ID   AC122389; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 217046 BP.
AC   AC122389;
DT   27-MAY-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   06-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-80N23 from 16, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-217046
RA   Isak A., Doebber A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-80N23";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-217046
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-217046
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-MAY-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-217046
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (04-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-217046
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; f1217532b276953f79ede25f0cbb7ff2.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456176.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC122389.2:1-217046; mus_musculus.
CC   On Oct 4, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:21105837.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0080N23
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..217046
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="16"
FT                   /map="16"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-80N23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   1120..1170
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   1241..1333
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2021..2270
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   3069..3522
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   4146..4314
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   4437..4631
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   4947..5299
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   5442..6396
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   9563..9859
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   10088..10846
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11187..12013
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12203..12252
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   12272..12407
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   13946..14683
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   15185..15408
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   16844..17170
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18970..20446
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22737..23058
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23058..23503
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24167..24424
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   24961..24997
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24996..25072
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26311..26398
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29386..29701
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   29702..29763
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   29785..29993
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30004..30378
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   30931..31214
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31224..31394
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   31407..31852
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   33820..34026
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34222..34397
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34429..34787
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   36658..36723
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36727..37668
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   38632..38774
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38810..38982
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   39185..39422
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   39734..39933
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   40101..40225
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40355..40513
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   40542..40621
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   40735..41747
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44112..44372
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44420..44471
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   44461..44523
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   46096..46453
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48533..48789
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48989..49262
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50054..50114
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   50149..50381
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   52273..52341
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53554..53635
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   54699..54865
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   55650..55835
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(55758..55829)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=33.69 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-12.02)"
FT   repeat_region   55995..56658
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   56659..56805
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   56806..57453
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57459..57704
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57704..57740
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   57934..58234
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60030..60092
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   60627..60804
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   60864..61459
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   63931..64644
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65346..65984
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66001..66347
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66996..68066
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   68601..69064
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   72109..72519
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   74527..74695
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   76525..76788
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76856..77487
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79126..79235
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   81238..81326
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81686..81979
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82096..82252
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83336..83503
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   84450..84776
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   84926..85386
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89151..89790
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   90933..91313
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   91314..92213
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   92246..92311
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92419..92992
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92993..93148
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   93844..94318
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94505..94796
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   94925..95179
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96572..96737
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96744..96940
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96953..97473
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97486..97568
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97612..97772
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   98346..98401
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   98351..98418
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   98419..98596
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   99877..100059
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103332..103934
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103935..104047
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   104049..104200
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104850..104993
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   105459..105569
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   105481..105542
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER17C"
FT   repeat_region   105543..105835
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109473..109706
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   109977..110167
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   110340..110474
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110603..110655
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   111377..111895
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   112747..112957
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   115852..116080
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   116222..116648
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   117962..118108
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121243..121289
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   121292..121496
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   121600..121697
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   122476..122949
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123179..123591
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER17C"
FT   repeat_region   124121..124299
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125995..126079
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127107..127298
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   128453..128551
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   128850..129747
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130354..130586
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130712..130854
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130859..131001
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132191..134493
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   134497..134686
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   135584..135977
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   136047..136464
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136528..136676
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   138341..138677
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   138700..139038
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   139315..139563
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   139628..139772
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   140832..140948
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140997..141325
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   141340..141484
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   142077..142388
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   142415..142619
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   142641..142929
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   142954..143268
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   144794..144967
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER12"
FT   repeat_region   145242..145388
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146004..146295
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER12"
FT   repeat_region   146430..146792
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   147031..147205
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   147902..148028
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   148273..148517
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149995..150135
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   151356..151874
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   152008..152187
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   152928..153560
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   153596..153771
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   154808..154947
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   154949..155195
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   155429..155580
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   156773..156900
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   157121..157239
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   157236..157507
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   157599..158006
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   158017..158064
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   158259..158401
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159173..159328
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160716..160916
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   161286..161402
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   162451..162876
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   163127..163607
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   164478..164535
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   165277..165698
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   166264..166821
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   169421..169570
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   170894..171057
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   172492..172566
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   172837..173108
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   173768..173841
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   176405..176518
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   178457..178542
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   178548..178650
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   178892..179870
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   179871..180874
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   180990..181285
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   181294..182080
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   182157..182588
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   183345..183455
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   183456..183603
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   183604..183865
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   188062..188375
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   188363..188594
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   188601..189827
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   189823..190411
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   190411..191825
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   191822..191961
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   192457..192587
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   193578..194151
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   195749..196041
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   196042..196215
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   196216..196534
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER6A"
FT   repeat_region   196614..196819
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   196913..197008
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   197116..197183
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   197569..197809
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   198114..198479
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   198497..198877
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   198878..199221
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   199222..199548
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   199613..199833
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   200274..200460
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   200461..200779
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   200780..201204
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   201205..201685
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   201686..202817
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   203009..203290
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   203493..203950
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   204000..204271
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   204651..205124
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   205126..205234
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   205175..205253
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   205255..205534
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   205574..205710
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   205719..205981
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   205964..206069
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   208389..208457
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   208431..208594
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   208589..208810
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   208827..209086
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   209087..209478
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   209479..210608
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   210609..211016
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   211017..211250
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   211249..213360
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   214176..214585
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   214561..214765
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   215271..215434
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   215473..215724
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   216724..216780
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
SQ   Sequence 217046 BP; 67915 A; 39276 C; 38308 G; 71547 T; 0 other;
     gatcagaata atgagaggaa aagtaaggaa catctaacac cagttacata ttaataggaa        60
     agacagataa acttcttacc attctcacag cagattatct tccaatacta cctagaacat       120
     ctcagcatat tgacatgcta tcaaaatcac ttgaggttca tgagggacta gaatggttcc       180
     aataatacat tttggaactt ataacatctg tagtatgctt taataataat ttaaaattca       240
     ctgctgttat atatatatac acataataca tcaaatatcc agaaatattt tccaaagaaa       300
     aacaagaaat tatgataata aaattggatg aggattattt taattattta caatattttt       360
     ctgattcaag attaaaatag gaaatattta agcatggatt cattagtgta tagactttac       420
     ctgactttaa ttaaatagaa tttgtaatta acatgtctgt tcattcagtc atactatact       480
     tcaagtggat actgatattt ttatcagaaa agtaatccag aatgttatta ttttaaaata       540
     tgatgcttat ttatatctat tatactatat aacttagaaa tttttaaatt ctgttaaaat       600
     agcatattaa aactttgctt cagtttacct acctaattct catgaagaga aacagacttc       660
     tttaaatctg agagaatatg gagggcttca tatatgtgta agctagatta actaattagg       720
     agcaaagcca ctgcaaactg ccttttagaa caaaattgca taacaccata gatggcactt       780
     agcaagcact gaattaaaat aagacatttt attattattt taagaattct acacagtgtc       840
     aaccccactt tccttcctcc tccattttta gtttcactct catctactta tctcctctag       900
     tattagtgtt ctctttcact gttttatttc atagccttct gaatccatat atcatttata       960
     tgtacagtat atatttatat catatgatat atgttataca taatatttta gtttatcaga      1020
     taagtactgt agattcctag tgtctgatgc cataaattga tatgcatata aattgcatat      1080
     tgttaaacac agtaaaatta tttatataca tatacataca tgtatatata tgtgtgtgtg      1140
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt cacagtttga tagatctcag aaagcttata      1200
     tcctagaaca tctttccact tctatggtaa gcttgtgttt ctaccactgc ttcctctgtt      1260
     tccattatct ccaatgttgt aaattctaca tgaaagtcaa atcatacaat aagtctatac      1320
     gtctttctgt gtccataggt gactgtatct gttgaaaatt gtggaggtct ctgtggagaa      1380
     gcatagtcta tgaaactctg ttggtaaaaa caataagcct gaatgtgaaa acaaacaaac      1440
     aacaacaaca caaacagtgt tagctaaatt gacagtatgt tctcattatg agcaggtaaa      1500
     ctttggtgtg ggtaataagt aagtaaattt aaattaccaa ggtcctctaa cttctgcaat      1560
     gtttcttctt atcaattatc accatcaagg caaaatatga agtttgtatg aacctttctt      1620
     agctcagata aaaccctctt tgatataaga tgtttgactc tgctgtaaga ggattaggct      1680
     agtaagatcc actcagttcc aagctcaagg aaggactata tatccctaat tctgaatttt      1740
     attttccagc ttttttacaa ttgcctacat tctaagtata cctttcataa aattaaggct      1800
     ttagaaaagc tagaatgcct aattgatagt tgggatagaa agaacagaga tgattctgat      1860
     gagccattgt ggtcaaagca cctctgtcaa tatggctgaa cctgcttgat cttcattgtg      1920
     catcagagac cgttttcttc ctctgggacc caggtttgcc ttccctgcat tcctttccag      1980
     agtccttaaa agtctcttag aatctgcttc acaaataatc cacccatgaa gtctcaccaa      2040
     caggacaact gaacatgagc agaaaaggat gccagcccac atgtcaaact gcatgggaaa      2100
     aagattacaa ggtctcatct caccagaaga accaaaagct cttaagaaac aaaggcagtg      2160
     ggagagttag ctggtccctc agaagagcac caagtaccaa cttttcagac gtgaaaacat      2220
     atgcacaagt aagagtaaat ggactcaaca agttgtattt ggttatattt tatacacaca      2280
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaagagga ggagagaaat atctgcatac actatgataa      2340
     aaataaattc atgaattaga gataaggaaa gtaaaagcag gggtatggag aaagggaaat      2400
     caatcgggga ggagatgaaa ttagaataca atccccaaaa taagccaaca caagcaaaaa      2460
     taatcaaaat ccaaatggaa atataaaaat atataaagca catgagaagt aagttgtgta      2520
     aatctctggg ttaaaggatt gcatgataaa ttctataaaa atatagtaat tggtggattg      2580
     gtgggctgaa tttattaaaa tgtgtcatca tattgaatgt tggattagtt tgtgtactgt      2640
     atcccagaga gcacaaacag cagttatgac tataaagtgt taggaaatgt caaggaaaga      2700
     aagcatgttt tacaccagaa agggaaacaa attgtgttga taaatcttca gtgcctgaag      2760
     tcatattgga gcccaaagca cggaaattag actgtgagac ttcaaatctt agttttgagt      2820
     aatgtgttat gcttcgtatt caagtgcatt aatacagtat ctaagacatc atttctggtc      2880
     tgttttcttt ctttgttttc atttaaggga agcttagcca atttccttca aaacctgtgt      2940
     ttaaagaatt tataatataa agatagatct actggaatat ctaccctgta gaacaagctg      3000
     aggatatggt gataggatac agtgctaggg aaagtaaata caatttttaa attttatttt      3060
     atttgcttat tcttctctta cacaaagcat cccagtcgct gcctctccct tcctcccagc      3120
     cctgctcctc caaacctatg gctcctctat tttccctcag aaaagagcag acttcttggt      3180
     ggtatcaact gaacactgca taacaagatg ctataagact agactaatca caaaccctca      3240
     taggaaacaa gactggacaa agcatcccag tcaattataa aacatctgat ggacagggtg      3300
     aacaaggcag aagagtcaaa aacactccca ctcccattgt taggagtcta acaaccaccc      3360
     tcaatctaaa gaactacaac atttatgcag atggcatagg gcagatctat gcaggattta      3420
     tgtttgctgt ttctgtcatt gagcccctat gacccctgct tagttgttcc tgtgggctgt      3480
     gttctcctgg tgtcctcaaa tactctggca cctcaatttt tcaacatgaa gttgaatttt      3540
     aagttaggaa tgccaaagtg ggaagcatgc atgttaaaca acagatgact gtgtgaatga      3600
     attctgtctt catagttcac tctgacaaag gatagtatgc attctctaag ccacatcttc      3660
     tgtcaggtta tacaaacatc tcctactcta tgttgtaact tatcatgtat gtgtctatgc      3720
     atgaacatgt gcatagacac atatgcatgt gcattttcta gagtattttg attatttctg      3780
     cctacataag gagaacatcc caatggggaa cacatattat tgacaaatct tcaaataata      3840
     aaagataata agtggttggg cctttggaag tctccccttt tctagttctt aatacagctt      3900
     gatcttttct gtgtatttgt attttgcagc agttcagtta gtgaaagttt ccctctctca      3960
     tttactatgg ggtagaataa tcctccattc tcccaatttg gagagactgt attacactgg      4020
     gaagaagctt atattaaaat tgcatttgat tttcacagtt tttacaatga caagaggtca      4080
     actttaagat taaaatatgt tggaagtttt cttgtgtgaa agtaactttg atttgccaga      4140
     tcactggctt gctgctgact aagctcattt gccctttcta gttctttctg aattccgact      4200
     ttctggttca atgcagctgt tgtgactcaa acctcctctc ccagctgact aatccaaact      4260
     gacttctctc ggagtcttaa ctgtactcaa ctgaactaca cccactacac tggcctgaac      4320
     tcagttgaac tccactccat tcaactgagg tgcactgaac tgcattgaac tgaactcaac      4380
     tgaactgcac tcactcaact gccctcccac agacccactt tgccctgcac ttaagcttct      4440
     tctctctcat aagagttggg aatctacgat ctctgactca ttctgccaaa tctttctctg      4500
     tttcatcact ttgtctactt ctcaattaga tgtcactttc aaacatagct gcttccttct      4560
     actaactaac cttatcttca ttgctaggga ttaaagatgt atactaaggg tctgtctgta      4620
     gactagccag accatactct gcactctagc tagatcagat aaacctagaa attcttttga      4680
     tgtgatacct tgtcagagca gcatttttaa tccagagaaa ctggattaaa aggcatctaa      4740
     agtagtataa acacagaaga ttaactttct accgtgcatc taaatggaaa gtattgctca      4800
     gtctagggtt agttgtggat aggatggctt tatatcttgc ttagtttcaa tgatgttatt      4860
     tatagccatt atcacaggag agtaataatt tggagacatt acagatatca ctcatttacg      4920
     taaattccat ttaatattgc ctattctcat agttagggtt tctaattcta ttataaaaca      4980
     ctatgtccaa agcaacagtt ctacatcaca gttgatcact gagaaaattt aagacaggaa      5040
     ctcaaacatt aaagaaatgc agaggttgta gttgagacca tgaaaggatg ctgcttgcta      5100
     gcttgctcat tccatatata agtcaggact acctgcacaa gggtaatacc acctacaatg      5160
     gtctagtccc tcccaaatta attattaatc aagaaaatat cctataggac agtctggtgg      5220
     ccatactttc tcaacctttg gtttttctct ttgcctctaa actgtgccaa ttatttgact      5280
     ttaaaaacta gccagcatac acatgcatgg catagaatta gtcatccctc ttccatcaca      5340
     atagaacatc taacataaaa acatactgtg tttaccacaa actctatgag gtcaaatgac      5400
     ctcatgttca aaacacctaa aacctgcttc cagttctttt ctcttctttt tttaaaattt      5460
     acttttatta ggtattttct tcatttacat ttccaatact atcccaaaag tcccccatac      5520
     cccccccaac tcctctaccc acccactccc acttcttggc cctggtgttc cactgtactg      5580
     aggcatataa agtttgcaag aacaatgcgc ctctctttcc aatgatggcc aactagccca      5640
     acttctgata catatgcagc tagagaaatg aggtctgggg ggcactggtt agttcattat      5700
     gttgttccac ctataggctt gcagacccct ttagctcctt ggatactttc tctagctcct      5760
     ccattggggg ccttgtgatc catccaatag ctgactgtga gcacccactt ctgtgtttgc      5820
     taggccctgg catagcctca caagagagag ctatgtctgg gtcctttcag caaaatgttg      5880
     cctgtgtatg caatggtgtc agcgtttgga ggctgattat gggatggatc cccaggtatg      5940
     gcagtctcta gatggtccat cctttagtct cagctccaaa ctttgtctct gtaactcctt      6000
     ccatgggtgt cttgttccca attctaagaa ggggcaaagt gtccacactt tggtctttat      6060
     tcttcttgag tttcatgtgt tttgcaaatt gtatcttgta tcttggatat tctaagattc      6120
     tgggctaata tccacttaat cagtgagtac atatcatgtg agtacttttg tgattgtgtt      6180
     tcctcagtca ggatgatgcc ctccaggtcc atccatttgc ctaggaattc cataaattca      6240
     ttctttttaa tagctgagta gtactccatt gcgtaaatgt accacatttt ctgtatccat      6300
     tcctttactg agggacatct gtgttctttc cagcatctgg ctattataaa taaggctgct      6360
     atgaacatag tggagcatgt gtccttctta ccagttcttt tcaaagaggt atttcctttg      6420
     ggcatcagtg accttgataa tccaggcctc atttaaaaga tatatcacta gcagagggaa      6480
     tgaaggtgaa tttccttcat gagtttcaaa agattggaaa acagattaga aaaatatcca      6540
     tgagaataca tatatctggt gtgatagcat gcagcctatg tcttattttg tggaaacttt      6600
     gccatgtctg tttgcttgtc ctcttaggta attctgagtc ttattctata gtggtgtatg      6660
     tgagatatta atgtattttc ccatccattc tattaaatga aatcctttaa cttggcactt      6720
     tgaacactac aaggcattta attcaatggt ctatgcactc taataatggc catttaaata      6780
     atacaattca catgtaatta catcatacat ttaaactcga aaagttcttt tgggctccaa      6840
     acttcttcaa atgatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata aattattttc      6900
     tcttttttct aattgacagt atagccaatc taatgattaa aaatgagtaa ggagtgggaa      6960
     agaataagaa cttaaggtaa ttttgagaat ggaccaactc cgctgacaga tcaaataact      7020
     attctcctga aactgtagtt tgacctcaaa taacagtgcc ctgaaagcac actttgaaaa      7080
     gggctctttc ctttgaataa caatgagatg gacttgcatt gatgtcaaca ctgggtacca      7140
     ggaaacacca ggcactagtt ctcagaactc tcatgactca tgtcgaccaa accccagcag      7200
     tgggttctga gaattccaaa ttagaaaaca acataccagg aagaaagtta aattttctgt      7260
     catatttcat tagtggctta actggctttt tattgtaagt taatggtttt attttatgtt      7320
     ttagttgtaa gaaccagtga acatagaaac aaatagtgag tcagataaaa agatcaccct      7380
     gacaaaatta tattcaacaa aagaacttga tgctaactgt ggaatatgaa gctaaatgca      7440
     ctgaaaatga catgttttta aacaatgtgt tccatgttta aagatgaggt tatctttttc      7500
     ctcctagggc atcatcaggc ttagtagcaa ggacacttta atattacatt ttggttatac      7560
     ctttctactc tatattctgt tttcttcttt gtgtgttgtt cagcagtttt ataatttaca      7620
     taatgactgt tgtcattttc acctctattc tcttcccttg tatcttcttt gcagactccc      7680
     acgcagagca tcttttaatc aatgagatgc tccctgtctt tcaacttcaa ctctctaaga      7740
     gagcattttg atacctctca gggaaataat atcaacctta cattgatgtt tataatggca      7800
     aatgtactct ttcctaatca caggttttaa atatttagat atttcttctt tagctatttc      7860
     ttcttttgca atgcatatat gtaaataatg aaattaattt tctaggtaat actaattttc      7920
     accttttaag caataggact ttcattaaaa tgaaatgaaa agagaggctt ttgtaatatt      7980
     tgctcttaac atgtatgtag agacttgact gcttctgtgg ataatcaccc tgttcatttc      8040
     caattacatc caatttgaaa aaagcaatca gatacttaag ttgactttaa tctctaggcc      8100
     caaagatttt actttagatt gatatgaaaa agttggaata ttaaaaaaat aaaatagata      8160
     gactcgcgac tccaggcata tttgttattc tgttctcacc atgtttttga tggcaaacct      8220
     ttttaatgac actgctgtca ttatctatgg ttggtgaatt ctagtatgta tgtatatata      8280
     tgtatacaca cacacacaca cactgtgaat ttaatcttta agttcagctc tcatctcaca      8340
     aaatatgcat atagatccat tatgagtcat gagattaaaa ttatggcaaa ttacagatgc      8400
     aggatgaatc tgcacaatat agtaatgcac atacaatcat tattcccaga gaaaaccaag      8460
     aaaatccgga gaaagtagct gtgtgcagta cctagtacac agtactattc atgctggatg      8520
     cttgacatac catgtcctgc ttagctcaga aaatcgtaat gtgttcatca aataaggact      8580
     gagtattagt atatattttc taaaaatcat tttactttga taaactgtct tcacattgtc      8640
     aacctgtaca attactgaaa actatcaagg aataccacct ttgtctacct tggtacatat      8700
     aagttcaggt atatttctga ttctaatatc tattctcatc tgtgccttgg aatgaagatc      8760
     agtcagtggt actgtgcaat aaaaatgaca gtatttacaa atactttata tatgtaattc      8820
     tgagtttatt ttatggttct ttcagaagcc atccagcata ctttctactt ttattttgca      8880
     tggcatatat acatcaagca ttaaaaaaat tttgagcata taaaacatct attttttata      8940
     ttttcaaaaa ttatgttttt aaataggaag tttttaatct tggaaagaag accattgtgg      9000
     agagcatagc taatatctgt caacattctt gggaacatca tcgaaccttg ctttcaggtt      9060
     taaatagacc cattaggatc taacgtgaat atttacatct gaaggacaga aagcacctat      9120
     ttcattggaa ggaaacttga tcagagtgtt ctctactacc tattcaaaat ttcaaaagaa      9180
     tcacatgttg ccaactcatt cacatcaaga tataataatc tggaaaatgg ctttccttaa      9240
     tttgctttct gagtaatatg caccgtaaga aactgctgta gctcacctgt tacaatttct      9300
     ataagagcat agacattttc ctattaataa tttccacatt ccatgaagat tatactccct      9360
     ttattttatc tatgatattt aaatttttag aaatcttctc tctttaatta tatatatata      9420
     tatgattatc ttaaggggaa cttttagtat gtgtgtggta tgtgtatgtc ttcgtttaag      9480
     tgtgagaata ttcatttata taaataaact ttaaaggaat atttactacc tataattttc      9540
     ttaaaaattt tgaaaattcc cattttattt catcagtgcc aatattttaa aatgatattg      9600
     acttttcccc ttataaagaa agtacattta tttctggaag ctaataagta tatgctcaat      9660
     gtctcggtgc attcagtgtc cggtgagagc ttgttatctg agctgttatt atctatcttg      9720
     ggatgtctct tcatgcccat ttaagggtac caatcttttg tctctgattc tgagatttgc      9780
     ttattgttcc agtctcttcc tcctaaaact attacattca aaactagatc agcatttgta      9840
     ttttgaaaag cacaaatata aactaaaagc taattttttt atggctagca tctttgatta      9900
     gccttcaaat tcatggcctg ctctcttcct cctcctcttc ctcctcctct tccttttcct      9960
     cttcttccta ctcctcctct tccttttcct cttcttccta ctcctcctct tccttttcct     10020
     cttcttcctc ctctcctcct cccctcctcc tccttctctt ctccttctcc ttctcctttt     10080
     gtaccactct tcctcttcct cttcctcctc attcccttcc tcatcctcct ctcttcccat     10140
     ttctcttcct actcttcctc tcttccttcc tcttcttcac tatatggtat atcatgaata     10200
     cacatatatg tacatacaac tatttcccta aatatcacct gttgaattca tgtagggcta     10260
     agtttatgta tttaagccat agccacttga cacaggtgca acagtaagcg tgctcctcct     10320
     tgggaagaca tcctctctgt cacattgtta catggttgtc tataataaat atttctatgg     10380
     agctgaagtc tcatgttttt gttgttgttg ttttgttttg tttttgtcca gcttggcatt     10440
     gatttcttcc ttgttcagct cacctttaga aactcatgct gttaagattt taaggcttaa     10500
     gattcttgtt ttactaggag acacaagctc tggctgttag aatcttccca tgccctctta     10560
     ggcaatgttc cctgagcttt cagtgagaga gttttgtagg tatatacatt gggacctggt     10620
     tctacagctg tgcattttta ttgactgggg ttttctataa tagtctccat ctgttgcaaa     10680
     tagatctttg cttgtggagg ggtgaaaact ctacacacct gctgctggta aagacaaata     10740
     cttattttca ttctaagaga ttgtactggt ttagcaaatc aaattttgta gattctttct     10800
     cagtaaccat ggctttatta gaactgagta tttattatgt ttccaggttt ttgttttgag     10860
     cagtgtcttt caaacccggg gctcccgtat atggtcaatg tctttaatta tcttttacca     10920
     aagatccatg gtcttttcct tcctaaattg aaattactgg agagacacta tatacatcca     10980
     gtatgtacat aggttctatc actatagcta tagttatttt gtttgtgtta aatacttcac     11040
     cactgaacta tattcccgtc tcacaaagtt tacaaactat ttttaaacaa gtgatgcaac     11100
     tagtatcaca tccatgagta aagctcaaaa ttgttaatat tttcttcaga aatgaaaact     11160
     ggcattattt tattttaaaa aaatttattg gctattttat ttatttacat tccaaatgtt     11220
     atcccccttc ccgttttccc cttccacaaa ccccctatcc catcccttct ttccctgctt     11280
     aattgagggt gcttcaatac ccacccaccc acccattcct acctcactac cctaacagtc     11340
     ccctacactg aggcattgat cctttacagg accaaaggcc tcccatctca cattgattcc     11400
     agataaggca atcctctgtt acatatgaca atcctccgtg tgtactcagg ttggtctttt     11460
     agtccttggg agattaagat taagttggtt aatattgtta tttttatagg gttgccaacc     11520
     ccttcagctc cttcagtcct tcgcctaact cctctattgg agtcccctgc tcaggcccat     11580
     agttggctgc aagcatccac atctgtattg gttagaatct ggcagagctt ctcaggatac     11640
     agctatatca ggcttctatc aggaagcact tcttggcatc agcaatagtg tctggctttg     11700
     ttatctgcat tatgggatgc atccccactc tttgtccctg tatttccttt aaacaggaac     11760
     aattctgggt taataatttt gaggtgggtg ggtggcccca tccttctccc gggggccatg     11820
     cctgacctct ggatatggtc tctacaggtt ctcccttcct ttgttgagtg tttctgctaa     11880
     tgtcattcct gttgagtcct agaagccact tgctttcctg ttatctggga ctttatggtg     11940
     gttaccccta gttccccgcc tcacagtgct acacaggtcc tttcaatttc ctgaccctct     12000
     gtacttctct ccttagtaaa acaaaatatg tgagtgtaga aagatttctt acacttaata     12060
     aattcatctt tgcatttgat taaaattata ttttgaaaga ttttaatcag aatattgttt     12120
     tgttaaatca aaaaatatgt aactgtgggg gattagcatg tgtagattta tttattatta     12180
     tgatggtgat atttatggtc atggacctta taccctctag gtgagtactg ctacactgag     12240
     ttacagcctc agttacatag tgataagaac tgggaacacc agggccaaga agtgggagtg     12300
     ggtgggtagg gggttggggg tatgggggac ttttgggata gcatttgaaa tgtaaatgaa     12360
     gaaaatacct aattaaaaaa ttggaaatta taaaaaaaaa gaactgcaac attgttagtc     12420
     tcaattgctg tttataaatc tgtatatttg ggtagctttc atttttttta aatttttatt     12480
     aggtatttta aatttttatt aggtatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtatatat atatatatat     12540
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataatata tacaataaag aaaagaagct     12600
     gatttcacca caaggccaaa atgaaaaaca ttacaagttg atgtaaataa aaaatgatgc     12660
     tgactcattg agttttgatg aaaatagaga acatgaagtt aaacatttca aaacattgta     12720
     ttcaactgta tacttgaact tttgattatg tagagctatt taagcatcca ttcttcataa     12780
     ctgcccagta atttcatgag ggcagatcaa cagaatcaga ttttgagtat gtaaaagaaa     12840
     gaaatccaac actgaaaata agaggatctt ctcctagttg ataaagatca aattccttat     12900
     gactgtcaaa tgattaacag ttaccagcaa gctatagata aaaaagaaac acagatgttt     12960
     catttaatat atcagttgtt ctgaaggttt aaccagaaag cagaagacat tgttttaatt     13020
     gtgctatcta atatataatt taaggaatat atgactgtca tttttccaat ttagcaaaaa     13080
     ctctgcctat taatcataaa atagcacttt catacattat taaatctttg agacattgaa     13140
     cttgaataat ctaattaata caaagttgtg atcataagtc cttttgatgt taattacaat     13200
     tagatgctag aaaaattaaa acatgtattg aaatatcaaa agctataaat acttttaagc     13260
     tacaaatgtg gactgtaaga gttgacagag gtctataacc ttgaatcaat tgacaatgaa     13320
     caaaatagaa cacattatgg gcccatttta attattactt caaagtgctt aaatgtcttc     13380
     agactagtaa aatgcagtct gtgctaagca gcagggggga tagaatctat gtctctgttg     13440
     taatattaat accaattaaa agtctttatt atattaagag ccagggaacc caacttaata     13500
     tcacaatttt attcctggta catttctcaa agttaggatg accttggtta aaatactaac     13560
     tttgatttat tttaactttg caaaaacaca tgattaaaaa tttcaactta tatattatgg     13620
     attagctgcc aatggattga tttctgatta tacgatacta tgggtgctgg acatagttca     13680
     atctaagtgg aaattgtgga gaagtcctta aaggataaaa cagaaatgaa taattattca     13740
     gctcttcatg ttacagacgt tagcattctt tatgtatcag tccatctaat gctcaggtct     13800
     gttaaaagtc ctcctattca attccaagaa tatcaacatc cctccccctg tgaaatttct     13860
     aagtctaaat tgacaaatct acaaacaata tccaaatctt tatgagatta tttttaatct     13920
     ttttgtaatt tatttttaaa cattattttg aaattttcat acatgcatac tatattacca     13980
     ccatttccaa tccctctctg ttatcattcc tcacatttat tttcaactat tactacttct     14040
     caaattctta atattttttc ttttattgta taacataagc aaacacgtta taattaattc     14100
     attttgttat gcacatgtgt gtgtgttgag ggctgaccac ttcctaattt tgtaaccttt     14160
     cagagggctt atccccaggg aaaatggatt cttctcacag tacccattgg ctgcctagtt     14220
     cttcatctag ttgtgggaca atgtaaaatc cccccttcca cactggcaac ttgcctggtg     14280
     ttatcattgt acagatcttg tttaggcaac catattgttg acattttatg gatacagtat     14340
     ccctcacata tttaggaaat actacctacc catccacatc ctggttctct gtctcttaaa     14400
     aatattctgt cccctttttt gtggattctg agtcgtacat atgcttattc tatagataca     14460
     tctattggca ctggcagcct acagtaactt actgtttttg gtgtgacaag ttgtgaattt     14520
     ctataataat ccccatctac cacatacaga agtgtaagaa caacagttat ctctggttac     14580
     aatgatgcat gtatatagta gagtaagaaa ttatattgac ttaaagaaat gaaattatat     14640
     gtttgcctct gtaggtctat gacctcacta gcaatggcta atttttatga cagggataaa     14700
     gagcagaatt tttattctta aagggaatca ctcagtactg ctgcacaagg atcaatatac     14760
     aactatacca ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taatactcta     14820
     cttgagaggg tatgagtttt tcatactatg gaggctatga gtctgagtat aggctatctg     14880
     ctgtataagc aggaattctg acttactctt tgaagaggtg atggatgccc taaactctaa     14940
     aattatggct gcccatttca aggtgatgct tcaaaatgaa ttgtaatgaa gaaaaaatat     15000
     ccaggaattt tgagcaacca tagttcaagt gactttatga tatcattgtg atatagttaa     15060
     aaatgtgata tggtggtggt ggtggtgagt gtgctagttt ttctaataaa ggggattttc     15120
     tgctcttaaa tcaccactat cctacaggta ttaactagta gttaatacct actagatgcc     15180
     taaaagaggt tggatctcta agactgttcc tacagccaca ataaaattgt tgatgatctt     15240
     attctatcac aggtcttgtg caggtcacca cagcaatagt gaggtcatga gcgtaattat     15300
     actgtcatgt ccaaaaaccg cctttctgct tcatcttccc cgtattctcg ctttcatatt     15360
     catccatccc cggctgtcat gctcttgatt cttgagagaa gtagatgttt tcttaatgtg     15420
     aacattccaa cttcgtctca gtgttctgaa aaactaggac attcttcctt acatttgcac     15480
     aacgtaatga gaacaaaatg aatttttcca ctcatgcata tttatatgta cgtacataca     15540
