ID   AC124417; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 181811 BP.
AC   AC124417;
DT   15-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   16-MAY-2004 (Rel. 79, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-313G11 from chromosome 18, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-181811
RA   Abbott S., Trani L., Haakenson W., Meyer R., Kozlowicz A., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-313G11";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-181811
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-JUN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-181811
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (15-APR-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-181811
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-MAY-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-181811
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (15-MAY-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
DR   MD5; 51f6ca7311f3b6d26d13ecffae37ca6e.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456180.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000024431; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0024368; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0024335; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0024304; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0024335; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0024101; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0024777; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0023576; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0024071; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0024201; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0024167; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0024285; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0024198; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024826; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0023320; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0023639; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC124417.5:1-181811; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000025300; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000097592; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000115567; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000115571; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124115; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131885; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000150483; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000152853; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0049549; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0049531; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0049492; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0049492; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0049225; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0049975; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0049328; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0049155; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0049252; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0049227; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0049376; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0049228; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0050090; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0048925; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0048518; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9Q310.
DR   GOA; E9Q8A6.
DR   InterPro; IPR000536; Nucl_hrmn_rcpt_lig-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR001409; Glcrtcd_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001628; Znf_hrmn_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001723; Nuclear_hrmn_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR013088; Znf_NHR/GATA.
DR   InterPro; IPR035500; NHR_like_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:95824; Nr3c1.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z280; D3Z280_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q310; E9Q310_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q8A6; E9Q8A6_MOUSE.
CC   On May 12, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:29837776.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0313G11
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence; and
CC   the assembly was confirmed by  restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC007995 and AC124518.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..181811
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /map="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-313G11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   136..426
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   838..965
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   993..1270
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   1432..1593
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2946..3045
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   3163..3372
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   3811..4121
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   4201..4446
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   4678..4756
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   5240..5338
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5490..5819
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   6056..6127
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Ala-GCA"
FT   repeat_region   6130..6178
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   6367..6494
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   11178..11288
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   11507..11726
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   12798..12986
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   13276..13352
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13704..13967
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13986..14457
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14481..14582
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14591..14651
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14695..14756
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   14807..14964
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15006..15149
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15460..15534
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   15548..15628
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   16408..16720
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16769..16858
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17501..17572
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17835..17950
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17978..18238
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18249..18486
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   18812..19017
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   19141..20100
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20441..21004
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21048..21581
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22669..22764
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   23804..23897
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24275..24418
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   26784..27009
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   27663..27831
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   misc_feature    37840..39775
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=73.2, o/e=0.85, #CpGs=238)"
FT   repeat_region   39766..39852
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   41773..42113
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   42117..42208
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   43147..43443
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   46345..46795
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   46971..47130
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   47246..47352
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48150..48223
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   48560..48705
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49145..49308
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   51213..51318
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52980..53157
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   53988..54075
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   54254..54492
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   54503..54569
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   55204..55379
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   55598..55925
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   55949..56039
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   56308..56450
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   56886..56947
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   57667..57753
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   57811..57872
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   58057..58888
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58898..59934
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60305..60450
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60695..60891
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   60894..60945
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61006..61078
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   61639..61782
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62213..62283
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62691..62801
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   62958..63054
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   63383..63456
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   63612..63664
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   64359..64426
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   64750..64817
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   64785..64876
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   67710..67789
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   67802..67842
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   misc_feature    70870..72661
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   71245..71377
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71606..71786
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   72107..72488
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   73478..73742
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73868..73965
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74578..74624
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74902..74989
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75551..75668
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76741..76809
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   77117..77371
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   77420..77467
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   77472..77683
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   80051..80168
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80898..81044
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   81609..81784
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   83628..83731
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   84207..84309
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84482..84601
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   84630..84849
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84865..85145
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85146..85653
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85888..86000
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   86001..86396
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86641..87306
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87315..87432
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   87502..87614
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   87693..87737
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87805..88041
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   88397..88973
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89869..90065
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90066..90432
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90661..90756
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91384..91551
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   91768..92008
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92031..92425
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92441..92579
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   93658..94051
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   94821..94936
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   95401..95585
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   95627..95740
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   95758..95842
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   96113..96502
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96536..96713
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96773..96873
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96875..97051
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   98552..98645
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   99247..99623
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   100641..100855
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   100921..101256
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102663..102727
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   105531..105641
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106144..106409
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   110426..110494
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   110624..111001
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111052..111184
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   112529..112677
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   113175..113692
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115266..115341
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   116122..116241
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   116898..116982
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   117367..117610
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   117722..117831
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   117907..118162
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   118638..119047
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   119717..119799
FT                   /rpt_family="5S"
FT   repeat_region   120592..120931
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   120980..121363
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   121364..121919
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   122528..122601
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   122552..122608
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   122580..122836
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   123235..123380
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   123636..123741
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   124850..125003
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   127080..127244
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    128304..128458
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   129006..129853
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129979..130021
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130022..130377
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130446..130515
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   130930..131031
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   131894..132036
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   132610..132715
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133121..133189
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   133210..133715
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   133863..134347
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134339..134655
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134809..134949
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135269..135409
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135601..135775
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   137011..137207
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   137380..137477
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   137911..137973
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   138684..138756
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   139443..139575
FT                   /rpt_family="MER121"
FT   repeat_region   141323..141835
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   142772..142905
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142910..142987
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   145485..145697
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   146327..146716
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   147126..147496
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   147497..147562
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   155200..155529
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   155590..155655
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   155810..156216
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   156459..156840
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156857..156910
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156941..157013
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   157162..157306
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   158466..158927
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   159671..159813
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   160051..160154
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160749..161120
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   161271..161463
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   162847..162969
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   163487..163547
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   164222..164581
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   167041..167151
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   167431..167498
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   167825..167989
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   167990..168205
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   169462..169516
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   169491..169544
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   169559..169609
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   169689..169774
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   170287..170432
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   170493..170582
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   170812..170911
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   171908..172309
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   172516..172599
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   173517..173639
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   173844..174030
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   175381..175444
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   175768..175999
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   176461..176598
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   176798..176861
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   176901..177164
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   misc_feature    179474..179718
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   180082..180153
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   180407..180519
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
SQ   Sequence 181811 BP; 54119 A; 37580 C; 37115 G; 52997 T; 0 other;
     gatcattttc tttagaggga ctgaaaatct ttcaggttct gctagttctt ttggggccac        60
     tgagtgcatt cgtaagtaga cttgtgtttc ctttctccag ttcttcttag cctataacaa       120
     gagtgctcca tactcagcat gcacgggctg gacctagatt ccccacacat atgtagcaga       180
     tgtgtagctt ggtctccatg tgggtccccc aacaactgga gcaggggctg tccctgtctg       240
     tggaatctgc taccctaact aggctgcctt gtctggcctc agtaggagaa tgcgccttgc       300
     cctgcagaaa cttgatattg acagggtggg gggacacaca gaggggcctc taccctttca       360
     ggggagaagg ggagggagat ggaggaggaa gtttgtgaga gagataggga tggggtaagt       420
     aattagttac aacaggcatg ctatgctctg gtcaggatga cttgattcac aggaaaatct       480
     tttttgtcaa tcccacccat tcagacctca gagccctttc ctcttcacca aggatctact       540
     tctgtggcca tgtgcttgct tctcagagga agtatgaagc ttgttgcgtt catcatccat       600
     ttcaatgagt ttctgacagc cagttctggg agagagatac ttagcttcat cttgtcacag       660
     ccaaccctag caggcaccac aaaaataaag gaatgcttgt ctttttgatg gtagtcctcc       720
     tggctgaagt atgttgtctt ttcctcgtat gtcttcagat gttggacatt tccttttcat       780
     ggatccactg gccacttgca ctgtaactca cttttcagat attgtttcct gatggttaat       840
     tctttctata ttctggatta taatctctgg tgactagctg gtgaagacct cctcctactc       900
     tgtaggctgt ctcttcatgc tgaagactga tttctttcct attctgcatt ctaatttcat       960
     gcaatggcta gtttttgcta ttacttcttg gatgtgccgg ctagttttat atcaatttga      1020
     cacaagcctc aatcatttgg ggaagaggat acttcaactg agaaaaatac ttccaccaaa      1080
     ttggcctgtg ggcaagccga tggggtattt tttgattatg tggatggctc tagctctcta      1140
     gctcactgtg ggcagtgtcc ctcattggca agtggtcctg ggtaagcagg ctgaacgagt      1200
     ccttgccact gcatctatct tcccatgtct ccctctgtgt tttcttatag caggtccaaa      1260
     gtttctgtcc agttttggat ccactttgag tttgcacagg gtgagaggta aaatcaagcc      1320
     tcagcctttt ttcatgcaga tgtaaagttt taacttgtta ggctattttc ttcagtgtat      1380
     gttttggccc catgtgcatc agaagactat agacagctat gctactatca gtttatttct      1440
     tgatactccg gttcactggt ccacagtttt tgttttcata ccagtatagt gacagtttgc      1500
     tacgttggcc ctgtatataa tttggagtga ggtactttgt tgtacctcag tactatcttc      1560
     ttttccgttt aagatttctt tggctttttg ggggactgtg gtactttcat gttgactgca      1620
     attgcttctg tcctagttct gggaacagtc actgaggttt gaagggattg actgcatcag      1680
     gtccacagac acctttcagt aatccacctg ctatttcact tcattattcc tagcatctct      1740
     gattacattt ctctactcag tgcattcacc cttgcatttg gtgattaatt gcccaactgt      1800
     atggcattcc cttttttcct ccacagttaa catgagtttt ggtcagcaaa gcaggatgcc      1860
     ctatagcatc ccttgatcct aaggcaatca aatgatgagc tgccagctgc atgtggctac      1920
     catcttgagc aagggaagct aagagcagag gactccctct ctacagtctt accctgaaga      1980
     tttagaagaa ctgaaactag aggtgatgtc acatctcccc cttacttcta ttttaaaaac      2040
     acttaacatt tgcacctgca aactcacacc ttaaaccagt gccctaagtt tgaagttcca      2100
     actctgataa ttattttaaa gagtatcaca gtgacaaagg gctaatagtt ttctttactt      2160
     ttaaatacca ttatgctaag tgtcatttct aatatctatt agaggataca cagtgactct      2220
     tctggaaatt cattttatta tacaaacaaa caagagccaa cagctgctgg cattccatac      2280
     ttggtactga gggaacagct tcaaaaagct attctcccta aatacatttc catttagaaa      2340
     tttagactaa acctcaaaga caaatcatta ctgtgaaaag acattaataa attcaggtag      2400
     gtaactgtat atttgacaga gctaacatgt tgcttgtatg caatttctca aacttttttt      2460
     gttttagaaa ataaagtcct tcagttagca gtacagctcc actgtctacc tttcagaaga      2520
     gccttgtttt aagcacacac ccaggtgagg ccttttaaac acttccccac tgctgactgc      2580
     gtgtctgaag cctcatgccc taccatgggt aacacgagcg ttattaaaca tgtggttctt      2640
     tattattcac ttcatgtctg ggctttcaag gtttcttaac cattccagtt aaaaacgttt      2700
     tcctttaatg gtgttttcaa gagtctctca ctagcccagg caagcgttga actctcaaag      2760
     tgtctcttga ttcctgggat tacagtgcct ggttgccaga ttacctgttg actttttctc      2820
     atgcatcagc taacctctct gctagcatac tttagagctc taataatttt aagataagtg      2880
     cccactgaaa gtataaacta taccactcaa ttattaaaaa gcaggataag gttgaagcca      2940
     ggtcgttggt aagtgcctgc cagagcatca ggaatacaag tgcaacctca gctacatagt      3000
     gagtttgaag ctagtgtaag aggtacatga gacgagactg tctcacacac acacacacac      3060
     acacacacac acaaaaggag agaggaccac aagttcttaa ggtgtggcaa ttttactttt      3120
     agatactaac acagtgatta caacttattt taattaaacc ttgactttat atttttaagt      3180
     tttcttattt gttaaaattt atttgtaatg cccaaaatgc agtgtcatcc tgactatctg      3240
     cagataagca cacagtgata aaaatttaac tttactgaaa agttcattcc aaagagaaaa      3300
     gagaggtact gccgtcctat attcagactc tcatactata aatgtctttc ttgtatactt      3360
     actcccacat ttagaatcta attaccatgg ataatgaaaa tcaactacac agctaacgtg      3420
     aaagcaatgt tagacaccta cataaagatg gtatagagct caatcaatcc acatctgtca      3480
     gcaaaagact tctcaggagg ttctggagcc ttatgccatt ccttccttgt tgtattttat      3540
     aaaccttaaa aaaatcatta gttcatggta atttaagggc cagatggatc tgagactata      3600
     gcctgccaac tctggatata gcttagttgc agttccatga ggaatcacca caaaaatact      3660
     acataggcgg aagttagaga gcgtaataaa taaaacatgt aggtagaatg agtccttcat      3720
     ctgcaggtag ctatcttata aatgtgcgag tgcagacaca caatatctag ggcgattgta      3780
     caaaactctg agagcattag tgaaatgaga ggccagtttt atatcaaccc aaatcaagtt      3840
     ctgcctttgg ggaaaggaaa cctcagttaa gactggcact gggcagcact gcttccctga      3900
     tgactgctat gggagggccc tgctcactgt ggttggtgcc ccctctggtg gtcctgggtt      3960
     ctatatgaat gcaggctgag taagccaaga gggacaaggg agtaagcaga agccatgatc      4020
     tctgcatcag ctccagggtc ctgccctgcc ctgccctgac ttccctcagt gtgggctgca      4080
     agtataaggt ggaataaaca ccttccttcc caagttgctt ttagtagggg tttgactttg      4140
     atattattat ttttaatgtg tgtatgcatg gtatatatgg ggagggggca tgcaggccca      4200
     tgcatgtgct gagactaaag gaagatatca aatgtcctgt tctatcatgt tccaccttat      4260
     ttccttgagt cggggtctct cactgaacct gtgttaggtt agtagccatt aaaccctagt      4320
     gatctcccac ctctgcccac cacagcactg cggttacatg cacatgcagg accacaacca      4380
     gctggctcta gactcaagtc ctcatgtttg taccaacagt cctaccttga gccatctccc      4440
     ctgctcttcc tttgggagtt ttacatcaaa ttttatttct ttttaaaaat acttttaaga      4500
     aagtagtaca tttaactcta aaagaaaact ttgctagacg ttttcttcca tctttccaag      4560
     aacattttca tgtgttcatt tatttattta actggctctt cactcaacaa agattttgta      4620
     aacatgtcct ttttgttaaa atagcgatag cttaaataaa atatgaaatc ctctgacggg      4680
     ctcaggctgt agctgagtgg ttagagtact tgcctagtgt gtagaaggct ctcagttcca      4740
     gttctcacgc tgcaaacaaa tacacaagaa aaaaccaaat ttcttctgct gacaatttaa      4800
     aatggtttta ttatacagaa aaattttatg cattaataag tattttccct gactgctcac      4860
     tggatggttg atagaaaaca gaaccccaag cattccctcc ccgtgcatcc catccttgga      4920
     gacattttat gcaaattccc agtcactgtg caattggagc tgtgaggtca caggctctta      4980
     cactccctgt ttttctttag ctgtaaaaca gtgagataaa ggctaggaca ggtgactgcc      5040
     aagtgttgtg atgggacaga gaagggcatc agaaatggtc ttgcttgaag atgggatagt      5100
     ttagttaggt tttggagaat gaagaaggaa tggaaaggaa agatggttgg aggccaagta      5160
     ctaagtctaa agattggtat tatgaaaaag cactgcagca ggaaagaaag aattaaaaga      5220
     agtttagctt atgtatctaa tatgctagga caatgatggc acacaccttg tggcagtaac      5280
     tatcctatgt ctgattcgac ctttacctga tgctgcttgt gtaactaaga accagagagc      5340
     tatggtaaaa ccaaatacaa aaagaagagt gaggaggagt aagaagaaaa ggaggaggag      5400
     gaatgaaaaa aatatctaat aaaaatctta ccaaatcatg acacttgtca tgttttgatt      5460
     tttggatagt ctccccctcc ccaacaaaga gagataccta ggaagaagga acctcaattg      5520
     gaaatgcctc catcagactg cctgtaggat ttgatatgaa agggcctacc tagcacacta      5580
     tgagtggtgc caccctgagc aggtggtctt gggttattta aaaaggcaat gtgagcaagc      5640
     cagagggaac aacccatcag cagcacacct ccatggcttc tgctttagtt tctgccttga      5700
     gttcctgcca tgacttccct tctttataga gcacaacctt aaggtcaaat aaaccctttc      5760
     ctccccatgt tgtttttgat caaggtcttt atctcagcaa gataaaccta attaaggcaa      5820
     tatcttacaa gccacataaa agtgtccaac taccctaggg gcagtaaggg cagttgaatt      5880
     gttccttacg agcagtagtg atctgatctc atctgcatgc ttgaaagcta tagtacagaa      5940
     tagggagcac actgaagatg ggaaggatgc cagtcaagat gtctcagtaa tccacttaaa      6000
     aatcattgga gcctgcctta acgtaggacc aattgagaca gaaagtggga atgaaggagt      6060
     gtatctcagt tgtagaaagt tttcctttcc tttgtaaggc cttgggtttg atacccccac      6120
     ccccacccca tgcatgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      6180
     cacacacaca cacttcatga aggatttatt cacatcttaa aaactatagg cagggaggag      6240
     aaaaggcaac ttgagtattg tctagatttc agcctcgggc aggggactaa caagacataa      6300
     tgcaccttct caggtactgg ataaaggagc aaaaggaact agaatatacc ataagtagga      6360
     aatgcatttt ggacatattg agtttgagag gcctgtcagt aagataagat accagtaggt      6420
     agttatacat ataggtcagg aggttagaga ctagatttga gacactagat aaagcaactg      6480
     atggtattta tcaggaggag gaatggaatg agaagagggt ctgggaaaga gctctgcaaa      6540
     cacggaagaa caaaggaact aacagaaagg agcccgagag atttgaacca caaaaacctt      6600
     agaaagaaat ctttataaac aggacactgg tatatagcat ggaacttctg catagtaggt      6660
     caccagagag tgtcactgaa tttagagaca agcaggtgag tagtaatttt tgaaaagcca      6720
     gtcaatgagt aaagatagaa accaacggtg ctctaaccaa ctgcctccta aagctttctg      6780
     aaactgctcc ccatttcttt tgtggccact ttagctcatt ctcgccttgt ttcttatcag      6840
     atcttaggca gtctggcagt cactcttacc tctaaagtgt ggtatagtca cctccctcca      6900
     aacatagttt atcctatatc taactgccag agtagtattt ataaggtaca gtatggagca      6960
     agacagccta gctcagaagc ataatcattc tttgctgcct ttataatatg tataccatcc      7020
     ctctcaactt cagtgaggtc tttattctga acccttgcta tccatgcata caggtatgac      7080
     cagagcactg ctgtttgtaa cactaacagc agtgccctca gttctgttag atgattttat      7140
     atggctccta aggtctaaca gtgttggtaa aatccaaccc ctctacctga tatttaaccc      7200
     ctgcctcatt acttatctca atcttcaagt ccttcatatg gtctgcaatt caaaagtctg      7260
     cctcgaaata atggctttaa aaaattaacc acatttaaag agccaagatg taaattatgg      7320
     gcactcagat gagaaccatt ttcttacgat ctgggtcttt atttagtcta gtactatatc      7380
     aacaacatct aagagaaaaa tctgccataa aaatatattc cttgttgtgc tgtgaaacat      7440
     gtggctaaca aagggggagg tgttttaaga ctttaataat ggatttcata ataataatct      7500
     gttacagaaa acatttccac cctattacca ctggttctca attctcagca aagtacaatg      7560
     acaagaaaga ggaaaaaggc acacatacct tttcttttaa agcaatagcc atcttggaag      7620
     tgtgtggtgc ttcctagtta gaagagagta ttctaacata ctacactgaa ctagccagtc      7680
     ccttgacttc ccagtttcac aactgtcata ctcaaggcag gttaacagca gacagattag      7740
     aggcctctag caaatctgag aggtgataaa ggtcacaggc caagaaagat atgttatgta      7800
     gtcatataac atattccacg actttagtgt tgttagttta ctactgcttt ccagtatttt      7860
     gcataatcat gtgtatgtta cataacttgt tatcaagctc tgatgacaga gtacacttag      7920
     ctaagaagct cctgtcccca ctactgtttc ttggttctga attactctct atggcagaca      7980
     gttgcaaagg actcctagga tcacttgtaa caactataaa gaaacaaact atcttgctaa      8040
     gactgatact ttgaaatttt accctagtga acctagaact tcatgaaaca acaagaatta      8100
     gctatccctg atgcatttta ttggtttata aaacaatgcc aagagacttt ttctttacta      8160
     attacaattt atcatgttct caattaggga aaagttactt tcattcatat tttagaaatc      8220
     ttaacttctc atgtttgttt tttatcaaaa tgttctttaa agccacaaaa taaacagtac      8280
     agaccactgt tgtcatagat cttcttttca gatcttggtc tcagaacatt atgagggctt      8340
     tctgggagcc agtctcccaa actctgccct gggaagtcct gtagctagtg aggaagactg      8400
     aattggtgac tagctgtaga atccactttg cactcaccat ggtctttcgc acacttaggg      8460
     gtgacaaaca tgtactttat atgctaagta cttgggcaca gactaccaaa ataatgtcta      8520
     gttagtgtct ctgtcagaat taattagttt aagtcactca tgctcaatac cttcatttat      8580
     gtccttactt tgtctactag tttcttagaa tcatttacat caccaccgat tctaatttta      8640
     ataaataata cattagcata tgaaatgaca accaataatc caaattttaa cctatattcc      8700
     atacatttct gctgccctcc caaggggaaa taggagttat accacccaag aaaacttgca      8760
     aatattagtt cagaaagcag aaataaacag cttactagaa gataccatgt cctctaaaaa      8820
     ttgtttccat agttttaaac caagcagaaa aaaccaacca tctaaaaccc ggtacacttc      8880
     atgcacatct agaaactgtg ttagtttaga gtcactgaaa agtacactaa ctcatggtgc      8940
     tttaattgct tctaataatc caacctggtc ttttagagtt ttactgcatg gaataaagta      9000
     tttaaaagta aaagagctat aatggaaatt actatattac atcatgttta aaatcttatt      9060
     gttaaaacaa agtgctttct tagatttcaa gtttcatata tttggaaatt tcaatgttga      9120
     aaaatttcac tctccatttt tcaagtaaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac      9180
     aaacccttac ttcctattcc tgtaaataaa tatctacagc aatcttagaa aattgagtca      9240
     ataatttggt tacatgatac ttaaatgttt cccaagttgc aaaataattg acagaatatt      9300
     caagaaaaga attatttttt gactagcttt tcaacaagaa caaaaaccta tccagaatct      9360
     tcgcttccat ttttccatca tgggagtgat actcagctag ttaggtagtt aaagtggttt      9420
     atcagctcta aactaagatg taggtgtgat gtgtctttga aaacaaattg agcattttcc      9480
     tcttttaaat aagaaaataa ttattttaaa ttagcttttt atcacacaaa caaaatgaaa      9540
     aaagtcctca tttcttaaat accatacaat ttcaccccaa aatactacta ggcagtaaac      9600
     tgaatatatt gacaacaggt caaagaagtc ccaaatatga ccccaagtac attcaacaag      9660
