ID   AC123931; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 181350 BP.
AC   AC123931;
DT   06-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   09-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-307O16 from 15, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-181350
RA   VanBrunt A., Bielicki L., Van Brunt.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-307O16";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-181350
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-181350
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-181350
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-SEP-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-181350
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-181350
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 37ad58ee14a4e9ce2c74ede2b5cb1a98.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456174.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000061731; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0021843; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0021803; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0021784; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0021810; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0021584; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0022249; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0021101; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0021553; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0021677; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0021655; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0021747; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0021679; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0022272; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0020846; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0021156; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC123931.3:1-181350; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000133362; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0040935; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0040895; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0040864; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0040894; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0040629; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0041361; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0040687; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0040546; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0040697; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0040660; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0040767; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0040642; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0041408; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0040279; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0040030; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D6RE56.
DR   MGI; MGI:894663; Ext1.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RE56; D6RE56_MOUSE.
CC   On Oct 8, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:23306209.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0307O16
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..181350
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="15"
FT                   /map="15"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-307O16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   181..324
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   710..778
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   779..961
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   962..1795
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2193..2306
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   2547..2693
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5329..5437
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6736..6919
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   7727..7867
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8571..8708
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   11627..11819
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   12816..12891
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13019..13260
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   13731..13877
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16040..16167
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16683..16817
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   18833..18943
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   19806..20019
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   20254..20416
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   26106..26205
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26231..26343
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   27069..27223
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   27286..27478
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(27401..27472)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Asn"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=31.62 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-10.52)"
FT   repeat_region   27562..27648
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   29953..30084
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   30118..30227
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   30459..30531
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   31474..31770
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   31972..32144
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   32670..32816
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33405..33813
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38392..38637
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38695..38837
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   39948..40094
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40133..40252
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45825..45902
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   49857..49968
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50831..50964
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50975..51155
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   52184..52237
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52654..52789
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   53753..54247
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   56285..56442
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   57020..57160
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58741..58864
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61913..61966
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   62998..63353
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   63354..63395
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   63548..63896
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   64606..64750
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65305..65398
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   67909..68017
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68068..68126
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68970..68990
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   68991..69081
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   69488..69634
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   72051..72207
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   73481..73606
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   repeat_region   78289..78712
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   79195..79353
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   79684..79890
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   80185..80324
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   83222..83356
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   84877..85017
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87118..87290
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   88160..88322
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   88253..88424
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   89894..90166
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   90708..90897
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   90928..90996
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   91925..92059
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   92407..92625
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96176..96313
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   96716..96884
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   99057..99193
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101186..101353
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   101678..101882
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   106064..106110
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   106811..106953
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107489..107633
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   108981..109338
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109521..109662
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109843..110291
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   111476..111592
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   112361..112525
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   112652..112743
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   114622..115139
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   115140..115248
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   115314..115446
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116181..116380
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   117307..117523
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   118201..118347
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120745..120902
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   122427..122515
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   124043..124552
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   125793..125863
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   127503..127616
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   127647..127809
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   127927..128060
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128163..128310
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129024..129135
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129718..129842
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   131129..131207
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   132196..132383
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   133249..133347
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133867..134022
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134095..134242
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   134473..134557
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   134558..134742
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   134743..134872
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   138133..138497
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   138938..139147
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   140179..140250
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   142114..142139
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   142140..142206
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   142860..142924
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143239..143436
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   143813..143883
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   144346..144461
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   145815..145891
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   146518..146662
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   147916..147974
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   147999..148453
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   152323..152515
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   153050..153363
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   153926..154221
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   154244..154349
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   155808..155905
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   155961..156043
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   156513..156621
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   159634..159871
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159970..160250
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160286..160515
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162470..162580
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   163315..163372
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Ala-GCY_"
FT   repeat_region   163373..163391
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   163426..163618
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            163431..163503
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=37.14 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-11.21)"
FT   repeat_region   165087..165211
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   165532..165653
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   165669..165777
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   166151..166231
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   166504..167078
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167310..167434
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   169575..169674
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   171105..171163
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   171747..171955
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   173653..173814
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   174344..174409
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   176469..176518
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   176892..177144
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    177177..177365
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   177491..177679
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   177910..178076
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   178820..178910
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   178911..179041
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   179097..179259
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   179404..179771
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   179918..180348
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   180424..180563
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   181288..181350
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
SQ   Sequence 181350 BP; 55647 A; 39655 C; 37707 G; 48341 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttta actcggtctc ctgtgatgct ctcttgcttc actgaacctg agcatatatt        60
     catgtgtcct taaaaaaaaa acacttctga tgatactgtc acattcagac agacactatc       120
     caaaggcagt tgctttatct gcccaagatt gaacctaatt gataagattt aaaatctcaa       180
     gcgggacagt gaaggcatat gcctttaatc ccagcagtga ggcagaggca ggctgatctc       240
     catgagttca aagccagctg gtctatagaa ctagttccag gacaaccaaa acgaaacaga       300
     gaaacccttt cttgaagaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaggctg       360
     taaaatctct taaagtcatc cccatcacca gagaaaacta gaatcatcac tccagtgtga       420
     catagccaga ccctgtggaa ttctctcccc aaaccaacac tttattaatg aaaaaaaaaa       480
     aaaaacccaa cagtttgatt taaactttct tgagtagtgc caaatgcata agacagaggg       540
     atggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg cgcgtacaag gtctgagaaa       600
     atctccccag ccttcggtga ctggcatcta tgtcatggct tgtctcatta tacaggtttc       660
     tatctctgcc tatgagaact caactctaga agctccttcc tggaagggaa aaagacaatc       720
     tcctgaagca gaaatacttt caaatcatcc atctcctaag aaactttgtc taaaaccatg       780
     gccctctact ttccgaagtc tgtgaccctt taatatagtt ccttatgttg tggtgaccct       840
     aaacataaag ttatttcatt gctacttcat aactgtaatt ttgctactgt tgtaaattat       900
     aatgcaagta tattatatgt gacctccgaa gggtttgagg cccacaggtt gagaaacact       960
     ggtctagact atggaaaaaa cacttctgat acaacaataa gagaatccaa tgtaaacatg      1020
     ggctaacaat ttgaactgat atttttccca aagaaaatga ataaagcacc aagaagaaca      1080
     caggaagata ctgagtatcg ttagtcattg aaggaacgga aatcaaccca aaacacaagg      1140
     aggtgccact tgctccctgc aggacagtgt atgatctaag aggacacatg agaacaagca      1200
     cagatagaaa catggaaaac aagaaaaaca agagctcttc cttgggggct acaatgagag      1260
     gaaaatggta aggctgtttt ggggacaatc tggcagttcc ttctcaaact aaaaatggac      1320
     ttttcatatg acccagcact gtacttaggc atttatccca gagaaatgaa ggcattttta      1380
     cataggagaa ctgtccacaa atgtatacac tggataccct tccaagtatg aatgaggcaa      1440
     gattgtggta tacacatagc ctagatcact tctcagatga ataaaacata atgaagtaaa      1500
     agaacacgga tcaaactact taagtacaca aggacctcga ggatgctaat gccgagtcca      1560
     aagccaccct ctaaagggta cacactacat tgctccattt tcataacact tgtgacagca      1620
     tataacgacg gggccggaga acggagtagt cgctaccatt ggttagaggt gggggagaca      1680
     gactttatag gtcaagtggg gagacaatct tctaaagtag accagttcat cttattaagt      1740
     caggagatgt aagacatgct ataatcacat acaacttaaa acacacacac acacacacac      1800
     acacacacac acacagtgag acaggagagg tatcaactgc tttcagagaa tttgcagctt      1860
     cagctggtaa accagttgtc tcccctttgt ggcattacag tccacactcc agaggtaatg      1920
     atgcaggaga tagaagagcc tttctaagtg gctccacaga aaatgtgcaa taaaaacgac      1980
     atgaccctga ctttaacctg gaagccagta ccatgcaata ggtataatag ttttcttcct      2040
     agagttgtac tgaataaggt acagaatata accccatttc agatatgcta tggaatgtta      2100
     tttgaagtct tccctcacca cataagatga ctcactaata gtgagtcagt gtgactaggc      2160
     aagggagaca gagtggttca taccattcca ccaagtgttg tccctgccac ttgtatcacc      2220
     tgtggtacca gggaactgca cagatctcag gatcacccag gcctgctgaa tccagaactc      2280
     ttgggaaaga gccttggatt ctatgtgagt ccattgtaat gcccagtaca ttttgtgcag      2340
     cagggaactg gtagctaaaa acttagtaaa caagagctca gtggtcaagc agccaaacct      2400
     gggttcacag tctatgctta ccatccacaa actgggcaat cttgggaaat actaatttgt      2460
     ctgggcttag tttcctggtt catccaaagg ggttgatcct tctactgacc tgaccaaatg      2520
     atacattctt ttctttttct ttttaatttc ttttctccct agacagggtt tctctgtgta      2580
     gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatccgc      2640
     ctgcctctgt ctcccgagta ctgggattaa aggtgtgcac caccacgccc ggcttccaaa      2700
     cgatacattt taattaaagt acagcacctt atgagcattt ctgcaaaaga tagctgtaat      2760
     cacttcagct gaagggagcc agcagattat cagaaacaca ggcagctgtc aatgaggaga      2820
     cctgggctga agaatctgga gtgtggctct cctgcgagac ccccatgcac atctcttagc      2880
     ttctgtcagt ctcaaagctg tgaagctcaa atgaaattat gtacatgcag tataatcagg      2940
     aaagtagtat gcaattgcag gttattatgg caaattatat cagaaggaat ggaataaaca      3000
     ttttttaaaa actaccaaca atgaaaaaaa caaaaaaaca gttttgcaaa gacagccaag      3060
     agacaaacga ggagcagacc cgttaaaaga aaatgaaagc agaagccgca gctccccaca      3120
     cagcagcagt gtgtagttta aaagctttct cctcatcaga agctgtacaa ggaaggaagc      3180
     cgctgctgtg gcttgctgtc ttcccagggt tcccacagat cctctctcac aagcacgttg      3240
     gccaaatgat cctgcttttt cgctagccac agtggacagg caagaagcca gcaatgagcc      3300
     tctaatcttc agactcacac aattccaggc tgcctgaggt gatagtttgt ctcgagtatt      3360
     tacttatgaa ctgggtgaac atcacagctg ctctttttct gccagccccg tcccttctaa      3420
     gtaatgattc ttctctgttt atacccagat ttgagtcaca tctcttatga aaaaaaatca      3480
     gaaagctaat acttggggtg gctgaagttc cagagtgccc tgtgatgagg aaaaggaaat      3540
     acagactagt gcatctctgt tcttggatga gtgtgtgagt gcgtgtgtgc catccacatg      3600
     ttaggtccgt cttaagaaga tcgtggtcca gtgaaaacac tgtgaagttg tcagatgttc      3660
     atatggaagc gggggggggg gggcagggaa gataaggcat gggtggctac agaaggcatt      3720
     ggtgaggaag atgagaacag ggatgtgtat ctcgaagatt tccaggactc tttgctaagc      3780
     actgatgacg gagcaagagc tacaaacact ggaagatggg catttctagg ctaatggtag      3840
     tccatcagga tcaaagggtc catggggagg gaaaacaccc aatttggagt gggtcaggaa      3900
     tggttaaaga gctcagggca gggggagggg gttaaggaga tgataagctt gctacctcct      3960
     ggagctcaga cattattcca tgagagtgaa tctgagtcac tgaagaactc aagcgaaaga      4020
     atgacaggat cccagaagta tcccaccaac catacagctc aacttcatgg gcagaggtga      4080
     aatgctgaaa atgtaagaag gccccaactc ttttctttaa acaatgctgc ttctggtcag      4140
     cccacatggc gtcatatgtc tgaagacata caattctcat taagaaaatt agtgagcagt      4200
     tcatctctga cctcttcaac gtgcaactgc cctttgtagg actctctcct caaaacttcc      4260
     ctccaggtga cttgtgtgtg tgtgtggggg gggggggcat cctctgttgt tttctaagcc      4320
     tgtttccgat accctttcct aagtccagat aaaatgttta aaatttcaat tacttttgag      4380
     aaaagaaatc ttaaaggtca ggacatggga tcgcacaaaa ttgatccgtg gcactgactg      4440
     aactgagaaa cgtgaattgg gagttggaaa atggttccag ctggccactg tactgtctgg      4500
     gttcttttga caacatggca cagagaagta tgggtcccag gggtcatgga ggatctgttg      4560
     gacttgtggg aattgctggc tgatacacac ccacaagtgt gcacaaagct gagctgcttc      4620
     atacacgtca atcagttctt caaatacgtg gaactgcact ctgaatgtga tcgatcagag      4680
     tggcgacagt cttagggaaa gccagcaact cccctgcagt aaaggttgct acttaaaggt      4740
     ggtgcaattc cttgccctga atattcaaca ggcaaccaac ccaccagtca caagctatat      4800
     caaaggtatc acttcctttg tgatctcggt gtgatgttgc caattctagg ctctccattg      4860
     cagacaggat gtttgtacaa aaccaagggc agacaactta catgcattct ttcatacttc      4920
     ctggcttcaa acagaagaca attttcattc tatgccaact taaaatcttt cactacagga      4980
     acaggaggag ggaggtggca tgctgtgggt gaaggtccca gtgagaggta cttaattctc      5040
     atgtgtatca ccatgggcat aggtttgata catcactaca taacatatat tgacacctga      5100
     cttccaccac aggggaaaga gatgactgcc atcaaatatg ctcttaaaca cattgggtca      5160
     tagcccctgt tgactctaat ctttcccatt gcatctttat cttgaatgat cactggcagt      5220
     tcagaactgt aatgtggtaa tcagtactca catatattaa tagatatagc atgtactgag      5280
     tatatattgt attatgttta tatatatctc aaagaggtag aaaaccatca tggtggaaca      5340
     tgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga agcagatgga tctacattgt gggttccaga      5400
     atagtaagga ctacataaag agaccttgtc tcaaaaatac catccttgct actgctcatt      5460
     aaatagcagc ttattggcta atacacaaag acatgaataa acacgatgac tgttaataac      5520
     tatactacta ataattttac tgattaagcc tttcctgtag acagggtaca gtgccccata      5580
     atccatactc tgcattgtat attactgtta aaaccaccat gagaagcagg tacagcttct      5640
     gccccatttc atagacaatg gagcggagct gcaaggcttt gtggagcctg ggtaaggaga      5700
     gcagagcttg cagtgtggag cacagggcct cagagttttt gctagaagga aaaagtaaca      5760
     cagaggtagc aaaggtgaag acagagattt gtaacacatt gcaccctgtg acattaatct      5820
     tgggaagctt tcaggatgac acaggtctgg ctgcgtccgc tcttatactt tcagtgccag      5880
     attttagaac ctattctgag aggaatgcag ttccaagaca catgagtcta aattctctgg      5940
     ttagaaacga agcatttctg acagtgctaa ataaagggtt acctgggcac agagggaaaa      6000
     gaggagacac tgacaataaa agaaccagct gcaacaatgg ccttgggtgg aaaaatggtc      6060
     cagaaaagat atatagcagg ctacttagca aggggaagcc caaggtcatt attttatcat      6120
     taggctttcc cttggtgcca tgccacagga gatggccaag tggaacgggg caagaaaatg      6180
     tggactaaat aaaggctaag aagatatggc tagtatagac agtatggagt agatattctt      6240
     aggacagctt gtgccctgtt gataggagtg aggatgactg agacccaaat gtgaacactg      6300
     caggctcccc tccctttctg tggaacctca attcctgctt ccaagagtaa gctcctatgg      6360
     ccactcaagt cctggacccc atcttgactc tctttctcac tcgactaagt tgcacatttt      6420
     tatcacttca agagtcaggg cttagactct accatctctt ggcccagcac ctacttaccc      6480
     atggctggta tgtatcagct tacttcatgg cacatggact acagaaggaa tggggacatg      6540
     gaatgacgta actctgtatt atggcaaggt cagcttcagc cagtaagcat atatcaactc      6600
     ttgatcatac caagcctgcc tagctgaggt gaagctacaa gttgagtggg actcgggttt      6660
     actttaagaa tggaaccaaa gcaaaacaaa aatcaatctt ttattcttcc tggtttcctt      6720
     ttgtacattt tctcagggct ggagaaatgg ctcagtggtt agaagcactg gatgttcctc      6780
     tagaagacct gggttcaatt tgcaacaccc acatggcatc ttccaactaa ctgtctgtaa      6840
     ctccagttcc aggggatcca tgtcacgggg tatgcatgtg atgcacatgt atatgcacac      6900
     aggcaatacc catgcacatt ttgtctttat ttctaaaggt ctggcaactt gttaaaaagt      6960
     tacattctcc ttgaacagtg atgggaattg gaaatttgtg cttcaccagg cctgataaat      7020
     agcattattt gaaagtcatg ttaaatgcat gcagagtggt gctctcagtg aacactctcc      7080
     tgcgctccct ccatgcctga gctgagaaga acaattgtgg gcccccctga tggcttcttc      7140
     aataacaaac actgatgtgg tccaaagaca aaatcactcc actcccagaa gaaacggacc      7200
     aatcctaata ttctaagttc ttctctttcc atcaaagcaa agacctcttt tccttcctgg      7260
     ccaccccatc tgccctctga taaggcaaat ggttggaatt tctgatgggc ttttctcata      7320
     gccagggaag gcggggatgg agacagagac tgtctgacat actgtgctct atgtcaatgc      7380
     ttaaaccttc tgtctgatcc ccacacttaa gtgattataa aataccttgc agaatgcccc      7440
     tggctttgat aaccttccca tctcctctcc tactttcacc atcactgagt ttcaattttt      7500
     gacttaggaa taacttagtc ccgggcctta gacattgact gcaaacaaga ccttgggttg      7560
     gcatatatta atatgacaag tgcttgagaa atgtagggca ctgagatgta agatgtaaat      7620
     ttcataaaag aagatgtcaa gaggaaaggt agggggtgta tacatgtgca aaggcaaatg      7680
     ggatcctatg acagaaaaca tttgtgctac tgcttaagaa aaataccatg gtggcgcatg      7740
     cctttaattc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg taggtggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct      7800
     agtctacaag gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa      7860
     caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaaaatc agattgttac ataatgatga tgttacagac      7920
     cactattgta ggatagctga gttcataagg actgggaagg ttcaaaagtc tggattctgc      7980
     catttccttt ggcaaaacac attcacactg ggggagacaa gtctacagag ctgagtgacc      8040
     tctccttcct ccggctggct atattttcta cagtcctctg gagaagctgc taaagagaag      8100
     tctcattctg aaacagtgct atagaacagg gaaaactgat gcagctgatg ggggtggggg      8160
     agtgggggaa ggttgaccag atgattctga ggatgccttt gtgctctggc atctttggat      8220
     attaagattt gaacagcctc atgtgtttaa aaaacaaaaa aacaaaaaac aggttcccag      8280
     atagtagtgg tacttgtgta aaacagtgga aacttagaaa gtgggagcct tatcagaaga      8340
     agtggataat tggggcatat ttctgagggt tacagcttac tctgacctcc tcctatctct      8400
     cattgctttc tgtttaccat gatgtgagca gattcatgtc ttccaaatgt tcctgcttca      8460
     ccacaaaccc agatctgtaa actcaaatct ctgatactgc taaatatatc ggaattaagc      8520
     taaactataa caagtaattc tctgggctac agagattgag tggttgagta catccacatg      8580
     gtggcttata actgcctgtt ctcagagatc agacctcttc agcactattt agacctctac      8640
     atatccctgt acacatatgg ttcctataca tatagccaga tatgcacaca tatacatgta      8700
     atgaatattt aactggaata tattctttgc aaaagtcctt ctttgaaatt atcttcttgg      8760
     gtatttttgc tgcagcgatg aaaaagtacc caacaaagga atactgagcg gttcctgtac      8820
     gccaggtagt attctgtgtc ccagggaagc catgcagagt ggtgtaggac tgcctactaa      8880
     tagaatttgt cattatgcag aaataagagt gtgctcccat cctttcctct ggtgcttctg      8940
     cagtgttctt cctgctttcc atcaccataa gcagagaaaa gaagcacttc aaattcctat      9000
     tctattggct ttaaaacaga ccaagttcac tgtaatcccc tttaaaatct gatctctatc      9060
     aaatgactaa agaagcctct aaaatgtcat actctgggca aaattatccc aatggcccct      9120
     ccagctacta agaacaatat tcctatccgg tagatatggg gacccatgaa tactatcctc      9180
     tacccattgc ttcaacatcc ccctttcttg atgaccatct atacgcacag tgttctcagt      9240
     ttctcagagc accacacctg ttttcattat ttacttgctg tgccctaagc caatgcttct      9300
     tccagacttc tcccaagatg cccatcagtg tgcacactcc tcagacaggg gctcctagat      9360
     tggcctctga gccgaccttc ccactgcctt ggttcagctc tctcctggca ttgaagactt      9420
     aaattcaagc ccctattttt ttggcaggtt cattgttctt tcccgcccaa acataacata      9480
     tatattatac aaacaagcac acacatgccc ctttgttgtt gttgttgtta ctgttgttca      9540
     ctactattgc tgaggacatg tctgacctag agtgatcttt tttgatgtct ttgttgaaca      9600
     aatatcagag cattctaccc tcatctcatt cttcagggtc tataatgctt atgaggttat      9660
     aaagcgttca gctgctaaca gcagttcaca agaaagccac gtacttggcc aaaccgatct      9720
     tacaaagtcc cttcatcttg tttcctgaaa tgctagccat atttctccag ctaatgttaa      9780
     gatttgtcaa cttctctaaa tgtcatctgc ttgacaagca agtgcatatt aaaaatgtct      9840
     tcaggaacaa tctaaaaaaa ttgtagaatc atcctttaac atgtttatgt acaaagatat      9900
     ggtaaagcat gcagaaacta acattcacag tgaagtttct gctcttaact tggttcctga      9960
     tttatcataa ggaagtcgta ttgactatgg aatatattct catttataaa acagagagtt     10020
     gttgatctgg tcttgccttc ctaacaaggt gtactgagga tctagcaagg cagggagcca     10080
     gaaaacactg agcaaactga cgtacctcta agtatcagaa cagatgaggc taaaccttct     10140
     tggaacagct tctgacctga atcacaagta gaggatgtca aatatatcat gcttctcttt     10200
     gggctcattt tgtttcgttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttg aggtccacat tacattggtg     10260
     tacatgccct aatctatcca gtgcttcaga agtatagatc attttctaaa ggcgtttaga     10320
     aaaatgaatt tcttaccaag gccagtcagt ggtgatgatg cacaggatac tgtaagtgaa     10380
     aactgctggc tatgatccct ggttttccac tgtcttaagt ttcagctatt cgccaattgg     10440
     tctgttatct gagtgtgaat ctgaactgaa gatggttatg gctatgggac ccttcaagag     10500
     cggtcatgtg gaacatccta gtgctccatt tccattaaga cttcttggct tttagataaa     10560
     cctccaagta aaccttggca tcaaaacaga aagtgaggag ctggctttgg ggagaagcgg     10620
     atgtgaggag ctggctttgg ggagaagcag atggttcagc tgtgtcatac acacacatag     10680
     gtatgcagag ctgatatatg tccctatcac aaactgtctc aggatgaagt ctgagcaaaa     10740
     tttagggatg atctttatgg gaagttcacc tagcaacagc caatcaacca tactcctacc     10800
     cacaagtatt gagtttggag ttataaaagt tttggaggtg tgaaaacata attggaaaac     10860
     tttttccccc tgcttaaagg gctaattgat ttcacaggtg tttaattatc atttgctgtg     10920
     agataatacc ttgtagtgcc ataaaaaatg gatttaattt tcgagtgctt gcaaaaccat     10980
     cgccaaagcg aagttagagc tgaagctaga taattattct ataaatcaaa cacactgcct     11040
     cctttctttg aaaattttaa tacttgggga taatgatatc tgacaacctt gaagctaaca     11100
     tgaaaaagat ttgcctgcca agtgccaaaa ggcaactgct agagcctttc aggcagtttg     11160
     gttcattaac agtgactcag atggccttag gaccctggct gcaggcttcc aaaacctgcc     11220
     aacagcaaga atgtcagtgt atatccaggt atgggtagtt tgcactgaga tcaaatgacc     11280
     atgcatccag caaggcctat agaaatgtag aaataaaagc taaattactc ttacccccac     11340
     tccccccccc aaaaaaaaga gagggagaaa ggagagaaga aaaagaaaag aaaagaagaa     11400
     aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aaagagaaag agaaagagga agaggaagag gaagaggaaa     11460
     aggaaaagaa ggaggtagga agggaaagag gatgagaaag ggagtgtacg cgtctggaaa     11520
     cagctgtaac caagttcaga ctaagaaagg cgggcatgga aagtggacgt tttcaatatg     11580
     agcaatgaag actcccctat cttatgctta agttacggca tttgtggggg ctggtgagat     11640
     ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac ccgactgctc ttccgaaagt ccgaagttca aatcccagca     11700
     accacatggt ggcttacaac catccgtaat gagatctgac tccctcttct ggagtatctg     11760
     aggatagcta cagtgtactt acatgtaata aataaataaa tctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     11820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagttacg gcatttgtgc atcctgtaac aataaagaag ggaaaccatg     11880
     aaaaaatttg gagctggaag gcgccacaaa aagtctttta gtctaaacat gccagatgaa     11940
     aatcagggaa tccaaatgtg aagtggtcag atcacctgcc caagacacca tcagaccaga     12000
     actaagctaa gaaggctagc tccaagtgag cagagaaagg aagacagcat gaaaatagat     12060
     ctgggctcac attctcacct aagacctaaa aataaaagaa ggaactcttc tccccctaga     12120
     gaggggtcgg gaggggctgg agttctttca taagaacagt ggctgttctt tgaggaagcc     12180
     ctaactccac aggagtgccc aagctgcctt aaataactcc ctgggggagc ctggctggtg     12240
     caactgttca gattttattt ttcccccctc ctctaactct tattcggaag ctgctgaagt     12300
     cataacacgt tccattacac gaaatgtgct taaatgatct aagaaatctg ggtgtctggc     12360
     tgggcacacg cacacacaca ctgtcagcac catttaattt atctcatgcc tgtgtacaca     12420
     gcatgcccac tacacaatga ggactaccag acacttttaa ggttacctca gtactccttg     12480
     ttaagatgtt aaaaggtaag aggcaggacg atcagtgtta ttctctgggt actaggtttg     12540
     ggtcctttta gaaagagttg gggccaaaag catgtagtca gacacgatag cctgaaagga     12600
     aagaagccat agggcttgcg tgaaatttcc atagaaactc ctgcaactag tcaacatagt     12660
     gctactaatg acaacacgta tctgttgaca atatatgaca tgtccattta gccaactagt     12720
     ctatcaaacc actgcaagat gagcagtagt gcatgcccta ttccatacca cccttccttg     12780
     acacaggaaa gtatacatgt atcacaggat ggatgccagc ctgcacttgg actcatcatc     12840
     ttcctgcctc tgtctcttga gtgttgggat tgcaggctta gaaagcgcta catttccccc     12900
