ID   AC123849; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 172697 BP.
AC   AC123849;
DT   03-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   12-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 7)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-460B12 from chromosome 16, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-172697
RA   Abbott S., Meyer R., Schatzkamer K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-460B12";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-172697
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-172697
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-JUN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-172697
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-SEP-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-172697
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-FEB-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-172697
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 1726bf93e5da6007f91af885c63571f2.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456176.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC123849.3:1-172697; mus_musculus.
CC   On Feb 21, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:22475718.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0460B12
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC122389.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..172697
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="16"
FT                   /map="16"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-460B12"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   2954..3267
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3255..3486
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3493..4719
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4715..5303
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   5303..6717
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6714..6853
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7349..7479
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8470..9043
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   10641..10933
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   10934..11107
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   11108..11426
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   11506..11711
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11805..11900
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12008..12075
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   12461..12701
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   13006..13371
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   13389..13769
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   13770..14113
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14114..14440
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   14505..14725
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15166..15352
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15353..15671
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15672..16096
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16097..16577
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   16578..17709
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17901..18182
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   18385..18842
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   18892..19163
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19543..20016
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20018..20126
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   20067..20145
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20147..20426
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20466..20602
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20611..20873
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20856..20961
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23281..23349
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23323..23486
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23481..23702
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23719..23978
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23979..24370
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   24371..25500
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   25501..25908
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   25909..26142
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26141..28252
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29068..29477
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29453..29657
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30163..30326
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30365..30616
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31616..31672
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   33280..33545
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   33886..34067
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35049..35341
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   35338..35544
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   36166..36372
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37707..37766
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   37767..38560
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39077..39207
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39208..39657
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39830..39918
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41854..41954
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41955..41978
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   44366..44563
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   47850..47898
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   53679..53897
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58799..59167
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59732..59921
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   60390..60534
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60567..60673
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   61714..62522
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63045..63225
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   63697..64052
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64157..64233
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64745..64987
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   64988..65157
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65286..65574
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   66229..66301
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67065..67211
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67493..67636
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67633..67761
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70441..71402
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72002..72064
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   72946..73292
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   73293..73830
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   73892..74142
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   74128..74419
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   74422..74570
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   74673..75615
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   75601..76033
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   76923..77022
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78197..78398
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   78864..79089
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81165..81238
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85020..85426
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   85475..85909
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86359..86520
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86928..87067
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87115..87329
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87409..87526
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   87547..87623
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   87674..87788
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   87947..88073
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   88075..88276
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88276..88455
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88493..88629
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   90074..90451
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90753..91015
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91726..92269
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92305..92445
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94007..96166
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96414..96679
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   96737..97237
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101007..101841
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101839..102300
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102304..103279
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103723..104036
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104511..104677
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104770..105593
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106300..106674
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   108127..108703
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108733..109333
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    109039..109053
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   109329..109428
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   unsure          109431..109867
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   repeat_region   109435..109515
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   109493..109552
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   109548..109606
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   109606..109656
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   misc_feature    109619..109818
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   109652..109730
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   109704..109756
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   109726..109871
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   109933..110261
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110439..110552
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111125..111423
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111574..112050
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   unsure          119681..119762
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   121041..121160
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   121203..121581
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121593..123434
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123451..123583
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123769..123842
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125833..126510
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126542..126689
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   128851..128951
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129333..129452
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   129461..129783
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   129784..130652
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   130653..131449
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131488..131814
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   131799..132498
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   132861..133178
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   134754..135002
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135005..135357
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135347..136791
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136820..136873
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   138707..138756
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   138865..138995
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   139169..139272
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139279..139419
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140124..140536
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140540..141370
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   141371..141644
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   141967..142346
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    147522..147560
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   148511..148765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148872..149127
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149330..149457
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149672..150024
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   150032..150078
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   151777..151872
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   152841..152978
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   153266..153407
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   156096..156292
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156404..156646
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   157743..157958
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   158351..158488
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   158585..159003
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159625..159859
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160276..161669
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1A"
FT   repeat_region   161679..161787
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   163144..163329
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   164704..164764
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   164765..165791
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165801..166024
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166049..166300
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   166399..167256
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167342..167482
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   168306..168701
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   168902..169060
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   169068..169300
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   171423..172697
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 172697 BP; 53927 A; 31445 C; 31183 G; 56142 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttg tttagctcta taccctattt ttcaatggag ttatttgaat ttctggagtt        60
     cagcttcttg agctcttacg ttggatatta gtaccctatc agatttagga ttggtaaaaa       120
     ttatttccca atctgttggt ggcattttgt cctattgaca atgtcctttg ctttacaaaa       180
     gctttgtaat tttattaggt cccattggtt gactcttgat tttacagcac aggcattgct       240
     attctgttta ggaattttcc ccctgtgccc atatcttcga gagttttccc cactttctcc       300
     cctataaatt ttagtgtctc cggttttatg tggagttctt tgatccactc agacttgagc       360
     tttgtacaat gatataagaa tggatcaatt ctcattcttc tacatgataa ctaccaattg       420
     tgccagcacc atttgttgaa aatgctttct tttttccaca ggatggtttt agctcccttg       480
     tcaaagatca agggaccata ggtgtatgga ttcagttctg ggtcttcaat tctattccat       540
     tgaacaacct gtctgttgct gtaccagtac catgcagttt tttatcacaa ttgctctgta       600
     gtacagcttg aggttaggca tggtgattca cccagaggtt cttttattgt tgagaatagt       660
     ttttgctttc ctaggttttt tgttattcca gatgaatttg aaaattgccc tttctaactc       720
     agtgaagaat tgagttggaa ttttgatgag gattgcattg aaactgtaga ttgctttcag       780
     caggatagcc atttttaccg tattaatcct gccaatccat gagcatggga gatctttcca       840
     tcttctgaga tcttcttcaa tttctttcta cagagacttg aagttcctat ccaatctttc       900
     acttccttag agtcacatca aggtatttta tattatttgt gactattgtg aagggtggtg       960
     tttccctaat ttctttctca tctagtttat cctttgtgta gaaaaaggcc actgatttgt      1020
     ttgagttaat tttatatcca gctactgcag tgaagctgtt tataaggttt aggggttctc      1080
     tggtagaatt tttagggtca tttatatata ttatcatatc atctgcaaac agtgatattt      1140
     tgacttcttt ctttccaatt tgtatcccct tgaggtactt ttgttttcga attgctctgg      1200
     ctaggacttc aagtactata tttaataggt agggagaaag tgggcagcct tgtctagtcc      1260
     ctgattttag tgggattgct tagagtgtct ctccatttgg tttgatcttg gctactggtt      1320
     tgctgtagat tgcttttatt atgtttaggt atgggccttg aattcctgat ctttccaaaa      1380
     cttttaacat gaaggggttt tagattttgt caaatgcttt ctcagcatct aacaagatga      1440
     tcatgtggtt ttttgtcttt gaatttgttt gtttagtgga taacgttgat ggatttccat      1500
     atagtaaacc atccctgcat ccctggcatg aagcctaatt gttcatgatg gatgatcatt      1560
     ttgatgtctt ctttgattag gttcatgagc attttattga gtatttttgc attgatattc      1620
     ataagggaaa ttggtctgaa gttctctttc tttgttggat ctttgtgtgg tttaggtatc      1680
     agagtaattg tggcttcata gaatcaattg ggtagagttc cttctgcttc tattttgcag      1740
     aatagtttga gaagagttgg aattaggtat tctttgaagg tctgatagaa ctctgcacta      1800
     aacccatttg gtcctgggct ttttttggtt gggagactat taaagactgc ttctatttct      1860
     ttaggggaaa taggactgtt aatattgtta agctgattct gatttaactt tggtacctgg      1920
     tacctgtcta ggaagttgtc catttcatcc aggttttcct tttttgttga gtatagcctt      1980
     ttgtaatagg atctggtgat ggtttggatt tccttaggtt ctgttgttat gtctcctttt      2040
     tcatgtctta ttttgttaat taggatactg tccctgtgcc ctctagttag tttggctaag      2100
     ggtttattta tcttgttgat ttttctcaaa gaaccagctc ttgggttggt tgattctttg      2160
     aatagttctt tttgtttcta cttggttgat ttcagcctta agtttgatta tttcttgctg      2220
     tctactcttc ttgggtgaat ttgcttcttt tcattctaga gcacctaggt gtgctgtcag      2280
     actgctagag tatgatctct ctagtatcct tttggaggca cttaaggtta tgagttttcc      2340
     tcttagaaat gctttcattg tgtcccatag gtttgggtat gttgtggctt caatttcatt      2400
     aaactccaaa aagtctttaa tttctttttt ttatttcttc cttcaccaag ttatcactga      2460
     gtagagtgtt tttcagtttc aacctgaatg ttggctttct attatttcta ctgttattga      2520
     aaatcagcct tagtctgtgg tgatctgata ggatgcatgg gacattttaa atatattggt      2580
     atctgttgag gcctgttttg tgaccaatta tatggtcagt tttggaggag gtaccatgag      2640
     gtgctgagaa gaaggtatat ccttttgttt taggataaaa tgttctgaag atatctgtta      2700
     aatacatttg tttcacaact tctgttagtg tccatgtgtc tctgtttagt ttctgcttcc      2760
     aggatctgtc cgttggtgag agtggggtgt tgaagtctcc tactattatt gtgtgagttg      2820
     caatgtgtgc tttgagcttt aataaagttt ctttaatgaa tgtggctgcc cttgcatttg      2880
     gagcttagat atttagaatt gagagttcat cttggtagat tttatctttg atgggtatga      2940
     agtgcccctc cacccccacc tccccaaggt ccctagagga ctctccacat aatcttaaga      3000
     acactcgtga atggaataca acttctattc cattccaatc acgtgggacc agcattaggg      3060
     aagcagaaaa cccggcctga ccatggtcac aagttccttc tggtcagcgc cagcactggg      3120
     tcactttggg tgcagagttg ttggacaccc ccaaggtccc gaaactactc tccaagtgat      3180
     cttaggacca cctgtgattc aaacacatct tacataccat tccaatcata agggacctga      3240
     gacagcatta gggaagcacc ttgggctaag agtaggtaga cccccccccc aaggtcccta      3300
     gaggactctc catgagatct taggaccact gctgagtgga acacaacttc tcttccattc      3360
     caatctcacg ggaccagcat taggaaagca gaaagcccag cctgaccagg gtcacaagtc      3420
     ccttccaatt ggtgcaagca cctggtcacc tgggcgagga gttggaggat atccccaagg      3480
     tgcctagagg acagcctctg aggcagaccc tgtttcaggc tccagacatc tgggcacctt      3540
     ccctgccaga ggacaggtgt cctctccgcc caggagggct ttgctaaagc acctggagaa      3600
     gccatcttgg ttcccggatc cctctgagac tagtctgctc aggtgagagt atggactaca      3660
     gaagctaaca gcttctggga caggccctgt ttcaggcctt catcttctgc caggaggcag      3720
     gtccaaatgc cagatatctg tgcaccttcc ctgaaagagg agagcttgcc tgcagagagt      3780
     gctcagacca ctgaaactca ggagagagct agtctccaat gtctgctgat agaggctaac      3840
     ataatcacca gaggaacaag ctctaaccag ggacaactat aacaactaac tacagagatt      3900
     accagatggt gaatggcaaa cataagaatc ttactaagag aaaccaagac cactcaccat      3960
     catcagaacg aagcactccc acctcaccca gtcctgggca cctcaacaca ccagaaaatc      4020
     tagacccaga tttaaaagca tatctcatga tgatagtaga cgatatcaag gactttaata      4080
     actcacttaa agaaatacag gagaacactg ctaaagagtt acaagtcctt aaagaaaaac      4140
     agcaaaagag aaccaaaaag gtagaagtcc ttaaagacaa acaggaaagc acatccaaac      4200
     aggtgatgga aatgaacaaa accatactag acctaacatg ggaagtagac acaataaaga      4260
     aaacccaaag tgagacaacg ctggagatag aaaacctaga aaagaaatct ggaaacaaag      4320
     atgccagcat tagaaacaga atacgagatg gaagagagaa tctcaggtgc agaagattcc      4380
     atagagaaca ttggcacaac aatcaaagaa aatgcaaaat gaaaaaagat cctaactcaa      4440
     aacatccagg aaatccagga cacaatggga agaccaaacc taaggataat aggagtagat      4500
     gagaatgaag attttcaatt taaatggcca gcaaatatct tcaacaaaat tatagaagaa      4560
     aacttcccaa acataaagaa agagatgccc atgaacatac aagaagccta caaaactcca      4620
     aatagactgg accagaaaag aaattcctcc cgacacataa taatcagaac aacaagtaca      4680
     taaataaaga tagaatatta aaagcagtaa gggaaataga ctggctacac aaacaggacc      4740
     caacattttg ctgcttacag gaaacccaac tcagggaaaa agacagacac tgcctctgaa      4800
     tgaaaggctg gaaaacaatt ttctaagcaa atggtctgaa gaaacaaagt ggagtagcca      4860
     ttctaatgtc gaataaaatt gactttcaac ccagttatca aaaaagacaa ggagcagcac      4920
     ttcatactca gcaaaggcaa aattttccag gaggaagtct caattctgaa tatctatgct      4980
     ccaaatgcaa gggcagccac attcattaaa gaaactttag taaagctcaa agcacacatt      5040
     gcacctcaca caataatagt ggcagacttc aacacaccac tttcatcagt ggacagatcg      5100
     tggaaacaga aactaaacag ggacacagtg aaactaacag aagttatgaa acaaatggat      5160
     ttaacagata tctacagaac attttatcct aaaacaaaag gatatgcctt cttctcagca      5220
     cctcatggta tcttctccaa aaatgacaat ataactggtc acaaaataga catcaacaga      5280
     tacaaaaata ttgaaattgt ccccatcttt gtgttggtgt tttccattta ttatcctttg      5340
     aagggatgga ttcgtggaaa gatattgtgt gaatttgctt tcgtcatgga atactttggt      5400
     ttctccatct atggtaactg agagtttttc tggatatagt agcctgggct ggcatttgta      5460
     ttctcttagt gtctgtataa catctgtaca ggatctttta gctttcatag tctctgttga      5520
     gaagtctgga gtaattctaa taggcctacc tttatatgtt acttgacatt tttaccttac      5580
     tgctttaaat agtctgtctt tatttagtgc atttgttgtt ctgattatta tgtgttggga      5640
     ggaatttctt tctggtccag tctatttgga gttttgtagg cttcttgtat gttcatgggc      5700
     atctctttct ttaggtaggg gaagtattct tctataattt tgttgaagac atttgctggc      5760
     tctttacatt gaaaatcttc attctcatct actcctatta tctgtaagtt tgatcttctc      5820
     attgtgttct ggatttcctg gatgttttga gttaggatct ttttgcattt tgtgtcttct      5880
     ttgattgttg tgccgatgtt ctctatggaa tcttctgcac ctgagattct ctcttccatc      5940
     tcttgtattc tgttcctgat gctcacatct atggttcctg atttgtttcc tagggtttct      6000
     gtctccagac ttttctccct tttggttttc ttcactgttt ctacttccat tttagatctt      6060
     ggatggtttt ggtcatttcc atcccttgtt tggttatgtt ttcctgtaat tctttaaggg      6120
     atttttgtgt ttcttctacc tgtttaccag tgttttcctg tagttcttta aggacttcta      6180
     actgtttagc agtgttctcc tgtaattcct tgagggattt ttgtgttttc tatttaagag      6240
     attccacttg tttagcagta ttctcctgta attttttgag gaatttttgt gcttcctttt      6300
     taagggcttc tacctgctta gcagtgttct cttttatttc tttaaatgag ttattaatgc      6360
     ccttcttaag atctaccacc atcatgagat gtgattttaa atctgcatct tgcttgttgg      6420
     gtgtgttggg gtatccagga cttgtgatgg gcatactggg ttctgataat gcccagtgtt      6480
     catggtttca gttagtaaga tttttacatt tgccttttgt gatctggaaa tctctggtgt      6540
     tattgttcaa gctgtctctg gttggagctt gatcctcctg tgattctttt agcctctgtc      6600
     agcactcctg ggagtccaac tctctcctga gttccagtgg tcaaagcact ctgtgtaggc      6660
     aaactctcct cttttggggc agatgtccag cagtctggag ctctgatcca cttcctgagt      6720
     tctggggtcg gaactctccc tgtaagagga ctctcctctg gcaaggaatg tgcccagggt      6780
     tctgggtctc agctctgttt cctggctgag gatgaaggcc caaagggacc ctgaccaaga      6840
     agttctgttg cttctatcgc ccacatgctc tcaggtgatc aggaggtcat gggtgtgctc      6900
     ggggtcctgc ggagtggaga atcctctggt gtcctagata cccttggcag ggttcatgca      6960
     gaagatggta gggctggccc agacctgaat ggatcccagc ctctggtcgg gcggggctcc      7020
     tttttccctg ttccctctga cacaagattc tctgcaattc tttggagctg atgttgtatt      7080
     ccactcaccc ctgatcttga ggtgatccca agttcctgca gtgtggagag caccctagag      7140
     cccctagtgg ccttcactgg gctcagaagg aagaaagcag gggtggcccc gactggaaca      7200
     gatcctagac tgatttataa attgtctaaa ccagtttgcg tggttcaatc acattgaata      7260
     aaggtgccat taaaataaaa ctattataaa gtaaaatata tcatcatgca aaaaataaat      7320
     aaataaataa atctcttcat tgatcgctgt ggtagaacat acctttaatc ctagtacttg      7380
     taaccagaga aaacagaaac tctttgagtc tgaggacaac ctcggctcca tagccagttt      7440
     ttccagattg cagtgagacc gtgtcaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaac aagcttttct      7500
     ttcttcgttc ttcagagaat atcacttcct tctcagagtc atctcttaaa ttgaacattg      7560
     taagtgggat tactgccagt ttgttcttta ttttctagtg aaaacctgat tgactggtac      7620
     acagtgtcat ctcagagcat tatagcagat taaaaaaaaa aagccaccaa cagcaacaaa      7680
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaaatctca tcttcagcac ggatcatgcc ttctctatat      7740
     aagtcttttc agctctcaga atgaacacag cctatgagta cttagatgtc cttttctgaa      7800
     tacactgagg ggatgcagac ttcactgtct caatggttgc ggtagtttca cccatagtag      7860
     tgttcacaat gatggttaat tgttagcctg ctagggatgc acgaggctac tcatatttga      7920
     gtttttgctt cattatattg ctgtactctg ggtcctttgc tcatagtgga tgtagatatt      7980
     aactgtgcag tttatgatat ggtcttagct ctctttcagt tcctcttgat ggaacagttt      8040
     agtgggagga tgtcttttaa acccttgccc tcccttgtag aatgcatttg gatgatgaaa      8100
     atcaattttc tccaggatca cctgtggtaa agttttgtct gttgttcaaa gctttgtctt      8160
     ttaacactta ttctttccaa tcaatattca gttggaaagg tagaagccaa gtggatatag      8220
     tatcaccata atcttgggca ctctaccttc agcattaaga agaaaaacta agttatattt      8280
     cttcctattt taccagtgtc aagctacaaa aaaattattc ccccaagttc cacattagct      8340
     gtcatggagt taattctgat atgttcatgc ttcagtgatt agacctggct tctaaaatca      8400
     atattctgcc tttcttgact ttcttttttt actaaagtat aggaagttat aaattaaagt      8460
     actcacaaat ttttcttttt ttatatattt ttttattaca tattttcctc aattacattt      8520
     ccaatgctat cctcaaagtc ccccataccc tcccccccac ttccctaccc acccattccc      8580
     attttttttt tttttttggc cctggtgttc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcgtg      8640
     tccaatgggc ctctccagtg atggccgact aggccatctt ttgttacata tgcagctaga      8700
     gtcaagagct ctggggtact ggttagttca tatgttgttc tacctatagg gttgcagatc      8760
     cctttagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct cctcccttgg gagccctgtg atccatccaa      8820
     tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc cggcatagtc tcacaagaga      8880
     cagctatatc tgggtccttt cagcaaaacc ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt gtcagcgttt      8940
     ggaagctgat tatggggtgg atccctggat atggcagtat ctagatggtc catcctttcg      9000
     tcacagctcc aaactttgtc tctgtaactc cttccatggg tgtcacaagt ttttcttaac      9060
     tgaaggcact atttctgagc atagaatctt gtcttgcata ttctcaagca gtgggggtgg      9120
     gtgcaaaata attaatgttc tttgaaaaat cagtatataa gcatgatgta atttttggta      9180
     cttagttatt tacaagcatg aagatcctag tgagttttat catctttggg aacacagttc      9240
     cagtctttct cattttttat ctgctcttaa tatttacaca tatgtataag tccatattag      9300
     aattaaaatt ctaattcttc ttcataaaaa ttagtatata tgtaaatgga taattaactt      9360
     cagtaaatga taacctaaaa tagatggatt ttattgtcta gaatgagctt tctgaagaaa      9420
     ttagtaaaat agccataaaa ctgaaaaact tttttaaaat gttaaaatac aaataactaa      9480
     tacagggaat gctatatttt gtagctatac agattcagtg tcatgactac cttttaaaaa      9540
     tttcagaaag ttctgattta gttgagttca cggtagaaaa tgtaagtttt cctacttaat      9600
     tattttgaga tgtgattgtg aacttgactg gcatatatga aattagatga ttgatttatt      9660
     acttaaaaat gacagaatac attgttaaga atttcagtta cccataagtg gtaggtaagt      9720
     aatttttagt ccctgcatgc tatatgaatc aaagctttat caatgatatt gtctgatctg      9780
     tccttgtcca tagtcaccca tctttgcatt tgtcctttga agataatgtg ttcctgaaga      9840
     gctgtgcacc aaatgggagc ccacccagat tagtagatac ttctgaatca taggtcccct      9900
     ttaaatcagt atgtatctaa acaacattca tggctataga gagggagggt cctctatggg      9960
     gagaagtgaa ttatggcaag catagaagta gaaagtagaa gttggagaga gaataaaaga     10020
     caaaacaaaa cactgtgtac acatatgaaa ttatcaatga ccaaatttaa ccaatgacta     10080
     atgaaagaaa ataactgtta taaatccact taaaagtata tagtaattaa taaagacttc     10140
     cagtatggat tatgttgatt aatctaatga gaactcaaaa actcaattaa ataaaatatt     10200
     aaacgaaagc tatttttttc taataactga gttaaatgtc ctttctgtcc aacattcatc     10260
     tcaaaatcaa ttaaactttt aaaggtaggc tctaaaacct tgaaaatttt agaaaaaaaa     10320
     gttactacag atacaattgg tatattgctc atacacatcc tttaagtaaa atttgatctc     10380
     catggtgata tgtagaagtg actcatttgg gtaataaggg tatggcattc aggaattgta     10440
     atcagacctt gtataaaaca gtcaccagag tgtcacagag gaaagtgaca ttcggtgtct     10500
     tgagattata ctgtcaagga caggagaaaa tacttttctt gtttataact caatacacgc     10560
     atgttgttat tatcttatag tactctatgt gtctgagtaa gaaccagtcc tgaaatacga     10620
     gtccagttct tgcaagaatc tgtaaatgta cctttaacgt tgcagatgta gttgtctcag     10680
     aggcttactg ctgaataagc tcacactttg cagttcttcc tgatatctcg ctgggtgatt     10740
     caattaagat tttctggctt aaaactcctc tccaagctgc ctgatttaaa cttaattctg     10800
     tcaagttccc actgaattgt tgttcttaga aaaagggcct ctgaattcca tgaactgaaa     10860
     gggacagcat gaactcaaca aactctctct ctctctctct ctgttattta tttatttatt     10920
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattat atgcaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca     10980
     ctccacaaga gggcatcaga tttcgtaacg gatggttgtg agccagcatg tggttgctgg     11040
     gatttgaact ccggaccttc ggaagagcag tcagcgctct taaccactga gccttctcaa     11100
     cagctcctct ctgtggtgtt tgtttgtttt ttgttttttg ttttgttttg ctgttgttct     11160
     tgttgttgat ctcttaagac ccctctcttt cctgtgctct cttgagagtt gggcttatcc     11220
     tatcactgga tcattctgcc agatcttttt ctgattcatc ccttagtctg tccctcagtt     11280
     agaagtcact ttcaaatatg gctagatttt ttttttcagc aaacttactg tcattgtttg     11340
     ggattagtat gtacttaggg tgtgtttgta ttcctgccag aggaattaaa ggtctatcat     11400
     tccagcctga tcccacagaa ctagaaggtc cttggatgcg atatcttgct agagcattat     11460
     catattgctg cattaaaatc cctctacaaa cctgaaatct ctataactgc cttgatagag     11520
     ccattaaaaa aaacatgaat gcatttaaaa actgaaagat gagagattga aaaagcccaa     11580
     atcttaaaga atattttaaa aatctgaaca taattttgtt ataatatata aaatagaaga     11640
     ttctctggtg gcatcttaag gaaaattgaa atacacattg ttggctatgt aaaaggccat     11700
     cattttacaa atatatgaat gatgaatgga actatacctc actctgaaag atccaaagag     11760
     acagtatcaa gttgtagaca gctttatgct gcctttttaa aaactgaaat gcaaaagaga     11820
     tgatttttaa atgtaaaact ttcatcaaaa gataaacaaa acttatagat ttggaaagtc     11880
     atcaccttat ttatttcata tatttaactt tgcaggtgat atttgagcaa attcatgtgg     11940