     gagaaggtta aatagattct aaaaactcca aattttcctg ttaaagggtt tcagattcag      9720
     tgatattact gataactttt aagacatgta agctttacaa gatcttgcat ggtatttaat      9780
     aaatgatgtg ccttccctcc cacatttaac agaaacggaa atgaacaagt taaaaagcat      9840
     tttcctaacc ctgactgtaa gtcacaagct tgaggctgcc tggagccagc tggcatgggg      9900
     cccatttaca gtaggctgtt tactccctgc ctccaaccat cacagagaag cagtacttac      9960
     aggcacagtc tgaatgcttt ccaaaataga ctaacagaaa aaggagcttt attaaacttt     10020
     gtaggtatta ttttgaaaac tccaaaatct ttgaatccac cttttataac ctagcatttt     10080
     aaagtgattt ttaataaaca atcctaagat gtgctcaaca gtagaatggt tatttttctg     10140
     cattttaagt aaattttaac tatacttttt aaagaccaca catctacctt aaaatagatt     10200
     ttaactttaa ataatttaat tgaaattgtt cttaatagta cttagcataa acacaatagt     10260
     acaaaaccaa agagcagagt atgtagaaaa cagaaaagct ctgattatca aaatagaagt     10320
     aggtaagaaa aacaaccagt gccttgagtc tatgcccaag agctatggtg attggtgtta     10380
     agccctttag agccttttcc atccctcatt gtctagttta attcaggggt aacaggtaat     10440
     aaaaactctt tatctattat actataggac aactttaaac tataacttgt ctcctataat     10500
     cctatgagca aaccaacaaa tattaggaat gaaaatgatt tcaagccaca tgtatgcagt     10560
     gaaaaggcga ggaactacag aaatgacaga cgtcatggtc gtgttctgta gaaaaaggaa     10620
     gatccttcta aaacctgaag ccctctcagc ctcctaatga agacaggcag aaagcactac     10680
     tctgtactat ttaacttttc cagcttcttc cttatttatt ttttcctagt caaatttcca     10740
     gtagatttta ggaacttata cacctcttac tgtactataa acaaaccatg atatttctgt     10800
     tgtcgtacat aaacagttat atttaataac caagttcaac tggcaaagca aattactcta     10860
     tcagcaaccc gaggctgcta agttttagtt tttgagccca tcagagctag tgggtatctc     10920
     ggctgccctg ccctgagcat gtttcttcgt gaattctctt cagtggtctt atggctcagg     10980
     ctctgcggta cttggattgc tgtttctttt tctgccttta cttttgattt gtttctttca     11040
     aatagagatt acatgcgaat gtggtctgtt tattactaaa ttatagtaaa ctattttcta     11100
     ggtagttgtt ttctgaaaaa gcttatagtt aattatcaca tttaggttaa actttcatct     11160
     ttcctttccc ccattcctct tcttcatttt ctctttcctt taccactcct gaccccagcc     11220
     aggatggact ccaatgctgt acatactagg caagcctgca tgccaccact gaaatagatt     11280
     cctagcccat tccttttaag agcttaaaaa taaatacaca cctaaattgc tgagattaat     11340
     tgtaacccac aactcatggg ttatttctaa attgtcacta tgttataaaa tttaaattag     11400
     actttgatca gtttccaaga gttagtaatt gggtaggtac aacatttatt accctgaaaa     11460
     aagctttaat ttataaacaa gatgggaaaa aaatacttcc acggcaggac tggagaggta     11520
     gctcagtgtg aagagcactg gatacccttc cagaggactt gggtttgggc cccggcaccc     11580
     atataagagc tcacaactgt ttctaactct agttctagag gatccaatgt tcgcttctgg     11640
     tctccttggg tactaagcat gcaagtggtg cataggcaca catgcaggca aaatatccaa     11700
     acacataaaa taataaaatt aaaatcctcc tacaacagca gaggtgcgtc ctcagagcca     11760
     agggctacag aagcgtctat tattcatccc ctgagatgga agttttctat ctataatgtg     11820
     ttattagtgt atttgcgaca ggaaagcaaa gtggcttgtc gacacaaatg ctatacttga     11880
     atttgcacaa aggaaactga aatttgactc agtaaatata ataattatag cagtaattcc     11940
     atttatttac atacactttt agtgtctact tttcagtttt acacaataaa aaaaatcact     12000
     ttggtagttg aataaaagaa tatactgtct ataaaattga gaatgtcagc atgaaaagct     12060
     aaaattggat aaatttgaaa gataagtatt ttatttaata agtacaaaat tctaaacaat     12120
     tttataaaag ttctataatc ctcagattta actgaattat tgaaaggcaa cttaacccca     12180
     tctcctaaac tacaaacggg gatgtcgtgc ccccattctt ctctcaccac ccacactttt     12240
     ccttttatag ttttgcagaa tgccacctcg gaaatagcat tcctaacact caacagagca     12300
     gaaaatgctg ggctgatatc ttagttaact tcactggagg aatatacact ttcacagttc     12360
     catcataatg caaccctctc ttataagtag tatagtgatc aagtctctaa ggcattctta     12420
     ggccctctct ctcaccttct ccaggtcccc agcttctgtt gacagttaag actttcagaa     12480
     tcaaaactga ctctgaaacc ttggttaatg gctgactaca acctcaagac ctgtaacaga     12540
     aaccagcaga tgctgtgttg accaaacatc tgaccaagca aaatgagcag tgctgtcctc     12600
     tgcacacagc ggagccatct cctgttgagg gtgcttgtgt tcatgcgcca tactgagcgg     12660
     tggagctgta cctcttgcta gcaacaccac ctcatcacct cacgggaaga aatatttaca     12720
     catttacatt ttgtcctatc tttttattaa tcctctcaaa ctttttgctg atatttaaaa     12780
     actttttaaa aattttgttt atgtgtatgg atgttttgct tgtgtgtttg tgtctgtgag     12840
     cctggtaccc acaaaggcca gaagagtacg tcagaaccga tggaactaga attacagatg     12900
     gttgtgagct gccatgcgag tgttggaaat tgaaccttct tgaagagcat gcagtgcttt     12960
     taaccacaga gccacctctc cagctcttac tgactctttt aatagacatt taaaaacact     13020
     tgtgctatac aaattctctt taccagagat tcctgccccc acccccttaa tcgtatctag     13080
     tgaaactcct gatcgttcca ttagtagaca gatcagaaga agacagacat catagaggtg     13140
     agtgctataa cactatataa agcaagttct gaaacttgct tttttttaag catataaaaa     13200
     aatctatacc actttttaaa ctaaagtatc agcccaatta aaaaaaaagc aaaatgatat     13260
     ttatagttaa aaaaatagga atacatttaa ccaatgaaat taaaatgtac acactggaaa     13320
     ctataaatca ttgaggacag ataaaagaga caatgcgaac actgagtatg ttcatggatg     13380
     gggtgcaatc aataaagatt tagggcagtt gatcaaaatt cctattgtgg tagccaaaga     13440
     catatagaag acaataaccc caaatttcat acggagaaac aatgcacacc taaatcaata     13500
     ctaagaaact aagttagaag cttcctggtt gaatactaca ctgcacagac acagttaaaa     13560
     caatatagca ctgagacaaa acggatgctc actgacaaaa tagggcaatg gactagaagg     13620
     aaatggactt ttgacagtgg caataaagag atataaacaa gacctgggaa tgcatgtggg     13680
     gggaaaagga attttagatg tacctttaca tgatagataa aagtaaagtt aaaataggac     13740
     aaaagtccta tgatcagaaa ccataaacta ataaagaata tggaggtaaa agtctttgac     13800
     attggtcttt gtagttattc cttgaatata tcatcaaatg ttcatattat aaaagcaaaa     13860
     gcacataaat ttaactccac taaacttaag tttataaaat acaggggaaa acaagaggca     13920
     gcccacagac tagtaaaaaa tatttgcaaa tcacatatat ggtgaagaca taccaattat     13980
     aaaatccaaa tcaacatagt ccctactaag tatatgtcct tctactcaca gataagtatt     14040
     gtctttgccc caaagacact tctctctgta gctgacagaa accactgcag aaaaccccca     14100
     ccaattaaaa tgcagtgtta tggagcctag tcccagtgga ttcatctaca aaacactccc     14160
     acacctaagg ctcagggaac gctgtggagg agggggctac agaactgtgt atgagccaga     14220
     gggtcacagg gtttgctatg gggctgtctc ctagtaatgt cagaaactac ccccacaaag     14280
     cttcaccagg aagactgcct gaacatgagc tgagccaaaa ctgtaccaat ggacatgcca     14340
     aagtggacag agaaaagccc atgaggcctc aaccatacaa aaaaagtatc tgcaactgag     14400
     taaatctggg tatggtagat agagatagcc ttcctggaga aaagcacaca aagtggtgct     14460
     gaacagatat ttaggaaaaa atatgtatat gcacgtatac atgcgataac aaaggaaaaa     14520
     taggcatgga ttcgaaggac agtggggagg ggttgggagg caagaaaggg aagggagaaa     14580
     tgtgtcatct tagaaagaaa tcttgacaac tcaatagtaa aacaaacaac ccagttccaa     14640
     caatgagcaa agactaagta aagccctctc ccacaaagga cataattctc ttgagaagca     14700
     gaaggattgc agagtttaaa tcagcctggg ctatggaatg agatctaatc tcaaaattgg     14760
     ggtggaatgg agaagagaag agaaaagaca ggaaaggaaa acaggacaaa acagactaga     14820
     aataggcaaa tattggtgac catgtataga aaaggacctc ttagcaggtc agggtgtaga     14880
     ttggcatagg tacatgaaaa acagtatgga ggtttctaat gttacacaca cagcttctgt     14940
     aaaacccagc aataatttct gggtgatgga attaaccctt tgtaaagatg tccctgcagc     15000
     atcacaatgc ccatcaacga taaatggata aagaaaatct actatacact cccagacctc     15060
     catttagcca cacaaaagag gatgttaatg gatacatcac aggtgggcca agaagacagt     15120
     atgctaaata aaataagcag atgcaaaaat taaaacttta caggatcaca tgatgaaaag     15180
     aaagaggttt caaagatata caagggagta agggcaatgg agggggtggt caaaggacac     15240
     aaaagaacaa acaagttaag aaatgtgtac atgaagtcta tatcaagatt ttatttatta     15300
     gatttttgtt taatgcagat tttattgcca ttgtgacata caatgttata tatgatagaa     15360
     gatagtaacc attttatttt ctatgagtat tgctaacact gttataaacc tcaaatatac     15420
     acagtaaacc ctcttttgaa caaacatgat agtctccaat ttcttctttg gttctcagga     15480
     ttaaagtaag tgccttatcc atgctaagta agcattctac tactgcttaa gcccttaatg     15540
     ctttaatttt ttgagaggca gtagcccagg ctgtccctga attttctcta tagcccaggt     15600
     aggttttaca tttgtgagct ttctgtttga agccacaagg ccagacttaa gtctcaaact     15660
     ttcagcttcc tttgttgacc agttcactaa aatgaagctt aacccaaaat gtttgctgcc     15720
     acatagaata acacttttaa taagacaata agaagcattt ctaatcacct agatgtccga     15780
     acgctcccta gaatacttag tgaaagctga gcaatccacc tatacatgtt ccaaggttct     15840
     ctggagcctc ccagggactc ttcacagcta tttgcaagtg agataacaga aacacatggc     15900
     ctgtggccac tcctctccac cacaggctga aagccaccgc tgtaggagac ctgaaaacgt     15960
     tcatcctgaa ctctagtgaa ccagaaacaa agcaaaaccc agcagtctaa agcaacatgg     16020
     cctacacgcg gaacaggggt aaagtacgac gaccaggttg aaaggcaaat ctggacggac     16080
     actttgccgg gcagtgaaca gaatattgta ctttaaactc agatgtgctt cagttaaacc     16140
     cacagtctga caacaccaca ggctagacac ctttacatct taaaagagtc acaaaagaaa     16200
     atggaataaa agatgtattt ctggaagctt tctccaagtt attttctaga aaaggaagaa     16260
     tcttgattaa atcccaaaga aatttcctgc tcctataaac atggcacctg cttacaatgc     16320
     ttgtgactgg cagggaatga atgcgccttt ccccaaagtc ttcagtataa cacagaggca     16380
     cagaattcct cctatacttt gtttagatcc cctcaaaagg attctcttta ttttgcttac     16440
     cataaaactg gcttgatgta gcttgctata cttggacagg agagctactg aggacattta     16500
     ttgacatgtc ttagtttgtg caccctgagg tgacagttgc agctgcaagg aatagtaaat     16560
     aaactagata atgccctcgg aaaaaagctg gagagtccgg ctttaaagag gatgagcata     16620
     ttcctagaga tctaggaggc cgtaagcatg agtagagctg tgggaaacag ccagcaaggc     16680
     ctggataggc ctaagctatg gatccctatt gactgcgaga acccaaagcc ctcaaagcag     16740
     ggcaaagcag aaagtgttgc tttctgcaac acaggacctc tcgacacact ggaagctgtt     16800
     gctttgctcc tatgcattta atgaaatttc tgttcaacta ttagatgagc acaaagttta     16860
     aaatatgtat gtgtatgtat gtatatatat atatgtatcc atgcatatgt gtgtatttat     16920
     atgtatatgt gtatgtatat gtgtatgtat gtatatgtat acacacacac atatatggag     16980
     agagagaggg ggagggaggg gagaggggga agggagggcg aagggaggga tgtcaggata     17040
     cttacaatgt acacgaatat aagctttata gaggaactga gaacagacac taaacactgt     17100
     ctgtaatgct tatcaagaac tagtgcagga gagggaggaa agcatgtcaa ctgccgactg     17160
     ccattactac actacaagca gagggaccct tactgagttt ccttttctaa gctttgaaac     17220
     acgtatagag ctgtgctggc tcaaaacctc taaaacagaa acatgaaatc tgaatactcc     17280
     agaatccaaa actatcatgt tagcactcaa aaaaaaaata ttaagatttt ggatttcagt     17340
     ttagggatga atccatatta aaatgtctca tttcaataac aataaaaata aaagatgtga     17400
     aaaacaaagg ctagacaatg aacaggacat caagaaatca acagagaaat actgctttgg     17460
     aaagcttatg cgctaagtat ttcaaatata cacactggca taaagaaaac catgtctaaa     17520
     gaactgaaat ataaaattga tatctcccta tattgaaaat atgaatacag agttagaaga     17580
     gatgaaatag aatgggatag aaatgttaaa gctagaacag gagaggagag aaccagcgag     17640
     cctgcggata gctcctttga cagtatgctg ccagagggtc tggaaagcac tcaacagttt     17700
     gagaggtctg tgggatgtca tcacttatga ctgcagacac ataaatataa cgtcatgaag     17760
     agagggaaca tgtaaatatc ttaacatgca acatcagcag aacaacccca catggaatga     17820
     gagacgctca aacacccaaa gaactccaaa tatgtcagat tttaaaagat ctgcacttag     17880
     gcacagcata attcaacgat cagatctaca gacagagaat cctgaaggca agagaagtta     17940
     attcatcata catgatttct gagcagcaga gtctcagaga agacagctgg ggtaaaacaa     18000
     taaatactat ttgaaagaaa gaaagagtaa tgtaacagaa aaaaaataaa gtatggaaag     18060
     aatgaaatgt caaagacctc tgtacccagc aatgctacac ttgaaaacta aaggggattc     18120
     aaatattcta attcaggtac tacaagatat attatttata gatctgccct ccaacaagta     18180
     ctaaatagat cccttcgatt tgaaatgaga gaagagaatt attatttcac ataaagaaca     18240
     ccaggaaaga gtcaggtaga tgactcagtt ggtaagaggc ctggtataca accatgaaca     18300
     cccgagtccg accccccaga actgtctgag gtactcagca tggcaggtag cacatgggta     18360
     actgtaacct cacaaccctg gtgaagagga gtgagctcac tggccagcca gctcaggtga     18420
     aacagtgagt tccttcagct ttgctgagac accctgtctc agacactaaa ggagaagggc     18480
     aaatgacaag catgggggac tacagtctac gtttgatcag aggggcactg gagacaagag     18540
     gaaaatgttt gcatactaga aatgtaacat tccagaatgc catgtgggac attataagaa     18600
     cggcacagag gaaagtttat agctacgtat gtcatacatt aaggatacag atatgaaaat     18660
     aatttgataa cacatcacaa agtctcccaa aatatggaca aacaactcaa aatcaataaa     18720
     aaggaaagac attataagat gagtgcatca atacaagagg tagaacccga gagaataatc     18780
     caaagcaaac ctgaaacaag gttgagtctc agggctggcg gcacagtggg tgattaagga     18840
     cgtacagcgt tcttgcagaa gacctgagtg tgatgcccag cgcccgtgct gggcagctcg     18900
     aagccgccgt tacctccagc tccagaggaa tctgatgcct agcactcacg agcgcagacc     18960
     tagacgcaca tgtgtgcaca caccgacaca caccttttag aacaataaaa tgaatctaga     19020
     gaaaagattt agagctccac gcgcccccac ctcccccaaa agacaaccct taacaatcct     19080
     tgaggcaacc tcactgaaag acacttaaaa atgtagagac aaaaataaaa atgtaacaac     19140
     aaataccagc attattagaa aatgttttgg aaaagtatac atgaatagat tgggaaatct     19200
     taaagaaatg gttgattttc taggtacata tgacctaata acatagagcc aagaagatat     19260
     aaagatataa gtagtacaac aataagcaac gagaacagag tacaatcacc taagagtgaa     19320
     aagctcccgc ctacttggag tttctgctaa gatacaccag actcctacaa agaaccaaat     19380
     gtcagtgctc atcgactgag tccagaaatg agaccactaa cccttctcaa acctcacact     19440
     atgaagcaag tgctactctg caaccaacct gttgagacag aacaaaactt tataaactac     19500
     tctttctgaa ccacctacaa aaacctctaa taaaataact gcaaagtgaa ttcaacagca     19560
     cattaaaatg atcaaatacc atgtcaactt ggttttattc caggaacata agaattgttt     19620
     aacacacaca aataaagaca atacagaaca taaatataat caagaataaa atgcatatag     19680
     tcattaacaa atgcagaaag gcctttgata aaatcaacac cctttacagt agaaaactaa     19740
     atatgacaca ggaaagtcat aggacagaaa taatgactat gcatgacaaa tccatagcca     19800
     acatcttgct gaatggagaa atatagaaaa actttcccct aaaattagga ccaagacggg     19860
     ggtggccagt ctcatcactt tcattcagtg aagtacttgg aattttagct atacccattg     19920
     agctagaaaa aggacatggg tatacataag aagggagtta agcttccctg cttacatacc     19980
     tggaagactc tagagactct aagaggctct tgcagccaat acacaaattc atcaaagcaa     20040
     caggaaacaa aacccagtat ttttcctata taccaataat aaatttgctg aggaagaaat     20100
     ttgatctagc ggacaaaata aggaatagct gacacaggaa gaaatgaagg aaggaagggg     20160
     gaagaaggaa ggagaagaga gaatataagt gaatgaaatt cagaataaac ccaactaaga     20220
     aggtaaaaat agtaccttta caatcaagct ggcttcaaag ttttaatggg cttcttctga     20280
     gtgttggaat ttcaggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgagagagag agacacagga ctactaaagc     20340
     aatattgatc attaatcaat aaatataatg atacagatat cacatagtta atttcaaaat     20400
     aaattatata ggccacagta acaagaacag tacagcactg ctacaaaaca aaacaaaaca     20460
     aaacaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaacccca cagatgaaag gaatacaaca gaggacccag     20520
     gaataaatcc aacttgctcc agccaatgga ttcctatcaa agtgctaaaa acagactcag     20580
     gaacagagtc aggagaaaag attctctaac aagtggtgct agggacactg gataggcaca     20640
     ggcaggaaga ctactacaac tacacattat tgcacaccct atataaaaaa aatcaactca     20700
     aaatagatta aatacctcaa tgtaaacctc caaaatttga aactactaga agcacagata     20760
     gggacaatat ttcaaaagtt caactgaggc tattcctgaa taggactcag tagcacagga     20820
     aacaaaggaa ttgaagaatt cgattacaaa acttcaaaag gctatgccca gcctaggaaa     20880
     caatcaacta agtagagaga gctcacagca tgagagaaaa atctttgcca accatttgta     20940
     tgacaaagga ttaaaattca ggctatatga agatctcaga aaagcctaat atcaaaagag     21000
     caaagtaata gccagaaata accacatcaa cagtcaccac tccacagtac gaatggtttc     21060
     aacatttaaa aaaaatgctc aatgtattta accagcagga aaatcaaaat taaaacgata     21120
     ctgaaattca gaatggctgt taactcaaaa agatgtggga aagggggcat ccttctgtaa     21180
     gattggtgcg agtataaacc agtaaaagag tatgcatatc tccccaaggt aaaatgacac     21240
     ttgatcaaac cacactcctg ggtatttata caatgaacat cacgactgtg gatggaagaa     21300
     gagatgcttt cccacttcag tgtagtgttg tccaattcag gacagcagag ctgtgggatt     21360
     ggcttaggtg tccatcaaca gatgaatgga tatggcataa ggtgtatctc cataatggag     21420
     cattattcag gtataagaaa aatacgatca tgtcatttcc agaaaagctg atagaactag     21480
     agaacagagg ttaatcaaaa taagcagact gacagacaga caaagtcgag tgtgtttttt     21540
     catcatctaa ggacacttca aaaagttacc ctaaaagtag aagagaagct ggtagggaag     21600
     cagaaaccac atgattcacc tgtctcccct ctctccatga tctagtgtaa cgaacccttt     21660
     tagagttatc actgaaaggt tcaacagtga gtggtctaca gacggcagga agtccttgca     21720
     acttaaacct tagcatttac ctttgccatt gctgccaaag caaacactat ttgccttacc     21780
     cagcctgctg agtacatctc tttccccact tctgttcctt tattttcatt taggactagt     21840
     agaatccttt ggaggggctc cctatgtttt agcatgtctg gtcactggtg tgcttatctg     21900
     acacaaaccc ctaacctttc tcataaattt tagttgtaga aactggatcc attaaaactg     21960
     acacacaagt ggttgtgtgc taccatccca aagctgcctg ctctcattct gttccaagca     22020
     cagtttctgg cgcactacgt tttattcagc gagacaaaag ttccagaatc cgtctccttc     22080
     cttcctcccc gcctcccacc aaagggcgct ctacagcagt gtttagccca ccaagtaggc     22140
     acttcgcaac aatgtttatc ctaaaatcta atctcaatct cttcactaaa gtagaatgag     22200
     ggaggaaagg gagagggagg gaatggccaa accttatttg taaacttgta aaagtgctat     22260
     ttaaattgta acatggagaa gaaagaaaca agcttgtact tgtgagtgac tctctacagc     22320
     tcatgtggct gagtgggaag atggaagggg ttaaacagag cctgacagga agtgctcctt     22380
     ttaacatcta tcacacatac atttttttta gttccccttc atatgtaagt caaaacatac     22440
     atctgataac actaccagaa gtgaaggcta ccgttactta agtataataa ttactctgaa     22500
     aatcataatg aacccatctt aagacagact cgcttggtgc tgtggccaaa cagacctcca     22560
     tgtagcattt aagccgtaag aagctctcca gtctgaagca acatcactaa gaatgagtgc     22620
     taatgtctca tgggtgctgt gtaagtgcca ttcaacagca gtgtctcctt gtgtccatat     22680
     caaaagtgaa ggaactgagg tttatagatt gtaaatttga tcaaggtcac ataggtctta     22740
     aaagattcaa accaaggaag tctgatgtgc aatatgatac taattgtgcc aggtctaggt     22800
     ttcctccagc tggaatccca tgtttctacc ccatgttcta cacaataggg atggaacact     22860
     ctttagtgat gagtgttctg ggcatactga taatgaagaa cctttacgca ccaacatgca     22920
     catcaccatc tattgtcttc gggatcctag cttttgccct tacttctaat gcatctcact     22980
     tttcacggcc tcatggcgtg tgtcagacaa atggtatttt ctatgagatg ttttaaccta     23040
     tatttcaaat taaaaggtat tgtagacaat aaactaacca tttgctttgc tgatgcattt     23100
     aggacttaat ttttgaggac atttgtatgt tttaaggaca ccatcacaca tttaactatc     23160
     aaactctgtt atgtctttag cccaagttga tacaatatca tgaaatactt tctcctcgtc     23220
     ccattttaag atttttatct cttaattctc cagatattca ctgagtgttt tttgtagctt     23280
     cattctggat gccctctaaa gccctgtcct tggtctattc ccatcttttc cttcaactct     23340
     agagaagttc actcttaaaa gacctcatct aattctcttt caatagttaa accctatgtg     23400
     gcttggcatt attattatta ttattctcat catcattgtc tgtctttgcc aaattagaca     23460
     gttatctgaa atacttagaa gatagaccct tctaataacc ttttaagttg atgatactat     23520
     tgtataataa atcaaaccca aaacacccat aagttgaaga aagacaattt ggcaattgag     23580
     agaaaatggg ccactcctcc tcttctagaa tattcagtgt tataaactat ctaaaacaac     23640
     aaaacaaacc attgtttctt gcctaccttt ctaggtaagt tgatataaat gagtactttt     23700
     ttttggctta tctgctagaa taataaatcc tggtagccat atgcatatgg gaatctcttc     23760
     ttggacatgg ctgcttttat aaagcagaga actgggggat gcattgggga aaggagccag     23820
     gaagtggtag agagacagaa tggggtcaaa tatgattaag atgtattgca tacatttatg     23880
     aaattttaaa agaataataa atgtaaagtt ctagagcaga agattatata gtggaggaaa     23940
     caaacaaaca aaacaaccaa acgccctcaa aaacatcatc tacaagcttt tattgcccta     24000
     acttgttaag aaactgcaag gatcaatcct atttaaagct ttagagtaaa tttagaagca     24060
     gacaacaatt aaaaccatat gtatgttctg tctatttgca tcaactactg tcttaagact     24120
     ggttttctta gactaaagtc tgagccttct tcctgatttc tgagccaagt ttgctccttc     24180
     acacactcag catctctgtc ctactctttc gatggtggga tttaggagtg gagcaaacct     24240
     gtaatggaga ggacataagg ttcctaaata caccaaagcg gacaaaatga ggtgtggaag     24300
     atgtacaatt tgagatagag acagaggtcc cacttatgca agtgacatgg aagtgtgacc     24360
     taaataaaga aggacaggga aatacgtgga tatttgggga aagtatttca gataaaagtt     24420
     ctccaggcgt agaccatgtg ccaggggacc tacactgaca accatattcc tctcagaaaa     24480
     tacgtagaca cccccacata ggtataagaa aaatcagtcc taggcaagga aacatagcat     24540
     ggtcttgcat gcacagagtt agggtagcaa gtgcagtcat actcctttat ctaacgatga     24600
     tttaagtctg tcctttgctc actcttaata aatgggtcag ttttgagttt tcatcctctt     24660
     tctagcaagc cttctgactc tcttcttact cccagtaact gaatggacct tcattcctga     24720
     ttcatctcca caaacccttc accacatgct ccatctccag caagggtgta agccttcttc     24780
     gggcaaacac ttaaaaagca aattggaagg aaggaggaag aggtatgaaa gttgccctct     24840
     ctgctctcca gcaggctctg atcgctacct cactcgtgcc cagcacccag ctcagcaggc     24900
     cttccacact acagctgcag ctggaagacc tctgtgatgc tccagtgccc tcccagccac     24960
     ccttctccag aactgcttcc tagaatgtct ttgtagctct tccttttaca aacataatga     25020
     catcactagg cttcttaggg atgtctccat gtccatacag aagctgaagc gtacagaaaa     25080
     gaaacacagc cagtcaccag acagaaattt aaatttttca ttttctttct cccgcccccc     25140
     gccccgtggc tttctaattt ttccttttgg cttccttatt agagtaccat ggctctctgt     25200
     ctaatgatgc tattgttcaa gtggtcattt gtcatcagta agttaatcct aagaattact     25260
     atgcattttt cccctctttt ttaacaacat tcctccttag cttatatgag gctctagtgc     25320
     ccagagactt taatactgcc ctatcatgat ggtggctctt tgtccctctt tctcagccac     25380
     tgaaatctga cagtttgggg aagaataata agaatttaag aaactagatg gttttaaata     25440
     tagatataaa aacagttctt cgactattct caataaagaa attcagtcaa aagaatttca     25500
     gtcctaacac aatgatccca caaaagacac gctacctgtt tgctgcagca tgcgccatgg     25560
     tctcaaaggc cagcttctac ccatcgtaac ctgctgccaa caacagacag gagaataaat     25620
     gcacgtggga ctcgggatga agactgttca gttcctaagt ggctgtcagt agaagctaag     25680
     tttccttttt acattttgag gactaaaagt agtaactatt tgaatttccc attgatccta     25740
     tgacttgaga ctgctagtat aaataacttc agtgaactgg aactgttggc tgtagtgaca     25800
     aatgggtaat tctctaggac atggagaagc tggaataagg acctcgaata ctttgaaaat     25860
     tactgtagga attcacactg tatttactcc atatctgcag tcaccaaatt cctttcaagt     25920
     tgaagccaaa gataggcctt ctttcttgaa cataaaataa acatgagaga gagagagaga     25980
     gagagaaaaa aatcaggctt agaagtaagt aatctttact ttttctgcac gatactaaaa     26040
     aaagaagtat ataagctgtt tacttaaatt cctttataac ttaaaagaaa gcacacactg     26100
     ggacttaacc acagagcacc atctgcttga gggtcgaagg gaagcacatt caaacggcct     26160
     ctgctatgaa gggctgtatg cctggcatgt ggaaggttaa ggtttggggg cagcctgtgc     26220
     tgcacaatag cctgttttat agaggaaaag ggagaggggg acaaggaaga ggagggaagg     26280
     gaacacccta gctgatctca taaataatcc tcaacagaaa caaatattat aacctgaggc     26340
     tggttaaatt tctgaaagtt tacacataag taatcaaaca gagaaataac attttctggt     26400
     taagaatatt agtatagtac tacagttcac taagtctgtc ttcttcttat ggtttacaag     26460
     gtgtctcaag atggcttcaa aataagagtg gcaacaacac agcctctcaa ggtgggggct     26520
     cagaaagcaa acatttattc tgggtttttc tatttggggg aaatattttt aaaaactcta     26580
     ttctactctc ctattttgtc cttcataaac ccagctggga ttcagatgac atgtttcata     26640
     taatgctcta attaaacatt ttctatgttt ctatttgcaa aatcaggttt ataataacgt     26700
     atgtatctat ttaaactgcc atttaattat tttccatact tgaccacaca atgaaaacac     26760
     acatatacat gaatatatgt acatttgtgt ttatgtatat gtacatacat acatacatac     26820
     atacatacat tcatatacct gggtaggtac acatctgtga agatgcctaa agataccaaa     26880
     ggtgtcagat cccactgaaa ctggagttac aggcagtagt gagctgcata acgtatgtgc     26940
     tgggaacaga actcaggccc tctgcaggag cagtaactac ccttaactaa taagccttct     27000
     ctccagccct tagtgcagct ttttcaccat caaagaaaaa gttggtcaat gtctttaaac     27060
     aagttacata atccttccaa acttatgcac ctagaaaaag tattagtatt tattattctt     27120
     aaaaattgga agcttcttaa ttaacaaact atccttgcat gcatgattac ctaagagtat     27180
     cagacagtaa aaatagagag gggatagtct catgtttatc agcaatgtgg attatcagta     27240
     tagctactaa atttagatag tatatctaat gtgtaataaa atccatggaa tagggttact     27300
     gatagaggta ctcccctaca aaaagagaaa aaatatcttg aaaaaaatta atattaagat     27360
     aattatctga gttttaaaaa gatagtagtg taaatgaaat ggagtcatga cccaatttgg     27420
     gaaaactgca catagtaggc ataaaaaagt ttccagtaac gtttttttag tagacaatac     27480
     ctacaccaga gatgcagact cttgaactat tattagcaaa tgagagatgt cctgcttttg     27540
     gctgaacaga actgccagag ctttgaaact accaccttgc atcttagtaa tttatttttt     27600
     aaattttcag agtaaacttg catctacaaa ttcttttatg ttttaagtat tatcattttt     27660
     attgtgtatg tatatgtaca tgttatgggg tttgccacag catacctatg aaagtcaggg     27720
     gaagacttta tggaatagat tctcattttc cacggttacg tggcttctgc caccaaacct     27780
     aggtcaccag gcttgcgcag aagccctcgg cctgctgaat cattgacagc ctggcgcctg     27840
     gcgcctacat attctatcca ttaggaatgc tgggtattct aaatgaaact tagagcaatc     27900
     actaagtgaa tatatatatc tatacatcta tatctatata tctcagaggc ctggtcatct     27960
     ctctcattca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactca ctgttgaaca attagtgtta     28020
     aagattgttg agggatttca aaacatcaaa tagtaaaaat agtaattaat tcctttcaga     28080
     tcagcattac ggtttcctgt ttttttcttt aaatgtctta aacttctcag ttgtaaaact     28140
     caggtaacag ctgcttttgt cctacatgga gctgacagac tcagacactt aatgtgataa     28200
     gcagaataaa gcgtgtcaaa gaattaagac atcacatgac atgaaagtac gagatgtgta     28260
     taacatgaac tgtagcatag tgtatgtagc atagtgcatg gagtatatta tatgtagcat     28320
     agtgtatata atatagtgta tgttatatag tgtatgtagc atagcatatg taacatagtg     28380
     ctgccatgta attagtgttc aatcactaga gaacctacta acactaggaa gaaaggatca     28440
     gtgactttta tgaactacct gcttattatt attattatta ttcagtatta tgtcaattac     28500
     tgattgtttt tagaccctgg aagagcccta gatgctaagg tttaaatagc tgccaatagg     28560
     gtggttccag ctggctacac agctaatgaa gtatgtgttc tttcctaagt actgccatgg     28620
     tctcaatttc tcattggaaa gtgtgggaat gggaatagat gatttcttac ctaacacata     28680
     aaacaagctt tgagatttca agggcccact tcttgggtcc aactataaca tttacatatt     28740
     atgtgctatc aaaaataaga ttttaagccc tatctaatca aagttcaact ctaagttcat     28800
     tgttttgtac ttgatactat acaagaaaat gtcaagaaat ggtctttaat ataccatggc     28860
     ctatcagttt aataagagaa ttgcaaattt ttatacagac acacagacgc aatggtgttt     28920
     caataaattt tgacagagaa agtatctttg atttcaaagc acactgttac ccagaatcat     28980
     aaattggttc agtttagcct tagagcccag gttgtttttg tttttcctac aattactgtt     29040
     acgattatct agatcagatt atttggaaga gatgtagggg aaaaggaacc acattttatg     29100
     aattaaaatg aaggaaggtt gaaatcccaa ttataaaaca aaacataaaa atatgacaac     29160
     ataaaagtgg ccatagcaaa ccagtaaagc attaatgttc atgtgacaat cataaggtca     29220
     taagtcgctg cattgcccca acataaaata ataaatcatg tactaaactg gatatcattt     29280
     cacaatagct ttcaaaattt ggctatcaaa tatactttca taatagccat ggctaaatat     29340
     tattttggaa acttatgaaa taaactagaa taaaggctaa tttattattt taaaagtaaa     29400
     cataataagc tttaagtttg caagtttcaa atattacaca tttattaaac tcaaattact     29460
     aacaaaaaat aaaaattcaa ggcaaaataa tatataaata ataattaatg taagctatgt     29520
     aagtcatgta attcaacctt tctcctctcc ttacacacac tcacacacac acacacacac     29580
     acacacacgc gcacacacac acacacaata tgtatatata ttgtgcctct atatatgaat     29640
     ggaaaaaaca tctaaagtaa gaagttcctt attaaacaca ttgcctcgca gacactataa     29700
     atcttgctga agcttgctaa aatgaaaaaa gtattctaaa gtacttaaaa ttaatagctg     29760
     ggttactcta aataagtatg tttaagcaca tagctcaacc aaaataggct attaatattt     29820
     aaattggctc agagagtaag ttaaaggatg acaccctttc atttaaaata actgttttta     29880
     aggattctac tgcaatacaa atagtttaag tggctatcta gtacttacag aatccaatca     29940
     tttatgttga cattggccta atttactcaa tatactaaaa gaaaaaccta taacacaagg     30000
     aaagagttat actccacagt cagttgatag tttataaaga gatatttcaa agtaaaagta     30060
     cactatgaaa taggaagacg ctgtagcagc ctaaggcacg tttatatgta aaaatacaca     30120
     atggcctgtg aaatggttgg ttgtagcaac ataaggcaca gtgattatgt taagttcaag     30180
     tcatcacatt ctctttaata accacttaaa atgggaaaaa tatgaaatta atcttggcat     30240
     caaagtatac tgtgcatttt gcccttattt tggtgataac atcacaagaa agaagataac     30300
     tagaagcgtt cgtttttccg tcactcttag ccctcacaag aaagcaccgt tgctgtcatt     30360
     cctgatagtg cacatagctt ttaacattag aaaagcaaca gttgatccaa atgggtttct     30420
     gtaattgtcc ttgaaatttt ctttctccct ctattacagg tctctgttgc ttctctcttt     30480
     gtccctcccc tactggagag gggttgactc cactggcttc atttaacctt gtaatgtata     30540
     aaaaaattta atctttaaag gttacaccca aatacagaag tgatcacata actcaaaaga     30600
     gagtacggaa acactttaga gatttgtttt aaaatataag ttccccttag gagaacttga     30660
     caaatataaa accaaggtag gagaaatgag agcagctggc taaatgaagc tacagacaga     30720
     aataatcaat ctcttctgta aagtcaagga gtgatttttt ttttctggtt gtagcttact     30780
     ccaacaacac attccttaaa aattctttat acaatgggat tagccaagtt atattctgcg     30840
     cacctcagaa ctacagaaac aaatacttat tatattaact tacttttgac caaaatatta     30900
     ccaagatggc ttcaaaacag taaacactac tcaacatgac ctgagtcgtc acaccataga     30960
     gcccaaaacc tcgtaagaat taaatatgta caactagtaa agagaaaaat gtatttgaag     31020
     aattatgctg cagacctaac cgaaatctaa atgaaggctt cctaatctaa ccaggctaga     31080
     gtgcactgag acttacataa ctcaccaaga atttaacact tagcctttca cactgacacc     31140
     catggaaaaa ataccactta atgcaatctc tctcctcagc aaatcttaga ggcttctaat     31200
     gtgagctttc tcttcctgtt ggtccatctc ctacaacctg cgttgcatcc tcatttgtac     31260
     aaagtatatt tcagaacagg tcacaaaatt cataaacatt cagtaataca tggaaaatgg     31320
     tcaaattcat ttacagacac atatagacga aagacaaaat aacgttatga acacaagtta     31380
     aattgttaat caaaaaaaaa atacaaggat tagccaaaga aacattataa gaatttcatt     31440
     aagcgctgac taaaggctta ctccctatct ctgttttagt cattccaata ctaatgtgac     31500
     acacctgagt acacaatagc ttacatttct gttaaaatca atcatactga tcttttaaaa     31560
     gaggaagcaa ttctaccata aaggtaacaa tatataagca aataagtgta tgctcaaaag     31620
     ctaatcacat ccagaaatca ttaaatggat atcaagagac agtaaactca aaacaccact     31680
     gaacacccac tgtcggaatt tttagtgggc aaggaacagg gtcactcatt aaacaagtac     31740
     ctctcaaagg aaaaggctag tttcactctt tcctttacac cctgtctcag aaaacatcta     31800
     gcccgtgatt gataagcaaa atgagagagg ggaaaatcat gtttgctata atttttcaat     31860
     ctcattactt ttataaaact tgatgcagat ctgaccaata atgagggatg tccaaagtga     31920
     ctcaagtgtt agtgtcctca ttaaatacca ctcaccgaag ccctacctcc atggacactg     31980
     ggtttagagg gccatcttgc agtattattt tttctctagt cacccaacat ttcaggaaag     32040
     agtcaacttg caaacaaaat gtcaacagca tacccaaaag ctctaatccc actgacaacc     32100
     ctttagttct ccctgcttat cttctgcaat gtacactact aatgcagagg cgaaacacgg     32160
     tggaaggaaa tcaaattaca cagaagtgtg tctgcttcaa ttatgcttat gttaagctca     32220
     ctgaatttta atttgcacca ttagacttgg aagttcattt tactaagatt agacctgaca     32280
     atcaataact attaccttgt tttaccacca atgaacttaa accttaaaaa caagacaaaa     32340
     caaaattctt agtcatgata ttcctaactt taatatgcta acctaatgtc atggtatact     32400
     gacatatctg tagaaattgc cttctccctc gaatataata tgaagtggtt tttattgaca     32460
     ttctagggag aaaatattta agaattcaaa ttaaaatgta tgccttcttt aaaacttcca     32520
     agcgatgttc ctagtggcgt tcctggttct ctgcctgaag tcagagcgca ttcagtcaag     32580
     ctgtggcctc atgcagcatg ttgacttagt ggctggtgac tcagggtcac tgatcatagc     32640
     taatgtttgg caactaccgt gcatcatata tagagagcaa ccaatttcag ttctgccagg     32700
     gctgctgcct ggaaacaata gaagaattca ataatgctca gaaaggaaac attgtctcaa     32760
     tttatttggg taaagctttg ttctgggtaa tagaagttct cagtgctaag tgtaaaactt     32820
     gcaagcaccg cccacagtcc cgttaaggta ttctgcctgg tgaagagaca ctagtgatta     32880
     aaatccaaat catctgtcag tatgaaatta atcatttcct ggacatgaca gtgccacact     32940
     gacatggcca tgcctatctc tgtaagagca gaggcccaac accaacatga acattttata     33000
     tgtcattaag tgtaaaagtt aaagcattat cattatttaa tgatctaagg ctaagactta     33060
     ttgttcatat cccagatttt ataagtctta atgaaaattc atagtgcatg caagttaagt     33120
     ttgggttcca ctattttttt cttataataa aaagtgaagt tttatgatgg ttttcagggc     33180
     aagaaatttt ctaaatgtat tatttgtcct tgtgtaatca catgtttata aatcaattta     33240
     acagctccct atagataatc aagtcaattt taactattcc tttatgaaag tcaaccacat     33300
     gaaatctact gtcaaaaatt taagattgga aattttaaag cacagcctgt ttcttaacat     33360
     ttttaaaaca cagtttatgc aataagaaag tatttaaatt tccttactgg gagtatttta     33420
     aatccctaat tcagaaagtt aaagtgttgc aatcgttttc tcccaaataa ggggcaatta     33480
     attattgagt aataaataaa ttagtagtca ctactaatag gcaatataaa tattaacttc     33540
     ccgtctctta ggatacataa aagaaaaggt gatttttcct tcctcttgat aagatacaat     33600
     taaactattt agaaaaatag atcatagtct aaagttaatt ttttctaata aaagctttct     33660
     atgtgtggag taaagagata cctttttgtt tgttagtgtc tgggaagcct tcagaaaaag     33720
     ggaattttaa agagttataa ggatatagat cagtgatagg ctgcattgaa atcatttctt     33780
     atgaatttta agtacagtct tctcaagtga ctgattaata ggaacagtga gcatcactaa     33840
     taggaaacag ttgatgggat tacatacaag gctttaaagg actgctttct acaaaaacaa     33900
     aacaaaaacc ctagtgatta atctgtctta tatcactaca atccacgttt tcttttttat     33960
     cacacctaaa atagatatat aagccaacat ttatataaca tgaacatgag gggacaggaa     34020
     gaacctaagc cgaccagccc atttatctta acttacacat ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt     34080
     gtttgttttg ttttttgttt tcccagtaac tcgattctaa cggacctttg tgaggtcagg     34140
     cagaaatatc agtatccttc ataactgact gagaaaaatg aagagagaca tatatggtac     34200
     ttgctaactg aatcctgaaa attctaatca tgaattacct actagagcat ctgcaggagc     34260
     tttcgaacgc atggagcacc agctccttta cagaggcaaa ggagcagtca ccaactgtct     34320
     gctgtagact actctgacac tatggtctag gtccctacac actgaaatgc tctaacagtt     34380
