaatcaga gtgtctttaa aataaaatca     80640
     tatttctgta gtcttttaat taagaaaaaa cattaaaaaa ccagtgttgt actgttattt     80700
     ttaaatagac caagtttcaa atactgtgta tattcagtta ataaatgatg ttgtgatatg     80760
     tgtctcatga aaactataac tgtcatgaga acatatgtct ctaaccaaga tatgctatat     80820
     ccctaaaatt catacccata agttttaaaa tttttataaa taacatttta atcatttcaa     80880
     gaatatacag tgtcttgtac tggggatcca aaatatctgt tctcttatta attttgcact     80940
     tataggttta tttcaacaca cttcttagaa ataatttaca gaaacaaatg gttatattat     81000
     gttatatgca gacagaaaca ataacttaca accttgccac ttgctattat gtgggtggat     81060
     atggaagata ctatgttata gaaataaacc attgttgccc cagaattaca gatttagacc     81120
     tttattactt tttatatgtt gtatagtttt ctcggttaaa ggagtttttt ttttacttga     81180
     gcataaatta gttagtgatt taacatttta tgagtgggtt tttgtattag tgttactctt     81240
     acttatttga tttcaagtca catgtggtca gtgattatgc ttcatttgat cactaagtta     81300
     gagcagtgcc tgtctcatta ctaagagata cttaaacagt tctggttcca ttagtgattt     81360
     cactaatgga tatgtagttt agaaaacggt tccatttgtt ttgtcagtat tattttgtca     81420
     ggattttggc tctaacaatg ctggagaatg aatttagggc ttcttttaaa ctagacacat     81480
     gcttgcttgg tcaaatctat atattatggt atttaatcat caaaattaaa tacacatttt     81540
     tggttagtta tgatcttgat ggtcacatat cagaagttca ggagaggtgc aggaagaaaa     81600
     gttagccatt gttaaggatt ttcttccagc aaactgtcaa tttgcaagtc atagaacaga     81660
     aaattatgat aatatttcaa aagacaccaa ggattgacaa gatcaccttg acattctgga     81720
     atatgagcta tacatccatg aatatttacc gatttagaaa gcgagtgtgg atggcattcg     81780
     aactgaaaca aagtgaggaa tgacggacac cccatattca attactgtgc atatcagctg     81840
     ccaagcagag tatatttaca ctgaaatgaa ggctgttttt tttttccttc tctatatttt     81900
     acctccttac ctctcctttg tttttatttc tttctctttt attttctcca tatgattcct     81960
     agtctcccct gcactcctga caagcatgat cttccacata aatgttttaa gaggttcagt     82020
     ttggcatatg caatagtgtc tgggtttggt ggctgattat gggatggatc cctggatggg     82080
     gtagtcgctg gatagtccat ccttccttct cagctctgaa ctttgtctct gtaactcctt     82140
     ccatgggtat tttgttcccc attctaagaa ggagcaagta tccacactct ggtcttcctt     82200
     cttcttgagt ttcacgtgtt ttgcaaattg tatctttagt attctaagtt tctgggctaa     82260
     tatccattta tcagtgagtg catatcaagt gacttctttt gtgattgggt tacctcacta     82320
     aggatatgcc cccagagcgc gtgtctctag ctgcatatgt agcagaagat ggcctagtcg     82380
     gccatcattg gaaagagagg cccctaggtc ttgcaaattt tatatgcccc agtacagggg     82440
     aacaccaggg ccaagaagtg ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag cagggaagag gaagggtata     82500
     gggaacttta gggatagcat ttgaaatgta aataaagaaa atatctaatt aaaaaaaaaa     82560
     gctttaaaaa aaggttcagt ttggtcactt ccatttccct tcatattctt aattgatttc     82620
     ttagatgtta ctccaacgac ccacagtttt ctgtgctatt acttatcaaa aataacaaaa     82680
     tatgtttatc atcaagtctc tcaattatat ataaaattat ttagaagaga atgccaatat     82740
     aaaggtatct ataatcggtg taatcactct ccctttgtga atagcttctg ttttcactta     82800
     tgtcacattt tattttgggt gtattgtgca ttaaaaaagc taggctttgt gttttcactg     82860
     actgatcatg atattacact tgaacttcag agtctagata attgggcatt ttctttcaga     82920
     tctaattctc ttttatatgt tctccttagc ataatgatta cttcagagta aaactatatt     82980
     ccttttctca ctttaattaa tgtcacatct caattttaag tgcttgtttt cagccccagg     83040
     gtactaattt catatcttgt ttcttaaatt agcaaactat aagctcagct ttctggtggt     83100
     tatgatagtc atacagcgac tttgtgtctc catcaataag aagaaattag ggctttaatg     83160
     aaggacattt ttgctattcc attaagtatt tgactttaaa agaactgtag tattgttcat     83220
     gggcctaagt tgcttattaa ggaaataagt gcttggcagc taatatgttt gtgaaatggc     83280
     tagagttgtt gctagtttat taaatggcag aaatgtatga aactacacac acatgtccca     83340
     aaatacttat tttattatta tctactttag tgcaccaata tagaaaatat tgaaattttc     83400
     taagggttaa agtgtgagct cactattctt ttatagacaa tattatctag gaacaaaaga     83460
     aaagtaaatt ctctagagat ctcttgttaa cattgtatct gaactttaga cataaatgag     83520
     tatttccaac tatgacccat acataaagaa ctaactactg ttatactggt ttttaaaact     83580
     gactgtcaaa ataagtaaat ggcaagttct aatctagtgt ctcttttcaa gtataaggac     83640
     tcttaaatgc aattttgttt ttaatttatt ttcaaaatcc cattaggatt tgaagctgtc     83700
     tttgtccctg agcaactcag tgtttcacgt gctttccagt tattgtaagt gctgtaagag     83760
     atctctcatt gtttgataat tgctttagtc tgtggctttg tttcgaaagc cagtgatctc     83820
     agttttattt atttcttata caccttgtgg atgaaaaagg attattctct tgggtttcac     83880
     taccttccaa gacaccatgt tgatacatgt tgtaagttta ctaagatgtg ttgattctac     83940
     tactattatc aagcagttga aagaataata tcatttggta gttcaagaat aaccatattt     84000
     ttactcacag cagaaaattg aaaatgtagt cagcatcaaa ttaaatggag agaaacttgc     84060
     agcaatccca ctaaaatcag ggactataca aagctaccca ttttcttccc tacctgctca     84120
     atatagtact tgaagtcata gccagagcaa ttagagaaca aaaggaggtt gaagagatac     84180
     aaattggaaa ggaagaagtc aatatatcac tatttgcaga tgatatgacc atatacttaa     84240
     gtgatcccaa gaattcaacc agaaaactcc taaacctgat aaacaacttc agcaaagtgg     84300
     ctgaatataa aattaactct aacaaatcat taaccttcat ctattcaaag gataaacagg     84360
     ctgagaaaga aatcaaggaa acgacgcact tcacaatagt cacaaataat attacatacc     84420
     ttggtgtaac tctaaccaag caagtgaaag atctgtatga gaaaaacctc aagcctctga     84480
     agaaagaaat tgaagaagat ctcagaagat caaaagctct cccatgctta tggatttagg     84540
     taggattaac atagtgaaaa tggccatctt gccaaaagca atctacagat tcagtgccat     84600
     tcccatcaaa atttcaactc agttcttctt attgtgagaa agagcaatat gcaaattcat     84660
     ttgacaaaat atcaagatag tgaaatctgt tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aattctggga     84720
     aaatcaccat ccctgacccc aagttgtatt acagaacaat agtgataaaa atgagatgat     84780
     atcagtacag agataggcag gtaaattcat ggaatagaaa tgaagaccca gaaataaacc     84840
     tacacacata tggtcacttg atctttgaca aaggagctaa aaccatccag tggaaaaaaa     84900
     acagcatttt caacaaatgg tgctggttca agtagcagtc agcatgtaga agaatgcaaa     84960
     ttgatctatt cttatctcct tgtacaaagc tcaagtccaa atgggtcaag gacttccaca     85020
     taaaaccagg tacactaaaa ctaatagaag agaaaatgga ggaaagcctc aaacacaagg     85080
     gctaggggga aatttcctaa acagaatact aatgacttat gctctaagat caagaattga     85140
     caaatgggac ctcataaaat tgcaaagctt ttgttactgt caataggaca aaataacaac     85200
     caacagatta ggaaaatatc tttaccaatc ctacatctga tagatggctt atatccaata     85260
     catacaaaga agtcaagaaa gtagacttca gaaaatcaaa taaccttatt taaaaatggg     85320
     gtaaagagct aaacaaagaa ttctcatctg agcaacctcg aatggttaag aagcacctaa     85380
     acaaatgttc aacatcctta gtcatcgggg aattgaaaaa tcaaaacacc ctgagattta     85440
     cctcacacca gtcagaatgg ctaagatcaa aaattcaggt gatagtagag tctggtgtgg     85500
     atgtggggga aaaaaggaac actcctccat tgttggttag attgcaaact tgtacaacta     85560
     ctctggaaat cagtctggct gttcctcaga aaactggaca tagtattatc tgatgtccca     85620
     gttataccac tcctgggcat atacccaaaa tatgctctaa catataacaa ggacacatct     85680
     tccactatgc atgtagcagc attatttata atagacagaa gcatgacaga acccagatat     85740
     ccttcaacag aggaatagat acagaaaata ttgtacattt acacaatgga ctactactaa     85800
     gctatgaaaa acaatgattt catgaaattc ttaggtaaat gggtggaact agaaaatatc     85860
     atcctgagtg aagtaaccca gtcacaaaag aacacaaata gtatgcacac actgataatt     85920
     ggatattagc cccaattctc tgaatactca agatacaatt cacagaccac atgaagctca     85980
     agaagaagga aaacccaagt gtggatgctt cagaccttct tagatgtggg aacaaaatac     86040
     tcaagggaag aaaaaggagg caaaatgtgg agcagagact gaaggaaagg ccattcagag     86100
     accgttcacc tgtggatcca ttccatatac agacaccaag cccagacact attgcctatg     86160
     ccaagaagtg tttgtagata ggagcctgat atagctgtct cctgggaggc tctttcagag     86220
     cctcacaaat atagaggagg agtcttgcag cctaccattg gaatgagaac agggtcccca     86280
     gtggagtagt tagagaatgg actgaaggag ctgaaggggt ttccaacccc ataggaggaa     86340
     gaataactat atcaaccaac tagagctccc agagctccca gggagtaaac caccaaccaa     86400
     agagtacata tggagtgacc catggctcaa gacacttata tatcacagga tggctttgtt     86460
     gggcatcaat gggaggagag gcctgtgatc ctgagaaggc ttgatgcccc agtgtagggg     86520
     aatgcaatgg cggggtggtg caaatgattg ggtgggtaga aaagaattct tatagaagca     86580
     gcaggagggg ggatggaata gggggtttcc agaggggaaa aagagaaagg ggataacatt     86640
     tgaaatgtaa ataaataaaa tattcattta aaaaaaagaa tagagggaaa aaaaaagaaa     86700
     atgtgaagat atttgactac ccacagtgat tatactgtca ctaaaatatg agtcattttc     86760
     ttttatgaaa aatgaaacaa tattgagtgg tgtttgtaaa cacgctacta aagtggtttt     86820
     ctgggggaca gtgtcctagt gcattctgtc ctaacgtcct gattttaaaa gtctgacaga     86880
     tgtttggtat aaccttgttt ctgagagaga gtttattaat tgtggatgct gcttatgagg     86940
     agcccttgcc ataaaataaa tactatgtca ttcaacatag acgataaaat ttgtgatatt     87000
     tttaaaagaa aatgataatt taaaaaatga tgcttatcaa tatttggaaa cttttctgag     87060
     cttttttttc ctttttgatt gatttctctg tagttcaata ttacatatga acacttacct     87120
     tattaacttt taatattgtg attttcaaat tctttgacct ttccctatat aaacaatgat     87180
     ttaaacacga cttgtcaatg atgattctta attaatacaa aaaatcatta atctgggttt     87240
     tttatttcct tcatttcttc ttttttgtag gaagcatatc tttaggaata atgattgaaa     87300
     ttttctttat gatagtgatg taatttgact ggtataggaa aatgcaggta aaaatcacca     87360
     gttctacttt acagtttgtt ataaactcta aataatatta agcattattt ttgtcataag     87420
     gttcctttta tatattataa tgattgtttg aataacttta attatagatg gaaaggtata     87480
     aaatgtgatt catttttcat tcatattgga gaattaatat gtgtcaagac atggttaaga     87540
     ttacaaagtt atttgtacta cttatttatt gtgctcaggg ttaatcaagg acaagaaaag     87600
     ctccttttta gtcagtttca gtaggaaggg atcgatcatg gattatatct agctcactga     87660
     catgtttaaa gggctgatag agaaggctat atataggctg agcctgcagg aactccagcc     87720
     aggatcatgc tgtttgagtg gcctatgaac agctctgctg cctgcttcat gatcacccaa     87780
     tgagatgaag agaagctaat gccagtgtca gactcctgat ctgccctctt tcagaagtgt     87840
     tgaggcaggt tgacgtgaaa ggaaccatcc attgagctct gtccataaag gaattttaca     87900
     aggtttcaag aacagtaaaa agctcaagag aggaaataga gccctgtgaa gaggatttgg     87960
     ttcccagggt ttgaaagcaa atgaaaatct gttaatgtta ttaattgagg aggttgggta     88020
     atgcacacaa acaatatcaa taacttgggc taaacactaa gccagaagaa ttttcttctg     88080
     ggattgtcca tgcataattt aataatttca taactcaatg cataatgcta tattatgtta     88140
     gtcattgatt taacctctta atatgatctg ataaggtgac tatattaaat tactcatggt     88200
     cactatgacg aaaagtcccc agaatacttc atagcatatt cagcctcagt ccaagtgatt     88260
     caacttagaa ccataatttt agtaacaggg ctgagtaaaa atagctgtgt atacctttct     88320
     ccacaatgaa ttatttatcg ttgtattaga aatatattac cacaataatt ctgggtaata     88380
     agctatccta ataattataa aagaaaagct acttattttt cattctctgt ctctaatata     88440
     tctttgtggt tcttggctag attgactttg ctcagcattg cctgcccaga catcgatagc     88500
     tctttgtcag attgactgaa agctggctgc tgatagctaa atagagtcag ttctttcctt     88560
     acaaaattct ttcctaattt tttcttttca ttaaattttt gcttacattt taaaatatat     88620
     ctgtctattc tctttcctcc tcctatcggt gagagcaaac atgatgatgg ttcagctctt     88680
     cttaacattg catcaaatct ggcaatagag ttcaagaggc tttgaggcat tctgagcaaa     88740
     aagaagaaaa aagaaaaatc ctacacccta gaattgagag acaatgaaat aacttacacc     88800
     tagagagtag agtagactgc aaacctgaat tgttccccac ccactggaat cacttgtata     88860
     caattgattt tccttaatgc tacagtaact tgatggctat tgttctcacc aataaagcca     88920
     ttgtggttga atgtaagatt tacagaatat attctacttg aaagttctac agtgtgcaga     88980
     aaacactgag aaaagtaaat gacatctaca aatgttctta acatagattt tgttctcttt     89040
     tacttttaaa aagtctatat catggtctaa tatgataaaa tattgcttaa aaacataaat     89100
     catcctgagt gaggtaaccc aatcacaaaa gaagtcactt gatatgcact cactgataag     89160
     tggatattag cccagaaacc tagaataccc gatacaatat gcaaaacaca agaaaatcaa     89220
     taagaaggaa gaccaatgtg tggatacttc atttctcctt agaatagaga ataaaatacc     89280
     catggaagga gttacagaga caaagtttgg aggtaagacg aaaggacaga ccatccagac     89340
     actgccccac ccgggggtcc atcccataat cagccaccaa acgcagacag tagtgcacat     89400
     gcagcaagat tttgctgaca tgaccctgat atagctgtct cttgtgtggc tatgccagtg     89460
     cctggcaaat acagaagtgg atactcagag tcatctataa gatggaacac agggccccca     89520
     atggagaagc tatagaaagt acccaaggag ctaatggggt ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa     89580
     caacaatatg aaccaatcag tacccccaga gctccagggc ccacaatgga ggagctagag     89640
     aaagtaacca aggagctgaa gggtctgcaa ccctataggt ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa     89700
     ccagtaaccc ccagagctcc tgtctctagc tgcatatgta gcagaagatg gcctagtcgg     89760
     ccatcattgg gacgagaggt cccttggtat tgcaaacttt atatgccagg gccaagaagt     89820
     gggagtgggt gggtagggga ggagagaggg gggagggtat aggggacttt tgggatagca     89880
     tttgaaatgt aaatgaagta aatatctaat aaaaaattaa aaaaagaaaa ccttcaatgt     89940
     catattgttt tattatgtat gtatgtatca ctaatgtatg ttaaaatttt tctttattgg     90000
     tgctactttt gtagttcagt gctggaaaac atgcacagct tgcatgagac tttcaagtaa     90060
     tagtgtgata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     90120
     tatatatata tatatatata tatacacacg cacacacaca cacacttgtt ttgttttcta     90180
     atttttctgg aaaattttct aatgtatttt gttgtgcaaa tggaagtaag atttttattt     90240
     gtatcaggtg ttcatgttaa tacaaattac tctgcaatag gtactatatc atagataacc     90300
     ccaaattata ctaaggaagt agagaaaaat tattacagtt tcctgtagta tcccttagac     90360
     agaagatggt aagaaagatt gttggagcca gaggggtcaa ggacaccaga gcaaaacctg     90420
     gactcatggg gtctcacaga gactgaacca tggagcctgc atgggactga actaggccct     90480
     ctgcacgcat tttacagttg tgtagctgga ttgaggcttt tcttaatcac aaaggttttt     90540
     tttttctgcc tcagaaaaag aatatacctt gtccctgtaa atcacagaat gaactgcttt     90600
     cacagattct taatgaaaaa tatcacaaaa catccacaat tacatttttg ccttcctctt     90660
     acacttcaca aaccaggtgt ccatctcttt gcatttcttt caaaattctc atcgtcctgg     90720
     ctcccacaaa ataacctaat aatatcttag tactcaatgg cttttcaagc caaaaaattc     90780
     agaatgcttc tacaaccctc tccaaaccaa taagttcaga taaacctcca atctcagacc     90840
     tgatttctct ttggtatgtt tcttgttcat gtagtaaaca caaagaacag aaagctgcag     90900
     aggaaaatgt gtacaatttt ggaggttaca gtacatcact gagaggatgt aaaggaagaa     90960
     cttaagacag gaccttttga ttagaaacca aagcacaaac tatgcagcaa cattgctaca     91020
     ttgcttacct gcttgctcac tttaccttgt gcaaatgtat ataaaacaca gacccacctg     91080
     cccatggagg acaaagccca tagtgggtgg gacactttgc ttagaaaggc caatctggtc     91140
     taggctattc ttcagttgac attcatgctt ccaagagaaa tctaggttgg tgtcaaattg     91200
     gcagctggca ttaactacga cacttattat ttcagctgaa aacctctcca tttagtagca     91260
     acttaattta taagaaaaaa aaatcacact ttttacagat tgcagcacaa ctctccctat     91320
     ctaagttact cttcctgaaa tcttattaaa ttgtgtttaa ttatttatat ccacatattc     91380
     agtaggagaa aaaaaatgaa gctttaattt tatattttag cataattccc aaacataatt     91440
     aaaatgagtc actattaaat ccaataaacc ttggtaaaga ctttacattt ctttgtacta     91500
     tatacacaaa ttttgttttt gtattactag tacatagaaa tctcaatata cctttatgaa     91560
     tacagtttta ttacagaatt ctaaataaac agggtcaagt acatgagcat aaatttgtag     91620
     cacggccaat attgaaatat tcatatggac tttgaagata ccacataagc aagaatagta     91680
     cccttccagt atttcatatt ttttaaatgt ccttcccaaa gtaaaagcca ttaatccaca     91740
     accactgccc tatcttgtgg taattgcttt ctcaacaatt taaccactta catatataac     91800
     cttaaaaatg ttaaacaaga aggaaggtcc aagtgagggt tcttcaattc tccatatctg     91860
     gtggaatcat aagagggaga gggagagagg gaactgggta ggagagggga gggagaagga     91920
     aaaataggag gagggttggg taaagaggtg cacaggagag aagcccagag agccatggga     91980
     ataaatggag atatgcatct gctgaggtgg ggcattggga aaccctctag aacgttctag     92040
     agacctggga ctggagaggc tcccatgatt caatgtggat gaccttaact gaaatgccca     92100
     aaagaaggga tatggaacct gaagtgccca ccttaagcaa ttagacagag acccagtaga     92160
     gagaaggaga taccaaccta ccttcaaatt tttgatccaa atccattcct ctcaaaaaaa     92220
     aaaaaaaaat acagggacaa aaatggagca gagactggat gaatggacaa ccaatgactc     92280
     gcccaacttg agatccatcc catgtgcagg caccaaaccc tgatagtatt actgatgtga     92340
     tgttgtgctt gcagagagga acctaacatg cttgtcatct aagacttttc cagcagccaa     92400
     ctgagacaga tgctcacaaa caggcatcgg actgaggtca gagactcgct atgtaaaagt     92460
     taggggtagg attgtaggaa ctgaagggga tggcaacccc ataggaagac caacattata     92520
     aagtaacctg gaaccctgga gctcttagag actaagccac aaaccaaaat agcctatctg     92580
     agttggtggt aggccacaag cacatatgta gcagaggact tcctggcctt agtgagagaa     92640
     gatgtaccta atcctgtaga gatttgattc cccagggagg aaggatgccc caaggtggga     92700
     aacctctcag agatgaaagg gaaggagtag gcaaagaact ctgggagaca ggcaagattt     92760
     gggatgtgaa taaataaaat aactaattaa caataataaa aattatgggg tcttaaagaa     92820
     aagtcagatc tgcattcaca agaaagatca cattaaaacc tgtagatctt aattcttatt     92880
     ttacttgctc ataaaagatt cattcgtttt tcaatgtgta actgttattt tgtagtttta     92940
     ttatttttgt gtattttgtc aatttatatt acagtcattc tacagagtaa tgttaaagag     93000
     caaaaactga aatcacaatg acattaaaat aaccatttat agtttctcat gctctcctgc     93060
     ggtaaacgtc tctgaataat tatggctggc ttttctgtgt cataaaatat tcattatctg     93120
     ttctttaaac atggaccttc acctgtctga agcaggaagt cacaaatgga atattaacat     93180
     ttgcctggca acgacagtga ataaagattt ttattatgat ctgtctctca atgcctgtat     93240
     ccagaatggg gaaggattat ttctactctt aattcattag ctgtagtaat ttatatgcct     93300
     gcctatgact aatcaaggag gtaggatatt ataatgccaa tttatacctg gaaaggaaag     93360
     atacacatct aagtcctaat gcgtaccatg actacagtgt taatcatcaa atattaaatt     93420
     tcttatgcct tctacccccc aaatacaatc acctgtttta atggagtaag cagaaaagaa     93480
     gtcttccaca gtgctagtga gaaggctcag caggtaaaga gaggcagctg ctgccgagtc     93540
     tgatgacctg agtatattag ctgaagtccc catggtagaa gtaaatggac ctaggttgaa     93600
     cctcttactc cttcacacat gcaattggtg gtaagtcatg catacacata cataccacac     93660
     cagatagaaa tttatttaat ttaaaaagta gaactataat atatataaaa aaaagttgta     93720
     ttaagaagcc acaagggtct aaaagtttta tcattagtgt gcagtgcagg actgctacct     93780
     caactcaacc ttgctcttct catctggaaa cttatgaaac taaaaataca ttattttatt     93840
     acagttagtg gtatggaaga acagggtaaa ccaactctac agcttaactg aaaattagac     93900
     acaggagaca ctggaacatt cagatattca tggtggggaa ttttattcca gacttcagtt     93960
