ID   AC122185; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 202485 BP.
AC   AC122185;
DT   27-MAY-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   27-NOV-2003 (Rel. 78, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-18J13 from chromosome 15, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-202485
RA   Tomlinson C., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-18J13";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-202485
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-202485
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-MAY-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-202485
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-JUN-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-202485
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-SEP-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [6]
RP   1-202485
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; e58468c568bc1837b19be83bf0991331.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456174.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000061731; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0021843; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0021803; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0021784; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0021810; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0021584; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0022249; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0021101; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0021553; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0021677; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0021655; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0021747; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0021679; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0022272; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0020846; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0021156; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC122185.4:1-202485; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110244; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000133362; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0040935; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0040895; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0040864; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0040894; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0040629; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0041361; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0040687; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0040546; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0040697; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0040660; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0040767; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0040642; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0041408; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0040279; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0040030; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D6RE56.
DR   MGI; MGI:2444518; Samd12.
DR   MGI; MGI:894663; Ext1.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RE56; D6RE56_MOUSE.
CC   On Sep 6, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:31581825.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0018J13
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone. This clone is
CC   overlapped by AC123931 and AC122341.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..202485
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="15"
FT                   /map="15"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-18J13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   863..888
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   889..955
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   1609..1673
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   1988..2185
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   2562..2632
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   3095..3210
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   4564..4640
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   5267..5411
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6665..6723
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   6748..7202
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   11072..11264
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   11799..12112
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   12675..12970
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   12993..13098
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   14557..14654
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   14710..14792
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   15262..15370
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18383..18620
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18719..18999
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19035..19264
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21219..21329
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   22064..22121
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Ala-GCY_"
FT   repeat_region   22122..22140
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   22175..22367
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   tRNA            22180..22252
FT                   /product="tRNA-Ser"
FT                   /note="Likely pseudogene (HMM Sc=37.14 / Sec struct
FT                   Sc=-11.21)"
FT   repeat_region   23844..23968
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   24289..24410
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   24426..24534
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   24908..24988
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   25261..25835
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   26067..26191
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28332..28431
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   29862..29920
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   30504..30712
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   32410..32571
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   33101..33166
FT                   /rpt_family="MER53"
FT   repeat_region   35226..35275
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   misc_feature    35452..35747
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   35649..35901
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   misc_feature    36095..36107
FT                   /note="Unresolved homopolymeric repeat."
FT   repeat_region   36248..36436
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   36667..36833
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   37577..37667
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   37668..37798
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   37854..38016
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38161..38528
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   38675..39105
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   39181..39320
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40045..40236
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   40752..40822
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   41021..41174
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   41861..42009
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   42129..42223
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   43556..43667
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43765..44104
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   45756..46129
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   46812..47031
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   48500..48709
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   48836..49000
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   50074..50207
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   54261..54445
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   57244..57425
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   57425..57538
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57539..57635
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   60539..60803
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   61207..61364
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   61754..61840
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   62691..62764
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   62765..62884
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63119..63259
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65928..65962
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   65970..66085
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66221..66327
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66381..66472
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   66908..67050
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   68959..69088
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   69156..69282
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   71273..71463
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   73428..73667
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   74603..74697
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   74630..74721
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   76401..76510
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   77096..77484
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   78194..78264
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78386..78412
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   78413..78503
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   78616..78672
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   unsure          78954..79056
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   79369..79436
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   79437..79460
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   80748..80791
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   80961..81096
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81730..81907
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   82352..82558
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   84977..85075
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   85885..86034
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   86610..86847
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   87467..87579
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   88866..89002
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   89400..89531
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   misc_feature    93572..94518
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=69.5, o/e=0.94, #CpGs=120)"
FT   repeat_region   96082..96293
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   96356..96551
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   96681..97478
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97574..97730
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97750..97896
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   97903..98028
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   98127..98391
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2_type"
FT   repeat_region   98515..98598
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   99137..99295
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   100575..100718
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   100870..100940
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   101089..101162
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   101182..101411
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   101473..101661
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   103997..104102
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   104309..104748
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105060..105169
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   105468..105636
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   106419..106636
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   106739..106976
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   107227..107374
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108583..108732
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   109402..109588
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109767..109889
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109979..110276
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   111176..111315
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   113284..113448
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   113668..113798
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   114064..114222
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   114269..114466
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   114971..115103
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   117324..117649
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   118856..119006
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   119174..119496
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   119999..120482
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120480..121277
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121452..121560
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   121476..121576
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   121933..122273
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122292..122368
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   122383..123362
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123413..123648
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   123657..123836
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   127881..127964
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   127969..128180
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   128188..128604
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128923..129006
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129045..129113
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129168..129650
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   129761..130582
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   130618..130748
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   130750..131391
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131908..131962
FT                   /rpt_family="U7"
FT   repeat_region   132175..132535
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   132792..132997
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   133092..133287
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   134156..134368
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   134236..134376
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   135675..135887
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   135893..136127
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   136128..136309
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   136310..136693
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137397..137761
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   137825..137964
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   137839..138012
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   138023..138132
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   138189..138289
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   138621..138893
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   139437..139548
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   139556..139766
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   139864..139977
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   140856..141036
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   141370..141438
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   141494..142179
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   142268..142335
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   142336..142845
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   142869..143214
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   143247..143481
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   143599..143805
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   144013..144977
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   144974..145208
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   145250..145548
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   145552..145850
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   146055..146171
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   unsure          146207..146221
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   repeat_region   146336..146475
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146681..146742
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   146797..146932
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   146978..147914
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   148878..149099
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   149271..149451
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   149960..150420
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   150499..150601
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   150637..150724
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   154475..154622
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   154623..154882
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   154888..155595
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   155578..156216
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   156217..156535
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   156573..156765
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   156775..157149
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   158160..158275
FT                   /rpt_family="CR1"
FT   repeat_region   159029..159215
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   159228..160443
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   160442..162328
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162380..162534
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   162535..163149
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   163154..163253
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   163624..163674
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   163733..163949
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   163995..164194
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   166363..166445
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   167697..167798
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   168230..168292
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   168293..168440
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   168441..168523
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   168597..168990
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   misc_feature    169223..170125
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   repeat_region   170473..170564
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   170834..170882
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   171268..171328
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   171405..171470
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   171474..172083
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   172757..172902
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   173993..174058
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   174868..175219
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   175683..175905
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   176022..176099
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   176254..176291
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Arg-AGA"
FT   repeat_region   176915..177293
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   177379..177652
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   177684..178232
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   178459..179774
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   179769..179874
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   179888..180990
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   180999..182283
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   182284..182433
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   182434..182701
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   182707..183282
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   183396..184771
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   184772..184918
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   184919..185672
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   186764..187160
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   187221..187680
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   189364..189466
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   189599..189876
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   190909..191931
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   191932..192330
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   192331..192465
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   192965..193004
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   195889..196110
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   196595..196740
FT                   /rpt_family="MER103"
FT   repeat_region   196923..197003
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   197141..197601
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   199354..200236
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 202485 BP; 58989 A; 42800 C; 41198 G; 59498 T; 0 other;
     gaattccaac tgtgactgct taccaagaaa accaacataa atagcacctg gaagtgtcac        60
     actgacctcc tgaaatccat cttgcctatt ttagagcaga ggctacggag cggagcggta       120
     actcctgata ctaccatcct ggtccttacc gatgtgtttg cctggcacat cacacctgct       180
     gagcagctcc tgttaccatg gacagaaggg accattctca caggcagcac agcagttcta       240
     aggttagtgt aagctgcctc gaatgtcata aatgtttaag gactctcttg gctcacatct       300
     cactccttct cactgcgccc catctcagac ttcaatttct tcatttgcta gaagccactg       360
     ccagggcagc ctctcctaat gctaaggttt actggtgcta ccccagtggg gagcaagatt       420
     aatgacagca ttccgtgggt aagtcggctc ctttttgaac aggatactga gaggacaaac       480
     agaaagtgaa gagaaggagg ataaggaaag ctgagagaca agaaagaaga tgagcatgct       540
     tttgtgaaag tgtgtgtgga gcactgcaaa cacttagcag cttagcttca ccacaaaaaa       600
     acttttggta ctttctcaaa aaggctctta caagccactc tagccaaacc cctatgccag       660
     tgtgccttac ccaaatattc ttcagcatta aacaggtcac ctacagtgcg ctccctctac       720
     tgactaatct attcactaag tacctccctg tccctgttgg gatggaaagt gactgaggca       780
     agagcctagt ccacctcgct aatactctcc tacagtgaac tacactggga tgtctagaga       840
     tgaaaaagca tcgggtaaac gctgggtcac ggcgtctggc cttttcaggc agtgctgggg       900
     accgaaccca gagcctcact catgcttgtc aagcactgtt ccactgagct acaccttgca       960
     ccctacctgg cattttactc acctcactca attctcacga tgctgtgaga tcagcatcat      1020
     taaccgggtt tcacattaag aaagaggctc agacgtgaag acaaggtatc cactcacata      1080
     tgtaaaaagg accatttcca atgtgtttaa atccaaaatt gcccgcttct ttgactctcc      1140
     cctcctgcat ccccccaccc ttcgagctcc ttacagctct catttgggtt tgctaagatc      1200
     aggttccccc tgacatgcct ctccaacatg cagttaatat tcactttgag acaaacttga      1260
     agtgtgtctt tgatctcact gtttcaagga acccctttaa tcgcttagaa atgggaacag      1320
     tctgttttca taagtggttc aaggaagggg gctgtttgtg acagtcagag tcccagagaa      1380
     agaacaagag cccgtgagag gcccgcagac tcactcttgc ctcatgtgta ctcttcacga      1440
     agctgccact gccagcatga cccgcctcct gtcttgacca tgtttcctga tggtttactg      1500
     atagatgtaa actcacaggc tttcatccaa gttaggggcc tgcacatgag cttgtgccag      1560
     atggcaggtt tataagtgca aagtacctat gtgatcaaca caagttaaga gtggccgagc      1620
     gagaggcttg ccacaagatc aaagccagcc tgggctgtat aataggaccc tatgccctct      1680
     gtccccccaa aatggttaag agagctacat aaagcaccct gagcatacag aaagcagatc      1740
     ttcagaccta attcctgaag gtgttactat ggctcccagt ttgtcacaga tgtcaagagc      1800
     cacctctggg gtgatccttt gtgtgggaag agactattct gaagaccaaa tggaatacat      1860
     aactagagtc tggaaatcgg agctgactgt caatgatgtt cccatgaaag ttctttgggc      1920
     ttccagactg tcaaaaccac agagcttcca caatgctatt tagctgttct cgaagtttct      1980
     agtactttta ttattttatg tgcatgggtg ttttgtcttt atgtatccct atgtgtctta      2040
     tgcctaaaga ggtcagaaaa gaatgttaga ttccatagaa ctggagttat aggcagtagt      2100
     tgtgagctac tatgggagta ctggaaattg aacccaggtc ctccataaga ccagccagtg      2160
     accgctctta accaccaaag cattttcttc ctcttcctcc tcttccttct cttcctcctc      2220
     ctcttcttcc ttctcttcct tctcctcctc ctcctctccc accaccacca ccaccaccaa      2280
     acacaaagct gtctcaccag gctgtctaca gagcagcgat cataaccaag aggaagtgag      2340
     tggaggaatt agaagagaaa accagttgtc atcatatctc tacccatcac tcctattgac      2400
     ctgggggcct tattgatcta atgacttccg tatctcccca acagaagtgg taattatgac      2460
     tagctgccca gggcctataa gaaccatgta tacaaatgcc ctaatgtgcc aggctgtcag      2520
     tttaaccttg aagcaattct gtgactatca aaagtggaac aaagctgagg caagagaatt      2580
     tccatcagtt taagggtggt atgggcaaga cagtgagatc ctatgtatca aagcctaaag      2640
     tagtttttac ttttgagata cacacacaca aattaatagt ttacttttaa attcaccttt      2700
     atattctaat gccaaacact acaacaaacc attctctctg tttgttatag aatgcagagg      2760
     actgattctt atatccctgg aaaccacatg acaagttctc actcttgtag ctagactcaa      2820
     gcagaaactc caggctgtgg ctgaagggaa tgtgtctccc cgtgtctttg cggacagcct      2880
     tttatcacct gagttagtct gcctgctttg ccagagaggg ctgacacaaa taagccacaa      2940
     gagggacagg acaggactgg gcatagcatg ccatttagaa agcaggggtg gacttggagt      3000
     cagaagtgag aaggatgaca ctaaagtcct agatcacata aggtatctag agagaaaaaa      3060
     atgaaaactt gggactgaaa tgcaaaggct ttatgataaa taaggtgtac tactttttag      3120
     tataaaatgc ttacatatat catgagatgt acttgtacca aaaacatatt atttaaaatt      3180
     catatttaac tggtcattct gcattttacc agaaatgttc ctgacacaga gcatggactt      3240
     gggacttaaa taaacttgct gtgtgaatct gggccatacc tcaaactatg tgtgtaagca      3300
     ctcattaatt acctcaccta cctaattctc acttccccta cctgcaaatg gcatctccac      3360
     gaggtcattg cttgtgtaaa ataaaagtat ggtacacaga gcagctccta atgacagcgg      3420
     cactttcagt gatcagccca ttttagtttc cttcacttac agcacccttc aaatacttcc      3480
     taccaggaaa acagggttag ctgtactgat tataaaatta aaatacattt tcttgaaagc      3540
     agagggatac accgtccttc tcgtagattc aagaattcta ttgttcacca gttttaaaat      3600
     ggcccctctt tcctactcag aaagtgacag caacaaggac cagtatcttt gatttctcat      3660
     aagtgcatgt tatgggaaac agccttgaag ctcttcttag gagtgtgtag accagtctct      3720
     ctcacacccc tacacaggag acctccaaag tcacatctca ggacatcgca ctggaagcag      3780
     ttctgaaggc aaaagatttc cagggaccaa ctatagagtt gccacatcag agtttcttcc      3840
     tgcagactac tgtacttcaa accctggagc cacagactcg cctttcccaa agttaacact      3900
     cctcaagaga aataaagaag cctgaagagt ctgctaggaa ggggaaggac acactctcga      3960
     gccatcccat gacggaagcg tcaaaacctt tctatgagga agcggccaga tcatccagca      4020
     ctctgcttcg gagcatttgt gtcaaattga cactccaatt tcaagaccat acataaaacc      4080
     ccattcaatt atttagcact atacagattt ttacataact cttgaagtta ctgactcaat      4140
     tcattttgct tcgaactaca agacagatta atctaaaatg aattaagaca ggcaaccaga      4200
     ggtaatgtta gcgcaggcag taaacagtct tccaactgct ggatcaggaa gctgtctact      4260
     acccttgcaa gatgtgccac atctgcttac catcagagct caagagccaa gcttctacaa      4320
     accttgcggg tccaggatct cagaagcaga aaggatgagc caatgtttta tgtgagcctt      4380
     ttgttttacc aatgtgtgtt acctccctct ccaaaacgga catgatgaca gcgtcgacac      4440
     cagtatttcc agctgcgtca taatgtacaa cagacaatcc atatttcaat aatgtaaatg      4500
     ttctaatgat ttgaatatga gagcttatgc acaagtgtgt aatatacaca ttcgtatcac      4560
     taaggttgag ggtacaggtt caacagtaga atgcctgcgt aacatctaca tagtcctggg      4620
     ttctagtccc agcacatcaa tgaataaata agttagctaa ttaattaatc tatctgaatt      4680
     gccctggctc agatggcaac aattatggga gatacttatt agaatttaat gggaagagga      4740
     aaggtagaag aaaaagctgc caaaagccag ggctgcctgc tatcaccaga aggaacagag      4800
     acatagtaag gctagaaact accaagggag cactgccctc caaacctcat gactccagac      4860
     ttctcccctg ctgtgtaaag acacacaatt tgcagtgttc tctttcaatg gcccaagaaa      4920
     acgaacacag taataagcca aaggggacag acaccatcca gatgcacaat ggggacaagg      4980
     ccttgcagat ctataaaagc agagttggtt tcaaagaaca aaagggactt cagtgtggtg      5040
     ggaagatggg aggggaagca agggctgaag gactagcccc actgaggtca ccttctgctc      5100
     tgagccttgc caaccagaag gctcaactct ctcaggagct acgccaagct gccgcagagt      5160
     gaacaagacg caaaaaaatc atctcaggaa aaaataacct atagcacgtg caaactcatc      5220
     tcaaactcac ctctgcttac tgcttgcata caacaagcca aaggtagcca ggcgtggtgg      5280
     cgcacgcctt taatcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc      5340
     cagcctagtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc      5400
     aaaaaaacaa acaaacaaac acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaaaaaca aaaaaaaaca      5460
     acaagccaaa ggttcccacc atcacagaat agtgagttag agactagaca ggcagcagca      5520
     ggcctctcga tcatggtggg gctcagtctc ttcctcgtgc tggttcaaag gaacaggatc      5580
     accgtgcaga aaccataaag atgaattccg gggacacacg gcatactggt caacttccta      5640
     gtacacttta acaatgtttg tggctcgtag cattctgtgc cctcgagtac tggtaagtgc      5700
     atttacagag ataaggtaat cgtcagaggg aacaaagtca agattttagt gtaaatggat      5760
     ccaaatctgg tcagcggaag acggttttta agcctccaag acattcctcc taagtaaaac      5820
     tacctcattc gcctcacact gtttcctctc ttttgtaggc taattaaaaa gcttgtctca      5880
     gctggcctgg tttaataata gaatactagt tcatatttaa acaacagagt tcagttgtga      5940
     gaggttttgc ctcttgtaaa accttgggct ttacttgaaa cacacacaca aactatatga      6000
     tgcatttaga agagaaaaag taacaaaact gaatcggctc cttaggaaag tcacctttag      6060
     ggccaaagac acaggattcc cctcccttcc tctggctgac ttacactctt gcgactgatt      6120
     tataaagcaa gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttaaaatagg cccacagcct aatgaacaaa      6180
     acaggtatca gataaaaaaa accctcctaa ttggaagatt acatttttag ctataacctc      6240
     aaaatggatt ttgcaaaatt atcaaagcaa ctcaaatctg cagaatctta atttaaagca      6300
     atgtaattct agacggcaag gaacctaatt gctggctaag caactgtttc caactgtaat      6360
     tggctgcgca caaccctgca cacaatcgtg cacacacatg cttaagccac ctgacgtgga      6420
     aggcatctgg actgggccca gcgctgccaa aagaatctct ggaaaaaaaa atgcaacaaa      6480
     aggaatgagc tctctcgcac aggctcctcc acgcattggc tcagagctgc ctcactttcc      6540
     agaatcgctc cctgaaatgt caagacggaa attagtgccg ttcgttgcat aatgcttttc      6600
     ccccttccaa gcaatttcaa tacttgtgag aactactcaa caacctatca cagaaagttg      6660
     taactaaaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagagga      6720
     ataccaagaa aggcaaactc acaagtatgt ttgaggttga attatgtccc tctcctagcc      6780
     ataatcctca ttatctcttg actgtgattt tgtatggaaa taagagcatt gttatataag      6840
     agtacttatg ttaaaaggtt atgatagagc agaatgggcc ctgaaacaca tatgactcac      6900
     gtccttacaa gaggagaaag tctgggtttg gatgagcctg taagtgaagg gggggggggg      6960
     ggggaggaga gagaggaaac ttgaatgcat tactgacttg aagatgaaga caggacaaag      7020
     gttctgtaaa ccaaggaagg tcaaaggagc agagaaaagg aaaaggcatc tgtcagctgg      7080
     atgaaggaag cagcctgcag atacccaggt cttagacctc taggctctat aacataaggc      7140
     tggtgtggcc taagctactg attttcatgg acttttgcca tggccgtcct agtaaactaa      7200
     caaagtggac aggcatagcc atagatgttt ttactataaa actctctatg ccactctcct      7260
     agctgtaagc acgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtcc ctggttggtt      7320
     aatttgtcat ggttatgggt agatgtggtt aatcacagga ctgaggaaat tctgactcag      7380
     aatcccaaga gactggagct acagcttttg tcatgcagcc ctgagttcac tccagctctg      7440
     ggaaactcca aatcccaaag agaacacaat cttgttttct ctctcttcct ttcaatacag      7500
     atgcaggttt aatttaataa gactgtccca cttcccaagt gcaattaaaa atggccttca      7560
     ttcctcctcc gaatgagtaa gctttacaat gctgcaatct atggttcaat aaaaaaaaag      7620
     caactatcgc acccatcact gcaaagctgt aaaaccatga ccaacgtgct tctggagact      7680
     ttggaagcag aggaggaaaa aataaaaatg aaaacaaaca cgtaaacaaa caaaaaaacc      7740
     ttaaagatcc aaacacaaaa atatcaaaat aataatatat tatgaaggct ttagaaatcc      7800
     agcccttcgt ttctgaaacc gttagtttcc tacgtttgat ttccaccctt ggtccttttc      7860
     atgtggtaag caggacaatg ggacaggaaa ggaaagaggt ggtagaaaga cagaatggcg      7920
     tcttccgtag agggagactg aagtcacgag catttatctc tagacagtgc tgggaaccac      7980
     tgtgcacagg atgcctgtgt atagaaaaca gaatgtgagg cagagacatg cttacgagaa      8040
     gaataatcgt taaagtgcag aagccagcat tacactgtta gaagccacca cacaatcaat      8100
     aatgggtaca aactgtagaa cagggagagt cgtgtcctgt gatcctgcat ctctcatcgt      8160
     ctgcactggg aaaaggaatg cttaaggctc ctcagaatga ccttcaacca tgccttcaag      8220
     gctgtagggt ggcggactat ttccttccct atcattatgt cccattctaa caagttaaga      8280
     ggaaaagaca tcttttctgg gtgccagaca ctattttaag tacttgatgt actgttaaac      8340
     atgtgtctgc atcctgcttt tatagttgga ttaaggcaaa ggttaaacga gtcttcccaa      8400
     agttaacaat ggaaagtggc agagatgagg tactcacgtc cggcccacag aagcaccaac      8460
     agcacagcct tgaagccagc agtggctaat aaccaaaagc agtaaattca acacacggga      8520
     aatggttctt ttatgttctc atgttgcaga cctctgacta ccccattgtt gaaaagacac      8580
     ccaaaaatgt caggcagccc tcgtttcaaa ggctcctcca gtgtctctga agcaagttgc      8640
     caggtctttt aaaaaaggga gtgaatataa attctgtatt cggggcttca gtaggactcc      8700
     ttctaaaaag tctacccaaa gacggtttta atagaatttc atgcagaaat tactagctga      8760
     gataacaggc ccatctccgc ttctgcagtc accggaaagg taagtaagtg gttaacctca      8820
     cagtatttga gattttcatg ttttcagcct tgctggaatt ggaaagaaca cctcatggtc      8880
     ccttctttac gtatcaccga tttcaacttt tatgccacat tccactccac tccttgctag      8940
     gtgctggtat gtgtgtcgaa gagagacttg gatttaaacc catcaagtaa aaacagaact      9000
     attttaattg cgttatctaa aatacattac agattcgata acgctcctta caactatgtt      9060
     ttagtgcatt atctgatcaa acacagggat agtttcccaa ataatcagct ggccagaatg      9120
     agacaaggct gccagtgtag ttaaccatgg ctgtagcaca gtcttcattg attcgaattc      9180
     agcatctgcc ctttgcagct gagcactaac tgagttgctt tcaggactct acctgattga      9240
     ttaaacagca tcacatacgg gcgagcatga tggaaaggga gaggagtagg atgtgtaagg      9300
     taaggtgtgg tctgtgtggt tctttagccc tcaccgtgct atttcagtgg ccttccatgg      9360
     agcctttctt ctctctggac cacagcttct ctggctataa agtcagatgc ttctgacatt      9420
     atgcttagct acacagacca aataaaatgc tacatgtaaa atgtacaaca caaattgtca      9480
     ggctgtcata tagtgatatt actgagcaac ttggagaaga cagaattaaa ccaaatcttt      9540
     ttctttttga tgtaggttaa tttttcaatt aaaatgttca attacattta aatttaatgt      9600
     aggctaatat ttttcaaaaa taaggcacag cgaattttac agcttccagt atactttgta      9660
     ctttagagct gtatttatga gttcatttca aagctttcca atttcagtta gagctggtga      9720
     aaacatacac attaaaattt ctctataagt cacttattgt gtaaattact tttgttttaa      9780
     caacaaaggg agaaagcttg cattgatgag tatcccaaat gcatactaga gactgactct      9840
     atggaatttt ttcacgtgac caacagtaat catctattac aagcattttt attctgactt      9900
     caaatattag atcaagtgtg tatcagccta aagtcctggg aaattacttc agacttgaaa      9960
     atccttctat aggttaagtc atttggtcac taagttctaa gatgtatgta tttaatctct     10020
     ctattgagct aaacatttag ctaataattg tcaggaaggt tttgacatta aaaatttatg     10080
     actcaaataa aactgttctg cacaagttga ggtactgagg cgtaagaact ataaaaacga     10140
     ccagtctgga agataaccaa ttttaaaagc ataaaaattg tcactcaggg tcaagcagaa     10200
     gtccagttcc caccagactt tctgtaggac aatagcaatc aaacagactg catcgaatcc     10260
     cttctgtggg tgatgaccga cgggaggatt agagaaggtg tctgggtttc cctgtattat     10320
     cctggagtct ctgctatcag gctccgtccc agtcactcta gaacacatat ccttgagcac     10380
     tacaaacata ctcaggaaga tgaatcctat ttgcttgtta tcatctggac acacacatcc     10440
     tttttccttt tattcaaact taaacgactt ccttctgctg tagagaggtg cccttttatt     10500
     acagccttct gggatttggg aagcaagtgt gagttcccca gaacagtact ctacacgtca     10560
     ctcttcatcc tccaactctc aaatcctaat atttttgctg tttatctcaa tccacgccat     10620
     cctcttagtc atttagttgc cctgatcaac ctactataat atacatatgg atgaagggat     10680
     aaagggaagg agggagggaa ggagggaggg agggaaaata taaagaacgg tctacctgaa     10740
     atcaaacaga aacgtggctg aaatccatgc ttttcaagca agtctcaaga ctcataaaat     10800
     ctctgacaag ccaaccacca atgaaactgt aatcataggc tttatattct gtacaattat     10860
     gttgcctatg agcaataacc tattgggtgt ctatgaagtt gatatatata tgagaatgta     10920
     tcagagagaa aacaagaaaa aatagtgttg ggaaaagaga gagaaaaaat aatacgtgtt     10980
     taaaagatgc atcttccttt ccctgaggcc tcactatgaa ctaccaaagt ttgaccaaaa     11040
     tggctataat gactgtctgt tattttctta attttttttt aaatatttat ttatatgtaa     11100
     gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacactccag aaaagggagt cagatcttgt tacggatggt     11160