     agtatatgga agtagaaatg aaggcataca acaagtttgt ctaaattcac tttaagaaca     12960
     gaaggtataa actgaggcag tttgcttctg gggcttcctg gtcctgctcc atctagagca     13020
     gaggttctca accttcctaa tgctacaacc cttaaatacg gttcctcgtg ttttggtgac     13080
     cgcaccacgc cccctccccc caaactataa aattgttttg ttgctacttc acagttgtaa     13140
     ttttgctact gttaggaatc ataatgtaga ctgtgtgttt tctgatggca ttcagtaacc     13200
     cctatgaaag ggtcattcaa ctctcccaag gggtcgcgac ccacaggttg acaacaactg     13260
     atctataggc tgtcctgggc cagctatgtg agctgtagct tgaaggaccc cacagggact     13320
     acaatggaat ctttccatcc tgttgtgttt ttctaaccag agacatgcct aacattggtc     13380
     atagctatct ttgtggtgct gagtcagaca caagaccctt tctgaggctg acctttgtat     13440
     aaggcattct tcccagttcc agaaaacaca agctgggcca accaaaagca cactcagttc     13500
     tacctctgga agacacaaac tttaacgatg cttcctaaga ctttatatga tttttacttt     13560
     tctgacttgt caagaggttt tgaggccaag acctacaatc tgcctttagt tcccccatag     13620
     ggcttccccc catagtgtgt ccctttgtga atgaggatcc tctgggtcat gaggactggc     13680
     tagagaagag acatcaaatc aaatgtaggg cataaggaca cttctcttca gccgggcggt     13740
     ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc ccagtacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcgggc ttctgagttc     13800
     taggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttca ggacagccag gactacacag agaaaccctg     13860
     tctcgaaaaa acaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaaggac acttctcttc atacatttgt     13920
     ctatccacca acctatcaat aattcttact ggaattaatt cttactggaa ttctactagg     13980
     gaaggttgac cctcttggat gctagggatc tacaggacaa gtgtccagga gcactagagc     14040
     tggagataca atactgacag cagttgcaag ttacagaggc cattaaaaac tttaaaagca     14100
     aaaggcacaa gccacagcta ttcatctcaa gaaaccaaag gtgtcctgct gtgagctgga     14160
     gttaaatctg tgggacttta tgcaaaacaa agccggaggc ttcttcctgc ctgggaaatg     14220
     agagtgatta aggactggag gtctaagcag gtaagcactt ccccttaaca agttggtttt     14280
     gttataccat tgaagatgcc tgctgagcca tagctgaggg gcagctggca tgaacccatg     14340
     tcacagacag gaaagcaaag tgaggcaaga atgcgccata acaaactgac tggggtaaat     14400
     gaaggatgca gagaactgct acggttcaca ccccttgccc ttcatgcagg cactgccaac     14460
     acacttattc tagtccttat tcatgagccc ctattcctgg tgctgcaaaa ttctacaggc     14520
     tctgcagaga tggtgccttg tccctaaata atcatatttt cacagtaatt aaaagccaaa     14580
     ttccccaact ccctaaatgc atacacagca tgaatgcttg tatcttgcct taacattgta     14640
     tatctctagg gtgtgggaaa aaaaacatga tatgaaatca tggaaatgac ttaattgcag     14700
     tacgagtcgg ctgtggtagt ggtctgggaa aacaggaaag acagccagga tgccctcttc     14760
     ccagagaaca aaactgttgg taggaaaagc ccaggagtct cgcttctgcc cttctataag     14820
     taatgactat ctgcatgtag tgatggctgt aaggcttgag ctgggagaag caattgaaga     14880
     tattttctgc tacagtgact aggctatcct gctgattcta atccctaagg ggagagaggt     14940
     gggcagggga actctagtta taaggaatta gcttggacta gagccaaaac aaaagaaact     15000
     tcacaactgg gctctgtcta accaagtcag tttccatcca tcttcttctt agactaattt     15060
     agaaattaga gcaactaccc aagaatgtcc catgctgcaa cagagatagt agtgtggggt     15120
     cagagcgggc caaatcatca gctgctgatc ccctagaaac aaactggaag ggcagaaaaa     15180
     taaaaagaca gatcacacaa cacagattct gtttctgtat tttacaataa agtccaatgt     15240
     agagtaatga aggggctagg taagtccaca gaagagggaa aagaaacctc atgaaacaca     15300
     ctcataaaaa gataccttaa tgtggtaatg aaggcaataa aacagctatg accactgatt     15360
     gaccacacac atatgtgctc agcttcacac atgttaccac agtctgttgt caggattggg     15420
     gggctggggg gggggcacac aaattcatgc agtaaaccca ttttgccatg gaagactgag     15480
     gctggcaggt ctggagttct atagctgatg agaggatcgc aaacaacatg aagatgcccc     15540
     acccccaccc ccaaactcac aacctgagct tctgttaatg tcagtggggt ctcccactgt     15600
     cagcttcgat gtcatgcaga aataagtaga aataatctct ttcaaagcat cattcacaca     15660
     aaagattatg gtgctcatgg gtaatacaaa taaagtacca tgaaatctta aaacatagaa     15720
     ctcatacgtg ctgatttcca ggtacattca tattctgacc ccctttccct ccttctcccc     15780
     caatatggtc atctgtgtaa actattccga gcaagcaacc attaaacatg gcaggtatgt     15840
     tcatttagtt cacccactct tgtgaaatcc tcccagggat cacataggcc ccaagcccca     15900
     gacatcagga ttactcccct actcccctgg gagtcttctt actagagact atgtgttaat     15960
     gatgaggaag attaagtcag tggctactta ttcacaaaac aaatttaacg gaaataatag     16020
     aagggttgag aaggctactc atagtagcac acgcctgtaa tcacagtacc aaagctggga     16080
     aagatgatca caaattcaag gccagatggg ttacagagct agctctgacc tcaaacaggg     16140
     acaacgcaac aaaataaaac aagaaaaaac aaacctcaga attatttatc agattaagat     16200
     ttcaaacatc attcttactt atccagatgt agaaatctga aggatatgat actggagaga     16260
     ttaattccaa atggatgata gatgaatctc tatagaataa tagaaattaa agacaaaaaa     16320
     aatacccaac tgaattcagg acaagagttt atgtgcacat attacttctg ggctatttca     16380
     accctagcat aagcaaactc aggaagggaa acatctccca acgaagggtg ctcagtgact     16440
     ttactcttgt gggacactac tgtacatttc tttcctattg agctgtcttg attttattga     16500
     gtatgtattg taacatattt ccgaccacac agcagtgact cagtagtgtc ctttgtaaac     16560
     acgagatgtg tatatacaca gcagagatga atttttaaca ggggctctaa cttgggccac     16620
     cgattagata gagtacagca ctgctcactg atacatttgg ttcactccag ataggccccg     16680
     ataacatttt cacattagca gaattcctat caaaattgag atcttagact tcttatgaca     16740
     aatgagaagt tccaggaact ctgggctgca ctttctcaga gagaattggc aagtgctgag     16800
     ctatctttgc ttcctttgtg atgtccctta cctgtcccca ggagccaggt gctattgtga     16860
     tactgtatca ctgtgctatt gtgatagtat actatcacaa tagataccct tgtgatatat     16920
     atcacaatag ttactactga atcacaatag taactactgt gatagtaatg ccttgtatcc     16980
     aggtgaagtg gctagacgtc agaaaggact cataggagac gggatgttgg gaagagatgc     17040
     ctcctccaac aacaaccaag tacttgtttt ggtaggaaaa catttcatgt ggtctgtaaa     17100
     attagccata ctagagacaa acacattggg tttctttccc aagggcttct ttccctccct     17160
     ctacccactc aaactccttt cctgccctga atataagacc atgggcatct atagcccagt     17220
     ctgcagtgga gaaccatctg tgaatgtcac agagcggcct gctgccactc aacgggcagc     17280
     ccatgctggg ctactccaag tctaatccat aatttacacg agatactccg gcatggaggc     17340
     tacgacataa aacatttatt gacaaaggaa acagcctgcc actttaatat agttatattt     17400
     atttatgcaa agcaacacat tctatctatt tattgagcct tataggaaat ttaagtcctt     17460
     atttgggggc tgtgaaaaga aagccagaaa attccatgag atgtctgaaa ttgttatctt     17520
     aaaacttacg gttcacaaag gaagtcccct cacacctcga aagcgggggt ggggggggcg     17580
     tgggggggtg gggcatgaga gtgccacatc tctctgtctg tcatctgtct cacacagaag     17640
     gtatttgcta catgctgtaa ccttggtcca cataatacat acagagaaca acaaaacagt     17700
     gaatgatggc atttcactct gcattttatc ccttgtgtcc tagtgtgaac cttggtaatg     17760
     cttactgaat gaactcagtc tgctgctgtg attatgaaaa tgtgtgttcc aaaagcaaac     17820
     tcttgattca tggtcattct ggacatcagc aggaccacca atttggttcc aacgccttgt     17880
     atagcgttgg ccactcttaa agatgatgca gccagcattt gctactacac agggcttccc     17940
     aatccactgt gaatgtaggc accagatgca gccagcagat ggggcacgtc catatggcaa     18000
     gtgtcctcat tgaactggtc tggtgagaaa ggctgtaaga ccctgcttcc tcctccgaac     18060
     catcaaaaaa gataccaagt aggaatgcag agagacaccc cttctctaaa aggggtgtct     18120
     ggtaattttg ttggcttcct tttcgttcct gttagaaggt tgagaaaaat agggggcagg     18180
     aataaatgta gctaggatga tcatgatcca ccagtcagaa aggagaaagg tatcactcct     18240
     actacttgga atggctacat ctcatttagt caacttacac atcctctgag cctacatgta     18300
     cggaggctat tcgctctgag cccactaacc cctggaaata gctgctggat atcccacagg     18360
     tcccaaaagg aaacagaata tgtcctgcag aacatcccat ctacagggac tgtacacact     18420
     gacaatgtgc aaatggaagg tacaactaca cattgggatg agagcaaaag agccacccat     18480
     gtgactagag atgctggggg gtagtatcct aatgaggaca gataccaggg aagccctctc     18540
     tgcagaagac aaggtctaag gactgcggga gaacacagct ccaggggcaa gggaagagca     18600
     atccaaaaag tggaacgcag gaatgctggg tggcaagttg cagcattctc cacacatgca     18660
     agaacaatgg aaacaaagtc agtctctgtg ggggtggggg gtggaggtac tggtggagaa     18720
     aggaatgtaa gtggtagggc caaacacaac tgtctgggag ggagggcagt gagtgtctct     18780
     gattcccatc cattaacaca caaccttggg gcaacatagg caaatcaatg aaacacacac     18840
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgg ctaataagtg cttaattctg     18900
     cagttgcttt ttactttttt cttgtatatg gaaacttctt ttactttgca aagtaagcat     18960
     aaaagcaagc accattatat caatttcctt tttttttgca ggtgaggaaa caaaactgca     19020
     gagaaagctt cagtggtttg ccctggatgc aagaagatcc tacctggtac agtccagaag     19080
     ggcacctctc agtagtgtgt ttacaaagtc attctcataa catccagatg tgctttatga     19140
     agggagttaa agtctaggct ttgggggagg ggtgaatata gctctagtgg cagtgaggat     19200
     caatatgttc taaaaagaca atctatgact tggcactgag tgtaagaata aacaggccaa     19260
     tacatgatct tcctgccaga tgccatcttc cttaggagtt ttggttctac acatggacac     19320
     cagaaagaca gtcaatcaag acgatggact ttctagggaa atttcaaaca gacacagccc     19380
     ctgttgggac tctcccctgc tccatagcct agctccttcc ccctgccacc tctgcacacc     19440
     ttgatcaaga taggctgagg aggcgagaag tagctctgct gtggtcttgt aggaagccag     19500
     agagttcaga ggtgttacac acaggcaccc aggaaccctg agcttggtca gagccaacca     19560
     ctgccgcctt tcccagctgc ttcacatcgc tcagaagata aagttattct acattattat     19620
     tcctgctgcc aggtcacctg tcacctgtca cttgctgcct gacatgatgc aatacagact     19680
     cttcatatgc agtaagttgc atggaatttt accaaactga catatttgca atacccactc     19740
     ttctgtgtct aagaagagcc acagggagaa atgtgtttca gcaagatgtt aaaacaacac     19800
     gtcttgggct gaggacatag ctcagttggt aggagtgctt gccaaaaatg cctagagtcc     19860
     ttgcctcaga acctcatacc gagagcgatg gatggatgta cctttccagt tacagcactt     19920
     gggaattaga ggcagaggaa caggcatttg atcagaccat catgggctac acagccagtt     19980
     caaggccagc caggactgca tgaggcactg cctcaaaaaa caaacaacag ctgcaaaacc     20040
     acaagaatca gaaattttct aggccaagga accagttcgc acttttctct ccacctaagc     20100
     accaagtatc cttggccttc tccagtgact tccgcttcca tggaagtctc agaagcacat     20160
     ggtcgctcgc cctaacgtgg tgttcctctt ttctaggctc ctgcctcttt ccttaaatat     20220
     taagaaacca cagcttcagg actaggacgc tgctggctca gtggccatgc acgttgctgc     20280
     caagcctgat gattgccctt caaccacgag gacccacatg gaaaaagaag agaatcaatt     20340
     cccaccctca acctcttagc tgtctgctga cctccacatg catgttgagt catgcccacg     20400
     agcgtatgta cacatatgta cagaaatgca cataaacaca catcaaatcc aatgcaatca     20460
     aaatatttaa aaagtagaag cagtggtttt ctttatggag ctcatacttt cagcatttgt     20520
     tcttaataaa agatgaatta tcttgacaga gacccaaagc tctcagggcc agaatgaata     20580
     tttgagatga gcctgccaag ctatgcaaac agttgttgat ttttgttgga atcccttgta     20640
     aatttcactt tctatttgtt ggatttttcc acggaggtca cagaggctca atcaaacccc     20700
     ctttaccata accagtgtta aaaagggaac ctctagaatt atcttctagg caaaattccc     20760
     aaggatttcc aacttgagga agaacaacgc ccacgagatt ccttagaggc tactccctct     20820
     tgtctttcac attatgaaaa attttctcta tctcttggac cctggatggc aagaggactt     20880
     cacgcccacc atttgctttg ttttcaggca ggatagttat ggtaagaggt ttccaaccat     20940
     cataactcac tgcaaggcta gcctgctcag agagacattc tatctgaaga tagtggggca     21000
     aatactataa atcactgtaa ataaccaagt gtctatgcac actgaatgcc tagaaatgtg     21060
     ttcaagttga caatgcttgc acggaggtat actgctttaa tcttcacaag gttgttagga     21120
     gaaggggagt caacatagca tccatgaagg aactggtcat tgtcttttat ccttagaggg     21180
     agctttcctt tccttaagta aatttctaaa tatatgaaaa tcaatcagcc ctctaaaatg     21240
     taagcagcat taaaatattt ttataactat gaaatataat ttttaatgaa acagaccttt     21300
     aacttcagag ctaactgata taaataggtt cagagaggat gaatttaagt ctaaagtagc     21360
     tgagtgagga aaagagccag aacctagtca ggtcccttgg gtacaacttg catccttgtc     21420
     cagctaacta atggaagcaa tcatctagca tcccacttgc ccctgaggat cacccagagc     21480
     atcgctggaa tttggacata gtaggactac tccagaagta cctgtgtagg taaagcatac     21540
     tcctttaaaa agcagctctc agtcagttac agtaacccag actctcatct gtttggggcg     21600
     cacaattatc cattcttaga gacgattctg gaggctgcta gactgggtgt ttttctgggt     21660
     cagtagctct ttctgaatct aataccaggc tgcatgagtg tttgtctagg aatttgtctc     21720
     cctagacttt caaataaaaa aggagtatgt tttgctttgt tcaaagacag tttctacccg     21780
     tggcaatgaa accaactgcc caaatataaa tgaccataat gacaatattg agtttccttt     21840
     ccttaccttg aatctactca tttcttcaaa aagaaaactt ctggaaattt atagcctaga     21900
     aggatgtgtg ctatttaata ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc acaatcacag caagcagcca     21960
     agtgtagggt ttcagctggg ggtacccaag ggtgggaatg gacagagagg gggagctgga     22020
     agaaaggggt agaaagtagg aaatgttcat ctctgcaggc aattcaattt ctagctgctc     22080
     cgtggagaca aagcaattag tgtggattgt caaggtggtt tgtgtgaatt ggctacctgc     22140
     ccattatgaa ttggactggg attaactagc tcgttccaaa cactccaccg aattgcaaat     22200
     ggccatatga aagagatttg cagccaccag caacggagcc ggatggaagc ctcaggggta     22260
     aaagtttgac agcctcctag tagccatcag taagtctaag actccttaag atataccctg     22320
     tccctcaaca ttgccctttc tctacctcat gatcttgctt tagtaaaaag ccttcttgcc     22380
     catggggagg ctcagggctg ttctataaat aagcctactt actaccccaa gcgaacaact     22440
     cataagcaat ttttattagc aacaccatag cttactggtt ctgatacttg aaatcttcaa     22500
     agcccccagg ggagagacaa gacaaatttg attttcaggt taccttcaac acacacatcc     22560
     agaactggcc aatctttaaa aaagaatata ctcagggtct ccaacacatg gctgacatca     22620
     ttagcatcta tgactcaatt tttaagtgga ctctgtggca atcccaggca ccaaaccctc     22680
     ccatcctagg cgtaggccct ggcactcagc aatcagcact agccaagagc atgcttgctc     22740
     cagaatgatc atcttcaaga cagagtccag gcagacctta ccagcaacca tctatcgtat     22800
     cttgtaggtc aatatagata actgctgttt tcttccctca aatgcattgc cctttaggct     22860
     taggtgagac tgatcacctc catcggtatc tgaccagagt gtttatgcca ctgggcacca     22920
     ttctccaggc catccatgac acttcatgtg tggatctagg aattctttga accaatacgg     22980
     ttgctcatct ggcaaagttc tgtttttcag tgttacttct ctgcattagt actaggaaga     23040
     aaataaaccc atttccacat atcctcacta ttatgatgga tattgcatga atacacattt     23100
     ccgaatacat tttgaagttc agtcctaatc cctgcttatt accctctgtc agaccataag     23160
     tctcccagac gcctgcaaag gctacctctg gacatttctt gctaacctgg cctgggatct     23220
     ttaggacctc accagagcca acagccctgt ttttcaatcc caaatctgtg ctccctgctc     23280
     agtgtgttct gcctggagag atggactttg agccagcatc cttgggccca catcacgtac     23340
     ctgagtcact gtagtgggca aaacttcctt ctagacccag accttccctt tcagtttgtt     23400
     ctgtagacct ggagtcacct gcccaaatga agagtttcca tgcccctgac acagaggatt     23460
     taatgaaagg atatcagttt gctaacccct ggaacaaaca ctccaacggg caatgacact     23520
     tggttttgtc ataaatagca gtttgtttct tgagcccata ggagtagaaa ctcaacctgc     23580
     aggcccagat gtgagttgag tcagctacag gatttgggga agttcaagtc tatgagaaca     23640
     agatgtttgg caatgtactg ggctcaaatg cttaacacag tcaactacca gaaactttca     23700
     aaacacccct caaaaatccg tcttctcatc ataaatcatg actggaaatt caaataaaac     23760
     aaacatggca agcatccctt tcttctggct gcactagctc tcaatgaaga atgctgtagc     23820
     aggaaagaag ctcaatttca atctagttct acattttaca gtatccagat cttaatgtca     23880
     aacataaaaa tcactagtac aggaattcct gatttagaca taatctcatt tgattgtatc     23940
     agtcatctat aatctatcaa tctatcacct atcagtcaat ctatcaacta tctatcatct     24000
     atcaatccat catctatcac ctattatcta tcaattaaac aatcatttat ctatcatcta     24060
     tcaatctatc atctatcaat caatcattta tatatcatct atcatctatc aaccatctat     24120
     atatcatcta tcatctatct tcacctgtct atccatcatc tatctatctc acatatttat     24180
     cacttatcta tcatctatca ttctatcatc tatgtatctc tctacatcat ctatctatct     24240
     atgtatctat ctattaatca tctatctgtt aatcatctat ctatcacctt cccccatcct     24300
     gaaagtaggc tttgggtatt cattggtact attggaaggt aggtgaaagc tacatcaaac     24360
     acaactgtcc ttcaaataat gaactacttt ttaaaattta ggaaaagaag aacagctgta     24420
     ttttaaagcg aacaataaag ccagaggtaa tgtggggcca gtgtctgttc agcacaaaga     24480
     gcccgacttg agcatcccca atctcaaacg ccatttctgt acttttaaac tttgttcttt     24540
     gctcaacgac agtcagattt agaaaactcg aagatgacca gaccagccat gactatttcc     24600
     accatggcta atttttctta acacacacag gaagccaatg ttagaacaat gaaatataat     24660
     ttatccctca aaggaactct aagagcccac tgcttacttc acagtgcaac tgcttagtga     24720
     cagaggcaac tgtgagccct ttccctctga caatgggctc tagagcagag gccaggtctg     24780
     ctgggctcta caggaatgta tttactggaa cactctgaca ctaacaacag gatcgaatga     24840
     caggctcttc cttcagaaaa ttcagtcaga agcgcacatc cctcgcccgg caaggggctt     24900
     tttgcacaca tctgtttcag ctcagccccc cagagatgtc taaaatctaa ttaaccaact     24960
     aatttgcaaa tatattctaa tttattcaag gcagatttta ttggacgtta aaattacctg     25020
     acagtgaacc atacacagta cacaagagca ggacctcact gaagggtcac aggttactcg     25080
     ggcataagga tggcttatta tattccggcc cacatataat tttgaatagc aaagagaaaa     25140
     tgagttggca ttttctccat cttcattagg ttgcatactg ctaatatctt tgtgagaaca     25200
     caggggtgac aggtcctgtc caggtgtttc catcgcacct cctctagggc agcaataggc     25260
     agcactgcct ggaagcaaag aactgcagca aaagatacaa gaaaggacgc gctttgtccc     25320
     aatctgtttt ccggtggtga gagaagagaa atttaagtta tgggaaaagt acagtgtgcc     25380
     atactgggaa ttacaaactg ctgttaattt gcatgcagag ctctgttcga caacaaggca     25440
     gtcacagcag gtagcaatgt ttactcagac aatcaagttg taatttactg aacttgtgga     25500
     taaaaaaaat aaaaaaataa aaaacaacat aggatgttct taattggtac atcacaacat     25560
     tttacccagc tcagtgattg cacagctata ggtaaagaac gagactaaca ctgtgctaag     25620
     ggattgtcta gtttacaaaa tgaaagtaga atcccatgca ctctgtgaca cctaacttaa     25680
     cggagcaccc atcttaatat ctctatgtca ttctagagag ctgctaattg tgataatatt     25740
     aaagaaatat tggatttttg gtgattctaa tttattaaaa aatttaaaaa acttagttgt     25800
     attatttgta aaatgaaaga aaagacatgg taatattata ctgttattgt acttttaaaa     25860
     tatatatttc ttctattaca actaacatct aagattggca aacatacaca gataaaattc     25920
     tgaggccaag aaaacaactg ccaggaaata tatatctagt tcagggttcg gaaaaccaga     25980
     tgggattctg tatactacac taggttttat tcaaggctca gcaaggaatt acaagtcagg     26040
     tggtcataag agtcttaaac accctagtca agtgctatat agctagccat actttcaagc     26100
     cttggttttc taagatgggt ttgctctata tcccagattg tttttcaaga tgataattct     26160
     cctgcctctg cctcctaagt gttggggtgc accttcaaac tcagcaattc agagtgatag     26220
     agtcaactac atggcatgac tgtgtcctca caaatttccc atgcatgaga atcctaaccc     26280
     tagagacaat gtgtggtgga atctctgagc ggtgactagg tctagaggga tgtgccacca     26340
     ggacgaggaa caactgtccg cctggccttt cttcgtgggc cagtagtaga caggggccat     26400
     ggtggctgct gaaactggag gaagaaaccc ccttccagct ttccaggcaa gtggctgcag     26460
     gaaggatgat gctactgggt aacaagctgt tttcttgaac ataaagaacc gaagtgaata     26520
     caagcagaaa atactctaag cacctattgg tgccaagaca ctccatgagt tgcccaccat     26580
     gcagagatga gtaatattca agccttggcc tggaggcgct aagagtttaa tcatctaacc     26640
     attgatcaaa caggcacaat aaagagtgat aaataggatg tgctggaagt atactcagag     26700
     agcatcaggg tgcgctaaga tagagaagca tctaactcat gaggggtgta tccagaggaa     26760
     atgacacttg aaatgaattt taaagaacga taggatttag aggcagggaa ggaggggccc     26820
     gtgcacagac ggggacggag agattgcaaa agagcacagg ggaatcgaga actcagatcc     26880
     gaaccaggaa ggagcacaga acgggttatt gcagaaacgt tattttaaaa tagatttcac     26940
     tccagaccaa agatttatga cagaatctta ggaaagtgct taaaaaatat gccacccttt     27000
     tggtctttgt tgataagtag ggtttggtat tgtggtgttt tctgtctttt tttttttttt     27060
     aagaaataat ttattttgat tttacgtgta agaatatcat gtctgagtgt atgtatataa     27120
     ctcggcacca tgtaagggcc aagtgctaag tgtgagacca gaagagagca ctggcatcag     27180
     agcttactgt tggctgtgag cggcggtgta cagatgctgg caatgcaaca atggttcaga     27240
     tgctcctaca tatggagcac cctcccagcc ccaaattgct atttcttttt ttttttttta     27300
     aagatttatt tatttattat atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga     27360
     gggcgtcaga tcttgttaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact     27420
     ctggaccttc ggaagaacag tcgggtgctc ttacccattg agccatctca ccagcccccg     27480
     ctatttctta aaaagacttt cctccccgat aacagaagta aatatatagg aagctaggca     27540
     cagtagccat gggcttttgt tctataatcc tggcattaag gaagtgaggg gatcaggagt     27600
     ccaagatcaa ccttacctac acactaaatt caaggccagc ccgagctata cagagaagcc     27660
     tggatgaaca atatacctca aaacaaaata tgtaaatagc agtaaaaata taagcgatgt     27720
     agtgcatctc attgtaaaag atcataactt gggctttctc ttcgtccttt tcctaataag     27780
     acacaacgct aacagtaaag tattaaaggc tgatgcaaaa ttaaacagta actttttttt     27840
     ttctgtttgc catccattct tcattgcaca aaaacttgct gagcaatgtc ataggtatcc     27900
     ttctaaggtg ctaaaatcat gacaaaaaaa gaagttaaca accaaattta catacagacg     27960
     ccacaagcat tcatagacat tggatctccc tgtctttggg aaagaggaca acagaaaaac     28020
     agaaaaacta tatggtcatc tggagcggat gtttctaaaa gtagtcactg gtttggacac     28080
     agaactaacc atgatgctgg aacatgttac aatacttggg cattccagct ctaatgacta     28140
     agtgtctcgg agaccttaga ttttaattat agcttttgtt gttgcatttg ctcaagactt     28200
     tccctttgtg ggctcacctc tgtcctacat gacttcagta acccgaggcc agggttgctg     28260
     gacttgctaa gattttgttg gcctcccaaa ggaaggtcac accatgaatg atgaaacaga     28320
     tgtagggacg gctaagaagt tagagcacta cccaggaaaa gccccagcga tgggaaggga     28380
     agtgagtgac ggtcatgagc ccagtgagca ctggtgggtg tgacccacaa aactgaccct     28440
     tgcactatga tgcaactatg gtagatctgt ggtgggaaaa acaataatta gacccccaat     28500
     ccaaatgtaa acacttccac aggagtctgc ttaaggagga aaactcttcc cacgggacct     28560
     tttttaacca ttttatttta aagagatcag aaagcctctc tgtgttgaaa tgtctcagtg     28620
     ggaagttctt tagtactgct tcttaaaacc ggcctaacta tgacaataca gaggaactga     28680
     gccaatgagt gggagggctt ggtgggttac gccaaaggcg aggttcaggt cacagaatac     28740
     aacaatgttg gtttcctgca ggattcgatg catttattaa gatacaggcg tctagtaagt     28800
     cttcaccttc aggatagtac tagaacacaa tcaaccctcc ttttggaaaa ctgttttcta     28860
     aataccaatc tgcggacaaa ctcggcaggg aatggtgttt tacaccattt aatgattcta     28920
     gtgctaaacc tgagaaatat tagcatggca gtgtgatgca catggtatgc tagtccgttt     28980
     gggttaacgt aagctgcagt aacaaatgag ccactatctc acagtcatag agttatattg     29040
     agtgctatag tctgcatgct ttccatggga cccaggcaac acaatacctt ccttgcctct     29100
     agaatataat tgctttcatg gcagagggaa cagcaaggag aatggagcgt aatgcttctt     29160
     caagactttc ttacaaagtg gggcagttgg cttcatctca ccgagcatag gctagagcag     29220
     gaaaacagca gaagtcaaca gtgtaagaat atgttctgtc ctgagttggg ggatgggaaa     29280
     ttaaacacgg cggatgaatg gctgtagcat ttttcagaac ttagacagca gctaaaagaa     29340
     agtacagtta ggacttccaa ccctgtcttt cctccagact tgtgatcacc attaaattgt     29400
     gaccgaatct tctaaagaga aatataactc ccgttcccat ggctgttgtt cctcataaag     29460
     tacgcaggat gcagaatgaa acagaaccag agagggtcac aggactaatt tttccctttg     29520
     cggttggatg tcaaacggtt tcttccaacc ctcaatcatt ctttccagaa gttcagcagc     29580
     tagagagcct gcatcgtgga aggaagggcc tgtctcctgc tctggccagc acaggcttcc     29640
     tgacatccgt atggtacttg gggttggcta gtgggaggaa gtagtcggag agaacaaaag     29700
     acactggaag ctttgctacg aagtaagtaa gcagaattag accactagaa agacagacct     29760
     ccgcagttct aaagggcatc tgagggctct gtttcttagc aacatgtggg aaacaccagt     29820
     cctgtctaaa ccctcttgca gcaattactg gtgatgattt tgcttcctgt aaagggaggc     29880
     cagggtgagc ctgcaacagt aaggaaaact agtcgacagc agagtgactc ttaaaaaaaa     29940
     aaaaaaaagt tgaaagccag acatggtggc ccattccctt aatcttactt agcactaagg     30000
     ggctggagac aaaagaagaa tcaggaattg aaggccagtc ccagctacac aggatgtttg     30060
     gggtcaactt cagccttttg agacagtttt ttttaaatta tatttcattt attactatgt     30120
     gtgtatgtag gtgggagtgc gtgtgtgtac tacagtgtgt gtgttagagg gcagaggaca     30180
     acctgaacca gttacttctc tccttccacc atgtggatgc tacagatgtg gatgttacag     30240
     atgtggatgc tacagatgtg gatgctacag atagaactca gcttcctggg cttgagagca     30300
     ggaatcatga ctcgctaagt gatcctacag acccctgaaa gagttccttc ccttctcctc     30360
     actgcttctc tttctctttc tctttctcta cttcctggaa gtaaggaaga acaagggcaa     30420
     cagcgtggtg caatatttat ggggttttcc caaaaaataa gagtctgctg tggtgataca     30480
     cacttataat cctaaatact caggaaacgg aggcaaactg agcttaggag cagaagacag     30540
     ttgtatcagc ctgggtaata tactgagatt acatctcaaa ggaaatggaa gacaagagaa     30600
     gtaagtggag gggtgcatag agggaaggag acccaataga taactgatct ggtttagttt     30660
     ctggccactc ctaaagactc atactcctaa aaaggccaga ggtgatattc tcttattact     30720
     ttgaaacagc tacccacctg cttaggattc aaaatcccta agccctaccg atgtccatca     30780
     gataattctt tccagacttc tacatatttg gaaactcaca ttagtttaca aacaaaatgt     30840
     taggggaact ttgtaagcac agaattggtt cctgaggtat tttaaacaga atcagaaatg     30900
     aatcccctca ctggccagga acttttgata actactataa tgcaaacaac tagcaatact     30960
     gtactagtaa gaacgcctct ccggaggcat ccagccattc acctaacgag gcttttaagt     31020
     gacaacctgt acctagacta gtgcatacca catcagcttc atttgcccca aatcaacatg     31080
     ccaaagccat cagagcaatg aatggccacc tcgctggctc gccaaaggca gatccatgac     31140
     taatatgctg acctgacgga attcatgaat aagttgttcc tttaaattat tgatggagct     31200
     tgtagatgaa gggacagagt gttctagtta gtgacagctt ttcatattgc cttcatggct     31260
     cgaaaggtat ggtcaattca tcaaaagcta gagctatagg agctttcctg tgaatgttta     31320
     agacctagaa aatacagccc acaattagta aacaatgacc caggcacaag ttttaaaata     31380
     tatcagaata cgcgttcatg atatattgat gtcaactttt tgttgacttt actgccgtgc     31440
     atgtatgttt ctgtatagac gtagtagaat gtctgtgttt gtgtgtgtgc gtgcatttgg     31500
     aggccagagg tcagcgttgg cagttatgac tcagtaggcc cttccccttg tttgtgaagt     31560
     taagtatctc actggcctgg agctcaccaa gtgggcccgg cttgatgggc agccagcccc     31620
     agacaacccc ctgtctcttc tttggctctg gttttgcaag agtgcacgcc actacagtaa     31680
     gttttatgtt ttgtgggttc tggggatcaa actcagatgc ttacgcttgc aaggcaagca     31740
     ctttacccag tgggctatcg tcccagcccc cacttatgat tcttcccttt gaagaaccta     31800
     agctttcaac tgcactgact gattcttatt ttgaatgagg tgttgtttag gagcacatat     31860
     tctcataaga aacataaata cctggtgaca attccgtgta gatgatgaca atgttcactc     31920
     agccagagca ggccgtgctc tgatgcaggg gtggtaacct gtgctccatg ggctacctgc     31980
     ttttataaat caacttccat tggaattcag caaccttccc tttattgttg ttctatctgc     32040
     ttttgtgcaa accccagctg agtgcaatag ctacattagg tacactaaag cctacagggt     32100
     gtaaaatgtt atctggcact tcaaagaaat aaagcttgtg actcaggatg cagttcattg     32160
     ctccatctcc cactctggag cactgcctag tttataccgt ggctccctat gtagtagggg     32220
     aatgaatgaa ttcatgaatg actctcggtt ttgaaagtag ggccggccag cacttaccac     32280
     ccatttaaaa gctattgcat cacagcctca cagaaaaggt catgcgtgtt gactctgtca     32340
     tagtgacata taagtcaggc tacttgagtc tcagagttcc aaatacatgc ggtttcagaa     32400
     ctgaagccag ttgtaaggca atgattggtt atccatcaca aagcaactca tactgctatg     32460
     aagactcgac tggggaactg caaacacatc caagccagcc agtctctaca agcccaggtc     32520
     actgtttatc ttgaaacaga aacagaaaat gtcaattgga cagtgtgtct tccacctccc     32580
     aaaggctggc agtgactttg tggttgaaga taactctgga aaactgaatg gaaacaacaa     32640
     caacaaaaaa aaaaaaaccc cacacctagg ccaggcgtgg tgtcgcatgc acgcctttaa     32700
     tcccagcact tgggaggcag aagcaggcgg atttctgagt ttgaagccag ccttgtatac     32760
     agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggttata agagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aataaattaa     32820
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaatgaa aaatttttaa aaacccacac tcacctccca     32880
     tcccaagtgg catagcaaca tatgcatgtt ttccttccag aaatcaaaga acaactgagg     32940
     tgaatatgtt tgcccaaatc ttattctgat gagaaactct actaaaagcc atgtagagat     33000
     aagccttgca aaaaatttct accatgatac agcatgttca gtgtgccagc ttagtaagaa     33060
     catggtaacc agggcaattc aagcaagcta aatttgttat ttagctttag tggcaaacag     33120
     gtaggtacgt tgattggatg ctagggagaa cagggaccaa gcctgacatt gaacctgaga     33180
     ggagcccaag aggtcaatta atttcctctt cagacaggct actcgatcag ttccttagta     33240
     gtggcagtca ggaatttagg ttctctatgt ctaacagaac tgatatacta cactttgcac     33300
     agtttgttgt ctaagaacaa aggaaggtcc aggcccatac aatgccaagg atccaaaaaa     33360
     aaaaaaaaag cagacttaaa acatagtact ataggatatt gggactagct agtttcatgt     33420
     cacattgacc cagactggat catctggaag gaagtactgt cagtcgagaa aatacctcta     33480
     ccatattggc ctctgtgcaa gcctgtggtg catttttctg gactgatgat taatgaagaa     33540
     aagaaggtct acctcactgg aggtggtgca acccccaggc cctatacatt gtcctggatg     33600
     gtgtaagaaa gtggggtgag caagcaatgg gaagtcacaa ggagaaagca gcatccctcc     33660
     atggcctctg caccagcttc tacctccagg ttcctgccct gtttgagctc ctgccttgat     33720
     ttccctcatc aatggagtgt gagctgaaat aaacctcttt ctccccaagt tgtttatggt     33780
     cacggtgttt gattacagca acaaaaacac taagtcaata ctaactgttc acagaagtaa     33840
     cctaatctgg ttaacctgcc cagaagtttt gtcctctgtc accaataagc aaaggtctag     33900
     aaaaagtgac ataaggtttt ctaagtcctg gaacctttta aaataggtac aggtttgtgg     33960
     catttaaagg ggagtagaga tcaggacagg gacattgaca tcgaaggttg tatatgatct     34020
     gcactgtatc caggccaatt tctgctttct atgacctttg tgtggacact cttaagatta     34080
     caaccatttc caagtgattt ctgaaatcac tcttcagcag acagtgctcg gccttctcct     34140
     aaaggcacag ccagagcaaa cagcaataaa agcccaagga gatgatcaca gctacagaac     34200
     attcatcagc caggcacacc agctaggatt aaaccctggg cccacacagg ctctgtgcta     34260
     aagataatgt ctattgatac tcatttctgg ctttggagac ccgtcccaac tatcacaacc     34320
     agcaaatggt ccttgccatg ggtagttctt gccatgtgta cctgctagcg ccagccacct     34380
     gggaaggctt taaacagcta gggagccatg caggcagctg gggtacgcag ggcctttgca     34440
     gagatctcag actagctgga tctctactag catctgcggg tgagctgtag ccttgcatgt     34500
     acattggaaa atctgactcg tatgaagttg tcatctgtaa gacaatttca aaggtttcac     34560
     agcagaagca gaaaggtgca aactgctttg cctttgcctc tgagagggtg gaagcttctc     34620
     accctctcag ctcactgatg agagaggcat ttgaagactc agagagggtg agagcaaggt     34680
     gagacttctt tctccatgta tccttagagt ctcatgggtg tctgcttatg caagtagagg     34740
     ttaataagta actccagctg aaaactggac atatccctga aacaacaaat ttctgctctg     34800
     aaaattcctc aactctggtt aggcatgaaa ggaataaggc taaatattat tatccctccc     34860
     tttccatccc ccacctcatt ctctggtatc tgctgctcca taccagacag cctgaaaacc     34920
     aaaacgaatg tctcctgcct aatcactgcc aataaagaat ggaactgtag agggtggggt     34980
     ttacagggat aatgaattgc acaggcctct gtgatgatca attcttagta aagaatagaa     35040
     ttccatacac agtaagcctg ccgagtcgct accgtcggca tctacttggg gtggatatga     35100
     gtaagtagtg agccttttgt tgaatgaagt tatcagcggt gaagacatga ggtgggcctc     35160
     agggtccatc cacccctgat ggagagccac tgagtactgg aaaccaggca agcctgcttt     35220
     ctacttgtgt ttcagttgag tcacgtgtgt gcaacaggct tcatgctttt cttaacagcc     35280
     tgcttcaaac agaccatccc cgcccctccc cccaccccca agcaaaagca ctcacccgat     35340
     cgtcaactgc accggaatga acttcctaga atcccactaa cactccaata ttcccccgct     35400
     gtgcagtttt attaaacaag cgctgaggag agtggtttgc tgagggagga ggtgggcact     35460
     gaacccagct atatgctgag tgattaataa aaaataaaat aaaaagggag cttgctgctt     35520
     ctcactggct cggtaacaac atggaataac agcatggctc aatttccctt gattagcaca     35580
     aggatttaga tttgcttttc aaaaagtgct aatcagttta gcttaaatgg atcaaaacgc     35640
     aacacaaaag tggtttctcg gttaattcag gtctgctgat ttttcccccc ctgagtgcta     35700
     cattagagac ttatctaaag aaacttatct acatatagtt gttatttaga aaacacccag     35760
     ttagagattg ctgaagccca cggaataatt aatacggcag agtccagcca ccatggactc     35820
     tttaaaagaa ggaatagcta atagaatgac tctcttctaa tacacttcag tagagtcaac     35880
     attatccacc caagaatgaa gcaaataaat caactcattt tcaatacatt cctacaaatg     35940
     gccaggtata catgcaaaag caaatatttt aagtaaatat ttaaagatgg agcttgccta     36000
     gagatccatg ggtaaatttt aaagcaacgt caaattgtta tattaactca acgtttctta     36060
     atgtctaaag tctgaagttg ttctggcgat attgacatta gcagtggcaa gggaggagaa     36120
     aggaacccga aaacagattt ttatttccct tgaaatgaaa agtatcaggg aaagaaataa     36180
     gatcaagaat tgtcagtttt gagacacagt gaagaggccc tcagcctcct ccaagtccat     36240
     gtgctagctt ttcaggaaaa gggaacatgt acagcctgct tctaggaatg atggaggaat     36300
     gtttgcccaa actgcatctt aggcccctta gcatttctct cctgctctgc ttctgtttct     36360
     tctgatagct attcccaaat gagcgctatc tgaactcttc tttagaggct ccctgacaac     36420
     aacgtattaa ttttccccct ttgccttttg acatacttgg gaggtttccc aattcctgct     36480
     ttcccaggaa agccagaact cctgcggtct tctgcaccag acaatgatcc tttgatcatt     36540
     aatcaagggc tgataggagg tgtaaaggaa aagcagcaag tgcttaaaag tctgagtcca     36600
     gtgggtccat tttcaaaacc agttaaaaca agctcaactg aacgatattt cccaggatcc     36660
     ttgagatttt tgggctcact tggtggatct gatcatatat ttgttatgac attgtgataa     36720
     accaggagtg agacagcaca tttgttaaat acctgtcaca tgatttagag aacaaaacaa     36780
     aacagacact atattatatc caaagttcta gtttagagag agctggcctg gcatgaaatt     36840
     atttgagcat tgcagaagtt aaacttccat ggagaatact gttcaccggg gctctagtgg     36900
     ttggttgttt ctctgcccct atgggggctc tagtagacgc actccacaat tgacctggcc     36960
     cttaattcta ctccacaaat attggtggct actaagaccc acataaaagt gagtgcggcc     37020