     ttgatgacca tcattgtctt tcccttttat agtctggagc taagtgcctt agattttttt     94020
     ttcattatta gtttatttat ttatatccca aatcttgccc cactcctgag ccctctccca     94080
     gattttttca tcctattcac cttccgcttt gcctctgaga gggtgatccc ttcttccttc     94140
     acctggtcac ccccattccc tggggcatca catctttaga ggattaggca cattctatcc     94200
     aactgagctc aatcaaggca gccctctgct acgtatatag tggtgccctc ctatataact     94260
     cctatggagg agttagggga aggatggaag gagtcaaagg gcatggcaac cccatagaaa     94320
     gaccaacagt gtcaactaac ctggaccctt tggtgctctc agagtctaat ccaccaacca     94380
     aaaagcctta aatttttcca atattcgatt ttcttttttc tgcttgttct tttaatgcat     94440
     ctgaggaagg ctttgtatac ttgactggta aacatagtgg gacccttttc agaatgagtt     94500
     ttgtgcagat aagagaccct aacgggcaat gaagccttga atattcatat cttcttttgt     94560
     attgaggaac aaattttgtt tgctagtata gttgttataa attaaacagt gtctgctgat     94620
     tttgtttact taaaaacacc ttatatttgt accactctta tcccttaaaa taatcattcc     94680
     tatggttttt aacacactat tttcttagag tttagctata ctgaaacatt tagatctgtg     94740
     aatgattgta attctttatg ttgtgacaaa tatttgtgga cgaccagtta ctatctattt     94800
     tccttgtcag cataatcatc tgtttcactg acaagttgaa aacagttatt tttaaaagta     94860
     atgtgttcct tgggctacat gctatgatat tacctttccc agattttttt taatttacaa     94920
     tttaaaaagt attctaactt acatgctatt aattttataa gtaatatcag aagataaaat     94980
     attttgtgtt ctcatgacat gttttaaaac atgttagtga taattaggaa aaatattgtt     95040
     ttcatacaaa tttttgcagt attctgggta tcaattttgg atgctatata ttctaggtaa     95100
     gctttctatc aacacctctc tcactatagt gatgtcttgt cgtgcatgaa tatccaaaaa     95160
     gattctgtct tctggctcca tggttgttca catctgtttt tctagtcctt agggttaagt     95220
     gttcgtagga cacttgaaga gacatggtga catgagaaat aacattttag tttctatcta     95280
     ccttcctcct tttatttgtc agtatatgac attcccccca tatgctttca gatagtacct     95340
     tcatttgtct tagagatact attataaaat actctgaata aagcaactta atagaatatg     95400
     ggattatttg gcaaataatt cctgtgttac tgtcctcatg gagttgagga gaactggcta     95460
     tattagccta cagtaaagaa tagagagcaa tgaattagta gtactgctac tgaagattct     95520
     ccaatcagtc agcccagacc ccactcacag ccaacatgat cattccactt tcagttagca     95580
     taaccaaaac agtgcttcaa ggacgtgaag aagactccgt ctcccaaatg attataacta     95640
     atgtcaagtt gacagtaaaa aattaaccct cacagataga gaatttatct tttacattga     95700
     aatttaatat gatcatcact attctccaat tatgtctaat taaaagatat tattgaatat     95760
     ataacaaaag tatcagaatt gccaggccgt ggtggcttat gcctttaatc ccagcacttg     95820
     ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttt gaggccagcc tggttttcaa agtgagttcc     95880
     aggacagcca gggctacacg gagaaacctt gtctcaaaaa aaccaaacaa acaaaaaaca     95940
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac aacaaaagtg tatcagaaaa ttttatttag ttaatctatt     96000
     agtatgaatg caatttaaaa tatatcttac ataacaccta tggacagtat atgaaaaatg     96060
     tggttattta tggcacagtg tcgtataaac ttgtcatact tcaaacttat ttatttgtaa     96120
     agtgtaaaag aatttttgta cattgtgaca ttacagagca aatttaaaat gtctgtaaat     96180
     taaaaattta caaagtgttt taattcaggt gtgagacttt ggggacccct gttgagtttg     96240
     tttttcctaa gtgcagaata tatttgagac agttgccagg attttctcag cacatgaatc     96300
     ttctcatagc caagataaat tctttttctt tattaatttt attagggcaa agtattagct     96360
     gggaaatgga aagttgattt atgtccttgt gtatttgtca aggagatatg aaaaatcatt     96420
     tcactacata ttttctgggg caccagtaga ccttaccgtc tactttcatg aatctctaaa     96480
     actcaggaac tcaggcttct gctttctttt caagctctgg tcccacacaa actttcaaat     96540
     acccatctct aatttacatt gtagactgtc ttattcactt cctcttgcag tgaagggatt     96600
     ccttgaccat agcaactctg atgaaaaaga aaaaaaaata ttaattgata ggcttcctta     96660
     cagtttcaga ggtttggccc attatcatca cggctgcatg agtgcgggca ctggaactgg     96720
     aggtgaaagc taccgcctga tccttaggca gagaagaagg gagtgggaac tctagttgct     96780
     ttacctaggt tttaaggtat tatacatatt aagatgccca agacttaaat ttttggtgtt     96840
     ctttctacac tggtaatttt gatattcttc aaagtgaatt ttaagtacca aatagtattt     96900
     tggttttata atctggaccc agcaaatgta tgagagatag ttaatagata gatatttgaa     96960
     agatgataga tgaaaaatag gaataactga ataataggaa tagttactgg cttgcagaaa     97020
     gatatgtata agataaataa atgataaatg gtagattgat gatagatgat acatacatac     97080
     atacactgat agatgacaaa tatccatcac aatgtttcag tacaggtaaa agtttttgag     97140
     ggttttccat tatccattca gtttacatgt ttcccatttg ccttggcagg gtgactaata     97200
     gacaggcaaa tgaagtgtta ggtgttggtt ttctgccttg tgtaaagtaa tttaagtcac     97260
     attgatcatc atttagttta tgtaaaattg agcaatagaa atgcaatatc tattggtaat     97320
     ttactgaagt ttatattagt aaccacaagt atgagaatag tctccctgtg ttttattttc     97380
     tccattatat taggtaatgt gtctttcgac gacttaaatg ttaatgaaaa tattagctac     97440
     tcatggcaca ttcatgtgcc acaaagtgtg ggatttttag gcaatataag ttataaccca     97500
     ttattgtttt gcaaaatcct attgtagttt aaacatttat gtgctgcaaa caacgatatg     97560
     aaacaaaata gaatctggca agaattactc gtagacatca taaatgttca atacaaccag     97620
     gacagaagaa tctatgaatt aaatatgtat tctgaataag tttaaaatct ctgaggctca     97680
     ttgcatattt gtaagctcat ggacttgaca gccttgtagg aaaaacacac agtgactcta     97740
     gcgctgttct ctgtatttat caaaagcaca gtacttaagg agcatggtaa aatattgata     97800
     agggtgagtt aatttgcctg aaggataccg agcagccagt gggccttctc acagagctga     97860
     aatgtcaaca gtcaagacag aaacatcatt aaacagcagt tctcctggaa gcttgacaga     97920
     actgacctgt actctgctgt gcactccgaa agtaataatg aataagttga gattatcaat     97980
     cacttacttt tatcacaagc tactacaaaa tactttaatg tttattattt tagaatataa     98040
     aatattttaa ggtactgtag ctcaaaagtg taccttgaaa tcataaaata cttctagagt     98100
     tataacaatt tgattttagc tttaatttat gccctgatat ttattgtttt gcccagtgcc     98160
     ctcatttatt aaaaagaaaa acatgtcttc agacagggag tatttgttgt ttttttttta     98220
     attttcatct tattcttgta agaacaattt ttaaacctta aacagtggtg cttagatatg     98280
     gtatataaga aaatagtttg aagtttatac tagtcagaaa tatttacaac aatgaaatgt     98340
     atatattatg agactataaa tatgtatgta agatattaat gggaagaata tgtacataga     98400
     aacacattcc attaatgtct attagatata caaatacagg tcaagatata caaatacata     98460
     acattttttc agttcagatt cattctaaca atatatatct aaatatatct aacactttat     98520
     tgtataattc tataaatact ttatgcatat catatttaaa ctttattact agattatata     98580
     atcatgtttt ccatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga tgagaatgta tttttctaac     98640
     taaaactagt taacataatt caagctaaaa acagaaatat tttatctact aactatttta     98700
     aaggttgaaa taaacagttc ttggctgtat gtttgtaatc ctatatgtaa tgctgtgtaa     98760
     taaactttat atgtaagtat atataaggtt cattatggta tgagttactc acttggtttg     98820
     ggaactgtag aactctcaca agtctttcca tttaatgaag caccccagga aaactggtat     98880
     gcactcagag ttctggaagt catatataat cgtgagatga gaaaaacacg tagcagggcc     98940
     aggactggtt tacagttgga gcagctccaa attgtaaggc atactttgag aagatataag     99000
     ctattttcct ctcattacta ttatttccag taaactgaag tctggtcaac cataccagag     99060
     gtcatatgct tcactgaagt catattaaac tctctggcaa aacttaccat ccctctgcct     99120
     ggatagaata agataaagat aaattggcaa ttttaaaaca cacttgcaag taatcacacc     99180
     tactttgatt aactaggaat cagtcctaat atatagacca cgaatttaat gtttaaatgt     99240
     atttagcatc ttcacaagaa gaaaactatc ccgaaattgc tttggttttg gtgaataata     99300
     tagtagcttc tttgaaactt gggctcaagt acctaacttg ttatagttat taactactct     99360
     gagaattttc cctgaactta tgttaatgtg atatacaaag cctttctctc atttttaatt     99420
     acttttacag tttttaaagt ccagacacta ctcccctcca gatttgattt gccctctcac     99480
     agttcctcct tccatttccc ttccccacgc cccccttttc tccaagatgg tgttaaaact     99540
     acccttgacc accacttcac cagacttccc cactccctgg aacctcaaat ctctcaaggt     99600
     taggtgtatc ttctctgagt ccatacccag cagtcctctg ctatatatgt gttgggggcc     99660
     tcacatcagc tggtgtatgc tccctggttg gtggcccagt gtctgacaga tctcggggat     99720
     ccaggttagt tgagactgct gattttccta tggagtcacc ctcctcctca gcttctttca     99780
     gccttatgaa atttcaaatg attttatttt acattctgca aacaactctt cagcaaaaaa     99840
     aaaatatgta tcattaaaag cactatattg caaatgttat tcattatact taaactctta     99900
     ccagtaaaaa ataatttttt agaaatatat atatatatgc atgtatacgt atatagtttc     99960
     caggaacatt tcataaagat tgtcctttta gatttaagga tcacatgaac ttgtttaaac    100020
     taaatgacca aatatatgag aaaaaatatt cattctgctt gaaaatattg tgagaacact    100080
     tatgtatgta ccactaaata caacaccagt tttagtcaca ttacagacac acattgtttt    100140
     gtggtttata aatattttat ttaatatatg atatatttca tattttacat attacatatg    100200
     gcacatgaca cattacataa tgcatacatg ttgacatgtt gagtttctat gtttggactg    100260
     aattcttcct cattcccttc tcgtgaattt ctttcctgtc tacttaccca ctcccaggct    100320
     tatgttcgct tttgtctctc ttctcagttt aataccccga gtccactcat gaatgcttgt    100380
     atgtgcatgt gtgtggccat tgactagagt atatatagct tcttcatccc tgcgtataca    100440
     aggaaaatga aattgctttg cctcagagtc ctttgattgc cagtatcaac tctctcctgc    100500
     gagcattgtg acttcatgaa tctcccatct ctcccactag tgctgagatt ttgggagcct    100560
     tggtcttgtt caagtcttgt gtatacagac tcatttgctg tgtctgtatg ttgctgctat    100620
     tctgccatgt gtatcaaata acattttcac tatagcaatc tattccccac acctctgaca    100680
     gtggttctac ccccttttac aaataagatg tttgaggctt ggaatcctgt attgaagagt    100740
     aaggcaggaa aaagagagga agaagttaca aatgtgaatg gaaaagaata aatattctta    100800
     tttacaaatg acctgatttt atacataaaa tcagtacaca aaaatcagat attacttatt    100860
     atattaaaga agtatctatc catacataat tgggaaatat tggcaacaca taatattgga    100920
     aaattattga tcacatcatt tccacccttt cctctacgac acacatacac aaatatctcc    100980
     aaatctattt agttttcctc tgttgcatgt atgtttaagg ctgaccacta gcaatcagat    101040
     aatcttctaa gggtctcctc cctgggaaaa acatatatgc cccctctcag cagtcattgg    101100
     ttgcctgtaa tttaccatct agtactgagg tctgtgtgag agaagctgtt gtcttttaac    101160
     agaggtgtca ttatgaaggc aataatgagg tattattcag gcgagcatag tgtcgcagtg    101220
     ttgggggtgc agcttgactg tcatgaagaa ggcctcctat cctctggctc ttacatcttt    101280
     ctacgtcctc ttccctaatg tttccttagc tttgatttag ggatctgtgc atctgtgtgt    101340
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt    101400
     gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt    101460
     gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt    101520
     gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagt    101580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    101640
     gtgtgtatac tggagttggg ctccctgtgg tttgttgttc tctgcatttt tatcagcgtt    101700
     gaaatattgt aactatttta aatcgcaaaa aaacacaaaa ataaacacaa caaacaaaca    101760
     aacaaacaaa caaaaaacaa ccaaaaacaa caagcttcct ccatgaaggc tgagatgtac    101820
     atttaattgt aggaataaga ataaagtgtt tagagtgggc atgcaattat aatggcttag    101880
     gaaaatgctg tagtaaaaga ttctccttta tcgtccatga ttttattggc tactagtagt    101940
     agtttagttt acaatactag atatgaattc cctctattga atacacactt gaggtaaggt    102000
     atattattga tgttataatc agtattcttt tttttttcta acatagttaa caaagttttg    102060
     cagcaaaatt gatattctct tattgtcctg tgtggaggca ttttaatata tgattattta    102120
     catttcatgt tgatactgta gtcatatgat ttctttatct ttcctttctg caaagccaaa    102180
     atatctgaat atatactttt attttcaaat gttatcatct aaatggttta tgtttcaaga    102240
     gccattcata tcttacacac ctcaatataa ctttatcaag taaaataaat gtctaaattt    102300
     cttttctgat atgcacatta tttttaagtg cttgcttagt ttgaaaatat gtaaaggatt    102360
     aaaaaattta cttttcttac atttaaatta tattttatat taccttttat tgtttttttt    102420
     aatccttttt tacagcccaa acttaatccc cctcctggtc tgcccccaac cactcccctt    102480
     cctatacctc ttccccctgt ctccaagaga atgtttccac ccctgacctc caccctaaca    102540
     gacctcccca catactaatt tctttatacc tgtgttgtag atcaaagtat cttgtaaatt    102600
     aaacaatatc catacgtgtt tataaagaac atatcattag ggaaattctt cacaatctac    102660
     aaatagaatt accatttgac atggtaatgc acttcagtgt atatattcaa aaggaaaaga    102720
     aatcagtatg gagtcacctt gacacatgtg ttttgtaaca tttcaacatt tgcaacaact    102780
     aaatgatgca attaagcaac atatttaatc aaagtataac tagatgaaaa ttttgtgaat    102840
     atgtgtgaaa atattattaa gcaataaatc agtgaaaatt cataattccc agcatcatac    102900
     attatactaa atgacatcat gtaaaatgca atgagtctcc tagtgacata caccacattt    102960
     tcatccaatt gaaattaaat cattgatgtc agtagagaag agcctaataa ttttaccaca    103020
     tgtcaaggac acaaaggata ggaagtagag aggacagtta attggtacag aaatctccca    103080
     gtctggtgaa cacggcaaat atactctaat gctaaaaaaa ttgttaagta gaataacagt    103140
     ggttggtaac taataaatgt tttaaaatta ctagtagagc tttgaatgct cataaacaaa    103200
     gaaaaggaaa aaatagtgtg gtgctagata tgccagttac ggtgatgcaa taattgtaca    103260
     tggtattaat gttttgaagt gctaatttgt atcatataat taagtataat tagtatgtat    103320
     caattaaaat tttaagtata ttgtaaagaa aattactcac caatgatgac tataatatat    103380
     tagtgattat taggtatgat taatattgaa attaatatat attgcctact taattatttt    103440
     aattcatttg ttttattgat ttaatgaaaa ctattaaaat ttaatcataa ctgagtgtat    103500
     ttttactttc cagaaagtat taaatttccc taaaactttt aaaatgttta tatcttttag    103560
     ttgtaaatct ttaagactta acagtttaag ataatttagt tatatacaca catatcgtgt    103620
     acctttctag ttaactgctt ttgtataatt tggaaggtaa tttatttcta attatgtggt    103680
     aatgagttcc cctttgctaa tacaaccttc tctgacatat catgattagt gctttcacat    103740
     cctttttttt cgttcaaatg actttcctat atttcaaaat atatttaact ttgacattct    103800
     cagaggtaca cactatatat tgtgcttcta tatacacctt gtattctctt acatctttct    103860
     gcagatattg ctaaattgtc tgccatcaaa cttcatataa cagtcctcag aatacacaga    103920
     gtaaaagcaa tgtttccagt gtaacgatta ttttaaaata tgtgtttcac atttttttct    103980
     ggtttgagtt attttgatgc agcccttcta ttgttcattg ctctgttcca ttattcataa    104040
     gctgatctct tcctaaatct cctgagattt tctaacatct attttcaaaa agtttgtttt    104100
     gctttgcgct attattgtcg tgtttaaata gaatttagtg aactctttaa atcaaggggc    104160
     tgattcttgc taacactaga accttttaac taaatatgta tgtcttcaag tgttttgctc    104220
     tttatcctgg atagtgtgat ttcttgtaca cggagctgat tgcagtcact gaataacata    104280
     ttacctctgc ttgtttttac tttttttgct ttttattctc cctgatttaa tttcgttgtt    104340
     tttattttca taccttttga ctccttagtt gatattttta aatctcccca ttttagttag    104400
     gatttggcaa cttggctaaa ttagggtcat ctagaaacag ggaacctcaa atgaggaaaa    104460
     gctttacaac aaatttcttg taggcaagtt tgtaggacat ttctttgaca aaaaaaaatt    104520
     tattttattt tttatgttta attgttttgc cagcatgtaa gtgtttttac cagttgagtg    104580
     tctcatgtcc ataaaggcta gacgtaggca ggaaatctcc aggatgatgg ctatgaacca    104640
     ctgtgagtgt tgacagtcta gctggaccct gcagaacagc cagtgttctt aattgatagc    104700
     cacaacttct ccacctcctg tggtcaattt cttaattaat gattgtagca cctgctgggc    104760
     agatggtcct gagagttctc agaatgccaa gagagccatg ggaagcaaat cccaaagtaa    104820
     caggattcca tgacctctgc ttcaggttct tcacccagat tcctgcaatg gctaaattct    104880
     ccttggcttc ctttccttaa taatggattc tgatctagag gagtaagacg aataaactct    104940
     ttttttccat atttacaatt gatagtgatc tttatcacag aatacaaaga aaactagtac    105000
     gtttcttatg catagtatat gattttaagt atacaattaa caaatttaat gttgaggttg    105060
     atctctgtat ggcttgattt ttgtcttttt ttttcctaaa tcatattttt taatcagatc    105120
     atttaacatt tgtgataatt ctatttttta aatatctgat tgattaaata aagttttctt    105180
     tgcttccaga ttatataact gtggtatgtc aatattttat tatttttatt gtagtgttct    105240
     gacaatcgtt tcctctattc aatgtttaga ttctactgtg gtcctctaaa ttgtatgttt    105300
     tgttgaaaaa taaactttta tttcagcatt aagttgatgt ctttatttcc ctttgaacac    105360
     aagactatga agactggggc actccagacc aaggtttgac tcacatgaaa actatgattt    105420
     ctgaaagtcc atacagagtt taccagttac tctgcggaaa acaattttta ctgaatggaa    105480
     ctcagagatt cctgttcctg tgagtcctgg tggtttttct ttcttttcta tgtgaggcta    105540
     aagagtcaac taagaagcca aagagatctt aatgcctctt tctgggatat tcttcccttc    105600
     tcttgtagcc tcttctgcgg aacccaaaca cacctgccat cctcttgctc atgtatcccc    105660
     tctttctgtg cagagcttga tggatccact ctggactaat actgctctgc acttgcgttt    105720
     ggttaatgac ttcggacaga tctccaggat ggtcttagtt ctcattcaat tttcccattc    105780
     tccaggggtc aatgttctgt actgcatctt tccagatgca aaatagtttt gttttgttga    105840
     aaaaaatatt tctggctttc agttattaga tgaaaaatgc aatctgatat caactttgtg    105900
     atctcccatg atctcatgat cagcagcaaa aacccaactc ttgttttttg ttttttgctt    105960
     tttttttttt tgtatttata gtaatattcg tcactgaaag ccattactaa atactatttt    106020
     tttccacctg tattaaaact atgctgtcac ttagcttgat tccttcagaa aataccagtt    106080
     ccattctgtc ggggatctgt gcatccagac tgagtacttt gagtgttatt gtgttctgtg    106140
     attatctcaa ggacatctcc catagtcaac cacactcatt tttctaccaa aatactctac    106200
     ccataactga attgttcaca gattaaatag acctacataa aataatatga aattgtgcag    106260
     aaaatttgaa tagctaacat tgatttttaa tgttgaaggt tgtgaaagaa ttcataagga    106320
     tctttctata agacttggct gaattggaat tcaatctgga aactgaaaag ctggtcctta    106380
     ttttgattca aagtaaaatg ttatttcaat ctttatttta ttttattttt cattattatt    106440
     attctatttt tttacagtcc aataataatc ccccttctgg tccactctca aacagttcct    106500
     catctcattc ctcctctttc tgtgtccacg agaatgctct ccgcacacac acaccccaga    106560
     gtccccacca agccccccca ctccctgggt cctaaagtct ctcaagggtt aggctcatct    106620
     tctctcactg atgtcagacc cagcagtcct cttgtatatt gtgtcggggg cctcatatca    106680
     gctggtgtag gctgcctggt tggtggctca gtgtctgaga gatctcagag gtcctggtta    106740
     gttgagactg ctggtcctcc taaggggatt ccctcctcct caacttattc aagcctttcc    106800
     ccaattcaac caaaggggtt cccagcgttc tgttcattgg ttgagtataa gtatcttttc    106860
     tgtctcagtc agctgcttct taatcctcta ggagggcagc catgctaggc tcctgtctgt    106920
     aagcgcacct tctccttatc agtaatagtg tcaggccttg gggcctcccc ttgagttgga    106980
     tcctatttgg gcatgtccct ggacctcccc tccctcagtc ttctctccac ttttgtgcct    107040
     tcagttccct tagagaggga caattctggt cagagtttct gatagtggga tgacagtccc    107100
     gtttctttta aatctgagct ttgcactttt acagtaggga atttgccctt cgaacactaa    107160
     cagtgcccat cgctcttcat tctttatgca tctgaaatgt agtctccata gtacctctat    107220
     taggataatt tggtttacat aggtgtttca atacacggac atactgagaa caataaatct    107280
     gttatgtgtt ctttctccta tctaaagggt tctttttcct ttattataaa tttcttacca    107340
     gaggctgact ctgttatctg tggtgactca gccaggcatt ctgagttaaa ctgggtttta    107400