     tgtgagccac catgtggttt ctgggatttg aactcgggac cttcggaaga gcagcctgga     11220
     agagcagtca ggtgctctta ccaactgagc catctcacca gccctgttat tttcataatt     11280
     ccattaattt attattttat ggaatgcaac caggcaggtt aaaaagtcct gtattttttt     11340
     cccatggtca aacatttaca gaatgaggct ttccattgaa gcaccccacc cccactgatt     11400
     tggcacagtg cattacgatt agtatacaca caatatcaag tgtgtatact ccaaaaagta     11460
     aatggtttat cttccactca aaccaacaaa tagtttggca caacctttca gcaccctatt     11520
     ttaaaacaga tatatttctc aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa caaaacaaca aaaacaatca     11580
     tacaaaaagg attatagtac aatttttaag gaaaggtttt ttaaatttga tccatatttt     11640
     ctattaatga acaaaataga gttttttcat ccaagcatat gttaatgtga tggttttatc     11700
     aaaagccaag ggaaaggcag gaaagggggt aggagggcta gaggacttag gtctagagtt     11760
     ttaatccaca ttctagctag tcctctgttg cattctttaa acgctggcga aaccaacttg     11820
     agacaaaagg gcttatttat ctcacactcc caagtccatc attgaggaca ggacctcact     11880
     gaggaacctg gagggaggag gtgaagcaga gggcatggag gactgctact ccctggcttg     11940
     ctctccctgg tttactcagt ggatttctta cactacccat gcaacctgtc caggaatggc     12000
     cctgactact atgggctgta ggcacccact ttaatcagcc tactcttcac ctgagcttcc     12060
     ctctacccag gtgactctag tttgtgtgga gatgacaaaa ctaaccaaca caatacctat     12120
     gttatatgac atgtcatctc aaggcaaggt cacattattt cctagatgtt aactgactat     12180
     gatataaagt tcatgagtaa gagagttacg ttgcttgaga taaatgaggg taaagtttac     12240
     tttcccaata actactgaaa aaggaagttt gctctgagta gggaaaagga gacttattaa     12300
     actattttcc agaacttcaa gtagcattac tggtacacag acaatgaact aattataaat     12360
     aacccagtaa tccttacgaa gcataacagt cctgagtact ggcaattaaa tacagtgtca     12420
     ccagactcag aacaatggga ggacaacagg gacaccctcc ctggcgttgc tcagaagaaa     12480
     ccttagtcgg ccaatggcaa cttcgaagta ggaacatccc tgagccgagt ggaggacatt     12540
     tagaagactc ccaggcgaca gaggagctat gggaatcaga agcaagtcct ctgccttcca     12600
     aagggaatga tgatcacatc cagatgcaga gccatgtgac agattaacct tcctgtgtca     12660
     actccatcac caatgttggg aagttagccc agtgggtagt gcatgccact cacggatgag     12720
     gaactgaaat ccatccatcc tcagaaccca tgtaaaatag ccagatgcgg tagcacagca     12780
     ggatacactt attatcccag tacagggaga gtagaggcag gtggttccct gagactggct     12840
     ggtcagccac cctggcctaa tcagcaagtt ccaggcaaag ctactgtttc aaaaacaatg     12900
     ttgacgtctg gctccacagg tacacgccca caggagcatg tatgcctgaa gatatgcaca     12960
     catgaacaca atcaccaaag attaatacag aagctgggca tgatgggaca cctcagcctc     13020
     atcactccaa agctgcgcca tcaagatgat aacgttgaag ccggtctgag ccacagagtt     13080
     agaccctgct ttaaataatg ctaacaataa acaataaaaa acttctaaaa ataaaaagct     13140
     actgctgagg aggggaggaa ggagcctaca taggaatgac atgaagaagt ggctatagta     13200
     ccgaggaata catggctcta gcagttcctg aaccacagtg tcggggccag gaccagtgag     13260
     gtaaaggatg ggactgtgaa gctcatacaa agcacttctt cctttcttcc cactgatcat     13320
     tcattctcac ggtccagggc catgatgcat tagaagcagt gactccgggg ctgggaacat     13380
     agagatgctg gacatcagac ctgcctcagg ctgacaagta gtctacagtg tgttctgttg     13440
     tcacttactg cccccttcct tgaacccttt tcatcccctt gctgacttct ggacagacac     13500
     agacggctgg cagtcggaag agatcatata cactcgtgta attgcccagg agagaatgta     13560
     ttattttgtt aataagataa gagggagctc ttatgcttca gagttaagac aaaacagagg     13620
     aggaaagagt gggaaaataa gccagaagct attcttagta actgccaaga catctcagag     13680
     ctttgctgct aggcttctta gtacgactgt cctctcaaga actattagaa acaacagagg     13740
     gggggaaatg ccaggagtgc ccagatagga ctgcactcag gaggcgggac agattgttta     13800
     agtgcatgcc taactagcat gcataagaca aagaaagaga aagatgggaa tggaatcaaa     13860
     gaaaggaggg gatgggagag gagttgagag cctgagaata gaccataact ctttccagga     13920
     cacatgtcag gtcagacgtg tcaaagaatg ttgaacagtt ggttctttcc ttccactgaa     13980
     ggttgtgggt atggaaccca gcttttgcct ccatgagcct tcagctccat ctctccaccc     14040
     cagagttatt aacttaccac aaagactctg ctgatcagtg ctatcaagaa ctagtccagg     14100
     acactgcatc cagggcaagg ggcttgagac acacttgcct gagtaacaac agctcaggag     14160
     actagagggt tgaggcagaa gggagaacaa acagggctag aggaagcttg aaaggaggcc     14220
     tggccattgg aggagacatc aggagacctc ttcctctaag cacaggaggg agatgctaga     14280
     gactgggtgt ttaaagagca gagtaaaagt ggaggtttat gagtgtatac catatcttct     14340
     tgtcagtgtg tttgtgtgtt tccacagatg gatgtgagct ggtactatat atgcatggag     14400
     ctgcctccgt ccaaatacaa aaaaggactt ctaacagggt ttgcttctga gaaaagaaac     14460
     tgagatctag aagctgtgta attaaagcaa gaggagaaac ctcctgttac tgtgcctggc     14520
     acacagagaa gggagaggag gtggctactc tctgaaaggc ctgaagcagg atgcgctaga     14580
     ggccagccag ggatacacag tgagtcccgc gctgacctag actatagcat agactctgtc     14640
     tcaaaaacag aaaagggagc aggggggagg ggagaaagag aggagaaaga ggggagaaag     14700
     agggaaatga aaggtggatg gatagtggca atgtttataa tcccatgaga ggtggaggca     14760
     gggggatcag gagttcacac tcaccctaac cttcctacac tgagagttta gaggccggcc     14820
     tgcactgggt aagactgaca tataggagga gagagggaga gaggaaagat actcagcatt     14880
     gagagggagc attccttcct gtgtgaaggg actagaacta ttcctggccc ctggctgatt     14940
     tctgtggctt ccccaagagt agagtttcaa agtccagggg cagatttcta cgtagcaatg     15000
     gcagccagag atctacagaa caggcattcc agccaaagaa tgttggcttg tgggggaaaa     15060
     acagaagcag aacaaaccac accaggttta agataagaag ggagcctgat accgtctagt     15120
     gccaccccac ccacatctgc cttaaatggc tgctcaaagg agagctgagc aacttcctcc     15180
     caggtgccac tctcctttgc ttagctctgg ttttgtcgat ttgttttgct ttgcttttgt     15240
     ttctctttcg agttgatagt gttgttttct gacaaggtat catgtagccc aggctatcct     15300
     caaactgacc tcagactcct gatctccctc ccaaggtctg ggattactgg agtgaatcac     15360
     tgtaccaggc ctcggtaatg ctgcttacaa aagcttttat cctgtggtgg agaaaaggct     15420
     caaacaagca aaatacaagg cacaggacta taaaagagga gtgaagagac cgttttgcca     15480
     ggtcagcaag tcacagagag gtaaatgatg ggactgtgaa cctcacacaa agcagttttg     15540
     ggcacagagg tgaggaaatg tggtgaagga gtattttttt taaataactc tttgataatt     15600
     tttttttgca aaaataccac ttcaatcaaa gttctgacaa ttatgaaaca tgccagctga     15660
     tagcaagaat ccatcaaatg tgccagaagt gacaagaaac gagaacctag atcctcaaat     15720
     tggatggcct tcaagagtcc ctgacaatca ctgtcataaa tcatggaggc ccgacactgt     15780
     caggatgggg gtggggtgag gggaggcagt cattgtcaca agttacagaa gctaagccca     15840
     gcaatgctgc agttacaata agcattgcca gccaccactg ttactacagg gtaaatgtag     15900
     atggtaccag ttgtgaggct aggtagagag gtaccaggac cactgtcaag atctttgatc     15960
     ttaggaacct cacagttact gctaagataa ttctcctgac ctgcccccca aataattcat     16020
     atttccctgt ccagaggctc aatactggca gtgagcaaaa ctgtaagaga aagcagcata     16080
     tccaagtcac tggcttaatt agcagtccaa gataaaaaca agcctttgaa attatttttt     16140
     atttacacac agttactagt atgctattta tgtctgactg taaaacaata taacaacctc     16200
     taagctttct tgctttcaac ttatctctgt ttttctttga aatcaagcaa ataaaataaa     16260
     ctcgcctcgg ttgcaggtgt ttagcagacc aattaaactt ttgacacatc cccttgagac     16320
     aggaatcaat atatcatcat cataacttta gttggacatg tgacccatgc taagccacag     16380
     ggggagaggt gcattgaaga ttagtcgtta gcgaactgtc atctgactgg cagctctgtc     16440
     atgggcattg ttacagttag aacatttcat ttcgttcttc tggttccttc atctttccaa     16500
     aaaataacag gttgggcact agggttagca tctacagaca atatagtaag tcacggattc     16560
     ttgatattgt atggacactg tccagcacgt acaacaaccc attagtacac ttctgaatag     16620
     gatcttttcc aatgaaccct acatggttca ctctggaaca cagacaacat gcttcttggt     16680
     gaccacatca cttgaggtaa taacctatca cagagccgca aggacctggg cttccagaaa     16740
     ggtacttggg cccaaagggg gaggcaaagt gacttcctgg tggtaaggtt tgaggaaaga     16800
     agctgtaaat agtacttaga actaatattc gggggggtgg gggcataaag tgtgagtcgt     16860
     gatatcaact tacaaaccca gattgcttag gtttgaacgg tcttcagtgg acagagccat     16920
     attagggaga cagctcattt aatgtgctgg acgacttcct aagaccatgc aaaagtggaa     16980
     gatgcttggg tttcaagaat ggaaaagtca agtctctccc agaggcaggc gcagaggcag     17040
     gcttaatgtc catcttctga gcgtttgcta ctgcctgggc agtctgtctg tctgtctgtc     17100
     tgtctgtctg tctctctgtt tgtctgacgg tctccctcca gctatctctt tccatctcta     17160
     ctctgagcat tcacttacac aaatgtgaac tggaagagca gactcctatt gccccgtggg     17220
     tttctactga gttgaagctt tctcaggtgt actggccact gagctcttag ccaggagctg     17280
     gagagcaacc accgagtgcc ctcgatctac ccaaaatgtc cactgctctc tgaccattcc     17340
     tatttagttc aaaaatatcc ccagcacaag atcagcactc acgtggtaaa tggtaccaaa     17400
     tgaggggcaa aaatgacaaa ggctggacct tgcagctgtt ccttggttcc cctccaggtt     17460
     gtcatgggaa ttacctttta tgagagtaat ctcatagttc acagttacca gcagtatgca     17520
     attatcaata tgagcctcgc tgtttgatgc tcacactctg ttttccatta atagaaacac     17580
     tgcagattct aaataaatta cagtgggaat taatggttgc cgagataagt ttttctcctc     17640
     caagtgagca ttttataact aattatgtgg ctgcaatggg agaataggaa ggagctgcgg     17700
     ccacattcct aaaggcccct atagtaagga gaacactgaa agcaagaaag cccaatgctt     17760
     gggtccccga agcaacagct ctcttcccag agctacaacc tactgctggc ctagggccat     17820
     gtgagaggaa gggcaggaat gaatctggcc ttaatgaaaa aataaataca ttctttataa     17880
     atacacactt acttctaggt agcacgggac aactacagaa aacggaagca tgagagaact     17940
     ctcaatggca agcctaccac gctcaagtca ccagacacac gctacaccat tctgaatgct     18000
     cactttaggt ggctgtagaa aaactagtat tgtctaattt ttctgaatga gtaatatgtc     18060
     tatttgcatg taaattatca cacatgcaca cacacacata tacacatgga acacacccat     18120
     gcacgagggt cgggttggtg ggtaaatcag ctataaggaa gaaaaaggaa agggaaactg     18180
     agcaataacg catgataaca aagtaaagat gttttataca ttagaaataa aatactgaat     18240
     agtgtctaga ggggtaaaca gtacatgcta gaggcatcac tacattcagc aatgactacg     18300
     gttttgcttt tctattcttt tttttcttcc ctttcttctt gtatggtttc caacactccc     18360
     ccccccccca cacacacaca cacactcctc ccaggtcctc cccaccttcc cactcaccga     18420
     actccatccc ctttctctct ctctttagaa aacaaacaaa ccaaccaaaa caaacaagaa     18480
     tctaaaaaaa gaaaaaacac aaaaaacatg caagcacaca caccatacat acatacatac     18540
     acacacacac acaaaaccac caaactgcaa accataatat aaagcaaaag accagtatgg     18600
     aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaagaagg aaggaagaaa agaaagaaag aaaggaagga     18660
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagagagaa     18720
     agaaagaaag acccaaacaa atcactaaga gacaaaagga agtgtacaaa attacaaaac     18780
     taagttcaca ttctgtgggt catctactac tgggcatggg gcctaccttt aaatgtgatt     18840
     aatatgacca atgagactcc actggagaaa tttaattttt ccttgcaagc agaggtcaac     18900
     tggagacggc ttcttggtta aggatggttg ttcttgtcca cttccactgc tcagcactgg     18960
     gctcccatgt ggcttaaacc tgtgaatacc ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc     19020
     gtgatcacag aagaacctgt gcaggccctg tgtgtgctgc cacactcttt acatacgtca     19080
     gcacatcatt cctactgtgt ctggaaggca tgttttactt ggtgtcaagc cctctggttc     19140
     tcacaatctt tctaacccca cttctgcagg gctccctgac cctgagggag gagtctgatg     19200
     cagacattcc atttaggatt gagtgctcct gaatctctgg ctgtttgcag actgtcccag     19260
     tgtgacttct taaaattacc actaacgctt tcttaaggga catgacatct acagataggt     19320
     aattctaaat gaaagctatg agaccatggc aatgtggcca acttcttcag cagttggttt     19380
     ctatttccca agcaaggatt gtgggaatgc aaaaggcctg tgttatattg tatagcacca     19440
     agtgactgct gagtacacca tagggattat tcatatgaac ttgagccagg cagccaatag     19500
     cagagtgcct tagacaagcc actgaccccc caggcaagaa gcaacccctc ccttcctgtc     19560
     tactctgctg ttgtccactg gctctttccc agtgccactt ggcacaaact ctacctgcaa     19620
     actccagcgc ccagagtgca agagactcgc ttccgtgctc cctattgatt tctgaacaca     19680
     aatatttccc aagggaaact atctgttgtt tcccagggca aattacgaga gcacgcaaac     19740
     tcttgaaaca tgttccttga acttcatgaa acaggttaga ccccatacac cccatgtggg     19800
     tggccagaaa tgtgaacact gccaagatat aaggccggta tttacccaga acattcattc     19860
     ccaggagtat ttcctcagaa aaatgttgca agcgcactga gctctcaatc tgataatgat     19920
     tagattgaaa cagtgccttc tgtctctgat gctcttcaaa catctctctc cttctagctc     19980
     cctcaaataa aacaaccaca gagtgacttc tgtgggcgac tatatgaact ctattttccc     20040
     atcctttgaa aaaaaaaaaa aagctaagaa tataaatact aaactggaca aggcaggaca     20100
     gacccagaga gcaaggggac agaaacactg gggagataaa ccaataacag gagtatagca     20160
     aggagaatgt atgaggccca taaacaataa tgaacgcatc tgtaacattc attcattctt     20220
     caggaagcac gtgactgaga acccaggtct gaagctcaga cagaggaatt agagggctgt     20280
     aaagaatttg acttccactt ggagacaatg tcatttctct ttccttcttg tcatcaccgc     20340
     cctcctcccc aaagtaaagg gaacactgaa ggaagaagca atgggtaccc tctcacctac     20400
     agctagcttg ttaagaggtc agtcaaggtg atcaaatgcc tagaccacca tcacctgaac     20460
     ctgtggaggc agaaaacagg ctccaggtgt gtgagcagag gaggtcatcg ggaatgtacg     20520
     ggagaagtag caggtgatag cccaccccac cttcagcagg caagggtgcc cgggcaaacc     20580
     ccttctcttc agctcaaaga atgctaagtg agaattgggg ctggaactgc ctccaccttt     20640
     aagttccctt tagaggatga tacaaggttt ttggaggttt tttttgtttg tttgtgtttc     20700
     ctgtgtgaaa aatctctagt caacgaccaa ttcaaaacga aaatcagttt gagccaataa     20760
     aacctcttgg tgtgcagtca cgctttcctt gggggtaaac aatgacttaa tttccatctt     20820
     ccccaaacct gacctttaaa ggatgataag gggttatcgc agctaagggt catgttcaac     20880
     acatgctttg aaatctatat acttatgtga tagcagagta ttctagagag gcctgctaga     20940
     catacaagaa attgataagc tggctcatgc cctctgagaa cctcagaaat tgctgatacc     21000
     acagaacctg cgatgccgca cttcaggact gctgcccaac ctgaagtcac ctggtgaccg     21060
     ttcatcagca agccaccaag cacaaagcct ggattagatg cctaagtaac tggcagagca     21120
     actcagttca gatggaaata aaagcaccag cttaaatata atacctctat taaactgggg     21180
     acgtaagcag gctctctcca atacaggaac cctcaacagt agtccagagc accagctgta     21240
     ggaattccct gggaacttac tggacactca aattctcaag gtcccttggc tctagtgaat     21300
     gggagctttg gaggaaggcc cagaagtctt acacgcaggt acataataaa aatttgtttc     21360
     gggggtctat gctaattttc atgactctct aataacctgg tttaaaattc catcaaagct     21420
     tcacagtgcc ttccagagaa caagaactta acttctaact aaactgaaat tttatcctga     21480
     ggtatataat ttaattaata ggtaaccagg cagcgggtgt caaaattgct ctcaagcgga     21540
     aattctatga acacttcttc ccacttcaac ctctttaatt atgaagtgta tcacttagga     21600
     aaacgtagca caatttcagt ttacaggtta ttacaatgaa gtctaagaga agaggttgct     21660
     accgatctgc ctgtcaagag tccatccaga gttaagtaac tgcaggtatt catggcggct     21720
     gcaagtcact gaaagcctcc ccacaccaag ctccgctgcc ctagacctgt ctacatactt     21780
     ctaagtcctg tgtggcacac tagagtgtga gggtgagatg ctcatggcca aggctgccgt     21840
     actcctttat tagtgatgac cctgagatgt ctttcctgtt gccaagtact cagaagtcct     21900
     ctgtaacata aagaagcgct gctgtgtgtc ggggaaatga cagcaatctg taccaatggt     21960
     ccaggcctcg tgccctggtg tgtatattca gattcataca cagcctctgc ctcttcacta     22020
     ttggtaatgg cttgctttct catttgtgga gtgacatgaa ctaggggaat ggctcagtgg     22080
     gagaacgtgt gcttagcagg ctcaagcacc aggttccatt caggtaccat ttacaaaaaa     22140
     aaggaataca aagtttgagc aagattatct tctaggactg gagagatggc tcagcggtta     22200
     agagcactga ctgctcttcc agaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca catagtggct     22260
     cacaaccatc tataatgggc atctgatgca atcttctttt gtgtctgaag atagcgacag     22320
     tacatacata tatgaagtaa ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaagat tctaagccaa     22380
     gtccagtttc tacattgatg gacaggaaaa atctgttact aaaaactata ccttaagtat     22440
     tggtggctgg tgagtaaaat ttcactgtat gattttaagg actgttccaa aagacgtgct     22500
     aaaggaagca aacaagaaat taaaacagtg taaacaaaaa aacaagagtc aagggaagtt     22560
     gaatccagga gggattcatt acacatctat ccaaacaagc ctctgactat gcagacggcg     22620
     gctccccgtg tccacagagc actggccccc cttctaaaca ctgcatgttt taagagatgt     22680
     tgcccacgtg tcggctaact ctggattcag gttctgaaga tgacctagtt taacttcaaa     22740
     cccctttgga atcttgctga gggtgattct gagacaatcc cagtacagtg ccatcatttt     22800
     taaaaaggag gctttgtatc tagagacacg tttccttggt taccagaacc acaaacatgt     22860
     atgccatttc aaacacttcc ttccagatct cttaagatgg ggtatcttaa gctgtgtgga     22920
     gtctatgtct tcttggagag aacactgata aatgtgataa caccttccag ggttctgcag     22980
     tgtgggtggc ttgctggagt ctacaacttt agaaaaagca gaaacaacag caggctgaca     23040
     ctgatgaagg cacacattga cattagggga ccacacagac atggacggac aacagatgag     23100
     cctcattccc ccaccagaag tcacagagct cttgatatct gcagcatctt gggatggact     23160
     gtggctactg acaagtgtcc aaatttgcta tttccattat tcgagactgc tcaacaatcc     23220
     tggtgactga attcaaaagc atgtgggggc tatggcttgg aaccattctg attaaccctt     23280
     aatacaggac atggagagaa aagagcttat caaaccaatg gacaaagtgc catagcaatt     23340
     gtctttctat cagcacacag caaacaaaac tcattactgg ccattggaaa agcagaagta     23400
     gaaatgaccc ttataggtga cattcacaaa agatgagtct taactgaaga gcaaaattaa     23460
     aaattagaaa gcgtactaga tggatacata catacatact agatagatag atagatagat     23520
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatacat atatggaagg aaggaaggaa     23580
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aagggaggaa ggaaggaagg gaggggagaa     23640
     taggaaggga aggagaaaga tgtctttaca ccaccctagt caggtttgat ctagcctggg     23700
     ctttcttcct tggtacaatt ccaactaccc tacagtttca gagcagtgcc ctcatatgca     23760
     agtgtgaaac ctgatactca gagacaaaga cccttttccc agaccctggg gtgacagctg     23820
     agactcaaaa acaagtctat gtaggcatga gataactcac atctaaatcc ctactatttg     23880
     gaaggctgac caaagcagcc agttgagcat gggattccaa gtgtatgtag cctgggcaac     23940
     ataacaagac cccatctcag aacaacaaca ctcaagtgtg aattccccag gaggcagtgc     24000
     tctctccaaa ccactgctga tatctatcac aagtccactt ataagtatgt ttcactaatt     24060
     tgaggctaaa taaaatttca tcgttctagt tgcacatttt aaatgtggaa tttcaacttt     24120
     gctgcctctt tagagcatag aatgttggca aaggagcaaa aggcatggag aattcatttc     24180
     ctcctgaagt caagtcagtg attttaggtg cattttcaat gaattccatt caagtaagta     24240
     tcagtctcca aaactcctaa gtcgctgttt cccagaagtc cattcttctt tgtttgttgc     24300
     catttgaaac agtgtcacac tctggacccc tggcaggcct ggtactcact aggtagtctt     24360
     gaactcaagg caatcctcct actttaacct gcacaagtgc taggattaca aatatagcct     24420
     cttggttttg gaaacaaaag tcttgctcta tagctctagt tggcctggaa ctcggcacat     24480
     agcccaggct caacttgaac ttagggaacg tctcccaact ctgcctcccg ggtgtcactg     24540
     ttcttggaag cagcagttca ttttaaaagg tagcttcctc agaaaagcat tttttttttc     24600
     caccacacaa ctacatttct ttaatctata aagattctat attttggatt tcttccaagt     24660
     ttaaaaaaag aacaggaaaa acccaggctg acaagacagc tcctttagga cgatccacct     24720
     tgtcattatg agaccttaga tttgacaaat tcataaaaga acacattctg tcaccttgtt     24780
     gactggtgaa catattttac tcatctttcc tctaccgttg caatctgtct ggaccctaat     24840
     ctcattaagc cttccaaaca aaaacactcc agggctggag acagagctca gcagtacagc     24900
     acttgccata cacacacata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca cacatacaca     24960
     cacacacaca cacatataca cacacataca ctcaaggcac tggcttcagt ccttagtact     25020
     accatgcaat taaatatgtg taaataaata aacaatgacc aaacattcca ggaagaatgg     25080
     cttacttttg gacagtatct aattcctact tctcagattc atgttaggat gttaaattat     25140
     tcattcaggt tctcatacac atgaacaaga agaacacagg catctccagg gccagtgttt     25200
     tgaactctga tgtgcaggcc actgaatact accttgaaca cccagttcaa taaatgcttc     25260
     aacagagatt gaaggaatga ccatccagag actgcctcac caggggatct accccatata     25320
     caaccaccaa acccagacac tattgtggat gccaacaaga gcttgctgac aggagcctga     25380
     taaagctgtc tcctgagagg ctctgccagt gcttgacaaa tacagaagtg gatgctcaca     25440
     gccatccatt ggacagagca cagggtcccc aatggaggag ctagagaaag gacccaagga     25500
     gctgaagggg tttgcatccc cataggagga acaacaatat gaactaacca gtaaccccaa     25560
     agctccctgg gactaaacca tcaaccaaag aaaacacatg gtggaattcg tggctctagc     25620
     tgtatatgta ccagaggatg gcctagtcgg ttatcaatgg gaggagaggc ccttggtcct     25680
     gtgaaggttc tatgccccag tatagaggaa tgccagggcc aggacatggg agtgggtggg     25740
     ttggggagca gggggaaagg ggaggagatg ggtgtttttg gagaggaaac caggaaagga     25800
     gataacattt gaaatgtaaa taaagaatgt ctaataaaaa agagttaaaa aaataaataa     25860
     atccttcaaa cacaaataca taactttaaa aaaaaaatct tcttttaaag cccagaactt     25920
     ggtatttggt atgagtgttg atacacagaa gataaatttt tgaaaataaa taaaattttc     25980
     gaggattgac agtgacattg gcatctttct ttctttcttt cttccttcct atctttcttt     26040
     tttttctttt gtgggggaga ggggtgtcga gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt     26100
     cctggagacc aggttggcct tgaactcgga aatccacctg cctctacctc acaagtgctg     26160
     ggattaaaag cgtgtgccac caatgtccag ctggcatgtt tcttaaaaag ttgtgtagac     26220
     catccaagtg gtggtggcac acatctttaa ttcttacact gaagattcag aggcaggtat     26280
     atctgagttg gaggccaacc tagtctacag agaaagttcc aggacagcga aggcagtctc     26340
     aacaaacaaa aacagaaaac aaacaaacaa aaacttatat acactggaca gagattagtc     26400
     ctgacaattt acttgccaat tctttgtttt cttccaaagt taaagctatg gtttgaacac     26460
     agtacacaat gaaaagacca ccaagtggta atgccaagtc aaaaccccat agaaaggaga     26520
     atttgtgaag gaaatgctga tggatggctt ccactgaaca cacaggcagc caccaagaat     26580
     ttacatgaat gatggaagga aagaaagggt tagaatcccc tcgggcttga cctggcaaga     26640
     tggactactg actaggtagg tctgatggct tcttccaaaa ataaacaagc acaacattgc     26700
     aacaaatcca cccaagtaga agagagggtg gcatggcttc gttaagacca catggcattt     26760
     ttgcctagaa tttttattct ggggtgtggc acatttcaaa aattctataa gaccatggct     26820
     caagaaaaca tacaggcctg catgggtacc actgcaagtt aacaaagaaa cttcctggcc     26880
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaatcgcaa atgtttgacc tctgaacttt     26940
     tctcctcatt atgggaagaa acttggtttt ggtttttgtt gctgttgttg ttgttgtgtt     27000
     gttttgtttt tgaaaaacat tatcttaaca aaatactctt tagcttaatt taaaaacctg     27060
     ctgacctcag agcacagaac actaaccccc ttatagccag actgtattat cccagaagta     27120
     gaaacaccaa gtgcatttaa ggtggcagta aactacagaa aactatctac tcagaagtac     27180
     tttgattgcc tcaagaacta aggtgtgaag agattccagt cctatctgct tgggttctca     27240
     ttttaggggt gtgctgagat ccaagcctga cccttgtgca gattaagcac acactctact     27300
     acagacccgc accccaaccc cacgtctacc acagacccgc accccaaccc cacgtctacc     27360
     tttttgatta ttccagggat atttcccctt agtgcctttt ctcctctgta tttttgcctt     27420
     gtctcaacaa attggactac aaacctcctg ggcgagggcc atgtccatga gtttaagtct     27480
     cactctctca gaaacaccat gtctcagagg ccacagctta acccgcaggg cgtccattgc     27540
     atttgctccc tctgcgaagc tgcccttccc acctttttgt ctcttacagt ttatcccctc     27600
     catcagaaac taagctctct ggctcaagga tctgtctggg tttttgtttc tcatggcaca     27660
     gactcagggt ctaaggaaat gtctgagaac ggaatgagct ctccctagtt actaaggaac     27720
     agttgttccc agaagctctg tcggttgagc ccctacgttt ccaactataa aaccagtttg     27780
     gactcgggct tgtgcttgtt accacaggtg cccaatctac tagttttaga gtcacgttat     27840
     tgcataggta cccaatactc ctgtaaattg tgcatggcca agagaaggaa ttgaggaagc     27900
     tgcatacaca tattgctgca aatgtttgaa acataaagct accttttaaa acatgacgat     27960
     tcgttgtaaa tgtttatcta aaaataaatt agaggataag gaatcaatgt ggacaatttt     28020
     acaacttatg ggaggctcca ggagagtgac atataaaaga tgcaactgcc acccccctca     28080
     cccctggcta ataggcacag gacttggtgc tttagtgacc tggtctccaa ctcccacaac     28140
     aatcatcatg gacggccaaa ctctgtctgt atttgacatt ttaattcacc tattcaaact     28200
     ccagtactta gtttgtacac cttcctaggc aaaggacact gtaaagtaaa taaaatacat     28260
     agggaggttc ctgcggtagc aatggacatg acagaatcat actgattctc tcattctgtc     28320
     tcatactgat attgaatccc agcacttggg agggagagcc agacagattg cttgagttcg     28380
     aggccaacca ggtctacaaa gaaaaaaact ctgtcttgaa gaaacaaaca aacaagcaaa     28440
     caacaacaac aattattcac caagcactac aagtatccta ctaatagaat ctggcacatg     28500
     aatcatgtct gtccatatat aactagtatc aaaagcagga actatgaatc catgcaaact     28560
     agagaaaaca cgctgggttt ctctagaaga agagaagcat ggaaagcagg aaggcagact     28620
     aggtgaccgt atctgggacc tcactaatgc tggggttaat gcatgggaac tagccagcta     28680
     tgtaaatgag gccctcctct ctgcttggtc cccaatgctg acccaggtca tatcactctc     28740
     tccattaagg atagggaatg ccatacagtt agtctttgat atttagagct gaagcaagat     28800
     ttctgagaat ccaattgtgg ttcctgtcta acattaaaaa gtccatagca aagtagctaa     28860
     attatggggc actaattatg ctttaattct agtatacctt tgcctgttct tctggctgga     28920
     cagcccttcc tagatatatt tgagacatat aattctacac atccaagcac agtgaccaat     28980
     tgtgtggctc aattcacacc gcacatctgt ccgccatcgt gagctgccag aaaacagtca     29040
     ggtggtcatg ctgacatgtg cccccttgat actcaaagta acccctatgc actgaattca     29100
     tcttccttgc aatgtgtcga gtctgtcctt tgacaaccat gcttttatca ccaacgttaa     29160
     atgtagggca caggcaaacc tgagatattt ctctcagtca ttaattagaa acaaacggtc     29220
     actgactctt ggtgtgttct gttctactgt tctgggtaca ctagaaccaa cccaagagtc     29280
     ccagtgtgct ctgctgaact tgcgccttaa tggggaagtg ctccttactg ctttcgccaa     29340
     ctgttgatag caggttagcc tagcaagccg tccaggggcc agaggcaaag atgtcaagca     29400
     tctggcatat tcttatgaac agtcgccctc cctttgcagt tcttcgaatt gtgaagcaaa     29460
     gccaaatgcc tcaaagcctt taagggtccc caggaaggtc tacctctagg tcactgtcat     29520
     ggagattcat tagcctttaa agcaaggaga tacttgcctg ccaatgacca agcttcacgc     29580
     ctatggtaag acgagcagag tcacttccta gggaagaggt tctaccaaac tgagatgaac     29640
     tccacttaca aagtccctgg agtgttctct gtggtgcttc tgtggactgc tgccacctga     29700
     tgtgactctg ctcacgttca cgtccttctg cagcttcatc tcaacggatg tgctacacga     29760
     gccctcttta tttatacgcc gtcttggcat gtgtgcacgg ctgttgcatg tgcgtgtgtt     29820
     tctgtccaag tctgtgacag gccctaggat tatcgcacct ccctctacag ctgcaacacc     29880
     tcccacaatg tgagcacata gcaggcactt gataaatgct ccctacagaa tgtggaggaa     29940
     aagctcttct tacacttcag ctgctggggt gctgggcggg gaggaggggc gaatgagcaa     30000
     gcctatgcca aaacctgagc caaagtttaa ctcaaatcca gcaagggaat gaaacacaat     30060
     ttttaagaaa gagaaagaag aagaaaaaaa aaaatccaaa gaataaacaa cattggccat     30120
     gtggcatttt ccatgatctg tttttgtttt tttgtttttt ttcctagtct gttaaaagtc     30180
     agtatctacc tgctcccatc tgtcccctgt acagaactgt tattctaaat ggcttctaaa     30240
     gtttgctttg ctactctctt cttcttacct ttaaatagtc gccaggaaac accagagtca     30300
     ctgtgtagta cagactaaaa cagattttat cccctttacc tcaccttttc tatagccctc     30360
     ccagacactt tgccaaaccc cctgggagac cccattcact atccaaatag ccccgtgaaa     30420
     tgagttttcc tatcaatacc attttaacgg gtgacaaaag tcagaactag agaaaacaag     30480
     tcacagagca caaatactaa cctgggacag aaagcgacaa gcctgaggct caagcccagc     30540
     ccactctgtg aaagcaaagc tacacaatga catcacaaag tttatttgtt tgcgtgccgt     30600
     ctgtggctgc tttgcagata aggcagcaga actgagtaat tgggacagag attcaactgc     30660
     aaagctgcaa atgttaactg tgtggcccct tgtgcaaagt ctaccaagcc ctaatccatg     30720
     ctattccagc aaaatgaaat gatgatgcta ccaaacttct gaaaggctcg atcacaccat     30780
     acccaaagta cagggtttcc aactgcacat aattgtgtaa atgaccttaa aaccctatcg     30840
     aaagccatct accttctgtt tgtgaattgt aagtcaagcc tggcattact aaatgcctcc     30900
     ttagtctagc tcccatttag agatgaatat gctcagaata ttagaactat ttattgctta     30960
     cagaactatc tggtaataaa agaaattgct ctgttggtca aactacaaaa gaaagattta     31020
     ctgatttcct atgcagagtt atgcacagac ctaagcaaag gaggaaggaa gctcgatttt     31080
     gacataaagg acagatggga cagtagctgt ggtgggaagc cttgtggcag tgcatcctta     31140
     aaccactgca agtttgatat tgtgacatac tacactatcc ccaagtgtac aatcacagcg     31200
     tgtgtgtaat cgcatggcat gtgacactgc actgcgtaca ctaacaccaa aagaacttta     31260
     cccagagccc agttctcacc cccttccctt ttaacaatca gccttccatg ctgcccatgt     31320
     ctgattgccg ctgaaactga cagccacagt tccacactcc cacccatcac cacatgtgtt     31380
     ccaaacatgc tccaaatgcc ttctcttcag ttgctgctgc ctttaagcaa agacaatccc     31440
     cctctctctg gcctagaggt tttcatcttt gtcttgcata attagagtgt ccgttaggct     31500
     tgccattcta atctactctc agccacaggt catcttatcc acgcctatgt ctaactttgt     31560
     attcagatac cttcacagct cttcattgac tgtcaaatta agagaaacct tgtgatttca     31620
     aggccaatag aacaccctta ggccaccagt tactgacaca ttcagctcac tgaggtaagc     31680
     cttgaaggtc tgatgagagc ttccagtggc acactgaaca tggctgctgt cactgaccaa     31740
     gcctttgccc tgagcctgat cactggtgtg ctctgaagaa gcacaaattc atcaggaccc     31800
     cactgagaga cagatgggct caggagccag gtctgagtac tactctaggg ggtataatgc     31860
     tggacaggaa ccaagccaag gggagaccag ggccacattc ttcccatttc ctctctgtca     31920
     ctgctgacac ggaagtcctt aatcctctgt ccctctgaag tgactcttag aaaattaaac     31980
     ctggaattac atttatatac ttcccttcca aaattgaaaa ctcccggagg gcagtggtct     32040
     agttttatta atctgtaaac ctcctcaaat actgagcctg gtacccagct ggagctaaat     32100
     gaagaacaaa gggacatttc ccggtgcagg aagtataatg gaggaatgaa aaagaaaaga     32160
     tcgctcagaa aatccatcaa cagaagaccc ccaagaggtc tttctttgtg gtttgtttat     32220
     accccaacat atattccacc aggacttcct gaaaataatt ctgaagaaac aaagaccatg     32280
     aaaaattagc tgccacattt ggaatagtga gtttctgtgg gggaggggta gaacctacag     32340
     gcatggccac atagagggac cagatttcct gagaagatta attcatttga ctccaaaaat     32400
     agaaggaagc agcaggcttg aaccccggca ctagagtaac atcgcctggg gaaatttcaa     32460
     atcccaacct gaccccatgc caaggacaat atcagaccaa ctgagtgtac ccctctgggg     32520
     gtgtgctcag actcatgtgt ttttaaagct gtccagtgag ttccaatacg ccatgataag     32580
     acctaatgga gaaaaagaac catcttagaa ccctggcgcc acccaagact cagaaaacct     32640
     tggactaaat ccctacccca ccccccatcc tttactttaa cctcagccag tcccttgctc     32700
     gctgctcttc ctcagtttcc cctcctttga aatggaatca caataaccgt tcatcttttt     32760
     ttaagtacta gatgcatata tacatgcata cataagaagc atcacaaaga taaatccaga     32820
     gacttacatg cacatacaca cacatcaact atatatatca aatgggcaat gattgacaac     32880
     aattgttctg taagttggga actgaaaggt aatcaatata gaaaattctt aataattggc     32940
     aggctctttt cctggttgta tgattatttt cctattcaca ataatccatg gatcctggat     33000
     taatccggga gcctttaagg agagagagag agagaccccc agcttctcta tactgactta     33060
     cctatgactg tcagaggata gcttgacctg ctaataggac attatctgtt atttatctca     33120
     aattcaattt tacttggatg tcttgaattt tgctctgtga agtctgtcgg gccttcactc     33180
     acctgtcatc tagatttagg ctaaaattgt caaagcctga gtctagtcca caagggcacc     33240
     acactccttt aaaagaaaat cgaagtcaag tacctaagat cttgaccatt ctatttcttg     33300
     gaagtcagta gacatgctgc tgcaactcac aagcaagcaa ccagccagca tgcagaccca     33360
     ggcagggcaa ggcaatgttc agaagagaac ttggaacagg aggaaactat tcgaggccaa     33420
     gaggacaaga ggagaaagct ttcctaaagt gacctctcgg cctcagtcag tcggtgcata     33480
     aatcaaatgg ggggaacacg tgagtagaaa ctcgtgcccc ctgggcagaa agtgttccaa     33540
     ccatcccacc aggcaaaggc tcagctgtag attatttact cctggaatga cgtgatgcca     33600
     aacccgagaa ccgtgtccca ggctctgagc atcctctgcc tccaaggtct gcaagataga     33660
     tcctgattct ctggggtttt tgttcggctg ggttgtgttt tagctgtttc ctttttattg     33720
     tgctttaact tttcatttcc aaaagagcta aattgatacc aacctttctt gtattttttt     33780
     ccacacttag aagacagaaa gagttctcat ggaaaagaca tcttgaaacc catttcacaa     33840
     gatgtttatt cagaatgccc agaaccagat ccctggggaa aagctaaatt ctgaattata     33900
     cctagtcccc taagattaaa aacaccgttg aagatgttta gaagcattaa gagccaatga     33960
     gtcagctagt tctgtaagag ctggattaaa ttggccacta gattgttcat tgattatcac     34020
     aaacagccaa agccctccta caaaggcatg ttttccagtt cacttggcta atcccttctc     34080
     aacaaggatc caaggaatga aaattattta cccaatggca agctgcagaa attaatcaca     34140
     cccaagcacc atgctggcag ccaaacacaa cctataaaat aattccagac tatcatcaga     34200
     agccaataat gagaactgaa acttagcttc ccgctcttcc tccctcggga gacatccagg     34260
     ggcataaaag ggtacaagca acgctttttg ccatttagac gcaactatct cagaccacta     34320
     gatcacatga aaacactatt tttaaagaat aatacgagat atatttttaa cagcaagaga     34380
     ggaagagaaa gacaagaaag gccagaggac tcaacattca ttcagagaga gggagagaga     34440
     gagattgatt cacatgtaga agcacttagc ccctgcatgg ccctcagttt ctgagctata     34500
     aatatactag ggacctaagt ggagctgata caatcagatc ccccctataa acaagagaaa     34560
     gtaattcact ggactttaca agcagcagac tcacacaaca gcctaggact caaagcagac     34620
     cttggcaaag ttcccacact gcaaggtggc taagaaaaca tggggaaagg cagcagaaag     34680
     gactaggagg aggtcaggag gacaagaaat gcccatcatg gcaccccgca tctctgaagc     34740
     aggctgcttg aacagtactc ttacaaggct gccaggcagg aaaggaagag caaaggggga     34800
     aaaacatggt cacttaaatc aggaagaagg gaggcgtcca actgcagttt ctgtagagag     34860
     actgaagaac tgccaacgca ccttcatctt catgtggcga agcgttttct tgcctgccag     34920
     tggctagacg tgcagtctag caagcacctc agcctaacga gaaacattta acaggggaaa     34980
     tagccctgga gactgaggcc aaggactccg aagactggag gcaagattct tcctgactta     35040
     ggctcccttc aacctctcaa gcaatctccc tgctccacca gctccctact gccccagtca     35100
     ctgtcactca cacaaggtca agactagttc tacagagact catctcaaca aaaagcccac     35160
     tgacaccgaa tgccaccaat ttggtgacgg tgagggagct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     35220
     gtgtgtgttt gtttgagaga gagagagaca gagagagaga gagagagaga cagacagaca     35280
     gacagacaga gacaaagacc aagattctat cccataagct attactagtc ttgagaaagg     35340
     cttggtttgg ttgcttatat ttgttagttt tgttttgatt ttggtttgtt tgtctatttg     35400
     aacagatgac ctaaggacta gtaactgtaa aggcaaggga cttttgtccc tgaggtcctg     35460
     gttagcaggc tgtgggcact ctcgcactca ataggcttca attcgccctc atctaaaccc     35520
     ttaaatatgg gataacttga gtcaacttta cctttaagga aactgaggca tgacacccga     35580
     ctgtctaact taaagggctg tgtacttttc ctgtcactcg ttgttctcaa gatatgcctc     35640
     cgtacccagg gtcagcagac ttccctatga agaggcaaga agaaacatca tagactttac     35700
     agagccctga gaccctgata tactaactct gccattggag ctgtcagaca tggtatatat     35760
     gtaactggat aggtgtgaca gaaatccaat ggacatgaac atttgacttt cttattaatt     35820
     ttcatatact acagagtatt gtactttttt tttaactatt ataggaatgt gaatactatt     35880
     gttagcccac agaccataaa atgtggctcc caagaactca gactttccct ctcactaccc     35940
     atcaatgcta gttaggtgaa tctgggggta aggaaattaa agagaggtga taatgatcta     36000
     aggattaaat gggagaatga aggataaatt ttatgtcatt gagtgtcccc tgacttatac     36060
     tcagatgaca cacgtaaaag aaatggtcga tgttcggggg ggggggggtg ggggggggaa     36120
     acagtctatg caaggaatac atgccagcaa aacagaaata aggtgcttct ctctccttcc     36180
     tccccctccc cccccccctt gtggtggctt tttctagtat accacacaag tcaaaaccag     36240
     aagaatgggg gctggagaga tggctcagca gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttcctagagg     36300
     acccgagttc aattcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtca tgggatccga     36360
     tgccctcttc tggtgtgttt gaagacagtg acagtgtagt catataaaat aaataaatct     36420
     taaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaacagaa gaacacggct atctatcagc atattagcaa     36480
     tgacagaatt tatatacaca aagtgatgat ttaattaaag caaactcagt tcatgttagt     36540
     atacaatttc aaatactctt tgtgcacaca catatgtact catgtgcgtt atgcagctat     36600
     gtgtgtgatg cagctatgtg cgtgtacatg caggaatgtg tgcctgtgtg tatttgcgta     36660
     tgtgcatgtg tgtgtatacc agtgcttgtg agcatgctac agcacgtagt cagaggacag     36720
     ctttctgcag ttagctctct ccttttgtgc tacacactga gctcaggggc tcaagttcaa     36780
     gttatcagtc ttggcagcaa aggatttcat cctctgagtc gctttccagc cccacaattt     36840
     cccccttttt tttatatctt tgattcatct tagagattcg gttactattc tgtgaagaac     36900
     tgctactcca atgagaaaca aaaactgaat aaagacagct taaaaataaa taaagaggaa     36960
     catgcaattg ggcatagaaa tctctaagac tggtgacaca tgtgacagta tcacagagtt     37020
     tctatgcggg taaacgacaa tctgatttcc tcatttcaga gtgtagagct aacttaccaa     37080
     gtaatcgatg cagtttctcc cacaattctt cctaagcaca gtgttgccca ggagctgcgg     37140
     gtaaagccag tcagctagaa acaatacact aacagcatca gaaagatcaa tcatgctcta     37200
     aattgctcct gaaaatatac tgtctcttct ggcttcattc tccacgaggc tgctctatga     37260
     ctcgctatac atccatgcat aagatgtaac caaccgcact gtgaagtcag aaacagcctg     37320
     gctactggcc ctgggagagg ggaactgtgg tgctgtgaac ttctgggaaa gtacatgtac     37380
     acacgagggg ttttctaaga gctttcatga ttttctaaga gcttccatga attggactta     37440
     caaagtgcga ggctttgcct tttcagtgtc accggcctct gaggttatat ataaacccta     37500
     acagctgaca gcattttcca acttttaatc atgggcaaga acattgtagg caactagatt     37560
     taaaatgatt tcctaagctg gaggtgggat tgctcagtgg gcaaagcact tgctttaaaa     37620
     cctccaagat gtgagtctga tccccagcac agccacataa agctaaaccc ggtgatctgc     37680
     caatcaaacc taactagtca gcgccacgct gatcggaatc cctggttcag agaagacaaa     37740
     tgatgctccc gaggatgaca ccagaagatg tccacttaag tacacagcac acacacactt     37800
     cttacccata cactcacagg catgaaggga ggtgggggga atcacttcta gtagggcata     37860
     gaagcacatg cctgatgcaa tcgaggcact ggggaggcag agacaggagg atggctacaa     37920
     gcacgagggc aagtaggagg ccagcctggc ttaagtaaca agttccaggc tagccaaagt     37980
     gacctaccaa ggcactatcg gaaaaggaca aacaaaaaca aaagaaacaa cttcctagaa     38040
     ctcaagggtt aaaggtggtt gatgagaatg cctagaaaga agctgagagt gtctaccaag     38100
     agtgattagg actagggtga tatggagaga ttggaatgtt acaggtcccg aggcacaata     38160
     aaaagccatc ctttccccac ctctgtgatg gaactaatat cctgtgacta acagataaga     38220
     gccttctgaa tctatgaact tagcttccca ccaacccaaa agccaaaatg tcatcagata     38280
     gcatctgagg tctatagaaa agcttcctcc ttcttgctat tacagcctct cttatatgct     38340
     caccaaagta ttttaaacct gcctgggttc acagctttcc ttgataaaac ttcatgaaac     38400
     aacttccatg ttgaaaccac ggagtttgga gttacctaaa tctgtgctcc tggggcatgc     38460
     atagtcattc agatttggat ccagaacaaa ctatctctga tttccattca agtgagagct     38520
