ID   AC122378; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 203662 BP.
AC   AC122378;
DT   27-MAY-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   12-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-474C9 from chromosome 15, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-203662
RA   Trani L., Bielicki L., Doebber A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-474C9";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-203662
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-203662
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-MAY-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-203662
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (04-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-203662
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (31-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-203662
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; c5171c5fb9f3564bd006ffe25d717e9e.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456174.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000061731; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0021843; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0021803; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0021784; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0021810; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0021584; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0022249; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0021101; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0021553; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0021677; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0021655; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0021747; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0021679; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0022272; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0020846; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0021156; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC122378.4:1-203662; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110244; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000133362; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0040935; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0040895; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0040864; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0040894; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0040629; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0041361; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0040687; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0040546; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0040697; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0040660; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0040767; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0040642; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0041408; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0040279; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0040030; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D6RE56.
DR   MGI; MGI:894663; Ext1.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RE56; D6RE56_MOUSE.
CC   On Oct 31, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:23499673.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0474C09
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC122914 and AC123931.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..203662
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="15"
FT                   /map="15"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-474C9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   225..478
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   2422..2498
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   2619..2687
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   2691..2806
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   4784..5205
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   6660..6842
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   7359..7576
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   7802..7943
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7944..8087
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   8088..8691
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   8890..9075
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9117..9231
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   9261..9407
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   9709..9890
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   10532..10607
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   11848..11966
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   14112..14375
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15440..15623
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   16778..17178
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   17200..17349
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   17356..17614
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   17619..17658
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   17809..17909
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   19584..20724
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   20926..21067
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   21180..21355
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   21664..22353
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   22334..23494
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   24350..25490
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   25507..25761
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26238..26406
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26545..26850
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   27658..27848
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   29732..30037
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   30518..30878
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   31019..31121
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   32369..32489
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   32687..32870
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   33569..34065
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   34407..35819
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36176..36358
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36575..36691
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   36698..37092
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   37095..41602
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41700..41777
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41823..42225
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42905..43053
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   43445..43592
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   43772..43916
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44469..44553
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44570..44717
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   unsure          44976..44990
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   46457..46662
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   46945..47066
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   47071..47411
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47463..47564
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   49216..49400
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   53202..53522
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   53527..53699
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   54188..54687
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   54787..55466
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19A"
FT   repeat_region   57030..57175
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   57182..57244
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   57543..58178
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58179..58390
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   58391..59032
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   59393..59664
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   59743..59882
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60809..60988
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   62777..62871
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   64676..64886
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   64897..64988
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   68006..68152
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   68187..68391
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   68490..69275
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   69276..69421
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69422..69859
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   73396..73562
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   73660..73853
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   73987..74609
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   74709..74869
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   74910..75092
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   75127..75440
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   75571..75755
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   75900..76346
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   76538..76917
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   76927..77039
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   77073..77176
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   77410..78320
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   78378..79452
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80569..80656
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80657..81053
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81054..81084
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81143..81479
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   81492..81546
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   82342..82560
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83416..83526
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   83525..83717
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   84648..84779
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85703..85848
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88026..88164
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88635..88758
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   88771..88919
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   88937..89220
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89222..89917
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   89923..90070
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90150..90531
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   90532..91167
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   91168..91220
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   91230..91484
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   91480..91604
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   94510..94562
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   94563..94944
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   94945..95145
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   95695..96052
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96354..96577
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   96578..96922
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   96923..97252
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97290..97440
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97437..97893
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97889..98651
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98676..98854
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   98855..99005
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   99006..99171
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   100112..100229
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100308..100529
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   101369..101639
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   101653..101868
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   101880..102078
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102081..102244
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102237..102761
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   102932..103592
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   103663..103757
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103758..103832
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   103837..103915
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   unsure          104464..104555
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   105172..105351
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   105880..106141
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   106260..106980
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   107043..107844
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   108372..108641
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   108788..110241
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110252..110415
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110502..110705
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   110726..111687
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   111974..112092
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113019..113085
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   113273..113451
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   114015..114123
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120078..120281
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   121395..121612
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   122487..122606
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   122826..122965
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   123016..123201
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   123657..123894
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   124404..124600
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   124639..124983
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   125512..125668
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   126016..126119
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   126364..126550
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   127623..127784
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   127843..128213
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   128577..128902
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129313..129425
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   129418..129536
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   129790..129967
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   130021..130258
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   130321..130499
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   131690..131897
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   131898..132049
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   132267..132448
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   134648..135352
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138563..138630
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   139173..139425
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   140122..140389
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   145402..145550
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   145777..145841
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   146644..146900
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   148080..148220
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   148900..149020
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   149045..149193
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   149779..149961
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   155619..155793
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   158633..158781
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   158924..159054
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   161092..161382
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   161770..161913
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   162299..162367
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162368..162550
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   162551..163384
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   163782..163895
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   164136..164282
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   166918..167026
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   168325..168508
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   169316..169456
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   170160..170297
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   173216..173408
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   174405..174480
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   174608..174849
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   175320..175466
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   177629..177756
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   178272..178406
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   180422..180532
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   181395..181608
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   181843..182005
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   187695..187794
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   187820..187932
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   188658..188812
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   188875..189067
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            complement(188990..189061)
FT                   /product="tRNA-Asn"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=31.62 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-10.52)"
FT   repeat_region   189151..189237
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   191542..191673
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   191707..191816
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   192048..192120
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   193063..193359
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   193561..193733
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   194259..194405
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   194994..195402
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   199981..200226
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   200284..200426
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   201537..201683
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   201722..201841
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
SQ   Sequence 203662 BP; 60912 A; 42488 C; 41135 G; 59127 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttac acaatttaac aataggagcc tatgctattg tatataatag ggctattgat        60
     ccaaaatgcc agcgagaggg aggaaagtcg agtacaaggc agcaagatgt atacacaaga       120
     aaggcagctc caaacaacac tggagatgga aggagttgtc aagcatgtaa tcttattggt       180
     cagtgctttt ccagagggct ctcagccatc tacttcatga atattcttag gttggattgc       240
     ctagaagctg agctcagcca gggattccca tacaaatggc tcttaaacaa aaggctgcta       300
     tcctaggaaa gtagataagc aagggaggaa gtaaggacag agaaaaggca gaaacacaag       360
     aagtactccc aagtaaagct tgcccttgcc ctgctccaga gggtgctatg gggatagaaa       420
     cagcagtcat tccatcttga ggcaatagag tgggtattac ttgtactttg catctgtcca       480
     acatcagatg ctcctggagg gtaggagaca tcatctctca gtttgcctag gaagatagat       540
     ctcatatgag aatagctgtg tgcaaaggcc aacaggtaca ctctccaggc tgcagcactc       600
     actgcctatg gaaggttatg taataactaa agtagcttca caatttacca gagaggagtt       660
     cagagaacca ccctatccag gaaagctggg tccaaagtga gcatgataat acagaagtag       720
     ttagaagggg gaagggtaag cagtaattca gaaacagttt caatggtaga attggggatc       780
     tattgagtct gttgtatatg ggtgccatat ggatagcaaa ggtgagccta gctgatagat       840
     gtaagaacta tagaatcaga atcaagccct ggagagctag agacatagtg gaggccaatg       900
     tcaaagatat caaaagtaag gaaaaggcag gggttgtagg agaggtgaat tcattctagg       960
     cattttcaat ttgtagaaag ataggcagct tctaaattct atacctggag ttccgatttg      1020
     gcgaccaaca gcatcaggat ggagccaggg taagaaggaa ggaagacttg agtaatgtag      1080
     ctcaagtagt tgcccttccc actgtcacag cacctccgct gtcttggttc gtgtcaacaa      1140
     taccctctga gggaaggact aaggcacagg ttgtatattg aaagacggtg ctggggaatg      1200
     atatcagaga ccatgaaaat ggtaagagag aaagactttc caagagcaca ttcaacagtg      1260
     gctcatcttg gtgacaagca aggcatggtc tactagagtc acttgggtaa cttgggctac      1320
     acccacctca aatgtctccc actaagattg aaatactgaa actatttttt cttccaatga      1380
     aacacctttt agctgtatat ccaaaatctc tcaggtccac cacatcctga atatcagcaa      1440
     aagtgagttg gtaggtagag aaccatgccc accttactgg ggcactcaac ccactcaggg      1500
     agcatgaagc actaccagca gccaccactc catctctcca ctgttttata ggttgaattc      1560
     tcatgcatgc atcttgaaag aaaggctctt cgttcgttca tctggtctca cctccagtct      1620
     aaaattaatc atgtactcta gggacatccc tcccattatc taggtttggc aagaagggac      1680
     aatggtagaa gcaggctaaa ctatgccact tcgatttcct gtgtgagtct ctctgtgccc      1740
     ccagggagcc atgcaactat taacagttat atctcttaac ccctcggtca tcctgacagt      1800
     acgaatccaa cagaatctcc agctccaatt atttccaagc accttgctgg gttgaactgg      1860
     agtttatgtt caaaactgca ccttccatca gggcagagac aagcaaagag agagctgttc      1920
     aataaagccc agactacagt ctggcatggc aggaaggcag gaaggtccat atccaaatta      1980
     gctgggctgc tgtggccatc aatcaagagt gacctaagtt ctcagcaagc acatcaaacc      2040
     tggaccctgc tatcaacatc acactgaaaa cctgtcccca gaggatgctt aggaaaacta      2100
     accctacaag tggccaaatc tatcattcca tcaaagtact gtaatcctac aaccaagaga      2160
     ggaaaggcca aacagccagc ataatattaa aaacatacag tacttacaag aaagaagtct      2220
     ctgttcaact gagttcttag agtgtttgga caaagtctgt tatctgtcaa gtgaaattag      2280
     atgtagaaat ggcaaccaaa tatatcaaga tttgtcatct tctttgcaga tccacaacta      2340
     ttacgtcatg gacaaaacag agatattgtt caatatttta acattttctt tatatatata      2400
     tttatatcta atgcccaggg aagctctgat aatctaccac ttacttctgt ttggtgtgta      2460
     tgtacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaat aacaaattca      2520
     gttcgaaaaa aaattgcctc ttccccagta ttttaagtgt accctcttag atctcagaaa      2580
     taccctcaaa tgtacattct cttaggctga tcttttggtc cttttacaat gcccattatg      2640
     catactagga gtagcggttg tagtcttcca agcagagctc tggggctaag ctgcctgagt      2700
     tagattccca gcctgccatt tattgaccat gcaacagagt ggcttaacct agcagagcct      2760
     tgggtttatc atgtattagg tgagaataac agtgcctggc tagtagatta gaggcctagc      2820
     ccaagtataa aatgttatct cctcttctgg gaacccttac tcagcatttt atccccgacc      2880
     cccctccccc ccccccccgc aaccctgcac ctctatagtc atgcattcac tcactgtggt      2940
     gccttgagct ttgttcagat cttgaaagct ttgcgttgag tgtgtgactc agaataattg      3000
     gagtgtgagg tcaataaatg atttacgttt tctgggaggc cagtggggag ggctaggata      3060
     tacttcatag tcaacttctg ttcaagttct cactatccca catggagcat aggagctgtc      3120
     accattgaag gaaagagtgc attttctaca atgaagatta agcacacttt cctggaccac      3180
     agagtgttag gtaaagacga ggtccagcta agaatgatgc tttggaatcc agtgtggaga      3240
     ttgataacaa cctcaacatc aagacactgc actttctttt gttttgtttt gttttttgtt      3300
     ttgtttgccc ttgccacata ggaaaagcct cataaggcaa gctgctccca ggctctgatc      3360
     tttggggaga actcagtgga tccagccatc ccacatccag gaaaggcaag ccagtcattg      3420
     cagcaatgga cacttgctat tgactttcac gtttccagca acaagcccat gactctgcct      3480
     tgaaagtagc tgctcatgag agagaaatgg ccatgaaaca tactaagaaa ggactttggt      3540
     aattttacaa aatactgaaa gaaatagtcc tgctattagg atgataacag gttatcaaaa      3600
     tgttctggac ttgagttttg caactgaaac ttcacatgag caccaagtat taaatcacga      3660
     aatgcaggag aactctgtga agctcatcat ttggcttccc ctaatctctg aggcaacacc      3720
     aacaggctcc atacacagct cacagatgct ggtgaaagca agtctggtac tcagacggat      3780
     gtaccaaaga tcaaggccta acagccaggg gctacctctg gggaccattt ctctggtagt      3840
     ccagaagttt ttctttgaca ctctcctttc attccacctc tgctaaggtc aaaaaaagac      3900
     cattgccact gtacactcta tcttgagaat aaagaccttg aaaactgagg tacctagtat      3960
     ggactgatga atagaaaaga tatgactaga aaggatagat ggtgaaataa tattcttgga      4020
     ggaaaaacta caaaccaaat ggttcaaggt ttcctaagcc ctaagaagtt ccccaggaag      4080
     agggtgagac ataccttttt gaactagaaa ttagggtctt tgtggaatta tctgcagcag      4140
     cctagtgact gacccgctga aggctataca tgtcagaaac ctctctgacg acgtgtacct      4200
     ccaacttcac ttttcaaact agccacggta ttctaacagg ccactgaact tcccaacgag      4260
     gcttcccctt ctatatggct ttgaggttct gctgttttag ctagacaaat agaaaatact      4320
     aagctgatag gctatcctac ccatatctta gagaagcaca gcaccataga ggatctgcag      4380
     gcatgaagct tgggaaatga ggaactcaga aagcaaccct aagactcctt cttcatgggg      4440
     gtcaaagact tcgagttgcc tcacaaaaaa aatctccctt agtcaaagtg actagggtta      4500
     ttatcaggac tggctttgac caactttgat actagattgt actgaaaacc acataaaact      4560
     ggcacaccat tcaggaacca acagctgtga gctaatgagc tgctttagaa gttgtcagag      4620
     aagtagcatt tatctattca tgtgtgtaca catattattt ctatatctat gtattttcat      4680
     agatggatat ataaacacat atacatgtat gtttctctcc ctacatactc cttgctcctc      4740
     tctctttctc tttctaaaca atagaaaaga ttcccaagcc ttcttcggtg ccatacatca      4800
     gcaatatcat gacccagatc cattcaaata ttatttcatt acctagggga atataccttg      4860
     accttttctg tggacttgat tagaactcag tctgttccaa attaacttgc accttttaac      4920
     tcgtatacac agtatctccc cagtgataaa gagaacccat aaagtaatgg ttttattgtt      4980
     caacattaca cactcttgca ttctatctgg tagttgaata caatgatgct agtttcacat      5040
     tcgttttctc actgtgtata aatactctgt tcttctattc ttccttgaat tatctttgcc      5100
     acatttttgg gttcctcact aatgaacaga atacattttg acatgaattc attatatctt      5160
     ctatgaaagc ttttctccta acttaatttg aaaattatac tttaaaagta ggcagctact      5220
     tacatattct ccgttgatct cctcaacttg cctcaaacac tgggcccctt tacaaatctt      5280
     ctacaaacac gtctcccgat gcaggaaatt tccatattgg aaactcattg ctgagttaag      5340
     tctaccatgt cataacacct tagacaactg ataaaattga taatataggc aattactcat      5400
     ctggggtctc tgggaagatt cacagaggaa cacgtcttga agaagcagtg aagtcaagag      5460
     aagctgaact gaggaaggga agggaagaca tgaccagttg gcaggagcaa agatgggaga      5520
     actgggatgc ataaagtaag gagggaagca gcaaaaagag aatcaattat ctacttccca      5580
     gtaactcaaa gttaaaatgg tatcccctgt tatgtagaga tgagtggatg agtaaataaa      5640
     acacacctaa atagttacag actggatcta gtgtgcaata ctgatcttat cttacaaaca      5700
     tacataacct gcttgagctg tgtgccaggt agacttcagg aaggatgtct gctacgtact      5760
     atggtcacca gtgatatgca aggacaagag attatcattc ctttattttc ctttgacttt      5820
     gacaaagtga tgtataatct gcttcaaaga agccatcgcc gcttgaaaat gcacttttgt      5880
     acagccgaga gtgtcataac taagcatcca cagtcaccct agtcccctct ttaccgtggc      5940
     caggaggccc tgtttcccat gacattagag taactcactg agcaagcaaa ttacaggtct      6000
     gaagtcaggg ctgtgtccct ctcacatccc ctgcttgggt cacactctaa acgaaagtca      6060
     gcatttttca gatagttcat cagcaatagt gaaagacctc tctggcgagg tcactgagcc      6120
     actaatgtaa tcatgtgtgt gagtgccccc agtcaggctg agctaatttc acatgaagta      6180
     atcagagata agaaactcca ctggagtcat aaaatcatac acatcaggga ctctgcccct      6240
     gaggaaggtg aagtttactg gaaagggaag ggagtggaac aaaaatgata agaaaagtga      6300
     accagaaaaa gaaataaaga ttttatgaaa agttaagata aataatagaa caactctttt      6360
     ttttctagca aaaaagaagt aagaagtcaa ctaaggactc agccagactt tgccaagaag      6420
     agaaggaaag ttacttgcca aaggagtaca acgttacaga aaaacaaatg gatgaaagca      6480
     tcttctccat gttcgccagg gaggaaggcg tgcttaacca aagcaaagtg ctttcccaaa      6540
     gaaagaaaat taagtcactg ggcacagaca tctccagaat gaagggaatc tgaaaagtca      6600
     gcttggaaat cttaaaggcg gggcggggga gggggaagga ggggaggggg aactttgcag      6660
     ggctggagag gtggctcagc aggttgaagc atttgatgat ctttccaaac ccatgtcagg      6720
     tgactcacaa aagtctgtaa ctccatatcc agggaatctg acatttcctg agttacctga      6780
     actcatatgc aaatacccat atacataccc tatacataat taaaagtaat aagaataaat      6840
     ttgaaaagta agggatctct ggtgctccca agagccacag tgagaagtgc agtactttgt      6900
     caaaccctta gttacagaag accagggacc agggaccagg catccctaga aaacaaacct      6960
     ttttcatatc aaaacaagat cccattgtta aattggtaag tcaaaaccag agataaactc      7020
     ccttagttat cacaaggttc caatacttct ctttttatca tttgctaatt ctaaaactat      7080
     agctgacttg aacacttctt ttaaaaccaa aaagaaacca aaaagaaaaa atggaagaga      7140
     agttaacatc aaaagcctgc atgctcaact ctcaagctca ggtaggcacc aaccagttat      7200
     ttcctgttta ttcgggccct atgaagccca catgttgtag ttcactgata aatgttgaga      7260
     gaactcagtc aatattggga gtatattaat ctcatataac atagaaattt aaatttcaaa      7320
     tgttctttaa aatgaaaaca aaagaggagg agagcacagg agagaggact catgggtaag      7380
     agtagttgat gttcttataa aggaccaaga tttggttccc atcactcaca aggtgcttgg      7440
     cagccaccag taactccagt tcccaacaaa tcctacacct cttctggact ctgacagcac      7500
     caagcacaca cacagtgcac atatgcacac acaggcaaga cacccaaatg cccaaaaact      7560
     taaaagtctg aattttaaaa ataaccaaag tactcaaaga aagtagatgc aaatactgga      7620
     cttcactgga ctgagtctca aggtcagagg aaggattgaa gcaaaaatta acattctaat      7680
     ttctgtgtaa atatggagaa agttcctgac attctttcca tcttgggaat gtaatattcc      7740
     aggatctgca atagtacaac aaaagtacgg agtgccttgg acaataaaat cttgtagaat      7800
     gaaagaacac acatgatatg cactaactga taagtggata ttagcccaga agctcagact      7860
     acccaagata caatttgcaa aacacatgaa actcaataag aaagaccaaa gtggataaat      7920
     cgatccttat tagaaggggg aatgccaggc attggtggcg cacaccttta atcccagcac      7980
     tcgggagtca gaggcaggcg gattttgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt      8040
     ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctggaa aaacaaacac aaaacaaaaa      8100
     caagaaaatt agaaggggga acaaaatacc catggatgga gttacagaga caaagtttgg      8160
     agcagagact gaaggaatga ccatccagag actatcaatc ttggggatcc atcccataaa      8220
     caacaaccaa acccagacac tatggcagat gacaacaaga gcttgctcac aggcgcctga      8280
     tatagctgat gggctctgcc agtacctggc aaatacagaa gtagatgctc acagccatcc      8340
     attggacaga gcacagggtc cccaatgaag gagctagaga aagtacccaa ggagctaaag      8400
     gggtttgcag cctcatagga ggaacaataa tatgaactaa ccagaacccc cagagctccc      8460
     cgggactaaa ccaccaatca aagaaaacac actgtgggac tcatggctct agatgcatat      8520
     gtagcagaga atggcttagt cgttcatcaa tgggagaagt ccttggtctt gtgaaggttc      8580
     tatgtcccag tataggggga agggataggg gattttcgga ggggaaacta ggaaaaggga      8640
     taacatttga aatgtaaata aagaaaatat ctaattaaaa aaaaaaagaa agtctctgta      8700
     agttcctctg ttccttgaaa aaaaattata ttaaagtctt ctcacattct gtattagtat      8760
     gaaactcaac tacgctactg gatttagcta aattaaaatg tgaatgattg ttatatgggg      8820
     ctgaacacta attaagtgct ttaacctcat tccttatgta tgcatacgaa cgtatatatc      8880
     tctttccagt gttaggaact gaattatgtc cattctgata ttcagatgat taagtgctaa      8940
     actcacttcg cagaatgcaa ctatattcgg agatactgtt tctgaaagag ataaacacta      9000
     acatacaggc actggagcag atcattctcc catgtgagga gctgcctttc tcctaagaag      9060
     aagttgggta catagtgcgg agcaaaaata agtattcaca gagggacaac taagtaagga      9120
     ctcagtgaca aggtcatcgt gacaaaggag ccaggcccca agagaaagca aagatgctga      9180
     tgtcttgatc ttgcagttct aacctccaga tgaatagaaa aatacttttc tcaaaaaaag      9240
     aaaaaaaaca aaaaacaaat gccaggcggg gtgacgcacg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg      9300
     gaggcagagg caggtggatt tctgagttcc aggacagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca      9360
     ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa      9420
     aacaaaaaaa acaaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaacaaa acaacaaaaa acaaaaacag      9480
     cctatggaat cttgttatag ttgtcatagg aattgtgcca aacatataca acctacatat      9540
     gagaaataga catttttatc tagcttacat atgaatgtgg cataacattt cagagtatag      9600
     tatgaacata tgcaaatcat ccatacatct ttaaaacagc atatcgtagc agagacagat      9660
     aatggaaata ggccatgagt tccataggac gaggctgaga tagtagtgat aacaatcgac      9720
     acttcttgga gtcttgatat gcacccagcg ttggcatttt acttaaggta ctctcccagt      9780
     tggtccttca acaagtcagt gaggtgggtg tgattatctc ctcagataag agcatgaggc      9840
     acagagtaca aggagccctt caggtgcaca cagtcagaga atagcaagcc tccagtgcct      9900
     gctcttcaca acacaggact gttgctggga agtgaacacc cagggtgttt cccattgctg      9960
     cctcctttcc ctcttgtcgt cccctttgca tccatctaga aatttgcaca gcttatggtc     10020
     tatattcagc agagcaaata tcaactgaca gaggagaagc agttctataa attaaataga     10080
     ggtctgaagc gaaggtgaga aattcatttc tttttttttt tttttttttg ttaaatggtg     10140
     tcaaacgatg acaataccat tattcaccaa ttccactgcc aacaaggaag aaatgttgtt     10200
     tcccagcatt gaagaaagtg ccaggaagtg gacaactccc catctttccg gtaaaagaag     10260
     gctaatgcta cctttctatg gaatacttta ttgacatata tcaagagttt aaaactttaa     10320
     aactcagtaa atcttttgac ttgagggttt ttcagaaatc ttacagaaag aatgggggag     10380
     gtgggctaaa gcacacagca acagaagcca atatatgtta aaattttatt tatggtaata     10440
     tattctatat aacctatatg gtagtaacta gtagaagtca aatatttcgt tagggagaac     10500
     tagaaaaatt gtattttgtc tataactaag ttactatgca gttattttaa attatgttac     10560
     aggagaatat ttagcaccat gggatgatca tgatacatta tacagtgtga tttcactctc     10620
     attgtgtttt taaaaacaca tctatatcag gcttagattt gctctttcca tgcaggtgca     10680
     agaactatca catttctccc tttttctaat ttagataaaa tctggcttag aaccctatcc     10740
     tccgtgcctg aaaggaagtg ccgtgtaagg aacagttgaa gctcccccac acacatacac     10800
     atctttattt agatcatcct agtacctgga tcttatatgg cattgaaaag agaaagagtt     10860
     gcctgccttt tggccactag tcattgcttc tactgggtgc ctcaaaataa agattggtat     10920
     aatggtgaag gttgcagttg tggactatga ggtgaggaga tctctcatag caatggcttt     10980
     agtctgggct ggagttctct cctggggttt ttccactcct gctcagtgag aggggcaagc     11040
     acacatctct gacctcagtg taccttcaat tgttcctctg aacctctcag acactcttcc     11100
     tctcttgtaa gactattcaa ccctttatat ttaagctttg ggttatctct ctgctcctct     11160
     tacagggcaa ttctgcttca attccatgag aagccagtct tctgaataaa gatgttggtt     11220
     ggctattttt ttccattacg tcataaaccc aaatcaacta ccagtttcca ttcttcatat     11280
     tcaattgata tattatctac atgtcaccca acacagggat gagcctgggc ccaagaattc     11340
     taatacaaat ggcttttttc atctttggtt tgttttgcat tgaccagaaa tatgcatgtg     11400
     tgtgttgaaa cagaaagaga gaaatgggag gaagaagttc acagtacaat agaagataga     11460
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga gatagataat gatgatagat     11520
     acatagatag atagatagat agatagatag ataatgatag atagatgatg atagatagat     11580
     agatgataga tagatagata gatagataat gatagataat gatgatagat agataatgat     11640
     agatagataa tgatgataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gataatgata     11700
     gatagataga tgatgatgat agatagatag atagatagat agataatgat agatagatag     11760
     atagatagat agatagatag atagataggt gatagagaga gataacacat aaataagtgt     11820
     atgtttaaaa taattttaaa aatgaaagag tctgtgagct gcctcagcag ataaaggcac     11880
     ctgctcccac ctgagttcaa tttgcagaac tcacatggtg gaaggaataa actgactcac     11940
     tcaagttgtt ctctgaccca cacatgttca tcacattttc ctttaaaaaa ttcttcgcca     12000
     taaagtcatg attacccatg actctaccat agatctatgt tggatttgtg accagaaatt     12060
     ccctggagga agtggggaag ggaagtgaag aagaacagag ataaacagtg tccagcagtg     12120
     ttgtcctctc tgggctcatc tgatgctgga atgccttgtg ttcattacta aacgcaagga     12180
     ttgttcgaca ttcatgtatt taagaggatc ttgctttgtt tctcacgttg tcctttgtaa     12240
     ccctgaaatg gctagtggca tttttcatag taaagtgcaa tcccgatgca gccatatggc     12300
     caagaaatga gctaataata tgctaactat tgtctctatg ttcaggtcct ccttcctgcc     12360
     tgagctctga atgtcctcca tttgagagca gcctctacag acagagtcaa atgtctgtgc     12420
     ttggaagact tagagaccgt gttaactgtg cccagtagtc catccacatt cagatgatac     12480
     aaagactgtc ttggattaaa gccacagtca taatagcaaa tgttccaccc ttcctcccca     12540
     aactcatact gttccaaatc tgaagtcatt gctgcggtgt tgcttagggc aggatcttta     12600
     attagttcaa tatgccttga gtattctaaa tgacaaccat tgcatttctt tttctttgta     12660
     acaaagaggt ctaggtcaaa ataaatatat aacgagtcag cttattttac ttactgactg     12720
     tttttctacc ttgagtgtga gccccggcgt gtcaggaact tagactaata cctctttggc     12780
     atttaaaatt cactgttgaa attaagtaat taattaggga atcaataaag taaccaactc     12840
     acaacaaaaa cgtgatggct gactgtagtg acaggcacta actgtgtgca gtggaaatat     12900
     ctaagctaaa tagctaacag tggacagtta gaggcaaatt ttggtttgtc tgccaacctt     12960
