ID   AC121894; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 148613 BP.
AC   AC121894;
DT   27-MAY-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   06-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-157H5 from 6, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-148613
RA   Pearman C., Kozlowicz A., Creason K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-157H5";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-148613
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   "Sequencing of Mus musculus";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-148613
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-MAY-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-148613
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-AUG-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-148613
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 0d26c535d39c69b722c86ff537b828b1.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456132.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000056755; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031104; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031073; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031004; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031084; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0030624; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0031543; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030191; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0030770; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0030923; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0030877; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031003; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0030911; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0031570; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0029907; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030275; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC121894.2:1-148613; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000071076; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000174018; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0079205; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0079277; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0079200; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0079218; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0078079; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0079691; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0079424; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0078802; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0078955; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0078838; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0078987; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0078843; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0079940; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0078851; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0077947; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; G3UY08.
DR   GOA; G5E8D5.
DR   InterPro; IPR000162; GPCR_3_mtglu_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR000337; GPCR_3.
DR   InterPro; IPR001828; ANF_lig-bd_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001883; GPCR_3_mtglu_rcpt_7.
DR   InterPro; IPR011500; GPCR_3_9-Cys_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR017978; GPCR_3_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR017979; GPCR_3_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR028082; Peripla_BP_I.
DR   MGI; MGI:1351344; Grm7.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UY08; G3UY08_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G5E8D5; G5E8D5_MOUSE.
CC   On Aug 17, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:21040015.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0157H05
CC   --------------.
CC   NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
CC   clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
CC   clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
CC   between neighboring data submissions.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..148613
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /map="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-157H5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   1..1149
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   1498..1656
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   4657..4981
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   6015..6145
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   6706..7011
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   9993..10133
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   10134..10352
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   14441..14812
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   15707..17134
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   17133..17952
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   18712..18860
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   19611..19770
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   19935..20064
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   20167..20508
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   21552..21832
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   22195..23341
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   23580..23765
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   27053..27300
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   27317..27431
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   30971..31389
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   32293..32432
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   33038..33121
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   33989..34327
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   34533..34745
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   35754..35840
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   35841..35877
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   37112..37439
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   37443..37677
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   37916..38101
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   38385..38464
FT                   /rpt_family="MER103"
FT   repeat_region   38997..39202
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   39347..39837
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   39838..39948
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   40226..40472
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   40450..40531
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   40639..40708
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   41221..41370
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41650..41819
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   41910..42009
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   42366..42805
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   44168..44583
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   45168..45567
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   45723..45960
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   47997..48129
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   49068..49210
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   49558..49755
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   50136..50442
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   51955..52086
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   52359..52609
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVL"
FT   repeat_region   53188..53275
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   53998..54158
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   54226..54533
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   54693..54859
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   56977..57142
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   57657..57973
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   58246..58315
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   58317..58761
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58744..58793
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58823..58914
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   58989..59092
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   59146..59224
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   59641..59823
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   59939..60045
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   60563..60823
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   60820..61098
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   61205..61350
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63025..63263
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   63571..63972
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   64438..64453
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   64454..64663
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   64664..64867
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65039..65232
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   65233..65428
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   65849..65957
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   65969..66164
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   66810..67265
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   67698..68047
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   70838..70981
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   70981..71228
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   74776..75130
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   76210..76378
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   76498..76831
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   77392..77549
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   77803..77845
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   78209..78278
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   78465..78508
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   79151..79358
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   79487..79729
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   79640..79764
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   80945..81530
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   81553..81658
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   81763..82180
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   82527..83822
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   83829..84257
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84302..84830
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   84831..85001
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85159..85306
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   85307..85494
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85581..85893
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   85895..86130
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   86600..86953
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   87049..87128
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   87855..87927
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   90307..90828
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   92167..92373
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   92488..92555
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   93653..93774
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   94888..94987
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95709..95864
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   95865..96062
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   96899..97115
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   98581..98722
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   99123..99307
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   99904..100620
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER13B"
FT   repeat_region   101586..101658
FT                   /rpt_family="ID"
FT   repeat_region   101670..101750
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   101751..101770
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103316..103404
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   103565..103744
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   104247..104630
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   105329..105734
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   105814..106012
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   106014..106066
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   106279..106358
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   106390..106539
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   107519..107665
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   107701..108048
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   108058..108246
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   109147..109416
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   110862..110938
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   112841..113079
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   113761..113989
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   114008..114089
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   114767..114814
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   116684..116825
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   116924..117371
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   117372..117489
FT                   /rpt_family="ERVK"
FT   repeat_region   117889..118332
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   118930..119032
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   119041..119321
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   119322..119512
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   119513..119586
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   119601..119689
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   120057..120268
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   120676..120731
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   120750..120945
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   121547..121608
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   122926..123170
FT                   /rpt_family="MER1_type"
FT   repeat_region   124370..124510
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   124885..125029
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125220..125347
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   125403..125547
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125553..126038
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126045..126600
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   126626..126743
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   128832..128956
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   128980..129277
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   129490..129642
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   131709..131855
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   131995..132186
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   132194..132242
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   132754..132995
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   133234..133368
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   133738..134464
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER13A"
FT   repeat_region   134757..134865
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   135449..135629
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   137236..137286
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   138000..138233
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   138254..138458
FT                   /rpt_family="ERV1"
FT   repeat_region   139028..139297
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   139595..140003
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   140932..141215
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   141299..141682
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   142322..142406
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   147887..148153
FT                   /rpt_family="MaLR"
FT   repeat_region   148457..148607
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
SQ   Sequence 148613 BP; 44397 A; 28836 C; 28888 G; 46492 T; 0 other;
     gatcaaaaat tcaggtgaca gcagatgctg gcgtggatgt ggagaaagag gaacactcct        60
     ccattgttgg tgggattgca ggcttgtaca accactctgg aaatcagtct ggcggttcct       120
     cagaaaactg gatatagtac taccggagga tccagcaata cctctcctgg gcatatatcc       180
     agaagatgcc ccaactggta agaaggacac atgctccact atgttcatag cagccttatt       240
     tataatagcc agaagctgga aggaacccag atgcccctca acagaggaat ggatacagaa       300
     aatgtggtac atctacacaa tggagtacta ctcagctatt aaaaagaatg aatttatgaa       360
     attcctagcc aaatggatgg acctggaggg catcatcctg agtgaggtaa cacattcaca       420
     aaggaactca cacaatatgt actcactgat aagtggatat tagcccaaaa cctaggatat       480
     ccaagatata agatacaatt tgctaaacac atgaaactca agaaaaatga agactgaagt       540
     gtggacacta tgcccctcct tagaagtggg aacaaaacac ccttgaaagg aggtacagag       600
     acaaagtttg gagctgagat aaaaagatgg accatgtaga gactgccata tccggggatc       660
     catcccataa tcagcttcca aatgctgaca ccattgcata cactagcaag attatgctga       720
     aaggaccctg atatagctgt ctcttgtcag agtatgcctg ggcctagcaa acatagaggt       780
     ggatgctcac agtcggctat tggatggatc acatggcccc caatgaagga gctagagaaa       840
     gtacccaaga agctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacatta tgaactaacc       900
     agtaccccgg agctcttgac tctagctgca tatgtaacaa aagatggcct aggcggccat       960
     cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacacgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc      1020
     cagggccaaa aaaggggagt gggtgggtag gggagtgggg gtgggtggct atgggggact      1080
     tttggtatag cattggaaat gtaaatgagc taaataccta ataaaaaaat gaaaaaaaag      1140
     ctaaaaaaaa tactgatatt ggtcagatta aatggaaata taccatgaga atttagatgc      1200
     aatattttat gtttgtttgc ttttgtagtt gtttaaactc tgggtttgta atccatctta      1260
     taatgagttg ttatctgagt atataaatag taatggcttc tcttggttat atcttgctgc      1320
     tttcccaagt tccttatgtt ttcattggtt taatcaaatt cattgaaggc atttggcttg      1380
     gtctttttca ttgcagtgaa gctcagacag agctcaggac tcagcatcag ttcattgaaa      1440
     agaagagaga tgcaattttt aatggtagaa tgctccatgt ctgtcttatg agatgccaga      1500
     tcagtgttct gattttccag aggatctgag agtcaaactc atgtggaagc ttacaatgtc      1560
     tataattcag tgcccaaaga tctgacatcc ctttctggtc tcatgcatgt agtgtacaac      1620
     tatacattca ggcaaagcac catacacata aaataatcaa ctctttaaaa gtaattacta      1680
     ttatatagtc atttccctcc cgttgagaca ttagcagcaa gtctgatgtc acaatagcca      1740
     tgtaccactt ctccattatg tgtctttttc cttctaattc aagcagtaat gtctttctca      1800
     gaatactctt tctaccacat cactttcatt gttctcctcc cagctcatac tttcttgtgc      1860
     tgtggttctg tcttaccctt accactgagc catagtccca ttcccctttt gtgttttcct      1920
     ttcttctgtt tattggaggt ttcatgcact gtgtactgtg catggagatc ttgtgtactg      1980
     tgatgaagaa gagcatattc attaactact agcagacttc ttgagctgga agcagtatag      2040
     gaagcattgc agagaactct tgtccttgag ctataaagtc agaagtgctg gtgctgcttg      2100
     ccactggggc tgatgaggat gttcctctga cctgccacac actccctgga gttcaaaacc      2160
     tagcaatctt ggctgctgca tatttcagat gttttagatg gcaggcaaag cttcatttga      2220
     ccctgtgacc tgctaatgac attctgatag catttctcat agcatccttt agggagatct      2280
     tccttcccat ttcagctaga aggacctttt cctaatcatg actcccagga tgaatcatgc      2340
     ctctgctgag aacactccat aatctcagga ggtgcaggag gccatcacat catttcagag      2400
     gggagagaac ctgccatgaa cagtttgtaa tgcctattac aaccttgctc cttcttcctc      2460
     ttctttagaa ttaacttccc aaatgatagc agttgtgctc cacatatgcc agtgggacac      2520
     tgcttcatac tagcccagaa aggaatttag aaaattaaat ttatcagttc aacaaaagga      2580
     gcaagttcac actaagaatt ccatctgctt catataaaag aataatagtt ttcctttaat      2640
     aaaactttga ttctgtttcc tttgaatcaa aactgtggga cttggtgcct tgggttatat      2700
     ttcaactctc tggtaatggt cttaattgta ctaagacata tatgttcaga taatgtttct      2760
     tctgaaattc aatagagatg tgggaaagtc tcattttaca cacacacaca agaaagagtc      2820
     aggtaggcaa aaaatggtta ttagttattc taatatgtga taatatccct acctctctgt      2880
     cccacctgag tcactaaaca tcttttaaga tgatccctat ttctaatggt acataggcag      2940
     aatcttcagg ctgctgaaat tataatgata gactatgggt aggggcttgg atacttaagc      3000
     aaaaaggagg ccttaccctt catccatgtg ggaagcatgt tgtatgccaa taaggggcta      3060
     caaagtactc cttagtgaaa gaggttctaa gagtactgtc agacactgta agcatcttgc      3120
     tgcaacagga ttctttgaag ccatgaagac cttgtgtgtg gttagtttcc ttctctctga      3180
     atggaaatga gtagagagaa ctaacaacaa ttcatttatc ttcttccatg atgctggtaa      3240
     aaggtagaac taagttgtca ggtcctgcaa ggaagtctga cttgcacaag caaaagcaag      3300
     gcaataaaaa tggcctactt ggatgatacc attttatctc tgcctctgcc tcttaggttg      3360
     tctgaaaaga catgttttct taacctgggt cacctcagca ctatcagacc acaaaagtat      3420
     gtaccaggtt gattttttcc tcattctatt gccagaccac ataacggttt ctcttctcat      3480
     tgttaaacta ccagtttccc ctgtagtata aattctttca tattgggaca tcttctagga      3540
     gaagagagaa attgttatgc tttgtgaaga agggcaaact ccataggact tttctagacc      3600
     tttgatgggt atgaaaatct gaaaatgaga aggaaaataa aaacccagct ttcccctccc      3660
     tcccataatt agtctgctct ccatttccct ggtcagctga ccaaatgatt ctgacactta      3720
     ccaaaatata agcctacttt atagcatatg taacagttat cgatgtctga aaccaggcgc      3780
     cccgctatca gatccttctg gttcttcgtt tctgactttg aagtgtggtt ctgaattgta      3840
     gctgctgccc agagttaatg tgacacttaa agagaaaatg tatgtaaaat gctttctgtt      3900
     tttgtcattg taaccactga cacatctttt acagcatatg gaagagctga atattttaag      3960
     tatgtggtag taggtccatc tttgcctagg attcttggcc ttaaaattcc taagtttctg      4020
     gattctttcc tctaccactg atggcactgt gcagactggc aaaaggggat ggtgccatct      4080
     tcatttctac aaatagacaa aagggagatc agcagtgcta tgtgtagaca tacctgggtt      4140
     gctgtgatgt agtgacatta atggcactgg cattcaagac tagtccttgt gatattctga      4200
     gtctgagtct gatctttcct gatgtttgtt ggtttttgtt tgtttacact ttgattgtct      4260
     tgagacctca tgcctccatt gcagtattta aagtacccaa tccaaaaaca gcagccagag      4320
     aattgtgtgg tacttgggct ctaacgcttt tgctaataga gatgctctaa gagtagcatt      4380
     gaagtgacat gcttacttcc ttgtggcctc tttaaaatca atttatttcc attttgacca      4440
     ggaaaccaat tccatgattt agcaaaacca aaagaaaaca ccttgaaatg ttattcacta      4500
     atgagtagct gaaatagcca agtacaaaga ctagaccata atggctaact tttggcatat      4560
     tataattttt tttctaaact tatgctttat tttctaccaa gctagaactg aaacacctgt      4620
     tactaaggga cgatgaaaaa cattagtaaa ttcacttgat gctacaatga aatacttgac      4680
     caaagtaatt taaagaagaa aaggttcatg ggagctcaca gttgagaaca gcccattatg      4740
     tattcaagga gagatttcgg gaggcatctg gtcatagtat acccacagag gcaaagagca      4800
     atgaatacta gtactcagct tgctttattc tctttattct gccctgaacc acagtccagc      4860
     ccacagttaa ggtgggtctg ccgacctcaa ctaatctaat aagacaattc ccattgagat      4920
     acccagagat ttgtcaccta catgagtcaa catccttagg ctggtataat taatcatcat      4980
     aactgaagac atttatccct gatttagctc actagaaatg taaaactatt ttttcttata      5040
     tcattctttg ggtcttcagt gaaaataaag cttatatatc tcccttattg aattagaggt      5100
     cttactatag tttagccaaa tatatgtgta tgtatgtgtt catatatact tatttgtata      5160
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatagtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtgcttaata      5220
     aatcttctac cctacatcct atcacgggtt actttttttt ccttctccat atgccagtag      5280
     tgatctccat gatttttgac cttctcgtgt aactcttttt aggatttgat gcttacttca      5340
     catcccggac acttgaaaac aacaggagaa atgtatggtt tgccgaatac tgggaagaaa      5400
     acttcaactg caagttgaca attagtggat ccaaaaaaga agacacggat cgcaaatgca      5460
     caggtaattt cattcccgtt gtcttcctcc tgcaacttta catagaaaac actgagacat      5520
     ttgcatgctg acagaaggaa gcctggctag agacaaattg aaaaagtaaa ttgaatttta      5580
     ctagattgtt cagaagaaaa aagaatggga gcataactct tgcaggtcaa gggaactgga      5640
     gataagaatg tattcttttc agcatgtcta tctatctcac tgtacttggc aattttacta      5700
     attcttgaga tctcattgct tcaaacactt gtgttgataa tattggttca tattctatcc      5760
     agaataatga agccattttc acataaacaa aatcccctaa gaaaattcca tacaagaacc      5820
     aatggtaact gttaacaaaa tgcttatatt tataataatg agtattctta attattttca      5880
     tattgtgtaa gtaaggagtc atttggtatt tataatatgc tcaaaatatt ctctgcttct      5940
     catacacttc tcttgtaaat ttcttcccaa ttaaaagtat atttgtggta gataaagggg      6000
     aaagcaggca ttagttcatt tagtcagttt cagatattta ttaattaatc ttgctgctaa      6060
     gaactattct aggcactggt ggtcttaggg tgaatcaggc agtcagggtc tctgctttca      6120
     tgagacttag aatatagcgt aggagtagga agtagatcag tgacattact ccagtgaatt      6180
     tgtcatctaa agtaaaaagt gagagctgag ggtaacaggg atatatacaa gaggaatttc      6240
     agttgtgttg aaggccagaa tgtttcccaa agacttcctt cagagagtga tgtttgcatc      6300
     aacatctgga aaatggatta gacaacagcc aattggtgaa ggagaaaatg ggtgaagaag      6360
     agccactgat gtagataacc atggtacaga tctgtggaag aggattattg tgactctgac      6420
     tctgataaaa ttgggaacaa aggattcttt gaggagaata tggcgaatct agggagaatg      6480
     aatgaggtaa gactgtaacg gctaagagga aatactacct tatatttgat caaattttat      6540
     ctttatttgc aattaatctt gtgtttgata tttgagtatt gaatagctat agaagacaac      6600
     atagcctaat tatgctctct agtacactca ctatttgtga tagtgaccct aaggtatcac      6660
     aacaccctag agaatgtgca atatgatgaa gcatactgag agcaagggca ggggggaaag      6720
     ctaaggcagt gaagttctta ccatataccc atgaggacca gagttcaatt cccagaattc      6780
     atacgaaaga aaatgaatag ttatggtgac aagaaagcaa attccagcac taaagaggca      6840
     aagacagtcc aatccctgag gttcatggac aagccattcc aattgttgag tcctaatggt      6900
     taagtctagg cctgtgtgag gctttgtctc aaaatgtaat gtggacatgt tctaaggagg      6960
     aatgaagccc aaggttgtcc tctggtgttt acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac      7020
     acacacacac acacacacaa aatgttaaca ccttagatac tagtttattt tgtttatctt      7080
     atttagttca tctttgcaat atatttctta aattttaatc acctgactgt tgtctattaa      7140
     tctcttcatt aagtaactgt taattaggta agatatatgg tacaaagtac ttaagatatc      7200
     acgaaggatt agagaatact taagagccta ctttctctca aagagaagat gtacgctaga      7260
     gagaaagaaa taaaaacact gctgtaaaat caatagaaca catacattga aagcatcatg      7320
     gtttaacgag aatgtcagag taaccacatg ttctgttcag acttcgatat ataacagcac      7380
     aatgttctca gaaacacagt ctttctattg ttggagagaa aaggaagaaa attgattcaa      7440
     tgttgactag acctaggtga cacaaagctt tcaactggaa actgaagaaa ttagtttgac      7500
     atctggataa tttgtctgta agacagggaa cactgaagtg tacaacagta tgcagatgat      7560
     ggatgacagt ttccagactg tttctgacat ctgatgttcc ataagaatgg ctggagttgg      7620
     aatggattgt cagatgggac ttagacttgt ttctatctaa ggccaagact tgtctttttg      7680
     catgctatag tagaagatgc tctttggaca cccacagttt agtgtttagc atagagaatt      7740