     tataggtata catgtgtttg aaaatacccc tgcatgtaca ggacaataca aggacattag     12000
     aagtaatctc tattatgttc cttcttaatt ttggagacaa ggtctctcac tgaacttgaa     12060
     gcttactatt ttaaccttga aaaatgaata aatgcatttg caaagaacag aaaacatgta     12120
     ctttgaatat ccttaagtgg aaagtcatag gatgaatacc tttggcctta cctaattctc     12180
     aaaaatcaat ccacaatttg attatagttg acagcaagat atttataagg tacaaggttg     12240
     gaagaacaga tggagatttt gtgagtggaa tttggatgct cattatctaa aacccagaaa     12300
     gaagagtgga ctcctttgta aagataaagt tggaagatgt ctatgaagca gaaagcaggc     12360
     cctgatcaga aagtagacat tctagttgtc agatttccac ctttcaggtt tttaataaaa     12420
     gcttctgtag gtatatgtat acctgcatat tcactcaaat agaggccaga cacagacttc     12480
     cttaattgcc ttcattccta ttttttcttg agattttttt tcttatctag gagattacat     12540
     gccatcaata ttcagggatc ctcctatctc tgcctcccta gtccttaggt tataggtaaa     12600
     actaaaacat atacctattt tagcagcaca atggagatct gaattgaaac cttcatgcat     12660
     atttagcaag tacttggttg actatgaaat tctgcctggc caaaattttt gatgtttcat     12720
     gtactactat gatatatatg atctgacagt ctaaaaattg taggattttc ctccactggc     12780
     atgggaatgg gccattggtg tttccttttc tttagctaag acacagaaat caagagtaca     12840
     aaagcaaaac caacaagtga gattattaaa gtgagcatat tagaaagcta ctgcaagcaa     12900
     aggaggtcta aaacttaaaa agaaccaacc taaatggaga aaatattcta atgtcatata     12960
     caaagtaaga gatttgataa ttaatagtgg ttgccaatga gataaatctg ggaaaataaa     13020
     acctcagtta tggaaatccc caccttagat tagcttgtag gcttgtttgt aggacatttt     13080
     cttcatgcat aaaacagagt gtcttagctc atgttggaaa gtgtcattct aagacagatg     13140
     agcctagagt gaacaaaaaa aggggggggt gtaactaaat gtgagcctga gagcaatcca     13200
     gtaaccatca ttctttgata agctatactt caattctgac cttcatgttt cagcttagaa     13260
     tttctggatt gccttttgcc tatgatgaat tgcatcctgt aagccaaaga gaccctttac     13320
     tcctccaagc aagtagcatt tagtaatagt tatttaatca tacaacagga agcaaagtag     13380
     aacagagttt gatcccagaa gaggtagggt gttgtgacag aatggatgat actattttgg     13440
     tacagattgt ggaagcataa ggaacatagg ctgaaaagtc attgagtgct cagagtggaa     13500
     tgggcaggtc tatgtgagct tggagatcta gcttgttact tttcagaggg aagttaagag     13560
     tctatcatgt ctatttgtga ggtaagaatc tgtgacctgg accatctgct gtggttaaca     13620
     aaatgatagc actactgagt gatacctttg gtgtttactg ggaaggctga tgaattaact     13680
     gtgattcata agagactaga atcattgtgc tgaaattctg ggagatattt cgttagggtt     13740
     cacacccaga agttctaatt catggggtct gtattagtta gggttttact gctgtgaaca     13800
     gacaccatga tcaaggcaag tcttataaaa aaacaatatt taactggggc tggattatag     13860
     attcagaggt tcagttcatt accatcaagg agggtgcatg gcagaatccg ggcaggtgtg     13920
     gtgcaggagt tgagagttct actgcaggag tagctgagag ttctgtcttc atccaaaggc     13980
     ggctagtgga agactgactt ccaggcaact agggtgagga tcttatgcac acacccaaag     14040
     tgatattcct actccaacaa tgacacacct ccaaatggtg tcactccctg gttcaagaat     14100
     atgcaagcca tcatggggtc tgatttcaac tgcatagcag aactcagcaa cttgtaaata     14160
     ttgccatcct ggtataggtg taaaaaatgc aagcttgaag aattcataaa catcatactt     14220
     taggtaagat catactttat ggctctgttg aagtccctga atagtgatgg agaaagtcaa     14280
     ttgatgggag tgtagcctta gctgctatgg agaaacctgg accatgaaag aagcagagac     14340
     tatgggataa ccatcaagta cagcagtaag catggagtta aactgatctg agcctctgaa     14400
     gcaatttgtg tatgttttag acggcacagc ccaggaattg ggactgctca actatatgaa     14460
     gccctaacaa tcttgtggga tttctggata ggaacattca gaaacactct taagcaagtg     14520
     ggccaggact atattttaaa aatagctggg tgtaatattg agagaaaaag agttaaaata     14580
     attccttcat ggtttctgct ttagtttcct tttcgaaatt cctgctttgc ctgctgtcca     14640
     tgatagatta tactctgtaa gtcaaataaa ctctttcatc tcctgagttt tattttgtca     14700
     gggtgtttta tcacagtaac ataaagcaaa caaggatatt gtgatcttgc ctgacataga     14760
     aaaagaactc atgtcatgca cacaaagaag taagttaatt aatgttgata agaaacggac     14820
     atcaagtatg tgaagaggaa tccaaactca ctaatggtaa caaaattgca aatgtagaaa     14880
     tatagacagc aaattagttt tatagtcttt tctaatagtt gacactgagg taaaaggaga     14940
     agacaatgtt attaaaggaa acctggcata ttgctcctta atattgaaaa taaagagtat     15000
     agcatgtctc ttcagacttg ctcttcgtcc tactgcagac tgtcagtagg agtcacttag     15060
     tttgctctac ctcaatccat tgtgtactct gcatcttagt ctagacccat gattcctcta     15120
     gctattttca actatatttc tcaaccctac attctagccc aattccagcc cagatgtcca     15180
     ttaactgata aaccaatact gaaaatatta tgcatttgca caatgaatta ttataattaa     15240
     ttaagaaaaa tgaaatgaaa aatccatagg gaagcatagg tatgtggatg gagctaaaaa     15300
     ctgtcacctg gaaatatgtc ctccagaccc ccaaagacaa ataatatatg tttggtggtt     15360
     tgaacaagct tgacccaggg agtgacacta ttaggaggta cgaccttttg gatgaagtgt     15420
     gtcatgttag tcatgggctt taagaccttc atcttggcca catgggagcc agtcttctca     15480
     atgtagcctt cagctgaaga tgtagagctc taagctgttc tagaaccatg ccttcctcga     15540
     tgttcccatg ctcttgcctt gatgagaatg gactgaacct gtgaacctgt aagccagctc     15600
     caattaaatg ttgtcctttt aagaattgcc ttagtcatgg tgtctgttca cagcaggaaa     15660
     acactaagac aatgtgtttt ctcttctatg tagatgtaag tttttgaatc tgtgctacat     15720
     tctaataacc acagagtttg ggtaactagt aagagactac agggtaaagg gtcttcacag     15780
     gaagagataa taacatatgc ttatgtagat aaaaaggtaa acaagaataa gaatattaaa     15840
     ttgggtggga gatgggaaag gagattaaag aagaaaatgt ggggggttcc caatgaacta     15900
     aaagacgttt ggaaaactat tcagaaaccc attatggtag aaggttctta aaatacagac     15960
     atatatgaaa ataatattaa atggaataat caaataattg aggaataatc tttcaattaa     16020
     acatgtaata ctgtcaagta aaacatccag tgcaagaaat gagttatttg ttgctcaatt     16080
     attaacaaat ggcacctgta gtggctattc ctggttgtca acttgactat atctggaatg     16140
     aactacatac aatccagaat tttaaggctt acctgtgatc ctaatctata gaggctggga     16200
     gatacaagtt tctgacctgt atcatggcat ggagatcttg agctagagtg gttacgaatc     16260
     ccagaagatt aaggcaggca ggacactgag ttcaaggtca tctgggaaaa aagcaagtcc     16320
     cagatgcagg tgtggtggca cacaccttta atctgggcca cacctgtgag agacatacat     16380
     aaggacattg gaagaaggaa aattactcta tcttttttgc ctacttgcct tgtgggactg     16440
     aacaactgct agactattgg acttccattc acagctgctg ctgaccattg ttgagagttg     16500
     gactgcagac tgtaagttat caacaaattc ccttactaca cataacttct gggactctag     16560
     agaaccctga ctaatacctc atcacataga aaccctcaaa cattctagga tattttcaaa     16620
     actattggtt attctccaat gtaagggtat agtgatatgt ctcctttgct gaagacaata     16680
     attttactat tacaaataga gacattgacc ttgtgaccaa ctagaagctg cactccagat     16740
     agcttgtttc atgatattaa aaaggtactc agcatattac cagaagagaa aggaaattgt     16800
     caatatcatc cagctacata ccctgtaacc tctaatcgag atctgcctgc aagatatgct     16860
     gttataatag ttgcacaagt attttagcag taaccaaaca ctttcagatt ggatttaaga     16920
     tccactgaat gagaaagatg tcatccccat catagctaag tgcaaaagaa attgacccta     16980
     gacaggccat gtgcctagtg gaaaatctac tactttgatt atgcttcacc aaaggaataa     17040
     aatgacttct aatggcacac tgctatgtgc actgagcagt gcctggttca acccaaatta     17100
     gagatgcatc ttcttgccat acatggaaat taacacagat taaactttcg agcactcagt     17160
     tttaaatcaa atattctcag gaaacaccac tcctcaagaa ctgggcatcg atggagaaga     17220
     ggaggcagac tataaaagct ggagatgata aatgactcca aaggaactat gacttcaaga     17280
     cacaagggga ccaacacaca aatgaattca caactactgt gacagtgaac atactttttg     17340
     caggagttca agcctgccag ggtctaaaac taacagaggc cccacaatga cagattccca     17400
     cctctaatca agatactagg tgcaaataat accactgaaa aagggaaaaa tcagttttcc     17460
     taatagaatc tcactgggta cctcacccac atcttagggg agctccaata ccaagaagtt     17520
     gttcaataca aaatgaattt gatgacattt taagagactt tttgattcat atcccttctg     17580
     tattgacatt ctttgtttta ttggtatttc actttttcat tttgattttc agtttggtat     17640
     tttgaattac ctttatgttt cttgtatttt tgttgttgtg gggtggtttc ttattttttt     17700
     tgtttgtttg tttaaaaata gacaatcaag agcaatattg tgaatatatg gtgttgaaga     17760
     tgatgtaggg tgaggaaaaa cagataaggt atattattat gaattttttt caatgcaaaa     17820
     agaaaaatat cacaaaaatg tagaaaatat tgagtattca ccatatgtta taggagttga     17880
     tctaaatatg aatacactct tgtcttagtt aattacttta ataggtcaat gtgaccaata     17940
     taacctataa aagaaagcat ttaatttggg gttcatattc ttagaggctt agttccatga     18000
     ctcttgtaga aggaagactg gcatcaggca gaatagctag ttgcaggagc agaagctgag     18060
     agcttatgcc ttggtgcatg acctcaatgt gaatgctgtt gtcttttgaa aacttcaaac     18120
     atcatcacca gtgatatacc ctctccaaca atgacacacc tcctaattat tcccaagtat     18180
     tcaaatatat atataacgga ttcatattat tcaagtcacc ccatttgact gcctagctga     18240
     tctagtcttg tgccaagcca tacttcattt attcccactt ctgaaggcat ggtagcattt     18300
     tacaatctca gaataatctg aaagcccaaa attcaattgt gtagtgacac tcaaggcagc     18360
     ttcccaattg ttacaaccta cgatgataca gagtagcatt acctttccaa agaggaggaa     18420
     agaggacata gtgaggaaat actgctctga agcaagatct aaactcaaca ggaaatctcg     18480
     taaatacttt aggtatattt ttgatatcaa aggacttcag ctttgctgac tatggtacat     18540
     ttcttactct ttggctagtt ctctcatctg tctggacttt ccttacccat aatctcatca     18600
     ccatgacatg ttcaacatct ttgcatttcc agtacaatac agacatcagt tattaacatt     18660
     gcataatctc taattatcat tgccatcatc atcaccatca ccaccaccac catcatcatc     18720
     attcaagggt cctctggcag atgcctggct tcaacagctt ttcttaaccc cagaggaaga     18780
     ggacacatct ggatcctttg tgactctaat gctagaaagc catgaacaat gattccaagt     18840
     tcagctgcct ccttggggaa gaacctgttt ccttctttaa atattcttct ctttatatat     18900
     tttaagatta taatttcatt atttagccag catccttagt ccatgtcttt tcatcttctc     18960
     tcttctcttc ccttcaaaat tattgaacta tttctcttta attgttgcta ggctatattt     19020
     atttttacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacga tacaactgtc tctggtagca     19080
     taatgttctt aactgtacat gttttcaagg ctgttcactt gacctaattg tataatcatt     19140
     tggcgtctct tacctgagta agaaaacatc cttcagacat gttaatgtgg tagctggaaa     19200
     gcgcccaatg ctgaggaaga acaggtttat tttcctaaac atagtcattc tgattgttat     19260
     aagatagatc ttacttttaa ttttcttctt gaaaatgatg gttaagcatg aattactcac     19320
     caactgttta gcttgatata acttctgttc ataagaatat tttttatatt ttagttggta     19380
     tcatctgaat tcaagacact attctgtctt gtaaaagcat catgaataga tttcacttat     19440
     taagttatat ttatatataa ctgatgatga aaattactta taattagatt aaattttttg     19500
     ctcttcttca aaatatactt tttcagattg attgtttgtt tgtttattta tattacactc     19560
     cagattttat tcctacccct ggtccaccct ctgactgttc cacatcccat acctcctccc     19620
     aacccctgag ttgtcacgag gatgtcccac ccccaagaac ccacccaacc agacctctaa     19680
     actccctggg gccttcagtc tctttaagga taggtgcatc ttctctgact gaactcagac     19740
     ccagcaggcc tctgctgtat atgtgttcgg ggcctcatat caattggtgt atgctgcatg     19800
     gttggtagtc cagtgtctga gtggtctctc cggggcgggg gtggggggtg gggggtgtgg     19860
     gaagctccta cggagtcact tgcctcttca gcgtcttcca gcttttcctt aattcaacca     19920
     caggggtcag aaacttctgt acattggtag ggtacaaata cctgcatctg actctttcag     19980
     ctgcttgttg ggtcttccgg agggcagtta ggtccccccc tctttgtttt tgtttttgtt     20040
     tttgtttttt gttttttgtt tttttttccc agcactcggg acgcagaggc aggcggattt     20100
     ctgagtttga ggccagcctg atctacaaag tgaattccag gataggtccc tttttgtgag     20160
     tgcttcatat tctcagtaat agagtcaggt cttgggacct tcccttgagc tggatcccac     20220
     ttttgtcctc ttgctagacc ttcttttcct caggcttttc tccatttcca tccctgtcgt     20280
     tctttcagac aggaacaata atgggttttg actgtgggat actaatctca ttccccactt     20340
     gatgccctgt cttcccactg gaggtggtct ctataagttc cctctcccta gtgttgggca     20400
     ttttatctaa ggtcgctcca tttgagaatt attttaacaa gaaacatgtc agtaaaagtt     20460
     atgtgtattt tagtcagctg ctggttgggc ctttcagagg caagccatgc taggctcctg     20520
     tctgtaaaca ccaaagcatc agtaataatg tcaggccttc atgtttaccc atgagaggaa     20580
     tccccagttg ggtcagtcag tgagacgact gagacagatg cagatactta cacccaacta     20640
     ctggactgaa gtcagggacc acaacggttg aattagggga aggatagaag aagcagaagt     20700
     tgcgggtgat ctcataggaa gaccagcact ctcaactcac ctggacactt gatatctttc     20760
     tgacactgag ccaccaccca atcagcatac atggactggt atgcattgct ggacacatat     20820
     atagcagagg ctgctcggtc tggcctgagt gagaagagat tctcctaacc ttctcttgga     20880
     gatggggaag aaggaatata ataagaacta tgggaagtgg gacctggagg aggtcaacag     20940
     ctgggttgta aactgatata ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa     21000
     taataataag ttatgtacat taagggacat gttacatata ttatatttta tacaataaca     21060
     catatctttc aaaatacttt ctggcaaggg gaaatggata tttagaaaac tattggaaac     21120
     ataaaaaacc taaaatttat acaaaaatga agttaaaaat ctaaatgtaa gtgaaaagtt     21180
     ttgacctgaa ataaatatgt accttcatat ataatttttt cttatatgct ttgaattagc     21240
     catgagagta ttctataatc aaaatagtgt aattttagca ttagtgataa aaaggaatga     21300
     agaaatatat tttaattaca agtccagtca gttgcaaatt cttgcaaaag taaagtcaaa     21360
     ttttaaagaa attaagtgga tgtgaagggt tggtttttac ttcatttgtt tacccagtta     21420
     aaacggcata ttagctggaa aaatctcata gtttcgtgaa tatttatgtc tttgaggaga     21480
     ctagcagcca gtgtaatatc cagtgagcaa ttataccaca gccatgtttt tcagttctaa     21540
     ttgttgtcat acttgtttca tggttcttgc aaacctgtct ttcccattta gggccagttg     21600
     atgccatagt tctagccaga gagacttcgc atctccttac attgaatggc aggcaaaccc     21660
     tagaagtaat ccaggattta tgaaatggaa ggaacacagc taattggatc atagaataga     21720
     tgtctgctta ttttaattag attcctcagt cacattcttt ttctcccaaa gctttaaata     21780
     ttcagtagcc tctatgtctg ttgacagtta aaggaatgag tcttatttgt acccaaacag     21840
     acaaagactt atttaactcc catgaataat agttgatgcc tcctgaaagg agaaggtaat     21900
     ttttgttttc cttttctagt attttccata gttgtaaaaa caggatttaa aaaaaaaagt     21960
     ttgtatattt ctttcatgtg ccagaataaa tgccattatt ttaacataca ttttgcaatt     22020
     ttggccagaa ttttgcagtt acagccaatg gttatttaag aaactcaatc atatttcaac     22080
     caaactatag cattaaatta gagaaggaaa actgtttctt tacaaaattg attcctaaca     22140
     gagacatgta ggactcctaa gccatgctga cttaatgttg ctggacaatg ccttaattta     22200
     tactatccat ccttagagaa catgtagtag tttttaatct agttatactc caatgtaatt     22260
     cttgatgctg aatttcaaat aaattatagg ggaagaagtc atcctacaca ccagtctaca     22320
     gttgtattgt ccaattgtat ggacaaatgg aaagaaagaa atcttttaac taacttcatg     22380
     atttgtggtg taattctctt acagagtggg cagccttgca tttttcaagt gatggttgac     22440
     tttcatactc cccttaggtg ttcagaaact ctgtattcag taatatgcca caaaattatg     22500
     gatgctttaa ggcataggtc ctctctttta actaaggcag gtcaaattac agacccaggc     22560
     ttcaccacct gcagtctgtt cctttatttc actttaattg gaaccatata tgcaactctt     22620
     tttatgtgac aaaataatct ctggttttac acaagttgat aaacctcata ataagggtta     22680
     tagaagcaag ctttcataaa gcacaaaaac aaactgactt cttatgcatg aacttggaaa     22740
     acagtgtgtc ggctttcata cttagttgct ataattttaa acgatgtctg taagtccacc     22800
     tactattact ttatacccat gagtctttca gcttagacct gtaacagtat ttgagtaaat     22860
     attttcatcc tctttgtgtc tctgctctga aatttgctct gacatgaaac tcagtacact     22920
     gagcaaacat gacatggagc agagcagaga tgttaaagat gtaaacatta cttactagta     22980
     tgtcttgtaa ctaaagaagt atggaaccag tctgttagtc agatatctac acttttcaca     23040
     gccctatgaa gtatctgaga aagacaccat ctagaagaga aagagattgc ttgaaatgca     23100
     ttaactgttc aagtaaaata taatatatgg ttttactatt taagtacata actaaagata     23160
     tactagggtt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataataataa     23220
     atcaacagct tagctattac taacttttaa ccaaaaaaga tttaaaaata tacctttaaa     23280
     tttccttttt ttttaaatta ggtatttttc tcaattacat ttccaatgct atcccaaaag     23340
     tcccccacac tctcatagac acagaaaaaa tatggccaaa ctcattctac caggcaacag     23400
     ttgcatctaa tcctcataag gaaaaaacaa agaaagagca tttcaatcca atctcctgta     23460
     tgaacataga tacaaaaata cccaatcacc atatacccaa gaggacctct gggtctccgt     23520
     tcagtaagag aagatgcacc tgaccctaga gagactagag gcccaaggga gtgcagaagt     23580
     ctggtgggat gtggcatgtg gggtgggtac atcctcatgg agacaggttg ggggagcagg     23640
     tatgagatgt tgaacagtca aagggtggac ctgaaggggg ataaaatctg gagtgtaaaa     23700
     aatgttaagt aaaaatttaa aaatacccaa taaaatattc agaactgaat tcaagaacac     23760
     atcaaaaaca tcactcacca taatcaagta ggcttcattc taagaatgca ggggtggttc     23820
     aattgttgaa aatctatcag tgtaattcat cataaaaaaa aaaaaaaact gaaagaaaaa     23880
     gaaacacaca tggtcatctc attagacatt gaaaagtttt ttgacaaaat ccatcatccc     23940
     ttaatgttaa aagtcttgga gagatcaggc atacaaggtg tcttagtcaa gatttctatt     24000
     cctgcacaaa catcctgacc aagaatcaat atggggagga aagggtttat tcatcttaca     24060
     cttccacatt gctgttgatc accaaaggat gtcaggactg gaagtcaagc aggtcaggaa     24120
     gcaggagctg atgcagacgc cttgagggat gttccttact ggcttgcttc ccctggcttg     24180
     ctcagccttc tctcttatag aaccaaaact accagcccag agatggcacc acccacaagg     24240
     ggacctcccc ccttgatcac taattgagaa aatgccttaa acagttggat ctcgtggagg     24300
     catttcctca actggagctc ctttctctgt gataactcca gcctgtgttg acacagaact     24360
     tgccagtaca attgaaccct tgtcaacatg acacacaaat gcatcactat taagcctcaa     24420
     cccttagttt cttattcatc cccaagatgt aaaacattgt aaaagtccca cagtcttgta     24480
     tattaaagtt tagtcccttt aaaatgtcca atatctttta aaattcagtc tcttaactgt     24540
     gggctccact aaaatatttt cttccttcaa gagggaaata tatcagggca cagtcacaat     24600
     caaaagcaaa aatcagtctc caactgtcca gtgtctggta tccaactcac aatcttctgg     24660
     gctcctccat gggcttgggt cacttctcca gccctgtcct ttgtagcaca cagcttgtct     24720
     tctaggctcc agctgcttgt actccactgc tgctactctt tttggtggtc atctcatggt     24780
     acgggcatct ccaaacactg ctgtctttca ctgtaactag gcttcaccaa cagcctctca     24840
     taggctttct taatggtgcc aagtctcaac tcctttgcat gatcccttca gtcctgggcc     24900
     atcaactaca actgaggatg cacattcacc aatggcctcc catggcctca gctcctctac     24960
     atgacacctt catgccttca aaaccagtac cacctggtaa ctcttacaca ttaccaagtc     25020
     tagccacagc acaaggtaaa accttggtta tctctggaac acagcctctg tgctttcaga     25080
     aaacacttcc cagaagatgt caccacaatg atgctggtct cttcttaatc accactaatt     25140
     tcttagctcc agctaaccag catcaatagt cccagtaatg caaagtttca ctttagtagt     25200
     tctgttatct tgttaagcac agctgattct tcagccccag ctaaccagaa ccacagaatc     25260
     ttcacaatca aaatggcaat ggccctgaaa attttcttta atctttcctc tgaaatttca     25320
     taagccagac ctccatcttc tgcactgttc tcaacattat cttccagctc ctacacaaca     25380
     tctcacagag ctcttagcac cgaatggatc ttctagccca aagttccaaa gtccttccac     25440
     agtcctcccc aaaacatgat caggttgtca caggagcatc ccactatgct ggtaccaatt     25500
     tgtattagtc agtgtttcta ttctttgtca aaacctcatc accaagaaca aagttgagaa     25560
     ggaaagggtt tattcagctt acaattccat actgctgttc atcaccaagg atgtcaggac     25620
     tagaactcaa gcaggtcagg aagcaggaac tgatgcagag gccatggatg gatattcctt     25680
     actggcttgc ttcccctggc ttgctcagcc tgctctctta tagaaccaag actaccagcc     25740
     cagagatggc accacccaca aggtgctggt gcacaagtcc tccccccttg atcactaatt     25800
     gagaaaatgc ctttcagctg gatctcgtgg agacatttcc ccaactgaag ctcctttctc     25860
     tgtgataact ccagcctgtg tcaagttgac acaaaactag ccagtacaca aagtacatac     25920
     ctaaataaaa taaaggcaat atacagaaag ccaatagcca acatcaattt aaatggagag     25980
     aaaatttaaa acaattccat tataatcagt tataagacaa gactgtccac tatcttcata     26040
     tctattcaat atagtatttg aaattctagc taaggcaata agaaaactat aagcgatcaa     26100
     ggtaatacaa attggaaaga aagaagtcaa agtatctcta ctaaaggtga actatagaac     26160
     aatattaata aaaccacata atttagaata aagacagaca gattgatcaa tggaattgaa     26220
     tatgagatcc aaaaataaac acacacatct atggaaactt tagtttttac taaaatttaa     26280
     gttcatacaa tggacaaaag aaagaatctt gaacaaattg tggttgtatt actggatgtc     26340
     tgcatataga agaatgcaaa tagattcata tttatcactc tgcataaaat tcgagtccca     26400
     gttaatcaaa gtcctcaaca tagacctgat acactaaatc taatggaaca gaaaataagg     26460
     aataaccttg aacaaattgg tacagtagat aacttcctga atagaacaat gtaactctga     26520
     cactgagatc aacatttaat aaatgtaacc tcatgaaaca aaaatcttct gtaaggcaaa     26580
     ggacaccttc aatagtacaa aagtacagaa gaagagagaa ttttcaaaaa tgctaaatct     26640
     ggtagagagc caatatctaa aacatataaa gaactcaaga aattagatgc taacaaccca     26700
     agtaacccaa ttaaaaatag agtacagacc taaagagaat tctcagggga ggaatctcta     26760
     atggccgaga agcacttagt aaaatgatca acatccttaa ttatcaggga aaagcaaatc     26820
     aaaattactc tgaaattcca tcttatacct gtcagaatgg caaagatcaa atattcaaga     26880
     gacaacatat agtggcaagg atgtggggca aaggtaacaa ttctgcattg ctggtggagt     26940
     ccaaacttgt acaaccattt tggaaatcat tttagtggtg tctcagaaaa ttgggaatag     27000
     ctctactcca agaacgagct atattacctt tgggcatata ctcaaaggat gttccaccat     27060
     accaggagaa cccttgctca aaggttttgg cagctttatt cataatagca agaaactgga     27120
     aaccacttag atgcccttca actgaggaac gcataaagaa aatatggtac atttacaaaa     27180
     tagaatactc ctcagctatt aaaaataatt gtatcatgga aagtgaaggc aaatggatgg     27240
     aactggaata tatcgtcctg agtgaggtaa ttgatgccca ggaagacaca caacataatt     27300
     actcacttat aagtggacat tagccataaa gtacaggata gccattctac aattcacaga     27360
     cccatataat ctaagtaaca aggaggaccc aggggagaac ccttgaatct cactcagaag     27420
     gtgaaataaa atagacatag taggtggagg cagggagggg atgattggga gttgggaggg     27480
     aaatttgtgt aggaatcagg tgtggggagg gaagccaaga gagtaacagg agcgagaaca     27540
     gaaactggtg ggtggtggtg gtagggtggc atctctatga tgagctggag atctgggaag     27600
     tgggagacac ctgggagtct gtgaggatga cagactcaat tcatgacacg acacatggca     27660
     gaaaaccaac tactaaccct attaatgaca ctctgttaga cttgcaaaca ggaacctagc     27720
     ataactgtct tctgagaggc ttcatttagc agttaatgga aacagatacc tacaaccaag     27780
     catagtcaga gctcagggat gcttggggaa cagtgtggag gtgggagatt gaaggagctg     27840
     tagcagtcga agtcaccaaa agacaaacta cagagtcaac taatcggggc ccattcagat     27900
     tcacagagac taaaccatga gtcaaagata attctggatt ggatctaaca tcctacattt     27960
     ttatagcaga tgtacagctt ggtttgcata tgggtcctct cacaattgga gtgggagctg     28020
     tatctgatac tgttcccagc cattgaatct ttttccctta ttgaactaca tagttaggcc     28080
     ttgaaaagat tatgcttagc cctactgcga cttgatatgt cagggcaggt tgcctagggg     28140
     acttcccctt ttctgaggag aagaggaaag ggtagtgggg gggggggagg tgttgtgagg     28200
     gtgtggctca ggggagagga gggctgcaat ataaatgagt gaataaatta attaattaat     28260
     aattatctgt acatttctga ttaatatgtg agcttgacat agtctgctac atgtcaggta     28320
     catcttatca aagatctaag gaggtttaaa tatctagtca aagttattgg ctctggtgga     28380
     aacatctgta tttataatca ctaagatgct attgcataca tacactaatg taaatcgttt     28440
     atgtgaatgt ttattaatat ttatgtgtac atattaaaat agttccattt tccaacaatg     28500
     tgtaatattt agccatgaaa aatagtcaaa gatgaatagc tttatatatt cttttatttt     28560
     gttccattct gtggcctcca aatgattcct attcagacaa atcactgatg ctaaggcaac     28620
     tagctgcatt tcatttcaat gtacttttat agtattctga ctatgatttg catattaaaa     28680
     gtgtttgttt taagatctgg gaatgcaggc tgtctctaac atttactgga tcacgaaggg     28740
     gtgatgaagc atcaataacg gcatggtgac agacatttcc aatacaatct gatatttgat     28800
     ggccttaaag attgttcact actaatgaac aggtccctcc taagcatttc atgttgcagg     28860
     aatgcatatt tcatcatcag aagaagaatg tggttgaaag ccaatgttgc atggctcatg     28920
     ttgattgtct aaaggactag ttagtgcctt agtgaattaa tactcatttt gcatttttaa     28980
     attttgtaga atttgttttt ctttcaattt aagttatatg tatattacta ccaaaatttg     29040
     taagatatag tgagttttta attaatattt attttgtgat actgctataa atacattaat     29100
     ttttttcttc ctttctctcc tccaaattat ttcatataac tctctttgct ttctttaata     29160
     tctatggtcc ctttaaaaaa tttcttgttg ttacttacag aaatatttgt caatacataa     29220
     atacaacttg ctcagtctgt ataatgcttc ttacatgcat gttttcaagg ttgaccattg     29280
     gtatgtggta accaactcat gtgctcttct gtgaggatca caacttctgc tctcaacatt     29340
     ccttagctgc tggttatttc tttgtatagg attgaggcca gtctgaatta gcacatcttt     29400
     tgttgtccct gttcagctca tggtttggca atcatgttag tgataaattt atgagactct     29460
     tgatattata ttaagaggat gcccaagtgt aagggaatgc caggatcagg aagcaggaat     29520
     gggtgggttt ttgagcagga gaaggggagg aggagatagg ggttttcaga gaggaaacca     29580
     ggaaatggaa taacatttga aatgtaaata aataaaatat ctaataaaat aaggaaaata     29640
     tctaattaaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaagag gaagcttcct tataaccaac aattgaattg     29700
     taaactttaa gatataatat gcttattctt ggatgtgttc cctgcccact tgaaagactt     29760
     cataactacc ctgatttatg cactgatcta ttaaacaaaa tatttattat ggagttaaaa     29820
     tgatataccc aacgattccc ataatgcatt actggggagt tattccttga aatccttatg     29880
     acttttcgta tgttttaaca gaacttattt aaactcagat gtttgttact atccaggcag     29940
     cctcaaaacg tgtttcttct tatcaatcaa cattttctca atagcctttc ttaaaactga     30000
     tatcacggat tacaatctga ggctgtggct catgactcat tgtcgttaga agatttgatt     30060
     ttctttttag ataatgcaat tgagaaatat gtagaaagat ttccatttgg aaatttacac     30120
     tttctcctgg tttttgtgca tacgtatgaa acgccttgtt aaagttagaa gaaatgattg     30180
     tgaagatatc accaaaaagt aattaagtgt ttgagagatt ttttttacct cattctaaca     30240
     ttacatacta tgtatgtatt tgtataaaaa tattatttaa tatgctgtta taatgcacaa     30300
     ctcttacttg tgtcaataag attaaataaa tctgacacct agattttgta ttgattgaca     30360
     ttaccagcca aaaattgagg agggcttggg ggtggcttat gaaatatttg ggggaaagat     30420
     caaggactcc tgagggaata ggaactccac agaaagacca acagaatcaa ctaaccagga     30480
     cccttgggtg ctctcagaga ctaaaccacc aaccaaagag cataaacagg ctgggactag     30540
     agacctcaca catatatgta gctggacaca aatgtgcaat ttggtcttaa tgagggggaa     30600
     cactggcagg aggagcaggc aatgattggg atgtagtgtg aatgaataaa aaaattaatg     30660
     ggaaaaaata acaaaaaaat ataatatctg tttttaggta atttacaatg catactctgt     30720
     attttcaata aaagaaagat aactatgggt atcttgaaac tcatttctcc ctagagaaat     30780
     tactactact actactaaat tctatgaaaa taaagtacat aaagttcaaa tgtgaagcag     30840
     agtcaaacac aataactttg taaagtttgt ctttattgag tataatttga acatctttta     30900
     tgactaatca tccatttcat tgtgatttac ccctttaatt ttgtttgata gattattgta     30960
     taaagaatcc ataacttgat tataatcaaa agttaccagt cccactatct tcttttaatt     31020
     tataacaaaa aaaaaaccca tttaaaaaaa attataagaa caaggagttt gctgggagat     31080
     tgtaaatcca ttagttatta tttgctatca aatataaaag ctatcatata ggcataatga     31140
     tgaaattttg atattttcat tataaaacaa caacaacgac cacacacaca caaaagaacc     31200
     tattaagttg caatacttta gaactgaaac agagtcaaat tatttgtgca actggagctg     31260
     catgtgccac agcacttcta atcgagatgt atttctatac cttctgagtt atgccttttt     31320
     aattatatga ttgtaaaccc aggattgcac agtttatatt gaaaaagaag tgaaaatcaa     31380
     atgtacaagt gagaagaatg acacaaggtg gaatttagag taattgaatt ccttctgatt     31440
     gtaaaatgaa tgttgccaca gttgctgcaa atgcaagttc atgaaacatc tttgtcataa     31500
     aaaagaaagt ttcccatgga aggcccagta aactcacatg gaatcccatg tttccattaa     31560
     gttatgaaga aataattaat atggtttgaa taagatactt aatacaaaaa gacagcacac     31620
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacatatat atatatatcc cagaaatcaa     31680
     acacaataat ttagtgactg aactttctgt tagtgttaaa aaaaaaaagc tacgattttt     31740
     cctttgaatt ttagtgctcg tgtggtcatg tgcaagctac aattgagtta ataaaataga     31800
     ttggtcacaa attatggtca tatgacttta tatttttttc aggtattttc ctgagagatt     31860
     agtcatctag atttatatat ataaaaacaa aacactgctt ttccatattg taatgattca     31920
     aacattaagt atatgatctt tttcttttcc ttcttttttt tttgttgttg ttgttgtttg     31980
     ttttgttttc cttagcgatg gttgttttga gcagtctgga accaaatacg acttacgaaa     32040
     ttagggttgc agcagtgaat ggcaaaggtc aaggagacta cagtaaaata gaaatattcc     32100
     agacactgcc agtccgtaag taaccatcac tctactctct gttaccagat ccttcttgca     32160
     aatttaatgg gatttttaaa tgcaggaaag catttcaata atgtagggaa gtgaattata     32220
     tctctgttga aggtttttct gagttagtgg caactagtgg gttataaaaa tagcatttct     32280
     ctaaagatgg gcaagaaaaa aaaaagagtg tagtggcata taaactataa acatgctctt     32340
     aggaaatctt ttgtatttat tgtgtgatta attatattat gtctgcatat tttattgact     32400
     tcatagaaaa atgttatgtg agttgtcact ttcaataaga tacagttaat atcttgcaaa     32460
     ttatgtcggc actaagaaaa aaaggataca aaattctaaa ttaatatgtt acaaaactga     32520
     ctacaggagg gatagaataa taatatggtt ttttttgtca aaaatatcat ggtttgagta     32580
     aattttagtc aattatgttc atctaaaatt atttttaaat ataaagtacc aagtaaataa     32640
     ttttgaaata tgagacaatg aactgaagag aattgaacat ggctgttgca cagcagctga     32700
     aacagcatct gcctgcggca tgcacagatg aagtcaacca agtgggcaac aacaaagttc     32760
     tactctctgt ctctgaacaa tgatttttct gttacatcca gaatccatta tatgacaccc     32820
     cttctctcct tttcttagta atgttatctt ttcagtccct cattactttt tccaccagaa     32880
     tgactcctag gtagatgtgt tgccactcaa aatcagagct tagaagcagg cttctctaaa     32940
     tacatctgtt ttcccttctt gtttacagtt ctccaggaca acttcatcta attcccactt     33000
     ccatccacac acatatatgt ccagtgcttt ctccatcaga aaaatattga agcagtcaca     33060
     ttatggttat tttccctaca ggcctatatt tttttttctc cactgctgag ggcacacagg     33120
     tgttgcaaat tggttcaaaa cagaggcttg atcaattcaa taatatactg gataaccttt     33180
     atagttctat ttcctcctgc attgaaagac tacagacaca ttttctcccc ttgaaaccct     33240
     ggtgtgcatg tttaagaaac taatctctgc tctttggaag gaaggcataa tccagtcatc     33300
     aaaatgtttg ctatgtcatg taaacatgag aatctgggtt gagaacaata acactcttat     33360
     aaaagttggg tacagtattg tgagctggta atatcagaac tgattggaaa gtagatttag     33420
     gtggatactt ggtgctactg atcaataaat cttgtggcat tggtatgtgc tctgtatcaa     33480
     gagaaaagga gggaacaata gaaaaattta cttctggaat cccccaaaat gcacacctac     33540
     gcacatatgt gttcatatgt gtgtaggcaa atacacacac atatacccac caccaccacc     33600
     accatcacca ccaccacacc accaccacca ccatcacaaa tctcattttt atgatatacc     33660
     ttccttttca tttatgactt ctcataatat acagttgttg atttgtaaac ctttctccca     33720
     agactgtgaa tcttttgaaa ttaagtgcaa ttcttttact gatgagagga tggaaatgtg     33780
     tgcacgggga agacattatt ttatcaattt tactacaaca gaatctattt tctgcttcat     33840
     gttactttcc taactaattg tgcattgcca taaagtgata ttccacacct gtgatcatct     33900
     gtcctagatt tatattaact taggcactaa catttcacag taaataatgg gagagttcat     33960
     gaagccctac ttctttttga gggatgctgg ctgttaagga ttgttaaaaa aaagggatat     34020
     tcttttcttg agtgctgtag ccacagataa attgtccttt caccagtaaa ccatttccta     34080
     tcacgttcta attaaagact gcatctcaca caatgagagt atcatgaaag acagaagaaa     34140
     gttttaaata ggacagagag agagtgtgtg gaatgaagta gaaattattt aattgatatg     34200
     atataaattt attaaagaaa caattgaaat cttatacata acatttttta agttcagttt     34260
     taaacctatg aatggatact ttcactgcat gtaaatgtaa tatagtcgtt actaaaagtt     34320
     tagcttgttc ttttaactct ctcaaaatgc tattattaaa caaaactggt tttagtatca     34380
     tcataaaaaa actattctgt ataacatgga aaatcccact ttaagcctaa aaggtatgct     34440
     aaaacatctg aactttcaaa tgtattatag aaccaagtgt taagttataa tacaaaggga     34500
     caaaatgtct aaagtaaatc acaaaatgtc aaatatttgg gctacacaag acattggctt     34560
     aatagtcaag cagtgttctg aggcatgtaa agtgagtgag tgctaatgaa aaaatatcat     34620
     attttttctt aggtgagcca agtccccctt ccatacatgg acagccaagc agtggcaaga     34680
     gttttaaaat cagcatcacc aagcaagatg atggaggggc tcctatttta gaatacattg     34740
     taaaatacag aagtgtaagt atcatttgac tatatattgt atcttagttc atattatatg     34800
     aagggttata gtgatctcag aggtgagtta caaatgaatg tatagttaat aatgaaaggt     34860
     taatgttaat atttctattc atgaaattca acattgtatt tgtgaccttt acttttatta     34920
     aattatgact ataaatattt ttcttctttc tatgacttgt gttgttgcct taccaactga     34980