     ttcgtatccc catgtataaa agaaaatgtt tatctgaaag catcatacag actaagttca     13020
     taatcgtgaa atgcttggca tatttaataa atgtaaggga gctggatctt ggtaatgggt     13080
     caaaatggtc attcatcact tctttttgct gttttcagcc ttaattcata gttactacca     13140
     tttggaagta tttggtgtgt tagaggattg gtcctgaggg tagtctccca cctccctctc     13200
     cttcactccc tgcctccctc agtctctgtc tttatctctg tctctccctg tctctctctc     13260
     cccctgtctc cttcatctcc ctcccctgca cacactctga aatgtgacac tttgtcccta     13320
     accatattcc tccatctttg ccacccttta ccaccctcag cagaacccag ccctgtctct     13380
     attgggaatt cttgtctgct attggatgtt caacctttca acaactcatg tgctaatttg     13440
     agtagccctt atgtcacaag aaaactgttt caggtatctc agtcagtgac acaaatctga     13500
     ctaacaggac tatctttaaa ttacattgac attgctggat tcttcatggt ggtgtaaaga     13560
     ttaagttcct gtggaaagcg gctagagagc acttggcaca tctcttctgt ttccaatttc     13620
     attattaagc taatggctgc agttggaaga aaaaaataga ttagccatag ctaccaacct     13680
     cactgcaagt atgtctgagt tgtgcctgct aggaaatgag attgtaacag agacagaaag     13740
     gacctgggcc ctaaagttta acatatttta aagtttattt atatttaaat ataatacatt     13800
     taaagtttta ataatttatt tagtgttatt tattaaacac aatatattta aagtttaatc     13860
     tattttaaaa ataaaattct cttactgaat cattcatgtg taacgcgttc tatactgagt     13920
     catcaacaag aagactagat aacagtgatt agtgtcatct agatcttgcc ttcacatggg     13980
     aggtatgtgt atattctctt tcctattcca tgtgtatgag actcagtctt aacagtgagc     14040
     cattttggtc aatgtggtca agaactctaa cctatagaaa gcagatcata atataacaac     14100
     agctgtcacc atctattctt actggtataa atgctttata ctgggaaatc tctaaacagt     14160
     agacctctgt tgctcccagt aaaaactaac ctaccaacag acttgtatct ggtaaaaatt     14220
     tcatagatgg caacctgttc ctgccacctc acatgtttga ttaaataagg atgcttactg     14280
     tgacctgttt tctaagatag aaatctaatt ccactttcat gacttaatca tttcacagac     14340
     tcagtaccat ttcattctgt gcacattgca attagagacc gaaactaact gtgccccaaa     14400
     gtttaatata ttttaaagat tatttatatt taaagtttaa taatttattt attattattt     14460
     actaaacata atacatttaa tgaattgaaa ggcccaccag cattgacccc ataatagtag     14520
     tgtctgtttc tgaaccatag aggaaaccat actagtccca gaatatgttg tcatccaaga     14580
     tagagaaaat atctctcttg tttaaagtac agatagtgcg agtctttact attgtagaca     14640
     aaattaaatc tgatggaatg tagaaacatc tggagatctg tggctatgca ggttctattc     14700
     atttcaactt cagttccttt cagcctcccc tgaaatcttc tcagccacca ggataaaatt     14760
     gacctgctgg tatatattgg ttattcacat tcacactggt ctgcccttcc atggatttta     14820
     agaccccact tgcttcgtgg ataactaatc agaatccagc tcacccctca cagtgaaagc     14880
     tcccttcaag ggcagtattg tctgtgaatc ctcccctgcc ggatggctat tctctgggat     14940
     tttccccttt gtctgagctc taaaacagct gaccatgcca tctgtcattt agttccaaca     15000
     ccactctctt ttctgaccca tggcttttca taaaaacaat ttcaccctcc taccctaccc     15060
     ccttttgtcc aacagcaaat gtactagtaa caagagacat aatttaagca tatttatcat     15120
     gtttatatat tcttatcaaa tggtagaggt gatttctaag cattaaacat catgttcctt     15180
     actctcaaaa aacgtttctg gtctcaaatg gtgtgtttgt aagttttccc acaatatgat     15240
     gctctcagaa gtaaacaagc atatcatata atctgcatct ggagcagctg actcatgaat     15300
     gaagttcaga aaatgttaac tgatagatag ataagtgaat cataatagca gcctagcatc     15360
     tatgataatc cttgtacttc attctgaaac gcctaatgcc ttactgcagg ctgccaagga     15420
     ggaaagctgc ttgcctttgt cctttcactg taaacagcat aagcttgaca aactgactta     15480
     tgcaataaga tatttcaaca tcttataata ggaaattcta atgagttgtt tagatatgac     15540
     ttgtcaagac atttgaaaga agccataaca gctgtgtgga tcactctcca tgtcttagat     15600
     gtgaacctta atagtagctt catggatgag caaatattgc agccaaacaa agaacatttt     15660
     ctaagatatc gaaaggggac agcaagtagt ttgaatggtc aagcctggga aaatgctcta     15720
     tgttagccat gatagccaat aggtttacgc atggtactgg aagaacctaa gtcacatttc     15780
     tacttctgaa ggaataggac tggactagct gagaaatctc cacacaagcc ccagaaagaa     15840
     gggtgatatt cctgtaaatg tattatatat tatatcttta taatatatta tatatttcaa     15900
     cctcaaaata tatctatcac cattctacag ctcataattg ctcagaggct cattctgccc     15960
     aaagcttttt ttcgaagagc tattctgatt ttcttttacc cacgtgcttg gctcttgtta     16020
     tcttccagtt accttaaagc cttattcagt gtttacccat gaattagttt ttcacctgaa     16080
     aaggcccaaa tctaccaaac ggagttagag ggcatccaca gagttacaga actgctttaa     16140
     ctcctatttc aagcttatga tgctgggtat cttgagcaag tccccggaga aggcacacaa     16200
     aagtttttaa agcatgcctt tagtgacaag agaaaaaaaa atcaagttga ccttattgac     16260
     ttgtccccat caacttggca agaaagcact tggtaattaa tcaagtaatt tatcttttaa     16320
     ttgagatcag ggtttttctg caacttcaga agacactgga ctagttccat cattgaaaat     16380
     aataggccct ttggacaatt taagagccat aaggtctctg agctcctggt ttgcccaact     16440
     tttcagtatt tgttgaacaa gtactctcta gtgaaacaag agtgtcccta ggttgtatat     16500
     ttagaggttc aaaatgcgaa ttatggataa gaggctggaa gaacgctatt tttcccttgc     16560
     atttgtctcc ttatcccaga ctatactcaa aactctttga aatcttaacc cagattttat     16620
     gtgagacttc ctgaatcact gtctcctgct gagccttctc tgcagtcaga gccatcctct     16680
     gttgttctca ccagtgcttt cttggtattt ctaacacgat aagcatctaa cgaatatggc     16740
     tgccgagctg tacaatttgc aatcactttt ctccagatgt gggaagccac atgtgctgtt     16800
     gcagagtggc actgactact gctggccacc acgcataagt ttggacaaac aaccaatgtg     16860
     tacatatgca gtaaagtttt ttgcaaagac actgcctggc ctgggcatga taatgaggct     16920
     ttgagagtat aaccaacaga tgtgagacat gcaaatgagg catgataatg aggctctgtg     16980
     aggtacagag agagtagcca atcagatgag gaacatgcaa atgaggcata gtgcataacc     17040
     aatccgggtg tgagacacgc ctctcctagg cctatataag cagcaccagt tctgggctcg     17100
     gggtctcttt gcctctgcaa tcaagttctc ccaataaaca tgtgcagagt cgttactgct     17160
     ggccagtctg gcgcgcgcga gatcaaatgt tattctgcat caccatagca ctgggagata     17220
     aatagcacca ttcgctttgt gtgatgacaa aagtgagact cagagattac ataagcattt     17280
     aaggtcacat gactagaaag tggcacagca tgtctcacat ccagaccttc tcactcaaaa     17340
     tctcttgctt acagtgctca agggatggtt tagtctgtac attgccagct gtatgagcgt     17400
     aagcacctga aattggatcc atggccctct tggaaaagtt gggcatggta gatagtgctg     17460
     gctggaaccc cagtgcaaaa gagtcagact tgaagcccac tggccagcca gtgtaaaccc     17520
     cagattcagt gatgagccga gtctcaaatg acaagctgaa ggagagagga agacagacac     17580
     tctctgtaac tcctgacctc tacacactca tgcaagcatg ggcacatgca tccacatgca     17640
     cacacacaca cacacaatct ctcttcttcc cctgtgacac tgactgtaat tatcacctgt     17700
     ttgatcttga ctaaccagta agtctgacac cttgagggtt tgagacaggc ctgtttgctt     17760
     ctgggttctg tcttcagaaa gcctagacta acttgtggca ttggtatttg tgttagtcgg     17820
     ctttgtatga ctgtcataaa atacctcaaa gaaacattct gaaagagaca agattgggtt     17880
     ggttcacagt ttcagatgtt tgggcccatg ctcacacatc ccccatcaca aagaaaatag     17940
     gcatgtatat cccatgcttc tagtgaccat ggtgttcttg gaaattctgt cttaaaaggg     18000
     ttttttttaa atgagtttta gaacaggaaa ctgtactctt ttcgacccta ggaaggaata     18060
     tcaatgagga aatattcccc atatattgtt tagagttaag cttttaaaac ttacaagtaa     18120
     aacatacaaa gaaccaaaaa tacacggtga taatctctgg atatgaaaag cttagtgtct     18180
     aaccccagct catgtgtagt cttcctgtaa actgtccaag tggttattgg aaatactact     18240
     ccccctccag cctccgttac aacttcaagg tttctgtgtt ctctgtgttg gaattctcag     18300
     accaaggatc ccaaggctga ggctgtgatg ggtgatgaca ctattcttgt tcataacctt     18360
     cagaggagaa aatataatat gtctgtggcc aggtttttct gagagatacc aggtgtgcaa     18420
     tttgtaagca aatgacaatc ggcatgacta ttgattgttc tgaccagcta attatgagtt     18480
     cgccattccc caaagcctta aaatttctcc tgtatcccac cctggacatc tcccagccga     18540
     tctcatttgt ttgccttcaa cccatcccta gagagaaacg tcttctctca ccagctttcc     18600
     ctatgtcctt ctccagcttg ccagtttctt aatagctgtc accagatatc aaaggggctt     18660
     tagcttattg cataatcagc tcttcctctg agacccaccc cgcctcccat cattacctca     18720
     gggtgttgga actttgctgg gagctgctga cagatcttta aagatcccag ctgtttctga     18780
     gtcctaacga cctctttcag ctggtctcct cagaacagct gcaaaagctt cagctaggaa     18840
     gggtggagac accgtttagc atgataacaa atcagtaggg agtggtcagt ttcccaagaa     18900
     aagctgttag gtggtggtgg tggtagccgc cccagcaaca ccctcagccc ccaccctccc     18960
     ttagagaggc aaatttatgc tacctctgtg tgaaaactct tctttgccaa aagaaagaaa     19020
     tcaagagtca tagccccacc cttgctgcca gaagagctgg aaaagtttct tgctgtctcc     19080
     aaggttcaca aaacgatctg tcaatagaag caaaaagatt atcctgcaca cataatgtga     19140
     aatacgcact catttgcacc aaattaaaca tgtggaagaa acactgatag ctgacatcta     19200
     gttacattca gggtgttggg aaaagtgttt tcttgtgtat tttcatagca agcaatgtat     19260
     agtggaggga gccaaggctc caagagattg gataatttgt ttaatgcttc ataattcaaa     19320
     ggcagtggag ctagagtttg acctgcttaa aaagtagagt ctagtacggt accggacacc     19380
     tttccttacg tattttcaaa gcagctcaca ctgccctgcc agtagtagat tgaatgggtt     19440
     cctttttaat gaagccctat cattcctatc attttaaaat aatatttttg ttaattgttt     19500
     gagaatttca taaacatttg tatcgtattc accaactaca cttaaatttg ccccacctct     19560
     ctagacatcc aagtttgggt ttgctctttt ttaacccatg aagttcagtt gtactgccca     19620
     gttactcttg ggtgtaaggc tacccctgat gtacagtctt cttactatgg ctcataccca     19680
     taaaccaatc cagctcttcc tctcctggaa gctattaatt gccaataact ccttatccag     19740
     ggatgggagt ctatacccat ttttcccttc ccatgatgat gagattgtat ttttatcttg     19800
     agcatatgca ggtcatttta tgctgtcaca gctgctgtga gttcatatac acaactgctc     19860
     tgttgagtcc ttattgttac ttcttacaat ttttcttact cctttctcat ggtggtccct     19920
     gggcctttgg ggaaagggta taatataaac atactattca gggctgagca tactatagtc     19980
     ttttattcgc tgctcactgg ccagtagaat ggctttgtat tcattgcctt ctactgtaag     20040
     aagattctct agtgactaga gttgagagat ctactaactt atgagtatag tgataactta     20100
     gtatgagttg gtttaatatt ctgttcattt agcatcataa tagtaacaga ttctcctcta     20160
     gagcctataa cctatctagc cacaggttct tgatcctagt aacaatgtca gatatgggtt     20220
     ctatctgtgc agtgggccta aatccatccc cttccccaca aagaatttgg ttacttccat     20280
     agcattactg ccattattct accagcaggc aggtcttatc aggatagtca ttattgtagt     20340
     tcacagggtt cacagctaag taagacaaga ctagagattg cttttctact ccagtgatag     20400
     tcatagcacc tttgggagct acaaaagtga cacagcatgg acgcatcatt cagtttaata     20460
     ctgacttgat ttttccatgt cctatggaaa acgtagtgtc tttactaaag tatgtagtgt     20520
     cttcagcaat aggataacaa aaagttctag aaggtgacca agagaaatag caataccctg     20580
     tttaccctgt atgtgaagtc tatggtactt gttggctaac aagtccaaaa atggtaattc     20640
     attcctggta ttgaactttt tatttgttag cctgtcgtgt ctaataggga cattgtccac     20700
     tcgttggagg ataattttat ccaaatactt aactatagca ctttcttttc ctaaaatatc     20760
     ttttattcct aatcacttta ttaagataac ttcttatagc ttttcaatgt atatctttat     20820
     actcacgtat aataataaaa aaaaaaaaca ctacaagaaa tcccttcttc cacatccaat     20880
     gaatccaaga aatcaattat ttcttctaat ttatttattt attcatttat caagacaggg     20940
     tctcaatatc aagctctggc tgttctaaaa ttcaatatat agaccaggct ggcattgaac     21000
     tcacacacat tagccaacct ccagcttttg agtgctggca ttaaaggtgt gtgataccac     21060
     acccagctat tcttattcta catccttaaa tgccactgtt gtgcttttgt ggcataattc     21120
     tttatgtata aaagctttta attactctct tgatcatggg aggtaagaaa agtgtgtaac     21180
     cggagagata gctcattcgt taggagcact ggttgttcct ccagaggtaa ttcccagcat     21240
     ccacatggca aattacaacc aggtaaaact gtagtcctgt tagcttcaat gcactttttt     21300
     ggcacacagc tgcacatgaa gagaaaacac tcatagataa aatcaataaa tcttttttta     21360
     aagtaagtat gttgaccttc tcattttcaa ggccttagag aacattgcca caatatttct     21420
     gctagttccc aagagtttta tagcagcagc cctgctccat ctctgatctc gattcctcta     21480
     gtgttgcgtt tgtctatcac tacaccactt tgaaatgaaa ctcaatacct tctatgcttt     21540
     ccacgctcaa tatcagtttt tcatgactgt catagtttta agggagaagg gatcaaataa     21600
     aatcaaataa tgcagcactc tgccttttac cttcttattt actatttgcc ccttctgtct     21660
     ccctcttttt ttttaatact ttttattagg tattttcctc atttatattt ccaatgctat     21720
     cccaaaagtc ccccataccc tcgctcccac tcccctacca acccactccc actttttggc     21780
     cctggcattc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcaag tccaatgggc ctctctttcc     21840
     agtgatggcc gactaggcca tcttttgata catatgcagc tagagtcaag agctccaggg     21900
     tactggttag ttcataatgt tgttctacct atagggttgc agatcccttt agctccttgg     21960
     ggactttctc tagctcctcc attgggggcc ctgtgatcca tacaatagct gactgtgatc     22020
     atccacttct gtgtttgcta ggccccggca tagtctcaca agagacagct atatctgggt     22080
     cctttcagca aaatcttgct agtatatgac atggtgtcag catttggaag ctgattatgg     22140
     gatggaaccc tggatatggc aggctctaga tggtccatcc ttttgacaca gctccaaact     22200
     ttgtctctgt aactccttcc atgggtgttt tgttcccaat tctaaggagg ggcaaagtgt     22260
     ccacactttg gtcttagttc ttcttgagtt tcatgcgttt agcaaattgt atcttatatc     22320
     ttgggtattc tttttttttt ttaggtattt tcctcattta cattttcaat gttatcccaa     22380
     aggtccccca tacccacccc cccaatcccc tactcaccca ctcccccttt ttggccctgg     22440
     cgttcccctg tactggggca tataaagttt gcaagtccaa tgggcctctc tttgcagtga     22500
     tggccgacta ggccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctaaag acaagagctc ccgggtactg     22560
     gttagttcat attgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagttc cctatagctc cttgggtaat     22620
     ttctctagct cctccattag gggccgtgtg acccatccaa tagctgactg tgatcatcca     22680
     cttctgtgtt tgctaggtcc agacatagtc tcacaagaga gagctataac tgggtccttt     22740
     cagcgaaatc ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt gtcagcattt ggaagctgat tatgggatgg     22800
     atccctgcat atggcagtca ctagatggtc catcctttcg tcacagctcc aaattttgtc     22860
     tctgtaactc cttctatggg tgtttgttcc catttctaag aaagggtaaa gtgtccacac     22920
     tttggtcttc gttcttcttg aatttcatgc gtttggcaag ttgtatctta tatcttgggt     22980
     attctaagtt tctgggctaa taaccactta tcagtgagta catattgtgc gagttctttt     23040
     gtgattgtgt tacctcactc aggatgatgc cctcaggtcc atccatttgc ctagaaattt     23100
     cataaattca ttctttttaa tagctgagta gtactccatt gtgtaaatgt accacatttt     23160
     ctgtatccat ttctctgttg aggggcatct gggttctttc cagcttctgg ctattataaa     23220
     taaggctgct atgaacatag tcgagcatgt gtccttctta ccggttggaa catcttctag     23280
     atatatgccc aggagaggta ttgcaggatc ctcaggtagt actatatcca gttttctgag     23340
     gaactgccag actgatttcc agagtggttc tacaagtttg caatcccacc aacaatggag     23400
     gagtgttcct ctttccccac atcctcgcca gcatctgttg tcacctgaat tttttatctt     23460
     agccattctg actggtgtga ggtggaatct caggccgtct ccttcttatg agcaatagga     23520
     ttcccaaatt ctgcacatat cctatgcagg ggaatgtcct acatactttc ggtaccaagt     23580
     actgtcaagg cctcgtggta aagatgccat gagggactga gagttgaaag tgaaggatag     23640
     gtagcaaaca tccccaaaac acaaagcctc ctggattaag tgtgtattta gcttactcac     23700
     tgttatcagg taggatccag agataaagag catgaaggaa ctgtttcacc attgtagtaa     23760
     aaatctatct actggatttt ggactacagg acagacagat caaaattttt taaattttgt     23820
     ataaataaaa attaaaaata gtataataga tactataaaa taaatagata gtataaggaa     23880
     caacaagtga taatgtttta ctaaatgtgt aatgtatgat gtagttaatt agaaaataaa     23940
     tatgttgact catttaaaca aaggtcaaga acagatgcat aaagatcaaa aaataattta     24000
     gatatgattt ttaacagaaa acataaagct ggtaagagga attgcattca gtgttaatgg     24060
     cagttaaaaa ataagttaaa gggtaactct gatcagactg gcttaaagag aaattaacta     24120
     tatcttcagg tcagagatag aactgtgaaa aaatgtgaaa gcaaaagaat gtttaagaag     24180
     ggcagttaac ataaacccac tcaaaagaac gctgatgttg caacattatc attttaaaat     24240
     tcatttctaa catagcagga aaaacagtgg gttggttctg tgatggcatt ttcatttact     24300
     tttattcctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt tttttaattt aattttattt ttatttttta     24360
     cactccatat tccatttcct gccccccccc cccatccact ctctctctgc tccacatccc     24420
     acacctcctc cccaccccac ccccaacccc acctgacctc taaactccct ggggcctcca     24480
     gtctcttgag ggttagatgc aacatctctg aatgaacaca gacccacaag tcctctactg     24540
     tatgtgtgtt gggggcctaa tatcagctgg tgtatgctgt ctgtttggtg gtccagtgtt     24600
     gagaggtctc ggggtccaga ttaattgaga ctgctggtcc tcgtacagga tcttcctcct     24660
     cctcagcttc ttccaacttt tccctaattc agcaacaggg gtcagctgct tctgtccatt     24720
     ggttgggtgc aaatatctgc atctgactct ttccactgct tgttgggtct ttcagaagac     24780
     agtcatgata ggtccctttt tgtgagcact ccatagcctc agtcatagtg taaggccttg     24840
     tgacctcccc tggagctgga tcccactttg ggcctgtcac tggaccttct tttccccagg     24900
     ctcctctcca tttccatccc tgtaattctt tcagacagga acaattatgg gtcagagatg     24960
     tgactgtggg atggcaagcc cctccctcac ttggtgtcct gtcttcctgc tggaggtgga     25020
     atctataagt tccctctccc tactgttggg catttcatct gaggtctctc cctctcacct     25080
     cccaagtctc tggtacattc tggggggggg ggggtgcccc aacctcctag ttcctgaggt     25140
     tgccttttta cattctttct gctaagggct tcagtccttt tccctcaccc aataccagat     25200
     caggttcccc tctcccccca ccaccccagc tattccccca ccccagtcca ctttctatcc     25260
     caggtccatc cctttctctc aggtccctcc ctccctcccc acttgtgatt gctttcttct     25320
     ttctcccaag tgagactgag gagtccttac ttgggtactt cagcttgttg atctttttga     25380
     gttctgtgga ctgtatcttg ggtattctgt actttttaaa actattatta tttttttgct     25440
     aatatccact tattagtgag tacataccat gcatgtcctt ttgggtttga agattggaaa     25500
     tagatctacc actctgagga atatacccaa aagatgcccc accatgccac aggggcacgt     25560
     gccctcatta tgttcaaagc ggccttattt gtaatagcca gaagctggaa acaacctaga     25620
     tgttccacaa cagaagaatg gatacagaaa atgtgattca tttacacaat ggaatactag     25680
     tcacctacta agaacgagga catcctgagt tttgcaggca aatggatgga actagaaaat     25740
     atcatcctga gtgaggtaac ttttcttcct tttcatcccc caccactgcc ctgccctatt     25800
     cttgctggtg ttcttcctga ccccaaacag ccccttccac attcatagga ataaaatttt     25860
     aaaacagtaa taataaatat caaaatattc caaacattaa caaaattgac aaactcaaaa     25920
     tggattgtag gaaagggaag aattacagta tcaaggaaaa gtcagccatc tttatggtta     25980
     ttaggagtta aaaggaagat aatgcaatat atatatattc taaaaaaatg ttcttagcaa     26040
     gaatttataa tgagtgccta caaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaac aagtagccaa tgtttataga     26100
     aaaaaatcct taaaggataa ttcatgtaag aaagataaaa atttcaataa agaaatatat     26160
     atatattagg cataaaaata caaaattcaa aatgtaagca tatagtagca aatctacagg     26220
     gggaaatcag aaatttttta aaaactaatt aataaaacca agtttagatt aggacagaga     26280
     ttaactcaaa ttctcaagca tagtgaatgg aataaaagct gatagtcttt ggaaaacagt     26340
     ttatcaatgg ctgctaaagc aagcatgcct gtttctgtgt gacctgccct ttccaatcct     26400
     gtgtatgctg ctctctatat gcacacttac accattaaat atgtgtacaa taatgtcatt     26460
     actgcagaat gcatgaacac taatgcccgt agaagctcta ctgcagaagc ctaaaactag     26520
     caataaccaa gtttctaaga ttatgaaaga tgtattcata tccacaacca ataatatgaa     26580
     tcttacagat actgctaggc cgagaaagac agagaagatt catgctatat aagtccattc     26640
     ttatgaaatt gaaatctata aagttaatct atagtgttgt atgtggcatg tgttgaatat     26700
     gaagaggcat aaagtgccct gctagggtct caaaaatgta ctactttgat ctgagctatt     26760
     gtctcacagg tcatctgtat atatgtttat tgtatactat tactagatac gtggacttta     26820
     ctggttgtgg aatatgttcc agcctaaaaa tctatacaga tagatagata gatagataga     26880
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gataacattt cttaaataaa atttatttat     26940
     ccatgacaaa cactacttac ttggtggtgg tggtggtggt ggtgatggtg atgatgatgg     27000
     tggtggtggt ggtgatgatg atgatgatga tgatgatact tgtttctttt ccataagtct     27060
     ataggctccc tcagtggaaa actttatctg agtcacaatt atattataat ctactatcac     27120
     ttaggtgttg tatatgtagt tattgagtcc acataactag agtaatagaa tgatgggaaa     27180
     ctccatcttt gtgctcttag ggtgctcttt tgcctgatgg gcaaaagaat gatctatctc     27240
     taagactcca ctgggtcaac tgagctgcat gaacggtaaa tcatgccagc tactatatgg     27300
     agataatcac tgtcctgaaa aacaccaacc agcccaaaaa ccgtctgata cctggggatg     27360
     ctaagataaa aaatagcatc ttatcatatc aagcagcttc tatgaagatt ggaaatgcaa     27420
     aacataaaca gaatccaaga aagggaagct atagcatagg cagaagtgat ttaagaagtt     27480
     ttttcaatga gagcattgca taaagataaa aaataaataa aattctatac acaaacacta     27540
     tatcttaagc tacctatcaa tacctactaa taatttctga aagagtttga ggaaatgtcc     27600
     caaattctaa ccaaagtcat tagggaatag cctcagggaa aaattgcctt taccatttgc     27660
     cttagtcact ttcctgctgc tattatagaa ttccaggacc aaagcatctt agaaaagaaa     27720
     tggtttgtct tggcctacag ttccaaaaga aatctagttt gttgaggcag gcaggacaac     27780
     aggcagatgg cgtggaggca ggaacaggaa gctggctggt cacatttacc cacatacagg     27840
     aaccagaggc aattttttta ttcaaacata tttcattcta gaaactgtgc attggtcaat     27900
     tatattaaag acagatcgaa caaagatggt accaatgatg cagtcagtat atagctttta     27960
     ttcatggtcc tcattgaaat cacccacata tacagaaaaa aaaaaacagt actatttagt     28020
     tgtcatctct tcttcctgga agacatgaca cttcttcata gaaaaatacc tacacaggaa     28080
     atgttcatga aacgaaaatt atttaaattg tattaaaatg aaagacctac catggtaagt     28140
     ttccctttta gtttaggtac atacaatcaa atatagctaa gaatccaacc agaattatct     28200
     tgcttaattc ccatacagcc ttaacaaaga caaaattcaa cttaaatcta acaggtcaaa     28260
     ataccaagtt ttaacacaaa atcaaaaagt gagatatctt ccctagtata aataaaaccc     28320
     tttgggtaat ggttccatgg tgctttctga atatctctct gtataacagg aaggttctgc     28380
     tcaaggcttt caagaataca gtggctgctg gaaacccaag gcttggcttt cataaattct     28440
     accattttac ttccaaggaa gtcaatgtct gtaaagtatc agtgtgcaaa acggtcactg     28500
     tgggaagaac aatggatgag aaggagaagg agggatagga aaaggaagag gaggagaaag     28560
     aataaaatgg tcctataatt gacgagtgaa gaaagcatta ggttctattt cttgccctac     28620
     ttccactttt aaaccagcat ctctctctac ccttgggtca cttcataaca gagagtttaa     28680
     aaaaacccat gcagacggta tagagcgcaa tgtcacactt ggaggaaagc tcctgtgttg     28740
     tggcgagcac aaaccagaac tgatcgcgca gtcaaactca cactgcattg taaaatattg     28800
     gtttcacttt ttctgggaac actttcactg tggattcaaa attgcatgtg gatgtggaca     28860
     cacccaaggt caatgtagga tatttgaaaa tggctactga ttttgaaaat tgtggttcat     28920
     cctatccttt ctctccccga tacttctcct tcctcactat atgtctcatt ctcccaaata     28980
     aaatttgtat gtacttttgt atgtatgcat tatgtattgt tgatatgtca gttaaaatta     29040
     ctatatatgt tacctctctc aaaagtattt ctggttaaaa aaagaaaaga actccaagga     29100
     acgaatggct gtcttctcag cactataccc tagcaactat ctctctagtc tgattctcat     29160
     gtaaatattt ttctgtatga ggaagacagt aaaggaagaa gagacatgca aagtgctgag     29220
     gaccttccta atactgtgaa atgctattgg ctgggatgca acagttgttg gacttagatg     29280
     attaatgctt caacaccagt attcctacca acagatatcc tcaattgcat tgatatagta     29340
     gttctagttt caacactaga atttcattaa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat     29400
     aaataaataa ataaataaaa ctcaagggtt tccaaaggga taaaggtgtg actaaaaacc     29460
     atttgtttgg caaataattc caagaacatc agctcctctt tctccagctt gaagaaacgg     29520
     tccagggtca tatcaatact gtatagcact tggtatattc tctttaattc ataaagttta     29580
     atggtgctag caaagtagat gtcattacaa ggagaaaggt atctttaaat cattgtcagc     29640
     atcatccaac atcccatatt tctcccaaaa tatggctact ttcttttcat gtgtgactgg     29700
     tagaattagg ttcccaaact cccaccatac ttgtcatggt ttgaatatgc tcagcccaca     29760
     gagtggcact atttggaggt gtggccttgt tggagtaggt gtgtcactgt gggtgtgggc     29820
     ctcgccctag ctgtctggaa gccagtattc tgctagcatc cttcagatga aaatgtagac     29880
     ctctcaaact tctcttcaac catgcctgcc tagacactgc tatgttcccg ccttaatgat     29940
     catgaacctc tgaacctgta agtgagcctc agttaaatgt tgttctttat aagagttgac     30000
     ttggtcatgg tgtctgttca cagcaataaa gccctaagac aacacctttt cctgacatct     30060
     acacacatca aagggtctag gttcagatac actgatattc tcctcatgtt ccccagcctg     30120
     cttcccactt atgaaccaaa acagtagtct ctttctgaaa ctaaaggaaa tcactcagaa     30180
     aagttgatca ccaaagactc ctgcctctac cttgttgcaa atatacctag acatacaaaa     30240
     ttttgtttag cctcattgaa atttttccta tttcatcata cacaaaaata ttgatgccag     30300
     atcatataac tcaatgttac agcaccttcc ccgatgctgt ttcatttaat ttgtaaggag     30360
     ttatgataaa ataaaataat cttcagaaag agcccaaggc tgaaatctgg tttttaaaca     30420
     tgttttctca ttctctttcc tttatctgcc acggctcctc actttccaaa ctcttagatg     30480
     tggctctcat aacaaccaca ctcccctgct aggaatctgt tctagttagt ttcaatccat     30540
     tgctgtgata aaatactctc tcctaaaaca agttatggga gaaatgggtt tgttttggct     30600
     tataggtaac tgctgtcatt ggggaaaacc agggcagtaa cttaaacagg atttgaagat     30660
     gccaaggaga aatgctgctt tctgacccat gtttgtcttg ttttcacata catcccaaga     30720
     ctatctgccc aggggatggg gcctcccata gtgggatggg tcctcctaca tcatcaataa     30780
     gcaatcaaac aaatccccta cagacatgct cagaggccaa tctgatcttg tcaattgaga     30840
     ccctttcaga tgatgtgtcg tttggatgga taaagctaag tgggattgaa tctccccact     30900
     tcagtgcttc atcgcaatct cttaatactc ttctggtaat tttagtatca tgctcctaca     30960
     tttttcctct ctctctggcc ctgtcaggtt ctgccagata tgatggggta cataggtcag     31020
     cccacatgga tgaggtgact cagtgagaga gccacctcaa aatctaagct atacaaccac     31080
     ctggcattta cctctggctc cacacatata tgcacatcta cccacataca catatatatt     31140
     cacatacaca ctatacacag agagagagag agacagagag acagagacag agacagcaat     31200
     tgtgccacgc aactttgtgt ttttcaacat ttatcattaa gaagacatca gtgagcttcc     31260
     agtccttcat cttgttaagc agcatagaaa gtttgtccaa acttttctgt gtaacatcag     31320
     gctcattctg gttctaatat ctcattatat tgtatctatg ttctcaccaa aggtagggtt     31380
     gttggcattt taaagtattt ctcctcccct ccatacacaa ggccttggtc agaaagcatc     31440
     atcattcaga ctcgcatgac gacattaata gtttgattca ttatttgtaa acagtgtaac     31500
     acgtccctaa gactatgttg taagcttaaa gtggtctgtg aacttatatg acttcttgtt     31560
     gtctctcctt ggctacttct aggaagaaag gagtactgaa gtagaggtgt gtggaacatt     31620
     tgcagggcac agactaaaat ggccatggac taacctccct gatcaagagc aatttaggaa     31680
     ttacacaaat gccagcatat attgggagcc tcagatgttg gactgtctgc tctgttggaa     31740
     ataggatctt gtccttttcc aacactggcc cacgattttc ttttctcttt tttctttcca     31800
     tatgcatttt ttttctttag aaaatattga taagtactta aaatgcacca aattttctat     31860
     ggacttgatg ggtatagtaa taaaaatgtg gtcatctctc aaaagctaaa aataacatac     31920
     acatatattc acatacacac acacacacac tcacacacac ggtgtacatt gattcacaaa     31980
     gaggtaataa caatctaagc tataagaata tggataaaag tatagtagaa aatcagtata     32040
     cacacacaca cacactaata gttgaaatgg gaaatttaag atcctaccca tggagactag     32100
     taagacatgt gctcatgctt ttttgttcta ccagctatag atgtgccgag tctccagcac     32160
     cgagaaaggt gccaggataa tttatcagct gttgatttcg gctgttccag gtggtccttt     32220
     ggcgctggac atttgagctt tcaagcaaaa acagctctct cttcctcctc ttcctccttt     32280
     ctacttcctt cctatttcat agctgccttt acctttctct ccttttggca cactccccta     32340
     tattcgtttt ttttttggag agggggtgtt gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct     32400
     gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatccg cctgtctctg     32460
     cctcctgagt gctgggatta aaggcatgct gcggcttcct ttttttctct tcctctctca     32520
     ctcacttttc ccttccatct ccattctctt cctcctctcc atctgtccca attgccatct     32580
     ttctcacctc cccgccccct gcttttttct gatgctagct ccatttccat ggctgttcgt     32640
     tttgtcctag tagccaagaa taaggatcaa cctcaagggt ctaggtcagt ggttcttaac     32700
     ctatggatca taactctttt ggaggtttga tatcagatat ttgcattatg attcataact     32760
     gtagcaaaat tacagctatg aagtagcaac aaaataattg tatagctggg ggtcaccaca     32820
     tgaggaactg tattaaaggg tcccagcagt aggaaggttg agaaccactg ttctaggtga     32880
     taagttgttc caacaaagta gctgtgagtt ccagaatatg ggtgtgacag tcatttattc     32940
     agcaacacca agcctttcat ttgccattac ttggtaggta attcttggat ctcttccttg     33000
     tcttttagga gacatagaat aaaaagtaag agtgttggcc tctctgtcca acttctcaca     33060
     tattttggcc acgtctgtct tctctcttga ccattctggg acattgtctc tcatgtcatc     33120
     ccttatcact tttcatacta acatttaact agggccagga ccattcatga atttacttgt     33180
     ttattctcta tgtatttgag cactcacttt ctgctccaca aaatgttaag aatttggtgg     33240
     tctgcaaaat agaaagtctt gtaaacccat aacatagtct gagcaacatt tcacaagtca     33300
     aataataact tagaagtatt ttattgatat aagcaatgtg aatgggcagc tgatcttgag     33360
     atggacaatc tgaaatagag gaataaggaa gacttgcttt ggaaaagcca catttacagt     33420
     gagatgtaat ttttccagac tcaacataag aagaaaatta atttaaactt ggaaataatt     33480
     taagcaagag agaagcaagt tgggagtgga gagagagtca ggtccaagaa aatcttgtgg     33540
     gtcatttgaa cttaatctta caagcccagg aaattactga agagttttaa atattagagg     33600
     gatatgattg gttctgtttt tagaagttca ccctaactgc caggattgta gagtaactac     33660
     tgaaaggacc attctagaca tttctcgata gattattgta ggatacaatg gatgtaggaa     33720
     agaagataag agtcaaaata tgatttcaat ataaatcaac aggacttagg aattgaaggg     33780
     atgtggagaa caaaggtctg gcagagatag ctcccacatt tctggcttga gcagctgcag     33840
     atggaaccgt tttggggcct ggaggtggat caagaactcc ttctagacaa gttgagtttt     33900
     aaaatatgta cagaagcagc actcagttgg atatccacat ctggagcaca gaatagaaaa     33960
     atgtgaagaa gatacaaatt tggaattgtc aagttatagg tggcatttaa agcccagtga     34020
     gttgggagat tcccctaggg agaagaaaga gggagaagaa agaagactgg gagaataaga     34080
     tctctttatt gctagaatta actactgtta gctgtcagtg aggagcaatt tctttgagcc     34140
     cacaaagaat aatgggcaga tttgctttca attaaaatga tggtattagg atgtcagaga     34200
     agttttgctc tgacttttat ggaccactca agcatttggg tcctctctgg cacgagtttt     34260
     tcttgcactc ttgaacttaa tgctcatatt tctttaaaat atttaaagaa tatcattttt     34320
     aaaatattga aatattatta tgaaatagaa tattatacaa taacctggac aaatacttat     34380
     gaatagattt tttcattgat aaactaattt atttactttc catctgattg tatccttcct     34440
     tctctcctcc ctcccagccc ctccctctcc cttacttcct ccattccccc cctccctttc     34500
     tcctcataga atggaagtct cccatggata taaaccagca ttggcatatc aaactgcact     34560
     aagtctaggc atatcttttc ctattgatac tagacaaggc atcccagtta ggggaaacgg     34620
     gtccaaaggc aggcatcaga gtcagagaca acccctgctc ctactgtcag agatcccacg     34680
     tgaagaccaa gttgcacatc tgttacatat gtggagagag ctgaggacca tcccatgcat     34740
     gcatgctctc tggtcagtgg ttcagtcttt gtgagcccta tggtcactgg ttagttgatt     34800
     ctctaagttt tcttgtgatg tccttgacct ttctgactcc ttcaattctt cctgtccctc     34860
     ttccacaaga ttttgtgacc tccatttaat gtttggctgt gggtctctgt atctattttc     34920
     atcagttgct gggtgaagcc tctcagatga cagttatgta ctaggctact gtactaagta     34980
     tatcagaata tcaatagtgt caggagctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     35040
     ctctctctct cggcatgggt ctcaagttgg ggcagttatt ggttggccat taactcaatt     35100
     tttggtccat ttttattcct gcacatcttg taaacaggaa aattttggat caaaggtttt     35160
     gttgctgggt tagtgtcccc atccctccat ttggagtctt gccttgtttc aggagatggc     35220
     tgattcaggt tccatatccc ccattgctaa agaatcttat ctagaatcac cctcatagat     35280
     tcctggaagt ttccatgcct agatttctat ctcatcccag agatgttttc cctcaccaac     35340
     tcaagttctc tctccctccc tcctcctact taattcctcc tgttcccctt ctcactccct     35400
     tccctccctt ccctctcaat gtcttctcta tttccccttc tgagtaggac tcaaggatcc     35460
     taccttgggt cctacttgct actcagcttc tttggatctg tggattatag catggttatc     35520
     ctgtacttta tggctagtat cctcttctat gtgagtacat acaacgtttg tctttctggg     35580
     tctgggttac ctcactcagg atgatctttc ctagttctat ccatgtgctt ccaaatttca     35640
     tgatgtcatt ttttaatagt tgagtagtat ttcactatgt aactgtacca cattttcttt     35700
     atcctttctt tggttgaggg acatgtaggt tgtgtccaga ttctgctatt acaagtaatg     35760
     ctgctatgaa gatagtagag caagtgttca cttggtatgg tagagcctct tttgggcatt     35820
     ctaagtgtgc tcactagcat tcttaactga ggaatgttca tatgatgaat tgggacatag     35880
     ctctcaaaac tgaacattca gaaagtctat ggaaattcag ggtctaaaat tacaaaaaaa     35940
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggacct atcagattat tccttgatga gctcctagta aagcattgat     36000
     agtaaagcaa tggctggcat cttcgtctca gacctctatg tctacagtat tttctacaat     36060
     tctccaggat accactgaag agtgtttaga acttccctca atagccagtg aacattatta     36120
     acttgtgttt caaataggga aactttgaca tgtatcttta cctatttttt tttaattttc     36180
     atttttaaat tacaatacaa ttacaccatt ttttcttccc tttcctttct ccaaaccttc     36240
     cctttttgct ctcttttaaa tccgtggcct ctttttttaa attaattata gtttcacaca     36300
     cacacataca cattcctaaa tacataaata tgatttactc agtctgtata atgttactgt     36360
     taactttata catatacatc aatatacatc attgcataag tgttatgcct atagaacaca     36420
     gagatttagc acaaaataag tcacaaatgt gagaagaaat atgtagtgct ggtagtataa     36480
     gatttcataa gagaaaaagt agaatagaac taactttaag ttttcctaca gtggtccaaa     36540
     aacacacctt ttcagccaaa cttacgtata gtctgggata ttcactaaac atggcttaac     36600
     aagatacaat aagacttggc acacaccttc atatcacagc tggatttggc aaccctgtaa     36660
     cgggcaacag gtcacaagca caggcaaaaa atcctcctgc actggctggt tttgtgcgac     36720
     agcttgacac agagaggaac ttgtcatcag agaggaagga gcatcagctg tggaaacgtc     36780
     cccatgagat ctagcagtaa ggtattttct caattagtga acaatgggga gagctcagtc     36840
     ctcccttttt gggaggtgcc atctctgaac tggctgtctc aggttttata agaaagaagg     36900
     ctgagcaagc catgtgaggc aggccagtaa gcatcacccc tccatggact cttcatcacc     36960
     tcctgcatcc aggaccctgc cctgtttgag ttcttgccct gattccttca atgatgaaga     37020
     agtataagcc aagttaaccc ttacctaccc ttacattttg gtcatggtgt tcatttatag     37080
     caatggaaac ccaacagatg acctaggtca acccatacag ggtctgtatt taccactcca     37140
     gtttctgtga gcacttacaa gccctgtgac ctgtttctcc tgatgtcctc aaccttactg     37200
     gcacctacaa tccttcatcc ccttcttttg gggcattctc atgactccaa ctggtgcttg     37260
     gctctggttc tctgcatctg ctcccatcag ttgctggata atgttcctct gatgacaact     37320
     gggctaggtc ccaatctatg agtatagcag agaatcatta ggaattcttt gattgacctt     37380
     tttccagtca tgtttggttc tatcctgggt cttttggctg ttcaggctct attcctggcc     37440
     attcagtcaa tgtcaggtgt gggctccctc tcatggcatg agccacaagt tggcccagtc     37500
     atgggttgcc cacttccata agttttgtgc caatatgatc ccagcatacc ttgcaagtag     37560
     aacaaagtat aggtcaaagg atttgtagct ggggttgatg cccaagttcc actgctagaa     37620
     tgcttgccag gttataatag atggctggtt taggcttact attgcccatt actgggagac     37680
     tttgctaagc taactctcag agatttcagg gaaatttcaa tacactaatg tttccactca     37740
     tctctcaaat gctcccaact ccagttgtgt ctcccagtgc tctctctctt catgaccacc     37800
     caccccatgc ctgatccctc ctattcccat acatacctac aaaatctatt ccatttcccc     37860
     ttctcaggga tatccatgca ccaccaacct cccttatccc ttcttgttac ttagctagcc     37920
     tgggtctgcg gactgttgga tggatgttct ttacttaaga gctaatgtcc aattataagt     37980
     gagtacacac catgtttgtc tttctggctc tgggttatct cactcaggat gatctgttcc     38040
     agttccatcc atttgcctgt atatttcatg atgtcattgt tttaaacagc tgagcaaaac     38100
     tccctggtgt agctgtacaa cattttcttt acccattatt tggttgaggg acacccatgt     38160
     tgtttctagt ttctggatat tatgaataaa gctgcaatga acatagttga gtttgtgtct     38220
     tgttgtaggt tccgctgagc atacaagcaa gagcagtata gggtcttgaa aaagatcaat     38280
     tcccaatttt ctgaggaagc actatattgt tttccatagt ggctgtatta gtttgcactc     38340
     ccactagcaa tggagggtgt tccccttgct ctaaatcctc tccaacataa gttgtcatct     38400
     gtgttcttga tcttagtcat tttgacaggt gtaaaatgga atctcaatgt cattttgatt     38460
     tgcatttccc tgatggctaa agatgttgaa catttgtttc tcaggcattt gagactcctc     38520
     tgttgagaac tctctgctta gagttgtacc cctttttaaa tggataattt ggattgttga     38580
     tgtccagttt cttgaactcc ttatattttg gatattagcc ctctgaaaac tggtccccat     38640
     tctgtaggct atcatttttg tcctagtgat ggtattcttt tccttataaa agcttctaag     38700
     ttttatgagg atccatttat tgattagtac ctatgctacc agtattctgt tcaggaagtt     38760
     gtcttctggg ccagcgagtt caaggctatg cttcactttc tcctctgtta ggttcagtgt     38820
     gtctgtagat gttgatgttt ttgatccaat tgaacttgag ttttgtgcag tgatacgaat     38880
     ttatttgcat tcttctacat agtgacatat agtcagacca gcatcatttc ctgaagattt     38940
     tttttcattg tgtatttctg gctcctttat caaaaatcag gtctccataa gtgtagggac     39000
     ttatgtctga gtctttgatt cgattacatt gaccacctgc ctgcttttat accaatacga     39060
     tgctattttt attaatatat ttctgtagtt ccacctaaaa tcaaggatac tgataattcc     39120
     aggtgtccat ttactgtatc ggattgcttt agctctcctg ggctttttgt ctttccatat     39180
     gaacttgaac atttttcttt caaggtctgt aaagaattgt gttgaaactt taatggggtt     39240
     tgcattgagt atgtagattg cttttggtag gatgaccatt tttagtatat gaatcctaca     39300
     aatccatgaa catgggagat ctttccatct cctaatatct tcttcaattt cttcctgtaa     39360
     agacttgagg tttttgacat ataagccttt catttccttg gttagagtta ccctaagatg     39420
     ttgtttatta tttatggcta ttgtgaagag tcttgctttc ctgatttcat tctcagtcca     39480
     tttgccattt gtgtacagga gggctactga ttgggttttg tttgtctgtc tgtttgtttg     39540
     ttttagttaa tcttgtatcc agccacttca ctcaaggaag gtgcttatca gctataggag     39600
     ttccttggta gaatttttgg gatcactaat ctatactttc ttaccatatg cacatagtga     39660
     tactttgact tcttcctttc taatttgtat ccccttaata tccttcaatt gtcttattgt     39720
     tcccactaga aatccaatta ttatactgag tagatatgga gagagtggat agcctctgat     39780
     ttcagtggaa ttgctttgag tttctttcca tttaatttga tgttggctat aagtttgctg     39840
     caacttgcct ttattatgtt taggtatgtc cttcaaattc cttatctttc caaggctttc     39900
     accatgaaga agtgttgaat tttgtcaaag gccttttcag catctcataa gatgatcatg     39960
     tgggtttttc cccttatatt tgtttatatg gtgtgttaca ttgtctgatt tttttgtgtg     40020
     tgttgaacca ttcctgcatc tctgggataa agccatccta atcatgatgg atgatcttga     40080
     tgcattcttg gattcagttt gcaagtattt tatttagttt tattttattt tattttattt     40140
     tattttattt tattttattt tattgttcta catcaatgtt catgagggaa actggtctgt     40200