     attgtcatgg tttttgagga ttgtttgtat gttgattata tatgcaaata tctttactga    107460
     aaaatattaa aagaaataca gtattatgta taaatacggt ttgaacttga aaatattttg    107520
     gattttcttc cctaaatatt ttcattgcat aagaaactca ctcagatgct aagaaaggct    107580
     tttgggaaat ttctataaaa tagttcaaaa cctatttgtt aaccagtgca atgttttata    107640
     tgtggaagtg tcatcataat tctttctgcc tgaagagatg atcttttaac tttagttaca    107700
     tcctcggagg gaggctgctg cagtcaccaa tctctgcttc ttgcccttga ctcagtattc    107760
     aaactattct tagatcatct cagtatatat ttgagctcca atcattctct catgcagggg    107820
     agcatgaaaa aaaatgaatc tgctgctgtg gcatgttcat tctgtattac ttctgcctcc    107880
     gatcaaaaac aaaacaatcc tttgccattg tgtttaacag aaaagaaaca agcaaaataa    107940
     ggtaaattcc aaaccatcag tatgtgtatt tacatttaat catctactct gaacatacca    108000
     agacactgtc aattgcacag taatatattc attaaaacaa ctttattttg acatcagatc    108060
     tattcattat aaatattcac cctctatagg ctagatacaa ggggtgtatg gcaatgcaag    108120
     agaagaatgt atagacaaaa aaggatgatt gtaattggaa aaccagtgtt agtgatgtgc    108180
     ttattttatt tctgtccata agactgatat caaaatgatg ggtaggtaaa ttcaggaata    108240
     gtttatatgg tgaacacttg tattagatat atgtcttgtt gatgccaaaa gctacttaaa    108300
     gtagaaaaat ttcctttggc taacatggcc tttctacagg cctccctttg aaccatagtg    108360
     gtagcatagg gagacagcta gtcatgttgc tccaaaagca ggagaaaatg actgctcctt    108420
     tgcttttact ttctgttctt cttttttaaa tgcttagttc aggatcccaa cccatctata    108480
     tttagagtgg acctttcctc ttcaattaat gtaatctaga aaaatccctg aacaaacatg    108540
     ccccaattat ttgttggggt tgctgtgatt ctaaagactt tcaagttatt gatcaagcat    108600
     agacaatcac agatgtattt tctcttactg aatgtgagat gtgtacacat atacttatgc    108660
     aaataaaggc agaatttgta agagaaaata aaactccact tatctgcaga gccatgcacc    108720
     gtgtagtgtt tactgatttc ttagcaaaga cattggagaa gttctcacca atgcttgttg    108780
     aagatgactc cgtaactttt cataagatct tgatgtctct ctatggtctt gcttaatatg    108840
     tattcatttt ttcagtatct tattaacttc caacaataga cctttaactc actgaaaatg    108900
     aatacgatac agtctttaat agtcaccttt aattttaaat tatgtatatg tgttaagagt    108960
     ctctgagagt acaccaaaag tgtaagggtg aatgtggagt ccagaagagg gtgtcatctt    109020
     ctctaatgtt ggggtaggaa gtggtactga cacatgagga cttgggtact gggaacctaa    109080
     ctcaagttct ctggaagatc agtgaaggct cacagtctct gagcccaaga agtcatatgc    109140
     ttgtagattt actatttgcc tctctctaat agactctgtg aggtacctgc cacgggttcc    109200
     ttcttcacac agaatggatt caccattcag ctgtggacta tggctgtatc tttcaattac    109260
     ctgatgtgtt attcaccact gaatgaatag aaaggaatta tatcctgctc tatattttgg    109320
     caggaagagt agctcactgc tggaatctga actaaaatta gactccataa tagaaagaat    109380
     tatgagcacc tcatgatgtc ctatacaata ctacgaaaca tttctctact ctgatgtatg    109440
     tactttgcat tcctgtctta gcaatgcttt tcacacaaca ttagagtttt caggacctcc    109500
     atgaatggtg aaagcccaat tattcacaaa tcactttgga catgagaagg taggtagtct    109560
     tgtataagcc atctattaca gactaactac atattaaaat ttaaaagata atccattatc    109620
     aacatatttg tatattttca agtaaatcaa agaggcgcat ctgatgaatt ccacttcata    109680
     gtcctttcta tattacaaaa atctccagac tgacaactcc ttttaatgga atcatctgtt    109740
     ttttaaagta agaatcttca caaagtctac agagaacagc tgcctgtgct tgcagctgct    109800
     agacagacat acattagcat agagtttcta tttgtaccag ggcaggtgaa acacagaaaa    109860
     ggaaatagta atatcctttg agtttccctt ccttcctcct ccaaacctta actccatcat    109920
     tacattccgg ccacacccct tctgcttccc tcactttgtc tctctctttc tctatctccc    109980
     tatctctctg tcatctctct gtctccctgt catgtcttgg tatctctgtt tttgtgttct    110040
     tctatttctt tctctctatc actcactatc ttacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    110100
     gcacacacac acacacactt atttctgact ttcttccctc ctccccacct tcccttcttc    110160
     cttccaaccc tgacccctct ctttctgaag cagggacttt ggcatgaaac aatgtatttg    110220
     tggccctcta aaaacaccat acaggcttca tttatctcat tgatgatgtg agtctatatc    110280
     agtgacagct caacagcgtt tacgtggtga gccattttga tgaccttagt aatatatttc    110340
     tatgttaaaa tgtttaatgg atatatttta attatatatt taaaattcat tgtaattata    110400
     ggaacaaatt taaccaaacc aaatttctat tgtgtatttt caatatttag tgaaaaatgt    110460
     gaaggggtct attttatgag aaaaaaaggt ataggaaaga aatggacaca gtattttata    110520
     acaaacgttg gtccaaaagt tacaagtaat tagaaaaact gtatcaaata tatttaaaga    110580
     atttattgca acctcaaatg aaagaaaatc acttttgata ttaatttctc ttttataacc    110640
     ttactgattc catttctata tttaacagga ttaatagaaa aaaaacttta tttaaaaagt    110700
     tctagaaagc atgaaaattt aaagaaaatg acccaagtgt gtgtgtgata catttattta    110760
     ttgcacgttg tgaggcatac aaaaagaatt taatatctgt agcttttatt tacgctgata    110820
     tttaggttca ttattaacaa agcatatttg aatcatccat gaatttctaa agaacattgg    110880
     aaaagtttcc ttagtccaag taaatgaata catgatcact ccactgcctt agagtgacat    110940
     tcaaaaatat tatttattaa ctgtcacata ttaagaccta tgaggttttc agtgaatagt    111000
     tagaaattct gtattaccaa acaggtagga aggttatgaa tgcatgtaga cagcatgata    111060
     ttagctcact gaaaacttta caatatgcta atatcttaac atacaacaaa atgcatgaaa    111120
     ggaatgacca gcaaagtaga agatcagcca tctcagcaag gagacttgga ataacgtaat    111180
     tgctatggca ttgcaactac gtgttacatc attaagaatt tttcatctat tcagtaactg    111240
     cgaacagaac atggctttac tatttgtcac atttttgcat ttgctttttc tttcattagt    111300
     ttacattttt cttcacttta catcctggtc tctgtgttcc tctcctcctg gcaccctcct    111360
     ctcacagtct cctccctact tgtcctctcc ccttctcctc tgagagggtg gagagaccct    111420
     acccccatat ccagagagtc catactcagg gttaggctta ttctctctct ctgagtccag    111480
     acaaggcagt caagctggag gaacaggatc cacagataaa caacagcttt aggtacagtc    111540
     caatcacagt tggtgcggga cccacatggt gaccaatctg cacatctgtt acatatgtgt    111600
     agcgactcct aggtccttcc cattcatgct ttttctctgg tggtttagtg tctgagatta    111660
     tccaagagta caggttagta gactctgtaa tattgtagag ctcctattcc ctctcgggac    111720
     cctagctccc tcccccaaca ctgcataaga ctcccttagc tccatacaat actttgctgt    111780
     gggtctctgt ttcagtcagc tgctgggtgg agcctctcag aagacagtta tgctagactc    111840
     ctgtctgcat cattaatagt gttagggatt ggtgtttgtc cttcagatgg gcctcaattt    111900
     gggccagtca ttggttggca ttccctcagt tatgtgtcat atttacagaa atttatcatg    111960
     agtaaaattg tttctattac agggtggcaa ttcagatatg attcactcct tagtttaact    112020
     ttagtctcat aattgagaaa tgttgagtga ttgaagaaat ctcaatgatg tgtgtgtata    112080
     ttcatttatc agtgatgtgt atatttgcta taattcatgt cttcctgtat ttgtataaat    112140
     ataataaaat tggtttactg tgagtgtaaa tatttatata tggattatgt agactaacta    112200
     gaaaaattaa gaaagctaag tgtctatctg tccaatataa tagatgtact caggttactg    112260
     ggttagttca tgttatatgt aaatgtagtt aagtaccaac attatatacc cagatatcct    112320
     gatggtactt taggaaaact ccaatgtgtc ctataatgcc aaatccagct gcagaaacaa    112380
     attaaaaatg agtttgcata acactaatat ccattgctaa tatatttcaa cagtaatttg    112440
     cttttgcaaa aataaattct aggattttta gagctactcc atagacttga tgaaactatg    112500
     taagataaga aaaatacacc cttcctataa aataggagaa taaaatgggt catgagtcta    112560
     aaaatataca taaaacaggg gagaatgttt acagagtcac cagattgtaa attttcatga    112620
     gcagttggtc ccaaaacctt gtgtaaatac cagtttagca aattacgagc ataaaatacc    112680
     aagatttaca taggaggatg ggctgataag ggagttggaa tatatttaca tcaatagaaa    112740
     ttcggctgga aaaaataagt ccggacattc atatttgtgt attttctctc ttcccactta    112800
     gaagagagaa agataatcta tattttgagt tatttttaaa tctcaatatt gcattggtat    112860
     gtgtatatgt aaattttcat gagctttggt ctcaaaacct tgtgtaaata tatatgttag    112920
     tatattgata tatgaaatat atgaaatata tcaatatact atatgcatgt taatggctta    112980
     agctgtgcct gaaagcagtc ttggcaatga ttggaattta tgaaaatacg aaggtctgca    113040
     aagaatagga aaaccaaaaa caaagaaaca aacaaaaaag ccctgtgaga atacccctaa    113100
     accctaggta gcaagtatcc atcatttcta aatattgtta acatcaacac caaccagaaa    113160
     tatatcctta tctgttgaaa gaactgactt gaggtttaat atgccaaaat gtatcatgaa    113220
     gagtggttca agttgaaagg aatttggcag ttcttatggg gagattaaaa tgcattcatc    113280
     aatagatacg agagagaagt tccaatgctt actcagtcct tgtgcttaaa ataataaaga    113340
     ttccaattag catgttcttt catccacttg cctgcatagc aattctgtag caagaggaga    113400
     tgcccacata gtcactcatc cctgtccttg atgtatgaca ttgaattaat gatgtcagag    113460
     atacagacta agacagaaac tcatcaattc ccctgaagaa gcttacactc cacttagaat    113520
     aaagataaat gcattgcttt tggtcgtgac agccaaaata gaggtcagtg attacctgta    113580
     ggagagggca tgattgaagt acttcaaagg cagtttgcta aagaggaaga gacaccagag    113640
     ggacacagga agggagaaag gagattaaat gctctgttac tgtcaagagt gaagccagtc    113700
     tccgtgcccc ttctacactg ctttccctgt ttctgattaa tcagcactgt tccttcttga    113760
     agacaatttt gttttgaaat gtggtatttt aaatagttga ttcctttcaa aaacacaaac    113820
     acaattctta aaataagaac tgtaggtaga aagaataaag tattcattcc accaatctaa    113880
     caccattata catcgtcaac tcatttgttt tttggataag tgagtatatt ttgcattgct    113940
     acattgaaac catctagcag gtgtgctctg ttttccattt tctatgcatt gctgggtgta    114000
     tcagatatgt tttaaactgc cagtgcatct taactttagg catagttagc aacataacat    114060
     aagactgact gccccctcac tttgcttttt tgtttgtttg ctggattatt ttagtcacta    114120
     caaaactaca aaaaaaatca ttgtacttat tactatcttg caattaaaat atgttgacac    114180
     aagagaaatt tagctaaaca ttaagacttc acttctacta agaggtagat gggtaataga    114240
     gacccaatag tttgtttcca gactattctt tcagcagata cttattgtga tgggaccagt    114300
     ttaaggttgg aaggccacag cgctccccag aaactctccc ccaggattgc tccaatccaa    114360
     caaatggaaa ctcatagtga gtcctgggtt cacaggtggt aagatagcat cagcccacat    114420
     aaatctataa tttacacagc taattctgag ttgccggctg ccaccaggtg gcaccaaata    114480
     caatttagaa atgaatggct tcagtgggtg tccctgttgg tgttaaactg ggcactctca    114540
     actttagtag ttttgcaact ttgcagctta cagtactcaa cattctaaga ttatgtttat    114600
     cttgttacag aggagtttgc tctttagtgt ttgaaattgg aatgaaagaa atatcccacc    114660
     acaatagaat attgagattc tgtacttgat tatactttca gtgtgtaaat ttcagggaag    114720
     ctgaaacgtc acacattata tatccactga attcttttaa catccccatt gcaaaggcat    114780
     taaggtatgg gcagaatatc ttcctgagta gtgcattggt gtggtccctt ttcttctggt    114840
     tttgacagat aataccaagg atggtatatt gaccacagtt tttattagat gcaatgttta    114900
     aaaagacaac cttaggcctt tgatgtagat gtgctcaccg actattttct aaattagata    114960
     attctaaatc atctgcttat ttatcacatc actatttatt gattgatttc ctagtcagat    115020
     attgattgat tccacgatgc ctggctctta gatatggagt agtgaatcaa ataaagtcta    115080
     gtgtggcgga aaaaaaattc acaactaaat tgcctctgtg atgctgaact gggaaggttg    115140
     cctcacactt agcgtttcca ggaggttata cacactcacc gtactaaggc caaggttacc    115200
     caaagccaca tattaatgcc ccgtgtcata tttacctatt ttattctaac agttgtctaa    115260
     acgcagtaga taagaactaa gggttaataa cgactgctta atctatgcta ctatcagacg    115320
     tccttacatt ctcttcagat agccttccct ttctgttctt gcctatcaca gactctttag    115380
     cttgaaaatt ctggatcagg aatggcaatg aaacagctca gcaggtagag gtacttgctg    115440
     ccaggatgat tagctggatc tcatctctgg gccagaagaa agtctctttc atagtgaaaa    115500
     gattgctaaa ttctggagat agttctctga ccttgacatg tgcacataag gcacaagcat    115560
     gcctatgtta tatatatata acatatcaag aaaccacatc caatttcagt tttgataatt    115620
     tcctagagag atacaaaaca tggaacagct gcccccattc ttaggttccc attttatata    115680
     tattagagga cagccgtgct aggttcctat ttgctaccat aagatgacat cagtaatagt    115740
     gtcagggttt ttggtgcctg tgcatgggat ggatcccaag ttgggctggt cactggatgg    115800
     cctttttttt tttcagtttc tcctccattt ttttttcttg aatttccttt agacaggaac    115860
     aattctgggt gagatatttt gaagatggtt ggtggctcca tctctccact ggggtccctg    115920
     tctatctact ggaggtggtc tcttcaggtt ccatctactt caactaaagt cctcggttta    115980
     atagctgaat agtattccat tgtgtaaatg aaccacattt tcttcatcca ttctttggtt    116040
     gagagacatc tgggttcttt ccagcttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc tatgaacata    116100
     gtggagcatg tgtctttatt gtatagtaga gcaattttgg gtatgtacct atgagcggta    116160
     tagctaattc tatcccataa atattttatc ttttaaaaat ttgataactt ttaactccaa    116220
     tttctttttt ttcacattct tctggatatg gagcaaaaca cttgcaagtg ttccatccac    116280
     cataagccat acccttaaag gaaaccactc tccatcccca agataccatc aattgtccat    116340
     accatgtcag ccagtaggat tcataagccc ttccctgctc catgcaagaa ctgactagct    116400
     tggtcttctc taggattttg caggcaacca cacttttaag ttcgttagtg cagaggtcta    116460
     tcatctctag aacaccatgt ttgctccaac tttttgcatc tcctggcctt tatagtcttt    116520
     ctgctccatc tttctcaatg atctgtgaag cttggggaag agcataacat acatttctca    116580
     tttttagttt tgaacccaca tattcccttt atttctgcac tttgaccagt tgtaagtttc    116640
     tggtaaacac atccactgaa cacggatctg tctttgatga gctctgaggg ttgaactgat    116700
     cttacacttt gacccagaga gttctaatac ctgtggtcct tctgaaggaa cctgaaccat    116760
     ccttaagagc atgacaagca gggaagaagg cattgctacc atgccccaca ttgagagaca    116820
     tccttgatgc ttcatgaggc catgtacgat tgagcatgtt ttaaacaggg agatacttta    116880
     caatgcaatc aacatttctg caaacttaaa acactccaaa ttttatttaa cactatttat    116940
     tcattgactt ttttattatt aaatctgagt ttagtgtaat gcatacatgt ggaggcagaa    117000
     agttgtcatt gagtgttttt atcctgtgtt tatctccata gcactggctc ggaacacatc    117060
     aagctttttc tgtggatgct ggatctagct caggtcccag cgcttgtgga gcaagttctg    117120
     tttctgcata gctattaccc catcacttca aaactaaatt cactgaaaaa tattgagaaa    117180
     tgaagttcag aatctaggtt ttcattatga ggatatttgg gagcacattt cagctttaaa    117240
     tttcgacatt gcaatagatt acatggtcaa ttacacaggg gtgtggtaat acatttataa    117300
     tgtgacactt ggagccattg gcatgattaa ttaccatgca ttaaacattg gctgaggaac    117360
     cacacttcaa aatgattatg ggattattac tatttaaaca tgtgctaaac tgggacgtgc    117420
     caaagactag cagcatattt ccttcagaaa atgtttcaaa ttgcaaagag ctacacacat    117480
     ccatagccaa agatatgggt aatagaattt aaaaggaagt tttcataaca cgtatgtaga    117540
     ttgcattaga tctggatatt ttaatctata atatgtcttg gttttgtggc attggaaaat    117600
     catgagtata agcacctaag gcaatgtttt atttttaagc aatactttat tatgtagatt    117660
     gcaatacaag tcccagatac agaatggaat aagactacat ccctaatctt gccaaagaaa    117720
     tgtaaacatt ctactctgtt gtgtattatt ttctgtcttt tgactacttt tggcttaata    117780
     ttactggaaa aacaacagta ttgattgttg aagaaaattt tgctattcat gttttccaga    117840
     cctttagcca tgtaagaaga ttgatgaaaa ggtatcaata caataattat tagatatgta    117900
     cacatacata gaatagacta ttatcattta aatttaaaat gctgcataag ttatttttca    117960
     agtatgaaaa cattagtgta tatttcaaac tcaaagactt ctgttttaga tttgaacaag    118020
     attattttaa gaaaataaat caatttatga ggtttaatgt aaaataacat taataaatcg    118080
     tcatagtata caccctagtt gggttttctg cattgtgaat ttattttcag ccttagcacg    118140
     gatagatcat ttttttccag tgcactgccc tatttaaact tttctttttt agcaagcttg    118200
     catgtgtttc caatagtttt ctgacagtgt agtgacagag tcatcagttt ggtaaatcaa    118260
     gaggaaagaa taacagattt ccccatgtag gagcctcaag tcacatttag aataacactg    118320
     ctataaataa tatcatagca tagtatgggg tgacaccttt gaactaaact gtaatgatac    118380
     aatattcttg atgcataaat ttaattttga acgaacacaa ttttcatttt tagtggataa    118440
     aaatgtttgg tttttgcatt ctactttcag tatatctttc agcataaaga ttactttaaa    118500
     acagttattt aaggtagttc ctcattagtt tgtgcatgaa tttacatatt tattcagcat    118560
     agtttcacat aaatataaat attttagcat ttaattgcta tttataagca ctggataata    118620
     acatagtaca tataagtgca ttgtcttcaa cctatggcaa atttcaattg acagagtgcc    118680
     tcctgcaact ttctcattga caccaagaaa taatgtgcca tttatttata ttttagagga    118740
     gaacttagaa cattttggct aactagtact caaaatggta attttttaaa tttggtttaa    118800
     tagcatacgg aatatttaat aacaaatttg aaaagctaac taaaacttaa attatggttt    118860
     taaaatgaaa agttaaaatt aaaatgaaat atattattta tgtgcataaa gaattctgct    118920
     gtctgtttgt cttcaaatgc aactttttaa aacattttga cagaagacat tttgcaggag    118980
     tttgtatttc tatccaaaaa taaaaattta aaaaaatata tgggaaaact aaagataaaa    119040
     gctaagtatt taatcacttc tatttcatta ttttaataga ttttatttaa tactaacttt    119100
     gaatctcaga agcagcaaat taaatacttt taattgtaat ttacattttt gttttgtaca    119160
     gacagttgat agagtatacc ttaatttaaa tgactaattt aacaaaagtt ctaaaaagtg    119220
     ttcaactatt caggtgctat aaatgttata atggatcaaa ttcaaattca acatgtgaat    119280
     atttcattat atatatatat atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    119340
     ggtacttaat tattcactat ataattgttg ctgacttcat ggttgtgaca tatttttaca    119400
     cttatactga ctatactaag tcttggtact cctgataacc tcagatactg gaaggaagaa    119460
     aaatttcatc agtaggactt aattgagaaa attgttggta aattgaaacc tagcttctct    119520
     gaaatataaa ataagtacat gtattagtac agtcctctgt tctttacttg atactgaatg    119580
     ctttgcagca tgaaaggcaa ctaatttgta actaccctgg gtaactactc tggtacaatt    119640
     tgattgtatg tttaaaatca tgaaaagtca tttatggcta caacatcctg cgtttctcac    119700
     taagatgaca ctttttcccc tcataaattg tttcacttta agattatttc ttttgacatt    119760
     aaaatactaa tcagaaattt cttgtcaatt ttagaatagc attcacccaa tatgctatag    119820
     gcattacatt taattaatcc taaacagctg ttgtagattt tgtatgtgtg acctttgcca    119880
     aaaattcatc ttgttttttt tttaggttat ttttgtgtct tgattgtttt atacatagaa    119940
     attgtattta cttccttata gaaataaata agatattctt agttattatt ttacatatat    120000
     atgtatatat gtgtatatat atgtatatat atgtgtgtgt tagtgtatat gtatatatgt    120060
     gtatatatat gtatatatat gtgtgtgtta gtgtatatgt acatatatgt atatatatgt    120120
     atatatgtat atatgtgtgc gtatatataa agtttttttc aaccaatttt gtatgtgcac    120180
     cttccagcca tcatgtaaaa actccaacat aaacttcact gatattagat atgaccttgg    120240
     taagaaatgg gttcccgtgg aaggattaca cttctggagt tgtagatttc cacctctgtg    120300
     taataatgta acttaggatt tataacttgg aaggaaatat tttgatattt actactggta    120360
     tcctgataat tcgggaacta ttttctttca tttttttttt cctctgtgac tgtggtctat    120420
     ctgtatgttc ccaagaacct cataaaaagt acacgttggt accatcaatt gggatatcta    120480
     gttttgatca aggatgttat gttctatcag ggtccttctc atcactggtt tgcatttccc    120540
     tgagcatggt ccctccgttt caagaagaat ggtccatggg ttattgggaa tggtttgcta    120600
     ctcacagttt agacctcaaa gtcatacatt gcttatcttt caaaaagaag ttggtaagag    120660
     tttgctggat gatataactg tcaaataagc aaagtcatta tcatttcact tgatgatggg    120720
     caaatgcaat atatagttaa ttaataacaa ttaatatctt gcattatata tatatgtaca    120780