     tcttagtact tttctctaac tctgtgattc attgtatcta atgacggaac tctattagca     35040
     acttcgcatg ttgttacaac atcatatctg ataaaagtag cttaagtaag cgatgattta     35100
     atttgagaca tggatttaag tattggtagt tcctcatggc ctatacgtac ctggggttgg     35160
     aagtgaagta gcagaaagag gaatgctggt attcagctac ctttgaccct tagtacatac     35220
     tggaatttag tccatgagac agtgctaatc acttctatcc acagtgaatc ttcctttgtc     35280
     ccttaaacct cttggacaca ttctcttata tatgcctaga ggtatgtttc tagaagattc     35340
     ttttaaaaaa tctttttgtt atttttgtat ataggtattt tgcctacctc agcactacac     35400
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacggct ggtacctggc     35460
     cactctgtag gatgtggaaa ttgagtagct ttcctctgga acaacagcta gtgctcttct     35520
     ccatggaacc atttctctag ccccagtaaa tgattcttaa tgatttcaag ttgacaatga     35580
     aggtcaactg ccctggagag gaatattagt acattacacc taagaagaag ttattataat     35640
     gaatagatct attgaaagtt aaataaagaa ctgccactga cctttagtag aagggatcat     35700
     ttttgttcat tctgaactgg tgagtgaagg actgctgaaa ttaagagcca cttgtgtgtt     35760
     gttaaaggtg tttgggaagg acaattctgc ttgttatagg acagtgagca agatttttca     35820
     tgcacattta tccaggttca tattatatat gataccactg ttcactgaga ctgattcctt     35880
     ctcaaaacta tcccaaaaat ttcccacaaa gaacaaagtt tgtttgtatt ttctacagat     35940
     aaacttaaaa ttgtgcctct ttatagtagt tgagtatatt tttgatagtt tcttaaaatg     36000
     tatattttgt aaattaaagc tactttttaa cttgaagatt tgatatcaag gcattatgat     36060
     gatgagattg atttggtttg gagtacatca gtaatccatt ttatatacaa ttttcccatt     36120
     aaattctaga gttctcttta caggggagct ctctttctaa attaatatat taattcctct     36180
     gccccctctc ccttcaacaa cttacatggc cttccacaat ctcttgcaaa tttatgggct     36240
     catatttttt aaattattat tgctacacaa agcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     36300
     cacacacaca cacgacctgc taagtaaggc cctttagtgt tgtttacttc tatttgtttt     36360
     taaggatgat cacagatgat cattttcact gctctaggct tcaaattggc cataaagaat     36420
     gataagatgt cttttgtatc ctctgccata aggattctat ttcagtgagc ctttgaaaat     36480
     gtccttggac tctaagtaga tcttatctga caatacaatg caatttgata aagacttctt     36540
     ggaatgtctc cttttcttga ttgaaaatta tgcaaacaaa ataatctctc tgtctaaagt     36600
     acctagatta gagctgcatc attaattaca cttaacagtc cccatgtctc ttacctacct     36660
     acaattgtac tcaggatttt ttttttcttt ttgctagaaa acattgataa atattaatga     36720
     cttctgagga aagacatcaa aaattatgtg aacactaaaa tacaataaaa caataatgtg     36780
     gctattatat ttttctatga atacttttac ttgaatgaaa gccatgtttg tataatgatt     36840
     gataggagag taacacaaag actacatcca gtgcacgaag gttgttattt tcaatggaca     36900
     gtagtcaaca tttatattct aatcctttta agtctttatc actattaact gttaataaat     36960
     tagacagact ttaagagtgc tatattcttt ctaattattt taggagtatt ataatttcca     37020
     gtaagctaag aatacagcta gaaataaaat acactaccac acatggcatt ctttttcatt     37080
     aaataaccaa tacatgaaat aacataataa acatagactt taattggctg tgttaggaca     37140
     cagtacaaga gcatgcctag tgtgcaggaa actccttgtt tcattggctg catgtaaaca     37200
     ctagagtaga agaggtcgtc cctcgcattc cctcaggaag ggaatgaagc tcccttttgt     37260
     tctatgggtt tctctcttaa attcaatact gattgcttct ttttgaaata tacatttgaa     37320
     ctcagcaaaa ggaaatatga ttaaaaggta ttaaagtaag aagatttttt ttcccttttg     37380
     gaattagatg tttatttgtt cggtaatcca ggattaggac agcatttcag aaatactatc     37440
     agggatgaaa ttactttctt tcatattcgt ctgttcttgc aacaggcttt tattcttatt     37500
     cagcttacat tattctcttc agaaggtggc tttaaattta tattcaagtt gtggagagtc     37560
     aggaaatcaa aggtagttgt ataatgttca gctgattctg cccacattgt accaaaaagt     37620
     attttaaaat aaaacttcac caaaaaatta aagttgcatt tgtacaaaaa gaattgactg     37680
     ttgtggactt attaggtgac ttagagtgcc aagcctgaag accagagttc agtcttcaag     37740
     acacacctta tgtaagtccc agatgccaga caagcaacag gctcccagga cccagaaggg     37800
     atgatatcaa ctgaaataca caacaaaggg gagaaagaac ctgtagagag cacttggaga     37860
     ggttaggcat ggtcccccgt ttgagggatg gaatcaccca cccttctcat aaactttaac     37920
     ccagaattgc tcctgtctaa aggaaatatg gggacaaaga gtggagcaga gactgaagga     37980
     aaggccatca agagactgcc caacctgggg attcattcca tatgcagcca ccaaacccag     38040
     tcactattgc tgtgatgcca agaagtgctt gttgacaaga gtctgatata gttgtctcct     38100
     gagaggctct tcaagagcct gacaaataca gatgtggata tacttgcagc caactatgtg     38160
     actgagcacg gggactccaa tggaggagtt agggaaagtt ctgatggagc tgaaggtgtt     38220
     tgtaacttca taggaagagc aacaacatca accaaccaga taccccagag ttcccaggaa     38280
     ctaaaccaac aaccaaagaa tacacatgga gggacccatg gctccagctg catatgtagc     38340
     agaggatttc ttatgtggca tcaatggaag gagagatccc tggtctagtg aagacttgat     38400
     acccctgcat aagggaatgc tagggaggtg aggcagggat gggtggttgg gtgggggagc     38460
     tccttcatag aagcagggag gaggatgtag ggtaggaagt tcatggaggg gaaactggca     38520
     agggggataa tatttgtaat gtaaaaataa aataaccagt acaaaagtta aaaataaaga     38580
     attaaaaaga atagaaaaga aaatgacagc actaaatggt tgcaaattat attctgccat     38640
     ttccatgagg aacttgacat attgaatgcc cacatatata aatgcatgta cacaaaacaa     38700
     atgcacgagg aaaacatgat ttctctataa atttcttaat ataaggtgat ttacacagta     38760
     gtcttattta gtgaaaccag taactgcttg aaatgttagg cgcgttcatt ttattactct     38820
     agtgtttatc atatttattt gaaaaagaca atagtatttt gtcttgtata acaacatggt     38880
     tttaataatt cagtttcaca atgtaacata cttcacatta ttggttccaa cttacgaaac     38940
     gtctaatatt agccccaggc ctagctgaag gcaaaaacct gtttccattt ctagccaatc     39000
     actgtcaaaa atttatattg gcatttaaga tttttaagga tatatatgtg acatttttag     39060
     tttttattaa aaacatagtt atctataatt gatgcacatt taaatggaaa aagttagttt     39120
     tctctaatgg agtctcactg gggatattaa ccgcatatag gcccaagcct accagtacat     39180
     ggcttataaa atataaaaat ggtatttata actgtcatca gaaaagcttt gtccaggtac     39240
     tgatggaaac tgatgcagag tcccagagcc aggcattaat tggagcttaa aaagttctgt     39300
     ggagaatggg aagaaggatt aaaagagcca gaagagtcaa ggtcaccaca agaaaccaac     39360
     agcatcaatg aaactgggcc cataagggct cacagacaca gaaccgccaa ccagagagca     39420
     tgcatggggc agacctaagc cctgtgcaca tagctaacag ttgttcactc agatcttcat     39480
     gtgggactgc tagagatgga gcagagtctg tatctaacta cattgcctgc ctttgcatct     39540
     ccttctccta actgggctgc cttgtccagc ctcaatagaa gatgccccta gcctaaatgc     39600
     agtgttatac gctaaggctg gttcttatcc atgggtagcc tccacttttc tgaggagttt     39660
     ggtaattttt ttgtcttagt tgagttttgc ttgtatatta ttattatttt gtatttatat     39720
     tttaaatgat ctgattttgt gtggctgcgt gggtgttttt tgtacttttt cattgatact     39780
     tcagttttca ttctgattta tttacctttt tatttgaccc tgttcatttg gtgaggtggg     39840
     gagggggaat ctgggaaggc gttgggtaag gtgaaaccct gattagaata ttttgtgtga     39900
     gaaatatctt caatggaaaa actgaaaatg aaaaagatct aagattatta tacatttctg     39960
     taaattcatt tcctttttct aagtatagaa gaaaatggat tttctctaag aagttatgta     40020
     tgtataaaat acttattgaa gcatgtgctt ataaatcata atgaggttat aatattgaag     40080
     tgatttataa aatagtaatc aatatactgc aatttgcaaa tatttggtca tcaatagact     40140
     tcaatttgca aagacattat agcattgtgc acctatatga aattccaaac aataaggaaa     40200
     atcgcaatta gaaactgagt acatgaatat ttatctttaa aaatttgtct actttcattc     40260
     actatgcact tttcttcctc ctatcaagtt aatgtcacag gtccctcttg ttgctactag     40320
     atcagtaatt atattaagct tctaaaagaa aacttttaag attgtcatgg tgcagtatgg     40380
     tattggccag tgaggtgaga atttctcaca tcataggatg aaaacataga tataggcaat     40440
     tttctcaaca attgaaacaa taacaaaatt gatagaattt atgcagtatc tcacattctt     40500
     gttcttttgt cattaatctg tcacagtatc caccttccca gttccaaact gtcagaagaa     40560
     ttgcccttaa ctccatcatg gaaatgactg ttaattcaaa tgtaacaaca cctgaccatt     40620
     aatcaattct tacattattg gtttcagttg ctggttctgg agcactatac taaacataca     40680
     actagaacca tattacaagt tttgaaaagc aagtgtttgc agcctatgtg ttctttcttt     40740
     aaatatttcc ctttatagtt aagcaaacat gaagtgtact tcctaaatat tccttgaatg     40800
     accaatggaa agtggagaat ttagtttacc tgttggaaca cagaatcata tcgtagaaga     40860
     caagaagaaa aaaagcttca atatgtaaca tataaaaata aaaatggata aaaatataaa     40920
     caatatgaaa gtattaatag gcaagtaaac tatgcctctg gagatcgtga caatccctga     40980
     attgttttgt tgctacaaca gcaacagctt cagtattcag ttttctgaat ttgcatcagc     41040
     ataagatttt cttaagaacg agatcatctg tacatttttg aaaataccct tcccatctcc     41100
     ttgcttctca ggccttctga gtcccatagt gaagctgtgc ttaatgcagt ttcacattgt     41160
     attagctatg ttagccatgt aattagttag tgctcttgtg acatgctcag aaatgcatat     41220
     aatgtacttg atgattccca tccaaattat cttacgttgc tttttccttc tctgggtcag     41280
     tttcttcttt ccttgtagtt tatttccaca ctcatgtctt gcaaagagtt tttaattgta     41340
     tcactgatgt gaggaaaaag tagctgagag aatccaggca atccttaaag taaagagagt     41400
     tttaaaacaa atacgtgggc tcaagaattt ccaagataat atgatcagcc acacccctgg     41460
     ggatcagtaa tgaccaaatc ataagcagga cacttagtct agtgctcaca ttataaatag     41520
     cataaaggaa atatagttag catacgtcca tattagggtt cctgatatga atatatttcc     41580
     cttacaaggt aaagattatg tttcataaat ggtagtatct atcatagcat tagggtagct     41640
     acatatttct tataagacaa tatcttctac agcctcagtc taatgaacgt ctgctcttat     41700
     tggatagtct atgtccttca aggtgttgtt catactacca tacaagttgt caacaagtac     41760
     aggataatga atctttctct gccttcagtc ttgtaaatct atgggaagaa ccaagatttt     41820
     caagatctta agtatcagtt atccctaaaa tatacagggt ttctccatat agccctggct     41880
     gtcctggaac tcactgtgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact ctcaagtgct gggattaaag     41940
     tcatgcacca ccactggtcc caacttctta tatgcattta attttaactt cactgagtaa     42000
     agacaagatt gtagacattc ttaaagggaa taattacctg tagcttctga accagaaagc     42060
     acacattatt ctaagttata cggttgcaaa gtgcttttat ttgttcattc acacattaag     42120
     aaaacagaat atgatgtttt agaagtgacc tagagtatta aaaaggggat tcaaagtttc     42180
     tatgaagact tcttggatgt taagctttat ggcaataaca ataacactat gagatcaagt     42240
     tatttggaga ataaagaaaa atatatccta aaagattaga tatgaaaatg taagaagcta     42300
     ttttaaatat ggggtatatt tatctattta tccatatcta tatctaaagt ttacaatata     42360
     tataaacata tatacatatg tatatgcata tatatatata tatgtgtaat gtaaatgcaa     42420
     ctacacataa tttagtagct tttgtcatgc atctgggagt ttcccacaaa tttctgttta     42480
     attgatgatt ggaatatgat cataactact tcctaatgtt gagatgctaa atctcttcta     42540
     acttaagaaa aagtgaagaa aatcaatggc ataaaatcag ttgggacaag catcagtgct     42600
     tagggcacac attttaagtg ttaactgtct ttttaaaact atgtcaaatc tagatatgta     42660
     aaatacctaa atggaacaga taaacataac ttattaaaga gtcttaagtt ggtgaatcta     42720
     gaaagctgag ccctgattat taaggaaaca tatttcatag ttataagaag tgtattataa     42780
     tacaatagcc ctccaaaaca tattagcatg tatattgcaa tatgtttaaa aatatcaatt     42840
     acagataatt tgaaatattt caaagggtaa atagtaatga ataatatgca ataagaaaca     42900
     tttgagtgat ttattttcct tatgcttttt tgctatgaaa tagataagtt ttatttatct     42960
     tagtattgat attataaaac acacacttgt ctaaaaaggt aatataacta tgaatcaacc     43020
     tgttaactca agttattaat ttacaaatag ccctataata ggaaaatatc agaactgata     43080
     aaaagtttta taccttctaa gtggaaaatt gaaaagctaa tttgcattaa ttctggttac     43140
     ttctgtaagg acatataagg aatgggtaaa tggaccatat gatcaagaca ttgtaggcac     43200
     caagagttac ttactactcc tgtgaatgtt aaatcataca tgcgggagtt agatggacaa     43260
     aaatgcaata ttgacatctt gatttcactt ctattaagtc tcattttata attattattt     43320
     tttatgtaag attttgttgg ctacagtttc ttccaagtct taagaaaggt aatgggttac     43380
     ttcttgctga gaatgaggga attaagagcc tcatttatga acataaagca ttgtccttta     43440
     catggaacat aggaggtagt gccctaaatt gtgacattag gatgcacatc actaaacaag     43500
     agctgtctta actgtgatat ggtcttaaca tttcttacaa aacaattgtt ttataaaagc     43560
     tttgttcaag gaccatgaca atattcaaaa gaacctgctc tcgctgtcta attggcatat     43620
     tagtaatagt cctactcagc aaatcatctc atttagctac ctagagggac actttgccac     43680
     tcgttatctc aaatcattcc ctggacactc ttgttctaga aatgaggcag tctacaaatg     43740
     cataaatgag attctcatgc ctaggggagt atttggtaac gcccacctta atttttttct     43800
     attccatatg gagtagcaat taggggatta aaatacctcc ttgtcttagg ttgaatggaa     43860
     aataaattaa tttatatgag agaatcacca cccctctctt ggcttcctta cactgtcagc     43920
     ataaaatgac atagggattt aatttcctac attacgagtt caagcaacta agtgttcaat     43980
     ggttggtgat ttagaagtca ctagtacagc aaatgtttga ttttaggaaa tagcattttt     44040
     gaaaattaga aaatttacat caaatctcta catcccataa tttatatttt tgcacatttt     44100
     ggaatcatac acgaaagaac aagttgtgag aataaccttt gccccagaat agtctatcag     44160
     taggcatgat ctaaaatttc atatgtgact tccctccaaa caaaataata gtcacatatg     44220
     gtcccagatc agaatttcat agagcatctc tgattattgg actcaggcca cagacacaaa     44280
     caaatgaaaa atatcttcag ctttattcat cttctgtctt tatagaaagc acacataacc     44340
     ttaaatgttg gaaaatctga cacatggact agaaatttgt ttcagtctta tgactactaa     44400
     caacccttgc caaggacatg tgttgagtag cctacacatt tattttgagg gtcacaacct     44460
     gctgtaactg cagttacaga gtcagcttgc atcaacatga ccatgtgcat atacacacag     44520
     gttgtgtaga caggcttgca aacaaagcat atgctcttaa agttttaaaa gagcacaaat     44580
     tatgctgtta atagtatctg ggacttttat atttaagtga ttaatttgac agaatccaat     44640
     aattatcttc cattagacaa tttaatttag ataaacaggg caatagattt tgctttattc     44700
     attaaagtag tttggatggc ttttcaaata tggagctatt taaataccaa ccgctctaaa     44760
     actcttacag aaggaataaa ataatatata tatagtaact ttgaagatgg aaacaatcat     44820
     ggtgacctta agctgtgcat tttaagacag atatctaaag ctgcaagact catgcaactg     44880
     agacagtatt cctgcaaggt tgaggttatc ctgtatatac actgcttgat gcaaagaagg     44940
     tgatggagtg gaagaagagg aagagagata gatgtagaga tagaaataaa gatagtgata     45000
     catagagaga aaagagagaa tgagagaaaa taaagaagaa aatagacaaa aatgagctat     45060
     ttggtctttc attgttcatg gaaaaacata gcattgtttt gcattattga aaatgtgttt     45120
     tctatatttt ccttgtgtat tatttcatta cagtcatgta aaacactact taaagtatac     45180
     atctataaat actttcctat atttacctca cagatagttc tattcaacaa atgttagtaa     45240
     tagtctctgg caattattca attatccatt ttttgacagt cgaaaaaaat gactgtaaac     45300
     ctagttcatg tttgactata aggagtaaaa ttctataagt tgacttatac tactccttga     45360
     ttaatttgca gtaacatcag tttttggata gtatattaat gtttatagag aaatattaga     45420
     aatgatgctg aattaattac attagaaatt tcacacatct ccttttataa gactgagcta     45480
     ataaaagtat ttacatcatt ccaataaaat ttatttaaag tagaaccttt tcatagcact     45540
     atttacctaa acctcctttc tctgcttcca cagaaagaca aggaagatca gtggctagag     45600
     aagaaggtac agggaaataa agaccacatt atcttggagc atctgcagtg gacaatgggc     45660
     tacgaagtgc aaatcacagc tgccaacaga ctgggatatt ctgagcctac tgtatatgag     45720
     ttcagcatgc ccccaaaacc caacattatt aaaggtaagc aagatgttag ccttgcttaa     45780
     aagtagcact gcatcatctt tgtaaaccct ctgatctatt tgacaaatga tgaaaattaa     45840
     catagataaa ctgaaatgtc cgttttaggt tctaatcatg attactgttg catataatag     45900
     tggagttcca cagttcttgt cagtaggaga tattgcatat ttaaaaagaa aaagatctga     45960
     tgtctttagc agggtcactg aaatggggat gatgagcaga gggggcggaa tgaaggggac     46020
     aaggacagat gaaaatgtcc ctgagaacat ttggtgaaat gagaagaaat gtttgcaaag     46080
     acaaggtctc tgccaaccac tcgggagctt gttttccagc tctggtttgt ttgtgcgcag     46140
     ctgaagacaa gctcagccat gcctgaccaa ggaagttgat tttaaaaaca aaatcactga     46200
     ggcagaaaca acttaaaatg cactttgatt aagaactaga gctggaatta caaacagggt     46260
     caaataaacc aggtatctct tatctttttt taaaaaatat aaaccaatca ttgatctccc     46320
     tggcaggtat aatccttatt ccactgcaca ttaacatgct aataacatac cgttattaaa     46380
     attattctca gaatcattct atgagtacaa tgaagacagg gcatatgcca aatcaaaatg     46440
     atattcaatt ctttcaacta gctgtaaatt aaaatctttt ctcataataa gtatcattat     46500
     ttgatttatt aataaaggtt tgtaaaatat atttttaaac atatttcatt gcatttatgt     46560
     gatgagaaca aaattattta ttcataaaaa tatgactcat ttcacttgta gcacatacca     46620
     ttattaagac atagtatttt tcaagtaaga aaatataaga cataattttg gttatatgat     46680
     ttaacttgta attttaagaa tacactaatg tggaattttt taaacattct tatcctttca     46740
     agttgaatga agtttaatat cattaatctt tgattaaaat acataaaaat acaggtcata     46800
     aagtttaaaa ttaattgaac ttgtaaccaa gtattactaa tatttattca caattacttt     46860
     aaactgtata tctttaaaat ttcaaagata ggatcctcca aaaatattat gggtagttat     46920
     taatattatt tttttaattt gaaaagtatt cccgtgatat cacattatat tcttagcagt     46980
     ggggcaggga agagctgtag attttacagg ctgcctttaa gtagttaaat gactgtttca     47040
     tcgcaagtcg acttgactta tatgtgctta aaccttgccc ttggaaagtg attgattttc     47100
     ttacataaaa gtggttggat agtatagtac cacttatcaa tttatttgtt ctggtaaatt     47160
     tgaaatatca gcaacctcat ctacaattgt attatgctta tggtaattat attccatcat     47220
     gtctcctaaa tgtgaattaa ataggatctc aaactaagtc aacgtagctg acaaaggaat     47280
     ctaaagtatg tccaacttcc tgaattctca tatcagttca cataggcaaa ttaaattagg     47340
     attgattgta tccagccatt tggtgtaatt tcaaataaaa attttagtag tttataaaca     47400
     aaaatgaaga tttatgtaaa ataataaatg tgattttata tgtgcaatga attaatttta     47460
     tgaatttatg ttgtcttaca acatcaccat agaaatataa taacataatt ttttttatta     47520
     tttaactttc tcaattaaaa actaatattt atgaggctag aaacagacat ttttatcaca     47580
     ctatattgtt caatgaataa cattctcata ctgcatccca taataatacc ttataaaata     47640
     caaagtaagc tttaagtaat aatacaacct gttaaaaata aaatgtagcc attgtattca     47700
     tttttcttgt ctcagtattc tattggtaaa taaataacct ataaatagca aataaatagc     47760
     atatatttca tatgagtgtg aaattggatg atgaaatgtt tcccatagga gaaagtttct     47820
     gaagatactt gaagtaatta aattccaagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     47880
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatatatat attacatggg agaaatcttt gacacaagtg cttgtttcct     47940
     tagcaactag aaaaaaaata ctgagtgcat ctatagagtt tggaaatgtt tgcctcagga     48000
     gaatcaaagg ggtagagcta tgtctcaatg gcttgtaaaa actttgtcat taactctcag     48060
     gatcttaaag gtaattagaa aaaagttaat gtcacataac aggtgtagtc attatatgct     48120
     ttgtgttcat ataactaagt aatatacaac tataagtgat gagacaacat gtactgccaa     48180
     catgattcag agagttgatt ccaaactaga gtggtctatc aaatccactc tagttgaaag     48240
     gtttcgtgag ttccctccca cagtgtgggt ggaattgaca ctgtacactc catccttgta     48300
     tcatcctgtt tagagaatgg taggcatata gctcaatatc catgaagcat gtaatgtcaa     48360
     attataagtc agatattcac gtggcaaatg attaaaacat ggcttggaag tttatatcat     48420
     gaggctgtga gaattaacag ctgaatagat tttgtggctt ggtagacatt aacccactca     48480
     acaataatgt ttaaattccc taaagagtat gtgatattct ttgagatttt tttcagctct     48540
     agaaatatga caggcccaga agtggtgttt aagggattct tcttaattac tgaataaaaa     48600
     attccaaaac taagtaccaa aaattgtaat acaggaagaa gcacacatgg attttgcaca     48660
     caacaccacc atacaatatt aaagccttgt agagttactg gagaaatgta gcatatagtt     48720
     tctgctatcc ctccttaagc tcagggaatg ggcctcgcta ccagctccca cccatatttc     48780
     cttggattca tggataaaaa gacaacacgg gacactctca agcctccctt gccaccccag     48840
     gaatcggaga gagtggccat tggccattcc aataaaaaac tatcatggtt gcttggctgt     48900
     atatcctata gatattgcct ccttctccag ctctctccat tctcccttca tcctttccag     48960
     caactcagtg tcctgcccca tcttcagtct ttggtcactg gtatctttat tggtgaatcg     49020
     agaaccaatt gaggaacagg accttagcat cacaaccaat ccctactgag aaacataaaa     49080
     gtgatagctt gaaagttaga ataagacatt atgtcctgaa gtacactaat gatgtttgaa     49140
     atgctgtggg aaaaaaaaaa tgatccaaaa tgcatgagtg tcattgcatg cagctttgcc     49200
     aaagtgattg agaaagagac taatagcaaa cgggttaaaa gtgtcataca caacgacagg     49260
     gcttgctatc cctctaggtt aatgtttata agaagctttt ctgtcgatat gggtagagga     49320
     aggggaaatc atgaaaaagt caattaaggt gaagaaagct ggactctttc aggtctgatg     49380
     taataagaac tcagccatag ggtagacaca acagggccaa actagcttat gaaggagaag     49440
     atttcattct ctctatattg agcaatgagt agaaagtcaa tgtacctagg ggaaaaattt     49500
     aagaagaaaa ttataatacc agaatttcat aatgttttta aaattttact aattgaatcc     49560
     agtgattgac aagtgctatt aagcctcatg ggcagttatg cttttgtaga ctaaaaattg     49620
     tttagttacc atcttgaggt taactgttaa tgttgtgatg ataaaaatat tggaagcatt     49680
     ttaatatgta acactcaaca cagttattct tttcaatagt atttaaaaat gatcttcata     49740
     gattttaatc accattcacg tgatttttct ctagttttaa ataaaatata aattcaagat     49800
     cttaaagttt gcatatcaaa attataagcg taaggttttt tctttaagac agagatgtaa     49860
     aattaatatt tttgtatata atgtatcata gaatgtgcaa gtaggtatag agatatttta     49920
     ctcctaaagc tcataactca tacatttata ataattcaaa acaaggacct atgtctagag     49980
     tacagatgtc aattctgtga ataacatatt actctatgat agtctgcttt atataatttt     50040
     ataaacaatt tattcttttg aagttttttt ctctgtatat atattggtaa ccgtgtattt     50100
     ctctatagtt tatgaacctg actttaaaaa tagattttta aattataata tacattattt     50160
     tgattaagga tagcttattt tgaagatatg tctttttgta tatggggaaa cagaacatac     50220
     aaaatgaact atatgtcttt acaatattat ggagccaact ccattttaat atgatgtata     50280
     aattatacat gaattattaa attataaatg aataaatgag aaaaattatt cacttgaata     50340
     ttgaataaaa atagttttat agaattcatt ttatctttta taatatacaa taaataaatt     50400
     cagaaaaatc atgatatcat ggtcaaatta tcaagatagg tcctgatttt agctctctgt     50460
     aattctcagt atagtaaaaa tgctgctaca atttatcatt gatttttgaa acataaaatt     50520
     ataaattatt gttatgacca taattttcaa aattcagcaa tatatagata gtttggcaat     50580
     aaacaattga ctgattcatc ctacattttg ctcttcttct gtgtctaaat gtttacttgc     50640
     attttatagt agtttttttt tcaaatttta ttaatagcta tgtaatatga gtaataataa     50700
     attatggtgg agattactgt ggaatattac aggcttatgt gtaccgttgt gctattaatg     50760
     ttttaattca cagtgggatt gtctatgact tcttccttat cactttttat gtttaacata     50820
     caaccataat tttttcttct taatatgaga aaaataatgc ctggacaccc tggtataaat     50880
     gttatttata atagttctca cataaacttt ttgtataaag caattattta aaaaaaacat     50940
     ttgatatact gttttaatca tcgttgtttg tcagagtaat tattttcaaa gttaatgtaa     51000
     agagctgtat gtaaaaattt cattaatttt ttctcttttt tctttcctac tattgtttct     51060
     ttttctttta ttttactttc atatttacaa ctttattgtt ttgttatttt ttattgtgct     51120
     ctatgttcga aaactatttt atcatacaga taattgctgt gaagcgaata aaggtgaaaa     51180
     tggaggccag tcatggcatc tgaatgctgt tgggtttact tttgtaataa ccatgagttt     51240
     gtcttgtttg ttttagtgtt ctatgttcta tggtactccc tgatcagaga taaaagagta     51300
     ggtacaggct aatcaaaaat tttaatcaac attttcagtc cagttcaatt tatgtttaca     51360
     caattcgcct tccccctgaa ttcagtactt tctctaattt tatctgtgta atttggaaga     51420
     aagcaatgca gaaagaaatt acagaagaag ttttttcttg caaatacttt ttcagtaaca     51480
     atatgtttga ctccaaatcc attactttgc aaagtagact ttgttacatt gaatttaatt     51540
     tctatagtgg gtcttgcttt catttcagta tgcaaatatc attcaacatc catccataag     51600
     tataaaacaa gtaaattttt gttttacaaa attgtgaatc acttctaaca agtctttaat     51660
     actgttaaaa gaaaatttct ggttttgtga acatttctcg attttatagt gcctaccatt     51720
     tatataaatc ataagcttga taccctatta tatcaggtac atctatttct tgttctgctt     51780
     tctgtagttt gagataaaca ctctctgaag aaacaaaata taatcaaatt tcctttcatt     51840
     tttgaacatc caattaacat tttcttaagt gaatatgcgt ctctcccatt atcgataata     51900
     agtaaactta atctcagtac atttaaatgc tactaagttc agtatgttca caggaacctt     51960
     tggccagtgg tgcagatcta aatctgttcc aggtatctat ttcattttca ctactgctga     52020
     cattccctct cttttgcaag catcagaata caaagtggcc attttaggca ttactttaaa     52080
     ggaggtggaa atgagaggga aacaagaggc tgctgtattc agataaaaac aaaacaaaac     52140
     aaaacaaagc aaagcaaaac aaaaccaaag taaaacacac aaacccaaac tgaaaccaac     52200
     caaccaaaca aacaaacaaa aaactcaatt ggaaaaaata caggaaaaat tgtatgtctt     52260
     tctcaagttt cggttattcg ttaatgagag gaatgtgctg ttagctttga atcacatcct     52320
     atgaaataat gattagtatt taaggcagtt aagaaaccac acatgcacca acagacacac     52380
     acacacacac accaacactc acacacatgc acatacaacc acaccatata gacaaatata     52440
     accatcttta cttgctcaat caaaaaataa aaaacaaaaa ttacagcttt tgagattcaa     52500
     cccctaaaat aaagtattca gttctctgaa aaaactgttc ctaattttgg gatacccaaa     52560
     catattactg cttatgtgag gtccaaagag attatatgtg cattagtttc cagctttatt     52620
     ttaatttata atttaaaaca tctagctttc aattattttt ttatcttata atttgcaaag     52680
     taacctgcaa aatgatttgt ttaaagacaa tttttttcct ccttgctcca acaacaaaaa     52740
     ttggtaatta ttatagtatg gaaacataat tgacatctcg ggatattttt tttttgcaat     52800
     ataacatgac ccatgcttta tatatacata tatatgaatt agatttgaat tagatttctt     52860
     gatatttgcc tgaataaatg atatgatcat tactgatgag tagaaaatat tgagaatgat     52920
     catattcaag aaaaacactt ctaaacgtct ttcatcccat ccataatcca tgatgctaaa     52980
     tatttccatg aaaatgtcat ccgttattta acttgacttg aaatcacaaa tcatttggaa     53040
     cacaggaaat gtttgcttag tcagttacat tgattgattt ttttaagttt atatcccaga     53100
     actacacatt accaagagtg ataccaaaaa tagtcggtgt cacggttaca cagaaatgta     53160
     tcattttgga aaacacaaaa taactgtatt ttactaaagg atcatagaaa ttacacttac     53220
     ttaaggaaat ggcaaggctc ttgttcgttt tattgtccaa gttacattat tgtgtaaagt     53280
     cataagccac ttctctttac ccatttgtgc ccttaggaac agtcattgat aatgtgccct     53340
     gtgataagga aatcataaaa aaaaaatcca tatacttctt aatttcttct ctatattttt     53400
     cctgtttgct ttttaaataa attccaattg ttgaaagtat aggcatatgt gtaataaggt     53460
     gagttactat taaccattat atgtaggtag ttagaaaact tttgatctaa cagtctgtgt     53520
     atcacaattt atagtgttga aatatttcag tagattttga acagtgtaac agtgatggag     53580
     cttagcggat ttgcatgctt tcccatgtta tctgtatgga tatgtgtcaa gtcaggctat     53640
     ccttttagtc atttcagagt gtctccactt tcccttcttt tttttttttt tcccattttt     53700
     tattaggtat ttaactcatt tacatttcca atgctatacc aaaagtcccc catatccacc     53760
     cacccccact cccctgccca cccactcccc ctttttggcc ctggtattcc cctgtactgg     53820
     ggcatataaa gtttgcaagt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggccg actaggccat     53880
     cttttgatat atatgcactt tcccttctta atcctagctc agtaaaccta acacctagat     53940
     tcaagggact ctccttccaa ttgtaagttt tataattatt tattaggtca ttctgtgagg     54000
     tgacagtagg ttcttcccta cgaaatgtct tctcggacaa attactcttc aaaatcttcc     54060
     tgtttatact tgtatggatt tatataacta aggattctct tatgaaatcc atccttagct     54120
     tctttccaaa actatgagga tacatatatg taactagtaa ccaacaagaa gttgtttaaa     54180
     attttaatgg ctttcctatt tttgcttatt ttcattttcc taatttatct aaacatctaa     54240
     cagtttgact agatatattt taataaatgt taaatgttag atttatattt ccaacttgtt     54300
     tactatgtat gtacaatatt tttaacttta ttagtatata acaaatgtca caaattttat     54360
     tttctaatat gtttaaaaca tacacctttt tgtttaagtt aaagaatata tatgactata     54420
     caaatcatgt aaagggagtt aacaacataa ctgccatcca ttaattcaaa tactgtttat     54480
     ttagcactgc acatttatta ggattcattt gcatacaaat taattaaaga aaacattccc     54540
     tggatcctgt ttgttttgat cggactattc ctttcattca ccaaggcata cagtatatag     54600
     aagtttttca tgtacaacca aatcagtaca aacacaactg gatatataaa accttaagta     54660
     ttatatgtta ttctctaaga atggagaaaa cattttaaaa ttaaaattgt tttaaaatta     54720
     aaacgttggc aattcaaggt gatttgatta tttcaaggca agaaagtagt gttttgctct     54780
     tatttttaaa attttctaag ttgttcttca aatgcaaata atcaaaatta ttcattttgc     54840
     tgtaatatta gaaattgtga atgtcctaaa taagttattg atatcagtag ctattttctt     54900
     gcatactttt ctgacattat aactccaaca gaatatatcc ataggcatcc agacaagtaa     54960
     ataccatata taacttgtga ttttaggtat tttatgatgc tttattcctg tggtgcacaa     55020
     tgctctgagt tctaagaatc tcaacatctc caaattaagt atccttacta tcatcaaaca     55080
     cacattctta ataattatgc caccattttt aaaaactcac tacccttcct gacattcatt     55140
     ctcttttctg tcgaagaatg agtatatgtc ctgtagctgg ttttctgtta atcacacata     55200
     aaatgtaatt cctgttccag tagttatata tcatataata ttgagccaat gcatttaata     55260
     gattagccac atttgcctgt gtcaagcaat tgaatacata acagttcttg aattgattat     55320
     gaaatcaatt taaatagcaa gccaatatcc atatgaatta gatcatcaaa aagatatagt     55380
     taattacaca ttctgaagat tttgctaata tagcatttag tccttaacta agtaaaatat     55440
     ttctagattt tcatttttta cttttcccaa taatgactag ttcagattat tatattttag     55500
     tcaatatttt aaaattgtat tctatgttca tacagatgac aaaaggtata tttactttaa     55560
     agataattta tatatatcat gatgagacaa taatggcttt catgccttga tttattttat     55620
     agaacttaaa tttgttacat tgtttatgat tatgtacagg atgaaattaa taatcatgta     55680
     ctgaatctcc ttcaactcct agttgttaac ttctaaccct aaaatatttg ttaggaaatg     55740
     ttatagatat aaagtgtatt attttataaa atcaatttat cagaatttct ggaaatagaa     55800
     aaacaacatt taagttgtgt aaaaatgcac atgtttaatt aaagtgtggg tgaagagttt     55860
     taggtgcatt ccaacctatg ataacatctt cacagtttga tttttatttt tatctatttt     55920
     gaagtacagt cttgcattca tccatgtata cctacatttc atttttagta cgaactaaca     55980
     ttgattttat aatatctagg cattaaaatt ttcttaattt gtttagattt aaggtgaatt     56040
     aattctattt ttatcacttt gatttatgaa agacaatatg aagttacaag ttatggaagt     56100
     tgaacaattt tgaagtacag catcatttaa aaattacttg attcaatttt attttatgta     56160
     tgtgttaaat gggcaatgtg aactcctgag tcttttgaaa aaactaacct aaaaatagct     56220
     gccttcaata acatccacaa ctcagacata tttatgaata tttctctcat aactttcttt     56280
     acattgacta tctgtatatt ttacgtttga aactatttga tcattttaat ggcatttgtt     56340
     ttcatcacaa attattttat taaaaatatg tacatgttat aaatgtattg tctttggtat     56400
     catctcttat ttaacatgcc cccatttatt atccagtgca atgtataatc ctgtgcatgt     56460
     tttccatagt gtattgaatg tcattttatt ttatgtattt ctgtgtcttc tccattgttg     56520
     taataaagaa aactgtggaa agtctttgtt acatgtgttt tctttattac tgttacagtc     56580
     ttttggtcct tctgtgtgat ttcatttttt taactggtca aactcaagct ttcaatactt     56640
     tttttttgta gtcaagatta gtggcaaatg tttgttaatg aatggtttca attttgagat     56700
     cattaaaaca catataaatg tccaatgtgt attgactcaa atgttttcct attttcaaaa     56760
     taaaaattta tgacacctga gaaataccat ggaaatataa tttcaaaaat cataaatatt     56820
     ctctattctt tgtacataaa gtataaagca caaataacaa cattttgttt ataaataaga     56880
     acaataataa cgataaaggc tagaaaacct atgttttttt tttttaaata taaactctca     56940
     aaaatcatgg ggaatggatt aagtaacaca ttcaatgtta ccttagcatt agaaatgtga     57000
     gatacagggc gtttctctta tagaggagaa tattcagctt cagaaaagct gtgtgatttt     57060
     cacgttatat agttatcatt tcaaattagt taaaactatt atttgattgt tgagtaacat     57120
     gtgggttcaa atggttcctt ttctccatga aaattaaatt tgattttgta taggtaaatg     57180
     tattccacac ataaagatga acatttaagc aacacagatt taaacaacaa aaaatataca     57240
     gaatcagcag tatagaatta aagagaaatt actgtttctc aagatccacg ctacttgtta     57300
     ctttatgtga tgttatgctt tttacccatg aacatgtcat tctgaaagtt cgagcataat     57360
     atatctacca ttggcttaaa tgtatttgca catgcttcaa gatgaattta attgaaaggt     57420
     tacattttct attttcttca attgagtaaa agataaagat gtttaacaaa cttagatata     57480
     aatatttact tatcttttat ctacattcat tcttcctgaa tctcctttaa aaacgatgat     57540
     acacaataga aagtagttat ctggaaaccg ctagaaattg ttcactgctg tggtgacttt     57600
     gtagtgtgtt atcatggcct cattgcgtgc cttttgagaa accagaggca tatgcagtaa     57660
     tataaaattt tccaatcaaa tacaaagttc taatgtttta tcttgattgg ccaagcaaaa     57720
     accatgcaac agtaagatat gtggacttga agagcacact ggctttcaat ttgctttctt     57780
     ttcttcagtc acttattttt aatgccagtc aataattaag cttcatgatt tctggtcagt     57840
     tatcattcct ttattatttg ctaacatttt cattcaactt tccacaaaaa gctacttttc     57900
     agacaccatt tttgtctaaa attgaattta gtaaatttct tattcttcta cagtattctg     57960
     aaaatgccat cgaataattt tgtaacatag ttcataaaaa taggtagctt tctatttatg     58020