     aactcacttt tatccttgaa cccttgtgtg atttggatat tagggtatcc atggtctcac     40260
     aaaatgaatt tggcaatgtt tcgtctgttc ttattttgtg gaataatttc aggaggatta     40320
     tgttagctct cttttgaaaa tctgatagaa ttctggcctt gggctttttc tgattgggag     40380
     attttaatga ctgcttctag ggttatacaa gtcagataaa ttgtttatct gatcttggtt     40440
     taactttggt aagtggtatc taaagagaaa attatccatt tcttttagat ttttcaattt     40500
     tgtggagtaa agatttttaa agtatggcct aataattctt tgaatttcct tgatgtctgt     40560
     ggttatttcc ccttatcatt tctgattttg ttaatttgga tattctctct gtcttttagt     40620
     tagtttggat aagggtttgt ctgtcttgtc agtgttctca aaggaccaac tctttgtttc     40680
     attgattctt tgtactgttt tctttgtttc tattttattg atttcagtgc ctttgctgtt     40740
     tttgttgtta tacagttttc aagtgtgctg ttaagttact agtatgagtc tttccaattt     40800
     cattgtgtag gtgcttagtg ctatgaactt tcctcttagc actgctttca ttgtgtccca     40860
     taagtctggg tatgttgtat attcatcttc attgaattct cagaagtctt tggtttcttt     40920
     atttatttct gccttgaccc aacagttatt cagtagagac ttgttcaata tccatgagtc     40980
     tgcgggtttt tgttgttcat gttattgttg aaatccagtt ttaatctatg gaggtctaat     41040
     aggttgcagg gtgttaattc aattttatta tatctgttga gacttgtttt tatgactgag     41100
     atgtggccta tttttgaaat gttcagtgag gttctgagaa gaaggtatac tgttttgtgt     41160
     tttgataaaa tgttctgtag atatttggta ggtccatttg attcataaag tttgttagct     41220
     ccagtatttc tctgtttagt tttctttgga tgacttgtct tttggtgaaa gtaggatatt     41280
     gaagtctccc acaatcaatg tgtgaagttt tacactccag tagtgtttcc ttgacaaact     41340
     tgggtaccct tacatttggg gcatagatgt taagaattga aagatcatct tgctggatct     41400
     ttcctttgat gaataggaag tgtcctgctc tgtctctttt gattaagttt ggattgaagt     41460
     ctattttgtg agacatcaga atgcctacat ctacttggtt ttttaggtta atttgcttgg     41520
     aacttctttt tcctaccctt tactctgaag taaactttga tgttaagctg tgtttcttat     41580
     atgcagcaaa tgaataggtc ctgctttttt ggttttggtt ttggttttgg ttttggtttt     41640
     ggttttggtt ttggttttgg ttttggtttt ggtttttttg ttgttgttgg tttttgtttt     41700
     gttttgtttt gtttttggta ttgattctgt tagtgtgtat ccttttattg tagaattaag     41760
     tccattgata ttgagaggtg gacaatgaat cctaattcct ttaattttta tggtatgaaa     41820
     ttatttattt cctgtgtttt cacacgtgca gttaaccttc ttgggttgga gttttccttc     41880
     tagtattatc tgtaggacta tatttgtgga tagatattgt ttaaatttgt ctttactatg     41940
     tgttgttttc tcaatctatg gtgattgaaa gttttgctgg gtatagtagt ctgggctggg     42000
     atctgtggtc ttttagtctg caggacaact gttagccttt ctgcttttag agtctttatt     42060
     gagaagtact gtgtaattct aataggtctg acttcatata ttatttggca gttccccttg     42120
     ccacttttaa tattacttct ctataattat tatgtggcaa gggaactttc ttttctagta     42180
     aaacctattt catgttctgt aagcttcttg tacctttata gacatgccct ataaagaggt     42240
     acataaagaa gcagaaatga aaggaaccag aaatggctct ccaggatgca gttcctgctg     42300
     ctgtggagag ccctggctgc tgaccctggg atcccatgtg gggacataac cagccatgtc     42360
     tttggatatc gtttagttca gactggaact caaggcagag catcacatgg accaaaactt     42420
     gagtttatgt ttacttttgg gttgcccaaa ttcccaaggt caaggctgaa ataaccttga     42480
     gtcctttgtt ctccactcac ctttcctatc tagttggtca tctcatcttg acatttcagc     42540
     aaactccaca ttatctctgc ccaggttaga acttcattct cttttttatt gacacattag     42600
     agtgacatga atgatttctt tagtctagtc tagttctttg gcttaaaaca aaacaaaaca     42660
     aaacaaaaca aaaggctcca tagtttgctt tatagcatga acatctgacc agtcctataa     42720
     aacctattag ttccttagtt aaatatcaag accaaagaag gctttgtgtg ataaaaatcc     42780
     ctggctgctt cttcaacctt tcatttccta aaagtgtatc ctttatgttt aggccatact     42840
     gaattacttc catttcccca aagagataag tttttacctc cgtgattcta cccatgtgat     42900
     tagaattcat ttactcaata acactttttg aactccaagg ctatgccaga tactattctc     42960
     aaatttaaaa gatacttaca aagctctaag caaatgtggg gaaatgtctg cctctgtgca     43020
     gcctaccttc cagcagagtg agagaagcaa caattcaaat gctgacattg ccaatgagaa     43080
     ctataaagca ggctatatat gagagagcaa gaagttcaac gttgtatgtt ttagatagga     43140
     aatgggacat atgaccacag tcctgcttga atgtgtcttg tagttatctg gagaacatca     43200
     ttcctgcaga ggaataatac aatcaaatgt ccttgtctcc cagtctctgc ccaacttcat     43260
     ttagctaatt tagtcttcag gattcctact ggatctctcc ccttccctgg atcatttttc     43320
     tgactccttc tgtccactct ctattaagaa tccaatctca gtgctctcag aggatatagt     43380
     catactctca tgacagattg acaatattgg tgatattaaa ctgcagttaa cgtggataaa     43440
     gtactactga atgacaagtg ctgtgctaat gatttatatg aataacttca cagttctcac     43500
     cactcttgga aaaaggtgta tgttttatat tatctcattt tctcaaagaa gaaattgaca     43560
     ttcagagaag ttagagaatt tgttcaagaa catcatggat tcaatttttc ctcaagaact     43620
     gagctcttgc ataaaatagg aatatgtatc tcttgaattt gtattttcca ggggatctca     43680
     aatttgatgc ttcaaataaa ccttaattca ctataaaata aaacagaatt gtctcctgca     43740
     tgtatcttgc caaataggag tgacatgaat accaggtgtg gtggtataca cttgaaacca     43800
     caaccctcat taagttcaga acagagaatt ccaggtccaa ggccaacaaa cctacctagt     43860
     gaattcaagg caactctgag ctacctagca agaacccgtc ttaagaaact aaagaagagg     43920
     gtgaggagga gggaaggaat ggccatatta atttgtatac atttagtgaa tatgactgtg     43980
     gttggagagt agaattcatt tgatgaatct ctggagtcat ttcacccaaa aaggctggca     44040
     tcttcctgag atgctggtat caaaattcaa cacaaagctc acttgagaga gtccataggc     44100
     aggttgaaac aaccatttca cttagaagat ataaatggaa caacatttgt acaggtgctc     44160
     tgatatgcct gcctggttcc ttcaagctgc ttctcatatg atcaattctg tgttgttccc     44220
     caggtgagaa gcaggtctca atggaatatc tccaaggtgt tggttatata ataagggtca     44280
     atattgctca caagctatct agtgaaggcc tctgagtctc tagtgttttt taaaattctt     44340
     ttaaatatcc ttacttgact caattcccaa attttgatga atgtcactct tgccattgaa     44400
     gtttaaacaa ggatcatttt tttattgtca ctttgagttg ttgtttattt gttcgtggta     44460
     tatgtgtatt tgtttatttt gagacaaggt cttttatgtg gctcagggtg ggctcaaact     44520
     cagtcttcct gcttcatcct cctgactact aaggcatgag ttccccttgt cccaacttag     44580
     agcaattttg tccctcaagg gacatcaaca gtatcaggtg acatgtttaa tacacataag     44640
     ggtgaggtac tacaggaatg ttgtcaatag aagccaacaa tacacaaaat atcgctctac     44700
     aacagaatta tccagcctcg acttttgatc ccagtagtta ccctccaata caatgcagaa     44760
     gacataggca ctgctcttac tgggagaatc ctcattgagt cacctttttt ttaaatctaa     44820
     ttaggatgaa tcatggagat ataatcttac tgaggttgtt ttgtcatcct gtcatgtttg     44880
     ccacactcta tccagaggct gaacacctat ttctcttact cattgttatc cctgtcacct     44940
     ttgtttcttt acagctttct catgggagtt caaaaaaaca agcccccccc ctcctcctcc     45000
     tccttttatt tgtctctgct agtatagcac ctggtccttg gataatcaat gcccatgttg     45060
     gaagtgaatg cattttcaaa tggtaatttg tttccagcaa acggtctata ttgagctact     45120
     ttaattttta ctgtaaaagt gacttttccc cccctctgat ttccacattg gcttggagcc     45180
     atacatacta catcgtccat cccttagccc acaccactga tgttcaagtt cattcctatg     45240
     ctacccccaa aacaacactg tgaattccaa gccatggtgg gaaaggctga caaaaatagg     45300
     ctgcttaaaa atcaagcact tttgcacaga aaaacagcct ctggcacctt cctgtgagta     45360
     acagaagttt ctactttaaa aggaaagcag tcaaataaga agcaactata ttacaatgct     45420
     tctctcccag ccttcttggt taccaccaca gcagcctgta tcagactgtt ggtgtttcat     45480
     gacagacccc cattccagag acaattcaga atagccatgt atggaacaca gatttccaca     45540
     agaaccaaca acccctttaa aaaagaaaag tgcagccagt gcaaggtgca gctatccact     45600
     ccctggcaaa tagcagggtg agtggtgagt cttgccaaag gcctagccat tcagctgtcc     45660
     tccatttttc ttcactcaat gcatattccc ttgtctctga tgttgctatc tcccaaaact     45720
     ttcctgggcg tattacagag actacgatct gacatttaat catctttttc cttcatcctt     45780
     atgttttctt tggtttttga gtgctccttg tgagttttgg atggctttca atttcaaaga     45840
     aaattctact tacatcattt tacttccggg tatgagattg ttgagatttc taagtttgtt     45900
     tgtatttttg tagagttaaa ggttctgtca ccttctgctc ctgaaaggat ttaaggaacg     45960
     atgccaagtc actgggaata cattagcaca gcgaatacga aagaagccaa taggatgatg     46020
     gaattttgtg gcctgaaatg aaaacatgac cactcttggg taagatttag gctttagact     46080
     tccctgaatc caagccagag caaaggagat tgtacaagta taagtccatg cagagggaaa     46140
     ggtatattga aaagtaggaa acagccttca gcattgtctt cctgcacagc atcctgcctg     46200
     cctgtcccaa tacaaagagc agccttgcac tgcctgcaca gcatccctga gtgcctcgga     46260
     acttcagtcc aggtgacatg gtgaagagca tagagccagg acagcagact ttgatcccaa     46320
     cctggtaagc agcaagttct ttagatctgt tagtcatgac ttccaaaaaa gtggtctcag     46380
     cacaggatcg caaacttcag atgattcatt taggtggcaa tgtctcaact ccacagtggc     46440
     tgttctcatt agcagcattt atttttattt atctgtatat gtgtctgtgg gtatatgctt     46500
     tatgtgtgca ggcatccata catgccagaa aagggcacag gatcccatgg agccggagtt     46560
     acacacggtt atatgctgcc agacatggat gttgggagct gaactctgat cccttggaag     46620
     agtatcaagt gctcttaact gctgagcctt ctcactagcc ccagagatga atttattaag     46680
     caactttgct gcaggagagg ttattcattc ctttctcagg acaacgcaat agaaaggata     46740
     atgacattca caaggaaatg gtggatgtca agatctcttc cattctcttc ttatacctca     46800
     atgcataaag tcctctcaag aaccgcagag aggaagtcca gaagttagtg aggaaattga     46860
     ggagcagagt ttactcagtg gtgtttctat tttacaagct ctctctctct cgctctctct     46920
     ctctctcaga cacacacaca catgtttatt ttagacaata tattcttata aatcccaagc     46980
     aggcctcaga gttttgagtt ctaattctcc tcccttaccc tactgagtgc tgggtttaca     47040
     ggcctgaatg taccaccata cccagcttag taatagcttt attattgaaa gtataattca     47100
     tgaaatataa aattcatttt taaaaaaata cacaatttaa tgattttttt ttgtatagtc     47160
     atagtgttgt ggccaatatc tcaatcgatt ttagaacact acatcatacc taaaagaaag     47220
     tccatattca ttacagcctc tgtattccca ggcctatgta gtcactagtc tactttctgt     47280
     ctctctaaac ttgccttttg gggagattcg gtatatataa ttcatggtct ctcatgactg     47340
     gcttctttca ctttgttttc aagggtcact catagcttat agtagaatgt cattttttta     47400
     ttgccaaaca agtcccaatc ctgaccactc tactgtgctt ctctgtaagg cttatatcat     47460
     catcatttta cacatgagaa aacaaagatc ctgcaaagtg aaatgttttc ccaaagtctc     47520
     ccaatcagcc aaaggcagat gtagaatctg ctgtccccca atccactcaa ggcctattga     47580
     gttgcctcta atatgtcttt ccttaattag cctcaaggtt cctagtatct ttctttttat     47640
     ttttatataa atcaacacgt tactcggtga gaaaaatgga ccttaggctg gagttcagaa     47700
     gctctttgtg tgacttaata taaaagagct caacatgaag tctttagttt cctctctcgt     47760
     aaaggaagac taatggcaac tgcatcgtag agtcaggaga cactacagat gccatgcatt     47820
     ggccaggtag ctactctgta agggctgcac caatgacagc attcttcaag atcagggctt     47880
     gaggcagagc cacaacaaca gaagaggttt aactaacggg agaaagaaga aggagacaaa     47940
     attatggcta tgacagaatg ttgcaagtgt gctcatgccc ctgtctctag aagcagcacc     48000
     atggcacatt tgaaagcaca atttaatcat gttcacatct gtaaacacta agggaatatg     48060
     acattcttcc cttccttttg tccacccatg agtgcccttg agtaatctgt ttattttctt     48120
     ctgtaaatca tttgatgtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagataaac tttcagtagg ggtggagact     48180
     gctgtacact tcctgggaag cctaaatagg ctaaaacggt aacctcagga caagcatgcc     48240
     agttacatat tccaccagat ttatttccgc attcctgttc atgcaattag agaagataag     48300
     tattaggttc agaattcaca gtaggcttct gcgttttgaa atgaaatcat ttataattaa     48360
     ttgaaaattg tcttgcttaa aagtaatgca agcctatttt taagatctta ctagcagtcc     48420
     ttctattaat ttgaaaaatg cagatataaa atatgggaat aagaaaagac aacaattaaa     48480
     gcatgctctt tttaaagggg gagtgaaggg gaggagtatt catattatag ggactaaaag     48540
     ggccagtaat ttcaaacatt aagtagactt tttccttttt caaataaagc ttttattctt     48600
     taatgcaagg ggtatacacc tataggtaaa atacaatccc tatcttgttg cttttgaaaa     48660
     gtccattcat tgtcaaaaca aactaaaaac aaacaaacac aaaagttgtt tgtatagtag     48720
     gaacaaaggg atctgataaa atcattttta ggtaatatag acatttttag atagtgcatt     48780
     tagatagtat aggccatttg tgaaaactac tcatgttgaa cacaagtcat caatgcaccc     48840
     agcatgacca ctttttatgt tactatcaaa tgtttatatt ttggaaagtg agggtgagag     48900
     aaagagcact tcagccaagg cttttggcta cttaaagatc atgcctgcat taattcaagg     48960
     aataattcat gagcacctat agcaatgaac acaagaacca agtgtcttga gagctgtatt     49020
     ctggggtcat tgaaatctgg tggtaggaaa tctcactttg gtggccatgg acaaagcatg     49080
     agtccacaac ttcagtcact tccccaaaca aagcctgcat gacagtatct gaaatttgtg     49140
     tcccttctcc cctctagttg tctgggatgg ggccatagga ctgattcagt cctagagaac     49200
     agtagggagt acagagcctt atcttcttgg aatgtttgtt ttagggactc agacctgacc     49260
     tgtatctcaa gcactgtgtt ggaagaattc caaaccagcc atgtacagga gaatcaggac     49320
     cctcactgag tgttctagct gtgggttctg cactaacagg caataacaat ttgtcagcca     49380
     tcttagctaa gtgagtcagc tgggtacaag agcgattttg ctggctcttt ggaaactccc     49440
     atgacaagca acactggcca atgctacttg ctacttgaag ttgagagaag taaacataaa     49500
     ttcattctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     49560
     ctctctccct cagagaaact gaggctagga ctatctactg actactgctc tatgtgtctt     49620
     ttcaagttag gaaagctttg aatagcagaa tctctactta ttgcaacata tcctgtgttt     49680
     tcttacatat taggagtaat gactacaaaa agaaaaatga aaagacagaa gaggtgcatg     49740
     gaggtggatt tcatgaggga gacagaggtc ggccttcgca gttgctgctg cttctaaccc     49800
     tcccttgtgg ctctcctcta gctgataata accattcatt ttgaaacctg tcagccaccc     49860
     taaatcatga gtgcttgata aaagggatcc tcttctaggt acatttgcag ctccattttg     49920
     tggagtactg gcaagtgcct tgtttttgtg actgagggtg aatgagcgaa tgtcctgatt     49980
     tctgtggtcc tcttagttgc tgtcatctct actctgtgtc caaatccctt gttctacctc     50040
     ttcatattca atgggtcata aatcatgatg tcacaagaag gcgtagagaa aattgccttt     50100
     ggccaaggta cagaatccca aatccatgaa tcctgccctc ccacaaactc cctttttaag     50160
     aatcccaagt tatatgtaga acaaaaacat aaaaagtatg tgactattgc ataagaactc     50220
     cactccagtt atcagtctcc atcttcagcc ctgaaactgg agatgactcg gagggctctg     50280
     tctaggccaa aaaaagaaaa aggtcactta atgagcatct cttctttccc cactggatcc     50340
     ataggtgcag caaagtaaaa tgagtccatg aaactcacac tcaaaggaca caagctccaa     50400
     agaagacatt tgctatttca ggggtgcctc gtgtcaagta cagggcattc ttagaacaga     50460
     gcatggaaca gaaagaggct caaatgttgc caaaggactc tagggaaact gcttcctcac     50520
     agcatctagg ggtttttaac cttttcttat tagcaaagat gcttgaatct cttgtccgat     50580
     ggcatactaa atgatattga cctattagta tttatctgtc caggtaaagt tggagttggg     50640
     aataggatca gagcttcatc cagagccaaa attggctttg aagtcacaga tactgaagat     50700
     ttggtcatgc tgagactcac tgacttgttt tcatctgtag caccactgct ctacggatcc     50760
     cagctttcct gtcacgactt tggtgccatc tgttttccct tggcacttgt catacatgct     50820
     ccatagctct ctgccttaag tttttgttgg ttctgtctta aacacagaga ccaggtcttt     50880
     tactctgatc aatcttgaga gctccatgta tgaccaccca ctctccagtt ttctctgctg     50940
     gaaggtacag atcaatctat ccatacttcc atatacacat ataatcaaaa tcccatacac     51000
     ctctttgatg ttttgactca gaacacaatg atctttgtca ttctatgttt cataccttta     51060
     atatcaattg gaagtatctt tgatataata tgaaagtttt caaagatgta agcctttcag     51120
     agaagaggtg gaggggcttc cccttacact ttgcacctcc ccatttcaat cagttttgct     51180
     agaatagtca tctaaaacac tgagacatgg tgttcactct gaggccctcc cttcatcgct     51240
     gctttagtct cctatcttta gagcacgcac tgacagctcc caagactgaa catgagttca     51300
     tacctaatgc caagcaaagt cagaatcaag tatatccatc actcaactaa aagcacactg     51360
     gaacggagga cacggtcaac cagagagcat ctctgagcag gggttgctct ggcgggtatc     51420
     tgatggagac actgctttgt catgcttcta aagagaatat aagcagacag cctcacagtc     51480
     tcgcagggag aaatacttcc aattctagga gtcagcgcag aggaaagaca aagcagacca     51540
     cccacagcaa cgatgctatg ttataatccc ctcatctgtc accagcattc atacattgac     51600
     cttgccttta gccttcctgg agctggatca ggtgctccat gctacagttg gtggaaacag     51660
     atatcacatg tctattcact cacagtaagt catgtagcct gagaactcct gaaatggtct     51720
     ctccttgatt tctcaatcac cagtgcacat aacttctcca aatcaaagca ccagtaacaa     51780
     aagccagcca cgggagtcga gtcaggagtt agagtgaggc tgggacttct gccctttcct     51840
     cttcatttcc actttgtttt ataagctaat gagtgcataa tttcctttgc caggatcttc     51900
     tgaagggtgt tttgattttg ggttaagtta ccaaggagat tctgaaacag aaggtgaaca     51960
     aatcctttac tcacggacac aaggaaagct tgggatagtc ctcatttgct ccatcagccc     52020
     cacttctcat atttatattt gaactgccat agcctgggtt ctcatggaga agaaggacac     52080
     tggaatgtgc agtaatgaga tagacctctt ccttctaaag caaagcaatc tacctgtccc     52140
     ataaagctga ctgtgctgct aaaacatagt ggcggggaaa gatgccaaaa taaatcattc     52200
     acgagattta aagatgctcc ccaaaggaag tgctctctca tgaggatagt tagaatatct     52260
     acctgccatt gaaggatatg caagccgccc cttacaccaa tgtgagcctc ttgtaaccag     52320
     ggagggtcac agagattcaa ttccataaaa agcagcttgt aaaaataaaa ttcaattctt     52380
     ggcttgtgtt gcaacacttc ctctgttcca aacttaatac tggagccacc cacaggaccg     52440
     ctgtcacagc caaatacagt agggaatcaa gtcttctcac aggaggccat caagaagagc     52500
     cccactgcca gcatcaggta acagtacaaa caggctgtgg aggccccaga gcaggatcgc     52560
     tgtgtttgcc tcatcttgac aagccagaga tgctctacag gccttctcaa agtattattc     52620
     ataaatataa tactgtagac cacagagaca gctattccct ggcactcaga acttctgact     52680
     ctggaggaag caattctcag tttgccagac tctgtgaacc caaaatgatg accacagaga     52740
     aaaagacctc tcatgtgatc tctgtctaac ccatagtact cattcagttg ccgtgatgta     52800
     tttgctctcc tgtataattt actaatgtta tccaaatata attcttctct tctcagctag     52860
     acagtaaatt atatgacgtc agataccgtc cagccccaga catcaacttt aagctattag     52920
     aaccaacctc cttaaacaaa cttcacatca tttgccttca aagagagaac tgtattccaa     52980
     tatgttgcat cattcatgcc acagtcatga ttcatttgct ctaatttata tcatttcttg     53040
     ctccctgagc tgtttttctc ttttaatatt tctcaatctt ccttcttgta aatgatctag     53100
     tcttgcttct tatattagcc ttgaacatga gaattttccg agcatctaac aagagagctg     53160
     gctctgaaga caaacatcct gaatctaaat cctaatacca ttatgatggt ttgtatattc     53220
     ttgggccagg agtgccacta ttatgaggta tggcattgtt ggaataggtg tgtaactggg     53280
     gacatgggct ttaataccct agtcctagct gcctggaagc cagtcttcta gtagctttca     53340
     gacaaagatg tagaactttc agctcctctt gcaccatatc tgcctagata ctgctatgct     53400
     tctgccttga tgataatgga ctgaacctct gaacctgtaa gccagcccca attatatatt     53460
     gtctttaaaa gagttgcctt gggcatggta tttgtccata gcagtaaacc ctaatgataa     53520
     caaacaccat ttatcaacaa agtgatccta ggaaagttat tttagtttat gtaaccttag     53580
     ttttctcagc aataaaatga tatccataac agcacctatt ttcttgaatt gagcagataa     53640
     aatggctttt taagcaagac aatctgagta atacccaata ctatagatgt gttcaataat     53700
     tatcataagt tgaacaattt ttggcccttc actggccatg tggatgcttt aatgtttagt     53760
     ggacgtaaca atattcagtg tagcttgtct cccagatagt ttacacatga taatctactc     53820
     caggattact ccaaaagatg gaagagacca cctcctcttc tcttacacaa acaggacatc     53880
     ctctgcctga tacagagaaa gtttagtgtg aacatcgtct catctggtga ttgatttctt     53940
     gtgggtccca gatttattaa atggagcacc acagagcttt agtaaaatta aacacaaaag     54000
     agtcttcttt tcccctatag attgattttc tatcaaagaa acacctaact tgtgcttctc     54060
     tgcacactta acacttacaa gtatgccata acatttccta tacatccaat catggtctcc     54120
     acccttgagt ggacagcaac taggactttt ttttttttag tatcattatt ttgcctcttt     54180
     tttttactag atattttctt tatttacatt tcatatgtta tcccctttct tgatttcccc     54240
     tctgaaagcc ccatatccca tcactcctcc ccctgttcac ccactcccgc ctccctattc     54300
     tggcattccc atatactggg gcatcgagcc ttcacaggac caagagcctc tcctcccatt     54360
     ggtgtcagac aaggccttcc tcaattacat atgcagctgg agccctgggt ccctccatgt     54420
     gtactttttg gttggtggtt tagtccctgg gagttctggg ggtactggtt agttcatatt     54480
     gttgttcctc ctatggggct gcaaacccct tcagctcctt gggtcctttc tctagctcct     54540
     ctgttgggtc caatggttga ctgcaagcat ccacttctgt atttgtcagg cactggcaga     54600
     acctcacagg agacagctat atcaggctcc tgtcagaaag cacttgttgg cacccacaat     54660
     agtgtccagg tttggtaact gtatatgcaa ccagaacttt ttatttaatc agctaatatt     54720
     tattttccat agatcctgcc ttacatagtt aatgtctgat attaaaacaa ggccgatgca     54780
     caaaaatgta ggcataaatt ttttgcaacc tactttcaat aaaggttcaa cttcttctct     54840
     agctcaccac tcggcagagg tagtaggaga gaggttatta ggatatgggg gaagtggacc     54900
     tgttcagtaa tagttcttag gggataaact tgcagttcag tcctggagca gacaccaaat     54960
     acaactgagc agtttcagtc cagtcttttt ggtaggcaaa caacaggcat taaccagcag     55020
     ctgtagttct atcctgaaga aaccacaaag cttgccaacc aacctaaggc aaggccaagg     55080
     ccttggaagt tgcaagctgt tgcaaaaacc tcacaagcag cttgtgggtg agtttctttc     55140
     agtggcagca ttaccacaag ctgagctcaa caattctatg tcaggcaaat gcatgcttgt     55200
     agttagagga gaatggcaag gcagaccaaa aacaaaccag tgttcagtgc ttgtctccca     55260
     ctgtctatca ctgtctatgt ggtcatattt atactccttg atcaaggatc ctttcacttc     55320
     tatcaaaata tcctttcacc tatgtctgct tcaggaaaac agtctttcac ctgtttgttt     55380
     tagtaagata tctttcacct atgtgcccca acaaaacaac atttgacata actaactttc     55440
     ctaagaaact ggaagtttca acttcacgaa aattatcaaa taataataat agaaagcaaa     55500
     atcattaaat agtgaataaa gtaaatggtg ataagtttaa atatagccat cctgacaaga     55560
     cataccagct agtggaacag atgacagcac tcactcaaca ttttttttgt gctatttgtg     55620
     tcctggtttt catgctgagt tctggaggta aggggaagat gttgtggtct ttcttctctg     55680
     cattcctcca tgatatcaca gacatgtagt ccagaaatcg tattgaccca atacagacac     55740
     agtgacctca ttcaccttgt tattttctgg ttcttacatg gccgtttggg ttgagaagag     55800
     aaggttggct tttgagacag tttcaggcta aagaaagcat tagggaaaga tacttccctt     55860
     tgcttttgga aattgccata tgcatatctg aggtttatta cttttgttgc tgcatgcttc     55920
     ttgccaccag cttgaaaata gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggaa aggtccaagt agggagccag     55980
     acgcaggatg accacggcac atcagagttt ttacagtctt ctgcttagga gcttgctatt     56040
     aagttaccta gatatttctt tattttttat attagctgag ttctgctttt gttcttgtta     56100
     catgaagcta gacacactct aactcagaac atatgaagac aaatgagaca tgaacagtgt     56160
     ttatggagct aataagctag tgttaacaga catggaattc catagcattg cagtttatta     56220
     gctgagaaca ataaagtgat gttctgggaa tgaatgtaaa tcaggaggag ctggcaaaga     56280
     ttgagaatgg tagctctgac aacttcaatt agtccttgaa ggtcagttgg taaatgatgg     56340
     aaacagagaa taattaacac ttccctggca aatcgctgca gaaattgact taatctttat     56400
     ttcttcatca ttttacttat tgacttcagc ctcataatcc ccctgagtcc tagaattaca     56460
     agtgtacact gccatattcc gctcttctca catcttacga gaggaaggag aaaatatctt     56520
     cctaagtaat acatccaggg tctggattga acatgaaaac ttctcttgta aaggctactg     56580
     gttttcatgt ctggagagtg taactgcctg caaggtgata gaaaaccaga agactttacc     56640
     tgttgtacat aagtcttggg ggttatgtgt gtacaagaaa ccaaaatcat tttctctctg     56700
     tgatagcatt agatggtgga aattattcat attaggttag gcagggttta ttagcagata     56760
     aaaggcgatt gaaaaaatgt acatgtatac ctaacatatt aatatatctt aaagaaattt     56820
     attaaatagg attacatgat aagagccggg aactcaacag tgtttgtcta catagcagag     56880
     cagctgagaa caagactgga ggccttagag gtcccaggct gatgctgaag acctggaaga     56940
     ctcttgaaga cccatggtct gaatcagtgg agtatgccaa cggcagagac acatgcactc     57000
     attcaggaag tgtaggtgtt ttcctggggc ccctttatat ctgcactacc tgttggaaca     57060
     ggtacagtcc accctgaggg tggggcttcc cttctcaggt aggtgaacct tcctcgagta     57120
     tgtctctgag tgcttctaaa tcccatcagg ctgacaacca aaaccaatca tcacactcca     57180
     tctccacaga gatttccttg caggttgaga tacgtctgca aattaaaaat tttggatact     57240
     aattaaaaat atatattata tatttatatt attaaattat atcaatatta tatattatat     57300
     ttatattata ttaattatat tatatgatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     57360
     atatatacaa ctattttggg taaggcttga cttcattgtg tagccataat attagaaatg     57420
     tacaaactag acttgggaaa cagcattaac agtatcctat gactgttttt gggaaagctc     57480
     tggtatgaaa gctttggttg tggttcaggt cttcagatta actttcatag cttttgagtt     57540
     gatttaaaaa tttcacatac acatacaatg aaatatattc ttatatatcc atttgcttct     57600
     ctaacttccc ttatattttc ctcaccatac cccttccaaa actgaacccc ctttttatag     57660
     ctcacttaat tctgttagtg ttattcataa gtccatggga ctatccatta gaacatggaa     57720
     atcctagcag tgcccacatc tgcaaaagtg agtaattctc tcccccagca tcctcccact     57780
     gccaataact catcactaat gcataagtcc caaagactct caacccatct gtgctgggat     57840
     ttcagctggc ttgatctcgt ggaggccatg tgcagatagt cacagctgtg tgtcctccta     57900
     agtcaaatag ccccagcatg tttggaagac agcatttcac agcacacctc cccatactct     57960
     aactcttata atcttgcaat ctcctcttcc acaatatttt ctgggccttg gggggggggg     58020
     ggaggttatg atataggtat gtcctactca tgactaagca ctcagcctct taattcttga     58080
     tattttgatc agttatgcat ctctgttaat tgcttcccag tgcaaaaaaa taagcctctt     58140
     tgatgattgc tgagcgcaac ataaatattt agaaaggagg ctctcaactt gtgggtcatg     58200
     acccctttgt agagcaaaca ggggtctcat atcaaatagg ctacaaaaca gatatttata     58260
     ttgtagttca taacagtaac aaaattacag ttatgaagta gcaatgaaag taattgtatg     58320
     gtttagagga caccacaata tgagaaaccg aattaaagag ttgaagcatt aagaagtttg     58380
     agaaacactg gtttagatga tactttgaca tgtgaccaaa atactaaaat aacaatagca     58440
     ggctctaaca tagataggag ctatgacttc tgtcataggc ttttgactag gacagtacca     58500
     gatataaagt cccctctgtg agaggtctga agtccaataa gaaagcagtt agcagccttt     58560
     tgacagttat cttgccacta taccagaggg catatcttgc tgcgaggtga gttttacaac     58620
     acttggcgtc cgtgcttgct tcagcagcac atacataatg ctcagggttt gatactgggt     58680
     aagaccatta tgttttagcc ctcaacagcc taaacagaac tttccagcac tgtgaaagcc     58740
     gtccaacaag gaggaagctt cctggaaagc ttaaggttgg attctctatg tcttacagcc     58800
     aaagtgcata gtgttctcct ctataaggtc ctaacataca gtatgatggg taaccaaaag     58860
     caatggcagg agtctatgtc ttttaggact cattaaagaa cacctgatgg ataacctgta     58920
     gggaagaatt ccatgccttg cactgtgagt ttcttttagt aacttgtata agctttataa     58980
     ggtttcaacc ttgttcaccc atgtagagta atcccattat aattcttaat atctactgtg     59040
     gtactttctt tgtaggccta tgggaagacc actaaggtct ccagaacttt atcatatctg     59100
     atctactagg aaatcacttt aaaggatatt taaaccttat acttgtgact cagactgtcc     59160
     tgcattcaaa tcatagtact ctctcacacc aattgtaata cattaaggaa agtatttatc     59220
     ttcctgacta accctgtaag ctataattga cctaaggctg tttggagaat taaattaaga     59280
     aagtagccaa gataaaatgg tgccagattc tagctgtctt tcaacaaagt gtctgagcgg     59340
     aggcacagtg aaaacaacat tgttgcatag agcttgtgtg atgatttcat tatgggttgt     59400
     acttgaatgt ccttcatagg ctcgtgtctc agactgcttg gtcctcaaca aatgactgac     59460
     ttgagatgtt gtgaagtgtt tgttatttgg agagtagctg gacaaagtag gtcgttatga     59520
     ggtgggcctt gcagtttcta gactaatccc actcccagcc ttcgttctgc ttcttcacct     59580
     tcaataagca aagagcaagc atccttactg tcctgcatcc acagcagatc tcatgtgctc     59640
     tgctccatca tgatgaactg aactattttt tttttggttt ggtttggttt ggtttggttt     59700
     ggtttggttt ggtttggttt ggtttggttt ggtttggttt ggtttttcga gacagggttt     59760
     ctctatgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactt actctgtaga tcaggctggc ctcaaactca     59820
     aaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggaataaa ggtggcacca ccactgcctg     59880
     gcgataaact gtactattaa accctgagtt agaatgtcca gttagtaaca gcccctatta     59940
     tttctaataa tacctcttac actattttcc tcatgatttc taccctacat actaagatct     60000
     attaacttta gagttcagcc tttgaaaaca tcccccttct tttctcttcc aaacatagtc     60060
     caggccacta gcgtgacaag cacaggccct taactgaatt tcttatgatc aaggatattc     60120
     ttgttaggct ctccctctcc acatgattca atatatcaac agtccttgta aaataggctt     60180
     tgggtatggg agagcagttc agacggtaga atattccttg atctagagat tatatttata     60240
     tgatgaaact aaacttccta ctctgtgtga atgctcagag ccagacctcc ccctccccca     60300
     gtcaattaaa aacacccctg ccttgactgc tcagctccca ctctgtccct gtcttgctct     60360
     taaaggatga ctacatgctg ggagagtagc taagttgacc tatataacaa agcgatagaa     60420
     gcagggttaa ggaaggagag agatcataaa tctttgtagc ctggctatca gggatgagta     60480
     ttttttaaga cattgcagca gtattggata gaaacaaatc aaagaggaga aagacaggtg     60540
     acttcgtaaa gggccaggtt gacttagtaa taggtttctc tttgatatcc ttcaagacct     60600
     gcaaataagg ggcttcaatt accttgaact ggttttaatt gttaggttat gttctcttga     60660
     atatgacatc ccataactct atgactggac tgcagatctc attgagctta taagggtgca     60720
     tatatgaaaa cgtaatcctt tataacaatt gcaatgaatc cttgtattta cagggatttt     60780
     gctgtgcagc ctgaattgca caggggcatc tacatttact gtctcatgta gtaacctccg     60840
     caatcctttg aggtttactt atcagagccc ctcattttcc agataaagag acaacaaaat     60900
     agagagaaga agaagtaagt accacagtta cacaggtaaa taatgatata gttaatggca     60960
     agacccacgt caatctgaat caaactcccg taaccctcag agctgtgaat tcagaatggc     61020
     aagggcttct gatagtctag ggagttcacg aggctgaaaa tttatctcat gggctgacag     61080
     tggagcagtg cagcaataca gagattggaa ccaaaatcag agtgattatt gaggtatcca     61140
     accacattcc ttaaaaaaga cccaaacgtt cagagacttc aatctcattt cccacattgt     61200
     caattgcaca attttagcaa atgagtattt cataccccct ggagcacatc aatttagaaa     61260
     acttaaaaca caaaactagg tacatgaaaa tgtaattgat aaagataact ctttcctagc     61320
     tgacttttta tggttccagt taaaatgcaa gctaaactga attccgtaat ggactatact     61380
     tcataataat cgtattctat ttgtatgcaa atggctggac tggcatctct caattttaga     61440
     ctctggctgt aaactcacat cagttttggg tagattctaa ttatgcatct aatataatag     61500
     gtattgaatc aatgaaaaat ttcaacacca gttttgagaa ttaaacactc attattcact     61560
     gtttgaaatt tgggttcaaa tgatgtgtca ctatgacaaa atgtggggtg gtaccattac     61620
     ttagtaactt ctggaagtga cagttaattt ctctaagcta aatgttggga aaatggggga     61680
     aatgatgaat ccctgatagg tttatgaaac agttaaataa cataatgtgt acaaagtatc     61740
     caggagagca tttgtagatc aatgaattac ttcctcttcc tcttatctgt tgccagtttg     61800
     caatgatgtt caactggtac ctcagattag cttgttctta atgcatttcc tatagctgta     61860
     tcaaaaaagg gattctataa gatgaaagcc caatattaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     61920
     gagagagaga gagagagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     61980
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa agtgaatgaa ggaaggggtg gagggagaga gagagaaaga     62040
     gagagagaga aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag     62100
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaaggg agagagaaag     62160
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     62220
     aaagaaagaa agaaaggaag aggtctttaa caggagctaa accataggac agtgtacagt     62280
     agatacctcc atgaggtcca ttttgtccat ttagtgtcat atgacatcct ctggtacaca     62340
     tgatctccac ccaacctgag tttttgagga caaaggctgc aaaagggaaa cattgcttat     62400
     gggagatgtt tatttcccca ttaataaaag gaaattactc gtctggttgg gagcccagat     62460
     tttaaaatta ctcccatggc tgtatctaaa accaactcag tattttaaaa ctgaaatttg     62520
     ttcgttataa tagacttgag gttgtcagat attgtgacgt ggccagctac aaaacacttc     62580
     atgggaacag aatggggtac actggaagga gtggaaagag gaaaatgtca ccacttattt     62640
     ccagggaaat gtattaaatg cctacgataa actcaacttc agaaagctgt aaaccttcat     62700
     gaaaatgggt ctcagacatt tccactgttt gttgtatact gcgattaaag cccccaggtt     62760
     ttagacttga acaaacagac cttaacttac cctcaggctc taccctctgt tctctgactt     62820
     acattggata agttttaggc cttggcctca gtttcttcat ctgaaagaga gtgatttaag     62880
     cattcgtttt acttttggaa ggaagacgat atatgtaaag tgcctctctt ggtccaaata     62940
     agtagttctc ataaatgata actgttaggg ttgtgctgtc cttcacatat cagtaatcac     63000
     tgttagttca atggattact atacctctta tagtttcttg ctttgttatt attgtttcta     63060
     ttttacaatg gcactaactt actcttgtac aatgcttcac taataagaga aaataccaag     63120
     atttgatcca agatctacca attctaaagc ccatgatgtc tttactactg ataccgtata     63180
     gaagtgaaaa actccctcag acagatggag gatccagtct cagaaaaatg tttgacatat     63240
     gagaataaga gactgtgtgg caagggcatt cagataggtg gtttcgtaga atccaggata     63300
     acacaaaaat cattttcaga gagctggacg aaggtgctgt tcaaaagcac catcgagata     63360
     ggtcctagag gtaggcttaa gagcttgatg caactaggca agacccatgt ggctctgtgt     63420
     tacccagaag cccactcagt taaaagcact gagtacagag gaagcaatgt gcttggagta     63480
     taaggtagca tccagtaacc cacaatgggg ttgagtaaat ccagatatgg tggaagccga     63540
     gcggggacag gacatcagcc aagtcttaac atcagcaacc agttgtttgg catcttttac     63600
     ttttcgactt tgaatggttt ccctgaaatt gtgcagattc ggtcttaaac ctgtcagttc     63660
     cagagactcg agatttacgc atacacactg cactgctgtt ctccaagacg agagctacaa     63720
     aatgagatgg ttctttctct atatagcttt ccaccattct atgaccttga gtttaatgac     63780
     agctgcttct ctagtccttc aaataggcaa acaccttttc aggatattag caactccaaa     63840
     aggtgaatcc tatggtgtag cttatgactt gcttctgtga cccacgacct ccgagtctac     63900
     aatagtcatc acatccagga aacagttgat gtcatgatga taacaaagga catggcagac     63960
     atcagcaacc catctcagct agcaatccta gaaaatcctc atgatcatct gagtagccgt     64020
     cattgagtta gatttagcac atgacaaagc taaccaaaca atgaagcctg atggcttacc     64080
     ttccaagtta tttaattaaa aaaaatgaac ttaatagtgg cagttttaaa ttaatattct     64140
     tggttaatta caaaagtaga tgcccaaaac acattgcagt ttgtgataaa aatctcaaaa     64200
     aagaaagaaa gaagaaaaga aaagagaagt acaagagaaa agaaaaggaa aggaaagaaa     64260
     aagaaagaaa agaaaaggaa agaaaagaaa aaagaaaaga agatttttaa aatcactatt     64320
     catcacataa gaatgaagaa ggtgttctgg gttctctcat taactatcta atggagtcca     64380
     actacaaaac catgtactgt atgccatagt atatttgaag tactttttat gtggtatctc     64440
     attaggaaac tgaacatttt catcattctt ttacagaaga caaatggaat attcaagaga     64500
     taaaataatt ttatagacat cattcaaggt tatcaagcag caagattcaa atccagatac     64560
     acatttacaa gtaagatccc tgaatcacta tcgtttcact catctcaagt tgacatatga     64620
     aggcagtaat agaaacgata atgctaagtt gggaaactag gggcgtccta caatacagat     64680
     ggtccctaac ctaaaatggt tcaacttaca atgttttaat tttaggacaa tagaaaagca     64740
     atatatggtt agtagaaacc atattttgct cttttttcag agccagtgaa cggtggtatg     64800
     gtctgctgtc atgaggctgg gtggcaacca taaagtacag tccccatgag ggcaaacaac     64860
     tcactcctga gtatactgtg ttgccaagtt acacacttgg atattttcag tgcattacaa     64920
     cttatgttat tttcaactta aggtgaattt gttcagatgt aacttcaaaa taagtggagg     64980
     agtatttgca tccttaagac tgccagatct ttaaagtcct catagcagtc tgctttcttg     65040
     ggaaccaaag aataataaga tccatgacaa tccaggtcaa tcgttctaca cagaggctat     65100
     gggactggga cgtcagaaca ttttcctttg ggaaatctca ctgttgcagt ttcctaggag     65160
     atgaaagaag ggcggcatag acatactgcc ccttggctct ccttactgtc ccaggttcac     65220
     tcttcacagc acctgatttc tctctagagt cacatgcata tccttagcat tgttcccttg     65280
     caaagagaca agattggaat atgacactca atggaagcca ccaattacaa tgcaaatgca     65340
     gatatccttt ctaaattctg gtcctttcca acagctgttg tttccacagc ttcttccttc     65400
     ctgtgcagtt ctagtaggag atgcccatca gaatcacaga ttccccacct ctgcccaaac     65460
     agcaaggcaa cctctagaat cttctgcagt aagttgtggc ccctctagca ggagcttagt     65520
     cagctcttca tctctggtat tccctatcac cttatcccct ttatcatgct ctgagagaag     65580
     accatttcct catttactag cgctactgga ctgttgtctt caattctgga acactgttcc     65640
     attggttacc tgctctctat cttaaaggac acagagagaa cccagatact tacgactctc     65700
     ctccaaccta aagcatcctt tgagcctctt tctctgttat ggcatgatca ctttcttttc     65760
     ctgcctctct gacattcttg gaagagcact gcctctcatt ctcatctccc actgtaattc     65820
     ctctgtacct caactccaag agaaaacact ccctgcttgt caacagcatg catatctagc     65880
     tcaggtggtg taatgaagac aaaaggagtt taacctgatc aaggataaaa gaaaatgggg     65940
     gtgttggttc accagttcat atagccaatc cttggggaaa gctagaatag aaaagagcac     66000
     agtcatggtg ttctctatga ctgtccatct gtctcttctt tctatagtta gatgccaaat     66060
     ggaccacaag gcattcagag ctattttttt tattatatcc acccagttta agagtaaata     66120
     caggggggaa aaagggacaa aatgggcttg tattgagtca tatggctacc tctttaccca     66180
     ttcactatgg ccagggtaaa caactgtgat gggattagtc tgtgttgtgg gtatacttag     66240
     ctggatacac tgttgtagca tctggtcaca gctgggaaac cccatgcatg actgctgaga     66300
     aaatcatgag ctggccagct atcatgacag attgtgtaca gttgagaatc atgcagaata     66360
     aaaattgtag atggtgaaaa actaaaggcc atggtcaaaa tcacacaatc attagtgcta     66420
     agaggaacta ttaaggcaat actgatagtt ctagcaaata atgaattcat gagcttgcat     66480
     gaagtcgtcc taatgaacct gtgctgcctg gctgtatggt gcgtagatat attcaataag     66540
     gacagaagtc ctgaaatatt aggcccaccc atctgttgct ttttttgctt ctacaggatg     66600
     cctttagttt caaattttca cagtttaagc tacagctcct gccccaggta tatctctgag     66660
     aaattgtttc cagaacgatc tgaacagtga ctaaaatgaa atgaagtgaa atgaaatgaa     66720
     ataccctaca gcagccgagc cataaatgag gagttgggtg ctggtgggca gaggaaagga     66780
     gagtaagctc tctcagacac gattttacct gcgtcattcc acactgcagg atgcttcagt     66840
     gtcctctcaa cacaagtctc cttatagaca gaagaaaaca gtaggtcaga aagatgcatt     66900
     taagaaagag aagtcccatg ttggtagtat gctgcatagt acatagtaca tatagtacag     66960
     gactgtcttc aactacatct taaggcttca gaagttaaga accagttagt tgttcacaga     67020
     cgagacctga caggtctggg cttctggatg tatcccagat ctactgatct accgcactgt     67080
     gaaaggagtg tttacaatta gaaggtggct gggctgttaa aggttcacca ccgaaatgtc     67140
     aaatggacag ttctggagta ggaacgttca gcctcttcta ctctttctcc agtcactact     67200
     tttcatgttc atgtcagaat gctaacaaag tctttctctt ttcacctcta caaggcgggc     67260
     agaaaacagg ctatttacca cacttagaga caaagggacc caaggcccta atgataaaca     67320
     tgacacagga tggcattcac cccagcccag gcagaagccc tccagacacc tggctttttc     67380
     tcttcatcat cctgatcagc tgatcctgcc agcagtgcca ggaggactct ttccagtcag     67440
     cccatctctc cgggtccttc gcttcattct tcctgactat tttacattct gagccttgcc     67500
     tggttttttt cagtctctca taaaggaaag ttgttacagt agaattgagt gcctctgact     67560
