ID   AC122835; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 218449 BP.
AC   AC122835;
DT   28-MAY-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   09-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 8)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-187I18 from 3, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-218449
RA   Wang C., Bielicki L., Spalding L., Mangiapanello L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-187I18";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-218449
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-218449
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-MAY-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-218449
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-SEP-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-218449
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-218449
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (08-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 5a90cdf8342e536c0e2655ff94c2b1ac.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456099.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028019; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027321; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027283; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027251; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027294; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027038; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027740; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026485; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027013; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027149; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027117; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027257; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027136; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027798; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026219; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026563; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC122835.3:1-218449; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129285; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000143721; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0061298; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0061321; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0061259; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0061247; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0060944; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0061726; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0061236; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0060918; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0061011; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0060997; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0061152; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0060963; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0061911; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0060788; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0060214; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   MGI; MGI:1859631; Pdgfc.
CC   On Oct 8, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:22475871.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0187I18
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..218449
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /map="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-187I18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   4921..5047
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   8201..8301
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12177..12293
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   12842..13147
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13169..13736
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14002..14198
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   15410..15496
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   16050..16250
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   16316..16844
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17939..18099
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   19256..19343
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20833..21026
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   23277..23353
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   24094..24183
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   25171..25354
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   unsure          26413..26495
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   27759..27864
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30322..30434
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30353..30470
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   30478..30685
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   31557..31670
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32025..32091
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   33011..33137
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33179..33420
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33480..33672
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33678..33761
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33948..34358
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   35496..35763
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   38602..38729
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40748..41002
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   42010..42076
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   44975..45052
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   46218..46395
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   47806..47918
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   50026..50225
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   53346..53722
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   55092..55281
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   55474..55750
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57416..57796
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   59233..59323
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59877..59999
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   60000..60047
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   62085..62387
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   62841..62930
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   62931..63326
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   63327..63549
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65251..66094
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66479..66867
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   67533..67936
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   68446..68824
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68929..69029
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69097..70572
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70566..70620
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70834..70932
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71286..71402
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71468..71864
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   71994..72035
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   74029..74162
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   74189..74265
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   75113..75313
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   75547..76232
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76331..76547
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   77292..77408
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   77315..77434
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77803..77827
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   77828..77869
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   79603..80293
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80294..80817
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84474..84615
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   86676..86947
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   88015..88478
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   88529..88711
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   89822..89981
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   93561..93609
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   94325..94361
FT                   /rpt_family="U2"
FT   repeat_region   94677..94857
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   95948..96043
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   97662..97906
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   98535..98984
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98990..99143
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100043..100253
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   100544..100581
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100863..101138
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   101305..101412
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103143..103224
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   103398..103770
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   106718..106852
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   109030..109165
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111163..111312
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111788..112186
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112228..112338
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   112481..112687
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   114286..114391
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114489..114569
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   114570..114719
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114733..114870
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   114916..115171
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   116790..116898
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   117220..117335
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   119554..119811
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121440..121557
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   122746..122807
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123091..123141
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   124397..124637
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   126106..126250
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   126815..126994
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126992..127328
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127389..127710
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128352..128483
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131360..131631
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   134509..134698
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   134718..134916
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   134935..135062
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   137586..137777
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   misc_feature    144862..144959
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   145018..145821
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   146598..146763
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   149015..149249
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   149553..149739
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   149762..149936
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   149886..150084
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   150567..150706
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   151486..151832
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   152819..152964
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   153824..154167
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   158286..158420
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   158793..159216
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER10A"
FT   repeat_region   159860..159960
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   160168..160266
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160268..160682
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160954..161606
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   161608..161873
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165100..165262
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   165624..165691
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   166659..166775
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   170159..170220
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   171707..171818
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   171881..171939
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   175980..176098
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   misc_feature    178569..179820
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=68.2, o/e=0.74, #CpGs=110)"
FT   repeat_region   181998..182153
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   184829..184921
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   185187..185335
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   186868..187559
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   188233..188381
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   193044..193118
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   193386..193472
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   193721..193795
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   193730..193825
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   193857..193997
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   194802..195104
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   195700..195719
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   195720..195796
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   196667..197008
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   198862..199114
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   199635..200197
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   200293..200461
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   201089..201273
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   201291..201693
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   201961..202153
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   203925..204993
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   208441..208646
FT                   /rpt_family="AcHobo"
FT   misc_feature    208861..208862
FT                   /note="Bacterial transposon insertion in clone excised
FT                   here."
FT   repeat_region   209943..210460
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   210460..211100
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   211332..212211
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   212209..213549
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   215278..215868
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   215928..216124
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   216116..218447
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 218449 BP; 70745 A; 42668 C; 41553 G; 63483 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaaca gccccagggc ttgtcccaga gatgttccac tcaacatcat ttatcctcct        60
     gcatcctcat ctcacctatt tactgatgca aattgttaac tgactcccac tttgattcaa       120
     tgcctcatta ggcattggtg aaagaataaa caatatgatt cctgcttaga gtcccattaa       180
     tgtaggagtc taatgagaaa ccaaaacgag gtcattgtaa ctcagtacca caatatttat       240
     agttgaacta tttctgtacg cctgtgtaag tggagagaat gaagccaagc ttgagggact       300
     aatggcattt gaatggacac ttggcaggaa gctagtaaga agggtctgtg taggagctgt       360
     tcttctaaga gaatgtagca cacattagca tacatgtgaa ggaatgctgg tatttttcaa       420
     aacccacaaa tattctctac agctgtgcca gatttgatgg tgtaaaatga acggaaagtg       480
     gtaaacagtg agcttaggag ggatttggtg tgccatacga ggattaaaac agaattctgt       540
     agagttctac tggggaaact ctacccatca ccattagctt tgctgaaggg ccatgctctt       600
     agtggtgtgg aggacagatc aaacagcagt gaggccaaag gctcattagg ctggggaaac       660
     agagactgtt ttactggaat ggagagagct ctgaggcagg gccagaaagg agacagttac       720
     agaaactggg gggtgtggta gtcacaaatg tgagggagga aaaggcactc agtgatgtct       780
     gctaataaca taggaagcag gaaatgaaaa caaagcccgg gcctctctga agtgagatgg       840
     ttcattataa aggacttagc ttcagaaaat tcactcagct tcaacatcgg atgtgagaag       900
     aaagcgaacc actgggggga aaagaatcta tcgatacagt ttaattttct gagggcaaga       960
     ctacctgttt tgtctttcgc acacgtccaa attgtctata aggagtattt gatgagaagg      1020
     agaaaggaac aatgagaatc agaaataaaa aatataatca tgaatactgc ttcatataac      1080
     taagtgctat tcttcagttt aataagcatc actatgcaaa atgggccttt gccacagaga      1140
     cagaagtcgg aaccactgat ataacataca aaataattgg tggtcaatat agtcaacacc      1200
     tccaagactt aagagaaaat gaggtcacgt gtgctgtaaa cgcattagct tctgttggct      1260
     ttggtaaaca caggaagcat catgagtgta attgatcata gacaatcagg cttcatactt      1320
     accctcactc actggcagta gggaacagag tgatactttt atgatcacgt ttgaccacca      1380
     aagagaacaa taaatatttt aaaactgaca agggaaatgg ttagaaatac caaggtaaac      1440
     acatctggta ggtaattccg tgtaatctct cacagttctt actttgccag taagacctgg      1500
     aaactgccga tattctgcac ttcccatgat gcttggtgaa gttatttctg ggtctctata      1560
     gcgctgggac aaaagggcaa aaggttaaag aaatgagaca gagaacatgt ttatttgtgt      1620
     acttgtttct cacatggtgg gaggtagggc agggctgcca gcagcagggt cacagtcaat      1680
     gggtactctt tgcaagctca gtctggagag actgtctctg gacatgtgat gtttcgccaa      1740
     gcctacagcc aagtgctgaa gaaaccagac cccaagagat ctgtgcctag aatggaagga      1800
     ctatattttg aaataccctg gtaatccata gactagctac tacatactgc agatgttgcc      1860
     atagaaaatg gagacaggaa taggaactta tggaatctgc ccctcactta atctaatcat      1920
     atactatatc accacacatt ttacaatgca tcttttactt ttagatccta tacagtttac      1980
     ttaatcagaa tttactatta ataccactgg gggggggaag aacttcattg caacaagaaa      2040
     ttagaaagaa gaagacaggg gagggtgaac tggcagatgt ttttctacaa tgcaaaagat      2100
     ggtaactgag tactttatta tcttcctttc cttggaacca aagaggcaga catgttcaca      2160
     ctcatggata cccacaaccg cctcaccccc ccccacacac accacataca cttagacgaa      2220
     cacttacact tgtccccaaa atagccagat tattttattt gatgattcaa tacattttaa      2280
     ttcaaatagt caccacaaaa cttgggcaca gattaagcat ttacaagcaa tgtattatgt      2340
     tgattttctt tgcaattgcc aaagagtata ataagtgaac tccttaaatg atatacttct      2400
     gtacataaaa atatccatgt attaatacaa gtgtatggag cagagtttaa aggtaataaa      2460
     accctagtat tgaaataaat aggatatgtc catacagcgc agcatagccc agaacactgt      2520
     gcctagaaat ggtcgaggtt tctggggacg tgcttctctg agctatactc ctatttccca      2580
     tagaaagggg taggttagca atggctccat atttactcaa gctctgttct gttcgtagct      2640
     ctaagaacag aattgggaat tgatgatagt acagttgtta tcaaactgtc cctgcgacct      2700
     accaattcta aaaacttccc cattccatct tttcaaatgc agatgacgct aagctctagc      2760
     accatacaag gaagaaatac atatgttttt gtcagagcaa caagattttt atatcaatca      2820
     tctttgttct tctggctata acaattttgt ttagaaaaaa aaattatcaa gctaaaaata      2880
     attgctctag gttgtcataa aaaagaatat taaatacctt tggtaaaaat agaaatattt      2940
     aacaagatta gaaaagccaa cagttataat gtcaaaagga gaatataaaa atatacacaa      3000
     tgaaacacag aagccacctc agagggaagg gaagggaagg ccactcctct gtgcaggtgt      3060
     gctttctcca aaccatgacc gcacctttcc tccaaattgc ggagaagttg ccaagcattg      3120
     aaaacttcag tctttccttt cagcatggca catttaattc ctattaacat agctgctctc      3180
     taaaagcttt gagtttgtag aaaacagagc atctgtctat ctatgcaaac aggttggaga      3240
     aatccaagta tttctgcatt gttcacaatc aagtgtgtgt ttttcaccat tttcttgtgc      3300
     tgacatcact tgcccatatc aagacaacta agctacacca ttctgtcagt ggaaaagaaa      3360
     tgctgtcact ccagagtttg ctagcgatct acattcattt catttgtttc tgtggtcaga      3420
     agaccattgt ctgggcttcc tctagaaggc agtgctttgt gattgactcc tcttggtgcc      3480
     tctggtcttt tagaagacac ttgaagtcct gcaggggaag gctattgaag caaacaactg      3540
     agaatttggt tggagacgag taagatcttt accatagcca gcatcagcag ctgagagccc      3600
     tgcggccaac gctggtgggg atgaaggttg cttgtggggg tacacagaat gccagtgctc      3660
     acgtgtgctg ctacgaaggc tgcagttacc ctcctgcgtt tcctctacac acacagtcac      3720
     attcctcgtg gtgttccaga gccacatcag tgagtgactt atgcaatccc ttgactccag      3780
     tttttggtct caactgaagg acctaaaagg gaataaatat gtctccttta aaaaaacatt      3840
     gtttactgtg cttgacttca tggacaagta acatttcaaa aatcagaaaa caaacacaaa      3900
     agcaacagta caaaacaaat aaacaataac attgggggcc gaagaaaaac atgcacactc      3960
     tttcatgttg cttagtgaag ttacatgtat gcatggtcct tccctctagc ttcaacatcc      4020
     cagtcatcca ctactgtcat ttcataaaag aaaggatgcc ttaatgccag aagtctcaaa      4080
     gcacacagaa aagctcttaa acggaaagat tcactgtgtg ctaattgctt cctaaatgtt      4140
     atacgagaga taatttcacc tcaagggttt tgaaagcact ggtagacaat ttgtttttct      4200
     gttgttttag cttcttcttt tcatacactt ctcaactggg caaatattta cacttgatgc      4260
     aatgcactca aaccatgggc atagcgtggt aagaaactcg atcattccac agctgagctt      4320
     gctcaattat gccactcatt aattttcttg gctacacttc aagtcctcta taaacttgat      4380
     gagatggatt agatgtactc cataagcatc ggcctctgcc acagcttagt ttctgcatct      4440
     gggtcttact gtacagtgct aaggaggctc agcagtaaca atgaggcctc tattaaacaa      4500
     actttttcca caatttaggt tgttcagatt tcagacaaaa aatatagatg gcaaaattaa      4560
     caatggatct ctatagtatt gtgagaaaag tatctaatta tgcaatctat caaaagtatt      4620
     tgaagtattg gagagtcaat atgttttagg acagaaacta taaattctag aacttatgtc      4680
     atttggatta caaacaaatc ccagagcaca taataatatg gaagtgttca gtttccctgc      4740
     tttctcctta taacatagag aactccaaga agtgactgtg aaaatttcct actcctgtaa      4800
     attatcatta atccacaggg acccaaatca tgtctcatga ctgtttgttt gaagacttac      4860
     aaaggaaacc tgggtaatgc atgcataatt ttggaacatg tgattctagc ggagcttaat      4920
     tagctcacat ttttggaata cttactgggt accaggcaca ataataatgt gtttacatag      4980
     tttaactcac aatgatccta tgatgtaatc tgtagttatt gctttccttt acacgggagt      5040
     aaatagattt agacgcaatg aaggcaatag ttattatttg cacctaggcc aaaggagaag      5100
     ttattaaaac ttgaataaca actatcaatt taatgaagcc tcactaccat tgattatcag      5160
     tttgtttcct ttattgaaag atagacgtca aagtcttaca ggaagtatca gaaatgctga      5220
     actttgaaag gaacattttc agcccattac atttcataat tttggaccaa aagtcagtgc      5280
     atttgtatcc ctttagtgta aggttaacta attagataaa tagatattac tttatattac      5340
     caatgacaaa gtttttaaat cagtaggggt gtcatgaatt ataaaattga taatgttgtt      5400
     attattttat cataatcttg cttcatattt ctttcccttt cctggaagga gtttttattg      5460
     ttgttattgt tgttctgttt tgttttgttt tttggtaagt cagagcatca gtagagccag      5520
     tgtcatgagt tcccacctcc atctctacag tttctctact cagcagcaaa ggaatacagt      5580
     ataagaagtg tagttcctcc agactgtaca gtgggctcag gaggcacctc tgcctccctc      5640
     tgcctgactc ttctaatatg tatcttctga acatcttcaa aaaagagcag aagactcatg      5700
     ctacagtaat tttaaagaat gggataagaa attctagtga agaggtgggt attgtttctt      5760
     ttaaactcta ctgaaggttg taacatttag aagatgcaac tggaaatgaa aatttgcttg      5820
     tggatactag acaatattac atagaaatat atggaaatta ggatgtatga cataagaatg      5880
     aatggggaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagatt gtagaactgc ttgaattggg      5940
     gctcagttgt aggaaatgat gttcacctag aatacatgaa actctggctt aatttctgct      6000
     atggtttaat aggaaatgcc atctgaagac ttgtggactg aacatttagc agctgatgga      6060
     gctattccag ggacggtctg aaactttaag tggtgtagcc tagtttggag aggtaggggc      6120
     aatggatcat atcattctca ttatcgctcc ttctttctgt cctccatttt cttctgtcac      6180
     catcaaacaa ccaattaatt aaatttatga agttagagat agagagaaac cattgggtca      6240
     agtatgaaag tggaaaaagc aacaagcctc tgtcagtcag ctcgagagta tcacactgct      6300
     cttgctcagt gcaagttcac cccttcactg ataattcacc ctcataaaag accatgcaca      6360
     aaggaaaaca gtgagtaaga agacggctaa catggagcac gatatctgag gcaacaaatg      6420
     taatatgaac tgtgaggtat aaatgtcctt tcagtattat gttctgacat tggaccatat      6480
     gtaaaaacaa ttatcaaaga tcttgttact cagaattaga cagtgactca tattctaagt      6540
     tttctttaaa ctattcacct ttaatagttt ggaaaactta cagttgaaga gcttcacact      6600
     ttttttcctc aaaaagatgt tgcgtttaat ataaaagaca tacatcttgt atgatttggg      6660
     ttaggttgga cagtaacggg acacttgaca agcatacaca aatcctgagt tggatcacca      6720
     tatcacagaa aaagcaacaa taacaaaaat aaaaaaaatc aaaatgtcac tgttcagcta      6780
     ctatccactg ttcacaatgc acattctaca ttttcaatgt ttgtgcctta aatgaaaggc      6840
     ccttaagagt gagaatagga acataggaac accttctaga tgtgatgctt gtatttccag      6900
     gacaggaaca ggattataat cacctgaata ttttagattc attcttttgt tgttagggaa      6960
     gaaaacatcc catagaaact gtgtagaaaa tgatgttctt acctcatggt acttttttgt      7020
     aactttacgt gggacacact gacattcatt gcaattatgg agacaacagg cacaatttcc      7080
     tccacagcgc ttgaccagga gacaacctgg ccagaatatg gtatctgtcc tctttagctc      7140
     ttcccgtatg gacactgaga agttccgggg tgtgcagctg tagagtttta cctcttcctt      7200
     gaggagattc agattcacca ctacagggca tagagaaaaa caaagaacaa actgctcatg      7260
     ccttgcatct gattatgctt ccttaagctc cttttataaa agcgatctgg ttattcggta      7320
     aatgataacc ctaacaatat cccttctcat cttagcgagg ttgtacggct ctacagctca      7380
     caaattggac attctgtttc atagtaaaca aagcttcatt atgacttagt gaccaatgaa      7440
     gaggtggcat tgtgcaatat gaagagctga gccaacgggg ccattgagaa ctacaaataa      7500
     gaaactttat atagagaaca ggggctacac cttttaacct cagtcaaaaa gcagacaaag      7560
     agagcattgc agggaggcat agcacgtagg agtatgaacg ctttgactaa aaggccaatg      7620
     taatttttaa aaaggattat aggctcttaa aattggtgca gaacagctca ttgaaagcca      7680
     tccacgaagc ttctgcaatg gttctggctg taaggaatat aaaatataaa gagagggcag      7740
     aaaatgtttt tgaagacagc caagtggaca gtcagtgaaa gacatgacac atgtcagagt      7800
     aagagcagac aatggagagc tgagtgccag tgtcttacgt actgatgtcc cctgagatgt      7860
     tgaacaatta gattccttca gatttctatt gttcccttgt tgaaagatgg aggagtgtct      7920
     acccagtagc cattaactct gttttttcaa gtgagttgtt taactatatc atcctttagt      7980
     ttttacttgt gatgaacaaa cacaatatcc tttcattaga tgtgcaagaa aaatccttaa      8040
     agaatcattg tttttctcta catgaatatt gcctcgggaa acatgttaaa acgatgccat      8100
     gttttctaca aacttataca taaagagtaa atacagaata tatatttcaa atgtggtgtt      8160
     agtttctgtc ttataattat ttttatcttt ttcatagaaa ttttttttag aattttttat      8220
     taggtattta tttcatttac atttccaatg ctatcccaaa agtcctccac acactctccc      8280
     acccactccc ccacccttcc atagaaatat ttcaagtgaa attaacttaa atatttcaga      8340
     tacctgtatt tatttggggt taatttttac gttacataaa taactattta aaatatactc      8400
     ttatagaaag tctaagaatt gggttaagta tctttaaact agcactggaa aggttataaa      8460
     atagaaataa acatttttgt ttttcttatg taaggacagt tttaaatagt aacaatgatt      8520
     gtgagactcc aataaataaa agttgcaatt ttcagtagtt ttaacatgtg atagtaaata      8580
     aaaataaaat acttgctttc ttgaattaat taaactacta tagtttgtta aggaatgctt      8640
     ttaaaatctc taaggagtat atttggttaa gaatatgcaa ttgaaaatta tcactgtatt      8700
     taactttaaa agtggtgaaa aggcaaggaa agtggctgaa tgaccaaagc agtaatgcta      8760
     aggggctcat gtcaaagatt tactcagcta aaaaagtatt tttaattcta tctgaaatca      8820
     tagctttgag tatttaagga tttcatctgc aaacaaacct gtgaaagcag atttaaaaac      8880
     aaaaaacaaa aacagaaagc aaatgagtga ctagcttcaa actccctgtg aagatcaaca      8940
     atgacaagga aagttaacag gggcactacg ataatgacgt cactgattct actgtattcc      9000
     ctttgctgaa tgattgagat gtagacacat taccatttta ttttaaagct acatgtgatt      9060
     ggctaggtct atttctggat ggaaacgacc tctggactga gagggagaga atgtttaaaa      9120
     gctcccagca tcatggtatg gcgggtcttc acaatttcta tgctacatct aaggcttcag      9180
     aaggttaata aagcccccag tttgaaaagg accctcacct accacacata cttttaaaca      9240
     tactatttca caaaatgtga aaagggtctt catgtgttct tcttaaaatg tttacttaac      9300
     cacaataaaa ggctcgggtg gatttcccaa gtgtcctctc ggacctgcta caatgggaaa      9360
     atttaaacac actttccacc ccacatccct cgtttatcat gcttgactca caagtcaaaa      9420
     gccccctttg aaactactgt taagcttgac ttagaaaata ccttatttca atgtttcccc      9480
     tctgtgacta cacaatatgg atgaaaactt ggagttagag aaaaagatat gaaaaataaa      9540
     taaataaaat aagcccaaac cattactgtg tgctaaagtt tagtccagat tactctggac      9600
     taaagttaaa gggtctaaat ttgcttatca tcttgaacat ttatgggtct gtgcctccaa      9660
     aggcttcaaa ctaatatcag cttcattaaa ggaaaatctt accaaaaaaa agcaacctta      9720
     caagcattct gcaaaattcc agctaaaata atgagaaaaa gagttaagaa aagaaaaaaa      9780
     taaaagctat gtgaatttct ccctgcaaaa tatttgcaaa gtaaacacag aaaaaactgc      9840
     ctttggattc ctttaccgtt ccatgattgc ttcctgaaag atggaataat ttgtttctaa      9900
     aaaataatga tactgaccat atcactaatg taaatcatga tttctcaagg aaattttatc      9960
     aacactgtaa gctttcccag aaaggatact actgatgaaa attacagaca cattttgctt     10020
     tgttagttgt tcctgctttt tttcagatat tcaatcctag gctatcatat tacagtaatg     10080
     caacctgagg gtggtccttc taagacgaat gtggtaacat tgtgatatgt ttattctggg     10140
     aaaagtctat ttcaatgtct aattagaagc ttttagaagt atttcccagc tcctctgtaa     10200
     aaaagactct tgcaggggag ctgatctggt ctagagatat cagcccacac ctgcattttt     10260
     agtttgtgga aagttctaaa agtatacgct gctatcctca gacccagctt atatttaaaa     10320
     agcaaatgtt tttggtaaac tgcaaagtgc ttcgacgatg aaggtgttat acttaaaagg     10380
     aatccagatc tctaccagat tcttctaatt acaagctagc ttatggccta atctatgagc     10440
     agcaggcaga gggaatccag gcttgaagac ttggctgaaa ggaacagttt tagcatagaa     10500
     tccggaatca ctgctccaaa aattccatgt gaagttaaaa ccaatctctc acttctactg     10560
     cccatgaatg caccccataa tctaatttat attgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tacaatggat     10620
     gttcagctac tcttgtagat cttcagcttc ctgctcttaa gtgcagaaaa gggaagctct     10680
     ggctgtcagt aacttattca tcaagattgg aactgataaa tatgtagcag cattcagcat     10740
     ctggacaaga ttcagctgcc catgcccttg aacataatca tgttcaaaca ctttttcaaa     10800
     ggaaaccaag tctgtcagca cagtgacatg ccaggcctgg gcaggtccaa acgtgaccct     10860
     cagagatgaa agctcacgat caggaaggct gcaagggcgt gcaagaaagg caggagtcaa     10920
     gtttcttctg acagggttta caaaaagctt ggtgcaatcc gctacagtga atggctcaaa     10980
     ttaactaaac actgttcctt ccacataaat ccccccctta ctgttctcta aggcgatgct     11040
     aaggagcaca ggtttctgag agcagtccca ttttccttta cttctctcca gcattatctg     11100
     tgtaggatac agcttcctca cacttctcac attcccatgg aaattagcta accttattgg     11160
     aactatggtt agtatcccta ttgttttttt ttaatatcct gagagattgg gtttatttat     11220
     cagaaatttt gcaattcaaa gaggataagc aagttgggtc aaaagtaatg gttgtaaagg     11280
     aaagtttaca gataggtaaa ttcccatttt gtatcctcct gaaagctatt gttttcttgc     11340
     tgtgaatccc accttgcaaa cttctatctc gagtcaatac aatttcccct accctttaaa     11400
     actttccgag tttacagaat ggatgcaact gtgacccagg ggatacatag caagaatgac     11460
     ttctataaaa cattcccctt ttctagccct aaactttaac ttttagctct gatcttttct     11520
     tttaaatctc acaatgtaga ttagaataag cattgattct tgtcacagta aagagagtgc     11580
     cccatcgaaa ttatatttgc tgagacagga atgactggaa ttttcagcag aagtatcttt     11640
     tgattttcct ctcttttaaa ttctcattta gtaggtcatg tatttagatg ataataaaat     11700
     gagttgttta agtgtatcac tgaaggcatt ctcaactcat ccttttagaa acaaaggaat     11760
     cggaaaacat caatggctaa gagaattaag aagtaagttc taacctgaag aggaagctta     11820
     cctttgcttt ttttcccata caggaaagcc ttgcccaaaa gctgccatgt tggcttgtag     11880
     aggctgtcca agtccacctg ccatcgatct ggctctaggt accgaatcag ctcttccaag     11940
     gtactgaagg cagtcacagc attgttgagc aggtccaatg acaaagatga agggggcaac     12000
     accgaaggac tcgtggtttc tgtgacttgc tgaaagtgaa atgaatccct cattaactgt     12060
     tttaaaaatg tcaacctgtt ccttttcttc acttccacca agaaactcag actaatgccg     12120
     gaagtacaga ggaagcaaga ctacgtccat cacccgtcag cagtaatcat tttgcagcag     12180
     ggtctaatgg tgtatatctg taataccatg acacagaaga aggctgagac aggagaattt     12240
     caagtttgag gccaatctag gattcatgta tgatatttta tctagaaaaa aaatgaagaa     12300
     aagaaaagca aaaactaatt gctttacaaa acttcatgta gatgaactct gtgtaatagg     12360
     gtataagaga cacttatttc cactaccaca atgtatggat ctaagtttgg tgagaatgtt     12420
     gttttctctg tctagaaaat tgaaagtaca tgcactatgt gctaattcat ggctccattg     12480
     gaaaccggtg gcagatacag attatcattc tagagattta aacaaagaga taaaaagagg     12540
     gaaagttaac taaaggtctg agtacaggat taacatatgt tgtctttaga aaagctgttc     12600
     tcatttccca aaacaatgaa aatcaacagg tcagaaaata caatgacccc ctcccaaatt     12660
     acacaaaata atacaaatgc aactttatct gctcaatcag tttggattat tttctttata     12720
     attttacttt aaaatttttt aaatatatga ttaaggtaca agagaaaccc caggagaaca     12780
     acctgtcaat ctatataact gttacaaagc ttattaccag tacctacttt tagttagttg     12840
     agtctcatag atgcctaaat aatgtagtat attccctttt gattgtctcc agaatgtgat     12900
     aataagagtt gggtgcagaa gacaccacat tacttaataa caagacatgg agaattcaag     12960
     ctggtcctga tttggagcat ccatccctcc tggctagatt ttacaatgct agaagatgct     13020
     ctgtgctcaa tgtgagaaaa ataacaatct tactgagttg tgaatgcagt gggatacaac     13080
     atcgagtgac ataccgaaat atacccagta ttgcaatagt ggcacaaatt atatgtaggt     13140
     aaccaacact tgatcccatt atttgttaaa aagcctgtgg tttgacaaaa aaagggtata     13200
     gaggagaacc tatggttatt aatctgccaa tagtaatagc ccaggcctta agttcttatc     13260
     tttacacaca tagattaggg tatctctcaa cctccataac tgaataccga gaggtcaata     13320
     tgttgagaat aaaagatatt gagtgctcag ttctcagact atatcagcta catcagacac     13380
     tctccccatt agactactca tttgtctgag aaaaggtggc agaaggatta taagagccag     13440
     aggtactggg cctctacagt gaaacatatt tgatagacat gagaaggcta ttgaccatgt     13500
     aaaatgatag tggcctgtga atacattcac aagacctaca cagcatcaaa atagccccaa     13560
     agcctgcatg aatgagggaa tgttcatgaa atcccatcca taactgagaa accattggca     13620
     actgatagct gttgaaaggt agacattcat ttccttcatg agtgaggtcc ctagttatgc     13680
     tccagtagat tatcctatag tcaggcatat aggcagcatt aagtgcactc agtgggaaca     13740
     tttatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     13800
     tttatctatc tatctaacta tctatatatt tagagaacac aacacatgca gttagaggaa     13860
     agagaagagg tgtatgaaat tttcaaataa taacattagt aatatctcca caggtcaaac     13920
     atagtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     13980
     catatatata tatagtatgt atactattct tagagcacgc tgagtttggt tcccaacacc     14040
     gacactgggt aggttcatga ccttctgtaa ctcacagctc ccggggattt tttaccttct     14100
     atcctctgaa ggcaactgca ctcactcacg tacatataca cataacaaga aaagaggtga     14160
     cagcaatgca atcaagtaat taaaaattaa aaataaatga ttggaaccat ctaaaccatt     14220
     gaagatgagt ttgaggaatt ctcttaaagg cttttaatat aatagactta tcagacaaaa     14280
     ttaagacaga aggcaggcac ttggagaata tcctaacaaa tcatgactgt cagtaggcta     14340
     ttatctgcac tctattttta aaaagataat aaggtgaaag aaaataagca aacttcaaat     14400
     aggacactga atgatctaaa agtgtaagaa gataacactt taaaattcat tcactcatgc     14460
     aaaacaaact taggtcactt ttgcctacta aaggagacgt actaccatac atacatggtg     14520
     taggaaaagc tgtaaatgta ttattgatgg tgtgagtaaa ctgaacttct tggacagtgc     14580
     ctagaggaga gtgtgtatgg aaacatgcct cctcagaggt aaagctatag tcagtggaga     14640
     ccagagcatg tattatgcta acatgtcaat cacactggga cttgaaacag agaaaaaggg     14700
     aggcaagcta cacaggaagc gtggggaagg ttgagcactt ttatataaag cagttcactt     14760
     ttttggtccc atttttgatg ctaactcaag ataagaggtg ccatatcaca gttaatgtga     14820
     gaacaggtca aagtaagtgt atagaacaaa tacattttcc tacaatgtaa ctgatatcac     14880
     ctatccaaat caatgcagga agaagagaat ctaataagag atttatatta tttgatgttg     14940
     atttatgaga ttcaaaataa ttaaagcatg gaaaatataa aattgcaaca atctatgttt     15000
     gtatctaaaa tacagaatga tggatggcca ttacaaatga gatccttcaa gaatccctat     15060
     tcacaaaaca aacaataaaa tttctcctaa aatgctgatt tcaacataaa ccaattaagc     15120
     caaaattaaa aatttaataa cagtacaggc aaggaatgag aatgagtctc ttcactgttt     15180
     tctcacattt tctctatgtt cagtttgttt ttttcttatt gcaaccatgg attcctttgg     15240
     gaagcctaaa gaaaaccaca tctatcagac taacgtgcca ttgcatcaga tcttctcttt     15300
     gtcagtcctt atctgcactg acggcaagcc ttgtcttttg gacttagttc ttcgctgctt     15360
     tttccctaca ttgctgacgt gtggttttat ctacctaaaa tagtgtgtca ccgaccatgt     15420
     gatttcttat ctgaaggata aaatccaaat tccttagcag ttagtgtgca ggcaggtccc     15480
     atgatcacac cttccgccta atgccagttc gtgcttatta gattaccttc atccagtgtc     15540
     ttcctaacca ccacacaaat tacatttatt ccagactctt ccccagagaa cagctgttca     15600
     cagcccctgc acgctaattt cttccttcta ttgattcaaa ttgacccatc tacaaatcca     15660
     gcaacatcag cttgggcctc cctgaaaata gtatttcaat tctgccaatc tgacaatatg     15720
     tctctctaca ggcaccgtat gggacccttg tttggaagtc tgctctagac attaaaaaca     15780
     agcagccctc ttccctgggc aggactagcc cttccaggaa cactaagctt tgtgagttca     15840
     gatccctccc acaactagca ggagatgatg tcacacatat gattatcaac aatgcagatg     15900
     acagccttgg ataaggtgtt tggaattact atcaggacta ttaaaatatc aggactaaaa     15960
     tgttcttcag ttattttatg atacttttta tttgccaatt atgtttttaa ttgtgttcat     16020
     atgagtgtgt gcaaaagctt gtacacacat atatagaggt gagaaagcaa tgctggctgt     16080
     cttttctcag gtaccaataa tcttgtttga atgagatagg gtctctcaac tggtccaggg     16140
     ctcactgatt atgccaggca cctcagggac tcattgcatc tgcttcatca acactggaag     16200
     aatgaacttg ggtccttatg catgcaaagc aagcacttcc acaactgaac tgaaactgta     16260
     ggtagacccc acacattgct aaacttttga gagtagaaat tcactcttca caatatttgg     16320
     agctgagaag aaaggatgga ccatccagag actgccctac ccaggggtcc atcccataat     16380
     cagccatcaa acatagacac tagtgcatat gccagcaaga ttttgctgaa aggaccctga     16440
     tatagctgtc tcttgtgaga ctctgccagg gcctagcaaa cacagaagtg gatgctcaca     16500
     gtcagctatt gggtggatca cagggccccc aatggaggag ctaaagaaat tacccaagaa     16560
     gcttaagggg tctgcagccc tacaggtgga acaatatgaa ccaaccagta ccagtaccag     16620
     agcttgtgtc tctagctgca tatgtagcag aagatggcct agtcagccat catcgggaag     16680
     agaggcccct tggtcttgca aactgtacat gtcccagtac aggggaccgc cagggccaag     16740
     aagtaggagt gggtgggtag gggagtgggg ggtataggga cttttgggat agcatttgaa     16800
     atgtaaatga agaaaatact taataaaaat tggaaaaaaa gaaattcact ctttttctta     16860
     tgttttcata tactctattt tctaattgtt gatgtaacac aaaatttctt tggtagaatg     16920
     tacatgacga ccaggaacta tgtgatgggt ataatcaatg acctagaaaa aaggtttgtt     16980
     ttactttaac gtaggttcct tagatatcta atatgaaagt taaatgaaaa atatttgaac     17040
     atttaaagat ctaagccaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatggatat     17100
     gatacacatt aagagacttt ctagagatta atgcacaaat ctcatgatta tgaaaattca     17160
     aagttttgta atctgttcac aaaaatatta catatttttt taaaagacag gcaaaatgta     17220
     tgtattaaaa gtatcagatg gaagatgtag catgagcagt tatttaaggt atgtacagtg     17280
     ccacttggcc tgtgctcttt gctgcttcca ggtctgttgg aatcttagca aagaagctac     17340