     tacatgccta ctcatgcaca aacacatact ctctgtctct ctctctctct ctctctgtct     15600
     ctctgtaact ctctctcaca cacacacaca ctcttacaca cacacacaga cacacaccac     15660
     aaccatgcac cctaatgcac acacatagta atccacatca cgccctcaca cagtcattca     15720
     tggacacata tgaatgcaca tacacactta cacccatata tatagataag ctcatccaca     15780
     ctcagacaca caaacatact cacatacaat tatatcaata gccatatata ctcatgccca     15840
     aagacatact tgtgtaccct tgcatacata caatcatgca cacataaaca cactcacagt     15900
     ttttgtgatc catagtaaag taaaaatctg aacagagaat caaatttaac cttgagctac     15960
     tatgatacat atataagact ctaagtggtt tgcttttctg tttgtagtaa atagacttca     16020
     ctcattgcaa tcatatgtag gaaattgata tcatggtgtt gtgtggatat tttttcactt     16080
     tttgtcagtt atttaattct atttttgaga attataattt ttcaagtaaa atgttttgtg     16140
     aaaactgtgt gtagatcctt gatagtattc atagtcttca ctctttagta atagattcca     16200
     tattcttgaa tagctaccac caattctatg tccataccat tccattcaaa agaattacta     16260
     aattacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac agagagagag agagagagag     16320
     agagagagag agagagggag ggagggaggg agagggagag ggagagagag agaatatcac     16380
     tgaattacac aaagatcaaa gatcggtcaa tatttggttt gaaccggatc ttatacttac     16440
     tgtggtgacc aggatgctta gcagtgtaag tcccacagtt taacatcttt gcctagactc     16500
     actacaaatc caataacttc tgagaaccca gtaggatgtg attttttttt tttttttgcg     16560
     gagcaatagg attgctgtaa gtgaaaactt tgcaaagagg gagaaaccaa gaattgcctg     16620
     acatttattt gtatcatcaa tgctcattgt cttgagaaca gaaaatgaat gtgtaatata     16680
     ataaggtttt attttgtgca gaaatagtat tcataaaact ttgggtaaaa gcagttatat     16740
     aatcttggat atatgtagac tttaattatg tgaatacgtt tgtataaaat atcaaaagga     16800
     agaaattggt acctgcttta cagaccacag tatttattgc tttctcataa gaacaagagc     16860
     tgtataaatt aactggacgc cttagagctc ccaagaacta aaccaccaag gaaagagttt     16920
     acataggcct ctccatatct tctggtacat atggagcaga gaattacctt atctggcatc     16980
     agtgggaggg gaggcacttg gtcctgtaga ggcttgatgc cccagagaag tgagatgcta     17040
     gagagatgag gtgggagtgg ctaagtgggt gagggaacac cctcctagag gctaagtgga     17100
     gatggggtgg ggactttgtg gaggggagaa agagaagaga gataccattt gaaatgtaaa     17160
     caaataaaat gattaataaa tttacaaaaa tcatttagtg ttaggtgcta ccatgatgat     17220
     gtagccttgg gatccattta cagtcattct aaaaatttca tgtatctttt gatgttatat     17280
     ttataaaatt ctttatatat aaatgtttac tatgatgtag aagaaatgaa ttaatcatca     17340
     aacttaatgt ataggatact tttatctatg tgttagaact atagctatgt gttacaaagg     17400
     ctattagtaa ataatcacga tagcaatcat aagaaactca agaaaaaaat acatgtagaa     17460
     tcaggacaaa gcaaagaatt ctaactcaca tgctgctcaa atgaatgaaa caagagattg     17520
     tatgcacaac atctcacctg cagtgtgtac aaatttagaa tatgtacagg tttgcatgtg     17580
     gcaaatacat gaacatatat gtatgtattt atggctgttc tacattggat tagggttctg     17640
     ttccttggga aaaaagactc atttctatct ccatttttgc tttttttcac ttttatgaga     17700
     aaaatataaa tatctgaagg tagatgcaca taaaataata ctttttctgc acttcccatt     17760
     tccacagtct ttgaacataa ggtctgccat aacaaagatg aactgtgttc ccaatttcat     17820
     ttgagacagc aagcaaatgg aaggtcatgc tgttgttatc tttcagaaat tgtgttatgc     17880
     ataaagaaaa actgtaatat cgtgcattac gagtatataa ctctgacaaa acacataacc     17940
     aagactaaaa atggttaaaa aaattcataa tttggaaaga aatggagtgt gtcatagaag     18000
     aacagttaaa aatatcatag caggtgtaag acactgctgc gctttgaagg gtcatgatta     18060
     atcatacttt tcttcccctg tgtgctacag agcagcagag taggcatggg cttggtcaga     18120
     tggataacgc aactttatcc ttattattgc tacaactgat ttgaagagca tgacccagat     18180
     atggagatga aactgaattt ctattaattt gccatctgag atgaaaattc ctatccaaat     18240
     ctactgaact aaacattatc attattgtgg aatcagggta cttctctgag cacgtctctt     18300
     atttacatag gaagtctctt gattgtcgcg agttcttaga tgcacctata atctatcaca     18360
     gcctttgatg gcaattagaa tacaaaatgc ggagaggatg cttaaatagg gaaatacaaa     18420
     taaccttagg ggacgatgaa taatcaggca aatattatag actgctctac ttctttatag     18480
     acaccttaaa aaataaatcc caacccaaaa attaataaga tgaccctcct gacaaggcat     18540
     ttagaaatta atgtagaaat gtcaatccct aagtaagtat gagaaacggt tatgttttgt     18600
     tgtttggatt ttttgtttgc ttgtttgttt gctttttgtc tgtttgtttg ttcctctcag     18660
     cattatttta tcatgtttct tgtggcatag atggaaaatg agtaacttaa taatggaaat     18720
     gaaaacaaaa tcacaaggac aaccctacaa cctccaccac ccttggtaag gttaactcta     18780
     taactgatcc atagcaaacc catctgtggt attttaatca aacacctgtt tagttactgc     18840
     ttaggagata cattgaaagt attgattaag ttacttatca actcaattta aaatagaaaa     18900
     gttacattgt gctgtccagg agtgcacatc acagtcactt cagactatac aacacattta     18960
     cactaaatgc tgcctccttc caggtcctct cctcacagag accctcccct gatggaccct     19020
     ccctttcctc tcggagggtg tatgctctcc ttatgccctc aagtctctgc cagggtaggc     19080
     ttatacgttc tcaccaaggc cagacaatgc agcccttttg aaaggtaaca tagtcagact     19140
     gtagttttaa ggacagctgc cactccagtt actagtggac ccacatggag actgagatgc     19200
     atatctggta catatgtgca tgggagggtc tccttcaagg ctttttgtgt tattcgattg     19260
     gtgtctcagt ctctgagatt ccccggatgc ccaggttaga tgactctgtt ggtccttctg     19320
     tggactaccc atccccttca gggccttcag tccttcccat aactcttcta tacgagtccc     19380
     cgacctcctt cccatgtttg gctgtttcag tcagctgctg agtagagtct ctcagaggac     19440
     agttatgtta ggctcctgtc tgcaagcata acagattatc aatgacgtca ggaattgctg     19500
     tttgcacatg gaatggtttt caagttgtgc agcttaatgt ttggacattt cttcagtctc     19560
     acctccatct ttgtccctgc atttctttta gacaggagta ttttaggtca aaagttttgt     19620
     ggatgggttg atgtccttat ccccccactg ggagtcctgc ttatttaagg aggttgcctc     19680
     ttcagagttg atgtccccag tcttgggaat cttagctaag gtcacaggta ctaacccctg     19740
     agagcgtccc tcatctcaga tctctgggac ttcctaaaga ttgcacccca aatgatctca     19800
     cctccagcag ctgcaaattt accttcattc tcctggccat cttggagaat gaagcgactc     19860
     tcctgccact cagcacacct gatcatgtct ccattgtcct cctctctccc tgtcccactt     19920
     ttttccctct ctccctctgc ctcctatgag tctttgtccc ccttctacgt gtgatccgag     19980
     catcctctct tgggccttcc ttcttgtttt acatctttgg gtctgtgggt tatatcatgg     20040
     gcattctgca ctttatggta atatccactt atcagtaagt acacacagag catattcttt     20100
     tggatctgga ttacctcact caaagtgata gtttctgctt ccatccattt gcctgcaaaa     20160
     ttcatgatgt tctggtttta atagctgaat agtattccat tgtgtaaatg aaacatattt     20220
     tttcggatcc attttttttt tttttggttg acacacatct gggttgtttc cagtttctgg     20280
     ctattatgaa taaagctgtt atgaacatag tggagcacgt gtccttgtgg tttggcggag     20340
     caacttttgg gtatatgccc aggagcagta tagctggtac gtcaggtaaa accatttcca     20400
     attttctgaa aaaccaccag attgatttcc aggatggttg tagaagttct gggaatggaa     20460
     tgcaagtact caaatagaaa gcattttgtg gactggggaa gtatagcctt gtgatcatgc     20520
     ttttatctgc agaaaacgtt aaagtaaaaa ttttatgacc atagtctctt gtgaatatct     20580
     aaaattatac aatgatgcat aacatttatt ataaaaataa tgattttgta caacatgttc     20640
     tagatgctta gacaagttag ggaaatattt tttaaagatt ctgtaagaaa ataacagtag     20700
     caataatgaa tgaagcacaa ataaccaaat attattagac atttttatga atattgtgat     20760
     ttctcagttt tagatatgaa tgacagctgt attattcatt atataagtct agtctggata     20820
     ataaagagaa agcatgacag acaggggcag aggaagatga gagaaagaac agtaacgagt     20880
     atagcatgac agataaggta aagaacctac ttgcatgtag tagttgtaat aaaatgagaa     20940
     caatctcact gtatgtaata tcattttatt tttctgtatg gattttaatt ctgttccttt     21000
     caaggacaat tttattttcc tctactgtgt ttaatgttca gtattttatt ctgacacatg     21060
     gacattttaa tctagatact gaatgagtaa tttaaaacag cttcgtagac aagaatctga     21120
     gacacgtaaa tcaggaagta tagtggagaa tggagataag gatccacatt cagatttcag     21180
     ttcaaatgat cttgggccat ccatttacct gaatacagaa ccactatgaa gtttacgaaa     21240
     tctttaaaaa attctattga gtatacagta gtttctcttt tatgttttat atgcatgcat     21300
     gtaggtgaac atgaatatgc agtagtttac ataaatccaa tcctatcttt ggacactctt     21360
     atataatata gagacaagag gcaaattaca ttttacaagt tgaaagcaca aagataatta     21420
     ctactcttga aaatttccag tactttattt ccaaactaac caatgtgcaa gaagaagaaa     21480
     aaaaatgttt gtcttccttt ctgaattgct tgtaatgcag atgtcccgat aattactagt     21540
     ctgctgttca gtgtacgtta ctatgattga tcctgtcatc tgcattgtac atgtttcctg     21600
     tgctctctgt ctccaggtca gatcacataa aagaaatgaa gatgcctcct attataacta     21660
     agtacaaaga tgactgcttg tctgttagaa taagtaccaa ctttccgttc gtgctaatta     21720
     tatttaagaa gagctgtagt tagatgatgt ggaagggaat agtaactccc caattagtcc     21780
     aaatgacagt ctctacagaa cttgaagtct cagaatgcat attcactcac tattcacaca     21840
     ccctgcagtt aatttgctgt aagttgattg aacctacaat caggattttc atgctttgta     21900
     gtcaatcatg tgctttaaaa aaatccagta attaaacttg accaaataat tatagtaaaa     21960
     caccattgat acatataaaa cacatgtgtt ttttttttgg gggggggggg tgcgacttct     22020
     gttgattcta gctttctgat gttaaagggt tcaaccagat tgttttggaa tggcttgttg     22080
     tggcaagaat tgtgccgtcc acaaatagat agtgtggcct tgtcatagat gtagtttgga     22140
     tatagttgat ctgtaaatgc caaactttat gaaatgtaag tagattgtct ttgtgtattt     22200
     ggaaagatag acagatagat agatgatata tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     22260
     gatagataga tacacacaca aacatgtaca cacaaagatg cacatactta taagcaggaa     22320
     acaacaagta attcaaagcc acaaatggga aaaactaaga ggaagtgtga tgttctgttt     22380
     tactgcgctt tgcctacacc tgttcttgcc attctcttct atgcctctta tttcttctct     22440
     gttctcattt ctatttgtat ttatgagagg atcatacaat atgagcttta gaatatatga     22500
     tctgtctgat gaaccaggag aagttatgtt atgattcagc catacaaggt taaggaaacc     22560
     aggcttgtgc acagtctcat catgagaata tctgccagaa aaataatctc tgtgagtctc     22620
     ctttccactc actcatcggc ttcctttagt gtatgctatt gcatggagcc atatcagtcc     22680
     tgcagatagt ttttgtactg tcaattgttc tttcatcttt cactagaatt atgtgtgtag     22740
     tcatgcaagg tccctttttg tgagtgctcc atagcctcaa taatagtgtc aggccttggg     22800
     acctcacctt gagttggatc aaacttttgg cctgtcactg gaccttcttt tcctcatgct     22860
     cctctccatt tccatccctg tagttctttc agacagaaac aattatgggt cagaggtgtg     22920
     actgtggaat ggtgaccccc tcttacttga tgccctgtct tcctgctgga ggtggactct     22980
     attataagtt ccctctccct actgttggat attccatcta aagtccctcc ctttgagtcc     23040
     tgagagtctc tccccttctc cagaagaccc attaagcagc tgaaagagtc agatgcagat     23100
     atttgcatcc aaccaataga tagaaacagc tggcccctgt tgttgaatta gggaaggctg     23160
     aaagaagctg aagagaaggg caaccctata gaaagaccag cagtctcaat taatcttgac     23220
     ccctgagatc tctcaaacac tggaccacca aacaggcctc atatactagc tgatatgagg     23280
     cccccaacac acattacagt tgaggattgc tgggtctata ttcattcaga gataatgcac     23340
     ctaaccgtca agagactgga ggcctgaggg agtttagagg tcaggtgggg tgggggtagg     23400
     ggcatccaag tggagacagg gaggtggaaa aaaggtatgg gatgtggaat agttggaagg     23460
     tggagggagg aggttataaa atatggagtg tatataaata aataaataaa taaataaata     23520
     aataaataaa taaatggagt tttttcatat ttctatataa tgaaagtatg gcagcactta     23580
     ttaaaattat atgggcattt gaaatattta ctaaacattt acattcacag ttatatatag     23640
     tttctgtgtg ataaatataa cttatgcatg caaatatcta cttgcaatta agaatattgt     23700
     attatgtatt tttaggagtg gcatttctgt ttcatatttc tacacacacc cacacatata     23760
     tacttactca catatataca ctcacacata tatactcaca cacatatatg gaccaaaaga     23820
     tggtaaatga tagataccaa gatgatagcc acatacacta gtgggagata agagtacaat     23880
     aaataaatca gttttaagga taacatatac aagggacaga taggtgataa gtagacagat     23940
     gataaatgga gcttaacaga acagagtgca ggttgagctc agtatatata ttcatagcct     24000
     atggtcagtc tgaaaacagt caggataaat atgttttaat tttgaaggga aataatttct     24060
     ctttaaagag ccattatatt tgcttttata attattacag tatcttttga cactcataca     24120
     cattatggaa tagtttctac tttgttacat tatcaaaaat ttactagagc tagattgata     24180
     agtcagtggt gaagagtgct tacttaagaa tcatgagcac cagaattgtt tcttagctcc     24240
     tatgtaaaag aacactcttt cccactaacc cttgtcagct cttcagtagg tagagatggg     24300
     gaggaaagct aggtcgggtt ccttcctcct cagagagaag gcatgaattc taaattcaga     24360
     gagaaactgg ctcaaaggaa aaggtgccgg ataataggag agggcacttg atgagtcttc     24420
     tgactactgt aaaagcaaaa ttttatgcgc ggttgcaaat gctattacac aacacataag     24480
     taagaaagaa agaatgagat tttacatgta acaaactgaa tattatactt caatctttgc     24540
     ctgtattgaa catttatttt tgaggatatg atgatgaggt tgtttattga tttccttgtt     24600
     ggtttgttgt tgacatacat tttctatagg taacccatat ctacaattat tgatgtcatt     24660
     gcctcagttt cacaaaagct ggggtttgag tcttgtacca accaaatcca tctgaccctg     24720
     gtactttaaa ggcatgcctt tggtttcaga aacgaatagt atcagcatat atatttataa     24780
     atactaccta ataatttttc tggtcataat tcatctgatt tatgctctgg tagaacttga     24840
     ccttcacact gtttattctt tttttctttt ttgtttattt tacaagaaca caagaaaaat     24900
     atttatttga aatattgcca attatctatc ggctaaaacc ttgataacaa aatgttttta     24960
     attagatatt ttctttcttt acatttcaaa tgttaccaga gctcccaggg actgaaccac     25020
     taaccaaaga atatacatgg tgggactcat gggtccagtg gcatatgcag cacactgttt     25080
     ctatagctaa tgacattagt ctctgttctg tttggtccat tttgtattat ctctattctc     25140
     caaatattca cttatcaaag gcccatttat cctgccacac agacttcgaa gtgaacaatg     25200
     ataaccactg ttagctactg tctaaaactc acatgcatcc atttgttttt cagaattcat     25260
     cttgaactca acttcttaat atattgagaa aaattactaa catattttga aacatattta     25320
     aagaaaaaaa tgattctttt accatacata ttggatattg caaagatatt tgcaatcatc     25380
     ccactacata caaacataca cacacacaca attttatata tatatatata tatatatata     25440
     tatgaaattt cataaaagga aagcagtaca actagaagtg gaaatatcac tctttttctc     25500
     tttgagccat actcacttct taaatcaata atagtctagg gtgtactagt gttttatctc     25560
     catgagccat gagctaccct taagctttta taaaacagga aagcattggg ctcaaatgtt     25620
     tgtacactac agtgttatat gatatagaga tagttttgtc aggattatgc aaacagcctt     25680
     gctttgaaag tagctcttag aatagtttca gggagacaca caatagataa agaatactgt     25740
     tatattaatg agattcagaa accagtgctt tttctcaaaa cactgtcaaa ctaaatataa     25800
     tgtacatcga gataaagcag catgcctggg aagaataaca tatcatctag aagcagtaaa     25860
     tgaggcagca aaagtatttg caatcatcac atttcaaata cagtttgaga ggtagcgtcc     25920
     agagaatgga gaaagcaatt actgaacaca gtgcctgaca atgtcggaat gtgagaggcc     25980
     ctgagctcct tagagcaccc gtcagcacac cagaactcta taagcagatc tcaagaagcc     26040
     ccagacactc aactttcaat ctagccttat agaaatgtag caatttgaga gtgagccctg     26100
     aaagtcaaag acaaaattct ctcccatggg tgatatcaaa tattgcaaag tgtttaagac     26160
     tggaaggctt tacaaatttg tctctcttgg tgaggaagag atgaatttaa ctaaaataga     26220
     aaagcaatcc taatgcttag agcagtggct aaataaatgc aattacacaa atatttaaaa     26280
     ggattgtgaa tatatatgta tgtgtgtata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     26340
     tacatatata cacatacata catacatata cacactatat atatgtgtat atatatatgt     26400
     gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatacacat acatttctgg tccgccatat     26460
     ccaaaaaatg taagctatta aaataaaatc tatgtacaac ataagcaaat attattctgt     26520
     tatttttttc cttataatag atgtcctgta caagagaaga tccttaagtg actaacgtct     26580
     tttctggaaa acttaaaata acataaatat aaacacacac atgtatgttt caaatatcat     26640
     tcaaatatac tatatgatgt aatcccaaat gctgtaacat gtttcatttt gtcttttaat     26700
     ttttattaaa agaaaattaa tatgatgtga agaactttta tgtagaaata tcacagtaac     26760
     agacagaaaa taagaatttc ttgttactta tattgtagga aaagatgtaa agttccattt     26820
     gcctcgtggt gaaagttgct aaactgtaac ttaaggctgt acagaatatt attgatcatt     26880
     tcaagcatga aaaaatgtta attttcaaaa aaactgtcaa attttattaa atatgtttta     26940
     tagatctttg gaactgatta tatgtgttcg agtctccatt atgctaattg atagtgtctt     27000
     gtttagtctt gaatttcatt atagaccaca gagacaactg aggaccaagt ctctgtgagt     27060
     ttcagcaata agtatcacat cagatttaat tttcagtaaa tgcaactcag agaagaactg     27120
     tgagattcct gatgtccatc ctagttaaaa tataaagaaa acacaataaa ggctatttaa     27180
     gcaaggtggt ttgctctgcg aaatgctgta ttatctttca tgtaaagaag agctatataa     27240
     gcccttggaa caataagcag gcaaatgtct aaatatggac ttgcctaaca ccacatggat     27300
     ttttatctta ttcatgaatc ttgctcaaaa aagatattct tctataaaac aaaagaaaaa     27360
     acacggtaaa taaataaata agctgaaaag catttataac tcagaatatt atagttagct     27420
     catataaata tgcttcttat aaatgacata tacagtacaa tttataattt aggactcaac     27480
     aggtgcttaa atattagaaa gcctaatatt ccatttggct gtttactaca taagttaaga     27540
     taaatgaaga tacatgcatg gtaatttaat ggatgtagca taaggagtaa tttaaaattt     27600
     gtttacaata aatatcctta gaaaatagca atacaactaa tattcttaat ggtataagtt     27660
     agtcctataa gtgtaccaga tagtcaaatt caaaggttta agagacacaa ttttaataaa     27720
     caaataagac agaatttttg ccaataagag atctataaac aaataaatac ataatgctta     27780
     gagcagtggc taaataaatg caattacaca aagatttaaa aggattgtga ataaaaacta     27840
     atgttatttc agaggatata tttaatggtg aaaaatacag caaaaattat aaataaattc     27900
     catgaagagt gtttagtgtg cacataggaa cacacacaca aacacaccat aaagtaactg     27960
     ccgtaaaaca tgaatactaa agacataaat aaaactacaa tttagagata ttaatataat     28020
     cgacagaaag taagtaagag aaatatcctg aaatgggttt tctggatata cataaaaata     28080
     ttaaggctta aaatatcatt ataacagaaa taatatttca tcaacaataa gatgttataa     28140
     gaaaagtgaa ttgtttcatt ttgttataaa aatatgaaat cccaaaattt attgttatga     28200
     atgaatatgt tcagctgagt ctggaatttc tctggaaaag gggattaatg attagtaagt     28260
     acaaatttag aagagaacac aaggtcacgg ggttcctttt attgtcttgc ataatactgc     28320
     atgaactact tgtgacattc taacaaaata atttggctaa tcacttttta tttgggcatt     28380
     agagttaaac tattaactca cttttatgtg atacaaagat ttaaatttta agagggggat     28440
     acatagactt agaaaattta agtattaaaa gtataagtaa tgcagctaat gagtaatttt     28500
     cattaaacta aaaatttaaa tgaaatttat aaatggtaaa tcctaaaata aaaatgaatc     28560
     ccatattgag aaatgggaac ataacaacat actattgata aaatatcaag ataaaatata     28620
     taaaagttga ctttaataac agaaagatat gggtatagta ctaaatgcca gataaagtca     28680
     acaacaccat agaaaatgaa aaaataaata gctatgatgg tatcactagc aataagacaa     28740
     atatacatct cagctttgac attatttagc tcaggaggaa actggaaaaa aaagatgcaa     28800
     ttctatgaaa ttaaatgctg gagggttttc agtaaacagg acctgtgata catgacaaat     28860
     gggcatatca gccccacaat ttatcaaatg taggaaattg aagatccata tccttgacat     28920
     atcagcaatt tcctgtctga tctctggtaa ccagagactc ttgaaatgaa gtttgcaatt     28980
     tattattcca aagtctataa taaaagagga atccagagca gtctaagtgt tctgtagtga     29040
     gagagctgat gaacagattc aattccctta cccaatatac acacttaggt ctgtctgaag     29100
     tctatctcca agaaccctga gtaacgactt gaaaatcaaa tactaagtgg tagtaaaata     29160
     cttattatct taaaagtaaa ttgtagttta gctcacgaag aactttaaag ttgccaaaaa     29220
     gagcatctct caattgtact ctgtacataa ttattatgag ttttgaagtt caacatgtat     29280
     gagtatgggg gtgtgtatgt gttgtgtaga tatgaaaatg tggtgctcca aatcaatggg     29340
     gtccattttg ggaggctaca cattaatgtc cggtataatc tctatgaggt cacagacttt     29400
     attttctttt ttttttaatt aggtaatttc ctcatttaca ttttcaatgc tatcccaaag     29460
     gtcccccata cccacccccc cccaatcccc tacccaccca ctcccccttt ttggccctgg     29520
     cgttcccctg tactggggca tataaagttt gcaagtccaa tgggcctctc tttgcagtga     29580
     tggctgacta ggcaatcttt tgatacatat gcagctaaag acaagagctc ccgggtactg     29640
     gttagttcat attgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagttc cctatagctc cttgggtaat     29700
     tagacagaat gtctcattaa gccctaagct cacagattca gctgtgttgg ctggccaaca     29760
     aacatccttt tactaaaggg aatttgaaca caaaggctca tccctaacca agaagctatt     29820
     tgcaaatgat ttcttctggg gaagggaaaa tcaattttct ccatgtaatg tcaccgggta     29880
     tatcaaccac actccagggc tgactccatg ctcaggggta attagccaac acaatatgga     29940
     tgctatgtat ttttgtgtgc tctttgtttt tgttttgctt tgctttgctt gggagtgtca     30000
     cagctgggta aatctaatga ttacttttta accacagtcg catacataac acctaccagc     30060
     aataagaaag ctatttagta ggactatagc ttacaggtca ttagctaact gatttatccc     30120
     ttttttgtga atgaataggt gaaattcttc agcaataggg acttaccata aaattctgga     30180
     ataagacaaa gggtgtggag gttaggtggt aatatattga tgtctttgga aactcacagg     30240
     ccaccaactc aagaaggggt ggctaacttc tgttattgga gtattttcta tttaactctg     30300
     gtatttaact gaagcagtat cactccactt tatggtaact attttgaatt ttttatgtat     30360
     acatatgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttgtat gtgtctgtac     30420
     atacatagca aacattttat gactgtagat ttcaatatgt atgaacattt tgaaagttct     30480
     tagttattat tatttcagtc catattttcc atttactctc cttcagtctt cttcccatat     30540
     aacccgacta gttcaatttt tcaattttag ctctttataa gagatctttc tctctcccct     30600
     cccctaaagg ccctctactc atgaaaaggt ttttttacta atttgcatat atctatgaaa     30660
     attctaaatg aaaccactat atctgagagc ttctgctttt gagatacaga aggcagccgt     30720
     cttcccatgc ttatacatgc aatacatgaa tgactttgtc ttgtatgcca atgttctacc     30780
     tttaaaaata agtaccagtc atttcttttt ttttcacaca aataatatat tttattagcc     30840
     ttatgtccca ccattttaca tttctcccat tctcatcaac tacctgcttc ttgtaaaccc     30900
     ttgtcccacg ttcatctttt tttacgtttt tctttatttt tgagattttt atatatgtat     30960
     gtaatttaaa attatcgtat atatgcccta tcctccttcc aacttgatcc gtaaacccaa     31020
     gtactctgct tttaacccat gatgtttttg tctcttgttt tatttttgaa taacccaagt     31080
     atagctagtg ctgtccgtgt gagcatgtct gtggagccat ccactggagc ataggaaaag     31140
     aaaccagagc tcacatccac ctgaaggata cttctccctt ccgcagaaac tatccattgt     31200
     caacagcact tcagtacata cacagttgtt gagcatgata gccattctct atcctgagaa     31260
     caacactcac agcatccctc ccaatcctct ggctctgatt ttcttttttt ctcctccttt     31320
     acaatggtca ctggagcctg ggtagatgaa tcgtttaata ttgagtaccc atacacttat     31380
     tctcagcact ttgaagtata tacatgtaaa aatgaggaca ccatacattt tgcaggcaaa     31440
     tggatggatc tagaaaatat cctgagcgag gtaacccaga cccaagagga catgcatagt     31500
     atgtattcac tgataagtgg atattatcca aaaagtccag aattcccagc atataaatca     31560
     cagactatag gaagcttaac aagagggaag gcccgaatgt ggatacctga aaccaactta     31620
     gaaagagaac aaaataatca tgggaggaag agggagtgag gaaacttggt gggagagagg     31680
     agggagaaga gagcaaggat caggcatggg aagagacagg agagaaaccc agagggccag     31740
     ggaaatgaat caaaatatgc aaaagtgggg gctaggggtt tgggagaacc tctagaaagt     31800
     cccagagaca tgggatgtga gaggctacca ggactcaatg aggatgacat tattcccatt     31860
     catatctaat gacttcactt aacacgcacc ttctctaatg ggttacatgt ttggaagaaa     31920
     atatagcaaa ttaaatcttt gggggagaga atataatatt taatggttca aacttgagag     31980
     aatcaaccct tagtcgtttt tacaaactac taggattagt cctaaatcag atttactctt     32040
     ataaaacttc agtataaaca ttacacaaaa atattagagt atttgaaaaa tctctagaca     32100
     tggttatttg aaattccaca cagatgaaat agtcattaat atttcaattt tgacaaaaat     32160
     aatctaatat ttagaattaa atttaaatct accatgtatt ataaactgcc atttatttca     32220
     aaaagaaaat atgagtagaa tgtgctttaa agtgtctaat aataaagcca caattaatga     32280
     atttatagaa gtattcacaa tttatttatt ctctattcta cttttgtgtt tgttttgaaa     32340
     ataaccatta actctcacat ttttttccgt tactgtaagt taagatttta ggttgacttt     32400
     aatattcttg tttagaaaac ataaaacatt gtgattctat gttcatgtta gatatttatt     32460
     tctcctccac tgtatgcttt tactagacca ttaacttcaa gactgacacc tgaagacatt     32520
     aaaatgctcc cttcaattgt aatgcactct gctcataaaa gttcaaacac cacagtgtga     32580
     tggtgcctct tctccatact ttttttttcc ttgttctcat tccactatga tgaaagataa     32640
     caattctatc ttattcatct ttgtaaattg ttttgctgtc aggagggcgc ttagtcataa     32700
     tctatttttt ttaacaattt tgtcaaaatt gaaccatggt gctctcctaa aatatctcta     32760
     caggatgtta cgaacagaaa attggataat aacaacagcc atcaaaaaaa gctttgtgca     32820
     tttgggttat agtgtgagca cataaatagt gaacatactg aggtgtgggt tcagtaaagt     32880
     actgtgtagg aaattgagcc ccatacgcag cgtgccattt tccgcctaat cctgttgatg     32940
     tgatggaatg tctcaaacag ctggaggtgt gaggcatgta tcgttatgaa atatgttatg     33000
     accttacttt aatgtgtcct caacaataaa attggacatt ctcacaacgt tacctaagaa     33060
     ttaatgatgt caagaccagt gccaatgagt attaatcatt gtgcaagcct agactttgta     33120
     tattgattgg tatgagaaaa cttttaaagt gcaacaccaa aagtgcccaa ctgcctaact     33180
     tttgaaacta tagagctgac ttagtaaaaa aggagatagt aaatttagca ggactttcca     33240
     taaaacagat atgagcacag aacatctaaa ctattgccta ataaactgaa ctagtataga     33300
     atttatatgg cagttcccca ttgtataatt taatgggggg aagttctgac aaaaattaca     33360
     ggaatatatg tatcattatc ttatggttct tctgaaagca gtatgagata tgaacattgg     33420
     aagaaagtaa gaagaaagga taaaattaaa tgtgtcaaaa ggggaattat tcaaacaaaa     33480
     atgttatact agaacattaa tgaatattat tatggagtat tgtcacttac tggctctgta     33540
     cttccaagtc tcaaaagaag ctagcattgt ttaatcttag aaataactat agaataaaaa     33600
     tataaaggac agagtattta acacattata tttttgcaaa cttgaaaaat gtatcacgtg     33660
     tgttaaataa catgctgaat ctttgatttg aggtgtagca tgggaagata ttcttttgat     33720
     gtattaaatg tcttttgttg ttttgcatct tttgagacat gatttctgta tgtagataaa     33780
     gctgtccatg aacttgcaag gtagcccagt gtggctttct gtatataagt gtaatgtacc     33840
     atatgctgga gcttgagcaa tggagcactg aagaaaagtg tctttccttc ccactgtgac     33900
     agctagctgt gaatagctag catcttccag gatgaagctt cttgagccgc ctcctctata     33960
     tgttgaagtg ttgatcattt taatcttgta caggtcttgt gctagccacc acagctgcta     34020
     tgaattggag acataaaaga tttgcaacga tcagaagatc ttcctgacct gtaacatgtc     34080
     caaggcttat aggttattca aaatagtgga gaaaaggcat atgaaatata cattccattt     34140
     agagccaagc attccaaagt catatagttt ctacactctg acatgtggag ggaagccttg     34200
     catcctgatt ctctgcataa tcccccagca catatttagc agatggctgc cttgcctggc     34260
     ttcactggga gaggatgtac ttattcctac agagacttga taaatgagaa ctgagagata     34320
     ctcaggtggg tcatctgacc tctcagaggt gaagggaaga gtcaagggac tcttcacagg     34380
     aggatctgta ggatgggcag cactgcaggt gtaatcaatt aattctatga ttacttatta     34440
     gaatggaatg gctcaaagac agctctatca ccaaacacca tcccacaggg gttatggctc     34500
     actcagttgg agccatgaat gctactatat aactggcagg taactgtaca ggataaacag     34560
     ttgtttcgtt gttgttggtt ggtttgtttt tcaggtagct cattttgtct gagccttgat     34620
     caggtagttt tgttatgttt tgttttgttt tgtccaaaag tgtctctcaa cattccttac     34680
     tgcttccata tatatgagaa gaaagaatat caggcgaatc tattctgttt catgagttcg     34740
     tggaacctcc ctgagctaag gaagcttagc ttccttactg catggaagaa aattatgttt     34800
     caaagagcct ccttcaaaaa tggtgtgttg tatattaaat gaaattgtta tacacagtgg     34860
     tgacttcaag aattttaatt ttctgcagta gaaactaaac taataatatt atttactatc     34920
     atcctttgac tatatagagt acatttaaat tggaaaataa tttaatattt gtgaactcaa     34980
     ataaaggttt ggataaaaat aacatgcaaa aatataggaa cactatatca ccaaacactg     35040
     aagagggtaa aattatacga atataacaga aattttatgg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgacta     35100
     attttgattt gcctccagta atgaaatcac aggcaagaag ttaaaatctt ttttagatat     35160
     tttactcata ttaacattga caaacttatt aacagtggtc attgttgaat aacatacaca     35220
     ttcagtattt ttaagtaatc tattgatttt ttcagtagta ccatagcaac aagtggccct     35280
     aaagagactg taatgattgc aatcaacaaa tcaaacctct caagtaactg acagctcgtc     35340
     gagaaagaca aataataaaa catacaaaaa caattgagtt caatggctga aagtataaac     35400
     aaaatgtgac tgtagaaaag taaaatatag cctagtcttg tgtcatttgt aagacttcta     35460
     tgagaataga tagaaattag gtacttatga tataactttg aatataaatt caaaaacatt     35520
     ttattcgtag agaacttgaa ttgatttgtt tttgtattcc cttatatatt tttcataaaa     35580
     tagtcttacg gaaaggattt tgtatttcct aataaattta ctcagtgttg acatttctca     35640
     tttgcacatt atctgggata tgaatcatat gtgcacattt cttctgtgta tataagactt     35700
     tttcacccaa attttcctaa aagttaatga gagtctgaaa tcacagaact tgcaggtata     35760
     tggagacctt caatcccata gtcgttactt tataggaaat atttgaccaa tagctcatta     35820
     ttgctgctgc tgtggtgaga atttgtatga ataaatatat atctaagggt ttttcatcaa     35880
     tttaaatggc catttatgat aagttaaatt caactaaatg tgtatgtgtc tgtaactgca     35940
     tgtatgtgta tgagtgtgca agttttctat gtctttatta tgtcatctca ctagattgga     36000
     cagcaaatgc ccttaatatc tgaactattt gctaacacta tttatgataa tttacatgta     36060
     atctttctta cttggtgtta gatatcataa gttatttaaa aagtgctata ttactactta     36120
     tgttcattgt attaatttca ctaatcatca atcctctcaa ttctcaatcc gcttccaatt     36180
     actctgaaaa aaacctgaga aaatcaacta agaagagagc caatgaggct tacactctca     36240
     gagattttag tcacgctatt agccaagtca cttgactcca ttgctttaaa ttgtgtcaag     36300
     gtataacctt atgttgaaga gcaaggagta gacctaagta ggtcacctca tgcaacctaa     36360
     aaagtatgga agttgagagg tgggtgaacc agagtcccag gatcatgata atgaaagcat     36420
     gctctttctt tgtcgtatct tctgcccact acatcttgca cattaacagt ctctccactt     36480
     cccaatttat gccatgggca cattgccagg gcttcaacag atgtctttca gagacattca     36540
     aatcaagtca tgcttaataa tatctagaat ataacataat aatacaattg ttaaaaataa     36600
     acattcttct ataaaatcaa tggacacact tatatagaat gtgacaggaa aatgaggtcc     36660
     ctgaggccac agttctctga agggttaggt gcttctcaca ctggggccag accaggacgt     36720
     cttgtaaaag tattccacaa aataaaaaca gaaggaacac tacataattc attctgtgaa     36780
     gccacaatta tgccaatacc taaactacac aaagacccaa caaacaaaga gaacttcaga     36840
     ccaattttat ttatgaatat caatgcaaaa tcctcaataa aattcctgca aaccaaatac     36900
     gagaacacat caaagttgtc attcaccttc ataaagtggg cttcagctca ggattatggg     36960
     gacgattcag tatatgaaaa tacaacaatg taatcatata tatatataca tacatacata     37020
     tatatatact caaagaaaaa atcacagggt catttcatta gatgctggaa aagcttttga     37080
     caaaatacaa cacccattga tggtaaaagt attaaagaga tcaggaattc aaggaccaaa     37140
     ccaaaatgta gtaaaagcaa aatatagcaa accgacagcc aatatcaaaa taaatgaaga     37200
     tatacttgaa gcaatcccac taaaatcagg aaaaagacaa ggctgcccac tgtccctgtg     37260
     tctatttact atagtactgg aagttctagc tagagcaata agagaacaaa aggagatcaa     37320
     gggaatacaa attggaaaaa agaaatcaag gtatcactat ctgcagatga tatgatagtg     37380
     tacataagca accccaaaag ttctaccaga gaacttctac agctgataca caaccttagc     37440
     aaagtggcta tatatataac taactcagat aaatcagtat ccttttttta tataaatgat     37500
     aaacagactg aaaacaaaag tagggacacg acaaccttca caatagtcag aaatattata     37560
     aaatatcttg gggtaactgt aaccaaacaa gagaaagaaa gacctgtatg acaagaactt     37620
     caagtctctc aagaaagaaa atgaagaaga cctcagaata tggagagaag atatcatttg     37680
     taaagaaaaa ttatatttga aactatcatt gttaagagtg aatcaaattt tgagttagta     37740
     aacttatagc ataatactaa atgtataagt ttagtcagtg tccttagtgg cactaaatga     37800
     gatcatgctt ttgtgtgcac atattttcca atcaaactta taattacact ttccctatca     37860
     cagcatctca taaacaacag atgcttcaat gctagcaatg catacatttg gaattttagt     37920
     ataggctgtg acagagagtt aggtatatga tcctgcctag cataatttat tgatcacttt     37980
     tagtctctta tcaatccttt ccatttgttt aaattggaag ccaaatctgt taacctcggg     38040
     aggtctttat aatttatgcc tctattctgg ctttgtttgt ttcagcatca ttggtcgctg     38100
     cagtgtttaa ttcttctgtg agaggcacgt tcttggcagt tttcagaaga ctggatagaa     38160
     agaataagct ataaagggca tgactgctga ttccacaatg ctttcattac ccagccttct     38220
     cacccactta ggatttaacc ttgtcgagaa gccaccatac actgtcctat ggggctgaga     38280
     cttttaaaat ttcatatcgt ttcctttgag gaacatttca ctttaccact ctctataatt     38340
     atatgcagca gtagataaag taggacctaa aactggcaca tatgagtatt ttattggtga     38400
     tgaggacatt gttatgatct acgtgacaac tttgtattct cttggcattt caaaattgtc     38460
     tcttcttgaa tgggttagta cttggacttc caaatttctt acagttgctt tgctttggac     38520
     ccacaagtta gctcaaagaa taagagtata atatgtccat cacccatcca agccaaaaaa     38580
     aaaaaaaaat tctattagct aactgaatgt ttactacctt caaattaatc attctttcaa     38640
     aaaattgatt tgttatgtta cattcctagg aggttctttc tctacataaa ctaggctgag     38700
     gacgaactca ttgaaatctg cctgcctctg cctctctaaa tctgggaata aaggagtatt     38760
     cctccatgct tggccatatc agactttaaa tacagcaaca tggctactca tacagacatg     38820
     atattagcat accattttga tcacaaacag tatacataag tttagtatat agaaggaagc     38880
     agccatgctt gagggtgaca tctatttgag gggaagataa agtgatgaat cagtgtgata     38940
     tgacccaatg agtcagagat agtatgttcc caactgtcac aaacatacgt gcgcgcgcgc     39000
     gtgcgcgcgc gcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     39060
     acacacaaac agccccccac acagtaaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa     39120
     ttaattaaaa aaattagttg agtagagtat catggagttc agttcacacc tgatttctga     39180
     tttcatgagt tcaatgcagg tcagcagagg tagtcaaaac cagagactaa taaggacata     39240
     gaagattaga acaaattgcc agagttagtg tgaggccaag cagctaaata gtcagaagct     39300
     gagagaagcc aatttgaatt atatagctgg gagacaagct tgatccagaa cgtccgaatt     39360
     gaaccaccca gcccaagttc agaaagagct agaaaaggtg agcttatttg agaataaatc     39420
     tccaaaacaa caactagatt aggaaaataa aagatatatt tacacctggc tgattttctt     39480
     cttaagaaat tttaattaaa tacaaattca atttccatac attcatattc tttaatcaca     39540
     agtaataatg aaaaatgcta ctgatacact atggtttcag tggcgctttc acaaaaaaat     39600
     tgcatatatt attgcttaga aatgtaaaac cataaaagga atgctaaaat atgagaaaat     39660
     taatttgtat aattcatcta aatatgtgtt atatttaatg gacactttag tccttatcta     39720
     caaactcttg gatggatgtc aatgctccag ttttttggcc ctgcacccat gtaccttaca     39780
     gcactgataa aactcagatt gctgataaac aaatacaaga aatagcaagg tttatatgta     39840
     gggttgttgc aatagaagct ggaggataaa caatggagaa ggtagacttg atcaaaatga     39900
     ttttatataa ttatgacatt ctcaaatgat aaatatattt taatatattc taatttttat     39960
     aataaacatt taaaagtagt gtattgtcta aatattgtgg aagtttttag cattactata     40020
     gattatgaga gcatgagtaa caaagctggc agatttattt tctaataata ttaaattaag     40080
     atatatttga gagctttgtt gttgaggcat gtacctttat tccctgcact caggcacaaa     40140
     aatctccatg aatttgatga aaggctacta catagtgtat cccaagctat tcagggacta     40200
     tagaataaaa ttgtttctct gaaaaattac atttactaga gttctacaaa tttttaatat     40260
     ttttctttta attgtatgta ttaatacatt tttaatatca gctataccta tgtttgatta     40320
     tacgataaca catcagaagt aacaccccaa gcatgaaatc agcaaaatgg gtcagatgga     40380
     attgaaacat gctttgcaaa cctggtgatc tgagttcaaa cttcttgaac catgtaaaga     40440
     taggagagat gctactccat aaagtattcc actaacctcc acccatgtct cttggggtgt     40500
     gtgcctatac acatcataat taaaaacatg agcataccta tagagaaaga gagagagaga     40560
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gaacaagaga ggtaaaacac aaaggggcac aagtcctttc     40620
     tggtccactc cagcaccagg gtgccttgcc cgtggagtct cagtatataa aataaaatgt     40680
     aaaatcattt tactaattct ttgataattt cccaacttca atatctgctt ctaccccctt     40740
     accttatcat cctcttctct ttgtcttatt ctttctttgg tacaaatctc tccggaccag     40800
     tttatgttga ccaaccactc ttgggtgcag agtctgcctt aaattatggt ttatagacca     40860
     gaactcatac tgtgaaaggc aacttcctct gcctctctaa gcagatgtca aatggctatt     40920
     gctcctgagc caaggatttt tttctcagat ttttgtctaa gttgagtttg tacagatctt     40980
     cctcatgctg tcataaacct tctgagttta ggtatgatta tattatattg tgtcataaat     41040
     gtatagataa caagaagtca tctactaccc tattgccact gctgtctttc caccccatct     41100
     tcctggaaat tcccagaacc ttgggaaaag atgagatagt gacctcattt taggactgag     41160
     tactgttttc tgtgtgttag ctgagttagg gttctgagtt atttgttaac tactgcaaga     41220
     agaacaatct tctctggtga ggaccaatag atgcactgag caataaatcc tcaggaaaca     41280
     ctttatagtt atatctagtg agaagactaa tagtattaag tatttcctta gggcctgtgg     41340
     cacaggatgt tggccacttt agcaatgtta ggaatgagta tatgtcacaa tatgacttaa     41400
     atccaatttg aaaatgatta gttaccccca ataatagtta gggtgctatt gtaccagtaa     41460
     ttgcattttt gacaggcagc ttgtcattgt agctctcagg attcacagct tggtaagact     41520
     ggcgatgaat tttggcctct gatatgatcc taatacgtcc caaaccataa acgctaacca     41580
     aaaagactga agtttcagtc cagtacttag ctgagttctc tgtatttaga gtcaagtatt     41640
     ttggatcttc aataatagag ctttgctatt aagttgtaga actttccaaa atttgtcaac     41700
     agcctgtaat atttgagata tatggggacc attagaaagc aactcaaaaa tatgaagtca     41760
     cacacaaatt tataatcatt aaaatttcag ctgtgagtta aaattgtgtt tatatataat     41820
     taagtagaaa aagctatttc tcctatttct ccctctttct acattttagg ctccctattt     41880
     tcaaactaag cttttaaaaa gctaaattac ataaatagca gacaacatgt atttttcatc     41940
     atttaagttt acactatttt atgaattact gtgataagat gtccactttc tccccacaca     42000
     atcaactgaa agttcagata gttgtttgct ttaattccta agggtttctc aatggcaggt     42060
     cttcaaatat gtattaaaat tatgataaag gcttcaatca ctcagcacaa tctcctcaca     42120
     gccgtcccct ttagtgggtc attacagcag ataatggaag catttgtaat ctctggatac     42180
     aattgggcta aatgaaatta gattctcaat ttccttcata tgagaatatt tcataatggt     42240
     gccagcattt attgagcaat aaacggaggg gttgacattg tataaaagag acagatacat     42300
     agagtgagct catccccttt accactgact ctagaaggtt tgttctttac attaaatatt     42360
     tatgcaaact gtaaattcaa atatgaatgg gccaaccaat attgaaagag ttgaggaata     42420
     actctcccat gaggcatttg caaactatat ttaagacata tataagggta tagacatcta     42480
     tagtagaaat tttttaagta acacaatgta gttgctgaat gaagaaacag cagaaagcca     42540
     gcatattacc cataatatct acaaatagtg gaaaattaca acccttccca tgtataacta     42600
     aatgcctttg attcttgcta tcaagttctg gaggtcaaat atggtcagat atggaggtca     42660
     aatatgtacc ttaatgtatg gttcattgaa caaagttaca aagttacata tctttaagaa     42720
     acctagaaaa aaaaaacgtt tttatttgtg atcaattctt ttttctgaga gtacattatt     42780
     tggttagttt ctactgcaaa ttatgttaaa aggtagagtg aagtaaattg atgactaatt     42840
     gttaaatgaa ctcttgctag acaatattag actgcaagtt caaagtttgt ggtctaatat     42900
     taccaaatga acattcagaa atattaaaaa taattgattt catgagaaac aattacctag     42960
     gcagccatta tatagtgcag tattaagtat atggaataca aataagatat tatgtttaag     43020
     gaattcacat atggtgaagt tctcaaaata ttgcaaaaat gaaggtatac atatttatat     43080
     ttataacatg ggtatacatt catatatgtg gcatttgctt atattatata tgacatgaca     43140
     tgtgtgtgta tatatgtata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataatattt     43200
     tcttagttgt ttgtaagttt aaagagtaag taatctctta aataaaatta atcaaggaaa     43260
     taacatataa gaatagacca taatcctgcc aagcaactag aaaataaaat gtaaaagaca     43320
     taaccaaaga agtaagatat aaacagattg ttcttacctg gatatactag aacttgtttt     43380
     tattttcaag gctaatatag catgaatacc atgggtagtc ctttaccagt ataaatgagg     43440
     aatgaagcta ggaatattaa catgatagta gaaaccctaa ggcagccaat ctcaaagttt     43500
     caagcactaa gggggaaatc tgaatgcagc aatgaatgac tgaaggtata attcagaagc     43560
     ttaacataca ttataataaa ataactttaa aaaaaacaag aaataacctg gaattcacca     43620
     atagatacta tagcacctaa gaagagactc acacaattga agagtcataa aataagggta     43680
     gatagatgaa acactagcat caaatacctt tataagaact tcaataatta ctaattaact     43740
     ttttttgact atttactaaa ttgcttcaga ctttgagaca cacatacata tgcattgact     43800
     agacataagc agggatttat tttaccatta aactatgttg ataaataagc cttgaaagct     43860
     cccctccttc accaatactt gctatctgtg gttgccatga agtctttttc tgaccttact     43920
     aaagggttac gaccttgtgt tacttaccta tgactcttcc tcagaaatgt agtctagatt     43980
     gtttattcaa gtgctgatta tgaatatagg aatgtaagat aatcgaaacc tgtcttgtac     44040
     agcaaaacat gtccaatatt atcttatata tctggatagt tgggccagaa acagtaaaag     44100
     aaggcatgag ggatgtataa tcaagatgac tgtctaacct tgatctgaac agagtcaaca     44160
     ctgactgata gacagctaaa aaatgcggaa aagcctctga accctcaatt cttcacaaag     44220
     tactacggta aattaaggaa acctgagtgt cagacaaatt tggagagcca gtgtatcaca     44280
     gagaagaata tatcattatc caataccaaa tgatcagtcc tgaaaatcta cacataatta     44340
     atatgctaaa tgagtgggtt gtatttatat atgtgtctgt aaaatggtgg atttgtgagt     44400