     gaactttata gaaatcatct gtggccaaac taccatcagc aatagaaaat gtggtttgtg      7800
     tctttctgtc atactcattc cattgttgca gttactaaat tactggtgat ccaaagctat      7860
     cctcttgtta tctcttcatt tattctttct cttttctttt ttaaaaaata tttatattag      7920
     gtattttcct catttacttt caaatgcaat cccaaaagtc ccccataccc tcccgccccc      7980
     cacttcccta cccacccact cccaattttg gccctggcat tcctctgtac tggggcatat      8040
     aaagtttgca tgaaaaatgg gcctctcctt ccattgatgg ctggctaggc catcttttga      8100
     tacatattca gctagagaca ggagctctgg ggtgtactgg ttagttcata ttgttgttcc      8160
     acctataggg ttgcagttcc ctttagctcc ttggatactt tctctagctc ctccattggg      8220
     ggccctgtga tccatccaat agctgactgt gagcatccac ttccgtgtta gctaggcctt      8280
     ggcaaagtct cacaagagac agctatatca gggtcctttc agcaaaatct tgctagagta      8340
     tgcaatggtg tcagcttttg gaggctgatt atgggatgga tccctggata tggcagtctc      8400
     ttggtccatc ctttcatctc agctccaaac tttgtctctg taattccttc catgggtatt      8460
     ttgttcccaa ttctaagaag gggcaaagtg tccacacttt ggtcttcgtt cttcttgagt      8520
     ttcatgtgat tagcaaattg tatcttatat cttgggtatt ctaagtttct gagctaatat      8580
     ccacttatca gtgagcacat atcatttgag ttcttttgta attgggttac ctcactcagg      8640
     attatgccct ccaggtcaaa ccatttgcct aggaatttca taaattcact ctttaatagc      8700
     tgagtagtac cccattgtgt aaatgtacca cagttttgta tccattcctc tgttgaggga      8760
     catttgggtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataagg ctgctatgaa catagtggag      8820
     catgtgtctt tcttagcagt tggaaaatct tctggatata tgcccaggag aggtattgta      8880
     ggatcctccg gtagtactat gtccaatttt ctgaggaacc accagagtga ttttcagagt      8940
     ggttgtacaa gcttgcaatc ccaccaacaa tggaggagta ttcctctttc tacgcatcct      9000
     caccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgaatttttt atcttagcca ttctgattgg tttgagatgg      9060
     aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgtatttcc ctgatgatta aggatggtga acattttttc      9120
     aggtgcttct cagccaatca ataagcctga ggtgagaatt ctttgtttag ctctgagtcc      9180
     cgttttttaa tggttttatt tgaatttctg gagtccacct tcttgagttc tttatatata      9240
     ttggatatta gtcccctatc tgatttagga taggtaaaga tccttactca acctgttggt      9300
     ggactttttg tcttattgac tgtgtctttt gccttacagg agctttgcat caatttatga      9360
     tgtcccattt gtcaattctc aatcttacag cacaagccat tgctgttcta ttcaggaatt      9420
     tttcccctgt gccaatatcc tcgaggcttt cccccacttt ctcctctata agtttcagtg      9480
     tctctggttt tatgtggcat tccttgatcc acttagatta gaccttagta caaggagata      9540
     ggaatggatc aatttgcgtt cttctacatg ataaccacca gttgtgcaag caccatttgc      9600
     tgaaaatgct gggttttttc cactggatga ttttagctcc cttgtcaaag atcaagtgac      9660
     cataggtgtg tgggttcatc tctgggtctt caattctgtt ccattggtct acttgtctgt      9720
     tgctatacca gtaccatgca gttttatcac tattgctctg tagtacagct ttaggtcagg      9780
     catggtgatt ccaccagagg ttcttttatc cttgagaaga gtttttgcta tcctaggttt      9840
     tttgttattc cagatgaatt ttcagattgc tctttctatt tcgtcgaaat tgagttagaa      9900
     ttttgatggg gattgcatcg aatctgtaga ttgcttttgg caagatagcc atttttacaa      9960
     tgttgatcct gccaatccat gagcatggga gatctttcca tcttctgaga tcttctttaa     10020
     cttctttctt cagagccttg aagttcttat catatagatc tttcacttcc ttatagagtt     10080
     atatatagag aggagaaagt gggaaaaagc cttgaggata tgagcacagg ggaaaaattt     10140
     ctgaaaagaa cagcaatggc ttgtgctgta agatcgagaa ttggcaagtg ggacatcata     10200
     aattgatgca aagctcctgt aaggcaaaag acactgtcaa taagacaaaa aggccaccat     10260
     attagggact aaagtcccca tattagggac taatatccaa tacatataaa gaattcaaga     10320
     aggtggactc cagaaattca aataacccca ttcatgccaa ggaattttat attatttgtg     10380
     actattgaga agggtgttgt ttccataatt tctttctttg tgtagaaaaa ggccattgcc     10440
     ttgtttgagt taattttata tccagctact tcaccgaagc tgtttatcag gtttaggagt     10500
     tctctggtgg aatttttagg gtcacttata tatactatca tatcatctgc aaaaagtgat     10560
     attttgactt cttcctttcc aatttaaatc cccttgatct ccttttgttg tcgaattgct     10620
     ctggctagga cttcaagtac aatgttgaat aggtagggag aaagtgggca accttatcta     10680
     gtccctgatt ttattgggat tgcttccagc ttctcaccat ttactttgat gttggctact     10740
     ggtttgctgt agactgcttt tatcatgttt agatatgggc cttgaattcc tgatctttcc     10800
     aagactttta tcatgaatgt gtgttgcatt ttgtcaaacg ctttctctgc ttctaaggag     10860
     aagatcatgt ggtatttgtc tttgagtttg tttatacaat ggattatgtt gatggatttc     10920
     tgtatattaa accatccata catacctgga ataaaaccta cttggtcagg atggatgatt     10980
     gttttaatgt gttcttgggt tcagttagca agaattttac tgagtaattt tgcattgata     11040
     ttcataaggg aaattggtct gaagttctct ttgttggatc tttctgtggt ttaggtatca     11100
     gagtaattgt ggcttcatag aatgagttgg gtagagtgcc ttcttctatt ttgtggaata     11160
     gtttgtgaag aactggaatt agatcttctt tgaaagtctg attgaactct gcactaaacc     11220
     catctggtcc tgggcttttt ttggttggga gattattaat gtctgcttct atttctttag     11280
     gggatatggg actgtttaga tcattaactt gatcctgatt taactttggt acctggtatc     11340
     tgtctagaaa tttgtccatt tcatccaggt tttccagttt tgtagagtat agccttttgt     11400
     agaaggatct gatggtgttt tggatttctt caggatctgt tgttatatct cccttttcat     11460
     ttctgatttt gttaattagg acgctgtccc tgtgccctca agtgagtcta gctaagggtt     11520
     tatctatctt gttgattttc tcaaagaacc agctccttgt ttggttgatt ctttgaatag     11580
     ttcttcttgt ttccacttgg ttgatttcgc ccctgagttt gattatttcc tgctgtctac     11640
     tcctcttgga tcaatttgct tccttttttt ctagattttt taggtgtgtt gtcaagctgc     11700
     tagtgtgtgc tctctctagt ttctttttgg aggcactcag agctatgagt ttctctctta     11760
     gaaatgcttt cattatgtcc catatgtttg ggtatgttgt ggcttcattt tcattaaact     11820
     ctaaaaggtc tttaatttct ttctttattc cttccttgac caaggtatca tggagaagag     11880
     tgttgttcag tttccacatg aatgttggct ttccattttt atgttgttat tgaagatcag     11940
     ccttagtcca tggtggtctg ataggatgca tgggagattt tcaatatttt tgtatctgtt     12000
     gaggcctgtt ttgtgacaaa ttatatggtc aattttggag aaattgtcag caccatgagg     12060
     tgctgagaag aagatatatc cttttgtttt aggataaaat gttctgtaga tatctgttaa     12120
     gtccatttgt ttcataactt ctgttagttt cactgtgtcc ctgtttagtt tctgtttcca     12180
     cgatctgtcc attgatgaaa gtggtgtgtt gaagtctccc actattattg tgtgaggtgc     12240
     aatatgtgct ttgagcttta ctaaagtgtc tttaatgaat gtggctgccc ttgcatttgg     12300
     agcatagata ttcagaattg agagttcctc ttggaggatt ttatctttga tgagtatgaa     12360
     gtgtccctcc ttgtcttttt tggataactt tgggttggaa gttaatttta ttagatatta     12420
     gagtggctac tccaccttgt ttcttcagaa catttgcttg gaaaattgtt ttccagcctt     12480
     tcactctgag gtagtgtctg tctttttctc tgagatgggt ttcctgtaag cagcaaaatg     12540
     ttgagtcctg tttgtgtagc cagtctgtta gtgtatatct ttttattggg gaattgagtc     12600
     cattggtatt aatagatatt aaggaaaagt aattgttgct tcatattatt tttgttgtta     12660
     gagttggtat tctgttcttg tggctgtatt cttttgggtt tgttgaagga ttactttctt     12720
     gctttttcta gggcatggtt tctgtccttg tattgtttgt ttttttgttt ttgtttttgt     12780
     tttttgtttg ttttttttct gttattatcc ttttaagggc cggatttgtg gaaagataat     12840
     gtgtgaattt ggttttgttg tgaaatattt tggtttctcc atctatggta attgagagtg     12900
     tgcctgggta gcctgggctg gcatttgtct tctcttagtg tctgtacaac atctgtccaa     12960
     gatcttctgg ctttcatagt ctctggtgaa aagtctggtg tacttctgat agtcctgcct     13020
     ttatatgtaa cttgacctat ttcccttact gcttttaata ttctatcttt atttagtgca     13080
     tttgttgttc tgattattat gtgctgggag gaatttcttt tctggtccag tctatttgga     13140
     gttctgtagg cctcttgtat gttcacggac aggtctttct ttaggtttgg gaagttttct     13200
     tctataattt tgttgaagat atttgctggc cctgtaggtt gaaaatcttc attcccatct     13260
     actcctatta tccgtagttt tggtcttctc attgtgtcct gtatttcctg gatgttttca     13320
     gttaggatct ttttgcattt tgtattttct ttgattgttg taccgatgct ctctatggaa     13380
     tcttctgcac ctgagattct ctcttccata tcttgcattc tgttgctgat actcgaatgt     13440
     atggttccag atttccttcc tagggtttct atatccagag ttgcctcact ttgggatttt     13500
     ttttattgtg tatacttccc tttttaggtc ttggatagtt tattcaattc catcacctgt     13560
     ttggtcctgt tttcctgaaa ttctttaaag gattttttgt gcttcctctt aaagtcttct     13620
     acctgtttag cagtgttctc ctgtatttct tcaagtgagt tattaaattc cttcttgacg     13680
     tcctctacca tcatcatgag atatgctttt aaatccaggt ctatcttttc gggtgtgttg     13740
     gggtgcccag gactgggtgg ggtgggagtg ctgcgttctg atgatggtga gtagtcttgg     13800
     tttctgttac taagattctt acatttgcct ttagccatct ggtaatctct ggagttagtt     13860
     gttatagttg tctctggtta gagtttgttc ctcaggtgat tttgttagcc tctatcagca     13920
     gacctgggag actagatctc tccttagttt cagtggtcag agtgctctct gcaggcaagc     13980
     tctcctcttg cagggaaagt gcccagatat ctggtgtttg aacctgcctc ctggcagaag     14040
     ttgtgttcca ctcaccagag gtcctaagat cccatggaga gtcctctggg gaccttgggg     14100
     ttgtctgcat actctccacc caaggtgccc aggtgctggt gctgacaggg aaggacttgt     14160
     gaccctggtt atgccgggtt ttctgcttcc ctaattaatg ctgtctcagg tcctgcacga     14220
     ttggattgga gcagcagttg tgtttcactc accagaggtc ctatgatccc gtctattctt     14280
     tttcattagg caatgatttc actagggaaa ggtacaatta tgtaacattt agaaaattgt     14340
     gtttactaga gtcacttaat caataggtag tctaatagtg actatctgca tactgcagag     14400
     actcagacat gacagtgtct cagctattat agcaaggttc ctcagaagtc ccaatgtaag     14460
     gatatagaag acctgaaaaa ggcctgaaaa gatgcttgtc ttcagctcat gtggaagttc     14520
     aaacacactg gaatctgcta tccaacagtg atggcagcag cagcagcagc agcagcagca     14580
     gcagcaacag aatagatttg ttctttcaga aagaaataaa ggcagaaagc actgattttt     14640
     tcctttaacc tctttctatc tggaaaactc tttgaaaggt gccaaatatt aatgttggat     14700
     cttcctcatt agtgattttc tagaaatcac cttcacagac acatccagaa gtgtatctca     14760
     tagttaacct cacaatctac ctgttaggtt acaagcaaag ttaattaaca taatactttc     14820
     tttaaagtat tccagttagt agacatggtc tattaaatag tagcaaatac aattactatt     14880
     gctgttattc ttcatgcctt taggtcttaa tagataagaa atggaggata gcataagtat     14940
     tttttttcct tcccttccct tcccttttcc aagtctaaat gggctctctt atgttgcttt     15000
     catagtattt tgaaaacact ctttaacaaa tcttgccatt tggacactcc tccatcttgg     15060
     aagaagaaaa taatgctgat tgacagttta gagggaaaag gtaatgatgg caataaatga     15120
     gcgacaagtt tttaaagcta cagtaattaa gtttaatcaa ggacatggac aggagaagga     15180
     agcattggtg gccattatca tagggaagat gtgaagtgaa gctgctttgt gactacattt     15240
     aggaatgagt aaacaatgaa tgtgtcaaaa agcatgaaat tatcaatttg tcattgtaaa     15300
     atgacagcac tgagatggtg ggtgttttgg gatgaggact gcaaaaacag tgtccttcat     15360
     tccttcctgt aactgaggtt gatgaaaaat tgagtcttct aaatactatg aaggtaaaat     15420
     gcttagaata ctattttttt tcacatgcac tatgtggcct cttaagccat aagaagttat     15480
     gagcctatat tagctcttga caaaacaagg aatctgtctt gtcatgaatt ttggtaatga     15540
     gcaatgaaac ccatatcatt tgaagacagc agattgcttt gtaatgctgt aattaaaggt     15600
     tgtagatcct gtataagtaa gaggattctg aaaggaaaac cttttggaga agtgataata     15660
     atatttgctt ctgtagattt tgatggattc tgggttatag acattatttt tttttaattt     15720
     tttattagat attttcttca tttacatttc aaatgctatc ctgaaagtcc cctatacctt     15780
     ctgctgccct gctccccaac ccaccggctc ccactttctg gacctggcat caccctgtgc     15840
     tggggcatat aatcttcaca agactaaggg cctctcctcc caatgatggc caactaggcc     15900
     atcttctgct acacatgcag caagagatgt aaactctggg ggtactggtt agttcatatt     15960
     cttgttcctc ttatagggtt gcagacactt tcagcttctt tgatacttta tctagctcct     16020
     ccattggggg cactgtgttc catccaatag atgactgtga gcatccattt ctgtatttgt     16080
     caggcactgg catagcctca caagagacag ttataccagg gccctttcag caaaatcttg     16140
     ctggcatatg caatagtgac tgggtttggt ggctatttat gggatggatc cctgggtggg     16200
     gcagtctctg gatggtcctt cttctatctc agctccaaac tttgtctctg taactccctc     16260
     catgggtatt ttgttcccca ttctgaggag gaatgaagtt gtcttccttc ttgactttca     16320
     tgtgttttgt aattgtatct tggatattct aactttctgg gctgatatcc acttatcagt     16380
     gagtgcatat catgtgagtt cttttgtgaa tggattacct cactcaggat gatatcctca     16440
     gatccatcca tttgcctaag aatttcataa attcattgtt tttaatacct gagtagcact     16500
     ccattgtgta aatgtactaa attttctgta tctattcctc tgttgaggga catctgggtt     16560
     ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataaag ctgcttatga acatagtgga gcatgtgtcc     16620
     ttattacaag ttgaaacttc ttctggatat atgcccagga aaggtattgc tggatcctct     16680
     ggtagtacta tgtccaattt tctgaggaac cgccagactg acttccagag tggttgtaca     16740
     agcttgcgat cccaccagca atggaggagt gttctttttc accacatcct cgccagcatg     16800
     tgctgtcacc tgcatttttg atctaagata ttctgactgg tgtgagatgg aatctcagag     16860
     ttgttttgat ttgcatttcc ctgatgatta aggttgttga agtttttttc aggtgcttct     16920
     cagccatttg gtattcctca tgtgaaaatt ctatttttag cactgttccc caattttaat     16980
     ggggctattt gattttctgg agtccagctt ctagagttct ttgtatatat tggatattaa     17040
     tcccctatct gatttaggat tggtaaagat catttcccaa tctgttggtg gcctttttgt     17100
     cttattgaca gtgtcttttg ccttgcagaa gcttctctac acaagagata aataggctga     17160
     gaaagaaatt agggaaacaa cacccttcac aatagtcaca aataatataa aataccttcg     17220
     tgtgactcta aggaaatgaa agatctgtat gataagaact tcaagtctat gaacaaagag     17280
     attaaagaag atttcagaag atggagagat ctccaatgct catggattga aaggattaat     17340
     atagtaaaat ggctatcttg ccgaaagcaa tctatagatt caatgcaatc cccatcaaaa     17400
     ttccaactca attcttcact gagttagaaa gggcaatttg caaattcatc tggaataaca     17460
     aaaaacctaa gatattgttt tattctcaac aatgaaaaaa acctctggtg gaatcctcat     17520
     gcctgacctc aagcttgtgc tacagagcaa ttgtgataaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac     17580
     tgcatagtac tgttgcactg acagacagat caatggaata gaattgaaga cccagaaatc     17640
     aacccacaca cctatggtca cttgatcttt gacaaaggag ctaaaccatc cagtggaaaa     17700
     aaagacagca tattcaacaa atggtgctgg cacaactggc agttatcatg tagaagaatt     17760
     taaattgacc cattcttatt tccttgtaca aagctcaagt ctaagtggat caaggaactc     17820
     cacataaaac cagagacact aaaacttata gaggagaaag tgggggaaag ccttgaagat     17880
     atgggcacag gggaaaaatt cctgaacaga acagcaatgg ctcctgttgt aagatcgaga     17940
     atcgacaaat ggttatagac attcttacag caaatatccc aagaaaccat caaactactt     18000
     gtcctgtaaa ttacccacat tcattagctt tttctgtaag acaagggata cttcttaatt     18060
     gctccatgtt ttgaaaaata ttccaaagct cctgtatacc aaattttgat ttttctaatt     18120
     ctaaaagctg tctgtttttc ttctaccatg atttgaagtt gttttctctg caacagccaa     18180
     ccattagtgg caagtgatct tgcacatgga tccttctgga tgatatactg gaaaggaaaa     18240
     tgtgtaagat gatcctgtct tttacagaag acagagtccc caagataggt attaatatca     18300
     tttatgctat ttcatagtag ggatatatca tcccatggag acttttagag ctacacactg     18360
     ggaaataaaa cctactatat attttgacga aaaaaccatg tccttcagag gcagaatgag     18420
     catatagatt gaacttaatc attgtacata tgacgcctga ctctaagccc actaatttat     18480
     atatacctcc ttgagacttg gcacgttgct gttaacatgg agatatggtc cctgttttat     18540
     catgttgaga atgatggttc tgtggagatg ctaagaagag aagaaaaata aaatggcacc     18600
     tcaggaaaca aataaaggta atctccaatc aagaaaatac ctttacccat atagttatta     18660
     gttttagaat caagcgggca gcgtctgcca tcaaggcctg agtgagtagt tctatgaaat     18720
     cttggacaac attgcttaac ttttcaaagc cgttcttcat gcttgagatg aagaagggaa     18780
     aagaagcttc tgaagctgct gctgtgggga ttaaattaca caattcaagt gtaaaatctg     18840
     aagtgacatt agcacatggt cccaactcag cattgctaat gctgattcac caatctggct     18900
     gaatgcaatt gcctgtgagg aattcatgat tctcccattg tttatgtgag ttctgaggaa     18960
     gagaaagtcc tatagaaagc tcaacaggaa aagaaaaccc gaaatggaaa caaatgtaaa     19020
     ggtggcgagg ggagcatttc aggggtgcaa attcggtgat gctgcactga ggtgctaaaa     19080
     tatgcaggga cagacatgaa tgaggccatg ctatactctg agaggataaa ctcattatca     19140
     aagacagcac tatgacagag tttgcattca agcattgtct ggcactcaaa tagcctgact     19200
     cctcatttcc catatttccc ccctattttc aaaaagaaat aggatatgtt cccagtctct     19260
     gctctcaaat gtatcctttc tatttagtac aagtttccag gaatctgaat gtttttgctt     19320
     atgccagccg taaagaaata tctgtctctc gtgccttgca gctcccgcag aacatttgtc     19380
     taactacatt actgctctgc caggtaccac tttgtggaca ctgattcatc acagttacct     19440
     cttcacggaa aggaaggaac tcagcactta ggaatccatc atctcgtgaa gggacaattt     19500
     ggctgttaga gatttgtttt ccttcagata tgacaaagga taaataaatg aatagagcca     19560
     tttttcccat agcaactcat tgtctttgtt gcttgtgttt tctttcttgc attattctct     19620
     cttacattgc atcccgactg ccttttccct tcccccactc ctcccagtct ctccatccaa     19680
     cctcacctct cccccagagc tgttcccttt cagaaaagag caggcctccc aaatacatta     19740
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaaaacaa caacaaaaaa caaacaaaca aaccatagta     19800
     taacaagtta taagactagt catacaataa aaaattcagt ttgacttgtg tcccaatatc     19860
     ctgaactgag atcaaccatg caaatatatg aaaatctgaa gagcagacac tgttaaatgc     19920
     ctacttttgc ttactttgtt tgttttaaaa aatcatttaa ctgtgtgacc ctgcttggct     19980
     tggcattttc attgtagtgc aggatgtagg gaagtctgct tcagcctccc gagttctcag     20040
     atcatagatg tgccatccca tctgaacttt aatgtcctta gtgtgtagtc agacttctta     20100
     agtttctttc catctcaaaa ctaatggttt aagtctcttt cttttaaaat gtttttaaag     20160
     ttattaatta atatatttac tttatatccc aatcgtagct tccccctttt tcctcccagt     20220
     tcctccctct cacctctgct cctcagcaac cttctattct ctctttctcc acagataaag     20280
     ggaagcttcc gttgatatca acctgccttg ggatataaag ttgctatagg gctaggtaca     20340
     tctcctatta tgattgggcg aggcaatcca gttagggaaa aggaatccaa aggcaggcaa     20400
     cagagtcaga tatagcacct gttcctgctg ttaggagttc cacatgaact gcacaaacag     20460
     ttatatatat tctgaaggtc agtcccatgt atgctctgtt tggtggtttt aaggggcttt     20520
     tagtaaaata ataaaaaaaa aatggttgaa aaaaacccta taaaccatat cacccataag     20580
     atctcattca tgctgtaacc caaacacaac ctgtagattc gttcacaaga ctatgcagat     20640
     aaaggagtta catttaagaa agctaagtac cctgagaaca catatgcaga aagaatttgt     20700
     gacagaacta gctagttttc tccatcattt tctgcttcct ttctgagtcg atcttgttat     20760
     atagataata tatggtggca cttaatttac ataacatgat tttaaaagac cacaccacac     20820
     tctacatagg tgaatagcac ataactcttt aatgtttcaa gaagagtttt tgaagctgtt     20880
     ttgatgagaa gcaatgggaa cactttttca ttccttcatt atatcttcaa tagaaatgta     20940
     ataaactgtg agatagtctt tatgttcaaa tattcttgaa ttgcttgtga atgcagctct     21000
     ttgatatttt aattacatgg ctaacctcta aaagttttgt tgagagtctt tatgttgttg     21060
     tcctttgaat catctacctt cctactccct acttctgtga aaacaggaga gcatgtcaaa     21120
     ttgctttgaa tttttcattt gtttcttttt tttaatggca aatatcaaga agcaaatata     21180
     tttggatcat tgcataaatg ttgaggcata taacttttga cttggtgtat cattttacaa     21240
     caattgcatg gatgactttg cctgtgtggt tttgataact gaggtagcag ttatcttagg     21300
     attccattac tttctaaatt gaaataagat gaatatcaca tgggaaatcc tcacagaaaa     21360
     cctctaaatc cttttgaaaa tgtggggata ttgtgtaaaa cttatatgta tacataaaag     21420
     gtcagtatgt ttctagactt tgggttccca tgtacaataa atactcagaa tgagaagtca     21480
     gttctgcatt gagttgtatt acctgctatg ccaattcttt ctgttagggg gtgcacagat     21540
     gtcgaatgct agtagaatcc agagataaat gccatgtatc ttcctccatc accctcctct     21600
     tgttcttttg agacagcgtc acacactcag cctagcactt actgattgac ctcactgact     21660
     gctgtcagct gtgaggattt gtgtttctct atcacccaag tgcttcagtg acagatctct     21720
     gtgtgactct acccagcttt tttttttttt tttttcacct gaatggttgg atctgaactc     21780
     aggtttccat gattgcagta tgtatgttaa cgactgagct ttctccccat ccttcattac     21840
     actaattcca cagcttttat tttcatttat gtatatatga aggtatattc ccttgtatta     21900
     ttttagtaac aacaaaattt attttaaaag tttaaaaact aaaagtcaat taagttcttc     21960
     cagcggtagc ctattaccag gtatgtccat tgtcaactgt ttctggaact gatctgagag     22020
     aagtgttgct ggcatgaaag caagcattca tgggtcattt ctgatcttta ccaagcaaca     22080
     gtgatgaatc tataaataga accatcagtt caagaaacac aactttagat tcctttccat     22140
     accttgcttt tgtttcttac atcttccccc tgccctgtgg tttttctttt aatcttgttt     22200
     ttacaatcca aattgtatcc ccttctctgt ccaccctctg actgttccac actccatacc     22260
     ttccctgccc ctgtctccac aagtatgtcc ccatcccccc accaccagtt cccaccccac     22320
     cagacctccg gaagactgac agccctctga aagacccaag aagaagctgt gcccactcct     22380
     tgtagcctct agtctcttaa gggttcagaa catcttctct gactgagtcc agacctggca     22440
     gtcctctgct atatgtgttg ggggcctcat atcagctggt gtatgctgct ttgttggtgg     22500
     cccagtgtct gagagatctc aagagtccag gttagttgag actgctggtt ctcctctcct     22560
     acagggttgc attcctcctc agcttcttcc agcttttcac taattcaacc acaaggggca     22620
     gcaggttctg tccattggtt gggtgtaaat atctgcatct gactctttca cctgcttgtt     22680
     ggttctttct gacggcagta atgataagcc cccttttgtg agcacaccat agccttagca     22740
     atagtgtcag gcctcagggc ctatccttga gctagatccc aatttaggcc tgttgctggc     22800
     cctccgtttc ctcaggctct tctgcatttt tgtccctgca gttctttcag acagaaacaa     22860
     ttatgggtca gagtttttga ctatggaatg gcaatcgcat ccctcacctg atgccctctc     22920
     tttctgatgg aagtgggcgc tacaaactcc ctctccctac tgtaaggcat ttcatctaag     22980
     gttcctcact ttgagccctg agacccacct cccaggttct ggtatattct ggaggatgcc     23040
     cccacctctt acctcctgag attgcctctt tccatttttt ttttctgctg gccctcaggg     23100
     cttcagtcct gttcccccta cccaatacct gatcaagttc ccctctttcc ctccctgttc     23160
     cctttcctac ccaggtccct ctctctctcc cccctcgtgt gattgttttc ttctccttcc     23220
     caagtgggat tgaaatgtcc tcactcggga agtgtattct gggtattctg tattgttttc     23280
     ggttaggcta atatccactt actagtgagt acataccatg tatgtttctt acatcttaat     23340
     ttcagctctc tacgggaaaa aataatgagg ctttctatgc atttcatctt tccgctgatg     23400
     attgaaattt acctacccat gactttgatc tgcccacaag ctgtctctag acatgtctta     23460
     cctgtttcta cccttggtaa tggagccatg gcagctgaat aactaactac tggatcctgt     23520
     gtcttacctg gcctcactct agttctgagc gcttttgaga actgtcacat gacaggggaa     23580
     gtgtttctca acctggggga ctctaccact ttggcaagcc tctatttcca aaaatattca     23640
     catcatgatt cataacagca gcaaattaaa gttataaaat agcagcatgc ataattttat     23700
     agttggggtc atcacaatat gagaaactgt attaaacggt cccagcatta agaaggttaa     23760
     gaaccctcat tctaggggaa gttaaagagc tttgagcttc tagttgcata tgccaaatgt     23820
     taagatctag caacacttca gccattcatt tcttattgtc tattaatgaa cagcctgtag     23880
     aggattttaa agagacaacc cagatagtag ttgagtctac atacatcttt ggtatataat     23940
     ttactttctt aaaccttaaa agattcagct ttgaggatca gagcctaaac tatcattttg     24000
     acttttaaaa tgccaaaaat tgtttacttg tttacatatt tttattgctc tgcttctctt     24060
     gtgttctgtt ataactaacc ttcccaaaag cgtgtatttg agactctgtc atagaaaaga     24120
     ttaatttaaa aattcagaaa gaagaataaa ttgctcatgt acttataaaa cacaaagcaa     24180
     gaaattaacg tcactaaata atgtcatcac tgctctaaat ttaaaagatc attttcacag     24240
     atggtgatgg tggggcaaac tatctctagc cttatgtagt agaagattat taacgtattc     24300
     ttacggagca agtgaactct gccttcttca gccagcacca tacaagcccc aacagggtca     24360
     tatttatatg ccattttgat ccagcttatt cagagtatcc agacatactg tatttaatac     24420
     tgtatagaat ccagacagaa ttaaaaccat agaggcatct aagaactaag caaaactact     24480
     tctattggtg ctaggaacca tacttcagtg gactgcatca tgttttctca tgaactctag     24540
     catgtaatgg ctttaaatgt gggaataatg gctctttcat atttggaaat cctttccaac     24600
     taaaggtgtt aatgaaaaga aatgttttat ctaggagaat taatgcccat gattctctta     24660
     gcaacagtct gtaaacaaag tgcctcttat gggctacata agtgttataa attggatact     24720
     ttgtatcatt ttagtaggca taagaaagtg attttgaatg actaaccaag tgtcattaag     24780
     caagttggaa tggaatataa ctttccttag gagtgtctgg taatagaagt tgcaatctac     24840
     ctcctttctg tccctgggga gaaatatgga ctctaaaagc atttttggat tttacagtgt     24900
     atacagcatc atattcattt tatagagaat aaaacagtgc tcacaagata aatatcaacc     24960
     atatataaaa acccagatac aaacttttta gagctccctt taatatcagc agcctcttta     25020
     aagaaatgaa catgagatac acagagttaa gcaggtgctt ggaagggctt tggatttcct     25080
     ggtcctcaga gactctccct cctgaacaca gttgctatga gctgactttg tacagcctca     25140
     gccatgtagc actataggct cctagctcca ggagaatgga gtctcactag cttattcagg     25200
     atacacatga taacagggtg ggactgagtg ccagctcatt ctatgcctgt gtcaccattt     25260
     ctctcccccc tcatatgtag agtcaggaga gcaatagtcc tcatttctgg agatctttca     25320
     cagaatagat agcagctgtg tggaggaatc cacagtaact ttcagtgcca tcatgcatga     25380
     tggtggtgac tgaaattttg tctttggtga ctgtagattt tgtctttgta gaaaaaaaaa     25440
     aggactcaat gtctgctctt tctttatttt cagtcatata cttatctttc ctctggacat     25500
     ccattacttc ataagtcatg ctgtgtacat ggcaacgccc ttctacacat tcaaagcatt     25560
     ctcactgagt cccaattaac tcaactcagt gaactacata aagaagaaac catctgccct     25620
     ttgtgagtga aagcaggcca aaattcaact cagttttgtg acttgcctga cttgcctgag     25680
     gacagaaatg cccctaggtg tacagtggtc ttctcctaca ttcagttttc atgcatttgc     25740
     ccagcccatg agggttgatt gtggcattgt tgcatcagtc ctatgctgga cctgtggtta     25800
     gaggtgggat ctttggtata atgggaatat ttttccatag tggagatgga aagaaactat     25860
     aagtagacct gtcaaagtat tataaattgt atttagtgtt ttgagagaaa gagaggaagt     25920
     cttaggtgtg aagggacagt aaaatagttg tcacaggaac ttgaactctg tagataccct     25980
     aatcatagcc tgtctgcttc tactaatttg agggagttcc cactatacag aatcttagat     26040
     actctcacac tctgatgctt caaccaagtg gaaaagaaat cttatttctt gcaaagcctt     26100
     ttccttcttc tgtcttgatg ccttccaagt cactaaggga agtgaatgag tttgttttcc     26160
     tagcacctat tttatattgt ggcccccaag ggttcttaag aggccatctt tgataatgag     26220
     cctcaaataa ctcctttcca tcctcattac caaacagctt gttacagata taagctgact     26280
     ccatttcttc ttcaatgaac ttaaaatagg gctatatttt cagtttatag tcagatgtta     26340
     ttacattgat gaaaagctaa aaattagcta ttttccaaag agaaaataag agtcatgatt     26400
     acacaacagg gaattatagc cataagtaga atattttcag agtcttcctc cttttctagg     26460
     atcttttttg aaagatcaag gcagtccata ataatactaa ctaaatcata ttaattttaa     26520
     aggggccaca accttcaaac atggtctaag tctgcagcag agttggataa tttactatgg     26580
     aaagaaaatg ttgaatgttg agatgtaatc acttttccct tgaggaaaaa caagcagtta     26640
     tgtataaatc tcagaggagt ttataacaaa agattgcata ttgatttttt ttattttaaa     26700
     gcaaaaaaaa gaaagaatat gatatcacta ggcaagagaa acattttctc ttctatggct     26760
     agaaattcac aaaaataagc ccttcatgtt ttatagtata cctgcagtaa gtgtacacac     26820
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aaagagagag agagatagag     26880
     acagagacaa acagagacag acagagagaa agagactgaa agagaggata taaaggattt     26940
     gctgtcttct cacctttgtc ctccttctct tttgaaagac tcttgtcttg gttcttggtg     27000
     atgcatagtc aacactttaa tatgtgataa ttttctcctt cctgggagta aatgttgggt     27060
     gccaatattc ctgggaagac atgaatgatc attcattcaa tcaaaacttg gaatcaataa     27120
     cagaccaatg aaatgatact atcaaattcc aactctgtat gcctatgatt ttcagggtta     27180
     ctcataggag tactgatgag gtgtaacatt cacgggcatg gacaattcaa atagaactgc     27240
     atctctgaaa gcttccctta gcagggctta ggactcgcga aagcaggaat ataggacaca     27300
     gagttggaat gtttctcctc actgctcatc tatccttaga gaggaaggag ccttctgaat     27360
     ctggtcaact ttagaggcta cctgagagtt gtgttattta tatcttaatc ctaagaaccc     27420
     ctctatcaga actttctctt ccctagattc gagctctcaa ctcagaagaa attgctaagt     27480
     aacactaagc tccaagcatc aaaaaatcaa gcacttatat tttttgattg tccccagttt     27540
     cattcatatc atcaatccta ggtcattata tagattatag cagcaattag taaattatta     27600
     taaaggaact gattttccat gctgaaaagg caatctatct gaaatggaca atttcaatgc     27660
     aacaaatctt atgggaagaa gacaaaaaga gatgaagcag tactgttact ttgcacatct     27720
     tcatttaact ctagcttcta agaggaatcc agtgctaaga tgtactcaca gagtctgtca     27780
     ctcagtttct ggagaaggag aaaatgtgac taaatgggtg ggaaatgact gtctttgaaa     27840