     tgaaaatatt tttcttaatg tctgatcaaa tgaatataga tagttataat ttaataattg     58080
     ttaagacaac aaaattacta gatcctggag acatgatttt atgttatttc ccttcatctt     58140
     tagccttttc tttatattac tgtaatattt ataatgttca gaaataacta ttcaaataga     58200
     agcgtttaaa ttaaggataa attagtttct tttaaactgt catttctgta ttaaagagac     58260
     cacaggctgt aaactaagat gtatttttct attattttca ctaaaggtga attgcacatg     58320
     agcaaaatat taaatggaaa actgccaaag ttctggaatt ttcaatttct aacctgtacc     58380
     tatcgttatt attttaaaaa gtttatttta tggaaaagag tacagtgtgc ttcagaaaca     58440
     agttctattt tttcttttat agaataggaa gccaaatagc caacacattc atgtttgtct     58500
     ctcttccctc actatgatat ccagtatcaa ggacatgaaa cgggattttg tttttctacc     58560
     aacccacaat tgaggtatac tgccttttcc atgcaagcct cgtaccacag ctgcattttt     58620
     ctcccttaag gactttattt aaagactaat tctagatttg catcaaaata agaaagaaaa     58680
     gtactcgggt tctaggtggt ctttcctcat gctgaccata tcccactgac agtatttgac     58740
     cagaacgcct actacctctg tgaaaactga gccagcactg atatcactca gcccacattt     58800
     tactcctgct gttcaatatt ttgtgtttgt ggaatgatga gtgactttat ccaacattat     58860
     gttaccagcg aacagtgtct gtacataaaa tccacctatt ggctctttct cctccctgtt     58920
     gctctggaac catcattcag cattcaccat ctgcacagat ttgccatttc tagaacgcca     58980
     agaacttagg atctcaccac aggcagtgct ctaggataaa tttcatcacg taaggacatt     59040
     ttgaaatgtc ctttttaatt tatttttttt gtttcatgca agacttcata ataaataata     59100
     cttcattatt ttaaaatact acaatttatt tatcgaatta acttttgaag ggtgtcttgg     59160
     tagcatcata cccttatatt ttaagtaaat agaaaatcta cccttctaca gataaataaa     59220
     gatatactaa gatccactac attattaact ttacaggttt cccaagacat ttaaaatatg     59280
     tacctttagt aatatagtgt tagaaaatta aaaataaaag cataagtggt gaggattttc     59340
     ttattataat aggtcaagta attttgagct tctaaaaaaa ttcaagaaca cttttgttct     59400
     acatcttatt aaatggtttg caatatttaa ttgcacatta aggtactttt tttttttttt     59460
     ggttttctct tttgtgaata taaaatccct actaaatttt ctaaagctaa gtgggccaaa     59520
     agagatactg atgtttatga tacaaaaata cttaactatt tcttgatctt tttgtgcagt     59580
     tatatatata gctaaataaa gatatactaa gatgcattaa attattaact ctaaaggttt     59640
     cccaagacat ttaaaatata tacctttagt aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     59700
     tatatatata tatatatttg ttcattttag gttacttgta tgtatttcta catacataat     59760
     gtatatattc ttggggcctg aagtggccag aagagggcat tagatacctt gaacttaagt     59820
     tatggaaaat tacaatcagc caattggttc ctgcaaacct aacttggttt tgttgtaaga     59880
     tcagtacaca ctcacaacct tttaaccatc tcccaagcct ccaatacaga gatatttatt     59940
     tttcttttat caataaaacc ttcattttct aatcggacaa atacacagat atcaaacaac     60000
     ctaagtatac aacatcaaac ttaaataata tttataggag aacatgtaaa atctacctca     60060
     aaataccaat ctatatagaa aataagtgac atatattaat gttttgtgta tcatctttta     60120
     ccaattttag aatatgcttt ttaaaaatga tctcatattc aacagtattt aatttaatca     60180
     aatcaatata aaattcaaag tcgatatttt gtactgtgag cccttcagat attcataaaa     60240
     tatccagtaa ctcaaacatc cattaccaaa tagtttacta tttgggattc gtgcttctgt     60300
     ttttgtttaa atggccataa aatacacact ttaactttta ttatgttaaa atcgtgatac     60360
     taaggatttt ataagcttcc atgaaaattc taagactctt tttccttttc tgaagggaat     60420
     ctgaatggat ttgtggttga gggaaggtag gggagtgggt taggaggaga agagaggaaa     60480
     aactgctttc actttgtatg atatgagaaa agagtgaatt ttgagatata aaagtaaata     60540
     attttaactt tgtggaagat gtagtatttt tttagatcag ctatttctag gtaggtcaaa     60600
     ttgaatccaa atcatgatca tccttctatt agctttcaaa gtacagagat catagacaaa     60660
     tggcattatg gcccacagta aacatgtttt gcataccatt gttttaaagt agataaatac     60720
     caaacttgaa gttgttaaaa atatttaaat tactggattt tagaaatgga ggccatgaaa     60780
     tactccaact taaagcatat tctattaata gaatacaatt cccaatataa gtacacaata     60840
     gtttttttta taagtttaga tatacacagc atataatttc acagtgtgct tgaggctatg     60900
     ttacacacac ttacgtgtca atttggacaa acattaatac atgacaatat gtgtcacagt     60960
     cctcatctcc tcactggaaa tatgaatggg ggaattatca tgcctgtgag gactgtgtta     61020
     atgcagatgt catgagaaag agtaagtcac agcatgaatc tctcttagcc actgcaatag     61080
     ctaatccaaa acttgctttc ctctcttgca gccattatta actcctctat atatttagtg     61140
     aatttttacc atcattattt ttttaaagat cataattcct atcctctgtt gagtgtccca     61200
     ggttcatcgg ttgtgttttt gacttttctg cttgtttcta taatccattt caaagcctaa     61260
     catattagct ctcattattg agtaaccaaa caaccaacca ctcaggacca ctacaaatat     61320
     ctcttcttta atagaaccac atgtactcat taacatcaga cacattattt gcatattttt     61380
     aattcttccg attttatttc acagcctgac acaaccatgg cgggataggc aagtgatata     61440
     aagtgaaaaa ctcatgactt gaaaaaactg gagtcttctc tgaaaaacaa acaaaaaaac     61500
     aaggaggcag gttaatggat tgggaaggct tattttggaa tgaaatggag gaagattctc     61560
     agaaggcaaa agaacaaact tctcttactg gatatatata ttatatatat atattttata     61620
     tattggggga gtatttgatg cctgtttggc cagatagttt gaatagttct aacagggcaa     61680
     tgcatttttt atgattttag aggatttatt tttattggtt attatctatt tatatttcaa     61740
     atgttatccc cttcctggtt tcctctctgc aaacctacta tcccaaccca cctcccccag     61800
     cttctatgag ggtgttcctt cacccaccca cccactcctg ccttcccacc ctggcattcc     61860
     cctacactgg ggcatcaagc cttcacagga ccaagggcct ctcctcctat tgatgcccaa     61920
     caaggctatc ctatgctaca tgtacagctg aagccatgag tccctctttg gtggtttagt     61980
     cactgggagc tctgggggat caggtgggtt ggtattgttg ttcttcctat ggggttgcaa     62040
     accccttcag ctccttcagt ccttccacta acttagcatt gggggtcccc atactaagtc     62100
     tgatggttgg ctgcgagcat ccatgtatgt attggtcagg ctctggcaga gcctctaaaa     62160
     agacagctat atcaagctcc tgtctgcaag catttgttgc catcagcaag agtgcctggt     62220
     tttggtgtct gcagatggga tggatcccca ggtgtctgca gatgggatgg atccccaggt     62280
     ggaagagtct ctgtatgacc ttcccttcag tctccactct ttgtccctgc atttccttta     62340
     gacaggagca attctgggtt aatatttttg agatgggtag gtggccccat ccctccactg     62400
     gggggggggg ggggctgtgc ctaacctctg gatgtggtgt ctacaggttc tctctcccca     62460
     tttttgggta tttcagctgc tgtcatccct gttgtgtcct gggaaacttc ttgctttcct     62520
     ggcagatagg gtttcattgc agagtccctg gatttccttc aacttgctgt gttgaccatg     62580
     gcggcttcaa actcatcgat ccaccagcct cactgcctgg tcagtgctag gattaaatgg     62640
     tgtaaaccat gcaaaggttt ttaatatttt ttttttattt tttattttta ctttagaaat     62700
     cactcaacct ttaattcagg gtctctcctt agaatgtgaa tcactaagac aggctgtcat     62760
     ttttgtttcc ctggtaacaa caatgttttc atacttacag tgggcattac caggattatc     62820
     tatggttact ccatgttgta ctaacagaac ttcatccaaa tagcattaag aagtgcttca     62880
     tatcagaata attttaaaag aagtgttctt tgaaattttc caacacatat tttgtcagaa     62940
     agcttaaata tatttttttc aagcgagtat tatgaacaga attagcagag tattcctgta     63000
     catggaacag cataggaata tactaaaaac aagggaggga aagatgatca atgttttaga     63060
     gctccatcta ttcaattcct ggcactgaca tggctgatca caagcatcta tagctccagc     63120
     tgcaggaacg ttgacatgct ctgctgatct atatgattac cagacatgag atggtatact     63180
     accatatatg cagacacact atctacgtac gtaaaataaa ataaaaatga gaaattttaa     63240
     aatatgatta aatacaattg aaaaaataca gtcttcattt gggttggaaa tttttgatca     63300
     ttttcaatag ttcttgataa ttttcctctt ttattcattc ggtgagctaa cctaagatat     63360
     caaacagtaa gacaaaaata aaagcaatag ctttaataaa actaagcaac aaagcatggc     63420
     ttacagatct gtgatatatt gaagtcacgt tttacctaat gtattcagaa agcaaataaa     63480
     aagtgctcta gtggaagata tatacatact ccaatcatat tgctctagac atttctgtca     63540
     atttacattt tcaatgaata ataaataata ttttaatgtg tcctcgtttg taaaacctgc     63600
     aatgattttc aattttctgt caaataccaa tatctcttca attatacatc aaacccatgg     63660
     attcctttcc attccatgct agaatgtata aattcatgct ataaattcat gattgcattg     63720
     gacctgttct gtccagacaa caatttctaa caatgatttt tctatcttct ctggctataa     63780
     ctatctttat ctctcttgtc catcttctat gatgctccct aagccttgtt gacccaggga     63840
     atattcagta gagtattcaa atgacattct ctggccattg atcagttgtg agtttactcg     63900
     ttagtccacg acacacagaa acaatgttga agtttaaaag tttgtctaat gttcacatag     63960
     cgagacacat gttgagagag gttgtaatac taagtatatt taatacaata ataggagtag     64020
     attcagccct gggacttcta ggctccccaa tcttcatacc atggttttat actattaata     64080
     tatgactaga acaaaattaa ttgaactcat actgtaacat gtgagaggaa ttactttaca     64140
     ttttaatgaa cgtattcaca atcacaaaag tactcacaca atatgtactc actgataagt     64200
     ggatattagc tcagaaactt aggatacccg aaagtattct aatgcaacaa agaaaccaac     64260
     tttcttctgt ggtttttttt aagtagtata gtttaaaatc agtaatattt caaatataac     64320
     tgtgaacgac aaaaggcaaa aggcaaaaag aaaaaaaaat ctaacgaaaa tgttctaatg     64380
     aaagtgatga ggcctcttca agttataaaa caaacttctt cttggatgaa aaatattaaa     64440
     tgttttatga gtattatatc taattactag attttacact tttaaaaaaa ttaatgtttt     64500
     caaacattag ttgcctttat catttaatta ttttattttc tgttattttt cataatggtg     64560
     gtcatgacta gtgagtacat tccagcttcc tcctactcag ccttcctttc ataactatgt     64620
     cattactaca tttcttatac cagatattcc ctcctccact ttcttactgt atgcatgtga     64680
     aaaactttat ggacttaaaa aagaattgag ggaacatgaa tgctggggca tactaatatg     64740
     tccctcagag acatttatat ttctatatga attttcaagt actttgttaa agtttatttc     64800
     tgtgaatggt gacattggaa tttttggagg atcatattca gtcaatacat tgattttagt     64860
     gatggccact ttcataattt tatttctcct atctttggca tgaacagttg ttctgtcttt     64920
     ttgtgttttt tcagtttcat tctacagtgt ttaaagattt ctttgttccg gtcattcttt     64980
     tccttggtat tttagttcca tttctcctaa ttatgttaat ataccagtaa aagcaatgta     65040
     aggaaggaag gggtgtgcct tggtagacag tttgagcagg tgtaatgcag tgtgttagtc     65100
     aaacatggca acagtgtgtg agtggtcaga ctacagttag agaaaggagg gactgaacaa     65160
     gaaatgtgtc tggtcaccca agcaaccaat tatcttcgaa tggctccaaa gacttctcaa     65220
     agagtgcctc cagctgtgct caaacaggag agcctttgag catttccaat tcttaccaaa     65280
     ttataccctt gtactccata aatgtatggc catctcagtg tactaattgc actcagtcca     65340
     aattcaaaag cacctgaaac aggtaacttc tctgtccctc tcaattccaa agtcagaact     65400
     gtcatctgta acacaaggaa gtttctaact ttgaaacttt ataacatcaa aatgttaatt     65460
     ccatggtgtt gacaaacaat ggagcagaat aaacatacac tcaacaaaat tataaattag     65520
     ggaaatagca aagaccaatc agacaaatgc atgattaaaa tgtatctggg aaaagataaa     65580
     tcaaatcaaa tcaaaaatca ttttctttta tttctttatt gttctcctat ggttagacat     65640
     cttcgtatca atagtgctgc ctggccacac ccatggggtg gagacaagta ggatgaaaca     65700
     ctcaataata gtgagactgg ctttgagcca agctgtttta ttaccatatt tcacccctta     65760
     gattctaaaa tgagagattc tcaaactatt tacatttgac aaaacctttc agttacacaa     65820
     ataaagttat actcttaaag aagaagtatt ttaatatttt tatggcatag gctataaaat     65880
     tcttcttaga gcacttaaaa tctttgtatt ctttataatt ttgttagaca ctgcatgctc     65940
     aaacatttga tgtttaatga ctgtttttaa ccgattgtta taaattcttc agttaactta     66000
     tattcttcat tcagaattac tcaaaaccac aactaaactg atttatgttg gacatgataa     66060
     ggaaatttga catattctct gatcttcaat agctaagagt tcaatgaagt gcaaggcaca     66120
     tatttatatt tgcaacatct tctgttacat aaaacatagg catatatata ttgctctagc     66180
     ttgattggtc accaatataa acccaggaat tataaagaat tatcttgggg gagggtatgg     66240
     gggacttttg ggatagcaat tgaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa tacctaataa aaaataaaga     66300
     attatctgta atatgagaat aaagtctatt ggctctagaa tagcaaaatg aacacaaaca     66360
     gggttttgaa tattctgtac tttaaaccaa cttttttaca acactgagaa aattctttga     66420
     tgaaaatagt tatgaatgtc taaattaaga cttagaattt gttctctatg tcattatcaa     66480
     agcttgtcaa gctctaaaag aatttttaat aaacccatga caaaataaat gtacacaaag     66540
     taaatgaagt tgtataaagt actaaataat gagtcaaaaa gtaaggcctc tttgaatcta     66600
     ttaggacagt gctttaaagc tagtatacat actgtcaagt ataataaact tcatgtcaag     66660
     ataatccagt gtttcagtaa tggatgtctt gcataatagg aatatatgac atgtataaaa     66720
     caaattgaat tgaattcctt ttttctttgc tctgaccttc aaattgattg aagcacaaat     66780
     acaattatgg aataacttag ggaagatatt ggtttgcttg tctaatttct aagtttctta     66840
     gagttggatt gatgtagata ggaaatggaa cacagaaact gctgatcact tctcttgctg     66900
     gatttgaatc ataagctata agacaatata gcaacttaag tttttgttta aacattttgg     66960
     tattttcatt tctaataaaa tttcacttgt atagaaatag tatgaaagta tcaataaagg     67020
     aaaagcttat aacagaaaca tgctatgcaa tttatttatt tttcttttct tttttccaag     67080
     acagggttgc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctagaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc     67140
     tcaaactcaa aatccatctg cttctgcccc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtacaccac     67200
     caccacccag ctcatgctgt gcaatttata ttcttccatt gaacctaatt aattattaaa     67260
     atggttttat tcaactgtta tagaacaatg cataataaat atttttataa gaatattata     67320
     taaactaaca tatgtactct acttagttcc tacctttgtg tagtgaaatc caatataatg     67380
     ttgtcttgtg cagttattta gtttgcatta aaagggtctg ttgtggtcta ggtatcactt     67440
     cacaagccat ataaacaaca atctcagtca gagttggatg gtttattaaa agcactccct     67500
     tttttttggc cctggcattc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcgtg tccaatgggc     67560
     ctctctttcc agtgatggcc gagtaggcca tcttttgata catatgaagc tagagtcaag     67620
     agctccgggg tacagggcca aaaaaaatgg gaatgggtgg gtaggggagt tgggggggga     67680
     gggtatgggg gacttttggg atagcattgg aaatgtaatt aaggaaaata tgtaataaaa     67740
     agtattaaaa attaaataaa agattaaaaa agcactcctt tgtacttgtc agaccagggg     67800
     cttgtcagac catagttccg aactgtctga actatgtcat taaacatttc tcacaacagg     67860
     ctttttatag ggaaaaagag gttcaaatgt ttaaagggca aggagggtag caatattccc     67920
     gtttggctta ctagataagg tattatcaac taaccattaa gctgactggt cccaagtgag     67980
     gtaagaaaga tggtggacag gggaatttca gaacctttgg atagcagagc atgattctta     68040
     taatcataac ttttggctta taggtagcat tcttccaagt cagccacgaa aaccacaaag     68100
     agctaatatg caggtgcagg acttctgcct ggtttgagct ctgactcaaa ccataacagt     68160
     tcctattgat gtttgatttt atgggtacta cataaacctt tgtgaaattt cctaagacta     68220
     gcaaacctca tacagaacat tcagaacaaa tagaataaaa cagggtgtgt ggtcagcatg     68280
     tccttcctct gagccaagtc atttctcttt gtaaatgact ggcaggcata ttacagcaac     68340
     gctatgaaat gggtagtagg catggactac aatggctata tatatgctgg gaatggggtg     68400
     cgttaaagac aatagcatgt ctttaatcta caattctaac agtttgtacc tagggtaagt     68460
     gatatatttg gacctcactt ggtaaatgta gatctgaaaa acatattcct atgtgataga     68520
     ttttaatgaa attatgtcac tataaaatta ttaaaaatga gaatattaat ttcaaataac     68580
     tgacttgatg atgtttctgt tccattccag tttactaaac aattaaatcg ctgttaactt     68640
     gtaaaaaagt ttgttcatga ccttgaattc atggtagttt ccgaatcaca atatcatcat     68700
     ataaatgtgc atacatgttt atgtctacat tgaaaataca aattataaat aaataaaacc     68760
     attgcataaa agtaaattgg tagcatggaa actaatgaag atttagtcat tatagttacg     68820
     actgtacaac cttgaaaata tgaggtaatt ttgtacaata tgaaaattgt aagtagtaaa     68880
     tgtattgttt agtcattatt gaaagtctaa aaatatattt acataaaaat catacacaaa     68940
     atgaatatta aaatctaacc aggcttcctc aatacttttg taaagcttat ttccaaaaga     69000
     gtaatcattt aataagagat ttcatgttgc ctttggctta tcatgagcag agattcatta     69060
     gtagcttagc tatgggttta accaccaatg atgtgttttt ttatcattta tttaaagtga     69120
     gatatgtcaa caaatatagt aaaggctaat tgttaaattt tcattaaagg atttttaata     69180
     tattctcata ttcatagaac tcctcctaaa ttcctttctg ctggttactg gtagttgttt     69240
     gcctaactgt cttcatttaa ataaggagga atcctaccta agcttggaaa catgagaaac     69300
     tcataagtat gtgatgcagt actgttcaga acaggggttt tctgacttct gatgctgtag     69360
     attgcaatct gaagcagtaa tttatcacta gagcagggat aggtgagctt ttgtcattca     69420
     gccagcacag taacatggat ctgtagaatt tattgccaca ggcttttctt agctgtgaga     69480
     agaatttaaa tgagatgtga tgtcttatct caagtgaact tcttatactc atctttatag     69540
     aagtttgtct tttggatcgt gtacagcaat tcaaagaggt tacataacct caaaggggtt     69600
     cagctttatg cctcatctat gatatattaa aagaagcatc tatatctttt attttttgcc     69660
     tcatagtaac tatagaaaaa cattccattt tcattttttg gtaataatat gcttttatac     69720
     ataaaaagat gtataatttt ataatgtcat aaaattcttg gactatttca atatgcataa     69780
     ttagaaatat gtatgagtca cacacttcat tcctgtagat aatacaatgc gcagtttact     69840
     tcctacgaga ctcagatgtc tccttacact gctttgatcg tataatcttt gcatatttca     69900
     ctacagatac agggtcattg gcgtatttac attactagct gcacctcaat atttctgttt     69960
     ctttccccat atcccctcct cctcccaatc acctcccaat cactacccac aaatcattgc     70020
     caagaaaagg ggtctatctc acaactttac cttgtaaaat aacaactaac aaggattctt     70080
     aaaagtcaca catgtacaat gcctccaatt tgttaaaata ttacctgcaa agatataagt     70140
     aaccaccttt cctgaagtga tgattgcaaa attattccta gtaggtattg aaaagtgtgt     70200
     ctcggcggag gcaaagtgct tgcagtcatc caattaaagt tttcacctca atgccaacta     70260
     gcatcctatg gaacacttac acaacccttc tctaataaaa atatcatagc ttttttattt     70320
     aacagtggga ttgactatga ctgactttct ggctaagtat agttcaggat atgatcatat     70380
     ttactttctt ccctacagtg aattgtaaac tatattaaaa tcaagtttct attgtctttc     70440
     ttttttcttt tttgtttttt ttaattaggt atatctttca tttacatttc caatgctatc     70500
     ccaaaagtcc cccacccact cccctaccca cccactccca ctgcttggcc ctggcattct     70560
     cctgtactga ggcagataaa gtttgcacga ccaatgggcc tctttttcca ctgatggctg     70620
     actaggccat cttctgatac atatgcagct agagacatga gctccgggga gtactggtta     70680
     gttcataatg ttgttccacc tatagggttg cagatccctt tagctccttg gttactttct     70740
     ctagctcctc cattgggggc cctgtgaccc atcaaatagc tgactgtgag catccacttc     70800
     tgtgtttgct aggccccggc atagtctcac aagagacagc tatatctggg tcctttcagc     70860
     aaaatcttgc tatgtatgca acggtgtcag cgtttgcagg ctgattatag gatggatgcc     70920
     cagatatggc agtctctaga tggtccatcc tttcgtctca gctccaaact ctgtctctgt     70980
     aactacttcc atgggtgttt tatccccaat tctaagaagg ggcaaaatgt ccacactttg     71040
     gtcttcgttc ttcttgagtt tcatgtgtgt agcacattgt atcttatatc ttgggtatcc     71100
     taagtttctg ggctaatatc cacttatcag tgagtacata ttgtgtgagt tcctttgtga     71160
     ttgggttacc tcactcagga tgatgccctc caggtccatc catttgccta ggaatttcat     71220
     aaattcattc tttttaatag ctgagtagta ccccattgtg taaatgtacc acattttctg     71280
     tatccattcc tctgttgagg ggcatctggg ttctttccag cttctggcta ttataaatta     71340
     ggctgctatg aacatagtgg agcatgtgtc cttcttatag gttggaacat cttctggata     71400
     tactaaagta attttgaaaa ataattaatt tttaaaaata tcctccctta aaatatggtt     71460
     tgatagtctg aaaatgggtc ccaacaatga agggattaag ttgccactca ctactccata     71520
     ttttctctac ctatatttga gtgtatgttt cattagaaat tacttttaaa tggttcttta     71580
     tattttcata ttttgttaca tggagatttt atggagggtt ttttttttct tcttcttctt     71640
     ttaagacaca ctttttaatg gccttggcct aggagccatc attggccttg gagttgctgc     71700
     ccttttgcta atccttgtgg taacagacgt cagctgcttc ttcattcgac aatgtgggtt     71760
     actaatgtgc atcaccagga gaatgtgcgg gaaaaagagt ggctccagtg ggaaaagtaa     71820
     agaacttgaa gaaggaaaag cagcttacct gtaagtactg gacaccagca ccacctccca     71880
     tgagtggagc acaagtacaa cttgcatgca ttgtttaggg ctgtcttcta agccagaaca     71940
     ggtacttaag tataatgcac tgcaaatatt attgtttatg cttgccttca atctctactg     72000
     tatacatgca catacataca cacacacata tatatacaca cacatataca tatacacata     72060
     aatattttca tacacacatg tatacatata taatagttga ctatctccca atgattttaa     72120
     tattgtggga gcaatgattt caaaaaaaca atcttgttca aatttctcat caatatattt     72180
     ttattattta aattttctac tttccttatt tattctcaga atgtatatta tactttaatt     72240
     tctaagaata catattgatt tcccctaatt tctatgttat acaaatggat gagtccacaa     72300
     tacacattat tgtttactcc actaataatt gtttgtgaaa cttgtggata ttatgtatac     72360
     agatatatga taatgttaaa tatttattca atagttcgtc atggaaatgt atgataattt     72420
     ctttcatcat taaatttttt agcgaatact ttggtagtat tcagtttact actatgaaat     72480
     cacaagttaa gatttttgtt tttctattta agtatggatt tgatgggata ttaccatggg     72540
     aaaaatgctt gagtgttaat attagttcaa aacaccccaa actaagagca ttctacattt     72600
     atttcctgtt attttaccaa ttatgttgat tatatattat tttctattta tcctcataat     72660
     tatctggaat cattttaatg tcaaattttg tcattcagta gcatacaaat ttaaatttaa     72720
     tgtactaaaa ttttataatt ttataatttt tgactctgct tgatctataa cagttcatcg     72780
     ataagctttc tataacaccc acaaaactgc tttatttctg ctttttattt aaacttacta     72840
     tgcccttaac cttaggatgc tgattcttct caggagtttc acttttaaat taggtttaca     72900
     cagcagcatt gctaattgaa actgacacat gttgtttact aacagtgtgg tggtttgaat     72960
     actcttggcc cagggagtag tactatagtg agatgtagtc ttagtggagt ggtgtgttct     73020
     ttttgcagga tgtgtgtcag tgtggggttt ggccttgtga ctaccccacc tagctgcaag     73080
     agagtcttct cctatctgta gttgtatcaa gatacagaac tcttactcct tctccaacac     73140
     caattctgcc tagataccac catgttttgt gccatgatgt caatggaatg aacctctgat     73200
     gctgtcagcc agccccaaat aaatgttgtc ctttataaga gtttccttag tcatgctgcc     73260
     tcttcacaac aatggaaacc ctaactaaag cagaagttgg taccagggac tggggtatta     73320
     ctgtaatagg cctgaccatc cttttgcttt taggaatgtg gactatagga ctctctaaag     73380
     cattgagatg gtttaagtgg ggcataatgg gctatatagg tagaagcatg gaagtgagtg     73440
     ttgaaaagtg aattttgaat taaggggaag tggtttcaaa ggagaagaat tttagtaagt     73500
     ggcctagaga ctgtttttgt catattttgt tgaagaatag ggatgatttt tgaccttgaa     73560
     tgaagagtct acctgaggct aagttaaaga gattttgatt aattgcattg acaaaagaag     73620
     tctcagaaaa gtacagcata gactttgtcc tctatatact catcaaggtt gttttattaa     73680
     gtgtaacaaa cttggtaaaa ataatacaaa attatagttc aagtaataaa acggtacgag     73740
     gaagtacaat ggagctaatt gctatgttca tggagataaa gagattaagg gagtggtgat     73800
     tttgggccag atcccaccca gctaagctta cagtttatgt gtctgtcatt ggacaaagaa     73860
     ttcttatata atgttaggca ttattattac ttgattattg ttttcatttg gaattttatc     73920
     ctgaatgaat tatgattcag ttatacagga caatgccttt gatctggatt ttgaggaata     73980
     gtatccatga aaagattagg ccatgaaaaa tatggtagta catgcctttg atcccagaag     74040
     acagaggtaa gcagatctct gagttcaagg ccagcctgat atagtgaaag ttacaagtag     74100
     agacatgctt agttatgagc atggtaatag atgcctataa tccctacatt cagtagacag     74160
     agccttgcag atgtctgaat tcaacatcag tctatacaac aagatcctgg atggaacaac     74220
     ataggtagtg aaagaattgg aatatagaaa cctggtgata gtgtaatgga acaaaggtac     74280
     caagttctag ttccaggatg cagcagtact tggcatcttt ggccatgtgg ctctggtttt     74340
     agagtcaaga gtacaagaga ctactgggac aattgatgct ggttagctgg aaactagatg     74400
     tgattaagaa gaagccaacg ggctgggtgt ggtggcacat acctttaatc ccagcactta     74460
     tgaggcagag gcaggaagat ttctgagttt gaggccagcc tggtctacag aatgagttcc     74520
     agtacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa accaaaagaa gaagaagaag     74580
     aagaaaaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag     74640
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaac cagcatcagt aagtgaaatc     74700
     ttctgggaag tgctttctgt gagcacaaag aagctgtgtt ccagagataa ctaaggttgt     74760
     acttcgtgct tcaactggac ttttttaatg tgtaagaacc actaaagtgg tactggtatt     74820
     gaagtaatta acgggtcatg tagagcagct gaggcttggc aatgtgaaag agcagtgaag     74880
     gctattggtg aaggtgcagc cacagttgca cctgatgtac caggactaag ggggtcatgc     74940
     aaagaagttg aggcttggca tcatgaagaa agcttttgag aggatattgc taaagcagaa     75000
     gactcaaact aattgtagat gctagtacta tgagatgatt cctgagaaca gcagcagcat     75060
     tgacttggag tcaaccagag cctatagtgc tacagagagc aggtcttgag aggtgatgca     75120
     agccctttgg aggaacccat aagatcatgt atgcatccca gatactggaa caagaaagga     75180
     taaagctgaa gttgtcttga acagcccaaa atactagaga tgttgaactg taagatacct     75240
     gatgaaaaaa gtaaataatg gagaatggca ccagcccagg agaaacaagt ttgttgcaat     75300
     caacaaagat gaaaagagtt agggatatga ggagtgcttt tacatcagaa atggaaataa     75360
     agagattgga ggttgcccag cttgtttttg gtactgcttt ggtccagaat ttcatcacta     75420
     tgacattttg gaatggaatt gtatatcatg tgatattgaa atcattccat ctccttcatg     75480
     gtttttattt tatagggaat tgtggttaag caattagatg aatctcagaa gagacgttga     75540
     acttttaata ttgctgagac ttttagacta tgggacttcc aaaattggat gaatgtattt     75600
     ttcagtttgg tgttttctgc ttctctctga agtgctttgt tttccatcaa atgaactatg     75660
     gcaatctatt ctactctgct gtctccttct cattctttcg ttgcaactga tgctaaactg     75720
     aatggatgga attcaactga actgactgac tgaacttaat ggatgaactc atgaacaaac     75780
     tcaattcaac tgcactgatg ctgctctctc tctgtgtgat gctccaaagc agcttctctt     75840
     tcctgcctgt tcttttgaga gttgggcaca tcttatctct gactcattct gtcaagtatt     75900
     tgatttgtca ctttgcctac atctcaacta agcatcactt gtgaatatgg ctggctcctt     75960
     ctacaaacta agtttacctt catcgttaga aattaaagcc acatactaag ggtgtgtttg     76020
     tatttcagac agatcacaga gacctaggta ttttggttta agttaaaatt catagagatt     76080
     tatgaagatc tgttgatgtg atgatccttc acacatgcca tcctgatcat ttgtccttca     76140
     gcaaatgtcc atttagcatc agtgttttcc aatctgccat tctgatgaat gatttatctt     76200
     ttttcagcca gttttttaag ctgttcccat gcaggtagaa ggggtatcag ctttcttcat     76260
     cctctgcatt tctatctttc tggtgtctga gtcatcactt cttcctggca aatctcctgc     76320
     ctggctctat ctcagaattc tttctccctc ctgtatgtct caccttctgt ttcctgtcta     76380
     atacacaggc tgtaggcttt taattgacaa gtgatgcaca tgagattctc tttacattac     76440
     tcagatcagt tcattattaa ttttgattga acccatagta tttcatcacc tatggaaatg     76500
     taaacaaaac atcttcccta actaacatat tccatgatat ctagtctgat gttaaaacat     76560
     ctttgaaatc tacaagttga tctaaaaatt ccacattttt ctacaattta gtatctttaa     76620
     gataatctta ttctcccttt ctgtttatca aggtataatt agatttttat gaatccacac     76680
     aaaaactaca gacttagaca cttgtatttc atgccagaac cagggaattt gtgggtttgt     76740
     aacgtttgtg aagttcatga tttccactgt ttccaatgtt gtacattact caaaatttta     76800
     aaagtacttt atgcttaatt ttttctaact agggaagaaa tttttcaaat tataaacatt     76860
     aaatgaaata ttttaatttt tagtacttag attttattgg ttaagtgact ttttcaatat     76920
     aattttcttt gtattctcaa aacatgacta tcatctctag tctaaactgg cttcaaatta     76980
     caatcttcgt gacttgctcc tgggtgctag acttacaaat gttcagtata ttttctaaca     77040
     ctaaaacaaa gaaacaaaca gtctaccccc cacccccccc aattaaaata attgtaatca     77100
     aatgagacga cattgcttta ttctagttcc ttagggaaaa aatcccagag gtatctattt     77160
     aaaaggaaaa gtgttcgatg tttgatttat tggaaatcaa tcaggcatga acgtgtgtgt     77220
     gtaagcctag atgagcatat ttgacacatc gaagaattaa atctttttct atatcatttt     77280
     taggaaagat ggatcaaaag aaccgatagt ggaaatgaga acagaagatg aaagaatcac     77340
     taaccatgaa gatgggagtc cagtaaatga gccaaatgaa accacaccgc taacagaacc     77400
     tgagtacgta gctgcacatg cttgcatttg ggaatacata acagtaaagt ggtaaaatat     77460
     ttaagtaatt gtcatatcaa taatatcact ttattaaggg aaatatttta ggtttttaaa     77520
     ttaaagttca tttaactctt aaagtccatt ttaagatatt tcccttgaaa gtataatttc     77580
     ttacatttta aaatataaca aaattttact aaaatatata tgtggcatga aatccttggc     77640
     ctcactgaat attgatacac attgcaacat gcatagatta ttaaagaaat tattcttctc     77700
     atgctaactt taatatgttc tttgataatt tcataactcc aatattctgt atcctaatta     77760
     ctttctatta tctctcatct tattcttaat cttgtcaatc tctctcccct ctataacttc     77820
     ttttcatgcg tctatggctc tattttgttt tctgattgat caagttttta acatgtgcct     77880
     tcttgtgtac atgcatttga ctctccattg gaatttaatg gccttattaa tgagtataca     77940
     acagaatata atgacagatt ttgcccctaa tccaccagta cttaatgata aaattaagta     78000
     cagaggttgg ctgaagttgt atttgtgaac atttggatat aatcatttta tcgggttccc     78060
     aaagaagcat atataagatg gaacactgaa ttagtgaatg ttgtaatcta caaaaaatat     78120
     aaacttatca ttccattttg tcaatttaaa atttagtgaa gctatctcag ttttagaaat     78180
     aaagaaacaa ggaatgtgaa gaggtggttc agtgtttaag atcagttgtt tctcttagag     78240
     aggacccagg ttcagttccc agccatcacc catgtgatac ctctaaaccc attacaagtc     78300
     cagtccagga aacgttgtac atttttctgg cctctgttag caccagagac acatgcagta     78360
     tacagacatg tatgcaatca aacactcata cacataaaga tattttaaaa aacaatatgt     78420
     ttaattgtca gaatcagaaa aaacttcaca gcatatttaa tagtgatatg aaaatattaa     78480
     gaaaaataat atgaaaaatg acaaagaaac attataagaa aaaatttgta aatgacacta     78540
     atctccatca atttccaaaa aatattgata actcacatca tttttaattg aatgcagtgg     78600
     tgtgtcccac acagaattga tattcttttg agaattatta gagatgataa aaaagtagtg     78660
     gacatagatc agaattctga ccctaataat tcaaaactaa tttgttttta attatacaca     78720
     gtgtaaaatc aaagttacct cacaataaac aattagattc atctagagtc acaaatactt     78780
     tatttcatat accttttgtt ttacattaga ttattaatgg taaatgataa ttattttatt     78840
     aaatcttagg ttattttgca ataaattgtt taaatactta aaagatcatt tctaaaaata     78900
     ttcataaaat taacatgata caaacaggaa tttatatttc aaaatacatt ttaatacata     78960
     taaatacata atattaatgg gaaaatgtga ccaagaattt aagaaatagc aaagaaaata     79020
     tatgagaggt ccaggaggaa gtaatggaaa ggagaaaatg tagttacatt aaaatctcaa     79080
     tgaataaaat gattatttaa ataagtttgt gtattttttc tgtaataagt agttaagggt     79140
     gtacttaaca aaggtttttt ttttttctgt ttttcttttc tttttttttt ttcctttttc     79200
     ttttttcttc tttgaaaagg tcagaagcgg gttttaaatt atacacctaa aaactgagtt     79260
     tgccatctct ctgtttattt ccagaaaatt gcctttaaaa gaagaaaacg gaaaggaagt     79320
     tttaaacgca gaaactatag aaattaaagt gtccaatgac atcatccagt ctaaagaaga     79380
     tgacataaag gcatgacaac aagtttcagc accttggtca gcacctcaag gagcatttgg     79440
     tttggagtga cactatgacc aaaactattc cattgacctt aatttctcgg gaaaagtcta     79500
     gcttggaata gcttgtacac atatacatac gacaaactcc tctggccaca acccatttct     79560
     ttctgttatt gtggtggtgg ttgtttattt tgttaagaat tcggtataaa gacttgattg     79620
     gcaccaattt tggggtttca gttcgattct ataattgaag tactgcaatt tattagatgg     79680
     ctaaagtggg tttttttttt ttgtcttata taacacaaac aaatatgttt ctctctaaaa     79740
     tattaggttg taatggaagg cagagaaaaa cgttgtgagc taaatgtggg aagtgtatga     79800
     aagccctgca tgtttataaa tcttatcttg ggcaaacaca ctattgtgag ggctttcaga     79860
     ctaagacgaa ggcacataat aaagggtatg ctttttatca ggggaatttc agggaaccca     79920
     ggcttgaaag ggccagtcag ttatcttttg cagatattag aaattgaaac attgttggag     79980
     aactcttttc accttatgac cacactgcat ttttcgacat tgatcttacg tacactgata     80040
     ccaggacaaa attgttacac atttgaaaga agattagttg tgtgtaaaat tagattagaa     80100
     agatccctaa atctcttttt atgtatacca tattcaccca cagtggatta cacaaaaagt     80160
     aaatgtatta caagtaaaaa tggtattgat ttctgccctc agcttcaaat aaagtgaatt     80220
     taaatgggaa aaatatcaat atgctgtctt gatatattta taaatacatg attattttta     80280
     tttataaaat aatttatcaa agataaggtt gttttcaagt acttcaactc atattagata     80340
     tatttgatgt atagttttag atgatcatta acattatatg tccctcatta aatgaaagtg     80400
     gctactgaat tataaaagta tgtgttaaac agatttaatt taacatacaa atgtgccaga     80460
     ataaaacctg aacaattgaa atgctactaa tgttttattt aaaacattgc attctaaaat     80520
     ctatttaaaa tcttctttaa tatttttgat aaccagctat ggttgaagca atcatttaac     80580
     tattcaacat aaactttcta atataatgtg tattatataa gaatatatta gttactatct     80640
     tacaagctat gcaaactccc tgaggtcaaa gtctgaatta tgacttaact tatgagtaac     80700
     aaaaaccaca tttgtgacca tcaatatgca tatgtcggga gtagcgtttt gatgatgtct     80760
     taagtcagag actataatgt ttctaaagac tctcccctcc tcacaacctt tagtgtttgg     80820
     gtatcaattg aacagctcta atattaatat attggagaat atattgtaat agattattga     80880
     aggaatattt ttaacactgc agatggatct gctcttacac catctctctt cgtaagtccc     80940
     cttttgaaag tataataaaa tatcaatgcc actctgaaat aattttattt ataaagtgct     81000