     tttctacttg cagttctgtt agaatctcag tggggaagct acagtaggag ttatttttac     17400
     agaacagttc atcatattaa tataaaaact acagcagtgc ataggcactt tgagttccat     17460
     gaagcctcca tttcaaagcc tccccaaaat gacagaagtt ggaagtgaag attcttgtca     17520
     tgtacttgtg tagactgact gagacatctg caaaaacgcc ttgcacacag ttaaagtcaa     17580
     actgagtagg aacaaagccc ctgccccacc ccagaagatt ccccaccaat agtaaagcat     17640
     ggaaaattaa caatattctc tttccatggg ttccgtgaac agtccccggg taaggaaggc     17700
     ctgcctgttc agagttctgc ttctcctgtg atgcttctgg ggattttcag aagaggcaga     17760
     gaatggaaaa cagaagttag aggaaagaac acccactaat tcctccaatt tctattttcc     17820
     tattgctaaa atccattgtt caggccaaac tttcagacat tttctgctat attcagcaag     17880
     gaaagattca aacaatatgt tcgatatttg aaagtattta agcatgggtg agataattgc     17940
     caaatggctc tgtggatgat aaaggcacct gaaggccagc ctgatgacat gagtttgaac     18000
     ttcagatctc acgcactgga aggagtaaaa caactccgtg aattatgctt gacctctgca     18060
     tgtgtgtttc tgtatgtaca gcccccaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac gaatgaataa     18120
     atagataaaa agatagataa gcaaatcaat atttttagca ttttaaaatg ctaatgactg     18180
     ggttgttaaa tttaaagaaa gcccattgga ctcgatttca ctgctttcta tttctttatc     18240
     tgcataaaga taggaactca ttgtttgtca gtagatggcc atactctgga atgtctacaa     18300
     agaaaaaaac aggtcacttc agtgatctat agcatagttt tcaatgccac cctttaggac     18360
     agtgacatta ccagttttac tatcctacat ctatgaatca tttaacaaac atttaccaca     18420
     aacctacaga gcactgtatg ccaaagggta aaaggtgtgg cccttgcgac tcacatttcc     18480
     taagcttgat attctaccat cttcgctcat ccagagagag cgaacctgac agttgtttct     18540
     gtaaagcaag tcgtcagaca agtatcacac agacttttgt aggtgaagac cacaaaaatg     18600
     aacttggtat aaaagagtat ctgcgaaaca aatcgatttc cattttcatt attgaaaatg     18660
     tattatctgg ctgcccttga ggcccaagta ctagtcagat gaagtgcatt ggggtcactg     18720
     gagccagaca gcaaaactgg cagcaagagc atgtttcctt acagacttct ccagtgagaa     18780
     acctgagagt gatgcctcag taggatgtgt ttattgtggc tatgttaagc gttttctgaa     18840
     ctcattatca tctttccttt tttttttttt aagaggaagc agcctccata aaataagacc     18900
     tgcttgtaag ttcacagtaa atagttactg ctttataaac aaccagcttg tcatttcatt     18960
     agggtctgca tgagctattt tgaaaacaca tcattgacag tgaggctttt ttggacaaac     19020
     atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa atgtttgtgt tgagtaagta     19080
     gcctagcaac tgcaaaagta tagtgccagt tgcagtttat gatacgctgt tctctgtcaa     19140
     ctgcatgcag tataatctag actgatacag attccacttc gttcatgcct aacacagtta     19200
     gttaataatg catactatat tgttgttaaa aataaacagc taaagtcaag tatgtgtgca     19260
     cacttccagc tacttaggtg gttgacccca gaagttcaag gccaacccag gcaatattga     19320
     aaaacctctt ctcagaaaga aaaggatttt aaaaacgaag ctttgagcaa cagccttctt     19380
     agaggtgtgt ccagcctcat ttatataatg tcaagctgat atattgcaca tagctttgat     19440
     tttaagagct ttaactgcag acggggcatg cagacaaaac tgtgtgccag gaacaactga     19500
     cacgcagttc tgtaaagaca caagaatgcc ctggaacaat ccatttcagc atgcttcttt     19560
     ttactttcca cttgctctta tctaaattca tccaaaaagt tatctgggtt ttgtttttaa     19620
     attattttta agccagcaaa gaaaagccat tgcttgcact ccgactgaag aacagatgtt     19680
     aaatactgtg tgggtgatgg agattagcta tttaagtaaa ataaaatcct agggaagata     19740
     gccagttgtg ctcctatcaa gactctagag attctagggt cttataaaaa gagcattaca     19800
     attgaattta ccttgttatg tctccatcag acttctagac caaagtgaac agtgggcttc     19860
     agccagcact taagaacagt gacttccatg ttgaagcctg caatgggtaa ttcattttag     19920
     gaataactgt acagtatatg tgatctatat tgatcactgg aattccccag aatgactaag     19980
     taaattaggc cccaaagcac tttctcaatg acatttgtgc taacctaagt caaggtttgt     20040
     ttggtgtggt ttggtttttt cctacgaaga tctgagaaat tcacacatac acacacccaa     20100
     aaacccagaa acaacaacaa caacatcatc atcaccctca tcatcatcat caacaacaac     20160
     aacaacaaaa ctgccaccac caaagcctgg aatagttttc gcagttgaaa acacttaaga     20220
     acaacatgtc aagagatgct tttattacag tctaaatatt tattagttat actttgtact     20280
     gttggcccac ttaaattatt ttcaaagtat tttgaaaact atacagtata tcacatatac     20340
     tgtccagtta ttcctaaaat gaattaccca ttgcaggctt caacatggaa gtcactgttc     20400
     ttaagtgctg gctgaagccc actgttctct ttggtctaga agtctgatgg agacataaca     20460
     aggtaatgtg accttgactt tatcacaggc aatactcatg aaatcgctat ttgtagtgct     20520
     catgaaatga gaaaagaata ggaggtaaga acagttgaaa aaaacctaat acccccttac     20580
     aaagattgaa atggtatcta ccttaccaca gagctctaga agagaagtgc tcacacatat     20640
     ccctctatcc ctcactcgac atatcatgta gcagccctgt gcagtatgta gaggaatcct     20700
     agcacatgat atttgatagg tagtttcaat tatatattca atacatttaa cagtcagaga     20760
     agagactaaa cttgtgtggt gtttgaacaa agaaggctat ttgagcatat ttatttaaga     20820
     tagactaata ggggaatgat gtctcagtag ttaaaaacag tttttgttca tgcaaaggac     20880
     ttgagttcga cttccagtag cttacagcca tcttcccctc tagttccagg agacctatca     20940
     ccattttctg acctccgaga ccatttggca cccatgcagt acacatatat acatggaggc     21000
     caaacactca gactcgtaaa ataaaatact ttgaaaataa tttaagtggg ccagcagtac     21060
     aaagtataac aaataaatat ttagactgta ataaaagcat ctcttggcaa ttgctagcag     21120
     aggtgattgg aatgattgtg acacattcgt ggctgaatct tgtggtcagt ttcctcagcc     21180
     tttatccttg ctgatatgac agccatcatg ggttcaggat tcagtgcatt gtgcacaatg     21240
     ggtttgcttt gtacctggca gtctgcttct cacttctctc tcccagttct tcttgcacag     21300
     atgagacttg acttcatttt gcattcattc tttcctctga tgaatagctg taactttaaa     21360
     gcactggatg ggatttacat gggaacgtca tcctgaatgc tttcctacct cagtcaacag     21420
     caacactgta gtttgtagcc attcttgcac ctttccgtaa ctcataaagt cccacaaaag     21480
     gtcactatag ttctatgttt agaccacagc taaaatctga cagattccaa tcttgggaat     21540
     tctttaacat ggtattttat tttctgttgt gtgttcttgg aaattaaaca agccaaccct     21600
     gtctcattta attaaataag atattctatc agaaatggta gagatgtgtt aataaagttc     21660
     ctattttata ttttcctaga aacatatatc tggtttaaaa agttaaactt caaaattacc     21720
     cttaattttt aatacagttt aaatgcttta caatgtaaga tgggcacaca gctcccataa     21780
     actttagctt tcctaggggc atatgaaaaa tgtcacttgt gctcggtgaa atacattcct     21840
     tcttgctaaa ggtgttcact aaccctgcta tggactgctg aagatgtgga tagtgctctt     21900
     ttctttaagg cgggagagcc agattccatt taacatgaag acaaagtagc cctgtagatt     21960
     gcactgctca tggcttactt ttgtatacat ctgcagggat ataggttcca agcaagtgta     22020
     aaaaacatgt gcctaggaaa ttggtaataa agttatgatt taataattaa aaattaatag     22080
     ttaaaaattt tagcaaatca gctctttcta tgcttagaaa atttcatgga taatgtactt     22140
     aattatctac acagtaatat tttagcaatg gtaaacaatt attcaaacat aacttgataa     22200
     cttatgatgg tctgtgttgt aagaagtgta tgacccattg gtgtgtcatg acatctcctc     22260
     ccagtacttg gtgtatgcac agggcaaacc acagcttgtc ctgctccaca gaggagatct     22320
     atgcccacac atttgtctct gctaactcag atttacattc actagttgtt gtgctggaag     22380
     gggaaattag tgtttcacca tagtgattcc tgaaatggca ttttagtctg tttgtggcta     22440
     tgatgacctc tgtgctaaga aacttaaaaa aaacaattgt aatttcttta gttcacatcc     22500
     cctctatcag tttctgaatc catactcgct gcttgtcttt acaggaaata aaacaccatc     22560
     acaccaaaaa tcatgatttc attaatctgc ttcctgaatg tgactacctt aattacagag     22620
     cattgcattt caaaagatgc ccacaatgta gcaagtgagc atgcatttct cacgtcaaca     22680
     ggatgataag gtacaagtgg caattatttt gattatatca tctattttca cattttgaaa     22740
     ctactctata acattcctat tctgctatga tgtctttcgt gttctttctc agatctgaac     22800
     agtcctgaaa tagaataacc aatgttttgt ccctgcattg tgttctctca tgtcagacac     22860
     tccattaaaa agggattgca tcacacagtc gatatttaga caggtaacaa aaatcaccaa     22920
     tggcaacaaa aaacacaaaa cacttctgtg aagcattact gcaggacacc cacacttctg     22980
     agaaaactct actatccgtt gatatagtaa gatgtggctt ttaaagggga gtaagcagga     23040
     aggtaattta ttcaatagaa tgttccatgt aactattatg gcccactcta ggatactgat     23100
     gatgaattcc acagccactg taatgttctc atctctccat ggacaaatta tgacctttag     23160
     gtaagatcca gaagagagag aaggtgccga gtgctgtgtg agcaatgata gcatgtaaga     23220
     accactctga gagcagagct gaagggtaac gttctgcagt atggtgtagt cagagcatca     23280
     cagcacttgg gaagctgagg cagaatcact gtgtatttta agccaatctg ggccaaacag     23340
     agagacctag tctgaggcaa gcaaagtcta tcacattcct tataaaaaga aataaaccga     23400
     taaactcaac accaagcccc ccaaaaccca aaacccccga agccaaaatg ttggtagtta     23460
     tgggcagagg ggtatagtag gagacaacta gactaagcag atgcatgttc tactagagtt     23520
     ttaagaatac aaaatcactt gtatagatca gaagcactgc agatatttat gagggcgtaa     23580
     taggggaggg cattcatttg acttctcagc atgtacatga acattgctct tgtttgggga     23640
     aatgatgcag gttgtgaggc tgcaacgata ggagtggtct gggttcgagt ctgctgtgtt     23700
     tggaatctgg atatcgatgg aggagtccag aaaggtgaga gagtctgaag gctttctagc     23760
     tttcctccat gtggggaggt attccacagg aacactctta tgggagtcac agaatttccc     23820
     tctgtaggta gtctcctttg ctatatggga atcatcacat accattggag aaacctcctc     23880
     ttgtagtagg ctctactaat aacatgattt ttctcttcaa tctacttgac aataagatta     23940
     aataatagtc tacaataagc ttattttaaa ggcaaaccga taacaccagt ttgggttaaa     24000
     cttttcagta cttgaaactc agaagtgtga aaagcccata caagggttga gcactcattt     24060
     gacgtaatag tgagactaat ggggctattt tttgtgttct ctttttacca tgtgggaacc     24120
     atacattgaa tttgggtcat caggattggg agaaagtatc tttatccctg aggcatctca     24180
     ctgttcttca ataggctact tatccaagta ggaaaaataa aaacaaaaaa caaaaacggt     24240
     aaaattagat ttgaagaagt cagtgctgct aatcgattag cctccacaga ccctatgtgg     24300
     ttaaaatgat taaatacatg agaggcttgg aatctttgct acgagcacat gctttcagat     24360
     acatctcctt ttaatgaagg tcatctaagt ctgatgatgt gcatataata aataccttaa     24420
     agccactgtc tcacatggtt attttaacta tctttgtaaa gatcttcttt ccatattgca     24480
     gagatgcatt ttggtttcta caagttttgt atagattgtt acagaaattt ttatattgat     24540
     attgagaaga gaacagtttt ctatgtgcct cccacatacc caggttttgc tctgatgctg     24600
     ctactgatag tctgggaagt ggctcacttt gttcctatga ttagagttca ggatcatgta     24660
     attgttgaca ctaggaaacc tcattctttg agagtcagaa gactatataa ccctacatct     24720
     gctacagaaa acagtttctt ggtgaacttg agacacattt tagtttagtc tacaccctga     24780
     aagcatatac ttaccatgca ggccagaatg attcaaactc taagatgtga gggcttttcg     24840
     tgtctttaat caaatataaa tagaaaaata tatgactctt acacaggtct ccagaaaaat     24900
     aaaaatatct gactgcactg acttgagatg tacaatatct ataactcttc atgtgacagt     24960
     ttaggacaca actgtaaatg gtatatgcat aggctataaa aatatttaaa taacagtttt     25020
     atagatgtga ttcacatagt ccaatgattc ttatggcctg ggtattcaaa ggctgtgtat     25080
     gttatgatta caagcctgaa gtgtattaag ttttctccaa ggttgcatgt gaaaaatatg     25140
     tatgtacaca tgcatgtgca tatgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     25200
     tgtgcataaa cacacatata ggacaatgga gagactaggt gatcccacag gaacattgga     25260
     aatggcgtgc agaagcctga ctgatattca gaacaccact acaaagagta ttttgaattt     25320
     tcacaggaat agcaaggcat ggaacgttga gtcagaaaac ctaggaatga acataatatc     25380
     tatatttgtt acatgtctgt gtgattactg gaaaaaacac tattattttt cttggccata     25440
     gatcaaaaat aataatataa aataaccatc tttctgtgga ttgcaaatgg aatgatgtat     25500
     tctgtctatt ttacaaggca ctcatttaga acattaaaac agcagtctag catggattca     25560
     tttgtttgaa attgggatag tttcctacat gtcaggtact attatcatat gaaataaagt     25620
     agatttctga actgaaagca tttaaactgt agttattcct gaagatgtct aatttttatg     25680
     gttgtgttca gctcattatg cctttactat gggcttagat acaaaaaaaa gactgcgttg     25740
     agcctgacat acccccaaga gactaataaa acaagtttct ttcaattaag aatgtaacaa     25800
     cagcattaag aaatagaaga aactgtggaa attaatgcaa ataatatccc ctaaagacct     25860
     aataataaag gcttagatag acatggaatt gcaagtgact gacaagtgag ctgaagaaag     25920
     caaatggaaa gaaaaaatat gcagaatgtg tcttaggata aaacaccgca tgattattta     25980
     ccttcatata tggtaataca aatgcaatta gcagttttaa tgaatgaaca gaatggaatg     26040
     aattatggaa tgaatgaatt aatgaatgaa tggaaaagct gaaccagctt tgaattgaat     26100
     taaaacctaa atgacatccc atgaagaatg agataacaga tgaataaaaa caaaacaagt     26160
     aagatcaaaa caaaaagtga aggaaaatag gtgaacacga attaaaagag agagctcttt     26220
     ggagattcca gtatcttcca aacaacatgt ctcacctaaa tgacaaactc ttcatatata     26280
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaggaa     26340
     gaaagaaagg aaggaagaaa ggcacaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaaggg aggaagggag     26400
     ggagggaggg agggagggga ggggagggga ggggagggga ggggagggga ggggagggga     26460
     ggggaggaga ggggagggga ggggagggga ggagaggaga ggggagggga ggagaggaga     26520
     ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga     26580
     ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaaagac     26640
     aaagcagagc aaagtaaagc aaagcagagc atcatcttca ggcagaaatg ccactaacag     26700
     gcagatcaac aaccactatg ccacatttgc tgaccagtgg attgtttagg aagtcagcag     26760
     acctgtacaa acaagtagta actactctcc aaaaccaaaa acaagaaaag aaatatcctc     26820
     tgtgcatttc taagcactag gaagagacag ttcaccctga gacctagttc tagtctcatt     26880
     ttgattttac tgcaaacaag aggtctgggg tgtataggaa atgattcttt ggtatgggct     26940
     ttttcttccc cgctgactct gacgtgatgg aggatcctct cgttaagcta ttaaataact     27000
     aaactctgaa tccctgtatc gaaggatgaa gagctcatca aaagaattgg gggaacaaac     27060
     caaaccaaca ctatcaatcc accaagttat cacaggctac gtagatgatc aattaatagt     27120
     tcctataata attaaaatta gaaaaattct ttaaaatgtc ttcaagtttc taaatggtat     27180
     aagtcctaat agctcctgat ggaaattttg aacctaaact ttaaggaact cacccagggt     27240
     ttttcagatt agaataaaaa atattttttt taattacaag ttggtgattt ttagaagata     27300
     tgtgtgcgtg tttaggtaca gaatgaaaaa aataacctta gagcatggaa ttttgtaggg     27360
     ccaggagtga actcatagcc atatgtgtga taagaaccca cttgaacgaa agtttcagct     27420
     gcagcaggga gcacgcttct cagttcagtc aacatcagtc tgtttttaga cttcatgtgt     27480
     gtagatttag tgagatcaca atcaatttgt tatattataa tgagggcttt taaggaagac     27540
     aaaaatggaa gaggcaaaca cagcagcatt acagtaattt cacacatttt cttccttcct     27600
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccctc cctccctcca tccatccatc catctatcta     27660
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctactat cttcttcgca ctctacataa     27720
     gcattttacc atagagttac agtctcagcc cttttcagtt tttcaatctg agatggtctt     27780
     ggtatatggt caggttgatc ttaaatctgg taacctgtag ccttggtcat ttgagtggct     27840
     gggattacag tcatgggcaa ctgctacaaa tatgacattt taacatgtag tcttattagt     27900
     gtatacctgt ttcaaatttt tcttcttgta ggtcttgctc aaaaagtaaa acaaaacaaa     27960
     acatttactt aaaacaacag tgtctttaaa tcagaacttg tcagtatgtc tgaaattgga     28020
     ataaagctaa tcaatacttc ttgcccctgc ataccgaaca ctgagctcag aatttgataa     28080
     ctagtcttca caatgtagtt ggtagaagct tttcttcttc acactttttg ggtaagtcaa     28140
     ttagctgaga gaactgcagg ttaaagagag gatttaaaaa aaaatcaagc tagatggaaa     28200
     acactcaaag acacagaata aaagatggct cagcaatatt attgcagcca ctgttattac     28260
     cgtgtgctat gactcaagct gtacactgtg tattctgata gcatatgagg aaaattaata     28320
     tgtctttaca ttcaaccatg atctttgctt gatctgcaca gttgcagcct tggtgtaaag     28380
     accagatcga gacgtaaaat gataaaggag cttgggtggc atattctcct gtctttttac     28440
     ttattcctgg aaataaagca cacccatggt agaagaacag accatacatt acaaaaacaa     28500
     caccattaaa gacaaaacag aaaaatgctg gctttatttt tataaagaaa tagtgtggta     28560
     gaatactgac aaaagtttga tatgaacttt aaaataatac aagtagttta taagggttgt     28620
     ttaagagatg gagggaagaa ggaggagggg gaggactaag gaggaggagg aagaagggga     28680
     gaaccagtgg gaagattggg tgagaagaag tgtgggaaga gaaaagaagg tacccatagg     28740
     tctatctgga gctctataca cttgattatt agtttaatag tgaactcact tctagtgtca     28800
     agaagcctcc agtgaaccaa actattgtac acaaattgaa aaatgctgaa ctttaatcat     28860
     aggaaaatta tggagggggc aaagattctt aagatgtgca tattcaacca ggcttgtttt     28920
     cagctacctt gatgccctgg gaagattcag ttgccagcta tggtcctgtt gacctatgtg     28980
     accggtactt ccaagtgaca ctgaaccagg cagttggtgt atagaaactg cacaaagact     29040
     acattcatta cctgaagtgt ccttcattta gcttattgtt gtaatttgct tccccaatgc     29100
     cagaagggct tgaatgctga tgctcagagc tcacgaagca ctgccttcca gccagatgaa     29160
     ctgacatgta gtgatctata ttttgttcgc aagtgttcat atcagtagta ctttttactg     29220
     caattattaa ggcagttaaa cactgcataa cctaatcaaa tgcatgctct ttgcttcttg     29280
     aaactggcat gaatgctttg gaactactcc atacaaatga gctgctataa aattcagtat     29340
     taaattagct atgagagata taactgcaga atgtaggagg aaaggaactc ataaaacact     29400
     ggaagggtcc acacacagac tgctatcaag tccattggag ttcacatttc tactgaaaga     29460
     aagccaagat gaaggagcca taactgaagc attatcactg tgatttttgg aagaaagagg     29520
     acagaattta acgtaacaaa ttgtgcttct caagaaggaa gtccctagcc ctaaaaaaaa     29580
     ggaataaatg gaaattcagt gtttatgata tgtgtcacgt tttaatgatt ctccacctga     29640
     acacttaggt cacctccagt accaactaac atctccaaag gcttcctgag ttggcttcca     29700
     cccagttcta agtgaagaaa catgttgaga gtgtaatctg ttactatctt ttactttaaa     29760
     attgctttgg ttacatatta tgcagttaca tttaatatgt aaatactacc acataccata     29820
     cctgttggaa ccaaactgta taaatttttg gatgagaaga gatttagtaa aactgatgtc     29880
     atcaatctat tccagaggca tgaaggcatt ttaagtaatc agttctgaat cttgacatca     29940
     gtttaaagct atagatcata tcttgggctc ttagcatcct gaaacttcat taatctctgt     30000
     cttgcaagca gaaggggctc attcatggat ttatgtattg tgactattta tgtttcacac     30060
     attcatgttg gatccaacat caaagggagt gctttgtggt attattttta ttttgtaatc     30120
     attaatctct gataggtgtt ctactctatg cagaaataca gttacatacc acaccatata     30180
     atattaggtg aagatgttta tgaaggcacc aaattcatgg tgaaagtttt ctcttgaact     30240
     agttaatatt ctgaagccta taaaaaaatc ccaaggatta gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     30300
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtattg tgtcatgact tcatattgta gcccaggcta     30360
     actaggcaaa tactatgtat tattattgcc tccaaactca gcctcctaag tgctggaagt     30420
     acaggtctgt gccaaaatca tactactttt ttatttttaa gttgagggtc tttttaaatt     30480
     tttaactaaa cttgtatgtg tatggatgtt ctgtctgtgt atatgtctat gttactgcca     30540
     aggtgcctgg tgcttcagct atcagaagat gacatcagag ctcctggaac ttaactgaca     30600
     gatgattgtg agctgccatg tttcttctga gcaacaaact caggagaggg ttgtaaatgc     30660
     tcttaagagc catgccacct tcccaaatca ctgagaatca gaaattaaaa gttgagatta     30720
     ttaatgtcta atgaattttg aggtgacaaa gaagaaatag gaggaacaat tgaagccctt     30780
     aaagtcgaat tagcaaatct attatataca gagacacagg atactacggc tttgggaaaa     30840
     cagcataaac agtaattcca cagatcttat caagactttt caattacata ctttagtgat     30900
     gtgacattta atggtgaata gtaagcttct ttcagtgttc taaaggtgac tccaatggac     30960
     acataggact gcagttagaa ctaaatgtgt tctcctcaag agagaaagtc agaaggggtc     31020
     ccaggaagtc aaaagaaaat aaatctctgg tagacttaga ggctcttttg cttcatttat     31080
     cagtaatggt attaaggcaa cccaaggctt tgtcactcat catatgcctc aaaggaagga     31140
     aaatacttgt gtcagaacgc ttgagatgac ttctaaggac ctcatccagc aaatgtgtca     31200
     tgtactttaa tacctcccca ttcaggtgtt ggaagtcaag cctgggcatg cagtgagcct     31260
     ctcacttcaa gggctcgccc atttctttct ctacaacaac taattacatt taatgctatt     31320
     tcattaactc ataccagcag gaaacagact tttctattta ctgaatcaaa atgctactcg     31380
     actagaaaaa gcattccctt cataggaatt caaaataata taaacacaca gtttcagagg     31440
     gggtattaaa cactgcatag atttatttgc aaggtattac caatactacc tcagatttta     31500
     ctttagagtc ttggatttct attattcttt tacttaaaaa agagaaaaga agtcaatggt     31560
     gacacccacg tttaatttca gcactcgaga ctcagaggca ggtctataga gctagttcca     31620
     agataaccac ggctgttaca cagagaaaca ctgtttcaaa aagcaaataa ccaaaccaaa     31680
     ccaaactaaa caaacaaaaa gattttttat cccaagtcct attttactta aaatgtgtga     31740
     cttagaaata ctgaagatag tctacatggc cttttaagtc aagatcccta atcatccaca     31800
     taaaagagtc tctgcaatgg agactataca ctagccaggc gatcattgtc ccaccatcac     31860
     tttgacctta atggattaaa aagcctacaa caagaatgct agtagtacct atccacacac     31920
     aggaaatcaa taagggtata aaatactaat tggattactt tttaaatgat gatcaaatac     31980
     tagacaagga tataaaactg agtatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     32040
     tatatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tggtgtgtgt     32100
     gtatgtatgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     32160
     atatatgttc gtatatatgt gaattcatgt aaatttgaaa taatcttaac atataaatag     32220
     tactactgaa atagacaaaa gtttgtatca tgaaagcaga gaagacttca gagatcatgc     32280
     attgagtctt ctggttttgc ctaccacagt taatgaataa agtatgatca gtattgtagt     32340
     ggggctagct agaaagcagg tatcaattaa ccaaggtaca aagctctttg aggttggttt     32400
     gggggaaatt ttctcaagtt gtccaggtac aaagtagcaa tctttggttg aacatgtgta     32460
     aggaaagcca tcatctacag ttgagcttct gttaacacag ggcaaaatcc cctgttctat     32520
     ggtcagtaca cttaaaggaa acatgcaact cctgaagaca tatgatgcct acataccttt     32580
     atataaaact ccctataatt tctaattttt gttacttggt taagaattag cttttctttc     32640
     ttcattccta tcaatgctct tcttatgaac tcaaaagaaa ggcatttaag caagattctc     32700
     atctcaatag ttacaaagaa acatacatat aactctagga aaacacaaaa aagcggctaa     32760
     gtaaagtaat tcagggtatg gaaattgaat aagataaata gaaatagtaa taaaaattta     32820
     aattaaaatg aaattagaaa tgaaacatcc aataaactta actaaaactc ctcagtggga     32880
     acccttagca acatgacaca acattcagaa gacagagcat tagggcttga agatgaaata     32940
     aaggaatggg atcaatcaca caaaatgatt gttatccctc actcttaatg gctagaatgt     33000
     tcgtatacac tggaatatca tgaatagacc aaatctataa gtcgtggata tagaagaaaa     33060
     aaagaactag aggtaaaaag cataggacac actttcaatg aaatcataga agaaaacttc     33120
     ccaaatctag gaaaagaaat gcccagtcag tcagaggcag gtgaaacaag cctatcggta     33180
     tcatagcagg tttttcgatg ggaactttaa aagccagaag aagttggagc catgtgattg     33240
     attcaacttc tgaaagctgc caactaaact atttcccctg acaaaactat ttgttatcat     33300
     tgaaagagaa tgaaaatttt tctgttatag caataggtta aagaaattta caatcatcaa     33360
     accatttttt aatgagtact agaaggaaaa ttttgactag agaaaaaaag gaagatacta     33420
     tggggaaaaa taaatgatgc taggacaggg ctcatgtgaa ttaaaccaaa gaaaacaaca     33480
     caacatcaac aaaacggtgg caattaagca attgctcttt caataataag tctgaatata     33540
     attggtctca atcactcaat caaaagatgc aagcttattg gttgaatcag aaaacaagat     33600
     gcaccttttt gctatctctc agaaaaaaaa aaatctcgcc ttgaggaata ggtactgtct     33660
     tagagtaaaa ggtatacaaa cattagtact aaatgccttt gttgaggaaa tggacttaat     33720
     agacatccac agagtattcc agcctaacat gacagaatat aaaatttcct gttttaataa     33780
     agtagaccat gtattaagac ataatggact aaaacttgaa ataaatacca gaggaaacaa     33840
     taaattgcac aaagtcattc aacatgaaca atgaatgatg aaagggcatt taaaaagtaa     33900
     atgtgcaaat aaaacacttc ttggaatgag atgaaatatg aaataattgg tataaaataa     33960
     aagcagtgag aagagtgaat ttgtagctcc aagtgcctac atcaaaacat cagaaagagc     34020
     atgaattgat ttacctcaag agtttgaaaa aaataaaacc aagtaaaaac caattatagt     34080
     ggatggggag aaattatcaa gaaagggcat aaatttaaga aataaagaaa agcaaacaat     34140
     caataaaatg tagtttcttc cttataaaag ataaacaaaa ttgacaaacc cttagccagg     34200
     ttagctaaaa gaaatataaa gaatacagct aagctgcaga gggaggaaga aggagccttt     34260
     gggggatgaa acttgataga ttatcaatcc taagaggtca tccctataca cttgtaaata     34320
     caaagacact atatgaaatt agtaggttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagaga     34380
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaggaaat cattaatcat taatttgaca gggaacaggg     34440
     tgaatatgag tagacttaga aggggtgtag acttagaagg agtgaggctg ggacagaaat     34500
     gatgtaaata cagtaactgt gtataaatta tcaaaagatg aaaatatgta taatattaaa     34560
     ttaaaagtta aatataatta caaactatga ggaaatgaaa gaatatctct tttgtcttat     34620
     tttattgaaa tgtctcatca cattgtgaaa tgaaagagta tctgttctag agctgtgcta     34680
     tgtgcaccat ctgtgaagaa ccagataagg ctccagctga gcaggaacaa aggcagagga     34740
     taatccatca taacactatg actaacagat actgacagtt gacaaatgga tagtcctcaa     34800
     tatgtagctt aggaaattag gagcatacag gccagtgcta tgatctgaaa cacagccata     34860
     taattttggg aggatttcct accgtttctg caattctgaa caataaagaa ggaacacaca     34920
     gcatagtatc tattaaatat gcatacagtc cccaagccaa gtcacaaaat aaccttgttt     34980
     gttaggctat tatagcattt ctccaacata gtaataaagt ccctgaccaa tttctatttt     35040
     gtgactactg cctcatataa gccttcccaa ggctacggca atagatcaat gctgtgtaga     35100
     gctccttgta tcagcatctc caaacattgc tcatgaaaag gcatctggtg ccacccaaga     35160
     acaaaggaga acctgtgaca aatgacaaac agcaatggtg accagtgata tggtcttcag     35220
     agtgtttgtt acataattga tacaagatcc atgatggatc attcttgaag gctttattta     35280
     tatgactatt tagtttttct ttaagaatca cattgtttcc ccccaaaatc acttacatga     35340
     aagattatgt aatatacagt tatacttttt tctctaaagt aagatagaga caaggtacta     35400
     gagatttggg gaaatattac catacttgtt taaaatttct aaaaaatagt ttatcaaatg     35460
     ttatcaacaa agttttttga aaaaaatccc catgagggtt ggagagctag cagagtgggt     35520
     aaagttttta ccctccaata gtagaaacct gggtccatct ccaggaccat caaccacaaa     35580
     actcacactc cacttagcag gattgcatgc ctggaatcaa actactgaaa atgtatgaca     35640
     gagacttagc ggtgctctct agctggcaag cctggcctaa ctgacaagtt ctaggatgat     35700
     gagagactgc ctcagggaaa aggaggagac agtccagaga ctgtacttta gtctttacat     35760
     gcagggcatg aaggattcat gcattaggtt tttagacacg tgtaggcatg cgtatgagta     35820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca ctcacacaca cacagatgtg ccatcttcca ggtctaactc     35880
     ctgaactaac tccaaacttt gaaatgattg tggccttaag tatacaatag tagtttttga     35940
     aactcgagct tccaattgtt caagatcttt ccttacaact ccactcaaat gtctatctgc     36000
     cttccacatt tcttgcagga gtcctggcta ctttctctaa gcagtactta tgaagctcct     36060
     tcctagaaga tgtgaaaata gctgcaacac agagatccag cagatactga agagaggctg     36120
     gaccatgtct tatgaaggag aacactgcac ctatgggtgg aggtcagaca gaaaatgaag     36180
     taaactgctc ttggccaagt tcagtctctg cagcaactgt ataatatcat tgatgcagta     36240
     aaatactgtc accctctgaa tcctttaagt gcacaaaaaa ccataatgca ctttaataag     36300
     aatctagtca tttgacaagt gcttctgatg actatagaca accatttctt gtagtggtct     36360
     ctaagtttcc agtcctacca aaaactgtaa gaccactacc attttctcta ttctttgtcc     36420
     acatgaaact caagttctat gtaaatagtc actgcttaag ataatttggt aggataatgt     36480
     tgaaatgtga ggcaattgtt aagatttaaa aatttagaga atattggtca tattcttcca     36540
     ctgaggactt cctcacagca tctatgtata ggttcattcc aaagagcatg ttgctttgtc     36600
     ctaagcaatc aatcagtcaa tcaatcaatc aataaataaa taaattttaa aggcttcctt     36660
     gagagtcaac tggaattttt cttcacctga taaaatcaat gaattctttc ctcggttgga     36720
     cagacttctt tcttcagaac attgacatga aatatgacga agggacagcg ccctctcccc     36780
     aatatccact aaagtgcttt gttctttgcc catataatta ataactgtct ggcaatcagt     36840
     catgcattct tcaacagtac ctgaggcacc aagtgtcctt ctaacccctc ctgacagagg     36900
     aaacctccat gatggctgtg cacagactta actccacata agccatttac aagttaggat     36960
     gaaggaaagc atccctgggt tcagatgcag cccagaagcc agatggcact ctttccatgc     37020
     agcactacag aatttttgtt ttattcaatt ggtggcggtg gcattagttt gtttccattt     37080
     tatataattc aaccaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaac ttctgtatcc aagcgggtat     37140
     cactgaatat acacacttgg atagaggtaa atcattttat aaagtggaaa aaaatttgat     37200
     agaaacttag aggaagaggg cctggagtgg atgtgagtga tgtgccccag tcattctctc     37260
     cctgactgac attcagatgc ccaacaataa ataaaatggt gacaacatgt gggagccact     37320
     gttatggtaa ctacaggaac aagttctatt cctttagacc aacacccatc aaatggaaaa     37380
     ggagtaaata cgttgctaga agtattatct tattaatagt tagtagcttc aaaacactta     37440
     aaactgcgtt ttcaaaaaag ttatttaaaa atgcataata ttagtacaat aattattcaa     37500
     aatacttcag ccaactggaa ggaaaaaaat taaaggcctc acatttcata agcattaaga     37560
     acagcactat actcaaggaa aactctttta tatatattga gagagagaga gagagagaga     37620
     cagagagaca gagagacaga gagagtgaca gagagaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa     37680
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaagactcc tgaagagggg     37740
     cagacctgat tttctacact tttacttaaa acctcaggta tgtttattaa aatggtttcc     37800
     taacaaaaat gacaagaaaa tgtgaatcag atatttgata ctggatgaaa catttttctg     37860
     tttatccttt gtctgtttaa ataatggtgt ttatgcaaca ccgcagcgta gggcatatat     37920
     aacctaatac aaattactat aatgttaaca agtacttttc tttctaagag atgtgaggta     37980
     tgttctgggc tctcactgtg tgtggcctta gagggaaaca aggtcttact gttttcattt     38040
     ttcttaaaca atctctcact gcaaatctac cacggtatgt gtgcaagcat tctcctcttt     38100
     gtttctttct ctgtcctctc accaaaaagg agaaaagagt caaagacatt actaacttct     38160
     tgtgaaccat cataaaacaa tatatcattt attaacaaat ttatatagat ttatttttca     38220
     ttacttgtca atgaggtgta acaagggaat gatattttgt gaataattat ctgaaatagt     38280
     attaaagtgt taaaatttaa acatatgtaa tacactttct aagctataac tcattgtggt     38340
     aatacattaa aatttcccag tggttgtttt agaactaagc ctagcaggtg acaccaactt     38400
     aacatagcaa aatggagaaa caaatttaat tttacttagt acaagttatt tgggaacttg     38460
     taatttataa ttttgagaaa tttttctgct atgacatggt aatgagaatc tcagagagag     38520
     ttttatggca gacaagaatt tgatgttctt tctatcttac aaataaaact actgagtgag     38580
     ttccttataa gacataactc tgcagggcag tggtggcaca cgcctttaat cccagcactt     38640
     gggaggaaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccaac ctggtctaca gagtgagttc     38700
     caggacaggt aaggcaatcc tgtctcaaac tttctccctc ccccaaaaat aaaataaaat     38760
     aaaataaaat aaaatacagg gaaatcctgt ctcaaacttc ctccctcccc caaaaataaa     38820
     ataaaattaa aaactcagtt taaaacacat atatatgtat atgttaatgt aatccattaa     38880
     taagtatatt accatatgta tattatatat attaatatat acatatatga tatatgtatt     38940
     taacttgagt tttaaaaacc agccctgacc taagctttct gtgtcaggta gatgtaaaat     39000
     atttactgca taaattatca aaaacagata aggctgatta tatggatgaa gttttataat     39060
     agttttagaa tagaatgtgt gtaccaagtt cactgactgt agtgcatact tcattaactt     39120
     cctcccctct ggcttctcct taccagaatg agggaacctg tacaaccaat tatatcacaa     39180
     cccaattgtt cccctagtgc ctcgggtaca caggatcatc tgaagaacac ttgaaaacat     39240
     ccctgttatt atggtactct aaggtgtctt ccatctattt cagctgcaac aaaggtaaca     39300
     cagagctgca gagacattag gatatgccat cccatcctag atgagcctga gggaaaatgg     39360
     ctgtacttgt agaaaacctt aatgagcaac tatagttgag caaagcctct gcagcacacc     39420
     gtcgtccagg aggcctgcgg ttcataattt tcatatcttt ccaaaactag gaagccattg     39480
     tggggcgcat cactacaggt ctgacttcat agctgtgagt tggctgtcag tccaatcatt     39540
     gagtgtaggg aagtgtggaa tccaataaga gagttcatct actacacaaa gaaataaatg     39600
     gatgggggtt gggggttatg caggggcaat tgccttgagc aaatgccaca agctccttta     39660
     agtcccctct ccaaaaagca tactttcttc ctttgggctt tcttttatct ggttgacaac     39720
     taacactaat gaattgttgc atggtcagtg ctaatgcaag tgtgggtggc tggagggagg     39780
     atgacgttta gcaacataaa gtgataactc aaaacattct gccaggctta aaagcatcat     39840
     cacctttcag actttcactc attaaattct cgctattctg cagacagtta gtgagagtgg     39900
     aacggatgta tttatagtaa ggagtgaggt ctacaagaga ccaaaattgt agagcaagaa     39960
     gtactaggtc ggctaccaaa gtaaatgtaa acacaaacaa gctgaagttt gtgaagttgg     40020
     aacaaaagca gttgccttac atcatcaaat tgcacttctt agaatatgta ggactgaccc     40080
     tacatcccta cattcacatg cctttgcttc tttcattcga cagcctgcta ttcccctcta     40140
     gatgattaga atcattataa accacattat gtctccccaa caaatactta aaaccttagt     40200
     tggtcataca ctccagttac catatcttat ccatcaggac ccactgatac ttgtgttgtg     40260
     tgtctgtaaa tatgtataag ggtcatcaga tgagtgttgt gcttcagggc catctcatcc     40320
     tgctgagagt tgtaccactc ttcagattat gaaactcaat ggcattgagt ctgatgagct     40380
     atgcatgcaa cccttgactt ctgtcttcat tccctatagc atctctcaac caggatgccc     40440
     tactatggct actaaaactg acctgaatgg ggcagtgcaa aatggaagta tgtgagcaga     40500
     tgaagatttt atagactctg atcgtgggtt gtgttgatct gttaaattgt ctcaaattta     40560
     acgtttaaaa atattattaa ttaagaaaaa atttgaaatg taacaaagaa aatactgtga     40620
     aacctaagat ggaaactaga ttaagaatgg aatagcctgt gaatatctgt aaagaaggtt     40680
     actgaagatt cacagtacaa gtctgtaaca tctcaggatg tttgcttgaa catcagtcgt     40740
     gagaacatgt gtgtatgaga agctagaggg aagacatgta ctgtgtgtat gcctcagtat     40800
     ttgtctactt gagtttgtga gacaggagcc caccacctag gctacactgg ctggccagag     40860
     agacccagga atatgccttt ctctcctttc ccagagttga agtacaggtt gccacacttg     40920
     ggtttttcaa ttgtcttctg gggatcaaaa ccagatcctc atttgtttaa ggtaagcact     40980
     ttatcctgag cacctcccag tctgctacat tctttaaatg actaaatata tatatatata     41040
     attttactac attgataagg cacttggtat ttctaataat ctacagagaa ggcttaaact     41100
     ggcggtgaca tttataatgc agcttttgtg gtaaaaataa tccaaattag agaacaggat     41160
     ctgatgtttg gtgttctgat tctcatctat aaaagtggaa atcaatttaa aaaaaaaaaa     41220
     aaaaagctga ctcagtgaaa taaggagaat ctcaaagttg tacttactgg catgataata     41280
     ctgtagtgga tgcagaatcc gggttcagat ggaaaatact catcagatac aaatcttatc     41340
     ctgatatgat ttcctttaga agtctgcttt cctggcacag tcccagaacc acaccagcgt     41400
     cctaaaacac ttccatcact gggctcctca acttctacaa aatcatacct gtgaggaggc     41460
     aaaggggcag agactggcgt cattgcttat ctaggcaacg gaaactttat gtgtgcaatg     41520
     catctatgga gcacaccatg agttgtcccc aattatgctt gaaaggagag accttgagat     41580
     gcaaaagtta aagagaatta gaaataaaga ccctgttaga aaaatattag atttctcttt     41640
     taaagccttc agatttgcta gtaccaaaat tgagattggt cagacattta acacaaatat     41700
     tttgcataca acaaaattat atgactttta attcatgaat tattcaaatt cctatcttag     41760
     ttcctaccat cattatctag atttcctagt ttaaaaaaaa gatgtgtttt ggagaattca     41820
     caaatagtta ttaatttaga aaagcatagt accaaaagaa tactgagacc actgctaata     41880
     cttatcaagt agaagccttc taccagctat cttttcgatg ttgggaatag ctgacaacat     41940
     gcatttggat attagcttat gtattttctc ataaatcact ttgctattat tccagctcgt     42000
     tcttgcttcc tagggtggac attgtgtcta acacatgctg agtaactgct ccactactga     42060
     agaaaacatc cccagcttta cctaacgcac aactattttc tttaacaact gcacttataa     42120
     ataaatgata gtttctctgg attgaatttc aaaataataa aaagaaaatt acaaaacttt     42180
     tagtgagaga gaagtctgac atgttcaaac cgttattgat agattttaaa atataatgga     42240
     atataaatac actagacaaa aatcaaaacc aacattttat atagtattcg atttaaagac     42300
     aaaattgtta ataaaaaaca atacatagac tgaggatagt tttgaatctt cccctaagga     42360
     atgtaacaat atttgtcagc ttcatttttc tcacaaaaat taagaaacta agatccttta     42420
     aaatggcaag atacactcag tgtggaacaa ttcctggccc agagctgcca ctcaatgaag     42480
     cttgctcctg atctatgcag catcattgcc cacctccata agcttatact tttaatatag     42540
     cctgaagaat ttaaaagcat caaaaagaga acgttcaata acaaaagaca attgttatat     42600
     aggctcaagg cagccatgac tcattacagg agtttagaag gatggaagtt ggggtccata     42660
     ttgacgtgaa aagagtagac acagttaagt agagtagacc taagtaaaat tgtataaatc     42720
     actgtttaaa gagttgggtt ttttttttaa ccatttctgt aacaaaactg tacaaaaaac     42780
     aaagttccta cttggggaat tctgttctgt ttggggaagt aaacctgtcc aactggtttt     42840
     ctaccactgc ttacagagat gtgtaagtgt gatagaagga ggaacgatca gttccttggg     42900
     ctcaggattc ataaatcaga tggtaaaatc tctaacgaaa gtgcaccatg gagggccgga     42960
     agagcaaggt caattttaca tggctagatt aggatccctt tacaaaggac ttaatatctg     43020
     gactgtgaat gtgtgttgat tgcctgacct ggactgagaa gggagggaaa tggagatgcc     43080
     gactagcaag aagcacaata gataggtaat acaagaggga aggggccagg catggtcaac     43140
     tgtgaataga ggatggcaaa caaagaaaat aacatagacc aacctggaaa aaaaatcagt     43200
     gtaggccaat actgattttg gtatttcaga gttggctgtc aaaattttac ttgtcataca     43260
     agatcataaa cagaggtggg cacagcttta ataggaacta ttcgtcctta aaatatttaa     43320
     ttcaatacat tagatgcttt catacatatg agtcctagtt tcctttaaaa ttttaagatc     43380
     tggtcattgt tactctgatg tgattcacac aggcttcagg ccggtgtcag ttccagatca     43440
     tgaagtgttc ttgttcactt cattgtcttt cccctcacac ctgtaggcca agcacacagt     43500
     aaaggcttga taggcacatg tggagtgaat aggcaaatgt gcacttgaac ttcacagaga     43560
     ctgaagttag agatggatgg aaatagccat agagttgtgc tgttttaaca gtcttagaac     43620
     cctggatctg ctctccatac attctacata tgcagttctc atttacttgt actaactgac     43680
     acagttgtgc atctgggttt gtaatccctg tcatatatac attctagtca atgagagagt     43740
     agcagacaca ccgtcatcac ctatctgaga aatctgaaga aatatttcag gtgtgagcat     43800
     gaagcaaggg gtctttacac agcaacctac aagaaagaga aaatctgggt gcaatcttga     43860
     agcagtagca caacaactga ggcgagtggg aagaaagagt tctcaccaga aactgacaga     43920
     agtggaagca gcccgcagca caaagcctca aagcagttca agatcaggta agtgcacttc     43980
     ctgcatttga caaccacaag ccattttcaa caagtaaact gggaagcatg cagtgtgttc     44040
     aataggttct tgggaccatt ttcaagatga ctattcaact gttagataga atacattata     44100
     aggaaaaaag tataacaatt cctgtagcta ctttcattat agctaatctt catgtatgtt     44160
     caaaaataaa caacatatag gcttacttga ttgtcagttt cctttacaac actttgaagg     44220
     gttttcctaa agcacaagaa aacactgtgg ccataaatgt taaggcctta tgctgaacta     44280
     tgtctagggc tgcatacttg tctagcatgg gtgcagcaag tgttaggctg atacccagca     44340
     cagtaatatc aaacaacaaa gtatgaattt cagccctgtc taatttagat attgatgcag     44400
     aactcactgc tatgcagatt agagaagggt gtccagtcca ttctggtttc atgaaggttt     44460
     tctaatgaat ttggtgtcag atttaaaaca cattctggat ttatggccag atattggtcg     44520
     ttcaccgtgc cctgtttaga cacatcagta gttctgttca ccagtttttt ggttttttgt     44580
     ttattttgtt tttttttttt tttggttttt tttttttttt ttggtttttt ttgaaggagc     44640
     tatggagttt tccactttgt gggaaagaaa gaaatatcta aaatgtatac tctaattagg     44700
     aatcagaaat tttaaactac tttcatagta aattaggcac ttcaagtttt tgagccccac     44760
     agctattatt atacaataat ataattagga aatttatcca attattgtaa ctttcacagc     44820
     tctatctaat aattggtgag gcatatagga agcttaagta tatcaataga acaattactt     44880
     attacggctt acactttcct ctttttacaa aaaggccatt atcaacacac ttttgtttaa     44940
     aaacttgcac tgaaggtcaa ggtaagcaga ttatggatga agatgttgct cagtagcaaa     45000
     gcacttgact atcttgtact aggtcctgag ttcaatctct cagcaccaca aaaattttta     45060
     aaaaatgaaa taaagatcaa aatcgaataa aatagaacag gcagtggggg gggggggcat     45120
     acctgaaatg tatgtgccta tctcactatt caaatcttat catactacag aggacaaaag     45180
     acaaaaaaag aaaaatacca ttgacatgag cttcaatgtt tgcttccaat ctacagagta     45240
     cattcagtgg ttttggaaaa ggataatgca ctttaaccca tttactttct ctaatgattc     45300
     acatgttatg tttctcactt tgttttccct gatgccatca gcagaataag ggattcataa     45360
     aaggagccaa tttattaatg tttactaacc acgtttaaag cctcatgaag gaaaggaaga     45420
     gagaaactaa tgagaaaacc gtaattccag gtcatggtag aagggagtgg gaactgatta     45480
     aagcatacca tgtgtgcaag ctcaggtgac catactggag acacagtaat ccttacaata     45540
     tactcccagg tattaatttt caaggtgaac aattgcccac accactattt aaaggatttg     45600
     ctaagcatga gccaatcaaa catcatgttc tcagagcaac atgatgcagc acacacagtg     45660
     caaagaggct ggtgacggtc actccccccc tctaccatac tcctgggacc cagggaggat     45720
     ttatgttctt ttatgtttaa taaacaaggc taatgttgta ggtaaaattt ttgttctcct     45780
     gtgggaatgt aggaagtgtg aggatatggg agctgttttc ttactcgtaa gaatgtaaga     45840
     agtataccag agaaataaat tcactggtaa acacaattgt cagacaccca gcttctttca     45900
     acaaaaataa accaaccctg cagaacaggc cgtctctagt tcctactgaa taaaaccctg     45960
     tcaattaaaa ggccccatca atctgacagt ggtgagaaaa gatgccaagt gcatgtggat     46020
     tacagaaagc ctggctctgc aagtgtcaac tggttcagga gcaggttggg ataggtaata     46080
     aaaataataa gatgacaatt actgtacaga acttatcggc ttatgccttt gctatccaca     46140