     cacatctgtt acctgtctga gggagataga ttacaagtgt catcggtccc agcagtgtgc     27900
     tgagcgaccg ccctcctttt ggcacaagcc acagggtagt ttggtgtggg atcttcatgg     27960
     cccagaataa tgaaggaagg gtagaggaga gatttaacca tgcctggata cctcaaatga     28020
     ggtcagcagg agtaggctct ctctccctct caacctggcc ccataaagtc tgctgcccca     28080
     caatcagtcc tagtaagaat ttattactct gacagttatc aagcttcatt ccttgcttga     28140
     ctttataagg cccacaatcc acaaacaatc tcctccatca acaacctata gactgaaaat     28200
     gaagcatctc gcataccttt atcctggcta attgtatact gccttacaaa ccttgcccca     28260
     gagaccctgg ttatctttcc aggggcataa atactcccct tcccccatta tattgattca     28320
     gttttctgaa gttgttcctg ggtgtgtata atttgcccaa accctcactg ctgatcaaga     28380
     tcctgcctgt atcacccacc cagctaagca tctcttcttc taatctagac acagacatgg     28440
     aaacctgctt gcctctttga cctctgattt taattccaga gtgtgtgctc ttctatttag     28500
     acactgagtt gaacatggcc ttttcatggt gtcagtgcag ctttgatact ggtttgtcat     28560
     tcctaagtga taatcctatg gaaaaattat agggttggca ctggcacaga ccaaagtttg     28620
     tggaatccca gagtagacta atgtttatac tttctaaaaa atattaaaaa attaaaaatt     28680
     aaaaagacag cataaattct cctagcgatc tttgaatttg ctaagctacc catgcaggcc     28740
     tcaaacttgg aatcattttc cctccaaagg attgccatta tattacatag ccatatcatt     28800
     acaggtataa atcaccaatt cagccctaca taccttttaa tagtttctca tgtaacatgc     28860
     atattataaa cactctaccc attgttagtt tacttgggtg tgaaataaag acctgtgcat     28920
     ggatttctca caatttgcca gctcttgact ttgctactag ttggtgagtt tatataaaat     28980
     gcaaagggaa tttaagcctt cattcctttt ctttccatgg gagtgttccc ttgcacacag     29040
     ttttagaagc tctgagataa gggaatgaat gaggactgtg atgcccattc aggtcagatc     29100
     atgcttggtt cctgcctcat accagcgatg aagcatgagc caagtggcct tacatctcca     29160
     ttactgtctg cttctttgta gacttctctg ataatgctaa ttgtctgaca gggtttcatt     29220
     ttgatttgta ctgtgaggag aaactatgag acagttagat tgtgtaagca gctgcttgca     29280
     atgccagaga cacaggaagc tttaagtgct aacaaaatgt gcattatcca tttgcatcat     29340
     taccaattca aggagggtaa acagtttttg gacaattgaa atatatcacc atgtttgctt     29400
     tcagaggcaa atactaatct gttttgcaac tggcaaagca actgaaatgt tacctctgtt     29460
     ttgatttgtg tttcttggaa aacttgcaag attgaatata tattttttgc cttatgtttg     29520
     ggtactgatt tatcttttat gagattcact ttagagtctt taaattgttt taatatccct     29580
     tgtgtcactt gatcatccca acaactcagc agagttagca ggactggtga tatttatagt     29640
     ctactaaaga gagataaaag gaaagttctt accgtttcat taagtggctt ccacacaagt     29700
     ggtaggtagc tggcagagct gggacttgaa ccaaaacatt ttgctgtcct cttggaaaca     29760
     ataattcaag tagctggtgt ctctctgact agaaaggatc catgccatac ttaaaaataa     29820
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaatag tgcctaccac ttttccctct     29880
     ggggaattaa gcccttggga gtatataatt caaatgtgtt gcaagttact tcctttcact     29940
     catttcaaac ccacaaggta agctatatag tttaggatat ataggattta tgtgataaaa     30000
     tttggacagg cttagaggta gtttgggtgc tgtaagtatt atttgatgat tacagaaaat     30060
     gtaattataa ataagcaata taatgtgaga acatcattaa gacagtagcc tgccacatct     30120
     caggcaatag taattgatct ggcagaaaag gggctgagaa gttttacctg agagatgtgt     30180
     ctaaggcaaa accttccaat gcagttggct catgggaacc tggggggaaa atatcatcaa     30240
     aattacaaaa taaagtcagt gaaattttac tccatgtaga taaaatgaag aggatcaata     30300
     atgtcaagtg ctggggaaga cagatgaagc cagcactctt gtacatgagt attagaatgg     30360
     aaaaaaaaaa taaagtctga atggttgaac ctgtgaacaa ctctgtccct gagcatccat     30420
     cagggagaga tgaaagccct aggccatacc ataggctttg tccgtgatgg agaacatgct     30480
     tggtgcattt cagaaagggg acatcccagt gtacttttta ttaagaaggc tactacaatc     30540
     taagacttag actttcccga ttgtctttgt cctgttagca aaggcattga atgtagttgt     30600
     aaagaaagtt gtagggggtg gagaatgtac cagtaactga gttcacacac acatttgatt     30660
     gtgacattcc ttcaacagaa caataggaaa aaaaaaaaaa gggtcagaga ctttagaatt     30720
     cccgaattga gaaggactca tttatacata tgtgagagtt aagtgggaag aaatttatgt     30780
     tttgaataat gatggttcct aaagtgtcag aagtcccgtg gtgtgttttt atatgtgtgt     30840
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctgt gtattacaaa atcttgactt caaaagaatc taggtaaatt     30900
     agttatcctt tatatttgaa aaacagtcca agtagagata aatagaactt ttgtctcaag     30960
     gagggttatg aacaagatct tacatatcag caaaaggtac acagcgctct ctctctctct     31020
     ctctgtctct ctctctcact ctctctctgt ctctgtctct ctctgtctct gtcttcctct     31080
     gtctctgtgt ctctgtgtct ctgtctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     31140
     ctctctctct ctgtctctct ctctgtgtct ctcaaatcat ctagtcacct gaatggaact     31200
     ctccttctcc accacccatg gtccagagag aagggccata agccttttct atcatcctcc     31260
     atgctatgtg tgttcattcc ctctactgtt ccataaagca tcagtcatcc tctgagactt     31320
     cattgagcat gcatggactg cctacctgtg agatcacaag ccctgctgtg ggtctttgcc     31380
     tggaatggga ctcaaaaaca catctcgtct caagagagtt cagttggata tgtgtatact     31440
     tttcctttct actggtaatg acaatcatga gaactgttca ctgatctaaa gtggagctga     31500
     ttcatggttt tgattctatt tttttgtgaa gtaagcactc atccaaaaga cagtaagtaa     31560
     gtccttttga atctggagtc tgcctatgtt ttcttcgtgt ctggagggaa gcatgactat     31620
     gacacaaaag catcccatat accatttacc tcagttctag gaagtgagca cagattccta     31680
     tagcacagca agcctgccca aggacatagc ctcagctgta tgcgcgtcct ccataaaaga     31740
     cctggaaagc aggacaatgt attaatgttc ataaagtctg actgcagagc tagaaagcat     31800
     gtgattctgt aggtgtgtgg ctagagccgt gaggggcaat gagaaactgc agtgtgttgg     31860
     catctctgtc ccttgactag gtggatacct caccacccca gtgttcctta aatttatata     31920
     ccttttcctc tgctgtcccc tgactagctg gttgccctct ttacttcctg gttcttttgt     31980
     tttcattttt ctctccttct gcttcttatt ttattccttc ccttgctatc ctttttactt     32040
     cacaatcatt tttattttca ctggcatgaa atcattctaa caatcacaga gagaatcatg     32100
     aatggaatca ccatgtatgt attcactctc aaaagctatc cttctgtgtc aaatttattt     32160
     tcagatatat tggctgtaat tgaattacta acctgtggtg aacagaaacc atgcttttac     32220
     acccatcttt ctgttaaata cttagtagtt tgtctttaag atggatattc cctttaaaag     32280
     cacagtacat atgactggaa agatagctcg tctgctaaaa ccatttgttc ctaaaccaca     32340
     aggactggtg tccatattct atcactgtcc tgaggaacca ctgagttttc cttgacaata     32400
     cccgtaacac catctccaag ggaatccaaa gcaggacgag ttctgtagct tctggacttc     32460
     aagtccaaga tgtgagcatg gagctcagaa aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaaca     32520
     aaaaacactg cctcagagaa actgagagaa agtaatagaa atttactctc tacttgtctt     32580
     tacagaaagg tactttcaca gatagatata actcacacaa agttactgaa attggctctc     32640
     ttgggtccct accctcactt tctttctctt attgcctcct tccttttctg ccttctcacc     32700
     ccaatctact cctttctctc tgtttcctct tcatttgctt tgtctatcct ctccccccca     32760
     cttcccttcc cactgcagcc tccctccttc tcttccttgc tttctcctta tttcctagac     32820
     tgtccaactg attatgtgtt gtatttacta ttatagcaca caagaaaccc gatcaaactg     32880
     gaatttcaat tttgtgtgct aagttcacaa gagagagaaa gtttaattct atttcagagg     32940
     aagattattc tagattttaa aaaagaaaaa agaaaagaaa ctagcatttt tctttctgtt     33000
     ctaaatgaaa atgaatgttt cctgatgctt cttatgtggt cttagtacat aagccaggct     33060
     aatgtggaag gcaagggacc ctgcagtcac ctttccagtg ttggattata agcatgaact     33120
     agtcgactat gttcctcaca acaggattgc ttacctcact ttgaattccg gcatctcacc     33180
     agtgattcta aatttgtgtg aacataagac tcaaaaaaca cacaaaatta aaaactgggc     33240
     ttaataagac agaagaggca tctctaggag gacttacttg aaactgaatc tatgcctaaa     33300
     taaaattaca agttaaaatc caaataaaaa agaaaaagaa acaagaaaca agaaagtcac     33360
     agaagtttgg aatggtacaa taacaacgta taagtatggg tttatattgg ttttaggagc     33420
     aaacagtgag gttgtgtttc cctattctgt taactttacc ttcaacaaat tgctcttggt     33480
     catgaaatcc tgtgtttatt ctctcataag acctttgact tgttgaggtc tataaacctt     33540
     ggtctagaag aaaatgcctt cttttaattt ctctccccat gtacaatcta cctaagccat     33600
     gcccaacaac cctgctagcc ctgggcttat tcaatgtatg gatctttaca tgaatactcc     33660
     tggaaattga aaatgaaatt gcaaatgaaa aaaaaagtcg taagaaagta aaaatctttc     33720
     caggatcatt ctaggtctca aagggcagag agtgagttcg tttgactcca cagtttggtc     33780
     tggtttctgg gattctgtga tccaataaca taacctgcta atgctttgga actttgtcgt     33840
     cattcttctg ttgacatcag cttggacaca cctggttgga ggatgagttc ataagacttc     33900
     ttttctcttt actcctttct tggattgtct cttctacttt gaacttgcca gttcttttga     33960
     gtgctaactt gctactcaca agaaaatcag gagctgaggg ggtttgcagc cccataggag     34020
     gaacaacagt atgaactaac cagtacccct agagtttcct gggtctatac taccaaccaa     34080
     agaaaacaca tggtgggact catggctctg actgcatatg tagcagagga tgacctagtc     34140
     ggtcatcaat gggaggagag gtcaatggtc ctgtgaaggt tatatgcccc aatataggga     34200
     aattccaggg ccaggaatca cgagtgggtg ggttggtgag cagggagagg gggagggcat     34260
     acggggtttt cagggggtaa actaggaaag cagataacat ttgaaacgta aataaagata     34320
     atatctatta aaaattaatt aattaattaa ttaattagta gaagaataaa aagaagaaaa     34380
     tcggggataa acacaatggc ggttgccaaa accattcatt tccttctaca gaaaactcta     34440
     atgagccatt cacaaaggat caaagaaaat aatactaata ctaataccaa tactactact     34500
     aataataata ataataatta ataataatgt ctagggactg gagataatag ttcagacaga     34560
     agaatgcatc ttgagcattc aggaatccct aggtttgctc cagagcatca cacaaactcg     34620
     atgtagtaca tacttgtgat ccaagcatga aagaggagaa cacaaaacgt tcagaagttc     34680
     aaggacactg ttggctgcag agaccattca aggctatcct cctgttttag agactatgcc     34740
     tcaaatctat acatatttat gatggctaat gtgaaatttg gaaatgtatt gtgacccaga     34800
     acttaatctg accatgaaaa gaatatggca ggaaagcccc aagttgctcc ctttcctatg     34860
     tgtaaaagag atattctttc actgtctatg aagtccagca aaataacaat aatgcatgaa     34920
     aggggcatca aacagagaaa atgaactttc ttcctttctt acttgaaggt ctttcaaggg     34980
     ttaaatgtca ggccaataat aatcaagaag aatcttcaca gagcctggat catagaatgt     35040
     cacccactgt gagcacatca gggtttcccc acctcactat tcctggtcaa ttctcactca     35100
     ttttcaccta ataataggga tatagcaatg ccatctgcct tctaggctcc acacagacct     35160
     cctcatgttc cgtattttat atatgtgtac tcagagggaa gtcaatgtgt ttttacacta     35220
     tagttatgta agtgtggtga ttaaagtttt caatgaagtg gatgtctgta aatttgaatc     35280
     tgtcattaat atttctctcc aaaagagaac tgtgaactca cgaggagagg agactaagtc     35340
     agtgactatt tactcattta tttttactct ttactattca tttttaattt gtgggaagga     35400
     ttgcagcagg ctcttcatga gtcttactgg gttactacag gattttctac aatatctctc     35460
     aagtcttcag catccatcct cctccattat gtaccagcac cctacttggc tagaatctag     35520
     cattgttgat aggagaagaa tctacactaa attatgtttt taaatgccct gtaacattgt     35580
     tttcttaatt agaatgcttg ttgttttcag ttgatccgag catcaacatt tgaagtaatt     35640
     aatgattaat attgcaagaa actttaacct caatacatgt aagagccttt atgttcagta     35700
     cttatttata ctcaaaatgt acataaacac aaggtttaaa agtgcttcca gcactgtgaa     35760
     gatgacacag tgggtaaaag aattgccaca caaccaagag aaactgagtt tggatctgta     35820
     gaacccacat aaaaccagac ctattataat atctgtttat accaactcta ataccagctg     35880
     tatacagctg tatagtgtct gtaataccag aactcataaa gtcagactgc aggcagagtt     35940
     agaagagtcc ctggaagctt tggggccaga gatcttggca cttgcagcaa tgaatccgaa     36000
     tatgcatttt caacaaacct ataatctgaa aaagaataga ttctagagga caagcttagc     36060
     aaacccttca aagttaaggg ctccccagat taataagcat taaacatttg ggtggtaaaa     36120
     aaatcatgtg tcaatgattc ttgtgtgggg aagctaattc ttgttgcaca ggaagataag     36180
     atggtatgtt tgatcaaaat tcattatatg aaattctaaa agaattaatc aaatcttatt     36240
     ttttaaaggg gaatgtacct tttatagata aagactggtc tctggataaa agtaacaagc     36300
     agaatgtcag gagagttagc actgttaaac atgatggtaa aagtgaagta gagaccatga     36360
     agaggacata gagcgtcttc tttatgaagt gaggttcaga gaatgaggtg ttaagtgaga     36420
     attgattgga aagtattttc attctgctgc tgctttaagt gtgaggttta tgtacttact     36480
     gttagtcctt tggagggttg taaattagta tgtgaataaa agcagcaatt gaagaaacct     36540
     agaaatactg gataataagc tttatttggt aatcaaacca ttaggatatt gcatggaaaa     36600
     tttttagttt tggctaattc acagtgctga tactttccgt gtatttgctt accatgtcta     36660
     taaaacatta tttcctcagg accctaaaat ggctgcagta attgcctggg tggtggggag     36720
     tcagggcaac tgtggtagaa ctgactaatc tcttcaccaa agcaaatcaa tgcttttaga     36780
     attttgtaag caaactctct catctcattg gttacactga cgccccatgt ctctacattg     36840
     gtctatatga aaatgttatg tgagttttgc ttgggagaga ggaaagatac gtgaacaaac     36900
     ttctatttcc ctttggatat aattcctatg gaagaccagg cagacaatag atgatgatag     36960
     attgatagat ggatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagataggt agttagatag     37020
     atgatagata gatagataga tagatagata ggtagttaga tagatgatag atagatagat     37080
     agatagatag atagatagat gatagattga tagatagata gatgtagaga tagagggaag     37140
     gatatcacca aaatcaggct tactgggctt gtttacggga gactgagcaa aggattactt     37200
     agctaagtat agctgaaagg ttactaagag gtacattagt gactgagcat gactgagtac     37260
     atacaaaagc tccatccctg gagttccctg catgtccctg caggattttt tttactgctc     37320
     agctggctag ctgggaatag agtcctcatt tatgtccttg aggatggaca ttgtcactcc     37380
     tatacatatt ggtatcatcc agcttgttag tttggtttac ttttctgagt accttgtttt     37440
     ttgttttttt catttttttc ttttttattg gatgttttat ttatttacac ttcaaatgtt     37500
     atcccttttt ccggtttccc caccagaaac ctcctctccc atcaccctcc ccctgcttcc     37560
     atgagggtgc tctcctacac acccacccat tcctgcctcc ctgccctggt attctcctat     37620
     actggcacct tgagacttca caggaccaag ggcccctcct cccctccaat aaggccacac     37680
     cccctccttc tgagggtaga tgcaaatcac taccctacag aaaagaggtc ataggtttta     37740
     acagatgagg atcatacctg aacgttccag aagaactcag tactcctcac tcccagtggt     37800
     tgctatcaat attgggacag aatcaaatat ccagcaggta aagagtctgg agctaaagta     37860
     atagttcagg agtaaccaga acttcaaagt gacgaaatat ttgcagttgc ctgctgtggt     37920
     ttaaatgtga aatgctctcc atagttttac atttcagatt tgacctgcac agtttgtgga     37980
     gctagtttgg tctagcctga aaactgtaca agagggacct actcagagga tatagggtac     38040
     catgtacagg ttcttgggag tggattatcc ttggtcattc agtgtcacta tcgtcttcct     38100
     cagagctagt tgtcctctgc cacaggcatc ttctactgtg atggactgtt caagtacaca     38160
     gggtcaaaca gggtgaagcc tctaaactgt ctaccaacct atctcttttc tcccttaaac     38220
     tgtctttttc aagctgtttt gtcatagtga cataagcaat tgccacagta ggagaatata     38280
     atttaactga tatctgtggt tgttagtaaa tagactccct attctggttc tctataacta     38340
     ggctacagtt ttcaagttct gttagtttga caaatttaat cctgaagact tcccaaagcc     38400
     tttagtacgt taatgtacct ggtgactctc caagaaatgc ataaagcctg aagtattttt     38460
     ccaacaataa aatatttcat taccaaaaac agttctatta tttttcaaag cgttctttct     38520
     gggatgaatg tccatattaa agcctgctag aaactgtttt tctgcattat tggactgaag     38580
     tcatttcata gtgtgagttt atagtgctca taatacttcc aatattgcct tttgtgagta     38640
     ctataaaaac aggaaaaatt tgcaaagtat catgttagaa aattaatatt aaagaacgaa     38700
     taggcttata aaagaagcga gatggccctg ttagcacaat agacatgacc ttacagcatc     38760
     cacatgatgc taagatctaa tcgatggact tgctctaaag ttctgttaac actgatttct     38820
     gttttaaaat tttgtgatta aaagttggaa gaaggtgaaa tgtttaaagc attatatcac     38880
     gtgcatagat aaaatcgagt gagaaatgaa tggaaaataa aaacaggcta agaaacagca     38940
     aaactaactg gcttcactga gacagaaccc aaaatacact taatagttac tcaagagggc     39000
     ctagagagat agctcagtag ttaaaagctc tagctgttct tctgaaagat ccgagttcaa     39060
     ttcccagcac ccatatggaa gctcacaaaa gcaaataact tcagtcccag gaattctgat     39120
     gctgtccttt tggccttgtc aaacactaag catgcatgtc gtgcacagat gtacatgcag     39180
     aagaagcact cacataaaat aattaaaaaa aaaaacttca tgagataaac atgtaaatat     39240
     aattcaacaa accaaaaaga aactcaaatt aattaaatgg tactttgcat actaagtaag     39300
     ttttctgtcc aagatttaaa aaatgtcatt ttttaaaaaa aataattatt ttattaattt     39360
     acaacccaaa tgttggcctc cctcctggtc cccctgaaag agttctccac ctccatctct     39420
     cctccccttc acctatgaga gggtagcctc ttcttgggta tctccctaca ccgaggcatc     39480
     aagtctctat attattaaag gcacatcctc tcctactgag gccagacaag acagccctgt     39540
     acttcatatg tgctgggggc ctaggagcag cctgtgtatg tactttggtt ttggctcacc     39600
     ctctggaagc tgccaggtta tttgatactg tctgttcctc tgtggttgcc atctcccgtt     39660
     cctttcatcc ttcccctaac tcttcccaac ctcagtctaa tgttttctgt ggttggctgc     39720
     atctgtctca gtcagctact gggtagatcc tctcagagag atgcaatgct aggctctttt     39780
     ctgcaagcac agtatagcat cattaacagt atgagggact gaagtctgcc caaggaacgg     39840
     atccttagaa ctggagttac agatgtttgt aaacttccat gtgaactaat cttagtccca     39900
     tgcaatagga tcaagtgctc ctaacaaatg aggtatcttt ccacccccag aatatcttct     39960
     caagcatgat tcagtgatca gaattaataa aaaaaaatat tttacaaata accgttttat     40020
     ttgtaaaaag atacattaaa gaaaattaca aactagagga aatgtttgca attgatttct     40080
     tatctgtata atgaataaat tgtttaaaaa atatagggga aaataagaat taattttttt     40140
     gtagcaattg tctagattgt gaacaattgg cattcttttt catatagaga tattagaatt     40200
     tccatatgag gaaatggcaa gcaatggact tcagagatga ctgtgtgggt aaagtggtca     40260
     ctgtgcaagt ctaaggaact gagttctaat cctcaaaatt taagcataac catgtgcata     40320
     tctgtaacct gagagctatg tggagcaaag actaaagatg ctctagggcc tgctagttcc     40380
     aagcatagct ttcagttaag tgaaaggtcc tcttccaaag gaagaaggca aaaggtttga     40440
     gaataaaata tcagatgtcc tcctctggtc tctgttgtta gctatgtgta tatatggcac     40500
     aaacacacac aaaggaaaaa aatcataaat agatagttgg aagttgtcct tctatatctg     40560
     aggattgcat aatgaaattt tgcagtctct tctgccggtg tggtaaggag gaaacaaaat     40620
     atttcctgtc ttgtagtagc aaagagatac agctcctcta gaggggagtt tgtcagtatt     40680
     catcagcaat ggagatacat ttacccttgc taaggcagtt ccatgtttca gaatctatct     40740
     cccaatcaaa aattggtcaa aaatagtaca tgcgaacacc acagaaacac acactcacag     40800
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatac acacacaaca tggctcttca     40860
     ttacactgta atgaattttc tgcatatgtt cttagggcat tcttgagagc actattagtt     40920
     attatgaagt gacaaaaata ataattattc attgcactat cattaggagc tagaaattta     40980
     cttgaaaggg aaattagaga aaagagtcaa aaagcctatt ctattctaca tatagtttac     41040
     acctcacgca ggaggcagtg agcatgattt atctacatgt ggtgtgaatg taggtttata     41100
     atgtaattaa ctatctacta catgaaatat aaatgtgtac tcttcagagg aaaacacaaa     41160
     tttacataga catgctaaat tttatggcga ttatacttta taatattaaa cactttctgt     41220
     ggacataacg gatcacacct gtaatccctg cattttagga agtcaaaaaa gtaagatcag     41280
     catgagttct aggctactct gtgctacaaa aatactagca agattattct aggataactg     41340
     gagcaacaga ttgaggatct agatttaaaa ctctgacata tggagaaaac aattaaatat     41400
     tcgagaaaat ttctcagtta agagacctaa aacttatttt aacacagcgc gtattatgag     41460
     tcctctgtgt gttttcagaa agaatgtttg aggtgatgga atttatactg cttcattatg     41520
     gcacaaatgt gccccaagaa acaataagaa atgttcgtgt caagcaaagc ataatcgttg     41580
     gatacctatt tctcacaccg ggacaagact catgatatca tgggtttaga ttataattta     41640
     tctacttttg ggccagtaaa atgtcccagt aagcaaaggt atatgcttta cagcctaatg     41700
     agtttgatcc ctacctaggt cctgtgtcac agaaggatag aatcaactct tgcaacttgt     41760
     agtcaccagt gcctaaagaa gtacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     41820
     atacattcaa gtatatacac atatacatac atgaatataa ttaaaaaata aagtcatctg     41880
     ttttataatg tataaataca ttcattccct ttttaagaac aggtctcatt tgtgcaaggt     41940
     tagctttaaa atcttgaact tcccaactct ccctcacaag tgctgggttt acaggcacct     42000
     gccaaccacc tgatctgaat atataatata acacgcaaat tatttagcat ctgctagata     42060
     ttcaatgctc tgctttgtca tagatataga aaagatgcaa attgccaggg aaacttatag     42120
     gtagattgtg ataaatgctg accataggaa taaaatagaa gtttgtaatg tttaatttga     42180
     ttggtaggca aagtatagga actttgtgct tacatgtgaa atagaaaatt caatcacaaa     42240
     gggcagaagc caggacatag gtcttcctgg caaaagaaga caaagaatgt ttgaaaagtc     42300
     aggggagatt accaagtcat acacatatgg aagaaatggc aaaaaaaaaa aaaatgatgt     42360
     tactgtatgt cttctggtga tatcagaaac tacccataat gtcttaccaa aatggttgga     42420
     taagcatgag ctggaaaagg gtaatacagt ggacatgcac gagatgatgg ggaaagcgtc     42480
     tgaggcttca gttctacaca aagaagtaca ggcgactctg taatgctgac agcaggggaa     42540
     atagtcttct ccatggaaaa gtacagcaac tgtctatcaa ataccaagtg tttagccctg     42600
     aaaatacata catacaaata acattatgca gatggagtag attgtattta ggaatatata     42660
     catacatata tgcatttaac aacaattcat gaaaaaggag ctcatgaatt tgaaagaaag     42720
     ttgggagagt tatatgggag agtttagaaa gaggaaagag aaggggcaaa tgatatgatt     42780
     atatcataat ctccaaaatt aaaaatatac aacttacaaa atgaagatag aaattagaga     42840
     agctgagtag cttttccaat gtgcatgcta actaagccct tgtcagctct catcaggaat     42900
     gggcagatgg ggcaagctga agaatgacac ctcttcgtgg gtggtcaagg gaagagggtt     42960
     ccttaatgtt ctatgggcag tggaggactg gagagaagtc tgaatgagtg ttctatgtga     43020
     ttgtcagctc tgccatttgc agagataaac atggagaatg aatcattgat tggaggcccc     43080
     aggcctcaca tcctgatgac agataaagag ataataaaac acaaacattg ggagtgtact     43140
     aaaaactctg tggattgtct gaggtagaat tggtaagact gttccataca ttctatctct     43200
     gtgtgtgaca gtaagagtga aagacaaata atgggccaga gtttttgctc tgactacctg     43260
     tgtctttagt aatgaccata gtgtgcacag gaacacagca ggaatgcatg tttgggatag     43320
     ataatgaggt cagacttgaa aatctttgtg ttcctgtctg tcctgtccac attgtccctt     43380
     acagagcaaa caaccattaa agattctaat atagacccct cacctctcct tagagtaaga     43440
     tagaaaacat aaaacccttg gtgctgtgga acatgctgct gcaggtacca tgttggctca     43500
     tgacaaaagc tgtcatgaca aaagcccctt tgaattcctg cttctgaagc ctacctaatg     43560
     aaacagtcag tgtgacaacc tccaaaggaa aattccataa tttagaaaaa taggacgtga     43620
     tggcctcgag tggctatgtg gcttgcattt ttgacttgtg gaagattgtt atcttcatac     43680
     atgatcaaaa ggaaatggaa atgtaccatc tccctcaaca ccgatctttg tgtgtttctt     43740
     gttttaatgt gcaggacagg agcgaattgg aaaagactct aattatgagc aggagggtaa     43800
     agtacagttt gtgatcgatg ctgtctatgc catggcacat gcccttcatc acatgaataa     43860
     ggatctgtgt gctgactacc ggggagtgtg cccagaaatg gagcaagcag ggggcaagaa     43920
     gttgttgaag tatatccgca atgttaactt caatggtaag acttcaatgt ccatagtgtt     43980
     ggcaatgcta agcaattatt tcctatttca taaggtacag aaattatgtg atggctatgc     44040
     cactgactca agtaagatca aaacttggtt aattatgtac attcaagtga ttcaaccagt     44100
     gtggggatag tgaaaaatga aacttagaaa agagaacaaa agactacata ctagagggct     44160
     gtagtattgt cttagttata ttttctcttg tgcaacaaag caccatgagc aaaaagcaag     44220
     ttggagagaa gaggaattat ttggctgaca ttttcatatt gtttatcatt attgaaagaa     44280
     gtcagaacag gaattcaaac agggcacatc ctagaggtag gagctcatgc agaagccatg     44340
     gaggggtgct gcttactggc ttccctcccc tggtttgctc aacctgcttc cctacagcac     44400
     ccaggatcac caacacaagg atggtacctc ccacaatggg ctgagccttc ccagacagat     44460
     tgctaattga aaacaaaaac aatgacttac agctggatct cagggagccc ttttctgaac     44520
     tgaggctcct tcctctctgt tgattccagc ttttatcaag ttgacacaaa accagccagt     44580
     gcagatatgt tctattcttg gaatcaaggt cttcttcatg aagccatttt atttctttta     44640
     atgagtgtag gtgtcagaga aaagaaagag ggacagagag agacagaggc agcgacagag     44700
     agaaaggtaa aaagacagga gatgggtggt tccaagataa aaaaggatag ttgaaattgg     44760
     caatacaaac aactcagttt atgactcacc cctcaatcta caaaaccctg ctgtgataaa     44820
     ttaccaaaag gagactatta aatgtaaatg gagaaaatga ataaattgta aataatgcaa     44880
     gacacatgga gaggggtctc caataatact tttcctatag tatgagtctt ttgatgtctt     44940
     tatgctttgc atacaaaatt ttaagggatt aaattaaagc tcgttgtgtg tacagtgtaa     45000
     aattcagtgg tttgtaacaa atagttctac ctgtatcaca aatgaccagc atagcaacaa     45060
     taaaagcaat taagaagaaa aaatatgtac aagtaatttg gagaaataat atcactatga     45120
     aacactagtg ataacaatta ccttattcag gcattgtgca tctctagtgt cttcgttaca     45180
     gtttctgctg ctgggataca ccacaaaaaa caaaatcaac ttggaggaaa tgggtttctt     45240
     tagattgtat ctcatagaat agtgcactat acaagaaagc gatggcagga actcaaggca     45300
     ggaatctgga gggaaagact ctattcgagt gctgcttact gacttgtttc cctatggctt     45360
     gctcagccag ctctttttta tataaaacac aggaatacct ccaaggggtt gcatcacttt     45420
     cagtgtgcta ggtcctccca tattgaccat taatcaagaa aatgccctac atgattgcct     45480
     gcatagaata agatggagga attttctcaa ctgaagctcc ttttcccaga taactctagc     45540
     ttatgtcaag atgacaaaaa tcaatcatac aacaataaaa gtcaaccaga gcagctagta     45600
     aatatgcatt tggtggaaat tcataactct gatgatagct tttacataaa atagaacaga     45660
     gaaaatatta attatattat ttataatgag atgtgtgtca gggaaataga ttaatagaaa     45720
     ttgtgtatga ttaaaattgc agaatcaaca tgaattcatg tacatatgca gatagatatt     45780
     aaatagatat gttatgcaag ccaatatgca tatgtatgta tggctcatgc tatctatatc     45840
     tgtctatcta gaggtgaaag agtgattgat ggcatctcaa aatgaatgag aataactagt     45900
     gctaaggtct tactagaaat atgattttca gtccaaagaa ccagaacact cttcagaaat     45960
     atttttattt atgtttctca ttttaggcaa ataaatcaat gtctaaaagg agaaaatatc     46020
     tggttcacac tttaaaacta ccatatggca aggaccattc tataactcac atctctttct     46080
     aatctgctat gaagaatcca gccttctttt ttcatagtaa caaagatttt gtctggtctt     46140
     ttggctgtta agtatggttg gttgtacttc tccatagctt tggtaggaaa ttccatttac     46200
     ccctaggagc ttttctgtag accagtagag tacacttcat aattctgacc ttcacattca     46260
     aagaagcatt gttttagtta gtggtaatac tatctagaaa gaatcaatac aatgtctcca     46320
     agtaggtaac ctcataaggt gaataggagt caggtgggag ctaatttaga gatttttttt     46380
     caccccccca gtcacctttg tctgcaccat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     46440
     atatatatat atatgcagag acctgagtac aatcacattc tagttgtttc tttgttaatt     46500
     aataggccta aatgaaaata tttcctaatg taaaaatgta actataaaac tatgaaacac     46560
     tgtataatta attaattaat taattaatct aatcaagact acacctgtat ctagacttac     46620
     tgagtcctag caaagaaatg ggatgcaagt gtatattgcg aaaacacaat gcctcaaata     46680
     ttttgctttc ctccctagag aagtgagacc catgttcaat ttatctaaat atgtctgtga     46740
     atagtttgtg gggatattat ggaatttcta aagtatataa tgaaattgat tactgagggg     46800
     tctttttgat gtatttgtac tataaacaac aaactttata gtacctgcca tgtcagaagc     46860
     aaagcaggat gctacactca tggataaagg caagtgttct ggtcatatac aaagcaaagg     46920
     ttttcatgac agccaattat ttatacaaat aactccaagt tacctttgcc gatgcaatgg     46980
     atctagaaac agctatctac agtggcctgg acacagtata gaatccatgt tctcattggc     47040
     tttaggaata taggttaggg tagcttgttg agcagaaaga ttaacagaat atgaataagt     47100
     acagaaactc gggtgctaca tggcatatca aaatgagaag agaaaacctt ttgggtaaat     47160
     gcttttatgc aaaaaatagt tttgtcatct gagcgtcagg atcctcagat cagcttctct     47220
     gttctccaag aaaagtagtt tctgtcacac attgaggtcc agcacagatt tcagacttgg     47280
     ctactttctg aactgtcttc tgttctcata ctccctgtta gaccatagaa cctctagtgc     47340
     ccctctcttt tctctcgtcc ctcttttctc ttttctctct tctatctcct cctccttctc     47400
     ttctctccac ctctctcctt ctctctctgt ctccctctgt gtctctgtct ctctctttcc     47460
     tcctcctccc ccctcctcct ccccctcctc ctccccctcc tcctcctcct cttcttcttc     47520
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc     47580
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cctcctcctc cttcttcttc ttctctctct ctctctctct     47640
     ctctctctct ctctttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcctg cagttctctc     47700
     agttctctct ctagacatag ttgattagaa agtgcactgg gttgtgccct ttcccgtaga     47760
     gcattccaca catacactaa cgccttgtac ccataggcaa gttcactaga accttaaatc     47820
     tttgccttct tgctttgtaa cttctggcag ataaggtaag ccaatataga tcacatggtt     47880
     tagagccaaa caaaaatgaa aattctttag gaattagaaa ctccttttgc cctattggaa     47940
     tggaaagctc tctcccttta agaacctctc tcatgctcac ctttatgatg atctctcttg     48000