     tgtgtatcat ccaaagagag ccccatgtac gttattcctc ataggctagt tgtcaactag     81060
     actgagtgtt cccaactgaa tgctaaggtg ctgttctatc cacagtgctt tgctgtaatt     81120
     cagaattaac acagagacct ctccttcctg atcatcccgg catattctaa agaaagaggg     81180
     agagagaaga cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaaa cacacacagg     81240
     aacacacata taaatctgtg cctatttaag aatctgaaaa atgtctaagg taagcaaaca     81300
     aaccagttta acccttttga ccaacgtgct tattcaacat gttcttgaca gagttgcctg     81360
     gggtgtttag cctctgtttg tctggttatc tgggtttctt tgtaggatgt acttcattat     81420
     gcttgttttg ttttgtacca aatgtgctaa aactagtcga aatacttgaa tttgtttgtt     81480
     tgtgtaaagt gaacaggctt agtggtgtct atgaagcaat agccatgaat actgatttct     81540
     tttcctggat agaaccacat gggtttaaaa ctaatgatat taaaaataat ttgtatgact     81600
     gatgaagcga tttcgcatgt ttagaattgt catgtttgtg ctataccaca agaacagaga     81660
     aatcagaaga aaaaatattt tttgtgtttt ctcaatttga aactttgatt ttatcgtatc     81720
     tttagatttt tctatgtaaa gaaaccaaat taaacttata tatatatata atgttaaatt     81780
     tcttgtccat cttatggagc tgttaggtaa ctttggatag attccataca tggtatcaat     81840
     tgtctaggag atgctgaacc aatattgtcc ttgaatttga tgcccaggag aaacagtata     81900
     ttgatgtaga aaacatttta atctcctaat tacacaattt gtcaagtctc caaaagataa     81960
     atatcttatt gaaagatctc atctcatgac taatcctgga agtatctatt gcttattttt     82020
     aatcttgttt tagtctaaac aaattcacgt acttttaata actatctggg agtcactcat     82080
     gtattgcgat aaaatagcca ctggacaaaa tttaagtcct gttaagttaa tgtaaatttt     82140
     gcaccagtta aatcaagagg aaaataaatg taagattggg aatagttaaa aaaatgacaa     82200
     tctctatttg acatcatatg agtaaatttt actatttaaa gtaattcata ttttatttaa     82260
     aatttgacac aagtgagtgt ataaaagtac ttcataatga tttaaaaatg agttcataaa     82320
     ggtgatgtcc acaggttaat ttattatttt gtggataaca agcattgctg ttctatttat     82380
     actaatctct aacattaaca gtctctaaaa cttttatttc taatagtagt acataaatca     82440
     acattttcaa aggctttttg atccaacaga tgtcatatga atcttagtat ttgagttaaa     82500
     cacacatata aataaaaagt tattactaat taaatgaatt acaagttcca gcgattaatt     82560
     atatattgaa atcatcttaa tactttgagt aagtaacagg tagctgtgcc tttatattag     82620
     catgacattc tgttaaagaa aaactacaac cactctcact atttaagtgt ttcaattgaa     82680
     catgtgacac taaacctgca gtgtttacac tcaatgaaaa aacttagcta caacctcttt     82740
     cccttagaca caaaatctaa accaaaaaaa atgtatacac tcaacgtgta ctttagtcca     82800
     cccataagat actttaattt gttctatatc ctttttctag atgattagag catattgaga     82860
     aaactgtgac attcgctcta agagacacac cagatgctcc ttaaaatcag ggcaatcact     82920
     ggagtgtcac ttggatcctc agtgttgcag ttgagaccat aaatcatcca tatgatgaca     82980
     aggaaaacaa atatcaaaat gtctataatt gaaagagaaa gagaagttta aatttacatt     83040
     tttaatttag gaaatactgt gtagcatata atagctattt aaaattatat tattttttat     83100
     ggcgtatgat ataaatgctt agtttaattt tctcatggtg ttttctttca gagggattat     83160
     ttttaacaat tcatgaaagg tgaaaatcat ttttaaatga gagctttctt atttatgtca     83220
     aatttcttct cttaattaac actttggaac attctgtcta aagcataaat agcatataga     83280
     tatatttaca tatgctgaaa ttaaattgtg gttggttaaa aattcaaatt taaacataga     83340
     tgttaaatta tttaagataa aattatatat atggtcttaa aaatattcta atatgaaaca     83400
     actatgtata aatgaaaata ttataaaggg cctagcaata ggaaatgtgg agtaagtcca     83460
     attttcttcc aggctccacc atttttattt tattttattt tattttattt tattttattt     83520
     tattttattt tatttgtgtt cacccatgta gatgcagcta tttaacaata ttactaaaat     83580
     aataactatc tccctttata taataatcta ttacttttat tatgtataat ggtaaatatt     83640
     tatttggcaa ctcatttaat attcttaaaa atgggtcatt attaatgttt acttttataa     83700
     tattataaat taattaatac atattatctc taattttctt ggttttgaaa aaagttttgg     83760
     gtttacatat caggcattgt tcatgattat gattatagaa aaaatgtata tcacaacttt     83820
     atcctttgct gatttccaaa ctcatatctt ttcgtgtcta attttagcct ttcatggaag     83880
     agaaaaatta aagaaatgat gtttggaatg tttctgccac atccaaatcg aaaagttaag     83940
     gaaaagataa attaagttat acagaggtga acttttcctt taaaagattc acagaaatgc     84000
     ctgatgaagg aatagaaaca ttataagcaa atattagggt cagtaacagc agagtaagga     84060
     aaccccctaa tggaatctgg aagaccacct aaactgtgat atactctatc acacaatttt     84120
     aaaacgagat gtttaagcct aaaaacacac tactgtaaaa ttatatcttt aaaaataaga     84180
     acaactatac tgcatcttca aaaaatgttg ttggtttagg aatttccctc tcaaccccgt     84240
     gtaactaaat caacatagaa ataaaccctc acatttgagg gtatgtgaat tctattctct     84300
     tattcagtaa cataaaaaca tacagtcatt tattttcttt aacttacaca atccatacaa     84360
     attctttatt cttaactatc ttgttttctt atgatttcaa tatactatgt ccctatgaaa     84420
     tgctgtatat atatgtctaa actgtaaaaa agtatactgc aaatgttgaa gttttgtatt     84480
     tatgaaagac attgaaagta tggcttatgg tatttcaaaa ttgtcactct tcaccatttg     84540
     tatattaata gtaaagatac ttttacttta ataaagtgtc aaattttatg tttttctaac     84600
     aatatctcag tagtgagaga acttgtaatt aacaaaaatt tagtgtctag gatatacaaa     84660
     tatatttcta ggtggccaga agaaaaatgg tttctgcatt ttgtagcatt ttaaatcata     84720
     ggactatggc atataaacac tgccaaacca gaaaaatata aaataaacac ttgccacaga     84780
     gacatgaaat actagcttca ttagtattac caaggtaagc atgggaaata gggttgtgct     84840
     gtttgtttct atttcatgtt gaaattttat ttcatactat taagtttaaa agaagggtat     84900
     tatagaaatt gactatatgt acatacatat ataatatata tcacatattt tttttatttt     84960
     ctgatattaa attttcattc tcattattgt ttaattttag ccttgcaaag tttgttactc     85020
     cacaaaggtt tcaccagtgt gacttcataa acacaagctt aacactgggt taacatattt     85080
     gacaccagta gacatatcaa agtagaagtg gaaatgccta tgtatcatga accctacaca     85140
     aggaactaca ggaaactagg gaatgttaaa agtggtagaa atgttcttcc ctagtgaaga     85200
     aaatcccaac ttgattctcc tataccaaat gataagccct ataaagatat atacaagaaa     85260
     caccatacag attgaccagg ttatatttgg taatatgcat atggctatat atgtgttcaa     85320
     tgaagatgaa taaaagatgt catgaattta aaagaaagca ggacaggaaa atatatgagc     85380
     gtggggaagg gtgagagaaa caggagaaat gtaattctat tacaattaac ataaatattg     85440
     atgcatttga caataagcta acacataagc gtggttcatt gatgcccttt atcatctctg     85500
     gtctagctat aataatggtt atctattggc agaaaggcta agaatctggt atttgttcca     85560
     ttcagcagga agcatgaaac tggtcctcag tttacctagg tgtattcaaa ggaatagact     85620
     gtaataccag ctgaggactg ccacagcagg acagataaac cagccagtga gaatcaggga     85680
     aatctgtcca aaaaaaaaaa atcagtacct ttttgcttcc atgttttttt tttttctttt     85740
     gactctggga cacaggttta caatgattct tcagccatca aatgatctag acttgcaatc     85800
     agtccctcca cttcaaataa tccaatcaag ggaaaaaaaa aatcttgcca gtttttgtat     85860
     tttacctgat tccagatgca ctccacttga caaccacaat gagccatcat gcaaacagat     85920
     gattacggga actttggaac ctttttacaa ttcaggtaag aactcagata tggcattggg     85980
     aacaaaaaaa aagctatgct caaagtcttg atgctctgta cattgctagt tctggacttg     86040
     gacatattat gtagacattt attttataaa ttgggtaaaa attattggtt ctaaagcata     86100
     tatattattc atcttgaaga gatcactcat atatttactg atcagtgttt gataatttca     86160
     tcatttggtg tttacagcat agcaaagaaa aattgtgatt gtgagtctcc tgcttgctgt     86220
     ctttgaacat taattctgat atgaaattgt gttaggcagt gatctaacac agctgcttta     86280
     cacatcaatc tgaaatgaaa tggtttttaa aatactggct ttcattattc tttgtcaatt     86340
     tgactacatt ggcatccatt tttcagcata ttttggctac ttgcttccaa aaaggagtat     86400
     aagaaataga agttcaaagt acaaattcat taagcccctt tttacttcag gcttgcaata     86460
     ttcatttgat ttacaaaagg catgtatatg aggcatatat attctcattg tagaagagaa     86520
     tgcttctcag atgtacaatg aacatttatc ttcattgtcc cttctcttca gtccacattc     86580
     tattttgctg caatgaaaac aaatttgatg gctggaaatc ttagtcacat tcagaaactg     86640
     cttatcctac ttgtcacagg cagaaatttc ctcaagtttc ttcaaataag gtattttttt     86700
     gtcttcaagc agtaaagcac tttcaaggat tcaataattg tctcctgacc ttcaatttag     86760
     cctcttcaat cccagaagca ccaagaggat gacagaaatt ctagtccttt attgtagtca     86820
     gagatcttgt aaggcaattt cagtttcatt tattgatact actgtattca tttcttattg     86880
     ttgtgtttaa aaatcacagt gactttaatg tcttaaaacc cagacatgcc aggcagtgat     86940
     ggcacacacc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagagaca ggcagatttc tgagttcgag     87000
     gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagtttcagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc     87060
     tcaaaaagcc aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaca aaaaacaaaa cagccattac acatctcaga     87120
     tctctgcttc cctcaacata cctcttcttc tgaggtggcg attttgtgat tccttagttt     87180
     agatcaaaga gctcagggat cgttgaatgg ccacttagat gatgtagcat attttttctc     87240
     atgttttaac ctgatctgta atatcacctt tttacttata ttttcatgtt tggatgtgaa     87300
     cacgttttga gaagccttta tttgccaact ctaatctata taacaggaca ttgaaaatat     87360
     atttgcttca tgaatcactt tcaattttat cctattgatt ttattcaatt tatttattta     87420
     ttcactttac aacccaatat cagaccttcc tgtccttcta aaatcctctc atgtatgtct     87480
     tccctctatc ccccttagag caggaagcac cccatctagg tgtcaaaagc tgtttccaaa     87540
     agttatatat gcatatatac atatatatgc atacacacac acgcgcacac acacacaaat     87600
     atatatatat attaaaaact ctgaaagtct gaggaaggaa cctaataaaa ccaaaagtac     87660
     tatgaaacaa agctggtcac agggagtacc ctttagaatt ctatgatggt aaagcgggaa     87720
     atcctaagtc catgagatga aagtttcaac agaaatattg tttgtaggga agacaaatta     87780
     gcatcaagtg ctagtcactt ctttgtgaag tgtctttatt ttcaatgtgc tattattagt     87840
     ctacaatgtt gccacaattt tcacagggtg cattatctca gaactgtgga aacatgctag     87900
     atttcagtct taaacattgt cgtaactaaa gaattcgtag ataatcaaga gacacttaaa     87960
     cacaccggtt tgaatgatca aaaatttgaa aatacttgtg tttggtggag atgttcgaca     88020
     aagaagattc tcagccagag gaggatctta attactaagt aaggtaagaa tgattctttc     88080
     caatgatgcc cgacaacgct acatatgctg ctggagccaa gggtccctcc atgtgtactc     88140
     ttcctatggg gctgcaaacc ccttcagttc cttcagtgct ttctctaact cctcctttgg     88200
     gtgctcagtc ccatggttgt ctgtgagtat ctgcctctgt atttgtcagg ttttggcaga     88260
     gcctctcagg acagaggagg agaggccctt tgtcctgtga aggcttgatg ccccagtgta     88320
     ggggaatgtc ttggggctgg gaggcaggag ttggtggggg gtgtggtaac agggagaagg     88380
     gggtggaata gagggtttct gggagaggga actgggaatg gggacaacat ttgaaatgta     88440
     aataaaaaaa tccaacaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca aaagaatgat     88500
     tcattttatg gataccaata agtgaatcac ctcaaattca tctgtcatct atcgataggc     88560
     tcatgtagaa agtatttaag atggtagata acgtggtagg ttcatgggtt taaaaatatt     88620
     gacttccacc tgtatattat ataagaagat ttataatgtg ctatagtttc tttcctagca     88680
     aagtaattat attatcattt tcaaatgtaa tcataatgga atgacacctg cacaaccccc     88740
     aggaacaatg tagaaatctg atccttaaaa agatcactgt tattagcatc attctttgtt     88800
     ccaaattcca tataaattat catgtcagag ttctgcaaaa gaacagaaaa ctatgcagac     88860
     taacagaaaa ccagtgatag acatacatac accatcattt acatctgcag tatagatgta     88920
     aatatatatg taatatatga atggatatac atgtgtgtat gaatgtatag ttcatatagt     88980
     tgtgaaacaa cactattaaa aatcagctat gtgtatttta agtatacatt attttagcat     89040
     atgttatata taattgtgaa aacttaatag tctaaaacat acagtacaga aggttatgga     89100
     agggcactta gaacatgatc ctttagtatc tagggagtat tcatcagagt gaaaaacact     89160
     gatttgcata atcatcttcc ttgttttcat gagagagtgt taaggaaatt ccaagattaa     89220
     ttctttagtc actgattact ttcaaacaga aaatatatga tttgtaaaga gaggaaatta     89280
     taactgtgtt ttgcctccta ctgtcaagag tttagacaga gaccccctaa ttgaagtaca     89340
     catatttata ataacctgtg tttcttagag attctaatta ctcatctact gatttccatc     89400
     tcacaatatc ctatatgttt tatattgaag atgcttgtta ttttttcagc tgtaaatttc     89460
     tgcaggtagg ggccaataca ttttacttca tgaacacaat atgtaacatt tatttaagca     89520
     ctttccactt tatcgggact tttaaaaagt ttcaaaacca catttatatt ggcaagcctt     89580
     ctgtctaaat tagaaaagaa tgcgttatgt tgttaatgga ttattgtgtg tgtgccaatt     89640
     ctgtcagtgt agtgaataat gatacttaga agtgttcggt agcccttatt gatcttttgc     89700
     tcatagtctc attagctttc cgagtagcgt tagacacctc ccctcagttg gtgcatctct     89760
     ctttctcaca cttaactttt accatttttt atacttaatc atacatgtta ggatggttat     89820
     gtcttctgca tcaatttctc tttcatcatt atacatgttc caattcttat ttgagttaat     89880
     atgtctttct ttttatttga gattctcaat tacttggaat aataccatta aatcgatttg     89940
     gtgcattgac atgatcacca cgatgacact gagaattatc agctgaataa aaactttatg     90000
     gaaaacattt cctaataaat aacaaataaa tacatcctgg aaatatgttc tccaaacaag     90060
     gtagaaacag tcaacacaag aatctacagc acctgtgaat aactccatgc atgatgccta     90120
     caaaagatca aggcagctaa aattaaagtg cacatggagg agacagtcac aaactctacc     90180
     cctggctgag ggatgacttg cagttaatgg tttttaggag aaggagagtc agttttctct     90240
     aaggatgcag tccttgagac gctgcccacg tcccataaaa tgaccctaca actgtccaga     90300
     tagtggcagc attaagtcgt caaaatagat tttcaaaagt aagtgataaa acatgggaag     90360
     gaaagatgtg tgagagaaaa ggggagtagg aagaatagac tggacttgac caaaatatat     90420
     tagttgcata tatgaaattc ttaatggata atagattgat gcagagagag ggagaaggaa     90480
     agggatgggg agggggagtg gggagaggga gggggaggag gtctggacag aagattacca     90540
     tcatttgata ctattattaa ataaaaatat agaacaatct taactaaaca gagacagaga     90600
     ctatcccaca caggtgtata gctgactggt aattttctgt ggaagggaat gaaatgatcc     90660
     agtttttatt acatcatcaa gaacaaagat caggtccaga gtagggaggg aggacatgcc     90720
     aaatgaagga agagactgta gttaggaatg acactgctag gggagatcct agctcactgt     90780
     gggtagtgcc accctagaca ggtggtccta ggtgctgcaa gaaagcagga tgagaaagcc     90840
     atgggtgcaa gctagtaaac aacatttctc cttggcctct ggatcggttc ttacccttat     90900
     ttccttctgt gataggttgt gatgggggag gctaagtgaa ataaaccctc tccttcccaa     90960
     gttgtttttg gtcatggtct tttaccacat agctttagaa accccatgaa agacaatatt     91020
     tcaaactacc aacactctcc aataaactag gtgatagtgg caattccttt ttttaattct     91080
     tgtctgtgtt acaaaataga gcagagatcc cagttcttgt aggatatctc ccatcttgga     91140
     ttccactcag acactgattc tcactggaag catacaagtt cttgcttcat cgtcacgccc     91200
     atgtcccatt gctgtgtctg tgttattttc acttctaatg ccttctctct tgactgtaaa     91260
     gtcaagaata atgctcctga agttctttcc cacaagcaaa ggactcatac aagggaatgg     91320
     taccacgtag tctgcacatg cacagccgag ctggccacac atgaatatct cctggacttc     91380
     agtgtggatt cagtgaaact caaggggtag tagagtgtta tcatagaatc agtaaattat     91440
     gacattgagt ttattactat tcttgcatgt tactccttaa aactatagac taaaactcta     91500
     ggcagcctaa taccctgtaa caaagttccc cacccctgga cagggtcacc agactcttcc     91560
     agaatctctt gaccctcctg ctaatgttct gttctagtta atgagcctgt ctcagtttct     91620
     ctgacagcct tttcacaatt acatgccctc atgaatcttg ccctccatag gcaatgtgga     91680
     gtttcagctt gtagaataaa atgagtttaa aggaaaaaaa aaaaaaggaa ttacactgtt     91740
     ctagaagtag tggcagtaga ttcttctcta atgtccatga ccttactatt cctgaagagg     91800
     ctggctaggt ttccagtgcc aggcactgtc tccctactga ggtggcctta tgtacaatta     91860
     gatagctact acttgccaca gacatgtgag tgtcacttat tataccttta tgaatatctt     91920
     gccatgatga ttattgtcat agatcaaagg tgatacagct gggtagggct gtgtaattgc     91980
     ttaccttggc agcttgcaca gtattttctg gaaatattag cataggctac aaggaagagg     92040
     ctttcaagta aggtacattt tgattcatct gaatcctgcg tcctaagtgt atgctattat     92100
     tagtagtaca gacccaccca ccttccacct ctcttgggaa attataacta cattgtttgg     92160
     ggaattactt gtgtacattc actggtcatt caaatggtgg gctcttattc ctagtactgg     92220
     ggtatttctt tgtcagtgtt tattctgaga aacgttgtca gctccagtgt cttaacttta     92280
     agatattatt gcactatcac acacgtgtag ccaccaccct catcaaagaa gcttctcttt     92340
     acattcaaat agagattatc ataggaaacc acaacggagc acaattcagg accccaggca     92400
     cagtggatat atctacatca tgtctcctgc atcaataacg ccaggcctgt cttggaatga     92460
     ggaaattacc tgtgaaagtc tccaaccctg gacccctgca gggaagagtt tgcactagaa     92520
     tgaacacgaa accaagatga gaaaaataaa aatgaaaatc tcacatgtca ctgtgaaaaa     92580
     gtgaaccgtt cataagatca caaccattgg caaaaataaa tatagacaat gattttgggg     92640
     gaaatggaat ttcagtctcc cagggatgac cctgattatt gattaagcaa ttcagaggac     92700
     acatgcaact atatacagga cagctgtaaa acatcatgct gtgtttattt gtatttgtgg     92760
     tatacatgta catacacaca catacacaca atgcatatat aaggataaac atgatagtaa     92820
     aatggataac aaataggatt agggacattt gagggtttaa agaaagctta attgaaatca     92880
     gatggaggga gaaagaaaaa gggaagggat tgtaattcca cttcaattta aaactttaaa     92940
     aataataaca aacatttatt ttcctatcaa aatgacttat attttgaaga cataaaaatg     93000
     atattttatg tgcctttcac attatttctg gatgcaggcg aacagtatta gttactgatg     93060
     taatatcttc catgatacag gtataatgta gtcctatttt tatagctttg gtattcttgt     93120
     ttttataggt tccatagaaa ggaaggtttt tgacaaaata acatttattt cttcctatgc     93180
     cttaagtatt ttgtgcagta tcaacattga atatatttag aatagaatga ataccctttg     93240
     cattccaata tgaagcataa ggacaacaaa aagtacaaat taaaagattg aagaagtagt     93300
     attgagttaa attagaggta aatatataaa ttaaaaatga gtcatgatta actatccaat     93360
     tttgttcctt gcgtataaag tttactatga tcagaagcca aatagtttat tctttaaata     93420
     tagacacatg gaatatatgt ttgaatttta gggaagattt tattgtgaat tgattaaaaa     93480
     ttagcataca aagaacaaag acatttttta acctttgttt gaaagtttga acaatggttt     93540
     caaattaaag gcagaataga atgaaataat ttgttatagc atcaaaaaca aatgaaggaa     93600
     atgaaaaaca gttaaaatga aaataaaaaa aaaagtctgc attctggtct gtgcccaagg     93660
     caaatcaaat cagcttgcca gatccagact ccacagccct gcctgtctcc caggaagtct     93720
     gctttaatca gggacacagg tgagaccctg tctcaccttc agctgagacc ttcacagact     93780
     agtgacctgt cttgtcctga cagatcccaa ttgcccttcc agaacccatt attattcaag     93840
     tctgcacctt catctgcacc agtgtactac acgttccccc accacacagc ccagcctgac     93900
     tcccaggaag actgtattaa ccagagatac aggagacctg acttaactag agatagcatt     93960
     ctctgcgtct cagaacacac aggtcaatct gcatctgagg aggcctgcta caaccagaga     94020
     cacccaggcc agttaacacc agagacaacc agatggcaga aggcaagcat aagaatataa     94080
     tcaacagaaa tcacagtttg gcaccactag aacccagatc tccaccacaa caagccctat     94140
     ataccctaac acatgtgaag agcaagatta aaaccttaaa tcccaactca tgtagaagac     94200
     agaggtttta aggatgatat aaataattcc cttaaagaag tgccaaaaaa tacaatcaaa     94260
     taggtgaagg aattaagcaa aatggtctaa taactaaatt tggaaatata aatataaaga     94320
     aacaaatgga agcaatcctg gagatggaaa acagaggaaa gagaacatga attacaatca     94380
     taagcatcca aaacagaata caagagggga ggagagaatc tcagaagtag aatataccat     94440
     agaagatatt gatacatcca tcaaagaaaa tcacaactgt aaaatgtttc taatttaaaa     94500
     catctaggaa attttgaaca ctatgaaaag accaaaccta agaataatag ggatagaaga     94560
     gggtgaggat tctaagttca agatcaaaaa catctccagc aaaatcatag aatcaaactt     94620
     ttcttacata aagaaacaga tggccataaa tatctattaa agatgcttac agaacaccaa     94680
     atagattgga caagaaaata aaatactctg accatataat aatcaaaaca ctaaatgtac     94740
     agaacaaaga aagaatatta aaatctataa aggaaaatgt ccaagtaaca aatgaaggca     94800
     gaactatcag aattacacat gacttctaac agagactctg aaagtcagaa gatcctggac     94860
     agctgtgttg cacaccctga gaccaaagat gctactacta tccctgcaaa ttttatcaat     94920
     aaccacagat ggagaaacca agatattcca tgtcaaaact aaatttagag aatgtctttc     94980
     tactaatcca gcactataca ggatactaaa aggaaaacta cagcacaagg agggtaacca     95040
     catccaaaaa acacaagaaa ttaatcattt cttgacaacc ccccccaaaa aaagagaatg     95100
     atacatatgt aatacattta acaccaaaat aaaaagaact agtgatcaca gtcattaata     95160
     actcttaact tcaataaaca caatttctca ataaaaagat acaggctaac agcaacaaag     95220
     acaaacagta tctcacagta aagggctgca aaaaggtttc caaacaaagt gtgccaagcc     95280
     acaagatgag tagtaattct aatatccaat aaaaatagac tttcaaccaa aagtattcaa     95340
     aagagaaatg aaggacattt catactcata aaaggaaaat ccaccaagat gaaaatttaa     95400
     ttcttagcat ttatgcccta atacaagggc accaacattc ataaaggaaa ctttactaaa     95460
     gctcaaaaca cacattgaat ctcacacaat catactggga gacttgaaaa gcacactttc     95520
     accaatggac aattcatcaa aacagcaagt aaacagaggc acagtgaaac taacagaagt     95580
     tttagccaaa aaattttcag atatctagag aacatattaa cccaaaacaa aagattataa     95640
     cttcttctca agcactttat ggaagcttta ctacaattta ccatgtaatt ggacacaaaa     95700
     caagcctcag cacatacaag aagatttaca taatcacttg cattttatca gagcaccaca     95760
     gactaaggct gaacttcaat aacaacagaa agaatagaaa gtccacatgc tcagggaaat     95820
     tgataacttg ctcagagaag taataaagaa aaattaaaga cttactagaa ttcaatgaaa     95880
     atgaaggtgc aacacacaca aacttatgga acataaggaa agcagcatta agaggaaaat     95940
     tcataatact aagtgcctta aaaaagaaat tggagaattc ccatactagc aatttaacag     96000
     cacaactgaa atctctaaaa cagaaagaag caaacacaat caggaggagt agatcacggg     96060
     aaataatgaa actcaggaat gaaatcaacc aattagaaac aaagagcaca atacaaagaa     96120
     tcaacagaat caagaattgg ttttataaga aaataaccaa gatagactgt agaatgtagt     96180
     taaaaaatat aatactggct aggcaccaac aatggtagtc tccccacccc ccatggggag     96240
     ccacaagcag cagtcttccc tggttcccat ggtttgctgc taccaaacag cttgaacttc     96300
     ccaagccatc cattccctat tgcaaacctg tagaaactgg ccactgctgg cactgatccc     96360
     atatccctaa atgaacatct cagaggtttg taatttaaca gtcagattta tatcagtaaa     96420
     tcatcaaccc caaattgccc tcacaaacaa cccaaaactc aattgatagt ggtacaccta     96480
     gattgaacaa atgtacccta cattactcat tcttctatga aatccttagt tacctactga     96540
     tattaggacc aagaggttca ggccctcaag ttccatcttg tgtagatggg aatctttgtc     96600
     ttttctcctt ctctaaaact ttcagctctg ttccctcttt ccagtgacaa atcacaggcc     96660
     ttatcttatc aattacgatt tcacctgact gcacctgagc atgagcactc tagcgggagc     96720
     aaaacttaca aacagtaatc cacaacaata gacaaaccct tagcaaaact aactaaagga     96780
     acagagacag acgtcccaaa attcacaact taacaaattc agaagtgaga cataacaaca     96840
     gacactgagt taattcaaaa aatcatcaga tcttactaca aatccttaca cttgacaaaa     96900
     ctggaaaatc tagacaaaat ggataagttt ttagacaaat atcaaataac actttaaatc     96960
     aaaatctgat aagttgtcta aactctcccc aaactactaa ggaaacatga ggagtcattg     97020
     acaacctccc aatcaaagaa gtccagggtc agatggtttt actgcaaaat tctaaaagat     97080
     cttcaaagaa tagctagtac taatactctt caaattattc cacaaaacag aaacagaagg     97140
     aacacaatct aatttgtccc atgatgtcac agttactctg atacctaaac tacaaaaaga     97200
     ctcaacaaag aataaaaatt tgaaaccaat ttctcttttt ttttcttttg tttttattac     97260
     gtattttctt caattaaatt tccatgctat cccaaaagcc gccccccact cccctaccca     97320
     cccattccca tttttggccc tggcattccc ctgtactggg gcatataaca tttgcctgac     97380
     caatgggcct ctctttccag tgatggctga ctaggtcacc ttttgataca tatgcagcta     97440
     gagtcaagat ctctggggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg ttcctccgat agggttgcag     97500
     atctctttag ctccttggat actttctcga gctcctccat tgggggccct gtgatccatc     97560
     caatagttga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg ccctggccta gtctcacaag     97620
     ggacagctat atccttgcaa caaaggcttg ctagtgtatg caatggtgtc atcgcttgga     97680
     ggctaaatat gggatggatc cctggatatg gcagtctcta gatggaccat ccttttgtct     97740
     cagctccaaa ctttgtctct gtaactcctc ccatgggtga ttgtttccaa ttctaagaat     97800
     gagcaaagtg tccacacttt ggtcttcgtt cttcttcagt ttcatatgtt ttacatattg     97860
     tactttatat cgcgctatac taagtttctg ggttaatatc cacttatcag tgagtacatt     97920
     tcatttgagt tcttttgtga ttgggttacc tcactcagga tgatgccctc caggtccaac     97980
     catttgccta ggaatttcgt gaattcattc tttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgtg     98040
     taaatgtacc acatatttgt atccattcct ctgttgaggg acatctggat tctttccagc     98100
     ttctggctat tgtaaataag gctgctatga acatagtgga gcatgtgtcc ttcttacctg     98160
     ttggggcatc ttctggatat atgcccagga gaggtattgc tggatcctcc ggtagtacta     98220
     tgtccagttt tctgaggaac cgccagactg atttccagag tggttgtaca agcctgcatt     98280
     cccaccaaca atggaggagt gttcctcttt ctccacatcc acgccagcat ctgctgtcac     98340
     ctgaattttt gatcttagcc attctgactg gtgtgaggtg gaatctcagg gttgttttga     98400
     tttgcatttc cctgatgatt aaggatgttg aacatttttt caagtgcttc tctgccattc     98460
     ggtattcctc gggtgagaat tctttgttca gctctgagcc ccatctttta agtgggctat     98520
     ttgattttct ggagtccacc ctcttgagtt ctttatatat attggatatt agtcccctat     98580
     ctgatttaag ataggtaaag atcctttccc aatctgttgg tggtcttttt gtcttattga     98640
     cggtgtcttt tgccttgcag aagctttaca attttatgag gtcccattta tcgattctcg     98700
     atcttacagc acaagccatt gctgttctat tcaggaattt ttcccctgta cccatatctt     98760
     cgaggctttt ccctactttc tcctctataa gtttcagtgt ctctggtttt atgtggagtt     98820
     ccttgatcca cttagatttg accttagtac acggagagag gaatgggtca attagcattc     98880
     ttctacatga taacaacaag ttgtgccagc accatttgtt gaaaatgctg tcttttttcc     98940
     actggatggt tttagctccc ttgtcgaaga tcaagtgacc ataggtgtgt gggttcattt     99000
     ctgggtcttc aattctatgc cattggtcta cttgtctgtc actataccag taccatgcag     99060
     tttttatcac aattgctctg tagtaaagct ttaggtcagg catggtgatt ccaccagagg     99120
     tacttttatc cttgagaaga gcttttgcta tcctaggttt tttgttattc cagatgaatt     99180
     tgcagattgc tctttctaaa tcatcgaggg attgagttgg aattttgatg gggattacat     99240
     tgaatctgta gattgctttt ggcaagatag ccatttttac aatgttgatc ctgccaatcc     99300
     atgagcatgg gagatctttc catcttctga gatcttcttt aatttctttc ttcagggacc     99360
     tgaagttttt atcatacaga tctttacttc cttagttaga gtcaagccaa gatattttat     99420
     attatttgtg actattgaaa agggtattgt tcccctaatt tctttctcag cctgtttatt     99480
     ctttgtgtag agaaaggcca ttgacttgtt tgagttaatt ttatattcag ctacttcacc     99540
     aaagctgttt atcaggttta ggagttctct ggtggaattt ttagggtcac ttatatatac     99600
     tatcatatca tctgcaaaaa gtgatatttt gacttcatct tttccaattt gtatcccctt     99660
     gatctccttt tgttgtcgaa tttctctggc taggacttca agtactatgt tgaagaggta     99720
     gggagaaagt gggcatccag ccttgtctag tccctgattt tagtgggatt gcttccagct     99780
     tctcaccatt tactttgatg ttggctacag gtttgctgta gattgctttt atcatgttta     99840
     ggtatgggcc ttgaattcct gatctttcca aaatttttat catgaatgtg tgttggatct     99900
     tgtcgaatgc tttttccgaa tctaactaga tgatcatgtg gtttttgtct ttgagtttgt     99960
     ttatataata gattacattg atggattttc atatattaaa ccatccctgc atccctggaa    100020
     taaaacctac ttggtcagga tggatgattg ctttaatgtg ttcttggatt cggttagcaa    100080
     gaattttatt gaggattttt gcatcgatat tcataaggga aattggtctg aagttctcta    100140
     tctttgttgg atctttctgt ggtttaggta tcagagtaat tgtggcttca taaaatgagt    100200
     tgggtagagt tccctctact tctattttgt ggaatagttt gtgcaaaact gggattagat    100260
     cttcttggta ggcctgttta gaactctgca ctaaacccat ctggtcccga gctttttttg    100320
     gttgggagac tattaataac tgcttctatt tccttagggg atatgggact gtttagatca    100380
     ttaacttgat cctgatttaa ctttggtacc tggtatctgt ctagaaattt gtccatttca    100440
     tccaggtttt cctgttttgt tgagaatagc cttttgtaga aggatctgat ggtgttttgg    100500
     atttcttcag gatctgttgt tatgtctccg ttttcatttc tgattttgtt aattaggatg    100560
     ttgtccctgt gccctctagt gagtctagct aagggtttat ctatcttgtt gattttctca    100620
     aagaaccaac tcctcatttg gttaattctt tgaatagttc ttcttgtttc tacttggttg    100680
     atttcacccc tgagtttgat tatttcctgc cgtctactcc tcttgggtga atttgcttcc    100740
     ttttttttct agagctttta gatgtgttgt caagctgcta gtatgtgctc tctcccgttt    100800
     cttcttggag gcactcagag ctatgagttt ccctcttaga aacgctttca ttgtgtccca    100860
     taggtttggg tatgttgtgg cttcattttc attaaactct aaaagtcttt aatttctttc    100920
     tttattttat tttatttttt taatttcctt ccttgaccaa ggtatcattg agaagagtgt    100980
     tgttcagttt ccacgtgaat gttggcgaag aagtcctcag aagatggaaa ggacctccca    101040
     tgcgcatgga tcagaaagat taacatagtg aaaatggcta tcttaccaaa agcattctag    101100
     atgttcaatg caattcccat caaaatccaa aacaactctt cacagacatg ggaacagcaa    101160
     ttttcaactt tatatggaaa gacaaaaaat cccatgatat ccaaaacatt tctgaacaat    101220
     ataagaattt ctgaatgaat caccatccct gacctcaagt agtactacac aacaatagtg    101280
     atacataact gcatggtatg aataccaggg aagaaacatt gatcaatgaa atagatctga    101340
     agacctagaa ataaacccac ccacatacag acacttgata tctgacaaag aagtcaaaac    101400
     cataaagtgg aaaaaagaaa gaatcttcaa caaacggagc ttgtctaact ggcaatctgt    101460
     atgtagagaa atgcaaattg gtccatattc atcacactgc acaaagaaaa gcccaattct    101520
     gttaaggatt tcaacataaa aacatacact gaatcaaatt gaagagaaac tgcaaaatac    101580
     cgtagaactg attggcacag gggaaaattt actgaacaga acaccaatgg ctcagacact    101640
     aagatcaata atagataaat gggacgtctt caaccaaaaa gcttctgtaa ggcaaaggac    101700
     actcaaaaac acaaaaaggc aacctaaaga ttggaagagt ttttcactaa cccatcatct    101760
     gatagagggc taatttccaa aatatataaa gaactcatta agttagactc cataaaccaa    101820
     ataacccata taaaaatggg gatagggcat tttcggaggg gaaactagga aaggggataa    101880
     catttgaaat gtaaataaag aaaatatcta ataaaaaaga aaaaatgggg tacagagcaa    101940
     aacaaagaat tcataaccta atgtctgaga agcacacaaa aacatgttca aaatcttcag    102000
     tcatcaggga aatgtaaatc aaaatgacct gagattccat cttacatcaa tcagaatagc    102060
     taagataaaa caaaaaccaa aaaactcagg agtcagaaga tgtttcagag gatgagaaaa    102120
     aggaagtctc ctccatagct ggtacaacca ctctggaaat caatctagcg gttgcataga    102180
     aaactggaaa taattctact tcaagaccca gcaatactgc tcctaggcat atagccaaaa    102240
     gatgctccac catactaata tgttcatatc agctttattc ataatagcca gaaatgggaa    102300
     tttgatatta gctaaaattt acagaatacc catgatatga ctcatagacc ctaaggaact    102360
     aaacaagaag gaagtctcaa gtgaggatgt ttcaacccca tttagaagag ggaacaaaat    102420
     tatcatagga ggcagatgga aggacctaga tggcagagag gaaagggagg gggaaattgt    102480
     ggcaagagca gtaatggggg agggtgacaa gaaagaagac caaagagcca ggagaattag    102540
     tggaaatata cagcagcctg gggtggggag agtagtgaga agggacctat agactgtccc    102600
     agagacctgg aattggagga tactccaaag attcaatata ggtgaccttg gccaaaatgc    102660
     ccaacagtgc agttatggaa catgaagaga ccacctccag tagttagaca tggcctccca    102720
     tgagagagag agagagagag agacaccaaa ccactttcat aatttttgag cccaaattgg    102780
     tcctatctga atgaaataca gggaaaataa tggagcagac tgaaggaatg gctagtcagt    102840
     tactggccca aattgaaatc cgttccaagg gcagacacca aaccctgaca ctattactga    102900
     tgctatgttg tgcttggaac atggttgtcc tctgagaagc tctatgaggt tggggacatt    102960
     tatggaagag ttaggaagag gattgaagga actgaaggga acgtcaacta ggaagaccca    103020
     cactatcaac taatttggaa tcctgggtgt gcccagagac tgaaccacaa accaaagagc    103080
     atacaaggac tggtttgagg ccctgggaca tatgcagcag agaactgcct tttctggtct    103140
     cagtggggga ggaagtgcct aatcctgtag agacttgatg cccaggaaag tgggcagaga    103200
     tacctgggag gtggtgtacc cctcagaggt gaaggagttt gggatatgaa gaactctatg    103260
     aggggggatt gggagcgggg gacacttaat atatggataa ataacataat taataataaa    103320
     acagaaaaaa caggagatgg agaaagaaag aatgcaaagg aaaagaggtt gtgacaaatg    103380
     ttaagaaaaa tgtaaggaga gaaaaactga actgaaaaat acttgttaca ttattgaaca    103440
     aataaatgtt cagatattgt acggtatctt aagcctcgaa agccagtaat tgggtggagg    103500
     aaaaagtagg atagtgaatt tgaatatgaa tagactgtaa aggaagataa tgtcttaagc    103560
     aacataaggg gaattttaat cattattgaa cacaaataga aattatagca caatgaaaat    103620
     gagaaactga gaaagtctag gacactgtgt ttcctataaa attcaatata tgtttcagta    103680
     tggtattttc ctaacaactt tatttctgta aacacatgtg ccctgcacct aagcctctcc    103740
     tgcacatatg tagcagatgt gcagcttggt cttcatgtgg gtcctgagca actggagcgg    103800
     ggctatccca aaagctattg cctggatgtt ggatatgttg ttctagctgg gatgccttgt    103860
     ctgcccttat tgggagagga agcacctctc cttgcagagg taccaggtta gagccaggtt    103920