     cacaaacaga atcttaagat tgctattcaa atacctgttg tccttctaga caccaattaa     46200
     tactgaaaat actttgaaat aactatcata tttattaggt gactacaata tgttaggcaa     46260
     gtttttaggt gcttctgaat attttctcaa tggaccctct tagaaaatga aagtggaaat     46320
     ttctaattat acccagttat gggttactaa atatagagaa gctaagtaat ttggctaagt     46380
     ttacaaaata aataattata aagttatagc tttaattttg aaagccaaac ctcagactcc     46440
     aaggacttag aggctaagac ctactatagt cactatactt aagatatatc tctataatta     46500
     aatttatttt attttcttgt gtaactacag aaaaaatata ggtctctggt caaaaactga     46560
     ctatgaaatc atgttttaag cactggaaaa cacagactgt aacaaatgaa actgaacata     46620
     gagcttgata agtctagatt atttattggt actatttatt atcagcaact ctttgagaat     46680
     ttcaaaacat tatgggtgcc aagcatacaa ttatacgtcc cacaacaaac aacaaatgat     46740
     tgggagattc tcatggaaac gggagagctc gccctatgag aggtggctca agttgttaag     46800
     gtgtgaggta aagatttcaa agtaattctt atcactaaat aaaaataatg caactgtata     46860
     ggccactaat tcaacttaca aaaaaaaaga acaaggacaa gacaagggga aaaagcaata     46920
     attactagaa gtaaaaattt tttaagaggt ataagcaaac aaaataagta ttcataattt     46980
     taagaaattg acagaaagaa taatgaaaga aaaaagttag aaagaaagaa agagagagag     47040
     aaagaaagaa agaaggaaag aaagaaagaa aagaaaggaa aaaggagaca gaaagaacaa     47100
     tagacacaga aaagaaccat gcagaaaata taattacagt aaaaatgttt ataatttatt     47160
     acattttctc taaatatatt tggaaaattg tataaaataa tagataaaac atgaattatc     47220
     aacttggtaa tagcaaagtt aaagtaaata ataatgctta aattgaaaag ttggtcaata     47280
     tttatcagta taaaaatgaa ataaaatgtg ggagtttatt aagctataaa caaatgcata     47340
     ataccaattt ttcataaata attacaaaac attgaatgat aagcatccca attaatatga     47400
     taattttccc taatccttgt attgaattct ctgaagtggc aatatttagc cttcagaaat     47460
     atgactcatt tcactcagat aggtaattgc tacctattag ccattagtag attatatgat     47520
     tactgtaatt cgcccagtat gagctttgtc catgaataaa gaggaataaa aaatgatgct     47580
     ccataaaata ttaaaaggaa ttacaccagt atgatcatag tagtaaacta atcaccaaaa     47640
     tggcttagtt aattggctac tataaattgg aagcagaaga cttccaaatt tgcgtgaaaa     47700
     gttagataaa tgtgaaatag aagaaagaaa atgtaataag aacagagaca acaaatatct     47760
     ttgattgctg atagacttga gtgtgggtgt atgcatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     47820
     gtgcacatgt gtgagaccag gagttaattc tgggtgtcct cctcaggagt cctgcacatt     47880
     tcctttgaaa caggtttctc actgtcctgg aacttcactg tgcagcttag aagttgatat     47940
     gatgccattt tagtttttga gtcaagatcc cctgctgaag ccagtggtta ctgtttctgc     48000
     tagactgcct gtcctgcaag cctgtggata cccctgccat ttccttcctg gctattaaaa     48060
     ggataagtca cacctgttgt ttccacttca ggtctgggca ctgagctgat ccttacaatt     48120
     gaaatcaagc aatttataag cagaacctta cctactccca gctaatacat tttgagaacc     48180
     gaattcacca attagtacag aggccaaaga gctcagacct ggagcaacaa aagggagtta     48240
     tactatgagt ataggggtgg ttctgatgct aaggtcctgt tcccaaactg gttcttgatc     48300
     tgtcagttaa gaagccatga gccaattgtt aggcagaagg aatagtcagg atttccaggt     48360
     acctgtagga aaagagtcag atgtaagggg ggggggggga gagagagaga gagagagaga     48420
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaacgaag cagccatgtg aggtcctcaa aaagagtacg     48480
     tgcctgtggc cactcctaca ggctggtggt cagggatatt tagcagggac tagatatatc     48540
     ttagcaacta aagtttagga caggtgggag gtgaagaaat aaaaatatta ttaaggatga     48600
     tatttctagg cagcagaaaa tagggcccaa caattgtgtt gaaggcaagt tgaaaaggaa     48660
     catctgtggt tgtgtctttt atccgtggat tcaaggaagc tggtgggagc tggtagcagg     48720
     gcccattccc agagcttagg ctgggtagca taaagctgca cacagcaaat ggaggtaact     48780
     gttatacatc atttatgttg aggtagatct aacaagaact ggtgtgggat aaggtagaca     48840
     ggaatcaaaa tttatttgaa acattgggct tccaaaaggg attgggacct acaaagataa     48900
     ttcagtaaaa tgtctggata caggattaat agacaaacag caatattcta tgcttatgac     48960
     tgaagactca gaaactcata ggggaaaaag taggtcactg cagatgtcct aatacaaaaa     49020
     aaaaaataca cttagccaat atgagtaaac acttactgtc tgaaaaatat ataacccaat     49080
     gacaagaagt cctggactta tttatatttt tttcaaaatc tagataagtt ttctagaatt     49140
     ttgtgtaaaa tagtaaatta ccttaacaga gcaaagatga tgaggcacat acaaggaacc     49200
     ggtgctcctt aagtatcagc tccatcacca gacaaaactc aactggtact ctgactctgc     49260
     ccatggccag gatataatag attactcatc agggtgctgc acagttagtg taagccatag     49320
     ccctaaatgg caacagaggg ggagccggac tcctctagtt tcctctgtgg aagcagttgt     49380
     cttgaattta gtgactctag aacaagatta gcatgtagat attttctttt aacagttgct     49440
     tctcttttaa taagagacag atagacagat ttattgatca ctttaaaaaa acctctgagt     49500
     actttctctt gtttcctgga ttatcaatgt tatgcttagt gtggggctgt agaagaatgt     49560
     gtaaaaagca ttccttcaaa ggctgaaaat cttgtatcta aggttgaact gatcctgaaa     49620
     ttcacaatta ccttttgctt ctactttcag tggaagttca ctttgtatct ctgtgttgtt     49680
     aatgacaaga aacaaaggtt tggacagtag ttataagtat caattcaaaa tgggtcccaa     49740
     gaaagagaac agaccatgtt actaataaga tgaggtgcag ccaactcaga gtcctcgcct     49800
     ctgaagagca tatccttaga ctgtggcaca gtctaactgg tgatgagttt tgcagaagca     49860
     tctcattaac acagattctg tgaggcacgg atatatcaac cacaaatacc agtttatata     49920
     tgatactttt gcacatgtgg taacaactct attgggcatt aataacctca atttgagatg     49980
     ctacgtttaa tgatattatc attactatat actataaatg aaactatcac tctgcaggta     50040
     agagcatttg ctgcttttga gaggacctag attcccagca tacacatcac aaggttcaca     50100
     gggcagcctg tgactctaat tccaggggtt aacaatctct tctgacctct gtgggcaaca     50160
     gcagatgtgt gtttcacatt catacatata ggcactcatg tatgcacaaa acaatctaaa     50220
     agtaataaaa ttgacttctc tgtcatagcc catcttcact ggatgaaggg aacccaagga     50280
     gactgaaatc aacaaaagag aattgatgtg cacacaattg tcacactgtc tgggagcaca     50340
     agtcttgaca taggacaata atattgatcc ttttcagtaa aggaattgga tctcagaagg     50400
     cagataaaca aaaatcctta attctactca caagaaaagc aaagtaatag tttttatttt     50460
     attttgcttt ccttttggtg tattttctgg gtttactaca tggttttgtt tactgggaaa     50520
     gggactaagt cgatatgtgg tattctgttc ttgaacccaa tgattgaata aggaggggtt     50580
     agtcttttaa tgttttcatt tccaaagaaa ggaaacaaaa cagacagctt tatctcaaag     50640
     gagctggtct ggtcatcagg tgacgtgatc agggctgtaa gtccagctaa ggagattact     50700
     tcatatttga tggtgtgaaa agagaaatga gaaacaccag gctcagtgcc cacttggata     50760
     attcaccccc taggcaagat cccgaggcag ggattatctg caatactttt attttatttt     50820
     cttcttggac aatttgaaat atgctttcct tttggctatt tcttctctgt gttacccttt     50880
     caaggtgctt ttatagcaga ctccaccaca gccttttaca ggtccacaca ctgcaaggaa     50940
     ccctagcagg tttaacagtt tcccatacat tgctgcattc cccttttttg ctccagctga     51000
     tttctctcag aatccccccc ccccagagaa gagacaaggt agttttaaaa taaatttgtg     51060
     attatcttat aacttctatt catatattta aaaatttttt atctccccac tttttctatg     51120
     gccctaaatt tccctttgga aatatccaga actaatgata tattttactt ctgaatatat     51180
     cttcctttct ctttccctat ctttccccca tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     51240
     tctctctctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctg tctctctctc     51300
     caattttatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctaat cattagttag     51360
     ttaatatgtt agttataagt atgaattcca aagccctttg ctgtgggata gccttccaat     51420
     cagtaacact tcactgattt ttatagaagc aaatagaaac tgaactctga tgtttcagat     51480
     atgtatctga aaaagctgtg ctaattatca tatgctcagt taaagctaag ggacaataaa     51540
     tggctatttt taacaactta tgtactgtaa tttcaattgt taaactgttt atattttcat     51600
     ttaacctaga gcttacaata cagaagttga aactgaagtc ttaacgagat aatatatact     51660
     ttggggacaa tatcttcatg actcctgttt gattggctgt ttatcatcac ggtgtgagca     51720
     ttgaaaggct ccacagggat agtcagagaa cagaaggtct tcatgttacc cagaagtaag     51780
     acctatacaa cagctccctc ttatccttca gacttcagtc agagaaacta tgaaattttg     51840
     cagacagctt tccttctact tcagggattt tgggcaactg agtcattgtg ggctacttaa     51900
     gcctttagtc actaggaacc tcaacctggg cgagacagca catttcgcca gatggtaaat     51960
     atgaccacat cttttggtac agtaattcca gcaatgatgg ccctgtcata ggtcaagcac     52020
     tttaagtcac cggatttatt actcagggtt tccaagccgc acaacagtac atttcactgg     52080
     atatacgtag aaaaataccc agtagtagct ttcaaggatt acacaccaat atttgaaagc     52140
     tatatatgaa gtcccctaat gtaggattac ctttccactt cagttgacac acttccactt     52200
     cttcagactt tagctgaata gaagctcctg gggcaagcac catctgggag cccagaggca     52260
     gaggcagtga cgtctttgca gcatggtcta tgccacaccc atcacaattt tgaattttat     52320
     tttttcatga acattccttt gctattcaat ggtttctgga ggtcaaagaa gctctgaata     52380
     atctttggat ccctgataca tagcatgata tttggttgat gcatagcagg gtacttgact     52440
     gctagctaaa taagagaatg ggtgagtgta tgtaaagata aggaaacaga atcataaaca     52500
     aatatcagga gatgtagttg gcaaaaaaca caaatttaca tactctcttc aaatagaaat     52560
     agctcatatt tttctcttaa atattttatt attttattca ctccaattca cattaaatac     52620
     aagctaacag attttttttt catttgtaac tccacgtggc ttttaaaatg agggtactag     52680
     actttgtttg gagaaatgaa ttggatgcaa tattctggaa ttaattttca tcctagtagc     52740
     cttccatttc tcattcactt acaatcacca tggtgaccac tgagctttgt gtacatgtct     52800
     cccactctga cttaacacta gatgtgaaac ttggtatact tgaatcttag gatctagctt     52860
     tctctatctt tatgtgtctc caagacagta cattatcaaa ctgtactgga cagacaacta     52920
     attgagacca tacttatgct tacacatcct acctaggtag tctttactgg acacagaact     52980
     gagaaggaag tgttaatgac atattcacaa gtgtctgaaa tcttgtatta gtggctaatc     53040
     attttctcgg actaagtaat ttgcttttgg ggaagcaact acagagactg aagttaaatg     53100
     tttgatatac cttgacgaat attaaaataa gagatgaagg acttatgaag tatgtgacta     53160
     atctctaacc ttcttcatac agatgctaga aagtgttact tcaaatgttt ttttatttaa     53220
     aatattttgt ctatgtcccc gccatacata agaatctcac aatctgaagt ccttatcagc     53280
     ttactacaga tgacatcagt agacctttat atgacctcta aaaccaactt ctcttgcaca     53340
     ccccctgtgc tggtttgaag aggtgaggtc ttcatagact catgtgtttg gatgcttagc     53400
     ccagagggaa tggtactatt aggaggtgtg gccttgtttg aggaacttta tatttgtgga     53460
     gataggcttt gaggtctctt acatacccat gccactccca gaatgacaca gtctctttct     53520
     gatgccttca gatgaaaata ttgaactctt agctctttct ccaaagaaag agcttgcttt     53580
     tcgtgctgcc tgcttgctgc catgctcccc accataacta accttctgaa aaatctaagt     53640
     tagacccaac taaatgtttt cctttataat agtttctgtg gtcataatgt ctcttcatag     53700
     caataaaacc ttaactaaga cacattccca acatgaatca gggctcacct ccctaaacaa     53760
     caggccttaa ctgatttaaa ccttcttaaa atatagaccg gggtgttgat cacacatatt     53820
     ttcttttaag tctggatcga taggatcatc tcttcattaa taatgccttg catttctttc     53880
     tggtctcgac actgatattt tccaggagcc tgttattgag caactcaata attggttggg     53940
     ggagggtgcc aagaatatgt tgagtcactt cttctaaaag tcatatccta ttgggggaaa     54000
     ttcatcaagg taaaagtcaa atgtgaagtt tctttgcagc cagcttcctg attaggccaa     54060
     taagtatttc tcagaagaga gaagcatatt tatgtttctt gcctgccact caagcttgcc     54120
     tacgctccct acatgtgcaa taagcaaacc ttttgagatt gtatatctgt tcacacttct     54180
     atactatcag tcatctcgcc attataaaac atctgagaaa acccacctgt agaagagaag     54240
     ggttacttag actctcagca ttggagtttt ctatccataa ataatcatgt atcatatgtc     54300
     cagactacat tgtggcaaaa tatcatggaa gaatagagtc cagcaaaaaa tgtcttgcat     54360
     cataaaccaa ggaacgacta cagaggatgg gctggagaca cacaatcccc tttgaaagca     54420
     gaccaatatc ctaatgacct gctactaaac cctaccatca gaggttctac tatctcccaa     54480
     tgtcattctg actattaaac cttaagtata aatggaggac agtcaacatc caaatcagag     54540
     aatacacttt caaatccaaa agatgccata tacttcatat tctttgtagt acattcagtc     54600
     tttgcaagac accatttacc tcatactcat ttgattctgc tttcatttga cagttgacca     54660
     gaaataagta tttctcagat gacagaagca cattcatgct tcttgcctgc cactcaacct     54720
     tacatacact ccttaagtgt gcaatgagca tatacaaact ctgatgtaga acgatgactt     54780
     ccacacaacc gtcctgcagc acaaactgga acataactga ctgtatgtcg attgaaaaag     54840
     attgaaaaat cgtaagtcta tattaaaggg ttgagcatgt agtgatatcc tctaaacatg     54900
     tacccacatc aaggtcatgt tgacccacta gaaaggcaac tattcaaatc atgatagctc     54960
     attattagat aatctatagt ctctaacaag gttttctttt ttatgtagtt ctgtgatcaa     55020
     gagagaaaat ggaatggatt ttgtttacca tggcaaatgc tgaaatagtt ataatgaaca     55080
     tgtagactaa atacagattt atcaccatta tttattattg ccatattatt aattattatg     55140
     taatgatatg catatgccag aagaaggaat tggatcccct atatcttgag ttatagcctg     55200
     ttttcagctg ccatgtggtt gctggaaaca aagcctaggt caccctctgc ttgaacagta     55260
     actgtcctta actgcttagc cccagtaatt cttttgatat gtgttactat acttacagct     55320
     gaaaccattc atgttagctc tgcaagctca ggcatctttc atctcccttt tcatctgtat     55380
     cctcacttga agagcaggaa atggcaagac tacatgaaag tcacctccat gtggattctc     55440
     aaagctcttc cacacagaat tagagaagag gctggagtgg gggcaggaga agggttaacc     55500
     aatgaatgta aaagagagct tagcaggaag aagtttttga tattttctta tacagtaatg     55560
     tgaccttagc caaccataac ataatgtata tttcaacata gactgaagag gaatttgagt     55620
     catctcacca cagaggaaaa aaataaatgt ttgagatgac agatatgctg aatgccataa     55680
     tttgaacacc tcattatgca cacatatacc acagtagcca tggcacccat gcatgcatgt     55740
     gacaattatt ttatttttac aatttttatg tatatgggtg atttggctat atacatacat     55800
     gaaaatatta ttgaattaaa actaatagca atctccccca ccttaaaaga cggctgaaag     55860
     ttcaggattg ctgtagataa ctatcatagt ttctgaaaca gtggccttat aagggataag     55920
     cccatctggt tgccttgatt tcaataattc agctcccaga aaactaacac cattagaaag     55980
     ttgtacaatg tgcaagcagt ttcaacctac acatgttata tgtaatattt tccttttctc     56040
     catctctcct cttatacttc taattttcgt ttttctcttt atatgttaca ggaaatctta     56100
     gcatatgctt ttgggtattt ctcttcatct tgggataaat tcttcatact atggacgtaa     56160
     agacagataa acaagtatct gaggtttagg aagattaata gagaagggcc atagtcagca     56220
     acctgttgtt agatcaccgc agacactttt tggaagttct taatcaagat aaatattagg     56280
     gatactgaga ttagagaatt ttttctcctc aaaaatcact ataataacat agagcacagg     56340
     cctcatttcc actgagatta accccaatgg ctcagcaaaa ataaggccta ccacaatccc     56400
     atgaaataat tttagaagca ataaattatg gttcattcca tttacacaaa tattttgata     56460
     tcatgaacta gcttgcttat tcaaactgac aaactgagag ggagggttac agagggagag     56520
     cacacacaga gactgttttt tcagtcagtg tgggctttct ggtgagaact gaacaggggg     56580
     ctaaatcagc tgccaccctg ggcattgatt ttatctttcc acagactggg aggaaagctt     56640
     acttgagggc tgaaaatgta cccagtcatt tcccaagtta tctgaaaagc tatgagggta     56700
     acttctgagg acgaagaagt ttcaaaatgt gctcaagttg acaggtgaga ggctagcatt     56760
     tcataaacat aagcagcatg cagagagaaa ggagtttttg gtttcaccag cttgaggcct     56820
     gtggtttaaa gttagggaag gtacacactg actgatccct gagcaaaggt gcatggagag     56880
     aaaagaatgc aatggggttg tcacagcaga ctcaccgaga ggacattttt ttttccatga     56940
     gatgacttca atgttgagta gctgttaatt taagcatttt ccctttaaaa gctaacactg     57000
     gattagagaa aaactccagt gcaaggaatc atttatgcat gaaacagttt aagaaacctg     57060
     agtagtgtac tttcaaatct aggcctttca aaacattttt ataaacatct tgatcagttt     57120
     caaatcagtt taataaaaat actgttagta tctttttata ttattatatt catatatagc     57180
     tatatattaa tatgttatat attattgata tatttaggta ccttattata tgtaaaatct     57240
     tcaaaaatat gacaacagaa atctactcag tactagaaat gcatcctcta tgcaaatatt     57300
     gtattctaat ttacatctaa tagatataat actaatatta tatcttctat gtcaatattg     57360
     tatattgata cagctggggt gctttcagga tgtagagtgc ttcctcaaca gatgatccta     57420
     gtcagtattc catcgctgtg aagagactac gaccacagca actctcataa tggaaaacat     57480
     ttaatacagg ctggcttata gtttcagagg tttagtccat tttcatcatg gcagggagca     57540
     tgttgctgct acacaggtag atttggtgct ggagaagtgg ctgtgagttc tccatccaga     57600
     tctccaggca gcaggaagaa agaaattctg gacctggcat aggcttttga aagcctcaat     57660
     gcccaagccc agtgacatac ttcctccaac aaggcccaca cctcctaatc ctgctcaaat     57720
     agtgccgctc cctgaggact gaggatccta tctataagcc tatgatggca gagacattct     57780
     tattcaaacc ctcacacata tgtaagattc tgtttccatt caaaatacca taaaacaaca     57840
     gccaaatcat gaatatcatg atcaaacaag caaagcgcgt taaccaaaac catccttcta     57900
     atagcaagtg actttaagtg attctgatac aggacaggca tccttagtgg gctgtgctac     57960
     caagaaatta aattcttcta tgcaaatagt ctatcaactg caccgaatca aagtccaaga     58020
     actcaatatg gtgaatggaa ctaacctttt catcttctaa aacagctgct cccaggagta     58080
     ggtgctgaaa agtgcattca ggatttgact ctgatgctga tgaaacaatc accttttctc     58140
     aggcactgaa acgttctctt aaatcctagt aaccgtatca ggactagtaa cacaaatctt     58200
     tgtgtactaa ttacctatgc gaggtcctca taagaaccaa agattaccat ggagcaacca     58260
     cactaactta agaaggtaca tacttaatat aactgacaat taaaagatat attcccttat     58320
     gggcaaattt cagcatctac atacagagaa agacaacact acattgtcta ctctttttat     58380
     actctcaaac catcttcaca gagagttctg gctaggggaa aaaaggacat ctggccacct     58440
     ggcctccttc actgcctgcg tttgagtgtc tctgaagaag gcagggcatg gcttatacaa     58500
     gcatctacca tgaccaacac tcaatttcaa taaatcttag gcaagccata tccaccatat     58560
     atcacttctt tagaacattg cacaaagctt gtcctttgaa gtgaattaat gaaatgttac     58620
     ttttaaatga ggcttttcct atgacatttt actcacatag ttttgatctg atcatgaatg     58680
     ctgtctttaa tttcatgtcc agattacaat agaaagcttt tgttttcagt atttattttt     58740
     ctgctgacac acagtatctg tgcttttaag aagggcatca ttgtaatgtg actcacaatt     58800
     acagtgtggg atggtggtat ttctatctct gcaaatatga ccacatgtgt gtcaggtatg     58860
     gaacacaact ttgaattgtt atccagttgc tgaacccttt gtaggccacc caaacaatga     58920
     tggttattgt taatttagat tatttttaaa aattaaagta tcatattctt aaacaatgta     58980
     ctatgatcat attacctcag ctaccctcta tcatggcccc actcctgtca acccttatct     59040
     ttttctctgc tgctccccaa atattcttat gctcccccaa ctttctttct tccttctttc     59100
     cttcctagac agtggagcaa aggctatggc tgctggacat gctgatcatc tctgctggca     59160
     ccctggtttc ctgatcttag gaaactccta tcttccactg ggtgatattc atggcccatc     59220
     cacagcattc acttcaaaat actgctgtac atttgttgtt tcggcacttc tatgtagggg     59280
     aggagagttg gatacaacta ttcagccata ttgaaatctt tccaggtttc ctgttgtttg     59340
     gttactagtt gtcagtcatg ctggctgctg cctctcactc acagagcact gagcgggtgc     59400
     tcaccataac agggctgtcc ctgaaggaag caccagtgag aaggtggtgt cctcatcctg     59460
     ccttccctta aaatggaagg atgaagatga atggaagatg aatctgggat gaggcacttc     59520
     cagccacatc tcttacaacc aatcaactgc agcaaatgaa ggggccctct gtagtgcatg     59580
     tccctctttc catttaacct tcatttattt attctgtcag ttttcagaga agaaaatcaa     59640
     ataaatccat taaagaatca gaaaaatatc ttacaccagt atctgcctgt gttataaaag     59700
     gctgcaaagg cagcctttta ctgagagact aatttaatta aaggggagcc ttttccatta     59760
     agagaggtga gacttcaatg aaatctagta tcccagcagt cagtaattta aaaagttggt     59820
     ctaggtgata cacgtgtatt atatgtgagc ttctaaggta gctgagcaga taaattccta     59880
     atgactataa atccatccct tggagccaca tggcagaagg ggagaaccaa ccctggaatg     59940
     ttattttctg acctccacat gtgctgaagc aagtgcacat gtgcacacac acacacacac     60000
     acacacacac acacacacac acatacatac acagacacac acacatacac acacacacac     60060
     agtaaatgtt aaggaaaatg tgctacttga tagctcatat ggcaaaatga agtgaatgct     60120
     ctaatattgg agatgtaatt acacacagca tggaaagaga agctgggata gaaaggttgc     60180
     tgcagagtgt tccgtggtaa agtttactcc ttccaaagtc cttcttagta agtaatgagc     60240
     aatgatctat agcttcctta gcaagcaatg atctattgct tgcttagctt gtgctttcct     60300
     tctaggtaga gaaatcaggt acattggcta accagtcaaa caaggaagtt tatttacatt     60360
     tcttcaatcc tagaggttgc tctagtataa gcccatatac cacttgaata gcctgaatga     60420
     gtggcttcat cctgactccc agaaagacaa cttaaaataa gggcatgtca caatggaaac     60480
     tttcaagagc ccagaacttt atagtctaca aatgataagg ctctgtctgg gtaattaaag     60540
     aaaactggtc tttgaccaac gaatcccatg gaaggtagga aaggaaggcc atgagcagaa     60600
     gataggctgg aagatgagaa gatacagaaa aaaatatcag accctagtga cagacagact     60660
     aattctgggg tagacagatg ggagtgtggg tcactacaga cacatatttt tctctacttg     60720
     gaacgttgat tttgaacatt tcaaaacata aaaccaaaac atttcattag ccaaagcaaa     60780
     gtcctttgat ctgagcctta tgcaggaatc cacccatcat tttaagtcct ctgaggaatg     60840
     ttttctgttt tgtttttgct gtttttttta aacaacaaaa ctacattcta cagaggtcaa     60900
     aggatagcaa agctataaat tatgccactg agataactat cctcaaaagt gctgttggga     60960
     agggcattgc actctgaaag gagctttata cagtgaccaa aaggacaggt gggaaaacag     61020
     taactggaaa tttgaaagct gcgtggcaaa cctatctgcc cttagcaaca agaagagaca     61080
     ctattacacc tgtgctatct cctcctcttt gagtggagag aaactcagat cacatggcct     61140
     tatttgaatt ggggaatggc catggaacag gagctcgcca atcactagca ccgtgtcctg     61200
     ttcctgctgc tttaaggcat tgggctgtag tactcagctc acacccaacc tatcatagca     61260
     aaatcccttc caattaagag aagatttttt cccccttgga ttaattggca tctgaaaaga     61320
     atagggtaat ccagaaaaaa aaaaaggcat ctagagagag gtagacagag gcagaagagg     61380
     gcagcagact ccagatcctg tcattttttt gcatctggat aaaaaccatc actgaaccct     61440
     cccatgacat gatccgagct atttgtattt attggagatt tctctggctg tttgaagtcc     61500
     cagtagcact ccttggatag atcacattgt ctttccagtc atatcactaa ctaactaggg     61560
     aaatgtacac tgttactgtg cagctccagc agcatgtcag atgattccta gacactaagc     61620
     aataaaagct ccaggctgtc ctggtgtttt ctttctgatt tcataatgta ggaggcagag     61680
     aaggaacacc ttgacctgtg atcatagaac aacacattct ctgtgaattg tatctaatga     61740
     agatgctgca attgttgaca ctgtgcaagt ggctattttg tcttgaagca aaagataact     61800
     tagaagttaa agggaaaaca ctgagtctct gtagattatc attgcactca agtacattgg     61860
     gtaccccagt tcccagtgca ccaaaggaag aaatgctagt aagggagaaa aatgttcgga     61920
     ttctggatca cttgagaaag aatcttgcaa agtgcaatta tggagaatta caacctgtaa     61980
     gttttgtgct ttgaaaatca agactgaaaa tcctgtgaga actctgaccc ctgcactctg     62040
     tcttctgatg cattcatcct cagatctgtt agaaatcact tcctgctgaa ggggtctgca     62100
     accctctagg tggaacaaca atatgaacta accagtaccc ccagagctcg tatctctagc     62160
     tgcacatgta gcagaagatg gcctagtcgg ccattactgg gaagagaggt cccttggtat     62220
     tgcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga atgtcagggc caagaagcgg gagtgggtaa     62280
     gggagcaggg cggagggagg gtataggtga cttttgggat agcatttgaa atgtatataa     62340
     agaaaatatc taataaaaaa ataaaaaaaa taaaaagaaa tcacttccta tagaccagca     62400
     cacaaccctc caacaacaat agacttgtct tcagccagca tgagaaaaga tgctcagagg     62460
     cagctcagga tccaaggctt ttcaccttag ctagacaaca gctagcacta cagactctct     62520
     accagctatc tccaaggcaa ctcccaattc ctgcaaaact ccttattctc atatagtgac     62580
     tgcatttccc aaattggcaa actgagcttt tacttctcta tcatgcaaac atcattttat     62640
     tttagtaagt gttatggaac aggccttatt cgtattatat tccttggttg ttctcagaga     62700
     acctggtctc ctacatgtca gtgtaggaca gtgtaagtct ttatttattt attttttgac     62760
     tgataacaca gcattatcta ggtgctactc ttgcctcctc ttcttcctca ctgctgcaat     62820
     gatttgtttc aggaacttgg tgattggaat gcttgtatct tatcaaaatg cctgtgttca     62880
     tttataactc ctaagaccat gatggtaata aggcaaagtg ccttgggagg tatactggct     62940
     ggttttgtgt gtcaacttga cacagctgga gttatcacag agaagggagc ttcagttgag     63000
     gaaatgcctt catgagatcc aactgtaagg cattttctca attagtgatc aagagagaaa     63060
     ggccccttgt gggtgggact atctctgggc tggtagcctt ggttctataa gagagcaggt     63120
     agagcaagcc aggggaagca agccagtaag gaacatccct ccatggcttc tgcatcagct     63180
     cctgcttcct gacctgcttg agttccagtc atgacttcct tggtgatgaa cagcagtatg     63240
     gaaatgtaag ctgaataatc cctttcctcc ccaacttgct tcttggtcat gatgtttgtg     63300
     caggaataga aaccctgaca aagacaggag gtgatgggtt tatgaaggct attgttgtct     63360
     caataaaatt aaaataagcc cctcattctt tgtgtcatgt ggggagagag gaagaagact     63420
     atacctgtgg ccaggttgcc atcatcccca agatctagtg gcaccttaat tttgtacttt     63480
     gtatccagaa ctgaggaata aaagtctgcc atttataagc cacctttcta tggcattgtg     63540
     ttacagtggg tagagataat aacaagcaac tgcatgcctc agcacaggat gtctcctatg     63600
     acaaaatcca gagaggtcag ggatgcttca ggccattctg gcagcccctg tgaaaacaag     63660
     ccagtcacag agttctcaat gcatgtaggg tccagtacaa caatcacttt gtcttctagc     63720
     agggtgccca cagcgtacct ccagaggtac tgctttgcct gcttaatctg tcctttgtgt     63780
     gcagtaacat aaaaactgta agtaatgagt tacaatacac agattcttaa tcttgggctc     63840
     agatcaaaga gaaactgtgc atagagtatc taaaaggtta catgagatag ctttggcttt     63900
     ctgcagcatc aaaaataaat ttttaaacca aatataaact attaatagtt atagcattca     63960
     ttccctcagt ccttttaagg agtcccaaac caacatttca cttgggaagt ccttatggtg     64020
     catttcaatg tctccgtgat cattatcggc cacataaaca acttttcttt gttaaagttg     64080
     catggccacc aattaagtca agcttttatt gttcgcgtaa ggttatattg tcttaaaatt     64140
     ttttatactg cacaacttgc aaaggtttta tggagctgat atgagaaatc tatggaactc     64200
     tcaaatgaag aagtcagggt gatacaagga aaatggatat ttgagatttg agatctgcat     64260
     ggcaagttta gtctaaccac tttatatgta taaatgatat ttatttagtt tttagcacaa     64320
     atatccaatt atggtattat ttagaaaatg gacacaaaag cagtataaac tcaacccatt     64380
     aaatcaacaa ccgttctgtc tatgtgctgg ggagggtagc attttatcat gtctgtttcc     64440
     tagtctcttc ccagactgtg gactatgtga tggcatagtc atcgtcttct tactgctgtc     64500
     attgtattac ccaacacagt gctcaataaa tatttgttga atctgggaat aaataaatga     64560
     gtaaatacta aggccacatt aactgtacta taaacaggag gaagacaaac aaaagtctaa     64620
     aggaaatggt ttaatttgga gaaacactat acatttttga tcatattaaa ttctaaatta     64680
     aaaaaaatct gcttaattta gcaaatttac tatttccaga ctccattatc ttctcttccc     64740
     aagcagtttt cacaggttag ttcaagtatt cctacgttta aaatcgatgt gcagtaagaa     64800
     ggcagtaatt tcagtcagat ttgtgcttaa caaatccttt ttcaaatgct gtctgttatc     64860
     atcttgcttt cagaaattta tgggcaatat ctgaaattga taatgggatt atttacacca     64920
     gaaaatgaat aaagaaatgt taaaataaac aaacaaatcc ccaagaacat tctattaaaa     64980
     tcttccccag gtaactacgt cacatctctg taacatcaaa gacaatgaag gagcagggtc     65040
     cgtaaatgat acaataaata tgagtgtgta gcgctaagga acaggatgga tgaatggata     65100
     gatagatata tgatagatag gtagatagat agatagacaa gcaacatgac agaaagagtt     65160
     gaaaagagag aaactgacaa aatatctcct gtttacagga aggcaggcag attcatacat     65220
     atgcactttt aatatgtgta ccatattaca aggagtcatt gagggtgatc ttacctgaga     65280
     tgcctaacaa tggggctatg gaacctggag tgcccacctc ttgtgcccag gctggaccct     65340
     caatggaaag ataaggacac taaaccaccc acaaattttt cagccaaaat ttgtcctgcc     65400
     taaaagaaat gaagggacaa agatgaaaca gaaactggag ggatggacaa ccaatgggtc     65460
     ccaaattgag acccatgcca tgggcaagca ccagtccctg acactattaa tgatactttg     65520
     ttatacctgc agacagaagc ctagcataac tgtcctctga gaggctctat gaggcagctg     65580
     tctgaaactc atgcagatac ccatagccaa acattggagg gaggttggga actcttatgg     65640
     aagagttgaa aggattgaaa gcattgcagg ggggaggaat tccacaggaa gaccaacaga     65700
     gccaattaac ctggacccca gggacctctc agagactgag gtcaaccaaa cagcacacac     65760
     aggcagggca gaggccctca gaaaatactt agcagaccag caactcagtc tccatgtagg     65820
     tccaccaaca cctggtgcca gtgagagagg agctgtccct aaggctgttg cctgactgtg     65880
     atatcagttc tctaacaggg ctgctacatc atacctcagt gggagaggat gcccctaacc     65940
     ctgcagagac ttaatttgcc agggtggggg aatacttggc atgggggagg ggagttacac     66000
     tctccattct ctcagaggag aaggggaggg aattgggaag ggattctggg aggggcaaca     66060
     gaaggggaca gcttttgaga ctgtaattag tgaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     66120
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatctgtcc ccattcctat cccactggcc acattcacat tcacattcac     66180
     attcacattc acattcacat tcacattcac attcacattc acattcacat tcacattcac     66240
     attcactgag tgaagccact actccagtcc tgctcactgt gtacatcctc acaccaggac     66300
     cacagtgctg ccttccctgg cacccacaga ctctccttgt acccaggcaa agttactgtt     66360
     gatcccagga acttgcctaa tgtttccctg taaagctgca ccagttgaca tttacaaaat     66420
     aatcagagcc agtccgttat gtcaccagtt caatgctgct acatggtcct tatgtaactg     66480
     caatagtgac ttttaattgt caacttggca tggtctacaa agaagagagt attagtgagg     66540
     gacggtctgg aaggactgag actgagttca tgtctgttag agacaggtct tgattagtaa     66600
     actttaattg atacgtgaaa cccgagcctg ctgtgtttac aaccattatc aaggcagaga     66660
     atcctggagt gtataagtat cgccagtgaa cagaacacta ataggagtgt gtttatttct     66720
     ctctctgctt tgcactgggg aaatgacatg ttttaagtcc ctatcttggc ttactgaaaa     66780
     tgatgggctg taacctgacg ttgtaagcca aataaaccct tgcttcataa agctgttctg     66840
     gcagggtgtg ttaccacagc aaccgaacac aggacaaatc cagttcccac atccatatcc     66900
     ccacaatgaa ccatttgaaa cctaattcaa gtgcatacaa tctggttttg cacaacttcc     66960
     tcctaaactc tagcaaagct gtcagatggt cctctcaacc accacattaa acaactcagc     67020
     tgtactttgt cagaagcagt ctcgttaagt gacacctgag agcaagaagg gaaaaaccat     67080
     caccataggc actcacttag acatgaccag tcatctagag tcatagggtc tgtgactgcc     67140
     tactgctgtg taatctttgt tggtttttct ggcaacataa ttaaacaagc ctttagacca     67200
     caggatgcag cattgcaaca ggactctatt aacatggact cccaagaatt tacctgcagc     67260
     ctttgatgtg agcttcagat gacccaggac tattccaact aaggtgtctt ttgtcctaac     67320
     cactgtattt gacctacttt ctactccaag tcacagagat gcacctgctg ttctgtggtc     67380
     aggaaccaac aagttcccag taaactgtag acagtcgtgg atcttcctgc tgccttattc     67440
     agtctcaagg gatgttagaa acaattctca tagaaaggac acagttactc cagaatgctt     67500
     tgaattgtag aaggaaggaa aatatagctt actgtactgg ctggttttct gtgtcaactt     67560
     gacacagatg gagttatcac agagaaagga gattcaggtg aggaactgcc tccatgatat     67620
     ccagctgtaa gacattttct caatttgtga tcaagagggg taggtcccag ctcattgtga     67680
     gtggtgctat ccctgggctg gtagtcctgg tttctaaaag aaagcaagct gagcaagcca     67740
     ggggaagcaa gccagtaatt aacatctctc catggcctct ggatcagctc ctgcttactg     67800
     ccctgtgtga gttcttgtcc tgaattcctt tggtgatgaa cagcaatgtg gaagtgtaag     67860
     ataaactaac cctttcctta ccaacttgct tcttggtcat gatgtttgta caggaataga     67920
     aaccctgact aagacatttg cctttatata ttgtttaatt aaaaggtatt ttagagataa     67980
     taattaaaaa gatattggtg catacttttt taattaaaaa gaaaaaatag aataaaaaga     68040
     cagcataaac aatgtaaggg agataaatga agggacataa aaaaagaata gaattgaata     68100
     ttcataaaac actagtgacc tagaataaat tttatggtaa ttctgtgcac atagacacaa     68160
     attcttacat acatacacat aaaaagacaa aaagaatgaa ggtaaataat aacttaagag     68220
     gcgtccttta tattagaaat tgtgtacctt gaataaaaat aaaacatcaa taaaagtaga     68280
     aaatgtcata tttctgagcc taactaatat cattttaaca gatagaagga aggaaaaact     68340
     ttactaaaga tttcaaatct tatacaatca aatagatatg cttgtataca tacacatagt     68400
     atataaatgt atgggtgcac aggtatacac aaacacacac acacactacc tccaggaagc     68460
     aaaacttact cacgtcttaa gaacaggtgt gacttggtta cataactcca aacaatagga     68520
     catgaaaagg aaatatatta ttttactaga gaagaatcca agttgaaaat ttacgtgatc     68580
     aagtgtaacc tctgataact caaataatag gtgacttgga tagcaccaca ctcttggtgt     68640
     ggcaagcaca tataaacttt ataattcctc tcaagacaca aaaccccagt gtaataatga     68700
     cagaactgag caaacctcaa caaagagcat ggacagcttt cttcagaaaa cccaggctaa     68760
     gaaacgcaag gacataagaa cagttagagt tggaggaggc tgggagacag aacagttaaa     68820
     tgtagagccc acaccctgga aggtgaaaaa tcagacacct aataacttct gtactttctc     68880
     ttcaacatca cgcagatata agttttctac ttatgcaagt tatctgtggg ttttgtgaga     68940
     ccttaacatt gacaaaccta ggccactagt ataggcttat ttctctatat tatatttgta     69000
     acactcttca aacttgaata tatttcaaac tttacaccat tttaaaagca agctctttaa     69060
     aataaggaag aagagatgtt tagtagtaca tacaagaatc tgggaaatga aaaaggtaga     69120
     cggatacatt taacaagtta aatcaagagc aggtaaacta tctaaacatg cccatatccc     69180
     acaaggaaat ggaagaaggc attaaaatcc tcctagccaa aaaaagccca cggccagatg     69240
     aatttagtgc agaattcttc cagaccttca aagaagacct gataccaata ttcctcaaac     69300
     caatccataa tatagaaaca gaaggaacac tacctaattc attctatgaa gccacactct     69360
     gatacctaaa ccacacaagg acacaaccaa aacagagaac ttcagaccaa tcttgcttat     69420
     gaatatccat gcagaaatac tcaataaaat acttgaaaac agaatcaaga acacatcaaa     69480
     gccatcattc accatgatca agtaggattc aaggttgctt caatatacaa aaatccatta     69540
     atataatcca ctatataaac aaattcaaag aaaaaaatca catgatcatc tccgttagat     69600
     gcagaaaaag catttgacaa tatataacac ccgttcatgt taaatattgg agaggtcaga     69660
     aattcaaggc ccatacctaa acataataaa agcaatttac tgcaaaccaa cagacaatat     69720
     caaattaaat ggagagatac ctgaaatgat tccacaaaaa tcaggtacaa gacaaggatg     69780
     cccactctcc tcatatctat tcaatatagt actctaagtg ttagctagaa aaataagaca     69840
     accaaaggag atcaatggga tacaaaatgg caaagaaaat aaataaaggt atcactattt     69900
     gcagataata taatagtata caaaagtgac cccaaaaatt ctacaagaga acttctacaa     69960
     ctgataaaaa aaaacttcag caaagtggcc ggatataaaa ttaactcaaa taaatcagta     70020
     gtcttccttt atacaaagga taaacgggct aagaaagaaa ttagagaaac aactcccttc     70080
     acaatagcca caaataatat aaaatatctt gggtaactct aaccaaacaa gtgaaagaat     70140
     tgtatgaaaa taactgcaag tccctctaga aagaaattga aaaagatctc agaaaatgga     70200
     gagatctccc aagatcatgg attggcagaa ttaacacagt aaaaaaagac catcctacca     70260
     aaggcattct atagattcaa tgtaatcctc atcagaatcc caacataatt ctttaaagac     70320
     atggaaatag caattctcaa attcatctgg aaaggcaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa     70380
     caccataata gcaaaaacaa tccctaacaa taaaagaaga gctgggggaa tcatcatccc     70440
     tgacctcaag ctttaataca gaacaatagt gataaaaact gtatggcatt tgcatggaga     70500
     cagacatgtt gatcattgga atagaagtga agatccagaa ataaaaccac acacttagag     70560
     acaattgatc ttttggggtg gggggaactg aagcccggag ggccagcaga cagaatggaa     70620
     gaatgaaaaa ggaaaaaaaa atccttaaaa aatatgcaat tttgtataat ttcaaattaa     70680
     ccccagaaca attattaaaa gaataagaaa acaagttatc cagataataa actaatgcaa     70740
     aaaattgatt tcattgctat ataaccacaa catataacta ggaggtttaa ctttgtaatg     70800
     gaaatgcaat ctatagaaaa tgccaaaata aaaggtgact gcatgattaa tcaccttagc     70860
     tgggaggctg aggttgacag agtaccataa ttttaaggaa agtctgagtc acatagcaca     70920
     cagcctatgt cacatagcaa tagaaaaata tctactcaaa atctcaagaa aatgaaataa     70980
     aaagaaatct aaaaataaat ctaaattata cacttatgtc acacacatat gtatatgtgc     71040
     acatatatgt gtacataggc ttttatgaag aaaaatttta aaatttatgg acatgaatgg     71100
     atcccaatac acacagaagc atggtgttct taaagtcaag attctccatg actacaatat     71160
     caattttagc caaaattttc tagcaatttt agctaaatgg cctataaaaa tgtcgatagt     71220
     ttgaaaggaa aattcacaaa ctatttccaa agaatatatt agaagatcac aaagctgatt     71280
     ccataacgct gtgattgcaa ccactcagag actgaggcag gaaggttatg ggtcaacgct     71340
     tgttagagcg acagtgctca aagacagtct gggaactttc cctcattctg tctccaaaga     71400
     gatctgtgat acagcgcggt gatggagaaa tgcctagcct gtgagaggtg ctgggcccaa     71460
     tgcccaagtg atggttcttc tttcttgcca ccggactaca tctggagtta actaaaatct     71520
     aaggagccgg gtccacaggt gagggattcg ttcttttttt tttcttttct taactaaatc     71580
     atttaaagtg gaaagagcca cttttattat ggatctttgg aggtgggaag atacacattt     71640
     aatctggagg acattgaaag gtagcaagga agcttgtttt ccttgcatga ttcccatcac     71700
     tcctgctgac aagtctattc ctttactggc atagagccta tgtcaactaa gacacatagg     71760
     gtgatggacc aaacaactac tttattcttg aactttctgt tggtagacag tcattgattt     71820
     accagttcaa tcacaacctg taagtcattt ttgataactc cctctctatt atgtatctgt     71880
     ctgcctacct gtttgtctgt ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     71940
     ctatatctat ccatctaaca tctgtctatt tgactgtcat caatctatct actcattcta     72000
     taagttctgt tcctctagaa aaccctgaca aatactctag taatgtaatt ttttaaagac     72060
     tatattggaa atatatattg aaaattaaag taaccaaaat ggtcccaaag tagacagcaa     72120
     gacaagacat ccctaacaaa agtgtctact atagaaatgt aattaagaca aagccataca     72180
     ataagacagg tattgccaaa cataagaatc aaacagtcca gtctaagaga tccttagccc     72240
     aagcctaaca ctatgtaagc tgtctggctc tgcatgtccc tggtaagaat gattctttag     72300
     tcagtgagaa ctgcatgcta ttacatgctc tggtgaaaac ctgcacaatc acaggaacac     72360
     atgccagcaa ggcttaaata ggagacacaa gatccaaata gctgaacaga caaaggaaaa     72420
     ttagaccaga ggcatgtgtg ggcatttcaa aaagtaggaa gcaagagtgg caatgtgaaa     72480
     agaactcaag atcatcagaa ttgaaaatca tcacaaacaa tttcaagtaa ctaaacacgt     72540
     acttgaatgt tgcacaagtg gcattatttc atacttgtta tattatcaaa agttgaagga     72600
     aggaaaggaa aaacaattca gtaagaataa tatggaaaag agagctttgt ttaccagtag     72660
     tagatgttta aaggggtcag ttataagcac catttaattc tactttgtta aattgagact     72720
     aatatgttag gtccactttc tgaccattct taggcatgaa tgaaaagact gctttcaatg     72780
     gtgtagaaaa atgacagcta tcgaaaggat tcactaaagc agagtgaaca ggaaagattg     72840
     gctgtgggca gtgggctgtt gctcagggat acagagctta caggaccaag acaatgcaat     72900
     caaggaggga catcccagcc ataggaaggc ttcgtgaaat agagctctat gctagataaa     72960
     atcatatcat atcacacttt gcctctgaca gggacaatga tagatatctt cttatcatat     73020
     atatattaga atatacacac atattatacc cttttctcta atatgtccat cagtttaaga     73080
     gaggtccctc gggcctccct ctactaacat aaattatttt ctactcactt gagtaaacgg     73140
     cagaacctgc atgtgtttca ttttatgtgt ttcataaaat ttggaattct tatttacagc     73200
     aaatatacca aaataggaag caagaagcat gagttttaag ttgttcctaa gtacataatt     73260
     tgcatcagct tccaggctcc ttgctgattt ctctcaccta caggatactc tgtataatac     73320
     agtgataaac cccagccatc tcaggataga tcctatttct gctgtttgac attatacaca     73380
     gaagggaaaa cacaatgcaa accccaggca cagagaaaag aaatgtggtg aaaggatgcc     73440
     gatgctaaac aaaatattta ctgtgccttg aaacacacag gaaacttttc tgttatgtaa     73500
     gacaaaaaga aaattctttt ttaacttgca ttctaccaaa gaagtcacaa ggaatccaac     73560
     aaacaccatc aagtcaaata tatgaatgtt gcacaagtag cacagaagtg aaaattctca     73620
     agaccatggc accttgacaa gcatattcac atggtattga aagagtaaca ttggtccaca     73680
     ttatagtaga ccatctgtgt ggctgaaata caccagctga ctggatctta gatgctgcag     73740
     ggaaccatgg tgcatcccta ccttgcactc ttattctgaa tgttaaattc tgctttccag     73800
     actgtatgcc ttcctcctaa tgacactggg gtttcttaga tctgcataca tgtaattagg     73860
     tatcattgta tcatttacat aatgtaaacc tgtagttaca gcttttgctt aaactgtatg     73920
     cacacatgca cgtgtgcatg tgtgcatgtg tgcatgtgtg tgtttgtgta tgtgcgtgtg     73980
     tgtgggcctg tgtgttatgt atgtgtaagt gacttgtgag tgaacatttg tgtgcatgtc     74040
     tatggaggcc aatatttgat atagattctc tagcacagtt aattctccac cttaatattt     74100
     tgagacagta tctatttggg tagatctcac tgcttcagat acatagactg gccagagagt     74160
     ccaccccagc ttgagatgat acagcagcta cacagctgct tgtgatctga aatcaggtcc     74220
     tcctgtacca tggcaacttt tccatctgag ccatcttccc agctctttaa atattgcttt     74280
     tatttcatta acttgacttt cagggagctc aaatataaga taaatgtcaa tggtaattca     74340
     gattatctgg tatagttaca atcctttaca taacttttat tctctctttc ctattttatg     74400
     cagaaatact cagatacact gttagccaaa gttttcccga agtgtgtagg tagagacaga     74460
     cagaaagtaa acattgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgagtcttct aatttagttt     74520
     taaaaagaag acagtaggtg aaataagagg tgaacatgtt tgtaaactta agtcagccaa     74580
     aggttgcatt taaatgcata tcacagaagc aacttgaaaa cagcagtgtt acactctgct     74640
     gaaactccat gtgtgtcact cacttgcata tatcgtcttc tggatcttcc agcccaaatc     74700
     tctcatcaaa tgtcagctgg atccgcacat tttcatctac tgcaactaat ctccacacca     74760
     gcaccatatt tcttgggtat gtatgaggaa acttcgggct gtggatgctc ccattaccag     74820
     atatagtgac aactctctca tgccggggat cttgcactcc taaatcaaag acacaggcac     74880
     agacatactg ttaggacaga tagatgcttc caaaattgca ggcttcaaaa catgcattca     74940