     gtttgtgtgt acatagccta aataacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     44460
     acacacacat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat atatatatat     44520
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat aataactaat gcatacatat     44580
     gtaatacata ttcagtgtaa atatattata taatatataa acacataaat aaaatatatg     44640
     tgtatatagc aaacatttat gcaaaagtgg tcatagcatt gaaagagaat attagggatt     44700
     tgtaagtagg caagagaaaa ggcaatgata tattgataat atcacaattt aaaataaaac     44760
     tttaaaaggc atgaataaga tccaagaaat ctatgatgct gtttgtttta tgctgaattc     44820
     caaaacagca cgcgtagagc tgcctatgga catgtatatg aaattcgact gtgaagagta     44880
     ctcacagcca aggtcacttt cttaaagctg aatttcttac gatagcaatc ctaagaatta     44940
     atactcaatg ctttctaaag tggtacactt taacagtcag taggcataag tctatttcat     45000
     aatgacattt taccagaaaa gtggtgctaa tatgaatctt ttgtttttaa gatttgcaga     45060
     aaatcctggg acgagctttg tagacttatt ttctcatacc taactacctt agcttgttta     45120
     ctaaagtaac aaaaatgtct tttccatagg acatgaatcc agttttcatt aaattactta     45180
     cctcattggc ttatgatcat catacatact actgaatttc ataaggtcat actcatagca     45240
     tgtacaatgt tctttgatga ggtctgaccc atgtgtacac acccattgtt ctctacactg     45300
     ccttaaaatg tgttgtcagt gtgtcactta tggattttct tatccccttc cctctgtgat     45360
     agaatttgag tcttatcgtg aagatatgtt gaatgcttgt atcatcataa aactaagcaa     45420
     gttcaaagtg aatattttaa cataactgta aactgcaaga tcaattttat gcaagaatat     45480
     tcgagcttca ttatgttttc agtggatgat aatttgtttg ggtttactta aattagtact     45540
     taaagtggga ttcagctacc ctgtaattta ttaaaaaaaa attttatccc ttgtggagct     45600
     ttgtagtgaa tgaaatgagt aaccatataa tcagattgtt taccatagcc cgttctagtt     45660
     ctgagtagac tcaacttgcc atgtaattat agcattaaac atataggcag aactgtatga     45720
     gtacacatgt acacatttaa gattattggg ttcctcagat ctctacttat aatttgcctt     45780
     atggcctcag aataaataac attatctttc tgctattatt taacactaca aagagatcag     45840
     actcaataac tccttgattt catttcttct tatgtcccca tttacttgtt tacttcctct     45900
     actgttgtct caatgtttct ttcatttgat actaggttat cacaatcttc actattatca     45960
     ttactatgtt ttgatttaaa aatgaaaaat aaaaagagat aaatccagaa gccgtttcct     46020
     ttctcttcct tcaccaaatc tttcacattc acttaatgtt ttatatgatc ttttttaaat     46080
     tttgttttat tagtttattt tttatattta catttcaaac actatccccc ttccctgcta     46140
     accccctatc acctcccatg tcccctcttc ttctattagg gtgttctccc actctcctat     46200
     ccaccctttc cctgcacagt gtcagaattc ccccacattg ggtcattgag tctccacagg     46260
     acccagggcc tctcctccca atgatgccag acaaggccat cctctgctac atgtgcagct     46320
     ggatccatgg gtctctccgt gtgtactcct tggtttgtgg tttagttctt gggagctttg     46380
     aagggtctgg ttagttgata tgttgttctt catgtgggtt gcaatcccct tctgctcctt     46440
     cagtccttcc cctcatttaa tatttttata tcagaattaa aactgaccca aattcgtgtt     46500
     gctagtgaaa agacattcac acaaagatag agaatgtggg agaagaggga attgtgtgtt     46560
     tgtatttgtg actaggtgga atacaaagat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     46620
     gtgtgcactc acacgcgcac acgggagtgc cctgtgtgca tttttattgg tgtacatgtg     46680
     cattcatata catggcattc catagatata cacagttaat ctctaatgca acaaagagta     46740
     ttgttttcct tcttaaatta taaattctcc tgccaagttt aactgatatg ttgaccatat     46800
     gcttagctct tctctggtct tcttttctta gaccataaaa ttacaaaatt gaactgcaat     46860
     tgtcaatttt gtattgtttc tctctgagga atctcctaag ttgctagtat tctttcatca     46920
     tgtaaaaatt cagtactaaa gggttgggtt actgttcctc tttttccctt aataatctct     46980
     gagtgttctg aaaaaatgtt tcttggctca cagagcagac tatcatactt aaaagtcctt     47040
     gctcagttat gactaaaact ggtgagattt atagctttct tcacttctct acatacttcg     47100
     ctcttaaatt agaaatgtca cagtgataat aaacatacac tttatcttaa atgattgcat     47160
     ttagctcatt gggaaaaatc aagggatact agaataagtg tccttatatc tgctaaaaga     47220
     aaatcatctt gaaggtcaaa caatgacaat ttatagaaaa aaaggacctt tatatttcct     47280
     tcctcagtat gttagctttc tttttattta tgtatgtaat gaataataat acaagctgta     47340
     acaaatagta ctgataatct ataattagat agaatataaa tctttgaata tctatatctt     47400
     ttgtctgtag aaatacaata tagcctgtaa gactataatt tttaagcaac aaattaaaaa     47460
     taatttagta atgatttctc tttttttcaa gcatagaaca tagcaaatat cacttttgtg     47520
     gctcatgtga aaatatagtg cattgtatat aatacccact ggaacttagg gatttctgca     47580
     gacctgtact accccaatat tctaaaacag tattttatcc atgtgtacca tcctccatcc     47640
     ttccccaacc aggagaaatg atgaaatttc ctcagtatat accgatatcc agttatattc     47700
     caaagatttc ctggagttct aaagtttgga tatgtcttac agataatgtg taaactcatt     47760
     tggcatcatg ataagtttta ttaaatactg atctgcctta caataaatga cttacaaaat     47820
     caagaaaacc acgttccttc ttaagaagat aaatactaat aataagctta gaaataaatt     47880
     tggccatttt ctttattaca acaaagtgtc actttaagta aaagaagaga gcattgtttc     47940
     agataaagtg ttacactaag tatgatattc aaacaaaagc catagatatt caattttcta     48000
     ttattttaat ttgttgtttc tcctagtata tcagagaaca ttataaaatg ccaccagatt     48060
     tagaataatt gagtatttta aataaatatt actatagaaa tggtttcata ttaaacggta     48120
     ttctacctca acaacagtgc cattctgtgt cctggtgttt cgatcatttc aaaaggcact     48180
     gcaacaaatg cccttttttg ctgtttgata atgtgtagta ataggtcagg taaactaatt     48240
     tgtgcctaag tgatagctaa tacatcttcc tctcaggtag catttaactt gattaaaatg     48300
     gacaggtcaa cataaggcat ttcaggtggg aatttcaagc accattgaga gctaattggg     48360
     cacgacaaag cttatacaga agaaagaaag aaaaaaagcc cgtggggagt caccaagatt     48420
     ttctctacct gccatgaaaa tgccacttgt tccatgtttg atacaaacta gagagacctt     48480
     ctcactattt gccaccatta ccagagttta tgtcattaca tatgagaaaa tcaaaccacc     48540
     aacaaagagt acacatggag ggacccatga ctccagctgt atatgtagaa gagaatggcc     48600
     ttgtcgggca tcaatgggag gaggggccct tggtcctgtg aaggctcgat gccccagggt     48660
     tggggaatga caggaccagg aagctggagt gggtgggttg atgagcaggg gtagaggaga     48720
     ggtgataggg cgttttggga ggggaaacaa ggaaagggga taaaaattga aatgtaaata     48780
     aagaaaatag ataataaaaa attcaaaaaa atgtgttcga tgtcgtacat aatttatttg     48840
     tgtacagtgt ggacttttga ggtgtgatgc tgatgaaaaa aaagcatttg caaatgagaa     48900
     agctagacca accccttctg ctttatcatt tatgataaaa atatgcaaac aagtcacaat     48960
     tatattcaat gttgaagtca atacctgcac cactaaccaa agagtataca tggatgggtc     49020
     catggctcct gctacatatc tagcagagga ctgccttatc aatgggaggg gaggcccttg     49080
     gtcctgtgga ggcttgatgc cccagcatag agaaatacta gagcagtgag gtgggagtgg     49140
     gtgggtgggt gggggagcac cctcttagag acaatgcaga gagggtatgg gatgggggat     49200
     ttgcagaggg gagacttgaa aggggaacaa tatttgaaat gtaaataaat gaaataacca     49260
     ataaaatatc cctaaaatta atgacttata ttagtggaga taaagccata actggtttgg     49320
     actgatcaga aaatgtgtac attcatttct gaaacaattg taatatgaaa aataaaacct     49380
     cagttagata tactatattc atctagtact attttataac cttggaatat ttctactcaa     49440
     aatatgtgct tccctcctaa tatacaatgt atgatatttg aagagacatg atgtcatggg     49500
     gaaatttttt gaatgtgtat gactaatgat ttaataattt tgctctcttt ctcttagtgc     49560
     tgtgttgttt atgaaagaca gttttgattc tagctttccc tttgtatgaa aacatacctg     49620
     gtatacgctt atgtttgcat tggttgtgaa ataacatgcc cccagtagtg aagaagcaaa     49680
     ttaaacttaa ctgtttggtt cattttaaca cctggctcat ctattcaccc tctagaggaa     49740
     aggattaaat gtgctgtgat ttgcttttct tcctgattat atgtcattag aagtagttaa     49800
     gtactcttct gtgcagtgct cataagctag aattattttt aatatgataa ctttgcctat     49860
     caatgaataa gattatccta gatttacaat atatgataat gcaccttaca caaatataaa     49920
     aatattatgc cctagccctt gtgatggaaa gatatatgtt tctctcaatt ttggtcagac     49980
     aatcttatta ttgcagagat aatgctcaat atacagtcct gggagcagaa agctctctct     50040
     ttgtcctaca agaacctagt tagtccaatt cagccatgca acatagtaag accctgtctc     50100
     aaataaccaa agaagccaac atcacaacaa gcaaacaaaa caaaccatag tgattcataa     50160
     ctaatcaagg tgttgacttg aagctctgtg agtctttagt tagtgcatag actataatag     50220
     tgcatgcata tcatacttaa caatactaaa ttaagagctc aataaatgtc acagaaagag     50280
     gggaagaaaa tataagagcc acagaaaagg gctttgaaat agtgctgcaa aattctgacc     50340
     tctgcatatg atgtgtctct tacacatttt aactgagagc aaacctgaga aaacctaaag     50400
     gaaatctacc ctagtctctc ttctgcctct ataacacttg gagaaaggtt tgtattgtgg     50460
     catctactaa agtcaatgag accatatgca tgggagctga ataatttcaa tgtacctcac     50520
     agttttcaga ctgattgtat tttaattggc acatattcaa tagttttaaa gactaagtat     50580
     ttgtatttcc agtgtttaca cattgaatct taatcaccag tattgtaaat ggaaatggaa     50640
     gagatgtgat tctatgccag aaaattatta aaacacacta tctccaatcc tgaactcaca     50700
     aatagatatt catgttaaac actggctcca tttaacagtt gatgtagttt tccaaagcag     50760
     tataaccttt gattattacc tcagttgttg gtgtcagaca ccagcaaact atctgtagct     50820
     acatctggaa ttataaatgt cctgacactt gtatgatgtc caagtctaaa actcaataga     50880
     gaatgtaaag atttgtccac tgacaaacaa agaatagaag aaaatgaaaa aatgagagtt     50940
     ccattcctca gtatgaaaaa aaggtccaaa tctctactta atttctattg taatatcttt     51000
     catttgtttg tacctgcctt aagtaggacc agacactgta ttaacctact cataaaacac     51060
     actattttgc aagggatttc aaatttaaaa ttaatcagtt aattaatttg aaccagaata     51120
     tgagtgattt gttatgtctt gattagaatt atttctaagt taacatttct attgtcttaa     51180
     acagaatgtc cttattttag aaggatatat tgatcatatt catcatttga cttttgagat     51240
     cacaatagac cttgataact tttgtttagt ccttgataag atggtatttg gtcttatcat     51300
     tggtatcaga attatttgta tacagaacat gatatggtta atgaagcttg tcttatgatt     51360
     cactctgaaa catgcctata tatttgagtt tgttcttcat ttgtgtgttt caatccacta     51420
     aaatctttgc ttccaagata cttagtctgg ttgtgttgat taaatatgcc ttcatcctac     51480
     taattttcta aactatttct tcttgcttct atatgactat caccgtgtcc aagggttggc     51540
     cacctgcaac ttaccttagt gaaattcatt ttaatggctg aaaatatgat ggggtacatt     51600
     tgcaagttgt gttttactgc taacaagata ttaaagcctt ttgcatcatg ttcttttcct     51660
     tacccacatt gcccctagca ctgaatacct cctaatctat aacaacttat ttctcataac     51720
     ttcctgtctt cttttgctgt aatgtgcagg tctctccatc cgtacttttg tttgcttgtt     51780
     tgttttaccc ccggataagc taactttgta ggacactatg taatgggtta aacgtttcac     51840
     ttaactctga gtaagtataa gttatattct caggcatgaa tatctatgtt ttacttttgt     51900
     cagcctgggg ccattgggat tcataattaa agactaatgg gtttccttag tgattttctt     51960
     tttgcataga atataggtta tttaaatact tctctcaaac aaccttcagt tatggtcaac     52020
     aaaatagaaa tgaaatactt taaaattatc tcaattaaga tgaatatctc tgtctttgca     52080
     tacccttaag caaattatat atattgtgat aaggagcaaa ccagggtagg tataatggag     52140
     gcaggagttg taaatcacta atataagaga gttctctttt gttccttaca ttttagtagt     52200
     ggtcaattat tttctttcac agtaattctg tgtggtaaac tgctcagata tttatgtcat     52260
     tcatatagtc tgttttgtat ggtgtttggc tatgtagcca tagttggcct gtgaaattaa     52320
     agcagtcctc ctgagcccct cattgtattt tgtttaaatt tgtacactta actaaaacac     52380
     ccaaaccttt caagtacaat gaatctcttg acagctttga ctattgcgta ttatttgtta     52440
     attatataca tttttttttc tccaatcata ttccttcgta aagcctgcaa tggatccaaa     52500
     tgtcaggact agaggttcta acacagtaca agcagaacat atttaaatga tattgtagat     52560
     tgtttatagg ctcaagaact ctcctgttat tgaaacttgt aagaacagca ctgatatctt     52620
     tattacgaag tctcctgtta tcaataaaag atgtgtataa gcagaaagtt ccgcttaaaa     52680
     aaatgtcact tgaagtgtga tgctctgaaa tgtacatcct ctgtgactat gagacagttt     52740
     ctcctcaata actctggaaa agagcatctt cagtagctat gtgatagtca ttccttggga     52800
     actaggacaa agtgtaacat caacagacta tgggatagtc cctgctcagg aattatgggt     52860
     aagtgagccc tcagtaacaa tgggatggta catttcagta gctataggat gctgtatcct     52920
     cagtaactat ggaatggtgt atgctcagta gccatggaat attgtgtcat cagtaactac     52980
     gggataaact atttgcaaga actataggat agtggatcct cagttactgt gggatagaaa     53040
     ggaaacagtt tcctactaaa aattccaaat tatttctgga acctaaaatg tctaaaagct     53100
     cattaaaaat atcaagtatt acatttctca aagaataaga catgatgata tcctgttctt     53160
     taaaataatt aattttacct acagctattc attctataac aaattatttt aaaaaattaa     53220
     atttaaaaaa gaaaaaataa ctaccctctc ctctctgagg aggagagagg gatgaaatta     53280
     taattttagt ctgataatta tatcttttaa tatatttacc attcaattaa ttcaacaaaa     53340
     gtttcaatgg ttaagacatg taataaatgt ccaaaatatg tcaggtttta agaaacactt     53400
     cagagtcttg ttagtcagaa atatatgtta acagaacaaa ctgaatttta tcatacatat     53460
     gattatataa ataactaaat atagctataa acatctccaa atacaagaag ccaagatatt     53520
     ttaatctaga atctaatggc atacacacag gcaagagaga gacagagaca gagacagaga     53580
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga aagagagaga gagagagagg tggaggtttg     53640
     gggagtgatg gctacagatc aaaagaaacc ttcaaaatat ttgagaatta aaaaaaaaaa     53700
     aaaaaaaaaa aagcagggag aagtttccag ggagtttgag gtttctgaaa agttaaaagc     53760
     aattctagaa gacacaagtt gaaaaaaaga cttatatcca gaggagacag aattaatagt     53820
     acacaatata ctttaatatt tagtgtatga gtgtcaatga atcactccaa tatctgtttt     53880
     ctcaaatgaa gacagttggg aactacttat tcaacacact aagattgctc tttttaaaac     53940
     ttaccgcaaa tgataccaag gatttactct ttgctgttta aatagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     54000
     acacttccaa atttgcatta tatttcctcc tccatagtaa aataacaact gaaatgaaag     54060
     atttatgtta ttgatgcagt ttaacctgtt atacagtgta tatggaagcc tgtattgttc     54120
     atatcttgcc tgtttgtata agtgattgag ttcacttaat ttaaatgtag attaaataaa     54180
     aaactcttac atttatttac ctgtttattt gtttctgtat ttgatttttt ttggcttgta     54240
     tccaattcac taagaatcct cacacacatg acaatcatct aactcagtct aaaagtcatt     54300
     tctatttttg aactaaaaat tatacacaca cacatgcaaa aacaaacaca catacacaca     54360
     tatatgtata atataaatac atatgcacat atgtatatgc atactatgtg tgcataccta     54420
     tatatgaata cattcagatg tttgcatata tgtcaatcca gttcagtatt ctgcaaatag     54480
     aatgtcgttt tatattaaac aaagaaaaga gttttcagtt tgcctctggt catgacctta     54540
     gagtatcttg atggtgagat ttaatattgc attacaaatc tatgagatat ttactgttaa     54600
     ttagacacag acttaaatgt tttatagtgt aataaataca cttatcgtat gtaatagttc     54660
     caatataatt tttaaatatt tcatataatc tatgggaatg tgtgtgcata tatgcatgac     54720
     atctgtatca ggatgcccac tgtgtataca agagagcatt gaatatcctg aagctagaat     54780
     ttcaagcatt tgggagctgc cagcttggct gatggcgagg gaactcagtc ctctgaaagt     54840
     acaacaagca gtgttaagtg ctaagagttc cagttctgat attattatta ttattaatat     54900
     tattattgtt actattaata ttactgctac catcattata ttgaagaaaa tattgtggag     54960
     aattatttat attcagtttg tattctgtaa ctattatctt tttgatagac ttttccccaa     55020
     ataccaccta tgtgtcatag ggggaaaata tctgcttctg taagacacag ctatggatgg     55080
     atattttgag aagccaacat catctggtct ctggtacagc acctgggttg tttgtccatt     55140
     ttgttctact gggcttctaa gcatcttgaa cagatgcttt ttctagagtt gtgcagagcg     55200
     ggcacataac tcaaggtcag tcagtcatcg ctcacccagg aaaatcccac agctaacata     55260
     atagctgaag catttcgtgc tccatagagc acatttggat ttgacaatat tgctgcacac     55320
     agaggtcaag gatagcacaa tgacacactt tgggtttctt ctgagtataa tatatctctg     55380
     tgaaattttt cattgatgtt tctcttttat ctgagactat gaccactgga gtctttttcc     55440
     tcacgttttt gtcatgtgtg cttcccccct tcccagcatg cacatatata caaatgtgca     55500
     tgcataaaac aaatagcaca aagacacaca tatgtaaaca cagaaaaaca tagataaaac     55560
     tatcctcata caatcacata atattatcat tttctatttt tcttttcaat gttctccctc     55620
     ctccaaccta tagaaatttc acactataat tttttaaaga ttttatttat ttattatata     55680
     taagtacact gtcactgtct tcagacactc cagaagaggg aatcagattt tgttacacat     55740
     ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactccg gaccttcaga agagcagtcg     55800
     ggtgctctta cccactgagc catctcacca gccccacact ataattttta atcccagact     55860
     tgaaatccaa aacctataag acctcctggg cttcataaat ttcattgctc ttctaaacca     55920
     aaagcagtga tgattgtggt ctctttgatt ttgtaataac tatcctccca ggtgttcttt     55980
     ttaaaatcat ttccctttta ttaaattcag attcttatat aatataatct gactgtactt     56040
     ttcccttcct gtacacctcc cagctccttc ctacttcctc tctcattgaa aagcaattcc     56100
     cgatttttct cattagaaat ccttctaaat ttgaacaaca aaatatgata aaataaagta     56160
     tatcaagata aaataaaaaa atcatcatat caatgttgaa caagacatga aaacagaaat     56220
     aaatttttta aaaaaaaaga gcaccaagag aaggcaccag catcagagac tcggtcattt     56280
     actaattcag gatccagtta aagtactaag ctgaaagctg gctgtcgtat atatgctgag     56340
     cagatgtgtg tgcagactgg catgtgccca gagacactat ttcctctgtg ttagttcaag     56400
     taagcttttc tcagttgttt tagcaggtct tgttcttctg gtgtcctgtg tcctctctgt     56460
     tcctcccatt tttcttcctc ctcttcagca gggttccctt agccctgagg aaagacagtt     56520
     tattgaaata tctcctttag agccttgttt tccaatgttt ctctctgtgt aggaggtata     56580
     gctgttggtc tctgtatttc ttcccatccg ctgcaagagg aagccttttg ttttgttttg     56640
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt ttgttttttt tgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc     56700
     tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct gacctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct     56760
     gcctcccaag tgctgggctt aaaggtgtgc accactacca cctgcctaag gaagcctttt     56820
     ttgatgatag ttgaataagg cctagataca tacatagagc agaatatcat taataatatt     56880
     tttactgttc cttttttttt agaccagtag tattggattt tactctaggt ctttgggcaa     56940
     tcttatctct ggatctgagt tacttaagta gtgtctggta tgaattctac ctcatgaaat     57000
     gagtcctaat tcatatcaga tagctattgg ttacttccat agagtttata ctaacattgt     57060
     cctcctatgt tttgtaggca gatccagggt tttgtgtttg ctgtggcatt tacgtttctt     57120
     tttggtagcc tgcagtgtac ctttccatgt cataaacact agaatgtaag aagggagatt     57180
     ctatgtcagt agtagctcga caacttcatg ttcagtgagt cctgcaggtg tagtcttcag     57240
     caatgggacc atgttgtcag tttgtggaga gcaactagtt gccatggcaa catgctgggt     57300
     tattgggttt ttctcatggg accatttcac gcattaactc atgtggatta tcccaagccc     57360
     catgctagaa gctttgtttg ctgtcaagaa gctttctttc tctcttgtga gtaagaatgt     57420
     tcattaagat tgcctttata tttcatagga agtgttttat tagatatttt ctttatttac     57480
     atttcaaatt ttattgcctt tccacatttc ccctcccaaa aaccacccta tcacatcccc     57540
     attccctcaa ctcactaacc cacccattcc tgcttccctg tcctggcatt ccctacaata     57600
     aggcataaag ccttcacaag accagaggcc tctcctctca ttgatgtccc acaaggccat     57660
     cctctgctac atatgcagct ggagccttga gtccctcaat gtgtggatcc ccaggtggga     57720
     cagtcactgg atggcctttc tcataggaag attttagcac aataggcttc catactgccc     57780
     ctcaaaaaga tctttaattt tctctctcca ctcattccct ccttcaatcc cagttcttct     57840
     accaccttaa cacctgatcc gtcttttttt tcaccaaccc tcctacacac gcacacgtgc     57900
     acgcgcacgc gcgcgcacac acacacacac acacacacac actccagtct tactataaaa     57960
     atctatctta ttctccactt ccagggagat tcatttccct agtcccttca tttctgtcta     58020
     accactctat gcctgtggat tggtgcttga ttatcattta tttaataaat atatccagat     58080
     ataagtgaat acatgccata tgtatctttc tgcatctgag ttgcctcatt caggatgttt     58140
     ttttttctag tttgcctgca gattcacgat gtcattttta aagagccaag caatactcta     58200
     gtttgtaaat atacattttc tttttccata ccttagcctg ttttttctgt aaaaatttaa     58260
     ttggtatcta tgaaataacg ccttctaatt aggagcttca aggttcattt agtctgggat     58320
     gtcaacctaa gcaaaataaa ctttaccctg tgtcatgcac agatataaaa actgtcctag     58380
     acccaatcct cactggtaat ctgataggtc acctgtagat tctcaggctt ttctgaggac     58440
     agagtgagat aagacattag aacaagtatg atgtgttttt gtttgtgtgt gtgtttgttt     58500
     gtttgttttt ggtttggttt ggtcttttaa tagaacccat caaagttttc tgtactattt     58560
     agccacctgt attgattgtc atctttacat tttactggca ttttacctaa aatgctttca     58620
     aaatatttaa taaatctttt gtaagatact ttactttctt ttgctagttc ttaatcttgg     58680
     gattaaaaca aatgtatttg actgtattat agagtgttcc agccaatgaa tttgagtgct     58740
     agaaaatagg actgctattt acttcataaa acagaaaagt tgttaaaatt aatgaaaatt     58800
     gtaaaaagtt cagcctggtg gaataccttt tctaggaaga acataacaac aaaatttaat     58860
     agaactgaaa tgttctatcc ttggggaact catgtgcaat tattatctga gctaattaag     58920
     tcatgagtaa gtagttgtat agctttcgtt tgaaatatca gctctactct tgtatgcact     58980
     gtcaccacgt gctcataaaa agcttcataa gattattgca cacaggttgc aatatcttct     59040
     ctcagttgtt catcctcaac tatcacattc ctagaggaag gtgattgtac actagagact     59100
     atgccagcta cagagatttt acaacacaca gtgggtagaa gtcattagaa ttctcttaca     59160
     ggatggtggt atttttcatt ggttacttta taatgcttgt agttcaaagt atattttgtt     59220
     tctgaaacag ggccagatga gtcccacttc cttctatcct gcgtcccagt agctttgact     59280
     ctgctgtgac aggtttcctc tattatgaca gcatgcgtga acaagtgatg acaaaataat     59340
     tgtagggtaa aatttcagaa catcacttga aaggaagcaa agtgagaact gttctatgac     59400
     gatttcaatt ctgattgctc aaattgatca ataaggcttc cattgaactt gtcctggtga     59460
     gaaatctcac ctatgtgctc tagacagaaa acttcctatt caccaagaga attgccaagc     59520
     tggctagttc aaacaatcac ttaatttaat ttatcactgc atagtaagag caccgataaa     59580
     atttttacaa gatgtcttat gctggcttca tcaagacagt taataactta catgtctaag     59640
     tggtgttggt tgaaataaat ttggattgat tgtgtgactt aggctagctg cgtcttcaag     59700
     atattttagt tttaattaaa tgtcacattc agaataactt atgagtgacc tgtttcttgt     59760
     ctcctaaaga atgtaggaca taaaactatt gaagccagca ttgttcctaa gacattccac     59820
     acactaactg tattaatcca tagcttcttt ttacttttat ttaaaataat atttttttgg     59880
     aaataaaatt ttgtaatgta gattgtggcc aaagtgttaa gtatgtcata tatgaaggga     59940
     ttagtgattt atcaatacac attgtgaagt ctaactgtaa ataggatcct ataaacatat     60000
     tgaattacca cagtctgact ccctgcagat cacatttaaa tgtgcatatg gatgaatgga     60060
     ttatcttgtt agtatgcaga ttatgattca gttattttaa aaaggaatat aaaaagctgc     60120
     aaaacagaga tgcctctgat tttggtcagt ggattagtct ggacactact tcttgagtaa     60180
     agatggctaa attttcttgc tgcatataaa gaggcaatcc tagtcgttga agcaaataca     60240
     tcagattttc tcaaatgcaa atgaaatcaa tcaataaaat gtacacataa tataatataa     60300
     atgaaaaaat agaaatatgc tcacaaacaa tatcacccaa aaatatcttg atcaaacggt     60360
     atgtaactgt tatattctat acagtgaaga attttagtaa gggctagaga tatataatag     60420
     aactccttag gaagaaacag taagttttat ttgatatatt tagcagaatc ctggcaattt     60480
     gtctcatttg aaatgtttct cagagaattt ttttgaagat atgaagaata tcacttactt     60540
     tagataacag aacaagacat tgattaatgg acaacacacc tcaaatttga ccatctagtt     60600
     ccaaaaattg gcaattaaat gtagcctttt caaatgtatt tattttatgt atgtgagaac     60660
     actgtccctg tcttcagact caccagaaga gagcatcaga tctcattaca gatgtttgtg     60720
     agccacactg tggttgctag gatttgaact cagaacctct ggatgagcag ttagttctct     60780
     taaacatgga accctcttta gccctctaaa tgtaggcttt taagagtgca gtagtagcat     60840
     gtatggcctt gataagattc tttgggccag tgaagtcatg aatcctgtag gagctcttat     60900
     aaatcactac cttactaagc aaaaataacc ttaacatcat ttgaaatatt tgcttatatc     60960
     cagagggaaa tgtagttctc actccctcat caaggaaact tctcttgcaa taggtaaaga     61020
     cataacttaa atgcacaatt aatcaaatat cagagttgtg gagcccagta ccaattgata     61080
     catatacaga gaactcctgc ttccaagact caaggaacgt tgggggcaga aacagtctaa     61140
     aagtcataag atcagggaat tttcagtgaa actgagtttt ggggaatggt agaaggtaca     61200
     catataatgt ctcactgaca tgtttgccta acatgcgtac aggtaatatt acatagacta     61260
     agctggttgt acttaatgtt atatatgcat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     61320
     atatatatat atatatatat atataaaata gtcattaatg aaaagggaca atgagtttga     61380
     tagaatacaa ggaggcatat atgggagagt ctgaaagaag ggaaaagtga agttatgtaa     61440
     ttatattata atcacaaaat aaagaaataa taaaaacgat cttttataca tgaacgtgaa     61500
     gaaatataat gttttcaaac tgcagcattg taatcagttc cctacttctc cttcattttt     61560
     cgtctgttta tgctccctgc ttagcacata ggagaagaga gaatagatat atgaaagcta     61620
     ggttcggtgt gcttatcaca tgcaaatgac agtgatctca gcaggagaga aggaactttt     61680
     cctgaagtag tcacaagcat gaatcctagg cacaggtggc cagatcagtt gtgatttctc     61740
     catgtcttac tcgagtgctg agtaatgcca ttctttgatt ttattcagcc tttataaaga     61800
     ggacaagacc ttttcttcta cataataggg ttacttgact gtatgagaag gaccatgtat     61860
     ttgactatat aattcccagt taatgacatt atttcagaag attttggaaa atactagctt     61920
     ttgaaactcc taggtggaag tggatcttta gagttgagag ttgtttttat aagactgacc     61980
     caacttcctg ccttgtacct tactattgta atctgttttc gtgttcaaaa gtaattactt     62040
     gctgatatta ttcagttacc agaatatttc ctaaattgct gaattttaga catgttttca     62100
     agataggata tggatggtta attggagttt aaaaaataac ttaaggaagg aacaatgcca     62160
     tgagctggag cacaacagta ggagactatg cctcatgaat agatggggaa aatccatcca     62220
     cagtgctgat agctacaggt aaaatgaaga gggataatta ataaacttta aaggacaagt     62280
     ttgggaaata actgtactgt tagacaacat aaatctactt tcatgacgtc agcgtagaag     62340
     agtaaataca attttaaaaa tgtctcacat aatagccaga gagctattaa tgaaagcaat     62400
     aaaaattaaa aaaaataaat aaaaagcaaa cagcctgatg gcacacaagt tataagacat     62460
     atttagtgtt actaatacct tgagctaaca tcattgagct tgcttgcttt ggaattaaaa     62520
     aaaaaaagag ttattaagta gtgttcattc tgactgaaaa ttgagagatc tagaaaacta     62580
     aacagtgacc aaattttggt gtaatgggga ctgtgctcaa tttatgtata gaaaggttga     62640
     aataaaagtt ttgattcgat gccaatttaa aaagtaacca ccatataaaa gataaaacaa     62700
     aataatggaa atggagtaaa attagatctt aaaggatctt aaagcaaaaa gaaaagtaga     62760
     aaagaaagag aatgatgaac agcctaaaat tttagtttca actgcctgat tatttcttct     62820
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct     62880
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttctttgcct     62940
     tcgccttcgc ctccgcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ccccctcccc ctccccctcc     63000
     ctccctcctt ccctccctcc ctctctctct ccctctcccc ccctgtcccc cctctccctc     63060
     tcctctctct ctctctctct ctctctttct ctctctccct catcctttat ccatacctat     63120
     gtcttcctaa gctcattaca tttcctctcc catgctcagc tttgtgaatc tcaacaacct     63180
     actctaccct cttccattca agctttttat aaagggtagt tcaaaggaaa cccttatcat     63240
     ttgaagaagt ggagccaaga aaatgggttt taaaatataa acaatgaagt gtttattata     63300
     aatttatata atagtgttct ttctttatag tttcaattac ttttatttca gatgaaatat     63360
     gacaattgcc atatatattt ctgtcttgct atgaaaaaat acttgtctga tggtatttaa     63420
     ggaaagaaaa atagagttgc atgtgagatt tttaggagct atatagggca aggagagatc     63480
     tgcatcgaga atatgatgta gctggtcact gtgcctcctc agcaacagaa aacggacaaa     63540
     agctagggcc aggctacaag aatttatatc tgtactaagt gacttgctct tttcttaata     63600
     agtctctact ttctagatcc acattcttcc acattagtct ttcatgctgg cgactctatt     63660
     attcaaacat tatggcatag gtggtcattt cacatttaag ccataaccgt ccacctctgg     63720
     cctatataga atacatcgaa tcatggctgc tctctcataa tgcaatgttg ctcatcaata     63780
     atataaccag ttcttaacag cctcaatcct gtttaaaacc ccaaagtctc atatgagcca     63840
     ctggagaatc ttttaactct aaacatgtaa acaccactag gatgctactt taatttgctt     63900
     ctgtgtgtct ttaaacctct atcatttttt attggatatt ttctttattt atgtttcaaa     63960
     tgttatccct ttttcctggt cactcccaat cctggaaacc ccctatccca tcctctctgc     64020
     ccctgcttct ttgagggtgt tcctttactc atccacccat acacacctcc caacccttga     64080
     ttcccctaca ctgagtctat agagccttca taggaccacg aacctcttct cccattgatg     64140
     cctgacaagg ccatcctctg ctacatatgc agttacagcc atgtgtactc cttagttgat     64200
     ggcttagtcc ctgggaactc tgggaggtct ggttggttga tattgtggtt cttcctatgg     64260
     tattacaaaa cccttcagtt cctgcagtct tttctctaac tcttctattg gaaaccccac     64320
     gctcagttca acagttggcc aagagcatct gcctcaggat tgtaaggctc tggcagagcc     64380
     tctcaggaga cagccatttc aagctccttt cagaatgcac ttcttggcat ccacactagt     64440
     gtctgcattt ggtgactgta tatggaatgg atccccagat gggacagtct ctggaaggcc     64500
     tttccttcag tctctgttct ccatatttgg tcctgtgagt attttattct tcttctaaga     64560
     aggttcgaag cacccacact ttggtcttcc ttaatcttga acttcatgtg gtctgtgaat     64620
     tgtatcttgg gtatttggag ctttctgttg ttgactcgag agcacctgtt atgacattct     64680
     ccatttcact gagattcact ctttcctttc aaatgaattt tcattttcat tttcattttc     64740
     attttcattt tcattttcat tttcattttc attttcattt tcattttgga agcctccaat     64800
     ccatttggtc atccctttag aatgccttta caactttttc agtttagagc taatctggac     64860
     ataaattgtc taagactata tgaaagtagt tcatgcttac tacaccaatc tatgtttgcc     64920
     atctttctat tctcctgatt tctctttata tccttattaa aggatcatat cagaaggagt     64980
     aaccatgcca tagactgaat agtacgctat ctttaaattt atttgcattt gccttgtgaa     65040
     tttatccatc gagtttctta taactttctc agcataggca taatgttagg ttctttgtat     65100
     gagtatcata caagttgtct ttaattctaa atataaaatt tgttcctctt cctaagcctg     65160
     tttacttcgt ttagccctct actctcttaa ctcacatcag aatgtgtcgt atatctttag     65220
     ttacaatgtc ctaggacttc ttcagggtaa agcaccaagg tgaagccatg ataagggtag     65280
     aatcgcgact ttttaacaaa tggcttcttt tataagtctt ctaaaaattt tcctcttaaa     65340
     aactgttgag attatgatgt aattacatca tttccctttt tcttttcctc cttccaacct     65400
     tcccaaagac cacaccttgc tctcttgcaa attcattacc tcttttacta tagtatttat     65460
     tataaattcc tggatatata aaaatcaacc tgttcattcc atatattgtt attttaatgc     65520
     atatgtattt agttctgacc ctttgatacc agataactaa ttgttttata tttcctgaga     65580
     aagattttct gctctcagca ttctatagtt ttctgtagtt ctccatctaa gattaaggct     65640
     gattctatat taacatgtct acttatactg atgttgttca tttgatgtat aggtagcctt     65700
     gttcgtgaga cttcatagct atagcttctt gtatttcttg gaggcacaaa cacatagaaa     65760
     acatcctgtt cttctgactc taataaagtt tctccccctt ctcacacaac tattgctgaa     65820
     tattaggttc aggaagtgta ttgtaaattc acatgttggg actgggttcc acaactgtac     65880
     attttgattc attgcacttt tctataatga ttggtgttgt tgcaaagatc atgttcttcg     65940
     atgaggcatg gaaatgacac ttatctttgg gtataaggat aagtgaacaa tgcataaaga     66000
     ccaggagccc ttgagcctgg atagaattga aaacttcctc cctgaggatt agcattcagg     66060
     gtactagaat ggtcaataca agattgcaaa agatccaatc aataacctcc actagctatg     66120
     atgcctgtga acaaccatca tgacactatc tgaaaggatg cagtagtgac acacaaaccc     66180
     tattctacca accttctctg taattaaact taaggacaac ccaaaagaga taaatcatac     66240
     ctgtaactgg aaacctagtg agctacttag gactagtgaa gatacagatt ttggaggaga     66300
     acctatagcc actattttgc taacctaaga tgagacctaa atacatttgt atgccgttct     66360
     gatgtcttcc tctccctgcc ctactctcct gtcacagctt ccattgaatg ctatgctcct     66420
     ataattattg acagtggtga tgatcttttc ttctggaatc tcttttatgg tgatgaaggg     66480
     gatagctcct gtctaagatg acacacagag tcgtttcctt actttcctat ttgttcaaga     66540
     ggaggctttg tttttacata gcagaaaaaa aaagttctgc ctaaaccctt ttgtatcttg     66600
     aaagagagca attacacaat actaatataa aagatgtagt caaaattaaa ttaattataa     66660
     actctagaaa gtattgtcat ccttatccag aagaaaccta cttgtagagt ttcaacctct     66720
     gcatctctag ctcaggcaaa caacagaaga ggagacagaa acatggcaag agcactgtga     66780
     aaccgtctct ctgagaaatg actttgtctt tctcaagaca agaagactag aaatgtctgt     66840
     ggacatgtta atgtggaggg gagtatattt ctagacaaag aattgcagac acataacaac     66900
     ttctaggagg agaattatgc ttcacatgaa cctccccaag cccagaatgg agaataggtt     66960
     atatataatt ggcttcttca ccaaggcctt cttgtggtga ttggttgctc tctataaact     67020
     gatgataaga tattattgct gaacaaagca tttatcaata ccattatatc agagaaaggt     67080
     tgagctggta cttaatgaga gcttcacctc tactgactac taagtactga ctactgatta     67140
     caaactatag actagtgact tatgtttata gtaatggaag atatagttca tgataaataa     67200
     aatgggaaag ggaaccacca acccagctac aaaacctgtg atctacaaag gtgatcttcc     67260
     tgtctaatac ttggtacaat tgtggcacat aggttgtggt aatatccaat cacttattgg     67320
     aattaataca cactccatga gaggaaatgc atgacttata cttctcaggt ggccaagaac     67380
     ctgagtctag ataggccatg agcctatgga aaaaaatata tcgttctgct aaagaaacat     67440
     agcaataaaa tgactattta tgacattctg ctatattcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtcatgtgtg     67500
     ttaattcagc aataatccga gaagattcct ttttcagtag ttggtaatta ttacagaaac     67560
     cttcaactga acagtctgta gagagtgatt ttggaacact tggtcctaaa cagaatgttg     67620
     tcttcatgtc ctggacactc agggaatttt gcagtagagg aggaagattg tcagccccaa     67680
     ggggagtaga tgacactaag gaaactcttc aacacacaag agatgcacag atgaacacac     67740
     agagtatgtg gcataatgca catgcctaca cagagtcaaa ccagaaaggg caggccctac     67800
     acatagaaac agagatggac aagatacccc atctctaagc aaggagttat ctccaattct     67860
     caaaaacgaa aacttagttt tctcaactgg aatcctgctg gctatgaaaa gctcacttaa     67920
     gtatagatcc tatatcagca gttgatggtc aacaaaaaat gcatttcatg gtagttttag     67980
     atattttttt atcatattgc tatgttttga cattttaaat ctattctttc atttgatttt     68040
     atgttttgtg attttgtatt tttatgaatg catatatgtt tcctttgttt tttattttat     68100
     ttttatttga tctttctctc cttgtttccc aacccccctc aggagagaac aacggcctta     68160
     gatggtgagg aggtggggga ataaagggag atggagagga ggattagaac atattatatg     68220
     agttttcaat aagcatatat aaaatgactt tcttctttca tttttagttt ggatagagtt     68280
     taaaccttga aaacccagtt tttttaaaag aacacagata cagatggcat tctgtcgatt     68340
     cgtatatatt tggtggtcca ggaacttcac atttgaatca aatctgggat ttcattttgg     68400
     tctctgagaa tcagtggggt tgcatggcag caaggccttt ccttttggtg tgtttctaaa     68460
     gctgtagcca caacttttgt ttccctgtct aatacttttt ctgtttgtaa ttttcttttc     68520
     tttccatttt tattttttaa agcatttctg tcctttgtat ctcaaatgat atctcccttc     68580
     ccacaacccc caaaccctac ccaccctctt atatatggag tcctggatcc cttcctgtat     68640
     actccttggt tggtggtcta gcccctggga gcacttggtg ctcccaccag ccaacattgc     68700
     tcctcctatg gggtagcaat actcctctgc ttctccagtc cttctaccag ctccctcact     68760
     gaggtccccg aactcagtct aatggttgga tccaagcatt cacacctgca taggtcaatt     68820
     gctgcagaac cttccaaaga acagccacac caggttcctg tctgtaagca cctgttgaaa     68880
     acagcaatag agtctgggtt tggtatctgc agacaggatg gatccccata cagggaagtc     68940
     ccaggatggc cctcccttca gtctctgctc caattttgtc cctgtcattt ctgggttaaa     69000
     aactttgaaa tggatggata accccatcct tcaactggga gccttgccta tctaccggag     69060
     gtggtaattt tcttacctca gatcttagtt gttgataacc aagttgacaa tgttaaacag     69120
     ctgggtcatt gagttcctct ggctcttctg ccacttttat atctctcaca gaataaaact     69180
     ttgactcaga aaactttttg gggggaaaga gaggttgaag aatgtaagtt gctgaatttc     69240
     ctccaagtcc cagttagcct gttgtgaatg aggaaagatt ttccctcttt tctttgttac     69300
     ccctttaaac ttgaaagaat aagaggttcc ttcacataaa tttgttttat tgtaatgaca     69360
     cttctatcct catcccacat tactgggttc ctgtaggagt tgtataatag caaagagggc     69420
     tgttgacaga ggaggacctg gatattgggc aaatggtcat cactctaagc caatggtttg     69480
     tcagcatgct tttaaacttt gccctcctct ttctctttct ctttcttttt ctttctttct     69540
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     69600
     gtctctcact ttcttttctt ttcttgtctc tttccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc     69660
     ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc tcaccctcac cctcaccctt tccttccctt     69720
     ccctcccctt cccttccctt cccttccctc accctcaccc tcaccctcac cctccccctc     69780
     ccccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct ttcttttcat     69840
     ttttcttctt ttgtacagag cattgcacat ggttaggagt taatatagac ctttctttta     69900
     ataccataaa ccaacgttat aaaattatta gtaatctagg atggttaatc aaagaagctt     69960
     tctgattctc catacattgc tgtgatccaa agggagacgt ggtatctaat gatttcgtgt     70020
     gctttcacat accttagcca tagtgctgtt agaacagtca cggatggctg tcatgaagct     70080
     ctattcctct tatgacccct aggtctgtga tttcttattt ctgataacct gggtggatgt     70140
     gagaacatgg agagtggcag ggctttgttg caaaagaaga aatattttag cgaagttcca     70200
     tttcctagtg tttgttcaaa ggtgtccttc tatgtgtttt tatatctact gtagctgcat     70260
     atctttgtgg acagacttga agacctgata tagaaggcat ttcaaattat ttttcttgat     70320
     cttttatgag ataatctgaa tgcagtgtca catattttaa ccaaatcatc ccatccatcc     70380
     tacagagctt gtttgaagga tatatagcct caggataaaa ctaattgcac atttgaccat     70440
     gcatcatagt tggaagcccc aaaacaataa aaacgtgtgg tttttatgtt aattctaagg     70500
     gaaggggagt acaaattcta ctctaatgaa cattatctgc caatctggtt ccacaagatc     70560
     tgactaattg cagatctctt tcttaccaaa gtcaccctta ggaatcctta gactaagctg     70620
     agtgtagctt cagcaaagaa gcatacaatt tagggcttgt gtttcactga cttagtttct     70680
     ttcaggaggt ctatagctgt gttaccatca tgctatccca aagccttcca caagagtgtg     70740
     gccaccattt cagagtgttt tgtggcctgt gaaaaggaga cggaaaggca ataagaatac     70800
     tgcagtgctc tcaggttgtt tgctcctttt gtgggacaga gagaagtcta caagcacttc     70860
     atcttccatt gtgttaaagt tcagagatga tagacaccaa ccaattgtac cttctgactg     70920
     gcagatcacc agttattccc agcatgaatc acagagcacc tgctgatagc tctgggctct     70980
     tgtcttttgg aacaagaaat taggacagta actcattgat actgatagaa atagagatag     71040
     tttattaaga ggaagatagt tactcctaag aatgaaagtg agctagaggg cagggaaatg     71100
     tctgaactca aaagggcaga gtcctagggg tataggattt ttataagcca cttgtgtagt     71160
     acgactttct cccaaattta catatcatac atctttctta cttatgtgtc acaaccataa     71220
     aatctgtaga tattacaggg acctgataag ctgggtagca gtagacagaa atgcaagatt     71280
     ccaattttac ttcaagattg aatgtttttt tttttatttt catttttccc gttgctgttc     71340
     attcaatggt tagaaacaga aggcagagag tgatttacag tatatgtgac cccttatctg     71400
     aggttctctt tggctctctc tcacctttgt ggccttgttt tgccttgaaa agcattcttc     71460
     ctagacttta cttcctgtct gcagttttcc acacttaagc agcaatatct ggtacaatta     71520
     ttgcacccca gagagacctg tagaccatct ggactccaat gcatgtgtat tgtcacatgc     71580
     aggcagctct agagaggaga gatttcctat ttgtctactg cctgcctttt catgttagtc     71640
     ctaactcatg ccctgacctt ctgcccctct tccttgaatc aggataaaca aaacaagact     71700
     tcaaggtcat catctagtga ccatcttatt ccacataaga tacagtttca aaaggaactc     71760
     atctagtgac cagtcaagtc actagcctca agagggattg aatgttaaca tatatgtgtt     71820
     atgttaacac ataaggctat gtagattatt gttcatatta tccaaagtat atttggatct     71880
     catgtgatta ttaaatatat gtgaaactta tatttaatgc atatattaag caagtctatt     71940
     ttatcaacat ttatttattc atgacacaaa aaatattgaa gtcctctctt ctagattgtt     72000
     gaaatgtttt gagtatacat ttcatttctt taagtatttc agaacagtta tgtttgcaac     72060
     ccagtctaaa atatatatta tttcttgttt cagctattat tcattatttc tttttttttt     72120
     ttgaatgttt ttattacgta ttttcctcaa ttacatttcc aatgatatcc caaaagtccc     72180
     ccacaccccc cccactcccc tacccaccca ttcccatttt ttggccctgg cattcccctg     72240
     tactggggca tataaagttt gcaagtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtga tggccgacta     72300
     ggccatcttt tcatacatat gcagctagag tcaagagctc cggggagtac tggttagttc     72360
     ataatgttgc acctacaggg ttgcagatct ctttagctcc ttggatactt tctctagctc     72420
     ctccattggg ggccctgtga tccatccaat agttgactgt gagcatctac ttatgtgttt     72480
     gctaggcccc ggcctagtct cacaagagac agctatatca ttatttctta caccattatt     72540
     gacattatct tttaatgtaa gcccatgatg atactgaata gaacctcatt tataaaacaa     72600
     atatcagaag tctaggctgt actatgggcc atacaagggc atttgtgctt accacaactg     72660
     acgttagcca ttcttgccat tctagtttag ctactgtctt ctttgttttt tttttttttc     72720
     tgagaatgca gatcataatt aaaatcatga gcctcaatat gaagaattat tatagacata     72780
     agtaccatgc tcagaagagg aaagtctact tgtcacctct gtttattgga gtatagatgt     72840
     tcctatcttc ttcactcatg tagagtggaa gttactcggt tttcctgtca tgtgttttct     72900
     ggaccaccaa tgtacacaat actaacatgg gccttaactt actgcaggtt atgtgcagga     72960
     gaaagaagct tttggaaagt ctaatctact aagtccccac agacttcaat ctttctctac     73020
     ttattctttg cactcatgtt accttattaa atactttcct atcaaattcg gagaaaatga     73080
     gattatagat tttgtagaat gattttacta cgtagtcttt cccatcatta gctatagatc     73140
     tgacaatttt tatgagagta acattttggt ggtcttctaa atttctagaa tttccactat     73200