     agggggacct acagtgatcc tcacttgctc agaggagaaa gggagagaga gggagcaagg    103980
     attgtgagag gtggtgagca gacagcagta cgttagatgt aaagtgtgta agtaaaaaac    104040
     aaaaatgaat accatgtttt taaatatctt cagttaaata ggactatatt tttttcccaa    104100
     cagaatctct tttgttttga agttcaaaga aaactgtgtc gttagtaagg tggtgaagac    104160
     aaattatcct ctggcattcc ccttggtact ccagagcctt ttctaaacaa ttttggaatc    104220
     ttacaaagga attcatagta atcagccctc tatcactgat ctatacataa aatttccatg    104280
     gtgacatggc tcaaaagact ggaactaccc atctaagaag aaacatgttg tcactctcac    104340
     caaagtcatt tactgtagct taaatttcta ggatgaagaa aaattcaccc cgagtttcca    104400
     acagcaaatt ctgcattatt tttaaaacaa aactaaacag caacaacaac aacaaaaagc    104460
     ataaaacaaa acaaaaacaa aacaaataac tagcagaaaa taaaataaag gtaaaaataa    104520
     agcaaagccc taacatgaca ttataaaata aggaaccttc aatgaggtca ttgtgtttat    104580
     tttctgttgg ccctttgtgg ctgcacatgc cattctaatc ttaaggatat tttgtttccc    104640
     cagtgagact cttttggaga aaagcaattc tccatttcaa acttccttta tcttctcttc    104700
     tcacttcaca aggagtttca gttctgttaa tgaaaatgta tttataaaca tatagattcc    104760
     ccatgccatt aaccctgtct atgactccta gcaataggac atatggaacc tgaaaggcca    104820
     cctcctataa ccaggtatgg cttccaacaa gaggataggg acacaaaccc agccacaaaa    104880
     tgttcaactt ataatttttc ctaactgcaa gatgtgcaag tataaagagt gagcagaaat    104940
     tgagggaatg cccagccaat gacttgagac ccatcccacg ggtgataacc taccactgac    105000
     actattcata atattctgat acacttcaca ggctgcatct tagcataact gatatcttag    105060
     aggttttacc cagcagctga tggcaatata tgcagagacc cataaacaac attaggtgga    105120
     gattagcaaa tcctctgtta ggtggggagg gaggatggaa ggagacaaag agctcaagga    105180
     caccacaaga gtaacataac ctattaacct gggcccatag agactcaaag agactgaacc    105240
     accaacaaga tagcatgcat gggacagtct gaggccccct acatatatgt aacaggtgtg    105300
     taacttgacc atcatgttgg agttctaact gcagaagcaa gggctatttc tgcttttgtt    105360
     gcctaccttt ggatcccatt cccctaacta ggctgctgcc ttgtctagac tcattgtaag    105420
     aagatgagtt tagttctact gcaacttgat ttggtaacat aggttgatat acatgggagg    105480
     tctccccttc tcagtgaaaa aggaggaagg gatggggtga agtgaagtga gagggaggga    105540
     ctgggagcag atgaaggagg ggaagctgct gttaggacat aaaataaata aatgcattag    105600
     ttaatgaaaa aaatccagat tccatgtctg ctttatggtt aattgagggg agattccaat    105660
     acacaacccc ttcatcctaa aatacttata gacgtcaaga gaccataata gttgccacaa    105720
     ggctgctgcc aaacaagtag tgtttgaaag aattttgact aattttatat taggaatttg    105780
     atatagtgtt tatatgtagc ctaatggtta cctaatgact tttactgtag tataatcctg    105840
     aaggacattt attaaagtac aaagatgagt gacctactaa gcatataact tattaagtga    105900
     cagaaaataa tgataggaca gctacgaaga gagaaacctg gtagaattaa gtagacgtaa    105960
     acttccatct attacagcca gtgctgtttg acgttattac ctattggata cattggaact    106020
     gctgtgtcag catctgtaaa atgacggaag caccgcatgt ctcacatgac tgtcctgagg    106080
     atttaattca caattgttca taagagctag ctttagatct ctaacatatt ttaacgtttc    106140
     aacaatgccc taccatgtta tttagtggtt ccttcaacgt tattgaaaca aatcaatgct    106200
     ggcatattct gcattagcta gatttgattt aatcaaccag caagcctgtg tggctggtgt    106260
     atgtgttgct gtgagtgtga tcacatatat ttgtctctct ttttctgcta tgttaaaatg    106320
     attgcaccac aagcactgta aaggatgaag gtcacatttc agcttacagc ccagtgttga    106380
     aagaagtcag attaggaact tgagtaataa accatggagg aacattgctt gctggcgtgc    106440
     tctcggcttg gcatgatggc ttattttctc acaggctcag gcttgacttg ctttcttata    106500
     tgggcctcct gcctagagag tatgctgccc tcagtgtcat gggccctcta actttaaata    106560
     ataatcaaga aaatccctca aggacagtca cacaggccgg tctgatccat gcaatttctt    106620
     aatggaggat attctttcag gtgactatgg caagtagaca aaaaacttat ccagggtgtc    106680
     aagaataaca agttaaagta ctctcatggt agggatgaga atattgatta aacttagagg    106740
     aaagtgaaaa aaatcaaaac taaaaaagaa caacaaaaca acttccctga tgtaaaatta    106800
     ctcacaaaca aatcttcaaa aagacaattt tataagtatc ttctcaatat cttcttttat    106860
     aataaattta aaagaaatac aggttcatcc catctaaatt taaaatgcaa aattgtggtt    106920
     cctgcagaca ctaataactg gtttgtttta gaactgcata atagtgtata atatttattg    106980
     aggacagaca taaattgatt gctacctcgt agtgaggaca actctttctc tctcctcttt    107040
     ccctctcctt tctctctctc tttcactctc gctatatgta taccacctct atctatctat    107100
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctgtgtgtgt aatatttcaa    107160
     atgatatgtg attatatcca atatgaagac tgtttcagca acttaaatct acacagagat    107220
     gaagtgcaaa acctgaaatt tattttcaaa cactacccac taatagagcc aactcatatc    107280
     ttgagcacaa tgaaaaatta gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacct caaaacctac ttgccaaaag    107340
     gattttgttt gttcataaga tttatactag actttcagac ctttgtaagt agcatattgt    107400
     ccatctttat acaaaattct tagaattctt aatgtgtaaa taggtgtgga catagtgagg    107460
     aatatgggga taataatgct catatggatt ttttaatgga gggaacatgt atggtctatg    107520
     ccaaaggagg aaggaagcag gatgattgta gcattcattg tatcagctag ccacatggaa    107580
     cactataaaa tgagtatgaa atggacagac aaggaaagaa agttattgtc ccctgcaggg    107640
     acttggacct cttccaatca gctttctgct gccaagaaag ataatgtgct tgctttacca    107700
     ctgaatgaat ctgcacaata acttccttgc aaaatttaaa tgtggccgtt tagacactct    107760
     gtgcactaaa agtctgtgat tgagctgctg ttgttataaa tgtgtgacag atcaaagata    107820
     catacatact gagaccagat caaacattag actacatttt gaacacataa tgtacaaaaa    107880
     aatcattaaa atttacacaa cagtgtaaga ataaaataca ggataattta taggacatat    107940
     ttcaattagt ttatattttt taaatctgaa aaggagaatt taatcttata attattcata    108000
     aaatgaataa aattttacat aatttgtact atttgcagag acatttcatg gtttataata    108060
     taactattgt cttttgaaga tccttaaatg tagttatgct agcacttatt taatttgtat    108120
     ttttccttca tcttaccctg tttaaattgg caaaggtcaa taaagtaaat gagaacacat    108180
     actgaagagg atatagaaga aagggaacac ttagtcattt gtggtgggat tgcataccag    108240
     ccagtgtgga agttagtgtg gagattcttc aaaatgacaa aaaaattaga tctaccacca    108300
     atccactatt gagtatgtac ccaaatgtct ccatcctacc atagggatac taacacatgc    108360
     ttgttcacag atgctatatt cacaatagcc taaagtttaa aacagcctag acattcatca    108420
     actcataaat gcataatgat aatatgttac aattatataa tttgttatta agctgtcaag    108480
     aaaagagaaa ctataaagtt gacaggcaaa tggatgaagg taaaaacagc atgattgaag    108540
     tacctagacc ccaagataca ataattctta ttttctctta cacatgaatt ttagttgtaa    108600
     gctttagata tgtgtgttta tatcagaaaa aaaaagcgag gttaggtaac tactaaaggt    108660
     tagggtggag aaagagatct tcaaaggaag attaaatata atatgtgata taaggaaata    108720
     atctatatat ccttggatca ttggccaaag ggatccctag gtaccccaga cattacaggc    108780
     tattgcaaat gctattgatt ttcttctata taacaatgga aagaccgtac ttctgtatgt    108840
     caccaaatat ggagacatca agctggtcac tattgagaag cttgactctt actgacaagt    108900
     gtccaaagtt ttgcagcata tttacacact atcagagaag aaaagtaatc accagtattg    108960
     tccggttaca tatcactcac ctacaacagt aaccttacaa gatattctga tgtaatagtg    109020
     acacaaacat tataggaatt atcattcaca tttgatttaa gatctattcc ttgagatata    109080
     gccagtatct aacactatga atgtgtccac tagcatgaga atacatagat catgggctcc    109140
     aagggaaata ttacttctat cactaagcta aaatcagaca ccaccaccaa aaacagtagt    109200
     aataaaatga ttcctaatga cctatttcta tacataaata tcattgcatc attcaactca    109260
     caacagagaa gtttctacca gaactagatg agaattaacc ctgaaacaaa caactgggta    109320
     atgcagagtg aaactagcca aaaatgatga agatttcaca ttactacctg ctagatatat    109380
     gcatattcta tgattcaatt atggatgttt tgagcaatag ggtcttactc tgtgtgtgtg    109440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtatttgtg    109500
     tgtgtatgtg tcaagtatgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtatgtat gtgtgtgtat ttgtgtgtgt    109560
     atgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtat atgtttgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtatttgtgt gtgtgtatgt    109620
     atatgtgtgt atatgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt atatttgtgt atgtgtttgt atatgtgtgt    109680
     atatgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtatttgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtatat gtgtgtgtat    109740
     gtgtgtatat gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt    109800
     atgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtat atgtgtgtat gtgtgtatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtat    109860
     gtgatgtaca tacatatatg aagcccctac agtaatataa aagacatatg tgaagcttct    109920
     tcagtactag gtataaaatc atttatctaa gactaagaga atcttgtgaa atagaagact    109980
     gaaagagtgt aagagccaca ggggatgtag gaaaccaaga taaaaaagac tctttaaatc    110040
     aacagaacaa agcacataag aactcacaga gacttgagca gaaagcacag ggcctgcaga    110100
     gatctgcatc acagcctctg catgtatatc acagcctttg ttttagttta cttaaggaat    110160
     ccctgactgt gaatgaaggg gtatctgttt cttgtgcgtt ctcttggact tttcttcctt    110220
     cactttgttt tgttttaatg tgttggtttt tatttgattt tcatataaaa aagaaagaaa    110280
     ataaacacca ggtataagta tataaatatg acactaccac aaggacaaca tctatagaga    110340
     ataaattcta gtctatataa aatcacttac tttaactaat aaaaattaag tatttaaaat    110400
     aaagactata gtaaaatcat caataacatt cagggccagg aagtgagtgt aggtggttga    110460
     tgagcaggct gagtggggag ggatgggggt tttcagaggg gacaccagga aaggggataa    110520
     catttgaaat gtaaataaag aaaatatcta attaaaaaaa tgaatcctgt ttgtttgtaa    110580
     attatataac tagtatatac catcaaaaca aaaataaagg gtcattacac tacacttaat    110640
     gattgacttt tttagataat caaatctttt aatattttat tatattttta ttctttataa    110700
     aaattcttac atttaagtat attttcatca tatttttcac atccctcaag tccttccagt    110760
     agctttcacc attctgccta ccaaacttta aattctttct caaaaaacaa aaacccaatg    110820
     taacaaaacg aagaaaagaa aataagaaaa tacccagaaa caaataaaca aacaaacaaa    110880
     caaacacatc aaactgtaac caaattaaag cacacaaaac attatgcatt ttattatatg    110940
     aactcctgaa catgagacct aggtgggagc agttgatata accagggtca atacattaaa    111000
     gaaatctggg atttctttca tcagttggtg taaatgacag ttcagatgtt aacctttacc    111060
     ctagtgtcca ggttttcatt cattcattca ttcattcatt cattcattca ctgttttcaa    111120
     tataccaaga taaaatagta agatttaaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaatc cctaccacat    111180
     caaaaccaga gaagtcaacc aacagaagga atagaatcca gtcaaggtca agaatgagac    111240
     aaccatttgc tcacacactc aagaatacca taaaaagact aaattgtgag ccataatatg    111300
     ttcatagagg acttgctgat gacttgtgaa ggctctgtgc tttctccttc tgtctctggg    111360
     agttcacaca tgctttgatc atgtttattt agagggtctt cttctatcgt tgtccttatc    111420
     tccagatggg gccagagggg atgtccttac attttaaacg ttgaaggtat tcagtgaaac    111480
     tcgtggcctt gctacattaa acaagcaaac aatgacaata agagagaaac aaatccaaac    111540
     agaaaaacta atgaaaatca aaaccaaaaa cccttctcac tctccatgtt tctctgcctc    111600
     ctgctccctt tccctaattt ggcctattgt tcctgttact ctcctttagt tatttataca    111660
     actgtgttct attttccctc ccttaaacgt gccttttctc catggcaact ttcagaattc    111720
     ctgactttta tgggtgttcc aaatgaagca cacataactg aaatctcaga gctaacatca    111780
     acaagctgga gcaagcatga agtgttttct ggatctggac tagttcacag aggatgaaac    111840
     ttctatctcc acccatttat ctgggaattt catatttttt cttgaatgac tgaataagag    111900
     gccatgggga aagtgttcca cctttttatt ttccaattgt tagttggagg acatcgatgc    111960
     tcttcctatt tcttgactat tgtgtacaga gtagcaatga cacatatctg tgtgatactg    112020
     atctcatatg gatttaataa attcctttgg tatcataacg aaaataaacc ttaatttgaa    112080
     gcaatatacc taaagacaca attgaaaatt ctgatctgat ttttccagta ataatgttaa    112140
     ataaaattta ttctagcact attgatttag taatgtttat atagaaaaat caaaattcaa    112200
     ggtgacatac tattcttgtg tttagcacat ttccttaacc attcactctt gatatcataa    112260
     gtcttatcaa tgtattactg taaatcttgt cactcatctc attgagcatg agaaaatcat    112320
     taacagagat tattttcttt ttgaacttgt tatgatagtg atttttaaat ctttaatttt    112380
     cttttaaaat taagcttata atagtggcta cctcaatatc actatttact aagcatgttg    112440
     gcaaaaccca gaatccttgt gtttcttaca aggcagtatg ctggttcaga tgatagcgtc    112500
     ttttagaatt ctaaatttca tttaaaaatc aggagaaaat gaacaagtga gccattatat    112560
     gaggagacat tgtagaatga tagcctgttc tcaataaaac actttagcaa tgtgtgtctt    112620
     ttcaagccat tctattctga cataactgtc tccacaaaaa attattcatt ggcatttaat    112680
     caagacactc ctaggccacg cacatgcctc tagcaactgt caaaatactg catttaaatg    112740
     cctgggaaag tgacaataga aacttagact attcagagtt agaagtgcaa aatctgtaat    112800
     ggggtgtaaa ccattagtcc taatctgtgt gcatttctct gttaaatact tgcaatattt    112860
     ttaacaccta tttagtgttg gtaaatgtat aaatcggtct atggaacagt gagtgtctaa    112920
     atccatgtaa tcccagtgaa gtgctatgtt taatagttct cattaaacca cgtgtacttt    112980
     gaacttcaag tgtcttataa ttataaaacc ttttgcctct ttttaataga tctgactaat    113040
     ataatgtaca ttaaatacag atgagaaaaa atattctaag aataaataga gaacgttgga    113100
     tgtaatgcta tttggaaata tcaaacttct acatgatata tgtggaaatt atttaatcgc    113160
     ggaaacttgg taaatgcaaa gctttaggag atccataata gcagacgtta gtctgggatt    113220
     tcaacgtgga tttacaaatc tgcaactaaa cccagtgtga ccactgcagc ctgaaaaccg    113280
     cacattcctc ttcgttcatt gtgtcagagt aggattaagg attaagagag cagcccccaa    113340
     agctttggac tttgaagcac gaattctatg ttagtcttcc aaccagaaaa tagctactgt    113400
     ctgcaggtgt atcttttttc tgtcgattta cattcataga acataaaaag aaagaatttt    113460
     tttatttttt gctttattct tcacagacaa tgtggcaatt gaggttagaa atgtgttggc    113520
     ttctttcttt aatgaaccaa ttaatcaaaa atgttagagt gaagaatata aggtttatat    113580
     aaagagtgaa cagtaacaac ggtgattcgt gattatggca tagcatcaaa aaagagtagg    113640
     tgtcttccag acagaagaca tatgtaaatt ctgagtatgt taattcaaaa attaataagg    113700
     aatgagaata atcaagttgt atttattctg tcgaacactt tctcccttat tttataaaat    113760
     gattagtttg agaactgctt caagtgttaa caatatcctt taaatgacac atacacagat    113820
     tcaaatttca tattttttta ctaagcctta cagttggatt ctaaggcaat caatacaatg    113880
     catgtgttta ttaatattag tgatgaaagt agctgagggc tgagaatgat ttacaagtca    113940
     ttgtgaatac aatggaattg cttccgtatg tttagttatg aacaaatagc acagatactg    114000
     tggtgacaaa aaagattatt tgcatacttt gtgactctag gtctcttttg agtacggact    114060
     aaagcgacca caagggaaga agaactttgt gccttgtgta tgtgatgcat aatcactgtg    114120
     agagaggaaa ccaccacctc caagttaacc tctcagtcat tctgattttt ttgtgagttt    114180
     gtaacatgac cttttaaccc tatatcagct ttgtaatatg aagcagcttg gatattttca    114240
     aagttcctca atattgggtt tgcatcccta gtttccttat ctacctgcta acatcaatca    114300
     ttgagtagga actatgtggt ggatcccagg tctctatgtc tactttcctg cccttttcac    114360
     tctataaacc tcaggccaca ctatgaacag aggcatcttc aagtcatcag gtgaacattg    114420
     ggcatgtcaa tgtataaagc cacagagacc tgtagaaaga gtgagcttag ttgatatctg    114480
     ttcaaaaagc tcatgcttta ttatgttgat ttgatatatt ttcattcaat cagcatttga    114540
     tatcacatat cttagtattc attatcttat tttgagtttt cagcatgtct agtctttcac    114600
     cacataattt tattttattt ttttccattt ttattaggta tttagctcat ttacatttcc    114660
     aatgctatac caaaagtctc ccatacgcac ccacccccac tcccctaccc acccactccc    114720
     catttttggc cctggtgttc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcaag tccaatgggc    114780
     ctctatttcc agtgatggcc gactaggcca tcttttgata catatacagc tagtgtcaag    114840
     agctccgggg tactggttag ttcataatgt tgttccacct atagggttgc agatcccttt    114900
     agctccttgg ctactttctc tagctcctcc gttgggagcc ctccattagc tgactgtgag    114960
     catccacttc tgtgtttgct aggccccggc atagtctcac aagaaacagc tacatctggg    115020
     tactttcgat aaaatcttgc tagtgtatgc aatggtgtca gggtttggat gctgattatg    115080
     gggtggatcc ctggatttgg cagtctctac atggtccatc ctttcatctc agctctaaac    115140
     gttgtctctg taactccttc catgggtgtt ttgttcccaa ttctaaggag gggcatagtg    115200
     tccacacttc agtcttcatt cttcttgagt ttcatgtgtt tagcaaattg tatcttatat    115260
     cttgggtatc ctaggtttgg ggctaatatc cacttatcag tgagtacata ttgtgtgagt    115320
     tcctttgtga atgtgttacc tcactcagga tgatgccctc caggtccatc catttgccta    115380
     ggaatttcat aaattcattc tttgtaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgtg tagatgtacc    115440
     acattttctg tatccattcc tctgttgagg ggcatctggg ttctttccag cttctggcta    115500
     ttataaataa ggctgctatg aacatagtgg agcaggtgtc cttcttacca gttgggcatc    115560
     ttctggatat atgcccagga gaggtattgc tggatcctca ggtagtacta tgtccaattt    115620
     tctgaggaac cgccagactg atttccagag tggttgtaca agcctgcagt cccaccaaca    115680
     atggaggagt gttcctcttt ctccacatcc acgccagcat ctgctgtcac ctgaattttt    115740
     gatcttagcc attctgactg gtgtgaagtg gaatctcagg gttgttttga tttgcatttc    115800
     cctgatgatt aaggatgttg aacatttttt caggtgcttc tctgccattc ggtattcctc    115860
     aggtgagaat tctttgttca gttctgagcc ccatttttta atggtgttat ttgatttact    115920
     gaagtccacc ttcttgagtt atttatatat gttggatatt agtcccctat ctgatttagg    115980
     ataggtaaag atcctttccc aatctgttgg tggtcttttt gtcttactga cggtgtcttt    116040
     tgccttgcag aaactttgga gtttcattag gtcccatttg tcaattctcg atcttacagc    116100
     acaagccatt gctgttctgt tcaggaattt tttcccctgt gcccatatct tcaaggcttt    116160
     tccccacttt ctcctctata agtttcagtg tctctggttt tatgtgcact tccttgatcc    116220
     acttagattt gaccttagta caaggagata agtatggatc aattcacctt cttctacaag    116280
     ataacaacca gttgtgccag caccaattgt tgaaaatgct gtctttcttc cactggatgg    116340
     ttttagctcc cttgtcgaag atcaagtgac cataggtgtg tgggttcatt tctgggtctt    116400
     caattctatt ccattggtct acttgtctgt ctctatacca gtaccatgca gtttttatca    116460
     caattgctct gtagtaaagc tttaggtcag gcatggtgat tccaccggag gttcttttat    116520
     ccttgagaag agtttttgct atcctaggtt ttttgttatt ccagatgaat ttgcaaattg    116580
     ctccttctaa ttcgttgaag aattgagttg gaattttgat ggggattgca ttgaatctgt    116640
     agattgcttt tggcaagata gccattttta caatgttgat cctgccaatc gatgagcatg    116700
     gaagatcttt ccatcttctg agatcttttt taatttcttt cttcagagat ttgaaatttt    116760
     tatcatacag atctttcact tccttagtta gagtcatgcc aagatatttt atattatttg    116820
     tgactattga gaagtgtgtt gtttccctaa tttcttgact tgtttgagtt tattttatat    116880
     ccagctactt caccgaagct gtttatcagg tttaggagtt ctctggtaaa atttttaggg    116940
     tcacttatat atactatcat atcatttgca aaaattgata ttttgacttc ctcttttcca    117000
     atttgtatcc ccttgatctt cttttgttgt cgaattgctc tggctaatag ttcaagtact    117060
     atgttgaaaa ggtagggaga aagtgggcag ccttgtgtag tccctgattt tagtgggatt    117120
     gcttccagct tctctccatt tactttgatg ttggctactg gtttgctgta gactgctttt    117180
     atcatgttta ggtatgggcc ttgaattcct gatctttcca agacttttat catgaatggg    117240
     tgttggatct tgtcaaatgc tttttctgca tctaacgaga ttatcatgta gtttttgcct    117300
     ttgagtttgt ttatataatg gattacattg atggattttc gtatattaaa ccatccctgc    117360
     atccctggaa taaaacctac ttggtcagga tggatgattg ctctaatatg tccttggatt    117420
     tggttaacga gaattttatt gaggattttt gcatcgatat tcataagaga aattggtctg    117480
     aagttctcta tctttgttgg gtctttctgt ggtttaggta tcagagtaat agtggcttca    117540
     taaaatgagt tgggtagagt accttctact tctattttgt gaaatagttt gtgcataact    117600
     ggaattagat cttctttgat ggtctgatag aactctgcac taaacccgtc tggtcctggg    117660
     ctttttttgg ctgggagact attaataact gcttctattt ctttaggtga tatgggactg    117720
     tttagatggt caacttgatc ctgattcaac tttggtacat cgtatctgtc cagaaatttg    117780
     tccatttcgt ccaggttttc cagttttgtt gagtatagcc ttttgtagaa gaatctgaag    117840
     ttgttttgga tttcttcagg atctgttgtt atgtctccct tttcatttct gattttgtta    117900
     attaggattt tgtccctgtg ccctctagtg agtctagcta agggtttatc tatcttgttg    117960
     attttctcaa agaaccaact cctcgtttgg ttaattcttt gaatagttct tcttgtttcc    118020
     acttggttga tttcacccct gagtttgatt atttcctgcc ttctactcct cttgggtgaa    118080
     tttgcttcct tttttttcta gagcttttag atgtgttgtc aagctgctag tatgtgctct    118140
     ctcccgtttc ttcttggagg cactcagagc tatgagtttc cctcttagaa atgctttcat    118200
     tgtgtcccat aggattgggt acgttgtggc ttcattttca ttaaactcta aaaagtcttt    118260
     aatttctttc tttattcctt tcttgaccaa ggtatcattg agaagagtgt tgttcagttt    118320
     ccacgtgaat gttggctttc cattatttat gttgttattg aaggttagtc ttaggccatg    118380
     gtggtctgat aggatacatg ggacaatttc aatatttttg tatctgttga ggcctgtttt    118440
     gtgaccaatt atatggtcaa ttttggagaa ggtcccgtga ggtgctgaga agaaggtata    118500
     tccttttgtt ttaggataaa atgttttgta gataactgtc aggtccattt gtttcataac    118560
     ttctgttagt ttcactgtgt ccctgtttag tttctgtttc cacgatctgt ccattgatga    118620
     aagtggtgtg ttgaagtttc ccactattat tgtgtgaggt gcaacgtgtg ctttgaactt    118680
     tactaaagtg tctttaatga atgtggctgc ccttgcattt ggagcgtaga tattcagaat    118740
     tgtgagttcc tcttggagga ttttaccttt gatgagtatg aaatgtccct ctttgtcatt    118800
     tttgataact ttgggttgga agtcgatttt atccgatatt aaaatggcta ctccagcttc    118860
     tttcttcaga ccatttgctt ggaaaattgt tttccagcct ttcactctga ggtagtgtct    118920
     gtctttttcc ctgagatggg tttcctgtaa gcagcagaat gttgggtcct gtttgtgtag    118980
     ccagtctgtt agtctatgtc tttttattgg ggagttgaga ccattgatat taagagatat    119040
     taaggaaaag taattgttgc ttcctgttat ttttgttgtt aaagttggca ttctgttctt    119100
     gtggctgtct tcttttagtt ttgttgaggg attatcttct tattttttct agggtgtggt    119160
     tcccgtcctt gtattggttt ttttctgtta ttatcctttg aagggctgga ttcgtggaga    119220
     gataatgggt gaatttagtt ttgttgtgga atactttggt tcctccatct atggtaattt    119280
     agagtttggc tgggtatagt agtctgggct ggaatttgtg ttctcttagt gtctgtataa    119340
     catctgtcca ggctcttctg gctttcatag tctctggtga aaaatctggt gtaattctga    119400
     taggcttgcc tttatatgtt tctttacctt tttcccttac tgcttttaat attctatctt    119460
     tatttagtgc atttgatgtt ctgattatta tatgtcggga ggaatttctt ttccggtcca    119520
     gtctatttgg agttctgtag gcttcttgta tgttcatggg catctctttc tttagatttg    119580
     ggaagttttc ttcaataatt ttgttgaaga tgtttgctga tcctttgagt tgaaatcttc    119640
     attctcatcc actcctatta tctgtaggtt tggtcttctc attgtgtcct ggatttcctt    119700
     gatgttttga gttaggatct ttatgaattt tctattttct ttgattgttg tgtcgatgat    119760
     ctctatggaa tcttctgcac ctgagattct ctcttccatc tcttgtattc cgttgctgat    119820
     gctggcatct atggttccag atttctttcc tagggtttct atctccagtg ttgcctcact    119880
     ttgggttttc tttattgtgt ctacttccct ttttaggtct agtatggttt tgttcatttc    119940
     tatcacctgt ttggttgtgt tttcctgttt ttctataagg acttctacct gtttggttgt    120000
     gttttcctgt ttttctttaa ggacttgtaa ctctttagca gtgttctcct gtatttcttt    120060
     agtcagttat tatgtcctct accatcatca ttagaaatgc ttttaaatcc aggtctacct    120120
     tttcaggtgt gttaggatgt cctagactgg gggaagtttg agtgctgggt tctgatgatg    120180
     gtgagtggtc ttggttcctg ttagtaggat tcttacgttt acctttcgcc atctggcaat    120240
     ctctggagtt agttgttata gttgtctttg tttagagatt gttcctctgc tgattttgtt    120300
     accctctatc agcagacgtg ggagactagc tctctcctct gagttttagt ggtcagagca    120360
     gtctctgcag gcaagctctc ctctttcagg gaaggtgcac agttatctgg tgtttggacc    120420
     tcctcctggc tgaagatgaa ggcccaaaac aggatctttc ccagaagctg tgttgctttg    120480
     gccaggaagg tggccggttg tctggagccg aagatggcgc cgcctcagaa gctctctagc    120540
     tctcgccttt cccagaaacg gctggcctct gtattccaca ctgtcacctg tgcagcctgc    120600
     cctccgcgga gtcctggagc caaggagact cccgccgccc gggcctgagg cacaaacctc    120660
     tcgggctggc ggatccctgt gcactcacca ggaaggtggc tggttgtcag gaaggtggcc    120720
     tgttgtctgg agccgaagat ggcgccgcct cagaagctct gtggctctcg cctttcccag    120780
     aaatggctgg cctctgtatt ccacactctc acccatgcag cctgccctct gtggagtcct    120840
     ggagccaagg agactcctgc cgccagggcc tgaggcacaa acctctcgag ctggtggatc    120900
     cctgtgcact caccaggaag gtggccagtt gtcaggaagg tggccggttg tctggagccc    120960
     ataattttat tttttattga atgtaattac ttagttattt ttcttttaaa gtttttgaat    121020
     tagcattcac aggattagat ctctgtctct ctctctctct ctctctgtgt ctctgtgtct    121080
     ctgtgtctct gtgtctctct ctctgtctct ctctctgtct ctgtctctgt ctctctctct    121140
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    121200
     atgcatctgt atttgtcagg ctctggcaga gcctctcggg agacagctat attaagctcc    121260
     tgtcagcaaa cacttcttgg tatccacaat agtgtctgtg tttggtgact gtatatctaa    121320
     tggatcccct ggtagggcac tctctggatg tcctttcctt cagtctctgc tccacacttt    121380
     gtctccatat ttctctcatg agtattttcc cccttctggg aagaactgaa gcatccccac    121440
     ttttgtcttc cttcttcttg agcttcatgt ggtctgtgac atgtatcttg agtattttta    121500
     gcttttggga tagcatccat ttatcagtga atgcatacca tgtgtgccct tttgtgactg    121560
     ggttaactca ctcagaatga ttaaatgaaa aaaaaatcca tgaagataaa ctctcattct    121620
     gaacatctat gctccaaaag caagaacacg cacattcaaa aaagaaattt aactaaagct    121680
     caaagcacac attgtgcccg gtacattagt agcatacttc aacaccccac tctcatcaat    121740
     gaacaaatca tggaaacaga aactaaacag agacacagtg aaactaaagg aagttatgaa    121800
     ccaaatggac ttaacagata gctatataac ttttcatcct aaaacaaaag aatatacctt    121860
     ctcagcaccc catgtacctt ctccaaaatt gaccatataa tcagtaacaa aaccggcctc    121920
     aacagataca agaagattta aagaatccca cgcatcctat cagatcacca tggactaagg    121980
     ctgatcttca ataacaacaa aaacaatgaa aagtttacat acacatggaa gctgaacaac    122040
     actctactca atgataactt ggtcaaggaa gaaataaaga aagaaattaa agacttttta    122100
     gaatttaatg aaaatgaagc cacaacatac ccaaacttat ggaacacaat gaaagcagtc    122160
     ctaagaggaa aactcagctc taagtgccta caaaataaaa actaaaagct accagcttga    122220
     cagcatgcct gaaatctcta gaacaaaaag aagcaaatat acccaagaag agcagacagc    122280
     aggaagtaat caaattcagg actgaaatca actaagtaga aaaaaaaaag aactatacca    122340
     agaatcaacc aaaccaggag ctggttcttt gagaaaatca acaaaagaga taaaccctta    122400
     gccagactaa ccagagggca cagagacagt attcagatta atgaaatcag aaatgaaaag    122460
     agagactaac aagtgaaaca gtaaattaaa aaaaaatcat cagatcctac tacaaaagca    122520
     tatattcaac aaaataggaa aatctcgatg aaatggacaa tattctagac agataggtac    122580
     caaataccta agttaaatca ggatcagaca aaccacctaa atagtccaat aacccctaaa    122640
     gaaatagaag cagtcattaa aagtctccca accaaagaaa gttcaagacc agatggtttc    122700
     agcggagagt tctatcagac attcaaagaa gatgtaatac caataatctt cagacatttc    122760
     cacaacatag aaacagaagg gacgctacca agttagccat aattacactt atactcaaac    122820
     cacacaaagc cccaacaagg aaacagaact tcagaccaat ttctcctgta aatatcaatg    122880
     caaaaatact caataaaatt ctcacaaacc aaatccaaga acacaacaaa acaatcttcc    122940
     atcatgatca agtaggcttc atcccaggga tgctgggatg gttccatata taaaaatcca    123000
     taaacgtagt ccactatata aacaaactca aaaagacaaa aaccacatgg tcatctcact    123060
     agatcctgag aaatcatttg acaaaacacc ccaccatgtt aagtcttgga aagatcagaa    123120
     attcaaggcc catacctaaa cacagtaaag ttaatataca gcaaaccaga agccaatatt    123180
     aaatgcaatg gagaggaact tgaaatcagt ttcttaagat tagtccacta caatcaggga    123240
     ctagacaagg ctgcccactc cctccctatt caatatagta cttgaagttc tagccagagc    123300
     gattagacaa caaaaggaga tcaaagggat acaaattggg aaggtagaaa tcaaaatatt    123360
     actatttcat acttttgtgg cctccaaaat tccacaagag aactcctaaa cctgaaaaac    123420
     aacttcagca acgttaactc aaacaaatca gaaaaaggca ctaattaatt accaaaaaat    123480
     aaatggtcaa ccctgaaaac atatatacca aaggcaatgt tattatacag actaaggagg    123540
     ttttatattt aagaatatat atatacttac gtgtgtgtgt gtaactgaag gacagcaaag    123600
     ggtatataga agggtttaaa tatacagttc cacaaataaa tacatgaatg gctaataata    123660
     tgctttattg taatagattc aacccataag tacaatttac tggaaaatta gttgtggatt    123720
     tgttttcttt actccacagt taggatattt aaccttttgt attatttatt ttgaaataag    123780
     atctttctgt gtaaatcaaa ttggccaata actcatcatg tgtaaactag gttgtgttta    123840
     aatataaaac tggggccacg gacttagatc agcaactatg tttgtttatc accaactctt    123900
     tctcaataaa tacagtcatt gtaacagatt ataatcatgg tgccattcct atcaatgtgt    123960
     tttcagagtg cacctgagtt tactctatga actcttatat acataaacat tattaaattt    124020
     ttatattcta catttgttca caaatgaatt tatacatttt cctcacatta aatttgcatt    124080
     tttattgcca cagtgtttag actactgacc cattataaag aggaatcatg gctttttaat    124140
     ctctttattt agctataata tgtcttctta ataccactat tcacatatca caaatacaat    124200
     cgctcttccc aaattgtctt agaatattat tctgtgagtc attttccctc taaccttctt    124260
     gacgggaatc acattctcta ccttattagt ttatcctttt ggtaagtcca gttaatattt    124320
     gtcaaggaac ccatgtgtta attattatgg aattagaaaa cataccttgt tatgtcagaa    124380
     ggaatgctgc tgaattccaa atactaataa ccaattaaat gaacaagtca taagaaccac    124440
     atagttagcc ataatccatg taaaaaaaat tcttacaatt tgaaaatagt atgtttaatt    124500
     caggagatga ttacactgaa cacttttgtt gttttgtgca tttcttcagt cctgggaaac    124560
     ctgttgcttt gagcaggtgt ctccaggtgc tgtctgcagg aagtcattta aaactggggc    124620
     acactggggt agtttccatg gaagcagaaa ttaatcccca ggaacctcct ctgttttatg    124680
     atctctctgg agtacatctg gcacaaactc catcagagac aacaattgaa gcaaactccc    124740
     attatacagc acaaggagaa gaaagagcat tcacctgcac gatcaatccc ttgactgcag    124800
     taaatcttcc tttgaagcaa ttttgcatga gcatccagag aaaataggca cagtttattt    124860
     ttgtctttaa actatcttct cccatcttga tttaagaaac aataaactag ttgtagatat    124920
     tgaagactga tgaaacttat caaataatgt catgctgttt tcgtctgttt gtgtggtttt    124980
     cattttcaaa atgtgtgtga tctaagaaca aggtttaata actaaagtaa agatggtaca    125040
     cagacatcat gaggacaagc aacagcttag aatcccttag ggtgggaaga ttgctcaaat    125100
     gtaacactgg attaaatatc tgtataaaaa atgacaagat ttataagtgc caacatggaa    125160
     ttctataata tataaatcta taaccactag ctcatttatc ctcaagcaca tattatctta    125220
     ggaagatttt tcatctacct gccttcagat taaaaaaatt agccaaggca attcaacaca    125280
     gtgtcctggc ccatgcagta agggccatta ctatttatct tatttccatt acctagtctg    125340
     ggaccaagtc gaaggtttaa ctattacata agctgaaagt tcacatttaa tgtaaatatc    125400
     tctgaattca aaatattaac aattatctaa atgatttttt acaagagatt ctttagaata    125460
     tatgattccc aagtaaaatc tggaactcca tattctccta tttttttcca tttatttctt    125520
     ctatattcat gaaaaaattg tttttacatc ataaagaggt gattttctta ataagcagat    125580
     ccataacacc cactgtgtat tgcttaccca tatctatttt aaagctgact tacaggaaaa    125640
     ttataaaagg ggagtcaaga atttaaatat aataattcct tagaatacac tttgtaaaca    125700
     tctttgtttt actacaaatt aaaattgaat ttagctcttt tttccattaa catctattga    125760
     aatgttcaga agcaacacca gtcacagttt tggtaactaa tattttcttt ctttctttct    125820
     tttttttctt aaattgaata ttttctttat ttacatttca agtgttatca cctttcctag    125880
     tttcccctct gaaaatcctc tatcctctcc ccactcactc tgctccccaa cccacccact    125940
     cctgcttcct ggccctggca ttcccctata ctggggcata caaccttcac aagaccaagg    126000
     gcctttcctc tcattgatga ccataataca tatgcaggta gagtcccaac atgtgttttc    126060
     tttgactagt ggtttagttc cagggagctc tggggttact ggttagttca tattgttgtt    126120
     ccttctctgg ggctgcaaac ccctttagct ccttgggtac tttctttagc tccttcattg    126180
     gggatcctgt gctctgtcca gtggatgact gtgagcatcc acttctgtat tattagaggc    126240
     actggcaggg cctctcagga aacagctata tcaggctcct gtcataaagt ttttgttggc    126300
     atatgcaata gtgtctgtgt ttggtggttg tttgtgggat ggatccccag ttggggcagt    126360
     ctctggatgg tcattccttc agtctctgct ctgaatttgt ctttgtaggt ccttctatgg    126420
     gtattttgtc cctccttcta agcaggatca gagtatccac actttggtct tccttcttct    126480
     tgagtttcat gtgttttgca aattgtaact aatattttct tgttctattt tccactacat    126540
     atcaaacatc tctgcctttg tctttttaaa tgtttagatc taatgcagtt tggcctggaa    126600
     ctcaatatag agtaaagtag tgtactgaac tcatgatcta cttctttcta ccccccaagt    126660
     gctaggatgt gtaccagcac acctggtttc atgcagtcct tgatattgag gactttgcac    126720