     aagctttcta tctgctttaa taatacctgg cgctttagaa attgagccaa caaagcgatg     75000
     tcactaagaa cttcttattt aagtttctat caagctggat ccaatataag cttagaattt     75060
     cacagcggct ggaattgcta aatgaatcca cgacttacac aaccatccaa accaatagtt     75120
     ctcaatctgt gggtcatggt ctcttcgggc ttgcatgtca gatattctgc atatgagaca     75180
     tttactttgt gattcataac agtagcaaaa tcacagttag gaagtagtaa aggaaataat     75240
     gctatagttc agagtcacga gaacatgagg aactgtatga gggtggtagc attaggaagg     75300
     ctgagaacca ttgttctgag gtgcaatgag agaaaagcaa tggccttggg ttttattaca     75360
     gaagaactcg tgttcatcta aagccaacaa aacatgacca tccttgtacc acttttctgg     75420
     gactgaattt atccctacaa aatctgaatg tccaaagaaa aatgtaccaa caatataaaa     75480
     ccccaggctc cctggctgta ataattttct atctataaaa tgatttattt atatatcttt     75540
     caaactatac acacatcccc cagatgaggg atgaggccac ccacccatct taaaaatttt     75600
     gaactcataa tttttcctgt ccaaaggaaa tgcaggaaca aaaataatgg agcagagact     75660
     aaaggaaagg ccattcagcg actgctgtac ctaggaatcc attccatcta cagacaccaa     75720
     acccctacat tattgctgat gccaaaacat gcttgcttac aggagcctga tatggctgtt     75780
     ccctaagatg ttctaccagc acctgaccaa tacagatgca gatactcaca gccaatcatc     75840
     aggataagcc cacgactcca atgcaagagt tagcacagtg actgaatgag ctgaaggaga     75900
     tatcaattcc ataggaagaa caatattaat taactggacc acccagagcc tggagggagt     75960
     aaaccaccag ccaaagagta tatatacatg gatggatcca tagctccaga tacatatgta     76020
     gcagaggctg gtcttatctg acatcagtag aagaggagtg agcttttatg ctccactgta     76080
     ggggaatgct agagggatga ggccggagtg tgtgagtggg tggagtaccc tcataccggc     76140
     aaaggagagg aaggagaggg gtaatggggt ggggggactc tggaatggta atcagagagg     76200
     ggaatatcat ttgaaatgta gacaaataaa atgataaata aaaatattta atatatgctg     76260
     aactatatct caaaatacct tatatgcaat atagggttga taaatacagt aatcttgtca     76320
     tatacaaatt agtggttctc aaaatgtagg tcatgacccc tttggcaatc aaatgatcca     76380
     ttcatagggg ttatctaagg ccattaggaa acaaatattt atattacaat tcataaccag     76440
     agcaaattac atttaggaag taacaacaac aataatttta tggttggggc catcacatga     76500
     ggatctgtat gaaagggtca cagcattagt aacgttgaga actactgctc tagaacaaaa     76560
     ctgcttgata ctgaaatatt agaattctat tttcataaac ccaatcaaaa gttcatgtct     76620
     aaactttctg tctaaatttt tttcaccttt agaatttatg atttcattaa acatcatttg     76680
     ataacaacaa caacaaaaaa atctagcctc tgtttgtggt cataaggatt gtaatttcat     76740
     ttaagttaaa attgcagctt caaaacttta tatcaaaaag tgaggaaaat gaggtatccc     76800
     agcaaacata tataatttgc aggttttcat gtaaatctca agcaaccaga cctattatca     76860
     gaaaaagaaa agaggaaaga gaaaaagaaa aagagagggt gtccatacca gcaagcatta     76920
     tattaccctc tgccaaagga agattctaca ctacaattct gtggttttta cagtcatcat     76980
     tccaaaaata taactttgct gggaatgtaa gcataaaaca agaaataagt aatataaaga     77040
     gaatctgcct agtttaataa acatttgatt tgcttacaac tagggaccac tgcacccaaa     77100
     ctaccaagaa aacacatgct tgttgtcaaa tgactcagct accaacacaa aatcttgtaa     77160
     tgtgcatgaa ataacaaatc ttatatgtct taggcagaag gaaaaactac atgaaagcaa     77220
     tggttccttt gggttttaga attcataatt atagctaatg tcatattatc tggcccaaaa     77280
     ctttttggga acagcaacag cattatgatc tgaagtgaag ttatacacct gtaattccag     77340
     cactcgggaa acagaggcag gtggttctca aactttgagg ccaacctggt ctacagaaca     77400
     agttcaagag acaccttatt tcaaataaca aaaatcaacc aaccaaacaa gcaaacaaac     77460
     aaaaccccca aactaaaatg agtcaatgtc agggggaaaa ctgaaagaat agagattaat     77520
     aacataagca ctataaaact actggttgca tatatgcaga agcaaatcag ctcttcatcc     77580
     acttgactag tttaatatta aaattaaaga aatcctttct tatcctccat gagttatata     77640
     atactgactc ttttagaggt atatttacta tgtttgacaa agaataaaag atcaggaaga     77700
     tcataaaatc aacaaaaatg gtagcatttc aacatgtatt agtgataaag ataacatttg     77760
     agtgatttat tgataacatt cactcaatac aagaaacaac cattcttctc tgtttgtccc     77820
     acagatactg ctaagtgctg gaattacaag agtgtgtcat cctaccagga ctaataaatg     77880
     aatactttac catgatacta gcaaaaagaa ctgtaggatt gaaagtttga taaatagaat     77940
     ctggcttcat ctatgaactc aagcatgttc tgaatctatc tggcagaatc aagccagtta     78000
     tcagccgtgt gtcatggccc ataggctggc agacttcaca gatggcctgt gaaatgtaca     78060
     gcatgcttga tgccaagtac atgttatttt taaatgctct aaaaacattt ctttatgaat     78120
     cagaacatct cttaccaatc cttatttgac aagctcatgt aacccactag tctcatttgt     78180
     actttgcatt gcttgtgtct ttgatgatgt gtttacctat ttcctttttg acctattatc     78240
     cttctttatc ttcatctaga tggtttattt acatggcaaa tttaaaagtt tattgtttaa     78300
     aaaaaagttt attgttaaaa atactggaaa acctatgaca taaaacatgg atgtttgcat     78360
     acgtatgctc attgagtcca gaaacaaaaa aagggttttt gggatttttg ttgttgttgt     78420
     tgtttgtttt ttgttttttt ttctagaaaa atcagaatga tgccaccttc tccttattgg     78480
     cttcttcaaa ggcaaacttg tacttcacgg caaaatcagc acttcctatc aatcctgtcc     78540
     ttatagaaaa gccccacaag cactcttgat gtcttacatt ctgaataagt ataaatgcat     78600
     aagataatac ctgagatagg aaccttaggg tctagtgtct gttttaccat tccttttcca     78660
     aacctaccat tttgctttgt ctttaacact atagtgtagt aagacagaga taattaacaa     78720
     ggctagtacc atctatcact gtttacaagt caggagagca aatgacatct caccaagtga     78780
     aagaagagat tgctatattt agcacaccaa tactactact actactactt ctaataataa     78840
     taataataat aataacaata ataataaatt atttaagaaa tgcccaatta aggttcttgg     78900
     acttgcttta gctgactcac ttttgtctcc tctaaaagaa gtaaataagc aaaagaacta     78960
     ctcagccact ttgagacatc agagactaaa cagagcctag tcctcttaac acggtaaata     79020
     gtaagtctat cttagtatta cacgaggcag catgactaag gaatattctg caacccaaaa     79080
     ccaccctgcg tgtaaccttt caactgtgtg ctcactgatt cacactgtca gccactttag     79140
     ctctgtaaac agaggataat ggacactctg gtgacttttt ttcttttctg ccacactatt     79200
     actttcatgt gtcagataat ttatggaaat ctataaatgt taccttgtta taaggtacag     79260
     accttatagt tgtcactagc tctaacacag tgataatata aagaaagggg acctcagaag     79320
     atggcagaat ggagttctgt agattatttc agcctttaaa gcgctcaccc tcaaatccta     79380
     actttataaa gttattcgtg ttacgtatac agacgcttca ctcaccacag ttaagttcag     79440
     acttgtatgt tatattaact catagttaat tttcataatt tgaactttat gtcttagctg     79500
     aagttcatct acataatata tacatgtacc agctgagaac ctccatcaga aagtactggt     79560
     tattgagatt ggacattttc ttactgtgac tgcttttttt ttattagata ttttctttat     79620
     gtacatttca aaagtatccc ctttcctggt ttcccctcct aacctccccc catcacaccc     79680
     cccccccagc tccctgatca ccaaacaacc tactccccct tccctgtcct agcattcccc     79740
     tacgctaggg catataaccc tccctggacc aagggcctct cctcccattg acgactgact     79800
     aggccatcct ctgctacata tgcagttgga gccatgggtc cctccatgtg tactctttgg     79860
     atggtggttt agtccctggg aactctgggg atactggttg gttcacactg ttattcatcc     79920
     tatggggctg taaacacctt cagctccttg ggtcctatct ctagcttctc cattggggac     79980
     cctgtgagca gtccaatggt tggcttagag cattcacctc tgtatttgtc aggcactggc     80040
     agagcctctc aggagacagc tatatcaggc acctttcagc aagtacttgc tggcatccac     80100
     actaagtgct tgggtttggt aactgtatat gggatgaatc cccagttggg gcagtctctg     80160
     gatggtcttt ccttcagtgt ctgctccaca ctttgtttct gtatctcctc ccatgggtat     80220
     ttagttcccc cttctaagaa ggaccaaagt acccagactt tggtcttctt tcttcttgag     80280
     tttcatttga tctcatcctt agtcatcagg gaaacacaaa tcaaaacaac cgtgagagtc     80340
     atctcacacc agtcagaatg gctaagatca aaaactcagg tgacagcaga tgctggcttg     80400
     gatgtggaga aagaggaaaa ctcctccatt gctggtggga ttgcaagctt gtacaaccac     80460
     tctggaaatg aatttggcag ttcctcagaa aactggacat agtactacca gaagaccagc     80520
     tatcctgggc atatacccag aagatgctcc aacatgtaat aaggacacat gctccactat     80580
     ctccataaca gccttataat agccagaagt aagaaataac ccagatatgc ctctacagag     80640
     gaatggatac agaaaatgtg atacatttac acaatggaat actactcagc tattaaaaat     80700
     gagttcatga aattcttagg caaatggaag gaactagaaa ttatcatcca aagtgaggta     80760
     acccaatcac aagagaacac acatggtgta tactcactga taagtggata ttagcccagt     80820
     gcttaatttt aaaattaaac atgttcagta atgttacatt ctctaggaat gtcacactat     80880
     agtcttatag tatttatttt actttattta acttaataca ttaagcccta taatatgaat     80940
     caatcaaaga taaaattctg gtattttggg aaagccacat gatgcttact ttttgttaac     81000
     tagaaataat tacatgccat tacaaattta aaatattttt ttaaaaaaaa ataatttcat     81060
     atctacattt aagtgaatga gaaacactat ctataatact ctaattggaa aaaaactgag     81120
     ggaaaagtta aatagtcaaa ttactcaata ccattactca aaaggttacc attgaaacac     81180
     aatgcaaatt tagtcatatg tataaaactt cccatttcac aagagcaagt tgttggaacc     81240
     ttagttgtca cttctagtca atggcttagg agtttgatga gataaagcag aacttttgtt     81300
     actgttatga cgccatcatt tacagaagtt aaaaattctc ttgaatctaa agaaacaaga     81360
     aaggataccc taggctcttg gctgactctt gcaaatggag taaagaagaa ctctgggaat     81420
     tggcccatgc acagtgcaga aaaattaaat tcagagagcc ttccttcccc ttctcttgtg     81480
     gaagcaggag atgggagctc ttgtggtcct gcccagaatc attatggaca attattaata     81540
     taattgaatt ctttaatttt ccagatctca ttattaggtc attcagaatg aactcagtga     81600
     catcagtttg tatttgagaa tgagacaata tgagagtaac agtgagctcc tgaagcttct     81660
     gactcttcag caatcataat ggaatccagt ccagggaaaa agccaatgtg caaattgagt     81720
     agatacatca taatatagaa aaacagtgtt aaatccaagt tgataacata aaataagctg     81780
     gctctgcttc tgacttgtct agctacttat atgagaagat aacctttatt tttaagacaa     81840
     ttgaactgaa cattttataa ctgaaataaa acttgggtgg gccatctggt tgggtgtgtc     81900
     caggatgcca atgattcaag gctacactga tgcaattatt gtcacattgt ctcttttctt     81960
     ctcgaaaata ccccactgac atcacaaaag actaagcaag taatacttag agaattattc     82020
     tcatactgag atttgtgaga tagaaaaatt ttgacaacat agtgttttaa ttctcagata     82080
     atgataaaat aaactctagt ttgattcaat gggataaacc tataaaaatg agttactaca     82140
     gaggacaaga tgtgcataat cttacctaac aggttagggc atggagagcc aagcatgcat     82200
     gagcacgtag acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaacatt acattgaagc     82260
     aattgcacac aagaagtggg caataactat agctgtatat atgctatatg cccaatcaca     82320
     agctctgaga caaaagaaaa aaaaagacct ctagattatg ctggttttct tgtttttaag     82380
     ttgaacttcg tgttagacac cagaagaaag ccggagtgta gaagataata ctaggaagtc     82440
     aaaatatata ataaacattc atcttaaaaa tgtccaaatc catcctttta tttaattaga     82500
     attcaatgta caatgttcaa atatttttta aaatgcagta tctctgaaaa ttactcctca     82560
     aaaatatatt tatattaata attttattat gacaaaataa atgcatagat ttactttaga     82620
     aaaatatttt aataaaaaca tttttggaaa accaatacat atcaatttta taactgcctt     82680
     gtatataatt ttaaacatcc atttgatatt tcctaggcat tccaaatgaa aagaaatgat     82740
     ctattccctt gtggtctttt gatgggagaa tgcttagggt ttatcaatga aaataagtta     82800
     attatcattc aaatcatcgt cacagtgaaa aaaaatcaat gaattagttt atgcagttgg     82860
     aaatgtttaa attctcttac attaagctgt gcattataaa acgatcccca gcctgcctaa     82920
     caatccatct taccattaag ctatttattc agcaatatat ggctttctta tgaacaccaa     82980
     ccaaagacaa gtagatttaa tcacttacat ccaagcaagt ccaccataca ggttttatgt     83040
     tttgataagt aaaaaagata ctcatctttc tacaagtagg cttgatagct ggacatcaga     83100
     gacattgctt tcgttcctcc agtaatcata tataatgatt ccaggaaaac aaaataaaca     83160
     ttacactgag atatgactgc cctttatggc agaatttaca taaatgtgct catgaacacc     83220
     ctaagcactg tctctgcacc tactctacct cagcaattct tgttcacctt tacttgataa     83280
     ggaagtgtga caattttgag agaaactaag accagaagta aataatataa ttatataatt     83340
     caatgggaaa ttgggtttcc tgagagatgt agattttaat aacaaaaaag tacccaatta     83400
     caccaagctg cgtaatcata gcttacaagg ttttaccacc tatacgaact atgagagaaa     83460
     tataagtttc cttcattcta gaactagttt ggctcaatct actgttagtt ccttcagcaa     83520
     caggtacatc tgcaacggta attttcaaat tgaattaaag atcaaagtac aagagttgaa     83580
     aaatgatgag aaagggaaaa ttagagtcta gaggaatttc atcccaaaga gtccgacttt     83640
     agcgaatcca ccagaatatg catctgtgaa gggaggattt cctctgatat tctagttatt     83700
     gatcatgcct tgatcactac tgatgaacat ctgtaccttc taatcttagg aagactttgt     83760
     tgctatttct gccacgttgg acacagttag attctgctgg aagatgtgag atctcacttt     83820
     gtaatattgt tgcaaatgga gcagctttat tcatgatctc tcaggatttg acctcccagg     83880
     atttgagcag acctgtttga gcagagcact ttcttgtaaa ctcctgcgct tgcagtctag     83940
     ttctaaagtt aaaacacaat ccactcttat ttcctgtaaa tttatctata tctcttttaa     84000
     aggaatggaa cactgccagg agatattgaa aaggtggtga gctaatctgg gtgaggatag     84060
     acaggagaag aaaatggata tgaaaaatct ctgaatcaca cttaatttag taacatcaaa     84120
     tgtaggagta acaattatct tgacaaatgg ctgtcatatt tccagttgag ataaagcttt     84180
     gtaaagaaat ctgtgtatga cataagccta agaactacta tttttaacat tttaagtaca     84240
     tatgtaggcg ttatatagac cacctatgaa tgacacaaac cctcagctat ttgttttatt     84300
     gcagttaaat ttttagtagt atatattata tactgtaggt tcattacaat gatgtaatct     84360
     ttttaacagt aaaccagtac aattcccacc ccaaaaattt tttaattggg ttacaagata     84420
     ccaaaaatac caaatctctg tttctctctc actctctctc atatacacat acactctttc     84480
     tcacattctc ttttctctct ctttctctct ctctctctca cacacacata ttctctctct     84540
     ctctttctct ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacactctca catattctct cctctctcta     84600
     tcctccctct ctctttctct ctctcacaca cacatacaca cacacacaca cacagagaga     84660
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga atagttatat aaataagact     84720
     gacctgttaa ttaactagga accttaaaaa tgaaaatact aataagtaaa gactggcaaa     84780
     agatcctaag aaacaccaga gtgaaaatgt aaatcccaga agcaaacatg tttatattct     84840
     ctctaaaccc tcatacttca aattatttcc agagaaaatt ctctttagca taccagagag     84900
     tccagggcag tgagaatata ctctatgcat tcatgtaatg accagaaggc agcgctcaat     84960
     cattgggatg ataaggtaga aactcagaag tacccaaaca taaaatattg ttgtaatgaa     85020
     agtaaagcat atgtgtccac atctgctaat ttccgggagc actaaaacac ctaaactttc     85080
     cttccatggt ggcttattac agtcatgttc aatgtagaaa aatacaatag agtatgtgac     85140
     agaaagtgta catgttcaga ggaaataaaa acatatggca ggcttacctt ttaatgttct     85200
     ttctcctctt ttctatgcca gtccagatgc tgggtatagt tcctccctgc cagtagatgg     85260
     agatagtaaa attgagtctt agtgacctca aaccctaatc taggtggtta agaattttca     85320
     attttggatg gggtattgaa aaaaaattga atcattgaaa agtacaaagt ttgtaaaaat     85380
     gtctgagtca gtcaaatgag cttttatttg tggacataat tgctaatttt tataggacag     85440
     gatcttggct ggcatagaaa aaatataaga aagagcatta tttggtaggt tatttaacct     85500
     agatattttt attctcttaa aacttgctta ctcgcgcaac taatacctat atttactctg     85560
     gatatgtcat tggccaggtg cttcttatat ggtattcaat taacattttc ataaccctgt     85620
     aagttactct tccccacctc tgtcctatca aaccctggat ttgcttgaag cccacgtgga     85680
     actgcctgca tgccatgatt ctcagtcccc taggtcttta ggtctttaac ctaacctcca     85740
     ctttgggcaa gaccaggctc tcttcctact gataaaggag ccttaggatt taaaacccct     85800
     ttcctggtga taaaaattaa ggcattatta ttttgtttca aatcaatata tcctctcaca     85860
     attatccaca gagaaattaa taaagccaaa atgtcatcaa ttgcatatta gattgattat     85920
     ctttaaaaga actagaggaa cctagaaaca agaaacatgg ttttgtttaa ggactgcatt     85980
     ctagagatca aactcaaatg gaaacacaga aaagtctgcg cttgttggca atgatatcta     86040
     gaaacaaaac agattctgcc accttccaaa gctaataaag tatctctaga tggtagtaag     86100
     gaaacgaact aaaagacatt cttgattgaa tttagcacca atggaacggt gatgagctca     86160
     ctgggcctcc ttttctcatt cagtgtgccc acacactgaa cccactggga atggatacca     86220
     ctcctcttca ttgtctcgtg cagagtgtaa gcctccatat tacttgagaa catgatctgc     86280
     cacatgattt taatagagca ccttgtggaa aaacagcacg atataactaa ttgaataaaa     86340
     aacacagatt tattcaaaaa ttgcatgact aaagtaaatg tctattttta tagagttacc     86400
     tcatcacact tcccaaataa gaacactatt tttaatagtg ctttataggt cttaggattt     86460
     ttttttttga gtttccaaag tattttccag tgaggacaat gaccttaaag gttatatata     86520
     tatatatatg aaatttccta ttaaaataga gttatatttt ccagtgtaaa tgaccataat     86580
     agtttttgtc taaagcaatg tttatttttc tatattttaa ttttaattgt ttgtgatggg     86640
     tatatatata aggatgtgtg taggtaaaca catcagtgca agcatgaaga ggccctagga     86700
     gaatgccagg tacactactc tatctgtgtg tggttgattc ccttgaaaca gggtctttct     86760
     tatacgtcac cccgagctaa agttaagacc actatgcacc actgatcctc cagtctccaa     86820
     ttctacccca atatttaagt aatgggcagg tgtgcaactg tgcccagcct tttacatgag     86880
     tcttgggcat ttgaacttgg gtacttacac ttgcatagca aatgctctta catgctgaga     86940
     catctccagg acctaaagca gtccatattt aaagaatgaa aatgagtgac ggtatcatgt     87000
     cagatccaca gatataaacc ataaaatggt tctagaaaac ttagatatag agttatctta     87060
     ataacaaaag acagcatcaa ccttcaacac aagtcactct agtataatgg ctatcaactc     87120
     cctttccacc aaattatatt acttcagatc atgtcacaga tcatgtccac aagtaacaat     87180
     gacacttcca ctgtactcaa aacaattaaa aaggatgacc cccttccaca gtgtgttcaa     87240
     tagatgcatt accttaaatt agaaaaggag aaccactgat ttttaaccat aaacaaataa     87300
     aactataggt gtaaatttta agctgctaac gaacatagat cttgccattt gcattctgtt     87360
     cagtttattt cattgagtaa ttttttttcc ttttttttca caaatttggt aatacccctg     87420
     atagttacag tatcaagtac gttaaaatag ctacaataaa gcgacccaca acattttctg     87480
     tgtgattgtc tattaaaatt gtgatctgga gacattatta caagttgtta ctgatttgat     87540
     aaattctgga gtcctttcaa tacttggatc actacacttg acgttaattc tacctctgaa     87600
     agtcaagatt attctggaac taaaaagtgt ccaatttcag agattgctaa tatagagttg     87660
     aatgatcaga agccaacctt taaccttttg ttggccaaaa agaagcaaag aataatttct     87720
     ctaaagttaa cattttcacc ataaaaaata ataaataaat tcttcattta aggatgggga     87780
     aagataagta gcattatagt catttgggtt ttgtagttct gaaaatggga cagtgttcct     87840
     gcacatgatg ggtaagtgtt ctaggatttg tactctgtct caagtcctta aaaagaaaga     87900
     gggtcaagtg tttgtggaga actgatacca cttcacatac tcataatcaa gtgtatgaaa     87960
     aggtatttaa catgctgtct ggaaagaact gtatcttcaa tatttttaaa caatctaagc     88020
     cagtgtatct acaattgata agaacatgca aatgaagaat tagttttctc cattagtttc     88080
     acttggtgta ccaaccagtg ttcaggccac gcctcatatc tagcagtaga tggccatcgc     88140
     aaaacttatt caatggcagt tttacacata ggtgttttgg gtgtatataa tgtttaccag     88200
     atttgtgtgt ttaatgaatt tccatgtgtg tgtgtgtgaa tatgtatgtt actctattta     88260
     tatgtgtttc tttttcctta gctcattttt ttagtttgtt tgttttgtct tattctcttt     88320
     ttaaattttg cgttatttta tcgcattatt tttagacgac tatttgtatt ctaatgagaa     88380
     acagacaaag aaagggtatg gatttggatg gataagggag taggaaggat ctgggaggag     88440
     tacaagctga atagattgta tgaaaaaatg ttttcaatta gaaaaaacac ctaagaattc     88500
     tttactacca ccaatttaaa atatccatgg ggctggagag atgttcagct gttcataact     88560
     cttgctgctc ttggagaaga cccaatggct actttacaga tcacaactgt ctatacctcc     88620
     agttccacat gatgcaatac cctctcctgc ccaccattat cattgggtgt gtatatggga     88680
     cagaaatata gatgctggca aaacactctt aaaacgtaag tagattgaaa aattttaaat     88740
     actatccagg ctgaagaggc agttcattgg tagagtacag acatggggat acgaggccct     88800
     gagcgtcagg gccagttctc ttccaaaact aaacgttcag aagaagctat aaagatatat     88860
     catttatttt aaaagtttat gcataattac aaaataaggg acattacagc aggagacggc     88920
     taattcttct ccaatcaaaa gcatgacatt ctttttagaa caaatagaga ggtaagtgaa     88980
     gaacatgtcc tcaccaactc tttgtatgac catttctata aatagcctac caaatgcaaa     89040
     ttgagtaacc ccagtgattg gctaatcatt gactctttac tttcctctgt tgaatggacc     89100
     tactttgcat ttcttattct attttaagca ttcttttgat ttgcctcctc ctaaatgtgg     89160
     gagtaactct tcctcctgct ttcctcagtc acccttccat cagcccaaat ccccagcgac     89220
     ctcaagcact gcttagactt aaataaacac tgcccctcag cacaggtcct ttctatctgc     89280
     attagaagct ctgcttcttc tctaagtcac aaagccacat tcacaagggc attttcccct     89340
     tgagatccaa cacacccact gcagacacat gcacaattta tgagctctgc tccttctgca     89400
     cttcctaatc cccattgttt ggttccccat ttcacgaagc aggcaccctt aaatgtctca     89460
     tcgttcattt atggcattgt ttccactgac catcgttgag ataatgttta agtgaaatgt     89520
     cactaagccc acattttagt tgtttctgca actgtcttca acagcaatta ttattcttgc     89580
     tcatacagta agcttccttt tccttaatgt aaggagagtg atccagcttc ctactgaaga     89640
     gttttgttgc ctttaaaaac attgtatatt ttacaacaat tggacatgtt tgtcagttta     89700
     agagcttgtg taaataatga gctaatatca tagtttccaa aacaatcaat tgaagaagta     89760
     aaggtatttt aacatgtatg cctattcctg tctgttctta ttaaactgaa tgagtaaata     89820
     agtcagcgag atggcttagc ggttaaggga ccttaccccc aaagctaaga aaattaattt     89880
     gataccagga tcctacgtag agaaaggaaa aaatgagttc tcataatttt ttttctgatt     89940
     tctacctgta tgccattggc attggagttc atgtacacac aaaatacata catatgtact     90000
     tacatacaag catacataca gaaatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     90060
     tatatacaca tatatgcaga ttgcatacat gcatacacat agaatgacag acagacagac     90120
     aaaaacacct ttaaattgaa tgacagaaga aatagcttta gtatgtggct agttctaaac     90180
     taacttgttc ttcaagcttt gttaatgttt tattaactta taccaaaagt ttaacttaaa     90240
     acacccaaat aatgattctt tatttctaat ttaagaaaat acagctttca taatattaaa     90300
     aggcattctt tcctatctca cctcttaata ttttaactat ttctgtttat tatgaattgt     90360
     gtacaatgct gaagagccaa aattctttaa accactcacc atacagctca cactcctact     90420
     tctgtacctt gtcatatttc tttgaagaca cacactttta gtttcaacgg atgttattaa     90480
     taatttagct aacactggcc ctttattctt ccctgttctc ctgggtaaac ccaaaacttc     90540
     actcatagaa ataactgtga ctcacagtaa ttatgttaat ttcataaaaa ttatttgtgg     90600
     tttatttacc tatattatta cattcaccta ttaggaaaaa tggcttctct cccttcattt     90660
     accctagttc ctgtgtcctt tgtcttttaa tattagctga ataactgtga atactgattc     90720
     tgaaaataca cagaccccac ataaaacggc ccataataac taatgaacaa atggctactt     90780
     gctggatctc tgtcaactgg gagttgccca tgccattctg ggacactatt caaaaacaga     90840
     tcacagattt aagacaggaa ataaaagcaa cgggcctgta gaagttaacc accactattg     90900
     tgatcagtaa taacctgaga acagattcta aatattggct gtgtttccca aatttagaga     90960
     tgttagtcct atcttaagtt atagcagcca cagttaacag ttctggatct accattaact     91020
     tccaaatgct cgcatacctt atcttaacag caatgctatt taaatcaatg tgatctgttt     91080
     tcattgtatc taacatagag ttctttgtca tatgaaatta aatttttaag gtcttgtgta     91140
     tatagagagc tctcacatta tcttgttcaa cagaatgtgt ttcatcatct tcttctcagg     91200
     ggcacattca ttgaagggaa gggaggcagt ctggtttgta tattgttaaa tcttcagcga     91260
     tcagaggagt agctgagtgt agggggtaca caaaacatgt atttaatcaa tagattcatg     91320
     tttacataat gattggttta catgtatgta gtcagatttt gccagaacat acaactatat     91380
     aaatttttaa tcctcttatc tataaaaaaa atccaagatc ggcaatgtat cagaagaatc     91440
     aacttcacaa aaatcaccat tttctttagc catgtttcta cccagtgatc cttcccttcc     91500
     cttctttctt tcctgacctt taataaatct aactttcttt atgtaattta atcaggatga     91560
     ggttttctct ttcttctttt ccaatcttat attgtgtatc ccaatccaaa gaatctctag     91620
     aaattaagct cctgagtgct ttggaatcca cattaggttc cagtgttatg aagcagcaag     91680
     gccttgactt atatggaaaa aaaaagcaca aaaaatagta tcttatattt ctaagaatgt     91740
     ttcttttgag ccatacagca tctcagaaag tgttctcctc tagaaacttg aagtatgagt     91800
     tatcatccct tctatgcttc agtggcttgt atatccctcc cctataaaca actgatatta     91860
     taaactcact tcaaggagat tgttaattca agcatttaat aaatcaaagg ttcagtgcct     91920
     caaatgaatg ttcagcctca tgaagtcaga acaaaaatac cctaaacata atgatgcctt     91980
     tttaatacaa agttggtcct aaaacaaaca gcctatggct gacactgcca tccaaagttt     92040
     aagtagattt tagaagaata cattttcatg aattagattt tttttatctg accaaaaacc     92100
     aaaatttaat gaatggtttg aagaaattat aaaggctaag ttaaattgaa aaaaaaaaaa     92160
     aagcaacagc aacaacaata atagaacgta ttgaatgctg agaggaacaa aggttaaagt     92220
     tcagatggtg agaaatcctg ggggcaaaca ggaccagtgc acatggagga gcatctttac     92280
     atactgggac tggagaggaa gcaaagtgag aagaaaatgg tacaggcctt caagttcatg     92340
     ctgataaact gccattgtag gcacagctgt ggcttctttt agcacctctg aaaacagagg     92400
     ttgaaccaac ttacaatggg aattgcgtaa gaaattcctg gcaaatatta gcaagaaaat     92460
     attttcctgg caaatactgc agatcaagaa agtaaaggat aatggctcta agcgaagcat     92520
     ccatgtattg ttctgagggt ttgactgaag agaagaaaag ctgcagttag agcttaaagt     92580
     tgaagcaaat gaggaagtgt actggtggac aagtgaccct tcctgagagt ccccgtctgt     92640
     tactactgtc agctgtgtca aagcctgcag taatttttgc tcagtatgta atattcatat     92700
     taatcttaca tatggagtat ccttaaaaca ctactgtgta agtgaaacta gttaaggcat     92760
     gtttccaaaa aatacttttt gtgtttagat tattttattc tgaactggtt ttactgtttg     92820
     gttaaatttt tgttatgtga ccaaaaaact catctgtata gtgcaatgac tggaaatttc     92880
     aaagaatcta taaaaaggtt aattcatatt taaaaataat aataataaaa gttcccagag     92940
     tggctcctgg gtgaacgcct gttttggctc tctcagcact gggatcccag acatgcacga     93000
     ccacattcaa tgaacatgtc ttactaagga gaaagtactc ctcacaataa actgctggta     93060
     aaaattcagg ctagacttta aagtggtggt tttaaaaaca gtatttcaga ctaaactgaa     93120
     tctctgagta atacaagagt aacaggttac acacaagggt ttttacaaat aaagtttaaa     93180
     ctgtccttca tgtttgcatg tagaaagacg agtctaaatc ctttctccta gtctaagtaa     93240
     tcttaactgt ttctagttcc caagaattca atgacaagta ttatagaaat cataattaac     93300
     tattaaaata ttaatgttaa tatattaaat atcctgtata taaaaagaac cctcttacca     93360
     agaattctgg atatatagaa gtggtctaac tctcatttgc cactatgaat aaagaatgat     93420
     actattgcct actctgagtc atgagttgta gctgttccca aatcttatac ttgtttattt     93480
     tatatgtcac aatatagtga tatgatgaaa tttatatatg tgtgtacaca cacatttatg     93540
     cacagtcata tgtacaaatg tatgcatatg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     93600
     cacacacatc actaaacttg aatagtttct cttgtaatgg aggaatcaaa accaagacta     93660
     gatcatccaa tccaaaagtc tcattaagaa tttgttgttt ctaacacatc cctcagcaaa     93720
     cactgccaat gcatgtcgac tgggattcct tgttgactca agacttcaaa ggagcagtga     93780
     gcctgatgtg ttgcacaaag tctgggatcc acagcacaca atgatctcat cccatctgaa     93840
     agcccacagt acatctagca gactgacatt gtccaagtga agcttctagg ccttcctgca     93900
     ggactattgt ttaagtattc caccttctta acagaatgaa aataacctaa ggctacaaac     93960
     gtgtcttagt atatcttgct tttaatgttc ttgttcctgt tcctgctact ggacatgtca     94020
     tttcaacttg atcttgcaca aaataaactc ctaaccatag tcattttaca aatgctatca     94080
     atttttaaaa agcattattc tctgagactt ctcttgggac ttactgcagt gaaagaattt     94140
     acatgtgttc catgtaaggc tgactacata atgagatttc aaatatgtac aacacatatt     94200
     gtttattaca aacactgcta tccaaggaag tatgttccaa tcagcatcaa tagttcacta     94260
     gctactaatt ttggcttaag aagaagtttg acattagcac taatctccac taatctgcaa     94320
     accaattaca cttgatctta gctaaaaggc tgagaagtga tgcaaaccaa ttacaaaggt     94380
     agccatgagc gtcaatatca ttcaggatat tgagctcagc actaaggctc tgcaacactg     94440
     tttcttaggg tgaacaatga tgtcaccaat ctctgagtgt ggttgttcca taacactaaa     94500
     gatgtgatga tctacttcat agacaataaa tttatactga tatattggtg ttttagataa     94560
     tacataacaa gatgacatgt ttaccactga taatttatat ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     94620
     gtgtgctttc tatagacatt ttccatatct tcctgtgaga gtctatttaa gaccccgaga     94680
     gatcacacaa ctcttcagaa tctttactag ttttttacat aggctcaaag ttcagttccc     94740
     agcactaaca tgaggcagat gacaactgtg tgtatcgcta gatacagaga ctctagatca     94800
     acatgtctaa tctctgaggg cagtttcact cacattcata taaccctaca gacacaaata     94860
     tatacacaca tagttaaaag taaaatatca tctttgaaaa aataataaag gtcccttact     94920
     tagaggacag atgtttcatg aacaagaaca aacagaagca gattttattt tggtgggcag     94980
     tgtgaaatta tgtcaaatac acaggtccat gatgatggaa ccatggctaa ctggtccatt     95040
     atattagtcc ccagcaatct ttgacaaatt gggctcataa tagcgtgttc tgaaagtata     95100
     taacttatgc atcttgtcac tcaaaaaatg aaatggataa aaaggaagga agggatgaaa     95160
     gatggaatga aggaagaatg gaagtgaata aagaaaagaa aagaaagaaa acaaaactgc     95220
     acctctagac aaaaaagcag cccactttgc aaaataattt ttatgaagtc acaccccacc     95280
     cctctaaaat tctactgact tgacatatat tttgaaatgg tcacaagtta ttactggacc     95340
     aaacattaag ggttcaccct aacccacaaa tagctagtgt gcagccaact tcctgtttat     95400
     tgtggcatag acacctagca tttcaacagc agttttcaga ttaatgactc tgatgaagat     95460
     ctggcatgga cacagagaaa gtatgaagcc cattttatgt tacaggaaaa atcagcagtc     95520
     tagcagcagt gtgtgctaat gaatgataag ttcacacagt gtgatggttg acaaccaagc     95580
     atagtcgagt attacacagt taataaattg atgtacctgt aacaaatatg gcagggaaat     95640
     tagtgtatac cagaattagt gacctcaaat gtcataggtc agaagattag taccaacata     95700
     tacttgaata tttaacccct tattaaatag ctttcaggag tcaaacatga taggcataat     95760
     tttgaatgat ttctcagata gatgctaaaa aaaaggatgc acactctaat atgatggaaa     95820
     cccatcacga aaaaagagat tcactgtttc tggaaagaat ttccacgaat gggaaactca     95880
     gtgcaacaat agtagaaaga taaaccagga gctgccccat gactcacctc gagaaagcaa     95940
     accacgggtc ttcagtccca gtatctggga gtggacacca agaattacca gcttctggtg     96000
     gctcagccta gcctacaaag atccatctca aaacaaaaat aaaaccataa gcaaaatact     96060
     agtcttcctg agagaaggaa agggtgtact tagcatcctt cttatagttt ctagttaaac     96120
     actgggttta tcccaagcta actgcagatt tcatatttcc taacctccta cgtatatgta     96180
     aattcaaata ttttcattgc caaaaacaga aagaagaaaa tgagatcata tataagagaa     96240
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag gaaggaagga     96300
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaagaagg gacggaggag ggagggaggg agagagggag     96360
     ggagggaggg agggaggaag ggaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag     96420
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag aaaaaaacag atggctgatg ttgacactct cgaagacagt     96480
     tgccatacga gtattaggaa cacagtgtct ctaagaattc ctctgggaac tataaggtca     96540
     gcatctatag atgcctatta tagcctctat tcggtcacag tgacatagca tcagaggcaa     96600
     tggagaataa attaggtcaa ataaatttag ctgcagcagc agttcaggtt gtgtactcac     96660
     ttggcctgta catgcctctg ggtttttatc tctagcatga caacaaacaa agacacccca     96720
     atttaatttc tcaagatgct agccactggg aattaggctg aatctcgccc acctgtaaac     96780
     cttaactctg gagacaattt tgaaagacaa atgtgaccaa cattcaggtg tcagttgaga     96840
     caggataaga tagtccacag taaatgcagt aaaatcttgg cctttccaca atgttctata     96900
     aagaggttac aaatacaggg gaagcacaca tattaaaata caagcgaatg gcacataata     96960
     ttggagacgc agagacaaaa agaaaagaaa aggtggcaca gcagagaaag caacaaagcg     97020
     gttttatgtg atcaacaaat gctaagaaat gaattaccct gaattaagag aagataacaa     97080
     ggagctcaca gaaggatcag ccaagataag accaagcatg tttccaggga aggcacagaa     97140
     gacagaataa aaggcagaac ccaaggtcac taggaacagg gtagtgttct ggttacatgg     97200
     tgtcactgcc ccaaagaaaa gctacgtcta gtcacttcct catgaaaata tgaaagtgag     97260
     ggtcctccaa gattctcctt acagtgccaa tcagcacaaa taaaaaggat tttaatgact     97320
     caagaatatt cttatgaata ggtgttacct tcttctaaaa tgtctcttga tttgcttttc     97380
     cttggagaga atttcaccac cagtaacact gcttttggaa actaagtgct ccattaagtg     97440
     ctcctttagg actaaatatg ttttaaacct gagtcacttg ttctgtctag tgctcactat     97500
     aaattatgaa cagatccggc ttagtcctcc attatccaga tgagaaaatt catccacaga     97560
     gaattgcatt ggatcatggg ggaaaatggg tacactgaca aacaaggaag gccatcaaca     97620
     ataaagacgg taaagacgtc agtcacgggc tggggagatg gaaacatgag gatctgagtt     97680
     cacctcccta ggagccatgg aaaaagtcat acttggttgc attctcttgc catcctagca     97740
     ctggagaggt aaacacaaga gaattcctga gtgttgtggc cagcctgtat atccaaatgc     97800
     ataggctcta actcaaaaaa agaggtaggt gaagagactg gagaggaaaa tatctgacat     97860
     tgacctgtga cctccacata gacacacatg tgagtgaaca cacacacaca cacacacatt     97920
     tgagcataca tacatgtgca cacacatatg agcacacaga cacacatcgt gagttccctt     97980
     tgctatacac ctcctttatg cttccaataa cacaagactg tggaaacata ccgttcctca     98040
     tgattcgaga cttctgattg acagatgatt gaactctcta actctaagta gcttcttgta     98100
     ttatagagtg ggatgagtgt ctttcttgaa gttagaaaac atagatgttt tccatactgc     98160
     cagtagcatt ttttcatatt ttaaagaaaa acaaacaaat ttgaaaaaaa aaaaagagtt     98220
     ttgcccagtt ctaaaggaga ataggaaacc atgtcctgtt tcaaaatagt gtaagttctg     98280
     atacatgcct tagcaaatct atgtgtgtgt gtggcttcca caggcagaaa caatccagaa     98340
     tgctagaaga aacagcccat ccctttgatc atctaaatta acatcagtaa cactgatata     98400
     gatttttagt ttcatttttc aatgaaacta atttttaata taaaatttat ccatgaaaac     98460
     ttaataaatt attaaacaat ggcaggatga gaaacattta tcattggata agttattatc     98520
     attaaaaact cttctttgca agaccaaggg gcctctcttc ccaatgacta ggccatcttc     98580
     tgctatatat gcagctagag acacgagctc cgggatactg gttagttcat attgtttcac     98640
     ctatttgcag ggttgcagat ccctttagct ccttgggtac tttctctagc tcctccactg     98700
     ggggacctgt gttccatcca atagctgact gtgagcatcc acttctgtgt ttgccaggca     98760
     ctggcatagc ctcataagaa acagctatat cagggttctt tcagcaaaat cttgctggcg     98820
     aatgcaatgg tatctgtgtt tggaggctga ttatgggatg gatccctgga tatggcagtc     98880
     tctagatggt ccatcctttc gtctcagctc caaactttgt ctctgtaact ccttccatgg     98940
     gtgttttgtt cccaattcta agaaggggca aagtgtccac actttgatga ctttatatgc     99000
     ctcagtacag gggaacacca aggccaagaa gtaggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagtggaggg     99060
     aggagggaat gggggtcttt tggtttagca tttgaaatgt aaatgaagaa aatacctaat     99120
     taaaaaataa aattaaaaaa aaactcttct ttgttttata ttgcatgtct ggcagatatg     99180
     aattatgagt tgggcacaca ctatgtgtaa agcatcattc aagggacact agtcataaaa     99240
     atatcaactc ccacattcta gaaaagtata gccaggatgt gaggcaaagc agagcatact     99300
     actacttcat gtttttattt aataaaataa aaatgactta tgtagacatc taagttccag     99360
     aagactcaga agagagaatc tggattacag tggaacaagc ttatgagatc aggcctttgg     99420
     ggattcctat cgtactctca gcgtgccccc aggttgtatt gcaatagcgt attccaggct     99480
     gaactacatt gtttcttcag gtttgtgttt ggttggttgt ttggttgctg taaatgacag     99540
     cactgaagcc ttctccagag tttacaatgt taggacagat tctgagaatc tacttcttaa     99600
     gtaggtatgt ggggtattga taataatgtc aaaacacttt taaaaacata tccatctcta     99660
     atacatagtt ttaagtgtca ttatattttc tattactaca tgacattgta aaaaaaaaag     99720
     accttcagaa gtcactaaat ctaacatata attaacagat gagcattgaa ttgttcaatg     99780
     aaataattgt gtcaaagtca ttaggatttg gcaagggtag gtaccaaggg tgaaagtgtt     99840
     cccaattgac ggtcagaatc ttgggctgct tgtcccagcc tgttgcatta ctttgtcttt     99900
     gacaggttta cttctggcat gccccaatat taaataacag acttcaaatg gggactaact     99960
     gaccctattg tagaagcgca gaagccttga gtgagatatt gtgaggctac tgccttaact    100020
     gattatacct tctacacata acgggctgga gagatggctc agtggttaag agcgccgact    100080
     gctcttccaa aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca cggtggctca caaccatctg    100140
     taacaaaaat ctgatgccct cttctggagt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacacacata    100200
     taattaatta attaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaatctaaaa aaaaacaata    100260
     caaaagaaaa caagttatct tgaatacttt caaagcctat tcacttaatc atctgacttt    100320
     tttctggaat gcctacttca aatataccac ttagaatcca gcctgaagaa agctacatat    100380
     tgctaactag aagaagagca gcctttcata aatatatttt cctttctaac aagaaaaact    100440
     tccaacagtt aagtaataag aaaaaaataa gtgaaataat cattagatct tcctccttca    100500
     cattccttac acagagcagt gttgatctgg gactcaaaat gggcatctgt aatctcaaca    100560
     cctggaagac tgaggcagga gcaatttcaa aattttggta tttttatttg ctgacatcaa    100620
     gtacttttta agaaactata ctcttatgca caagagaaaa gcaaatgttt tgcttaaaac    100680
     acatcacaaa attcaatttg ttactatcca aatatatata tttatccaaa tatgctcata    100740
     tcacacaaat attaagaaag tagctcaata aaagtgccgt atgagtttat caattaatga    100800
     ctaagtgact ctatcctatg atagatcatg taactacttt tagaatcact atggaaacaa    100860
     tgtttccaga aagtcctaaa cgaagagaag tggctcacct taaaggggaa cagttgtgtg    100920
     catggaccag agtcctagaa ctatggtacc ggagaaatgg agatgggaat cagtgctccc    100980
     ctctttctgc tgtctgatta tggatgcaat atgtccagct tcctcacgct cctgcttcaa    101040
     acatcagctc taccatgcta gactacatcc atcaaatgtg aggcaaaata aatctttctt    101100
     cccttcagtt gcttctggta ggtactgtat cgcagcaaag caagaatata cttgtgtttg    101160
     caatcctcac tacaacatac ctggtctact gtggcctctg ttgctagatc cttaaaggaa    101220
     atacattgag aaattcaatt gtatttccca catctaccct ttgactttgt tctcttattt    101280
     tgactttgtg aagtaatcta catggccagg tacagccata cataactgta atcagtcatt    101340
     ggaaggggtg aggaaggagg atcatgagtc aagaccagcc tagattacat tgccaaactg    101400
     tgtctctaga aataccagta ctatataaat aaagttaaat agcaaatata atatctatga    101460
     gttgcaccaa agttcgttga atgtttactg attcagcaac tttgggcagt attctttcaa    101520
     attctgagtt cttagagctc attaaaattc agccttggca tccttagaaa aatataaaca    101580
     caaactctat gtagaagcag ctgcaaatgc cttgattaca gattgagggg atgcacacta    101640
     gctctcatat attgattttg catttaaatc tatttagaga ccacaacaaa catcaggctc    101700
     atatgtttta tattctataa gctctgctga attcagttaa tctggaacat ttgaaaaaaa    101760
     aatctgttga tttcttatca ttgtttcctt tctctcataa gagaactaga ttataaaatc    101820
     aagtgtatac acagtgtgct gcaatactta gagcttgtta aatctttgtt tctgtggtgg    101880
     caaaatatgg agccaaatga atagaaattt tagtgcccag tgtctgttat tgacagaaaa    101940
     aaaatgtcac tcatttgaca gacaagtatg gcagatgact ttgttctgtt cccacagtta    102000
     agtaagttaa atcatgctta tcacaaatca attcaacact gaccattctt ttaatatatg    102060
     acagaaaaat ccactgatat aagctagagt caagaagagc tctttgtagg agtccctagg    102120
     agcaaagaag actcttccag accaaacttc aagcacaagc atggcggttt accaacctca    102180
     ggcctaaatt ctctgaagca ataattcaag tgaaagtgat tgcacatgcc ttgtgcaaaa    102240
     aattattact gtgctacgga aaagtattct aaaccaacta atggattcag ccaaaacaga    102300
     accatacttt atggaagaaa ggtagaagcc taaggtagga aggcaattcc gttgaaaaaa    102360
     ctataatcta ggtttgtcca tcataattat actagtataa ttatacttcc atgattatac    102420
     tagtactgtt gcttcaggtg ttccatatta gatgccacaa tagtcacatt cactctgcaa    102480
     tgtcatactt cccagtgaaa gttctaatgt agaaaatgta gaatctggga tagaaatcac    102540
     attctttatg tgtgtatgca tacattcatg cacccacaat acatagacaa ctacaaagaa    102600
     agatatactt tggtattttc atctggtctt ttctacttta atcgtatcca atgaagtact    102660
     gccatacatg gctatatggg ttctaaaata aatggttgat gtcacatcaa atacaaatcc    102720
     taacagtcaa tttcaaatgt ctaccatacg attagtaaat ttctattatt tcatactcct    102780
     tataatttag gtctttagat gtccattttt caacatctta cactttaaaa atatctattc    102840
     cagaaattct ttttaggtat ctaggaacac taaaattgct ctttttgtca gtgttaggta    102900
     ttgaatccag gtccttcaaa ttcacgtgaa gaaggcagtc tagaacccaa ttactctgca    102960
     gacatctagg ataatatgca tcttaaagct taattcacag ttatttattg atagttatca    103020
     ctaataggat tgttaaagtt ttgtatcgaa aagctgaaat gtaaagaggt ttgaggaaca    103080
     gagagaaaag tttgtgtgaa aatgaaatta aaacttattt gtggttaaga aaggaggaag    103140
     atggcctggg gagatgtctt ggtacgtaaa gcacttgcga tatcagtatg agaagctgag    103200
     atcagataga cagaacacaa gcaatgcagg caaaggatca ggccagttag tttgatgtat    103260
     aaagctatac agaggcaaaa aaaaatctgt ctcaaacaag gtgtgaggca agacccaata    103320
     tataaaactg tctccttcac ctccacacat gtcccatggt acccatgtgc ctttgtacaa    103380
     gcatgcatat gctgtactgt agtggtttga atgagatgcc cccctatata tagagttgtc    103440
     atctcaatac ttggtctcca actggtggta ctattgtgag aggtttagaa gatgtggcct    103500
     ttttggagta aatatgtcca tggaggaaga cttttgaaag tttaaagcct gagggacacc    103560
     ctcagtgagc ttcctctgct tcctctgcta ggtaactggc cttaatgatg taaattgttg    103620
     gctactcctc cagccactgc atttattcta ccaccatgga cttttagata gatgtttagt    103680
     cctttgtaac tataagccca aataaatgct ttcttctgta aattgtcttg gccatggtgt    103740