     gcctcattac tcatcttaga ctatattttt acattatcaa gcaaattaaa agtcatacat     67620
     tttagaaacg tgcgtgatgg aaatgcattt aaaattctgt ttagcacgta tttgcaggac     67680
     ttttgctgat tcagtgaaca ctgcacttac tgatcaggtg taaatcagca ttttgctttg     67740
     tgggagactt taacgatgtc gaccctgaca gagtccaatg tggaattttt caagattcaa     67800
     attgtcttca gacctcttca tctgatcaag tgactaacag gtatccatac ccaggaaagt     67860
     actgtgatgt acagcctgga caataacatc acatctcaca ggcaagaggg aggtctcatt     67920
     gacagttaat actatcaagg gccaagcagc cttcctcagt cccatgctta gtttaattct     67980
     ctaacataat ctttaaaaat ctgttttgtt ttgttttgtt gggagacagg gttttgttct     68040
     gtatctcttg ctagcctatg accatgtaca taaagctgtc ctggaactta caatgaatct     68100
     cctctctcta cttcttaaat atggggatta ttgatgggca ctatcattcc tgcctttaaa     68160
     actgtgttta ttttatttta ttttatttta ttttatttca tgtgtatgag tatggtgctt     68220
     acaagtatgt ctatgtagaa catgtgtgcc tggtgcctgc acagttcatt gaagaggtca     68280
     ttgaattcac taaaactgga gttagagacc attttgaact gccacgtaaa tgctgaccat     68340
     ctgccagaac aaccagtgtt cttaaccact gtaccatctt tctccagccc cctcttgata     68400
     ctttttaaac aatagctttc catttttttt tagaatatta tattgctcac aatataaata     68460
     caaaatataa tgtataaatg agtataaaaa tacatgtata taatactttc caatcacacc     68520
     catctcccta ccctcttgta tattcctctt cctcccatga atcttctctg atcacaccaa     68580
     gtccccattg tactttcata tctcttttgt tttgctttgg attttgcttt gtattgtaca     68640
     ggacttaact aggccacctg tgtggacaca ggtttaatgc tatctatcga ctggagaaga     68700
     agtaatttcc aaatggctat atcactaaat cagtaaaaac tacccccctc cccaatcgct     68760
     caattgctaa tagctcccct ggaggggagg gcaacattgg tctcctcccc ccgacccact     68820
     catgactaaa tgtgtgtggt cttagtccta tgcagacccc tatgcatgca agcacaactg     68880
     ctgtgcattt atagccagca taatgaccct ctaccccctg agtttacttt ctttctacct     68940
     ctctctgtga taggaccagg gtggtatgag gatcccattt aacgagcact cagcagtaac     69000
     tggtgcttat ctctgcacta agtactactt gctgcaagga gaagtttctc tgagcaatac     69060
     tgagggcagc acaagtttac cagcatcaac aaaagtattt ataatgtagc tttgtaacct     69120
     acccatttag caaaacaaac ctactgggta catccctagt gactataacc ttctcagcca     69180
     caagccttta gccaggtcca caggaccaga catgtactcc ttgatgtgga gtgaaatcca     69240
     gtttttaaaa atttgtttac ctgccccaat ccccagctgg gcatagtggt gcatgccttt     69300
     aaacccagga ctcaggagga agaggcagga ggatctctgt gagttcgagg acagcctagt     69360
     gtacaaagca agccaaagac agccaggact ctgttacaca aagaaaccct gtctcaaaga     69420
     atttatttac ccctatagtg gtgccactgt aggtacatct tgcctggcag gttggtattg     69480
     gtagtacaca aggtccaaag ttggtaatat catgggtggc ttttcactcc cagctacctg     69540
     catagcaact tccagcatta tgaaaactag cttccataga ggaagattgc aatttcagca     69600
     tggtttctct gtgttctaca accaaatgtg gtcagcaaca ggcttttact atatagtttt     69660
     ggtgggcaaa taaagacaat atcctttctg gccagccact cctgtggagg tgtcccatag     69720
     ctgacaatga gattttcatg accccgatat cccatagctt ctaagactgg tgttaccaac     69780
     ccatgtatgg tatgtctatt catttttatt acaattttaa ttagcatata aagtcatagg     69840
     tgtcaatgtg gcttcttcat acatctttac tttgggttat cactccaact ctatcctctt     69900
     ttctctccca ctcttgactc ccattttcgt tccgcacttt gtcctgtaca tgccatgacc     69960
     aattctgcca acagaaatca tccagtgagc ctttctgcaa cttaagcatt gtatttctct     70020
     tgcactatct tgcactttcc ttggataatt tgggtaatca acaaatgtta agccacccat     70080
     tattccagtc tcaaagatac tgaaataaat gcaaaagaca cggctcccac atttgtagaa     70140
     cttacattca aacaatacag actcaaatat aaatacattc atacacaaaa gacaaacaat     70200
     aaagtactaa ggtgactata atagaaaaga tccatttgaa ataaagtagc caagaaaggc     70260
     ctttctgaat tccaaagaga taaattctgc cacatttaca cattttacag gtaaataaac     70320
     tggtttccac ttagcctcag tgacagagtc ggagtatggt agagtctggc tttaaagtca     70380
     agtttcatgg atgttactgg gttctcctgt ttctaaaaga cacattggaa gcctaaaaaa     70440
     taacatagga atcataggtg gttataatag actatacatt ttttattcag tagatttaag     70500
     gtagtgctga tcctactgga aaccaagtga cccttttgtc tgaaatctgg agaacctcgt     70560
     tagagatgcc cacagacagc gttcatgaga tctgagcact gatgggctaa ctcttgctct     70620
     tacgagtctg tgccagtggg caggtgcaca gtgacaaagc agtaactcag ggctgcatgt     70680
     tctcgagatg tcatgaatct tgtcatccac cttagaggga aaaacagcaa caacaaaacc     70740
     ctcgcttcat ttcaacagtt ctgacaagaa ttttggtgga aggtaggggg gacacaaaga     70800
     aaatgctccc tcctccgtag acgcattcta cacatgaatg taggttgacc accttgagga     70860
     ctgagcagtg gttcctggtc aggcattctc atactgttcc ttaaataatt tacaaattga     70920
     tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tttctttctt tctttctttc     70980
     tttctttctt tcttgttgtt tcttctctga agacagaaaa cagtcaacat cccagatatt     71040
     taagctagtt ttaagacctt ttcgatttct gagttcagac ctgagtatct tactccattt     71100
     taattttgtt cccgtaagaa tatggcagtc atttttaaaa ctgctttttt tttcctctga     71160
     ttcttctgca gtttttatga gccaaatata acattatgag atctgactaa ttcatagcaa     71220
     aaataaccac ttcccagctt catagaacac attccttttc catccacaat gtattaaact     71280
     tatggtcaat gatgaatgcc aggtctcttt ctactgtata tttgtcttga gtcctcattc     71340
     tctgaattta tcatcctggc tcatactgaa ccagggttgc taacactctg ccaggctcac     71400
     agtagataat aactacctgg ggtagcctat ataactactg gacaccagtt tctgctgaac     71460
     tgtaatctgt tttgaaaggg catgcctgtt tttctgatca ccatgaactt actaatgtgg     71520
     atgtggcctc actttgagca aaaatgaggc acctaataag tatatttcat aagtggtggt     71580
     tgaccaaacc aagggcagac taagttttcg tacaaaacac taggaaatag gctaaacttg     71640
     atcttagatc caagattcca gccttgatcc catccccgct tcactccgtg atcgtgaaga     71700
     attcatgaga tctctctagg cttcagactt actagtcaag aaataactaa tgagatgagc     71760
     tgatagctaa ggttctcttt aacataaaaa aaatctgagg gtctgtatga acacttggat     71820
     cagactgaaa atacaaacca gtgggaaaag agaagatttt catagaaaga actgaaaaag     71880
     ctctagcatt catctgaaag tcatattctc taccggtgtg gctactgcag taattaggaa     71940
     gaacatgtat tctgtgcaat ccctttctag cctttggaac tggctgcacg tatatggcat     72000
     cctgtcacat cccatggatc cgcatacact gtgaatggct gtggctgaaa atgcatagct     72060
     ccggaggtac atccgatcag ccctcgggac tgcccttgct tcatcaggca aggagttgaa     72120
     ccagcacaat tattcaatgt gatggtggga aatgaggcag tcgatagatt ccaaccgtgt     72180
     tctccaagat ggaaaggatt tcctcaccgc agctactgcc tgggttcttt attgccctag     72240
     agggctctcc ttgcaggcct acagataaat aaaacattct ccttcctcgg aagcactgtg     72300
     attctccttt cccggggcct gtcctgtgtt tctaaggtta tctgataccc ttttctgagg     72360
     gctatggtcc agtatttccg atgacctcag ctctaggagg acagttattg tgacatggac     72420
     cagccatccc tcacctcagt ttcttcctgc acgccctctg ccaagttcct atttttgcag     72480
     gaagattttt ttttcttata tttttgtctc catccgatcc agttcatcat cggcttccca     72540
     caggtacaca gtgtgccatc tgcattttag caactattat ctcctcattc atcctaaatc     72600
     aaagctgttt cttttagcat ctggaatttg taggtcgctg tgtgcattgg caaagccaat     72660
     cacaaatgga aacaaaaaaa catctgtgaa atgggacggt acaaggacag aagccaagaa     72720
     gcaaagagaa atgccctggc tgtgttgaga gagcaggggg acaaaagata tatggtgttg     72780
     tgtgcctgtt ctgtgctttt cttgaagccg actagctgtc tcaattggtc catgtagttt     72840
     tacctccgca aatggaaaaa gtgaagtggg gagaagtaag caactctcca aaaagaaatg     72900
     caaccaatat gtagattcaa ctccagggct atttagtttc aaaccatttc ctttccagtt     72960
     ttatctaact gctgtgagtg ggtaagaaat aatgaatgaa taaaaacaag aaaaggagtg     73020
     aagaaggaag tccagaaaag gactcatggt tgtcgtcagc agcatggaga gtgttccatc     73080
     cacacgacaa actgtgtgct cctcgcttga tgatgcagac ccaagacagc aatagtcaac     73140
     atgggtaatt atagcaagaa tctgttttca tcacacctct tcttggaaca tttgatgaga     73200
     ccacacagtg ctttcatttc cccatggccc acttccgtgc ccaggtttgg ctgcagttct     73260
     acccatttgt acagcctcca ccttggccct cctatatgta ggcactgcta tctatcattg     73320
     tggaaacaag ccttctccaa atgtaggagc ttacaagaac caggacagcc gtgtattcct     73380
     attaaatcct catctgacag ctgaagcatc ctcacaaccc aggagtgggc ttagacagga     73440
     acatctgaaa aaattagtac aataagcact tctgaccagg cttaagaagt ccttttgcat     73500
     cacttctgct atatccatgg tttgcctaaa tcaaaaagaa agacacagag accttactat     73560
     tcagcaaaaa tcctattctg tgacatcatt taagattgga tagaagaact cccatggtca     73620
     ttttggagac cttgctacca gtctttactc aagccacact tcatgtcctt ccccccaagt     73680
     aacccaactt tttctcctga tactgccagt cctgtatcat tatagttgaa taaaaggatc     73740
     ccatcaactt agtagggctt gcttggggat gaaattattt ggacatgcac tctttttctt     73800
     ctctctgaag atgtgtaaac tacaaagaca agttgtctgc tcacatagac atcatttact     73860
     agagctttat tctatattag gtcctgcacc tagcactcaa gtgggttatc tcacttaatg     73920
     ctcaggtttt cctagaagta ctaatattcg taattcccca agagcatagt aaataagtag     73980
     ggggtctgtg atggctattc ctggttatca acttgacgac acctggaatg aactacaatc     74040
     cagaaacaga aggcacatct gtggcccaga tcttaaggct ggcaaacaga agcttctgac     74100
     ttggatcttg acatgggatg acaaatgtgc ttttgatcca gaccttgaaa cattgtggcc     74160
     atgaaaagct taggccaggg caaggaagta cacaccttta atcccaggag gctgagacaa     74220
     gtagatcttt gagtacaagg ccagcctggg acagagtaag ttccaaattc agacgtggtg     74280
     gtaaacacct ttaatctggg ccatattttc agctggaggc ctacataagg acattggaag     74340
     aaggaagcct ccttcttctg gcgtctgttt atgcttatgt gccagcatat ctgttggaac     74400
     cgacttcttc aggattacgt tatacagaaa atcagttgaa acaactagcc tggtggcact     74460
     gatccactac tagattcttg gccttcccat tcacagctgc ccattgttgg gttagttgga     74520
     atgcaaactg caagtcatta caataaattc ctctaatata tagaggcact tcatatgttc     74580
     tgtgactcta gaggaccctg actaatacaa ggtctttaca attaatgtgc attaattaaa     74640
     cacacattcg agaagataaa ttatagattc cttacgacac agttgactta gctagaattt     74700
     atatttaaca gttgttctca aagtgatcat gaagccttga ggagtctacc tgagacattt     74760
     tcatgaaatt ctggaggtca acactagtgt gtgataatac tgttagcatg ttacttgacc     74820
     ttttaactta aaatttatac tgctagcaca aaagaaatgg aaagtaaaag aaggcaacgt     74880
     tccttgaaga aatagcagag ttaggaaact gccttagata ctgttctatt gctgtgaaga     74940
     aacaccatga ctaaagcaat tcttataaga gaaaacattt aacggagggc ttccttacag     75000
     tttcagaggc ttagactgtt aacatcatga tagggaacat ggcagtaggc atggcaggca     75060
     tagtgctgga gaagtagttg agagctaatc ttttttttaa aaactatctt atttataatc     75120
     actacatttg tttacatttc aaatgatagc ccacttcccg gttacccctc caccaacccc     75180
     catcccacat ctgccatccc ccctcccctt tgcctatatg agggtgctcc cccacccacc     75240
     caccttctca tgccccacca ctccagctgc agcatcaaat ctccacgtga ccaagggcct     75300
     cctctcccat tgctgtcagg caaggtcatc ctatgctaca tgtgtatctg gatccatgga     75360
     tccctcctgg tacactccat ggatggtgat ctagtcactg ggagcactgt atagtcttta     75420
     tgttgttctt cttatggggt gagagttaat cttgatccat aggcagagag agaaagagag     75480
     agacaaagac agagagacag ggatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     75540
     atagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagactg agcttcacat     75600
     gggcttttga aacctcagaa acaactccta tgatacactt cctctaacaa gaccatattt     75660
     cttaatccgt ctaaactttt tatacagtat taatttctgg ggattaagca ttcacatatg     75720
     aacctataag ggccatcctt gttcaaacca ccacagcaac agagcaagtt aaatccaaga     75780
     agagctggaa actacttata ccagaaaaaa aagtggatga tgggtgtacc taaaaaggtg     75840
     ataatttgtg ataggtagat gatagatata cagagattgc aattaaatga tagatcagtt     75900
     gataattaat agataaatga tagatcactc caagagggag aagggagaac ttttgctctt     75960
     ctgatcagtg gaggatttgg aagctaattg ctctgtgatg agagatgctg agaaaaccat     76020
     cactgcttca tagacactac agaagagatt ggatcaggca attcatcaat acacgctttt     76080
     agtagaagga ggcattggat gagaaatggg gttttacatg gtcatcccac caaacactta     76140
     actgtggtaa aagagaaaat aaaacataat aatatagtag agaacttgga cacctccaat     76200
     ggtgatcaca actaacatag ctattaataa acatatggta tcatgtgctt ccaaatgtgg     76260
     tccctacaaa gtcttctgac agaagtttcc agcctaggac acataatctg aatatatgca     76320
     gaaaacattg gagaagtaca aaatgaacag tgttcttttt tttttttcct aaactgaagg     76380
     aaggtagact ttacacttaa acgtgccagt atccttttaa aagcagaaag tttatgtcca     76440
     tattccagct taaaagagtc ttgagacata aaagaattaa atgatgtact tgaccagacc     76500
     ctgggtttga cccctaaaat ggcctcattg ggtaatctga agaaacaccc tgactaaagc     76560
     aacttgggga ggaaagggtt gatttgtctt actcttccac aggcctgttc atcactgaag     76620
     gaagtcagga caggaactaa aacagagcag aaacctggag gcaggacttg aggcaagaga     76680
     cacagtgttg ttacttattg gttcattcca catggatttg ctcagcctgc ttttttatag     76740
     aatccagaac ccttagctca gggatggcct gacccaaaat gggttgggcc ttaccccacc     76800
     aatcacgact taagacaatg ctttacatcc taatcacatg gaggcaattt ctcaactgag     76860
     attcctcctt tcagatactc tagcttgtgt caagtggaca taaaaccagc cagcataatg     76920
     ccctattctc tttctctact acacatctgt agtagagatt ttgaacatac caatcaaaac     76980
     aaaacatcat aacagagcaa gtccaggaga tatgtgcatt tagtcatttt ctgttgaaca     77040
     cactagttgg ccactgttgt ttgttaataa atgttgggtg tgggaacatc ctctgggaga     77100
     caggggagga gggatgggat aaagaattgt tggagggcag aacaggaagg ggataacgac     77160
     tggactgtaa aaaagattaa agataataat aaaaataaca aaacaacaaa aaccaaaata     77220
     aaatttttgc ataactgttc tgttctttat gttggatact tggtgttctt gtcctgaaag     77280
     ctttgtcttg tgtcttctta cttattttta ttagttttta ttaatttttt ggaaagtttt     77340
     gatcatttca ccctcttcac agacccatcc ctattccctt actcatccaa atttgaattc     77400
     tctctctcat gtgggatggt gagccatggt caagctcagg cttagaaccc tggaaaccca     77460
     acaggtgact gttacctgca aggcaccaca ggtatttggc cacgcccctt gggcccctgg     77520
     ctccggttgc agctagagtc tccaacagcc ccctgccaag aggtgtgtgg ccatctgtca     77580
     catagggcaa agccctaagc tcctggtatt ctgtctggac tccaccccca cagttacctg     77640
     gcaacagaca ggtaggcctt gctcactcta aaatgggctg tttgccctct cctcactttc     77700
     ttactctctt actcttacct ctcactccct tgatcctcct ctctctccat tcccttcccc     77760
     catctctcca cgtgaccatg gccagcctct acttctctgc tccctccctc tctggccttt     77820
     ctctgcctct actccatgac aataaacatc ttaaaaacat cgactgcctc ttctcataga     77880
     gatcctccat gctggagcag tagagcaggt cttcctctaa ggagccgcat gtctaatctc     77940
     cgacagaaaa cctctctgtg ttcccagcca cagtctctac aaccaagccg gtgaacatgg     78000
     atgggaacca gccgggcatg cccatgggac cccactctgt tctcagctct tctgctgcat     78060
     ccagcagtgt ctgcggtgtc caagagcctg agaatctgtt gtcctcgacc tccacgcagg     78120
     cccagggacc ccaattcaaa ctgtgggggc cccggactgc cccttcccat ctcaagagcg     78180
     ggggatcctg cagcttctca cagcccaaca ctgccctgca gctgtgtgga gtgcatgcag     78240
     tcaaactccc tgtgactgac aggacatggg acaccatttt aacactcttt ctctctctct     78300
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cacacacaca cacacacaca     78360
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caccaaaact aatgtgtact gttcaaatac tcttggatga     78420
     gtctccttcc gccagagcat ggtcaactta ccagggttac actcttagag aaaattcatc     78480
     tctccctatt ccagaactaa caattgtcaa caactatttg gctaggacta aaacttcccc     78540
     ccaaactcac ttttttcatg ctgctctgac ttgagctcgc acaggtcttg ggaatgatgt     78600
     cgcaacagct gttagttaat ccgctcagtt gccctgctgt atcccaaaag cactgtttcc     78660
     tgtagtcatc ccctacctct ggctcattca ctcttttatc actctcttac ataatggacc     78720
     ctaggccttg ggaggatagg taggctgaga tatatatttt ctacttaggg cagaacattt     78780
     tgcagtatct cattctatga accttggcca gtttggatct ctgtacaaat catcattaca     78840
     gcaagtagaa gtttcttaag tgaatgttga gctatgtatt gatctatggg tacaatgata     78900
     aaccattagg agtcagttta atatgaggcc cacttagcag aatagaagta gtaggttctc     78960
     cctagttcct agtacctgtc tagctataca tccttaggct gataattttg ctaagccttg     79020
     gtttcatctt gtggagtggg acttaaatcc aactaaaaag ggttgactag tttaataatg     79080
     tttgtgttac tgtttcacca gtgggtatgt ctcgccaggt cagctgttac catagctcac     79140
     aacgttcact gctgagtatg actactaagc accttccagc actatgaaca ctagccagga     79200
     ggaatgaaac ctccaactca gtaccagctt aatttctaca tgctacatca ctcaagtatg     79260
     ccattggcat tggtatttta ccatcaatta ctgaatggta accaatagca atgacaatag     79320
     cctataatat ttagtagtct atgggaccta actggtcaac agttccaaaa gatgtaacct     79380
     actgttggca cttgtctttt tatttgttac ccatggttcc cagtagaggc attgttgtct     79440
     cattataggg tagttgtaat gtacatattc atgctaaaac taaggaaaca gagattccaa     79500
     cacagtgttt ttcatgagga gctgagggca tttctttttt agctaattaa ggccttttta     79560
     ttccagttct gtttgttttt ttctatataa ataagtgaaa tgttttgaga gagaaaggca     79620
     atttaaaaat aattcctata cttttgtggt cataattatt attatatgat aaatgaaaaa     79680
     tcaaacggaa cttgtcagga tagactagag aatattaggc ttgatcagga aaagtagaat     79740
     tatagttcta ccttttggct cactacagtc tttgatcaag gactcatgaa ctcttcggtc     79800
     ccattcagct ataggatgta gagtttaaca aagcaaccct tcagcaacta ctgctttcaa     79860
     ctccatgcct cctggcagga atggatggtt cctctcccta gcaatgcaga cactggatcc     79920
     tagaacacgg aggcccaagc taggtgaacc aaggtctcaa acatatttgt caattttctc     79980
     tcttagagaa tggggatgaa cagatcaagg tattgtttca tagattaatg aggcaaggtg     80040
     tctataatgc atttcatgca gaactgcaat agaataaacg tttaatgaag gttagcaaca     80100
     gtgcagctac aactgcagct gagcacaatc tcaacatatc atattcattc caccactgca     80160
     tatatttttg cagacagttt gctatttctt ctgaaatttt taaaagtttt acctacaact     80220
     tggagaaagg ctaaatttat cactttacat agaatcagca aaaacagtaa taaagactat     80280
     ttctgtgagt aatggcacat gtttgtggaa gattcgtgat tcttgcaaag acaagagggt     80340
     tccgagtctt tgtttaaaaa aacacctaca cacactgcta aaaactcatg ccttttgccc     80400
     atttgtccat cctattactg agatgaagct cagagaaaca aaccctggga aaagttacag     80460
     cagctagcat atgttcagtg aatgtcactg ttctgaactt gaagtcctcc atccctgatg     80520
     tgtcggttat ggtatgaatt gtcttcactc aaaccccata tgccaatagt ccagcatgat     80580
     agtatatccc agtaaagtag ctcttgaaaa attatgacac ggtcatgagt tcaaggccag     80640
     tttggtctat ggtgagtgta ctggctggtt ttgtgtgtca acttgacaca gctggagtta     80700
     tcacagagga aggagcttca gttgaggaaa tgcctccatg agatccagct gtaaggcatt     80760
     ttctcaatta gtgatcaagg ggagagggcc ccttgtgggt ggtaccatct ctgagctggt     80820
     agtcttgggt tctataagag agcaggctga gcaagccagg agaagcaagc cagtaaggaa     80880
     catccctcca tggcctctac atcagctcct gcttcctgac ctgcttaagt tccagtcctg     80940
     acttccttgg tgatgaacag cagtagggaa atgtaagctg aataaactct ttcctcccca     81000
     acctgcttct tggtcatgat gtttgtgcag gaatagaaat cctgactaag acagtgagag     81060
     accctgtctc aaaagaagaa aaaaaacaaa acaagtaaac aaaaaataat agcaacaaca     81120
     ataaaaatag tccccaaaac aaaaaaccta catgctaaag ccttaatgtc ctgtgcttca     81180
     gaatataaca gtatttagaa catttttgaa gtgctaataa aattaaaatt aggttttatg     81240
     aatggtccct aattcaatat gactagcatt ttttaagatg aggaaatttg ggcactcatg     81300
     cacagaaggg caatcctata aaaatgcagg aagcaaccca agagagatgt ctcagcatga     81360
     aacatcctgc caataactca atcttagact ttctagactt atggaactat gacaaaaatc     81420
     catttttgtt ggttaagttg atcagatact ttatgtggga tcctaggcaa actcagatag     81480
     taggctataa ggcctaggaa tttatcttgt acacagtata tattcactaa atattggttg     81540
     aatgaacaca gggataatag atgttgacag ctggcacaaa gatcttgaca aaaacaagtt     81600
     tctggccaca tccagcacaa aactaggttt ggttaactgg aaatgtatgt ctagatgctc     81660
     tgcagatgcc cagcactctc cattcttgga agtgcaaaag gttctccaca ggaaagtcac     81720
     tggaacaaag gcaacaaata taccagcaac agggtatgtc taatatgcac tggagtcaga     81780
     accatggctc tttaggagtt aagacaaaac agaaataact gcttatctgt gtggcaaaat     81840
     gtgacaaatt tgtagccatg tcattgagtc ttggccaaag tggaaacact tcaacctact     81900
     taggaaaagt gtagtcatta gtgaacatga catgtagggg ttatcatggg agtagtcaat     81960
     tttgatgagt ccccaaacac tacagcacaa cttgagattt ccaaaacttc caattccttt     82020
     tcgttttccc atcttatgca atatgcaaac taaagctatc atagtgatgc aatctgctta     82080
     aagttctaat ttaggtagaa cccatattac tttagccatt tcagaggcaa gtagaagcaa     82140
     taatgactca aatagctata agtagagaat atagtggttc ctgtaactat aaggccacac     82200
     aatccagggt gtctttttct ggaaacccca caatgtgctg caagattccc agactttcca     82260
     atggagatcc acagttttat aatttccgta gtgttagctc ccttcatgat cacagtatga     82320
     tggcttcttt tttaagattg tgaagacaga attttttcta tgtgttctta aaatgtaatc     82380
     tagaacttcc taccaattca ccagagacct accttcattt ctcagttgcc ccaatttagg     82440
     ggtcatatgc ccactcatga gacaagcaaa gccttagcaa aggaaacaat ggttttcttg     82500
     agataatgtg gtgtactctt ggatcataaa gtactattct cttaaggaag aaagagacag     82560
     aatatatgca tcctaggtaa tcagaaatat gcgctctaat gtcccaaacg gaaaaggaat     82620
     caggtttttc cagggtacca agctgaatcg aatctgtatc gtatcataac tttaaaatct     82680
     acaaaataag agcaaatgac tggctgtctt gttaaacatc tttcttgcaa aaggacaaac     82740
     tttaagtttc ttttaaatat aaaccctcac cggaactaaa agaggctgta ataaaaaaaa     82800
     aaatcaggtc tttccacaac ttttaagaat tggccattaa tgtcaattga gatctccctt     82860
     tatgaaaatc atgtctttct tatcccatct tttagtatat taaatataat tgagactact     82920
     ccaggaacac taaagccact actttattac aaacagtatt ttactgctca ttaaagtaga     82980
     tacattgcag ttaatgaaag ctcagtaagt caccaagcat tctcaggagg aaaccatcat     83040
     gattgccaac tcctgctctc agctacacat catccccaga ggccatttgg gacaatgctg     83100
     ggatgctgca gtttgtatct attgaaacct tggcactgaa gactgctttc tttgaggaga     83160
     gccctacagg caattgatac taatcccttg gctcagaaaa tcattgtggt ttttcgggtt     83220
     tggtaacaaa agaccaatac aatcaaatta tacaagaaat tagaaccata cttgggtttt     83280
     atcaagtttt gagactcagc cctgaagggc tcactgtgta ggtagcatat atatcccata     83340
     ccaatacatc acaaatatat caggattcac taggaagtgt tggcttctac aagaaggaga     83400
     aagggcaaat ctctctgctt tagttacttt tgcattgcta taacacaaca taataactta     83460
     aaagaagaaa aatgtacttg ggttcacggt ttcagatcat ccattatggt tagtgggatg     83520
     tggaagagca cagatgttca tcttatggtg aaagagacgc agacagcaat aggaaatagc     83580
     caagcattcg cgtgatctaa gaatcttctc ccagtgacct acttcctcca gctagaaatg     83640
     accagtttcc agaatttgcc agtatggttc cagccaaatg ctgagcattc aaaccaaaag     83700
     tctattggaa gcattttaga gtcaaaatat aacgtttccc caaatgataa agtgtgctgt     83760
     gaacaatacc aaatccaacc agaaacttaa atccctactc aactttcaaa acagaggggc     83820
     ctcatctgca ctgtgatttt ggtgagatct tcacattggt caagcaagtt tggaagcttc     83880
     attgtttcaa catctccctt ttcttcatgc ccaaatccaa gttaaagcct gtcttctcca     83940
     tctcctctcc agctctcctc tgtgcttctg tgtctccatt ctacttgctg ctatccaaat     84000
     tcatactggg ttagtctctt ttagaatatt ggcatgttcc tgttactttc tgattcatcg     84060
     cctgcctttc tggtgtccaa caagtcaact gatgctgggc ttccgaacac gcagctccaa     84120
     ttccagtatt tactgatgag aaacatcaat agtccttttt ctttataaaa ataagcctcc     84180
     atctctatca tatatttgat tatctgatat cctcggtttc cacttctaac ttccccgttt     84240
     ttttacttgc cacataaggc ttctcagacc tttccaagat atccctcttt ttctttctag     84300
     attgtaccca agaattatta tgtcacatct gcaatccccc aaataccatt tccatttgtc     84360
     ttgtatattc tcataggtca tattcaccaa ttgtaagctc aacatcttat gaaaattcaa     84420
     aaatatctgc tattgcattg acatctctat atctcaaatg tattcctaat gaatccacag     84480
     cattgatctg ttaattggac agtatttatt ctataaatac tataactatt tataatataa     84540
     ctgctttagt acataggggt ataatgccag atttataaaa caaggccaac atcctgctgt     84600
     tttattttag agtttatttt tttcaacaag aaaaataaca ggattaagtt gggcatcgtg     84660
     gtgaatgcca gtaatgtcag cattcaagag acagatggga ggtttgggag tagaaagctc     84720
     aacagcaagt ttcaggccaa gatgagctat gtagcaagac tgtccaaaga agaggaaaag     84780
     cagagggagg gatggggagg attaagaaga aaaatctttg gtacattagg ctatggtggt     84840
     tgctaagaca gcagtgttac catgaggcat tcgacctttc acataggcag agaattcagt     84900
     tcaaaagtta cttgagagaa attcttactg gagaggggga cctaactctg cagaaatctc     84960
     atagaaagaa taccaaaagc aaggggaaca gaacacgcaa aatccttgca gtaaaagctt     85020
     gtctggaaaa ttcaaagagc aagaggagaa cggattgaaa gacagaagtt gagaaataga     85080
     atattctgag gccaaaattg tatttgaagt taatatatac aggagaaccc ctcaagggga     85140
     atacaatgct gtctacataa ttattgaact tttaaatcca ttttctacat ttttactact     85200
     tctttgcaca caggtctact taaaaatgaa tttgtattgt tttgtttatt tagaactaat     85260
     tttagtttat acttgtctgt gaatgacaat ttcttcatgg taaagcattt tatattggca     85320
     tgatttgctt ttttaaagcc agtgtcactt ccattgtctt cttccatatt tcgggataag     85380
     aaatcagttg attttctaat aaaaaagcaa aagcttagaa tttaatcttt attacactgg     85440
     tcatttttat tttcttttac tgggttttac aacaagcata ttttaagtac tttttttgtt     85500
     aagcttggga ttcatgtaga ttgatatttg tgttttgata ttattgattg gttttaggaa     85560
     cttctcaaac attttcactt catataaggt tctatatatt tcccctctac tttcgtatta     85620
     gagtgtaatt atattcatga ctggtgcctc tgttgtctcc caatatttgg ttttattttt     85680
     ttgtttgttt gtttgttggt tgttttgctt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg     85740
     gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggccccga tctcagaaat ctgcctgcct     85800
     ctgcctccag agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt gagccaccac tgcccggctt ggttttattt     85860
     ttattatgtt tttattctct tttgcctttt atttcccatt atcaaactgt gtttttctgc     85920
     tgacttagat ttttctaagc ttactaatga tgtcctcatt tgtggtcagt ctattacaga     85980
     ttccatttga ttatctagaa aggattatta cattatgaaa gtttctatat ttctgtctac     86040
     tttattctta tttttaaaat ctttctcttt gtttggtttt tgatataatt aatgaaattg     86100
     agcattatat gtgcctaact attagcatgt gagatggtaa tttatcccag aggtgattca     86160
     cttaattata caatgactag ataaagaaga catatctttc ttcagttgtg gcttaacaat     86220
     accattcttt aaaatagtta attttttgta attgtcaggt aatgacactt tctgtcagaa     86280
     ttgcaggtag gacctagtag ggattcattg ttgctatgca atgctatcta gagtcattgt     86340
     tggactgact caagggaaga tggtgggaac attttaaatt ctcaatgtct ggagcctttg     86400
     ttcttttcca gttgataact gattgggagt tcataccttt gcatatgtac ttgtaacctg     86460
     gattgcaatg tgggagcagg tgtaagcagg ggtgtactct ctatgtgtta tggtcataag     86520
     gcaataggat tttcgtttgt ttgtttgtag agtatttcaa atagtccagg tagagacttc     86580
     aaagtttatt tttatattct cagaaattcc ccaaagaaag tctattttca ggggaaattt     86640
     atggcttgct tatatccaaa aagcaaacca acaaacaatg atttacatac taactatcaa     86700
     agtaggggga aaaagactct acagtaataa taaaaaataa tattccttcc tctcttcaga     86760
     gtacagtaat ttttgttaca agttactaaa tatatcaatg gacgaaccac cacccatctg     86820
     gcagtataga agaaattaaa tgtcaacaac aaaagaggca aatgagcctc agcttcctga     86880
     aacacctgta aatgttcctt cctaagttgg gtttgccagg atttatgtca aatggagcat     86940
     cagaactctc ctgcattagc ataaaacatt agtgtctctg tgaaaaagta tttactctta     87000
     tagacagact caattcttgt gcatgttata tatatatata taaatacata catacataca     87060
     tacatatggg tgtgtgtggg tataaatatg tttttgtgta aacgtataat agtaatttga     87120
     tagatgataa aagacgttat agtcattctt attgattctt gtaactaaca tgctttttgt     87180
     tgaagggaac aagcccttag ttaggtagca aatgtttgac cttgctgata tgctcttccc     87240
     aagtaacttt taaatgggta atgataaata attgatgacg agtgaaatta ttaatctcta     87300
     ctacaatgaa agcatctctc caaaaaaacc aaccaaataa aaatctccac agcaaatttt     87360
     taaacatgag cacgggaagg gtaactgatc ctcgggacat atgaaggggc attttatttt     87420
     acccttctcc cttagactgc tcacagaaca gtgcatacca gagcaaatgt gctttaacat     87480
     attttactaa cactggagga taactaataa aaacagagaa gcctaggtta gcttttctga     87540
     ttgacaagac acagtgtgtc tgtctaggct caaaaggtca atttcattat taacatgtgt     87600
     ccctcagata cacaagtact ttctgtgtca tagaggacat atttaaccat ctctatctga     87660
     tggaacagcc tgaggcttta caatttcaca gattttgtca ggtaacaaac atttattcag     87720
     tgctaggtat aaaatagaca tacatggtct aatctttgaa atataaaaat gactaacttt     87780
     tttttaccct cacacttctc atcctgtgcc agaaagatac ctaaatcaaa cactctagca     87840
     taatgttaaa tttgctgaga gcagcttcca cagatatatg gtagaacagg taaaggcaag     87900
     ctgtttcccg gaaaaagagc tgggtagcaa cgaacaaaaa ttctcaacaa agtatgctgg     87960
     gttcacttta aaagagtaac tgtggcgaaa taacacgagc tcaaacaata gaaatcatag     88020
     aagcagctgg gcaatggtgg ctccagcctt gaagctctcc aggaagcagg ggcaggtgga     88080
     tttttgtgag tttgagggca gcctagtcta caaagcaagt tcaaggagag tcaagactac     88140
     acagagaaac cctgtcttga aaaactcaaa ccaaaacaac caaacaaaca aattaaaaac     88200
     aaaaaaataa ataaacaaag acagacaggc agacagacag acagacagac agacagatag     88260
     aaaatagaac caaagcaaaa ggaaaatatc aatacccaat ctccaaaccc ataaaacaaa     88320
     tgcaggtaag aagaaaaagt aaaatgatga tgaagatgaa gaagatgatg atgtggtggt     88380
     gatgatgatg gtggtggtgg tggtggccat ggtaataatg ataataaaag ggaaacttga     88440
     aagcatatcc agaggtatta ggggtctggt catgagtgat gtaacagata tgtataaagt     88500
     tggaactcaa tcttctaggc aaactattga gtgtttctaa atagcatagt gatgtagtca     88560
     ggcttcctat ttagaaaaag aaatgttcca tatcattttg ttctatatgt atttgctaag     88620
     gtatgtgtgt ttacatctgt atattgaaac tgagtcccca gtagcatagt gttaaggagg     88680
     tatggcctta aaaattattt agggcaaaga gctctactct gaagaatggg tgtagtgctc     88740
     ttgaaaacag acttgaggat agatatttaa gccgggcgtg gtggcgcaca cctttaatcc     88800
     cagcactcgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa     88860
     gtgagtgcca ggacagccaa ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa     88920
     aaaaaaaaaa agagagagaa tagatattta caatgtagta aggaaatatg ctggtttagt     88980
     aaagtagtaa tatgtttcat aaagggccat aggttctcca cacattagcc ctggctggct     89040
     ttctagtacc aggggtgaat ttcttcctgt tgaatgaaca ttaagtccaa ttagatagcc     89100
     gttggttagc aacccagtac acacgccact atggcaccct tagggttctc ctacaatgtt     89160
     ggacattgct gtgactcaca tagcatagat gaagagttct gtttgttgct tcctttcctt     89220
     attctcttgt caacagatag agagcattat agaaaaaagc tactatcaaa atgcagagaa     89280
     caagaactaa tatgataacc agtcccaact gatgcatcca catacaattc ctacacccag     89340
     ggctcagaaa cgattttgga agaagaggtg aaatgattgt aagagcgaga ggaacaagaa     89400
     gttagctgtg aggtcgtctc gtagagatat gaagaaggct atatcaatga tgtctcctca     89460
     acatggctgc ctaaacaagg tctgaacaat tatgaaacca atggacatgc taatatggaa     89520
     gggaaaaatc tctcagggcc tcaaccctgg atgaaaaatt gcaggcaact taaaaagttt     89580
     gacagtcaaa gagaaatagt cttctcctag gaaaaacctg caaattgcaa attggttatc     89640
     ctaaaatcag ccctaagatt acatacttac aggttatgtt atacagtgat gttgtgtgga     89700
     gatatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggtgcat     89760
     atgtgtgtgg tctgatatct gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtataa aacaacaatt aaagaaaata     89820
     ggctataatt agagaaggag taagtggttc tatggaaaag gtccaaagga ggaatgggga     89880
     aggggaaatt atataattat aatgacaaaa aataaaatta aggccaggca tggtggctca     89940
     cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc     90000
     ctggtctaca aagtgagttc cagggcagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa     90060
     aaccaaaaaa ctaaaaataa aaaataataa taataaaata aaaactaaaa ataaaaaatt     90120
     aaattaaatt taaaaaatac aggcttgagt gttgggagcc gcccccacat tcgccgttac     90180
     aagatggcgc tgacagctgt gttctaagtg gtaaacaaat aatctgcgca tgtgccaagg     90240
     gtatcttatg actacttgtg ctctgccttc cccgtgacgt caactcggcc gatgggctgc     90300
     agccaatcag ggagtgacac gtccggggcg aaggagaatg ctccttaaga gggacggggt     90360
     ttcgtttttt ctctctcttg cttctccctc tcttgcttct tgctctcttg cttcttgctc     90420
     tcttgcttct tacacgcttg ctcctgaaga tgtaagaaat aaagctttgc cgcagaagat     90480
     tctggtctgt ggtgttcttc ctggccggtc gtgagaacgc gtctaataac aattggtgcc     90540
     gaattccggg acgagaaaaa actcgggact ggcgcaagga ggatccctca ttccagaacc     90600
     agaactgcgg gtcgcggtaa taaaggttcc cgtaaagcag actgttaaga aggattcaac     90660
     tgcatgaatt cagaactttt cagctgggga acggcggtaa cccgtaagta tagctttacg     90720
     aggtaagcct ggccttgaac tttctaagga aattcaagac agtctatcag aagtaaagtg     90780
     gaaaatagct ttataaggta tgtttggcct tgaactttct ctagtgttag aagccctttt     90840
     gttccttttc acatgttatc aagtggttaa ggcagggcgg attctggatg aagttcagga     90900
     caatctatca gaagtaaagc ggggagagag agtaggagca aagagaaaat atggttcaca     90960
     aaataagtat acaggccttt ccaagggtct tgaacctgag gaaaagttta ggtcaggtaa     91020
     gaatacctgg ggagagatta gaaggaagga gaaggaaaaa gaaaagaaaa aagatcaatc     91080
     agcggaggct tctaagagaa ggagcctata ctcatcacta gatgagctca aggagccagt     91140
     ttttagtagt tctggatcaa atgaaaaggc tattagggcc tggaaggcgc tctcccgagc     91200
     aggtgaagcc actggacaat aatgacagag gcaggctctt gcagcctaca aggtcttatt     91260
     gtctaccctg gagttgtaga tcagaattgt aaaggggaac ttcaggttct ctgttcttgt     91320
     cctcaagttg tcttttctat atcacaaagg gacagaatag ctcaactaat aataattttg     91380
     ccaagcctac atggctgttt tttcttcttc tggtattcct tgagctgcca gagggattgg     91440
     ttctactgaa agtgattctg attacttaat aatgccttta gattgttgtc aaattttatc     91500
     tactcacgta ggggtaaacc ctcgtggcgt caggccatta caggtctgac agatggatgt     91560
     cacgcatatt tcctcctttg agagaaatca atatttacat gtttagataa gaagagatca     91620
     cctccatacc ttaaatgatt ttcaaaagct gttgggagat attaattggc ttagaccttt     91680
     tttaaagatt ccttccgctg agttaaggcc tttgtttagt attttagaag gagatcctca     91740
     tatctcctcc cctaggactc ttactctagc tgctaaccag gccttacaaa aagtggaaaa     91800
     ggccttacag aatgcacaat tacaacgtat tgaggattcg cagcctttca gtttgtgtgt     91860
     ctttaagaca gcacaattgc caactgcagt tttgtggcag aatgggccat tgttgtggat     91920
     ccatccaaac gtatccccag ctaaaataat agattggtat cctgatgcaa ttgcacagct     91980
     tgcccttaaa ggtctaaaag cagcaatcac ccactttggg caaagtccat atcttttaat     92040
     tgtaccttat accactgcac aggttcaaac cttggcagcc acatctaatg attgggcagt     92100
     tttagttacc tccttttcag gaaaaataga taaccattat ccaaaacatc caatcttaca     92160
     gtttgcccaa aatcaatctg ttgtgtttcc acaaataaca gtaagaaacc cacttaaaaa     92220
     tgggattgtg gtatatactg atggatcaaa aactggcata ggtgcctatg tggctaatgg     92280
     taaagtggta tccaaacaat ataatgaaaa ttcacctcaa gtggtagaat gtttagtggt     92340
     cttagaagtt ttaaaaacct ttttagaacc ccttaatatt gtgtcagatt cctgttatgt     92400
     ggtaaatgca gtaaatcttt tagaagtggc tggagtgatt aagccttcca gtagagttgc     92460
     caatattttt cagcagatac aattagtctt gttatctaga agatctcctg tttatattac     92520
     tcatgttaga gcccattcag gcctacctgg ccccatggct ctgggaaatg atttggcaga     92580
     taaggccact aaagtggtgg ctgctgccct atcatccccg gtagaggctg caagaaattt     92640
     tcataacaat tttcatgtga cggctgaaac attacgcagt cgtttctcct tgacaagaaa     92700
     agaagcccgt gacattgtta ctcaatgtca aagctgctgt gagttcttgc cagttcctca     92760
     tgtgggaatt aacccacgcg gtattcgacc tctacaggtc tggcaaatgg atgttacaca     92820
     tgtttcttcc tttggaaaac ttcaatatct ccatgtgtcc attgacacat gttctggcat     92880
     catgtttgct tctccgttaa ccggagaaaa agcctcacat gtgattcaac attgtcttga     92940
     ggcatggagt gcttggggga aacccagact ccttaagact gataatggac cagcttatac     93000
     gtctcaaaaa ttccaacagt tctgccgtca gatggacgta acccacctga ctggacttcc     93060
     atacaaccct caaggacagg gtattgttga gcgtgcgcat cgcaccctca aagcctatct     93120
     tataaaacag aagaggggaa ttgaagagat tttaccccga gcaccaagag tgtcggtgtc     93180
     tttggcactc tttacactca attttttaaa tattgatgtt catggccata ctgcggctga     93240
     acgtcattgt tcagagccag ataggcccaa tgagatggtt aaatggaaaa atgtccttga     93300
     taataaatgg tatggcccgg atcctatctt gataagatcc aggggagcta tctgtgtttt     93360
     cccacagaat gaagacaacc cattttgggt accagaaaga ctcacccgaa aaatccagac     93420
     tgaccaaggg aatactaatg tccctcgtct tggtgatgtc cagggcgtca ataataaaga     93480
     gagagcagcg ttgggggata atgtcgacat ttccactccc aatgacggtg atgtataatg     93540
     ctcaagtatc ctcctgcttt tttaccacta actgggaact gggtttggcc ttaattcaga     93600
     cagccttggc tctgtctgga caggtccaga tgactgacac cattaacact ttgtcagcct     93660
     cagtgactac agtcatagat gaacaggcct cagctaatgt caagatacag agaggtctca     93720
     tgctggttaa tcaactcata gatcttgtcc agatacaact agatgtatta tgacaaataa     93780
     ctcagcaggg atgtgaacaa aagtttccgg gattgtgtgt tatttccatt cagtatgtta     93840
     aatttactag gacagctaat ttgtcaaaaa gtctttttca gtatatgtta cagaattgga     93900
     tggctgaatt tgaacagatc cttcgggaat tgagacttca ggtcaactcc acgcgcttgg     93960
     acctgtccct gaccaaagga ttacccaatt ggatctcctc agcattttct ttctttaaaa     94020
     aatgggtggg attaatatta tttggagata cactttgctg tggattagtg ttgcttcttt     94080
     gattggtctg taagcttaag gcctaaacta ggagagacaa ggtggttatt gcccaggcgc     94140
     ttgcaggact agaacatgga gctccccctg atatatgata tatctatgct taggcaatag     94200
     gtcgctggcc actcagctct tatatcccat gaggctagac tcattgcacg ggatagagtg     94260
     agtgtgcttc agcagcccga gagagttgca aggctaagca ctgcaatgga aaggctctgc     94320
     ggcatatatg agcctattct agggagacat gtcatctttc atgaaggttc agtgtcctag     94380
     ttcccttccc ccaggcaaaa cgacacggga gcaggtcagg gttgctctgg gtaaaagcct     94440
     gtaagcctaa gagctaatcc tgtacatggc tcctttacct acacactggg gatttgacct     94500
     ctatctccac tctcattaat atgggtggcc tatttgctct tattaaaaga aaaaggggga     94560
     gatgttggga gccgccccca cattcgccgt tacaagatgg cgctgacagc tgtgttctaa     94620
     gtggtaaaca aataatctgc gcatgtgcca agggtatctt atgactactt gtgctctgcc     94680
     ttccccgtga cgtcaactcg gccgatgggc tgcagccaat cagggagtga cacgtccggg     94740
     gcgaaggaga atgctcctta agagggacgg ggtttcgttt tttctctctc ttgcttctcc     94800
     ctctcttgct tcttgctctc ttgcttcttg ctctcttgct tcttacacgc ttgctcctga     94860