     attctgagca aaagttctgg aaactatatg tcatcacaac tcttagaaac aaaactattg    126780
     gatttgacat aacgagttct tgatacattt ttctatagtc cattcatatt tctatattta    126840
     tgccctctgc attgacagct tttgcaaact tggactaaca agcagtggat atgtgatcat    126900
     gtatataagc attacgttaa ctcaatattt ctgcagatga tagacgttgg cacctatcgg    126960
     gataagaatt ttctgcaata gatacacaaa ggttgatagc tataccagca atcttatctt    127020
     cagaactaac cacatgcctg ttatttcaaa ccaataaata ttgaaggata gttttttaaa    127080
     tcatcaggaa gctcacatat tctagttttg taaggcagat ccactctgtt tggtatgtca    127140
     gcagtatgtg atcagcttca tttgttagtt ctcacattat tgtttaagtt gatagcatat    127200
     tttctccttt gtcaatcttt aatccaacag ggaccagggt gatttctcct tgttcattgc    127260
     aagcttctaa gtagttgaat gtgtgacaca taatagatac ctagtgaaag gtattcactg    127320
     gtgactttgt tccatgtgtt taggcgacat aaagcctagt cacaaaaatt cagcttcctc    127380
     ttgtttcctt tgctcattca gataatgtaa tgataacttt ctttatgttc tctcatagct    127440
     tcagagcttg aaatgtccag agagattcag tgacatttgc tattcaaaca tttttgttga    127500
     agttaatagc agtacttctc aagagggaat ttaacaaaaa tgactggtct cacagacatt    127560
     ctcttcctaa gaaaacttta cacaaaaatc aaaacatggc atagttttaa tataaagcag    127620
     ttttagagtc tcaagagtgg tagaaatctg agaattttgt tgtgaaacag agcatgtcac    127680
     acagaacatg tttattgctc cccatctgga ataatgaaca gtaaaatcaa tgaactgacc    127740
     tacttcttta acaaacctgc cataattata ctacagtcta aacaataaaa atatacacat    127800
     ttatttaagt ttcttgcctg tcagttataa ttattatttt aaggtgttta tactaaactc    127860
     ataatcctac atgaatttaa tgttttatag ccaacacata ccatcataac atatttataa    127920
     agtattattg aacttgtaaa atactttaaa gtgtacaaga gtgtcatttt tatttttatt    127980
     tagctgtata cactatggag gaagaggcag gagcaccatg gcacatagaa ggaagccaca    128040
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ctcttaccaa tggaatggca gaataattct    128100
     taggtcatcc tgtctgcatc aaaaactttt tttattttat aagccatggt gatggtaaaa    128160
     tatgctattt gttataaaat taaactgaaa agagaaaaga aaaaattcca agaaggtagc    128220
     ttcagacaga atttgtaatt tcatgttata tctaaattaa caaaataaaa aaaaagaaca    128280
     aatatgttaa gtttaacaag gttgcgataa agaatgacta gaatcaaatt ctcatttgca    128340
     aattactgta ctattccaaa gagtaaaatt gatgttagct gattaaataa tatcctttat    128400
     ggtatttctt cttctcttca ttcatctact actgattatc agactactta cttgagcctt    128460
     ggcattatca caagaaacta gagtcaaaag aatcttgcag aactctcaac attattttta    128520
     ataattatca actttaagaa cactaaagaa ggtcctgcct ataaatagac aagagaataa    128580
     agcagatatt ttcacattaa tagaggtggt agagaagcag ttcatagcta catgaggcct    128640
     tacctactca tgattagtta cgggatttaa aatatgattt tctgttttat agcatatcat    128700
     cacagaatta tatatttaat tatgatttta aaagtaacca cattcacagt aactgtgatt    128760
     gtctgatcag aaacaagaat atgtctgtct tttttttttt gttttatttt tttgtttttt    128820
     tttttgtttt tttggttttt ttgttttttg ttttttggtt ttttgaaaca gggtttttct    128880
     gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccaa tatgtctttc tttagagttc    128940
     tctcacttca gtaggagata cagaaatgtt tatatctcat aaattataaa ctttgcaagt    129000
     gtgatcaatg ctattatttc acagaaccag gtcgtgtata aagacataaa aggttataat    129060
     ggatttacac aaatacaaga aaaactacag caagaaaata gaagtgcaaa gtctttaaga    129120
     tgagtgagga tttgagtctt caattgcctg cttgaaggta gtaagttgat ccaagaaaac    129180
     taagtgatca ccttgtggaa aatggatgaa actatatcat aaggacatta tggtcatgat    129240
     aaaaaaaatg ttttgttcta aggcaagtaa gaatcattca tatatctttc aagtagagaa    129300
     aaaaccattt aacctgtttt taagattatt gtggggccaa agagatggct cagtgtttaa    129360
     gtgcactggt tgcacttcca gatgtccaat aattcccagt atccttatgg tgactcacaa    129420
     ccatctacat tgggattcaa agtcctcttc tgtcatctgg tgtctaaggt agggttttac    129480
     tgctgagaat agataccatg accaaggcaa ctcttataag gtcaacattt attgggactg    129540
     gcttacaggt tcagaagttc agtccatttt taccaaggca ggaacatgac agcatccagg    129600
     caggaatggt gtaggaggag ctgagagttc tatatcctca tctgaagact gctagcagaa    129660
     tactaacttc caggaagcta ggaaggtggg attaagccta ggcccacagt gatacaccga    129720
     ctccaacaag ctaaacctcc taatagtgtc cctccctggg ccaaacatat acaaaccatc    129780
     acattcaact tgctggcccc catagggttg ttcaaacacg tgaatctata gaggacatac    129840
     ctaaacatac aacataatgc aaaatacatt tagtccaact tccaaagtcc ctagagtcta    129900
     tagcagtctc aacaatgttg aaagttcaaa attcaaagtc tcttctgaaa ttcatctaat    129960
     cacttaattg taatccccaa agcaagactg gaaaccagct ggacaaagtc caaagtctgc    130020
     agctccatgt ctgatgtcaa agcagacttc agatttccac ctcctttttc atttttggtg    130080
     actgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccttttttct gttgggctag ttctactctg    130140
     ttagctgttt tccccagcag acagcccatg gctctcatat cttaaacatt ttagggtctc    130200
     caagggaact tcagtgttac agcttcctgt ttcaatgtct gggatccaca catgatcttc    130260
     tgggctcctc caaagggctg acatcttctt cagctctgcc ctctgtggca ctcatatcag    130320
     gttgatccac tccactgcct ctgctgttct tgacgatcat cccatggtac tcacatctct    130380
     aatacactgg ggtctttggc tggaactagg cttcaccaat agcctctcat aggctctctt    130440
     catggttcca agcctcaact cctttgcatg accccttcca atcctgagct atcaactgaa    130500
     ctgaggtttc accttcaaca gtgagctccc atggcctcta acagtaccaa gtctcagttg    130560
     ctcttgattt cttcaaaacc agtgtcacct gggtgactcg tacatatcac cacataaggt    130620
     acaagttagg ctatctctgg aacacatctt tggatggaac tagaatcctg agtgaaggaa    130680
     ttcagtcaaa aagaatacac acagtatgca cacattgata agtagatatt agcccaaaag    130740
     tttagagtac cgaagataca attcacagac aatatgaagc acaagaagaa ggaaaaccag    130800
     agtatggatg cttcagtgct tcttaaaact gggaacaaaa tactcacagg aggaaataat    130860
     ggagacaaag tgtggagtac agactgaagg aaaggtctta cagagactgt cccatctaag    130920
     gatccatccc atgtatagtc accaaaccca gaagctattg tggataaggg gaagtgctta    130980
     ctggcaagag cctgatatga ctgtctcctg agaggctttg ccagagcctg acacatacag    131040
     agatgcatgc ccacagacaa ccattggaca aggcatgggg tccctgatgg agaagttgaa    131100
     gaaggggctg aaggagatga ggaagtttgc agccccatga tggggtggga ggagcaacag    131160
     ggacacccct ggagctccca gggactggac caacaacaaa atagtacaca tgaagggacc    131220
     catggctcct gcaacatata tggcagagga tggccttgtt ggacatgagt ggcctgagag    131280
     tgtttgatgc cctagtatgg gggaatgcca ggttgggaag acaggaatgg gtgggtggga    131340
     gggtgaggga gaaccctcat agaggcagag agagcagata gaacaggggg tttcctaagg    131400
     ggagacctgg aaaagggaaa atgtttgaag tgtaaataaa gaaaatatct caagtgtgtg    131460
     ggggggactc ccaaaaaata aaaagaaaga aaacactttc cagaagattt aaccttagga    131520
     tgctagtttc ttcttaattg ccactaattt cttagctcca tctaaccagc atcaactgtt    131580
     tcagaagtcc cttatactcc cgactctaaa gccagaacca caagtccaaa ggtgcttagt    131640
     tttgctgctt gcttgggctg gaacaggacc cctttgtttg gttacattat aaccagcttt    131700
     ctgttttccc aactccttca ctgtctaagt ttggctgtcc tggaacttgc tttgtaaact    131760
     gtctttgaac tgagatctgc attccagtct cctaaacact ggattaaagg tgtggtacac    131820
     caagctagga tttaaatttt tcttcaccta gaagtttctc tgttttgggc tggccttgaa    131880
     ctcagagatc tgcttgtctt tgcctcctga tattaaaggt ttatactacc atgcctggac    131940
     ctaaatttag ctgggtggga ttttgcacca aggtcactac tttcttaatt caatataata    132000
     ttcctgaacc caggattcat ctccatttaa cttcctggtg ctcctttaat actcaaacca    132060
     tatattttat atttttaatt actcagcttg ctctgcttat ttaaaatttt cttcatgaga    132120
     cttaaccaga aaacaaagtc tatgaggaac atttctgagt cttcctttgt caatgcaatt    132180
     aatctcaatc tcttcatctt agcctcagtt agactcttca gccatagtca aaaagtagtc    132240
     aaattcttta ccaaaatagc acaaaaacag tctctagacc atgtattgaa gttctccact    132300
     taaactcctt gagccaggtc tgcacatttc aaaatcactc tcagtaacaa agtcttccct    132360
     attcctacta ggatagccca tcaagccccc acttaaagca ttcaactgct ttgcaaatcc    132420
     aaaggcccca aacccatatt cttccaaacg aaagcatggt caggtctatg acctcaatac    132480
     cccactccag gtaccaacaa atagtaccaa tccctgagcc aaatatatca tacatatata    132540
     catatattaa gatatatata tatataatac atatatatct tactaataac aataaacatc    132600
     tttttagagt attttggatg atatctggat acagtaagtg tgcattgtga ctttctctgt    132660
     tcaattaaag taaggccttt gatgtgaact catcataagt ttgggaataa ggaaataaat    132720
     ggaaaagttt actaaaggag cagaggaagg ctacatgaga tactataaaa gcaagctaga    132780
     ctacatagag gttttacatt tttatataga gttcaaaaag catgagcatg ttagcatcac    132840
     ttacagtgtg ccctgtatct tgtgtttgca tatgtatatg ctagaagtca gcctgggatg    132900
     cctttgtcta attctcttca ctttatatat ttattcttca ttttggatac aggagggagg    132960
     catcattgag cctgaagctc actgctttat caaaagtagc tggcttgcaa gagtcaacaa    133020
     ttatctggtt cctactagag ttagaagtgc acaccaccat gattagcata ttacatgagt    133080
     aatattaata tgaactcaga ttctcctgat ttctgggcca aatatgggga atctaagaca    133140
     actaaagtat caactgactg aggtatctcc taagctccaa cattggcttt tatgttaaat    133200
     aaaagtacac atattgaaat ctaaacactt gccagtttcc aaaggagaaa agacagctac    133260
     atcaaggctt tgcctcagtt atgactagtc agtatcaagg gccttactct aattaaataa    133320
     agatagtcgt aatgcacaat tgtgatttac aaagcagaat ggtggtttct agactgttgg    133380
     caagggtact gcaaaccttt tttttttttt taaaccaatg ccagtgtagt gaagatcaaa    133440
     aaaaattttt tttcaaatac tccggtgaga gctgcacaat aattgtgaaa gtattcaata    133500
     tcttagaact tgacacataa tatggtcatt ttacctcaaa tgtatttgag cagaatgaaa    133560
     ccagaaaaaa aatattgaac tcagcagcaa accatgaaag ataattttac ctggtttaat    133620
     tctgaaaaat catcatggat atttggaaat atattctcta tcaattccac gtataatggg    133680
     agtgtacatg aatataggta tagtgtaagc aagcaaacgt ttgatgcagc tgtgttttga    133740
     atttcattca caatagcttg gaggatattt tgcatgctct gtatgtcagg tttcgggcat    133800
     tttcatgtcc ttgttaagat ccagcatcta cttttcctca ttttaaataa ctttcacttg    133860
     actttcattt ccataccaat aagttcattc tagcaataaa attttattgt cagtctttcc    133920
     aagtttttat tttcacctct ttatgaacac tatcaggaga tgagaaagaa ccttacccta    133980
     atatacccat gtgccactca aatttatatc ctagagctca tcaaaaaggt tggaggattt    134040
     attttctctt atgattatcc aaatgcagaa attttataac atgtaagtct aagaatccag    134100
     taagactaag actttcctaa agctatgatg attattagac caaagagatt caatactttt    134160
     ggggttcaaa aaaaagagta tcctgttacc cacaccatat cctggtttac aattagcatt    134220
     tgtactatag aaaaatactg tatggacagg aggatgtgta ttatcttcct aacataaatt    134280
     tttattcatt ttcttaggag tgagcattta aatctgtcca cacagaagag aagtaactca    134340
     tatttctaaa tgtcttaggt gagacaagga catgaacctc cttccccagc caatagcacc    134400
     gtcaaatgtg tgatgtgggt gttagaaacc acttctttat taaagggcaa catctcagaa    134460
     atcacagtgg taggctgaag atcagcttct gaaatccatg agttcgtgtg gtgcagtgtc    134520
     atagggcagc tgagttcctc gtgttaagat tgaagtctag acgtggctag ttaagcactg    134580
     tttccacctg aaccaggtca ccttaaagac tccccttcac tgaatatctt aggagtgcct    134640
     taaccctgag tttcttaggc tcctaataat tctttgtaca gtgtaatcta tttttaattg    134700
     actctttcta ggtcaactac atagaataga ttttatgagt aagaatggca aggctgagcc    134760
     ttgaaggctg aggtttggta gtgatattgc acttaggatg gatgccccaa aacctctttt    134820
     tctctatcca tggtccaatt gtgtatcatt gtgtaaaata tcatcacctg caagaagaag    134880
     cttcccttgt gagaactaag cagtgctggg acataggaga atagcaatat gtcattagga    134940
     cggactttat ttttcctatg ttccattagt agaatttagt aggctttttc ttaggccctt    135000
     ggtggaagag gtggaaaggc ggtaatagca aaaggtggaa gaatgactcc aaggaaagat    135060
     cttccagaca gaacagcata gacacaaacg aactcacaga gactgtggaa gcactcacta    135120
     ggtctgcact cgttaaaaac acataagcag taagaaaggg aagctgaagc aaagttccat    135180
     ctctaataaa gaagctatat gcaatttatt actaatgtaa aagaaaaaaa taaattttct    135240
     tccaatgagt gttactggaa atattaacca cactctagag cagtcaccca tgcttagagg    135300
     ttggctaaca caaaactaac tccatgtttt tgtttttgtt ttttattatt tcatttgttt    135360
     atagttctaa tgttgaaccc attcctggtc tcccctccat gaactctcac tctccatcca    135420
     cttcaccttg gtctctaaga actccctctt ccccacctac ccattcctgc ctcatccctc    135480
     cagcccctcc cttctctgga gcgccaagcc ttcgcaggac caagtgcctc ccctcccact    135540
     gatgccagat gaggcagtag tctgctatat atgtagcagg agccatggaa aggccttatt    135600
     atactctttg gttggtgctt tagttcctgg gagctctgag tgttccagtt agttgatact    135660
     gttgttcttc ttatgggatt ggaatccctt cagctccttt agttcttagc ataactcttc    135720
     cgttggggtc cctgggcaaa gtccagtggt tggctgtgag tatctgtatc tgtcttagcc    135780
     acgtgctggt agagcctctc agaggacaac cacacaaggc tgcaatctgc aagtacctct    135840
     tggcatctga aatagggttg gggtatggtg tctgcagatg ggatggattc caaggtgggg    135900
     cagtctctgc tttccttttt tgtccctgca tttccattag acaggaagaa tattcagtta    135960
     aaaaaatttg gcatggatgg gcagccccat acctcaactg ggggccatgt ctatctattg    136020
     gaggtggtct cttcaggtta tatctccata attttgggca tttcagctaa tgtcatgcct    136080
     attggcttct gggactttct agtgattccc cccccccctg ttttctaccc ttactgccac    136140
     ttatttctat ttattttcct ggccctagtg atttctctac tgtctcttcc catacctgat    136200
     cttttccagt cccctcccct atcccaccta gacctctccc tctgcctccc ctgattattt    136260
     tgttccacct tctaagtggg attgatgcat ccacactttg attttccttc tcgttaagct    136320
     tcatttggtc tgtgaattgt agtgttgata ttctgggatt ttgcactaat agccactaat    136380
     gagtgagtcc ataccaagta tgtccttttt ggtctgggtt atctcactca agataatatt    136440
     tcatttgcct gcaaaatttg taatgtcttt gtttttaata gctgagtaat attccattat    136500
     gtaaatgtgc cacattttct ttatccattg ttctgttgaa ggacatctgt attgtttcca    136560
     gcttttggct attataaata agggtgctat aatcataggg gagcatgtgt ccttatgatg    136620
     ttgtggaaca tctgttgtat acaagttcag gagtggtata gctggacctt caagtagaac    136680
     catttccaat tttcagagca gtcaccagat tgatttccat agtggttatg catacttgca    136740
     attccatcat caatgcagga gtatttctct ttccccagat tctcgccagc aaagaggaac    136800
     agtcatccat ggttttgttc taactgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtatgtg    136860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgatgt ttttcttgtg gtttttattt    136920
     tcatattgag tttttcttcc agtctgtaag aagagagaga acatgtagga gaaccagtga    136980
     gttcacaaag ttggatagct aggaaggtag tgaggatatg ggaagaattt ggagaaatga    137040
     aaataatgcg atccaaacac attgcttaaa atgtaatttt aaataaaata agtgaaaact    137100
     gattgataaa gcagagaaat gtctaccttt agaatgtgaa ccagctcttt atctgttgca    137160
     tttgtaaata gatattatca ttcaataacg aaataaagca tccaaacacg caggattcaa    137220
     actctctata aactgagtta agaatcatat aaggaaagat tatttgattt atatttttta    137280
     ttcaaaagca cctacattta gtctaattta gtcatattaa acaagttgat aattaaagaa    137340
     ttagtgtgct atgtctgatt gtaaaaagaa gagctgtcat gcatagacac ttggactttt    137400
     taagtctcaa gttttcaaag aatatgtctc caaaataact aggttttccc aaatataatt    137460
     cttcagttgc ttttcgggat ttatctgcta gttcttgata ataccaactg ttttcactac    137520
     tgtataacta atcagaaaaa ttagagtttt gcccaggatt gccatatgca acaaatattt    137580
     gtatagtggc aatttgggaa ttgaagtgaa taccatttgg aacataacaa ttccaaatat    137640
     ttatatgagc actatatttc ctcatttaga taacatttca gaaattggag gtcaaagaaa    137700
     tcaggtgaat cctttcaaag ctccattggt aatgctgtca cagtctaatg agttataaga    137760
     ttttcatttt gaccaatgac tgagtattac tatattcata gacagacaat ttgggtgaga    137820
     tttcattagc cataaagaca ctttcaatag tagttttatg tgtcccatgt gtttttgcct    137880
     catagaaatg gctggtttat ttgcaagttc tttctttctt ttacttttta ggagatagac    137940
     atcttcagtt ttaaaatcta tgacgtaaaa ggagtgtatc tgctaaatca ctctatgcag    138000
     tgtagagaag agcagctgca gaaattgaaa cttaataaat ggcttcaaca atagtcataa    138060
     tagtgattca tgcttcttga actgagtcaa atatttttga attcatgtaa cagtctactc    138120
     aagaaactta gctctttgaa atgcatatgg gaatgtattc attgattttt ctgaacattg    138180
     gccctggtcc agtttacgaa agattgaaaa tgagagaaag ccatcttcag ccaaaagtcc    138240
     aaaaaaatat tatgaaatgt ataaggaatg ttttagtaga tgttatccag tggttaacat    138300
     tgattttatt tacgtttgat gttgacatat gattttctgt tgtttgaact attctcatct    138360
     tgaaatatga aacctctatc tacctctctc ttaatgttgg cttatcatta ttactttgag    138420
     taaatggtgt gaactacagc cattttattt aaaattattt aagtttaaag ctttattttt    138480
     gagacatttt atgttgctct gtaaacttca tttcaaattc aatctgatat tagtttttaa    138540
     ttgtgatagc atgataatag ctgagttaca acaggcctct tctattaatg ttttttgaca    138600
     aagtattgtg atttcagcaa atgcctctat tttgaaattc tgtacttctt tatagcaggg    138660
     aatgatttag ccatcaaaaa ggacgaccat gctggcaaaa tgtgtgtatg tgcttgagtg    138720
     tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtagatc cacaatatta tacaatacat    138780
     gctgtaagtt tattatctta gcaactagat tctctacatt gtattacata taattaatat    138840
     tataaaaata ttaacatatt ttatttgctg ctcaagcaag taggtatgat ttcaaactgc    138900
     tgagccccac attgtgtaaa aagagaagag acttaagcat attgatctct gatctcttta    138960
     tacaggttat acacatacac aggcacacac aaataattaa aatatatgta ataacattta    139020
     taacaacatg tactttattt tactcttcac aactactgga taagcattga acaaagttta    139080
     actattactt actacatttt cttgtgtttt caaatcaact ttcttaatgt tacacaagca    139140
     caaatgtatt tgttcactaa tacttagatt tatttatttt ttaattaggt attttcttca    139200
     tttacatttc caatgctatc ccaaaagtcc ctcataccct tccgcccgac actcccctac    139260
     ccacccacta ccacagaatt atttttttaa gagaggaatt ttttgtgtag ctttgggtgt    139320
     cttggaactt gctctttaga gcaaactggg ctcaaaatca tagagatctg cctgcctctg    139380
     cctattaaat actggcatta aagtgtgcac cttgaccact gatcccaaat atttagtatt    139440
     cctgttctgg aagttgtaaa tatatccgtg ttagtgtgga tgtttcctaa atgcattgct    139500
     tctagtaatc gttctcctaa gaatataatt gtgatttttt attttaggat ggcctgatga    139560
     ttatgagtcc tttctcatat accatatgtt ttatacctaa aataaattat ttaaaaaaat    139620
     atttctgata tctttatgcc ttcagttgtt ttgtcttttt ttatgatact ctttgatagt    139680
     atttctataa tgtctttaaa actattgtca atcatgtctc cttagtgaca tttggaagag    139740
     tttagcattg tttgctattg tagatactca gagtggctcc ttctgtctgt tttcctttag    139800
     atgtgaataa gagttccatt ttaaatacac acatggatgg tgattgaaat tataatttag    139860
     taatttacat tttgccaaat tacaactaaa tttggtctga aaattatgcc aatttatgct    139920
     gttacccata gtatttggta aataccaagg ctcagtgttc attgattggc attctttact    139980
     ttttttttaa atatacaaat gtctaaaaca ttttataaaa tttagtatta agtgggatga    140040
     tcaatgtttt gttgacttta ttacagctac agactccaag taatcctaaa gattactttc    140100
     aagcgagcct ttgaaacttt tttattgggt attttattta tttacatttc aaatggtatc    140160
     ccctttacca atttctctcc cctcctggta atctcctatc ccacccccat ccccctgttt    140220
     ccctctcccc accaacttac ccaaactgga ctctccaccc tggaattccc ctatagtggt    140280
     gtattgagcc atcacaggac gatgggcctc tctttccact gatgcccaac aaggccatcc    140340
     actgctacat atgcgattgt ggccatgtgt agctccatgt gtactctttg gttggtggtt    140400
     tagtccctgg gagttctggg gggaggggag acctggttgg ttaatattgt tgatcttcct    140460
     atgggttgta aaccccttca gcttcttcag tcctttctct aactcctact ttgggggaac    140520
     ccatgctcat tttaatcttt tttttttttt tttgcaatcc agatttcatc tccctccttg    140580
     cccaccctct tactgttcca catcccatac ctcttcccca agtctcaaca aggatgtcct    140640
     aagcccccaa gtccccaccc caccaaacct ccccactcct tggggcctct attctcttga    140700
     tttggtgcat cttctctgac tgagtctaaa gccagcagtc ctctgctgta tatgtgttag    140760
     tgcctcatat cagctggtat atgctgcctg attggttgac caatgtttga gagatctttt    140820
     gggtcgaggg ctattgagac tgctcatcct cctacagggt caccatcctc ctcaggttct    140880
     tccagttttt ccctaattca accacagtgg tcagcagatt ctatccattg gttgggtgca    140940
     aatatctgca tctggctttt tcagctgcct gttgtgtctt tcagagggca gtcatgagag    141000
     gtcccctttt gggagcacac catagcctca gtaatagtgt caggccttgg ggcctcacat    141060
     ttagctggat cctactttgg gcctggcgct gaacctccta ttcctcatgc tcttcttcaa    141120
     ttttgtccct gcagttcttt cagacaggaa caattatgga tcagaggttt tgactgtggg    141180
     ctggcaacct tgtcccccac ttgatgacct gtctttctat tgggggtagg ctctacaagt    141240
     tctctctcca cactgtcggg cattttaatc taaggtcccg cctttgagtc ctgagtggct    141300
     ctcatgtccc aggtctctgg tacattctgg aaggtccttc tatttcctag ctccgaaggt    141360
     tgtctgtttc cattctttct gctggctctc aggacttcag tcctgacaag ctaccatttg    141420
     aatgagggaa tcgagtgaag cagacggtcc actctcttaa gcttgggtgt atactataca    141480
     gtgcttggga acttgaataa aaagaaaaca gagaggaaga tttaattgtt gtctgccttg    141540
     ttttgagcgt agagtctatg ttttgccttc tgtagtgact gatctgagct tccagatctc    141600
     ttctagagtc tctgccatta gctcacagac ccttaagatt tccaaatgag gtatttctcc    141660
     ctgtccaaaa tcctgtgagt taatgtctta taacaaatat atacctacca atttttttct    141720
     cctcttacat ttttcatatt agttagcatt aattaattga acaaaatagt tttattgtga    141780
     tattttgtac atgaatataa aacaccctta tcatacataa ttccatagtc tattccttac    141840
     tccctctgtt ctttcttttg tacctccaag cactcctttt aattacatgt attttcttta    141900
     ttatttttac ttacgtgtat acatattata tacaaacata cataagcata tcaatataac    141960
     ctccattaag tctttttcct tttatttttt aattaggtat tttcttcatt tacacttcaa    142020
     atgctattcc caaagtcccc tataaccttc ccggccttgc tccccaaccc acccactcca    142080
     gcttcttggc cctggcattc ccctctactg gggcatatga tcttcacaag accaagggcc    142140
     tctcctccct ttgatggccg actaggccat cctctgctac atatgtaact agagaaatag    142200
     ctctggggaa aactggttag ttcaaattgt tgttcctcct atcaggttgc aaaccccttt    142260
     agctccttgg gtactttctc tagctccttc attaggggcc ccgtgttcca tccaatagat    142320
     gactgtaagc ttccacttct ttttttttaa atttaattta atttaatttt attttatttt    142380
     attttttaat taggtatttt tctcatttac attttcaatg ctatcccaaa ggtaccaaat    142440
     acccaccccc cccaacccct acccacccac tccccctttt tggccctggc gttcccctgt    142500
     actggggcat ataaagtttg caagtccaat gggcctctct ttgcagtgat ggccgactag    142560
     gccatctttt gatacatatg cagctaaaga caagagctcc cggtactggt tagttcatat    142620
     tgttgttcca cctatagggt tgcagttccc tatagctcct tgagtaattt ctctagctcc    142680
     tccattaggg gccgtgtgac ccatccaata gctgactgtg agcatccact tctgtgtttg    142740
     ctaggccctg gcatagtctc acaagataga gctataactg ggtcctttca gctaaatctt    142800
     gctagtgtat gcaatggtgt tagcatttgg aagctgatta tgggatggat ccctgcatat    142860
     ggcagtcact agatgatcca tcctttcttc acagctccaa attttgtctc tgtaactcct    142920
     tctatgggtg ttttgttccc atttctaaga aagggtaaag tgtccacact ttggtcttcg    142980
     ttcttcttga atttcatgtg tttggcaagt tgtatcttat atcttgggta tcctaagttt    143040
     ctgggctatt atccacttat cagtgagtac atattgtgca agttcctttg tgattgggtt    143100
     acttcactca ggatgatacc ctccaggtcc atccatttgc ctaggaattt cataaattca    143160
     ttttttaata gctgagtagt attccattgt gtaaatgtac cacattttct gtatccattc    143220
     ctctgttgag gggcatctgg gtactttcca gcttctggct attataaaca aggctgctat    143280
     gaacatagtg gagcatgtgt tcttcttacc ggttgggaca tcttctggat atatgcccag    143340
     gagaggtatt gcaggatcct ccggtagtac tatgtccaat tttctgagga accgtcagac    143400
     tgatttccag agtggttgta caagcttgca atcccaccaa cagtggagga gtgttcccct    143460
     ttctccacat cctcgccaac atctgatgtc acctgagttt ttgatcttag ccattctgac    143520
     tggagtgaag tggaatctca gtgttgtttt gatttgcatt tccctgatga ttaaggatgt    143580
     tgaacatttt atcaggtgtt tctctgccat ttggtattcc tcaggtgaga attctttgtt    143640
     cagctctgag ccccattttt aatggggtta tttgattttc tggagtccac cttcttgagt    143700
     tctttatata tattggatat tagtccccta tccgatttgg gataggtaaa aatcctttcc    143760
     caatctgttg gtggcctttt tgtcttattg atagtgtctt ttgctttgca gaagctttgc    143820
     aattttatga ggtcccattt atcgattctt gatctgacag cacaagccat tgctgttcta    143880
     ttcaggaatt tttcccctgt acccatatct tcgaggcttt tccctacttt ctcctctata    143940
     agtttcagtg tctctggttt tatgtggagt tccttaatcc acttagattt gaccttagtc    144000
     caaggagata gaaatggatc aattcgcatt cttctacatt ataaccgcca gttgtgccag    144060
     caccatttgt tgaaaatgct atcttttttc cactggatgg ttttagctcc cttgtcaaag    144120
     atcaagtgac cataggtgtg tgggttcatc tctgggtctt caattctgtt ccattggtct    144180
     acttgtctgt cactatacca gtaccatgca gttttgatca caattgctct gtagtatagt    144240
     tttaggtcca gcatggtgat tccaccagag gttcttttat ccttgagaag agtttttgct    144300
     atcctcggtt tttttgttat tccagatgaa tctgccgatt gccctttata attcgttgaa    144360
     gagttgagtt ggaattttga tggggattgc attgaatctg tatattgctt ttggcgatat    144420
     agccattttt acaatgttga tcctgccaat ccatgagcat gggagatctt tccatcttct    144480
     gagatcttct ttaatttctt tctttagagt cttgaagttc ttatcataca gatctttcac    144540
     ttccttagtt agagtcacgc caaggtattt tatattattt gtgactaatg agaggggtgt    144600
     tgtttcccta atttctttct cagcctgttt atcctttgtg tacagaaagg ccattgactt    144660
     gtttgagtta attttatatc cagctacttc attgaagctg tttatcaggc ttaggagttc    144720
     tctggtggaa tttttggggt cacttatata tactatcata tcatctgcaa aaagtgatat    144780
     tttgacttct tcttttccaa tttgtatccc cttgatctcc ttttgttgtc taattgctct    144840
     ggttaagact tcaagtacaa tgttgaatag ctagtgtgag agtggacagc catgtctaat    144900
     ccctgatttt agtgggattg cttccagctt ctcaccattt actttgatgt tggctattgg    144960
     gttgctgtag attgctttta tcatgtttag gtatgggcct tgaattcctg atctttccaa    145020
     gacttttatt atgaatgggt gttggatttt gtcaaatgct ttctcagcat ctaatgagat    145080
     gatcatgtgg tttttgtctt tgactttgtt tatatcctgg attacattga tggatttcca    145140
     tatattaaac catcactgca tccatgggat gaaacctact tggtcaggat ggatgattga    145200
     tttgatgtgt tcttggattc ggttagcaag aactttattg aggatttttg catcgatatt    145260
     cacaagggaa attggtctga agttctctat ctttttttgg gtctttttgt ggtttaggta    145320
     tcagagtaat tgtggcttca tagaatgagt tgggtagagt accttccatt tctattttgt    145380
     ggaatagttt gtgaagaact ggaattaggt cttctttgaa ggtctgatag aactctgcac    145440
     taaacccatc tgctcctgtg cttttttggc tgggagacta ttaataactg cttctatttc    145500
     tttaggggat atgggactgt ttagatggtc aacttgatcc tgattcaact ttggtacctg    145560
     gtatctgtcc agaaatttgt ccatttcgtc caggttttcc aattttgttg agtatagcct    145620
     tttgtagaag gatctgatgg tgttttggat ttcttcagga tctgttgtta tgtctccctt    145680
     ttcagatctg attttgttaa ttaggatttt gtccctgtgc cctctagtga gtctagctaa    145740
     gggtttatct atcttgttga ttttctcaaa gaaccaactc ctcgtttggt taattctttg    145800
     aataggtctt cttgtttcca cttggttgat ttcacccctg agtttgatta tttcctgccg    145860
     tctactcctc ttgggtgaat ttgcttcctt ttcttctaga ccttttaggt ttgttgtcaa    145920
     gctgctaatg tgtgctctct ctagtttctt tttggaggta ctcagagcta tgagctttcc    145980
     tcttaggaat gctttcattg tgtcccatag gtttgggtat gttgtggctt cattttcatt    146040
     aaactccaaa aagtccttaa tttctttctt tattccttcc ttgaccaagg tatcattgag    146100
     aagagtgttg ttcagtttcc acgtgaatgt tggctttcta ttatttattt tgttattgaa    146160
     aatcagcctt agtccatggt gatctgatag gatgcatggg acaatttcaa tatttttgta    146220
     tatgttgagg ctctttttgt gaccaattat gtggtcagtt ttagagaagg taccatgagg    146280
     tggtgagaag aacgtatatc cttttgtttt aggataaaat gttctgtaga tatctgataa    146340
     gtccatttgt ttcatcactt ctgttagttt cagtgtgtcc ctgtttagtt tctgtttcca    146400
     tgatctgtcc attggtgaaa gtggtgtgtt gaagtctccc actattattg tgtgaggtga    146460
     aatgtgtgct ttgagcttta ctaaagtttc tttaatgaat gtggctgccc ttgtatttgg    146520
     agcatagata ttcagaattg agagttcctc ttggaggatt ttacctttga tgagtatgaa    146580
     gtgcccctcc ttggtttttt tgttgacttt gggttggaag tcaatcttat aagatattat    146640
     tatggctact ccagcttgtt tcttcatacc atttgcttgg aaaattgttt tccagccttt    146700
     cattctgagg tagtgtctat ctttttctct gagatgagtt tcctgtaagc agcaaaatgt    146760
     tggtcttgtt tgtgtagcca gtttcttagt ctatgtcttt ttattgggga gttgggacca    146820
     ttgatattaa gagatattaa ggagaagtaa ttgttgcttc ctgttatttt tgttgttaaa    146880
     gttggcattc tgttcttgtg gctgtcttct tttagttttg ttgagggatt atcttcttgt    146940
     tttttctagg gcgtggttcc catccttgta ttggtttttt tctgttatta tcctttgaag    147000
     ggctggattc ctggagagat aatgggtgaa tttagttttg tcgtggaata ctttggtttc    147060
     tccatctatg gtaattgaga gtttggctgg gtatagtagc ctgggctgga atttgtgttc    147120
     tcttagtgtc tgtataatat ctgtccaggc tcttctggct ttcatagtct ctggtgaaaa    147180
     atatggtgta attctcatag ggctgccttt atatgttact tgggcttttt ctcttactgc    147240
     ttttaatatt ctatctttat ttaatgcatt tgatgttctg aatattatac gtcgggagga    147300
     atttcttttc tggtccagtc tatttggagt tctgtaggct tcttgcatgt tcatgggcat    147360
     ctctttcttt agatttggga agttttcttc aataattttg ttgaagatgt ttgctggtcc    147420
     tttgagttga aaatcttcat tctcatccac tcctattatc cgtaggtttg gtcttctcat    147480
     tgtgtcctgg atttcctgga tgttttgagt taggatcttt ttgcattttc cattttcttt    147540
     gattgttatg ccaatgttct ctatggaatc ttctgtacct gagattctct cttccatctc    147600
     ttgtattctg ttgctgatgc tggcatctat ggttccagat ttctttccta gggtttctat    147660
     ctccagcgtt gcctcacttt gggttttctt tattgtgtct acttcccttt ttaggtctag    147720
     tatggttttg ttcatttcca tcacctgttt ggatgtgttt tcctgttttt ctataaggac    147780
     ttctacctat ttggttgtgt tttcctgttt ttctttaagg acttgtaact ctttagcagt    147840
     gttctcccgt atttctttaa gtgagttatt aaattccttc tttatgtcct ctaccatcat    147900
     catgagatat gcttttaaat tcaggtctac cttttcaggt gtgttagtgt gccctagacc    147960
     gggcaaagtg ggcgttctgg gttctgatga tggtgagtgg tcctggtttc tgttagtagg    148020
     attcttacgt ttacctttcg ccctctggaa atctctggag ttagttgtta tagttgtctt    148080
     tgtttagaga ttgtttctct gttgattttg ttaccctcta tcagaagacg tgggagacta    148140
     gctctctcct ctgagtttca gtggtcagag cagtctctgc aggcaagctc tcctctttca    148200
     gggaaggtgc acagttatct ggtgtttgga cctcctcctg gctgaagatg aaggcccaaa    148260
     acaggatctt tcccagaagc tgtgttgctt tggccaggaa ggtggctggt tgtctggagc    148320
     cgaagatggc gccgcctcag aagctctctg gctctcgcct gtcccagaaa cggctggcct    148380
     ctgtattcca caccgtcacc tgtgcagcct gccctcagag gagtcttgga gccaaggagg    148440
     ctcccgccga ggcttgaagc acaaacctct cgggctgggc ggatccctgt gctctcacca    148500
     ggaaggtggc tggttgtctc aagcttccac ttctatattt gccaggaact gtcatggcct    148560
     cacaagagac agctatatca gggtccagtc agcaaaatct ttctggcaaa tgcaatagag    148620
     tctgggtttg gtggttgtat atgggatgga tccctgtgtg gggcagtctc tgggtggtcc    148680
     ttaattcctt ctcagctctg aactttgtct ctataactcc ttccatgggt attttgttcc    148740
     ccattctaaa aaggagtgaa gtgtcttact catagctttt gggattggct acagactatt    148800
     gagtgtgttc cacctgaaaa gacttattct ttgacaacag tccggtacac ctagccctga    148860
     ctagtcagtc actgcagccc ttcatctagg gtcggggacc ctctgagatt tcccacaatc    148920
     acatcagcag gtcaactggt gctgtcagtg ttcagttcat actgttgaga tttcatgggt    148980
     ccaagattat acaggattaa acagaatgga caatctctca gcacaggtcc cccttttcca    149040
     gccctttaaa gcttcccttt ctcttttcca gaataatccc tgagccttaa gcttagtatt    149100
     tctgctggga acgtatcact gggcctgcaa attcaatccc attaccattt gttttctgat    149160
     tttgaccagc tttggctggt tgttacaatc tttttacagg tttttgttac caaatctttc    149220
     tgaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaga agaagaggaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    149280
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagtttctta gtttcttagt    149340
     tgaaagatga gaaatgtatc actgggttcg aggtcaagta tttggaatga agttagaaat    149400
     catactggtt taagaaatta gaagtagtca gtttcctaga tttcatggtc tcaccagagc    149460
     catcattaat tctttcctat ggagtgagca ttaattctga ttccatggct gctggctgct    149520
     ggctgctggc tgctggctgc tggctgctgg ctgctggctg ctggctgctg gctgctggct    149580
     gctggctgct ggctgctggc tgctggctgc tggctgctgg ctgctggctg ctggctgctg    149640
     tttcttttaa aagggtccct cttctgtttg tggatgtctt acctttctgc tcattgttat    149700