     tttatcatag caacaggaaa gtagcaaaaa gagctttaga aaacttttta aattaatgtt    103800
     tcagggacaa ttttgttacc aattctgctc tctatactgt cttagccaaa tctcaatatt    103860
     tatcatatct tcaaaggacc atgccttctg tgaaatgcta aataccaccc taggttcagt    103920
     ggtggatcac aattaaagag taacatacaa tgatgacaaa tacagttctc ttggtgaccc    103980
     ttaagtagta tatgccctga gtcctgtcat gcgattcaaa cctggccaat aacagggaag    104040
     ttactttaca aataggtgtt tgtaggagag catgattttt ttcctgtctg tacaaagctg    104100
     tgtggggtgc tgatgctggg acaagcctgg aacttaaagt tagaaaaagg gaaaaggttc    104160
     atgagactag tggtgtcgtg cctgattcct cctattaacc ctttaactat cctaatccta    104220
     gactaagtat tacaattaag cctgatttgg gatctttttt ccgtagctag aatcagtata    104280
     agttagggtt ctgtgttaag gtttctgtag atacctacag aacaaaaaaa atgtacacta    104340
     agacaaagcc atatgacttg ctgatgtatt cacacatttg atcacacatt aaatgagatg    104400
     gataaagatg attgggcaca ccaacaagca tcatcaccta ctatgaggtg tgaaatgctg    104460
     ctgtagattt atagattatt gacattattt ataccagtct ttcatataga aacccactaa    104520
     tacattagaa atgagatttc ctctcatcct gattatttac aaatgatgtt tggaacaccg    104580
     atctggcatg tccctctgcc attccccatc ctcagcaata cttatggttc aaatattaat    104640
     agtcctgtag ctcgcctgaa gtttggtttt cactattttt cactaataag taaattggta    104700
     aaatcaaaga tcattaacat tttttgaaaa aacaagccac catcaattaa gaaaaaccaa    104760
     ctgtccatgc cagtatcaag aaaaacaata ctaaacaaat gtgagtttga aagtcaataa    104820
     aaaaaataga aaattgtttt tttcctatac tttgaaatgg ttcaaagtaa aaaataatct    104880
     tatttgtata ccactcactt tcagaacaca tgcccttgat aaatatcaaa agaatgctca    104940
     aaaattaaaa agctataggc ataatttcac agttttcatg taagttgtga cagagttcct    105000
     gtggccccca ggggtctata aagcagactt tgcttgttgc tagtgattaa gtaataagac    105060
     ttcaactctg ctctattgct caaactggat attcttgtct tccttttgta tttatctgaa    105120
     tgatcacatg aatcttgcta aagaataatg tgtagaccaa gaaaatttaa tatctcaaag    105180
     cataagcttt atcttgttat aatcaattac cactgcacag gtactactat gtagctgcac    105240
     tctgtaaaca tatttatcac atctaagcat ttgtagtttg atttagcttc atggcgccct    105300
     taaggaaatg gaaatcagat ctttgtgtaa ttgggtttag gccaaccagg aagttcctca    105360
     tgttaggcac gttcttcact cctaggctgc acctcagtct cctgctgtgt gtttccttct    105420
     gtgcatcatc cacatgtctt tatgtagaat tctctcactt taaaaatcgc ctacctttat    105480
     ttttattaat ttctattcct gttaagtttt tctctgtatt cctatatata gaatttttag    105540
     ttttctgtat tagtatttta attcacattt tcacttgttt attctcatac tctgggatat    105600
     gtacacatat cattttatat tttttattgc tcattatttt aattctttac caattattat    105660
     atgagcctct gttgggtgga tatggtaagc atgtcaagta ccataaaaga aaacatgcaa    105720
     ctttcacata attagagaag tcattgctta gccaagacct gcatgctgag agaataaaaa    105780
     acaaacaaaa aattgaaaac acatttgaaa gtttatttcg aatctgccct gtgctaagtg    105840
     gtctaagtat gagctttatc tcatgttctt gattcctctt tgagctccca tcagaactgt    105900
     gaaagaacaa acattttatg tgtctcttac aagtgataaa ggattcagaa aaggattctg    105960
     actccatcct ggaacctctc atctttcact caaagctagt atccttagga atctaatttt    106020
     catgtccaga cagaggcgct gcttcccctt agcctggatt tcttaaccct gtccattgtt    106080
     acctttctct catgttttta tgtaaccggc tacccactgt gactacacct cccacacaga    106140
     tgtggtaaca tccctaaaca caatactcat agattaatcc caccttcaat agtaccatgt    106200
     gttgcctttt ttaatatgaa tgtctatgta aggtgtcagc catctctcat agtttcccag    106260
     aattacttag aagaaaaggg gggttagggt attgtgataa atggaaacaa aatgtattta    106320
     gctacctgta aaaactgagt ttaaagttgg ttccttaagc tccaagcact tagccaccac    106380
     tggtccagat gtaaaggcta tagtaaatag gggttgtgtt acaaatagga acctgtagtg    106440
     cagacttttt aagctcttag gcttatagag cttcatgcaa ctcaccgtcc cagagccttg    106500
     tgaggcatcc ccagaaataa aagcagacct gtggttggca gactccattc tgtcttattt    106560
     tctaatcttg gtgtatgccc agcttttaac agaatttagt gttctttctc aagcaacata    106620
     ttctatggca tgtgtacata taactgcaac tttgtggata ggtttatgta ggattatggt    106680
     tgagagcttg tgcttacata ttttattatg ataattattt tgatattatt aaaaaattaa    106740
     tcctttcctc cttctctttc ttccaatgct tcccatatac tcctcctcat tctctttcaa    106800
     attcttgacc catttttaat taatttttat tattacatac atacatgtgt atttttaaaa    106860
     tgtggaatgg agtgctcaat accaggagaa ctggtgtatt agattacaaa gtatattaca    106920
     aagtcatttt cttggttatt tggtgaaatc ctcgaagggt tttcgtgatc cttaagcagg    106980
     gcttctaaat taagacacgt tacctgtttg ggttcataca tgctggctga ttgcatttcc    107040
     cagtcctgga ttactaagac agtgagcatt agtctgtagc tgatgtgtgt taagtgtggt    107100
     gaaagaaaaa atgagaagag aagggagttg aaagttatat tcagagaaca gaatggccag    107160
     tatggagaag gtacaactgc tcctaggcac attatgttcc tccttggact ccaagtcttg    107220
     gtaaaccaaa aataatgctc cacgcatcag ccacttgagc ccagtgactg tgtcaccaaa    107280
     tcccaggact agcaggttca gcctttgttc agaaagtcct tttctacctc tcatcacttg    107340
     gacctgggaa aagcctttct aataacttca gaagttcctg tagtcaacca ccattgagat    107400
     tctcaactta ctgcttccaa tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgctat gctttggtct ttagttgatt    107460
     aatttgtcac caaactgaga aacccttgaa gtagaaacaa catttcttgt tcttatacca    107520
     agaacttagc agacattaag atgaaaacta aataaaagtg tttccaaaat gccaatacag    107580
     agctccacta gtaaactgta caatgtgggc ataaatattg ttaggatagc acaacaataa    107640
     cataaaaaat taaagcatct tgtacagatg caatatttcc taaagggtta tccttaagta    107700
     tttcttatat ttatactcat atcccaaata tgttcccctg gtaaagtgta tatacattca    107760
     tatacacata aacagacaca tgcatatata atacacatat aagtgtaaat atacatatgc    107820
     caaaaccaca attggtttca tgacaatata tgctaacctt tatctacaaa ctttcagaac    107880
     agtggatgag cagaacaaag ttttcagata agcatcagta ttgtctatgt tgacattcaa    107940
     accctttcaa gtgaggactg ccaaaccaag gccagtctcc actttgatga agcacattta    108000
     gaaatggtga cttccaccaa gccagaatga acagactaac taagcggact tgagattaag    108060
     tttttgtcag acttttgcag tactcagata aataagtgga atgcagattc agcagaccaa    108120
     tgtaagtcac tccccactcc catttcttaa catgtctgga gacatggtgg taactcacta    108180
     agtcatcatc cattaatgtc aaagagaaaa gtctcactgt gggtgataat tttccactaa    108240
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaag ctctccactg acactaatgt acattattaa atgtttataa    108300
     ttgaaagatt tggaaagaaa tctaaattgg aaattgtact gtgaatgaca ctataaaatg    108360
     agcagagatc tcattttatc tgaacacagt tgacatagtc atgtattcac tcaacccttg    108420
     gaggatgttc tgtaggggag aggagcaatc tctgaacaga gccctgagta gattcggatg    108480
     ctctgctgcc agctaagtga gtggctgaac tctgacctag aagccttatc tgtgaactag    108540
     gtaaacagag taatgagaaa ccatgtgaaa atatcagtaa gtgaagggaa atgatggcag    108600
     cagatattgt cactgtaatg gtaatcattt ggtttactag ataacactcc agttctgcat    108660
     cattagcaag agtaacacat gtttctcaat tcagctgtga agtccctcag gcagcaaaaa    108720
     ttcaatatat cccagaaaga attaatggct tcttccccca taaaaagctc tgagggttta    108780
     cattgttgat gatgtaattt tacaattttt aaatttcttt gacggtgcca tctctcttac    108840
     tcaaactctc aaatggaaat gaagttacat gaaagatact ctcctaattt atgaaaaatt    108900
     tatgagaaaa cctcatgata ataacatctc cagtgataac tagggtaaaa ccagttcaga    108960
     aaaacaaaca aacaaaacaa aaactactaa tacctaagga atttaaaaag aaagaaatgt    109020
     aaaccaatag ccagatgtgg tggcacacag atcctttcag tcccagcagt tggaaggcag    109080
     gggtaggcag atctttaagt tcaaagccaa cctgttctac agagtaagtt tcaagactgt    109140
     tacaaagaga aaccttatct caaaacgaaa gttgaaaagt aaagaaactt tccttggaag    109200
     gagtgcaata actgagccat tcagcccagg gatttctgct gacttcgtaa tttctcagaa    109260
     gcagctgaca gcatcatttg tattgctcag gcatgtgtgc cctgtgtcca ttgtctacaa    109320
     gtggcaaccc aggtagctgg cactcaaact atttcctcct gtctgtggca gccttctgag    109380
     tcaggttgca ggttctcaca actataccct ggctggtatt ttagaagact aaccctgtta    109440
     gttaatgtgg aaacatgaca cctatccagt gaagtcctca ctagctgctg cccatagcat    109500
     aggagttcat tcagcaacac cttacagtct tctttctcac tggttgaaac cttggattag    109560
     gtgatctaac actctgtctt cagaaaaaga aaaatcgaat gctgtggtct ggaattggca    109620
     cttgttttga atgcttgact actatatgat ggcattttga aggctgcaaa gcctttatga    109680
     agtgaggcct ggctagtaca atcagattgc caacatcgga ccatggatga ctctaagcct    109740
     ttatgaagtg tggcctagca ttgccaacat cgggccatgg atggttcttc ctgctacttt    109800
     cccaagattg tttctctgtc cacagtatgt gacagagatg catctgcctt gttctcatgc    109860
     ctccatgaag gctgccgtga caagctgcag tgcctctcaa ttcagtcaaa acaaggccag    109920
     ctcaacacat acaacaaata aaagagcccc actgcattta tttatgagat cacgattaaa    109980
     agtaaatttt gctgaagcca taataggggc acagtctatc agtttctata ctagacaggc    110040
     tagtaatgag ctgaacggat aacagccaca gtgaacaaaa catgcaattt atacactcaa    110100
     atattgctga cattttagaa ggaaaatttc aatcacatct acatttacat agccatatcc    110160
     tatcttaaag tcaactctga aaatcatgct gactgtcaca tttcctccac agaaaaatta    110220
     atggccttga ttttacacta tattttccct gatgctctcc ataatgtaac attctcctta    110280
     tattactgac tttgcccagg tacttaatat gtagcaggtg ctgagaaagc actcttgagc    110340
     tagctgactg ccaatccatt gctttaccaa tgcctaacag aacagttata cctaaattca    110400
     ttactacaaa ggcgtattag ttagccccaa gtgagttgca ttaataacct cctctgaaca    110460
     attctaagta actatatttt gttttcataa tcttaacata ttattgttaa caaagaacag    110520
     aatagcatga ctattttaaa gtctttggag aaataaatga tttaattata gtccaaatta    110580
     aatatcatag gatattttaa cctagattat caccctactt ttctaactcg tcagccttac    110640
     tattcagaca cacacactct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    110700
     ctctcacaca cacacacaca cacacacata aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    110760
     catacatgca ctcagcataa gcaatttcca taaacaacac tgcagtatat acctccagtg    110820
     gttccttgtg gatgacttat atcaggaagg cttgtcctac ctctcttgtt aggcacaata    110880
     agtatataga ctaattatgt cctagaaaca ttttaatttt caaatatcat tcaaagccaa    110940
     gtaatctcct tacttatagg tagtgtgtgc aaatacaaaa ttggggaata attgaaattc    111000
     tatcagaagg aaattaaaaa gagtccagtt aataaatcat cagtttttct ctgaaatgct    111060
     actctactga tactaaaaat gaagcacgaa aagtagcatg ctcttggttc ccttgaagac    111120
     attgatttag gtttagattc taattttcta tttttttctc atatatcttt tttattaaat    111180
     gttatcccct ttcctagctt cacctctgaa aatcccctat ccccttcccc ctccccctgc    111240
     tccctaaccc acgtgccaac tcccattcct ggtcctggca ttcctctata ttggggcata    111300
     gagcctttgc agctaatttt ctgtattcag acacaacatc atatttgcca gtgaaccttt    111360
     tgtagttgtt gctatctatc cccaagatta tcatggctcc ttcatacaaa gtctactaat    111420
     tttgcaagca cactggtatg cagtcacatc taacacacga tcttcatttc cactttggta    111480
     atatagtgtc ctcaagtaaa gtatacatac tatgaactca gacaacatag catattttcc    111540
     atgttcccct cacagattct actatctcat gagtgatata gggaaaaccc tacgtcagtc    111600
     acagacaata ctatgtatat gtgttttggg tatcacatag agtttctgct agtaatgatg    111660
     taagataaaa agtggcatgt gctacacaat tatcaaagta ttcaatctgt aaaactatca    111720
     aatattagca atattcaaaa cataagatat tttgaaatgt tttcttatac ttctgacata    111780
     ttttaatttt ttatttttga tattataata taattacatg tctctcttct tttgtagtga    111840
     ttcaaacaat atcatataac tccccactct cattcaaatt catggcttcc tttttcacat    111900
     tatttgatat tatgcatata tgcatatgca taaataaccc tcaatatact tgttcagtct    111960
     gtaaaacatt acttgtgtac atgttcagga ctgacaatta ggtattgaac aaccaaccaa    112020
     taggtgtgtt ctcctctgga aatgaccacc tctgctaaag tcagctttct tccattgcct    112080
     ttatttattt atttatttat tcatttattt atttattttc tgtaagattg cagccttggg    112140
     gtctttacac atccactttg gtatgtccct tggtattgtc cttgttagtt ttttgggttt    112200
     tttttttttt ttgacaattt tgtatgtaga ggacaacttg taggagttgc tctctccttc    112260
     aaccatgtgg attccaggga cttaactcat gtcctcagac ttcacagtaa acacgcttac    112320
     ccactgagct gccttgccct ttaaaatgaa atacatttat atgtaacaat caataaaaaa    112380
     gtaactttag tgaccctcac agttgtttac aatagtaaat tctgtttatt aaaaaaatac    112440
     ctacatgatc ctcaaagtga ttaacaaatg cattcttgtt ctaaggagag agataagtca    112500
     aactgctgat catgcaggaa aagagcacct gagagaaaac actcaacaca gcatagaatc    112560
     catgaactgt gcaatttgag actgtaatct ggggtgtgag ctgcttggtc ctggagttca    112620
     ctggtcagcc agtctattca aatgaataga ctccaggtta catgagagaa catctatcca    112680
     ataaatatat aatatataca tatagactag cacacataca tacatacata catacataca    112740
     tacatacatg catatataca tgcatatatc cattcataag gaaggtacac cgggactagg    112800
     aatgacaacc tcaactttgg atatcctagt gcatttgcac acacaggaaa atgtacagac    112860
     accacaaata tacacaatgt ttgtatctct ctatgtatat ggcacataag tgtctttgaa    112920
     caagcatgag actgaactct gagcaaggca gagtaagcag gaaagaagag tgaaacagaa    112980
     aaagcgaatg aggccaattt aaaaaaaaaa aaagctgagt gctgattcac tgagacagta    113040
     aacaccacaa acctattaaa ggttagctct gctgcattaa taattaatcc cttttcatta    113100
     gagtgaatca aaacaagctc gcttagccaa aaccttggca gaaaacaagg gagattagac    113160
     gattgtaata ttttaactac aaacttcaaa gaaataccgg gattaaggga tcctgattcc    113220
     ctaaatatta atgaaagcaa caaactcatc tcatcaagtc taatgcctgt ttaccagata    113280
     cattgtttag aaacatatag agaatcacta aaggattgtt aaaagaacta cttagccgtc    113340
     taaatcttgc agagttagct gtagacatca ttggtctggg gcttgttgga ggatcatctg    113400
     ctctcagtca gtctctgtaa atgcatcatg cacagctaga ggcacaggag atgcttgcac    113460
     acactgattc acatgctcag ttactctcct aagctacgaa ttaacaggat tgtcagttta    113520
     cagaagctac tctgtagatc aaggctgtct tgtgcctggg tacacagctg tctagactgg    113580
     actgtaaagg agagtaccct cggctgtgaa ttccttcatc cccttccagg aaccattttc    113640
     aacataaagt cagcaacttt tattcaaatt tgaacaaagc aagttttatt tagaatgtta    113700
     ctagatattt catgtaaaca aataaaaatt aagaaaattc atgcataaaa cattaagcat    113760
     aaattaacag ctgaagtgga caagggtgtg actcaaggcc tgttgtgtac acacaaaagg    113820
     accagagctc caccctggct ctgcaaataa aacaaagata aaaataccga aactgctgca    113880
     gtagccatgg tgatttctga acagcaagtg actgtattta gcaactgaaa ggaagagaaa    113940
     tcaggaagtg ccctcccccc cccacctcac cccagactca taggcactag aagtccagga    114000
     aaaccacagg cagccccaat acactcagcc ctggacacac acatgacatt ctacaaaact    114060
     gatgtttact gagcaatagg agagatggaa ctttccttca aaaaaaatca aggcttaaaa    114120
     ttggtctgaa aagatgtgtg ttgtgttgac catttgctga gaaggtggtg tggtttttgg    114180
     gcagaaatga tttctttgtg agaatctcac attattcatg gtaaagaagg cccattaata    114240
     ttcactgcca ataacaaggg attgtttatt cttttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttctcaa    114300
     gacagttttt ctgtgtagtc ctggctgtcc tggaacttgc tctgtagatc aggctggcct    114360
     taaactccac ctgcctctga ctccctagca ccatttcttt gacctctctt tgtaactgtg    114420
     accctgcgta attaacttgg tttgtggctt ttttctgatt gcttcaagaa catcataatc    114480
     atggccccta aagctcttcc catgactaag gcaggaggga tgctgcctta tgattgcctg    114540
     tgcaatctta agtagaaaag aagggcatgc gtgtgttgtg gttcacacct gtaaccccaa    114600
     cccggagtag tctgagatag aacgcaccag aggacaaagc cagcctaggc ttcatggcaa    114660
     gctaccaatc tgttctacag agtgaggaag tgggaaccat tgctcaaaaa atatcaaaat    114720
     aacaaacaca ttggccttgg atggctcaaa ctcaaatcct agaattagaa aggttgaagc    114780
     aggagaactg ctgactattg aaggctggta tgatcaacac agctcaaggt cactgtgggc    114840
     tggacatcaa gactcagcat gaaataataa catattgcat tttgcatgtg aatctgactg    114900
     acaaagtttg ggcaatgccc tcccattaaa atatgtctga agactatctt gtgcaataaa    114960
     gtctgaggta cggtctttga aacatgatat atgactaagt cctcaggaat tccagacctt    115020
     ctaaaacagg tggagagctg tctgtccctt ctaccaagtc caaaggatga aggagaaagc    115080
     caagcctaat acagatactg aatttccagg ccttttaacc aatggcttca cagacttacc    115140
     aaatggcaag tgacacattt ctactattca ttaatttctt ataatacaat ctggtaaaac    115200
     taagtcaaaa ataaagaaaa caggtaaagt atgttactgt gaactacaaa ggttcataac    115260
     taaggctagg ctaacccagc ctggtgtaga tacctcacag gtctaagctc cttgttcaca    115320
     gaatgtgtgc agtgtcagtt ccatcctgct gtcctttgca tcccatagga ataggcactt    115380
     gtccctcttc ccaagctatc attctcctat ttatactgaa aagaatccat cctcacattc    115440
     tttatgatac tgggaatgtt agtcataagt tctaaaaaaa agctgtgttt ctccaggaac    115500
     tccatcttgc tggcatgcat gcatgcttga gttaaacatt tcatgattaa aaccaacaaa    115560
     agaaaggtca taaatccagc actgccttag gactctaatc tctcagccaa gcttcgggaa    115620
     tatacagggg gctccaccaa ggcactcgct ctggttatgc acatcctaac ctaactactt    115680
     gtattcccac tgccctctta aattatcttt ggatgtttct cactgaggtg ctcactacag    115740
     catccaaaag aactttcgat ctcattttac atggctattc tgcagcacgt gatagtgtat    115800
     gccatcatgt ttgctttgct cttcataaaa gcaccagttt tctggtaata cctctcatct    115860
     gtccaatgtg gtcctaactt tagttcttct ctttaaataa tggtatttac tgtaccttga    115920
     accttccatt tcccactttt gatgataatc taactctgtc aagtcagaga tcccaacttg    115980
     attgatagct tccaaacatt tgacttttat acctaagtcc atgagctata tctctaagta    116040
     aatataccca tttctattaa gttaagaaat gaaaattatg gaacatggga atataaacat    116100
     taaaagttcc aactccccca tttcctctat tctgggatgc catcacctct gttttcattg    116160
     aatcttcatt tccaattttg acctgtaaac atctaattca taattcttac tggaaatatc    116220
     tgtgtccagg tttgaccttc cttttctgtt ggatcttaaa aattcaggct caaaacccat    116280
     ggaaagactg gtggctttcc tttaaacatt tttaaaggcc catccaacat acagaactat    116340
     gttgtatgca acctttaaaa agttacctgg gctcagcagc agcatctcta aaaagtacca    116400
     cactggagag aaacttcagt aggcagagga agtaagtgaa tgtgagtata tgaagcctgg    116460
     gaagtgagag gtgttaattt taaatgcaat gttggcatat tatagtctca agggatgtgt    116520
     aagggggact cagtgagaca gagggaaaga aataatatac aattcatctt ccataccagt    116580
     gccaagaggt atgttttctg cagctaactg aaagttctca aattgtaacg ttagtatagc    116640
     ttatccgggg tgttccttaa aaataccaga gttattccta gaattctgat ccatcagttc    116700
     tgaagcaata tcaggaatcc acactctttc cccttttact ggattttata tattctgggc    116760
     taaagaacat accacggtac cagggtgtgc ctgtaggaat gcgttctcta cttcctccat    116820
     gtgagggaag acagatctaa ctcagaacat caggcatgtg ggcaagttcc tttagtgact    116880
     gagccatttt acagacccag aatccatatt tttaacaggg acccaggtgc tttagacagg    116940
     atcactgaca aaatcaagtg acagataata ggaaatagat aagcccagga taaagatagg    117000
     aaagagggat tgaagacatg aaacttcaga aagggaagaa agaaagagca tgcaagataa    117060
     ctaatcttac actggcagtt aggcaaacta agacacagaa taatataaaa catgctgggt    117120
     tttgggaggt ttttgttgtt gtttttggtt tttggtttgc ttgtctggtt ggttggttgg    117180
     ttggttggtt ggttggttgg ttggttagtt ggttggtggt tttttgagac agggtttctc    117240
     tgtatagccc tggctgtcct gaaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa    117300
     acgtgccttc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattattttc tttttgtaca tgctgcatct    117360
     acagtgacac ctgaataact tcagtaggtc agagaaggct cacactgaga gaagcaggag    117420
     gcataagatt gatctctgtg gctgtgagag catcaatgta acagtgccta ataaaggaga    117480
     ccacagagaa acactcatac aggaaaccca aatatttagc aagactataa cctgactcct    117540
     gactacttca acttattttt atatatctac tgacatgata tatttgttac gaatatatgt    117600
     aaggcttctg tcactaacta ttttagacat atagttctga aaaataatat aagtgttgtc    117660
     tactatgcag tttagcaaat attagtgttc tgcaaaatct gctttagatg ttttttaaag    117720
     aaactaatcc atgaacacca gggtgaaagt aatacaagca atcccttagt taaagaataa    117780
     aatttgatat gtgatcccga tcaatctacc ttcctcacat ggacctccaa aagaggtgga    117840
     gacacaatac atgggctagg ctgggaagag gtctggaaga aggaataaat gccaatttca    117900
     cagagaaatc aagtttaatg aattggtcgt atgtgcccag tgattaagag tgtgaaaatc    117960
     tgcacatgcc tgctaagcta tgaatgatgt tctgtgtagt ccagacaatt gttttaatgc    118020
     ctcctgttca tgattccatt gagttttcag taatagctta tgaatagctg cagtacagtt    118080
     ctataatatt gtattccaga tgccctagta aagtattttg tagaattgtc tcatgctgac    118140
     tttcaaattc aaagatggtc attattaatg tgcagctata taaactaaaa tgtgattcac    118200
     aaacactgat cgagcttatc caaataacac agactgaaag gactagaggc aggatttgta    118260
     tctgagcctc tgacctcaaa cctcctattt tttgtctaga atattcttag cctccaggag    118320
     cttctcacca cctgattcaa ctgtgtggat tctcccatcc ccatttagat catgcatctg    118380
     gtctctgatt caaccaaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaacc actacacttg cagaagttag    118440
     ttaaatccac ttagaatgtg aagagctcag tgtcacttta attaactaca ttacagaggc    118500
     cattctgggt ggtccaaggg acacttgggg cctgtcctgt actatatacc tgaagcaaca    118560
     ggagtatgca ctgtcccaca ctgaataaac tgcacataca tggatctcat tgcttacaag    118620
     taagtcatac aaaatgccat tagccaaaag ataattcatg gtacccaaag caagtacaat    118680
     ttgtgtggcc aagcaaaaag gggtatgtgt tcttaacagc taggcatttg cattcatatc    118740
     tgtgtctaca aggacaagag taatgtgtac atataatata tgtttttcat gctactgttc    118800
     ttgaagttat cacattggta atgttaatac ttttacaata ttccacaaac tcagtatatt    118860
     caataaaaca cattacttaa aaatattacc tgtctatact tcgtaaggta ctacatttca    118920
     tttattccct gatctttaaa gttgtatcca ttgctaaaga tgttaaagtc aatttaagtt    118980
     cattgtttac aattcaagaa tagctgctgc ttatggggaa agagtgatct ggctttactc    119040
     ttatttaatg taaattggga ataatcactt tattcttttg atttacagtg ttgttttgca    119100
     ccaattgtaa aacacgtgat ataaaggaat gtaaagctat cattttaaga gcaggcaggt    119160
     gaataatagc tgttgacttc ctgagtttcc actttgttgt aattagaatt cttggaaagt    119220
     agcttagggg gataggttta aaaaaaagat ttatgatgta cttttaaaat ttcctgagca    119280
     tgggcaaaca tttatctttg aagttctggg atataattaa agtgtaaata gacttttgat    119340
     tcctactgag gttatgagaa catttttttt tcagacctgg aattctggtt atttgccatt    119400
     gttcagaggg aggttggatg tgaagacagg gcaaaggggc tgcagttatg gtgagctggc    119460
     agctcactta aacttggcac cttcagtgtt tttctcagtt acatgtaata aggcacactc    119520
     ttatcatttt agtccggaga aacttgaact cgtagtaaaa ctgtgaagat agtccaagca    119580
     ttcctgtatc ctgtttctac ttttgtcact cattagcaag ttagcatcca gacactccat    119640
     ctgtcccagg taatgaaaca atgctactat tattaaccag agccaacatc ttgttctgat    119700
     ttccttaatt ttgccagaaa gactttcttc tgttccaaga tcatgtattt acacctggtt    119760
     gcctcaagtt tctcttaact gtggaatttt tcacaggttt gatttgtttt ttgttttgtt    119820
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt tgtttctggt tgtctctttt cttgtttctg gatagcaaaa    119880
     cagtattgca gaatgaggca aagatgtttt ctaaacggtc tctccgtcta aaacttgcta    119940
     tttgtcacaa tcagacctta gtctagagta ttgaccccca ggataagcaa cacagttgca    120000
     tgtatgttat catattatat catattaaga gaatatccta tccaaaaaag tgtcattgat    120060
     agtgatccat gctaagggag aatggctcaa gtcctctatt ggttgattgc tatctatatc    120120
     aaccccactt cttctgggag gcagggtgtg cacagcactt ggaattcttc tgcttgagaa    120180
     atttgtcttt tcccttcatt tctattcaaa tactcacatg ggaagggtat tagtttaaat    120240
     gtaaggtttg atgtacatat tataaagtta ctgtgcttta ggctatatta caggagatgg    120300
     taacttttca atacaaactt cagtaactat caaaatccct ctgtgttggt tctcttttag    120360
     tttatatttt aaaatatgtt ataaaaagac ccaccagttt gcactaaaaa aactcaggat    120420
     tagtgttata tcatttaaat cagtcattta ctagattgtg ccacagagta ataaataaat    120480
     atctataact tggtttacaa tctgaccact ggtggcttct tctaatttgt gatgatgaca    120540
     tctaccaaat tcaaaatcaa atattaaaat taatttgaat atatttccat aggaacatgt    120600
     agagaggatc ttagaagtat cacctgtcaa tcaaaagcct gttgccaatt atctgagata    120660
     ggaagtagga ggtggaacac tggaaggaag agaggtctct gggaaataaa gggaggaaaa    120720
     aagggagatt ctagggagac actcagcgcg agaggtgctg ggactgaagg agaggaaact    120780
     agccatatgg aagtctttaa tagtttgcat gagttaaata atttacgacg atctagtcag    120840
     ggaatgaacc aaagcttatg gcctaggcgt ttactaataa ataattattc tcagagtcat    120900
     tatggttggg aactaagtgg ccaggaagaa agaaaaagga tttatttttt aaaggtacat    120960
     gaaacctgtt aagcttaaac tttccctcaa atataataca agaatgaaga aagcaagata    121020
     aaatattgaa tatgctaata atagaaatac attttacaaa tctctgaatt caatgaaatg    121080
     agaaaaaaca cacaaaattt caaaaccatg ttttagccct tacataaata atttcacaag    121140
     tacctatcgg tccaaccata ttttttaaag tgatcttttg aagacggtaa ttaattaaga    121200
     ctaactctga gttgaaaaat caaagtttat gaaggggtat gttttgtata tttaaacaat    121260
     agaacaaagt tgtgccttta tgtttaaatg aaatttagaa gcagcaaaac tgataagcgg    121320
     tggcagaatt caaaatgagt ctctgtagag ttaagactga ctggatcaaa ccatgcagct    121380
     ctcgccaagc tgtggactca agattcactc ttggtcacat tttactgcat atatcaccat    121440
     gacaacttca tttgaacaaa gagatctatc catgtagctg ggtagatatg actagtaggt    121500
     gcatctggta gggtgttgtt ggcaaagatg aacctttaca tcaagaggct gagtaaaaca    121560
     ctaatatttt tggcacataa aacctaaaat cattttatat gtcattttcc ccacagtttt    121620
     cagaaaagta gctcaaaagt ctattcatac attacacatt tgctaccaca tatgttttat    121680
     gtaatataaa aagacttcga caaagagtaa acaaaggaaa accaaaatgt gtttaaagct    121740
     aactaataac taattgtgat tgtacaatac atacacaatt aaatggtttg atcaacttag    121800
     aagcagaaaa gatagagtct ctcaacgtga aaaacaaata aggaagacac taagaccaaa    121860
     tctagtctgg aacttggaaa ctgatgtggg ttttgagagt aaagagaaaa aacctgtcct    121920
     acagatactg gataatcaaa acttcaatat ggaggcaggg aaactgacag tgagtgatat    121980
     gcatgactgg aagtaaatat ttcaattgcc tctgaccacc ctctgaaagt atgttgaaag    122040
     cccaaggcca agaactctgc ctttttggat atagaatcag ctacaagaat gcagtttttg    122100
     atagtaggtg ctcaaatatg caaatgtctg tcaatcttaa ctctaggcag tgtttagggt    122160
     gttccaggca gagcctgtat gatactccca atttccatcc ttccgcctct ctgcctcctt    122220
     tcctttcttc tatctttgct ttctggtagt caaggcaatc gtgggaagaa ttgtgtgcct    122280
     agggcaaaat cccagaagta tcactaacat ctgaggacta acagctctaa atcaaagcct    122340
     gctgcaccaa agctgatttc ctgtgtccac ttgagatcac aaaatcttga cacataaatt    122400
     tgttacaatc ttaaggaaag aaatggtaag aatactttca atactatgaa tacccataat    122460
     tctaaacatc tgaagaccta catagtacta tataacatga tctactcata gatttttagc    122520
     ttagatttgg tagataaata acatagataa aataaaaagt gctggaagaa taaaaaagta    122580
     aaattttatt ttaaatagtg ttttgccttc atctctgtgg tgttaaagtg ttttgagatg    122640
     tgttcccatc cattgcctct atccaggctt ctatctggaa gccggtgttt aatccactaa    122700
     caccaaagcc tccatgcaac acttacgtta aaagtacctg cttagctttt ggtatagcat    122760
     tgcaaatgta aatgagcgaa atacctaata aaaaatggaa aaaaaaataa tgaaggatta    122820
     agtattatac aaagatatta gggtcaatta gatatagtaa cacttcacat taaaaaaaaa    122880
     aaaaaaaaag tacctgctta gggaaacctg ggctctttca caatgacttt atatgttcct    122940
     tgggcatcaa ctaacaacac agtaaagact ccccagtgta gaatcccact ttgtccttca    123000
     ggagcacaga caatttttaa tagaaatctc cagcatggtg ggtcaatagc ttttctcttt    123060
     tgaaacagtt ttacagatgc gcaaatgcat ccataacaat ttacccactg aaaatgtata    123120
     attcagcagt tttagtgtat ttcaggagcc atgaactaaa atgtcttaac tggatcatta    123180
     tgttgacatg agtacttacc attgtattca tttatccttt aaattctact tctattctta    123240
     gcataattac ataaaacact tagtacaatg tcaacataac atcgaacctt cctgaagtaa    123300
     ggattcttta aaaagagtta atacctctca cctgcatgta acactaactt ctaattgttc    123360
     cctttgaact tgagtttatg aagttccctg gggggtaagt cactaaggaa gctaaggctg    123420
     aagaaaggca gggagagagc tgagaaattc tgcactcctc tacctcccct ttgtgtccac    123480
     acagctggag agtgtgctcc acaaaaagag tcattgagga agagacacat gtccaattca    123540
     aaggcctcat atttaatgca ggatatgaaa attagggacc aaaattaaat ctggcaaatt    123600
     ttctacacca ggagttaact gatatgaata taattgaaaa atcataataa aaccttccaa    123660
     atcctgtcat acttgaccat aaattatgct aaactttaag cttaaagcaa ctttcatttc    123720
     tatgttgagt ctgatctttg ttttacttat ttttaaattc atataatgga agacttccta    123780
     aatgcagttt tcaaattggg acttcaaagt acttatctta caaaacctta aagaaataaa    123840
     cttgatccag ctgttagaca acatttgtac ttaatgtact ttcaaactcc aagtgttaaa    123900
     ataaaattct gtacccacta ccaaaaatac tttgtttttc atgagttgtt caagttgatt    123960
     caggctcaag atagcctctt gaacaccctg agaagtttca aagtgttcca aatcaaacta    124020
     aactctgtca gtagtgccag ggacaggggt gttattatgt tgttaaagag ttcagttgtg    124080
     tatgcatgga aggccacttc cttgggaggt gaacattgct aagatcctac aaggctgaca    124140
     tgttaagatc aaacacttct accatgtaat tattaagtca taattaatta catttccttt    124200
     tatttttaat ttgtcttggt gtaatagtta attttagttt tttagtatgg gttacttttc    124260
     tgttgctgtg agaaaacaat aacaaacaaa acaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaaacaaac    124320
     aaataagcaa aaaatgacca gaagagactt gctttaattt tttttttttt aattttagct    124380
     tttttggttc caaagtccat catggcaggc agacatggaa tcaatccaat cagcagacat    124440
     ggagctgaga agttaactct tcaaccacaa acataaaaca gagaaagtgg aggtaggcta    124500
     tgaactctca aagtccactc ctagtagcag tctacctcta gcaatcctgc accagttccc    124560
     caaccagtac taccagttag agactaggtg ttttaatatt agactttatg ggggacaatc    124620
     gtatttaaac catcacacta accttataca tctatttaca aaaatccatc cgtagagaat    124680
     ctattcagcg cagtcatcac tttgattcta aggatataac aggatttagt acagctttag    124740
     tgttaaactt cttaacttat agccataagg tccaagattt agacctcaga acgaaaacac    124800
     agatgtagag caaggatgta tagtggggat ggaatagaga agagagagca aaagaaggaa    124860
     aggagagata gagagaatat aagctgggca ctgagctaat ataaaccatt taggaagaaa    124920
     aaaaggagaa gtcaggaatc agacaagtga ctagtataga tctggtccca cagcaagcag    124980
     tgtcctgatt gactagccta aacatccttg aaagctaaga tttgtaaaaa atgtgaaaaa    125040
     aaaaaagcat caaattttcc cagagacatt tcttagagtc tatgtttaat gttttctata    125100
     ttatacatgt gaagttatat actacaatta aggcaaaaat ataaactgtt ttccgccttc    125160
     gtagctagct tgaatatgtc ttcaacagta tctattcaat ccactattcc caaacctata    125220
     aaactgtcag tttgtttcca tttatgcatt taatcctata cagaaacacg ggttagaaat    125280
     gactaacata aagtatattt taaaaaatct ttatatcaag atatctgaaa attagagtta    125340
     agccatactt tctaactatc ttcctttagt tatttagttt ttaaaagtaa taattcaatt    125400
     ccagaaaaca catgtgcttt tacatacaga caactgcaag tgtcctcaat gacgccctca    125460
     aatttcataa acttcattag aacacagaac atgttggctc tgacaaggtg tgtgagccga    125520
     ggtgggaagg cagtcagtct acaaatctac ttagctctta gcaaatccca aataaagaaa    125580
     attattccag agaaagaagc tcgggcaacc tcctttcaca caccctttcc agtccttccc    125640
     cgaggctctg ctagaacaaa cacctacaag gatcaacgtt taaggagaag ggtttatttt    125700
     tgttcattaa ttgcataggt ttcagtctgc cgtcacatgt gccagttgcc tatgtagaga    125760
     gagaagcaag gggcaggaag cacaaattga aggaagatac acaattcctt tttaactttt    125820
     caaaccagtg gtaagcacct ctactacact gtgcaaggca ctgaagagat gcttttaaat    125880
     acactcctaa ttctagattc tcgcatagaa aagccactag gagaagctgt atagaaacag    125940
     taacatttgc aagttagaag tgaaattcta tagtccatct tgatgcctca tgaacattga    126000
     gcaacattag taaaacataa caaaatgtat ttatttgacc tgtttttaag atcatttagt    126060
     atggcgaaaa gtcttaaaga aaattttaaa aaattgaaat attaagccag gcatggtggc    126120
     gcatgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc aaatttctga gttcaaggcc    126180
     agcctggtct atagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctgg    126240
     aaaaaacaaa caaacacaca aacaaaaaaa attagaagat taaaaacatg aattcaggga    126300
     tggagttaac atcaattcat aaatagctgt actattaaca tctttaatcc atacacctta    126360
     atctaacatt atcccccaaa tgatagcctg tgttaaagag actagaccta gtcacacacc    126420
     acaaggctaa gtgaaatgat tcatatctat gaatcaaagt aagtgtcttt caaattctaa    126480
     aaacacatgg ttaacaaaac ccaattaaaa aaggaaaaag aaaagatagt aacagaaaac    126540
     taagcctgga tgtcattatc aattaattgt aaatattgct aattactagc acggaaggaa    126600
     aatactaaca aaagcaatta gcttgtaaat aaaagagaag gaaaaatgca aaagctgttt    126660
     tcttcttcaa gccattccat aaaactaaat gtaaaagcaa agattctctt ttttaaattg    126720
     tcctcagagt cattcagaca acaagctttc tgctactagt tactttaaag atagccagaa    126780
     aaaacaaaaa caaaaagtaa aaagtaaaac acaacagaat ggctaaacaa atcctgagta    126840
     ctaaaagaac tgctggaggg atcaccatcc cagactttac tgcagagtga aaataataaa    126900
     aagaaacatc atgatacagg tgcaaaaaaa gatgtgttga tcaatagaat caaattaaag    126960
     gcccagacag tattaatcaa cataccagtg ggcagcagat tggtaaaaat acagacctac    127020
     aaccagacat tatgcagaga gtgagggacc atggaacact aagccataaa taggatgcct    127080
     ccatcaaatt cctcttcttg gggctcaggg aacctcacag aaaaagaggc agagagagtg    127140
     ggagaatcac agacaatgga ggacaccaga ggaacaaggc cctctccatc atcaggatgg    127200
     atgaacatat gaacgcccag agactgaggc agcatgtaca ggaccgcatg ggtctgcacc    127260
     aggtgagacc tggagctgaa aggacatgtg gcacagctcc catccctaac ccttaagtta    127320
     cctccaatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt gcgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt    127380
     cttttctctt tttaccctac agcttctttg tttccagttt actgttatat tatggtttcc    127440
     aggttactgt ttttatggga ttccttagcg tgtaaacaag tgggtctctg tttcatgtgc    127500
     tttatgggct actttttgtt tgttttgtcc tatgacaatg aattacattt tattatttta    127560
     ctattttgta ttgtacttta tactttatat gcctgcttgt tttttaatac tagacaaaaa    127620
     gggggtagat ctggatgaga ggggaggtgg gggcaactaa aagcagtaaa tggggagaaa    127680
     accataatca ggatacattg tatgaaaaaa ataaaagaaa aaataaaata attaatttaa    127740
     tgatttaata aaaattggat ttggattaaa tattgtatag catggtaggg caactaagcc    127800
     atgtgctatt caataaaaga ccacttacta ggagtgtttt taaggctcga tttaattaaa    127860
     gtaacatata gaaaaagagt agccaggaaa attgctaaaa ttggatgtag tgacaaacat    127920
     cacatcagtc agccagtatt tcttcatggt ttactaattc agcaaagctc tgggaacaga    127980
     gatgggagaa gtagctcata tactcctggg ttcacagtct acaaaaaatc agcaaagatg    128040
     gacaggggtg gacaggggct agagagacca aagggaagac agacagctgc aagatggcga    128100
     ggagaaaggc ttctgattgg gaactgctga tgcttaagca ccatagttgg gaactgctgg    128160
     tgtttattgc ctaacaataa tattctttta aagacatgct taatatggca ttccagctaa    128220
     gcagccttgc ctaaccttca caaaagagcc actttttaaa tgttgttgca atggatagct    128280
     aaaacttgtg atctctgcaa aagtggtcca tagaaaaggc taaggcttca ttagatgcaa    128340
     ccaagtgtct ttttttttcc tttttttaaa aatttattgt tgggtattta tttcatttac    128400
     atttccaatg ctgtcccaaa agtcccccac acactcccat accccccccc cactctcacc    128460
     tcttggccct ggcgttcccc tgtgtctttt gatgtggtag ttgaactgct ccatcctaca    128520
     atgtacattc ttaaaactgg gaatatatac atacacacac acatatatgt acatatatac    128580
     atatgtgtgt aaatataatg taaatataat aatgtatatt tatatataca tatatatgta    128640
     tatatgaaac cattactcaa ttattcatca ataatttatt tagtacttgt attcattctg    128700
     ggtttaatga ggtagagaaa aaaagtccag aaggatggag cttttaaata aaaatttctt    128760
     gagaaatgtt agaggaggaa gtggtattca gagaagtaag acggttggat ctggaaaagt    128820
     ctagatatca gaaagtatct taaattttat ttccctggac atagactttg ggatggagat    128880
     tcaagcacta taaaactgtt ctatccaaat ggttaaagca aactgaagta gggaactaag    128940
     acaatgaaag gaaatagcca aggaagaggt cctcacaaga acaactgcca tagtgagcag    129000
     agtcagtcac ctcccagtgc agatgctctt catccatgtt cctgagtcat acactcgagg    129060
     aacaggggag ttcattagca cttatatagc aagccctatg agtagagaac ccctgtacta    129120
     ctctgcgaag ctccaagagg aggcaagcag caaggagaca ctaaatagtc ctagaaggca    129180
     ggtgttacta ggtgccaggc aagtaagcag ccagagctgc tcaggagccc aaccagactc    129240
     ctggggacca ggatgctgga gtctgagtgc aaggctgctg aatggttcca ggcagaagca    129300
     atctcagaac tggatgaagc ttagcatact tgccactagg agagtttagt cagactacaa    129360
     ggccagagta gaaatgcatg taaaattggg tgagcagatt agacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    129420
     gagatcacaa agctccgtga accagactga aatgcttggc aggatcatgt tgcttttgca    129480
     ctctgaagag attactctag agcaaatgac tagtggtgat cataccagca aagaaacatg    129540
     ttactaagtc accatataga aagacattag ggcagcatgt acgcagaaag ctaacttgct    129600
     cacaataata ggaggtggca gagaggcaga atacagtcat ggctcccctg ctcagccgta    129660
     actctatgaa atgatgactg tggtccctac caagaggaag aggaggagga caaaggctca    129720
     tatgtgggaa caaaatggtg atttttctta gaccatgtta aaattaagat gtgtattagg    129780
     ttacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgaacattt gagagtttat    129840
     ggcattttga aggcatgaga caggtggggt atcatgaaac aatttaatct aaaggaaaac    129900
     aggataagct tgtgtccact ctgttcatta ttctataaat catgaaatgg ccagttcaat    129960
     attttttgta ttcgttctgt aaatgttaaa caccaaagaa attatggcca aacacagaga    130020
     gctgagggat aggacaataa tggcatttct atatcaagtc tcattatttt tagtgctgag    130080
     accccaaaac taccaaagat ttttttataa taggtgcaga tcaaggccca tgaacccaca    130140
     ggaaaaggaa gattctcaca cagtaccaaa aatatttaag aatttaaaaa aacaacaaca    130200
     acaacaaaaa aaaaaaaaac acctcaagct gtttaaataa ataaagcctt ttaaaatcta    130260
     gcctggaagt tctcaagatg tggacctact ctgaatgaca aatgcagaca aacaagtagg    130320
     agactgaggc acgcgtaagg ctcagattca tagttcaata catagctgac tcttctgtga    130380
     tagagtgcaa aaaagggtta ttatgaacta tttgtataac attaaaacca ttaaatgtac    130440
     ttccaaaaat tgaatattaa aaatagctaa tttttgatgg tgccaaaata ttagtttgag    130500
     ctcaagaaaa caaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa taaaaacata ccataatatt    130560
     tccttgatac aactggactg tgaataagga tgacagtaat ttgcttctca ctcacatgcc    130620
     tcattttgtt tatgtttttc cagtccatag gtcactcctt atacattttc atctatacag    130680
     ctatttagtt ttattcctca agattaaaat ctcatgaatt acatataaat acataatatg    130740
     catgcaagga tgaaattaat agatttgggt aaaagaaaag gaagggatct tgtttgagca    130800
     aggaaaagat gaaaggcagc ctcagaatag ctggtccaac agtaaaggac aagggtcaag    130860
     ctgcttggaa gaatgaatga ggctcaagtg gttcaggagg ggccaggtca agacagagac    130920
     cacaaagaga ttttacaccc tgtggcatgc tctcacttgt ctctttgggt gtccttacat    130980
     ctaaactcat tagtcaggtt tcttttttcc attctttaaa aagtcctgag aaacatcctt    131040
     gtgtggtagc ctttgaggag tttctagtac acaactcctg gagaaaagaa attaacatag    131100
     tagattcctt acaaaacact acataaacca tattttcctt ttctcataat aataaaattt    131160
     atagttactg agactaacta taattagatt atatgtggat ttcttgggtg gttctttctc    131220
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc gttctttctt tcattcttcc attgtgtgta    131280
     ttttagtgca tacagatgta gataatgttc atgtgcctgt gctcatgcac atgaacatat    131340
     atgtatgttc agacatacat gtatacacag agaccaaagc ttaacatggg atgtcttcta    131400
     gatttctttc caccttatgt ctttaaagta gcttctctca ctatacccag aacttaccag    131460
     tcagctagat ctgacgagca gaaaccactg agaactgact gtctccacgt cccctgttct    131520
     aagactacag gtacttatta ctatataggg cttcttgcac aagtcctgag tgggaccaac    131580
     tcacatccct ctgcttattc agtgagcact ttgctgatag agtgatctac cagggtgatt    131640
     ctgaagagga cagccatgtg aggaatgcat gagcaacttg tccaggaaag ctaaataaag    131700
     caataaaaag aaatagaata gaggaaaaaa gcagaaattc aaataatgtg tatggtatcc    131760
     caaaaagaag gaataaggaa aaaaacgatt gatcaataag tcggtgaggg gcaatttaag    131820
     caagccagcc acacacagag cactctgaca agactactaa tgaagtcttc tgagacacat    131880
     ccatcatttg gaaattcaca aaagacagag aagcctgtga gataacatgc aaaccagttg    131940
     gcctttggag aataataata taagaataaa aacactatct acaatatgtg aatccaatct    132000
     caagcatctg tatatgttcc aagagtattt atatcatctc ttccaagcct acacactatg    132060
     aaaattgtac ctctgctcag ctatgtaggg taggctccag ttggagaaga aagggaagaa    132120
     aatggaagta gagggataaa atgtaattat aatatcctat aaaaatttta tagctcataa    132180
     aatcagtttt tccttgaaaa ataaaataga atagcagttc caagttccac agatacagct    132240
     ggttttgcta catgaaatca gatcatgaaa tttctaattt ctcaaattca cagaagtagt    132300
     gaaagacaaa ggaattaacc caaggaaaaa aaatatttct ctttcttcct ctgcctctat    132360
     cagttaatga cttgatgttc aaaaagggtt agttccggtc agctaagaac aaagtgggag    132420