     tcaaaacaca gaccgttcag attgaatact cagtgttact acttccagtt cttaaccctc     34440
     tcattgaaag gtaacacttc aagcattttc ttgcaataat atattctaaa acagctaaat     34500
     taatatgtgc aataaatgta ttctatgact agacatctta ttttcttgat ttcatactag     34560
     tttgactttg gatacttgta gatgataaat gttactttaa cagatacttg tgagtgagca     34620
     attctgattt agttgtcaaa tgaaatcttt aacactgacc aacgagaaac gattactatt     34680
     taaccaaaca cccaaagggc ttttgcagtg acgagtcctt tccagtttct aacatgccta     34740
     tacattcaaa agaccatttg tactgagtta tttgcaaaag tatacaaata gtatagaaaa     34800
     aagtacgcac tgataaaaga atgaagttta tcaaactatc ttaaatgtat cattcttaag     34860
     aaacagcaaa gtgctgactt accttgaata tccattagaa aacactgagc ggcctgcgaa     34920
     gttcatagcc cccaaggaag tcaggttgtc ctctccagac ccttggcacc tattccagtt     34980
     ttcagaacca acaggaattg gtggaatgac attaaaaaca ggcttctgat cctgctgctg     35040
     agaaagggat gctgtattca tgtcatagtg gtacatctgt cctccagagg tactcacgcc     35100
     atgaacagaa atggcagaca ttttattccc aattatattt gtcccagaaa agcttgcctg     35160
     gcaataaacc gggcccagtt tctcttgctt aattacccca ggggtgcaaa gctcaatgaa     35220
     atcatctttc tctgttttca cttggggcag tgccacactg ctggggcttg ataagattgt     35280
     atctccagta tcctgaattt taggtttagt gtccggtaaa ataagaggct tgcaatcctc     35340
     attcacgtcc ccttccagaa ggaatggatc atcttctccc gccaaaggag aaagcaagtt     35400
     ttcatctatc aacaggtctg acctccaagg actctcgttt gtctctttac ctggggaccc     35460
     ggcagaaaac tccaaatcct gcaagatgtc aaaggtgctt tggtctgtgg tatacaattt     35520
     cacactgcca ccgttggtgc caggctggct ttttctattt tgctgttctg aagatggatc     35580
     agagtgagtc tggggaaact ccttctctgt cggggtagca cacccagctg caggtgttga     35640
     actcttgggg ttctctggac ggctggtcga cctattgagg tttgcaatgc tttcttccag     35700
     aagccgaaag tctgtttccc cagaggagag gccaagctgg ccctgctgtg ggtagcccaa     35760
     gtcattcccc atcacttttg tttcggtctc tcccatatac agtcccatgg acagtgaaac     35820
     ggctttggat aaatctggct gcggctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct gctgctgctg     35880
     ctgctgctgc tgctgcgcat tgcttgctga gccttttgaa aaatcaagga gaatcctctg     35940
     ctgcttggaa tctgcctgag aagcagcagc cactgagggt gaagacgcag aaaccttgac     36000
     tgtagctcca cccctcaggg ttttatacaa gtccatcacg cttcccctcc cccggccaag     36060
     caaactgctg gggacttcgt ctctaccagg gggagctaag gattctttgg agtccattgg     36120
     caaatattaa ctacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gacataataa gctataaaac cacattatct     36180
     ctgatccgat tagtaagaga cagcctatta aataaaccct ttaggtaact cccaaaccaa     36240
     agtcttcatt atcagaagaa tagttcctat cttctaaaat aaagctatat cctccctgct     36300
     cccatccaca aagcagctca tctgcccggt cgaccgattt aaacttggct gtttatcctg     36360
     ccactcgcta aatgtacaca tttggtaagc atggaggttg taatttgtta tttgtgatta     36420
     ttgcaaaggt tcaaatttac gtcaaagtat ttaacttttt tttttttttt taaaggcgtg     36480
     atccttaaat ttccaacccc tttcaattga gagattcctc tctggaaacc actacataaa     36540
     ccgtttgata aatgctatac tataattgtt tacacacctc atgattcaca atttcacctg     36600
     tgccaatccc cacacatcta aacctttcaa ggtacaacct tgaagaatta tgcacatttt     36660
     attggaaaaa aaaaaaaagc agtgctgggc tgcttgtctt gcagggctag ggaaaagctc     36720
     ttactctgaa actccatttt caactaaata tgcctgtcta gtatcaccta ccttcaaact     36780
     tgggatataa gaaataatat atattatata cagactaaaa tgtgcatcct taaaagcaga     36840
     gtagagtgtg tactggcttc ttccctacaa ttttaacgta tttaaatagt ttaatagaac     36900
     agagcttatc aaaattccta acacgaagat ttactgagtt atattccttt tttaaaaatt     36960
     tgtttaatat gctcaataca aaatatttta tctataagtt gaagatttct ctttccaaat     37020
     atgtaaatac caggaaaaac agaaaaactg gactgtagaa tcacatataa agtcaaataa     37080
     aacccattca agaaaatgct cagaataatt ttctctgcag ttttaaacct ttatttattc     37140
     ctccagactg ctagtatatt attaataatc aaaatgtttt gagaggctag caaagactac     37200
     gacaaatata tttggaatcc cctcccataa aatggtaaat ttttcctgta ccaagacact     37260
     aagtatgacc ttcttctctg gaaggggaat ttgaggaagg tggagagagg gctgggacct     37320
     gccataggct tcttccctgt acaggacttg tctctcagaa ccggggtcct atgcctctga     37380
     gaacggtctc taaacattag ttatcaaatg accttaatga attttcacac ccgctttttt     37440
     gacagctgcc ccttccagcc tgaaaccata acaacacttc ataaaacaag atgctccctt     37500
     aagcgacatt tatcccccat ttaaaactgt aaataaccct gtgacattag tcacacgaac     37560
     catgcccagg gtcttaagtg gtaaggccgc aattcctgag cctgcaacct caaacgtcaa     37620
     agtagcactt gttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatcgctg catcaaaaaa ctgtggctag     37680
     ggagggtctc tttctaaaag ggtaccactc agaaaagtca ggttcgaaat catgccccaa     37740
     agctagtgcc caagttgtcc gggggtgggg ttgggggaga aggagggaga aaggtgcgag     37800
     gtgaagggag aaatgtgtcc agacctgttg agttctctgc ggcacgccca cttctagcag     37860
     ataaggccgg gcgggcgaag tctgggctgc aggcagcgag ccccgaatcc accccacaag     37920
     cccgcagccc gcagccgcgc gccctgagac cgcgggtcgc agccgcccct ctgccttccc     37980
     ccagggggaa aaagctggct gtcctggcgg ccccgaggac agcggagacc ggagggcttg     38040
     cgacaaggaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcaa aaccgaaaag gacgccagac tcccgccagg     38100
     gcgctcgagg ctccgcggcg gggcagcgcg ctgggccagg gatggcggtg cggggagagg     38160
     aagcgccagc gctgtcaccg ccgaggccct ttcgtcaccg tcaccctgcc ctcgccagcc     38220
     tccacccccc ctcccccgcc cccaagcccg ggctggcaaa agtttgccaa gtcccgccgc     38280
     cccggctgcc gagcccctcg gggagcgcgc ccagtccggc tcacctcagc gcgggcgccc     38340
     gctcgcccag cccccgctca cctcagcacc ggcgcgctcg cccgcccgcc tgcggctccc     38400
     accgcagcca gataaacaag tcggcgtgcg gacgcgggag gcgcgcgtgt cacggagaag     38460
     gaagtcaaca gtcgccccct cttttccatg ggggagggga gagcccctag cgcggaaagt     38520
     cacccgttcc cggctgacaa gccgggcccc cgcgccgctc ccgtctcccc gcgcgcgttc     38580
     tcccgtcccg gcgccgcgcc gcccggctgc ggcgtcttgt tccacccact tagaatccgt     38640
     ccccgacggg cgggcggcga ctcgggctcc aggcactgac tccgagctcg caaaatggag     38700
     gaggcggagg ggaagggggg ggagcgcgga cacgcgaaag ggccgcccgg ccgcggcagg     38760
     cgagcgggac cgagcgaggg gcgggcggag gcggcgccac ggcgcgcaca cactcgcaca     38820
     cacgcgctcc cactccaccc cccggccgct ccccgcccga ggggccgcgc ggcggccgcg     38880
     gggaacggtg caacctgttg gcgactgtcg gcaactgcaa gggcgccctc ggccctcgcc     38940
     ctcttctcgc ccagcgcgcg ggccccgcca gccccggccc cgacggcgcc tgcaagcccg     39000
     cgcggctccg ggcatcgcca ccgccggggc gcgcgcggct tcttggcctt ttttccccac     39060
     ccgagggacg agaaaaaaaa aaagtgcggc agcggctgcc gacctggcct gggagggaaa     39120
     gcgagtttct ttagtttctc ttctccctgg ctccttcccg cccccgccca gctccgcggc     39180
     ttggaaccgc tcgggagccc gccccgtggg tctgccgcca gagcccccga gggggtgaca     39240
     gccagccggc agagccgcag gggtggtccg cgtccgccaa ctgccgagtt gcgcgaagtg     39300
     tgtcactcta gcagaggggc tacgggatgg cacggaaacg gtgccgcaga gccctggccg     39360
     ctctcgggac aggacggcag acacgccctc ggggtggggg gaggcttggg gaggggacgg     39420
     gagggcagag cagagggtca gcgcatacat actgtgagcc cgggggggga ctcgcgtgct     39480
     gccaggtccc ccacccccgc atcgtctggg cggccccgtc tgcagccgcc gccgctgccg     39540
     ccgccgccgc tgcgcgcgcg ctcgctcgcc accgggagaa gttgcaaagc agaacccacc     39600
     ctcccccgcg ccccgatcgt cccccaccct cttccccgag tctgagagga ggcggcagca     39660
     gcggcggcgg cggcagcagg aggcgccgcc tgccaagttc aaacctcccc cccccccccc     39720
     caccgctccc tccctgcctg ccagcgcgct cacattcgga ggaagttgca cggcgaatgc     39780
     aaaaccctct tagcgagctg ggtttctttg cacttaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaaaaaagaa     39840
     aaaagaaaaa aattgtgatt aaggaagcct tgcggggcgg gagggggtgt gtgcaggcct     39900
     agaagcaagt tgcagacgga atagtaagtt gctggcgaag tccgccctcc tcttacccca     39960
     aactcctgac ctctccttcc acccccttcg gggccagcat ccaagctccc cgcggaggcc     40020
     cctcccccaa atcttgacat ttgctgctcc aggctcagtg cctcgctctg ccttctttct     40080
     gagttccagg gacccctctg cccctccaaa taaaacaaaa cacgcatctt tacaacgtca     40140
     gcgtttagct ccctccagct gttcccaggg cgagccccgg gtctccaaga gaaacacgtg     40200
     gccggtcccc ctaggacagg agaggggcgt gggggtgaca gtgcagccgc cgcgcgggac     40260
     ctgcccctaa gctgcccgcc cctttgggca gactggggcg actctgggac cgtgccccct     40320
     acctcgcgcc gcacgctacg gtttaggggc ctgggggttg gggagtaagg tgttatggtg     40380
     ttgctttggg gtgcgaggaa gtaacttttg ctcccccaca ggtgccagcg cttggcactt     40440
     ctgatcggag ctgaggctgc cgtggctcca ccccattctc tcccccagcc gatcgcgcag     40500
     cacttggact ccgagggcgg tctcctctgc ctgacctctt ggagatctct gattggggaa     40560
     gcgcgtgccg gaagtctctc gccgccatct tggtaaagag cagtgacgcc acacggtcac     40620
     cattttggca gaggtgctct ttagcttcaa aaccgaggcg ccctttcttg gatggaaaat     40680
     gtaaaggctg cccaatgtgt cttccgcttt gcgcgggtag gccgtggctg taagacggcc     40740
     cctgggccag aggtgctgca caatcgctac ctccatggga gccagggccg ccatcttggc     40800
     aaaggagccg aagcttgaca cctcaagaag gaaaacccat cccagtgcgg acctccttct     40860
     ccaggagagg agttatgaag agcccttgaa ccacttagtg ttgaaaacaa aaaagaaaga     40920
     aaggaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa taaacctttt aagaagagag aaccaagtca     40980
     accaggttca tagtgaacat tgagaactta gacctatgac ttggctttcc ttgctggcta     41040
     atttctcaac tactgggatg agatatcttc tgaatttggt ccccagactt caaagagatt     41100
     cttttgtatt tgtgcgtgtt gggggatact caattctaaa taaaactcat acttaccctt     41160
     gaagatgatc actttttaaa aggaactaag aattgtgcac atatatcatt tttatgtata     41220
     ctttcacacc acagacctaa gtaactgaat tactcatcaa aagaatctac ttcatttttt     41280
     tcttgcatgt ttgagttgta aatggtaggt gttcttttat ttttgaataa tttatgattt     41340
     tacaagaatt cctacttaat atttttcctt ttcctttttt ttgcatgcct agtaattctt     41400
     aatgtagaag aatacttcat tttaagtttt aaatttcagt tccaaatatt ttaaattgaa     41460
     cagaaatagg aatttttcca gttttttctc tttagtggcc taactatgcc ttagtctatt     41520
     agttcaacag aaaaacatct catgctttaa tccatactgc tttaaaaatt agcctaaact     41580
     ctcaacaact aatcatatct acacagtaag aaaaataatt atgaaaataa tttgcttaac     41640
     attcattgac tcttctgctc agtttgctgg aagtgttgaa taaaatagat attttattat     41700
     acttcttggg aagtactggg gatcctatat tctaggaaag tactcactag gccaatgaac     41760
     tatgtcgcta gttgtcttag tcaaggttac tattgaggtg atgaaacacc ataaccaaga     41820
     gcaacatggg gaggaaaggg tttatttcat tcacagttcc atataaacag ttcattatta     41880
     aaagtagtaa ggacacgact tcaaacagca ggaatttgga ggcaggagct aatcctgaag     41940
     ccatgaagga atattgctta ctggtttgct ctgccttctt tcttatagac cccaggatca     42000
     tcagctcagg gaaagcacca tccacaatgg gcttggaggc atttttctta actgaggttt     42060
     ctttcactta acttacctta acttgtatca agttgacata aaactgtccg acatgttagt     42120
     ccgacttgat ttttcagcat gaggaactgg aacttacaga acttgatcca atgtcacata     42180
     gctcctcagg gttaaggatg gaatccagta atgttaagag agattttcct catggatccc     42240
     ataatttaca tgaaggggca ttatgaattc ttgaaagact taagcactca tggaatttaa     42300
     gcactgaatt tcaaagaaat taaatagttt ttttttaaaa cagagaaatg tccattgtac     42360
     acagatgaag tttaagattt tgataacacg attcttatta tagttaataa ctattaagca     42420
     tctgtccacc agacactatt caatattttt atacattact cttaactcat taacatggta     42480
     cttactcatc aataactcta ggaagttagt attattacaa ggtaagagac agtataaatc     42540
     cctacctcag agagaatgta ttttattatc tcataagagg agataggaat aaaactgata     42600
     tattcagact ctatctagca aaaacctgat ctatcctttt cattatgtta agtccctgga     42660
     acagaagccc atatatacca gccttaaggt aatattttac agagttatga taataatgct     42720
     gagtcaatta atcatctggg cataatatta cttgaggttg aattggctaa atgacttaac     42780
     acaaagttta tgaatgctac tcaagatttt ttatgcttat ccgtgtggat tttaatttcc     42840
     aaactttacc cgtaaacaac tagaacacat tataatttta caatatcctg cacaatttgg     42900
     taacatgtta gaatggtagt ccatttgttg tgtgaacttt tgttatattc tttctcccta     42960
     ctagaatata agactgaaag acagagactt cctattcaac acttcttatg cagtgtataa     43020
     ttgatgctca gtgggtgtta attgagtgaa ttgatgaata tgtattgact attatgtcct     43080
     aagacaaaca aaatattaat aagcctgagc tgcaaccaaa tcacaattta catttctgta     43140
     gcatttggac tgcaaagatt gctcagaaag taaaatgctt tctgctcaaa cagaacccac     43200
     ataaaaattc tgttatggca tcaggtgctt gtaattttcc ccaccccacc ccaccccctt     43260
     acacagagac aggaaaactc actggggctt gctggtctct acctaagctc aagatacaat     43320
     gagagaccct gttaagggaa taagatagtg atagagcagg acacccaaaa tcctcctttg     43380
     gtctccatgt gatcccacag atacatgcac cccccacccc tcacacacac acacacacac     43440
     acacacacac acagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag acagagagag     43500
     acacagagag agacagagag agatgacaga gacagagaca gaggagagga gaacaagaag     43560
     aagagaagaa ggagaaggaa gaagcagaag cagcagcaat aaaggaagaa agacaagagt     43620
     gaagaataag gaaagcattt atatatcgct taatgttttg atattttcat ttctgctcat     43680
     ctgtttaatt atcttcattc tcattgaaat aacccaataa caaaagggtc aggtgatccc     43740
     cctcaaaacc atcaatcaaa tcatatgagg atcctgaccc agcatataca ggggctctct     43800
     attgcagtga aacaagtcca attttgctgc taagtccatc atcttctgtc tgccctttat     43860
     agaaggcaaa gccttctaga agtggtgatt agtcttttgt taaacttaat aaggttattt     43920
     atttaatact gaaagcaaga gaaccatcaa gatggataac ttgaaaactt tgttttctaa     43980
     aacctaaaat ccatcagtga acgtttagtt gcctcacctt agaataaagg tctaacattt     44040
     ttatgagtgc tatttcattt ttcctgggtg gtatattctc acagtgtatt gggactaatg     44100
     ccagtatcta tatagggtaa tgttgaacaa gctctgtaac tcactatacg ttagttatga     44160
     ccacttgtaa agtgagaata aaataatagc aacttaaatt acaaagatta atcaagtttg     44220
     ctatatatga agtatattaa ttcatgaggc atattatata ctcaattatc attaagaact     44280
     attagtcatt taatttcaaa ttcccctaat aattattagt cattttaatg tcaaatttct     44340
     ctggttcttc aaaaaagtag aaaaagatat caaaagcact tacagaacaa actagatttc     44400
     ttcttgtttg tgattctttc tcatcttttg aagcatcttc catgcacact gcttgactga     44460
     aatcacttgt agcatctttc catttaggtt gtatagaaga atggcttctt ttcatactca     44520
     tgtctcatcc ttaatatgaa aacacacatg agggaaaaca caagagcctg gagagctcag     44580
     ctggtagcca gagaaatgtc tggaggaacc ttggctctgt gttcaccact gctggccacc     44640
     agtgcttagt ctttcaccaa gactacagaa cttggactta ttgggatgaa ttgatgtgac     44700
     ttttgttgga aaagatctta ttcacggaaa gactctacat agcaattcca ggcccacctg     44760
     tgctactggt tatcatgtga gttctcttac aaagagacac ttctttaaaa tttattttcc     44820
     tccagctatg atcatttttc atggctcagc ttgcattttt ttttgttttg tacccattcc     44880
     attaactcta tgatgttaaa tataaatatg ctttcttgtt aatgaatagt tttgaaaata     44940
     ttagctatat ggtaatccga cacaactttt cttgttcact gtccgaacta cctgaagcca     45000
     tcatagctag taaatgcctc ttgaacattg tgactttgag aaacacataa ggggttcaaa     45060
     ggaagcccag ataaactaga atgtcccatt tctgtgtgct ttaatatttc tatttacaga     45120
     agacatgttt gttataaaaa attcacacaa atatttcaag ctgttagaat cagctctgct     45180
     atggtatatg tttctttttc tagagttaac atggaaattt gaaaatgtgg catgaggatg     45240
     ctacatcttc ccttccctgt attttttttt tttattgttt tgcccttttc ttttctttcg     45300
     tcataaacaa cttaaaatac cagcttctct ttctgtctat taaccattgg tgtttgtcct     45360
     ggttaaatcc tctctattag aagaacttgc ttgaagcaat aagggattaa agaggaggta     45420
     aaacaccagc tgacatatta gatacatgta gccataagca gagatctaat gttttcagtg     45480
     tttggagaca ctggagcaag cacacagaat aattgcagcg attattacgt acactgtttg     45540
     tcatttgtgg catttgtggc tggccattat gtcattagct ttcttccttt tctgatttaa     45600
     tctcttctct cccatgctcc tctggtagat ggtgtctcag tctgccccgt ttgttggtgg     45660
     cgttgctcag ctcagttttg agaggcactg cttccgtttt agatcttaca cctcctttac     45720
     ttagttaatg tatgtattca ttttatttga agctaaattg gaggtcatat ttatacacat     45780
     tttgtttctt gtaaaagcaa agctgagctt tactaaagtg tcttaaacta tatttaagca     45840
     tgagtgttaa aaagagacac atgtgagggg gcactttaac acatggacag gcagatgcag     45900
     gcttctaaag gggcagccga atctgtaagt tcttcacatc acattctaaa gtggtgcaaa     45960
     ggatattttg ctacacttca taaaatagca tcaatattag atttttttct atcctattgc     46020
     ttaattttca acctaaggtc tgcatttgaa acccaacaca gtttatacac ttgaatggac     46080
     ttcggttggt cctttaatct ttcagtttgt agcaggaggt aatatctacc catgcatctc     46140
     acaggaagta gggttgaaaa gaagactact aactttgaga attattcaga aaacaggaga     46200
     ggcatacata cgttttgcat catcagtaag ttgcaacaaa agtaccagtt atctttaccc     46260
     ctctttattt gtgtcatgtg atatccagtg cacagggcaa tggagtttta ggcaaggggg     46320
     tgtcaacttg tatcagtggt agctatacaa gcttgcaaaa gctgcctgtt aatttttcaa     46380
     agattttgtt agttactaat catcctcgtt attacaaata atttacaaac ttacagctaa     46440
     acatttcaac agcaatgtta aatactcagg agaggtttac tttctgatta tttcactatt     46500
     atttgatatg tttgttatat aatgggaatc ttctgatatg ttaaaaaaaa aagaagcata     46560
     ttaactccta gcctctgcat tcaaaagtta ttcaagttat cttggtagtt tgaaatcaac     46620
     catggtcaag ttttttgtac cataaaaatt ggaaaaacca taaaccagct ctttgttttt     46680
     attgatatcc agatgtcagt gctaatgggg attttgataa tgaagatgaa atttcaaaat     46740
     atgcaatttt atgaataatt atttttccag tacttaaaaa ccattccctg gttcatattc     46800
     atggagggtt ttagtcttaa agctttgttg cttcactgtt ggcacttttt tcactagcaa     46860
     gaaaatatca gccaaaaatc aggttagaag tttaacagta tctgcctgtt ttgctgagct     46920
     gaatattaac taaatgttta tttgtagact gactttacca aagatgttgt attgaaccat     46980
     aggatggccg tcaaaacaag caggggaaag attattgaaa tcattctttg aaaatcagtt     47040
     ggccatacag aagttactct taaaggttat tctatacctt atgtattata aattgtgtga     47100
     tgcaaattta tttcaatgag tttataaaaa tagatttccc cctctcacct aaatggcaat     47160
     ggaagtgaaa acagactgga atggctaaga taggaaaacc tttgcaagat gaacagaggg     47220
     cagaccagtc actataaaca caaacatctg gttgggaatg gagttgggga gggactcaga     47280
     ggaattgggc aagaggaaac gataatcaga atatactgta tacaaattta tttttataaa     47340
     agaaaaaaaa aacagaggaa cagtttatgc tgggggatgg gacaggtgct gtctgtcaaa     47400
     gtctaagaag agccagtggt agatggcata gaaaagaagt ccaagggcgg caagcaatag     47460
     gaaaaacatt gcaagttctg gggtttcaga agcacataga gaagggtttg tttcttcgtt     47520
     gtcaaattgt tataacatat gggtagaaaa gggaagctca ttgtgtccaa actggggttc     47580
     acatacttag gtattttctt tctcatctag aaattcattg atttctgcat gtattgagga     47640
     gttattaatt caccccatgt cttgatcctg tttcaaagct atggtctagc attggctcgc     47700
     tttaactgta aagtctcaat ccccctggag tccacagata gtgctacatc tttaagctgc     47760
     ttgtagttat tccaagcttt tcttaactat ctgacacaga gcaaataagt agagcctacc     47820
     ataagtcacc tgggtattgt acctcacggt tatcagcaaa cagggcaggc tgtcatgatg     47880
     ctccctggtt gattcattat aactaaaccg tattccatat tatgagctgt ttgttttcat     47940
     tttagcatat ttaaagatat ttgctaactt tatgatattt taagacatat aaatgttcca     48000
     caaaagaact cctaagaaag agcttcagca agggctgaca gcttgaagat tccctttgga     48060
     tatgttcctt tgttcacttc agttttttga tcattagata ctttataggt ggcttcacta     48120
     actcacagaa tattagtgga agaaggccag ggcatgggag taatggagtg ggagagcact     48180
     ttcctatcac atctaagacc aaagcttcat cttcaacaat gcataattaa atttctttcc     48240
     aactaatctt atagatggaa ggggctttct cagctaattt tctcttccat tcatgcttgc     48300
     attcattcca tcaacaaagt aacaaatttt tcaattatta tgtctacaaa acccaagtat     48360
     gtaaatacgc atcaatttaa aagattgtaa tataatccct atttttgagg aaatggaggt     48420
     agagagattg acaagttgtt atcctgcatt atgaacttgg aggaacattg cagtggttac     48480
     atgggcacta tgatatgcaa gaagtcacct gaatgtcaga ggtaggagag ttggtgtgaa     48540
     cacagaaatg gagggagtgg ccgggcgtgg tggcacacac ctttaatccc agcacttggg     48600
     aggcagaggc aggcaaattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag     48660
     gacagccagg gctattcaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaac caaaaccaaa accaaaacca     48720
     aaaccaaaac caaaaccaaa accaaaacca aaaccaaaac caaaaccaaa accaaaacca     48780
     aaaccaaaac caaaaccaaa accaaaacaa acaaaaaaga aatggaggcc aggtagggct     48840
     gcctgaagat gtcactgatt tgagtgatgg atctcattca aatggtttgg tcatttctca     48900
     aggagaaaca ttcataatag aagattgcca ctagtaatcg atgatacata tacatcatat     48960
     acatatacat acacatacac atacacatac acatacacat acacatacac atacacatat     49020
     acatcatata catatacata tacatataca tatacatata catatacata tacatataca     49080
     tatacacata cacatataca tatacatcat atacatatac atatacatat acaatatgat     49140
     acccaactgt taaagcaaga gttatatgta ttcaagcatg gctagatgtg agtcaagaac     49200
     ttacatcatg tcaaaagggc ttgaattcta tctcttagct ttatttccct attgtagttt     49260
     tattcttggg aaaggattct ctacctatat gaatatgtcc tccagcagag acgagttctc     49320
     ctctctggca atgatctcct ttgtcctctt cctgaaaaga gactttattg ttttgttggg     49380
     ccccatgaac caagacccat gacccaaaca gacagacaga tagacagaca gacagggaat     49440
     caaacagagg cgtctgataa tgactgggac tattaaaatt ggagtaaaaa ggatgcggga     49500
     catgcagaaa tcaccagagg ttcatctttg cagtgacagt tacttatcaa aatgtaacag     49560
     tgacataaac accacacttg acattttacc taaaatgttt gtcacaatgg aaataaaccc     49620
     ctaaaaatta agtaaagttg tgcttacaag tgctactagt tccatcctga ctttagtaga     49680
     aatcagatgt tatttatact ttgaaacttc agatagtaca caaatgaact attactttta     49740
     gagaatagtg cttccattta actgggcttt cttcaagaca tctagtgatg ttttaaacta     49800
     gctttatagt cttctacata aagaatgtgt cttgattgaa gatggtttca acaaacatga     49860
     ggggtgcaga cggctactgt gagactcggc cagcccattc tgctctttct gtcttgataa     49920
     gttgaatgtc atgcaaatgt ctccagcctt ggtagtagac aggcaggaag ccagaaccag     49980
     taatagaagc aggaggcagt ctgtgaatac ttgctgatta attttagctc cataggcttg     50040
     atgggttttc catccctata attatcatca gcaaatagtt attgaatgat gtccagcata     50100
     tttttattct tccttctttg gccctaattt tccttttcta ttttacctct cagtgtgagt     50160
     tcatcacacg tatttctgtt catcagacca agagcctcct gtgattagtg ggtagagact     50220
     cagttatagt cctcctacaa ggttatttat ataacatgta tctgtaaatc tgtctgtctg     50280
     tctctctctc tgtctatcac ttatctacct atataaatta tctttattaa gaaatggctc     50340
     aaatactctc tggaaatggt aggagaatat attatatgtg tgaggagata agataggtga     50400
     ctgaatagct cttctgttct ggctgctgta ttagtagatc catatctgct ttataaaatt     50460
     gatatttttt tattacaagt gatatgcaac atcttttctc tcataagctt ttgctagagt     50520
     tgatctgtgg aggaaatgga gagtggggtt gatggtgtga gttatgaaag taacaactgt     50580
     caaaagatgt tctaaaatga agatgatagg cacctaaaca aagtagtacc cttcatgttt     50640
     gtggcattag aaggacgaac tgtcacttta gatgccattt ctgtctttaa aaaatttaaa     50700
     gtaatatgta ctagtaaatg atacaaactt attctaagag cccagacatg cagaagagga     50760
     tgatacatga atttcccccc cctacctcta gtcccattta cagacataag gtgtagttag     50820
     tacttccttg ggccttttgt ctggtcacaa gtttatacat atttaccccc acagtttagt     50880
     agtaattcaa aatattattg tgtgtatatg tgtgtaaaat gtgtaagtgt aggcatatgt     50940
     gccatgatag aggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gggtgtgtgg gtgtgtgtga aactctgtga     51000
     agtggttctt tcccatattt atatgggtag atgagggata ttgagctccg ttcaccaggt     51060
     ttgcctagca ggaatgtttg cctggttaac ctgtttatct ttgaaagaaa agtgaagttt     51120
     tattgcatgc atttttttta acttcattaa atgtcttggg gttttatgtc aatattttta     51180
     ggtaattgtg gcatagtgca ttacaatgca tcattactgc atatttaaat tatttccaag     51240
     ctttcagtat tgcaagctat actcagatga atatccttgt atttacacat ttacatcgtt     51300
     atgtaagtac ttttgtagtc aataactagt acgtggctca tgcactgact aaatacccag     51360
     tgtgccacac ttacagaaaa gctggttatc ccagcttttg ttgttgttgt tgctactcaa     51420
     atcttccttt ggatagatag tcttgcaaaa ctccagttaa tagacctata aatggttata     51480
     agaaataagt tctacctgaa tatccttata tctgcttcag ccatgccttt gctaaatcca     51540
     tccttatagt aaaaataagt tccagaaaat tagtttattg agtttggaga ggaaacccac     51600
     aagggattct ttaagaacag cgtaatggtt ctcctgagca aacttgaacc tgccatggtg     51660
     ccattgccac atgatgggat ggcattgttt tcgtgccaag agtcaacttt ccacatatgg     51720
     tatctgatcc aaaactcttc attgtaaaat aaagcagcat aacttcattc catcataact     51780
     ccatgtgttt gaggtactat aaccatctct caccatgtga ggaggccaga cttggcttct     51840
     cgggacatta gtgcagagat aggtacaggg taggaggcaa atgtgccttt attctaggcc     51900
     ttctgggagt gcttagaaac ttatcttttt aaaaaagtaa aacaaaaata aaaacaaaag     51960
     agaatgcagt cttagaatag ctggagtcta ccacttagag acaccattga aataaaatag     52020
     aacaagagag agaagaaagg gaaatctgga agacagatag aatctttatc atctagttta     52080
     aataaatact ggggctagat atctctggat gacagtgaat gtcacatact tcaattagga     52140
     acaattatat gcttcccctt tttttctctc ccatttacct tcctcctttt tcttctattt     52200
     ttcttccttt aagcaatttt tgttttgctg cagccaatcg gagttaggtc tgacttttta     52260
     cctctaacca agcgctgttt gcagaaccaa tggtgtagaa cacaagcctt ccactcgcac     52320
     tggagcagag aggtgggcca aggttactgg gcatctaaga tgacctcagg ttgtatagag     52380
     tttcctctta atgattaatt ggctgagctg ggtaaactcc cttttttttt ttttttttta     52440
     gaatgtgtac aaatggggag ctttcattct gaagttactt ttctgattct ggctacattt     52500
     gcctcaaagt ttcactttta tcaagaaatc atatgggaaa cactcctcca ttaggggcat     52560
     gtttcaaatg caaaaggaga aacagaacca tggtaatcca agctaatgga ttctttaact     52620
     tcagtgtaaa acccttaagt tattattctt ttgcatgtgt cattcccgaa tttatggttt     52680
     attgctttgt ttaccgaaga cttgataata cattaactta cagtttatct gttgatttga     52740
     tctactggaa ttacataata aaatagcagc atttgtttac ttcaaaccaa agcctgaaat     52800
     cttctctgat atgaaaatca attccacagt ttaattctat ctgcaatctc tatgcaaaca     52860
     ccattcatat tttatttaca taaactttac atttccttat atctgtaata gaagcatatg     52920
     gtatgggtga taaggtagtt atagtcattc aatatttatt tgcttatgaa cagctccaac     52980
     tagatctgaa gactccagac tatgtattct agtagacatg tatccttgac aaatcgttta     53040
     acttctttga gtcttttgtt tccttatctg agaaatatag caagaatatt tgtcttaaaa     53100
     gatacttgca acagaataaa taagatattc ctttcaaagc ctttagcaga tgctggccct     53160
     gagcaatgaa gagcaaagcc actcttattc ctacaagatg tacaatgtct agcaccacat     53220
     atcttagata agtccccatg tgtatgacat ccttcacact aaagctgctc tcttcatatc     53280
     atgggctgtg cagcaaagct attgagtacc tgctgaggat tctgtaaaag aaaactagac     53340
     actgactggg tattttaatt ttccctatat gatttccagg cctatcacaa ccatagggtc     53400
     ctgtaactct acaagcaata catggtacat ctctgtgcag tttgatcatt atgaaaccta     53460
     ccaagactat agattccact atccacctga gcatgatata aataaataaa gacaggtatt     53520
     tcaaaagcac aggttggaca gaatgctaca gctaaaagaa ggaaacgcac agaggatgaa     53580
     atgatttgtc tggagtctca ctgacttgct aaaggtctaa aatgaacaac aacaacaaca     53640
     aaaacctttc taattcctca tcaaatggtt tacacatgat acatagggat atctcttcag     53700
     acaccactgt ttacctagaa tgaatttatt gccggtgaca ttttcatcct caaatttact     53760
     tgtttacttt tatcagtgca ctcaaaagct ttaactgcaa tgtccaagtc tgtacagtgg     53820
     agcagaccct gcactagatg tgaagtcagt gctctgtgct tcttctgcct ctcctctcag     53880
     ctgtatgatc ctaagtcatg cttcttcctt gtgttggttg acttttctct tgtgcttagg     53940
     tctgtggtat ttcccccctc actgccctta acccgtctag aggtatggtt acccttctgc     54000
     atccattgga catgggcccc agggctctct gtggatcccc aaatgtataa aatgtttaag     54060
     tcctttctat aaagtactac tataaaactc aatgggaaaa ctatatgatt gttataagac     54120
     actgcttagg gaacagcaac aaaacaatat gtatgtttgg cactgttttt ttctttgtgt     54180
     gtatatatgt gtacaagttt gtacaggtat aggtgtacat gtacatgtgt gtatgtgtat     54240
     gtttgtgtat atatgtacat gtgcacatgt gtgtggaatc tagatgtcaa cagtgagtgt     54300
     cttccttatt ttttgagaaa gggtctccca ctaaccatgg aattggccaa ttcagctagg     54360
     cttgtttcct ctctcatgct ggggttatag gctctatgcg cagctctttg acatgagttc     54420
     taagggatta aactggtgct tcctaagcac aagcaagcaa gcattttaca actgaacagt     54480
     cacctgtgct cctagacacc attattttcc ttggtgcacg tttagttgag tccacaggtt     54540
     cagaactcat tgatgcaaag aaccaactgt aatgatgcct ccctttcctt ccactggctg     54600
     caaggctttg gctggcaccc catgacttcc tactgtttgc ctccatgaag gcactgaaga     54660
     tgaagataag taaagtgcgt tcctcttctt gaggccatct cagaatagag tgatcagaga     54720
     aacaaggaga tgaggaggta ataaagacgg ctatgataga aacccttggg tgggaggagg     54780
     aagacagaag acattgagga gatgaccatt ccccactgaa tggagaggag caaccacagt     54840
     ctgaagctaa aggtagggac ctcatacaga gaggcagact atttcccacg gcgctggctt     54900
     gaatgagagc acaactagaa ggaagcatat ttctctgggt atgaccttca cctagttatc     54960
     tcagcttcct catcagttat aacaggcaga aggtccggat tctctttcag gctgttgtga     55020
     ccagtcaatg agattatata tgatgatgtt agcagggtac tcagcaataa cttgttaaag     55080
     taacaataga agtattacca gtttgttttc accagacctg ttgtcgtttt ttctttcttt     55140
     caaggacaag gacatattta taccttggta gcatacttca ttgtatttag agattgtggt     55200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac ttgcttgtat ctctgtttgt gcaagtactc acagagaaga     55260
     tagtgctaga ttgcctgaaa ctgaagtgac tggcaattca gagtggccat gtggattctg     55320
     gtaactgaat ctgaatcctc tgcaagaact cttaacgatg gaactatttc attagttcct     55380
     agaaatattt ctaataacac caaaggactt gaagcagtat gagttaaaaa gaaaacagaa     55440
     agaaaaaaaa tgacttagca aaatgattca gcagaaaagt atggatgact cagaaaagtg     55500
     tgagacgact cagcagaaaa gtggaaggtg actcagcaga aaagtgcttg ctgcttgtgt     55560
     gcacatcccc ccacccccac cccccatctc cagcttccaa tttgacacag ctagagttat     55620
     ttgagaagag ggaaccacaa ctgagaaaac aagtttggcc tatagaccaa ccggtggggc     55680
     attttcttag ctagtattgg ggggtaccaa ccctgggagg aggccttgag ttgtatagaa     55740
     agcataggga aacaggagaa ccaagtcagt atgtagcact ccttcgtggc cgctgcttca     55800
     cttcttgcct ccaaggtcct gccttgagtt cctgccctga cttctctcag ttactaagtg     55860
     tggcctgaat gtaaaccctt tcctttccaa agtcgcttat agtctgtcat ggaattttat     55920
     tatggagaca aaaaagtgac taatatagca gggatgctgc taggtgtccc attgtgcaca     55980
     ggatggtcca ttacaatcaa gaattatcca ttcaagtgcc agccagtgct gaggttgagt     56040
     cctgccctga aaataacccg ttccctgctt attttccaac aatcatcaag gaacaagaac     56100
     tatcaagagt gtgtcttcat ttacctgcaa aagtatttcc tttgggcatt ttacccactt     56160
     taccatctcc tttggaaaag aaagttttct agagtttttg gtacagtttt tcaaatggtc     56220
     ttgtcttgtt aaaagaatgg atgtaagtgt gtgtgccttg aatgaatatg ggtacctgta     56280
     caaaacctgc aggggccaca ttccctactc tgtcactatt gacttcactc ctttgagatg     56340
     gtaacatact gaatctggcg ctaaaagagt gtttagcaag cctcaaggat cctcttgcct     56400
     ctgtcaccca cagtgctggg ttacaggagc gtgcagccat gccgggctct aactcagggc     56460
     cataactaaa tgggtggccc tgaaaattca gcatcagtgg aagatttctg aatgcttgaa     56520
     gaccaaaacc tcaatatcaa gtttccaatg aatccatgca gcatgctggc cacattgcgt     56580
     ctcatgactt caccacagcc ttgcttctga acataccaca catgaggcca acagtattac     56640
     ctaaaacatc ctggtaaaga gtggagacta tggtgcatga tacatcagct tgtctctatt     56700
     atccaagttt tctcttatag taatataatc atctaattag aacaaagact tttaccaaaa     56760
     tgtctaccta cctaccaaaa tgtctcagca tgtaaagatc caatcagtct aattttgggt     56820
     catattctat atatttagat ttcaagcttg ctatttgcac tatttgtttg aacttcacag     56880
     aaagtatcca gtgagtttca gcttgggatc gggaaaggat ttccaacaat ttctgaagtg     56940
     gtgctaaaca tagtttgtgt tacatgttta tacaagtggt gctcccagca ctgatgattg     57000
     taaaatccaa atattgataa cctctgaaaa ttgaagatgc tctatagtga cagtatcaaa     57060
     tattcatcta aggttgaatt atttatgtaa aaacaaatat actcattaac atgcaaatat     57120
     gcttacttta ataaattcca aaagtgtgtg tatacaggga actaaaattt tctttatgat     57180
     ttcatgtcaa caaatgtttg gcctgtacaa atattttata tccctggggt tgttggaaga     57240
     tgggattagt acgagcagtc ctgatacaga acactgtcag ctgttactct tgagtcttgc     57300
     ttgtttgctt tgagagatca ttgacttccc cataggactc tcatcttctt ctaaactgta     57360
     ggagtgatat tagctaggaa gaaggtcatg ttccttcagg gcaggtgaca tgattgcagg     57420
     tgaggccagg aaggccacag tagggagctg aagtgtcact gatggctagt cagccctgcc     57480
     tcgttgttag gagtcaatac cgtgtatttt tctccccctc ccttcccatt taccagtact     57540
     gtcttctctt tatgtcacta tcatttttcc caaagcatgc catgatccca aggccttccc     57600
     tctcccctgc tttgctttaa catttatgct actttgcatg gccatccttt aaacactgat     57660
     ttccattcag atcacctgag agtttgttta aaatgcagct atccaagctc acctccaacc     57720
     tccagcctaa gggcagagtc caggaatctt tatccgaggt agtgtgattt actatctaag     57780
     aacacatctg agaaaccaaa ctgcagaaga cattcactag atatgtgacc aagtatttac     57840
     cggtctcttg tcccatcctc atttgtaaga tgactctgaa agagaagcta gtttggcttt     57900
     cagagctgga agggagagga aaccaatcaa ttccacaaaa gaaagcacta cacaccactc     57960
     agaggtccca gggacttctt aacatggctt tcttttatta agttgcagct tcatttcttg     58020
     acttaatgac ttacggtgtt gttaaatcaa aacaataaaa taatttttga agaggaaaaa     58080
     ttggagaact catacttacc aactttaaaa attactacaa agctacactg atcgaaattg     58140
     tgtggcataa gaacagatgt ttagatgaaa aacagaataa agagtcctga aacataagtc     58200
     ttagatcaac tgatttttca ccaaaatgca aagacataca atctttctca acaaacagtg     58260
     ctaggataat tggacaaaca catggaaaat aaaatactct aaagtaaatt caaagtggat     58320
     tgtagactta attgaacagg tgaaattata aaatctttat gagaaaacat atgggcaagt     58380
     ctctttgatc ttggatcata taatggttag agctgatatc aagcataggc aatcaaagga     58440
     atagccaaac taaattttat caaaattaaa aatcttttct atttccaaag atatcatgaa     58500
     gaaaataaaa tgttggctaa cagattgagg gaactattgc aaatcatata tctgatgcag     58560
     cacagatcta ttatatataa agaattgttg ctactcaata ataaaatgac aacaaatggc     58620
     ttgcatagag ttccctaaag gaaataaatt acttaaaaga atttaaacat gttaaagaat     58680
     gtataacctt actagctgtg actacaagag atattattct atttctacta ggctaggcat     58740
     aattttagaa aaggaatgta atgcattggt gaggatatgg agaaacataa ccctaccaca     58800
     gtgataattg agttccaaaa ttgctcagtc ttatggagta catgttgcaa tccccttaaa     58860
     gagttaagca tagacttagt atatgatctt tagaagagtt tgagaaactc cagaacactg     58920