     tgttcctagg tttcaaaccc tggtaagact attcaatgat tttttttttc cttgtcagct    149760
     tacatcgcac cttcagcttc atgagaggca gtcctcagga tattggctat gaagtcagat    149820
     ccagatgaag tctgcctaat atatctttcc tgcccaagta tgtggcatat tcagtaatag    149880
     ggacattgct tggactcaac caaaggcaaa agccataacc tacaatgttt gggtgctctc    149940
     ttggcttcct ctgaccaaca actacaaatg gtctctcctg cctcttgatt tttcttaaat    150000
     agactatacc cctagggaga agcaatattt ctcttaatag tgtacacaca cacacacaca    150060
     cacacacaca cacacacaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    150120
     gatacacaca gagatattat atgataacct atattacatc ttatatttat tgagaatttt    150180
     atttttgtta aattgtaact ttaaaaactt tagtattaaa agccctacaa ataaataaaa    150240
     agagtcaaac atcataatta acccaatatc tattctaact gtatagaatt tcattgaatt    150300
     ttatagactt aggttctggc taatatttct gagtaaccta cattatttgc agtagaaaat    150360
     aaaaattaaa ggttctcagg tcctaccaag ccaggtctgt cagtaaatgg tcacaaaaga    150420
     catcagtgac tttttaaaat tcaatgtaaa aagaaaaaaa aaaggaaaaa aaatcaattc    150480
     agcacatgga agtgaaaaat gttatttttt ttaaaaaacc agaagaagca gctttcatcc    150540
     cttgaaacca tttcaacatt ttccatgcca aatcactttg ttacctgctg attcagacta    150600
     atcctaattg aaagtgcata ttactttgcc cttcaaaatg gaaagattga atttcacagt    150660
     cttgccaaaa cttcttgaga agcacagatg taaataaaat caacaaatgc ctcaaacaga    150720
     gtaaatgatc aaataaaatt aatgccacga tgtcagtttt atttgctcaa aagctatatt    150780
     gtaattttaa tatttgcaaa tataaagtat gaagacctta atgtatattt ctccctggga    150840
     aagagtttag taacatgtgt tttcaacctg ccagctgggg attcacctat attatgctca    150900
     aattgtgagg tcctttaaat gatacaaatc tctttctttc caaatctctg cattagtttt    150960
     aatgaaatat gacagtttat tcttcattta tcacttatga cccaaattta catgcccgtt    151020
     tctaattgcc cctggccata gcaatcctaa ggctatcttc tattcccaga agatacataa    151080
     aaattgtgaa gtagcaaact ggcagaaaca ttttattttt aaaattcatt ccgcacatac    151140
     tttctacctt cttcgatctc ccccatgaag cccaatacta aatttttttg ttttgttttt    151200
     gtttttgttt ttgtttttgt ttttgttttt gtttttcact taggtgccag gctgagaaga    151260
     aaccagttaa gtttcccaat tgattctagg agtaagaagg ggtcctacaa actgagatgc    151320
     cccatgtaat ctgtgttact cttgttccta taagagtacg gtggggagtg agtggcgatc    151380
     agccaaggct gctgagtacc tactgagctg ggccaggttg aatgaggctg cctctgctga    151440
     tttaagctgc agtggattga gttacacaga aaaatttagc atgtggagta gaaaatgaag    151500
     tagacacctg gatcgaagaa atattaggga gggacccaac tcaagtttaa aaaggaaaaa    151560
     gaaaatgatc agaattaaag aaaatggggc cagcggcaat tgattactag ttcactcaag    151620
     gtgaatttgg agagtaagca atttagttct ctaagcttat ttccaaattt taagactaga    151680
     tatattagaa tctatgcttt tcttcaaaat tatataaata gttaactatg tatatggtat    151740
     attttgcaac cttagctgca gattttagaa ccatggaata ttacttggag caagactaat    151800
     gaatattcac actaagtgca ataaataaaa atatgaaatt tgtgttaggt cagatcatgc    151860
     atgctaaatg agctacaaaa gatatttcag gttttatgga tttcagaaca acaggtgaac    151920
     cacctggcat ctaagacaat gcagacattt caggaaaata atacagtggg ggattcactg    151980
     cagtgagtac aaaggctaaa cctttgctgg cctagctgag gtctagccgt aaatccgacg    152040
     gataggcatg ttcagcaaga cccgcaaggt ccaaagaaat tattaaggaa gataaatcct    152100
     cactccttct ctaggtaatt gtccaggatt tatactgggt tctaattcat attgatggta    152160
     ttgctattat tttaaaatat ttagatggaa gatataatag tatcctttct gagcacataa    152220
     taatagggat ctgcaaaaga ggagcagcag tgtgcacaga accaggcaag cagtgtgaag    152280
     agccaccacc acgaataatc acaccacaaa cccaattgtg tggcaatagt ccccgacttg    152340
     ctgtccagtt tctgttgcac agtagtctct agtagacaca agacacaaag gtgttatgat    152400
     ttccagaaag ataacaagaa ctggcagaaa gcgtagaatt tagggaaacc actggcttaa    152460
     aataggaatt tcataccatc aaatacttct gataatttag ctgtatgata aagcataatc    152520
     cacatcttaa tatgtgatct gcttattcat gaaactcgtg ccttaaaatc actggctcag    152580
     gttttgtttc atggtcccta aaaccacaat tttagtccta tgcctttaat tcctgttttg    152640
     gaatgaatac attggttttc attccatttg catcctaaaa ttgaatgttt atccattctt    152700
     tttagagcag tctcattaaa taccatatta actggacaga atattccttg gcttagaagt    152760
     gataatataa aggaactggg gagatggatt aaaagttgga ttgcttcata ttcttctcag    152820
     tatgaaactt ctcatcctgc caagcatctg taactcaagc ttcaagggaa attggattcc    152880
     tctgtctccc aagaccaacc gagctcactt caacacagcc gaagacacac acacacacac    152940
     atgtgtacac acacacacac actttaatga taataaataa tttaacaatt aataataaag    153000
     tcgtgttaat agctactttc aaactcataa gaaaagaatt tatgagtctc agaggataac    153060
     attaatgtat tagtgtgata gatatatatt tttgattcca tgaataaagc agaaacatgt    153120
     aatcaaacca attaacaata ctggtttctt tttttcttac ctttctgagt tgttctttaa    153180
     tagttttgtt acaccagttt aaaatgtgta gatttccaaa ttgtgatgca ttaatatgag    153240
     aataacattt taaaatctat tataagctgg gtgtggtggc acacaccttt attcccagta    153300
     cttgggagga agagacaggt ggatttctga gttctaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag    153360
     ttccaggaca gccaaggata tagagagaaa ccctgtctcc aaaaaaaccg agagagagag    153420
     agagggggga gagggagaga gagagagaga gaaacaatat tgaaacaatt aaacataaga    153480
     aacaatatgt tttatgttat tctataccct ggtctgaggc cacagaagaa ttacaacaca    153540
     cattaattca tgagaaacat ggggtctgat atcagatatt catgcttttc ctgaatccta    153600
     tggttgggcc ataatcttta tgaaatagat ttttggatgg agatgtacaa tccaatgtca    153660
     tattgatagg gttactaaga tgatagcaca ctctggataa atgaaaaaga aaaaagaaaa    153720
     aggaaaagaa aaagaaaaag aaaaaaaggg aagcagaaaa agattacatt cagaattacc    153780
     tgaatctaga tgtgaacgat ttgctttgga caagactccc cagggaaaaa ttgaaacaaa    153840
     accaaatgta attgtgaata tttggatgtc tttaagtggt ttcaaaccct tgacattggg    153900
     ataagactaa aactgtatgg gaggatattc tgagttatcc tgatatacat gtggccagtg    153960
     atatataggt tggacatatt gctttaaaat gtagtgcagg ttgctctcca aaagactgaa    154020
     gatggactac ccatctggaa gatataggat gctcctacca tactttttta tttagaaagg    154080
     aaatactaat gaacaggcac cattttgctg atagtgtggc caagattgaa tgacagtaaa    154140
     agccattcat ggtgacagga gatcccatat taattttcag ggtttttgtt cctatggaaa    154200
     acacttggga ttcttgatat tgaatccaag tgtaccttat gttttgtgta cccttaaaag    154260
     aatcattggt aatggatagc agtgatacac ggtgtccgaa acattacagg taaaaagaag    154320
     taagctagtc ttagtgtagg tcatcgtctc cccaaaccct actgtggata tgcttctcaa    154380
     ggacacagga actttctctg tttggattga ccaaaatgca ttatataggt aagtatgaat    154440
     ttctcaaaca tttaaacctt caagtaacta aactaaagct taattttggg atagtatata    154500
     caggacatga agataattaa taactcataa gattaaataa atgctagtct tatttacaag    154560
     tgtcctccag aaaaggaaaa ttcagtgaca cacaaatgaa aaataatatc ataagattgc    154620
     tgtttacccg catcagaagt gcgtcttagg cacagtggat tgacttgtat agtgctcact    154680
     ctctgatgat atgcttgtgt tcaggtatta ctgcctttgc tttgactaga ctattttaaa    154740
     ctcctacaga tgagagctaa actgttgacg ataattgtga atgacaatca ctccatacca    154800
     atcatagaga aaaggatttt gttctgtttt atttcacatt tcttttcctt aacaggctgt    154860
     tccccacatg actgtggaca tggtttacca ctgaataggc aaagatttat aaaacattgt    154920
     gtctaaaggt aatcttttaa attataatag attttttttg gcccggcatt attctctatt    154980
     cttatacact agtccatgat gcacatagaa aacaagactg tggtaacaac atacctcaaa    155040
     gaattcttag gagcatttgc atacgaactg aatttctctc ttttctctca agttagttac    155100
     ctgggatgag tgatgtatta ctcatcttct ccacttctag aagaaattag tctgaatcca    155160
     ttgaccttgt acacctcatg agctggcttg ggagagactc atttatttct tgtttaaagt    155220
     tcttttgcaa ttcaagcact ttaagtgctg actattttct tattatcatc agtttttgtt    155280
     ctagactatt attaagcccc cttctgaatg tataactatg gcctatgttt tcctcagtag    155340
     taaaggttgt aactaaaaaa aaaaacaaaa actttgtttt ctacaatgtt ctcctctttc    155400
     tcctcagtct cctcccactt catcctcata atccaatgct tcctctactg agccaaaatg    155460
     attggatctt aagaaggagt ccttggtgga ggctgaactt ggtctctctt ttggacactt    155520
     caacttgtac aaaggtcagg agatcatttc ttcatctccc attttatatt ctttgtctac    155580
     caaatatgaa gctaatttag cagacagcat ctgtatgcct gttttcatca caattacttt    155640
     tttatacaac attatttttc tgggaagaca aaagctgaat ctcagctatc ctgctgttat    155700
     caatatcaaa agccatgtaa ttgacttccc agcctgctta tcctcttgtt cctaacatgc    155760
     tagcttcaaa gattgaagca tgttctttag tttatcagtc cttttgtggc attcttatat    155820
     acattccatc aagcatcatg aaggaatacc atataatatc aagagtatgt actttttaac    155880
     tctgagatgc ctgtcaagaa tatgtttctc tctgatagtt ttccctttta ttacatgtgt    155940
     tatcaatata agaaccacta tagtaaggag gcatagctta cagtctccat ggaggaaagt    156000
     agatatattg gaattgtccc aggagattct acttttatat ggatcaatgg ttcagcaaag    156060
     tctcatggct caaaagacca ctgtagaaac tactgggcat caatgctagg agaggccctt    156120
     ggtcctgtga aggcttgatg cctcagttta ggggaatgcc agggcaggga ggtgagaagt    156180
     ggatgggtgg tgggggaaca ccctcataga agcagtgggg gatgggacgg gggtttccag    156240
     aggggaaacg gggaaagagg gtaacatttg aaatgtaaat aaataaaata tctgagaaaa    156300
     aaaaaagaga aagaaaccac tgggtcacta ttgggtcttc tggttcctga ttatgctcca    156360
     actgtgtcac atgactttta aaatggaaat ggttttaaaa tggaaatgtg tgtttacctc    156420
     agattattca gaaatgaatc aaagaaataa ccttacccaa gactaggtta ttgcaccagt    156480
     gattaatttt ggggagtgac ttaggagtgt aagtaaaaga ttacttatag aagaatgcat    156540
     gatcttaggt agctgaatca tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatgc tccagtgttt gttaaaactc    156600
     atgaacattg tgctcctgga attccctgaa aaatctgccg gtatcttttc tgcttgtagt    156660
     ctctttattc gaccaatttt taatatttat attaatatgt gaaatggcat ttggaatctt    156720
     ataaacgtta ggaactctct tcattattaa gttttgttta cttcctaagt atttgcacca    156780
     tctgtctttc ctccagaggg aatgtttcat tccaagaagc agctattcac cacctctcat    156840
     aagaattgca acatgtaaaa atatgtactc agaaatttcc caagagtcat gctctatcag    156900
     taactgattt caacatattc attttaaatg ctctttacta actattgcaa atagaaaaga    156960
     caaatattcc attcatctct taattttcca ttgggttgga cagaaatgac atggaatcaa    157020
     agtggagaaa tgctaagaga caaagagagg aaaagataaa agcatgtgca agatgaagag    157080
     gaggaatgga gagaggaggc atggtagcag gatagggtgc agagaaggaa atggagaaga    157140
     aaagccaaga ggagaaaaga tcatcttagc ttgaaacaaa cctaaaactc ttatccataa    157200
     aaccagtagc agttctatag ataataatgc agattagtta tgtgcttcgt acttaagact    157260
     ataacttcag gcaggtctgg agaggggaag aataaagagg aattatgaca ctggaggcat    157320
     ttaggcttta ggtttgttat aagaattatt aaaggccaca atttttcaca actgtaccgc    157380
     tgacaagttt gcagtttcaa ataccaatta aataaattca atgatttttc tttttctttc    157440
     gttgagtctt acgatatatg aaggtggttt caagttattt ttacgtcctt taaaaccatt    157500
     ttattcaatc ctagccccta aaaacagatg aaattagaaa ctacataact aggaaataaa    157560
     actaaatcat aaaatagttc agctgcaaac cccacaatca taactgcctg ctaagatatc    157620
     taaaggcttc cgtactctca ctcttaagga aattttatgg aaaacacact ggtaaagagc    157680
     aacttggttg acaagaaatt gatgaaaaca atgaatctgt caaatgattc aagtgttctt    157740
     ttttttttat tagatatttt ctttttattt gcatttcaaa tgctatcctg aaagttccct    157800
     ataccctccc cctgcactgc tcccttaccc acccactcct acttcttggc cctggcattc    157860
     ccctgtactg gggtatataa agttttcaag accaagggac ctctcttccc aatgatggcc    157920
     gactaggcca tcttctgcta tgtatacagc tagagacacc agtgatctta atagaacgac    157980
     ttttcatgga aggacacctt tcagtcaaca gaaaatattt atgtatattt gtaagaagtt    158040
     ctctaagctg ccactaacat gtttaaatgt tttatagaca attataccaa taacaataat    158100
     atttaagtga gattttagct attactttga tctgtaaata attttcaatc atgtctatgg    158160
     aagtgaatgt tctaagcatt aaaacttctt tccaagaatg ttgaaacatc tagtaattta    158220
     caatacttgc aattatcatt agaatgtata ttatcatgat tattgttatc atttttacta    158280
     tatattttaa tgtcagtgtg ccactagtta gaactacctg agtcatcttt cacctttgcc    158340
     cctttcagtg tgccagccct gttccaaatt gatacatgag ccttgtcagg aaaggttgtg    158400
     attagatttg cacttaaggt actcatccat tttctaacat taaccagttg tacagatctg    158460
     tggtaagcac tgtttaccaa aaaaacgcaa gtctctcttg atgactgata atagacgaga    158520
     gattcttgat aatagtgttt tggtcggaga tgagagttaa tcttaaaagc agtttcaatt    158580
     tattgctaat aaagtcaaag ttactggagg agactctaaa acacttaatt tactaaaata    158640
     ccataatctc taagagtagt ctataattat ttatattata tgcacagata aatttagtct    158700
     ttaaccctca tcactgaaac ttatttttgt aacagaggaa gaacactaca aaaaaccaca    158760
     accaatcaaa atgcagagtt gtggagccca attctaatgg atgagtctgc actataattc    158820
     tgacacacag ataaatgtgg aatgtaggta gaaaaaaata taagagccag agaattgggg    158880
     agtttgctat gggattgtgt ttcacagtaa tgttcaaagt tacactcata acaaatcacc    158940
     aacatgattt cccatacatg aactgaacaa tgataacacc catggacaca gaaatggggc    159000
     cagtacactg gtaaacacac acacacacac acatctagtc caatgaaata gaagaataaa    159060
     tgacacattt aaaaaaaagc aatgtgttta caaccacaat ttatttttgt caaaggcgtc    159120
     atgaacttgc atttagacaa atgatagtct ttacaacatt ttttttttag ggaaatagga    159180
     tttacttaag taggatgaca ctagatccat atttattgcc tgtgccctag acagctctca    159240
     gtctgaccct acctgctctt gggaggtggg gacaaattgg cacagagtca atgacacaga    159300
     ctctgggagc aggtgagaat gttgcagcaa actcacctga gcgctgctgc aatctcctct    159360
     aataccctcc acccatgccc cccattggac cgagaaagca tctcttgtaa gcagcagttt    159420
     ctgattggct agtgttattt gcacaagcaa ttcttgctct ttcaggcagt cctcaatcag    159480
     gtccttcttc aggaatgctg gtgttactgg tagacctcag ttaggtcctc tggcaggaga    159540
     gacttttgca attgcatgac cctcagtgtt tacatagagg caaccctgat gttcctgcta    159600
     cacatattga gcaacctgga cactaaattc aaactgtgag acctgaaact ttaaaattga    159660
     tcaacaaaaa tgtagggaca aagcttcaag gcttgtatgc atcctgtgta tgaagaggac    159720
     tcaagcagaa tggggtacca tatgaaacat tgaactggaa gtaaattaag tcatcaagat    159780
     cctgcatagc caagaggggg ccgctggggt aaaaagaagg ctcacagaat ggggcaaaaa    159840
     aaattcgtaa ttgcacatca aacagagaca cataaaactg tcttacaaat atccccaaat    159900
     caagtcatct aattaatatt tggaagaagt tgtaaattag caagaacttc taagattgaa    159960
     tgaagtttac cattgagata atagtcattc ttgtttggta gtcagaagaa ttttttttaa    160020
     aaaaacccgg tccaattcgg atgaagcatc atccttgcct caggcccatt gcaatggaag    160080
     tagctgacct taggctgaag ccataggctt acattatgtg tcccccaccc caccccaccc    160140
     caagttaatt tttcgtttga agtgattata tttttgcctt tcttcatagc aaaaaggact    160200
     gaaaagcaca tgtaagtagc gagagtgtga acacgaggcc tccaggactt taatcatgag    160260
     catagcgcat tctttttttt ttttaacttc acttagtatc tccttgtgaa tttcacatca    160320
     cgcacaccag tcccactcat ctccccattc ctccatagct gccctctgct gttggaacca    160380
     acctccccgc aaagaaacaa aaaaccaaaa caatgaaaac gagaaaaagt aacataaaga    160440
     ataaaatata atataaagcc atccagcggt gtaagccgtg gtgtgtcatg gtgtgtcaca    160500
     caatataccc ctttgcagaa acagctttgc ttgcaaatgt ccattgtcat gagtcattgg    160560
     cgtggtttga ggcttctggc ttctgttaca ctatcaggac tgcactctca ccaacgaaga    160620
     ctcctctccc ctcttcttgc tgttgcccag cgtcatggag agactgcagc tttggatctg    160680
     caggacaagc cactttgtgt gctccagccg tttataggtg gggtaaatgt tgaggatagg    160740
     ctagctcaag gccctgcatc tgggcctggg ccatctctgt gttgttcagc ttgctggatt    160800
     tcctgtgcca ccagggcctg ctctcccact ttgcccaggc acagagaggg atcagctccc    160860
     ctccctgttt gtggcaactg acaagaagca gaacaggatg tcctacgctc atgtcacagg    160920
     ggcctgctct ctggaattca tgccttcggg agaaggctca cccataccca tgccaccagg    160980
     gccagctcta ctgtggtact caggtgaggt gctgcagcca gcgaggggca gagttaactc    161040
     tccctctcac gcctgatgag gtcagcttcc ccatactttc cagtcaaggg gatgaggttt    161100
     tagtttacct gcctgccatg ccacagcgtt tctcaactgc acaacctaca agggcagggc    161160
     cagctcttca gcttccacaa cctattatgc cctcagggtc agctagccca agtttgccca    161220
     ggcaagggaa aggatgggct ctcctgaatg ttgcaatgaa cgagggacaa agcagactct    161280
     gtgcaactct tggccattaa gatggctcca ggaggcagcc tagaccggag acttccacac    161340
     gacctttggt ggtcatgtgt accacagaca ttgattaaca caaacccaca ttcctgcaga    161400
     gtcacggagc cagacatagc cctcagatac agcagaagcc aagatggtct caggtagcag    161460
     agcaggctag tcacatcaga ttgttagtaa ataggctctc atctctgccc ttttgtctcc    161520
     agttcacagt cttcagagtg cacaaaccat tcaaattctc tttctctccc atctttctcc    161580
     acatatttgc tgatctgtag cggcacttct ggatatcttc tgcttatctc tgcaccttgt    161640
     gtgcctttgg gtgccttaag cctgtctgcc cacatagact attcttaatg gttataacct    161700
     catgatatga acatctccca taggtccaat aatgtgacat tggctataaa tttccatcat    161760
     ataaatctag ggaaacattt aaaccatgcc agaacattct catggtttat gaacatgaat    161820
     aatgctttct ggatgctggg gtttggatac ctacagagta aggaaaatta atactatgga    161880
     atctctcatc atttaaaagg tgtttcttgc tttattaagt attggattga tttctgtagt    161940
     atttttctaa tttttttcag aacgcttata aggttaatgt cagagtttgc gggtggtttg    162000
     taatattgga caaggaaggt ctacaacttc tcatccactg ttttgatatt ttgcaaacaa    162060
     ggctgagaac cttccagttg ctgttcttca taagaaaatt ccaagcagtg ttgtgcaaat    162120
     attgaccccc aaatggaatg ttgaaacaca caaaaaatta ttgactttga attttacaaa    162180
     taaattaaat ttaatgatac ttgtggcaca cagaattaaa cttagcaggt tgttcatact    162240
     ctagagaatt tcacacattt ttttttctaa atttcaacat ctgtgtcagg tgcataagaa    162300
     agttactttt agcactctgt tatagacaag gaaatttgga tttagagact aaaagcaatc    162360
     tacataactc caaactgatg agaacaaatt tgaacatgta cactgcctga tttatacttg    162420
     tcagcacatt ttccagccac cttctctaac tggctttgtc tctttcaatt tatgtactca    162480
     aatatgtagt cagacttttc tgacagttct caaagagtag gcataggttg tattcaaggg    162540
     ccataattat ctttatataa ccctctctgt cttcctaggc acttaattac cttaggaaac    162600
     atgaacactg gttatgtgta gcttaagcta agttctggtt tttgttattg ttgttttgtt    162660
     tgtttttgtg ggtgtgtgta ctcatgtgtg tcaactaaaa gtcaagtact acatattcct    162720
     ccacattcct gctcaacaac ataaaagtca gctctaagat ttggatcaaa ggcaggcaca    162780
     gaagtgacca gcataacaat ctactttggc cttacaaaaa ggagcaacca gttgcaattt    162840
     gacccaaact aaatatatat atatatatat atatgattca gttaaacagt attgatggtt    162900
     cgcaaaatat gttcacactt atatgttatt aaaagtaaat atttccaaat acaaaatttg    162960
     cattttcatc tatattgtat gtctgagaca agtcatgtga tcagaagcaa ccttactcat    163020
     tgccctttgg gggattctta ttctattttt ccttgtttgg cttaagaatc ccatttgagt    163080
     ttcacttttt tgcttctaga tatgcatcag caggactcat cgttgtctgt ctgtctctaa    163140
     caaaccactt tgacttgtga gcctgacttg tgagcagtag acagtatcaa ctactgtttg    163200
     ccttgccagt gctggattta ccgatgcacg tttcactgtg tagagtttac atggaggttg    163260
     gagatctgaa ctcaggaacc tcatacctgt gcatcaagaa ttttactgac aaacttaatt    163320
     tttcagccct atcttgtcta tttttggatt agagatgtgc ttttcatata tacccccact    163380
     ttttattaag ccattcatat aatatactat ataatcattt taatgttttt atgttcgaaa    163440
     aaatttatcc acgcacatat gcttggtcaa atccactccc aattcatcac tttcagctct    163500
     tcccctaaga aatattttct caaaggcttt tcaattacat ctttactatt ttaaatttga    163560
     tatcttcaga aaacataaat gcagttagtg cagcattgct ctgtaaatcc agtccgcctc    163620
     tctctcattt tgcttagcat tattactaat gttcttaatc agttattcaa ctaaaattct    163680
     aaattatttt ctagcctcca aatcctaaat ggaattattg ttgattaaac caaagcctat    163740
     cagtaaatgg attcactgat taaaatgaaa cataataatg ttcttgcatt atacgttttc    163800
     agaagcattt ggttttactt actaaagttc aaacaaactg aatcacacgg tattaatgag    163860
     aatgcgtaaa atatgatttc taagtttaca cttgaatagc tggaaagtcg ttttcagagg    163920
     tttcagtaag cgtggatatt attgtggatc ccaagtccca ttcatttaaa agtgttttaa    163980
     gctaagtagg tataaataat ttaaaagaca caacagccat ccacgggcac tccgcttgaa    164040
     tgtttggaac cattcttaag cgattcttgc tgaagcccca ttatgatatt tcaaattggc    164100
     agtggaaagc ggttaaatgg aaacaataag actttacaag agtgaagcat ttatgaaacc    164160
     atataactgc caaagaacat tttaaagcac cttagatggg ctcattaatg aataatttaa    164220
     aacctcacta tagttagcta ctccatgtta aatgaccttt gccccttggg cttctgatcc    164280
     agacaagttc agccttaaac aatgtaagtg gtacttagaa ttcatacgct catcctaata    164340
     catccatttt aaaacctgat tgatgattgc atttattttc tacctctata gatttcttta    164400
     tgtcctttca tagagaatga atcacaacat gaatatgaaa aattaaaaaa gaaataaatc    164460
     atgagtgatc cttgctaaca tgctgcagag cttagcagaa ggggttgcag ggtggtggat    164520
     ggttggttta cttcttcatg ccacatgccc ttgttagatt ttccttttga tcatgtgttc    164580
     tctagacttt tctaactttt tttcctgtta ttgaactgat acgttaactt taggcattac    164640
     attttggtta cacttttgcc ttctagtcct cctgccaaat tcaccttact tctcttccaa    164700
     ggcatctcaa gaagggaaaa ttgaatagat tttgctggtg gactggtggc aggttgggaa    164760
     gggagggaga gatgactgca attgggttac atatgagttc actgtggaaa tctagtgcag    164820
     tggaaactcc ctgggaccta tggggatgac cctagcaagg actcctagta atggaggata    164880
     tagaccccga gccctctatc ttctgcaacc atgcaaggct tctagtagtg gtattgggat    164940
     gccaacccag actcaagata tttgacccca caacctgtcc tacctgcaaa atatatgcct    165000
     agagtattct atggtgtcta agacattgtg ggagtgacca accaatgact ggtttaactt    165060
     gagccctatg ctgtgggagg gaacacatgt gggacactgc ctacatggcc gggacctgag    165120
     actgggttat cccagagacc tagggtaaaa ctaaacagtg ctgggaaaac aaacaaacaa    165180
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacag ttaataaaat gatttccaat gatattccgc tgttcatttc    165240
     ctagcctgat gctcatcaga gagagcagat atgaggagat gcagagactc acagccaaac    165300
     gttagatgga gttcagcaaa ccttgggaga aggggaggag gacctgtaga atccagaggg    165360
     gttgatgtca ccaagacagc atggcctaca gaatcaacta agcatgggtt atgggtgttc    165420
     acagagagtg aaacagcaat cacagggcct gcctggggct gcactaggta tatgagtaat    165480
     ttttttaact tggggttttg tgggactcct agtagggcaa ggggcagtat ttttgactct    165540
     tttccttttc taggaactcc tttcctccta cctgcttccc tcatccagtc ttgacgtgga    165600
     gacttggttt gtatgtacac tttgtgcatg ttgttatggc atttttcaga tgatgtccgt    165660
     gggaggcctt ctcttttgtg aagggaaact gaggatactg attctgtggg acagaggggg    165720
     tgagtgggtt gagctgggag gagggcagag tgggaaaaga gcaatgagga tgtattatat    165780
     gagagaagca taaacacaaa taaaagacaa taagatgaaa tatattaaaa taagatataa    165840
     caaaacagat tggaatagaa caaatcaaat gaacagaaga caaagagcac gacaataagc    165900
     acaagaaata cacacaggag tcccctaaaa atacaagacc aggaggtgta atgtatttgc    165960
     aaagtgctgt gggtttaaaa aaattttttt tgccctggct caaaattatg agaaaaaaga    166020
     acctgtaaga taactttcct gatgaacctc catactggct gtacaacttt gcactcccct    166080
     tagaaatggg tgagtgttcc caccatgcca cattcttgat tgtaagagct atcatttatt    166140
     ttattgactg tggccagtgt aaggagtgtg agatggaatc tcaaagtagc tttgatttgc    166200
     atttccctgg tgattcaaaa atgttgaaca ttattttaag tgttccacag ccattctagt    166260
     ttcgtgtatt gaaaattcac tgtttgcttc tggacactat gagatggtaa gctttctgtt    166320
     gcttctattg ttgaatgcag atttaatcca acatggtcgc attaaactac attatgctat    166380
     ttcaattttg agacttgctt gagctgtcct ggtgtttctt ttatgaactt gggtaccctt    166440
     ctgttttcta gcatagatgt taagaattga aattgcctct tagtagatgt ttcctttcat    166500
     gaatatatag tacacatccc aatttttact tgaagtctat tctgcaagat attaaaatgg    166560
     tttcatcagc ttacttctag gtataattgc ttggaatgtt atttttcatt attttaccct    166620
     gaggtgatgc ctatccttga ggttaaggtc gatttcttgg atgctgaaga ataatgggtg    166680
     ttatttttca cgtttggttt gtttgtcggt gtctttgtgt tgatgaggta agaacgttga    166740
     tcttgagaat tattaatgat aaacagtttg tttactcttc tcattttatt gttggggtgt    166800
     gaattctcca cctcttttgc tttgctgatg tgatatgatt tatttcttgt gttgtcttgg    166860
     gttttgtgag ttaacctcct tcaggttgaa gtttttcttc tggagccttg ggttggactg    166920
     catttttaga tgaatatggc ttggatttta ttttaccatg gaatgtcttt ctttcttcct    166980
     ctaatttgat tgaagttttt gttaactata gttgtctggg ctggcaattt tggtctctta    167040
     gagtttgttg aaaatctaac caagccctgg cagttttcca tgtctctact gaaaactcag    167100
     aggttattca agctattctc atctatatgt tatttgactt ctacctgtgg gtttttttaa    167160
     aaataacttt tgtacattta gagtttgact attaggttct gggtggaagt tcttttctat    167220
     cccagtctgt ttggtgttct gtgtgcttgt gcttgtgctg cctgagattt tcttttcaat    167280
     ctcttttatt ctcttactgt cgcttacctc tgaggttcct gtttgagttc atatattgtt    167340
     ctttccagat tttcttgttt ctgttaatca ttatattttt tttccacatt caagtcctga    167400
     actgttttat tcatttccat ttactctgtg ttttcttaga tttctttatg ggatgtattc    167460
     atttattctt taaggacttc taatataaac acaaactcta tgttgaagtt ctattcttgt    167520
     gctttagccc actgcaagct cactcaaggc ctaaaggtgt aggatggctg ggttgtcatg    167580
     gagacctagt gttctggcgg atattgtgtt tttacactag catctaggta cctaggttta    167640
     aggcgattgc aatctaggtg gttgtgatct gatcttgtct tcattgggta gatgatttgt    167700
     tctttgtttt ctgatgcttt ctatgattct taggagatgg tggtggctat gggaatgttt    167760
     ctcagattct gccatgtata gccactgggc tttccaggca gaatgtgttt aaaggtgaca    167820
     cttagcaaga gggatgtgca aaaagggtgt gtgtaagagt ggacaagaag aagaagaaga    167880
     aggagaaaaa aaaagagtgc acaagaagaa gaaatggaga ctgtgccacc acaatctgct    167940
     tagtctcctg gcaatgggtt caaagaaaga ggagaggcca taaaacgtag tctactcaaa    168000
     acagaaatga gactgggtaa gaatggagga gaaggggtat gatataatga ttgcctaaaa    168060
     gatttactgg catgcctgat tccctgacta gcttgatcta tggctatcag ggtttgtctg    168120
     cagaatttga cacaagagac aaacagaagg gctaatgagg aagattctag attatttaca    168180
     tgatctgata gaaatggggt caaagaggat ggataggcca tagcagatgg cctgctacat    168240
     agcttgggat gagatggagg attgaagttg ggaaagagaa tggaaagtta cgatatgaaa    168300
     atatctgtct taggttttca atagctgcaa tgaaacaaca tgaccaataa gtagatttgg    168360
     gaggagaggg tttattcatc ttatacttct tcattgttgt tcatcaccaa aagaaaataa    168420
     ggacaggaac tgaagcaggg caggaacctg gaggcagaag ctgatgcaga gaccaaggag    168480
     atgtgctgca taatggtttg cttcacatgg cttgctcacc tttattatag aacacaaacc    168540
     agggatggca ccacacacaa tggtctgggc cctcccctat tgatctctga ttgaaaaaaa    168600
     atgccttaca gctgaatctc agggagacat ttcctcaact gactttcctt ccttcctcat    168660
     ggctatactt gtgtcaagtt gacacaaagc cagctagtac aattgctttc ctgatttcct    168720
     gatctaccag cttcctgtga cagcctatgt ttgtttgccc tgttctcttg aatttttcta    168780
     atagctcatt taaagcccac agttcttgaa cagcttaaaa attgtttata atattcatca    168840
     ttaataatta agttctagta caatgtgttc aatgccatta catataaaat atcaatatat    168900
     gataagtccc ttccagtcag ctccagcact ggatcacctt gggcacagag tcagtgtaca    168960
     ccctcaaggt cctgagagga ctctccactc catcttagga tcactggtaa gtaaaacaca    169020
     acctctgttc cattccaatc atgcaggacc tgacacagca ttagggtagc accttgggcc    169080
     ctgagtcagc cgacacccac ccccacaaag gtccctagag gactctccaa gctatctttg    169140
     gaccaccagt aagtggagca catcttctat tccattccaa ttgtatggga ccagcattag    169200
     ggaagcagaa aacctgtcct gaccagggtt acaagtccct tcctgtatgc accagcaccg    169260
     ggtcaccttg gacactgagt cagctgatac cccaaggtcc tgagaggaca gcttcagagg    169320
     cagaccactt tgcaggctcc agacatccag gcactttccc tgacagagga caggtgccct    169380
     ccccgcccag gagagctttg ctagaggacc tggggaagcc atcttggttc ctggatcccc    169440
     ctagactagt ctgagcaggt gaaagtgtgg actacagaac ttaacaactt ctgggacagg    169500
     ccctgtttca ggccttcatc ttttgccagg aggcaggtcc aaacaccaga tatctgggca    169560
     cattccctgc aagaggagag cttgcctgta gagagtgctc agaccactga aactcaggag    169620
     agatctagtc tcccaggtat gctgatagag ccaaatagaa tcactggatg aacaagctct    169680
     aaccagagac aactataaca actaactaaa gagattacta gatggcgaaa ggcaaaagta    169740
     agaatcttac taacagaaac caagactact caccatcacc agaactcatc actcccacct    169800
     cacccagtcc tgggcacccc aaaaaacccg aaaacctaga acgggattta aaagcatatc    169860
     tcatgatgat ggtagaggac atcaagaagg tctttaataa ctcagttaaa gaaatacagg    169920
     agaacactgc taaagagtta caagtcttaa agaaaaacag gaaaacacaa ccaaacaggt    169980
     agaagtcctt aaagaaaaac aggaaagcac attcaaacag gtgatagaaa tgaacaaaac    170040
     catactagac ctaaaaaggg aagcagacac aataaagaaa acccaaagtg aggcaacact    170100
     ggacatagaa aacctaagaa agaaatctgg aaccatagat acgagcatca gcaatagata    170160
     caagagatgg aagagagaat atcaggtgca gaagattcca tagagaacat cagtacaaca    170220
     actaaagaaa atgcaaaatg caaaaagatc ctaactcaaa acatccagga aattcaggac    170280
     acaatgaaaa gaccaaacct atggataata ggagtagatg agaatgaaga tttttaactt    170340
     aaaggaccag caaatatctt caacaaaatt atagaagaaa actttccaaa cctaaagaaa    170400
     gagatgccca tgaacatgca agaagactac agaaatccaa atagactgga ccagagaaga    170460
     aattcctccc aacacataat aatcagaaca acaaatgtag taaatgaaga tagaatattc    170520
     aaagcagtaa gggaaaaagg tcaagtaaca tataaaggca ggcctatcaa aattacacca    170580
     gacttttcac cagagactat gaaagccaga agatcctgga cagatgttat acagacacta    170640
     agagaacaca aatgtcagcc caggctacta tacccagcca aactttcatt taccatagat    170700
     ggagaaacca aagtattcca tgacaaaacc aaattcacac attatcattc cacaaatcca    170760
     gcccttcaaa ggataataac aggaaaaaaa atacaaggac agaaacgatg ccctagaaaa    170820
     agcaagaaag taatccttca acaagccgaa aaaaggcagc cccaagtaca gaatgcaaac    170880
     tctaccaaca aaatattgga agcaacaatt acttttcctt aatatatctt aatatcaatg    170940
     gactcaattc cccaataaaa aagacagact aacagactgg ctacacaaac aggatccaac    171000
     attttgctgc ttacaggaaa cccatctcag ggaaaaagac agacactacc tcagaatgaa    171060
     aggctggaaa acaattttcc aagcaaatgg tctgaagaaa caaggtggag tagatattct    171120
     tatatcaaat aaaatcgact tccaaccaaa agttatcaaa aaagacaaga agagacactt    171180
     catactcatc aaaggtaaaa tcctccaaga ggaactctta attctgaata tctatgctcc    171240
     aaatacaagg gtagccacat tcattaataa actttagtaa agctcaaagc acacattgca    171300
     cctcacaaaa taatagtggg agacttcaac acaccacttt catcaatgga cagattgtgg    171360
     aaacagaaac taaacaggga cacagtgaaa ctaacagaag ttatgaaaca aatggattta    171420
     acaattgacc atataattga tcacaaaaca ggcctgaaca gatacaaaaa tattgaaatt    171480
     gtcccatgca tcctatcaga tcaccatgga gtaaggctga tcttcaataa caacataaat    171540
     aatagaaagc caacattcac ggggaaacag aacaacactc ttctcaatga taccttcatc    171600
     aatgaaggaa taaagaaaga aattaaagac cttttaaagt ttcatgaaaa tgaagccaca    171660
     atgtacccca aattatggaa cacaataaaa gcatttctaa gaggaaaaca catagctctg    171720
     agtgcctcca aaaataaact agatagagca aacactagca gcttgacaac acacctaaaa    171780
     gctctagaac aaaaggaagc aaattcaccc aagaggggta gacagcagga aataatcaaa    171840
     ctcaggggcg aaaacaacca agtggaaaca agaagaacta ttcaaagaat caaccaaagg    171900
     aggacctggt tctttgagaa aatcaacaag atagatactc ccttagccac actcactaga    171960
     gggcacaggg acagcatcct aagtaacaaa atcaaaaatt aaaagggaga cataacaaca    172020
     gatcctgaag aaatccaaaa caccaaaaca ccatcagatc cttctacaaa aggctatact    172080
     caagaaaaat tggaaaacct ggatgaaatg gacaattttt ttagacagat accaggtaac    172140
     aaagttaaat caggatcagg ttaatgttct aaacagtctc atatcccata aagaaataga    172200
     agcagtcatt aatagttccc cccctcccca aaaaaaaacc aaaaagccca ggaccaggtg    172260
     ggtttagtgc agagttctat cagaccttca aagaagatct aattccagtt ctgcacaaac    172320
     tattccacaa aatagaagca gaaggtactc tacacaattc attctatgaa gccacaatta    172380
     ctctgatacc acagaaagac tcaacaaaga tagagaagtt cagaccaatt tcccttatga    172440
     atatcgatgc aaaaatcctc aataaaattc ttgctaaccg aatccaacaa cacatcaaaa    172500
     caatcatcca tcctgaccaa gtaggtttca ttccggggat gcagggatgg tttaatatat    172560
     ggaaatccat caacttaatc cactatataa acaaactcaa agacaaaaaa cacatggtca    172620
     tttcattaga tgtggagaaa gcatttgaca aaatcaacac cctttcatga tagaagtctt    172680
     ggaaagatca ggaattc                                                   172697