     tttaatttcg aacttgcaaa cacatattta agattgtaaa cacttgatca gtgtctctaa     73260
     taatattaga ggtacttatg aatatttctg ttcatacact tatcctgagt aaggtgcatt     73320
     ttcctgcatt ttcctccctt tgtaaggatt taataagtca aaacagctta cttacatatt     73380
     ttgttataat gatctaagat acaatttcat gaaaagtctg acttgtgggt ggaactttcc     73440
     tttacataat gtactatatt gctataaacg taagatctat gagattgtta ggggatagct     73500
     aagtatgaat ttgattcatt atatgcctaa ccaaaattta atgaataaat ataataaatg     73560
     ctatgtatag gctggtagta aatgcacaca actctagtgt ataacattgt taaaatgaat     73620
     ttacaaaatt tacatttttc cagagtgaat aaggaaaatt tgaggatagt gattatgttt     73680
     gcattcgtca tttatacaat agttattaaa attcacatct aaacccccaa ttaactgtta     73740
     ctcaaatatt gtttttcagc tcttcttcaa gtgacaattt cacttagcaa agtagagctt     73800
     agtgtgggtg agtctaaatt cttcacatgt acaggtatgt actcagataa tacaacttgt     73860
     gcttgtaaac tttataaaga atattggata aatttatgta gttaaaacta aatttatgtt     73920
     attaaaaata aatcttatca tttgttatat gactggaaaa tgttgatgat ggttaaatat     73980
     tagcattatg taacatatta tttacttatt tgatatcaaa gtagctaatt tttataaaat     74040
     tacattataa aatgcaatct gtacctaaga attttctatt aatttaaata ttgtttccat     74100
     ttaaatagcc atactaggat taatttgaac cctaaaactg aatgttcttg gctataagta     74160
     atgaataaat tagatatgac actgcataat tctaatgcct gaaggaggag tacatgacaa     74220
     aataagatac atgtgtttga tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatattat     74280
     ttaaaaataa attttattcc agaaacattt tttaaatgtg atatttaaac agtatattac     74340
     attatatgta gaagattatt tgattccctt tccatttcat tagaatgcaa aatttttcag     74400
     atagccctga tgtacttgat aggaaatctt tattttactt tattatagaa atctcaaatg     74460
     agcatgctgt ttctctactc atgttaacca taatcacact tatgaacata ggcattaaaa     74520
     ataactttta tttacccaca catgattgct ctgtctgcat gaatgtctac atgacagaag     74580
     aaggcatctc tctttacaga tagttctgaa tcatcctgtg attactgaga attgaactca     74640
     gggacttctg gaaaagccgt cagtgcttct aaccactgag ccatatcttt aacccaatca     74700
     taagctttta tatatgaata ttcaaaatat tcattcagtt atgaagtaac ttaggaggct     74760
     attttttgtt tgtatctctt tctgattata gtaaaataat gtaaatatag attgtcataa     74820
     gtatccatga catatataag acagttaatt tattccttgg atccatctac attatttttt     74880
     agagaaagat atttatgaac actttcatat taatatgatg agaacgaata actctcttca     74940
     gagatccgtt gctgttgtcg ttatatatgt gtccgctcct tttgagagaa tgcatgttac     75000
     gatcttagtc tctttaggaa ttagatgaag tccttgcttt taaatgaaag aagatgcagg     75060
     aagcgttagt tttataaagc ggttactgac ctacattcgg gaacattaat gtttatgctg     75120
     taatcatttg gttggaattg ctaagcagca ttagtgctac ttgtatgtat tctaattgtt     75180
     atatgattaa atagttaata attttaggtt aataagacag aataactcat ttcagttggg     75240
     aaaacacatt aggattcttt ttaaggcaat tagccttttc tgtacaactt gaacaatttg     75300
     gaaaactagc acaaaattta gaaatatcaa tggccaaaga ctattttaca agatcctaac     75360
     atgtttgtaa gcagttcctt atttctgcta atactgttgg tacttcttgg ccttagcaat     75420
     gagagctgag cttatgaaac catcttagca tttttttttc tctttagaaa tatctatcaa     75480
     ttgggttgtg tcagcctaag gcacttttag tattttgtgc aataataaca catgtattat     75540
     gactgttata tttcaattct cgcagcttaa tttctagtca tatattcaga tgaaatgttt     75600
     gaagcatgct tacatggacc agacggagtc tttaatgttg cttaaacaaa gatgaacatt     75660
     tgtcttaaca tttgtgttta ctttcagttt ttgtacaagt ttcagatctc caggcttctg     75720
     tttacactct ttttctaaaa tggtgaaatt gttacgtaat agcaaatgcc actggctggg     75780
     aaaacaaaca tttgcaattg attttcaaac atttgttttc tgctctgcag ccattggtga     75840
     gcctgagagt atcgactggt ataaccctca aggagagaag atcatttcaa cgcagagggt     75900
     tatgctacag aaggagggtg tcaggtcacg actcaccatc tacaatgcaa acatagaaga     75960
     tgcagggata tatcgctgtc aagcgacaga tgccaaagga cagacacaag aagctacagt     76020
     agttttggaa atttaccgta agttgtgcat ttctgtttta ggtcattgac acagcagttt     76080
     catcaggaag gactcaaaca cattaacata tatttaataa aaactgtcac tgtgtaataa     76140
     acttgaggga cttgaagccc atacgtttaa atcagaattg tctcactctc tataattttg     76200
     attttattac tatgaaaata agatatatta aaactaaaat aaactttccc tatggaaggt     76260
     cttcatcttt ggctacctct accatgtcac gttaaaattt tcagcaaaag atatttcctt     76320
     tcctatggta gttggtctga tttttttttt ttcaaaaaag gaaaattagt tgataattta     76380
     tagcctaatt ttttaaaaga gttttcatta cttttaaaat gacacataaa atcctttgtg     76440
     atttatttac tgaactaaat ttgaattaat tttgctgcca aaacatttca tagttttgtg     76500
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaactt tgttgtgtcc acttcaggat ccatattccc cactgctagg     76560
     agtctcagct agagttgccc ccataaacac cctagagcct ctatttatcc ctcttaaatg     76620
     tcctagagat tggcctttca acgagttctg ttctctctcc ctagatctcc ctacacttga     76680
     tcttcccccc gccccgccct gcccacacaa ccctgctccc ctcctagtcc tctctgaaat     76740
     cctgttcctt catccatcca cctcctatat ctattttatt ttcccctcct cctctgctct     76800
     gataagcagg aatctctctc tgagtatcac tactctcctt gtccctgcac catacccccc     76860
     ccaacacacg cacacacatt gcatatcaag tcactgtaag actaattgca tcctctctcc     76920
     ctgaggccag ataaggctgc tgagttaggg agaccagatc cacaagtggg gaacagattc     76980
     agggacagcc cttacttcag ttgttttgag accagcacaa agatcaagct cttcatctgg     77040
     tacatatgtg tggtacatct ggtacatatg tgtggggcac ataggtccag ccctctttgg     77100
     ctaatggttc attctctgga agcccccaag ggtccaagtt agttgactct gttggtcttc     77160
     ctgtggattc tttgtcccct ttgggttctc aatccacccc caacacttac ataggacttt     77220
     cagctccatc taatgtttgg ctgtgggttt ctgcatctct gctttggctg ttcagtggag     77280
     cctttcagaa gacagttgtg ctaggctcct gtctgcaagc ataaagaagt atcattagta     77340
     gtgtcaggga ttggtgcttg cccatgggat gggtcttaat ttgggccagc cattggttgg     77400
     ctattccctc agtctctgct ctatctttgt acctgcacgt gttgtgggca agatacattt     77460
     tgagtcaaag gttttgtggg tgagttgaat gggggagatc tgcatgaggg ggtactggaa     77520
     ggactatgga cagtgattac aggacgaaag tgaacataaa tatatatgta tatatattaa     77580
     ttaaaatatt ttaaaatttt tgaatctgta ctaattcatt aagccaagac acttgttgat     77640
     atgtgaacca tattgttcta agtcttatac tatgaacaat attaatttat acttgttata     77700
     tatacatgta atataaattc atggaaaata aatagaggag tcagtttaaa gaattcagag     77760
     ttgaagtggg aagttgaatt acaggacaac aaatatcaca atcaagaatg tcttaatttc     77820
     cgtcatatgt gcttattgtg catggcactg ttatacaaag acccttggac acaagtacac     77880
     aattagacca gacacatctc caccatactc ataacccttg aatcattcag tttccaccca     77940
     ctcacccagt agcccctctg ctctgctttg tgatttctct tcaataatat cacattacat     78000
     acatgatttg atttgtggca aaatactgta agccatgatg taaaagcaaa gaaaatcttg     78060
     ggatccactt tttttttttg tttccagcta ccatctgtgc taaaagtaaa atatttgtca     78120
     cccaatgctc tggctatgtt tcagatacca gctgttcccc gagtattgat gatgaaaagc     78180
     ttagtcctca gtttgaagtg tataatgggg ttgaaggttt aaagactgag gactctgttg     78240
     tcagacagaa ttgtggaatt tctagactcc tgtcttcctg ttttgatgct cagccttgaa     78300
     ctcttctctg tacttgggct gcattgaaaa gaatgggtgc tccaaaacaa actgttggga     78360
     cagctcagtg ttgagctttg agctttgagc tttgcgcttc taagacagta tattaaataa     78420
     atgtatttac ttgttttttt ttatttttat tttttaaaga atgcttaaga gagaataggc     78480
     aaaactgtgt tcttggtgtc cactggcaat gtgttaagaa cccagagatc actcttaaca     78540
     aagttcttaa ttgtctagat cctcactaca ctagtagtca tagatgacag tgtgtcgagt     78600
     taagtaagtg atgaatcttt taccagtggt tttattttcc tcacagaaaa actcaccttc     78660
     agagaagtgg tgtcccctca agagttcaag caaggggagg atgcagaagt ggtttgcaga     78720
     gtgagcagtt ccccagcccc tgcggtcagc tggttgtacc acaatgagga agtcaccacc     78780
     atccccgaca gttagtattt tggtaactct ctaagttata tgttctaaaa ctacttctag     78840
     ttttacagct attgtaggtt ctatattgta gtaaaagaaa taaaccttcc tacaggccag     78900
     tgttcctagt gctcagaaag atgatccagg aaggttttga ttttttaaga caatctgggc     78960
     acaaatatgc aatcaacaac acaagatgat acaaatttca cttcaagatt taaacaatca     79020
     aaagcctaaa acttgggtgc agcttggctg aactctagtt tttgggtcaa atcctgttct     79080
     gttgttggtt ttagtaagac agcaagtgaa agtcagcagg cttgccgtga ggtcatgcgc     79140
     ctgtaatgtc aacacctgga ggaaagatgc agaataatca agacttgatt gtcaccagag     79200
     tgtcctaata cttccaagca aacctggaaa acatggctac atctaaacaa gcaaaaccac     79260
     aacaaaatga aattcaaaac aaacaaacaa aaaagacaca acaaaaagaa ttgccataac     79320
     aaacaagcaa gcaaaaacag tcattttcta aagctaagtg ttgtgagtgg tcaacttggc     79380
     cgcaaagttt ataagtgatc tagtacagaa agacaaaaga acatagtgta agtcctacca     79440
     cagggaaatg tgtacttgac ttcagtttcc atcagaaatt atgacagtgc taaaccatac     79500
     aaagcaagtg caatagggga cattggaaca tacagattct actggttaaa attccaatac     79560
     catgccatga gaacattata tacaagtaga ctaaaacagc agtatgaaat cagccttata     79620
     ttctatggat gttctctcaa agatagcagt tctaaatatt atggaaagat gagtatggat     79680
     aatagacaag agaatgtatt tgtttaagat gtcatcatga ttttgattca gactgatgta     79740
     taaagttcag aatatggcgt ttgaagctga aagcataatt tgcttacatt acgcagctct     79800
     accattgtgc atagggacat tttcaatttg gtatattttc aatgtgtctg ccttacatac     79860
     aggtacaaaa ttattgaatc ttttaaagtg gtttccatgt tctatgattc tactacgtgt     79920
     tatgaagaga tggagtttcc acaacacaaa ggataaaaag tagaatgtat attttttaag     79980
     tatataggga gaatgattca taattatgtt tcatagtcat tttttatttt aggataattt     80040
     tccaagcata atactaagta tttgtcagat aatgataagc cctcatttca gtattctaat     80100
     tccataaaat ataggattta atcacatgtg cattagtgta gaaaatcctt caagctttac     80160
     acagattatc tgaggagtta acgagaagtg tttccagcat tgcttctctc ggtctgaaag     80220
     gaccagaagt ctctttaaaa aattattgac attgtgtgca cacattcata ttatccacat     80280
     tggagtacac atacacacac atagttttta tctgaatcac aagtacgatt aaaaggggta     80340
     atgcttttaa tatgtgactt cagatgaagc cttggaaccc aggctgtgag aagtgcagtg     80400
     gtgaaaagtt gacatcgctg tggtgtggct ggtcttgttt cccagaatcc cactctgcaa     80460
     tatgcaaatc tggaagtccc tttcggttca atttcaaatg ctcaagtgct tttccagctc     80520
     ctgtactctt cagtgagata gtctgtcaat agacaatgga tcgatgcaca catttcaagc     80580
     agtctccata gcttatgaat aacacaccag gcatatgtaa atggtggata cataaatgca     80640
     tgaagtttgt tgctagatgc gtggtaacta ttcgtcttat gtatcttatt aatgttatac     80700
     actttattat acttttaaga tgcgaacaag tttaaccaaa attatatgtt ctcaacatat     80760
     gtctataaaa aaattttaaa aagatatagc tagagctgaa attgaaacat aacactgagt     80820
     tgtatacaac gcaatgagaa taactaatta atgaagttgt acagctcaaa cttttctaac     80880
     ttaggaacat tagaagcaga ttctaaatat ttactatttt aaaaattgca tatttaatag     80940
     ttttaaaagt agattttttt atactgcagc tagtatgttc tcgtagttta acaaaattga     81000
     atacacaact gaaaaactgt gtacatatat aaaattatgt agatgatctg ggagttttgt     81060
     ttactaatgt gccacgggtt attgcatgga caatcaattt cagataagga aagccatagt     81120
     gtgtgtctca ctggcttctg atgggagctg tgagtcagat attcaccgta acattacaag     81180
     agagtaattt aagtaggcct ttctcttgtt gtctaaaggg gacccatctg tgaaagtgag     81240
     taggatgggg agcagagtgg ggggagggta taagggggtt tggggatagc atctgaaatg     81300
     taaatgaaga aaatatctaa taaaaatgat attttagact tttttttaca gtcatagtta     81360
     cctgtgactt cttaaatacc atttttaagg gtatttgtgt caggggtgtg ctttattttg     81420
     tagtttgcca agaactacaa gctttggaat tttacttgtc aattttccag ggaatgtttc     81480
     taaactggat agtagtggac ataaatatat aaaaaaacat gcattgatga aagtatgaaa     81540
     taatgtgaat gtaattcaag gattggtgtt taagggatgc tacatggttt ctggagttgg     81600
     aaatcacaac aaaatcaaca cggtgttctc gggaacaacc tctccttgaa tgttcttaaa     81660
     cataattttt tttcaaaact tatttgatta aaatattgta tcattttcct tcctctcccc     81720
     ttcctctaaa cgtttatact cccccttcaa gttacttaca aattcatggt ctcttttgaa     81780
     ttattaccag tatattttgt ataaatattt ataaataaat attcaactgc agcctactaa     81840
     gtctgctcag agttgcttgt atgaatatgt tttcaggatt aacttcttag tgggtaaata     81900
     gatgattcat ttcaggggga aactaattac tcttttagtg gtagctttta atctaggaat     81960
     ggggccctgt gagatttcca gaatccatga tctcacattg actagcttta ccactgatca     82020
     cgctttaaac gtaactatat cttgctctat tgtccaacaa aaaattatat agaatattta     82080
     aattgacgtg ggatcctcat tgctttttat agaacccaag actaccagcc cagagatggt     82140
     tccacccaca aggggtcttt cccccttgat cactaattga gaaaatgcct tgtagttgga     82200
     tctcatggag gcatttcctc aactgaatct cctttctctg tgatagctcc agaagttctg     82260
     agtcatccag gaagtgtagt tacttaaatg tatatattct acagatcctt catcttgcag     82320
     tctaggttct ccgatggtaa agagaattca tctttctttt ttgacttacc tggggaagct     82380
     cctgtatgaa tgttttggca cttaggctac aacaaaagaa gaaataagca caatggaaaa     82440
     ttttatatgt tgcaggatga aagtaatggt tttgtattca taatttgtgt tcttttttat     82500
     gaagcaacct cttaatttat tcatctccat ttcaaacaaa tagcttgtct tattagattt     82560
     ctgctcaaag attagtattt ctgctattgt aatactgtaa atatctttct atctcatttt     82620
     taaaacgtta tagcaaacta aaacatgcat ttgaatatgt gtggataatt agttttcttt     82680
     tcgttttgta atatagcacc atctagtttt tatcacgtat ttaattcaga actccagctg     82740
     acaagtttct cttctttttt ttcccccaca aatatctgct gtgattccta tgcatctctg     82800
     ttaaaccaga agatagaaaa aaaaatcaaa tctggaccag acaaaaaagt agcatctaga     82860
     cagtaaaagt tgtagaaact taatactctg tcatagggaa attctgtttg atgcatatgt     82920
     tcaaaattaa taaattctgc atctatttta gtaaataaaa tatcctaaat agaatagcta     82980
     gtcaaaagtt gacatttttg tcatatatag ggcttgatag tcagtgaata aatgaatgcg     83040
     acaattcaga tattgattga gaaagatgaa attctaatgc aaaatgtaac ataatatcta     83100
     tatttcttaa aagagtagaa acaaagatat atatacatat acatatatat atatatatat     83160
     atatattcct taataataga aacaaagtaa tatatatatg catatatata tatatagttt     83220
     aaaaaaaaag aaacctttga cactataaag tttctttgat aatgctacta aaagagatgt     83280
     tgctaaggta tctcagataa ttatacacgt cacttcataa cacttttaat cccattcagt     83340
     gattaaatgt acttgttgct cttgcagaac acttgggctc aattcccaac accaacatga     83400
     agactcaaaa ctatctgtca acccattttc aaagtcccaa actggcatga acctggtact     83460
     cgtacatgga ggcagataat acatttatac caatgaagta aaacaatttt aaaacccaca     83520
     atatcacttt taccagtcaa ttagaatgaa atgatatctg cctttcagcc tatctttgtg     83580
     cacataagca ggcaacaatg aacctcgaaa taaaaattaa tgttcatatc taattattcc     83640
     taaagattga tttgtaattt gcagaaagaa ttgcttaaat aaattgaaag cataaccgtt     83700
     tttatatcct ttatgtgtct tgaacattag tgggtcattt ggctgccttc ttgggttatg     83760
     aaaaaaattg gcagtttaat tattctaggg gaaggatgtt caatatattt tctaactatt     83820
     ttccatagcc aaatggctgc atttaaaatc tgtccggtca gcaacatcta aagtcgtcgt     83880
     actgttcttt tgtgcgtcat ttttgcattc agagcaccaa ggagaaaata atagtctaac     83940
     cattttctgt gaatataaag tctttcatgt atattttggg ggtgggggga gatataacaa     84000
     ggccaaggta gagtgaaaaa cctgaggttg tgaaattgca ttttactttc aaatttgaat     84060
     ttttggtaga tggaaagttg gatagtgtga gaaaactgct gtattttaat tcttagaaat     84120
     tcagagcact ctagactcag cctcaatacc tgatgtcatt ttatcttctt tgcttatttt     84180
     tcagatcggt ttgcagtgct tgcaaacaat aatttgcaga tcctcaatat caataaaagt     84240
     gatgaaggta tatacagatg tgaaggaaga gtggaggcga ggggagagat tgacttccgg     84300
     gatatcattg ttattgttaa cggtaagcca taaatgtttt gtgtgcaatc tcttgtttat     84360
     tttagcaata tttattcaaa gagaaactgt gaagtcaaca atgaatattt tgtaataaat     84420
     gccatccatc tatgcctatg acaatgtgtt gtggcaagac agccactaga caaaaattgc     84480
     ctcatttcca tctacagaca taatactgtc caaagaaagg acataattac aggttaggac     84540
     agcttgattc tgccaagaca gattacgcca gtccataata tcctgtttct ctaacatctg     84600
     tcagatgttc atgggctaga aggctgaaga ccaatcctcc aacatattga agtaagggat     84660
     tgtctaggtg atcaaccgtc tctatcattt gactaagttt tggaagctgt gttaggcttc     84720
     ctatatattt tcagttagta tcagttgttc ttggatttct gatggagtca aagacttaca     84780
     gtctcctagc ctatccaggc tttttacttt gagaggaaca gatttgtgag gatggttttc     84840
     agataacata caatctaaaa ccaggacata gccacgtaca gaactatagt cttgttcccc     84900
     ccccccccca caggtcctga taaaatcttt ttttttttca attttttatt agatattttc     84960
     ttcatttaca tttaaatgct atcctgaaag acccctatac ccttccccca gccctgctcc     85020
     tctacccaca cactcctact ttttggccct ggcattcccc tgtactgggg catataaagt     85080
     ttgcaagacc aaagggcctc ccttcccaat gatggccgac taggccatct tctgctacat     85140
     ttgcagctag agacacgagc tctgggggta ctggttagtt catattgttt ttccacctat     85200
     agggttgcag aaccctttag ctccttgggt actttctcta gctcctccat taggggatct     85260
     gtgttccacc taatagatga ctgtgtgcat ccacttttgt atttgccagg cactggcata     85320
     gcctcacatg agacagctat atcagggtcc tttcagcaaa ctcttgctgg catgtgcaat     85380
     agtgtctcat aattagccac caaacgcaga actatagtct tttaacttag gatagaaggc     85440
     cgtgttgagt tttattggca aaaatgctgg actgggttct aggcttatct tataccatat     85500
     aatttacaaa atggtaatag ttgtgttcaa tttatagctt gagagaaagt cttttcttaa     85560
     ttataaagaa agggtgaaat gttgcaggat tttccctgtc caatcacttt aatgcagtgg     85620
     caggcctgtg attgtccaca ggaaaagtga ggctaagcta tgagctgggg agaaagatag     85680
     agaggtacca ggaggagaag gaggagaagc caacatggaa cagacggaca gggaaaagat     85740
     cttgatctcg catggttttt aacagccaca agtagctaag attttcacaa ggttagaata     85800
     attggggtaa agattttatt actatcaatt ggctctgaaa ttattttatt gaaatcttat     85860
     aaattgtgac cttattgtta taaatcacat tagataaaaa agtaaaaata aaataaaact     85920
     ctaactctca ggctaataat cttaaatttt tggtggattt gttcccagcc agcaagttgg     85980
     tgtccctcct tctcctcctg caacatcttt ctctctctct ttccagctcc tagctctgcc     86040
     accctcttcc tgtccaatca taggcctgcc actgccctaa tgtgattgga tagggaaaat     86100
     cctgtaacaa caatgtatca acttttctta tggcatttgc tacgtggcat gaaaacatac     86160
     ttatcagcat gttaattacc ttttgttagg tgtgtctctg aaagaatgca aactggagca     86220
     taatggcatc ttagattaga ttgagactaa aaattctatg attcatcact tgatctttca     86280
     tgatttgcat tttgcaattt aataactgag taatcgtttt cctttctact gatcacaaat     86340
     aacaaagttt atgaaataac agtatctcat tcaaattgct tctcataaca tacaaactgc     86400
     cttgttatta ttatctaaga gatatccata ctattttctt aatatttctc aattatactt     86460
     cattttccac catcaagttt ttcatgcttt aaatgtgctt ttaatagttt tctccttcca     86520
     ctgagaaatc tccactcata aattggttct acctctctct ccaccaaaga tttagtgtta     86580
     atatctaacc agagtttagt ataccactca ggaaaaaaaa tgaagcaaga atacttactt     86640
     ctaatatgga aaatgtgtca cgaagagcct ccatcctaat atttatgcca atagaaagaa     86700
     agaaacagca aaaacaaaaa cataatgcaa agcttattac taacaagatt ttaatggcat     86760
     ttgacattca atgcagataa atgatttcag tacaacaaaa tagattcaat gcttgatatt     86820
     tcagtttgca tataaatata agattatctt ttattatata cagaaaaata cttattctac     86880
     ataaagtggc tatctaaaac aattttgctg tgtgtgaatg agaaagcatt tatatacaat     86940
     gtttaaaaca tatggacata tgggtgacta atttttttgt tcactgatcc acttgttctt     87000
     gaagatttaa gaaaacttgc ataacaataa ttcatcaagt ccttgaaaat cctttttgag     87060
     cacagacata gcaccataag ttaatacata taaaattctt taaaattgcc agtttacatg     87120
     cagcaataca tggttattac atgtactgca taactatgta tatgtatata catatattat     87180
     taactaaaac atttagttaa ttgcattagt aaaaagtata tgtaatatgt tgtgaataat     87240
     attactcttt tattattcat gatcatataa ttttatttat tatacaactt tattattgtg     87300
     cgttttgtgt ttgctctggt actaccatct gttctgatac tataaatttc actctgatgg     87360
     aaggattact ggtatatgtg aatatatatg aattaataac atcaatttaa aacttcaaat     87420
     ttatcacatg aattcctcac taacataaaa ttttaagttc tgttttttta ttcttactca     87480
     tttacaagtc tacaagaaag caaatatagg gaaatattat ttctagccat gaaaagagtc     87540
     atgcagctga gactttttca tctgtctgaa tgatcacaca aacatcagtt ccacatctct     87600
     ttcctataca gactcagcta aacacgctga tgatgttctc agcatgaaca atgctcacta     87660
     acatgttttc catttacggt cacaatgtct tatgctttaa agtaactgga gactcttttc     87720
     tgctatatta ctctttacaa attccagtat cgattgcttc tgcatatggg tggcgcattt     87780
     tctcttacat gttctttgac ttatccggga aatacatttt atccagtctt atggagtctt     87840
     ctgtttgtgt gtttagatct tgagaaagta aaaaaaaaaa aatgtagtaa gcatgtcttt     87900
     ttattttcag ctttctgact gtgcctgacc tctcaaatat ttttaatcag aaaatttaag     87960
     atttcaaaag aattttaaaa attaaactgt aactcttttc actatcttca ctttcttaaa     88020
     tttcagattc aacttttgtt ctatgactat tttccaatta atattctagt attaaaatgc     88080
     atatttatta tatattacat attttatttt tatatataaa tttatatatt acaatactct     88140
     ttttcagtta attataaata atgtacccca tattatttta gcctctactt tgttctactt     88200
     ttatatgtct tgaatgacac aagtatatat attatcaact tgtggaccat attggagaaa     88260
     tgaatatgaa ctcatagctt atatacaggt acagagacat aatacttatt ttaacaggct     88320
     atttctgaaa acttaaattt gtagcttgtt tttcaagcaa agtcatgttt gccaagtcaa     88380
     gatttaatga ctcccaagta gttttaatct tggaaaacat tctagtttat acacaacatc     88440
     aatgtagtag ttgggaaaag aatgattcct tggtatttag aagaaattta gtaatgaaac     88500
     ttgaaattca ttagaaatgg gagaaaacag tcaggctgta gacaagtgca aaattgtaaa     88560
     gaaactgtaa aaactggcca tgggtattag cataacagag caattgtgac tggaatacac     88620
     tattttcaaa ataagcagat aatggcagtg ttggttggct tgcatatacc attaaaaact     88680
     tactgtcttc tatgtaataa ttagttattc ctttgagaaa aaggtattgc agaggggtag     88740
     aaagctctca gtaagaaaga gagagggagt tgaaataagt aattggagcc cacactaatg     88800
     gagaagaaaa ttaataagaa aggatatact taagccttat attaacaaag atatgtaaca     88860
     cttgacaaca ataaagggtc ggttctagtt acctagaacc gaattcttag tttccagttt     88920
     agcagaagct aacagagtct aataaggtgt gaatttaaat atttctgctc tatttgacaa     88980
     ttatatactt acaagacaca ttaaatagaa tactattatt taagtagctt agactgtagc     89040
     ataaatgtgc atgtacattc attgaagggc agacatagtg actctattcc ttttatgatc     89100
     acacaatcct taactcttga atatcctgca aaatcattca gaagtacacc ataagataca     89160
     atgtggaaac cacaagaaaa tgaagaagaa ggaagaccaa cgtgtggata cttcattcct     89220
     ccttagaata gggaacaaaa tacccatgga aggagttaca gagacaaggt ttggagctaa     89280
     gatggaagga tggaccatcc agagactacc acacccgggg attccatccc ataatcagcc     89340
     accaaacaca gacactattg catatgccag caagattttg ctgaaggacc ctaatatagt     89400
     tgtctcatgt gaggctatgc tagtacctgg caaatacaaa agtggatgct cacagtcatc     89460
     tataggatgg agcacagggc ccccaatgga ggagctagag aaagtaccca aggagctaaa     89520
     ggggtctgca accctataag tgaaacaacc agatgaacta accagtaccc ccagagctca     89580
     tgtctctaga tgcatgtgta ccaactaggc catcattgga aaaagaggcc cttggtcttg     89640
     caaactttat atgccccagt acagggaaac accagggtca agaagtggga gtgggtgggt     89700
     aggggagcag ggcaggggga gggtataggg aactttcagg atagcatttg aaatgtaaat     89760
     aaagaaaata tctaataata aaaaaagaaa tgtatcaaat gtgtataaaa gattttttat     89820
     aaagtcttta agatttgaag ctagataatt atgtttgcat atacacaaat catgattgta     89880
     ctcactaaaa taaagccaat gctatttcct gtgccttaat caagataatt ctatcctgtc     89940
     tgatttctag ctttctatca ctactcagaa aatattctta gatataaaga aatgggaagg     90000
     tgtaaattta aaacgtaaaa gtcagtacaa ggttattcat gtaaaaatgg tgtgccttat     90060
     tttctaaacc ttttgtaaat tcaccaaaat gacccactaa ctacagattc aaatctaggg     90120
     taatggagat agtaacaatt gaggttgaat gaaaatgttc aagaaataga actttaaggc     90180
     aattttatgt tactcttctt tcaaatgcca caatcaacag tagatgataa tggctgggtg     90240
     tatttgtgaa agtgagtgtc cggctgtaga gtgtactttt catcaatgat cgttgggcta     90300
     tgatctctgt atttatatcc aatcaattcg tttctgaagg gcaggaaaat gaggaactac     90360
     tatctgatac aataaaattt tcattataag ctgtacaaaa tgtcatagta ttgaagcacc     90420
     agtatataaa aacacagtat acagcaacat aaaattgtca ctattgtaac tgaatcaacc     90480
     atgaagacaa caagcaataa taaaccaaat ttatgattat ggtttgtgaa ataattgtta     90540
     ataatagtat gtaaaataca atatataacc taggccaaag tgtaagaaac atacatttat     90600
     tcaaatcaat ctaatttcca attctgtaac ttcccccatc aattctatta aatttcctaa     90660
     actggagatc tgacaatata aaaggaaaaa tactttttat ctaaccagtg ttttatggat     90720
     tttactcatg aaaaaaaatt gtttagatgt gtgaataggt gggaatgtag atatagaaaa     90780
     atttacaaaa atttgtctat acttacataa gtaattttca tgaggaaata acaattttag     90840
     acatttctta cttctcacat atctaaaaat tatagaattt gttgagtaca cttatactaa     90900
     attctgctag caaatatttg taagtattca tctgtgctag ctactgttgt ttcaagttga     90960
     actagctaga gtaatcaaaa tggatgggac ctcaattgag aaaattcctc cacaaggtct     91020
     agttgtaaga cattttctca attagtgagt gattgttggg ggatgggcca gcatatttgg     91080
     cttggctcat ttctgggatg ttcagagttc tataaggcac cattctgagg gagccatagg     91140
     tagcaagttt gcaagcctca cccctccatg aactctgttt tagcttctgt gtctaggctg     91200
     tagcctaaca ttcagtgata gtctacaaag ggcaaatgta agctaattaa accctttcct     91260
     ccacaatttg attttgatta tggtatttaa tgaacaatag caaccctaac taaagtcggc     91320
     accatgatag ttaggtattt attgattgct gtgaaaaaca tgaccaagtt gttttgggga     91380
     ggattgcaga agaactttga aactttgtgc aagaaaagtc attgtatgtt cagtgcttgg     91440
     tgagctgttt ggcaggagcc tggaagataa gaatgttcag gacaatgaaa atcagggctt     91500
     ggcctgtgat gttttaaaag gatgcttaaa aactctacca aggccattca ttatatttga     91560
     aactattctg gttagctggg gatgaagaat tggctgtgat cagcaagaaa ccagaactat     91620
     taaagtgaaa cctttgctgt gctggaatac gcaatgttga tctgatggag ctggagagat     91680
     tagcttcatt gaaatgaagt cttctgggaa actttacctg agaggcaaca tcaggtaagg     91740
     ttcagtgctg gcagccaaac ttgacagtgt aaaagtcacg gagattgaac tggtttgaag     91800
     gaatgacaag atcatgaaga acacctgagg gctgacactg tgagaagcca ggagaggcca     91860
     ctggtgaagg tgaagtctca gtgacacttg acggcaatga agtgatcatg catagtattg     91920
     gaggctggca ccatgaacag agcctaggag aagcggttgg agaaagtgtg gtcccattgc     91980
     agaagacccc agtgttttga agatgcaaaa accgtaggat gacaacgaag accattgaca     92040
     gctatggagt ggaacctact ggagtctaga agataggagg tgtgttacag ttggcagaaa     92100
     tgaggaagtg acctaagttt tttggaggat cgcaggagac tgtgagtgaa gccgagataa     92160
     ctggagtttg gttttgcatt gttcatactg tgactgcaca ccagttcttc tctatctcat     92220
     ttttgttatt aattaattag ttaaatttta tactccacat ttcattctcc cccatccatt     92280
     ctctgactgt ttcacattcc catacctcct cactcttgaa ataatattta atttattttt     92340
     gatttattgg gaccccactg ttgagaagct gaattttata ggaatttgaa tttcaaagag     92400
     actgaacttt ttatagtatt ttttcttttt tattattttc ttcatttaca tttcaaatgc     92460
     tatcccgaaa gttctctata ccctccgaca gccctactcc actacccacc cactcccact     92520
     tcttggccct ggctttcccc tgtactggtg catataaagt ttgcaagacc aaggggcctc     92580
     ccttcccaat gatggccgac taggccatct tctgctacat atgcagttag agacacgagc     92640
     tctgagggta cttgttagtt catattgttg ttccacctac agggttgcag accccattca     92700
     gctccttgag tactttctct tgctcctcta ttgggggccc tgtgttccat ccaatagatg     92760
     gctgtgagca tccacttctg tattttccag gcactggcat agtctcacaa gagagagcta     92820
     tatcagggtc ctgtcagcaa aatctttctg gcatatgcaa tagtgtctgc gttttgtaac     92880
     tgattatggg atagatccct gggcggggta gtctctggat ggtccatcct ttcctgttag     92940
     cgccaaactt tgtctctgta actccttcca tgggtatttt gttccctagt ctaaagagga     93000
     atgaactttt aaagatgtgg gactcttaaa atttgcaaaa ttttatattt tgatgttcat     93060
     attaatgtaa gccctgtggg atgaataaga aggaaagatt gtagcttaat aatgatgtgt     93120
     acggatgtca agttgacaag gaatcagttt gctggctagt ttgatgtctg cttgcattgt     93180
     cctatatgct ttcgtctgtg tttcctctct agaaagctgt ccatactgta tcttactaat     93240
     tctgtaattt cctcttcaca gcaccttatt ctagtagctc cacttatcca cttatttctt     93300
     tttttctttt ttttgaagac tggctgcttg aagtggctcc tcaccctcca tagggtatac     93360
     atgtttaaaa gttttatttg aaaggaaagg ataggttctg acagatagga agagtgcaag     93420
     actctggggc ccaatttgca cagaaaatac cttgtctgca gtgccaccca actgagcgaa     93480
     gcaactcagt gaaatcctta ctaaacttca aggcaaggta tgggattgtt taggacaggt     93540
     gaaaactccc cgtgcaggta atgatttcaa ggattactaa gggaattttc ttgtgtatca     93600
     catattccag ggattttatt gaagcaaaaa ctcaagtgac agccttccca ggatctttgt     93660
     caacacaaga ttttccagct gagttgtaaa tcaattcttt ccacacaacc tctaacagtg     93720
     aatctttcaa gtgacttgaa actattcatt tatataccaa atattccaca gatttgacag     93780
     tgatctaata ttagacagtt atgcttcttt ttcagtatac tttttaaaat ctttatgtgt     93840
     gtatgaattt tttaatttat ttacatttca agtgttatcc ccctaccagt ttccctccct     93900
     cccggaaacc ccctatccca tccctcctcc ccccccccct cctatgaggg tgttcctcca     93960
     cctacccatt cacttctacc tccctaccca caattcccct acactggaca tctatccagc     94020
     cttcatagga ctgagaacct ctcctcccat tgattcttga caaggctgtc ctctgctaca     94080
     tatgcagctg gagccatgtg tactccttgg ttggtggctt agcccctgga gctctggggt     94140
     tctggttggt tgatattctt gttcttccta tggggttgca aacgtcttta gctccttcag     94200
     tcctaactct tccacttctg ccctgccccc cacaccctcc cactccaccc catactcagt     94260
     gaaatggttg gctacaagcc atccaactct gtatttgtaa aggtctggca gggcctctga     94320
     ataagtagca gcagcaacag aagcaaaaga actgaaaaac gctcctcaac ccccaaatat     94380
     ttctatctgg cagaatttct gttaaaagtt tgttttcagt atttatgaca aaatatgtta     94440
     ctataataaa aaataattta accattcctt caaatgagtg tataaataac aaatggtaaa     94500
     acaatcatgc ctatagaacg ctgcatctct cagccttcct cagagtagat tctttatgca     94560
     gtgcatggtg gtgaatacag agagctaaga ctggtggaag ttcataggat aaatgatgga     94620
     tggatggtaa gtcatgaatg gggcatctcc tttctactcc tactctcctc ccaagcatag     94680
     gaataccatg ggagcacagg agaaaatgct aggcgtcaca gagtgctcaa gactaatgca     94740
     agacaatatc ttcttaacat ggcagggctg ttgcactcat gaactcacag aaactggtta     94800
     ctagccagga aaaaaagcaa gaaaaaaagt aatgctaagc cttcttctaa gacaagagca     94860
     tcatacctat cacagagaag tgaaaagcaa gaagaaaggc aaaataactg tccagtgtca     94920
     aaatgtcctg aacatatata ttcatacaag taacatgaac agaacaagtt atattaagga     94980
     atatatataa ggctgcatat tcatatattc ctccatatac atatgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt     95040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtacacaa taacaattaa tgaaaaaaat atgtcatgaa tcgggaggag     95100
     agtggagaga ggtatagggg gaaattgaaa agagaaaaag gcagagcaaa tactgataat     95160
     gtgtgatact atcaaaaaaa gaaatttaaa aagacaagaa agttctaatg tgcctcattt     95220
     aatgttcgtt cacgaggcac aaaattaaag tagtaggtta tatggtgaaa attttaacat     95280
     gtctacagtt acaacagaac gaaaatgaga cagaaatgaa tatgtcctta gtgttaagtg     95340
     ttaatagcta tgaaagtcca tcttcaggga tactagtaat tattattatg ctattttatg     95400
     taaaagcttg attcctataa ctaacttcct aaaggcataa atgtaaagca ctgtgcttaa     95460
     ttattaatgt gtatattatc tactttcctc attgtcagtg ggctatgccc ctttgatgca     95520
     gacatgaaca ctactttaaa gatgtacaac tgtaatcaaa catctatatg tctgtgtctc     95580
     tattttgtct aatttattac tatatctgtt ttataattac tatttcacca tatacacttt     95640
     aatggcatgg ggtgtgtgct aagtgctaga taaggcttta ctttgggact gaggcattgc     95700
     catggaagtc tgcagcttgt ttattgcaaa cactgcattt cagccacagt ttcaacatga     95760
     ccaaaatgtg cagcgtatac agtttcgcaa tgtaattagt tggaaattga ggaagcttaa     95820
     ttttaaaatt gaattgttca tgaaaatcta ttttcatact ctatggctga agcagtttct     95880
     ctccataaaa tgttttatag ttgtttgaag aaattaagtg tagttaatca gaaagaacat     95940
     tatgttttga cacctaattt gaaagccctg tcttgaaaca gtgaacgatg gcctatggaa     96000
     ttacatagac caataagaac ccaaatagga aatccattta tgctcaaagt agatttcagt     96060
     atggattaag tcagtgctct tgtgtctttg tgtgagacat atttcatgca ttatatatgt     96120
     tcactaaaat acacaattca ttgtttaaca gattgagaaa tactaaacta ataacatggt     96180
     gaattatctt attacgcata aaaaaaacca tatcactgac cttaattctc cataaacaga     96240
     aaggaactaa ggagatccaa tgcactaaaa ggtagtggcg aattattctt ggtgcagaat     96300
     tctagttgca actctttatg ctatgtcctt tctccttcag ttccaccagc aatcatgatg     96360
     ccccagaagt ccttcaatgc tacagcagag agaggagaag agatgacctt aacatgcaag     96420
     gcctcgggct ccccagatcc aaccatctct tggttcaggt aagtgagtac tcatgtctta     96480
     tgtgtggtgc taataaagca cacagactaa tgtttgaagt tataattatt cagaaagtaa     96540
     caaatattat cttatctaat ttaaaattaa tgttatccaa catcaaatta tcatccctga     96600
     aaacacatat gcaagtaaca ttatacagtt gaagtggggt gtatttagga atatatgtac     96660
     acatatggaa atatgtgttc atatacatat acatatgtaa ataatgaaat gaaatcatga     96720
     atttgaaaaa caaaaagtgt ttcctttgtc tccttttctt ctgatcttgt cttattccag     96780
     attgctttct tcttgtttta ttattatttt taagtgcctt ttttataaag aagagaaaaa     96840
     aaagatatgg attttagtga gagatgacag ggggaggatc tgggagcagt ttagggagaa     96900
     aaaccaagaa cagaacatat tgtatgaaaa aaatatattt catttcaaac aatttatttg     96960
     tttacatttc aaatgatatc cccttctaag ttacgcctcc aaagaacacc caccccacac     97020
     cccctctccc tcctctcctt tgcctatatg agggtgctcc tccacctact cacctactcc     97080
     tgcctcaacc ctataggacc aagggcctcc cctcccactg atgtcagata aggccatcct     97140
     gtgctacata tgcatatgga gccatgggtc cctccatgtg tactctttgg ttggtggttt     97200
     agttcctggg agctctgggt ggtcgttagt tgatattaat cttctcatgg ggttgcaatt     97260
     cattcacctc cttcagtcct ttctgtagtt ctcccattgg tttcccactg ggttcagtca     97320
     gatgattggc tgtaagaatc cacatctgta ttggtcaggt gctggtggaa cctctcaggg     97380
     gacagccata ctaggcaagt gtttcttgga atcaacagta gtgtgggact ttggtgtctg     97440
     cagatagatg gatccctcgg tggggcaatc tcttttcaat caaaataaaa aagaacaagg     97500
     aggagcatat ggtcgatttt agacggagaa aagagtagga gatgatataa tttactatat     97560
     ctcataaata atggaaatta ttttaaaaag ctcttagaat aattcactct gtgtgtgtgt     97620
     gtgtgtggac atacatgtac attccatggc atgtttatga atatcaaaga acaattttca     97680
     agagcttgtt ctttccgttc actatggaat ctgaaatgaa cttagggttc caaacttgag     97740
     ttctttgatg ctctgaggca tgttaccagc ccaaggtgcc ataaattttt ggttaactgg     97800
     actagactgc atagccaatg actgcatcac atgcatgtgc cctgtgctat aatttttctg     97860
     agtgaaaggc tgctggagag tgtttactgt tgctacagtg tatctttagt tcacccttgg     97920
     caccatctcc ctgttgctga ttgatttttc ttgttgtatc tgaaataagg tcttattaaa     97980
     aaggatgtat taagactttt agcaatgtta tggtttggat cacaatcatg tattgtttta     98040
     tatgaaaata gctgtatatt gcctttttgt cctatattgt gaaatagtta tataggtgaa     98100
     atttcaagaa attaggtttt aatttcgcaa atcccccaat gaaaacaata acaatagcat     98160
     tttacaaagc tattctttga ctatttcatt gtctattaag ttttttagat gtactttgac     98220
     tcgactatgg ccaatcacat tttatagcac tccattgtca ttgattattg ctcaaagatc     98280
     taaatcgaaa gtaatggagt ttaaaactgg gcaatcttgt agagagacac gagggtgcag     98340
     tttatgaggc cttagtcagt taagtgctta cctcataagc atgaggtcct gagttggatt     98400
     ctactgtcta tctcaaaatg cctcataagc atgaggtcct gagttggatt ctactgtcta     98460
     tctcaaaatg ccagtcattc tgttgcacag ttttaaagtc aatcaaggta catacaccat     98520
     gagcatagag cgtcactggg cagccacttt aggttaacag aaggggccaa tgaaaatcca     98580
     tgttcagaag caagatttaa ccttgaattt ggcaccctgc tatatatgac ttctcaggta     98640
     tgcatgcatg aaaatgtcat acatatgtaa atgtatacac acaataaatg tcaaaaaaat     98700
     ctgatgataa ccctactagc cactgtttta ctctgtcaca tgattttgtc attttgtgac     98760
     tattattgac tactgcatgt gattatcttt gtattttttt tccattcagt ctaatttaac     98820
     taccttgtga tccatataca tttttgtgtg cactgatatg taatttttta ttccaaataa     98880
     tattccaaag caaaaaaatg acagtttttg tatgaacact aagatctata gccattacta     98940
     tacttcataa atgctaaagt gcaagaataa aaatcataaa attttagtca catatattcc     99000
     atatatacaa aggcaatgtg aaaagtttta agctttagaa tttattttaa ggacaataac     99060
     agacactgct gtgcttcact tctttccttt taaacttagt ttgataacct attattgtat     99120
     ctttatcttg tttatgcttt gagtgtagta tgattcaata agcataacac atctataaac     99180
     aaagtgattg aaactgatac atacagatac tagttctttg taatattgtt ttagtagaat     99240
     tgccaacctg acatcaggct actaacccca ggtgatcatg atgtatctca gagattgttg     99300
     atttgccata agaaatccta ctgagtctcc gacatgactt gtgttattca ccacaaagaa     99360
     caaatgataa tcaagaacat gacacacatg atcatgcatc cctagaagat attagatatt     99420
     ttaatttgtt cataattatt tttaatcatt tatttgaaat aaaaatagca taagaattaa     99480
     atgtgacaaa ttcaaaatat atttattcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     99540
     acacacacac aggcacatac ttttttttca tccatatacc ttcaaatgac atttcttgct     99600
     tatactggat agtacttaag ttgaaacaga tgttttggtg tttgatttaa aaattgtatt     99660
     tgagaaataa gattgtattg tttaaacatt tgtaaagaca aatttacttt tactgaaagg     99720
     tttttgttta attccattta tctgtaggta taaaatatgt atcaaaacta tacaaataaa     99780
     ttcttgtaag cattggggag tatattgaat gcacttgggg atccagagga cctgctgagt     99840
     agagaagatg cgtgccagtg atatgatgga agccactgtg ttagtaattg tgggtcgata     99900
     taagagaata tagcatatta gatggtgtgt ttaaacggca aaaatacagt ttctcacaat     99960
     tcttgattgc cggtgtccaa gataaaggga tcagtgctgt tgctttctga tgaggattct    100020
     ctttctttca acctgatgtc cactatatcc tgcaatagct tccccccctc aatataaatg    100080
     ctgggttttt cttatttttg gcaaagaaaa caggttcctt gagatagaga ggtggtatac    100140
     acaggaggac ctgttttacc ccctcagtct tgataacgaa gctgtgttag ttagtgtgtg    100200
     cttgtggtat gagggaagaa gagaaggaag aatgtcatgt ggacccatgg gtctcagtgg    100260
     tcagtcttca cacacaacat ccaacaaatg tagcagtgac ctatgcaaat ttaaattggt    100320
     tcgaagtccg catctccaaa ttcagtcacc tgaattgtta tggaggcaat ggtcacacgg    100380
     aggcgtgtcc atgcgttatt attttacaca gtacagaagg cagaagaaag ctaaaagtta    100440
     gaacactgtg atcatttcca caaagtaaac agcaataccc aggaaagtcc aaaggcattg    100500
     ttttatggcg tgcatttaca gaagtgtgct catgaacttt aatttcattc aaagcctacc    100560
     atgactgatt atcggcctta ttctggaatt aatttctgta ttactatagt tgttacaata    100620
     caggcgatcc cactggcctt ctcttttgga attgtgtgca gcttatgtca tcaactgttg    100680
     cttccaggtg catcaagtgt gtgctacaga tgaaagggcc ccaggcatcc cagtgttcct    100740
     tctgtccctc tcactgcccc ctcccatccc tcctccccct ctctgcatac ctccttccca    100800
     cctcggcact ctccacgccc ttacaccaaa tctgttgcat agcttaattt ctcagggata    100860
     ctcctcagcc ctggctggca aagtgtatcc tagcccctgt tcaattttat tctgttacac    100920
     catcctatta gtagggatca acctaatctt gccttgacta tacatggttg atttttagac    100980
     aattatattt aaaattttct ttacttcaaa cttcttgttc aagctttcac taaatactac    101040
     tttgggtatt gattattttt aattatgtta ttttctttac atgtctgcgt gtgtgcttaa    101100
     ccttaatttc tgatattgtt tgctaattcc attaattatc tgtaacatag tgagcgtttt    101160
     cataacttat cttcaattca ccacttcttt tgtttcagca aatattctag taaatattct    101220
     ctgcatttaa aaaaaatagt catagggagg tatatcacat ttctgtttca cagtggtagt    101280
     tatctgaacg tatccagaca tctaacctag tttttataaa tcagttactg aaatctaaat    101340
     tcttattttc taaatgtctt ttacatttgc atgtgtattt gtctgttttt aatttcagtt    101400
     tataatgttc tagtacatgt ttttgaagca atactgttgt gtgattaaat atttatcctc    101460
     cttgggtcag aacaatattt catgtaattg tttagaaatt tatgtcattt ctgggttttt    101520
     ttttttttct gacttacttt ttggcatcat ctttgtgttc tccactgata tttctatact    101580
     caatttctat ggtcacatag aaagtgccat ataaagattt tccatcaggt tatattttca    101640
     ttgatgtaca tttcaggtat gcatttttta aatgccttta tgtctctggc attatcgaca    101700
     tgctttgaat tcatttgaaa gtcgctatgg catataaaag ttttgttctc tttccagcag    101760
     caaagatttt taaaagacgt cttttaagtt gaaatctaaa ctgataaaga gatattaata    101820
     tctctatcct agagaggttc tgagtgtttt atttcagtgt atcatatgag caattcagtt    101880
     cacaattaaa aataataaga caaaatatga gaaaaatgaa gtgagaaaaa agctagtaag    101940
     gggaatatat aagattttac aatgtgtaag gatgttataa actatttatg tatttaaaat    102000
     atactagaga atgctaatag ccaatattat tataaccaaa taaacagtaa atgaaataaa    102060
     tttcactggg gaaagaactt ggaaatgata attactgctg tgaagaaaca aaagttatta    102120