     gtgttttttg agttggtggg gtataaaaaa acatgagaag ataacctata tggtggctag     38580
     aaatcagctt gaaatattta agaaaaagta ctcaagaaaa tctgtatgat cgcctcatgc     38640
     ccttaaaaaa aaaaaatcat tgtacagtta gttatgtttt gatgaaccac cataacaaca     38700
     acaacaacaa caaaaaaatc aacttgggga ggaaagggtt tattttactt acacttccag     38760
     gtaatgtcca tcagtgaggg aagtcagggc agaatctcaa acagggtagg aacctggaag     38820
     aaggagctga tgcagaggcc atggagggta ttgcttactg gcttcctcct catggcttgc     38880
     tctgcctgct ttcttttagc aaccaccagc ctagggatga caccacccac aatacactag     38940
     gccctccccc atcaatcact aaaattagca aagtgttcta caggcttgtc taaatccata     39000
     caggcttgtc tatagccaca tcacgtggag gcattttctc aattgaggct ttctcctctc     39060
     tgatgaccct acctgtgtca agctgacata aaactagcca gcacatacac tcagcaggcc     39120
     aagataaaaa gatatgaata aacattttgc ttttatttta tattctattt taacatcata     39180
     ttttgaaata gtatctccct atgttacctt ggcaggtgta gaatttacta tgtagagcaa     39240
     atgatcttgc actcatacag atgtcgccta tgtctgcctc aggagtactg ggaataaagg     39300
     tatgtgccac caagcctagc tgctgtctta ctggtttcca gttatttgca tttctgtatt     39360
     ttttcttctt ccagccctaa ccctggtaac ttagcaagaa tgtcaaatga gcctaaattg     39420
     ctgggaggac tttaaattgt ttttaagaca actgggataa tgttggcatc atatttgcaa     39480
     gacgataaca acgcaaggtc acagaacagg ccccaaatct gagaggttaa aattaacttt     39540
     ttaaacttta aaccctgttt aatactcatt ttccaacaga agtcatgagc aaagtgatta     39600
     ttctcgcttt gttttggaac atttcaaatt gctgttcgga agcggttcag agtcatccca     39660
     ttaggtgaag aaagcaagct aatgacagga ggcaaatgtt attaactgtc ctctgcttag     39720
     gatggagcag cccatctgtc gacagggaca ggatgaaggc atgataatga tctgccttat     39780
     gatggctcca agagtggaga cttctctgtg catttgagat ccgggaaatc tgggtgctgt     39840
     tgggggatct ttccttgaat ctgggaagac aatggggcca gctgctactc ttgaccttga     39900
     taagccgatg aaccagtcac tgtgccagag tatatactct cttaaccatt gtcagaaaag     39960
     aaattctaat tagttgaagc ctgacacatc tttaaagaca ttttcagaaa acttctaaaa     40020
     ctaaatgtct aaaagacagc aataggggct ggagagatgg ctcagcggtt aagagcactg     40080
     acttgctctt ccgaaggccc tgaattcaaa tctcagcaac cacgtggtgg ctcacaacca     40140
     tccgtaatga gatttgatgt cttcttctgg ggtgtctgaa gacaactaca gtgaacttac     40200
     atataataaa tcaataaatc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaagcca gcaccgggcc aggttagaaa     40260
     atgttcacaa tctggctaca gaaggtcctg agtcactgga agtcctgctg gaataggggc     40320
     caggcagctc catggtccaa gatggcttcc agtctttggt gaatgcaggg aaagactttt     40380
     ccctggggac aacctcattc tcaagagttc cttctccaaa ctctgccact gacatcacta     40440
     acagccactt catgctctcg atatcatttt cagctgcact caaggagcct gctcttctgt     40500
     aacaactcga ggatctttca gtgggcccag ggaagaagaa tcagctcagg gacaaagtac     40560
     catttcctac atttatcctt caataccatc actgcagaat aattttttaa cagacctttt     40620
     caagtgatga ccactttaaa aatcaactcg agagaactgc aggcggaagt ctcttttctt     40680
     cccctccagc tgcctgcaaa gtctctcaga taaaaaagaa aacaccactg ttttctttaa     40740
     gcaaacactc gatgcttcaa cttatttatt cctcacagca actcaggtaa gtactattat     40800
     tgccctgtgg tacaaacagg gagctcgcag acagactgtt ggtccgtggc ctctgaggtg     40860
     aatgctctga accagctatt tccactaaac caacacaatg agagcagtga gttctaccac     40920
     tgccaatggg ctttgctcac ttcctgcttc cagtacagaa attaataact caacatcaac     40980
     ggtgctacct ctcagcacaa ctgtagtccc ctactgaaca ccccagagga tgttttgaca     41040
     agcaagagat aactttgtca cagggatgag aggtgaggtt cctactggta tctggcaggt     41100
     agagggtggg aactaagaaa cctataacat acagggtaga tccccaagca caagccaagc     41160
     agaccaaaat atcagcaaag tgaatagtca acagaaggct ttcatggcct gagtcctcct     41220
     atctttctcc cttccccctt tcctttttcc catcattata ccacactgaa aactatcaaa     41280
     ggaattacga ttccctctgt gtaggctttc tctcctggcc cccttctccc acttcccaca     41340
     agacctaact aatttgtacg gactcatttc tgtgctttcg cttgacacct aaatatactt     41400
     caaaacttat tttaaggaca tttttgctag agaagcccag ttcactgtag cccgtggtgt     41460
     ttagatggcc tccgagtcaa tgactctcta gggaacgggt gtctcaggtc cacagttaaa     41520
     agtcacctcc agacatcact gacaacataa tcactacctc cacgtttcta tcagttgtcc     41580
     acatttaaac cgagctgtta atgtttatta ttgctaaccc ttacgctggc cttgaaatag     41640
     atgccttcgt ctgtgttttc ccaatgacca aaatgaaatt acatttggct ttctcttatt     41700
     gtcagttaac tcacaccttc tagaaatgta cacaagttgc agcatataac tgacctactc     41760
     tttccttctc tgggttcttt tactcaatga aatattttta ctttcaactg tactattata     41820
     tatatatata tatatatata tgtataaatg atgtgacatc catatatgaa agttcactat     41880
     ttattgctgg atagaaattc attgtataga catgtcatag tttatcaatt catttgttga     41940
     tggccatctg cattgtttga agctttgaca gatattaata aaactgctgt gaacattcac     42000
     aggcatttga ccattctctt ttacattcgc tttcatctca agaaaagttt gccagatcat     42060
     aaacatatga tccactttaa acactttttc taatataaag aaaaagaagt aagaaaccaa     42120
     actctgcggg ggctggagag cgggctcagc agtcatacgg gcttcttgct tctgtagaga     42180
     acccaagttc ccaggcctca catcaggtgc ctcacaactg ccttcaaaca caaatacctg     42240
     ttatttttat caatttccca acattgattt tactgagact ttgccacttt gagatactgc     42300
     agaaaacaaa caaaaacaaa gtcttacata gtgcttttaa aaccatagtt tctttgagat     42360
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atggataaaa gatcctagac gagtcgtgcc     42420
     tacaaactgc atcagatgca gctttctcct ctggtagcgt agggcacaga gtaagactat     42480
     gctgcagcct tctaaccgga gctgcccatg actcactcac ctgactagtc attcagagag     42540
     aaggaaatga atggacttgt gaaatccagt ttccaggaag agcaaatatt ccctgcatac     42600
     ttggccctat ctcccaaaac tatcagtccc cctgagcttt gtcccttggc ctttcacatg     42660
     ggtgggcaag tttgaaactg gagctttcag agtaaagtca tcaccctgaa tgaggaagaa     42720
     actggctctg tcactcgcct caggtggctg tctgtgagga agtcaggaaa agtgctggga     42780
     gggtggctca ggcaggcagg aagcttttcc tcttcagcaa gcactctaac tagacgggga     42840
     tagaatcagg gcaccatttg tcaagggtgc tcctaaggca caggagcttt cggagaactt     42900
     tgtgtgctcc caaccttagg ctgggaatgc agggcctgct aggttttggc aggcaaagtt     42960
     caagaacacg ggaagacatc atgttcctca gaaagaaagc caactaggtc ctgttaataa     43020
     atggccatgg tgatgtgact ttgtttccca agatcagagt cagggcaggg ccaccatcag     43080
     agatgctctc ctttctgaag acagcatgca gaattcaggg tatggtatca aagacttgaa     43140
     gagcaggcag aatgaccctt ccccagagta tctctcccct gaacacctgc catatcacgc     43200
     acactttctt attccagtct tcccatggtc catctcccct tcaaagcatc tgccatagtt     43260
     aatgtatatg tttactgaaa tacttgtttg cttattgtct cttccccagc tagtctatga     43320
     taagctccaa cagggcagct atttacctta ccactgtatc ctcagtgccc agcttaatgc     43380
     tcagtgccta acaggttctc cataagcatc cactgaacta agaaatgaga tctatggatt     43440
     cttgaatgct cagtacccat tccttatata gatatacctg ggtcatgacc agtttcctgc     43500
     agtccttaaa aaggtaatct tccaagccag taatggtgcc tctctaaggc aagatcagca     43560
     cctaagaggt tgaggtaaga tgatcagcaa ggttcagagg ccagagtcgg tgtatccatt     43620
     gtaagtttaa ggctagtcag agctacatag caatgattct gtctcaacat agtcttccca     43680
     cgggggatgc ttggcctggg gcagcaaagc atcaaggatg tgaataacta gcatcttagg     43740
     ggtcattttc attgtttgtc ttgtcgctat gacaaaagca atgtaggaga taaaagcttt     43800
     ctcctggctc atggtttcag aatagactcc atgcatcatg gtaatgaaag tctactaggg     43860
     gcagccatga ccattgtcgg gagagtgtgg tagcagtttc tccagaatgg tttgataggc     43920
     cagagcacga gtctgaaaga acattccaga accagaagca tgtacaacct tcaaaggcct     43980
     actcctaatg gcctcccgcc agccaggtcc ttccttctaa aggctctaca gcctccaaat     44040
     ccactcccca agctaaggac tcaggcacaa gccgaaccta tggggccatt tcagattcac     44100
     accaaaacat tttatctgag tgtacgcgta ctacaattat ccagtctagt tcatgctact     44160
     cacacaggcg cacacacatt cacaccaaaa cacttcacat ctcctctctt aaaatcttta     44220
     aatgatctgc acccactcaa acgactacct ctgcctgtca tttaatagct tcagaaggat     44280
     acaccctcat agggatatag cgataccaca cgactctctg ctctgtccac atacagatac     44340
     agacacagac acagacaaca cactgcataa ggaggaaagc cggtggtcgt gtttacgaca     44400
     aggaacactt gcttactaac gaggatccac caacttggga gtcagcgata aactgttcag     44460
     tttcagctgt aggaaatgag gaggaaaaac ctgcctctct gcgcttgctc tcgggcttcc     44520
     aaattaatgc cctatggttt gaaagcaatt taccttatct tgttcagcag ccaccggagc     44580
     taccagtcaa ggaggagaag tagccaatat ttcaataaaa agttgaagta tcaccgaaga     44640
     gcagcttctg ctttggcaaa cactgccagc tccagccaca gacttacaaa tatgcttccc     44700
     tttcctgcag agattgaacc tctctggcaa cactgtggtc aggtaatggg gtggcaaatt     44760
     aggtaccggg agcttacatt tatcccagca tctcctcaaa cagagaaaag ccaattttta     44820
     caccaactga tgggaaagag gcaaagccat gttaaggctg ctttttgagt ttcttatgtg     44880
     ctggaaagac aaagactggc aatttcggca actagaccat ctttggaaag atttctcaac     44940
     tatctgatac agaatatttt ttaattactc gtaagttaaa tactcataaa attcccattg     45000
     aaacagattg gataattgca gtgaatataa actcagataa atgcatcact agatataacc     45060
     atagataaat gaatccatat gatgggggtg ctgagagaaa gagagactgt gtgtctgtgt     45120
     ttatctgtgt atttccttat ttttaactca aggcaaagtt gaactaagct cctgtcagtc     45180
     cacactccaa agtttctcta tccagttttg cttctttatt tctacaatcc tccagaccca     45240
     atttttccag gaagaaagtc agatgaaaat cgttaatctc gatgtgcata tgatcagctg     45300
     ataagatgct aggaggaacg cctaggtggt tcctaaacag aaaagtgcct cctgtggcct     45360
     gtccagggca aattcacaga aaaatgcctc ctgtggcctg tccagggcag agtcacagaa     45420
     aagagcctcc tgtggcctgt ccagggcaga gtcacagaaa agagcctccc gtggcctgtc     45480
     cagggcaaat tcacagaaaa gtgcctaatg tggcctgtcc agcagtcaaa aaaatctgtt     45540
     atttcactcc taagtttaag aacagttaat tatttttagt gaggccagga gacagagcca     45600
     acagctctca ggggtagttt gaagggcatg gttcttctaa gccataggtt acgcggtatt     45660
     gaactttgcc ctcctatgat ttgcaaaggg aaagtaaggc tatgcccgcc tccccacctc     45720
     cccacaagat gcaggtgagc ctgcggaagg cgactgcagc tgccagcctg ctcttccttt     45780
     cttctgttct caccttccag tctaagggcc cagctgatgg gcagaggctc agcccatcag     45840
     caactgcctg gcttaggcca catgctgaga actgcacaga ggagacacaa cagacttcag     45900
     agattttgtg tacccatccc ctgtggtcca ctcagcagcc tccacttctg acctgcccac     45960
     ccctactcca gggcttcacg tgaactttcc tttaatcctc tcactccccc gcagcacctt     46020
     cgcttcccct agcatctctc atatttgagg aagggccaat ttctataata aatcctttaa     46080
     tcccataata ctcggcatgt ttctgtttcg ttgactggca cctggttgaa aagtatgata     46140
     aaacagaggg aaaacctcaa tgcatagagc ctgtgtagcc tactaactgt tccacggatt     46200
     taaaaacttg cactctaatc caaaagaatg ctgggactaa aatatggttc cataaagaac     46260
     acagctctac agccctgcat ttatgactct agcacatgca gacctgggga accactgcag     46320
     atacccacaa gcatcagagt caccaggagt ggctactcaa cacacacaca catatacaca     46380
     cacgcacaca cacacaagat tacaaagctt ccaacacttt gcaagatgta caagtaattc     46440
     ctgagtattt ataaataaat ggcttttttc tcttttttct tataggttat gttcttgttg     46500
     aaaagataac ataaattttc ttagattttc tgtggtagga taccactcgt gggtatcaag     46560
     aatggagcct agaaaaaccc tgcagactga gtctagccca aggttgtttt taaaagcacc     46620
     agttggccct aacttagaag ttgggggggc tgtcattcaa ttccacacca ccagcttctg     46680
     acaactcatt ctagccccct ccctccccgc accccccccc tttcccttac ggagaacatc     46740
     tcctctgcca ctctgagctg gcaatacctg cccctacctt gagaagattt aagctgcagc     46800
     tatggggggc gggggcaggg aaaatgtctt agcaattaat tagcattccc tgttcttcca     46860
     gaatacctag gttagatcac tgacacccac accatggctc acaactacca ggagttaccc     46920
     tctaggccca ggggatccaa ccccctctta tggctctcag gggcactaca ggcccataac     46980
     gcccagacat actaggaagc aaaatatcca aacccacaaa ataataaatt taaaaaataa     47040
     aaataaaaaa ccctgaagct acccgctttc cctcttagga cattgatccc cgtggttttg     47100
     gaagacagac attcgccttc ctcgagcatt taagtttcct cagctggagg aaccaatctg     47160
     agtggcctct gttggggaag gccatttaca ttccctgttg ctttaaaagc ctccattttc     47220
     cgggtcatgc tgcagcgcgg cccttccctt aaaggagatt ctgttaaaaa gaggtctgta     47280
     ctttcagcaa ttaagggctg catcaacacg ccaaggaaca agctgaaaca ccacctagcc     47340
     cagctgcttc tggtcagaat cacgtggcag agcctctggc acacgtctgc tactcttcac     47400
     cagggacagc agtctgagga agagagctct gctttctatt attccaaagt ttctgcctag     47460
     tgtcattttg tttctttaca tcatgagaaa gtaaaagcag agacggaaat ggctgctcaa     47520
     acatcaatgt gatttgcaca ggaggtgcct gagtttgaaa cgagaaagcc ctgaacaggc     47580
     actgaagcac caccaacttg tgccctgtag ctaagtggct cggagagtga gttacctccc     47640
     tcaaccttgc tccgggtctc tgacctgaca acacgcattc taaaacacac tggatgtgtt     47700
     ttgttggtag gatttagtga aggggctcta gccagtctga gcatggcaaa gaaaacacat     47760
     tccgccatgg tttgaggtat tataattggc tcattcttaa caattaaaaa agcccattcc     47820
     aaaattaaaa gcatattcaa ccaaaagagg aagggagatt cctttgatag tgattccatc     47880
     aaagaaagac ctgaaaatga aggatttcca acagggaggt gacggatatt tttcttgggt     47940
     taaagaaata catcccatag aaaatgggct aataaaattg cctatcagtt atgaatcagt     48000
     gtctctctat atactcataa aaacactttg tatcctacaa agttcaacaa cccaagctat     48060
     ttacccaaat gctcaaattt taaaaaggtc aatgtctaac gtacaatata taaatacccc     48120
     atggctgcct caggacaccc ctctgtcagg ctaagaatgt cctggtcctg gtacaatttg     48180
     aaaagtactt cagtcacaac ttgaacctca agattaagct gcctgccaat catttataat     48240
     gaggcttgct aagcaggaca ctttcatgtt aagttggtca gccaaaacac atttgatgat     48300
     tttaaatgca caataattag agctgtttgt ctttacaaag gatttataca tcatataaca     48360
     cacccattcc atccccacat aagataaatt aatagaaagg atatcacttt tactttgcac     48420
     atttaaaaac tgagtaggac gaatgagaaa atattttgaa tgggatttct gagattcaaa     48480
     actcagaaag tatagagaag agagatagct ctaagaatac ttggcggtct tgtagaagac     48540
     ctgagttcaa gacccagcac ggacatggtg gattacaact gtctgttact ccaattccag     48600
     gatactagaa gctctctact ggcctcaaag ggcagtgcac acaagtggta tgcttggtac     48660
     atgaatgtac aggcaaattc atacatgtaa aataaaaaga cataacttta aaagcaattc     48720
     aaagtgttat tccttagata gtaaaaaaaa ttccacttaa aacttccaga gggaaaatgg     48780
     tttgtcatgt taaagcttaa aaacacaaac acacgggaga gatggctcag taggtaattc     48840
     ccagcacaca cctggtagct cacaaacatc tgtaaactcc agttcccgct tctggcctcc     48900
     acagacacca ggaatgcagc tggtacacag acatacatgc aggtaaaaca gccatacaca     48960
     taaatcaaat taagtgtgct aagtttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tcagagagca aaggaaggaa     49020
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaagaaa ggaactgagt caccagacac     49080
     taagtagtag gtagcattta cttgtttcta gaaactggaa atacacctgt tgggtgactt     49140
     tatctcattt cctagataat agtctgtact gctcaacaat ctttcccagg gggacacaaa     49200
     tgtcgtgaga tgaaaaggtt gtctgttacc tgctcaactg tgtggacact ggcttgctca     49260
     atagataatt aaacggcact atagataaca ctctggtttg cctagaaaga catccaaggg     49320
     agaatacgct gtcacctaca gagggagaca ggtagacaac atgtacttcc caatgctggt     49380
     gcttgatgct gaacagaaag accatgaatg ggaccaggaa ggtggggagg agccagcctt     49440
     acccacctta ttagcccagg actttacaag gtgggagtgt ttgatgtgag tctatgtaaa     49500
     tgaacaccag gtcaccagct agggaaaaag ggaaggaggt gtcatgggat tccaagcaga     49560
     agaaatagca ggttaacatg cccagatatg agacagcgct gctgagcaat gctggcagta     49620
     gtaaaggtga ccgggaagaa tgattagggt ggatttcaaa agagctgtgc ctcaaacacg     49680
     aaaagggcag gtaggcacac cgagccttaa acaggaaaca ggcttaattg gatccttgag     49740
     tgaggaaaaa aatagtcctt catttaggct gtaggaaaca cactggcctg cttgccaaaa     49800
     gaagaacaca caattgattc tgcctaatgt gctctgtaac tcaccctgtc cttcctacca     49860
     aacatcgcct aaccaggact aggacactat gaaatctgag acttcacata gtgccgatgc     49920
     ctgcgttcac aaagtttaag agtacatatc caaaaagcag aaatacagag tatttcttct     49980
     ctgctccaag ggaaaataac tcaagccttt ggcaggtgac cgtttctgtg caattcattc     50040
     atttattcat tcattcattc attcattcat cggtttttcg agactgggtt tctctgtgta     50100
     gccctgattg ttctgggact ctctttgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc acagagatcc     50160
     acctgcccct gcctctcaag tgctgggatt aaaggcatgc accaccatag tctgccttta     50220
     tttttatttc ttaatctgaa ctacttttaa aaacttgcca gcagaggcaa atacatatca     50280
     ggttgaagat cttgggggtc caggctggga aagaacgaac taaaataaaa gcaactgagt     50340
     ttaaagaact ggcagtggca gtttcaaaaa tttttttaaa ttaaaaaaaa aaatcaggtt     50400
     ccttttaaaa acaaagacgt gtgtatctgc ttaggaacta tagtgctaat catggcaatc     50460
     acacatcatt cagaattatc acaaactggc acattccatg gcagttcttc tggaagtttc     50520
     tctatgaaag gtgtacactg taacagggtt gaaatgttca ctagaaacct ctccttaaca     50580
     ctcttctatc tcccacagga gtacaggaag cattttccta agcttcactg cagggctact     50640
     gaaatcgtgc aaggacagac tgaaccatgg cgagggccac gagctccaac ctcatcacct     50700
     gatgggccag acacacgcag atgttctgta ggttggggtc cttacctacc gtgaacggct     50760
     ttacatctct gtaggaattc tgtgttgttg aattgtcaca ctagaagact ttttatttaa     50820
     aaacaaacca aaacaaaaat aaatcaaaac aaacaaaaaa accaaggtac cagtagttac     50880
     aaattctgac cttcagttta caactggact tgcctatggg accagccaaa ttgaaaaaag     50940
     ccttgcctgc atgtgtgtac tcacaggact aatttgttga agtttgcatt attagtatta     51000
     tatagctcac accgtgcatt cattaagact ggagctctgt gcagccacat gctgtaagac     51060
     gtgcttttaa atatgcctcc agatggagcc tttgaaaaca gttctcagtc ctctggaggc     51120
     aacagctatc attccagagg ctccaaagtg ggcagaggga caaatcaaat ttaaaataaa     51180
     gataagttgt agcaacacac atgaaaaaaa aaccatcatc tcaccaagtt ctatccaaag     51240
     agaagtgtta tcaaatctct cccttctctt ctggtttgaa atggtaaaca tcatacaagg     51300
     ttttcatgtg gagttttcac caaatgaatc tgtgaatctg ggacaggctg taaaaattgc     51360
     aataccctac taaagcattc aagcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaactctgc atttgaatct     51420
     acacatttag aattcctgta gcgggagaat ttgtcactca gatttcaacc caaacacaaa     51480
     aaaacaggat tgtttgtttg tttaagaatt caagcatttt tgtatatgga aagaattttg     51540
     gaaaatgaaa tttagcaaga agacatttta caacatttca tttatcccaa acctgctaac     51600
     tagacagtgg ggagctgcag aagtggggcc gatgcttcac tgtcatattt ggttttgtta     51660
     tctgtatagt gcgtacttag tataacgtga ctaactgttt gcagtgtggc cacagtaatt     51720
     ttccccataa atccagtgat tccttttggc catgaggctt tacttgaaat gcgccaccag     51780
     gactcacaag cctagcgttc acaagccctg cagtttccac cattgccctc tcaggacgcc     51840
     accaccttca taggaaccag ggcgaagcca acctgatggg gcgggggcag gggttggagt     51900
     gggggtaggg gataggtata gtcatttgcc agactatacc ttatttatca cagcacagtt     51960
     gtctggctta ctttaactgt tcattctaca gcaagagaca cacaggaaga agcaggacag     52020
     aagaagctct gtggtactca ctagatggcc agtggttttg acaggaaaag ccactgctct     52080
     actggaggca tagcgaactc tccaagggca ggaaggcaaa tggacagagc cttgcttcag     52140
     actgcgcata ccaagcctca tagaaagcac aaagaaagcc ctgagcatag aaagcacact     52200
     gaaacaaaga tatccgggcc ggaccaaaaa cagtggtcag gtcaatagta attgaaataa     52260
     tggcaatcat acttccccaa ttactaaaat tgccaagcaa ctatgccgag atcctatctc     52320
     agtaagaata aagcgagtta aatgttggtt agttttcaga cgtgctcatt aaatcagaaa     52380
     gacattatca tagcactggc tacttctgct gctttacttt gacaacgttt atactgccct     52440
     gttattcaca agacttatgc ttcaagtttt gcaagggtag atttaagggt caatttgcca     52500
     tgccaagact taaccgtggt ggcagggctg ggaagcattt gcaatgacaa taatagcacc     52560
     catctttttc taactcccca agatgggcac catctctttc tgcgttgaat tcaagagtat     52620
     cttaaagttc acgttcccaa tagtcttcaa actgtgtggc cagacttttt gtggaacctt     52680
     gaaacaaact taaaaaggtc aatgcccatc tacatcaagg aaaagaagtc acgtctactt     52740
     ctgaagccac atgttaaaca ggctcatgaa gcaatagcca gagagcatgg aacccagaat     52800
     ttgtaaactt tcaaaacatc tgaatgcaca taaactctgc ctcttattgt gaatcagaat     52860
     atcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgta atctcaagtt catgtgcttg     52920
     aaaaatagca aactcaaaac aatttaaaaa caatctttag tggggaaata cttattttgc     52980
     tagtcagtgg gaaaatgttt ctcctgagtt tcctggaagg ctattttcag caatctatga     53040
     cacttttctg tgtctgttat ttgcttgctc caagcataag ctagcctagc aagcttccac     53100
     tcttgccttt tagaagcagc tctgagtaaa gaatgggttg cagaagtcct cttctctgaa     53160
     gtgcctatgc tccctctagc ccagtgcctg gctcagagca ggttcagatt cagatagaca     53220
     tagccagaat agagagacta tccagaagga acaactgatg tgaactaaca agagcctggg     53280
     aaaggctgtg tactaaagca agccatctct ttgtactcag ccacaactta ctgtgatcag     53340
     tatcacacaa tagaaggaca tacacctctc tttttccgtt cgaattttct tctactagaa     53400
     cctggcagtc ttacatgtta accactaagt acgggtgatt tgggttttcc tttcttcttc     53460
     ttctttacat gagtgatccc agaattcctg ctggagaaca gtcttacaga actaacaccc     53520
     tctcctctca atgctttccc attgggcaga gaaggagaca taaacaacac tatttggata     53580
     gagggctgca ggaaccaaat ggacaccaag aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaagtc tgagcagcca     53640
     atttcacctc cagagtgaag tccacaccag agctagctga agcatcgttt aaggatccgt     53700
     tctctactta ctgttctaca gcatgccaaa tacaacaggg tgatcccagg aagagacagg     53760
     ccgaaagcct gcctctaaga acaatgcact aataccaata tcattttgta aagagtagct     53820
     ataaccccag aacaaataca gaaaatttac aacaatactc ctgcagggta gattcacaaa     53880
     ccccctttac ccatgaaaat gaggcttcta ggcaaaagtg tgttcatgtg taaagggaag     53940
     tcaatggcag atgtaactaa ttatgtccaa gtttaaagtg cttacagaag aaaccttaga     54000
     tttgtggctg aacttcagtg gtctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgcgcgc     54060
     gcgcgtgtgt gtatacacat gtgtgtgtac acatgtgtgt gtgtacatgt gtgtgtgtac     54120
     aggatagaca cacacacaaa cagagagaag gatatgtcta tttttaaagg tatctatgaa     54180
     aataagagaa attctttcca gtacaattat gtttcaatat cctcaaaata aaactaatct     54240
     ttggtctaag agtattttaa gggctgaaga tacagctcag caattaagaa cattagcttc     54300
     tctatcacca aaggaccaac ttgcacatcc agttctaggg cagcagacac tgtctcctgg     54360
     tttcctcaga cactgcctgc ttgtgtctac acaaacacac acgtaaagca aaatatacat     54420
     tcaaatgaaa taaaataaaa ataaagtttg caaaaaggaa catgctagca taaattaaag     54480
     caagactact tttagataca tcagaaggtg aaattaattg ggccttaacc aagaatttag     54540
     agaaatcact atgagaaact gaaactgatt cacagagaaa gaattcacac cagttttgga     54600
     tttctggatc aacaaacatc agtaataaat ggtaacagct aaagtgaatt taattaccct     54660
     aacaccacaa cagaaagtta ggaaatatta tctgttatac tgtacaaaat gccatactag     54720
     actaaatatg aataatctaa acacaagtaa gaagttgggg gggggaggag attaaggtta     54780
     ttctggggca ttcccttgga atgcatgcac taaattgaga ttacctacta tcaagggaac     54840
     ctgtggagtg gttctctcca gtgccactca aaaaggaatt caaggggtcc atgcttcagt     54900
     aaggggcaag agactttcca caaaatgcat aacctaatac aaaataaaaa accgtataaa     54960
     acagtcagga tatgggtgct ccagggcctg ttataaaacc tcaatttggg atcctgaccc     55020
     tttcagagta aatattaatt tatttgtata aaagtagctt ttatgaacaa aacagcctct     55080
     catttcaatt gtgcaagtag gtgtagtaaa gaaaattaag ctgcaaaaag tgagaattta     55140
     aataaataaa aatagtgtca ctaaaaacca ctttagtctg caaatgattc catcactcaa     55200
     gttttgtaaa ttggtaggta agcaattccc actgtctgtc agtgcttgca tcctttagaa     55260
     tgaataacta attggagaac acataatttt gccagtgctt ggtctagggg accattttta     55320
     tagactgcca actaatgaca gcacctttca ggcgacactg tattaatatg tggtaaaatt     55380
     acatagttct ttgcttattg acactatatg acaaagtcct ttcatgttgt ctagaatata     55440
     aggcaggata atgaggaggt gagtttttac tgttaatatc tccaccacag gaaatgatag     55500
     ttttgtttat tttcttccga agacaacaaa ttgggtgctt accagtggaa ggtaaggcta     55560
     taaaggggac gcttcaatta acaactgaaa agccatacct ttcacttgag atctgtctcc     55620
     ttatgcttcc tcccatctat ccatggtaga aatattccat gaaagactta taacacacat     55680
     ccatacatca tacaataatt ttaaaagcct accaaggcag aaacgagccc tttctgtata     55740
     gttaaaacag gtcttgtttg gtggaaaaaa cgtagcaaca tcctaagtat tttcaataca     55800
     caagagctcc cacttactga ccatctatct attgcacaga aagtatctca gtctttataa     55860
     tctacttttt ttctgcctag aaactctgaa gggttaagca acttgcctaa caatctataa     55920
     agggggaggg ggggtggaac acagaacaaa acccacaaaa aaacaaacaa acaaaagcca     55980
     tccagatgaa attccaagtc tttttatttt cccccagaat acaacatgtc tacactttgt     56040
     cacactcacc aaagggccaa aaatcataaa gaggaagaaa ttaatcagag ctcatttgga     56100
     gcaaaaaaat aaaaacaaaa acaaacctgc ctctctggct tggattcctt atctgcaaag     56160
     aatagaaaag actagcccct gaaaggtaca ggcagggatt ttgtaatagt tgggttctga     56220
     gaccatcacc agagaccagg cagagacttg gtcatcataa aatataagca gaaaggacaa     56280
     cacgtgatca caaatagaag ggattgttct ggagcagatc aaagaatcac aggaaacaac     56340
     tctccagccc cctaaagaca ctggaattgt tacagtagca tctccatttc catttcacaa     56400
     ccaccctgtt taattatata tttacactgt tacctaatta tctgacccaa caagactctc     56460
     acctcccata aaaagaggcc ctttctctta ctctcccttc ctagacccct gccgtgggtg     56520
     actaaactct caggacttgt tggcttacca caattaacat ttgcagtgca aacgttactt     56580
     gaagaaaaca taacaggaag agatcaaaag caatatggag accggtttgt tctatagatg     56640
     gaggtagctg aacatttttt ttttttctgt gcacccagcc taatcagttc aacatctgtt     56700
     tgcaggtgtg gcagggtgtg cgggaggcac tgagcaaaat ctttccagac agcttcctgg     56760
     tataagagag agacaggaag acagtgctgc tggaaactct tactcaaaga gacctgctaa     56820
     tgaatcaacc ctagctcaag gcaggtaggt ctaaaagggt gaatcggagg tctctgacct     56880
     actactcttg tcgacaaacc agaaaggcta aggacaagct taccaaatta ggctgaagtc     56940
     ttatgtgcgt ggtactatgt ttcagggcag aatccaatgg ttatcccatc cagctaagaa     57000
     cttgggagaa actctattca ggatttttaa atatacatat gtaaatattc cacccaatag     57060
     gccaaagaac caattcatac aataatcctt gtagaaatta atgaagagat tctagttgat     57120
     ttaagtatgc catggactgt gacgtaagtt tacatacaca tcagctagct aattgaattt     57180
     taggtctctt agggagactt aaatgaggta ggagagcatc aaagataagg gagcacttac     57240
     aaagagctag agggttaact cagcctgctc catccacagc atagaacatc cacacccatg     57300
     tcaagccagg tatggcgccc cgcacttaga accttgtact ggagaggcag agacaggaga     57360
     tccctggggc tcactaggat ctagtcatac tgcctcaaaa agcaaaagga acctagtggc     57420
     ggaggctctc aggaggcaga gacaggcaga tttcggagtg tgaggccaaa ccagttggtc     57480
     ttcagagttc caagagaagg gctacacaga aaaactcccg tcttgaaaaa ctaaaaaaca     57540
     atgaccaagg taaatggttt cttaggaaca aaatcggaag ctaacttaca acgtccttat     57600
     gcacgtgtgc tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag aggaattcag     57660
     ggaaacgtaa ccagaaatgc tttcctcagt gttcaccctg aacgacgcct ccctgacaag     57720
     atctcacctg tgctcccatt ctgtgctttc aatggccctt cctgtaccta aggctagtgg     57780
     cttacctcac ccagtagggt ttttccactg tacccttata tgaaggtaaa cacaagccct     57840
     acaagaacct atggtcagaa taacacagga ggtgcctaca gaatttgttt ctcaacttgc     57900
     aaaatgtttg taacgtttct ctgtaaaaac acatacatac acatatactt ggcctttcca     57960
     aaacaaacaa acaggacttc cacacatgtc tgcttctgct acccaattta aaacatttcc     58020
     gtttcaccaa gaagacagtg aagtgaagcg ctagcttaga agctacaatg acaagacagg     58080
     agacgggtta ggcctagtcc acccttctga gtcgggaaga gagagcagga gggacggctg     58140
     tcagtgaaaa ctgcaccaag gagaaagagg acttggttca acaaaacaaa gcatagcatc     58200
     gtgccggctg tccaagcatg accacctcaa tttgtaggcc cagcacctac ttattaaaac     58260
     ctcctgtaat cccagagcta gagaggagaa aagagcagaa tatcaacaac caactgggca     58320
     gaatccgttg actccaggtt caactggagt tgttgactct caagcagtac agtcaacagc     58380
     aatttcagag gcccagtttt gaccaagggc ttccacgtta gcacatgcac ttgtgcacgg     58440
     gaacatgtgc ggtcataagt aatgcacaag cgaaataaat aaaattggat cagactgaag     58500
     aatttcagaa aaaaatggct taaaaactgt ataatgtatg gctaacgttt attaagcaat     58560
     tactatatcc aagagcggta tcaaacatga gtctttccat gtttaatctt tgaaagactt     58620
     ctgaggtggg caagcccagg catgtatgat tctttggcag cagacaaggt tctaagctgg     58680
     accctttctt ctccgctaac ccttgagctc tcctccttga gccccctctc ccagcctcac     58740
     cttttcccac acaagggtag acaaagcaca caggaataaa aagaaattca gaatgggggt     58800
     tgggcactga gagaaggtct cagcatgaga gggagaaatt ccttaaataa aagctaggat     58860
     gagggactcg ggggaagaag gttggggcgt aatctaccaa tagcgaaagt gcgtctctct     58920
     acgataatca caaaagttca ggggttgctc cagacacggt aaatctttga gcgtcttcaa     58980
     aagtcatttt ctgtcgcaga cattcgccct cttccctgtt acaaagagaa aggaggcagc     59040
     gacccatgaa gtgtcaggaa tgcatccgag ggagccccag ctaagtctcg gggaggcctt     59100
     tgtgctgctg tgaagttcaa aggaattgag cggctgagga gttggaggca gagcacaact     59160
     gggaggagca ctcagcgacc gagagaggct gagcccggtg ccagacctcg cagcggacct     59220
     caaagcgtgc actgcaccca cccacccacc gtccagctgc tggggagtcc tgggagagcg     59280
     ggaggagggg gcatgagcag gggtgggggt agggggcagg cgagattccc tccagactcc     59340
     ttcggaactc agtaagccca gcgttgttca gggatccctc cagagggtga ggggccaaga     59400
     tatttacatt gctccaaaag gaagggggag ggggacccac ggctgcgagg ctgggaaaga     59460
     aagcaaaaga aaacaaactg tcctggccat taaatattca tgacagcagc cttgctaagt     59520
     tctaatggaa agaaagcaca taaatccctt tataactgtg ttaaatggaa ggaaaaaaaa     59580
     atggccgagg gtcacagcac agggccaact ggaaatggat gaaactgtag ctccagagga     59640
     cctcgagctc aagaaggctg gctgccgggg ttctaataag tatttagtag gtgtggacgc     59700
     tggtgccatt cattcctccc ttccacaata aaccacagct caaagggtgg gttttcaatt     59760
     accctacact ccttgagggg catttcgtct ctcgaaagca cattccctca actggagggt     59820
     cctgggtctg tgtggcggag gttgccgttt tgaatcttgc tgtacttggt ttaagtcttg     59880
     aaaccatcct gatgaagaaa atgaagatcc aataatctaa tcaacgacag atttcccagt     59940
     gatgcgcaag ggaatcttca gcatgcaggc tggggggctg cagagaccag gctaagccca     60000
     gtgaaggaag gataaataaa ggaagctagc cctaactcat tccaggcctc ctaccttcag     60060
     aatgtgtgca atatccgcta ctcacacgcc agccttccga aaggctggtg gaccgtccta     60120
     aagaagcaac aggaaggaca ggccatgtag ccccgtacac taaaccgtgt tactaagaac     60180
     tcagattgct ccttacttat agggaacaag taagcttttg aaagccgagt tgatacttgc     60240
     acagcaggcg gcaaatgttc tacctttctt ggtggttttg ggttttatta atgtagtttt     60300
     acatcgttta tggggaggag agaacaagaa cacacggtta tgcttcagac tgcggcttag     60360
     atttatccgt tccccgctag catggctcag ggcagacaca cataaccctg aaataaacat     60420
     gacacaatcc caaaaggtcc ttgaaggaaa gtcagaagcc cttaacacag agctccgcga     60480
     cctcaaaggc cacaaaaccc aaactgggct actttagaag taaacacggg gcctgcaggg     60540
     tagagcgctt gttgtacagg catgaggacc aactctccag cacccgcgga aaagcaggcg     60600
     gtggtgacgg gtccgatggg gggggggggg cggcaggatg gggagactag caagcggaag     60660
     tacataattt caggactcac agaaagctgg ttcttgccta agtggagggt ttcaggttca     60720
     gtaaagacct tgtctccaaa cactaagaag gatgacagag gaggacactc agtgtggacc     60780
     tctggcctcc tcgtgcacat gcagaggtgg catgggaaca agccctggtg cccacatact     60840
     gtgcatatac tacacacatg cagtaaataa acaaattatt aaaaaatgca aagtttcatc     60900
     gtcagtgttt caggagctaa atcttacagt ctccattgga ttcatcctgc agaaggaata     60960
     gaatacgatc tagtgtgata tgtgaccatc atccattgca atcaatcaag cttagttatc     61020
     tagtgggatg tgtgacatca tccactgcaa ccaagcttgg tttccattct ggggtacagg     61080
     tatcactggc tgctttggtt caagtgcatc tccctcctta cctaaatacc ttacctcctt     61140
     tacctaaata cctccctatt tacctaatgg attggggtgg ggggagttta gtggtggtgg     61200
     tggtgctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tcacacgtca tggtgggcaa cttgatggag gacaacttgc     61260
     aatcgttagc tctctctcct tctaccatga gtcaagggaa tcgaaggcca atcaccaggc     61320
     ttacatgaaa agtgattttt ccccactgca ccatcttcca ggccatgtgt tttatgggtg     61380
     ccgaggtcag gaaaaaatcc ggggcctcga gtatgcctgc caggtactct atgctccaag     61440
     cacagcccat ttgggatcaa cgttttcaaa catgaacgtg aataagtctt cagttgctct     61500
     tcacctgtgc ctctcgctaa atctgccatt actcactcac aaacctggct cagacaagga     61560
     gctcacacac agtgacctat cagtacaaag atacttgctg aatgaatgtc tgatagaact     61620
     atcaagacat gtctttctct tttgcttcag agacttatgc tgttttgatt tcatttcatt     61680
     tcatttattt ttgatttaat ttgatttggg gtagcagggc gcgggggggg gcgggggggc     61740
     ggtagttggt tgggttttct gagatagggc cttactatgt aaccaaggcc agccttgaac     61800
     acactacttg aacatcttcc taggtctctc ctgtgtgctg cagttttggt gttaagccac     61860
     acccaactta cctcatattt ggaatataga actgactgtg tacccaaatt gaaattaaga     61920
     agcaattttt gcttgatgtc atataaacag aaaaatcaag aattattaat gtaaaataag     61980
     cacagagcaa taataataag gtctcaaact ttttagggtt ttttttttaa gtatttggaa     62040
     aacaatgttc caatttcctc ttttaaaaaa aaaaagagat ctgtctccag ataggatttt     62100
     caattaaaga aacaacatac agaaaagtac aaactgttgt agttaaataa ataggtacat     62160
     ttttctttgg gggaggggag gcattttaga ctatatataa acaaacaact cctacagaga     62220
     ccagagttcc taggaagcac taaactatct cttcaaggta gtattcaagg aatgccagga     62280
     gccctggggg gggggggggg ggttggggag gcagccatag tggagaagcc cgctgtgact     62340
     gccatgccta attctcaccc cagaggaaca tacatacata catatttgaa ccaaaggaga     62400
     aaaaaaaaaa gcctgcatcc cccagtaact gcagcacaga cagctctcca taaacttcac     62460
     agcaaaagca aggagccctc actggtgtgc cagaccatac ccggggggct cttttaaagc     62520
     tgagtgaccc tgctgtagtt ttcatctaaa cctgagacca ggactgagaa gcaccagcga     62580
     catcagtaac aagaagcagc ttcacaggac caagccaagg ggctacctgt tctgaagagc     62640
     aatcaggccg gatttattaa cagggtggct ctggtaatga atatcaagca agtgataaca     62700
     aatgtattag ataaatgtaa tgcaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat     62760
     aaaatttgag acagtctttc tacatagccc tggctgtcct ggaattcacc atgtaaacta     62820
     ggctagcctc taagtcacag agatcctcct gcctttgcct cccaagtgct tgaattaaag     62880
     gcattaaatg cacagcttca tgttttaaaa tttaaggagt caacttccta cctagtactt     62940
     ctagctagct ccatctttcc aaagggaggg gtaaaaatgt ctttattgac aaaagcactt     63000
     tctcatcaac tatcagactc ggtgcaaatc atacccgcgt tgatttcagc tggaatttct     63060
     tcctttcttt ttctttttct ttttctttct ttctttcttt tttttttttt tggtttggtt     63120
     tttcgagaca ggatttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtccta gaactcactc tgtagaccag     63180
     gctggccttg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggtg     63240
     tgagccacca ctgcccagct cagatgtaat ttcttaaaac agagacaatg tcataagtta     63300
     ggtgttcatt ctatgtggta tcaccaagta tttgcaaact attttaatgc tgatcacatt     63360
     tatcatttca ttcctcaacc atgaactatg atttagtcag atctatgtat tacacaaaaa     63420
     cctatatcca ctgaatcagt ttgaatatat aggcttcttt cccaactttt ccaactcact     63480
     ggtcctatgt taaacaacaa agaggcatct gacttggttt ctcgttgctt tacttatatt     63540
     cataatcctt ctatgtcaat aacatcttgg ggtaaaatga attgtcagcc caaaaagtca     63600
     ttatggaaga agatgtttta cattataaat atggacatta actgtataga aatgaaggga     63660
     aaattaaaaa aaaaggttag gacaaacaaa tatctatccc ctctggatcc caatatccat     63720
     catatatatg aaaatactgt gttggaagca tcatcatata atatcaagtt catattaatc     63780
     ctataatgcc aggttcaaaa catggggaat gctgaacaac aaacgaaagg ccttgtttag     63840
     ttttaaaata gtaaagagaa ggaaaatcaa tgacaactga cacacaattg aacccaaacc     63900
     accttcaact ttcaaaacaa caagtctgag gagacaaagg acagccaagt tctcctagct     63960
     ccggatgggg aacctacaat caccaagatt tcctgcagaa gcacaaggta aaatttgaag     64020
     ttccattaaa agttaggtta aaagacatgt ttactggtgg atagttttgt tatgaacatt     64080
     ttcagatgtc cttaaaatgt tgctaaaaca ccccctcata agccatactc cctcaggagt     64140
     aaaattaaac aaattatata gattagcgag tcaggggaat aaaaaaaaat tgaggctttt     64200
     ttttcccatc tgaaagggta attgtaaagt attaaaaaca gaagacaaaa acaaaacctc     64260
     tcaggatgcc ttggcctcct catcttaagg taaaattatc atataaataa gggaggaacg     64320
     ttcgaggagg cttcagcttc ctcgtgagta cacatttcag ctgctctccc tctgcgcctc     64380
     agcagtatta attacttgga ctttttcccc ctaaagcacg gaattccttt tgaagtcaaa     64440
     gacacagaaa gttcaaaggt taggctgcca ctcaacatta tggcttgtcc aaaacccagc     64500
     caggaaaccc atttctaaac ttacttagac aaggtattgc aatcctaaag ccagagccca     64560
     ccagacaatg cagggccgct ggtgtttttg tcctttgctt agggacttat tcataagggt     64620
     gacaatgcct acctcatcac caaggagaaa cattcttttg gatacaaaga atcccagcca     64680
     tttcttccaa caccctcctc ccttcaccca ctaattactt tctcaacatt ctagaaggct     64740
     tagcccacat tatagtctgt cttgtacttc acacccctcc aaaaattaaa aaggaaaacc     64800
     ctagccaccc tacatgtaga gatttcaata gaaataaaag ttaactttgg tagagatgac     64860
     caggaacggc catcagataa aaatggtttc acttagaaaa gaaggcttca cttcctcaag     64920
     gaagccaggc tggctggagt gggttccatg cgatcctttt tctcaatcag cagtcagcaa     64980
     tacatccagg caccctgcta ggcagtggat gaaaggacaa aagtagaccc tgtcccaagg     65040
     agttcacagg gtgacaagag tgaggctgtg agtcccagta acggtacaat tataatgcca     65100
     caccacactg cttaggagat gacgcaaaag tagaagatac gaacctaaag aaatgggcct     65160
     cagaccagat gggtggtgtg gcaaagaagg gctcttggga ggggatggta tctaggcagg     65220
     ctatacttga gccttgaagg acacaaaggc aaacatttag gtggacatta tgcttgtggt     65280
     agatgaccta cccagacaat gaaaatataa aacactatgt atgatccaaa ctagaaatag     65340
     gaaggccaga tacatctgat acagaactca agacagacag acacacaaac actgtacaga     65400
     tacccagaac agctccaatc atctgtgctt cctgagttgc agagggtcat aaattccact     65460
     tgcccgttat cagtgagaat tttgtagtat catcttgaaa tctggtctcc cttagcttcc     65520
     ttgaagtgca acagatgtca tgcatcttta ggcactgtgc cctctcatct ctgttaccct     65580
     tctgtggatt taatgatcac ggttagaagc taacagatga attatgctgt tgactggcct     65640
     ttcctttgct tttcccatac tctagtttga ctaccagcaa agcacatgca agtcccacta     65700
     atgacgatct gatggagacc aagcatttgt ctttaaagaa gactggctcc ccacccccaa     65760
     ccccatttat gttccttgga attttaatgg tattctgaag gccttaagca cagcgtagtc     65820
     aaaattcatg catttttctt ccaagggttg atcttttaaa actcagccag tgttaaaaaa     65880