     tccctgtccc agccaatgca gagaagaatg ggagagagtc cttgcttcct catctgcctg    132480
     tgctcatgac atcagcaatc attgataacg cttttaacta ggggatttaa aagtttgctc    132540
     tcgaacattt caaacggtcc tttgaagata ccagtgctga caagccagag cttgcaatgt    132600
     cctgagaagc ataaagccct acaccaaagc ccacacaagt agagttgttg aaaaaattcc    132660
     tcaggtcaca catggtgata tgccagatgt ttgaacacaa aatcgacagt cactaaatta    132720
     tggctctaaa ccaaatgatt tgctcagcta atactgatgt gtctcagaca tccctccaaa    132780
     gcgtattatt aggtagtaat cgatgaatac cagggaatcc acccactgtg taaaaactac    132840
     gaatacttct ttaaaattac aattttagga gctaatccca tttacaggta aatttgtttc    132900
     atacaattct gcatagcaca ccctgttgac atacatcatt tttccaggta gacaggtgga    132960
     gcaaagtcag acagaagatt aaaaacactc atccaaaact catggaaaaa caccaccaaa    133020
     gcccagagct gagagaactc cttagtatac acctaaggtt gaaagacaga gacttgacct    133080
     gatcagtgga agatctgtgt acctacccca aatgcaaatg gttttgaaga tgggaattaa    133140
     tgtgaactgc ctgtagactc attaaaaaga catttctttg tggccttgtg atgacagctc    133200
     tttaattgtg aagaaaaact aaaacttaaa gctgaaacac cttgtctaaa ttattaactt    133260
     atcataatta tgtactgaga atatagcttt aagattttaa tatacagtac aagtctgcat    133320
     tttattctgg gtttaatttc cttgcatagt aatcctagtg ctgattttac accttctcct    133380
     gctacttttg agtgaggtgg agggtggtgc tcactcatgt atggaattca aaagagcttt    133440
     ctgaacatac gggggggagg aagcaaagaa tgcaacagcc ttagaattct gaccatgaga    133500
     acttaaaatc agtaagcatg gctccttttg tgtggtgggt acaatagcat gtagctcttg    133560
     ctattaaaca tttttgcctt tccttctcag gacaaatcat ggagaatctg aaaagacaat    133620
     agtgacaatc caaagccagt tagatgtctc tgactatagg aaaaaaagag tgtaaacttt    133680
     gtactgctaa gtaggcttga atgataggca gagatccagg gaggctcatg ttcacctgga    133740
     tgatgctcat ctctggttac tgcttctgct tcaggatgcc tgccctggga ggggggaggg    133800
     ggtgcatgtt tgttcattcc cagtttttta aaaaaagcca tacacacaga aaccttgcca    133860
     tccatcatac atcttaggca cttatgaaca cgagaatggc caatgtctca agaagggaca    133920
     aatgtaaggc tctcctgcaa gagaggaaat ctgccggcct gataccccag catgttccag    133980
     gctcatgaag ctttggacca cccagacatt agctatgtta actatcctct tcaactaaag    134040
     tggagatatt tattcagaat tatggtttat acttacactg gggcagatat ttgcatggac    134100
     ttttaaacat tacatttata ggatttttaa acattacatt tataggaggc ttttttttta    134160
     acatctgtta aaaagaaacc tctaaggtag tgaagtgttc ttcaaggttt tagtttagaa    134220
     ttttcctccc cttgaaaatt gctctgaaca tccctcacaa aggatatctt atcaacactt    134280
     taaaaacatc tacaacacct atctatgaca tttatgcttt taaaaatagc tcaaatcatt    134340
     agatagtgta taaataagag agataagatg gggatgtttg ctttctagta taagaccagt    134400
     ttaatctatt attagtaaca ttagtaaact tggttttggt taggagccac atggtagaga    134460
     ttagcttcat atttcctatt tcttaaattg ttttcagtta tttttgcttt tattttcatt    134520
     tatgtctgcg tgtgtgtgca tggataagca tgtgtgcatg tccaaggagg ccatagagag    134580
     cctcagattg ccctggatct ggaatcacag gcattcatga gtttctgatc aacaggaacc    134640
     aaagtctggt cctctgcata agcagcaagt gctcttaacc accaagccat ctctccaggg    134700
     ggttggatca agcgtgattg ttttatgtgt atgattatat tccctgcatg tatgatgtgt    134760
     atcctcacac atcaccattg tctgatactc aagaaagtca aaggaagtca tcaggtgccc    134820
     tggaaaccag aattatagat agttatgatg ggaaccaaac ccaggtcctg tataagaatt    134880
     agctctgttc ttaaccacta aagaacatct ccagcctttt cgttgcttgc aaagcaaggt    134940
     tttatatatc ttagatgaag ttgatgatag ctatgtaacc ctagatgacc ttaaacttct    135000
     tatccttctg tctccattcg ccaaagtcta tattacagat gtgcagcacc accaacttag    135060
     ctactgtgct ttccaactta cattcttcag agcattgctt taattttata aatgaatgcc    135120
     tttcactata gcattcacaa atcaaaacta acagatatgc cttatggtaa tggtaaagga    135180
     agtaagcata aaccaaatat gttttatttg ttctcaaagc atgaaaaaag tttggaatta    135240
     tgacagtcat tgcagtagag cagtctggcc tacggagaat cttggccctg gcacttccca    135300
     ctgaactatg gaccagagac agtttcaata ccaagcattc ctgcatttgt gctttctcac    135360
     ccttgcaagg acgttagcaa tccatatggc ttttgtaaag actttggtga aattacgcta    135420
     atgaaatgtt ggtctgaagt agttataact agccaaaata tctgtcgcca aataacaagg    135480
     aaagtactgc tgctcaaata tagtctgtat aatcatgaaa cttaacatta aactgattta    135540
     tccatttgca gtatttatgt aattgtagat catgcttctc ctatatacag ggctgtttac    135600
     tataaaccag tccatggtgc cctaccagca gcagcctcct gcatctccta attgcatcaa    135660
     gagactgtat ggatgccatt ggcctatgcc atataggttt gtaccaacac cctctataaa    135720
     agttcaaatt aaaataatgc acaaatacat tcctcagaac tgacctcatc cttagggaat    135780
     ggcttactgt atttaataat gtatctggac tcattaaact aaagtctctt tattcagagg    135840
     ctctgctaat acatttgcct acccagtaaa aattatttgt taaagcaaat caatacctag    135900
     tatatcgctc catttgtgat gcttagaaca catgcagata ctacagagag cgacccaggg    135960
     gcactatttt cccagctcat gtttcccagg ctctggatca atatactgca gatgttcatc    136020
     ttcagctcta gtatgctaga aacactgttg ttgtttgcag gacaggtagt cctaggtttt    136080
     ggatttttat ccataaatgt gctatataag agccgagttc tgaagtccta tccactgctt    136140
     ctaaacataa gaatgcagat tgtaaggagc gctgtacaga caaacaagta tgccaggcaa    136200
     gctttgtttc tggcagcagg aacagtaatg ttggccagga gtgccatgta aaatatgtca    136260
     aggcaaaact tcttagaaaa caccagtgac aacataatac cttacatgtt gtgtttgtga    136320
     aaagaaataa accagaaaca atcaccactt gatgagatga gaccagaaac ctttaaaaga    136380
     gaatttcttc tatgttcctg gtgtctctct tccttacaag ctccaccctc tactccccat    136440
     ctcctcaaac cagacccagg ctgactacta ctcaggagag gggaggaaga gtcagaatca    136500
     aggggtgtaa tgagcgactt catttgcctt atacaagcta aactgttaat gcaccatttc    136560
     caaaggggaa acgaagactc agagaaaggc aaagaaaaaa ctgaaaaggt ggaaagacac    136620
     accgaggacc tgaacttaga ttctttccac aaggccacag aaaagctgta gagggatgta    136680
     agaggtgact ctgctggaca gagggcttgt atgagggatg ggccacactc attaaggaga    136740
     acctcaaatt agaagagacc atagtattcc gggaatactg tcatcctgaa ctaagcgaca    136800
     ggattaatgg aatgtttgag acccacatgg aggtaagtag gaacaacaaa ttttgttaaa    136860
     catatagata aaggggtgaa gaagagaaga gaggtacaga cttcacaagt taataaccta    136920
     ctggaaatac taatttgcac tacacagtat aattcacaag aaaaatcaca tttgagcatt    136980
     gagtaagaag atcatgtgag ataagtaaaa aaatgaggta tttaagggag cattcaccaa    137040
     tttatatcca atagtcttac atgagtgttt agcacactct cttaaatata tcagacatta    137100
     atttaaaata aaatttgact tataggaagg catataatga aatacacagg aagccatgta    137160
     aaggggagag gcattgtctg gatgcttatt ataaggctgt tacatctaaa aaatttaata    137220
     cagacttaga gttgagccgt aaggtgctga cggaacaaaa ttgaagttgt tagtagaggc    137280
     aggaatcctg tggagcacaa aagaatgaaa caggtctggt gctacccaga gagatttata    137340
     gtccagacac tctgagtcct tcatataata ttctcttgtg aataaagttt tatgagagaa    137400
     agaagtactc aacagataat tttagcatat ccaatgactg aacacagttg aagcaccact    137460
     aacattaaca aatgtttata gagaaaaata ctgataaaag tgtatatcat gtaaaggcag    137520
     acttaaaata atatgcatga cacttacttc tatgaaaaaa aaagttagat taaaaattca    137580
     cacatggaat ggagagatgg ctcaacagtt aagagcactg actgctcttc tgaaggtcct    137640
     gagttcaatt cccagaaacc acatggtggc tcccaaacat ctgtaatggg atccgatgca    137700
     ctcttctaat gtgtgtctga agaaagctgc aatatactca tataaattta agaaaataag    137760
     ataaatcttt ttaaaaattt acacataaca aactgtaatg ttatccaagg gaatatttaa    137820
     tggtttttgt gagcataggt taagcatttt tttattcaga agaaaaatct gaaaattgtc    137880
     aagagccaca caatcaattt gtacatctga gcaatgctta tgtaatagca gggcacacct    137940
     aacaaaatac actaagaaac tattaacaat aaaggtgcaa cttacttaac atcttcaata    138000
     ttcagaaaaa aatctagata ctgactagat acaacaattt aaaactttca gatcatattg    138060
     atttgagata aagaccactg tcttaatgtt aaatagtgaa ctaaaatttt tactaagtag    138120
     atgaccaggc caatgtagac tctgatcctc ctcaggaccg gagggttctg gttctctttg    138180
     aagagaatgt cttcttcctc aaactctaaa taaataacag ccatgtgcat actattaatc    138240
     aactaaacaa gatttgatat taaaattaca tactactaga ttttaggcta caggttgcta    138300
     agctacacac tcaccctacc tgacctctac tgtagatatc aacactttta tttatgttgt    138360
     gtgaattttt ttattctggt tccaaatatt accttatgtt atgtaacaac gtactactga    138420
     catcatgaac agtgtgaact cattagaaaa aaaaaaattc aatgagtcag atctacaaac    138480
     aagagataac atgcagtttc tcttgcccat gaaagacaat ctgtcagtcg agaaggacta    138540
     agaactgcct aaattttttc tttcataaac ctaagaacta aagccaggct cagcagtgag    138600
     aatgtggaga gttgacccac acaacctgag ctgttaagaa aacattcgag ccttccgctc    138660
     gactcgagac tcgagccccg ggctaccttg ccagcagagt cttgcccaac acccgcaagg    138720
     gtccacacgg gactccccac gggaccctaa gacctctggt gagtggatca cagtgcctgc    138780
     cccaatccaa tcgtgcggaa cttgagactg cggtacatag ggaagcaggc tacccgggcc    138840
     tgatctgggg cacaagtccc ttccgctcga ctcgagactc gagccccggg ctaccttgac    138900
     agcagagtct tgcccaacac ccgcaagggc ccacacggga ctccccacgg gaccctaaga    138960
     cctctggtga gtggaacaca gcgcctaccc caatccaatc gcgtggaact tgagactgcg    139020
     gtacataggg aagcaggcta cccgggcttg atctggggca caaacccctt ccactccact    139080
     cgagccccgg ctaccttgcc agctgagtcg cctgacaccc gcaagggccc acacaggatt    139140
     ccacacgtga tcctaagacc tctagtgagt ggaacacaac ttctgccagg agtctggttc    139200
     gaacaccaga tatctgggta cctgccttgc aagaagagag cttgcctgca gagaatactc    139260
     tgcccactga aactaaggag agtgctaccc tccaggtctg ctcatagaag ctaacagagt    139320
     cacctgaaga acaagctctt aacagtgaca actaaaacag ctagcttcag agattaccag    139380
     atggcgaaag gcaaacgtaa gaatcctact aacagaaatc aagaccactc accatcatca    139440
     gaacgcagca ctcccacccc acctagtcct gggcacccca acacaaccga aaatctagac    139500
     ccagatttaa aaacatttct catgatgatg atagaggaca tcaagaagga ctttcataag    139560
     tcacttaaag atttacagga gagcactgct aaagagttac aggctcttaa agaaaagcag    139620
     gaaaacacag ccaaacaggt gatggaaatg aacaaaacca tactagaact aaaaggggaa    139680
     gtagacacaa taaagaaaac ccaaagggag gcaacgctgg agatagaaac cctaggaaag    139740
     agatctggaa ccatagatgc gagcatcagc aacagaatac aagaaatgga agagagaatc    139800
     tcaggtgcag aagattccat agagaacatc gacacaacag tcaaagaaaa tacaaaatgc    139860
     aaaaggatcc taactcaaaa catccaggta atgcaggaca caatgagaag accaaaccta    139920
     cggataatag gaattgatga gaatgaagat tttcaactta aagggccagc taatatcttc    139980
     aacaaaataa tagaagaaaa cttcccaaac ataaaaaaag agatgcccat gatcatacaa    140040
     gaagcataca gaactccaaa tagactggac cagaaaagaa attcctcccg acacataata    140100
     atcagaacaa caaatgcact aaataaagat agaatattaa aagcagtaag ggagaaaggt    140160
     caagtaacat ataaaggaag gcctatcaga attacaccag acttttcacc agagactatg    140220
     aaagctagaa gagtctggac agatgttata cagacactaa gagaacacaa atgccagccc    140280
     aggctactat acccggccaa actctcaatt accatagatg gagaaaccaa agtattccac    140340
     gacaaaacca agttcacaca atatctttcc acgaatccag cccttcaaag gataataaca    140400
     gaaaagaagc aatacaagga cggaaatcac gccctagaac aaccaagaaa gtaatcattc    140460
     aacaaaccaa aaagaagaca gccacaagaa cagaatgcca actctaacaa caaaaaaaaa    140520
     aagggagcaa caattacttt tccttaatat ctcttaatat caatggactc aattccccaa    140580
     taaaaagaca tagactaaca gactggctac acaaacagga cccaacattc tgctgcttac    140640
     aggaaaccca tctcagggaa aaagacagac actacctcag agtgaaaggc tggaaaacaa    140700
     ttttccaagc aaatggactg aagaaacaag ctggagtagc cattttaata ttggataaaa    140760
     tcgacttcca acccaaagtt atcaaaaaag acaaggaggg acacttcata ctcatcaaag    140820
     gtaaaatcct ccaagaggaa ctctcaattc tgaatatcta cgcaccaaat gcaagggcag    140880
     ccacattcat tagagacact ttagtaaagc tcaaagcata cattgcacct cacacaataa    140940
     tagtgggaga cttcaacaca ccactttctt caaaggacag atcgtggaaa cagaaactaa    141000
     acagggacac agtgaaacta acagaagtta tgaaacaaat ggacctgaca gatatctaca    141060
     gaacatttta tcctaaaaca aaaggatata ccttcttctc agcacctcac gggaccttct    141120
     ccaaaattga ccatataatt ggtcacaaaa caggcctcaa tagatacaaa aatattgaaa    141180
     ttgtcccatg tatcctatca gaccaccatg gcctaagact gatcttcaat aacaacataa    141240
     ataatggaaa gccaacattc acgtggaaac tgaataacac tcttctcaat gataccttgg    141300
     tcaaggaagg aataaagaaa gaaattaaag actttttaga gtttaatgaa aatgaagcca    141360
     caacgtaccc aaacctatgg gacacaatga aagcatttct aagagggaaa ctcatagcgc    141420
     tgagtgcctc caagaagaaa cgggagacag cacatactag cagcttgaca acacatctaa    141480
     aagccctaga aaaaaaggaa gcaaattcac ccaagaggag tagacggcag gaaataatca    141540
     aactcagggg tgaaatcaac caagtggaaa caagaagaac tattcaaaga attaaccaaa    141600
     ggaggagttg gttctttgag aaaatcaaca agatagataa acccttagct agactcacta    141660
     aagggcacag ggacaaaatc ctaattaaca aaatcagaaa tgaaaaggga gacataacaa    141720
     cagatcctga agaaatccaa aacaccatca gatccttcta caaaaggcta tactcaacaa    141780
     aactggaaaa cctggacgaa atggacaaat ttctggacag ataccaggta ccaaagttga    141840
     atcaggatca agttgaccat ctaaacagtc ccatatcacc taaagaaata gaagcagtta    141900
     ttaatagtct cccaaccaaa aaaagcccag gaccagatgg gtttagtgca gagttctatc    141960
     agaccttcaa agaagatcta attccaattc tgcacaaact atttcacaaa atagaagtag    142020
     aaggtactct acccaactca ttttatgaag ccactattac tctgatacct aaaccacaga    142080
     aagatccaac aaagatagag aacttcagac caatttctct tatgaatatc gatgcaaaaa    142140
     tcctcaataa aattctcgct aaccgaatcc aagaacacat taaagcaatc atccatcctg    142200
     accaagtagg ttttattcca gggatgcagg gatggtttaa tatacgaaaa tccatcaatg    142260
     taatccatta tataaacaaa ctcaaagaca aaaaccacat gatcatctcg ttagatgcag    142320
     aaaaagcatt tgacaagatc caacacccat tcatgataaa agttttggaa agatcaggaa    142380
     ttcaaggccc atacctaaac atgataaaag caatctacag caaaccagta gccaacatca    142440
     aagtaaatgg agagaagctg gaagcaatcc cactaaaatc agggactaga caaggctgcc    142500
     cactttctcc ctaccttttc aacatagtac ttgaagtatt agccagagca attcgacaac    142560
     aaaaggagat caaggggata caaattggaa aagaggaagt caaaatatca ctttttgcag    142620
     atgatatgat agtatatata agtgacccta aaaattctac cagagaactc ctaaacctga    142680
     taaacagctt cggtgaagta gctggatata aaattaactc aaacaagtca atggcctttc    142740
     tctatacaaa gaataaacag gctgagaaag aaattaggga aacaacaccc ttctcaatag    142800
     tcacaaataa tataaaatat cttggcgtga ctctaactaa ggaggtgaaa gatctgtatg    142860
     ataaaaactt caaatctctg aagaaagaaa ttaaagaaga tctcagaaga tggaaagatc    142920
     tcccatgctc atggattggc aggatcaaca ttgtaaaaat ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa    142980
     tctacagatt caatgcaatc cccatcaaaa ttccaactca attcttcaac gaattggaag    143040
     gagcaatttg caaatttgtc tggaataaca aaaaacctag gatagcaaaa agtcttctca    143100
     aggataaaag aacttctggc ggaatcacca tgccagacct aaagctttac tacagagcaa    143160
     ttgtgataaa aactgcatgg tactggtata gagacagaca agtagaccaa tggaatagaa    143220
     ttgaagatcc agaaatgaac ccacacacct atggtcactt gatcttcgac aagggagcta    143280
     aaaccatcca gtggaagaaa gacagcattt tcaacaattg gtgctggcac aactggttgt    143340
     tatcgtgtag aagaatgcga atcgatccat acttatctcc ttgtactaag gtcaaatcta    143400
     agtggatcaa ggaacttcac ataaaaccag agacactgaa acttatagag gagaaagtgg    143460
     ggaaaagcct tgaagatatg ggcacagggg aaaaattcct gaacagaaca gcaatggctt    143520
     gtgctgtaag atcgagaatc gacaaatggg acctaatgaa actccaaagt ttctgcaagg    143580
     caaaagacac cgtcaataag acaaaaagac caccaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct    143640
     atcctaaatc agatagggga ctaatatcca acatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggact    143700
     tcagaaaatc aaataacccc attaaaaaat ggggctcaga actgaacaaa gaattctcac    143760
     ctgaggaata ccgaatggca gagaagcact tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc ttaatcatca    143820
     gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga atggctaaga    143880
     tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gaggatgtgg agaaagagga acactcctcc    143940
     attgttggtg ggagtgcagg cttgtacaac cactctggaa atcagtctgg cggttcctca    144000
     gaaaactgga catagtacta ccggaggatc cagcaatacc tctcctgggc atatacccag    144060
     aagatgcccc aacaggtaag aaggacacat gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta    144120
     taatagccag aagctggaaa gaacctagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa    144180
     tgtggtacat ctacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat    144240
     tcctagccaa atggatggac ctggagagca tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca caatcacaaa    144300
     ggaactcaca caatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatacta gcccaaaacc taggataccc    144360
     acgatataag atacaatttc ctaaacacat gaaactcaag aaaaatgaag actgaagtgt    144420
     ggacactagg cccctcctta gaagtgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagaaac    144480
     aaagtatgga gctgagatga aaggatgcac catgtagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca    144540
     ccccataatc agcttccaaa tgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttactgaaa    144600
     ggacccagat gtagctgtct cttgtgagac tatgccgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg    144660
     atgctcacag tcagctaatg gatggatcac agggctccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt    144720
     acccaaggag ctaaagggat cttcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg aactaaccag    144780
     tacccctgag ctcttgactc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca    144840
     ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacacgcaga ctttgtgtgc cccggtacag gggaacgcca    144900
     gggccaaagg gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagtgggggt gggtgggtaa gggggacttt    144960
     tggtatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgagcta aatacctaat aaaaaatgga aaaaaaaaaa    145020
     aagaatgaat ttatgaaatt cctagccaaa tggatggacc tggagggcat catcctgagt    145080
     gaggtaacac attcacaaag aaactcacac aatatgtatt cactgataag tggatattag    145140
     ccccaaacct aggataccca agatataaga tataatttgc taaacacatg aaactcaagg    145200
     agaatgaaga atgaagtgtg gacactatgc ccctccttag atttgggaac aaaacaccca    145260
     tggaaggagt tacagagacg gagtttggag ctgagatgaa aggatggacc atgtagagac    145320
     tgccatagcc agggatccac cccataatca gcatccaaac gctgacacca ttgcatacac    145380
     tagcaagatt ttattgaaag gacgcagatg tagctgtctc ttgtgagact atgccggggc    145440
     ccagcaaaca cagaagtgga ggctcacagt cagctaatgg atggatcata gggctcccaa    145500
     tggaggagct agagaaagta gccaaggagc taaagggatc tgcaacccta taggtggaac    145560
     aacattatga gctaaccagt accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat atatcaacag    145620
     atggcctagt cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acttgcaaac tttatatgcc    145680
     ccagtacagg ggaataccag ggccaaaaag ggggagtggg tgggcagggg agtgggggtg    145740
     ggtggatatg ggggactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagttaa atacctaata    145800
     aaaaatggaa aaaaaaaaag attaaggctt gattatccct tggacaaagt atttgatacc    145860
     aaagtggttt tatttttatt tgaattgcat aatgataaaa cttgggtaaa aagtccaagc    145920
     ttaaacaaac aaaacaataa tatgtacatt gtatgggtac taacagcaaa ttcatggcat    145980
     attaaataaa ttgtgtttga aactaaatga gtttatattt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    146040
     aagaaaacat tcgattcatt ccagtagcac tgacgaagta acaagagact tgtgtgtggt    146100
     gcaaatgaaa tataagaaat aaatgtttgg cattacagct acaaatcatg gtttctgtgc    146160
     ataatgtatc tctcaacacc attgttgatg taaacacacc ttccaatgga atggagcgaa    146220
     cacatactta acttcaaact tgcattatac gatgattcca gatttaactc tgaactctct    146280
     gtcagccttt gctccctaaa tattattctt actacacaaa accgctggaa gagatccagt    146340
     tcagaggaca caaaatgtag aataagatgg ggatataatt atttgaattt atcacatgta    146400
     aaccttttag gggataactg gagagagagc catctggttg ctatgcaata ctttcgggaa    146460
     tcacttttcc cagctcacaa tcatgtgata gggagaaagc atttgccata ttggagcaag    146520
     taatgatcaa gatagaatat tagcatgcaa acggatttag gtttcttaac aatgtggatt    146580
     gcaaaagtgc atatttagag ccaacaagat ggctcagtgc gtagaggaac ttggcaccaa    146640
     gtctgacaac ctgagtttaa tctgtgagac caacatcatg ggatgagaga actaaagcct    146700
     gggatgactt ctgacttgca tcagtgtgac atgggaaatc atacacacac atacacacac    146760
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaccacaca aaataaataa atataagtat    146820
     tattttgaat ttgcaaatgt atacctagta tacctatttg aagaaaataa aaacttcctt    146880
     agggccaaag aacttcaaag aaactatctt tttattacat taaatcagct gttctgtgat    146940
     gtcaggacag cctttcctct aagtacttaa gtcactttcc atgtgtcctg agaaaattca    147000
     tcagctaaat cctatgaaac ttctctgaga ttatgaaatt gtggctattc aacgaaggaa    147060
     ggaagaaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa    147120
     ggaaggaagg ggagagagat agagacagag acagaaaaaa aatgatttcc cactttcaaa    147180
     atagactcta taggcaaaat taaagagaaa tataggtaga tttttttaag gaattaaaat    147240
     ggtacaattt tcccctataa aacccttcat aaaagttcct ggatgatctt ttatgaacta    147300
     gaggcaaata tctaaaaaat acatccaagc tttcacaaaa gaaagccaga attatgaacc    147360
     tagttttaga gatggtatca aaactatact aaaacatgca gtcctgtggt ctgcccgaag    147420
     cccagaggga agccccagtt gaccataaaa ggtctgtctg catgttctca gcagaccgca    147480
     cacagggtca tatttactat gcagcccatg tctttgtgct cacaggcact ctgaagggct    147540
     ggcagcacag gacagtccca gaactcaaaa caaacaggat taaaaaactg gtctgacttc    147600
     cctcccaaca tctaatgtgt tttgttttat tagcttagct tcttcacaca cacacacaca    147660
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    147720
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagtcactat aatttaacaa gtgaaaactt tagaaatact    147780
     caaaagaagg ctttaagttt cctcagaagg gtagaaaaca cgtttcccat aggtaacgac    147840
     ccctttcaag taacactgca gccacaggga aaatgaagaa taaagatgaa tgtatttatg    147900
     gttaattaac ctacttggca acttagaaag ctgctttgaa agttcttagg aacaggtagt    147960
     gtataaatca tcaaaatgag tcaaaagtca aaatcaaaag caaacaacaa attaaagacc    148020
     tggcacctgc aggcgcacag tgctgagcac tgagcagaaa cacacatggg cagtgcgggg    148080
     tggtgtgaca atgcggttct caagagaatg gctgtctaag taatcagtgc ttctcttcaa    148140
     gactctgaaa ggatcctgag gtttctgctc agtgatgaat attacctacg acccagatta    148200
     tgattctcag ccaggtggta tctgattttg acatgccaca agatccacgc tattccttac    148260
     ggtcactcat cgaatgcctc acctcttgag tctttcaaga cagttccttc tagtacacag    148320
     ctttttctgt gagtgtccag agcagatgca gagctcatta aaggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca    148380
     aaccttggga acaggaaagg tttctgagta cacaacaagt aaaaatgaat tgtagctcaa    148440
     atgtgtaata gatatgaggg gtttctgaca gtgcttactc gtgttgcctc atgtgacttc    148500
     actgcatctt tgggttcaaa cctacagcct acacaccttg tactggggat atagtcacaa    148560
     caataacaaa acacaacaat aacgaaagct gtcagaaaga gctcagcaga gactgcagca    148620
     agtgctaagt tgaggtgctt tctctatgta tactaacgtt gctggtttta cagaactatg    148680
     atagcttaac taaagaaaac aaagatatat attttattgc cttcattcct tagtatctct    148740
     caaattatct gggctgtttc agaattatta tgtttgaaca tttgatttta aaacctgctg    148800
     ctttgcttac agacttgagt ctcataaaat atcaagtagg acgaaagttc caacatttct    148860
     gaaatgccct agatgtgtca tacttatgac ataaatatgt cataaacatg ttctatgtgc    148920
     atttcattgt atatgactct gtgtgtgtac attagcatat gtgtgtggtg tgcatgtgtg    148980
     tgcacatgta cagttgtgct ggccattaag gacatgtgtg aaggccagag gttggtgacc    149040
     gaatgctttc ctctatatct ccctcccttt tctgagatag ggtctctaga cttttggcta    149100
     gacttgatca atctcttgca gtcgtccact gctggagtta cacgtgtgcg ccagcatgcc    149160
     ttggttttta tgtggtgcca ggttatcact taaaatcact ttctcatgct ggaagatcaa    149220
     gtgctttact caatgaccca tctctccagt tgctataatg ctacctcata ctacatattc    149280
     ataagaagag gcttcctcag cactaatgct tgtaaaatat caattctgga aaacactgaa    149340
     aacctatgtt ctattgtatc aaatattcag ccaaaattag gcctctgtag aaaagaagaa    149400
     agaaacatat tcatctcttt agcatgcaga aactatctct taaagggggt aaaattaaag    149460
     ccagccaaaa tactgcttta aataccctta tgatgtgttc tcagtatgcc tgattttcat    149520
     gcctattttg taagcctata tacatagtgc attgggttga ataaaaatgg ttcccatagg    149580
     ctcatctgtt tggatgttta gttgccaaga agtggtactg tttaaaagaa atagaaggat    149640
     taggaggtgt gtccttgttg gaggaagtgt atccttggga gtaggttttg aggtttcaaa    149700
     agcccattcc tggcctagag tctcaggttc tctgtatctt gcacgctctc tctctctctt    149760
     tcttctctct ctctttctct ctctctctct gtctgtcttt ctctctcttt ctttctctct    149820
     ccttctctct ctctctctcc ttctctctct ctctatcctc actctcttgt cccttgcttt    149880
     ctcgctctct tgctctctct ctgcctatgg atcagtctgt agctcccagc tactacacaa    149940
     gcacctgcat gccaccatgt tcactgtcat gatgataata gactaaacct ctaaaatttt    150000
     aagccagccc caattaaatg ttttttgtta taacagttgc cttggtctcg atgccttttc    150060
     acagcaacag aacagagact aagagtctca gggtcaaata gaagtctcac aggaaaaaag    150120
     agttcacaat tagaaaaact ttaggaaact cagggggctt ttctgactag taacacatca    150180
     gtgatccggc cattcacctt taaggctggc tgtcccaggt gaaaagcaat aggctggccc    150240
     catgtccagt aaagcagaga aatccatagc acaactcaga attaacacac attcaggctg    150300
     ggtccacgag caacgcttac tctgaggttc attttgtcta tgggattctg ttcaaatttc    150360
     tcccactgag ctcacttcgc ttgctttaac ttctcactga cttcttcata aacctctaaa    150420
     gtctttgcag ctatcaagca gccacgtttc agcagcttca tatctcatta gcttgctaca    150480
     gtacagaccc cctggccttt gcctcaagtt caagctcact gaggcagagt tgacatgttc    150540
     tctcactttc atgtgtttat cattattata tatatgtaca cacatgccag ggcctatgtg    150600
     cagaggtcag aggacagctg agcccattct ctcattccat tatgagatct aggaattgga    150660
     attatgtcct taggctcact gagcagaaac tgttagcagc tgaacctcca agccaaacca    150720
     aacctgcata tgaagattaa ggatttcaat ggacagccca aactgagtca cacagatcta    150780
     agatgatgca cacaattctt tttcttatat taaacttgtt ttttttccat ctaatttgtt    150840
     tttgagaact tctgtattta tttatagcca tcttgccagg aagatggcga aagaaactaa    150900
     tatatgttaa ccaggaaagg aagtttgtca agagtcccta ctcaagtagt caccaaattt    150960
     taaattttac aaatgaagaa attaagtgtt gaggaaaaat tgagtgcaga ttgtgtgatt    151020
     aaaaagtggg tcatccagag tttatatact gtttgacttg gctatcagtt atccagactt    151080
     tatcttatat ctcaccagag tttcttcttg tcccaaatat ctatgctttg tcttaaaaca    151140
     cctgcacaat attaataaga atcatccaga gtattttaag aacataatgc gatttgtcta    151200
     caaataagac atgaaactat aaattaagca agtctccaca gcacctaacc aaactaggtg    151260
     tcaattttgc taagttaaaa ttcccttaag aggcaatgtg cgttaagaat gaagggctac    151320
     gactcaaaag cagagcttga ctattacaag actgcagcca gctaaccttg gctaagtggc    151380
     tcagatcctt ctcagactgg gaacactact catgattctt ataataaaaa gttttatgag    151440
     gatgaaaaga attaagaagt aaaaagtaaa taggtgtata actagtgtga tggtttgtat    151500
     attcttgcac cagggagtgg caccatttag aggtgtggcc tttttggaat aggtgtgacc    151560
     tgattatagt atgtgtgtca ctgtggatgt aggcttaata tcctcatcct agttgcctgt    151620
     aagtcagtct tccacttgca gcctttggat gaagatgtag aactctcagt tatgcctgcg    151680
     ccatgcctgc ctggatactg ccatgctctc accttgatga taatggaacg aacctctgag    151740
     cctgtaaggc agccccaatt aaatgttgtt tttttataag acttgccttg gtcatggtgt    151800
     ctgttcatag cagtaaaacc ctaactaaga caactagtat gttctaaaca attgatcaat    151860
     gcaatctttc tgtattatta aatgtaagct gttctggtat agcagtctct atttaaaagc    151920
     aatgcagagt tccacctgac tagggaattg caagtcttcc aggtcaatac atcatttgtt    151980
     tccttcatct ttattgtttt actcacatga ttagcatgat taagagaaca gtccaattca    152040
     tttctaacct gtatctctta cccaagtcca ctgtcctgat ctattcaggt gtgcagtgtt    152100
     accaaaacag tgatgttgac aagtgccctg acgaattttg agacagaaac agtgtccaaa    152160
     gacaaatttg ctaagagcta tcgtaggata aactccagtc ccatctcgca caatctagac    152220
     agcttctcct tccactcagt tcacagatct caatagctgt aatgtcaaaa catgttcaaa    152280
     gtctgatctc tctcactcct gtcttggtca ctattgtgac atttatgtcc ttgtgtcact    152340
     atacagaatt ctctagccag cagaaatagc aatctctaca aaacatccac tgttcactgt    152400
     gtcatgtgtt ctggaaaact atccactctc aggtttttca gtcagatcct gcctttgtgc    152460
     tgtgtttgct tctgcctaaa aaggccttct ctcctatctc cacagcctgt gctcagaatc    152520
     ttcatatcag gaaggttttc tgtgaccctt atcaaattgc agcaatgtcc tctgcctcca    152580
     cccttcctaa tccccaatac tgatctttca ccacagaaag aatctactca ggtatacagt    152640
     ttgtcatttc tcccctcaca aggaagcaaa cttcaagcca ggcttcatgc atcctattaa    152700
     ctgttgtatt atgtgttaat agtacctaag tagtaaactt ttctttttcc gtttttttgt    152760
     tttgttttgt tttttggttt ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttttggtt    152820
     ttgttttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgc agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta    152880
     gaccaggcca gcctcgaatt cagaaacccg cctgcctctg ccttccaaat gctgggatta    152940
     aaggcgtgcg ccaccatgcc cggcttagta gtaaacatta tttaaagaac attccttgaa    153000
     agaattaata aataagacat tgcaggaatg ccttagaata tttgtagaaa tgtataaatt    153060
     tcttggtaaa ttcaaatcta tcagtaggaa agtgtgagac atgagtaatc tttcccccag    153120
     atggcactca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaataaat ggaaaaacct caatttttag    153180
     gtattaaaca aacttccctt cttccaaagc aaggtcaaaa atgatacaca tgtaagtttg    153240
     ttgatcaaac agattccctc tctcctaaac atggccattt agctcaagaa ggaaatacaa    153300
     ttgatttata caaatggaat cacagtggtg attgacaggc agttactcat tggttggggt    153360
     ggtggctaaa cactcataat cttgtcaaaa gcaccttggg aattttagtg cgaacagagt    153420
     ccaaagtcta gttttaattc tcccctgcaa gcagctactg cagcactagc ccctgttcat    153480
     gaggctgctt acccacgagc cctctggtac ctcagtcacg aggctcatgg cataaagttt    153540
     tcagcttttc ttccagtgcc actcagacct tacatatatg aacaataaga agtcacaaat    153600
     caaaaattca tatttcagcc tctattaggg ttaacaatat ttgccatttc aacaactatg    153660
     tgtttatgtg aagctttata acatatctat gtatatgtgt cttatatatg tattttatat    153720
     atgtatatat gtatttgtat atgtattttt ttatatataa tgtatcgata ccataatgta    153780
     atatgtatgt atatgtgtgt gtgtctcctc atgggtgtga tagatttttc ttcactttga    153840
     taaataaccc aaagaaacca cttaaaggga agaaagaatt tttgctcaca gtttcagaaa    153900
     tttcagccga tgactgatag tctcagtgga ttgtagccat gtgactgggc aaaatctcag    153960
     tggggaatct gtagtgaata tccttcatct catagaaaac acaagcaaga acaaggaaga    154020
     aactgcaaac taggcactag gcactaggca caacctcaaa gctctgccca catcctataa    154080
     ctagacccca tctccctaag tttccagaag catctgaaaa cacagccacc agctgggaac    154140
     caactagtca gtatctacct ttaggaggga aacatcctcc atccgtgaaa gtcatatact    154200
     attttaaagt ttatagaata tgcaaaaagg aggagtggga ccaacaaaaa gtcctacccg    154260
     tgcctggcac agaaggtgga ggagaatgct ttcagtattt ggaatattga ctatgctatc    154320
     atactgtgga aaaacaacag ctcttgcccc accgcttaca gcagacaagc aagcatgagt    154380
     gcaaaagcct gtaaccccag atgcgccaac attccagtct ggctcactgt ttccctttgg    154440
     ctgactggca atagcaagga aactataagc aaatattcca ggtaagaaga ttagctctac    154500
     ggtgtaagaa ggtcattaaa ggaagagcca cagaactccc tctccacatg gagtaacctg    154560
     attttgtttt tcttttgttt tgtgttttgt tttttgtttt attttgtttt taattaaaaa    154620
     tatcttttca agaaaaaaag gattaatact ttactatggg ggaggggtgt ctttttattt    154680
     cctgtgtatc atgtggccca tacaagcaga aatgcatatc atgaaaaagg agtcagatga    154740
     gagtcagcta gtttttccag cccccctgcc agccacctac atgagtaaga cattgacctc    154800
     actgcttcca gaatgacctc actgctacac ggcgggaggg caagacagga cactgtggca    154860
     tctaagtccc tctcatcctc tgcctttgta tttttaaaga ttttcttaat ctgaaaattc    154920
     tcagtgaata agtagtaaga atgtatcttt cagtttgaaa acactggaga cattagacat    154980
     cacctaaaca agaatagaaa agaccccccc tctgccccca actatataca gcttgagaag    155040
     ttgaggtagg ggccgcccta ggatctgatg cctgtagtca gaggccaggg cagcattctc    155100
     agtaagtcag ctgagttacc attgccaccg cagtgtgtga agggggccag agttatccta    155160
     gtcagtaggc tctaaagagg atggaagacc aaaggcctga ggacaggtga ctcatctgct    155220
     tatttcttta cctgaagaca cattaatgac cactgacatc ccaaatggtt attcccactg    155280
     aggtatagct gcatttacag gcaaaacaaa aacacaaaca aaaaccaaaa ccacagcaac    155340
     ctataataag attagtatca taaatgcaaa tgatagtgct cctttcgaat ggcaatatag    155400
     taccctagag cggaactttc accattcttt atatctggag tccgaaagag ctttcacctg    155460
     gttttcccat gagaaggtca caaatatgta aatatagatg tccaggtcag aaagcaacag    155520
     caggcatcat ttggatcaag taaaagcagc ttgtttcaat aagagtcagg tgcaagtatg    155580
     cctggtagat ttaccatatt tagaaaagca aattaattta tagttctcca atctctcaat    155640
     ccatttatct gtattgacag actggagaac tataaattaa tttgccatgc tataaataag    155700
     ctgtaaacac agtaatttct ctacagctaa tatactccca tacccacttg tctataattg    155760
     tgtacaacca gatggcatat tcccaatgct tccaacaagt gtcaggaaga taaacagaga    155820
     gggctggaga gaagaagaaa aggaaaggaa ggaaaataaa agaaagggaa gggaaggaga    155880
     ggagaaaaga ggaaaaggaa aaagaaagga aacacagaaa aaagaaattt tttaaaaatc    155940
     cctttatgtt gccaaaagct ggcagctctc ttctttcttc ccaaaccctt agatcttagg    156000
     aaaagagtat gtcttactaa gtgccaacaa caacacagat aattgttagt atgtttcctc    156060
     tgtgtggatg gggcatgcat tatcctgctt tgactatagc cacactagcc gctgggataa    156120
     aagtcagtgc caagtttaaa ataataacac caccttctgc agtgccaggg cctggtttct    156180
     aaccccaaat cctgaatttt agatgctgtc tgttagaatg aaataaaata tggcttggat    156240
     ttgctgttac acagacctct gagttagggt taacagttaa cacagagatg tttctaatct    156300
     aatgtgggct cactgcagaa gaacatttag aaaagaataa attaatttta ggaagaaaat    156360
     taccagtatc tttaccactt cctaccctgg tccttattaa taaaatatat ttacaatgca    156420
     atagcatgaa tcactttagt gatatacgtt tatacactcg tgaaaatact tatgatgaca    156480
     agtaaaaaat atgtatgatg ctagtatgag caatgggggt tcttcagggg gagggcttta    156540
     tttgaacctt cctgtaaatc ccatgaataa tgacaacttg tataattcac agcttttctc    156600
     aagggaggtt tactaccctg gggccagcca tccaaacaag gttcaggggt gacatgtgta    156660
     ccaatatgat aaagatagga aggaattgta gtacagaggg taccaggtcc agcaactctc    156720
     tcctaattta cccagaccat cggagaatgc ttccagaaaa gacttccctc ctttcctcct    156780
     ttcctccttt cctcctttcc tccctccctt ccttcctccc tcgttctctc tctcttcctc    156840
     tcttcttccg ttcctctctc gctccctctc tcttttcccc ctccttcctt tcttttcttt    156900
     tttctacctt ttaattaaga agaagagcaa gaaacaaaca agcaaagatc aatttatctg    156960
     tggtttccta ataacgacaa ggactaggaa ggatgcttaa gtattccttt aaaagctcaa    157020
     atctttcaaa ggtgaacaaa gtagaactta aaccacgtgg tttgaataat gaagacaaag    157080
     tattcaggcc attcttcctg agagtttgat gtccttgatt aacatgcaaa gtaatgagaa    157140
     atttgatgtt ccttctctag agcattaata tcactctagt tggccatgaa gcagaaaaca    157200
     aagaagcaca cacacactca catacatact catacaaatg caaacacata ctcatacaaa    157260
     tgcacacact attacactca catgtactcc ctctgtctca cacacacaca cacacacaca    157320
     cacacacaga gtttgcacgg tggtaatgtt tctttataac aaactggcct caggaaatta    157380
     ttaatgaggg gtgaggaggt tacagagcag ctaagctcac aagaatgcct aagcaaagag    157440
     aactgcctat tcagacagag cggctgagga ctgtgtgggg aagactggca cttagaaagg    157500
     aattccttcc taggcaaaaa tttttctata ccgtgcaaag tgagaatcaa atgagtcata    157560
     acagtccaca tctcctgtgt gtgtgttagt gggtgacctc cgattcctaa ggaagtcaag    157620
     ggcagcatca agtgagaaac caccctcctg cctctctacc cctcctccca gcaccacatg    157680
     tgaggaccat ctgagatgac acaggtttgg tccagccaga tgccattaca cattggatga    157740
     caccggattt gtaacttttg gctttacttt caggaaggga aaaaaataaa aataaaaaag    157800
     acccatgcca gaaattgagc ggcttttctc tttggacaag cccaggcatg ccccagcgac    157860
     accagcactg gctgaaccct ctcttcctag gcctgcctac caccagaaaa gtatgaacat    157920
     tttaaccgac tgtttcgaag gacccggaat agaactttta gtcactcagc ctgagcagaa    157980
     gagcagtaaa ggaaaagttc tctgcttgtg caaacatggg gcctattttc tctatgtgaa    158040
     gatggcaaga aacccctttg tccccaaatc aggatgaatg ttttatcact ttcaaaagag    158100
     aaggtacctt ctggtccaga tacacagaaa agagtcctct gcttgacagc ttccacttta    158160
     tgctggtcaa gtatgtctct tctattgctg ctattgacca ctgctgtgtc cttgtcaact    158220
     caggaccagg ggactctcaa gtaagttagg ctttcagcag cacagcttca tagactgagc    158280
     accaatgggt tgtcagccct tcctggctgc aaatggttgt cactgtagag ccatcgagtc    158340
     cctaagcaat tctagagaaa ctccctattg caacacacac taattctctc agttctgttt    158400
     ttctgtagaa ccctcactaa agatggcttt atgttggcca gatttaatct tctgtaagta    158460
     gttgagacaa ccctcatggc tggatttcag tgttcttttg ttacagatga caaagctgaa    158520
     gtccaggggg ggtggggggg gcaaagtggt ggagtcatat ggaggttgta ctagaagaga    158580
     agatattgtg ctctaagact caagcattga ttctgcacca ctattcttta aatggcaatg    158640
     gtttgtgttg ccagagaatt agactcaatt ccagcttcat tttactttct gtccttcctc    158700
     aaaaagccat attttgttat gttgatccca acctactttc tagattaaaa taagcaaact    158760
     ggagaaaaaa aaaagtgaag ataccaagtg acaaatctca atttctggga caaacgctga    158820
     ggtgcctatt taacaaataa agagacttgg tatccagatt cgtccagcat ccctccatca    158880
     cttcctgcta tggggtatgg ctgacataac caccctctgc cctaaaccct ccagcccaga    158940
     ggctggactg cccttacctc agagcctttt ccccatgtaa tccagtactt ccggttacct    159000
     gcccccttcc gttacccttc agccttcaga ctgatgcata tggttccttt tccctggccc    159060
     atctccacaa agactcggtc atggctactg aggattgccc agacatctct gcctttagta    159120
     ctctttcgtt ttgatctgta acattctcct ccatcacacc tggacgctgt catgtttgtt    159180
     cctttttctt tctctttttt ttttcattca tctacaggag tactataaac agatcatatt    159240
     acaataccct tcaagtaata gtgctaggtc ctacctgttt tcccaagcca ctttcctaaa    159300
     ccttactcta ttcccattag tattatctta tccctctcta caattttcct tccttggtta    159360
     gaatggcaca taaagcctct ggtcttaact gtttccttaa gtttctacat ctttctgtga    159420
     agtctgagaa tctataaaat ttgaaacagt tgtaaaatcc ctatgtcttt tctcttctta    159480
     cctgtcactt tcagcttaat ttgcacacct cagcttgaaa agctagggtg caaagctatt    159540
     attctcttcc ttgtggcata gtaggtaata atgtactatg aaaaaaaggt atttttgtta    159600
     taaatataaa aatttctaaa atgcttataa gtgctgaatt gctaagcaat tatatttata    159660
     taaaatcaaa aataaaacat ggcaatactt atcaaatata tcaaaacaaa attccaaatt    159720
     tgtaagaaat cagaatttgt aggtttaagg gtttaccttg taaatgtctg gatgcctacc    159780
     aattcctgaa gatgatagtg tggtgtgtga tggcttagat tctaagtatg aagaaaaaaa    159840
     ggtggacaca agggtttttg ccagtcagag aactgtggat ctcataagaa ggtggatggt    159900
     acctgaggaa ccatgccaca ggtcaaattc aaaaccccaa cacacacaca cacacacaca    159960
     cacacacaca cagagatagt tctatatatt gagtacagta tccacggtgt gtaattaacg    160020
     aatcattcct tagcattctt agcatttggg ttttattgta gacaaaggta tttctcaact    160080
     agccaaaatc tgaacctgat gatatgctct cagtgtagtt agaaacagtt gaatcaaaca    160140
     tcaacattgt ccacatttaa aatctctagg taccttcagc gaaatctttc tggcatatga    160200
     aatagtgtct gggtttggtg gctgattatg ggatggatcc ccgggtgggg tagtctctag    160260
     atagtcatag ctgtctccta tgaggctatg ccagtgcctg tcaaatacag aagtggatgc    160320
     tcacaatcat ctataagatg gaacacaggg cccccaatag agaagctaga gaaagcaccc    160380
     aaggagctga aggggtctgc aaccctatag gtggaacaac aatatgaact aaccagtacc    160440
     cccagagctc ctgtctctag ctgcatacat agcagaagat ggcctagtcg gccatcactg    160500
     ggaagagtgg ccccttggta ttgcaaactt tatatgccct agtacagggg aacgccaggg    160560
     ccaagaagcg ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag cagggcagag ggagggtata gggaactttc    160620
     gggatagcat ttgaaatgta tataaagaaa atatataata aaaaataaag aaaaaaaaga    160680
     aagaaaaaat ctctaggcac ttccaagtgt gaattttagg ggcatggaaa ttgccagtga    160740
     cttgcttgca tacaaaggaa aacaatgttc ttctcccagc aatatcctgc tccggacttc    160800