     catatacata taaattaaag agaagttgaa gatgagattt tatggacctg aacattcact    120840
     tactcattaa ttcattaact agttccacaa aatagtaact gtttagtgta cttcatggta    120900
     gaagtgtaaa ttttaaaaat caatattata aagaaagcac aagtaggaat cacccatacc    120960
     aagcaagggg agggacatca tgaggagaaa tacacatatt tcatttgtaa gtgaatccta    121020
     acaatgtagt agtaattctt tggaaatcca gatttgtgca gtataaaatt atcagtctgt    121080
     tatatcggag aagtatgtgc ttcgtgtctg catgtgtttc ttaaaagatt gttgtgatta    121140
     ttccataatc atgtcaagta tgtgagagta tcattttctt ttctcctgtc ctctgttgat    121200
     gagcaattta ccttcagtgt tgctgaaaac aagctataat ctcaaactga tttgctgata    121260
     gaactacaca ttttcctatt taaaatctgc ttgcttgaat tacattttca aaaaattcaa    121320
     actcagttgt atatgccttt ttctaggtgt ttcctcaatc ttgagttttc atgaaaaaga    121380
     gaaagttgtt agtggaaata attaagacat gatcatgatc tgtagcccag cagtcctgga    121440
     acatattcct ttagattaag atccttatca tgacccacta acccagatgc aaagataagt    121500
     ttgatttgac ctcggctttc atgaaacttt aatggcatat aatcacatgt ttccatctga    121560
     aaattcatag agttgaagtc gatttacaca gtttgctttg tagtttaaag ttgtcacacg    121620
     ttcaagtgca aatgtgctct gctatcattt tgaagggttt atttactaca ggaaattgaa    121680
     taaaatgcaa tttagggtat ctcatagttt ggtcatgttg agatgagcag gactgaatgc    121740
     attccgataa atataataag gcaattaagg aaatatttta taaatatgct ggtacaagat    121800
     gaccacacac aacttgatag aaacctggtg atccattgtg ttgaccctga taatggggcc    121860
     tttgttcttt gtgacacact atggaatgat attttttctg tagactttca tgtcttggct    121920
     aatttctttc taattaggtc tgtcctagaa ggtcttcttc attgtgcctg aagtctttgg    121980
     ctccactgtc tcgtctcctt tctatatttc tcagcataga taaatcacca tgaacatatt    122040
     ttctgattgt gttaatttgt cagccttctg tctctatacc ctgccaaacc aagacattat    122100
     ttctgtgatt gtaaggaaca tgctgacctt gctattactc aactttcttc attcagtacc    122160
     tgaatagcta ctaatagtca gaaaacaatt agaaatggca tataacagat gaactgataa    122220
     ttactgagat agtagtaact aaatataata ataatgatac atttaataaa tatagtaaaa    122280
     tgaatcactt agcataccct ttctcacctg gccctaacag attaatttta ttaattttat    122340
     catagaaatt acactatagc attaataaat aaaaatccat ataataaaaa tttgcttttg    122400
     ttaactttat ttgattatta aattattttg tttacttacc ttccaaatat tgcctccttt    122460
     cctagtccat tctccccggg gttcttcatt ccttcccccg cccctttgct tctgagaggg    122520
     tgctctccaa cccacctacc taccccacat caactccaca agcaatgccc ttctttgggg    122580
     cattaacttt ctatagatta agcacatcct ctcccgttga ggccagagaa cgcagtcctg    122640
     tgctataaat gtggcaggca agggccaagg accagcctgc atatgctctt tggttagtgc    122700
     ctccactcct gagagacatg agaagccagt gttagttgat actcttgttc ttcctatgcg    122760
     tttgccatgc tcattcagct ccttcagcct ttctctaacc attctgtagg gttatggaag    122820
     tccttcctct aaccccagcc tcagtcaaat gtttggatga aagtgtatgc atctgtctca    122880
     gtcagatgtt ggtagagcct ctcaaaggaa agccatgcta ggttcctgtc attcatctcc    122940
     ttttgggtct gggttatcta actcaggata agattttcta gttctatcca tctccctaca    123000
     aagtacatga tcacctcatt tataatagct tgattaagtt ctattgtgta atggacccac    123060
     gttttctgag tccactcttc agacgaggga catgtgggtt gtttccagct tctggctatt    123120
     ataaataagg ctgctatgaa catagtgcag catgtgtcct tgtggtaggg tggagcatct    123180
     tttgggtata ttcccagggg cagtatagct tggttttcag atagaactat ttccaatttt    123240
     ctgatggttc atcagattga tttccagagt ggttgtacca gtttgcaatc ctaccagcaa    123300
     gggaggagtg ttcctcttcg tccacatcct tgccagcatc tgctgtcaac tgagtttctg    123360
     atcttagtca ttctcattgg tgtgaggtag aattgcaggg tcattttaat ttgcatttcg    123420
     ctgatgatta agaatgctga acatttcttt aacttcttct tggccaccca agatttctgt    123480
     tgagaattct ctgtttagct ctgtacccca ttttaaaaga gggttgtatg gtttcttgga    123540
     gtctaacttc ttgagttctt tgtatatatt ggatgtaggg ttagtgaaac tcttttccaa    123600
     atctgtaggt ttctgttttg tcctactgac agtgtccttg gctctacaga agcattttag    123660
     tttactgagg tcccatttgt caattgttga tcttagagcc tgagctactg tgttctgttc    123720
     aggaaatttt cccctgtgcc aatgcattca aggttatgtc ctactttctc ttgtatttaa    123780
     ttcagtatat ctggttttat gtgctgctcc ttgatcctct tggacttgtg ctttgtaaaa    123840
     ggagataaat atggattaat ttgcgttctt ctatatgcag actgctggtt agaccagcac    123900
     tatttgttga agatgatttc tttttcaata gtattgtttt tgcttctttg tcaaagacca    123960
     attaagtgtc cataggtatc cccccccccc cggtcttcaa ttatcttcta tttttcaacc    124020
     tatctgttac caataccatt tggtttttat tactctcact ctgtaacaca gcttgaggtc    124080
     agtgatggtg atttccccac agaagttctt ttattgttgg gaattcttat tgctatactg    124140
     ggattttgtt tttccataca atgttgataa ttgctccttc catgtctgtg aagaattgtg    124200
     ttggaatttg atgtggtcat gttgaatctg tagattgctt ttggtaagat ggccattttt    124260
     actgtgttaa tcctaccaat ctatgagcat gggaggtttt ccattttctg gcattttctt    124320
     ctattttttt tttccgcagg aacttgaggt tcttgtcata cagatctttc atttgcttag    124380
     ttaacattac accaagatat tttatactac ttgtgattat tgtaaagggt tttgtttcac    124440
     caatttcttc tcaacccatt tatcatttgt ataaaggaag ggctactgat ttgttgtagt    124500
     caattttata ttgtaccaat ttgctaaact tgtttatcag cagtagaagt tctgtggtgg    124560
     aatttttgga gtcgctggtt atactatcaa atcatctgca aatggtgata ccttgacttc    124620
     gtcctttcca aattgtatct ctttgatctc cttgtgttgt ctaattgcta tagctagaac    124680
     tccaagtact atatttaata agtagggaga gagtaggcag ccttgtcata tccctgattt    124740
     tagttcagaa ctcagcacaa atacataacg tctaatcatc ttagttttct agtacatatc    124800
     aaaatataca tttctaccac actcgttcaa tgtaatagga ttattatact caaatgtcta    124860
     caatgtaaaa tacctttgcc taaaatgata aaatattaga cacttaaaaa attgtaactt    124920
     tctactgagg gaggatcata tttcattagg atatcattgg tctgagccag ggtacagttg    124980
     ttgaaatttt ggatatgttg aataatttct ttgaataggc aagaaaaaaa ataaagtcta    125040
     ctttctaatc ttaacctttc atctatgaaa tatttgtccg tagtctgtgg tggtgtttta    125100
     tatcaatgca acttccttca aggaagctgt ctaacttctc taatacattg aatacttttt    125160
     catctaagtg tatgccatat tccaaatcat ttgcttttac ttcaaaaata tagtttttaa    125220
     attttacaca caagtacatt ttacctcctc caaaagttct ttctttgctc atcaataaaa    125280
     agcagtttct atgtgtaaaa attttattat gggactgcaa tattgcaatc atatctttca    125340
     gctccactac aaactctctg aaaattatca acatatctga agttaattcc tccatgaaaa    125400
     tctcctggat tttaaaatca cctattcaat aagctatgag tctttcaaac tcaaaataat    125460
     ggtgtgattt tgatgttgtc ctatgactca aaatgttctt aatgatatct agaatggtga    125520
     gtgtctctga ccattttttt ttaatttgtt ctgttctatc tgacacatga ctatatatag    125580
     aagttttaac attacaagta atcgtcaggt aataagtact aacagtaaaa tcatgacgtc    125640
     ccccagggta tcaggaatga atgatggatt tgccgtcatg gaaacagcaa tctcttatgt    125700
     tgtctctgaa gaagctgctt ttgtgatgat gtgcactgtc agtgaaaaat aacattctta    125760
     aggggtactt ttattccatg cagatttcaa caatagtgtt aaactattgt gttgtttatg    125820
     ttctaacaga catgctgtca gatgggtttg ttgatccatt tatccaatag ggactacact    125880
     tcctgtaata cctgagagtg caaagatttg ggaaatagta acgtgtatca ggtttaactc    125940
     aaatagagca gtcacattga caatattgga gagaaaagct tttgaagctt catttccaag    126000
     cattgacttt attataggta taacatttgt agccaatatc ttccttcaat aagaggctgc    126060
     tctatctatt ttgaaattct gttgtttaca taaaaataca tttggaaaga aacaattata    126120
     aaatgtctag ggagaggata taactcttgt aatctgtggg tgaatgggca ctgattagcc    126180
     tcagtagtag ggacactgat ctttctatca cgttgtataa acaatgaaga attttttgaa    126240
     tctttcagaa acttgttttt agtattcatg acttgattcc atttttgtaa aaaaagataa    126300
     gtttcagaga ttcatccctc actaacctta ataatttata gttttttgtt ttaatgaagt    126360
     atatgtgagt cttcccctgg acactaagag ttcatagact gattactgtc tttgaaatca    126420
     ttgcatctca cagagcagac aagcctgaac agagagagaa catcttatta atgtccttca    126480
     ggaggagggt tctaaattat gctccctgtt tagtgatggc atcatttgat gtgtcacaaa    126540
     acaacttcaa aactacatta aagatcatta agaacttatc attatagact gggcaaccaa    126600
     ggagatggca tagacttaga ccctctccat ttgtgttata gttgtgttgc tttgtcatct    126660
     tttgcactca tcacagtggg agcatgggct atcacaaact cttttgcctg gtttggagac    126720
     cttttgaaca gttcccctca tgccagcttg ccttattatg ggggaaagtg cctgttttat    126780
     tgcagcgtgt atgtcgtgtt tgtttgataa ccatgagagg cttgctcttt tctaaaggga    126840
     agtggaagag gagtggagaa aggggaggtg gagaggaagt agaagaaaaa cgaagtcact    126900
     aattgaaaga aaaaatatag ttgttaacaa ctccatgaga gaacatgaga aagttttcaa    126960
     ttttgcttaa gatccagttt agttactatg tctacagtaa actcagaaaa gatttttgtt    127020
     gaatgtgtta ctacatcggt ttcaatatat tattgtactg tagaaaaaaa tagtttcagt    127080
     tttgatactc atctgtatta tttgttatta atgtatttcc tggtcctgaa aaatatatct    127140
     actgtttgtt ttttgtctgc ttcattatcg taattatgtt atgttcttct tgaattagtt    127200
     ttgaaaaaaa tctattatcc atcttagtca aatacatttt acttaagttc aatttgtaat    127260
     tttatttcat acactagcca tcacactcca ataactggaa attcagtgtc tttataaaat    127320
     acactggagt tgtaactttg acagattagc acttggcaac ctgatatgtt agagtttatt    127380
     atttttgcta aaatatattt ctgtttggac ctaactaatt tagtcactca ttgaaaatat    127440
     tttaaattat gcttgctcct ttattattat gtttttttaa aaagtgggag gtagttataa    127500
     taaatcttta aaaaaatctc ttaaaccaaa acttgaacat gtttctataa tgaatttaaa    127560
     tagcttaata aatatgataa gtcagaatta atcacatatt tttacatagc acacttagtg    127620
     ttaagcgtgt gatgtgggaa acagtagtga ttcttttgaa gttcctttat tttagggact    127680
     gtgctggtaa ttttaccttt gcatctgtgc taaatcccta ctcactaggc ttgaatacat    127740
     tatttccttt tttgaagaag agggaactct gggacaacaa aggttaaata ctttgcctaa    127800
     ttctctttac aaatccagaa ttaaaatgct tgtggtttga cttcaaaagc cagtctctta    127860
     atcccagggc agagctgcct tccacctgag tgagaatagc agaccacttc agaatgtatc    127920
     tagtagaagc cactcaaatg acagatctaa tctattgtac taagaatttt atgagaattg    127980
     catgaaatgg attctacaca tgtacattaa aatagaaagt aaactaaggt ttggcagtaa    128040
     agaattgagt gaatatatga ggatgtgctt aacctgccca gagcaggtgt aggaatgaag    128100
     ggtttctact agattaatga atacaccact atattatcta agcagtataa taagatatca    128160
     atatatggaa atgaaagaat ttggaaaaaa tcagagttga attgaatatc tatgaataag    128220
     cgctaggact catgctctgt tcttactgca atacatcaga aatcaaaacc aatattttca    128280
     ctctacaaag gaatctgtga caaaagcctg tttagctcaa tgagattact cttcaaaata    128340
     aggatgatat caaaaggaag gctatgtatc tccatatgcc tgccgcttaa aactgaagag    128400
     tagtgcatat gggtctagac acatatagct gaatgttgat ccttaattta taatgggtgc    128460
     atgagagtga tagtaatatt taacagagga gaaaactact ggcctcctaa aacatgtgcc    128520
     acagggaaga gttgcataga ctttgaatcg tatttttttt ctataattgt acaagtttta    128580
     cttgtggtat gcaaaatact tttaagggga gaaaattggc ttatataggt catactccta    128640
     aaagcacaca ctgctaaggg aaggaggatt gtggataaaa gaagaaatta taaaagaaac    128700
     agtttggttt tgttttgttt tgttttctga gcaaatgaga aatgcaaatg acttcaaatg    128760
     tcaggagaat gctttaaact ttgggatttg taaaagaaca agaagaatag cgaagcaaaa    128820
     aaaaaggggg gggagggggc gagggaactt gtacttcaaa gggtgcttgg aaataactgt    128880
     gtggtagata ttggcacttt aaaagctgat cactggctac agtagctctc agaatgggct    128940
     tcttcttgga atcaccattg gaatgaaaaa aaaaaatgcc tggctctccc tgctgattaa    129000
     tctttacttg gcacagggtg aggaactgga catgaatata tgtttaagac tctcatagga    129060
     actctaatgc aataccatgg ctgaaaccca ttccaggtca ctatagcaaa ataaatttgg    129120
     aatgtctatt cgggggaaga ttttaaattc aaataatagc attgctaccc ttcaaccagg    129180
     ttcctttcat tttctactct aagtaaatat ttgaagtgaa tgtctcttgg aaggaacgtc    129240
     tccttgttcc aattgagttt ctaataagat aaatcaacag cataaagtct agattatttc    129300
     taggaataga aaatgagatg catttttctg gaacttcact gccaaattct gccatttttt    129360
     tctatttttt attaggtatt tagctcattt acatttccaa tgctatacca aaagtccccc    129420
     atacccaccc acccccactc ccctacccac ccactccccc cttttggccc tggcgttccc    129480
     ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaagtc taatgggcct ctctttccag tgatggccga    129540
     ctaggccatc ttttgataca tatgcagcta aagtcaagag ctccggggta ctggttagtt    129600
     cataatgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag atccctttag ctccttggct actttctcta    129660
     gcaactttgg tcacatttat atttgcccat gcttatgtgt atatgtgctc tttgcctcat    129720
     atacacatga gcacatgtat acatacacac acacacatgt atctgtacac atatacatat    129780
     atgtatatat gagaatatat ttagcatgta tcaaatatat atatataaca tattcatgaa    129840
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacacacata tacaaaagaa gctgatgact    129900
     agaagcctgc gtgttttatg taaaaggaac acacttatgt gttcaaaggt tgtagaagaa    129960
     cagatgctaa tgtacatttg gacaagtgtc attttgttct cataagtgtg ttatgtatct    130020
     gaacaaaaac attgggcttc tagaaacttg ttagttctta agagtcaaat taagttgaca    130080
     gtcatttttt tttaaattaa ttctttcatt aacttcccaa atgtttccca ccctcctggt    130140
     ccccctcata gagttcttcc ctcaacctct gtccctttca cctctgatgc tctccatctt    130200
     catactccca ccctagggca tcaattcact atcaggttag gtacatcctc tcccgctgag    130260
     ggcagacaag tcagcccttt gcgacatatg tgccggggcc cagggactat ctcacatatg    130320
     ctctttggtt ggtggatcat tctctggagc caggttagtt gacaccagtg gtcttcctat    130380
     ggggtggcca tccccttcag ttttatcaat tcttccctaa actcttccag aatgcctgga    130440
     cctcattcca aagcttgact gtgggtttct gtatctgtct ctgtcaggtg ctggtagagt    130500
     ttctgaaaga acagttatgg gagggccctg tctgcaagcc caacatagca tccattgtgg    130560
     tggcagggct tgtgcccttc cttgggatgg atcccatatt gggccagtca gtgaccagct    130620
     gttcctacaa tctctgctcc cttttggtcc ctgaatattt ttagacagaa ccaattttgg    130680
     gttgaaagtt ttgtaggtgg attggtgtcc acttccctcc tctggggatc ctgtctgact    130740
     attggtggtt ggctcttctg gtcccgtctc cccactgttg ggcatttctg ctaagttcac    130800
     ccacattgaa tcctgggatc ctcccctatc gcaggtctct ggcactttct agaggtttcc    130860
     cctacaccca ccccgccccc agccgctgca gatttccact cattcccatg actctctggg    130920
     cttctcttct atctccccca atacctgatc caaccctccc tgccccctcc ttctctctcc    130980
     catccaggcc caacacagaa ggggaaataa aaagttgacc atttaaaaat atatggtaac    131040
     tatttaaaca ctctgataca tgaagttatg cactgggttt taaaaattaa ttcattgaca    131100
     agagcaataa gaatgtctat caaagtacat aatttaccaa ctgttagatt tgttttatat    131160
     tccatgtgtt ctaagcactt atagcagaat acaattagca aagactcatg caggagggtg    131220
     gccgactcac tcagtgtatg aaacaatccc tagtgttatc aaaataacca gccatatcat    131280
     ctgttcacat gctcattttt ttgttgttgt tgtttttatt attattttta ttacatattt    131340
     tcctcattta catttccaat gctatcccaa aagtccccca taccctctcc cccacttccc    131400
     tacccaccca ttcccacttt ttggccctgg cgttcccctg tactggggca tatacagttt    131460
     gcgtgtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtga tggccgacta ggccatcttt tgatacatat    131520
     gcagctagag tcaagagctc cagggtactg gttagttcat aatgttgttc cacctatagg    131580
     gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct cctccattgg gagccctgtg    131640
     atccatccaa tagttgcctg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc cggcatagtc    131700
     tcacaagagt atttctgtgt tttgttttgg tgttttgttt cttgagacaa caatctcact    131760
     atatagccct ggctaacaag gatgtcacca agtagcttag atcatcctca aatttgaagt    131820
     gatattttgc cttaaccttc ttcattcagg gaggtaatta catgctatcg aacccagctc    131880
     ttgactctat ttatttttct ttctagaatt attgtgtaat tataaaagta acctgaaaat    131940
     gaatattcac acatctagct gttgtgggaa aatcaccctt ttatcatacc ggtgctcttg    132000
     ctgcactgtc cctttaaatc actactctta caccaattaa aataaaataa aataaaataa    132060
     aataaaataa aaggaatatt attacaggtg gctttattgc catcacagcc aattgaaacc    132120
     tatgactgca aatctgtaat caatgggtac atgtgctgtt atcttttcac atacaaattg    132180
     ctggtcgtcg atttaaaata acacatccta ctatggacat cacagtgtgt aacttccagc    132240
     gtgccacgtt tgaggacggg aatgagtgtc agtgaagtac agagtgcatg tttgcattaa    132300
     gacgttaaaa tatcacctat tagcatgttt tagaaggaag aagaaatgag gatttgggtc    132360
     aggtagagcg aggtaacact ttatagtggt ataccctgga tagcaaagaa gtacttatag    132420
     agaaagaata ttcttcccct ttttattaaa tatcctaata gtttttaata tgttaaaata    132480
     cagacattaa taccattgaa atgtgtgctt attttttact catcatattt taatataaca    132540
     tattaatttt ttaaatcatg ggttataaca ctgtcacaaa tgtgcttatg ccatttttct    132600
     acatttgtaa tgtttttcaa aagtaacttc agagcatcaa aacaccaaaa atttataatt    132660
     tctgcaaagg gcaaatcata tttctaaatg caaaagtgcc aatgttttca gaagtcaaaa    132720
     ctactaattt attttatatg tgatgtttga actacctcta tgcagtggga ttttagttat    132780
     tatgtgtccc agtgagaggc tagaatttat tttagacctg ccattaacca atttttctat    132840
     ctaataggtt tcttaaactt ttgaactcac atgtctgtac acatgctaaa tgagtttcag    132900
     acgaacacca ggggaaaata tatagtgtgg aaaaatggaa aagtgaaaag taagattgtt    132960
     tgtagaaaga aaatgactcc ttgggggatt tgttgtgaat tataaaacac aaattttctt    133020
     tgagaaaact tgttccttaa taattcatat tatatgatcc agagatttta aaaataagaa    133080
     tctgggtttt ttttgtgcac atatgtgaat ttattataat ctttttcata taaaaggata    133140
     cttagcaaaa tgttgacaaa gaaggcttag atttacattt gtccttcttg taaatcatgt    133200
     gttgtatagt tttcttcaca gagcagtctg gcttactgat tgttagctac tctaaatcca    133260
     aatctgaact aatctttaca gtactgagct gtagcaaatc aaaacctgaa accagtgagc    133320
     ccaggatctt caacgtaaat ttccctataa atgattttca ctctggtgaa agcaaacctg    133380
     tcaacataaa tgccatgaaa atgagaatta atccaatcaa aattcataaa tcattccagt    133440
     gagaagatgt gtgtgcccta gtctatgttg attatcagtg tccttaaaga tagaatacat    133500
     aggaattagt tcaacttcca gagtgatttg tttcacacat tacagaagtt gagttactta    133560
     agtatggtgt ctattgaaat aaatctcaaa aaaaaagtgt ctatgaaaga taaatatgac    133620
     agctttagaa agacaatagg actctttcca tgtaagttta agagaaaatg gctgttagag    133680
     agatgatgtg tgtcatgtat aaatgtgatt ttatgttgag aaagtaaggt gtcttctgaa    133740
     atttcaaata tgtttagata tttcaaatat gaactagctt ttccacttta ctttgcctga    133800
     cttgttacct gtaataacac tgaggaagga gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgcgcgc gtgcgcatgc    133860
     acgcacaaaa ttctcattaa gttgcattga caaataactt tatacactat taaaatgtat    133920
     acatttactt atttctttta aatatgtcct ggtgtgtatt tgctttgtat acttatgatg    133980
     aaagtgagtg gagccctacc agctcttcac ctgccattaa atcatttgat tatctacctg    134040
     attatgttga aggactgtgc atgaaaacag gttcgaatat aattcataat ataatacaat    134100