     cttcaaaact gaaaggattt ttgccaccca aggaacttat atgatagagg atagggaact     65940
     gtgttcttca gttttcaaat ataacttaag ctaggcacgg tggcatatgc ctttaatcct     66000
     aggagtcctg aggcagtagt cagagctctg cggttcaagg ccaggtatgt ggtcataaaa     66060
     gactacactg tcagaccctg tctcgtgcca taattcatat agaacacaaa gaggaaggag     66120
     atgttgactt ctctttacca aatgcagagc agacccaaat gaggaaagaa atcccctccc     66180
     atgaatgagt gggaaatcat tcagaaatgg attctagcca gcttggtggc acatgtctaa     66240
     ttctagtatg aaggacagac agtgcagcag gagggccgtg aatgtgataa gagactgagc     66300
     taaatagcaa gacataatca aaaaaaaggg gggtagagga aagcaggaag gagggagggg     66360
     agggagtgaa ggcagggggc atcccagcac ttccaaggta gaagaggagg atgagaagtt     66420
     aacaattatc tttagctact taaaaagctc aaaaccaggc ttcataaaac ccaaagtggg     66480
     agatccttcc tctgacacat catctctggc cccagcttcc ccacccttca actgtagcat     66540
     acactcatta atgtttctgt ggcatgtaca gtggtggtgg gggtgggggt gggggtgttc     66600
     ctcaaagtaa aatcataata aatactttaa ttagagggca tttacaccag gcagaatgct     66660
     aaatgttttt ccatttagta tgtcatgcag caactataat aagacgaaga caagaatcct     66720
     gtcatagtga cggagaaaca gtggcttagg cagtttgtta tgtgatataa agggagatga     66780
     cgttaatcac tcttgaccac caaagtcaaa tgcttctctt gccagctcac gcaaaccctg     66840
     agatgccaac tgatttctct ttaaactttt aaatgtttca cttatttatt tatttagtgt     66900
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtaggtca aaggacaact     66960
     ttgaggaata gcttcatttt tccgtggaac cgaggcatca aactcaggtt gtctgcagag     67020
     cttacacaag gagcacttta acccactgag atagccctga tttttcttaa ttacatttgt     67080
     tttaaaaagg gagagaattt tgcaattttt acttaaggtg agtatatatg tgtaaatttg     67140
     aatgagaaaa tcccaatcca atttttttcc ccaaaaacct ctgcttaata tccaggctgc     67200
     tctaagtgtc tagacctaga ctggtgatgc tttaagagac aaatgatgcc tgcagatagg     67260
     ggcttgatcg tctctggaat actgtgtttt ctgctcccgg gtatctacgg gcatcaggag     67320
     ttcctattct tccatgagct ttgtcatcag agactcagcc tcaaagatga ggaagccgac     67380
     ctgaatagcc atgcctcccc ttagcagtct tcctagactt tgcacatctg tttttcatcc     67440
     ctaccaagtc ccagaaggag aaagaggaaa gggacttaaa agaaatcgcc gctgtcactt     67500
     aatgaattga tgctggcatg ctttaacagc ccatttaatt gtagggtcat attttaggca     67560
     gaggctctcc taccactaat ataacgtagt cacaatctct gactctatcc ctggggaatt     67620
     ataattgctc tatttgcttc tctctcaacc agcctctgca ttacctgtct accccgtaac     67680
     attgcaaagc tgagaacaaa accaagccaa aaaaagttac aagatgctag ccaggaatta     67740
     tttggatata ttaatttatg gcatttcact tcagagggaa gggagacagg gaaacagaca     67800
     aaagaagagt atgattaaca atataaaaat aatagagttc tgtggtcaca agcattggca     67860
     tgagaagtgc taatttccag ttattttaaa accataacat cattgagtcc attatagaga     67920
     agtgacagcc acatgtgacc tcacactcag gcaacagggt ggcttttctc accctgacag     67980
     aacgtgccaa ccaaaaatag caaaatgcat taaaaatagt agatgtctta atgcaggcct     68040
     gatgtgctca cttctaaagc tttgcccgcc ctacagcaag gcaacacaat tcatacgtga     68100
     tgcctacctt tgtcctgaga agcagagctt gtcacacctg gatgacacac ctggaaatag     68160
     cctgaaacca gacaccataa aaggatgtct tcagatggca gctgcaaacc ttctgacact     68220
     gctacttgga aaaatttgac tttatttttc cagtaagatg tgcccgtgct tttccaatca     68280
     ccagtgtgaa ccaacactcc tcaggaataa aaacattatg aagtcacggc tacgtcctta     68340
     agaaacaaga acgttctagc agaggctcgc agcctctccc atccgaatag gaatggtcaa     68400
     tctatgaata tgtaaggcat caatattcta agaatgaatg caccaatgca tcaagagttc     68460
     caatttttca aatgatgcaa cccaaaccat actagctaga ctgactggcc acagttttta     68520
     aaaatccaac tttaaaacat tctctcccca gtcactggtg aaatctcctc ggatgtccca     68580
     gatgctatcc taactcctca taatcctcct caaagttctt gggaaactga aaacacagat     68640
     gcaagaatta agtctgcgct gaagggacag aggaggcggg agctagtgat tacaggtgcc     68700
     accacgctct caatctctgc cactgggaga gcacggtgtg ttcttatgac cccagaggtc     68760
     tgcatcaccc aggcagctga ctggcaaaag caatcaacac tagaaggcat ggggcagaga     68820
     gaggcagact ttccccttat tttaaatatg caatctggac aaaattactt ctccagatgt     68880
     gagggtgctc ttaggtaaac tctgaacttg aagaatctaa acactgacgt tgaaattcaa     68940
     acataaaaaa aatgggcatg gctcatacct ttaatctcaa cactggaggc agaggcagga     69000
     agatctctga aaccagcctg gtgtataatg tgagagtcca ggacagcttg gactacacag     69060
     agaaaacctg tctcaaaaat caaacaaaca aacatcaaaa aaggaagaag gaaggaggga     69120
     gggagggagg gagggaaaga cagacagaca taaatgctgg gtgtggtagg tataccttta     69180
     atcctcatac ccaagaggag aggagtgagg ctctctgtga gtttgaggct gcccaggaca     69240
     gccagaacta cacagtgaga ctctgtctca aactaaaaca aactaattag ccagaaattc     69300
     agattaataa taaggtaata ataataataa tgaatgtgcc tagaagataa aaagtcaaaa     69360
     atgcacattc cattcacgaa tgactaaatg cacagaatgg tactttccac aattatagaa     69420
     cagtcagaga acactgagct acttactact ctccatccag tccccactgc agcacttacc     69480
     tgttatgaat gtatcctttt attatgtggg caatcatcca ccagtcacca taagtgttta     69540
     atgttccact tgtcaaggcc aacctggccc cagctccagt ctgaatataa agaattccac     69600
     aactaacccc gtcgtatcat gaagtctggg tcctcctctg aagtttgatt aattggctcc     69660
     tacaaagtca ctcacagatt ggaatcctta gcacttaggg cacagaagat gccgccagta     69720
     ggaaatgttt aaaactcagg aagcaaaaca ttagcttttg gtcagcaggc ctcaatgcaa     69780
     ataaaaccag caccatgata atgcctgtcc agtcttctct catgcctaag gcttagctga     69840
     ataatcccat taacataaaa gataatcaac aatgctgggc tagatctcac tgttagcata     69900
     cgagccaagc atgtgcaaag cactaggttc agtccccagt acccactatg cctcttcaaa     69960
     cacacggaat agagaaaaag tcaagatccc tataagctgc ttctgcctgc tacttacagg     70020
     gcttacatgt aaagatgcaa aattcttcca aactttaaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaacagg     70080
     gctcagcaaa gtgactctga ccccagatga tattaccttc tgagccagtg tgagatctct     70140
     cagcagaatc actgtggagc ccagatctgg agagctgtaa ttctttgtca tagtgtttcc     70200
     cattagtata tgtctgtacg tgcataaacc tccttccctg gaatgtaggc tcaaagtctt     70260
     cgagggaaca gatcttcagc taacgtcaaa caaacagcta agcaagtaat gaggctggct     70320
     ggacatgtta tatactgcag ccactctcaa agttgcccaa tgagtatcag ggtcacgggc     70380
     gaagcctcta aaacagaacg caatggctgc ccagagcccc acactcctgg agatattagc     70440
     acagctcctg gaaacagcca ggggacagca ccgggtaagt gctcaggatt cagagcctac     70500
     tggaagcagg gctcacatgc taactctgca tcttttcttt gtctctgggg aagaatggga     70560
     caagtctact tctcaccttg cttaccttgc aagtagagat cagaacagtg ttacccctgt     70620
     ggagcttttg caaggactag aggaaagaga acatgggaag tacagtcccc cccgcccccc     70680
     aacagacata aagtgctggg gaccaaagca ctgcggccac ccaacattcc accatgacgg     70740
     ttcactggaa ggagctggtg ggagcacgtg ctgctaagaa tgcatggatg cttccatggc     70800
     taagcacaat gcatcattag caagcactcc tccttcagag atcttgtgac aaaatggaaa     70860
     agggttggga gaaaatattt tgaaagtact gaatacaact tttatgctca tattaataaa     70920
     aagagcttgt atctcaattt tataaggtct gaaggtaggg aggttggagt tattaaaaac     70980
     accccaactg tggggctgtg gagacagctc aagaggaggc atgtgggaga cactgggctg     71040
     aatcccaggc gcctcaaata aacaaacaaa cctatttgtt aatgcctccg tcagagtttt     71100
     gtttcccttg ggaagaatgg gataaagagt gaggaaaaaa cagcagtgac cttcatgtaa     71160
     tgaggagact gtcgtttgcc aactgattac tgaagtgaca cccaccatag cataaataaa     71220
     gggacaacat tttgagtgcc ctcaaaagcc acatcagaaa atgtttcctt gagggctgga     71280
     gagatggctc agtggttaag tgcactgact gttcttccaa aggtccagag ttcaattccc     71340
     agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccctctg taattggatg tgacgccctc ttctcgtgca     71400
     tctgaagaca gctatggtat attcatatac ataaaatcaa taaaccttta aaaagaaaaa     71460
     agaaaatgtt tcctttagac ttaccatatt taaagagctt gcttattgtt ttgttttgtt     71520
     ttgtttgggg gggtggcttt caggtgtatt gttatgtggg aacttacaac atgagcagta     71580
     tggttgacga ctgccatttt tatagaaatc tctggaggga aataattcct gtactaaact     71640
     tcaatggaat gagctcttgt acaactggaa agcaagggca catgtgagtg tgtatgttta     71700
     tttactggaa tactatagaa ctgctttgtt ggaaagcatg ccaaaaggaa agctttttct     71760
     attctgtatt ttcatgagca acaaattcta cgcccctgtt tattctctct gataatctat     71820
     tttaaaggaa catttcgaac acacgcacaa cataaaataa tatcccttag gtgaatctga     71880
     cttgtaaata agaaaagcta ttaagcccct aatgtttctg ctttctctat cataaacact     71940
     aaagataatc tcagaatata cagctctttt ggctttccag aacaagactt cattttttca     72000
     gtaagggcga gcatggcagt aagggccagc agtggtaccc agcaatccgc ttttaataaa     72060
     aaataaataa gaagtaggag ggaacagaac aacaactaga taaataaaga gcccgagcct     72120
     caagtgactc ttagatacag ctctgtgtgt tcactacatc cacttatagc taggtatggt     72180
     taccaattac ctaaaatttt gtggggggaa agaaaagaaa acattcagaa ttttttcaca     72240
     ccaccatttt tttagagtca ggaatacaac ctctttaggt gaaccatttt tggagcaaga     72300
     aataatccat catgcaaaag cctgttctaa ccacctggca ccaagcaact gcgtccagtg     72360
     atttcgtgtt acggccttcc acacataaag gaaccgctct aaagctgaag ggctaattgc     72420
     acatccacag acttcctctt tccacagagc tttttaattg ggtactttca gttgccaagt     72480
     atgttcagaa atggtatttc cagtaaccgt gcagagcctc tgcttctcgg gagctggaac     72540
     ctgcagcttc cccttggata aggaaccgag gtcttatttt aagctgttca ttctccacaa     72600
     gatgatgcgg agaaggggga gaaccacggg cttccatgct cttcattcag cttgcgttca     72660
     taacaaaagc atggtaccca tgagttctgt gtacaaagtt agagtgcatt ctaaacatag     72720
     aaactcctcc tcaaacaggc catgaatatt agacagatgg acttctcctt cctatacaca     72780
     attacatctg tagtaggcag aactatgtag ggtttcaatt ttgcagagat tggttatttc     72840
     tgaagccacc cttctccact cacactctgt ggtttgattc aaaggaagag ggtcgatatc     72900
     acacacaagg ctctgcaaca tcacacaacc gcataaagct gtcaccatga aatagaccgc     72960
     tgcatgattc tgccgcccat cttttttttt ttttttttcc ttgcagcaat gggcacacaa     73020
     cctcagagga tgaattcacc acttcaaggc tcacagaaag aaacaacaaa aatagtcctg     73080
     gcaatagaag tccctgggga cacagtcctt gctgtcaatt tgacagcata tccacctttg     73140
     agttaataat tctcagactt cccacgttct gtaccttctc ccagataaca gtactgctcc     73200
     atttttacaa aggaacccag ccctgaaatt aaattcaatg ccaagcaaaa aaataaaaac     73260
     aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa atccacacac acaaaaaaaa acctggatga atttctttca     73320
     actgatactc atttgctaaa gataaaacct tggcttcaga ttataaatac agcaaaggtc     73380
     ataactaatg gtcagaagat ctatgaaccc tataaaagca tatgtaaggg acaaggtaaa     73440
     tggctcagtc agtaaagtga ttgcaagtgg acctaaattc catcccagaa cacccataaa     73500
     agccatcatc acagcatgca tatgctctcc tagggttcga gagacagaga tggagaaggt     73560
     agctgtggct tgctggcctg ctgagtagta ccatcagcaa gctctaggcc agtaaaagac     73620
     cccgcagctc ctgaggttgt cttatggcct ccacatgaat gcatatatga ttgcacatga     73680
     aaccagatac aacacatgta aatgcttaat gtgcagtttc caactcggag gaatctgcgg     73740
     agtggtctgg gacctaaaag actcaacaac aaagcataaa cctgcttttt tttttttttt     73800
     ttttcacttg tactgagcgg cataaatcac caatagtact ctgccagtta aacagaatat     73860
     agaacaggaa atagaatttt cttccaatgg aatgtgctta tacagacaga acgtaatgac     73920
     aaccttttag tatgtacact ataaccaaaa gaaaccccat tcgtttaata aaggcaggat     73980
     catgaatgta attgtgaggc attcgttgct attgtagttg tgtattaatg tacaaagaga     74040
     gtccttatcc catgagtaga attgaaaacc ctgatagaaa caagcccatt ctcaggctta     74100
     taaaacaagc ctttacagat aattatgttt tattactctt cattttatgg ggattgtgtt     74160
     atacaaaaca aataccagat gcctatttgt tttattcatt tcagggaaaa aaaaaaaaac     74220
     ctacaagtgc ctctgtgaat agaactgctt ttaattaaac acaatccaca atgagtacat     74280
     aaaaattaat actgttgaaa gccagcaggt agaaagtaaa tgtatcaacc agcaactgct     74340
     gaatgccttc ttctctgcgc tgccaaggga ggagcacact ccccagctta tttctcagga     74400
     acggaaatca gcaagggata cctgaacaag gtcattcatt gacttgcatg aggaaaacta     74460
     gaaccaacac tcatgggaac ataaagtcta gaggtgagaa gaaaatacaa agtcaatgtg     74520
     ttatactgaa ccacagccca tctgatacaa aattacatag gtcctttatg agccatttag     74580
     ggaaagttgt tgagagaaag acattggatg ggatcatgtg tgcccattac cagcacttgg     74640
     aatggtaaga caggagagtc atgagaagtt gaaggccagc ctcacatacc cagcaggact     74700
     acatggcaag aaactgtgtc atagatagat agatagttag atgggtagat agatagatag     74760
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatgggt agatgggtag atagatagat agatagatag     74820
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatgggt agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     74880
     atagatagat agatagatgg gtagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     74940
     atagatactg tcatagatag atgggtaggt acatacatgc atacatacat acatacagga     75000
     tttgggcgta gttctgactt tatctgctca cctcagaggg ttgctgatga acagtggctg     75060
     ccatctgatt aaatcaagca tgctttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaccaca tcggatgggg     75120
     gtgcctaagg gctttaaaaa aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaaa cacatcggat gggggtgcct     75180
     aagggcttta aaaaaaaaaa caaaaacaaa aaaacacatc ggatgggggt gcctaagggc     75240
     tttaaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaaca catcggatgg gggtgcctaa ggagagccag     75300
     aaaaagagaa cactgagact acaatctaga agctccttcc tgaccccaaa gatgtaaatc     75360
     ctctctgttc aacggtcagt tctaatcaga gagcaaagct tcaacataca gcaagggagc     75420
     ctcacaagaa aaatatgtgg gtccttccct taccttttcc ctctctgctt ttgctgttgc     75480
     tgttgttgtt gtttgctttt gatccagtca cagtacgaac cactcttgac aggtcctaga     75540
     tttgagatca tctgtggcat tatgatgtgt agttgctagt gacaagacag aaactaagct     75600
     cactttaagg gcgctgcagg aagtaacctg aaagccaggg cctggtctgg caaccctaac     75660
     tctaccctta ctcacaggag ttgaaggggt catcccccaa gtgccactct ctacaagtcc     75720
     gagtctcaca agagtcccga tgcctcaagg aaagcttgtc tttatttttc tccaggagac     75780
     taacagtctg acaatcagac tttggccttt tggctaaatg ggaaaagaaa tgttaccctg     75840
     tttttatatt ttaaaaagtc acatcctaca gcttttcagc ctttaaagga tttaataaat     75900
     atgggcaaca gaaaatgtag catttaagtc atagatacac atccctgaat tcattttgct     75960
     aaaacagaca aacagaaacc atcaaagtac ttattggtct ccaaaaatca gaggcgagta     76020
     aggaatattc atcaactgta ctcaattata acataatcaa agtgctgttt tcacaacaaa     76080
     ataactctca gctatcaaaa gagaacgaga gagctaaata tgttgatgca gaatgcaagt     76140
     tgatacacta tcacaagatc tttaccccaa agaccatgca catgattctc atgacagtgt     76200
     gctaggccaa gaacatatac tgacgcacca aagtgctcat gggaaacata tcacatgact     76260
     tccttcctgt aagcccaaac ttcttctgtg taggtgctgt catctccgtc tgtttcccca     76320
     cagcatcccc aaagttatgc tgtaatcttt atatgactct ctctcaaaaa ttcaattcaa     76380
     aatcaatcaa acttctgaat tttttttttc ctttgagaaa agaatctcac tcgattgccc     76440
     aagatggctt taaactcaca gtcatcctcc tgcttcagtc tccagtgctg agatcaggtg     76500
     tgagccatca actctccact ctgagcggaa ctattcttag ttgctagaag agcttaactg     76560
     aactgcagta ggagaccaaa tgtgggataa actaggggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     76620
     tgtgtgttct tgaaagaaga aagggagaat tacaaaaaga ataggagaat gagaaagagg     76680
     aggaagagga ggcggagaaa aataacagta ccagggagta cagtcatctg acaggaagat     76740
     gggcttctgt gcacagcctt gatgctggag cacacctaag aggaaatgta caaaacccgt     76800
     gcctttcaga aatgggaaga agtgcccatg tataaatgat ggagtgccct aaggattcag     76860
     tggaacccaa gactagcttg tggaacccat gccctaggag atgactgccc agaattctat     76920
     ctgtgagccc tcatgcactg ttgatgctac caaggaggag tccctgagag cttcccagtc     76980
     cctacagatc tctgaagcac tgagtatata gcactcttac ccaggagtac aaagataggc     77040
     agcagagaaa tgaacaggaa cacacggcgc caccagaccc ccatggattt accattgtct     77100
     tagttaggtt tctattgctg tgataaacac caccaaaagc aacttgggga ggaaagggtt     77160
     gctttggctt agttacacct ccacaccatg gtccaccaca gaaagacatt aaggcaggaa     77220
     ccttgaggca ggaactgaag cagaggccac agaggaaaac tgcttactgg tttgtccctc     77280
     ctggcttttt cagtttggtt tcttacacat cccaggacaa gctgccccaa gacttattgc     77340
     ccactaaggt ctggactctc ccagaatcaa gagaatgcca tatagtcttg gacacaggtc     77400
     tttttcaagg ggatgtttat ctcagttgaa cttccctttt ctgaaacgac ctaacttata     77460
     tcaagctgac atacaaagac aacaggacaa gaggagtgtt cctcagtgtg ctactcaaag     77520
     aggctggctt tgaggcaatg tcaggtgcac ctgaccaagg gctaattgcc cagcttagac     77580
     agcacagaac aatacacctt ctatatccag tattctgtgg gccaaaagta ggctctacct     77640
     gtcgttaaaa taacaaaggc tgaagttatt ttaaaactgc aggtcatcat ctcactttga     77700
     taaatctcta attttactcc tgttatattg aagctcaggg gagcaaaaat aatttcttct     77760
     aaatttactt ttacgagtca atatcccttg aattgtttat tcaaaaaaat atattaatag     77820
     tcaggcatat cagctctaaa atatgtcttt cttcactaac aggccaccat gaccaaagat     77880
     actcatccaa caaatatttc ttcaggattc aatataggct cagtaccagg gaaactgaca     77940
     gaaaacaaat aaacaccatt cctgttctca tggtgtggcc cttggaagct atgagcagct     78000
     taacaagcag aggagaaagt atccaaagag cttggtgata aaatctattt aggtcaaatg     78060
     gtaggaaaag aggtctctcc agaacatttt tttgcaccag gagccaggcc agaggggtct     78120
     ggcctctttg caaaaagaca cagactaaaa atattttaaa tatctctatc aatttaaaaa     78180
     aatgtctgta cactggagaa ttcctttcct cccagcattt ggaaaggaat gacaggagga     78240
     tctctgtgag ttgaggccag cctgcctgaa tgtgtgcagt catgagctgc cttgtgcaca     78300
     accagactca ggctgcttgg aacatcagcc aagacttgtt ttctcttcac gctttctgtt     78360
     tttagatgta tgttatttta tatgcatgta tgtttgccag cacgtgtgca tgtatgaact     78420
     actaggtaag tgctgggact tgaaccaagg tcctatgtag gagtagcaag tgctctgagc     78480
     cactgaccca tctctccatc ttcctttaaa taggcatttt taagcccaga gctggctata     78540
     ttcttatcta tctccttttg gttcaggaac ttctgcactt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa     78600
     gaaatactac aggcagaata taactcagta gtaaagcact cattcaggag gcccaaagtt     78660
     caaaccccag caacactctt tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acatctagtc     78720
     aaatataata acctttgcta agcacttatc aagcatatta acacactgtg agggagcgtc     78780
     tggaatccag agaaaaatga atcagcttcc cacgtgaagg tgcatgagtc tgaggagata     78840
     ataactttaa aaattgtaat tcagagtcaa aagattaatg gcccaaaaga acagtgagcc     78900
     cttaactggc aaactaaacc ccagaagtcg ctgggcctta atgacacaag gagaaaccac     78960
     aaagcctatt gcatccctaa agttaggaag gatgggggaa cattgggggt gaggctgtaa     79020
     gaagaccctc catgcaggcg ctctggaacc taccactgaa attaacatca cacttgctcc     79080
     ttgtggacag aaaaatactt aataggagct tggctagacg aaggtagtga ttaacaagga     79140
     acgccctggg ctgaagggca agccagtggc ctgctgctgc ctcgtgttct gctatctgaa     79200
     aaatcactac accattttta tacccctaag ggggcctctg agctccaagc tgagatgagt     79260
     gttctgccac tgtctccatg ctacgggagt tacccaactt tcctggtcct cgaatttctc     79320
     acctacacca tgccatgatt gtggagggag caaggattac caggagcagc tttttagccc     79380
     aagttgactc tagacttctg atcctcctgc ctccacctcc tgagtgctga ggtgaccccc     79440
     atgatgcaac tctgccaggc tgcttctgta atcttcctgt tcatctttcc aaaggagtag     79500
     gtctgacccc aagtattcag agaggaacaa ggggtatgtg ccccaaactc ccacccccag     79560
     cgcatactcc caaactgcag acagacaagt acaatatgca gaccgactgc ccgggtcacc     79620
     agctcactag gggaaagaag aaaatccaga gacgttgccc tcacattgtt cctaagatca     79680
     gctcttccct tcttgaactc acacggaatg actgtttcac tcatcgttac tgaaatctat     79740
     ctttattttg gcatctaatc ctcccccccc caaccccata ttacccttac ttgaatctct     79800
     ccttagacag ggcaacatat aaaataaatt catcaaaata ctactggaat ctattacctg     79860
     tgctaaaccc tgaagtgagg tagttaaatt ttatcataac ataactacag ctcatttaaa     79920
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gcaaagcact gtaactctac aatccaaatc caaaaaaaaa     79980
     atacacattt ctactccttg agtcaataaa gaccactctc taaatttaaa ggtttgccac     80040
     attacaccac tcttaaaaat gtagtcatca taaaacatgc tgcttaaagg tagctttctt     80100
     aatgtgatgt gaattttaaa ggagcctgta gcatatacga aatggtgctc tcacaaacac     80160
     acgaaaatta ttctttgcct ctcagcaaag caaaagcatt ttagtgtcag atccctctct     80220
     gattagattt tcagatttct tcagatacac agagctagcc ataattttgg aaaatagcct     80280
     ttacaacctt cagaagacca taaaacataa ttcatactta atcaagtgtc atatgaccgt     80340
     caccaaatct gagtcagttt ttaagaccta ctaagaattc aagtaattgc actacagtgc     80400
     atcgggtcca ggctagatac cctgcgatct gtgagcgata cagcatgtct ggtccgggtc     80460
     ctcatgagcc acagcagagt ctaaacgcag gaaatagagg ccggcaggag gaataacagt     80520
     acaccttcct caccccaccc tgtgcttttt aattgagtga aaaatctcca catgaattca     80580
     ttagaagcct gaaagcttta ttaagcatga tgttcctgtg tgctccgcag caatacttca     80640
     agtaccagtt agcccagctt agatgtaaaa aaaaaggcca aaatttttat ccaaccaaac     80700
     ctgagaaggg tatggaagaa actgtaaata aattggggaa gaaatctcag aaacaaacaa     80760
     actacatgtt ctctctcata tgtagaatct agccaataaa atgaatgcac atgtaaacct     80820
     ttggcacagt atgaaggaaa gagaacaaga aaggctgaac acaaggagat aaaggctggc     80880
     tgaggtaatg ggggaacacg cgttatgaca gaggagatac agctgctggg ctttttgttt     80940
     tttttttggg ggggggggag ttcgagacag gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgttctgga     81000
     actcactctg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ctttgaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa     81060
     atgctaggat taaaggcatg caccaccact gcccagtgct gcttttcttt ctagttctaa     81120
     ttctgtcatg gactttctag tatgtgtgat actgaaagca ctaaatttaa cacagagccc     81180
     tatggctccc agtccgaatg ccatttgtaa ctgtatgtaa gtccataagt tgtgtagact     81240
     ctaggtctag ttaatttggg tatgtgatat ttttatctgt ttatatttta taacagttta     81300
     ttaaaaaata aaaaatgtgg gagtccctag tagctagaga ctattacaat taaatgataa     81360
     agggaaacta atggctcttc atttattccg catcaatacc ttaggctaga gtgcatcaag     81420
     ccttcttgct tcgtttgatt ttggtttcac tacttctcat accaatgcaa caggttttgg     81480
     tttgatttgt ttttttagag gaaaaagtac ctttcaaaaa atactgaaag aaatttctcc     81540
     tttgaaaaca aaaagggaaa ccaggtaaat gagcaaaata acataatgaa gttggtggag     81600
     agactggaaa gcctacttta taaatcaaag acagtgaggt ttaacagacc tggtattttg     81660
     aacctatggt cgagagtgac aacgttcttg gcgggtcgat aaaaataact gattttagtt     81720
     gataggactg gggttgagga aatagctagg tgcttgctat gcaagcctga ggatttgaat     81780
     ttgtatctcc agtccacaaa taaagacaaa cagacacagt attatatgtc tctaatacca     81840
     gtcctcctat gtgagacaga aactcaagag ccacctagca gtgggcacac agcagcaagc     81900
     agcctagaga actgcttcaa gcaaggtaga cagacctaag attgtccttt caaccttcac     81960
     cctggccagc ctcagaacta ctgtgggaaa gttcccagcc atgttcccaa ggaagctttc     82020
     ttccatccag attttaaaag catgaaacca tctcttagtc ttactttcac tgggcttcca     82080
     aaaccctggc taatcttttc agtaacctgg aacttcaccc aagacccact gacagaagct     82140
     gcaatgagat cccagtacac aaccatatca tgggactact gcaatgccta tgatgttgct     82200
     tttcttcaaa gaaatctggc atcttctaac atgcgattcc atctgcatga catcagaggg     82260
     ggggtgcatg tcactgctga tatatagtgt atgcgtatgg taggcacaaa actgttttat     82320
     gtacattgat taagataagc taaagtgttc aggctggaga gatggcttag ggcttaagag     82380
     cactgactgc tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caattcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca     82440
     accatctgta atgggcatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag cgacagtgta     82500
     cccacagaca ctaaataaat aaatgaatga ataaataaat atttcaaaaa gaaaaaaaga     82560
     agaggctgat cctctttaaa aaagaaaaaa ggatgaacta aagcaaatta aaaatagaaa     82620
     cattactgga tccaggactc cttccttcag catttatgca atttactgaa aaaaagagaa     82680
     acagtcagtc aaataaatgg aaacacgaag ctacagtaac catgaaatgc tctaagaaaa     82740
     tacagactag aagtccagga agtgactgta gtcatgagaa agagcagggt agcactttcc     82800
     agaaagttgc tggaaaaggg aggaggagga agggtgtggc tatttcttgc agaggggatt     82860
     aaactgaggc agcagcagcc atacagagtc aagaagccct gggacaaatt ccaagaggat     82920
     agaggtatga tcctatcatg agctcttagg gtgctggaat ctacacagaa tacagggtgg     82980
     aatccattct atccttccgt tcatcaggtc tcatctatct aagagtgtgg gtatcatgta     83040
     cctcaatata cctgatgggg acaactatag gaaataggcc agaggtctcc acattccctc     83100
     ctgggtcctt cctttctctg catctcaatt ccatgcctgt accttgagcg tgtaagcaag     83160
     gtgctcaggt tagcttggct gacaagtttt caaaaggaca gcttactctt aagatcgtcc     83220
     aaacatttct atatctccca tatgattaag caagttagag aaatgcagtg tttttccact     83280
     ttattaaaga tgagtacaca caaatgatgc ctcgggtcaa caataaccac agtgtagctt     83340
     atcaaatatt taccaaactc tactgcgtga caggtaaggt actacaggca ctcagaggct     83400
     caggctgtgc aatgtggagg gcacactctg gagcaccggg ccagctcttc ataacctgcc     83460
     aggcttcttt gcttctgagt gctacgtgtc ataactccct gtcctccttc cttgtatttg     83520
     tcttgtcagc tgccccatct tcccagctct atttgcaaga acccaactaa catcttgtct     83580
     ttaaatgcac tgctccaaag ccactagagc tgggaaatca gatccgtgaa atggttcgaa     83640
     cactctctaa acctgatgaa atcaattctg ggtgaaaagc ccaagtgaga ctccacccat     83700
     caatcaaaca cccgaaaagt gctgagcgtg tggtggcctt gctagccgtg gggactattc     83760
     aaaagcactg ggtgctctgt atgattgaca gcacaggcct agaaatcaga acacctccat     83820
     tttcatagtc cgcatgctct cgtgtaggtc aatgtaaaga cgctctgcct ctgtttcttc     83880
     atttacaacg tgaagaagaa atgctccgtt cctactaagg gctcaaaaag attaagagga     83940
     gacaacaacc caactgcctg cacacagtac aaggtccaga agtcctagtg gctgttgcca     84000
     tcatctggct tcacaggcaa aagggtcagc aggatacggc ttcaaagtac ctgccacggc     84060
     taacttctct aaccacagtc ccctaatcca ggaaatgact tcaaggatgt ttttttgaaa     84120
     aaggatgtgt tcacctgtta agagtggcaa tgtggcaggt caatccctcc attgatcagg     84180
     tctccaccac actcaattca tggcctcact gtgagaggct cctctccaca aaagcaagga     84240
     tcaatctcta gaaaagtcaa ccagactcag ttccctccct ccccacccac ccccaccccc     84300
     agacatggac aacagcactc aagaccgact cactgatgat ggttggcagg catagagaaa     84360
     cagaagagct ggtcagagca gaaacaaagc accctgtcca gctatcacac tgtatgctag     84420
     gaacttagca gaacactttt agtttggttt ctgtcccatg tccccttaga ataaatcctg     84480
     taactaaaca tggcctgaga gatagtgtgc ttgtcactgt agcttaagaa cccaacagaa     84540
     ccagctccag gaaactccta agtggctcag tttcattcat acagggtggc tctccacaag     84600
     tagtcctcag ctggtattgg taaatgggaa aaagattgcc tgcattcttg atgcagggaa     84660
     cacagagaac atgggatcaa ggaaatgctg ggttactcca gaggctgctc tcaatcgctg     84720
     ccacctccag cctgaaaact ccacacatat ctttctacat tccactgggc aatgattaaa     84780
     caccagagca cttaagccca cggttacctg ggaattcagt ttcagggaag agatgagcag     84840
     aactctttca ggggcacagt taaaaggcag agttatgaaa ctaactgagc cactccacag     84900
     ttgactagac catgacagga agatggtttt aataacacgg ccaccctaga gagtatatta     84960
     tcatttacaa ggtacattca catacactcc acctcttttg atcctcttaa tgaccctgtg     85020
     aggctggtaa cctaatctcc atttccagat acaaaaactg aagctgaaag gttaaaaaat     85080
     gagtcagaga atctcaggct ctgcttccta aggctaaggc tccacacaag acaaaaaggt     85140
     acaaaggaaa actcaagtgt atattgcttc aaatctctca gtgccatcaa aaggagttat     85200
     gttgcccaaa agtttcaaag gctggactgg acattaactg ttttgtgcct ggttttaaag     85260
     gtacttagaa cgatacacta ggtgtaagaa ttccttattt ggcggtccag atataaaaaa     85320
     gctgtccaaa ctcacctccc atggatcaca gagtccacaa tcaaagggaa aacagaagta     85380
     aaggcctgac tgatagaaga tgctagaaaa agggccgaga tccccaggtt gggtcaacag     85440
     accctgagat ccccagaaag caagcactgt gtctgtcaag agaagtctat atggctgcca     85500
     gcacagttaa agagaccaga gaggtttttg gccggagcca aaacaaaact tcaaagggaa     85560
     cagagcctga agcttcaaag accccctgca gcaccaatta ccacctacaa tgtttatcta     85620
     agctgtcatt taatgacagc tacttcccta actgggtgct cagcctcacc ttaaaaactc     85680
     cagtgggatg aagagtgggg gaagggcaca taaatccttg gttgtttttg aaagagaccc     85740
     tgagcaagaa ccaggcactc tggtgaaatt taccctccaa aataaataaa taaataaata     85800
     aataaatatg tgtgtgcaca tatagttaat ctatgataca gctgtgcatt aaaaaaaata     85860
     gtgtgtttaa aagccccact tcatgcaagg cagtggtggc agacgccttt aatcccagca     85920
     cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtaac     85980
     ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagtgaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa     86040
     aaaaaaagtc ccacttcatt tcggtaggac agtaaaatgt tcttaaataa tgttaaaggg     86100
     aaaagcatac atgtacactt gggtctaact ttaactttct tttttttctt tttttttttc     86160
     ttttttttat ttctgcatac acctttaatg agttgttgca aacacacaag ccgcagaatt     86220
     tttttttttt tatttctaac tttaactttc aaaaaacaga gtagcagcag caggccagga     86280
     gctacgcagc agcaggccag gagctacact tcccaatgtt ttagccctag cttcgacacg     86340
     tgggcagctt ggacaaacaa tgaagattta tttaccactg actaaataat tcacatagct     86400
     ggacaaagtg ttaggatatg cagagataaa acaatacaaa tataaaggtt aggcagctaa     86460
     atcaaacttg agcatggctc agctctccta atggggtaag aaacgaagtg gagtaccacc     86520
     ttgctgtatc ctgcatcttc tctatttccc ccaggagtcg gtattatgac aggggtgttc     86580
     gtgtgcatac agtggacaga gatcaagctt gtatgatgca tatggagggc agaggtcaat     86640
     gtggacatca ggagccttct tcagtcactt actgttactc tctgaaccaa ttacactaga     86700
     ctgggtgacc agcaagctcc aagaatcctc ccgtctctga ctctccagtg ctgaaattat     86760
     aagcacacta ccatagttgg ctttttcaca tgagtgctga gagtccagac ccgggtcctt     86820
     gtgcttgcta agctatctcc acagccctac ctgcattact taaaattaat tatttattac     86880
     tataaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa aacaaacagt tttgacttgg gactactaag catgagcttg     86940
     cccaccaagc tctctacgtc tgggctgcac cctagccagc agcaaactct cccagtaagc     87000
     ctttctatgc tgttggatca cacagccacc tggggcatca tcccaggagg tccacgtata     87060
     atcccagaaa gcagacacac aggggacact tcggtgcagg ccaagtttgc cttgaagaga     87120
     caaggagata ctgaaaagca gaatctatgc aggtcagatg gaaatgttca cgaatcgtcc     87180
     cttcgagtag ttctaagttg aaatgtcagg actgaggtcc tactaccaca tgcacaagct     87240
     aaagcctttc cttgggaaat ccgcaaagcg atgaaagaga catctgatat atccacacct     87300
     gatataacca cagctcaaat ctgaccaacg agaccttaca taaaaacaat tagttattac     87360
     gttcaatcaa ggagggggtt ccacgtttct gtctgaagac tgcagaaccc aatgaccact     87420
     acatctgacc tgatttgact gagtgtcaga aagcagtagc aggccagggt gagaagacag     87480
     agaaccggga gccaggaagc ctgggctaca gcccaagttc tgccacttac gagctgggaa     87540
     gccttggaca cgctgcctca gcacctctgg cttcagctta cacactacga tgcactaaca     87600
     agacacgctg caggttagct gagagaaatg cagccaggcc ctacccagcc aaacctttga     87660
     taagacactg acacgaagtc actcacagaa ttttctggaa tcctattctg tgacagtaga     87720
     tcttccagga tacggagcaa accacaagca cctcggggta tggcgtctcc tttgatcact     87780
     tctgtgtcgc ccaaacggta tcaagagaac caaaggtggc cccctttcag agggatccgt     87840
     ccaaatctta gcagcttgtc acgaattaag catagtaaaa tcctttaaac ccatatctca     87900
     agtaacagta cctttcaaca tttcctactc tggactcatt cgactcgcaa atatccctcc     87960
     aagtagcacc cgaatttctt gtgagttgag ctttcagggg ctctctgcag aaagcaggtt     88020
     cagggagacg gggaactgcg ctggcagaag acacacgtgt caacttcata gctcggcaca     88080
     ggactattac tttgatttcc catctgtggg ctactttagc aacacttttg ggccatcaca     88140
     caattacggg gagaaaggtg ctaatatttt acatttggag gctggacctt acggtttctg     88200
     cctttccctt cagaagagga aaacattcac caaagagtca ggcccaggtg aggaacgtgc     88260
     tccaagtgtc ggtgaaacca gttgaggata atggaggaaa gagagaaaaa gccctttcgt     88320
     actatgactt gtcttaagca cagtcgccct cctctgcaat ggcatctaca tccaacttat     88380
     ttggtcaatt ccatctgttc ccgcaactct taaggccaaa gggaaagaaa ggctcaatta     88440
     aataaataaa taaataaata aatagaaaga atgagttaca ctaagcagtt ttgggaacac     88500
     acccacttat tatttttatc aacaataaaa gggaaccgtg aacctcacgc aagactctaa     88560
     gcatgtccct tcaaagggct acatcagctc taaactagtt gacatttttt ttcaatgcct     88620
     gccagccacc tttgaaaagt tgtcatcaag ttgtagaaac accagcagca ccaaatggga     88680
     tgtcctagag gctgagcgct tccagagtgt tcgcaatgag aaatgaaagg aacgctgact     88740
     aatcaaagat tccaaaggcc tgctttctgg aactactact aaaacacatc agagttccaa     88800
     ctgttcctcc cgaaaagcga gtgctagaag ctaaatgatc aaccatcctt aaacagtaca     88860
     tgtctggggc tgatgaggtg acactgggga agagggccca tcctacgtaa ggatgcgcat     88920
     ttgataccca gaccccactt ggtgaaagag gagaactgac tccaggttgg cctctgacct     88980
     tcacgcatgc gcacacacgc actaaagaaa tgttttgttt tgttttaaaa accccagtac     89040
     agtacagctt tagcaaacag aaaagggtct gacaatcttg atagtctttt gactgctctc     89100
     agaaaagctg ctttgaaaga atcaccctgc tttccttgga agggccaaag gttcaggaca     89160
     cctctcacta ccttctcttc cttctgtttg agatagccaa acttgaagtt ccctaataat     89220
     gacctccaaa ggtatcgaac ctgtgatgtt catgcaaagt agtcgtcatg tcaggatgcc     89280
     tgagaggcca aaagcactaa aatggagtga atttctcgaa ggtctcactc cagatcacca     89340
     aatcccagca gtgactcagt tcggctggtg ccaactacac cggttataat gagtaactga     89400
     aagccagatg tggtggctca aacctttaat cccagtactc cggaggccga gataggtgga     89460
     tccctgagtt gaaggccagc ctgttctaca gagctccttc caggacagtg agaaatgaaa     89520
     taaagtgaaa aaattaaaat gaaaaagata tgtaactagt aaaaattatg tgcactatga     89580
     aaaaaaatga tatttaatgt aattgagaag ctggatcaaa gtttgcagga actttttctc     89640
     tagagcaaaa gtaattccca ttcatgccac ccagctgttc tgcaccggtg acattcatgt     89700
     gcttttcaca aaatcaccag tgggacactt cccttgagac ctacaacatt acacaccatc     89760
     acgatatctt ggagttgaag tatctgctta tgttcttcta gtagcctaac ttgaccaagg     89820
     ggctataaat ttccaatcta attatcagat ccggtgtccc cagcaaaccc ataccaggtt     89880
     gcttgccgag gcaaattaag ttgaaacctt ttcataggta cttgctaatg cagaagagaa     89940
     gtagatgaaa attgatctcg tctttacaag ccattaccaa atgaatgcct agaacacctc     90000
     ggaaactgct taaaccctgg gtaaaaatca actcagagat gactccagga aggaccactt     90060
     ccacagatct gacttcagca tctcatctcc aagggtctgg tgtggttagc ctcagtgtgg     90120
     ctgaggaatt ctgcattgcc ctttacttcc gagtgcagca tcggtgtagc ctggtgtata     90180
     gtcacggctt ccagattcct gcattcttat ttccaccctg tgtattccaa agtcaaaagc     90240
     aaacaaacac ccagcaatat ttgtgagtaa acaattctga caatccaaga tgggtaagga     90300
     gttaaatctc taggagttcc agtctgcact actaacacat cctagtaaac aaaatcagag     90360
     ctagcgggat tgtaaaagga aacagaaagc cctgaaaaac cctgctcagg agaatagtaa     90420
     acttgttttc tttctggatg ccacagtccc aaacagagac gatcctgagg ccccgtccca     90480
     ggtggtcttt aaacttaaat caagaagagg tggagggtgt cagatttctt ggcccaagga     90540
     ccgaaaggtg aaaaattaat tacattcaat tagcaaaaca aagttgctcc gaagccaatc     90600
     aaccacacct ttctccatct ccgctctcta gaaaacaaaa gttttccata gaaaatgtaa     90660
     agaattggca tctggggtgg gggtgggggg gtcgaacaca caaggaacat ccgctctttc     90720
     cgaatgaaga acgtcatgat ctttctataa agcttggaga gattgcttta gaagccatca     90780
     aaagatcagc ctcttcacgc cagccaaaga aattcctaga aggcacaagc acccccagaa     90840
     tctatcaaag tatattgtcc tttcaacaaa gcagtttctt tctgaccaca gttaaagagt     90900
     atttttactc tgtcacaaca acactcaaca ttcacgcaga acttccgtgt gtaagaggaa     90960
     aggaacgatg gattcacaat tgatcctggc ctcaggcttt tcccaggatt gaaacggaaa     91020
     acgtccaagg ggctcagaag cagaagcccc aggcttgata tttcctctcc cttctatgat     91080
     caagtcgggg aggactttac tatcccatcc aatcactccc accaagacca gagagtctga     91140
     gggaatccat ggacaataaa taatcacacc tttcatttca gggcccggtt acccccaccc     91200
     ccaccccttc ctgatccaac cccatctgga agccttttcc cctattctgc atttcatgaa     91260
     tcaattgcac aatctgccaa cctctgccag ttcctcttgt actcagctga gaggtttctc     91320
     cttccttccc tgggtagcta gcacaaggct gctctggttt ttaactggcg taaagtggaa     91380
     atgcaccata ggcgctcact ctttcccagc cggacacaag tgagtctggg gcactgacct     91440
     cagctatcag gaagctgacc gatggaccca caggccagcc tcggtttcaa gcagatttgt     91500
     ggattctaac tttgacctga aatcctgtgt gtcagcgact gtgaaagacg aggaaaagga     91560
     agactgaaag gggctacaaa gtaaccaact cagttactta gcaactaaac aaaactctcc     91620
     cctccacaga ggctaaggag gcatctcaag cccattcaaa gagtaacagt ccacatttat     91680
     atgcaaatag ataaagacaa agaagaaagg gaaatctaaa ttagtaaggg tagttcactg     91740
     cagtgggcct gaggcccaga ttttaaagtt tccccaagaa agagagggct tataggaatg     91800
     aatgaatgaa tgaatgaccc taaccagctt acactctacc cttcataaac atcagtgctg     91860
     tagaggaagt aagaggcagt cacaagttgg gaaggtaaaa atgaaaatat tctaggaatc     91920
     aagaatctaa agcttagggg ggaaggtgca aatttaagcc tagccaactg cacagagaac     91980
     aggtacccat gttcttgaga gaaacagaca aagcccaggg gtcagagtct gtggacttgc     92040
     gtagaacatg tgtctctctg agtcgtcaca aatacccttt agtacccttt ccaaaacttg     92100
     gatccgagcc cccataatgc gccaaagaca catgggtcct gaatggtttt caaagtatca     92160
     ggaagattcc cttcttcacc aacttgactg gagagagtac tcttgtcgag tttgcctgag     92220
     aagcccaagc tcaccccaca cacttgaacc cagccgctgg atcccaagga agcaacagaa     92280
     ctgagggctt ctgtctccac cccgcatccc ccaccctccc acctggactc aggtatccag     92340
     ggcccagggc cgagcctcga agggaggcag cccttactca cttctcatac tcggtgttgt     92400
     ctctgtcaca gcgagaatcc ttgtgctttt gccagtcttt gccatgcttg caggtggtga     92460
     ggagcaagac gtcctccccg ttatggacgt gatataaggc attcctggtg tctgacccta     92520
     tccctgtcag gtaccgcttc cccttgaata ccagcatgta cttcctgaga ggagggatgg     92580
     tgttaaattt caaaaacccc ctctcccctc ctgtcctggg atgatcctta gaaaagaggg     92640
     gaatagaaac atcaaagttt ggtcggaagt tttcagtact gatgctggct ttggccagca     92700
     tcgcctggcc gatgtcaaac cccacgtcct cagtgtagtc aggccaagtg ccagaatata     92760
     aattaaaaat taaatgattc ctaccattgt tccacaagtg gagactctgc actttggatc     92820
     tcaaattgtg cacatactga ggtgataact ggtctctgtc taaagtatcc agactcaaga     92880
     caaagaggca cgcctggctg gggtccgagg tgtagaacct ggagccctcg atggccgcta     92940
     gaatgttttg gtaactttcg gcgattttct cccctttctg ctgcgggtac acgtagactt     93000
     tgaagccgtt tttcttgcaa agggtgaaat cgaagcagga ctccatgcgg cacttcttgc     93060