     tcatgctctt agtatcctca gttcatttcc aaaaacaagt gttgggtttc tcacaattgc     48060
     ctatgactct agctccagag catttgatgc tctctagtgg cctccaagga acccgcactc     48120
     aaatgcacaa atatccctct cttccttctc cctgtctttt atacacatac acaatttaaa     48180
     aacaaaataa aatttatatt cctttataaa ctttatatta agttcttatg aaggtcatct     48240
     acccaccttt ctgtgatctc tgatccattc tgactggtat ccatatttct attacgttag     48300
     tgttcctatg ttatggtcct gacaccttgt aggatctctg caggtaatac ctcctctttg     48360
     atatcttctt tcctcttttc agaacttttg ctttattgct ttctgttctc agagtccatt     48420
     aaatagagtc ttattttcct ttataataag ttctgggata ggtactgaca aaggaagtgt     48480
     aagaaggaga aaaaacatcc tggaaataat aagcccattt cattaaagaa tactttcaga     48540
     aggccaaagc tacacaatac actattagaa attatcattt agataaagta tccatgcact     48600
     ctgctataat ttttaacgtg gattttaata ggaatagaaa aggtatgaca agagtcattt     48660
     tccctcacaa tgattttgaa atggaagaaa gataaggcca tgtgtcctgt tctgatgaag     48720
     actgggctga tgaacatgag attgtttgag ctccaggcct cggggatgct ttctctctcc     48780
     tctctgaagg tgcaaaagcc tccagccaca taaagaataa aagatgcagt agtcagaata     48840
     aagcacagta acaatcagag caccccgtgt gagagaaaat actgggcagc tgaatagcaa     48900
     tgtcttattg caccgtaata ggcttctcat ttcttgctaa tgacatgcaa catcaaattt     48960
     catcttttgt cctaataaac ctggattatt tgttaaaagc aggacaccca tgttgaaaat     49020
     tctctgtcgc atcaagtgtc atttgttgct gatgtttggt aaaactgtgt gacagcaatg     49080
     aaagtggagg aaaggttcat gaattttaga gagagcaact tggggcgcat gggaggagct     49140
     gaacaaaggg aaagaaaggg aagggaatag aaagggaaaa tttgtggttg tattatatcc     49200
     tcaaagaata tgttttaaaa agtttctgtt gaagtatttt tgaagtctct ggcgattatg     49260
     tcttagtatg caatagaatg aaatggttta tttatccaca aaacattgac tcaaatttgt     49320
     gagaccaaag aagtatttac aagcttctag tgccaactgc cactgttggt tctgtactgt     49380
     tgcaagggaa acagaaaaag atcctagaca tgggaaattt ctaattggat ctcaggagag     49440
     caacaggagt gcactgaaac aaaagcttct gtctggctaa tggaagctgc atgttatttc     49500
     cattcttgaa atatagggaa ataaacactg acaaaataaa aactcttcaa aaattttctg     49560
     gggagatagt tcgggagtca agagtgctta ctgctcttgc aggggagcca cgttcagttt     49620
     ccagcaccca cattgagtgg ctttcaactg cctgtaactc cagctccagg ggattcaacg     49680
     ccctcttctg gtttccacat acacctgtac aaatgttgca tataaccatc taagcacacc     49740
     catgtgcaaa actaatttat aaaagcatta ctgtttgggt ggctgttacg tcatggcaca     49800
     ggcagaagtg catatactgt tgtgttactg cattcagtag tgatagatag ctggctgaaa     49860
     ttaaataatt tgctaacttc agaaagacac ttagaaacca acccataatt tgaatctacc     49920
     ctcaaagatt aaaagttcag ttactaaaga tgatttgggt tttaactttc tgaatcactg     49980
     acagatgata tttttcctca ctgaacttaa acatcttaac tgtaaggagg aagttgagtg     50040
     gtatgtgtct gacagcttta ttttggattc ctacctgaca cccatcccca aataaagcta     50100
     taagctaaga tgttaataca catatgccat actctggctt tctgttactg tgataatgac     50160
     aatgtccaaa aacaacttag agggagaaaa tgtttatttt ggcttaccca tcaccgaagg     50220
     attccaaggc aagggatcaa cacaggaatc tagaggcagg aacagaagca gaggctagcc     50280
     cttaagaata tggcttactg gcctgatcac attaaacttc ttttcttata tagcctaggc     50340
     acacctgcct agtgattata ttccctacat taattagcca tgaagaaaat atcccagagg     50400
     gaaaaaaatt ctcaactaag attccctatt cccaggtgtt tcatcattgc caacaggtta     50460
     gccattgcag cagaccttag aggtctacag tatgaaagag caccatatct ttccctggac     50520
     atcagtaata atgaatataa gtctaggtcc ttctacagac tgaaaatcta ttccttcaat     50580
     ttcctagatt ctggacctca tggcatttgt aatgcatgtc tccatccact tctcctgttt     50640
     tcataacacc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acagcctttg     50700
     gctccccttg tctctcatgt agactagtaa aaggacatta ggccaactca cattatacaa     50760
     aaatttctct ttatgtggcc ttaaactctg ccacataata aaggtcacaa tagaaaagat     50820
     atgttgggac cattattctt cccatcacaa tctctgattc ccctttctga tatctggctc     50880
     tgtcatagaa tcttgcaatt gctaatcaca ggaaggtctc tgcgttagac gtccctttgt     50940
     cctatctaag atgttttatc attcagcatg gtgctacact aacccaaacc tttgctctgt     51000
     ctctggatcc ttatcgtggg tttgttcttg gtaattgtgt ttgtttgtct aatcatgagt     51060
     cttcttcatc ctatttcctt gagaaaaatt ttcacttcaa atcagctttc tataaattag     51120
     aaataataaa cacaagaaat attttaaatt cattcagtac agaaatgcac attaagtgaa     51180
     ttatttttgc ttacttatta tgatgtatca tttttaaaat tactattttt gatgttagtc     51240
     tttattgact aaaatgtaat cttaagtgga aacaaaagta acaattgcca tcatgagtat     51300
     tgcaatcaca gttagcagcc gaatgatatt aaaaaaaaag tttgtctctg aaaattaata     51360
     aatagattct ttgttactta gaaggagaag ggcttagaat gaaaagcttc tgaaagatca     51420
     tgaataaagc cattcaaagg aagagacagg tcatctttct acattctgtg atcactgtgc     51480
     acactctgta gagatgacct accatgagct gaagaggata ctacagatca tctgactact     51540
     tcctaattct ggtattttct tgtctccttc aggtagtgct ggaaccccag tgatgtttaa     51600
     caaaaatggt gatgctccag gacgatatga catcttccag taccagacaa caaacactac     51660
     caatcctggt tatcgtctca ttgggcagtg gacagatgaa ctgcagctca atgtaagtcc     51720
     tgatagatcc ttttcttccc tggtataaac agtttggtat taagtggatg tgtgtttcct     51780
     gttaatgtgc ttttccatgt atagaaccac gcatgcaatt tggtccaggc tttatgaaga     51840
     gctgacaacc attcatccaa taatacctta gtaatgataa taataatgac agaattgtgt     51900
     gcactgggtt tttatgtcct tatacatata tttattaaag tggttggaga aatacatgca     51960
     tacagaggtc agatgacaat tcacaggagt cagctctctt ctttcactat gtaggtttct     52020
     gagatcaaac tcaaatcttc aaaaatgaca gcaaatgcct ctacctgctg agtcatcttg     52080
     agggtctgac attgagtgtg tatgttagtc taaatttcta agaaatccta catttattct     52140
     gattcaaatt catgagttat gtgataacaa ctgtaaagac tctttttgaa tggaactgtt     52200
     tacctcttcc tttctcattt gatagtaata cttttttaaa aataaaactg atttcaatgc     52260
     caaactattt cacaaattat taccttatac taacattttg tgtcatctct ccattttttc     52320
     tatagaagtt gacattgaat gagcagctac ttccttgtac caatgtgcca gttaaagaca     52380
     gagagcattc actcttacac cattcttatg tctactttgg tccttgactg aaatacttgc     52440
     aaacttgggt tatggtggtc tatatgcagg accatctact ttactcaatc tctgattgag     52500
     atactgaatt tatcaagaaa tagctttgca aatatctaca gaataatatt ttaccaaaca     52560
     tccgggagtc aagtagtcca atcctgttga cagataaagt ttatcatcat gctcactgtc     52620
     tcattcagtc ctttctgtat ctcatcaaaa ggagggaaat tatgctcatg gtacaagaat     52680
     gaatggaatt gaggatgaca aacacaagat ggactgtttt aggggtcatg aggatcccaa     52740
     gtgtgatcat gatacaaatt caagggagaa ttatgttgga aagtcacagt cagagacaaa     52800
     gataagaaat gaattgtagt aactgtggaa tgtattcgaa ggtttccaaa aataataaaa     52860
     ttaaaattat tgaaaaaaca ggctgtgagt agaggaagca atgaacgcac cgctggctgt     52920
     ttctctaact cacacatcga gcttgttgag tttacttaca cttggatgct ctccctcttt     52980
     aaggactgct atccagattc ctgtcatctg gcgtctaagc ataatagagc cagttagcac     53040
     atgccaagca ttactacagg caaaagccaa agaggcagct gaaattatgc caaaaaaaaa     53100
     aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa aaagaaactc tcagaaggta aatccacaat     53160
     ttagtgatca aaagttagaa taaaatttat aattctagag tttggaaaat tgatgcaaga     53220
     tggcagccag tctgaggctt gcctgggcta caatagtgga ctcttgtctc agaaatctaa     53280
     atgatgatga cgatgatgat aatgatgatg ataaattcta agagcaaaat caaggcagtg     53340
     tggcctgtct gtttttcatt ggtgtcagtg gtacagatgt agtcatccaa gattcaaggc     53400
     atagagtcaa ggagtatgtt gacctatatt gttgcagaaa tatattatca cacctaggaa     53460
     aggggattaa attgctttat tagtgtttct cagcatacat gcttcagcac caatgttaag     53520
     gttttagcag gtgtgacttt cccatgtaca taagaattat catctgttcc ttaccaacta     53580
     gagaatgatg tgggagtccc tacgcatgct cattttgctt tattttatta tttttttatt     53640
     ttatttattt tattttataa ctgatccctc atcagaattg tatgcaactg gctacttggc     53700
     aaatggtcat tctttctttc cttgcatatc cttcctagga taaatattgt cataggcagt     53760
     gggtagacac agaatggaga ttttaaaaaa aaaggcaatc ccacatctca tacaactgac     53820
     cacctcgcaa ctataaggta cacaattgaa gaatcatgca tgcaaaaatt ccaatgtgtg     53880
     attgagagat ggtaggagag aagatgctgg aaatgggaag caagggacct aaggaatgga     53940
     aagccacaat gtgagaaata tgagtgagaa ggcagactaa aaggcttagc cagagatagt     54000
     gtggccacaa aagagtaagg gagaagaggt tacatgtggt atcagattaa catgtagcca     54060
     taatgatgca gttccttgga cacaatggga aaacttctca cttttatttc tgagatagtt     54120
     taaaatccat taaaatgtaa attaagcaaa gatgtgacta catagaaact aaataaacat     54180
     attcttacat ttattttaaa gttttaaaaa taaaaatcag tttgagagcc tgggaagata     54240
     gctcaggtct gcacaaacac aaggtcctaa attcaatcct cagcacacat attaataaaa     54300
     agaaatacat gtggaggcat acatttgtaa tctcaatgct ggaaaagtag agataagagc     54360
     atccccagga ctcactggcc agacagccta gcataattgg tgaacaccag gttctagtga     54420
     gagaccctgt gtcaaagagc aaagaagacg tctttgaagt aacaatgtaa gagtgtgatc     54480
     ttttgacttc taacatatga gcgcttatgt gcacacacat acacacacac acacacacac     54540
     acacacacac acacacacaa gcacgcacct ttcattgttg gacagaaatc aaattggaaa     54600
     ggggaaaata ggaatgaaaa tcagatacta atcttttgct gtcctcagag cagaataggg     54660
     gagggcgtag caaaaccact ttcatacccc tgtcagactt cactgttcat cagaaccatc     54720
     tggaggctca taaaatccag gaagtggagc ccataccctg agtttgattc attagatcta     54780
     aagcttatgc agaaccaaat gtttctcttt ccaagatgtc cccagggagt gagcgctgat     54840
     gatcctttga gaatccctgc ctgaatattc tatctgacca tgaaaatgaa gctaaatgag     54900
     tggtagatat gtattcctta aatgggtttg tgactcgtga caatatttag aagagaaagg     54960
     atgctgagag tgggaggggt gaaatcaaga atgacaatta tttggaattt ttaaatatgt     55020
     gggacttcct agatatgtaa gaataagatg aacatggaga agtgtatgag gtacagccac     55080
     acaaaaaagt gtccatttcc aatctataaa tgactgtaaa ataaggtagg aaagaaggaa     55140
     atgaggaaaa gaacaactcc cccaggcctt gaatatctta ttgaaaatga taccattatt     55200
     ttctactact ccatacagaa ccaagtttaa gacagtatat ccagtatgcc tggagagttg     55260
     aaccaaccac atgctttgga tgtttgtgtg gttctgggag gaggactgga gatctctgtc     55320
     ctggcattaa atgagcattt tttattacac tttatgacac taagggtagc gtgttagagt     55380
     gagagggttg gtcacccaag tttcacaagg atgtctcagt ttactcttgg gttgcataag     55440
     aagtataagc gttggcaact aaggcacata cagggccatt ttgacgagaa tgacagatgg     55500
     taaattcaaa tgacatggct attgagctat gctgtctgga tagaaggcca ctgtgtgtaa     55560
     acctttcatc attagtgtga atttaatcat ttgaaagagc tgataagaat aaataggaat     55620
     tctagtacac acacagaaca gcaccctgct catttggaga ttcagagcca tggctcacat     55680
     atcccatcct gcctaaccta atttgtcctc gttgtccttt ttgtgatgac tattgtgatt     55740
     cagttttttt ttctattaaa ctgctagtgt ggaatttgag caagcactgc tatgtgttca     55800
     ctttcttcct ttcagtggaa caaaacaaag catttgaagt aatggttcta cttctcattt     55860
     acaaagactc aagggtgctc tttcaatccc cagctacatc ttttctagca aatgaaattt     55920
     ttaggagtgc tttctctgcg gtcagtaatt gcaaattagt tctggagcca atgaagtttt     55980
     cagtttccag catcccagtg ctgcagacca gcctgcccag ctttccagga tgtggttttt     56040
     ctgaatgtgg gtgcctagtg gtgtgccatc tattacaaag catctcatgt gcccttccca     56100
     cccacgttgt cactctgaga ttttattctc ctgtagctta ataagagatg actgcatgct     56160
     atgaaaatag agtatttctg catgaacaat aacaagtaca aaattctgcg gaaggggatt     56220
     agggacaaag aaatcattta gttggccatt gggaaagtcc tataggaata aacttgactc     56280
     aattgctcgt gtttctattc tgctgtcaag agattccgta aaataactgc agggaaaaaa     56340
     aagggaaaag cactggattt ggcaatgatg gtccacgagg atgctgggaa aagcagggct     56400
     gcatccctgt gttctgagac caagaatgaa atgagtagtt tataacacgt tttaagatgg     56460
     cacatagttg ttggtttaag gaaacttatc aaaatgtttt aattgatcaa tatcttaaag     56520
     ggtcagttat ttttttcctt taaagagatg aaataaaata tgcttgacaa tgaataacat     56580
     agtgccgttt cagagttgtg gtagatacca agaaagaaga aatggaatga gtgtacttaa     56640
     actttttcca tacctgtggt taaatcaatt tgtagactgt tatagaaata taagtgactg     56700
     ccttttgctt caatgtagtc actttaaaag gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     56760
     atatattctg taatgttagt agtggggagg gttgccaatc tcaccctgga acccactgtt     56820
     cttccctttc ttaaagatac ctttaagaaa aaaaaacagt atcatcttta atttatctgg     56880
     aattagtaga aaattcagac atttccaaac tgtgaatcat gcaaataaat gaaattcaaa     56940
     taacaaaact ttacaatttt gttattttct ttttttaaga atcattttta tttgttttac     57000
     tcatgagtga gagtgtgtgc tcaacagtga gaagaaaaga gggtcacatg ccctggaact     57060
     ggagacacag attatactgg aatcaagctg gggtctttat gaagagctat ggactctctt     57120
     aaccagcagc catctctcta gcagccttta gtgctagtct taatgggcta ttaccaaaaa     57180
     gctttgatga gttagagagg agacccaggg gatcttactg agctttgtat aaatagttca     57240
     agttatcata agcaccctct tctttgctac cccagaataa tttggaggga tcctgaggtt     57300
     tactggaatt ttcagctctt cctattgttt tcttttaatt gaacttacaa ttaatagtta     57360
     catattcaaa actccaagaa ttgattccag gttggggtca tggtttatgt gtaataatat     57420
     tccaagtgtt gtgattttgt taattggtat gtaaatctat ggagagtgaa gaaaggattt     57480
     tttagcatcc atttctcctg tcttatcctc tatttctttt taaatggttt gcaaattcag     57540
     ggataacatc aaatttagtg taaattaaac aatgcagcta tagtgatgtt gagggacaat     57600
     cagacacggt tgtccacaga aaacctactg catgactact gccctgtctg ggtagttgtg     57660
     attgtttgta tatgcttagc ccagggagtg gcactattag gaggtgtggc cttagtaggt     57720
     ccttcactgt gggcatggac tttaagaccc atcttctagc tgcctggaaa ccattcttct     57780
     cttagcagcc ttcacatgaa tatatagaac tctcagcagg agatataaaa ctccttcacc     57840
     atgcctgcct ggattctgcc accttcataa taatggactg aacttgtaag ccagccccaa     57900
     ttaaatgttg tctatataag agttccgtgg gtcatggtat ttgttcacag caatggggac     57960
     cctaactaag acagaagtca acatggcatt tttgtgaata gcaagtcaat gtactccctg     58020
     gagttcagga acctgtgtgt gagcccatag tgtatagtta ccagggaaaa gaggacaaac     58080
     ttaggaagag aaactagatc tatgtcattc tgtttgagcc ttagaagctc ttcactagaa     58140
     tctgctctct tctgtcacat tgggagaatt caaatgagat atggttcatt tacaaacata     58200
     accaccattg taatcaacaa agaaacaata atcaaagtgt gagaaacacc tgtatcccca     58260
     gtacttgggg gtaaaaggct agatggtcag gaatccaaga ccatactgag ctacaatggc     58320
     aggggtttgg gatgaagggc ttctctaaga agtctcagag acccaggatg agggagtctt     58380
     ccaggagtta atgcaatcga ccttagaaat gcccaacagt tgggatatgg aaccaggaga     58440
     gaccaccagt agccagtaca tgacctccag tggagggttg ggaacaccaa cccacctaca     58500
     atactcttga aacaaactta gtcctgtcta aaagaaatgc agagacaaag atggaacaga     58560
     gactgaagaa gtggcccacc agtgaccaac ccattttgag acccatccca tgggcaggca     58620
     ccaatccctc acactattaa tggtgctatg ttgttcttac agacagaggc ctaacatagc     58680
     agccctctgc aaagctcttc ccagcagctg actgagatag atgcaggtac cacagacaaa     58740
     tactgggagc tcccagagac tgagcaacca accaaagagc atacatgatc tggttgtgga     58800
     gaaaacagga agtgactggc tgcttcttag aggctacaga gatggagtga gtggagcaag     58860
     cctggaaggg gacactggga gggggacaac atctggaaag taaataaata aatagaaaaa     58920
     aatgaaatgg tacctagtaa atgtacctgc tttcaccagg gggcagtagt gaggttaggg     58980
     gtgagagttg atgtgagttc aattactaga cctcacaaag tggtgggaga gaaccaactc     59040
     ctgagagttg tcctccgacc tccacatgca ttttggacat ggttcacaca caagcattag     59100
     attaattaat tagctaatta agtaaatttt aaattaatga gctacatgta gcttaatggt     59160
     agaatgctta tgtgtatgct ttatgccctg gggtccatca gcagcagtaa agaaaaatga     59220
     aaaatgggtc tgagtaatgc tatgctgagt gaaaaagaaa aagaaaactc aatcttcttt     59280
     tatcaggcag aaatcttcat ggccctaatt aaaaattaat ccctaaattt ttaattttgt     59340
     taaatactga atctgtcaca tgggttagaa tttcaactat tccagacatt taaagaccta     59400
     agaatagttg atttctaaaa ctaccattga ataaaattag gcatctcaga atcaatactt     59460
     ctatccacct gtaagtctac taatcagtct attatttaat aattgcaata gtaaaatgct     59520
     tattataaag gctaatcacc cttcatttat aatataactg aatagcgtag agcaatagcc     59580
     atacatatac ctatgttggc agaaagaaat atatgtgaac tgtcaaaata tagtacttca     59640
     ggataggagg ccagttgagc agttaggaga gtctgaagac tttcagaaga ccaaagttca     59700
     gttcccaacc cttgtgtcag gtgattcaca actccagctt cagagaattc atcccttttt     59760
     tatgacctcc atagccactg cattgggatg gacatagaca taaaataata aaataaaata     59820
     aattctagca attcttcaac ttcagatgaa gacttactta gtgaactcag cttgttgtta     59880
     gtcatcatta atagctcttt tctcttaact tgcagttaaa cctacagcct ttggaggggt     59940
     tatgtaacag gcttttctgg ggcaaacata acactcaggt ctgctcagcc caaaaggaga     60000
     gtttaggggc agaccaactt agggactcta ccaatgtcca atttgtccag aatcttccac     60060
     atttttcttc tcctgcacat gtgacatttt ggtgaccttt tgtttaccac ccgaggttca     60120
     tgtgcttcct cttccctatt gcaggtaata tttcaatttg gagggaatgc tgcaattcaa     60180
     aggagcgtgg caaacaacag aaggtgaact gctgggtgga tataagtctc agttctactg     60240
     ttagtagctt taaatcagaa ttatagacat agctattgaa cagagtccct gaattaaata     60300
     catgtaacct acatgaaatg tagttaatac tcagcacccc ttagccactg tagcagcaga     60360
     gacaatgatt atggagcagt aatagttctg catctgatct gtaattcttt aaaaggttaa     60420
     tgtctagtat taactaatga cttttcctgg taacggcatt tagccaaata cttaacatat     60480
     agatatatta aagtaaacat taaatgaatg aggagataaa aagttactat tttctataaa     60540
     atattttttg tctttgtcat tgttttattt ttttaatatt ttttattatt acttattttc     60600
     ctcaattaca tttagaatgc tatcccaaaa gtcccccata ctctcccccc ccacttccct     60660
     acccacccat tcccattttt tggccctggc attcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg     60720
     catgtccaat tggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccaactag gccatctttt gatatatatg     60780
     catctagagt caagagctcc agggtactgg ttagttcata atggatggac ctggagggca     60840
     tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca caatcacaaa agaactcaaa tgatatgtat tcactgataa     60900
     atggatatta actcagaaac ttagtatacc cgagatataa gatacaattt gcaaaacaca     60960
     tgaaactgaa gaagaacgaa gaccaatgtg tggacacttt gccccttctt agaataggaa     61020
     acaatcaccc atggaaggag ttacagagac aaagtttgga gctgagacaa aaggatggac     61080
     catctagaga ctgccatata aaatattttt aacttagcat ctcaatggca gcctaaatgc     61140
     agaattcaac tctagtcagg aattcagcat cattcaatta aatgatttaa gaacttcctc     61200
     tacagctgag caggttgtgt acacctttaa tcccagctct tgagtggcag aagcagacat     61260
     acctcagttg aattagaggc cagcatggtc tacatagaga gttccatatc agatatggct     61320
     acatagttag accatatctc caaagaaaaa gcgcttgatt taccacctca gtcccaaagt     61380
     ctcctttaag aactctgtat tcttcctcaa gtcacagaga tagactgctt tggcctttaa     61440
     atgatatggc aaaaagaaaa gaagcaaatg gaaaataatt ggttggggtt ttgctcccat     61500
     tgatttgtac ttctggaaac gtgctcatgg ctgtttgaga acatcaagtg ggataaccgc     61560
     tcttgaggca tcaggtcaag tacacgagac attggatact cctgctttca gtatggtgca     61620
     ctaaatgagg gaaggatccg acactattat agctcttgct ttgccatctc ctctctcatg     61680
     ctgtttagag gacaaatgaa tttagaaaga tttgggattg cgggtatctg gtctataatt     61740
     atgtctctgt ctagttgtaa actctttgta ccttcacaaa gaaacattct ctgaaaggat     61800
     ggcttttagt tccccaccgg tgtgccatcg aatacttcca tttgtcagca gatctgctct     61860
     gaaattgcac aaaagacaca ccccagtgtt gacagctctg cccttgtcag ctaaccacat     61920
     ctgagatatc ccaagctgaa tatagcacga atgttttgac atttttgtct tctctaaaag     61980
     gtcacctctg gcaataatat gacttatttc tgcccagcaa gagctagcta ggtgaaaact     62040
     cacaggtttg ggttctctta ttaacatggg ccagatcatg ccctccaacc tgtcacccag     62100
     ctgactctaa ttccatccat aggatcccca ttattctcac aagcatgcag ttttattcac     62160
     acaaactaga ctgtaagtat atgctgactt acctctacta acttggtttg agcatgtgtt     62220
     tcacttttta tttatagtct ctggaaatta gtttccagaa aatcaacaat aatatatcaa     62280
     tagagttaat gacgtaaaac acccctaagt gggtaataat actttttgta gagggtcaat     62340
     agctgcaata tgcaagagaa agataccttc atagagacag tagctttatt tggaaacatc     62400
     tttgtgcctg ttaaaaacat gttggaaatg aaaaagacag ctttttcctc ggtttgtcag     62460
     catctcctct tgaaatcaat ggtgtatgct tgagctcttt ctgtgtgtgt ctggaagatt     62520
     aatagttttt ataattataa atatggctcc acaaatatgt acattacaga aacttgaacc     62580
     gccataaatt cttgtttgta tggtaggcat tcaagcaaat cacttcatat gtattaatat     62640
     accctgggat ctgctgggaa attgttgtat ttcattacta tttacatctt aggctcaggc     62700
     aaggtatata tagaaaaaag gaaacaaaat ggatgagttt agagagctca gctattctat     62760
     caagaactga tcctagttat tgccaatcca gaactgtgaa aggtaataat gcaaatttat     62820
     gtgtcctctc tctaactcct ttgtgcctag aaagccaaaa cttctcgaat gatcttatta     62880
     ttttatatta aaatatatga gatacatctg aagtgctgcc aataattaga agatgattat     62940
     aaaatgggat acctacaaca gactcatttg agtcccaggc tttaccacca agtgctttag     63000
     gaaaatgata tataggcaaa taggtaacct aaccaggtta tgaaattaaa ggtttacttg     63060
     gcacatagta tgggagtttt gaacctataa tccacatggc ttatcctttg ggagtctgtg     63120
     atgaagtaga tgttagaaca agctgatcac ttcttggtgt gcaggaaaca aagaggaaga     63180
     caacatcagg accagagtcc tagttctttt caagtgtttc cacaatgaca cagaacctcc     63240
     ttttaggaca catatcttaa tccagttcag cacaacttag ttacctggta ctgattcaag     63300
     gttctagagt ctgacagtaa gcagtttagt ttagacatat ttatgtacag tgcaatattg     63360
     ggaaaaatgt ttcctggtag caattatctc aattctatgt gtacaataaa gcttagggct     63420
     tgattacatc aaactatttt gcaaagttaa tgtaatctcc accatgaaga tgggttctta     63480
     aggacctaga atctggtgta gtctcagtag tatagatagc ctagagggca tcaggctata     63540
     aagcacatgt gatatttcca ctaagaataa tgtcttactt ggggtcttga ttgctatgat     63600
     aaaacaccat gatcaaaaga aacctggggg gggggaggtt tacttggctt atatacggcc     63660
     atttccttat aatccatcat tgaaggaaat caagacagga actcacacag tataggaaag     63720
     tggagggtaa aagctgatgt ggaggacatg aagtggggct tactggcttg ctccctctag     63780
     tttgctcaaa ctgctttctt atagaaccca ggaccaccag tccagggatg gcacaccccc     63840
     catgagttgg gtcctctccc atcaataatt attaagaaaa caccttacct ctggatctta     63900
     tggagacatt ttctcaattt agtttcccac atttcagata attctagctt atgttgacac     63960
     agaactagcc agggcatatg tgttatattg actgagaagc aatgttcaag gtaaatgtat     64020
     agataggaaa atttagaata aatacaatag cctgggtgat ttttgtgtgc cctggctcta     64080
     cagatagcac agatcatcag gctgctaata acatccactc ctgggcttct gtgcagaaaa     64140
     caggtctaga catcccctct atggaagaaa taagcatgca tgcttaatat tcctgaattc     64200
     tttggtgctt atctataaaa atgaggacca tgggcccact gagtgaccct gctcacttac     64260
     attttttaaa ataaatccat ctaaattcct aagatagtca ctttgcaaat gagttaagac     64320
     tacctcccat gataacaata attacaatat ttatgtttat atctcttata tgggcatagt     64380
     gtgcctgtaa tttaaaacaa acagaaaata gtttaagtgg cacacccctg gtgatttaaa     64440
     ataccacaga tctggagctc atgagatggc tccctactta agatcacttc ctgctcttgc     64500
     agagaactta gattttgttt cctgatgccg cacagtaatt tatgctgccc atacctccat     64560
     ttccagtaga tctgccacct tcgggtctct gaggcatcag acaagcatat tgtgcagata     64620
     catacatgca gacaaaatat tcctacacat aaaatgaaga taagccaatc ttaaaatacc     64680
     acagattcat taccttgaat ttctagaagt caataacctg caaacattct cactaggcta     64740
     gaagcttcat ggcaccaaga taccatacct ttctcgaagc tctcgggaga acctgtcacg     64800
     attcttcact tggctgaaat aattcattcc cttttagttc tgactctgat gtccttgagt     64860
     ctgctggacg ctctatctct gtcctacaat cattggcctc ttggattacg actccatcct     64920
     ttatcctcca aactagggtg acaggtaaag ttcgtgtaat catcctgctt ctcttgcttt     64980
     ttttgtctgt cagaagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     65040
     tatgtgtgtg tgtttctttc catgtgactg tgcatgtata ttcaggattc atgggggtca     65100
     gaaaagagca ttaaaatctc agaagctgag ttataggtag ttgtaaacta cctgatgtag     65160
     gggttgggaa ctggacttgg gtcatctgca aaatcattat acccttaccc aatgaaccat     65220
     cttgctgacc cctttaggca catttctttg gcttgtctac catctcacac ttacgttttg     65280
     taaggtcgat gtgattgaac tgggcaatgg agggttagat ctctaatttt aaggtctgtt     65340
     acttcactct atttacaaag tccctcttgc catgtagtat gatgtatttc aggttttcag     65400
     aaattggaaa gtgggtggct ttgtgaagga ttgggagaaa ggctctattt tccctcaagt     65460
     caccatttac tattttgaat aactttactt tcctgggaag cttagcacat gcatattgga     65520
     ctcctgttct tcttagctgt atagtttgta ttgttgtaaa ttcagtttaa aatgattctg     65580
     aaatgttgtg tgaagagatg tgttgttgag ttgataaatc ctctattctc tattgctgga     65640
     tactctatat gagaaaacac caagtgaaat caagaaaacg gattcccctg tcctcagaga     65700
     agtcatcaca ggaaacttaa ctgagcttca ggagatctgt tcatctccat cattttctca     65760
     tgctcccttc ccaggatata actccatctc ccaactgagt acaattccca aagaagtaag     65820
     ttatgaagca taaagtttga tcaaaatatg ggagctacag taatctatgg gtataaggat     65880
     aagaattgat atcacagttc attaccatga tcatttgcca tgttagtatt cggttctcca     65940
     ctagggccta tggtttcaag gatatggccc catgctccag tggagggtcc cacagccatt     66000
     cacatacagt tcgcttttaa tatacacatt gacataaaaa aaaaacagaa tacataaagt     66060
     ttggagggga aagaagttgg catagaggtg gaacaggaat ggagaaaaaa atacatttga     66120
     tgaaaaccca ttgtatgcaa ttatgaaatt cccaaataat aaaagaaata atgaaagaaa     66180
     gtgatactct ttctcttctc tcaagccacc ttctctgatc ccatgatttc ttcttgtgta     66240
     tagtgtgata acccttgtgg ttaaattctt gtgttaaatt atatttccca attcacctct     66300
     ccccagttgt gtttctgatt gctattttag acaacagatt cctgagtaat tttctttcat     66360
     tatattccaa tgaaaaaata attaagaaaa aatgaccaac tccttaaaat cccaatcata     66420
     gctaccattg gaaccccaac tccgtgtacc ctagataagt agtaaagtat aacactgtct     66480
     ggcctgtgaa ggacagggaa gctatagagc atgcttagga tattgaatgc taattatttt     66540
     cccctttgaa aatccctccc ataccctaac agctatgatg ataaagcagt gtcattttca     66600
     ttgttcattt cctagtgcag taagataaac tatcattttg tcagagtctt gataggagag     66660
     aacaaaatca cttgtttttc tgacttaggg tataaattaa ggactatcct tcagtacagg     66720
     tatcttgacc acaaacaggg agagaaagta tgttatattt cagctttagt tttaagttca     66780
     tgatcatagc aataatgctt ttgttaatta ttttttatta gatattttct ttatttacat     66840
     ttcaaatgct atggcaaaag tcccctatac cctccccccc ccccccgccc tactccccca     66900
     ctcacctact cccacttctt ggtcctggaa ttcccctgta ctgggacata taaagtttgc     66960
     aagaccaaag ggcctctctt cccaatgatg gcctactagg ccatcttctg ctacatatgc     67020
     agctagagac acgagctctg gaggtactgg ttactacata ttgttgtttc acctataggg     67080
     ttgcagaccc cttcagctcc ttggctacat tctctagctt ctcctccatt gcgggccctg     67140
     tgttccatcc tatagatgac tgtgaacatc cacttctgta tttgccaggc actggcatag     67200
     cctcactcaa gacagctata tcagggtcct ttcaacaaaa tcttccaggc atatgcaata     67260
     gtgtctttga atatgtcatc agaaaagcaa tttttctaag tagggggctt tgcccaattc     67320
     attaattagt tgtccttaaa agatatttac tatttaaagg tatttatttt cttgagaatg     67380
     gggtagctta atttttatgt tgaataatca aaagaactac taaaacaaat gatcaaatca     67440
     tttctagttt cattcttctg gggaaaatac cttagaatag tcaaatcaca gtgtggacag     67500
     tttgaacttt tttgaccctt ataaataggt tagttgttct ggggaggatg actatatatg     67560
     aatcttctag actagtctag aaacatctgt tgctagagtc aacattaata gaaatctatg     67620
     gaactaaagg ggtttacatt agttacttct cgagtagctt aactaaatat ctcacaaaag     67680
     cagcttaaga aaagaagggc tcacagggcc cccaatggag gagctagaga aagtacccaa     67740
     ggagctaaag gggtctgcaa ccctataggt ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccagttcccc     67800
     ccggagctca tgtctctagc tgcatatgta tcagaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcagtgg     67860
     aaagagatgg acttgcccat tggacttgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc     67920
     cagggccaaa aagtgggaat gggtggatag ggtagtggcg gggggggggg gtatgggaga     67980
     cttttgggat agcattggaa atgtaaatga agaaaatacc tatttttaaa aaaaaaagaa     68040
     aagaaacaaa gggtttactt tggatcatgg cacgaagtgt atttgtctta atggcagaag     68100