     attctctcat caaggaaaat gtagctaggt ctcagcatat agtaagtact gagccagtga     37080
     cactacacaa gtgtgtctaa ttccatttca aagtggccgg gaacaaaaac aattaaattc     37140
     taaaggcaat ttcaacttga gagagacaag acactgagcc agttgccacc cactgatggg     37200
     caaagccttg tgggaaagct tgttccctgc cacttagggt aatctaacca agtcatttaa     37260
     ttatcaattt ttatcaattt gttatcaact tcagaaggta gccatcctca atgccaagtg     37320
     atggtgcaga atggacaaaa atattcaaaa gcttcaatct tcctggcaga aaaaactatc     37380
     tatgtaatac aagatagagg ttaacagctt ttaaccagaa caagaaagaa aagaaaagct     37440
     tagaaccttg tatcaggtgg ccagagtttg aacatcaact ttggactcag tgtctttgtg     37500
     acgttggact cagtgtcttt gtgacgctgg acagttagct agtctgtcca tgcctcaagc     37560
     ttgcacccat aaagtaagaa cacaaggcac aggaaaagga ggcattggaa atgcagcctt     37620
     gcatcctaac tttaccaaga accctttctt ctcatgtaaa ggcatcacct ttgtctttct     37680
     ttataacatg taacaatacc actggtttta tgcctgaggg cacatagcac ctcattgctg     37740
     tagttatcgg ttttctaaaa tatccgctgt taattctgta ggtaggccta tctgttcatt     37800
     cagaatattt atataactat gatgtctctt tatcctgcct ccacaaagaa agagcatact     37860
     gtattcaatc taccaaaaaa atagcttagg acttaatagg aagcgtcacg tagttctagg     37920
     aacacctcca atcacctttc tgtcttccca ttcaataatc tcctactttg cttagctgat     37980
     gtttccttct gatcaaatac ccacaagaca gattattata acagcataag gtgactctat     38040
     ttaatgacag tggcattatt ctgaatagtt gtttataaga acacattaaa agcaaaaagc     38100
     taacaaatct atagtatcat gcatggcaag caattagagt ttgcatagat actcttaaag     38160
     tcattttcac tgtatgctgt tctcagctct tagcttataa cccttgaacc ttggccccaa     38220
     aggaagccag aagccagcat ttctttgtac tgtcatccat acttgagttc tttacttctc     38280
     tgtttatcta agttacatat tttgattttc agatggttga agcaaacaca catgtctagc     38340
     cacagtggat gcttacagaa gtctctctag ccacctgagg aatggttaaa ggtaaccgtt     38400
     ccaagaactg tctacaaagg aagggtcctt ctctattctc tttctacggt aggcaatgca     38460
     gttgtgatag ctggaactgg agcaaccttt aatacagtga gatcataaaa cagcaggagc     38520
     tacattcctg gggttcatga agcctactcc tcaaccttaa gctacgaaca ttctgcaaac     38580
     agaaaaatga aatcctattt tactagaccc acagtttctt ggagatttct gacatttctg     38640
     ctcatcacct tcattaataa tgtaagtaat tcacaatttt taattagtgg tgtttgtgtg     38700
     tgtgtgttat gaatgggtgg gggcaaacat gtagaggtta gagacaaaca agaatcaagt     38760
     ccttccgctg atagttctag agatcaaacc ctggtcatta aggttttggg acaagtactt     38820
     ctaccccact gagccatggc aagtgtttaa atgcgcgtca tgaattattt aaaaacatgt     38880
     ggccaacaca tttcgtttaa gagtctcctt gcactacaag ttgtgttgga aacattttaa     38940
     ttgaaactga tagccaatag accataattt ccttggagag ctggagttgt tttctccggt     39000
     gattttacat ctccaaggat ttgcctagag ctccgctctc gggaatccag taagactttg     39060
     atggacataa cagcataagt attttaacct cacagtgaga tggaggcatc tgaagttgga     39120
     aatcactatt aatccccaac accatgagca tatacgaagt ggtccatgta gtgtactgtt     39180
     tttggatatt gctgaggaaa tatatgggtc taccttcctt ccatcttcag aaaacagcat     39240
     ccaaaaataa ctccgctctc aatggtggtg ttttatggaa ggacagcaat atgccaaagg     39300
     tatgatgtca tcatcagagt tgtagctcca gaggaaaagg cagcggtctc actgttctgc     39360
     ctcatggctc acaatggtta tgtaagttaa ttacccagct ttctcagaga aatctacagc     39420
     tggactcagt ttttacatga acaaaacaat tatttccctt agaaggtcat tttaagtaac     39480
     ttggagaagt gaaaaaacaa caagaaacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     39540
     acacacacac agagagagtg ttaaggttgc catcgttggg gtaaggtagg ttccagagag     39600
     atgctgctaa aattcttgta atacacaggc aattttcaga cctaatatat gaacaagatt     39660
     gagagaatct gatttggcat tggctagtat cacactttga gcttaaagtc agaggaagca     39720
     gggcctttta ctatgtagtc gatacagtac tctgggagca cagtaaaagt gaaccaccaa     39780
     gtctacaagg gttagtgctg ctcataatta acagggcatt atcatttcag atctgtagtt     39840
     atttaggtgg aaccaagagt ttctcaatac aactgaaagt aggaaaaaaa ctgaagttga     39900
     caggtcctcc aatacctcgc ctcatctcct aagaaccagc atccatagct gggcggtggt     39960
     ggcacacgcc tttaatccag caattgggag gtagaggcaa gcagatttct gaattcaagc     40020
     ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccaaga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct     40080
     cgaaaggaaa aaaaagaaaa ggaactagca tctatttgac cactcaactc ctttcctttc     40140
     tttttggaga cagggtttgg ctgggtagct ctggctaacc ttgaactcac agaaatccgc     40200
     ctgcctctgc ctcctgaatg ctgggattaa aggtgcgtac caccacctcc aggccaactc     40260
     tttgtctttt tgcagcctgt cttttcctcg caatacaaac actaccatag tataactctt     40320
     gtccttagca ggaagagcaa gacgaacaga acagctattt tccaataccc acagggctcc     40380
     ttcaccatga tgcctccttg tgatgctgac acaaccccct gcagctccct cttcacccac     40440
     agagtccaaa tgtcaagttt ctctgtgagc ttgcaatggt gtagcattta cgtgaaacct     40500
     ctttgtctac aaggttcacc ggaagtaaag caaactccaa tgggttgcag tttacttaga     40560
     acttacacta tgatgcattt acaaaagatt tcctgatcta ctagtttgat agatgtatct     40620
     ccattatcct gcttcgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg tgtgcgtgtg tgtaattgtc cccaatttga     40680
     cttgcactgc tatatgtgga ctagccccat atcctcttga aagcaggttg cctctcctaa     40740
     tttgaatcag ttttgctaat caggactaca acccagctgt atatgcactg ctgaggaagg     40800
     cagtcccaat ttcaggtcac cagagtctat cctaaacatt ctgatggcac gttaagtgct     40860
     ctgaaataca tgtataagtc ctatcaatga atttaaacag cttgatgatg tgctcaacaa     40920
     ggctatgcga acagcagata aatggctcga atctgccata ctgtcactta ccctgctctt     40980
     cagcagctgt aattgactaa tgggataata aggtggcagt ttacaaatct ggaagctatg     41040
     ctcctttgtt agaagagcgc ttgaggagaa aagtcaagac aacggagaag gtgtgatcaa     41100
     aatcattgtt ttggtgcaac agatttaaat atgcttttca gatgaactca aaaaaaaaaa     41160
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaactccc cagcattgta agtagagatg gtactaaacg ccactggatt     41220
     ggcttgacta gacttttctg acataggtca ttttcatttc agaagagctt cttctactga     41280
     actgcattta tttagactga ggaagaatcc taagtgagtc tgagaaagaa aatctttgta     41340
     ccagccttac ccaaagccaa gatgaccaat gacagcatct ctccccttta gctattccct     41400
     gtgtatctct caatcaatca tgcccacact cctgaagccc cttctctgac cacaggatct     41460
     agaaagggga cataatagat tttcgatata tacaatatgg cctgcactgg acaatccagg     41520
     taagacacta caattggctc catcttgaca acatgtggtt gtgcaggaca cccagaggaa     41580
     gattatacct gctcctaact atagcggcca ccactaggca ttgctctgtc aagaaggtat     41640
     gaaatacata caccaggcag aacatgaaaa gttaagtatc tcataggaca cctttgattg     41700
     gagaatcatt accaagtaaa ccactttaat tagcagaaga gagcaacttc tgcttcagct     41760
     caggcttctc gagccctcaa gtctaaaata cttcaatgtc agatattggg gtgaagggat     41820
     actcaactgg caaaatctat acaaatattc taaggccctt gtgcttccga gtatttcagg     41880
     tcaggagata tgactcagag aacacttgtc agctgagaga atggaaagga aaaggagtag     41940
     tagaggatgc cataaaccta taggaccctg aggtcatagt aaagaatgtg gctctcaatg     42000
     agagatggag gagcatcact gacaatgcca agaacaggga agagaagaaa tggtttacct     42060
     cccacaggaa ttcctctggg gcagctgagt agtaccgaat ttgtgggatg tggaaacaga     42120
     gaagacaagg agtttattgc cctggtcaga ctggaggtga ccacagctgt ggtgggtgag     42180
     gtaccaatat acaagagcta tagcatccag gtatgcacat gaagtggatg tggacaatga     42240
     aaaaagagcc taagacatca aggtttctaa gaaacctttc taagacaaag aatattttgc     42300
     cctgagatga gaaggctgct gaaaagaaca ttttgggtgt ctgcaggtca tggagcgggg     42360
     atggaggtgg gatcaaatga gagaaaggaa cgaacaactt gggtttggat atgttattga     42420
     aaaataccat cacaattttc tccatctgaa agtgtttctc ccgtttcatt tcctaacatt     42480
     ccagacactt tgtaggcata tttgcgtaaa atctataata tacacccaca tatgaagaca     42540
     catacacagg tatacataca tacaaaactg tatttctata tgagtattga agtgtattga     42600
     aattaagagt gggctgaagg atgggtaaat tgcataccct tctttagttt ttctttcaga     42660
     accagagatg tatcatcatg ttgatttcta agtgaattgt ctactgaaaa agagaacacc     42720
     tacctgcaca ttgatacaat gaagtataaa agaaaaacat tacaattttc caatctatcg     42780
     acagataaag cacggataag ccatttggac agaagcaaag gtcttcaaga acaaaggaaa     42840
     caatgatatt agaactagag agacttactt ctctatgcca aggccatatt ggaagtttgt     42900
     agggagaaag gcatggaaaa tgaagatccc tggaatcctc tgaggactga tgtgtgaaaa     42960
     cggaatttgt gttttaaggt gagaaaccta agctgacctc tgtgagatat agcagtagtc     43020
     atctgaaatg cttgtactcc agcaggctgc taagcaccca gtagagccca gcatgtgagc     43080
     tcacccctaa tccctggtac tatgctccat ctctcagccc agcctgaaac aggccattgt     43140
     tcgtgacagg gcactacttg gcacagcggc tgcgattctg gctcagaaag tggccaaaat     43200
     tccatccttg tcaacttcat ccaggctccc caaagccctg gttgtccatc catgtcatgc     43260
     ctgcactacc tcactttagc aagaatctta ttggcaagag tcagtttgaa aagaccctcc     43320
     actccagggg gccagtccaa tctccccaca gcaggcccaa tagcctctac atgtaataag     43380
     cacaccaaag agcttcgtat tggaaaaaga aaatcaaaca gtcaacagcg tcatacaaaa     43440
     ataaagggac atcactgaga cccatccagg tctgagtgtt atataaaaat ggtactgttg     43500
     ttaattacct gccaatgaca atgccaatga cagaaaataa tgagaatgtt tacccagaaa     43560
     actatcaggg actggcattt taaagtctac cagaataaca taggtaacag gcagagctct     43620
     tattcttcca tgatggctct ctgtcgctcc ttccttgact gctgacctac gtcaaaggtt     43680
     tcctactgga aacaattacc atgtgcttct ttctagcagt gaaagaagca agcccttttg     43740
     cctcctgtct agcatctggt cttacaccca aaacaacttt ccttagtgat catttagacc     43800
     tgagcaattc atatgttcat cccaacaaaa cagctgtaga cttctacatt gatccactgt     43860
     gaaacacatg acatggcgtc ctcagagcca taaatagaca tgtgggaaaa gcaataatgc     43920
     tgtaaaatgt aaagggggct atgtactgat attgtatctg gaacatctta agaattgagt     43980
     acatgttgga ttgtatctct gcttccaaaa atatatgtac tatgttgcag gattgcagaa     44040
     ggttaaatgt gtacaaatac aagcacacac acagggtttc aatttaagga aaatagtcac     44100
     caaaataaat ccctaaatta cgatgaacta aatctctttc ctataaaatc ttcctgttca     44160
     tctgtagtgc tataacctcc caccccacca cacacatggg gtgtggaggg aagaagaagg     44220
     aagaaggagg gaaggaagga aggaagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggagga     44280
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaaaag     44340
     tctccctacc cccttggtgc tgaaattcag aaacgaagaa gaaaattaaa atcagccaaa     44400
     aagaaacaac acaactcagg atttgagagg gagagcattt ggagcaggag ggagccagct     44460
     ggttagctgg ccttttaaag ggtatcagag aagcaggcac aaggccatta atcctgcagt     44520
     tttccttcca ttgccaactc tcagggctta cattactgag ccatcatgga gattaaaaat     44580
     gggtctccat aaaggtttct tcttccccag gaactctcct ctctctcctc cccacctgct     44640
     gccccttcgc acagcagcaa agtcaaatcc aaaagaaaaa tattaaaatc caacttggct     44700
     ttagggattt ggggaggtag ataagttcag gctcttatct gggctttagc acaagattcc     44760
     ttctctaaag tctccttaat tacatccaga gaaagagcag gcacaaagag aataactgcc     44820
     ctctaaaccc acggccttca gtgaagggct cacactcaca ggttgcatcc ccacaggaga     44880
     aagacgctgt tctatacttg cctccttgcc tccttgggtg gcaacctgca aggtcctgcc     44940
     cacaccagac ttctcacctt gtttcctgtc actcccattt gctcagcatc ttccttgctt     45000
     caaatgtgcc ccaatttccc tgctgggcaa atacactgta tctgtcaact ggaaagaatg     45060
     cttgacttcg gccatgtttc cattaggcca aaaatcagca gacagttaag aaccgaacaa     45120
     ctgcaacaga cttcatctgg ctgtcctagc taaacagaag catttcatcg gtaatctaca     45180
     gcctgtgtaa atgctcaggg tctaaacaag aatactaaca cccagcagtg cacagagcat     45240
     acatactgcc ctgcccaggg gaagtgattt caaccatggc tggtggtcac ctaacatagg     45300
     gtgtgacaat cttactgaaa agggagaaac ctaaaggccc actccactgg actgtttcat     45360
     ccataagctg tctgctgtgc tgcttgcctg tgccctaaac ctgtgctagg tacccacccc     45420
     tcgtatgatc tcagccaaca actgttaacc atctctgtaa gtctcactgg ctaaggagct     45480
     acagcccaac agcagacatg tttcaatccc agatccacct ttccaagagg gtcacgagcc     45540
     ttttcaagcc tcaattgtgc ttgctctgtg tgcatgaaca tagcacagaa ggctttttat     45600
     gagatactac taaccatgat ttattgtaaa ggaatgttat tattattttt atatcaaatt     45660
     tataaataac agtaaatgtc atctaaaaaa acaaagtgag gaagggattc cataatgtga     45720
     cttcatgtgt gttcatgtgt ttggtttttg tattcattgg gttgagtttg tgttctttac     45780
     ttttgtggat ttttaaaaat tttttatttt attagttagt taattttcta gtactgggga     45840
     ttgaacccag ggtctcaggc atgctagaca aacatcctcc cactgagcta ttttcctagc     45900
     cctgaagttt gttttgtatc ctcttagata catgatcttg aactgtaaag acctttgagc     45960
     ttcaaactca tcagtacaga ccttacaggt gtgtactgag ttatttggtt ccacacatgg     46020
     tctttaggta gcagctgctg tgccctactc tcctatctta cagagaaaaa ggacacatgc     46080
     agaatgtcca ggactcttta agaagcaagg cttcaagtta gcagtatgca cccaggcctt     46140
     tatgccccaa ccagagactc tgtctgatga ccttcatgtc agaagacaca gagcagggca     46200
     tgggggcaca catctggaac tgtacccact cagaagctga gagaagctga ggcaagatgt     46260
     agctccataa aacggctcca tgttggggtg gggaatgaag gaatgtgcct gtgcctctga     46320
     gagatcccag gcacactgtc ccaaatattg tcctgtgact aaggtttgca aactcaccac     46380
     ttttcttgtt ccaatcttgc aaactgagtg gttagacaga gttagggact tcaaagccac     46440
     gggtagtggt attctcagaa attcagccca ctgatcagaa ttgtggttgc tccaagacca     46500
     tgtctggcac ttttagatgc cactcttatg taattatgcc ttcatggcaa agtgaagcct     46560
     aacttccctt gccgctgcct tttttttctg ggttttgtca aatgtgtgaa caatgtgaca     46620
     caggaagtgg gccaccagac acttcctatg ccagcctagg aagccaccga aaaacaccct     46680
     gtctgtcctt gtcaagcaga gatgtatgtg aaggggaaat ccctaaaaca aggccaggca     46740
     gtcaggggct ccagttctgt gttacctcac tgccatttaa tacgttagag ggtttttaca     46800
     tcacccacta acaccaatct gcagaagcaa acgaaagatg agcaaacaca gctctcctga     46860
     gctggggaaa tgacaccaat cagatcagca gagagccagg aaacgactgt tttttgccag     46920
     ttcttgattt gttttgattc aaaacaactg gcccccaaat gttttcctgt tctgccctcc     46980
     aaatctaaag ctggaagaaa atgaagggat tgataataaa gctttcacta tgatggggga     47040
     ggggaggggg agagtgtaga ggcaatctga atcaaaaagg ccatttactc tcctgttttt     47100
     gaatacattt gttctgttct gataagtgca catttacact ggagagaaga tggttttcag     47160
     aataggcacc tactaggatt aaatttacat tctctgttca aatacaggca cacacatttt     47220
     aaactgacag ggctaggtgt taggttcaca ctggcaaaca ttcaaaggta agttgtttca     47280
     aggaacaaat tttgtaactt ccaaagctta aaaaataaat aaataaaatt ttctgctatt     47340
     cactttaaga ttagcgggac cccaagacag aagtgaccag ttttaatggc aaagcattca     47400
     tgacatatct tgccatactt gataacctgc acaggtctga ctaagcccag taagagggac     47460
     tgaaatctgt atgtataaat aattaggcaa aatgagcctg gagatgctct gagatttgcc     47520
     tggtgacaaa gtcacagtga cagcttgtta acgtgttcat tgaacatcac aagctccaca     47580
     agagtggctt tggaaaggat caagtgggtt cctactgggc aacacaggga gcttgtgttc     47640
     aaatgctcca taagtcaacg aatcctacac aacgaacaga ggaggctgca gatcatacct     47700
     ccaaggtaca ccaggcctgt gtttgcaaga agcagagaga tgaatgaaat tcaagggaaa     47760
     tcaaagttta tctgctgtca gagggttgtg gttggttggt tggttggttg gttggtttgt     47820
     ttgttttgat gatgccacct ttggaactga ggagtcagga aagtatacat ttaaggaaaa     47880
     aactatcact ttccacgtgg caatttgaag atggagaatt ccatgtccag acatactttt     47940
     gtttatttca gaggtgctga tctctagcca acgtagagtt caatgagcag tcaatgaggt     48000
     tcagttcagc cagtgcaaaa tggaagcagc gaggccattg gaaggtactc actggatatt     48060
     aggggatggc ttccaggatc atggatccta gtagggtaag cctaagtgtt cgtgtgtgca     48120
     ttgtgttcca tggggacaag gaggaacagg aggaagaaga ggaggaaaga cctggcagga     48180
     gacagagaga tggacagaca tgacatgtgg cctaagcaaa ggtccctagg ctgagggaga     48240
     caggaatgcc tctccgtgaa ggtctatgat atttatacag gctatgcact tttcacatgg     48300
     acagctggaa caaggaagct cttcacactg ttgtataaaa gcaagttcaa acactttagt     48360
     agtaggatta ctgtctggag gagaccacct gggctaggtg gctcaataaa ctcattccaa     48420
     ttcataacta agaatggaca gagatacagg acctaaaatt accatttaca tcctctgtta     48480
     gaggatgttg gtgacctcaa gttcaattct ggggttggga tctactctgc cttgcaatcc     48540
     ctcccaacac tgacacatgg agaaaaacca gcacatttgg ccaacacaca gctactaagc     48600
     tgaggcaact catgtcctgg ggcaggagag acccacactc catctggcaa tctgctgcct     48660
     acctaggccc ctggtttcac aagcctggtg aggatcattc ccgctagcaa tttactcatt     48720
     tagtggctag ctgagcccga ggaggaaaag ggcagaagaa gaaaaggaga gctggttatc     48780
     gacaaagccc tggcaacctt tctgtcggtg cccactgttt cttaagcatt tgacattctt     48840
     ttcttttagt tatcagccca tgtagggagc ggggtcaagc gtaggtctag ccaactcgac     48900
     agtcctttcc tctacaagcc gaattctaca attcctactg agaagtgcat ttgtgtgact     48960
     ctgtgcacag accctgccct tatagaaagc agccagcact ggtcaaaagc acaggcaaag     49020
     cttcaattct ggtcggcaag aaatgcactc tacagggtga gagccccatt tatttaccaa     49080
     ggacctcctt cgcaaaacca gagtgtggac ttccagaaca cttggctgct caccagcatc     49140
     accaggtcag gccaggaaaa cagtaacaaa cctaccaggc aaacagtata gagacctaag     49200
     gtagccttca gccaccctgt acaaagagga gagatgacac tgaagcagga cggtgcggat     49260
     tttctttcaa cccattcccc tctcctctct gtagcaaccc tggagctgct caggcttttg     49320
     atatcataca cttatccttc agcattgtca gtcaggacaa gagacattgc aaatgaactc     49380
     aactatctga gcacaggaaa ttcctttttt aaaaaaaagt ctgtaggcgt tccttggttt     49440
     ttcccatcaa ctctctaact tacaaagagg agtttattta tttttactcc acaagaaaca     49500
     tagtcctagg atctgtgagc attatcacca agctaaacag gcaacactgt cataaatcat     49560
     gcattcctcc catctgtatt tattaagctc ttaatatgca ggcagcaatg agtttgtcta     49620
     aatctgtgcc cagcagcaca aaagaggcaa agagaccatg taaagctgtc ctttgggaac     49680
     tcacctactt gagagtattt atttatgtat ttatttattt ctatttattt atgttctgca     49740
     atgtttgagt gctcaaacca aggagaggca gaataagaaa ctgtcaacgg aaagcccaaa     49800
     cactattcaa gatgctaagg caagaaaaaa agaagacaat atgatttgac tctctgtttg     49860
     ttgctctgag atagggtctc actctgtatc ccagactggt ctgaaacgca gaagcttgtc     49920
     tctgcctctc aagtgctggg attaaagaca tgtgccaccc tgactagcag actgcatttt     49980
     aacagcaagt tagctccgtg catggattgt aaggacattt tcaatgtatc tttccctgct     50040
     gtaccacaac tgcccagtga acaagtgact agagaataga aaatgctctg ttttgaaact     50100
     gtgcttatta tattaatatg ttagagcatt ttatgtttcc aatgtgtaag atcactactg     50160
     agttaggact gactcataaa aatttgatga tttatcattg attcaactaa acatgaatca     50220
     aaaatagcat tcctgaaagc agtcagacag tatgaaaaaa tccgtttcca tttccagtga     50280
     cctatagctg aaccccggtt cctccatttt tagtcagact cttgattgtc tggaaaaatt     50340
     aagtcttaca gcaagttgac agacaagctt tatcaaaata tcaaattcta atcaggaatc     50400
     tatgaacagg ctgggaccca gtgtgtcaga gtttcctggg ttgtccaggg tgtgagaaga     50460
     aactggaaat aacagggcag gtccaaatcc caaaacatca cactacaact gctattctaa     50520
     tgatggatgt taggaagagt cacattctca gatatagttc tctttgagtt cattcgtatg     50580
     tcccaattcc aatagtatgg aaaataacat ctgttagtca cggggaccag tagccttaaa     50640
     aatctgttca tgaactagaa cacagggaag ctgagttatc gcttggtgtc tcttcaggat     50700
     ctcctgttct cactaacacg ttggaataat taaggggact aagccggaga cattttatgt     50760
     actggattct gtcctacttc caggaattca attatctgga atccagagtt ctcctaaaat     50820
     gaaaatgaga gctgggtgtg atagcccaca cctttaatcc tagcacttgg gaggcagaga     50880
     caggtggttt aaggctagcc tggtctacac aatgagtttt aggacagcca aggctacaca     50940
     gaaattccct gttaaaaaaa aaaacaaaac aaacggagct agagagatgg ctcagtggtt     51000
     aaaagcactg gcttttcttc tagaggtctt gagttcagtt ccagaaacta catggtggct     51060
     cacaagcatc tatgatgtga tctgctgcct tcttttggta tgcaggtata catgtagaca     51120
     gagcattttt aaaaaaaaaa gcataaataa ataaaatcca aagaaaccaa atagacacaa     51180
     aacaaagaac agaaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cggagaaaga     51240
     gcaaaccgag cagcaacgct ggtgtctatc tcttcttcag atttgcttta tttttaagca     51300
     ggcaagattc cctgctcttg ctaacgtact ggaattaagg gccctgcaag gaacagcttg     51360
     gaaggggaac ccgagccttc tcaagtacta gattctgttc tatttccagg actgcaatta     51420
     tctggaatca gagcccttct aaaaaggaaa agagaagaaa aagcaacaaa cctggtgcct     51480
     acgctctcct tgttcaattt atttttaagc cggcaaacat gcagcaagga atggtggtaa     51540
     aagcaggtgg ctacgttata ttttaagggg aaatggatga aggtaagaaa gtcacttaag     51600
     cctgtttgac ttcagttcct ttgtgtgtgg aatgagtata gacggaaact aaaataggca     51660
     ccatttctaa actgttacag agatcggatg agtgcatgct acgagccaga gcttgaagca     51720
     gagctaaata aatcacctcc acatttgctc tctgtagctc cagtgattcc caaaaggggg     51780
     tgccccgctc ctcccacaaa gtgacttttg gatgtccttg ggatcaagtc aatcaagaag     51840
     tctaaacaaa cattttcgga atagaataag aaaggaactt acagaacatc tggtcagact     51900
     caacagccaa gccctgccat cttgatatgg tgcccaacac ccggcaagca gctcagtaaa     51960
     ctgctgaata aaaagaaggt gattgatagc cagtttctga cctcctaaag gagctttcat     52020
     ctagaacact gtagcaagaa gaagagagcc atggtgggcc agtgggctca tcatccccac     52080
     gcccttatta cctttttgtc gtttatcttc taattacagc caaccgcttc caataggcca     52140
     tgtcctccca ctctttagaa aaaaagcgta gttatgagga catgggctga ccaggatggg     52200
     ggcagtgaga gggatgtaaa gtgaataagt aaataaataa ataaagacta aacgtagttt     52260
     atagaagctc catttgctac ataaaaccaa tcccaatatg gcaccgttta gtgtgtcttt     52320
     ccaaacaatt ccacgtacca tggcatagtt gttcctccca gaggctgaag cacacagtag     52380
     gaatttaaca agtgatttta aaatgtttac tttgtcccct ctgtctctag cctagactga     52440
     ccttgaactc ctacattttc aacaaccact tccccagtgc aatgatcatg agtgacatgc     52500
     ctggctatta atttgcttct tgatataatt cttggaacac cgtttcagaa gttgtgtaat     52560
     gacaggtgta tgcactctct gtgctcaact agtttcacgt ggatagagtg tgtatacaag     52620
     gagtcataat gaaataagaa aagtcaagag tgatatccat ggcagacatt agcaatagat     52680
     ctcatagctg ttgaagtcag gaacactcaa aagccttcta atatggaaaa ccaagaagcc     52740
     ataaccaatc aatctgagtt gtcactagtt taaatctatc aatcattcca ggaatgtgtt     52800
     accctccaat atgacatctc gggaagacct cataacccca gagcatgtgt taactctgct     52860
     aatatctgag gtaaaaaaat tccttggagc atgaaatatt catattttgt gtgtctaact     52920
     tcacacacaa ctggtatgta tcaaaaccaa atactgacat aggccctacg catctgaaaa     52980
     attaatgggt gaaaaagatc ttacaagaaa aatacttgtc tcattaggaa agaagagcat     53040
     ctggcttaca tctaatttta aggagaacag tggtggcacg ccacctgaga cagcagacga     53100
     ggaccagtgt gtcataaaga ttttactcac tcccaagccc catcttacac agctttacta     53160
     atccaaaaca tggagagtca caaaacattt ctgagcacag aagcaaataa aaaaataaag     53220
     aaaaggaggt agcttgtgtt tacgcatctc tttcaccacc agatacaaaa acagcctaga     53280
     tgtgcctgat tgtatatgtc aatctgcaaa tagatctagt tctctgctga agagactcta     53340
     tcacccaaga aattcccctt tccttctttc cttatcccaa gccaatctca gacctggcag     53400
     caaggctgcc ccagcaaagt aaatattact ataaccaagc tattgcccaa caggcaagtg     53460
     agttagttgt caacatttta ctaaataatg catgttgtgc atccatgagt acagcaattt     53520
     gccctcatca ttctttactt ttctactctc gctcctagtt ttcctgatct tttgaccact     53580
     gcaccagggt tgctttagac acccagcacc agagccctgt acacatggcc gagggacaca     53640
     aactgtgtca ggaggaggac ctactgcagt atgggtttct tgttcttata tgagggcttt     53700
     tgatattggt aatacaaagg aaagcccctg gtaagaacta caccagacac taaacctgtt     53760
     gcaaggcaaa gtaactaatt agaactttaa tgactgtgag tttggaatat taaacgtcca     53820
     tagcctaaca aaaatgtacc ttgcactatc tttagtccca ttaaaagcca gtccgtcctc     53880
     gcctctgtgt ctgacctaac acttctgtaa ctatcaggta aaatatgtgg gagtacacta     53940
     gcagaaccct attttccccc aaacaaaagc ctaagaatgt tgtcagatag catgggcgcc     54000
     tacacctgag acttcccagc tttggtctaa ccttcctacc tgtggtctcc atagaggtac     54060
     tttaaaggag tcttgattcc tggctttctt tggtcactgt aaaacctcta ggaagctgct     54120
     accacactga acatgggatt tagggtatac tgagtctgtg ttccttggct agggtcactc     54180
     aagcctggct ccagaataaa ccgtcttttt cttcctctga ggtaagagct gtgtttttgc     54240
     attgacagtg ggtggaaaca tcattagttg aacattctgc actcctatgc tcagagctga     54300
     gcataccggc acttacagct gtgacacttg aaaactgaaa agctcaatta attattaaca     54360
     ctggaaaaat gagatgttct gaatgaaaaa taagctctcc gtctgccatt tttagtaacc     54420
     acaagtgatg ctatactgtg tactaaccca tgagctatgc tgggaagttc actgtcacaa     54480
     aacacttaga aattggggaa acccattcta ggtcttcctt attaaagcca cattttaaaa     54540
     acaaatcacc ttagaagaat ttatctgaca tcaggaggag ctcatttttt aaagcaactc     54600
     ataaaaagtt tggtgatcag cttgttaaaa agttcaggtt ttatatgtgt ataaaacaca     54660
     cctgccccct gtttgtttgt ttgttcgttt gttttcgctt ttcttttaca ctttaacttt     54720
     tcaatttact taataagggc ggctctaagc atggctttgg aagaaggtta agtacttaca     54780
     cttccttatt tataacactg aagggcaatg tattacctca aataccatct aaactttaaa     54840
     gaattaattt ctccactatt taagtcaaac attcaagttt ctgattaacc tgggcaacag     54900
     ctctttgtca taggaacata ggagcctaac tgcctgcttg ggggaggggc gtttttcaat     54960
     aaagaaatgc taacaagaat gtagagttag ggagaactcc acagagctat tttccaaaac     55020
     tgaatttaca aaaaaataag tgaaaattaa gactatttca tatctactac aaattagtct     55080
     cttacaagtt agcaggatca ggcaatggca tcttagagtt acttgtacac aagaattcgg     55140
     aaatcgtttt ctgtctccca ggctctaaac agctagggtg ttgaagatga tgaacagtct     55200
     tcgtaaccta taccagtcct tccaacaagg gactctgaag tagtctgagt gttctgacct     55260
     ttttaacaaa gataaaacaa aatgaaacca gaaaaaccca aacaagtctt tatacaattt     55320
     acttgtctgt cctaggagtc actaagtcaa atgaggctaa gaccctggca gaccacccgg     55380
     ggacacaaac ccgaggtctc ccaattccag tgttgagctc tcatctgtaa aatggactaa     55440
     cgggattaca cagatagcca ggccagaagt aatcttgact gatctttaat tagctgtaaa     55500
     tgaaacagct agtttcctaa ttccactgta gtcggaatgg cctgactagt cgaatttctc     55560
     aatgacttcc tgcaatttag gccacttgtc ctttcctagg taagtctacc ggtttatcta     55620
     catcagcctc tgtaaatcat gctaaatggg taggctaagt aaactccata aaaaagaaag     55680
     ccaacccaac tcttacataa aacagggcca tccagctcta acaatgcagt gtctccaggg     55740
     cctgaaaatc ctaaggaaag aaggccctgt gctggctcca gccagggcat ccatgtcctt     55800
     cagtgtcttt tagcacttcc gggcttttga tctgctagtt aaggcccttt caacagcccc     55860
     tcaattgcca ctcctatgac aatggactaa tgatagagct gtcaaaagta aaagaactgt     55920
     ttaaactgtg acattttatt atcctttaag aaatctaatt caactccaac tgtttgggga     55980
     aaaggtgtcc tgccggaata tccttaaggg gaagaggaca gatttctcaa tgaaacagac     56040
     ataccaaagg gctgatgaca gagatgacat tcacttaaat acctttgaag catttacctt     56100
     ttttcctgct atctgttcct tacactgttc aagttaacca gaattttttt aaaaagggaa     56160
     actcccggaa atggtcctga ccaaagtcca tctcttggtc agtatttagt attcaataaa     56220
     gtttgtttta catttggctc aaaattgtgg gattggtttt tctccagtga ccttgggttt     56280
     aacagtagaa agaaaggtaa gagcaataac cccgacgcag gagttaggca tgtgcctgga     56340
     ctgcaagcag aagaaaggcc agtgtggcca ggaaaaacaa atgaacagaa aaggggtagg     56400
     ggataaggtg tgagctgagg agactgagac cagtctctag ggggtttttg aagatgaatg     56460
     gggttcagtt caagtgtgat ggaaaaattt tgaaggtttt aagagtttta acacactatc     56520
     tgactcctct tgaatttgtg atagagaacc tctagccatt tagtacagca tgtcctgaat     56580
     ttttcattta atgaaatgga aagtaaacaa acaaacaagc aaacaacacc tagccatgat     56640
     atgaaggttg tactataagg acagaacaga gcatcaagta attattagta gtatgagtaa     56700
     attaacggaa ggatttaggg ggtggagggt tgaggaattt gggggtgggt aaggaggtaa     56760
     cggttggggg agggcagaac ccaaagtcag tggtttatct gggaacatct cttgttcagt     56820
     aagttgactt taggggaagc tgggtggtgg atagagttct ccaaagtgtc ccagtcatat     56880
     tgcaaacaga aaattatttg ctaaagctaa atcaatggaa cgttagttgt tcacagtcat     56940
     acaactgctc ttgtgacttg tacataaaac aaaacaaaaa ccttctttcc aagtcttact     57000
     ttttaataat ttgaaaagag ccaggcagtg ctggcacatt gttcttaatc ccagtactca     57060
     ggagtcaggc tgatctctga gttcctgacc accctggtct acaaagcgat ttccaggaga     57120
     gccagggcta cacagagaaa ttctgtcttg aaaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca     57180
     gttcaaaaag aacaactcct tagtaggatg caatatgtat ttgctatcta tcggtcatga     57240
     ttcagtgttc aaaaacctct ttagtaattc tggaggagag aattttacaa attaatctgt     57300
     aaagatggcc atgatatgag cctagcatac actgaacatt tctgtttctt ataagggctg     57360
     cctgtgcctt aatataagac aaaatgtttc aacagatatt cgataggagt catcggttca     57420
     cagctccaga tagatcacat acgtgaaggc agggaaggcc aaggtggtct gctaaggaag     57480
     acagagtctg aactagaaga aaggtaaatc agagcaagag cactgtcccc cagtcagcct     57540
     actcatagat aaggtgacac atttgtctac tggcaggact ctacttcctg tgcagagctc     57600
     taggtaagat agtcaggttg atataggatg cagtcactgc acgttcacac cagaaaatgc     57660
     cccatgaaac cctaggagta tgggaagcac atcctgtccg ctttcctagc cctgggaaag     57720
     gtcagcacgg aaggactgtg agagcaaagg tgacatccgg gtgatctgat gtagagcggg     57780
     aagaggtgtc aatggggaaa gggaaatcaa cctgagaacc agttatgtgt gggcctgcct     57840
     ctgtttccta ggctatacag tttaaatgct acaataacct ggcctacgag tcaatggccc     57900
     cattattcag ataaattcac aaaggcttaa aaagtgaaaa tgggcaaggg ttttggcact     57960
     accttgagga ttctttctag ataatcatgg cagtgtccat gagaacctgg actagaaaaa     58020
     aatcaatata gccaactagt attgtttgag tgtctgagaa atgactctgc cgttgggtac     58080
     tgctaggaca tggcatagaa cacagaagcc tctaaggccg aaatctaaag gatgccagcc     58140
     cacagtgatt gcagatgcca gatgaaccag agacaagcca cccaagactg gtggctggtg     58200
     ccaggctcct ctctggctga gggtcactgg acatcaccac agtctacaaa agtttgacaa     58260
     cctttgctct aaatgtgtgt gactggggaa ctggtcatac tggaagcaca tgcttcttag     58320
     gccagggcat ggctcacagc aattctttga aattattatt aagtaatttc ggtattaaat     58380
     tcccccatct gtataattaa actaatgaca caaaagatct cagataagag ggccacaaat     58440
     cagccttccc catagtaaga tgcctctcgt atcctctgga cagctagaga acgagctcgc     58500
     tccactgatc atctgaagac tacagactaa acagtgatgg ctccagccaa ggaaacctaa     58560
     gcaggagcat ccgtcagtct aaacggtcgg tacagagtct gcatcgagga gtaattaagc     58620
     ttagctattg caaagtacaa gaagggacaa aagtctaccc cagccatcaa agctattgag     58680
     actacagagc tgccctgtct aacatacagc aaaccaagaa ccaagagaca agacaggtct     58740
     gtgacttgtg tctgtaatcc actctggagg ctgaggcagg gaaagtggca caagttccaa     58800
     gccaactggt ctacatatga gttccagatc agctaagcta catagtgaga ctgcctagat     58860
     aaactgcttg gagctttgga gtttttaact ctatcacaaa caagagcttg gctgtaaaca     58920
     attgctaaag caaggcttgt aacaaaagat aaggtttgaa tggattaagt cagctatggt     58980
     gtcatttttc ggattaagat accttgggag aaatgaaaaa taagaaaaaa aggagtagaa     59040
     agacaagtta aagaaagaat aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaccaggggt     59100
     gggttgacta tcaattcaag aagaaacaaa ggctatttaa gacaaggtgt gggaagaggt     59160
     gcacttaatg gccaacagtg gaaccatgct gctatggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg     59220
     gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga gactgttcaa aactgacatc ccctgtctac     59280
     aaatgcgtgg ctctacagct cagcctagta aactattatg ctactcaaaa accttaaggg     59340
     ggccatattc tgtaaccact aagtatggtc ccatcaagtt tttattcctg aaatttcttc     59400
     ttcaaagctc taagttcaag gacctatggg agggacacat aaacactccc ttttgacttt     59460
     attccttcct tccctgactt aagtattaca agttctcatt taatttaaaa caatgtcttc     59520
     atagctgaaa gggatctgga gagagtaact tcaggggtct gcttcacaga gcaccagctg     59580
     atggctaagg gagaaccact cggggctagg atgcacgcct tgtacgttag ggccaagctg     59640
     tcctgccttc tggtttacgc aacactctag ggctgcctgg ctgcagatgc ttgtggggag     59700
     cagccaggga ggatggggtt tgctttgcta gactggcttc gaaccctcag atgagtcata     59760
     cacgattatg caacatgaac accagaaggc ttggaaattt agtcaagtca agtcaagacc     59820
     aactggaaga aaaatgcacg cccagaattt tggaaatgcc aggaaaatca gcacctatct     59880
     ctccaatact gggcaccaag taaaagttac aagatggatc ctggataatt acaggacatc     59940
     acagaactaa gaccaactgg ggggttggaa aaattgttga cataacacta agcacttgct     60000
     aaaaggcacc aaggcagccc aaaagaactc caacctgtct aaggatccta gaattcctac     60060
     cttgcttgcc tgagccatta ccggaagtta acatcaagcc tcacagaatg cagagaatgt     60120
     tctagaaact gcagcttggg cttacctcta atcctggggg cctgatgcat gatgggaagt     60180
     tagggattta tttcattctg tcttcttgac ctttatctac aaccacccca gctatttatc     60240
     tctctctgcc ttcccaggtc cctcctttat agtcttttat tattttagag acaataagac     60300
     aaactctcct tctacatgct atggaggatt cttttgttgt ggctacttgt caaatataaa     60360
     atcaaaatcg aagacttctt tcactcaaca ccttttccag agactgtcaa ggtgcttctg     60420
     gcctcttccc tggctaatta atccatgatt catgccattc atgttacctt cagtaaagac     60480
     agaatctggt ggcccactgc tcttccttag ctctgggagg gaaccactca gtgggaacgg     60540
     taacttcttg gagtggctcc aacaacattc cataataatg gaggctgagt acattacagt     60600
     tcacacaata attccacggc cattatctca tttgctcatt acaacaatat tggaagaatg     60660
     tataactcac ttcatttttt cccagtgaga aatttagggc tccggggtta aacaaaacca     60720
     atgacaggaa agatgaagca atttgcctaa gtcatgactt gaaccttggc cagcaagcta     60780
     taatgctggt gtgtttccat atcaacacaa catcagagtt gggctggact tgctacgtaa     60840
     ggacacacaa accgatattt atctttcaga agtggggtct gcagagtatg tgtaaatgat     60900
     tgctttatct tgaactatat atgattcttt ttcgaagtta atggacacat aaaggagtct     60960
     tctgctgagg aattcagact acttcaacac ggtttcctta cactgcttta ttactagccg     61020
     ttcttcatca tcacccttca gcttaggaga ggggggttcc tcagttaaaa agttcctgct     61080