     ataatccatt ctagccccta tttctaaaca ttatctccaa gaaaaatgta catctgttgt    134160
     ttcctgtcag actctgcaat gggcaaaaca attaccatta ttccctgtct tagtcagggt    134220
     ttcacttcct gcacaaaaca tcataaacac gaagcaagtt ggagaggaaa gtgtttatta    134280
     agcttacaat tccacagtgc tgttcatcac caaaggaaat caggcagaaa cttggaggca    134340
     ggaactgatg cagaggccat ggggcagtgc tgcttactgg cttgctttct ctggcttgct    134400
     cagtttgctt tcttgtggaa ccaaggacta ccagccaagg gatggcatca ccacccacaa    134460
     tgagccctct cacccttgat cactaattga gaaaatgcct tacagctgga tctcatggag    134520
     gtatttactc aagggaggct cctttctctg tgataactct agcatgtgtc aaagttggca    134580
     cacaaaacca gccagtacag ttccttcatg aacaaatgga gattttgagg tatcaacaaa    134640
     atgactttat gaaggtcaca cagttgtatg tgtgagggcc ttaattttgt gtattttcgt    134700
     ttcttttgat tatttctatg ttgaacatac attgtccaca gcttttaata aacacaatgt    134760
     ctgctatata caaatgtaaa acttctcaca tgtaaaatat aagaattatt attacttagg    134820
     cccaaatatt gatttagctg aggtgaccct tctttatttt ctactttcca ttgtcttcat    134880
     gtatacagtc ttaattatgt aatggctaca ggcttagatt ttaataaaac tttaaaactg    134940
     acttattttt atctgaaaga tctcataaaa atgaattcag gtgactggct tgctttcatc    135000
     acaaatattt aaattaattt ttctctaaaa ttattaaaaa atctaaaatg taaagaacat    135060
     tttaaatatt tgtgataaaa tccaaggtta ttatatttac aaatgtatat aaaaccattt    135120
     ctggaaagac agtatgttgc atttatcact gcttttaatt tacatttgtt ggctcactta    135180
     tctttagaca cctcagatat ttatagtgct taatttacac aggaaataca cattccacat    135240
     gacactgtac tgctctgact caaaaaaatt aaggaatttt gtattgagta atccaatggc    135300
     atttatgaat tttccttctg tttgcagtaa tgtgtaaggt atgagtaagg tggggcttct    135360
     agaatgagaa gccatgataa cccctttact cataagagca taattttaga gtaaagggtt    135420
     taagaaattg ttttgaactc tatatagttc ttttgtgact acaaggtcat gatatcgcag    135480
     gtcctcataa agaaaaactt catcatcaaa tttgaattgt ggcataaaag tttccataat    135540
     aattgtacct tgtatcgtgt actcattaaa agagattcat tactgaatta tacattagta    135600
     agattataca tcagatgatt gtcttgagaa ttgaagtcta cagagggttt tatattattc    135660
     aaggtcaggt aattatttct gatctactag atgtaattca tatatgtata tatgtagaga    135720
     ttatctcatt aggattcaaa aataatagaa aacatccaat taacactgtg ttaagagtgt    135780
     agcattatga agaaaggtga ttattattat tagtgtagct gactggtttt tttctttcat    135840
     tgaaaatagg tactattttt attatttttt ttttacagtc cagtcattgc ccccctccta    135900
     gttccctcct cccacagttc ctcatcccat tcttcctacc ctctgtttct aagtggatca    135960
     cacccctgcc aggcctctcc actccctgga gcctcaagtt tcttgagggt taagtgtttc    136020
     ttttcccaat gagtccagac caggcagtcc tctgctgtaa atgtgttggg aaccttggac    136080
     ctactcctgt atgctacccg gttgttggct cagtgtctga gagatctcag gatccgggct    136140
     agctgggact cttgttcttc ctatggggtt atcctcctcc tcagcttctt ccagcctttc    136200
     cctaattcaa ccactgtttt tagacttaaa atgtgattat aatttatata acctgtatgt    136260
     aaataattta ggtcacctta tttttcttgt tttggtgatg gtcatattac agtcttgaag    136320
     tactacaagg agatttgtca aaggaagaaa acagaaacta atgatataaa tagtaatgaa    136380
     aactaatggt gagatattaa aagtaacttt taacatatat gatacctaat aataacagga    136440
     aaaaaaaata cagggatgtg ggctttaatg tattttctta tgtcaaataa tgctgtgtta    136500
     cataatcact gtttgcaaaa gttattttat taacattttg atttttgaca tgtctgattc    136560
     catctataag gcaaaaacat ttctataact ttctgtattt tacagcattc ccaacttatc    136620
     tatttttttt tctgcttgtg tttgagggat ctgtttcaga tctgttcagg gtgagccaga    136680
     aacaccatgg agaaaataga gatgattctt taagagtcat cataaccgcg gattaaaaca    136740
     agtttttgat aaataatttt atgggaccct ttagatttcc tagtcaagac atgaagtatt    136800
     cgtgattgct tgcactgctg tggtcaaagt caatgagatt caccaatctc agtaaagcac    136860
     ataactgttt acttatcatt gatcacacag aaatgtgtgc caatgtgcca acaaatgtga    136920
     atacttctct ccactcataa agctgcccac aaaatgtgcc ttgcatgcta ttttccaagc    136980
     cttcaaatta cataactttt ctgcaactga gattttataa acagcctcat catgttgaga    137040
     acaaagcact tctctcaaaa ataggacagg tgttttggaa atcagcccag aaacttctga    137100
     gacccctcca gggactctaa gcaatcatcc aaggacaagt gcagctttgt tttgcacatt    137160
     gctaaaacca atcaaccctg agaactatgc cctctccaaa tattatacaa atgctgtgtc    137220
     acagttcaag agatttgggg tttggcctta gactagctca ctgaagtcct cataacctga    137280
     ctgttgagat ttaatgattt tagaggtttt gctcaactgt cccatgtttc atcatttgtg    137340
     tggatgtgac atacacctga aagatacaac tttaatgtaa gagcaaaatt gttgagacat    137400
     ataatttcat tataatttca aagatttgtt acattgttgt ccagcattac tgagtatagg    137460
     actcagggtg agccagaaac accgtggagg aagagccatg aaaagggaaa ctttacaact    137520
     catgatagta gagtaagcaa aaattgtgtg gggaaacaca ataggaaaat atgttcccca    137580
     gtgacatgcc ctagtaacct gcttttacct actgtgttgc tccaagaaaa tttattagaa    137640
     agcaatccat cattgcatga gactgttggg aacagcccac tctttggcat acttattttt    137700
     aaaaattgat tttaaacata taacaaaata agaatgaaaa tgcgctctgt tttaaatagt    137760
     agcttcgaaa ttaatgattg caagaattat gaaaagctga ctacagagct aatcttaatt    137820
     atgtgtattt gtattatcaa tagtgaataa tttggtattt ccgttttagt aagacattgc    137880
     aacaagatta gaatattata accttaagtt aagaaagatc acattttaaa accagtaatt    137940
     ctaactatta atactacaga ttgcttttaa attctagagc ctacaaattt taaacatggt    138000
     gtattataaa atatgatcat ttgaaggggt attatatgaa gtgcttttca gaagagtgct    138060
     gaagatttat gtcttttaat cttcaggcag taaaatattc atgttcccag atatactggc    138120
     ctagtttata aatgaacaat agagattgca atatgtattg ccttaatagc aaagacagag    138180
     taaatagtat gaacattcac tgaatgatct gtagaaagaa actccagtgg tttgtttttg    138240
     ttcttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgcattcagg atgatattcc agaatgaagg ctcaacattt    138300
     tacttattga taatttctga attttattat agaaaaatca taattcttgt acatgaaaag    138360
     atgaaacgaa gctaaagata tcttcagtta tacatatctt ggggtatagc acatgcccaa    138420
     cacatgaaaa ccattggttt gatccctagt actgcagatg aaatctccta agggtgagct    138480
     tcgggtaaat ataagagtct cctgaggcaa ttcactcata gagagaggat ttatttaact    138540
     tgtggcgttg gaagttataa gttaacatct atctggtgag gatagtgggt aataacatgt    138600
     tggacaatag cagctgtacc agagctcacg gatacagact tacgttgcca tcagaaagaa    138660
     tctccttgga acctaacacc tctgaaagac cccctacttg ctaaagatac accgaacctc    138720
     tcaataagac gccctgaaaa tgaagtcatt gcacttggaa acctggatat ttctcaaccc    138780
     tcaaaccata gcagatcagc tgagaaaacg cattattatt attattatta ttattattat    138840
     attttcaata ttctcaccac agcatcccca ctctccacac ctcgcagctt ctgtaacctc    138900
     tcccgtcctc aagacccgcc tctgcttttt tcacttcaga aaagagcaag cctctaaaga    138960
     ctaaccactg aacatgtcat aaagagatac agcaagacta ggtacaaacc ctcatatcac    139020
     ggctgactgg tgtaacacag gagtgaaaag taaattccca agagcagagt cagagacact    139080
     cccaactccc actgttagga gtcccttaaa cacaccgaga taacaaccat aacatacgtg    139140
     caggttccct cacacagacc catgcagacc ctgtgatgag attataactg atcattcaca    139200
     cattagaaag agcatactat agtaaaaagc aagcattaac tgaaaaaaaa atgtactaca    139260
     agggaggaaa gattcggaat acctacagaa gtgtgcatca agaaaccaca ttagttttta    139320
     atatgtctta tttctaggat gatcaggaca agttttgaaa attaacaatt aaacaaattt    139380
     tcatcacatg tgctctcttg tttacttacc tacccatcct caaatcctaa attttttttt    139440
     agaaatgtaa tttatgattt attatgttta acaatatgga aaaggatcaa tcacacatgc    139500
     agacaatttg tatattttaa ttgacttacg ttttgtacta agcctttttt cccaattttt    139560
     tattagatat tttattcatt tacatttcaa atactatcct gaaagtcccc cataccttcc    139620
     cctgctttct gatctcctac ccacccattc ccacttcttg gccctggcgt tcccctgtac    139680
     tggggcatat aaagtttgca agaccaaggg gcctctcttc ccaataatgg ccgactaggt    139740
     cctcttctgc tacatatgca gctagagaca tgagctctgt ggatactggt tagttcataa    139800
     tgttgttcca cctatagggt tgcagaaccg ttcagctctt gggtactttc tctagctcct    139860
     ccattggggg ccctgtgatc catccaatag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttcc    139920
     caggcactgg catagcctca caagagacag ctgtattagg gtcctttcag caaaatcttg    139980
     ctggcatatg caatggtgtc tgcatttgga ggctgattat ggaaatccta aagttttaat    140040
     tgatataaag agaggaacaa atagaaatga agccatggga aataatgact tttaaaaatt    140100
     tcttcagtgc catacttatt caattaaaat tgtacaactt tttattgata catttagagg    140160
     gataattaaa tcaaaataca taggacacat tatggattcc ccctatattc tcttttgctg    140220
     gcaactgttt ttttgtaaca gtctagtgta gatggatcta agaggatgga tcaaagcaga    140280
     tatctacctg gtgccaattg tttcatctcc cctttaaaga agtcatctat gaaatcttac    140340
     gtaagtttct aattctttga ctgttaaaaa aaaattttga gaatcatgtc tacttgatag    140400
     gattcccatg atgcagttgg taaacataca gtttaccagc actattcatt taaaatcata    140460
     tacagttatt aatgttatga acaagtcttc tagaaagttg tctatatgaa tggcagtgtt    140520
     agatcaaagg tcatgcatag ttatattact taacacatac tgataaaata tcttctgaaa    140580
     tgtttttata aataactcta gatttaaagc gaaatggcta acagaaatgg aagctaggtg    140640
     aagagaaacc tcagatggtc cctttagagt tgacgagtag tgtttagcac agccagcttc    140700
     aaagatgttt gaaagaagca cacagaactg gtagacagca tgacctgctt gccctctgaa    140760
     tactgatatt tcaatgacct gattttcaac ctgaggattt tcaaagtgac aaattatgct    140820
     catttggctt gtaatgatgt tctgattata gactaagtca aaagatggat ttccttgaag    140880
     tcttttctta atgttcttaa atcgtgttct gacctttcca aacattttag ctgatagtag    140940
     cggatttaga ttccagtaaa agtttcacaa tcatatattt aaatatattt atattcacat    141000
     aaggaatgtt tatatatttt ctaataaaaa atgttacagg cttttctaaa tatgccattc    141060
     tacttatacc gtaattaacg tggtatacaa ttattgttca tatttttaaa ataatgtatg    141120
     ataagagttt tgtaagttaa ctgatttttc cacccttggt atgattcatg aagccttgca    141180
     agtcaaatat gctttatgta tcattgtaga aaagatttca gcacataatc ctattgttaa    141240
     tttgaattat tccctctaac tcgcccttca ttgtgtccca agtatttact aagatccagc    141300
     tatgcaggaa atataaaacc taggccttgc aataaaagta acaattgaga caaggtcact    141360
     acaagatatt tacatcctct aggggaatgc atctaataat cttaaactta tggtttgtta    141420
     aactgcagta cctgaacaag atcacttcat aaaaacagag aagactacat ttcaaaacca    141480
     gtaatagagg aacttgataa taatgaaaca ataaggcatg agtgatggtc tatgacacaa    141540
     aaaaatcatc actgtgttat aaagcaaata gtagagatgg aatttttcct aagagaagga    141600
     aagaagagtc tgtgaataat gtaaaaggta gaagttctta gaatctctgc agagttctat    141660
     ccctgcaatg tgcacactaa acgacctcgg agttgaccag gaaagagaag aattaatgca    141720
     cataaatact ttcgagcaaa acttagttga acagaataca ggatgtttgc ttgaggcaga    141780
     ggctgattag gggataggtt tgaacacaaa gaggagagtg aaacaaagag agtggcagct    141840
     caatctgtca ctagatgtga cttgtgactt agctgaggaa cccacctatg aataacggtt    141900
     gtgaagcagt cctcatagaa ctgcggattg aaggcagagt tcagaaacac agagacaaga    141960
     cacatcacta ctgttgacga gaaaggaatt tcacagatag gtatcatgag ctaaaaaaca    142020
     caagatttga tcgatatttg ttggtgtaaa gcacagtagt gcaatgacag agagaagaaa    142080
     aataaaagat ttcagaaaga taacaacagt tttatacact gacaaacaag gtctaatctt    142140
     ttcattcttc aaataaacat tttacctcaa aatatgtatt attgagtgag ttaagcacat    142200
     actaaaaact tcattttact tttatttatt attattacta ttattaattg tgaaagaatc    142260
     ttgcataggt aagccttgcc tctgacttgc tatagaccat gaattcccta atcttcctac    142320
     atccccatat tctagagtta tagactgcca tcatgctttg ctctctcctt tacttgactg    142380
     attagacatc atagatataa atgtagtttt gccacacagt tgccttgtct tgttccatgt    142440
     taacgtccta cctttcctgt cttctgtagg cctgcagatt cacttgatga ccactcaaac    142500
     tccaatggga taaataagtg gatttttaga tatggaataa ttcaacgtgt aaatgtgtgc    142560
     tagtatttca taaaattttc tgtaaactct gtcccatttg agccatcctg agagtaagag    142620
     aagaaaaaaa ttctacctca ttataagtaa gatggctaag aaaggcatcc atggcccatc    142680
     ccatactgat cagaataatg agaggaaaag taaggaacat ctaacaccag ttacatatta    142740
     ataggaaaga cagataaact tcttaccatt ctcacagcag attatcttcc aatactacct    142800
     agaacatctc agcatattga catgctatca aaatcacttg aggttcatga gggactagaa    142860
     tggttccaat aatacatttt ggaacttata acatctgtag tatgctttaa taataattta    142920
     aaattcactg ctgttatata tatatacaca taatacatca aatatccaga aatattttcc    142980
     aaagaaaaac aagaaattat gataataaaa ttggatgagg attattttaa ttatttacaa    143040
     tatttttctg attcaagatt aaaataggaa atatttaagc atggattcat tagtgtatag    143100
     actttacctg actttaatta aatagaattt gtaattaaca tgtctgttca ttcagtcata    143160
     ctatacttca agtggatact gatattttta tcagaaaagt aatccagaat gttattattt    143220
     taaaatatga tgcttattta tatctattat actatataac ttagaaattt ttaaattctg    143280
     ttaaaatagc atattaaaac tttgcttcag tttacctacc taattctcat gaagagaaac    143340
     agacttcttt aaatctgaga gaatatggag ggcttcatat atgtgtaagc tagattaact    143400
     aattaggagc aaagccactg caaactgcct tttagaacaa aattgcataa caccatagat    143460
     ggcacttagc aagcactgaa ttaaaataag acattttatt attattttaa gaattctaca    143520
     cagtgtcaac cccactttcc ttcctcctcc atttttagtt tcactctcat ctacttatct    143580
     cctctagtat tagtgttctc tttcactgtt ttatttcata gccttctgaa tccatatatc    143640
     atttatatgt acagtatata tttatatcat atgatatatg ttatacataa tattttagtt    143700
     tatcagataa gtactgtaga ttcctagtgt ctgatgccat aaattgatat gcatataaat    143760
     tgcatattgt taaacacagt aaaattattt atatacatat acatacatgt atatatatgt    143820
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttcac agtttgatag atctcagaaa    143880
     gcttatatcc tagaacatct ttccacttct atggtaagct tgtgtttcta ccactgcttc    143940
     ctctgtttcc attatctcca atgttgtaaa ttctacatga aagtcaaatc atacaataag    144000
     tctatacgtc tttctgtgtc cataggtgac tgtatctgtt gaaaattgtg gaggtctctg    144060
     tggagaagca tagtctatga aactctgttg gtaaaaacaa taagcctgaa tgtgaaaaca    144120
     aacaaacaac aacaacacaa acagtgttag ctaaattgac agtatgttct cattatgagc    144180
     aggtaaactt tggtgtgggt aataagtaag taaatttaaa ttaccaaggt cctctaactt    144240
     ctgcaatgtt tcttcttatc aattatcacc atcaaggcaa aatatgaagt ttgtatgaac    144300
     ctttcttagc tcagataaaa ccctctttga tataagatgt ttgactctgc tgtaagagga    144360
     ttaggctagt aagatccact cagttccaag ctcaaggaag gactatatat ccctaattct    144420
     gaattttatt ttccagcttt tttacaattg cctacattct aagtatacct ttcataaaat    144480
     taaggcttta gaaaagctag aatgcctaat tgatagttgg gatagaaaga acagagatga    144540
     ttctgatgag ccattgtggt caaagcacct ctgtcaatat ggctgaacct gcttgatctt    144600
     cattgtgcat cagagaccgt tttcttcctc tgggacccag gtttgccttc cctgcattcc    144660
     tttccagagt ccttaaaagt ctcttagaat ctgcttcaca aataatccac ccatgaagtc    144720
     tcaccaacag gacaactgaa catgagcaga aaaggatgcc agcccacatg tcaaactgca    144780
     tgggaaaaag attacaaggt ctcatctcac cagaagaacc aaaagctctt aagaaacaaa    144840
     ggcagtggga gagttagctg gtccctcaga agagcaccaa gtaccaactt ttcagacgtg    144900
     aaaacatatg cacaagtaag agtaaatgga ctcaacaagt tgtatttggt tatattttat    144960
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aagaggagga gagaaatatc tgcatacact    145020
     atgataaaaa taaattcatg aattagagat aaggaaagta aaagcagggg tatggagaaa    145080
     gggaaatcaa tcggggagga gatgaaatta gaatacaatc cccaaaataa gccaacacaa    145140
     gcaaaaataa tcaaaatcca aatggaaata taaaaatata taaagcacat gagaagtaag    145200
     ttgtgtaaat ctctgggtta aaggattgca tgataaattc tataaaaata tagtaattgg    145260
     tggattggtg ggctgaattt attaaaatgt gtcatcatat tgaatgttgg attagtttgt    145320
     gtactgtatc ccagagagca caaacagcag ttatgactat aaagtgttag gaaatgtcaa    145380
     ggaaagaaag catgttttac accagaaagg gaaacaaatt gtgttgataa atcttcagtg    145440
     cctgaagtca tattggagcc caaagcacgg aaattagact gtgagacttc aaatcttagt    145500
     tttgagtaat gtgttatgct tcgtattcaa gtgcattaat acagtatcta agacatcatt    145560
     tctggtctgt tttctttctt tgttttcatt taagggaagc ttagccaatt tccttcaaaa    145620
     cctgtgttta aagaatttat aatataaaga tagatctact ggaatatcta ccctgtagaa    145680
     caagctgagg atatggtgat aggatacagt gctagggaaa gtaaatacaa tttttaaatt    145740
     ttattttatt tgcttattct tctcttacac aaagcatccc agtcgctgcc tctcccttcc    145800
     tcccagccct gctcctccaa acctatggct cctctatttt ccctcagaaa agagcagact    145860
     tcttggtggt atcaactgaa cactgcataa caagatgcta taagactaga ctaatcacaa    145920
     accctcatag gaaacaagac tggacaaagc atcccagtca attataaaac atctgatgga    145980
     cagggtgaac aaggcagaag agtcaaaaac actcccactc ccattgttag gagtctaaca    146040
     accaccctca atctaaagaa ctacaacatt tatgcagatg gcatagggca gatctatgca    146100
     ggatttatgt ttgctgtttc tgtcattgag cccctatgac ccctgcttag ttgttcctgt    146160
     gggctgtgtt ctcctggtgt cctcaaatac tctggcacct caatttttca acatgaagtt    146220
     gaattttaag ttaggaatgc caaagtggga agcatgcatg ttaaacaaca gatgactgtg    146280
     tgaatgaatt ctgtcttcat agttcactct gacaaaggat agtatgcatt ctctaagcca    146340
     catcttctgt caggttatac aaacatctcc tactctatgt tgtaacttat catgtatgtg    146400
     tctatgcatg aacatgtgca tagacacata tgcatgtgca ttttctagag tattttgatt    146460
     atttctgcct acataaggag aacatcccaa tggggaacac atattattga caaatcttca    146520
     aataataaaa gataataagt ggttgggcct ttggaagtct ccccttttct agttcttaat    146580
     acagcttgat cttttctgtg tatttgtatt ttgcagcagt tcagttagtg aaagtttccc    146640
     tctctcattt actatggggt agaataatcc tccattctcc caatttggag agactgtatt    146700
     acactgggaa gaagcttata ttaaaattgc atttgatttt cacagttttt acaatgacaa    146760
     gaggtcaact ttaagattaa aatatgttgg aagttttctt gtgtgaaagt aactttgatt    146820
     tgccagatca ctggcttgct gctgactaag ctcatttgcc ctttctagtt ctttctgaat    146880
     tccgactttc tggttcaatg cagctgttgt gactcaaacc tcctctccca gctgactaat    146940
     ccaaactgac ttctctcgga gtcttaactg tactcaactg aactacaccc actacactgg    147000
     cctgaactca gttgaactcc actccattca actgaggtgc actgaactgc attgaactga    147060
     actcaactga actgcactca ctcaactgcc ctcccacaga cccactttgc cctgcactta    147120
     agcttcttct ctctcataag agttgggaat ctacgatctc tgactcattc tgccaaatct    147180
     ttctctgttt catcactttg tctacttctc aattagatgt cactttcaaa catagctgct    147240
     tccttctact aactaacctt atcttcattg ctagggatta aagatgtata ctaagggtct    147300
     gtctgtagac tagccagacc atactctgca ctctagctag atcagataaa cctagaaatt    147360
     cttttgatgt gataccttgt cagagcagca tttttaatcc agagaaactg gattaaaagg    147420
     catctaaagt agtataaaca cagaagatta actttctacc gtgcatctaa atggaaagta    147480