     acttcactat cacatcaatt tttactaaca aaagttatat ggactagatc ttaatgatat    102180
     aaatttatat tatttcatgt gaaaaagggg atttttaatt agaatttcta tttttgtaag    102240
     tcatatgtgt acacaacact gtaacataaa tgtatgttgg ctaattaata gttaaagtac    102300
     aaaagaataa aaatcagtaa tgagtatttt ctaataaaga aagtacaagt tgaattcatg    102360
     tgctttaatt acttgactta atattaatat ttcaacctca gacaaatgtc attcttatct    102420
     ctaatcaagc taaatttcaa agattatctc tatgtgtttg ccttaaggtt gcttgacgaa    102480
     taaaagtata tatttgactg agttataaca atcaattatc ctaatcatga aaaatgttat    102540
     gcttatatat aataaagttg atttgatgtc ctatttataa aattagattg tgaagatcaa    102600
     cttcttttgt cttttttagg aacggcaaac tcattgaaga aaatgaaaag tatattttaa    102660
     agggcagtaa tacagagctc actgtcagga acataatcaa taaagacggg ggctcttatg    102720
     tctgcaaagc aacaaacaag gcaggagaag atcaaaagca ggccttcctt caagtctttg    102780
     gtaagtatca cagcactgag attataatgc aatatccatc caagtgtaag gatgtcagag    102840
     ccaacctacc ctctgctctc agatgcaaac tataaactat ccatagacaa aaactgtttc    102900
     tgcatttcaa aaacatacat taaataatgt attttttcaa tatgttgcca aaaatttctt    102960
     aaagctatgt cattacatca ttaatggaca catgttgcga ttgatgttat atttggtgct    103020
     ttcaaaaatt tccatgtgaa aagctcttgt ttagaaatgt ttccctgtaa ctataatcag    103080
     tgtcttacca tcttcaaaga cagtatgtga gcattatcca tattgagtaa gagatataat    103140
     atcttttggg gggaggctgt ctgagcatgt agaatagtag acgtgtttat tttactctct    103200
     tcgttttgac aatgaaagag acagttgctc aaatactgtg gaatctcaag ttaaacaagt    103260
     ttgagacctg aaatgatgct ggttccctgg tccccaatac tggcttcagt tcataaaagg    103320
     ttgtggctcc attcttttta tttttaattt ttattaggta ttttcctcat ttacatttcc    103380
     aatgctatcc caaatatccc ccataacctc ccccccactc ccatatccac ccactcccac    103440
     tttttggccc tggcattccc ttgtactggg gtatataaag tttgcatgtc caatgggact    103500
     ctctttccag tgatggctga ctaggccatc ttttgataca tatgcagcta gagtcaagag    103560
     ctcaggggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag atccctttag    103620
     ctccttgggt actttctcta gctcctccat tgggggccct gtgatccatc caatagctga    103680
     ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctaat ccccgcatag tctcacaagg gacagctata    103740
     tcagggtcct ttcagcaaca tcttgcaatg tgtgcaatgg tgtctgcatt tgggggctga    103800
     ttatgggatg gatccctgga tatggcagtc tctagatggt caatcctttt gtctcagctc    103860
     caaactttgt ctctgtaact ccttacatcg gtgttttgtt cacaactcta agaaggggca    103920
     aagtgttgac acttggctca ctaccacctg taattccagt ttcattggat ctgctccctc    103980
     cttctggact ccctgagtaa tgcatgcaca tgttatacat acataagcat taacaaaaca    104040
     ccaacacctt ggttttgcaa actttatatg ccctagtata ggggaattcc agggccaaga    104100
     agtgggagtg ggtgggttgg ggagcagggc gggggggagg ggtatagggg atttggggat    104160
     agcattggaa atgtaaatga agaaaatatc taataaaaaa aatccaaatg tatctccttt    104220
     taaatgttaa acacatagct aatatattgt ggctttagcc tcctttacat atcttattat    104280
     caaattattt cataataaaa accagaaaaa tgaaaggtca gaaatatgtg gttaacaagg    104340
     gtgcatgata ctactagcag ctaaaaatat tttcttcact ttgaacacaa aatgaataat    104400
     aaggcttctc tctggtattg tagctgcagc acgtatgcat ttggatgcca agaccttaat    104460
     agtgtgtgta ttcctgtagg atgatacaga gtttgaagaa aatttatgaa aaatgaaaat    104520
     ctgaataata atgtattccc agaatactat gggatcagat tagtcagatg gcattgaata    104580
     gagactgcca tttaggtccg catggttttg cagtttcaag gtcaggtcat actaaaatgg    104640
     tgtttataaa agtctttaat tatgatgtat agaaagaaac aaaaaccata cttagattgc    104700
     tcacatagaa tgaagaacac atggattgaa ctataaaata cataaaatca ttatctaatc    104760
     tttctcatat ttaaacatta gtctcaacac tggggaaact aaacaaatct ccctcagtgt    104820
     gaggtaagta gttggaaatg agagtgtcag ctgggcgtgg cggtgcatgc ctttaatccc    104880
     agcacgtggg aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag    104940
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaca aaacaaaaca    105000
     aaataaaaca agaagaggtg ctcaactgca caatctgtct gagctgatgt aaaatatcat    105060
     ttagtcatct tttcttttat aaggacgaca gaatgtgagg gcaaggagaa catcgaggct    105120
     tctgtggctt ccatctttct gaaacacaaa ataatacacg tcacattgca tcatggtggg    105180
     attgcttttt gaagttacaa gaataaattt atttttatat ttctaaaaaa tacataccta    105240
     cagtaatgaa acgaacgaaa tgtaaaacta ctaaaagttt tttgtttttt gtttttgttt    105300
     tctttttcat agttctggta tcagcgatct tacttctggt caaaattttt catttcttag    105360
     ttaattatac tagtagattt tttaagttct gtgaactgat agaactgata tgatagaggt    105420
     agatttgagt atctaattcc tttttatttt gctaaataag taagaaagta acggaaagtt    105480
     gagggagaga gggagagaga gagacagaga ggcagagaga cagagagaga gagaggagca    105540
     gggtcttaat gagagttcct tttacagtga tgaaacacca tggccttaag taacttgggg    105600
     aaggaaaggt ccatttcatc ctacaactct tagactacag atgaatgatt acataatgga    105660
     gtcagggcaa gcactcacat ggcggcatgc tcaccttgat tccttctaca ccataaacca    105720
     catgcccagg gctggcatcc cccaccgtag catggtctca accacagtcg ctatcagtca    105780
     agaacatttt ccacaggctt gtccacaggc taattttacg aaggcatatt ctcaaatatg    105840
     tgtgccgtgt taacacaaac aaacagtaca aacagcaaca acaaaagtcc cgggaacaga    105900
     taaaacaaag accaaatttt agattattat gccagtttgt aattgtgcag gtaggtgtat    105960
     tttattataa gaaaatttta taccagtata cataatgttg tgttctatag ggttatagtt    106020
     ataaagaaat tgttaatacc agatctatgt ttaatcaaat taaagttgta actcatcgct    106080
     tatagtaaca tgtagaaaat tcttgaatat gtctttatgt catgatattt ttcagttata    106140
     tacaactaaa tgtcttaggt accaagaaac tctaatcact tgtctactct gttgaactta    106200
     ttaaaatata aaatacaata aatgaggaaa gagatgatgc ttatgtgtct gtgtgtgttt    106260
     acagatattt tgtattggag aggaaatttc gattttgtgg ctttaggaaa caaataatag    106320
     aatgttgtgt taatctgaaa aaatattgtt aggaaattat attttatgtt gatttatgtg    106380
     gatctgaaat aactattata atgaacatcg gtaagatttt tatttagaat tgtctcccca    106440
     ctttatttgt aattttttag gtctttttag aaaggatgtt ataactgcta tgcaagtctt    106500
     catctcattg agctcatacc tggcatcaaa agtctgttat ggaattttca ctgtgaattg    106560
     taaccatttt gttccaatac caattgaata atatgtatat ttgttacagt acagcctcat    106620
     atattacaac ttaaaaatga gacaacatct gagaatggtc atgtcacact cgtatgtgaa    106680
     gcagaagggg agcctgttcc agaaatcaca tggaaaagag ccatagatgg agtcatgttt    106740
     tctgaaggtg ataaggtaat actgttgttt ctagaataat ccatccgtag gtatacaatt    106800
     tacacattaa cttacaagaa ccaaataaat aatgtattaa aactaccact cagaaaaaaa    106860
     ttaaaaaaaa aaagctacca ctcagcaagt ttaaaatgat tgtagtggag aagatataag    106920
     tcaattagta acaggtaaaa tgtatttgaa tagatgacaa agtcttaggt ttttagttta    106980
     tttggaaagc agtttctgtg gatgatcgat atatactgaa tctctaaaaa acgttttgca    107040
     agtttaactt ccatctcctc tgtataaatt aagtcattaa aatctgaggc actcattctt    107100
     ttcctttcag aaatgtttct gtggataggt ttctgagttc atgtaatgga aaccctaaca    107160
     aaaagatgtc aggtcagata tagatacaac attttgatct gctttcacta cagtaaattg    107220
     aagttatgca gaattcaaat attaccatgc attgcactcc atggagtttt gttactgata    107280
     attttcataa tccctcatgt taacctttag gtatacacag aaaacagaaa tgatatagaa    107340
     tcagaaagac aaagaaaggg gcaaatgaca ttcctggaat tggaaactcc tataataatg    107400
     tttaaatagc attatatgta ttgaatatat acagaaaaat gttggtgtat atataataag    107460
     atgcctcaaa gcactttaat ttaataatgt gacaatagga aagtgaggag ttaatttgcc    107520
     tacaaaatgc tttctgccct cttacctgac tgcattgaat tcaacatcac attaagttca    107580
     taaattcata aggtgtcata aattgataag gcatcagttt gtccatttct catttaaatg    107640
     gatgtgttgc catacgtcac tttttcaagt attctcttaa tgtcattttt ataacagtgt    107700
     atatctcttt agaacataat taatgatgtt cactaggatt attttatata ttgccttaaa    107760
     atataaaaca gtaaaatgtg aatgaccacc atcatagttt ggaaacatta cagtttccct    107820
     taatattatt ccagctcaaa aacttaggga ttgttttggc accattagca agtattagat    107880
     gaattgatgt tcacaaaatt agtaaaacac aatcagatat ctgtaatgat aaggagctgt    107940
     tgcattttag caaaattcta tgaatgattc aagtaattga tttcatacca ttacccttcc    108000
     tggatgattc tccacaggcc acatactctg attttttatt attgtcctag ctgaaagttc    108060
     tttcttctcc gagttatctc attcttttta tttcatttac attcctacat atacatgctg    108120
     aacatgagtt gtatattacc tgtaatttca tcaagaaagt agcatcaaga aaacaaaatg    108180
     tctgacattt gttctaacag cattcaacaa agcaatcata gaaatggaat tttaatacaa    108240
     atttatagag tagacaaata tactacttta tttctgtgat gatatttctc aactcattgc    108300
     tgactgaatt tacagatatc atctgacttt tcagaaaggg ttcctagtct cttcaacaaa    108360
     aaatccacaa actgaataac tgaagtgagc attgatggga tgcaggctga tctctttaaa    108420
     tccatcctgg actcatatct gtgctcagct ttgtcaataa tagttgggtc acttaatacg    108480
     agtacttccc tgcttaaatt attcatcatg atgcttatga atatcttact taataacaaa    108540
     gtgaaaagta tattgtaagt ctcctgacaa taatttggct tgtacagttc atatcattac    108600
     tcttatacca agtgaacttt gattatgaat attctttata aagtgtgaca ccgatggtct    108660
     gattgaatat taacatttgc aagttggaat gagattgtat catttttgtt atggaaagtg    108720
     acatgacatt gaattttcta tgataatcac tagaagatac tgtaacaatt cagattctat    108780
     actctcaacc ttgaagttaa ttcaatattt cttgttcaca gctaaggaat atttaatatg    108840
     agccatatga gtatgagttc agaaaacgcc tgggaaatcg actttaactt cttggctctt    108900
     tatctagatg caattcaata actaattctt gcaataataa aatattatta acagtgttgt    108960
     gtaagaccct gattgagact tggaaaatac aacacaaaat aatcacaaca ttcctaagaa    109020
     aagcaactaa ggctttgatg aaattgcaaa tgtatatgtt gtaatgggtc aagttactat    109080
     gtgttttaaa atacatatta atttttctcc gatagcatgt taacgtgctc atctttgaaa    109140
     acatttttaa aagataaaaa tcaaggaacc atatttcttt tgtctgtttc acacttgtga    109200
     aatttattaa taaagataga gtagtccatg aaacattgtt acatgtaact gaatctattt    109260
     ttactaaact ccaaaattag ataagtgcac tcaaaagtgg tctttgtaac agaactttca    109320
     gcctttaact atgggaaaaa attcccaaaa tttcttactg tgaatgagaa cataaaagga    109380
     attgtaacct ctgtcggaag actctttctt aaagacataa agagcgggta ctgtagcagt    109440
     atatcagtaa tatacattac tgtaatattg tagtaaagtg ctggcgttgt gagcatgaaa    109500
     acctaagttc attttagaga ccatgtaaaa agtgccaagt gagattttat atgttggtct    109560
     ctcctctgta gttattatga taatgctaga cagaaaaaaa gcaaggtcat ccctgtggtt    109620
     tcctggccag cttccctcct ttagcctttg accaaaaatg tcaagagtcc atttcagtct    109680
     aataagagac cctgcctgac aaagaatttg tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagag    109740
     agagagacag acagagagac agagagagac agagacagag aaagacagaa ggagagacaa    109800
     agggagagac agagggagag acagaggatt cacagttgca catatacata ttcaaaataa    109860
     aatataagta tgaaaattgt ttataattca tataaaaacc tgtagaacac aactcatttc    109920
     ttagagcctt aaataacaga gttgaatagt ctcagatatg tatgaaattg agtttcgggg    109980
     ctggagagat ggctccatgg ttaatagaac cgattgctct tccaaaggtc ctaagttcaa    110040
     atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg agatctgacg tcctcttctg    110100
     gtgcatctga agacagctac agtgtactta gatataatag taaataaatc ttaaaaaaga    110160
     aaagaaaaga aaggaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaaaatg agtttcttct ccctgtaata    110220
     aatatgagaa gtccatgaca tgtgtaaaca atctactgtg cttggtgaca atatcaatat    110280
     tttagcaatc attgactaca tagtaccccc atttttcagc agattgtgtt tcataggcaa    110340
     gaatctgttt attattgata cctgttggca agaagaaaat cattcttctc cattgtcact    110400
     gagaatatca accaaactcc acggccaacc ccatgaccat gagtagttgc ctaacacaaa    110460
     atgacatcta tgattttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta ttttagtggt    110520
     ggacatttta gtttagtgta gtgtagttta gtttagatat atttttgtat tgatgttttg    110580
     cccatttgtt ctgatgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg    110640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagag agagagagag    110700
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagactaaa caggggagga aaaaagagat    110760
     gactccaaac tctcaagaca gaaaggaatt ttgatttgct cacagttttg tagttcacaa    110820
     gttagtatat ctataattta caaagtgtga tttatttagc catcattagt gttattgatg    110880
     aaatttctgt taaaatattt tcatatatta gtgttctgta aaccatcatt atgtttataa    110940
     ttagtttaaa atttttattt tgaattcaaa tatacatttt taataaagtt tagaaagcct    111000
     atatatgtat atatatgtat atttacttga tatcaatatt taaatatata tatagcttaa    111060
     gccaaaaaga aatactgaaa tagaatataa aataccaata gattaaaata ttctgaattg    111120
     tctcctaaac aatctaattt cttagattgt ataacattcc atattaaaaa gtgttatgat    111180
     cattttaaaa gattgattga gcaattagtg atattatgtc taaagtattt atcagagata    111240
     caggtattta atacttattt tttccaccta atactattaa ttattatttt gaatctctcc    111300
     ttcctcaagt tatacaccct tactgttgtt taaaacagtt ttaagtcttt tgactatgta    111360
     catgtagtat gattttatta tatattttct ttatttgtat ttcaaatgtt atcccctttc    111420
     ctgctttcct ggtttcctct ctgaaaaccg actataacac accccacccc cacgcacagc    111480
     tcaccaaccc acccactggg gcattgagct ttctcaggac caagggcctc tcttcccatt    111540
     gatgtccaac aaggccatcc tctgctacat atctggctgg agtcatggat ccctttgatt    111600
     ggtggtttag tccctgggag ctctgagggg tacctgttgg ttcatattgt tattcctcct    111660
     atggggctgc aaaccccttc agctccttgg gtcctttgtc tagctcctct attggggacc    111720
     ttgtgctccg cccaaaagtt ggctgagagc atccacctct gaatatgtca ggccctggca    111780
     gagcctctca ggagacagct atatcaggct cctgtcagca agcacttgtt ggcattcaca    111840
     atagtgtctg ggtttggtga ctgtatatgg gatggatacc caggtggggc gggctggaga    111900
     gatggcaggt taggctcaca accaaaagat aagtgtagta tataaaaaca ccttcctggt    111960
     aagggctata aagaagaaat gagacatata aaatacttca taattaaaat gagaaaaaaa    112020
     tatagctatt tctagtacat ttgaaatcat gaaacctttt cagtattata catatttttg    112080
     tactaaacta aattcataca attaaaaaat agtcaagtta ttattgtgtc aatgagtgta    112140
     atcttccttc agtgaatgct atgtagaagt gaatcgtctg ttgctgtttg acacaaattg    112200
     tacacgaagc tataactctg aagatgtttg aatatgctct aactacagta aacccttaat    112260
     taaaatagtt agttgccata ccataatatc ctgtactcag aatatatatc acgctcctct    112320
     taaaagacat ctttcataag gatgtatatt ggtctctctt tcagcatctt gtgtttgacc    112380
     ttaatctgcc tgtgcactgc actggaagac gtgtatgcaa agcagactga gactgaggac    112440
     aacttcaggc cactctgaag tgctccacga tctctctcct cttccatgag aggagatcag    112500
     agccaaaagt actatgaatc tttgataaca ttattttttt ttcttgaata catttggtgt    112560
     cctttaatta ttatctctag aaattcattc atttgccacc cttagggcca tcccattcct    112620
     ccatcactta tcagtgagta cctgaactaa ccattgaggc tggggggggg gggcaaaaac    112680
     acactatgct aaacacacca agctttcttt atttttaatt ttttaaatat ttttaaattt    112740
     ttaaaaattc tcttatttac atttcaaatg ttgctccctc ccatccccca atggatcttc    112800
     acccaccccc tctcaccttt gcctcctaga ggctgctccc cctgacccac cacctcactc    112860
     cgcaccccac cagactgccc cttttcctgt tgtatcaaat ctctgcagga ttaggcacat    112920
     cctctcccac tgcggccaga caagcagtcc tctgctatgg tccttggaga gcaaggtttc    112980
     ttaagacttt gtccttctgt tcacaatagt tgcttcagga agtctctctg gtcgctttga    113040
     tgacaattct gcttcttaaa gagtctctaa ccagattcag atacagagct gtggacatac    113100
     cgactttcat gagcctcact tgttggaacc cgactaaact ttgctctctt aaatctgcta    113160
     aatatagacc agaggaaact gtagggaaaa actacaatga aatatttata catatacata    113220
     tatatgtata tgtatatgta tatgtatatg tatatgtata tgtatatgta tagtgtgatt    113280
     actacatgta agaaagaata tttgtaaaac tgaggaagga aatgacctcc acttcacgtt    113340
     aaaatgttaa tagatgcttc ttgtgtttat acaacataaa tttcccctat agttaagatc    113400
     actgtacttc ttccatcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    113460
     ctttaacaaa attatttagc ttttgatgta agaatcagtt taaaacagaa tgatgcgtga    113520
     aggttataaa gttatataaa tcatcgcttc ctagtcttgt tatcaccgac attgtaactt    113580
     gacacaatag agcatgctta ccttgttcca tggaagttac tgtgctcatt cgctactgtg    113640
     tgatattagt taaagtttac tctcgggctc actgttgata gcttctctcg attctgttgc    113700
     attacattaa tctaataagt ctgcagttta ctttcaaaat aatattaaga taaactgtga    113760
     ttcttctgat ccaaccttat taaggctaga tgaatactag tatttatatc agtgattttt    113820
     tttaatgacc cttcactgag tgagactgtg tttttccaaa tccctttttt cttttagcat    113880
     ttcagtatag tttgacagta acatcacttt taaagtcatt ctattaggaa gaaaaagagt    113940
     ccaattctga ttgtcgagaa gtgtactaaa gtgcacacta gctactcctg gcacctgtgg    114000
     tttttacacc tgtagttttt ctttggagag gtaatgtgct tctctgaaga aattttttat    114060
     tacagtgaca tttttaggat atacctaacg catttttttc atgctagtgc tctgagagca    114120
     ataatatagg tccctgctgg gcaataggca gaactgatcc ttctattccc catctgatgt    114180
     aggtggtaga atataattag ctgtgctgga aatcttcctt gatgcccctg agctggctga    114240
     gaggtgagtt ttcaatcatt tacaactctc tgaactcttc cagcctgtag cttgaataaa    114300
     gattataagg agttcttgtc atatgtaaaa ggagacctgt tcaaagctgt tttggaaagg    114360
     attctagggc atggtttcaa aaatgcaaat gaattataca tttctaattt acaaaaattt    114420
     tgtttcttaa taaacatcat tttttgtaga acaatggact attaattccc acttttgcaa    114480
     ggattatttt gaattcagta ttatatatgg gaagcaattt tattatgttt ttttttcaac    114540
     aaaagggtat tatatttttt ataagtggta taattgactc gtagataact tagatgacat    114600
     tttcttgtcc ttaggaagta gtatgctcta tttctgaaat attttttgac ataaattttg    114660
     ctatgattgt tgagcactgg aaatattaat aaagtaacaa aagtaaatat gagatataat    114720
     gtgcatgtgc tcatttagca aatattttta aataaattca acccaaaggg tttcactttt    114780
     aatgagtata agtaatgtgt acatttgttt ctagttcatc aaatgtagaa gaaaaaaata    114840
     aagtatttga tatgtaaaca cagtatatgg tgataattgt gagaaaatat gttaataaat    114900
     tcttcgtgta aactttgtgt caagaaaaga agttctggaa atagtgttga agatgagaat    114960
     tgatgaatca aattgaccat ctctcatttt cataaccctt acctcatggt ttcatagatc    115020
     gattgtttgg gctcatagag tatcataaaa tagcttcagt gtttaaaaac caagattttc    115080
     agctgtaaat tattgtcctt gtattatata acttgtgttt atttaggaaa ataaataacc    115140
     ttcacatcac actttttctt gagtttaaaa atatatcttc aggatccacc tcttcaggaa    115200
     atatcattgc ttttgttttt ctttctgtaa tattacatgt tttattttga agtctttctt    115260
     tcttggactg tagaagagtt tatagacatg tttaatagtt tatttattta tacaaaaata    115320
     cattaaatat tctgctattt atgaagggac attccaggtc taaagttttt tttattatta    115380
     attttaacaa ccttgtttac tttctgttat ctatattata caatccacag tctatgagat    115440
     atcattattt gattaaaaac tacaacacct tgtattattt atgaaacaca gtttcatcct    115500
     ggctaaattt ggcactatcc ctattttcag tgaataatgg tacaattaac ttagccagag    115560
     gaaagctcac aattgtttgg aacagtatgt ttaaaactgt ggctcatcac atgaagttag    115620
     tcgtttgtgt aatgaatatt catctcccat cttctgactt attcctttcc ttcttttcaa    115680
     agcatacttt atgcattcct gtgcctattg gtggcgttta tcatgtttca acacatccgt    115740
     aaagcacaca ctgataaatt gggattaaca agcatttcta ttgccttttt tttttttcat    115800
     ttatatttgg agtctccaaa gaccttagca tataatttga taaatgactc gcagtggatc    115860
     tcaatcttcc taatgctgag accccttaat acagtttctc aagttgtagt gacacccaag    115920
     caatattaat ttcattgctc tttcagaact gatattttgc taggattatg gattctattg    115980
     aaagtatttg gggggtatga ggtttgaaga ttttaggcag agcctgtaaa attgccatgc    116040
     aaccctcaaa gctgccatga cccacgtttt gagaaccgct tcaactgtat gggtctcatt    116100
     ctgttacaag cacaagaaat tattctctcc cgtgttacta atatttatta ccacttttcc    116160
     aaactacctt tatacctggg cccttctcct tctccaaaga attagtattc aaaactaatc    116220
     gcaactttta atgcttcctt taggacagaa gacacgaggc attcgctgtt agctgccagg    116280
     cgtattccac tttgcataat gtctggcagt tctattcatt ttgctgcaga tgacagaatt    116340
     tgaatttttc tttatgttca aatatttcac tctgcatgta gagtacattc tcttactctt    116400
     ccatctatca gaccacagtt gagtaggttc tatatatttg ccatggtaaa taccaccaga    116460
     ataaacatta aagtgaaatg ttaccttggt ttgactattt cttttccttt agccacccac    116520
     cttgatagga tggtcaatct ctttgaagtt actacagaaa tgtccccatt cttctctata    116580
     atggctgccc tgattttcat tcctgtgaac agtacactct tctcctatac cgtcatcagc    116640
     atttgtcaac tttgaatgac agtctttcta tatggtatag aatatatgta taaatttaca    116700
     ggaagcaaaa ataaagatag aaaattagga ttgcattaat ataagatgcc attagcagtg    116760
     aaaggcattt tcaacagaca atgaatatca ggatttcatt tctcactatt acttttttca    116820
     tttattcatt aaatatttta catatatttt tgagatggaa gccagccacc tagaaatgga    116880
     ctgtgagagg tgtctgcatt aagaaaggat attaactaat ttcagataag atgaaagtta    116940
     gatagggaat atgggaaata gaaatgaaca atgatgatca ggtagaagat gaagaaatga    117000
     aaggatggat ggagatggat gaagacataa caaaaacaaa gggtagcatg aaaaccaatt    117060
     tgtaaacagc ttatagagaa gccaacagtc agtagattca aaagtactta attggagaaa    117120
     gtattaggac atgaaagaaa agggaaggaa ttcttatcaa tacttttata ttatctgtct    117180
     tcttgatgat cacaatcata ttaaaaatat ttatttctat caatctataa acccgtattc    117240
     tgtatgtctc ttgaatcatg tgcgtgtaaa tggacagaag agtagatcaa ttaatgagag    117300
     atagaaatat atatttattt gtagatacaa agattcaaat taaggatacc acactgcatc    117360
     tctctgctct atgaaacaca tcttaagtca ttctcttgac atttttcctt ccagtttcct    117420
     tttaaataaa atccagtcag tctttgataa tgctatttct actcaaactc tgacatgttt    117480
     accaatttac tctttacacc taatggtaaa ctgtaagctc ttatctttca ttcttttgta    117540
     atgaagtaat gatccagtta aatctcgttt gatcgaagtc tgctatttgt tttcttgggt    117600
     tcccttgtgt ttgttttctt ttacaatact cttcaaatcc cttacagtcc catttgagct    117660
     ctgtttaacc agacactcct ttaggtccca cacctgggca tctctaggta tgaccactca    117720
     cttagtctta tgtcttttaa ctaacagcag gatcctgaat gctgtcaatt atctccttag    117780
     acctcaccac taaacaactc catttctata tacatagcaa actaacaaac aagcaaaaaa    117840
     acaacaaata aaaaccaaaa ccattatgaa caatcctgag gttttttcct attcacacaa    117900
     tccttagttg tcttggcctc attaaattac aatacctttc ctccatcatt tttttgtttt    117960
     gttttgtttt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt    118020
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tcagcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg    118080
     attaaaggca tgtgccacca tgccaggcat ttttcctcca tcttaagtga tcttatatcc    118140
     ttgcataaat tcaacccttt ctattatttt agccacactc attattgctg caaattacta    118200
     atataatccc tactcaaaat cactttatta ttttattgat ctaaaatatc atcgtgaatt    118260
     gaaaggttga tggtaatata ttttaagagg ttacaatata tcaagccttt tttatgtttt    118320
     gtcattaaaa tagctatctc agtacatttc agaaaagcta ggacatttaa ctcctcttct    118380
     agaaactgtt cacattctca tagaatttaa aacctcctgt gactctccta tattgcctac    118440
     agagaggcca ctcctctaat cacctcaatc tttttccacc tacaattaaa ataaattaat    118500
     ttagccaaat gaaacttagc aatcctcatt tgatggaata ctgtacattt tactatcaga    118560
     tcaaatatat atagcttgag aaattttccc acattttgat gatagaaata tggtgatagc    118620
     attaaagttt catatcattt ttagatttct tgagagtctt ctaaatgtca aacaaagtct    118680
     attttatgga tactaagttt tataaatgta ttaatgatgt agttttcaga ttgaaggtta    118740
     gattctttag attaattatg cataaagtcc aggccagtat aagttaacaa ccaatataag    118800
     aagtcaattt aaagattgaa gtctggataa aataatatac tatattggct ttttggagct    118860
     ttacaagtac gttttaagtt tactatacct agaaaatcga tatgggattt gataatttag    118920
     tttaaaataa actttttttt ttcacttcct gttaatccat ttcttaaaat gggtcagctg    118980
     tgagagaaat ttaaatattt ttcctttgat tacctctttc ttttcataga aataaagcca    119040
     tgggattaat aagctgtttt tctttggcta agatgccacc ttttcttagc agtgtctgat    119100
     ctggtaacca acttcaccag actggaatgc agcccattgg tgtcacctga agaaagctga    119160
     catggcctta gaagagtgct ttatgcctca ccacacctct tttaaaaatg ctattagtgt    119220
     acttgctaag gagatgaggg atgtctgatt gtgtgtgtgt atattttcac catatctcca    119280
     gtacgtagtg ttttgtacaa actcagtcca gattgtgtgt tcagttgaag taaagggtca    119340
     ctagtagtgt tagcatgctt atgcctcaat agtacaagct aattgtttgc tgatatttgt    119400
     aattgtcacc cacacatgct acactgtttt ttattgttgg ttttaaagtt ttgcctttct    119460
     ctagatacta ccccatggtc acttaactgt taaaaaaatg tgatggcttc taatgaaata    119520
     ataacgccaa accctgcccc ttaatatact tttacaagtg aaatttgaat ttgtcaagta    119580
     tttcagtcat gtctgaaaaa aagttagagt tactgtagaa tgtctatgtt tacatttaat    119640
     aactgtatca gtgtattcaa agatatataa attattaatt aataagaatt catttattta    119700
     aatattacta aggattgata attattttat gtataattta aagtctcatt ttgttacaca    119760
     atgtatctta tgtaaaattt tcaggcatat tttattgata aacagtacat ctgcacccta    119820
     tttttaggag ctaaagttga aaaggtaata aagattatct gttatgactt tgtccacccc    119880
     ttactaaatt ctaggaaata actgctcctg ctattttgat caccaccaca agatagtaca    119940
     ctgcatcatt ttttattact aagtaatgta atttttaata tattttcaca aaattgacag    120000
     cactcttcct tgtactggag tgaatacttg tcgaatctgt ttcccaacac aggtaggaat    120060
     gcagggtctt tgttacatgt cttattttct catacccaag tatttcgaat acctcaggca    120120
     atttatgttt catacttttt aggcatcttt catcaaattt tctcctgata gtaatgttgt    120180
     taaatcaatt acaccttcta tcaattgata tgcatcagtg gaaaacttta tcccacacct    120240
     ctttgacatg taattttaaa caagtgtaca gaaaagaata taatagtaca acaggatatg    120300
     gtacgtgctg ctaagttgtt tgataacatc cataacatat ttcccctttt tatggatagt    120360
     ggtatgcatc cattgacctt atccaagaga attcttacag taaaacttcc agatgccatc    120420
     catgtataac atatatttat atatttatat attactacac aaaaaacaaa acaaccaaat    120480
     aaaccaactg cagcattctc tcctgttcat ggctttatat tataatagtt ttcattacac    120540
     actatcttta aagtcccttt gtttgtcaat taaaaaaatt tctgacaagg ttcagtgttt    120600
     ttttttaagt cttccttttg actattgttt ttcaaattat tttatttgaa attgagttta    120660
     ctgatatagg aaacagctct aacatatggt gctatattgt gaaatgcaat gtttccaata    120720
     cattctgcag tatgtaagtc atattacatg tattaccaac ctcaaatatt aattatcaac    120780
     ttgtaataac aaaacaccct taaaataatg ttccaatttc cttttcttct gagattttaa    120840
     acagctgggt cctcttgaac caagaacctt ctttttacac cttgaaggag aatctttaca    120900
     cttctttcta acatatgatt acaaggaatg tttagtatac atactaagca atacactgtg    120960
     aaattgttct ttgatattgg ccacatgttg agagattata attgtagctt taattttcag    121020
     atgtatgatg atagacaaca ttcagtttta gtataattat ttactaatct tgtattattc    121080
     atatatttaa tgaataacac ttatttcagt tgatttctag ttttattttt aattgcatat    121140
     atatttgtct atgtccgtgt atgtgtgcat gtgtatgtgc attaatgtgt acaggtgtgc    121200
     atgcatgtgt gtgacatgtg catctgtgtg tttgtgtgtt cttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    121260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg caagtagcct ctttcctgtg cttatcataa    121320
     gagtggagca tatcttatct ctgactcctt ctatcaaatc tttctctgat tcatctcctt    121380
     gtctgttcct caattagaca tcactttcaa atacagctgt cttcttctac aaactacctt    121440
     tgccttcatg atttgggatt aagggcttgt ctatattcca gccagagtga ttaaagtcct    121500
     gtaatatctg tattccagct ggattgcaca gatctagaag gtatttaaat atgattcctt    121560
     gacagaaaag ctatgttgct ggataaaaat tcttcttcag atgattgcta tgagttcaag    121620
     tccagactta attacagaga acgcaagatc aggcatgggt aatagtcaaa aatcctatct    121680
     cagcaataag aaaaaaaatt aatagagaga aatgttaaat gtctaaatta tatatgcata    121740
     tattaattct tttataaaat aatagaatga tatatgggtt attaataaaa tattcacttt    121800
     gatttagtaa cacccatgtc cttacctcac ccaccttctc attcctcctt tcatgtttga    121860
     cttcccttgt gcttccttgt attttctcca tatgacctgt gctgtaaatc tctctagttt    121920
     tgttggtagt ccctgtgagg tctcctttct gtctttccat tctcaacaag ttcgctggtt    121980
     aaatatacaa aactttatat tcaatgccaa gttccacttt gaaaagtggt tcctgggggt    122040
     gggggtcagg ggaggcagaa gacttgaagt caaatagtga gttacaagct caagaaattt    122100
     ttgcagaatg gtctcttcca agacagttct ttcttgcaat tccaaaaact ctggatagct    122160
     catctcttga agaccaaaag gaaagtcttt atttgcatat caattcagtc attaccccag    122220
     gttcccctct gcttggtcca ttattccagc tccaggatcc atagaaagaa acaagaacac    122280
     atttttacat tacaaatgaa tttagagata tgcctgcctt tgttatgcac agacagtaaa    122340
     ctagctgggt gggaacccac cctgaaatta ccattcctat caaaccaggg cttgaaccta    122400
     aacaaactct gccccaggct gatcttcaac tcaaaaactg tccttcttct tctctcttca    122460
     gaaaatagct acctaaataa aatgaaaact aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaataaaca    122520
     gaaaaaaagt aaaatagcca gtgataaagc acatgagcac atataactta gagacacaca    122580
     cttttgcata cacataaatt gcataaaaca caaaacaaga aactatacta tatataagca    122640
     agagacctgt aaggttaaaa ataaaataat aaaaactttt aaaatatcca tacaaggaat    122700
     tatgagacat gtaattttaa aaaaaaatac cactgagtag gttttttgtt ggtcagctac    122760
     tgcttttgag atataggact gcccttaaat gaggagttca tatccatgct gccagtctct    122820
     gtgagtgagt gcctttgtgt gtcagtcctg ttgagtatag aagctctttt ttttttcttg    122880
     ctgtttccca ttcccactgt tcttaaaatc tttccacctc ctgtaatgca gagtttcctg    122940
     tgctctgaga ccctaatcat agtcaagaat cctttgccta ataaacttac cagcaacaaa    123000
     agaaactagt tctaatatca ccagctttat atattaagtt ttagcacatt gaacttggag    123060
     aatttcaaaa attacaatcc tgagatattt gacccttttt ccttcactaa acatcataaa    123120
     tgatctttgc aaattacaag tgaatctagc ttactttttt gtgaaaaata ttcctgattt    123180
     gttttttaaa agataaagag aacttgaata tgttctatgg aagggtggtg aggtatgggg    123240
     aaagggatgt ctcagagggc ccatgccaag gcatcccttc ccgctgaggg agaccaggcc    123300
     acatgatggt atagtataga atagagttta ttcagggcat ggaaagggga gtacagagcg    123360
     taggagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagattg    123420
     agagagagag tttgtccatg aacatgtggc agggggaaga gaatgggaag gggagaacaa    123480
     gagcaagaga acaagagagg gaggaggggg caaacagccc cttttatagt ggctcagaca    123540
     cacctgctat tgccaggaaa cagtggggga agtttagaca gaatgctaac aattttcata    123600
     tattggtcca tctttataat aaactctttc ctctgaactc tactttacga aatgttaatt    123660
     tatacataac tagtatagca cacattgtaa ccattaattt gatctaactt tttttgattt    123720
     cctgataagc aggtaattat caacgtaatc aatggtgtgc ttctcccctt tatctcctat    123780
     tcctatcaga gtcccctaaa ccattatata tttctgtttt gtcagatcaa ttgtaagtga    123840
     tatttcaaat ttgaaaagtc cttcaatata agacacttaa actccttttt cccccttggg    123900
     ctaatagttt tacagtttcc tatgttgagg taggtataat cacttctttt cattgataag    123960
     cattttatta gatggaatgt tatccagaat attaaaaagc atttttattt tattttattt    124020
     tattttattt tattttattt tttaattttg gctttcgtaa tcatgctgtt ctaaacaagg    124080
     aatttttcac cagtgtttgc tttcatgttt gagatgctta tctaacatac ctgcaccatt    124140
     ttacattctc aggggcaatg tatgctagat ccaatttctc catgtcctca ccagcatttg    124200
     gacatatgta cctttattac aatcttatta atgggtggga tatggagagt gattggcctt    124260
     ttcatgaagg ttaatgactt tgtcatcctt catgatgcta tttcagatcc ttaaacatta    124320
     tagattcttt atcatagttt tgtgttttca gctacttctt tcacacggga ttcgccgtct    124380
     tcatggaggt aacatcagct caatattcat tttgtcatct ttcaagtata ggcttgtacc    124440
     tttcaccact ttgcttattt ttccaactgt ccttactcca gaccgacttt gtggatatac    124500
     aactctaaag tgatccagga gtagtaaatg tacatttgta catcaccctg aaatttggca    124560
     caatttttaa catgaaacat caatttctct ttatgtgctt tcttgtaaat ggctgctgta    124620
     ctatagtatt ttttttcttg cagtatagac aaacaatacc tacatggtgc actccttcca    124680
     ttttcaagtc accttagttg atatactgaa tatcggctct actagtattg actataattt    124740
     gctgtcattt tctctaagct tgggagtcta atgcctttgc tcttcttggt acttttatat    124800
     ctccagaacc tggaatagtg tctacaatat atctttagta atatatacat taacatcaag    124860
     gaaaaggtgg aaatagcgat gcatattgaa aaaggttttg agagctctgt gatcatacat    124920
     tagtgacata cagctgctat cactttttta aggtttagaa tggtgtcaga gtacaaaagt    124980
     accatttgtt atatgtgaaa tcgtttataa atactgtatt tgattcttct gtttttctgt    125040
     aaactattga ttgtaaatat taagaaaaga ttgtatatgt aagccaagaa aatggtacta    125100
     caccctatga aaagtcatat taggcatttt tattgcctgt actatccttt attacacata    125160
     tttatgattc taacatgaaa agtaattaca caaaaggtca cttcataaag ggaaaataga    125220
     aagtaaatta agaagcacca agaaagccaa gaggaaagaa aattaatgct aatagtatac    125280
     agagacctta aacagaacaa agagaaggtt tctgcttaaa attcatggta caactactag    125340
     aactggttaa tgaaatattc atataatttt taaaaattag gcagctcatt ggtaataagc    125400
     tttggagtgt gttcctactg atgtatttag cagtttcact ttgctttatg tctaaatatt    125460
     tgaaaccaag tttaattgac atcaatatag ttagttgcaa tgctgttata aaatgaggat    125520
     agctacaggg atgtataatt gggtccagtc ttctacattt tcctcgggtc ctctaggcag    125580
     acagtctctg tacctctctg aatcagaaga ataggtctca tgacctggtt ctcttatgta    125640
     caccagatgt gttctttggg ttcttttgca tgtcctggat gtattgactt tgaattcttt    125700
     tctccacacc acccagttat catcatttgt atatcttagc ccacatttat gtgtttggag    125760
     aacactagtc ggattctacc acattcatct ctgtgataaa attaattttt attacacttg    125820
     gaaattaata cactgattct cacttaagtg ggaatgtcac taaggataaa gaatattcca    125880
     tttcttctca acactgtatg tggagaatct gattttcata gaataagtga ataaaagctt    125940
     ccgaggggat gaatgggtga aatgattcat agagctctca agttccaaag gactgcataa    126000
     ctgtcatcag agtgtattgg aagctgaaac tggagaagcc agagttaaaa gacagcctgg    126060
     gacttagagt aagaccttga caataaataa gtaagcacag attcatacag aaggaacagg    126120
     actaaatgca ctgaaagttt tcaaagatgt gatataaaac aagacaaaac ggtatgtgta    126180
     tctgtcatgt cagataccct ctatgtgaca caatgattct aaatgtacaa tctatgtcaa    126240
     catcagataa catacatgta tgtttagttt ttattcatta ttttgaagaa gagggtactt    126300
     ttcaaaattt caatcgattt acagtaacaa ttactgaaaa tattagattt ttaactaaat    126360
     caggatgata gctattctct ggtctttcaa taatatattg ttgaaataat agtaagctct    126420
     atgtgtaaaa gttttacata attactgaac tgttacacaa taaacctctt ttaaactgac    126480
     cttcaagaaa ggcaaagatt gaatcaaagt gcaagaattt catttctatg aaggacaaaa    126540
     atgataatgt tcaggcagac acttggcttt ctaatcatct tacttaattc agtggtagac    126600
     cctggaagaa ctagataggg agctaaaatg cccattaacc tgtcacaatc aaatatcaga    126660
     tgtcttaaat gaatcttcag gcagtgttga atcaaagcca agatataaat gaattttctt    126720
     ttaggtttgt gtaatgcctt tttgtaatac aaagaagaga tgtcctttgg aatgtcagat    126780
     ataggaagta atgactttgg ttttctagtc agatgcccgt agtgaacttt acggagacta    126840
     agttaattct gaaaatgact taattttcaa tgaatcatat attttaatgt atttcttaaa    126900
     ataaaatgtg tactttgttt ctatagtaat gtgggaaatc aacattttta ccattgggtt    126960
     gacgttaatt taacatacac taaggacttc ttaattcaaa ttctatatga tctaatattg    127020
     gttataaaaa gagattgttt aattgtgggg aataattaat cacttttcat aatttagtta    127080
     ataatgcaat gcagtaatag aataaggtgt tgggttttgg cctgaatttg tctatgtacc    127140
     atgtgcatat agtgactatg gatgtcaaaa caagattttt aggtctcctg ggactgcagt    127200
     tacagacagt agtgagtagc aatgtcagcc ctgcaacgtg agcttggatc atcttggaga    127260
     gtacccagtg cttgttcctg tttaatgaac tctccggcag cattatatgc attgttaaca    127320
     atataacatg ttgctacgtt caaatatagt ccattgcagt tttttaacca aaaataaatt    127380
     acaacagaat tgttcttcta tttactctaa taaattttat gattacttaa tttgtttcca    127440
     aacataatag aatatatttt tctattatag gcactgttct atggccataa atatggccat    127500
     aaaacaaaac tgtaatttct cacattcatt caatattagc tttattgaat gttgtagggt    127560
     ctgtagattg gaaaatcact tagtaaaagc atttgtccca atcaaactat agaggtcaaa    127620
     agtgctataa ctcatttttt ttttaaaagc aagcaagact gttgaacagt aaatagtatc    127680
     tgttcaataa aattaaacaa taggggaatc ttgcagtgta aatatggata atagcaataa    127740
     aggtgaaata gtttgagaca aggatgttag agtcttagag aaagcacatg atattcagga    127800
     cagtaaaagg aatttgaaat aatttgaatt gatagtattc aaattataaa atgtactcga    127860
     acagaaaggt gataacacat gaggttctta actgtcagac tgaaggagtg gagttttact    127920
     tgggaagtga tgatatttgc agttatacag gcaaggtgag atgaaatatt catgaagtta    127980
     ttatgaaaat aaaaaaaaat atgctgagaa aatatattct taagaacacg gagaaatgct    128040
     ttctgcattt gatatggttt tggtcagaaa aacataagaa atatatctgt gtgttttgca    128100
     cagtttgaaa gtcgttctga gtaacattca gctaaaaaat gtgcctgttc cctcttaaat    128160
     caagagacac atataaatat ccttcaaaga ggtgggagta gagattaagt agctgtgcac    128220
     agtgtcggat tgactgattg aaacaaagtt gctggaaagg aaaggagaaa gttgaggaag    128280
     gtgacaggct caaataagtc aacatttaga aaatacatca ataattaaat ttccaaacca    128340
     atctaaggcc aagcattgat accatatagg acatgccaag agttcctatc atggaaagaa    128400
     attcagatgt ccccaagttg tctgaagtag ataattccag acctgtgtaa ctgttgggta    128460
     gggggaatat aattgtgatt gcaccaggaa gagaggcaga agcacctgaa atttgagtga    128520
     agcctggcct acattgaaga ctatctcaaa actaagtgaa gagtttaagt atacccctgc    128580
     tgatttggat gcatatcaaa tgccaatgcc cttgaagtaa gggcatcttt tggagatcca    128640
     caagaggaga ggccttagaa agaaaaagaa tagagaaaat catccgttta catgtgagca    128700
     aggctggtga aacaacataa gtaagtgacg tatgctgatt gaaaagatta tagaatgccc    128760
     aaagcctcct ggattgctcc aaagccaggg tctgcttgga tagtctaaag agtagctagc    128820
     aacaggcaat tgtgggcacc gtgaaaacca agtgtggtac atttacacaa tggagtacta    128880
     ctcagctatt aaaaacaata gattaattaa attcttaggc aaatgggtgg gaatagaaaa    128940
     tagcatcttc agtgaggtaa cccagtcaca aaagaacata aatcgtatgc actcattgat    129000
     aggtggatgc tagcccaaga gcttggaata ccccagatac aatccacaga acacatggag    129060
     ctcaagaaga aggaagacta aaatgtgggt gcttcagtcc tttttagaag ggggaacaaa    129120
     atactcaggg gaggaaatat ggagacaaag tgtggaacag agactgaagg aaagaccatc    129180
     catagactgc caaactgggg atctatccca tatacagaca ccaaacccag acactattgt    129240
     ggttgccaag atgtgcttgc tgacaggagc ctgataggtt ctgatagctg tctcctgaga    129300
     ggttctgaca gagcctgata gaggcagatg ctcacagcca accattggac tgggcattcc    129360
     tccaatggag gagttagaga aaggagtgaa ggagctgaag ggtttgaaac tccatagaaa    129420
     gaacaacaat atcaacgaac cagacctctt agaactccca tagactaaac cactaaccaa    129480
     agagtataca tggagggggg acacatggct ccagctgcat atgtagcaga ggtggcctta    129540
     cctggcttca atggaggaga ggtccttgtt tctgagaatg cttgatgctc agtgcagggg    129600
     agtgccaggt cagggagtct agagtaggtg ggtaggtggg ggagcactct catataagca    129660
     gacgaggcaa gatgagatgg gggtttcagg agggaaaacc agtcaaaaag gataacattt    129720
     gaaatgtaaa taaataaaat atccaataaa aatgcaataa ataaaaataa caataaaaat    129780
     aacaataata aattgaaaag aaaaagaaaa aagaaagcca agggataagt atttattggt    129840
     acatcagaca ggaacatttg catttcacag gctaagtgat ctctgtgtaa ttgtggagaa    129900
     ggagttattt accttatata agaaatttgt aattttactt ttagattttc tcagtcttct    129960
     ttttacattt tatgaattct tgtttttgat gttcttctgt ttaattagtt tggtgagaga    130020
     ttgtcctgtt ttctgaaact atagcttgct attatgtgtg agtaagaaat tatattgggg    130080
     gatatttcat tatcaaagtt gtttagaaag attacttttt ttctggtata aggtaaattc    130140
     taagtaacct ctcagtacac gataatgtaa caatatattg acaaaagtat aaatttacca    130200
     tgtatcttaa tacaatgcat aatcaatttc atgttgccta aatgtctttt ggtatgaatt    130260
     gaattttgat gatcctaaaa ttattatgat aacatttctc aattacatag acatttattt    130320
     taaaatgtat ccatgtacta agccacccac catgagaaca aggcagcaaa cacaagggcc    130380
     tgcatagtct tgatctgcat ctggtcctct gcaaatgtat tatagttttc agtttagttt    130440
     ttgtaaggga cccctgagcc tgtgaatgag tgggtatctc actcatgtgt tctcttgggc    130500
     tcttttcctt ttgttgatga tttttgtttc aactgatatt ttattttgtt atattttatt    130560
     gttatctttt agaaacctat tttctttcct tctttctttc ttgcttcctt gcttcttttt    130620
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct    130680
     ttcttctttt tctttttttc tttctgttgt attttgtttt tcaaaaaggg tttctttgtg    130740
     cagcacttgc tgtcccgaaa cccactctgt agatcaacct ggcctcaaag aaacagagat    130800
     ccaactgcct atacctcctg agtccttgga ctaaaggtat gggccaccac tccctagtgc    130860
     ctgttctgtt ctaaaaggag gcagaaaggg agtggatatg gagaagggag gggaggtggg    130920
     gagaaactgg gaaggataaa aggagaagaa attgtaatga gtatatattg taatgtgaaa    130980
     ataatcgatt ttcaataaaa gtgataaaag ttacaagaaa aagtagcaaa gagataacaa    131040