     tggcacatgc aataccagca gtttgatccc tagtactcca aaggccaaag tttggaaagg     61140
     agtttagttc tccttttttg gctgatattt gaattgaatc attctacaga taatgtttga     61200
     gtgcctactc accccatatg atgaatactt ttgtacagcc taaacattca ggcaggcatt     61260
     taaatatatc cccactcttt ccaacatgta cctagtattt tacccttcag atgcactaac     61320
     gtgttttcaa ttccccagtg ataaaaattt agactatttt ccttttaatt cttataaaat     61380
     atagcagtat caaatacatt tgtgcaatca attaaagaaa taatatatga agcactgtaa     61440
     gagagaaagt ctaaagcatt tggtttaggc tgagtgttca aactgtaaaa caaagatgct     61500
     gctgttgtgt taaatccaga ttcctagagt tttaggagca ggaaaccatt gtattttgag     61560
     gatttctttg atagaaaatg ttaggtttgg gcaattcatt ttttcctcat tgagaagctg     61620
     ttattctgta ggaactgaat gatgccgtat ctccatatac acacgttatt tagacacaaa     61680
     agggcagtaa ggttgcccat gttaacaagg ctattatcct tctgtgtgat tgagtgtgat     61740
     cgggtacgtg agaatattct tttcactggc acctgggtgc tgaggagact gttaattcca     61800
     tgctgcaaat gtttcccctc cccttgttgg gggagcatta aaatccagag tacgctttta     61860
     ggtcagtgta attctaacat cagtctactg gacacgagtg tccatggaac gaacacacac     61920
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac agagagagag agagagagtt     61980
     gtactcatta ctcaaggagc ctatagaggc ctctccatct tcaagagatg tatactcttc     62040
     agtatggaga cttgtccttg ctctgccatt gagttttgga agtgacaata tatgcataaa     62100
     aaatatcagc atgaggtgga aagaagttta aaatgacggg gaactcaagc tggagatgag     62160
     cactttacca aagtcctcat attctgttta aaatttaata ccactactaa agaaaagcta     62220
     cttgaaaata taatggataa gaaggaacac aaataattca agaggcctat caaaatctat     62280
     tccctctctc tgagcataac caaaacagca atattcataa tcataccaat aagaaagaaa     62340
     aaaaatacag tttcatgcgc taccacacac aaggctcttt tacttattag ctttctttct     62400
     tcagcctttt tcatccttat tccaatactc agagaatcta aaacttgctg ctgcttcttg     62460
     aatatttcta ttgttcagat aattttgtta atcctaagat ttgcaggagg ataaaccaac     62520
     tgcatcactt taggccaaat ttgaagcaaa gtatattaac tagtaaatac taaccaagag     62580
     atgggctttg gttattccaa tggacatgtt gcaggtcttt tatggacaaa aagtcacaag     62640
     ccaccctatt ttcctataag gctgtgttat tttccaagaa ctacaacact tagcattcca     62700
     ggaagtcacc tgctccttgg ccaggttggt cttacaagtg agttttgggt attataattt     62760
     caaaaaattc tcaccaaaaa tttctggtct ggttctcatc tgactgagat aatggggtag     62820
     ctttgacacg tgatgagaca ggataattag catgcttgca atgtctggtg tggaagttaa     62880
     tactggtgcc tcttcctgta gctgcttgga ttctaatgct aattacatcc ctgcccaccc     62940
     tccaccccca cccccaaaaa aatgtttgca ggagagtctg cccttagctt ctggaaacct     63000
     gtccccagtt ggttctgatt ggtaaatgaa gttgccaata gccaatagtt gggaagcaca     63060
     gacagaggca ggaggtttcc tgagttgggg accaggagag gaaaggagag gagaagcctg     63120
     accactggca agagagtatg gagggcaaga gagactccat ggctcagaag agtgcagggc     63180
     acagaggcac agccaccaag tgaaggagtc aggagagctc cggccagagg gctgcccaac     63240
     tgggtccagg gcagccaagg taggatagag aatttagtaa gtaataactc aggaggaggt     63300
     taggaagtgg tccaactgtt taaggcatat caaaatgtaa agggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     63360
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tttcatttgg gaatataaac cataaaagtg     63420
     caaagccagc ttttatcaaa taatttaatt tcaacatctt ccctccttgg ttggatggac     63480
     tctaacgaga cctggggatg aaggaagaac ctggacaagc agtaagacat tctaccccac     63540
     acacatttgc tatggtttga ctgtgatccc accaaaaaag gaaaaacaaa atcatgtgtg     63600
     ccacaaactt aatgcctggt acaacagtgt gaagagtccg agcctcatat ttagcttatt     63660
     aggccccagc ttcataaatg gatttacact gattacaaga gaactggaga ctcttgagtt     63720
     ccaacttgtc tccatcttgc cataagatag atgccttctc ccataaatgg cactgacaaa     63780
     aaaaggcggc tgttgccctt ggagattggg cttctaaaac catgagccaa ataaagtttt     63840
     atttcggata gatgcatagg ctatggcatg ctgccttagg aacacaaaat ggagtagcct     63900
     gcacagaaac tacatttccg cctctgtcat tcactcatcc atccctctct gtcattagat     63960
     gacaacactt actgaccatc tcaggagttt catgtactag gttccagaaa taaacccatg     64020
     gccacagctc cgccaggaat gttgggggtt aggagttagt aacaggcagg gcccataaaa     64080
     tggcaatgta ttgagcacta tgctagctag ctaagaccct gagtcagcat cctatctgct     64140
     aactagcttc tttcagaact ccaaagcctc gtaggacagt acggacagca taaggtgctg     64200
     taacaaaggc gccactgcag gggctgtgaa attggcattt tatacttctc agtgatgcta     64260
     ctttgtagga cttaacttca taaaatttca cagcaggttc tttcaacaga aataagcttt     64320
     cagcctaaac ccaaagggtg ccaggagtac catgggtcct ttcctaaggg agctccaggg     64380
     actatagcca cttgtcaata cagaccaatg tcacagaatg cccacactaa ataggtgaaa     64440
     tggatatact gatcttcaag atggtctcca gcgagagttt ccttcccaga gtacatgctg     64500
     tgttgcttct ttccgaagtg aagtctagct tttctccccc tcagccagtg gcaggactag     64560
     ctctgacagg caggaagcac cctgtctgtg tggaatggag cctttaagag gcttggtatg     64620
     tctgctttca ctccttagga atctgaccta gcagccatgt tgtaaagaag ccacattctc     64680
     cactggagtg gatgctacat gggaaccagc caagacaccc agttgagttg ccagctacaa     64740
     gccgtcacca caggaaccag attcacaggg tctggagttg ggggaccaca ggtaacagac     64800
     agcatcctca gaaagtgcag atgcctgatt taagtcatac gggaacaatc agcaacatga     64860
     tggggtaggc atgtggtcag agcagagcat gaaaacaatg tccacagacc ttttccctaa     64920
     aagaactatc taaaattcct cggggttggg gtgggggtgt gcatttctta attccactgt     64980
     ggagaaccaa gaatttacat tctttataaa atactaatta cttcataaaa tactaacgtt     65040
     tttccttttg gtgaaaatta agacacctga ctattttaga gctaattatt taatacctct     65100
     ccccaattca agtttcaaat aatattaagc ggagcagtta ctagtaggtt gagtaatata     65160
     gctccttgtt aagcttatta agacagcact catatgaaca tagtttctca tctttctatt     65220
     ttttaatttt tttttgttaa attaaattta taacaatggg gggtgtcctc actcatgatt     65280
     ggggagggac aggcatccta catccggcac gtggaggtca gaggacaact ttgtagaggt     65340
     cgctcctttc tcctgtcaag tggattctag agattaaact tagccctccc aaacttggtc     65400
     ttctctttcc accgttgtct tgtagggctg ttcaggctgt ctggcttgca cagctactat     65460
     ctttatcact gagtttttcc gcaggcaatg tttgttgacg gcatctcaca attatagcac     65520
     gcatagccct agaactcact gagtggcctc ctgagtgctg aaaaccacac ccctggctct     65580
     gattgcttta aattaataag acacagatca cctataatct taacagttga taacatgagg     65640
     gtgaaaagga aagctccaat aaaaaagaag cagagatgat gggaaatcac atttttggtt     65700
     tttatcagca tcactcatga aattacagca gcagaaccac tcactagtta ataacacacc     65760
     cctcgtttct ggtctccagt gttcttcccc tgtcttatgt actaagagta ggcaaaattg     65820
     tcttttaata tagaaagtac cacagataat tgttatgcaa agtcacctgg aagaaagaag     65880
     gcctggacca aagttattgc tatttattac ttgctgctgc taagtgtttt acagcaagcc     65940
     ttcatgcaat caatatgttg catggcctct tggtggtttc tctttccaaa cgccttggga     66000
     agtggtatgc ataccatctc aggggtgacc aaagttgaga ggaaaacaca cgcattccta     66060
     tgaaaacagc attttccaaa taaagcgggg ctccttcggg gcgagcctgg gtcctgccag     66120
     cttgcgcttg cactaactga gcatatccac ccgctcctca acactgacaa tcccaagccc     66180
     acaacaagct ctagagaaac tttaaaacaa gactgggctt cggtaaagca caccatctca     66240
     ggccatcctc cagcatttcc attcgaaaag gtaatgcttg ctgtcttttc tccgctttaa     66300
     aaatgcaatt actgctagga aaggaacagc ctggtgggca cgcatttcct ctgagtgatg     66360
     actaatagag gcttcaggca aagccgcacc tgcagctcct ctgcccggct tcattaacaa     66420
     caaggacaca ggtaataaac accagcaggc gctcctttta tcagagcagc gtagtgcacc     66480
     ttacagagct ccttattaag tcttatgggg actctctgaa gacagacctg aagagacaca     66540
     taaaggggaa ccctgttgtt gaccaaaagg gagaaaacag caaccagttc acatacttga     66600
     cagagcagca gcaattttac tggaggacat cattatgagc attacccaga aacctctaat     66660
     ctggatgctt tcttgtaagc aatggccaaa tgagaataat aacatctatt ctgccaactt     66720
     catgggctta gagtgaagat cagatgaagg aacagctgta agggtgctga gcaaactctg     66780
     atgtccacag gaataaaggg ctatatttaa tctttatcta aaccaaatgt agacttcagg     66840
     cagaaaatgc cattgccaaa ccctggacgc aatgcaagaa gcctttgctc caagcagctt     66900
     gggtattatt tacacaaatg ctgaatatac ttctatgctg tgatcacatt cctatagggt     66960
     gcaggcgaag aggaaaacag agaaagagaa aggggagcat acagacacaa cgattaccct     67020
     tggctttaac atttgcatat ctccaaatag gagaaagtgt ttctcatttg tctaaagacc     67080
     attcataaca gaaggatcca aactgtgcaa aggatggctt gtttagcttt atattatatt     67140
     cattctcatt ctctctctat cccacccccc attcctcctt ccctcttctt tacttcaggt     67200
     tcaaaatatt gtaattttga aggtttcact taaatgcctg taaggagtga aaatatttac     67260
     atgccaatga gacttgccac aagatgacac agtccttttt gcattagatg catttaagaa     67320
     agactagtat tgttcatagg gtacttgaac caaacatttc ctagttctcc tgcttgcaac     67380
     tccctgaagt cccagaagtc ctcttcccaa agaccaagga gggaccaatc catccactag     67440
     aaggtgacaa ttacttctat ctccccaggt caaaagacac gctgggcaac ttaatctaca     67500
     aaatatctgt tctcaagcag ttaactccgc agtaagaagt aatcagaagt tagaactaca     67560
     aggaatccag aggaaaatca tgctgtttct agagaaatga ctacaagcat tacggtggag     67620
     ggatgtctgt cattgactga gatgcctagc accattcaaa ttccctactg cagcagaatt     67680
     cagtacagaa agagtctcta agaatggaat ggtctctatc tctctgtaag atgtgagtaa     67740
     accatttctc ttcctcttgc tcagttagca atagatgaga aatagtactt ttaccaagat     67800
     ggtatggcat ttccaaggat aatagacaag ctagcatcca ctgtatctgg aggttgtttt     67860
     ggggtttttt gttttgtttt ggtttggttt ggtttggttt gggtttggtt ttggtttttc     67920
     gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccttggct atcctggaac gcactctgta aaccatgctg     67980
     gcttcgaact cagaaatcca ccggtctctg cctcctgcct cctcctgcct cctgcctcct     68040
     gcctctgccc ctctgcccct ctgcccctcc ccctgaccct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt     68100
     aaaggtgttc tccaccactg cctggctctg gaggttctta agaaagattt tggtagcagg     68160
     tccagcctgg tcttcattgt cttgtccata ctatagacta tggagttctt caaaggtgtc     68220
     tggtcaattt agccagagtc tacttttttt gcagtgtcct cactggattt atcacacaaa     68280
     agaggtctca ataagcctca agaggcagtt tatctcagag atgctgcaag agagggggga     68340
     atgaaagaca atgaaccaac cctcttctac ctggcaagat tctgactcaa gacctgtaag     68400
     aaaaagagaa cagagggact cgggggctcg gcaaggagca gaaagaaaat ggtgagagaa     68460
     agaagcacct gattgattcc caagacaaag agagattgac tttaaaaggt gtctctctgt     68520
     ctgactctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtctgt gtctgtgtct atgatgtgct     68580
     gtgagactaa aagtggaaca agaacaatac aacttgtaat ttattgggag accaaaacag     68640
     gaaaaaaaaa ataccttgta ggttacaagt tcagtttgca gttaagacag ttgagaataa     68700
     attctcattt gtcctatgat gctataatat ggtggcctat gcttgcccct gattggatta     68760
     gatggcaaat acgtaggcct tgtttgcctt ttgaagcctc tgcaaacttt gactccttga     68820
     cctttcctgg gaacccaaga atagtcctgg ccagagtcca tcatcctggc cagtatttaa     68880
     ttaaagcttg ctttaaaatt ggctcaaaaa ttgtggcact ggcctttctc ttgggattct     68940
     caggtttaac agtgcatgta tgtgcacctc tgaggttatt agacatttag ctgtgtctgt     69000
     ctggaagtgg gttctggaca ctagaactca gatccttaca tttgcacagc aagtggttta     69060
     aacactgagc tacctcctca gggccctcag tgatgtaagc aacaggaatt ataaggaaga     69120
     tttctcccac cccaagctct gggtatgatc tagaataaag ctcaactcag tccatagaaa     69180
     ctgcatgaaa caaggcattt agaatcaccc aaatgctcta tcctggctca gggacctgag     69240
     ttcatccatc aataagtgtc actttcagga aaatcgggtg gcatatatgt atcatctatt     69300
     tgtactaaaa agaactacaa cactaagaat gaggagaggt ggattctggc tccaaccttg     69360
     cctgtccagg aggaactaca tcatcttgga acatgttgag aacagaagtt ccagtgagac     69420
     tttctatcca ccgaatcaca atcagtagtt ctagaaaata gctaagtgca tctggggatg     69480
     taatgcaggt taaatcccca gcactgcata aaccagtgtg gcggccctcg gccctcggga     69540
     ggtagaagga cagacccagg aaggtaactg aggccattcc tggctactta ctgcatctaa     69600
     ggacagccag ggacatggaa cttcttttga agaaggggag gagaggggag aggaaagggg     69660
     aagggcagaa aaagagagga gaggggagaa gaaaggggaa gggcagaaaa ggagagggga     69720
     ggagagggga ggggagggga ggggagggga ggggagggga ggggagggga ggggagggga     69780
     ggggaaagac tagacctgag cagaacagaa tttgtgattt gatttataca acattaactg     69840
     agtctttcct gacttgagaa taaaaattcc tttctctgat tctgtgaact atttctgttt     69900
     ttgtagttaa ctatttatta aatgctcact ctgtttttgg gggtgggggc tggtctagca     69960
     ctattagaat tcacaaggaa ctgaccgatc agatattgag ttcagatgca attaagagat     70020
     ttacttcaca tgtcatcagc ttccctccag agtggtgctc tctggggttt tatgtttggc     70080
     tgctataaaa gccaacagga acaatgctaa atgagtggga atccctttgg attgcttagc     70140
     agaacagaac ctagaaggaa attatctatt tacaccttta tgctacatct ttcctaaagc     70200
     acaaaggcaa tcagcagctg ccagtaatta ctatgccttg aggacactac tgacctcctg     70260
     aagtcctcct tggttacatc ataacttcag agaaaaatac tatgactagt agccaaaata     70320
     ggtaaaggag aagagcatgg aagacaatat atattttcta caccacagtc acctgtaggg     70380
     aaaagtatca tttggaaaga aataaaacaa cccaagtttt attaagcatt ggtaaaataa     70440
     gaacctcttt gttctacata gtggtctacc atttcaaaat ccattttgtg ctatatgtga     70500
     gtcaaaacag tgtatttcaa gtgaagacta cctcaaactc tcagctcatt ttcttgacac     70560
     actaaatctc ttaagtactt atttggttca ttttaactct aaaaggtttt aattatcaac     70620
     gtgttgacat gatttccatg gtcagagaaa aaagaatcca tcaatagaga gatgtagtct     70680
     cctaagtaga aaacactagg ttaagactat cgttaagatt atcccagtgc caccctaagc     70740
     atgtctaagc ttggcacagg aatgctgttg aagccctttc atgaagacag cgtcctgccc     70800
     cttcatccac acttatgttc tgtgactttt ctcacacgac agctggcttg gtgggtgggc     70860
     aagaacagga gaagtgtctg acatatacat caatatttcc acagtacttt gtcccaaata     70920
     gcaccaatgt tgtgttggaa tcgtggcttg tgtctggaca gaccacacca ggccaatgaa     70980
     gttctatgtg agagagattt attgtgggtg cgggcaaaaa gggggcaatg gagacgaacg     71040
     ggggaaagag agaggaagag agagcaaggc tcaagagggt ctgcctttta tttaggctgt     71100
     gacaaccact cacaggtaaa ggtgggaatt gagccaaatg gatgctggga atgtatagtg     71160
     attgccatgg caacaaatgc aagggttcct gttgcctatg ggtgacatca ccgtcatcac     71220
     tgggttccaa ggtgatctac aaagtcggtt cctgattcca acacttagtc tagtcctcag     71280
     catacaattg ttgaaagccc taatggataa caaatggggt gcacaatacc aacaaaatac     71340
     atcagtggtt agagggagag ttggcaccag tgatgaagta gaagtatgtg aagaatattc     71400
     tcttgcactg acagggcctg caggaaaatg gtgccctaac ctctcttcta gttctggaat     71460
     ccgcacatac ggtcccatgg ctatgagcat acgtttgaag gagctgtgac taaacaacaa     71520
     gaaatatttt tcatttatcg tcttgcaagg gctattttac atgttttcca ttgagctatt     71580
     tattcaaatc aagaaatacc cagagtctga actaagccca aggaaacagc ccttgcaaga     71640
     ccattgtgtc cttactggag taaatgacca aacacaatga ccatggtaac tttaacttat     71700
     tgtctacatc actgagaagt gggacttaac tactttctct tcctttctct tcctctcctt     71760
     ttctttcctt cctctgtatc ccaaatagtt tagaaagttt tactttcacc caaagtagat     71820
     tgaaattgac cactgctcta taccctgtga gctaggaatc agacctcaga tggcttcctt     71880
     ttaagacatg gtctcaggtg attacctatg aagacatgct tggtaaaaca ctaggcgggc     71940
     caggctcccc agggaccatc caactgtctg cttctcatgc agacacattt tccctacttc     72000
     cattcaaaac tccttcatca tttaggctgc atcattaaga atggagtctc ggggctggag     72060
     agatggctca gaggttaaga gcactgactg ctcttccgaa ggtcctgagt tcaaacccca     72120
     gcaaccacat gatggctcac aaccatccgt aatgagatct gatgccttct tctggagtgt     72180
     ttgaagacag ctacagtgta cttatatgaa aggaagaaag gaagaaagga aggaagaatg     72240
     gagtctcagt tgggtgcaga aatgtggtga cggtacccaa gaactaaata cataaataca     72300
     gacagacaca cacacagaca tatatacata tttatacaac ccccaacaaa aaaaattaag     72360
     taccaaaatt actcagaaaa atgcaaagaa tatacatact tctagtaata aaaacaataa     72420
     tctgcttcta gaaaaattaa caataggaag ggctgataaa caaaaaatac cctaagaaca     72480
     aaagtgttag gtaaggcaag ggagaagatg attcaactcc ggatttggaa gacatataca     72540
     caacaacaca gccatagaaa aggctttgcc tataaacatc tttatttacc ttctacttaa     72600
     atggatttca aaaatttcct ggagagtcca tgttattgaa aataactgca ccactgctgt     72660
     ctctgggtta aaggagctgc caacatttct agaagaaatc tagcaactga agactcaaat     72720
     gtcagaacac atttcatcaa tctttccttg gaggctcgcc taatgctcaa aagtccagcc     72780
     atcacgtgtg caatttataa ctccttccat gtgccctctt cagattcttt gccatgtggg     72840
     atgtgcacag taataacctg gccctatatg agacaaccat ttatttcaaa tatcactcag     72900
     aataaatgca gagtaacaaa cacccgtatc tctgctcatt gacccgctta ggcctcctct     72960
     ggttgtcgtt cccgaacttc caactactga cagcgatggt tgtatcatac aaaagtggtt     73020
     tctaagaact ggttttctta agagcttcct tcttaggctg caaggcccag ttctatttag     73080
     agacacctct accagttagc ccatcctggt ttccctgaac atcttattaa atgttacttt     73140
     ggcttcatta agatggattt taaagaatcc tttttccctg gggcatgtgt ttgtgggggg     73200
     agaactaatt tctgtgggaa acagaactag aattctcctg ctgccaaatg tgtggcatag     73260
     ccactgttct cggaaaatac acaccggtag gactacataa ctgtgtctcg gggctgttta     73320
     ctctcataga gagaaatggg cagatggata ctgtaatagc aataccacta accactaaca     73380
     cactcttaga gagctacttg gtattggatc tacttacaaa actgaaagct ctttccattt     73440
     tacatcagat ttaatcacac ggcaggtgac tctgtagact cttagaagta tcctatgctt     73500
     catttactat tgtactattt cttgagatgc ttaccaattt tgaacggagg aaagcagttc     73560
     tgtattgcat tctgtggtag agccagtaaa ttatgccgta agtcctacaa ttaggctaag     73620
     gcccgtgact cttgagtttc tctagcttgt gaaaggttcc ctttcatgtt atagactgtg     73680
     ggtcaacttt cagagtgaaa gttacccatc cagaatagac tggaggtgag aggcagcttc     73740
     cgcccagcag aataggccta ttgtgaatgc tgtgctaatc tctgaatgcc aggttcatcc     73800
     cttatcagaa tatcttagat ctttggagcc cttaggggaa aaaaaatcta ggccaatgga     73860
     ctcattttga aggtgaagaa cctggacact tgggtgactc atcgctgaat gaacaggtag     73920
     ttcttagcaa agagtctaaa gccaaggcca gtgaactctg caggactttc agttctgttt     73980
     gataaacctg agaaagcaag gcagggctta tctgtcagct catttttggt aagctagaat     74040
     ttaacacacc gtctgccatg ttgttaatga tcaagttgaa ataaatggct aataaaacaa     74100
     taaatcactt cacgctcaac agaaatcata aaactttctc agtttttgtt tacttaacct     74160
     catgcattct catatccgtc tggttgtgat tttctaattt cttcaaatcc cagtcattcc     74220
     ttgcacaggc tccaacataa aaactagact ctataatgtg ataggtaaag agataccaca     74280
     ccataagcag caacaaagat cattcaactc ttgtcttcct caaagaccag ctgaaagata     74340
     cttatcagac atggagtatg agttcaacag tttgtgaatg agtgagctga tgataaataa     74400
     tgccaccttg caaaagctca aagtactatg agcagttctt tctagtaagt catcgtgcca     74460
     aattacacat ttctgttccc accttgggtc ataggggatg agaaaaaaag cagtatgccg     74520
     aaaatgaaga tcttcccagg aattatcaac tggggattac acagccataa tgacatgctt     74580
     tgtctaaaat ggggatatcc gtctacatat gggtgtttat ctctcaatcc agacttctat     74640
     gagtgtgttg atatctgagt gggagagtag gctaagtgga gtagcttgtc attgatcaag     74700
     aagtgcaaga ctatctgtca ttcactgtca ctcccagaag tagagccagt taacatcttg     74760
     agatgctcac tctgaagaga aaggaggagg catggaggga aatggtagta gtgttgggga     74820
     gaatgattgg cagtcatcct ttcttcccta ggctataaaa atccaggcaa ctgaaagcaa     74880
     attaattatt tcatccttat attttttaaa aaaaggacat ttacacatac aatcaatatg     74940
     tcaaggatca tagagtcttc ttcattctct aaacttatct ctaaatattt ctatacggtc     75000
     aaccctcaaa accatttcta aaaacagata gggcctgcag agatgtggga gaggaagaga     75060
     gaatgtgatg gcagagtgtc tatcaagttt taaatataca gttctatatt tatatatgca     75120
     acatgacaag ttgacagagt cctcttccac aggcagagag actactgata attggataca     75180
     tttcctgtaa tagacacaag gtaggctgag ctatcaggga ttcataaatc tttataaatt     75240
     ataagctatc ttgataaatt tatgtatgtg atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     75300
     atatagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag cccgcacaag cacatgtaca     75360
     gaataagaat ggacaggtac aggacaaagg gcagagagat gatcattaac ttgataatga     75420
     tatgcttgtt ctatcaaggt tatcagtctt gataaataaa gcagatggaa cacctatatc     75480
     ccacaataca ctttgcttca cgagatgcct ggtgtaccct gtgcagctat agccatgtga     75540
     catagatgta aactacaaca tcttatgctt tctctctctg tattatcacc cagcctaccc     75600
     ttcagggcca atccttgcag tggatgtcac cagattcacc cctcgagttc ccactacagc     75660
     taagggcaga attccaaagc ttctttgcat ccccactctc tgggacctac attcttgatc     75720
     atttgaaaga cttaactttg tcaatgaagc tgagtctctc aaacttaaat aactatagac     75780
     cacgtgtaaa gaagaaactg ccctcatgga tgaataataa acacacaaac acactttttt     75840
     cttatcatat caccatgcat tatgcactca tggaaacgtt ctcttttaaa aagggattgg     75900
     agttactgtg acttgggatg atgcactata ctaaaatgat ccatattgca tttcagagca     75960
     taaaatggag tctttggaca aagtcctata cagaaggaat tttggtgcat taatactcat     76020
     atattggagt gtgcttgtct ctataattaa gttggacagg gaagttatta atgatttcaa     76080
     agccttgttt gtaggctcat gataatgaga cctccactca accaaccact ggccagggag     76140
     caatgccttt tggaagattt caatgatgta tttggtaaaa atcagaaggt attttgtttg     76200
     cctgaagata aggctagttt taatgcactg aatcccgact gaatagtcca ctctacttac     76260
     taaggctgag ggtaaatgca gacaagcctg cagcctatca aggctaaaat taccttcagc     76320
     aaatgtgtca agctcttgag tccaagctgg taggtagccc tgggagccta ctcctagcat     76380
     cactatggta ctgagcatct gccttgggtt cctgagtgtg gtacagatga ttctcctcct     76440
     gttccatttt cctatcaact gcgatgatct tcctgactcc ctgagctggg tttggacagg     76500
     gactaattat aatgccatat acaaagttaa gacatccaca gctttgctca ggctttgcag     76560
     catcaagata acccaaaacc cactttgtga ctgttggtaa aatcatcgcc aagataaaaa     76620
     ttgaagaatg attggattta cttccataga caaccaagat ctaatgtgaa gccatgagct     76680
     ggcgtttaag acccagagaa gcagagttat gtgctcaaag atacccaatt agaatgcaat     76740
     cctaaccttt ttaatatcct ttcatttact tacctcctcc ctgcaggctg gcctgtctgt     76800
     tgttggttga atctgccaag ctcttgtcta cttcagattc tccagactga tgacaaggga     76860
     tgagtcttgc acctttgtaa aatgtccagt ctacactcac aaagtatgac ttgtcaacat     76920
     actccactga aaattgttta aaggaaaaaa agcaggtcac gggtaggagg aagtcccgtg     76980
     caccagaagt cccctcccta tttctggatt gtaaggacgg tctctgtgtc tattcttaga     77040
     atctcagaca atgtatggct ctaaaacctc cagatcccat ctctcccttg tatggcatct     77100
     cacaaggcac aaaaaacact cactggttgc aaagtttggc tgcacctgtt attcttataa     77160
     atcaagcatc actaaacaaa caaacaaaca aactagagaa aaaccaaaag aatcaaacct     77220
     tgatattcta ataccaacaa atggctgact atcaacaaaa tgtcacatag tacctactat     77280
     gtaaaccagc ctacccccct tgtttcagct acagtttaag ctactgtgtg tcagacatct     77340
     tctatgatgg acatattcta cgaatagctt ggagcagcca cactctaagt actaggtcat     77400
     cctcgtagtc aggtgactac tatttcaact actccctcct tccctccttt ctcttcatcc     77460
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccaacacaat     77520
     cctggcgtct agcatcccac cctgaggaag taccctgctt agctcactca aaaacctttt     77580
     gtagatttat gcttgtttgg cgtttttccc cagggtggct gcatgtattt aatatgatta     77640
     acagctttag tcattaaaca ctgtttcttt aagaggattg catgagatta cccatagggt     77700
     cctgggctga aatctcagca caagtcccca ggagaggtag gtaaaagaag ttcatcataa     77760
     tataacaact tcacttagga cttcaaataa ttgatgacac aacccataaa aacattcttc     77820
     ctaaactaat caaatcatta aaatgtcagc ttccacacag atactccact gcgtgcctgc     77880
     ccttggccct gattcaattc aaatggaata ttgctgaagc ggacggcttg atgaagtctg     77940
     tgtttcttta tgctgtcccc tccttgatgg atgctcatct ctgcatgctt gaagacagcc     78000
     atcccacaaa gcaaaagtgc tggctgaaag ccaggaaaca agacacaaag agggctcttg     78060
     tcattagccc accagacata gtaaaggcta ggtttctttc tgtattcaat gcacttcagg     78120
     gcatttcttt agtgcttaaa atatgaggct agcaagaaga ctgttgtaca ctatgcagag     78180
     agcccaagat tcaaagaaag agcaaggaag catgcacaca caactggctt ggggtttccg     78240
     gtttattaaa agggcctggt acttacaaat gtttcctgtg gcttgctctt agggttatta     78300
     ttggtgttat gaaacaccat gaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggcaagttg     78360
     aggaggaaat ggcttgtgct tccacactat tcatcacaat gaaagataga caggaactca     78420
     agcagagtag gaacctgaag gcaggaactg aagcagagga cacagagggg tgctgctcac     78480
     tggctctttg cttgtacctg gctcagcctg ctctcttata gaacccagga ccacctacct     78540
     agggatggca ccacccacaa tgggctggat cctcccccat caatcactaa ctaagataac     78600
     atcctaaagg cttgcctata gccaatctta tagaggcatt ttccccattt gatgtccctc     78660
     ttctttgatg actctctaaa tagtgtcagg ttgacaaaaa attgccagta cagcagtata     78720
     gactccaacc tcaacctcaa tctaacaatt tgcagagcac tccactagga cacaggtttt     78780
     ttgtttgttt gttttttgtt tgtttgttgt ttttgactta gttgttctga acacccacta     78840
     aaacaatatt gagcaaaatg aacatatagt tttataggtc tacattttgg aaccaaccag     78900
     aagccaaaac aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa aaacaaacaa aaaccacctc ctgcctctag     78960
     taaggatctg aattcaacgt tttacttcca tacactcctc tgtggagacc tcaagttgat     79020
     tcttgattgc tatcctatgc attatggtaa ccctgagaga cctgaactac ttaaatttaa     79080
     aacaattatg tctttttagc ttagagaatg ttcccaggat cacagatagt ttccaaatct     79140
     acaacataga acataatacc atcttcatgt ggaactatca aaatcacaag gtctgagaaa     79200
     tggctcagag ataaagatca tataccactt agagtagaca agtttggttc ccaacatcca     79260
     tgctgggtag ctcaaaacca actccaaggg atccaacttc ctctccaggc ctccacagat     79320
     acctgtactc acaggcaaat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag agagagagag     79380
     agagagcgaa catacacata caacacataa tttaaaaata taatatagct ttaaaaaaca     79440
     ggctagagaa gcaacttttc tttagggtga tctctaagtt aaactcacta tacttgtaac     79500
     tattttaatt caaggtatgc ttgaccccag tgtcctctga cattccttaa gatgaacaag     79560
     tattagcaca cagatgaatg ggaatacaca cacaaattct atggatcaaa aaatttcagg     79620
     aaaccttttt tagcactcaa tatttttagc actcaccttg ccatatgttt ctgtttctaa     79680
     atattttact ttatttatgg atgcatatgt gtgcctacat gaacatatgc tatgtgtatt     79740
     caagtgccca gaaaggccag aagagggcac tggatctcct ggagctgaag ttagaggctg     79800
     ttgtgagctg cctgcaatgg atgctgggaa tgaagagaca tctgcaagag aagcgagcac     79860
     tcttgactgc tgagacatct ctccaaaccc aactccacca tatgtctgta ggaactgaac     79920
     atttatcaag ctctgatcaa tacattccag ggagcacata ctatattcta tctcctttag     79980
     aaagcatgca aggttttatc cccttttttt tccccatctg tttctatgca ctaaatgtga     80040
     aaattcaaag ctccactcaa atgccacctg caccaggacc tttttacctg tgcaagaact     80100
     ggtctgctta cagccagtca cattcatcac aactgttaac atccatcaag ttgtgtttta     80160
     tgaagatcct cttacagaag gttcacaaca ctgttaggta tggactattt ccatctaaca     80220
     gatcaaaata ttaaaactga ataaaaaatt attgctcaaa gtttcacaac tgataaatga     80280
     tatagctgca atttggcaca gggctctcta gcttcaggtg tctggtgatt gttgttgtgt     80340
     agaattcaat tctaagctgg tacacacttt ccttctggta tacatcacat tactcctttg     80400
     atgagtataa gttaggtata tatcagtcaa gtccattttc ttcccttgat tataaattcc     80460
     ttaaatacaa agaaagccaa atcttattca tgttgcccca accagaagaa acaaaattgc     80520
     atttagtaca taaatacata aataactatt tctatttgac tagtgggttg taactacaac     80580
     attcagtcca cactaggaag cgctcatcct tttcaggccc agaaatgatt cttgagtcta     80640
     ctgaccatgt tcaagctttc ctcaaaacaa tttttataat cgtgataaat caaggcattc     80700
     gctgatatag ccggaacttt ccagatcctg agaggagcca gactattatg gagaaaatga     80760
     tgtttgctca ttttccctaa ggtgcagacc atagaggtgg cacaacaggg catctatctg     80820
     ccgagactca ctggggagct acagtagggt agccccattc tacagagtgg gtggatgtaa     80880
     gttatagaca gagagcatct agggagtcca ttgtaaaaaa aattctgtcg aggaaagaga     80940
     agcaggctga gcaggatgct agaacagata ccccagaaag aaaaggcttg ggcagtaatc     81000
     tctaagagca aagcattagg agcctagaag gatgttgtag ctcatttcaa gtcaaagaac     81060
     ctttcctaaa cagctacacc ggaacagccc tggggtctgg ggagtagctg tttaaaggtg     81120
     aattaaaact tgctatgcct tcaagaaact cattagtata gcagggaatc agacattaag     81180
     ccaatctgtg gtgatggaaa gtaggtcttg atcaacccta taatgagaca ccaagaagta     81240
     gagattgata gcatcactaa ttcaaaaaga agctttcttg tctggggata aagtctccag     81300
     ggtagggcct gtttgggcct taaaggctca gtgggagttt aatcagtggg cataatgaaa     81360
     gtatacactg cccagatccc ttttgctggg caatgcaata gacccaagct gctgtgactg     81420
     actgcgggtt gacaaggtct cctgaatact gactctcctt ataacaaagg cctctagtgc     81480
     tacttacagg gaaatgcctg ggtaattctt tttgcctcta tccagggtca gcttacagcc     81540
     aatgactaag aagtaaccaa ccaaagcctg catcaaacat ggcatagaaa agcttgatta     81600
     tgcataagcc tttctcagcc tcaatcccct gcagacttcc taaccggcct ggcattgaag     81660
     cggcctgttc agatacattt tacaccttca tcataacaac atcgttattc caaaatggat     81720
     ctttccataa actttacaca cagaacacag tgctatgttc agggccttct tttaaaaaaa     81780
     aagtgaaaac acaaggtaga aaccctagcc tcacagcatc aacttattat ttatgcatat     81840
     gagaaaagtg atagcagttg agtttgccaa ctctgtcagt ccaccccact tgtgcctcca     81900
     tttggctgtg cactacttct gttctccctc ttaactacca agcactgtgc tcaagttctg     81960
     gtactatagg ttagtatgca ttatcattct atttgcgcat aacagctgaa gctctaagac     82020
     agcaaaccag agaaggaaca gctggaagac catgataatt ccccaacctc aggatacctt     82080
     cttaacctca ttaatgctta accctatttg tctggagaac gtacaggggt gtgtgtgtgt     82140
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gaatgaatga ttctcacatc tttaaaacct agctcagact     82200
     tccctcttat taagtgtgtg cctgaaagaa tcacactatc acactttctc tgcatcctct     82260
     acacgaggtg cccagattat aatcatgtca cctgtagaag gcatgtatta cccacaaccc     82320
     tttcaggttt tgtcccaagg ctgggtatag ctaagacagc aggtcgaagg cagaataacc     82380
     ctgtgtcttt tatatcctta gagcctttca tagtggctgg aatgaatagc tgataagaaa     82440
     atgcttagct ttaatccact aagcaccgta aaacattctc atataataaa aatcagactt     82500
     gataaaatgt ccaatggtaa gtctccactt gaagccctga gatatagtga cccctgagct     82560
     cctctgacca catggattcc tgaagcatta ggccactcct gggcttgact ctttaaaaaa     82620
     atgtccaata atgataaaat atgccatatc cagcatactt ccaaccagac aattttgcat     82680
     tgtgtttttc cccgagattc tggaacatct gagtacacat tatgatggta ttggggatga     82740
     aaccaaagtt taaacacatg attcacatat gatttcatac acatacttgt acatataggc     82800
     tgaagggaat tttatgcagg tgtacctgca ttttgactgc aagttgtcac atgaggttta     82860
     aggtgaaatt ttccacttat agtagtagca tggcagttct caaaaaacat ttccaattct     82920
     gtatttggaa tttgaaaata ttgatgcaaa gaatctaatc agtgtataca tttacactgt     82980
     aatagactag tccatgtcca attttctagc aactctttta aatatttatc aacaacatca     83040
     tttgtgtaga agccccatgc agtccaagca gaaagcctga ccactctcct gcttacaaat     83100
     tgttttctca gaaatattta cttaggcaac ttcaaaagat ggttttactt acatctctac     83160
     tgcctaactt ttaccactgg gggctcattt atatgctgca ggttaagaaa gtgaatcgca     83220
     agtggcacat gcctttaatc ctaccaggag gcaaaggcag gaggatctct gtgagtttga     83280
     gttcagtctg ttgtacatag tgagttccag gacagccaga gatacatagt aaggccctat     83340
     ctccaaaaac aaataacaag cagacaaagc aaatgaattg gaagatcttt tctggagaga     83400
     aatctgacaa tctaacctat caaactactt gtaaaagtgt ggaaattaat aacagtataa     83460
     taacctcaac aatatctgta ataatgcata ttataagcaa aactaaatag ctcccaataa     83520
     ataaccataa attataatgc acattcacaa atcaacatgc attcatgtaa gtgggcttcc     83580
     tagaacagaa aacttctgac agtaaactac tgcatgaatg gagcatgttg ggaagtcctg     83640
     agaattctgt aaaagcaagt acaagcatgc atagtttcat gtgtacccac atgtgacaca     83700
     ggtggtgtca cactgataat tgctacctgt atcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttggtatt     83760
     gttgttgtca ctgagtgggg tagatcaccc tctcttctct ggccatgagc tggttaccta     83820
     ggtctcacat gcctactagc aaggtatctt gtgccatggc cccagcaggt acgcctaaaa     83880
     tctcactgtg aaatatgcct tcacttcgat tgtctgcccc ttggcaatta ctccattgcc     83940
     tatacaagag tcatttccat tctgagaaac tctccacatc acttcttaat gaacagacag     84000
     gacactgaaa gggtgtagag ctttgtctgt gtttgggccc catatctacc cttgacttta     84060
     aaaagtaggg gcaaaatatc tatcacccca ggggcaggga ggacaccatt gtagaactca     84120
     atgtttttct tctattccca agcagtgttg atttggtatt gtattcttac ttgaacaaga     84180
     aaaaatgagg ggggaaaaaa atcactaaat aacagctttg cccactacca acacactgtg     84240
     taaataagac tgctgagaaa tgacatacac tgtgtatttt aaggcaaaaa aaaaaaaaat     84300
     cattgcatgg cttttaaatt ggaaacactc cgaccatggc tgaaatgctt actaaggaag     84360
     aatgcacaca ttaaaaagaa caggcagttt ttatgactgg caccacttct atttgtaagc     84420
     ttattctcta aattcaaagt gcaaaaatta ccattgactc tttataccaa caatgaacat     84480
     caccataacc ttgtcataac tttctggaaa ccaatgtggg ccgagttgct atcaaagaga     84540
     cgatctcatt cattatcctc acataacagg gaaactgagt ctgaccgagg ctgagaacta     84600
     agcaagttgc aaggccaggc actggtatca gaactcttac ccctgtgttc tgcatttcct     84660
     ccatcagatt atcacaccac acagtctggc tcctcaatct tggcattcca aaggagaccc     84720
     cagtaacttc cccagctcat tctgcttaca tggacttcat gtgctctctg gataaccata     84780
     tggcagaaga gctcaagttt aatgagtcag aagggctgtc cgtctgtccg tccatctgcc     84840
     cttccttcgc ctcctccttc ctacctatct acctacctac acaactctgg atgtcctgga     84900
     agttattaca caatgtagac cagtaagaag tccagagtgg ccttgaactc ataaacatct     84960
     gcctgtctct gcctcccaag tgctggaagc aaaaacctga gccaccactt acccagctaa     85020
     gcgggttctt cctattacta atcaaaaagt tctgtatcta acttatatgc tggactacaa     85080
     atctacatat gcagaatatt tgaaagttgt caatgtgcaa aatttctaca ttaacaatga     85140
     ggaaataacc tacaaaaata tgttggggtc tagaaagtat cttttaaatc tagacgcacc     85200