     attccacaaa atgagtaaaa tacctgcctg cagtcggggt gacttctttt taacatgtag    160860
     gctgaaataa aggtgaccta cctacaacag aggacaaagt aactcatcaa agggagcatc    160920
     tcatcaattt cattattttt atttttccct atgttttttt taatttttta ttagatattt    160980
     tctttattta cttttcaaat gctatcccaa aagtgcccta taccctccct ctgccctgct    161040
     cccctaccca cccactccca tttcttggcc ctggcattcc cctgtactgg ggcataaaaa    161100
     gtttgcaaga cctaggggcc tctcttccca atgatgcctg actaggccat cttctgctac    161160
     gtatgcatct agagacacga gctctggggg tactggttag ttcatattgt tgttctacct    161220
     atagggtcgc agatcccttt agctccttgg gtactttctc tagctcctac attgggggct    161280
     ctgtgttcca tcctatagat gactgtggcc atccacttct gtatttgcca ggcactggca    161340
     tagcctcact cacacgagac agctatcagg gtcctttcag caaaatcttg ctggtaaatg    161400
     caaagtgtct gggtttggtg gctgattatg ggatggatcc ctgggtgggg tagtctctag    161460
     atggtccatc cttttgtctt agctccaaac tttgcctctg taacttcttc catgggtatt    161520
     ttgttcccta ttctaaggaa gaatgaagta tccacacgtt ggtcttcctt cttcttgatt    161580
     ttcttgtgtt ttgcaaattg tatcttggct ccactatgtt caaagcagcc ttctttataa    161640
     tagccaaaag ctggaatgtc ccagatgtcc ctcaacagag aaatggatac agaaaatgtg    161700
     gtacatttac acaatggagt actactcagc tattaaaaac aatggattta tgaaatgctt    161760
     gggcaaatgg atgtatctgg aggatatcat ccttagtgag gtaacccaat cacaaaagaa    161820
     gtcacttgat atgcacttac tgataagtgg atattagccc agaaacttag aatttcatta    161880
     tttttaaaat aagcaaagca ttattctgta gttctgccta cttctctgat ttgaccaaca    161940
     ccctctcttc atatgtgtac aggagtcaca aaagactcag aaacaggaac ttgaggtcag    162000
     agtagcagga gagctaggct acattacagg tcagctgttc cagagatagt caatgacagt    162060
     atcaagattc ttaatgaatg ccatacctat ctgttggtat taagtcactg gggaagatgc    162120
     taacttaact gcatcctaga gctcagattc ctttcacatt gtctcaatgc actgcacttc    162180
     tgtgactcac tgacaatact ggccacagtt aaactcaacc tattaatgtt ttaagatgtg    162240
     acatattctt taacctgcta tcagctccag tacaaagacc taagtgtcac acaaactgtg    162300
     gaaatcaatt ttggtggcta ggctatcatg agagtagcag agggcagttt gtccccaagc    162360
     ctcagaggct cctgtatgga atggttaaca aattgatcta caaaaagccg gcaccagtcc    162420
     tcaactttgt aatcacctcg aaagaaattc atctttgttt attaatctct aattgattta    162480
     aattctcaaa ataaactgca cagaactttt gttttatctg atttcaactt ttttttccta    162540
     ccatcaaaat ttaatataaa aatctcaggg acaactatat tcattttcca attttttttg    162600
     agtataaaga acattgatta aattagtata aaaagaacag ctcctgtgtc tttcatctct    162660
     attgaagata attatttatc aagtaaacat actaaatttt gccttcttat gaaaacacta    162720
     aaggaaatct taagaatgaa atgtttggaa tacaaacaaa aagccaaagc ataatgttta    162780
     agttacagag ctcaaaacag aaagatgact cttaaatatt ttgggctctg tcttctgagt    162840
     tgaaggattt acacagtcaa gctccattgg ttcacttggg agttactctt tatattattt    162900
     tttcttttat tcttcaagag aaaaactctg cctaccaacc ccagccccct ccccgcctcc    162960
     cacccccacc cccaccccac ccctgcacca aagatcatgg ccttcaaatc acagctttgt    163020
     tgagaaacct tttgacactg agtcacagga ccctcgctca aagagcaaaa tctaatggac    163080
     aaaatgttta acatgctcag taaattggat acttgccaga gagttgtttt taatactgga    163140
     atcagctaag gaattggtaa catcagaaag aatcccagaa gaacttggac ctttgaaagg    163200
     catccatcag aatttacatc tgatgtcata gcacaccaca gatgtgacac actgttttca    163260
     aagggaaatg tttccaatac cactgtattg gtaccatgct tttcactctg gtattattct    163320
     tgcttaaatt attacatgca ttcatcctgt gaaagcagaa agaggggaca gactcccagt    163380
     aatacctctc atatgctttc ttctttagaa atttaccaga aggtaacata tatagatatt    163440
     tgcggtacaa acggcagtga atatgcgtgc ttaccaaaag tatgtgagtc agtgtttgca    163500
     aggagatgaa acaggagcca agagtttaaa taagatgtaa cgcacaaccg gccaagaatt    163560
     acctgtgctt ctctgaagca gttcatgttc agtggctaat cagcacagga catctaagtc    163620
     cttactgagc ccaggcctgc agagggccag agtgcaaata ctgacacaca gttcccatgg    163680
     cagcacaaag ccaggctacc tctccacaaa ctgtcacagc ttctaactgt ggctgacttc    163740
     aaatctgaat atgattcatt aatgagtgat tctccatatg aagaaaggaa agtaacggga    163800
     actaaaggtc tggttttgtg ggtcccaaac attgtgctgc tttctacaaa gcacaagcct    163860
     gtgctaccta ggcacttatg taaatagcag tgtgttttta gtttgcttgt gacaccataa    163920
     atattggcat actgaacatg tgcttcctgc catgaattct gaactctctc cccagggtct    163980
     gcttctgttc tgtccacatg ccagagctac agaagactct cccataatct catacgttca    164040
     gagctgagaa aatcaacttc acttccaagg aggaagaaga catttccttc aagtggcttt    164100
     aaaataaaga aacaaacatc aaaaacattt acaatatttt tgcattccaa aggataaatt    164160
     agaattgtca atttcaagac tcaagggcac aaagagaaaa ctaaaactaa gaagaaaaca    164220
     cctgagttgc atcttatgtt aactggaaat ttcagaaagg gaagagaatc caaaagttaa    164280
     agtttttgca aatagacttt tggtagatca cgctcttctc tgaaaaaaat caactgtaat    164340
     gacacattat cacaaagttc acagtttaga agtgtttttt tttttcctgg aaataatgca    164400
     tttctgtttt ctggttgagg aaatgatatt ctaagtagtc atcattataa tctgcccatt    164460
     gggttctttg tgcatcaatt ttattcagtc taagcagaaa gactgaggtc atcctgtggg    164520
     tcccctttta gttcctcaaa atcaagccag acagtagcta catctctcag ttgtgtaata    164580
     aggcatatga ctcaaagatc acagatgatg gcttaaggat cccaagatcc ttaagccagc    164640
     agcatagcag cagggcaggc tgtgctctgt ctatatgtta tttgtatttt actcaagacc    164700
     tactatctga agcactgtgc taacaattat tcaaggtttt attgactgac acttaaaact    164760
     tatggaagat aagagccatt gatatttcaa aaccacaatt acaagtggtg actattggga    164820
     acttttgaga acagcagact gagaaataag aaaggctttt agcacagccc caggaaaaat    164880
     ggcccttaat gcttgtaggt tttgaagatg tgtgaagaac gtcagtcaca agggctaact    164940
     aaatgggcca tattgtcagc agctggcaac taaactgggg tttgtactct gtccagctcc    165000
     cgtctctctg tggacaatca ctctgataga tcgatcttct tgctaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa    165060
     aacaaacgta tgttaaggaa atctaacttt aaaaagcagc atcatataca caaaaagata    165120
     accctgggag gttatgaatg ggctagctgc tgtgtggtag tgatttttcc agtaaacaca    165180
     catagcaaaa cattgaattg aatatagcaa atacactgat ttttttaaat ttatcaacta    165240
     catctgataa aattgtggaa aatagaggat gctaaactga tgtcatgaaa tattaagtat    165300
     atattttaag actgaatcag attaggaacc taatctaaat ctaaaggctg gaaaccttca    165360
     atagcttatt agggccaata gcatccacat atgtcctatt gactgtcgtg atatgtcaac    165420
     tatagccctt cataattaaa acatagcttt tcagtcctat ttttttctgt agacatatca    165480
     aggaccctat cctttctggc cctccagtaa gaagcagtct ggggcagaca tgaagagaac    165540
     tattcatagt acatcagggc cagtgatttg gactctcccg ctcaagcctg gcaacagaag    165600
     tttggtcctc aaaacttaaa tcaattctcc tgcctcagca tccctagtgc taggattata    165660
     ggcatatgct atcaccataa tgtctggcct tcaaaaccca tgcaaagatg aaagaagata    165720
     actgactaca caaagttgtc ttctaatctc gacacgtgcg tgcacacaca gtttacacaa    165780
     caacaaaaat gagcaacaca tgacaatgag ctagaaaatc aagatcagga agaatgcaca    165840
     gtccctagca tttcttgatg cataacaagt atggaagcca aaatgttgac cattgttatg    165900
     tatgaaactt gcccctcccc tctgcctatc ttctaagtcc taaaaaacca tgccaccttt    165960
     ataacaagac attgcctcct ctctctccct ccgctctggg accacactga caggtttctg    166020
     ttgtaaaccg caagatccag cacccttact gaaccattct cttataacct ctcgtctcac    166080
     tgaaatattc acagttgtgt tcccaaattc atttacactg gtcacctatt cttgtcttgt    166140
     tgccttttaa acttttctct tgacccttgg catcttccac ttcctgtttc aaggcaagta    166200
     cccccttgac ctgaactgcc agccgttcac ggggatgtct ccatgcaatg tctcattctg    166260
     ttcactgagc tgcactcaga catcttcatc tctattcagg aaggagttag attagctcat    166320
     catttggctt cctcgaggat attcattaga atttttttct gaagctagta aggtgaccat    166380
     ccctttatat ctatttcaaa tgtcattgtc aaaacaagtt atactttaga caaagtgtat    166440
     tcctgtgtct taaaaatccc gctccacctc tgattctgca aggtactgga gctgtctatt    166500
     ttccttggcc tcctgctcac agcctgcttc aacaacttag ctccatttga aaacaagctt    166560
     gctattcttt caagtatacc caatggtatg gcaaccttta acctgaataa atattcatgt    166620
     caaatgtctc tgtactttct tttattcttt cttttttgtt gttttgtatt ttgagtcaag    166680
     atctcattct gtaacctgga tatccttgaa cttactcaac ctcctgcctc agcttcctag    166740
     tcttgacatt ataggtatat actattatga ctggcctcaa atgtgtattt tatgtcctcc    166800
     tttgggtata aatgaattgg aggcaacaag taagctatat tgataattag agtccaccaa    166860
     gggtccagga aatgatgact gggtacccag aatgacactt tggaagatgg agctagaatc    166920
     tttgcattgt cagggtctag tgggagtttt ttatatcacc agggccatac ccttaaagga    166980
     tacagcagga aacaattacc ttcatttccc tctactctgc ttcacagaga tgcacttcca    167040
     ccatgatata ctgctctcta ccaatggcat aaagaagtta atgtccaatc acgggtgaga    167100
     attcctaaat caatgagcca aataaaagtg attcctttac gaactgatta tgtacaaaac    167160
     tgttttagtg atggaaggtt gagtaacaaa ggctaattca ccttttcatc ttccacaagg    167220
     ccttatagtc tgaacaggaa ctggccttgc cctgtcattt acatctcaat ccagagagtt    167280
     tgtatcctca gacagcatgc aactacataa aggagttgaa accatacctc agctcttgga    167340
     tacaagatca cagacattcc caacttaaga gaaaaatctt agagttgttt tgatgtcctt    167400
     ttcaaactta agaccatcac ttaaaaaaag aaagagtgga aagggagagg gagaaagaga    167460
     gaaagagaga aagagagaga gggaaagaga gaaagagaga aagagagaaa gaaggaagga    167520
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagaaagaa agagggaggg agggagggag    167580
     ggagggaggg agggaaggag gaggggaggg agggagggag ggaaggagga ggggagggag    167640
     gaggggagga agggagggag ggaggaagga agggagggag gaaggaagga aagaagagcc    167700
     aatcatacac aacatagaca tggtagcatc caccattgtc tattgttttc ttaaaacatg    167760
     ggagccagag gacttatttc ctctgtcaaa cttgtaacag caacacatag agtggccagt    167820
     atgttacact gtcagttatt aaaggataga aaggttcatt tattctttgt tttgtttgtt    167880
     tgttatgatg ggtttcttac acattcactt tgtttaaagc caaataaacc aaacagaact    167940
     tagggatgcc agaaaatgaa gacatgctat agaatcaaag tagaaattat tggacatctt    168000
     ctgctcactc tgatgcccat aagtttgctt ggcttctgct gtcttcctac tgtgaaaggt    168060
     ttatggtacc acgtttccag gccccgtgtt ctgaaccaga ctgacaagcc catcagggta    168120
     atttcagaga aggaaaggga atattctaat gcagaaagat acaggagaac tgggagcagc    168180
     tctcagatct aattctctaa aaagaaaaac cagtgtcata taaggttagt catatgaggt    168240
     taaattcaag acaagcagag ttacagtgac cataaatcat aactgctgtt ggatttctat    168300
     tttacatggc tgtagttata ggtctactct tgtgagccag aacaattatt ttataattag    168360
     tttagacatg tctgagccca aaaggaaaat ttcaatttca atcatcatat tttcctttaa    168420
     atagaacact gtgttagcaa aaagtaggcc aattcaactt ctcacacata atagacaaag    168480
     tgcatggacc aaatcttagg tgctttcaag gtatactaca acatagcaat ggtgggattt    168540
     catgtgctag acagaaacaa acacacaaac agccaagttt tatcccctta gttgcaaggt    168600
     agaacacagg cgcgacccta taaaacatca catgcagccc taaatttgga ctgcagatct    168660
     atcacttaaa catctagtaa atgacccaat ttgtttacat ggccctctag ctttttatgg    168720
     actttccata aagaagttat tacatccatt ccctttattt tgtttaagag tgtttgaatg    168780
     agccccagaa ccacgaggta gttaaacaag ctgtgcttag atggacgtgg tctcatataa    168840
     ttcaccacta ccggggaact ttgcagatca gtgtttgtag tttggaaacg ctgcacattc    168900
     ccacacacca aaagtatttc ctgtgcttta tgccatttta aatgttcggc agatatagcc    168960
     tatgaggccc atttccccat gtatgttttt ccccaatgat aagtgtggca tttacacttc    169020
     ttccagaagg cccatacctc caagggtttt tgctatgctg gacaaactat gctgagcagg    169080
     ctgcagagga ggactgcaaa gaaaatggga aatccagaca agctaattgg tttcctaaga    169140
     tgtaaatgca gtctctagaa ggaaatcatt ttaaagcagt tagcttaatg gggtgcccaa    169200
     ctgatgccta ttaaaagtta tcggtacaga ttaaaaatga atttccacca ggaaagaaaa    169260
     actcttttta agaagcagag agattatgta attccttatt tcgtgtgctt aatcatgcct    169320
     ttaaacctca agtctgcaaa tgtgctcaag aaaacagaaa tgaaagttac tctttaatga    169380
     tttactgtca ccaattaagt ttctagatta gcctctcatt atcctggcca gatctcaacc    169440
     tgcggtgctg tgctattttt agatggctgc ttcgtgtaga aatagtcaag atgattttga    169500
     ccacaatgat caacacatag caagattctg ctgaaatcat catctgtacc tctaaaggat    169560
     agaaaattgc atcagaagct atgaaaacgt gcctgctttg tgtatgatgt gtggtcttga    169620
     tatggtgagg ctcttcgggt gcttatggaa tgtcaggaac agtacagtaa actgtgtgca    169680
     tagattgaga cactattgca tccaatttaa ttagattact gtcaccatct tcatcatcat    169740
     caacaacaac aagaagaaga acaacacact ccactctgcc cctaggtcac ctccctttgg    169800
     ctatagatgt atagatccat gcttttcaat ccaaatgtat caaactttaa tctttttcca    169860
     ctacctaaaa atcactctag tgaattcaga tcggtttatt ggtgacccta ctttttattg    169920
     ttatcactgg aaacaagagc tgtacacatg tattcttcag tgatctaaag acagggcaca    169980
     ccttaccaag tattactgtg gacttatggt gcttcccagg ttcttaaaca atgtgaacct    170040
     cagcccccat aatcaagtct aagtttaaaa tacaagtcag aagtaaatgc tttgaattat    170100
     ccctgtttcc caaaatcaat aaaaaaagca cccactgata agaaagttag catttctagc    170160
     cagcctggtc ttcataatga gttccaggaa agccagggat gtgtagaaca atgatgtctc    170220
     ataccccccc ccccaaagaa agatgaatat ttctttcatc tcctctgttc acatcttgct    170280
     cacatctcaa gcaaatatcc ctcaatgtgc tgattgtaaa caccctctgc tcccatagaa    170340
     agggaaatta tggcacttta atgccttccc catttacatt tctaatcacc ctagctatga    170400
     gcgtgtgtgg cagtatggga tataagctgt gatttatccc tcagtagaga ggaaagataa    170460
     aagatacgac tgttagaaga cagatgtcct tataaatagc cagtaaaaaa gaacagccag    170520
     aaacagcata agtgtcgtgg aagtttaact tctgctgttg atggcgtctc atctattttg    170580
     tgatacaagg gcaggtgcag tggacagctg gacaagctta agccagagga ctccctccat    170640
     cttacaaaca ctgaaatgtt taaaatagca ttcacccagg agcaaggatt tcctggagtg    170700
     caaacagtat agcctcaaag agtggcaaca caccaacaca gcatacccac cacaatttag    170760
     tcatttctag cccttaaccg tcatacaatg atgtaagcat tgttatatat acagggccca    170820
     gaatgaacct caccagagaa ttgatttggc aaagacatct caggaggatt aatattttaa    170880
     atattaataa cttgaatatt aataacttgt attcctgttc cctgaaaagt gttaaggcta    170940
     tggtccatag ttaagtaaca gcttcattta tactgatggc ctgtaacaga agcagcgctt    171000
     agtgccaacc tctggagccc tcccccagct gccttctgca tgccatctat ttcatgaatg    171060
     aagtgtgaaa ttagctcttt gtttacctaa aggaggccat acagaagagt gtgaagtggg    171120
     cagggcttgg gagctggagc agagactatg cagcttgctc atggagcaaa ttcagaatat    171180
     gcttaactac tgagagagca gaaaacttca gacaatgagc agttaactac caacaccaaa    171240
     ggagaccact ttccctacat gcctgtttag aaaataatga aaaatagtga ttttcagctg    171300
     gattgtaaat gtgaccaaca gctttgcctt tcattgggtt tcctgccagt gctgcaggaa    171360
     gcaaacactg aaacagcatc aggcttcaaa tacaggagct caggacaact ttgcaccctg    171420
     ccagcctggg ctctagagtc cagactgttc ttgcctctgt tgttttgttc aggctcttcc    171480
     ctttgtagta tgttttcctt tatgccaggg ctcatttcaa ctcaattctg cttatcctta    171540
     aaggaacatt tctccttgac cctcctatcc agacaaaatc agccattcag ataaagacac    171600
     taaggatcgt cggtcctctt cattcctata tgattgctga cacagaacta atagcacaca    171660
     aggtaaagga cagtcctacc aacctcctgt agcagatttc aagggcccca gcactcagaa    171720
     acatgaagca ggaggatggg gagtttgaca accagcttgg gctacaatag tgagatcgag    171780
     actggcttga actacaaagc aagaccagag ttttaaaatg aagaggcggg gagaggagga    171840
     ggaggagcaa caagttcctc cttcaggtat cctgcagaaa cccaacacct agggctgagc    171900
     caggcacaga gcacatgctc attttatttg ctgattgaaa gcatgtccta ataaagcata    171960
     caagatctgt ctcataaaga caaggcacac gaattgcaca atggacactc cggcaatgaa    172020
     aactcataac cttgaactta tatttgtgtg catcttgtag ttgggagtct ggattcctca    172080
     tgaagtgtac agcagcaaca cacctcattt gactgagaaa tgagtcaact acaatgggaa    172140
     agggaagaag ccaggtacaa aagcatcatt gtttgaaact tagaagaatt agaacacacc    172200
     caaagaagta aaatcagcta aagatagctt tggaatgaca actgggtaac aatcaatacc    172260
     aatgtccaaa aaccaggcaa tgccaccacc aatggaccaa aataacatcg atgagccccg    172320
     atatctatgg tgatgtgatg gcaatggcat aaatgtagga aatgtttagg atgtacaaaa    172380
     atactacatt taaggacttg gcttctgtgt tactatcagc ctgacatctc atctttatag    172440
     tttccagagt cttagtgtca aaatttagta atttcaaaac aaaaatttta ataaaccaaa    172500
     tctttaaatc tttttataca gaataacaca ctgtgctttc tagagcccac caaaagattg    172560
     acacttaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa    172620
     caaaacacaa tctccttgta gaaccaagct tgctaatgtc aaacagccat tcatcatggt    172680
     cagttactga actgaaacat taaacagtga aatattataa actaattata aactgaatat    172740
     atactgaatt acaacctgaa atattaaaaa caactcacct agcagtctac atgcttgctg    172800
     tgaagctctg aaactaaatg gtaaaaaaaa tttaaagcag ctgttttaat cctttgccaa    172860
     actgtcccat atttatacca tagaatcacc accataggta atagctagac aagctgatct    172920
     aggaactgaa tgtgatggtt ctgaagttgt ttctttaatg gtcttgtaaa ctgagcacaa    172980
     tgcaaagccc aataccttct tatatatatt ttttaaaaat gctttaaaat gtgcctcatt    173040
     ctgacagcac aatgccatgg gcctaattga ttccaatata aggaaatcat attagcaatt    173100
     ggctactgat ctattcatat atttacaggg gatgtcttcc gtctaaggcc tcacccagtt    173160
     ttcctatcag tggtccctag gatcttctca ggtcaaactt catcagcata gcactgcttg    173220
     catgtttcta ggactttaag gtccaagctg tccatgagcc aaagttcaaa atgaaaagca    173280
     tcccagtttt gctggcttct catctactta ccattttcag gagtcttggt tcatatcaat    173340
     tccccatcct cagcaaacac aacacaggta cataaacaaa tagcactttt aagagagaag    173400
     ccaacatcag catatctaga aaacctgccc actgttgaca cacaacactt ggagatttgg    173460
     taggttcatc aatagcatca agtattatta tgatctgtcc caccatttcc aagtttatct    173520
     tccaatgaaa agactaaaca gcatggaagg catctttcaa aaggacttgc ttctatagaa    173580
     gatgctacag tcttgctaga aaaacaacac ttcacaaata tttaatgaga acagaatttc    173640
     ctgtactctg atccaggtgc tatagctcct acagaaaaca gatcagcaga tggtctcaaa    173700
     aaactcactc catagtaaaa gagggaagaa cagacaatta aaagaaaagt agagaaaaga    173760
     aaaaaaaaag aaaaaagaat caagaaacaa gaaacaaaac atggaaagtt ctatgaagct    173820
     aattatacta ttatatttga caagacaagt agattggcta gttttgacta aagggtcagc    173880
     aaaacctgtc ctgggagaag ttgtgtctaa tatccataac aagaagttag aacttataca    173940
     aaggaattat ggttagtatt ttccaggggc tcagacagat aactaagcca ctggtgtgtc    174000
     catgtctgcc tccatctctt ccaagcacaa tcctttaaag gggaagccca aaggttgcaa    174060
     gtaggtgacg ggcaaccaaa agaaaccaca ccccttcatt ttaggtccct cctgtaagct    174120
     tacctacaat ctctgctagt tgtccacagt gtcagaaagc tttactgttg gtatgataga    174180
     gacactgacc gctcagctct gagacccaga gttgaaggag cttttcctag acttgggtct    174240
     gtgtcaggca gctttgaatg gctagaccct ttgtgctgtt ggaagagacg actcagtaca    174300
     aacattttcc cattttaaca ttatagcata agtactaggg cacatcaaca ggagattaac    174360
     ctctagatag attcatagga gaaaggaaag gatagtgttt tacccatagt tgaagccaga    174420
     tgtggaaata aatatacagc acagattgtt taataaatga atgggaaatt acacaaaaat    174480
     actgagatat tctggctaca gacaacagtt tcaaataaat gactaaaaac attaaaatga    174540
     gaataatcta atgaaggaac ttcaattatg acatggtatt tggactgaca ctaacacaaa    174600
     gctatgtgga caattttagt ggtcttggaa atatttgatt tgtgggtgct ttatataaat    174660
     taatatacat cagattatca taatttcatg taagaaatat ggaactaata atattaacac    174720
     tacagacatt gcaagcacaa ggtagaagtg agtgtaagac agataaagag atttcaaaga    174780
     ggtaaaaaag acaagacatg ggcattgctt agctgactga gaaagctatg ccagtcttct    174840
     gtatcagtca agcttgaact actgaaaaag ctcagttccc atcccagcat ctgtttagaa    174900
     ggacttaaca cattccatgc ccacctacaa agcttctaca gggcttttat cctctgtgaa    174960
     taccttttaa attgaatgta acatatgtct gattgggtat agactactgc agttggtaca    175020
     ggacttccaa aacccagcta ttggaaggaa aggaccgcac tcatcattac ataattgttc    175080
     tttccttatt cagctgcctc agctctctca tacagaacag agccatagga ggaagtttct    175140
     tcataaagaa caaaaatata tgtttcaaag gtcatactct aaaacttaag gactgccttg    175200
     caggaaagtc cttggagtcc ccagtcagag cctgtgtact gttgagcatc tttaaagact    175260
     ctggtcagtt tgttcacaaa agagcttcca agttcttatc taaagggtaa aatgtgggct    175320
     ctgtttgatt acctgcaggc ttgtggcagc agtgtgaaga gctagcacta aaagagggac    175380
     caaacattca aaagcatttc tagtgaaccc atctccccaa gggaagttgc ccaaagaacc    175440
     atgaaacctt cccttaggaa agggcataca ctgtaactgt tgctcataaa tgagccctaa    175500
     taaagacaaa gtctaagaca aaaacccaag gtgtttcggg agaataagga cagcaaaaca    175560
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa aacagattag    175620
     gggtcagtta aaatgactta cgtaagacaa gtgaaacata gctccacaga tagctttgta    175680
     gttggtatct atttgctaca tctgatgtgc aaactgagcc tttcttcttg cggcttctga    175740
     atatctatgt aattcctcct tattggaact caatagaaga actctagcac ctcatagtag    175800
     gcattgttat ctggagctag tgctttgcca acatgaagta tttcctccct gtgtttaaca    175860
     accagatgtc ctccaagtag gtaaaagtta tttttcaact catttcctca aggaaaatct    175920
     aggaagcctg gcttcatatt ggagccatcg gggtatggaa taacaatggg attgaagaag    175980
     agctggggta attttcactg ggatagtgct tatctaatac ttgtgaggcc tgagtttcat    176040
     cactgacatt gggaagaaaa gataaaagta tgctacattc aaatagcaag aacaacaatc    176100
     tagtagctag taactgggca aatggtccta ttccctaatt ttgagtcatg tatatatgct    176160
     ccattccaag ggtgcatatt tagctccact atgggacaaa catagcatcc aatttccact    176220
     gatgacatca aattgttaaa gaaactaatc agccctagtc atagagagga gggggaactt    176280
     gaaaacagaa ccaacctctt atgatcacaa atccagatcg atttggacac tttgtggttg    176340
     gcccttagaa ggcctttatg tgaatcaagt tgacccctgg cattgtctaa gggaactaac    176400
     tgttgagaag gtcatgccta cagaaccaga ggatcatcaa cacaaagagc aacagggcaa    176460
     tcaaaactca agcacaacca aatatgaggg tggaaactag ccaatgtaag gaagtgacac    176520
     tttgggaagt caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt caaaagaagt ggctgctatt ccaagaaatc    176580
     tggtcacatt ccagagtgct cttcttccaa gcccacctgt tattctcaaa ccctgaaacc    176640
     ctatgtctaa aagtcaacct gagaatgtgc agaaaatagc tctatattgc cccctagtgt    176700
     tagctagcac tacctctctt actttgaaaa ctattaaggt gagtagttcc tctcctctct    176760
     acttcctgct gccaaccctc caaagagcta aacatagcca gatcctctgc ccacagatta    176820
     ggaaatgagg agactatttt tagcatcatg catcttagga atgagaatgg cccagcatca    176880
     gatggcacca gaatgtgtgt ggcctggctt agtgaactcc catcttctgg ggatgtgaag    176940
     ctacccaagt agctagctag ctgcagccag cagaaagctc tggcgctcat tgcaaagtga    177000
     tgatagcatg tagatcatga gaagggactg caaggaaaaa gcaaaaggat acaaaagtag    177060
     caaggagaac gagggatgct gggacccagc cacaggagat gagggaccag aaatagaaag    177120
     gagcactcac tgtgcagcga taagttgaag ctgggttgct atggagattt agtaagaagc    177180
     aatattttaa actagacatt tattttgtgt tagaaaggac aaaggttggt tggatttgct    177240
     tcctgcctgg gtatagctgg tgttgtggct cctttgatct ctcaggtctc tgcaggccct    177300
     atgattatag atagatcact aggctgccct ttgatcagca gttcaagagc cttaaggtgc    177360
     cacatgccat cacattagcc agaggtaagg agcaagcata ccaagaaaca ccatgctatt    177420
     accctggccc agcaatgcat aggaatgatg aagagaacat atgtattttt ggactttgtt    177480
     ttaagatgtg tcctttatag agttgaaatc cagatgtgaa gccttgaagc aatatatata    177540
     tatatataca tatatatgta tatatgtata tatatatcac tccatcctca tttcccaact    177600
     gtctctggca gtcatcttac ctggctagtg aaattgcatt gtaaatagat aacaaagtag    177660
     gaaaaacatg tatatttccc tcttaaatag cagcgagaac ctccccttgt attgtaaaca    177720
     gggtatttaa tattccagtt ttaggatgcc tacattagca ttgtggtttc atgtgtggta    177780
     taaaatttct atttacaaaa gagtctcaaa aaatggcttt atagtggtag atcaagagca    177840
     aaggagttta gaaattgaat gctgtgaatc atatggggtt cagaggctaa gcaaattaca    177900
     cccccgaagc ttccctggac ttatgaaaga ggcttttctc cagctctgtg caatcccagc    177960
     ccaggggaac tcgcatctga aagttttcta aacatttcag gtacacttga aagctgaaag    178020
     taattctcat ttcctatgca ggattagatc gcttccaaca cacacaaaat agtcattcat    178080
     gaacatacaa aaaaatacac caccaaaagg tgagggtttc ggggcacaaa ggcacgtttt    178140
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagttca agagaaaaac cataaccaat tcctttgaaa atgtccaagt    178200
     ggcctcttga cctctgtatt tctcacctaa ttctttattg gtgcctgcct tcccataata    178260
     cagtgtttcg attaaggaat ttaatacctt tcctgaattc tccattctta acaccccccc    178320
     ccatacctgc ttaaagtcaa acttgccacg actcattcat tttgggattt cttcttaaag    178380
     gcagttcttt tacttgtaac tctggccata tgccacctag caatgtggtc acagttgact    178440
     tttccaatcc tttccatagc ccatgcgtcc tctccactct gaggttgcgg ggcacttccc    178500
     gctccctcta ctcagtgagc ttcggaagtt gcaaactgcc gaaatctgcc cccaccccag    178560
     aaagtgcacg cggactcagg aaactcccat ctgcagcgcc agagacccga ccatcagctc    178620
     cacgactgga ggaccccaca tgccaccgca caatgccaac ccgaacgcac agcgagacgc    178680
     gggaaggggg aggagggggc gatactcacc gttctgttcc ttgtcgctgg agagctgcaa    178740
     cttgctgctc aggttggact cagcccgagt ccccgttctt tggccggcca gggcagatgt    178800
     cagcaggagg aggccgagga ggagcatttg gctgactggg gcgagggctc actcgcggcg    178860
     ggcactgggg aagcgacgac tccaaggctc agcccagccg gggaaaggct gcgctgcggt    178920
     ggaagcgcct ggccggctct ggcagcagag aatcgcaggg tagtttccac ataatcccat    178980
     ccaaaagttt ttcctagagc cctcttctgt gtctccagtt tttgaaaagg atcaaagcaa    179040
     aacctggacc tgaaccagtt tcccaaggtt taaacaaatc ctgagctgtg ccgaagtgcg    179100
     gggggtgggg gtaggcgagg gaggaaagaa ggggtgggga cgcgggggag cggcgatgag    179160
     tcgtggcgac tcgcagggag cacctgtcag tttgggggac aggacacagg cgaggactcg    179220
     gggtcccgcc aagccagact ggaagccagg tcggcagcga ggcgagcacc ttgggatcaa    179280
     tgacaaagct gctgatcggg gcggcaggcg gcgccccacc cccacctggg gggaggggac    179340
     cgtgccctgc gagtgccgcg cgggtcccgg gcgggcagag aggccgcggg gacgactcgg    179400
     gactggcccg gatccaccgc ggagcctcct ccttgctgca gtcggtggcc accgaagttc    179460
     cctcgggtac cggcgaagtg ctgcgggaag ccgggagagc ttgggcggct cggagtcgcg    179520
     agcgctcgga tgcctgccct aaggcagggc aggacgcagg gctgaggaga ggtggcggct    179580
     aagcacgggc ggctaaggga aggcctggct ggcctggagg atcgctcttg tcccctcccc    179640
     gtctccactt tcccccagcg ggcggcgcgc ggggcgcggg gctggcggcc gggcgggcgc    179700
     ggggggcgcg gggggcgcgg gcggccagct ggcgggccaa caggtgctgg cgcagacagg    179760
     gggcactgcg ggccccgcgg cagacggagc ccacactgcg gcgaggaatg ccgccaggcg    179820
     gcccccagct tcctttcccc tgggcgcccc taaccccaaa taaggagtct gcgggctgtt    179880
     caagggtgct gcaaactcag agaaagagag agggaaaaaa aagtaggaga ggacagccac    179940
     tccttctctt ctggctctcc ctggctgtaa cttgtctttc attcctaagg ggatccccac    180000
     tcccaaagcg ctttgtcagg actcgtggcc agagttctgc actgaaggag ggaagttgaa    180060
     ctcaagatgc ttccagaatg gctctgtctg aaggagaatg aataaatcaa aagtaaagat    180120
     aaagtcagag ttgtaacatg aattgaagcc atgcaccact gtatccacat gaaccctgtt    180180
     tggagaggaa ctggggttgg agggtaccac tgagcagaag aaagagtccc tgtcctttgc    180240
     agctgggtgc tgcatgataa tgaaatctag ctcctagagt gtctggggac atagtgtggc    180300
     aatttacaca taggctgtcc tggagcccct aatgtttgaa ctggttgcct ttatgcacga    180360
     agtgcttcgt gctgagacta aagttcctat ggggttatct agaatgagaa aaacatgtta    180420
     gtagggccta gggtggttcc atgtgcaata catgtgtctc tgataggatt ccaatatgct    180480
     ttccttatca gaaaatcctc gtgaaagcgt tgaaggcaca gtagggtttg aaatctaaac    180540
     aaaagatgca tctttggatg gaggggtaat aaaaaaagaa aatgaaaata aggaaaataa    180600
     aaataacatt agagcaagca aatgccttgg tgtgcagtca gacagatgta tcaccaagta    180660
     cttagttgaa tcagtcaggg catgcaatcc aaccatagaa ccaaggtaaa cataatcctg    180720
     aaaccgggca tgacctggag acagaaataa aagatgggac cagtccaaac gataaaatgt    180780
     taatcttttc ctttgttctt ggacaccact ggggcctacc aaacaaccct gttctagcca    180840
     ggtctctgtc ctcttctctc ttccttcaaa tgagtacttg acaggttgtt cattataact    180900
     cctgcttggc atccaggaag tccccgggac caaataaaga aagatgctgt tctcctgtga    180960
     aatccttaca aacctgttcc attcattcat tcttatctgt gggatttcca cctttacagt    181020
     gttggataga aagtctcttg cttagacttt aagtgtatgg atgttaatgg tacaagcctt    181080
     gttactttat tcaagttagc agtgcatcat cttcagtgcc attccattgt gacatacgtg    181140
     tattccaaaa gtgttctgta cattcctgaa tatgcaaagg agagttccca attttaatca    181200
     aaatgagaca ccaaaaggca tgctttctcg gtagatctgt ttgcaatcca atccattaag    181260
     gtccagtttt tgtcatttac ttagttttct gatcaaggtt ttgtaaatgt gctttttttg    181320
     catctccaca cagttggagt tcttgaccac ccacatagga tacgtgtgca ctcctactta    181380
     atccatttgc actccaaaga ctgcaaggag tgatgactaa gctttacttt gtatcgcttc    181440
     agattggcta gaacagtgcc tggcacatcg ggatcataaa taaacacatt ggactgactg    181500
     acaggtttct ttattggact cacattctcc ctggaatttc agagaaggtt gtatttgaaa    181560
     agttacagat gatctacaat accacgccac ctctgtgttt cacctcatcc atattctaca    181620
     gaatgatttg acaattgcct tataaataaa gccagccagg tgctcctgag tgaccccaag    181680
     acaaaatcac agccacattg gctgtttctt ttcagtgcgc tcacatggtt gttgtttgaa    181740
     ctgttcttgc ccttggcaaa gttctcttta acactttgtc ctctgctggc attttgttct    181800
     ctcttgcttt taaactctcc ccaggaaagt aaaaaaccct tgtgttgaga gtcagtttta    181860
     caaaatccag agtcctgtaa ttaccaaaca atccattttg aatgaatttg gctttgtttt    181920
     agcccagggc attttccttg aggaacagca tccatgcagc caaccaagaa aaaaataatt    181980
     tcaaacattc tttgtggttt tcttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    182040
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctttct ccctctctct ctctttcttt cttttttttc    182100
     tttaactgta ggaagctgtg ggcatagtga ccctgctccc tgctcgatgc attggcagag    182160
     atagcaaagt gaaactatac agaaattatg gaaggatgca cttgatttgg gatggccatg    182220
     taggtgagaa gagaataagt agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    182280
     agatagatag atagatagat ttgaaactga gatacacttc ctaacaagat attccaccag    182340
     ttaattctaa aattatggga agggaagaag gacagggatt gtagaaatgt gtttttcaac    182400
     cagaaaaaca aataatactg actgtattgt ccttttgcag taatacacag agagatacac    182460
     acacaaacat tcacacacac acagagccac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacta    182520
     attttaagac atttcacaca ccttttcagc atttcagtgg taggcaattg agcatgagtt    182580
     cctaacgctc cgaacctttg ttcttcataa acgcccatca ctcttgttcc agaatggtaa    182640
     caagcaacaa ttatacccac atatggaaaa gtcttggtcc aggaaattgt tactaagcaa    182700
     agaaaatgcc acagaccaca acagaaataa tatctgttcc tggggaaaaa aatagcaata    182760
     aataaataac tgagacacgt tgcctacaag cttttctctc tgcgatctgc tttctctagt    182820
     cacttcatat tggttgtgga agctcttctt tataatataa taataataat aataataata    182880
     ataataataa tttataataa ctagactgga tttccaatct agaaataaca aagcacactt    182940
     gttcttacat ttacactttt ggcatcaggt atctcttcct ctcagagccc tctaggcaaa    183000
     acttaccttc tatggcagat tgaagatgaa tttgttaagg cccttctctc caaggaatgg    183060
     aaatgtgctc actttgactt tgagatgggg taagacagtt aggggtcaga agttcgatgt    183120
     gtgtggtcca agacaggaca cacaggtgac aaggacagtt gttgaaattg ccctctgtgg    183180
     cctttctcac tgaagtacag ttgctgcttc ctttttgaaa ctgcagcgag tgtgcacaga    183240
     gttttgcaaa ctctcagaag ttcttgttta actcggactt cagagaaagt aagcagccag    183300
     caaccatccc caaagaaaga agaggcttga taacctcagg cccacaacaa caacagatca    183360
     ctttacagga agccgggaga gcatggccct agcctggctg tagctctgac aaacagcaga    183420
     ggctctctcc atctccttta ctttttccta ggaaatcagt tctggattct gtcccagatc    183480
     cctgaccagt ttcaaattct ttgattcttt gagtgattat agataatgat agcaatatat    183540
     tttcaacctt gtgtgcttct gttataatga ctagaacaga gatttcctag ccacagtctc    183600
     agatgtcttc atggctggct agaaaaaaaa atgctgagta gatgctgctg tttagacttc    183660
     cctagccaaa acagtcctat tgaatttatt attcttatta tgcattagaa tgatatcctg    183720
     cctgataacc caaaagaagg gaggttagaa atcactagct agagcaagaa tcacaaatta    183780
     tatctcattc aaggacagta ataaaatatg catgctaacc aaattttaat ttttaatatt    183840
     tggctggtat gacaagaact ccaagaagaa gcctgtccca agtctatatc acagtaaagt    183900
     gaaatcgcca gcataaaaac tgatttgtga ataatcagga aataatagtg ttgtcagcca    183960
     agaacagaag gttgatctca tactgttcta tagagtcaca ctggtggaat gtgaagcaat    184020
     ccacagagca aggagtatcc cataaaacca tggagtacaa cccaggacat ctcttggccc    184080
     cttcgtagag ttagtatgat gtcatttttt tttcttgctt gcaatcattt gtagaatatg    184140
     aaagctattg tctcatcgtg acaaatcata gtaaagaggt caggtcacaa ccacagagtc    184200
     tcttttctca gacggtgacc ctcttatttc aaaggtcatg ggagaagagt ccttttactt    184260
     tgtctccatt gttttaaaca caatcctttt cttgaccaca ggattttgta gaggacacag    184320
     tctcaggtca ttacttgaca gtacacatct taaaagtgtt gttgactttc ctgtacatgt    184380
     tgaagtatca catggtagcc tgtaaatgca tacaatatat gaacaataat attcatacac    184440
     atacatgtgt gtatatatat gtatgtgtgt atatgtatat gtatgtatat atacatacat    184500
     atatactata tataaaacat ctattatata tacatatata tgtatatgtg tatataatat    184560
     atgtatatat atatattgaa agtaccatgg ttcacttttg aagttcagac taatagcaac    184620
     agatcttcat tcccattcct gggatcattt ccatttctgt gcttattatc cttaaagtga    184680
     tgagcatgtg tcttcttttc ttccatcttt aactacagca atattttaaa gacatcattt    184740
     cctttcaaaa ggctttgttt ctgttatcaa gttgtgggtc tgtggatctc tcacctgaac    184800
     tccttaccct tggaaacaaa cactcctgtg gagcccagag taagcaaatc tgccctggtc    184860
     catagtcact catatttgac tcaaaaagta cattgtttcc ctgcctttgt agtgagaact    184920
     gctcctacac ataattgtct tgtttttctt cagccttctc tactttgact tgtcttcctt    184980
     gaaagtaggg ggaaacttgt tctcctccaa agactcctca aaagcaaggc aaggaatgga    185040
     aatgaaagca ttattcctga tcactacttt tttttttttt ttggcgtgat tatcacatcc    185100
     taggaaatgg tagattcatt cagatacaaa tcatcactta acccccctac ccatcctttg    185160
     aggcagggca tagcttccct attttatttt gtttatttga gacaaggtgt cattgcaaag    185220
     ctctggctgt cctggaactt gctgtgtaga tcagattggc ctctaactca cagagatttg    185280
     cctccctctt gtctcctcag agctgggatt aaaggtgtga gccactgtgc ctgactagtt    185340
     tcctcttttt actataacga aatgaaaatg agagaagcat tgctatctcc agagggacag    185400
     gataaagacc gagttggtgt gtggctcctc tgtgccttca gtgtaacacc atgaggccct    185460
     ggaccatgga caaaagccac cttacctgaa gctttcttag agtctccctc ttgcttttct    185520
     tctttgtgac tctgcatctt cccctacaat gaatactgga ggcaaggtac acaaactctc    185580
     ccataagttc aggaatacta atatagcagc aggcagctaa tcataagtga aaatccaaaa    185640
     gagaagagtg aatgtagatc atttgaggca gtggtggtga ctaaggccgt gagcagccag    185700
     tgtctgggta cagcccaccc aaagtgtagg ctggccagaa ctgcctgctt gctggccacc    185760
     cttagtcatc tactgactgc cagggcttag cccatctggg ggcagttatg ctacaatgtc    185820
     tgtctcctgt attttaagga caaagggaat gaattatcat tcctcttttg ctactcatga    185880
     ttaccattgg attgaagcat catggctgga agaagtatac agtcttccat cttagtcctg    185940
     gggaatcgac ttatgatccg ctgtggaagt cagaatcact caggaacctc tgtaagcaca    186000
     tctcctcccc tctgcagtat gtttctaatt taaaagtctg gatggagggt tttcttaagc    186060
     tgtttgggaa ggcaaatttg catctccatt gataacttta cagaggtatt ttagattagt    186120
     tggagggatt ccaagcacaa agactgcttc atgcttggac tggttaagcc ttcaggcaag    186180
     ccaggtctcc agctgaagtt ctgactccgg agataaattc cattggtgtc tgagggcatg    186240
     aaacttataa aatgcccttg gtagtgccaa ttttgtttca ccccacagct agcgaggaaa    186300
     agggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatcacaaat cacttaagac    186360
     atatgataca ggtagaaaaa tggaagaatc agcaatttat tatagtcact tttcatactc    186420
     aatgatattc tacctctaaa caaaaaaaag aaagaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aaagaaaaga    186480
     aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa    186540
     cctatcttaa gaatccaaag cacttcagaa tagcctttcc tctgtacccg tctagatgtg    186600
     ttccttgctg cctgtgtaga cttctgttga aagattatta tcatggtgtg caactgcatt    186660
     cagctctgcc agcactgcta acagacagaa acttctcgtg cctcaaggcc aagtcagtct    186720
     gatacaaaca ttcaccacac gtgacacaga tccaaggcac agtatctatt ttcatgttac    186780
     atcacacaaa gtcgatatca ctttattgtg tgcttgtctg ttcagttatg ttgttgttat    186840
     aaattgaaag catattttgt atacatttag ttaacagctt catcacttca aatacttagc    186900
     catttcatgg tcagaaactt tgaatttgtt tttccagcag ttttgaagta ttgaaatccc    186960
     tgttgtcaac tttgcacctc attgtgcaat aaactaaaaa ttactcttcc tgaggcttta    187020
     aaactctgaa agtttacctc cccattttct atatcaagca ctatgtggtc accttgttat    187080
     tctttgtgtc tatgagtccc atggcttaag attctttctg tctactggtg ggagttgtgt    187140
     agtattcctt tctgtgtgtt gtttacttcc attggcaagc atcccagtgt ttcttccata    187200
     tttccataaa agacacacat cagtatttga aaggctgtga agtatttaac cgtgtgcata    187260
     tgccacactt tctttgtgtg ctctttactt atgggcgcat gagttgtgtc catcatttgg    187320
     gtactgttct gaaatgaaca tgagggtcct ggcgtccatt tgacaaacat atttcagttc    187380
     ttttcagtat aaatagcgat agcagtatgg ctggctcaaa tgacaactgc agttggagct    187440
     tttgtggaag gctttattga attttccaga tggtttcact ggtttatatt cccacctgca    187500
     gtataagtat acccttcctc tacattatgc tcaccaacaa aatctcttct gtctgtctgc    187560
     ctgcctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cacacacaca cacacacaca    187620
     cacacacaca cacttaaaaa aggcattcca agggtgtgag atggtatctc cttgtggctt    187680
     cattccacat tccccaagga cactgaacca cagaaagatt ttgtaaccta ggtctcaggg    187740
     tgtctcagcg ttgaaggcag attttgaagc cgttctagag cagttgtgcc taagcatttt    187800
     ctcatcgctg tccccaaaca tctcctcagt gaaaagtgca ctgtgcctta ggacaatgct    187860
     tcaggcttag tagcatacat ttatattaag caccttgtgt ttattttatg actctacata    187920
     attctagtca taaataggta acttagaatt ctattgcccc taacaaaata taaacgaccc    187980
     tgattttgtc tgatatgaaa agaatagtgg cacaggcaaa acaggaagca gggatccagg    188040
     cagtgaaaat gtctcagcct cttgattgaa tactctgttt aatgggactg gaagccagag    188100
     atggatcttc tgaaacaaca ctaaagataa agaattagtg ttacaataaa acccagccat    188160
     aaaatctcca ttaaatgtgt ggtcagttct gacaaccaaa atgaaggaag catgaaggtg    188220
     tttttttctt ttttcttttg gtttttcaag acacggttcc tctgcatagc cctggctgtc    188280
     ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaacttag aaatctgcct gcctttgcct    188340
     cccaagtgct gagactaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacacccgg cggttatttt caaatacagt    188400
     tctgaagaac tgtactgtgc aaagagtttg ctacaatgac ttgattattg tcttatgaaa    188460
     gagagagtta caagagggag agacatattt tctgttgcca ctgagattat cctggacttt    188520
     acaaaaatag ctatctctca ggaacattaa tagcaagcag ttgggccaga gaagttacaa    188580
     tgtaagtaaa aatcattatt gcaaccttca gctgttctct ctcccagcca atcactctgc    188640
     acttgctgta gtttccacct ccagtctaac aagctctgtc ttctccaatt atctactccc    188700
     tgcccagagt cctcccactt gctctttgcc tggtgctctc ctctatccct ctactgtcag    188760
     agtaccagct tgttctagtc agatctagat cccccatgct aaagggtttc aggccacctg    188820
     gcctgcaaga tcaaagctac tctgtcctct gatcaatgat ctgttactct ttatgtgccc    188880
     gagtctcaag caacctgtat cttactgttt ccaggcccag tttattgtgc acactcatat    188940
     catgctcagt ggggtgtcct acttcactaa ggctctcttc gcagttgtag gtacttaata    189000
     cagggtatta tattgtctgg cttttatagt ctctttccca gtacttaacg catagcactt    189060
     actagtaaca accacccctt cccatgtgaa acccactgtt gggagaattt catatgtgtt    189120
     tatacccaca aaagagcaca cagtatctac agaataaaac cataatgatc tcctgaagac    189180
     attagtggga tgctgagtgg ctgcagctgc agtaacaccc agtagcgtgc aggtgttaag    189240
     cagcggcagc ctggctggct tttaaactaa cccagcacgt tctagtgctt tttaaaggct    189300
     aactctagaa gtatactcca tgctattatc tttacatcac tttttctcat ttaatagagg    189360
     atatccaaat atgccaagaa atagagtcaa aatagaatgt cttgtacatt taaatagctg    189420
     aggaaacatg gacagaaatt aaacattccc agtatctact gcatatatat gtgtgtgtat    189480
     acatatatat aatattaata tgtttacata tattaataca tataaataac aaatgaatct    189540
     acttctgagt ctgtaggatt aaatagagca aggtaagaaa ggtcttccag gaagtgccct    189600