     aacatggttg ataaaatatg tgtgccagtg cgcctaacag gtgactgtgg gaaacgagag    131100
     gcagaatacc catggggcag tcaatccaga aaatgtatgt ctaaatgtat tactgtactc    131160
     ttcagtttct aaatgagtta ccagcatatt ttcagtgata tgcttgcata attaacacga    131220
     tgaatttggg gactgttttt tcatcatcac aagaaatcgc ccctttgttt tcttttctga    131280
     atgattctgc acagagtccg gatggccgca tcgaagttaa agggcagcat ggacgctctt    131340
     cactgcacat tagagatgtg aagttgtcag attcggggag atatgactgt gaggccgcta    131400
     gtcggattgg tgggcaccag aggagcatgc acctggacat cgaatgtaag tcacactcag    131460
     tatgggttgc cattgcgatc actttaggtg ggtggagaaa atacacattt tataagaaaa    131520
     ttaaaatgaa cagtgagttc ttttatttat tttttcttat tcaatgtgtt tcttcagaga    131580
     gaaggcaaca attcagtcaa ttcccagagt tcctagagtt agttactact gtacatggtt    131640
     accctttgaa acatataacg gaaagtatta tatcagctga gccatgcttt tacttgataa    131700
     acaagtcctt agactctctc tctctagttc tcccccgtcc tctctgcccc cccccctctc    131760
     tctctctctc tctctctctt tctccctctc cctctcagtc tccctctctg gcttccgttg    131820
     ccccctcaat ccctcctccc tctctgtgtt taaaggccaa actcttaaat atatagatgt    131880
     gttttctttc tttctttttt tttatagatg tgttttcaat catttctaat tgtattgaat    131940
     taattccatc agtataagaa gtagaatgca atggcatatg ccagtctttt acatcattaa    132000
     aaaagtgttt attgtctgta aattactatt gtattgataa aagaggttgg caatgatatt    132060
     catgattggg tgcattctag actatgtaga attctagaat tacttgatta aaggttatta    132120
     taaattaagc atctacccta attcataaga gtggaagtaa ttttctatat gtgtgttttt    132180
     ctttattaat tactttattt gtttaaattt caaatattac cctcttcctg gtctcccctc    132240
     caaggaactc caccctatgt ccctctagtt tgtctctaaa agggtgcttc cctgaatgca    132300
     cacccaaccc cacctcatcc atctagcatc cccctactct ggagcatcaa gcctccatag    132360
     gaccaaacta cttccctccc tctgatgcca gataaggcag tcctctgctg catatgtagc    132420
     aggacccgtg tatactcttt ggttggtgtt ttagtccctg ggagttctga ggggtcctat    132480
     tagttgattc tattcttcct ttggggttgc agtcaccttc agctccatta gcctgtctcc    132540
     taattcttct attagggtcc ccaggctcgg ttcaatggta ggctgtatct gcatctgtct    132600
     tagtcaggta ttggcagaac ctcacagagg gcagccatgc ctgtctgcaa gcacatcttg    132660
     gcatcagaat aatgttaggg tttggtgttg gcagatggaa tggactgcac agtgggatgg    132720
     tctctcgatg gcctttcctt cagcctatgc tccatttttg tcctttacac aaggacagta    132780
     ctaggttaaa ttttttgaga tggatgggtg gccccatctc tcaagtgggg accatgcctt    132840
     tatactgaag gtggcatcta caggctgtat ctaccctttt gggtcttttg gctaaagtca    132900
     tcaccagtgg gtccttagag ctctttccac cctggagtct gggactttct agtggttcca    132960
     catgttcccc atcccccact gctaaatgtt tctattcaat ttcctggccc tcaatactta    133020
     tttatatttg tacttctgag cctctggtct tctttcctgt ctcttcccac atctagtcgc    133080
     cccccccccc acaaacacac actttatttt ctccccctct tctctaccat tcaggtcctt    133140
     ccctccctct gcctcctgtg attattttct tccctcttct aagtgtgttt gaagcatcta    133200
     cactgtgggc ttccttcttg ttaagcttca gatggtctgt gagttgtatc attggaattc    133260
     tgagatttgg ggctaataca tatcagtcaa gacataccaa gcatggcctt ttggctctgg    133320
     tttacctcac tcaggatatt aggttctagt accatgaatt tgcctacaag cttcattaaa    133380
     tcatcacttt taatagatga gtagtgttct aatgtgcaaa tacaccacat tttctgtatc    133440
     cagtctttgg atgtagggca tctgggttgt ttcccattac tggcaattat aaagaaggct    133500
     gctatgaaca taatggagtg atgttgtagg ttgagtatct acatcttgtt atattttgga    133560
     gcatcttctg ggtatatacc taggagtggt ataattgggt ctttaggtag agctacttcc    133620
     aattttctga ggaacagcca gattaatttc caaggtgatt gaatcagctt gcaatctcac    133680
     cagcaatgga gaagtgttcc tctttttcag tatcctcagc aacatctgct gtctcctgag    133740
     atttaggcat tctgatttgt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt cattttgatt tgcatttccc    133800
     tgatgactaa ggatattgac catttcttta ggtgcttctc agccatttaa gattcctcac    133860
     ttggaattct ttgtttagct ctgaacccca tttttattag aattatttga ttttctagag    133920
     tctaactttt tgagttcttt ggatattttg gatattagcc ctctattaga cataagtatg    133980
     gtaacgatct tttcaaaatc tctaggttgc cattttgtcc aattggcagt gtcctgggcc    134040
     ttacagaagc ttttcagctt catgaggtcc catttgtcaa ttgttggttt tagagcctaa    134100
     gccattggtg ttctcttcag gaaattttcc cctgtgccga tatgttccag cctctttccc    134160
     actttctctt ctattagatt cattgtatct ggttttgtgt tgagatcctt gatctacttg    134220
     gacttcagct ttgtacaagg tgataaaaat ggatcacttt gcatttttct acatgcagac    134280
     ctccagttag accagcaaca ttccttgaaa atgctcttta ttattattat ttttttttac    134340
     tgcatgattt tttcaaagat gaagtaacca tatatatggg attatttctg ggtctttaat    134400
     ttttttcatt gatcaacctg cctgtggctg tacaatatca tacagtattt atcactattg    134460
     ctctgtagta cagcttaaag tcaaagatgg tgacagaaaa ctctagaaca aaaacaaaat    134520
     gccctagaag agtagatggc aagaaataaa ctcacaggta aaatcaatca attagaaaca    134580
     aagagaacta aagaatcaac caaactaaga cctgttcttg gagaaaaatc aaccagatgg    134640
     gtaaaccctt aggcatctaa gtagagggca cagagacagt atctaatttt gggtcattta    134700
     tatagttctt tgtccctacc atctgcagca caagttaagc ttgcctaaaa tatcagctct    134760
     aaacaaacag caatgaatta aacatctgag tcattttcag gttcacatct gttaattttc    134820
     ctttctcttg agattggcta tactcttctg gttcatttat tgtaaagata tgttgaattg    134880
     tttcatggat actgtaaata ttcatgtttc tgcacattct gaatatttta taaaacatat    134940
     gagtattttt aaagcaaata atactacaaa gatttatttt tgttgttgct atcattagca    135000
     ttcattaagg gctttactgt gtaggcttat gtgtacccag tgtaagcaaa tgtttgagtt    135060
     tgtttgacat ttctgtggta ttttacacag aactttggca ttgccatttc tgaagtctac    135120
     acagattgcc ctcattgctt ctcacatggg cttactcctt tccaagcttc tctgccattc    135180
     tgggcttgtt acatctgaac atccttaaag ctggcttatt atgggaccag ggtgggggtg    135240
     ggggaaagaa aggcaaacac atgagataaa ggaccaaagt tttattctgt ttggttttaa    135300
     ttttgattgt tttcattttg gttttgtttc ttttatgatt gctctgattt tcagttgttg    135360
     ttttcagatt catcatatag ttttctttgg ggagagtggg agatagataa ttgtctttga    135420
     tttttttatc taaaatttta atttcttata aacaaatgga aatagactat gatgggatat    135480
     tgtgatatta tgacatactt agaaccaccc tatgttctat ttttaataca ggttaaagaa    135540
     tgaaaataac tcatatgtct gtcttactta gtagctctta ttctgtctta cttagggctg    135600
     ttattgcaga gacaaagaac atggccaaaa accaagttat ggaagaaagt gtttacttgc    135660
     cttgtcctaa cagattatag cctatcatag aaggatgtca gggcctgaaa ttgagtaggg    135720
     ttggggcttg gaggcaggag tttatgcagg agacaggaag tggtgtagct ttttgctttg    135780
     ttccccatgg cttgtttagg ctgctttgat atagattcca ggactaccag ccctaggatt    135840
     aaaccaatca caataggctt ggttctccct catttatcac tgggatcatg cctcatgggg    135900
     acatgtcctc cactgacatt ccttcttctg ggatgactct agctctcctc aatttgacac    135960
     ataaaaccag ccgatgccca tgctttagag cttgggtcag gagaatcacc ataaagctta    136020
     gactacaaac aattcaaatt caaaaaagct tggcctcttg tgagactatg ctggggccta    136080
     gcaaacacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctattggatg gatcacaggg ttcccaatgg    136140
     aggagctaga gaaagtaccc aaggagctaa agggaactgc aaccctatag gtggaacaac    136200
     attatgaact aaccagtacc ccggagctct tgactctagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg    136260
     gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg aaagagaggc ccattggaca cgcaaacttt atatgcccta    136320
     gtacagggga atgccagggc caaaaagggg gagtgggtgg gtaggggagt gggggtgggt    136380
     gggtatgggg gggggctttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagctaa atacctaata    136440
     aaaaatggaa aaaaaaacaa aaacaaaaaa ccaaaacaac aacaacaaca acaacaaaag    136500
     cttggcctac ttaaaacaat ctagctagcc aggcatggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag    136560
     cactcgggag gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttcatgg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg    136620
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaacca aaaaaagcaa    136680
     aaaacaaaaa cacaaaaaca aaacaaacaa aaccaaaaaa gaaaacaaaa caaaaccaaa    136740
     aaccaaaaaa aaaatctagc taattttgat aaggttgttt ataaaactac agaagataaa    136800
     aggttgctaa tttctaataa acatatacat ttacacctgc tatcatacca aaatataata    136860
     aagtcacata ataaaataac aactttagca atgtaatcac cttaatttaa aacaaagttc    136920
     acaaaacaca gtacagagtg agtcataaac aattaacaac tgaaatcaat caaaaatcta    136980
     tagggtgtca taagtaacaa agatttatac taataaactt ttcagtacat gagaggccat    137040
     gaaaacgact gtcttaattt tctactcact cttacagtac atatgtctga cattgtttta    137100
     tatacacctt tgcatcaaga gctgctgtaa agattatgaa aattttgaac attacaaagt    137160
     gtaatgagaa gttaccacaa aagtcttttc acccatacca aacatctaca atgtaacagt    137220
     gccaagaggc agctaaaaga ctcaagccag ttctaatttg aaaccagtca tttactacaa    137280
     tagcactgaa ctaagaacgt taaatgatta ccaggttttt tttttcctca aaaccccttt    137340
     gtgttttaac ttaagcgtat ttcttggcat tctgcctgtt catttgctgt ttcaaaggtg    137400
     tcaccttact ctgaagtcag agttgaacta aagctctcat tcagaaaaca aaggagataa    137460
     caggttcatt gtatgtgttt taatgcagta ctccccagtt atatgatatg tctgatgtct    137520
     attgggatgt cattaagttc tgtgactagt tcttacacat agtatactaa ttagacttaa    137580
     ttattttgtg atgaacttat tttaacagtt atttgataac aatgcatggt cagaaatatt    137640
     gactcttttc atgaatttca ttttgagtcc tcttcatttg atttataatt catgtttgat    137700
     atatgaacaa ctgtaaatac actttctcca gcactatcta tataggtagt aatatctgtt    137760
     atgttcctgc tcccattggt tcaactgtga caggggactt gccaaccagg atgtcagtta    137820
     cccacataca tgtctgtttc tgccaagtag gatttcagtg tcaagggagg tcttgggaac    137880
     ttaaacttta ttgaaccgct acacaaaatg gaagtcttat tccaaatagt atcctatatt    137940
     ggtgcaggtg tgtctctctg ttaggatcta tcccaggggc atctcatccc acaaaagctt    138000
     atacacaggt gcaggaagtg atgttgggtt attggttggg gtccaagttt attgtgtgta    138060
     actatataaa acagttctat ttacttttta tcacgattgg tttccaaggg cacagaacag    138120
     aatatgtaat caaccttggt attagaatgt ttcctagtag cagcagaaat atatgagaaa    138180
     ctattataag tagcaggcta gccaggtaac tggttcctag gctttaaaat tttatccatg    138240
     ctttaacatt ttcccagggc cttaatactc tgaaatttgg ttcatcagtt ctcaatagaa    138300
     ctttggttgt ctttgtcatc ctaagattat tgtaatttcc tttgtgttgc tgttattaaa    138360
     cattctgtcc aaaaaccacc caaaagagga aacaatgcat ttggcttata aattaaggtt    138420
     catcactaat ggaactcgaa gaaggaatgc taacccatag aggaacatta ctagccatcc    138480
     tgatgaaaga ctggtgctta gccagttctc ttgtacaggt aaggttggag ctgcccacaa    138540
     ctgtggattc ctctgttgaa attaataact aagacaaaac caaaatccaa aaggcaatgc    138600
     tactacaggg cattcggatt cggcaatttt ttcattcatg gatttcctca caaacaactc    138660
     tggcattctt caagttgcta attagagcaa actgggatag ggatgataat aataaaatat    138720
     tgcagttgag caaactatga acttctcaga aagttctagg ggctagaatt gtggaagcag    138780
     tataacagga tggtcaggtt tctgatgagt gttgtactcc tgattgctat gtactcccta    138840
     tctttccttg gtgcatggat aaacacaaat cctacatttc tttgtctttt acaaaggcaa    138900
     tggtcttatc acaaaatttc ctctatcatt accctcatca taaagcaatt gattctccaa    138960
     ttgattctat ttgcaaagga cattgaagaa aaacgttttt aacatataat tttgaatgac    139020
     acactcaagt ctataccatt tctgtctact tccttacttc ctcacaaggc agccttcttc    139080
     tggatatttt gacagtggat ttcttgacac ctatttccac tgaggccatg tctcagcctt    139140
     ttctgtcctc tcaacacata gtaaatcaaa acaatgatgc atcaagactt tgtgaaatgt    139200
     gatgggtaat ccattcctca ctggttaaac ttcctaatga tgtagtaata ataaaatcat    139260
     atttctgaat tgcaactagg gcaaatgaag cttaagtaag agtggtgcct ctctagcaac    139320
     attatgaact aaccagtacc ccggagctct tgactctagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg    139380
     gcctagtcag ccatcactgg aaagagaggc ccactggaca ggcaaacttt atatgcccca    139440
     gtacagggga acgacagggc cagaaaatgg gaatgggtgg gtaggggagt gggtgggggg    139500
     agggtgtggg agacttttgg gatagcattg gaaatgtaat tgaggaaaat acgtaataaa    139560
     aaaaaagaaa tgttagacaa tagggatatg tgttatatac tttggttttg ttgtgattaa    139620
     actgcatgaa catcttggaa catggggtca gaaataattc acgtgtcaga ggtagttgat    139680
     atctattaca aagtagtgtt taccccatac caaaggacca ctgtacacat gacctcacag    139740
     tctttcagaa ctacatacac aagacctcat aaagcttgag gtatgatcta gtagatggta    139800
     ctacaccaat gcacaagcaa tactaagtgg aatcaataag tttaaaatca gagtccaggg    139860
     aataagaagg acttagagac agggcaggac agtgagtttg aatcacaagt catgtttgga    139920
     gaatactatt ttgttcttag gtatcaaact tctttgagta atcatcacat acagataaaa    139980
     agaaaagatc cagtaagttt gtttaaagta gtgaatatca ttcttcagta tttccatttt    140040
     aaatcctttg aatatagtta tttttctcaa tatgcttttg taacattaaa agcagcatta    140100
     gtgaggctct tcacatgtac aatgtgattg aaagtgatat tgcacaatat ctggaattac    140160
     ctcaggaata gtatagaata cttaatgaaa tcataattag gtacatgaga caggatatgt    140220
     ccatgtatag aaagagagag aaactattaa aaatgaaata tgtacaccat tttaatgaaa    140280
     gagaaaccaa ggacccaata tttgccaagg gtatgtgaag gacctccatc tttatatcaa    140340
     cacttccaaa ataaaaacaa aaatattaaa ataaataaaa tatttatttg ttttatattt    140400
     gaaaataaac ctgaatatct taacagtttg cttttctcct tggactggct taaatgtttt    140460
     tctacaacta aaagaataat tatcagtgtg attagacagg tattatgaaa agctggtata    140520
     agcctttaat attttctttc catgatttat gtacaacata aaatgatcta cttgtttcat    140580
     taaatatgac aggtattctt tgtatttatt ttcttacctc agtcaatatt tatgttttat    140640
     aactactttt tttagtagtt caaaaatatt ctatacaatg agagattatt atataacaat    140700
     ttatacctta tgttaatgaa tcaaaataga aattcatctt aatataagaa atttgttgta    140760
     aaacaattac ttaaaaggaa tattcttgta attaagatgc tgtcactcac tctatatttt    140820
     ttaacattca ctgattccaa tactcaggaa gcagagactt gtcgatcact ttgagcttaa    140880
     ggaggcaagc ctggcctaca taagaaactt taggtcatcc aggtctgcac agggagacct    140940
     tgttttgagg gcaggaatat ttgttactta gaaaaggatc tgtttttggc tataactgtg    141000
     ttgtttgctt ttcttttgct ttgataaaat gaaagaagta tttatttaga agctatggct    141060
     tgtgaaacat aggagttctt catggctagc agacataatc atatcatcaa gtgtcaggta    141120
     ggaaagtatg aatacaaaga taaaagatca cttcttgaac ctggaattgg aatttgcaca    141180
     agactataaa ctctcaaatc ccacctatag ctgtgtactt ccttcaataa ggctgaatgt    141240
     cctcctcgaa cagtgttacc agctggggac aaatgttcaa gcacctgagc ctacagtgtc    141300
     atgattctaa ctcatggcca ttatacaatg agcttttgaa ggatcatggt gatatcataa    141360
     tgcataatga atgtaatcaa attttaagtg tctcgtagta catagcattt ttgatactgt    141420
     ttgaaagtcc aaagtctctt ctgaaaatca agacagaatc ttaattgtga catcttgcaa    141480
     attctataag cataaaaact tccttctaaa aaccatagaa ttaaatttcc aagtacaatc    141540
     tgggaacact cagccaaagc aaattggaga cctagaggag ctaaaacaaa atctttttag    141600
     attattacca atgtaaaggg gattccatgg ctcttcccct aaagctttgc tgcctgaaac    141660
     agttctatgt ggtcaagact gtctaaggtt aaaaagaacc aagacagtca gcacaaacat    141720
     ggatctctcc attatgctag atttaatgct tgtgtgtatc catccttgac agacatctca    141780
     cagccctgac atctccagca tctcatagtc agcatctaaa tcaaggttcc ctgtccagaa    141840
     atgacttctc agagtactgc agtggatctc taccactatt agctggcctt aagtcttttc    141900
     tgaaatcata caagaagatt ctgtgtgtcc ttcattcttg aaactttcat accaccaaaa    141960
     acagtaccac ttgagcaata cttatgtgat tgtctgccaa atagggatgg accctagacc    142020
     cctttgatga tatcagtacc tgctttctta tgttgaagat ttctggaagc agggaattct    142080
     ttatgctttc ttatacatgg gaagtttagc tgggtaacgt gtccccacta gggcactctt    142140
     ctcatcatcc ccatgtagag cagtaggcta acatcaataa tcgttgcagt atctctttta    142200
     gtggaaaccc ttaatgcaga gttcagcatt ctactgcttc ttttctcttt aaacagcaca    142260
     ttttgtattt ttttcttctg cattgagtgt atttcactct cgaccaccat aagagttatt    142320
     agtaataacc attccacaga tttggtgttg tactatcccg aacattcctc tgccaaagaa    142380
     atcagtcctc tactcatttt ttttagagat tctgttaatt ttccttttat gtctgtgaat    142440
     attttgtctc tatgcatgca tatataccac atgcatttct gatgtttgta gatatgagtc    142500
     aagtgaatta aattcactgg acctagtgtt atgtatcttt gtgagctatt ttgggaacaa    142560
     acctgcaagt agatgcctga tgtaagtgct attaccaatt aagctgtctc tttctcccca    142620
     tagcccacaa ttattcttat tttaatttag catcagacaa tccctcagga caaaaagagc    142680
     atatttttct ttttttatca aaatttcaca ggaagggctt ctcactagat gttaatattg    142740
     tttccatttt attaccacac agactgggtc tctgaatact gcactgctca cagcactact    142800
     gtgttcagac ttccactgaa gcagtcagtt gaactttcgt tatagcattt gagtgctttc    142860
     ccagtccaaa gttacaaaat cttccacatt ccttcaaaag ccaaaatagt catgttcttc    142920
     ataggaacaa gcaaaatatc acgtgccagg ttctgtatta gttactttgc tgttgctttg    142980
     acaaattatc gtgacttaaa gtcacttacg gaggagaaga aaagagttca tttgaagctt    143040
     ttggtactgg agtaaaaatg gtgtggaggt tcagcagcaa tcttcatgtg agatggcagg    143100
     atcaggaagc tgagagtcac atttttatct acaagcacag agaagtgaaa tcaatcaaga    143160
     tgtggggaaa ggctataaac tcccaacccc ctgttcccct atgtgtgtca tacaagtatg    143220
     tggtacctcc tcaaacaata ggggccaaat tttcaaatac ctgagtctta ttcattgata    143280
     tcacttttcc atttgaagaa tcatgtttcc ttttgtaaat aacaatttat ataagatatt    143340
     tatatgtaaa gttgtaacta atcataagat gtttgaaaaa tgttatagat atttatgaaa    143400
     attttaataa aaatcaaggc ttagttacct actacatgaa ataacaacct ctagaacacg    143460
     tattttattg atgttttaac tattgtaatc tgagaaaatc aaatagggta aagattatat    143520
     taaaagcaga gtgattcctc ttatagtcaa actattctct gactgggcac aattatatca    143580
     ttaacaaaaa taaaattaga gagaaatcca gacgctgctt tttcaaaaaa gccacatata    143640
     agtattcttt attgcatgtg atttttagga cttgacttgt gtgtaatctc ataaaatatt    143700
     atgagattta tgcatatgtt ggctgtttaa attcatttat gaaaatatgc gtttggtgtt    143760
     atggttaact ggcattaagc acacatctaa tttagtattc cactcagcaa gtagaattcc    143820
     catggtacct ggactgattt cagctaattg ccatagctga ttcttcatac gtctcaacat    143880
     atagtagacc tgtatctatg aaatcattta ttgaattagc ctcaaaatgt gccaaaagat    143940
     atattagctt tttactccct tgatagtttt cagtgaataa atcaaaagtg aggaaattca    144000
     gagggctgag aagactcaat gtgcttcagg aaatttttga aatgcagtaa attcttcact    144060
     aattaagggg gctaacttct tcacaaaata agtaatgagt tcaagggaga aaatgtagta    144120
     gcaggaaagt cattttagat tacagtgcaa aatattgtgt gtttagactg tgaaccaaat    144180
     atgccttgtc ttgaggtttt gagttttgat ttatttaatt tttaattact gaacatctct    144240
     tatgtgtcaa atataaatcc agatactgta aagaaaagaa cattgtctgc agttcaaaaa    144300
     cttgtgtctt aattaggaga ctaaaagtca ccataagctg ctgaaatact gaacactctg    144360
     acaaatgttc ttgactgctt tcatgattga atgggtagca tcgagcatat gtgtgcaaag    144420
     tgataaagcc ataagattac taggcattca gctctatgga atttccctta taaatatgtc    144480
     agttgttaac cggaatgcct tcaaagttgt tatgaattct tggccatctg ggaaaaaaaa    144540
     aactggctgt gaggcagcaa tgtacaaata acacacagca gagatggtga aggatcttag    144600
     cacaaaagaa tgtttacaca gaaatttgta aattcacaag actttggcat ttaagggttg    144660
     tgagttgctg attttatgag gttgtaaggg atattgtaac ttttcttgct agacacaggc    144720
     aggacatgaa gttcctaagg gatttctaaa attgataaag cagagcttgt gagctagcaa    144780
     aaagagataa aaatgccagg agcctcctga cctagaatgt gttaaaggaa gacacacagg    144840
     tgtggcttta aagactgatg gtctccagat attctagccc tctaactata ctgaatgctt    144900
     gttgataact tgtaaaaagg tcctaaaaac tttctcattc attctgaaga ttaaaaacca    144960
     atgctttagt tgattaacac aagtagccta agagcagagg attaagtcat gaagcctttg    145020
     ttctacctct gaaggaactg acactctaac tccaagcctg ctcgttgaag tcacaggaag    145080
     agaaagggac actttcaaaa gtgattttag tctttacttc tacattatct acattctctc    145140
     taggagtttt gtgtttttgc ttttgttttt aatgaaagtt ctctaagaag attcttctca    145200
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagttct tctttaaaaa gtcctctcac agccagccac tgatggtgca    145260
     cacctttaat cccagctgtt gggagcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc    145320
     tggtctacag agttagttcc aggacagcca aggatacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa    145380
     acaacaaaaa aaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    145440
     aagaaagaga gaaagaaaga aagtgtcttc atcacttaca tttatacaac tttccgaata    145500
     tttgatcaca tagtacaaaa cttcaccaca agtttacaca taaattcaaa gcataacttg    145560
     agtaagaagt ttacaacaca gtatgtttac atgcatatcc attaagagta attatctgac    145620
     taaacattca ttatctgtcc caagttcaac aggttcatgg agagtttaaa aaccatgtgt    145680
     tttgtgacta agttattagt gaagttttat ataaataaac ccagtcaata ttttatcttc    145740
     tgtccttgta cctatatgaa atccttagtt ctgtttatta tggcttgtag ttaattgtat    145800
     tataacttct tggaatatgc tctaaattgt agatgcctgt tagctaaact cagaagctat    145860
     taagccctga cacttgaaga ctgacagagt tctcattgca gtttttacta tcagagagga    145920
     tttaagagca cctattataa aagagcttaa taattactac tataatttta ggaattctta    145980
     tggcatcatc attaataatt aagaaatcat ctatttgtct atatatcaag acaatatatc    146040
     ttcattgttc tgcagagatc tgctcaaaga ggtgggttaa tacctagtga atatatacat    146100
     atatatattc actatatgta tgtatgaata tgtacattta ataaaaactg caaaatcata    146160
     ttaatagcaa gatttttttc ctcagatata ttccccccag ccttgcaaat ctgtcattaa    146220
     cattacagtc catgttggaa ccatctcagg aagattactt gctagttttt agcttctcct    146280
     tgatggctcc tggcatgaga acgtgtttag aaattttatg gattttgttt aaatgaagta    146340
     ttatggaaag gctctctaaa caacagcaaa ataaaaaaga gaattgcttc tattatttat    146400
     gattctgaaa tttcacattg aggcatttct cttcgttact gctctatttc tgtgaagaaa    146460
     tgttatagct aaggccacat tagaagaggg agcatttaat tggggtcttg cttatagttg    146520
     caaagggaga gagcctcggc ctcatgacaa ggagcatggc agcgggcagg tggacatggc    146580
     acagggacat gagcaaagag atttttatgt tctgcacata tagggtagaa ggagtaagac    146640
     tgaggctggt atgggaattg aaagcttaaa gtcgcaaacc actattaaca agtccaaact    146700
     tcctaaccct tcctaaacag ttctacaaac tagggacaaa acattcaaat atattatctt    146760
     ataaggggct cattctcatt caaaccatta tagtaaaaaa acatcataat ttcatctcac    146820
     taagtaaggt gaagagaaag gaaagaattc attgcagtat gcgaatgcct taggagttca    146880
     tatgtctgac ttggtgtcgt aaattttctt taagaaagac aaagtattaa attcttaatg    146940
     tgatttctaa agcatattta tttttatctt ttaaactttt cttaatttta atgtatttct    147000
     gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct ctctctcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctatgtc    147060
     tgtgtctgtg gtatatatga gagcctctaa caactagaaa acagtgtcag atccttgggt    147120
     ttgtaggtga atttgcaata actaatgtga gtactcagca atttctggaa gaatagcagg    147180
     catacttaac tgctgagaca gctctttccc ttaaataatt tttgtaattt cagctattaa    147240
     gtgactatta gatatttgta cagtcaatta tcttatatta ctgttcatga cttaatggaa    147300
     attaggtcaa atatttagta tttcagctcc tattttctct aacatttttt gttatcagca    147360
     ttgtctggag gcagagataa gatgcaggtc agccttcagg ggggaagaaa aattcacatt    147420
     cagacaattt caggccaaga ggcagaaatg caaagagaaa gtgaagtttg cctcaagcaa    147480
     ataattgagt cagaaaatag aaaaaatatg aataacagca cctgtgaggt agaggaagtt    147540
     aagggagagg ctattattat caggaagttc ttagtgtgaa tctgaatgca gaacttttgc    147600
     tgatttctaa taggatctga gttggagagc aggtcatgtt ttgtgaatag gaaggtttaa    147660
     gaataggaaa atagaaacag tttagataat gatataagag gactatgtgg ggggtactgg    147720
     taaaattcaa tgagaaattc aataaaaaaa tcattcgtat gagaatttct tgaatgtcct    147780
     agcacaactt tctgtttaca cacattcatt aagtttaaat aagtttgacc tacagttcac    147840
     tgcatcttaa caatagttag gaaaaaatat cacggttatt agatttttaa agacttcaat    147900
     cctggctgtg tgtggacatg cttcttatcc cagtatttgg aaggcttaga gacaattttc    147960
     gatagataga ggctagcctg aactttgtag attgtaccag tgctaacagc tgacttgaga    148020
     aataaaaagg gaaaaagaaa agaagaaaga aaggaagaaa ggaaaaggaa ggagaaagaa    148080
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaggaaagag    148140
     gaaaagggga aaggaaggga aagaaagtaa tatttctggt attttctggt tttgatattt    148200
     aattttataa ttgcatatta tattcagaaa tgcaaatgtt attgactgtt aatatattaa    148260
     ttttttacct aatttagagt atatataaat acaatgctcc ccacccttta ctgccgcaaa    148320
     tcttcttgta tgtcctcctc tgctttcttc aaattcacat tatattactt ctctttaatt    148380
     gtttcttcat atttctatgc atataattat attcttaaaa atataaatac accataatca    148440
     atctgtattt tgtcacttgt atacatgttt ataggattta ccacttggta ttgaataacc    148500
     aattggtata ttcttccata atttaataat cttaaggtaa ttaatattat ttcttttttg    148560
     ttccattttt tattaggtat ttagctcatt tacatttcca atgctatacc aaaagtcccc    148620
     catacccacc cacccccact cccctaccca cccactcccc ccttttggcc ctggcgttac    148680
     cctgtactgg ggtatataaa gtttgcgtgt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggccg    148740
     actaggccat cttttgatac atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctccggggt actggttagt    148800
     tcataatgtt gttccaccta tagggttgca gatcccttta gctccttggg tactttctct    148860
     agctcctcca ttgggagccc tgtgatccat ccattagctg actgtgagca tccacttctg    148920
     tgttttctag gccccggcat agtctcacaa gagacagcta catctgggtc ctttcgataa    148980
     aatcttgcta gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcagc gtttggatgc tgattatggg gtggatccct    149040
     ggacatggca gtctctacat ggaccatcct ttcatctcag ctccaaactt tgtctctgta    149100
     actccttccc agggtgtttt gttcccactt ctaaggaggg gcatagtgtc cacacttcag    149160
     tcttcatttt tcttgagttt catgtgttta ggaaattgta tcttatgtct tgggtatcct    149220
     aggttttggg ctaatatcca cttatcagtg agtacatatt gtgtgagttc ctttgtgaat    149280
     gtgttacctc actcaggatg atgccctcca ggtccatcca tttgcctagg aatttcataa    149340
     attcattctt tttaatagct gagtagtact ccattgtgta aatgtaccac attttctgta    149400
     tccattcctc tgttgaggga catatgggtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataaga    149460
     ctgttataaa catagtggag catgtgttct tattaccagt tggaacatct tctgggtata    149520
     tgcccaggag aggtattgct ggatctagtg gtagtaatat gtccaatttt ctgaggaacc    149580
     gccagactga tttccagagt ggttgtacaa gcttgcaatc ccaccaacaa tggaggagta    149640
     ttcctctttc tccacatcct cactagcatc tgctatcacc tgaatttttg atcttagcca    149700
     ttctgacttg tgtgaggtgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttcc ctgatgatta    149760
     atgatggtga acattttttc aggtgcttct cagtcattca atattcctca gttgagaatt    149820
     ctttgtttag ctctgtgccc catttttaat ggggttattt gattttctgg agtccatctt    149880
     tttgagttct ttatattcta aaatattttt ttgccgagtt tgtactgctg caacaaagta    149940
     ttctgaccag aagcaaccta gagatgagat tttgtgaaac tactagacta tatgtgttcc    150000
     acatttctac tatccactta gcagttgaag agatcttaag tttttatttc ctctttcttg    150060
     tgaatagctt agcacgtctg agtatctatg ttattcagtg ttgacccctt tgaatatatg    150120
     ccaaggtgtg atacaagtca aatgatagat ttatatgtag cctatcagta gtttttcaca    150180
     tagaaatcca gaatggctga acctgtttgc agtcacacta acatttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    150240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgagt tcttcttttt tccttcctct ctagtacttg    150300
     tcaggtgttt aatcttatca attctgacca gtgtacaata tatttctgta ctgtattaat    150360
     acaccctgga ttagatataa ccttatgtat acatatgtat atgcatatac atgcatataa    150420
     gaatacagag ccccaaatca agagaaatgt cagcaaattt tttaaataac agcagtaata    150480
     atattcattt attggaaaaa tgataatgtt tgtaataaat tgtactgaaa actcaaagaa    150540
     cacatgcaga acaattataa ataaattgca aaataaatcc tagatttgaa aggacttctg    150600
     taatcacgaa catattaatg ctgaatggtt gctattgttg tgcatagagc aagccatacc    150660
     aacaataagt catgaatgga agaaattctc aaggccccta cctcttactg ttagtgtact    150720
     gtctggggga tgggtatgga ttgagggatc gtcatggtct ccaggtttgt atacattact    150780
     aagttcatcc agttccaggc tactgcttta tactattgat ttcactaatg ttcctcatta    150840
     aaataaatgg gtctcaaaga aaaatgaata gttgtgaata tgagaaataa atgtgtgagg    150900
     aagagtagag tcaggagatg caagagtgtg tcagaaagag tagtcaggat attttctata    150960
     ttagtgtgag aaactgtcaa agcacaaatt taataactag ttgtaaaacg actcaagacc    151020
     tcagtataag aagtgaagct gctaagttat gagaaacaga gaacgctttg tcactgatta    151080
     cttagatgag atgctacatg cagtgtgaga aaggaagagc agaaacagat gagactacaa    151140
     gtatcaaaaa aggcttccac acaatgtaaa acagcagagt ggagatcaac tgcaaatctg    151200
     gagaaaatct gagaaaatag tacatcaatg agaaaaacca ataatacagg aggagaaaac    151260
     tatttagtag taaatatgac agtaacctga ttttcaaatt ggccaacctg atttatttat    151320
     ttattcattt acttatttac ttattatatt taatcttttt ttttttattt cagtgtactt    151380
     gttatcctca tcctggtttg tcctccgtca gttcctctcc cctcctgtct ctaagagcat    151440
     gctccctctc cagcccctca agtttcccca ctccctgggg cctcaagtct cctgagagtt    151500
     agatgcatct tctctcatca ccaaagtcat accaggcagt cccctgctgt atatgtatcg    151560
     gggtttcata tcagctagtg tatgctgccg ggttggtggc tccgtgtctg agagatctca    151620
     ggggtcctgg ttagttgaga ctgctggtct tcctatggga tcttcctcct cctcaacttc    151680
     ttcaagcttt tccctaattc aactacagag gtccctgact ttagaacttt ggttgggtgt    151740
     aaggatctgc ttctgtcttg ggcagctact tgttgggcct cttggaggac agccatgcta    151800
     ggctcctgtc tgtaagcacc ctataccatc agtaatagtg tcaggctttg gagcctgtcc    151860
     ttgaggcgga tcccttaaaa tttgcatgct caccataacg taggaaagtg taaattcaaa    151920
     cctcaaaaaa tattcgtgcc acctcagtgt gagtagagaa tatcaagttt ttatatcctt    151980
     ataagtttga tatgaacgac ataaagaggg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca    152040
     ctggctgctc ttcctaggtc cagagttcaa ttctcagcaa ccacatggtg gcttacaacc    152100
     atctgtaatg agatctgatg ccctcttctg gtggatctaa agacatggca gtgtacctat    152160
     atacttaaat aaaaatcttt aaaaaaatga cataaagaaa agaaggtgtc atgaaaacaa    152220
     tcaggacgtt aaacacacac ataaacctta atagccgaga aaaatgggac agagcagttc    152280
     cagtattgta cggatatgaa aagaaaggga aaccagtatt gagaaatgac ttctttcaag    152340
     ttctttctca attcacagca gcaaacttca cagggccagg agatggaagc aatctgttta    152400
     agtgacttat gaatgaagcc cagtaaatac ataaatggat aaattgcttt ctttttggcc    152460
     aatatagaaa gaatgtatat taagtgtaat aagcatgcac aggatacaat actatacatt    152520
     cttgtatata aatactaaag tattttaagt caataaatgt attttactgg aactggtatt    152580
     agagtagtgt cattgaaatt aatataggat ggttagagaa agacttaaca atcttgttct    152640
     gaaaactaag acttctcaca tgctacacaa tacttgtaga aaaatgagag tagcaaaata    152700
     ttgaatatta ctaaatcagt gattttcatt aaatatttta aaatttcatt ctaagttcta    152760
     catcaaggag ctttccagaa atactattta ttctctaatt ctaaccaatc aattgtcaga    152820
     acaataagtt tagttctaaa tattttttct tattttaaca attcaccttt tttatttgaa    152880
     ctatctaaat atccaaaata ccatatgttt tcatgagcct taatataata taaaaattac    152940
     aggagaatga agactgaagt gtggacacta tgcccctcct tagatttggg aacaaaacac    153000
     ccatggaagg agttacagag acggagtttg gagctgagat gaaaggatgg accatgtaga    153060
     gactgccata gccagggatc caccccataa tcagcatcca aacgctgaca ccattgcata    153120
     cactagcaag attttattga aaggacgcag atgtagctgt ctcttgtgag actatgccgg    153180
     ggcccagcaa acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagctaa tggatggatc atagggctcc    153240
     caatggagga gctagagaaa gtagccaagg agctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctataggtgg    153300
     aacaacatta tgagctaacc agtaccccgg agctcttgac tctagctgca tatatatcaa    153360
     aagatggcct agtcggccat cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacttgca aactttatat    153420
     gccccagtac aggggaatac cagggccaaa aagggggagt gggtgggcag gggagtgggg    153480
     gtgggtggat atgggggact tttggtatag cattggaaat gtaaatgagt taaataccta    153540
     ataaaaaatg gaaaaaaaaa ttacaaaatt ggaaatgtta tgagttcttc taaagtattt    153600
     tatttattta tgttgctgaa tatctgtctg tatgttacat gtatacattg gctgtggaga    153660
     gtatggaatt tcatggaact gaaatggtaa aaggtttgtg ggtgccagga atcacccatg    153720
     gcctcagaaa gaagtcatta cccttatcca ctgagccata tctctgtctc ctattatgaa    153780
     tgttctatgt gggcaaggaa taattactaa cgtttgtact aatgaaacag tgatattata    153840
     atgtctactt gtatatgatt gttttacaga tgctcctaag tttgtttcaa atcagacaat    153900
     gtattactct tgggaaggaa atccaatcaa cataagttgt gatgtgacag caaacccacc    153960
     tgcgtcaatc cactggagaa gagagaaact gctcttacca gctaagaata cgactcattt    154020
     aaaaactcac agtgtaggaa gaaagatgat actcgaggta tgctcttaca taaacatcaa    154080
     tatcgatatt tggggcagat aatatgagag aatagaatta aatttctata gcaaaacatt    154140
     gaaatattta tataaattat attttacttt ttaaaacttg tgttggcaca acattctatt    154200
     tgactgacct ctcttcatat atccccaaaa cattcatgaa ttcacatttt gaaagtgaag    154260
     tatgatgatg tcaaaaagaa tagggagctg atataatact ttagttttta aaagtcaaat    154320
     aattaacttt aatgctgata atgccactga ttatttgtta ataattgtta ttcttcggct    154380
     ggcatataaa agttatcata ggttaatagt gtgtaattct agaataggtt cctaaataaa    154440
     gcactttggg ggggatatca atgattatgt atatattgga aatatttaaa tttccagtaa    154500
     atatctgtta atatattttg gttatttcac cttatatttt gtgaagctct ttaaatcttc    154560
     cacttgttta gtttattatt tttctatcct tatcactaaa ttttagaaag aacaacttaa    154620
     cataagattg atttttggta cactgttcca gactgttcag cagtagtagt agtttagcat    154680
     tatacacttg gacagagcat tacaaggtgt gactaggtag tggagaagtc ttctgctgct    154740
     gctgattctt cttgtttttt aattttattt tcttagatat ttccattttg tttgtttgtt    154800
     tgtttggttt ttcaagacag ggcttctcta tgtagccctg gctgtcccag aactcactct    154860
     gtagaccagg ctggcctcga aatcagaaat ctgccagcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga    154920
     taaaaggcat gtgccaccaa gcctggctga tattttcttt atttatattt cacatgctat    154980
     cccgaaagtt ccctatactg cccccccccc ttgctctgct cctgtaccca ctcactccca    155040
     cttcttggcc ctggcattcc cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gtttgcaaga ccaaggggcc    155100
     tctcttccca atgatggcca actagtccat cttctgctac atatgcagct agagacacga    155160
     gctctggggt actgattaat tcatattgtt gcttctatca gatgagaagt gggaagcagg    155220
     aggctgtaca gaatggcctt ttacattttt ttttcaattt cttttgtcct ggtcttagcc    155280
     aataaaatag tgcagcccag attaagaatc ctctcaagaa acatactcat agggacaccc    155340
     acagagatat tctcagtcaa aaccaaacat cacactgaat ttcttgtaaa gaaaaaaaaa    155400
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaaa ccttgtttgg ggctggagag gtggctcagc aattgactgc    155460
     tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caattcccag caaccacatg ggggctccca atcatctgta    155520
     atgagatctg atgcccattc ttgtgtatct gaagacagtt tacacacaca cacacacaca    155580
     cacacacaca cacacacaca ctgtttatat atataaacat tgtttgatca aaggtccata    155640
     ttgccttcta tgaaaggttg gttaattctt tcttccttgt ttgtttctta ttatgctttc    155700
     ttcacttccc ccaccccatt ggtatctatt tcccatttct ttcaatctga gctcttttaa    155760
     gtgatttctg tttttttttt ttttaatcat aacattacaa actaattgtc ataaacttgt    155820
     aaagcctagg cttcttggtt gctttgttcc atgagtggaa cagtctatga attcagcctt    155880
     ttatttattg ttaactcctc aattcaacat ctagccagtt ttctcattcc taatgtgagc    155940
     cttttgaaaa tgtttccaga ggaaatgtct ttttataaac tattaacttt aaaaacaaac    156000
     aaaaatttct gctggcgtca caatacttgc tacggttact gatgccttaa acgccgcttt    156060
     gttttccagt atgctaaagt ctttctcaca tgattgtggg ataagaaaat agtcttgcta    156120
     gtatatttat aatagaatga aattaggctg gtttattaaa agtcacatgt gaagataatg    156180
     agcgtctaag tcatctcagg aagttcaaaa ggattaggag cactaaactg ttaaattcat    156240
     caactttgtc tagatggaca tcggactaga tatggatgac actgctttct attttctcct    156300
     tattcagaac aatcatcttc agtccacctc aaatttgttc tctatttaat agtctcccat    156360
     taccataaga tcatttcttc tctcatttag gataaggttg gaattaatga tcatttcttg    156420
     ttcttagcat agtctctctt taaacagtta ctggaattgg aaattatatt attactaatg    156480
     ttaaatatct ttgaagaact gtgattgaag aattcctcta tattagaatt atacagagtt    156540
     agccccaact tttactagtt aatgcccaga atgttaactt aattatagat tttaatctga    156600
     agctggcatc aggtattttc ctaaacaaac agaaaatgga accgaggtaa ttattataga    156660
     tttaaaaatt ctgtattata gcatttacac aaggcattct tttcatgtaa aatatatttt    156720
     gtgaaaaatg aaaatcatgc aggtctgtag ctaaacactg aattaaaaat gaggcatagt    156780
     ggcttactta tattcgcaac ttatcagagt cagaggcatg ggtatatcac agaatgtgca    156840
     aagacaaact gagcgagctt ctagtgaatt ctaggtcaac atgggataca gaaggagacc    156900
     aagccagcaa ataaatagat aaataaataa atacaaaata tcaaaacaaa aactagtaaa    156960
     gaaagaaaac aatgtagaac ctatttttag tatcaatatt gttttcaact ttacagttgc    157020
     tttgagatta cattgactcc aagacatatt ttctacgtgc tctgcttatc agaagagaaa    157080
     taattttgtc aatgaataca tgcatcaaaa tgaaaacatt gcgtttggag gctgattatg    157140
     ggatggatcc ccaggtgcag ctgtctctag atggttcatc cttttgtctc agctctaaac    157200
     cttgtctctg taactccttc catgggtgtt ttgttcctat aggtggaaca acaatatgaa    157260
     ctaaccagta cccccggagc tcatgtctct agctgcatat gtagcagaag atggactagt    157320
     tggccatcat tgagaagaga ggccccttgg tcttgtaaac tttatatgcc tcagtacagg    157380
     ggaacaccag ggccaagaag tgggagtggg tgggtagggg agtggggggg catatggggg    157440
     acttttggga taacatttga aatgtaaatg aaggaaatac ctaataaaaa tgtaaaaaag    157500
     aaaaaaaaag aacccccccc aaaaagaaga cattgatcca gttaatgaat tgatagaaca    157560
     tgaatcactt caattttgaa tggccagctt tgtgattttg tctttaaaaa tattatgccg    157620
     gggcctagca aacacagaag tggatgctca cagtcagcta ttggatggat cacagggctc    157680
     ccaatggagg agctagagaa agtacccaag gagctatagg gatctgcaac cctatagatg    157740
     gagcaacatt aggaactaac cagtacccct gagctctaga ctctagctgc atatgtatca    157800
     aaagatggcc taatcaacca tcactggaaa gagaggccca ttggacacac aaactttata    157860
     tgccccagta caggggaatg ccagggccaa aaaaatggga atgggtgggt agggaagtgg    157920
     agggggaggg tatgggggac ttttgggata gcattggaaa tgtaattgag gaaaatacgt    157980
     aataaaaaat attaaaaatt aaaaaaggaa aaatattagc attatacaga ctaagcaggt    158040
     gacatttatg catttagaaa tataactcaa ctatagattt taatctatga aactgtggta    158100
     agagcttttc ctaaataaac agaaaatgga actgaggtaa ttactataga tttaaaaatg    158160
     tatgcttata acattttcac agggcatgtt ttcttgcaaa atatatttca tgaaaaaatt    158220
     aaaatcatgc aggtctggag ataaacattg aattctaaac acatatgcat gtgcaaacaa    158280
     ttaaagagaa aagaagcttt gatttgaaag acagaaagaa gaatatatgg gtatgttttg    158340
     tagagggcaa aaaaatgtaa aaattatgtg aaaattaaaa aattaaagtg tcaaataata    158400
     atagtcataa aatatgtttg cattaattat gaatgttggc tggataaaga gttctatgag    158460
     gagtcatatg aaaaataatt gaacaagtat acaagtagta gctatgcttc agattttaaa    158520
     atatccttga tgttttagca ctttaatttt tattaatatg attattttta gattgccccc    158580
     acatcagaca atgactttgg acgatataac tgcacagcta ctaaccgtat aggcacaaga    158640
     tttcaggaat atattcttga attagcaggt gagtaaagga cagtaatatt taacattcat    158700
     aaaataactt tgtatttaga aggaatttta atttaagaaa gttttatcaa ctaattttac    158760
     aggtagtcaa caatatttac agcttcatac atcataatac aaagaattat ttgaaagaat    158820
     aaaccaaagc ttataatcta gaacagaaac acttacataa tgaatagtga acacttaata    158880
     ttttatgttc attttaaatt taatttcttc tcttatatat gtgagacttt ttaaataggt    158940
     aatgtatatt tgagataaag ttatatttaa aataatgtaa aagaacactt tgaaatattc    159000
     atacattaaa gcattcaaaa ctaagtcagt tttattgaaa tctgatataa atcactcaag    159060
     agttctgagt ttcttcgaca gaaggtgtgc aaaaattcca cgggaaaata atgcaataat    159120
     tatagtttaa aattatttta atttattatc ataggaaata atttaaaatt gcaaacctat    159180
     catctatttc attaaccaac tgatgaattt tcaacaccaa tgatgagaaa attagacacc    159240
     tggcctatga gagccattca aaagagcaca gaacaatttc tgtaacagtt cttcccacaa    159300
     gcttgaggta aatctaatct gaggaagcct gatacttagt cacaattcac cagtgcagga    159360
     agcagaaggc agagttctcc tccagtaact atagtctaag ggctcaaaca aaaacaactc    159420