     agtgaaatag ctgactgtat gactcggttc cccatttggc attaaaatcc aagtgatgat     85260
     ttctcgtttt cttccctttt ctttttattt tatgctactg ttctaggaga tgctatacaa     85320
     ggcaggaaaa tacttaggca tggtaaagtc ccgcttgata ccttgagatg cttaatccca     85380
     tttccctttg tgcctgttcc ggaagcctgt ggcagaaaag gaaggcacag gcaggcctgg     85440
     gcctgcagag actcaacctg cagatgagca atctacagga gtcagcatgt agcttaaaga     85500
     cagcgagaaa gccacaaaag agtcagcaac aaatagagcc aactcttggc attgaaatca     85560
     ggagctggct ggaggactgt tttagcaaag gacagacatt gcctcaggag tgggagggcc     85620
     accaccttct taattattaa cttctcctgt gcagtcttca gcatcaatgc tgactgccac     85680
     ctggcaccgt gctgcgggat ttcccaccat cctctttggg ggaaataaaa acttatattg     85740
     gagagtgaaa cagaactgac tcctggctct gaaagcccgt acttccttgt tccccgcttg     85800
     cttcatcagc atttcataga ggaaaaacat ggatgacttt caggctggtc aaagtcactg     85860
     atggggtggc tttctgagat gggtctgagc caccttagct aggaatcatt acaaaattcc     85920
     tcaggagcct gagacccaga cctgttttgt cttgttaaat ggggccatag cgtgctatca     85980
     gttctaccta agactgaaga aaaggaaagg agcagtcgtg acagaaatgt agaatctata     86040
     tccgtgaaga agccaggacc atggggatgg atgcttgcac cccagttaca atggaagggt     86100
     agcctctagt tccaatcacg gcctaaagtc tgctcagggc ttatacactt gaccttcatc     86160
     cagagtcacc ttgcttttaa aaaaaaatta atctctgttg atataatatt tatatgaaaa     86220
     aacataaact acatcctata aattttagga atcaactaga tcacttctat ttaagatgaa     86280
     tcgttcaatc tcttaagagc taggacagca aatctgcact ggaaaaatac cagtcgtcac     86340
     taagttttgg agctttctca aagctaatgg tcctttcacc ccaaacagtt ccacaacact     86400
     taagacagtc ttaatactga gaatgacctt atggtgatcc acgtgagagc caaaagtcac     86460
     ccaacttgtg tctcaatcat tagcttgatt ctcatttctg cctactctag ggaaaacatt     86520
     caaaccaaat gataaacata cagggtagtg atggctttcc gtcctcaggg gctcaaagtc     86580
     taatggggta tacaagataa gcaaccccat ggcagactat aagtaattgt acctgagaaa     86640
     ttagcttcac gtagtacttg aaaggtagag attatcttag cttccccttg gagatcggcc     86700
     agaggcccta tgacccagct cccaggcctt ctttccatca gcaaaagcaa aatccagggc     86760
     tccattcctg cccccaatca tagttgagtg aatatccagc acccttcccc tgtaaccagt     86820
     cttccaggtt ttacaatgtg gagaggtatg caatttattt ataactaaat ttcttccaaa     86880
     agagatttaa agtagcttac ttaagcactc atagatccag ggcaattttt aagagaaacc     86940
     taaatatgta tatggctaga gaaggataga ctggcttagg aaaaggttga acatgccaga     87000
     aagcactgtc tttttattgc atttctttat gtatcttttt attgtgggat gtgtatatat     87060
     gtatgtatgt gtacggtgtg gatgtggata tggtatgttc ttgtgtgtgg tatgaacgtg     87120
     tgtttgtgat ataaatttat gtgctcacca aagcacattg cacttgtgaa gataaagggg     87180
     caattggtgg gcactggttc tctccttcca ccatgtgagt ctcagagatc aaatccaggt     87240
     ccccaggctt acagacattt gcctttatcc tcagagcatc ttaccagccc agaagactcc     87300
     atatctgaat aaagacttta ttattatgcc atcctcagtg aagtaggaga aaacacaatt     87360
     aagtctgaat gttcttgtct tataaggaaa gagcaatagc catttgggga agggtatctc     87420
     tggttacatc tacatgacaa agaacaaagt caaccaatgt ccttgttgtt actcaaatag     87480
     cagccttaaa gtgctacact taggagaatg gatgctttaa agcataagga acattctgga     87540
     gccttccctc acaaaaactt tacaacatac aaactttgca cagatgataa agtgcataga     87600
     gccaaagggg acccatgcta tggaagtttg tgaagtttgg gtccacacag gaaatcctta     87660
     ctctatattg gccactaacg tcttagttag ctactggctg cagccaagca cacaagagta     87720
     atgccctgag tgtggcatac agccatcccc attgtcacat acagcctaca aggatttcag     87780
     ccatacatca gagtcattct acttgaaagg atgtttagca aaatctagtc atttgtcttt     87840
     gccttgttgt tttccccctt tctttatctg gagacacctg cttgattctt ctgctgagat     87900
     agttctcctg cttttctact tctatttttt gaggtgttgg ttttgaattc ttgcatctta     87960
     aattctccta atttactgtg taattaaaac acgcatgcac atttgtcctc aattaatgga     88020
     gacaaattat tccccagtgg aagacaactc cactccaact tggaaccgag cagggcagat     88080
     aggcctagaa tttaaatgtt atctagtgat ctcatgttat tttttttgct gaatgaaaat     88140
     ttaagaagta ggttaatcag gggccaatga gatggctcag ttggtaaagg ggcttgctgc     88200
     acaagcctga caatttgctt tcagtcccaa gaacccatgt aaaggcgaaa agttgccctg     88260
     tgacttcttc caatgtctct gtctctgact ctctctgtct ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt     88320
     cagtctctgt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcgct ctctctgctt cctccctctt     88380
     cctttttcca aagctcacaa attagaaaat actctgcttc acaaaaagaa aacgattttg     88440
     ttctttaaaa gaaagagtga ggttaacttg tccttgagag acaaacatct taaagtctcc     88500
     ttggcatctg tagaaccacc cgattccaca cattcccccc gctcctagtc tttattatct     88560
     taagagcagt agcaacttgc tttgagatca cctttagaga aagaagaacg cgctgcaaag     88620
     ggcagttgaa gctggcaaaa tagcatttag gttgaatacc caatgtctgt ttgcagtcaa     88680
     tcaataagtc catcataagc ctacacaata aaggcttttg aaacgtctgg aaacgtgaga     88740
     aaaatcacag tggactaaag aattagctga cattatttat aatatctgag taattctcta     88800
     tcagcaatgt gtctatatgt gcaatttagg caggaaaaat aagtaaacat tgcaaactta     88860
     ctcatttagg tgtgattatg aatcatttgt gaaaaataca aaatgaagta agaataaagc     88920
     atttttcatg cctaagcgag actatgacag gaaacacccg agctcaaggg atttttcatt     88980
     taccataact ttctaaatgg acattgggaa aagaagaggc agaagaaccg ctcattttgt     89040
     agatcagctc atctgagaaa ctgcactcag agtttaaaat gtctctttat aaaagtccaa     89100
     cattaattca agtggagaag gaagttatgc ccatgtgtag acaagataac tgggctgaca     89160
     acggagatta aagagccttg aagtatcctt ctaaacttat tgacaaggag cttcctagta     89220
     ggcttgctat aaaatttaca acacgtcctc ccaaaggcca cagaccttcc gaccagcagg     89280
     taattcatag aacggattct aagctggctc attgtaaggg actaacagag atttacactg     89340
     agtactttgt tcagggttca acacacttta attacatcag ataacacctg ctgttctcat     89400
     ttttcctgga aacgggctga gtccaactcc tatttattta agcgcctgca acaatgagtc     89460
     tctgctgtgt caaaatatga ggacaaaact gaaggtaagg aggaaggaca ggaagaaacc     89520
     tgtcttgggc ccagctcttg atgggccctg aattgtcctt ttgaggcttt acaacagctt     89580
     aacctaagag tcgggtggga acacactggg gaagagctgg gctgaaatga aatttgggtc     89640
     tggaaagagt ctaagccctg gtgtgctaga atgttgctgc agtgggacca tgacttgtgc     89700
     acactgctgc aggtcagcta cctggattgc tccaggtact atcatttggc taggcctggt     89760
     cctttctcta taagcttagg acaaggatgt ttgctgcttt ttatatgtag aaagagtatc     89820
     ttgtgtattg aatgggtgca tcacctgtca attaaaaaaa aaatctatag cttataggaa     89880
     aatttaaact agaaggtagg acatcaggta tgcagaaaga attctaggat agagttggac     89940
     atgggaagag tagccaggga aaacatgagg acagacacgt ggtgccggcg cagaggtgac     90000
     cagtaacatg gcagaatgta gattaatgta agtagattat gttaaattat tagctagtca     90060
     gtgaatgagc ctagctatat ggcctaagta tttataagta aattttcagt cttagtcact     90120
     aatcaggttg cttggggctg ggaggaaaac agcccaccat acaacattta tatgtatcca     90180
     caaaaagaaa atttattaaa aggaagtatg tggaattttg gtcatgttgt ctggatccca     90240
     gtggcttgtg cattattaag aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa agctctgtca     90300
     ttaagctata tcaccaaccc ccaaaatgtg tgtttccatc caatttaaaa caatctaaca     90360
     gtctgtattt agggaaaggc atactaggcc taatttaggt aggagtacac tctatgaata     90420
     tgagaataat agtaacaaaa cacaaaggcc aggctcttag atggaaaacc caatattatt     90480
     tggagtcaca tccctcagga aaatcagaaa gtgggaacag aggcagtgtt ttaataatac     90540
     ctttaggacg gtccacatta aagagacaaa aaagaggagg atgctaaagg ccaggcctgg     90600
     acataggtat ctaaaattct aggcagtgag ccatgatgct cttgttcaaa gcatgctggg     90660
     caactgggta agatcctatg tcaaaataaa aacaaaccaa tgaacaaaga taccagggac     90720
     atggctcagt tagcagaatg catgactcgt atgcaccaat gccagagttt gcgctccagc     90780
     attacataaa accagacatg gtagtgtgca cctataatcc agcattccag aggttcactg     90840
     tcatctcata atgagtttag tatttgcctt ggacaccgga gactctgacc tccaaaagaa     90900
     gataatatat aaatgataaa atcaaaaggg atgaaaattt agctcacagg agagtagttg     90960
     ttcagtatgt ctgagcccct ggcttccatc ctcagccaca cctgaccacc ccacctctcc     91020
     aactcttaat caagcctcta tgctcctgtt ctcctcagct cttcattatc ttaagtgata     91080
     taaaaacaga aaacagacat ttgtactgaa gcgcgtcatc cattttataa agttactcat     91140
     tggctgacat agtgcaagcc atatttagca aaatctgaac aatacaatca aaaaaaaaaa     91200
     aaaaagaagg aaaaagaaga gaaaagaaag aaaagaaaac caaatactta ctatgtttca     91260
     ctactggcaa ggctatatgt gctaattatc ttaattactt cacctttcta ctcttcaccc     91320
     actttctaca ctgtgtccca aataataatc tatgtttggt ttctcagggc ttccggggat     91380
     gtgcagacta tcatctttgt tagactctca cctagttgga tgcttagcca ttaatgtatg     91440
     cacatagaca cacacttcag acacaacttc agcctctttc cttgtagcca gagttgtggt     91500
     acattgcttt cctgcagtaa gaacagacaa caaccacccc ccccaccaaa cgctgacccc     91560
     cgggtggcag aggaaagttg ccaggatgca caactgtgag tgttcttctg ctggactcta     91620
     aacctcacgg actacagtct taacagagcc ctatgtgagc tcttaattac tctgcttcct     91680
     ccaccctacc tatctcttat ctccctgacc acactcctgg tgactgggtc atccgaaagt     91740
     ttcaagtgca tatggttcag ggtgccagat gaccaggccc aacttatcag cagtgaatgc     91800
     cagccacctt tgccccaggt ttgattacag tgaattatga atcattcttg cagctgttca     91860
     atttaatttt tttatatata aaactgatgg aatataagac tttcaatctc acagcaggac     91920
     ctgccattta ctgaatgctt attctggggc ctggccctgt ctttatacca ttcagtcact     91980
     agattttcat gataatcaca ttaagcaatg ttagtattct cgtgtactag ggaagaaaca     92040
     ggtgtggctg agtaccttga tggttccttc agtatccatt gctggttttc ttcctccttt     92100
     ctagaacaat ctagaacaat ctgttctcca ttaggagact gctggtggta taatgtctgg     92160
     ctcccaccag ctcccactca cagaatgttc tgatggtcca gccattcatg gcactgttct     92220
     ctccaatgag caactttgtc aagaggattt gggttccagg aaggtccctt tcatattctt     92280
     tagagcgcct caagatttat agattctttt cttattttga accttaacca gttcaactca     92340
     caggcggtct tcccagccaa ctacctgcac atatatatat tcataccaca ggacccatca     92400
     tggaagcctc tctggacgag ctatgccttg atgcaatagc tacagccagg ccatcttgtt     92460
     cccaagagaa aaatacattt gtcaccaaaa ctggagtgct gaggtggcga gtagagatca     92520
     taaagtgtct ggaacccctt ggatatgact aagccacaaa ataaaccagc tgaggctccc     92580
     ctatgaatct gttccttgct ctgtggatga atacatgtcc ctgataaaac atgcaataaa     92640
     taaagccgag gttagcgcta aaactatatc tggagcctta tttttaaccc caatggtgct     92700
     cagtggggtt ataattcaaa actctattac tattctacac attctctgca atggtgaatt     92760
     atctaaaacc aatgccctac caacagcatg acatatcaac ctataagggg aaatggctgc     92820
     ttctatattc acaagcactc agacaccaaa cggacttttt ccacactaca attccccaac     92880
     ttgctggata ttaatgagtt gctaaatggc tcaatttgtg tctgatgcta tacattcaat     92940
     tagtgtggga tcacaggtgt gggggctcag tttcaatcac tgacaccaaa caccagtcct     93000
     gctgttgaac ctgtacactt ttgagctttt gatacaatta gttgtcaatc agagctttcc     93060
     acacccctct gcattgattc agcaatttgg tagggctagg taaagaactg agaaaaacag     93120
     tatcatttgt attgctgtac taggaaagac agatatgaga agccaagtga gggaaacatg     93180
     gtttgaggta cagaagggtc caaggataaa agcacgtgcc cctacagaga tggggttagc     93240
     tactaccacc actccagagc taggaggaag cgcatgcctt tccttttatc tgcccggttc     93300
     tctcctggac gtatttgcta gaccagaaaa tacctgaaag ctctctttaa agctagaaac     93360
     atttcaagac tatgcttcat cattatggtg cattcaattt ctaagacttc cctcttccaa     93420
     ccaggatggg agatggggtg gaaatttcag ggctcctaat cttagcttgt ctttctagtt     93480
     actggctcct aatctcaatc aagctgtcca ggaatcctat ccttaggaca aagaaggttc     93540
     tgtaaactca gaagttctaa gagatttcag agctaagcag gatgctctta tcagcccatt     93600
     acttagggaa ccaaagggtt tggctagctg tgtgtcagaa acttccatca aagcccaaaa     93660
     gttgctccaa gcatctctgc cactcatccc atcacaaaac catcggcagc tgtctcagga     93720
     gctggggacc aaactggagt atataaattc tcatggtgtc acatctgcca gaaatacaga     93780
     atcctccacg tcccaatggc aatgatatga ctatggtatg cccctgaaaa gactagctcc     93840
     catgaatcag taaaactacc cagagcaaca ggtcttaata cactaaccaa agaagagaat     93900
     ttaatagata aagcaaggac tcggggtcag agcacttcct tagcaccaca atcaatcaat     93960
     aataaatcaa aacatgaagc ccatctattt ctaatgttaa taaatgacaa tgatacaaca     94020
     aacagaagaa cgcaagcacc ccaaagtgat cattatgaca ttggcaggca gagtgaaata     94080
     gaaagtgttt gtggcatttc ctcactacct ttgcaaggtg gcaactatga tcctataaag     94140
     aggaagaaaa gatcccaagg aagtatttta aaacaggaag gagaaaaaaa aagtcctctt     94200
     tgttttgtca tcttaaaatt taaatgtggg tcacagtgca tcactgccaa taagaatgta     94260
     tttcaagggg aggaagaaaa ggctcgggat ggaaacagcc atcatgggca cacgatgctt     94320
     ttcctccata agaaaggtgc ccatctggtt aggaggacgt gtgccggggc ctcagacctt     94380
     ggctgtgtct gggcactgtc tcctctgtta aatgaacagg ccagtctaaa acacactgtt     94440
     ctacattttc ccaggcttta gaaactcatg gattgccttc ttaacttaaa ccatctgact     94500
     gttttagaga cacgagtggc tcatggtaca ttctcggtct ttgtgtctca acgaccacac     94560
     tgtgttaaca gtcaccagga gttatacggg caccaagggg aagagccttg aaaggcagaa     94620
     aaaccacaga aatattagaa gcagaaaatc ctgcctgtgt attttaagac attcgacatc     94680
     acctcataat tgccgtttcc acaaagggct agcttaaacc atggggccaa aagcaaggaa     94740
     agcggttaga ggcaatactt ttgacaaagt tgcaaactag tcaataaata aagcatggct     94800
     gctgaatctg atcatctcca cagaagccag ggtctggaac acgcagccaa gtaactagaa     94860
     tggcgatggg tctgcggtgc tcagaactca agggcccgtc cttcctcagg ggcagatcct     94920
     acttcacagg gatctaccac agtagctgct agaacagaaa ataaaaatag acgcctgctt     94980
     ttctttgaaa aagactggga accaagaaga cgggtacttg ggaaagcgtg cacacatttg     95040
     tgcacagggg gacgatttat caacacgtgg ccttcttagg gttccccagc atgtttttga     95100
     aataataaaa ctctactctg tttatatggc ctcgttggag acattttagt ggtccataaa     95160
     ggctttccag gaatgtgaga atgtttgtat tttttcaaaa ttaacggtgg atctgggtaa     95220
     aaggaactga aaacagtcca ttcttttgct tccctctttg cccagttctc taagaagata     95280
     aaaatgttca tttccagttt atgtcaaaag cacatgtgga gggttcaaga tatactgaac     95340
     tcttatttct gttagcggtt ttccctagac acacacggga ctgtcagata aagtgatatc     95400
     acgatgccag tcgacactga caggacctta tcacgagcaa ctacacagtc agctcacact     95460
     gaagatggca ttcctaagac cactcaagct ggaactctac ctaacgttag cctggaaagg     95520
     gaggaggaag agagtcacta actggttaga caaactgaaa cctggctcag gttcctgtta     95580
     aggctttttg cttataggca cacgtattta tatttgaaga cttggggact aggttaaatg     95640
     gagtctaaag agggaaagtt tcagaacttc cctcaggtac aaagtccttt gtgcgcagtg     95700
     ttttcatttc ataaataata tccagaagtt gaaattacac atggacatgg gagttggcaa     95760
     agagtgaagc atcattgata tgaacataaa aaagatatgc tgagctacat tatcgcagtt     95820
     ctacacatga ccctaagcct cctaaaagta actggactag caaaagaccc gaaaccgagc     95880
     ctcagttcac acttgaatac aggagtcacc gcgtccttgt acaccaccaa agctttggaa     95940
     acaacgggca ctgaagctgg ttacacataa gctcaagcag aaactaagtc atcaaaacga     96000
     ctttctcaag ttggagttaa ggtggtctgg ccttctattc caacagcatt atattatatc     96060
     tctgttgcta acttgctctt caaattaagg tagcaataac agagaatcag attcctcaaa     96120
     tgccgtatta gagaaacaca aatttcatgg tatttagtta acaaatattt gttccgctgg     96180
     gagtggtggc ccgggccttt attcccaaca ctcgtgagac agaggcaggt ggatctctga     96240
     gttcaaggtt agcttggtct acagagtgaa ttccaggata gtcagggcta tacagagaaa     96300
     ccctgtcttg aaagactaaa taaataaata aataaatagt aaaaattaag caaaaaaaaa     96360
     accaataaat atttattgag catttcctct gtacccacaa atattctttg cagtccttcc     96420
     aaaggaaact gggaactttg ctcagctgtc ctaaccaaga caatataatt tacgggctta     96480
     aattattcac tttaagatca attcctcttc tgcccaagta cactgtgttc cttgacaagt     96540
     cttttactca ctatgtctgc taaatggcat tcttatttgc ctccacaagc aggtctcctt     96600
     acagaaaccc caaagaacaa gcaacagtgt ggatttatct cactgacttc cagctactac     96660
     cctctatttt cctaggtagt ctagttctat cttagctgag gcacaactac tggaacagtg     96720
     gttcacaacc ttctcaaagc tgtaacattt aatacagttc ctagtgttgt gatgaccccc     96780
     ctgcaaccag aaagtcaatt cattgctatt tcataactct agttttacta ctgttatgaa     96840
     tcataatgta aatacctgat gtgcaagata tttgatatgt gaccaacaag gaggatgtga     96900
     accactgaac aacagcttca catttgaact atgaagaggg ctaatattca ccgtctcctc     96960
     caattagctt tcctggcagc tggaaactgg tcacttatga atgggaaggg ggaaatggca     97020
     aggaaggggg ctaccttctt ttcagagttg cagtcatcag gaagtgctgg taagggacag     97080
     gtggcaattt ctgtagaaga cagagagttc catgcctggt gcaaaggtcc ctactgaccc     97140
     acgccttctt ccccagcctc actctccctc ctatgctcac ctttctacaa acaaaaacct     97200
     aggcagagga aatgctaccg caggcacagc tatcatcacc atcgtccttc cctccgatac     97260
     cagcctcctt tcttaagcaa acacaggtca gcaccttcca ctattttatt tcatctccac     97320
     atctcacagt taaggacaac agaggtcaga gagaataggg gaaagaactg aatggaccca     97380
     gtctggttga gttccaaagc ccaggtttat aataatgacc tgctggttct tcctaataca     97440
     gataatggaa actgcactga gtcgggcatg aaaggtagtg gtagagtcta ggaatctata     97500
     gcaaaggagg agtctaggaa tctatggcaa atctagacca gaagcatgtc cctattccac     97560
     cctgggaaca caagctgata ctctctttct ctgggagacc atctcaaagc ttcagggtta     97620
     agcacaattt ggttgtaagc taatataaaa gttagcactc agtaagttaa atgtttaggt     97680
     tcaaattgag taaaatgtac tcctttcatg tgaaatgaat gaaaccgaga tgcatgctcc     97740
     ccacgcattt tctatcatcc acttcatttc ttcacaactt agggaaaggt ctgatcatga     97800
     ccaactcctg cagctttcag tccctacacc aaactctcat tctccaactg ctatcacaag     97860
     tgctcaactg aaatgaaaca caggtaaacg aacaacaaat tcctagaaaa tcaattcctt     97920
     ggcgccgcct gaatctgggt gtaaaggact cttcaccacg cacatagctg gggaaacaag     97980
     gtgaggcagg taggggaacc cctacatttc tttaattaca gtgtaattcc tgagtcaact     98040
     gcctaaggca gccatcttgg gcaagagata agaacaaccc agattcggag ccaacaaaga     98100
     tattgaagca ataaaatgag atacttgact tgagactgct aagagaagcc tagggcaggc     98160
     tttgtgaatg ttggtacagg gaagggtttc aaggaagcct ttgcttccca aataaagggg     98220
     aggaatttca cagcagtgct tgagatggtc caggctacac tcctattctg gtgactctat     98280
     cagcatcaag ggaccagagg agggacaata cctcttaggg tttttgatct ggaaggagga     98340
     cagtgaggaa caattaagga gactctacct taggccaaat ttcaaggctc tgttatctaa     98400
     caggcttact gttgttgaag cagagtctga agacagagca tatggaattc aagggaatga     98460
     gatgaaaatc caactacaca ggccttggga taaatggcta cctttaacat taatcactga     98520
     tttgaatatg ctttgcaatt aaaatgcata atgaaattaa gtacaactag ctgacagaaa     98580
     tctgcatgta ccaaaaggac tattagggtg taacttgaca ttatgagtct cctcctatga     98640
     gttcactgta agacattttt acataatttt ttttcaagtc aatttccaat tagaaacatg     98700
     caacttgcat cgacttattt caagagctgg cacacaaagt gaaactgagc tgtattctgg     98760
     tgaggaaaga tatatttgca gcaattatat cttatatcgc tcatatacct taatgataga     98820
     tctttttgaa aactacatcc aggtaaacct gaaggtgata ccatataagc tggctgactg     98880
     atctggtgtt atttgaactc tcgtgtttct acaactctca gggatgtttg cacaggacct     98940
     cagatgtcac agctaaacct agaaggagaa atccccaatc atgcttggta cggtgaatac     99000
     ctcaatcaat accatatata aggtagtgat gtaaacgttt tccttttaaa agaacttctg     99060
     gagaagagat gcgatgtaca cctcccactt aaggtgagca ttttgatgtc ccttattctt     99120
     tgccaagatg accaattgtg aatttgccac tgaaagatgg agcctctcta gtccaggttg     99180
     agcaatgcaa tgacagagag aaaaaaagag aggatatgaa gttgggcagg tagaatctgg     99240
     aaggagttgg gggaaaggtt aaaaacacac agtatgaaat aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     99300
     attaaaaata aaatatgtaa aatctccaaa ttacctagtt gaaatgctct tctttctaag     99360
     aatctgtgct aagcaaacat tttttttcca gattcttatg gaaagtatgg aaagatcaaa     99420
     ttgagctact gtcaagaata ttatgcctgt gcatctgttt accccaaaca cagctgatct     99480
     cctcctattc aacccacttc cacttctttg aagttaggcc catgtagtga aagtcagtaa     99540
     ttttgactaa aatgttatgc taataatgca aatatgaaat gtttaaaatg tggaatgcta     99600
     attcaaaata caaaccctgg tgtattctca cagaacctgc tttgaggaat tatggcattt     99660
     cttatcattt gtttacttat atacttcagc tattccccca ccctgcaagt cctttgaatt     99720
     tgcattatct ttgaagataa gcttcagtct agacgagcct cccagcaaat ccaaaatcca     99780
     gaattagtag aattccagtg aagtgctttt aattcttgtc tgttaacttt tttataagaa     99840
     ctccccgagg ccaactacca ccctggcttc tagaatgcca cacacagtaa atactgaact     99900
     gtcttctctt tcaccgccct ccacagtgtg taagttcaaa tggtatttac tggggggggg     99960
     gggggggggg gctggagggg aggggagttg gagaagaaga gagaataagg ctaattactc    100020
     tcagcaagtt accaaaacag aatgtataga ggacttcatc ttcagggtcc tttttctttc    100080
     ctaacaaaag tttccagcca cctccattta agataaatgt gaattttaca gaaacaagaa    100140
     atttgcttca gtcactgttc ccagtctaga ctcctcatgt ctccaaatac ataggtagtg    100200
     gtcactaaac aactgttgaa taaatgaaaa atggaaaatc gtctcaagca tttactctca    100260
     gtatctccca cgatggactt gaagtactga ctgttttttg tatgaacttg gccataagaa    100320
     tgcatagcca gcacagactc tagaagatga ggataaagat gaaacatggc accaagtatg    100380
     tgttgttttt cttccgtctt accaaatgtc tgtctgggca ttagtcagca gcattagaat    100440
     attaaagatc agacaggttg attgctcctg tcaattaaca acctggaatg ggatctggcc    100500
     tgctagcctg ggacctccct cagtgcagag tcctaagtat ctccaataag cttttcaatg    100560
     aatataggac aacaatttaa caatttagca aattaactcc agtgaccact aggaaggaca    100620
     ttctggagtc aggggcatgt ggttaatatt ctgagagaga tattacagca ttcaggagca    100680
     agctttggag ctgaatcttt ttaagggccc cctcttctga gggttaaaat aagaataagg    100740
     acttttattt ccctcttcca acattttttt aaaaaatgaa cttagagaaa aagctgtgaa    100800
     cataccagct cacagccaat tgaggaaccg cagcaagaca cagacaatcc ggaaatctct    100860
     tgagcttttc ttcaaatacc ccaaattaat gtgttttctc caatagttaa cttttaaccc    100920
     tagggatgtc ctagctaccc acacacaagt agttcagaca tgtgtagtga ctaaaacact    100980
     cccttgccac caacagaaga aaatggccaa atttcacatg gaggggaaaa ccaagacttt    101040
     ctttctcacc cactaaagga agccatggct gaaaataaat aaccttggca gagtttatca    101100
     attttgtttt aacttggacc accttactat gagcaaaacc atctcataat aacaatattt    101160
     ttccaaatag aaaatgtaag gctccggggc tggtgagatg gctcggcagg taagagcacc    101220
     cgactgctct tccaaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcataacc    101280
     atccctaacg agatctgact ccctcttctg gtgtctgaag acagctacag tgtacttaca    101340
     tataataaat aaaaacaaaa caaaacacca tgaccaaggc aatgtatagg aggaagattt    101400
     taaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa gaaaacgtaa ggctcaaagg agcaagacaa aagcacgatt    101460
     ctcccacgtt cttctaaagg ccgctcagca cggcgccctc agcacgggag cacgcttgag    101520
     gttgcccggc tctctccagg atgagaactg ttcagacctc caaagcttcc cattttccct    101580
     cctgcaattt cctcctcttc caacaatatc cccgatggca agctaacagc aacacctagt    101640
     attaattaat ctagtaataa atcactgctg tatttaccta agtactttgc atgcattgtt    101700
     tcccttaacc tccataacag ggtctgttag gtcaatgtcc catttcactg ataaagaaac    101760
     tgactgttaa gcgacatgga gctcacacag ccagccagcc aggcagccag cccagagact    101820
     gggttttaac tttgggcttt ctttgacttc agaagctcgg ctctatggca actaacatac    101880
     taaggctcac agatgtattt cctttctgtc ataacggatt tattcttttc tctatttcat    101940
     catatctgaa acatcaattc ctcagctacc tcaatgaaca ccaagcattc ttgatatgat    102000
     caaacaaaga tgaagctgat acttttgttt aagattgtcg atgacatcca cttataattt    102060
     taataataaa aacctacttt tcttttctat tttgtagact agtgtagttc actatgttcc    102120
     ttaaataagg tattctcctg tattctactg ctatggggat gccaattttc tctcaagact    102180
     ttgctgcaat ctgatcggga aactggctac ttaaacggca ggtaatcttt tattccatac    102240
     ataattacca tgcactatgt tttgatttga tcctaatggc cctaagtaca ttttaaacaa    102300
     accctcaacc catccaaatg aaaagcattt tgcttcctcg gctgcacttg catgacaagg    102360
     ataattaaca catcttggga aatttgagct acatctgatt aaatcataac acaccataaa    102420
     ggtctttaca aataagcctt tgaagaatcc agctgagaaa atcatgaaag ggagaattat    102480
     gggatggaaa agctccttgc cgttttgtgc tgggcacgga gaggtgaccc caccaaggtg    102540
     agtcttttga attcagctaa ctttcccaga atgtacctga aaactctgag gaagggagag    102600
     ctgtggctag gccccacctg tcactcacaa agtcactgtt tctgctcatt tgtgtcatta    102660
     gtctttgttt tgaacggtgg ccaaggaaat aaattccctt tcctctcaca cagaaccata    102720
     aggagtcatg aaattaaaaa gaaaagtcct aaacaggggg tccttaaacg gcactctcaa    102780
     aattttacct cagttatcat cggagaatac gttcaagatg aaaaccacaa aaaaaactgg    102840
     ctaagaattg ggaaaaacaa aataacagaa atatcaaacg taagattaaa tctaactagt    102900
     tacattccaa ggataaaagt taaatgctta tgaaactgtg ggtaactcca caaaccaaaa    102960
     gaggtgaaca tgtagtaact aggcccacta tcccctgcaa taatgagctg ctaccattgc    103020
     tgttgctaac aggacccatt gtatttgaca tttattgatg tctattcatg gttgctgcca    103080
     ttccttagga cagtgaagag agagtttcaa taacttaaga agaccgtaca aagatattat    103140
     taagtcacct gcccaataag caggacaaag aattctacag agctatacat aagaatgaca    103200
     gtggataccg taccatattc tggctatttt actaaacaga atctcatcgc ctcttagcat    103260
     cttaatagat accatcaagt gcatcttggg tggaacagta agaatcaggt ctgaagttca    103320
     atcctgggtc tgtgtcacct caaatctcct cgctctaagg ggaaggtgcc ttatttctgg    103380
     ggcctcacag catctagcaa aatgaagttc atgccttagt catgtgcaaa agaaggacaa    103440
     cgtgaaaagc aaacctggtt caaaggagcc catcattcct tgggacaaga aaagactttg    103500
     acaaatgaac cagacgggac aaagcaaatc agctgcatgg atgaccaaag gcctaaggcg    103560
     gggccaaggc tttcccgaga agcccagtta tttggaatcc aaacaaagta aaactgtatg    103620
     cgtcaagcaa ttagacacct agtgtgtctc tctgtgctgt agagggaaac gtctcgcctt    103680
     taaaattata tacattaacc ccaatggcaa aataacaaat tctcttactg tagtgcccat    103740
     tcagagcctc tgacttaaca tttacacagc tatttcaatg tatagttgac aaaattgatt    103800
     ccaaatactc aaattctaca taaattatag gtgtttgcca gtcccctcct tcaggtttga    103860
     acacttaggc tgtgtatgtt tggggctggg ggggggggag gtaatggggg tatgagatag    103920
     aaacccttct atacagctta ctgaatagtt ccacctcctg cagagaactc tgaagaaatg    103980
     tactgttttg gtttttttca acattcaaat aagtgtgaat aagaatagct ggtctcccag    104040
     gattcatctt ttatgttgag tgtagggtca ctgaccggat tgaaatggat ccaagttgct    104100
     gtgatgagct gatttttaaa aggctggagg taatgaacta tggaggggaa gaaagaaagc    104160
     cagttctggt ctcattccat cacaacaaca ccagaacctt aacactaaaa ctctcaaaac    104220
     cagttaccct gtgtgtcaat caaggaaaac aaacaccaaa acaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa    104280
     cccacccacc aaaaaaacaa aacaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    104340
     cacaaaagca gcagttgttc ttagagaaaa ttcacgaaca ggtactctgt gaagacggct    104400
     atcccttctc caaaataaca tttctatatt ggagcattga aaaggggtct cattgcaagg    104460
     tcatctgtga acaatagaaa cttccgaaag gcctgtcctt gagcccccaa ctcgagtgct    104520
     tctgagctca taggacagag acagccaagg ctctcatgta gtcctcaagt tccctgcttt    104580
     ccacaggtaa cctttagaga aacatcaatt ttgaattcac tgtaatccag gtgattgggg    104640
     aagttggacc cgatacaaaa agactcaaaa gctaacttaa agaaactaag aatgtgcatt    104700
     tgaactcact atagatagtg cctctgactc actgtagaca gagggtaaaa tttcagcact    104760
     ttctactttt tataagtata agtaacttgg ggcgttttca gtttttccat ctgggagcca    104820
     gctgcaggaa atgttatctc ccagaactct ctgtggttct taggccagaa caggtgacaa    104880
     cagcccgccc ctggctccat tcaccacaca aaccctccgc tgcccagcgc tagcctgcag    104940
     aacaggaatg gcccccaggt gtctgcccac agtgcaccct tcgggcgctc acctgtgcag    105000
     gcttgccctc cgcttttcag aaaaatctaa cgctcttcac tcctcctgtt tggaaaggga    105060
     gtgacctgca gccagccacc tgcactcatt tcaaatctga ccatttcact cactgcacaa    105120
     actggaaaga aaatgaagct attattccct ttccccaacc tgactccaca taaccccaat    105180
     tccggacgaa cacaggcaaa ttccagaagt gggaattgca tgacaaacgt tggccacgcc    105240
     ataaaaccca gcagggacta attactgcca gggctcccca tgatcaaaat cattccaagg    105300
     cactcacgtc tcagagttaa gggctggagg aaggaagagg gtgagctatg aggagagatt    105360
     taaaggcagc ccattcacag tcaagacagt ctttgagttt tattcattaa tgaagattaa    105420
     accctgactg tataaagccc tatgattatt aataattcaa ctgaaagaaa aagaaactgt    105480
     acacaacact ctcgctaaga gaggactgga tgagcgttct cctccttccc aagaaagcaa    105540
     aaaaccccat agaaggaatt cattaaaaat tatagatgct tcgaatcagg aggatcagcc    105600
     ttcttctgca aatgcactcc cttctttatc ctccacctcc caggcactac agatctatac    105660
     agcagtgtat gcaggacaac taagaggacc gtttataaca cgaaacaact tcaagatcga    105720
     acgaaggaaa ccaaaataga catgacgagg gagggagaag tagagaggaa gaagctacac    105780
     cacaggaagt agtttataac ctctgcccgc gtacttttcc gtgcaataaa cattccgaga    105840
     aacacgttct actgggaagc aaacgaatag gaagagtgct aggcacacat aaaattagca    105900
     agtgggagaa acatgaaagg tcaactgcca gacgatgata aatgaaattg ttcttgatca    105960
     gatggcacaa ggaggtaaag tgtcaagcaa gcaacttcat tatactctgg ttgccttttt    106020
     acatgccagg gcaacagata aacgcactca cacagtgtgt gcgtgcatac acacacacac    106080
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac catgatggca gaaagcatag cttgctttaa    106140
     tagtctcaat atatctcatc agcatctgag aaaccatgaa acagacctat gctggcctta    106200
     ccttcaatga cagttttcag acataaacta caggctaata tcttttaacc aaaagacttg    106260
     agactagaaa tttcaggttc taaacctcat aattcctgca tgtaattatg catgcatgca    106320
     tgcataccca catacctctg aacatatgaa cacacacaca tgcacatgca tgcgcgcaca    106380
     cacacatata agagtggata ttttaagaca ggactcaaca agaattttgt ttatgcttca    106440
     tatatactgt atgtacatag cctacatcgc aattatataa aatatcccta ataatttgtg    106500
     cttgaactat ttcacagtat ggaacttgcc gctcatggtg tcatagtgag actttaaatt    106560
     gttcaagtaa tcaagcagta tagattccaa gataagggct gctatatatg gtcattcttg    106620
     atccaccaat aaaatatttc attttgtgag gaattagggg ccagtacttg tatgcagaag    106680
     tatgaaatct cctctgaaga tcccattcct tgactcaatg tggacatcac gcagatatat    106740
     aataaaagta aaatgataaa agtggaaaag acagtaaatt caccttgtgg cttttagaag    106800
     cccagctgaa gcagggcggt ggtggcatat gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag    106860
     ggagtcagat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agttccagga cagccagggc    106920
     tacacagaga aactctgtct cgaaaaaaca aaagaaaaaa gcaaaagaaa gaaaggaagg    106980
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaagccc agctgattga    107040
     gtggatggga gaagagacat tggtggatct caagtgtggc tcggctcact gtagtgaaat    107100
     gagtgccacc aagtgaaggg aaaaaaaaag ctttgacaag ctgcagtatc acaggtgtta    107160
     gtgacaattt gcaaattaag ttattattat taagttagtt aacatgggga gttagcacct    107220
     aaaaatctaa aatacattta aaagaaaggt aaaagccaaa actgctttta taactcaagt    107280
     ttttggtgta ggtatttttg ttcaaggcaa gttaaagaaa acacaggggt gactggaaaa    107340
     gtgaaaccga gggatttctc cacagaccag cctcagctgt ccactcttca gctggtgaag    107400
     gatgtattta tcgcaaactt atcattgctt ctatctcctt ccaaccactg gctcttgcag    107460
     cactcctatc ttcaaaataa ctaggtttgg ccagcaagat cgctcagcag ataaaggtcg    107520
     acaatcccaa acctggatcc ctggaaacca tatggtggaa ggaaagaact ttcacaggtt    107580
     gttctctgac ctgcactgac ttgcatccat aaatacatac acacactcac acaaaatgca    107640
     cgcactctat aaaaacatta aatattttta attagttttg attcaatggg atcaaacggg    107700
     aatcagtggc taggattaac attgacaata gaaaagcctt tcccttcact tttatttata    107760
     tgttacactg ttagatacac taagaatata tagctggggg gaaaacatgg aactagttag    107820
     catcctccct aaggttgcat cacctgcctt caccagccct atacttgccc cagtatcctc    107880
     ctcccccaac cccatttccc atggctctct ggacctgcct tctttactag ctctcatcag    107940
     ctgacaccat aaatgatcaa tgcctaggtt ctatttttca ctgctgtccc gacatggctc    108000
     ttgttcctat agctactagc tagtttaagc aaaaatcagg gccaattcaa tatggccttc    108060
     ctcccagaag agaaatctag tgaggctcca gctgggattc accacttagg taaaagcttt    108120
     aaaatctcaa gactgttttt ttccccccct gatgtggttt gaaaattagc tgtgagaggc    108180
     atttcagaaa tgtagatagc agtaacatca tgaggtcaat aaatgatgtt ttagccctta    108240
     aatcgacagc tgaagacaat ggccatttca tggcctcctt tctcttaagg atgctatgca    108300
     gttgctttgc ccagaggaca gactcttctc taacactcca tcgccaaaaa aactacctaa    108360
     attttgtctc ttccttcaga cgcacaacct caggaagtct tgtctgattg ttgttagatt    108420
     cttacatcca ggcggcgaca ttgttcctga caccacagcc tgacttctaa ggaggaggga    108480
     cctaggtaaa gaacatgaca gacaatggtt ccttcttctg ttccaactgg ctgcttcatt    108540
     cagagtacag aagtgcttta tggtatcaga cagaactaga gcgtcacaac tgatggatat    108600
     ccaaataacc catttgaaaa gtcaactact ataacacttt aattttcatt cacatgattc    108660
     gatacacttg tctgtagtcc aatgtcaaac caggagtcat ttttaatgca agatttggac    108720
     agtgatgatt ctaagcacac attagtattt ttttttatca gaaataatct agatactgga    108780
     aaagaaagat ggctagcaga gaagacagca acatgatgta gggaagatgt tttggacttt    108840
     aaagacaaaa tgagtatctc agactaagta aaatgcattc aggtctacat cagagctctc    108900
     tctcaatcca tgaaaaacat attctaaaaa gccttttggg aatcataatt tttaatatca    108960
     aattctctta tgtcccatta aaatatacaa ctagccaatc acccacaatt ctacttgcag    109020
     ctgaacaacc aacaaaaata aatgtttggc tctatgaaga tatgtatcag aatatgcaca    109080
     gaagcgccat tcataaacgg tcccaaacca gagtccaatg gaatgttcag tgagagaagc    109140
     atgggtaaac acactagagc atcgtcgtcg ttgccacaat actcctgttc cttgggaata    109200
     gctgagaatg gactacagaa acatgcagct tcttggatga acctcagaga cgtgatgctg    109260