     aataggccca cagtggctga atcctgtggc agctactacc tatacagaac taacctagat     68160
     gcagaaaagc cttgacttga acccaagcga ggctatagct cccaaggcca cagcttgtca     68220
     tctacatttt ccagcaagac ctaaattcca aaagacttcc tatatatata agcacaatag     68280
     tgcctccatc tgagaacaaa ttgttcaaat gcctgtgggg gaacattcca caagagaacc     68340
     atggtaagct gttggctatc gccacctcta gccatataga catgtaattt ttacttaaat     68400
     gttacagggc ttaataaagt tccactagcc ttgcacgtcc aaagccaaat ggagcaactc     68460
     tcaactcatg gtcatcccaa tctgttcata atgattcagt atgccaaacc agttgcttcc     68520
     ggagcctttc tctgtttaag tcactagatc caggtcccaa atgtgaacag tagtctgagt     68580
     ttacttttcc agacattctt actggaagcc ccatccctac tccattccct cagataggga     68640
     cttaagtcta gccctggatg cttacaagta acttctcaaa tgaaatatga gctataaccc     68700
     ctcccccact gattaataca cagaactgtg cttggagcaa cattgctgaa tcttcatgag     68760
     ttcagctgtg ctctttgtaa aaaggcatca cagtgatctt gtagactgtt gcccttccct     68820
     cacaggagag actgggcagg accttgaata cacacctaag tgtagagtcc ttctcctcac     68880
     ctattgtatg caattctgcc ctaattgcat gtttattcag ggaggagtta aaactatcca     68940
     ggctggaaag gatgaagaga aagggattca tccatgtggc tatgggaaat tcatgattta     69000
     ttctgcgtcc agtagaccct ctagtatggc tggtataagg tcacttacac tgttctgtag     69060
     ataagccaaa taaacctatt tattcaatca gagagaactc tgtcaggata gttcatcaat     69120
     tttttcttgg gacttgaagg aggagttgtt tatatcttca agaaagagac tttggcaaca     69180
     ctaacctact cccaatccaa acagctgaat gtaaatctcc cagttgtgaa cattcataaa     69240
     tttatttttc attcatgaaa atgaatgctg gcccatgata attttatagc tggatagtaa     69300
     atttcctatt gttaaatggg gaagtaggct gaagagtttt ttgatggtaa agcttacatg     69360
     ttcccattag gctgattgtg aagaccaaag agaaatcttg gtcttgtcta ttctggcaaa     69420
     acagaaagag tcaggtctga ggatggtatt ggatacatct tctagcgaca tgcattgaat     69480
     tataaagtac acagctgact ggccaactgt atgtgcattc ttatggcttg ttcaattagc     69540
     actctcttat ttgtatgtgg tggatactgg taatcactct agacagcctt cccagagata     69600
     acagcaagta agatgtagca aggtctgaac aaggaaccaa aaaggatgtg ctgaagaaca     69660
     tgcaaagtct aacattctca ttaatagcaa atgtgttcct gattgattgt gtggtattct     69720
     gtgatggaac ctttttgctg actgagtgag acaggagaac ctctatctca gcaggcagtc     69780
     tttcattgga aatcatgctc ttcatataat ccttaacaca ttgacaccta tatattagaa     69840
     cactaagtgg cttcttgaaa gggcctgaat cctttttgct tctgtaagga gctaaaatcg     69900
     aagttagtag tcagatatgg aattggtgtg tgtatttctg ggtaggtaat ttttttcatt     69960
     aatgatatag atctcctcat ttgtagatac tagctgtctg tgattcaatc aacagtgtca     70020
     gatgtggggg acagaagaag acccacagct ccctctttct ctttctctct ttctcttcct     70080
     ctccctctcc ctctgtctct tcctcttcct tcccccactc tatgatcact gtcattatta     70140
     cacaaatgaa tgtcattgcc acttgaggcc acagtgataa aaggaaaatt gagcaggaga     70200
     ctagactaaa ctgggtttct ttgtagtcat tatatgacag ctctgtagct aaacctttgg     70260
     ctatgttaca gctacctcac aactttcaat gtctagcatc tcattggatt ttagagtatc     70320
     tgggaccact ttgataatga aactgtcaag attcagggac tagcaatgca atgctgtctt     70380
     ctaccaacct ctgctttgta tctaaatttg tttttaaaaa tatcaggctc tactgtcctc     70440
     agtgacacca ttttgcaaaa taatattacc aatgatcatt ccagacaagt ctgcttctcc     70500
     caccttactt accctttctg aaagatagag aaaaacttag taaatccaca ttaatggtat     70560
     atgctggcat ccatatacag tggcctcagg gcaactgttc aaatggttgg ctcttatgta     70620
     agaaaaatta gttcattatc aaccctgaaa tttgctgctc actgaatcta tctcttacat     70680
     gggaccaata aagcttccat gaagcccatc attgtctaat ttgtacctag aacattagca     70740
     ggtatgattg acagacttgg ctattgttgc tctttttctt tgtatatatt tgtgtgtgca     70800
     ggtgcaacct tgcatgtttg tgccactctc tctttctctg tctgtctctg tctctctgtc     70860
     tctgtctctc tatctctgtc tctctctttc tctgtctgtc tctgtctctc tgtctctgtc     70920
     tgtctctgtc tctgtctctg tctctgtctc tctctgtctc tctctctctc tctatctctc     70980
     tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtagt tttctgacac     71040
     tgagtttctt actaaacctg ttgtggaatt ctgctatgcc aactgcccag agatccagat     71100
     atgttctttt ctatctccct agtgctagaa ttataagcat gtctggattt ttttattggt     71160
     tctggcgatt ggactcagat cttcacactt acccaacaag tgtgttactg agtgcatcat     71220
     ttcctgagag ttctgctact tttttctcaa acataaatga attgtgtcat tccctgtacc     71280
     aatcctgtca aaactttgga caccagtaca cactccctgc cttctctccc ttcccctcca     71340
     ccttgtttca ctttccacac ctatgttggc tttttttttc ctcacaggcc tgctcgagtg     71400
     ctccatctgt ggctttctct ctgatccttc ttgtatatgt tcctatgtgc acaacccctt     71460
     ctatattgct gtacacactc cctttccgag cacctccttc ctgaacctcc ctgatggaac     71520
     cctccctccc ttttgccatg tagacataga ttctttaact tctaccagga aattctgcaa     71580
     agacatatca tagagataag caccatgtag atatttggca atgaagttga gtggctgtaa     71640
     aatctcagat ccctcctctg gaaccaattt tgctttcacc agagaatact gaaataggat     71700
     tagagatgac agaaaccgcc agcctatatg taaggtatgt attcaacaga acaagatacc     71760
     tggctgcctt tagcacatca gctatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     71820
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagacaga cagatatgag agatatatat     71880
     gataaagaca tgtagacaca tagaaataga tatactattc aatgactttt caaaatcatt     71940
     attttcaaca atgcagacag aagtacttag cttaagggaa cagatttaat tacctgtgtt     72000
     aggtggcttc ttcaggaagg accactgcca gcttgtatca ctttaggatg ctccacatct     72060
     catttttatt atatctttct gaaatatgtc tttgttcttt gggttccttt gtttgtttct     72120
     acctcattgt aatgcacata aaaagaaatc ctgtacactt ttctagaatt taagcctttt     72180
     gtagctttat ttgaatattc tatatccctt ctttcagtca tttctcatga acttgcaaaa     72240
     ttccttcctc actcacaccg aagtctgagc tttctaattg aaagttaaaa ataatatgga     72300
     catgccttag cacacatcaa cttctactgt agtttctaaa agagatgttg ttaacttaac     72360
     taatggtaac tagcacagag tttgacttgg ctacatgcac cttccctttc tcacatgtca     72420
     gagacgataa tgtcattaat atgaaaaaaa ataccactct ccatactaaa gcaaatggca     72480
     acttggtctt ccttgcttat ctgttgagct tacgtgtccc tcatggtcac gcatgtttct     72540
     cctgctcaca taacctcatc ctcacagcat gttcagtaaa catgaaattg cagccttaat     72600
     cttttctatg ccagcaagag agaaagttgc agaatcagtg gcctgcagaa ggaccatatg     72660
     tttctgtcct ttcatggatg gtttctctgc tgagcagtgg gaaagatact gactgggtaa     72720
     ttgttcatag cattaaagtt ttatgttggt caatgtatca aggagacatg tatttttttt     72780
     agctgagaga tgaatgtgaa gttttgagaa ggagggggcg ataacgaaat atggggactt     72840
     gccagggaat cttattactg gtgatcttgc ttttgacaag ctgacatggt tctaaacctt     72900
     taataattag taagtttagt aataaatagt gaagtggtat agtcatcagc tctagctaaa     72960
     ggctggtcct gaaattcacc tgtcgaatgc aatccataga ccctggaata gctagaaaca     73020
     ttctagggca tctaatgcta actcctggga atagatttca gagccaccat aagcataacg     73080
     taacaggaaa gatttttctc tcttaatatt tacaatatta ctagtagaaa acaagggttg     73140
     actcaactca acctaacttt ccaaggcatt tagagacctt taaatggata gtgttgtttt     73200
     attccattgg ctttttgggt cttccccccc gcccccaggc ttgtaaaacc ttcttcaatg     73260
     cccttataca atggcactgg gactttatgg tagatatcag aagtcaacac acagcctaga     73320
     aagtccagca agccactcag aaattgatga atatgtatat aaggaaatga tatcaacact     73380
     gcccttaccc atatcctccc ccccccataa caaagcagca tctaggatct ttatctgaga     73440
     ggtggtccta gaaaacatat aaagcagacc agtgagtcca gaaaaagaaa gaggccccta     73500
     tagagtatag ggaaacattt gttgggatgg gcactcagaa gtgggtcctt caagagacta     73560
     agagtatcta attcagccta agtattgtag gaaagaagct ggtggaactt ccctaaagtc     73620
     ccatgccttt gcatattaag acataagcct tgcaggcaat ctccacagaa ttcataccaa     73680
     cactgccaaa aaatactctc aggtagggtc acaatgccat gccaatggtt gctattgagt     73740
     atctcaacaa gtactaagta tatataccag gaaacaacca aagtggcctg aagagacatg     73800
     agcatacagt gccttctaat ccttcaaacg tttccatccc agagagtcga tgttgcttat     73860
     acagaaaaat atggatcatt actaaactac agggacatct gcagcaagaa taagtaataa     73920
     ttctaaagtt ttcaaccaca tattttaagc ctgtcaccac agaacctgct agtttgttta     73980
     gtgctcatca ctcacatact acataggtgc tatcgttcat ttttcagttg gggaactcac     74040
     agtcctcaat ggtttgttga agtctttcag ataataagtt gggagtaagg aatgagtcca     74100
     atagtcttac tctagattct gcattcaaaa caactctgaa tagttcctgg gaatatccct     74160
     atgcgcaaaa gaggaaaata ttggccaaaa tgatatttat gcccccataa aagttaacta     74220
     agtctaagct ttatttttac tttaccactc aggtaaatta tgtgatgccc ggataagccc     74280
     taacaaacaa atgacttgac atttttcttc attgagaccc tgcccattca tttgcagtgc     74340
     acaatggagc ccatacttgt cagccacaga tgcaatcatc agtcaagtga ggtgactgaa     74400
     ggtctcctgt gtgcgagagc tttgttctca gagctgttgg gagtctcagg gagagtgggg     74460
     gagacagccc catccatcac agagtctaag caggcagtac agatgctcag cgttatccac     74520
     ctaagtggca gaaatgaaaa ctaagcatgt gcatgtcaga gaggccctgc cagggatcag     74580
     agctgggttc ttcccccact tagcttcacg ttttcttggt actaactgat gcaagtgcgg     74640
     atttagttta acctcttagg aaaagaaagt cacaaggagg gcaagagtgg gaataagtgt     74700
     gagtcctata cttatcttcc acagctagaa taaagctatt atctctttgg tttcagctgc     74760
     tatgataaga taccttgatg gggaagtcac aggggcagaa actggagaga attagtcaca     74820
     ttacaactac agtcaagagc agaggtcagt gagctaaccc acgcatgctc agcctgctct     74880
     ctcctcatgc ctggtattgc tcagcctgat cgctacttgg tccacacctg gaaccgaagt     74940
     ccagcaaata ctgtccatac tggtctggtc tttctatacc aataaacata ataaaaagaa     75000
     ttcctcatag atattcctag aggtgtgact tccccacagt cttatccgta agccaactga     75060
     tgcacaagtt gtttttcaat tgatgctccc tcttccaata ggactatagc ttgtatcagg     75120
     ttgacaaaaa tcccagaagc ataaacaagg aaggcaagac tgtggaaaag ttagttaact     75180
     cagttctgct accaaattcc tctagtttgg cgatgtatca cagattaact aaaatggagg     75240
     aactttacaa aatgtcatga ccctggcaag ggtgagtgta atgatgaagc gatctagaga     75300
     ggttcttctg tttgttttaa tggccttatc ataataagga tttggatgcc agaatttaga     75360
     tgtctcactc cactctctcc agttgttcaa tattctgaaa tccatttctt taaaaagcat     75420
     ttgtatttct ttccagaaaa aagcactgcc taatacctag taaagttgac caggatagat     75480
     atcaaataag gcttcttcag ctacagatga caatgtaaga cataccaact ctaatatatc     75540
     caatacatga tgattatact cacatacaca tatctatata cacacacact tattcgattg     75600
     aggtctctaa aaacaagcac attttatagc gcaactgaca cagaacacac atacacatgg     75660
     aaaaggatcc atttcctgtt tttcattggt ttgagtggtg ttggttttga atgtcagcca     75720
     tgttctccct ttctctcatc tctccctcca ctactgccac catctgtcaa acagctaatg     75780
     taactggctt cacataacct acagtattca tgacaacttg cattgttcat gttgcttttc     75840
     ttccatttta caactgtgcc tcagaaaata aatgcaaagc atagattagt acttgctggt     75900
     ccataggact cagagtcagg acttgggtct ctactctgat gtatagtgct gttgcaacta     75960
     cagcctctgt ccatcagtct gatgctgctg gcagctctgt agcttgctgt gccgttctga     76020
     tcatttagcc aggtgcttta ggaagaatgt atagatgctt gggagtatga gtcataaata     76080
     tgtatataaa atattgcctg agtacattat aatttaatta gtgctctact atgtgttatg     76140
     aataagtgtt cttcatgtaa ttatttactg ggctttatgc actcaaactt aacttgaaga     76200
     ttatttcagg gggctggaat gacagctcat tggttaagaa ttctcatgag gagtaaccag     76260
     tttcaggtcc tggcaccaca ccagagctca taactgtctg tacctctagt tactgggcac     76320
     aactccagtt tttagcacat catgttggct aactagaaaa tggcttgctg cataaacagt     76380
     tagatccttc taaacctgga aatctaaaac tgaatttagg acctagtata gtatatttgt     76440
     atttattgtc ttggactaaa atccacaatg tttcttgtaa catgatctag tttatatgtt     76500
     acttttctgt agcgtgtgat gaaagaacat gcacaagaca acttaaggaa gcatttatgg     76560
     atgcttatgg ctctagagga gaacaatcta tccattattg tgaggaagca tgccaataag     76620
     ctcagggtta atgggaagag cgggaaacag agctcatgtc ttcaaacaca agcacaaagc     76680
     aggaaaggtg aactagaaat ggttagggct ttaaactcca actttatgtc taataacatt     76740
     cttccttcag caaggctgta tctactacac agtgtcatca actgaagact atgtcttaaa     76800
     atacctgaac ctatggcagg catttctcac tgtcttacca ctcagtttta atgacatagt     76860
     ataggagtgc cagtagtaac tgttaatatt ttatacatat aagttttatg tatatgtttt     76920
     atacataagt gtctactaaa cttttattac ttacttttga aaaaaagacc aattttcaaa     76980
     gggtttcaaa aatcataata cacatagttg ctatgtaagc aataagattc agttattttt     77040
     ttgtgacctg tttgaaatat ggacagatgt ttctgaaatg atattatggg tgggtgtgtt     77100
     ctggtgccac aaatacattt attataacgt tcaaaatcca cagctctatt tggtggaggg     77160
     gagcatttta aagaaaagaa acaaatctaa aacaaaagta aagttttaaa taaaaatttg     77220
     caagcaatta aaacatatat gttgaattgt atacctaaat tcataaattg aattctatga     77280
     tacttagaat tcacttcaac cctggacttt gtggaattcc accaatgaga tatattccca     77340
     ggacctaaat ggtatatagt tttattattt gttgtattag tgtttgtgca ctatgaatat     77400
     gtgtggtaac atatataaaa gcacatgtag aagttagaga acacatttaa ggtgtccatt     77460
     ctctccttct gcattttcat ggagtctggt gatcaaacag acatcattgg acttaagcag     77520
     caagcccctt tacctgctga accatattgt acaatctttg aaccatattg tatactctta     77580
     aatggttttg atggctccaa atgttcttat ttcagatagc agcaaggctt tgatattcta     77640
     ataataagtt tttgatccat gattacctat gtgtcattat taacaaagct tgtctaatat     77700
     cctagttaat acatccaaaa accttagaaa tttcttagtg tatgcaaagt taccacctta     77760
     agtataccaa atgataatgc taataattat taaaaatatc ttacatggct aaagaaacac     77820
     actcacacgc tcactggctt gtttttttat aattttggat gggtgaatta ttttgtgtgt     77880
     tttttaattc tttctgtttt ccatttactt tggggaaatg tcaaagaaaa tgacttgata     77940
     ggctatctaa gaatgggatg gacttctctc tttaacattt cgaattcctt atcatttctg     78000
     agagacattt gctggttctc tataccattg atgcaggatc ccaggaagga aggcatagga     78060
     attcccagcc tgtgattgat agttgggtat gctggtcttc tttaactctg cattctgtga     78120
     gaaggatcta tgaatcctgg tcactatgag aagtgatgaa cattagagat aggtttagga     78180
     tggaattaga taccacctag atgatgaata ggtatatgat cttgaacaag tcatcttttc     78240
     tctattggtt tctttacttg aaaagtaaag atgatagtga agagaaagta ctattcatta     78300
     tagaaatcct atgtggtatt tagaacatgc taagactgtt gcaaattcca gaatgacaag     78360
     cacattttct cactgagatt tctaaaaata tcttctgatt tttcttagga aagatgtgag     78420
     tgggcaccaa aacaatgata gtagggtcat aagatggttt gtagtatgtt ggattacatt     78480
     ggttggtttt taatgctgaa ccatccttcc ctaaaataca gttgggtgta tatggttgaa     78540
     ttctattttc tattccttaa ggagagtttt gaatacaaat taacaatgaa tatgtgtcta     78600
     ttagatttca taacagagca acactggctt cctacaataa gtttatgttt tttcctgttc     78660
     tgttttctaa cagagactta ataaaaaagg taaatcctta catggttgat gaaagtctca     78720
     aaaggagcca ccagacccta aagcatttac aacgtgttta aaatttaaga ttgactttat     78780
     ggttaacagg tcattctggt tgtctctttt atcttgatag aattcaggta gactatgatt     78840
     tttctttctt gtttttgttt tattaagttg ctggattaat ggattcatta tgtagtggtt     78900
     ggccataagt gattgtcttt tttatagttg ggtgtttgtt atttgtgctt ttgttatcat     78960
     cagttttaac agaagatcat cattattact ttgaaaaacc atatttttca ttcgtttcta     79020
     ctcatgatac tttgtatatc cttcctcttg ctttgggtta attattgcct tctttcttcc     79080
     tggtttcttt aactttaaac ctgggtaatt ctttggaaat ctttccccgt atttttaaaa     79140
     gatgtgtgta ttttattttc tttatttgga tgtattgcct tgatgcatgc acgtgtgaca     79200
     catgagtaca gtgcatgccg agctcagaag aggggatcag atctcctaga actggagtta     79260
     cagatgaatc tgagtcaacc atctgagtgc taggaatcaa gcccaggtcc tctgcaggag     79320
     cagccagtac tcttacctac tgaaacttct ctcaagcctg tatctcttgg attcaatgga     79380
     gatggtcatg tctacatttc cctgtcactc ctaatttagt tgcatcctac agttgaaata     79440
     tatttctttg atctcatgtc ttcttcgtgt gtggtatata tgtgtagtgc ataggtttgc     79500
     atgtacagta gggcaggata gactatatgt cttcctcgtt cactatctac cttattgact     79560
     agagatggag actcgttgtg aattggaagc tttccatttt ggctaggctc acttgccaag     79620
     gaattctcag catctgcctg tgtctgactt cccaatgctg gggttatggg gatatgcagt     79680
     caaacctagc gtttaacaca gatgctggga attggaactc aagttctcaa gtgaacagaa     79740
     tgagtcttct tgctcactct ccagattaat ttgtattcac tttcatgcta gtttactttg     79800
     ctcttagata ttctctttag attatgtaga attgtcttgc tttcctcata tagattttct     79860
     gttgtctttc tgccattgat ttcctgttaa gagtgttgtt cttgggcagt atctattatt     79920
     tcaattacac tacatttgtt cagttttgct tatagataga ggactatgct ctatcttagc     79980
     taatattctt tggctgttta gaaatgtttg catttctgat atgttaggat aatacacaca     80040
     tgcacattgc atgcttacac atgtgcacct gcacatatac acacacgtgc atataagccc     80100
     acatactcac atatatgttt tctcacatgt ttttcttata acattttagt aatagttttg     80160
     gctcagatat ccactttatc atatattaaa atctagtccc tttaaaaaat ttttgcatgg     80220
     tgtctctttc ctcatccctt tttctttgat cttacttatg aagtacaatt taaagtaaat     80280
     tgctcattca aaatgcatac ttgggctata ttgattgtcc tctactctgg caattgctct     80340
     tttgattcat ggtttgaata tctacattca ggataattga aagtcagtgc tacagcttct     80400
     tgttttctta ctgcttctct gatatttgtt cttctatttc ttttgatgct gccttttagg     80460
     ctatgtaaac acattttaga gttcttttat gactgatatt tggtatgttt gaaggcatct     80520
     atctattttg gcaatgtctc ttattggtat cttaatatat gtatcgagac cctcaactca     80580
     gttcaatgtt tttctccttc agtaaatcat agaagcctca gttctggttg gaacctctta     80640
     cctcacctct ttttattgtc cttcattatc ttaggtaaca aacagtacac catttttagt     80700
     gtcaatcaca gtatgtgatt taagaaacat ctgaggataa tgttagattg agtggtttat     80760
     tccagtgagg gagttttata ggacctgtca ttcttcaaaa ttggcaatta tcatctgtaa     80820
     acgtttgggt gctattgtcc ttcgggcttt cattctttca aagaggaacc ttccatagga     80880
     aacacatcat ttctgtcaag ttttggaaaa tgtatttctt tggtttttct tttgttttgt     80940
     tttgttttgt tttgtttttg aattttagtt tccaaatatt tagctatgct gttcatttgt     81000
     ttgagttagc cctgctggaa gttagttaat attcttaagt gtatagcttg tctctttctc     81060
     caattttgga gagatttcag ccattattac ataaaattct cttcagcttc agcttcctcc     81120
     tcatttcctc tggtagtata ttatacatac tgcttatctc ttgttctcac cacacaggaa     81180
     actattcatt ttatccagac aacttctcat cttttgttcc atcttattca tgatttctca     81240
     agtttattca tcatatcctc tgttatatcc agtctcctat tgctcacatt cagattattt     81300
     aagttttgtt gttgtttttt ttttaatttc agttgtatca tatccatttg tcttttttat     81360
     aacctactct tttctttata agattgttaa agtatttttc atttgttttg agagcttcca     81420
     taattgatga ctgaatcatt ttaataatga ctgctttaaa cttttgtcag atgaatccca     81480
     cagctgattc agaaatgata tcatcggttt tcttttgtca cttctgtttg gcttgttggt     81540
     tttgtttgtt tctttgtttg tttgtatgag aaaagatcaa attatgtagc ctaagttggt     81600
     ctagaactca ctctattgac tcaaggaaat ttgcctttct ctacctcctg ggtgctagag     81660
     agtgttgcat tgtttcttag tgtcatgtgt aaatgaatat tcatctatac tctagaaagg     81720
     attatctttc attagcatat ggttactcta ctccattata tccagctaaa agagtcagat     81780
     gatgatattt gcacccaaac aatgcacaga aacagttgat ccctgttgtt gaattaggaa     81840
     aagctgatag aagatgagga gaagggcaat actgtaggag gactagtagt ctcaattaat     81900
     ttggaccccc aagatctctc aaacactgga acaccaaaca gacagcatac atcacctgat     81960
     ataaggtccc caacacacat acagtagagg acttctcagt ctgtgtcaac tcagatatga     82020
     tacacttaat cctcaagaga ctggatggcc caggaagttt ggaggtcagg tggggtgaag     82080
     agtggagaca tccaccttga gacaggaggc tggggaggag gtatgggatg agaaacagtc     82140
     agagggtgga tggagggaaa taaaatatgg actgtaaaaa ttttaatttg aaaatataaa     82200
     aaaaaaaaga caagaaaaat gtgagtgata gtgtgcttga acactgcccc tagctcttgc     82260
     tgatatttag gaaagttatg gactctttta ggatgagcag ccttgctata aaacgtaatt     82320
     tcactgagag caatgtttac tcacacatct tctagttcat tctctctctt cctttctctc     82380
     tttctctctg attctttttt ttttttattg gatattttct ttatttacat ttcaagtgtt     82440
     atccccttcc tggtttcccc cctccctgaa tcccctaccc cattctctct ccccctgctt     82500
     ttctatgagg gtgttgctcc atgcaaccac ccactcccac ctccctgccc tcgattcccc     82560
     tacactggga catctatcga ttcttcacag ggccaagaac ctctcctccc attgattcct     82620
     gacaaggcca tcctctgcta tatatgcagc tggagccatg tggagtctgg ttggttgata     82680
     ttgttcctcc tcctatggca ttgcaaaccc cttcaactcc ttcagtcttt ctctaactcc     82740
     tctactgggg accccacact cagtccaata gttggcttca agcatctgcc tctgtattta     82800
     taaggctttg gcagggcctc tcaagataca gctatatcag gctcttatca gcatgcactt     82860
     cttggcatcc acaatagttt ctgggtttgg taaatgtata tgggatgaat ccccaggaca     82920
     gtctctgggt ggcctttcct tcactctctg ctctatactt tatctccata tatgatcctg     82980
     agagtatttt gttttccttc taagaaggac tgaagcacct atattttggt cttccttctt     83040
     cttaagcttc atgtggtctg tgaattgtac cttgaatatt tggagctttt ggactaatat     83100
     tcacttatca gtgagtaaat accatgtgtg ttcttttgtg attgggttac ctcacttagg     83160
     atggtgtttt ctagttccat ccatttgcct aagaatttca tgagttcatt gtttttaata     83220
     gctgagtagt actccattgt gtaaatgtac cacattagct gtatccattc ctttgttgaa     83280
     agatatctgg aatgttgaag ggttctttcc agtttctggc tattataaat aaggttgcta     83340
     tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg tccttattac atgttagagc atcttctggg tatatgccca     83400
     ggagtgatat agcttggtgc tcaggtagta ctatgtccaa ttttctgagg aaacactaat     83460
     ctgatttcca gagtggttgt atccaatcat caatggaggg gtgttcctct ttctccacat     83520
     ccttaccagc atctgctgtt atgaggtttg atcttagtta ttctgactgg tgtgagatgg     83580
     aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttcc ctgatgatta gggatgttga acatttcttt     83640
     aggtgcttct caacatttca atattcctca aaaaattgaa aatttattgt tcgattctta     83700
     ccccattttt aaaatggtta tttgattttc aggagtttaa cttcttgagt tctttgtata     83760
     taatggaatt tgctctctat cgaatgtagg attggtaaag atctttttcc caatctgttg     83820
     gttttcattc ccaaaaattc caccagtgaa ctcctaaacc tgataaacaa cttcagcaaa     83880
     gtggccggat ataaaattaa ctcaaacaac tcagtagcat tcctctactc aatggataaa     83940
     caggcagaga aagaagttag ggaaatgaaa cccttcacaa tggtcccaaa tattattaca     84000
     taccttgtta tgactctatc caagcaagtg aaagatctgt atgaaaagaa cttcaagtct     84060
     ctgaagaaag aaattgaaga agatctcaga agttggaaag atctcccatg ctcatggatt     84120
     gtcaggatta atatagtaaa aatggtcatc ttgctgaaag caatctacag attcaatgca     84180
     atccccatca aacttctaac tcaactctcc atagagttag aaaaaacaat ttggaaattc     84240
     attttgaata acaaaaacaa aaacaaacac aaacacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac     84300
     aaacaaaaaa acaggatagc aaaaaccatt ctcaacaata aagaacttct gggaaaatca     84360
     ccatccctga cctcaagctg tactacagag caatagtgaa aaaaactgca tggtattggt     84420
     acaatgacag gcaggtagat taatggagta gaatagaaga cccagaaata aaaccagata     84480
     cctatggtca cttgatcttt gatgaaggag ctaaaactat tcgggggggg gggggcgacg     84540
     acaatatttt taacaaatgg tgctggttca actggtagtc agcatgtaga aaaatgcaaa     84600
     tcgacacatt ctcatctcct tgtacaaagc tcaagtccaa gtgcatcaag aacctacaca     84660
     taaaaccaga tacactgaat ctaatagtag agaaagttgg ggggaagtct caaacacatg     84720
     ggcaaagcgg aaaagttcct gaacagaaca ccaatggctt atattctaag atcaagaatc     84780
     agcaaatggg acctcataaa attgcaaagt ttctgtaagg caaaggacac tttctctctg     84840
     attcttatgt gacaaaatat gatcaaggtg ctaccttctg caactgtcct ctgctatgtc     84900
     ttcttcacca ttatggactc aaccgctgaa accattagcc aaaataacct tgtatttctg     84960
     taagttgctt ttggtcatgg tattttatca tagcaacaga agtgtaaata gcatgatatt     85020
     gggacttaca ttccttttgc cattttaata gcaattaagt attaagagca tttggagact     85080
     ttttgttggt tctgttgatc aaccttgagt gattactagt agctgatgtg atacatgagg     85140
     tttcccacac aaagctcctg tgctgattgg ttttgtgtca acttgacaga agctggattt     85200
     atcacagaga gaggagtttc agttggggaa atacatccat gagatccagc tgtaaggtac     85260
     tttctcaatt agtgatcaag cggggagtgc tccttgtagg tggtactgaa agatcctgac     85320
     agaatgtaaa aggtcacaga atccctgaaa ttggcaagat agatgtcact gttagcaaaa     85380
     ctagcttcac tgatttagaa aaatagaggc atacaatgct ctggccactc tttgaaccca     85440
     tgtgtctgcc aatgttttga ctgttccttg aacccatgtg tgtgcccact gatgaagccc     85500
     attgccaggt gtttgtgata ttggttgctg agaaagagtc agaaaatctc cccagcaacc     85560
     acagctcagc caatcctgag ttgctacacc tgcaccagac tctttccttg tacccctccc     85620
     atacccattt cttgagaata gacattgttt agatctggaa atcccctact ctcccccttc     85680
     tcctttctcc cctgagtgcc tataaaaact gggacttctt tccccacaag gtcgactcct     85740
     ctacccctgc atgggatatg agtcatcccc agagctctgg ctttccccga ataaagcctc     85800
     atgtggttta catcaagctg ggtctatcgt gagttcttga gtgtccgcta ttgtcctgag     85860
     gcctgagtga ggggctcctt tcagagtctt tcactaccat ctctgggctg gtagtcttgg     85920
     gttctataag aaagcaagct gagcaagcca ggggaagcaa gccaccatag cctctgcatc     85980
     agttcgtgct tcctgacttg cttgacttcc agtcttgact tcctttgctg atgaacagca     86040
     gtgtggatgt gtaagttgaa tacatcattt cctctccaac ttcttcttgg tcatgatgtt     86100
     tgcacaggaa tagaaaccct gactacaaca gctcctgtgt atctgggtgg ataactgatt     86160
     catggattcc tcctatttgt caatcaactt tattttccta agtgaagaag aaaggaaatg     86220
     ggaaagtctt agggctatag acacaaagag ggttgtgacc cttcgttctt gctgttgctg     86280
     agtccctcat ttacttcctc ggtgactctc tgataaagta aagggttcac cttccagagt     86340
     gaatgaagct cagtactgat gtatctctca tgggaaattg gaattccatc ctgttgtaga     86400
     gtctctacat gttaaaagaa tgcttctcat atacagaaga ctatgctgca gcaacctctg     86460
     gtttacaaaa tatttctgaa tcttccacct cttgcaattt tcttacaagc cctttctaaa     86520
     gatgaaaagg tgtcttgggt tttcctgtgt acatgggtat gagctacttt tctagtctcc     86580
     ttcttatgta tgttacagca agcaacctaa gggtaggatt gcttattttg cctcatggtt     86640
     tgaatgcttg gccatctggt ggagtagggc tggtagcagt ggtagcttga ggctaaggag     86700
     ttatgaacct acggctgctt gctcacaatt ttgtaaattc agaagcagag ccagagaaat     86760
     gttggttctc agctagcttt ctttttcatt ttatattcat tctgagacct catctcatgg     86820
     gatggctcta ctcatgttca aaccatatct gctctcttta atttgttctc tctagaaagg     86880
     ccatcaaagg ttgggtatac ctcactaact cagtaggtga tgtttttaat gtaacaaagt     86940
     taacaatgaa aatctacatc ctaaaattca tcattcactg tatcattgag ttgaatataa     87000
     cctcattcct gctgtctaat gtaataacat atatttgaac cagtctttga atcctatgtt     87060
     ttaatcctct ctctaccact agatagattg ggttagtatt tgatttctat aagcctcact     87120
     ttcctcatat tcatattata aatacaaagg tctagaccat atggtgatat taaaattcta     87180
     agagagcaaa tacaattaat aaggtgtgat attttttcaa aaggcaatac taataggaag     87240
     gagtattttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttctttc tgaaggacca     87300
     attttactga catgaagact caataaggaa atacatttca ctgaaagatc tttcctaact     87360
     gctgttgaca ttaatttttg atgtggttaa tcatttaaat cttctaccta ttctcttctc     87420
     atcacattct atacattact caaacacaca tgcatgcaca tgcatgcgct cgcacacgca     87480
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagaggga gggagggaga gaaagagaga     87540
     gagagaatga gatttccctt aaatatcctc tcagtaaatg ttttggattt ttttaaccta     87600
     taaataatca cctattcatt aaaaaaatgt gtgaaattgt tttaattcat taactctctc     87660
     ataacagtgg cctgtgatac tttctttgcc ttagagaatt atgtgagttg tgtaatattt     87720
     tcaaagtcag ttgagcgaga aagttgatac ccaacttgta aatcaacatt acccttctca     87780
     cagctgtcct aaagaagcag taccattgtt ccttattaag gtccacagct ctgtttactg     87840
     cttttttatc atgggagtat ggactctgag gtcagactgc cttggttcaa agcccgactg     87900
     ctatttcaaa ggtagttgag cttaagctga catcatgaga acttaatgat tcagtaaatg     87960
     aaataagtac tttcgtagtg tgtaggccat ttaccataga ctcaaatact gtatttacaa     88020
     aggtgtgaat ctggagatat ttgtgatagg atcaatttca gaggctttct catttttcta     88080
     actagcagta gaaaccattt ttcttccaat agatttgcaa gagaaattaa tagatgaaat     88140
     aactatcagg gtttgccata gaatcacaca ctaatagaat tcagtgaccc accctttctt     88200
     cctacagcag ctttctcctt cccctggagt ggctgaagta tcatttcatt tgaattgttg     88260