     agatgtaaga aataaagctt tgccgcagaa gattctggtc tgtggtgttc ttcctggccg     94920
     gtcgtgagaa cgcgtctaat aacacttgag ggaccatatt tgccaatcct atcatgcgag     94980
     gtcacatgga aagcataatc caggaggcac aggtcccctc tactcataga atcacatggc     95040
     atcttttgct tgtacttctt aagttttaga cctgtgaact acacatttgt atttatctat     95100
     aagttaccaa gtctacaaca tttgattaag aatcctaaat ggcctggatt ggcattcttt     95160
     ttaaaaaagt aatccaatca aattttgaaa ggaacccatg attccacatt ctaaatatga     95220
     ctgaaaaaag tctggccata tttaaaaata tgcagatgat agactatatt tcatattttt     95280
     catcatactc tccatgtggg cttagaaatc tgtatgaatt atgaaggagg catgtcttgg     95340
     atttttgtac tgtttttgtt tctgctctgg gacctgtgca tttggggtta cctcgctgag     95400
     tagaaggatg ggcaggactg agggtttaga ctacttacct gagggcagta ggagcgtgcg     95460
     acacagagga ggtgacctga aggtctgggg aatgattgcc tgccagtgat aggtgttaga     95520
     ggaactggaa atgttggagc tcgggctctg acctattgcc tgaccatgcc tgagctggca     95580
     agacagagga agtttgggcc aagagctcag agttcatgaa atggggataa acttggggaa     95640
     gagggatagt aaaatctagg tgaaataaaa ataaagagat ggaataatag aggttgtctt     95700
     agctagggtt tttatttgct gcaatgaaac accataatca aaaagcaagt tggggaggta     95760
     agggtttatt cagcagctta tgattccaga tcatagttca tcactggagg aagtcaggaa     95820
     gtcaagcagt gcaggaacct agaggtcaga gctgctacag ggcccatgga tgatgttgcc     95880
     tactggcttg ctttctctgg cttgctcaac ctgccttcta tagaatccag cccagggatg     95940
     gcaccaccca caatgggttg ggccctcccc catcaagtga gacaatgcct tatggctgga     96000
     tctcttggag gcattttctc tatggagtct ccttcctctc tgatgattcc agatagtaga     96060
     gtgacaagga taggaaaaac caagggaaag aaggcttagc taaaaccaag ggtgcatgaa     96120
     gaaactacat gtgaacctat gatcttacaa cccaataaaa cataaagtta gaaagcatag     96180
     cagaacgtgt gtaatacaga cgaattgtga gtaggggtag gacactctga gctaatcgct     96240
     taagtggcag ggcttgggat agaagacact aagggctagg ttaaccaaag ctaaggacat     96300
     ataaaaagaa ttatgaaaca ccactagatt ttaagctaaa ctgtaattta tttttaaagg     96360
     agtttgagca gaggtatcct gactggatga atattaccat ttctagaaga ggttatggat     96420
     tattaaatga gttacctccc tatgagttat tgatcagcca acctccagag gcaccgcaaa     96480
     caatgctaat tgattattac cattgccttg ctttcttatg ttatctatct agtaagatgc     96540
     tagagtttta gagaccacaa actttgcctg ccaggtggtc ttagttaggg ttttactgct     96600
     gtgaacagac accatgacca aggcaagtct tataaaaaac aacatttaat tggggctggc     96660
     ttacaggttc agaggttcag tccattatca tcaaggtaat atccaggcag tatccaggca     96720
     ggcatggcac aggaggagct gagagttcta tgtcttcatt caaaggctgc tagtggaaga     96780
     ctgacttcca ggcaactagg gtgaggatct tatacccaca cccacagtga cacacccatt     96840
     ccaaccaggt tacacctatt ccaacaaggc cacaccttca gatggtgcca ctccctggtc     96900
     caaggatata caaaccatca cacaggtgca gagaaatcaa tcttgaactg accgggaagc     96960
     tctcgacttg ttggctccct ttcatagtgc aaggaggtgc taccaaaact actcagggag     97020
     aaacgacttc aataacccca cccagcaatg ggccgtgcat attacaacgt agatgtgcta     97080
     ggcaagatgt gttggaatgg tgcaatggtg gcaagattgt ttatgggtgt aaccaactgc     97140
     tctttttgca tttctgacct tctccacggg agagatttta tgctagcaac tgtaaatatg     97200
     ataaaaaaaa ataactatgg ctagacaaat cataggccct aaaagagaac ttgtgttttg     97260
     tggtggtggt ggtggtggat ctatagttat agatcaaaca tctatatcag cccctctcac     97320
     ccaaaggctc agggaacgtc ttgaaagagg aggtgggaaa aatgtaagag ttggaggaca     97380
     gctggtcctg gtctctatag ctatttcaca taagaactca tagcagctct gattacttgc     97440
     caatcctaaa tctgataggg gactatatcc aatatataca aagagctcaa gaagctgaac     97500
     tccagatatt caaataaccc cattaaaaat ggggtacaga gataaacaaa gaattctcaa     97560
     ctgaggaata ccaaagggct aagaagcact tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc ttaatcatta     97620
     gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga atggctagga     97680
     tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gaggatgtgg agaaagagga acactcctcc     97740
     attgctggtg ggattgcaag catgtacagc cactctggaa atcagtctgg cggttcctca     97800
     gaaaactgga catagtacta ccggaagatc caccaatacc tctcctgggc atatacccag     97860
     aagatgtccc aactgttaat aaggacacat tcttaggcaa gtagatatat ctggaggata     97920
     tcatcctgac tgaggtaacc caatcacaaa agaagtcact tgatatgcac tcactgataa     97980
     gtggatatta gcccagaaac ctagaatacc caagatacaa tttgcaaaac acaagaaaat     98040
     caagaagaag gaagaccaac acatggatac ttcattcctc cctagaatag ggaacaaaat     98100
     acccatagaa ggagttacag agacaaagtt tggagctaag atgaaaggat ggaccatcca     98160
     gagactgccc cacccggagg tccatcccat aatcagccac caaacgcaga cactattgca     98220
     tatgccagca agattttgct gacaggatcc tgatatagct ctcttgtgag gctatgccag     98280
     tgcctagcaa acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagctat tggatggatc acagggcccc     98340
     caatggagga tctagagaaa gcacccaagg agctgaaggg gtctgcaacc ctataggtgg     98400
     agcaacaata tgaactaatc agtatcccca gagctcatat ctctagttgc atatgtagca     98460
     gaagatggcc aaatcagcca ttattgggat gagaggcccc ttggtcttgc aaactttata     98520
     tgccccagta caggggaacg ccagagccaa gaagtaggag taagtaggta ggtgagcagg     98580
     gtggagggag ggtatagggg acttttggga tagcatttga aatgtaaatg aagaaaatat     98640
     ctaataaaaa aaaatcctgg ctcgtagtga ataaggatgc ccctccccta actaggaagc     98700
     tattggcagt taatggctgc tgagtgaaga aagggcactt ctactgaggt ggggatggcc     98760
     attggtaggt ttctgatgct tcagtggatg ccctcaccca gtggacacat aagcagcact     98820
     acttggtctt agtggtttac aaaagggagg aaaagccagg cagtggtggc gcatgccttt     98880
     aatcccagca cttgggaagc agaggcaggc agatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct     98940
     acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaacccaaa     99000
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa acaaaaaaac aaaagggagg gaacatgaat     99060
     ttgggagtga agtaagtagg gaaagcctgg agggcgttgg aagtagggag tgggagatgg     99120
     agatgcccaa gatacattgt gtgtatattt atgtaatatt caaagagtaa atttaataaa     99180
     taaacatttt aaaaacctaa tgtattttaa gttccgttat tgctatttct gggcactcat     99240
     gtttaagagg ccaaaattaa gagagatgaa ctatgactct tccctacctg ggattaatat     99300
     atatgtttgc attttctttc tcttttggct aattgatatt ataaattctc tcattcttca     99360
     ggttaagcta taattccctg taagaatgtg gtcttaccat tgaagcatac atatgacagg     99420
     ataatcatac ctagataaga taacccttag gcccatgcaa taaccatggg ccaacttgca     99480
     aaatgcagtg aggtgatgct ccaaggtgat tggtgaccac actgattcaa agcagtactt     99540
     agccatgagg tggtcatttg agagcagata gaaacattcc tgcagagatg actaaggaat     99600
     ccgtctaaat agcatgagaa cagttgtttc tataattaac gattcagtaa tatgctgcaa     99660
     attcattgcc tttaaggagt ttcatacttt atttttacag atgctataag ttgatgggtg     99720
     aggggaaggg agggtcctca aaataaagca tttagacaat gtaatgcaaa aaatagctgg     99780
     agaaatttgt tcctgccaat atctagaagc tataataagg agtcgggtgt gaaaaggaag     99840
     aaacaggcag agcgctgaga tatgccgagc tttaagagat tctttcttcg gaagatttga     99900
     gagcagattg gccaaataga tgatattaaa tcgcaatgtt ctcttcctca cctaagaaaa     99960
     tggagaacat catagccatc accaggaaaa actaggtcag atcgtataca tgataaccag    100020
     agagaggtct agggtttgag gtcataggaa aataagaaaa attagttagt tgcaacatag    100080
     agatgattca ccacattgtc aaaattcaga tgggtatggc catgcaccta taatcccagc    100140
     actggcaaga gaaccagaag ttcaagttca tcttcaggga tatggcaagt tcaaggctaa    100200
     ccatagctat gtaagaccct gtgtcaaaac atatgtatat acaatttcaa ccacttccat    100260
     aaccctcccc tccttctcca tctccagaaa cgttttaaaa ctatttcaga tttattcatt    100320
     ttattttatg tgtaagagct ctttgccttc atgtatgtat gtgaatcatg tgtgtgcctg    100380
     gcaccctcag aggctagaga tggggactgg ctttcctgga actggagtta cagatggttg    100440
     tcattcaccc cgtgggttct gggaaagcaa cctggatcct ttgcaagagc accatgtacc    100500
     cttaactact aatctatctc tccagcctca aaaaagtttt aagtaccatg ggcagtaaga    100560
     ctactgtttc tgagaactgg ttcagtggca tggatcatat ttttgataac ttcaacacaa    100620
     tcgatacttt tagtacaggg gatttagatt tacatgtggc tgcatttttc cacggagaat    100680
     cctcaaacca atgaactcaa tcttatttaa gaatcaaaaa taattgataa tatctcattt    100740
     acattgagca ttctcacaag actgaatagt taaaaaccaa tgaaacttga ctggatttga    100800
     catgatacat ttagtaaaaa tgtcatataa actggaggat gaaattttct tatgaaatca    100860
     aaatctaata tttagaggga ctatataaga gtcatggcta ccttatgtaa ctctccttta    100920
     cttttctatg ccttgtatgg tttagggaag catttcttac cttgttatca gtagaatcct    100980
     agtagcaaat ggaaaccttc atggagttca ttaaaaactt ccatcccatc tcaaacattg    101040
     tgtccatgtg gttttgaata tctatgccca ggagccagag gaatgattga agctaaaagg    101100
     agtctgaggc taccccaaaa ttataaataa gttattttag tgtcctataa gtaacatgaa    101160
     gttggaattc caaaattcta aataccccag tagagtttag ctactgtctt tctatgtgtt    101220
     gctgttctag cttcccattg gcttatattt gagaacttta ttactcaggg caaaagtggt    101280
     cacatcttat attaactact ttaaaaacta tatttgtttt cttgctagtg aatttggata    101340
     ttctgagaat attttaactt aaagtacagg gctgaggaga tagctcattc cataaagggc    101400
     ttgccataca agcatgagaa cttgagtttg atcctcttat gtacatgagt atgtacataa    101460
     aacagcgggc atggtagcaa cacatgtaag atcccagcac tagagagatg gatacagggg    101520
     gatccccaga gttcccagcc agaaagaaat gctgtttcaa aaccaatggt agacagcacc    101580
     tgagcctgac acccaaggct gacctctgat tttcgcacac acaaatttac acacacacat    101640
     acacactcaa aatttaaatc aaagtaaaat gatatataat taaatgctta cttctaagtg    101700
     gaaaattcct ccagttactg acctgtataa atacttccta gtcaagatgt agaaggtttc    101760
     taacacctca ggcaatatct ttcatttcca tcccaatcta gatatgacta ctattcttat    101820
     ttttattgtg tagttttatt tttttctatt acaaaacctc atgaaaatat tttccaaatg    101880
     ctgtctttgg atggggagaa aatttccatg aaaactaaaa gtttttcttt ccatttttgt    101940
     gctggaaagt ttttatgtca acctgacaca gactgaagtc atctgagagg agggaacctc    102000
     agttgagaaa atgccttcag aagattggac atttggtcat tatatttcat catggcaaca    102060
     ataactctaa ctaagacaga aattagtacc cgaatcatgg ggtattgctt tggcagacct    102120
     gatgatgttg ttttgaaagg tctttgaaac tttgactaga aaagtcattg agtattcaaa    102180
     gcatggtgga cttcatgtgg gatcttggaa gatatgatta ttgagatcaa cgtaggtgat    102240
     taagaagaga ccagtatcac tgaggagaaa tcttctggga agtgttttct aagagtcagc    102300
     accacatgca tgctgtgttc agaggtggcc aatgttatat cttgtgctgg cagtcaaacc    102360
     cagttatgtg taagtgtctc actgatggta ctgaatatga aggcaaaggg gtcttagaaa    102420
     gcagcccagg cttggccctg tgagaggctc aaaagaccat tgataaaggt tcagtttgag    102480
     tagcctcagg attggagaga tcctggggaa aagttggggc ttttcaccat gaaaagattc    102540
     taggagagat tataggtgaa agtgcacccc aattgcagca gaagacccca acattttgga    102600
     gacaccagta ccatgggaag actactaaga tcagaggcag catgggagtg gagcctgcct    102660
     gagcctagaa gacaagctgt gtgtattagt aagggtggag ccagagaagt gaattaggcc    102720
     cttttcagag cccagatcat gaatggagct cagacattgg acactctgcc attcttcttc    102780
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttcct cttcctcttc    102840
     ctcttcctct tcctctcctc ctcctccttc tcccccctcc ccctccccct ctccctcccc    102900
     ctccctcctc ctcctcctcc tccttcttct tttctcttta cattccgatc gctgctgtcc    102960
     ctttttctgc tccacccctc tcacggcttc tctcccctct tctgaaaata tggaggcccc    103020
     acttgaatat cccccactct ggtacatcaa gtctctgtag gtctaggtga ttcttctcca    103080
     acagtggcca gacaagagag ccgagttagg ggaacgaatt ctacagatag gcaacagctt    103140
     tagggatagt ccccattcca attgtcctga acccacatga agactaagat aagttcggtg    103200
     ctaagttcag cccctgtatg cttattggtt ggtggttcag tctctaagaa cccccaaggg    103260
     tcctggttaa ttggctctat tggtcttcct gaggaatttc catcgtcttc agagccttca    103320
     gtccttttcc caactcttca ataagagtcc ccaagctcca tccactcttt ggctgtgggt    103380
     cttcccatca gtctgaatca ggggctgggt ggagcctctc agaatacagc catgttaggc    103440
     tcctgtctgc aagcataaca gagtatcatt agtagtatca ggaatgggtg cttgtcggtg    103500
     ggattggtct ctagttgggc cggttattgg ttggccagac tctcattctc tgctctgccc    103560
     accattcctg catttcttat aggcaggata aaggactgaa cttttaaagt ctttgaattt    103620
     gtaagactga attattttgt ttgtaaaatg ttttatatca taatttttat attaatatgg    103680
     gtttggggga tgtacaagaa aggaaaggtt atagctttac agcaatgtgt tcatgtgcta    103740
     agttgatcag gggtcaactg tacagaattg tttcatgttg tcacaacaca agaacctcga    103800
     ttaagaaaat gcttccctaa gatctgagtg tacagagaca ccacaagaac acagtcccca    103860
     aaattaactg agcatggctc ataggggctc acagagacta aagtgacaat catggtaagt    103920
     taactgacat gggtagacca ggagggaggg aggtgggcgt gcgtgcttgt gtgtgtgtgt    103980
     gtgtctgtct gtctatctgt cttgtttgcc tgtctctctg tctctgtttt catctctgtg    104040
     tgtaccctaa aagttataaa agtgcagaac gtaagtaagc agcatgcata cattcatatt    104100
     tcatccatag caacagaaat agaagtaaga caactattat atgtggtgat gattttctgt    104160
     atctattggg atggacacat tcatgtttgc tttttgggaa gtgtaacact gacttgtagt    104220
     tttcaatcag ccttgaatgg tgggtcaaga tgcgttgtta ataatcagcc tccagccact    104280
     ctagcaaagt atctgatata atcaagctat agagaggaag gtttacttgg ctataccttt    104340
     gcccatcctt ggtcgattag cagctttcaa ggcctgtggc aaatcaccac acagggtaga    104400
     tcataaatgc tcatttaatg tccactgagc aataagagtg ggaatggggg ggcagggaga    104460
     aagagaaaga gagagggaga gggagaaagg aagggagagg ggaagggaaa ggggaagggg    104520
     aaggggaagg ggaaggggaa ggggaagggg aaggggaagg ggaagggaaa cagaaaggga    104580
     gaaggagagg aagagggaga gagaaaaggg agagagagag attctataac ctctttcaag    104640
     agcaagtctc ccatgactca aaattagact ccacctggca aagcttctat cacatctagt    104700
     agtggaaccc tgggttttgg ggggttgttt aagatcaaac tctgtaatcc tctttatata    104760
     ttggtatata aaactgtata aaacatataa atatatattt gaaagatttt tatgtttata    104820
     ttatgaggac tatcagcatg tcattttcct gccatatctt tgttaggttt tatttattgt    104880
     gctcactgtc tggtatactc acattgtaga ttatattgga gcttttccct attttctgga    104940
     agtgtttctt tggcactgat atttcattcc tgagtatatg aatataattc attactgatg    105000
     atagttatat ctgtttctct taagcaaaga tctttgctag aaatagaaat ataaggccat    105060
     tcaaattttt ttctctttat agaagagttt gtactttaac ttattaaatg tattggcata    105120
     aaatttaata atatatcatt aggcttttaa tacttgataa tttggactct tgggctagct    105180
     tagggggaag agatgtttac tatgtgagcc tggtgcccta agtttgattt tcaaaattca    105240
     catcaaagta gaagggcaga gaggactcta taaagtagca ctctggcctc aaaacttgtg    105300
     ctatggcagg tatgccctga cccacgaaca tcatgcacac acacacacac acacacacac    105360
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    105420
     agagagagag agagagagac agacagacag acaaacagac agacagacag acagacagat    105480
     gcacacacat gagaatttgt agtgatagcc ctttttatgt tgataaattg cttagttcag    105540
     ttctgctgga gatgacattt cttagaaaat tttaattatc tctgaaatta ctctcatttt    105600
     aagaaatatt ttcacagtgt gtatctaaat gtcttgcctt ttcttgcttg accattttgc    105660
     atcttggaat attttttccc ctcatgggtg tgtggttcaa tgtctattat cagcttttga    105720
     aaggttcttg ggacttcttc tcaagtattt tctcttctct gttacttttt tctctgcttc    105780
     tagggttcca attactcatg atagcatatt agatattgtc tcattcttga gaaagcactg    105840
     tttatttatt ttttgtagta gccagccata tatatctatg gcttgcaaat gtcatattaa    105900
     ggatttttgc atccattttt atcagtgata ttggcctgta gttttctttc tatcttttaa    105960
     ctttccctgg ttctggtatt agcatgacac tggatttgca gacacatttg caaatgatcc    106020
     tctgatacgt ctctctctct ctctctccaa aaaaattaat acctctaagt taagagtact    106080
     agttgtagat cttccttaaa aggtctgata gaattctgtt gtcaatccat atggggcttt    106140
     tacttttgca gttagatttt ttttttttaa ccaccatttt gatcttcttg ttcctccccc    106200
     cccccctgct atagaatttt acattttgaa gtctatcaca attttaaagt aactaactga    106260
     ttaattagtt aactttatac cctgaccaaa gcttctcctc acagttcccc cactctcctc    106320
     tcctcttccc tccccgctat tctccaggct tccctttctc ctcagaaaag gggaggcctc    106380
     ccatgaatat cactcacctt ggcatatcaa tttgcagtag aactagccac ttctcctatt    106440
     gtggataaac aagggaggcc agttggggaa aaggaatcca aaggcaagca acagagtcag    106500
     agacagcccc tgttcctact gttaggagtc ccacaaggag actgagatgc acaactgtta    106560
     tatctgtgca gagggcctag gtccatccaa tgcatgctct ttggttggtg gttcagtctt    106620
     tgtgagccct attgtcccag gtgagttgac tctgtagatt ttcttgtagt gtccatagcc    106680
     cctctggctc cttcaacctt tccttgcatt cttccacagg acttcccagg ctctgcctaa    106740
     tgtttgactg tgggtctctg catctgcttc catcagttgc tgggtgaagc ctgttagagg    106800
     gcggttatgc taggctcctg tctgcagcca gagcaggata ttattaatag tgtcaggagt    106860
     gagctttctc tcacggcacg gctctcaaac tgggccagtc attggttggc ctttcccttc    106920
     gtttttgccc cctctttacc tctacatctt ttggaggcag gaaaaatggt gggtcagagg    106980
     gacctccttt tttgttatga gtcagtgtaa gctgttgatc tgtttttttg ttttgttttg    107040
     gtttggtttt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt gttcaacttt gatggtttag atgagtcagg    107100
     aaacttattt atttctttta cgttttctaa tttaaaggaa tttagatctt taaagtattc    107160
     cctttcaata gtctgaattt ctttaatgtc tgttttatac ttccccactc acctctgatt    107220
     ctcttaattt ggctcccctc tttcttttct tgtgtttagt tgaggcaaag gtctgttgat    107280
     cttatctttt tttaaaaaca cactttcagt tcgtgacatt actttctttc agtgtgttcc    107340
     attaatttct gcatggtttt tgttatttct tccagtctgc tcagtttgga tttgttttga    107400
     tcttgttttt ccaaattctt gagttgcatt attgaatgaa ttttttctaa gattttaaaa    107460
     gtatatttgt ctagagctac aacctttcct cttaagaata ctttttatgt attgcagagg    107520
     ttttgtgcta ttgtgatttc atttaattcc aggaatttta catctttttt gattttctct    107580
     ttgatccatt gcatcattta tgaataagtt atttaatctc catgagttgc tattgatttt    107640
     aagctctatt acattatggt cagaaaggat acatagaatt atttcacttt ttctaaatat    107700
     gttttatgcc tcaatatgtt ttctgtttta cacaatccat aggctgctaa atacaatgta    107760
     tgctcttggg tgtttggcac aatattttat agatatatgt ttggtctatt tgatatatta    107820
     tgacatttaa ttctgatatt ttttctacat gaatcttact tatgtcttcg gatctcattt    107880
     taatgtatat ttcttgtgag gtcttccccc aaataaacta actacctcct gtgcttctta    107940
     tagtctggac aacggttttt gtacacagac tgctaaagca agaatagcac tttcttcttc    108000
     agcatgctac cagatgaccc aagactgatt tcaatggctt ggcagaacat acaactctcc    108060
     tggagttagg atgaaagatg gggttatgat tattcaatga gaggacctaa gaaggagaaa    108120
     taggaagata ttcttaaaca gaaatgagat gctataagaa aaatggggtg ctggctgcca    108180
     agaaagctga tatcttaaac atttctacta aaaataattg ttctaggtac ttccaaaaga    108240
     aagacagggc aaacatgaaa tgcagagctc tatttgtaaa ctccatttca acctgaagag    108300
     taaacataaa ggacatggta cccaaattaa taacgttcca ttgctgtggt ggaacaccac    108360
     aaccaaaggc agctcatgat tccagagggc tgaagaccat gatgtttggg tgaagccttg    108420
     gcagctggaa cagcaggaca ctcacatcta gaaccaaaag ctgaggcaga gagtacacca    108480
     aggagggaag gtcctattga aaccccaaag cttgcctttg ccgacacacc ttctccaaga    108540
     acatacctcc taacccttcc caaacactta tgcaaactgg agctcaagta tttaaagata    108600
     ggagactatg gggatggact cttttaatta aaactaccat agtacatagt acatagggaa    108660
     atattttcca ataaaataat ttaaataaat attttattta aaaatttaaa taaaaataca    108720
     attagtcctt atcaggaaag aatgttgtat tgctccttgt ttgctatttt tttagtcttt    108780
     tttttaaatt ggatatttta tgtacttata cttcaaatgt tatccccttt cccagtttcc    108840
     actcaggaaa ccccctatcc catcaccccc tcccctgatt ctatgagttc ttctccccca    108900
     cacactcctg tctccctgcc ctggccttcc cctacactgg ggcatcaagc tttcacagga    108960
     ccaaaggcat ctcctcccat tgatgtctga caagaccatt ttctgctgca tatatggctg    109020
     gagccatggg ttacaccatg tgcactcttt ccctggaagc tctgggggtc tggttggttg    109080
     atattgttgt tcttcttatg gggttgcaat cccattcatc tccttcagtc ctttctctaa    109140
     ctcgtccatt ggggacccag tgctcagtcc aatggttggc tgtgagcatc tgccgctgta    109200
     tttgtcaggc tctggcagag cctttcagga gacagctata tcaggctcct gtcagcaaag    109260
     cccttcttag catccgcaat agtgtctggg tttggtgtct gtatatggga tggatcccca    109320
     ggtggggcag tctctgcatg gcctttcctt cagtctctgc tccacacttt gtctccattt    109380
     tcctcctgtg agtattttgt atcctcttct aagaaggact gaagcatcca cacattgatc    109440
     ttccttcttc ttgagtttca tgtggtctgt gaattgtact ttgggtattc ggagcttttg    109500
     gactaatacc cacttattag tgagtgcatg ccatgtgtgt actttcgtaa ctgcattacc    109560
     tcactcagaa taatgttttc tagatccatt catttgccta agaatttcat gaagtcattg    109620
     tttttaatag ctgagtagaa ctccattgtg taaatgtacc acattttctg tatccattcc    109680
     tctgttgagg gacatctggg ttctttccag cttctggcta ttataaataa ggctgctatg    109740
     aacatagtgg accatgtgtc cttgttatat gttgaagcat cttttgggta tagctgggtc    109800
     ttcaggtagt actatgttca attttctgag gaactgccag actgatttcc agagtggttg    109860
     taccagcttg caatcccacc aacaatggag gagtgttcct ctttctccac atcctcacca    109920
     gcatctgctg tcacctgagt ttttgatctt agccattctg actggtgtga ggtagaatct    109980
     cagggttgtt ttgatttccc cgatgactaa ggatgttgaa catttcttta ggtgcttctt    110040
     ggccattagg tattcctcat ttgagaatac cttgtttagc tctgtacccc atttttaaat    110100
     agggttattt gattcttcgg agtctaactt tttgagttct ttgcatgcat tggatattag    110160
     ccctctattg gatataggat tgataaagat cttttcccaa tctgtaggtt gccattttgt    110220
     cctactgaca gtgttctttg ctgtatgggg ttatgggact gtttagatgg tttatctgat    110280
     cctgatttga ccttggtacc tggtatcttt ctagaaaatt gtccatttca tccagatttt    110340
     ccagttgtgt tgaatatagg cttttgtggt aggattcttt gaatttcttc agtttctgtc    110400
     catttttcct ttttctaatg caaaaagttc ccagtattca cgtcaatatt tttatgtttt    110460
     cattacttct tgaggaattt tatataacat tttttggggg gtcccttttt taattagata    110520
     ttttcttcat ttacatctca aatggtatcc ccaaagtccc ctataccctc ccccagccct    110580
     gctccccaac ccacccactt ctgcttcttg gccctggcat ccccctatac tggggcatat    110640
     aatcttcaca agaccaaggg cctctcctcc cattgatggc cgactaggac atcctctgtt    110700
     atataacacg tttgtttgtt ttttaatatt aatttaattc ccctaatttc ttccagatct    110760
     ttcccacctc tcctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctga ttgccagcat    110820
     ggagtcaagt ttgtgttggt caactcttcc tgggcagggg cctaccctag gttatggcca    110880
     atatgacagg tatcacacca ttaacaaaaa tggacttgct ctcacctatc agcaatcaaa    110940
     tgccaattgc ttctcagctg gtggcatgct gggattttgt ctacttttat cttgggcttg    111000
     ctttgtgctt gctgtccaaa tcctagtcaa tacatgggtg tatctttcct gttatgtgtg    111060
     aaaaatactg tttctatgaa gtcatccatc acctctggct tttacatttg tcctttctct    111120
     tcagcataaa tatctgagcc tttgaggagg ggtgtgatat acatatcata tttctggctg    111180
     agcattctga aatctcttac tctctacaca ttaagtagtt ggggttttct gtgttaattg    111240
     caatctactg aaaaagaagc ttctctgata aaggttgagc cacaaacaga tctatgaaca    111300
     tgataagtca ttattcatta tattactatg ttctcttagc agaataatgg caataccttt    111360
     ccctgcagag tccagagctt cttggctcca ttgagagcat cacgttttgg tcctgtctca    111420
     tcaagtggac cttcaataca atttttaaaa aaaaaaacgc agttggtttc tctcattaca    111480
     ttcataccac tattttacaa gtgagtatat cttgccagat aggctgttta tctaaatggg    111540
     ttcacaactg ggtgaagctg atgatttctg ttttcctttg gtagtgtgtt cagcaccttc    111600
     agcactatgc aaaccaacca ataaggataa aacttgcaag cgatcaccag ctagatttat    111660
     tcatcttctt tgactcaagt atgtggttga aactccacat tttgtacagt caaacataat    111720
     tatggttttt tttacacaga tttttttcac aaagctcaaa ccatagacac atagcagtta    111780
     cgtttctgca tcagttttgg cctttcaact tgacagtgaa caacttaata cccaaccaaa    111840
     aataaatatt ctaacatgta tgttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtaatttctc cctcaatcct    111900
     atatctttct attaggtaag tttatttttt cttccagtat gctttgttga aatacactgt    111960
     gactatgctg aaaagaagcc cttaaaacct ttataccatt tgaaaagcca acatcatatc    112020
     tatgaattac cctaaaagaa ttgtcatagg tgtgaacaat gatttatctc taggaatatt    112080
     tactgcagcg ttgatcttac tgattgaaca ccttacatat ataccacaag tggtcagaaa    112140
     ctgcaaagtt actgaattcc taatggttaa agttgggtta aaatatgaca catatgcaat    112200
     aactgtataa tagagtataa tatactgtat aataaactgt ataaatagaa tattgtataa    112260
     taacaatata atataataat atagtataaa atataaaata atgtataaaa ctgtataata    112320
     gaatgcaggc attcaaatgt gtgcttcatt tgtaaaaagt gtgttgtaaa atgctacata    112380
     tatatggatc ttcagggaat acttaaagta gtctcaaggt ttcattatgt ccagtttaac    112440
     catttttttt attctaatag gacagtccgt tcctgtctga tgaaagacac attttggcca    112500
     gttttacaag tagatctggc caaagaaatc aggttattta tgttcagttt ggaatagaaa    112560
     ttcaagcttg gcaaataatt tacaggttgg caagaattat atcttctttc ttcacacaat    112620
     ttaaaccacc aggaaaggga aaacaataag gattaacacc caggcttcat ttaagtcctg    112680
     agctacctca aacatattcc actgagaatg agaaacagcc ctccaggaag ttcagccaga    112740
     aaagacaaat gcagtttagc atcatttctg ctgatggata gctcattcct gaattctatg    112800
     atgatttcat gttagtaagc agtaaaacat gagtccaatg gaaaataaga ggtgcagatg    112860
     acattagaaa gactacagtt cattgggtta tgaaattcta aacattaaga taaaaaaaat    112920
     tgttttcctt aacaggtcaa aggaaagatt ttaatagaag cccttttagt aaaatactga    112980
     ttattaagaa aaggtgataa tcacacactg tttacattag gtgctatgtt taaacacctt    113040
     tatatttact aattcatata ttccttgtga gaagtctatg aggcatacag ttgtgctaac    113100
     atgaagaaac ttcatagttt cttcataggc atagaaagtt cagctgagtt taatgaagtt    113160
     acggatctgc agagagtcaa gattctaatt ttagaaggtg gggtaccaaa ggatgttttt    113220
     aaccattgca ctttgacagc tagtatgtct gagttcaaaa gctggtaagt cagggctgga    113280
     gagatggctc agtggttaag agcattgact gctcttccag agagttcaat tccgagcaac    113340
     cacatgatgg ctcacaacca tctgtaactg gatctgatgg ccccttgtgc tgtgtctgaa    113400
     gatatctaca gtgtactcac atacataaaa taaacaataa ttctagaaaa accacaaaac    113460
     aaagaaacaa acaaacaagc cccctgctaa gtcttgaacc tgctggactg cataatgacc    113520
     actagatctc ttctgtatct gccagagtac agctgtgtct ggaagagcag gcacattgtt    113580
     tcaatctttc ttgcagtact ttgagttctg aaagccagaa agatggctca aagttggggg    113640
     aggccggtat aggatgactc aggtgtccac aaataacttc cagtcctctc gccagtagac    113700
     ttggtggaac tgcttggacc ataaagcagc accatctgta atttgcaatt tgctccaggt    113760
     atttctgtaa gcaatagcac tccttgaaac atctgtgagg tgggctggga cctaatttaa    113820
     aagtaactta cccaactagc cttctcattt gtcctccaac tggggaatga ttctatcatg    113880
     agtcatagtc tggggccaga ttttgtaaag ttggaagtca agaatgggcc cagtcatttc    113940
     taagccagaa ctcaggtgcc ttacacttgc attctctaac cacatcctga cttcacacag    114000
     tgcttggtat acggtcattg tccatatatt tatttacatg catgcatgca tgtaggtata    114060
     taaacataca tacatacata tatacataca tacatacata catacataat acacattttg    114120
     ctacactttt acagaagaac aaattgaaat acataacaaa aaactttgat ggatgtcaca    114180
     aaacaaacca aaattccaaa tgaaatttgc ccttttctcc attccaagta tgagaaggtg    114240
     gtgacttatg cctctcctcg agaatatgta aatatagtgt agaagagtag tggagatggg    114300
     gaggagatac cactagagta aaaaggaggc aaagaggaac aagtgtgaaa aagaggctca    114360
     ttaccaccac caaccctcac tatagtagcc ctgagtggta gctgtagcac acctgggtgc    114420
     atttttaaaa ccttttgaga aatgccagtc taataaattc tttgccagcc agtaattcat    114480
     gagctccagg cagtagttga aaccaagtgg gggtaatggc cacagctgtc aggctccaga    114540
     tgctctggga cccagccctg ccactttgtc ccagcattca tatggaggaa cactgtgaac    114600
     tgggcacatc accaccatcc acttgggcaa tttccaacag tacagctgca tctggcctgg    114660
     aagatgactg ttgttgggtg ctgggctgca gcccagctgt gagagttagg cctccaccca    114720
     agcatattca atggaacctc atgtgcctga cttccccaga accctcatgg aaatgttagg    114780
     attttcaaaa cattagttct ttctggatct tctgtaccca acagggaaaa aaatggaatc    114840
     agacccacat agatgaaaag tcatgtcatt tattaataat ttctcttttt attcttctat    114900
     aaatctgaag gaaaaagtct ttggtgacac tctataaaac aatctatctt aaatggcaaa    114960
     acccagacat aaagttacac aggtcagtga cgtaaatcaa gatctatggc tttgaaattt    115020
     cttgcactct ctcacacact ttaggactca attgcactaa atcattaata ctctgtaaca    115080
     aatgtggaaa acactccaaa aaagacctgt gttgacacca caataacatt ggccatgtat    115140
     tagaaaaagg gtcccaaatg tacattgtat acaaaataag atttactatt ttttgttaca    115200
     atttgccacc taaaatagtt ccagttttcc atgtcttttt ttttttaact ctcagcatat    115260
     cctatacatt tttacttagc ataaatatac agttcatttc gtggtaacca ggtcatttgc    115320
     atggccctaa ttttagtaat aattacaact aaaatgagag gaatgtgctc ctatagaaca    115380
     gaatgctatt gcagaaatca aatgaccttt gagatctgaa aggcagatca atacaaaaat    115440
     agtgtgcctg gaaggccagc ttgacttgat tttaaacaac aataagactc tgcctaccaa    115500
     gtatctcacc catgctgttg atctagaaca tattggcact ctaggacagt gacaactata    115560
     gcctcagcta agtaaaaaga aacaatatcc tttgattttt ggaaagggca aagaggagac    115620
     atggcttcca gccagaaatc acctttacta tcaaaaccca caggtttcgt atccagagtt    115680
     cctggatatt attaccgaac tgatggggta aacccgtctt aggatgtttc atcccacttc    115740
     accctttcaa tggaaacatg gagtctagga ataatttcat taccatttga tggtttaaag    115800
     tagtgagtga gatgtgttca atgtagttca gcattcaggt tttgcccact gagaatttaa    115860
     tccaaagcaa ctttgttccc atcaaacttg caggcaacag ccaaaggtct ttcttgctta    115920
     cagctagtca gcaatggagg acacatttta aaggcccatg tccacagctg tcaggatcca    115980
     ggtaagtgaa tttaccaact gtagccctgg ctgtatgctg gtgatggaag ctagtagaaa    116040
     ccaggaactt ggtatctcac agttcatggc aagagctgat agccttcaaa ctggacctct    116100
     cagagacccc gcccccagta agatatgata gttccagttg gaggaagctt gtctcggcat    116160
     ttgcatttct aatccagtct tgtccagtat gaatctcact cagcttctac cccaatgaag    116220
     ctctctgcct tctctccatc tttcaaacaa agttgattaa aatttcatta gtggttcaat    116280
     caagcatcct tttttgaaaa attttgtttt aattttaaat agtccataag tctcctcacc    116340
     tcaaccatga ctaaattaaa gttcagcaac ctttatgaaa ggccactagc ataatgttcc    116400
     ttcaagtcac caggaatttg agagccacca aaaataaagg ctaacatagc ctactgtaat    116460
     gaaaagcaaa aatcattttc aaaaggggaa ctgaaggact ccacggggat tgagccttct    116520
     ttgagcacca tgtggaacaa gaagaagtta aactgtaacg cacattcaat tccagacctg    116580
     agatgcccct tttttcggac acgtcatctc tgaaaacacg tgctcacatg ccttgctatg    116640
     cccaccgagc tgtgcagtat ctggtgacat gaatacaagg attattgcct ggatttttct    116700
     ctctagtctc aacttcggat cattcttttt gttgttgttg tttgtcaaca aaagtgatga    116760
     tacgtttaat atataatgca gaggtaaacc ttaatggttg tttaaatctt ttcatataaa    116820
     tacatagcca gcttttaaat cacttatttt gaagaacaca tatactaaca tagggctgga    116880
     aaaaaatgtg tgaaaatcat aagtggctga gtcccctatg gagtttcttc atgtgattca    116940
     ttaaatggtt tgtagtataa tctctaccct tggcagctta ccaactcaac acatgttggc    117000
     cctggttatc attaaagctg gccgagagat aactcctgac atcctttaac actggctatg    117060
     atttgtcaac ttattgcaat gcaatctaca actctttcct aagagaatta aaactacatc    117120
     ttgctgttgg gcttcactga tttgcttagc attgttcaat tcccaactgc atcttccaaa    117180
     tgagcagaga acacgctagc tggcatccca gagagaatta ctccagagaa tgacaaaatt    117240
     caactgtgga gacttaaagg agatgagatg cgtgtcagtt cttattctca tttgtaatta    117300
     cggcacatgc tacttgtggg gactgtgtgc cctgtgagct ttacgacagg taaacctggc    117360
     agagcagttc tttgaatcca ctcttgggac tgacgagtac agttgcagac actgctttgt    117420
     aaaccaaggt gacaacttaa gttttagatt agcttgtggt gatttaacaa cctgttacat    117480
     tcatgcttgt aaagaagata cgttatacta ccattctgat aagtttccca ctttaaatgc    117540
     aaatatgcaa atgaaatgaa ttgttctccc tttaacatgc tgagaattac agctagtata    117600
     aaacctttga gggaatttta ctgatagatg caaacagaag caccgtggac ctcagaatcg    117660
     cactatgaga aatacttagc catatgtcac atccatttaa ggaatgtccc atatttgaaa    117720
     gcagggtcat actggatgag ggtgatgcat agagagatgt ttatgcgtca caaagcttca    117780
     gaaaagccct cttggagtag acttgatagc cagtgtacca ctcacaacat ggcatctgta    117840
     tatgtgggct ctggtccccg ctctgctgct gagcaggcaa tggagtcatc ccttaaggcc    117900
     tcagcaaaca cttacctaca ttcattcttg tttacagcac ccaccctagg acattaggca    117960
     cattcctttc tcttccggtg tctatataga taggcatatg aaatgcacaa gagttcttgg    118020
     aagaaaaaga aactaaagtc cttgtaaatt actctatagt acctaataat ctttctgtaa    118080
     ctcagtatat aactcagtat aataatcttt ctataactca ccctttttgt ggttccttca    118140
     agtagaagca gacatttaat atcagaagcc tccatatttc ataatggagc ttagagatat    118200
     gcttcatgga cttgtatatg taaattctta atgtttcaaa accatcataa acttaagaca    118260
     gtatttgcat ggatggaagc attgttttta acaagaaata gaactaaatt tttctactta    118320
     tttcaaaact gaaagaagtc ttcacatgtt tctgattaat ttgattgtct tttttttttc    118380
     ttgtataaaa cagtgtttaa cccaaattgg aatgagttct gtggcaaggc atgccctcag    118440
     ttaggtactt cacaagcacc ctttggttaa atggtgtgga tttacacata actgcttctt    118500
     tcttaacaga gaagcctttg ccatttgagt ctttcacaaa cattaaaccg cttgtcttat    118560
     aaataatctg gactcatttt ttttttcctt ttggcctcta acacatagga tttccccatt    118620
     aaatatatgg gtcagtggtt gaatctatgg gccaaccact aggaagtata gggtttcagt    118680
     tgtgggacgt ccatcactaa catgctggga gttgtttggt tctctgctca acatttctta    118740
     aatctaccag tgtttgcttg gtctaactcc ccccacccat ccccatgtaa aaagattacc    118800
     aaatttctat taaagttctg agttagatct gcttatctgg agtcaacact ttcatgcagc    118860
     aacagtttag agaccaaggg gatccgaaca tctaaactgg aatgtgaaat tgtcttagtg    118920
     tgtgccaagt tccttgctga cactatgtca aataactgat tgtgtttccc gtgatgtctg    118980
     ttgctgtcac tgcaggaaat cctgggtgac ccatggcaat catgtctgta gggagggggg    119040
     cagcagcttg gaaatataca caaccaacac aattttgatt aaagaaagaa ctctggtttt    119100
     taatagtttt gatcattaaa aaagtttaaa cctgcatagc aatcatttca aaaataatta    119160
     tttaatgttc cataattaaa ctgtacacaa cctagttgtg ggacacagaa gccagtgagg    119220
     tgaatggagc agtctggcgc agccccagga gccaggattc cagccgagtt ttgtcactgt    119280
     gttcatctaa gctgtttatt ttttcctttt tctttttttg tcttttttgt tttttttgtt    119340
     ttttgatttt ttttgatttt ttgatacttg gcacagtctg gctccactgc tgggcgtgag    119400
     cggatctgca ttgggaagga ggagagagca gctggacgcc cgtcttgctt cccctccccc    119460
     actcggtggg cttcctcaaa gtcgttcaat gtctctgtat ttcttcctca gaattgagac    119520
     ttggtcttta aagaggaccg ggtccagcct catctgagaa tggatcagcg gcatgtagcc    119580
     aaaccagctg gcaaatgtat tcatgcagct ctgtcgctgg gcaaagtggt cagggtcggc    119640
     ccagcgggat gctcgggaag tctggggaga aggagacaaa taaggaagac agtgagagag    119700
     agaaggcagg gggaggaagc actgtagctg gatctgctaa agaccagcgg cagaacctgg    119760
     cagaacgtgt ggcctcgttg ccaagcctgt ccatctacaa agctggggaa ggcaaggctt    119820
     aggcatgccc acttaccttt ggctgaagtc gagatgtggc atcttgacca atgaccaaac    119880
     gcacctaatc tttcgaagct ttctgaagct cagatgatcg agccacggcc ctcggccctc    119940
     taccaacggg ctctcaacta ctacagtcac taaacagaac attctctttt atatctgaaa    120000
     tcaaagctat gactcacaat gaagtctttg cttcaaaggt agttttctaa atacttatgt    120060
     gaaatttctt taagcataga tttaatttta attatgtgtg tgagactcca cacgttgtat    120120
     atgtgtgcat gggtgtcttt ggaggctaca tgaaggcatg aaatgcctcg gagctggaat    120180
     cacagaaagc tctaagtcat ctgacatgta caccgggacc tgacctctag tcctcttcca    120240
     gagaagcaag cattcttaac tgctgagaca tctctccagc cttctaaatc ccaggtgtta    120300
     acacggttga tgtgtggaga catgggctgt ggacttggac tttaagcatc taactttcca    120360
     cctttatcaa gttcccaccg aatggcttgt ttaaaaagat gcatgcataa cgcaagaaca    120420
     aacgaaaccc ttacacttca ctcatggcta gagctacaga gcacataaac ccacactccc    120480
     ttatagactt tctctactct actgagatga ctgagagaca aaagtgactc agatccagtg    120540
     acacagtgcc tatgtctaca agactgattc tacagtaaat attaaaattc tgctcattaa    120600
     cctaacaatt gtcttttcaa tgccactaaa tgccaacagt tgttttaagt aatagatggt    120660
     ctcaggttat caaagttaaa aaagaaaaaa aggctaccat ctttttagtt atattgcctc    120720
     taaagctgtc aaatattatt tagacaacat aaatgatgga aattgacttg atgacttcca    120780
     ggtagggttg gggaaggaac aaacttaagt tttctttaag ggacaggcca ctgagagttt    120840
     gagtggatat atagatgaca gtaactggac ttgtgtttgt ttgtttctct tgttgctggt    120900
     ttgctgggaa gggagatcac aagtgcaggg tgtggggtgc tcacactcaa catgcaagga    120960
     ttataaacac gggtaaataa gcagctgttt actatgtgta tgtgtttgtg tggtctagaa    121020
     acatactttc atgaaaagtg cattttagag tgagactcac gcagagtcac tttaaagtca    121080
     caagtatcaa cacgcttgaa aataacgtga taaatacaaa tgtcaagtta gcactgagca    121140
     gcagaataac aaaacactac ttgtgaagtg ttttcttgaa gcacactgga gcctggcagc    121200
     agccaggtgg aggagctccc aagtcacagc agggtcaagg aagttacagg attctctgaa    121260
     ggccagaaag aggcagaagg aaggctctgt tctctagcat ctgtactgcg agaaagcacc    121320
     ttggcaagta acagcaaggc aaagacttaa cataactggc tgagttccta tcagagaaga    121380
     cagccttgaa ggcggtggat ggcgacccct ctgtggttga acgagccttt cacaggggtc    121440
     acctaagaac attggcaagc atagataaat atctgtgatt tatgatatca taaatatcat    121500
     aacagtagca aaatgtcagt tatgaaatgg ctacaagaat aatttttagg ttcacgacaa    121560
     catgaggtac tgtattaaag gattgaagcc ttaggaaggt ggagagccac tgctttgtgg    121620
     ttgacaggca ttttttcatt ggcccactca ctccaaaggg ccaaactcaa gcccaggaaa    121680
     atgtgcatgt atggaaatag aaaagctatc agctcattct tgattgattc caacccaacc    121740
     aacaaatacc accaccatct ttttcaatct aataaaagca taagcttaaa cataatccca    121800
     ttcattctat ggacacaaag atttactgaa atcatgagta tgataggaag aaggattcaa    121860
     gtacactata ctacctgggc acagggagac aaatctaaca ttcagtttag agttgtctct    121920
     agagtatgtg aattactgga gatgctcaca tagtagtaga agcaggcaca tatatgaaaa    121980
     ggtcactagc agtcctccct ggatgactgc gcatcctcag gggcgtctga agactctccc    122040
     tagcaaacac tagtaacaga atgtgattct gtgagcttgc actcgaccaa acatatgggc    122100
     acacagtcgg caatatacac tgcttagatc tgaagtagtt tggtcttaat gattggaaaa    122160
     ttcctgcgaa tgcttctgcc tgttacttca atagttaaag gagggcagaa ctttcccagt    122220