     ttccatatac tttggtcatt aatgttctat acaattataa tatttttaaa taagatgaaa    159480
     atttgaaatg tacaaatgta aattaataca tatatataat tgtatgagat aaaataatgt    159540
     catattgaca aatagttatc tgtggctaaa atattggtaa taagcggcct tttagatatt    159600
     gtataactct cattgataat tatactttct aagttgaagg catacatttt attcagaaat    159660
     gttattactt acaaaatatt taaatatttt taaaatgtca aaacattgtc ctgcacatga    159720
     tgatgctaaa tagtagtatt ttgattctat gttatggaaa tcagccatat acatttatga    159780
     attgtcaggt tatgcttatg cttggttttg ctatttttcc tgctgtagaa aaatggcttg    159840
     ataaataaga cagacatttt cagcttaatt gaaccatgtt tagattaatt ctcatagagt    159900
     tcagagaaat tcatgaaata atattttcat ctatttacca gatatagtgg atactcatgg    159960
     actgtgagac gtacatttag acatgtttgt gtgaacaaat gaacaatatg ctttaacaat    160020
     gatcatgaga acatgtaaac ttgttcaaag gacttcccag agtaggtcac accagcaaga    160080
     atcatttcta tttgcattaa aaatttctcc ctgtgaacat aatgggtaaa gtttgtttac    160140
     aataatgttt atttttatct attctgcttg taatggaaag gcttataata ctgtgacttt    160200
     gttcatatac aatataggta atgttgcaat catgataata atatatttct ttaaatatta    160260
     acaggtcttt ctcttgagtc cttctcttgg atagtttgag tgaatgctac taaaaaaaag    160320
     ctatcgtcaa ataacatttc tagcagctaa aaaaaatggg caccttcatt tggcactgaa    160380
     gtttctttgc catatgctgc aaaagatatt tataagttta tcccccaagc agaacgcaag    160440
     ttctcaaagg tagaagatag atgttattat agcctaacat agtacagact gacatattta    160500
     agttacagta gatgttaatg tggcaatgtg tttttattta caatacatga atgtaatatt    160560
     acaggtcaac gtctggtgaa tagaaaaata ccttgactat tttaggcatt taattttcat    160620
     aaataacctt tttcaatttt ttctggtaac ttatttgaca tgctttttct tcttcttctt    160680
     gctattaagt gaagtctaag atactggcac tgaagaattg atctttttaa acctcgggtc    160740
     aagacctgta cttaccattt ttaaagttca ggttgtcata tttgactcat ctttttaacc    160800
     tacagagact ctgtcaaatt caatgtttcg gttttctttc caagattgat ttaattcata    160860
     aatatcataa agctgccacc tatatttcca tctatgtcag agataaaact ctagaagtca    160920
     ctttgaagag caacaacctg attcgaggtt aagctgtgtc aattgagcag aattttgtag    160980
     atagagaata atagttcagt ggtctaagtg atcagacagc attgtacctt aaaacaggtc    161040
     taagttagtt gatttgaaat actcagatta tcgactgatt ctaaatctgt ttctctctat    161100
     gaaatggcat ggaaggtata cacagtgcta tatatttaga aaattcatga agtacacagg    161160
     catgctcagt gactaatcac aaagttcttt gatgttctag ttaccatact gtaagaaaag    161220
     aacaacttgt gttaataatg attttcttgg aaatttgttt ggccagtttc taagtacaag    161280
     ttaaccactt gttcaacaaa tatgtggaga gtttccttta ggtgcaatag agacttttgg    161340
     atcttaggga tgaaaggttg aacaagaaag acacccagtc attacctaag ttcaagttca    161400
     atacctgtga gtttcaatag aacttgaatt caaaaacttg gcaacaggaa attgatttct    161460
     gattggcgtt cctgggaaag cttcaaatag ttgtcagctt ttgaacaggg acagaagaag    161520
     aaagaagaaa tggggccagt aaaaagggaa agacttagcg ggtcaaggtg accttgacaa    161580
     tagaagtgct gtgccatgaa agagtaagag ctactttgaa atgagacatt tagtggagga    161640
     ctccagaaaa aaaaaagttc tatcatcatc tcagtgtttg gcaacgggaa tagacaagta    161700
     atgaaagacc aagccccaga tttattttaa ataaatttat atttttatca atggcataga    161760
     tgattaaaga ttgatgatgt ttattcatag tgcggaattc acttattctg caagaacaag    161820
     agactgcttt aacctcagca catgttacag agagttgctc tttagcagtt tctctagata    161880
     tttttcatcc aataaaatac atggacatat agataaatag atgatatgtg atagatataa    161940
     cgatggaaga aagaaaatag atagatgata gagatagaaa gatgaatagg gacaaatgga    162000
     caaacagcta ctgtgattct tcctcaatat acaaagggtt tggtgtgtga actttattgg    162060
     cttatgagac atagttaatg atgccaattt aaaatgatag atgtgtgcat attgcttatg    162120
     agagtatgaa gacttgccta tttacaaaaa aaaaaaaaag taaattccct ttgacatctt    162180
     gatagtgatt gagcagttca atggaaaatt tagagacctt aaaaaccaaa taaaagaaaa    162240
     gccagtagtc atcatgtagg tctcagatac catctccaat gagatccaga gttcaagtct    162300
     gagaacactg actggatatg gcaaactatt gttgctaaac taccacaccg ctgatgttcc    162360
     agcaatacct tatatggaga ttagaacatg ggccccacct tagtgactgc agatgctttt    162420
     gagcctccta taaaaaatga gaatgatatt tgttgtggta aatctccaac ccaaatatgt    162480
     cccagcaaat gaaaacacaa ctcagttaat atgaatacat gctgtgcacc tagactgggc    162540
     agatctacca ctatactacc atcttccaca tctatgagac accttagaac ttgcagtttc    162600
     tccaggccac atgcttctgc tctgcttttc ttcttcttcc tcctcctcta catcctctcc    162660
     ctcttccagg ttttccttct tccctctctc aaccttctgc ttcaccttcc ctttatctgc    162720
     ccaatcatct gctctcctat attttacaaa ttaaggtggg aaacaggttt agaggaaatc    162780
     acctgagtgc agactcattc cttgttcaca acaaactccc tcacaggata atggaattaa    162840
     catagaatat aattagcccc aggactagca acaacatttt cccctttctg tccaattaaa    162900
     aaactatttt atcttagaac aaaactatta ctattttgta atttttaaag tgcaagagac    162960
     ctaacaccca gtccattatc tttgttaatt aaatagaaac tctgtcatct gtccttactt    163020
     aaaagatctg cccctggcta tgtcttggct ttagattgga tgccatctga aaaccatccc    163080
     ctcagatctg ttcctctcaa agtaaaaagc ctggtttagt taggagactg tgtagttttt    163140
     caaccccatc agaaatccga gagtgactga tattaactga aaatatatag gacacctaac    163200
     acagcttcta aaacttagcc aatttataga aaccgctgat cacttggaca gtcccttact    163260
     tcaacacttt ggagcatagg tcttcagcca gttactgacc aaggtcatct gacagactta    163320
     gagaaacagg actattaaga actagcctac tctgtctcgg cagaatcaag ctgtcctaac    163380
     cggtaattgt gtcctttctt tggacagtat tattcatctg tggatgaagt gaggtgattc    163440
     ttacccgatg gctgtgttgc cacaactgca gtaactcaaa gatgctcagt ctcttctttg    163500
     aatccaagac agggaaagct gtcaggagca gactgatctc gacaagtgaa taaataacat    163560
     taaacgtcac attctgtgga cttctgacgt ttttgaaaac caactatgtg aagtaatctg    163620
     gactgttccc tgttaactac tcttagccag ttctatttaa aataactgaa aacaccctac    163680
     caataaactc agagccatgg atttcctatt tggtcctaaa ttcacagact tacacatctc    163740
     agatctgttt ataaggacag caatagaaga actgggtcca agcccaggac tcccattttt    163800
     ttttttttag aatcaaaggc aacctataat aatcaccccc agtcccaaag cttagggaac    163860
     tgggatgaga agtcttcata acttctttaa gctgaatatg ggtgttgaga tatttttgaa    163920
     gggaggggga agggtaggga agtggggaag ttggttggct ttaagaagac cacaccagtg    163980
     attctattag tttctgatgt ctgtgtcctg gctggatcgg gatgaaaaac cacaacatca    164040
     tgagttcagg caggtcagtt cagcatgtct gataatggaa ttcaccaagg ctgtatatta    164100
     ggtaatatat aaatctcaaa caaaatttta ttatttttat ttgactctct ggaatctagt    164160
     tctcaggggg tctccctcta tcaaatctga ttcatagaac cctggaaggt gtaaatacct    164220
     taatcacctt ttacaaaaac acaaagacaa aaccttttcc tgaaatcagc atatccttca    164280
     gctggtaacc aggaaaacct gtagcttgcc ctctgtccca gaggaacaac aaaaccacca    164340
     caatactcaa aatcacacac attttagcct atttgtaata tcaggatatt aacccaaatt    164400
     tcccatgggg tccatgttag agaatatgag tctcctgcag actttattat accatcttta    164460
     aaacaattga ttcacacttc tatctatact tgcttgtaag aggctacttg tgaaaccagg    164520
     atttaaactc aaaatcccca tgcagcccac attagacaga atatgagaat cctgtaagat    164580
     ttattagagc aatatatctt tataccatct ttaagtcaaa tttctgctaa tttttgccta    164640
     taggaagcag agaactttta attgttaagc tcttagagcc atcctgttat accatcaatc    164700
     tgttataccc tctaccagaa gctacaaaca tttatttaat taatacctat tataatatct    164760
     atctgttatt ctttctacct ggagacacag acttatatta attaatacct gttaattgca    164820
     ggtgactatc actgctatct ctacttggag tcagtgacta atattcccta tctagttcca    164880
     aaccgcaggt aaaattttcc atctttaagt atcaaaaggt tatatttctc tctttatatc    164940
     aatgaattac ctggtccaga gccatttgta cctttgtcac cgaattcttt atgcacaggg    165000
     agaagcagag tgtaaagaga cccacattgg ctgtgtccct atttggagat gagggaagca    165060
     ggctgggaag caaaggataa agggaagcaa aatccgaaag gctctctctg catgaatgtc    165120
     tttctgccat tctctgtagg tccctcaaac ccagtcagct tcaaatccaa actgctacag    165180
     cgtaggtcac tgccatatcc tcactcaggg gttgaagggg caatgaattt ttatctcagg    165240
     ttagttgaat tcaaaccaat atgtagggca tcattttgtt taggtaattc tccaacccaa    165300
     atatgcccca gcaaatgaaa acacaactca gttaatatga ctgcatgctg tgtacctaga    165360
     ttgggcagat ctaccactac actaccatct tccacatcta tgcgaccccc ttggaacttg    165420
     gagtttctcc aggccacatg cttcttctct gcttttcttc ttcctccttc tctgtgtcct    165480
     ctccctcttc cattttctcc ttcttccctc ttccaacctt ctgctccacc ttccctttat    165540
     ctccccaatc atcagctctc ttttatttta caaattaagg tgggaaacaa cagatttaga    165600
     ggaaatcacc cgagtgcaga ctcattcctt gttcacaacc tctcacagga gaatggaatt    165660
     aacatcaaat ataattggtt ccagggttat ccacaacaga tattcattgc ttctgatgtc    165720
     caaagctggg ggaaaccact ttttatttta aatgccaaaa tgaatacggg aaaggcatac    165780
     ttggactttt cattccatgt gctaagagag aggactataa tataggaaag tatattaagt    165840
     aggatcctaa aagataggat gtgaggttgg attaagtcaa ccatttataa acatcaattt    165900
     cttcagatgt cacaatgcta ctcaatgtgt tgttagaatc tgaagaagta aaagctggct    165960
     cagagccttt gccaacaact ttgccataat tcttagatat ctagttctca gaagcaaata    166020
     cagtagtagg atttaagaag tacatactca ggaaaatgta ggaccacatg gcttcaatca    166080
     ctgtaacttt gccttacaaa ttgtgtgaca taaaacaaga tgtccaactc tagtgtttcc    166140
     tagcctaaga atgaacacac agacttcatc ataccggatg gtagggacca gtgaagcact    166200
     ttcctccaca gcagaataat acaaaattga ctagttttat ttgtttgttt tgtttcattt    166260
     tatcaccttt gttcaacata ttgttggaaa tcctaactaa attagttatg taggaaaatt    166320
     ataacaaatt tccaactcac ctcaaacttc agtttgtttt cataatcttc tatttaaaat    166380
     cctaaatatt cccaaacaag ctgatagaac aaacgattat aaaaggcaac agaacacaaa    166440
     aaccaataaa catattaata cataatattt ctatatgcca gcactattca catgattgaa    166500
     aaataattaa ggaaacaatt cctaaatagc taaagacacg ggactatata tatatatttg    166560
     accaagcaga gggcatatcg gcacacacac attcaaacta taaaatataa cttacagact    166620
     aatgaataaa caattgtata tgctttattc ttgagatgaa agaattctca tttcttaaaa    166680
     gacccaattt atgtgaagtt atatatagat tcaatacaag ctcaatcaat gtaccaataa    166740
     aaatgcttta tagaaaaaaa ttcctaaaac ttatcaggaa catcacaaga ctccagagaa    166800
     acaaggcaat catgaagaaa ataaaaggaa tttatttaaa aatacacttg agaagatctg    166860
     cttcacaacc aaggaagact tggcagttct cttccagttc ctcactcctg cagtgtatgt    166920
     gacatgtttt atgttgtgtg atttcatgta atgatgtttt tttctgaatg actgggaaaa    166980
     atacactaga cattgtcaat atttttacat catccttaaa gttcctgtga tataggtttc    167040
     aataatttca ttgcagaatt ttttgggtat ataatttttc ttatactatt tgtactgacg    167100
     ttgtaacaat tattcctaaa gacactttta attataagtc tacctagact actttgagat    167160
     ttacagtaag caattaattg gtacaataat atgctcaagg taattttatg atgacttagt    167220
     aattaaaacc caatattgat gaaaaccatt tatcttataa aaaaaacgat ttctttatat    167280
     ttttaaaatt ctgagtgcag ttctttaggt tcaaccagac cttgtgcaca tgagaccagt    167340
     tcttgatatg accactctta tttatttcca tttgatttag gatctcatta acttctcagg    167400
     atgatcttaa aatttcattt tgcgttaaaa aagccttgaa attgtattga gttttttctc    167460
     agttacccaa aaagttgaga ggatgggcct taattcatgg cccaaactaa ccatataatt    167520
     gttggaacaa ataaaatgat ttataaaata tattaatcat aatgcttaaa tttactattc    167580
     ttaaaatata atgtacttct ttatgtatgt atttttgcat ttatcacttt tgtaaaacat    167640
     gtgtacatgc agaaatacat gcataggcat gtatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    167700
     atagatagat agacttgttt gcattaactt caaaaaaata cattttacag aaaatgtaga    167760
     agcaaatatt ggtaagagca attgatttcc ccaaggatat ttttctttta tattgaatag    167820
     acattcatgt cattgtgcaa ggtttgtaac taagatgcgt taaggaatat tttattactc    167880
     actaagtaac tcatttctaa ttcaaccata ttgcttacta ttttatttta ttgctaattc    167940
     ttgaagcaaa ataattgtta gtagtatcca tcctcactgt ctaggttgtt tccttcatag    168000
     atgtcccctc tagtccccat ggagtgaaga ttatagagct gtcacagacc acagccaaga    168060
     tctctttcaa taaacccgaa tcccatggag gtgtgcctat tcatcactat caagtggatg    168120
     tcaaagaagt ggcatcagaa acctggaaaa tagtacgctc ccatggagtt caaagtgagt    168180
     tatttatttc gatatatatt tcgagtagta agtctgatat tgatgtacct atatgattac    168240
     cttcttattt ttcttcattt tttttttctt ttcttgccgg gtgattgaga aattatagcc    168300
     actttcttat tttacttaaa agtaacttta atgtagatct gcaatttcta cttgttttag    168360
     ttttcagaga gttaagtttt gttttaaaga tttcggtaac aaacacacaa ttgtctatat    168420
     ggcaggttag gtacctttta tgtactacat ttgcagttat ttaagccatc tactttaata    168480
     agaatagata gataaattga tatctattct ttaataagaa taaatagata aaagaatttt    168540
     aagagaaagc ttaattgtgt ctcttcatga aaagacagtt gtagacaaga tgcatgtgga    168600
     aagtgaattc tctgaaatga gtccttattt tcgttttcat acatagttat gaatgcgata    168660
     tcacaaagca gataaatggc ctgagtacgt atcaaaccat taacacgaat tgtgatttaa    168720
     aaatgaacat ttgaataata taagtttcta tctcaaattg tgccattaaa gacatttctt    168780
     attacagtac aagctatctt caggaattaa taagaaatta cttggggata tgcatgttat    168840
     attatgaacc tgtaatcaaa gtgctaaaga atggagagat atcactactc tctactttcc    168900
     tctgtcagat ctctgacttg acatttttga aattttcaaa tataatggct ggagtattct    168960
     gaaaagatga gtgggaatat aacacagccc aggaggaaaa tgaaattgta tatatatcat    169020
     gtcagaaaag tttcaatttc tatagtagga acaatgtgat gatattttac aacaaaaata    169080
     ccaaaatctt gcaataaatt agctattgat catttactct acattttgta tattgttaca    169140
     aataggtgat tgaatattgc ctctttaatt ttgataagct caatcaaaaa tattgggaac    169200
     tctgtagtat ttctccaact aagagcttgc tgcaaacctt atacttgtgt tcacacctct    169260
     aaatggaatg atggttaagg tttgattgaa acacagctcc tgtccttttc aggggagaag    169320
     ttcttgctac ggtcatcact taaagttgat agataagtct ttttagtcac ttggcaaatt    169380
     gaagagcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttcctaagac    169440
     agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tgactgtact ggaattcact ctttagacca ggctggcctt    169500
     gaactcagaa ttcagcctgt ctctgcctcc aaagtgctgg gtttaaaggt gtatgccacc    169560
     actgcccggc atgaagagct cttttgtata aatcacaaag atctacatca caatgtttgt    169620
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttattttga tctccattct ccggctgcca ttacatagat    169680
     ggagctagag catttgggta tcctctgagc ccaggccatt aacagattat gaagaacgtc    169740
     ctgggaagag tttgaaaact ggaaaattgg tttgcttcag ccaagtatgt agtgaggttt    169800
     cttgctgact gtcatgggca aataacttaa tacagtcctt tggtcttttt ttactccctg    169860
     attcacgtca attcatttca atcgtctatg ggaagaccat gattactcat gcatctttgt    169920
     gagcctgtga ggcccatagt cctttcaaca aggcaacctg aggcctctgg cctgaagtct    169980
     acgtccatag ctaacattgt attatttttt ttttattcat acactaacta aaagttttaa    170040
     atctgaacta atttcattca tcttaaaata ctgttggaat ttaaaatgtt tgtattgagt    170100
     ggtttaatct ctagtaaaaa ttacttagaa catagctttc atttgtaatc atctaattca    170160
     tcttcttaaa ataagcacag aggagtcaaa aaggcttacc agggcctagg cataaatata    170220
     accaaatgta gatggaccac agacttcctc attttccctt aattttactg tccttgagct    170280
     ttctaacttt attgtaaata ttttgtctat gaaataattt gtcttctatg aaagttccag    170340
     ccactacatt tagctctcat tatcagttta attcatttat ttttgtgtat gttgatacac    170400
     tcttttcttt tgttggtaaa ttgatactac atattgttct tatctctgtc taattactaa    170460
     tttcacggtt cataattaaa acatctcttg ctacatttta caggagagac atattgccac    170520
     acattgtttt tttgtttttt tgtttttttt ttttgttttt tgtttttccc tgccactagc    170580
     ttccagtgtt aaatatgtca ttaggtatca gcagagtcag catatgatcc taggtttagc    170640
     atacagtgga aatataacca ttgcaattcc ctcagtgtgt atctggaaca aggccaaact    170700
     aaccattgga gtaacaatca actaattttc aaaatatatt gacttgtcac caaattatgt    170760
     gtaaatattg tgacattttt taaaacaaaa tatttttgtg ttataagtgt ttctaaatct    170820
     ttagaatggg tatttaccac atggaatttg gcatgtttgc tggtaccaaa cttgctcagt    170880
     tcatgctgga gtggtcatat ttattgccac tttattcaca atgggtagga aatggaacta    170940
     cctgatttta ctacatccaa ggcacatata attaaatgtg atacatacac actataaagt    171000
     gctatttggt tgtaatgaac aatgaaatag tcatgcttgc tggcaaatgg atgaaactag    171060
     acagggaaga tttggaaaat ttcaaaataa tgaacttctg gaaacttcga ttttcacttc    171120
     acattttaga tcattttcac tgttgtgtaa ctcccacatt agcattttcc tgagcagatg    171180
     tgaatgggaa acaagtaagc tttatggaga attaattatg taaaaatgtg agtgttttta    171240
     ttcactatga tagatgcaga taacctcctt taatagaccc tttccacatt acatgatgct    171300
     tttagaagtt ttatgttatt tgtttttaaa gtcacttttt acctatgcaa tgtttgttgt    171360
     ctgagaaata gaagggatgt gttgattctg tatcttcttt tgtgttttga tgtgtcacat    171420
     tggttgtccc atatctgtca tatgtgagaa gataaatggg gccaggcata gtgacaggca    171480
     caaacattaa tgcactggga aaagctaaag ttgttttatt tacatagtta gtcattgttc    171540
     aacttaagaa gcaatattgt tgtaatccta aaatagagga aacatttgct gcaactaaat    171600
     gaatgcttca acctagttct ttcttttatc cctgagtatc tgacaggatt cagttccttc    171660
     cgttggattc tctgagtaaa aagaaaaatc tctttaatca caatgtccaa atagccttaa    171720
     ctagcaatat cttaggcatc acatgggtag aaacaacctc aatgattcca tttgacaagg    171780
     ctgcacttct aggaatagtc agacatatta aaaaaaaaat ggggtggttg tcagggaagg    171840
     gggaagaaaa catgaaatag tcagaggata ccatttctat tagacaaaat atttatgttt    171900
     taagatccat tgatagcatg ggtcactgct gaacaacatt aaatttcaaa ctaaataatt    171960
     atagagatag gatatctaat aatacatact ggggaagcag caagaaagaa accgtgggaa    172020
     tgattcatag tttttgatct tgtgatgttg atttcatagg tttcaactta cctaaaaatt    172080
     catcggtcac atatgaagta atatgaattt taatttattt ttaacatatg atttattttt    172140
     atttcctttt actatggtac ttacaaatta taacatttta gtaggtggac taattgtgta    172200
     ggaaccatat tttcttttta ttaactctta cttttctaaa taacttaatg ataaattata    172260
     aactctaatg taagaattgc atataaattg attatttata tgcttgtata tttatgttta    172320
     tttcttcaga agggcattaa ctaaattaat gagaaattct ctacttatca tatgttgata    172380
     caaaagaatt aaattaatat aatgccgcag tatgttggta cacacctact atatcatcac    172440
     ccaggcccta ttcctcccct ctttccctct ctccctctcc ccaacccccc ttacacacac    172500
     acacacacac acacacacat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    172560
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagct tttcctgtcc tttctaagct    172620
     ccaattaaga gtagattata ttgtctagtt ttctattgtt cttaattata tgttatagaa    172680
     aagtacctta atgtacattt taagatacag tgtaggcaca tattgtaaac agtgagtaat    172740
     attaatttca cattgtcatg gcccaatgat cactaataca ttttttattt tttatttttg    172800
     gctttgtctc ctgttccctt ttttaaaaat tttaatattt tttattacat attttcctca    172860
     attacatttc caatgctatt ccaaaagttc cccataccct cccccctact tccctaccca    172920
     cccattccca tttttttggc cctggcgttc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgtgtg    172980
     tccaatgggc ctctctttcc agtgatggct gactaggcca tcttttgata catatgcagc    173040
     tagagtcaag agctccgggg tactggttag ttcataatgt tgttccacct atagggttgc    173100
     agatccctaa tacattttaa aaatattgta atacaccaat tcctcagtaa agattgtgat    173160
     gacctaaaca aggaacccct tttactgaag gagatgagat tatttcataa gaacatctat    173220
     acatgtcatc ctccactagc tgaacgttat agcagcatca ttacaagtca gggaacaaca    173280
     tgtttatcct gcagtgttcc tttaattcca tgtgtttata ctttcttgga tcaatctgag    173340
     tttcattttt taaagtatac gatttcactt ttacataaac agtttaaaat aatcagtgtt    173400
     tagagttatc tctaaaggta acaaatttac tactcataat ggtccctagt actttaaaat    173460
     tcgttacagg aatattttct gtgattacac gatttctaac ataaatgtgc ctgaaggaaa    173520
     aagctagcct ttttaaacat ctatatttca tatgttaaag gagaaattga ctgtaaaatt    173580
     cttctgtctg tgttaaatgc aaatgtaata aactcttatg tacttcaagg gagggagtct    173640
     atgtgatcca cactgattcc ctattctcag ggaaagattt tgttccaatt tgcatgctat    173700
     acaggacttt ctcctcataa aattcaaaat aagaatattt ggaactgttt ttattgtacc    173760
     catgattttg aaaaagatac taaatttagg tttgaggaaa gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    173820
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt agggacacac attttaaaat agtaaattaa accacatcag    173880
     tatacatatc catatactaa cataggagga aaatagtgaa ataatttcat acataatttc    173940
     tcaacagtta aaaatgatct cacaaatttt taggtgaaaa cacaaaccta tactaattct    174000
     gtgtagagct tggtctccta cacaaggtgg tattgcatag caaatacgtt tctacatttc    174060
     agcaacattc atgattttcc tgaacttaca tgatcttatt agttagaaca gcactttgaa    174120
     gaactgatgc tgatttgtgt ggatccagca tctgtgattg atgggaaact gactgtgtta    174180
     ccagtgctgt gtagaaattt aatccacagc aagctgagtg aggccatagc tccctgaact    174240
     gaaaataaag agctcaactc aacactcctg ttcaaagtcc atgaactctt taaaattctt    174300
     cagaaatata gtgtaaatat actatcgaaa attttcatgg cagtaagtac tctccatgag    174360
     tggactatct ctcttacctt gataatgcac tctttgttag cacactaaaa ctcatcctta    174420
     ctacatatcc tatacattaa aaatgtatgt aataaccagc atttcagctc tttgatagtt    174480
     ataatcaaga ttatttatgg tttttctatt actgtaaatg caaacagtga aagtttatgg    174540
     gaaataaaat tcttgcacta aagagctata gattatatta aaattccagt gccttctttc    174600
     tgcacagtca ttatacagaa tatccatatg cacttttgac attcatggtg ataagtgttt    174660
     tcagaaacga tgcttttcat acctttgcat ggttccttcc ccctcacccc ccacttttga    174720
     cgaaacttag aatatgaggc taagggaaga gtcataagaa agcaatagaa tattctctaa    174780
     agtgtcagga cttatctgtt tgaggatcat aaacagaatg agagtaagtg agtacagaaa    174840
     gctgtgatga cttaaagaca tctaacttgt gaatcagcta cgactgtaac tgcttttcct    174900
     tcaacaatgg agaatccctt tgcgtaacta ttttgtctca ctcttgtcaa tgaggggttc    174960
     cttatgtttt cttaaaaaga cagtagttta tttattacaa acatgttttc aaatgaaaca    175020
     aagtttaaat agccacacat aatacattac tgaatatttc cctgaataca tatatgtgca    175080
     tgtatgataa ttcatcatag gtgtctgtat atccatggaa atgagtattc tgtttgcctt    175140
     aggatattaa cttctgccta atattttgaa atctgtggat atttgcccca tccaaaccag    175200
     tcttcttaaa gctctgactg attttgcatt attctttctc acatgtttac tttaaatcaa    175260
     cttttaaaat acagttctga atgaggtgta tatttcactt agtctttgta acattttatt    175320
     gaactttaca gtaaagtttt tacatttgta ttttcacaga tgttttcact tttgtccatg    175380
     aagatactaa tagccttggc tcttcttttt tgagaatgtg aaatatgaat cagtgaattc    175440
     tacattatct gagaataata aatcatctat ttgcatataa tttgtttatt ttcaaacaaa    175500
     atttgatttg aaattaactt tctcaggtac ttactgagct accacaattc ttatgtcaaa    175560
     tgaaactgtg ttatctaagt catttgatag tttcttactc atttggaatt tccagaaaga    175620
     catccattaa tgctttgcag gcttagaata aagattcaaa atataggtac atgtttcagt    175680
     tctccttaag attagccctt agagttcctt ctgttctctc ctactcttca gaccaaagga    175740
     gaatttgtgt ccatttcata acccatatgc taccactgga ttcgtttgcc tggcattttt    175800
     gaaaaataga aatgtttgtg ccagcataca aaacctgcct ggttttaaaa ccatggactc    175860
     atttacagga atttgacaat ttatgataga agaatgagta tattttatga cactgtttca    175920
     acttgagtgt actggaagag tttttcttct cctgaaatta attattgttt aagaaagaaa    175980
     tgaaagccac caattttgat gtggacttag ggcatgagat ctcatgtttg acttcccttt    176040
     gcataccatc tatacaattt attctatgtt ctataccttc atcttcctta cataagtagt    176100
     cattcctcat aactctacaa atgtttattt tatttttctc aaatttgagt ataatcctga    176160
     atggcaacct atgttcattt taagttaaag gttaacagtg tttttacttc atagctataa    176220
     ttttcagata gttatatttc ctccatgaaa ataaatatga actgaacact tatgtaccaa    176280
     ggacacacac caatacttaa atttacacag acatgcaata tcctgtacat acagggacta    176340
     gttcttattt aaactactat gggcttatat ttactaaaat ctgagtgtag aacaaggaag    176400
     acctatggcc atttaacaaa ataatagagt taacctctgg ggactttgag ctcccaatca    176460
     tgtgttcttg gctagacttt cagtactgga catgctccct cgtatggagc caaccttatt    176520
     aaaatacaat acaatacaat acaatacaat acaatacaat acaatacaat acaatacaaa    176580
     tcaatacaat acaatacaaa gagatggttt aacattatgt cattcttgaa tttatgaggt    176640
     tctccatgca tagtaattag tatcacttca gtattccttt tgaattttac attgtattat    176700
     gagattaaaa catcattgga agtgtgtaag ttatattata gaaatctatt ttattttgta    176760
     taaatataca catatgtata cacagagatg cactcacaga aagcatgttt ctgttctgtt    176820
     taatcactat attgttgagg gaaggtaata ttttattgta ctaatgatca gatacatggg    176880
     tatctgcaat gtaaaagtca gtaagagtac aatgtttgtg aacattggta ttttgtttgt    176940
     tttagcctca tgtggtttat ccaaacacaa ggtaaattcc acatccatac tttgtttagg    177000
     ctttttgaga tatgatttga ttttttgaga agttgctaag tcttataatt cttatatata    177060
     gatgcagcta atgaatacct tcatgaagta catatatgat tgtgctcaaa ataatatgca    177120
     gtttaatgct gggttgggtt ggaatcagag atttcaggaa tgttaggcag tttccaagaa    177180
     taataatttt cagctcttaa taaaacgtcc caggatttct tgctatttca taagatattg    177240
     ttcccatgaa aaatttaaac attgtgatct ttgagcctaa aaaatgtgtt tacagttaga    177300
     tttgctcagt gtagggatct gcccttatgc tcctttagaa tcaaacagct ttaaaacagc    177360
     aagattttct ggagtaaaca cctgttctat ggctgttcag caaccatcaa gtattcaaat    177420
     ttcttaataa ataggaaatg aataatgtaa cagaaacagg ttgtacttgc ccttgtcatt    177480
     aagcaggtgg ttagtgccat catttgcata ttcataggct tgatacacat tttccttttc    177540
     gagatatagg ggaaattaac acacatttgc ctttggatac caattagtat tagtaattta    177600
     ttcgcctttg cattctatta agctccgcta aacacaagtg aatttcatga gggagaattt    177660
     ggtgcttttt atatctgcat tataaattgg caaaacaaat tagatcgcat gatttcttcc    177720
     ccaaactcca cataatcttt cactcaatca ttgtcttttt aaaatgagca tgtttgccat    177780
     tagagtaaga gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtt tcggcaacac aaagccatca aaacgtccca    177840
     actgaaaact ttcataagca ggattatttc attacttctc aaattctgta atctaatctc    177900
     tgtatccact ggagtgtgag ttgcagacca tagttctctg aacataaaag aatgggcttt    177960
     ggttgctctc tgtaaacttc gcaggcgttg cagctttagt aagttgagta atttcagttt    178020
     gcatgaaacg ctcatatgga agtagctgat gcacatagat gtttggtcat gaagtttttc    178080
     tcgtcatgat ttattagtat tatttagtat ttactgttgt atattaacaa tacataatta    178140
     gggtttataa ggacattttc atagaagtat attattcacg ttggcattat ttccaccctg    178200
     tcttcctggg cggtactaac ttctcctctg ttattttcat ccgtttctcc cagcaccacg    178260
     agatcatgtt caccatcgtg tgtgtgcacg catgtacatg tgtgtgtgtg tgcctgcctc    178320
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtctatttg tgtgtatctg tatttgtctt tgtacatatg tgtgtatgta    178380
     tgcacgcatg cgtgcatgtg tgtgtttgta tttgtttgta tgtgtgtctg catatacaaa    178440
     tgtgcttgtt gattttatat agatatacat atacacatat atatatattt atataataca    178500
     cgtatgtaca catacatatg catacacatg cacacatata ttgatggaag ttcatagctt    178560
     ttgagaggtt tttacttatt atctcaagat gttagctcag atattgaatg gaacaaggga    178620
     tgactgttct ggaaggctaa aactagtcta gttcctatct ctttacaata cataaattcc    178680
     aatcactcca tcttgttatg tctagaagac cattcccaga tgtcggaaag gtttactata    178740
     gatggatcag ataggactga ggatcccact gctagtttac catgaagcta cacactgtat    178800
     gtcatgttag tgaattctat actgtagagt ttagcctctt atggactttc acataagaat    178860
     aatttgacat ccccatatca ttttcctttt ctttctttct ttttctaatt ttttattagg    178920
     tattttcctc atttaaattt ccaatgctat cccaaaagtc ccccataccc tccccccccc    178980
     caactcccct acccacccgc ttccacttct ttgccctggc attcccctgt actgaggcat    179040
     ataaaggttg catgaccaat gggcctctct ttccactgat ggccgactag gccatcttct    179100
     gattcatata cagctagaga cacgagctct gggggtactg gttagttcat attgttgtcc    179160
     cacctataag gttgcaggtt cctttagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct cctccattgg    179220
     gggccctgtg atccatccaa tagctgactg tgaacatcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc    179280
     tggcattgtc tcacaagaga caactatagc agggtccttt cagcaaaatc ttgctagtgt    179340
     atgcaatggt gtaagcgatt ggaggctgat tatgggatag atccttggat atggcagtct    179400
     ctagatggtc catccttttg tctcagctcc aaactttgtc tctggaactc cttccatggg    179460
     tgttttgttc ccaattctaa gaaagggcaa agtgtccaca ctttggtcct cattcttctt    179520
     gagtttcatg tgttttgcaa attgtatctt attgggtatt ctaagttttt gggctaatat    179580
     ccacttatca gtgagtacat attgtgcgag atcttttatg attgggttac tttactcagg    179640
     atgatgccat ccaggtccat ccatttgcct aggaatttca taaattcatt ctttttaata    179700
     gctgagtagt actccattgt gtaaatgtac cacatttttt atatccattc ctctgttgag    179760
     gggcatctgg gttctttcca gcttctggct attataaatg aggctgctat gaacatagtg    179820
     gagcatgtgt ctttcttatc agttgaaaca tcatctggat atatgcccag tgttgtgcca    179880
     gtgttcttta tggaatcttt tgcacctgag attctctctt ccatcttttg tattctgttg    179940
     ctgatgcttg tgtctatgtt tccagatttc tttcctaggg tttctatctc cagcgttgcc    180000
     tcactttggg ttttctttat tgtgtctact tcccttttta ggtctagtat ggttttgtcc    180060
     atttccatca cctgtttgga tgtgcttccc tgtttttctt taaggacttc tatctggttg    180120
     tgttttcatg tttttcttta aggacttgta attctttaac tgtgttctcc tgtatttctt    180180
     taagtgagtt attaaagtcc ttcttgatgt cctctaccat catcatgaga tatgctttta    180240
     aatccgggtt tagtttttcg ggtgtgttgg ggtgcccagg actgggtggg gtatgagtgc    180300
     tgcattctga tgatggtgag tagtcttggt ttctcttagt aagattctta tgtttgcctt    180360
     ttgccatctg gtaatctctg gagttagttg ttatagttgt ctctggttag agcttgttcc    180420
     tcttgtgatt atgttagcct ctatcagcag acctgggaga ctagatctct cctgagtttc    180480
     agttgtcaga atactctcta caggcaagct ctcctcttgc agggaaggtg cccagatatc    180540
     tggagttgga acctgcctcc tggaagaagt tgtgttccac tcaccagagg ttctaagata    180600
     ctgtggagag tcctcttagg atcttgaagg tgtctgcaga ctccgtgcct aaggtgccct    180660
     ggtgctggaa gggactagtg accctgatca gggcgggttt tctgcttccg taattaatgc    180720
     tgtcttaggt cccacatgat tggattggag cagaagttgt gttccactca ccagaggtcc    180780
     taagttccca tggagagtct tccgggacct tggggtgtct gcagactcag cgcccaaagt    180840
     gcccttgtgc tggcacctac aagaagggac ttgtctcaca ttccttttca ttcttcttct    180900
     ttccattgtc gtgttgtact cactacatct tagcatcctg cacatctaag agtagacaaa    180960
     gtggacatcc ctaatatccc agcattttct gtgatgttgt ctatatattt gttttacatg    181020
     ttctctattg tgttgacata tgtttctctt atttctaact tttttctttg tattgtgaaa    181080
     agggaatgct agacattgta aacaaccttt tctgtagcta ttgataagat catgtgattt    181140
     ctgccattga ctatgggctg acttatgttg ctgattcatg tttgcatctg caatttgcat    181200
     cgtgtttgca tctacccaac ttgaccttta ggaatgaact ttttgagttg tgctaaaatt    181260
     caatttacaa ttatttattg agaatatagg ctatcttatt ctttgtgaca tttttctgat    181320
     tttgactgaa agttattcgt ggatatataa tatgaaatat attgatgttt tccctctcat    181380
     ttcttttaca gaaatttaga ggagctttac agttggttca tctttaaaac tctacttgtt    181440
     ttttaactgt gaccacatct aagcttgggt atttcacact tgggcaacat tttatagctg    181500
     tattaatcaa atcatctgtt ataagtttta agagtttatc ccttttgtta agttacatat    181560
     gtagtagaat ttcttccaat ttttttcatg tttcccattg tattcaaatt caattttcag    181620
     tgtatcataa tgattttctg aatttgattg gcatctgttt taatgtcttc cttttatctc    181680
     taattttagc atttattatt ctttctttac actaccctaa ataaacattt ctctttttaa    181740
     tttcggattt gatttttcaa ggaaacattt cttctttttc agtgattcct tgtttttctc    181800
     aatcccatac cattagtatc tttcctgctt ttaattattt ttctctacaa attgtagttt    181860
     ggcttattat tgtccattca tgtcatattt tggtgacctg tgttattcac tttagacatc    181920
     tttttacctt agttatttat aactatcaat gcacatctta gttttgattt caatgtatcc    181980
     ctgggttcag ttatatgcag gtttaattaa attttttccc tagaaagtta tcattttttc    182040
     ttatactttc aataacccat ttgtcattca ctaatatgtt tgttggtcat tgtttatact    182100
     tgtgtatgaa cacactgtac ccctctggta cgctctaact cctgaatcac accatgttga    182160
     acagatttgc agtgcttggc atgcgtttct tcctttggag tgcatttccc atttagacaa    182220
     aaagcatttg ttgccttcac tatcacaact tgcggcattc acaggtgggc ctgtctgtta    182280
     atgactcttc tccccagaag cctgagtggt accttctggt actgggaaag ctagctggta    182340
     gggaggaagg aatcagaaca gcttctgttt gagtttctta ggtttttgta actaacatgt    182400
     gcaggatctt cagcaatatg gtcttaccat tccattttaa tagggcagca aaagcaggag    182460
     tcacagctta tcttgtaagg cggcttttgg gatcttacac tgctacagat atatcccaca    182520
     cctggctctg gaattgttgt tgggtaactc tgggcttatt agcaatgcat ttttccatcc    182580
     acataggggt tttagaatcg ccagaaactc aaatagtatg cagaagcaaa gagcatttat    182640
     tcagctggat aatctgcatg cgtgggtctc ccccttggga atggagacat ctggtgggat    182700
     cgcaggacca gcttttattg tcagtggcaa tccaggaaag gaggactatg tgtcctttta    182760
     ccttggttgg ttagctctat cttacggtct gagtaattct acaattttta aactctggag    182820
     aactcaaggg tacagggtca cttattcatt ctagctacct agtctcactc taggccggat    182880
     gacaaaggtg ctcacaggtt agctgccctc agctgtggtt agctgttctg agttctcgtt    182940
     tttttaggac acagaaactt aggcctagtc cccgaaactg tcagtttgca gcctgccaag    183000
     cagtcagact gcctctgaac ttagtccctt cagaggtgtg ctattcaaat gtttttattt    183060
     tgtttttaag cttataaaat agtaggtttc catatttttt cccatatcat taattttcgt    183120
     gtcctatgtt ttgaatacct cgtcttcagc cttcctcttt tctaatcttc ttcatatctc    183180
     cttcctgatt acaggtttga tgtccttgat accttatatc taacacattc tgatagctca    183240
     cctttcttta ggcctcccta tccgttcacc cttgagtaga ttgcatttta aaccttcatt    183300
     gccactcaaa gataaactaa tcactctaat attacatgtg tatttaagat ccacatgaag    183360
     gagaacatgt gatgtttgcg tttctgggac tggtttaaat aatgcaatat tcatttcaat    183420
     tctatccatt tcttaccttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt gttttgttga gacagggttt    183480
     ctctgtgtat ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccagactgac cacaaactca    183540
     gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtac tgtggctaaa ggcttgggcc accactgccc    183600
     agcactcaca atttttatga tctcattttt aatgctcact aaatttccac gctgtacata    183660
     tataaaatat tcactatcta ttcatccacc gatcggcatc taagctggtt ccataccata    183720
     tttattacgg gtagagttga aatgaacact aatataaatg actcttgtgt aaagtataag    183780
     ccgttgtgtt tatgagaagt agatatatag ctagattatt tggcagttat aacttcagct    183840
     tttgaaaaac ctttagactg atttcttttt ttttcttaca tattttcttc atttacattt    183900
     caaatgctat cccaaaagtc acctataccc tcccaacacc ctgataccct acccactcac    183960
     tcccacttct tggccctggt gttcccctgt actgggtcat ataaagtttg cacgaccaag    184020
     gggcctctct tcccaatgat ggccgactag gccatcttct gctacttatg cagctagaaa    184080
     cacaagctca gggggtactg attagttcat attgttccac ctataggatt gcagacccct    184140
     tcagcccttg ggtactttct ctagcaccta tattagggac cctgtgttcc atccactaga    184200
     tgactgtgag catccacttc tgtatttgcc aggcactggc aaagcctcac aggaaacagc    184260
     tatatcaggg tcctttctgc ataatcgtgc tggtgtatgc aatagtgtct gggtttggtg    184320
     gctgattatg ggatggatcc ccgggtgggg cagtctctga atgttccatc ctttcgcatt    184380
     agcttcaaac tttgtctctg caactccttc catggatatt ttattctgta ttctagggag    184440
     gaatgaagta tctatgtgtt ggtcttcctt cttgattttc ttgtgttttg gaagttgtat    184500
     cttgggtatt ctagatttct gggctaatat ccacatatca gtgtgtgcat atcaagtgac    184560
     ttcttttgtg attggattat ctcactgagg atgatatcct ccagatacat ccatttgccc    184620
     aagaatttca aaaattcatt gtttttaata gccgagtagt acttcattgt gtaaatgtac    184680
     cacattttct gtatccattc ctctgttgag ggacatttgt gttctttcca gcttctgtct    184740
     attataaata gggctgctat gaacatagtg gagcatgtgt ccttattaac agttggaaca    184800
     tcttctgggt gtatgcccag gagtggtatt gctggatcta gtggtagtac tatgcccagt    184860
     tttctgagga accgccagac tgatttccag agtggttgta caagtttgca atcccacctg    184920
     caatggagga gtgttcctct ttctccacat cctcactagc atctgctatc acctgaattt    184980
     ttgttcctag ccattctaac tggtgtgagg tagaattaca gggttgtttt gatttgtatt    185040
     ttcctgatga ttaaggatgt tgaacatttt ttcaagtgct tctcagccct ttggtaatcc    185100
     tcagttgaga attctttgtt tagctctata ccctattttt caatggagtt atttgaattt    185160
     ctggagttca gcttcttgag ctcttacgtt ggatattagt accctatcag atttaggatt    185220
     ggtaaaaatt atttcccaat ctgttggtgg cattttgtcc tattgacaat gtcctttgct    185280
     ttacaaaagc tttgtaattt tattaggtcc cattggttga ctcttgattt tacagcacag    185340
     gcattgctat tctgtttagg aattttcccc ctgtgcccat atcttcgaga gttttcccca    185400
     ctttctcccc tataaatttt agtgtctccg gttttatgtg gagttctttg atccactcag    185460
     acttgagctt tgtacaatga tataagaatg gatcaattct cattcttcta catgataact    185520
     accaattgtg ccagcaccat ttgttgaaaa tgctttcttt tttccacagg atggttttag    185580
     ctcccttgtc aaagatcaag ggaccatagg tgtatggatt cagttctggg tcttcaattc    185640
     tattccattg aacaacctgt ctgttgctgt accagtacca tgcagttttt tatcacaatt    185700
     gctctgtagt acagcttgag gttaggcatg gtgattcacc cagaggttct tttattgttg    185760
     agaatagttt ttgctttcct aggttttttg ttattccaga tgaatttgaa aattgccctt    185820
     tctaactcag tgaagaattg agttggaatt ttgatgagga ttgcattgaa actgtagatt    185880
     gctttcagca ggatagccat ttttaccgta ttaatcctgc caatccatga gcatgggaga    185940
     tctttccatc ttctgagatc ttcttcaatt tctttctaca gagacttgaa gttcctatcc    186000
     aatctttcac ttccttagag tcacatcaag gtattttata ttatttgtga ctattgtgaa    186060
     gggtggtgtt tccctaattt ctttctcatc tagtttatcc tttgtgtaga aaaaggccac    186120
     tgatttgttt gagttaattt tatatccagc tactgcagtg aagctgttta taaggtttag    186180
     gggttctctg gtagaatttt tagggtcatt tatatatatt atcatatcat ctgcaaacag    186240
     tgatattttg acttctttct ttccaatttg tatccccttg aggtactttt gttttcgaat    186300
     tgctctggct aggacttcaa gtactatatt taataggtag ggagaaagtg ggcagccttg    186360
     tctagtccct gattttagtg ggattgctta gagtgtctct ccatttggtt tgatcttggc    186420
     tactggtttg ctgtagattg cttttattat gtttaggtat gggccttgaa ttcctgatct    186480
     ttccaaaact tttaacatga aggggtttta gattttgtca aatgctttct cagcatctaa    186540
     caagatgatc atgtggtttt ttgtctttga atttgtttgt ttagtggata acgttgatgg    186600
     atttccatat agtaaaccat ccctgcatcc ctggcatgaa gcctaattgt tcatgatgga    186660
     tgatcatttt gatgtcttct ttgattaggt tcatgagcat tttattgagt atttttgcat    186720
     tgatattcat aagggaaatt ggtctgaagt tctctttctt tgttggatct ttgtgtggtt    186780
     taggtatcag agtaattgtg gcttcataga atcaattggg tagagttcct tctgcttcta    186840
     ttttgcagaa tagtttgaga agagttggaa ttaggtattc tttgaaggtc tgatagaact    186900
     ctgcactaaa cccatttggt cctgggcttt ttttggttgg gagactatta aagactgctt    186960
     ctatttcttt aggggaaata ggactgttaa tattgttaag ctgattctga tttaactttg    187020
     gtacctggta cctgtctagg aagttgtcca tttcatccag gttttccttt tttgttgagt    187080
     atagcctttt gtaataggat ctggtgatgg tttggatttc cttaggttct gttgttatgt    187140
     ctcctttttc atgtcttatt ttgttaatta ggatactgtc cctgtgccct ctagttagtt    187200
     tggctaaggg tttatttatc ttgttgattt ttctcaaaga accagctctt gggttggttg    187260
     attctttgaa tagttctttt tgtttctact tggttgattt cagccttaag tttgattatt    187320
     tcttgctgtc tactcttctt gggtgaattt gcttcttttc attctagagc acctaggtgt    187380
     gctgtcagac tgctagagta tgatctctct agtatccttt tggaggcact taaggttatg    187440
     agttttcctc ttagaaatgc tttcattgtg tcccataggt ttgggtatgt tgtggcttca    187500
     atttcattaa actccaaaaa gtctttaatt tctttttttt atttcttcct tcaccaagtt    187560
     atcactgagt agagtgtttt tcagtttcaa cctgaatgtt ggctttctat tatttctact    187620
     gttattgaaa atcagcctta gtctgtggtg atctgatagg atgcatggga cattttaaat    187680
     atattggtat ctgttgaggc ctgttttgtg accaattata tggtcagttt tggaggaggt    187740
     accatgaggt gctgagaaga aggtatatcc ttttgtttta ggataaaatg ttctgaagat    187800
     atctgttaaa tacatttgtt tcacaacttc tgttagtgtc catgtgtctc tgtttagttt    187860
     ctgcttccag gatctgtccg ttggtgagag tggggtgttg aagtctccta ctattattgt    187920
     gtgagttgca atgtgtgctt tgagctttaa taaagtttct ttaatgaatg tggctgccct    187980
     tgcatttgga gcttagatat ttagaattga gagttcatct tggtagattt tatctttgat    188040
     gggtatgaag tgcccctcca cccccacctc cccaaggtcc ctagaggact ctccacataa    188100
     tcttaagaac actcgtgaat ggaatacaac ttctattcca ttccaatcac gtgggaccag    188160
     cattagggaa gcagaaaacc cggcctgacc atggtcacaa gttccttctg gtcagcgcca    188220