     taatctggtt atgtactgac gaagctgact caggaataaa gagtgacaga aactcacaat     88320
     ggacctcatg taatgtttgg tcaggctctg cttagcagtc gttgccagga ctttgccatg     88380
     ccattacaga ctatagttag gactcaagag atcttgaaga attcgtttat ttcatgtcta     88440
     gtccgtgaac ggaagagtct ggagtgtcca aaccatctgt cacctaccat ggagtatatg     88500
     taagtcatat ctctacattg tgacctcaga aacactgaac atcggacatg gcatgtggcc     88560
     ttctcaataa cagagtcctc tctttaaaga gtagaaattt tagggctttt ctgtcacaga     88620
     ctcttaaaaa atctatagca ttttcttcct caaaagatgc acccaatttc aatggaaacg     88680
     atgtagatac tgctttgtga tattcaatac atttgtagtc ctttagggaa ccaccaaacc     88740
     atagtgaaag gaatctactc ataatgtata aggatggcag ctctgttagt ctcactaaga     88800
     actgatatgt taagagaata tcctccagtg agtgctgtct ttaatgatgt tacatattaa     88860
     ttctcattaa atccctagaa gtaggtttgt attttcattt gaggagatag tcatggagcc     88920
     tgagtgtgac tgatgatgca gaggataatg atcaattata tattaaagct gacatgttca     88980
     gttctaagtt catgcttatg tgctgagaaa gctattattc agacacaggc cataatgcca     89040
     tttataaagc caatggtaga ctccatcctt tctatcttct ctgtttcatg acccatctca     89100
     cattctcaca tccacttttc ctcatgagcc ttctgcaaac ctgtttagac aaaccaggtt     89160
     aaggtgtcac ctgcaattga ctgtgaagtt cttatgagtt ctagcccctt tgatcactat     89220
     ttctcttttc aaatggccat gtataaaata ttctattcca tcacaaccca gcattcatat     89280
     atcacccatc attggattga gaaggaactc atttcttctc tgaaatatat tgaaggtgtc     89340
     atcctgctta acagtaataa gagaatagag tctgtatttg cttctatctg ctaagcttga     89400
     taatctcctg ctgcctttgt ttggggcccc atatgcagct ggacagtttt cttcccatag     89460
     gtctgcaaac agaacatctt gagggagaat tgaagggtta ttatttgatc tcactcactt     89520
     aaatacccaa tagtgtgcca gtccagaagc ctgaagtgga tgccttacaa tactgaatga     89580
     tattgattaa gattttttct tttgtcaaca ttattaacaa tttggatcca aacagttatt     89640
     atctgtcaga ttcgcactcc cattcctcat ttccttgagt aaacacactc ccattttttg     89700
     ctgacttgta ctggtccata gaataaattt agtcaatgga tttcttagtc agtagacagg     89760
     tagtctgtaa cagaaatata gactggccgg gccttaaata cctcttactc acaatgatac     89820
     aggcaaggaa ggcaagaaat acaaaactga tttttggttt aaagttctgc cctacttctc     89880
     tagcagtaca ttaaaagcat gaatgcctaa tgtcacttgt tctgtagggt gtctctatcc     89940
     ttatcattat gcagagagtc atttcccatt ggcttattat ttttaaaaaa tctgtatttc     90000
     aaacaattat tgagaatatc ttgtcctaat ttggtacttt gcttaacaaa atggcttttg     90060
     ataaattatt ctaattactc ttgctggagc tgtctaggaa acatgactgg caaggaatcc     90120
     catgcaactt tttaaaaata aaactcgagc accctgatta atcctaaatt catcaatgaa     90180
     aaggttctcc aaaccaggca aaggccaggc agaattcatc cttcatattc ttccaagatg     90240
     cctctcaccc agatgctccg tgccatgagg accattacag gttctttctt agatgataaa     90300
     aatctcctca taaacagtca ccaaaaccag acaccattgt agatgccaac aagagcttac     90360
     tgacagaagc ctgatatagc tgtctcctga gaggctctgc cagtgcctga caaatacaga     90420
     agtagatgct cagagccatc cactggacag aacacagggt ccccaatgaa ggagctagag     90480
     aaaggactca aggagctgaa ggggtttgca gccccatagg aggaacaata tgaactaacc     90540
     agtaccccta gagctccctg gaactaaacc atcaattaaa aaaaacatat ggtggggctc     90600
     atggttctag gtgcatatgt agcagaggat ggcctaatca gtcataaatg ggaggaaagg     90660
     cccttggtcc tgtgaaggtt ctatgcccca atatagggaa attccagggc caggaatcag     90720
     gagtgggtgg attgttgagc agggagaggg ggagaagata ggggattttc agaagggaaa     90780
     ttaggaaagg ggataacatt tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaat tatctaataa aaaagagtcc     90840
     cagtatgaaa tgtaagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     90900
     atagatagat agatatgact tctgttcaag gatgtgtaag aataaagaat agccatttcc     90960
     aagggcttgc ctaatatgat atataatatc tgagtattct ttggcttcta agaaaagtcc     91020
     aaacaatttt tatttctgca atttttcaca tccctgttat tcctctctct gtgtgtgctt     91080
     gtgtgtacat gtgtgtgcta gtgtttgtgt ttaatcatcc ataataagat catttttaat     91140
     ggcctactgc tgaatggatc tcacttcatt gcatgttgca tgcatgttcc caatagggtg     91200
     ctagcgtgtt gtactaaaga ttagcctttg ttagaagggg ttgaatgtgc tggcatgctt     91260
     gtcattgttt gctaaaatct ccaaagtcaa ttgctaatta taagagcttg taactttagg     91320
     gacttagctg atgaattcaa ttgaactgtc agctttttca gactagcctg gaaatacaaa     91380
     gaatctccaa cctaattgct ttaattaatg aatgcggaga taaggcgacc cgcagagaga     91440
     aacgctgcaa tttctccagc attagggctg cctctggtag caggctaatg gcaatcagtt     91500
     ctctatggat gagcacttgg tgaatcagct gatgctattt gggctatggg ccataactct     91560
     gatgtgagaa aatgtggaca gtgactggct tgtccctagc tcagcaaagc ttttaaattg     91620
     tttgggaaac tggattcaaa caaataaaat attttgagaa ttaatctttt ttttaaatgt     91680
     atgtcaaaaa taattccatg atttattttt aattctgtga tattttgagg gtagaatcag     91740
     atgatggaga ttttatactg ctaggtggct gagtaggcag attaagggcc aatctagtag     91800
     gggaggtgtc ttaactactt tgcttaaact taataaatta tttcaaatca ctgttctatt     91860
     tattctttcc tctggaatag aatatttgtt tacaagtgga tgaaagcaca catggatgga     91920
     tgaatagatg gataaaaggg ggagttgcac aactggccaa aaatgcttag catgctttgc     91980
     tgctttctaa ccactgaaat ctttctgtgt agcatatctt gttctatctc ttataacaga     92040
     cacatccttc tctttagtta tatccaagct atagtattat aattacttcc tagtatcaac     92100
     tctagaccac agtatttaaa agaactcact tgttttctag caactactat gttccaataa     92160
     ataatcttaa tttatgttta catgttttgc ctgcatttat tatgtatgta tactacctgc     92220
     atacctggta cctgtggagg ccacaaaagg tcatctgatt ttgaggaact ggatttatga     92280
     atggttaaaa gtctccatat ggatcctggg aagccaacta cgatctgcaa gaagtacatg     92340
     tactggtaac cactgtacca tctctctatc accacaccat atggttatct cttacaagat     92400
     gcgatttcct aggaacagaa actctacttt ggccatccca taagacggtg gatatctctg     92460
     tttggttgtg ttttggtttt gatttttgcc tcaaactcag agattctcct gcctctgcct     92520
     cctagatgct gggagtaaaa gcatgtaccc caggctgatg gtagatatca taacacttca     92580
     gtttgaatac aatctttctc cggtacaaag tgttataaat aaaaatgagt gtggttaact     92640
     tcagcagagg gaaaaggaat ggagttttct catgtgaaac tgtaaaaacc caactaggag     92700
     aaaggaaaga aaggtgcatt ctaagaagtt tgacaacaga cactaaacta atgggtccca     92760
     agctgctagt gtctgatcat gatgccacta tggagacaac caaaggctaa aagtctgtct     92820
     ttggacatgt gcaaaactat ttctatagag agaggagtca aattatgtcc tgatggagaa     92880
     aacacacaac attgtttgtc tttatgggaa actactatgt ctaggaaatc acttgctctg     92940
     agccaaagat tggccagatt aaagagacta gcttgtctct gataaggtat gtgagctaat     93000
     tgcagccaat taacttagca gctgataaag gctgaaagta aatccaagct tgatgcacag     93060
     ccccatttga gagctggctg ggttgcaatg gctttagaca ctcaggacct agtgaaaagc     93120
     tctgagctaa ttaattcaca gtgaattact gagaaaacat ggatggtgac tggggcatct     93180
     gcactacaga tgatttcgca tcccaaatat tggttttgtt tttataatct agcatctttt     93240
     cactttgtaa aaattcatat tgtctgctgt agtggtgttc aattatattt caaacacaat     93300
     tgaattctta ctatctcata atctaggtga agaaagatat actatttccc agcagccttt     93360
     acttacaaca ttcattttca ttttctgata cctataccct ggctgctttt ctcatgcaga     93420
     ggattcaaac aaacgcaatg ggtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt     93480
     tgttttgttt ttaaggtgag ttgttaaaac tctctaatca ggccatttgt cattttcagt     93540
     ttgggtatat tccattaata gagctggtga gggctgtcac agtagtgacc ctatcaacca     93600
     gaggttgctt gcaaactttg ggtgataaga tagcccaaga aatagaaatc agggccagtg     93660
     agatggcacc tgccacctag cctatgctta attacccata tgaagaacag aactgactta     93720
     caaaagttgt cctctgcctt ccacaggtac acccatgcaa actaaataca tatatgtagt     93780
     gaaagaaatc ttttccaaag ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     93840
     tgtatgtgtg tgtgtctctg tgtgtgtctg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtatctg     93900
     tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtctatg tgtttttagt     93960
     catgtttttt ttaactgcca cttagtcaca ggaccaactc ctgtgagaaa ttttagattc     94020
     ccaccaacat atttgtgaaa aatttggaga gaaatagaaa aagaaattca gaatttttaa     94080
     atattctggg gaagatatgg gtactagtat aataaactca tctcaaagta tatcttactg     94140
     atttcctgtg gattttgact tgttactgtg tgtcccatac cactgtctga ggctagaatg     94200
     ttaggaaagt atctctatag ctgtgccagg actcaatgaa gcagagtttc agggctctat     94260
     actccattta tgttagtaag atccaatctg tgccctagta agccctctcc taatgtattt     94320
     tagccataat tccccaggga agaggcgtgt tcctccaagt taattaagcc agaagataac     94380
     agtcttaagg tcaatgttag gtgcaatctt tctttagtag cacttgagga aggcttggtg     94440
     gagtatgcag tcccaatcca tttcctctga ggacgagata agtgaagcca agccggtgtt     94500
     ctcagttggg aagatgttct ggagtattaa ggaaaagctc tgaagaagtg tcagtggatt     94560
     aaagtaaaag aacatcggaa aagatgacag gaaactgcca gtgaagacat tttgtagtta     94620
     atactctgat ttttcctgtt taattatgtt tcttgaaaaa taatagctaa aatagacact     94680
     tcattatatg ggactctatt cactcttgac ataaacaagt tgggtaattt gtgatattta     94740
     gtgtttcatt ttagctaaca agaaaagtgc gttgtaaagg ctctgaacca aaagattttc     94800
     cttatggtgg tgctaggagc tgaacgtatg tccctgccta atgccaggca atcatgttgc     94860
     ttctaagtta catatgaagc catttgcttt ctgtattttg agatggggac tcactcagtt     94920
     gcccaggttg atcttaggtc actccatcac agacaggtct tcctgctcca agcagattgg     94980
     atacaagaat aattaagtga gcaactctgg tgttgaggaa cctgctgaca aatctccttt     95040
     agatatgagt aatactactg ccttttaaag tctttcttct ttcatgtcac ataacagacc     95100
     tggataccag ttctctgagg caaaagaaaa gaagtgagta ggaaagagat tggttagctg     95160
     agggatataa agccaagata ttaggccaaa catgtattat ttggagaaga ccacacacgt     95220
     ggagaatagc tttcactgtc ccagcagcta aagaaaaaaa ttggttggaa ataaatcatg     95280
     gtgtataaat agtacacaca tacatatata catgcataca cataactcaa cacataaaca     95340
     tacacataaa tgcatatgta aacacacaca cacagagtca aattcctgta tcttaatata     95400
     aggttttatt ggaggtcagc catgttcata tgcttgtaga gtttctatgc tatgtttgaa     95460
     ctgccatggt atagaaagat aataaacttg agactgtgaa aatcctcagt cctttcgagt     95520
     aaaagttcag ttattcttag gttagcccac agaatcagac tagcaccaag acctcagaga     95580
     ctggtaaacc aaagtaaatc tagatagaaa tctagataga gttactgttg tttagcatgt     95640
     tatctgcttg aagagtctct gacactcatt tggctatttt aatttatttt taatagtgtg     95700
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtttacaga gatgatgttg ttaaactcag     95760
     agagtggcaa gagggagtca gttctctcca gtgtaactga tcactggaat tgaacacagt     95820
     tttcagcatt gtcaagcaat agacttgcca tctcgccata cctggtttat tatataaatc     95880
     tcagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aaagagagag agagagagag     95940
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aactggagtg     96000
     gcctggctta ggtttcattc ctgaaccttg actacgagat tctgggtgga aggataactt     96060
     gattaatgtc ctgatcatgt agaaagttag caaaaggaac agatgtccac tggcttgatc     96120
     aggaaggcca aaataacatc agagtgaaga actccctcct tgaaaaatca acaaaatctg     96180
     ttggctatct ggtcacatcc agaggcttgc tgaggaatag tgagtgggtc cacacctgac     96240
     atggtaacct tgtgtcatta agattgaatg gattcaccat tacagactgt gttaatattc     96300
     atcaacaata acacctatgt tgtgattatg tccccactat gatatatatg catataaaac     96360
     catgaaggaa tattaaatga tctgtaagaa agctgaattg tagagtcttg gatgagtttg     96420
     aaaatgtatc tgcaacctct aaaaaggtta aaggatatag aataggaaac aagggactca     96480
     tttctttaca tttgtaagtt atgcctaata tatgccaggt aatattgtct gaaatgaaat     96540
     gaatgagtgc aggggtaggg gtgactggtt actgacaatg gacgggcctc agaaacctat     96600
     gtaatataga acagataata tctaatgatt atgtaaaaca aaagaggcaa ataagaggtt     96660
     tgtatattac ttactagtat gaagattctt ttttctctac aataatatgg tttctgcaaa     96720
     gcctatgtac tgaatttgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatt     96780
     gatgattttg atgatgataa tgatgttagt aatgatgatg gagatgctgc tagcataata     96840
     actgttttct acttttcagt ctttagtgga aagaaaaata cattagaagt cattttgtgg     96900
     gctggagaga tagatcagtg gctaaaagtt cttgctcttc ttgcagagga cccaggttta     96960
     cttcccatca ttaacaatgg cttatttgct actacctgta attccagttc caaaggtcag     97020
     aggttctaac atcctcttct agctgcatac atccatatac ttaacataca catttataca     97080
     cacatttgca cacacacaca cacaacatca aaatacacac acagagagaa atagaaatat     97140
     gaggaaccaa agtcatttgg gtagagttgt ggatatgtgg ggatctcact taccctttgt     97200
     tttcttgttt tgtgttattt tttccaagct catgaggaaa tttggggagt tttagattca     97260
     tgattcatat ttgtgagtga tttttctcca agtccagcag catatgatat ttgcgaaaat     97320
     tcctaaattc atactcagaa taacatttta gacaatcttg aggcagtttc aaagaggacc     97380
     aaaaaggtgc taattttaaa aggagaaatt agagatgagt cgcacattgt tgggtagggt     97440
     agaagagaga tgagaagcaa ggcatatgac atgtgacagg gctagtctgg attcagatga     97500
     tacccttctc cttcggagat actcaatgcc atctttaaaa catccatcaa tgtggtgaag     97560
     acaggaatgc taattgagtg tttttagcat aatagaaaat caattttaat tgtcccaatt     97620
     ggaactattg tttacagtta cagatggctg ccaggctgga cctggaaaaa agaaataaat     97680
     gagtctggag agtagggaat tgctttcaat tcctgggagt attgtgagga aggctttgga     97740
     gaattcagtc taagaaggtt gtaaggcaga aaactgattg tctataaagg ttttaaaatg     97800
     gtgttttcct ctaggactct gctgtaactg ctatcatcaa tttccacctt gtcatcccca     97860
     atcctagtgt ttccatagga gggtggattc ccacagtagc tgttgccagc agggtttaaa     97920
     atcaccagtg actccctctc gccacttcta cctgcttcct tgctgcatat tctttttctt     97980
     ccttggactt ttcattcaaa gaaagctttc ctgttgttgc ttcacttttc ctacatatat     98040
     ctgggtggca ggtttatatt caattagtct aaaatggtct gcttggcaat attgcacttt     98100
     agaagagtca agccaagccc ttcactactg actgtatgtc ttgagtgagt gacttaattc     98160
     agttccctag ctgtaaaagc ggtatatcaa cagctgctag tagacaagtc tagtattaat     98220
     gagttcaatg aaactaagct gctaacagaa gccctgctgt cgagctcacc tcaaagatgt     98280
     catgtagtaa tgctctactt tattcccttc ttgccttctt taatgaagag ttgaaacaca     98340
     tcatatacaa aagtatgtaa ttcatcaagt gaaacatgtg cagggagcgg gaaacaaaac     98400
     tataaagtag gaagtacagg ttcaccctag ctaactgttg gtgcacattg cctttaaatt     98460
     gtcatgataa ggactcatta gaatcactgg atcccagggg aaccagaatc ccagtgtctg     98520
     catctttgtt ctgcttctca gttcactctg ataccaattc cattttaaga atgttcactg     98580
     tgttcaattg atatcccttg gaggcctgct attttctgac gggaaacaca tgagtggatc     98640
     tgggggagaa gggggattgg ggaagtgaac tgggaggagt ggagagaggg gaaactaagg     98700
     ttaggaagta atgtatgaga gatggcgaaa tttaaattaa atgaataaga gaaattaggt     98760
     ctaaggaaaa tgatcagtct ccaaatcttt agttggtcat aaaaagacat gggccctgat     98820
     attcctgtgt gctgatttac tcccactgtg gtcaaagcac acaggattag gtggccatta     98880
     gccagcttca gtggcactct ttattgtgta tgatagagaa ataatcactt cctgacaatc     98940
     tttgatgctc tcagcttggc tttcaggatt tctctttaaa aactttaggc tatctcttta     99000
     gaagaattga tcacattgat aattaattag ccatcacaca caagtacagt attaaaggaa     99060
     ggagaagttt caaaatatac tctatgctat ctcttaaaga ggattttcaa actgtaggca     99120
     agttagcatt ttgagctatt taattcttga tgtatgtgtt tgcagagcaa agggattatc     99180
     acgacattat aaaaggttta gcttttcatc attcttggct tttctccatt agatatcagt     99240
     agcacctctc tgttgtaata atcaaaactg tcactagaca ttgtcactta tttcctaggg     99300
     tacagaactt atcacactgg gcaccaattt cttgttcttt gctgtaattt taaggtatta     99360
     aatggaaaat aaagctagtg ccagttttcc atggcaggga tgaaataact tgaaatgatt     99420
     gaaaaagaga aaaatgttag tttgggatca tcgtctcata gccaaagagt ctgtagtcac     99480
     ttggctctgt catgtgcacc ctgtgttatc agagttccac atagtgaaac atagagtggc     99540
     caggaaccaa agatggagga agggagtatt gtctaaacat cctcttgaag agcctatccc     99600
     ctctaaccta tctgtcttcc attacatcag tccacccaca gggagatctc ctgctttcct     99660
     agaagtgtct cataagtaag agtcttatgg cttttagtgc atcatctagg ggctaatgcc     99720
     tttcagccag ttgatgtaga acttagatgg caggatcatt agttaccaac aagaaatgga     99780
     cctatttaaa gtactttcac tcaatttgat cagaatgaca cttttgttct tggatcattt     99840
     gtgagaggag aaagattaga caatcactgc aagcatgtaa tgagaaccag ggatttatac     99900
     cctgaactgt ttgcaagggc ctctgataca cagctggcca ctgcctctta gggaggcaga     99960
     acacagagag tttgtgctta tcccatacta ccaccagggt aggtacaagg ctgtagggaa    100020
     gcaccaagat accactccag ggatgggaaa gtacagtctg agatgtagaa aagccatagc    100080
     tggtttcagg atccccagac ctgctatgag gccagggcca tggggttctc aggctcttga    100140
     acgtccaggc actgctggga ctcacggaaa agcagagaat ggagtctggg cctgcaggct    100200
     tggggcagta tctagcctgg ctgaaagaaa gagggagctc tggcttgtca cagcagtgat    100260
     tgtccttaga gtggctgaga caggcttggt gcaagttgtg actgggagca tggagaggtc    100320
     ttctatagga gaattaaact gcctctcccc atggcagatc ttgatgaaag agacattcca    100380
     tggttctaaa tagtttaggt tgttcatggc agataacgga tgtataacgc accatataaa    100440
     cttctcagtg tagtgtagac ctgagattaa atactttttg cagggaggaa tgtctgagaa    100500
     gggaaactta ttggctaatc cctccatgct tctagttacc tcattagcaa tgggaactcg    100560
     gctttgggcc tatgatactg taagacatct ttctttaagt gaggactgtg gcatatgtcc    100620
     caggccagga gtaggtgcaa ggctcaggtg tgtgcctacc aagtctccag gtctcaactt    100680
     gctctacctt accaaacttc ctagcagggt tttacatccc acaacactac actcatggca    100740
     agtgcaaaca tgaagccctc ctcagtcctc tatgctccag aatgacattg ctcctgctcg    100800
     tagcctccct tcagcgcact tcttcctctt acatatttat tttacatagt gtagctatgg    100860
     ctagctttta cactttctcc cttggtgttc tggacagtgg gacactttca caaggcatac    100920
     tcagctcact aggactatgt aagtccccag tgtccccatt cttttcttat caatgcaatt    100980
     gaagccgaat gattctgtca ttctgacatt tgtcattctt ctgttcattt tacatattag    101040
     agaaattggg ttatctttga tttacatgtg gtctctagtt ataaaaccct gaccaagatg    101100
     aacaaaatat gatggttatt tgtataaata gacagttgaa gttgctgtaa tgacagctat    101160
     tgtttattaa acaaacttgt ttgcgtttta gagcttatat gagctaggtg ttaggctttt    101220
     ccagagtcta tcctagctat ttataaattt aggctaaagc caaacattgt tctatgccca    101280
     ggttgtagct gaaatggttg cctcaaggac aaaacattga cttgtcagaa gtagggtcta    101340
     aagttttggc taaagttcta atagatgacc gtgatctaca ttgaacccaa aaagagtaca    101400
     gctagtgtat gatttgctct tcagcaagaa gcctactata ggtcactaga cagaaaagct    101460
     ttggtggggc ttgtaagaag accctggcaa ttatagccag aataagggaa gtcctaggaa    101520
     ggctggaatg taaagccttt tgagggatcc caaggaaatt ccataggcaa gtgtcacaga    101580
     ataaggggga tggaggtgca gttcacttgt tagagtgctt gcctagtgtg cacaaagccc    101640
     tggttggatc cccagcaccc tacagtattc aggtataatg ctgtgagcct gtaaggctag    101700
     cacttgaaag gtagagaggc caaagttcaa tgtagtcctc ggctatacag tatatttgat    101760
     ccttcctcaa gggaagtaat gtatcagaga tgcagctctt ttgtcttctg tgtggcatgg    101820
     ctaaagtgct ttcgtcacct catttcattc agaatgacag gctttgaatg gaggataata    101880
     aggtgtcctt tcctctcttc cagggaaaag atcaaagttc tttcttcatg acttcacacc    101940
     atactgtcaa tcaaccattt actcatgcat attaaaatgc tgagaaaaat aacttcccca    102000
     ctgtctggct tttttaaatt gtcaaaatta tacagctaca gctgccaacc ctggtttcct    102060
     gcagcttctg ttttggctaa aagccgatca aactctgaga agccaggtga atttaaatca    102120
     taactgccca aagagaaatt tggaaaattg ttatcaggaa atgggaaatc aattcatacc    102180
     actcctctaa atataggtta atgaagtaag tacttgcttt tccttcataa aaaataatgt    102240
     taaggtttat ttgactattt ttaacattag ccctttatgg gaaaattatc ttaaaagcac    102300
     tcattcataa ttctcatgaa caaaatagtt ttgagcacta ttctatccat tagcctattt    102360
     aattaaatcc acacaagaac tatactaagg gacatattta acctactttt gcattcaaga    102420
     aaaactgagt tgtggaatga ctgacacaga tgtggaacac aaatgtagaa caaagagtca    102480
     acacactgat ctttcattta accaagatac ttccagataa agaaaggaat tctgccaaag    102540
     aacagaacag actcaaccat aggcatgaac gtctctgtta ttcttcatgg ttactttgct    102600
     ttgggtatat ataggattta ggagttcaag ttgtaaccca aatgatgtct aagaaccctc    102660
     ccatcctcct tttaatatta cttaaaattt gtagcttaca aagaggttga ataattttct    102720
     tctgagaaca aaatggctct taaacatatg agtacaacag aagcttacca tgtttttctt    102780
     ggctctctgc tttccctttg gggtaataaa aagcatagat aatcaaatta cccaagtacc    102840
     actgaaatag agacactcct aagtggagct caaagacttc tgaatgtctg tgtcttcatc    102900
     ccaacacaac tagaacatgt tttgtcgctt gggacatcct tacctttcat gttcaatttg    102960
     caaactggat ccactgattt gctattaact aggtggtggg ggggggcggt agagaaaaaa    103020
     gttaagatca agtagttata ggtaggagtc agggaaatgg gtcagtgggt ttagtaagca    103080
     taatgatcag cattcaaata cccagggtga gccaatatgc agtgggatgg acagttagta    103140
     aaagacaagt ttaacataat cttaaatacc aactgtctat ctccactggc tattggctca    103200
     ccctggaatt ctttcttcat ggaacccaca gaatcccaga tttagataaa atgtggtccc    103260
     taaatggaaa aactttcaac attaccacag gagtggagtg gagtgtcagc tgtgttccca    103320
     cctcagtggc actttgataa tgtgaacatc tgtgcttttt agaaccctat tggagaggca    103380
     gagagcaaag gaggatgtga gaagtgtctg ttggactcat gggtttaagg gatgtgtggt    103440
     tagttgggaa tgtgagtgtg gcatagacat taaagcttca ttttgcctgt atttttatct    103500
     taacttctgt cctttattgt cttaacttct ctacatacat tccctattct ctctcttttt    103560
     tttaatttat ttttaagttt ttcaaaacat gtataagtgt ctcacctaca tgtacgtaag    103620
     tgggcagcat gtatgccttg tacccgagaa ggacagatga gttatacact gctgccgtgt    103680
     tggtgtctag aacttaacct aactcttcta gaagaacagc aacttgtctt aacctctgag    103740
     ccatataaca aggccagttc tctctgcact atgtgccata ctccagagac tatctccatc    103800
     tgaaaaagct accagcagct ctctttatca ttgcttatcc agaaaaagat gtatgaacct    103860
     acagtctatt agggagtaaa gaacagttca taccccttct atttctttta tttatcaaag    103920
     gggataagag taagacagat gtgtatttca tggaagccag tttgcatttt atcctggcct    103980
     atgtcttgag gtgctgttac ataggcaatt gaactgtaat tgttgcactc ggagttacat    104040
     tgaacacaga ctacgtttcc ctatgacaag ttttccaatg gcctacttcc atcaacaggg    104100
     catctgcatt agtacttcca aggcattaca cttcttggga aaggtgacat tttactactt    104160
     aatatatctt cttacagtct cttaaatctt gagggctttc actcaaagca tatctcactg    104220
     cctattttct tttgagaaaa ggcagttatc ttattttggg atttattgct gtgaaaagac    104280
     accatgacca agacaactgt tatataggaa aacatttaat tgggcctggc ttgtagtttt    104340
     aaaggttcag tccattatta ccatggctgg aagcatggca gtgtgcagac atacatggta    104400
     ctggaggaac caagaattca acatcttgat ccaaaagcag ctatgagaaa attgtcttcc    104460
     aaaggcagca aggaggatgg tctcattaca cactaggtag agcctgagca taggaaatct    104520
     ggaagcctat ccaagagtga aacgcttctt ccatcaaggc catacctatt ccaacaaagc    104580
     cacacctcct agtggcttgg ccactcccca tgggccaagc atattcaaac caccacagca    104640
     gaagatagtt aattcttaaa taggttgaaa ggcgaggaga gaggtcttag atcagatcac    104700
     gcatatctct gaatccttcc acttcagata tgaaatgctt tgctcccctc tacctgccac    104760
     atcccaccct aagctcttgg ccatagtaaa cccatgcatt gtggttgact gagctttctt    104820
     tttctgacag gcaggttact gggaaaactc catgccagta tggacactct ttcttccttc    104880
     tagttttaaa taacccactg ggtaggcttg gcaagctttt ccctcaattg tctacccagt    104940
     ctgcacagtc aggtccttcc tatccttcag gatgacccaa ccagccaagt gcatcttgaa    105000
     agcttgactc aaagaggata aaatgaactc agccacattc cacttcccaa ataagccaac    105060
     caaataaata aaaaggaaca aacactcccc tggggcaaat gttgtgtcct ctctcctggt    105120
     atcaaacact gagggcttta gccttatgtg tttgctgtgt attgtgtatt gctttttctg    105180
     caataaactg tgtgtagtgt agactgcaat tttctcatcc tataattatt tacttgactc    105240
     aagaaaggag aactagtgag caaaacttta aaattcttaa tattttaaga attccatatg    105300
     gaaatattgc atttacatga taccccattt tcctctgtcc aagtgctttt gtatcatcct    105360
     actccatatc aaatacatga catcttaacc ttttaattgt gcatatatgt acatatatgt    105420
     gcatatatac aaaaataaac atacacatat ttatatacac acatatttat aaatataacc    105480
     tgctgatctc atttagtgtt gctcatatgt acgtgttgag ggctaaccac atgggactga    105540
     attatatatc atgggtctca tctggagaat attgattctc cctctttaag aagccattaa    105600
     cttcctgtaa ctcttcatct aggggtatca catcaagaga tttcctccat ctggattggc    105660
     atgtcaattg gtggtgtcaa ttgtgaagtc ttttttaaca accatattgt tgaggatttg    105720
     tgggtatagc ttctttgtcc acatcaatga aacattccag gacaccagga aatttgaagt    105780
     gaaattgttt aatcttctac caatataaaa taagctagag aagatagacc aatactttaa    105840
     aatggttgct gctcttccag aagacaaaaa tttgtatcct agaatccaca tgatgtagtg    105900
     tactgctcat atctctaggt ccaagtaata taatactggc ctttctgaga attcacacac    105960
     ctgtggcact tgagtataca cagacacaca gacacagaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    106020
     cacacacaga cacacacaca cacacacaca catatatgta tatatatata tatgtatata    106080
     tatatacatg tatatatata catgtatata tatatatatg aactatactt gagagtagaa    106140
     tttgatttgt aagtgtgcag agatttctgc ttcttaatat tgtcaaactt aacagtggct    106200
     catgtgtagg tctccagcat tgataaatga attgcactgt cattggaatc tgtatgttat    106260
     ctttataacc tgaatagtct gaaattaatc tattgaaatt ctcatcatgt agtggtggca    106320
     tcaggaggca taaccttttg aaagatgagt agattagacc agtagaagaa tgaaaaacca    106380
     ggatggtaac attatctatg cactgaatag tgtgttctta ctggacaata actctgcccc    106440
     ttagacttca cttcctaaag aattgtgaaa aatatattaa atcattaaaa atcaaagtag    106500
     cttttcttat tttcttaaaa cagttcaaat gaactaagaa atttgctagg tcctgaggat    106560
     gtctaatact ttttcatacc cgtggcttca tgtctcatag gtatcactga ggattatttt    106620
     caagtctggc ttctgagata ttcccatgat cttttgaggc taaatgaata ttgagttcca    106680
     tttaaccact tagtgtacag agtaacataa gaaaagcaga tccttgaata ctttggtgaa    106740
     agtctacaca aacatttatg gcttcccagt tcccagtgga ttaaaccaaa gggacatagc    106800
     tctaggagtc atactccaaa tacatgtcac atgagcattt ccactctttt gcttctactt    106860
     tcttcagtca cactatttac cctggtccaa tggcccattc tccccagccc agtttgaagg    106920
     gtcacatatc ctttttggtg taccagggac catggtttct tgaatattca ccaagaagaa    106980
     taacactgga agagggtggg cctgtaggtt ctttttgatg atagtaagcc aactgtacct    107040
     tggtttctga agcccagatc tcaaatagaa acccaactgg tgcttgagat gatggtagta    107100
     gtgacagcaa gccttggaca catagaacat ggtcacaatg gcaatcatgt ctctattctt    107160
     ctttgtattt tcccagctct cccagtaatc tcagctatct ctggattaca ttcccatgtg    107220
     tacatcttag cagtttctga gtccatctag cttcttacta ggattactgc ctttttatta    107280
     tgctcctttc catatccatg tgaagccaag atctagacat gtctatgaca ctgtattatt    107340
     tcttgttaga cttcaaatct cattctaaac atcaagagtt cttttatatc tgaaaccact    107400
     tctcaagacc tgcaaaacct tctacttctc taattttatt ggcaatggct caagcattca    107460
     actgtgagat caccaacaaa ttgcataata cttttaaaac ccatggatat gttttttttt    107520
     tatgtgtgag tggaaatctc atccatatat gtaatgacac ttaatactta gtatgtttga    107580
     gaggagtgta ggatcagata aggttgtggt gtggaggcat tgtgatggaa tgtaggcccc    107640
     gagaagaggc actagaaacg tctctatttc aagaattact tactttcctt tcttcttcca    107700
     tgtgaggttt gagcgagaat gaccccatag tctcaaatgc ttgaatattt gttttccagc    107760
     tggtgaatct gtttcagagg gattaggatg tgtgatcttc ttggaagaga tatatcactg    107820
     gaggtgggct ttgaggtttc aaatcccaaa tcatttctct ctttgctggg tgcttatggg    107880
     taacatataa ttctctagta atctgcctgt ctactgcaaa gctcacaggc atgatgagca    107940
     taaacatacc ctatgaatct ctaaggaatc tccaaattag attcttttaa aagataagtt    108000
     gccttggtta tagtatatct tcacagcagt aaaacagtaa ccaagacagt ccgttgtctt    108060
     tctttcctgt ctcacatgag aatgtagagt aagaaggtaa gttatatatt tacaaacaaa    108120
     acagaaagac cttatcagaa actaaaatgg ttgacacctt aatcattgac acagtaccct    108180
     acttataagt aggacgaata aatgcttact gttggagtta ctcaatatgc agccttttct    108240
     tatggccttc tggctgatta ttatcaagtt ttatttcctt ttcctttctc ctttctcatg    108300
     ctatcttccc atgtttctca taatttcaga gcaagttatt tgctatcagt ttagtccttt    108360
     gtgaccttta gcagagaggt tgatgagaga gaggaaaagg caaacaatcc attcaggatg    108420