     tgggttagtg ccgttgccct ttgttgcctc ccagaactcg aaggtaaagc accactactg     58980
     aagacacata gacctcataa acaagacttg gaggaattga gctggacctg acctggaagc     59040
     ttcttccttg aggactagct ctcatagtat cataaggtgc tatgcaagct tccaagatga     59100
     gaacaattaa tagtcctacc tagatgcaaa gcctaccaac cacaacgatg acccaaggga     59160
     acaatagtgg catttatatg ttggggtaac caacaactgt ctaattggac tcaatgcctg     59220
     ctcaatggga gggaattcat gtctggtatt ataaacctgt ccaactaccc atagctggtg     59280
     aggtcataaa ccctagagga tgatatacta ctgcctcttt tttaagccgc tgtaatttct     59340
     aactgcattc caaatacata tttttatatc cacaaataag tgtagcactc accactcatc     59400
     aaaaaaccct acttttgaag cagatggaga gcattacaga aatctaaacc taaatcaaat     59460
     tacaaagaca aatgatcatt gggttccaaa cccaattggt acatctgtaa taaagtccat     59520
     tggtacatct ataacaaagc ccctacactg aaggctcaga gaacactatg gaagagggag     59580
     gttaaaagat tataaaaccc aaggggatca ggatagctgc tgtgagatat caattttcat     59640
     acatgacagg aaagttgcat ccttaaaatc tcaacaattt ggttactcaa acaagatctt     59700
     cacaataaca aagactaact gacctgtcag catagatggc agaactcttg aatgccctca     59760
     cgtctagatg aagagctaca ggcaatcagt ggctgctgag agaggaagaa tcattctcct     59820
     ccaggaacta ggccactgct gggttatcta atcataagtg atcagcccta aacacacaag     59880
     catacacaca acaccaaatg aactcgacgg caatttatat gtatgtgtct tagggtttct     59940
     attgttgtga tggaatgcca tggccaaaag caaatcgagg aggaaagggt ttgtttggct     60000
     tccatatcat tgttcatcat tgaaggaagt caggacagga actcaagtag ggcaggaggc     60060
     tggagacagg agctgatgcc gaggccatgg aggggtgctg cttactgcct tgctcttcat     60120
     ggcttgctta gcctgatttc ccagggatga taccacccac aatgggctga cccctccctt     60180
     atcaattgct aattttaaaa aattgcctta tagttggatc ttatggaggc attttctcca     60240
     ttgagtctcc ctgctttcag ataattttag cttatgtcaa attgacataa gaccagccag     60300
     catagtgtat atgtgtgtat gattatatat ctatgtaata ataattaaag aagtcatgaa     60360
     tctgagtgag aataggaaat gtcagaaagg agagggaggg aggtgtggaa atggcatata     60420
     tacagtactc atatataaaa atttcaaaaa ccaattaaag aaaaatataa aaaggaagtc     60480
     tcttgagtga agttctacat ttctaaacaa aatgctatac ttgaacgttt ccaatgatgt     60540
     tatccctatt agtcaaatgg ttataatgta aatgcctgtc aggtgatgca ggagaaaaca     60600
     agtgtggtct gcatagcaag atgctgtgga tccacagaaa gggaagatgt gccaaccagg     60660
     gtatgcagag acgtcttgtc tttaagttct aagtcggcag ctctcaatct gtgggtctca     60720
     acccttttat acatcacata gcagatgtcc cgcatatcac atatttaccc tagaatccat     60780
     aaccatagca aaattacatt tatgaggtag caacaaaaat aattttatgg ttaggggtca     60840
     gcatacatct gtattaaagg gccacaacac aaggaaggtt gagaaccact ggtctaagtg     60900
     gataaagcca aacataaatg accacatact gcatgattct agttaccttc cagcaccaga     60960
     tgggaggtta tagaatctgg gaattcctct ttttgtccct gtgcagtgct tggtttgaat     61020
     gcagagtctt gtgtatgctg gctaggcata tcctctgcca tggagctaca tacccaactg     61080
     tctgggatgc ctcttgttag tgagaaagtt agggtcaata tggcagtgga aagcattgta     61140
     actaaaggac attatgagcc aatgatcggc aggcatgcca ctcatagcag aaatgtatat     61200
     atcagactat gtcctcaaga tatttgaaag ggattcacct gccttctccc tacatctcct     61260
     gctgctttaa ctttttctta taagatgcta tgttatacta gttaagtgtt agactctggt     61320
     ttatactgta agagttcagc tcttatttca accactcagt agctttgtgt tccaaatgaa     61380
     gttatattct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     61440
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ctttcctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     61500
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttctttct tctttctttc tctccctctc     61560
     tctctccctc tccctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcacct gcctgccctc     61620
     cctccccccc actctttctt tcttttttca agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg     61680
     tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatctac ctgcctctgc     61740
     ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcatgtgc caccaccgtc cgtctatact ctctttcttt     61800
     aattatgaac aggacttagc tatagttttg acttaatagt cttaattaat taaaggttta     61860
     acaaagtaat tgcatagata gatttatact gtgcttggta atacaaataa taataaacac     61920
     taaccaccat agttgctttt agtgcttctc taaggacttt atgttataga taagaaaata     61980
     gactactccc atttggcatc tgtgtttttc ataaggatca cttgagcaaa gtacaataat     62040
     atatatctat atctatctat ttatgaagtg tcataataaa gctccaccca ctaattataa     62100
     aataaattaa agagagaatt agtaagttgg acttagtaat taagtcaatt agtaagacta     62160
     ttaagtcaaa actatagcta agtcctgttc ataattaaag aaagagagta tagccggatg     62220
     gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact tggagtcact tggatttgga gtataagtct     62280
     ggcagagaac aaggatgcac agattggggt tcctagtctg ctaagctgtg gatgaaagtc     62340
     tcagccatgg caagctcacc aaaatgacaa atgttacctt gtgacacccc tgcaggcttg     62400
     tatctcatga actttaggag gggactccac acaggaaggg acaaaaaatg gccatgcagt     62460
     gtgcaaaagc tgcaggttgg atctccaagg ctgagttttc gacactgagt cacactcctt     62520
     tctaaaatgc tcctcagact tcttcaggtt ctaggggtaa aattgaagta gtgctctgat     62580
     cccacaatgc ctcctgattg gctcctgtct gtctgtcttt cagcttcatt gtgcaaccct     62640
     tggcttacca tgctctcatc caggagttgg caaaccacag ccaagatttt taaaacttta     62700
     ttaggacaca gcacactcat acatttatgc atctcaggtg gctgctttca cactgaaatg     62760
     gcagagctag gccatagaga cagaaaccat atggcccaca atgtgagcac atggtaacat     62820
     ttaatgaaac ccaggaaatg aggtctggtt gagggtccaa gaaggaatgg ctttgttcat     62880
     cagctaagaa ttttggctgt aaaatagaag cgatgttggt atgtgtgtgt aagggtgtgt     62940
     gtatgtttat gtgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtgtgtgt     63000
     gtgcatgtat atgtgtgtgt ttaggggtgt gtgcattgaa accctcaatt ccctaaccat     63060
     tttgacgatc atactcctat gaccatcaaa gtagcttgga acacactcct tgttccaagg     63120
     gcttgtgact ttggagcaca cattttgtca aaccctgact actttgattt ggcattttgg     63180
     ctaaggtgac ttctgtgtct ttgatggctc ttacacctac atgctgcaga cattctccta     63240
     ccacagttct tagagaacat gcaatggaaa gccaatgact ctcagccatc cgatgtaccc     63300
     aatccacttc ctaatcataa ggaatggcaa tgactgcagc ctgcacatgg cactcccact     63360
     gtcctatctg atgctcactg aggagggaag cacttctcat ctacattata gatgagaaaa     63420
     ctaaggaaaa gagaagtgat gtcatttgtc caagatgtat ggccataata gtgaggatag     63480
     ttctaggatt aaacagtagt tctgataaca tagcactgat taatttgcct tagtaatgga     63540
     tctccatcat atggttaagc taatgcctca tccttggttg gaagtttaca gcttattaaa     63600
     taggcaagag aatcctcatt ttccagactt gtaaattgag gcatgaaaag tcaagaaatt     63660
     tgccagtgtt atggaaacgt tacatttgtg aggcagaaga ctatcagggg ttgtgtctct     63720
     ctccactctt cctattgcaa aacagaggtg aaatggagcc ataggtaatt tctttgtaat     63780
     ggagcatcca tgattcagtg ttaaatcaca gtacactgtc tatcatggat gttctatgat     63840
     acacatgtat catatctgtc aatcacacac aaaagctctc ttagaaagac tttctactga     63900
     gaaatatgta ttaaagggaa aaagaagaag tatagcaata aaataataat aataataata     63960
     ataaacattg aagagaaact caccattatc tcactaaagg gcagttaagt ctatcttatc     64020
     cttacagaaa aatgataagt ctgcatattt atatgtatga atatgtactt acatatgtac     64080
     acacgatgaa gccaactttc ttttagttat gtctgtgatt tttacacttt tatattatgt     64140
     tctgtttcct actctgtgtt aatttatagt aaataaattt acagaaaact caaaatttta     64200
     actagagaag ggaggatgat ggtggattgt tattttcctc tacatttgtt tttacttttt     64260
     taaaaaaaaa ccttctccta atataacctt agctctccct tcttcttatc ttcatccttc     64320
     cttcttcaac ctcttcattc tttttcctcc cccacccctc tgagaaggtc tcactttgtc     64380
     actctgacta actttaaaat cccaaactca agcaatcttt ctcttctcaa gagtatgtta     64440
     cctctctacg aagaaagctt tcatgatgca tgttgctata gactaaggat ctgcagcttc     64500
     ttctacatcc ctaggttgca gccctaactc ataatgggac cagaggacag tatcagagaa     64560
     atatgttgtt cgagagcctg gtctgtggtg tagtggcagc catcacagat ttagacaaat     64620
     gcttttagag caagatgttg gtatactata tgttggtgtc tgcatcaaca gtaagggcct     64680
     gctcaggttg ggtttgagcc tttatattca actactaaca agatgtcccc acttttgaca     64740
     taatttaaat atttatttat atattattat ttatttgtgt gtttgagaga gagagagaga     64800
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaca gacagacaga cagacagaga gaaacaaaga     64860
     gaaatcggtc cagtagggct taggactctc cagagaaaga ctgaaatgct cttcactggc     64920
     aaattgaaaa tcattgtagg aaaaaccggg gtgctcccaa atggaggact gatggaaagg     64980
     agcatgccat ggagcagata caaatgggca gtgcaattcc agtaagaaag gctgacatca     65040
     tccaacagca gggtgaccat ctccaggctg agactagagc ttgtctggac tcggctatcc     65100
     tgggagcact tgagaaaggg ttgactcctc agccttgaga tagggtatgt atgattcgta     65160
     aggatgatag gttatatgag atagtggcac tggggttcac acagcttttc agtggggtgc     65220
     ttagagtggc ttccaggaat gacacttagc tttgagtaat agttggatta gctgtccctg     65280
     aggtggggat gacagcagca agaacagaac agaggaggac tctggagtct ggccacagtc     65340
     catggataga gatgggaacg tttgagggag gtctgtgagc taccaaggca cctgagatcg     65400
     agcacacctg cctctcaagg gcagcgccat gggctctgtc tcatgctgcc ttgcaaggag     65460
     gtgatgcgag gctctaacac agacattcgg caggcattct gaattcatca gctcaagtct     65520
     tgcaggactt cctggtagca gtgactctac agaaatgggg acagacttct agtcctgagt     65580
     gctgtcttag tggaagcaca tgagcctgga cccgtggatt cctgctttgc tgaggacact     65640
     cgttggaatt atttccagcc acatctttag cacccctggg catttccaga aatacttaag     65700
     ggaaaagaat ttgttaaagg ctggggtgac acagggacac atataactgg taaagtgtga     65760
     ggtgttttgg aagagattat ttaaacaact ctggccagag gttattaaaa tcatataatg     65820
     cttcatgggc tcaatgcttt tctttaagta atttcacttc tgtggctact ggctataatg     65880
     attccaaggg tctgccttgc aaggatttca ttttttctta gagtcaagaa acaccccaaa     65940
     ctagtgttta ccacgtatgg aggcgcctgc tctggggatc ctctccatct gccgtcactc     66000
     gactatggcc tctcatgcat atttagtctt ccctttctcc catgtgagct agaacggcag     66060
     atgtgtggta cataaattca ctaaagatga cgagcgactg acagtcgctg gattcagttt     66120
     ccgtcggagg aggaggcctt gggttcactg tgctttagta gaaaggctaa ttgtgaaagg     66180
     ccactgaggg gaggcaaggg aacttcctgg aatctgttaa taatatatgt caaaggcagc     66240
     acaaatgact caggccatta ttaataagcc tcaagtcgtt tggcctcaag cttatagtct     66300
     cattcaacac atcttttgga ggaagtcaga ggggaaccat cactgctgac atagcagaca     66360
     catggaagat gggaaatcct agtgggccca gatcttagat agtagctggt gaaccagcag     66420
     caaatataga tgtcatctta tcttgtgtgt aaagccatga ctgaggaaga tagggccttt     66480
     gtctataaca attgttctgg gataacacat gtccaatcat ggacttaaag atcagctaaa     66540
     tggtctgatt gggaactctg tttgcctccc ttcaaccccc gctcagtctc ttggctatct     66600
     gtcttcactc tctccatcac tggacctctg ccatttgata gagatgcatg agaatgccat     66660
     gagattcata gaatcatgga aaaacgattt ttaaaaaaag aagtttatgt atcaaaggga     66720
     tttaccaaaa ccagcccaag catactttgt agactctcat ataattatga tttttaaata     66780
     aaatacttgg ggcattggag agggaaattc ttattcacga tgggcctaag gaagaggaat     66840
     gaattactac aagttcagaa aggaggatca ataaaatcca gtcaactgta atttctatga     66900
     gctaatccaa ctacaggaac acattttggg acatgcacat atttgactac ctgctgtttt     66960
     tcagatccac gttaactagc tcataactag gaagatccat ctcagatatc aggaaggtgg     67020
     tttgaactga catgaaaaac aaaccaaacc aaaacaaaac agtctactac tctgtgatta     67080
     catttcacta tatatgacta gtaatttttt caccattttc caatgctatg aaggtagaaa     67140
     gggataatgg aaacaaactt tagaacaagt taaaacaaaa caaaacagcc cccatccatc     67200
     tctccttcag atgccagcct cagctagata gctcttttgt tggcatgctc atgtggatac     67260
     actgagcctt gcctccagcc agagagatcc caggagatcc taagtggccc tggacataaa     67320
     cccatcagtg ataccccagc tctcctgctg ccacagccag ggttgtccct ctcccagcta     67380
     actctttgtc cctgtatctc atctctgccc tgtttctctg ctttagtgcc tatgttgctg     67440
     ttcttcaaac tttcattgcc cctgcacatc tcacagcctg gcacttgatg ttctttgggg     67500
     tccctggaca actacacagt ctgctccttt atttagagtt ctgcccaata gttgcctacc     67560
     tacacaaggc acctctattc ctttctagtt ctctgctgtg ttttggtttt gttcaaggta     67620
     ctttttacct aacatgtcac atcacacaca cacacacaca taaatacaca tagacacaca     67680
     cagacataca cagagacaca tacacaggca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     67740
     cacacacaca cacacacgta tacatgcctc attagtcctt attttgtttg ctgtttttat     67800
     tgcctatggt agcactcact acatacttgc tgaataaatg aaactgagat attcagagcg     67860
     gcacatttcc ttttagataa gccgacaaaa aaaaagtctt cttcacttct cagtttaaac     67920
     tgttcagtgc gcatcaaaaa tcttgtgata atttttttca gatgctctga cctctgtgtg     67980
     accctcatct aattttgttg gaatccacat tacccagctg cagaatggga atcaaagtac     68040
     cacttacctt cctcccagac actctaacga agcaggatct gaaacatctt cctggctgag     68100
     aaggctgcag atgatcaggc tgcgatggga accccaggag ggtgggagct gggctgctct     68160
     cttctccatt cttacgcaga gtagctcatg cacgatttat cagagttcat atctgtggga     68220
     cccacactgc acctgtccct gtaccagttg tcacggaagc ctgccctcca ctagcctaac     68280
     cgctctcaga gcaaagaacc aaatctggct tcgatgtgac gcaggctgct ttttctagaa     68340
     gaagctagat tcacacctcg tttgacgagc aggctcctac cggcatgttc tttcctttgc     68400
     gtacaaagca gagaatttca cacaagagac catttcagac cagaggattc tgtttcttgg     68460
     gtctaacttt gttcagagac cctgactaat acagtgactc ctctttgggg gtgaatttct     68520
     tggttctgct cagagatact gattcagcag atagtcccca agtcagaccc aaatagaaac     68580
     catagcaaga gggttaaagt caggtgttgc atcatgcacg agagggatca gcagagcaga     68640
     taacacacag acatccgccc acctcccttt ttcttgtctt agtcttctga cccacccccc     68700
     agtgactccc cagtgctctt cagactcaga tattctaggt cctactggtc ctgagaatac     68760
     tgctaaccct ccaaagtctg accatttggt atcagaacat ctgttttctc tttcgttcca     68820
     ccatttagag aagcatgctg tcatttcctc agcagaagtg agagtgatca gtggctaccc     68880
     gtgggtctgt gcaggcccta aaaagagcaa gaaggaacca aaacagagag agagagagag     68940
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagacatgg gggttggggg ggggaggacc     69000
     gagagggaaa gggaggagag aagagagtta gccccacaac tctgcccact tcatggaagg     69060
     aaatgaaaat gacttcagac agttgtacca ttgattataa tttttgttca tcacgcaggt     69120
     gccagtttaa tttttgtttt gattttacac actaccttta actggcactt cctcatttgc     69180
     ctgaagagaa tctacgcaag ggtagacaat ttaacttacc aatttgaaaa tcaagaaaat     69240
     attagtatgt cttttgttgc ttctgacata aggtccaagt tagttcaggg tcctggtcac     69300
     catataggct gtgaacaggt atgtcatttt aagcacacct gtcacagttg aatagtgagc     69360
     gatgaattac atggccaaaa cagtaagagt accaatggcc tgcagaaacg ccatgccaac     69420
     acagcagtgt gcaatggctt gggcactcag agctgagcca atgctcttgg cttcagggcc     69480
     ccatcagaag ggtctcaccc actctctcct gttatactaa attctaaact cagtagaatc     69540
     cttcagatag actggtttct agatcattct ctaggctgat taaatggtag agctgttaaa     69600
     acaaacaaac aaacaaaaac accccagtgc tttacataaa gcctctatgg gaactctata     69660
     gaaaggtgta actggtggag acaaagtaac tgctgtgtca aatcatttcc atggtgtcaa     69720
     gcatcatttt ctggtacatg tgcaactgtt ttcaagagtt tactatgaaa taaaaggtta     69780
     tcaggatcaa gtggggattg ttgcttgaga aatggagatt acttgcaagt taggaagaac     69840
     agaagagtgt gactttaaga aagcagatgc tatgtttgct gacagattat tggcaaagtc     69900
     cttgcccata tcatgaggct ctgctgaaca gaactttttt agactttaat gttaacatcc     69960
     taaaatgttc cgtgttggtt tctagaaagt agacttttag cagtagtcat ttttgttttt     70020
     ctgtgcttgc tggatagaaa gatgagaggc cagttaacag attctctcca gtgactacag     70080
     actgtctatt tgaccttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttttcccc ctatcagggc agtatatgga     70140
     aggtgtatat taattctgcc tcgggcttta ttttcttgcc attatttcct ctttgctttt     70200
     ggttcttttc aattgcctga ctttccactt tctgttagat gtgttcctca gagctgcagc     70260
     agacggagaa gaaatacaag ttacataagt cttaaagcga taagtagcta aaggcatcgt     70320
     cctgcacttg tctctcctca ctctgcagaa caatccattt agacagctgt cctccctctc     70380
     catgctccaa agtagcttaa ctattccctg aatctgtgtc cattgaactt gagttttctt     70440
     cggaggcttt ttacgttatg tgttttcttg ttgacattct ttctctcaaa aagaatgaat     70500
     gctaactctg accttagctt ctattaatca tcgtcagggg aatgaacacc acagcctccg     70560
     tctcaatgaa tatctttcct tgacagttca aggaggcctg attaatctcc tcagattcat     70620
     cacgttcttc taccctgtcc agtgactgtg tccttgcatt tatttttcac tatctaaccc     70680
     ataataatta tttagtgctt ggccatttca tatcttttct cattctccct ctcgcttgat     70740
     tgccccctcc ccagctctag actctgccca catttatctt tctcatattt catctgtcag     70800
     tctgatcatt ccttctcctc atctacggtt ctctacaggc ttaaaggtaa caacaggctt     70860
     tcatatgcgc tgttggaagc tatgtgaact cctgggaacc attgtaaagg atgatcaaat     70920
     aattgcaaca gaaatctacc tgtgactgca gccctaaact cagtctggga tgcccacact     70980
     cctgtcaaga aggcagaacg gactccatga gtcccagctg cagagaactt agattgacaa     71040
     gttgacctgt aaatacagct gacctggggt ggtgaaggta gagaaatttg taatgagcat     71100
     tggtagttca tttaaatata agacaggatg aagatgatca gacttacttg agaatcaagc     71160
     ctatggtaag acctattatt tttatagttt ctgattgctc aacttaaatt cttccttgaa     71220
     tgtattaaaa actagcctta gggaccagac atggcggtgc acatctttaa tcctagcact     71280
     gaagaggaag aggcaggtag atttctgttt gaggccaacc tggtctatat agagttccag     71340
     gccttctaga actaaataga aagatcttgc ctcaaaacca accaaccaac caacaaacca     71400
     acccacccac taatggctct tctttgtctt ccatccaaac tggtttttag cagaaccatt     71460
     ggattggtta acaccatggg attcagccaa tgggcggtgc atgtgcctca tcccagcctg     71520
     ctcgtcacag tgctgattta gccccctagg aatgttgctt ccctggcttc tcttgcactt     71580
     tggcctgtct cctgcctcat gagcccagtg gacctcagac ttcaccatgc ttcagcatca     71640
     caggaagagt ttgttccaaa gcatcctgca gggctcgttc ctggacctcc acgtcagtgt     71700
     ggctggaatg aggccagata cgttacattt ttttagtctc ctggagatgc tgctatggtg     71760
     gtccaggact gtcatgttca gaatcataaa agaagctacg gcttgtaggt gtccccctct     71820
     aggtcctcat ctcttccaat catagtgtgg gagcccctta gccccttggg acatttcatt     71880
     tttccataaa caccacaact ttaggtttta gatataattt ctacaccaaa atctgacatg     71940
     tgcatcacta aactgactgc cacttctgaa ctttaaagtc acctacccaa ctggacactt     72000
     ttaactttct ggatcccagc gggcaactca ggatatcccg cttgctcatc tccacttcta     72060
     acaaacatat aaccatgttt ctcatgctgc ctgtttcact tccctcctgc atccttccaa     72120
     tcatttagac taaaggtctt agaattgccc tgttcctctg ttcttatctc ccacattggt     72180
     gaatcctgtc atctctgact tgaagataac acccagaact atgacatgtt cccttcatta     72240
     ctattaccac ggccaatcat tatctctttc ctaggccaca gacatatagt gtcagccatg     72300
     ctcctaccca cgtccttgaa agtgttctgc tccactctgt ggtcagtgag atgacctaaa     72360
     attcattccg gggtaaaagg aggctttgca cttctcactt agagccaaag tcctcataaa     72420
     aaaagtctgc ccacctggcc ctgcaaggtc tggacaccct cctcctcctc tgagcctccc     72480
     ctcactctgt gtctgtccct gagactgtcc ccagttcctt tgtccacaca atctctcagc     72540
     catcttttta tctcttacaa tcacctccca tgcctttgct taagccctgt gtcatcagag     72600
     agattgtcct acataacgtt ctgtgcacac cactgacgag gttcctctta tagccctgtg     72660
     agctcttgct ctgtttcctt actctgtttt ctctccatag accttacctg aacggttaat     72720
     gctttgtcaa cattatttta cttactctcc tctgtcctcc acacctgcta gagcccaaac     72780
     tctcaagggc aggctttttt tttttatctg tgttgttgtg tgtacaacac ccaaaacagt     72840
     tctgctgtgt gggtagctca atgagtgtgg ttgactgaat ggatgagccc acttgctcca     72900
     gcctcattgg cactaatgct aaacagctga gctgataacg ctgagtgtca ttcaggataa     72960
     gggagcagaa tgaagccagg cccccactgc caaagcaaaa tagaaaataa gacaataagc     73020
     agtaaatcgg ggcaaaggag ctttttactt gttgtaggat aataaggaat caaggtgctg     73080
     aacagaaatc tgagcccagc caggctcagt cctcccgcct ggctgaaaga ataaggagca     73140
     cattaaacca tgccaggtgg acctttgctg tgttcagggc attggcagaa gcatcgtgct     73200
     tcccagggct ggaggatttc ccgtttgact ttagataact cccaccggct ttccttccta     73260
     ggctcgtcct tccatcactc agtgatgggc atggtcatct atgaagacct gccatctcgt     73320
     ttgactctga ggtccagaca ggccaggaaa acagtaccga ggaaacagca tcagaactgc     73380
     cgaggctgtc agcctttgct ggagctaccc gaccttcctt tgggatacgt cttctgttat     73440
     aaattactat tgctctccgg ttgtatttgc tagcgcacat cattcccctc atactttcat     73500
     gtcatgacgg atatttgtgt ttacatccag attctgcgta tgagagaaat catgaaggat     73560
     ttgacctttt gaatatagcc ttgctcatgt aacacgatct ctggttctaa ccattttcct     73620
     gtaacgtctt agtttcattc ttgttatagc taaataacac tccattgtat atgtgtgacc     73680
     tcttcatccg ttaatgggct tcatttattt aaaaattata ttttacattg cttgtatctt     73740
     ttttctcctt tcccccctcc ttttttttta accatacatt tacccacatc tttctctttc     73800
     ttcttggctt tttctctttt taaaatttta ttctttcctt ttctcattat aagttttctt     73860
     ctaataattt atttttgtta gtcactttac atcctgacca cagccacctt cttagcccac     73920
     ccttataaat ctctccctgc accccattgc ttcctccctt ctcctatctc cttcccagct     73980
     ttctaccttc tcctgttctt ccactcagcg caagtcactt gacatttcaa caggcagtgg     74040
     ttttatgggc tgacattaac accattctga ccagccaggc attgcaacct gatgcgagtg     74100
     ctgataaggt gcttttcggc cttgtatgga aagtagccaa atcagctcat ggctattact     74160
     caatgatggc cagaatcaaa caacaagttt tctgcaggtt gcctcatgag ttccttgcct     74220
     tctcactgca tgaaatgaat ttgtgaaaca agttatgaca tacaaagtcc ttcctgattc     74280
     ctagggcatc aaagctgtct ctctaaattg ggaaaatgtt gataatcaat gaaaaattta     74340
     aaacctcaac attccataag tgcagaaaac catgacaaat gctttatgta tacatatata     74400
     ctttggtagg gaatgcacaa aagcgtgctt aggtaattca ctacaaaggg gagaaacggg     74460
     caacaaagac cccaaactca acaatgaaag agatcccact ggagacggtc cttctctgac     74520
     ccctctcctc tgccgtccct tcttcctcct tccttctcgc tccctgcacc agtcacctta     74580
     tgaaacaggg tcttataatg tagtccaggc tgcctttgaa cttgggataa aaaagactca     74640
     aaaggtaatt tttgaaagaa aatttattat ttttagcaaa gtatgatact tcaaactagc     74700
     ctgaaaattt acatatcctt ttccttaact tttaatctta tcacacattt aaaagtgagt     74760
     ttagaaacat tttctctcac taagccattt tgccaaataa tgtattacgt gatcctaaaa     74820
     catatctcag tcatcttaaa tttctaggct ataaagaaat tgggagttgc tttaaaactt     74880
     tttttcttgg aaaccaagag ttgataatta cactcatcta tagcattcgg catgatcact     74940
     caatacttga atgtattttg taataacctt atcaggataa ttagcttatt agcaggcctc     75000
     tataacctat agtcacaatc tcatcctgta gaacacttgg cctcattctt cctgtctgtc     75060
     tggggaggta atttttcaga gtaaggtttt atgcaatcca gatttcatca gactagctta     75120
     ccaattttcc tcttttctcc cgagtcctga actgctcaga ccactggtaa tgtaatactg     75180
     cttttatttg agtgtctacg ttgaaaccgg aagaagttgg gctacctttg agataacccc     75240
     caccactctc tcatgatacc atgggaaagg acgcacacag ggctgcatct tagctttggt     75300
     atttaacctt agtgttcttg catatcttct gcaccctcca ccaaacctct ctgctcttat     75360
     ctgcaaaata ggtctggtaa caacacctct ctcaagagga tcttgtagca gagagcctaa     75420
     cagggagaga tcaatcacta ggcggaccaa tgagaatgat aatgaaagct aagcaaagtg     75480
     aaagaagttt tcagaatgca gagtccaacc ctgcatactg cccataccca catacttaga     75540
     aagaagtgta gcccggcatg gtggtacaca cctttaaacc cagagctcgg gaggcgtagg     75600
     caggatgatc tctgtagatc tgtggccagt ttagtctata taatgagatc ttggtctttt     75660
     aaaaaaaatt tataatctca tgtgcattgg taagaaaaga agtttctaac ttattctcag     75720
     tttgagtcca gctcttttga aatctcactg agttagtaca atgtagaatg agctctcatt     75780
     ctggtgaata gccatgctgt aaagtctttt ataaatttaa atacagtaga acgagggagg     75840
     caggccagaa aagagaacaa cagttggaat ggtaggggag gcaaacacac atcaaggtct     75900
     atgtacagtt ttgatacaat gtgggtcagc gtctaataat attccaaaga tgatgagagg     75960
     taaccatgac aacccagcgg atgcaggcac cgaaagactg agagattcag agagacacgg     76020
     gagaaaatag gagctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttggctttc     76080
     cactggctta tagtttttac ttggcagaaa ttttcttata acttgtagac caaatactct     76140
     tgcttaatcc acaaaatcca ttgaataccg atagtatatc cagaccatgg actaggctct     76200
     ggggacagga agataatctc tgtcagcaca acacttccca gggagcccgc tcccactcat     76260
     aatcaaccag gatgctgttc agattgtaca gcaaaccctt ctgggtcaac agagaggtag     76320
     tgattgattt tgatgggcat aattctataa cagcaatagc aacagcaata acaaggataa     76380
     gagggagcag attaggtgat ttttcagagg ctgtcagtct ccatacaaca tctttttctg     76440
     tcttaatcat gtgatatctc cagggagact gcagagatac ccactgatcc ctgccatcca     76500
     gctgccttga tttctatagc agagacctag agcccagaga atagagtcct ggctctgctg     76560
     tattcctgat atctagagct caccagccag gccttgtcac atgacctcac ttgaggttga     76620
     gaccagggtg agcttttcaa agtaagtgta tactcagagc atcaaatcca atgaggcttt     76680
     tgccctgtgt gtcgtaggat tgtagggttg tccctggagt gatatgtctt tggcccctga     76740
     tggtagggtt tgagcccagg acttgtgtat gctaggcaag cactctagca ctaaacaaca     76800
     ttcccaacca ctgagtgatt cattttaaga acacatggct tcttatactt ctgccttagg     76860
     atctcctgag tttcacctta gtgccaatct ctctgaagtt gggtaggaaa tgtagtattt     76920
     ctggtgttta ggaagaggag gtcagttgga tactgcagag cagtagacat gtctagtaac     76980
     gtaagtttga agactcatct gtgacttgtc tcttccctgt gccctaattt tcccccaagt     77040
     caggtggtca ctaaacctgg cggttttcac cagatataac aagtttcgtg ctacgtgcgg     77100
     ctgctgtggt atttgctcgt caacttgaca ggagctagga tcaccacaga aacacgctgt     77160
     gagcatgtcc gtggaagctc atctagatca agttaactgc actgcggaga gccattctaa     77220
     atgcagaggc accattcagc gggctgccat caggaggact tcgtgaaaag ggaaagcaag     77280
     ctgagcaagg gcttttgctg ctcactcctc cctgagcgag gacttcatgt gaactgtagc     77340
     ttcacactcc tgccactgtg ccttctcagc cctcatgtgc acagcgatca acttgacgaa     77400
     tagcagctgg atcactctct tcaaacatat gagcctatgg agggctgttc tcattcaaac     77460
     cacaacacat tcttagctgt tttcccagct tctccacctc tgttttgaga caggaaccct     77520
     cattctatct gaagcttccc attttggcta tcctgcatgg ccaacaagat ctgccagtct     77580
     tagctccctc ccatagcact agagatacat atctgcactg ataaacctag tttttgtttg     77640
     tttgttttta ataagttctg ctttactggc taagttatct tccttgacct aagttctggt     77700
     tttatctcaa attttacatc tgtaaccaac agatatagaa gacagaatgg atatgtgtgt     77760
     atgtgtgtgc attagtgtgt ttttaaacac acatacacac acatgcatat atatatatat     77820
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acacacacac acatatatat taagtgtagg     77880
     gttgtcctaa gttgtttggc tatagacaag gttaaggtaa attctttcct ctcagttttt     77940
     gtttcgtttt aactctcagc taagagatgg atcagaccct ctaaggcata caaaatctat     78000
     gtggacaaag ttatgtaaga tcataagaaa atatatatat ttaaaacatg aaaacattct     78060
     gcagcaaatc tcaaatactg ggattcgcaa acaaaataca ggcacaatgc ttgtctgctc     78120
     aggcttacag aaaaccactt agccacagaa taatccctga atcacacata agtgtaagac     78180
     aaataaactg gggacatagc aagagtgttc catgcaagtc tggctgtgat tgagttttct     78240
     tgaattgctg aaatatttat ttggagttta ttgggtagaa aatatgtagt gagtgtgaat     78300
     agaaacagaa catgactctt cttgaagcca caaatggctg agtgggacat aaagacaata     78360
     ggtgcacctc atgaagaagc tggtaggcaa ttaattagct taattaaagg ggaggggtgt     78420
     ctacccatca ttacagatga actcatctct gccagaagtg caggaaaaac ttcacagatt     78480
     ctttttggtg gaaacatttg gcaaaaatac cactgagaaa agagaacttt actgcttctg     78540
     cagagggaat cacaccataa aaagatgaaa ggcccagcta attacaggat gtctgtagag     78600
     agggctagct ttgtatttta gacctgcttt ccctccagag ggaagactaa cataaaggca     78660
     atggtattct gtggtaaata agtatggggt gggaaacaaa gaattgaatc tattgtgaaa     78720
     tatcatacca tgaggattat taaaggggag ttcaatttat acttgttttt atgagtatgc     78780
     caagagggaa ctagaaaact ctgaaatcca tatgataaaa gccacaaagc catgcatatc     78840
     tctgtgtgta aactgttcca gaccttttat taaaaattcc tcagctattg tccactggag     78900
     gagtaaataa tgcacatttt ggaatttcat tttatattta ctgttaatga cgccaacatc     78960
     ctccccattt ttaaaggttt ccttctcaat cttcctttgg cccctttggc tttcccttca     79020
     gtcatacgtt tgttccatct ctttctctga atgtttcaga ttcttcagcc tctccctaac     79080
     agtaaattaa aggaagagaa gttgggtgta ctgtaatttg gatcactctt ggatcacacg     79140
     tgggatgctg ctattaatgg caccaaaggc cagaccaatg ataggtaccc agaggctaga     79200
     agcacttcca gccagttagc aagtccttta gagatgctct ctgaagagtt aggccttgag     79260
     tgatgcagag tgatgttggt gtctttgctt cttcttgcag taacaaacac ctggaataac     79320
     cagggagggc aattgtctgt cttctaaagc tgaaggaaca taaaatgtgg gctttctcat     79380
     ctgaagattt cagttgagat ttaaaaagaa agtctctctc tctctttctc tctctctttc     79440
     tgtatgttaa tgtgtgtgtg agagagagac acacataaag agagagacag aggcagagag     79500
     tatatctgtg tgtgagagag aaaaacagac acagacattg tatttgtgta tgtgagggaa     79560
     acagacacac acatagagat agatggatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     79620
     agatagatga gtgaatgagc aagcacacat cactgcctag aacttgctaa ataggctagt     79680
     gggatccacc tttctcagct tctaaagaga tgggatgaca agccattccc catgctccat     79740
     tttttttttt taatgtgggc tctggggata gaaatcaggt ccatgtgctt acaaagcagg     79800
     aacttccctg gctgaaccac ccctcaaccc attaaacatt ctttatcaag agtagtcatg     79860
     gtggtcattg cctatttgta tgatggcatc taaactgtca tatacctaaa tgagatttag     79920
     gtcctcaggg acccaggcaa tctgatatct gagactccca ggactgttct ttacccagtc     79980
     catttccctt gggaccattc accagcctcc attgctgatg agcatctcac aggcagaaat     80040
     gagttctcaa gccaaggagg gaagcacatg cttacagtcc catcactggg gagactgagg     80100
     catgagggca gtgagtttga ggccagcctg ggattcataa tgagacctca tcagaaaaac     80160
     caaacaaagg aaggaagcca tttcttctct gactgatctg gtagtctccc agttggtgct     80220
     ttgcgagatg tgcatcattg tagttgtgga tcaatggtgc catgctctct atttccatac     80280
     gtgttgctgg ttccttccag ctcttccaga ctaaagctgt gtcagctgcc atttagtatc     80340
     atgcttacaa cgttggtttt cttaatgttg agagttaatt aattacccta taactctgga     80400
     aaaatcatgg aggaccaaaa ggatgggtag agttttctga cctgtttttc atgagtcttg     80460
     cttggatctt ggcactggtt tgaggagccc ctaagctcta tgactgtgcc tgattcagat     80520
     tgcctctgct tcttcctgca gagtctggag ctgctccatt gtgattctca gtcattccat     80580
     ccatcaagca tgagaaagac catcctggtt agccatgccg tgtgatgggt gctttgacta     80640
     tgggcatgac tacagcagag ctcttgtccc ggagccttgg atgaaaaggc aatattttca     80700
     aacacctctc catggtacta ttgcctctga acaaagcaat agaagtagaa gtttctgctt     80760
     aagacagggt tagagacatt aaaggcaaac ctgtttctga ggtctctttc aatgacctta     80820
     cattgcatga gttttctcta ttcagtaaca atggtaacag cagtaacaga tgattatggg     80880
     tacttagccc aggctgtgct ctgtacaaag tgccttgcat atattctgta attgaattct     80940
     cacaattctc tatataagag ggcttctttc attttattga tgaagaacct agaacatgga     81000
     gattatgtgc ccctttgtcc atccacttca tggctggtaa gtggagataa ttgctttgag     81060
     cttcggctgg ttagcattta aagaccagcc cttcagacat gcttcattat gtttgtctcc     81120
     ccttgtttaa ggacaaagcc attttgtcag gaaaaagcaa cacatcaaaa agtggtttga     81180
     ttctgtcatg tatgagaaac aaaattttga tttatttatt tattttacca attaatcatt     81240
     aacttcaaag gcaagtatta tatccttatt atgtgattga gaaacttggg agccctggtt     81300
     ggtcacagta gtaagaggga cagtctgctg ataggattgc cgatagcctt gtgattgtac     81360
     actcctccgg gtggggaggg atcctctggg aacttcagag agaccatttt ctgtcccatg     81420
     ttaccaccag tacatcatgg tttctctcta cccatccaaa agggtgtaat gatactacac     81480
     tggtaagtgg aacagtaaac gaccaagaag ataacaaact ttaatttgct gagggatgcc     81540
     tttgctggag gttgtgagga aaacagaccg gctattacct ttacctccct ctgaacccgt     81600
     ggccatcagg gatatttgat aatgcctgga gtcattttct gtgtggttat aaacgggcta     81660
     ggtggctgct actggctgtg gtgagtagag gcaggggtga ggtgggagga atgggcgtgt     81720
     gttgctcaca tcctccctcg aacaggattg ttctcaacaa agaattactt ggtccatgaa     81780
     atgtggcttt aaagctatat tctgtcatta taatatggaa attctttctt tctgtacata     81840
     tatttttata tataatttta tgatatataa ttttatattt atactacaaa aatataagaa     81900
     ttagaccttt gaaacaggca agatttctaa accacatata caagttgtag ggtcactgaa     81960
     gcaagggacg ggccttactt atttatttga acacgatatt ctctaataat cacttctctc     82020
     actcccaaaa agactataga acatcagaaa tttaaaaaat gggtatttaa aaatgatttt     82080
     tataccacag ttaataaaat atcagccagg gttctgtttt cagaacaaat tggaatggtg     82140
     tagctatgtt ttgcaggctg tgaagttagc gtcaaacaga tgggcatgga caagatggaa     82200
     acaaattcct gtaaactgta agaaatatga aacgaggtta atgtaaacct ttactttaga     82260
     ggctcccttc caagactttg agcattattt tgctttaaga caattctact catacgacgc     82320
     ggtcattcac acttctttct ctttgctctg ggttgtgggg acacatatag ataaccgaca     82380
     attctccatt tttgttccca agcatcccaa gacacactgg gaagaaaagt gttcctgctt     82440
     cgagttttgg atttaatcgc gcctcacttc tgctcgcaga cttatggtgt ctcttaagac     82500
     tcggcaacgg caattagaca attcattcct tctgtgtcca ggccttcgct tcagccttct     82560
     cttcaagcgt gctctctcta agcagagaca aggctcctcc gatgaagtca tcccagaatc     82620
     gctccctaaa gcgtcaccag gcaggaacat gcgcagtgag gaattcgaga gacaatttct     82680
     gcctcgtgga gcttatagcc ctgcacagag gaagggactc aactcacaat cccacagatg     82740
     cctgttgaag gcatgtgatg gatgtgatgg ggggcggagg gggcacagtc tggggactgt     82800
     gacaaggtcc tgtgtcagtg agatggggat agagaacggt gggtgagggt gaggcaggtt     82860
     ggagtgttct ttctttcagt gtggagcgtg tgtacccagg ggcaggatca atgagtggtc     82920
     cagggagcat gtgctccgga cagcgcagag catcctggag ctcccccatt gctttcagct     82980
     aaacatactt caagacctca gaaccctttt gtctcctgct actgctggcc ttcttttctc     83040
     tttctcactt ataagagagg gaagattatg tcagttaact ttcactctag gcttggatga     83100
     cttttaagtt atttctcttt ctgctgttag tgtcaaattt cttctggatg gaatccagga     83160
     gccccagaca atatgcccta ttcttgattt ctctggaagg ttttctggct attgccacat     83220
     tattgtccct ctttcatatg gaaaaaaaga tggaactttg ggtcacatgg taatgtcaca     83280
     ccgggttttc tgactggtat atataattta ccccagttac actgaaagga cgaaagtctg     83340
     tcatcttcac gtctcgctcc atgtcaatta ttttgagtgc taaagagagt cacactctcc     83400
     ttcccccata ctgtctaccc actatcttca ccgagcaggg ccgtgggtgg gtctgtctgt     83460
     ctgtgcttct taaaataagg cacagtctca tttggacttc ttaaacagtt ctggtggggg     83520