     ctttgtagat gctcgagttg gcgtctcgct tctgccgggg ggaaatgtgc acgctggaat     93120
     cctcgttttc caattgatcc caaggaaaga aagggcgcag agcgtccggg aagcggggcc     93180
     agaaatgatc cggactgggc tggtgcaagc cattccgacc actgtgctct tctctccggc     93240
     tgtggctcct cgatgcccta aactgcacgc ctccaaaata aaacaaaagg gcgagacaag     93300
     agccagctga gagcaggatg aaatagcgtt ttttggcctg catgtgtcct gcctgggtca     93360
     agaggattgt aaataaacac aagaatcacc caagtttccc aatcaacact ttcagctcca     93420
     gtccgccatc ttcccgcctg taaagacttc aaactctccg ctcccacctt ctctggatgc     93480
     ctttccccaa gccgtggact gatccagcgc atgtgggcga tttctttaac tttctcccct     93540
     tcggtctttc atctttgggc tgcacaatgc acgggagaga gccgggcaga agatctcgca     93600
     cccagggcgg gcgaacagcg gactgtaatt ttcttgcatg caacaagacg gaggaaaaga     93660
     aagagagcag ggaagaaaaa gctcccgata cccaatcaat ggcaagacga agtgactgcc     93720
     tctccgctcg gattcctctc ggcggcgtgg agaacgagcc cggggaaagc aacttcaact     93780
     catccacact ccggtgcaga gcactacggt tccaacaagt caatccgccc cggcttcagc     93840
     cggctagtgc atcttgcagc tggggcgccg taacctcaca aatccctgca tgtctcttta     93900
     ttcccttctg cagcggctcc cacactccgc cggtgtttac tcctgcgctc acggggccgg     93960
     ctccccgggc gcgcggcggc ccggccggcg gcacgaggcg gcgcggggcg gcggcggcgg     94020
     cgcgtcctcc ccgcgggcag tgccggcccc gagcggtgct tcgcaggccc cgcgctatca     94080
     ctgccgaccg ccgcgttcgg tcgccgaatg ttacccggtt ctgaatgtta cacttacaca     94140
     ttccattccc gacacgacag cgctgacctc atccatccac gcagcccgcg ctgccattgg     94200
     ccgggcgtca cgtccgggtg gggcggggct tccgctgcgc ccattcataa cccccggcgg     94260
     ccggcagagg cgccggcgcg gcgcggcgcg gcgcgggcgc ggggacccag gagcgcacgg     94320
     gcggcgggcg gagcgctagc cggccgggcg tcgcccaccg ccggccttct gcacgccggg     94380
     ccgggaatgc aacccggacc agacgggccc cagaggcgcg ggaggaagtg tggggacgtg     94440
     gccagcagcc cgctgctcgg gatgccccgg gtctccacga gccgggaacg cctccccgcc     94500
     gggaggctga gaggaccggt tcctggagaa ggatgccttg aaaatggaga agcgagggga     94560
     aggggggtgg ggacttcatg gaaagcgagc gcaggtcggg atgtctctcc ccccacactt     94620
     ggacccgctg aggaccaatt ttttggtggg tcttgttttt aacgtttaag tggtctttct     94680
     aattccccta tgtaatccac ctatttttct gtcttcctcg ccgagacacc ctaatcctca     94740
     acaataagga ggaattgtca cagtccgatg gatctgtggc tgagtgtgag aagacacctc     94800
     ctaaagccat ctgatctgcg tgccctctct tccattcccg aatccctccc acctgttcta     94860
     ttcactgata ttgggccggg agggatctaa tggctgaaaa gaaagccatt tcattttgcc     94920
     cccatcggtg ttgttattct tcctgaggtg gtatttttaa gatgtcacct ggccctagct     94980
     gtagaaggga acctttgaag caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatgtatt tacaataaat     95040
     gtgccacggt tccttcaatt gaccttcctt ctgtcgactc ccctgcccca agcccctgtc     95100
     attctgagtg aacttaattg gatgattctg aaaggaacct ccaggacctc caagctgtgc     95160
     tagactccca agcattacct ggcctcacag cctgaattct ggcttagaac acttacccac     95220
     cctagcctca gagcctggcc aagctggaca agcagttgcc tagggcagca agctgtttag     95280
     tgattgttta ttgtgggagt gagtgagctg ggagcagaca catccctacc tccctcgggc     95340
     tactgaaaac cccagccggt tgtgtaccca tggtatggtt ataataaggc agagtggaaa     95400
     gttttcaacc tttgttgttt cagatttgtt tgaataaaga agggaagaga tattgggtgg     95460
     gatattttgg tacattctga aacctctgcc cattttgaac ctgccaaaga tgaagtaggt     95520
     tttcatgatt tactttgtcc ccaccacagg atttagagag gcctgaaaca agagtaaggg     95580
     ttcagtcatt ttccgagcag gatgaaaacg gttcaggtaa aggtagagat tagagccaca     95640
     agtgacccca ggtctcaggg ggattgcaat gaacagtctt caagacagag ctctttgtgt     95700
     tgagatctgg ctgtcaaaca acctgcaccc tgtagaagat aggactcttc ttatcctgca     95760
     ttggcaaagt ctcttgcttt tcttgtctaa ctgtggttcc ctcagctcac agcacatctt     95820
     tgcattcagt tcattagtgg ttgatgttgt aggagaaaaa tggtactgaa agtgagggga     95880
     aacacgttca gcccgtgttt ctgcaattga accttaggaa taatgatctc ggcttactct     95940
     cagcttctca ttgatgaagt gatgttttag agtaatgttt tttgtttttg tttttttaat     96000
     cagccagtct cagtttgtaa tgtaatccat taacactcct accctatttt ttcactagat     96060
     ctactcacct attatatctt tatttaatat ttatttaatg tgtagcgatg ttttgcctgg     96120
     atatatgtac gtgcaccacc tataagcctg atactcatgg aagtcagagc aggatgtcag     96180
     atctggaact ggagttgtga atgggtgggg accatcctgc tggggttgga aattgaactc     96240
     tggacttctt caaaagcaac aagtgctctt agctgctgga catttctcca gccttagttt     96300
     cgttcctttt cttttctttt tcctgtttaa tcagaatgaa tagtcttagt attttaagat     96360
     ttatttttaa gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaat gcaggtaact gtgaaggcta     96420
     gaggcatctg atcctcttag agctacagtg ttaagtggct gtgagccaca caatttacat     96480
     gctaagtatt gaatgtctac tcctctccca gaacattgtc tgctcttaac cactgagcta     96540
     ggtccccaac cttactcttc tgttttaatc cttagggcct ggggtggttc ctggatttag     96600
     gtagaattca aatactgaat tgaatgaatt aatgaatgag tgattaaaat ttgacttaag     96660
     gttccaaggg aaggtctctt aaggacagac aacaaaagca aaagtaattg actcatctaa     96720
     gaaaacatcc agcacagcaa agatgagaat caacaggatg aaaaggcagc atagggaagg     96780
     agaacagagc ttcagactat atatcaaaag gaggttaata tctaaaatat acaagggctt     96840
     tattaaactc aatagcaaaa ataaaaaatg ggcgaaggat ttaaatagac attttcacaa     96900
     agaaggcata cacgtgcccc atgggtatat ttaaaagttt cagcattact aatcatcaca     96960
     gaaatgcaaa gtaaagcccc aagaagatgc ccactcaata cctactagaa tggctatgtc     97020
     aagaacacac gaagtagcaa gttttgaaag gggcataaag aaaagggaac tcacttttca     97080
     ctggtgtact ttagtaaaca gtataaaggc ttcctcaaac cattaaaagt aaaagaaacg     97140
     atgtcacata atccaaaaat accagtcctt gacttggtat taaagccaaa cgcactgaga     97200
     ttactagatc atagaggtgt tggtgttgct attttcattg tggcattttc cacaatagtc     97260
     aaaacataaa gacaatgtag gcttctgttc attgatgaat ggatcaaaaa tgtgcatatg     97320
     aaatagaaca ttacttagcc ataagaggaa gggaaatttc aatttgcaac aatgtatata     97380
     aatttgataa ccaatataca aaatgaagta agccagaaaa tgaaatacaa atacttcatg     97440
     atctggccta tatattggat caaaaaacct tgagctcagg ctacaggtga gtggtagagc     97500
     attggcccag aatgcaaaat gttcaattat ttgtatcctc aaaacaaaat aagttacaac     97560
     ctcaatttaa acatatgtat atgtatacac acatatatta cacatatata ttacatgcat     97620
     aacaacaatt aatgaaaaag aagccatgaa atcaaaggag agcaagcagg tatatgggag     97680
     ggagcaaaag gaaggggaaa tgatttaatt acattctcaa aaaataaaga aaacattaaa     97740
     atgtatttga actcaaaaat gaagggagta gaaaagagtt tgacaggact aaggtgaaaa     97800
     tggagagata ttgattgaat acatgaactt gcagcaatac gctaaataag tgttgggctc     97860
     tcggcacagt gactatagtt aacaacactg tattgtccaa aatagcagta tgcatttgta     97920
     attccagctc tgtagaaatg caggcagggt ggtcagtagt acaaggccat cctttggtat     97980
     ataatgagtt tatggccagc ctgtactaca ggaaaccctg tctttaaata aagacaagag     98040
     aaaatgagaa aaaaaatagc atcgactggg ttatatatag atcatcctct atttgtgata     98100
     ggatcgggga ccaaaacact catcttaaca ctcttttacc tactgaacaa tgtcgcttag     98160
     ccacagaaca ctttagagta tctattcctt tcttctgtga ccctgaagcc atgagcagct     98220
     actagccatt cttgctttat ttaacatcgt aaggtaagat cacaccatgt cttattcaaa     98280
     ttcagaacaa aattcaaagt ttgatttatg tgaaatatgc attgcttcca taccatcata     98340
     aaaatatatt catttcatta agttgagcca ttggaggtgg gggcactgcc tctatttaga     98400
     agttgcttaa ataatagttc ttttcactat tgagggtgat gcggaaccta aggcattaaa     98460
     tatgctaggc aagtgtcctc ttacttttta aaatttgagg taaagtataa gtttcccagg     98520
     tagaccttga attcaaactt cccctacctt gatctcctga gatgtttgaa ttatgggctc     98580
     gtaccaccta gcacacccaa gacagtagat tttattttcc cacatattca ataaaggtca     98640
     atatgaagtg atggtatatt taacttgaaa catgaaacag tgcttcacat ctagtctcat     98700
     ctacgatgcc acctcactat agacaacact aaataaagta acaagacctc ctctattttc     98760
     ccatctcttc gttgtgcttt tgctttttcc ttaatggcct gacagactct atattgactt     98820
     gttaattaat tgttacttct agataatgag ccataggaaa ggaacttaat ttgatttttc     98880
     tttggtttga ttactactat gtcaccaata actaccacta tcatagtgtg tgttagtcaa     98940
     caaatatctc ttgacctgat tatttaattt aatcccattg tctgtgtgta aaataaaaga     99000
     atattcaagg ttggcatttg tagacaatga aggtacctta atcacccaag ctttgattaa     99060
     gatccttttg gagagttcct ttgcaggacc aactaaggtc ctcagtagca tatggcacaa     99120
     aggatccctg agaacatgta ttctcatctt gactcccaag ttcagactgt ctgaccctga     99180
     gtagatcagc tgacctcttg catttcagtt tcccactggc aaacctgaga acagatgtaa     99240
     taatcatgtg tagttcattg ggctactcta ctgtaggcat caaacaagaa ttaattaaca     99300
     aataagacat atttataaga aagacttttg aaatctacag tatacatggc cagtgtaaga     99360
     tctggtcatc aaagtcttgg gtaactatgg gcgcaagcac aagtacatca tgtttctagc     99420
     attaaataca tggagcatca tccaccccga tacccatgta ttccagatag catatagact     99480
     ctggaatggc tcttgataat attagcaatt ttaaaaaagg aggacgagga ctttgttgga     99540
     ttacccccac cccatgaatg gcaggcaaag gaaaccttcc ttttaatgta tacaaaacca     99600
     tacacacaaa aggttctctc agatctgtaa gtatatttgt tatagaaaat gaaagttggc     99660
     tccaaaatat gaacaccaac tgaagtgcaa tcatttataa atgattaaat gatctacaac     99720
     gttcatgatc aattttaata aggttacaca aaatgtttat ttgacagggg cacatggtga     99780
     tatgtgtgga ggatatctga cagcatctgc agcagtaatg gctaagagct gcctagaatg     99840
     gctaagagct gcctgtggta ccctaagtga tgttagaaga aaggaaaaaa caagcaagta     99900
     gtgaccatcc tgggtcatct tggaggatga aggcccttcc tgccagggat cagaagtctg     99960
     agttgcagga ttttcccttt gcatgtcagg atcttgtgaa ggaatctgaa ggaggttggt    100020
     tctgaaggcc tagcgcgcag ggctactgaa agatgcagga tggaacatgc tgattttttt    100080
     ccccagcata aatagtcaag gatatcctgt gtagatcatg tggggggatg ggagaggaac    100140
     cccaccctca aagaaaggaa gacagtagaa gtgaagggcc tcatctggct tccacagatc    100200
     gaggtcagag caaagcattg agcagtgtat gtgttaaact ccaggttagc atttcacaga    100260
     taccatctcc cgatcttctt aaggttccta gcaattgagt attattcttc tgggctggaa    100320
     caaatgagga gacagaatcc agactggatg cggaaactgc cagtagttct tctgtcccag    100380
     tcatgccaaa gcctggcatg atctctctat ggcttcttgt acacagtaca tgagcaggaa    100440
     gttttcccca gtgccacgac aggaccgcaa aggttggaga agaagtgatg ccctgttttt    100500
     tgttgttgtt gttgtttttg gttttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tggggttttt    100560
     ttttggtttg tttttttttt tggttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg    100620
     tcctggaact cacattgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatgcct ctgcctccca    100680
     agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccac cgcccggcgg tgatgctctg ttttacgaag    100740
     gaaaaactca ggcttgggtc aggggctctt gaacttctgt ttcacttgtt gtaaggggac    100800
     agtgcattgt gggatgccca caagacctgc ttatcatgag atgcaggctg cttaaaaatg    100860
     tgacaaaatc ccagctccag agtttctgct ttatttgttc tggaatgtga ccctagaatt    100920
     tacttttcca acaacttccc tattagggca ggggctgtta aggacaccag actggagaag    100980
     tatgctgaga gccactggat tttaatatcc acagaaactg agctggagct ggagaataag    101040
     gaattcagga ctggcagtct atgcagagaa gttagagcga tcctgcacac cttggtattt    101100
     tatttcctgg gtgggaagac ctttagaaaa gttttcagca tgggagtgat gtgatctgat    101160
     ttccattagc tccttctagt tcaatggttc tcaactttcc tagtcctgag gggccggaat    101220
     tccacatgtt gtagtgactc ccccaaccat aaaatcattt tcattactac ttcacaattg    101280
     tcatcttgct actgctatga atcataatgt aaatatctga tattcagatg gtcttggaca    101340
     accctgtgaa aagatcattt gacaacccca cccaccccaa ggagtcaaga cccacaggtt    101400
     gagatctgct gatctattta atcgatctga aagtcaggtt tctcgtgtgt ttgttttgat    101460
     ggggttgaaa ataggctggc ctccaaactt gctaggtagc caaatatgac tttgaacatt    101520
     agattcctct gcctccacgt cctcagtcct gggattaggg tatccatccc tagacccaat    101580
     ttacatggta ctgtggtcct aacttgagca ttctaccatg ctaagcaaac actctattaa    101640
     cctagctaca ccctctgcct cactagtttg tacaaggaat acaaagtttt aaattttttt    101700
     accctttaca ccaggacaat ggcaggaaga ggatgcaaac ttcaagccct attttcaaga    101760
     taaggaaatt atgacaaaca gaattgtcac tggccagtca cctagtgacc gttaatgagt    101820
     cctgctaact gaagagtgtt tttcccaact gcagttgaaa cagtcaagtc tctctcctac    101880
     taactctggt tttccataaa ctgacaagtc ggactaagtc atatttcgct gtgtcctttg    101940
     tgtgtttgac aacttggaac tggctgccat tcctagtgat agaacagcct cttgtgggtg    102000
     tttctgaagg acaaatggtg acaagaagtt gcccttctct gagtttgtct gtacttttaa    102060
     gagcctcata gacgttctac tgacccctgg tggaagagat ctgcgttcta ccctgcatgt    102120
     ctgtctaggc agctgttggt ttccccaaag gcttgggttt cttttcaaaa gtgtttgtac    102180
     catactgtct cctagaactc aggttagaaa aacaagacag gaaaagacat aatcacaata    102240
     aaactgacgt gttagagttt acaagcggaa gaaactacat ttttgtgggg ccctattcat    102300
     atttatagat ctgtttatag atggagtaac tgagagaaaa atgagaaatt gaaatgtcag    102360
     ctgtagaacg tgatgaaatc aggactgctc acaattcccg tcctctttgc aatggtgcaa    102420
     ttctcttaca actgccagga ttttttaaat ttctattttt taaatttctt atacccagta    102480
     ttgtcttcta agctgtcaat agaacttaga gcattttttt tcttaccctc ttgtgcttct    102540
     atattactat ggttcaataa atgattggtg ctataaatga taactatgag acgctggaaa    102600
     gtcataaagt acttccccag tcatcacgta cgtttaagcc acatccacat ctactctgtg    102660
     agctaaatac aattcatgga cattcaagtc atgtgtagtt ggtgactcct taatcgcata    102720
     cacagaacca gtgaactaaa tatccttggg tgctctaaaa ctgtttccta ggttgaatgg    102780
     cctacgtttc tctaaaccct agatttctta agagcaaatc gtcggccatt ttcacaatgc    102840
     ctggcatctt tatgaatagg taaaaaatac actcaaatat gcatgggtag agactgttct    102900
     tcaagccttg gtgagccatc attctgaaaa gttgacatct aatcaaacag aaccattttt    102960
     caaattagaa attcacatat ctttgtaacc acccagtatg tcaaccttca gcaaatgctt    103020
     ctacatctac tcttgtctct tcaaataact tttttttttc atgttcttga cacagatcac    103080
     atggtagacg tgtgggcaac acagacacta aggaaaattg tataaagata actaataaat    103140
     atattttggt atatttgtat gtaaatttca gcacaggcct tatgtcaaca aaaatctgat    103200
     tatttgaagc tcactaaagt acactaaaaa tacgcattct ggctttaaat aaaagccttg    103260
     agcagggaat tgctcacagg ggcataattc ctatttgttc cctcctactg aagacttaag    103320
     tctgcagttg cttaccagag ctgctggtcc agtaattcct catgttgagg gggaaaaaaa    103380
     atgcagcttt cagtcctgtt gcagatggga taactctgat ttctttcttg ttctttttgg    103440
     cctatggtga cttgttgcta atgggaaccc tcacttgagg cctgttagaa acatgaggta    103500
     gatactctct ggagtccgcc ccccccccct ctaaccccca ctacaggagt gctcaccatt    103560
     tcccccaatg actagagctg ctccatctga gctctagtct aacctgtcac cctccttgct    103620
     ttgactggtc ttgggattca gtgcagcagg aactgccaat tgtcttaaat tacctgctgt    103680
     ttggactaag agaatgaatg ctactccttc ggggtttcta ggaaggcaca aacaaacctg    103740
     ctgtttagaa tgagacacat ttgtcgatag gaggtaaagg gtcactctcc tgcatatctg    103800
     accaaaaata tgggactggt tggttgttaa agaagccact atgactaaat gacctttggg    103860
     ccacagccgc ctcttcatgc tcatgagtag atgtaacctt aagagaccct tgtgggggcg    103920
     tagtctcatc tgattgttaa ctgtgcacac ctctattcaa gcacacaatt atcaaaaaat    103980
     atttaagcaa tatatgttca tgctctatat tttgatcata ttcttttccc tctcaaaact    104040
     cctcccagat tctccccacc tcctgatctg cccatcttca ttcatgttct ctctctgtct    104100
     ctgtctctgt ctctatctct ctgtctctct gtctctctct ctctcttgtg aaacaaacac    104160
     aaaacaataa caacacaaaa ccacctcagg aaacacagga aaccaggcaa actataagaa    104220
     gaaaattggt aagacaaaaa gaaaaattac taaaacaaga caaaggtcaa aaggcgcaca    104280
     cacacacatg cacacaacac aaacacacaa aacacatggg gtttgttttg ttggtgagct    104340
     acccctgggc atgggtcctg ccctggagtg tgattaatat gactctccat tggagaaaac    104400
     taatagctct ttcccagaaa atacagactg caaatagcgt cttcgttagg gggtggggat    104460
     ttgttttcac ttcccttgct aagtgcctgg atttagtctg gtttgatcct gtgcagggct    104520
     agtgtgtgca gccacagtgc ttgtaaattc atatatgcat cagttctgtt tccttgagac    104580
     atcgaccacc tttggctctc aaaatctttc tgcttcctct tctacataga acactgagcc    104640
     ttgacaggtt cagtaatgac atcaatttag aattgattgc tccaaagtct cttcctgtct    104700
     acacattgtg cagttgtgga tctctgaagc ttttctcctg aggactgaag gatgttctta    104760
     actgagcctt agcctatcat ggcagttttg ggtcccttgt agagaatagt tctgagtgtt    104820
     ggctgagcca cagtggactg ggcatagtcc agaataaaag gttgaacagg atgccagtaa    104880
     gaactaggaa aaccctgggg tcctgcccag aggccaagtc cctaggagca gagagtgggt    104940
     tgggagaagg gtctcttttg ggtaggctgt gccaagacca aggttaaatc tggagagact    105000
     agaatggagg agacaattaa accaagtatc tgtgtagtga gctgcatatc atggaggccg    105060
     gttaggataa tgatgctttg aagtcttatc ttttgagttc gattgcacaa tatcggctgg    105120
     gtctttaagc aagttatttt actattctaa acctcaatct ccccatgtgc tgctccaaaa    105180
     cgatgatgat tgagtcttca gatgtctgtg cacataaacc atttcaacta gcactaccac    105240
     cttggaggca gtacttggtg aatgtccaag agtctactgg ctgtctcctc tctcatcgct    105300
     ccccagtgag atttgattcc acattctctg tttttagcac ttgtgtctcc tagaatttga    105360
     attaacgtcc ttcataatta agattggcat tttagcaaat catattaaag cgttgcagtg    105420
     gctataaaaa aaaaacaaaa caaaacatgt tcatccatcc gcttaaccat tcaataacaa    105480
     atatttatta aatgtcaact ttctgtctcc tgggtatgca acatggtaag ccagacagac    105540
     ctctactacc acctagagac tgtgaagcct tctcagggaa atggtagcca acagataaac    105600
     aaacaaatta agtaaatact aaatgctaga actgcttagg atatggaaag tgcacaagaa    105660
     tggacatatt gtttaagtcc ggtgatcaga cacactatct ctatctcagg aggcatttaa    105720
     acagtagcag gaagctttta aacaagtatc agggtaagaa aagagtcaac tttgcaaggg    105780
     gaagaacctt ctagaaaaaa aaaaaaccaa ctctctcagc tagatgaacc aggctaaccg    105840
     ttcaggaaca gaaaagacca ccaagaggca actatgttgt gaactaggca cctagatcct    105900
     gcatgccaag caatggctac tcagaggacg tttttggtga ctatatctgt tatccatagg    105960
     aaaaagaagc catagagact gagttttgaa gtagaatgtt gatgggatca agaacatctc    106020
     ctttttgttt gtttatttgt ttgtgctgga gtctcatgat gttacattag atggactaga    106080
     actcagtgtg tagatcaaga tgacttcaaa cacacagagt ccccctgcct ctgcctcctg    106140
     agtgctgaaa ttaaagcagt gcaccatcaa gtacatagtc tttttcaatt ttccaagtgc    106200
     cctacaacca ggttagacca cacatagcct gggctccagt ctgctgtgtg taggtgccat    106260
     gcagatccta gcacttcaaa tccttactca gttttattgt tttgtgtctc cctaatagga    106320
     tgatgtgcca agggatgtag gctgcaccat gaatctttgc agttctagtc tatgccctga    106380
     ctccgtgcct tagagtttat tgagtgagtt atttgttgaa acgaaattta ttgtacatac    106440
     agttgccagg taacatgcta agtcctttaa atccattaac acaatcttct ttaaaagact    106500
     aaaggtatgg accattctga gtaacacatt aagaccagac aagtacatta aaacaggaaa    106560
     agtacattac agctgagaag caatcaagct aggatttgaa cctaggcact ctggctccaa    106620
     ggctctgggt cttgacttag tcacataggt gcttctcagt ctacctgaag gaggcacatc    106680
     taggagaata tggtaaagtc catattcaag ggccacactt gcagtttcga cagtgccata    106740
     ttagttgtat atttgtgcat aatccaagca agaagttgga agccacagac attctttacc    106800
     ctacagttct gtgagtcagg aactccagca ccatttaact aggttctatg ccttggagtc    106860
     tttggcagat tctaatctcg atatcggaca cggtggtaag cccaaggctt gcctaatgag    106920
     tatccagtgt ctgtgtccac tctcacatct caggttggct tttggtggga taattcaatg    106980
     acaaaggcag ttgtgcttaa tcagtgagag agagagctaa gactgtaccc tagtcttttg    107040
     tggcttgtct tccatgtcca cccaatacat tcacttgatc agacaggttg cctgccagag    107100
     tcagtatgta gtagatacaa aactttgcat ttttaatgct gctgacaata caggaccaca    107160
     ccgtgtgaag taccaatata ctggtaagtg ataaatccat aaaggaagaa aagaagagca    107220
     gaaccagccg ggcgtggtgg cacacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggaag caggggcagg    107280
     cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tgcaaagtga gttccaggac agccaaggct    107340
     acacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaaccaa aaaagaaaaa agaaaaaaga aaaaagaaaa    107400
     aagaaaaaaa gaagagcaga accagcaagt cgatgagcac agtccttggc tggatcccat    107460
     ccaacatata agcacatctt tctcctcctt agttgtcccc actgccactt gcattcctat    107520
     ggctcctgcc ataaaatggc aagaaagagg ctgaacccag taactcagaa atcatccaat    107580
     ttgtcctcag gatcggccac actggggctg ctgcctctta tcttctgctt cctgtgcatc    107640
     ccatctctag acaggaagga atcttacctc aagaatcaca gcatcagagg agagaaaggc    107700
     tttcaagaga ttctcttttc ctgttccctg cttttcagag cacattggaa gggagcaggt    107760
     tttaactcca cgggggtctt aagagcccaa ccaagttaag ccagatttgc tcctcttgcc    107820
     tgaattacac aggcctctct atgcagttct gcattcttgg acctggctgc ctgctaagtg    107880
     gcccgctgtg cttggccccc acccccacac cagctgaggg gggttgggag gagacagatc    107940
     aaaagcctgg ttccaggtct cactggctac ctgagagact gtcaccatcc ttgccctgcc    108000
     ctgcctggag gaaggaatgt ttatcagatc tgaacagctg ctcagggtgt ggggagatgg    108060
     atgttgctaa acatatgcct tcattttatg ttggtatgtc aagagaaatt acatcttctt    108120
     gttctcccct tgtgttcttt taaaaatgaa gacaaaacca aaaaacactc cttacacatc    108180
     ttatgagcac ttcaccactc ctactcccta actgacgaat ctacttacat cctaacttct    108240
     ttctctcccc ttatccttaa cataaggtct cctttgtcac cttctcacag ctttagtggt    108300
     taggctgcca tgcttcaggt ggctgagagg gatctctttt ataacgcagg caaatcatcc    108360
     aggtattggc ctttctttac tctttactct gccctacctt gatttccagt aacctctctc    108420
     tctctctctc tctctctata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    108480
     catatacatg tgtgtgtgcg tgtgttttct tgttttctgt gtgtacatag tgtgtgtata    108540
     tcccagtcta tgacatcaac cagatccgta ctatcatggt gctggttcag tttgtaaaag    108600
     cacttgcatt acaaaactgg tgacctgaat tcaaactcca gaacccaaga tggaaagaga    108660
     gtattgactc tacaaagtta ttctctgacc tcatgtgcac atcttgacac tgacatgcag    108720
     atgtgcactc actctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac acacagagag agagagagag    108780
     agagagagag agagagagag agaggagaaa gaagaagtaa agaaagagag aaaggaagga    108840
     aggaaaaaag gaaggaaaaa agtattataa aatcaaaaat gcatcctttg tttttcttaa    108900
     aaagcacatt aaagaactga atggatctcc agaattcttc cattaattca aaagaaaaat    108960
     ggtttgcatc attcattctc ttaataaaag aaaggaaatt gaggctaaaa gatatggagt    109020
     ccaggctcat aaatgctcta cttgctgccc agttcaatga ctgtcacctc cctttccttt    109080
     aaagctatcc ctgcatcttg tcctcacacc caaaagtagg tccaccctac ttcctgccta    109140
     taaatggcgt gcaacaattt tggcttcagt gaatggccaa agggattaag ccacagtctc    109200
     aaacaaaata attaaaacaa aatcgactac atatatcatc tttactcgag tcatgcttga    109260
     agacaattgg ccttttaaaa cagcagtaag acaacacctt tctacctctc ttgttcaact    109320
     ctgcattgaa gttaaatagc aggatatgtc aatatatgga ttatgtcttt attttgggta    109380
     ctttactggt tagcttttca tcactatgac aaaaagaact taaaagaaat tactttagaa    109440
     gatttatttt ggctcacggt tttggaggtt cagcccttgg ccatgtggct ctatgtgttt    109500
     gagcatattg taagggagcg agtcattact gtagaggtgt gtgccagagg ctgctcatcc    109560
     cattgcaaac agatagcaca gaaagagatc gataaagagt ccaggaccca tcccagaaat    109620
     ctagttcctt cctacatctt tctcctcaac tctggagttt gtagaatttt cccaaatatg    109680
     taataagctg gaggctagct attaaaaagc aaagcgctta aagcatgaac ctctgacagg    109740
     cattttatac tcaagtcatt actttttttt tttttttcct tgtttgaagg cagagcctca    109800
     tcatgtagcc caggctggcc tcaaccctgt gatcttccag ccatgacctt cctaatgctg    109860
     ggactatagg catgcattat tgtgcttaga tggatcctct taataacggg acatgcttag    109920
     gcactctaaa tcgatacaaa atgaaattta aaagtcaaaa tcatattttt tttaaaaaga    109980
     agatgattga ttccagaggt aaagtccttg ctacatgagc ccgatgacct gagcttgaat    110040
     tccttagaac acctctaaaa gctagattca gtgggacagg tcggtaatcc ctccagcaag    110100
     gtggagttga gacggtctcc ccaaacttga gaactagctt gcctggagta ctcaggacat    110160
     caggaaacaa gatagaaggt gaaggccgag gcccatctga ggatggttgt cctcttacca    110220
     ccacatgctt gccaaggtac atgtaggtcc tcacgaaata catacataca cacacacaca    110280
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagaga gagagagaga gagagacaga cagacaggca    110340
     gacagacaga cactatacac atacacaaaa taagtaactt taaaaaaaac tatttaaaat    110400
     ttatatatca tgggaaataa caacaatcat gatgatgaaa cagaaatctt agaaggaaca    110460
     ataatttctt ggggactagg atgatctact cagtagagtg cctgcttcat tatgaatata    110520
     tgattagcaa aggaataagg cagtgaagtg ctttagtaat ttaacaacat aatataaata    110580
     gactgcgggt aagaaagttt gggtaaaaaa ggaaaatttt aagttaaaaa gttggaaaca    110640
     aataaccacc tgaaaaatta atcagcttga taaatcatct ttgaagtata ccgtccaata    110700
     ggcaaatgga gtttctttcc actaaattgg tttcatttct atttcagcac tgcctgtaat    110760
     cagtaaaagg agacacgcgt tgagaatggc tgtattattt ctgtgagcca tttgccttat    110820
     tctcaatagg tttctggagg ctggatctta tttttgaggc aagatctttc agcaacatac    110880
     attgtttatc tggctctagg gagaggtcat tagctttctt ggagtaaatg tccctatagt    110940
     cacaaagtgg cccatggcca aggagccaac atcaagtcat gtatcccagc catgagtcag    111000
     cctgttccag gcctccccag gtttggggtt tggaggtcaa agccctgtgt gtgtggcttt    111060
     ctcattgtgt gtttcatctg gctgcatggc tatgacatga ataaagtaat tcttacttca    111120
     gacattgagg aataaatgaa aacaggtgaa gtttgctata taacaatgtt gtccaaaaac    111180
     cccctccaag tttacccttt atgtactgga aggtgctatg tgtgctatca agaaagggaa    111240
     ataattaaaa atcccacctt gctgtgacat ctatgattct caacaataac cagcaaggca    111300
     aagtattcct aaaggggata gccaatgttg acccttgcac atatatgctt ccaacatatt    111360
     ccattcatat ttatgcattc ataaatcaca atgagatcaa actgaacaac actttttttt    111420
     ttttgtaact gaaatagtct cactgcactg ttttacaatg ccccagtggg cgttcttcat    111480
     tttcagcaac ttacccacat tctggtgatt gtgcaatcgg aaggtgttct ttccattttt    111540
     tcaaatgagt gttattagcc tcatgctgaa atgctcttat tccaactcaa gtgtcctgtg    111600
     tgttcacaga atgggaagcc acgccccgca atgactccac agcttctgtg agccaccttc    111660
     agagaacctg gcaaatgtga cattgtcagc atcattcaca gagggtttct agagcaagtg    111720
     ccttaaattc taagtagagt cccctgatct ccaaataata aatggctacc tcaaagccat    111780
     agctaggctt acaacattcc actgttcttt ggtaccaatt cctattccac tgttctttgg    111840
     caccaattcc tggaggactg aactctttag agatattctg tactcccttc catcctaacc    111900
     actggagaca agcgtacatt tttaacttca ggagacttgg aaaactgaat ttctttgctc    111960
     tctgttgtca gtcctaaact acattatctg cttgggtgat tacaatttga ctacctatta    112020
     gacaagcaag tcttcattat atgttctggg gtgagagaag atattcacag tctgtataag    112080
     ataccatgtc acaatgctta gcttctcatt ttagttaaat aattaccaga ttaacaaaac    112140
     tggtattgtc ggtccttctt acatttatcc ttttatgttt tttttttctc ttccaaagtt    112200
     tcttctatta aaatatgatc tcataagcca gacacctagc taggcagaag acacccagca    112260
     aatggtactt accctgcttc agtagtgtga atggccagca aaccattttg aaggaatgtc    112320
     aatcattcac ttggccttct taccctgtga tgggggcagt gcacttaata tgcactctat    112380
     atgaaatcct gtatttaata tactacagca gtcctatctt atgtacagca tggattcatt    112440
     catgacaaat actttactta catttccttt tgtaaagctt tcaacatgtc agaggttaat    112500
     tattgattcc ccggcaatag tgagaatgtt ttgctattgg gatccacctt aaatgaagac    112560
     catagttgct tttgactcaa agagttgctg tttataaaag actaagtacc atttccaaca    112620
     tgaatttatg aagtgattgt ctgtaaaata aatatccttt agcctagagc aattaaagca    112680
     gtctctctcc tcttcaaatt aatgtaatta atactatagt cttggttgtt tatcatgtct    112740
     tgataatatc acaagggaat gaaaatattg gctactttat ccccttaaat agctgagatg    112800
     aaactgtttg ggctgtaatg ttacaacagc tgtttcttat ggcccagaac ataattgctt    112860
     ggtactgagg ttactaaatt gtaagaaatt aactttggtt ttatgcttgc ccactttcag    112920
     tggaatggaa gacaggaaat gctagctttt tcttataatg aaaaggcaaa accttcatcc    112980
     aatgaaatgg tggcttctgg gtctcatctg tataatttcc ttccacaacc cactgtctct    113040
     gcatttgctg ggtaacacgc ctgggaaagc agccccattc tagcttccct cctaattagc    113100
     tctcagccca gtacggctgt ctgaaatgca tcagggcttt cccacgaggg gctctttctg    113160
     gaagtcactg taaagtggtt tggtctccaa tgacgaattc aataggggat ttgagaccat    113220
     aattatccca aataatttgt aggagcaaga ttcttttatg tgaatatctt tattactttg    113280
     gggagttttt ttgaaaatgt cagcattgga ccagcaccat caatatcatc tagcaattgt    113340
     ttagacaata gatagtcagg tcatttctag atctggtgaa ccagactctc taaaggggaa    113400
     gggtcttgca atctgtgttt aataagcttt tcaggtgaca agatgcacat cacacctcaa    113460
     gagatgctag cttagggata actaggcttt tcttgtttgc aatagggcaa tgctacttca    113520
     ttgatcacca gtttcttgtg gcttaatttg cattactctc ctttagaata aagtacataa    113580
     ccaccttcat accaagatcc tcagagcaac ccccattatt cactgccacg atcttttcct    113640
     tgctcatttc tatgattgca gggtagggcc tctaattttt aatattcata caagtcactg    113700
     aaattctcat taaaatataa gctctgattt agcatgacca gaactgggca ttgagctctg    113760
     catttctaac aagactgcag gtaccgcagt tgctgctgct gcccttgaga agacagagtg    113820
     acccccatgg ctgacctttg tgaaggcaaa tgtaccatgg caaaagtgaa gaatggttgt    113880
     gaagtactga ctcattgaac agtacaggat aggagagctg ggtaatggat attctaggag    113940
     ttgatctagt gggtctctgc aggaggacca tgcacaacaa tctttctttt gcagaaatgg    114000
     tttttttttt cttttacatc tgtcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    114060
     acatgcgtgt gcatatatgc gcataccatg tcattcatgt agaagttaag ataacttgtg    114120
     aagtcagctc tactctttta tgatgcggtt tccagggttc agacttagat tttcaggctc    114180
     agcaacaggt tccttttcct tttgaaccat tgtaccaaca cctgcgaaag tataccgtat    114240
     ctttcttcct atcttatttt taaaagcatt ttattttatg tgcatgaacg gtttgcctac    114300
     atgtgtgtct gtgcatatgc atacagtgtc ttcagaggcc agaagagtgt acccagtctc    114360
     ctgaactgga gttacaggtg gttatggttc caccatagag atgttgggaa ttaacccagg    114420
     tcttctcaaa gaacagccag tacttttaac ctcatatttc ctgccctttt ctctctctct    114480
     ctctctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatggttcc cctcctttgc aatattcttc    114540
     catacatttt tcattatttt ctttctatct atctatctac ctatctatct atctatctat    114600
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatca ttctatctat    114660
     ctattaatct atctatctat ctattaatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    114720
     ctatctatct atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atctatctat    114780
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat cattctagct atccatctat    114840
     ctagctatcc atctatttat ctatctatcc atctatctat ctatccatct atctatctat    114900
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatca tctatccatt tatttattat gggggaaggc    114960
     acactttccc gtgcacttgc agaggtcaga ggtcaaattg tggagttgtg tctttcctcg    115020
     aacctttgaa tgggctccag ggatttaact caggtcacct ggcttgcatg gcaagtacat    115080
     ttacctgttg tgtcctctcc agctaccaag tttctatttt atcaccacat tatctccttc    115140
     ttagcagact gctttgttat ttcagctctc atgaatcaaa aaactggaac caagactcag    115200
     attttggaga ggactgggag gaaagttata aggtagaatt taaggaaaag agtgaacttt    115260
     tctccctaaa aagattttcc agttacaaat ctggatgctg acagatgaat tcttctctgc    115320
     tgttctctac ccaatgagct acagctttcc cagtctccag cctctcctct ttagttggga    115380
     aacaggtcag atgtatgttg gattcttcca gcagcttcca ggcccgcaaa tttcccttag    115440
     cctttgaaaa ttactttgaa gtgtcctgtt gctgaacgct ggcagtgtgc acagctgata    115500
     gctctgttcc tggatctgct ccagtcagct ctgctgcact tgtgtaaatg aagagagggt    115560
     ttacattggt gtctgctgta aaatgatggt gggaggagac tataggtgac acggaagata    115620
     aaaaattagc caaggagaaa tctacatctt ccccagtagg gaaattacca catggtttct    115680
     ttggactttt gccacagtta tttctgtggc aagagtttcc ttttgcctgc atcccatttc    115740
     ctagtacttg gaaaggccct tgtcctggac gtatttgtct cagagaagaa ccactttgag    115800
     gtgatgttta ctcattttct ttctgaaagt gctgcagtgc catcctacaa acaaacacga    115860
     ggaacaaaaa tgaaggcact ttcaagaagg cacaagaact tgcttgcttt ctttcttcct    115920
     tgcctgcctg cctgcctgcc tgcttttttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc    115980
     ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc    116040
     ctttctttcc ctctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tcctctcctc    116100
     tcctctcctc tcctcccctc ccctcccttc ccccttctct cactttcttt ctctctctct    116160
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcctt ttttctcctt    116220
     tccttctttt ctatttttta tgaagttaag tttagatgaa gaaattcaat aacagtatta    116280
     ggcagggaga gtcaatataa agaggtgtag gattgacatc tgtgcaaaag ggggaactga    116340
     gaacaaagtc agaattgcat ggaagcttca tttgtgtctt acagaatgag gaaagaagtg    116400
     gcacagaaac agctgaggat ggggagtctt agaagatgca tcttggttgt gctttttgct    116460
     gagtgagcag ttttaaagaa tacagacctg cttgtctata ctgaaggagc cattcctggt    116520
     ggataaagtc accctggaga gcttcgacac atgtaacatt ttattaatta ttaaagtaag    116580
     ctcttcttta ggctggagag acacccaatg atacaggaag caacttccca taagaaaagg    116640
     gacaagaagg aaatgtaact gcatgctttc ccctctgacc cagtgaagac tgaccatgat    116700
     ctccatacta cctggctggg agaatgaaga acgtatgtga atgaggtaga ataaagagtg    116760
     ggcagaccag cccctgtcca aaagccaccc cggatctgtg gatgaaatac actcacatat    116820
     taacttattt ttaatatgct ttagctcaat ggttgggcta ttttaatttt ttttttttgg    116880
     ctgttgcacc ctctttttca ttcccagttc aacatctcca aaatttccct caactttagg    116940
     tgcttcagtc ctagctcagc accctaaatc tgtcctcagc ttagttgtgt ttgtaatttc    117000
     ccacctgtta ccacagtcct cgtattggaa gcagccattg accactttac ctagatctca    117060
     catgactctt tatccctcca aagcatggtg tatctttttt cctcctttta tctgctagcc    117120
     tgcctgaggg gaaaactgga agcctcacct attttgcctt gctcatcggc tgctaacatc    117180
     tttactgatc aatcaagaac caactggtga acaggacctt cagtgttcac acacagattt    117240
     ctgattaaag cctcagaacc aaccgctact aggcataggt caggtaatca atccaggaaa    117300
     cataaatcac tctagtatct atcatggtct taatatttgt atgcccccag tttcttatgt    117360
     taaattctta ccctcaactt gataatatta ggaggtaggg cccttgtgac atgactctat    117420
     catggagaca aagacaagag ttagcctagc aaggaaacaa agaccatccc atctgtgaag    117480
     atgcttctat gaagtcttgc ttctaagaca caagccctca ccaacattca gtttgcaaga    117540
     attttgattt tggcctttcc agactctaga acaatgagaa actatgtgtg gtttatacat    117600
     tactgagttt atcattgttt tttttttttt atagcaacct gattatactt atgagtcttt    117660
     caagaagaat atggtttaga gtagaaaaat gaatagttac aaatcatagg taggaattca    117720
     aacccccagt atatcccagc tgtactcgca gccagctgat actttatgaa gtttgtggaa    117780
     accacattta ccactgcagc cccacattca ccactgcagc tccagacagc gtccagtaag    117840
     ttcttcgaca tgcttttggg tctatgaaga agctccccat tagacaagca tgtgcatcaa    117900
     ccaataccat cactgatgaa gcatgcctcc cctgacagcc ttgccgtatc tgactgtgag    117960
     ctcctatatt acattcaatt tgacagcaag agagaacctg gatatgagct ttctgaccca    118020
     tgagatagaa atcaacatgg agaccaagga ggaggtagaa atggatacta atgacattta    118080
     tcttaggtat caagggcagt aacaagaatc aaaacatggt aatctatatt ggagggacag    118140
     tttctgttgg agaaattcag cccagagagc ttaggcataa tattttggca aatgttaaca    118200
     atcttttctt ttggctggaa agaaccccaa tgatataggg aagcaactcc ctatgagaaa    118260
     atgatcagga aggaaatgtg attccaggtt ttttttttcc tctgacccaa gaaaaactaa    118320
     ccacagtttc cattctatct gactgggaga ataacacaga ctgctcacac ccagagcctg    118380
     ggccccatat cttcctgttc ccctacatag gtcttcaaac cacttttcca ttagctctca    118440
     tttggagtct atcagctggg acatgtcttt cccactcaat cccctagggt gataagcaaa    118500
     ttttccagca gccctgcatt gggagatggt gccaaaccaa acaagtccag ctgcgaagtg    118560
     ctggactcgc tagccctgat ctcccagctg aaactgcagg agttttgagc ctcatggcca    118620
     acagacatga tctgaggaaa aagacaggag agacctgttt cactttctga agcaggagca    118680
     cagaactgtg agaagggtcc caggcttatt attcacaaaa tgttgatgtc tcacaatgtc    118740
     atatttgctg tgagaggaaa gatgactgag tgacagagat aatggacatg atgacacttg    118800
     gaatgtagac agatattctc aattttgaag gactgtttat tcaatttatt tcatttatgt    118860
     ttatgttcat gcacacactc acatatgtgt cgctgcagac atgagaaagt cagaggacaa    118920
     attgagggca tctgaatttc ccttctaaca tgcccttagt tttgacaatg aacaccttta    118980
     cccactgagc catggcctca gtcttgtatc tcacacaatc tccacagaac cagccagttc    119040
     ttgtgccttc tatatttttg tatttccctg tgctaacaat agtccctgga acacagcaca    119100
     cagggctcct gtggaggtag tgggccattg tatcacagga aagctggtga taaacaagta    119160
     ttttattgtc cccctacatt ttctggattc ttttccattt cggttgggct gagtaattag    119220
     ttccagccaa tagactgtaa gtggaaataa tgtgctcctt ctaggcaagg atggatatgc    119280
     acagctaatt tttcccgtct tcctaatccc atgaaacaat tttggaattt gagcttgatc    119340
     cacaagacag aggttgcttg atgtcagagt catgagcagc ctctccaatt ctatgagctc    119400
     tattagcagt tcaacagaag aaagtcttgt taggttaagt gactttgatt ttggggtatg    119460
     tccattactg ctacagaggg tagactaagg actgatttat ccatgcctta atcccacctt    119520
     tacagaacat tccagagcgt tagtcacaag ggcaagaaca ttttgaaact taacaaagag    119580
     atggaaagct acagaattac attttaagtg attatgacgt tattgacgct ttcctaaatt    119640
     gggtattcta aatgttctat gcatttagtg atttttgacc atactcagta acactggcac    119700
     tcatgtgctt gtagaagact caaaaatgaa agcagttttt tcatgtgttt acacaactta    119760
     acactttcaa aggctgttac aagcatagga actcactaga gtctccacaa tggttctgta    119820
     tatgagggtc actggtttgg tgtggttcct tccactccac cagagcaggg tttgatcact    119880
     gacatgatca aattttaaaa cccaagactt ttgtttggaa gcaaatgtct aagcctttag    119940
     ctgcctgact gatgtttgac ttcccaccat acaaggtaca aagataagag tgaactaccc    120000
     tcactcagga tgatatactc cagatccatc catttgccta tgaatttcat gaattcattg    120060
     tttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgtg ttaatgtacc acattttctg tatccattcc    120120
     tctgttgaag gacatctggg ttttttccag cttctggcta ttataaataa ggctgctatg    120180
     aacatagtgg agcatgtgtc cttattacat gttggagcat cttctgggta tatgcccagg    120240
     agaggtattc ctgagacctc aggtagtact gtgcccaatt ttctgaggaa ccaccaaact    120300
     gattttcaga gtggttgtac caggttgcaa tcccaccagc aatggaggag tgttcctctt    120360