     ttgctcagtc tagggttagt tgtggatagg atggctttat atcttgctta gtttcaatga    147540
     tgttatttat agccattatc acaggagagt aataatttgg agacattaca gatatcactc    147600
     atttacgtaa attccattta atattgccta ttctcatagt tagggtttct aattctatta    147660
     taaaacacta tgtccaaagc aacagttcta catcacagtt gatcactgag aaaatttaag    147720
     acaggaactc aaacattaaa gaaatgcaga ggttgtagtt gagaccatga aaggatgctg    147780
     cttgctagct tgctcattcc atatataagt caggactacc tgcacaaggg taataccacc    147840
     tacaatggtc tagtccctcc caaattaatt attaatcaag aaaatatcct ataggacagt    147900
     ctggtggcca tactttctca acctttggtt tttctctttg cctctaaact gtgccaatta    147960
     tttgacttta aaaactagcc agcatacaca tgcatggcat agaattagtc atccctcttc    148020
     catcacaata gaacatctaa cataaaaaca tactgtgttt accacaaact ctatgaggtc    148080
     aaatgacctc atgttcaaaa cacctaaaac ctgcttccag ttcttttctc ttcttttttt    148140
     aaaatttact tttattaggt attttcttca tttacatttc caatactatc ccaaaagtcc    148200
     cccatacccc ccccaactcc tctacccacc cactcccact tcttggccct ggtgttccac    148260
     tgtactgagg catataaagt ttgcaagaac aatgcgcctc tctttccaat gatggccaac    148320
     tagcccaact tctgatacat atgcagctag agaaatgagg tctggggggc actggttagt    148380
     tcattatgtt gttccaccta taggcttgca gaccccttta gctccttgga tactttctct    148440
     agctcctcca ttgggggcct tgtgatccat ccaatagctg actgtgagca cccacttctg    148500
     tgtttgctag gccctggcat agcctcacaa gagagagcta tgtctgggtc ctttcagcaa    148560
     aatgttgcct gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcagc gtttggaggc tgattatggg atggatcccc    148620
     aggtatggca gtctctagat ggtccatcct ttagtctcag ctccaaactt tgtctctgta    148680
     actccttcca tgggtgtctt gttcccaatt ctaagaaggg gcaaagtgtc cacactttgg    148740
     tctttattct tcttgagttt catgtgtttt gcaaattgta tcttgtatct tggatattct    148800
     aagattctgg gctaatatcc acttaatcag tgagtacata tcatgtgagt acttttgtga    148860
     ttgtgtttcc tcagtcagga tgatgccctc caggtccatc catttgccta ggaattccat    148920
     aaattcattc tttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgcg taaatgtacc acattttctg    148980
     tatccattcc tttactgagg gacatctgtg ttctttccag catctggcta ttataaataa    149040
     ggctgctatg aacatagtgg agcatgtgtc cttcttacca gttcttttca aagaggtatt    149100
     tcctttgggc atcagtgacc ttgataatcc aggcctcatt taaaagatat atcactagca    149160
     gagggaatga aggtgaattt ccttcatgag tttcaaaaga ttggaaaaca gattagaaaa    149220
     atatccatga gaatacatat atctggtgtg atagcatgca gcctatgtct tattttgtgg    149280
     aaactttgcc atgtctgttt gcttgtcctc ttaggtaatt ctgagtctta ttctatagtg    149340
     gtgtatgtga gatattaatg tattttccca tccattctat taaatgaaat cctttaactt    149400
     ggcactttga acactacaag gcatttaatt caatggtcta tgcactctaa taatggccat    149460
     ttaaataata caattcacat gtaattacat catacattta aactcgaaaa gttcttttgg    149520
     gctccaaact tcttcaaatg atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataaat    149580
     tattttctct tttttctaat tgacagtata gccaatctaa tgattaaaaa tgagtaagga    149640
     gtgggaaaga ataagaactt aaggtaattt tgagaatgga ccaactccgc tgacagatca    149700
     aataactatt ctcctgaaac tgtagtttga cctcaaataa cagtgccctg aaagcacact    149760
     ttgaaaaggg ctctttcctt tgaataacaa tgagatggac ttgcattgat gtcaacactg    149820
     ggtaccagga aacaccaggc actagttctc agaactctca tgactcatgt cgaccaaacc    149880
     ccagcagtgg gttctgagaa ttccaaatta gaaaacaaca taccaggaag aaagttaaat    149940
     tttctgtcat atttcattag tggcttaact ggctttttat tgtaagttaa tggttttatt    150000
     ttatgtttta gttgtaagaa ccagtgaaca tagaaacaaa tagtgagtca gataaaaaga    150060
     tcaccctgac aaaattatat tcaacaaaag aacttgatgc taactgtgga atatgaagct    150120
     aaatgcactg aaaatgacat gtttttaaac aatgtgttcc atgtttaaag atgaggttat    150180
     ctttttcctc ctagggcatc atcaggctta gtagcaagga cactttaata ttacattttg    150240
     gttatacctt tctactctat attctgtttt cttctttgtg tgttgttcag cagttttata    150300
     atttacataa tgactgttgt cattttcacc tctattctct tcccttgtat cttctttgca    150360
     gactcccacg cagagcatct tttaatcaat gagatgctcc ctgtctttca acttcaactc    150420
     tctaagagag cattttgata cctctcaggg aaataatatc aaccttacat tgatgtttat    150480
     aatggcaaat gtactctttc ctaatcacag gttttaaata tttagatatt tcttctttag    150540
     ctatttcttc ttttgcaatg catatatgta aataatgaaa ttaattttct aggtaatact    150600
     aattttcacc ttttaagcaa taggactttc attaaaatga aatgaaaaga gaggcttttg    150660
     taatatttgc tcttaacatg tatgtagaga cttgactgct tctgtggata atcaccctgt    150720
     tcatttccaa ttacatccaa tttgaaaaaa gcaatcagat acttaagttg actttaatct    150780
     ctaggcccaa agattttact ttagattgat atgaaaaagt tggaatatta aaaaaataaa    150840
     atagatagac tcgcgactcc aggcatattt gttattctgt tctcaccatg tttttgatgg    150900
     caaacctttt taatgacact gctgtcatta tctatggttg gtgaattcta gtatgtatgt    150960
     atatatatgt atacacacac acacacacac tgtgaattta atctttaagt tcagctctca    151020
     tctcacaaaa tatgcatata gatccattat gagtcatgag attaaaatta tggcaaatta    151080
     cagatgcagg atgaatctgc acaatatagt aatgcacata caatcattat tcccagagaa    151140
     aaccaagaaa atccggagaa agtagctgtg tgcagtacct agtacacagt actattcatg    151200
     ctggatgctt gacataccat gtcctgctta gctcagaaaa tcgtaatgtg ttcatcaaat    151260
     aaggactgag tattagtata tattttctaa aaatcatttt actttgataa actgtcttca    151320
     cattgtcaac ctgtacaatt actgaaaact atcaaggaat accacctttg tctaccttgg    151380
     tacatataag ttcaggtata tttctgattc taatatctat tctcatctgt gccttggaat    151440
     gaagatcagt cagtggtact gtgcaataaa aatgacagta tttacaaata ctttatatat    151500
     gtaattctga gtttatttta tggttctttc agaagccatc cagcatactt tctactttta    151560
     ttttgcatgg catatataca tcaagcatta aaaaaatttt gagcatataa aacatctatt    151620
     ttttatattt tcaaaaatta tgtttttaaa taggaagttt ttaatcttgg aaagaagacc    151680
     attgtggaga gcatagctaa tatctgtcaa cattcttggg aacatcatcg aaccttgctt    151740
     tcaggtttaa atagacccat taggatctaa cgtgaatatt tacatctgaa ggacagaaag    151800
     cacctatttc attggaagga aacttgatca gagtgttctc tactacctat tcaaaatttc    151860
     aaaagaatca catgttgcca actcattcac atcaagatat aataatctgg aaaatggctt    151920
     tccttaattt gctttctgag taatatgcac cgtaagaaac tgctgtagct cacctgttac    151980
     aatttctata agagcataga cattttccta ttaataattt ccacattcca tgaagattat    152040
     actcccttta ttttatctat gatatttaaa tttttagaaa tcttctctct ttaattatat    152100
     atatatatat gattatctta aggggaactt ttagtatgtg tgtggtatgt gtatgtcttc    152160
     gtttaagtgt gagaatattc atttatataa ataaacttta aaggaatatt tactacctat    152220
     aattttctta aaaattttga aaattcccat tttatttcat cagtgccaat attttaaaat    152280
     gatattgact tttcccctta taaagaaagt acatttattt ctggaagcta ataagtatat    152340
     gctcaatgtc tcggtgcatt cagtgtccgg tgagagcttg ttatctgagc tgttattatc    152400
     tatcttggga tgtctcttca tgcccattta agggtaccaa tcttttgtct ctgattctga    152460
     gatttgctta ttgttccagt ctcttcctcc taaaactatt acattcaaaa ctagatcagc    152520
     atttgtattt tgaaaagcac aaatataaac taaaagctaa tttttttatg gctagcatct    152580
     ttgattagcc ttcaaattca tggcctgctc tcttcctcct cctcttcctc ctcctcttcc    152640
     ttttcctctt cttcctactc ctcctcttcc ttttcctctt cttcctactc ctcctcttcc    152700
     ttttcctctt cttcctcctc tcctcctccc ctcctcctcc ttctcttctc cttctccttc    152760
     tccttttgta ccactcttcc tcttcctctt cctcctcatt cccttcctca tcctcctctc    152820
     ttcccatttc tcttcctact cttcctctct tccttcctct tcttcactat atggtatatc    152880
     atgaatacac atatatgtac atacaactat ttccctaaat atcacctgtt gaattcatgt    152940
     agggctaagt ttatgtattt aagccatagc cacttgacac aggtgcaaca gtaagcgtgc    153000
     tcctccttgg gaagacatcc tctctgtcac attgttacat ggttgtctat aataaatatt    153060
     tctatggagc tgaagtctca tgtttttgtt gttgttgttt tgttttgttt ttgtccagct    153120
     tggcattgat ttcttccttg ttcagctcac ctttagaaac tcatgctgtt aagattttaa    153180
     ggcttaagat tcttgtttta ctaggagaca caagctctgg ctgttagaat cttcccatgc    153240
     cctcttaggc aatgttccct gagctttcag tgagagagtt ttgtaggtat atacattggg    153300
     acctggttct acagctgtgc atttttattg actggggttt tctataatag tctccatctg    153360
     ttgcaaatag atctttgctt gtggaggggt gaaaactcta cacacctgct gctggtaaag    153420
     acaaatactt attttcattc taagagattg tactggttta gcaaatcaaa ttttgtagat    153480
     tctttctcag taaccatggc tttattagaa ctgagtattt attatgtttc caggtttttg    153540
     ttttgagcag tgtctttcaa acccggggct cccgtatatg gtcaatgtct ttaattatct    153600
     tttaccaaag atccatggtc ttttccttcc taaattgaaa ttactggaga gacactatat    153660
     acatccagta tgtacatagg ttctatcact atagctatag ttattttgtt tgtgttaaat    153720
     acttcaccac tgaactatat tcccgtctca caaagtttac aaactatttt taaacaagtg    153780
     atgcaactag tatcacatcc atgagtaaag ctcaaaattg ttaatatttt cttcagaaat    153840
     gaaaactggc attattttat tttaaaaaaa tttattggct attttattta tttacattcc    153900
     aaatgttatc ccccttcccg ttttcccctt ccacaaaccc cctatcccat cccttctttc    153960
     cctgcttaat tgagggtgct tcaataccca cccacccacc cattcctacc tcactaccct    154020
     aacagtcccc tacactgagg cattgatcct ttacaggacc aaaggcctcc catctcacat    154080
     tgattccaga taaggcaatc ctctgttaca tatgacaatc ctccgtgtgt actcaggttg    154140
     gtcttttagt ccttgggaga ttaagattaa gttggttaat attgttattt ttatagggtt    154200
     gccaacccct tcagctcctt cagtccttcg cctaactcct ctattggagt cccctgctca    154260
     ggcccatagt tggctgcaag catccacatc tgtattggtt agaatctggc agagcttctc    154320
     aggatacagc tatatcaggc ttctatcagg aagcacttct tggcatcagc aatagtgtct    154380
     ggctttgtta tctgcattat gggatgcatc cccactcttt gtccctgtat ttcctttaaa    154440
     caggaacaat tctgggttaa taattttgag gtgggtgggt ggccccatcc ttctcccggg    154500
     ggccatgcct gacctctgga tatggtctct acaggttctc ccttcctttg ttgagtgttt    154560
     ctgctaatgt cattcctgtt gagtcctaga agccacttgc tttcctgtta tctgggactt    154620
     tatggtggtt acccctagtt ccccgcctca cagtgctaca caggtccttt caatttcctg    154680
     accctctgta cttctctcct tagtaaaaca aaatatgtga gtgtagaaag atttcttaca    154740
     cttaataaat tcatctttgc atttgattaa aattatattt tgaaagattt taatcagaat    154800
     attgttttgt taaatcaaaa aatatgtaac tgtgggggat tagcatgtgt agatttattt    154860
     attattatga tggtgatatt tatggtcatg gaccttatac cctctaggtg agtactgcta    154920
     cactgagtta cagcctcagt tacatagtga taagaactgg gaacaccagg gccaagaagt    154980
     gggagtgggt gggtaggggg ttgggggtat gggggacttt tgggatagca tttgaaatgt    155040
     aaatgaagaa aatacctaat taaaaaattg gaaattataa aaaaaaagaa ctgcaacatt    155100
     gttagtctca attgctgttt ataaatctgt atatttgggt agctttcatt ttttttaaat    155160
     ttttattagg tattttaaat ttttattagg tatatatata tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata    155220
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata taatatatac aataaagaaa    155280
     agaagctgat ttcaccacaa ggccaaaatg aaaaacatta caagttgatg taaataaaaa    155340
     atgatgctga ctcattgagt tttgatgaaa atagagaaca tgaagttaaa catttcaaaa    155400
     cattgtattc aactgtatac ttgaactttt gattatgtag agctatttaa gcatccattc    155460
     ttcataactg cccagtaatt tcatgagggc agatcaacag aatcagattt tgagtatgta    155520
     aaagaaagaa atccaacact gaaaataaga ggatcttctc ctagttgata aagatcaaat    155580
     tccttatgac tgtcaaatga ttaacagtta ccagcaagct atagataaaa aagaaacaca    155640
     gatgtttcat ttaatatatc agttgttctg aaggtttaac cagaaagcag aagacattgt    155700
     tttaattgtg ctatctaata tataatttaa ggaatatatg actgtcattt ttccaattta    155760
     gcaaaaactc tgcctattaa tcataaaata gcactttcat acattattaa atctttgaga    155820
     cattgaactt gaataatcta attaatacaa agttgtgatc ataagtcctt ttgatgttaa    155880
     ttacaattag atgctagaaa aattaaaaca tgtattgaaa tatcaaaagc tataaatact    155940
     tttaagctac aaatgtggac tgtaagagtt gacagaggtc tataaccttg aatcaattga    156000
     caatgaacaa aatagaacac attatgggcc cattttaatt attacttcaa agtgcttaaa    156060
     tgtcttcaga ctagtaaaat gcagtctgtg ctaagcagca ggggggatag aatctatgtc    156120
     tctgttgtaa tattaatacc aattaaaagt ctttattata ttaagagcca gggaacccaa    156180
     cttaatatca caattttatt cctggtacat ttctcaaagt taggatgacc ttggttaaaa    156240
     tactaacttt gatttatttt aactttgcaa aaacacatga ttaaaaattt caacttatat    156300
     attatggatt agctgccaat ggattgattt ctgattatac gatactatgg gtgctggaca    156360
     tagttcaatc taagtggaaa ttgtggagaa gtccttaaag gataaaacag aaatgaataa    156420
     ttattcagct cttcatgtta cagacgttag cattctttat gtatcagtcc atctaatgct    156480
     caggtctgtt aaaagtcctc ctattcaatt ccaagaatat caacatccct ccccctgtga    156540
     aatttctaag tctaaattga caaatctaca aacaatatcc aaatctttat gagattattt    156600
     ttaatctttt tgtaatttat ttttaaacat tattttgaaa ttttcataca tgcatactat    156660
     attaccacca tttccaatcc ctctctgtta tcattcctca catttatttt caactattac    156720
     tacttctcaa attcttaata ttttttcttt tattgtataa cataagcaaa cacgttataa    156780
     ttaattcatt ttgttatgca catgtgtgtg tgttgagggc tgaccacttc ctaattttgt    156840
     aacctttcag agggcttatc cccagggaaa atggattctt ctcacagtac ccattggctg    156900
     cctagttctt catctagttg tgggacaatg taaaatcccc ccttccacac tggcaacttg    156960
     cctggtgtta tcattgtaca gatcttgttt aggcaaccat attgttgaca ttttatggat    157020
     acagtatccc tcacatattt aggaaatact acctacccat ccacatcctg gttctctgtc    157080
     tcttaaaaat attctgtccc cttttttgtg gattctgagt cgtacatatg cttattctat    157140
     agatacatct attggcactg gcagcctaca gtaacttact gtttttggtg tgacaagttg    157200
     tgaatttcta taataatccc catctaccac atacagaagt gtaagaacaa cagttatctc    157260
     tggttacaat gatgcatgta tatagtagag taagaaatta tattgactta aagaaatgaa    157320
     attatatgtt tgcctctgta ggtctatgac ctcactagca atggctaatt tttatgacag    157380
     ggataaagag cagaattttt attcttaaag ggaatcactc agtactgctg cacaaggatc    157440
     aatatacaac tataccaata ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa    157500
     tactctactt gagagggtat gagtttttca tactatggag gctatgagtc tgagtatagg    157560
     ctatctgctg tataagcagg aattctgact tactctttga agaggtgatg gatgccctaa    157620
     actctaaaat tatggctgcc catttcaagg tgatgcttca aaatgaattg taatgaagaa    157680
     aaaatatcca ggaattttga gcaaccatag ttcaagtgac tttatgatat cattgtgata    157740
     tagttaaaaa tgtgatatgg tggtggtggt ggtgagtgtg ctagtttttc taataaaggg    157800
     gattttctgc tcttaaatca ccactatcct acaggtatta actagtagtt aatacctact    157860
     agatgcctaa aagaggttgg atctctaaga ctgttcctac agccacaata aaattgttga    157920
     tgatcttatt ctatcacagg tcttgtgcag gtcaccacag caatagtgag gtcatgagcg    157980
     taattatact gtcatgtcca aaaaccgcct ttctgcttca tcttccccgt attctcgctt    158040
     tcatattcat ccatccccgg ctgtcatgct cttgattctt gagagaagta gatgttttct    158100
     taatgtgaac attccaactt cgtctcagtg ttctgaaaaa ctaggacatt cttccttaca    158160
     tttgcacaac gtaatgagaa caaaatgaat ttttccactc atgcatattt atatgtacgt    158220
     acatacatac atgcctactc atgcacaaac acatactctc tgtctctctc tctctctctc    158280
     tctgtctctc tgtaactctc tctcacacac acacacactc ttacacacac acacagacac    158340
     acaccacaac catgcaccct aatgcacaca catagtaatc cacatcacgc cctcacacag    158400
     tcattcatgg acacatatga atgcacatac acacttacac ccatatatat agataagctc    158460
     atccacactc agacacacaa acatactcac atacaattat atcaatagcc atatatactc    158520
     atgcccaaag acatacttgt gtacccttgc atacatacaa tcatgcacac ataaacacac    158580
     tcacagtttt tgtgatccat agtaaagtaa aaatctgaac agagaatcaa atttaacctt    158640
     gagctactat gatacatata taagactcta agtggtttgc ttttctgttt gtagtaaata    158700
     gacttcactc attgcaatca tatgtaggaa attgatatca tggtgttgtg tggatatttt    158760
     ttcacttttt gtcagttatt taattctatt tttgagaatt ataatttttc aagtaaaatg    158820
     ttttgtgaaa actgtgtgta gatccttgat agtattcata gtcttcactc tttagtaata    158880
     gattccatat tcttgaatag ctaccaccaa ttctatgtcc ataccattcc attcaaaaga    158940
     attactaaat tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga gagagagaga    159000
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagggaggga gggagggaga gggagaggga gagagagaga    159060
     atatcactga attacacaaa gatcaaagat cggtcaatat ttggtttgaa ccggatctta    159120
     tacttactgt ggtgaccagg atgcttagca gtgtaagtcc cacagtttaa catctttgcc    159180
     tagactcact acaaatccaa taacttctga gaacccagta ggatgtgatt tttttttttt    159240
     ttttgcggag caataggatt gctgtaagtg aaaactttgc aaagagggag aaaccaagaa    159300
     ttgcctgaca tttatttgta tcatcaatgc tcattgtctt gagaacagaa aatgaatgtg    159360
     taatataata aggttttatt ttgtgcagaa atagtattca taaaactttg ggtaaaagca    159420
     gttatataat cttggatata tgtagacttt aattatgtga atacgtttgt ataaaatatc    159480
     aaaaggaaga aattggtacc tgctttacag accacagtat ttattgcttt ctcataagaa    159540
     caagagctgt ataaattaac tggacgcctt agagctccca agaactaaac caccaaggaa    159600
     agagtttaca taggcctctc catatcttct ggtacatatg gagcagagaa ttaccttatc    159660
     tggcatcagt gggaggggag gcacttggtc ctgtagaggc ttgatgcccc agagaagtga    159720
     gatgctagag agatgaggtg ggagtggcta agtgggtgag ggaacaccct cctagaggct    159780
     aagtggagat ggggtgggga ctttgtggag gggagaaaga gaagagagat accatttgaa    159840
     atgtaaacaa ataaaatgat taataaattt acaaaaatca tttagtgtta ggtgctacca    159900
     tgatgatgta gccttgggat ccatttacag tcattctaaa aatttcatgt atcttttgat    159960
     gttatattta taaaattctt tatatataaa tgtttactat gatgtagaag aaatgaatta    160020
     atcatcaaac ttaatgtata ggatactttt atctatgtgt tagaactata gctatgtgtt    160080
     acaaaggcta ttagtaaata atcacgatag caatcataag aaactcaaga aaaaaataca    160140
     tgtagaatca ggacaaagca aagaattcta actcacatgc tgctcaaatg aatgaaacaa    160200
     gagattgtat gcacaacatc tcacctgcag tgtgtacaaa tttagaatat gtacaggttt    160260
     gcatgtggca aatacatgaa catatatgta tgtatttatg gctgttctac attggattag    160320
     ggttctgttc cttgggaaaa aagactcatt tctatctcca tttttgcttt ttttcacttt    160380
     tatgagaaaa atataaatat ctgaaggtag atgcacataa aataatactt tttctgcact    160440
     tcccatttcc acagtctttg aacataaggt ctgccataac aaagatgaac tgtgttccca    160500
     atttcatttg agacagcaag caaatggaag gtcatgctgt tgttatcttt cagaaattgt    160560
     gttatgcata aagaaaaact gtaatatcgt gcattacgag tatataactc tgacaaaaca    160620
     cataaccaag actaaaaatg gttaaaaaaa ttcataattt ggaaagaaat ggagtgtgtc    160680
     atagaagaac agttaaaaat atcatagcag gtgtaagaca ctgctgcgct ttgaagggtc    160740
     atgattaatc atacttttct tcccctgtgt gctacagagc agcagagtag gcatgggctt    160800