     tggcggcagc attataacag aaggctaaca agtgctctgg gcaactatcg gattataaat     83580
     attattttga ctggaaaaca aaagggatag aagcataaga caaccttggg ggcagggaaa     83640
     tgactcattc atcatagttt gccacacaac cttgcagacc tgagttcagg accccagcat     83700
     ccatggtaca aggagaagag ggtgatcccc ggagaggacc cagagctttc ccaagcatcc     83760
     aaaatgtgtc agttaaatca ggctcaattc aaatcgccac acctgtctct cagtactcct     83820
     aaaagttcag atattaaatg gaaatcgtcc atctttttga aatgtgatct agcttacaat     83880
     tttgtatcca attcaaaaca aaaccaaaaa acaagcaata aaaacaacaa taaaactgaa     83940
     atgcctcaga atctagaatt catgaaggct taataaaatc taaacatttc taacagcttt     84000
     gcaccgtaac gagtgcatgt ggaggtaagt ataaacaata ctccagaaaa acatcctagt     84060
     cactgattca tgttagaatg tgtttacgtc tctggtatgt gaggatgact gactctgagg     84120
     agaaaacatc gaaagcccag cagaagtggc cgtgagaggg ctgtcaatca caccgaaacg     84180
     tgagagtctc ggcttcactc tgaggaagag ctacactgag ttgctgcttt cttcatatcg     84240
     tcctgggaag aacaaaagtg ccccatcact gattctctgg taaggttgtt gggaaacaga     84300
     cactcccatt tacctgcttg cggatccaga aatggctagc cacttgtcgg agacaattca     84360
     aaggttccaa ctgccagtac aggccctttt catcccagca atctaccttt atgatttttc     84420
     ttacccagtt tgactggctt ttctagaagt tgtaatcata tttttttttc cagtagatgt     84480
     atctcaggca acacaggttg aacccagact tactatgtag ccaaggatga ccctgaatgg     84540
     ctgttcctct tgcctctacc tccaaaatgc tgggatcaca ggcttgagtt gctgtaccta     84600
     gataacattc tcatcttcta ttttgcccat gtcagtttgt ataagctaca tggagaattt     84660
     gtccagttaa aacaagacat caaatactat tggcatagag ttgtgtattt tcccatcttc     84720
     attttaatat aatgctatat tatctttcat ccttgatatt ggtggtttat attctctttg     84780
     ttatttaata gtctttctag tattttatca gttttattaa gatttttata aaataagccc     84840
     tttgttttga taaatatggc aatttgaaaa actcaccatc actattcatt aggaaacaca     84900
     caaaaaaata agatgcaatt acatactagc atgacaattt tatgagctga aaatctcaaa     84960
     tattagcaag gactaggctc atctggactg ggagatatta ctgatgggaa tgcaaactga     85020
     cacccccatt ttggaagagt gttcacttct tataaagctt aacaaagctt actatgcaat     85080
     ctaacagtac cactcctggg taattaagca aacagaaaat cggcacagat ccacatgaat     85140
     gcctgtgtga tgccagcctt gattgtcaac ttgactacat ctggaatcaa ctaaaaccca     85200
     aatggctggg cgtgcttatg aggaatttct tgactggatc atttgaggtg ggagactcac     85260
     cctaaatctg ggccatccta tctggtggcc acccatagaa aaggacacgg caaaaggaaa     85320
     cttctttttc ctgcttctcc tcactctcac tggcaagttc atctatcctg tagctgagac     85380
     atgcttttct ggtatttgga cctacttctt caggagtgta aggtagactg aagaccagct     85440
     gaaataccca gccttgtgga tggaacaatt actagatttt ggcctttcca tctagagaca     85500
     gccactgttg gattaaccag accagaggct ataagtcact tcaataaata catttcatgt     85560
     ctgtctgtct gtctgtatgt atgtatgtat gtctgtatgt atgtatataa cacattctat     85620
     tggttctatt cctttagaga accccaacta atatggcctg ttttttcatg gtaagggtag     85680
     gggaatatat tcaaggtata tttgtgaaaa aatgacctta tgtaactatg tataacttaa     85740
     aaatatgtta ttttcattaa cataataaaa tatgtatcca tataagacaa catttttgat     85800
     agaccattac attgagaaat agtagtgtta ctttgttcaa ggttttaaag acattttaga     85860
     caagacaagg caataaaacc aaacgagtta ccgaaatgat agcctgtatg aaaatgttca     85920
     tagcgtatta ttcataaggc ttaaacccaa gactaatgtt taccacctgt gactggatga     85980
     gcaaattgtt ggacatccat tgccctagtt tgctcctcta ctaatgtgtt aaaatactga     86040
     cctaattcaa ttagtaggcg gaaagggttc agttcactta cagattccag tccgtcatgg     86100
     agggaagcca aaggtaggaa ctcagaggcg ggcacagagg caaaggccac agacgaatac     86160
     cactttatta tcttgcttcc catcatttga ttagattgct ttcttataca gcctggaact     86220
     tctcgcacaa ggttggcacc accgacaatg ggctgggcct acccatatca atcattaatt     86280
     aagaaaatat ccctcggctg cgttcctagg ccgagagaac agagttgaga gaaacaactc     86340
     ctcaatcgat actctttctt gtcaggtgac tctagtttgc atcaagttga cagaaagaaa     86400
     aatatcaaca aacaacaaaa acactagcat gccatataac agaatcttac ttaataacaa     86460
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa accctaaagg agaatgaatc ccaaaagcat caggaccaca     86520
     ttaacaaaga tgcgatttcc ttgtgcgagc tacaagaaaa ttctacagga atcctgagag     86580
     taattattct gtgttgtagt tggcaacgat tgtatggctg catgtttgtc atctgtctgg     86640
     aagacgtata agatacaatt tgcaaaacac atgaaactga agaagaatga agaccaaagt     86700
     gtggacactt tgtccctttt tagaattgga aacaatcacc catggaagga gttacagaga     86760
     caaagtttgg agctgagacg aaaggatgga ccatgtagag actgccatat ccagggatcc     86820
     accccataat cagcatccaa atgctgacac cattgcatac actagcaaga ttgtgctgaa     86880
     aggaccctga tatagctgtc tcttgtgaga ctaggccggg gcctagcaaa cacataagta     86940
     gatgctcaca gtcagctatt ggatggagca cagggccccc aatggaggag ctagagaaag     87000
     tatccaagga gctaaagata tctgcaaccc tgtaggtgca acaacattat gaactaacca     87060
     gtacccccag agctcgtgtc tctagctgca tatgtatcag aagatggctt agtcggccat     87120
     cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacttgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc     87180
     cagggccaaa aaatgggaat gggtgggtag ggaagtgggg gggagggtat gggggatttt     87240
     taggatagca ttctaaatgt aattgaggaa aatgcataat aataaaaaat attaaaaaaa     87300
     aaaagagggc agaggatggc tcagaagata aaggcatttg ccaccaagcc cgaaaacctg     87360
     acttctgacc ccacaggtag agaaccaact accttaagtt gtactctgat cttcacacgg     87420
     gcactagcgt gctatcatgc atatctttga attttgctca tctcattttg gttttctttc     87480
     ataacttgct tgttgtttaa ctttgagata ggatgttggg cagcccaggc tagctttgtg     87540
     ttcttctttt aaagcctaga ctggacttga actcctaagc ttgtctctgt tttcagagga     87600
     ctcagaatat aggcagagtg ttttaaaagc tatttattta ccttccagct gctgatttta     87660
     aaaaggtttt gttgtttcta gtttgctctg cgttttgaga caaagtcttg ctgtgtagct     87720
     cacactggcc tgaaactagg atgacaagct taggccatca tacctagtgg tatttggaag     87780
     tatagggtcc acatatgcaa ggaagtatgt gcttgtagag gccagaggtt aaactccagt     87840
     gtcaatcatc agaagctgcc cacctcattt tttgagacag tatctctcat tggcttgaag     87900
     cttgccaact aagctatttt ggctgcccaa tgatttctgt tgattcatct atccctgcct     87960
     cccctaaaca aggactataa tcactccacc actactaaat tctatgtggg ctctgggcat     88020
     ggaattcagg ttttcatgcc tcagaatctt cttcatgttc cttcatgctt cacgcacatg     88080
     atgtaagagc caaagttaat cagtaagccc cacctgcccc caaaacaagt aacttcctgg     88140
     aatgctggga gttgtagttc ttggaaaata acaatgttac atgggaaatg tggtggcttc     88200
     atatttctgt ccttaaaatt cccctacaac atgtattacc actcactgga aacccagggg     88260
     tggacctgtc cagagcccat gttttttctg gtaagtattt aattaaagct tccttcaaat     88320
     ttggctcaaa attgagggac tggttttgct cttgtgaacc ccagggttaa cactgatcct     88380
     cctccccaga ccctcattat ggcttcttaa ggtagaaata gattgctcat ttttaagctt     88440
     tttaatgcta atgtaaacat ttaaattcat gaattctatt ctctgctgct ttagttacat     88500
     tttcaccatc tttattttgg aatggttcct aatttcctct ataatgtctt ccttattcca     88560
     tgtgttactt aaaaaagcac tgcttagttc taaaatactt taggatcttc tagctattgt     88620
     tggccattga gttctaattt gattccattg taacagggaa tatgttatga atggtttcaa     88680
     tcttttgcaa ttatattgaa cagtgtaggt tatatccctg tgtaacatct ctaccataca     88740
     cacctgaaaa gaatatattt ctgcaatggt tcatcttgtc tataagtatt gtataggtca     88800
     aggtgattaa ttgtgtttga atattctata taatgatttc ttctatccat tgctgtctgc     88860
     ttgcctacat gttttgtcaa ttactgagag ggagcttaga tgatttccaa ctttaattat     88920
     aaatttgctc aatttttctt tacttctaga agcattcgat tccttcattt taaacttatt     88980
     ttaaacttgc tgtgtcctct tggagagaag gccctttagt ctttttgaaa tacctgacct     89040
     tctccctgat agcacaccct gttgaatcat ctctgacatg acttcagcca cacttacttc     89100
     cttaagtaca tgacttacac agtagttttt tttctaactg ttgtgctttt aacactatcc     89160
     tatgagtaaa gcatatgttt tgcagaccag ttttacttat agctgcttta aaaaaaatca     89220
     ctgccttttc aatgccccac ctatttgttt tttgcgtaat tgttgagaag actgtgagta     89280
     catctattat cttgtcattc ttttttccct gtgtctttct ctctgtcttc ctctagttat     89340
     tctttcctgt ttcccattgg cctaatcaaa tattttaaaa ttattcattt aactccccta     89400
     ttcactcttc agcctttcct ctgggaacta gaatgcatag tttattagtg gccatctatt     89460
     gagaattaat attatactat ctcatactaa atacctagaa aactcctact cccaccatgc     89520
     ctttgatact cttgttgcaa tatagcatct acctgacata agagccatgc tgactaatta     89580
     ttggaagcat ggatgacagg ttagggtatg gtatggtaac ctcaagcagg ttagcacgtt     89640
     aaaggtttga gcagagcaaa cctcagtccc ttcattaagc ttaggttaga ggcattttta     89700
     tggttttgct gagataaatg atcatttcca attacacact cacttgggat ctctggcgtg     89760
     cagctgtagc ccactatgaa ggaggatgag cttagaggaa gacctttgca agttatagaa     89820
     aaacaagcca gactggctta agacgaaaac gcattgaaaa tggcgttttc cacttctgta     89880
     tttgccaggc attggcatag cctcatacga gacagctata tcagggtccc ttcagcaaaa     89940
     tcttgctggc atatgcaata gtgtctgggt ttggtggctg attatgggat ggattcccgg     90000
     gtggggtagt ctcgggatgg ttcatccttt cgtcttagct ccaaactttg tctctgtaac     90060
     tccttatgct cccagtcatc tataagatgg aacacatggc ccccaatgga ggagctagag     90120
     acagtaccca aggagctgaa ggggtctgca accctatagg aggaacaaca atatgaacta     90180
     accagtaccc ccagaactcg tgtctctagc tgcatatgta gcagaagatg gcctagtcgg     90240
     ccatcattgg gaagagaggc cccttggtat tgcaaacgtt atatgcccca gtaccgggga     90300
     acgccagggc caagaagtgg gagtgtgtgg gtaggggagc agggcagggg gagggtatag     90360
     ggaacttttg ggatagcatt tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaaa tatctaataa aaaaaatcaa     90420
     aaacaaaata aataaataat tatataaaat ggctatatca gcttataaaa aaaagaaaat     90480
     ggcagtttct taagtgagag aggtaggcga tcaaaggatg cttctctctg cactttcttt     90540
     tgcttttgta atttctgctt gttactgctg ctccctctga gcccgcttac actccctaca     90600
     ggacggaaga ggtgtttttc cgcagactct caacttccat tattttccct gtgggaaaat     90660
     ggctagattc tgattggctg agctttggtc acatgctctt ccctgagtta atcatggtgc     90720
     accaagaagt gtaccgagat tggtcaaaac ttagtcgtag gttgccttac tggacagtga     90780
     ggcaagagca gacatcccca gaagaaactc ctgcaataga tgtctttgca cagataagtc     90840
     tgaagaaagc aaatggaaag aacacagcag cccacactaa ctggccagtg agactactct     90900
     aatctctttt gaagtcctgt ttccctgtat cttctatggg actttagcct aatcatgtcc     90960
     gtttgtttat acttctgcta tatacttcct ctatgaacag atctttgagt tgtctcgtgt     91020
     ctctgacctt gaactcaata taaatgcttc cagagagtgg gatgaaaaaa ttaataaata     91080
     tttaataatg caaatctgac ataatggtga atatgagcta gctcaaatta cctattccaa     91140
     cattgagaga tattaaatac ataccagtgt tggaaaaatg caactcaaaa aggattgaag     91200
     actggattat accacttaaa taaaatttta gaatatgaac taaaaattta aaaatgtagg     91260
     ttaaaatcta ggattttatt gactgctatg aagacacagt agaaatggga tgtgggaagg     91320
     atacataggg ctttagctct atctgtatgt aacatttagt ttctaaaacc tctaaaaaat     91380
     gtagagttgg tgagatgctt caggtaacac aaacgtgctt gctgctaaac cttaaaacct     91440
     gagtttgatc ctggggacca acatggtagg aggagagaac tgactcctgc aagctggccc     91500
     atgcccaccc ttatactcat gcgcatgcac aggcacgcat gtaaacaccc agtaaataaa     91560
     tactgtaaac tttacaatat gaggcataca tgttaatcta ttattgatag agataagcat     91620
     caaggttatg gatattaaac atcagctttc ctgtatgttt aaaatatttc aaaacaacat     91680
     caaaagctat gactttatta ttattcaccc accttagaac tccatacaaa tatctcattt     91740
     aatctgcatt agttatctcc tgaatggctt attttcttgt cacaggggcc tctgcatagt     91800
     gttgcttatt ctctcaaaca tagccactgg taagtgagtg attcaaaaga aaatgggaag     91860
     caggaatttg cagtgtcacc tctgtgacag tctgttgacc agaaggagct cagaaggagg     91920
     tcagcaagca taggggaaga gagttagcct gtaatttttg aaggaaaggg catcaaagta     91980
     cttatataca aattttcaaa tcatcacaca gagtgtttca tttattacaa ttcatttttt     92040
     taagtagttt gagtttcaca gcacatttgg caggaaagta cagctatatt ttatatatcc     92100
     ttgggtctag tatcttcctt tgtcaacttc tgttgccaga gtggtgaatt acataccttg     92160
     aaatgtcata attacccaga gtctgcaatt tactctagga tgcactcttg gcacattgta     92220
     tgttcttgaa agtatgtata atgatatgta tacctctaca gtatcaagca gagcatcttt     92280
     actgccctgt tctagtctct agaaagtgat gatcttttgg atctctcaac agttgctttt     92340
     tttccagaat gggatatggt tgaaatctta tggtatataa tctttcagag aggcttctct     92400
     cacttagcga tagatattta agttttgaaa atctcaggtt ttattctctg aaattcacag     92460
     ataaggagat gaagaggcaa ggagcttgct ctacttcaaa tataggaagt gccccatccc     92520
     agaaacagcc ctaggcaatc tggttctgag aatctgtgct cttagcctct gttacactgc     92580
     atctgattaa tcgtggattg aagacagtac ctggctaaga gtatagctag gtgcagcttc     92640
     taggaaacat aagaaaacca cattggaggg cgatacagga tgattcagca taggatacac     92700
     tgtgtactca aggctctcca ccctaggtgg ggactggcag gcatcttggt gaagatcagg     92760
     agaaggaata gccaagcaga aggagcagtg taaatgaaga acccagtaag tctcagtcac     92820
     tgaacatggg ttagtaggag ctgactctag actgtaggag gaagtgcagt aacagggtag     92880
     gaatgccggc cctgggtaga tgaaagtcca gaggatttct aggaagctcg tgagcatgaa     92940
     gaagaaggag gaggaggagg aggagaagaa gaaggaggag gaggtggcag gcagatctga     93000
     gggagaagtc tgggtttcag ggactaatgt ggggacagtc aagtcaaaga aagggaagga     93060
     gtatgtgggc tgagcagggg gacacgtgga gacggacaat cacttatcag tttttgcatt     93120
     tgacttcttg agttcttatc acaggaatct tgggcacaca ccctagggcc cattttatag     93180
     gaaaggtagc gaaactttca tcctgccttc agcctggttc ctgctggtga atccctttgc     93240
     tctagaaggg caagatgatg attgtcaaag gctggcactt ccaaacttgc acttgagaac     93300
     ttccctgtag cagtgaccta aaaaaaaaaa aaatcttcct aggtgccaaa aatagaacag     93360
     tgaaatcact cattattaga tggttcttgt cttcaaaagt ctacagatag attcctggaa     93420
     tggtggagta gggaagaaaa tagcttcagc tgttgtaaaa acacacaagg ttgttaggag     93480
     tggctcatgt catcaggttt acccagatga gctccaccag aaactgtgga ccccagggag     93540
     aagcaatgct ttccagacgt ctcatcatca caatcagctt ccagtggggt ccagctggag     93600
     cccaagcccc atgaggaggt ctaggatagg gctttgcctt cagctgctca cagcttctgt     93660
     gattgtttca atgaaatgta tcccatagtt gggaccttta aattgttggt ccctagttgg     93720
     tggctgtttg gtgaagctta ggaggtatgt ccttgctgga ggaagtgagt tactaggggt     93780
     ggactttgaa gttttaaacg attcacatta attctagttc tctcagtctt tctgtctctc     93840
     agatttctgt gtctctgtgt ttcctactta tggatcaaga ttctagctct caactgttcc     93900
     tgctgccatg actggtacta gctgccacat tttcccacca tgatgatgag ggactcttat     93960
     gcttctggaa tcacaaaccc tacaccgatg cttcctttta taggctgttg tggcaatggc     94020
     attttatcac agcagtggaa aagtaactaa ggtcacctct aagaaagtaa cagcagggcc     94080
     cagtaaaacc ttgagtcata ttcccagcat caaattactg tcagtttgtc tgtcaatgcc     94140
     acacaggagc cagctaaaaa gactttgatg aaagaaagtt agagggtata tttgagataa     94200
     tgtgacataa aaagtgggct ttctggagag cactagaatt aactttggca gaccattaga     94260
     gagcattcca aatggtggtc ttccagggca gctgaaactg agtagaccca gttcattcgg     94320
     actgccaatt tggagaaact ggcatggcag tgatgttaag aatgtctaat acttgctgca     94380
     tatgcactgt gtattaggat aaaataccca gagaccagaa gagatgcctt tatgcatgag     94440
     ggaggttact ggagaaagac atgcccaaat gatcaggtta gtaatgatct agtgcttctc     94500
     atggggataa gaagtataaa tataaggatg aatataagga gaaatgtatg tatttcacta     94560
     tgtgtgataa ctttcttgag gaatgttgaa gagacccact agatgtccgt gatatagaaa     94620
     gggatacgga ggcaagcaat cactcactaa cttgtgctag cttgccatga catggataaa     94680
     acttcaaaat caaacagata cattgaatga gcaaggagga tctgtgtggt ttatgtattt     94740
     gtaagtgatt taataagctg aaaagcatta tgaatgctta ttcaatcagt gaattgttct     94800
     taaaagcagt aagatgaaaa ccagggagac accacagaat gtaaaggcga ttgtcacgcc     94860
     taatgacctc aatttgatgg ccaggaccca actattgaga gttgtcttct gaccatatat     94920
     gccctgtggc acatgcatgt gtatttacct agacttatag caaataaata aatagttgca     94980
     aaaatattaa aatgatatca agctgacatt atcattagaa agtctaagtt gcaagctcct     95040
     gatttggata acaaggaaag aattcaccct tgtgagcagg gactcaaggg ttgtcctttg     95100
     attctttctt ctcctctctg ccctgtctta gcatctcttc ccagatagtc ctggcttcta     95160
     tgattctagc cttcagccta aatctcagct ctaatcaggt tgattttctg ctgagcaatt     95220
     ttaattgctc attatcttca gagtcaaatc caaaacccta ggaaagtttt ggggtcacac     95280
     aattgtcagg tcatagatga tatatactga tttcatatga tggatgattc aaatatttaa     95340
     ataaaattta gtaaactaaa aacttagaaa caaaaaaaag tatttgaata aaaatattta     95400
     ggttcagaga ggagcccata ctgttcctgc agcggtcaag ggttcaggtc agaacataca     95460
     cattgtgtgg ctcataaccc cctctaagtc caggggatat gatgctgcct tccatactct     95520
     ggggacatct gccctcaccc atacccacac ccatatacac acaattaaaa agataataaa     95580
     tctttagcaa gtgaataaaa ttaattattt ctgttttttt ttcttccaaa gtctcattta     95640
     ttccaggctg gcctcaaact ctttagatag ctgaggatag tcttgacttc tgatcctcct     95700
     aatcttgcct cccgagtgtt gagtgctggg atcacaagtg gtatccttgg tactccgttt     95760
     gaagagtgct aggaagtgaa ccaaggactt catgcatgct aggcaaacaa gcacctaccc     95820
     acctagctat atctccagcc ccctaaatta aggcagccct taatctctta catttgaggt     95880
     acacatcata gtttagaagg tacatttaca cacatgtcac taatggtaac catgaaaggc     95940
     aatgaagcag gtatgatcat tttagaaaat aaacttgtag ttctagaatg tttacattaa     96000
     acattactgt aagagttcca agcactctat tcctagtctc ccctgttaca atatcattat     96060
     catatatcaa tattattaat aaatacaaac aatattgata taatatcaat agttacatta     96120
     atatggtaca tttgacatat taataattca acatgcacaa ctaacattgg cagaagttca     96180
     tacatttttc ttgtttcttt acctagtgtt ccttctccat tccagaagta gatcttgaaa     96240
     gtcatattgc atttagttgt catgtctact tggacatcgc ttggctgtga cagttttcag     96300
     acatcttctt ctttcacaat tttgagagtt ggcgaggtct tttgtagacc atccctcagg     96360
     acttgactac tgctttcctc gtgttcataa ttaggtcata tattttaggc agacgacaga     96420
     gagggttctt ttaccacaca gctgccatca gtacttccaa catggatctt cactggtgat     96480
     attagtgaag atcattggtt gacttaccta tagctaccat gacctatttg tctttgaaag     96540
     tccctaggta tagccattct tagaagtgtg gatttatctc tttgatagca tgaactattt     96600
     acagttctgc atgggagcat tgtctttctt cacttgttta ctatctcatt atttagatat     96660
     gcatgggttg tgaaagatat ttcatagctt ggaatatttt atactacttt attgaaacta     96720
     ttagaatttt ggtcatagga aaatattaac tttgattttg gtgtgtcttt agcagattca     96780
     tcttgcatat cattatctca atcctaggat gacctgtttc tcctgagagc cctggccttt     96840
     ttattggaga attttcttta gaaaccaaga cctaggagct aagacgacgt cgtaatggtt     96900
     aagaatgctt cctgctcttg aggatgcgat ttgtagcacc cacaaggtca ctaaacaacc     96960
     acctgtaagt tcagtcctga ggcatccact gccctcttct ggcccccaca gattcctgtg     97020
     catatgtggt ggacatacat acacacatac atgaaaagga aatgagtact aaaaaaagag     97080
     aaaccaaggt ttatgcacta atgtggtttc tcattccaga atatgaagcc tatatcctct     97140
     cagttggaaa tagaatcttt ccattttaca cttgagaatg tcaagattcc aagagctttt     97200
     agtcattttg gaaagatatc aaaaatttcc aagaatctca ctacctttga acagtcctcc     97260
     ctcaactttc tgtatcaaga agtagttctg ggttccatcc tatgtacagt cctctgtgct     97320
     gccccactct tctcccagca gagtcagtgc cttcccccca ccccctcgtg cccgcactgt     97380
     acttccttaa tgacaccata aaacacacat tacagctggg caggcttgag gactcttctg     97440
     ctttgtgcca gccacctagc acacctccca ggcactcaac aaatgtttgc tgacccattt     97500
     gcacatgtgc agatgtcagt cttggaatgt gatgagtaag gggatacatg tagcatccct     97560
     cacctcttcc tatgtctacc atgcctcttc ccgtttagag ttctgggaga cagaaccact     97620
     gtctcatcaa agtcatctag gcaagagtca aaacatgact gcgctttact gttagctggg     97680
     gtcttgtgag tatatagaac tcttcctaca acctccactc tagaagtctg agctcagggt     97740
     gtctgggttg gggctgaagc tctgtattta acagcttttc tctgtgagta aagagtcaat     97800
     gatgctgagg tagcattctg caattacata ctgataattt ctatacaaaa aagtcttgac     97860
     aatttaatct ggagtggctg aactattaaa aaagttctac tagaactcca gtctcattcc     97920
     atcatgtgcg tttaagacaa acatacataa acttaaccgt ggagagagag cagtgcagaa     97980
     gaacctcttt tataacccca cgcactcttt ccaagggtaa actgggccaa accaagctta     98040
     aaagcgacac tttagagttg gataactagg ctttctgtct gctttctgtg ctcagggttt     98100
     atttgaagct ccctcatact gtgttgaggt tctgagaaat cccagggaac aaagaactca     98160
     gttaacaggg cctgggctgt cagtcattgc acctgttcca gattggctta gcagggaggc     98220
     ctggttcatc ttctgctgcc aaaggttgtc ccacaggaag cctgttttct agtaacaatc     98280
     tttttagaag tacatctgtg gaagaaattc cccctgcctc tttcctccct ctgtggctcc     98340
     ctccatccat ctattcctct ttccttccct actcccctct tccttctttc ccttttttcc     98400
     tcttcccttc ctctgtcctt tcctttctcc ctcccttcct ctctcaatcc ctatccctcc     98460
     atccttctct tacttcctat actcagaaaa ctcacttttt aaactaagtc tcctggttaa     98520
     atagcattaa acctgactct tagaactgta attgtttttg agagagtttc actatgaaag     98580
     ccaggctggc cttgaactca cagagatgcc tgcttttgct acctgagtgc tgagattaaa     98640
     agcatcagac agcctggtaa aaatgaatta taattgaagg aattcaagta gagttttaca     98700
     agtaaaaccc cgaaaacagt aaaggaaatg ttgataagat gggatctttc gagtttaagg     98760
     cttagaggag agcaaactca ttaccggtgt gaatccattg catctgcttg tttctgactc     98820
     ctctttctcc tccgcctccg cctccgcctc cgcctccgcc tccgcctccg cctccccctc     98880
     cccctccccc tccccccctc cccctccctc tccccctccc cctccccctc tcctcctcct     98940
     cctcctcttc ctcttcctct tcctcttctc ccctcctctt ctgcttcctc cttcttctat     99000
     cttttcccct ccccttcccc ttcatcttcc tctcctcctt ctcctcccct ccgcctacat     99060
     tagcttattt agttctttat tctcctaaac aggatggagt tttcccctca aaagaaaagt     99120
     aaataaacat gttggctcca cctcaaatga tcaactttat aaagtattta tttctgtgat     99180
     gatgatgctg gcagtgacaa tgacaataaa aagtcaaata caagctttac agttacattg     99240
     cacacactgt ctgctttgtt gtcagtgtaa gaggagccag gatcatttga gaagagggaa     99300
     cttcccttga gaaaatgcct ccatcagatt ggcctgtagt caattttctt gattaacagt     99360
     aaatatggtc ggggccattc ttttgtaggt ggtgccactc ttgggcaggt aggtggtcct     99420
     gggttgtaga agaaagcaga atgagtaagc catgaagagc aagtcagtaa gcaggaaacc     99480
     ttaacgatct ctgctttagt tcctgcctgt aggttcctgc tttgagttct tgccctgact     99540
     ttcctttata atgagctata tgctataggg tgaaataaac cttttctccc caagttagtt     99600
     tatggccatt tatctatcac agcttatcta agtatcacat gaactctatg aagctgggag     99660
     atagcattgt tgtgctgatt ctcagagggc ttaactaact tgcccacagt caaggtgcta     99720
     atgagtagaa gtccggttgg atgctgaggt agagcagttg tgcttttaac tatttactct     99780
     gtagtatccc taactgttac taaatatgct ttgatggtga tgatagtgat gaggcgcttt     99840
     ctgtggaaaa ggacaaacgc aaaatactca aaagttctct ccaattttca tgctatatta     99900
     atgagctgaa gatgtcttca ggtttagtga cgcctacttg gtaagaatgg gtcctccccc     99960
     cacgtttttt tcttactttc taggataact ttagagcaat gctggcaagg atttgttaat    100020
     ttagggaaaa tatgctgttc tttgcaaaac aagtatttta agtcatcata actctggctc    100080
     caagtccctt taagggcaca aatttccatt ctgtgaaaca gcttttcttt caaattttta    100140
     ggtttcaaaa tatgctagaa ggacccaaat agctcagaag cccataaaca tgtcatgacc    100200
     ttctgtggac cctgctgacc cactggagag tcaggaaagt ggttgtacct caggcccctg    100260
     tgcattgctc ttccctcctg cctgtgtatg ttcttaagga atgaacgttt tggagaatct    100320
     gctagtgtgg tctctttgca gaaacatgca gttctgtgct tgatttttga tgcttctgga    100380
     atgaaaacta tttccatcat tcatttaggt ttttcacatg aagtatgtct ctgaattgta    100440
     tattcaagaa tggagtgggc agaaagcagt gttgtcatga tctatcccac caatccttct    100500
     ttgctaaaga gagtacgctc cttaccaaca gtgaactgtc ctctccactg tctgattagg    100560
     ggactatttt gataatgtgc cattttctac ttcacatcaa agtgttattc cttgtcacca    100620
     aatgtttagg gcatacttct tgtactggtt agttttgtga caagttgaca caagctaggg    100680
     ttgtaagaag agggaacatt aactaaggaa ttgcctccat tagattggcc tgtagttaag    100740
     tctagcacac attttcttga ttatttatta atgtgggaaa tgtaggtcca tatctcctaa    100800
     tagcccacta tggccagtat ctactcttag caggttgttc taggttattc agaaattctc    100860
     tgacatagct tccatctcca tctgagctag ttgattttac tcttttattc cattagttat    100920
     tgtctttgtt agggtttcca ttgctgaaaa gagacatcat gaccaaggca actcttataa    100980
     aggataacat ttaattgttt agaagtccag tccattatca tcatggtgaa aagtatgcta    101040
     gcatctgggc aggcatggtg ccagaggaac tgtgtgttct acaccttgtt atgaaggcaa    101100
     acaggggaag tctggattcc aggcagctag aaggagggcc tcaaagccca tacccaaagt    101160
     gacacacttt atccaacaag gccacaccta cttcaacagg tccatacttc ctaatagtgt    101220
     cactttccat gggccaagca tattcaaacc accacagtta tataaataca tttatcaccc    101280
     ctcaaaacta aaactgcatg ctatttataa caagggtcta cataacagaa tataaaagta    101340
     atgtgttcaa gaaactaatt gatcaagaat ccaagatggt tcatcggtca ctgacaccat    101400
     tagattaccc catatcttgt cttctgagca cttgctagca aatataacta agcacaaagt    101460
     aaacatggat aaacacatct catctctgtc ttcagagggc ttaactcccc tctacaggct    101520
     caaagttcaa aaccaaagac cttttttttc catcttaggg aatgaaaagt ggtttgaatt    101580
     ggttgttaaa aataattgca gtttgtatac agagatggta gtggcaaaac acttatttgc    101640
     tcatcccctt ggtgattctc acactcgccc actacctaag acaggtcagg ggttctataa    101700
     gctccaccaa caggagcacc gacagttgca ggtaacccgg aagcatagca agccattcac    101760
     atattaccgt gtcagaagcc tattcaaggg cctgacattt aagtaggtct caggaagaga    101820
     aacaggttgc tgctgagcca aggagattgg ctccgtgtac aagggtgaac agtaggagga    101880
     gaggcaggag gaggctgccg aagtggaagc tgggtcacct gataagataa agcagagagg    101940
     gtgttggaat ttgtgtctga gtggaacatt gccccctagg aggaagtttg cagaaggaag    102000
     cttgcattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttatatt cggtttgtgt    102060
     aaatgctggc tgggctgttt tgggtctgtt ttgttttctc ttggacaaac tttctcctac    102120
     attatcctgc aatctcactg cattggtttt ttaagttctc gactgtaacc tttccaagca    102180
     ggtcagaagt cctgtagcag gaaggaaaac ttacacagtc caggaacttt gtacctcaga    102240
     tcagagagaa aactcagaat agaactgcca agctggcaga gttcctggtg ctgaaatcag    102300
     tgtgaatttg tcaaactcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaagaagaa    102360
     gaagaagaag aagaaagaaa ttatgtaact tggctttgag aaacactttt atcctttttg    102420
     ggtgttgggc ctcccttctc tgcctagtgc aaggaaatgt caccatttaa agtcaatcca    102480
     gaggaggact cactcctcag gcctacttct tattgatcca ggttctcatg gcaagcgcag    102540
     ctatggtgat aaagtgcctc cagttgctgc caccagctgg tagtgggaga aacctctgtg    102600
     tctttggtct cagtgtgtac tgtgtacgtc attttatagt tgctagtaga ctcgaatagg    102660
     atgatgacat tagctttagt gatgtatttt atataaatca aatgtatcca cgacattacc    102720
     ctttcaagac gaagtccacg ctttcttttc atgctgtctt tgaaagctgt tctttagtat    102780
     gcattatcca cttatccaca tatccactat gtgagagcta catgataaaa tagtagctat    102840
     tttagtgaac agcttgggtc taccttaatt aaggtttcta gggtagctag agagatgaga    102900
     ttggaaatat tattttttct ttgggtggca aagccctgcc ctgctctcct atatataaat    102960
     ttgcccaggg tcagggtgag actagaaaaa ggatatgttc aggctggtat ttccaaagca    103020
     tgcccatggg gcggcagcaa ccctgtgttc tccaaagtgg gaacattgta gttgtcagag    103080
     cctgataata ccatcatgta tttcctatgg atgctgtcat ggaagcatgt gtcatcaaag    103140
     agggaaaaag aaatctccac ttaatgcagt tttagctttc ttttgagaag tatttaaaag    103200
     gactaatcac agagttctgg gatatgagaa gacattcaag ggagatcaaa gagtccagaa    103260
     agttgcaatt gacagagact ttgaaggaaa atgtatatgc ttgaagcctg agacccccaa    103320
     gatttaagga actttctcaa ccatagaact ggatagtggc agtctgggtt cacaaaatgt    103380
     tgtcctccca aatcttaacc ctaaatctga tgcttcaggc caagataaca aggctaaaaa    103440
     acaaaaggaa tgacatagcc ttggaagacc agatgcccaa ctttagggct gaatctctct    103500
     aattagagta gaggcctgta catcatcccg atgggactcc atcttcctaa tgtcatctag    103560
     ccaacaagca agtaactggc tgacagggtt ttgtttgagg ggctaagggt acagatggat    103620
     gtagacttcg ttcctcacat atgcttgctt attctgtcca gcacgctagg ccaattactt    103680
     tgtgctacat tatggagaag agagacagac agagaggagg actgggaagc tatttggaga    103740
     gtatgaaagc atctgggctc acacgttggt acacgggacc agatagaact gacttgtgaa    103800
     gacaggggct cggttgctac agatgggtgc tccttgcacc acctccattt tgcttgattt    103860
     gccttctcca agagttccct tcgatcttaa gagctgaccc tagggtttcc ttgactctgc    103920
     ctctcagacc catgggtaaa aaggtttctg gtttggagtg aattttacgg caggggtagg    103980
     gtctgggtgg gtaataagca ggtgatttaa ttaccagtcc ctgaactgat ttattttcaa    104040
     cagcaacaac aaaatcgcaa gagccagtga cagagctcaa gtgactgctc ttccatgtga    104100
     gagatggaga ggagagaaga aaatgctcta ctttcacatc atggctccca gccagccagc    104160
     gacgcaggga tctgtgaagc ccaaggcctc cctggctatt atttctcttt gttattattt    104220
     ctgaaacaag acctgggcag aatcaattca ggcgcagaaa gactattact ttaattttcg    104280
     acaagaaatt gtcaggatgc ccgagttaga agagacgaca ggcagccatc atctaggctg    104340
     aagtgaaatg aatgcattta atgaagcaaa ggacatctgt attagcaaac tccactcatg    104400
     agacaaaata cgtcttttgg cacaaactct ttagagttta aaaaaacaaa aacaaagacc    104460
     aggaacgcaa atgatgacat aatgcccttg aaaacaagct ctctccgaag ccttaggaag    104520
     tcaaccagat agatcagaga gaattaattt tattcaatac aaatggattt ttgaaagctc    104580
     ttaattagac tttgtcctaa aataagtgat ttttcataaa aaattaattt acattcttcc    104640
     ctccttaagt aactgacata caattttgtt cccccaaaat ggagaagcca ggctgcccag    104700
     caatggtgaa gggctatttt atgagtgtgt tttccactgg ccacacacat cccctctcta    104760
     ccaaatatga gaagaacagc acaagaatcc aagcaagctg gtgatagcat ttatgtgagt    104820
     gaagacccct agctaatatt cacggtattc atggtctgga gggatatgac gtcactgtag    104880
     agctctccgt ctctgtggcc agtgcatact ggatatggca tctgcaaggg cccaggtcat    104940
     ccttgtgatt attttaccct gagagataaa ataaacctat ttttgtcacc ttgtttgttt    105000
     tgacacattg ctaacctcac accattctaa acatgccatt tatggtatat ccctttggcc    105060
     agtgtatcat ccctttttct gggacctagt ctgaacttat gttctgccct ccaagtcata    105120
     attgactttc tttatgtctc cttctcttct gatgtcgctg gctgatgata agatggttct    105180
     ttccacggcc ttccataact aggagtgtct tagcatctgt agttcaatgg ccctgttcta    105240
     catacgagag cactggatcc aaaattgttt agttcaataa tcattcaatg agaaggtgtg    105300
     ttggcacctg tggcagcaca tgtaattaag aagtaattct tactatgatt gttctctggg    105360
     attgtacttg cacaacagta attgggatat tttaagggta aatacagata agtgtttatg    105420
     gcattatggt gcccagagaa ggtcatggct caggagagca tttcttggag atgatatcag    105480
     accgggagtg gtaaaggaag taacaacata aatactgcaa gaatcccaga gtggtggcat    105540
     atgcccttaa tcccagacac aggtagattt ctgtgattat aggctagcct ggtctatgca    105600
     gtgagttcca ggaaagccag agctacataa tgaaaccttg tataaaacca aacagacaga    105660
     cagacagaca gataaataaa atagtgcatg agcaaaagca agggctgtat tagggaaaag    105720
     catgaggaaa gacctaatga gtggactcac cctgatgaat gcatgagtgg gagctctatc    105780
     ttgcttggga actcttgagt tggtagggtg aatgcaaagc cagggagagg gagttgcaaa    105840
     agcacacaga gggccttgtg tgccacttag ggccttgcat ttgatccttc aggctatggg    105900
     ggtggcaggc tgtgggaaag gcagcaggct gtagtgatgg gctcctcata tgagcggtgg    105960
     cttgatttac attttagcta gagagctttg ggagctctgt ggagaacaga tctgtgaata    106020
     gagcccagga gaacagtagt ctgttccttt tgctcccaaa ggtctgcagt ttcatacggc    106080
     gatgcctcca tgacacagct agaagtagat gcattagtga ccctaagtaa ttccttggct    106140
     tcctaggtgt ctgctctttg tgtcaggtgg ccactcaccc tttatctaat ggtaacaata    106200
     tcttccttcc ttttggggag ccattcctag tcttccttta atgtgagcat tcaggggaag    106260
     tcacttcctt ctgcagactt cacgggcttg taactgcctt agaccttgct aatttatgcc    106320
     ttctatcctt tccagggtag tcactgttca ggggtgggca tgtgactcgg tcaggttggt    106380
     gaggcctagt tctgccctag atttttctgt tatgtgaata cctttttttt tttggctcat    106440
     atcagtttta ccagctatat ctttatggaa gtgtcctcac aaatatatca agagataatt    106500
     ctgaattttc ctatgccaca ggtagaggaa atcccaagtg ccaaggcagc tgtgctggct    106560
     acaaggttat gggagttata gttcatggat gactgctttg attagccttc aagctccacc    106620
     ctgaccttca gatccaatgg actatggcaa cataaactca ttagaagatt agctatgcat    106680
     agaagattag ctttctcatt cgattacaaa atatataagc cttaggttta aacgacgtca    106740
     aaggttcatt ctgcgtccaa gaacctgtct ctctggttgt ctgagtccca gactagtcag    106800
     agagagccac tcaataattg ccaatgcact gatgagatga tcaaatgggt cctttctcag    106860
     gtctctcttc tgctagagtt tgtgacccta agaaacacag ctgttatcca agagaaaaca    106920
     gggtcgtaag aattgaatct tcctgcttag atcacatgag gctatgcatg cctatgccga    106980
     acaagggagt ttgatagtat aaagactgcg gggcagacta gtcccaggcc aggtatttag    107040
     gaccacaaca gaggccatct tcttttccac ttgccaactg ccatgagttt actggaaacg    107100
     tttcgcaaac tcactaaggc aagaagtaaa ataaaataat tttaaaaata gatgttagca    107160
     gtttcactgt tgattttcag gcttctcgtc catgcaaatg catgcattca tatagaccta    107220
     caagatataa acacacagag atcccagggc agtggatccc atctcccttg ctttttctcc    107280
     ctggcttttt ccactgcaca gagtatcttg ggcactcccc gatatgcata tctttcttaa    107340
     gtaggctgga ataacctcca aacagttcca agatgccctt atctgactcc cacgtttcta    107400
     aatgcatgcc agccgcctga gagcagtatt ctgttggcca ctgttccaga gaacatctgc    107460
     cggctgcctc tttctcctcc tttggcagca gccaagtgat ccattgaccc gaggaaaagt    107520
     accgagccaa ggtcatggac aaaccccagg gatgggagga tgaggaagtg cttctcactt    107580
     gtagacaaca ctcactgcaa tactgcttgt ttagctgttc aaacagcatc tggtctcact    107640
     agctactcct tgctttgaag tgctctgtgg ctgcccactg atttcagaac aaagacccaa    107700
     gtctttttct atggctttcc tgggttgttt ttcccccacc cccaggacat ccctgatgcc    107760
     tcctgccttc ctagatgact ttttaagtcg tcctacaggt ttatatttct ttaaggatcg    107820
     atgccctctg attgtccgta tgggcaagcc tgtgtttatt cctggtgctg tgcttcatac    107880
     tgataactca gtgtaaatta caaaccctga gtggttgctc actatgtctt atctttacca    107940
     ctagaccgaa cgaaagctcg atctgtgaga gtaggaacag gtctgggtca ttcattgggg    108000
     gagtactgta ttggctgata aatgacagag ggaacgttgc ctttattgtc acttgggaag    108060
     ctcctcatct ttttgtctgc taccagctcg ggactttgtc tccagtcctc tctgacaccc    108120
     ctgttgagca aaatcttagg aaaggtcccc cactcttcct tgtcttgctt ttatttctct    108180