     aattacaaaa gcaggagcca aatgagtaca tactcccagg cttcccctgt ataaactcta    109320
     acaatgtgca aaacaaatga gtgagacaca aggggcatta cggtatttat ttgaatccac    109380
     tggcaattat aaaaacatag gcatcatcaa agctcatggg gccgggtact caacaggtgg    109440
     cattgcatac aattcaatga gttaaggaaa tgatatagat ttcaaccact tacttgtttg    109500
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tagatagggt ttctctgtgt agccttggct    109560
     aacctggacc tttttgtaga ccaagctggc cttgaactca cagaaatctt ctgcctatgg    109620
     aggcagtgct ggaattaaag gcatgtgcca caatcacccg gctaagattt caatcttaaa    109680
     tgggaaattt aaccataaaa tagtggaatc aagaagattc aaaatacaca ggggacagcg    109740
     ggggtaaggg gagcccttgg taagctttag gaaaaagatc ctatcaaagg gagaaagtgc    109800
     aaaatggaca gcaaaaataa tgacttgtta gcactggtat ctgtgaaagt tctggaattt    109860
     tggtttcttt aaaaaaacac agaaatatta taagaatatg ttttcgtttt aacctcatgt    109920
     gtgcgttata gggctgcttc gggctgacca cagcagctga ctatgatttg cctcatgctc    109980
     taccaggcgt gttgttttgt catggtgtga catttggaat tctgggaact tctcacagga    110040
     tatgtaaatg ctagggcccc agaggcggga ggggggggga ggaggggggc gggcgggggt    110100
     gattgttggt cattcagaga aggttagatg tggtttatta gcagtctttc aaagacgaaa    110160
     caaaaggaaa caaattagat taagggatct ctctctctct ccctctatcc ttctttttct    110220
     cctatgtagt gacaaggggt aaaaaccagg ggaataaagg gtgagaaaaa gagaagtaag    110280
     gaccagctat aggtatccta ggtctgactc gaggagggag cacggccctg acactggggt    110340
     cttggtgttt ttattgagat acacagaaca gcagaattaa gtactcagac ctcagacttt    110400
     tcatctacct agtatgtctc cacgtgcctg ttcatagagg atttcacaca ccctagtcag    110460
     gtagggttat ttgttttctc tgttgtgata ttttaatgtt agtagaaaag ggaattatca    110520
     aattctggga tgaaatcaga gtgagtatta ataatgagtt gaggtgctat ggagatccgc    110580
     aaccacccac ttccataaaa aggaatgaac actgtcatag acagggcaga ttaatacttg    110640
     tatcacgaag cactgtcaac cagagttcag ttttagcttc cctaaatcac tgtctggttt    110700
     gggatttgac ccacagagga agaaacaatg tgcagttcat ctaagtagcc ccagatctac    110760
     ccccgccccc aacactagtg ctctgccgtg cacacacaaa atacttcaaa cctgaaggct    110820
     cagggggaag ccagccacca ttaggcttct ctcctccagt gaaactgcag atcttcctta    110880
     gtagtgctag tccccaacct gggtattcaa ccaaggagta aatggagaca ccatgctgcc    110940
     ctggccttca tttcctttca catgaaagag ctgtcaccac agtcattgtc tagggctgtg    111000
     aaatgtgggt ctgtctggag agacccacag aatgcaggcc ttctgcttcc tgtgacatga    111060
     aggagtctct ttcctgatgt agagtgggaa tgctaccacc aacctgactt catacctagc    111120
     gtcagtctga gtgtctgtcc cggtcctcgc cttgtgatgt ctaagcaacc acattgcagc    111180
     tctcccatca tatcatcata ctcgtatttc acacatcctt cttccacatg cttacaacat    111240
     gaagactgag caataacaag ccccccctac cccccacccc atcagcctcc cccagccata    111300
     aatctcccct ttggaatctt aatttcaaat gctgagatac attaaggagt ccaatgtttg    111360
     tatttaacta tgcaaaagta cttcttatct gaaagtttct ctctaagtta caactctgga    111420
     aaggataaag aaggaaggaa ggaaaagaag aaaggaaagg gagaggaaac accgtggagt    111480
     tggtgagatg gctcagcagg taaaggccat ggacagcaag gccaacaaac tacatttgat    111540
     ctccggtccc actaggtaga cagaaagaac tccccaacac tgttctctga ccatcagaaa    111600
     actgacttca cggtacaaaa aagtgtgtcc acatacaaac attaactaag taaatgcaag    111660
     tcttacattc aatacgagaa agtgagacag gggagtggga caggaagaag gttctgtttc    111720
     tctctgggga tgtggtggga cagcaaggga agctccgaag tgtttatcta cagatgagtc    111780
     ttagctacat gagtcacact cttagtgctg acctcctgag acatatttct actgactgtc    111840
     tccagaaaat agagacactg ggaaggctag gtctggtttg tggccaacca accagttcca    111900
     tgactaatcc acacattaca gtaagtatga gaggggaaac tgcacttctg atagaccgct    111960
     tttaggtttg ataattccct gcaatcttgc catagagata gggcaagata taataagacc    112020
     caaggagaca aaatatcaga gcagagaagc ttccgaggtt tgccacttgg acaagtagaa    112080
     gggattctaa gtgacaggcc cagcttttgg tccctgaccg taagacattg ctttattagg    112140
     ttaaaatgca aaaagatcac atgatctcta caaacaggct gatagactcc aaaaggaaag    112200
     agggtgatgg aaagtgtagg gaggggggac caaggaagct ggttagtgga agcaaataaa    112260
     acaagcagtt ctttaaaatg caaaacagag tctgtacctc catgtctccc ttgtacctgg    112320
     gctctaaagt aaccttagag aagaaagatc ctgtggatct gggatggaga gttggctcag    112380
     cacttagggg cacttgttga gaaagaccag ggtttgattc caggcaccta cacggaggct    112440
     caccacttcc tcgtgcacca agctagaaag cggtgcacac atgcagtcaa aacactcata    112500
     cacataaaat aataaaaata aatctaagaa attaaaaaaa caaacaaacg aacaaaaaca    112560
     aacaagaaga atgaagaaaa gaggagggtc ataaggatca tgtgcagaga gttcctgttg    112620
     acctcttggt ctacatctgc ctacatccag cctatttgga acaactctac ccccatctcc    112680
     tcacatggcc gattcatcct gattttctgt ctccgttcaa aagctaccac ctcggagacc    112740
     ttcttgaatt gtcagagctt aaaaccactg cctctctgac taacccaggt atttttgaat    112800
     cactgtaccc tgtctgtgtc atcggtaacg ttgcaaattt ctaatgataa ggttacagta    112860
     tacaattatg catttaactt tcaattgaaa ataattggta tttgcaagct ccaggagtgc    112920
     cgagatcagg atgtcttttt ggcaagcttc cactgcttgc ttccacacag cttgcttcct    112980
     ggcaggaggt ggtgacccag gagggatcca ccccgtccat attccctgac cctggacagg    113040
     agcttctctt tgacggttac caccaagcaa aacttgagaa acagccacac agcagtgctg    113100
     aacagcctcc agattttaag tcacactaag ctagctaatg agcagctgtt tctcttcggg    113160
     agagaccttg agagaggaga atcccatccc taagcgtaca caattaatgc cactgtttga    113220
     aaaagtaagt ccttacaaac tgtgtgtatg ccttttctgt ttctcttcca aactcaatat    113280
     atggaaagcc tgcccagaaa gtttgctgaa gaactagtct ctttccactt tcccatcatc    113340
     tgtgttctaa tccaaaggtc tgaactttat cccacccact ctttcactag ggaaggttga    113400
     gaatatgccc cacccccacc cagattgccc attccttccc ccctcccccc tcagtgactc    113460
     gtaaagtgga aacttcactc tggttctcca acactgtttt cattcacagc agctggaaga    113520
     cagaggtcac tgtcctctct cctgtaaaca aaaaggccaa gctgcagtcc tcaggcaccc    113580
     ggggaaacac acatccctgc tgggagggca gccccatgca gggactgcac agcagggtgg    113640
     tgtttgctgt gggccaggaa gcggtcctct gctgtctgtg gctatgctgt cattcatgga    113700
     aaagccagat ccatcagtag cttccttttc aagggaccat ttgcaggttt attgactgcc    113760
     caaatatggt gtcttctatc cagaggctgg gtgagcctac gcctcaagag tgaagccatg    113820
     aggatgtgaa cagacttaaa gagtattatg tccgtaggaa aatgtctgca gacatcataa    113880
     tgttcctaaa tgggtttttg tttttaaact gctgccgttg tttgtttgtt tgtttttaaa    113940
     agttatcagg tttgacttta ctaataagga aactacagta ttcaaaggag aggaggttgt    114000
     aactaatctt tgtgctgtct atggaggacg aacggctaag caaattataa tgcatgaata    114060
     aggccattcc aagaatagat aaaacacttg gcagaaacta ttttgggtcc cctgtagtac    114120
     tttggagcta cccattaatt tataaacagt tgatctacta attacaaaac ctttttatct    114180
     attcatttca ctgggtccct aaggagcaag gcaagcaacg ctgatagttc ctcctggttg    114240
     gcactgaccg gctctctgca cttacagaaa ctgtaaacag atccttttaa aggaagaact    114300
     ttatagtctc tgtaattttt aagatttaaa tggcatgcag agcaacaggt ttgcatatgg    114360
     cattttcata catactcaga ctcggttgat tctttgtcct cccatcggca tggccctgcc    114420
     cctgccccac tatcatcctc aaccctcagc aatggccctt gtattgctca catggcttcc    114480
     cttatagcct ctgtttttcc ccatctcctg ggcccctttc tagcttgatg accactaccc    114540
     gctgccaccc ccagccccca tcatccaaca tatccaacaa ctagacggta gaattcacac    114600
     gttttgtttt tatcaccaag gtaatcaatt accataaaca gagcaactgg aaagaccacc    114660
     cactgactgt tggctcacag acacaatttg gctgactcta ccacccagga ttgcacaagg    114720
     tatagttaaa attgtgttgt cctttggagc tatgggtctc ggtctaggaa tggtgtggca    114780
     gaattcctta ggtctctgtt tgcatattgc cctcagttaa aagctagtct ctgctatcag    114840
     aggacacctg actttcttgt ccactctctc cctttttaaa agcaaggaga tgctccagcc    114900
     catgtcaatc cttatctgca ggacatatgt agtaccttct gaaggctcca gatcatcaga    114960
     ataggatagg tctcgtcaca ataatctaat agataattcc tatctctaag gtcttaattt    115020
     tatctacaaa atcatccttt cggagtagcc cttatacgtt tattcaacaa gacaactgga    115080
     gagtatgagt ctagtagagt atggaagtct tggggaccat gttaaaattc catctaccag    115140
     gctggaaaga tggctaagca aaataaggca caagctgcca aacctgaatc gttagccaca    115200
     tgatgaaaga aagggacctg gcccctggaa gttgtcctct gatttctagg agaggaagag    115260
     ctctctcttc ccttccctcc cccccacaaa taactgtaaa gttgcttaaa aattggtgca    115320
     tgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggctga tttctgagtt caaggccaac    115380
     gtctacagag tgagttccag tacagccagg gctacactga aaaactctgt ctcaaaaaaa    115440
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggggg gggggagaaa aaaaaaagaa tttgacttct tcccatcact    115500
     caaagttggt cacaaaacct taaattcaat attctacata cttcaataat ttgacttaag    115560
     gttcccttcc tcccaaataa gatctatgat cttcttgaag gggtagctga tatgatttgt    115620
     ccttttcttt tttcaacatg ctaccatcat ccagggtata ttaggaagag tctctaatat    115680
     cagccttagt gaccaggaca agtaaggggg aggggggaga agagggagag aaagagggag    115740
     tgagcgatag agaatccaaa cttgtatttg ctaactcaga cataatagct ttaacgtcac    115800
     acatgagcac ttaatagctc cctttcccac taaaaagaca gaactggtct tggcggaagc    115860
     caggtcaata ttgcagacat caaacagtcc aataccgttt taatggaaac atttagagcc    115920
     atgcaatgag aacacatgtg tgcatttgct tcaaagggtt agagaagggg gcaagccatt    115980
     gtttccaaag ctaacagtaa tgagcaagct caagccgtgc ttttcatcag ctctatggct    116040
     gtcttctctg actcttctcc ctggagcata caggagaaaa tacaagaacg tactcttcac    116100
     tttggtaaca agtatatact aaaccctaga gcgtgcatgg acaaaacaga acccactctg    116160
     tttctgtagg gtctatgaga gtctaagcca ctggtctatt gctgtgaaga gacaccatga    116220
     ccaaattaac tcttataaaa gaaagcattt agctgagctt gagatacagt ttcagacatt    116280
     agtccattat caccatgaca aggagcatgg cagcatccag gcctgaaaag tagctaaagc    116340
     tatatcatgc agaagagaag ccactaagat gggttctaag agatgaggcc atgataagct    116400
     ttaacatgtg gaaaggacca tcaggggagt ttggtgttaa acagagtaga ggagggctgg    116460
     aggcagaaca agacaggagc cagactctca agggtgtgta tgagagctgg agctgaaaga    116520
     agctgccaac caatctcctg aaaccaaaat acgagaagga gacagtacca aagttagtgg    116580
     tgactacttc tgctacttct aactgctcaa gaagaagaaa agccagagcc tgggctagga    116640
     aaagctacca gacacatcaa agcatagctg aggcaaaagg aacggtcttg tgggtagatc    116700
     gggaagagaa agcattactt ccttttcagg tgccccaaga attataaatc aggtcacagt    116760
     aactgttgtc tggtacttta agcatcaaaa gtacggaaca aaatcataat aaaaggagtc    116820
     cacgattgct aaatcgaact ctggagcaca cagggagctg aagaactctg gactactaag    116880
     caagcccatg tcctccccac tccccttcaa gctctcccag gcgcaagcac aagccaggtc    116940
     tctccacaac ttctacaaat cacagctgct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcctgat    117000
     gatatcagag aaagcctgta gctggcactg atcttgcctg ttatcacctt gtagctcagt    117060
     cagtccctca aggaggcctt caaagcactt tacacagaca tggctcgaca ttggcagggc    117120
     atccgaaacg ggtccactag gtatctagag cacatgggaa taaccaaaag tagggtactt    117180
     aacactctca tccacacgcc caggttgctg taagtggagg aagatctgac cctgagacaa    117240
     tgagaaactt atggaaaaga tattagaagg aatatttaaa aaaataaaaa aataaagagt    117300
     cagacaggac taaacagatg actcagcagt taagagaact gttgctgttg ttgaagattg    117360
     gggtttggtt cctggacccc acgtgacagc tcacaactgt ccttagctgc agttctctga    117420
     gagctaaagc ctcttctaat tcctctgagc tcctccacag acacgagtgg accacatata    117480
     cacttaggca caaacacaca tacatggaaa ataccaaaat aaagaattct gcctaaaaac    117540
     cgaaaaaata caaattctgt ccgcttgtct ttttccagct ttggacaaag acaacgtgat    117600
     ggggatgggt agctgctttg atttacttcc ttggatttaa aattttccta attcaaggta    117660
     atataatttc tggttcttcg gttagtttgt catattatga gttaggcaag tctgaaatgt    117720
     ttgaaatggc tttggttttg gcagtgctga actacagctt catgtgtgtc tttctctctc    117780
     cctactgttc ctcctgtctc atgttcttca tcttgagcca tagaattgaa ttccatgtca    117840
     ctgtttctgc aactctgaat agtgggtttc ttttttgcac ataaaaacca aaacagaaaa    117900
     ccgtgggccc ctaagtgtga ggccattctt gaacagaccc attgaagatt taatagtaga    117960
     tgttaccgta agaactgtca gtgaaaataa agagagtcag tgaacagtca aaatgcaatc    118020
     ctcaggccct acttggaaat aaaaggtata aaactcttgc cacctgtgat aatccagatg    118080
     aatcctaaga ctacacatga gggtgaatgc ctgtgagcat acaccagtgt ttatgtgtac    118140
     acacacacag acattttgca caatgcctct tatcttcact ggagacaaaa cctggtgtca    118200
     ctgggcactg atggctcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gagccagagg caggcagatt    118260
     tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcta ggacagccag ggtaacacgg    118320
     agaaaccctg tcttgaaaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaacaa aacaaaagaa agtttcttcc    118380
     tcctttttcc ccctgtattc tttcaaccct ctgccccctt tcttctatct cctgcatctt    118440
     ccttatgtca tgcaatccac ttctacatag ggtgtttctc tccatgtgct cacagggcct    118500
     ctggtcactg gataagtatt tacactgtgc tgcctgttcc tttcctgaga cctataatga    118560
     aaaattatat ttgttttcat ttcagaaaag ctggccgtca gcaggagaca cactgatttg    118620
     tcttaagtgc gaagaaccga gaagcctgtg cctgaggtct gggcaacaag atttcttgca    118680
     catctgcaga gacattgctc agaaaaatgg gcacctaaaa tgacaaccac ccaaaccctg    118740
     gccaggctaa ccgctgagac accacccaac agggagcact gggactctaa aacatggctt    118800
     caatgaatga attggggcaa actgcaaacg taaggaactt acaaacatgt aactatcagg    118860
     gatttcctgt ggtcataatc caacagatat atatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt    118920
     atgtatgtat gtatgtatgc tccagaattt atgtatcaaa taaaatacta ttagggtttg    118980
     agattgctat tggggcagtg gcaggcatga accctaagac tttttccttt cttcttacca    119040
     tctcctcttc cttctatgca gctgctaata caatatgata catctctaag aaggagatgt    119100
     atgtgataaa aaaggttaaa cttgattctt ttgagaagtt caggtttata agtatcccag    119160
     actcagcttc gactacccct ttgtgccctt ctttcatata gaataacatc gaggctaagt    119220
     gcaggaccaa agcttattaa cctagcacaa gatctgcatg gtatatctcc taaggacttg    119280
     ggttcaacaa acagcctttc aatacagaaa agaaactcaa agtaatgtgt gatataaata    119340
     cattccagac aaaagttgca caggatcaca ggctctgttt ctgaaaactt gcctggctgc    119400
     cccatgggtt ctcattatca acagcttgca aaatgtatac caaagacatg ggaacatttg    119460
     gccagtggtg aatgggacag ttaatcatga atcttgagtg gccataacca aaccaaaatg    119520
     acctttgttg aatgtgaaag acttgtttaa aattatcttt tagtaaaaat taggctttgt    119580
     tgctttcggt gtgcgcacaa ctgaagtgtg attgcaacaa atcaagccac tttcagaaag    119640
     gcaaatagga ttcactttga gaaataagaa atgctttttg aaaagttcat aaccctggag    119700
     gtttgagaaa atctgagcag aatggcgccc gcctcctctt cacattgctc ggtgaggcac    119760
     tcgtggtcat gaaaaccatc tctacctgaa gttattaggg aggcttcctt agcaaattcc    119820
     tcctgggggg tataaagcac gaggaacctg gaataagaaa ggactatgaa tggaatggtt    119880
     gatttttatc ttcaaacctg cttgggctgc tcctatttca gcagctaatt ttttctcaga    119940
     cgcactactg gaattgttaa gaagggaaaa ctccttccag caatcaccaa ctacttggaa    120000
     aacaatttag ataacttcgt acctaggctc tcatgatgca gatttttagc tagggtcagg    120060
     gtcagttgaa ggatgaagga ttcaacctct tcacgtgctg gccaattaaa aggatgccac    120120
     tccagatgca ggcacaggac tacataggca cctgcccaca cacagaggta cacagcagct    120180
     cagagggggc aagaaaagcc tggatgcatc atggattctc attgagcaaa gtgagtgaac    120240
     tcttgggaga cacagtcaaa ctctgagctg aaccctagac ttcattgtaa tctaaggctc    120300
     agctaaaata tgctgtctaa tatgttacct gagacacagc aggaagtcac tgcgcttgct    120360
     cagtttaaca aagagtcatt catggagtac cattatgcaa gggagaacat aggagaagga    120420
     gagggttgag gaactgggac ttggaactgt gggtgagcca atcacgatcc ccaatggcca    120480
     agcacgatta tctttgtgca tatcccacaa agatgctttg aaaattgatt cttcctctat    120540
     ccacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acagtatcat caaataattg gccttcagta aacattagct    120600
     gttattacta ttctaaaaga aaaatcacct cttataaaca aaagattctc aaaattagag    120660
     ggcacaaggt tcataaaatt aggacttaca ctgaaagagg tttctaggtc cagtccttat    120720
     aattccaatc tactaggtct agagcagtgg ttctttctta agcttcctaa tgctgcaacc    120780
     ctttcatgtt acagtgagcc ccaactataa attatctcat tgttacttta tagctgtgat    120840
     tttgctactg tggtgaatag taatataaat atctgacatg cagtatatct aatatgtgac    120900
     cctcaaaccc acaggttgag aaccaccgct tcagagcatc agagccattg atagaattgt    120960
     ctcaggtgat gctgatgcag gagatgtctc tgtattctca cgtggatagc cattctgcta    121020
     accagaaact agagcatcag agaagatggt gaggatagag aaaacatcaa aacccaccag    121080
     gtacgggagg aagaagacca gatctgcaat ttcaaccctc tatcctcagc agacatgttt    121140
     tggcatcctc cacttcaaga gtcaacagca gcccctgcag gatgaatatc ccagcctctg    121200
     gccaggtagc tccaggagtt ggtagtctaa cagaaagact agagcagaag aagcagggca    121260
     aatagcttaa tgcaaattgc ccgtggattc caatggacag gtaagcacgg gttcctgccg    121320
     gcctatatta aagccagacg ggtggctgtc tagaaaaaaa acaaggactc tcctttacaa    121380
     acaaggtgaa gtacttgttc acttacacat gctcaggtaa aaggtgaaaa ctaaacaatt    121440
     attttaacta tgaaaactat ggaatttaca agtatctccc agttagaaca ggaaacaatg    121500
     gaggttttga acagataaaa aataccagac caagccacag caggagcaag acctagcagg    121560
     tctgggctca gtctctaata cacagaatga attctttccc tggctcccca ggccttccac    121620
     ctcagccttc ccctcacagc ccccacagcc ccaccactga tttaagccac attactgtgt    121680
     tctcaagtac ataaaagagt gctctagggt gtccctgttt ccatacactg ccaccagtct    121740
     catttattca ggctgatgta ggcttttgtt tctattgtct gttcctgcta ggttatactc    121800
     tctgtgtgag gcactttgca gccgtgcagc tcactcctgt agcctacagc tcaagaaggt    121860
     gtgcatagta ctcacttaat cctgcttttt aatggaccaa ctccaggtct atcgacaggc    121920
     agggtctctc acgtggaagg cgtacttcgg tgaagcctgc tcaacttcat taccaactgc    121980
     aaaactggag tctgaggagt caaccactca aaagacacgc gttaaaccag cacttgactt    122040
     tcaacatcaa ccttgagata tgctctagaa caactgatgc tatcctatcc tctctggacg    122100
     atggctgttt tctccctata tagctcagat ggtaccaatg aggctacaaa tcaaaacatt    122160
     tgctccaatg aaagatgggg agaaaaaaaa tcaaatgact gtagcatagg ttagtttttc    122220
     tcacactgga gaaaacagaa acaattaagg aagatttggt ttcaagatga cagaggaaaa    122280
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacac tgacttcatt taaacaaatc tcagagaact    122340
     aggaccactc cacagttggg tacagtatct atggatccat gcttaacaaa taaagacaaa    122400
     caaatgttgg tgtaaaagga aatgtgttgg gaaatgaagg caggaggatc aggaattgaa    122460
     ggttatcttt agctatatat agaatgttgg agactaatct agtctaaatg agacctgata    122520
     ggaaagaaga aagaagaaag aaagaggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga    122580
     gggagggagg gagggaggga gggcaggcaa gcaggcaggc atattatcta gcacactata    122640
     tctcaacatt ccagtgtgct agcaagtaga gggtacatac atttacctaa gtatgattta    122700
     tgctactcac ccggcagcag atcaacacca tcatttgtat tggttccact ggctgacacc    122760
     ccaatagtaa gtgagcagaa cagcataggt ccacaagtcc aatgctgtag acagagcatc    122820
     cgttcacttg tccctcactg tctgtcatct gatttccttg aggctttggc atatgcatgc    122880
     ctgtcacttt gctagtattg ccagtgacca tctcttgttc taggaaaaat gggacctctg    122940
     aataaaggtc tggtttgttt tggtgctaaa tgcagtgctc agagatagat atacgctaga    123000
     agtctcaaca agggcccttt ctatgtaacc tgaagatgtc ctaggtgtca ccacaccaag    123060
     gtaagagcct gaaaaccagt gctggcctgc agcacttctc atctgtgcat ggtaggatag    123120
     tgttcctact tacagatggg gaaagtgagg catccagagg taaagaaccc tcttaagggc    123180
     cacatatggt atggaagaag acttcaacct ccgttctgca tcatgcctct ttgcaatgta    123240
     cagagagggc ctctagaagt cactttgtca agactcacta aaccttgaca ctggttagaa    123300
     gcaggctggg tgaaagaaaa gaaggaacag atctataagg gcaccactac caggatcaca    123360
     gtcaagtatg gtcccatgac aactctgtca cccttacata ggaaggaact gtgaatgcgt    123420
     acttacatcc ctacatgtta aatatctggc aaagacaagc atctgtaaaa cttgttagca    123480
     gcaggactac gggggtgcct tccttctctg gagttttctt ccctcttcct tcatctcagt    123540
     tcaaatagtg gctaaggtaa atatggctca tgtctcttag gaagaaagca gtcttatata    123600
     catacttgca aagaagaatt actgcctcaa gtcggaagcc tccccaacac attataaact    123660
     cttccttatg ctattgtaaa tattaagctt tgcattaaac attcaggaaa gcttctctag    123720
     gtgaataatt agacagagca aatatttgtc caaataatcc tccattggac ctcttctttt    123780
     caacaagcca gagaaagaca gatagacaga ggatgcaaag gctttggccc caaatcttct    123840
     cctaacccca ttactctact ctagcaggat gcatgaatct taagaaacaa gaggcttcag    123900
     gcttcgtcca ttagccatgc gtttttctcc caggacttct gagcttctag ttcccctgct    123960
     gaggcagagt ctggctgaca ctctgcacag gcacctactt aaaacttcac agctaagtct    124020
     ctagacaaaa caatcagtac aatgtagtgg gttagcctaa tgctatgtat agtatatttt    124080
     aatgctaata ttgcccccct ctccccccaa gacggttgcc cagagacaag agagtctgta    124140
     tgaccctgcc cccaagttat ttctgattgg taaataaaga tgccaacagc taatagatgg    124200
     gcagaggagg cataggtggg atttagatgt agccatttgg gggcataggg gaaccaggag    124260
     aagtgcagga ggaagaggaa gaagctgcca tgagttagga gtaaagaaat tatggccctg    124320
     tgggctggcc aattggagtt aagagcaacc cagacaaaat agagtaagta acaactcgag    124380
     gttatgtgta gaaaagtaga ttctgatagc atagaggtag gcagctgccc agctgttgtg    124440
     ttgtttaaga cttataaata tgaaggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctt    124500
     tcatccagga acttaaatgg tctaaggtgg ggtagaaatc ccgggtcgga atgttcccca    124560
     aaagtccaag ccagccaaga ggaagtggag atggctccca cacagtgggg ctaaagctgc    124620
     agaagatgag gctgggagtc caaaatggca gtgaacaggc cacatataca ctgatacacg    124680
     catcccctgt ccgtctcttc tcagacccgt ttcttatccc acactggtgg cacagtagaa    124740
     cagaaaacca cacacttgct accgctcttc tgtcatcatg gaaaggccaa catttccgtt    124800
     ttaccgacag catcttgctg atttcacttc tgttgggtgg caaaaccact tccttccagc    124860
     cagagggaga catgcggagt tcagaaacca aattatattg attccttggg agacggatgc    124920
     ttcctgaata taacttgttg aacaatttaa aagaaagaga atgaggagag agtgtatctc    124980
     catttttata tttctctttc cctctcttga ctcaagtgat aagtgaacag agaactctat    125040
     gtagaccctg ctagctgatg aaactacttt ctaaaagagg agaaataact aagcaaatat    125100
     tcacactcat gcttatgttt atataaaggt caacaaagaa aagacagttt gagatagaga    125160
     gaaacagtgg tgtttgtcca acctgaagca caaaactcaa tcactcagag aaatcaaggg    125220
     caaaaggcac agcggtgatc agcatacaac tgcatatgct ttctatggag agaagaaatg    125280
     gccatattag tgctagatac catggcctat acgtatatat ctgttcctct gtccttgtgg    125340
     gatatgcagt atagcccgag aaacctggat gtctactcat tggcagagtt aagtaacaat    125400
     attatttaag gctgagtcaa catgtcagac agagaacttt cagcattgca gtgaaccaga    125460
     ggctcctcag gggtagggga tatggttccc actgccaaag gcctgcatgt ctggctggag    125520
     tgctttagga aaatgaacga cagagttaaa atggcagtat tttaatggca gtttccgcaa    125580
     tctctagcct cagccctgca ccctgctggt ggcagcctgg ccaccgctgc ttctttctag    125640
     aatatgaagg aaggaaagat atgaatctcg aacggagatg ctgttgaaag tgagagcact    125700
     gacaaagtgc tccttctacc tctgctaaca catcctctaa acgcagaccc aagctctggg    125760
     cttcgggatg gcggaccacg caaggctacc ttttaggaat ttagacctca ttcgcactat    125820
     ttacatttca atattcaata tcaacccaag gctaatggtt gccctgtacc tttagaatat    125880
     tccaccatta gagatacttc tggagaatgt cgctctccat gtgcaacaaa accgtaggtt    125940
     tcaatgcaag ctttgaattg aagattttgt ttgcttgttt gtttgtcttc attgaaagaa    126000
     ctctagattg ggcttctgca gttctacatt tcacgagagg agactgaacc aaagccagcc    126060
     tcgtccacag aggaacaagc tgtttcagac aagctacatc tacggcgcta ggaagactga    126120
     ttcactagag aaaatgctcc ttttacagta tctcgtacat ctggcagaga ccacagtact    126180
     tctaacccag tagacagatg aaatcagatg caaccagcat ggtttttttt tttcctaccg    126240
     gcataataag aacaccaagc ctatggtctg aatcctgaat ctaaacatta cagagcatca    126300
     gctgtttgga catattcttt caattaagtg aatcttgcac agcactttta aaggggagtg    126360
     ggaagggatc gagtcagaaa atgcagagca ggcaacaagg aggacgggcc cataggaagt    126420
     aaggcccacg ggagtgtcca cccaaaccat ctcctttgcc ctcctccttc taccacttaa    126480
     atatcccctc ccactcctgc gatcttacaa ataaatggag ctagcattct gacccatcag    126540
     cacagtaatg gttttccaca ccccagcact ttttgacatc agcctccgac ccactctagc    126600
     ttggctcctc cacggggggg ccaatcaata tttgttttca gtgctgaccg tgtgttcagg    126660
     catctttgtt ttggagccag atcttcttta gaaaaaccag catggtagaa gaagtctcta    126720
     atccaatcca tgtttcctgc tgacaggcaa cttgcctgta attcatcaat gatatcccct    126780
     tgagctatgg atttttctgg actggtgacc tgctgggtat gttcctggtt ctcaatatgc    126840
     atggtgtggg tggggaagct cgttccaagt gaaagatgtg gctggctggg gaagttacag    126900
     tgctctctct aacaaaaaaa gcattgtctg gtggggaagt ctccagaaaa aagcttagct    126960
     tgttgtcctg ctgctttcct ctccccacac tagagggctg agaatgtttg agctctgact    127020
     gccccgtccc agtgcggcac aagaaccata ttgtgtttgg tttttttaat ctcttgtttt    127080
     ccttattgcc taaaggaccc acctctaaga aaaatgcctt aaaattctgg cttagagcta    127140
     agatccagtt tcacaacact ttctcaaagg gacttacatg tttgacccag ttatcccttg    127200
     tatgcattcc tcacagaacc atgccagaga cattatagat ggtcttatag aaacctcagc    127260
     ttaccttctc atctacttta ctacaagcat ccttattgtc cactgccatc ttctaagtta    127320
     atgatgtctg gtacacagga tgcactgtct gcagaatcaa caagtgaatg tctggactgg    127380
     gttgctggga agaactgtgc cagactggtt gcagatatga acattctcta atgtctatct    127440
     agaaatttgt cattcctcag caatgggaat cctcaggcag ctgcccctga cctggattga    127500
     ttaattaact aattaattaa ttacttgcat ggctcatagt ccaattgctc aagagtcctg    127560
     tgtacctact agccaccctg ttggacaacg caaatacgca gctaactccc atcatccaaa    127620
     gcttcaagag cccgcagaaa acaacagaat atattcaatg gaaatcttca gaaatgagca    127680
     tctccaagag ttttgttgcg tgctattctg aattagtcca gcatattcac actgtatgtg    127740
     ctgtatcaat cactcaggac tgtatcaatt gttcagatag cctagtgctt gtctgcatgg    127800
     aacccttata tatattacca tgaagatcac aggtctgtgt cactccattt cctcaaacag    127860
     gcattgtata aactcttggc accacaagaa gtaggacagg aactatacta cacagatttt    127920
     aaaccagagc actgtgacac tccctttact cctagtatgg gtagcagagg ggggcagata    127980
     tctgtaagct caaagccagc atgttctaca taataaattt caggacagcc aggtgacggg    128040
     ctgtctttaa aacaaaacaa aacctatttt gtgatgggaa agaagtggtc acagtcacac    128100
     cgttattttt atttatttat ttatttattt atttcatttt gtattttttg ttttgttttg    128160
     ttttgttttg tattcaagat gggattcctc tgtgtagtcc tggatgtcct ggaactcatt    128220
     ctaaaactca ggttgacctc aaactcaaga gctctgcctg cctctgcctc ctcgagtgct    128280
     gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccaccctggc ataagaattt ctattactat aacttcagat    128340
     gagctgaacc ccacccatgc tcttcagcca gggccctgaa cggcacaaag caaaggtatc    128400
     tgcaatctta atacttaatg ttctcccctc tcttaaatcc atcattgtaa taaacagctg    128460
     ttcgtgctgg caaagcatat agtaatttgt gaggcagccc agtaactggg aaaacaaatc    128520
     ttcatattgg aacatctgag acattttgta aaactacatt attcctacag ttcttcaagt    128580
     aaattggaaa agggaagaga agaaccacaa gcaaatggga aacagtcggt tttttgaaat    128640
     ggcttattgt aatgcaactg aatattcctc tttcactgac cctctaccca ccctgagcca    128700
     agcaactaat gtttttgttt tgttttgttg aagaaaaggc taaatttttc catgagtgct    128760
     cttttctgag acccagcctg ctgaacactg attttattct catgatctta cccagctctg    128820
     aagatggaga atcagatgcc aagatgtcca cgatccagat caccgtggtt cagccccaac    128880
     tgcagtgaaa gtcagtagtt atgggaaagg gaagtcccct tctgctttct ctccctacac    128940
     taaagggctg ataaagttga agccctgact gccacttccc agcacggcac aatgaccata    129000
     ttgtgcttgc tttttatctc ctgttttatt gagagtgaac atctcactct atttagcttt    129060
     gctagcttag aactcccttt cctcaaatac atagagatcc acctgctgag attagaagtg    129120
     tgcaccacca ggctcaccct gcatgtttgt tttttataaa tctccattgt acactaaaaa    129180
     ggaggagtct cagctctcta tagcagcaac tagaagacag tacattcggg tttctagccc    129240
     tctttaagga aggatttgta actgcttact aggaggagga aaaggccgat acaaaaacct    129300
     caaagtcatc agtatagaca agagtcaagc attttcttcc agtaaggggt cagacttggg    129360
     caatgggtca tcttttgtca gctcttgata tagaccaaag gacaagtagc taatgccatt    129420
     aactcagaag aaaactggtt acagaaagag atcaagaaag ataaaaactt aacccagcga    129480
     agctgacaca tacattttgc atcatttagt aggaacacag actgggagac aacctatttc    129540
     atcctttgtc tgaaagcatt aactcagatt agctcatttc tttttttttt ttaataagtt    129600
     attaagtata gcttactatg ccattaaaat cttagtgcac aagaagccac agaattataa    129660
     agcccttttc cccttgtgta tcaagcattt ttaaaggcca cgtctgcttc gatggcttct    129720
     taattcattc aggccgatat agcaaaatag caaactaggt catttataaa cagtagacac    129780
     ctgtgtctct gttctagagg ctgagaagtc caagcaggtt caatctctga tgccaggaac    129840
     cagagtaagt cttcctttat gctgtactca cccacactgg tgaaaagtca ctcaggaccc    129900
     aaagccacag atcatggcac tcaactctgc cagctccttc ctagaggaaa tgctgtgttc    129960
     tccacaaatg actgtgtgtg ttctcaggac cccaaggtta acgtctttct aaaatcatta    130020
     acaacagtaa ctgtcttggc ctaagaaatt ccacaaaagg gtaggagcta accaggatcc    130080
     ctttctaaat gataccaaac ctcatctccc accatgctct cttcctcact gagccttttg    130140
     cagcaccatt gccaagtggc actcattcag aatgctggtc aaatgataca catgctgcca    130200
     tcctggcatg tacagctgtc accaccatgt ctgacctctt caatgtcaag agataataag    130260
     cgagtccctt atcaagctaa tgagaatcta caggacagca taaggacttt tgcttcatct    130320
     ccacctccca ttcaccactc tgaaaaccaa tggtgagtac gaagccgcca ttcatttgtg    130380
     ctcacttcta ttccccaagg tctcttgggg cctcctctcc agtgaaccac atttgctgag    130440
     tccatcctat ggtacacttg gtgactggca agtttgtttt tgcaaagggt cttctcagca    130500
     agacaggacc ctggtgacct tcatgactag ggatgattcg gcgttttcca gagggagagg    130560
     attttttgtc aagggagtca caggaatcat caataagaaa gtgcgctaga cccaccatac    130620
     aaacacagaa gagatgagca tgttaaagaa ccctaagtac atgttcctca agaccagctc    130680
     atccactgta taggagtttg aatgcatcac ccatttcatg gaaacagagg cagaagggct    130740
     ggaagtacag aagtcactaa catgtgtcaa gtccagatca ttgcttccta agggtccaag    130800
     ctgcagggaa agtcaagaac aaaagccaca aacaacccaa tctaggaaca caaagtaata    130860
     cactcttcct cttccttgag tctgtcacat gaatgacagg aagatttttt tttaaaaagg    130920
     acaaaaccag cagttactta accatgcatc acacaggcat ttgggtgctt taatttaatg    130980
     ttccatagaa tgtttgaaaa cccatacttt agagctaaag caatccagtt ctgcagaaaa    131040
     catctcccac tgactaagcc aatgaaaaca taatcatata atatcttgaa aaaaaaaaac    131100
     aacaacaaca aaaaaaacaa gtcaataaag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg    131160
     gcacccaggg ctacacagag aaactctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaaaaagtc aatattttat    131220
     gccaatttta aagggggggg ggagtgactc tagcattgaa agctaaaggt ctacacaaag    131280
     actgcactcc ctaccaggcc ttaatgcaga catatgctat ttattatctt catagatatg    131340
     ttgaattaga ttaagcaata gataccaaaa gacatctgtg ctagggtttt agacgttctt    131400
     tttggatttc tggtagcact ctgatcaatg ccccataaaa acacatcctc taatatgctt    131460
     ttgaaaaaaa attggaaaaa cacgtgattt ctgagttttg tgagactccc acaattttaa    131520
     tcctcaatga tacttcaatt ccaggaacca cagtgaaaga gctctagtat ggtgcctgcc    131580
     agtggggcgg tgcttttaat ctgtagagcc cttcagcctg gtttcttatt gttttccttc    131640
     ctcctgcctc tgcttctgca ttcaatggct tagaacggcg ctctttacac ctaggaagaa    131700
     aatcgaatgg aaatgttgtt ttaaaacttc agagaaaaac attttatttt tcatagccag    131760
     aacatagtct cagaggtaag cttcaaacca cagcacaaag tcaaaacctt aatatttttt    131820
     cactatatac tgagcgggag aaagaacatg ctctgtgtgt gagtgtctgt gtaatgcatc    131880
     tttggattcc ttattcctct aaacgcttgc aaaatggtaa gtgaacttat attgcatcaa    131940
     atggtaccaa aatctctcat gcatcaccaa atgataagtt acattttcaa aggaagaaag    132000
     ttgtaaaaaa aaaaattgtg tacagacaag atgttatgaa ggggctaaga aaaggaaggg    132060
     agatggacgg gagggcattt ggttagcatt aggaaacata agcccgtacc tctcacctag    132120
     acaaagcact gtcatgagtt tgggtgtatc tacaaaaaat ttcaagataa acaatcctta    132180
     aagaagctga gtcaagggct ggtgagatgg ctcagtgggt aagagcaccc gactgctctt    132240
     ccgaaggtcc gaagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca cccgtaatga    132300
     gatctgatgc cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac atataataaa    132360
     taaataaata aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga agctgagtca agaaagtcat    132420
     aaaacagtgg gtgcaaaagt cagcaggcaa gcacttgtca aaaaacgcct tcagtcctat    132480
     tccaaaggca gaaggagtag ggcgaaccct agtatcccag tcatctctca cacctgcagt    132540
     ccatcaggca tacaggagtc ttagaactgt gcaacttgct tctgtttcac atacttgcct    132600
     ataaagggaa atggcctgag gtgatctttt cctgcttaaa agacaatgtc ccggctgtgt    132660
     agctaggcac tatttaactt cttattggtc aataacatgc cctagcaagc aatacatacg    132720
     gcctgaccct gccactgccc tttagcactt cacgcaccat ggtgcttatg ggcccttgga    132780
     aaaaagccaa tctgaaggaa gctaagtgga ggccaagagc tgtctcccag agttcccttg    132840
     caaccagaaa ggcaagtctt tttcagtcac ctcagcatag gtgataatag ctgtgtctgt    132900
     aacgggggag aatgagagaa gcctacgatt ctatgtgcat aaagaaagaa atctgaccca    132960
     gaacagaaca aaatcaccag gctacacaaa gtcaagcaca ccctataaaa aaacagtagc    133020
     ttattctcat gatcttgtac gttttcatca tttgataaaa agatatttca tttcctaaaa    133080
     tgactataat aaaacacaca cggagtcaat tctagagagg ccactatcag ggaggtacca    133140
     gagagctaag tggtattaac ccttgtataa caaaggatat cacctcacac agaaagtttc    133200
     taaattttct attatatgca tccatctcac catctaaaaa catttctgag agacacttgg    133260