     ggtcagatgg ataacgcaac tttatcctta ttattgctac aactgatttg aagagcatga    160860
     cccagatatg gagatgaaac tgaatttcta ttaatttgcc atctgagatg aaaattccta    160920
     tccaaatcta ctgaactaaa cattatcatt attgtggaat cagggtactt ctctgagcac    160980
     gtctcttatt tacataggaa gtctcttgat tgtcgcgagt tcttagatgc acctataatc    161040
     tatcacagcc tttgatggca attagaatac aaaatgcgga gaggatgctt aaatagggaa    161100
     atacaaataa ccttagggga cgatgaataa tcaggcaaat attatagact gctctacttc    161160
     tttatagaca ccttaaaaaa taaatcccaa cccaaaaatt aataagatga ccctcctgac    161220
     aaggcattta gaaattaatg tagaaatgtc aatccctaag taagtatgag aaacggttat    161280
     gttttgttgt ttggattttt tgtttgcttg tttgtttgct ttttgtctgt ttgtttgttc    161340
     ctctcagcat tattttatca tgtttcttgt ggcatagatg gaaaatgagt aacttaataa    161400
     tggaaatgaa aacaaaatca caaggacaac cctacaacct ccaccaccct tggtaaggtt    161460
     aactctataa ctgatccata gcaaacccat ctgtggtatt ttaatcaaac acctgtttag    161520
     ttactgctta ggagatacat tgaaagtatt gattaagtta cttatcaact caatttaaaa    161580
     tagaaaagtt acattgtgct gtccaggagt gcacatcaca gtcacttcag actatacaac    161640
     acatttacac taaatgctgc ctccttccag gtcctctcct cacagagacc ctcccctgat    161700
     ggaccctccc tttcctctcg gagggtgtat gctctcctta tgccctcaag tctctgccag    161760
     ggtaggctta tacgttctca ccaaggccag acaatgcagc ccttttgaaa ggtaacatag    161820
     tcagactgta gttttaagga cagctgccac tccagttact agtggaccca catggagact    161880
     gagatgcata tctggtacat atgtgcatgg gagggtctcc ttcaaggctt tttgtgttat    161940
     tcgattggtg tctcagtctc tgagattccc cggatgccca ggttagatga ctctgttggt    162000
     ccttctgtgg actacccatc cccttcaggg ccttcagtcc ttcccataac tcttctatac    162060
     gagtccccga cctccttccc atgtttggct gtttcagtca gctgctgagt agagtctctc    162120
     agaggacagt tatgttaggc tcctgtctgc aagcataaca gattatcaat gacgtcagga    162180
     attgctgttt gcacatggaa tggttttcaa gttgtgcagc ttaatgtttg gacatttctt    162240
     cagtctcacc tccatctttg tccctgcatt tcttttagac aggagtattt taggtcaaaa    162300
     gttttgtgga tgggttgatg tccttatccc cccactggga gtcctgctta tttaaggagg    162360
     ttgcctcttc agagttgatg tccccagtct tgggaatctt agctaaggtc acaggtacta    162420
     acccctgaga gcgtccctca tctcagatct ctgggacttc ctaaagattg caccccaaat    162480
     gatctcacct ccagcagctg caaatttacc ttcattctcc tggccatctt ggagaatgaa    162540
     gcgactctcc tgccactcag cacacctgat catgtctcca ttgtcctcct ctctccctgt    162600
     cccacttttt tccctctctc cctctgcctc ctatgagtct ttgtccccct tctacgtgtg    162660
     atccgagcat cctctcttgg gccttccttc ttgttttaca tctttgggtc tgtgggttat    162720
     atcatgggca ttctgcactt tatggtaata tccacttatc agtaagtaca cacagagcat    162780
     attcttttgg atctggatta cctcactcaa agtgatagtt tctgcttcca tccatttgcc    162840
     tgcaaaattc atgatgttct ggttttaata gctgaatagt attccattgt gtaaatgaaa    162900
     catatttttt cggatccatt tttttttttt ttggttgaca cacatctggg ttgtttccag    162960
     tttctggcta ttatgaataa agctgttatg aacatagtgg agcacgtgtc cttgtggttt    163020
     ggcggagcaa cttttgggta tatgcccagg agcagtatag ctggtacgtc aggtaaaacc    163080
     atttccaatt ttctgaaaaa ccaccagatt gatttccagg atggttgtag aagttctggg    163140
     aatggaatgc aagtactcaa atagaaagca ttttgtggac tggggaagta tagccttgtg    163200
     atcatgcttt tatctgcaga aaacgttaaa gtaaaaattt tatgaccata gtctcttgtg    163260
     aatatctaaa attatacaat gatgcataac atttattata aaaataatga ttttgtacaa    163320
     catgttctag atgcttagac aagttaggga aatatttttt aaagattctg taagaaaata    163380
     acagtagcaa taatgaatga agcacaaata accaaatatt attagacatt tttatgaata    163440
     ttgtgatttc tcagttttag atatgaatga cagctgtatt attcattata taagtctagt    163500
     ctggataata aagagaaagc atgacagaca ggggcagagg aagatgagag aaagaacagt    163560
     aacgagtata gcatgacaga taaggtaaag aacctacttg catgtagtag ttgtaataaa    163620
     atgagaacaa tctcactgta tgtaatatca ttttattttt ctgtatggat tttaattctg    163680
     ttcctttcaa ggacaatttt attttcctct actgtgttta atgttcagta ttttattctg    163740
     acacatggac attttaatct agatactgaa tgagtaattt aaaacagctt cgtagacaag    163800
     aatctgagac acgtaaatca ggaagtatag tggagaatgg agataaggat ccacattcag    163860
     atttcagttc aaatgatctt gggccatcca tttacctgaa tacagaacca ctatgaagtt    163920
     tacgaaatct ttaaaaaatt ctattgagta tacagtagtt tctcttttat gttttatatg    163980
     catgcatgta ggtgaacatg aatatgcagt agtttacata aatccaatcc tatctttgga    164040
     cactcttata taatatagag acaagaggca aattacattt tacaagttga aagcacaaag    164100
     ataattacta ctcttgaaaa tttccagtac tttatttcca aactaaccaa tgtgcaagaa    164160
     gaagaaaaaa aatgtttgtc ttcctttctg aattgcttgt aatgcagatg tcccgataat    164220
     tactagtctg ctgttcagtg tacgttacta tgattgatcc tgtcatctgc attgtacatg    164280
     tttcctgtgc tctctgtctc caggtcagat cacataaaag aaatgaagat gcctcctatt    164340
     ataactaagt acaaagatga ctgcttgtct gttagaataa gtaccaactt tccgttcgtg    164400
     ctaattatat ttaagaagag ctgtagttag atgatgtgga agggaatagt aactccccaa    164460
     ttagtccaaa tgacagtctc tacagaactt gaagtctcag aatgcatatt cactcactat    164520
     tcacacaccc tgcagttaat ttgctgtaag ttgattgaac ctacaatcag gattttcatg    164580
     ctttgtagtc aatcatgtgc tttaaaaaaa tccagtaatt aaacttgacc aaataattat    164640
     agtaaaacac cattgataca tataaaacac atgtgttttt tttttggggg gggggggtgc    164700
     gacttctgtt gattctagct ttctgatgtt aaagggttca accagattgt tttggaatgg    164760
     cttgttgtgg caagaattgt gccgtccaca aatagatagt gtggccttgt catagatgta    164820
     gtttggatat agttgatctg taaatgccaa actttatgaa atgtaagtag attgtctttg    164880
     tgtatttgga aagatagaca gatagataga tgatatatag atagatagat agatagatag    164940
     atagatagat agatagatac acacacaaac atgtacacac aaagatgcac atacttataa    165000
     gcaggaaaca acaagtaatt caaagccaca aatgggaaaa actaagagga agtgtgatgt    165060
     tctgttttac tgcgctttgc ctacacctgt tcttgccatt ctcttctatg cctcttattt    165120
     cttctctgtt ctcatttcta tttgtattta tgagaggatc atacaatatg agctttagaa    165180
     tatatgatct gtctgatgaa ccaggagaag ttatgttatg attcagccat acaaggttaa    165240
     ggaaaccagg cttgtgcaca gtctcatcat gagaatatct gccagaaaaa taatctctgt    165300
     gagtctcctt tccactcact catcggcttc ctttagtgta tgctattgca tggagccata    165360
     tcagtcctgc agatagtttt tgtactgtca attgttcttt catctttcac tagaattatg    165420
     tgtgtagtca tgcaaggtcc ctttttgtga gtgctccata gcctcaataa tagtgtcagg    165480
     ccttgggacc tcaccttgag ttggatcaaa cttttggcct gtcactggac cttcttttcc    165540
     tcatgctcct ctccatttcc atccctgtag ttctttcaga cagaaacaat tatgggtcag    165600
     aggtgtgact gtggaatggt gaccccctct tacttgatgc cctgtcttcc tgctggaggt    165660
     ggactctatt ataagttccc tctccctact gttggatatt ccatctaaag tccctccctt    165720
     tgagtcctga gagtctctcc ccttctccag aagacccatt aagcagctga aagagtcaga    165780
     tgcagatatt tgcatccaac caatagatag aaacagctgg cccctgttgt tgaattaggg    165840
     aaggctgaaa gaagctgaag agaagggcaa ccctatagaa agaccagcag tctcaattaa    165900
     tcttgacccc tgagatctct caaacactgg accaccaaac aggcctcata tactagctga    165960
     tatgaggccc ccaacacaca ttacagttga ggattgctgg gtctatattc attcagagat    166020
     aatgcaccta accgtcaaga gactggaggc ctgagggagt ttagaggtca ggtggggtgg    166080
     gggtaggggc atccaagtgg agacagggag gtggaaaaaa ggtatgggat gtggaatagt    166140
     tggaaggtgg agggaggagg ttataaaata tggagtgtat ataaataaat aaataaataa    166200
     ataaataaat aaataaataa atggagtttt ttcatatttc tatataatga aagtatggca    166260
     gcacttatta aaattatatg ggcatttgaa atatttacta aacatttaca ttcacagtta    166320
     tatatagttt ctgtgtgata aatataactt atgcatgcaa atatctactt gcaattaaga    166380
     atattgtatt atgtattttt aggagtggca tttctgtttc atatttctac acacacccac    166440
     acatatatac ttactcacat atatacactc acacatatat actcacacac atatatggac    166500
     caaaagatgg taaatgatag ataccaagat gatagccaca tacactagtg ggagataaga    166560
     gtacaataaa taaatcagtt ttaaggataa catatacaag ggacagatag gtgataagta    166620
     gacagatgat aaatggagct taacagaaca gagtgcaggt tgagctcagt atatatattc    166680
     atagcctatg gtcagtctga aaacagtcag gataaatatg ttttaatttt gaagggaaat    166740
     aatttctctt taaagagcca ttatatttgc ttttataatt attacagtat cttttgacac    166800
     tcatacacat tatggaatag tttctacttt gttacattat caaaaattta ctagagctag    166860
     attgataagt cagtggtgaa gagtgcttac ttaagaatca tgagcaccag aattgtttct    166920
     tagctcctat gtaaaagaac actctttccc actaaccctt gtcagctctt cagtaggtag    166980
     agatggggag gaaagctagg tcgggttcct tcctcctcag agagaaggca tgaattctaa    167040
     attcagagag aaactggctc aaaggaaaag gtgccggata ataggagagg gcacttgatg    167100
     agtcttctga ctactgtaaa agcaaaattt tatgcgcggt tgcaaatgct attacacaac    167160
     acataagtaa gaaagaaaga atgagatttt acatgtaaca aactgaatat tatacttcaa    167220
     tctttgcctg tattgaacat ttatttttga ggatatgatg atgaggttgt ttattgattt    167280
     ccttgttggt ttgttgttga catacatttt ctataggtaa cccatatcta caattattga    167340
     tgtcattgcc tcagtttcac aaaagctggg gtttgagtct tgtaccaacc aaatccatct    167400
     gaccctggta ctttaaaggc atgcctttgg tttcagaaac gaatagtatc agcatatata    167460
     tttataaata ctacctaata atttttctgg tcataattca tctgatttat gctctggtag    167520
     aacttgacct tcacactgtt tattcttttt ttcttttttg tttattttac aagaacacaa    167580
     gaaaaatatt tatttgaaat attgccaatt atctatcggc taaaaccttg ataacaaaat    167640
     gtttttaatt agatattttc tttctttaca tttcaaatgt taccagagct cccagggact    167700
     gaaccactaa ccaaagaata tacatggtgg gactcatggg tccagtggca tatgcagcac    167760
     actgtttcta tagctaatga cattagtctc tgttctgttt ggtccatttt gtattatctc    167820
     tattctccaa atattcactt atcaaaggcc catttatcct gccacacaga cttcgaagtg    167880
     aacaatgata accactgtta gctactgtct aaaactcaca tgcatccatt tgtttttcag    167940
     aattcatctt gaactcaact tcttaatata ttgagaaaaa ttactaacat attttgaaac    168000
     atatttaaag aaaaaaatga ttcttttacc atacatattg gatattgcaa agatatttgc    168060
     aatcatccca ctacatacaa acatacacac acacacaatt ttatatatat atatatatat    168120
     atatatatat gaaatttcat aaaaggaaag cagtacaact agaagtggaa atatcactct    168180
     ttttctcttt gagccatact cacttcttaa atcaataata gtctagggtg tactagtgtt    168240
     ttatctccat gagccatgag ctacccttaa gcttttataa aacaggaaag cattgggctc    168300
     aaatgtttgt acactacagt gttatatgat atagagatag ttttgtcagg attatgcaaa    168360
     cagccttgct ttgaaagtag ctcttagaat agtttcaggg agacacacaa tagataaaga    168420
     atactgttat attaatgaga ttcagaaacc agtgcttttt ctcaaaacac tgtcaaacta    168480
     aatataatgt acatcgagat aaagcagcat gcctgggaag aataacatat catctagaag    168540
     cagtaaatga ggcagcaaaa gtatttgcaa tcatcacatt tcaaatacag tttgagaggt    168600
     agcgtccaga gaatggagaa agcaattact gaacacagtg cctgacaatg tcggaatgtg    168660
     agaggccctg agctccttag agcacccgtc agcacaccag aactctataa gcagatctca    168720
     agaagcccca gacactcaac tttcaatcta gccttataga aatgtagcaa tttgagagtg    168780
     agccctgaaa gtcaaagaca aaattctctc ccatgggtga tatcaaatat tgcaaagtgt    168840
     ttaagactgg aaggctttac aaatttgtct ctcttggtga ggaagagatg aatttaacta    168900
     aaatagaaaa gcaatcctaa tgcttagagc agtggctaaa taaatgcaat tacacaaata    168960
     tttaaaagga ttgtgaatat atatgtatgt gtgtatatat atatatatat atatatatat    169020
     atatacatat atacacatac atacatacat atacacacta tatatatgtg tatatatata    169080
     tgtgtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca catacatttc tggtccgcca    169140
     tatccaaaaa atgtaagcta ttaaaataaa atctatgtac aacataagca aatattattc    169200
     tgttattttt ttccttataa tagatgtcct gtacaagaga agatccttaa gtgactaacg    169260
     tcttttctgg aaaacttaaa ataacataaa tataaacaca cacatgtatg tttcaaatat    169320
     cattcaaata tactatatga tgtaatccca aatgctgtaa catgtttcat tttgtctttt    169380
     aatttttatt aaaagaaaat taatatgatg tgaagaactt ttatgtagaa atatcacagt    169440
     aacagacaga aaataagaat ttcttgttac ttatattgta ggaaaagatg taaagttcca    169500
     tttgcctcgt ggtgaaagtt gctaaactgt aacttaaggc tgtacagaat attattgatc    169560
     atttcaagca tgaaaaaatg ttaattttca aaaaaactgt caaattttat taaatatgtt    169620
     ttatagatct ttggaactga ttatatgtgt tcgagtctcc attatgctaa ttgatagtgt    169680
     cttgtttagt cttgaatttc attatagacc acagagacaa ctgaggacca agtctctgtg    169740
     agtttcagca ataagtatca catcagattt aattttcagt aaatgcaact cagagaagaa    169800
     ctgtgagatt cctgatgtcc atcctagtta aaatataaag aaaacacaat aaaggctatt    169860
     taagcaaggt ggtttgctct gcgaaatgct gtattatctt tcatgtaaag aagagctata    169920
     taagcccttg gaacaataag caggcaaatg tctaaatatg gacttgccta acaccacatg    169980
     gatttttatc ttattcatga atcttgctca aaaaagatat tcttctataa aacaaaagaa    170040
     aaaacacggt aaataaataa ataagctgaa aagcatttat aactcagaat attatagtta    170100
     gctcatataa atatgcttct tataaatgac atatacagta caatttataa tttaggactc    170160
     aacaggtgct taaatattag aaagcctaat attccatttg gctgtttact acataagtta    170220
     agataaatga agatacatgc atggtaattt aatggatgta gcataaggag taatttaaaa    170280
     tttgtttaca ataaatatcc ttagaaaata gcaatacaac taatattctt aatggtataa    170340
     gttagtccta taagtgtacc agatagtcaa attcaaaggt ttaagagaca caattttaat    170400
     aaacaaataa gacagaattt ttgccaataa gagatctata aacaaataaa tacataatgc    170460
     ttagagcagt ggctaaataa atgcaattac acaaagattt aaaaggattg tgaataaaaa    170520
     ctaatgttat ttcagaggat atatttaatg gtgaaaaata cagcaaaaat tataaataaa    170580
     ttccatgaag agtgtttagt gtgcacatag gaacacacac acaaacacac cataaagtaa    170640
     ctgccgtaaa acatgaatac taaagacata aataaaacta caatttagag atattaatat    170700
     aatcgacaga aagtaagtaa gagaaatatc ctgaaatggg ttttctggat atacataaaa    170760
     atattaaggc ttaaaatatc attataacag aaataatatt tcatcaacaa taagatgtta    170820
     taagaaaagt gaattgtttc attttgttat aaaaatatga aatcccaaaa tttattgtta    170880
     tgaatgaata tgttcagctg agtctggaat ttctctggaa aaggggatta atgattagta    170940
     agtacaaatt tagaagagaa cacaaggtca cggggttcct tttattgtct tgcataatac    171000
     tgcatgaact acttgtgaca ttctaacaaa ataatttggc taatcacttt ttatttgggc    171060
     attagagtta aactattaac tcacttttat gtgatacaaa gatttaaatt ttaagagggg    171120
     gatacataga cttagaaaat ttaagtatta aaagtataag taatgcagct aatgagtaat    171180
     tttcattaaa ctaaaaattt aaatgaaatt tataaatggt aaatcctaaa ataaaaatga    171240
     atcccatatt gagaaatggg aacataacaa catactattg ataaaatatc aagataaaat    171300
     atataaaagt tgactttaat aacagaaaga tatgggtata gtactaaatg ccagataaag    171360
     tcaacaacac catagaaaat gaaaaaataa atagctatga tggtatcact agcaataaga    171420
     caaatataca tctcagcttt gacattattt agctcaggag gaaactggaa aaaaaagatg    171480
     caattctatg aaattaaatg ctggagggtt ttcagtaaac aggacctgtg atacatgaca    171540
     aatgggcata tcagccccac aatttatcaa atgtaggaaa ttgaagatcc atatccttga    171600
     catatcagca atttcctgtc tgatctctgg taaccagaga ctcttgaaat gaagtttgca    171660
     atttattatt ccaaagtcta taataaaaga ggaatccaga gcagtctaag tgttctgtag    171720
     tgagagagct gatgaacaga ttcaattccc ttacccaata tacacactta ggtctgtctg    171780
     aagtctatct ccaagaaccc tgagtaacga cttgaaaatc aaatactaag tggtagtaaa    171840
     atacttatta tcttaaaagt aaattgtagt ttagctcacg aagaacttta aagttgccaa    171900
     aaagagcatc tctcaattgt actctgtaca taattattat gagttttgaa gttcaacatg    171960
     tatgagtatg ggggtgtgta tgtgttgtgt agatatgaaa atgtggtgct ccaaatcaat    172020
     ggggtccatt ttgggaggct acacattaat gtccggtata atctctatga ggtcacagac    172080
     tttattttct ttttttttta attaggtaat ttcctcattt acattttcaa tgctatccca    172140
     aaggtccccc atacccaccc ccccccaatc ccctacccac ccactccccc tttttggccc    172200
     tggcgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaagtc caatgggcct ctctttgcag    172260
     tgatggctga ctaggcaatc ttttgataca tatgcagcta aagacaagag ctcccgggta    172320
     ctggttagtt catattgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag ttccctatag ctccttgggt    172380
     aattagacag aatgtctcat taagccctaa gctcacagat tcagctgtgt tggctggcca    172440
     acaaacatcc ttttactaaa gggaatttga acacaaaggc tcatccctaa ccaagaagct    172500
     atttgcaaat gatttcttct ggggaaggga aaatcaattt tctccatgta atgtcaccgg    172560
     gtatatcaac cacactccag ggctgactcc atgctcaggg gtaattagcc aacacaatat    172620
     ggatgctatg tatttttgtg tgctctttgt ttttgttttg ctttgctttg cttgggagtg    172680
     tcacagctgg gtaaatctaa tgattacttt ttaaccacag tcgcatacat aacacctacc    172740
     agcaataaga aagctattta gtaggactat agcttacagg tcattagcta actgatttat    172800
     cccttttttg tgaatgaata ggtgaaattc ttcagcaata gggacttacc ataaaattct    172860
     ggaataagac aaagggtgtg gaggttaggt ggtaatatat tgatgtcttt ggaaactcac    172920
     aggccaccaa ctcaagaagg ggtggctaac ttctgttatt ggagtatttt ctatttaact    172980
     ctggtattta actgaagcag tatcactcca ctttatggta actattttga attttttatg    173040
     tatacatatg tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tatgtgtctg    173100
     tacatacata gcaaacattt tatgactgta gatttcaata tgtatgaaca ttttgaaagt    173160
     tcttagttat tattatttca gtccatattt tccatttact ctccttcagt cttcttccca    173220
     tataacccga ctagttcaat ttttcaattt tagctcttta taagagatct ttctctctcc    173280
     cctcccctaa aggccctcta ctcatgaaaa ggttttttta ctaatttgca tatatctatg    173340
     aaaattctaa atgaaaccac tatatctgag agcttctgct tttgagatac agaaggcagc    173400
     cgtcttccca tgcttataca tgcaatacat gaatgacttt gtcttgtatg ccaatgttct    173460
     acctttaaaa ataagtacca gtcatttctt tttttttcac acaaataata tattttatta    173520
     gccttatgtc ccaccatttt acatttctcc cattctcatc aactacctgc ttcttgtaaa    173580
     cccttgtccc acgttcatct ttttttacgt ttttctttat ttttgagatt tttatatatg    173640
     tatgtaattt aaaattatcg tatatatgcc ctatcctcct tccaacttga tccgtaaacc    173700
     caagtactct gcttttaacc catgatgttt ttgtctcttg ttttattttt gaataaccca    173760
     agtatagcta gtgctgtccg tgtgagcatg tctgtggagc catccactgg agcataggaa    173820
     aagaaaccag agctcacatc cacctgaagg atacttctcc cttccgcaga aactatccat    173880
     tgtcaacagc acttcagtac atacacagtt gttgagcatg atagccattc tctatcctga    173940
     gaacaacact cacagcatcc ctcccaatcc tctggctctg attttctttt tttctcctcc    174000
     tttacaatgg tcactggagc ctgggtagat gaatcgttta atattgagta cccatacact    174060
     tattctcagc actttgaagt atatacatgt aaaaatgagg acaccataca ttttgcaggc    174120
     aaatggatgg atctagaaaa tatcctgagc gaggtaaccc agacccaaga ggacatgcat    174180
     agtatgtatt cactgataag tggatattat ccaaaaagtc cagaattccc agcatataaa    174240