     gccagagtca gaaggtgggg gaaaagagga gtcaggatca caggtttcta aaagatacag    108240
     ctgtgaatcc ctggggcaga tgcagagaga aggcaatgtc ttctggggta agagcaagct    108300
     tcatgctccc gcgatgaacc tgggccttgc acacagagtg aacgtggctt agcttctctc    108360
     ctcttgcctg gcaaggcgca gtctgtgcaa cagaccaaga ggaaaccgca ggagtaaagc    108420
     gcactcgctt cctttctgct tagcagctct actttccagc ccttcttctc ggatgctttc    108480
     cctgtgaccg gaacagctct gcatagcgtc agtctcagag gatttcccac ccaggacttg    108540
     cacggatggt gcaacagagc cgcctggtct gtgtgttttt gtcccttgca gctgaatagc    108600
     agcttggatg ctttctgaag catccccacc tagttactgg gaacgatggt ctctcccata    108660
     gctactaaac ctctctcttg gctttacaca gccagtctta ggcttggaaa ccacagatga    108720
     ctcttctgtt ggagagggaa agccaggttc tttgccaaac attcagggtc cttctggccg    108780
     gagcttcctc tcccatgtcc tcttccagca ggttacccgt gtaggaaatc tctgctttga    108840
     cacatgtcgt cctctgaccc ccgggacatt gtttaatttt agtttttgga tagtgctgat    108900
     ccgtttccag ctgcctgtcg cctcctctca atgttggagc tacccccccc ccccccattc    108960
     ctctgggaac agcctcagtc ccttctctct aaatctcccc agttatcttg taggaaagcc    109020
     aagagcctcc cctctgtgac agctgctggt gtgtcctttt ggctgccaat ccagcccctt    109080
     tacctcttct ctgcttcggt cccttctccc cacctgctct ttcccacatt cttgttaggg    109140
     catccttttc tacactaaat attagccttt ctgcaaagat gtccccaggc actctcttct    109200
     catttccagc ctattttcaa gtgactcacg aatgtgcgca tcaccgtctc agctctctgc    109260
     tctacaggca tctgtcccgt tctatgatcc tgtatctcat ccccaggatc tttcggtcat    109320
     tgccatccac tgagccatga aaaccagagc tcagagcatt attctgggcc cctctgttac    109380
     agattctggc tcttacacat gtgtgccata ctgtcttagg tctctgtaca caaggtcctt    109440
     ctttctaata atcactttgt cctgggaggt tgagactgtc acacagcgtg ctagggctct    109500
     agctttagca cagtgtcaca gtgccatggg ggtatacgtg gaatatcact ggggtgtaca    109560
     cctcagacag atactcagag agtaaaagag agctctctgt gactctttag tactgcctaa    109620
     catcaagatt ctgatctaga caagtgggga ggtctctttc ggctgtcagt gcctcgactc    109680
     taaccattag gcttccaagt cttctgatgc acatacactg gcgggattga ctttggaaca    109740
     gcactattgt tctatataga ggagttggga caggaaacaa agatttctcc attttcaccc    109800
     ctgagcgtta tggcgcaaca cattcagtca tcagcacgca gtaagcccga gtccattctg    109860
     tcactgtgtg gagggttacg taatgtaaac gctgaggagg aagtaagaag ctgactgcag    109920
     gcatgggaaa gccagcttat gcgtgacatt tgatgaacaa gtatagatgc atttaatatc    109980
     aaaagcatcc gacggagaga tgggaagctt ctacacatat tttcacacat attttacaca    110040
     taattatgag ggatttttaa aaaagtgtac gtagaaagac accttccatg tttaatattc    110100
     gagaagtagg ggagaatgta cctagggcaa ctcttgacat gattcggcac aacaggctgc    110160
     cggctgtcaa tatggctata gttttgtgta ctccagggat cagacatcca cctttccatc    110220
     ttagaacaag tctcatgatg ggggaagcct tcatgatgtt tgagcatggc ttcccctatg    110280
     tgatatatat tcactctttg ttcttgagta tagacaggct tagtatagac agctaaaatt    110340
     attaaaattt atcattagaa aattattaac ttaagtggtg aaaaaaatta aaaacatcgt    110400
     aacgacattg ctagagccct tgccttgtgt gaccaatgct tccacaatgt ctggcaaata    110460
     taaggaagtc ggtgaatact aatttaatga atgagaggca gctattaatt taatgaatga    110520
     gcaggctatc tatcactctt cattagtcat gcttaatctg tttgggagaa aatataggac    110580
     acagatagat atgaatgatg agaaaaggca ataaatacac ccgaaatggc agaaaatatc    110640
     aacagggaat gaatagggga aaaaacagct aaaatcatct gacagtgttc catcaatctc    110700
     ataagtcatt aagggcacac aaattaaagt gacaaaggtg tcatttcaca ctgaggtgac    110760
     tggcaaaacc gaaatgtctg acagtgccaa agattgacgg ggatctggag ggctggaaca    110820
     ctaaagcagt gtggtaggtg gataactgac aagccatttt gaagagccat ttggcaatgg    110880
     tttgtaaaat tagaaagcac aggaggacat ttgactaagc aagtcttacc tctgggctta    110940
     tgcttcagag aaattctttc aggtgtgcaa aagtggatat tgccctgact cattgcagca    111000
     tcttaaaaca catgtgtgtg gtatatttat gcattcatgt attcctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    111060
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtatgtgtgt gtaggccagg gactgctacc aggggaattc    111120
     ctctgtccct gtccacctta tgtcttgaaa caggatttct cactgaacca ggagctcatt    111180
     aattggtaaa tgaactgtgc tgaaacagtc aaagcaatgc ttaccaaagg ggttagacag    111240
     aacacacata agtctcaaat accgtaaact catgtttaaa aaatcaagtc gaagaaggtg    111300
     gtagtatact atttgggcaa atgtataaga aagcaggctg agcgagttgt ggagaacagc    111360
     tagtaatccc ggcccctctt atgatttttg cttcacttcc tgcctctagg ttcctgcttc    111420
     caggtttctg cttgaactcc tgccccagtc tcccttgata atggactata acctgtttcc    111480
     tcccccagtt gcttttggtc atgatttttt accactgccc tgtaggagcc aagcaataca    111540
     gcacactatt gggatgttgt gaattatgtc atttttcttc ctgaagaccc tggagatttg    111600
     ggagctattt tcttgaatgg tctcaccatc tacactagag tcaaaaatgt caggccaagc    111660
     aagacttctc ttgcaacaga ggatacctca gagttcttct ctgtgtcttt atctggtgtt    111720
     ttccagggtt tctgctttag taaaataatt tgagaaaatg gtttgcttta attcttgaag    111780
     agtacagtgc accttggagc ccacagttga gtgacatgtt ttcaactcca agagccctca    111840
     cactttaatt taaatcagct aaaatgatct ggtacttttt atttttttgg tattaaagct    111900
     ttgaagaata atcattgcac tctgttgtta gaatagtgtt caaggagaac caatgggtaa    111960
     ggcagtttcc ataggatcca tagaattcca cagtcccgct tgtgacaata accccactga    112020
     tgagcccatt aagggatatg gtaactaaca cggagtttat ccacagacat atttaaatat    112080
     gtcccttgtt gttgactgtc cacttgggac taggaagatt ttagaattat aaggagagat    112140
     agaagagact tcttggaagc aaggaaaata gcctattagg tcaaactggt cttaaagggg    112200
     gtcccagtgg ggtttgcatt aagcatggcc atacagaaat acagattgaa gcaattagcc    112260
     acttccaact ttatgcaagc agtagcaatg ggaagtatgc caagagggat gattaaggat    112320
     tagacaacac catgggaacc tgatcaggag ctcccagagt ttattgccag tgcatgatat    112380
     ttctacatca tcatctcctt gattgtgaaa ggtgggggag tgaggggttg ggaggcgggg    112440
     gtatgctttt ctgacacccc accccttact ccacatatac acagctcaag ggaaagttga    112500
     ggaagagaag gattctgtct ctaccagctt ctaacaggga acgtagccaa gagaggcagg    112560
     aagaagcatg ctcatttcca acctttctgg caagctcaaa caggagtcaa tgcctttgcc    112620
     aattctattt tttaatacag ctttaaaaag ggtcgtgtct ccacacgcag agggaagctc    112680
     acagaggtct gtgttaattt aagtggcaca acaacttttt tttttaatta aaaagaaaaa    112740
     aaaaagcgta aactttacct gactctccag atctttgctt tacatgtggt agatccaaat    112800
     cagggtgaga aattagagaa atgctttgtt tggtagaaag ggctgtgcca accacttcac    112860
     ctcagttacc caccaaccct gggctggaca tgtggaagcg gagttgaagt ttgggttgaa    112920
     agatcctgct agggatgata gcttgaatca gataattatt aagagaaagc aagagtgagt    112980
     gagatgcgag aatgaagaag gagagcaggc agagtaaagg ccatgttaac tgtatcgttc    113040
     agtgacaagg gaattttggg caaggaacac ggaggttcat tcctgtgctt cttggggcag    113100
     agactgtggg tgtttgttat agtcccccat aatccatgct gggtattatg gtatcagagc    113160
     cattttgtat taaaaatata atcacatcat tatatcagtt tttccatttc ctcccatcca    113220
     ttaatccctc ctacataccc cctcagtctc tcttaagttt atagccatat gtgtgtatgt    113280
     atgtgtgtgt acatcaatta tttacatatt aaattatata aattgaattc atatacctaa    113340
     aactataagt actgcctgcc gcattcattt tgtgtcactt gtatgtatat agtttcaagg    113400
     ttgaccactt ggtattggat aataaattca gcagctcatc tctgaggaga acaatttctc    113460
     ctgctctctg catttctgag ttgtctgtag ttctttgact agggatgggg ggccacatga    113520
     gatttctacc ttccacatta gtatcactac caagtgtagt acttgttcag gtcttgtttg    113580
     ggcagccata ttgttggggc atccttgctg tttctaggag acagaatctc accgtagctt    113640
     tcctggtcct ctggctcata gtctttctgc ttccacttct gtgatgtttc tttttttctt    113700
     ttttaaagac ctagattgtt taaactttcc ttaagtcacc agatcagact ctgggcccaa    113760
     gtgtgtgtgc gcaaagcttg gtggcactgt tgttgctagg gtgtgttgtc aacagatgga    113820
     ggttattccc ttggaagaga gagggagaaa agggagagtg acaggcttaa cccttcagtg    113880
     gcatcttatt tctctgtccc acccacctat ttgtgtacat agctgcactc accctcctgc    113940
     caggagggaa gatactctac agagacaatt tgtgcccctc cctttggcta ccagacaatt    114000
     gaaacaacgg tcctcaggaa tccagtgctg ggagaaataa aaggctgaag aagccctgtg    114060
     ccagccatag gagaaacttg tctccttaaa agaggtttca tagagtcctg atagcttgtc    114120
     aggctacctt gcaggcgagg cttgagtcta gacaatgata ggctggacca cactttggcc    114180
     aggactgctt ggttgtagtc tttcccttgt ttaaaccaaa gccttgggcc agtactgcaa    114240
     tgatgaactt tggaggtccc cccgaacctg tttttatctc ttcccacact gaatccacct    114300
     cctttcctcc tcgacttttc cctatcattt agctctctaa ttgtttgctt cccagggcct    114360
     tggctttggc actaacaact ccaaaagccc tgtcactgaa catttactat gtgctgtttg    114420
     ttttttaaaa tctcatttga taaatactcc aaccttcgag ctagatagtg ttactccact    114480
     tcagggatga agagacagac tggaagccca cgctggggac tggtgagaga cctgggttag    114540
     gtctctagtt cctcagaact cagagttgct ttgttgttgc ctattctgct tactagggaa    114600
     gaccttttag aataagcctg actactctcc actaacctgt gaatatttgc tagtttgatg    114660
     acttcctaaa atattaaaaa agtagaaaaa tggtacacaa acaaaacatt aatttgttta    114720
     gggctgcata taccattttt tttgtatttt ttttaaactg gaaatcgtct aggttagaga    114780
     tttaaacaat caaaacaggt aagtatagca atcttattcc ttctgcccat gacgctgggg    114840
     gatggggagg ggggaggggg agagcgatgc tgctgctgct ggattccaga tctgtgcaga    114900
     actatggttt ctgttctttc ctttttctct agcttggggg tagcatctca acacacacac    114960
     acactatttc actagtttat tgcatagaca ccacagtgcg ggtgcccttg accttagtgg    115020
     atgggcactt ttgttgcatt cggccttgcg ccatcacaag ccatgcttcg ttctgttagt    115080
     atccttatcc ctatgctttt ccagaggagg ttcagttgag gtcaggtcta gagtgaaaat    115140
     ttgtttaaag tgctcttggt ggtggtggtg gtggggtcca tttagaggga ccccccatgt    115200
     cctaatcatg ctcagttgac tactgaacac gtggtgcacg tgtgtgatgg acaagatgat    115260
     gtgaaagact gtggtcccag ccccagctcc gcaactcttg gcctgtggaa ccttgggtga    115320
     cttgcttcac ctttcagaac cagaactcac taccagttta atgcaacagt aggaatgctt    115380
     tattgaacta ggtatatgct aagttagtgg tggtttaagt ttgagactca agtagtgtta    115440
     agacaaagga actttcctgg aagaagatgg tcatcccaac agtaattgac agagccatgg    115500
     tttccctcca gggagtgtgt ttatccagct tattttctaa ctacatcttc accaggggat    115560
     gcatggatta aatgagaaga cgtttggaag ggcagtagga tgggcagagt aggaaaggca    115620
     gagataggct tccaggagag gaagtgtggt agttgcatgg tgtgtggcct tcacagggtg    115680
     tggccgcagt ggtgatgtga tcccatctga tgagatttcc ttacgagttc atttctatga    115740
     aaggaaggct gggaacagag catcatgtga ttctggagat ctgctgcatt atttagcccc    115800
     gattaacaga acctgaggga gggagatatg aattttattt atttatttat ttatttattt    115860
     atttatttat ttatttattt attatttggc aaggaatcaa acgatactga gaaaggaagc    115920
     tgtaatgaga atgaaaaatc tcctttccat gtgagaaagc caagacaaag gggtggagct    115980
     gattagggaa catgaccttg gctacaaaca gaccagagct gccaggaaaa ttctttccca    116040
     gaaagttagg tatgatgttt gagcgggggg ttagatcagc ttccttgagg gtgcgtggat    116100
     ctctgctggt tctatgtgct tgctttccat gtattatctc atttaattca cccactgctg    116160
     cacagagtag gagagattat attgtcctca tctaaccagt gaaaaacaga ggcagcaaga    116220
     ggtgatgtgg cttccctggg ggggtctgtg ttctcgccta ctacatctaa tagggtaagg    116280
     tggtgcagct tcttctgtgg agactgtggt caagacaaca gagatttggt cctgtgtcct    116340
     ggctctgcca ccatcccaga agatgggaaa gcttgggaac tatcttccca gctccaatcc    116400
     tatgtgttgt tgtaaagtag aagtagtagg caatgtatgg ctgagggcta gatgagatca    116460
     tccctagcca acctcgagca cagaggctgg accgtgccag cacttgagaa gtacattaag    116520
     aagcccaaaa catatataca cacatcttaa actggtgtca aacatgcaat gtttaggatt    116580
     aggtccttta tgttgagatc ataaatattt agagtaatga atataaaagt gtctcctgcc    116640
     cagacagtaa ataaataaag ctatgtgcca tgagttccat caaagccaac accacttctg    116700
     tggaatcttt ttttaatagt aaaactgctg ggctccacct gactttgcgt ttgcttctca    116760
     gtcagtggag ctatgcagtc catggaggaa ggatccacct gcagtatata cattgttcgc    116820
     taatatatat aattcataat tcgccattaa gctgaaaaga attaccctag cacaaagact    116880
     ctatccttaa agggtcctaa ttgatggaag aatttgttct agtggtaaaa aaaaaaagca    116940
     tgagtcatag aatacacaca cacacacaca tacacacaca caaaatatgc tgatatatgt    117000
     gtatgtatat atatgtatat atatatatat acatatatat atatgatgta tatatgagag    117060
     ttagcatttt atcttcataa ggtgatgccc taaatgtgag cacctacaat gatgcaatgt    117120
     atgcaaatcc agctatacaa tcttagttct cctagtagtc ctatgaggga taatgctgcc    117180
     atgattcttt aactaataaa aaaaaattga ggttcagaag gaaatataat ttagatatac    117240
     catcttaacc tagtctctga acctggcggt aaaaaaaaag tagaaatatt agaaaggcca    117300
     tgtattcaaa cagctggact caatagtcaa aaaagtctta tacttaatta tttaaaaata    117360
     ttctaggggc ctggggggat agttcagtgg gctgcatgct tgctgagcaa gtgcaaggcc    117420
     tggagttgga attctcagca cccacataaa ttctgagtga gcatcacaac gtgcaataag    117480
     cacaaaattt agtctatcaa gtctagccta cttggcaagc tatgggttca aatgaaagac    117540
     tctggttaaa catgtggagt gtagagaggt aaagaaaaca cacggcatta cctctggctt    117600
     ccatatgcac ttgtacattt atgcacacgc acccgcccac ataaatgtag ctacacatat    117660
     acacgtgcaa aaagggagtt ttcctatata tagctaaggg ggttctgttg cttatgattg    117720
     ctgtagtcta ggttggcttg gaggttggta gcccaggctg gcttcaaagt cataacaacc    117780
     ttcctgcctt aagtctcgag agtgttagga ttacaagtat gatccaccat ggctttgtta    117840
     tgatctttat tgtataacat ggtgatatat ggggagtggt ttcttggtat agttcaaatg    117900
     gtatgctgtg gtggttttaa tgagaatgtc cacccccctc cccacccatg ggctcacaca    117960
     tttgaatgtt tggcccccaa tgagtggtac tgtttgagaa gggttaggag gtgtggcctt    118020
     actggaggat gtgtgtcaat aggggtaggc tttgaggttt ctctatgaaa ctgtaagcaa    118080
     tccccaaatc aaatgctgta ttttataata gttgccttga tcatggtgtc tctttcacag    118140
     caaaagaaca gaaaccaaga catatgtttt ctcaattatg tgctttaaca aactaaaaaa    118200
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggcatga tagtgtgatg cttttgaaag cctgaaacag    118260
     caagagaaaa tagatccaat gaaaggaccc tgtcctcatt caagtccact cagcaagact    118320
     tccccaggga gcccctttcc atgtagagcc tcatgcttgt agacactccc ctgctgcaga    118380
     gcagtagaca aagagggagg aaactgcacc attctagtca ttttcagaga gagcatctgg    118440
     aggaggggtt cagcagcaac taagaaccaa gggcagagat gtgtagagac agagacttgg    118500
     atgtaaaccg ggactgtggt ccaggcctgt tgcaagcagg aggcagatgg ggttggagga    118560
     cccttcctgg tctccctagt ggcattcttc ctgtgtcttt tcccacagac catcagctgt    118620
     agtgtcagat ttattcctgt cctagtttgc tttctagtgc tgtgataaat accatgacca    118680
     gaaaggacct tggaagtgga gagggtttat gtagcttaca tttctctgtc taagtccatg    118740
     actatggata gtcagggcag aaactcatgc aggaaccttg aggtaggaac tgaagcagag    118800
     accatggagt actgctgcct actgagtggc tccctctgtg tctatctctt tccacagggc    118860
     agacccatct gcctggggac aactcagccc acaatgggct gtgtcatcct cttacttcta    118920
     ctagcaattt aaaaaatgcc tcacagacat ggaaacaggc caatgtaatc tgagcaattc    118980
     ttcagctgag gttcccactc cccaggtgac tctaggtttg tgtcaagttg acagttaacg    119040
     ctgaccatgg caatcttcta ctttgctctg gaatgggttg cagctgtcca tacatgcaag    119100
     cacacatttc cagtgtctcc cccattatgt ttttgctgag tgggaggatg tctcttctct    119160
     cttggtccct tcttttgagc aacggtttct ctgagatctc cttttgttcc tctggtatgt    119220
     taatggaaca tggtatgagc ttaatgctag atatgtcctt gctcccctgt gcattgtctg    119280
     aatttcccgt cagtctagac atgtattcga ctctcacaat tgatctagat tcccagaaaa    119340
     ggttgaggaa tgcagtaagg gttaagtgaa taaatgccat ttttttaaaa aaaggaagat    119400
     tgagaactcc caaccaaact ctaggctaca tgattagaac taaacattga gatatttcag    119460
     tgataacatt gctacttcct atcagaccat cagggatctc catgaacaac atatctgaat    119520
     aaaaacttca atacacccat ggaaggagca gttactaaag gtctttggaa agaggctatt    119580
     caatttttta aaactccttt agagaagtag tccaggaaaa agagaaaaat aagttggctt    119640
     tttgggtatt tcctggggat gtcttaatga gattggctat ctgatacctc caagttgtgg    119700
     gaatactgtc ctctttgtct ctcatctaag tgtccaccag gcatgaccct gtttagcttc    119760
     agcaaaatca ggaatgttca aggtagtatg gccagagact actggcctct ttgtgttgtg    119820
     tcttcctgaa aacatttcca aaactattat tgtgataaaa agtatgtagt aaataataga    119880
     agaggaatgt attcaactac tttgaaaatc ccttcatgga gtctgaaaaa ttgccatggt    119940
     aatgttgacc tcttggctac tttgctattc tttattgtgg aaaatgagca tagaatctgt    120000
     atatttatta acagttctaa gaaatctaga gtggatgaaa cagtataaaa gctggagcaa    120060
     agatgtagta aatttcattt atttaagata acccctatgc tcaatagcta tagttgaaga    120120
     cttggagtat ctgaattcct ctcctagttc cagactgcaa aagcattcgt actgggtgtg    120180
     accagctgga tctggggctg gcctggaata tccagttgtt aagttcagaa ctgacttgat    120240
     ggccaaggag ctgactttga ctttcgggct gttataatgg ctattagatt aatttgggca    120300
     cagagtgggt ctatatgtac cttgccctca gatgatggat gagctgtggc aaattatatt    120360
     gatcaggaaa aataaaaata ttcatctcta gtattttaac ataggcaaaa tccatgtaga    120420
     ttttatccat ccatccctcc atccctccat ccatccatct atccatctac tcgctcactc    120480
     actcactcac tcactcactc actcactcac attcaaacat gaaattattt cttatgaaaa    120540
     catgtagtag ctaggtacta tgttccaggc aattacctga tagtcagtat aaggcatttc    120600
     tcactttgca cagtggctca ggaccacaaa aacaactgtg agcattatag tgaccactgt    120660
     aattgggaaa accacagttg ttctgcgacc tttggaaaaa tctcttattg tcagcagtaa    120720
     atgcaggggg aaatgaagat ataggaaggc tcattgagtt agtgcacagc aacttagaac    120780
     attagaaata ctgggtatta gtgtacaaca cttatgaaca gtcatttgaa cattcatgtc    120840
     acttaaaaca tggaacaagt attatttcta catactggca atggtctcct ctaagctagg    120900
     atcagcccct agtgttttct gtttgctctt tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt    120960
     tatttattta tttacatttt atttttaagg tcaatttgac ataagcaaga tcttcttaga    121020
     agagagaatt ttaactgaaa aaatgttccc attaagatgg tctataggca agtttgcggc    121080
     acattctcgt gatgaatgac tgatgtggga gggctcagcc cactgtgggc agtgccactc    121140
     ctggcatgtg gtcctagagt atataagaga gcaatctgac caagtcacga ggaacaagtc    121200
     agtaagcagt gttcctccat gtggcctcca cttcagttcc tgaccccagg ttcctgccct    121260
     gacttccttc actgtgggct ataactgtac tctgaaacat atcttttctt ccccactttg    121320
     ttttggtcat gtttgtcaca gcaatagaaa ccaaactcag atacatccca ccttctaaga    121380
     catcaccacc tattttctcg tactcacgtt gcacattctt gctcctgaat ttgccttcac    121440
     tgagtttgtc tgactgcaca ggcaaattgt ttccagcggt gaatgaggtc tacactctgt    121500
     tagccacttc tccaactcca gtttgatttg atttctcctt ccttgtctgt attttcatct    121560
     tttatagcta ttttctttca gttttctgta tctataaaat atcatgtggg cttatttctg    121620
     agaggagggc aatatgatct ctatattgtg ccctgtgtat gacaggtcat cagcagacat    121680
     tggaaaaagg gatgtcattg ataattaact gatcatgcta tgaatttttt tttgtttttg    121740
     ttctggtatt tttgtttttg ttcttatgag acaactcgtg gaccacaaag caagcagttc    121800
     gcagtttatg caattgccca tggttcatat atggtagtaa ttgaagtctc tactgtgttg    121860
     ttggaaggct ggtgttcttt aaccaaataa tgacaaggtc cacacgtgcc agagcagtga    121920
     ttgacccatc tgagaaggac tagctgagag tgctaaggga atgcatagca gattcagagc    121980
     tacttggcag ggtcagaggt cccttggaga aggtgatcca agctgagatg gattgggttt    122040
     aatcttgaga agagagaata cggtgaagat cttttcagac agagagaaaa ctctctaaag    122100
     ctcccaatcc aacggagctc aggttgctgg ggttagttgc catggctgtt tcattccatc    122160
     atcttggtct tgtctagcca cacaggctgt tgctcttggt taccaggact gctatctgct    122220
     ttggttggga acgtcaaatg ctctcttttg gtatgctcac ttgaaacaac tactggggac    122280
     agtcaactgc ctcacctaga tccagaaacc catccctgag atctaaaaaa aaagggcacc    122340
     aagaaaatgg aaccaaatca agcaaaatta atttagagat tggtttgtac tataagagac    122400
     atagataaag gctaatgagt cagacacaaa tattctaggt gcagaatggc agtaaagcag    122460
     aaagaaaaat atcttttaca gacttgattc aaatgtgtgt gtctgtgtct gtctgtcttt    122520
     gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttac atgagtgtgg gtgtacatat atgcacaact    122580
     gtgcctatgg aggtcagagg ataacttggc tattgcctac tgttattttg agacagcatc    122640
     tctcactggc ctgggattta ctgagtaggg tagggtggct ggccagtgaa ccactactct    122700
     ccacctctgc agcgatggag ttatgggaat gccactacac taggctctgt tttttaatgt    122760
     ggcttctggg gcttgaactc agatcttcag gcttgcttgg caagcacctg tcggattgaa    122820
     ctatttcccc atgtcctggg tctgaatctt taaatgataa atcgctatgt acaatcaagt    122880
     taaatagata gtcctttact tagttaagat cagaatggtt actatagagc acctggccta    122940
     aattgagagt gaagaaaatc tcaactaaat ttcgtatctt tacagagcca tggttaatga    123000
     tgcccatttt agtgatgtga aaaccgaggt caaatcacca cgggacttag actcaaacct    123060
     actaaccctt tatcctctac atcattagga gagttagttc tttttttttt ttttaaacct    123120
     ccagtttctt ttatgaaatt taacatgtaa cagaggttaa ccctatgatc ccgtggctct    123180
     aattaaccaa attagtctta catttattta tttatctatt tatttattta tttattttgg    123240
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc    123300
     aggctagcct caaattcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcttc ccaagtgctg gaattaaagg    123360
     cgtgcgccac catgcccggc ctctttcttt tatttttaat ttaaaaattg ttttgagtaa    123420
     taaaacaatt tttaaattta aatatagttt gatcatattc ttacccaccc aacattaagt    123480
     tctttctcaa aaacaaaaac aaaaccaaac aaacaacaac aacaacaaca aaaagtacaa    123540
     caaaatgctc taaaccttaa aaaacaaaat atatcaccct gaaacaaaaa gaaataaagg    123600
     gggcaggtag gggtagatag caacatcaag aaccaactat ggagtttatt gtttgttggt    123660
     caattctcct ggatgtgaga cctgctctgg ggtgattgat atacaccagc atcattccat    123720
     tggaggttac aggttttcct tagaacactt tgtcttaacc ataagcataa agcatcattc    123780
     taaaatccaa gccataggtg cttgctgaag acatagcagg atgaacccat tctttcagaa    123840
     accgtagggc tctcaagaat agcagtttaa agagaagttt gaagacaccg agtagaattt    123900
     caggcacgaa gaatcaaatc aagattccat taggaaaaca aaacaatgag attatctcaa    123960
     ttattgagtt aacgatgaga tttcaccatc tccatcccag ctatgagtaa gacatttatt    124020
     tgaattagat aagaagatat aatgtcattt ggaggaggcc cagtaaattt aataacagag    124080
     ataaatgaaa ctgacaatga tctcacactt tataaatcta aacactggac caaggttaga    124140
     cacaggagcc ccagcacacg ctgagtgagc cggatggcag ctttttacat aaatgggaga    124200
     gaggacagca tttatgcttt ctttcttttt taacaccaag atgaggaacg aatgaatccg    124260
     attccattta aaccaaagtg caggaacaag aaacaacctt gagccttccc tgcgtgcaga    124320
     gcagctatgc tggtcatata atcactaact gagttgtgta actcacctat gacaaatgat    124380
     aaaatacttc cagcgtggca agctgcccga gtaattcctt cgcaggacta ggatgaggga    124440
     agctttcttc gctggcctac actcaatctg tccccatggc taactcctga aattgcttct    124500
     gcgttagggt agaacatggg ggacaaacct tgattccaca gaaacatctc aggggcctcc    124560
     gcttcccttc tctcctggtc aacctcgatt tgccctttct agtttgcagc agcacacccc    124620
     acattctgta ctcaggcagc ccaaggtatt agcaaagagt gaaagatgct gcgtggtggt    124680
     ttgctgtctc tctcctgtgc agccctactg tgtgctctca ccttcctctg ctcaggcacc    124740
     agtgttgatt tgcatgcacc tgcatgttgg atgctgtcag tatgccatca gtccctggtg    124800
     aagcttcgtg ttttctggaa aggctcctga gttatctgaa actgtggtat tactgtgcct    124860
     aatttatgaa ttaaacttta cctttagtat gtgtgcttag gaaaaaaaaa acacctggaa    124920
     gatatagagt tcaataaatc tgtagcttta ggcattcagt gaaggtccta gaacatattc    124980
     tgtagggata aggggagatt attatggtct gaatttagct actactgttt tcctactttt    125040
     aaaatgtatt ttttgcaata ctagagcagt ttcatatatt tctataattt gtataagcat    125100
     ctacacaaat ttttatataa aaggcaggct tgaaaatctg cttcttttct tcttgtgctt    125160
     cagttatgct gttagcacaa ggctatcttg accgatgtgc agtatttcat tggttggaaa    125220
     caggttatca gtctgctttc ttgtttgtga gtcattttct aaaatttgca ttctgaaatg    125280
     ccacacacgt tcttgtacct gcaaaggatt ttaaaacttg agattatagt atgcaatacg    125340
     ctgaccatcc tcgttgttta tctgtcaaaa tggcctgtct tgagattcca aaatctatat    125400
     gaaagattga taactaccta actcttgcac acataaataa gactacagat gcatggaaag    125460
     ctgcatagaa tcgggacaag aacagggatt cattatgttc caaatgtcat aacgaaactc    125520
     gctctttagt ggtgactata tacttagaat aaaaattcta attaaagagg aaataaggag    125580
     aacactatgg atacagatat caagcaagtg ccttccaaga ctcactaggg tacttcgcag    125640
     ccaaagcctc agttctcatt ctgtgacgct gggagcaata gtctctctcc atctgcctag    125700
     ctcaggtcac ccaggtggtt gaatggggtg acgtccctga gatggagatc agatacacta    125760
     tgcaacatcc acaatcagca tgtatgactc aagcataatg gtgtctcagc aaaacacatc    125820
     aacacaaaca taagctaact tagggtcact tctgttagaa ttgttgccta taatccttta    125880
     tctacatttg agggggctat ttgacaaatg aaactccatt cctaaaactc aactaggaga    125940
     gaatctgggt ctgagagaaa tacttttgga tctgtactga taaaacgcct attgagcatg    126000
     ctggaatgga ttagactgct tttagaaagg tattttccag acaaaaggtt ctgtttaatg    126060
     tatgtttaat tgggtatgtg gcaatggtta aacaggcagg tgagatggtt aacaatttga    126120
     ctcaaatctt ggctctgctt tctctcactt tactaaagat tattaggcac cctcagggtg    126180
     ctgttgggac aatttaatgt gcaaatgtct acaaactggc ttccttggcc cttgaaaacc    126240
     aggctagtat ttcccaaccg gtgagtaagc tcgctagatg tttgttcctc tcacctgacg    126300
     gcagttacct cagctgacct catcttcact ttctagacat gtcagtgcac tgttctgtgg    126360
     ggacctgttg ctaccgaccg aaattctaag aacccaggaa gccatgatcg ctgaacaaag    126420
     aatagtgcca tgtctccaca ttccaaatgg gtaaatgttt tgcacctgtg agtattgagt    126480
     ctgactcaga agccaaggaa gggcagcctg attaatttgt ctgattaatg atcaggaaac    126540
     tacagaaaga gttttaaagt aattaatgaa gcccaacttt aatcacactc cccaacctta    126600
     agccaaaacc aggagcagat aagatttaaa aagcaatatt agaactgagt tccaaactac    126660
     catttcctga agatatgcct cccatatctg tttaatcatc agaatcgtgt tttactcata    126720
     tgcttgtgat gaatcagaga ttcattgatc ttatgtgtta cagactgatg tctgggctcc    126780
     tgggaacagg ctagctttac aagtgcacgc ttctctccat aaacatcttg gtgtcaatga    126840
     gcttctctac ctttccatct aggaggaggt aggtgagaag cagggaggaa ggacggtgga    126900
     acaatggcct tttcattctc agaggcttgg gaagctttct gaagttccca tgcctgggaa    126960
     agatgtatag gcatgagtgc atggaatttt tctgtcatca gtttcattca ttgtcctgtg    127020
     tcctccagtt aatcacgaaa gaggtcatta aaccccagct acatggcacc ttagtttatg    127080
     gcttgggaac cagattcttg atttaaattc ctggtcatgt cacttacaag ttgtgtgctc    127140
     ttggataagt ttcttaagct ctttgtacct tagtttctta atctgtaagt tgaggatgat    127200
     aatacctatt tcttagggtc actgtttggg ttagacaaac taattttatc tgtctgtcta    127260
     tcatctatct atctatctat ctatctacct acctacctac ctacctatat ctatctgtct    127320
     atctgtctat ctgtctatct atctatctat ctatctacct atcatctacc tacctatatc    127380
     tatctgtctg tctatctgtc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    127440
     tacctatcat ctacctacct atatctatct gtctgtctat ctgtctatct gtctatctat    127500
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctataata tctatcatct atctatctat    127560
     ctatctatct acctatcatc tacctaccta tatctatcta tctgtctgtc tatctatcta    127620
     tctatctttc atcatccatt catcaatcaa gcatctatct ttttctattt gctacttact    127680
     actatttaat agtgtctggt ctattctaat cattacctac tattattact cttattattc    127740
     tatgagacaa cttaaagttg gtactaaaaa taataatcct gaaaattttg gtggccagag    127800
     atgtgtgaat aatttaattc ctctttacgg ttaagaaaag acttaaaaca caaagcagaa    127860
     tattgagctg ttcacttttt tttttttttt tactgtgatg tgaaattcag atttggtagg    127920
     cagatactct gagttggttt ggggtgcaaa cacaccaagt gatgtctaat ggtaaagaaa    127980
     ataaacacta ttatagatct gctaaataag ctgtccccag caaatggaaa acattgtggt    128040
     cctttcagtt tgccattgag ttcagccagt gatgtccaag cagaacaaat gggacataat    128100
     agaaaagtct acacagaatg tactgttcta cattcaaaga gtgcatttct cttacatggc    128160
     tattccccga aatttccaga gagatgatgc atagaatgag gaggttatta agctaaaaat    128220
     aagcaacagt aaaacagagg aaggattgcc agagtcaaca gaattgaaga gaaatcatta    128280
     aatattatag gtaataggaa tggagggaat taaaaaaaaa tctcattagc tgtcttgctt    128340
     catgagaaga cccagtctat catagtttgg attcacagat aaaaatctgt agggggaggg    128400
     agggaggttg ggagggaggg agggagagag agaagagaga gattgagggc ttacatattt    128460
     ttttcaatag cccattgttc agcaatgctc ccaagatttt gtgtaacata aattcctcac    128520
     actgcagcca gatcctctaa atgatggtgc cgtgactttg gggaaggcca cataactaga    128580
     attcttgggt tagctttact gttgcatttt tgttgttctc tttagtttgg actcagaaga    128640
     aaatttacct caagctttcg gctcagattc aacccccacc tctgcctctg tgtgtgcatg    128700
     tgccatgaat acatgtgtat gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgcaa tgttctatag aaggaaatga    128760
     ttttaatctt tgagtgattc agagatcact aggaggactt atgtctatga ggactatgga    128820
     tgcagagttg tgttgttgct tgattgtgta catacacatt atgccctttc tctgtggggc    128880
     gaggtttaga aaaacctcca ccatgagaac tcttcttctg gaggcaaaac cagtatggga    128940
     ggtcctcaat taatgcagtt ccagaaaact gaaagcttgt aatgtcagtt ctagttcata    129000
     taaaattttt atagtcttat cttgatttac cacacactat aaaaatctac tcattgaaag    129060
     catgcaatta aattgaatgc tcacagtatg ctcacagaat tgttaaccct caccatttat    129120
     gttataacat ttccattgtc ctaaagtaac tccgtgccca caagaggcca cttgccatag    129180
     ctaccctccc tcttgctcca actcacataa gcattaatct gactgtgggt tagtttgttc    129240
     tggattcact cacacaactg gcgtcattca aaatgggctt gtgactggtc tctttgactt    129300
     agtgtaatgc tttcagcttc attaatgttt tcagatgcac cagtacttta tttattttta    129360
     tctatgagta atatccctcc atcagttggt ggcatttaga tcacttccac tcttacctat    129420
     caaacatgat gctctttaaa taaatgctcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    129480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgatgtat ttatttctgt taggcagata ctgagaaatg aaactactca    129540
     atcacatggt acttctgtgt ttgccattgt gaagaattgt caaactattt ttgatagctg    129600
     tctatgttaa ttatgtaccc tccatgatgt aagcgagttt aaactatcat atccattata    129660
     gccaccctaa aggcatgatt ctgattttaa tgtgcatact gcaaggtgat gttaaatagc    129720
     tgttcatgtg tttatatttc tataccttat ttgaagaaat gtttatctaa attctttgct    129780
     tagttgttga agttgaactg ttttttttta aattttgtgt tgtattgagt tataacaatt    129840
     ataacagttc tttttttaaa aaaattaact tgctgataaa atccttgtga ataaaataaa    129900
     catcacgcac ccaaattaac catacccaat gtctatacat ctcgatgaat gtctatgctc    129960
     ttaaaagagc cattctaaag atgtgaagcc tcacattgaa agtttataaa tttatgtaag    130020
     atctagtatc cataagtgag agaaaacatt ttacacgtat ctttctgaat ctgacttgtt    130080
     tctgacttag ggagatgctc tccaggtgca tccaattgcc ttcaaaccac acatgaataa    130140
     aattccacgg tggttgcaaa ctgcattgtc tgcatccatc catttgttga cagaccccta    130200
     agctgattcc ataatgtggc cgttgtgagc aatgttgctt taatagccta ataccaacga    130260
     cgtatgcatc tctgtgttat gttgacttag aatcctgtat gtctatatgc aggagtggga    130320
     tgatggctaa gacagtaacc atgtctatat ttttctgcag actctcacat attgcttgag    130380
     agagaagcct ccagggtcaa caaatagagc tggtatgaat cccagctata ctaagccaat    130440
     caaatctctg attactgctc tgtgagcaga agcaataatg tgcttgcctt acagggttct    130500
     gtgagaatta aataatagtc ctgaaggata cagcctacag ttctatcaca ggtcagttag    130560
     ctggccagag tctttggaga gattaagtgc atcagccgtg tggatgtgac ctgacccatg    130620
     aggtggcctg tgtgttcagt gtgccctgcc aatgtagaat gattaagtgg atgcagtgcc    130680
     tacttggtaa tagcctggca tctcagctgc tcctcatctg agctttctgg gtgaaggtca    130740
     gaccaccctg ataagtgagg gatgttgtcc tcctgaggga ttgtctgtaa taccactgaa    130800
     aacaactagc caaatcacat tattcgattt tcacaccaag ggactggttc atctgattga    130860
     aagttgagat ttctctccct gtgtgttcta agtttactca gctcagtgct tagctagcag    130920
     cgatgagggg aacgccagag cacagctgcc tggtttccaa gtctgactcc tctgcttcac    130980
     tgctcgagga agttacataa ccgcagcgag cctcagctac ttctgaaatg gaagcacggg    131040
     gttgtgtctg cgctggagag ctgttgaggg gcttctgtgg cccagaggac attccacgaa    131100
     gcttagtccc cagcacaccc acagcatgaa caagtcattt ccagctgtta gccttggaga    131160
     ggctccgggt tctggtagtg agagggtgaa atcccaaagt attagtttca ttcaactctt    131220
     gataatcttc caaggataat gagaaacaaa gggcatataa aacacccatt tagtgacatt    131280
     ttattgtaaa ctatggttaa taggattgcc aaattttcca tcgctcccaa gaagctataa    131340
     atgaaaaaaa caaactctct ctctctcctt tctctctctc tctctctcct tccctccctc    131400
     accctctccc tccctctcct tccctctccc tccctctcct ctccccagtg tgtgtgtatg    131460
     tgcatgtgca catgtgcatg catgtctgtg catgtatgca tgtgtagaat ttggagatga    131520
     ctaaaattta gccattttag tctgagtttc cagaacaaga aacaaattag tgtccagact    131580
     atttctatta tttcaaacga agttgaccag tcagttcctc atccatagta ttttagatcc    131640
     ttaggagatt tcttgttgct ggtctcttta cacatgatta tcatatataa ataatataaa    131700
     acaatgggct tcgtcatggc atttttctga atatatgtaa catacgttga aatcttccag    131760
     aaggagttta gtgtttactt attctttctt agtcttctca atgtgtccct tagcccatcc    131820
     cttccttctc ctcttctctc tccctctctc cttccctccg ctctccctcc ctctcttcct    131880
     ctttctcttt cttctttctg tacattggtg gccttgtatc tatgtattaa atggaagtat    131940
     tttctttgta gggctgagtg agtggagtga aataaaatat caagattcat tagtactctg    132000
     cctggcatgt ggcagctctc actacatgtt agttatggct gctattactc agacaaatcc    132060
     tttatcttag ccccgttgtc ttcgttgtct ggttttggct tttcagattt agccatgaga    132120
     gcaatctgcc tgcacttttc ccacagttct ttgtctgaag actgggctag tggctgtcaa    132180
     gatgggccag catgaaggtt gctagtaaat gttttgtgtt tgagactctt taggagccca    132240
     ggctcctaat ccagctttag actagtttcc tagataagaa atgattccag ctgggatgtg    132300
     ttcaggtagt tggtgagtat ctgcttagat ccctggctgc ctctgtcctg ttagacatgt    132360
     ccctaggggg ctgagacaat ggccttcact gtgcataaga caggtaaagc caggtgtagc    132420
     aagacaccat ttctataggg gccagtcagt tcttcaaagg tcaacatgaa catctacagc    132480
     cttgcagagt cttgggaggc acatagacct ctaaggttca atgtttaaat tgatgattat    132540
     cagctgtctg gccttctgta aaagtgttct agtggtccac ctctctgtct tcatggaaga    132600
     tggggaaatc tgggtgttct tgtacatatc tgtagtacca gaccgtggga ggcagaagtg    132660
     ggagcagaag tgggacctga cttagagccc agcctgagcc acacagtgag agccttttgt    132720
     ttggccaagt aaccctgaca tgaaacatga gccaaactaa catttctacc ttttaatttg    132780