     atcccagtga gctcgaggct agcctgctag tctacaaggc aatttccagg ccagcaaggg    133320
     ctacatagct agacccagcc acaaaaacta acacaccaaa cctttccaag cacgcagacc    133380
     ctatccactg gtttactttt agggaataaa caccgtctac tgtagtgata taaaatacac    133440
     attgttaagt atacaaactg agatgaagat gcaatgctga agcaagttta tgatacatta    133500
     atggagcagg gtgagtggac acgccttttc ctttttaatc tcagtttatg atttctgagc    133560
     cagtgattca cactgagtgt aaaatcagaa ggctttttct tctcctacta cttggaactc    133620
     atgagcgttg tagctgcatg agaaaataaa cacagataag agactgtgca gtaggaaggg    133680
     aaccaggatg gggctgggat cctacccaca atttcaaaag aaaaggtttc ctgaaatcca    133740
     atgagacact gtagttttcc cactgtctta gtggtctttc ttcaaaaatt gtcaaagaaa    133800
     ctttatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctac ctacctacct    133860
     atttggtttt tttgagacag ggttttcgct gtgtagctgt ggctgtccca gaactcactc    133920
     tgtagaccag actggcttca aactcagaga tcagcctgcc tctacctctg cctctacctc    133980
     tgcctcctga gtgctgggat taaggacatg aacggtcaca ccagccttat ttttattttc    134040
     aatgttgctt taaagtgaga aagagggagt ccctgtggga agaaaacgta ttacttcttg    134100
     cgttggtttt gatataaggc ctcagtctgc agcccaggtc accctgcaat ccactattta    134160
     cataaggttg gcctcaaacc caaactgatc ctcctgcctc agattgccaa agtgctgaga    134220
     ttttaagtga accttgccca gcaccataca agggaatgta acaagggaaa cattccaaat    134280
     aaaatatgtt caaaatcaga tttcaatata actgccttgc aaaagaggtc acttttgatg    134340
     cattaactgt caactttata ccagacaaaa ttaaatcaca acatgtattt acacttttcc    134400
     tggtaggtcc tttagctcca aacagccact gaggaaacag acttcaataa ttcccagata    134460
     ccactacaaa ccgtggttct caaccttcct aaggctgcga ccctttaata agattcctca    134520
     tgttgtggtg acacccaacc ataaaattgt ttttgttggg ctggcaagat ggctcatcag    134580
     gtaagagcac tgactgctct tccaaaggtc ctgagtgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat    134640
     ggtggctcac aaccacccgt aatgagatct gacgccctct tctggtgctt ctgaagttag    134700
     ctacagtgta cttatgtata ataataaatc tttttttaaa aattattttt gttgctactt    134760
     cataactcta attttgctat tgttatgaat catagtataa atatctgata ttcagggtta    134820
     tctgatatac aaaccatttg acctctaacg ggtcacaacc catagcttga gacaggctgc    134880
     attacagcct tttacataat attcaagggg atcagatgtt tatgttaaac agggaaggag    134940
     aaaaggagca attgccttaa aagccagaca gtaacacgag caaaatcaga gagacagagc    135000
     ttgcaatttt tttatctatg aactcaaaaa caaaacaaaa aacttcacag acattttaaa    135060
     attctcacag gcaacacttt ctacttgccc cataatcaaa catacgtgtt caagtcaaaa    135120
     catacatttc ctccactttg atttcgattt aaatatttct cagtataaag cttacctacc    135180
     tactatttat tatatcctca gagacaaacc ccacagaaaa acagaactca ttggaaactg    135240
     acctccagca tagctaaata acatccttca ttttcttatt tacttacttc aaatgtggcc    135300
     cattttccca ttgtgtactt atctctgctt tcccttccag cacaaagaac taaaagccag    135360
     ggccaccttc acattctaat atgttgacaa cattcttagc aaataccaga ttaaacattt    135420
     ttttccctga aatttcactg tattacaaaa ataaggcctc ttaagagaca gtctgaagtc    135480
     cgtttttaaa aaacaggttt gtaccgttta ggcaattaga ctagtaagtc ccagggatga    135540
     aagaatgccc aatgagcata caacctccca ggtcttagaa ggagaaacta aactgtggag    135600
     aaacccgtaa caatcctcaa gaacacacta gatgtcttct tcttttcctg tttcaagcta    135660
     gaatgagaac ttcatagaac agggacttcc atgcatgtgt gtctgtgtat atgtatatgc    135720
     tcatgtgcat atttgtatgg gcatatgtga tttactgggt gggcctgaga agtgatctcc    135780
     tagataaata ttcaaacgct aaaaaggggt tggtttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttta    135840
     agaatgagcc aatgcaggag gaaaagagaa gggtgagcag aatagcaaaa tattccaaat    135900
     gtctggctga ggaagaggaa agatggacac tccagcgtac aggcactacg ggacaaggtg    135960
     gaaggaagca ccgtgtggac atccaccaag tgcagtctgc tgagcatctc cccagcactc    136020
     agcaacggcc tggaccctct ctgttctcag tctttgcagc tggagttcag catcctcaga    136080
     gttctaatcc agcttccctc acatcacagg tcaggaattt ccttctgctg ccatctcacg    136140
     catgtcaccc actgcccaca aacaatcaga ctgcccactt ccacaggtga tagacaatct    136200
     ctgtatcttc aggtattctg gtgagttaac tgtgctgatg aggactgagg tgagatattt    136260
     agatgtatgg gatctgagac tagaaatgtt tcccataata atcctcagag ttacaaggac    136320
     taatggaaca tatgtgcact taatcgtcat gaattacatg ttgccaatgt gtgaaagaca    136380
     gacgttttat cccaacttaa tgaggagatg gaggaacgca gccttgaacc taagaatgac    136440
     ttacaagata gcacagagca acaaaatagg tgactcaggc cataggccat cccatgcttc    136500
     aataatgcca cttgtctttg aaggatatcc caggcttctc tacagccaca gactctcaga    136560
     gttaaggaac agcaacaaaa gacaccaaac ttccagcttc tatgtctggg ctctcaccag    136620
     tgtctacgct ctaggtgacc ttttattaca agaggagaat tcagaaggag atatcggaaa    136680
     catacaacag aggcagcagc tgagaacagc tatgtggtgt ttagtgtgtg gtaactcaat    136740
     aacctgtcca gtagtctctc ggggttatta catgcttatt ttacgaggag aaaactgaag    136800
     aaaccagcag tcaaataagg ccatgagaac tggcacatga ggcagccaga acgaacatct    136860
     ggtaagaggt gtgttcgcca tggatgctct cctgtgagat aatgggccat ctctctacct    136920
     tttcttctat gtcatatgta catcacaatt gtaaaatgac ttgaaactct ttgataggaa    136980
     gtagattgcc caggaaaaca gcacatctat gattcattgt tctttgcctt ataaatgtct    137040
     cttattatat acagcattca ctactgtgct taacatattc ccatgcaatg aactgccaca    137100
     ggtctccatt aacactgcac aacagaacat ccctttccca ctttagtatg aacacagcta    137160
     aggcaacatt catatggccc gttgatgtct agtcttctaa aaagtaatga gtcctttcta    137220
     ctgtattggg gaggtgtgct acctaatttc atggggctct ggaaatcaat tccttatccc    137280
     aatcttacaa ctcctcctct ttgcaggcca ggccttaaaa tccccagaac cagttagcat    137340
     tttgctagga gtaggtctct cccaatcact atccaactga ctccaggaac actgcacaag    137400
     tccctagaga acatcaacaa tggggacata acacctttcc tgcttttgtc tttatatcag    137460
     atgtgttaga atcattaata tcttggctgc aaatgacatc ggagttcttc cacctctaaa    137520
     ggttctatga acaactaagg gagaacatgg ggcgagactc cagccctttc tttcaggcat    137580
     agtgcattcc ttagagagct ggaccaagtt ttgggttgct catttgtgaa ctggaaatga    137640
     tactttccta ctgctaacaa cactgtgagg gtctactgac acaataatgg gagacaactg    137700
     aagctctgtg gaagcaatgt gagagctgag ccagatagtc ctgagtctaa agttcccatt    137760
     gttctaacat cctgcaacga actaacgtct taggccaata tctaatctcc gagtctcata    137820
     ttatctgtca aacactacgc acatgcagaa gttgcttttg aacgaaaaca gactagaacc    137880
     tactccttat ctacccaagc tagttagtaa atgtcattta gaccacagca ttctgggatt    137940
     tccattaaaa ggacctggga aaactagaga acacaagcac cttgagagga cacttagctc    138000
     tgcaagagta tctccaggta aaaatgcaac caagggctgc ctagccttcc aagcacagaa    138060
     tccagagttt tatatcatgc tggggggcgg gggggggggg gtcaatgatt taaacagttg    138120
     gtgattaaag cattcatttc cttcttatta taacatgaga tctgacaaaa agaacttaag    138180
     gaagggtgcc cttgggatcg caggttcttg gtactgtcca tcacagctgg aaaggtgtgg    138240
     tgcagggggc agccttggct gggagggcag gagaggcagt tggtcacatt gtgcccagtc    138300
     aggaagcaga gaaagaagaa caatggctct ctcctttttg ttcagtccgg gagcccagcc    138360
     tatcggatgg tgccactcac actcaggatg gggtttcccc tcctcagata aactcctctg    138420
     gaaattcccc cctgacagat ctagatgtct ctcttaactc aaaacactat caactgacag    138480
     tcagactaag taccacaatc ataacgaaca agtagagaga atagacaggt tgtataaggt    138540
     cctctgcctc cttgcacggt gacaaccgtt taaaacagtt taaagtaacc tcagtggctc    138600
     ctgattgtct ttgagacctt actacaaact agaggctccc acctaaggac agatgccctg    138660
     agaaatcagt atgtacttac accaaagtta gcctacagtt tcatgggctt tcaggggttt    138720
     ctgaaagccc acataaggct cccaggttag aatagcagtt ccccccaaaa aattcagaat    138780
     cttgcaaaga caacctagaa cagaaaagct aattgacagc ttctcccatg taaagatata    138840
     gaccaatata caggacacac aaagccctgg gttctgtccc agctacacac atgcatacac    138900
     gtgtgcaaac acttctcagc cttttttatt tttcattaga tctatttatt ttgtgtagag    138960
     tttgcctaga tgtatgtctg tgtaccacgt gcatgcgtgc tgcccgtgga ggttagaaga    139020
     gggtgttaga ttccctgcta aaagagttat ggatggctgt gagccactat gtgagtgctg    139080
     ggacccaaac ctgggtcctc tgcaagagaa agaaatgctc ttaaccagga agccatgcct    139140
     ccagacctct gtattatttt aaacagaaac tttcatggaa ataaaggcaa agcaacatta    139200
     cagaagcatt cattttagca aagcaatcca ataacagtgg cagtgtcctg ctttaagatt    139260
     tatacttaag gtaaatatga tgtatctttg agctctcaaa aaaataaatt tacaatgtag    139320
     ccaaaatttt tgccttaatt tgcctaagtc ccctaagtcc ccttttgaac agatgtaaag    139380
     acccaaaaga gcagggcaga agcatggcag acttcagaat cagccagacc acacatctca    139440
     aagctagagc ttttgttcat caaggtacca cataagccct agcttcccac ctgagaaata    139500
     aggctaaaaa tacctctgcc aacaacagct attggtcaca ggctgttggg attaaacctt    139560
     acacagaaag cacttggact atggcacatc cgtagcagct gccattagta ctgtctaaac    139620
     tacaaggtag agcttattcc tttatgttct cgaacagcaa tgctgcagac attttatctt    139680
     agtaatagta aagagatagt agagtcgcat ggttccaatc aaatatcaat gcttctatat    139740
     gcttccctac cgtccctttc taccacagat aagtactatc actgcccccc cccccccagg    139800
     aatgttctac aaattacagt catctaccct ccagcccctt gtggaactat ggaatactat    139860
     aatctaaata tacactcatc tgttttctct tcatgtatat ggagctcttc ccatgttaac    139920
     agtatgtgaa gacgacgtct gatgccattt tccataaact gtaccacctc ccacagtcaa    139980
     caatgaagcc tgtgatcata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    140040
     ctttgactag gttgttgcaa tccctttctt aataaagaca aaacagcttt ggctaggttt    140100
     tagttattcc tgtttaaagt gttttatctg taaataaaga tggtaccaac cacactgagt    140160
     ccatttataa atgaaaatgg cgggcaggac atggtctgta atcccaatca ccagagaggc    140220
     tgaggcagga agaacacaat ttcaaggcca tgtagggaga caggccatat ttcaagtcgc    140280
     caacctaaac caaaacaaaa agaacagaag gtcctggcga tgtatataac cctgagttcc    140340
     ccaagtcaag caaacaccca gcaagcgggt gagtggtgga tagtatttat tagctttacc    140400
     tcaggaatac attccaggtg atgtccttac tagagcattt aaaaggaagt ggcattaatg    140460
     tggaggaccc caagatatga catacgcagc aagaaaacga ggtggtatca atttagtgag    140520
     gactgaggct ggatgtgccc aggcgccaca tgcaatccca acttgagaga tttctaagtc    140580
     cttcacggtg aaagacacgc acccacaccc acccaccaac cgggctttgg aaagtaacct    140640
     ccccaccaga tcctgacgaa tttctctgct attttgaata aaccaccaac gtgtctgaaa    140700
     aaacacaaaa ttctccttag acaaataaca tttcccgggt tccctcagtc ttggaagaaa    140760
     caacacaaac tctagtgggc cccatgcccc aacttgaaaa cgaggctaaa ggacggaact    140820
     tgtagtggtt ctgacaggga cagtcaagag aggaatgtga agcaggagtc aagctagtga    140880
     cctgatacca gttcatactt ccatgttcca ttggtaagcg gtatttgcat gcaccaggat    140940
     tccagctacc tggaacgcaa gtgtactgat tgtcaagcaa gcagctcgga agagactgag    141000
     aaagaactgg gaagtaagtg gcctattaca cgttcatagg tttgttctct aacttgtaat    141060
     agaacaatct ctgttcacca gtatctttgt tagtcccaga aaagacaggg cccagcactt    141120
     agatttggca ggacatgccc aagtatattc tcggaaattt tagctcattc cacacctccc    141180
     atctccactt caactttccc taaatctcat caaaacaaat gagaaacaac actttggccg    141240
     ccagctggga agaattccaa ctgtgactgc ttaccaagaa aaccaacata aatagcacct    141300
     ggaagtgtca cactgacctc ctgaaatcca tcttgcctat tttagagcag aggctacgga    141360
     gcggagcggt aactcctgat actaccatcc tggtccttac cgatgtgttt gcctggcaca    141420
     tcacacctgc tgagcagctc ctgttaccat ggacagaagg gaccattctc acaggcagca    141480
     cagcagttct aaggttagtg taagctgcct cgaatgtcat aaatgtttaa ggactctctt    141540
     ggctcacatc tcactccttc tcactgcgcc ccatctcaga cttcaatttc ttcatttgct    141600
     agaagccact gccagggcag cctctcctaa tgctaaggtt tactggtgct accccagtgg    141660
     ggagcaagat taatgacagc attccgtggg taagtcggct cctttttgaa caggatactg    141720
     agaggacaaa cagaaagtga agagaaggag gataaggaaa gctgagagac aagaaagaag    141780
     atgagcatgc ttttgtgaaa gtgtgtgtgg agcactgcaa acacttagca gcttagcttc    141840
     accacaaaaa aacttttggt actttctcaa aaaggctctt acaagccact ctagccaaac    141900
     ccctatgcca gtgtgcctta cccaaatatt cttcagcatt aaacaggtca cctacagtgc    141960
     gctccctcta ctgactaatc tattcactaa gtacctccct gtccctgttg ggatggaaag    142020
     tgactgaggc aagagcctag tccacctcgc taatactctc ctacagtgaa ctacactggg    142080
     atgtctagag atgaaaaagc atcgggtaaa cgctgggtca cggcgtctgg ccttttcagg    142140
     cagtgctggg gaccgaaccc agagcctcac tcatgcttgt caagcactgt tccactgagc    142200
     tacaccttgc accctacctg gcattttact cacctcactc aattctcacg atgctgtgag    142260
     atcagcatca ttaaccgggt ttcacattaa gaaagaggct cagacgtgaa gacaaggtat    142320
     ccactcacat atgtaaaaag gaccatttcc aatgtgttta aatccaaaat tgcccgcttc    142380
     tttgactctc ccctcctgca tccccccacc cttcgagctc cttacagctc tcatttgggt    142440
     ttgctaagat caggttcccc ctgacatgcc tctccaacat gcagttaata ttcactttga    142500
     gacaaacttg aagtgtgtct ttgatctcac tgtttcaagg aaccccttta atcgcttaga    142560
     aatgggaaca gtctgttttc ataagtggtt caaggaaggg ggctgtttgt gacagtcaga    142620
     gtcccagaga aagaacaaga gcccgtgaga ggcccgcaga ctcactcttg cctcatgtgt    142680
     actcttcacg aagctgccac tgccagcatg acccgcctcc tgtcttgacc atgtttcctg    142740
     atggtttact gatagatgta aactcacagg ctttcatcca agttaggggc ctgcacatga    142800
     gcttgtgcca gatggcaggt ttataagtgc aaagtaccta tgtgatcaac acaagttaag    142860
     agtggccgag cgagaggctt gccacaagat caaagccagc ctgggctgta taataggacc    142920
     ctatgccctc tgtcccccca aaatggttaa gagagctaca taaagcaccc tgagcataca    142980
     gaaagcagat cttcagacct aattcctgaa ggtgttacta tggctcccag tttgtcacag    143040
     atgtcaagag ccacctctgg ggtgatcctt tgtgtgggaa gagactattc tgaagaccaa    143100
     atggaataca taactagagt ctggaaatcg gagctgactg tcaatgatgt tcccatgaaa    143160
     gttctttggg cttccagact gtcaaaacca cagagcttcc acaatgctat ttagctgttc    143220
     tcgaagtttc tagtactttt attattttat gtgcatgggt gttttgtctt tatgtatccc    143280
     tatgtgtctt atgcctaaag aggtcagaaa agaatgttag attccataga actggagtta    143340
     taggcagtag ttgtgagcta ctatgggagt actggaaatt gaacccaggt cctccataag    143400
     accagccagt gaccgctctt aaccaccaaa gcattttctt cctcttcctc ctcttccttc    143460
     tcttcctcct cctcttcttc cttctcttcc ttctcctcct cctcctctcc caccaccacc    143520
     accaccacca aacacaaagc tgtctcacca ggctgtctac agagcagcga tcataaccaa    143580
     gaggaagtga gtggaggaat tagaagagaa aaccagttgt catcatatct ctacccatca    143640
     ctcctattga cctgggggcc ttattgatct aatgacttcc gtatctcccc aacagaagtg    143700
     gtaattatga ctagctgccc agggcctata agaaccatgt atacaaatgc cctaatgtgc    143760
     caggctgtca gtttaacctt gaagcaattc tgtgactatc aaaagtggaa caaagctgag    143820
     gcaagagaat ttccatcagt ttaagggtgg tatgggcaag acagtgagat cctatgtatc    143880
     aaagcctaaa gtagttttta cttttgagat acacacacac aaattaatag tttactttta    143940
     aattcacctt tatattctaa tgccaaacac tacaacaaac cattctctct gtttgttata    144000
     gaatgcagag gactgattct tatatccctg gaaaccacat gacaagttct cactcttgta    144060
     gctagactca agcagaaact ccaggctgtg gctgaaggga atgtgtctcc ccgtgtcttt    144120
     gcggacagcc ttttatcacc tgagttagtc tgcctgcttt gccagagagg gctgacacaa    144180
     ataagccaca agagggacag gacaggactg ggcatagcat gccatttaga aagcaggggt    144240
     ggacttggag tcagaagtga gaaggatgac actaaagtcc tagatcacat aaggtatcta    144300
     gagagaaaaa aatgaaaact tgggactgaa atgcaaaggc tttatgataa ataaggtgta    144360
     ctacttttta gtataaaatg cttacatata tcatgagatg tacttgtacc aaaaacatat    144420
     tatttaaaat tcatatttaa ctggtcattc tgcattttac cagaaatgtt cctgacacag    144480
     agcatggact tgggacttaa ataaacttgc tgtgtgaatc tgggccatac ctcaaactat    144540
     gtgtgtaagc actcattaat tacctcacct acctaattct cacttcccct acctgcaaat    144600
     ggcatctcca cgaggtcatt gcttgtgtaa aataaaagta tggtacacag agcagctcct    144660
     aatgacagcg gcactttcag tgatcagccc attttagttt ccttcactta cagcaccctt    144720
     caaatacttc ctaccaggaa aacagggtta gctgtactga ttataaaatt aaaatacatt    144780
     ttcttgaaag cagagggata caccgtcctt ctcgtagatt caagaattct attgttcacc    144840
     agttttaaaa tggcccctct ttcctactca gaaagtgaca gcaacaagga ccagtatctt    144900
     tgatttctca taagtgcatg ttatgggaaa cagccttgaa gctcttctta ggagtgtgta    144960
     gaccagtctc tctcacaccc ctacacagga gacctccaaa gtcacatctc aggacatcgc    145020
     actggaagca gttctgaagg caaaagattt ccagggacca actatagagt tgccacatca    145080
     gagtttcttc ctgcagacta ctgtacttca aaccctggag ccacagactc gcctttccca    145140
     aagttaacac tcctcaagag aaataaagaa gcctgaagag tctgctagga aggggaagga    145200
     cacactctcg agccatccca tgacggaagc gtcaaaacct ttctatgagg aagcggccag    145260
     atcatccagc actctgcttc ggagcatttg tgtcaaattg acactccaat ttcaagacca    145320
     tacataaaac cccattcaat tatttagcac tatacagatt tttacataac tcttgaagtt    145380
     actgactcaa ttcattttgc ttcgaactac aagacagatt aatctaaaat gaattaagac    145440
     aggcaaccag aggtaatgtt agcgcaggca gtaaacagtc ttccaactgc tggatcagga    145500
     agctgtctac tacccttgca agatgtgcca catctgctta ccatcagagc tcaagagcca    145560
     agcttctaca aaccttgcgg gtccaggatc tcagaagcag aaaggatgag ccaatgtttt    145620
     atgtgagcct tttgttttac caatgtgtgt tacctccctc tccaaaacgg acatgatgac    145680
     agcgtcgaca ccagtatttc cagctgcgtc ataatgtaca acagacaatc catatttcaa    145740
     taatgtaaat gttctaatga tttgaatatg agagcttatg cacaagtgtg taatatacac    145800
     attcgtatca ctaaggttga gggtacaggt tcaacagtag aatgcctgcg taacatctac    145860
     atagtcctgg gttctagtcc cagcacatca atgaataaat aagttagcta attaattaat    145920
     ctatctgaat tgccctggct cagatggcaa caattatggg agatacttat tagaatttaa    145980
     tgggaagagg aaaggtagaa gaaaaagctg ccaaaagcca gggctgcctg ctatcaccag    146040
     aaggaacaga gacatagtaa ggctagaaac taccaaggga gcactgccct ccaaacctca    146100
     tgactccaga cttctcccct gctgtgtaaa gacacacaat ttgcagtgtt ctctttcaat    146160
     ggcccaagaa aacgaacaca gtaataagcc aaaggggaca gacaccatcc agatgcacaa    146220
     tggggacaag gccttgcaga tctataaaag cagagttggt ttcaaagaac aaaagggact    146280
     tcagtgtggt gggaagatgg gaggggaagc aagggctgaa ggactagccc cactgaggtc    146340
     accttctgct ctgagccttg ccaaccagaa ggctcaactc tctcaggagc tacgccaagc    146400
     tgccgcagag tgaacaagac gcaaaaaaat catctcagga aaaaataacc tatagcacgt    146460
     gcaaactcat ctcaaactca cctctgctta ctgcttgcat acaacaagcc aaaggtagcc    146520
     aggcgtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag cactcaggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct    146580
     gagttcgagg ccagcctagt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga    146640
     aaccctgtct caaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa cacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaaaaaaac    146700
     aaaaaaaaac aacaagccaa aggttcccac catcacagaa tagtgagtta gagactagac    146760
     aggcagcagc aggcctctcg atcatggtgg ggctcagtct cttcctcgtg ctggttcaaa    146820
     ggaacaggat caccgtgcag aaaccataaa gatgaattcc ggggacacac ggcatactgg    146880
     tcaacttcct agtacacttt aacaatgttt gtggctcgta gcattctgtg ccctcgagta    146940
     ctggtaagtg catttacaga gataaggtaa tcgtcagagg gaacaaagtc aagattttag    147000
     tgtaaatgga tccaaatctg gtcagcggaa gacggttttt aagcctccaa gacattcctc    147060
     ctaagtaaaa ctacctcatt cgcctcacac tgtttcctct cttttgtagg ctaattaaaa    147120
     agcttgtctc agctggcctg gtttaataat agaatactag ttcatattta aacaacagag    147180
     ttcagttgtg agaggttttg cctcttgtaa aaccttgggc tttacttgaa acacacacac    147240
     aaactatatg atgcatttag aagagaaaaa gtaacaaaac tgaatcggct ccttaggaaa    147300
     gtcaccttta gggccaaaga cacaggattc ccctcccttc ctctggctga cttacactct    147360
     tgcgactgat ttataaagca agcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa attaaaatag gcccacagcc    147420
     taatgaacaa aacaggtatc agataaaaaa aaccctccta attggaagat tacattttta    147480
     gctataacct caaaatggat tttgcaaaat tatcaaagca actcaaatct gcagaatctt    147540
     aatttaaagc aatgtaattc tagacggcaa ggaacctaat tgctggctaa gcaactgttt    147600
     ccaactgtaa ttggctgcgc acaaccctgc acacaatcgt gcacacacat gcttaagcca    147660
     cctgacgtgg aaggcatctg gactgggccc agcgctgcca aaagaatctc tggaaaaaaa    147720
     aatgcaacaa aaggaatgag ctctctcgca caggctcctc cacgcattgg ctcagagctg    147780
     cctcactttc cagaatcgct ccctgaaatg tcaagacgga aattagtgcc gttcgttgca    147840
     taatgctttt cccccttcca agcaatttca atacttgtga gaactactca acaacctatc    147900
     acagaaagtt gtaactaaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    147960
     cacacagagg aataccaaga aaggcaaact cacaagtatg tttgaggttg aattatgtcc    148020
     ctctcctagc cataatcctc attatctctt gactgtgatt ttgtatggaa ataagagcat    148080
     tgttatataa gagtacttat gttaaaaggt tatgatagag cagaatgggc cctgaaacac    148140
     atatgactca cgtccttaca agaggagaaa gtctgggttt ggatgagcct gtaagtgaag    148200
     gggggggggg gggggaggag agagaggaaa cttgaatgca ttactgactt gaagatgaag    148260
     acaggacaaa ggttctgtaa accaaggaag gtcaaaggag cagagaaaag gaaaaggcat    148320
     ctgtcagctg gatgaaggaa gcagcctgca gatacccagg tcttagacct ctaggctcta    148380
     taacataagg ctggtgtggc ctaagctact gattttcatg gacttttgcc atggccgtcc    148440
     tagtaaacta acaaagtgga caggcatagc catagatgtt tttactataa aactctctat    148500
     gccactctcc tagctgtaag cacgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc    148560
     cctggttggt taatttgtca tggttatggg tagatgtggt taatcacagg actgaggaaa    148620
     ttctgactca gaatcccaag agactggagc tacagctttt gtcatgcagc cctgagttca    148680
     ctccagctct gggaaactcc aaatcccaaa gagaacacaa tcttgttttc tctctcttcc    148740
     tttcaataca gatgcaggtt taatttaata agactgtccc acttcccaag tgcaattaaa    148800
     aatggccttc attcctcctc cgaatgagta agctttacaa tgctgcaatc tatggttcaa    148860
     taaaaaaaaa gcaactatcg cacccatcac tgcaaagctg taaaaccatg accaacgtgc    148920
     ttctggagac tttggaagca gaggaggaaa aaataaaaat gaaaacaaac acgtaaacaa    148980
     acaaaaaaac cttaaagatc caaacacaaa aatatcaaaa taataatata ttatgaaggc    149040
     tttagaaatc cagcccttcg tttctgaaac cgttagtttc ctacgtttga tttccaccct    149100
     tggtcctttt catgtggtaa gcaggacaat gggacaggaa aggaaagagg tggtagaaag    149160
     acagaatggc gtcttccgta gagggagact gaagtcacga gcatttatct ctagacagtg    149220
     ctgggaacca ctgtgcacag gatgcctgtg tatagaaaac agaatgtgag gcagagacat    149280
     gcttacgaga agaataatcg ttaaagtgca gaagccagca ttacactgtt agaagccacc    149340
     acacaatcaa taatgggtac aaactgtaga acagggagag tcgtgtcctg tgatcctgca    149400
     tctctcatcg tctgcactgg gaaaaggaat gcttaaggct cctcagaatg accttcaacc    149460
     atgccttcaa ggctgtaggg tggcggacta tttccttccc tatcattatg tcccattcta    149520
     acaagttaag aggaaaagac atcttttctg ggtgccagac actattttaa gtacttgatg    149580
     tactgttaaa catgtgtctg catcctgctt ttatagttgg attaaggcaa aggttaaacg    149640
     agtcttccca aagttaacaa tggaaagtgg cagagatgag gtactcacgt ccggcccaca    149700
     gaagcaccaa cagcacagcc ttgaagccag cagtggctaa taaccaaaag cagtaaattc    149760
     aacacacggg aaatggttct tttatgttct catgttgcag acctctgact accccattgt    149820
     tgaaaagaca cccaaaaatg tcaggcagcc ctcgtttcaa aggctcctcc agtgtctctg    149880
     aagcaagttg ccaggtcttt taaaaaaggg agtgaatata aattctgtat tcggggcttc    149940
     agtaggactc cttctaaaaa gtctacccaa agacggtttt aatagaattt catgcagaaa    150000
     ttactagctg agataacagg cccatctccg cttctgcagt caccggaaag gtaagtaagt    150060
     ggttaacctc acagtatttg agattttcat gttttcagcc ttgctggaat tggaaagaac    150120
     acctcatggt cccttcttta cgtatcaccg atttcaactt ttatgccaca ttccactcca    150180
     ctccttgcta ggtgctggta tgtgtgtcga agagagactt ggatttaaac ccatcaagta    150240
     aaaacagaac tattttaatt gcgttatcta aaatacatta cagattcgat aacgctcctt    150300
     acaactatgt tttagtgcat tatctgatca aacacaggga tagtttccca aataatcagc    150360
     tggccagaat gagacaaggc tgccagtgta gttaaccatg gctgtagcac agtcttcatt    150420
     gattcgaatt cagcatctgc cctttgcagc tgagcactaa ctgagttgct ttcaggactc    150480
     tacctgattg attaaacagc atcacatacg ggcgagcatg atggaaaggg agaggagtag    150540
     gatgtgtaag gtaaggtgtg gtctgtgtgg ttctttagcc ctcaccgtgc tatttcagtg    150600
     gccttccatg gagcctttct tctctctgga ccacagcttc tctggctata aagtcagatg    150660
     cttctgacat tatgcttagc tacacagacc aaataaaatg ctacatgtaa aatgtacaac    150720
     acaaattgtc aggctgtcat atagtgatat tactgagcaa cttggagaag acagaattaa    150780
     accaaatctt tttctttttg atgtaggtta atttttcaat taaaatgttc aattacattt    150840
     aaatttaatg taggctaata tttttcaaaa ataaggcaca gcgaatttta cagcttccag    150900
     tatactttgt actttagagc tgtatttatg agttcatttc aaagctttcc aatttcagtt    150960
     agagctggtg aaaacataca cattaaaatt tctctataag tcacttattg tgtaaattac    151020
     ttttgtttta acaacaaagg gagaaagctt gcattgatga gtatcccaaa tgcatactag    151080
     agactgactc tatggaattt tttcacgtga ccaacagtaa tcatctatta caagcatttt    151140
     tattctgact tcaaatatta gatcaagtgt gtatcagcct aaagtcctgg gaaattactt    151200
     cagacttgaa aatccttcta taggttaagt catttggtca ctaagttcta agatgtatgt    151260
     atttaatctc tctattgagc taaacattta gctaataatt gtcaggaagg ttttgacatt    151320
     aaaaatttat gactcaaata aaactgttct gcacaagttg aggtactgag gcgtaagaac    151380
     tataaaaacg accagtctgg aagataacca attttaaaag cataaaaatt gtcactcagg    151440
     gtcaagcaga agtccagttc ccaccagact ttctgtagga caatagcaat caaacagact    151500
     gcatcgaatc ccttctgtgg gtgatgaccg acgggaggat tagagaaggt gtctgggttt    151560
     ccctgtatta tcctggagtc tctgctatca ggctccgtcc cagtcactct agaacacata    151620
     tccttgagca ctacaaacat actcaggaag atgaatccta tttgcttgtt atcatctgga    151680
     cacacacatc ctttttcctt ttattcaaac ttaaacgact tccttctgct gtagagaggt    151740
     gcccttttat tacagccttc tgggatttgg gaagcaagtg tgagttcccc agaacagtac    151800
     tctacacgtc actcttcatc ctccaactct caaatcctaa tatttttgct gtttatctca    151860
     atccacgcca tcctcttagt catttagttg ccctgatcaa cctactataa tatacatatg    151920
     gatgaaggga taaagggaag gagggaggga aggagggagg gagggaaaat ataaagaacg    151980
     gtctacctga aatcaaacag aaacgtggct gaaatccatg cttttcaagc aagtctcaag    152040
     actcataaaa tctctgacaa gccaaccacc aatgaaactg taatcatagg ctttatattc    152100
     tgtacaatta tgttgcctat gagcaataac ctattgggtg tctatgaagt tgatatatat    152160
     atgagaatgt atcagagaga aaacaagaaa aaatagtgtt gggaaaagag agagaaaaaa    152220
     taatacgtgt ttaaaagatg catcttcctt tccctgaggc ctcactatga actaccaaag    152280
     tttgaccaaa atggctataa tgactgtctg ttattttctt aatttttttt taaatattta    152340
     tttatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacactcca gaaaagggag tcagatcttg    152400
     ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt tctgggattt gaactcggga ccttcggaag    152460
     agcagcctgg aagagcagtc aggtgctctt accaactgag ccatctcacc agccctgtta    152520
     ttttcataat tccattaatt tattatttta tggaatgcaa ccaggcaggt taaaaagtcc    152580
     tgtatttttt tcccatggtc aaacatttac agaatgaggc tttccattga agcaccccac    152640
     ccccactgat ttggcacagt gcattacgat tagtatacac acaatatcaa gtgtgtatac    152700
     tccaaaaagt aaatggttta tcttccactc aaaccaacaa atagtttggc acaacctttc    152760
     agcaccctat tttaaaacag atatatttct caaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa acaaaacaac    152820
     aaaaacaatc atacaaaaag gattatagta caatttttaa ggaaaggttt tttaaatttg    152880
     atccatattt tctattaatg aacaaaatag agttttttca tccaagcata tgttaatgtg    152940
     atggttttat caaaagccaa gggaaaggca ggaaaggggg taggagggct agaggactta    153000
     ggtctagagt tttaatccac attctagcta gtcctctgtt gcattcttta aacgctggcg    153060
     aaaccaactt gagacaaaag ggcttattta tctcacactc ccaagtccat cattgaggac    153120
     aggacctcac tgaggaacct ggagggagga ggtgaagcag agggcatgga ggactgctac    153180
     tccctggctt gctctccctg gtttactcag tggatttctt acactaccca tgcaacctgt    153240
     ccaggaatgg ccctgactac tatgggctgt aggcacccac tttaatcagc ctactcttca    153300
     cctgagcttc cctctaccca ggtgactcta gtttgtgtgg agatgacaaa actaaccaac    153360
     acaataccta tgttatatga catgtcatct caaggcaagg tcacattatt tcctagatgt    153420
     taactgacta tgatataaag ttcatgagta agagagttac gttgcttgag ataaatgagg    153480
     gtaaagttta ctttcccaat aactactgaa aaaggaagtt tgctctgagt agggaaaagg    153540
     agacttatta aactattttc cagaacttca agtagcatta ctggtacaca gacaatgaac    153600
     taattataaa taacccagta atccttacga agcataacag tcctgagtac tggcaattaa    153660
     atacagtgtc accagactca gaacaatggg aggacaacag ggacaccctc cctggcgttg    153720
     ctcagaagaa accttagtcg gccaatggca acttcgaagt aggaacatcc ctgagccgag    153780
     tggaggacat ttagaagact cccaggcgac agaggagcta tgggaatcag aagcaagtcc    153840
     tctgccttcc aaagggaatg atgatcacat ccagatgcag agccatgtga cagattaacc    153900
     ttcctgtgtc aactccatca ccaatgttgg gaagttagcc cagtgggtag tgcatgccac    153960
     tcacggatga ggaactgaaa tccatccatc ctcagaaccc atgtaaaata gccagatgcg    154020
     gtagcacagc aggatacact tattatccca gtacagggag agtagaggca ggtggttccc    154080
     tgagactggc tggtcagcca ccctggccta atcagcaagt tccaggcaaa gctactgttt    154140
     caaaaacaat gttgacgtct ggctccacag gtacacgccc acaggagcat gtatgcctga    154200
     agatatgcac acatgaacac aatcaccaaa gattaataca gaagctgggc atgatgggac    154260
     acctcagcct catcactcca aagctgcgcc atcaagatga taacgttgaa gccggtctga    154320
     gccacagagt tagaccctgc tttaaataat gctaacaata aacaataaaa aacttctaaa    154380
     aataaaaagc tactgctgag gaggggagga aggagcctac ataggaatga catgaagaag    154440
     tggctatagt accgaggaat acatggctct agcagttcct gaaccacagt gtcggggcca    154500
     ggaccagtga ggtaaaggat gggactgtga agctcataca aagcacttct tcctttcttc    154560
     ccactgatca ttcattctca cggtccaggg ccatgatgca ttagaagcag tgactccggg    154620
     gctgggaaca tagagatgct ggacatcaga cctgcctcag gctgacaagt agtctacagt    154680
     gtgttctgtt gtcacttact gcccccttcc ttgaaccctt ttcatcccct tgctgacttc    154740
     tggacagaca cagacggctg gcagtcggaa gagatcatat acactcgtgt aattgcccag    154800
     gagagaatgt attattttgt taataagata agagggagct cttatgcttc agagttaaga    154860
     caaaacagag gaggaaagag tgggaaaata agccagaagc tattcttagt aactgccaag    154920
     acatctcaga gctttgctgc taggcttctt agtacgactg tcctctcaag aactattaga    154980
     aacaacagag ggggggaaat gccaggagtg cccagatagg actgcactca ggaggcggga    155040
     cagattgttt aagtgcatgc ctaactagca tgcataagac aaagaaagag aaagatggga    155100
     atggaatcaa agaaaggagg ggatgggaga ggagttgaga gcctgagaat agaccataac    155160
     tctttccagg acacatgtca ggtcagacgt gtcaaagaat gttgaacagt tggttctttc    155220
     cttccactga aggttgtggg tatggaaccc agcttttgcc tccatgagcc ttcagctcca    155280
     tctctccacc ccagagttat taacttacca caaagactct gctgatcagt gctatcaaga    155340
     actagtccag gacactgcat ccagggcaag gggcttgaga cacacttgcc tgagtaacaa    155400
     cagctcagga gactagaggg ttgaggcaga agggagaaca aacagggcta gaggaagctt    155460
     gaaaggaggc ctggccattg gaggagacat caggagacct cttcctctaa gcacaggagg    155520
     gagatgctag agactgggtg tttaaagagc agagtaaaag tggaggttta tgagtgtata    155580
     ccatatcttc ttgtcagtgt gtttgtgtgt ttccacagat ggatgtgagc tggtactata    155640
     tatgcatgga gctgcctccg tccaaataca aaaaaggact tctaacaggg tttgcttctg    155700
     agaaaagaaa ctgagatcta gaagctgtgt aattaaagca agaggagaaa cctcctgtta    155760
     ctgtgcctgg cacacagaga agggagagga ggtggctact ctctgaaagg cctgaagcag    155820
     gatgcgctag aggccagcca gggatacaca gtgagtcccg cgctgaccta gactatagca    155880
     tagactctgt ctcaaaaaca gaaaagggag caggggggag gggagaaaga gaggagaaag    155940
     aggggagaaa gagggaaatg aaaggtggat ggatagtggc aatgtttata atcccatgag    156000
     aggtggaggc agggggatca ggagttcaca ctcaccctaa ccttcctaca ctgagagttt    156060
     agaggccggc ctgcactggg taagactgac atataggagg agagagggag agaggaaaga    156120
     tactcagcat tgagagggag cattccttcc tgtgtgaagg gactagaact attcctggcc    156180
     cctggctgat ttctgtggct tccccaagag tagagtttca aagtccaggg gcagatttct    156240
     acgtagcaat ggcagccaga gatctacaga acaggcattc cagccaaaga atgttggctt    156300
     gtgggggaaa aacagaagca gaacaaacca caccaggttt aagataagaa gggagcctga    156360
     taccgtctag tgccacccca cccacatctg ccttaaatgg ctgctcaaag gagagctgag    156420
     caacttcctc ccaggtgcca ctctcctttg cttagctctg gttttgtcga tttgttttgc    156480
     tttgcttttg tttctctttc gagttgatag tgttgttttc tgacaaggta tcatgtagcc    156540
     caggctatcc tcaaactgac ctcagactcc tgatctccct cccaaggtct gggattactg    156600
     gagtgaatca ctgtaccagg cctcggtaat gctgcttaca aaagctttta tcctgtggtg    156660
     gagaaaaggc tcaaacaagc aaaatacaag gcacaggact ataaaagagg agtgaagaga    156720
     ccgttttgcc aggtcagcaa gtcacagaga ggtaaatgat gggactgtga acctcacaca    156780
     aagcagtttt gggcacagag gtgaggaaat gtggtgaagg agtatttttt ttaaataact    156840
     ctttgataat ttttttttgc aaaaatacca cttcaatcaa agttctgaca attatgaaac    156900
     atgccagctg atagcaagaa tccatcaaat gtgccagaag tgacaagaaa cgagaaccta    156960
     gatcctcaaa ttggatggcc ttcaagagtc cctgacaatc actgtcataa atcatggagg    157020
     cccgacactg tcaggatggg ggtggggtga ggggaggcag tcattgtcac aagttacaga    157080
     agctaagccc agcaatgctg cagttacaat aagcattgcc agccaccact gttactacag    157140
     ggtaaatgta gatggtacca gttgtgaggc taggtagaga ggtaccagga ccactgtcaa    157200
     gatctttgat cttaggaacc tcacagttac tgctaagata attctcctga cctgcccccc    157260
     aaataattca tatttccctg tccagaggct caatactggc agtgagcaaa actgtaagag    157320