     gtttcttgaa ggtttcttat aagtgaagtc attcaaagcc tctccccctc tatattccca    108480
     attaacctta aaacccagga ttttggttgt ctgagacaga tgtctgtatg tgtgaggaag    108540
     catcttgttg gtaatagaca cttaatgctg ctgtgctgtg ctggactttg cagtgaattt    108600
     gtagggtggg ttcctgatcc ttttctgtga aagggcagaa gttaatagta cttaaataag    108660
     gaatgtgcca ctttatagtg tgcatcatta agctatgaga gaaatgagca aatgtagaac    108720
     aaaggcttgt ctccaaagca ttaaaggaga ggccaccctg agatcttggt gagaaagtgt    108780
     attattgaat cctcagaccc tgcatatgtg cctcatacaa ttgctgtcac agcggtagat    108840
     gagtaatggg agatatttgg attaaagtcc ttaggggaaa tacagtctta gagatagata    108900
     aaggattcca caaaatagaa ccttgagaga aataatttaa tttatgaagt tatattcagc    108960
     ctttgcaaaa tcccttcatc tttcttctca ttctcggagg tcatgcagac ttggcatgga    109020
     tagatcaagc tcaaagaggt cataaatgaa ttacatgata ctccaagtca ctgcttagtg    109080
     actgtcagag gaactctgta agccaaaatc agtgtggttg gaatattatg gtactgataa    109140
     tgaacaaagg catttgcaac agaagcatga ggatcatggt tcagatccct aggacttatt    109200
     caaatgctgg gattgtatga ctttctgcct gggattcact atgaatccca gcatgtggga    109260
     ggtagaggca aggatttcct ggaagaagct gtctagctat actagtcaaa tcagtgactt    109320
     ctagattcaa gtaagagacc ctgcctcaat atataaggaa cagagtcaat tgagaaagca    109380
     ccttgcacca tcctcttgct cctaggtaca tatacaactc ccctacttct ctggaaaata    109440
     aacatgtaca agaacacaca tccacacata tcatatgcac atgaaagaaa tctcattgtt    109500
     taggattaag ttgtctgaag ttgagctttt aggaaatccc ttgaaatata actccagtgt    109560
     taaggttagt tactaaacag aaggacattt tcatttgaca tttgcgaata ggtttttgag    109620
     acagcaagcg tggttccatt attcatcact ctcttttatt taactttcga tcatgatctc    109680
     ctgtcgtttt tatactgatg tactgacaac tgtatgaaaa agagaacacc accttttcct    109740
     gtatagcttc aaagatcact ggcttttgcg gagtcatgtg actacttcat gtccacttgc    109800
     tgtgaccagg gactgtgtta ttatagctgg tttgacatag gcttgcatat ctatcacctg    109860
     atagggtaga acgaggctat agttgacagc taattccagg aatagaagtc taccacctat    109920
     ccccatgatt aatttcttag ggcagagtat ataggtctca aacatgaaag aatcattttg    109980
     caaacatatt ggcaattttc cttgcttaat agcttatttg tatgttcccc cttggtgttc    110040
     tataactttg tttccaccca actgtccagg tcatgatggg gtcctttaaa aaaatctttg    110100
     cttgttgctc aaagttgacc cagaatattc ctgactttcc atcttcagtg tctgaccata    110160
     tttcaccatg tctctgttgc ttaacctagt tctggggatg ttttggtctg gtgcagtgag    110220
     aaaaattata gctattttca aagccccaag gtaggaaaca gctcaactgt tgtcttctac    110280
     tcagggggcc aatacatgct gagtccttga ataccactct gtcacggaat catctcttgt    110340
     ctatggcact ggagtagcag gctaggcttg gcagcaaaac ttacagtagg tctggtggtc    110400
     tggaaagtcc tcccatcatg aaggaagagc aaactttcct catcattgct aagtgtttgc    110460
     ttagtgatcg actgtcatat tccactctgc cgtcttgaaa tcaataccca acctaatgaa    110520
     gtgaaaatga aatcaatagt taattcccac aagtaagaga gaatggcacg gtgcatgctc    110580
     atctgccagc tccccctact ttcacagagt aatgagagct atgcagtctg ccctctaagc    110640
     caaaccgtat acctgcagta tctcccccag gtatttcctg tgttcctact ctgtgctttt    110700
     ttgcatgttt ttaccacacc caccaaaaaa ttctaccacc agttacagag gattaggtgt    110760
     gatagataag ggctaagttt aaatttcaca gctaaatttt aagatataag tctgaagctg    110820
     caggtgagtg aggaacagaa aattaaaaac aattaaattt ttataggctc cagatgtgaa    110880
     ctccagtcat caatcttacc attcagtacc tttacacact gatccttcct gtcacctcta    110940
     cagcctggat attttttaat tttagcacct cccccatcac aggttggaag atgacactta    111000
     gcaagaacat ttctaaggcc acatatgggc aataagagaa ttccagtgct tcatttaacc    111060
     tttcagagtt ctaaaaaacg gattcggttt tctttttctc attagtccct tttattaagg    111120
     atctacagtg aaccatgaat ggtacacagt tctaaagaga acacacaact gaacctacaa    111180
     ccctgtactg actagtttat agctttattt aagcaacata gtcaatagaa acaaggcata    111240
     gcagtccaga tggacatgct gactgcaagc aacagtgcct actgctttct tgagtaatga    111300
     gaagatgtcc tgtcttaaga aatgaagaca ctaaatgatt tgagggctac catgaaatga    111360
     accactcagc aacattaaat gcatatttgg gcttcttttc agtctttgta ttgttattgt    111420
     ccccaaactt atcactcttg ccactataga cctatacatg tccttgttat aaaggatatg    111480
     atactatttt ccttcatgtt tatttttcta agtaaggaaa tcgttctgca gattaacatg    111540
     agtacttggt cagaactccc taattccagt cctacaaatc acccatttta ggaaagaaga    111600
     actccataac tgacttagag aactcctaaa cagagccaag acaatgtaaa ggagtggcta    111660
     tctgatgact agaattcagt gaggtgaaat attggtgaaa gtacaaagaa catgaatgag    111720
     tcacccaaga gtgttgctgt aggaatgaaa gccactctag gaactcgcta tggtaatctc    111780
     tgttggatgc aggactaaga gttaagaaca tgtccacgaa aaactcaggc agtgctttca    111840
     ttttctggtc tcaggatgtt gatggatagg ctgagtccat tgaaggatga catcttaaac    111900
     atggagtttc agtttccttg ccttcatagt gtcatcagga tactgaaaat tcagaccctt    111960
     ccctccccat acccaagatg agcaacaata tacaagatac actttttttt tttaccatcc    112020
     aagaacatag aaaatatcta ttagattttt ttttcctcaa taaaggtact gcataaagtt    112080
     ggtcaagcac cagggtccaa ggtttgacac acaccccatg ttttgctggc tgtggctaag    112140
     cctcctgcta tgactatatg ttataattat atatttgtgt cttcttcaag gatgtatttt    112200
     tttccacaag aatgtgatca agccacagca gggggtctgc cttaccacag ggtctatgta    112260
     cctttaatag tctatacagt gtcctgtggg ttggaaggag ccctgtccct tgagttgttt    112320
     gggataagca actggtactt cacagctggg cattttacaa ggtgatgtac aagagagggg    112380
     gacaagggtc tctaagtcta caacctagca ccagaaaact ggtgtggctc agagcacgtg    112440
     cttaggaata gtacactatg aattgtttct caatgtctgc tcctgcagcc aagtgtttgt    112500
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gaatacatgt ccatttggtt    112560
     gtgtgaacat ctgtattttg aggtacatat gcatatatcc atgttgaggc cacagggaag    112620
     tcttaagagt tattcttcag tagccactta cttgtgtttt cttcctccct ccctccctcc    112680
     ctccctccct ccctcccttc ctcttttcct ccctccctcc ctccctcgct cttttcctcc    112740
     ctcccttttt cctccctccc tccctctttt cctccctccc ttttttcctc cgtccctccc    112800
     tctttttctc actcccttcc tccctccttc cctcccttga tttttatctt tttctctttg    112860
     tacttttgaa gatcaagtct cttattggga attggagctt atgaataagc tctactaact    112920
     gaccagcaat cccaaggcat tttcacttct gtttacccag tgatgagacc acagtcacat    112980
     gctacaatgc ctagctttta tgtggatact gaggatcaaa cctaaggcat catgcttgtg    113040
     caataagtac attttctaag gtgccatgtt cccaacacca aagtctcatc ttctttaggt    113100
     ttcttagtct gaatttctga accagggctt tatgatctgt agctatggag agaaaagcaa    113160
     tagcagttac cattgttggc aatagagctt ccttctacca tagtctagcc tatgggcttt    113220
     ctgggatgca atttgtattt gttttgtctg atagcaaaat cagatattct accagtgatg    113280
     catatcttta aacaagcccc tgatgaccta tagtagccag gcaactacaa aattccagtg    113340
     atacaggcct tctagtacct gacactggag tctttgaaca gtctattcca cctggatctg    113400
     gaagatggcc tttgagataa tagaatgagg caaaagttat acactgatgt agctgggacc    113460
     tatgaatggc aaatgaaggg caatgtagtc ttagctttga cttttcaatc tctagtttga    113520
     tccagaaccc attggtcctg tgatcacatt agccactgac attaaaatgg acatcccatg    113580
     cccacttggg ctttcagacc actgtgcaca ccaggatgct gatgctgtct cctaagagaa    113640
     cctaatagag aactgtgtta gctataagta ggagagggct agtcagaaga tttgattcct    113700
     cagaatccat tttgttgttg ctgttgttgc tgttgttgct attgttgttt tcttattttg    113760
     aagcaagacg caatgccatg tcctggtaac ctagtgttgg ggaggctgac ggatggatat    113820
     ctgagccttg ctagaaagct atactgcttt actgaggagt ttcaagcaag caattcttaa    113880
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa taatataata atggttgaca gcacctgaac    113940
     agcaacaggc aaacttgtac tctggcctcc acatataaca agtacatacc tatacacaca    114000
     caggaacaag tacacacaca catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    114060
     cacacacaca tacatatatg tacatacatt tgtaaaaaga actaagttaa cctagctttt    114120
     tttttctttt tgctataata aatacctgag aatcaattag cttacttggg ctcatggttt    114180
     aggaggctct aatctctcat agactggtca gctacataaa cagaagacag tggacatatt    114240
     tctaacaaga agctatttaa ggaactaagc tctttttttg gatttggttt tggtttggat    114300
     ttgtttgttg ttgttttgcc tataggttga ggtaaacagc agggtctcac aaatgtaata    114360
     tgaatgcata caaaagccag tacatccaaa actcaagaca ggagctcaca gaccctcatt    114420
     ctcaatgctg tgttccccaa gcatagctga gttcacatct atcccatgta gttcactggt    114480
     tatgtggaag ctctgagtgg aatgcggcac ttgttacctc tggaattcag gctgctggaa    114540
     aaggcacttg ggaacctatc attttcatgt aaagatttca tacagtcatg caggctacat    114600
     tttaaagaga gaatctattg ctttcggcag aattttagaa agcaaagaaa ggatcagacc    114660
     tgtgttttag gtcaaggagg actataactt agattgggtt gttgtttttc tcaagaataa    114720
     tcttagttca tttggcttca agggtatggc ccatggcgcg cgcacgcaca cacgcacaca    114780
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catacacact cacacagatg cacactcaca    114840
     catataaaca tgcacaggca catatgcatg catacacaag aataaataca acttttaaat    114900
     ctttaaaata aaatagtctt aatttactga ttgagttcaa tgtatggcct aacccacatt    114960
     cataatacac acacaccaca ccacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacggca    115020
     ggttttaaag tgttgaggag attatatccc aatcagtaaa tatcataata tgtctatgtt    115080
     tcagatttag ggttggtaca acaatacact gtgctacagt agccagacag tacttactag    115140
     gaagagccca tgagtgaatg cagtttccag gtaccttagt tattttttta gtactgtagt    115200
     taacaatcag gacccccaaa aatttgggtg aggggtttac ttggtttgtt tacacatccc    115260
     tcttcattag tgatggagtt taggatgggg actacaacaa ggcaggagcc tggatgcaag    115320
     agctgatgca gaggccatga gaaatgctgc ttcctggctt gctcctcatg gtttgctctg    115380
     cctgtttctt ttagaaccca ggaccactaa gaaagaggtg gcatcaccca ccatgagctg    115440
     ggccttgcct taccaaccaa taatttagaa aatccactat ctgcctgact acagcctgat    115500
     cttatgtagg cattttctca actgaggtcc catcccatca actgactgta tctttggtca    115560
     agttgacata aagctagcca gcacacctgt gtttttggtg aatcagaggg cattgggtaa    115620
     aggctgtttc tggattataa tgtatcatgg atatttttgg ctcctttttt tttctttttg    115680
     taacaaaatc aaatgaataa atgccagata aagctggtta ctaagcaggt tatcagaaca    115740
     gggacttggc aggaggatgt gattttctgc ttggctgcag ctagtgaaag aaaatgtaca    115800
     ttttgactgc actgtgtatt tctgattgtg aggaaagctc tctgaagcct ccactctcaa    115860
     attaactgcc cctttgtcaa aggatgcaaa ctgccgttcc tcttcgcgaa gctccaaaat    115920
     taactttcaa atgattgatt cttacagatg agatatggga ctctaatcac ccagaggcca    115980
     tgactgcctg tggaggtgag ctgttgtatg gctatcggaa gaaaactgag gggtataatt    116040
     cctgggcaag tcctacaggt ttccatgaag cccttaactc tctgtattcc ctcaatctct    116100
     ggtggggttg cttattcggt tctaccaaac tgggtttata tatctctgaa ggcccaaaat    116160
     ctacatttca cctttgcatc cagaagttct tgctgacatc tctttaaatt tttcccactc    116220
     cctttaaagc aggcttatca gcagttgaat tatcatattc tggcaggctc actagaatga    116280
     ggaaggagga gctaaaaagg tttagacaac agggttcttt tagctttaaa atgttcattg    116340
     gacttgtaaa tgactctggt gctgaattga atttcaaagc tggccttaga ggcatcaaaa    116400
     caaaaatctg tgtatgtttt ggacatactg tttttctctt gcttttctca ggaaagcaat    116460
     gataaccaac aagtcagaaa tcaaatttat ttctgtttta tttgctcctc ttaaaaatgc    116520
     cactaaacag gtcttctcat tggaatccca ttttaaagta gaagtaaggt tgatggtgaa    116580
     gagaaagaca agagaagtgt tgacaaggat gttgagaaat tagaatgacg tgctgtagag    116640
     gtaaagaatg ccactgagag tagatagatt agaacacagt ttagggccag atagatgaaa    116700
     aaagaggtaa attcttgatg acaagactaa accttagttt agtccgtaga acatacacag    116760
     aaggagtgaa ctaaaccctg taagtggtgg tctgactttt acatgcacat catggaacat    116820
     gcacagtaaa tacataaata aacaagtaaa caaacaatca accacataat gaataaataa    116880
     atgtaatttt aaaatatcat aagaaatggg ttaccagaag acagactaag caattctatt    116940
     catattagat gtctcccaga gatcacaaaa aaacttctat tcatgtaaaa tctgcctgtg    117000
     aatgttctta ttagcattgt tcataattta caaaactaga actagcctaa tgatctatca    117060
     gctttcaaga gagaagatga gtaaattgtg gtatatctat gtcgtatatt atttgacaat    117120
     aacaaaggga tgaattagtg attcaagcaa gtgaaggaat gaaactagga gacatgaatc    117180
     tgactggatg tggctacata tcatagacta tatagtaata ttcatacaaa gtgtttaaaa    117240
     tgaataaata cacagagaat gaagctagtg tgattgttgt ctggactaat ttaaaagaaa    117300
     aatgaggagt gacactatta ctaaacatga aattatctct gagatggtgg aaagttctag    117360
     aaataatagt ggagagacca tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    117420
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctccc tctctctctt tctctctctc cctctctctc    117480
     tctctctcta tatatatata tatatgtata tatagcctac tgtttcattt caagatggaa    117540
     atttgatggt atttggatta cactatatga aactgtataa gaaaagtaaa atagaattac    117600
     ccatcaagag atggtataat atttccaaca agttgtgctt atcagaagag gagtgggatc    117660
     tcaaacttgg cagaatgttc atacaaaaga gtttcatttg gcagcaagga cgaaaacatc    117720
     tatagtaaaa gacatagata aatcttagaa aaaatacgta agaaaaggca agttgaagaa    117780
     ctacatacag aagagtgtct gtatgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgc gccaaaatat ttgagcaaaa    117840
     gtttttggaa aacaaaacag aaaggtatgt ctatataatg atttttcaag gctgattgac    117900
     agattagaac ttcatgtttg tggagagttg gaatgttgca aatttataac tgtactatct    117960
     caatctatct ttagtctttt aaatagtcat tcattgtcta catctatttt tatccaaact    118020
     ttcttatgac agatactatt ttagaatata ttaactcagc ctaccattag tgtccacaag    118080
     ccctaaagct aagaattttg cctatagcat ataagaccca cagcaactat ttttctgctt    118140
     tgccatgaaa accctcttgc ctgatgtttc caccagggca tttgaggctg acaggttgct    118200
     tcctcctgtc ctgtatctgt acacatatca agaaacagtg catttgagct ggaaagtatc    118260
     catattcttg gatcgttgtc atttattttc agctcaaaaa taagtcatgc ttaactctct    118320
     ttgaggcaag agacattgcg tcagtatttg taaaagttta acaaaaacaa aacaaaatta    118380
     aacaaatata tctaaagaaa gctaatagtt ttttaaagca atatagggtc aggaatttac    118440
     cagagccagg aactatcatc taatatagct atcttatata ataattattt atagtaatta    118500
     tcttaaagtg agttacaaga acattagaag gctactttta atgagtgcaa gcagtgtttc    118560
     acagtctaca taatctgtat caaacaacta ctaggttaaa ccttgcaata ctgcttgtgt    118620
     tgtttcccct cagctcaata tcagcaatgt tattctattc tatttaagta agaagaatgg    118680
     tgctttgggc ccaaatttct tgattctctc ttctactgat gaacggttgc ttggctcaca    118740
     cttttcagca ggcctgtgtt gggttgtggg agaaaccata gcagtgatac tgaaggcagc    118800
     atcagtaaga gtagtcagtt tgcatgaggg ttttctgagg gctcaggtgt gtgtgcccat    118860
     cttccccaaa gctcagtggt ttgtatttta caggaaaaaa aaagatatat gagatttact    118920
     tccctttaat taagacagag tgtcttgtag ctcacactgc caatgaactt tctgtgaagc    118980
     agaagatgac cttgaccttc taatctttct gcctccacca cacacatgct ggctgtgcct    119040
     tttaagggag aatttttctc catactcaca ggtatttgag tgcttcatct ccagtcggtg    119100
     acactgtttg aagaggctta ggaggtgttg cctagttgga ggaagtatgt ccctcgaggt    119160
     ggtttttaag ggttgaaagt cacacaccgt ttcttggttg ctctttctga tttgtgcatg    119220
     taatttatga tgtgaatcca cagcttctag ctcctactcc cacgcctcga ttagtccaca    119280
     gtgattccct aactctctgc aatccaaacc ccagtaaaca ttttttttct tttttaaaga    119340
     tttatttatt ttatgtatgc aagtacactt tgctctcctc agacagacca gaagagggta    119400
     ttggatccca ttacagatgg ttgtgtgcta ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactgagga    119460
     cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctctagtc cccaaataac    119520
     ctcttgtttc tctgaattac ctgggacatg ttgttttgtt acagaaataa aaaactagtt    119580
     aatacactgg ggaaatatga tgtacaacgg tgcctgattt ttgcagtgct ggagtgaaac    119640
     tccagacttc ataagcatgt tactaactga gtttacacca taaaccctga agcttagctt    119700
     taagaacata actgtagggt catggaagtt tttgtgtttt cctcagttgc atatagacaa    119760
     cgttaccctg ctttaaagct tcccccagct ttgctgctat acctctagag ctacaacctt    119820
     cacctgcatt acaatcattt gttcttggtg tcccctattt tgccagcttg ctagtactca    119880
     ggatgaaatc tgagcttgct tttgacatct atggaactgt ggtagtttta gttttcaggg    119940
     gtgtctatca aaatttctaa cgcatcagag gacttagtgt aatcataata ccttccctca    120000
     tcatgttgga ggcttcgagt tcagaatcaa atggttgatg aagtcctttg cactgacctg    120060
     ttcctggcag ttggctatct taggcatgca atcaccagta gctgccttgc ccaatctttg    120120
     gcctccatca tcattcagtt tgatcatatg gtcctgccta ttgctgttat ttttccccca    120180
     gctatatttg atcaaaacct accccaatca aatatgtcct tattctaact tcattatttt    120240
     tgcaatgagt tcttctacct gaatgaggaa ctataagcgg aagtgtcagc atatcttctt    120300
     ggaagatact gtgcataacc ttctgacatc cagctcttat atgtcttacc cccctaaaac    120360
     aaggaacaat tagttataga ggatgaaagt tagttaccac cacaattgct tgtatgtcct    120420
     ctatcatgtt aaatggtctc tctccgcttc ctacaacttg gttctcaaag aaatgtatgc    120480
     ttcttgtgct ttgattgtaa atgttttggt ttgacttggg ttttggtatt ttgttttgtt    120540
     ttctttccca gatctacccc aacttccttg cccacccaat agtgtttcct ttttactttt    120600
     aaaaaaatct tcaggaccaa tttgtgctta ccaaatattt ttggttgtgg gaacttgcac    120660
     tgagtcaaag accacagaaa actgtctctt catctccaag tagataaatc tgccaatagc    120720
     tccataacta gaaatatcat catcagttta aagccctata catagacaga taacaggccc    120780
     tagatgagta cctctaccag tatgctgtta aatggacacg ttattaaata gactctccta    120840
     gggacttatc agaatacctg tagatcaatt catctgccag ccttccttag agatgcttct    120900
     ctttgcacta atcggtgatt aacgcagaga cccacaactg gccaagctac atagtatacc    120960
     tacttctgct cagcgggtgc ttatactttc ctgttctttc tctcttgatt ctctgtattt    121020
     ccttcataaa agtttgaaat gagttaagta aactcttagc tgtggataca tcatttttca    121080
     aagctcctcc attttcagag tacccccaaa gtacaacaat taggtcttta gaaataaagt    121140
     aatatgtttt gctagatttg tccccatctt catagctaat tcagaaacag cctgactcca    121200
     agcacataca attggttact cattaaacac ctgacaagga acacttagtt tctctaaagc    121260
     acataagaag aaatttccac tctcccaggt ggtcctaagc tctcctcaga gtccctccaa    121320
     tgctgatatt ctctgtaatg ctaataagac ttctaataag tctatatcca aaaagacaat    121380
     ctgccttagt gtcccccttg agtcaaacct actatctttc ataaataatg aatagaaaag    121440
     cagaagtgtt tattcccttg cctatttcct tctctacatt atcactccct tatcatactt    121500
     cagtctacaa actctctgct ggaatagagt cctgactgtg acttaaccat tgcagcacag    121560
     tgctcaccac aaggcaggta tcctacatat ctgttaaaat ggataaataa cagtaaaaag    121620
     tataaagtga aagcatgcat gtgattataa gttgacatac acatattgac catagaatta    121680
     gttttccaaa ctggcttgga acatagaaat tagcaggaag ggacttgata attctaaccc    121740
     ttgccatgtg gcctttacca aggagcttga tttcaaattt ctactatttg tgcagcaagc    121800
     agagttgacc acagtgctta ccaatgaatg aacgaatgaa tgaatgaaga aattaaaaat    121860
     ggtggataga atagtatggg tgtggaaggt gaaaacggca tcagtttaga gagaattttg    121920
     aagtatgaca ggagacaaag gtataaatta gaactagtca tacaggactc aagttgccac    121980
     tctccacgtt cacacctgaa ggacagcaat gttttaaggc tcctgtttgt gtgtttgtgt    122040
     gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtcttggatt tcctgtaacc tcacctgatt    122100
     gccttggcag caagcatgct accaggctac aggccttggc acctgttctt cacagataat    122160
     agttgagata cttgaaaaag aagatagcag tctgaaaatt aggaaagatt cccacttctg    122220
     acttagtaat ggagattcta gcaagaaact ctgaagcaat aaggggcaga gcttaagaga    122280
     agagtagaat tctttgggta cacctttaaa aagcagtaaa tcaacccaaa aacctgtaac    122340
     catggtgagt acttgccaca agggacagaa gacaaatgca ggtctgggga cactcttgaa    122400
     ttagctttaa atgaaaggca tggattcatc cccaggctta tactgaccca gtaaaggctg    122460
     agcttctgca gatactgctt gcacatagat ttccccatcg cagcagagct ttacactact    122520
     aaaagctacc ttgtgaattg tacaactgta tcaatatcag aagttctgat ggatttacag    122580
     ccagagggaa taagtaattg ccagctgtgc agaagggaca gatgtgagat atcatcccag    122640
     ttctaaccag catgcctaca actggggctg aaggcataga gaaatgctct tggctcagtg    122700
     ggatctggcc ttactccctg acctagaaga tgaatgttat tgacctaatc accttccatg    122760
     aacctccaaa tgttccagtg gtcaggcaat cccttataat accatcctga gttgacatcc    122820
     atacctgtgt atgcagagga aactcagaca cctatcctca tggctccctg cctttcttgt    122880
     tctagtggtt ataagttaac atctttctac cttagacctt tttttttcct caacatttta    122940
     tttctttaat gattacccct tagggagtat tttttttttt ggcatttccc tcctaactgt    123000
     tcccccatgt ctctatgatt ttaatatcac agaaattttt atattgattt gtttaaacaa    123060
     tgtgatcctt tggagggaaa taaagcattg taggggctaa gttttttttt ttcctttaaa    123120
     accacttctt gccccctcga gggtaatatc acttctgttg taaatgcgtg cttcaatcag    123180
     gaagctgata gactagcagc aaatattttc ttgttctgta tagaatcttc agagcacagc    123240
     acataagcaa tacctagtga tgtttaatga gtgtcccagt gaattagtca agggatggat    123300
     gagaatggca gaagcatgga aagttggtta attatatgct gacttcccct tactgcttta    123360
     aacctgtcta aagctgccag taccaagtaa ttccatgaga ataatttcaa caaacccatt    123420
     tctggtgttc attttcattg ttgtagctgt aatatgtcag ttggcaaatg gaagtctcat    123480
     gccaatggcc tactgttgta gtactaccta ctctgtctat atctatttaa tgaaggcatt    123540
     caagaaaggc agatatagac cttgactcat ccatgagtgg agcagcttca agagtttagt    123600
     ggtctataca caaacatggg agacacggca cccgtgctca caggtactgt ctgtaccctt    123660
     gaagtgtatt ttgccagctg gagggcctct ctaggccgag ggaaaaagca gtcttgccta    123720
     ttgaaataac agcttactta actctgcttt ccaccagaaa gtcttcagaa ggaaaatatt    123780
     ctaattctgc acaaagaaca cattgctctg ggagttcaca gctaagagca aagccctgca    123840
     aacagaatcg gtgatgctaa aaggaaaagg aggacatttg gaagggggca gaataggcac    123900
     tgggaacaag aaccaggaga attgaaaagt cttagaaaac ttctatggtc atctaggtac    123960
     tggcaagata ggtgtgtgcc tgtaatcttg ccgaaatcat atctttataa ttttttttgt    124020
     atgtgtgatt ttctgggtat gtgttacagt tgatttaaat aaggccaatt caatgaggtc    124080
     tgaagccccc gaggatcagt gcctagacag attactgtaa ttctcagagc tgctgtttac    124140
     tgcttagtag gttgtattcc tattttctat ttatatgtga caataatggt tgatataaaa    124200
     gaagccatga attcttcttg gaaggactga ggttgtaagg gttggtgagg gctatatgag    124260
     gggagaaagg gagagagaaa caattaatta aataaatgaa agataataag accatctaga    124320
     tcagttttgt cataatgact ttttaaaaaa tagatagcca gtggttgaag catgattaca    124380
     catgccttta atcccagtac ttaggagtca aaagctggca aatatctgta agttcaaggc    124440
     cagtctgatc tacatagtga gttccaggcc acccaaggtg gtataatgag accctgactc    124500
     aaaaatcaaa tacaagataa atagtaagaa tttaaaacta aaaataggtg aagtgtaggg    124560
     ttaatatctt caattctgaa ataacctaca aaggtaggga tagccatatg tggaatatga    124620
     ccaaaatgac aggtaaagat tagagtaatg ttaaaaagca gagaaagtag agttcttcag    124680
     taggtgattt agggatgtag gtgaagaaat caactaaatt gacatgaagt tttcaggatt    124740
     ttcttttcct tatatatatt tctcttttat tgataatgaa tttttttata taattacaat    124800
     tccagatctg tctactcccc ccagttccta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    124860
     cacacacaca cacatacaca cacaatttag aaccaacttc tttctgtctc tcatgagaaa    124920
     actaacaggt ttctatagaa taataataaa atataataag attaaaacaa aaacaaacac    124980
     attggagtag aataaaacaa acagaaggaa aggaactcaa gaaaaagcat gcacacacat    125040
     acaaacacac acacaaacac acacacacac aaacacacac acaaacacac acacacaaac    125100
     acacacacaa acacacacat acaaacacac atacatactc ccctccccca cacacacgga    125160
     gagggggaaa agggagaggg agaggggaga ggggagaggg gagagagaga gggagaggga    125220
     gagagagagg cccgcttatt tatacattca ggaatccaat aaaaacacaa aatcagaagc    125280
     cattatatat ttagaggctc tgtaaggtaa aaagaaaaac taataaaata ttaaagaaaa    125340
     aaggccttag cttgactttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt    125400
     tgttttgttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctggc actcactctg    125460
     tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcccc tgcctcccga gagctgggat    125520
     taaagacatg caccaccaac gcccagcagt ttgacaaggg acctccaaga atgccattaa    125580
     gtttgttttc tcttggtcat ctactgatgg gcatgtggcc tacccttaag agtaatttgt    125640
     ttccccagtt agactcctgt ggagaaaact aaatttttat ttgcgagtgg ttattaattg    125700
     gagataggtc ctatgttagg gattggggca tgtgtctaat tccttctgct ctaggagccc    125760
     gtctagtaca tatccattta ggacctgtga atgctgcctc agtcccttga gttcatatgt    125820
     acaacactcc tgtactcctg ttatagttag aagaccttgt tttctttatg tcttccatct    125880
     cgtctggctc ttaagctctt tctgtcctct tttctatagg ggagaggaaa aggaatgaat    125940
     gtagaggtca tgtttagagc taagtgctcc aaggtctctc actctctgca tagtggctgt    126000
     aggtctctgt atttgttccc atatgctaca aaacgaagtg tcattggtag catgttgaat    126060
     actcgattgt accaagaata gtatcccata ggggtgaagg ctctgggtag gcaccaactt    126120
     gacttattca tgtttaacag gctgtttaaa agaaggcctt gctgccagtt tgaggaatac    126180
     aacctgtagc cttggcaaca acctgcatta ttaggggatt tccatgggat cattttttat    126240
     gaagggttca tttggtgaca agaggagtct agttggggat ctgttgtttg tgattttatt    126300
     tagatcacct tcatttgtgt gtgtgttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt    126360
     ttggaagctt ctactatatg agttttccat attaaccttc aaaaggttct tgattttagc    126420
     tgtctctcct tgtattctcc ctcttgttcc catgttccct cttactctgt ttgatcctcc    126480
     aacttcaacc ccctaaatcc acccataacc atatattcta tctcctatta ctagggagag    126540
     ctctcagccc cctgagtccc tcattctata tataaactct gtagttttat ggattgtagc    126600
     tttgttatta tccatccact taacaggata tcaccaaaaa aaatcatcct gagtgagata    126660
     tcacagagaa agacaaatat ggtatgtatt tgctttaatg tggatattag ctgttaagtc    126720
     aatcataaat aaacccaaac caccatttga agtttatgtt ttaagagaga agattgggca    126780
     ggatgacaaa gagggtacat aatcaagtag ttctaggtga tgtgatcctg tctgtcactg    126840
     cctcagctct gcttgtacaa ggtggtccaa agaagtcttc agtcttctca gtgtgttatc    126900
     aaggtatgat ctcaccatga cagataattg tccttatctg ggtcccaggg gaagccagtc    126960
     ctgtgagatt ctgctggttt tggaattcat agtaactaaa ggcataagac agtaactatt    127020
     tgcctgaagc cttgaagggg tatgagattg gttagacaca cagtgctcga attataagcg    127080
     tatctgttta cagaagtcaa agataataca tgtaaggacg tataacatga taaccagaat    127140
     ccaggctttt ctcctgtttc catcaccctt catgcttgcc aacaaaagtg tcttctaaat    127200
     gcctgtttta ttaatcacct agtacaaggc taggcaaatt gattattact gttaattagt    127260
     tttttctatg gaaaccatat gaaaattacc catcacagtc aactcatatg caatcacagt    127320
     cttgattcag aaatactctg aaataatatc agagctttcc ccagcctccc acattttatc    127380
     atgcagtttt ctcaacacaa aggaatggac aaagtatggg accatcctac ctctcctgga    127440
     ccctcctgcc tatatttcca atttaatgtt tgctggattt gcttcatgag catccatctg    127500
     tcagaccaca gtttaagatt ttagttatag aagacttgac catgacatgt ggatagagac    127560
     aactgaggga acttgggaag caaattaata attctggcat caggaaactg ccccacccta    127620
     atgttcctac atagagccac ttcgtgttgg acaacccagg ttttcaaata tattcttctc    127680
     agatatgaac aaaacgccta tgtaggattg gaggttatgc cctttcaaga ctgctgtatc    127740
     ccacggggaa agaggcaaag tacaaagcct tcctgtaacc aaagatttat gtgcagatct    127800
     aaatgtttct caaagatttc tgaacttgtg gattaaccct gaccttgaat tagtcgtatt    127860
     ttctactaaa tggatacaaa ggaagagaat gcagttattt ttcttttctt acagacaggc    127920
     tgagcttgta ccatataatt ttcctttgag gactatgtat ccttgataca acaagatcat    127980
     ttgttttggt tcctgcttta ataaattgta gttctgcttt aatgaacaaa accaaataat    128040
     ttgtaattgg cccattaatt atttgcatgt aaatgcctgt gttctagtaa cttaataagc    128100
     cattgaaaaa cattctcctt tgccatgtgg gttatactct atttactata aaatttttct    128160
     taggaatgaa gagggagggc acattttgtt tgaagcaagg cagctctctc tgagaatatg    128220
     aattaggctc tctatatcat atctaagtca agaaaggagg gcataatgaa attttcctct    128280
     gaagagttaa tgaatggacc tgtcttagat tagttgtctt agactagctt ccctagaaga    128340
     tggtagtcct cagcaaagtc acccttacag tggtgttttc aatagctaag aatctatttg    128400
     ttacatttct ctgtacttga gagtgatctt ggccacataa agaggtcaaa gtgcccagat    128460