     tctccacatc ctcaccagca tctgttgtta cctgagtttt ttattttagt cattctgact    120420
     gatgagaggt ggaatctcag ggttggtttg atttgcattt ccctgatgac taaggatgtt    120480
     gagtgaggta acccaatcac aaaagaacac acatgatatg cactcactga taagtggata    120540
     ttagcccaga agcacagaag cttggaatac ccaagataca attcacaaac cacatgaaac    120600
     tcaaggggtc gaaagaccat agtgtggata cttctatcca tcttagaagg ggggaacaaa    120660
     acacccatgg aaggagttac agagacaaag tgtggagtag agactgaaga aatgaccatc    120720
     tagagactga ctcaccgggg atctatccta tttacaatca ccaaacccag acactgttgt    120780
     ggatgccaac aagtgcttac tgacaggagc ctgacatagc tgcttcctga gaggctctgc    120840
     cagtgcctca taaatacaga agtggatgct cacagccatc cattggatgg aacacaggtc    120900
     cctaatgaag gagctagaga aagtacccaa ggagctgaag ggatttgcag ccccatagga    120960
     ggaacaacag tatgaaccaa ccagtacccc cagaactccc agggactaaa ccaccaacca    121020
     aagaaaacgc atggtgggac tcatggctct agctgcatat gcagcagagg atggcctagt    121080
     cagacatcaa tgggagtgga ggccctttgt actatgaagg ctctatgccc cagtgtgggg    121140
     aaatgccagg gccaggaagt gggagtgggt gggttggtga gcagggggag ggaaagtgga    121200
     tagggggagg gtgtttttgg gaggggaaac caggaaaggg gataacattt gatatgtaaa    121260
     taaagaaaat atctaataaa aaatgtgtga gctagccttc agagcattgg tagttggttt    121320
     tggataaaga ctatatacag aaataatgca tagaaataat aataaagagt aataaaaata    121380
     atatagaata atattaaaat aataaagtat ttctgatttt gtaaatagca gaattccata    121440
     gagtcacttt gttttgtctt atttttatac agcaaggact ctacatgtag cctagattaa    121500
     ctctttgttc tcctgccgca gcttcctagg cgttcggatt ataagagtgc aacactatgc    121560
     tggatatgct gccctgtata gtaaatagag tgttctattc ttaatttatc tttgctatac    121620
     atcgggactc cattattagg atgcgagcag gaagcaaaac caggtttgga taatcttctc    121680
     cactcaccca aatcagggag aggaacagtg caggggtgct tagggtcagg gccctaactt    121740
     gcttctagcc tatcaatggg gaaatttcca gaaatctgtg gaaaatagcc ttagcacgtt    121800
     cccaaaagga ataattttac agctccagcc aatcataata ggaaacaaca ctttctcagc    121860
     tacatcatct atagacacag atagcctgtg gtctcacaat tccctttttc tatgttttct    121920
     ttttttttcc tctttattga aaataggttt ttttcccctc acatgatatc tccattctct    121980
     attcctcccc attcctcctc acttcccctt ttctgtttct cattagaaat caaacctact    122040
     tccaaggagc aataataaaa caaaacaaaa accaaaaact aatacatcag aataggacaa    122100
     gataagcaaa cagagggaaa agtacccaaa aaagtcacaa ggaacaatta tagatgtata    122160
     gacccactca attacacact taggaagccc ataaaactct aaaatggaag ccataatata    122220
     tatgcaaagg acatgcaagc taaaaaaatg taaataaaaa ttaaaaaaca aaacaaagta    122280
     aggttttcaa ttaaaaaaaa aaaaggccct gacatgacat aatgagacaa gaaacctccc    122340
     aagatgccct agcattcatt ctctgttgat tggacatgca gcctgctgta ctagctttct    122400
     atatgactac tcaatggccc ttactttcag ctctttcccc atatttcctt ccttactccc    122460
     aacttccatt ttcctcccca cttaatcctt ctgtttcagc cctaacaata tccatccata    122520
     aatatctatt ctattcctct ttgtcctccc tagacccgtt ctctataact aacctctgtg    122580
     gggctattaa atgtagcata gttatcactg gcttaacaac tattattcac ttataagcaa    122640
     atacatacca tatttgtttt tctgagtttg atttttctca ttctgggtga tctatttgta    122700
     gttccattca tttatcaatg gatttcattt ttttaacggt tgagtaatat tttttaaata    122760
     tactacattt tctttatcca ttcatctgtt gatagacatc taggttgatc ccaatttctg    122820
     cttgtgatga atagagcagc aatggacttg gttgagcaag tgtctgtgtg gtaagatgaa    122880
     gtaacttttg ggaatgtgcc taagaatggc atagctagat tttgaggtag acaaattccc    122940
     atgttcttga ggaagttcca cacttatttc catagtggct gtaggagttt gcactcccac    123000
     cggcaatgtg tacgtgttcc ttgtattcca aatccttgcc agaatgagca atcagttgtg    123060
     ctattgatag ctttctgatg gatgcaagat ggaatcttaa agtacttttg atttgcatat    123120
     ccccgatggc taaaaatgtt gagcatttct ttaatggctt cacagccatt tgagattcct    123180
     ctgttgaggc ctctctgctt agatttgttt cccattttaa aagtcagctt atttgtttta    123240
     ttgatatgaa ctttttgaat tcttatatat tttggatatt agccctctag gggatgttgt    123300
     acttggtaat tttttttttc cattttgtag gctaccacct tgtctgaatg acagagttcc    123360
     tttcattttc ctgaggtcat atttattgtt attcttattg tctatgaaag tggttaatct    123420
     tgaatccagc cactttgctg aaagtgttta tcagctatac gagttccctg gtggaatttt    123480
     tagggtcagt tatatataat atcatcatct gtaaataaag atacttgact tcttcctttt    123540
     caatttgtac accttgatct tcttcagttg tctctttgct ctagccagaa ctttaagtat    123600
     tatattgaat agctatggag tggacaactt tgtcttgttt ctattttatg atagaccttt    123660
     ttttcatctt atgagatgat tatgtggttt ttttttcttt cactcttttt atgtggtgga    123720
     ttacattttc tgatttttac atactgaacc atccttgcat ctctggaatg aagcctaatt    123780
     gatcttggtg gatgataatg tttttatatg ttcttagttc agtttgcatg agtttttgtt    123840
     ttttttttca gcaaatattt agcatctttt tttttttaat tttttattag gtatttggct    123900
     catttacatt tccaatgcta taccaaaagt cccccatacc cacccacccc cactccccta    123960
     cccacccact cccccttttt ggccctggcg ttcccctgta ctggggcata taaagtttgc    124020
     gtgtccaatg ggcctctctt tccagtgatg gccgactagg ccatcttttg atacatatgc    124080
     agctagagtc aagagctccg gggtactggt tagttcataa tgttgttcca cctatagggt    124140
     tgcagatccc tttagctcct tgggtacttt ctctagctcc tccattggga gccctgtgat    124200
     ccatccatta ggtgactgtg agcatccact tctgtgtttg ctaggccccg gcatagtctc    124260
     acaagagaca gctacatctg ggtcctttcg ataaaatctt gctagtgtat gcaatggtgt    124320
     cagcgtttgg atgctgatta tggggtggat ccctggatat ggcagtctct acatggtcca    124380
     tcctttcatc tcagctccaa actttgtctc tgtaactcct tccaagggtg ttttgttccc    124440
     acttctaagg aggggcatag tgtccacact tcagtcttca tttttcttga gtttcatgtg    124500
     tttaggaaat tgtatcttat atcttgggta tcctaggttt tgggctaata tccacttatc    124560
     agtgagtaca tattgtgtga gttcctttgt gaatgtgtta cctcactcag gatgatgccc    124620
     tccaggtcca tccatttggc taggaatttc ataaattcat tctttttaat agctgagtag    124680
     tactccattg tgtagatgta ccacattttc tgtatccatt cctctgttga ggggcatctg    124740
     ggttctttcc agcttctggc tattataaat aaggctgcta tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg    124800
     tccttcttac cagttggggt atcttctgga tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgctggatcc    124860
     tccagtagta ctatgtccaa ttttctgagg aaccgccaga ctgatttcca gagtggttgt    124920
     acaagcctgc aatcccacca acaatggagg agtgttcctc tttctccaca tccacgccag    124980
     catctgctgt cacctgaatt tttgatctta gccattctga ctggtgtgag gtggaatctc    125040
     agggttgttt tgatttgcat ttccctgatg attaaggatg ttgaacattt tttcaggtac    125100
     ttctctgcca ttcggtattc ctcaggtgag aattctttgt tcagttctga gccccatttt    125160
     ttaatggggt tatttgattt tctgaagtcc accttcttga gttctttata tatgttggat    125220
     attagtcccc tatctgattt aggataggta aagatccttt cccaatctgt tggtggtctt    125280
     tttgtcttat tgacggtgtc ttttgccttg cagaaacttt ggagtttcat taggtcccat    125340
     ttgtcaattc tcgatcttac agcacaagcc attgctgttc tgttcaggaa tttttcccct    125400
     gtgcccatat cctcaaggct tttccccact ttctcctcta taattttagt gtctctggtt    125460
     ttaagtgaag ttccttgatc cacttagatt tgaccttagt acaaggagat aagtatggat    125520
     cgattcgcat tcttctacat gataacaacc agttgtgcca gcaccaattg ttgaaaatgc    125580
     tgtctttctt ccactggatg gttttagctc ccttgtcgaa gatcaagtga ccataggtgt    125640
     gtgggttcat ttctgggtct tcaattctat tccattggtc tacttgtctg tttctatacc    125700
     agtaccatgc agtttttatc acaattgctc tgtagtaaag ctttaggtca ggcatggtga    125760
     ttccaccaga ggttctttta tccttgagaa gagtttttgc tatcctaggt tttttgttat    125820
     tccagatgaa tttgcaaatt gctccttcta aatcgttgaa gaattgagtt ggaattttga    125880
     tggggattgc attgaatctg tagattgctt ttggcaagat agccattttt acaatgttga    125940
     tcctgccaat ccatgagcat gggagattct tccatcttct gagatcttct ttaatttctt    126000
     tcttcagaga cttgaagttt ttatcataca gatctttcac ttccttagtt agagtcatgc    126060
     cgagatattt tatattattt gtgactatga gaagggtgtt gtttccctaa tttctttctc    126120
     agcctgttta ttctttgtat agagaaaggc cattgacttg tttgagttta ttttatatcc    126180
     agctacttca ccgaagctgt ttatcaggtt taggagttct ctggtggaat ttttggggtc    126240
     acttatatat actatcatat catctacaaa acgtgatatt ttgacttcct cttttccaat    126300
     ttgtatcccc ttgatctcct tttgttgtcg aattgctctg gctaatactt caagtactat    126360
     gttgaaaagg tagggagaaa gtgggcagcc ttttctagcc cctgatttta gtgggattgc    126420
     ttccagcttc tctccattta ctttgatgtt ggctactggt ttgctgtaga ttgcttttat    126480
     catgtttagg tatgggcctt gaattcccga tctttccaga acttttatca tgaatgggtg    126540
     ttggatcttg tcaaatgctt tttctgcatc taacgagatg atcatgtggt ttttgtcttt    126600
     gagtttgttt atataatgga ttacattgat ggattttcgt atattaaacc atccctgcat    126660
     ccctggaata aaacctactt ggtcaggatg gatgattgct ttaatgtgtt cttggattcg    126720
     gttagcgaga attttattga ggatttttgc atcgatattc ataagagaaa ttggtctgaa    126780
     gttctctatc tttgttggat cattctgtgg tttaggtatc agagtaatag tggcttcata    126840
     aaatgagttg ggtagagtac cttctacttc tatcttgtga aaatgtttgt gcagaactgg    126900
     aattagatct tctttgaagg tctgatagaa ctctgcacta aacccgtctg gtcctgggct    126960
     ttttttggct gggagactat ttataactgc ttctatttct ttaggggata tgggactgtt    127020
     tagaaggtca acttgatcct gattcaactt tggtacctgg tatctgtcca gaaatttgtc    127080
     catttcgtcc aggttttcca gttttgttga gtatagcctt ttgtagaagg atctgatggt    127140
     gttttggatt tcttcaggat ctgttgttat gtctcccttt tcagttctga ttttgttaat    127200
     taggattttg tccctgtgcc ctctagtgag tctagctaat ggtttatcta tcttgttgat    127260
     tttctcaaag aaccaactcc tcgtttggtt aattctttga atagttcttc ttgtttccac    127320
     ttggttgatt tcacccctga gtttgattat ttcctgctgt ctactcctct tgggtgaatt    127380
     tgctttcttt ttttctagag cttttagatg tgttgtcaag ctgctagtat gtgctctctc    127440
     ctgtttcttc ttggaggcac tcagagctat gagtttccct cttagaaatg ctttcattgt    127500
     gtcccaaaag tttgggtacg ttgtggcttc attttcatta aactctaaaa agtctttaat    127560
     ttctttcttt attccttcct tgaccaaggt atcattgaga agagtgttgt tcagtttcca    127620
     cgtgagtgtt ggctttctat tatttttttt gttattgaag atcagcctta gtgcatggtg    127680
     atctgatagg atacatggga caatttcaat atttttgaat ctgttgaggc ctgttttgtt    127740
     acctattatg tggtcaattt tggagaaggt atcatattga ctatttttga agctatgttc    127800
     ataaggaaag ctgttctcta attattctct tcgttgaatc tctcagtgct ctcagtggtt    127860
     cttttttgtt gttgttgttg tttttggttt ttcaagacag ggtttctctg tgtatccctg    127920
     gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggccttga actcctctca gaggttctta    127980
     tcctgtgagt cccaatccct ttgggggatc aaacgatcct ttcagagggg gtcttgtacc    128040
     agatatcatg cacattagat atttacatca caattcataa cagtagcaag ataataggta    128100
     caaataagtt ttatggctgg atcactacaa catgaggtat tgataaaaga gtcacagcgt    128160
     tagttaggtt gagaacactg ttctctgcta tattgaatag atatgaagag agtgaaaaat    128220
     ctttcttgtt tctgatttta gtggcaatgc tttgaatttc tctccattta agctgtctat    128280
     aaccttgctg taaactgtgc tttgagggat gtcccttgta gttatacttt ttccaggacc    128340
     tttatcatga agggatgttg aatttggcaa aggccttttc tgcatctgtt gagatgatta    128400
     tgtagttttg tctttcagtc tgcttatatg gtgaattaca tgtatcaatt tataaatttt    128460
     cctgtttctc tgggaggaag cctacttgat catgatggat gctgtttttg acgtgttatt    128520
     caacatgagt tgcaaatatt ttcttgagaa ttttttcatc tatacacata aagaaaattg    128580
     gtctgtaatt ttctatcgtt gttgggccgt cttaaaaaat atactgttta ttatttaaag    128640
     taatttttaa atttaatata ttttgatcat attctccccc ccccaagtat ttctagatct    128700
     tctccccttt ctatccactc atcttgaagt tctttctcaa aatctaaaaa atgcaactat    128760
     aaaaccccta aataccaaaa ccacaaaagt cacagccaaa acaacagtgg caaaacaaaa    128820
     atccaaaccc aaaccagcca gccaagcaac ttgccacctc ttcccacaaa aagcacacaa    128880
     caaacaataa aagtacaaag aaaaaatgta gtgtccatta tatggtcaac tgctcctgaa    128940
     catgagactc gtcctaaagt ggtggatata ctcagtgtca ttttatttga gaaacctgat    129000
     tttcctgttc gcagcatgta tgtgacaggt cagttgttaa cagatgtagc acatctgtcc    129060
     aggctcttct ggcttttaga gtctccattg agaagtaagg taatactcta ataacaaata    129120
     tgttgatttt tattaattaa tcaattactt aaaaatataa caaaaaatgt aatttaggta    129180
     tcaaggtaat tgtgtccttg ggtagtgcta ctgctgtcct attttgtgga atgatttgaa    129240
     cagtattgtg gttaactttt ctttgaaagt ctggtagaat tttatactaa aaccatctgt    129300
     ccctggactt ttaattactg tttccatttc actagaggtt atagatctgt ttaaattgct    129360
     catcttatct tgatttaact ttggtaaatg aaatgtatta agaaaactat ccagtccttt    129420
     cagagtttcc aatttggtga agtataggtt tttaaactgt gtttttataa gtttctagat    129480
     ttcttcagtt gttatatcct ctttttgctg ctgttatatc ctctttttga gctgagcttt    129540
     tattaatttg gattttctct ctatgatttt tatcgaattc ggattttatt aatttgttaa    129600
     ttgtataaat tttttaaaaa gaaaaaactc tttctttcac tgattctctg tgtgtgtgtg    129660
     tgcacccaca cacacacaca ctcacacaca cgtgcatgca tgtgcaggca aatagattct    129720
     attttatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ttgatttcag ttctaaggtt    129780
     gactatttct ttctgtatac tctatttgaa tgttattttt gcttttgttc tagagctttc    129840
     aggtatgcta ttaagatact aatataagat ctctccaatt attttatgta ggtacaataa    129900
     atttgccttt tagatctgct tatattgtac cctataattt tgaatatgtt atatattcat    129960
     tttcattcaa ttctagattg taatttattt cttaatttct gtcttgaccc atatttcact    130020
     cagtagtgag ttgttgagtt tccatgagtt tgtgaacttt ctcttatata tattattgtt    130080
     gatatctaga tttaatctgt ggtggtcaga gaggatatag agtgttattt taaatttatt    130140
     ctatgtgttc agacttgctt tgttgctgaa tatatggtga aatttgaaga aaggtccacg    130200
     agttgctgag aaggtacatt cttttgtgtt tgggtaaaat gttctgtaaa tatgttaggt    130260
     ccatttggtt tataacatct gttagttcca atatttctct gtttagtttt gtctggataa    130320
     cctgtctatt ggtaaaagtg agttattgaa gtcactcaat atcattgtgt gaacgtcaat    130380
     atgtgattta agctttagtg atgtttcttt tatgaatttg tgtacccttg tgcttggtat    130440
     ataaaagcta agaattcgct ttgtggattt ttcctttggt gaatatgtag tgtccatctc    130500
     tacctgttct gattagattt ggtttgcatt ctattttgtc aatattaaaa tggctacaaa    130560
     gctacaccag ctttcttctt cttcttcttt tttttaatat tttatgtgca ttgaagtgag    130620
     ggtatcaggt gccctgggac tgaagttata gacaggtgtg aactgctatg tgggttctag    130680
     gaattgaact ccagtcttct gaaagagtag tcatggctct taactgccag agccatctct    130740
     ccaggcccac cagctttcct cttaggttca gtggcttgga atatctttat acaacttttt    130800
     accctaaatt gatgacagtc ctcagtgtta aagcgtgttt cttggattca tcagaaggat    130860
     gaatcctgtt tttgcatcca ttctgttttt ttctattggg gaattgggac aattgacatg    130920
     gagtgacggc tatgaaaagt gctgttgatt cctggttttg tttttgttgt tgttgttttg    130980
     gtggtggtgg tggtggtggt gatggtggtg gtggtggtgg tgtgtgtgag tgtgtactct    131040
     tttggtttgc tggtctggaa ttcctgtttc ttggatacgg ttaaccactt tagactggaa    131100
     ttttcctcct agtgccttta atagggataa atattgttta aatttgtctt aatttctcca    131160
     actattgaga tgagaagttt gcagggtata atagtccaga ctggtgttct cttagagttt    131220
     gtagcacacc ggtccaggct cttctggctt ttagtctcca ctgagaagtg aggtattact    131280
     ctaatagctc tgactttata tgttatctgg tctttccccc ttgtgtcatt tagtattctc    131340
     tctttgttct gtatgatttt tgttttgaat attatgtgat ctgtggaatt ttgagtccta    131400
     catagtcgtg cagaagggat gtttctgccc ctggagcaca gctagccgag tgtgggtctc    131460
     catgagtatt gatggttgct aggtataagg cttgtttgta aatttaattt atgtccctct    131520
     tttgggggag tgtcctctct gccaagacta atgactccat gataattaaa ggcaacatga    131580
     gtctgggatg ccaggttgtg tctcagcaaa gtggtaaatg ctatgggaaa gaactctgaa    131640
     aacatgaact caaaaatata taatttctca actatgcaaa aatataagga tgcaatgtga    131700
     attatatgag aggcttcatg gacctaaaag aacagaggca gctacactat gacccagctt    131760
     gtgagaaaga tactaaggaa ggagataagg agatttattg agtggtgatc tcaggaggag    131820
     atcgtggact aaaagacgga attgatatgt aagtaaaaaa ctaggtaaga gagagctacc    131880
     cagaagaagc ttcttgaaga gtgaacgcgg atcttttaga atttttttct agcagctttt    131940
     ctgacttttg gtcagaaagc ccattcagag agcttttaga atatgtttct agcaagacag    132000
     agccatttca agcagagagc tatctctagc aaactacaga gctgagagct ctaaacagag    132060
     agatgtctat ggaaccatca cagctgtcag gttgcacacc accatttgac tttgagtcat    132120
     tcacttttcc aaacacccct tcctcaggac acccgaccaa gccaatgctg ttccttggca    132180
     gggaattttt tgttgccatg ttcagtctat ttggtgtttt gtatgcttat actttgatag    132240
     gcacctctct ctttagatta agaaaatttt attgtatgat tatattctgt gcctttgacc    132300
     tgaatttctc cttcctctat tcctattgtt gtgtttggtc ttttcatagt atcccagatt    132360
     tcctaaatgc tctgtgcctg gatacttttt tagacttaat attttcttta accaaggtgt    132420
     acagttctat caagtgtgta gattctctct ttcttctctt tactctgtta gtaaggcttg    132480
     cttctgagct tcctgtttga gtttctaaga ttttaatttt cagatttcct tccttccttc    132540
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttt tttctttctt tctttctttc    132600
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    132660
     ttcctttttt ctctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    132720
     ctttcttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct ttcttccttt cttcttcctt ccttccttcc    132780
     ttcctttttt ctcttccttt cttttaaatt tattattatt atttttaatt ttaagtgcat    132840
     tggtgttttg cctgtacttt tgctgaaggt gttggatcac cgggaactgg ggttacagac    132900
     agttataaac tgctgtgtgc atgctgggaa ttaaacctgg atactctgaa agggcagcag    132960
     ctaagagtgc tcttaacctc aagccactct ctagccctat ttgggatttt tttttgttga    133020
     ttctacttcc atgttcatat cttgaactct ttattcattt cctaccatta tttgtttgtg    133080
     tttttataga tttctttctc tttttaaaaa agatttattt gttttattta tatgagtaca    133140
     ctgtagctgt cttcagacac acaagaagag ggtatcagat ctcattacag atggttgcaa    133200
     gctaccatgt ggttactggg aattgaactc aagactcctt ggaaaaggag taagtcctct    133260
     taaccactga gctatctctc cagtcccttc atagatttct tttttagaat ttttcttatt    133320
     gattttttaa gaatagctat catattcata agggcaattt taagttcttt gtcttgtgct    133380
     tcagctatgt ttcaattctt agggccttct cttgtgcagt tgctgggctc tagtggacat    133440
     atattgtcct ggctattatt attttttctt tgtttttgtt ttgttttctc ttgttttagc    133500
     ctggggtctt gatatcttgt tttggaatga ttgtacttct aggtttggag tgatcgtaat    133560
     tcttatactt attgggtgag tgttttgctc ctcggtttct gttgcccatt ctggttttta    133620
     ggaagatata gtggctgtgt gtcagctcct agggagtcct cacaattttc tagatgtgcc    133680
     acctagaggt tgcaggaaaa atgtgttcct aggtatttgg agctgaaata tggatgggct    133740
     gtagtggagg ttgctaagaa ggtccacagg aggatggaag gcagggtgtg ctatcagaac    133800
     ctgcttagtt ccctggaatg ggggcagaga gtgaggagag gccacggtag gtagcctgct    133860
     tcagagctag gataatgctg tggagatgga tttggagggg aggaagtaaa gatttgaagc    133920
     tcacctacct gctttgcagg cctagctgct tctctggcaa gcttgcctgg ggaattccca    133980
     ggggatgcct gctggagttg ggtattgaat gaatgggtgg gggatgggtg gggtggaaat    134040
     ctggagaaga gctacatgat ctactgaagt tagggacaga gaggaggggg agaccacagt    134100
     agatggtctg ctacagagtt agggctaaga caagcaattg gatttagagg ggaagaggga    134160
     gaggagaagg gtcacagtta ggctacctgc taacttggtt ggagtggcct gccggtttct    134220
     agggcactta aagaggtggt gggtcacacc tttaatgcca gcactcagga ggcagaggca    134280
     gttggatgtc tatgaatcca agaccagcct ggtctacaga tagaattcca ggacatccaa    134340
     ggcttctcag agaaatcctg ctcaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaga ttcttacaaa    134400
     cacctggagt tgataaaccc taacatatga ttaggaaagg ttttctgttc attctcagga    134460
     gagggctttg caactctcct agaactttga acctcttgtt tccactgcca aagctaacaa    134520
     atgttagaat cagactccga ctcctcaaca gtgtataagt catgtactga gatgacataa    134580
     cctttttaag aatcaatttc aacattgatt ttgcattcaa accctacttt catctccaca    134640
     aagaccatct atttctgtat cattctctct gaaaaggtgc cacttgcctt ctgtcattca    134700
     attcccttca atccttcaat ccctagtcat ctccgtgagc atccctaatg attacttccg    134760
     gccatactca cagccatatt cttcatatct atggagtgct tgatttactt actgcagagc    134820
     ttgtgctagg actgactgga acacagtggt gagttgcaca atttagatca atgctcactt    134880
     ctagtccaac agaacagagt gtttgcttcc tgtttctgca acgagttcat gtattcttgt    134940
     tttaatccta acaataggtc actggcatga atatctggct gtcttagtgc agctaaactc    135000
     tttgatgggt gtggccattc ctgtgttgta catttgtgaa atctataata caaggcaatg    135060
     gattgagcct tttgatgact atctacttct gtatataagt gagtaatatc ctgtgtcata    135120
     agagatggcg agatagaaag acgaatgagg gaagaagaga tacgtttaga cctggactgc    135180
     caggagcaca gattgtagat ttattcaaat aatgaataat gatactgaat aaggcgcagg    135240
     tacgagctag ggcctgctga ctgccaaact caccgaggaa gtgtgatggt gaaccactaa    135300
     tgactgaatg agtcagctca ccctaacttg tttaagcgga tccatgtcat gacaatgaca    135360
     tcatgaagtt tataacatta aaatgagttt ccacaggttg attctctgat ttattgggac    135420
     ttacctgggc tgtgtcgaat ggacacatgg cagctaaatg ctacaaaggg tgggttctct    135480
     tcatttatag taactgtgta ttgcagaatt tgttcccagt attagttact ttgcatacta    135540
     agtcaatttg cataaatggt tttgcaatat ataaaatcca tatgactgtg ggattagtta    135600
     tgtaaaaacc ccaagtcagt ttaagtaaac attttttttt ttttgcacaa atgttaaaat    135660
     tatttgatta aatcctggag agatggccca gcagttaaga gttcatactg ctcttgcaga    135720
     ggatctcagc ttgcttccca taacacatat caggtagttc accattgctt tcaactccag    135780
     ctcctgggga tgaaataaat ctggcctccc aggcacctgt actcgtgagg acagaccaca    135840
     gcagatccat acacacacac cttattaaaa ataaaataaa tggcttttaa aaatcgaaaa    135900
     tagatttttt ttttatattc tgaatttggt tttcccttcc tgaacttctc ccagatcttc    135960
     tccaactctc cacccaaccc aaatctacac catttctttc cctgtctcaa tagagtagaa    136020
     atgggcatag aatataatat gatataatat ctaatcaaac tgggatagaa taaaacgaac    136080
     aaattaccaa gagaaaaaga gccaaagaaa aagtacagaa aattatagga ctggagagat    136140
     ggttcagagg ttaagagcac tgattgctct cccaaaggtc ccgagttcaa ttcccaacaa    136200
     ccacatggtg gctcacaaca tctgtaatgg atccaatagc ctcttctgat gtatttgaag    136260
     aaagtgacag tgtactcaca tacataaaat aaataaatct ttaaaaaaat acttatagat    136320
     gcaaagatac acacttttgc atacacagaa atcccataaa aacacaagat cgaaaatata    136380
     tgcaaaagac ctgtaagaga gagaaaaaaa aaaaccagag tgaaagaaag aaaataaaga    136440
     tgatgcccat acaaagcaca caaggcaagg aacatccaaa ttgccattgt gctcattttg    136500
     tgttaccctt cttccactgg acctgggacc tgcccttatg atctattgga gaaaattaat    136560
     ttttccatta tgagcagtta tcagttgtag atagcttcta ggatagggag gtgggttcat    136620
     ttctacttcc ctcctcatta ctgggactct aggtggccca gacctatgta gggactgtgc    136680
     aggctatcat agtgagactc tgcttcaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa    136740
     aaccaacaca aagcaagaac ggcgacaaac ccatttgact atggaattat ggttagtttt    136800
     atatccagag gagaaggctg aggttaaacc taactcaagc ccttatttca tacatgggag    136860
     agtggcctta taactatccc caatcactta tcaacactca aatgaccaat tggtgtggag    136920
     agctaaccta aatctcaaac ttggtagtgt ccacgtgtgc agcttattcc atatcacagt    136980
     gtgaagaact ggaaaggtgc catgacgagc cccatgaggg ctaatgcgta tttgaagcct    137040
     tacctgtgat gtacataccc agacagacca gtgtggggaa gaggtattgc gctaagctca    137100
     ttgatttaat ggggttaaat cacacttgga aaaactaatc ctggggaaag cacaaaatga    137160
     cagtgtgtca ctcaagatgt aatgcagagt gcagaaaatg agacactatt ctaaaacact    137220
     caggaataac aaaggcagga agacatggaa tagattgtaa tctatgtctt tattttccag    137280
     gtctctgata tagattatag ttgttgttta ttattattat tgttgttgtt gttatttttg    137340
     ctggtttctt gggattagaa actatcataa atgtcctgtt gtaaaacaag caaacaaacc    137400
     aacctgaatg tattctttcc cagtttggag gccttgaatc ctaaacccag gtggctatga    137460
     ggctgagttt tacttccagg cttcagaaag acatttctct gcttctcccc atgtagtggc    137520
     tccaggctac ccatagatca tggctgcatc agtcagcttg acacctctgt gatcaggctg    137580
     tccctcttct accccctgtg tctctaaggg taagcatgta ggagtgatgc agatagtcta    137640
     gggcatttct tcttcttcag aaccctccct aacaacatct gcaaaggctc ttttccaggt    137700
     aagattatat tctcaggctc tgggtatctg acatgaatat ctgaatatct gtggggagtc    137760
     agagtgaggt ggtttttttg tttttgtttt tgtttttttt ttgttttgtt ttttttgtct    137820
     ttgcttttgt tctgttttga aggcagggtc tcaagatgta gatctggctg ccctagccct    137880
     tgctatatga atcaaattgg tctcaaattt atagagatct acttgggtcc tgaatgtgct    137940
     gggattaaag ctatgtatca ccacatttag tcatagtgtt ttgtttctga caaccatata    138000
     ccttatctct attgctgtaa aaaactttgg atttgtccta tttcctgtgc agtccaagct    138060
     aatcttgatc tcatgatcct tttgccctgg cctcttccta ctgggactgc agggtgattc    138120
     atcatgccca gcttgggtag ttgattgctt ttgacaatac atgctcctgg taggagagtt    138180
     tgtgacacag ggcagaacct tgtctttttt tccttactgc tgattccaaa ataccaggca    138240
     tagtgtctga cagagtagac atttagtaaa tatctggaaa gttaataaac ttatctttaa    138300
     attttgtttt gataaaataa atgtataatt tgatgatttt aatttaactg ctcaagtgta    138360
     attttatcag taaaaataca atgtgtggga agaaaaacaa gaaaggaggg aacaaaaaca    138420
     agaaaggagg aagggagaag aataaggaaa gggggggaaa tgctagttcc agtgttatct    138480
     gcaaattctt gtagaatagg ttaaaagtga ccaggagcag gtgacagtca gaagctgaag    138540
     gccgaataag gaagggatgg agcatatatt tcacccaagg cactaagtct acctatcttc    138600
     taatatggtg catctcttgc tgggttctag ggaccagggg gagaaggaca gagaagacag    138660
     agagaagagg aggctgccat gaggctggat ggctcatgag cacatggcca ggagaagtgg    138720
     accctgagga caggctgatg gagctgaggc agcctgggca agactcaagc agcaagtaac    138780
     aaggctcata tggtttggat agaggtgaga atagcacagc accttcccaa tctaggctta    138840
     cagcttgtaa gtaaaatact gggctttgtg tcttttctat gggctaacta gattaagtaa    138900
     ttcatttacg ctactgttaa gttctggtgg tggtgtggat gtatgcttgg tacacttgtc    138960
     ctcaaggatt tagtattata gtagggtgtt tgctagcaag gttcctttta cagatcacag    139020
     catgtaagcc ctaaaaaagg agggcctgac ttgaatggct ttgatgcccc taggtgttat    139080
     tttaggaagc aacacttgaa tggagacctt aagtacaagg agccacattt aaaacttgat    139140
     atcttcatag taagtgataa ttttatagct gttacacaat tttcggtata tacatatact    139200
     gaaacaccct tacctcatgg aattatctca aagggtaaat tttattgtct ggcctaaatc    139260
     cagctattgg gaaataccca cttggcgagg catacttctg tctccggcag cacatttcat    139320
     aggtggatct gcatcttcaa gtcagactat tcttgaatgc tgagcagcac ctgtgagtta    139380
     tctaagatca tgacatcagg gttggtcacc agtttgatca cctatttact catttatcat    139440
     ccatcccata gggagttact gagatcctgt tgtgtgctgt tctggaattg ggagatacag    139500
     tttggatgac agagtgagta gccttgaaca ctccagagct cattatcccc atacatcagg    139560
     ttttctggaa gacgggtgca ctgacaaatt tagaaatgca agagctttgt tggagaagta    139620
     tgaacaggtg agaaaacagg actgggcaag gagatgtcat cttacaccct tacagacaag    139680
     ccatccatgg agggaacaag gaggaatgag gagaggagga tggaatctca gaccacagtg    139740
     ctgatttata gcagtttctg ccaagccaaa gatttcctac tgagagtctc tggtggtcct    139800
     gcttccactg ttaggctgag ccattgtctg ggctgcctaa aaagatcatg tccttagctt    139860
     gcgagctgaa acaaatcttg aaggaattaa cagctggagg ctgtcagcaa actgcactcc    139920
     ttgcagctaa atagcaagtt ccttcttgaa gagagatcaa agtgactcaa ccccatggct    139980
     acctcatagg gtgaccagga aggaggcaaa taaacagaca ttttaaatct agtaagagta    140040
     atgacagggt gccaccagag cttaaagatg gagcactaga ctcaggcttg gggaaatgtc    140100
     caggatgatg cagtgttcta taggatgcct ggattataag aaggagccaa atgaaggaga    140160
     taggcaaggg ggagggggct caagtcagga aactggggta tatgaaacct cacaagagag    140220
     aaggcctggt actcttgtgc aagagcaaga ccactgactg attttctgtg tctttgcaag    140280
     gaggtagaac aagaggtgaa actagagaag aaaacaggtg ttaaaacaca aaaggctggg    140340
     ctcattatgt tacagaaggc aggcagtgca ccatttgcaa aatacttcgg gactcgaatg    140400
     catacatgta tttcaaccat ttaccacttg acccttcact gagtctttca gattccaagc    140460
     ccttggcagt gtttggtcct tagaataggc atcagtttac tactgcagaa gaactctagt    140520
     tactattagt cattatccct tgatcaaatc ttttactcaa ggccactcag tttatcaccc    140580
     tacaagacat agctcacaag attggtggac tgtgataaag gagataaaaa gcacagagcc    140640
     atggtatcct caaagacatc aaactgagac atgggtgcta gaatcccatg aaccacacaa    140700
     ggttttcagg aaaaggattg aataagaacc caaattgggt tctgcccact tctaattcag    140760
     agagcattgt ttagaaaaca tgcccaggaa ttttacttaa aggatcctat tctgaggaaa    140820
     tcatgataaa tttggtttta taatcactat tgatggggcc tggagagatg actcagcagt    140880
     taagaacatt gactgctttt ccaaaggttc tgagttcaat ttccagcaac cacatggtag    140940
     ctcagaacca tctgtaatgg gaactgatgc cctcttctat tgtgtctgaa gacagcggca    141000
     gtgtactcaa atacataaat taaaaaaaga tcattattaa tgattatggg catctaattg    141060
     gtatttcctg ttgccgtgtg aaatgcttct cttaatttta tgtatgccca gaacagccat    141120
     attgtacgta agaggcaaga acaattagca atgcacactt tcctatgaga aaaatcacat    141180
     caaatacatg aataaataaa agattaagga acatgtctga ggccctgcag gggaggtcct    141240
     ctaaagtgga acaaactcat tgttttcaaa aagaaactta aagtaagctg aagggaaaca    141300
     aactttgttt atatgtacac aaaggacact tattagaaaa ccattctcat aaccttattg    141360
     atcctattaa catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tatatatata    141420
     tatacattat tattttgtaa ctaaagtaga ataaaaataa tatgttcatc atgtacttta    141480
     tctaaaaggt atattattga ggtataattt atatatcaca atgtttaccc attctaaatt    141540
     gagtatttca atgatttttt cagcaagtct acaagagtac aaccattacc aaatcctgtt    141600
     tcaaccctgc cctgtctctt gtactgttta ctttaatccc tgttctgtcc cctctcaggc    141660
     aatctcagca tcttcttgtt tcctatttgc atgtatggag cattcagaca taggaatata    141720
     aaatgtggtc attttcacct gttttattcc tcttagcata atgttttgtg ctgtctacat    141780
     gttgcagcat gtccaacaat ttgctagttt tatctgcaga acagtatttt atttaactct    141840
     ctgatgggca tgtagattat atccactttt ggcaattatg aatattgttc ctataaatat    141900
     ttggatgcaa ggttttttac agactaggta tttgtttttc ttgagcagat agctaaatat    141960
     agtattacta gatcatatgg tagttatctg cacaactttt taaaaaaata tcatacagat    142020
     ttccatcatg gccaaaccaa tttttagaga ctagaattca ccatcaattt gtcaaaattc    142080
     aagttgatct acaccttgac tggtagtggt aactgtatat gtttgttgaa gcccttctag    142140
     tatatgtggg gtaatattat tttgtgattt taatgtgcac ccacataaaa actactattg    142200
     atgaagactt aaacacaaat ttattatatt tgtttagtgt atgattgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    142260
     gtttgtgtgt gttagtttaa atgagaaatg tttcccatag gctaacacat ttgaatattt    142320
     gttagccaat tggtagtaac tttaattttt tcaaatccta tttttaatgg tggttctaaa    142380
     atgtattaac cttttttgta acctgccacc caccggaagt agtgtaaaag aaaggatatg    142440
     gggaaaggag acctgtttag aaaggttctt cagagcaact cctgtctgtg ttgtctggaa    142500
     attggcagtt cagttcagag gtaagcagct tgataccctc gaaaacacct cacatataca    142560
     ccagcagtcc agttcggtag agttgggtta gcaacagtgg tggcatgacc tagcagagac    142620
     atccgggcct cagccttggc ttgagtcagc aggagggacc aggaggaatg ccagaagttc    142680
     tgcgctgtgc atctctcagg gatgtgaaga tcagtgaaga tgtgagaacc cacaactgct    142740
     gtactgctag ctttaccagc aagccaagct ctgtctctgt cactctgtgg agtcctattt    142800
     atcccctcta aacatcacgt gtcctcaatg tgccttgcct cagcacagtc ttgcctaagc    142860
     acaggtatcc aatcagcttg agtccgagga agcggcaaca aactgcagca cagcaccaga    142920
     acatttttgt tgcgtttctc tctgtgaagt cccaacacat gcagctctgc tacgcagtgt    142980
     aaggcagacc aatacatgca tgctgttagc aaagaatcct tcatcatgta ctttcatgtg    143040
     cttgctttag cagaacatcc tctctcctgt gtttgcttca gcaaaatgtt cctttatgag    143100
     tctgccttag cctttcacat ctgtgtccac tttaatgaaa tgttccttcc catgtttgcc    143160
     ccagcaaaac accatccaac tgactttcca aagaaccctt acgtttccac ttcagttcta    143220
     ggatcttaaa cagtagcagt ttctttggag gtggtactgg ggtgaactct tgagtgttta    143280
     tgtctgcact ctacttccag tttgctttct ttgctttgta ttatcagtag aacacctgat    143340
     tccttagctt cctgctcctg ctgccaggct ttcctgccat tatggtttct ccctctagaa    143400
     ccataactcc atataaataa actccttctt ctacaggttg cctggtcata acatcttagc    143460
     atagcaaaag aaaataaaac agtatgtgtc attatgtgta tgtatgcaag gctatattta    143520
     tgcaacagca tgcacgagac aagtaccttt acacacaaag tcgtctcacc agtcccaatg    143580
     ttgaacatgt tttagtttta ttttgcttat gtatatatgt gtataataat ataagtggat    143640
     gccatatgag tatagtagcc ttggaggcca gaagagggtg ttggattact tggatctgga    143700
     gttgtaagtg gttatgagcc tctatgtgta ggtgctgaga atcaaaccta ggtcctcagg    143760
     aaaagcagca agacctctta accaccaacc cacctctcta tgccctgaat aagtttactt    143820
     gtcatctata tcattttcaa tagtttgcct tttaaaaatt ggttgtttgc ttagcattga    143880
     gtcatgccag ttcttttaaa agtatttatt ttattcttga gaaggtaaaa cttttatatc    143940
     atttttcctt ccatcaaaca caaccaaatc ctctccttgt ttatatatct gcatctacat    144000
     ctacatctaa ctcctgctat gtctatatat tgttacttgt gggtatgttt tcagggctga    144060
     ccatttggta ttggataccc aattggcgta ttggtggtct tgcctgggga aaatattctc    144120
     tgattctcgg cattcttttg ttacttgtaa gtctttgtgt agggctggca tctcatagtc    144180
     tttccctcat ctaccttggt atgtgtatgc ttgacatgct taggcagtca catggtgaga    144240
     ccttatgggc atagcttcta atattactag gagaccgtct cataaaattc tccctgatcc    144300
     tccgactgtt aggatctttc ccattttcca ataccttctt ctataagaag tcttaggtgt    144360
     ggaaattaat ttgtatatat gtccattagg actgggctcc ccaactctac attttgattg    144420
     tttgtaattt tctatgatgg tttctgactg ttgcaaagag atattttctt gacaacgagt    144480
     gaggactgaa cttggttgtg ggtacaagga cagatatttc gagtgtaatg aggaattatg    144540
     ctggttttgt aaagtggaag tcaggttctc ctttaagata catgacttca ctaaccctgg    144600
     gtagatggtt gtgtttctag taccctcttg ttgaatgtat cttaaagcca attagagagc    144660
     tgcacttata aaccccatta ctttactctt acggttgtca tgctctgttg gctattattg    144720
     tgttcatagg tactatatct ggatagaact tttgggttcc cttctctttt ggatgtgtgc    144780
     atggcatctt ctggtaccat gaaagttagt aatcagaaag taggctttca ggtcagtttt    144840
     gtccagctta gggacctctg ggtcttgtat gtaatgtgca tggtgctatc agaataagaa    144900
     tttaccttcc atctttaatg gacaaccaag ggcaatgaca ataatctgca atgttttggg    144960
     agcgcttggg tactctttat atatcatatg tccaaatctt gtataatatg tgatgtgaaa    145020
     atgcattttt ttctagtttt aactcaagtt tattttgtcc taagaccttt ttgaaaaata    145080
     aaagttctta tccttgatga aataatgtaa tagtattttt cttttatata gtatatgctt    145140
     gaggtactcc ctgtaagaaa tcacagccta actgacagtt ttaaagagtc tcatctatag    145200
     tttctttttt gtgtggctat atgtgtgtgc atttctgcat gtgttatggt gtgtgtgggt    145260
     gtgtatgtgt acccatgatt ctggaggcca gagattgaca tcaataactt tccttaattg    145320
     ctgtctacat tatactttga ggtaggttct cttacttgaa cccaaagtgc acaaattgac    145380
     ctagcctgac tagctagttt acaccaggaa tcccatgttt ccacttctca agtgcccaac    145440
     agtcaggttg ccacacccat gccatgttaa tgtggggatg tagctctgaa ttccagtctt    145500
     catgcttggg ctatgtcttc cttaccaact gaaccttctc cccaactctt gcctttgctt    145560
     tcctctagag gttttatagt tttgttttat atttatacct attgtctata tttcgttaac    145620
     ttacttttgt atataacacg agacataggt tgaagttaac taatttaaac ctgaaaaact    145680
     aatttttcaa atattatttt tttaagcgaa aacactgttc tcacttgatt cacttttaca    145740
     ccgttatgaa gatcagttgg ttacagccat gtgtggtcat ttatgtcctg ttttctgaag    145800
     tacgacttta tttctgtttg tctatcttgc accattttat cacatggtct cattcaattt    145860
     atcccagtca atttcatctg aaggaatttt gccacataat aaagtttgaa cacacttctt    145920
     ttcatcatta ttggcgaatt ttacttctgc atatgttata aacatctcaa tatgtcctcg    145980
     ctcattctgc agctctccat tccttccaca gacttcaaat tccatatggt atcacttccc    146040
     ttctgattaa aattcaggtc tgttgtcctg aattctgcca gttctctata gatctgaaaa    146100
     agtctttttc ttcatttttg aaagatattt ttgtgtgata aagaattcta gattgacatg    146160
     attttttctt tttttatggc ttctctctct ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc    146220
     ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc    146280
     ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ctctctctct gtctcttttt    146340
     gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agtcctggct gtcctgaaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg    146400
     gcctcgaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgca    146460
     tcaccactgc ccagcttttt aaaaatagtt tcttaagaaa tgtttctcca ttgctttcta    146520
     tcttgaagta ctccaggaac gagatcttta tctttatcct cacccctttc tgtacataca    146580
     tgtcattttc ctttagctgc cttaaagact attctcaata ttcccaattt taacataatt    146640
     tgggagaata tttctcagtg tagacatttt atgttccatg tatttcaagg ttattgagct    146700
     tcttggatgt gcaagtttat atattttaac aaaattggaa aagatgtagt tattacttaa    146760
     aaaaattaat gatttgttag tttttatttt gttttgtttt gttttggttt ttagacacaa    146820
     tgtccctatt tgtccctgag cttcctttgc atgccagtca gctcttgaac tcacagatct    146880
     gcctgaatct gtctcctgag tgttggtaaa ggcatgtgtc attgtgcctg gctctaaccc    146940
     tttcaattat tatcatattt tttaaaaaag atttttagag tatgaggcta tccaccagaa    147000
     cacaggcacc taacagaaac ctgtagagaa aaattactcc tcttcccaca gcagtcatta    147060
     accgcgaatg gccagcccct cgtctatagg tagatattca taagcctctc acctatccat    147120
     gctgccacgt tgattagttt gcttttatgc aggcaaccac attcctgtga tttcatgagt    147180
     gcaaatgcca tttcagatct gtcaggcagc gtttctcctc atcacccttc tgcttggcca    147240
     ctctttcggc ttcctctgtg tttccggagc tttgggtggt ggacgagggc tgcaagaggg    147300
     aactaatatg aaagttccat ttagttcaga tgatatgact gccatgttat tgctaacact    147360
     ttgaccagtt atgggtctgt ttattaacta ttgaacactg taaaaagaca cttctctgac    147420
     cttcactgag agtaccacta ttctatgagt ataaacatag ttaaaaggca attggacagt    147480
     atgaccattt ggcaaaaaca aacaaacaaa taacccccca aacaataata tgctccccac    147540
     atagtgttca tgaccttctg agtaattatg cttacaaaac tagatgagaa ttccctattt    147600
     tgatgaggct tcaaatgcaa tcaaaactgt tggctaactc cacaactgct gtgccattac    147660
     tgtatcagag cacacatatg tcgtccttgg ttaatattct agcatttagg ttcccttgct    147720
     gggaagatta ccaatgcctt ttctccgaca actacctgca cagctcctcc tattagaatg    147780