     acacagttct ttctccataa ccagaactct gaacctgtgt gggctcagta ggctgtgaag    122280
     gataccacat gactcataat tctcttatag cattgttttt ctcgtgctac atttattgaa    122340
     ttagaaaaac ccagtcaacg aggttgctat aagagcttgc taaagttccc tttacaaaac    122400
     ttagatttac agctagcact cagcacaaag ttcgaacacc caaacagata caaccatggt    122460
     ctctctaggt tttgttagtg gtactgtttg ttttgttttt caaagatata ctaccctggg    122520
     ctctgtagct ggggctggcc tagagccccc atggcctaga tcatctatct cagcctcgga    122580
     gtagttacct agtcaccatg cccagctacg gtaatgctaa gagttgattt taatcatgcg    122640
     aggcactcca tgatttaacc tagggagaac tagtagttgt atttaagctt tttcatgtat    122700
     tttcattcat tcattcatcc atccattcat tcattcattc gtgtttgtat gtgtttgtgt    122760
     gtgtgtatgt atgtgcgtgt gtacacacac gcatgcacgc catggggaat ggagcacgag    122820
     agcatgtgct tgccacagca tgcatatgga agtcagaaga taccttgtgg gacttgcttt    122880
     tcgccttcta tcatgaatgg ctagagacag aactcaggtc ttcagccttg gtaggattat    122940
     atatatctgc tgagtcattt tactgcatct ctgcctcctt tcattcatcc atttacttgt    123000
     ttgtttgtct gtttattttg aggcaaggtc ttacttggtg gcccagatta gcgtcacacc    123060
     ccgtacttgt caagaatgac ttctgagctt cttgtcccca ctcccaagtg ctggaattct    123120
     aagcacgtcc taccttatcc aggatacact gttggggatt aaactcaact tccttacgct    123180
     tctaacttac ggggggtact tgtagcagta agttaacatt tctagatcca gttttcctgc    123240
     ctataaacac aggaagttgg atatttctat gacagtatat ttatcatgaa aatttataac    123300
     ccaagaggat atttggcttt actttaataa ttatatcaat ttcatgaaaa aaagttttac    123360
     cacttcattt taaaaatgag ccaagagaat ctcagaaatt gactggcctg cccacagctt    123420
     ataaatgctg gttcgagaac tgaaaattga tagtatgacc tctagtattt cactatgcta    123480
     ttttctcaaa agagaaacaa gagcaagaac actctgttaa gaaaggattc ctcgcaactt    123540
     gtaggcatct acaggaaact gacttaaatt cactgtagaa ctttcattct gtagtggact    123600
     gaatagttac accttccctg gaaatactga tgtctgactg ggacatgctg atctgtaagt    123660
     ggggcatctg gaaatgatta gcccatggag gtagaatcct taggaatggg gtgcaccaga    123720
     cagctttgca tcatgaagcc acatggcaaa ttacataagt taagaagtga ttcctcgttg    123780
     ggtattacaa ctgctgacac cttgacttga gaatccccag gtttcagaag taggagaaat    123840
     aaatgtttgt aacttaagcc ctaagtctat gttgttctat tatactagcc caaagggtat    123900
     aagggaaact ctaagaatgt gtcactgtca tgtcatatta tgggttatct aaaagcttta    123960
     tattcttaat tatccatgtg ccaatcattc cttccttcag ggctttcaga tgtggcttat    124020
     ttttctgtct ccctataaca ctgccagata aagctgagga aaatgtattc gtgtagcctt    124080
     gggaagaaag ttctttattc ttacctgtcc catcattgtc tccttatact gtttcttctg    124140
     ggtcactttg attggaggca attttgtcac agcagacacc aggaaattca tgagaatgtc    124200
     ctcacagttg gccagttggt ctaccatgtt cttcaggctg gctggcaggt aatgggaata    124260
     caggtagtga taatatctga aaatatcaaa ggaaattctc ttagcagggc aacattacat    124320
     aatgacaagt agactttaaa cacaggcatt ctctggatcc ctgagcatgc caccaaatgc    124380
     attaataatg acaactattg ctttttattg tactcactat agaccaaatc atattctcaa    124440
     gtctttaaca agaaatgcct catctaaccc acctaagaaa tctatgaggc agatgttatt    124500
     atattattat ccttatttta cagaggaaga accaagtgag gcacagaaat tcccagggat    124560
     gcagatattg cttgcccatc acaatttggt agcaggctgg tcagttagaa agagaaactg    124620
     aaccctaaga tgttgtgatg atgcaatttt gaatcaccat ggaaacacac tgctgactgt    124680
     gtttctatga ggatatttcc agaaaggttg aacacagcaa ggaagacctg ccctgaatgt    124740
     ggacagcact gtgggctggg gtcaagactg agtacaaaga ggaaagtgga ttgagcacca    124800
     gcattcatct tgctctgctt cctaactaaa gatgcactgt gagcggcttc ctctcatgtt    124860
     cctgctgctg tgccttcccc accatgatgg actgtatctt cagactgtga gccaagacaa    124920
     acttccttgt taagttgctt ttgtctggta ttttgtcaca gtaatgagaa atgtgaccaa    124980
     tacggatggc aagagaatct acttacaaat tagacaaatt atttgaatga atcaaattca    125040
     tttgtgtgga ggaagcagga ggaggggaag ttttgagatt aagatttcct cagccaaatg    125100
     tttacatttg ggcactttca gacttagtcc tgagatgatg agactctcga ttctctatgt    125160
     taaaagtcta aggtaaggtt ggttacattt tcttcattag gataaagtac tagggatttt    125220
     cattagtgat cttgtgggac tgtggaaatg tgaacactct acatttactt atctgataat    125280
     tttacctctg tctgctgttt ttcaagattg cccatttcat atctctacct atgatttttc    125340
     tcagaaaagc ctcttagggg ccataacatg cccagggcaa aatttgcatg tagaaatagt    125400
     tactcatttg tagaattccc tctgttgata gcactctatc cttctggacc tcaagtcagt    125460
     cagaaaactt ggtagccatt aaattctgat taggtcacca ttctgaatca gcttccaagt    125520
     attgctgcaa ggtggccact actcacacca tcgttcactc cctggcccca gtctaatgtc    125580
     catctccatt tggctcactc ctttctaaca gttcttcctg cctttgtcat ctttctcatt    125640
     gactgttctc atcacgacat ccagagtgga tactgggaac acaaccctga agtctgctct    125700
     gttcaggcca tgcactgacc catccattag aggctcccag gcctcttgga ccttctcatc    125760
     cactgcacca tagtcactaa tcccaatctt cttttccatc ttcgtccatt gttttactct    125820
     gggtgtttct tcttgctatt cccaatgcta tctataacat ccttggctac ctttctcttg    125880
     ctttgaagtt tctgctcact tcccatctgt ataacagacc atcctgacca ctctccaacc    125940
     ttcctcattt ctgcatctca cgctacttga ctcttttgtc agtgtcttct tgctgtccct    126000
     gatttccctg tagcatttat atgtctctgt tcactagcat atgagccctg cattgtcaga    126060
     gatgttttct gttttactca aaggtgaacc caaaccacct agaacagtga ctgggatatt    126120
     taggtatctc ctcttaatat tcagctaccc aacctagtta tgagtgttat cggtatcttt    126180
     tggcttaact caaaacacta ctttgcctta atatctaaaa atacaataag ccaagaagat    126240
     ttatagctca tatttgctac cccaacaaaa atcaaacggg aatactgact aattttcgtt    126300
     catgttgtaa actggatttg gcctaaagct cctattaatg cagttgttag aaatctcagc    126360
     tccgggctgg tgagatggct cagtgtgtaa gagcacccga ctgctcttcc gaaggtccag    126420
     agttcaaatc ccagcaacca cgtggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaacaaga tctgactccc    126480
     tcttctggag tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtatttacat ataataaata aataaaaaaa    126540
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaatctc agctcctcac ttgtggtaga tagcagctcc    126600
     tgtcaacacc atggagtagt cattcgtcca cttggatgta tatccccacc gctcctttga    126660
     gttatcccag aaatgactgc gagcaggata tcccacaatc ctctctggga agctctgcca    126720
     tacggtgaag gcaaaatcca cctacaaggc aaagtacaag ccaaacaagc aatcaagact    126780
     ttgaacaaat gtcaacaaaa catcacctcc ccctgctaat tcataacgtg gagtcccaca    126840
     actgtttcga aacattaatt cccatattca tcagcaaatt aaactgactg cttgacattt    126900
     tgccctgcaa ttatgcacat cttaaatatt ttgtaggaaa gaaacttaag attaatatag    126960
     aagagagaaa ggggggaagg gaagggagag agagatcgat cctgacttgc cctttagaaa    127020
     tcccagtctg ttcaagctaa aaaaacagaa aagcagttgc ttccttctcc ccaaccccaa    127080
     aggcactgtg accactgatt cacaggaagc ataggagcat ctgttttgta aacgagaaca    127140
     gatttcctgt gtgcatccag ggactgaaat acggcaggca tcgtaactag catatatcaa    127200
     agcccaagtg actaaaatta aagcattttc tttagggaaa gtttttgaaa agagcacaac    127260
     ttttaacagg aacatagaga agacgtcaca aagaaaatac accaggtatg tcaggtctaa    127320
     agacacagga tgctagctag gtacagctag aaaggcagtc actcatgaag tcactgagaa    127380
     caagtgggga caaaggccca agttaaaaca agtcaagaca tgattatttt aaagaaaagg    127440
     tttataggaa gccaaagtgg gtacttctga acctactcta agccaggaca tggagctagc    127500
     aagttatctc tttttaatct gtacactcca tttagatcat ctgatgaaca ataaataaaa    127560
     ataaacaaaa aatataaaaa taaatgatac atttatgatc atataatgat taccatatga    127620
     aggtttagag gactgtacat gttgtaataa ccttataata actctttgag gtagatagat    127680
     atttttatat ttatcagcta agaaaaggga aagctaagta gaggaccaag taatttatgt    127740
     gcactagtaa gtggcagggc caacatatcc agtgtgtatg gttctgatac acatctctct    127800
     taggttctga actgcaccag agattagcaa gtgtgtactg actcaacttg atataagcta    127860
     gagtcattaa ggagaaagaa gcctcagttg ataaaatgcc tccatgagat ttacctgtaa    127920
     ggtattttct caattagtga tcaatggggg agggcccagc ccatagtagg tggagccatc    127980
     cctgggctgg tggtcctggg ttctataaga aagcaggcca agcaagccat aggagcaagc    128040
     cagtaagtag catccctcca tggcctctgc atcagctcca gcctccaggt tcctgtcctt    128100
     atttccttca gtgatgacca gcaatgtgga agtgtaagct aaataaactg tttcctcccc    128160
     aacttgcttt tggtcatgaa gttttattcc gtcttagaaa cctaactaaa acaccatcta    128220
     ttctgagact ttcctgtaag agaagatgga caaaccattg ccccttctac agaattaatc    128280
     caaatggatc tgacaatcac ctggatagga agtcatcacc caggaagttg tcactttcag    128340
     aaaccttaaa gaggagatag cctatgtcgc catgaaggtc agtatggggt cccacttggt    128400
     tgctgtgcat tctcactatg aaagtgtttt actgtggtat acttgggcga ttcccactct    128460
     cagccatgag aatgcctcat gtgttttaat tatatgtttc tccttatgct atgttctgtg    128520
     tcttgtctaa attcttttca tggagataaa ggactaggaa tagaaaggga gccagagagg    128580
     tcctggtaac actaatacaa catggctgaa actcaaatgc cacatagtgc actaaataag    128640
     agaaagaagg ctaacagggc catgtaggac acatttccac aaacataaag atatcctagt    128700
     tgggcaaatc agtgattggc aaattaaaga tgaaggttgt caaagaaggg gaggcacagt    128760
     gtaaaacata tgcaaagatt cctttgtgaa tgataataac gttttgggag aagagataaa    128820
     tgacattaac tgtatagatc atgaatgaac taaatcactg aactgcaaag tttaaactga    128880
     ttgatcttat aatatgtaaa ttggtattca ttttagtaaa ataattttaa aaatgaagtg    128940
     agtaagctta gcttgatatt ccccaagctt tttgcccaag tctcatatca cccattaaac    129000
     tcattaagta acatttctct ttaaactgac tactctattt tttttttaat tagtttcatc    129060
     ctaggtaaaa acatcaggga aatcctaggt ttcattgatg actatgctat tttcaaagaa    129120
     acattaaagc aataagataa ttgttaaaac gaatatacta cataaagtat ctttttggaa    129180
     tcattggccc agaacattaa tttttttctt attaagttta tttatttgag ttgagtgcaa    129240
     agatacacac atgtgtccgt gtccatacac acatacgtca gtgtacttta gtggtttggg    129300
     ttggggtttg gggcgtgaga tgctgcttct gcggatgtca gaggataact ttcacagcca    129360
     attctctcaa tacatcacgc aggacccagg atttaaatga ggttgtgaag cctagtggtg    129420
     gtcgcagcac acgcctttca tcccagcagt ggggaagcag aggaaggcag atctctgagt    129480
     ttgaggccag cttcatctac agagtgagtt tcaggacagc cagggataca cagagactcc    129540
     ttcatgaatg acattttgag cactggtgta gaaagtagat ttacccactg agctgttcta    129600
     cttgcctcat gaaattttta aaataaattt ttgtttccaa atttttcagt cttagctaga    129660
     agccactctc attgtaaaca gccatatatt cacatttata tgaaacacca atttgatgcc    129720
     tgccattctg agctgtgcca aagattgcac acttactatc tagtcagaga ctttctaata    129780
     aaaaggacaa tggttaacat gtgtgccaac ttgaccgcaa caaaggtcag gaaggcagat    129840
     gggagattag ctctgtgtgg gccagtgaaa ctatttccac atgaggctaa catgtgaggc    129900
     ccctcttctg tgggtggcca cctttcaatc cactgagttc acagagagcg aatatggagg    129960
     aagaaggtgt ctctgatgtt tcttaactat tttaaaagaa ttggtcttgg ggttgatggg    130020
     gtgtttgtgc caggtcacat gtgcagagct cagagaacag ttttcaggac ttcccttcta    130080
     ccttagcaag gcaggcactc ttgtttcggc cacagtagga ccaggttagc tggtctacga    130140
     acttcatgtt catctccctg tctctgcctg ccattgtgct gtaggagtcc tgaaagtcca    130200
     gatgtgtacc accacatctg gcttggtaat gtgggttcca tgcaagagct ctgacccacg    130260
     cagccatccc acctgctctg tgtgtgccct tttcccctac cattatgctt gcactgaact    130320
     cctcctgcct ttggactggg acttaacatt ggctatttgc actctcaggc tatcattttc    130380
     tataaggacc acaatactat cttttctgag acaccagctt acatatggaa agtgtagact    130440
     ttgcaggccc tgagactccc atgacctcat caagtaattc ctcataacaa actcttactg    130500
     gttttctttc tctgaaaaca ttgccatcac aagagaaaag gggcttaaaa tgactcgttc    130560
     acacaaacta tacctgcccg gaactgggag ggaaggagag tggtagacca cgcattagga    130620
     aaacttactg gggagagtta agacagcagg ggatagagtc tgaccagaca cctgagacca    130680
     gattgggcta acctatgaca tcccccatac tcaaaaccaa tagtgccaat tgatgggaca    130740
     gtatattatg tagcctcttg ttaaagaatc cacccaactg tcagcactct ttgggattat    130800
     tctttgataa agaaacaact agtatagaac gcaatagggt gctttcattg catgaatgtc    130860
     tcactatctc agggcctttt caagtcattt caaaggaact caaaagtaaa ttcagataaa    130920
     actgtgattc ttctgataac actgctttca ttcacatcat taacacatca aagacagcaa    130980
     aggtcaacat aagcccccct ctcttaaaaa tcaacatctg ttttcttttg agggtttgtg    131040
     gcaactcgta taaatgtaaa taagcataaa ccacctctat ctaatgccct ttaaagaatg    131100
     cctcttaaaa aaatctattc ctgatgcttc agtgagatgc ttatacaatc taagatccct    131160
     tgaacagtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgg tgtgtaaatc caatgaaacc    131220
     aacacctact cacctaaaaa aaaaatagaa tagagaaatt ctgcccatga gcattttagg    131280
     ccatacaatc acttcagtga tcagcaggcg aaagcaagcc agactgccaa cctcttaaat    131340
     ttacatatca ttttcaaccc acgttgactt ctaattactt cacatgcaac acatgttcct    131400
     cccagcatgc actgagtggt tggaactact atcttctcac aggaaataat ccagtacaaa    131460
     gatacatcac agtggtggga agctatttca ccatggggca tggaaaacca aagcctggtg    131520
     tgtgagcaat tgccttgtgc cctggggatg cggtgagatg aaccatactc caggccataa    131580
     gaagatgccc taggtatatg ctgtggatgt tccaccatgg ggatgtactg cttgtccctg    131640
     agtttgccct tggaacggca tcatccattc tgggatgctg gcatactaat gtaacagcta    131700
     gccttgacta ttgacttgac tggactcaag aggtacccag gaaattagta aagcatgctg    131760
     ctagacgtgc cactgagagt gtttccagaa aggattaact agaggagggt gagggtaaat    131820
     atgagtgtgg aatgtgaggc tcaatattct gggatttagg aggaagcaaa gggagaagaa    131880
     gggggagcca tctactcaga tggcctttat ccctctccga ttcatggctg ccacatgatc    131940
     tctgagcagc cacatccttc ctgccatgat gaagtgagag ctcttcaacc ctgagctaaa    132000
     ccaatctccc gtcctctaaa ttgtatggtc ccaggacttc atcacagcac acccagggag    132060
     ggctctacct gctctgcttg gcataccgtt ctagagcatg gctaggtcag gtcaatggta    132120
     gccaccagca agattaaaac aaaaacagaa acatgggatc aagaagaagg tctcttcgct    132180
     gttcctgtcc tttcagaact atgtggtgcc aaagttctga caacagccac atctccatga    132240
     acacagctct gggaggaggg ccttttcagc tgcctctcct tttcctcgtt cagggatgcg    132300
     gtaggaaagc tttcagctct taccaggtgt tttaacatcc ttgatagggt tcagcatccc    132360
     tacccacacc tccttaagcc attgaaaatt ctctcatttg agcaatctga cttgaattct    132420
     gtttactgcc aggactttga tagatacaag cagggactct gtaacccaag tacctggcac    132480
     agagaccaga acaaaggaat cgctcagcaa acacttgttg aatgaatgtg ctctcaggat    132540
     gccagctttc ctttgcagca agctgcagag aaataccagc tggagtgtct caaggctcac    132600
     tgttcaggcc ttctctttgc ctggtcatca catcttcagc ccagtagcat gtcatcttgc    132660
     cacgagacat gtgacacaga ggctgtgtgg tcagtcttgc attggcacag tgtccattcc    132720
     caggacccag tcactaacaa gtctttatag aactcgggtt gcaaagaggc actgaaccag    132780
     gtgagccggg gttatttagg acctgcttaa tacaattggt aaagactaaa acatagttac    132840
     aacgatggga tcttaaggag gaagggtagt tagccagcct atatcaaccg taagtgtgtc    132900
     tactagacct acactccggg tccgaaagag tgcgtgctgg caagtgccaa tttctaaaac    132960
     aaaagaaaaa acgattccag gctaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaaaaagaaa aggaaaagct    133020
     aattagcgaa gtctctgtgc ctttaagagc taccattaat aatgtgatca cattaataat    133080
     gtgattctat attttcatag agatatcttt gatctcatct atggcctgaa gcctcagcaa    133140
     tcaatactca atccagctac aaaattttcc atcacctatc tcttccctct tctttctctt    133200
     tctccacaca gacttccctg tgtaatctta ttttttggca caaatacttg aacattcaaa    133260
     atagaaggtc tccatctcag ccttcagatg aaactgtttg cttgtgtgtg aatgcagtgt    133320
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgaatgcag tatgtgtgtg tgtgattgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    133380
     tatgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agtgagaatg aatgagtgtg tgcatgtggg    133440
     agcaggaagc actttagatg agacaaaaaa atagcctttt agaagccaca aatgtgcatc    133500
     ctgggcacag agagcgctgt aactgcagaa gggtgggatg cttgaccaga gagtttcagg    133560
     acataggtat tccatccctg ggtttccaca cacctgccta cagctgtact acttaaaaaa    133620
     taaaaggaga tgaaagatga gagggggagg ggagaagaac agccacacaa atcaggtctt    133680
     aattagaaga gaaaacaaag ggggaaagtg cctttctcag ggtgccaggg ggtggcaagg    133740
     cgctagcagg aactgggtta attaaaacca cttcaggaag acttgggaaa cgttttcaac    133800
     ttctagcaag gcaagggcaa gagcgatccc agcacctctc aggcctgaag gcacctgcca    133860
     gagagccccg ccctgctccc gaggcaccat tcttacttcc gtagttgaaa gcacagtgtc    133920
     ctcatccagg ctgagcacag catcagtgat gatgttgtca tagggcagaa accggctgct    133980
     cataacctgg ggagtaagag aagtgaggtt aggtgcatgg agaagccacg ttagagtcta    134040
     ctgtcaggaa aattctgcca gtcacatcat cacgaagact gttccattac ctgacatctg    134100
     ccacagcaaa cgtcttccat cgaccaccag caaaaattaa cccaggcagc aattactgag    134160
     cacctacagg taccactcca accacagtaa ggatgaaacc aaacgtgatt tatggcctgc    134220
     ctttaggaac ccagagtcag tagagatgga gagctacatg actggctttc actcagaatg    134280
     aaaagtgcca gactggaggg cagcagagtc agctaccaga agagcacagg aaggcttcat    134340
     gggcatcata aattaggcag gccctccgac taggtgggaa tgaccaggca gagacggaaa    134400
     tggggccaca gagacaaggg ttcagcaagc acaagggact cccagagata accagtatcc    134460
     cgagagcagg aaagaacagg gaagatgaca tattccatcc tggtacacat cctgggagac    134520
     cagaccactg gagatgccca aacatttaca atactgactt tatttctatt ctagcaaaaa    134580
     tcatagatag tgctcgtaca cgcatattgt tgctatgcca gtggaaggaa ttaagaatga    134640
     ggactactgc actcactgat aagtggatat tagcccagaa acatagaaca cccaagatac    134700
     aatttgcaaa acacaagaaa atcaagaaaa gggaagacca atgggtgaat acttcattcc    134760
     tccttagaat agggaacaaa atacccatga aaggagttat agagacaatg tttggagtta    134820
     agacgaaagg ttggaccatc cagagactac cccacttggg gatccattcc ataatcagtc    134880
     accaaaccca gacactattg cacaatgcca gaaagatttt gctgaaggga ccctgttata    134940
     gttgtctcgt atgaggccat gccagtgcct ggcaaataca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca    135000
     tctataagat ggaacacagg gcccccaatg gagaagctag agaaagcacc taaggagctg    135060
     aaggggtctg caaccctatg ggtggaacaa caatatgaac taaccagtac ccccagagct    135120
     cgtgtctcta gctgcatatg tagcagaaaa tggcctagtt ggccatcact gggaagagaa    135180
     gccccttggt attgcaaact tatatgcccc aatacagggg aatgccaggg ccaagaagtg    135240
     ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag cagggaggag ggagggaata gggaactttt gggatagcat    135300
     ttgaaatgta tataaagaaa atatctaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataga    135360
     aaattgttga cagctagtga ttgacaagag aagccttagt ttctctactc ttaaaaaaaa    135420
     aaaaaaggaa tgaagactac aatgatttaa ctgggtaaga atgagcatgt gtggtgcaca    135480
     gttagggaag ctgggaaggt gctacattgg aaaggtgcac tggggccatt ctacaccagt    135540
     gggcatgggg ctaagaagtt tgatgggata gatggaggta tggaagctta cccgtgagag    135600
     gcacagcttc tgcctgtgag aactgtgcta tacaataacc aattgtcctg gactagctag    135660
     tatgtcaggg aatgttcctg gccttccctt catggccctc gtcttattgt atctttataa    135720
     caaacccatc ttagggctgg ggagtgatgg ggggtgggga gacagaaagg tcatgaactt    135780
     gggtttgttc ccagatagtg tggctgtcga gaaagaacct aaaagcacat gcatggccaa    135840
     atgtgacaag cccatcccca ttgtcctgga aaagtcaggc ttgagattca cacatagaga    135900
     cccgagaggc atgctccgcc tcaattcact tcgaatgctc aaatgatggg tagcaaagca    135960
     gaggctgaac cctggcaaga cggagaagga gccacctaac aggccccggg ggtcgggggg    136020
     agtagcacat ttaataacca caaagactcc catgctttgc ttacatgggg aagccaagtt    136080
     tgtctcatct cagatccaag gtgcatgcct gtaagctggg aaacactacg ataacctatc    136140
     tgagagctca ggcaacagag ctgtagtata catggctgca gagactactc ccgcacatct    136200
     gtcaagtggg tcagggttcg gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttaaat    136260
     ctttctcagt ctttcaaaat aaaataaaac acaaagtggt cggcaacccc atatctacag    136320
     cgctcagaaa tctccgcctg cagcgattct cctgagctgt ttacatgtcc acagaggacc    136380
     acagaaacca ttagctggca gcttagcaat gccctgacct ttcccgtgtt cagcctacag    136440
     gggaaaactg cgaagacaag ccctataaat tcaaaacaga actttgcagc tgaaacagca    136500
     cacatcagct ctgaagtccc agctagatat gaagattgtg ggatggagaa ggctgttccc    136560
     caccctgggc tcagtcactg gcttcacagg gaagtcagta agtcagtcag tctgtctgtc    136620
     tgtcttcttt tgttcgttcg ttccttctcc tacctctctc tttctccctc tcttcctttt    136680
     tctgaactat agtttatgag cccattagta tagaaaaaga gattttcttt caagtccttg    136740
     acccaattac cttcttgagt gaactaacac aaggggaagg catataccca tgaggtcaat    136800
     attgtataac tgggttttgt cctgtttgtt cactggttaa ccatgtgagt agccaagtct    136860
     tttacaactt ataaacatga caatgaaact ggccaagaca aatctagtac agaggaaaaa    136920
     aaaaaaacta tggaaataat tacacacacc ctgcaccaaa gtttggggga gtctatgata    136980
     tcttgtcgac aattcctggc atacatggta tcatttgatt ctttcagcca ccataaactg    137040
     ggtatcatga ttacttctgc ttattggaag gtgtgtgacg gcacagagat taagacatgc    137100
     ccctcagatc atataaaaac caagccaatg tttgtgtgtg ttaagtaggc acaaggctaa    137160
     gtccttgata cacaatattt cactgaatca tcgaagtggg gctaagttat aatccactga    137220
     gtccgcagca aggctgaaat gctaacactt ctagagaatg tgccacccga gacactgaga    137280
     gtcacgacaa ggcacatgag ccacacagcc cactgggatg agtggccaaa gtaaaggtga    137340
     aaactaaact agtttccagg ggcatagtta tagaaattga tgggagagtg tggcacctcc    137400
     tcaaggtacg atcccaggaa aggcattagc atcttcagca cttctcactg ggagcaaagg    137460
     tatacaattt gtgaattaga gcacgaaact gtcgtgcaat ctgaagacat cagaatggcc    137520
     ccagtcaggc acattgagtc ctgtccacat atcttgacac acacagccca aagagataca    137580
     ggagatgtgg tcattcatgg ggccaaaaca ccaaagaatt ccaaagttca gagttgctag    137640
     tatacatctg catactgtcc aggcttccag atgtctccag tgtgttgtaa gtctataaca    137700
     cagaaccaac acacagtgtt ctaagtggaa aatgagtata taatgacatg ctctgtttgt    137760
     cttttctcca tggggccatt gcaattctca ccacattatg tggaacatat ggatttgcta    137820
     cttttcaaag atccaagata gcttcaaatg gtttgaccca acaacctaat tattttgcta    137880
     ttctggctta ggtactatac ctagggtaaa gtagtctctg tggaactggc aaaagaagtc    137940
     tctcagagga cactgcttct ccaatatcac ttttactgag tagtgactaa ttacaactgg    138000
     gaaagaaagt accatgtagc agctagggga gtgagctggg ttctgactgt taatagtgca    138060
     cccactttta agaccacggc agaatgaagg gggttgaaag acaggtgggg gtgctgacag    138120
     aggtggagag ttgagagagc aggccaagac caaagccaaa tggcctttcg aatcattata    138180
     accagcagct acagaagaaa ggagagaaaa agagactgga gggccatctt gggcaggaca    138240
     catgacttca gatgctagtt aagccatcaa taaatatagt ccctgaaagg ccagaagacg    138300
     atcagaaggt tattgagttc taagcagagt ggactggata atgaaagtaa tgggccagcg    138360
     aggctgagct ggtctttgga tgaaaggagg cttcaaggca aaataaggag aaacgacttt    138420
     ttaaagagaa gggtaaggaa gaactttttc ctgaaggaca caatgcatta gctaaacaaa    138480
     ctgtgcacat gcaacatcag cagcagcagc tgccactgcc acctttcatt cttgtcattt    138540
     atggaaacac cgctgagcct tgagctcatt tcaccctcac agttacccta ggaagtgtgt    138600
     ggtataagtg tccttttatg aatgaggaaa tagcatccaa gaatgtaaac ttagaaagct    138660
     agctaccaga ttgtttgcag tgaaactctg caagtttcac tgattgcaaa gtccatggct    138720
     ggcaaagcta gacattcggg aacaagtaca gcgttagaca taaccctgac ccaagggctc    138780
     ttaagggatc ttctagagcc agcagcaccc atggtggtct gtgaagaggt aggtttccac    138840
     agtcccctca cattagcccc tcctaccttg ctttctcctt caatgacgat gacaggcacg    138900
     gcagtggcag gccagcgatg tttggctggt agaggcttgt cacaattcca cagaactatg    138960
     atctgaaagg cacagggatc attagacggc tgtcttgagt acttctatag gcccccttct    139020
     aaaagaggga tagaagtgag ctggcaaaac aaaatttcaa agtgagtcca tacccgtacc    139080
     aactttagaa ctttcgatct tcaacaacca gagaggaacg gtagaaatct aaatgattac    139140
     tttcagagac taggagaaag tagtaactct aagggctgaa gagatggctc agcaagtaaa    139200
     gagcttaagt ttgatcccca ggacccataa aaatgccagg tgggtatgtc taccaaaaat    139260
     cctagtccct aggaggtaga gaatccttgt ggtaagcttg cttactagac cagctaagcc    139320
     aatacacaaa ctctgtgtgg aagaaactct accttaacat atatgaaaga ggacaaatga    139380
     gataaatccc aacgtcatcc tatggactct atatgtatac gcacatttgt gcatatgtgc    139440
     ctgcacatat acataaaccc tcacatatat gcaaacacat agataaacac acacacatac    139500
     atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacacac acacactcac tcacaaataa    139560
     aaagcagtaa cttcaagttt gccggaactt aatcaagtgt tttctaactt ctgatatctt    139620
     atgataagag tgtaatagca actgtgatca agttaaataa aaatgtatac caaacatccg    139680
     aacatctgct atgaactcac accacaccag gcaagtgggc gacataaaag aatttgagac    139740
     agaagcacaa tgagttcctg ctttggattc ccctgaacag ttgctggctt tatgtgactt    139800
     tataatttcc attaaaggca atgaattgaa aactgaacac ttcactatga tttgagcctt    139860
     ttctcatttg taaaccattt tatctacacc cggcacaagt taaaaaaact aaacagtgtt    139920
     aagactctcg gagtgctact gatttgggaa acactgctac cgcagatatc attctctcct    139980
     ctctcctggc cgctgtgaag gaaaagtcga cacttcccga cactgccaag tctgttactg    140040
     ttactggaac gtagtgttct gtgtcccgcc atgtggccat tttggtttac attatcattt    140100
     tgatgtttat gaatgaaata agaggctagg gaggtggctc agtgagtaaa atgtctgccc    140160
     tgccaacaca agggcaatcc ccagcatccg tggggaaagg ccaggtatgg gagtgtgtgc    140220
     ttgtaatccc aaggctgggt ggggcatcag aaacaggcag acccctggag cttgctggcc    140280
     aggcagcctg gccttatcaa tgagttccag ggtggggcag tgtctcaaaa agttggtaga    140340
     cagtacctaa ggaacaatat cctcggttca cctctgccct aaacacatat gtgaacatat    140400
     gtgcctatac acaaacatat tgctcaccct ctcaaaacat gcgtacatat ccacacacaa    140460
     aagaaaaaaa ggaagtagtt tgtttcatac attttttttt aaacagaaca tctctatatg    140520
     tgtgtgttgg gggagcgggt acattttaca ccaaggcaaa ggtcattctg aaatctgact    140580
     tgtgccaggt ttcacttttg agtctccaag ttgataaaaa ggagagtatc aaagcctagc    140640
     caatcactag aggaactggg tatgttactt gatgagcaac atcctggaaa gccaagtgtg    140700
     ggagaggtat gcaatgaggc tgcagagaac aaggctactc acctgcgcac agtactggga    140760
     tttggctgca gccacaagaa gcttcaacac tggctgggac tgagagacca ggggagtcac    140820
     agcatggatg actgcagtga atttggaggg gggctttaaa cctgaaaggc aatcatagga    140880
     ggggcctaag gaagcactga aaaatagaag actcagcaaa aagactccat gtcccagtgg    140940
     tttaccctgg agttgctgtc cctcaagtac agctgtcctt catgtcttat ttatggacag    141000
     aaggggagaa aagggcaagt tgacatgtaa cagccaatca gcctagagac ctctccagtg    141060
     tccatccatc tccagattct gtggacattt tcttccctta gtgatgcctg ccatcttttt    141120
     tttttttttt ttttttttaa atgttaccca atatgtatct atgcactctg ttctggtgca    141180
     taacttacct gttatgtcta tacataagca agccttttcc attggtggat ttacaagtgc    141240
     ctgcatatta actaaagggg attgtgtgac taacatttca taaaagaatt agaatgtagg    141300
     aaaagttcaa aggacaacac ctagcatcat ccatttaggc ctgactccca gatcttccat    141360
     cagtgttagt ggcattgaga aatatgggtg gatcctctgg gtttcttagg ctgggacatg    141420
     catttatccc cagagttgag caccctgata cacactgagc acttagcaca ggacttatta    141480
     gcaaataaga agtgctctgt gttatcacca tcagcatcct caacactggc tccagcatca    141540
     gcagcatcac actaagggag cctccatttt tcaagaatgg ctgctttgtg taacaggaac    141600
     accactgaga gaaaaagtat gtgaaactga cttctgccca atgggagctc tttatgggca    141660
     aggacaatga atatgcaaat caaccattac caccacagag aaacaagaag gtatcccctc    141720
     gggagccctt cttcaagacc tcggaaatta caaacaggtt aagagccttt cagaacttca    141780
     ttaatttagg cctactaatt tggcacatta gtagcttagg tatgaaccag gcattgtggg    141840
     aacatcccca ttagactttg atataggtgg ggatgtaagt taaaatcaga gtgtatatgt    141900
     gaaatgatta tgcaaatgtt ttacatggaa aattgtgcct tccaattagc attttaattg    141960
     aacttcagaa agaaagtgag tttcttcttc tcttgatgta tactcaggaa agatacccag    142020
     gactgaggaa acacttctta acgatggaaa ccactcattg cttttaggtt ttccagcaag    142080
     cgtttaagag gcatcattga catacttcta aagggctaac tctgaatgaa gatcacagag    142140
     ctttacgaga aatgttagga ttcttatcta ctgcatttga cacacaatga gttctcactg    142200
     gctcagtcaa ccatccactg aattccacat ggtcctccca acaagtccgg tttacattaa    142260
     atggttattc actgctgatg aatactttag gcccgaaact tcagtctcac ttcgtgggtt    142320
     tcaaactaag tatgtacaat ttaagaaggg tgaaggtgtt ttggagcaca ttcatataga    142380
     ataggaccac cctgagtctt tatcatagca gtctgaaaga taccttactg ccccacattt    142440
     tctaaacgct gtaactctga gctaacgtgt cgctgatgcc actgacatga gagcgtctgg    142500
     ggctccaact atggcaatgc ctgcggtagg aacatcagcc tctgtggagc tgtatctctg    142560
     tgctcccatc cttcacccca ctgagatcaa gtcaaagctg cttgtgagta cagattctac    142620
     caaaccttca aacatctagc ctgccattag ctctgtgtag gagagggcca tactaaaccc    142680
     tggaagaatg catcaattct tccttgacac atcatcttag ttatttctta tttctccttc    142740
     ttaattcagg tttttctaaa tgtacataaa gagaagtgag attatgaaaa aaatcatgga    142800
     gatatacaca cacgggcata cctatataca tacacagaca cacatatata ttaagtttat    142860
     acttaatcgc ttctcatgtt caaaatgatc tataatttaa gaacatttct caatgaagtc    142920
     taccaaatgt acaggatagc tgctcagatg agaaagaagg cttcctgtct tttttgtttt    142980
     ctaatactct gttgtattta caattcttta aagggggctc agacaacaat ctcccaccct    143040
     ggctattggg aagaataacc actttggggg gggtaatcaa aaggattcac ttacctaaat    143100
     tagcatagta gtaagggaaa tctcccaggt aagatgaata ctgcggtagg acgaacaatc    143160
     ctccaggatg tttgttccat attaaactgt tacgtgatat gtgcttgaat attctgtcct    143220
     gaataatcta gaaagcaaag cagcaggtgg tgaggttgag tcgagatgat actcagaaag    143280
     ggtcttggct cacccaagat agggaatgat gatgttgaaa agacatcgca cattctaact    143340
     gctcctcctc caagtcccca ctgataggaa cgtgtgcgag acaaagcagt gacaggctcg    143400
     gcaggacagt gagagcaaga gaaggactgg ctgacaaagc acctcaagta cagtgtacag    143460
     aagagttcac cagcccctgg tggtggggca tctctatata gattcagatc ttatcagcaa    143520
     gatccgttct atgtgcacag cactgtcagt gttggccatc tggagacaga aacaaagaca    143580
     agagaaggta ggctcactcc ccattccatc cctttaattc aggagggagt tttaaattgc    143640
     ctgtcaccat cgttcattcc attttcaaag tcagttgcag ggcgttgaat actagccagc    143700
     tcaaggattt ctgtattttg acttcaaaaa gttgtgattt aacaactgct caaaacatcc    143760
     tacggaatgg gacaagaacc atggcatatg aagactagta attgtcaggc tagttcatta    143820
     gtttcattgg actttgggac cttgcagatc attaaatttt acatttagag acaaaccttc    143880
     tcccaacctg aatcatttgt cagttgaatg tgattagtct actttagggc tttctctctg    143940
     actttaaaac tcttgtaata aaaccattga ctcattaaga tatgatgtag aaaataatta    144000
     acttgataca gaatatcata ccaggaaaaa agtttaaaac tcaaaaaaaa caaagaaacc    144060
     aacaaagaaa aagccacctc aggggcttag ttgggtggta tctattacca tttataaagc    144120
     gctgtttgac tcccaataat aaatcactga atctgccaat caaccctgat ataacattta    144180
     aggaaacatg aatctaagca tggacttcta ggatttgcta agttattaat atgctcacca    144240
     tgtcatccca ctcagtgatg ggtacaacac tcaaatgagc cttatgggtc ttttaaacca    144300
     catcacctgt actttcctac tgagagaagt agggtagaaa ttgagaggaa caaataatct    144360
     cagttcagta atatctgcat ttttattttt ccctcagatc aaaattgcta attttatatg    144420
     gttaggtaac tttctgagtt gacgaagatt tcaggaatcc aattataatg ttgatatttc    144480
     ctgccaatgg tacagaggca tggtttgcag tgccatcctg tagacatcta ttgtgagcaa    144540
     catgtgagag ctggaaagag ttttacacgg catgcaaatg tctgtatacc atttattaca    144600
     ttttttcatc ttgcatactt ccccaatgca ggctattatt ccctttccat agtggtctat    144660
     ttagatctcc cttttgtttt cgttctaaat ttatgtgcct tttagcatgg ggtcatatca    144720
     atgacctcgg ctatcaagac acaggataaa ttggcaagag gcagcatgag aaattgaagc    144780
     tacaaacaaa tgacacggaa ctcagagatg ttacaagtag ctcatcattt gctcgggtcc    144840
     cagggaggca cgcctcacat ggtcacggac tccattcgct ttaaagtctg gcttctttca    144900
     aattttccaa atacgaccat cagttatgga acactcttga aattctaata agcgtttcat    144960
     actctattta aatggatctt gacaagcaga tacaagtgtg actgcatata gcacatggaa    145020
     cttaatcttg gccaagagag gtgtggcctc cacggttcat cctctcactg gcaataaact    145080
     gatttactga cagcctctca gaatgtcaac taatctgcta aattcttgta tctaagattt    145140
     gatttttgtc tttcaaacca aatctcattt cattttctag atacagccaa tattggtctt    145200
     tttatgtgtt tccccatagt actcacagct tatttctctg aactgaccaa aatagtcatt    145260
     tgtctaggca aagaattgag aatacttctg aataaaaagc ttccacattc attaaagatt    145320
     ctttaagact ttggtttgtc tgtctctcct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc    145380
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc cttccttcct tcctgagata ggatttgtct ttgtagccct    145440
     ggctgtccta gaacttactc tatagactag gctggtcttg aatttaagag acccacctgc    145500
     ttctgcttcc caaatgctgg gattcaaggc acgcaccaga actgcctggc tgacagatat    145560
     gcttctaaaa agcttatata tcaacttgga ttgtcaaaag tttgaaggag tttggatctc    145620
     attccaacaa acagaaaggt catttttcaa tctcctaatg tctagctctc cctgtcactt    145680
     caccagacag ctctcaggat tcttaaatgg cactcagtgt ttacacttta ttgctgtgaa    145740
     agaagacata acatttagag gttggacact tccttgggta tttacacaca cacacacaca    145800
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca gagagagaga gactgagagg    145860
     gagagggaga gggagaggga gagggagagg gagagggaga gggagaggga aagggagagg    145920
     gaggagtttg ttgaggccct cagtaggatc atacttgagt aaatttacag ggtagaatga    145980
     caggctcctt attgttctat gccattctct tttacaaaat catgggtagt gcgttgcagg    146040
     ctgtagtcat cttcatttgt tccttgatca aatgatactt actgcctggc acaccaagtg    146100
     ccatcagatg acatgtgttt aaagccaaag ccatctttga ttgacattag ctcactggct    146160
     ttacaggaaa atcatcagca tagcacaacc gtgctgtagt ttaaatgtgc ttggtcagat    146220
     aactaagaag caaactggga aagctccaca acccccactt ctaaaacagc gtctcctcca    146280
     cttccatagg ctgttaggtt atgccagcga ttgctatcat ctcatgcatg ctttctcttt    146340
     gcttgccttg aacctgagtg actatgggct gacccatgaa gaaacactat cttcctagca    146400
     gcttgctact cagtccactg ccattgtttc aatttgcctg caagtaagta gaaaacagaa    146460
     aaatccagct ccgaggagac taattccaaa atgcagcagt cagtcttgag agctaacagg    146520
     atcccaagtc tgaaagagta gccatgcgga aggaatgcac tccctgctca tccttggctt    146580
     tggggagaat gagggacccc atcttcgact gtgtctaagt actacctata acgttagagc    146640
     tagtgttgtg gtttgaatgt gaaatgtcgt ccaccccagg cttgggtgtc tgaatactcg    146700
     ggtccacctg atgatgctct ttagaaggct gtagaacctt taagaagtaa agcactcctg    146760
     gaggaaggaa gtgagggagg gccttgagat ttgatagcca ggtcctactt cctgtccact    146820
     ttctatttcc aatctacaga ccaaaggcca tgaccagcgt tctcatactc cggttcccat    146880
     actgtcccta ccttaacctg taagcctgaa ttgaataagc tttccttctc ctaagcggct    146940
     cttgtaaggc atctgttcat agtgatgaga gaagttacag tggggattct ccaaagactt    147000
     gtcatcccac tctcagggtc tagattatga tcaacaagga agaagtacca cagatccaga    147060
     gtctatgcgt agataaatta agcaaaagag ccttaagtct atgctgccta gagttaacgt    147120
     ccattttctt ccttagcagg gccataaccc attggacgac ttattgtgtc taagtgctag    147180
     gccaagtggg cccagctgac gtgtggtcct tgagctcatc tcaggaacac gtatgctttg    147240
     ttgctttgtg tataaggatg gcatttcctt taccacttct gtttttctgt ttgttgaatt    147300
     tagggtaatg caagctctga attaagatgg gaaagcaagt gttctctctc ttgcaatttg    147360
     cctgagaggt cagatggtta caatccaatc ttgggatgat atagagagat ttgacagctg    147420
     ctataaattt gaatgaagta tatggtttta gtgttaaaaa aaaatgtgtt gctaaagaat    147480
     tgtgtggctt agatccaagg ggaagaaagc ttttctaggc tcaaagatga aaacagctca    147540
     acgtaagatt ctattgtgat gaatgtaaca catccagctg ttattgcagg agaatggagg    147600
     gagctctgtt aacttaatag acaagaaact ggatccacac aataacctgc tgcaaaagaa    147660
     atataattaa tgagatatga tcttttgcct ggcaaattag caatgttgtc tgtgtgttat    147720
     gttttaatta caatcatgaa ggctcacaag aatgcagcag aggagggtct ctcagagaca    147780
     gcctgggaga gtctaagtgg aggcaaccat ttaaagagtc taagtggatg caatactgtt    147840
     cctcctactg taggcaatga gatgtgtcat ttaaggcagt tttctttctt acatggactg    147900
     ctttattttg aaatatcaag agaatgaact agtcactcat gataggtcct ttgcagcaaa    147960
     ttagggaaga caaaagagaa aataaaaaaa aaatcagctt cacataaatc cctgcttaaa    148020
     tagaggacag agaggggatg agaaggtgac tcagtggagc tcacagagga acaggaaaac    148080
     agcttacaat catctgaact ccagttccag gggatctaac acctattact ggcctctgag    148140
     ggcactatgt ccatgtgatc cacatatata catacgggta aaacattcat acacacaaaa    148200
     agtaaaatac ataagacttt aaagggggat acagctagta ttttatatca tgacttagga    148260
     atggttttcc ctaaatgtgt ataagtctgt attatgttga ccaaaataaa agatgggttt    148320
     gaatatattg taacctgttt ttaaaagaac agtatgaaca tttgcttata ccaataaatg    148380
     tatatcctta ccacatttgg tgtctgtata atagtcttca atgtagatac attacaattg    148440
     gccaatctgt ttctcactat ctgactgagg atgtgcaatg ttataacaaa cataaacacc    148500
     atagcctatg ctacttagaa ctttcttcat taggtcatta tcttctcgag aagtacaggg    148560
     tgaaaattat gctttcttct aaaggtgcta gcctctgcag aaaggcttaa gaggggtagt    148620
     catcctccat ctaatcttaa agtctctctt ctgcaccctt ggtgacacca ctaccatgat    148680
     tccatgggac atctactgat gctataggtg ggaagtagta ttttatttaa ttttaacttc    148740
     ctcaagttaa ggtaaatatc cctttcacag cacctgatgc atacatgact tgactatata    148800
     cgcttaggaa caagtacaat tcaatttaat tagcaattaa gccactccac acttttgcat    148860
     ctcttgtctt tattatatcc atccacacaa ggattctgta gatacttctt tagattatga    148920
     gggtgtcaca tcctgataaa ctcattatag actaaaaata aagtaagttg aaaatgtgtt    148980
     tactatactc agttcatcca gcatactaac taaccttagc aacacagcac acagagatac    149040
     aagtgtggct gactgggaga tatggctcat ggccactgcc cagattcaca acacaatatt    149100
     ctatcacaca tactgatagc ctgggaaaag gtacaaaata agtactcaaa atatggattt    149160
     aatgaatgca tgttattttc tgcaccatca taatatactt taagaaaacc attaactcaa    149220
     actgctgtat gtactgatta tctatacgca tctgccattg tatacataca tatgtataat    149280
     ttatgtatac atacattact gaaatattag gagtttttcc ttttcatttc atatcctaat    149340
     tcagaatgtt tgtagaaaga tgtactttaa cgggttttgg gaaaagacgt acttcaattg    149400