     cctgtatcct ctcactgaaa taaaaaagag gcacatgcca cttcattcat agttttcaaa    128520
     gaataccaga cattctgatt ctagtatgca agaaagttgt ttcaaagatg aaacactggc    128580
     ctaagaaatt atccttctat ctagtccatt ccttttgaat ccaaaataaa aacaaactgg    128640
     cataattgaa aaatagacaa tgcaataact ttcctcttaa aacacattat tttaggaagt    128700
     gccttccttt ggcttttttt gaatcatact aaactgatgt aaatactgta tgtatttatg    128760
     gaatatcact ttgatggtca tgtcatatta tgatgtctta gtaaatatat atgttctaat    128820
     aagggtaggt aggatgaaga atgtagctca attgtaggtt gcccaggtag catgcaccag    128880
     gctgtagatt tcattctaag gatcagaaaa caaaggcagt aaacaaaaca agagaatata    128940
     aagcaaaaag aacaaatagg gtaaacttat ttacttctgt atattggtaa gtttactgtt    129000
     gttgtgataa gaaataccat gactaaagac agcttagaga aggaaatgtt tgttaaggct    129060
     tccaatttca gggagaaagt ccaaatgtag ggaggtatgg caaacaaaga gatcacattg    129120
     tccatatgca tgccagaagc aaagtaaact cagagtgagc ctataaactc tcaaactcca    129180
     cagatgtact ttcccctaac tcccccaaac aacactgcca acaggagacc agatgtgtaa    129240
     acatttgact atcagaacat ttttcaatga agctaccgtc tagtttaact ttttgtcttc    129300
     attgaaatat tcaagatcct ttcttctaaa aatgacaatt agtacatagg ggaaataaga    129360
     gggcaagtga gggtgtcagg taagcagatg ggaagctact cttcagtaca atgaatatgc    129420
     atcattacaa acatttcctc tactctaaag aagatagtac gtgttccatc tctgatgacc    129480
     tcatgggctg aacactcaag tattattggc tcctatccaa ctgtgatata acattcagtg    129540
     atcagcgatt tttttctatt cttctccctt atgttctctc accagcctct agaaactaat    129600
     gctttactct aggttctgtg agatctgctc tcttagattc taatcaggac tatgaaggta    129660
     tgccacttgt attttccttt taacatctgg aaagaatgaa tagggaaaca tttacattgg    129720
     caaacttcaa aatggcagca gtaattttgg ggatttccag gagtcattac atgttaccag    129780
     gaccattatg gctgcttttc attattatta tctctaataa aaggatttaa gaatgggtgc    129840
     caatagataa tccaagaaaa ttttattaaa atttaaaaga aagacatata gcagataagc    129900
     tgtaaatctc accacttctt agaggacaat tgaaaaggga gactagtcag ccttatcttt    129960
     tgaatgaaga caaccacaaa gtggggagaa gaagtgtgaa aagtcaagag aaccagagaa    130020
     agcacaggct gtggccatta tctaaaacaa atggatagag aaggagaaaa aaagaaaggt    130080
     atgcctttct gtatcaggac aaaaagatgc acagaccaag cagagccatg tggagctttg    130140
     tagaaatttt gcatgggaaa gaaattctgt gaagtaaaca taagttattt cattaaagtg    130200
     ataattattc catctatccc tttatcactg cttaaaatta aggggtattt gcctagttgg    130260
     gattttcacc tctaatcctt aagaaaggga ggagaatggt atgtttctag ctggaagaag    130320
     attctcttct ttactatacc aaaaacacat tgcaaaatta ccatatttaa atcaccatgg    130380
     cagtcttgac acagggacca cagagctgtg aaacagtacc aggcctttca ggtcttacaa    130440
     acaacattga cttgatagaa aaagagcttt ttggcgaact ggagaccatt ttctgcaggg    130500
     ctggatcaga aaagaagacg gcagcttaga ttctgaatgt aaatggagga aaggcagact    130560
     ggaagtgaag gatggatagg ccagaggctg atacagaccc tggacccaac ccagtgaaag    130620
     ccaggatggc acgttccccc agcaattcaa acacctctca gaaaaaaaag acaaaaatga    130680
     cttctgtgaa acagttctga ccagaatcat tctctataga gagaaaaact gtgttttcta    130740
     agaacagaaa gaaaggagaa atcattgcca ctgtatagac aaaagtctct tcctttttct    130800
     tacaatttgg acattgggaa ttgcccatct ctgagatgct atgtaaataa tccccagaga    130860
     cccttaagta gtagcaaact tcagaaattt agaacaagat ttaggttgct gctctccaga    130920
     gtgctctgtt tctggaactc tgggccttac aatcacttct gtgatgggaa ccagggtgtg    130980
     aagctctgga acattgctgt gagcagtaca caaaaggatg actgaaagcc caggtcacag    131040
     gtgtctgcat gtttgtagga ctggatacac cacggtcact gttgtaaccc attaattgtt    131100
     gaggttattt gactctggtt ccccaaattc agctttgtaa gtgctgtatt accttggaag    131160
     agagctttgg ggagctgttt gtggcaggtt ggtattggct catgaaccaa ttcaccaata    131220
     taagatattt aggaatattg tagatggaaa agttaagcga ggtaccttgg tgattataca    131280
     tgtgctggca aatgacaacc tgaaaggttt ccctagaagt tctttgcgaa tcaagtaaga    131340
     aggaaaatat ccttcagtac attattcaat atatgccaaa ggctaagaca agaaatctag    131400
     ccactagcca gaaataaatg ttctattttc taatagcaaa actcaattct gttttcacaa    131460
     gtggcaaaga tatcagaaga ttttgaaatt gcctaatgac atctgggaca atggagctca    131520
     attcctaaaa ttgatcttct gggggaaaat cattattgat catgaacttt gaggtttcat    131580
     atctgtaaag ttcactttta gctggaaggt ataatggtat tctaaataat aaaatatgta    131640
     caagtaactg ttggatgatt gttgttctgc cagtactact aactacacca taataatact    131700
     ttttgtagga gactgcttgg tggttatttg ctgccaaagc ctggttatct gccttcaagc    131760
     cttacaacca acataacaga gagaccaact ccacaaactt attctctgac cttcatatgt    131820
     ctgctttggc ttcacatgcc gtgctcccac acacatgaca aatcccatac aacaatgaaa    131880
     tttatatttt ccccagaagt ttctgtttat atattcaagt aaacataatt atggtatttt    131940
     agaaccttct tttataaagg actgttcttc ttttatgaaa aaaagtataa cttagggctg    132000
     gagagatagg ccagggttta agatgttctt ccaaaagacc tgaatttgtt tcctaaaccc    132060
     acatcaggca gctgccaact gcctataact cagctccaga gtaatccaat taatgctctg    132120
     gtcatcctgg gacctcacac tcatatgaac acatccacac atttacacac ataaattaaa    132180
     aaaaataaag aaggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatttt    132240
     aaagtgtcat tgaatttatc cccggttata tacattatct tttactcctg tcttaatagg    132300
     agatttttat ctttccctat gagcatatga ttttgaaaaa aaataatgtt taattttatg    132360
     gctggtatcc aaattgtgta gagaatcact tagttgtaat atatctagag tctatctatc    132420
     cctttgctgc tacatagtac agaaattaat aatttttatt aacataacaa ggtaagaaaa    132480
     atttgcccta tcatgttcca acagtctcac tgtgcatttt tatttatgga catgataggt    132540
     tctaagaaac atctctcaca tgctgagtgg caccagccat gttcataggt tagtactcat    132600
     ttctaggttt tttttctgcc attaattgtt ggttattttg cttcaatctt cttctcattc    132660
     tacatgtgtg ctgcatatgt atttatatac aaggtctctc tgcttgtggg cgggtacaca    132720
     tatgtaagtg tgcatgcact tgctacaagt ccatatggag agcagaggtt gatttgaaat    132780
     agtcctcaat tgctattcta catcattaac agaggcaggg tctctctgtc acacccagag    132840
     tctcactagc cagcttgctc tgcggatcca tttcctctgc cttcccagac tgaaaccaca    132900
     ggcaggctgc cattcctgcc tagagtttct tttgttttct gtggatccat tcttatgtgg    132960
     caatcacttt ggccagtgat ctatcttttc aagccatttg cttattttgc aaagaacttt    133020
     ctactctggt catttgcatg ttttctcaag taggagcttc ttatgtcctt tatcacctga    133080
     aaacaccata caatctaagt tctgttatgg tctcatagtg ctagatgttt agatgtataa    133140
     tgtaatatgg cttgtgatac aaacaggtga ggaagaaaca ttcataaaat acttgctagt    133200
     taaacataaa cctgcagacc atcttttgaa taagaggaca ggtggattac tgaggctggc    133260
     tgcctagctt cttattttca tgttcagtgg gggactctgt ctcagggtag taaagtggag    133320
     actgatcgag ggtgacaaca gatatcctcc gctgcacatg cacacatagt tgaatgtacc    133380
     cacttacata tgtatgtata tagagcaaac acacatacac acatacacat acaccttata    133440
     tggtcacaaa gatctgttgt agcagttaac tgtaataata ggtaagatac aggtgacagt    133500
     gactacatct gagcattgtg atttcatatt taccaagagc tataattgtc agatgtccta    133560
     ctggtgtctt gttacctgtg gagggtttac tatggatata aaccaaatgg tgatgatatt    133620
     gactagtatc tgggattggt atgtattcct agacattcta agttcctctc tcactgacaa    133680
     aaaatatgta ccatggctgt gtgggcacat ggtttgcccc gctgcagagc atagccactt    133740
     gggagatgaa atgtggggag cttgactgca cttatcccac actgctgttg ggcaggtgct    133800
     aggcttcagg gaagctccga gatgccactc tggggaagga taatacagtc tgaggtgtga    133860
     gaaagctgaa gctgagtttc ccagactcca gggcacccag tcatccatgg ggttctgcac    133920
     agaggagatg gaaataaagt gtatcgacta accaggagct ggggaatagg agttttggct    133980
     ttgctcctca tccttagctt gactgctgtg gctgggagca ccaagaggcc ttctgtggga    134040
     gaattaggca gcagctctat aggtgaaggc ttactccatg ctccccacgg tagccctcca    134100
     tggcagtcca tgattccaaa ttgtttattg gttgttcatt aaagaaaatg gatgcaaacc    134160
     ataccaactt ctcagggtgg acctgagatt aaataccttt tgcacagagg aaagtctgga    134220
     aagggaggct tataggctaa gcccttaggg cgtctaggta cctcattatc atagagaaca    134280
     ctgttctggg cctatgtgac cacaggtcac gttaccttat gtgggaaata gggtacgtgt    134340
     tccaggccag gaacctggta ggaagcagag atgtgtacca tctcaggtgt gtacccacag    134400
     actttcttgg ggcctcagac atgttctacc caccaagctt cctggcatgg tttaccatcc    134460
     gatatggctg cttggatagt ataaagaata aagatagtat gttaaggaat taaaatacat    134520
     gttgtatcag ttctgtggag ggaggcacac taatgccttg gaagcagaaa cctcactata    134580
     agatagcaca ctctaactgt gggaatatag gccatagcag gaccagcata tagcatataa    134640
     caaacagttc aatgaccttc tgcaaatgaa atggagcctc tttgttgcta ttataaccag    134700
     ttcttgggtg aaataaagtc aatacatcta ttaatatatt tgcatatata ttgagaggtg    134760
     cacatgtgaa agtcagaaga cggatttgga gagtcagttc tctttccacc ttgtgggcca    134820
     cagggtcaaa ctcaggtcac tgggtttagc aagaggctct ttacctttat agaggatatg    134880
     ttgacccagt tgcatatttt ggacttctct tggccatgct ctgttaaata tagttctata    134940
     ctagggatgg atcagagtca gaggagcgcc tgctgagatt tcaattctca tgttccagaa    135000
     caaagaattg gaccaaggat agtttgatca tgttagaaat agcaacagtt tattaaagaa    135060
     tttaaagaca ttcccaataa tataagtgag ctgatgagcc aggacaggta caaaaatcaa    135120
     aatccttgtg tctgctgagt tctgatcctt catatgtcat taaaaagcag atgtctgctc    135180
     taggagatga ctcatacttt attcagtcat gctctgattg ttaaggtaga gaaggatttc    135240
     aagtcattct gacaaatggc ttctttctta tgcaatggtt gatttcttat tccctgcctc    135300
     tattgtctta cctcttatcc ttaatctact tattattatt attattatta ttattattat    135360
     tattattatt attattaatt tgttattatt ctctggaaac tttatacatg aataaaattt    135420
     acttttatcc tccaaatact catgaatccc caacataacc ttttcccact tacatatcct    135480
     cttccatttt ataaataccg cccctctaaa ttcatagaac tgtcaatatg cacttgtgtg    135540
     tgtgtggcca ttcactgctg gatcatggac accctacctg gataacaccc ctgcaaaata    135600
     aatcactcca tctcccctag taatcctcag gtaaggttta tataatttca ggtttgaatg    135660
     actcattacc atcttaaatc tccatcaaga tacatacatt ttcatgtgtt ttagtatggt    135720
     aatgagccca tagttcacct ttggacactg taagaatatt tcggtactta ccacagtggc    135780
     ttcttgatat agacttccct agaaatttcc agtcctcttc tttgccaact tttctttctg    135840
     ccatttactt attttacaac atatggtgca aagccttcta gggcttccct tttcacccaa    135900
     ctctccaacc tcactgttaa catggtgctt ggcaaacgct agattcttgg tcttctttca    135960
     tattcatttc ttatatcatc ttggggaaca aatgcaactt ctgagaacat ggacagagat    136020
     gagagatcac aggatgcctt cagaaactca gctgaggaag aacagacccc cagggaaatt    136080
     ggtcttcatg tctcaatgtg actatttagg agcagtcacc tccatcccta tccaaagcca    136140
     tagtcatggc atgctgggtg atgtgttgct aagttgagtg ggctgtggca gagcatgttt    136200
     gccatcccag catgtgggag actgaacatg gaggtagagc catctcttcc taatgttatg    136260
     ggaagtttgg gagaatccta gcagaatcac tatgttactg gggaaattga ggtccccact    136320
     tagggttcat agtcacatta ataaaagaat ttaagaacac actcaaaagg aagcagagga    136380
     cagttgtgtc tgagtttaaa agaaaactca aaagcaagca aaccacaaat ctttgcaggt    136440
     gcctgcagga tggacataga aaagagaaat ggagaacacc atgcttttga tttaggcatg    136500
     tagatcatga gatagatgag cagccacatg gtgggaaggg gagctttaga gaaagagcaa    136560
     aaacatgcct tagaataaaa tagaaagaag aaaagggaaa gctaagcttt tctgagtaat    136620
     tcaggaaatt gggcaatctt aaaaaggtat aagtaagata ctgaccttag atacctagga    136680
     atacaatttg taatgggagg aaaaaaaagc tatggaattg gtgagcatta actagattct    136740
     ggaactttaa tctttaaagt ctcagaaagg cccctgtgta aaagacatgt ccccagagtg    136800
     gtgcttttgg gagatgtcag aatgttcaga ctgtgggatg tcctggaggg gaggtacatc    136860
     tttaagacac tgagagcttg acttttagac tgtgggattt gggtgcctct ctctttcatt    136920
     gttgtctcct aacttgctac agaagcttct ctcttccacc tagtctctgt cactgcattc    136980
     tcatcaaatt ctcaatagat ctgcttggtt atacaccaaa acatcaaaat ccatggggtc    137040
     aaataaatct ttctgtttct tttaagcaat tccttcccag tatttaacta tacgtttaga    137100
     aactggttaa cataataatg tgcccataaa ccttcatggc tctttttctt gatcattcaa    137160
     cagtcactgg tcaaaaaggt ttacttcctt ctgctctggt aaggtttaac aaataacata    137220
     aaggacagca atgggggtgg ggtggatcag gaaaagtccc tctcaggaaa tgacttacaa    137280
     gtggagcata gggtcctaaa gcctggctcc tctctagaca ctgttccttg tcagactggt    137340
     gccttgaatt ctgtccccat cctcactgtg cttcagtatt ttcaaaaatg tgggtgagaa    137400
     caacagcatc tgggaggagt cggatgagag ctacctaggg ctctccgtca ctagtcctta    137460
     gtgtgagacc tgctggcttc atctcaagtg caccattccc atggagcctt cactgtggcc    137520
     ctcctttgta agagagacag agcaatcaga catctaagcc agcagaacag aacacatttc    137580
     gcccagctct gcttctccca tgccccgccc atctcatggt acacttgcat ctacactttt    137640
     tctattcatg tctgggtagc ttatacatcc ttcccttttt tttctttctt tttctcataa    137700
     gaggcctccc atgctgatgc ttgaccagga ttctgattgg agaagaagca tggttttcat    137760
     tctatctcaa attttgcaag taactgtcac tagttttctc tcatgaaatg gtgtgctcaa    137820
     ctagcttttc tttaatggct cctttcaacc ctagcaatta aacaggtatc caacaattaa    137880
     aaaggtatta tggcttctca gagttggagt ctgtgtctga cagtaggcat cttgacttgg    137940
     caaatatttt cccgcacagg tacttgtact caaggcattg atttttttta ttatttttaa    138000
     ttggatattt tatttatcta tatttcaaat gttatcccct ttcccatttt tgtctctgga    138060
     aacaccctat cccacccctc tctgtttctc tgagggtgct tcccaaccta cccactccaa    138120
     cctccctgcc ctggtattac cctatactgg gacatcccct cccattgatg cttgacaagg    138180
     ccatcctctg atacatatga ggctgaggcc atgggtctct ccaagtgtac tctagatatc    138240
     tgtgctttac tacggattaa cctaatggtc acaaaagtgt tatgtcaggg acagcagatg    138300
     tagaataaat ggccattaaa agggctaaag atggccaaag ataattgggg tctggacttg    138360
     ccacattcca aaatctccac acttctaagt tttaataagt tattcagcct cacataaggt    138420
     agaatagaag gtatatctcc tggaaacttt tgttcacatg gaaggtatga acattcaaac    138480
     tatctacttt atttacattt tctctatcag agacacagag tcatctacca ctctgagatt    138540
     tattgtctta ctgccgcagg aaacatgcat agtatagtgt catgtccatg ataagctctg    138600
     agtctctgct atctctaatt ataagtaggc aaatattcta atctatctga tgcatactca    138660
     ctggttatct gacttatgct gggcttcttt ctataaggtg aagactcaac cagtaaaaac    138720
     cttcatctct atcctcattg aatttagcac tcagcattgt aaagaaatac atatgacatc    138780
     ctaatgctct attacagtca gcaggatgtt atacccatga caactcttaa actgtatatg    138840
     cttatctaag gggattgcag ctagatagga aatgaagact attgcccttg cagaggtggc    138900
     cctgaaaatg atggatacag aaactagggt aaagagagag gatgagagga gtaacagatc    138960
     caccagaggg gtcagagaag gactgcagta ctttgatatg gccagtcttt gacggaaact    139020
     aagatatgta cttggttgga taagcatgag gacctaattt caatacccag aatatttttt    139080
     acaaagctaa ctatagcggt aaatggttat aaatccagtg cttggtgggg taggatagaa    139140
     gaaactctgt agctcactga ttaacaagtc tacttactta gtgaggccat ggttcaagaa    139200
     gagagcctgt ctcaaagaca aaacaaagct agatgaagaa tgataaaaga gcatgcatga    139260
     tgtcaacctc tggtgtccat gtgcacatct acacatatgt acaaaggcac ataagaatat    139320
     acaccaaact acacatgaat gtgcacacat gcaagcatgt gcacacacac acacacacac    139380
     acactcacac acatgcacac atacacacac acacacaatt aaaaaatatt ctaataaagg    139440
     gcatgatgga agggcctcca gaactattgc agggctacta ctagaatagg cctgcaagcc    139500
     taggagagag gagaacaaaa ataaaaatga caggaaaagt ggtgaagata aaggaattga    139560
     tggagaccat ggtgatgata aaaatgagag tcattgtgtt agccactgtt ctgtcgttgt    139620
     gacaaaatat ctcaaccaaa cgtacctcat aaatggaaga attttatttg tttgtttgtt    139680
     tgtttgtttg tttactttgc tcatgattcc aaactggaga gtctatcaag gcagaaagga    139740
     gtggcatagt gacaggaata aaaaactggc ttgtcacagt taatccacac agggagtaaa    139800
     caaaaataag aggaggagaa atacagaaaa taggcaatgc caggatataa accctcaaaa    139860
     cctactcgaa gccaggatat actttcttcc acaaagatgt acctcttaaa gttttcataa    139920
     gcatctcaaa cagtgtcact gactggagac catgaatgcg aatgcaggaa tctatgggaa    139980
     catttaccat tcaaaccacc acagtgaaga caatgataaa agagtgtgat gataatatct    140040
     tcattagaaa aataatgctt cattataaaa accggaaact ttacttattt gtcccaggac    140100
     acactaattt tatcttgttt tgatgtagtc aataatagaa ttagtacacc cactttttga    140160
     atggatcata atggctaaac attattgaca tagcctaagc attaaactat tatcacttca    140220
     gagctctaga ttaagaaagt aattacaagg ctttaatagt taattcctac ctgccaagtc    140280
     ttatgaatat catagagcta tctctaaggc tgagtaattt ttgaactgtt gacatggtaa    140340
     ctgttttgta aaagcaatct ctaaggttgc tgtcaatctt aaaagcagtt ctcaagaatc    140400
     atgctcaaat atggccattg atactagaaa aattctctaa taaaagcatg cccaccaaag    140460
     gggttgattt tcttgagaaa agatgtcaat ttacccccaa tagaatttct gcagtgctga    140520
     ttttgtttaa tcaaatataa caaaataatt gggctctgaa caaatggctt attatagaaa    140580
     cgtgcaggtt ggcaagaaag attgaagcat gcctttcagt aatgcttatg tattagcagt    140640
     tacttttttc atttcaatgg gcaattacca agggcctggc acgaagggca tccgtaggat    140700
     gtatcgtccc ctgcacagct gcttgacttc tcctgcaaga taaaagcagg tatttgcaaa    140760
     tgtgaacatt ctgaggactg aagggaagga aagaaaacca tattcttatt gattatacac    140820
     catgtctgga aaaggataaa aaccaagtta tattttctgc atttatttac aaatacattt    140880
     cctactgtag ctgtgtgtaa cacccctgga cgccctgtta aaaaataaac agagtctggg    140940
     gatgtcactc agtagattaa atgtctgctc tctaatcagg aggacatgag caggcatgta    141000
     aaaccgaggc aaggtagcag aaaactgtat cctcagactg gtgggaagag gaaacaggta    141060
     gatacacaag agctttctgg ccaaccaatc caacataaac attaagttcc aggttcagtg    141120
     caagcacatg ccacaaaaga aaaaaatacg gtagaaagat atagaagaat actcccaaca    141180
     tctaccaatg gccacaatga ttaaccacat acatatgggc gtatatactc tgcaaattat    141240
     acacatcact tacactgtgt ataatacaca tgctcacatt tttaaaaaga taagtaattg    141300
     tcttagttag ggtttccatt gctgtgaagt ggcaccatga tcaagagaac tcttataaag    141360
     gaaaacattt aattggagct ggcttacact ttcaggactt tagtctatta ccaccgtgat    141420
     aggaaatatg gcagcatgca ggcagacagg gtgttagaga aaaacctgag atagatatca    141480
     tcttatctat aggcatccag aaggagacta tattctacat gtagccaaaa gactgaattc    141540
     catactgcat gtagcttgaa cttatagccc acctccccag caatattcat actccaacaa    141600
     ggccacacct tcctcaacaa ggccatatct cctaatattg ccactcccta ggggccaagc    141660
     attcaaacac atgaacatat ggaatgtgtt gcaagttctg atttgcaggc aagcctcatc    141720
     aattcaacac actcaaaatg aatcagaagc ctcctaagca gaccaatcta taaatatgtt    141780
     ttagaatctt ccatcatgcc cctcatattg ttaacaaaga tgactgctat aagccaccac    141840
     tccttgtccc acattctcct cctactcttc tgccaagttg aatgattatg aagaagtcca    141900
     ttgttaaaca tgatctgtat aacctggtgt ctatatcttt aagaatggcc acagcaggct    141960
     gccacagact gggtaacaca cagagagatg tattgattcc attggtgctc tagaagacaa    142020
     atattcaaga tgcagaggcc tttggggact atgttggggt tcacttggtg gcatgcaaat    142080
     ggtcaactcc ttgctgtttc ctcctgtggc cctccttctg ttcaactgca tcattttttt    142140
     ctagtcctca tcttataggc atgtgtcttg tagaactaga gcctaacatg tatagcctca    142200
     tttaacatca tgtagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    142260
     gttgtacatg tgtgtacaca tatgcacttg tagatacatg cttcccacat aagtcaccat    142320
     gcagaagtcg atgccaggtg cctttctaac ctgctgtcca ctccactttt tgagacaagg    142380
     tctctcactg agccttgagt tcactattga gccctcagac ttcgcctccc tccccactat    142440
     ctgtgtgacc cttgatttca ggcttatgag tcatgtgtca ttatgaaaga gaccgtatta    142500
     ggagctgtat ggcagcagcg atcaccaaag ggattcctat gctcgctgtg gtctgaaaag    142560
     caccatacta atatggtaaa ccttgccagc cttggggcct ttacacaggc tttgtcactt    142620
     cacatgctcc tggcaatagc tttcatgtca cagatcccaa accatgcttt ctgcctctct    142680
     tgtggtcgcc ataaagtaat tgttttcaag ttaatttgtt ttcatttctt tcctaattaa    142740
     caattgttac aactcatact ttattaataa gctatatgac agtacccata ctttattaat    142800
     aagctatatt tctatgtcac tggaggggat aaagtgccac aggatgttga gagaatctgt    142860
     gggacaagtg ggaaaataat ggtttgttct ctgtaaaatg aataagaaag cacaagagga    142920
     aatcaaggag aaacaatttt ttctttaatc ttaactttct ctatgttttt aataagctaa    142980
     catgcaccca gattcccttg ctatgtctgt atgaggtggg gtggtgctgg tgatgctggt    143040
     gattatgatg atggtggtag tatatgaatt aatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    143100
     tttacttgcc catgtgcatg caggtgcact gctcacagag atcagtacca gattcgtttt    143160
     atattgcttt cacattactt tttgaaacag gaatacttgc ttagcttaga gtttactgag    143220
     agtgaccttg tagctcacta attcggctag gctaacttac cagcaagctc tacggacctg    143280
     cttttctatg ccttccccat gctgaaaata cagatgtgct tttgtgccca gctttgtaca    143340
     tgagcattat gcactgaata gagagaagtc ctcatgtttt caagcactta agtgactgag    143400
     ctatctcttc agcctcctag aatgtttttt tttattcctg aaattctgct gagaaatctt    143460
     attcaccaca gttctaatac tccatactaa atactgccta tcctatactg cctataccac    143520
     attgcctatc ctgaactggc ttatcctgca ctgccaacca tacactgtct atcccacatt    143580
     gtctatattg aactgcctta ttctgcgctg cctatccaac actgtatgtc ctacactctc    143640
     tttaatacac tgcctgtctg tctgtcctac actgtctgtc tatcctatac tgtctttcct    143700
     acactgcctg cctgtcctac actgtctgcc ctacaggatc tgtcctacac tgtctatcct    143760
     acactatctg tcctacactg tctgtcttac actgtttgtt ctacactgtc tattctctac    143820
     ttcaaaagca aagctataag ttctgaagct tagaaacgca ggaaggagaa gaaaacaata    143880
     aatgaaaggc cttattgtct ctgatgggag acctactgat cagcattctt cccccctaac    143940
     ctggcagagg atgtgcctca ccccaggtga gtgtgtgaaa agcaatttgc aagttgtcct    144000
     cagcatgaaa acataaaaca aatgctcagg ctggttagaa aagatttagt gttggagata    144060
     tgaacactga cttctattgt tcttgcttgc atagtttgtc atatttaaag caggtcagat    144120
     tcagaaggct caacacaagg aagaatttca agggcataaa agaaggtaat ttttttctcc    144180
     ccaggattta tacctttatg tattaatcct gaaagttctt tcctgtgata gaatccgccc    144240
     caggtttcat atcacatttt agcctgtgta ggagattaga aagacatata tccaggcagt    144300
     agtttttaag gtataagtag aagaagaaaa agaatagtgc catagataaa atgcttggag    144360
     atttcaaata gggaagaagc catttatggc ttggcagcaa aaaaggaatc tgggaccttt    144420
     tgtctagttg cagaggaatt agtgaaaata tcttgtgttg tcaaagggaa tccctagtac    144480
     cctcagccat ggaaggagga tagcatagag ggccagcagt tggcttagga taggggtagg    144540
     ggaacttgaa ctctatgcat gtagtgaaag ccaatccctc agtgtctctg gtggacagct    144600
     tgaaaccctt acaaaatttt aattggagga actggagtcc acactttttt cttctgctgt    144660
     tgctcttggg aacaggatga acacagtttt gtaaacacaa tcttagccct cactggttta    144720
     cattccagta gaaggagaga gatagactag gaagtaaata ccagaggagc tgatattaga    144780
     tagccattgc tgtggagata aatggtaaag aataaagaaa ccaaaaatgg aagccctaag    144840
     gtcagagact gcagccttaa gggaatgaaa caatggtaac tttcagagac caacaacaga    144900
     aatgcacaga gaaaatgggt tgatggaaga tgacaggaac tagtgtttca acacctactg    144960
     ttagccggta ggaaggtaca aaggggagtc ttggtgacat tcattatctc taatgattgt    145020
     aaacactaga actcattcac taggtgtcag ttgatgtgtt cccttcattt gctttctcag    145080
     tagcctagga ggtaaccttg cagtctccat tccatacttt taaatttcaa ggttcagaga    145140
     gaataatttt gctctcaggt gactttgcta ggatgtgaac acatccttcc caatacaacc    145200
     tttgtgttat aagttcctct gggtacatga tgaagtcagt ttggaaggca tctagagaaa    145260
     gaaagatggt caacaggtgc tcagatatgg atgagtctga actgctttga catgtgatgc    145320
     tggtatcgtt tggctagaag aagcagacct aaggatatta ggaaagttaa ttacatggaa    145380
     tgaagtaatc atcacaagaa gttcttatat aaatttagaa ctttgtaagt agttactgtg    145440
     tcttagatac catactactt ccatatacac atcatttgct tagtctccaa aacaattaag    145500
     ctcagaaaac ccagtctcca tgtagtctac tttgcctttg accagactgt ctggaggtgg    145560
     agggtccagt gtttggacct aaagagtgat tttccaactc acactctttc tattttgagc    145620
     tgcagctaaa tttatcagtg gagaaagggc agtcagttct ccctgaaagt gagttctgtc    145680
     cttggttgta gcttctgcaa gcctcttgtt ccaccttctc tgcactctgc taattgtgct    145740
     cacttctcta cccagcaatt aattcccttc cattctgtaa gaaaatgtca agggcatatc    145800
     aaccacaaat gttcactcta tacatagaca tgctttggat gcaaagaaaa cagatgggtc    145860
     actcaaaagt gatcatagat cttgcgttat attttcattt aaattttttt cctcagtgct    145920
     gcatgaaact atgggaaata aatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtacata tgtattatgt    145980
     atgtaacaaa atactgtttg ctcaatatat tgtataaggt ttaaaattat atatataatt    146040
     atatatatat atatatatca ctttaatgac aaagtttcat taaaatatga ggttcagagg    146100
     gagtaaataa cttgttgaga gtagccatgc caggactaga atacatgtac ttctaatatt    146160
     aaaatttatt ctctaagtgg actgaatatc tggatacacc aaatcaagtt gaaatatatg    146220
     tgggatatct cagagaaaga taaagatgat aggtaatgca ttttgagagt aaagcttgaa    146280
     atattctgac aattagttat agtgatattt agaaggaaga taatatttta ttctagcttt    146340
     ttttctatgt atttcatttt aatatatcat caccatactg tccacaagag gccatcggaa    146400
     ctccatactc actgactaac agggcacatc taattttggc tacagaaaac ctactcatga    146460
     ggaactgttc ttctctccag tcatctcaat gtcactaatc tctccacgat gctgagcttc    146520
     caaagtgaag ggaggtagag tcctcatgaa acatacagct tagcccaagg gatggtgttt    146580
     aatcaaatga gcagttttaa taaggagaaa atatttttaa tgctgtaaag catatttaaa    146640
     ggtttataaa gggaagattg atccaataca gtgggactaa ggaccactca aacagtgacc    146700
     tggtgaattc aagagctgta ggtcattgtg tgtttgtata taagacactg tgggcaggga    146760
     actttgtgga tctgaggtaa tatcaagagg aggaagccac cttatgggtg tcctgacaaa    146820
     tcgtgcatgg ctattcagaa tgattgaaag ccacgaaaag gcacagaagg gattaaaaat    146880
     aggatcccct gatgtgggaa cagtcttcct gcggtgcaag taaagggctt aggaagtggc    146940
     actgggaaca agcatggaag aaatgtaaga cagtttagcg aaagatatta caatggcaaa    147000
     ggtgagaaaa gttggtgtca tccattctcc taggcttggg catcttctgt tttgatttgt    147060
     cttttctttt gtttggtttt atttttggtt tgtttgtttg tctgttttta tgttattgtt    147120
     gtaccagttt agtttctggc aaataaaaca gggtccaaaa ctcagtaatg cagcaaatcc    147180
     tcaatatata tgttaaatgt aatagtaatg aagagctgaa ctagtctgct taagaaagga    147240
     agttgatata taacacagaa tacactttga gtgtaagtca tattaggaag aagggcctag    147300
     agaccaagat caggccttga gaaggtagga cgaactttag actgaacatg gtacaatgga    147360
     aataagagcc agacatgtct taaaggcctt taacattcag gcagaaacat cattgagagt    147420
     aaaataaact atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac atacatacat    147480
     acatatatat atatatacat acatacatat atatatagag agagagagag agagacagag    147540
     acagagacag agagacagag acgagacaga gagagacaga cagacagaga cagggagaga    147600
     gacagagaga cagagacaga gaaatatagg tatatagcca cttaatcagt catggttctc    147660
     taaagaaaca cactgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    147720
     gtgtgtgtgc gcgcgcgcgc atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagaga gaaagagaga    147780
     gagagaaaga gagagtgtat atatatattt atacatataa aatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    147840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag gcaactctag tcttcagtct    147900
     atgttggaat cacaaagatg tgggttctaa taccagaaaa ggaatgtttc aacaggggcc    147960
     ttctagttat tatagttgat ctgaccagca agaacaaggg taagcttgaa caaaatggtg    148020
     tggttcagat ttaggatggg tcttctgatc ttaaatgatc caaataagta aatccctgac    148080
     agaaatgcct agttgcttgg gttttagctg attctagata tagtcaagtt gacaaccgaa    148140
     attagcaatc acagctacca ggaaaggcat ggcaaaaagg ggctagggaa aggccagagg    148200
     aatattttca cagaaaatcc taggaacaat tccacaaagg aaacatggag cttaagtgct    148260
     gacatcttcc caactgtgga gatttacaac tctaatatgt aaccaatcat ttttaaatga    148320
     gcaggtaaaa atttcagagg actaagaggt actacttaac aaggacaaaa atagagtaga    148380
     tgattttgtg tcactatttt ctaattcact atttgtatta tttttgctat tatcattgtg    148440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagtgtg tgtgtgagca tgtatgtatg catgccatgg tgcatacatg    148500
     gttttcagca ggtggttctt tccttctacc atgttggtcc aggagatcaa acagatcctc    148560
     agactcagaa gcaagcgcat ttcactgctg agctatctca ctggtccaag atc           148613