     gcatgtttta aaacatttgg cctacataat taggtggata gctacatttt aaaattatga    189660
     gaccaacatt ttgtatctta atatttatga aagcaaacaa aggacatctc aattaattcg    189720
     tagcatactc agaagccatt tcattccttt ccctcctaag gtgattgcta atttgatagg    189780
     caacttcgtg ataaacggag tcaaattcaa gagaagacta atacatttgt tattaagaaa    189840
     caaagaaatg tttcctatgt tctgtcagtt tgttcccatc actgtgatac cagactgagt    189900
     tccactcatc ttctaaaagc tgtgcagaac aaacccatag ccttgccaca cccaacatca    189960
     atgggttaat tttctagatt tattgacata ttcttctgga tatggttacg gacttctgat    190020
     ggaagacatt ttgctttttt atttctctct gttagccacg tgtttcaaca cctgttccaa    190080
     tacacagctc tgtctgtgtt gggagcggca gtgtgccata catcacacat gtttaacata    190140
     tgttctaata cttgtttggg ggaattaaca aagtcccgag ttcctagatg cagattcacc    190200
     caggctcatg ttgaggaaga aacacagatg gaaaagcagc cccttctgac atggcttggg    190260
     cgactgcagc acgtggagtt cattttcttg cttggctgtc agtcaaacct gggatctaga    190320
     aggaagtgct aacttacaga aaacagcagt caaactgtgc gattccccga gttcacacct    190380
     acacctaagt gaaaagcatg cagatgaatg gaagtgacaa tgtgtatgtc tttttgcaaa    190440
     tatggtgcta aattccattt caacatcact aggctgcgtc taaggcctgg caaacagcct    190500
     gtgtccatat tgtctgactg gtttagatag agttaattct ttctgattgg gaagtcatac    190560
     aggacatatg gtttacaagt gtctgtctac ttaattaaca aaccatttca tccaagatgt    190620
     catcattttg gcaaacaatt tctaagaaag tgtctttgct tcttggtaag aagatgttga    190680
     atgcgattct cttttaactt tgtatgctac agtctaacat gtatgttata tgtgaaagca    190740
     catgcatatt aaataataat tcaattactg ctacttgatc ataagggatt ttaagactca    190800
     ccaaggtata cgataagata tgagatgtta tgattttatg aattgtcatc tctatagtaa    190860
     actaataaaa cagtaattca tttgcgttct atgtgcttgg gaaactgaat ttattacaaa    190920
     agcttatgct gcatcctaga ttaatatcat aaaagacaaa ctgctataga ataaaccaaa    190980
     catgactttt ttattacttg caagctccaa ctcattgctt taaacaatga atgtgcattg    191040
     attgatattt tattataaga aataagttta ttaatagtat agtgaaaact gtcttaatga    191100
     tctaataaaa taattattca tgttacttca aattcatgaa tatttattca cattgatatc    191160
     agacttttaa aatatggtca ggataataaa ttttaaatcc ttctataggt ctctctggac    191220
     acataagtac agaagtgcat actatattct taaatgatta atttgtaact catgcatgag    191280
     tgtggagttt tcaaccacta caccacctaa atgtgcctgc aaatttgatt gaacaaggca    191340
     ttataggaga aaggtcacat gtatttctgg aactatgagt gaattttcat ttctaattta    191400
     gttttgaaag ttttgaaatg ttttaaaata cagcaatttt tggtccagaa cattgatttg    191460
     ttacaggaca ccatcacaca acagaaacta ttcaatagca gaaatatgaa tttttattca    191520
     gataacaaaa gaaagaagca agcaaataaa caaaacaaac aaactaacta accaactaac    191580
     ttctctagtc cagagctttt ataactacaa aaatgaacta tacctggctg aattttcatt    191640
     tctcccattt tccaggtcat actgtaattg tcttgttttc aaccaaactt tctctttttg    191700
     ttctctttct ctatttagat tgatagacgt tgataaagag gtagtaagac aggtggttgt    191760
     ttgggaagtg acagatgatt aataggcaag acttcctatt tttttttcct tgtggaagga    191820
     taattactgg agcaagcctg tatttgaaaa atatttttgg cctactaaac ataaatctgg    191880
     aagaaaaaca gaagaaacaa taaatgtatc caggaataaa aaactatgaa atctaagaat    191940
     agaagtgagg tcaaatggag gaagtttgag atcttttaac aaaagattca tttatagaga    192000
     aaaatctatt agatttaaaa atttttaaaa atgtttaaaa atttagaact catattacta    192060
     atcattattt ttaactctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atacataggt    192120
     attacaaaat gtcagtggtc agtttctact ttggttttgc taatggtaac aaggccatgt    192180
     tatttgaact ccgtagagca gggtaaatgg atattgattg agagctctgt ctattcttca    192240
     atacatatgc aaattgtgta ccattaatat tagtgttttt atttattagt tactagctac    192300
     agaggaaata gttccatcat cactgcaaaa ttatataata atgaatatta gtattctata    192360
     cattaaatat gaattaagag ttctacagtt attaaaactt atctcactat gttcaactgt    192420
     gagtctgttc tttgcctttc tgtgagtcta atattgtgca gttattcaca tcaataacac    192480
     caggaggcac atagaggagg tgctgcatct gttactatgg tgactgctat gcatatttaa    192540
     aaggagaacg atcatgcatg cacaagttta aaacactact gtccacctac ttccaagttg    192600
     ttaaggatta ggcattacat tatttaatgt catttgttct tcaattgttt tctttctaaa    192660
     caaaagatgc agataaatca gattgttaag aataatgaat atacttttca tttcttctga    192720
     aaatgtccaa gtcgttacta agtaagcagt tttgagaaaa atccagatct gtcttgaatc    192780
     attaactttg acacttatcc agttcttact gccagctgca acatggacgg ctcacagaga    192840
     agggctggaa taaataatat gtagtttagt gcaaaaaatt atttataaaa tgaaaggaca    192900
     gataaagaaa tgtaacaatc catttgttca attgaaaatt ccattggtaa cttgcatttt    192960
     gggatgtgat gtgtgtgtgt tgtatatgtc tgtacatttg ttttgcataa gcatgtccat    193020
     gtttggttac atgtgcatgt acatgagtac acatgggtgt ggaagacaga ggactgcatc    193080
     aagtgtcttc tttatcactt tgaacagagt ctctgacttg ctggccactg agttgcaggg    193140
     acctgtctgt cttggacctc ctagccctgc ttttcacatt gggtacagaa gatccaagat    193200
     gcttgcatgg gaagcacttt gctgactcag cagtctctta gccttttaac ttagtaaaag    193260
     ctacgtcttt tcaggtagtg aatcagaata ttctgtgagg ctttacactt attctatctt    193320
     tgcttctctc tcttctctcc atccctcctt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    193380
     ctctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gagttttcca    193440
     agtagttctc tctttttatc ctaaaatttc tctggatagc tcatctcttg cagaaacaag    193500
     tccagtcttt tattttacat atcaatccca tcattcactc tatgatttcc ttttggttat    193560
     cttataaatc agcatcctag gaccccagcc ctttgatttt ggggagacag caagcatgct    193620
     ttattttcta acattgcaaa agaagtcaga gatctgtttg tctcgttaaa cacaggagga    193680
     taaattagtt gggtgggacc ccatcctgaa attatcattt ccaccacact tgggcctgga    193740
     ctccccatgt tccaggctga ccttgaactc agtaatctgc ctgtctttgt gtctttctga    193800
     caagctgact catagtgtag ctacctttgt tcctttagat tcaagaagcc cctcatgccg    193860
     ggtggtggtg gcgcacacct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gtagagacag gaggatttct    193920
     gagtttgagg ccagtctggt ctacggagtg atttccagga cagccaggac tacacagagt    193980
     aaccctgtct cgaaaaacca aataaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaacccaa tcaaacaaac    194040
     aaaaaaaaga agcccctcat aattcttatt tcttccttat tttttgcata ggtgagaaat    194100
     tatagatttt tgaactcatg tatttagagc tctttcccat accctgaagg tcacagtgat    194160
     tagcattttg ctgagacata gccacaccct cgactcctgg actcaggctg ttcctaatta    194220
     tcatggagtc attaacattc acaaggagga cattcctcag aagggaaaag tcctccacta    194280
     ctagtgggtc cagaaaatat gtacattatt acgcaaccaa gccttacacc aggggccctg    194340
     tctgaggggc gggatcaact tcattctgtc cccaccaagg cctctcccag ctcagcagaa    194400
     aatgggagta caacacagag cgagatgaag aggtaggcga caaggacaag atggtggaag    194460
     agtgagagcg ggcttcagag ggagagtggg aatagtctaa cctgcttgtt ggttccagcc    194520
     taagtagccc agcattccat cctgcatttc cagatgttta tcaaaaccct aggcattcct    194580
     caaggaggtt tggtcgcaga tgctattcac accattcagt ctttctagtt caggctgaga    194640
     ctgttgctct tgcctccaac catcctttgg gattacatgt taaggatgcc tttctggtca    194700
     acattctgta ctttagatgc aaagttgaag atgctgatca tacttctggg tgatccttta    194760
     gaaatcgggt tagaaatccg ggccctgcct ccgttgttat ttatactggc tagttattat    194820
     ggtcaacttg acacaaattg gtgttacctg gcaagaagga acccagctga agaattgaat    194880
     ccattaggtt gaggtatggg ctatgactgt taggaatttt cacaatggat gactgatatg    194940
     ggggagccca actcaccatt ggtagtaata tccctaagca ggtatgtctt gattgtataa    195000
     aaaaacaagc agagcaaccc agagagaaca aataattaag ttggggcccc agcagtctct    195060
     gttttcggtc ctatctccaa gttgctgccc tgcttccccc cactaggatc tgggaaaagt    195120
     taagactcac cttcccctgg aaatctctga gaactcatgg ccctaacatt ttgatttttg    195180
     tatgaccagc atcaggagct tttgttattg tgggttcttt gttaaagaag ccctgggaaa    195240
     tatgctcatt aaaataaaga aggttttatt agtttctcct caaattttat gcatttaatt    195300
     tctacttcct cctgtatcct tacagtgacc agagtataca ctaatcatgg agcaaaagta    195360
     aaagtgaaat aatggtcact gtgtggatct tgatctcaga gaccatgtat gcaatgttgt    195420
     gtcagaatct gtttatctca ggtctagaaa caatccagag tcctttagag catggcttcc    195480
     caatgttctg atagtttcca actgccctga cccctcggta gcttcaccac ctcaaaaata    195540
     acaccatccc agcaccacat gtctgctaca tggacttatg aggacagtcc agatccaaac    195600
     tctaccaaca gctgtacttt tcaaatgctc aatataggag caattgtgtc ccagagttag    195660
     acacaagata tggtacctgt tccataaatt ttaaaatgtt ttaatacaca gaagcccatc    195720
     taggcctggt agctcgtgct tatattccac cattctggag tctaaggcag gaagatcatt    195780
     gtggtgcaat aagttcatat atttaaacat tactaatcct tctctatctc ataactcact    195840
     ttatatgtaa atattattac tgaagacagg tataattgct aatacataaa taacaagagt    195900
     tatataaagc taatgcatta ttacttcttt ttgagactga ttcctactct aagttttgtg    195960
     tcaaggagaa gagatgtagt gctgcagatt agccaccagg ggggtggctt tctctaaaag    196020
     gattacccca tattaaatca atctatgcag ctcatggatg cctgccacct gaccactcaa    196080
     aactgaaacg aagagaaaaa tttaggtttt agttggtata ttgagaactc atgtttataa    196140
     ttatttctgt aataaaatat agatacttga gggagaagag agaaatgcaa gcctatagaa    196200
     atataaacca agtccttctg ggtattgtat ctgatttatt gtaagaccaa acctgggttc    196260
     tgggaaattg atgctaatta tcttccacta gaaggcaagg atctcagttc agttcaaagg    196320
     tcaccacttg tactgtttat ttccttgatc catctgtctc tttcttcttt ctcttcctta    196380
     ctaggtaacc tctggccctt gacactctgt ctcccccacc catattgtac atttagggca    196440
     gaggaaccag gaaaagttag gactaagaaa ttaataaatc attcaaccag gagctgatct    196500
     aggaccctga tctatgtttt ttttaatttc attttttatg atattactat ttctccattc    196560
     aggccagtag ccagccagaa agagttggtg atgaaatagg tagttgaaga gaggaaagga    196620
     gacacaaatc ctccagccat atatcagtaa ataagttaaa ttggtagtgg ttgtcaacct    196680
     tcattgtcac ctctacagtc attatgcctc tctcacacat ctctggatgt gcctatgcct    196740
     ttatgaagat gtgtccagct agattgcact gagcagggaa gactcacctt gaatctgaca    196800
     aatgccatgc cctatgcgag agattaggac tgagtaaaga gacagtgagt ggaacctcag    196860
     cataaacggg tttgtttcct cattgtgcgc aacagctgat cttagattct tgttcctctc    196920
     tcctccccac aatgatcctc tggacctcaa aatgtatgtc caaatcaatc cttccttcta    196980
     cgagctgcct tttctcagat attttgtcta agacatggga agagtaatat aattcatgtt    197040
     cgcatataac ccacaaacag gattgattat attttcaatt tcaaaggaca aagacagaga    197100
     ccaaaattac tttcaatgcc ccacctaaaa gtcactgaaa acttttttcc tataaagcat    197160
     tgatcataag gtagctaaga gcaaaacaag gacccttgca ttcagtcagt gtcctaaaac    197220
     ttgtattctg ggaaaacgga gacagatcag aatgtcgatg aaggtgagca tccaagatca    197280
     agaggatgca tcctggggca agtgttatct actgagttcc agtttaccca ctcaggcagg    197340
     aaggacttct ggaattatcc cgaataagca aaacagagcc caattggacc ataccatggc    197400
     caaaactgat tagttatgac cacctcctcc cctttactcc tgttttacct ttatttaagc    197460
     ctagtgtccc aaagatgcac ttgagatcac acacaatctt ttttatctat tctcctcagt    197520
     atgctgcact gattacatag tatctccctg cctctttgtc tgtaattggg atggtgagtg    197580
     agcctgaatg gttagggtct gtggatttat ggggtcattt ttatcatcag ctttggatac    197640
     aacttggaag agtaagcttg tttttagaca gaaggtttgc tttgacaact gaaaatagtt    197700
     gataaaatta gttgatttgt tttggtgtaa gctaaaaaca attatggtgc agccaacata    197760
     ctccacaaac ctgtcttttg gggttctctc attggtgtct gcctaacgca ctgagcatag    197820
     gccacaatca tccagtcctt cttggatatc agcacagttt catgtagggt tattgaactg    197880
     ttgttcctct ctagtggcat aattccagtt tcacaaagca tctctgggtc ccaagtcatg    197940
     catgctctgg acagtttaga aatggagaaa gacagcctga ctacatcccc tgttccactt    198000
     actctttcta ctacttcttc tcctcctcct ctgccaccac catctctttc tcttccttct    198060
     ccatgtccac tttcctcctc ctcctcctcc tccaccccca tcaccaccac cacggctcct    198120
     cctctgatca cgttgattga tgctacatgc aagaatggca ggaaaagaat gagtccttat    198180
     gggattggtg ctcttgcaat aatgaatgtg ggttttctgt catggcaagt gaccaaacag    198240
     tttctacagg gctggacttg gacactcctc actctgctct cccttccccc cagcttcagc    198300
     tccatcctgt ttcttagccc tggcaataaa gtgctgctgt ttctttacaa aggcccctca    198360
     ggtcttgccc tagctgtatt cctgtgctcc tgggctgagt tctttcctga tgactcctac    198420
     ctgatgactc atagctggcc agcttccaag gctcttgcct tcagctttgg gaaacagtct    198480
     catttcttca agggccagcc cctcccccta gaagctgcaa tctttgatct gattgtcaag    198540
     cagcctcggc agtagactag actttgactc ttctagaaag gagtcaatac ccagagtccc    198600
     agcaaccatt cccctcatgc cccagagatc acacaatcag cagtgtcagc cactgcttgg    198660
     aaaggcctga gaaaattatg cagggccaga gagccatggg attggagagg actggcctgg    198720
     agcaagagtg gagtcaagag gtgtccaaat ccttgaaatc tcatcctgaa atcggcagaa    198780
     atagcactgc ttcccagccc cagcccgttt gcgtcctggt ccaagtagcc ttgcgtccct    198840
     atgtttttgt cccccagaag ccaggtaaac ttcctctccc ttaataaggt catgtctaca    198900
     ggcacctgga attccttcct gtgcaaatgg ggcaacctga gcacctggct ctggccaatg    198960
     actcatctta aagattcata gccacccccc caaaggttta agtaactttt gttccaaccc    199020
     attaaatgaa ctatgtcacc aaagctgtct ctctagagtt cgttctcatt gtgttcacat    199080
     gcacttgagg cctcttccgc tcctagctgc ccccacctcg cttaccagct ctgggtccac    199140
     cgggggtgat cacaggtcag tctctctcta tgcaataggt atggaagcgg agcatgaaca    199200
     gcataagtgc ccatctgggt gcgcatcgac ttctgtgttt ctggaaagtt gacaagcact    199260
     ttatttttta ccttaagtca tcacttctag tgtctctatc atgccttaga cttatcttgg    199320
     aaaactggtc taaactcaca gacaacggga aaagcctcat cataatatcc tacaaaacag    199380
     gagtttccgt aactccagga aagcatagtt atgaaggccc caaagcagtg gaagatcctt    199440
     gctaacatcg tgccatcact tgtgtgatat gtaaatagtc ccactaaaaa gggtttatgc    199500
     taaaacacct tatccacaaa tgccactgta ctagacttag ccacatccat cacagacagt    199560
     aacagtgagg agcacagaaa agagagtgag ttagtgtggc acatttggaa agggaacaga    199620
     taaagggggg ctggctgtgt cccttcttag aattgggaac aaaacaccct tggaaggagt    199680
     tacagagaca aagtttggag ctgagacgaa aggatggacc atctagagac tgccataccc    199740
     tgggatccat cccataatca gcctccaaac gctgacacca ttgcacaccg tagcaagatt    199800
     ttgttgaaag gaccctgata tagctgtctc ttgtgaggct attctggggc ctagcaaaca    199860
     cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctattga atggatcaca gggcccccaa ggagctaaag    199920
     ggatctgcaa ccctataggt ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccagtacccc ccggagctcg    199980
     tgtctctagc tgcatatgta tcagaagatg acctagtcgg ccatcagtgg agagagaggc    200040
     ccattggaca cgcaaacttt atatgactca gtacagggga acgccagggc caagaagtgg    200100
     ggggggggga ggggaggggg gaggtttggg ggacttttgg gatagcattg gaaatgtaaa    200160
     tgaagaaaat acctaataaa aaataataat taaaaaattt ttaaaaagag ttggaaagtt    200220
     aacccttttc taggggtgag ggtgttagag tagccttaga gatcttttat tttatttatg    200280
     gatgaggatt cttgtagtgg atttaatgag gtgtttcccc cataggatca aatatttgaa    200340
     tacttagtgc ctacttggtg gtactgattg gggatgctat ggaacctttg ggagatatca    200400
     ctagaggcag gtttgggagc ttatgccttc tccacagttc ttattcaatg tctgctttct    200460
     gaaagaactt gatctactct ggcagagtga gcctaagtcc atcactgtgg tactagcatg    200520
     agctttgggt ttaaatggca aggggtttgc acagttaatc aaggtggagc ctctataatc    200580
     attttctcag ttctgtctct ataaggtgat ggcttgaggg aacaaaccgc ttcttaggag    200640
     gtgattacca ctggcccagc cttgctagct tgataattga cctcattttg gatgtagacg    200700
     tgaattctgt catagcttca ggcagttctg gactcttaca caaaggtatt tctcaatcag    200760
     tcttcttctt cctgaaacct gatgtggctg caggtttacg acaatagcta cctcccaggc    200820
     tttgcttttt gttgcctttt ggcacaagat gtgtcagtaa tattcagcaa aaacagtttc    200880
     caagtggcat ttatagctcc taagtggcaa attgtgacag aatatctggt caaattccac    200940
     agtgtgaata gaagttcccc aaagaagaaa cattagcacc accaacaaca acgacaacaa    201000
     caagaagagg agcaatgaca aagctacacc tatattaaag atgctacaag ggccaaagac    201060
     taaacttcaa gattttggac aatcacattg gaaaggtggc ttagtggttt aaagcactta    201120
     atgttctctc aggggatcca tatttggtcc acataaggca acttataagt gcctgtaatt    201180
     tctgtttctg gtgatctgac atctatggaa actatgagca cagacccaca cacttacaca    201240
     taaaattaaa aataatgatt aaacagaaat cttaacactt atggagaatt aatggtatag    201300
     gttagagaca aattattttg ggttgttttt aatcctttta aagtcaccca ttatgcacat    201360
     atgtgtccaa tcctaacagt catatgacta tcaaagtcag ctattgtcag cccaaagcta    201420
     agaacttcat cagttaacac ctaacgttgt aacagatttt tttcctctgt gtttctataa    201480
     tataactacc tatcgctccc gccagtgtat ttagtaaata ttttcatata gtactttctt    201540
     tcctctgcaa caatacaaag cttatacatc agtttcaata atgaaacatg atctttaggg    201600
     aaacctgaat ctgcattccc aggtcatcgt cattagtatt tggccccaga ataaattatg    201660
     ccatattccc tttgaggtga gaatcatagt ttttaataca ttgccaatag ccagtaattt    201720
     aaataataat aagattataa aaaaaatgtt cccttgaaga ccctcatttc ttttggtaat    201780
     atttggaact tttctgtgta actttttgaa tagatttttt gagactaatt ttcatcagag    201840
     tttttcattc tatcctatga attcttaggt ttggatttag tatcataacc cagagttcct    201900
     gaatgttttg ggcatggctg tttattggtt tgtgtttact gatgattttt attgatatat    201960
     tgttgtagat gggtctggtg ctgtttgtat gttgatgcta attccactct cctgggaggg    202020
     gttgtggaca aggagtgagt cctactcagg tgacttcttg tgaaccaatc ctctaatgaa    202080
     taaaggagcc aatcactggg tgagtaggtg ggacttccag gttgaagagg ggaaaagagg    202140
     aagcaggaga gagttaaggt cttttttttg gatggagata gcgtgaggac aagatgtagc    202200
     tacgcatgtc tcccagtttc aatggcagat ctgtcaggct cctctgagtt agatttaata    202260
     aggcttacaa gattaggatt tgaattgttg tgcacagtga tcgagttatc atttctgaac    202320
     taagtttgtg tggtgttttc cttcatgtgg cagctcatct gagttcaaga gagaaaggta    202380
     tgatggcaaa gtgtgagttt gcctgaggtg catcacaaag gctctagggg atttgaagca    202440
     tggggttggt gtgatagtga ctaaccccca agtgggaacc tagagagctg gatggaaaga    202500
     atgtggagtt ctgagtcaga gtctccatga gataaaaaca ggtcagccat tgcccatcag    202560
     tgcatagctg gccaggccac cagtgcagag gcacaagcac agcccacctt ttaaaatatt    202620
     ttccacacaa tatattgatg tattgaatgt atttccttga ttgtagcctc ttttgcatct    202680
     tccttcagtt aattgtgatc ttatacaagg ccatataact gaatgaggaa ttgtagaaaa    202740
     catcaatact agagtcagtt ttctgaatat gaaatggtcc caaattattt caaaataaaa    202800
     gttgtaatga ctacaaatgt ttctgatatt tccttcccat gttgtaccac gtggcttcac    202860
     tgcagcctta gttccaaatg tgtaacatgc atccacaccc tgtacccggt gttatacaac    202920
     atatcaaaag caagtattgt ctgaaatgct tgagctagac tccaagaatc tcacaggatt    202980
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    203040
     ctctctctct ctccccgagc atggtggttt aactatagaa tacaaagagt tttatcattt    203100
     ttctactgtc attcctgagc atataagtat caaaatggtg caactttata ttgcattgtt    203160
     ttagaatggt tgatttttca aaaaggttta aattgctaaa agtttcctta aaaattgttt    203220
     aatacatttt ggcttgatac taagaaaaaa ctcccaataa tttctgaaat gaccttaaaa    203280
     acacttctgc tattttttac taagtaaata tctaaagaag atttctcaac ttaatgatca    203340
     caaagtcgaa ctattcattt ttaaagcttc tcttctctac atccaagcag cttgtataaa    203400
     taaataaagc ttgaaaactc tggactggac aggttcctgc accctttcta gatgccctag    203460
     actatgtacg ttgggatggc tctggtttga gtcagtggct cacctgtgat gtttgaagag    203520
     ttactgtctg accaagttct acatctagac tccaggtttg tgagaacggt gagattgctc    203580
     tgatttctac tctatctggt ctctcttttg tgtgaaatgt ctacatctcc tgttcctgct    203640
     ggggagagct agaccagagt ttaatgctac ttgtatttgc tgagtttctc agtttcacca    203700
     ctcttttcag ctgtgcttcc actccctttg tgagttctgg ggctcttctc cttttctttc    203760
     tgtaatatag tcgattctct gctatcctta ctgttctcat taccttgtcc tatggaagca    203820
     gcttctaatc atccatctta cctggaaata tttattcatt caatattaag tcaatctctt    203880
     tttattctaa caattccaaa tattctattt agttagaaat aaatagacac atatgctatg    203940
     tactcattta taagtagaca ttttagccat aaagttcagg acaaccatgc tataatccac    204000
     agacccaaag aaactgggta ataaggagat cccaagggca gatgcacaaa tctcactcag    204060
     aaaaagaaac taaatagtgg tggatagaag gagggaactg ggtaggagag gaggtgagga    204120
     aaggaacaga aatggagatg aagtgttagg aaagggggag tggagaaggc taggaatgag    204180
     aatagaaata gatggtggtg acaaggggct ggtgattagc tggatgccag gaactggcaa    204240
     gaatatggga agtctatggg tatgaccata gccaagattc ctaccagtgg gggatataga    204300
     gactgaagtg gccacctcct atactcatgc agaacttccg gggtggcggg gggaagacgt    204360
     ctatccacaa aacctgcaat ctgtctttgc tacaagatgt gcagggacaa aaatggaata    204420
     gagactaagg ggacagctaa tcaatgacta ccccaacttg agacccatcc catgtgagaa    204480
     aaccaacccc tgacagaatt aatggtctct gctatgcttg tagacaggag cctagcataa    204540
     atgtctcctg ggagacttta tccagaagca gatggaggca gatgcagaaa cccacagtta    204600
     gacatcaggt agaggagtct tgttgaagag ttggggttag aaaagtgagc aagtcattgg    204660
     ggttaaggat accacaagac ccacagagtc aactaacctg ggtctatgag agtcacagag    204720
     actaggatac caaccaggga gcattcaagg gctggacctc agcctcctaa acatttatag    204780
     caaatcagcc agttgctctt catgtggaac ccctaacaag tagaccggga actgttttgt    204840
     tctctgtttc cttccattgg atctcttttc ccataccgga ctgcttggtt gggcctcagt    204900
     gagagagaat gaaccctgtc cagggtaggg taataccaaa gggggaatcc ccttctctga    204960
     ggagaagggg aggagacaat ggaggaaatg attaaataga aaaaaaaaaa caagaaataa    205020
     atagaaagtt aatccaaaga atagacacag agcacaactt accatcatga taggagctat    205080
     ccacagaact tctagtggac agagaaaatt ctatgtgcag acacacacac acacacacac    205140
     acacacacac agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    205200
     agagagagtt tacattgctc tcctttatct acagctagca aatttataat gtaaggaaaa    205260
     tctcgtagac acttgtccag agtgttctgt tataatttct gtgactcagg tggctaaaga    205320
     agatgttctg tacttgcaca tagcagtaga ctagaaccct gatggttgtt gaagggatct    205380
     gcctacagaa tgcccacaga cagaaagtat gtgtgttcct gcatatattt gtgcatacac    205440
     agatctgtga aaccactaaa ctttcagaat gtctccccac agcataggct atctaatatt    205500
     tgtggtaata ccataagata agttgtaatg gtggcagaaa acatgaggca aagaaatcaa    205560
     atgagaaaca cagattattg ctaggcagaa ttatgataat ggagagaaaa gaaaggagtg    205620
     aacagtcgtt tcagacccaa atgcaaaaga tctttgtcta gttagtgttc tactatttag    205680
     tgttctaaag tttagggcaa gattaactta ttttaaaatg acttcttaga ttttggggta    205740
     ataaatttaa tcctgttttt tggataatac tatttacctt tgtatctctg agtttgatgg    205800
     aaacccacaa cccagtttat ctgtacagag acttgagaag aacttgatcc ccttacctta    205860
     gatttgatct tctgaagcta agcagcacat tagtcacctt tatcttgtgc agtaaatatt    205920
     gcccttcatt gtatcctctg cattaccaaa gacaatttag atagtgtttg acacaaggac    205980
     tagttttaat ggctttttaa ttcaccatag actattttct ggggaatttg tttttaaatt    206040
     tcttccacat attgccagtt aagaacaatg tgttctccta attccaggaa gtcgtgttat    206100
     ggctgtcaaa aatgatgggt tgcgtaatca gtaacagtaa atagaataat tctttgaagc    206160
     cattcctgct ggaaggtgtg tagactatcc acagaagagt gccaaagaac acctgccaag    206220
     aagtgaaccc agcagttgaa agtcagagat aaataaggaa atgtgctgta gctgtcttga    206280
     aatcgtgaaa tattagactg ggaaggcatt gtgagagtac acagtgatcc cctgttttat    206340
     ttgacaaagt gttctggaga gaaaggagtt atctctgagg atcccacttt cactgctacg    206400
     tcttgggaat gtttgtgaaa ttatgtcagt ggaaaggaaa aggagccttc tacttctcaa    206460
     agcaatcctc aaagagggtg ccctacacat tagagtaaga tgagaacaaa cacagcaatg    206520
     aggctactga gcaattggtc tagaaaatga acagctatct tgtagcaaag cttaagaaag    206580
     ggtcttgcct ggggttctaa actccacagt aaggtcaggg cactaataaa caaactctcc    206640
     tggaaaggaa ctggctgtta gatcgttgct tgtggtaact gagatgtgac cagagaaggg    206700
     ctctgagcct tgtgactaaa gcttaaatga ctatccaagt tggcaaaaat gacttgagag    206760
     ataatattgg aatgaagtca aatagggaag taagactgat gttcaaacat attactaact    206820
     ggtctcctag gaaacagaaa actagattca taccacagga cagaaaccag ggagaaaaga    206880
     taagagctga ggacagagag tcaaacttaa tcaactcctt ggaaatacag tcttaatgac    206940
     aataaattct ttgaagacaa gacaagcatc tgtggtacag aatgacctca catccggcta    207000
     cctactactc cttccgtgtc ccagcgatag caactttgat gcacaggaga tatattgcaa    207060
     ttctctagct agttataacc aagaaaccac ttgccagaga aggtacttta tccaagagtt    207120
     caaggatatt tctaggaaat aaactttaag gaacacatgc tgggcagata ctacatcatt    207180
     atttgtaagt tatgtctgtt ttctttcatc atgccatttg cttggctgat ggtccagtag    207240
     ctattcttgg tctttagttt catgctagag aaagtaagta gactagacag tgtgtaggag    207300
     caggggttct atatggactt cagggtttgt ttttttatac taattgttca cctctggttt    207360
     gttctttatg agtaaaaact gccattcttt ccaagccatc gatatttgac ttcctatctc    207420
     tactacaata gagccatctg gattaagcaa ttgtaattat catttatgtt cttgctaaga    207480
     aatagataaa attaattata ataataatca tatttatcta agtgtaacat tgataagcac    207540
     tgttactgat aatattaagc accgactagc atgttacaca atttgatagt tttcataggc    207600
     tttggatcac tgtaagagca gaatatgttt gtggtgtaat gatggttttc atttatcctg    207660
     ctgaattaat ggctattttc atatactttt aaaataatga ggcacctatc ttaatcctct    207720
     cagagaaatg gatatgacaa aactgaaaaa gaaaatttaa agaactctct aatttgttgt    207780
     aaaattaaaa ctagtctctt aactgtgatg actttgagtg aggtctctca actctgttgt    207840
     gacatcagta tttccacctg gggaagtgcc ttcaggacag gaactactgt ttggtatatg    207900
     ttgaaaagct taacaatctc tcataaaaat aatgaggacc atcttaaatt tttaaatttt    207960
     attccaacaa atttatttca attcataatt ccattcaatc tgaattattg tgttgggatt    208020
     ttaaaagaca acactgcatt atactctaat atttcaaata ttttcactct tgtgcatgta    208080
     atatctaaat gaaaataaaa ttcccatagc attgtagaaa tctatgaaag tgggcttaaa    208140
     gtctgtgaaa atgtgggttt tacaagttgc aacatttttg aagtgaaata aaacaaaatt    208200
     atgaaaatca gaggtgatac aagtctattt ttaattggga tgttaataat atttaacctt    208260
     ccttaattaa acctccttta aagaggttta atatttaacc aaactaaata atattttaat    208320
     aacaaatttt acaaacatga ctgaagaaat tgtacagtat tttaataagt taaggccaaa    208380
     tatgtctctg tattgttttt tatatggcat gttgatatat attctgatct attttcaata    208440
     ttttaatatc atttgctaga acagagagat aacttaatat ttttgtgcca taataagtca    208500
     gatttaattt ttgttactga ttatttcaaa tctctaactc atcttgatag tatgttttac    208560
     acttttagga ctgtagttac acttgcgtaa acttccattt ggtttatttc aaatgtgaac    208620
     tacgtgtttt catgacacct caagttattg ttggtccaga atgtcatacc cataacctgc    208680
     agtaccagta actttgctgc attggcatgt atacatgtga tgtgatacga ctgatatcaa    208740
     tgtgattgat gttagtgttt catattaaat caactctaag atcctgaaca atatcctgaa    208800
     tagcacatga gcaggcctat tgcagaccta gcaatgagta tgggcaaaga cattgtctgc    208860
     cactgtgagg catccagttt ctcatgacat acagtgtgat gagcatgtgg tgatcctagg    208920
     agagaggcat gaagtattga caagtagctt taggaaacta ctttccacaa aataagtatt    208980
     cacctattag tagatcacaa agtcaacata aagcaacaaa tgcattgtga agattatcac    209040
     tagcataatg ggggtgtggg agatgctctt tctatgaatg agctacaatc ccactggcca    209100
     agactaggtt ttctgatagc accattgcag tcactgccca gtcctggcct tcttctccta    209160
     taggctatag accaacatgg taatcagttg actctttggc ctgctttatc cttccttact    209220
     ctttattatg tacatgcatt ttccctagga atatgactac atttctaaca caagcttgaa    209280
     gtcagcttct gagggtcata ctctagcagt tgatattgga cttcagaatg atggtgggtt    209340
     gagaccttca ctgtcccaca tcatggaaaa gctaggaaga atttctggaa taacatgaca    209400
     gcgtaacagc tgaggagttc tcagaaatgg cctggaaaga tactctggta ctgggaaatc    209460
     ctcagggcaa ggcagtaact ctgttaatta aaggcattgt gtcagatgct tctgtgcaaa    209520
     caaagatgtg gagagagttc ccataagtgg gaacaatagc cctgaagcag atatataaca    209580
     cagagaagtt agtccacaat ctttgagtag gagctgatgt cacagtcact tttccaggga    209640
     cctggaagga aaagccataa aagtttcaag acagaaaaat gggaggaaga gatatgcaaa    209700
     ggtatgtttt ggatgtaggc atgcatatgg aagtgtgctc gaatgcatgc attcttaccc    209760
     atagaacaaa atcaattcag ttatggaaag agcactaaaa aataatcacc ccaaaatagt    209820
     ttcatcatca gttatccaag actatataca tagatatggt gatcatcaaa aagaaataga    209880
     aaatatatat ttggcaaagg cccaaactct aagttagaaa gctggctcaa gaatcactgc    209940
     ttctgtggga tggcaagccc atccctcact tgatgccctg tctttctgct ggaggtgggc    210000
     tctctacaag ctccctcccc ccactgtagg acatttaatc taaggttcct ttctttgagt    210060
     cctgagagtc tctcacctcc caggtctctg gtacactctg gagggtacac caatctccta    210120
     cctcccaagg ttgcatgttt ccattctttc tgctggccct caggaatttc attccttttc    210180
     cctcacccaa tacccaatca tgttcccctc tccacccccc caccccaccc cctttccctc    210240
     ccaggtccct tcctccaccc ttgtggttgc tttcttctcc ctcccaagtg ggactgaggc    210300
     atccttactt agtcccttct gctttttgac ctttctgagt tctgtggact atgtgttgag    210360
     tatttggcac tttatttttt tttcttttgg ctaatatcca cttattagtg agtacactat    210420
     gcatgtcctt ttgtgtctga tttacctcac tcaggatgat ctgacccata attattcctg    210480
     tctaaaagaa ctgcagggat gaaaaatgga gaggagcctg aggaaaagaa ggtccagcaa    210540
     caggcccgaa gtgagatcta gctcaaggga ggccccaaag acctgaaact attactgagg    210600
     ctatggagca ctcaaaaagg gatctatcat gactgccctc tgaaagaccc aacaaacagc    210660
     tgaaagagtc agatgcagat atttgcacac aaccaatgga caggaactgc tgagctctgt    210720
     gtttaaatta gggaaaaggt ggaagaaact gaggaggagg gcaaccctgt aggaggacca    210780
     gcagtctcaa gtaacctgaa tccctgagat ccctcagata ctgaaacacc aaccatgcag    210840
     catatatgag gcagctgata tgaggccccc aacacatata cagcagagga ctactgagtc    210900
     tgggtttagt cagagaagat acacctaata ctcaagagac aggaggcccc agggagttta    210960
     gaggtttggt ggggtagggg tcaggtatgg ggacatcctc gtggagacgg ggatgggggg    211020
     tacagaggag gtttgggata tggaacagtt ggagggtgga ccaggagggg aataaaatct    211080
     ggagtttaaa ataaaaaaaa tagttaataa catggtcaca tatttacacc acttctactc    211140
     atacattttt tctgtacatt aaagaaagtg aatttctaag agagagagag agctagaaag    211200
     aataaaaaag aataactgct tctgagtgtt tgcctcagtc atgattgagc caatcagaag    211260
     tccctgttat gaaactatat ttattacata aaccattgtg catggattgt caccacttag    211320
     aaaacaagtt tccatcttgt atcctggatc acaaagagac cagtctgcac aagagagcgc    211380
     acggaccaca gaagcagcac agcttctggg acagtgtccc tttcgggcct ttatcttcag    211440
     ccaggaggta gagcagtgct cttgacctct atgtactttc gtgcagagag ttctctgacc    211500
     actgaggctc aggagagagt tggactccca ggagttctga cagaggctaa caaaagcaca    211560
     ggaggaacaa gctccagcca gagacagcta taacaactaa caccagagat tacaggaagg    211620
     tgaaaggaaa acataagaat cttactaaca gaaaccaaga ccactcagca ctatcagaaa    211680
     ccagcactcc caccacagca agtccttgga tacccaacac acatgaaaag caagattcag    211740
     atttaaaatc atatctaacg atgctagtag aggattttaa tgaggccatt aataactcac    211800
     ttaaagaaat acaggagaac actgctagac aggttgaagg ccttaaagag caagcgcaaa    211860
     aatcccttaa agaattacag gaaaacacaa ccaaacaggt gatagaattg aacaaaacca    211920
     tccaagatct aaaaagggaa gtagaaacaa taaagaaaac ccaaagggag acaactctgg    211980
     agatagaaat cctaggaaag aaatcaggag ccatagatgc gagcatcagc aacagaatat    212040
     atgagatgga agagagaatc tcagatgcag aagatttcat agagaacatg gacacaacaa    212100
     taaaaaaatg caaaaatgca aaaagatcct aattcaaaac atccaggaca aaatgagaag    212160
     accgaaccta cggataatag gagcagatga gaatgaagat tttcaacata agatcaacaa    212220
     atgacagctc atgttggtaa atatgttgag taaggggaac attatccatt gctagtgcta    212280
     ctgcacactt atatacctgc attgtaaatc aatgttggtt gttcctctgg aagatggaaa    212340
     ttggtttacc tcaaagtcta gctataccac tcttgggtat atacgcaaag gatgcttcag    212400
     cctactatgt agacatttgc tcagtcatgt ttattgtttc cctattcata atagcaaaaa    212460
     attagaaaca acctagatgt cctacaacag atagatggaa aaagaaaatg tgtcacattt    212520
     atacaacaga atagcaacta taaaataaaa tcatggaatt cacaggaaaa aggaatagta    212580
     cttaaaaaac accctcagtt atgtaaactc agacccagaa agacaaatac attatgtatc    212640
     cattacatct ggctagtagg ttaaattgat attaagcaaa ctacaatcca tagagtcaca    212700
     gaaattagat attgaacaaa tgactgagag tgggggacag ataggtagat cttcccagga    212760
     aagggaaaga gaatagataa ttatggatgg attggcgtgg tgctggaatg ggaaggtcaa    212820
     gtagtgagaa aggggcataa agaaagggat gaaggagaga atatggggag acaccactaa    212880
     aataaagggc catttgaagg gtagtgtgga aacctaaaca gtagaaactt cctaaaatat    212940
     atacatatat taaagtgata taaatggtct tgcccccccc cccccccaat gggagagaca    213000
     gagtcccaac tgcacatttc ttgcttccaa ataaagtttc aagtacgaga attgggttgc    213060
     atattattga aatgttggcc aaagagatcc tatttgaaca ccaaacaatc taggctgttg    213120
     cccatgctct aggttgcttt ccacaatctg aaagaaaggc cctactgctg aagacaacac    213180
     caacacaatt tattaaatgt gcagacatca agctggtgtc tacatagaac ctgtgccctt    213240
     ataagtgaat attcatgtta ctggaaggta ctctgcacac taccaaagga aaaacacaaa    213300
     catcaataca gatataaact cttccctctc tcatggtgtg ctgcctgcaa gtcatactag    213360
     tgcaatgctg ggacaaatct tgtggaatta actaaccaat atctgatttg acttaagacc    213420
     cactgtggga ggtacaaccc ataactgaca tagcttaggt taccaagaac atgagattag    213480
     atagcccagg gacctacagt aaaaccaaat actactattc tactaaagga atgttgcaat    213540
     aaagtgattt ttttttttgt ctgaagaacc attgctgtgt atttatttaa taaaagggca    213600
     tatttattta tgtttacaaa caagtttcaa aaacaaaagg aaaagatgta tgcctctctc    213660
     tcttaacctt tctcaaaatg ccaacagccc cctctatgct gtgtgaaggt atctacggag    213720
     ttattagaaa aatcaatgca atcactcaca gttcactaag acatcactga actaacatat    213780
     ttagataaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaaaaaagac taaaggtttc tcttgtactt    213840
     tgatagttta atttgattgg cctgaaataa caaaggcatt tcaagcatct ttcattgtgt    213900
     atttgatgtc ccacaataaa caatctacta aattctgaac aaaaggttat tagcaagttt    213960
     tcaaaacatt taaaaattaa acagttcttt caaagccatt aagtagtaaa tgtatttaag    214020
     aaactagtta ggacagatgc cataacttca ttagaacacc actgctcatg gtttttgttg    214080
     gttttttttt tttttttttg tcttgttttc tttttttctt ttttgttttt taaacaaatc    214140
     attagtgtta tctatttggc tattagtatt agcaatttat ctacatatgt aacaagataa    214200
     attgtaggca aaattttatt acagtttcaa tagaaacacc cccccttttt ttcactgaaa    214260
     atacagcagt atttgaagga ctaatttttc tctgcattac tataaggaaa cttcccgtct    214320
     atgaagaaca aaaaaattat ctacaaacct tgtaaacaga tctgtatcat ttataaacgt    214380
     aaataatcca aattattaac agccaacagc agaaattaaa gtattcactc aatgatccag    214440
     ggctctctgt ctcatccaga gtcactcctc cctccctgcc atcatgaact gagataaacc    214500
     acagctctgc tagtcaggac aacgttaggt accactgacg acccacaggc cactcatgcc    214560
     gagtcaccgc tgtttatctg tcagttcgtt tctcccacac cccaaaaaag caccctcagt    214620
     ctggcagaaa gctttgtttt ttgtttttta ttttttaaat aaatctacat tcgtacaagt    214680
     gtatcttctg ttgaagtcca gagacaagaa tactatcttg tccgtcacaa tatgtgaaaa    214740
     gactcagttt cgatttgttt ctttacaatg cagctagtgt gttaccattc agcttacaat    214800
     cagagtgatg tttccaaact atgtagtggg cttcctgggg atgaagaggt agcagacttg    214860
     ttcatttcta ttgtaaggtg aattccgctg tcaacagcat tgttattttt gttaggagag    214920
     ggtggaggtc tggagttgcg ttttgtaggg gcgtcgtctt cagcatcagt gtcatcaata    214980
     agggggatgt gcggctctga atcttctatc ctaaactcag ggcgtgtcat aaagttgtgg    215040
     attgaacttc ttgattctgg cttctctaac ccttcgtata aagaactacg aaatgcattc    215100
     acccctcgga tctgtgtttg gactctgttc aggcctctaa accacaagat ctggccacgc    215160
     cacaactccc tttcggcatg gtcaatctct tcaacatcct ctgctaattc ctcctcaggt    215220
     atctcctcct tctgtgttcc atgaccagct tcttttagaa actgtaagcg taattccaaa    215280
     gtgattctaa tgactttctg ctagcctcac attagtgcct tgctcactgg agaagctgcc    215340
     ttctgtggca gatggaaaga tatacaaaga cctacagcca gacaatacgc agagagtgaa    215400
     agaccctgaa acactcagtc ctaagtgggg gggggggggt ctccatcaaa ttcccctcct    215460
     cgagattcag agaaacccat gggggagaaa gagaaaggaa agtaagagcc agaaggaatg    215520
     gaggacagca aggagaccgg gctttctaaa tcaacaagat catcacacat ttgaactgac    215580
     agagactgag gcagcatgca caggcccagc atgggtctac accaagtgga atcctagcat    215640
     tttaaaacag tgaagatata cctcaatccc taacccagaa tctatctcca atagataacc    215700
     actttcaaat gaaaatttag tttctccaag gtggggacac aaattgttct taagggacag    215760
     cctcatgtcc agcagtagat ggttaacaga aaagaaactt acttgcatcc ttgcaggttc    215820
     cttgtctcat aaagttgtat cagggaattt tccatttttt tctttatatt taaaaattgt    215880
     atatttattt ttattattct attactaata attattatcc ctttctcttt ttttacccta    215940
     catgccctta catatattat ggtttctggt ttgtgttttt atgtgcttcc tgagtgtgaa    216000
     tctagtagat cactgtgtct atatctattt cttgtgactt ttcttgtgtt ctttttcttc    216060
     tgttttttgt ttgcttgttt tgctttttgt ttgtttgttt tagttttatt taatctttat    216120
     tttacatccc agaatttatt cctctcccgg ttcaccctct gactgtttcc cattagatac    216180
     ctcctcccga acccctgtct ccatgagaat gtcaacactc cccaccccac caggcttcta    216240
     aactctctga ggcctctagt ctctagagga ttaggtgcat cttctctgac taaacccaga    216300
     cctgacagtc ctctgctgca tatgtgttgg gggcctcata tcagctggtg tatgctgcct    216360
     ggttggtgtt ccagtatctg agagatctca ggggttcagg ttaattgaga ctgctagtcc    216420
     tcctacaggg ttgccctcct cctcagtttc ttccagcttt cccctaattc aaacacaggg    216480
     ctcagcagtt cctgtccatt ggttgtgtgc aaatatctgc atctgactct ttcagctgct    216540
     tgttgggtct ttcagagggc agtcatgtta ggttccattt tagtgctcca tagcctcagt    216600
     aatagtttca ggtctttggg gcctcccttg agctggatcc cactttgggc ctgtcactgg    216660
     accttctttt cctcaggctc ctctccattt tccttcctgc agtcctatca gacaggaaca    216720
     attatgggtg agacttttaa ctgtgggatg gcagccccat ccctcacttg attcctctct    216780
     ttatgcccaa agtggacttt acaagttcgc tctcctctta gatttcatct aaggtccctc    216840
     cctgtgagtc ctgagagtct ctcacctccc tggtctctgg tacattctgg agggttcccc    216900
     tacctcctac ttcccaaggt tgcctgcttc cattctttct gctgactctc agggcttcag    216960
     accatttccc ctgcccaata ccagatgatg ttcccctatt cccgacccta tccccttttc    217020
     cacctatgac cctcactccc tcccaccttg tgatttcttt tttcaccccc ccccaagtga    217080
     gattgaggat tcttcacttg gactcttcag cttgttcacc tttcttgagt tctgtggact    217140
     gtatcttgga tattctataa ttgttttgtg tgtgtggagg ctaatatcca catattagtg    217200
     agtacatacc attcatatcc ttttgggtct gagttatcac actctggatg atattttcta    217260
     ggtccattta tttgcctcag gatgtcctca ttcttaataa ctgagtagta ctccattgtg    217320
     taatgaacca catttttctg tatccattct tctgtcatgg gttgttttca gcttctggct    217380
     atcacaaata aggctgcaat gaacatagta gaactcgtgt tactgtggca tggtgggtca    217440
     tcttttgggt atattcccaa gagtggtatt gctgggcctt caggtagatc tatttccaat    217500
     tttctgggga tcctccagat tgatttccag agttgtccca gttcgcaatc ccaccagcaa    217560
     tggaggagtg tttgttcctt tttctccaaa tccttaccaa catgcggtat cacctgaggt    217620
     attgatctta gccgttctga ttggtgttag gtgaaatctc agggtcattt tgatttgcat    217680
     ttctctgatc actaaggact ttgaacattt ctttaggtgc ttctcagcaa tttcagattc    217740
     ttctgttgtg aattccttgt ttaattctat accccatttt tggattgggt tgtttgtttt    217800
     ttctggtggt tagattcttg agttctttat atattttgca tattagccct ctaccagata    217860
     tggggctagt gaacatttct tcccactggg ttagttgcca atttgtccta ttaactatat    217920
     attttgcctt acagatactt tccagtttca tgaggtccca tttaccaact cttgatctta    217980
     gaacatgagc cactggagtt ctgtgtagga aattcccccc tgtgtcactg agttcaaggc    218040
     tctttcccaa tttctcttct attagattca gtgtatctgg ttttatgttg agatctttga    218100
     tctacttgga cttgagcttt gtgcaaggtg acaaatatga gtctattttt tttttctaca    218160
     ttcagacagc cagttagacc agcacctttt attgaagatg ctttcttttt tccactgaat    218220
     atttttggct tctttgtcaa agatcaaggg tgtctaagtg tgtggtagtg tgtggtttta    218280
     tttctgggtc ttctgttcta tccattgatc aacatatctg cctctatacc aatacagtgc    218340
     agtttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttatcacta ttactctgta gtagagcttg    218400
     aggtcaggga tagtgattcc cccaacagtt ctcttattgt taagaattc                218449