     ttctaatctg aaaatataag tacttttgtg tgtttttgac aaggtctcac tgtattccag    149460
     cctacttggg aacttggata tttttctaat ttctttatca gagtttacat gtcaaaaata    149520
     ttaacatttt ttagcttcat attgactgtg aacctctgct ctcagttttg catttcttta    149580
     tggtgtatct gcctgacaaa agttttaatg attttcatcg tcatgcttag tgtgttttat    149640
     gcctgagatc atgtgcagag cagcttcttt aacttcaaat gatatggcta tacccacctc    149700
     tatcttatta catcaactgt attatctttg tgtgcctgtg tgagtgtgga gtgctcacct    149760
     gtgtggagat cagaggtgga caggtctgca cttggacctg gaccttgcag tttgggctag    149820
     cctggctacg tatcaagctt ctggaatatg cctgccactg tctgcactgc attgtagtca    149880
     caggcccatg tcaccatggc tggcttttac atggatactg ggagtccaac caagtcctca    149940
     tgcgagtgtt gctaatactt ttatactata tgcccactat tgtactaaca atacgttatt    150000
     tggtatcaag taacacaact catatcttct ctcatttgag aagttggatc aaagctctca    150060
     taattatggt agctttataa tgtgtgctaa ttaaactatg gaaataaatg atctttactg    150120
     cttttcaata atcctaggct atggtagggc atttattctt caaactaaat ataattaatc    150180
     tttaaactaa aagtaatttg tctaacttct tttaagactt tgatgtgtag atcgaggaaa    150240
     attgctatct ttacagtaga ctcccccatt actcaagttt tattttatgt cattcaattt    150300
     catgtgccat tttcatcaaa caaaaataaa acaatatgtt tttttcaagt ttaagaaaaa    150360
     acatagtaat ttaacaaaat atattatgaa ctttgtaatg cctggactct ttggttcact    150420
     aatttcactt cataaatacc aacctagaag tgtaggcaga aacaaagctc aaaatgcaag    150480
     caaaacactg actaaggcac tgtatgcatt cccagtcatc tatgcagata gcagtaatca    150540
     cagatagtat ttacggtgac ctgcaccaga tgggtggata agcagaggct taccacacga    150600
     tggtattagg gtgaagacag attaaaacgt ggtctgggtg tatcggtgaa cagagcagga    150660
     caggataaaa aggctaagga cacgcccgaa gacatactac gtagcccgaa agagtaacta    150720
     aagccacggg aaaactagaa aataacttac aagaaagaaa ataaatgaag aaaaaaaggc    150780
     taccttttta atacagaaca tgattaaaag ccaatagtct aagcagttag acggtatgat    150840
     atattaaaaa aaatgattgc agtaaaatat gtgtatgtgt ctgtatgtgt acagataaac    150900
     tatacattag aaggccaagg ctctgtctaa atgtagccag cagagaagcc acagacactg    150960
     agacgggtat aacacaaaca gagcaaaatg agtgtgaaca gctgaggggg aatgcttagg    151020
     acaaaaaact aatatttcaa atattctaaa aactgcaagt gtcaaaaatg ttgtggcagt    151080
     ttcttttgtt tatctgtggg cttcctgagc aagagacaga taaaatccag ttagttttgc    151140
     taacattcta agaagtaaaa ggctagaaaa tgatttatta tttttaaaga aaaaaaaaat    151200
     ctcctatctc actcagaaac aaaagcaaaa aggaatggaa aataacttag atagacctgt    151260
     ttacctagcc gcaggatgta caccgggcat aaaaatcctg gtgactggtt gcctagagct    151320
     aagacctgga gctgaagtta ggctggtgtg gaaaaatttc cactgtgctt tgtctaacac    151380
     tcatgctgac cctccctccc ctcaacaaga acacagcatg atcatgtcaa tggagcaggt    151440
     gacttcagtt tccacggtat tacttggttg ttttgtattt attcaagatt atattagctt    151500
     tcagagtgat tgttaacttc cgaaggaaat actctccaag tgtgtagtag attgtcctgc    151560
     cccattctcc aagttccagg gtcacctcag gagacaatct gatcactccc ctgctcatag    151620
     gcaggaaact catgagtgtg cagttttctg tgagctttct tagctctttg caaagctctg    151680
     catagcccga ggccattgct atctgctcta cttcctgtgg ttttaatcat tttcatgatt    151740
     ttctattttg ctattgcctt aaaccaggca atttaaaaga atgagacatg gctcagtgta    151800
     tgtggagtgc tttctcaata caactcccct gccccccaac acacacacac acacacacac    151860
     acacacacac acagacagaa taaagcaact tgaagatgtt tatccactca tgagccagag    151920
     tttctacttt tataaagatt aacattttca acaccagtag gatacaacca tgacagaagt    151980
     tttcttctta ccacaacctt acaacatggg gttggctggt tcagttgttt gtgtcttcag    152040
     aagcaattct gctgtctctt aaagtgctgt gccctatggt ggcccctgaa ctgttcatag    152100
     tttaagaatg gtggaggata gtttccttac ttgatcagta tctttttttc tcaatttact    152160
     ccagaaatat gtcttcaaag gataccactg agtttgagtg acaggaagat agtcattacc    152220
     cacattacct ctgaaattat gccagacaaa tcactttgtc cagggtacaa cttctctcca    152280
     tgtcacttct actatgagaa tttgtcagga atgagggcat ttgcttaaga ctggtaaaac    152340
     agatgtgggg ttgcaggatg agctgtcact aaactatgca aggacaggaa atttggtttt    152400
     gtcctacttg actaagtaca caacccaaca gtaaaaaaag aggttgcaat aaaagaacta    152460
     ttattcaaag atcatgagtg gaatggtctc acttacctct agtgtagtta atacaatctt    152520
     ctcaactgaa gaaaaataag cctcccacaa gaactgtgtc tgctgtctaa gtgctaggat    152580
     tttatcctga tgaatagacc tgattgtaga aggaatctgt aacataaggg gaacacatag    152640
     taattataac tgcaaaacag agagatgagc ttgatcaaaa caactcagtg ggttgcactt    152700
     ttgttcttca tagcattcat tttctagaaa acaggtctat taaaaaatca tcacccaggc    152760
     tgaaatgatg gctaagccag taaaggctag gctcaccacc aaagtcacca actgctaagt    152820
     aaaaatgtcc ccaagaaaca tcagaacaaa caacaggtct aggaaagcaa cctcaacagc    152880
     attcaaatgc atggagactg tgcactggcc tagctcagct ctaagattct gtggtagcag    152940
     gttagttgta taggggactc ctacagtcct aagtcccgtt ccctcttcct cctcttcctt    153000
     ctcctcttcc tcctcaagtc cacaaaatct ttggtcctga tatggacatg agaggtcttg    153060
     gagacagtaa acaaacagaa caacaacaac aataaaaacc aaaaacaaaa ccaaccaacc    153120
     aaccaaccaa ccaaccaaca aacccttttc taagaagtgc cactctaggg accatgaagt    153180
     atctataaat gtgtctattt aaagactgtt catgagccta accactcaac ccaaaccgat    153240
     ttagccatgt ccacatgcac atccttcttc tagtctcctt tgaacctttt gtacacctga    153300
     gagctctcct ctcaactcca gcccttactc tgatttctct ggatctctca aacatttcat    153360
     cataggctgt tctataccaa gttaaataat tttgaaggaa ggcctttctt cctgttcata    153420
     ctgctatata ttttgtggct aagagaatag tttttatgct agctattcaa gaaatgagcc    153480
     taattgagca tggccaatag aagctctcat caggatattg ttatttttaa tagtagcata    153540
     gcttgatagt aaggtaaagg cgttaagggc atcaatgtgg gattctggtt ctactattta    153600
     ctagatatgc ttccttggat gaattaggtg ctcttttgga ttgttcattc ataacatgat    153660
     atggttgggt gcttagtaca gtgtctacat atagaaatct taattatgat ggttcattat    153720
     tactgctatt accattgttg acacagggag atgctagtcc aagttggacc aatttatttt    153780
     aagtagagct gggccagttg tttacagtct acctataaat ttgtcttagc cctagttcta    153840
     agatgccttc cttggatttc tggctaagtt ttccaggctt gctccctgac tgtacgtaca    153900
     gctcaagggc tgttctattt atgtaatcta cactagattc ctgtgattgt caactgccct    153960
     gctgtgcgca cctttctgca tgcttgcctc cctaatgcat gatgaatcac acagacatgg    154020
     gagcctgggc tacataagaa atgctctgcc aaccacatta ataggaaagt tactcaaaat    154080
     atgggactgc actatagttg cgttctcatc agagggaaag gagatgatag cacattgcta    154140
     agattcaaat tggcccttaa gaaaagcagt gaaaagaaca gaaggaaaac ctgacttgct    154200
     ctgccaatat ctcaatgtag atactaagtc tatgctttga aaagatcata atactgaaaa    154260
     aaatacagat gctgaaggta aagttgaaac actggcagga tcaaggtcaa tggaaataaa    154320
     atattcttag atgagctgaa ccattcatga cacagatcca tgataagtca agaaaattta    154380
     tttttatttg ctcaatgaga aaatgaccta gattgccgaa gaaaaactag ggggggaaaa    154440
     ccctcatccc caatttttat aagcatgtcc ctttcaatga caatggcatt ctctaagtca    154500
     tacagattgg catggctgtt tttatcatgg ccacgagaaa atgccaaaag ctaccatggc    154560
     tatatggtct ccagaaagcc aggtccatgg tgcttctaaa gggaggaggg aggtgcatag    154620
     actcagccaa tgataccacc ccgtgtcttc catggcgaca tcctgttctc ccacttctag    154680
     agttctacca gtttgtgtgg aggatgactt caattgattg gcaggatgga gttctaagtt    154740
     ccaatggcat ttggctattg gttattaatc tgcctttcct cagagacagg tatgcgaaag    154800
     tgatgaatta attacgattt ggacaggatg atttggaagt cctaataaaa ggttatgtgt    154860
     ggtaatagga tctaccaaaa tagatatagg aaagccacag tacgctcctc ggtgacaggc    154920
     tgacaagaac atatgcaaat aaaaacacca gagctgttcg aaaacaggaa atgaaaaatt    154980
     gtaacataac aaaaaacatt tcccagagca cacatttggg ctccgtgcca gctctttaaa    155040
     accattgtta acaaccgtac agtcactgtt caatatggaa gcagctgtgt aaaaacagat    155100
     tgcagatgag gaggaaaaat actagcaagt gtgggcacag gggtgtgaag aatacaatct    155160
     ttagagtcaa gtcaaaatgt ggcttcaaag agtgaaaaag ccaaacttta gtagcccagg    155220
     ataaccatac ttaagtgtca tggaatgttc tctactctaa gacagactcc aacttgttca    155280
     tagcaagttc aagaatgcat tggttaaaaa aaaaattgag aacacaatga ctgatggttt    155340
     tcatatccaa aatttccttt atgactatgt attattaaag caacataaaa ggaaagaaag    155400
     acaaaggcag tgtggacaag caccacatac cacactgagt gtatgactca ggcgtctact    155460
     ctgtctacat ggagagctct ttcttagtat gtcttggagg ctgtccctat tgaattatac    155520
     cagggaatca gtgctatgaa cactaacctt tcgaaatccc caaacctttc tcagtgaaca    155580
     cctatggaat tatgttttgt ttagaacaga ataggctagg gatggagaga tggctcagca    155640
     gttaagagta ctggataccc tttctaccag gggttcaatt cctagcaccc acatggcaac    155700
     ttaaaactac ctgtaactcc tgttccagga gatctgacac ctttatcaga catatggagt    155760
     caaaacacca atgtacataa aataaaaaat aaacaatttt ttaaaaggga gtggaatggg    155820
     ctaagtccaa agaacaggtt cactatttcc agagtaccca tccccacagg tttgtgctgt    155880
     ggtcccagag gtcccaagat cacacagctg agaactgaat gacagggagg ctgttgtggc    155940
     ctcggctgga ttggtccaca gtgctctcca tcacgggcac attctctggg agtttcagga    156000
     gatgactgca tcccttccgc agtccattag cagaccagcc aggagcacag gaagaagagc    156060
     agaagctcat ctagaaactc cttgtcttgg atatcaatta attttgtttt aaaaacacaa    156120
     acattggaga ggatctttct acacaacctt gtggaggttt aacgataaag tatttaatgc    156180
     catgaaaaga aatattaact gtgatataag agtatgtggc agtttacaga gaacctcaaa    156240
     cacaactggg ggtggggtag ggggggtaag gggatggggg cggggctttg gaaatcttca    156300
     tggccccttc ttgctcattc aattctctgg gcaggctgag ttccctttcc ttgcacgact    156360
     gaaactttta ttaggggcct ttcttttaaa tacctatcca agtgacagcc ctcctgcggg    156420
     tcctcagggt tgagtactgc ggtagtggta acactgcgca cagcaacaag cctagagctt    156480
     atgtcccaga gtcaaccaga gtgaatgaat atagagccga gggaccagag agagtgtcgt    156540
     gtctgaaaac gctggtgctg aagctggtgg ggatccacct ctccccactc aacaaagctc    156600
     atacacttta tcagcaatgg ctgtttccca caatatattc tgcggatttg gacagatttt    156660
     ggggttggaa agtgaacaat atcatattaa acggcttcat attcaccatg acacaggcaa    156720
     ttttctcctg ataaaatttc ttttatggag ctgacctttt ggattcatct tctttgaaag    156780
     tttggatggg ggcagcaata atctgctctt ctgccgaagg ccacagcccc ttccttacct    156840
     gtaatagcaa tctctcatcg cctatgacgg cagcttggtt ccaattaatc acttcggaga    156900
     atggcaactc ccatccgttg ctgagcatta cagggacaca ggcagcctga gcaaaggaag    156960
     gatttcatga gtgtgaggat accgacagca gggataccat tccaatcagg agaagagtaa    157020
     gtacaaattc aatcactggc attgcttatg tcacacgggc cccacactgc tcaggctaga    157080
     aagcaagtaa gtgactcaga attaccaggt cacatgggac tgcaagcatc cctacctgac    157140
     ttgaagattt tcaagtctcg ccttagaatg ctaatacccc atttctattc tagtacatag    157200
     gtttggctga ccttacttcc atggggatga atggccttgc tgcagaaagc tttcacaaca    157260
     acaacaacaa caaaaatctg agcataaaaa ccttgagtat acaccatttt gtcaatggaa    157320
     gtgcctcaga tacatctcat catggttccc cccaatgtca tgagccagtg gggaacagga    157380
     tggggtccat ctgtctaggt agagctttgt ggacttaact gttgtaacat ctagctctcc    157440
     tttttctata agcatctaac tcaaaacctt gttccctcca gtgtgtagtg caaactgcag    157500
     ttgtactagt ttcccgtctg cactaggatg tcaacaggct gaagacgaaa tgtagtcgcc    157560
     aaggaagtct ttattcaacc cagagagcaa tttgctccct atggcaccca tgaagcttcc    157620
     agaatgctag tgagtagtga aggtacgctt ttcagagcgc acaaagcacc ggaagtgctc    157680
     tgccagagac aggagctctt cagcctgagg aaagggtagg acttacggtt caaatgacag    157740
     gatgaaggcg ctatgaaaca cccctcaaat acacagattc agacaaattg taaattattg    157800
     caggaaggaa agaagaaagg aaggaaggaa agaaggaagg aaggtaggta ggtaggtaga    157860
     gggcatattt ctcttgccat tcaagaagac aggctgcaaa ccaaaaaatc ccaaagctgg    157920
     gtgtgctcct gacattggct gacaggaaaa aaggagagac ccccatctcc aaactcaaga    157980
     gccaatgtta gcaatgggat ctgcccatct gccctctgtc tgcaaacatg ttcctgatga    158040
     atccagtctt cccggtggtg agaccgctta ctaactgctc tcatgtccaa aatcagggag    158100
     tcaatcttgc tcccaattct ggctcttcaa aaccatttca gattttcttg ggaagtgttt    158160
     ttagttcctt agcaaaagct gggcttattt tttttttttt tttttttgac tctagacaag    158220
     tatgaaaagc ttgaaaccag tttggctcca atcttcaacc tgctgcggta aattttcata    158280
     gtctcttacc tgcaaagcct ccaggaatct gaaggaccca agcctgcgac cacgaggaac    158340
     cagacagaaa gtggcattgt gcagcatttc ccgataatca tatctagaac aataagaggt    158400
     ctgatcagca agtgcaaatc caggaggaaa aacggatgat ggaggttcag agcagagcat    158460
     caatttacct taacaattta ccccaaataa ctaagccttg aggaagggct actctcacct    158520
     tcccatttag tggggcaaga gcttgttgca tgggaaagac aaacaggaac aatcatgctg    158580
     tatgaagcaa taaggatctc ttttgcaaac agtttacaaa gggacaggtc tagccgggtg    158640
     tggtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt    158700
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagctc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc    158760
     tgtcccgaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacccca aaacaagaca aaacaaaaaa    158820
     acccaaaaca aaacaaaaac aaagggacag gtctaatggt tctcataacc atttgtcttg    158880
     cctagtctct gcttcctaaa tcaggtgggg gaggggtgca cagaaagtct cattacacac    158940
     ccttggctgg cctagaactt ggtatgcaga gcaggatgga ctcaaactta cagagatcca    159000
     ctcacttctg cctctgttga tctgtagctg gttgcaggca tgcatgcact agccagattc    159060
     cctcctcccc cccgcttgac gaaacagttt gctgccatag actaagaagc attcctgata    159120
     catctgcttc tcccttaatg ccacaccact cagcaacacg aaatgttctt cttgttctct    159180
     gttccccaca ccatgctatt aaaagatact tcggaaacct ccaccttaag cgcaagccaa    159240
     catttgtttt ctcttcgaac tggagtttct acatttaacc aagaacattt agtgattcca    159300
     gaaaaatagt gctgtgtata agtatggctg ctttgacttt tggggaaaga ctcggggctg    159360
     ggggccagga ggaatagggc atgggaggcc aaggatgggg agcagaagaa agcctttgtg    159420
     aagaatgagg cagaggcaga acaaagaaaa aaattaccag ggggaactgc aaactgggat    159480
     agagcatggt gattattctt tttactcaaa tgccatttaa tggtattaca ctgttttggg    159540
     gggagggggg actccagaaa aattataaca tgactatcac ctgtctctta ttgtcagtga    159600
     gactcaggac caaaaaaagc atttaattat ttgaggctcc ccctgtaaaa gttattaata    159660
     ccaaatacat tcctaagcac gcactttcga cttaactaag agtctaagag aactcgggaa    159720
     gctagagatg cctcatgtcc tgtaaaggct ctgagttgca cagccaagat gaaatcgctc    159780
     tcatttctca agcacttcca atgtagcgca gacaggtgtg actctgacag tagcatatgt    159840
     caccggcatt ttctaactct aatagtctaa tttaaccata gcctggaggc actggattct    159900
     tccctctact ttttttggga tattgataca tacattcata tttttaaagt ccacatctat    159960
     ttttatattc tcatataaac taggcatatg ggagtaagcc aattttcaat tataaacccg    160020
     tcattaagaa gagacatcat gcaaaggacc atttgcttaa acaagcatgt acaactaatt    160080
     tgcacaagaa aaggtcactg tgaatagatt aagattatct ccattgagag caaaataaaa    160140
     agcccttgct gcattaatta agctgcaaaa tagacttcaa agtggaaagg atttttaaga    160200
     aggatcaaat tcagctaaat aaaaatatta aattacgact gtaatgactt ctctcgcttt    160260
     ctctctctct ctctcttttt taccaaacac agaaaaataa ttgacaaata tgttcaagtt    160320
     caaatgttga taatgtctga attttaccta ataggtagaa aagagggggg aatataccga    160380
     cacaaattga tgagcgaaag ttaaactgat ttttttttta atatagaaag gtcgaatata    160440
     cttcagactc ctgcaaggtt taagatactg agaatagaaa ccccggaggg accagaagag    160500
     tcctacatcc tcatcattaa gctgctaaaa atgtaaaatc ttattagtgt cttggattgt    160560
     aacaagtttc aaagtttcca cttgcagaat ttactttcta gagtgtgtgg agggagaaga    160620
     agggcagaaa agctcccggg agaaagtcaa gtgacagtta cacagggggt gtcgacttta    160680
     agtgcctgta cagaagcatt agttgctgat gtagcacagg attgaagctt gaagtcattc    160740
     atataatgag atgagggaag caccctgaac ctgttaggtc ctgctcggag gccatgagct    160800
     taacacgggt gcttttcagg gcatctgttt cctcacctga aataaagagc cactcagatt    160860
     acatgtctcc tgtcagcttc tacgttcccg ctattctttg tgctgttggt tttaggttta    160920
     aaaaaaaatg tcttttgaga ccattccacc aagattttca caatctttct aggaggagca    160980
     tgcatgtata cattcacaat tgctccaatg tctgccaaat atagtcacaa agataaagac    161040
     agctgtacag aatatatata tatatacaca cataacttac aacaatattg tgtggtttaa    161100
     acgagaatgc tcctccatag gctcatatat atgaatgtgt ggcccttagt tggtagaact    161160
     gatttgggga gatttaggag gtgtggtctt gttgcaggat gtatgtcaca aggggtaggc    161220
     ttgaatgtca aatgtctcac aacaggccca gtttcattcc accatcccct aattgctcct    161280
     tgtggatcag atgcaagctc tcagctactg tgcaatcttt gtctgcctgc tgccatattc    161340
     aatgccatga tggtcatgag ttcgccctat aaaactgtag gcaagtcctt atggtgtcta    161400
     ttcatagaaa ggtaactgaa agaaatattt tccattgcaa cttttaagca cgctcagccc    161460
     atgaaccttt ttctctttta gattctatgg ttgaggaatt catgaaatac tgagttgttt    161520
     caagagaacg gatgatgatg accttagttg ggccagttac tggcttcact tggggcattt    161580
     cctgctttgg aattctttaa ctcggtctcc tgtgatgctc tcttgcttca ctgaacctga    161640
     gcatatattc atgtgtcctt aaaaaaaaaa cacttctgat gatactgtca cattcagaca    161700
     gacactatcc aaaggcagtt gctttatctg cccaagattg aacctaattg ataagattta    161760
     aaatctcaag cgggacagtg aaggcatatg cctttaatcc cagcagtgag gcagaggcag    161820
     gctgatctcc atgagttcaa agccagctgg tctatagaac tagttccagg acaaccaaaa    161880
     cgaaacagag aaaccctttc ttgaagaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa    161940
     aaaaggctgt aaaatctctt aaagtcatcc ccatcaccag agaaaactag aatcatcact    162000
     ccagtgtgac atagccagac cctgtggaat tctctcccca aaccaacact ttattaatga    162060
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaacccaac agtttgattt aaactttctt gagtagtgcc aaatgcataa    162120
     gacagaggga tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc gcgtacaagg    162180
     tctgagaaaa tctccccagc cttcggtgac tggcatctat gtcatggctt gtctcattat    162240
     acaggtttct atctctgcct atgagaactc aactctagaa gctccttcct ggaagggaaa    162300
     aagacaatct cctgaagcag aaatactttc aaatcatcca tctcctaaga aactttgtct    162360
     aaaaccatgg ccctctactt tccgaagtct gtgacccttt aatatagttc cttatgttgt    162420
     ggtgacccta aacataaagt tatttcattg ctacttcata actgtaattt tgctactgtt    162480
     gtaaattata atgcaagtat attatatgtg acctccgaag ggtttgaggc ccacaggttg    162540
     agaaacactg gtctagacta tggaaaaaac acttctgata caacaataag agaatccaat    162600
     gtaaacatgg gctaacaatt tgaactgata tttttcccaa agaaaatgaa taaagcacca    162660
     agaagaacac aggaagatac tgagtatcgt tagtcattga aggaacggaa atcaacccaa    162720
     aacacaagga ggtgccactt gctccctgca ggacagtgta tgatctaaga ggacacatga    162780
     gaacaagcac agatagaaac atggaaaaca agaaaaacaa gagctcttcc ttgggggcta    162840
     caatgagagg aaaatggtaa ggctgttttg gggacaatct ggcagttcct tctcaaacta    162900
     aaaatggact tttcatatga cccagcactg tacttaggca tttatcccag agaaatgaag    162960
     gcatttttac ataggagaac tgtccacaaa tgtatacact ggataccctt ccaagtatga    163020
     atgaggcaag attgtggtat acacatagcc tagatcactt ctcagatgaa taaaacataa    163080
     tgaagtaaaa gaacacggat caaactactt aagtacacaa ggacctcgag gatgctaatg    163140
     ccgagtccaa agccaccctc taaagggtac acactacatt gctccatttt cataacactt    163200
     gtgacagcat ataacgacgg ggccggagaa cggagtagtc gctaccattg gttagaggtg    163260
     ggggagacag actttatagg tcaagtgggg agacaatctt ctaaagtaga ccagttcatc    163320
     ttattaagtc aggagatgta agacatgcta taatcacata caacttaaaa cacacacaca    163380
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagtgaga caggagaggt atcaactgct ttcagagaat    163440
     ttgcagcttc agctggtaaa ccagttgtct cccctttgtg gcattacagt ccacactcca    163500
     gaggtaatga tgcaggagat agaagagcct ttctaagtgg ctccacagaa aatgtgcaat    163560
     aaaaacgaca tgaccctgac tttaacctgg aagccagtac catgcaatag gtataatagt    163620
     tttcttccta gagttgtact gaataaggta cagaatataa ccccatttca gatatgctat    163680
     ggaatgttat ttgaagtctt ccctcaccac ataagatgac tcactaatag tgagtcagtg    163740
     tgactaggca agggagacag agtggttcat accattccac caagtgttgt ccctgccact    163800
     tgtatcacct gtggtaccag ggaactgcac agatctcagg atcacccagg cctgctgaat    163860
     ccagaactct tgggaaagag ccttggattc tatgtgagtc cattgtaatg cccagtacat    163920
     tttgtgcagc agggaactgg tagctaaaaa cttagtaaac aagagctcag tggtcaagca    163980
     gccaaacctg ggttcacagt ctatgcttac catccacaaa ctgggcaatc ttgggaaata    164040
     ctaatttgtc tgggcttagt ttcctggttc atccaaaggg gttgatcctt ctactgacct    164100
     gaccaaatga tacattcttt tctttttctt tttaatttct tttctcccta gacagggttt    164160
     ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc cttgaactca    164220
     gaaatccgcc tgcctctgtc tcccgagtac tgggattaaa ggtgtgcacc accacgcccg    164280
     gcttccaaac gatacatttt aattaaagta cagcacctta tgagcatttc tgcaaaagat    164340
     agctgtaatc acttcagctg aagggagcca gcagattatc agaaacacag gcagctgtca    164400
     atgaggagac ctgggctgaa gaatctggag tgtggctctc ctgcgagacc cccatgcaca    164460
     tctcttagct tctgtcagtc tcaaagctgt gaagctcaaa tgaaattatg tacatgcagt    164520
     ataatcagga aagtagtatg caattgcagg ttattatggc aaattatatc agaaggaatg    164580
     gaataaacat tttttaaaaa ctaccaacaa tgaaaaaaac aaaaaaacag ttttgcaaag    164640
     acagccaaga gacaaacgag gagcagaccc gttaaaagaa aatgaaagca gaagccgcag    164700
     ctccccacac agcagcagtg tgtagtttaa aagctttctc ctcatcagaa gctgtacaag    164760
     gaaggaagcc gctgctgtgg cttgctgtct tcccagggtt cccacagatc ctctctcaca    164820
     agcacgttgg ccaaatgatc ctgctttttc gctagccaca gtggacaggc aagaagccag    164880
     caatgagcct ctaatcttca gactcacaca attccaggct gcctgaggtg atagtttgtc    164940
     tcgagtattt acttatgaac tgggtgaaca tcacagctgc tctttttctg ccagccccgt    165000
     cccttctaag taatgattct tctctgttta tacccagatt tgagtcacat ctcttatgaa    165060
     aaaaaatcag aaagctaata cttggggtgg ctgaagttcc agagtgccct gtgatgagga    165120
     aaaggaaata cagactagtg catctctgtt cttggatgag tgtgtgagtg cgtgtgtgcc    165180
     atccacatgt taggtccgtc ttaagaagat cgtggtccag tgaaaacact gtgaagttgt    165240
     cagatgttca tatggaagcg gggggggggg ggcagggaag ataaggcatg ggtggctaca    165300
     gaaggcattg gtgaggaaga tgagaacagg gatgtgtatc tcgaagattt ccaggactct    165360
     ttgctaagca ctgatgacgg agcaagagct acaaacactg gaagatgggc atttctaggc    165420
     taatggtagt ccatcaggat caaagggtcc atggggaggg aaaacaccca atttggagtg    165480
     ggtcaggaat ggttaaagag ctcagggcag ggggaggggg ttaaggagat gataagcttg    165540
     ctacctcctg gagctcagac attattccat gagagtgaat ctgagtcact gaagaactca    165600
     agcgaaagaa tgacaggatc ccagaagtat cccaccaacc atacagctca acttcatggg    165660
     cagaggtgaa atgctgaaaa tgtaagaagg ccccaactct tttctttaaa caatgctgct    165720
     tctggtcagc ccacatggcg tcatatgtct gaagacatac aattctcatt aagaaaatta    165780
     gtgagcagtt catctctgac ctcttcaacg tgcaactgcc ctttgtagga ctctctcctc    165840
     aaaacttccc tccaggtgac ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgggggg ggggggcatc ctctgttgtt    165900
     ttctaagcct gtttccgata ccctttccta agtccagata aaatgtttaa aatttcaatt    165960
     acttttgaga aaagaaatct taaaggtcag gacatgggat cgcacaaaat tgatccgtgg    166020
     cactgactga actgagaaac gtgaattggg agttggaaaa tggttccagc tggccactgt    166080
     actgtctggg ttcttttgac aacatggcac agagaagtat gggtcccagg ggtcatggag    166140
     gatctgttgg acttgtggga attgctggct gatacacacc cacaagtgtg cacaaagctg    166200
     agctgcttca tacacgtcaa tcagttcttc aaatacgtgg aactgcactc tgaatgtgat    166260
     cgatcagagt ggcgacagtc ttagggaaag ccagcaactc ccctgcagta aaggttgcta    166320
     cttaaaggtg gtgcaattcc ttgccctgaa tattcaacag gcaaccaacc caccagtcac    166380
     aagctatatc aaaggtatca cttcctttgt gatctcggtg tgatgttgcc aattctaggc    166440
     tctccattgc agacaggatg tttgtacaaa accaagggca gacaacttac atgcattctt    166500
     tcatacttcc tggcttcaaa cagaagacaa ttttcattct atgccaactt aaaatctttc    166560
     actacaggaa caggaggagg gaggtggcat gctgtgggtg aaggtcccag tgagaggtac    166620
     ttaattctca tgtgtatcac catgggcata ggtttgatac atcactacat aacatatatt    166680
     gacacctgac ttccaccaca ggggaaagag atgactgcca tcaaatatgc tcttaaacac    166740
     attgggtcat agcccctgtt gactctaatc tttcccattg catctttatc ttgaatgatc    166800
     actggcagtt cagaactgta atgtggtaat cagtactcac atatattaat agatatagca    166860
     tgtactgagt atatattgta ttatgtttat atatatctca aagaggtaga aaaccatcat    166920
     ggtggaacat gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagaa gcagatggat ctacattgtg    166980
     ggttccagaa tagtaaggac tacataaaga gaccttgtct caaaaatacc atccttgcta    167040
     ctgctcatta aatagcagct tattggctaa tacacaaaga catgaataaa cacgatgact    167100
     gttaataact atactactaa taattttact gattaagcct ttcctgtaga cagggtacag    167160
     tgccccataa tccatactct gcattgtata ttactgttaa aaccaccatg agaagcaggt    167220
     acagcttctg ccccatttca tagacaatgg agcggagctg caaggctttg tggagcctgg    167280
     gtaaggagag cagagcttgc agtgtggagc acagggcctc agagtttttg ctagaaggaa    167340
     aaagtaacac agaggtagca aaggtgaaga cagagatttg taacacattg caccctgtga    167400
     cattaatctt gggaagcttt caggatgaca caggtctggc tgcgtccgct cttatacttt    167460
     cagtgccaga ttttagaacc tattctgaga ggaatgcagt tccaagacac atgagtctaa    167520
     attctctggt tagaaacgaa gcatttctga cagtgctaaa taaagggtta cctgggcaca    167580
     gagggaaaag aggagacact gacaataaaa gaaccagctg caacaatggc cttgggtgga    167640
     aaaatggtcc agaaaagata tatagcaggc tacttagcaa ggggaagccc aaggtcatta    167700
     ttttatcatt aggctttccc ttggtgccat gccacaggag atggccaagt ggaacggggc    167760
     aagaaaatgt ggactaaata aaggctaaga agatatggct agtatagaca gtatggagta    167820
     gatattctta ggacagcttg tgccctgttg ataggagtga ggatgactga gacccaaatg    167880
     tgaacactgc aggctcccct ccctttctgt ggaacctcaa ttcctgcttc caagagtaag    167940
     ctcctatggc cactcaagtc ctggacccca tcttgactct ctttctcact cgactaagtt    168000
     gcacattttt atcacttcaa gagtcagggc ttagactcta ccatctcttg gcccagcacc    168060
     tacttaccca tggctggtat gtatcagctt acttcatggc acatggacta cagaaggaat    168120
     ggggacatgg aatgacgtaa ctctgtatta tggcaaggtc agcttcagcc agtaagcata    168180
     tatcaactct tgatcatacc aagcctgcct agctgaggtg aagctacaag ttgagtggga    168240
     ctcgggttta ctttaagaat ggaaccaaag caaaacaaaa atcaatcttt tattcttcct    168300
     ggtttccttt tgtacatttt ctcagggctg gagaaatggc tcagtggtta gaagcactgg    168360
     atgttcctct agaagacctg ggttcaattt gcaacaccca catggcatct tccaactaac    168420
     tgtctgtaac tccagttcca ggggatccat gtcacggggt atgcatgtga tgcacatgta    168480
     tatgcacaca ggcaataccc atgcacattt tgtctttatt tctaaaggtc tggcaacttg    168540
     ttaaaaagtt acattctcct tgaacagtga tgggaattgg aaatttgtgc ttcaccaggc    168600
     ctgataaata gcattatttg aaagtcatgt taaatgcatg cagagtggtg ctctcagtga    168660
     acactctcct gcgctccctc catgcctgag ctgagaagaa caattgtggg cccccctgat    168720
     ggcttcttca ataacaaaca ctgatgtggt ccaaagacaa aatcactcca ctcccagaag    168780
     aaacggacca atcctaatat tctaagttct tctctttcca tcaaagcaaa gacctctttt    168840
     ccttcctggc caccccatct gccctctgat aaggcaaatg gttggaattt ctgatgggct    168900
     tttctcatag ccagggaagg cggggatgga gacagagact gtctgacata ctgtgctcta    168960
     tgtcaatgct taaaccttct gtctgatccc cacacttaag tgattataaa ataccttgca    169020
     gaatgcccct ggctttgata accttcccat ctcctctcct actttcacca tcactgagtt    169080
     tcaatttttg acttaggaat aacttagtcc cgggccttag acattgactg caaacaagac    169140
     cttgggttgg catatattaa tatgacaagt gcttgagaaa tgtagggcac tgagatgtaa    169200
     gatgtaaatt tcataaaaga agatgtcaag aggaaaggta gggggtgtat acatgtgcaa    169260
     aggcaaatgg gatcctatga cagaaaacat ttgtgctact gcttaagaaa aataccatgg    169320
     tggcgcatgc ctttaattcc agcacttggg aggcagaggt aggtggattt ctgagttcga    169380
     ggccagccta gtctacaagg tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt    169440
     ctcaaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaaaatca gattgttaca taatgatgat    169500
     gttacagacc actattgtag gatagctgag ttcataagga ctgggaaggt tcaaaagtct    169560
     ggattctgcc atttcctttg gcaaaacaca ttcacactgg gggagacaag tctacagagc    169620
     tgagtgacct ctccttcctc cggctggcta tattttctac agtcctctgg agaagctgct    169680
     aaagagaagt ctcattctga aacagtgcta tagaacaggg aaaactgatg cagctgatgg    169740
     gggtggggga gtgggggaag gttgaccaga tgattctgag gatgcctttg tgctctggca    169800
     tctttggata ttaagatttg aacagcctca tgtgtttaaa aaacaaaaaa acaaaaaaca    169860
     ggttcccaga tagtagtggt acttgtgtaa aacagtggaa acttagaaag tgggagcctt    169920
     atcagaagaa gtggataatt ggggcatatt tctgagggtt acagcttact ctgacctcct    169980
     cctatctctc attgctttct gtttaccatg atgtgagcag attcatgtct tccaaatgtt    170040
     cctgcttcac cacaaaccca gatctgtaaa ctcaaatctc tgatactgct aaatatatcg    170100
     gaattaagct aaactataac aagtaattct ctgggctaca gagattgagt ggttgagtac    170160
     atccacatgg tggcttataa ctgcctgttc tcagagatca gacctcttca gcactattta    170220
     gacctctaca tatccctgta cacatatggt tcctatacat atagccagat atgcacacat    170280
     atacatgtaa tgaatattta actggaatat attctttgca aaagtccttc tttgaaatta    170340
     tcttcttggg tatttttgct gcagcgatga aaaagtaccc aacaaaggaa tactgagcgg    170400
     ttcctgtacg ccaggtagta ttctgtgtcc cagggaagcc atgcagagtg gtgtaggact    170460
     gcctactaat agaatttgtc attatgcaga aataagagtg tgctcccatc ctttcctctg    170520
     gtgcttctgc agtgttcttc ctgctttcca tcaccataag cagagaaaag aagcacttca    170580
     aattcctatt ctattggctt taaaacagac caagttcact gtaatcccct ttaaaatctg    170640
     atctctatca aatgactaaa gaagcctcta aaatgtcata ctctgggcaa aattatccca    170700
     atggcccctc cagctactaa gaacaatatt cctatccggt agatatgggg acccatgaat    170760
     actatcctct acccattgct tcaacatccc cctttcttga tgaccatcta tacgcacagt    170820
     gttctcagtt tctcagagca ccacacctgt tttcattatt tacttgctgt gccctaagcc    170880
     aatgcttctt ccagacttct cccaagatgc ccatcagtgt gcacactcct cagacagggg    170940
     ctcctagatt ggcctctgag ccgaccttcc cactgccttg gttcagctct ctcctggcat    171000
     tgaagactta aattcaagcc cctatttttt tggcaggttc attgttcttt cccgcccaaa    171060
     cataacatat atattataca aacaagcaca cacatgcccc tttgttgttg ttgttgttac    171120
     tgttgttcac tactattgct gaggacatgt ctgacctaga gtgatctttt ttgatgtctt    171180
     tgttgaacaa atatcagagc attctaccct catctcattc ttcagggtct ataatgctta    171240
     tgaggttata aagcgttcag ctgctaacag cagttcacaa gaaagccacg tacttggcca    171300
     aaccgatctt acaaagtccc ttcatcttgt ttcctgaaat gctagccata tttctccagc    171360
     taatgttaag atttgtcaac ttctctaaat gtcatctgct tgacaagcaa gtgcatatta    171420
     aaaatgtctt caggaacaat ctaaaaaaat tgtagaatca tcctttaaca tgtttatgta    171480
     caaagatatg gtaaagcatg cagaaactaa cattcacagt gaagtttctg ctcttaactt    171540
     ggttcctgat ttatcataag gaagtcgtat tgactatgga atatattctc atttataaaa    171600
     cagagagttg ttgatctggt cttgccttcc taacaaggtg tactgaggat ctagcaaggc    171660
     agggagccag aaaacactga gcaaactgac gtacctctaa gtatcagaac agatgaggct    171720
     aaaccttctt ggaacagctt ctgacctgaa tcacaagtag aggatgtcaa atatatcatg    171780
     cttctctttg ggctcatttt gtttcgtttt tgtttgtttg tttgttttga ggtccacatt    171840
     acattggtgt acatgcccta atctatccag tgcttcagaa gtatagatca ttttctaaag    171900
     gcgtttagaa aaatgaattt cttaccaagg ccagtcagtg gtgatgatgc acaggatact    171960
     gtaagtgaaa actgctggct atgatccctg gttttccact gtcttaagtt tcagctattc    172020
     gccaattggt ctgttatctg agtgtgaatc tgaactgaag atggttatgg ctatgggacc    172080
     cttcaagagc ggtcatgtgg aacatcctag tgctccattt ccattaagac ttcttggctt    172140
     ttagataaac ctccaagtaa accttggcat caaaacagaa agtgaggagc tggctttggg    172200
     gagaagcgga tgtgaggagc tggctttggg gagaagcaga tggttcagct gtgtcataca    172260
     cacacatagg tatgcagagc tgatatatgt ccctatcaca aactgtctca ggatgaagtc    172320
     tgagcaaaat ttagggatga tctttatggg aagttcacct agcaacagcc aatcaaccat    172380
     actcctaccc acaagtattg agtttggagt tataaaagtt ttggaggtgt gaaaacataa    172440
     ttggaaaact ttttccccct gcttaaaggg ctaattgatt tcacaggtgt ttaattatca    172500
     tttgctgtga gataatacct tgtagtgcca taaaaaatgg atttaatttt cgagtgcttg    172560
     caaaaccatc gccaaagcga agttagagct gaagctagat aattattcta taaatcaaac    172620
     acactgcctc ctttctttga aaattttaat acttggggat aatgatatct gacaaccttg    172680
     aagctaacat gaaaaagatt tgcctgccaa gtgccaaaag gcaactgcta gagcctttca    172740
     ggcagtttgg ttcattaaca gtgactcaga tggccttagg accctggctg caggcttcca    172800
     aaacctgcca acagcaagaa tgtcagtgta tatccaggta tgggtagttt gcactgagat    172860
     caaatgacca tgcatccagc aaggcctata gaaatgtaga aataaaagct aaattactct    172920
     tacccccact ccccccccca aaaaaaagag agggagaaag gagagaagaa aaagaaaaga    172980
     aaagaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa aagagaaaga gaaagaggaa gaggaagagg    173040
     aagaggaaaa ggaaaagaag gaggtaggaa gggaaagagg atgagaaagg gagtgtacgc    173100
     gtctggaaac agctgtaacc aagttcagac taagaaaggc gggcatggaa agtggacgtt    173160
     ttcaatatga gcaatgaaga ctcccctatc ttatgcttaa gttacggcat ttgtgggggc    173220
     tggtgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcacc cgactgctct tccgaaagtc cgaagttcaa    173280
     atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gcttacaacc atccgtaatg agatctgact ccctcttctg    173340
     gagtatctga ggatagctac agtgtactta catgtaataa ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa    173400
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagttacgg catttgtgca tcctgtaaca ataaagaagg    173460
     gaaaccatga aaaaatttgg agctggaagg cgccacaaaa agtcttttag tctaaacatg    173520
     ccagatgaaa atcagggaat ccaaatgtga agtggtcaga tcacctgccc aagacaccat    173580
     cagaccagaa ctaagctaag aaggctagct ccaagtgagc agagaaagga agacagcatg    173640
     aaaatagatc tgggctcaca ttctcaccta agacctaaaa ataaaagaag gaactcttct    173700
     ccccctagag aggggtcggg aggggctgga gttctttcat aagaacagtg gctgttcttt    173760
     gaggaagccc taactccaca ggagtgccca agctgcctta aataactccc tgggggagcc    173820
     tggctggtgc aactgttcag attttatttt tcccccctcc tctaactctt attcggaagc    173880
     tgctgaagtc ataacacgtt ccattacacg aaatgtgctt aaatgatcta agaaatctgg    173940
     gtgtctggct gggcacacgc acacacacac tgtcagcacc atttaattta tctcatgcct    174000
     gtgtacacag catgcccact acacaatgag gactaccaga cacttttaag gttacctcag    174060
     tactccttgt taagatgtta aaaggtaaga ggcaggacga tcagtgttat tctctgggta    174120
     ctaggtttgg gtccttttag aaagagttgg ggccaaaagc atgtagtcag acacgatagc    174180
     ctgaaaggaa agaagccata gggcttgcgt gaaatttcca tagaaactcc tgcaactagt    174240
     caacatagtg ctactaatga caacacgtat ctgttgacaa tatatgacat gtccatttag    174300
     ccaactagtc tatcaaacca ctgcaagatg agcagtagtg catgccctat tccataccac    174360
     ccttccttga cacaggaaag tatacatgta tcacaggatg gatgccagcc tgcacttgga    174420
     ctcatcatct tcctgcctct gtctcttgag tgttgggatt gcaggcttag aaagcgctac    174480
     atttccccca gtatatggaa gtagaaatga aggcatacaa caagtttgtc taaattcact    174540
     ttaagaacag aaggtataaa ctgaggcagt ttgcttctgg ggcttcctgg tcctgctcca    174600
     tctagagcag aggttctcaa ccttcctaat gctacaaccc ttaaatacgg ttcctcgtgt    174660
     tttggtgacc gcaccacgcc ccctcccccc aaactataaa attgttttgt tgctacttca    174720
     cagttgtaat tttgctactg ttaggaatca taatgtagac tgtgtgtttt ctgatggcat    174780
     tcagtaaccc ctatgaaagg gtcattcaac tctcccaagg ggtcgcgacc cacaggttga    174840
     caacaactga tctataggct gtcctgggcc agctatgtga gctgtagctt gaaggacccc    174900
     acagggacta caatggaatc tttccatcct gttgtgtttt tctaaccaga gacatgccta    174960
     acattggtca tagctatctt tgtggtgctg agtcagacac aagacccttt ctgaggctga    175020
     cctttgtata aggcattctt cccagttcca gaaaacacaa gctgggccaa ccaaaagcac    175080
     actcagttct acctctggaa gacacaaact ttaacgatgc ttcctaagac tttatatgat    175140
     ttttactttt ctgacttgtc aagaggtttt gaggccaaga cctacaatct gcctttagtt    175200
     cccccatagg gcttcccccc atagtgtgtc cctttgtgaa tgaggatcct ctgggtcatg    175260
     aggactggct agagaagaga catcaaatca aatgtagggc ataaggacac ttctcttcag    175320
     ccgggcggtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagtacttgg gaggcagagg caggcgggct    175380
     tctgagttct aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcag gacagccagg actacacaga    175440
     gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaaa caaaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaaggaca cttctcttca    175500
     tacatttgtc tatccaccaa cctatcaata attcttactg gaattaattc ttactggaat    175560
     tctactaggg aaggttgacc ctcttggatg ctagggatct acaggacaag tgtccaggag    175620
     cactagagct ggagatacaa tactgacagc agttgcaagt tacagaggcc attaaaaact    175680
     ttaaaagcaa aaggcacaag ccacagctat tcatctcaag aaaccaaagg tgtcctgctg    175740
     tgagctggag ttaaatctgt gggactttat gcaaaacaaa gccggaggct tcttcctgcc    175800
     tgggaaatga gagtgattaa ggactggagg tctaagcagg taagcacttc cccttaacaa    175860
     gttggttttg ttataccatt gaagatgcct gctgagccat agctgagggg cagctggcat    175920
     gaacccatgt cacagacagg aaagcaaagt gaggcaagaa tgcgccataa caaactgact    175980
     ggggtaaatg aaggatgcag agaactgcta cggttcacac cccttgccct tcatgcaggc    176040
     actgccaaca cacttattct agtccttatt catgagcccc tattcctggt gctgcaaaat    176100
     tctacaggct ctgcagagat ggtgccttgt ccctaaataa tcatattttc acagtaatta    176160
     aaagccaaat tccccaactc cctaaatgca tacacagcat gaatgcttgt atcttgcctt    176220
     aacattgtat atctctaggg tgtgggaaaa aaaacatgat atgaaatcat ggaaatgact    176280
     taattgcagt acgagtcggc tgtggtagtg gtctgggaaa acaggaaaga cagccaggat    176340
     gccctcttcc cagagaacaa aactgttggt aggaaaagcc caggagtctc gcttctgccc    176400
     ttctataagt aatgactatc tgcatgtagt gatggctgta aggcttgagc tgggagaagc    176460