     tcacagacta taggaagctt aacaagaggg aaggcccgaa tgtggatacc tgaaaccaac    174300
     ttagaaagag aacaaaataa tcatgggagg aagagggagt gaggaaactt ggtgggagag    174360
     aggagggaga agagagcaag gatcaggcat gggaagagac aggagagaaa cccagagggc    174420
     cagggaaatg aatcaaaata tgcaaaagtg ggggctaggg gtttgggaga acctctagaa    174480
     agtcccagag acatgggatg tgagaggcta ccaggactca atgaggatga cattattccc    174540
     attcatatct aatgacttca cttaacacgc accttctcta atgggttaca tgtttggaag    174600
     aaaatatagc aaattaaatc tttgggggag agaatataat atttaatggt tcaaacttga    174660
     gagaatcaac ccttagtcgt ttttacaaac tactaggatt agtcctaaat cagatttact    174720
     cttataaaac ttcagtataa acattacaca aaaatattag agtatttgaa aaatctctag    174780
     acatggttat ttgaaattcc acacagatga aatagtcatt aatatttcaa ttttgacaaa    174840
     aataatctaa tatttagaat taaatttaaa tctaccatgt attataaact gccatttatt    174900
     tcaaaaagaa aatatgagta gaatgtgctt taaagtgtct aataataaag ccacaattaa    174960
     tgaatttata gaagtattca caatttattt attctctatt ctacttttgt gtttgttttg    175020
     aaaataacca ttaactctca catttttttc cgttactgta agttaagatt ttaggttgac    175080
     tttaatattc ttgtttagaa aacataaaac attgtgattc tatgttcatg ttagatattt    175140
     atttctcctc cactgtatgc ttttactaga ccattaactt caagactgac acctgaagac    175200
     attaaaatgc tcccttcaat tgtaatgcac tctgctcata aaagttcaaa caccacagtg    175260
     tgatggtgcc tcttctccat actttttttt tccttgttct cattccacta tgatgaaaga    175320
     taacaattct atcttattca tctttgtaaa ttgttttgct gtcaggaggg cgcttagtca    175380
     taatctattt tttttaacaa ttttgtcaaa attgaaccat ggtgctctcc taaaatatct    175440
     ctacaggatg ttacgaacag aaaattggat aataacaaca gccatcaaaa aaagctttgt    175500
     gcatttgggt tatagtgtga gcacataaat agtgaacata ctgaggtgtg ggttcagtaa    175560
     agtactgtgt aggaaattga gccccatacg cagcgtgcca ttttccgcct aatcctgttg    175620
     atgtgatgga atgtctcaaa cagctggagg tgtgaggcat gtatcgttat gaaatatgtt    175680
     atgaccttac tttaatgtgt cctcaacaat aaaattggac attctcacaa cgttacctaa    175740
     gaattaatga tgtcaagacc agtgccaatg agtattaatc attgtgcaag cctagacttt    175800
     gtatattgat tggtatgaga aaacttttaa agtgcaacac caaaagtgcc caactgccta    175860
     acttttgaaa ctatagagct gacttagtaa aaaaggagat agtaaattta gcaggacttt    175920
     ccataaaaca gatatgagca cagaacatct aaactattgc ctaataaact gaactagtat    175980
     agaatttata tggcagttcc ccattgtata atttaatggg gggaagttct gacaaaaatt    176040
     acaggaatat atgtatcatt atcttatggt tcttctgaaa gcagtatgag atatgaacat    176100
     tggaagaaag taagaagaaa ggataaaatt aaatgtgtca aaaggggaat tattcaaaca    176160
     aaaatgttat actagaacat taatgaatat tattatggag tattgtcact tactggctct    176220
     gtacttccaa gtctcaaaag aagctagcat tgtttaatct tagaaataac tatagaataa    176280
     aaatataaag gacagagtat ttaacacatt atatttttgc aaacttgaaa aatgtatcac    176340
     gtgtgttaaa taacatgctg aatctttgat ttgaggtgta gcatgggaag atattctttt    176400
     gatgtattaa atgtcttttg ttgttttgca tcttttgaga catgatttct gtatgtagat    176460
     aaagctgtcc atgaacttgc aaggtagccc agtgtggctt tctgtatata agtgtaatgt    176520
     accatatgct ggagcttgag caatggagca ctgaagaaaa gtgtctttcc ttcccactgt    176580
     gacagctagc tgtgaatagc tagcatcttc caggatgaag cttcttgagc cgcctcctct    176640
     atatgttgaa gtgttgatca ttttaatctt gtacaggtct tgtgctagcc accacagctg    176700
     ctatgaattg gagacataaa agatttgcaa cgatcagaag atcttcctga cctgtaacat    176760
     gtccaaggct tataggttat tcaaaatagt ggagaaaagg catatgaaat atacattcca    176820
     tttagagcca agcattccaa agtcatatag tttctacact ctgacatgtg gagggaagcc    176880
     ttgcatcctg attctctgca taatccccca gcacatattt agcagatggc tgccttgcct    176940
     ggcttcactg ggagaggatg tacttattcc tacagagact tgataaatga gaactgagag    177000
     atactcaggt gggtcatctg acctctcaga ggtgaaggga agagtcaagg gactcttcac    177060
     aggaggatct gtaggatggg cagcactgca ggtgtaatca attaattcta tgattactta    177120
     ttagaatgga atggctcaaa gacagctcta tcaccaaaca ccatcccaca ggggttatgg    177180
     ctcactcagt tggagccatg aatgctacta tataactggc aggtaactgt acaggataaa    177240
     cagttgtttc gttgttgttg gttggtttgt ttttcaggta gctcattttg tctgagcctt    177300
     gatcaggtag ttttgttatg ttttgttttg ttttgtccaa aagtgtctct caacattcct    177360
     tactgcttcc atatatatga gaagaaagaa tatcaggcga atctattctg tttcatgagt    177420
     tcgtggaacc tccctgagct aaggaagctt agcttcctta ctgcatggaa gaaaattatg    177480
     tttcaaagag cctccttcaa aaatggtgtg ttgtatatta aatgaaattg ttatacacag    177540
     tggtgacttc aagaatttta attttctgca gtagaaacta aactaataat attatttact    177600
     atcatccttt gactatatag agtacattta aattggaaaa taatttaata tttgtgaact    177660
     caaataaagg tttggataaa aataacatgc aaaaatatag gaacactata tcaccaaaca    177720
     ctgaagaggg taaaattata cgaatataac agaaatttta tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtctga    177780
     ctaattttga tttgcctcca gtaatgaaat cacaggcaag aagttaaaat cttttttaga    177840
     tattttactc atattaacat tgacaaactt attaacagtg gtcattgttg aataacatac    177900
     acattcagta tttttaagta atctattgat tttttcagta gtaccatagc aacaagtggc    177960
     cctaaagaga ctgtaatgat tgcaatcaac aaatcaaacc tctcaagtaa ctgacagctc    178020
     gtcgagaaag acaaataata aaacatacaa aaacaattga gttcaatggc tgaaagtata    178080
     aacaaaatgt gactgtagaa aagtaaaata tagcctagtc ttgtgtcatt tgtaagactt    178140
     ctatgagaat agatagaaat taggtactta tgatataact ttgaatataa attcaaaaac    178200
     attttattcg tagagaactt gaattgattt gtttttgtat tcccttatat atttttcata    178260
     aaatagtctt acggaaagga ttttgtattt cctaataaat ttactcagtg ttgacatttc    178320
     tcatttgcac attatctggg atatgaatca tatgtgcaca tttcttctgt gtatataaga    178380
     ctttttcacc caaattttcc taaaagttaa tgagagtctg aaatcacaga acttgcaggt    178440
     atatggagac cttcaatccc atagtcgtta ctttatagga aatatttgac caatagctca    178500
     ttattgctgc tgctgtggtg agaatttgta tgaataaata tatatctaag ggtttttcat    178560
     caatttaaat ggccatttat gataagttaa attcaactaa atgtgtatgt gtctgtaact    178620
     gcatgtatgt gtatgagtgt gcaagttttc tatgtcttta ttatgtcatc tcactagatt    178680
     ggacagcaaa tgcccttaat atctgaacta tttgctaaca ctatttatga taatttacat    178740
     gtaatctttc ttacttggtg ttagatatca taagttattt aaaaagtgct atattactac    178800
     ttatgttcat tgtattaatt tcactaatca tcaatcctct caattctcaa tccgcttcca    178860
     attactctga aaaaaacctg agaaaatcaa ctaagaagag agccaatgag gcttacactc    178920
     tcagagattt tagtcacgct attagccaag tcacttgact ccattgcttt aaattgtgtc    178980
     aaggtataac cttatgttga agagcaagga gtagacctaa gtaggtcacc tcatgcaacc    179040
     taaaaagtat ggaagttgag aggtgggtga accagagtcc caggatcatg ataatgaaag    179100
     catgctcttt ctttgtcgta tcttctgccc actacatctt gcacattaac agtctctcca    179160
     cttcccaatt tatgccatgg gcacattgcc agggcttcaa cagatgtctt tcagagacat    179220
     tcaaatcaag tcatgcttaa taatatctag aatataacat aataatacaa ttgttaaaaa    179280
     taaacattct tctataaaat caatggacac acttatatag aatgtgacag gaaaatgagg    179340
     tccctgaggc cacagttctc tgaagggtta ggtgcttctc acactggggc cagaccagga    179400
     cgtcttgtaa aagtattcca caaaataaaa acagaaggaa cactacataa ttcattctgt    179460
     gaagccacaa ttatgccaat acctaaacta cacaaagacc caacaaacaa agagaacttc    179520
     agaccaattt tatttatgaa tatcaatgca aaatcctcaa taaaattcct gcaaaccaaa    179580
     tacgagaaca catcaaagtt gtcattcacc ttcataaagt gggcttcagc tcaggattat    179640
     ggggacgatt cagtatatga aaatacaaca atgtaatcat atatatatat acatacatac    179700
     atatatatat actcaaagaa aaaatcacag ggtcatttca ttagatgctg gaaaagcttt    179760
     tgacaaaata caacacccat tgatggtaaa agtattaaag agatcaggaa ttcaaggacc    179820
     aaaccaaaat gtagtaaaag caaaatatag caaaccgaca gccaatatca aaataaatga    179880
     agatatactt gaagcaatcc cactaaaatc aggaaaaaga caaggctgcc cactgtccct    179940
     gtgtctattt actatagtac tggaagttct agctagagca ataagagaac aaaaggagat    180000
     caagggaata caaattggaa aaaagaaatc aaggtatcac tatctgcaga tgatatgata    180060
     gtgtacataa gcaaccccaa aagttctacc agagaacttc tacagctgat acacaacctt    180120
     agcaaagtgg ctatatatat aactaactca gataaatcag tatccttttt ttatataaat    180180
     gataaacaga ctgaaaacaa aagtagggac acgacaacct tcacaatagt cagaaatatt    180240
     ataaaatatc ttggggtaac tgtaaccaaa caagagaaag aaagacctgt atgacaagaa    180300
     cttcaagtct ctcaagaaag aaaatgaaga agacctcaga atatggagag aagatatcat    180360
     ttgtaaagaa aaattatatt tgaaactatc attgttaaga gtgaatcaaa ttttgagtta    180420
     gtaaacttat agcataatac taaatgtata agtttagtca gtgtccttag tggcactaaa    180480
     tgagatcatg cttttgtgtg cacatatttt ccaatcaaac ttataattac actttcccta    180540
     tcacagcatc tcataaacaa cagatgcttc aatgctagca atgcatacat ttggaatttt    180600
     agtataggct gtgacagaga gttaggtata tgatcctgcc tagcataatt tattgatcac    180660
     ttttagtctc ttatcaatcc tttccatttg tttaaattgg aagccaaatc tgttaacctc    180720
     gggaggtctt tataatttat gcctctattc tggctttgtt tgtttcagca tcattggtcg    180780
     ctgcagtgtt taattcttct gtgagaggca cgttcttggc agttttcaga agactggata    180840
     gaaagaataa gctataaagg gcatgactgc tgattccaca atgctttcat tacccagcct    180900
     tctcacccac ttaggattta accttgtcga gaagccacca tacactgtcc tatggggctg    180960
     agacttttaa aatttcatat cgtttccttt gaggaacatt tcactttacc actctctata    181020
     attatatgca gcagtagata aagtaggacc taaaactggc acatatgagt attttattgg    181080
     tgatgaggac attgttatga tctacgtgac aactttgtat tctcttggca tttcaaaatt    181140
     gtctcttctt gaatgggtta gtacttggac ttccaaattt cttacagttg ctttgctttg    181200
     gacccacaag ttagctcaaa gaataagagt ataatatgtc catcacccat ccaagccaaa    181260
     aaaaaaaaaa aattctatta gctaactgaa tgtttactac cttcaaatta atcattcttt    181320
     caaaaaattg atttgttatg ttacattcct aggaggttct ttctctacat aaactaggct    181380
     gaggacgaac tcattgaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctctct aaatctggga ataaaggagt    181440
     attcctccat gcttggccat atcagacttt aaatacagca acatggctac tcatacagac    181500
     atgatattag cataccattt tgatcacaaa cagtatacat aagtttagta tatagaagga    181560
     agcagccatg cttgagggtg acatctattt gaggggaaga taaagtgatg aatcagtgtg    181620
     atatgaccca atgagtcaga gatagtatgt tcccaactgt cacaaacata cgtgcgcgcg    181680
     cgcgtgcgcg cgcgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    181740
     cacacacaca aacagccccc cacacagtaa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat    181800
     aaattaatta aaaaaattag ttgagtagag tatcatggag ttcagttcac acctgatttc    181860
     tgatttcatg agttcaatgc aggtcagcag aggtagtcaa aaccagagac taataaggac    181920
     atagaagatt agaacaaatt gccagagtta gtgtgaggcc aagcagctaa atagtcagaa    181980
     gctgagagaa gccaatttga attatatagc tgggagacaa gcttgatcca gaacgtccga    182040
     attgaaccac ccagcccaag ttcagaaaga gctagaaaag gtgagcttat ttgagaataa    182100
     atctccaaaa caacaactag attaggaaaa taaaagatat atttacacct ggctgatttt    182160
     cttcttaaga aattttaatt aaatacaaat tcaatttcca tacattcata ttctttaatc    182220
     acaagtaata atgaaaaatg ctactgatac actatggttt cagtggcgct ttcacaaaaa    182280
     aattgcatat attattgctt agaaatgtaa aaccataaaa ggaatgctaa aatatgagaa    182340
     aattaatttg tataattcat ctaaatatgt gttatattta atggacactt tagtccttat    182400
     ctacaaactc ttggatggat gtcaatgctc cagttttttg gccctgcacc catgtacctt    182460
     acagcactga taaaactcag attgctgata aacaaataca agaaatagca aggtttatat    182520
     gtagggttgt tgcaatagaa gctggaggat aaacaatgga gaaggtagac ttgatcaaaa    182580
     tgattttata taattatgac attctcaaat gataaatata ttttaatata ttctaatttt    182640
     tataataaac atttaaaagt agtgtattgt ctaaatattg tggaagtttt tagcattact    182700
     atagattatg agagcatgag taacaaagct ggcagattta ttttctaata atattaaatt    182760
     aagatatatt tgagagcttt gttgttgagg catgtacctt tattccctgc actcaggcac    182820
     aaaaatctcc atgaatttga tgaaaggcta ctacatagtg tatcccaagc tattcaggga    182880
     ctatagaata aaattgtttc tctgaaaaat tacatttact agagttctac aaatttttaa    182940
     tatttttctt ttaattgtat gtattaatac atttttaata tcagctatac ctatgtttga    183000
     ttatacgata acacatcaga agtaacaccc caagcatgaa atcagcaaaa tgggtcagat    183060
     ggaattgaaa catgctttgc aaacctggtg atctgagttc aaacttcttg aaccatgtaa    183120
     agataggaga gatgctactc cataaagtat tccactaacc tccacccatg tctcttgggg    183180
     tgtgtgccta tacacatcat aattaaaaac atgagcatac ctatagagaa agagagagag    183240
     agagagagag agagagagag agagaacaag agaggtaaaa cacaaagggg cacaagtcct    183300
     ttctggtcca ctccagcacc agggtgcctt gcccgtggag tctcagtata taaaataaaa    183360
     tgtaaaatca ttttactaat tctttgataa tttcccaact tcaatatctg cttctacccc    183420
     cttaccttat catcctcttc tctttgtctt attctttctt tggtacaaat ctctccggac    183480
     cagtttatgt tgaccaacca ctcttgggtg cagagtctgc cttaaattat ggtttataga    183540
     ccagaactca tactgtgaaa ggcaacttcc tctgcctctc taagcagatg tcaaatggct    183600
     attgctcctg agccaaggat ttttttctca gatttttgtc taagttgagt ttgtacagat    183660
     cttcctcatg ctgtcataaa ccttctgagt ttaggtatga ttatattata ttgtgtcata    183720
     aatgtataga taacaagaag tcatctacta ccctattgcc actgctgtct ttccacccca    183780
     tcttcctgga aattcccaga accttgggaa aagatgagat agtgacctca ttttaggact    183840
     gagtactgtt ttctgtgtgt tagctgagtt agggttctga gttatttgtt aactactgca    183900
     agaagaacaa tcttctctgg tgaggaccaa tagatgcact gagcaataaa tcctcaggaa    183960
     acactttata gttatatcta gtgagaagac taatagtatt aagtatttcc ttagggcctg    184020
     tggcacagga tgttggccac tttagcaatg ttaggaatga gtatatgtca caatatgact    184080
     taaatccaat ttgaaaatga ttagttaccc ccaataatag ttagggtgct attgtaccag    184140
     taattgcatt tttgacaggc agcttgtcat tgtagctctc aggattcaca gcttggtaag    184200
     actggcgatg aattttggcc tctgatatga tcctaatacg tcccaaacca taaacgctaa    184260
     ccaaaaagac tgaagtttca gtccagtact tagctgagtt ctctgtattt agagtcaagt    184320
     attttggatc ttcaataata gagctttgct attaagttgt agaactttcc aaaatttgtc    184380
     aacagcctgt aatatttgag atatatgggg accattagaa agcaactcaa aaatatgaag    184440
     tcacacacaa atttataatc attaaaattt cagctgtgag ttaaaattgt gtttatatat    184500
     aattaagtag aaaaagctat ttctcctatt tctccctctt tctacatttt aggctcccta    184560
     ttttcaaact aagcttttaa aaagctaaat tacataaata gcagacaaca tgtatttttc    184620
     atcatttaag tttacactat tttatgaatt actgtgataa gatgtccact ttctccccac    184680
     acaatcaact gaaagttcag atagttgttt gctttaattc ctaagggttt ctcaatggca    184740
     ggtcttcaaa tatgtattaa aattatgata aaggcttcaa tcactcagca caatctcctc    184800
     acagccgtcc cctttagtgg gtcattacag cagataatgg aagcatttgt aatctctgga    184860
     tacaattggg ctaaatgaaa ttagattctc aatttccttc atatgagaat atttcataat    184920
     ggtgccagca tttattgagc aataaacgga ggggttgaca ttgtataaaa gagacagata    184980
     catagagtga gctcatcccc tttaccactg actctagaag gtttgttctt tacattaaat    185040
     atttatgcaa actgtaaatt caaatatgaa tgggccaacc aatattgaaa gagttgagga    185100
     ataactctcc catgaggcat ttgcaaacta tatttaagac atatataagg gtatagacat    185160
     ctatagtaga aattttttaa gtaacacaat gtagttgctg aatgaagaaa cagcagaaag    185220
     ccagcatatt acccataata tctacaaata gtggaaaatt acaacccttc ccatgtataa    185280
     ctaaatgcct ttgattcttg ctatcaagtt ctggaggtca aatatggtca gatatggagg    185340
     tcaaatatgt accttaatgt atggttcatt gaacaaagtt acaaagttac atatctttaa    185400
     gaaacctaga aaaaaaaaac gtttttattt gtgatcaatt cttttttctg agagtacatt    185460
     atttggttag tttctactgc aaattatgtt aaaaggtaga gtgaagtaaa ttgatgacta    185520
     attgttaaat gaactcttgc tagacaatat tagactgcaa gttcaaagtt tgtggtctaa    185580
     tattaccaaa tgaacattca gaaatattaa aaataattga tttcatgaga aacaattacc    185640
     taggcagcca ttatatagtg cagtattaag tatatggaat acaaataaga tattatgttt    185700
     aaggaattca catatggtga agttctcaaa atattgcaaa aatgaaggta tacatattta    185760
     tatttataac atgggtatac attcatatat gtggcatttg cttatattat atatgacatg    185820
     acatgtgtgt gtatatatgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataata    185880
     ttttcttagt tgtttgtaag tttaaagagt aagtaatctc ttaaataaaa ttaatcaagg    185940
     aaataacata taagaataga ccataatcct gccaagcaac tagaaaataa aatgtaaaag    186000
     acataaccaa agaagtaaga tataaacaga ttgttcttac ctggatatac tagaacttgt    186060
     ttttattttc aaggctaata tagcatgaat accatgggta gtcctttacc agtataaatg    186120
     aggaatgaag ctaggaatat taacatgata gtagaaaccc taaggcagcc aatctcaaag    186180
     tttcaagcac taagggggaa atctgaatgc agcaatgaat gactgaaggt ataattcaga    186240
     agcttaacat acattataat aaaataactt taaaaaaaac aagaaataac ctggaattca    186300
     ccaatagata ctatagcacc taagaagaga ctcacacaat tgaagagtca taaaataagg    186360
     gtagatagat gaaacactag catcaaatac ctttataaga acttcaataa ttactaatta    186420
     actttttttg actatttact aaattgcttc agactttgag acacacatac atatgcattg    186480
     actagacata agcagggatt tattttacca ttaaactatg ttgataaata agccttgaaa    186540
     gctcccctcc ttcaccaata cttgctatct gtggttgcca tgaagtcttt ttctgacctt    186600
     actaaagggt tacgaccttg tgttacttac ctatgactct tcctcagaaa tgtagtctag    186660
     attgtttatt caagtgctga ttatgaatat aggaatgtaa gataatcgaa acctgtcttg    186720
     tacagcaaaa catgtccaat attatcttat atatctggat agttgggcca gaaacagtaa    186780
     aagaaggcat gagggatgta taatcaagat gactgtctaa ccttgatctg aacagagtca    186840
     acactgactg atagacagct aaaaaatgcg gaaaagcctc tgaaccctca attcttcaca    186900
     aagtactacg gtaaattaag gaaacctgag tgtcagacaa atttggagag ccagtgtatc    186960
     acagagaaga atatatcatt atccaatacc aaatgatcag tcctgaaaat ctacacataa    187020
     ttaatatgct aaatgagtgg gttgtattta tatatgtgtc tgtaaaatgg tggatttgtg    187080
     agtgtttgtg tgtacatagc ctaaataaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    187140
     cacacacaca catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catatatata    187200
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatataataa ctaatgcata    187260
     catatgtaat acatattcag tgtaaatata ttatataata tataaacaca taaataaaat    187320
     atatgtgtat atagcaaaca tttatgcaaa agtggtcata gcattgaaag agaatattag    187380
     ggatttgtaa gtaggcaaga gaaaaggcaa tgatatattg ataatatcac aatttaaaat    187440
     aaaactttaa aaggcatgaa taagatccaa gaaatctatg atgctgtttg ttttatgctg    187500
     aattc                                                                187505