     aaagcagcat atccaagtca ctggcttaat tagcagtcca agataaaaac aagcctttga    157380
     aattattttt tatttacaca cagttactag tatgctattt atgtctgact gtaaaacaat    157440
     ataacaacct ctaagctttc ttgctttcaa cttatctctg tttttctttg aaatcaagca    157500
     aataaaataa actcgcctcg gttgcaggtg tttagcagac caattaaact tttgacacat    157560
     ccccttgaga caggaatcaa tatatcatca tcataacttt agttggacat gtgacccatg    157620
     ctaagccaca gggggagagg tgcattgaag attagtcgtt agcgaactgt catctgactg    157680
     gcagctctgt catgggcatt gttacagtta gaacatttca tttcgttctt ctggttcctt    157740
     catctttcca aaaaataaca ggttgggcac tagggttagc atctacagac aatatagtaa    157800
     gtcacggatt cttgatattg tatggacact gtccagcacg tacaacaacc cattagtaca    157860
     cttctgaata ggatcttttc caatgaaccc tacatggttc actctggaac acagacaaca    157920
     tgcttcttgg tgaccacatc acttgaggta ataacctatc acagagccgc aaggacctgg    157980
     gcttccagaa aggtacttgg gcccaaaggg ggaggcaaag tgacttcctg gtggtaaggt    158040
     ttgaggaaag aagctgtaaa tagtacttag aactaatatt cgggggggtg ggggcataaa    158100
     gtgtgagtcg tgatatcaac ttacaaaccc agattgctta ggtttgaacg gtcttcagtg    158160
     gacagagcca tattagggag acagctcatt taatgtgctg gacgacttcc taagaccatg    158220
     caaaagtgga agatgcttgg gtttcaagaa tggaaaagtc aagtctctcc cagaggcagg    158280
     cgcagaggca ggcttaatgt ccatcttctg agcgtttgct actgcctggg cagtctgtct    158340
     gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctctctgt ttgtctgacg gtctccctcc agctatctct    158400
     ttccatctct actctgagca ttcacttaca caaatgtgaa ctggaagagc agactcctat    158460
     tgccccgtgg gtttctactg agttgaagct ttctcaggtg tactggccac tgagctctta    158520
     gccaggagct ggagagcaac caccgagtgc cctcgatcta cccaaaatgt ccactgctct    158580
     ctgaccattc ctatttagtt caaaaatatc cccagcacaa gatcagcact cacgtggtaa    158640
     atggtaccaa atgaggggca aaaatgacaa aggctggacc ttgcagctgt tccttggttc    158700
     ccctccaggt tgtcatggga attacctttt atgagagtaa tctcatagtt cacagttacc    158760
     agcagtatgc aattatcaat atgagcctcg ctgtttgatg ctcacactct gttttccatt    158820
     aatagaaaca ctgcagattc taaataaatt acagtgggaa ttaatggttg ccgagataag    158880
     tttttctcct ccaagtgagc attttataac taattatgtg gctgcaatgg gagaatagga    158940
     aggagctgcg gccacattcc taaaggcccc tatagtaagg agaacactga aagcaagaaa    159000
     gcccaatgct tgggtccccg aagcaacagc tctcttccca gagctacaac ctactgctgg    159060
     cctagggcca tgtgagagga agggcaggaa tgaatctggc cttaatgaaa aaataaatac    159120
     attctttata aatacacact tacttctagg tagcacggga caactacaga aaacggaagc    159180
     atgagagaac tctcaatggc aagcctacca cgctcaagtc accagacaca cgctacacca    159240
     ttctgaatgc tcactttagg tggctgtaga aaaactagta ttgtctaatt tttctgaatg    159300
     agtaatatgt ctatttgcat gtaaattatc acacatgcac acacacacat atacacatgg    159360
     aacacaccca tgcacgaggg tcgggttggt gggtaaatca gctataagga agaaaaagga    159420
     aagggaaact gagcaataac gcatgataac aaagtaaaga tgttttatac attagaaata    159480
     aaatactgaa tagtgtctag aggggtaaac agtacatgct agaggcatca ctacattcag    159540
     caatgactac ggttttgctt ttctattctt ttttttcttc cctttcttct tgtatggttt    159600
     ccaacactcc cccccccccc acacacacac acacactcct cccaggtcct ccccaccttc    159660
     ccactcaccg aactccatcc cctttctctc tctctttaga aaacaaacaa accaaccaaa    159720
     acaaacaaga atctaaaaaa agaaaaaaca caaaaaacat gcaagcacac acaccataca    159780
     tacatacata cacacacaca cacaaaacca ccaaactgca aaccataata taaagcaaaa    159840
     gaccagtatg gaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaagaag gaaggaagaa aagaaagaaa    159900
     gaaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    159960
     gaaagagaga aagaaagaaa gacccaaaca aatcactaag agacaaaagg aagtgtacaa    160020
     aattacaaaa ctaagttcac attctgtggg tcatctacta ctgggcatgg ggcctacctt    160080
     taaatgtgat taatatgacc aatgagactc cactggagaa atttaatttt tccttgcaag    160140
     cagaggtcaa ctggagacgg cttcttggtt aaggatggtt gttcttgtcc acttccactg    160200
     ctcagcactg ggctcccatg tggcttaaac ctgtgaatac cctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    160260
     tgtgtgtgtg cgtgatcaca gaagaacctg tgcaggccct gtgtgtgctg ccacactctt    160320
     tacatacgtc agcacatcat tcctactgtg tctggaaggc atgttttact tggtgtcaag    160380
     ccctctggtt ctcacaatct ttctaacccc acttctgcag ggctccctga ccctgaggga    160440
     ggagtctgat gcagacattc catttaggat tgagtgctcc tgaatctctg gctgtttgca    160500
     gactgtccca gtgtgacttc ttaaaattac cactaacgct ttcttaaggg acatgacatc    160560
     tacagatagg taattctaaa tgaaagctat gagaccatgg caatgtggcc aacttcttca    160620
     gcagttggtt tctatttccc aagcaaggat tgtgggaatg caaaaggcct gtgttatatt    160680
     gtatagcacc aagtgactgc tgagtacacc atagggatta ttcatatgaa cttgagccag    160740
     gcagccaata gcagagtgcc ttagacaagc cactgacccc ccaggcaaga agcaacccct    160800
     cccttcctgt ctactctgct gttgtccact ggctctttcc cagtgccact tggcacaaac    160860
     tctacctgca aactccagcg cccagagtgc aagagactcg cttccgtgct ccctattgat    160920
     ttctgaacac aaatatttcc caagggaaac tatctgttgt ttcccagggc aaattacgag    160980
     agcacgcaaa ctcttgaaac atgttccttg aacttcatga aacaggttag accccataca    161040
     ccccatgtgg gtggccagaa atgtgaacac tgccaagata taaggccggt atttacccag    161100
     aacattcatt cccaggagta tttcctcaga aaaatgttgc aagcgcactg agctctcaat    161160
     ctgataatga ttagattgaa acagtgcctt ctgtctctga tgctcttcaa acatctctct    161220
     ccttctagct ccctcaaata aaacaaccac agagtgactt ctgtgggcga ctatatgaac    161280
     tctattttcc catcctttga aaaaaaaaaa aaagctaaga atataaatac taaactggac    161340
     aaggcaggac agacccagag agcaagggga cagaaacact ggggagataa accaataaca    161400
     ggagtatagc aaggagaatg tatgaggccc ataaacaata atgaacgcat ctgtaacatt    161460
     cattcattct tcaggaagca cgtgactgag aacccaggtc tgaagctcag acagaggaat    161520
     tagagggctg taaagaattt gacttccact tggagacaat gtcatttctc tttccttctt    161580
     gtcatcaccg ccctcctccc caaagtaaag ggaacactga aggaagaagc aatgggtacc    161640
     ctctcaccta cagctagctt gttaagaggt cagtcaaggt gatcaaatgc ctagaccacc    161700
     atcacctgaa cctgtggagg cagaaaacag gctccaggtg tgtgagcaga ggaggtcatc    161760
     gggaatgtac gggagaagta gcaggtgata gcccacccca ccttcagcag gcaagggtgc    161820
     ccgggcaaac cccttctctt cagctcaaag aatgctaagt gagaattggg gctggaactg    161880
     cctccacctt taagttccct ttagaggatg atacaaggtt tttggaggtt ttttttgttt    161940
     gtttgtgttt cctgtgtgaa aaatctctag tcaacgacca attcaaaacg aaaatcagtt    162000
     tgagccaata aaacctcttg gtgtgcagtc acgctttcct tgggggtaaa caatgactta    162060
     atttccatct tccccaaacc tgacctttaa aggatgataa ggggttatcg cagctaaggg    162120
     tcatgttcaa cacatgcttt gaaatctata tacttatgtg atagcagagt attctagaga    162180
     ggcctgctag acatacaaga aattgataag ctggctcatg ccctctgaga acctcagaaa    162240
     ttgctgatac cacagaacct gcgatgccgc acttcaggac tgctgcccaa cctgaagtca    162300
     cctggtgacc gttcatcagc aagccaccaa gcacaaagcc tggattagat gcctaagtaa    162360
     ctggcagagc aactcagttc agatggaaat aaaagcacca gcttaaatat aatacctcta    162420
     ttaaactggg gacgtaagca ggctctctcc aatacaggaa ccctcaacag tagtccagag    162480
     caccagctgt aggaattccc tgggaactta ctggacactc aaattctcaa ggtcccttgg    162540
     ctctagtgaa tgggagcttt ggaggaaggc ccagaagtct tacacgcagg tacataataa    162600
     aaatttgttt cgggggtcta tgctaatttt catgactctc taataacctg gtttaaaatt    162660
     ccatcaaagc ttcacagtgc cttccagaga acaagaactt aacttctaac taaactgaaa    162720
     ttttatcctg aggtatataa tttaattaat aggtaaccag gcagcgggtg tcaaaattgc    162780
     tctcaagcgg aaattctatg aacacttctt cccacttcaa cctctttaat tatgaagtgt    162840
     atcacttagg aaaacgtagc acaatttcag tttacaggtt attacaatga agtctaagag    162900
     aagaggttgc taccgatctg cctgtcaaga gtccatccag agttaagtaa ctgcaggtat    162960
     tcatggcggc tgcaagtcac tgaaagcctc cccacaccaa gctccgctgc cctagacctg    163020
     tctacatact tctaagtcct gtgtggcaca ctagagtgtg agggtgagat gctcatggcc    163080
     aaggctgccg tactccttta ttagtgatga ccctgagatg tctttcctgt tgccaagtac    163140
     tcagaagtcc tctgtaacat aaagaagcgc tgctgtgtgt cggggaaatg acagcaatct    163200
     gtaccaatgg tccaggcctc gtgccctggt gtgtatattc agattcatac acagcctctg    163260
     cctcttcact attggtaatg gcttgctttc tcatttgtgg agtgacatga actaggggaa    163320
     tggctcagtg ggagaacgtg tgcttagcag gctcaagcac caggttccat tcaggtacca    163380
     tttacaaaaa aaaggaatac aaagtttgag caagattatc ttctaggact ggagagatgg    163440
     ctcagcggtt aagagcactg actgctcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc    163500
     acatagtggc tcacaaccat ctataatggg catctgatgc aatcttcttt tgtgtctgaa    163560
     gatagcgaca gtacatacat atatgaagta aataaataaa tctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaga    163620
     ttctaagcca agtccagttt ctacattgat ggacaggaaa aatctgttac taaaaactat    163680
     accttaagta ttggtggctg gtgagtaaaa tttcactgta tgattttaag gactgttcca    163740
     aaagacgtgc taaaggaagc aaacaagaaa ttaaaacagt gtaaacaaaa aaacaagagt    163800
     caagggaagt tgaatccagg agggattcat tacacatcta tccaaacaag cctctgacta    163860
     tgcagacggc ggctccccgt gtccacagag cactggcccc ccttctaaac actgcatgtt    163920
     ttaagagatg ttgcccacgt gtcggctaac tctggattca ggttctgaag atgacctagt    163980
     ttaacttcaa acccctttgg aatcttgctg agggtgattc tgagacaatc ccagtacagt    164040
     gccatcattt ttaaaaagga ggctttgtat ctagagacac gtttccttgg ttaccagaac    164100
     cacaaacatg tatgccattt caaacacttc cttccagatc tcttaagatg gggtatctta    164160
     agctgtgtgg agtctatgtc ttcttggaga gaacactgat aaatgtgata acaccttcca    164220
     gggttctgca gtgtgggtgg cttgctggag tctacaactt tagaaaaagc agaaacaaca    164280
     gcaggctgac actgatgaag gcacacattg acattagggg accacacaga catggacgga    164340
     caacagatga gcctcattcc cccaccagaa gtcacagagc tcttgatatc tgcagcatct    164400
     tgggatggac tgtggctact gacaagtgtc caaatttgct atttccatta ttcgagactg    164460
     ctcaacaatc ctggtgactg aattcaaaag catgtggggg ctatggcttg gaaccattct    164520
     gattaaccct taatacagga catggagaga aaagagctta tcaaaccaat ggacaaagtg    164580
     ccatagcaat tgtctttcta tcagcacaca gcaaacaaaa ctcattactg gccattggaa    164640
     aagcagaagt agaaatgacc cttataggtg acattcacaa aagatgagtc ttaactgaag    164700
     agcaaaatta aaaattagaa agcgtactag atggatacat acatacatac tagatagata    164760
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata catatatgga aggaaggaag    164820
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaagggag gaaggaagga agggagggga    164880
     gaataggaag ggaaggagaa agatgtcttt acaccaccct agtcaggttt gatctagcct    164940
     gggctttctt ccttggtaca attccaacta ccctacagtt tcagagcagt gccctcatat    165000
     gcaagtgtga aacctgatac tcagagacaa agaccctttt cccagaccct ggggtgacag    165060
     ctgagactca aaaacaagtc tatgtaggca tgagataact cacatctaaa tccctactat    165120
     ttggaaggct gaccaaagca gccagttgag catgggattc caagtgtatg tagcctgggc    165180
     aacataacaa gaccccatct cagaacaaca acactcaagt gtgaattccc caggaggcag    165240
     tgctctctcc aaaccactgc tgatatctat cacaagtcca cttataagta tgtttcacta    165300
     atttgaggct aaataaaatt tcatcgttct agttgcacat tttaaatgtg gaatttcaac    165360
     tttgctgcct ctttagagca tagaatgttg gcaaaggagc aaaaggcatg gagaattcat    165420
     ttcctcctga agtcaagtca gtgattttag gtgcattttc aatgaattcc attcaagtaa    165480
     gtatcagtct ccaaaactcc taagtcgctg tttcccagaa gtccattctt ctttgtttgt    165540
     tgccatttga aacagtgtca cactctggac ccctggcagg cctggtactc actaggtagt    165600
     cttgaactca aggcaatcct cctactttaa cctgcacaag tgctaggatt acaaatatag    165660
     cctcttggtt ttggaaacaa aagtcttgct ctatagctct agttggcctg gaactcggca    165720
     catagcccag gctcaacttg aacttaggga acgtctccca actctgcctc ccgggtgtca    165780
     ctgttcttgg aagcagcagt tcattttaaa aggtagcttc ctcagaaaag catttttttt    165840
     ttccaccaca caactacatt tctttaatct ataaagattc tatattttgg atttcttcca    165900
     agtttaaaaa aagaacagga aaaacccagg ctgacaagac agctccttta ggacgatcca    165960
     ccttgtcatt atgagacctt agatttgaca aattcataaa agaacacatt ctgtcacctt    166020
     gttgactggt gaacatattt tactcatctt tcctctaccg ttgcaatctg tctggaccct    166080
     aatctcatta agccttccaa acaaaaacac tccagggctg gagacagagc tcagcagtac    166140
     agcacttgcc atacacacac atacacacac acacacacac acacacacat acacacatac    166200
     acacacacac acacacatat acacacacat acactcaagg cactggcttc agtccttagt    166260
     actaccatgc aattaaatat gtgtaaataa ataaacaatg accaaacatt ccaggaagaa    166320
     tggcttactt ttggacagta tctaattcct acttctcaga ttcatgttag gatgttaaat    166380
     tattcattca ggttctcata cacatgaaca agaagaacac aggcatctcc agggccagtg    166440
     ttttgaactc tgatgtgcag gccactgaat actaccttga acacccagtt caataaatgc    166500
     ttcaacagag attgaaggaa tgaccatcca gagactgcct caccagggga tctaccccat    166560
     atacaaccac caaacccaga cactattgtg gatgccaaca agagcttgct gacaggagcc    166620
     tgataaagct gtctcctgag aggctctgcc agtgcttgac aaatacagaa gtggatgctc    166680
     acagccatcc attggacaga gcacagggtc cccaatggag gagctagaga aaggacccaa    166740
     ggagctgaag gggtttgcat ccccatagga ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccagtaaccc    166800
     caaagctccc tgggactaaa ccatcaacca aagaaaacac atggtggaat tcgtggctct    166860
     agctgtatat gtaccagagg atggcctagt cggttatcaa tgggaggaga ggcccttggt    166920
     cctgtgaagg ttctatgccc cagtatagag gaatgccagg gccaggacat gggagtgggt    166980
     gggttgggga gcagggggaa aggggaggag atgggtgttt ttggagagga aaccaggaaa    167040
     ggagataaca tttgaaatgt aaataaagaa tgtctaataa aaaagagtta aaaaaataaa    167100
     taaatccttc aaacacaaat acataacttt aaaaaaaaaa tcttctttta aagcccagaa    167160
     cttggtattt ggtatgagtg ttgatacaca gaagataaat ttttgaaaat aaataaaatt    167220
     ttcgaggatt gacagtgaca ttggcatctt tctttctttc tttcttcctt cctatctttc    167280
     ttttttttct tttgtggggg agaggggtgt cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc    167340
     tgtcctggag accaggttgg ccttgaactc ggaaatccac ctgcctctac ctcacaagtg    167400
     ctgggattaa aagcgtgtgc caccaatgtc cagctggcat gtttcttaaa aagttgtgta    167460
     gaccatccaa gtggtggtgg cacacatctt taattcttac actgaagatt cagaggcagg    167520
     tatatctgag ttggaggcca acctagtcta cagagaaagt tccaggacag cgaaggcagt    167580
     ctcaacaaac aaaaacagaa aacaaacaaa caaaaactta tatacactgg acagagatta    167640
     gtcctgacaa tttacttgcc aattctttgt tttcttccaa agttaaagct atggtttgaa    167700
     cacagtacac aatgaaaaga ccaccaagtg gtaatgccaa gtcaaaaccc catagaaagg    167760
     agaatttgtg aaggaaatgc tgatggatgg cttccactga acacacaggc agccaccaag    167820
     aatttacatg aatgatggaa ggaaagaaag ggttagaatc ccctcgggct tgacctggca    167880
     agatggacta ctgactaggt aggtctgatg gcttcttcca aaaataaaca agcacaacat    167940
     tgcaacaaat ccacccaagt agaagagagg gtggcatggc ttcgttaaga ccacatggca    168000
     tttttgccta gaatttttat tctggggtgt ggcacatttc aaaaattcta taagaccatg    168060
     gctcaagaaa acatacaggc ctgcatgggt accactgcaa gttaacaaag aaacttcctg    168120
     gccaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaatcg caaatgtttg acctctgaac    168180
     ttttctcctc attatgggaa gaaacttggt tttggttttt gttgctgttg ttgttgttgt    168240
     gttgttttgt ttttgaaaaa cattatctta acaaaatact ctttagctta atttaaaaac    168300
     ctgctgacct cagagcacag aacactaacc cccttatagc cagactgtat tatcccagaa    168360
     gtagaaacac caagtgcatt taaggtggca gtaaactaca gaaaactatc tactcagaag    168420
     tactttgatt gcctcaagaa ctaaggtgtg aagagattcc agtcctatct gcttgggttc    168480
     tcattttagg ggtgtgctga gatccaagcc tgacccttgt gcagattaag cacacactct    168540
     actacagacc cgcaccccaa ccccacgtct accacagacc cgcaccccaa ccccacgtct    168600
     acctttttga ttattccagg gatatttccc cttagtgcct tttctcctct gtatttttgc    168660
     cttgtctcaa caaattggac tacaaacctc ctgggcgagg gccatgtcca tgagtttaag    168720
     tctcactctc tcagaaacac catgtctcag aggccacagc ttaacccgca gggcgtccat    168780
     tgcatttgct ccctctgcga agctgccctt cccacctttt tgtctcttac agtttatccc    168840
     ctccatcaga aactaagctc tctggctcaa ggatctgtct gggtttttgt ttctcatggc    168900
     acagactcag ggtctaagga aatgtctgag aacggaatga gctctcccta gttactaagg    168960
     aacagttgtt cccagaagct ctgtcggttg agcccctacg tttccaacta taaaaccagt    169020
     ttggactcgg gcttgtgctt gttaccacag gtgcccaatc tactagtttt agagtcacgt    169080
     tattgcatag gtacccaata ctcctgtaaa ttgtgcatgg ccaagagaag gaattgagga    169140
     agctgcatac acatattgct gcaaatgttt gaaacataaa gctacctttt aaaacatgac    169200
     gattcgttgt aaatgtttat ctaaaaataa attagaggat aaggaatcaa tgtggacaat    169260
     tttacaactt atgggaggct ccaggagagt gacatataaa agatgcaact gccacccccc    169320
     tcacccctgg ctaataggca caggacttgg tgctttagtg acctggtctc caactcccac    169380
     aacaatcatc atggacggcc aaactctgtc tgtatttgac attttaattc acctattcaa    169440
     actccagtac ttagtttgta caccttccta ggcaaaggac actgtaaagt aaataaaata    169500
     catagggagg ttcctgcggt agcaatggac atgacagaat catactgatt ctctcattct    169560
     gtctcatact gatattgaat cccagcactt gggagggaga gccagacaga ttgcttgagt    169620
     tcgaggccaa ccaggtctac aaagaaaaaa actctgtctt gaagaaacaa acaaacaagc    169680
     aaacaacaac aacaattatt caccaagcac tacaagtatc ctactaatag aatctggcac    169740
     atgaatcatg tctgtccata tataactagt atcaaaagca ggaactatga atccatgcaa    169800
     actagagaaa acacgctggg tttctctaga agaagagaag catggaaagc aggaaggcag    169860
     actaggtgac cgtatctggg acctcactaa tgctggggtt aatgcatggg aactagccag    169920
     ctatgtaaat gaggccctcc tctctgcttg gtccccaatg ctgacccagg tcatatcact    169980
     ctctccatta aggataggga atgccataca gttagtcttt gatatttaga gctgaagcaa    170040
     gatttctgag aatccaattg tggttcctgt ctaacattaa aaagtccata gcaaagtagc    170100
     taaattatgg ggcactaatt atgctttaat tctagtatac ctttgcctgt tcttctggct    170160
     ggacagccct tcctagatat atttgagaca tataattcta cacatccaag cacagtgacc    170220
     aattgtgtgg ctcaattcac accgcacatc tgtccgccat cgtgagctgc cagaaaacag    170280
     tcaggtggtc atgctgacat gtgccccctt gatactcaaa gtaaccccta tgcactgaat    170340
     tcatcttcct tgcaatgtgt cgagtctgtc ctttgacaac catgctttta tcaccaacgt    170400
     taaatgtagg gcacaggcaa acctgagata tttctctcag tcattaatta gaaacaaacg    170460
     gtcactgact cttggtgtgt tctgttctac tgttctgggt acactagaac caacccaaga    170520
     gtcccagtgt gctctgctga acttgcgcct taatggggaa gtgctcctta ctgctttcgc    170580
     caactgttga tagcaggtta gcctagcaag ccgtccaggg gccagaggca aagatgtcaa    170640
     gcatctggca tattcttatg aacagtcgcc ctccctttgc agttcttcga attgtgaagc    170700
     aaagccaaat gcctcaaagc ctttaagggt ccccaggaag gtctacctct aggtcactgt    170760
     catggagatt cattagcctt taaagcaagg agatacttgc ctgccaatga ccaagcttca    170820
     cgcctatggt aagacgagca gagtcacttc ctagggaaga ggttctacca aactgagatg    170880
     aactccactt acaaagtccc tggagtgttc tctgtggtgc ttctgtggac tgctgccacc    170940
     tgatgtgact ctgctcacgt tcacgtcctt ctgcagcttc atctcaacgg atgtgctaca    171000
     cgagccctct ttatttatac gccgtcttgg catgtgtgca cggctgttgc atgtgcgtgt    171060
     gtttctgtcc aagtctgtga caggccctag gattatcgca cctccctcta cagctgcaac    171120
     acctcccaca atgtgagcac atagcaggca cttgataaat gctccctaca gaatgtggag    171180
     gaaaagctct tcttacactt cagctgctgg ggtgctgggc ggggaggagg ggcgaatgag    171240
     caagcctatg ccaaaacctg agccaaagtt taactcaaat ccagcaaggg aatgaaacac    171300
     aatttttaag aaagagaaag aagaagaaaa aaaaaaatcc aaagaataaa caacattggc    171360
     catgtggcat tttccatgat ctgtttttgt ttttttgttt tttttcctag tctgttaaaa    171420
     gtcagtatct acctgctccc atctgtcccc tgtacagaac tgttattcta aatggcttct    171480
     aaagtttgct ttgctactct cttcttctta cctttaaata gtcgccagga aacaccagag    171540
     tcactgtgta gtacagacta aaacagattt tatccccttt acctcacctt ttctatagcc    171600
     ctcccagaca ctttgccaaa ccccctggga gaccccattc actatccaaa tagccccgtg    171660
     aaatgagttt tcctatcaat accattttaa cgggtgacaa aagtcagaac tagagaaaac    171720
     aagtcacaga gcacaaatac taacctggga cagaaagcga caagcctgag gctcaagccc    171780
     agcccactct gtgaaagcaa agctacacaa tgacatcaca aagtttattt gtttgcgtgc    171840
     cgtctgtggc tgctttgcag ataaggcagc agaactgagt aattgggaca gagattcaac    171900
     tgcaaagctg caaatgttaa ctgtgtggcc ccttgtgcaa agtctaccaa gccctaatcc    171960
     atgctattcc agcaaaatga aatgatgatg ctaccaaact tctgaaaggc tcgatcacac    172020
     catacccaaa gtacagggtt tccaactgca cataattgtg taaatgacct taaaacccta    172080
     tcgaaagcca tctaccttct gtttgtgaat tgtaagtcaa gcctggcatt actaaatgcc    172140
     tccttagtct agctcccatt tagagatgaa tatgctcaga atattagaac tatttattgc    172200
     ttacagaact atctggtaat aaaagaaatt gctctgttgg tcaaactaca aaagaaagat    172260
     ttactgattt cctatgcaga gttatgcaca gacctaagca aaggaggaag gaagctcgat    172320
     tttgacataa aggacagatg ggacagtagc tgtggtggga agccttgtgg cagtgcatcc    172380
     ttaaaccact gcaagtttga tattgtgaca tactacacta tccccaagtg tacaatcaca    172440
     gcgtgtgtgt aatcgcatgg catgtgacac tgcactgcgt acactaacac caaaagaact    172500
     ttacccagag cccagttctc acccccttcc cttttaacaa tcagccttcc atgctgccca    172560
     tgtctgattg ccgctgaaac tgacagccac agttccacac tcccacccat caccacatgt    172620
     gttccaaaca tgctccaaat gccttctctt cagttgctgc tgcctttaag caaagacaat    172680
     ccccctctct ctggcctaga ggttttcatc tttgtcttgc ataattagag tgtccgttag    172740
     gcttgccatt ctaatctact ctcagccaca ggtcatctta tccacgccta tgtctaactt    172800
     tgtattcaga taccttcaca gctcttcatt gactgtcaaa ttaagagaaa ccttgtgatt    172860
     tcaaggccaa tagaacaccc ttaggccacc agttactgac acattcagct cactgaggta    172920
     agccttgaag gtctgatgag agcttccagt ggcacactga acatggctgc tgtcactgac    172980
     caagcctttg ccctgagcct gatcactggt gtgctctgaa gaagcacaaa ttcatcagga    173040
     ccccactgag agacagatgg gctcaggagc caggtctgag tactactcta gggggtataa    173100
     tgctggacag gaaccaagcc aaggggagac cagggccaca ttcttcccat ttcctctctg    173160
     tcactgctga cacggaagtc cttaatcctc tgtccctctg aagtgactct tagaaaatta    173220
     aacctggaat tacatttata tacttccctt ccaaaattga aaactcccgg agggcagtgg    173280
     tctagtttta ttaatctgta aacctcctca aatactgagc ctggtaccca gctggagcta    173340
     aatgaagaac aaagggacat ttcccggtgc aggaagtata atggaggaat gaaaaagaaa    173400
     agatcgctca gaaaatccat caacagaaga cccccaagag gtctttcttt gtggtttgtt    173460
     tataccccaa catatattcc accaggactt cctgaaaata attctgaaga aacaaagacc    173520
     atgaaaaatt agctgccaca tttggaatag tgagtttctg tgggggaggg gtagaaccta    173580
     caggcatggc cacatagagg gaccagattt cctgagaaga ttaattcatt tgactccaaa    173640
     aatagaagga agcagcaggc ttgaaccccg gcactagagt aacatcgcct ggggaaattt    173700
     caaatcccaa cctgacccca tgccaaggac aatatcagac caactgagtg tacccctctg    173760
     ggggtgtgct cagactcatg tgtttttaaa gctgtccagt gagttccaat acgccatgat    173820
     aagacctaat ggagaaaaag aaccatctta gaaccctggc gccacccaag actcagaaaa    173880
     ccttggacta aatccctacc ccacccccca tcctttactt taacctcagc cagtcccttg    173940
     ctcgctgctc ttcctcagtt tcccctcctt tgaaatggaa tcacaataac cgttcatctt    174000
     tttttaagta ctagatgcat atatacatgc atacataaga agcatcacaa agataaatcc    174060
     agagacttac atgcacatac acacacatca actatatata tcaaatgggc aatgattgac    174120
     aacaattgtt ctgtaagttg ggaactgaaa ggtaatcaat atagaaaatt cttaataatt    174180
     ggcaggctct tttcctggtt gtatgattat tttcctattc acaataatcc atggatcctg    174240
     gattaatccg ggagccttta aggagagaga gagagagacc cccagcttct ctatactgac    174300
     ttacctatga ctgtcagagg atagcttgac ctgctaatag gacattatct gttatttatc    174360
     tcaaattcaa ttttacttgg atgtcttgaa ttttgctctg tgaagtctgt cgggccttca    174420
     ctcacctgtc atctagattt aggctaaaat tgtcaaagcc tgagtctagt ccacaagggc    174480
     accacactcc tttaaaagaa aatcgaagtc aagtacctaa gatcttgacc attctatttc    174540
     ttggaagtca gtagacatgc tgctgcaact cacaagcaag caaccagcca gcatgcagac    174600
     ccaggcaggg caaggcaatg ttcagaagag aacttggaac aggaggaaac tattcgaggc    174660
     caagaggaca agaggagaaa gctttcctaa agtgacctct cggcctcagt cagtcggtgc    174720
     ataaatcaaa tggggggaac acgtgagtag aaactcgtgc cccctgggca gaaagtgttc    174780
     caaccatccc accaggcaaa ggctcagctg tagattattt actcctggaa tgacgtgatg    174840
     ccaaacccga gaaccgtgtc ccaggctctg agcatcctct gcctccaagg tctgcaagat    174900
     agatcctgat tctctggggt ttttgttcgg ctgggttgtg ttttagctgt ttccttttta    174960
     ttgtgcttta acttttcatt tccaaaagag ctaaattgat accaaccttt cttgtatttt    175020
     tttccacact tagaagacag aaagagttct catggaaaag acatcttgaa acccatttca    175080
     caagatgttt attcagaatg cccagaacca gatccctggg gaaaagctaa attctgaatt    175140
     atacctagtc ccctaagatt aaaaacaccg ttgaagatgt ttagaagcat taagagccaa    175200
     tgagtcagct agttctgtaa gagctggatt aaattggcca ctagattgtt cattgattat    175260
     cacaaacagc caaagccctc ctacaaaggc atgttttcca gttcacttgg ctaatccctt    175320
     ctcaacaagg atccaaggaa tgaaaattat ttacccaatg gcaagctgca gaaattaatc    175380
     acacccaagc accatgctgg cagccaaaca caacctataa aataattcca gactatcatc    175440
     agaagccaat aatgagaact gaaacttagc ttcccgctct tcctccctcg ggagacatcc    175500
     aggggcataa aagggtacaa gcaacgcttt ttgccattta gacgcaacta tctcagacca    175560
     ctagatcaca tgaaaacact atttttaaag aataatacga gatatatttt taacagcaag    175620
     agaggaagag aaagacaaga aaggccagag gactcaacat tcattcagag agagggagag    175680
     agagagattg attcacatgt agaagcactt agcccctgca tggccctcag tttctgagct    175740
     ataaatatac tagggaccta agtggagctg atacaatcag atccccccta taaacaagag    175800
     aaagtaattc actggacttt acaagcagca gactcacaca acagcctagg actcaaagca    175860
     gaccttggca aagttcccac actgcaaggt ggctaagaaa acatggggaa aggcagcaga    175920
     aaggactagg aggaggtcag gaggacaaga aatgcccatc atggcacccc gcatctctga    175980
     agcaggctgc ttgaacagta ctcttacaag gctgccaggc aggaaaggaa gagcaaaggg    176040
     ggaaaaacat ggtcacttaa atcaggaaga agggaggcgt ccaactgcag tttctgtaga    176100
     gagactgaag aactgccaac gcaccttcat cttcatgtgg cgaagcgttt tcttgcctgc    176160
     cagtggctag acgtgcagtc tagcaagcac ctcagcctaa cgagaaacat ttaacagggg    176220
     aaatagccct ggagactgag gccaaggact ccgaagactg gaggcaagat tcttcctgac    176280
     ttaggctccc ttcaacctct caagcaatct ccctgctcca ccagctccct actgccccag    176340
     tcactgtcac tcacacaagg tcaagactag ttctacagag actcatctca acaaaaagcc    176400
     cactgacacc gaatgccacc aatttggtga cggtgaggga gctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    176460
     tgtgtgtgtg tttgtttgag agagagagag acagagagag agagagagag agacagacag    176520
     acagacagac agagacaaag accaagattc tatcccataa gctattacta gtcttgagaa    176580
     aggcttggtt tggttgctta tatttgttag ttttgttttg attttggttt gtttgtctat    176640
     ttgaacagat gacctaagga ctagtaactg taaaggcaag ggacttttgt ccctgaggtc    176700
     ctggttagca ggctgtgggc actctcgcac tcaataggct tcaattcgcc ctcatctaaa    176760
     cccttaaata tgggataact tgagtcaact ttacctttaa ggaaactgag gcatgacacc    176820
     cgactgtcta acttaaaggg ctgtgtactt ttcctgtcac tcgttgttct caagatatgc    176880
     ctccgtaccc agggtcagca gacttcccta tgaagaggca agaagaaaca tcatagactt    176940
     tacagagccc tgagaccctg atatactaac tctgccattg gagctgtcag acatggtata    177000
     tatgtaactg gataggtgtg acagaaatcc aatggacatg aacatttgac tttcttatta    177060
     attttcatat actacagagt attgtacttt ttttttaact attataggaa tgtgaatact    177120
     attgttagcc cacagaccat aaaatgtggc tcccaagaac tcagactttc cctctcacta    177180
     cccatcaatg ctagttaggt gaatctgggg gtaaggaaat taaagagagg tgataatgat    177240
     ctaaggatta aatgggagaa tgaaggataa attttatgtc attgagtgtc ccctgactta    177300
     tactcagatg acacacgtaa aagaaatggt cgatgttcgg gggggggggg gtgggggggg    177360
     gaaacagtct atgcaaggaa tacatgccag caaaacagaa ataaggtgct tctctctcct    177420
     tcctccccct cccccccccc cttgtggtgg ctttttctag tataccacac aagtcaaaac    177480
     cagaagaatg ggggctggag agatggctca gcagttaaga gcactgactg ctcttcctag    177540
     aggacccgag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg tcatgggatc    177600
     cgatgccctc ttctggtgtg tttgaagaca gtgacagtgt agtcatataa aataaataaa    177660
     tcttaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaaaaca gaagaacacg gctatctatc agcatattag    177720
     caatgacaga atttatatac acaaagtgat gatttaatta aagcaaactc agttcatgtt    177780
     agtatacaat ttcaaatact ctttgtgcac acacatatgt actcatgtgc gttatgcagc    177840
     tatgtgtgtg atgcagctat gtgcgtgtac atgcaggaat gtgtgcctgt gtgtatttgc    177900
     gtatgtgcat gtgtgtgtat accagtgctt gtgagcatgc tacagcacgt agtcagagga    177960
     cagctttctg cagttagctc tctccttttg tgctacacac tgagctcagg ggctcaagtt    178020
     caagttatca gtcttggcag caaaggattt catcctctga gtcgctttcc agccccacaa    178080
     tttccccctt ttttttatat ctttgattca tcttagagat tcggttacta ttctgtgaag    178140
     aactgctact ccaatgagaa acaaaaactg aataaagaca gcttaaaaat aaataaagag    178200
     gaacatgcaa ttgggcatag aaatctctaa gactggtgac acatgtgaca gtatcacaga    178260
     gtttctatgc gggtaaacga caatctgatt tcctcatttc agagtgtaga gctaacttac    178320
     caagtaatcg atgcagtttc tcccacaatt cttcctaagc acagtgttgc ccaggagctg    178380
     cgggtaaagc cagtcagcta gaaacaatac actaacagca tcagaaagat caatcatgct    178440
     ctaaattgct cctgaaaata tactgtctct tctggcttca ttctccacga ggctgctcta    178500
     tgactcgcta tacatccatg cataagatgt aaccaaccgc actgtgaagt cagaaacagc    178560
     ctggctactg gccctgggag aggggaactg tggtgctgtg aacttctggg aaagtacatg    178620
     tacacacgag gggttttcta agagctttca tgattttcta agagcttcca tgaattggac    178680
     ttacaaagtg cgaggctttg ccttttcagt gtcaccggcc tctgaggtta tatataaacc    178740
     ctaacagctg acagcatttt ccaactttta atcatgggca agaacattgt aggcaactag    178800
     atttaaaatg atttcctaag ctggaggtgg gattgctcag tgggcaaagc acttgcttta    178860
     aaacctccaa gatgtgagtc tgatccccag cacagccaca taaagctaaa cccggtgatc    178920
     tgccaatcaa acctaactag tcagcgccac gctgatcgga atccctggtt cagagaagac    178980
     aaatgatgct cccgaggatg acaccagaag atgtccactt aagtacacag cacacacaca    179040
     cttcttaccc atacactcac aggcatgaag ggaggtgggg ggaatcactt ctagtagggc    179100
     atagaagcac atgcctgatg caatcgaggc actggggagg cagagacagg aggatggcta    179160
     caagcacgag ggcaagtagg aggccagcct ggcttaagta acaagttcca ggctagccaa    179220
     agtgacctac caaggcacta tcggaaaagg acaaacaaaa acaaaagaaa caacttccta    179280
     gaactcaagg gttaaaggtg gttgatgaga atgcctagaa agaagctgag agtgtctacc    179340
     aagagtgatt aggactaggg tgatatggag agattggaat gttacaggtc ccgaggcaca    179400
     ataaaaagcc atcctttccc cacctctgtg atggaactaa tatcctgtga ctaacagata    179460
     agagccttct gaatctatga acttagcttc ccaccaaccc aaaagccaaa atgtcatcag    179520
     atagcatctg aggtctatag aaaagcttcc tccttcttgc tattacagcc tctcttatat    179580
     gctcaccaaa gtattttaaa cctgcctggg ttcacagctt tccttgataa aacttcatga    179640
     aacaacttcc atgttgaaac cacggagttt ggagttacct aaatctgtgc tcctggggca    179700
     tgcatagtca ttcagatttg gatccagaac aaactatctc tgatttccat tcaagtgaga    179760
     gctgtgtttt ttgagttggt ggggtataaa aaaacatgag aagataacct atatggtggc    179820
     tagaaatcag cttgaaatat ttaagaaaaa gtactcaaga aaatctgtat gatcgcctca    179880
     tgcccttaaa aaaaaaaaat cattgtacag ttagttatgt tttgatgaac caccataaca    179940
     acaacaacaa caacaaaaaa atcaacttgg ggaggaaagg gtttatttta cttacacttc    180000
     caggtaatgt ccatcagtga gggaagtcag ggcagaatct caaacagggt aggaacctgg    180060
     aagaaggagc tgatgcagag gccatggagg gtattgctta ctggcttcct cctcatggct    180120
     tgctctgcct gctttctttt agcaaccacc agcctaggga tgacaccacc cacaatacac    180180
     taggccctcc cccatcaatc actaaaatta gcaaagtgtt ctacaggctt gtctaaatcc    180240
     atacaggctt gtctatagcc acatcacgtg gaggcatttt ctcaattgag gctttctcct    180300
     ctctgatgac cctacctgtg tcaagctgac ataaaactag ccagcacata cactcagcag    180360
     gccaagataa aaagatatga ataaacattt tgcttttatt ttatattcta ttttaacatc    180420
     atattttgaa atagtatctc cctatgttac cttggcaggt gtagaattta ctatgtagag    180480
     caaatgatct tgcactcata cagatgtcgc ctatgtctgc ctcaggagta ctgggaataa    180540
     aggtatgtgc caccaagcct agctgctgtc ttactggttt ccagttattt gcatttctgt    180600
     attttttctt cttccagccc taaccctggt aacttagcaa gaatgtcaaa tgagcctaaa    180660
     ttgctgggag gactttaaat tgtttttaag acaactggga taatgttggc atcatatttg    180720
     caagacgata acaacgcaag gtcacagaac aggccccaaa tctgagaggt taaaattaac    180780
     tttttaaact ttaaaccctg tttaatactc attttccaac agaagtcatg agcaaagtga    180840
     ttattctcgc tttgttttgg aacatttcaa attgctgttc ggaagcggtt cagagtcatc    180900
     ccattaggtg aagaaagcaa gctaatgaca ggaggcaaat gttattaact gtcctctgct    180960
     taggatggag cagcccatct gtcgacaggg acaggatgaa ggcatgataa tgatctgcct    181020
     tatgatggct ccaagagtgg agacttctct gtgcatttga gatccgggaa atctgggtgc    181080
     tgttggggga tctttccttg aatctgggaa gacaatgggg ccagctgcta ctcttgacct    181140
     tgataagccg atgaaccagt cactgtgcca gagtatatac tctcttaacc attgtcagaa    181200
     aagaaattct aattagttga agcctgacac atctttaaag acattttcag aaaacttcta    181260
     aaactaaatg tctaaaagac agcaataggg gctggagaga tggctcagcg gttaagagca    181320
     ctgacttgct cttccgaagg ccctgaattc                                     181350