     gcactgggtc actttgggtg cagagttgtt ggacaccccc aaggtcccga aactactctc    188280
     caagtgatct taggaccacc tgtgattcaa acacatctta cataccattc caatcataag    188340
     ggacctgaga cagcattagg gaagcacctt gggctaagag taggtagacc ccccccccaa    188400
     ggtccctaga ggactctcca tgagatctta ggaccactgc tgagtggaac acaacttctc    188460
     ttccattcca atctcacggg accagcatta ggaaagcaga aagcccagcc tgaccagggt    188520
     cacaagtccc ttccaattgg tgcaagcacc tggtcacctg ggcgaggagt tggaggatat    188580
     ccccaaggtg cctagaggac agcctctgag gcagaccctg tttcaggctc cagacatctg    188640
     ggcaccttcc ctgccagagg acaggtgtcc tctccgccca ggagggcttt gctaaagcac    188700
     ctggagaagc catcttggtt cccggatccc tctgagacta gtctgctcag gtgagagtat    188760
     ggactacaga agctaacagc ttctgggaca ggccctgttt caggccttca tcttctgcca    188820
     ggaggcaggt ccaaatgcca gatatctgtg caccttccct gaaagaggag agcttgcctg    188880
     cagagagtgc tcagaccact gaaactcagg agagagctag tctccaatgt ctgctgatag    188940
     aggctaacat aatcaccaga ggaacaagct ctaaccaggg acaactataa caactaacta    189000
     cagagattac cagatggtga atggcaaaca taagaatctt actaagagaa accaagacca    189060
     ctcaccatca tcagaacgaa gcactcccac ctcacccagt cctgggcacc tcaacacacc    189120
     agaaaatcta gacccagatt taaaagcata tctcatgatg atagtagacg atatcaagga    189180
     ctttaataac tcacttaaag aaatacagga gaacactgct aaagagttac aagtccttaa    189240
     agaaaaacag caaaagagaa ccaaaaaggt agaagtcctt aaagacaaac aggaaagcac    189300
     atccaaacag gtgatggaaa tgaacaaaac catactagac ctaacatggg aagtagacac    189360
     aataaagaaa acccaaagtg agacaacgct ggagatagaa aacctagaaa agaaatctgg    189420
     aaacaaagat gccagcatta gaaacagaat acgagatgga agagagaatc tcaggtgcag    189480
     aagattccat agagaacatt ggcacaacaa tcaaagaaaa tgcaaaatga aaaaagatcc    189540
     taactcaaaa catccaggaa atccaggaca caatgggaag accaaaccta aggataatag    189600
     gagtagatga gaatgaagat tttcaattta aatggccagc aaatatcttc aacaaaatta    189660
     tagaagaaaa cttcccaaac ataaagaaag agatgcccat gaacatacaa gaagcctaca    189720
     aaactccaaa tagactggac cagaaaagaa attcctcccg acacataata atcagaacaa    189780
     caagtacata aataaagata gaatattaaa agcagtaagg gaaatagact ggctacacaa    189840
     acaggaccca acattttgct gcttacagga aacccaactc agggaaaaag acagacactg    189900
     cctctgaatg aaaggctgga aaacaatttt ctaagcaaat ggtctgaaga aacaaagtgg    189960
     agtagccatt ctaatgtcga ataaaattga ctttcaaccc agttatcaaa aaagacaagg    190020
     agcagcactt catactcagc aaaggcaaaa ttttccagga ggaagtctca attctgaata    190080
     tctatgctcc aaatgcaagg gcagccacat tcattaaaga aactttagta aagctcaaag    190140
     cacacattgc acctcacaca ataatagtgg cagacttcaa cacaccactt tcatcagtgg    190200
     acagatcgtg gaaacagaaa ctaaacaggg acacagtgaa actaacagaa gttatgaaac    190260
     aaatggattt aacagatatc tacagaacat tttatcctaa aacaaaagga tatgccttct    190320
     tctcagcacc tcatggtatc ttctccaaaa atgacaatat aactggtcac aaaatagaca    190380
     tcaacagata caaaaatatt gaaattgtcc ccatctttgt gttggtgttt tccatttatt    190440
     atcctttgaa gggatggatt cgtggaaaga tattgtgtga atttgctttc gtcatggaat    190500
     actttggttt ctccatctat ggtaactgag agtttttctg gatatagtag cctgggctgg    190560
     catttgtatt ctcttagtgt ctgtataaca tctgtacagg atcttttagc tttcatagtc    190620
     tctgttgaga agtctggagt aattctaata ggcctacctt tatatgttac ttgacatttt    190680
     taccttactg ctttaaatag tctgtcttta tttagtgcat ttgttgttct gattattatg    190740
     tgttgggagg aatttctttc tggtccagtc tatttggagt tttgtaggct tcttgtatgt    190800
     tcatgggcat ctctttcttt aggtagggga agtattcttc tataattttg ttgaagacat    190860
     ttgctggctc tttacattga aaatcttcat tctcatctac tcctattatc tgtaagtttg    190920
     atcttctcat tgtgttctgg atttcctgga tgttttgagt taggatcttt ttgcattttg    190980
     tgtcttcttt gattgttgtg ccgatgttct ctatggaatc ttctgcacct gagattctct    191040
     cttccatctc ttgtattctg ttcctgatgc tcacatctat ggttcctgat ttgtttccta    191100
     gggtttctgt ctccagactt ttctcccttt tggttttctt cactgtttct acttccattt    191160
     tagatcttgg atggttttgg tcatttccat cccttgtttg gttatgtttt cctgtaattc    191220
     tttaagggat ttttgtgttt cttctacctg tttaccagtg ttttcctgta gttctttaag    191280
     gacttctaac tgtttagcag tgttctcctg taattccttg agggattttt gtgttttcta    191340
     tttaagagat tccacttgtt tagcagtatt ctcctgtaat tttttgagga atttttgtgc    191400
     ttccttttta agggcttcta cctgcttagc agtgttctct tttatttctt taaatgagtt    191460
     attaatgccc ttcttaagat ctaccaccat catgagatgt gattttaaat ctgcatcttg    191520
     cttgttgggt gtgttggggt atccaggact tgtgatgggc atactgggtt ctgataatgc    191580
     ccagtgttca tggtttcagt tagtaagatt tttacatttg ccttttgtga tctggaaatc    191640
     tctggtgtta ttgttcaagc tgtctctggt tggagcttga tcctcctgtg attcttttag    191700
     cctctgtcag cactcctggg agtccaactc tctcctgagt tccagtggtc aaagcactct    191760
     gtgtaggcaa actctcctct tttggggcag atgtccagca gtctggagct ctgatccact    191820
     tcctgagttc tggggtcgga actctccctg taagaggact ctcctctggc aaggaatgtg    191880
     cccagggttc tgggtctcag ctctgtttcc tggctgagga tgaaggccca aagggaccct    191940
     gaccaagaag ttctgttgct tctatcgccc acatgctctc aggtgatcag gaggtcatgg    192000
     gtgtgctcgg ggtcctgcgg agtggagaat cctctggtgt cctagatacc cttggcaggg    192060
     ttcatgcaga agatggtagg gctggcccag acctgaatgg atcccagcct ctggtcgggc    192120
     ggggctcctt tttccctgtt ccctctgaca caagattctc tgcaattctt tggagctgat    192180
     gttgtattcc actcacccct gatcttgagg tgatcccaag ttcctgcagt gtggagagca    192240
     ccctagagcc cctagtggcc ttcactgggc tcagaaggaa gaaagcaggg gtggccccga    192300
     ctggaacaga tcctagactg atttataaat tgtctaaacc agtttgcgtg gttcaatcac    192360
     attgaataaa ggtgccatta aaataaaact attataaagt aaaatatatc atcatgcaaa    192420
     aaataaataa ataaataaat ctcttcattg atcgctgtgg tagaacatac ctttaatcct    192480
     agtacttgta accagagaaa acagaaactc tttgagtctg aggacaacct cggctccata    192540
     gccagttttt ccagattgca gtgagaccgt gtcaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaacaa    192600
     gcttttcttt cttcgttctt cagagaatat cacttccttc tcagagtcat ctcttaaatt    192660
     gaacattgta agtgggatta ctgccagttt gttctttatt ttctagtgaa aacctgattg    192720
     actggtacac agtgtcatct cagagcatta tagcagatta aaaaaaaaaa gccaccaaca    192780
     gcaacaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aaatctcatc ttcagcacgg atcatgcctt    192840
     ctctatataa gtcttttcag ctctcagaat gaacacagcc tatgagtact tagatgtcct    192900
     tttctgaata cactgagggg atgcagactt cactgtctca atggttgcgg tagtttcacc    192960
     catagtagtg ttcacaatga tggttaattg ttagcctgct agggatgcac gaggctactc    193020
     atatttgagt ttttgcttca ttatattgct gtactctggg tcctttgctc atagtggatg    193080
     tagatattaa ctgtgcagtt tatgatatgg tcttagctct ctttcagttc ctcttgatgg    193140
     aacagtttag tgggaggatg tcttttaaac ccttgccctc ccttgtagaa tgcatttgga    193200
     tgatgaaaat caattttctc caggatcacc tgtggtaaag ttttgtctgt tgttcaaagc    193260
     tttgtctttt aacacttatt ctttccaatc aatattcagt tggaaaggta gaagccaagt    193320
     ggatatagta tcaccataat cttgggcact ctaccttcag cattaagaag aaaaactaag    193380
     ttatatttct tcctatttta ccagtgtcaa gctacaaaaa aattattccc ccaagttcca    193440
     cattagctgt catggagtta attctgatat gttcatgctt cagtgattag acctggcttc    193500
     taaaatcaat attctgcctt tcttgacttt ctttttttac taaagtatag gaagttataa    193560
     attaaagtac tcacaaattt ttcttttttt atatattttt ttattacata ttttcctcaa    193620
     ttacatttcc aatgctatcc tcaaagtccc ccataccctc ccccccactt ccctacccac    193680
     ccattcccat tttttttttt tttttggccc tggtgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag    193740
     tttgcgtgtc caatgggcct ctccagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt gttacatatg    193800
     cagctagagt caagagctct ggggtactgg ttagttcata tgttgttcta cctatagggt    193860
     tgcagatccc tttagctcct tgggtacttt ctctagctcc tcccttggga gccctgtgat    193920
     ccatccaata gctgactgtg agcatccact tctgtgtttg ctaggccccg gcatagtctc    193980
     acaagagaca gctatatctg ggtcctttca gcaaaacctt gctagtgtat gcaatggtgt    194040
     cagcgtttgg aagctgatta tggggtggat ccctggatat ggcagtatct agatggtcca    194100
     tcctttcgtc acagctccaa actttgtctc tgtaactcct tccatgggtg tcacaagttt    194160
     ttcttaactg aaggcactat ttctgagcat agaatcttgt cttgcatatt ctcaagcagt    194220
     gggggtgggt gcaaaataat taatgttctt tgaaaaatca gtatataagc atgatgtaat    194280
     ttttggtact tagttattta caagcatgaa gatcctagtg agttttatca tctttgggaa    194340
     cacagttcca gtctttctca ttttttatct gctcttaata tttacacata tgtataagtc    194400
     catattagaa ttaaaattct aattcttctt cataaaaatt agtatatatg taaatggata    194460
     attaacttca gtaaatgata acctaaaata gatggatttt attgtctaga atgagctttc    194520
     tgaagaaatt agtaaaatag ccataaaact gaaaaacttt tttaaaatgt taaaatacaa    194580
     ataactaata cagggaatgc tatattttgt agctatacag attcagtgtc atgactacct    194640
     tttaaaaatt tcagaaagtt ctgatttagt tgagttcacg gtagaaaatg taagttttcc    194700
     tacttaatta ttttgagatg tgattgtgaa cttgactggc atatatgaaa ttagatgatt    194760
     gatttattac ttaaaaatga cagaatacat tgttaagaat ttcagttacc cataagtggt    194820
     aggtaagtaa tttttagtcc ctgcatgcta tatgaatcaa agctttatca atgatattgt    194880
     ctgatctgtc cttgtccata gtcacccatc tttgcatttg tcctttgaag ataatgtgtt    194940
     cctgaagagc tgtgcaccaa atgggagccc acccagatta gtagatactt ctgaatcata    195000
     ggtccccttt aaatcagtat gtatctaaac aacattcatg gctatagaga gggagggtcc    195060
     tctatgggga gaagtgaatt atggcaagca tagaagtaga aagtagaagt tggagagaga    195120
     ataaaagaca aaacaaaaca ctgtgtacac atatgaaatt atcaatgacc aaatttaacc    195180
     aatgactaat gaaagaaaat aactgttata aatccactta aaagtatata gtaattaata    195240
     aagacttcca gtatggatta tgttgattaa tctaatgaga actcaaaaac tcaattaaat    195300
     aaaatattaa acgaaagcta tttttttcta ataactgagt taaatgtcct ttctgtccaa    195360
     cattcatctc aaaatcaatt aaacttttaa aggtaggctc taaaaccttg aaaattttag    195420
     aaaaaaaagt tactacagat acaattggta tattgctcat acacatcctt taagtaaaat    195480
     ttgatctcca tggtgatatg tagaagtgac tcatttgggt aataagggta tggcattcag    195540
     gaattgtaat cagaccttgt ataaaacagt caccagagtg tcacagagga aagtgacatt    195600
     cggtgtcttg agattatact gtcaaggaca ggagaaaata cttttcttgt ttataactca    195660
     atacacgcat gttgttatta tcttatagta ctctatgtgt ctgagtaaga accagtcctg    195720
     aaatacgagt ccagttcttg caagaatctg taaatgtacc tttaacgttg cagatgtagt    195780
     tgtctcagag gcttactgct gaataagctc acactttgca gttcttcctg atatctcgct    195840
     gggtgattca attaagattt tctggcttaa aactcctctc caagctgcct gatttaaact    195900
     taattctgtc aagttcccac tgaattgttg ttcttagaaa aagggcctct gaattccatg    195960
     aactgaaagg gacagcatga actcaacaaa ctctctctct ctctctctct gttatttatt    196020
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttattatat gcaagtacac tgtagctgtc    196080
     ttcagacact ccacaagagg gcatcagatt tcgtaacgga tggttgtgag ccagcatgtg    196140
     gttgctggga tttgaactcc ggaccttcgg aagagcagtc agcgctctta accactgagc    196200
     cttctcaaca gctcctctct gtggtgtttg tttgtttttt gttttttgtt ttgttttgct    196260
     gttgttcttg ttgttgatct cttaagaccc ctctctttcc tgtgctctct tgagagttgg    196320
     gcttatccta tcactggatc attctgccag atctttttct gattcatccc ttagtctgtc    196380
     cctcagttag aagtcacttt caaatatggc tagatttttt ttttcagcaa acttactgtc    196440
     attgtttggg attagtatgt acttagggtg tgtttgtatt cctgccagag gaattaaagg    196500
     tctatcattc cagcctgatc ccacagaact agaaggtcct tggatgcgat atcttgctag    196560
     agcattatca tattgctgca ttaaaatccc tctacaaacc tgaaatctct ataactgcct    196620
     tgatagagcc attaaaaaaa acatgaatgc atttaaaaac tgaaagatga gagattgaaa    196680
     aagcccaaat cttaaagaat attttaaaaa tctgaacata attttgttat aatatataaa    196740
     atagaagatt ctctggtggc atcttaagga aaattgaaat acacattgtt ggctatgtaa    196800
     aaggccatca ttttacaaat atatgaatga tgaatggaac tatacctcac tctgaaagat    196860
     ccaaagagac agtatcaagt tgtagacagc tttatgctgc ctttttaaaa actgaaatgc    196920
     aaaagagatg atttttaaat gtaaaacttt catcaaaaga taaacaaaac ttatagattt    196980
     ggaaagtcat caccttattt atttcatata tttaactttg caggtgatat ttgagcaaat    197040
     tcatgtggta taggtataca tgtgtttgaa aatacccctg catgtacagg acaatacaag    197100
     gacattagaa gtaatctcta ttatgttcct tcttaatttt ggagacaagg tctctcactg    197160
     aacttgaagc ttactatttt aaccttgaaa aatgaataaa tgcatttgca aagaacagaa    197220
     aacatgtact ttgaatatcc ttaagtggaa agtcatagga tgaatacctt tggccttacc    197280
     taattctcaa aaatcaatcc acaatttgat tatagttgac agcaagatat ttataaggta    197340
     caaggttgga agaacagatg gagattttgt gagtggaatt tggatgctca ttatctaaaa    197400
     cccagaaaga agagtggact cctttgtaaa gataaagttg gaagatgtct atgaagcaga    197460
     aagcaggccc tgatcagaaa gtagacattc tagttgtcag atttccacct ttcaggtttt    197520
     taataaaagc ttctgtaggt atatgtatac ctgcatattc actcaaatag aggccagaca    197580
     cagacttcct taattgcctt cattcctatt ttttcttgag attttttttc ttatctagga    197640
     gattacatgc catcaatatt cagggatcct cctatctctg cctccctagt ccttaggtta    197700
     taggtaaaac taaaacatat acctatttta gcagcacaat ggagatctga attgaaacct    197760
     tcatgcatat ttagcaagta cttggttgac tatgaaattc tgcctggcca aaatttttga    197820
     tgtttcatgt actactatga tatatatgat ctgacagtct aaaaattgta ggattttcct    197880
     ccactggcat gggaatgggc cattggtgtt tccttttctt tagctaagac acagaaatca    197940
     agagtacaaa agcaaaacca acaagtgaga ttattaaagt gagcatatta gaaagctact    198000
     gcaagcaaag gaggtctaaa acttaaaaag aaccaaccta aatggagaaa atattctaat    198060
     gtcatataca aagtaagaga tttgataatt aatagtggtt gccaatgaga taaatctggg    198120
     aaaataaaac ctcagttatg gaaatcccca ccttagatta gcttgtaggc ttgtttgtag    198180
     gacattttct tcatgcataa aacagagtgt cttagctcat gttggaaagt gtcattctaa    198240
     gacagatgag cctagagtga acaaaaaaag gggggggtgt aactaaatgt gagcctgaga    198300
     gcaatccagt aaccatcatt ctttgataag ctatacttca attctgacct tcatgtttca    198360
     gcttagaatt tctggattgc cttttgccta tgatgaattg catcctgtaa gccaaagaga    198420
     ccctttactc ctccaagcaa gtagcattta gtaatagtta tttaatcata caacaggaag    198480
     caaagtagaa cagagtttga tcccagaaga ggtagggtgt tgtgacagaa tggatgatac    198540
     tattttggta cagattgtgg aagcataagg aacataggct gaaaagtcat tgagtgctca    198600
     gagtggaatg ggcaggtcta tgtgagcttg gagatctagc ttgttacttt tcagagggaa    198660
     gttaagagtc tatcatgtct atttgtgagg taagaatctg tgacctggac catctgctgt    198720
     ggttaacaaa atgatagcac tactgagtga tacctttggt gtttactggg aaggctgatg    198780
     aattaactgt gattcataag agactagaat cattgtgctg aaattctggg agatatttcg    198840
     ttagggttca cacccagaag ttctaattca tggggtctgt attagttagg gttttactgc    198900
     tgtgaacaga caccatgatc aaggcaagtc ttataaaaaa acaatattta actggggctg    198960
     gattatagat tcagaggttc agttcattac catcaaggag ggtgcatggc agaatccggg    199020
     caggtgtggt gcaggagttg agagttctac tgcaggagta gctgagagtt ctgtcttcat    199080
     ccaaaggcgg ctagtggaag actgacttcc aggcaactag ggtgaggatc ttatgcacac    199140
     acccaaagtg atattcctac tccaacaatg acacacctcc aaatggtgtc actccctggt    199200
     tcaagaatat gcaagccatc atggggtctg atttcaactg catagcagaa ctcagcaact    199260
     tgtaaatatt gccatcctgg tataggtgta aaaaatgcaa gcttgaagaa ttcataaaca    199320
     tcatacttta ggtaagatca tactttatgg ctctgttgaa gtccctgaat agtgatggag    199380
     aaagtcaatt gatgggagtg tagccttagc tgctatggag aaacctggac catgaaagaa    199440
     gcagagacta tgggataacc atcaagtaca gcagtaagca tggagttaaa ctgatctgag    199500
     cctctgaagc aatttgtgta tgttttagac ggcacagccc aggaattggg actgctcaac    199560
     tatatgaagc cctaacaatc ttgtgggatt tctggatagg aacattcaga aacactctta    199620
     agcaagtggg ccaggactat attttaaaaa tagctgggtg taatattgag agaaaaagag    199680
     ttaaaataat tccttcatgg tttctgcttt agtttccttt tcgaaattcc tgctttgcct    199740
     gctgtccatg atagattata ctctgtaagt caaataaact ctttcatctc ctgagtttta    199800
     ttttgtcagg gtgttttatc acagtaacat aaagcaaaca aggatattgt gatcttgcct    199860
     gacatagaaa aagaactcat gtcatgcaca caaagaagta agttaattaa tgttgataag    199920
     aaacggacat caagtatgtg aagaggaatc caaactcact aatggtaaca aaattgcaaa    199980
     tgtagaaata tagacagcaa attagtttta tagtcttttc taatagttga cactgaggta    200040
     aaaggagaag acaatgttat taaaggaaac ctggcatatt gctccttaat attgaaaata    200100
     aagagtatag catgtctctt cagacttgct cttcgtccta ctgcagactg tcagtaggag    200160
     tcacttagtt tgctctacct caatccattg tgtactctgc atcttagtct agacccatga    200220
     ttcctctagc tattttcaac tatatttctc aaccctacat tctagcccaa ttccagccca    200280
     gatgtccatt aactgataaa ccaatactga aaatattatg catttgcaca atgaattatt    200340
     ataattaatt aagaaaaatg aaatgaaaaa tccataggga agcataggta tgtggatgga    200400
     gctaaaaact gtcacctgga aatatgtcct ccagaccccc aaagacaaat aatatatgtt    200460
     tggtggtttg aacaagcttg acccagggag tgacactatt aggaggtacg accttttgga    200520
     tgaagtgtgt catgttagtc atgggcttta agaccttcat cttggccaca tgggagccag    200580
     tcttctcaat gtagccttca gctgaagatg tagagctcta agctgttcta gaaccatgcc    200640
     ttcctcgatg ttcccatgct cttgccttga tgagaatgga ctgaacctgt gaacctgtaa    200700
     gccagctcca attaaatgtt gtccttttaa gaattgcctt agtcatggtg tctgttcaca    200760
     gcaggaaaac actaagacaa tgtgttttct cttctatgta gatgtaagtt tttgaatctg    200820
     tgctacattc taataaccac agagtttggg taactagtaa gagactacag ggtaaagggt    200880
     cttcacagga agagataata acatatgctt atgtagataa aaaggtaaac aagaataaga    200940
     atattaaatt gggtgggaga tgggaaagga gattaaagaa gaaaatgtgg ggggttccca    201000
     atgaactaaa agacgtttgg aaaactattc agaaacccat tatggtagaa ggttcttaaa    201060
     atacagacat atatgaaaat aatattaaat ggaataatca aataattgag gaataatctt    201120
     tcaattaaac atgtaatact gtcaagtaaa acatccagtg caagaaatga gttatttgtt    201180
     gctcaattat taacaaatgg cacctgtagt ggctattcct ggttgtcaac ttgactatat    201240
     ctggaatgaa ctacatacaa tccagaattt taaggcttac ctgtgatcct aatctataga    201300
     ggctgggaga tacaagtttc tgacctgtat catggcatgg agatcttgag ctagagtggt    201360
     tacgaatccc agaagattaa ggcaggcagg acactgagtt caaggtcatc tgggaaaaaa    201420
     gcaagtccca gatgcaggtg tggtggcaca cacctttaat ctgggccaca cctgtgagag    201480
     acatacataa ggacattgga agaaggaaaa ttactctatc ttttttgcct acttgccttg    201540
     tgggactgaa caactgctag actattggac ttccattcac agctgctgct gaccattgtt    201600
     gagagttgga ctgcagactg taagttatca acaaattccc ttactacaca taacttctgg    201660
     gactctagag aaccctgact aatacctcat cacatagaaa ccctcaaaca ttctaggata    201720
     ttttcaaaac tattggttat tctccaatgt aagggtatag tgatatgtct cctttgctga    201780
     agacaataat tttactatta caaatagaga cattgacctt gtgaccaact agaagctgca    201840
     ctccagatag cttgtttcat gatattaaaa aggtactcag catattacca gaagagaaag    201900
     gaaattgtca atatcatcca gctacatacc ctgtaacctc taatcgagat ctgcctgcaa    201960
     gatatgctgt tataatagtt gcacaagtat tttagcagta accaaacact ttcagattgg    202020
     atttaagatc cactgaatga gaaagatgtc atccccatca tagctaagtg caaaagaaat    202080
     tgaccctaga caggccatgt gcctagtgga aaatctacta ctttgattat gcttcaccaa    202140
     aggaataaaa tgacttctaa tggcacactg ctatgtgcac tgagcagtgc ctggttcaac    202200
     ccaaattaga gatgcatctt cttgccatac atggaaatta acacagatta aactttcgag    202260
     cactcagttt taaatcaaat attctcagga aacaccactc ctcaagaact gggcatcgat    202320
     ggagaagagg aggcagacta taaaagctgg agatgataaa tgactccaaa ggaactatga    202380
     cttcaagaca caaggggacc aacacacaaa tgaattcaca actactgtga cagtgaacat    202440
     actttttgca ggagttcaag cctgccaggg tctaaaacta acagaggccc cacaatgaca    202500
     gattcccacc tctaatcaag atactaggtg caaataatac cactgaaaaa gggaaaaatc    202560
     agttttccta atagaatctc actgggtacc tcacccacat cttaggggag ctccaatacc    202620
     aagaagttgt tcaatacaaa atgaatttga tgacatttta agagactttt tgattcatat    202680
     cccttctgta ttgacattct ttgttttatt ggtatttcac tttttcattt tgattttcag    202740
     tttggtattt tgaattacct ttatgtttct tgtatttttg ttgttgtggg gtggtttctt    202800
     attttttttg tttgtttgtt taaaaataga caatcaagag caatattgtg aatatatggt    202860
     gttgaagatg atgtagggtg aggaaaaaca gataaggtat attattatga atttttttca    202920
     atgcaaaaag aaaaatatca caaaaatgta gaaaatattg agtattcacc atatgttata    202980
     ggagttgatc taaatatgaa tacactcttg tcttagttaa ttactttaat aggtcaatgt    203040
     gaccaatata acctataaaa gaaagcattt aatttggggt tcatattctt agaggcttag    203100
     ttccatgact cttgtagaag gaagactggc atcaggcaga atagctagtt gcaggagcag    203160
     aagctgagag cttatgcctt ggtgcatgac ctcaatgtga atgctgttgt cttttgaaaa    203220
     cttcaaacat catcaccagt gatataccct ctccaacaat gacacacctc ctaattattc    203280
     ccaagtattc aaatatatat ataacggatt catattattc aagtcacccc atttgactgc    203340
     ctagctgatc tagtcttgtg ccaagccata cttcatttat tcccacttct gaaggcatgg    203400
     tagcatttta caatctcaga ataatctgaa agcccaaaat tcaattgtgt agtgacactc    203460
     aaggcagctt cccaattgtt acaacctacg atgatacaga gtagcattac ctttccaaag    203520
     aggaggaaag aggacatagt gaggaaatac tgctctgaag caagatctaa actcaacagg    203580
     aaatctcgta aatactttag gtatattttt gatatcaaag gacttcagct ttgctgacta    203640
     tggtacattt cttactcttt ggctagttct ctcatctgtc tggactttcc ttacccataa    203700
     tctcatcacc atgacatgtt caacatcttt gcatttccag tacaatacag acatcagtta    203760
     ttaacattgc ataatctcta attatcattg ccatcatcat caccatcacc accaccacca    203820
     tcatcatcat tcaagggtcc tctggcagat gcctggcttc aacagctttt cttaacccca    203880
     gaggaagagg acacatctgg atcctttgtg actctaatgc tagaaagcca tgaacaatga    203940
     ttccaagttc agctgcctcc ttggggaaga acctgtttcc ttctttaaat attcttctct    204000
     ttatatattt taagattata atttcattat ttagccagca tccttagtcc atgtcttttc    204060
     atcttctctc ttctcttccc ttcaaaatta ttgaactatt tctctttaat tgttgctagg    204120
     ctatatttat ttttacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacgata caactgtctc    204180
     tggtagcata atgttcttaa ctgtacatgt tttcaaggct gttcacttga cctaattgta    204240
     taatcatttg gcgtctctta cctgagtaag aaaacatcct tcagacatgt taatgtggta    204300
     gctggaaagc gcccaatgct gaggaagaac aggtttattt tcctaaacat agtcattctg    204360
     attgttataa gatagatctt acttttaatt ttcttcttga aaatgatggt taagcatgaa    204420
     ttactcacca actgtttagc ttgatataac ttctgttcat aagaatattt tttatatttt    204480
     agttggtatc atctgaattc aagacactat tctgtcttgt aaaagcatca tgaatagatt    204540
     tcacttatta agttatattt atatataact gatgatgaaa attacttata attagattaa    204600
     attttttgct cttcttcaaa atatactttt tcagattgat tgtttgtttg tttatttata    204660
     ttacactcca gattttattc ctacccctgg tccaccctct gactgttcca catcccatac    204720
     ctcctcccaa cccctgagtt gtcacgagga tgtcccaccc ccaagaaccc acccaaccag    204780
     acctctaaac tccctggggc cttcagtctc tttaaggata ggtgcatctt ctctgactga    204840
     actcagaccc agcaggcctc tgctgtatat gtgttcgggg cctcatatca attggtgtat    204900
     gctgcatggt tggtagtcca gtgtctgagt ggtctctccg gggcgggggt ggggggtggg    204960
     gggtgtggga agctcctacg gagtcacttg cctcttcagc gtcttccagc ttttccttaa    205020
     ttcaaccaca ggggtcagaa acttctgtac attggtaggg tacaaatacc tgcatctgac    205080
     tctttcagct gcttgttggg tcttccggag ggcagttagg tccccccctc tttgtttttg    205140
     tttttgtttt tgttttttgt tttttgtttt tttttcccag cactcgggac gcagaggcag    205200
     gcggatttct gagtttgagg ccagcctgat ctacaaagtg aattccagga taggtccctt    205260
     tttgtgagtg cttcatattc tcagtaatag agtcaggtct tgggaccttc ccttgagctg    205320
     gatcccactt ttgtcctctt gctagacctt cttttcctca ggcttttctc catttccatc    205380
     cctgtcgttc tttcagacag gaacaataat gggttttgac tgtgggatac taatctcatt    205440
     ccccacttga tgccctgtct tcccactgga ggtggtctct ataagttccc tctccctagt    205500
     gttgggcatt ttatctaagg tcgctccatt tgagaattat tttaacaaga aacatgtcag    205560
     taaaagttat gtgtatttta gtcagctgct ggttgggcct ttcagaggca agccatgcta    205620
     ggctcctgtc tgtaaacacc aaagcatcag taataatgtc aggccttcat gtttacccat    205680
     gagaggaatc cccagttggg tcagtcagtg agacgactga gacagatgca gatacttaca    205740
     cccaactact ggactgaagt cagggaccac aacggttgaa ttaggggaag gatagaagaa    205800
     gcagaagttg cgggtgatct cataggaaga ccagcactct caactcacct ggacacttga    205860
     tatctttctg acactgagcc accacccaat cagcatacat ggactggtat gcattgctgg    205920
     acacatatat agcagaggct gctcggtctg gcctgagtga gaagagattc tcctaacctt    205980
     ctcttggaga tggggaagaa ggaatataat aagaactatg ggaagtggga cctggaggag    206040
     gtcaacagct gggttgtaaa ctgatataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat    206100
     aataataata ataataagtt atgtacatta agggacatgt tacatatatt atattttata    206160
     caataacaca tatctttcaa aatactttct ggcaagggga aatggatatt tagaaaacta    206220
     ttggaaacat aaaaaaccta aaatttatac aaaaatgaag ttaaaaatct aaatgtaagt    206280
     gaaaagtttt gacctgaaat aaatatgtac cttcatatat aattttttct tatatgcttt    206340
     gaattagcca tgagagtatt ctataatcaa aatagtgtaa ttttagcatt agtgataaaa    206400
     aggaatgaag aaatatattt taattacaag tccagtcagt tgcaaattct tgcaaaagta    206460
     aagtcaaatt ttaaagaaat taagtggatg tgaagggttg gtttttactt catttgttta    206520
     cccagttaaa acggcatatt agctggaaaa atctcatagt ttcgtgaata tttatgtctt    206580
     tgaggagact agcagccagt gtaatatcca gtgagcaatt ataccacagc catgtttttc    206640
     agttctaatt gttgtcatac ttgtttcatg gttcttgcaa acctgtcttt cccatttagg    206700
     gccagttgat gccatagttc tagccagaga gacttcgcat ctccttacat tgaatggcag    206760
     gcaaacccta gaagtaatcc aggatttatg aaatggaagg aacacagcta attggatcat    206820
     agaatagatg tctgcttatt ttaattagat tcctcagtca cattcttttt ctcccaaagc    206880
     tttaaatatt cagtagcctc tatgtctgtt gacagttaaa ggaatgagtc ttatttgtac    206940
     ccaaacagac aaagacttat ttaactccca tgaataatag ttgatgcctc ctgaaaggag    207000
     aaggtaattt ttgttttcct tttctagtat tttccatagt tgtaaaaaca ggatttaaaa    207060
     aaaaaagttt gtatatttct ttcatgtgcc agaataaatg ccattatttt aacatacatt    207120
     ttgcaatttt ggccagaatt ttgcagttac agccaatggt tatttaagaa actcaatcat    207180
     atttcaacca aactatagca ttaaattaga gaaggaaaac tgtttcttta caaaattgat    207240
     tcctaacaga gacatgtagg actcctaagc catgctgact taatgttgct ggacaatgcc    207300
     ttaatttata ctatccatcc ttagagaaca tgtagtagtt tttaatctag ttatactcca    207360
     atgtaattct tgatgctgaa tttcaaataa attatagggg aagaagtcat cctacacacc    207420
     agtctacagt tgtattgtcc aattgtatgg acaaatggaa agaaagaaat cttttaacta    207480
     acttcatgat ttgtggtgta attctcttac agagtgggca gccttgcatt tttcaagtga    207540
     tggttgactt tcatactccc cttaggtgtt cagaaactct gtattcagta atatgccaca    207600
     aaattatgga tgctttaagg cataggtcct ctcttttaac taaggcaggt caaattacag    207660
     acccaggctt caccacctgc agtctgttcc tttatttcac tttaattgga accatatatg    207720
     caactctttt tatgtgacaa aataatctct ggttttacac aagttgataa acctcataat    207780
     aagggttata gaagcaagct ttcataaagc acaaaaacaa actgacttct tatgcatgaa    207840
     cttggaaaac agtgtgtcgg ctttcatact tagttgctat aattttaaac gatgtctgta    207900
     agtccaccta ctattacttt atacccatga gtctttcagc ttagacctgt aacagtattt    207960
     gagtaaatat tttcatcctc tttgtgtctc tgctctgaaa tttgctctga catgaaactc    208020
     agtacactga gcaaacatga catggagcag agcagagatg ttaaagatgt aaacattact    208080
     tactagtatg tcttgtaact aaagaagtat ggaaccagtc tgttagtcag atatctacac    208140
     ttttcacagc cctatgaagt atctgagaaa gacaccatct agaagagaaa gagattgctt    208200
     gaaatgcatt aactgttcaa gtaaaatata atatatggtt ttactattta agtacataac    208260
     taaagatata ctagggttat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    208320
     aataataaat caacagctta gctattacta acttttaacc aaaaaagatt taaaaatata    208380
     cctttaaatt tccttttttt ttaaattagg tatttttctc aattacattt ccaatgctat    208440
     cccaaaagtc ccccacactc tcatagacac agaaaaaata tggccaaact cattctacca    208500
     ggcaacagtt gcatctaatc ctcataagga aaaaacaaag aaagagcatt tcaatccaat    208560
     ctcctgtatg aacatagata caaaaatacc caatcaccat atacccaaga ggacctctgg    208620
     gtctccgttc agtaagagaa gatgcacctg accctagaga gactagaggc ccaagggagt    208680
     gcagaagtct ggtgggatgt ggcatgtggg gtgggtacat cctcatggag acaggttggg    208740
     ggagcaggta tgagatgttg aacagtcaaa gggtggacct gaagggggat aaaatctgga    208800
     gtgtaaaaaa tgttaagtaa aaatttaaaa atacccaata aaatattcag aactgaattc    208860
     aagaacacat caaaaacatc actcaccata atcaagtagg cttcattcta agaatgcagg    208920
     ggtggttcaa ttgttgaaaa tctatcagtg taattcatca taaaaaaaaa aaaaaactga    208980
     aagaaaaaga aacacacatg gtcatctcat tagacattga aaagtttttt gacaaaatcc    209040
     atcatccctt aatgttaaaa gtcttggaga gatcaggcat acaaggtgtc ttagtcaaga    209100
     tttctattcc tgcacaaaca tcctgaccaa gaatcaatat ggggaggaaa gggtttattc    209160
     atcttacact tccacattgc tgttgatcac caaaggatgt caggactgga agtcaagcag    209220
     gtcaggaagc aggagctgat gcagacgcct tgagggatgt tccttactgg cttgcttccc    209280
     ctggcttgct cagccttctc tcttatagaa ccaaaactac cagcccagag atggcaccac    209340
     ccacaagggg acctcccccc ttgatcacta attgagaaaa tgccttaaac agttggatct    209400
     cgtggaggca tttcctcaac tggagctcct ttctctgtga taactccagc ctgtgttgac    209460
     acagaacttg ccagtacaat tgaacccttg tcaacatgac acacaaatgc atcactatta    209520
     agcctcaacc cttagtttct tattcatccc caagatgtaa aacattgtaa aagtcccaca    209580
     gtcttgtata ttaaagttta gtccctttaa aatgtccaat atcttttaaa attcagtctc    209640
     ttaactgtgg gctccactaa aatattttct tccttcaaga gggaaatata tcagggcaca    209700
     gtcacaatca aaagcaaaaa tcagtctcca actgtccagt gtctggtatc caactcacaa    209760
     tcttctgggc tcctccatgg gcttgggtca cttctccagc cctgtccttt gtagcacaca    209820
     gcttgtcttc taggctccag ctgcttgtac tccactgctg ctactctttt tggtggtcat    209880
     ctcatggtac gggcatctcc aaacactgct gtctttcact gtaactaggc ttcaccaaca    209940
     gcctctcata ggctttctta atggtgccaa gtctcaactc ctttgcatga tcccttcagt    210000
     cctgggccat caactacaac tgaggatgca cattcaccaa tggcctccca tggcctcagc    210060
     tcctctacat gacaccttca tgccttcaaa accagtacca cctggtaact cttacacatt    210120
     accaagtcta gccacagcac aaggtaaaac cttggttatc tctggaacac agcctctgtg    210180
     ctttcagaaa acacttccca gaagatgtca ccacaatgat gctggtctct tcttaatcac    210240
     cactaatttc ttagctccag ctaaccagca tcaatagtcc cagtaatgca aagtttcact    210300
     ttagtagttc tgttatcttg ttaagcacag ctgattcttc agccccagct aaccagaacc    210360
     acagaatctt cacaatcaaa atggcaatgg ccctgaaaat tttctttaat ctttcctctg    210420
     aaatttcata agccagacct ccatcttctg cactgttctc aacattatct tccagctcct    210480
     acacaacatc tcacagagct cttagcaccg aatggatctt ctagcccaaa gttccaaagt    210540
     ccttccacag tcctccccaa aacatgatca ggttgtcaca ggagcatccc actatgctgg    210600
     taccaatttg tattagtcag tgtttctatt ctttgtcaaa acctcatcac caagaacaaa    210660
     gttgagaagg aaagggttta ttcagcttac aattccatac tgctgttcat caccaaggat    210720
     gtcaggacta gaactcaagc aggtcaggaa gcaggaactg atgcagaggc catggatgga    210780
     tattccttac tggcttgctt cccctggctt gctcagcctg ctctcttata gaaccaagac    210840
     taccagccca gagatggcac cacccacaag gtgctggtgc acaagtcctc cccccttgat    210900
     cactaattga gaaaatgcct ttcagctgga tctcgtggag acatttcccc aactgaagct    210960
     cctttctctg tgataactcc agcctgtgtc aagttgacac aaaactagcc agtacacaaa    211020
     gtacatacct aaataaaata aaggcaatat acagaaagcc aatagccaac atcaatttaa    211080
     atggagagaa aatttaaaac aattccatta taatcagtta taagacaaga ctgtccacta    211140
     tcttcatatc tattcaatat agtatttgaa attctagcta aggcaataag aaaactataa    211200
     gcgatcaagg taatacaaat tggaaagaaa gaagtcaaag tatctctact aaaggtgaac    211260
     tatagaacaa tattaataaa accacataat ttagaataaa gacagacaga ttgatcaatg    211320
     gaattgaata tgagatccaa aaataaacac acacatctat ggaaacttta gtttttacta    211380
     aaatttaagt tcatacaatg gacaaaagaa agaatcttga acaaattgtg gttgtattac    211440
     tggatgtctg catatagaag aatgcaaata gattcatatt tatcactctg cataaaattc    211500
     gagtcccagt taatcaaagt cctcaacata gacctgatac actaaatcta atggaacaga    211560
     aaataaggaa taaccttgaa caaattggta cagtagataa cttcctgaat agaacaatgt    211620
     aactctgaca ctgagatcaa catttaataa atgtaacctc atgaaacaaa aatcttctgt    211680
     aaggcaaagg acaccttcaa tagtacaaaa gtacagaaga agagagaatt ttcaaaaatg    211740
     ctaaatctgg tagagagcca atatctaaaa catataaaga actcaagaaa ttagatgcta    211800
     acaacccaag taacccaatt aaaaatagag tacagaccta aagagaattc tcaggggagg    211860
     aatctctaat ggccgagaag cacttagtaa aatgatcaac atccttaatt atcagggaaa    211920
     agcaaatcaa aattactctg aaattccatc ttatacctgt cagaatggca aagatcaaat    211980
     attcaagaga caacatatag tggcaaggat gtggggcaaa ggtaacaatt ctgcattgct    212040
     ggtggagtcc aaacttgtac aaccattttg gaaatcattt tagtggtgtc tcagaaaatt    212100
     gggaatagct ctactccaag aacgagctat attacctttg ggcatatact caaaggatgt    212160
     tccaccatac caggagaacc cttgctcaaa ggttttggca gctttattca taatagcaag    212220
     aaactggaaa ccacttagat gcccttcaac tgaggaacgc ataaagaaaa tatggtacat    212280
     ttacaaaata gaatactcct cagctattaa aaataattgt atcatggaaa gtgaaggcaa    212340
     atggatggaa ctggaatata tcgtcctgag tgaggtaatt gatgcccagg aagacacaca    212400
     acataattac tcacttataa gtggacatta gccataaagt acaggatagc cattctacaa    212460
     ttcacagacc catataatct aagtaacaag gaggacccag gggagaaccc ttgaatctca    212520
     ctcagaaggt gaaataaaat agacatagta ggtggaggca gggaggggat gattgggagt    212580
     tgggagggaa atttgtgtag gaatcaggtg tggggaggga agccaagaga gtaacaggag    212640
     cgagaacaga aactggtggg tggtggtggt agggtggcat ctctatgatg agctggagat    212700
     ctgggaagtg ggagacacct gggagtctgt gaggatgaca gactcaattc atgacacgac    212760
     acatggcaga aaaccaacta ctaaccctat taatgacact ctgttagact tgcaaacagg    212820
     aacctagcat aactgtcttc tgagaggctt catttagcag ttaatggaaa cagataccta    212880
     caaccaagca tagtcagagc tcagggatgc ttggggaaca gtgtggaggt gggagattga    212940
     aggagctgta gcagtcgaag tcaccaaaag acaaactaca gagtcaacta atcggggccc    213000
     attcagattc acagagacta aaccatgagt caaagataat tctggattgg atctaacatc    213060
     ctacattttt atagcagatg tacagcttgg tttgcatatg ggtcctctca caattggagt    213120
     gggagctgta tctgatactg ttcccagcca ttgaatcttt ttcccttatt gaactacata    213180
     gttaggcctt gaaaagatta tgcttagccc tactgcgact tgatatgtca gggcaggttg    213240
     cctaggggac ttcccctttt ctgaggagaa gaggaaaggg tagtgggggg gggggaggtg    213300
     ttgtgagggt gtggctcagg ggagaggagg gctgcaatat aaatgagtga ataaattaat    213360
     taattaataa ttatctgtac atttctgatt aatatgtgag cttgacatag tctgctacat    213420
     gtcaggtaca tcttatcaaa gatctaagga ggtttaaata tctagtcaaa gttattggct    213480
     ctggtggaaa catctgtatt tataatcact aagatgctat tgcatacata cactaatgta    213540
     aatcgtttat gtgaatgttt attaatattt atgtgtacat attaaaatag ttccattttc    213600
     caacaatgtg taatatttag ccatgaaaaa tagtcaaaga tgaatagctt tatatattct    213660
     tttattttgt tccattctgt ggcctccaaa tgattcctat tcagacaaat cactgatgct    213720
     aaggcaacta gctgcatttc atttcaatgt acttttatag tattctgact atgatttgca    213780
     tattaaaagt gtttgtttta agatctggga atgcaggctg tctctaacat ttactggatc    213840
     acgaaggggt gatgaagcat caataacggc atggtgacag acatttccaa tacaatctga    213900
     tatttgatgg ccttaaagat tgttcactac taatgaacag gtccctccta agcatttcat    213960
     gttgcaggaa tgcatatttc atcatcagaa gaagaatgtg gttgaaagcc aatgttgcat    214020
     ggctcatgtt gattgtctaa aggactagtt agtgccttag tgaattaata ctcattttgc    214080
     atttttaaat tttgtagaat ttgtttttct ttcaatttaa gttatatgta tattactacc    214140
     aaaatttgta agatatagtg agtttttaat taatatttat tttgtgatac tgctataaat    214200
     acattaattt ttttcttcct ttctctcctc caaattattt catataactc tctttgcttt    214260
     ctttaatatc tatggtccct ttaaaaaatt tcttgttgtt acttacagaa atatttgtca    214320
     atacataaat acaacttgct cagtctgtat aatgcttctt acatgcatgt tttcaaggtt    214380
     gaccattggt atgtggtaac caactcatgt gctcttctgt gaggatcaca acttctgctc    214440
     tcaacattcc ttagctgctg gttatttctt tgtataggat tgaggccagt ctgaattagc    214500
     acatcttttg ttgtccctgt tcagctcatg gtttggcaat catgttagtg ataaatttat    214560
     gagactcttg atattatatt aagaggatgc ccaagtgtaa gggaatgcca ggatcaggaa    214620
     gcaggaatgg gtgggttttt gagcaggaga aggggaggag gagatagggg ttttcagaga    214680
     ggaaaccagg aaatggaata acatttgaaa tgtaaataaa taaaatatct aataaaataa    214740
     ggaaaatatc taattaaaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaaagagga agcttcctta taaccaacaa    214800
     ttgaattgta aactttaaga tataatatgc ttattcttgg atgtgttccc tgcccacttg    214860
     aaagacttca taactaccct gatttatgca ctgatctatt aaacaaaata tttattatgg    214920
     agttaaaatg atatacccaa cgattcccat aatgcattac tggggagtta ttccttgaaa    214980
     tccttatgac ttttcgtatg ttttaacaga acttatttaa actcagatgt ttgttactat    215040
     ccaggcagcc tcaaaacgtg tttcttctta tcaatcaaca ttttctcaat agcctttctt    215100
     aaaactgata tcacggatta caatctgagg ctgtggctca tgactcattg tcgttagaag    215160
     atttgatttt ctttttagat aatgcaattg agaaatatgt agaaagattt ccatttggaa    215220
     atttacactt tctcctggtt tttgtgcata cgtatgaaac gccttgttaa agttagaaga    215280
     aatgattgtg aagatatcac caaaaagtaa ttaagtgttt gagagatttt ttttacctca    215340
     ttctaacatt acatactatg tatgtatttg tataaaaata ttatttaata tgctgttata    215400
     atgcacaact cttacttgtg tcaataagat taaataaatc tgacacctag attttgtatt    215460
     gattgacatt accagccaaa aattgaggag ggcttggggg tggcttatga aatatttggg    215520
     ggaaagatca aggactcctg agggaatagg aactccacag aaagaccaac agaatcaact    215580
     aaccaggacc cttgggtgct ctcagagact aaaccaccaa ccaaagagca taaacaggct    215640
     gggactagag acctcacaca tatatgtagc tggacacaaa tgtgcaattt ggtcttaatg    215700
     agggggaaca ctggcaggag gagcaggcaa tgattgggat gtagtgtgaa tgaataaaaa    215760
     aattaatggg aaaaaataac aaaaaaatat aatatctgtt tttaggtaat ttacaatgca    215820
     tactctgtat tttcaataaa agaaagataa ctatgggtat cttgaaactc atttctccct    215880
     agagaaatta ctactactac tactaaattc tatgaaaata aagtacataa agttcaaatg    215940
     tgaagcagag tcaaacacaa taactttgta aagtttgtct ttattgagta taatttgaac    216000
     atcttttatg actaatcatc catttcattg tgatttaccc ctttaatttt gtttgataga    216060
     ttattgtata aagaatccat aacttgatta taatcaaaag ttaccagtcc cactatcttc    216120
     ttttaattta taacaaaaaa aaaacccatt taaaaaaaat tataagaaca aggagtttgc    216180
     tgggagattg taaatccatt agttattatt tgctatcaaa tataaaagct atcatatagg    216240
     cataatgatg aaattttgat attttcatta taaaacaaca acaacgacca cacacacaca    216300
     aaagaaccta ttaagttgca atactttaga actgaaacag agtcaaatta tttgtgcaac    216360
     tggagctgca tgtgccacag cacttctaat cgagatgtat ttctatacct tctgagttat    216420
     gcctttttaa ttatatgatt gtaaacccag gattgcacag tttatattga aaaagaagtg    216480
     aaaatcaaat gtacaagtga gaagaatgac acaaggtgga atttagagta attgaattcc    216540
     ttctgattgt aaaatgaatg ttgccacagt tgctgcaaat gcaagttcat gaaacatctt    216600
     tgtcataaaa aagaaagttt cccatggaag gcccagtaaa ctcacatgga atcccatgtt    216660
     tccattaagt tatgaagaaa taattaatat ggtttgaata agatacttaa tacaaaaaga    216720
     cagcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acatatatat atatatccca    216780
     gaaatcaaac acaataattt agtgactgaa ctttctgtta gtgttaaaaa aaaaaagcta    216840
     cgatttttcc tttgaatttt agtgctcgtg tggtcatgtg caagctacaa ttgagttaat    216900
     aaaatagatt ggtcacaaat tatggtcata tgactttata tttttttcag gtattttcct    216960
     gagagattag tcatctagat ttatatatat aaaaacaaaa cactgctttt ccatattgta    217020
     atgattcaaa cattaagtat atgatc                                         217046