     gatgatggct aacaagaagg aagtttctga gtcattctga gattgatttt ttttaaatct    147840
     cctgtaacca ccgtgagtgg tgttttcaac attggagtct taccacttac ttatggtagg    147900
     caaccaagaa caatatccac taattgtctt taaactaata tagtggcaca tttattattt    147960
     ggcttataag aataaaaatt tggctctcaa atcatgacat aaagaatagg caaataactg    148020
     aaaactatta gcggaaagtg gatagaaacc aggcatgctt agccgtcagc aattactcta    148080
     tgcttggggc tagaaagggg gcacaaatca agcaggaagt gaagaggcat tgctggctca    148140
     ccaccgaagt catctagaga aactgcttaa atcccaaagg ctgtctcttc agcacgtacc    148200
     tcaaagcaat ccttcctttc ttatgatttt ttctttcctc ttcctctttt agtcgataat    148260
     attctgacac tagttttgtt taaacacatt tagcttgcat gttttccagc cgtttaacaa    148320
     ataaaactgc cccaaatcaa cgccaagcaa aagccatttc tatttttagt ttctttgctg    148380
     ctgtaggctg acttcacatg ggaagcagtt atgactttcc taacaggctc aagacccacc    148440
     cccagccaaa gcttcagcag agcttcattt ctcatgttga ctgttgtggc tttttttttt    148500
     tttttttttt tctacaagcg ttcttgtaca cttcttgcag aatttcattt cccctttttt    148560
     gtctcaaagt tttcattata aaagtctcct gtgatgtaat ttagtgcggt atgagtcttg    148620
     ttttctctta acaatccttt tggtgttgtt actgtcttca ctgacgatac aaggtaactg    148680
     ctccctcccc tcccctggtt tctaggtgat actgctattg cttttcctcc tcctcctcct    148740
     cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctctc    148800
     tctctgtggc ataaccagaa tcgagatcag acagctctgg gtaacacata caaggttaca    148860
     cgcactagga caccagccct ccctttggag tttacaaaca tatggatatt tgactaagta    148920
     tttgtccctc acctacatga ttctctggtc ctttagaaat tatttctggt ctatttgtgc    148980
     accattttga ttaatttcta tagtgatatc tttatgtttc ctaatttttc ttctcaatta    149040
     tttaacctgc ttatattcct atcaaggaat atattttcat ttccaatact ttaatttccc    149100
     cttatattat ttctatttct ctatcttaca tatatatgta tgtatgtata tatatatata    149160
     tatataatag taaaatgtca tctacctatc tatcagttta ttatcaccca cacatcatct    149220
     tccacatagc taatattctt gcttaatttc tccttaaaaa tatgacattt gggctggtga    149280
     gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacccgattg ctcttccgaa ggtccagagt gcaaatccca    149340
     gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aacgagatct gacgccctct tctggtgtgt    149400
     ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatgta ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa atatgacatt    149460
     tacttacatg actagtttaa agccctgggt tcaatccatg acttttccac tcatgccata    149520
     agaccattgt cacactaaac aagggactta caatcaaatt ctgtttcttg cactgtttct    149580
     cctcacatat accctgtgtt ttctctatga ctgaggcatt tagccacaaa atatgggagt    149640
     tgcattgtat tgggattctc atttgtgttc tgtagagtct tgaaagtaca tgaaagtatc    149700
     tcagtcaatt aggaaaacca cttatttccc atatgagcct ttgttttagg agaaatttca    149760
     gtggctctat atacatttaa aaataagtac aaataaacat ccttggatag aatatgaatt    149820
     gctatataaa aaaatgagtg gactctagga ctagaacatc gggtttggaa tatttgtcca    149880
     attattgatt gatagtatga gatcaggcaa tcttcttcac agacatgtaa tgtcatgtac    149940
     gttataaaat gagagtgagt agtagcatga ttatgggtgt atggttgagt gtaaggccca    150000
     ttctataaga ggaaactcat tcctggcaca gtaaagctgt ttaagcaccc tggctgggga    150060
     agtcacaggt tctagggaaa agcctagtgc cattgttttc ctaaatgcag aagcatcaaa    150120
     ctaccttcta aatttttatc tttttgtgca gagattagtg cagctctaag tcctcatcag    150180
     agaagtgttt tcttcagagg ctgctcttca atacagagac tcacaactgg ccaaagttga    150240
     aagaacacgt gacatgttta accttaaata ggctctctgt atcatccagc tcccactgta    150300
     caagcaacaa ggatgatggc acaaaaagac tataaaaggc acaggttggg aggactgaag    150360
     ttaaagagtc tttctgacat ggcacagcca ctgcattcat aaattcactt cagctatggt    150420
     acttgccaac gtttttatca ttggatggga agagcttatg agtttcctga atgactaacg    150480
     ctagctaacg gtgcctggga ggatgtatct ctataagatt agtctgtagg caagtctgaa    150540
     aggcatttct ttgactaagg attgatgtgg ataattccat acctgggcag gtggtcatgg    150600
     ggcaggagtt aaaatgactg gtgtattttc tgtggttgtg ttggctaatt ttatgtcaac    150660
     ttgacacaag ctagaatcat ttggaagaag gtaacctcaa ttgagtcgat gtttccctaa    150720
     gattttatta atttctttat ttcttcctaa ggcattttat tttctttttt atttttcttt    150780
     tttattggat attttcttta tttacatttc aaatgttatc ccctttcctg tttcccctcc    150840
     gaacccccct atatccaatc ttgcctcccc ttgcttctat gagggtgttc ctccacccac    150900
     ctatccaccc ccctccattc actggggcat ctactgagca tttgtaggac caaggatttc    150960
     ttctcccatt gatgcgtcac acagccatct tctgctacat atgcagctgc agccatgtgt    151020
     cctcttgttt gatagcttag tccctgggag ctctgggggg gggggtctgg ttggttgata    151080
     ttgttgttct tcctatgggg ttgcaaaccc cttcaattcc ttctgtcctt tctctaactc    151140
     ctctattggg aaccccaccc tcagtccaac agttggcttc gagcatccac ctctgtattt    151200
     gtaaggctct ggccaggctt ctcaggaaac agtcatatca ggttcctttc agcatgtact    151260
     tcttggcatc cacatagtgt ctgggtttgg taactgtata tggaatgaat ccccaggttt    151320
     gacagtctct ggatggcctt ttcttcagtc tctgctctac actttatctc catatatgct    151380
     cctgtgagta ttttgttctc cttctaagaa ggaccgaaac acccacactt tggtcttcct    151440
     tcttcttgag ctttatgtgg tctatgaatt atatcttagt tgtttggagc tttggactaa    151500
     tattcactta tctgtgagtc catactatgt gtgttccttt gtgactgagt tacctcactt    151560
     aggatagttt ctagtttagt tctaggatag ttctaagaat ttcatgaatt catcattttt    151620
     aatagctgag tagtactcca ctgtgtaaat gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc attcctctgt    151680
     tggaggacct ctgggttctt tccagctcct ggctattata aataaggctg ctatgaacat    151740
     agtggagcat gtgtccttat tacatgttgg agcatcttct gggtatatgc ccaggagtgg    151800
     cataactggg tcctcaggga gtactatgtc caatttttga gtaactgcca aactgatttt    151860
     cagaatggtt gtaccaggtt gtaattccac cagcaatgga ggagtgttcc tctttctcca    151920
     tatcctcacc agcatctgct gtcacctttg tttttgattt tagccattct gactggtatg    151980
     aggtggaatc ttagggttgt tttgatttgc atttccctga tgactaaaga tgttgaacat    152040
     ttctttaggt gcttcttggc cattcgatat tcctcagttg aaaattcttt gtttagctct    152100
     gtacctcatt tttaaaaaca ggattatttg attctctaga gtctaacttc ttgagttctt    152160
     tgtatatata ggatattagg cctctatcag atgtaggatt ggtaaagatc cttccccaat    152220
     ctgttggttg cctttttgtc ctattgacag tatcctttgc cttacagaag ctttgcaatt    152280
     ttatgaggtc ccatttgttg attcttggtc ttagagcata atccactggt gttttattca    152340
     ggaatgtccc ccctgtgccc atgtgttcaa ggctcttccc cgttttctcc tctataagtt    152400
     tcagtgtatc tggttttatg tggaggtgct tgattcactt ggaattgagc tttgtacagg    152460
     gagataagaa tggttcaatt tgcattcttc tacatgctga cctccagttg aaccagcacc    152520
     atttgtttaa aatgcttttt tccactggat ggttttaggt cccttgtcaa agatcaagtg    152580
     cccacaggtg tgtggtttca tttctgggtc ctcaattcta ttccattaat cttcctgtct    152640
     gtcttgtacg aataccatgc agtttgtatc actaatgctc tgtatcacag caatattaca    152700
     gggatggtga ttcctccaga agttcttata ttgttgagaa tagtttttgc tatcctaggt    152760
     tttttgttat tctaaatgaa tttgaaaatt gctctttcta actctatgaa gaattgattt    152820
     gaaattttca tggggattct attgaatctg tagattgctt ttggcaagat ggccattttt    152880
     actatattaa tcctgccaat ccatgagcat aggagacttt tccatcttct gagatcttct    152940
     ttgctttctt tcttcagaga tttgaagttc ttgtcataca gatctttcac ttaattggtt    153000
     agagtcacac caagttatgt aatattattt gtgactattg tgaatggcgt tgtttcccta    153060
     acttttttca gcctctttat tctttgagta gaggaaggct actgatttgt ttgagttagt    153120
     ttgatatcca gccactttgc tgaagttgtt tatcaggatt aggagttttc tggtggaatt    153180
     tttggagtca ttgaagtata caatcatatt atctgcaaat agtgatatat tgacttattc    153240
     ctttccaatt ggtatccctt tgacctcatt ttcttgtcta attgccctag ctagaacttc    153300
     aagtactata ttgactagat agggagagag tgggtagcct tgtctagtcc ctgattttag    153360
     tggaactgct tcaagtttct ctccactcag tgtgatgctg gctactggtt tgttgtatat    153420
     tgtttttact ctgtttaggt atgggccttt aattcctgat ctttccaaga tttttaacat    153480
     gaagggatgc tgaattttgt caaatgcttt ttcaacatct aatgaaatga tcatgtgggt    153540
     ttttttgttt tgttttcgtt tttttttttt ttagtttgtt tatatagtgg attacattga    153600
     tagtggattt ccgtatattg aaccatctct gcatttcttg gatgaagcct acttgattgt    153660
     ggtgaatgat gattttgatg tgttcttgga ttcggttggc aagaatttta ttgagtattt    153720
     ttgcattaat gttcctaaga gagattggtc tgaagttccc tttgtgtggt ttaggtataa    153780
     gcataattgt ggcttcatag aatgacttgg gtagagtagc ttctgtttct cttttgtgga    153840
     atagtttgag gagaattgga attaggtctt ctttgaaggt ctgatagaag tctgcactaa    153900
     acccatctgg tcctgaactt tatttggttg ggagactatt aatgactgct tctatttctt    153960
     tagggggtat gggacgttta gatgatttat ctgatcctgt tttaactttg gcaccttgta    154020
     tgtgtctaga aacttgtcca tttcatccag attttccaat ttagttgagt attaactttt    154080
     gtagtaggtt ctgatgattt ttaaaatttc tatgttttcc gttgttatgt ctcccttttc    154140
     atttatgatt ttattaattt ggatactgtc tctatgccct ctggttagtc tggttaaggg    154200
     tttatctatt ttgctgattt tctcaaagat ccagctcctg gttttgttga ttccttatat    154260
     agttcttttt gtttctattt ggttgatttc agccttgagt ttgattattt cctgctgggt    154320
     acttctcttg ggtgtatttg cttcttttgt tccagagctt tcaggtgtgc tgtcaagctg    154380
     ctagtgtaag ctctcttcag tttctttctt tctttctttc tttttttctt tttcttttct    154440
     ttttgagaca ccaaacaaat ctctttattt tttctttttt gattttttga gacagggttt    154500
     ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca    154560
     gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccgattgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc accatgcctg    154620
     gctctcttca gtttcgtttt gggggcactt agagctatga gttttcctct taccactgct    154680
     ttcattgtat cccataagtt ttggtatgat gtttcttcat tttcattaaa ttctaaaagg    154740
     cctttaattt ctttagttct tcattgacca agttatcatt gagtagagta ttgttcagct    154800
     tccatgtgta tatgtgcttt ctattgttct tgttggtatt taagacttgc cttagtctgt    154860
     ggtgatctga tagggtgcat ggtttatcct gttatttttg ttgttagagg tggaattatg    154920
     tttgtgtggc tatcttcttt tgggtttgat gaagattact ttcttgattt ttctagggtg    154980
     tagtttccct ccttttggtg ttttccatct attatcattt gtagggctgg atttatggaa    155040
     agatactgtg taaatttgtt tttgtcatgg aatatcttgg tttctctgtc tatggtaatt    155100
     gagagttttg ctggtatagt agccttgact ggcatttgtg ttctcttagg gtctgtatga    155160
     cacctgccca ggatcttcta gctttcatag tctctggtga gaagcctggt gtaattctga    155220
     taggtctgcc ttcatttgtt acctgacctt gttcccttac tgcttttaat attctttctt    155280
     tgtttagtgc atttgttgtt ttgatcatta tgtgatggga ggaatttctt ttctggtcca    155340
     gtatatttgg agttctgtag gcttcttgta tgttcatggg catctccttc tttaggttag    155400
     ttaagttttc ttttataatt ttgttgaaga tatttactgg ccttttaaga tgggaatttt    155460
     cgctcttttc tatacctatt atccttaggt ataggttctt ctcattgtgt cctggatttc    155520
     ctggatgttt tgggttagga tctttttgca ttttgcattt tctttgactg ttgtgtcaag    155580
     tcctttatca tcttcataag aaatgacttt agatctgaat cttgcttttg tgatggtgta    155640
     tccaggactt actatggtgg gagaattggg ttctgattat gccaagtaac cttggtttct    155700
     gttgcttatg ttcttatgct tgcctcccac catctcatta tctcaagtgc cccctgccct    155760
     tgctatatat aactggagtt tgtcttcctt tagtcctggt tttgtcagag ctcctcagag    155820
     tccagctgtc tctgtgaccc tgtgattcct agatcttgtg atcttgagat tctgggtgtg    155880
     tcagagttct tgggatgcaa gctgcctctg ggaccctgag aaccaggtgt gaccaagctc    155940
     cagggatcct atgatcctgt gatcctgggt gtattagatt gactggaatt tgagccttct    156000
     ctgggtgctg tgagactggc tgtagagttc actcccaagg taaatctgca cagaccagat    156060
     ggaacccatg gcactggtcg gttggggttc ctgatcctgg atcctgttgg ttccagttag    156120
     tcctggttgt tttggaacag atgttgtgtc ctactcaccc cgatcctaca atcctgggag    156180
     tgctagaacg cctggtagtg gagcctcctc tgggtgctgt ggaggcattt tcttaattag    156240
     tgattgatgg aagaatgccc agcccattgt aggtggggtc acccttgagt tagtggtcct    156300
     gtattttata ggaaagcagg ttaagcaagc cacaaggagc aagccagtga gcagctcctc    156360
     tctgtgactt ctgcatcagg tcttgcctcc aggatcctgt cctttttgag ttcctgtcct    156420
     ggcttctttc aatgatggac tacagagttc aagtataaac tacataaacc cttccctctc    156480
     tgatttgttt ttcgactctt gtgttttatc caacatagaa attctaacta aaacagtcat    156540
     acaactaagg tcctcatgtt ccagaaataa actgccaccc catgaccatc tatgcccagg    156600
     tatgccacta tccacagtag gccagcctct tccacatcaa ttattaatca agaaaatacc    156660
     tttcacactt gcctataggc taatcttata caggcactta atcagttatg atcccatttt    156720
     ccaagatatg tctaagtttg tgtcaaattc acggaaacta atcagtgtac ttggtatgat    156780
     catcagaatg agaatggtcc tcataggact atttatttga gtagttagtc tccagttagt    156840
     ggaactcttt gggaaggata gggaagtgtg gccttgttgg aagaagtagg ttactaggga    156900
     tgtgctttga agtttcaaaa gcccatacca ttttcaatta gctttccctg cctcatactt    156960
     gtgtatcaag atgcaggctt tcagctactg cttcaacaac attcctgtcc tgctgtcgtg    157020
     cttcatatcc tcaacatgaa catcatggac tctaaccctc agaaactgta agccccaaat    157080
     gaaccctttc ttctataagt taccttggtc atggtgtctt atcatagcaa tggaaaggta    157140
     atgaaagcat ctggcctctt tgttcttcca aaggtgtcta cctagacatc tttccaaaag    157200
     attctcctta agctgctaga gctgctttgc ctgttcacac agaggtggat atgcatggga    157260
     actcattcac ctccagagca atggaacaga cacagtggtc ctatctgggg aatactgaac    157320
     tctggcctca aacctgatgg tgtcttatac aagtcttctt aaagggtcac cccttgctca    157380
     gtgtttaaca cttcccctat tttacttcct ctttctttac tgagctgccc ttaataaatg    157440
     atctatatca attccttgtc tattagtctt cctttaaaga atctaatgta agaaatgaac    157500
     acaacatagt gcccagaaca gtattagcat tcaataaaca tgagtcttta ttatggccat    157560
     agcttttctt aggtttctca tccatttggg ggcacatttt tacagaaatt ttgccccctt    157620
     tttttgtttt gttttgtttt ctgttttatc tttgcatcag ttttgggaaa caattagttg    157680
     aataccatgt ttagtattgt agaatggtat atgtccagtc tgagtacact atatgatctt    157740
     ccatatattt agaaagcata gatctagatt atttgcaaca cagtcttagc agaaagaata    157800
     aaaatataaa gaacaattaa catcttggag tcattataga agagacaaaa tatagattaa    157860
     gattttgaag ccttaaaact aacagcaagt atttgaggtg tcagcggagt ctggggaaac    157920
     tgaacagaga cagacccttc tccacagccc tgaatgtcaa ctctgagaag tctggttgat    157980
     actttctcaa agatcgaccc aagggcaaat gattactact tggcaccaac tgggacataa    158040
     agaccatgct gaatttttgt ttttttgttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt gttttgtttt    158100
     gttttttagc ttagaagaag aaatataaca gagcagaaag catttggaaa atatcaggga    158160
     gatggccaaa taattggcaa acagaacctc tgggagaact taaatgagtt tgtgttgttt    158220
     acctagagaa agaaaggtca aaggtctact taatacttgt ctccaagaat ttaaaattag    158280
     gagcagaaat ccttaggaaa acaaaatgag acagccccac ctcctaactt cttacctagc    158340
     ctaggtaaaa gttttaaaat ttagtattgg aataagaatt tgagacttaa aataacaaga    158400
     atttcttgat ttaggagtaa ttaagacttg gaaaagtgca ccgctggtag tggatttctg    158460
     ttctgctata aagcagggca tagctccatt cattatcaaa accagatttt ttaaatggta    158520
     gctgaaaatc tatgaagggt cacataatga atgtgactac atttgacttc gatcttgcca    158580
     agtgcagctg ctatctagag ccaccagtga ttaaaaagcc tcctacctta ggcaggctga    158640
     caggattggt aagggagtct aacaggtcac tcctcctttt ccttaatgcg ttatattagt    158700
     cattcttcac tatataacta aacatgacaa aagtccatag tgtaaaatat ttcctcacat    158760
     catcttttgt acctagtcta aagctttacc tgctagtttg gtatagcttc ataaatatgc    158820
     agaaaaatct tagtaaacaa gaatcattta cttatggaaa ccagtcttat ttttacttat    158880
     ttttcctgta ggagactgtt tttgccccca taggaagctt ttctttatca atgagatgat    158940
     aatctatgca ctggagagaa tcaaaaatag cacaaatgaa tgttcagtga aaaggttttt    159000
     ttttttttat tctgaaattt taatgtactt ttttttttaa gatttgttta tttaaagtat    159060
     gtgagtacat tgtaactatc ctcagacaca atagaagagg gtatcagatc tgattacaga    159120
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgcctgga attgaactca ggccctctgg aagagcagtc    159180
     agtgctctta actgctgagt catctctcca gacccttaat gtactttttt gttgatgaat    159240
     ttcatacgtg cttctaatgt gttgtgatca aacccagatc actccctttc ttcttattca    159300
     ccatatcact tcatactttt ccctcctaaa ttcatgttaa ttatatataa gtttgtgtgt    159360
     gtgcgcatgc gtgtataata tgcaccgaat ttacttagtg ttctttgtat gtgcgtgggt    159420
     ttaggaccat cgactagaac atggaacctc atccctgaaa aacactgatt ttccttccct    159480
     tagtagctac caattgccaa tagctcttca actagggata ggacttcatg agacccaccc    159540
     caacccatac tgaaatttgt ggctgccttg atcttgtgaa gttctgtgca ttcagcttca    159600
     ggcactgtga gctcatgtgt gtatgccctg taatgtgtgg taaatactgt tttgctggag    159660
     atgtccaccc acaacatctg gctcttacaa ccatttggtc ctctcttccc caaactttga    159720
     gccttggaga ggggtctgtg atgtagatgt cttatttaat gctgagtact tccacagtct    159780
     ctttttctct gtacaccatg cagagtcttt gttttaattg ttatctacta caagaataat    159840
     tgtctctgat gaaggttgag aggcgtattt atctgtgtgt ataaagttaa gagcatgggg    159900
     gtcagattat tcctaacttg atttaacaca gtattaagca ttaagctctc ccctggggtg    159960
     tatgatctag ctagctatag tttttggcct agttaatgct ctcaagaatg gatttcattt    160020
     caaaaacctg ccttaaatcc aaccaggaag tggttggtta cttccataac gctcttgtca    160080
     tttttgcttc attgaacata tcttgacagg caaggtgata tatctcacaa atgggtaaaa    160140
     ttgttgatta cttttctact ctctgtgcat agagctttcc agcactagga aagttagcca    160200
     gtgatgataa agccaggtca gtctcagctt gatttctcta tgtgccatga ttgaaggatg    160260
     tggtgtcttt ggcaataggg tatcaccatt aagttctgaa gggttaccta gagatatggt    160320
     aatattttgt aatgtttttg gattccattg accaacaacc agaaaagaca tacatatacc    160380
     tggcactgta tatttggtgg tgtatagttt ctgggagaca tattgtcttc cattatgggg    160440
     taagtggatc aagcacctca acataaaacc acatacattg aatctaatag aagagaaagt    160500
     gagaaagagc cttaaactca ttggcacagg ggggaaattt cctaaacaga actcgaatgt    160560
     tctaaaatca agaattgata aatgggacct catgaaactg gaaagcttct ataaggcaaa    160620
     ggatatagtc actaagacaa attgacaagc tacagactgg gaaaaaactt cactaacccc    160680
     acatctgata gagggctaat atccaaaata tataaagaac tcaagaagct aatcaccaaa    160740
     aaaccaaaca acccaatcaa aaactgaggt atagaactaa atcgagatgt tgaaactgag    160800
     gaatctcagt gatgagattc acctaaagaa atgttcaaag tccttagtga ttagagaaat    160860
     gcaaatcaaa ccaaccctga gattccacct cacaccagtc agaatggcta agatcaaaac    160920
     ctcaagtgac aacaaatgtt ggagaggatg tggagaaaga acactccttc attgctggtg    160980
     agattgcaaa ctggtacaac cactctggaa atcaaactgt agattcctca gaaaattgga    161040
     aatagattta cctgaaaacc caccaatacc actcttggaa ctatacccaa aagatgcccc    161100
     accattccat aggggcacat gttagccaga ggatggaaac aacccagaca gatgtcccat    161160
     gacagaagaa tggatacaga aaatgtagtt catttacaca gtggaatact actcagctat    161220
     tagaaatgag gacatcctga gtttgcaggc aaatggatgg agctagaaaa tatcatcctg    161280
     agtgaggtaa ctcggacccc aaaagacatg catggtatgt actcactaat aagtaaatat    161340
     tagccaaaaa ataaatacag aatacccaag ataaagtcca cagaactcaa aaaagtcaac    161400
     aagatgaagt gcccaagtga ggacacctca gtcccatttg ggtggaaaaa gaaagcaatc    161460
     acaagtgggg agggagggac ctaggaagga aagtggacag gggcggggga aagtgtgtgt    161520
     tgggggggga gaggaacctg atctggtact gggtgaggga aaaggaatga agtcctgagg    161580
     accagcagaa agaatggaaa ctggcaacct ccagaggtag ggggtggagg ggaccctcca    161640
     gaatgcaccg gagacctggg aggaaattcc caacagtagg gagagggaat ttacagagca    161700
     cacctccagc aggaagaaag ggcatcccat agtcacaact ctgactcaca attgttcctg    161760
     tctgaaggaa ttacagggat ggaaatgtag aggaacctga ggaaaagaag gtccaaagtg    161820
     ggaaccagtt caaggggagg tcccaaggct atggagcgct cacaaaaagg gacctagaat    161880
     gacctcactc cagaagaccc aacaagcagc tgaaagtgcc agacacagat atttgcaccc    161940
     agccgatgga cagaagcagc tgacccctgt tgttgattta gggaaaggca gaaagaagct    162000
     gaggagaagg gtgaccctgt aggaggatca gcagtctcaa ttaatctgga tctctgagat    162060
     ctcttaaaca ctggactacc aaccaggctg cacacaccat ttgctatgag gccctcaata    162120
     cacatacagc agaggactgc tggttctatg ttcattcaga gatgatgcac ctaaccctca    162180
     agggactagc ggctccaggg agattggagg tcaggtgggg tggggggtgg ggacatccat    162240
     gtggagatgg ggggtttgga ggaggtatgg gatgtgaact agtcagaggg tggatggtgg    162300
     gggggaataa aatctggagt gtaaaaaaat taattaattt attaaaaaat taaaacttca    162360
     ttgtatctgt gtttgaacgt actttaggaa gcttctatgg tagtaggttc aatatggcct    162420
     cttcattggt cttcagtacc ttcctcatac taagttctct gccctctcat ccccaatcgc    162480
     atttaaccct tccctttcca ttaatttctc cgttctccct cacaccatct gtgtttcacc    162540
     ctccttctct taaaacctcc acagcccctt cccagtttcc ttgcttctat gagtattcca    162600
     atttcaacac ccacatccaa agattcaaag ctagaatgca catagaagag aggacatgtg    162660
     gccttcatct ttctgggttt cagttatctc actcagaatg gtggtttctt gctctaccat    162720
     ttacctaaga actttaactt ttcctttttt ctttatagca aaatgatact ttattttgta    162780
     aatataccat ggtgtcatta tcaattgacc aacatctatg tagttttcat tttctgccta    162840
     ttgtgggcat ggatatgtta aaatggataa gcaagtgtct ctgtagtagg atagagagtc    162900
     ctttgtaacg atgacaagag gtggcagagc tggatcatgt ggaacattca tttctagttg    162960
     tttttgagga agctccagac tggtttcata ctgactactg agtttcactt ccactaacaa    163020
     tgaatgagta ttttcctttg cccatataaa tgctagaatt tgttgtcaac gattatagct    163080
     gttgttactg tagttcttag ccactatgac tgggctaaga tggaatctca gagtagttct    163140
     aatttgtata gtggggagtg aaatctagaa gggtgaggcc tactgcacag tcatcttcca    163200
     ggtcccggtt ggaatcacat ttaccgatac cttattagtc aaactcaaag tcaagagaaa    163260
     aacaaatata ttcttctttt atgaaaactt gtgcacagac tcactacaaa gagtgtagct    163320
     atagaaagaa gtcaatcctt gaaaccatct ccagggagat ttggaaagaa atagcaatta    163380
     tcctgttaac tccccgtaat ggcttagcct agaattatca gtggctctga gaataagctt    163440
     gcttgcatga ctcgaggaag ctgggtttct ttagttggct gtagacctca acttgttcct    163500
     tattactgct ttccaagagt gttgaccata caccaaacca taggttacga attcctctag    163560
     gcaagagtag tatctccact cttccctttc ctccctatat tcccaaagga aaaatgcctc    163620
     agtttcatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtattt gtatgaatat    163680
     gtttggtgtg cacatgtatg tggggggtgc atgtacccac ttgtgctcat gtggtggata    163740
     tcaggtgtgt tcctctacca ctgtatgtta ttttttgaga caagattttt ccttaagcct    163800
     ggggcttgtt atttcgatta gactgggtgc ccaggaagtt cctaggatcc acctgtctct    163860
     gtctcttcct ggctggagtt atagacatat acatcagctc ttcctctggc acagtaagaa    163920
     ctttacccag taagccatct cccaacccct cccttcctat attttttaac gggaactaat    163980
     ggtttcataa gctatccagt tgtctaattt agaaacttga actttactct tggttcctat    164040
     gcttccgtca tcctctcatc caatttgttt taaatctctt taatctacat tcaaaatgtc    164100
     tttctctctc attttctcga ttgccttttc cactgaggtc ttccttgact tttatcagga    164160
     ttgttgctgg catcctacct ggcctctgtg cctctgttgt tcacatctct agagcatctc    164220
     ctacactcaa gccattctct ttagaaaaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa aaaaccaagt    164280
     tacattttgc ttaagcaaaa gtcaaaggct atccataata gagaaggggc atttctaatc    164340
     attatcatca agcatcattg ttatctcagt attagtcatg ctctgctctg tgttccccag    164400
     gcactttgtt cacattctta tgataatgcc agtgtcacat aaacaggtat gcgctgattg    164460
     ctagcagaaa ccccaggagg aagtgagagc tgttttcaca aagcagaaac ctttgcaggg    164520
     tgcattgggc ctagtgctga tctttccttt tccaaggtca aggttataaa aaccctcaca    164580
     ctatcacaca ttggtgtaaa caaagaattg atggctgtat caggccacaa tccagaaagg    164640
     gcaccaggag agaataagtg tctgtagccc agagctgcaa acacttgcgc actatcaaat    164700
     cgggagctga agaattgcca ttatgaaacc tgcaccttga gaatagtgag agaaagaatg    164760
     tcaactttct acactagtag gccagccttt gctcaaaacc acatagggag gtaccaattt    164820
     tggaatcaaa ggtactgatc atataagaac tcacctacaa aatgttgaca ctttcttgag    164880
     taacacccat cagcaggaca gtacatacta taattacatt ttacttagat atgtatattg    164940
     gttattaact ttaatactgt gtacacttgt ataatgaata cacacatatt tatttatata    165000
     tttgtttctg ttcaatgtat ctagcctatt ataaggtatg ggtttagcag ctctttaatt    165060
     tttttcattt ttaaaattaa gttcgggata gaatattctg ttgcattttg gcaaacctag    165120
     gaagaactca actaaattaa aactacaatt gagttcttag aacacacagt cctttatcat    165180
     tggataatac tgtggatgaa tgcggtattt gctttatggg tgatccagta gtctgtaata    165240
     gtgtatctta aagttttgtt ttgctttgct tttatagtgc tacttaactg tgggaggctt    165300
     aaaagcagtg ataatattat attccttgta aaacctacct cggtggctag catattgtag    165360
     gctcccaatc actactcact gatctaatct gtgtgccaga aggatgttcg ctcctgcatc    165420
     ccaaggtgga cagagaaggg aatggtaggt gcttctgtca caagaggctc agggtacggc    165480
     tgtatggtac tgggtggagc acagcaaaag aaagcagact ttggcagaga cttgattgtc    165540
     tacaacattt ctagtctgtt tagttttcag gaaaaaaaag gattaaagag catatgtcca    165600
     ggtcaatgat gcccatgcac acagagttga aaaaagaaaa gcaacctgga aacttgtttt    165660
     tcgctttagg ttccctttct catcttactt tttaattaat ctatctagct cagtaaaatt    165720
     cagtattcca ttcataaagt aaacccaaga tttctgtcca atatcaattg tttttttttt    165780
     ctgtattata tctttttctt ccataataag tagtgttcat acataattta tttttagtct    165840
     tatgaaagga atagttccaa agtcactatc ttattttagt tgaaggcaaa ggaaattgta    165900
     aaacggcatc agacttgttt agaattaacc atggaatcca cgatgtccat tatcccagct    165960
     caagcagggt tgcttggcag ctcagtgacc ataaaaagag acccattgac agcagcctct    166020
     ttcattgcag agtcacttca catggcaata ataataacat ataatcactc acgccaacac    166080
     agaacaaaac gtctgaggtc caagataaca tcagattata tcagtgtgaa atttggtcta    166140
     atatcattgc ttggatccaa acctctttca acccacttcc tttaagatgt taatgctgtt    166200
     ttctgtgggt ggaaggtcag agttgacatt cctttgctgt ctcagaggct ggttgcagaa    166260
     atactgggta cgaagtctcc atgggctaca acactggctc ttttgaatgt ttgccatgga    166320
     tagtaaccta agaaaacctt tttcctttct atcttcttgt cattctaaaa ctgggtctca    166380
     catagtccca gcatacttca aactcatcat gtagacagga aagaacctga tctcaccttc    166440
     cagtcctgag gaattggctc tgctctcagt ttgagaagtc tctgtaatca gtatttttaa    166500
     atgaatgaaa gtgaactcca aacaaacact acaatatgtg ccaagtcaga tattctctat    166560
     aatatctaga ttttgagtgt gtaacttaac ttaataattg ctataggagt cttattattt    166620
     gggaaggtac catggtagac attctctgta acaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa gaaaagaaaa    166680
     agaaaaagtt accacataca agaagggaag tttgtataga aactatggaa aactaccaag    166740
     ggaagagatg caaatttaat ttgctgtaag gttgagtgga gtggcagaat ttcctgatgg    166800
     aaagaaagag gaaaaaagtc actggtcatc tattctttgt tgcccctgtc tgacatgact    166860
     gaatgaatga acaagatgct ttgccaaatc agctctgaag cttagtgtga tttttggttc    166920
     accgaggctg cgagaggaag tcattccagc tggagcagaa aaacaagcaa gagatgggag    166980
     caagaaaatt cactggagtg ccaaggggaa aaatcatatg ctttgttaaa tttgaagagg    167040
     ttcacagaca aggaatcatt aacttacatc aaactagtgc ttttctagcc ttctagagtc    167100
     acacgagaaa tgtatttaat gcagggacag atgtcaaagt tgagaggagt tgacttgaac    167160
     aggactttga aggggtggta aatgtagggg aaatgaggcc ctgggcctca ctgttaactt    167220
     cattaattat aaactgaatg agccaacaca tgtcacttaa tctctccagg ttaagactct    167280
     tcgtctcaaa atgcagaaac tcagttctct gtaaatacag aattctatgg gcatgaaaac    167340
     actcactcca ggataatggg ggcctcaaag gcggcagtgg gataggtagg gaatgggact    167400
     ggaaataggg attcaaaggg acttcagcaa cagtgagaca acagtgaaca taagcaaggt    167460
     tgttcctgga aaaatttgta ttactttcaa atttgttaat tcatacttca tacattaaaa    167520
     aagaataaat gcagcatgtt agctgtagta tgtaaaatac atccctttaa gacattagca    167580
     taattagaaa gaatgtactt gtattggcaa gaatgaaaca aatcaattgt gactcagatg    167640
     atgtcacggt attgatttgg aatgattaat gagggctgtg gtttatagaa gagagaggag    167700
     aaacagataa ggaaaggata atgaagaatt catttagaga catgttgaat ttgaggtcct    167760
     aatgggatgc tcaggtgaaa atggccaata aacagttgac ttttcaagag ctatgagctt    167820
     cagataaaga tagtggagac tctttcaaca agtcggttat tgaatttctg caaatggatc    167880
     agactgtgaa agggaagtgg gagtgcccag aaagaaatgt ctgtgactct aggaggaagg    167940
     gaatataaac aggacagatg acaaggaagc aagggttagt gaattgtgag atccattatt    168000
     gagaggtgtc atcaattaaa tttatcacaa gaactattaa taatttataa ttaattaggc    168060
     taaatgaaaa caatgtgact ggcaggacag taggcctgat tttgagaggt agaatggatt    168120
     taattcacag agataaatag agattcacct tgaatggatc ttcttttctt ttcttttctc    168180
     cccccctctt tctctctccc tctctctctt tttgattggg caaagtagat tgagatagat    168240
     tctcatgcag tatagctttg aacttgctat gtagctgaaa ctaattatga actttttttt    168300
     ttctgagaca ggatttctct gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc    168360
     tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc ctcctgcttc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgcgattaaa    168420
     ggcgtgcgcc accatgcccg tcttaattat gaactcttga tcctcttgcc ttcacctatc    168480
     aagtgtcagg gcaccatgtg tgctctgata tgcttggctt aataaatgga tctgcaatta    168540
     ttatttggat actctgaaca tctttttatg tagagaagag aaaggcaaaa ggagagtata    168600
     gtggtttgaa taggtttgac tcccatagat tcatgcaatt gaatgcttga cccccagggg    168660
     atgacactat taggaggtgt gtccttgtta gaacaggtgt ggccttattg gaggaaatat    168720
     gtaactgtgg gggtggactt tgaggtccaa tgctcaggct gccccacatc tagtgcagaa    168780
     gagacccttc tcctagtcac ctgcaggaga gtctctcctg gtagcctttc gattaactct    168840
     caactccttc tccaacacca tgtttcctgg tgtgatgata atggactgaa cttctgaaac    168900
     tgaaagccaa ccccaattag acattttctt tcataaaagc tgccttggtc aaggtgtctt    168960
     ttcacagcaa tagaaacgca aactaagaca gagaaactgt agacaaaaga tgaaatttat    169020
     cacagtataa ttgtcatagt tagagagacc catggggact ctgatagaga ccttcggcac    169080
     agaaatgtga acatgttcaa agtttgcgac ttgtctgata aaagcgtctt cttggaatta    169140
     attatgtact gtggatattt attaaataaa acttacccat cagaaagaag aaaagaagaa    169200
     gaagaagaaa aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    169260
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaaaaaggag gaggaaaaaa caaacagatg    169320
     tgctagctag aatctctggg cagctcaaaa tcggaaatga aaccttcaca ggctcactat    169380
     caaggggttc cttcacaggc aacatacctt ggcattgtaa acagatgtaa ctcctcacag    169440
     gaggaattag aagcaaagta gaaggggcag gagtggagaa aaaggggtag ggggccagag    169500
     gagaaacttt catcttgtgt ttgctgtggt cggcagacac agcctttgac atacacactc    169560
     agcttgcact tggaattatt atttgtggtc aagagtcatg gatgaagtgt gagaccttca    169620
     atgagaattg gaattttgaa aaaacctcct ttcactttct cttgattttt agggtcaaac    169680
     cagccagttt ccactccagc tgtaactaac ttgaatgcac tagggaggca cagccaccta    169740
     catcactgtc aagggtcatc ataggcaata aaaacgtgta gttctgcaga aggaccctgt    169800
     ctccagctta agagggtcag tctatggtat cttttcctaa agtcctcagg tcacaaggca    169860
     tgttgtattc tagcatagat cagttcattt tcaggctctt ccaaatgtaa gctggtcttt    169920
     tgcactattc acaggtgact aataacttgt agagataaag aatgacattg cacataaata    169980
     tggccattga gagaggctga acagggtcag gatttactct aactctctag tgcttacatg    170040
     ctgtgggaaa gatttattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt    170100
     attattttag taaacattgt ttcagcttag ttctggcctc cctcacttcc ttccttcctt    170160
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctc cctccctccc tccctccctc tctccctccc tccctccctt    170220
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttctttcctt    170280
     cctttcccct ccctccttcc cttcctttct cttcttcctt tttgtctctg tctatgattt    170340
     tgattctttg tctccaactc tgcttgtctg tctctgcctg tctatctgtc tgtctgtctc    170400
     tctctctctc tcacacacac acagacacac acacacacag acacacacac acagagacac    170460
     acacacagtg ttcagagtct ttgttaaata gtcctagcta gcctcacttc tgcttcagtt    170520
     tccccagctc tagaattaga tgcgtgcacg ccatcatgcc tagcattgtc ttgaaacaat    170580
     tcctccccat gcgtttcacc tcacaatact gctctccctt ctggatgcca ggcttcctga    170640
     tagactacca cacatacaca gcactagggc tttgtttcct taacatataa aacaaaatgt    170700
     atttgtttgt gtttgtccat ggaactagag acctccctcc atacatacat acatacatac    170760
     atactgatgc ctatacacat tttcacaaca cacacataca cacacaaaca gacacatgca    170820
     cacacaaaca cacatgcatg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    170880
     cactccttcc ttatatgctt actcattctt cacactttta ttttgaggtg ttcttctttt    170940
     cctcctatac cagtcctctg catacatcag ctagctgtct gataatgtaa ctctgacact    171000
     atctgtctgg tgacagcagg agcttaaggt ctcattccta caggattgcc tccatttcag    171060
     atgctaatgc tgaggcccaa attgtgactt gtgcttgtga cagacttact ggatataaat    171120
     ccgtggcacc catgaccatt tttacagtat aaatcatttg ttacaatggc tttagaactc    171180
     gtgcaaacat ttatctatct gtactgattt ttaaactttt cattagcata tattcaatat    171240
     acataataat ggcttttcat tatgacattg acattttcat acatgtacgt aatgtctttt    171300
     gatcatatca gtctctcttc tccccctccc tcgtattcct gctgatacct tgtgcctttt    171360
     ctacaacccc cactttctcc ctttatgtct gtttttggag gacaggccaa cacaatgagt    171420
     ttcattaggg ttgcttacaa gagcatacat gagaggcttt tataggatca tttaagaaaa    171480
     gatgccttct tctctcagca gccctaaaat ggctataggt gtttaaagag tggtggctcc    171540
     tctcgaatct ctttggccct atcttgacag gctcagtgtc acctgagtct tgtagaagga    171600
     atcacagctc ttgtgggatc caaggcagca gccatgtctt gcctgggata gagcactcca    171660
     aggcagtttt cttcttcttc tacatctaac ctttccattc ctctcttgtg ctgtttcctg    171720
     agtccgagga ggtatgagag aggtgcccca tttctgtatg agcaatcagt agtcacatat    171780
     ttttagtact ttgacctgtc tatgctgtta caactgccca ctggagaggg tggcttctct    171840
     gaccaaagca tacagtagta ctaatctata ggaataagct atttacaaag tagtaggatg    171900
     gatacctcat gtcaatttag ttaaataaga gctgtggctc ctcttctatg gcttatgacc    171960
     tcccaagcca tgcattttga agaagtttat tagactgtat atgaaaccac ttctgtggag    172020
     caagcctcag ttctaattaa caagtggttg tttgccccta taataaactt tccagtactg    172080
     cacattgtga ctggatgcct gacaatatta cacctatacc aattaagagc tacacgggaa    172140
     acattatagg aaaaggtacg aagagcggcc acaccctcta gtgtgctcca tctttcacaa    172200
     tctagtgcag gggtctttat ggtgcttgaa cattcaggca gaatcactaa tcagtgagcc    172260
     agtatctagc tcttcttttc cttcctagga agcgaacaca gagttgaaac ttccaagata    172320
     ctaaagtgct gctaattatg gcctggtgtt catggtgacc aacgacttcc agtagtccag    172380
     catgaatcac tcattagaac aatggctacc tctgttatca ttcctagaga ttgggtgccc    172440
     tctctcagga gctagagtca aagaccaaat accagaacaa aagattctcc cagcaatcct    172500
     atgtctcagg aaatttcagg agacttatga accctgtgtc atggacaagg gtcaaaatca    172560
     ataatgttaa tttctcatta taaatcaaat tctctcccgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgt    172620
     gttttctgta agagatgatt ttaatcacca tggcacaatg cacagaaagt aattgctacc    172680
     tcttaatatt tccttcccca gctttaaatt tagttatgtt aacattttag agcacagatc    172740
     ctcaacatgt tctctacagc cttagaatca atagggtact tgcttgcaat atgaactcag    172800
     gtctccagac ctaggagatg agactttctg ctgtgagtcc cagtgatttg agctggagga    172860
     attctccagg taactcggaa gcactcccaa gtgtaagaac catggtctta actctcaccc    172920
     ttgctaaaga aaaacgggtt atggagaagg actttatgtg cattgcaaat ctcagttaga    172980
     ttttagagat ctgagatttt catcaacttg aatgaattct tataaagcca gcaatagctg    173040
     tgcatatagt atacactgag tggcatagtt ctttaatact tagctagtgt aaattgcctg    173100
     tttcatgctg gacattgatt gtaatgtctt atgctattcc ctgaccatta tcctcatatt    173160
     ccctgcatat atcctcattt ccatactgct acaggtcaag ggcacagggt cccacataac    173220
     atgtacaaac gctgctgtgc gttaatagat gactgctact taacatttaa ttgacacatg    173280
     ttgatagaat tatctttctt tgtaagaaag gaatttctga atattgcatg actttttccc    173340
     ccgtacactg tgaggatttg aaactttgta agcgacgtga ttaagcctag gttactcctc    173400
     cttgcatcct ttccatccac cttcaaaaca cgattttcct taggtttgtc cttgaaatat    173460
     gcctgcgtgg tgaagtatct tggcttctgg gttgatatgt tgggttttct aacttcttcc    173520
     tattttagtt ccatgcaata aataatggcc attttagata gagttcttag ctatgaatag    173580
     cttctttcct cataacttca tcttatattt attgcctaaa atgatagatt gaaagtcatc    173640
     acctagcaac tggcacgttt ttctcttgtg gtatggttat ttgtgatgat tgactatctt    173700
     agcacttcaa gtgcttattc tggtcaaaaa atggatataa ggggatctat aaatagaaca    173760
     ccatttacat actcttcaca gttatcagca cacctttctt aaataagttc atttgtacag    173820
     aagactttgt ctgtcaatgt atttctcacc tcttcaaaag gagtagctga ttcaagccaa    173880
     cctaggattg gagatttaca gaatcctatg agctctgtta tctccagtcc ttatgtccta    173940
     ttgaagactg gtttttgcac ctctgtaaaa aaagtaacaa aaaactcaaa atgagaaaga    174000
     acacaaaggc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atatatatgt    174060
     cttcatgttc atttcttgtc acaaaattaa tgctttgtac tttaaaggag cctttcatcc    174120
     ccaaacctca aagaccttta taaataagta agtacgagca tctgcattta caggttagga    174180
     gtgatgcatg agcctgtgaa aagtgcagtg tgcattgttg ctaagctgag gaagaagttc    174240
     attttaatta aatgcacaca aaattagttg atttgatttt actaggtata atatatatta    174300
     ggtatagtgc atatatatat atatatatgc actataccta atatagagaa gagagatatc    174360
     tttcctagtc ctccaaagac cgtgtatatt aacaaaggta taacagcatg aaaattcaag    174420
     gcctcaactt ccttcaaagt cccccacagg gatcttgata tctcaaggga ccagctcccc    174480
     tgtgctcaac agctgtccat ccctaatggg gtttctctgc tttactaagc atcaaagttc    174540
     tcaatcaggt gttgtaatgt agggctcccc gtggctgcgc cagacatttt tacaatgtta    174600
     atcatgcctt caggtgtttg aggtgcacag tagccaatga cctacaacga cgtgggtgag    174660
     cgtgtcctcc tatcacatat gatcttctct taggaagcag tccaagaaaa gcattttaag    174720
     ctccagtctt ttacaagtcg attatttttt caatacgaaa aattctttcg cttttttttg    174780
     tctttgcttt gctttagatt tatttattaa ggatgatcat ttccatgtta aggatctttt    174840
     gggtaatgtg tatgtactta tttttaactg tgagtgaaag aaatactctt tccaagggaa    174900
     gaccatacca attggttatc agacatcaaa ttgtcaatcc agaaaacata tgcatacatt    174960
     atacaggctg agtatgttgt atctaggaat atatatgtat gtgatatgta taattaatat    175020
     tatatatatg tgtatatata tgaatttgta tgtatttagg aatatatatg tgcatgtata    175080