     aattgaagat attttctgct acagtgacta ggctatcctg ctgattctaa tccctaaggg    176520
     gagagaggtg ggcaggggaa ctctagttat aaggaattag cttggactag agccaaaaca    176580
     aaagaaactt cacaactggg ctctgtctaa ccaagtcagt ttccatccat cttcttctta    176640
     gactaattta gaaattagag caactaccca agaatgtccc atgctgcaac agagatagta    176700
     gtgtggggtc agagcgggcc aaatcatcag ctgctgatcc cctagaaaca aactggaagg    176760
     gcagaaaaat aaaaagacag atcacacaac acagattctg tttctgtatt ttacaataaa    176820
     gtccaatgta gagtaatgaa ggggctaggt aagtccacag aagagggaaa agaaacctca    176880
     tgaaacacac tcataaaaag ataccttaat gtggtaatga aggcaataaa acagctatga    176940
     ccactgattg accacacaca tatgtgctca gcttcacaca tgttaccaca gtctgttgtc    177000
     aggattgggg ggctgggggg ggggcacaca aattcatgca gtaaacccat tttgccatgg    177060
     aagactgagg ctggcaggtc tggagttcta tagctgatga gaggatcgca aacaacatga    177120
     agatgcccca cccccacccc caaactcaca acctgagctt ctgttaatgt cagtggggtc    177180
     tcccactgtc agcttcgatg tcatgcagaa ataagtagaa ataatctctt tcaaagcatc    177240
     attcacacaa aagattatgg tgctcatggg taatacaaat aaagtaccat gaaatcttaa    177300
     aacatagaac tcatacgtgc tgatttccag gtacattcat attctgaccc cctttccctc    177360
     cttctccccc aatatggtca tctgtgtaaa ctattccgag caagcaacca ttaaacatgg    177420
     caggtatgtt catttagttc acccactctt gtgaaatcct cccagggatc acataggccc    177480
     caagccccag acatcaggat tactccccta ctcccctggg agtcttctta ctagagacta    177540
     tgtgttaatg atgaggaaga ttaagtcagt ggctacttat tcacaaaaca aatttaacgg    177600
     aaataataga agggttgaga aggctactca tagtagcaca cgcctgtaat cacagtacca    177660
     aagctgggaa agatgatcac aaattcaagg ccagatgggt tacagagcta gctctgacct    177720
     caaacaggga caacgcaaca aaataaaaca agaaaaaaca aacctcagaa ttatttatca    177780
     gattaagatt tcaaacatca ttcttactta tccagatgta gaaatctgaa ggatatgata    177840
     ctggagagat taattccaaa tggatgatag atgaatctct atagaataat agaaattaaa    177900
     gacaaaaaaa atacccaact gaattcagga caagagttta tgtgcacata ttacttctgg    177960
     gctatttcaa ccctagcata agcaaactca ggaagggaaa catctcccaa cgaagggtgc    178020
     tcagtgactt tactcttgtg ggacactact gtacatttct ttcctattga gctgtcttga    178080
     ttttattgag tatgtattgt aacatatttc cgaccacaca gcagtgactc agtagtgtcc    178140
     tttgtaaaca cgagatgtgt atatacacag cagagatgaa tttttaacag gggctctaac    178200
     ttgggccacc gattagatag agtacagcac tgctcactga tacatttggt tcactccaga    178260
     taggccccga taacattttc acattagcag aattcctatc aaaattgaga tcttagactt    178320
     cttatgacaa atgagaagtt ccaggaactc tgggctgcac tttctcagag agaattggca    178380
     agtgctgagc tatctttgct tcctttgtga tgtcccttac ctgtccccag gagccaggtg    178440
     ctattgtgat actgtatcac tgtgctattg tgatagtata ctatcacaat agataccctt    178500
     gtgatatata tcacaatagt tactactgaa tcacaatagt aactactgtg atagtaatgc    178560
     cttgtatcca ggtgaagtgg ctagacgtca gaaaggactc ataggagacg ggatgttggg    178620
     aagagatgcc tcctccaaca acaaccaagt acttgttttg gtaggaaaac atttcatgtg    178680
     gtctgtaaaa ttagccatac tagagacaaa cacattgggt ttctttccca agggcttctt    178740
     tccctccctc tacccactca aactcctttc ctgccctgaa tataagacca tgggcatcta    178800
     tagcccagtc tgcagtggag aaccatctgt gaatgtcaca gagcggcctg ctgccactca    178860
     acgggcagcc catgctgggc tactccaagt ctaatccata atttacacga gatactccgg    178920
     catggaggct acgacataaa acatttattg acaaaggaaa cagcctgcca ctttaatata    178980
     gttatattta tttatgcaaa gcaacacatt ctatctattt attgagcctt ataggaaatt    179040
     taagtcctta tttgggggct gtgaaaagaa agccagaaaa ttccatgaga tgtctgaaat    179100
     tgttatctta aaacttacgg ttcacaaagg aagtcccctc acacctcgaa agcgggggtg    179160
     gggggggcgt gggggggtgg ggcatgagag tgccacatct ctctgtctgt catctgtctc    179220
     acacagaagg tatttgctac atgctgtaac cttggtccac ataatacata cagagaacaa    179280
     caaaacagtg aatgatggca tttcactctg cattttatcc cttgtgtcct agtgtgaacc    179340
     ttggtaatgc ttactgaatg aactcagtct gctgctgtga ttatgaaaat gtgtgttcca    179400
     aaagcaaact cttgattcat ggtcattctg gacatcagca ggaccaccaa tttggttcca    179460
     acgccttgta tagcgttggc cactcttaaa gatgatgcag ccagcatttg ctactacaca    179520
     gggcttccca atccactgtg aatgtaggca ccagatgcag ccagcagatg gggcacgtcc    179580
     atatggcaag tgtcctcatt gaactggtct ggtgagaaag gctgtaagac cctgcttcct    179640
     cctccgaacc atcaaaaaag ataccaagta ggaatgcaga gagacacccc ttctctaaaa    179700
     ggggtgtctg gtaattttgt tggcttcctt ttcgttcctg ttagaaggtt gagaaaaata    179760
     gggggcagga ataaatgtag ctaggatgat catgatccac cagtcagaaa ggagaaaggt    179820
     atcactccta ctacttggaa tggctacatc tcatttagtc aacttacaca tcctctgagc    179880
     ctacatgtac ggaggctatt cgctctgagc ccactaaccc ctggaaatag ctgctggata    179940
     tcccacaggt cccaaaagga aacagaatat gtcctgcaga acatcccatc tacagggact    180000
     gtacacactg acaatgtgca aatggaaggt acaactacac attgggatga gagcaaaaga    180060
     gccacccatg tgactagaga tgctgggggg tagtatccta atgaggacag ataccaggga    180120
     agccctctct gcagaagaca aggtctaagg actgcgggag aacacagctc caggggcaag    180180
     ggaagagcaa tccaaaaagt ggaacgcagg aatgctgggt ggcaagttgc agcattctcc    180240
     acacatgcaa gaacaatgga aacaaagtca gtctctgtgg gggtgggggg tggaggtact    180300
     ggtggagaaa ggaatgtaag tggtagggcc aaacacaact gtctgggagg gagggcagtg    180360
     agtgtctctg attcccatcc attaacacac aaccttgggg caacataggc aaatcaatga    180420
     aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacggc taataagtgc    180480
     ttaattctgc agttgctttt tacttttttc ttgtatatgg aaacttcttt tactttgcaa    180540
     agtaagcata aaagcaagca ccattatatc aatttccttt ttttttgcag gtgaggaaac    180600
     aaaactgcag agaaagcttc agtggtttgc cctggatgca agaagatcct acctggtaca    180660
     gtccagaagg gcacctctca gtagtgtgtt tacaaagtca ttctcataac atccagatgt    180720
     gctttatgaa gggagttaaa gtctaggctt tgggggaggg gtgaatatag ctctagtggc    180780
     agtgaggatc aatatgttct aaaaagacaa tctatgactt ggcactgagt gtaagaataa    180840
     acaggccaat acatgatctt cctgccagat gccatcttcc ttaggagttt tggttctaca    180900
     catggacacc agaaagacag tcaatcaaga cgatggactt tctagggaaa tttcaaacag    180960
     acacagcccc tgttgggact ctcccctgct ccatagccta gctccttccc cctgccacct    181020
     ctgcacacct tgatcaagat aggctgagga ggcgagaagt agctctgctg tggtcttgta    181080
     ggaagccaga gagttcagag gtgttacaca caggcaccca ggaaccctga gcttggtcag    181140
     agccaaccac tgccgccttt cccagctgct tcacatcgct cagaagataa agttattcta    181200
     cattattatt cctgctgcca ggtcacctgt cacctgtcac ttgctgcctg acatgatgca    181260
     atacagactc ttcatatgca gtaagttgca tggaatttta ccaaactgac atatttgcaa    181320
     tacccactct tctgtgtcta agaagagcca cagggagaaa tgtgtttcag caagatgtta    181380
     aaacaacacg tcttgggctg aggacatagc tcagttggta ggagtgcttg ccaaaaatgc    181440
     ctagagtcct tgcctcagaa cctcataccg agagcgatgg atggatgtac ctttccagtt    181500
     acagcacttg ggaattagag gcagaggaac aggcatttga tcagaccatc atgggctaca    181560
     cagccagttc aaggccagcc aggactgcat gaggcactgc ctcaaaaaac aaacaacagc    181620
     tgcaaaacca caagaatcag aaattttcta ggccaaggaa ccagttcgca cttttctctc    181680
     cacctaagca ccaagtatcc ttggccttct ccagtgactt ccgcttccat ggaagtctca    181740
     gaagcacatg gtcgctcgcc ctaacgtggt gttcctcttt tctaggctcc tgcctctttc    181800
     cttaaatatt aagaaaccac agcttcagga ctaggacgct gctggctcag tggccatgca    181860
     cgttgctgcc aagcctgatg attgcccttc aaccacgagg acccacatgg aaaaagaaga    181920
     gaatcaattc ccaccctcaa cctcttagct gtctgctgac ctccacatgc atgttgagtc    181980
     atgcccacga gcgtatgtac acatatgtac agaaatgcac ataaacacac atcaaatcca    182040
     atgcaatcaa aatatttaaa aagtagaagc agtggttttc tttatggagc tcatactttc    182100
     agcatttgtt cttaataaaa gatgaattat cttgacagag acccaaagct ctcagggcca    182160
     gaatgaatat ttgagatgag cctgccaagc tatgcaaaca gttgttgatt tttgttggaa    182220
     tcccttgtaa atttcacttt ctatttgttg gatttttcca cggaggtcac agaggctcaa    182280
     tcaaaccccc tttaccataa ccagtgttaa aaagggaacc tctagaatta tcttctaggc    182340
     aaaattccca aggatttcca acttgaggaa gaacaacgcc cacgagattc cttagaggct    182400
     actccctctt gtctttcaca ttatgaaaaa ttttctctat ctcttggacc ctggatggca    182460
     agaggacttc acgcccacca tttgctttgt tttcaggcag gatagttatg gtaagaggtt    182520
     tccaaccatc ataactcact gcaaggctag cctgctcaga gagacattct atctgaagat    182580
     agtggggcaa atactataaa tcactgtaaa taaccaagtg tctatgcaca ctgaatgcct    182640
     agaaatgtgt tcaagttgac aatgcttgca cggaggtata ctgctttaat cttcacaagg    182700
     ttgttaggag aaggggagtc aacatagcat ccatgaagga actggtcatt gtcttttatc    182760
     cttagaggga gctttccttt ccttaagtaa atttctaaat atatgaaaat caatcagccc    182820
     tctaaaatgt aagcagcatt aaaatatttt tataactatg aaatataatt tttaatgaaa    182880
     cagaccttta acttcagagc taactgatat aaataggttc agagaggatg aatttaagtc    182940
     taaagtagct gagtgaggaa aagagccaga acctagtcag gtcccttggg tacaacttgc    183000
     atccttgtcc agctaactaa tggaagcaat catctagcat cccacttgcc cctgaggatc    183060
     acccagagca tcgctggaat ttggacatag taggactact ccagaagtac ctgtgtaggt    183120
     aaagcatact cctttaaaaa gcagctctca gtcagttaca gtaacccaga ctctcatctg    183180
     tttggggcgc acaattatcc attcttagag acgattctgg aggctgctag actgggtgtt    183240
     tttctgggtc agtagctctt tctgaatcta ataccaggct gcatgagtgt ttgtctagga    183300
     atttgtctcc ctagactttc aaataaaaaa ggagtatgtt ttgctttgtt caaagacagt    183360
     ttctacccgt ggcaatgaaa ccaactgccc aaatataaat gaccataatg acaatattga    183420
     gtttcctttc cttaccttga atctactcat ttcttcaaaa agaaaacttc tggaaattta    183480
     tagcctagaa ggatgtgtgc tatttaatac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatca caatcacagc    183540
     aagcagccaa gtgtagggtt tcagctgggg gtacccaagg gtgggaatgg acagagaggg    183600
     ggagctggaa gaaaggggta gaaagtagga aatgttcatc tctgcaggca attcaatttc    183660
     tagctgctcc gtggagacaa agcaattagt gtggattgtc aaggtggttt gtgtgaattg    183720
     gctacctgcc cattatgaat tggactggga ttaactagct cgttccaaac actccaccga    183780
     attgcaaatg gccatatgaa agagatttgc agccaccagc aacggagccg gatggaagcc    183840
     tcaggggtaa aagtttgaca gcctcctagt agccatcagt aagtctaaga ctccttaaga    183900
     tataccctgt ccctcaacat tgccctttct ctacctcatg atcttgcttt agtaaaaagc    183960
     cttcttgccc atggggaggc tcagggctgt tctataaata agcctactta ctaccccaag    184020
     cgaacaactc ataagcaatt tttattagca acaccatagc ttactggttc tgatacttga    184080
     aatcttcaaa gcccccaggg gagagacaag acaaatttga ttttcaggtt accttcaaca    184140
     cacacatcca gaactggcca atctttaaaa aagaatatac tcagggtctc caacacatgg    184200
     ctgacatcat tagcatctat gactcaattt ttaagtggac tctgtggcaa tcccaggcac    184260
     caaaccctcc catcctaggc gtaggccctg gcactcagca atcagcacta gccaagagca    184320
     tgcttgctcc agaatgatca tcttcaagac agagtccagg cagaccttac cagcaaccat    184380
     ctatcgtatc ttgtaggtca atatagataa ctgctgtttt cttccctcaa atgcattgcc    184440
     ctttaggctt aggtgagact gatcacctcc atcggtatct gaccagagtg tttatgccac    184500
     tgggcaccat tctccaggcc atccatgaca cttcatgtgt ggatctagga attctttgaa    184560
     ccaatacggt tgctcatctg gcaaagttct gtttttcagt gttacttctc tgcattagta    184620
     ctaggaagaa aataaaccca tttccacata tcctcactat tatgatggat attgcatgaa    184680
     tacacatttc cgaatacatt ttgaagttca gtcctaatcc ctgcttatta ccctctgtca    184740
     gaccataagt ctcccagacg cctgcaaagg ctacctctgg acatttcttg ctaacctggc    184800
     ctgggatctt taggacctca ccagagccaa cagccctgtt tttcaatccc aaatctgtgc    184860
     tccctgctca gtgtgttctg cctggagaga tggactttga gccagcatcc ttgggcccac    184920
     atcacgtacc tgagtcactg tagtgggcaa aacttccttc tagacccaga ccttcccttt    184980
     cagtttgttc tgtagacctg gagtcacctg cccaaatgaa gagtttccat gcccctgaca    185040
     cagaggattt aatgaaagga tatcagtttg ctaacccctg gaacaaacac tccaacgggc    185100
     aatgacactt ggttttgtca taaatagcag tttgtttctt gagcccatag gagtagaaac    185160
     tcaacctgca ggcccagatg tgagttgagt cagctacagg atttggggaa gttcaagtct    185220
     atgagaacaa gatgtttggc aatgtactgg gctcaaatgc ttaacacagt caactaccag    185280
     aaactttcaa aacacccctc aaaaatccgt cttctcatca taaatcatga ctggaaattc    185340
     aaataaaaca aacatggcaa gcatcccttt cttctggctg cactagctct caatgaagaa    185400
     tgctgtagca ggaaagaagc tcaatttcaa tctagttcta cattttacag tatccagatc    185460
     ttaatgtcaa acataaaaat cactagtaca ggaattcctg atttagacat aatctcattt    185520
     gattgtatca gtcatctata atctatcaat ctatcaccta tcagtcaatc tatcaactat    185580
     ctatcatcta tcaatccatc atctatcacc tattatctat caattaaaca atcatttatc    185640
     tatcatctat caatctatca tctatcaatc aatcatttat atatcatcta tcatctatca    185700
     accatctata tatcatctat catctatctt cacctgtcta tccatcatct atctatctca    185760
     catatttatc acttatctat catctatcat tctatcatct atgtatctct ctacatcatc    185820
     tatctatcta tgtatctatc tattaatcat ctatctgtta atcatctatc tatcaccttc    185880
     ccccatcctg aaagtaggct ttgggtattc attggtacta ttggaaggta ggtgaaagct    185940
     acatcaaaca caactgtcct tcaaataatg aactactttt taaaatttag gaaaagaaga    186000
     acagctgtat tttaaagcga acaataaagc cagaggtaat gtggggccag tgtctgttca    186060
     gcacaaagag cccgacttga gcatccccaa tctcaaacgc catttctgta cttttaaact    186120
     ttgttctttg ctcaacgaca gtcagattta gaaaactcga agatgaccag accagccatg    186180
     actatttcca ccatggctaa tttttcttaa cacacacagg aagccaatgt tagaacaatg    186240
     aaatataatt tatccctcaa aggaactcta agagcccact gcttacttca cagtgcaact    186300
     gcttagtgac agaggcaact gtgagccctt tccctctgac aatgggctct agagcagagg    186360
     ccaggtctgc tgggctctac aggaatgtat ttactggaac actctgacac taacaacagg    186420
     atcgaatgac aggctcttcc ttcagaaaat tcagtcagaa gcgcacatcc ctcgcccggc    186480
     aaggggcttt ttgcacacat ctgtttcagc tcagcccccc agagatgtct aaaatctaat    186540
     taaccaacta atttgcaaat atattctaat ttattcaagg cagattttat tggacgttaa    186600
     aattacctga cagtgaacca tacacagtac acaagagcag gacctcactg aagggtcaca    186660
     ggttactcgg gcataaggat ggcttattat attccggccc acatataatt ttgaatagca    186720
     aagagaaaat gagttggcat tttctccatc ttcattaggt tgcatactgc taatatcttt    186780
     gtgagaacac aggggtgaca ggtcctgtcc aggtgtttcc atcgcacctc ctctagggca    186840
     gcaataggca gcactgcctg gaagcaaaga actgcagcaa aagatacaag aaaggacgcg    186900
     ctttgtccca atctgttttc cggtggtgag agaagagaaa tttaagttat gggaaaagta    186960
     cagtgtgcca tactgggaat tacaaactgc tgttaatttg catgcagagc tctgttcgac    187020
     aacaaggcag tcacagcagg tagcaatgtt tactcagaca atcaagttgt aatttactga    187080
     acttgtggat aaaaaaaata aaaaaataaa aaacaacata ggatgttctt aattggtaca    187140
     tcacaacatt ttacccagct cagtgattgc acagctatag gtaaagaacg agactaacac    187200
     tgtgctaagg gattgtctag tttacaaaat gaaagtagaa tcccatgcac tctgtgacac    187260
     ctaacttaac ggagcaccca tcttaatatc tctatgtcat tctagagagc tgctaattgt    187320
     gataatatta aagaaatatt ggatttttgg tgattctaat ttattaaaaa atttaaaaaa    187380
     cttagttgta ttatttgtaa aatgaaagaa aagacatggt aatattatac tgttattgta    187440
     cttttaaaat atatatttct tctattacaa ctaacatcta agattggcaa acatacacag    187500
     ataaaattct gaggccaaga aaacaactgc caggaaatat atatctagtt cagggttcgg    187560
     aaaaccagat gggattctgt atactacact aggttttatt caaggctcag caaggaatta    187620
     caagtcaggt ggtcataaga gtcttaaaca ccctagtcaa gtgctatata gctagccata    187680
     ctttcaagcc ttggttttct aagatgggtt tgctctatat cccagattgt ttttcaagat    187740
     gataattctc ctgcctctgc ctcctaagtg ttggggtgca ccttcaaact cagcaattca    187800
     gagtgataga gtcaactaca tggcatgact gtgtcctcac aaatttccca tgcatgagaa    187860
     tcctaaccct agagacaatg tgtggtggaa tctctgagcg gtgactaggt ctagagggat    187920
     gtgccaccag gacgaggaac aactgtccgc ctggcctttc ttcgtgggcc agtagtagac    187980
     aggggccatg gtggctgctg aaactggagg aagaaacccc cttccagctt tccaggcaag    188040
     tggctgcagg aaggatgatg ctactgggta acaagctgtt ttcttgaaca taaagaaccg    188100
     aagtgaatac aagcagaaaa tactctaagc acctattggt gccaagacac tccatgagtt    188160
     gcccaccatg cagagatgag taatattcaa gccttggcct ggaggcgcta agagtttaat    188220
     catctaacca ttgatcaaac aggcacaata aagagtgata aataggatgt gctggaagta    188280
     tactcagaga gcatcagggt gcgctaagat agagaagcat ctaactcatg aggggtgtat    188340
     ccagaggaaa tgacacttga aatgaatttt aaagaacgat aggatttaga ggcagggaag    188400
     gaggggcccg tgcacagacg gggacggaga gattgcaaaa gagcacaggg gaatcgagaa    188460
     ctcagatccg aaccaggaag gagcacagaa cgggttattg cagaaacgtt attttaaaat    188520
     agatttcact ccagaccaaa gatttatgac agaatcttag gaaagtgctt aaaaaatatg    188580
     ccaccctttt ggtctttgtt gataagtagg gtttggtatt gtggtgtttt ctgtcttttt    188640
     ttttttttta agaaataatt tattttgatt ttacgtgtaa gaatatcatg tctgagtgta    188700
     tgtatataac tcggcaccat gtaagggcca agtgctaagt gtgagaccag aagagagcac    188760
     tggcatcaga gcttactgtt ggctgtgagc ggcggtgtac agatgctggc aatgcaacaa    188820
     tggttcagat gctcctacat atggagcacc ctcccagccc caaattgcta tttctttttt    188880
     ttttttttaa agatttattt atttattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac    188940
     tccagaagag ggcgtcagat cttgttacag atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg    189000
     atttgaactc tggaccttcg gaagaacagt cgggtgctct tacccattga gccatctcac    189060
     cagcccccgc tatttcttaa aaagactttc ctccccgata acagaagtaa atatatagga    189120
     agctaggcac agtagccatg ggcttttgtt ctataatcct ggcattaagg aagtgagggg    189180
     atcaggagtc caagatcaac cttacctaca cactaaattc aaggccagcc cgagctatac    189240
     agagaagcct ggatgaacaa tatacctcaa aacaaaatat gtaaatagca gtaaaaatat    189300
     aagcgatgta gtgcatctca ttgtaaaaga tcataacttg ggctttctct tcgtcctttt    189360
     cctaataaga cacaacgcta acagtaaagt attaaaggct gatgcaaaat taaacagtaa    189420
     cttttttttt tctgtttgcc atccattctt cattgcacaa aaacttgctg agcaatgtca    189480
     taggtatcct tctaaggtgc taaaatcatg acaaaaaaag aagttaacaa ccaaatttac    189540
     atacagacgc cacaagcatt catagacatt ggatctccct gtctttggga aagaggacaa    189600
     cagaaaaaca gaaaaactat atggtcatct ggagcggatg tttctaaaag tagtcactgg    189660
     tttggacaca gaactaacca tgatgctgga acatgttaca atacttgggc attccagctc    189720
     taatgactaa gtgtctcgga gaccttagat tttaattata gcttttgttg ttgcatttgc    189780
     tcaagacttt ccctttgtgg gctcacctct gtcctacatg acttcagtaa cccgaggcca    189840
     gggttgctgg acttgctaag attttgttgg cctcccaaag gaaggtcaca ccatgaatga    189900
     tgaaacagat gtagggacgg ctaagaagtt agagcactac ccaggaaaag ccccagcgat    189960
     gggaagggaa gtgagtgacg gtcatgagcc cagtgagcac tggtgggtgt gacccacaaa    190020
     actgaccctt gcactatgat gcaactatgg tagatctgtg gtgggaaaaa caataattag    190080
     acccccaatc caaatgtaaa cacttccaca ggagtctgct taaggaggaa aactcttccc    190140
     acgggacctt ttttaaccat tttattttaa agagatcaga aagcctctct gtgttgaaat    190200
     gtctcagtgg gaagttcttt agtactgctt cttaaaaccg gcctaactat gacaatacag    190260
     aggaactgag ccaatgagtg ggagggcttg gtgggttacg ccaaaggcga ggttcaggtc    190320
     acagaataca acaatgttgg tttcctgcag gattcgatgc atttattaag atacaggcgt    190380
     ctagtaagtc ttcaccttca ggatagtact agaacacaat caaccctcct tttggaaaac    190440
     tgttttctaa ataccaatct gcggacaaac tcggcaggga atggtgtttt acaccattta    190500
     atgattctag tgctaaacct gagaaatatt agcatggcag tgtgatgcac atggtatgct    190560
     agtccgtttg ggttaacgta agctgcagta acaaatgagc cactatctca cagtcataga    190620
     gttatattga gtgctatagt ctgcatgctt tccatgggac ccaggcaaca caataccttc    190680
     cttgcctcta gaatataatt gctttcatgg cagagggaac agcaaggaga atggagcgta    190740
     atgcttcttc aagactttct tacaaagtgg ggcagttggc ttcatctcac cgagcatagg    190800
     ctagagcagg aaaacagcag aagtcaacag tgtaagaata tgttctgtcc tgagttgggg    190860
     gatgggaaat taaacacggc ggatgaatgg ctgtagcatt tttcagaact tagacagcag    190920
     ctaaaagaaa gtacagttag gacttccaac cctgtctttc ctccagactt gtgatcacca    190980
     ttaaattgtg accgaatctt ctaaagagaa atataactcc cgttcccatg gctgttgttc    191040
     ctcataaagt acgcaggatg cagaatgaaa cagaaccaga gagggtcaca ggactaattt    191100
     ttccctttgc ggttggatgt caaacggttt cttccaaccc tcaatcattc tttccagaag    191160
     ttcagcagct agagagcctg catcgtggaa ggaagggcct gtctcctgct ctggccagca    191220
     caggcttcct gacatccgta tggtacttgg ggttggctag tgggaggaag tagtcggaga    191280
     gaacaaaaga cactggaagc tttgctacga agtaagtaag cagaattaga ccactagaaa    191340
     gacagacctc cgcagttcta aagggcatct gagggctctg tttcttagca acatgtggga    191400
     aacaccagtc ctgtctaaac cctcttgcag caattactgg tgatgatttt gcttcctgta    191460
     aagggaggcc agggtgagcc tgcaacagta aggaaaacta gtcgacagca gagtgactct    191520
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtt gaaagccaga catggtggcc cattccctta atcttactta    191580
     gcactaaggg gctggagaca aaagaagaat caggaattga aggccagtcc cagctacaca    191640
     ggatgtttgg ggtcaacttc agccttttga gacagttttt tttaaattat atttcattta    191700
     ttactatgtg tgtatgtagg tgggagtgcg tgtgtgtact acagtgtgtg tgttagaggg    191760
     cagaggacaa cctgaaccag ttacttctct ccttccacca tgtggatgct acagatgtgg    191820
     atgttacaga tgtggatgct acagatgtgg atgctacaga tagaactcag cttcctgggc    191880
     ttgagagcag gaatcatgac tcgctaagtg atcctacaga cccctgaaag agttccttcc    191940
     cttctcctca ctgcttctct ttctctttct ctttctctac ttcctggaag taaggaagaa    192000
     caagggcaac agcgtggtgc aatatttatg gggttttccc aaaaaataag agtctgctgt    192060
     ggtgatacac acttataatc ctaaatactc aggaaacgga ggcaaactga gcttaggagc    192120
     agaagacagt tgtatcagcc tgggtaatat actgagatta catctcaaag gaaatggaag    192180
     acaagagaag taagtggagg ggtgcataga gggaaggaga cccaatagat aactgatctg    192240
     gtttagtttc tggccactcc taaagactca tactcctaaa aaggccagag gtgatattct    192300
     cttattactt tgaaacagct acccacctgc ttaggattca aaatccctaa gccctaccga    192360
     tgtccatcag ataattcttt ccagacttct acatatttgg aaactcacat tagtttacaa    192420
     acaaaatgtt aggggaactt tgtaagcaca gaattggttc ctgaggtatt ttaaacagaa    192480
     tcagaaatga atcccctcac tggccaggaa cttttgataa ctactataat gcaaacaact    192540
     agcaatactg tactagtaag aacgcctctc cggaggcatc cagccattca cctaacgagg    192600
     cttttaagtg acaacctgta cctagactag tgcataccac atcagcttca tttgccccaa    192660
     atcaacatgc caaagccatc agagcaatga atggccacct cgctggctcg ccaaaggcag    192720
     atccatgact aatatgctga cctgacggaa ttcatgaata agttgttcct ttaaattatt    192780
     gatggagctt gtagatgaag ggacagagtg ttctagttag tgacagcttt tcatattgcc    192840
     ttcatggctc gaaaggtatg gtcaattcat caaaagctag agctatagga gctttcctgt    192900
     gaatgtttaa gacctagaaa atacagccca caattagtaa acaatgaccc aggcacaagt    192960
     tttaaaatat atcagaatac gcgttcatga tatattgatg tcaacttttt gttgacttta    193020
     ctgccgtgca tgtatgtttc tgtatagacg tagtagaatg tctgtgtttg tgtgtgtgcg    193080
     tgcatttgga ggccagaggt cagcgttggc agttatgact cagtaggccc ttccccttgt    193140
     ttgtgaagtt aagtatctca ctggcctgga gctcaccaag tgggcccggc ttgatgggca    193200
     gccagcccca gacaaccccc tgtctcttct ttggctctgg ttttgcaaga gtgcacgcca    193260
     ctacagtaag ttttatgttt tgtgggttct ggggatcaaa ctcagatgct tacgcttgca    193320
     aggcaagcac tttacccagt gggctatcgt cccagccccc acttatgatt cttccctttg    193380
     aagaacctaa gctttcaact gcactgactg attcttattt tgaatgaggt gttgtttagg    193440
     agcacatatt ctcataagaa acataaatac ctggtgacaa ttccgtgtag atgatgacaa    193500
     tgttcactca gccagagcag gccgtgctct gatgcagggg tggtaacctg tgctccatgg    193560
     gctacctgct tttataaatc aacttccatt ggaattcagc aaccttccct ttattgttgt    193620
     tctatctgct tttgtgcaaa ccccagctga gtgcaatagc tacattaggt acactaaagc    193680
     ctacagggtg taaaatgtta tctggcactt caaagaaata aagcttgtga ctcaggatgc    193740
     agttcattgc tccatctccc actctggagc actgcctagt ttataccgtg gctccctatg    193800
     tagtagggga atgaatgaat tcatgaatga ctctcggttt tgaaagtagg gccggccagc    193860
     acttaccacc catttaaaag ctattgcatc acagcctcac agaaaaggtc atgcgtgttg    193920
     actctgtcat agtgacatat aagtcaggct acttgagtct cagagttcca aatacatgcg    193980
     gtttcagaac tgaagccagt tgtaaggcaa tgattggtta tccatcacaa agcaactcat    194040
     actgctatga agactcgact ggggaactgc aaacacatcc aagccagcca gtctctacaa    194100
     gcccaggtca ctgtttatct tgaaacagaa acagaaaatg tcaattggac agtgtgtctt    194160
     ccacctccca aaggctggca gtgactttgt ggttgaagat aactctggaa aactgaatgg    194220
     aaacaacaac aacaaaaaaa aaaaaacccc acacctaggc caggcgtggt gtcgcatgca    194280
     cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga agcaggcgga tttctgagtt tgaagccagc    194340
     cttgtataca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggttataa gagaaaccct gtcttgaaaa    194400
     ataaattaaa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaatgaaa aatttttaaa aacccacact    194460
     cacctcccat cccaagtggc atagcaacat atgcatgttt tccttccaga aatcaaagaa    194520
     caactgaggt gaatatgttt gcccaaatct tattctgatg agaaactcta ctaaaagcca    194580
     tgtagagata agccttgcaa aaaatttcta ccatgataca gcatgttcag tgtgccagct    194640
     tagtaagaac atggtaacca gggcaattca agcaagctaa atttgttatt tagctttagt    194700
     ggcaaacagg taggtacgtt gattggatgc tagggagaac agggaccaag cctgacattg    194760
     aacctgagag gagcccaaga ggtcaattaa tttcctcttc agacaggcta ctcgatcagt    194820
     tccttagtag tggcagtcag gaatttaggt tctctatgtc taacagaact gatatactac    194880
     actttgcaca gtttgttgtc taagaacaaa ggaaggtcca ggcccataca atgccaagga    194940
     tccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc agacttaaaa catagtacta taggatattg ggactagcta    195000
     gtttcatgtc acattgaccc agactggatc atctggaagg aagtactgtc agtcgagaaa    195060
     atacctctac catattggcc tctgtgcaag cctgtggtgc atttttctgg actgatgatt    195120
     aatgaagaaa agaaggtcta cctcactgga ggtggtgcaa cccccaggcc ctatacattg    195180
     tcctggatgg tgtaagaaag tggggtgagc aagcaatggg aagtcacaag gagaaagcag    195240
     catccctcca tggcctctgc accagcttct acctccaggt tcctgccctg tttgagctcc    195300
     tgccttgatt tccctcatca atggagtgtg agctgaaata aacctctttc tccccaagtt    195360
     gtttatggtc acggtgtttg attacagcaa caaaaacact aagtcaatac taactgttca    195420
     cagaagtaac ctaatctggt taacctgccc agaagttttg tcctctgtca ccaataagca    195480
     aaggtctaga aaaagtgaca taaggttttc taagtcctgg aaccttttaa aataggtaca    195540
     ggtttgtggc atttaaaggg gagtagagat caggacaggg acattgacat cgaaggttgt    195600
     atatgatctg cactgtatcc aggccaattt ctgctttcta tgacctttgt gtggacactc    195660
     ttaagattac aaccatttcc aagtgatttc tgaaatcact cttcagcaga cagtgctcgg    195720
     ccttctccta aaggcacagc cagagcaaac agcaataaaa gcccaaggag atgatcacag    195780
     ctacagaaca ttcatcagcc aggcacacca gctaggatta aaccctgggc ccacacaggc    195840
     tctgtgctaa agataatgtc tattgatact catttctggc tttggagacc cgtcccaact    195900
     atcacaacca gcaaatggtc cttgccatgg gtagttcttg ccatgtgtac ctgctagcgc    195960
     cagccacctg ggaaggcttt aaacagctag ggagccatgc aggcagctgg ggtacgcagg    196020
     gcctttgcag agatctcaga ctagctggat ctctactagc atctgcgggt gagctgtagc    196080
     cttgcatgta cattggaaaa tctgactcgt atgaagttgt catctgtaag acaatttcaa    196140
     aggtttcaca gcagaagcag aaaggtgcaa actgctttgc ctttgcctct gagagggtgg    196200
     aagcttctca ccctctcagc tcactgatga gagaggcatt tgaagactca gagagggtga    196260
     gagcaaggtg agacttcttt ctccatgtat ccttagagtc tcatgggtgt ctgcttatgc    196320
     aagtagaggt taataagtaa ctccagctga aaactggaca tatccctgaa acaacaaatt    196380
     tctgctctga aaattcctca actctggtta ggcatgaaag gaataaggct aaatattatt    196440
     atccctccct ttccatcccc cacctcattc tctggtatct gctgctccat accagacagc    196500
     ctgaaaacca aaacgaatgt ctcctgccta atcactgcca ataaagaatg gaactgtaga    196560
     gggtggggtt tacagggata atgaattgca caggcctctg tgatgatcaa ttcttagtaa    196620
     agaatagaat tccatacaca gtaagcctgc cgagtcgcta ccgtcggcat ctacttgggg    196680
     tggatatgag taagtagtga gccttttgtt gaatgaagtt atcagcggtg aagacatgag    196740
     gtgggcctca gggtccatcc acccctgatg gagagccact gagtactgga aaccaggcaa    196800
     gcctgctttc tacttgtgtt tcagttgagt cacgtgtgtg caacaggctt catgcttttc    196860
     ttaacagcct gcttcaaaca gaccatcccc gcccctcccc ccacccccaa gcaaaagcac    196920
     tcacccgatc gtcaactgca ccggaatgaa cttcctagaa tcccactaac actccaatat    196980
     tcccccgctg tgcagtttta ttaaacaagc gctgaggaga gtggtttgct gagggaggag    197040
     gtgggcactg aacccagcta tatgctgagt gattaataaa aaataaaata aaaagggagc    197100
     ttgctgcttc tcactggctc ggtaacaaca tggaataaca gcatggctca atttcccttg    197160
     attagcacaa ggatttagat ttgcttttca aaaagtgcta atcagtttag cttaaatgga    197220
     tcaaaacgca acacaaaagt ggtttctcgg ttaattcagg tctgctgatt tttccccccc    197280
     tgagtgctac attagagact tatctaaaga aacttatcta catatagttg ttatttagaa    197340
     aacacccagt tagagattgc tgaagcccac ggaataatta atacggcaga gtccagccac    197400
     catggactct ttaaaagaag gaatagctaa tagaatgact ctcttctaat acacttcagt    197460
     agagtcaaca ttatccaccc aagaatgaag caaataaatc aactcatttt caatacattc    197520
     ctacaaatgg ccaggtatac atgcaaaagc aaatatttta agtaaatatt taaagatgga    197580
     gcttgcctag agatccatgg gtaaatttta aagcaacgtc aaattgttat attaactcaa    197640
     cgtttcttaa tgtctaaagt ctgaagttgt tctggcgata ttgacattag cagtggcaag    197700
     ggaggagaaa ggaacccgaa aacagatttt tatttccctt gaaatgaaaa gtatcaggga    197760
     aagaaataag atcaagaatt gtcagttttg agacacagtg aagaggccct cagcctcctc    197820
     caagtccatg tgctagcttt tcaggaaaag ggaacatgta cagcctgctt ctaggaatga    197880
     tggaggaatg tttgcccaaa ctgcatctta ggccccttag catttctctc ctgctctgct    197940
     tctgtttctt ctgatagcta ttcccaaatg agcgctatct gaactcttct ttagaggctc    198000
     cctgacaaca acgtattaat tttccccctt tgccttttga catacttggg aggtttccca    198060
     attcctgctt tcccaggaaa gccagaactc ctgcggtctt ctgcaccaga caatgatcct    198120
     ttgatcatta atcaagggct gataggaggt gtaaaggaaa agcagcaagt gcttaaaagt    198180
     ctgagtccag tgggtccatt ttcaaaacca gttaaaacaa gctcaactga acgatatttc    198240
     ccaggatcct tgagattttt gggctcactt ggtggatctg atcatatatt tgttatgaca    198300
     ttgtgataaa ccaggagtga gacagcacat ttgttaaata cctgtcacat gatttagaga    198360
     acaaaacaaa acagacacta tattatatcc aaagttctag tttagagaga gctggcctgg    198420
     catgaaatta tttgagcatt gcagaagtta aacttccatg gagaatactg ttcaccgggg    198480
     ctctagtggt tggttgtttc tctgccccta tgggggctct agtagacgca ctccacaatt    198540
     gacctggccc ttaattctac tccacaaata ttggtggcta ctaagaccca cataaaagtg    198600
     agtgcggcca ttctctcatc aaggaaaatg tagctaggtc tcagcatata gtaagtactg    198660
     agccagtgac actacacaag tgtgtctaat tccatttcaa agtggccggg aacaaaaaca    198720
     attaaattct aaaggcaatt tcaacttgag agagacaaga cactgagcca gttgccaccc    198780
     actgatgggc aaagccttgt gggaaagctt gttccctgcc acttagggta atctaaccaa    198840
     gtcatttaat tatcaatttt tatcaatttg ttatcaactt cagaaggtag ccatcctcaa    198900
     tgccaagtga tggtgcagaa tggacaaaaa tattcaaaag cttcaatctt cctggcagaa    198960
     aaaactatct atgtaataca agatagaggt taacagcttt taaccagaac aagaaagaaa    199020
     agaaaagctt agaaccttgt atcaggtggc cagagtttga acatcaactt tggactcagt    199080
     gtctttgtga cgttggactc agtgtctttg tgacgctgga cagttagcta gtctgtccat    199140
     gcctcaagct tgcacccata aagtaagaac acaaggcaca ggaaaaggag gcattggaaa    199200
     tgcagccttg catcctaact ttaccaagaa ccctttcttc tcatgtaaag gcatcacctt    199260
     tgtctttctt tataacatgt aacaatacca ctggttttat gcctgagggc acatagcacc    199320
     tcattgctgt agttatcggt tttctaaaat atccgctgtt aattctgtag gtaggcctat    199380
     ctgttcattc agaatattta tataactatg atgtctcttt atcctgcctc cacaaagaaa    199440
     gagcatactg tattcaatct accaaaaaaa tagcttagga cttaatagga agcgtcacgt    199500
     agttctagga acacctccaa tcacctttct gtcttcccat tcaataatct cctactttgc    199560
     ttagctgatg tttccttctg atcaaatacc cacaagacag attattataa cagcataagg    199620
     tgactctatt taatgacagt ggcattattc tgaatagttg tttataagaa cacattaaaa    199680
     gcaaaaagct aacaaatcta tagtatcatg catggcaagc aattagagtt tgcatagata    199740
     ctcttaaagt cattttcact gtatgctgtt ctcagctctt agcttataac ccttgaacct    199800
     tggccccaaa ggaagccaga agccagcatt tctttgtact gtcatccata cttgagttct    199860
     ttacttctct gtttatctaa gttacatatt ttgattttca gatggttgaa gcaaacacac    199920
     atgtctagcc acagtggatg cttacagaag tctctctagc cacctgagga atggttaaag    199980
     gtaaccgttc caagaactgt ctacaaagga agggtccttc tctattctct ttctacggta    200040
     ggcaatgcag ttgtgatagc tggaactgga gcaaccttta atacagtgag atcataaaac    200100
     agcaggagct acattcctgg ggttcatgaa gcctactcct caaccttaag ctacgaacat    200160
     tctgcaaaca gaaaaatgaa atcctatttt actagaccca cagtttcttg gagatttctg    200220
     acatttctgc tcatcacctt cattaataat gtaagtaatt cacaattttt aattagtggt    200280
     gtttgtgtgt gtgtgttatg aatgggtggg ggcaaacatg tagaggttag agacaaacaa    200340
     gaatcaagtc cttccgctga tagttctaga gatcaaaccc tggtcattaa ggttttggga    200400
     caagtacttc taccccactg agccatggca agtgtttaaa tgcgcgtcat gaattattta    200460
     aaaacatgtg gccaacacat ttcgtttaag agtctccttg cactacaagt tgtgttggaa    200520
     acattttaat tgaaactgat agccaataga ccataatttc cttggagagc tggagttgtt    200580
     ttctccggtg attttacatc tccaaggatt tgcctagagc tccgctctcg ggaatccagt    200640
     aagactttga tggacataac agcataagta ttttaacctc acagtgagat ggaggcatct    200700
     gaagttggaa atcactatta atccccaaca ccatgagcat atacgaagtg gtccatgtag    200760
     tgtactgttt ttggatattg ctgaggaaat atatgggtct accttccttc catcttcaga    200820
     aaacagcatc caaaaataac tccgctctca atggtggtgt tttatggaag gacagcaata    200880
     tgccaaaggt atgatgtcat catcagagtt gtagctccag aggaaaaggc agcggtctca    200940
     ctgttctgcc tcatggctca caatggttat gtaagttaat tacccagctt tctcagagaa    201000
     atctacagct ggactcagtt tttacatgaa caaaacaatt atttccctta gaaggtcatt    201060
     ttaagtaact tggagaagtg aaaaaacaac aagaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    201120
     cacacacaca cacacacaca gagagagtgt taaggttgcc atcgttgggg taaggtaggt    201180
     tccagagaga tgctgctaaa attcttgtaa tacacaggca attttcagac ctaatatatg    201240
     aacaagattg agagaatctg atttggcatt ggctagtatc acactttgag cttaaagtca    201300
     gaggaagcag ggccttttac tatgtagtcg atacagtact ctgggagcac agtaaaagtg    201360
     aaccaccaag tctacaaggg ttagtgctgc tcataattaa cagggcatta tcatttcaga    201420
     tctgtagtta tttaggtgga accaagagtt tctcaataca actgaaagta ggaaaaaaac    201480
     tgaagttgac aggtcctcca atacctcgcc tcatctccta agaaccagca tccatagctg    201540
     ggcggtggtg gcacacgcct ttaatccagc aattgggagg tagaggcaag cagatttctg    201600
     aattcaagcc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaagac agccagggct atacagagaa    201660
     accctgtctc gaaaggaaaa aaaagaaaag gaactagcat ctatttgacc actcaactcc    201720
     tttcctttct ttttggagac agggtttggc tgggtagctc tggctaacct tgaactcaca    201780
     gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcctgaatgc tgggattaaa ggtgcgtacc accacctcca    201840
     ggccaactct ttgtcttttt gcagcctgtc ttttcctcgc aatacaaaca ctaccatagt    201900
     ataactcttg tccttagcag gaagagcaag acgaacagaa cagctatttt ccaataccca    201960
     cagggctcct tcaccatgat gcctccttgt gatgctgaca caaccccctg cagctccctc    202020
     ttcacccaca gagtccaaat gtcaagtttc tctgtgagct tgcaatggtg tagcatttac    202080
     gtgaaacctc tttgtctaca aggttcaccg gaagtaaagc aaactccaat gggttgcagt    202140
     ttacttagaa cttacactat gatgcattta caaaagattt cctgatctac tagtttgata    202200
     gatgtatctc cattatcctg cttcgtgtgc gtgtgcgtgt gtgcgtgtgt gtaattgtcc    202260
     ccaatttgac ttgcactgct atatgtggac tagccccata tcctcttgaa agcaggttgc    202320
     ctctcctaat ttgaatcagt tttgctaatc aggactacaa cccagctgta tatgcactgc    202380
     tgaggaaggc agtcccaatt tcaggtcacc agagtctatc ctaaacattc tgatggcacg    202440
     ttaagtgctc tgaaatacat gtataagtcc tatcaatgaa tttaaacagc ttgatgatgt    202500
     gctcaacaag gctatgcgaa cagcagataa atggctcgaa tctgccatac tgtcacttac    202560
     cctgctcttc agcagctgta attgactaat gggataataa ggtggcagtt tacaaatctg    202620
     gaagctatgc tcctttgtta gaagagcgct tgaggagaaa agtcaagaca acggagaagg    202680
     tgtgatcaaa atcattgttt tggtgcaaca gatttaaata tgcttttcag atgaactcaa    202740
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaactcccc agcattgtaa gtagagatgg tactaaacgc    202800
     cactggattg gcttgactag acttttctga cataggtcat tttcatttca gaagagcttc    202860
     ttctactgaa ctgcatttat ttagactgag gaagaatcct aagtgagtct gagaaagaaa    202920
     atctttgtac cagccttacc caaagccaag atgaccaatg acagcatctc tcccctttag    202980
     ctattccctg tgtatctctc aatcaatcat gcccacactc ctgaagcccc ttctctgacc    203040
     acaggatcta gaaaggggac ataatagatt ttcgatatat acaatatggc ctgcactgga    203100
     caatccaggt aagacactac aattggctcc atcttgacaa catgtggttg tgcaggacac    203160
     ccagaggaag attatacctg ctcctaacta tagcggccac cactaggcat tgctctgtca    203220
     agaaggtatg aaatacatac accaggcaga acatgaaaag ttaagtatct cataggacac    203280
     ctttgattgg agaatcatta ccaagtaaac cactttaatt agcagaagag agcaacttct    203340
     gcttcagctc aggcttctcg agccctcaag tctaaaatac ttcaatgtca gatattgggg    203400
     tgaagggata ctcaactggc aaaatctata caaatattct aaggcccttg tgcttccgag    203460
     tatttcaggt caggagatat gactcagaga acacttgtca gctgagagaa tggaaaggaa    203520
     aaggagtagt agaggatgcc ataaacctat aggaccctga ggtcatagta aagaatgtgg    203580
     ctctcaatga gagatggagg agcatcactg acaatgccaa gaacagggaa gagaagaaat    203640
     ggtttacctc ccacaggaat tc                                             203662