     tttatatcag gtgtttgtta tgctggtagt aagttattta ttattgtata ttaggatata    132840
     tggtatataa ttttatataa tataatgata atattatatg ttcatattat taatatatta    132900
     ttgtaattac tatttgggat ttgtaactag atgttagatt tatctaaata cataatacaa    132960
     tttatgtgaa tagtccttat atgttgctta cttaccttaa aatactaaca tgtggaaaat    133020
     actttaaaaa catttttatt tcattaatgt tataatcatg ccgtagtaat tcaaattatt    133080
     ttttgtctga aatgtcttaa ttttcgcatt aagttatctc tctgtggtgc tgggaatcaa    133140
     agctagaacc ttgtacattc taggcgaatg ctccgctact aaactaaatg aacgcactct    133200
     gaaaattcct tttaaacaat ggtaaagcac acacacccca tgacattcta ctgtcaacag    133260
     tttctagcac aggtgcagtg atattaagca tgttctatgt gttgttctgt gatggacact    133320
     gcaatccatc tccagaatgt tattctctgt atccgcaact ctgaatacat cagacacagc    133380
     tccccatcct ttgctgtccc catctcttag caaccatcat cccatgtcta tctgtttgaa    133440
     tttgtctacg tagctacctt ctgtatgtgg aatcatgtag ttaatctcct gactggcttt    133500
     ttagaatcaa atacaatttg ccagggtcta ctcatattag agcatgtgtc agaattttct    133560
     ttcctttcca ggttggataa tatactctgt gtatatatgc cacatctcaa aattaacaaa    133620
     tagttaattt ttgttcacac atttattcaa catggacatg gattcttctg tgtagacaat    133680
     gctgtaagga acacagatga gagtagcttt ttgaggttat cagactcttt ggtcatagat    133740
     gtgtaatatt aattctcatg gcttcttatt ggaggcagag acttttctca ttttgatgat    133800
     aaatgtaaga tacaaaccat gacagaatca ttcacttaat tattcaaaaa agtggctgat    133860
     cttagcagaa tattaagagt cattttatca ctacattctc ccttccttta aagattagta    133920
     ttatttgatt ttaccctagg tccatgggat atctagtctc tggttttttg ttgttgttgt    133980
     tgttttgttt tgtttttggt taaccaagta gttttgaata tgggtttcta tcttgtgtag    134040
     tgggccttaa gtcaaacagt tatggtttgg ttacttgtac tggtttgtgc tactgttgcc    134100
     ttatcatatc tcgcaggcag gaccacggta gatcaaaggg tttatggctg actggctgtt    134160
     tacatttctg ttttggtagc aatgcagaat acctttctgt ataaaagaca ctagaacata    134220
     ggggtgaagt ctctatgtgg gcaccagccc agcttctcca tgtttaatga gtaatgtggg    134280
     cgttctcttc agtaaagaga ccttgctgtc tgtttgtgga aagcaaccaa tcgtcttggc    134340
     aacagccaaa ggtggcaaaa gattgtaagg aaatagcatt ttccagatgt aacatgcaca    134400
     tataatctca tgaagtcctg gcagcaagct cacgctagac aaaatcccag aacagagtag    134460
     aggaagtggg cacaaagatc cactccggcc aggtggcttg tctccaatga taccttctca    134520
     gagcgggaaa gccacttctt cagggaactg acactgggta tactaacaca caccagggag    134580
     gctccatgct ctggagtagt tggccaccac aaatcagact ccatggtttt tagtttttgt    134640
     attcttcctt tgtctatctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtata    134700
     gagaaagaat atgacgttgt atgggtaagg cattgagaag gatctgggag gagttggaga    134760
     ttgggaaaga aagataaatg tatttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgggtt tttcaagaca    134820
     gggtttctct gtacagccct ggttgtcctg gaactcactt tgtaaaccag gatgacctca    134880
     aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggca tgtgccacca    134940
     ctgcctggct gataaattta tattgtataa aacactcaaa tgacaaaagt aacaacagaa    135000
     caagagactc cttctcttga tgtttggata gtattctgac attagataca atccaaaaag    135060
     tttgcctaaa tccaagataa gcactcttct taggtggaac acttttctac ctgcagaatt    135120
     taaaaaatat tcttaaggtc ttgtgagaaa tgggagacag tggatgtaaa gtcctttgtg    135180
     aaaacgctgt aaacacctgt ggtcattgtc tttcagaact cagagatatg gttgggtgga    135240
     tttcttgcct tttaaaaatt tagattttcc gggcagtggc gctgtgcacc tttaatctca    135300
     gaagctggga agcagaggca ggcagatctc tgtggctagg atggtctaca tggtgagttc    135360
     caggacatcc agggctacaa cagagaaacc ttctctctaa aaaccaaaat aaataaataa    135420
     ataaataaat aaataaataa tgaacattta gttttagtta tttttgaaag tgtatgtagg    135480
     tgtacatgta tgtgtatata catctctctg tgtctctctg tctctttctg tctctctgtc    135540
     actgtctctc tctctctctt cctctctgtc tctctgtctc tgtctttgtc tctgtctctc    135600
     tgtgtatgtg tatgtgtgtg catgtatgct tgccgaggcc agaggtacca ggtcccccag    135660
     gagatggaat tgtaggtgat tgtgaattac cctctgtggc tgttaagaaa cagtgttggg    135720
     tcccctgcaa gagaagtatt cgtgttctta actgctaaga catctctcta tccccccttt    135780
     ttaaaaaatt attattgctg ttataagtct tacttcagga aaaccgtaaa caaatctctg    135840
     ctctaacgtt ctttccagtt ccgtgtctta gagctcatgg tcagctgttt gtggaggcga    135900
     gcctagactg agcctttggg aagtcgaatc tgcatcatta gcagtcagac tgctgagtgg    135960
     gactcccaac tcacacacag gctgtgcggc tgtgggctca gaacttcata tcctgaatcc    136020
     taatgcctct aattctgaac tttcccacta gtgaaacaaa gtgaactata gccctggctt    136080
     ctgtgattgc ggttcagatt tcaagagcta atactcctaa gcggccctct tgtcccaggc    136140
     cccagcacag agtgcgttct gcctgctgca gtgccacaaa ccatcttgga acccctcagc    136200
     tatgccccac tccatcccca caggccattc gcccatgctc tcctctccac tggaatttca    136260
     gccaacagga gcctactgcc ttcctaacct tattcttatg ccatagacat tttcattaca    136320
     aagacccttg tcaggactgg cttcagcttt cttgatctcc accaatactc cacccagaca    136380
     cctttctgag tgctcagcac tttgtgccat tattccctca ataggcctgg gaccacatga    136440
     gcagcacatg tgccctgtga gttctgcagg atctctagtg aaagacacca acaccagggc    136500
     gttgtattat tattagggga agagcttgac tttggagagc cagtctcagc accttggaga    136560
     gtctcaagtt cagggctgct accaaagggc aaagggcaga tgcagaatca tacaattcat    136620
     taccttctca ggactttgag ccagcttttt ggtggaacca tgaaaatttc cagaggctat    136680
     ttgtgtgcag ggagctggag tctctctaca gagagacttg tcttgcctct tttctgcctc    136740
     attccaccct cctaaaccac actgacagta caccaatata gccacctaca tatttgtctt    136800
     tatttcatcc caactgactt gtaattagct actggagttg ctcattgaat acttccatgg    136860
     aatagctatg ttcttctcat ggataagacc ctttgatatg gtttctatcg aatgcactaa    136920
     tttctgtgga aatcatttcc tcttggattc attgcatgat gcactgcaag caacatggct    136980
     ctagcagtac atttttactt tattattttc tgtgctaggc actgtgtgag tgttcccctt    137040
     gagcaattcc ataaatttta tcactaccct gtgaaataga agttgtcaat aacctatttg    137100
     ccacaaaaga agttgaggca tggagaaagt tcaggaaata caggaaggaa gagacagaac    137160
     aaagtcaaac tgaggtctgc ctaactccta ggctgtgctc ttagccagga gattcaagta    137220
     tgtttttagt tactgtaatg tctcctccac tgaaagctcc aggaacatga aaaagtacat    137280
     atgatgttca aagtgactta cttacaatga tcttaccaga ctgtgcttcc cacgttacat    137340
     ttgaccttgc aatacatcct tcattacatt gacttactca atcggttctg tccttccact    137400
     tctgggttcc agagactgac ctaggttgtg aggcatggca acaagaacgt tgactcactg    137460
     acccatttca ctggccctac gtgcattata tcttttgttt gaaaggcaaa tgggggagaa    137520
     atccttcagt ttactctcct gctttttgga accagatact atttctttgg gatgtacaaa    137580
     agaaggttag gcagttgttt gttggagata gagctttgct ggtttcttga cagcagaatt    137640
     attctggtgt tttaattttt ggtgggagtt actttattcc tcgttgattc catagatagt    137700
     tgacaagtct tctccacaca agttatgtgg ttcaaaaagg aaaaaacaga aacaaaaaca    137760
     aaaaccccca ctctatgaga agcattaaag gaacaacatg aatagccctg catgcaaatc    137820
     cattcttgtt attgaacaaa ataattttct ctataaactt cttctaccac ccctcatgtg    137880
     ggtgtgggtg tgcagtcatg cgtgcgcgtg cgcgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    137940
     cacacacaca cacatacatg cttacatctt atacaggaat ctagaaatca ttaacttttg    138000
     gttttgcttt caaagtaaga ccaacctcag agaatgacat tttgtaggcc tagcatcttg    138060
     ttcacttgct aacaaaatgg ctttttgtga aaaatctatg gtgggagctc cctcacactt    138120
     ccaaggagga aacagtagga aatactgaaa gatttcaatc tcctattgat tcacttagcg    138180
     tgtactaatt aagggtcaca tgcatggaag ggatgctcag cacctgggtg tggatggtct    138240
     aggatgtgcc tagcttttgc taaattgaga gtgtgtagat atacttagaa gtgtcaaaca    138300
     aaatcaggtt ggtactggga caggagagag gaagagccac ctcactggtc tcactaacac    138360
     atggctggct gagactctcc gctgggatac acagaggaag aagctgttcc tttgctgttg    138420
     attactgtaa tctgctctag gaagcatgtt ccgcattttc tacctagctg gcatcaatag    138480
     caactagagt tcatgcttca ttacttttcc actcttctgt gaagcttgat cctttcttga    138540
     tttgttttga ttttattttc agctagaaca cagttgagcc acagtctgtt cccatttatc    138600
     ctatgagcaa caagcttatg atgatggtta aggagagggt gggtgggacc ttggggaaag    138660
     tgatctggct aatggtagag gacacttact tagagtctgg gaagacagct tttagatgac    138720
     agagacaggc ttggtatcag gcaggagctc cagagtagac cttaatcaag agaaattggc    138780
     actaaaagtg atgattttga ctgcccactg gtgaatgaga tgaaggaaca gtaagcacag    138840
     accttctaat gggctcaatc tcaaaaactg gttcagactg gatggttgca ggtctggctg    138900
     tggtatggta gggaaggcat ggtgctatca gagcagatct gagccttcct tagaatgcca    138960
     ctactaacca attaaacctt gaaaacactg gaaccctcca agtgttatac tacacagaga    139020
     gggtttacat gaactacaac aactcagcac tctaaggcat tgaatcaaaa cctgcaagac    139080
     tgttaagaac tattcataca gtctcacgtt taagctcaaa ttgtagcagt aggctacatt    139140
     ttgaagtcag agaaacatgg ctctatagca gctcatgata caaggtctga tcataactca    139200
     acatacatga gtaaagttgt gtggctgaag aatgttctag aactatggtg gactgctaga    139260
     aatgagcagg gtggcctcac atggccacct accctgatac tgaattttaa gggtttcttc    139320
     tctctagtct tccctatgct tgtagacttg gatattgtag aggttcaggg tatctggact    139380
     tacctcaaat gaattttttt ttgggggggg gaggtgaaag tctgggcttt tgaaagagtt    139440
     tgaacatgtt ttgccccaga tgtcttctcc ttaaatacac ccacatgctc tttaagagga    139500
     attcatccat atggtatatt catcggcagt tcactcatca aaattgctat tgtgtcaaaa    139560
     gcatttgatt tcaaacttgc catttaagtt gttccaaaaa agtgcctgca agcttatttg    139620
     cttgagctat gaagtagatt tggtaaaaga cagacaatgt aatttttttt tttaagtttc    139680
     aacttaacat tggtgttgct caaagacttt agacttgcta gaattccttc ttttaaaacc    139740
     accatgatct ttgccatcca tccaaacctt aaagggtaat aataatggta gtggtgattt    139800
     atgatgatga ttgtggttat ttgataggtt gtgttgtttt ctgattgttc ttggaacaaa    139860
     cctcccccac ccccataatt atgactgcaa aagtagagca ggcataagaa ctggaaagga    139920
     aagtttgaaa gtaacaaggg attgttggaa taaagacatt ggcacacata aaggacattt    139980
     gatttgcaga cagaaaacac aggctgtgaa cagcctttct cagaaagtga tcagagtcat    140040
     ttcctctcag tcttcttctt acacaagtcc tagggtttga tgaccaagac ttgacttgat    140100
     atttcccacc cagagtcttg ttttctactt ccaactctta aaagaaaatt aagtcttagc    140160
     taaacctcgt ttgctaaatg taggttagaa catgtgtcca atgtctaagt gggcatctgg    140220
     tactatttta acccaaattt cagggagaga gtaaaggaat attctaccat ccttcgcaag    140280
     taagtaaaat gaactggcag gtagagttga ccccacagct tggtcctagc tagacacggt    140340
     caaatgatta gtcctattct tttgtcagtg tattgtccca acagtgactc aatggaaggg    140400
     ggaactggcc acagaggtag taaacacttt tactttgtag tctgtggagt attgttctgc    140460
     ttctaagctc atatgtcaga agagggccat gaggaatttt acatagattg agagtcagca    140520
     gaatggtctc ttccccacag acacttccgt tcatccacgt gttccttctg aaagtattat    140580
     ttgtagatca cctatatggg ccagatgttg taggcactga ggactttgaa ctgaacgtga    140640
     cagataggat agttaatcgg atggaattta ctctatggca cgcgggctct ttctgtagag    140700
     ggattatcat tattctataa agccaccttt cctcaagtgg tcattgtctc aagggtaaat    140760
     gacttgatga atgtagtggc cagaggccaa gaggatgcta aaagattcca ttagcacaat    140820
     atcttagtcc caagacagct ttacccaaac ttttacaagg aatagacaaa tggacaaagc    140880
     tcactatgaa agcaactttt caagactgct tccaaaattg gtttacatac atttcatata    140940
     tttatttaaa agttgcgaag agacctagca agacaacagg cagatgtctc ccctgaccag    141000
     cttcttaatg catgcagcag gagcatgctg taactcatgg aaacaaacag tcctcaaaaa    141060
     gagttggctg ttcaggtaag attgggccaa gcaaagtcaa catgtctctt aacacagtgt    141120
     gcttttgagc cttcaacatt caaacccaca cagtgacttc ctgacaggta gaaagcatgt    141180
     gttgtggggt tccctgtgaa cttgaccttt tctcctcctc ctctttatcc atgcctgcag    141240
     cagcaagaag atatgggact ggtcagcaaa aggcagactt agaaaatgct gcctcactag    141300
     gaagatggag agctgaaatg actgtgcagg ttgattttaa tgtgtggact tgacaggacc    141360
     atggcgggcc caggtagctg actaaatgtt tgggtgagcc tgtgagaatt tctggaggac    141420
     actagggttt taattatagg cagaggagag tagcttgccc cacccactgt gaggagcata    141480
     gccaattcag ttgaatacct gtataaaaag aaaaggtaga aggaggaaga gttttccttt    141540
     cctaggcaac taggctggtg tgccagcttc ctgctctttc agactagact agagtttatg    141600
     cctttgggtt ttcactttgt aagccttcag acttggactt gaatggacac aatttattct    141660
     ccttgtgctt gggcctttga atttagagga aagcaatacc atttacttat ctgggtgttc    141720
     agattgtaaa tagtagactt taagactact caacttccag aatgtcagcc atcaattctt    141780
     tgcaatagtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgttct gttttcttga atgaaaagtg    141840
     atacttactg gatcaataac aggttcttgc atcaactgta gaaagaaaag agtcggggtg    141900
     aactgtgtct ttgctagcaa gaatctgctg tctctcttac ataaagcctg ctgtcagttg    141960
     aagcagaaat gccgtggcac tcggatgtgc tattgctgcc agcttggctc ccgtgtagac    142020
     tggcacacag caggcccaca ccactgtaac actgaccttt ggtagtgaag agagaagcag    142080
     gcagctctct tcctgtcagg aaggtaaaga taaaaattca ggtttgggga gtctgtgagc    142140
     cttgtacaga gttcagctct gccttggtct tcttcaatcc gtcaggggac acagaatcat    142200
     ctgtgccata acttacatct gagcgaactg gatgggaatc tgatgataaa ttattgacaa    142260
     gacaggaaat tctccagatg atttaggtca ggcatctata taatcttcaa ctcagtaaaa    142320
     atggctgtct cctagcaata gaacccattt attagttatg gcttcataat aataaaataa    142380
     tatgatgtaa ggcagagagg aattgtgtct cagcatctgc atctgcttgc tgacaagaaa    142440
     cagcccagac gaagtatggc aggtaatgat taacttaaag tgtctgagga cttctaagcc    142500
     tcacaggcag aatctatgta tctgagaatt cccaatgtca gtttctttta ccaggtcccc    142560
     attagatgaa gcaagctgtt taggaggcca tggttgagca ggacttttat gtgttagcag    142620
     tacaaaattt gtggtcagag ccctgaggcc aaagcttagg ggagctgtgc acaattgcat    142680
     tgtcgggatc tctctgtctc tgtctctctc ctttctcttc cctccctccc tccttccttc    142740
     tctctttccc ttcctctcct tccttccttt ctttcttttt cagtttttga gaccaggtcc    142800
     cgtgtagcac acaaaatgac aagaataact ttgaacttat gaccctcctt gtctccactt    142860
     gaagaatggg atgctgggat tacaggcttg tgccaccaca cctggttcat gctgtccgga    142920
     ggattgaacc cagggctttg tacacggtag atgagcactc taccagccga gccacatctg    142980
     gagcacccaa aaatgcacaa tacttggcac agagtgcttg ctccgtgaat ggcagctgtt    143040
     ctcgtcactg tcctcaacac cattccttac actcacgtct atggccagct gcttgctcag    143100
     atgtttgctt gataggacta ccaggctggg tgggtgcgct ctgagcttca gtggcttggg    143160
     tgagtagatg tagacaaggg ttgaagaaga aaggacatca ttatgtatta ccatgaactt    143220
     ggggttggat ttcagtgtgg tttctgactg ggtaagcgac tttagggaat ttgcctcagt    143280
     aggtctagct gtaaaacggg catgacaatt cttaggcttc agggtgataa agtgttacat    143340
     ggcacccagt ttcaggcttg ggtaggctta gctacttttg attcctatac ccagtgggaa    143400
     ctgggcaagc tcaagcgaat gtcaagggga aattttaatc tgcccttaca atgtaaaaca    143460
     cctggctaga aatggctggt tttaggaatt tagctaatcc aaatagtctg gctaaatcat    143520
     agctcagctg atctggccac agtgtcattg agctcagcag aaaaacccac aacagtgtaa    143580
     cagagccaag tgaagcttga gagaatgtac aggcctctct gctaatcaag gcctccctgt    143640
     tagtggccca ttgctgaaac agtgaggacc aagggactgg gcattgtctg tctccaccga    143700
     acagtccaca gtttcctggc acacttcctc agtcacctta actgagagtc ctgaccggcc    143760
     gcgtgccttc aggatgacgg tgcctcactg ccgttgcctt tggcatcgca gccagttctt    143820
     acggcttggg tggcatctgc tccagcttgg tcagcctggc aggggaggct aagggagaca    143880
     gtgggaatac agaagcagcc tgcagagcaa gccctggcca agacttggtc tcgggggctg    143940
     ggagaggcag tttctgagta aaaggaaagg tcagatctga ctgctttgaa gctcttaagg    144000
     ggcacagagg atgttgctgt agtgtttggg tagtaaaaaa ctggaaaccc cagagtgaac    144060
     ccccagaatg cctatggaca gggatttgag tcaatggcac cgtatcgtat ctctcttcct    144120
     ggaggaatga tggtcttagg gaaacaggat gctttgaagt gctggtcaag accgtgtctg    144180
     tgttcaaatg aagctggctt atggtctcta tttaccattc cagagtctgt gttgagtgcc    144240
     tccaactaat acgctaacta aattgaatct tacagccacc tgaagcatgt ttgctattca    144300
     ttcccccgga gagctaaaga cacttatcag aaaggagaga agcctgccaa cctcgcccaa    144360
     cacacccttg cccgtgtccc cctctcattt gtttgaaaat gtatgtgaac tagctgaact    144420
     tgtttgactg tgtctattca attactggat ttaatttgtg tggtctgaca gctttctcaa    144480
     aagaaaacag ccccaccgaa tcctcggggc ccacacacga cacgcactag acaccgagca    144540
     ggaataaggc accactgaca aaataccaag aaaaaaaaaa aaccctttct ctcaaaaagt    144600
     acatttccaa ggcctttagc cacatgtaca cacttaacag aaaccacgct tgcttgcggg    144660
     gggggggggg gggaggcagc ggaatggcca gcagagcaaa cagctcaagt tccaagagtc    144720
     cagttgcaaa taaaaacaat gtaccagaga gggctggatt aaaatgccct ttgatagaca    144780
     gtaaatggat agaaatccca gcggccagag agtgcctatt aattgttatc atttataaaa    144840
     cgttgaaagc ccacagggag cttccgggcc atgtccagat ggttagtgta cctggaagtc    144900
     tgtgcttgtt ttcgaatgcc tttcacagtc aggaaagcta aagtgtctcc agatctcaac    144960
     agggcaccgg cattggaaac caggtaactt ttataggtgc attttggtat agagcaagaa    145020
     ttaagttgtt ctagattacg ccgccagtgc aatctaacat tgtcataaaa cagaaaagac    145080
     agagacaata ggaggtgcgg agactgccct taaccccact ggcagtggat aaatgccagg    145140
     tgctactgct aattactact gtgtatgaaa aattgacagt atacaaggag cttgagggcc    145200
     acgtacaatg taccttatgc tcttatgatt tgcccttgga aggcccctga aagtcacaga    145260
     agtaagttca aagacattgt taaattggat aaattcacag gacaaaagat taaatgccaa    145320
     accggcacaa ttccatagat aaggtgacta catcagtgta aactaaataa cttaaaacca    145380
     caaagacttg gtacctttct acaagaactc tagtgatctt aaaacttcct aactgcccag    145440
     ggctattaaa ttttatctta actctatttt ggtatgttct aaagttttat tttctatgtg    145500
     tgagtgttct gctgcatgta tatctgtgta ccacaagcac acctggtgtc tggaggtgag    145560
     aagagggtgg tgggatcctc tggaactgga gctatggatc attgtgtgct gctatgtggg    145620
     tgctgggaac ctaagctgag tcctgtgtag gagcggtaag cactcttaac ctccctagaa    145680
     gccatcattt caaccccttt gatttctacc taatttaaat tgctttggag attatgaaaa    145740
     ggcaaaaatc cacacaaaca ttttatgtgc aataagagtt attttatgaa tcctaaaatt    145800
     agataaagga ttacttgtga aggacaataa taggccaatt tgtttaacat tatgcatcca    145860
     aaaaccacaa atcaaatagt agggtgataa aaaaaaaacc tacttcaact ggaagagata    145920
     ggctagtatg acagagactt atgagtgtgt ccgtgcatta actacctgaa ggaaagaaaa    145980
     atgataggac tttaatcaac caagaccaaa atttcattag tctcaacaaa aaagcatatt    146040
     caatactctt ggggagatag aattctttta cttaatactg ggctatttga agctatgttc    146100
     ttttacttga tagagtttat ttcaaccaaa tgtttatgct taatccttta gtatagttcc    146160
     ctttaagaga aaaggcatgc ttccagctgt catgagaggt catttccagc tgccatgaga    146220
     agtcttttag aacagaaggg atgactgata aattaaaggt taaggggggg ggggcatgct    146280
     ctcctggcac tgagtcaccc agcatctctg caagcttcca cttgtctgtc cattgtattg    146340
     tgtcttggag agctgtccga tgggaagagg acacttttta cctggttttc tctaggatta    146400
     accaccgggt tgttttgggc aatgggctgg aacagaagtg gcagtgttcc agttctgagc    146460
     agcggcggcc tcagcagctt gtagtgtaga ttcacaggct ctcagggctt tcccctgcta    146520
     tgggaactat gtcttcttga ctggggctgt gtcttcagct tatataccag ggtgaggaaa    146580
     aacacaggaa cacgagaaga attgcagcca gtgtctatcc aatacgttat gtgagtgaga    146640
     gaggtctgtt gtccatcacc aagtgtaggg acctccttgt catctcagca tacgctagag    146700
     tgagctaact aatatagaca gagggaatct tcttatatac atttgttcag caacccagaa    146760
     aacctaagtc cctgtattag aagcagtaaa aaaactaaga aaaagtatta catacaaagt    146820
     caatgttttt ttttttaaaa agcattagca gtagccaatc agaaagaata gtcactattc    146880
     ctattggcat gaaacctatt aaatatacag gaacacatta tattactaaa aaggtgagca    146940
     gtatagtcaa agaaaaaagc ctttaaaata ataatgaaag atatccaaaa tagaacatag    147000
     caatttcctt ttagatgaga taatgttata tagggaaaat aaattatcct atttaatcta    147060
     taaatgagtt aggatacaat aaaaaagact tctattcaga ttcttttatg tttaatgcta    147120
     ggaactgtct tggttaggat ttcattgctg tgaagagaca ccaggatcat ggcaactctt    147180
     ataagggaca agatttaatt ggggctggct tatagtttca gaagtttggt tcattatcat    147240
     catggcaaga agcatggcat gcaggcagat atggtgctgg agaaggatct gagaattctg    147300
     catctttatc tgcaggcatc tatgtgccac aaaccttgac catatatgac ctcaaagccc    147360
     tcctccagtg acatacatcc tccaacaagg ccacacttcc tccaacaagg ccacatttcc    147420
     taataatgtc acttcccatg ggtaaagcat tcaaacacag gagtctagtg gggccatacc    147480
     tatccaaacc accacaggaa caaacccagg atcttatcca tgctcagcgg acactctatg    147540
     actaagatgt ttcccaatcc ccttgctcat agtcttaaaa gactatgata aaaacatact    147600
     taagactcga gccccaggct accttgccag cagagtcttg cccaacacct gcaagggccc    147660
     acacgggact ccccacggga tcctaagacc tctggtgagt ggaacacagc gcctgcccca    147720
     atccaatcgc gcggaacttg agactggggt acatagggaa gcaggctacc cgggcctgat    147780
     ctggggcaca agtcccttcc gctcgactcg agactcgagc cccgggctac cttgccagca    147840
     gagtcttgcc caacccgcaa gggcccacac gggactcccc acgggatcct aagacctctg    147900
     gtgagtggaa cacagcgcct gccccaatcc aatcgtgcgg aacctgagac tgcggtacat    147960
     agggaagcag gctacccggg cctgatctgg ggcacaagtc ccttctgctc gactcgagcc    148020
     ccgggctacc ttgccagctg agtcgcctga cacccgcaag ggcccacaca ggattccaca    148080
     cgtgatccta agacctctag tgagtggaac acaatttctg ccaggagtct ggttcgaaca    148140
     ccagatatct ggttacctgc cttgcaagaa gagagcttgc ctgcagagaa tactctgccc    148200
     actgaaacta aggagagtgc taccctccag gtctgcttat agaggctaac agagtcacct    148260
     gaagaacaag ctcttaacag tgacaactaa aacagctagc ttcagagatt accagatggc    148320
     gaaaggcaaa cgtaagaatc ctactaacag aaatcaagac cactcaccat catcagaact    148380
     cagcactccc accccaccta gtcctgggca acccaacaca accgaaaatc tagacccaga    148440
     tttaaaaaca tttctcatga tgatgataga ggacatcaag aaggactttc ataagtcact    148500
     taaagaatta caggagagca ctgctaaaga gttacaggcc cttaaagaaa agcaggaaaa    148560
     cacagccaaa caggtagaaa tcattaaaga aaaacaggaa aacacatcca aacaggtgat    148620
     ggaaatgaac aaaaccatac tagaactaaa aggggaagta gacacaataa agaaaaccca    148680
     aagcgaggca acgctggaga tagaaaccct aggaaagaga tctggaacca tagatgcgag    148740
     catcagcaac agaatacaag aaatggaaga gagaatctca ggtgcagaag attccataga    148800
     gaacatcgac acaacagtca aagaaaatac aaaatgcaaa aggatcctaa ctcaaaacat    148860
     ccaggtaatc caggacacaa tgagaagacc aaacctacgg ataataggaa ttgatgagaa    148920
     tgaagatttt caacttaaag ggccagctaa tatcttcaac aaaataatag aagaaaactt    148980
     cccaaacata aaaaaagaga tgcccatgat catacaagaa gcctacagaa ctccaaatag    149040
     actggaccag aaaagaaatt cctcccgaca cataataatc agaacaacaa atgcactaaa    149100
     taaagataga atattaaaag cagtaaggga gaaaggtcaa gtaacatata aaggaaggcc    149160
     tatcagaatt acaccagact tttcaccaga gactatgaaa gccagaagag cctggacaga    149220
     tgttatacag acactaagag aacacaaatg ccagcccagg ctactatacc cggccaaact    149280
     ctcaattacc atagatggag aaaccaaagt attccacgac aaaaccaaat tcacacaata    149340
     tctttccacg aatccagccc ttcaaaggat agtaacagaa aagaagcaat acaaggacgg    149400
     aaatcacgcc ctagaacaac caagaaagta atcattcaac aaaccaaaaa gaagacagcc    149460
     acaagaacag aacgccaact ctaacaacaa aaataaaagg gagcaacaat tacttttcct    149520
     taatatctct taatatcaat ggactcaatt ccccaataaa aagacataga ctaacagact    149580
     ggctacacaa acaggaccca acattctgct gcttacagga aacccatctc agggaaaaag    149640
     acagacacta cctcagagtg aaaggctgga aaacaatttt ccaagcaaat ggactgaaga    149700
     aacaagctgg agtagccatt ttaatatcgg ataaaatcga cttccaaccc aaagttatca    149760
     aaaaagacaa ggagggacac ttcatactca tcaaaggtaa aatcctccaa gaggaactct    149820
     caattctgaa tatctacgca ccaaatgcaa gggcagccac attcattaga gacactttag    149880
     taaagctcaa agcatacatt gcacctcaca caataatagt gggagacttc aacacaccac    149940
     tttcttcaaa ggacagatcg tggaaacaga aactaaacag ggacacagtg aaactaacag    150000
     aagttatgaa acaaatggac ctgacagata tctacagaac attttatcct aaaacaaaag    150060
     gatatacctt cttctcagca cctcacggga ccttctccaa aattgaccat ataattggtc    150120
     acaaaacagg cctcaataga tacaaaaata ttgaaattgt cccatgtatc ctatcagacc    150180
     accatggcct aagactgatc ttcaataaca acataaataa tggaaagcca acattcacgt    150240
     ggaaactgaa taacactctt ctcaatgata ccttggtcaa ggaaggaata aagaaggaaa    150300
     ttaaagactt tttagagttt aatgaaaatg aagccacaac gtacccaaac ctatgggaca    150360
     caatgaaagc atttctaaga gggaaactca tagctctaag tgcctccaag aagaaacggg    150420
     agacagcaca tactagcagc ttgacaacac atctaaaagc cctagaaaaa aaggaagcaa    150480
     attcacccaa gaggagtaga ctgcaggaaa taatcaaact caggggtgaa atcaaccaac    150540
     tggaaacaag aagaactatt caaagaatta accaaacgag gagttggttc tttgagaaaa    150600
     tcaacaagat agataaaccc ttagctagac tcactaaagg gcacagggac aaaatcctaa    150660
     ttaacaaaat cagaaatgaa aagggagaca taacaacaga tcctgaagaa atccaaaaca    150720
     ccatcagatc cttctacaaa aggctatact caacaaaact ggaaaacctg gacgaaatgg    150780
     acaaatttct ggacagatac caggtaccaa agttgaatca ggatcaagtt gaccatctaa    150840
     agagtcccat atcacctaaa gaaatagaag cagttattaa tagtctccca accaaaaaaa    150900
     gcccaggacc agatgggttt agtgcagagt tctatcagac cttcaaagaa gatctaattc    150960
     caattctgca caaactattt cacaaaatag aagtagaagg tactctaccc aactcatttt    151020
     atgaagccac tattactctg atacctaaac cacagaaaga tccaacaaag atagagaact    151080
     tcagaccaat ttctcttatg aatatcgatg caaaaatcct caataaaatt ctcgctaacc    151140
     gaatccaaga acacattaaa gcaatcatcc atcctgacca agtaggtttt attccaggga    151200
     tgcagggatg gtttaatata cgaaaatcca tcaatgtaat ccattatata aacaaactca    151260
     aagacaaaaa ccacatgatc atctcgttag atgcagaaaa agcatttgac aagatccaac    151320
     acccattcat gataaaagtt ttggaaagat gaggaattca aggcccatac ctaaacatga    151380
     taaaagcaat ctacagcaaa ccagtagcca acattaaagt aaatggagag aaactggaag    151440
     caatcccact aaaatcaggg actagacaag gctgcccact ttctccctac cttttcaaca    151500
     tagtacttga agtattagcc agagcaattc gacaacaaaa ggagatcaag gggatacaaa    151560
     ttggaaaaga ggaagtcaaa atatcacttt ttgcagatga tatgatagta tatataagtg    151620
     accctaaaaa ttctaccaga gaactcctaa acctgataaa cagcttcggt gaagtagctg    151680
     gatataaaaa taactcaaaa aaggcaatgg cctttctcta tacaaagaat aaacaggctg    151740
     agaaagaaat tagggaaaca acacccttct caatagtcac aaataatata aaatatcttg    151800
     gcgtgactct aactaaggaa gtgaaagatc tgtatgataa aaacttcaaa tctctgaaga    151860
     aagaaattaa ggaagatctc agaagatgga aagatctccc atgctcatgg attggcagga    151920
     tcaacattgt aaaaatggct atcttgccaa aagcaatcta cagattcaat gcaatcccca    151980
     tcaaaattcc aactcaattc ttcaacgaat tggaaggagc aatttgcaaa tttgtctgga    152040
     ataacaaaaa acctaggata gcaaaaagtc ttctcaagga taaaagaact tctggcggaa    152100
     tcaccatgcc agacctaaag ctttactaca gagcaattgt gataaaaact gcatggtact    152160
     ggtatagaga cagacaagta gaccaatgga atagaattga agacccagaa atgaacccac    152220
     acacctatgg tcacttgatc ttcgacaagg gagctaaaac catccagtgg aagaaagaca    152280
     gcattttcaa caattggtgc tggcacaact ggttgttatc gtgtagaaga atgtgaatcg    152340
     atccatactt atctccttgt actaaggtca aatctaagtg gatcaaggaa cttcacataa    152400
     aaccagagac actgaaactt atagaggaga aagtggggaa aagccttgaa gatatgggca    152460
     caggggaaaa attcctgaac agaacagcaa tggcttgtac tgtaagatcg agaattgaca    152520
     aatgggacct aatgaaactc caaagtttct gcaaggcaaa agacacagtc agtaagacaa    152580
     aaagaccacc aacagattgg gaaaggatct ttacctatcc taaatcagat aggggactaa    152640
     tatccaacat atataaagaa ctcaagaagg tggacttcag aaaatcaaat aaccccatta    152700
     aaaaatgggg ctcagaactg aacaaagaat tctcacctga ggaataccga atggcagaga    152760
     agcacctgaa aaaatgttca acatccttaa tcatcaggga aatgcaaatc aaaacaaccc    152820
     tgagattcca cctcacacca gtcagaatgg ctaagatcaa aaattcaggt gacagcagat    152880
     gctggcgtgg atgtggagaa agaggaacac tcctccattg ttggtgggag tgcaggcttg    152940
     tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggtggt tcctcagaaa actggacata gtactaccgg    153000
     aggatccagc aatacctctc ctgggcatat atccagaaga tgccccaaca ggtaagaagg    153060
     acacatgctc cactatgttc atagcagcct tatttataat agccagaagc tggaaagaac    153120
     ctagatgccc ctcaacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatctac acaatggagt    153180
     actactcagc tattaaaaag aatgaattta tgaaattcct agccaaatgg atggacctgg    153240
     agggcatcat cctgagtgag gtaacacatt cacaaagaaa ctcacacaat atgtattcac    153300
     tgataagtgg atattagccc caaacctagg atacccaaga tataagatat aatttgctaa    153360
     acacatgaaa ctcaagaaga atgaagactg aagtgtggac actatgcccc tccttagatt    153420
     tgggaacaaa acacccatgg aaggagttac agagacaaag tttggagctg agatgaaagg    153480
     atggaccatg tagagactgc catatccagg gatccacccc ataatcagca tccaaacgct    153540
     gacaccattg catacactag caagatttta ttgaaaggac ccagatgtag ctgtctcttg    153600
     tgagactatg ccggggccta gcaaacacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctaatggatg    153660
     gatcataggg ctcccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtagcc aaggagctaa agggatctgc    153720
     aaccctatag gtggaacaac attatgaact aaccagtacc ccggagctct tgactctagc    153780
     tgcatatata tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcacagg aaagagaggc ccagtggact    153840
     tgcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga acaccagggc caaaaagggg gagtgggtgg    153900
     gcaggggagt gggggtgggt ggatatgggg gacttttggt atagcattgg aaatgtaaat    153960
     gagttaaata cctaataaaa aatggagaaa aaaacatact taaattttta ttgaagtaaa    154020
     aatagtctat gaacgagtta taaacacaac tagaaggaaa tcttacctta ttagatatga    154080
     atatatctat caaaggtgta acaccaaaat tagtggcaaa caggagtacc atatccacca    154140
     aaatagagca tccacctaga caaactaaag acaactggga agaacaagac agaacagaga    154200
     actcacactt ttctgtatag atggacgctt aagtgtgaca aagagtgtgc ctcacaccat    154260
     catcctgcag caacactggg acaactggct cattgtccat tcaccaaatt ggattgttgc    154320
     tgctcagatg attgtggact tcgtgtggat tgaagaccaa gtgtgcacaa cggcacactc    154380
     agcagaacat gaggtaggat gatgacttgg tgatgtaaag acagcaatgg tgacctaagg    154440
     tcagggaaaa gctcttccaa cagtttcaga aagcataagt cataaagcaa ggtgctgatg    154500
     gcacagagtt catgaacatt atcttgtcct gtcatggaag gcactacaga caagtgcgtt    154560
     acactgacaa caatgtgtgg aaaactataa ctgccttaaa tccacggaag tttcaggaac    154620
     aacaacaaaa caaaaccctt caaatgaata gagaaaggca gaactcctaa tagaggaaaa    154680
     gaaaaaggaa acaaagtgga ctgaaaagaa cctgaaatta caactacact aagagaagag    154740
     atgcttatgt cctaagcact ttgagaagcg tatgttaaaa cgatgagttt gcccactaca    154800
     ctcaccaggc tggcaaatgt ttgagagatg ggagaggaag tccttctttc acatgctggt    154860
     ggagatgtaa gaagagcatc tggtactgcc tagggaaatg aagacaatag atatgtctga    154920
     tatacaactc agcaattcta ctacagacgt gtatgttaga taacctcttg cttgcctttt    154980
     gagggagact acatggcgat atttattgca attttactta gagttgtgga gtgttggaag    155040
     caacacatgg cttcaattcc agagggaaca gcaatgttca ggacccacgt gtgagttgta    155100
     gaagtagcag tgagaaagaa caaatcagat tcttacccag ctacataggg cagattgtga    155160
     cctgttgggg atgggatctt aaaggtttgt cttaattcgg ttcccaaagt cacatgggaa    155220
     tctgcatgtc caaatgctga gggtcacttc tcccagctgg ctttgatcgg taataaagga    155280
     ttaccttaca gccaatggct gggcagggag atggaggtgg gacttttaga tcatgagggc    155340
     aagggaccga ggaagaaggt gaacaggaga attgccacga agcagagaga tcagatttaa    155400
     gagctgcagg agagaaatca tccagccatg tagggtaaag ggaaagcagc cccatggggg    155460
     gggggtgccc agaaaataac aaggcagcaa agataaaaca ttgacttaga agcaaactat    155520
     tgactcagga attccagagg ggtatgctag cttaggggag tttggggtgc ccagcaagtt    155580
     aggcatgttg aaattaagct gccgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    155640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    155700
     agtgattcac gaatccagag aagtctgatg ggtgtcaggt gctcagagtg gtttgactat    155760
     tcaccgctac agtggccctc aaaaactagt gcctcctgca aaaacagaat gacttagtaa    155820
     ggattgctgt ttctagaatg aaaccctatg tccaaaagca agatggagag gagaggattt    155880
     atttggttta cacttccaca gcctagtaca tcactggagg aagtcaggat aggaagtgga    155940
     cagggacatt gaggcaggag ctgatgtaga ggccatggag gagtgcagct tactggctca    156000
     caccttatgg cttgctcagg tgctttctta tagcactcag gaccaccagc ccagggatgg    156060
     tcccacaatg caccggcccc tcccctatca gtcactaatt aagaaaatgc cctaggggct    156120
     tagctgcagc ttgatcttac aaaagcattt tctcaaggtt ctctcctctc gtatgactat    156180
     agtttgtgtc aagttgacat aaaattagcc agcataagga agttcagtga tgagatatga    156240
     gagtttcaca taattttgga aacattgcaa aatagtatcc atgtttctct ctttctcttt    156300
     ctactcagag atgatggcct ctgacatttt gtgtctatag gacagtaaaa ttgcctgtca    156360
     attctggatt actttctgtg ggccgggaga tattcagaac atttatttcc attattcact    156420
     taactttcat gacttcagga agtgaattac aatagtataa gaagacagtg caacagtgaa    156480
     gagacagcct gccaaatggg agcaaatatt tgctagctat acattgagta tagggttatt    156540
     atgtagaata gagacctcaa gtaaaatcaa acacccccac ccaatccaat taataagtgg    156600
     acaaatggat tagatagttc tcaaaaggag aaatacaatt agctagtaaa taaatttaaa    156660
     atgttcaaca gctctaccca tcagggaaat tcaaattaaa acaacattga aattccatct    156720
     tgtatcagcc gtttcccagc tggcaagact ttgggggaaa agtagccttt attgctgctg    156780
     atggaaaaac aaagtattcc agtcactatg gaaatcaata tagaagattc taaaacacta    156840
     tggtttagct ttcccactca tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtata catatatatg catatatatg    156900
     tgtatatata gcatatatat ttttcacata tgtatgtgtg tgaaactgga gattatcatg    156960
     tcaagtgaag atagccagat tcatagtaga aatagcacat atttcttcca tataaagatt    157020
     atgattaaat acacacacaa gcacacacat gcactcacta tacactcata aacacacaca    157080
     cacacatcct taaagcagaa cgtgaggaag gagaggactg ggactggtag gacaggagaa    157140
     ggagacaaga gagggaagct tgctgggagt ggtggcacac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg    157200
     ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttt gaagccagcc tggtctacaa agtaagttcc    157260
     aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa aacaaacaac aaaaaaaaac    157320