     tttatgtcta cacatatatg tatgtaacat caattaatga aaaaagaagc catgaatttg    175140
     gaaaagaagg atatatgaga aagtttaaag gaagaaaagg gaaaatgatg taattatatt    175200
     ataatctggg aaacaaaaaa aaataatcta tgacttctta attctcccct tcaggttctg    175260
     ggctctggca tgtgggctga tgatggtatc tggttggatt cagaaattag tgatatctat    175320
     ataatagata acagtgcctg tttctttcac tagcacatgg tcttcatctg agtcctgcac    175380
     actctttgtc ctcctcgtaa tgttatttta ttattatttt tttgtcaaaa acaatgtatt    175440
     tagcttcaaa ataacatgtt gttgtcttag tttttgttac tatgggtata tcttttcact    175500
     tgtataatgt aaatcagtaa ggaaatagga tttgcttaaa ggaggttgtt ttgtcacctt    175560
     gcttgaggat atgtgtattc cattcatcag ccacagcaag gctttggttg aaatcttagg    175620
     gctagacagt tacccaaatg gaggaatatg ggcagttgta gacattttaa aaagaggtaa    175680
     gatgagggta tagctcagtt gataagatta tttggctagc aggcttgaag ccctgggctc    175740
     agtcctcagt accacataaa gtcatgaatg atggtacatg tcttagcaat gatgctgctg    175800
     atctcagaaa tggaggagtg ggaacaggag gattagaagg tcaaggtcat ctacaaatag    175860
     ttggtttgat atcattgtgg aatacatatg cacctaattc aacaaatacg cagaaacaaa    175920
     acacacattt ttaagaaagt gtggtaatat gtatactttc tgcaacattt tggttttaat    175980
     tgagaaaaga ggtaaccagg taaccaagaa atactaaccg ttttgttgta gtgagaatca    176040
     aatctaaggc ttttcctcct gtcaggcaag tattctccta gtaagctgca ccctagccca    176100
     gaatctcttt ctaatatgtt acccaggaga ccaaaaagct ccctgactat tcctttgtgg    176160
     gcataattat cttcaaattc tggagaagac tgtcttttcc ctcatgtgtt caatcttttt    176220
     atataaaatg atgattttaa acaagcacac atggactctg tggtatgatg gatagcgcat    176280
     tgaacttcta aaattgtaca cctcaaagac atgggacatg ttgtatacat caaccaagta    176340
     gaaggagcat tcaaagaaat ttcaggattt ggaggactgc aatgcaccat ggactcaggt    176400
     cttaagtgaa tacttggact tttatatcga cgagtaggca atttcttcaa gacccatgtg    176460
     ccttccagaa gatagtcatt ttgtttcaga cttggagatg tgaaagtgac ttattacctg    176520
     tgtgaacaag ttacacaaca tctcctggcc tcaagtctcc acgaccagac aatgactcta    176580
     ctggattccc agacctcttg agatgactcg gtgccactga ggctttgtga gttctttatg    176640
     gctctaggcc tgatacatgt ttgctaccat caaatttgca cttattgccg acataatact    176700
     tcactgcttt atttgaaaat tagtatattt tataaaatac agaaagaact caaaagcaac    176760
     tttacaatgt catgctctaa cgtttgcata catactcatt actttaaatt tctaagatga    176820
     caatttacca accaatgaaa caaatcaaca caattagttg gtacttttag aggtttatat    176880
     agtgcatgct aatgtaaaag caaacctaat tcttacattt atgatgaatt gaatttgata    176940
     cgagtgccag ggttgggggt aactggtcat ttaaaaatat atttgaaaca actgaatgta    177000
     caaaatagaa ctggactccc catttacctt ttatacaaaa attaactcaa attgggtcag    177060
     tgacctagat atagaagctg aaaactgtga ctgtaataga tggtgacctc agagtaaatc    177120
     tttattttgt atgcaattag gtttttcttt gttttggcaa aacacagttt acaaagtaga    177180
     ggagtagaca aattggacta cacaaattgg gattacacca aaataaaaaa cttctgtgtc    177240
     acaaatgaac atgtcaaaag cgacaaaaga aatcagacag aatgggagaa aatgctgtca    177300
     tatataagta cttctataaa attaaagatc acatgaaaat ataaccgtat ttcatcaaga    177360
     gaccatcttt ataatgagta tataaataac caataaagag atgaaagaaa ttcactatca    177420
     ttaatcccgt tggaggctaa gagtaaacca atatgctaat agcatctttc accagggtga    177480
     ctataatcaa agtgtagcaa agtctaagtg ttaggatgca ggcagaagga tcccaagttt    177540
     cacacagtgc tgctatgaca tgacatgcat ggttcagtca tccaggaaaa cactctgaag    177600
     gttctcaaga gtgaagagtg tagctcctct aagactcaat aactcttctc ctctggatgt    177660
     tttgttctgt gatgcttgac agtgagacaa gaacaatgcc tatgcacccc aaatagggag    177720
     cgcacaatag actaaagtcc aacttggtga accaattaat tgtattgagg ttatttacag    177780
     aaatctgggt gaggggttac gtggaggagg aggagaaatt caaagatagg tgcatcacca    177840
     atgtccactg ctgaatgaac catggctcag aaaagctgga aacctggaac acactgcaca    177900
     gcctgcaggc agttcaacag gttggggaat atcctttcca aatagctcaa tgatctaaga    177960
     cccgttcagg aagccgggca ggtgtttgtt ctttctctgc agtgtgactg gtctgcttcc    178020
     ttcaagctgc ttgtcttatc tttgctttat ctaggaggct gctctgagcc tcttctacga    178080
     agctctgctt gcctgagagt agctctcagc agtctttact tcttatatac tcttgtggag    178140
     ggaggagcct agtgaatctg gtcagtttca gagtctttct gcaacttaga agttgtttct    178200
     atcttaatga gcttttctgc agagtagtgt ttaacctctc cttagactgt tctgctgttt    178260
     tacctcttgt ctcgaattat ccagctgttt tacctctagt ttcccatctt atatcttaag    178320
     atatttttct ccaagataga agctttaaat ttttttgttg gatatttttt acttacattt    178380
     caaaaattat ccccattccc gatttcctct cgagaagccc cttatactat ctctccttcc    178440
     tctgtttcta tgagtgtgct ccccttccca cccactccca cctcccagcc ctggcattcc    178500
     tctacactgg ggcatcaaac cttctcagga ccaggggtct ctcttttcac tggtgtctga    178560
     caaagccatc ctctgctaca aatgcagctg gagccatggg tcattcaatg tgtactcttt    178620
     ggttggtggt ttagtcccta ggagctctgg gggatctggt tggttgatat tgtttttctt    178680
     cctagtgggt tgcaaacctc ttcagctcct tcagtccttt ctcccgtgct cagtccaatg    178740
     gttggctgtg agagcaccca cctctgtatt tgtcaggtac tggcagagcc tctcaggaga    178800
     catttatatc aggctcttgt cagcaagcat ttcttggtct gtatatggga tgggtcccca    178860
     ggtgggacag tctctggatg gcatttcctt cagtctctgc tccacatttg ttctccatat    178920
     ttcctcccgt gagtattttg ttcccctttc taagaaggac tgtagcatcc acactttaga    178980
     ctttcttctt gttgagcttc atgtggcctg tatctgtgaa ttgtaccttg ggtactctaa    179040
     gcttttgggt taatatccac ttaccagtgt gtgcataccc gtgaattctt ttgtgactgg    179100
     gttacctcac ttcggatgat attttctaat tccatctatt tgcctaagga agttttatga    179160
     agttattgtt tttaatctct gagtagtact ccattgtgta aatgtaccac attttatgta    179220
     tccattcctc agttaaaaga catttgagtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataagtaagg    179280
     cttctatgaa catagtagag catgtgtcct tgttatatgt tggagcatct tttgggtata    179340
     tgcccaggaa tggaatagct gtgtcctcag gtagtactac atccaatttt ctgaggaacc    179400
     cccagattga tttccagaga ggttgtacaa gcttgcaatc ccaccagcaa tggaggagcg    179460
     ttcttctttc tccacatcct caccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgagtttttg atcttagcca    179520
     ttctgactgg tgtgaggtgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttct ctgatgacta    179580
     aggatgttga acattttctt taggtgcttc ttggtcattt gatagtcctc agttgagaat    179640
     tctttattta gctctatatc ctatttttaa tgggattatt tggttctctg gagtctaact    179700
     tcttgagttc tttatatata ttggatatta gccctctatc tgatgtagga ttggtaaaga    179760
     tcttttccca agctttgtgc atgctcatac agtctcctta agtttatata tcccctgatg    179820
     tatctagaag accttgattt cttcatgttc ttcatccctt ctggctctta taatgtagaa    179880
     acttttttgg agacattttg cttaaggctc agtgttccaa tgtgtttgca ctttatctgg    179940
     cactgggtct ctgtatttgt ttttatctaa tgctggagga agtgtctctg atgatgactg    180000
     aacaaaacat acatctttgt gtatgcattt tattgctata ttcctttagt aggacagtag    180060
     tatttggttt ttccattggt acaagaacct agtctcaagt ttttggttac ccaaacatct    180120
     ttgggtatga gttctgtccc atagagtggg ccttaaataa aatcagatgt aggttggtta    180180
     ctctcacaca ctttgtgtga gtattgcaac atcatagctt gtagactgat caccctttca    180240
     gactgagaga tttggggctg ggttggcttt ttcctttctt tctttgctaa cacatgtagt    180300
     accccctagt ttcatgaata ggaatacagt ctccatgtaa gtaccagctt gattcttcat    180360
     gtttaatggg ttgtatgggt gctgtttaca gtaatagggt cttgcactca gtttgtggat    180420
     aggcaccaat agccttggca atagcctgga ctgtatgaga gtttgaaaga acccctttga    180480
     caaagagttg catcaaattt acccattact gtaagcttca tttgctgaca agtgacaacc    180540
     attttgggat ctgtcttttg tttggctatt ttatttagat tgctttcata tatgtacata    180600
     ccataggaaa ctttcactct attccatatg accagttaaa cggcccattg atatagctgt    180660
     ccctccctgt attccttctc ttgagccctt cttccctact tctgtttaat gctctaattc    180720
     cagtctccct catccatcta taattttatc tccccttctt agggcgatcc attcctccct    180780
     caagtccctc atgctttcct tacctctgag tttatacaga acgtagcttg ggtaacagat    180840
     aacgtccaca tataagcaaa tacatactgt atttcttttc atgaatatga gttacctcaa    180900
     ttaggatttt ttttcatagt ttcatgcatt tacccataca ttttatgatt tcatttttta    180960
     aactgcttaa tactaaacca ttttgtaaat tacactaatg gccttttatt tagaaagtct    181020
     tttcctatgc taatgaattc aagactactc cccactttct cttctaactg gtgcaatgta    181080
     tctggtttta cgttaaggtc tttgatccat ttggaattga gatttgtgta gggttataag    181140
     aatggatcta tttggcttgt tttatatgct actgttcagt ttgactcgca ctatttgttg    181200
     aaggtgtcta ttttttagtg tatatttctg gcttttttaa aaatcaaagt caggtgctcg    181260
     tacgtgggtg gacttacttc tgggtcttca atttgattgc attgatcaat gtgtttggtt    181320
     ttgtctcagt aacatgctgt ttttatttct atagctctgt aacacaattt gagataggag    181380
     ataatgatat atctccagca tgttttgaaa attattattt tcggggttgt tttagtcatc    181440
     ctagtatttt tgtttccata tgaagctgaa aattatcctt tctgatttgt gaagaatcgt    181500
     gttgggattt tgatagggat tgcatagaat ctgtagatta cctttggtaa gattgccaca    181560
     tttactatat taacccttct gatccataag cactagagac ccttctatct tctgatatgt    181620
     tcttcaattt cttgcttcaa tgtcttaaag tttttttttt tttgttgttg ttgttttttt    181680
     gttttttaat acaagtcttt tacttgcttg gttagggtta ccccaagata ttttatatta    181740
     tttgaggcta ttgtggaagg tttccctatt tctttctcag tctgtcattt ctttatagga    181800
     gggctactga tttttgtgag ttaattttgt aacatgttac cttgttaaaa gtatttatca    181860
     gctgttagaa tatcgtggtg gaaattgcat gtctaccatc atatcatcca caaataaaga    181920
     taacgttgac ttttttcttt ccattttgta ttttcttaat ctcttttatt tgttatatta    181980
     ctatagctag gaattcaagt attatattga gtaggtatgg agagagtgga aaaccttgtt    182040
     ttgctctgat tttagtagaa atgctttgag tttctttcca tttaaattga tattcactgt    182100
     gggctttcag taaacttcct tcattatgtt gaggtatatc ccttgtatca ttaatctctc    182160
     tgggcctttt atcatgaaga agtgtcaaag gccttttctc catataatga ggcaactgtg    182220
     tgaattttgt ctttgagttt gttcttatgg tagaatatac atatttatta gaatcccctt    182280
     attgcagggc aggggtggcg cacaccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggtaggtg    182340
     gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac    182400
     actgagaaac cctgtctcta aaaccaaaaa aaataaaaaa taaaaaatag aatcccctca    182460
     ttgatttaca tgtgttgaac catctctaca cctcagttga ttgtggtaga tgatctcttt    182520
     gatgtgttct tggatttgat ttgcaagtat tttattgagt atgtttgtat ctatgttcat    182580
     aaaataaatt ggtctataac tccttttgtt gcatctttat tttgtttggt tatcagggta    182640
     gctgtgccca cataaaatga attgggcagt gttccttctg tttctatttt gggaaatgat    182700
     taatggagtg tggtagccag tgtggggcat ggttatatct cctactctga tgagtccagg    182760
     gtcaaccctt gctgcagata tgtgttgagg gatgtggggg agaagggcat ctctccttcc    182820
     cctacaccat tgcctggcag atgggtgaca aggccagctc tcttgcattc atgcctttgg    182880
     ggctggctta cctgcaaccc ctgaaaccag gatgagggct gctctcttga gtacagcagc    182940
     tggtgagggg ggagagccat ctctcccaga atgcccaatt gaggggtaaa ccagttctgt    183000
     atagccctta gacaccaaca tgactccagg tggggcagcc cagacccagg atggccacct    183060
     ggtctttggt ggcaacagac catgacaact gcacgtccat ggatacaaac atggcccttg    183120
     atggcaccac aggccaggac ctcatcatgt ccttaggtgg tatcactgtt ccttgttacc    183180
     ctcaagaatc cagttctgcc tctcttcatt gtgcataaaa acttctgccg ttctttctct    183240
     aatgtctccc caccgtttat tagctcattt tagtggcttc tggagcctct aggtgtctgg    183300
     gatcatctca ggagttacta tgcccagctc atgctgggtg gcaccaggca gggtttatct    183360
     caggcttgtt tcctgcccag cccatgcaca ggacttcact tttcatattt aattctggta    183420
     attttgatct tctctctctg ccttttagtt aatttggcta atggtttgtc aatcctatgg    183480
     attttctgaa agaaccaaat ctttgtttca tttattctat gcaatttttt gtggttgttt    183540
     ttgattggtt tctgttttat tgatttcacc cttgagttcg attatttgtt gttaataacc    183600
     ttttggatgt tattttgctt tttcattcta gagcttccag gtgtgctgtt tacttgctag    183660
     tatgagatat ttcccatttt tttaggtagg cacttagtgc tataaactta cctctcagaa    183720
     tcgcctccct ggtgttctgt aagtttgggt atgttgtggt ttctatttaa tctggtttta    183780
     tttaatttta gaaagttttt actttctctc ctaatttctg tcttgatgaa ttgtttttca    183840
     tttgatgtga gttgttcaga ttccatgagt ttgtaagctt tctgttgttt ctattgttgt    183900
     ttatacccag ctttaatcca tggtaatcag ataggatgca gggggttata tcagtattct    183960
     tgtatgtgtc cagactttgc tgtgtacaag tatgtggtca attttgtaga atgttccatg    184020
     agatgctgat aagaagacat atttcttttt gtttaggaga aatgctctgt aaatatatgt    184080
     taggtttatt tggtttatga tatcagctct tgtctagatg atgtatctat tggtaagagt    184140
     ggggtattga agtttcccac tatcagtatg cttgggttaa taagtgattt aaactgtggt    184200
     agtgtttctt ttatgaactt tggtgacctt gtgtttgatg aatagatgtt aagaattaca    184260
     ataccctctt gttggatttt tcctttgatg agtgtgtagt gtctttctct acctcttctg    184320
     attagttttg gtttgaagtc catttagtca actttaaaat gactgtacca aatctcttct    184380
     taggctcttt ttctagggat atctttttcc attcttctat agcgaggtta tgtacaccct    184440
     ttatgttagt gtgtgtcttg gatgcagtag aaaaatggat tctgttttca agtccattct    184500
     gttagcccat gtcttttgat tggaaaaatg tgaccattga cattgagaat tattaatgag    184560
     cagtgtttgc tgagtcctat atgtttctca ttgttgtggg tgttttttct tcatttttct    184620
     ccatttggtc cactagcctg aaattatgta ttctttgtgt tttcttggct gtggttagcc    184680
     tcttcagatt gaaagttttc ttctaatgtc ttctgttgtg ctgaatttac ataatgatgc    184740
     tgattaaatg tattttttta tttgcttttt gtttttgttt tttcgagaca gggtttctct    184800
     gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg atctcagaaa    184860
     tttgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctgga actaaaggag tgcgccacca cgccctgctt    184920
     taaatgtagt tttattatga aatgtcttta tttatccaat tgttgtgatt gaaaattttg    184980
     ctgtctatag tattctggtc agacattagt gtttgtaaaa catctctcca ggcctgtctg    185040
     gcttttagag ttttcattga aatgtctggt attattttaa taggtctacc ctaatatatt    185100
     atttcgtctt tttttctgct tttaatattc tttctttctt ttttatgatt attgttttgg    185160
     ttattatgta atataaattt tttttcctgg ttaggtctac tttgtgttct gtatgcttcc    185220
     tgtaacttaa taggtacctc cttctttagg ctggggatat tttcttctat gactttgttg    185280
     aaaatgtttt ctttgccttt gatctagatt tcttctcttt cctctattac tattatttgt    185340
     aggtttaatc ttttcatagt gtcccagctt tcctggatgt gttgtgcctg gatcttttta    185400
     gatttaatat tttaatattt gactgaggta tccatctctt ctatcttgtc ttcaatgcct    185460
     tagattgtct tttccttttt ctattgatga gtcttgcttc tgagtgtcct gtaaaaattc    185520
     ttaaattttt catttcccat ttttccccag ttgggttatc tgtattgatt ctatttccaa    185580
     ttgtacgtct tgaactcttt ttcatttcat tccactgtta gtttgtgttt tcatagattt    185640
     ctttaaggga gttagttatt tcccatttaa ggcactctaa ggttttcata aaggctattt    185700
     tgaagttctt gtttgtcttg tactttggtc atgctgcact tctcaggctt gctgttgtag    185760
     ggttgctggg tttctgtgga aaaatactgt ctgggctctt actgattctg attttacact    185820
     ggtgtctagg catttagatt tgggattatt gtaattctaa gtgctgatgt cagggctttt    185880
     ctttgttggg tggatgtttt gtttcttggt ttgtgttgct ttttctggtt cttaggagag    185940
     tatgatagcc gtggctggcc taatagggaa tgcttctgag gtcctgccag gttaggacta    186000
     ctggtccgtt ctggttcgaa tgtgtttctt ggtatttggc aagggatgag gatgagctag    186060
     aagtgggtgg ggtgctgact gtgtgtgcgg gagggaggta aacgctgtgc caccagtatc    186120
     tacttagtct ccttaagaat gatggcagag atggataagt agcctgtagc cagtctgcta    186180
     cagagcttat gatgagacta ggcagtcgaa tttgatggag agaaaggagg gtgagtatct    186240
     aattccctgg ctgtcatgac tctcaggttc ccatgggatc tctgaggaag ttgtcatctg    186300
     tggttcaagg acagggtagt gagagatgcc gtaggagaag acctgcaaga tcttctggag    186360
     ataagaggaa ggggaagcct tggcagatgg tctgctacag gaatggaaat gatacttagg    186420
     gcctgatttg gaggagagga gggaaagtgt atgtctaaag attacttacc tgcctggaca    186480
     cttattagaa gttttaaatt atgtatctga aatgggtaca ccacgtggtg cagtcattat    186540
     atctcaataa cattatttaa catggcaagt gtctcagacc aaaaataggc actgtatatt    186600
     agacctcata gcaagtatcc ctaggttaag tttttaaggt gtaaaatatg taatttgatt    186660
     gttcccttgg tttagttgaa cactgcattt tatagcagtc agtgtcagcg agtgttcgag    186720
     tatagtgtaa atcattggaa atttagattg gaacataatt atctgttcta ctttcatttc    186780
     tgttgcagtg atggaatatc ctgacagcca gcaacttagg tgatacgggg cttatttgtg    186840
     ctcacagttc catgttatga tccatcactg gagaggagtc cccttggcag acacttgaga    186900
     cagctgatca cattgcatcc atggtcaaga gcagagagca gtacttaggg cttagctaac    186960
     cactctactc ggtgcagttt agggttccag actaggaaat agcaccaacc actgtcaagt    187020
     tagtttttct gacttcaaat aaagcaatcg aagaatgcca cacagacatg tccaaccact    187080
     atcctaatgt gggtcatctt gagactctct tccaaagtga gccaagcttg tatcaagctg    187140
     acaataagta ctaaccatta ttacttgaag ctgaacctca ccctgaagtc attctagttt    187200
     aactgaaagt actataggat ttcttttaaa cagccacttt attgagacat acctagtata    187260
     caaaagattt gtatattgac tgcatatcat tagttggctt tgaactgtca tacacctatg    187320
     aaatcagtaa catagtcaag ataataagga ttttatcacc tctaaaaatt ttctcctttc    187380
     tctgatgcct ttccaggggt acagcaacaa cacctcacct gtgttttatt cttttgagta    187440
     ttttagtata ccatgtcgtt ttattaccta ttggcactgt gtggtagaac tgccccagag    187500
     cttcttaatt ttaagtagtg gaaagtttat gctcactgag ttatgtctct taatttccct    187560
     tctcttcaga ccttgctaac agctattcta ccttctacac ctgggagctc ggcttttatt    187620
     ttagatgctt cacataagtg ggattgtata acattaccct tatttcacgt agtgtaatgt    187680
     gccagatctt agaaattggg ctgtctgagt gttgcatagg atgggaataa tattttccaa    187740
     acagcccctt cttctcgact gggcaagtgc tattattgac ttagagtcaa aagcaaaacc    187800
     tcctgagtga acaacaggat tccttgcact gctcaaaatg tcttttcagt tttttgcctt    187860
     ccttccaaat attgatcgaa ggaaggttct atttctatgt agcttacact gtgttaggga    187920
     ttgtcagacc atgatgttag agtttcaagg ccacctacta agatattgtt gactgtcttt    187980
     atgggggtgg aagtgcaaag gtcaagctgg tagattaaag acgcaaagaa cttgctttca    188040
     agggtgcaga ggcttagctc aaaccagcac ctctggactt ctatctcagc aatacagcaa    188100
     gcattgtcag tgtgcattat gaggctctgc aggttagata caggatctct gctttctttt    188160
     atggaatggg ctcttttctt ttccttttca cctatcaaag ctatttgtta attcttctga    188220
     agatcactcc cctccatgag gaataagcct aaataaacct tctcttccgc ccccaaccct    188280
     gaaccctcaa tgtaatattt tattagttac tttggaattc caaaagcaca cttgatcaca    188340
     ctcaattccc attactccca ggtctacctt cctactgccc atccccccat ccccatcccc    188400
     ctgcaaaaaa ggaaaaaaga atagaatata tcaagtccaa tttgtgctgc ccatatactt    188460
     attagtgcat gttcaaactt cagtagctgg cctctcgaag aaaactgaat gctttttctg    188520
     ccctgccaga aaccatcaat tgtgaagggc cacacgtcag cgtctttatc acaattttaa    188580
     agtactcttt catgtctgga ctgtttcttt ttcttaggtg gagggagatg gcacagaagc    188640
     ctccaatgtc tctctttctc agttacgggt ctgcagtcat caatatcatc accaaagaag    188700
     ctcccctccc cataacagcc ctcagcagct cagatcacag acgtccctgt ttttgagagg    188760
     caccaggctg atcatgcata tgtacttggt tactaggggt agcacggatc atggacacca    188820
     ccaaggcctc caatgacagc actgatcctt gaagtctttc tgaggagact caatccagaa    188880
     aataaaccat tcctcatctc cattatcttg taattactca gagtcaaggt gagagtgagg    188940
     ttgggtgtag tgtcaggggc aagacctgcc tgagctccag gttgctatac accaccttgc    189000
     tctctggacc agcaagcctt gctggtatgt cagtagagtc atagtgtttg ccgatcatgg    189060
     ccagtatttt gaggccccat gctctctttc atcaagcagg acggacagct tcaacagcag    189120
     cagcagcagc agcttcagcg cctgtgccag ggttggagtt ctagtggtgg cactggccta    189180
     gcaggtaact ccagggtaag gcaggttcag tggtggcccc agttaatgat ctgctcctta    189240
     gctgtggcct gtgcaccctc ccatacctag tgcaccaaat ctctagttct gattatctcc    189300
     actgagcgac ctgctcctgt ctgctgtcat tttttttaat gggctggttt catatgtgct    189360
     tatgcttaac atctatttta caggttacct ccactcttaa gtgaagttag aacaggaact    189420
     caagcaggca cttcaagcag aaaccattga ggaactgctt cctacttcat tttctttttt    189480
     aatttaaact tttttattta agttgttgcc ccctcccaca cttcctcatc tgattcctcc    189540
     ttgcccttgt cttcagagga tgctctcccc gacccaggct tccacattcc ctggggcctc    189600
     aaggctttca aggaggccag accaggtaga cctctgctac atatgtgcca ggggccctgg    189660
     agcagcctgt gtatgctcat ggttggtggc ttcctacttc atttcagaga gatttcttat    189720
     atagtttagg actacctgcg cagggaatgc tgcctcccac agtgggttgg ctcctcctcc    189780
     atcaattaac aaccacacta atctaccaga ggcctagctg acctcatctc tctgaggctt    189840
     tcctctcaga tgactttagg ctgttttaag ttgacagttc aaggtgacta ggactaaatt    189900
     ttaccacatc agtgctttta tctcagggtc ttcctcatct cctggtgact ttaatatcat    189960
     gtccctacat tttgctgagt catagtttga cttttttgcc caatcacggg cagttatttt    190020
     gctgcatgac agtttttgtt ttttgttgat gagtggtcca agtttatgtt gtacccctgt    190080
     ttcacatttc tgctgaattg tgatttttta aaaactttca aaagttccat atacttatag    190140
     tgtgtgcttg tgtgctttga cagctgtgca tgtgtgtgca ggttacaggg caatttgaag    190200
     gacgaggaag aagaatgggg agggagaaaa agatataatt atattttaat taaattttca    190260
     aaaaaatgta aaaaaagaag tcactctggc ttgggggaaa taaagtgtcc ctgaagacct    190320
     gataagtcct gacgtaagtt acagcttctg ccttatggat cactatcctc taggcttttc    190380
     tgttttagga attcaaggct tgtgagagct acttatctct gtgcttttag cttttcttag    190440
     ataatatggg cttacctgta gaagtaaaca agacttcaaa aaacagctta cacaggacac    190500
     caggacatta ttctattttg atgtctcatg aactcaaatg aaaataataa aataaaatga    190560
     aatatgatga aataattttt taaagcacat tttatagaac atttgaaatg tcaataaata    190620
     aaataaccaa taaaaatgaa aaaagtttct tataaaaaga attaaatatt tagcaaattg    190680
     tttattttag atttgttagt taaaacatta tccccagtcc cgtttttgat cattgttaga    190740
     tagttctctg tgttctctgg gtcccaggtg cactttcaat gttttcattt gaatacaaac    190800
     atttcattag aagaaaagat attatgggtt tacaaaatct tgcttaaata acaaagattt    190860
     attatttatt ttaaaagata attaacttta gtttctattg tgtttgttgg acttagcatt    190920
     gctttttgct gctggcagat ttggcatcag caatagccat agccaggtca gcttcagtaa    190980
     atgggagtca gtgctgtgga gtccctgcac aatgtccatc tacaacaatg taactatatg    191040
     tttatgggtc tattgggcaa tgacatagat gaatgtggag aagaggttga ctgatattca    191100
     tagaatggct atcctgtctg catgggcact ggattccttc ttcacagaag ccactcattg    191160
     aatacttaca tggaatgcat attattttca tgtcttttac caattgggag agatctacct    191220
     atatatctct tccatggatg tctttctcac caatttcaaa ccatagtttt tccacatact    191280
     gggattatag cacatgaata cagcctatag gatgtaagct cacatctggt tattcttctt    191340
     ttatgaaaca tgaataaact tgtacactgt ctaaagttct gcccactgtg acgacttcag    191400
     ctgtgaagtt ggccagaaga aactataatg tagtagttag ccacttccag gtgatgcctg    191460
     catgtaatgc agatccatgg gtaaattgtg ctctaggctc ctcttcttta cagtttatag    191520
     accatattcc ttaggtcaca gatgtccatg tttggggaca gatgccacta caacaagagt    191580
     agagccatga ccacttggga aacttcttca cataattggt ttgtgctttc aaaacttgag    191640
     tgtgcctagt cacatataca ccatttacat ttgatgatgg attgctgcta ggcaaccctg    191700
     acattatggt ttggttggca gagcacactc ataataagga gctcaagctg catagaaatt    191760
     tggtgacccc tgttcagttt ttcttttaca taagcctcct agcaagccat gaattgcctc    191820
     tcaaaggtag agtagtctaa ggaagacagc aagcactcac tccagaatcc caagagtctc    191880
     ttctgtgaat tcttgtgagc ctcctctgtg atggaggcct caaaaaggct ctgtactgga    191940
     agattttgta tgtgaacttg acacaagcta aagacatcag agagaaggac cctcagttga    192000
     caaaaatgcc tctatgagat ccagctatag ggcattttct caatgaatga tcagtgggag    192060
     agggctcaac ccaggatggg tggtgccatc ccaggatggt gtcctgagtt ctataaggag    192120
     actgaggagg ccatgggaag caagccagca agcatccatg gcatcttcat cagctcctgc    192180
     ctccaggatc ctgccctgtt tgagttcctg tcccaactct ctcaataaaa atcagcaata    192240
     tggaagtgca aactgaataa atccttttct ccccagcttg ctttttgttt atgtcatttt    192300
     gttgcagcaa tagaaaccct aactgagaca ggtaccaaac agcatttctt tctacctttg    192360
     acaccttaac tatagttggc tctggtgaat cacatggctt aagctcacat aacagcctgg    192420
     acctggtaaa gagccttctc ttgcttcaag acccatttga agctaatcct ttggagaaac    192480
     atgactcaag tgtaattggt ataagtcaaa gataccaatt agtaatagta cctattaaag    192540
     agtttgatgt agtacattac acacagacct atgatcccac ccagcctgcc cctttgctct    192600
     attccttagc tctctcttag ctctcaaggt aagcaggctt aggagactca cactttctaa    192660
     tgagtcacgg ctgttgttgt ttaatgccca ttcctccaac tgtttcatga tcatggaatc    192720
     catgttttcc agatatcagt acttcctata ttattgcaca tgagtactct aaagagggaa    192780
     atccaccaac cagagctggg tgtagtatac atgcaaatat ccacgcttgc tgtgataacc    192840
     aattacagtt tcaagtttta tacttctgtt gttttcgttt ttgtaaccat agcattatct    192900
     aacccattat gatgactgct acctttataa tcacatcttg gttattctga gcctcttgtt    192960
     attatgggcc tccattttct catctgtaaa gtaaaaataa tagtgctgag cacaaagcac    193020
     acctgattgt tttatctgcc tttcttgctt gcttgcccac cgaattccaa gaaattcttg    193080
     tgctgtcaat ctatgggcat gctttttcta gcagaaatga ggcaattaga gggcatcctg    193140
     actagtgtag ggttattatt tcttcagttc agttccagaa ttggttcaga gcatctttct    193200
     ctataaacat aggtctatga catgtcctct ttaccactta caaaagaaga tagtatttat    193260
     gggtatcgat agtcagaacc aaaaggatca tttaactttg tacttttcct attataccat    193320
     ctaatgaaca ctctcttttt ctctgcctat ggtagtttga atcacatgaa aataaaagtc    193380
     ctaaccaatg cctgtgcctt gcggttatta caaggattaa ataaagcaat gcattcaagt    193440
     gtctgccaca ttacaaaggc tccaaacatg actgttatta tggctgatgt gggttgctaa    193500
     aggcctgtat tcatgagcac aatatcttgc ttattcgtgg gtctcaaccc tttaggtaac    193560
     cttaagattt gatgagctca taaactgaga ccacattact ttgggcccca cagaactttc    193620
     tccacctggc tacatgtagc tgctttgccc ttcaatgcct tggagggacc tcaaatgaaa    193680
     cagctatttg gaaactttta ttgtatatgc ttcagggatg ctgtctacag cttcattcag    193740
     aaccctacct acaaagacac attaagacat ttttctcaga cttgtgaggg aaggaaaggt    193800
     tgactttgcc tacagtgata atttttcatt gttttatatt ggcatcagag atgactaaac    193860
     tcaccttaca gaggttggag tcatagctct aagcacactt tctgctattt tcttttaaaa    193920
     attcatgtga ctttaaaaaa tcatattctt catgatacag ccatgtttat ttttatggac    193980
     attctaaatc ctacatcaag acatattttg attatttcca atgttgatgt gaaatctgtg    194040
     gcccctttta gaaaataata aattgtagag gctacagttg aattacagtt gaatatctaa    194100
     ttgctctttc ctttctcaga tcctgagttt atctttaact ttctatttta tagcatattt    194160
     tcttatgaat atctcaaata cttggtataa ataaataggt tataaataaa taaaaagcat    194220
     tcctataaat ataaaaaata attgaaatca tattctttga ggcacagaac acatgcttgg    194280
     tttcttacta atagctctcc tatccccaat gtttgtgaaa ttattatgac agaaaagaag    194340
     tgcttaaaat tttaacaaca acaaaacaca gaaagtcata gtttattctc tctgtgaaat    194400
     cccaaaatct aaagtcctaa ccttaagaga taaacatcac tatcaattca atgtcagaag    194460
     acagacttga attagcactt gagaggacag gtctctcttc ttaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca    194520
     aactaaagaa aacaggaaaa catacattgt tgacagaaat agtcattgta gaaaaataca    194580
     atagcaatag ttttactagg aatcattgcg aatgaactgg tcttttggct atctttagag    194640
     gtgctgaaca gtttacaatt gcatagagag gactaaaaat tccacagaat gtaacttctc    194700
     tggcaagttc aaatcctgga ccttgtcttg tccatttcct gttgtagtca caggctctct    194760
     aacttgtatc tatctttcta tgacaagaat cttgctttct gctgaaggtc acatttttta    194820
     ttggatattt tattttttga tttaaagaat ttaagagcca ctacacaagg aattaattgt    194880
     ccaagcataa ttgtgtatac tacatgatca tctaagcgcg ggcatattgt ctcatgtttg    194940
     atagtgtgtg tttccaagtc agaaatgcct gagggagttt tttaatctgt tctaagaatt    195000
     aagacccttt ctactatctc tttcctggta agagggatta gagcctattg tagcaattaa    195060
     acaagatgct tgaaccatag caaaaattca gtgaacacag gtgttctctt tagtagagga    195120
     aatccaggct cttttaagag actgttcgac tcatcaggat aatttctcat tttaataatt    195180
     tttatttcac aaaatataat aaattgtctt taggactttt aaaattcatt ctattttcat    195240
     gatagagtaa tattactcaa gattttggaa tataatagaa aaatattaag gaaaaaccaa    195300
     gttgaattca tccaggctca aaaacctgaa ctcattggaa agtctgttac attttctctg    195360
     aaacattctc tgcctgttga tccttccttc catcagtgtt cctatcactt cagaatacac    195420
     atgtgcatgc acacaaacac acttttagaa atatcacctg ctaggcatta gaaatacttc    195480
     tttgttacat agtctgaatt caccttctca ctcccctgat ttaatttttg catctatcat    195540
     catcaaagaa agacaatcca ctgtcagggt tgatatcact tgttctttga aactatttga    195600
     aatgcagcat ttcccctgat cttattgtat ctaagagtca tttcaaaaga cttttgtggc    195660
     ttcataaatg aaaatccaca cctgttcatg atgctgaagt tgtcaagtgt gggcctcggt    195720
     gcttgagtga tcactcaaat tgtagtctaa gttcttgttt tcatttgaaa aagacttgtg    195780
     agacatatgt atatatagtg aaaagtatat ttttgtctta agaaaaaaag caagtggcag    195840
     tatgttagaa ggttttagat tgtctacatg caggattgta tattacttat ttattattgt    195900
     atttcatgta catgtttagg ctgaatgttt ctctgtgtac tatgtatgtg ccttgtgctt    195960
     atagagtcca gaaaaggaag gacacagaat cccctggaac acaagttaaa gatagttgtg    196020
     aaccactatg tgggtgctgg gaattgaacc caggtcctct gggagagcat ccagttctct    196080
     taactaccta gccatcctca ctccagctcc tatggatttc atattctttt aaagtaaagt    196140
     gagagacatg attatatata gataaaattg ggactactgt gtgctgtaaa gggatattgg    196200
     tttcttgatt ccaagccttc aatataccag aacagaagat taaaatccag aagcattcaa    196260
     gccttggcca cagagctcca gcagtttgac cactttatat ccatccctga gacagggttg    196320
     gaccaggttg tgacaggtca aggaactgaa catggggtag ctgctttgta actatttatt    196380
     catgcaatct gacaagttct ttctcctcca ctcctccaca gctattcggc tcccaggcct    196440
     gtcttttgca cctctttcct tagggactcg cccctcattt tactgtgata acacttctgt    196500
     ttagtcatcg aatggcttag aacagcattt ccaaaaatgc gttttctaca ggttaattgc    196560
     tattctctgg tgggaaatag ctgatgcctg agtgaagttt gaaaatgctg cactgaacaa    196620
     acatataaga taatttcctg caagacttct cagagccttt attatgctaa tgtgcagtgt    196680
     cgagtgtcta ggggaacata aagaacctag actatgtttt caaacttact tgaccatgga    196740
     cagctttgta ccattttttt ctccaattct ggtatctgac aacaaataag gctaaaatta    196800
     ttatctgacc agaggcattt actgtttagt gaaaaatact taaggatcct caccctttcg    196860
     actttttctt catcttcttc ggctataagg ttgcgggctt tgtttttcat caggcttttg    196920
     gctttcacaa tttcatgtct gcatacaatg tactctgatg atattcaccc catcattatc    196980
     ttttcttttc cacctccgga tcctattgat attcttctat ccacctggtc tgctagagcc    197040
     ctctttcctt cttgtgaatt tttttgtttg tttttgtttg tttgtttttg gtgtctgtaa    197100
     aggtattacg caggtgggca cagctgttgg tttgggtgtc tgtacacgtg ttgtgccagt    197160
     ggacatagct gctgtatgtc tgtgacgcca atggtcatgt catatccaga aggcagcatt    197220
     ttttataagt tttatagtat tctttcttta tagtgttctg ttatctagct ttcacagtgg    197280
     acacctccaa cattctggga tgttccctgg gcctcagagt aggtgacata gatggctcac    197340
     ttagggttga gcactgagca gccgttccct ctcagtgatt tgatcagtta tgaatccctg    197400
     tgttgattat tacccaaaga aacttctctg acaaagactg agagctacac agtacctggc    197460
     ctaaaagcgg aactatttag aaggcagttt aactatatgt ctatttaaca aggtgtcagc    197520
     agtttggttt gtgagttccc taggcataga tttttgacca ctacagtacc agttatgtat    197580
     tccctctagt ggactaggct tcagggaatg tggtatcttt agagcagtgt cagttacatt    197640
     tgaatcaaca aacatcttcc ccagtgccat gtgtagtgcg ggctgatagt ctcatatctg    197700
     actatgttca ttaaatgaat tcacattaaa aacttgcaag tcttgttagg cttactttct    197760
     atgagtagaa tttgagctac cagtggcaac catatccatt tatccacttt gtggtcattg    197820
     atcctaaagt cctgggaaaa gaatttataa gaaaagttgg taaaaaatat tcagagaaag    197880
     gtattgagat aggctcttcc ttccatgaat ccctgaagaa acttcgatgt ttactcactt    197940
     tgtatgattt gtggggaagg aatctgggca acaaataaga ctggaggagc aaaaataaaa    198000
     taaaataaaa taaaatatta aaaaatggag aagttatata gaaaagagct gagattttga    198060
     aggactcttc taaaagaagg gtagaaataa gagaagcagc tgtctgtgag tggaggaaaa    198120
     atgaggtatt ttctgtgtaa ctaaactcag acccacccag acatcctgat gtttggaagg    198180
     tggacttaaa cttatgatgc tttcttctgc tccaaagtgt cacggttcca taggtgcacc    198240
     ctagatctgg ctccagtgtg ctttcaaagt ttgatgaagg gccatgcaaa atctggcaat    198300
     gtttttctat ggattttatc cccctattgg atatccctac agagactggg tttatgagga    198360
     cataacacta ttcgagttac caacaaaaat gaaaaatacg agagaaaaac agattcttgg    198420
     caaggctgtt tgctagtctc ccgagaatga gactatcttt ccttgggaaa cagctgcata    198480
     cagttttcat tatctaatcc taccttgcat tgtcacagtc tatacaaaaa gagaggcatg    198540
     tgattgcctt tagtcaagtt tctataagct tatttttcaa tatttatgca ctattgacaa    198600
     aaggtaatgg aaagttattt gacagtgtgc atacacctct atatgttgaa gaaaaaggat    198660
     acttgagaaa cagagagtgt aacatttcta atgccttcag aatcataaga aacctcctaa    198720
     atgagggaca gtgtttggca aaatggatca actggaacat agaatgcact tttgatttag    198780
     aaaaaggtag ctagaaaagc agccttaagc agccggacat gtgagaatta atcgaagagg    198840
     agctaagatc tacaaaagaa cttctaaagg gaagacgggg attagaaaga cacggctgtc    198900
     tttgggtagc cttttgctag atctcacaaa aggattttta taggattctg aataatcgta    198960
     tgtcaataca ttattttgat ggtctcaact gaacttctca cagccatttc tgttcttgat    199020
     ccaaatatag cggccatgtt tatccggaga agcaggatgc tccaagctgg gatatggcac    199080
     ctgtaaagag gcatcgatag gaatttgccc attctaggtc ttgggagaac ttggtactta    199140
     gcattttctt ctttctctga caatacacct gactttgttc tttattataa cgaggagatt    199200
     ttcttaagac tagaaggttt ttgaaattca attagagata aggaaaatta tctgagaaga    199260
     atataaccca aagtttaaag tttgattcaa ctctcctaac atttatttcc tggtttgtat    199320
     tagtaaatat tagtacctat tttgatttag ttatgacatt tctacaaata tgtacaatgc    199380
     attttggtca tgcattccac tgttctcatt tgtctcccta caacatccag tgatctgctc    199440
     ccccatttca ggtagtcttc catccacttc ctacttctca ggggtgtatg tggcctcatg    199500
     ggtttcaata gggtttattt tacgagtatt ggtgaaagaa ttttgacagg agcaggatca    199560
     ctataccatt ggctacacca ctgaagaaaa atgtctcttc ctttctcaac aactgtcaaa    199620
     tccctataaa tcttcataga gggttgggac ctcatgaacc cttcttcact ccttggcagc    199680
     atgctgacag gccttatctt gtctaggtct tttagaaggg atcccagagg ctatgaattc    199740
     aagggtctaa tgagcatgtg atgcccagaa tgcagcattc cacaatactg caccctgtcc    199800
     tctacctctt acatacttct caacactgca ttattctctg aactatggag caaatggtat    199860
     acacactcca cttatagtgg accatccaac agttcttctc agtactatgg ctagttatga    199920
     gtcattgcag ttgctgctgc tcactgcaaa aaagaagtta ttctaaccaa atttaacagt    199980
     agtattaata cataagcata gacatagctc tttttaaggc aacttgatgg gtgtatcatg    200040
     tctgtttagc aaaacaatgg atgaaacttc ctcatcagga cccatggcat ccccagtcat    200100
     agaattttgg ccaggtttac aggtttacag tatcagatat ggagtggtct taaaaatcta    200160
     aaccaggaag tggttgactt ctcccataac acacttgcca acactgaact agtgagcaaa    200220
     ccttacctgg ctgatctccc acagaatttc cccagcatca aagaaaggtg tagcagtcag    200280
     ggtccatagc aaacatctgg catttcttaa gctgttataa tggaccaggt ggtggggcta    200340
     aaagtctaaa tgagtgctct accttaaaaa gacagaagga gacatgagat gggagagaga    200400
     gagagggagt gggagtggga gagggagcgg gagagagaga gggagggggg agggagagag    200460
     agagagagag aagaggaaga tgagatattg gaagggacag cagagaaatg tatccaggca    200520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagagaga gagagagaga gagagagcaa    200580
     tttaagagcg ggaaaggaag aagcaagaga aggactcatg gtcatgaatg gtcccagaaa    200640
     ctacaagatg agaaagtttg ttatgggatt atggtttcat atcttttaaa gagactacct    200700
     agcaacaaga ctgccacatt acctgtattc aaacagagaa atagagaaaa ttacgtgtat    200760
     ggacttaaac tgtatacaga gttctgagga tttctacctc cactctgggg ttttgtgggg    200820
     aaagcaaaca atgtttgcac agcaaacatg agaaagcaag gtgtcttctc gtgatgcaga    200880
     atttttgaga gctttttcct gtctggagaa gaggcttttt ttttcccccc cagctcttgg    200940
     tgaggcaatc catagtcgaa acctgttgcc tatacatgtt tattaaaatg tattatcgaa    201000
     gcaaggtggt taaaatacaa gggaattaat ttacggcaga taaaaccatc tcttgccgac    201060
     atttggtgcc tgtaactatt ttggaaatta tttaagttta agtgaaaaat ttgttatctt    201120
     taatatatat gaacaaggaa ggaaggtatc tagatgcttg ctgggcaaca tcagggctta    201180
     tgccgaatgt atctgacagc ctgacttctc actccaggca tctgaaagag ttgttattca    201240
     aagtcagtat ctattgatca aagacagatc tcttatactt ggttaccacc tgaaagaaag    201300
     gcagacagga ggtgtttgga aatgccatca tccacgctac tgtgaatatt taagactcct    201360
     gaccacaaga gcaaactcat gagttaagat cttaggtccc ccttctctct gatatgttac    201420
     catgtctgag gatgaaggga attgtgactt ttgtccagct gtgctcaata ttcaagtgtt    201480
     caacagagag agcaatcaga ctggtggaag tcagtcctgc aggagttcta tgtgctggga    201540
     gctagaggga ggctgccagt tcatctcata tacattattt ctccaggaaa cacagcataa    201600
     tcgaggacaa ttttccacca tgaattgcat cattagctaa cacagggaaa gtgaagcact    201660
     gttaactttt cttttttctt ctgcaaagct gatgagctga agaaaataga aatgaaaagt    201720
     ttaatgcatt ttttttttgg ccaagaatat atgttgaaaa tcagaatcaa aacactttta    201780
     cacggtaata gaaatcccac attttaatac attgccatgc atataaggaa gagaataatg    201840
     ccgaatacaa aatagtcaaa tatacaaaat gataaagctg attttcaagc ctgatagaga    201900
     tcatgcttaa ggatacaagt gggcagaaat ctgtacagtt ttactcttat caattgaaaa    201960
     agaatcatgc cccttcccag tcttcttgaa gaaaacccaa aatagaaaga aatattctaa    202020
     gaaaatataa aggagaccca aagggagttg gcaagttggt agctgctcaa gatacataag    202080
     ttggtggctc aaaattgtag tgcacaataa gtcttatgtt tagagaagaa aggtttctaa    202140
     acatccgaaa ccgtggagcc cgggagcaat gtggacatcc aacggaaaag gcactcttgc    202200
     tttcgccaca gaaagttgtt gttgttgtgt ctttctaagt ctgggcctgg gaccctttct    202260
     ggagaaaaaa taagtaaata aataaatgaa gaaagaaagg aacaagtcag aaaaagaaag    202320
     aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaggaaagg aaaagaaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag    202380
     gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag aaaagaaaag ataagaaaag aaaaggaaga    202440
     agaaaagcac agcagaacaa ttgtgggtag tggataaggg aattc                    202485