     caaacaaaaa aaaagagagg gaagcttgtg ggggaatatg aataaagtac aatggtagac    157380
     atgtatgata atgtcatact accatctatt atttatatga ataaataaat aaataaataa    157440
     ataaataaaa atggaaatga ggcaaaacaa ttaagcaatc tgtccaaggt tccaaggtga    157500
     tgcatacagg cagagaatga gtttgaatcc ttgttactct aatgctaata tttatgactt    157560
     aagcacagcc ctaggttgct ttcattccga caaagctggg tgataattgg agctcacatc    157620
     tgttgttcca cgcctgagat cacatcacac cactgcttaa taacaggatt gatctatcta    157680
     tctatctatc catctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    157740
     tctatctatc taaccatgta atggatctct tcacattagt aaacgcacat ccttagcctt    157800
     attttaattt tacttcagtt cacagtctga atgatggaaa actatcacag agacatgggg    157860
     gatcatttcc atctcctgta gacaggaagt tgaagagatt gtagaggaca gacaccacct    157920
     acctcacact tgtgtttagt gttgataact ttcgtgagcc aaggtcccac aagctccttc    157980
     agtatagttg agccttgggt atgccatgga caaaagtgag gaatttgctc atgtaaaaca    158040
     ttgccagcaa gaattgtaac caggacaggt gcagttattg aatttaatgg cactggttgt    158100
     gtttatagtt ttatcttttt ttaagtagat tttggagcaa ttttgaaaga taatgaagga    158160
     agatgataaa tttcattgat ggattattct tagtactttt aaaaccagtg ctatcctcaa    158220
     agacagtatg ccttacaagt gctggctctc tttgagtaaa aaaacagatg ttcagatggt    158280
     tcaagcacgt gaaatatgga catgcttagc cagtttgtgg tagttactca gtaataaaca    158340
     tgaccttgga gcagaatcct tttgctatcg cccctcaggg ctagccaatg aggtagacag    158400
     ggtgaatgcc attatcacat gaagggaagt ctagtggaac ggtaaaccac atgtatctta    158460
     aatattctac aaggctcatt gaccagagct gtatagaatt agaatgttgc agataaatat    158520
     taacttgggc tctgtttagt ctccacccac cccacccccc aacagtcaat tactacccac    158580
     ctctgtgtgt gaccccttgt ggctgtgaga taaataaatc cttctttgaa tggacaaaca    158640
     gcactggttt gtagcaagct aaaggctaag agtgtcatca gatagcctct gagacctgta    158700
     gcagatatta cccggctttg ccatactttg cctatctgat gtttccacga atggtttaaa    158760
     aggaacctta aattattatt ttctttgctc cattactgag aatgcttcat gaaactgtgc    158820
     ccatatggga acttgccctt gggaatctgt gttcctggac tatgtcactc atatttggct    158880
     caagagtaaa ctatttctcg ttctctttga gaggagagac atgatttcat gaccatctcc    158940
     tccttgaaga tgagcaatac gaggtgccga aggtttggga aacttactct ctgagcgctg    159000
     catgaccagt gctcctctgg ctattgcaca tttccttaaa acttggagtg gagcatcact    159060
     ccttttttaa cagtgtagac agaggtacag cactgggaac tattagaact gccttctgca    159120
     tgtctagatg agcttgcttg ctctgtggta tacaagctgg ttgcaaataa atgttttaac    159180
     cagtgcagtg caatccagaa atcaaccatt cacctccatc ccaccctggg attctagaga    159240
     tgaaggggtg gtgctaggga gggtctgtat tgtttgtaag gagatggggt atagttcatc    159300
     ttagaatcct tggtggttgt agttagaact tccccaaatg ttagtgggca gtgtgtgtgg    159360
     aggaatctta aatgtttact atcttcattc agttttactt tatttctcta gccactgaag    159420
     tagaagtata gctggatgat tcagagcttt ccctagtttt ttaagggtca catttccatt    159480
     ctgatcagcg gcaatagtgc atggatcgct atcaaagaat tcagctctgt cttttgatgc    159540
     ttgaaatgac ggaaattaga ccttttctct ttgaggtctg ctatttggta tgcctgtgtt    159600
     gggcttattt cttttaattt gttccttctt tttgtttttt aattatttcc attttatttg    159660
     ttttgtttta gtgtatgtgt gtgccctggt gggtgagggt cagaggacag tgttgtagag    159720
     gttaatactc tccttccacc atgtcttagg gactcaactc aagttgtcag gctaagtgga    159780
     agtgctttgc caactgagcc atgtgttcag ttcagttctt attttctttc tttctttctt    159840
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctctc tctctctctc    159900
     tctctctctc tctttctctt tcttgcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctccttcttc    159960
     ttcttcttct tcttccttct tctccgtctc cgtctctgtc tccatctcct tctccttcgc    160020
     ctttgctttc tctacacagg gctttatgat ttgaatatta ttaatgtttt catgaacttt    160080
     ggaaaattct aaaacatttt gctcttccaa tatttccact ttcatttgct ctgctctttc    160140
     tgtaactcta atgaactggt tgttagactt aactattgtt ttctcatgta gtacctgacc    160200
     aaagcaggcc tttgtttcca ctgtccttct tcaggagtgt ccttctttgt cctgcttttc    160260
     ctctctgtct tccttaccaa tgaggtgtta actatgaact atgagcactg tgactttacg    160320
     aggtgtctct tgtgtgatat cctgcttaga tctttgggtt ttctttctgt atgtgagggg    160380
     aaagaagttc taaactccgg agtctatctt ggtcagtcgg cacaacaatc ctctcataaa    160440
     caccactcta gcaaactcac ccctctggag ttatattttt agcctttaag gaattccttt    160500
     atatttctgc cagctcaaca tgcatgggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    160560
     tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg cacgcagcat ctttaggtgt gctaagccaa gacagtctac    160620
     atatctagtc tactttgact caaaacagaa ctctttactt gaaaggtttc tgtgtggttt    160680
     aggggtgtct cattccaagc ttcaccttgc cgtgccttac tcagaggctt ccagtaactt    160740
     tccaccatca gatggcctgc agagcctggc agctctgact tcctactgac ttctgacctc    160800
     agtatctcag actttcctct ctgctcatcc aaacataatg gctttcttgt tgttggtcca    160860
     tgtctgtgct caggtcttgg ggcctttgca tttccttttc agccatcagc cactctccac    160920
     tgctgattct aggcatgtac tagcattcgt tttgagcatt tccttgagtg tcatctcttc    160980
     tgagatatca ccttactctt tgtagagtag catcgctcat tattatattc ctgtcttagt    161040
     ttctctttct gtatactcat gacatttcct atgtcatatg actttgttta tgttttcagt    161100
     tcccagaatg tagccaccat agaagtttgc tgacctcttc tcaactctgt tctcctggtt    161160
     tctgtataaa atggagtaca tgatataaat tcagacactt gttgaacaca caggtgaact    161220
     tttctcattt ttttcaatta aaattgagtt gttcacttat ttaaaaaata ttttgtttta    161280
     tttttatgtg tgtgtgagtg tgtgatgtgt tgacagcaga gaccagaaga agaggacacc    161340
     caatcctctg gacctggagt ccctggggat tcggagttac cagatgtagg tgctgggaac    161400
     taaactctag ttctctgcat gagcaaccaa ggctcttaac tgtggagcca tctctccagc    161460
     cccctagcct ctctttttaa ggtagctagc tgcactctgg agcctatgcc tttgaaacta    161520
     accttgaaag aataccacgt aacacttgga atagtctatt aggaagtcca ttcaagtttt    161580
     gcaaaatgaa agtccctcaa gcagttgctc aaagacgagg cagccacttc caagcttttc    161640
     cttaaaagcc cttcttagat aaagtgctac atatttatta agtgccagtg cgctacactg    161700
     ggtgctgctg gacagaagga ctgcacttga gtgcagccag tgtgggtcta cagagatgtg    161760
     gaggagacat ggcttccttt ctgagagccc gtgggattct ctttccaaat ggggcgatgg    161820
     ggtcatggag aaagtggtgc cattgtgggt ggaggattaa atggcccata ttccccctgc    161880
     atcttcaacc ttctttgttg cacaggcagt ttagattaga agatgggaaa gaaacttccg    161940
     aacttgttag tttctcctga cgtgacaaga tgtttccagt tctaggaagg gtaataaccc    162000
     tacatgttga gtagtgaata cattcctgaa tatcctattt taactgagct gtctcagtaa    162060
     agtctaaccc tcagatgtga tttcacgatt gttctgctgg tgtcttaatt cccctacatc    162120
     cagcctcaat tcaggccatg gctaccaact acaagtcatc ttttcgggcc gggccacagg    162180
     gacatttcct atatttccac ataatattca taagtcccca actacctggt gacctctgtc    162240
     tttggctttc acaaccattt ctttgaaaac aaacaacgac tttgtaagac ttgactgcaa    162300
     gtgtcccact ataccttcct tcagcatcat tatgtaagcc atttctactt tgccagccac    162360
     tgtggatgtg aattgtccac ccaaccaaca ggagtgcagg aggaagtcat acatagcagg    162420
     tacttttaca atgtagaacc ttacccaaca taaggcatca gatacccact ttggctgaga    162480
     aggaaatata tagtatagtg gaagtttctg gctaagtcta aataacagtc tccagtactg    162540
     ggttaaggat gaagtataca ttagttgtac aacatagtag agaattttac caatttattt    162600
     aggaaaatat ttcaaagaca gtactataaa gaactggtat taccctacac agggtgactt    162660
     tacccgactt agacatgttc tagatagaat tctgttacac agttctaact gcggtcacac    162720
     acaaattaat agtattgtgt ttttttatag tttgtatgta aaaagttatg aggcatagct    162780
     tggaatattc gtatcatatg tacatgcata aacatacaga tatgtataaa tttggaaaac    162840
     cccaatttaa ttcaataata acttactgag cattcatcac atgccagaga accttctaga    162900
     atacaaagat ggatcaggaa tagactctgc ccttagggag ctcaatacag ttaaatgaaa    162960
     tacagatata tttttttatt ccttcctggc aagggtgggt acagtttcca agacccagga    163020
     ggggctaaac cattcattta ttgctttagc aaccacattg ctttccaaag ttgttatttg    163080
     gcttggggtg ggcagtaagt tacagtttgg cctttttctt attttttttt caaataaatt    163140
     ttcagcttaa aaaaaaacct gcaactaatt taaataatta aattattgct taagatttct    163200
     tctagcttgg catacaagat ggaaattttt ttttcactac gagaagtgaa agactgctta    163260
     gtgttagatg tttaaactag actcaatcca gcttggttcc acttatcaag tatcatagtt    163320
     aagaagggga gggggaggga gaacacatac aggataagca atgagtgatg ttttgatgaa    163380
     ccaatgatac tttttctgtc ctgaaaatca ccactgaagg cacaacaaga tcagaggaac    163440
     acacttagtg ggagccaatc tctccaatct ctttgtacag ggaaccttca ttcacataac    163500
     agacaacaaa tgctgacagt gtgccaggcc atttgctaag cactgagcaa gtgaaaataa    163560
     aaatggaagt acagcactag ggtccttcct ggagtctcta ttttctggca gtatgtgggt    163620
     taattgggag aacttactga agaagaatat ggagacaggg gggaggggcg ggagggaggg    163680
     ggagggaggg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagtctaaa ataacaatat    163740
     ctggactaaa cttttagttt gactaaactt tttcatcgct atttgattga cattagtatt    163800
     ttgaaaattg cccatggcag ttcatgttag tcatccatcc cttttggata aatatggcac    163860
     atgccctaga cttgattcct gtccaagttg tgtgggcttc cagttgagtg gccttggatg    163920
     tcacaatacc tctgatgcta ttgccctgtc tggcacagca gatagaagga tgtctatatg    163980
     caaaccagtt cataaaacaa ggggagaggg ccataagtgt gtaggtatga tactagtctt    164040
     cattagcaat atctaactct tccactgatc attttttact atcaggaatt taaacccagg    164100
     aaaatgagtg cttgggttcc aattttggtt accaggtaag ctaactaaca tttgtgtgta    164160
     tgttttatgt acatgtacac tttcttcagt tctttagctt tcatgttcta acaggatctg    164220
     tttcactgtc aacttggctg gatttgggat cacctaggag acacacttct aggcttgtct    164280
     atgagggcat atttagaaag gtttacctga ggaaggaaga cttaacctga gtgagggcaa    164340
     tactgttgca taggctaagg taccaagcta aatgaagaag ggaaagaaca tcagaatagc    164400
     ctgttctctg ttttctggtc gttttccata ggaagagtcc cgtctacatg attctattgc    164460
     cacaaatatg tcttccctgt cacgttgaag tatatctttc taaactgtga gccaaagacc    164520
     atcctttccc actttagttg ttccttgtca gatattttat aacagtaaca aaagtaatta    164580
     ataaaagcta aaaaatcatt ggtctatgca gaatatttgg gggggagcat aaaaggtcat    164640
     atttgtcttg gtatctgagt acttatgggt ggcatagtgc ccatcatatt gcaagcatta    164700
     ataaatgcat tacataaagg gtatatgaag taagatgaca aatattaata ttctagacaa    164760
     gcacagcttc atcctagaga taggacgttg aattctgacc aagcctgtca ctgatcatca    164820
     aatgggaaga gatgccagct aagaaggctt ggcgactgca tgattttaag aagttatttt    164880
     tagaagttca ttatttcttc acttttgttt ttgacgaacg tggaggggaa tcctcatttc    164940
     ttctctgggg aacttgcata tggtgttatt ttctgtgtca aggtggaggg atgcctagcc    165000
     atgtaaagct tctggagcac tcatcacaac atacagacag gaagagtccg tcaaccatct    165060
     gcctcctcct ggggagggtg tggctggaaa gaggaggcca ctcagcagga gcagacacag    165120
     acctttagta agtttctgat ggaaaatttc ttacaaaaag attccaattc tgattctgtc    165180
     taaaactttc ctgacacagt tgctccagat tgcaaagttc aagtacgctc ctcacacttc    165240
     agaggtagaa gctgctgaga atcttagtct gccacactag atcccatttg gaggcaaagt    165300
     agaaggctct cttctatata gttctagcaa tataagaaag tagagaaaaa gataaaatgt    165360
     ccctgcacag gagatgggtt aaaggaattc ccatgtaccc taaggattaa atacccacca    165420
     tcatgggata gatattcacg agtggtactc tggagataca ttttccactg attgtttgta    165480
     aaatattgca ttttaagtat ttgtaggttg acttgactga gaaaaagagt gtggtaattt    165540
     ctgtatacaa ttcatgcacc ttctataaag acatatttaa taacatgcct taaggacacc    165600
     tgaagcaggc tgaagaaggg cagacatggc aagatcctat tgatgtcaaa acaaaagcac    165660
     gtgcattaaa ttctgagcac tgtgcatccc cagagagagg cttattttac agacaggaga    165720
     agaagatctg taagtatccc ttctataata tagtgacctc tatattgatt cattcataaa    165780
     gatatacata cagatatata gatatacaat ccaaagagga tatatgacat ttaaaaaaag    165840
     ataaatgtag agaattattc ttatggtaga aagtccatgt aaaatagttc aggctttaga    165900
     aaatgagtta ttttaagtca gacatcttag aatgaatgcc tatagtgtgt atgattgata    165960
     ccaattcccc tagaactcat gaatatatct cagtaagata tccttgctca ggaatcacaa    166020
     aacatatgtt ccatgaattt ggcactctag gcaagaacag catagatttt gtaataccaa    166080
     aagataaagt aattcttaaa ggcctttgtc tctatattga attataactt tatcatcagg    166140
     attatgccgt actcatctct cctgaagctg gcttctgggt ggacatatac cgggcactgt    166200
     tagaactcca atctggtctt ggtgtatgat cttgactgtt ttaagatctg agactcccca    166260
     tatgtttttt atcaaccttt ctccactctg cagctatttg aattatctgg tacatgatca    166320
     acaatgcaat cccagctgtg tagtactagt cagcagtgag tgatgggacc ttccagtatt    166380
     gcatctcctt aagtttccat gtgtgtgttt tcctgcttcc tcctatctat ttggattagt    166440
     cccaaatacc acaggctgtt tcactgcggg agacgaacag caaggtgaac atgaaggaag    166500
     gcggctgctg ggtggcaggg tgtgcatcgt aacactcagt gggtcaccgc taatgtgttt    166560
     aaacatttgt ttagtgagca atttatcttt ggcacgttgg aaacttgtta gtggtattag    166620
     gagcaattgt tgcttctgtg attaagatgt aaggaacacg ggcatgcaga taacaagaca    166680
     cggtgtttat atgatatctg taaattacat aaatacaatt ttcctccttg actgctaacc    166740
     ggaggcccat gaatcactta taacgtttat gtcactgaat gaattcctta agcagaatta    166800
     gcaaagacac tgattcatct gaagaatgct attctcctct ctgctttcag ggcagcctga    166860
     attagaaaca aaaacaaaaa catccaaaac aacaacaata aaaataatag taataaaaac    166920
     ctactgtgca tgctggcaag taacattggt atttccctga aagccacaca tggaaaaatg    166980
     tatggacaca tacactcaga cgtatctggc cagtcaagtg attcactcat gcatgcatta    167040
     attcatccac ccagccaata tttatttcaa ttatggtcca ggctcctatg tgaagctgag    167100
     aatacaatga gaacaaaacc atatccagtc tctgctctca gagggcttac aaaaagtagg    167160
     gtggggacta cctttaataa ggaattaccc aagtgactat atgattgcca gcgaagtcaa    167220
     acgctcagag agaaaagaat taaaagagta cattccatga gagtgttcca gacaaaattg    167280
     gagaggatca gacctaacct gcaggttaga ggcaactgtg atagtcaggg ctggctttga    167340
     gggtctaggg gttagctggg aatgagtggg tgtgtgaaga tgagttatgg gtgctggtaa    167400
     gttatgggtt atggagttgg aactcttgta tatgtgtgtg catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    167460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaca tgtgtgtatg tgtgaattgt caagcactgg atggggggag    167520
     agaattaaat gtcaaagaat tgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagac aggcagctgg actgcagaga    167580
     gagaagatca aagaattgaa gctgaaagtg ggaaagagga gaactgggct tcagggccct    167640
     gaaacccaca ataagaaata cacggaagtg gaccagggta aagaattcta aggataagca    167700
     gatatattct ttatctcatt aatcacacac agacattaaa agacacattc atgtccctgc    167760
     tccttgtgtg tgtgcaggca tgtgtgtatg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgagtgtgag    167820
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag acactgtaca tgtgaaggtc agaagacaac    167880
     ttctagctga ttttctcctc ccgtcatgtg ggttttgttg actgaactgg aggtaggtat    167940
     tcaggtatgt ccccaaacgc ccttacctgc tgagccatgt catgaaccct catcttcttt    168000
     tttgagacag agtctctcac tggcctgggg ctcaccatta agccatgcta gctggtctgt    168060
     gaaccttgca gaccggcctg cgtccagttc actagctcta gtttataagg tcactatcac    168120
     atctggcttt ttcacaccag tgcttcgact caaaatcagg tcttcaggtt tgcacagtaa    168180
     gcactttgct aacagtacca tttccaaggg ggctcaccct tgtgagggtt aggtcacagt    168240
     gttccttcac tgagctcttt gtgaagctga cacactcacg tgcatatgac cacacactcg    168300
     agtgcatatg accgctgcca gcactggaaa gaagatacaa aattcccagc tggacctctg    168360
     agatcccaga tgtgctttgt ttgcattttt ctgccctttt gtaactacag gaagttcatg    168420
     cctatgaaga gaaatgagaa actcagtaga agctactgtg ctgtacagtg agtcatgagg    168480
     ttgtctatgg acccacccac ccccccaaaa acattttggg tttaaaaaaa tgccactgca    168540
     tgctcatcct tttatttgaa taacaaataa ttttgatgag taagattttt tattttttat    168600
     gtggcgatga cttcctttag gaagctgttg gcctgagaag atcacagcgt ctaagttgat    168660
     ttgaaggagt catccaccat ctagagacac actcacccaa ggaaagcccg tgtgccacag    168720
     gcaggggagg atgcctggca tgactgggac catgaggcat aactttgtga tttggacatg    168780
     ttgacaatga catacatcct tgaggtacca tgggagggaa ccaataattc actgtaacac    168840
     agaaaaatat gtcttaaatc tagagagtgc agacttccca aaatatatac atgaattctc    168900
     tgtgaactca gctgaaatat tcatgtcaac aacatggaaa tcctgaagaa agcctgtcac    168960
     cggggaagtt caagggggtt ggtttgtcaa caaattcaga acaaggacat cgaaaaaagg    169020
     gaagtgtatg tatcatacat atgtgcgaat gctgtctctt ctggtacagc ttttgacaca    169080
     acaagtcttt gaggacaata actttaattt ataacttgta aataagatgc tctacctatt    169140
     taacaactag tctcaagaga acaaaagttt tgactctaga gcaaaacact taaattagaa    169200
     attattcttc acaaatatta attaaatggt tctcaaaaat ctctatgttt gcaaagtgat    169260
     tatagtgcaa gtgggcaagt cagtttgtgg ttgtgaacct ctgtgcacca tgcttgaagc    169320
     aacatgtgta tgttgcatgt gtgtgtgcat gtatatgtat gtgcttttgt atgtgcatgt    169380
     gtattttcat gtatatgtgc atgtgtattg tgtatgcatg tttattgtgt atgcacgtgt    169440
     gtgaatgtgc atgtgtgtgc atatgtatgt atgtgcatgt gtgtgcatgc atatatgtgt    169500
     gtatgcatgt gtgcatgtgt atgtgtatat gtgttcatgt gtatgcatat attgtgtgta    169560
     tgtgtgtatg tgtatgtgca tgtgtgtata tgtgcacatg tgcatgcata tatgtgtatg    169620
     catgtgtata tgtgtgtgca tgggcatgca tatatgtgtg tgcacatgta tatgtacatg    169680
     tatgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgcatg tgtatggacc tatgtagagg gaatacattc    169740
     attcatgtgc aggaaaagac tttcctcttc cccctgacct gtcatgtttg tgagagttga    169800
     tgaaactgac tgttggggtg tcatggaaac ctgatagaac tatcagacaa tgagagaagt    169860
     gctgaagaag tcattatggc ctgcttgcct gctgccaagc aagtccacca agaatgttgt    169920
     ctagaaaacc atgcctggga atctgcatct tttctatgct gaaaaccagc cagggattgg    169980
     gaaaacagtg gtacacttct cctggagaac cagattgttc acagtggagt gctgagggat    170040
     gaagtcagcc tgtggacctg atatacttca ttccttcagc cccactacca gcaagcccca    170100
     acagttttat gtcagaaagg tgttcccagt ctaatgacat gtccctttaa gctatagcct    170160
     tctctctcca aatgaccccc tcagcacatt ttcatggcat actctttttt tttttgacaa    170220
     gcactcactt tacttcctgt tcatttgtct ccttccttcc tttcttcttt tattaactca    170280
     atcacacatt cattcaatca atatttacta ggagcctgtt ccaggccaga tcctgttcca    170340
     gccactggtg acacagttgt gaaaagctaa aggtctttag tgtcgtggag ctgaaatttg    170400
     aatggacaca gacagttaca agtgaataaa tagcaaataa gaacagtgcc tactgtccca    170460
     tcgggaagac agacactcaa cccattatcc ctcagtaccc agagctagcc acacacgcat    170520
     cacatcaggt cagtctctgc caaaaaacct ctcaatggct tcctgttgca agcagagtaa    170580
     aatacagcta acaaacatga cctaaccaca ttgacctatt ggaggtatta ctttggtttg    170640
     cacacattac gcgactaaac aaggtatcag agctatttta tgaaaagcaa ggggattatt    170700
     caaaaaaatg aaggcctttc ccagtccatt cttcttattt tatctgcatt tatctttgga    170760
     ccagcaagtt cactccattt ttttaaaacc agtttccttt tgactatcag accacttcct    170820
     ggaagactga acttgacaaa ctctttgact tcttccagct ttagtgttct tgtctgtaaa    170880
     atggggatgg ctattatttt ccctactcca tctgactcaa gtgacatgat ttccctgctc    170940
     ccaaatgaac atttgattct ttcttccctt taagccttcg ttcttgattg gagatgagtt    171000
     tactgacaaa ggaataaaag aagccattga aataaaaatg tgattgctta gtccccagca    171060
     agataatagc agaggcaaga aactctacag cccaggagac tggtagcttg tcagagcatc    171120
     tgagctgaca tcaagccttc ttcgaagcag gtatttttgt gcatttaacc ttcacagggc    171180
     tggtgattat gcaacatatt tgttccctaa gcacacattg ttctcacagg gccagcacca    171240
     tcactacaaa ccctggttta ccaccttcct attcataaat accaggcaat gtcactgaaa    171300
     ggccttcctg cctgaggagc tgtctaatcc cagcagtgag gattcacctc tatctcttgt    171360
     gttgtcctgg gagacagaga ctatggaatt tcatcccaca gtctccctgg ggtgccccac    171420
     tccagcacac ctgttctgta aaggcttcag gtacttgatc agaatcttct atacatgtca    171480
     cacagaatca agagattcag agagggggag agagggatgc agaaagtaat ttctagcaag    171540
     tgtgaataat aaatattacc aaatattacc aggcaattga ctctcttcca ctcgaataac    171600
     aaaattttat tgatattggg ttctggcctt ttaaaattgc tttacataga catattaatc    171660
     agccaagaac aagttatgga ataatatttt ctgattttta ttctacttgt tccacttatt    171720
     aattgtgggg ctgaagggga gttacttttt gatttgtttt cctgcctaga aaaaagagaa    171780
     atctccctgg ataagtatgc agattgttaa gataatatat gtaaaatggc tcgaatatgc    171840
     tcagtaaata atagggaccc aaggacccaa tggatgctag attttgtgct cattggtttg    171900
     tttgttggtt ggtttgtttt cgtcaacttg tcacaaggta gggtcacctg ggaagagggg    171960
     acctcaactg agaaaatgct tccatcagaa tgttctgtag gcatcttctt gattaaagat    172020
     tgatgaaaga ggacccagcc cactgtgggt ggtgctactc ctgcgcaggt gatcccagga    172080
     tgcataagaa agccaggtga atgagccaga gagagcgagt cattaagcag ctttcctcaa    172140
     tggtctctgc tccagttcct gcctttgtgt tcctgcctag agtccctccc ttggcttctc    172200
     attatgatgt actgtgattg ggacatgtaa gccaaataaa cacttttctt gccaagttgc    172260
     ttttgttcct tttttaatca tcccagaaac agaaaacgaa actaggatag atatataatt    172320
     atatatagaa gttgaagtac aaacacttat agtctctgac ttgcgaaaag caagaaggct    172380
     tcttgctcac agctgattcc cagataatta gtgagcagag aaatgttgag tgtggccctt    172440
     tagaatctaa atgcagagaa ccatttattt tcttattctt ttaaagttta agaacactga    172500
     ttatttacat atttagtgtg tgtgtgtgag cctgtacaca ccatgacaca tttgtggagg    172560
     tcagaggaaa atttgcaaga gtctattctc tccttccact ccttccctta tgcagtgagc    172620
     catgtttttt gaatctttga atcttggtgt tttctggtaa tattaagatt ttcactggga    172680
     attggatgca tttttactcg gaagagcagt aagcagtctc attcttgaac acagaggaag    172740
     tatggaaaca tacatccagc caggtcagta actggagccc tagctctgct ctcagtggtt    172800
     gtgtttccct gcaaacttac gcctttctga aggtgttcct gaccccagtt cctgcttctc    172860
     tacctgtgtg gaaagaggcc tctgattggg aacatagtga tacttccgtg tctccaaaac    172920
     ccgattggct cctgtttcca caggctcatg gacaatcttg atgaaatgat agaaatctgt    172980
     cactcagcag caggggcctt agaaactctg gcagatctcc ccgaagagat ctggaggatc    173040
     accccaacct atctccagcc ccaaacaagg aaacatctga gagtggtaaa caaccccatg    173100
     tttttgatga gaggcaaaat caaatactgg tatttttcag tcctggggtt ctggaatagt    173160
     gcagtctcca ggagctaaga gaggaggtgt gaaggactgt gtgagagact attgcagaac    173220
     taccaagggg cctgtctgag gccagagtga cacagggaga tctcatacac tgctctcggt    173280
     cagtgctgtt ttctaccctg gttgaaaacc attacatcac tgttccagtt acagggaatc    173340
     tggagagtgc cagcaacagt attccctgag atccaaggca aacaaagcca gccttctcaa    173400
     ccctgcagat tgacagcctg ggaagggata agcagttctc agcattcttc caagggcctg    173460
     agaggagtgc cagcctgagt gaaccttgtg agtttatgtg tgaccaggta ccagagctct    173520
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcttctccc tctgtctctg    173580
     tctctttctg tgtctcagtc tcttcctctc tgtctggaat tccagctttt ctattcccta    173640
     actgttggag ggatcctcag acacgtcaca caaaaagtga ggttataaca agaacaactt    173700
     taatgggaca aatgagaagt caaagaaagg tttcttgtaa agtgctttgt ctgtgtctat    173760
     gtgttatact taggcagcac cttgaagctg ccctgtgcct ttccagtcat ggctctgcct    173820
     gccatcacta tataggccca agcttttttt tttttttaag atttatttat tatatgtaag    173880
     tacaccatag ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcgtc agacctcatt acagattgtt    173940
     gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcgggacc tttggaaaag cagtcagtgc    174000
     tcttaatggc tgagccatct caccagcccc ataggcccaa actttaaggg aaatcagtta    174060
     gaaactgttc ccagtcaccc agatcaatgc ccaatctacc caaaggtaat gggatggttc    174120
     aactcactgt aataaactga gattttgtgt ttccctaagt ggaattgtac agatcatata    174180
     gtgagttagt gtgtgtctgt tgttggattg tttcatttag ccacgtgctt gtgtgatttc    174240
     tctgtgtctc acaaaaagca atcaaccaac tactaccact accacaaatc aaaacaaaac    174300
     aaaaacaaca aaaaccagac agacagaaag aaaaaaaaca tgcttccatt acaaaaatta    174360
     aataaaaatt ctttttaaca tttttgtgat tatattggct aaaaagactt atgttttccc    174420
     aagcaacacc gatttctgtt tacaagaaaa tctactttcc aaatatatgc tcttatttca    174480
     tatactgaaa gatttctttt ttaaaagttt tttttttttt ttttaaatca agtcagggaa    174540
     ggaacgtatc tccagggaca gaagaactga aaaaccaatg acatttgcac aggaactggg    174600
     ggaatcctct cagactgcag tgatttcatg taatttatga ctggtaaata tttccccaag    174660
     tttagttaga taatacattt aatagcatcg ccaatgttac ccaggatcct actatataga    174720
     gaagagatca tggatgcttg acacatggat cccatgtcta tcgtctgtga acgggacaga    174780
     catgactaat caatcgcagc attttctatt gtgaaatcca gaaactcact acttcttact    174840
     ggttagattt atcatataaa ccctcagagt ttctgtctgt atttgtcttc actacatcct    174900
     cagggcttct agaaatcact cttcccaaca caaacatctt tctccccctc tgagttgtat    174960
     caggacttgg atggaatcga ttatcacctg attcatggtg cagctgaggg gataaaactg    175020
     ccaaggctta gatgctctgc tttctattgt tccagagatt ttctccttag gaaagggctt    175080
     cttgggagac tcaattatag gttggaggtt tggtggctat gagcacagca gcaaggtctc    175140
     catgcgttca gcctattgga ttttagcctc agaccatcat cttcacactg agagcgaaga    175200
     gagtagtcat ttcctctcag tgtgcaaaca caccatttac tagcccggga taagacctgt    175260
     taggaagtaa gtaaatgttt aaattcctgc catacactgg aacagtacat ctttaaagat    175320
     tgctttgctg aggcctcagt ttctcaaatt aacttgagaa ttgtaaaaat agcatcaata    175380
     aaaggtttct gaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atatatatat    175440
     ataatgcgca tgaatctgag gtgtgactgg cagcatagcc tgtgacgtca ctgcagcctg    175500
     agttctgaac gtaagagcac aaacactatg ctctctgtgt gtcgctgggc tttcttctta    175560
     agtacttcag ataaggtgtg actctattgc atgttaggga ttgcagtgct tttgtgtcac    175620
     atactaggtt ttctgctttc atacaagccc aacagcttaa ttgtggaaaa agacttttga    175680
     tgtcttccta ccatcctcct tcagcttgta aatatccaat caacatatga atataggatt    175740
     gtgcagtgtt aaagatgctt cttaagtgcc ggggatgcga atcagcgggc aaagcgcttg    175800
     ctccgggagc acgaggacac cggcttgtac ctccagcaac tatgtagaag gttggcatgg    175860
     caatacatct ctgtagccct agcgctgtgg gcagaggtat gtagattctg gtggctcttt    175920
     gcctagccag tctaactgaa atggtgaacc gaaggtctga tgagagatcc agtctcaaag    175980
     taaggtagaa aacctgaggt tagaggctgg ccatcttgcc cagactgcgg gtcaagagaa    176040
     agcttggcgc tgggtggatc tcagtagatc ccccttgaca aagccttggg agagaaaaag    176100
     aggggggcat tgaagtggag gagtgtcatt tttgttgtga tttatcgtgg gtgggtaaga    176160
     gagggggaca cagatgtctt ctgggtgcct cagaggacct cacatgcatt atgtcacctc    176220
     atcttcacgg cacacctgta acagatcttt tccttcctgc ttctgagtat cccaaagctg    176280
     tgcgctcgcg cagctcctga cctgaactca gagccatctg acagcagagt ccacgttccc    176340
     tggagggtgg cttatggacc atttaaagct gaatcctcag aaggtgtcat ttcttatgat    176400
     aatttattgt gttttaatac gtgctactta tttttattta tttttcattt tattttaatt    176460
     tttttttgtt tgtttgagac atgatctcat gtaacacagg ctggctctca tgtagtgcag    176520
     gctggccttg aagtcatgat tttttatcat gtttcatctc taagatgctg gaatgacaga    176580
     cataagccac tatgactgtt tttgtacgtt ataccttgag ggctatgctt attggtgtga    176640
     ttgttggatc tttgtccata tacgtagtga ttggaaggca gagagctcag gagagtcaga    176700
     acactactca gtgggaagaa gacagtacta aaactagagc tgctcagact cttctgaacc    176760
     agactttcct gcagagtggg atctcaccta gagacagtca gtgggtctgg ggtgggacct    176820
     gagaatctgc atttctgaca aagctgtagg tgctgctcat ggaccacaaa gaaggaaaaa    176880
     gaaacaggtg tggggaggat ggggttgaga agatggctta gccaaaaagc gcttgcctcc    176940
     caagcacgag agagtcttga attcaaaccc acatcaaagc agatcccagt ggcatgcact    177000
     tgaatcccag tcctagggaa gcagaggcag ggagatctgt ggagtttatt tgccagtcag    177060
     cctagtgatc cccaggttcc agtgagagaa cctgtctcaa aagcaaggtt aatggccact    177120
     gatgaacaac acctgaggtt aacttctgac tccacacatg tacagcagag agttgggaga    177180
     gggaggagaa gaaagaaagg gaggagaaca gagacagtag gcttgagagt aaaatatata    177240
     tgtgatggat gtctatatat ttcacacaca tatatataat acacacacat atattaatat    177300
     acattacaca tgcaacacac acatataaca cacacacaca cacacatata cacacacaca    177360
     ctcctgactt ctgcatgcat gcttttctgt gttactccaa tcagcatttc cccatgatgt    177420
     gtctttgact tctgacagag gtgaaaatgt gattgcacaa aggaaaggct ggaaggccaa    177480
     gaatggagag gagcccagtg gcctcacagc cctctgcaac ttgccagcat ccacctggcc    177540
     ctttccagac ctgactcagg cctggcgctg tggagggtaa agcaagcaga ctagagcagt    177600
     agcaggcagc tggtcctctt ggactgctcc aagtgagaga tgtgggctgt caggcagccc    177660
     acaggactca tccaaactgt gaagcaggct ttggctgcac tcacactatc ttttatattg    177720
     atattgaacc gcgccaggtc aaatttttcc tatcaaactt ctccccatgg atcacacctt    177780
     tgtgacacaa cagattacaa accagaaggg agtttgctgt gaactcgttg ggcagagttg    177840
     ttgtcttact tgaggaaaag ggacccaagt gggttgtata actttcttca ctatcacctg    177900
     tctattacag gacttcaggc ctggaattca gtttgaagtt ggtgggggaa aaacattttc    177960
     cacttagatt tttcttagac aaggaacaat gtcatcaaat ctaagaatta aaaacgttgc    178020
     agttgtcccc ctctcagagg tgcttccttc ctctccacct tcatgtgatc ctttaggggg    178080
     aagacatgga gattaattcc aggtacccct ggatttcact gagcgaatcc caagaagcca    178140
     tgtttctgtc tgcaatggag aaatactgat ggatgcttta gtcatttaga gaggcaagtg    178200
     ttgtgctact ttatgtccag taagctttct cgaacacagg ccatgtctaa ggtgctgcta    178260
     gggactagca gtaccagagt gaagtgagca tcctacccaa tgtgttcaga cttggcttta    178320
     agtcttagcc tcaccttttc ccagctgtat gccacctcta aaatggtatg atttcagtac    178380
     acaggattac caaggaaggg acactgaaag tcaagagtta cataaatata aggaggtgtc    178440
     acaacatttg agtgaccttc ccctgtcctt atcattggac actatcctgt ggccaagtta    178500
     tcatagtgct acctcagcag ctgttggtgg aagaaaagaa aggaaaacag tgaggtgtga    178560
     ccatttaatg agaaggccct tggcacccac aacgtgtttt gggctctcct agagcagaat    178620
     tctatgacaa acagagaagc ctcctgggct tatatgagag ctgtcttggg ccaatgggga    178680
     gatttggtga ttcatcttga atcaggctgg acacaaaccc atattctctt gaccactgac    178740
     tcctgagcct tgaaaaaaca cgtccactcc tgagctgaag ccctctctga agacgaacgt    178800
     cttacttttc tcctgcccac ttaactgagc tgcttcaagg atgaaatcag gaggtctgac    178860
     tgtgccttgg aaattggaaa ctaaagccta gacaacatgc tttcctctct ctgttttgtg    178920
     cccactcatc cagccctaat cttttcaaga aaaggcttaa ggggtgactt gctggctaac    178980
     cctcaagagc cacatgtagt tgcaagaaag aagcctcaga agatggacaa aaaactaacg    179040
     atcctagaca gattctagga gaaagcccac agtaaaactg tcaagagagt tggggaggat    179100
     actgttggga aagaaagaga atggaattaa agatcaatag caagtgaggc ggaggaaaga    179160
     gaacaggcag gtaggcaggg gccatggcgg atggtaaagc ccatgtttga tggtggcagc    179220
     tgtggttgat aatggaggcc atttttgata atggaggctg tgcatgataa aggctgtgga    179280
     tgatggaagc cgtagctgga tgtggatccc atgactagtg aagaaggttg tggctggtgg    179340
     cagaagccat gactggtagt agagtccatg actgatggtg atgatagaag ttggttgtgt    179400
     tgatggcaca ggttgtgtta atggtagagg ttgtgttgat ggcagaggtt gtgttgatgg    179460
     cagaggttgt gttgatggta aaggttgtgt tgatggcaga ggttgtgttg atggcagagg    179520
     ttgtgttgat ggtagaggtt gtgttgatgg tagaggttgt gttgatggca gaggttgtgt    179580
     tgatggcaga ggttgtgttg atggtagagg tggtgttgat agcagagctt aggctgatga    179640
     ttcaagctat ggttgatatg gaggttatgg ctggtggtag gggctgtagc aaatgatgga    179700
     agagcagact cttgatatat agcagcagac tgatctccat gtatcaagaa tacctagcct    179760
     ataggaggtc taggtactgt ttcctttgct gtggtgtttg ttggctaaca tattctgttt    179820
     tgttacgtac tactggaatt gcacccttct cctatatctg agcctcagca gaaggtcact    179880
     tttcatgtat ttataggagt caaacaagat gtttgcaaac acatggtgtt acagggaaag    179940
     gggagttatg gaaactggaa aaacttaaga actcacacct gagctagaaa cagcagctgt    180000
     tccagcccat tgaaaaaagc tggcacacaa tccggtattc gtagagcatc aacttgttca    180060
     aaaagtataa gtctggattt gtttgtggtg ctaagggttg aatctgggac cttgttaatg    180120
     ttaggtgagc actcccctac tgaagtctct acaaagctgt ttagaatttt ttatagtcaa    180180
     actcctaatc tcaaatgcag aaagatgata ggtgaagaac taaatgtttt gtgcacacgc    180240
     tcattcacat cacaaatctg cttcaagaaa ttggtgtgaa tttgtcgcaa gaaccgtaag    180300
     cccaagcctt ctgtagccac ctatctcaga acaccctggc cttccttgga atggctgctt    180360
     acgtacatca gggacatcct gcccagagat gcaggacaat gatgctgagc ttaggctcac    180420
     agtgggaagg ctctgggtac agatccctga attcgttttt ccagccggat aaccttgcat    180480
     tagatactta aactttctga gcctcgactt tctaatctga cacgaagcta attatactct    180540
     gttcttcaaa gaaatgttgt gagggttaaa tgaattgtat acaaactatt gtgattattc    180600
     ctggcacata acaaacattg aaaaataaac actatcattg ttaatataac aacagttgag    180660
     ttgttattca aacattttag tttatatttg ccttgccgaa ctttctttga aacagggact    180720
     ctttctcaga cttctagttt atatcctcca gagacctggg ctcagcagta atcttggaat    180780
     acaggatcat taccaccatc acatcatcat catcaccacc accaccacca ccaccatctt    180840
     cattatcatc atcactgtcc tcattatcat cacccatcac tatcagcagt agcactagct    180900
     gcatcattta tcaggtacca ttgagtccta gttcctgtct tgattccatg tctattctgt    180960
     ttctgttatt gtagaagcct tgagaactgg gaaccacttt agacaaatgg atgatgacat    181020
     ttcaaggaca ttaacatctt gcccaaacac cccaaaaagg agcaccacag gtaggattca    181080
     gactcaaacc tgtctggcta tagactgaac cctcccatcc atcatattct attaacttgg    181140
     gagattacag attatataac tggtcttggc gagctgggca ttctgaggtg tgcgtccttt    181200
     catattttgg tacagtgcta tcctttgacc tctataagat ggctgatggc cacctctttt    181260
     ataacagagc atggatagtc tgtttatcca gatagctctt tgaaaggatt cagtctgtga    181320
     ttctgccgca tctctgaaga ctggtggtag aaagccaaag ccatgctgtg tgttgcctga    181380
     ataggaatac taacagcaaa atgctgcttt tttcagggaa agagaaagcc atgctgtgag    181440
     agagctcaac cctgagcatg acctccaggg tggacagaca agggatacct cttagctcat    181500
     gttcttactt gtaattaatc cccccagaca attgtggcac agatataaca gggtagctgt    181560
     ctgtcctggt tgtcttccaa gaaggaaact taatttgcaa tttctgccac aaggatttgg    181620
     ccccacttat cattctctgc cacaccaaga cattctcctt aagctacagt ggccttttag    181680
     tcaggcagcc cacaaagaac agctactgtt agtaggtgtt ataccaagca tcagataacg    181740
     cactaacaaa gagagaagcc tggctgctga gttagatcca gtagctcact gttagaggaa    181800
     gaaatgagat c                                                         181811